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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1944 volume:

tlie l Jeume i3oa.rd I vreSenld the nEumE FOR 1944 ' ft published by the Neume Board for the Senior Class of the New England Conservatory of Music Boston, Massachusetts dedication to WILLIAM L. WHITNEY To William Whitney we affectionately dedicate this yearbook, tor his untiring devotion to young singers, and his never-failing sense of humor. . . . This year has been in many ways a challenge to students at the Conservatory, particularly seniors. We have tried to maintain, under trying wartime conditions, the standards and achievement for which the school has always stood. We feel that only as we continue those traditions, which are in these times all but impossible, are we justified in spending time and money preparing ourselves for lives of service in music. It is not difficult to imagine how Conservatory men, now in the service of our country would feel if we did not meet this challenge and keep things running as usual. Nineteen forty-three — forty-four has been a valuable year for us. With a min- imum of resources we have gained orchestral and choral experience. Our few social endeavors have been entirely successful and well attended. The regular concerts and opera school activities, to which seniors have in such large measure contributed, have, as always, been a credit to the Conservatory. We seniors wish to thank the faculty and administration for their interest in us and for making our final year here an altogether enjoyable and profitable one. We shall not forget their generous accord of extra time in aiding student activities and hope they will remember us as an enterprising and industrious class. Finally, we wish to bid farewell to our friends the Juniors and Undergraduates, hoping they will see fit to continue those things which we have started, to profit by our mistakes, and to remember us always as artists and scholars. — 3 — Jlie ty] cume (t oatcl ISABEL BUTTERFIELD Editor-in-Chief MADELINE MERRILL ) A . . -,. x Associate Editors ELIZABETH SCHER JOHN DiFRANCESCO Literary Editor EMILIA LERA ) . . . . . .. SHAKE AHOYI AN ( As$istan+ Lterary Ed,t ° r$ JOHN BOOMER Art Editor ANNE SABALAUSKY Assistant Art Editor MARY STEVENS Photography Editor ANN DUFFIE Assistant Photography Editor ALICE O ' BRIEN Business Manager MARY GRUPPOSO Assistant Business Manager ELEANOR TOWER Advertising Manager ANNE GULECAS ) k , BETTY ANNE JUDGE Ass.stant Adverting Managers MURIEL COOK Circulating Manager CALLIOPE CONSTANTINIDES ) A . . . . .. . . DORIS RIEDEL Ass.stant Managers CHARLES K. TRUEBLOOD Faculty Advisor m in id tra tion WALLACE GOODRICH QUINCY PORTER GEORGE A. GIBSON FREDERICK W. C. LEHMANN. EATHEL J. FINLEY LAURA B. MALLETT PHILIP R. ALLEN Director Emeritus Director Dean of Students Assistant Treasurer Registrar Librarian President of the Board of Trustees J acu(ti£ (Council WALLACE GOODRICH FRANCIS FINDLAY QUINCY PORTER HOWARD GODING GEORGE A. GIBSON HARRISON KELLER CLIFTON J. FURNESS CARL McKINLEY WILLIAM L WHITNEY — 6 — cult it UOrOTny auIOW LUCIlie mOndgndn L -i , in a ws -J T A II a p J KaymOna I. nllaru 1 k l AArA ividry l. rvioore John W Coffev John Diction K urr a Willi L ILKJUII IVI Ul I oy r ran CIS JUQu vOOKc i UDY iicwman Charles Dennee Raymond Orr wliver ra U ST v -n dries r edrson P iil rDnrifAucrv r aui r cuui uvi y C arl PoirfA WOI 1 1 til ri aiiVfi j rinuiay Victor PoU+ ;chpl( i urT r i sen er w r uiaii(j rvedsoner i —i ortrnot — f 1 1 r o 1 vcorqt;} rourci Jamcif 1— | Pom OU wOIIICj I l l ciiilcy l i tin n nccnn rnrnfitc v- ' iiTTon uobepn rur mcij Simnno R ivioro p a rn a Pin I viIIat r ] An no RnnAr ic K fl t!a A iiflpt Gillpt IVIQI IC V UU C I WIMCI Dona n S Smith s V i i y i _j w Wlllllll H rtu a r i i n a 1 i nfi nowaru wuuing it arrcn JTorcy wrTiiTn R Ant f— ■ r r nwcLv uons woiuovsKy i m nn tfl rn knr i jimon jTcrnuura nenry kvi . _7oouricn A 1 1 ft H Mouont 1 1 » t; 1 I. JIcVcilj VAunnn Hamilton ' ouuiiii i ia 1 1 1 1 1 I Ul I R i r n a rn E Stpvpn? iMVIlal U l— . JICTCM) Linar nanben V irmniJi Slirknou ▼ iryinia ji icRncy I o f HojUOr LcU 1 la VcFi K atia Siinrioliiic iviai ic juiiuciius Hompr Humnnrpv Lura Tavlor kui a lay ivi Percy F. Hunt Everett Titcomb i mi i liun iNciier f n r dc K TriionlAAn AlfrPfJ Krini Willpm A V lltpnlpr tt nicm a . TdiKenier npnrnpc L Aurpni Edith Voal Abdon Laus Beveridge Webster Ernst Levy Alice E. Whitehouse Anna Stovall Lothian William L. Whitney Georges C. Mager Leta Fulton Whitney Margaret Mason Susan Williams Carl McKinley Cleora Wood Gladys Childs Miller Alfred Zighera Georges E. Moleux Bernard Zighera junior J acu(t Jeanette Giguere Maxine McCurry Elisabeth Schulz Alice Whitehouse Dowell McNeill Alice Girouard Dorothy Richards Sarah Libbey Ruth Austin Norma Olson Norman Carrel Frank Gaviani Malcolm Creighton Doris Hartshorn Betty Hilker Virginia Klotzle — 7 C andidateS or the iplc omct MARION ANUSBIGIAN Worcester, Mass. " The Commuting Debutante " Voice with Gladys Miller. Commuters Club, 1944, President, 1944; Student Council, 1944; Ditson Schol- arship, 1942-43, Carr Scholarship, 1943-44. KATHRINE BAILEY Bath, Maine " Our Own Virginia O ' Brien " Voice with Gladys Miller. Sigma Alpha lota, 1941-44, Sergeant-at-Arms, 1941-42, Chaplain, 1942-43, Treas- urer, 1943-44; Cap and Gown Committee, 1944; South- wick Scholarship, Fanny E. Brown Scholarship. ELEANOR DAVIS " Mignon par excellence " Voice with Alice Stevens. Boston, Mass. SHIRLEY DENNY Lebanon, N. H. " The Little Lark with the Big Voice " Voice with William L. Whitney. Sigma Alpha lota, 1943-44; Gould Scholarship, 1942-43, Lindsay Scholar- ship, 1943-44. (Candidates j or the j£)ifj c oma MARY GRUPPOSO " He ' s a Lieutenant now! " Natick, Mass. Piano with George Gibson. Conservatory Club, 1940- 44; Recording Secretary, 1941-42, Warden, 1943-44; Sigma Alpha lota, 1943-44, Chaplain, 1943-44; Neume Board, 1944. ANNE GULECAS Fairhaven, Mass. " The Affectionate ' Slip-Keeper ' " Piano with Howard Goding. Sigma Alpha lota, 1942- 44, Editor, 1943-44; Converse Scholarship, 1943-44. MERIE HAGGANS Philadelphia, Pa. " Diamond-studded " Voice with William L Whitney. Henry Rogers Schol- arship, 1943-44. SARAH KATZEN Dorchester, Mass. " Silence is Golden " Piano with Howard Goding. Carr Scholarship, 1942-43, Oliver Ditson Scholar- ship 1942-43, Converse Scholarship, 1943-44. — II — (Candidates j or the t)ipic omct REGINA KLOPSTOCK Cambridge, Mass. " Querulous Klopstock " Piano with Marie Gillet. Elson Club, 1943-44. JACQUELINE POWERS Lawrence, Mass. " Jacqueline-jocular-Powers " Voice with Alice Stevens. Commuters Club 1944. MATILDA PROTANO Worcester, Mass. " Frau Protano — My son, My Son! " Voice with Marie Sundelius. Commuters Club 1944, Treasurer, 1944. DORIS RIEDEL North Plymouth, Mass. " Whistling in the Dark " Piano with Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega 1943- 44; Conservatory Club, 1943-44; Neume Board, 1944; Alpha Chi Omega Scholarship, 1943-44. (Candidates flor the ipic oma ANNE SABALAUSKY Nashua, N. H. " Annie Doesn ' t Live Here Any More " Voice with Gladys Miller. Sigma Alpha lota, 1942-44, Corresponding Secretary, 1942-43, Vice president, 1943-44; Vice-president of Underclass, 1941-42; Stu- dent Council, 1942-43; Underclass Show Committee, 1942; Dormitory Student Council, 1941-43, Vice- president, 1942-43; Neume Board, 1944; Gould Schol- arship, Lindsay Scholarship. LILLIAN MARY STEVENS South Portland, Me. " How ' s the British Navy? " Piano with Howard Goding. Sigma Alpha lota, 1941- 44, Sergeant-at-Arms, 1942-43; Neume Board, 1944; Louise Baker Scholarship, 1941-42. TERESA VIDETTA Lynn, Mass. " Shy personally, but dramatic otherwise " Voice with William L. Whitney. — 13 — C andidciteA or tlie SoloiiVs ip(c oma MILDRED MILFORD Ma rion, Ind. " Can ' t Get Indiana off My Mind " Piano with Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega, 1944. ELAINE PATTEE NORTH West Barrington, R. I. " Tea, no lemon " Voice with Gladys Miller. Vocal Normal Diploma 1942; Mu Phi Epsilon; Conserv- atory Club. — 14 — EacLL of W. llMc SHAKE AHOYIAN Boston, Mass. " No dues, no Neume! " Piano with Lucille Monaghan. Strauss Ball Committee, 1944; Neume Board, 1944; Senior Class Treasurer, 1943- 44; Elizabeth French Scholarship, 1941-42-43-44. JOHN BOOMER Hopedale, Mass. " Listen, my children, and you shall hear, the screwy record without a needle! " School Music with Francis Findlay. Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia 1941-44, Corresponding Secretary, 1941-42, Vice- president, 1942-43, President, 1943-44; Commuters ' Club, 1944, Editor-in-Chief 1944; Student Council, 1943-44, Treasurer, 1943-44; Chairman of Strauss Ball Committee, 1944; Neume Board, 1944; Fanny E. French Scholarship, 1943-44. ISABEL BUTTERFIELD Antrim, N. H. " Hey O ' Brien, are you going to Orchestral Class today? " School Music with Francis Findlay. Conservatory Club, 1940-44; Sigma Alpha lota, 1942-44, Sergeant-at-Arms, 1943-44; Underclass Bulletin, 1940-41; Dormitory Stu- dent Council, 1940-41; Student Council, 1941-43; Jun- ior Class President, 1942-43; Editor-in-Chief of Neume 1944; Class Day, 1941-44, Committee, 1944; Lucinda Gould Scholarship, 1942-44. CALLIOPE CONSTANTINIDES Lynn, Mass. " Ask Miss Finley " School Music with Francis Findlay. Commuter ' s Club, 1944; Neume Board. 1944. C andidate5 j or tlie t e ree, $aclielor oj? udic MURIEL COOK Worcester, Mass. " Here, there and everywhere " Voice with Gladys Miller. Vocal Normal Diploma, 1942; Mu Phi Epsilon, 1941-44, Corresponding Secretary, 1941-42, Recording Secretary 1942-43, Vice-president, 1943-44; Student Council, 1943-44, Secretary, 1943- 44; Neume Board, 1944; Ditson Scholarship, 1940-41, Carr Scholarship, 1941-42, Langshaw Scholarship, 1942- 43, Mu Phi Scholarship, 1942-43, Blanche B. Parker Scholarship, 1943-44. ANN DUFFIE West Roxbury, Mass. " The drum-beating, people-beating, door-slamming, Duffie " School Music with Francis Findlay. Conservatory Club, 1943-44, Warden, 1943-44; Neume Board, 1944; Con- servatory Orchestra, 1942-44; Woodman Scholarship, 1940, Sampson Scholarship, 1941-42, Carr Scholarship, 1942-43. JOHN Dl FRANCESCO Lawrence, Mass. " Don Giovanni Umbriago " Voice with Gladys Miller. Senior Class Vice-president, 1943.44; Neume Board, 1944; Carr Scholarship, 1940- 43; Converse Scholarship, 1943-44. SYLVIA KATZ FACTOR Boston, Mass. " Who is Sylvia, what is she? " Voice with Gladys Miller. Elson Club; Student Council. — 16 — C andidateA or the dfyecjree, bachelor YK usic ALTHEA EVERITT HILL Meridian, Idaho " Surprise! " Piano with Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega, 1943-44; Soloist with Boston Symphony Youth Concert, 1944; Crabtree Scholarship, 1942-43. BETTY HILKER Raleigh, N. C. " Takes me twenty-four hours to get home " Piano with Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega, 1941- 44, Treasurer, 1941-42, Vice-president, 1942-43, Pres- ident, 1943-44; Junior Faculty, 1944. BETTY ANNE JUDGE Greenfield, Mass. " Larry-in-gitis " Research with Clifton J. Furness. Pianoforte Normal Diploma 1943; Alpha Chi Omega, 1941-44, Treasurer, 1942-43; Neume Board, 1943-44. CATHERINE KELLER Limon, Col. " The intelligent ' whiz ' in English " Piano with Beveridge Webster. Chairman of Cap and Gown Committee, 1944. C anJiJatei or the jhe ree, bachelor oj? Ylfjt usic EMILIA LERA Westerly, R. I. " Delicious, delightful, delectable " School Music with Francis Findlay. Conservatory Club, 1940-44, Recording Secretary, 1942-43, Corresponding Secretary, 1943-44; Sigma Alpha lota, 1943-44; Senior Class Secretary, 1943-44; Neume Board, 1944; Strauss Ball Committee, 1944; Class Day 1942-44, Committee, 1944. DONALD MARCH Lalcewood, R. I. " Downbeat Don " School Music with Francis Findlay. Kappa Gamma Psi, 1942-44; Senior Class President, 1943-44; Student Council, 1943-44; Rogers Scholarship, Carr Scholarship, Orchestral Scholarship. MADELINE MERRILL Gray, Maine " Our Very Efficient Accompanist " School Music with Francis Findlay. Conservatory Club, 1941-44,. Treasurer, 1942-43, President, 1943-44; Sigma Alpha lota, 1943-44, Recording Secretary, 1944; Stu- dent Council, 1943-44, President 1943-44; Neume Board, 1944; Ring Committee, 1944; Class Day Com- mittee, 1944. ALICE O ' BRIEN West Medford. Mass. " Alice, where art thou? " School Music with Francis Findlay. Sigma Alpha lota, 1940- 44, Editor, 1940-41, Corresponding Secretary, 1941- 42, President, 1942-44; Conservatory Club, 1941- 44, Corresponding Secretary, 1941-42; Newman Club, 1939-42, Corresponding Secretary, 1939-40, Recording Secretary, 1940-41, Vice-president, 1941-42; Student Council, 1942-44, Vice-president, 1943-44; Treasurer Junior Class, 1943; Underclass Dance Committee, 1939- 40; Class Day. 1940-44, Chairman of Committee, 1944; Chairman of Ring Committee, 1944; Alumni Scholar- ship, 1943-44. — 18 — C andidatei or tite ecjree, i ackeior oj? l jfjt uiic CHARLOTTE ROGERS Q Boston, Mass. " That ' s The Pnin— ApFff jF -t! ' ' Piano with Howard Goding. Pianoforte Normal Di- ploma, 1942; Elson Club, 1941-44, President, 1943-44; Student Council, 1943-44; Fanny E. French Scholarship, 1942-43. LEE RUDD Clinton, New York " Our Own Beatrice Lillie ' Research with Clifton J. Furness. Conservatory Club, 1941-42; Student Council, 1941-44; Crabtree Scholar- ship, 1942-43; Oliver Ditson Scholarship, 1943-44. ELIZABETH SCHER Peabody, Mass. " Captain Clifton ' s Fancy " Piano with Howard Goding. Sigma Alpha lota, 1944; Soloist with Pops, 1944: Neume Board, 1944; Louise Baker Scholarship, 1941-42; Crabtree, 1942-44. WALTER TARG Lowell, Mass. " I ' ll have another hot dog and some more potato salad " Chamber Music with Harrison Keller. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, 1942-44, Supreme Councilman, 1943-44, Treasurer, 1943-44; Concertmaster, Conservatory Or- chestra, 1942-43; Member of Indianapolis Symphony, 1943-44; Converse Scholarship, 1942-43; Saunders Scholarship, 1943-44. — 19 — (Candidates j or tlie t)caree y i aclieiot oj? lf f i uiic ELEANOR TOWER Vi neyard Haven, Mass. " Bullets whiz by her ears " School Music with Francis Findlay. Conservatory Club 1939-44, Recording Secretary, 1941, 1943-44; Alpha Chi Omega, 1942-44, Treasurer, 1943-44; Neume Board, 1944; Carr Organ Society, 1940-41. BEATRICE VAITIEKUS Worcester, Mass. " Hey, take the elevator! " School Music with Francis Findlay. Commuters ' Club, 1944, Editorial staff, 1944. (Candidate or tlie t)earee, Yif a5ler l Yjuiit SAMUEL WALTER, B.S., B.A. " Hello Sam Goodbye " Bachelor of Music in Ensemble, 1943. Johnstown, Pa. — 20 — FLASH 1954 Warren Storey Smith, of the New England Conservatory of Music, and critic of the Boston Post, has at long last been allowed a full page on said publication: Last night WALTER TARG again showed his virtuosity as concert master of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in their intense performance of Rimsky-Korsakoff ' s Scheherezade. EMILIA LERA, who has recently received her Ph. D. from Northwestern Univer- sity, is now Supervisor of Music in the schools of Cleveland, Ohio. Her capable right- hand woman is none other than MADELINE MERRILL. By the way, they were still roommates up until their recent double wedding. The long awaited opera season opened last night at the Boston Opera House with a stirring performance of Rigoletto. JOHN Dt FRANCESCO, was the most out- standing artist in the portrayal of the title role. Mr. Di Francesco will appear later in the week as Mozart ' s Don Giovanni and in Boris Goudinoff. Others who will appear this week are MURIEL COOK as Mimi, THERESA VIDETTA in La Traviata, ELEANOR DAVIS in Mignon, SHIRLEY DENNY as Papagena, and SYLVIA KATZ FACTOR as Susanna in the Marriage of Figaro. With pride I report that the above mentioned are all alumni of the New England Conservatory of Music of the Class of 1944. A very unique and interesting concert was recently performed by the world famous East Podunk Philharmonic, conducted by DR. DONALD MARCH, R.S.P., L.S.M.F.T., — B.S., introducing the latest symphonic tone-poem, called " Bar Room Fantasy " , scored for six triangles, two pitchpipes and a shoe-horn. This composition was composed especially for Dr. March by ELEANOR TOWER and dedicated to JOHN BOOMER, author of the recent book on " Left-Handed Trumpet Methods " . Miss ANN DUFFIE handled very capably the Eb Shoe-horn. The new musical comedy, " Dream Without Expression " is being held over at the Schubert Theatre for a third week before its Broadway opening. Miss KATHRINE BAILEY stars in the leading role with ANNE SABALAUSKY, LEE RUDD, MARION ANUSBIGIAN, JACQUELINE POWERS, MERIE HAGGANS, MATILDA PROTANO and ALICE FARNSWORTH as assistants. CHARLOTTE ROGERS was recently appointed English and Physical Education instructor at Simmons College. Her latest book, just off the press, is entitled, " How to Interpret T. S. Eliot " . On May 32nd, CALLIOPE CONSTANTINIDES and BEATRICE VATIEKUS opened their new school for Low Voices. ALICE O ' BRIEN and ISABEL BUTTERFIELD, critics of romantic music, are now appearing at Stone ' s Hash-house. Their feature number is, " Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe " . Upon the recommendation of the Class of 1944, SHAKE AHOYIAN has been appointed assistant-treasurer of the New England Conservatory of Music to fill the position recently vacated by F. W. C. Lehmann. The HILKER CONSERVATORY was recently opened in Raleigh, N. C. On the piano faculty are ALTHEA EVERITT HILL, DORIS RIEDEL, MILDRED MILFORD, MARY STEVENS and SARAH KATZEN. After her very successful Town Hall Recital, Miss ELIZABETH SCHER has re- turned to Boston to honor us again at our own Jordan Hall. Among her numbers will be the Sonata for Piano, Op. E. E., composed by SAMUEL WALTER. Another notable song recital was given in Symphony Hall by Mrs. ELAINE PATTEE NORTH with MARY GRUPPOSO as accompanist. The Boston Opera House was recently the scene of a new atonal version of Carmen. Starring in the title role was ANNE GULECAS. CATHERINE KELLER of Colorado has accepted a permanent position on the radio program, Information Please; Miss Keller is trie first regular woman to be on this program. BETTY ANNE JUDGE has recently opened a new musical therapeutic hospital for war veterans. On her staff is REGINA KLOPSTOCK. This seems to be all the news of Musical Boston at this point, so until tomorrow — Student (Council MADELINE MERRILL, Conservatory Club President ALICE O ' BRIEN, Sigma Alpha lota Vice-president MURIEL COOK, Mu Phi Epsilon Secretary JOHN D. BOOMER, Sinfonia Treasurer Donald March Betty Kay Betty Ruth Smith Senior Class and Underclass Junior Class Kappa Gamma Ps! J M „ T;wUr Mary SeaV6r Anthony Cirella Jean Taylor Underclass I ' M ii j i Junior Class U nderclass Lee Rudd Charlotte Rogers Senior Class Marion Anusbigian Elson Club Commuters Club Betty Hilker Alpha Chi Omega The purpose of the Student Council is to discuss all problems which confront the Student body of the Conservatory and to present solutions of these problems to the Dean of Students and the Director for their approval. The most important work of the Council for the year was the submitting of names of students to be recommended for extra honor points to the Faculty Advisors. At the recommendation of the Council, letters were sent to the parents of all students explain- ing the new marking system. — 23 Senior C iaM C ffi cerS DONALD MARCH President JOHN DiFRANCESCO Vice-president EMILIA LERA Secretary SHAKE AHOYIAN Treasurer LEE RUDD Student Council Representative The Senior Class was called to order on December 9, 1943. At this time commit- tee chairmen and our Editor-in-Chief for the Neume were elected. A very successful Strauss Ball was held on February 25th. Music was furnished by students of the Conservatory. Mr. Francis Findlay was regular conductor for the evening with Wallace Goodrich, Quincy Porter and Donald March as guest con- ductors. Since January many of the Seniors have been busy compiling material for the NEUME, outstanding product of the Senior Class. The Senior Class will complete their year ' s activities with the annual banquet sponsored by the Alumni Association. — 24 — junior C laAi O iceri BETTY RUTH SMITH President GEORGETTE BERUBE Vice-president SONA ARZOMANIAN Secretary B. ANDREA ROUVALIS Treasurer ANTHONY CIRELLA Student Council Representative Members of the Junior Class presented a gala street fair. Many nationalities were represented in their colorful costumes. The highlights of the fair included fortune telling, silhouette making, various booths of entertainment and a root beer garden. The junior class played an active part in the Red Cross Drive. — 25 — UnderclaSd Offi icerS JEAN TAYLOR President WILLIAM MURPHY First Vice-president ALICE BUSHEY Second Vice-president DOROTHY HAVENER Secretary CATHERINE AMEER ' . Treasurer BETTY KAY — MARY SEAVER Student Council Representatives The underclass is made up of those students who are in the first year of a diploma course; Freshmen and Sophomores in a degree course, and special students taking four or more subjects. The main event of the year was the St. Patrick ' s Day formal dance which was held in Brown Hall, March 18th. Students of the Conservatory furnished the music, refreshments were served in the cafeteria, and a most enjoyable time was had by all. — 26 — a mecjci OFFICERS BETTY HILKER. President; EVELYN DANIEL- SON, Vice-President; DOROTHY ROBINSON, Recording Secretary; NINA VOLCHAK, Cor- responding Secretary; ELEANOR TOWER, Treasurer; BARBARA FOSS, Publicity Editor; MARION WILLIAMS, Warden; DORINNE ALGER, Chaplain; EATHEL FINLEY, Alumnae Advisor. ACTIVE MEMBERS Doris Riedel, Jean Ellerson, Vincenza Pepe, Priscilla Dorr, Eleanor Craig, Frances Craig, Cora Turner, Constance McKerrow, Amelia Altamari, Helen Lucas, Mildred Milford. Pledges: Patricia Sanborn, Stella Morton, Phyllis Storey. Alpha Chi Omega was founded by seven women students in 1885, at De Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana: 10 years later Zeta Chapter, the only strictly musical chapter of the sorority, was installed at the New England Conservatory. Zeta Chapter has given the sorority two national presidents — Evangeline Bridge Steven- son and Gladys Livingston Graff. They are also proud to number among their prominent mem- bers Ruth Culbertson, winner of the Mason and Hamlin Prize, and Mrs. Edward Mac- Dowell. Activities of the year include a spring eon- cert held in Recital Hall, and several parties given for students held in the chapter room. Many of the girls have done their share for the war effort by being blood donors, knitting, and buying war bonds and stamps. — 27 — C ommuteri C lu OFFICERS MARION ANUSBIGIAN, President; WILLIAM MURPHY, Vice-President; ELSIE ALEGI, Sec- retary; MATILDA PROTANO, Treasurer; JOHN BOOMER, Editor-in-Chief; WILLIAM MURPHY, Assistant Editor; CLIFTON J. FURNESS. CHARLES K. TRUEBLOOD, Faculty Advisors. ACTIVE MEMBERS Mildred Oliver, Jacqueline Powers, Nancy Mercer, Ardis Lee, Nicoletta Davelcos, Sylvia Chilson, Beatrice Vaitieltus, Niki Voorthamis, Edna Mayer, Calliope Constantinides, Olive Brown, Joan McNeil, Jean Sullivan, Theresa Videtta, Nancy Perry, Roberta Turner, Walter Targ, Mary Burns, Edward Grigoli, Antionette Roffo, Julia Carr, Marion Gray, Lucille Dugas, Connie McKerrow. In March 1944 a group of students of the New England Conservatory organized a new club. This club, contrary to the custom of most clubs, grants membership to both young women and young men provided they are commuters and are accepted as such according to the newly drawn constitution of the club. It is the purpose of the Commuters Club to promote school spirit and to encourage friend- ships among students of the Conservatory. Moreover, by participating in the organization of a school paper which shall keep the students thoroughly aware that they are a part of the Conservatory and that the Con- servatory is a part of them, the club hopes to promote close harmony between students and faculty within the Conservatory. The commuter — one who must reach for his toothbrush two hours earlier than he who dozes peacefully near the school, has finally realized his ambition. There is a cha nce for him and for many others, who are enthusiastic, to lend a helping hand! — 28 — l jew ( ngfand C oniervatot ' y C lub OFFICERS MADELINE MERRILL, President; B. ANDREA ROUVALIS, Vice-President; ELEANOR TOWER, Recording Secretary; EMILIA LERA, Corre- sponding Secretary; JEAN TAYLOR, Treasurer; MARY GRUPPOSO, ANN DUFFIE, Wardens. ACTIVE MEMBERS Isabel Butterfield, Barbara Foss, Alice Duck- worth, Eunice Fitton, Margaret Bromley, Betty Kay, Marion Jacques, Joan McNeil, Alice O ' Brien, Lois Schaefer, Nancy Trickey, Doris Riedel, Betty Wood. The New England Conservatory Club was -founded in 1920 to promote closer association and friendship of women students. The " Con Clubbers " are very fond of their room and any hour of the day will find members there en- joying it and the friends they find there. During the year parties, musicales, and dinners were enjoyed. Members aided the vic- tory program by being blood donors and participating in shows given for service men. — 29 — OFFICERS CHARLOTTE ROGERS. President; SYLVIA FACTOR, Vice-President; BARBARA WEIN- STEIN, Recording Secretary; CHARLOTTE GOODMAN, Corresponding Secretary; ELIZ- ABETH GOOBER, Treasurer. ACTIVE MEMBERS Jeanette Kaufman, Regina Klopstoclc, Barbara Schwartzman, Barbara Rodman, Beatrice Simons, Norma Hart. The Louis C. Elson Club, named for one of the most distinguished of the Conservatory ' s former faculty members, was founded in 1920 to promote the best in music and to further the musical interests of its members. By 1924, the club had become sufficiently established to enable it to present to the Conservatory a memorial in the form of a bas-relief by the noted sculptor, Henry Hudson Kitson. In accordance with its aims, the club presents a concert each spring and awards a scholarship. Several concerts, parties, and mu- sicales are held each year. Members of the club usually join the Elson Alumnae Club for which they are eligible two years after graduation. — 30 — Kappa Gamma Psi, a national musical fra- ternity for men, of which the Conservatory boasts the Alpha Chapter, was founded here in December 1913, by William Bailey, Carl Bergman, Frederick Earle, Arthur Echlund, Frank Lamoreaux, William Pontin, Colin Rich- mond, George Shaw, Dean Stewart, Harold Stewart, and Archibald Smith. The aims of the fraternity are: to aid its members in a moral and material way; to encourage sincere and earnest music studies; to promote and dignify the musical profession; to establish closer relations between musicians in music schools; to work for the development of music in America. Wu PL £,,Jc OFFICERS ROSE BONGIOVANNI, President; MURIEL M. COOK, Vice-President; MURIEL ROBINSON, Recording Secretary; ISADORA FALCAO, Cor- responding Secretary; RUTH AUSTIN, Treas- urer; MARY KACOYANIS, Historian. ACTIVE MEMBERS Margaret Clark, Mary Murphy, Alice Bushey, Marjorie Duval, Elizabeth Benedict. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national music honor society for women, and elects its members from the upper classes at school. Students are not eligible to join the Beta Chapter at the Conservatory before the junior year of the diploma course, or the sophomore year of the degree course. Electees must have an average of " B " or better, and show promise in their major field. Activities of the past year included our annual new girls party held in November, several informal parties for members and guests, a joint victory concert with Sigma Alpha lota with Jean Dickenson, radio star, as guest artist, and our annual concert and award of the Mu Phi Epsilon medal given an- nually to the outstanding student of the pre- vious year ' s freshman class. — 32 — Pki Wu JtpL, Sinfc on La OFFICERS WALTER TARG, Supreme Councilman; JOHN D. BOOMER. President; VICTOR F. DiSTE- FANO, Vice-President; FRANCISCO Da- COSTA, Secretary; WALTER TARG, Treasurer; FRANK PIZZUTO, Warden; WILLIAM MUR- PHY, Historian; ROBERT MOGILNICKI, Librar- ian. ACTIVE MEMBERS John Boomer, Francisco DaCosta, Dickran Hagopian, F. Burns Langworthy, William Mur- phy, Robert Mogilnicki, Frank Pizzuto, Victor F. DiStefano, Walter Targ. ACTIVE ALUMNI John Coffey, Jose DaCosta, Wallace Goodrich, Vaughn Hamilton, Homer Humphrey, Harrison Keller, Charles Pearson, Raymond Orr, C. Roland Reasoner, Warren Storey Smith. The chaotic conflict raging in the world today has had since its beginning a marked effect on all male organizations throughout the country and Sinfonia has been no excep- tion. Our ranks have been hard hit in the past two or three years by Uncle Sam ' s call for man power. Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory in 1898. The fraternity has grown to over 80 chapters situated in all parts of the country. The very number of these chapters attest the success Sinfonia has had and will continue to have in accomplishing its main purpose of advancing the cause of music in America. The staunch support which Sinfonia has given American music is evidenced in the number of American composers who have been welcomed in the fraternity. Alpha Chapter, despite the government ' s great demand for men, has managed to sur- vive the crisis and is once again on the road to prosperity. A luncheon was held after the beginning of the second semester to which prospective pledges were invited. The tra- ditional candle-light concerts have been im- possible this year but with an increasing num- ber of men returning from the fighting fronts, Sinfonia has high hopes for the future. — 33 — Sicjtna sulpha 3oia OFFICERS ALICE O ' BRIEN, President; ANNE SABA- LAUSKY, Vice-President; SAIMA LAYCOCK, MADELINE MERRILL, Recording Secretaries; BETTY RUTH SMITH, Corresponding Sec- retary; KATHRINE BAILEY, Treasurer; MARY GRUPPOSO, Chaplain; ANNE GULECAS. Editor; ISABEL BUTTERFIELD, Sergeant-at-Arms. ACTIVE MEMBERS Alice Duckworth, Shirley Denny, Georgett Berube, Emilia Lera, Mary Stevens. Pledges: Catherine Ameer, Janet Hayes, Peggy Pitz, Elizabeth Sorter, Eunice Fitton, Helen Behrens, Gloria Lopardo, Gloria Panico, Betty Kay, Mary Burnell, Muriel Hebert. Sigma Alpha lota was founded in the Univer- sity school of music, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1903, by 7 young women students. Today it is the oldest and largest musical fraternity in the country containing 78 active chapters, and 22 alumnae chapters, which are affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs and the Women ' s Professional Panhellenic Associa- tion. It sponsors the national composer ' s award contests and supports " Pan ' s Cottage " at the MacDowell Colony in Peterboro, N. H. Lambda Chapter was installed at the New England Conservatory in June 1915. It has had about 275 active members, as well as patron- esses, chapter honorary and associate members. This year Lambda presented a Christmas Vesper program, and informal dance, and a Victory concert with Mu Phi Epsilon featuring Jean Dickenson, radio and concert artist. Several musicales, parties and teas were given for members and guests. This year we were honored by a visit from our National President, Mrs. Kathleen Davison. The year was completed with our annual banquet. — 34 — LETA FULTON WHITNEY President MARIAN DAVISON DUFFIE Vice-president MAUDE WESSON REASONER Secretary GEORGE A. GIBSON Treasurer This year, aside from its regular activities, the Alumni Association has put on two informal parties at the Conservatory, both consisting of a supper in Banquet Hall, and a square dance in Brown Hall. Both of these affairs were well attended by faculty and students alike, and certainly enjoyed by everyone. It is a large step in the direc- tion of making closer associations between the faculty, students, and alumni, which is one of the purposes of the Alumni Association. Let ' s hope every member of the Class of 1944 will become an active member of the New England Conservatory Alumni Association. — 35 — JEANETTE GIGUERE ANNA S. LOTHIAN NORINE ROBARDS HOMER HUMPHREY FRANCIS FINDLAY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Finance Member Pi Kappa Lambda was founded at the Northwestern University School of Music in 1919. lota chapter was installed at the Conservatory in 1928. Pi Kappa Lambda, an honorary musical society corresponding to Phi Beta Kappa, invites only students of exceptional scholarship and musical achievement to its membership. " This society is established to provide an organiiation dedicated to the further- ance of musical education — its prime objec+ is the encouragement of eminent achieve- ment in performance or original composition. To that end special emphasis is placed upon the maintenance of a curriculum so designed as to insure the utmost develop- ment in the applied branches of the art. " — 36 — GREETINGS AT COMMENCEMENT 9 U I N C Y PORTER Director ★ NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC . . . . The Warren Kay Vantine Studio, Inc. to- the 160 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF THE THE UNDERCLASS ELSON CLUB COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF IOTA CHAPTER THE NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY HONORARY SOCIETY OF MUSIC OF PI KAPPA LAMBDA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE LAMBDA CHAPTER CONSERVATORY CLUB SIGMA ALPHA IOTA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF BETA CHAPTER ZETA CHAPTER MU PHI EPSILON ALPHA CHI OMEGA COMPLIMENTS OF SYMPHONY FLOWER SHOP THE FLOWERS AID TO BUILD MORALE 240 HUNTINGTON AVENUE BOSTON, MASS. Telephones: KENmore 077 BACK BAY Shoe and Hot Service 56 Ga nsboro Street COMPLIMENTS OF PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA For Quality and Service See Charlie SYMPHONY HALL COMPLIMENTS OF POPS ARTHUR FIEDLER, Conductor GAINSBORO PHARMACY INC. 85 SYMPHONY PLAYERS Corner GAINSBORO HUNTINGTON TELEPHONE KENMORE 1525 new cngiana v onservaTory nignT Monday, June 19th at 8:30 P. M, Tickets . . . 35c, 60c, $1.00 and $1.50 Tax Inch Eoomts Sc Co. PAPER PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING OFFSET PRINTING PLANOGRAPHING ' DIE STAMPING ENGRAVING RAISED PRINTING EMBOSSING DIED OUT FORMS PRINTERS OF THE 1944 NEUME 201 DEVONSHIRE ST. BOSTON, MASS. ROOM 803 TEL. HUBBARD 0174

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