New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA)

 - Class of 1943

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,r, ,. .- Wh .wh . u V' .T'5s'H w L ,I 1, ful I -Y, s L U tu" , v k n z ,,- -'ii I-. L' I ' ,Pr .x f N.1yu,l -p I 17" O , 3 1. , '- VV ' .fy-"1 A , x ' xiii an - ...Q 4" f i l 'R I id w . , . A A .n ,Vw 12:51.14 x I1 lr ?'9,. X lv " 9 "5-'J' L , -...5 v "' A81 'A 'wYQ'll.. N .- , f l fx. e . frw 13. 'nl 11? 1. !. J' '- . 1 AQ J, .w-'V a' J .f ' V Ji-if 1 s I H 1 Y ' U., vf N x -as-fi. KY""J I I :Wy-'put L11 N L ,', .DIIGDUQ 1'l 1 I 's I A, if ' l N1 vi' I 1 ' 'T MN f ' 4' N Q ' ' I 4 a I ' if I -n ll ' ffxn Vfffs l uf - Ip 4. . ' , R , vb. 1 O m H5- D U v 'l.. .- ,:f.'9: '.1 ' v J, 3 yin N v 4--" 'T 1 . 1 I n .v, .4 1 .D 'a 1' -. Pt - 1 v ,N ,. aw, 4 ' Ar' V ' I ll M Aa fQ 7 -iSLfF ':'3-H I ,5 'I , an I i pl 'ya , fi:-f , I N' V F ,' .x 5 .' . W. 1' j ,AXI vl N' W N .1 fa: 31 s 4 v ' . 3.1. - i,:,' w K l A." . 4' k ' 1 ' ni '- v C . rapt N4 Mfr' .Q-. ' v If 1193 ."- A1 M., , 'sxe vin I' 'Vw A .ull x , 1' ', , wr' rv' - 11,3 'G-ln in fLe Wellfn e BOGVJ lareaenfa IIEIIIIIE FUR 1943 I If xl ' 'Q sw 'U l I Q1 .7fi9l flQ?'A 'iss Aw iff .L .M -1"-1 ig! if wllllll O xv' '-1 A-'I' ", xilx - Hill-"I af? sfibjffif ,mi fjzif published by +l1e Neume Board for +he Senior Class of +l1e New England Conservafory of Music Bosfon, Massachusefls ibecbcafion fo WALLACE GOODRICH "His life is pleasanf and all fhe elemen+s so mixed in him 'rhaf the world may say - here is a man." To Wallace Goodrich we affecfionalely dedicaie 'lhis yearboolz For his sincerify, his genuiness, and his love of mankind. jo Me 66144 of 1943 Greeiingsl As you sei' forih upon your chosen careers you will find fhaf de- spife all fhe sfrife of a war-forn world, +he spirifual values of music were never more impor+an+ as a solace and an inspira+ion. From your own members nof a few have leff fheir s+udies in order +o respond +o fhe call fo +he ac+ive service of our couniry. We will honor 'lhem by siriving all ihe more fo do our ufmosf fo promofe +he cause of musical righfeousness in our land, and by ihe daily sfrengfhening of our characfer fo show for+h our allegiance fo 'lhe moH'o which we may well make our own: For God and Couniry. CUM-4.4.1. Direcfor Emeriius 1 jd? Wetlffle KOCCPCI CHRISTINE ANN NIKITAS .. DORIS BARNES I HELEVI NORDSTROM I' "RR4' 'Y BETTY ANN JUDGE . LEAH GUAY , . . MARY KACOYANIS . , ,. LOUISE ZULALIAN I I MARY GROVER .,,,I I . ,V,. I. ETHEL HOLLAND I LEAH OUAY 1' 'I O' MARGARET OLSON .V,,,,. ROSE DINOI JOY WYNGETT ...III ..IO,.,,. JUNE HOOD ...,I.I..,,.,.I.. CATHERINE CHAMPNEY ..,.,I. MARGARET SYMINGTON LAURA B. MALLETT I,..,I,, ....I., .. 4. . ,4.. Edifor-in-Chief ........n..Associa+e Ediiors . .,,,,.,...... Adverfising Manager Assis+an+ Adver+ising Manager EcIi+or ...I,....OAssis+an+ Ari' EdiI'or ...V....,...........Li+erary Edifor ,..r..V..,Assis+anI' Liferary Ediiors ...a.....,,,Pho+ography Edifor ...Assisianf Phoiogra phy' Ediior .,........,......CircuIa+ing Manager VAssis+an+ Circulaiing Manager M.,,,.........,.,.,.Business Manager ..,..vAssIs'I'anI' Business Manager ..,.....O...........,FacuII'y Advisor This year we seniors are sfepping info a world fhaf needs music greafly. Since our enfrance info fhe Conservafory our fufure has become more and more uncer- fain. Several of fhose who should be graduafing wifh us have been called info fhe service of our counfry fo fighf a war fo preserve freedom and beaufy. Yef we who remain af home should nof feel useless. If is our fask fo aid fhis preservafion of beaufy by creafing music, for music is more fhan a mere fusion of regular vibrafions, if is a vifal parf of our lives. Buf our work does nof end fhere. We musf feach ofhers fo know fhe solace and healing power of music, and we musf sfrive fo beffer our own undersfanding of if. During fhe pasf few years our school has made many changes and improvemenfs in ifs curriculum. This very year if sfarfed a new Opera School under fhe direcfion of Boris Goldowsky, and a new deparfmenf of Popular Music, headed by Ruby New- man. These inaugurafions are especially imporfanf because fhey are done when many feel fhaf only fhe making of munifions and fhe acfual fighfing are of consequence. Lef us follow fhe lead of our school and consfanfly seek improvement There is one fhing more. ln our efforfs fo help win fhe war, lel' us nof forgef fhaf some day fhere will again be peace: fhere will again be a day when fhe fufure is nof 'ringed wifh fear, and beaufy does noi' have fo sfruggle fhrough such uffer ugliness. Then music will sing fhe ioyousness of a world fhaf has a deeper under- sfanding of, laughfer because if has known so much sorrow. Yef whefher fhere is laughfer or fears music always has ifs parf in fhe world and if is our privilege 'ro cre- afe fhaf music. Good luck Seniors. I -5.. Our Lbirecfor QUINCY PCJRTER Quincy Porfer came 'ro ihe Conserva+ory in I938 'lo succeed Frederick S. Con- verse as Dean of fhe Faculfy. His previous educa+ion and experience were such as +o give him a broad viewpoinf foward music, since he had been involved in fhe prob- lems of bofh college and conservafory educafion. He has been a member of fhe faculfy of 'lhe Cleveland lnsfilufe of Music, heading +he fheory and composifion deparfmenf for +hree :years affer Ernesl Bloch's deparfure. A+ Vassar he was profes- sor of music for six years. The Seniors have found Mr. Porier very kind, undersfanding and cooperafive. -5- .fdclminidfrafion WALLACE GOODRICI-I . Direcfor Emerifus OUINCY PORTER . Direc+or GEORGE A. GIBSON Dean of Sfudenfs FREDERICK W. C. LEHMANN Assis+an+ Treasurer EATI-IEL J. FINLEY Regisfrar LAURA B. MALLETT I Librarian PHILIP R. ALLEN Praaaaarn of the Board of Trusfees jacuky Counci WALLACE GOODRICI-I FRANCIS FINDLAY QUINCY PORTER HOWARD GODING GEORGE A. GIBSON HARRISON KELLER CLIFTON J. FURNESS CARL MEKINLEY WILLIAM L. WHITNEY - 7 - WALLACE GOODRICH, Direcfor Emerifus OUINCY PORTER, Direcior GEORGE A. GIBSON, Dean of Sfudenis Dorofhy Adlow Raymond T. Allard Richard Burgin Julius L. Chaloff John W. Coffey Francis Judd Cooke Charles Dennee Oliver C. Fausf Paul Fedorovsky Francis Findlay Kur+ Fischer Georges Fourel Isabel French Clif+on J. Furness Fernand Gillef Marie Audef Gillel' Howard Goding Boris Goldowsky Henry M. Goodrich William Haddon Vaughn Hamil+on Einar Hansen Dr. Leo Hayek Homer Humphrey Percy F. Hunf Harrison Keller Alfred Krips Georges Lauren? Abdon Laus Ernsl' Levy Anna S+ovall Lo+hian Georges C. Mager Margarel' Mason Carl McKinley Gladys Childs Miller Georges E. Moleux Lucille Monaghan Mary L. Moore John Dickson Murray Ruby Newman Raymond Orr Charles Pearson Carl Peirce Vicior Polaischek W. Judson Rand C. Roland Reasoner James H. Remley Simone Riviere Norine Robards Donald S. Smi'I'h Warren Sforey Smi+h Alice H. Sfevens Richard E. S+evens Virginia S+ickney Marie Sundelius Lura Taylor Everefi' Tiicomb Charles K. Trueblood Willem A. Valkenier Dr. Ediih Vogl Beveridge Webs+er Lawrence Whi+e ' Alice E. Whi+ehouse William L. Whi+ney Lefa Fulfon Whi'I'ney Susan Williams Cleora Wood Alfred Zighera Bernard Zighera Arvid Anderson James Anderson J. Raymond Anthony Bernard Barloeau Harry Bar+leH Marino Beafrice Samuel Beaffie Bernard Billings Vincenl Bisuglia Amos Bond Charles Campione Charles Carosella Pefer Cerullo Russell Ceilin Maynard Clark Burfon Cleaves Lewis Closser David Cole Clarence H. Corning Orville Cramer Donald Currier Robert Cyr J. Donald DeLong Richard Dempsey Frederick DeLucci Rocco di Pieiro Julio di Sanfo Paul Donovon George Doren Donald Dow Georges Downs Fausf Fiore Edward Fifzpafrick Raymond Fleck Edwin Francis Our of LNOHOI' William Fuller Sumner Glanville John Glowacki Arfhur Greenwood William Groihkopp Charles Gavek Henry Grzybala Richard Hall Donald Harfwell William Healey Alberf Helba Harry Herforfh D. Donald Hicks Phillip Hoffman James Houlihan Richard Howland Richard Hughes Richard HyaH Donald Hya++ Richard Johns Forne Jones Kauko Kahila Allan Kane Andrew Koi' Earle LeaviH' William Mahan Arnold Manchesier Raymond Mann Charles Marsfon Francis May Ma'H'hew Mazur Joseph Mclsaac John McLaughlin Joseph Melanson Clarence Mosher Julius Moveo Bower Murphy C. Beniamin Myers Ray Mahigian Alberi Nash Frederick Nazro lvar Nelson WaI+er Nickerson George Nicoloff Clarence Noyes Roberl' Pay+on Paul Perras Sumner Peferson Chesfer Pierce Bronislaw Polichnowski Paul Price Harry Reed Ches+er Roberis John Roche Frank Rossi Frank Sandler Simon Sandler Alfred Soule Franklin Taplin William Tesson Donald Thurlow Louis Ugalde Joseph Velardo William Weiss Clifford Wheeler Edgar Whi+e Anfhony Wondolowski Charles Young William Young ..9.. IN MEMIIHIHM We cannoi' mourn for 1'ha1' which never died We can bu+ bow before a greainess we have been denied CLAYTON D. GILBERT qaaea as-m ML pferiellf IHE SFNHIH HHSS of IH43 CLll'lJ6!ClfQ5 LI' IHPHIMH IHHHH, HHEHHHH ,IZ1 Canckclafed Zur fAe lipgma SHIRLEY APTEKER Haverhill, Mass. Voice wi'rh Isabel French. DORIS BARNES S. Weymoulh, Mass. Piano wifh Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega, l94I- 43: Warden, I94l-42: Presiden+, I942-43: Associafe edilor of Neume, I942-43, Woodman Scholarship, I939-40. ANTHONY CIRELLA Magnolia, Mass. Organ wi+h Carl McKinley: Philip Alden Prize, for Choral Composiiion, I942g Oliver Di'I'son Scholarship,- l942-43: Pi Kappa Lambda, I943. ROSE DINOI Worcesfer, Mass. Organ wifh Homer Humphrey. Carr Organ Sociefy I939-4lg Secrefary, I939-40: Treasurer, l940-4l: Neume Board, I942-43: Siudeni' Council, I942-43: Mu Phi Epsilon, I'-743: Carr Scholarship, I940, 4I, 42. xv! Cpanckvfafw Ku' fhe ibiladma MARJORIE DUVAL Leominsier, Mass. Voice wilh Mme. Marie Sundelius. Neuman Club, l94I-42: High School Scholarship, l939g Oliver Dif- son Scholarship, l942-43. LEROY FRISWOLD Broolcline, Mass. Confrabass wi+h Georges Moleux. Kappa Gamma Psi, Warden, l942-43: High School Scholarship, I939-40: Haydn Sch., I939-40: Haydn Sch., I940-4I: Sampson Sch., l940-4Ig Orchesira Sch., I940-41: High School Orchesira Sch., l94I-42: Naumburg Sch., l94l-42: Orchesfra Sch., I942-43. ETHEL HOLLAND S. Weymouih, Mass. Piano wirh Lucille Monaghan. Alpha Chi Omega, I943: Neume Board, I942-433 High School Scholar- ship. L Organ wifh Homer Humphrey. Conservafory Club, l940-43: Car Organ Socieiy, I940-4Ig Neume Board, I942-43: High School Scholarship, I939: Carr Organ Scholarship, l94l-42, l942-43. JUNE HOOD Wesl Concord, Mass. - I3 -I4- gancbclafed Ar fAe Eiplezma DORIS JOHNSON Nor" Ee-,s'c', P!-azz. Voice wifh Mme. Marie Sundelius. Conservafory Club, I94-O-43: High School Scholarship, l940. MARY KACOYANIS S:-'e'-7 e Vase. Piano wifh George Gibson. Mu Phi Epsilon, I942-43: Warden, I942-435 Neume Board, I942-43: High School Scholarship, l94O. ETHEL ELIZABETH LAMBERT Ha-"5:':i Coon Piano wi+h Mary Moore. Cap and Gown Commi++ee i942-43: High School Scholarship, l94O. SYLVIA RUBIN C'e'sea Mass Piero wiih Richard Sfevens. Elson Club, l940-43: Cor- 'ESCCVSVUQ Sec.. I940-4Ig Presiclenf, I94l-42: Vice- P'9S-- V942-43I High School Scholarship, Elson Alumni Sc'-clarship. Oliver Difson Scholarship, Woodman Scholarship Dean's Lis+, I942-43. 1 .F Cancbclaferi Ar fAe .ibilagzma LAURA SNYDER Mexico' Maine Voice wi+h Gladys Miller. ANTONIO TRAMONTE Medford, Mass. Piano wi+h Charles Dennee. Dean's lisf l94I-42 l942-437 Chairman of Cap and Gown CommiH'ee, I943g High School Scholarship, I94O-4I: Doe Scholar- ship, l94I-425 Oliver Difson Scholarship, I942-43. HELEN VINCENT Somerville, Mass. Piano wiih Marie Audei C-Billeii, Newman Club. JOY WINGETT Newfon Cenlre, Mass. Violin wi+h Harrison Keller. Neume Board, l942-43: Pi Kappa Lambda, I943. - I5 Canobclafea for fLe tibilogzma LOUISE ZULALIAN Belmcnl, Mass. Piano wi+h Charles Dennee. Neume Board, I942-43. ALICE FARNSWORTH Lynn, Mass Voice wifh William Whilney. High School Scholarship, l940-4l. BETTY ANN JUDGE Greenfield, Mass. Piano wiih Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega, I94I-43: Treasurer, I94I-42: Secre+ary, I942-43: Neume Board, I942-43. SHIRLEY ROBBINS Worcesler. Mass Voice wi'rh William L. Whifney. Brown Scholarship, I94O-4I: Langshaw Scholar ship, I94I-42: Langshaw Scholarship, I942-43. . Cjancbclafe, for fhe Sozzbfg ibifazzma LUCIA WRIGHT Alfred. Maine Piano wi+h Richard Sievens. Alpha Chi Omega, I940-43: Hisforian and Chaplain, l94I-42: Oliver Difson Scholarship, I942-43. I6-- br VL Jlf CClJ'lAJ6l!05 ADI' fA2 ibegree, g6lCA8!70l" of Wllifif HAZEL BEARD Wesfminsler, Maryland Piano wifh Howard Goding. Vice-Presideni' of Senior Class, l942-43. CATHERINE CHAMPNEY Cleveland l-leighis, Ohio Research wi+h Clifion J. Furness. Sigma Alpha lo+a. I94O: Vice-President l94I-425 Treasurer I942-43: Sfucleni Council l940-43: Dormiiory President l942-43: On Commifiee for Unclerclass Show, 1942: Business Manager of Neume, I943. GWENDOLYN d'HEMENCOURT CARDON Boslon, Mass Research wiih Cliffon J. Furness. Scholarship, I942. .. I7 - Kanckclafw Amr fAe ibegree, gaclzegzr 0 uriic MARY GROVER Norrh Berwick, Maine School Music wifh Francis Findlay. Conservarory Club, l940: S+uden+ Council Represenfaiive, l94l: Vice- Presiden'l', l942-43: Alpha Chi Omega, l94I, Vice- Presidenf, l942-43: Presideni' of S+uden+ Council af Dormifory, l94l-42: Presidenr of Siudenl Council ai' School, I942-43: Secrefary of Senior Class, I942-43: Neume Board, I942-43: Chairman of S+rauss Ball Com- mi++ee, l943g High School Scholarship, Oliver Diison Scholarship, I94l-42: Converse Scholarship, I942-43. i Lambda, I943. SARAH LIBBEY Wellesley Hills, Mass. Voice wi+h Alice H. S+evens. "La Serva Padrona", l942g Clara Kafhleen Rogers Voice Award- CHRISTINE ANN NIKITAS Fifchburg, Mass. School Music wi+h Francis Findlay. Conserva+ory Club, I94l-43: Presiden+, I942-43: Sigma Alpha lo+a, l94I: Edilor, I942-43: Recording Secrefary, l943p Conserva- +ory Band, l94I-42: Class Day Show, I94l, l942: Sfrauss Ball Commi++ee, I943: Ediior-in-Chief of Neume, I942-43, High School Scholarship, I938: Con- verse Scholarship, l94I-42, Converse Scholarship, I942-43. I8- LEAH GERTRUDE GUAY Evere++ Mass School Music wi+h Francis Findlay. Newman Club I939 4I: Treasurer, l94lg Junior Class Treasurer l942 43 Class Day Show, I94lg Conserva+ory Club I943 Sigma Alpha lo+a, l942-43: Neume Board I942 43 Dean's Lis+, I942-43: High School Scholarship I938 Evans Scholarship, l940-4I: Converse Scholarship l l94I-427 Converse Scholarship, I942 43 Phi Kappl CGIIAJCJQJ Ll' fA2 389100, EGCLKZA r of Wudic HELEVI ELSA NORDSTROM Gardner, Mass. Voice wifh Mme. Marie Sundelius. Presideni' of Senior Class, I943: Mu Phi Epsilon, Vice Presideni, I940-4l: Presideni, l94l-42: Chaplain, I942-43: Sludeni' Coun- cil Represeniafive, l94I-42, i942-43: Associaie Ediior of Neume, I942-43: Co-Chairman of You+h for Viciory, I943: LoH'a Crabiree Scholarship, l94l-42, I942-43: Pi Kappa Lambda, l943. MARGARET OLSON Vermillion, S. Dalcoia Violin wifh Harrison Keller. Sigma Alpha loia, l938-43: Chaplain, l94I-42: Vice-Presidenl, l942-43: Phoiog- raphy Ediior of Neume, l942-43: F. E. French Scholar- ship, l942-43: Founders Scholarship, I943: Pi Kappa Lambda, I943. Difson, l94I-42: Balmer Scholars MARGARET MANNING MARGARET SYMINGTON Somerville, Mass Research wifh Cliffon J. Furness. High School Scholar ship, I938: Oliver Difson Scholarship, I940-4lg Oliver hip, I942-43. Fall River, Mass Piano wiih Howard Goding. Alpha Chi Omega, l938g Vice President I940 4I SAMUEL WALTER Ensemble wifh Harrison Keller. Bosion, Moss HHHHUHH SUHUIH Canckclafe :iw Qbegree, Www of Wwe SISTER ROSALIE VAN ACKEREN Norfh Cambridge, Mass Research wi+h Mr. Clifion J. Furness. 20- CL55 I"0l0A8Cg PRESS FLASHES FROM BACK BAY LEDGER - JUNE IS, l953 Twins give Piano reci+al: Jaclc and Mary, 8 years old, prodigies of our former DORIS BARNES gave a recilal in Brown Hall +his evening. Miss ETHEL HOLLAND recenl' oulsfanding firsl' Lieul. of +he Waves who has jusl relurned from over- seas will give a recepfion in +he foyer a+ +he close oi +he reci+al. Syracuse offers new summer course: MARY KACOYANIS and LOUISE ZULALIAN will conducl' a six weelrs session in fhe correlalion of music and arf. Final Performance of fhe Melropoliian Opera lasl nighl: Bass virruoso, of +he New Yorlc Philharmonic, LEROY FRISWOLD is guesl' conduc+or for fhe final perform- ance ol "Orleo and Euridice". Miss HAZEL BEARD, music criiic of +he Times was mosl' impressed by clarify and precision of his bear. Sfarring were SARAH LIBBEY as "Euridice" and ALICE FARNSWORTH as "Orfeo". Communify Sing wails while song leader weds doclor of obs'l'e+rics: The sing al 'lhe annual meeling of Mass. Federalion of Teachers was held up lasl' evening. MARGARET MANNING luepl' lhings going unlil NIKITAS lalias Mrs. XI arrived one-half hour Iale wifh husband. She opened sing wi+h her favorile 'rune "By-Lo My Baby". Piano inslalled af Tuffs Denlal School: Miss BETTY ANN JUDGE plays accompani- menl' fo lhe drilling. Palienls no longer are relucI'an+ +o visi+ denlisls. Throal' specialisl sued: Doc'l'or TRAMONTE was sued by SHIRLEY APTEKER and MARJORIE DUVAL no+ed soIois+s wifh JOY WlNGETT'S all girl orcheslra. The Docfor prescribed a 5070 solufion of Argyrol which fhey used 'ro ill eFiec+ before fheir performance in "The Pink Lady" las+ night CAY CHAMPNEY newly appoinled dean of College of Rhyfhmic Ac+ion has chosen LAURA SNYDER as direcfor of vocal worlr. A concer+ is scheduled in fhe near fuiure for fhe benefil of Dalcroze Euryfhmic Fund. . -21- New Film Sensafion in Bosfon: "Scandals of I953" wifh music by GWEN d'HEMEN- COURT CARDON and screen play by MARGARET SYMINGTON opened fonighf af fhe Sfrand. W. S. Smifh refired crific of fhe Posf was lavish in his praise of fhe modern arrangemenf of "Dance Macabre" for four flufes, sfrings, confra bassoon and friangle. Mahan's madcaps orchesfra af Raymor and Playmor: Feafuring are MARGARET OLSON and her magic violin, and DORIS "BLONDlE" JOHNSON sfar of fhe hif parade who is guesf arfisf for fonighf only. Persian caf wins blue ribbon: S. ROBBINS sfar of "7:l5 Brealcfasf Club" enfered her Persian cal' "Salome" in fhe confesf. The cal' won. Farewell parfy given: LEAH GUAY, supervisor of vocal music in Plainsburg, Penn. will wed famous red headed concerf sfar, Charles Gavico af fhe Conservaiory Club room before huge gafhering of faculfy and sfudenfs. Recepfion affer ceremony. Duo Organisfs appear in Hollywood Bowl: ROSE DINOI and JUNE HOOD gave a recifal before an audience of 80,000. If is for fhe benefif of N. E. C. Cafe- feria. HELEVI NORDSTROM, head of Vocal music al' Columbia was misfress of ceremonies. SAMUEL WALTER, Mayor of Los Angeles infroduced fhe spealcer. Flower show closes foday: ANTHONY CIRELLA fhrills audience wifh a wonderful exhibifion of rare flowers in Mechanics Building. Teachers from N. E. C. Join WAVE'S: Miss SYLVIA RUBIN and Miss HELEN VINCENT leff fhis morning for Mississippi where fhey will frain for fhe WAVE'S. Miss ELIZABETH LAMBERT as you probably remember ioined 'lhe WAAF while in England on a concerl' four. Novelisfs go on four: MARY GROVER Iwe don"l' lcnow her married namel and her husband leff 'rhis morning on a four. When fhey refurn fhey will give a ioinf lecfure on denfal hygenia and anofher on vibrafion of sfrings. Ballel' Dancer 'ro give Recifal: Miss LUCIA WRIGHT world famous ballerina will give a recifal af fhe Opera House nexf Thursday. -22- L 11 N1 IHNEH N H HES 11 IH H53 KI 131 1 1 M1HH 1i 111111111111 11111 JSI 1,1 K , 1 111 1 1111 111 11 111 1111 Lrl 111 11111111 HM H1 11 1 1 1 1 - UMNI 1111111 1 1111 11111- .S7fuclenf Councif MARY GROVER . NORMAN PROULX ,A R ANNE SABALAUSKY SAIMA LAYCOCK A, , 4 , MARY-JANE KEENEY. ,, ,E ,, Presidenf .. .r,Vice-Presideni' lfirs+ semesferl Vice-Presiden+ lsecond semes+erl CATHERINE CHAMPNEYA.. A, ... AA....AE. R. in Barbara Barre++ Underclass Isabel Buiferfield Junior Class. Caiherine Champney Sigma Alpha lofa Rose Dinoi Senior Class Mary Grover Alpha Chi Omega 24- Richarcl HyaH Senior Class lfirsf semesferl Sylvia Kai! Elson Club Mary-Jane Keeney Underclass Saima Laycock Underclass . .E , , r , ..rr. Secrefary .A ,,.,...Treasurer , . Member a+ Large Helevi Nordsirom Senior Class lsecond semesferl Alice O'Brien Conservafory Club Norman Proulx Sinfonia Muriel Robinson Mu Phi Epsilon Anne Sabalausky Junior Class .Sifnior 644.45 Oficergi RICHARD HYATT ,,...,,,.., ....,,.,, P resideni' ffirsf semesferj HELEVI NORDSTROM .....R,. A,,,,,.. A Presidenf fsecond semesferl HAZEL BEARD ,.,.,,.,,.,. . ,, .4DDDD.A.,,.. Vice-Presidem' MARY GROVER ......,.., ,..,,,.,,,.. S ecreiary LEAH GUAY .,.,..., ,.V...., . . ..... . A ,,.. .. .,.., ..,, T reasurer ROSE DINOI ,,.,.A.A, AS+uden'l' Council Represenfafive -25- Q., 2 Q 2 1 - 1 ' , e r , 'ff A ' ln. AQ. .,-- A, , unior Cpfadd Ofhcerri ISABEL BUTTERFIELD . WALTER TARG .... .A.. LEE RUDD, . . ,A ALICE OBRIEN ,L.L ,...L4..,,.. ANNE SABALAUSKY .. . .... Sfudeni' Council 26- A.Presidenf .Vice-Presideni' ....,...Secre+ary A....,...Treasurer Re presen+afive T il A L 4g 1. lg Mn CJQFCAIJJ icem SAIMA LAYCOCK .....,.. SHEILA HOSKINS ..A.A... LOIS SCHAEFFER ,..,...A..,..A A DOROTHY GUNTHER . JEAN TAYLOR .,..4.....,..., MARY - JANE KEENEY BARBARA BARRETT ,,,,.,..,,..Presiden+ ,T . Firs+ Vice-Presicleni' .,,..r.,Second Vice-Presidenf ....,.r......r...,Secre+ary .T T...,,....T,.. ..,.,,....444. . Treasurer 'A r.,r,. .....,.. S fudeni' Council Represenfafives -27- .fd4aAa Omega OFFICERS DORIS BARNES, Presidenh MARY GROVER, Vice-Presidenf: BETTY ANN JUDGE, Record- ing Secrelary: DOROTHY GUNTHER, Cor- responding Secrelaryg BETTY HILKER, Treas- urer: MARY-JANE KEENEY, Publicify edilor: REBECCA BARNES HERDON, Warden: LUCIA WRIGHT, Chaplain: MARY GROVER, Sfudenf Council Represenlalivep EATHEL FINLEY, Alumnae Adviser. OTHER ACTIVE M EMBERS Harrier Baker, Evelyn Danielson, Efhel Holland, Barbara Foss, Marion Williams, Alihea Everefl, Eleanor Tower, Marian Jaques, Bessie Rouvalis, Dorolhy Robinson, Dorine Alger, Nina Volchek, Belly Kay. -23- Alpha Chi Omega was founded by seven women sfudenls in I885 af DePauw Universify, Greencaslle, Indiana: fen years lafer Zola Chapfer, Ihe only sfriclly musical chapfer of fhe sororify, was insfalled al' fhe New England Conservafory. Zefa Chapler has given 'Ihe sororify Iwo nafional presidenls-Evangeline Bridge Sfeven- son and Gladys Livingsfon Graff. They are also proud Io claim among 'Iheir prominenf mem- bers Rufh Culberlson, winner of fhe Mason and Hamlin Prize, and Mrs. Edward Mac- Dowell. Aclivifies of 'Phe year included an Easier Concerf in Jordan Hall, and a musicale af Ihe lmmigrafion Bureau in Easf Bosfon. Social ac- fivilies included several parlies given for sfudenfs, held in fhe chapler room, and a sighlseeing four of Boslon. One of fhe mos? prominent phases of Alpha Chi Omega's worl fhis year has been 'Ihe adoplion of a fosfer child as a resulf of confribufions from various chapfers fo 'Phe fund for Brilish bombshocled fofs. ell! Eflgfald C0l'l52l'Uaf0l'g OFFICERS CHRISTINE NIKITAS, Presidenh MARY GROVER, Vice-Presidenf: MARY GRUPPOSO, Recording Secreiaryg JUNE HOOD, Corre- sponding Secrefary: MADELINE MERRILL, Treasurer, ALICE O'BRlEN, Siudenf Council Represenfafiva. OTHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Isabel Bufierfield, Emilia Lera, Leah Guay, Eleanor Tower, Isabelle Hall, Doris Johnson, Alice Duckworth, Mary-Jane Keeney, Lee Rudd, Bessie Rouvalis, Barbara Foss, Olive Sfrickland, Marion Jaques, Belly Wood, Jean Taylor, Lois Schaalier, Joan McNeil, Ann Dullie, Belly Kay. The New England Conservafory Club was founded in l920. Twice a year in lhe spring and fhe fall fhe club invifes new girls Io be- come members. During fhe year, parries and musicales were enioyed by fhe members of 'fhe club and if is a+ limes like fhese fhar fhe friendship formed by close associalion in fhe club room are apprecialed. This year fhe Conservatory Club members have done fheir share for 'lhe Viclory Program by being blood donors, kniffing, buying slamps and bonds and parficipaiing in shows given for service men. The final evenf of fhe year was a Irip fo Gloucesfer. 129- ouia gzion OFFICERS NORMA FRANK, Presidenlg SYLVIA RUBIN, Vice-Presidenfg BARBARA WEINSTEIN, Sec- refaryg LILLIAN GOLDMAN, Corresponding Secreiaryg ELIZABETH GOOBER, Treasurerg SYLVIA KATZ, Sludenf Council Represenfalive. OTHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Charloffe Rogers, Barbara Grund. Jeanefle Kaufmann, Regina Klopsfoclrg Charlofie Good- man: Beafrice Simons. -30- The Louis C. Elson Club, named for one of the mosi' disiinguished of The Conservafory's former faculfy members, was founded in i920 fo promofe lhe besf in music and fo furfher fhe musical inferesfs of ifs members. By I924, 'the club had become suflicienfly esfablished fo enable if Yo presenf fo ihe conservafory a memorial in fhe form of a bas-relief by fhe nofed sculpfor, Henry Hudson Kifson. In accordance wifh ifs aims, fhe Club pre- senfs a conceri' each spring and awards a scholarship +o one of Hs members. Several concerfs, parfies, and musicales are held each year. Members of +he Club usually ioin fhe Elson Alumni Club, for which ihey are eligible fwo years affer graduafion. A ...,...,-.W , ,M -M, M-as , -r,:.:,::..m,-' W. 6:-'rr--N - .q--i....-. . - Y! f . Xalnlna amma JL OFFICERS DONALD HICKS, Presidenfg RICHARD SILVA Recording Secrefary' ELDEN BAILEY Corre sponding secfmfyf ARTHUR FRElWALDi Treasurer: LEROY FRISWOLD, Chaplain: ED WIN WHITTAKER, Sergeanf-al-Arms. OTHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Leroy Friswold, Donald March, Edwin Whit- falrer. Kappa Gamma Psi, of which the Conserva- fory boasfs fhe Alpha Chapfer, was founded here in December I9l3, by William Bailey, Carl Bergman, Frederick Earle, Arfhur Eclilund, Frank Lamoreaux, William Ponfin, Colin Rich- mond, George Shaw, Dean Sfewarf, Harold Sfewarf, and Archibald Smiih. The aims of fhe frafernify are: fo aid ifs members in a moral and maferial way: fo en- courage sincere and earnesf music sfudy: fo promofe and dignify fhe musical profession: fo esfablish closer relafions befween musicians and music schools: fo work for ihe develop- ment of music in America. Members of fhe fraierniiy presenf each year a Founder's Day Concerf, Spaghefli Supper, Pops Concert, play, and various oiher con- cerfs and social alifairs. -3I... W1 3.751.611 OFFICERS ROSE BONGIOVANNI, Presidenlg MAR- GARET CLARK, Vice-Presidenh MURIEL COOK, Recording Secrefaryg EDITH Mc- CANN, Corresponding Secrefaryg RUTH AUSTEN, Treasurer: MARY MURPHY, His- Iorian: MARY KACOYANIS, Warden: HELEVI NORDSTROM, Chaplain. OTHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Rose Dinoi, lsadora Falcao, Muriel Robinson, Lura Taylor, Alice Whifehouse. Mu Phi Epsilon, nafional music honor sociely, was founded in I903 al Ihe Mefropolifan Col- lege of Music, Cincinnali, Ohio, by U. S. Sier- ling and Elizabelh Fuqua. -32.- The aim of Ihe sociely is fhe advancemenl of music in America, and lhe promofion of musicianship, scholarship, and friendship among music sludenis in American Colleges and Con- servalories. Mu Phi Epsilon mainfains nafional confesl awards and scholarships, and each chapler annually awards a scholarship 'Io one of ifs members. The sociely also confribufes fo fhe supporf of 'Ihe MacDowell colony in Peferboro, New Hampshire, and 'Ihe Mu Phi Epsilon School of Music of Gad's Hill Seifle- meni in Chicago. Af ifs annual concerl' fhis year, Bela chapfer made ils firsf annual award of fhe Mu Phi Epsilon medal. This medal is presenfed Io a woman sludenl who, in 'Ihe firsl year of her course, has been oufslanding in musicianship, scholarship, cifizenship, and has given evidence of greal fufure achievemenf in her maior field. .f469Aa, .Sin onia OFFICERS WALTER J. TARG, Supreme Councilman: JON M. HUIE, Presidenfg JOHN D. BOOMER, Vice-Presideni: EDWARD J. SANOCKI, Pledgemasferg FRANCESCO DA COSTA, Hisloriang F. BURNS LANGWORTHY, Secre- laryg NORMAN L. PROULX, Corresponding Secrefaryg CHARLES PEARSON, Faculfy Ad- viser. OTHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Harry Barileif, William Gro+l1kopp, Donald Dow, Raymond Fleck, Richard Webber, Edward Fifzpalrick, Roberl' Hanes, David Alkins, Rus- sell Sfanger. Looking fhrough +he Neume of I9l3, we see 'lhal' Sinfonia fralernily had af fha! 'lime lhir- feen chaplers, buf lhen ihe group was noi af all supersiiiious and fhe fourieenlh soon pefi- fioned for accepfance inio fhe nafional organi- zaiion. Now, in I943, lhe brolherhood has grown fo be +he largest of ifs kind in ihe couniry, being composed of over eighfy chap- lers sifuaied lhroughoui' America. Bul our group of aciive members in Alpha Chapfer is smaller foday fhan if was lwenly years ago due fo lhe facl fhai mosf of our group have enfered lhe service. However, fhal does noi mean 'lhaf lhe chapfer is less acfive foday. ln Sepfember a smoker was held and enjoyed by sixly men of 'lhe Conservalory, facully and sfudenf body. Since fhen we have held lwo meelings weekly fhroughouf fhe year. Af ihe close of 'Phe school ierm Sinfonia will award a scholarship medal lo ihe man of Alpha Chapfer who proves himself worlhy as a "musicianly man and manly musician." Also, during fhe year Alpha Chapler has invesled a loial of nine hundred dollars in war bonds. These, al lheir malurily value of abouf Sl,l00 in len years, will be used fo promole fhe musi- cal educalion of deserving Sinfonians. Allhough now Alpha Chapler is small, ihose who have become lighfing men will soon re- lurn. Bul lhe spiril in ihaf day fo come can be no greaier 'lhan if is now. For each man foday is fully aware of fhe purpose of Sinfonia: "- fo advance fhe cause of music - develop lhe hues? frafernal spirif and lo encourage loyally fo lhe Alma Maier." ..33.. ev igma .fdgana agofa OFFICERS ALICE O'BRIEN, Presidenlg MARGARET OLSON, Vice-Presidenlg MARILYN CLOUTIER, Recording Secrelary llirsl' semeslerl CHRIST- INE NIKITAS, Recording Secrelary lsecond semeslerl ANNE SABALAUSKY, Correspond- ing Secrelaryg CATHERINE CHAMPNEY, Treasurer: CHRISTINE NIKITAS, Edilorg KATHRINE BAILEY, Chaplain: MARY STEVENS, Sergeanl'-al-Arms. OTHER ACTIVE MEMBERS Isabel Bullerlield, Rulh Moorehouse, Leah Guay, Saima Laycock, Mary Margarel Law- rence, Roberla McKinley, Emilia Lera, Madel- ine Merrill, Alice Duclrworlh, Sheila Hoslrins, Belly Rulh Smilh, Anne Gulecas. Sigma Alpha lola was founded in lhe Uni- versily School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan in l903, by seven young women sludcnls. Today ..34.. if is lhe oldesl' and largesl musical sorority in lhe counlry conlaining sevenly-eighl' aclive chapfers and 'lwenly-'Iwo alumnae chapfers which are aFfilialed wi+h fhe Nalional Federa- lion of Music Clubs and 'lhe Women's Pro- fessional Panhellenic Association. If sponsors fhe Nafional Composers' Awards Conlesls and supporfs "Pan's Collage" al' lhe MacDaweIl Colony in Pelerborough, New Hampshire. Lambda chapfer was insfalled al 'lhe New England Conservalory in June, l9l5. ll' has had abouf 275 aclive members, as well as palronesses. chapler honoraries, and associale members. This year Lambda presenied a Chrislmas Vesper Program. Several musicales, parlies and feas were given for members and guesfs. Lambda is cooperafing IOOZ, wifh lhe "Youfh for Viclory" program. Polyna Sloslna was in- ifialed as a chapler honorary. The annual con- cerl' was given in Recilal Hall. The year was compleled wilh l'l1e annual banquel. Ofnfcfrj of fA0 .fdinlllllli .f4550cia1ion LETA FULTON WHITNEYIII I I I. Presidenr SUSAN WILLIAMS LUNNI I I Firsf Vice Presideni' MARIAN DAVISON DUFFIE I Second Vice Presidenf MAUDE WESSON REASONER I Corresponding Secrefary MARGUERITE MORRISON Recording Secre+ary GEORGE A. GIBSON I I I I Treasurer Greeiings and congraiulaiions Io Ihe Class of I943. Congrafulafions loo, fo fhe Alumni Associafion, for we may now couni' you among our acfive members. As you graduafe from N. E. C. and begin your life worlx, ihe Alumni Associaiion wanfs 'ro follow you, aid you in every possible way, and be an elifecfive link befween you and your School. To nurfure fhal' warmlh and affecfion which every graduafe feels for his Alma Maier, fhe growlh of deep, acfive Ioyalfy is a worfhy aim for any organizafion. Help us Io realize if! Affecfionafely, LETA FULTON WHITNEY 135, ,...,.. 1. 4.-.- Presidenf ANNA S. LOTHIAN ., i , .. ,4.Vice-Presidenl' NORINE ROBARDS . .A.. Secrefary HOMER HUMPHREY .AAA . .. . r ....... Treasurer FRANCIS FINDLAY ..,. , ,..,.,..., Finance Member Pi Kappa Lambda was founded a+ +he Nor+hwesfern Universiiy School of Music in I9I9. lo+a chaprer was insialled a+ +he Conserva+ory in I928. Pi Kappa Lambda, an honorary musical socie+y corresponding +o Phi Be+a Kappa, invifes only sfudenfs of excepfional scholarship and musical achievemenl' fo ifs membership. "This sociefy is esiablished +o provide an organizafion dedicaied io 'lhe furfher- ance of musical educafion-ifs prime obiecf is fhe encouragemenl of emineni' achieve- menf in performance or original composirion. To +ha+ end special emphasis is placed upon +he mainfenance of a curriculum so designed as +o insure ihe u+mos+ develop- men? in fhe applied branches of fhe arf." 136- GREETINGS AT COMMENCEMENT 1943 'A' QUINCY PORTER Director NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC .... Sargent Studio own awww Za Me 1' 9413 NEUME 154 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. ' 0 L D E L M SEMPLIMENTS PHARMACY 58 GAINSBORO STREET cor. sf. s+-men coNsERvA'ronY CLUB Exclusive Agenfs for . . . J. U dllcn, ftclmd, School Stafionmq, EARLY AMERICAN TOILETRIES YARDLEY OLD LAVENDER BETA CHAPTER MU PHI EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER ALPHA CHI OMEGA M A x F A c T o n THE ,, E L S O N C L U B xl?- 1,,e,,,,.,,,e ALPHA CHAPTER K 5 N M o sz e a 9 4 a PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA SYMPHONY HALL POPS ARTHUR FIEDLER, Conducfor 85 SYMPHONY PLAYERS E. New England Conservaiory Nighi Thursday, June 'I7+h TIcImefs...30c. 55c. 851: and 51.10 Tax Incl. THE NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION LAMBDA CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA IOTA IOTA CHAPTER HONORARY SOCIETY or Pl KAPPA LAMBDA COMPLIMENTS OF GAINSBORO PHARMACY li INC. -- Corner GAINSBORO In HUNTINGTON TELEPHONE KENMORE 1525 Ws Smorf fo Keep Your Shoes ln Good Repolr Shoe Repair ls Like o Roilrood Ticlmef . . . The More You Poy fhe Furfher You Wolk SYMPHONY FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS AID TO BUILD MORALE 240 HUNTINGTON AVENUE aosron. MASS. yzou Telephones: KENmore 12077 COMPLIMENTS COLLEGIATE CAP AND PATRONIZE BACK BAY snos AND HAT GOWN C0 ssnvlcs 56 GAINSIORO STREET COMPLIMENTS 0' ilunmis 84 Glu PAPER PRINTING LITI-IOGRAPI-IING OFFSET PRINTING PLANOGRAPI-IING DIE STAMPING ENGRAVING RAISED PRINTING T H E EMBOSSING DIED OUT FORMS JUNIQR CLASS PRINTERS OF THE um NEUME 20I DEVONSHIRE ST T H E BOSTON, MASS. U N D E R C L A S S ROOM 803 TEL. HUBBARDO .Y Y Z' 4, ,flu r-, J nh I' '1 ' L I f.o,:.', ,QT 4, ' . 1 5, k'0 V .A 'I - 1 1 4 A A49 1' I. P' , l' W ' I' V '."f:f .. , 1 ' , 1 l?i t. ' 'v"A'.v!q ,',, C 'll ' .- 1 . . ' 1 1. .-- ,I J., ' ns - W. A 1' o ,Y v ,D 0 I - u -va. "V ' . 4 'QA F ' 1,n.a'4' -1, ' A L -'JH nr -' . I A . - 'J ' 7 .du JF-lggf '."i""P-EV, -35. - by ,HUD .' , - 1 Qtulln .Ji ' 9 ' 1. . I -.Nr f 4 , 4 . - . if' 13' INA- ', .v , ' I v. K .-es, ' ' 4' ,I ,. .Y '. Q . 4 .vjwg ' , uf.-., 1' -,,, 'f.l. J' . , f ng . IQ- f.s,r -JK' "aw" ..- ' A, rin. ' .I,,., 'rl' ' ltf-' . .Yin nv. 94: " ' ng 'I' 42V',M,- 3' -4 .-AJ .A A' . ' 9 . . ' L. -lic .ki I L f',1". xxn- ', ., .I-A E, . 'h' I. sq-blfbq. .'.' , 'ol' S- 9. fp s 1' 9' ' U --." .'--"- ff.--gff' ' -. - - I 'iq.'v l'.' I 1'-1'I"L:'l ' gf!"4'-.- 'QAM .Q-v"',-,",., ' , 5,54 ' .Y-. ,Jap I. . 4.4 -,,, . 1 .4""Sil TP '. ff. s . .Jr W--H. J ,W . 1 ' .inn , '.. , QNX. . -I 5 .2 . ,,q QW up s I Q 'lk 1 . , 's a. qu S . I . ' A Q. ,- 1 .. 'o r 1 v J A if 1" ' 9 y" w'.!' X n lvl' . 1 ' lv Ii 'fn VJ 'Q 5, .lp N. .vT.,, A "iff . -1. .. x ' 3 U . .' Y. .1 , . , n 1 'P' I l l In 'c , . 'u V v I , , ui' . X . -- -.nj-.. ' L"7,vV'. f ' 'YM- A I ., , f ' u N ' 9 4. , ' 'Ivy' -luv 4-- 'fl .. I . - ,-. ' ,"-1g,TT,'L" Q I ,-n 4. ,-,Pwr 5 x "s.', , . vs-1. . ,4, of 4 7- v -n ul. 'Q ,- :.'xL3'A 7f:'l's -ta, . ,'Q1' - -,r -JN Q -na ' 'ff u Wf- -.5 I u 1, V4 H. .V . I I, 3"ff' 'Tis' 1 ' - - ' 9' , wud' S - L QL is-' jwv . n .V .." l' , 10' "iv, yay 1 I Y ,A , . 7 .cf v QI' I ,rv- !'I "-'1'!a'!',j K P n I in n',: ,.. B-gf. 1 ...V-1. 3 15, . sql' b' ' ., W 5 0,- 4 1 gn V. -'VW 1, --N110 1 .A - - "bs "'. fad ' ,L my ". cj Q I 1 W' , w ,f.- l 4 . . nfl, 1 . 1 V 0 15' - r . , 4 ,Rv ,iv , ' 1 I, ' '. I Q -, ,W I I 5 "-. ,. 4, ,f, r -M1 it -ji JYril::'l:2'. - N . rs

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