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LIBRARY USE ONLY wcuvwe (942 nxx hsljch tljc SG )(or class (Boston To CARL McKINLEY, Mus. D. In tribute to his sincerety, versatility, and quiet modesty, we respectfully dedicate the Neume. FACULTY COUNCIL Harrison Keller Francis Findlay Carl McKinley Howard Goding William L. Whitney Wallace Goodrich QuiNCY Porter George A. Gibson Clifton J. Furness y WALLACE GOODRICH, Director QUINCY PORTER, Dean of the Faculty GEORGE A. GIBSON, Dean of Students RAYMOND T. ALLAR D Bassoon HILDEGARDE BERTHOLD Instrumental Class (strings) RICHARD BURGIN Violin JULIUS L. CHALOFF Pianoforte JOHN W. COFFEY Trombone FRANCIS JUDD COOKE Theoretical Subjects JOSE DA COSTA Solfege CHARLES F. DENNEE Pianoforte OLIVER C. FAUST Organ Tuning PAUL FEDOROVSKY Violin FRANCIS FINDLAY Supervisor of the Div. of School Music KURT FISCHER Pianoforte GEORGES FOUREL Viola and Quartet ISABEL FRENCH Voice CLIFTON J. FURNESS Supervisor of Academic Studies CLAYTON D. GILBERT Supervisor of Dramatic School MARIE A. GILLET Pianoforte HOWARD GODING Pianoforte HENRY M. GOODRICH Supervisor Pianoforte Normal Course; Pianoforte HANNA GRAF German VAUGHN HAMILTON Violin FINER HANSEN Violin STANLEY HASELL Trombone, Alto, Baritone, Euphonium RICHARD HOWLAND Fine Arts HOMER HUMPHREY Organ, Harmony PERCY F. HUNT Voice HARRISON KELLER Viol in ALFRED KRIPS Violin GEORGES LAURENT Flute ABDON LAUS Saxophone CLEMENT LENOM Oboe, Woodwind Ensemble ERNST LEVY Solfege, Pianoforte ANNA S. LOTHIAN Pianoforte GEORGES C. MAGER Trumpet MARGARET MASON Pianoforte, Harmony CARL McklNLEY Organ, Harmony, Counterpoint, Com- position GLADYS C. MILLER Voice GEORGES E. MOLEUX Contrabass LUCILLE MONAGHAN Pianoforte MARY L. MOORE Pianoforte BOWER MURPHY Trumpet, Cornet JOHN D. MURRAY Violin RAYMOND ORR Violin CARL PIERCE Violin VICTOR POLATSCHEK Clarinet W. JUDSON RAND Organ C. ROLAND REASONER Violin SIMONE RIVIERE French NORINE ROBARDS Pianoforte, Assistant in Pianoforte Nor- mal Course ARTHUR ROBERTS Physics RULON Y. ROBISON Voice JESUS MARIA SANROMA Pianoforte DONALD S. SMITH Pianoforte, Pianoforte Sight-playing WARREN STOREY SMITH Theoretical Subjects CARLO BRUNO SORESINA Italian ALICE H. STEVENS Voice RICHARD E. STEVENS Pianoforte VIRGINIA STICKNEY Violincello MARIE SUNDELIUS Voice LURA TAYLOR European and American History EVERETT TITCOMB History of Church Music, Choir Training CHARLES K. TRUEBLOOD Psychology, Education WILLEN A. VALKENIER French Horn BEVERIDGE WEBSTER Pianoforte LAWRENCE WHITE Tympani, Percussion Instruments ALICE WHITEHOUSE Solfege WILLIAM L. WHITNEY Voice SUSAN WILLIAMS Pianoforte STEUART WILSON Vocal Normal CLEORA WOOD Voice ALFRED ZIGHERA Violoncello BERNARD ZIGHERA Harp 7 The New England Conservatory of Music has played an important role in the building of a musical America. It has been one of the first conservatories to be planted upon our soil, and its growth has been representative of the trends and progress of music in our country. Prior to its founding, young aspiring musicians were forced either to suffer the loss of conservatory training or to cross the vast Atlantic to ob- tain it in a foreign city. Eben Tourjee well realized the urgent need of establishing conservatory methods here and when in 1867 he announced the opening of the New England Conservatory, enough students enrolled to make the venture worth while. Mr. Tourjee had rented three floors of the Music Hall annex building. The rooms were bare and unattractive. Room 13, used as a recital and lecture hall, was equal to the size of the Jordan Hall platform. The Director ' s office was unpreten- tious. It was the faculty, comprising some of the leading musicians of Boston, which attracted students. In 1870 the first class of thirteen members graduated. Also that same year Mr. Tourjee made the school a non- profit institution by incorporating it under the laws of Massachusetts. The rapid increase of students meant the moving, of the Conservatory to larger quarters. Mr. Tourjee bought the St. James Hotel at Franklin Square to serve both as a school and dormitory. The " Home " eliminated the " expense, dangers, and disadvantages of Commuting " and provided a " Cultured Home for 550 of the student body in the quiet, Healthful location of Franklin Square. " The first floor consisted of concert halls, library, reading and recitation rooms; museum and parlors were above. The building was so constructed that from interior balconies the girls could drop pillows on to the silk hats of offending pro- fessors, and then quickly vanish. A house detective was necessary to keep track of these young ladies that had passed the childhood period. Her name was Polly, and she per- formed her duty efficiently as well as thoroughly. When two girls signed up to go walking and instead unchaperoned at- tended the theatre, Polly was sure to know and, upon their return, to reprimand them. Whist parties and other tabooed functions were doomed to sudden death by her unfailing appearance. Under Polly ' s eagle eye and the inspiring guidance of the Tourjee family, who also resided at the Home, musicians were in the making. In addition to their major studies they could take courses in elocution, art, literature, language, tuning, and physical culture. Clubs began to spring up. The young men organized a society called " Harmonics " to discuss literature. Whereupon the young ladies went a step further with a " Wadsworth Society " to discuss not only literature but also current events. More clubs followed for the purpose of developing " congenial quiet-home life, " and even that ostracized game of baseball found enthusiastic players among the boys. Twenty years later, however, the home became inadequate to meet the needs of an increased registration. Under the leadership and influence of Eben D. Jordan a suitable site was chosen for a building expressly designed to furnish every musical advantage possible. In 1902 the Conservatory found itself in a permanent and satisfying home. Twenty-five years later a wing was added harmonizing with the architecture of the old building. As the Conservatory home was expanding, the dream of a student symphonic orchestra was gradually crystalising towards realization. The first call for instrumentalists by Mr. Tourjee brought forth an " orchestra " of one mandolin, one cornet, one trombone, three violins, and nineteen flutes. Later on for the benefit of string players, orchestral scores were read with the organ supplying the missing parts. This had to continue for some time, and in 1891 Mr. Elson jested about the situation at an Alumni gathering with the remark, " I am sure all feel sorry that the wind instrument players blow themselves out so soon, and wish we could tempt some of these young ladies to take up the bassoon, double bass or c LW tuba. I suppose a bribe of a bouquet of flowers every morning, some chocolate caramels, or something of the kind might bring it about. " But it was without the assistance of flowers and chocolate caramels that Chadwick ' s orchestra of " strings and occasional instruments " was transformed into a full symphonic orchestra. Since the day of its first concert, March 7, 1902, it has advanced in rapid strides toward pro- fessional excellence and now under Dr. Goodrich we all know the splendid work it is carrying on. In 1898, the Conservatory chorus was organized by the Director. After considerable rehearsing of chorus, orchestra, and organ, Rossini ' s " Stabat Mater " was presented. Now the Chorus is a body of 125 students representing every depart- ment of the school and meets twice each week throughout the year. During the 75th Anniversary Week this group took a major part in the celebration, appearing as a cappella choir in four numbers written by prize winning N.E.C. students in composition, took part in the Commemorative Convocation with Beethoven ' s " The Worship of God in Nature " with brass and organ accompaniment and later sang Daniel ' s " Exultate Deo " with the full orchestra. This year 1942 marked the orchestra ' s fortieth birthday and most significant of all the Conservatory ' s seventy-fifth. February 16-20 was observed as anniversary week. The first event presented by the honorary society of Pi Kappa Lambda introduced a concert consisting solely of works which have been awarded the Philip R. Allen prizes in composition. Its very success should set it as a traditional annual concert of the society. The following night came another affair which all students would crave as a tradition, a formal dance given by the president and board of trustees. The third event was the familiar Parents ' Night Pops Concert by the Kappa Gamma Psi and Sigma Alpha Iota societies. February 19, the actual date that the Conservatory opened its doors seventy- five years ago, brought the peak of events. In the afternoon commemorative exercises took place with distinguished speakers and music by the chorus and Boston String Quartet, and in the evening, the orchestra concert with Jesus Sanroma and Cleora Wood as soloists. Open house and advanced students ' concert ended the festivities. What vicissitudes lie in store for the Conservatory in this critical time of world disorder, it is difficult to predict, but whatever may be the course of its future history, the Con- servatory will remain steadfast in conserving the art of music. As we, the graduating class of 1942, leave our school we bid not " Hail and farewell. Alma Mater, " but with heart-felt concern for her future we salute her " Hail " — now and forever. DOROTHY M. BEAN Saco Maine Pianoforte Lucille Monaghan High School Scholarship. MARTIN BORAKS Weymouth Massachusetts Trumpet Georges C. Mager Conservatory Orchestra 1939-40-41-42; Fresh- man Initiation Committee; Underclass Bulletin Advertising Committee; Charles Fayden Scholar- ship 1939-40-41-42. MADELYN BOYD San Diego California Pianoforte Lucille Monaghan Alpha Chi Omega, Warden 1939-40, Recording Secretary 1940-41; Lyre Editor 1941-42, Pub- licity Chairman 1941-42; Underclass Secretary 1940; Senior Class Secretary 1942; Neume Board, Assisting Photography Editor 1942. MURIEL M. COOK Worcester Massachusetts Voice Gladys C. Miller Conservatory Chorus 1939-40-41-42; Mu Phi Epsilon, Alumnae Secretary 1941-42; High School Scholarship 1938-39; Samuel Carr Scholar- ship 1941-42. CHARLES F. COX Cambridge Massachusetts Pianoforte Donald Smith High School Scholarship 1937. CONSTANCE DENNISON WoLLASTON Massachusetts Voice Gladys C. Miller Alpha Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary 1939- 40; Vice-President and Rushing Chairman 1940- 41; President 1941-42. ISADORA FALCAO Rio DE Janeiro Brazil Pianoforte Howard Coding Strauss Ball Committee. ERNEST LUCIAN FALCICLIA Providence Rhode Island School Music Francis Findlay Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia 1940 41 42; Secretary 1940-41, Treasurer 1941-42. NORMA R. FRANK Dorchester Massachusetts Pianoforte Lucille Monaghan Elson Club, Recording Secretary 1939-40; Treas- urer 1940-41, 1941-42. High School Scholar- ship. HAZEL GHAZARIAN Jamaica Plain Massachusetts Pianoforte Donald S. Smith Carr Organ Society 1941; Literary Editor of Neume 1942. High School Scholarship. MARJORIE GOVONI SOMERVILLE MASSACHUSETTS Pianoforte Newman Club. Richard E. Stevens LUCILLE HALL Newport New Hampshire Pianoforte Lucille Monaghan Alpha Chi Omega 1940; Corresponding Secretary 1941. High School Scholarship 1938. VOLLMER HETHERINGTON Fall River Massachusetts Violin Vaughn Hamilton Orchestra 1939 42; Senior Class, Vice-President, February-June 1942. MARY FAE HUNT Farmington Maine Voice Gladys C. Miller Car Organ Society, Vice-President 1941. High School Scholarship 1939. VIRGINIA KLOTZLE Haverhill Massachusetts Pianoforte Beveridge Webster High School Scholarship, Harriet Tilden Brown Scholarship. ALICE RITA LAREAU Springfield Massachusetts Pianoforte Anna S. Lothian Converse Scholarship 1939-40, 1940-41; M. Ida Converse Scholarship 1941-42. ELAINE GRANT PATTEE West Barrington Rhode Island Voice Gladys C. Miller Conservatory Club 1940-41-42; Program Chair- man 1941; President 1942; Mu Phi Epsilon 1941-42; Corresponding Secretary 1942; Student Council 1942. High School Scholarship 1938-39. PAUL WILLIAM PRICE FiTCHBURG Massachusetts Percussion Lawrence White Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia; Orchestra, percussion section, 1940-41-42; Member of Student Council of the Conservatory Dormitories 1942; Strauss Ball Committee 1942; Conservatory Band 1940, 1942; Newman Club 1941-42. High School Scholarship 1939. MURIEL JANET ROBINSON Dorchester Massachusetts Organ Carl McKinley Carr Organ Society, Vice-President 1941, 1942; Student Council, Vice-President 1942. High School Scholarship 1939; Carr Scholarships 1938 and 1941. MARJORIE E. SHEILS Watertown Massachusetts Violin Harrison Keller Conservatory Orchestra 1937-38-39-40-41-42. Sigma Alpha Iota 1937, Sergeant-at-Arms 1938- 39, Secretary 1940-41-42; Newman Club. New England High School Scholarship 1937-38; Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1941-42. MARJORIE P. SIMPSON Millinocket Maine Pianoforte Henry Goodrich Sigma Alpha Iota. High School Scholarship. PHYLLIS KATHRYN SMITH Edmonton, Alberta Canada Violin Vaughn Mailton Student Council Representative for Underclass 1939-40; Secretary-Treasurer of Gardiner Hall Dormitory 1941-42; Conservatory Orchestra 1939-40, 40-41, 41-42. Hyde Scholarship 1940- 41; Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1941-42; Orches- tral Scholarship 1940-41, 41-42. ' r: GRACE STAMBAUGH YouNGSTowN Ohio Voice Cleora Wood AUSTIN J. STAPLES East Hartford Connecticut Organ Late Albert W. Snow Homer Humphrey Dormitory President 1940, 1941; Carr Organ Society, President 1940; Student Council Repre- sentative 1940 and 1941; Treasurer 1939; Chair- man of Student Council Legal Committee 1941; Basketball Manager 1941; Editor of Underclass Bulletin 1939. OLIVE B. STRICKLAND Central Falls Massachusetts Voice Gladys C. Miller New England Conservatory Club 1940-41-42. Vice-President 1942, Treasurer 1941. High School Scholarship 1938-39. GRACE SULLIVAN New Bedford Massachusetts Pianoforte Charles Dennee New England Conservatory Club; Newman Club, Delegate 1941-1942. DOMENIC TEOLI Lawrence Massachusetts Violin Alfred Krips Conservatory Orchestra; N.Y.A. Symphony; Newman Club. Oliver Ditson Scholarship. LOUIS UGALDE SOUTHBRIDGE MASSACHUSETTS Violin Alfred Krips Kappa-Gamma-Psi, Corresponding Secretary 1939-40; President 1940-41, 1941-42; National Secretary 1942; Student Council 1938-39; Con- servatory Orchestra 1939-42; President of Dormi- tory Association 1941-42; Strauss Ball Committee 1942. High School Scholarship 1938; Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1941. ALFRED F. WOOD, JR. Stafford Springs Connecticut Pianoforte George Gibson High School Scholarship 1938-39; Samuel Carr Scholarship 1941-42. LUCIA A. WRIGHT Alfred Maine Pianoforte Richard Stevens Alpha Chi Omega; High School Scholarship 1939-40; Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1941-42. ELSIE S. SPRINGER Boston Massachusetts Pianoforte Mary L. Moore MARJORIE NESBITT Oneonta New York Pianoforte Richard E. Stevens Sigma Alpha Iota Sorority 1937; Junior Class Secretary 1938; Senior Class Secretary 1939; Student Council Representative 1939; Pianoforte Normal Diploma 1940. SYLVIA BLANCHE ROBINSON Brookline Massachusetts Pianoforte Richard E. Stevens Pianoforte Teacher ' s Diploma 1939; High School Scholarship 1935; Massachusetts State Scholar- ship 1936; Converse Scholarship 1936-37-38; Elson Club Alumnae Scholarship 1938; Fanny Elizabeth French Scholarship 1939-40-41. RITA LA PLANTE Salem Massachusetts Pianoforte Marie A. Gillet RUTH M. MILLER Mattapan Massachusetts Voice Gladys C. Miller CLARA SHEDD Wakefield Massachusetts Voice Gladys C. Miller JOHN P. Dorchester School Music BREEN Massachusetts Francis Findlay Senior Class Treasurer 1942; Neume Board, Bus- iness Manager 1942; Newman Club 1940, Corres- ponding Secretary 1942; Carr Organ Society 1942. DOROTHY CHURCHILL Melrose Massachusetts Violin Harrison Keller Conservatory Orchestra 1935 to 1942; Neume Board, Associate Editor 1939; Junior Class Vice- President 1940-41; Associate Editor of Neume 1941-42; Strauss Ball Committee, Chairman 1942. Orchestral Diploma in Violin 1939, Honors with Distinction. High School Scholarship 1935-36; Oliver Ditson Scholarships 1936-37, 1937-38; George Saunders Memorial Scholarship, 1938-39; Florence Elizabeth Brown Scholarship 1939-40- 41-42. M. ORVILLE CRAMER, JR. Coffeyville Kansas Clarinet Victor Polatschek Orchestra 1938-39-40-41-42; Kappa Gamma Psi, Secretary 1940-41, Second Vice-President 1941-42; Student Council Representative 1941- 42. Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1939-40-41; Fanny Elizabeth French Scholarship 1941-42. ROCCO R. DiPIETRO Providence Rhode Island School Music Francis Findlay Underclass Vice-President 1938-39; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity 1939-42, Historian 1940, President 1940-41, Supreme Councilman 1941-42; Newman Club 1940-41-42; Neume Board, Advertising Manager 1942. Sinfonia Scholarship 1940. SUMNER GLANVILLE Worcester Massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay JOHN M. GLOWACKI Lawrence Massachusetts Violin Harrison Keller RUTH HAZELTON Manchester New Hampshire Pianoforte Richard E. Stevens Lucinda Gould Scholarship 1941-42; Fanny Elizabeth French 1940-41. DOROTHEA R. JUMP Waban Massachusetts ViOLINCELLO Alfred Zighera Sigma Alpha Iota Sorority, Editor 1938-39, Program Chairman, 1939—40; Conservatory Or- chestra 1936 to 1942; Junior Class Secretary 1940 41. Diploma in Pianoforte 1939, Honors. Orchestral Scholarship 1940-41-42; Tanglewood- Summers 1939, 1940 at Berkshire Music Center. NANCY LELAND Worcester Massachusetts Pianoforte Lucille Monaghan Neume Board, Art Editor 1942; Strauss Ball Com- mittee 1942; Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1941-42. MAXINE McCURRY Boise Idaho Pianoforte Lucille Monaghan Fanny Elizabeth French 1940-41-42. ALVINA L. NYE Honolulu Hawaii School Music Francis Findlay Mu Phi Epsilon Sorority, Recording Secretary 1941-42; Newman Club, Student Council Repre- sentative 1941-42; Student Council Secretary 1941-42. Philip R. Southwick, 3rd, Scholar- ship 1940-41-42. GERTRUDE W. OKERSTROM Bridgehampton, Long Island New York School Music Francis Findlay Conservatory Chorus 1938-39-40-41-42; Chair- man of Ring Committee 1942. MARIETTA PAPARO Brockton Massachusetts Pianoforte Richard E. Stevens Mu Phi Epsilon Sorority, Warden 1940-41; Neume Board, Editor-in-chief 1942; Strauss Ball Committee 1942. High School Scholarship 1937; Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1940-41; Mu Phi Epsilon Sorority Scholarship 1941-42; Lotta Crabtree Scholarship 1941-42. FRANCIS VIRGINIA PRATT Freeport Maine School Music Francis Findlay High School Scholarship 1938-39; Evans Scholar- ship 1940. HOWARD WALTER PARK West Dummerston Vermont School Music Francis Findlay Carr Organ Club 1939; Conservatory Chorus 1939-40-41-42; Underclass Prom Committee 1939; Strauss Ball Committee 1942. High School Scholarship. KATHERINE MARIE SHEA Newtonville Massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay Conservatory Orchestra 1941-42. FRANKLIN P. TAPLIN Wellesley Massachusetts Research Clifton J. Furness Senior Class Vice-President — September 1941- February 1942, Senior Class President — February 1942-June 1942; President of Carr Society 1942; Student Council Representative 1940, 1942. Hayden Scholarship 1939-1940; Carr Scholarship 1941-1942. MARGARET WILEY MiDDLEBURY VeRMONT School Music Francis Findlay Underclass Show Committee 1940; Underclass Prom Committee 1940. ANTHONY S. WONDOLOWSKI Worcester Massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay Newman Club 1939-40-41-42, Vice-President 1942. Attended Holy Cross College 1934-38. Samuel Carr Voice Scholarship 1942. CHARLES HAMILTON YOUNG Clinton Massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay Carr Organ Club 1942; Neume Board, Assistant Circulating Manager 1942. High School Scholar- ship 1937-38. G. CARL ANDERSON Stoughton School Music JOSEPH COSTELLO QuiNCY Massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay CECILE HEALY HOWARD South Boston Massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay MARIA JELMAR Vienna Austria Voice Clbora Wood Massachusetts Francis Findlay ELEANOR THERESA LONG somerville massachusetts School Music Francis Findlay ETHEL MAY LOVELY Caribou Maine School Music Francis Findlay CLARENCE MOSHER Weston Massachusetts School Music (as of the class of 1941) Francis Findlay 9 Candidates for the Degree, Master of Music MARCIA JUMP Waban Massachusetts Violin Georges Fourel Sigma Alpha Iota Sorority, Vice-President 1940- 41, Social Chairman 1940-41; Pi Kappa Lambda 1941. Conservatory Orchestra 1939- 40-41 ; Neume Board 1941. Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin 1941. ELI L. BOURDON Marlborough Maine Public School Music Francis Findlay EDWIN L. STUNTZNER Springfield Missouri Musical Research Clifton J. Furness MARIETTA PAPARO ALVINA L. NYE DOROTHY CHURCHILL HAZEL GHAZARIAN . NANCY LELAND . JOHN BREEN . . ROCCO DiPIETRO . SUMNER GLANVILLE C. VOLLMER HETHERINGTON MADELYN BOYD . FRANKLIN TAPLIN CHARLES YOUNG . MR. CLIFTON J. FURNESS . Editor-in-Chief Associate Editors Literary Editor Art Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Photography Editor . Assistant Photography Editor Circulating Manager Assistant Circulating Manager Faculty Advisor OFFICERS 1941-1942 WALTER NICKERSON, President . MURIEL ROBJNSON, Vice-President ALVINA L. NYE, Secretary . WARREN IRWIN, Treasurer . NORMAN PROULX, Member-At-Large MEMBERS: Bernard Barbeau Isabel Butterfield Catherine Champney Orville Cramer Rocco DiPietro Mary Grover Sylvia Katz Saima Laycock Margaret Manning Elaine Pattee Franklin Taplin Junior Class President Carr Organ Society Newman Club Underclass President Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Junior Class Sophomore, Underclass . Sigma Alpha Iota Kappa Gamma Psi . Senior Class . Conservatory Club Elson Club Freshman, Underclass . Alpha Chi Omega Mu Phi Epsilon Senior Class President FRANKLIN TAPLIN President C. VOLLMER HETHERINGTON . . . Vice-President MADELYN BOYD . . Secretary JOHN BREEN Treasurer ROCCO DiPIETRO . Student Council Representative WALTER NICKERSON President MARY GROVER Vice-President MARY GROVER Secretary BERNARD BARBEAU . . Student Council Representative it WARREN IRWIN . ANN SABALAUSKY LEE RUDD . DONALD HICKS . SAIMA LAYCOCK . ISABEL BUTTERFIELD . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Freshman Student Council Representative Sophomore Student Council Representative OFFICERS )NSTANCE DeNNISON HH President VRGARET Manning Vice-President rRACE StAMBAUGH Recording Secretary ETTY Anne Judge Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS: Grace Stambaugh, Assistant Treasurer; Madelyn Boyd, Publicity Chairman; Lucia Wright, Historian; Madelyn Boyd, Pianist; Madelyn Boyd, Lyre Editor; Lucia Wright, Chaplain; Doris Barnes, Warden; Margaret Manning, Representative to Student Council; Rebecca Barnes, Betty Hilker, Evelyn Danielson, Mary Jane Keeney, Mary Grover, Margaret Maloof, Dorothy Gunther, Doris Thorne. The founding of Alpha Chi Omega took place at the De Pauw University in 1895. Since that time, the fraternity has become one of the three largest in America with chapters in over seventy-five colleges and universities. Zeta chapter was established at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1905, and has initiated over four hundred members to date. Each year finds the Zeta ' s engaged in rummage sales, annual concerts, often given with other organizations, initiation banquets and various other activities. March 1st is known to all Alpha Chi ' s as " Hera Day " . On this date, each chapter comes forth to celebrate its Patron-Goddess Day with some event, the proceeds of which are donated to charities and institutions for the aged and blind. The " event " might be anything from an auction to a formal concert. From its building-fund, Zeta extracted $1,000.00 which was invested in a defense bond in January. With the ideals of the Fraternity as a goal, each chapter tries to further the arts — especially music — scholarship and friendship and friendship among its members. OFFICERS Helevi Nordstro] President Rose Bongiovann Vice-President Alvina Nye Recording Secretary Ruth Austen Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS: Elaine Pattee, Corresponding Secretary ;} A jvliui. Cook, Alumnae Secretary; Frances Ruggiero, Historian; Margaret Clark, Chaplain;RuTH Donnelly, Chorister; Elaine Pattee, Student Council Representative; Edith McCann, Warden; Clara DiCarlo, Marietta Paparo, Lura Taylor, Alice Whitehouse. Mu Phi Epsilon, national music honor sorority, was founded in 1903 at the Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio; it ha s since grown to an organiza- tion of forty-eight active chapters and twenty-nine alumnae chapters. With advancement of music in America as its objective, the sorority aims to promote musicianship, scholarship, and friendship among music students in American Colleges and Conservatories. Mu Phi Epsilon maintains national contest awards and scholarships, and each chapter annually awards a scholarship to one of its mem- bers. The sorority also contributes to the support of the MacDowell colony at Peterboro, New Hampshire, and the Mu Phi Epsilon School of Music of Gad ' s Hill Settlement in Chicago. Members of Beta Chapter present two public concerts each year in addition to the monthly musicales of the sorority. Arrangements are being completed for the first award of the Mu Phi Epsilon Medal which will be awarded annually to an out- standing woman student from the Underclass. The winner will be selected from faculty recommendations by a Board of Judges, also members of the faculty, on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, and citizenship. OFFICERS Clara Shedd President THERINE ChAMPNEY Vice-President Marjorie Sheils Recording Secretary Zona Horn Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS: Alice O ' Brien, Corresponding Secretary; Margaret Olson, Chaplain; Ruth Moorehouse, Editor; Kathrine Bailey, Sergeant-at-Arms; Marilyn Cloutier, Leah Guay, Saima Laycock, Mary Margaret Lawrence, Roberta McKiNLAY, Christine Nikitas, Mary Quinn, Ann Sabalausky, Marjorie Simpson, Mary Stevens. Sigma Alpha Iota was founded in the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1903 by seven young women students. Today it is the oldest and largest musical sorority in the country containing seventy-eight active chapters and twenty- two alumnae chapters which are affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs and the Women ' s Professional Panhellenic Association. It sponsors the National Composers ' Awards Contests and supports " Pan ' s Cottage " at the Mac- Dowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Lambda chapter was installed at the New England Conservatory in June, 1915- It has had about 250 active members, as well as patronesses, chapter honoraries, and associate members. This year Lambda presented a Christmas Vesper Program and a Pops Concert with Kappa Gamma Psi in Jordan Hall, and a concert in Brown Hall. Several parties and teas for the students were given by the chapter and the year was completed with the annual banquet. I OFFICERS Louis Ugalde President Walter Nickers( First Vice-Preside] Orville Crame: Second Vice-Presidi Arthur Freiwai Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS: Richard Silva, Recording Secretary; Donald Hicks, Assistant Recording Secretary; Donald DeLong, Corresponding Secretary; Warren Irwin, Assistant Corresponding Secretary; Joseph Stukas, Chaplain; Eleftherios Eleftherakis, Historian; John Stevens, Sergeant-at-Arms; Orville Cramer, Student Council Representative; Arthur Freiwald, Trustee. Other active brothers — Jose Benejam, Joseph Baraket, John Moves, Leroy Friswold, Louis Ruggerio, Eldon Bailey. Alpha Chapter of Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music on December 11, 1913- Soon after it blossomed into a national fraternity with chapters in many of the leading musical institutions in the country. Kappa ' s diverse program of activities has come to enjoy a prominent place in the Conservatory musical and social life. During the second week of school Kappa plays host to the men students and members of the faculty by presenting its annual Smoker. The Hallowe ' en dance given at the end of October is the first social event on the school calendar. Throughout the remainder of the year Alpha chapter pre- sents its three regular concerts — the Founders ' Day Concert in December, commemo- rating the founding of the fraternity; the Parents ' Night Pops Concert in February, dedicated to the parents of students of the New England Conservatory and the Memorial Concert in May, in memory of btothers who have passed away during the year. New members are taken into the fraternity at different times throughout the year. Kappa Gamma Psi strives to maintain the highest standards of music, to aid its members and other students materially and morally, to act as a constructive factor in the development of music in America, and " to promote the spirit in the institu- tions in which its chapters exist. " I OFFICERS ROCCO DiPlETRO Supreme Councilman Harry Bartlett President Sumner Glanville Vice-President David Alkins Recording Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS : Ernest Falciglia, Treasurer; John Roche, Assistant Treasurer; Norman Proulx, Warden; Edward Fitzpatrick, Alumni Secretary; Arthur Green- wood, Historian; Amos Bond, Corresponding Secretary; Raymond Fleck, Librarian; Donald Dow, Pledgemaster; Walter Targ, William Grothkopp, Joseph Rizzo, Robert Hanes, John Coffey, Alfred Soule, F. Burns Langworthy, John Duke, Richard Hagopian, Burton Cleaves, Paul Price, Richard Webber, Edgar White, Joseph Costello, John Huie, Peter Cerullo, John Boomer, Faust Fiore, Harvey Brigham, and Jose Da Costa, Faculty Adviser. Sinfonia ' s activities for the school year 1941-42 began with the annual " Get Acquainted " smoker for men students on October 7. A musical program, and short talks by some of the faculty men highlighted the evening. Continuing the fine work done last year by the Sinfonia chorus, is one of the weekly activities. Ernest Falciglia is the conductor. A joint candlelight concert was given in Recital Hall with the combined talents of Sigma Alpha Iota, and Sinfonia. On February 1, a concert was given by a group of soloists from Alpha chapter at the U.S.O. Club at Fort Devens. Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota again joined forces to present a Christmas Vespers service in Jordan Hall, December 19. An informal candlelight concert was given in the chapter rooms on February 24. On February 25, Sinfonia sponsored a testimonial banquet at the hotel Sheraton to Mr. Clement Lenom of the faculty, in appreciation of his many years of generous service as teacher, councillor, and friend. Members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Alumni Sinfonians, Faculty members, and close friends of Mr. Lenom were special guests. Two important Sinfonians visited Alpha chapter this year: Province Governor Raymond Burrows and Supreme President Norval L. Church, who came to Boston to represent Phi Mu Alpha at the I ' th anniversary exercises of the Conservatory. OFFICERS Sylvia Rubin President Sylvia Katz Vice-President Lillian Goldman Recording Secretary Norma Frank Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS: Lillian Goldman, Corresponding Secretary; Sylvia Katz, Student Council Representative; Elizabeth Goober, Elaine Leff, Charlotte Rogers, Beatrice Simons, Barbara Weinstein, Doris Zinman. Louis C. Elson Club, named for one of the most distinguished members of the Conservatory ' s former faculty members was founded in 1920 to promote the best in music and to further the music interests of its members. In 1924, the club presented to the Conservatory a memorial to Louis C. Elson in the form of a bas-relief by the noted sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson. In accordance with its aims the club presents a concert each Spring, awards a scholarship to one of its members, and gives several concerts, musicales, and parties. This year, in co-operation with national defense, the Elson Club gave a Military Ball at which men in uniform from surrounding camps were entertained. Members of the club join the Elson Alumni Club, for which they are eligible, two years after graduating. ACTIVE MEMBERS: Alice O ' Brien, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Grover, Student Council Representative; Isabel Butterfield, Alice Duckworth, Mary Grupposo, IsABELLE Hall, June Hood, Doris Johnson, Mary Jane Keeney, Madeline Merrill, Christine Nikitas, Lee Rudd, Geraldine Stickney, Grace Sullivan, Doris Thoren, Eleanor Tower. The Conservatory Club was founded in 1920. Twice a year, in the spring and the fall the Club invites new girls to become members. During the year outings and parties were enjoyed by the members of the Club and it is at times like these that the friendships formed by close association in the club room are appreciated. This year the Club presented a formal concert in conjunction with the Carr Memorial Society and a Variety Show in Brown Hall. The final event of the year was a banquet and formal dance for members and guests. ACTIVE MEMBERS: David Alkins, John Breen, Rose Dinoi, June Hood, Mary Hunt, Norman Proulx, Austin Staples, Doris Thoren, and Charles Young. MEMBERS IN THE MILITARY SERVICE: Donald Delong and Frank Sandler. HONORARY MEMBERS: Madame Ruth Conniston-Morize, Dr. Wallace Goodrich, Mr. Homer Humphrey, Dr. Carl McKinley, Mr. Dowell McNeil, Mr. W. Judson Rand, and Mr. Everett Titcomb. The Carr Organ Society was founded at the Conservatory by a group of organ students in February, 1939. Meetings are held bi-weekly in the Carr Memorial Room. At each meeting two members perform and guests from other departments of the Conservatory are heard. The purpose of the Society is to give its members a chance to perform in public, to increase the students ' general knowledge of organ literature, and to promote a friendly spirit among the organ students of the Conservatory. Activities of the Society this year have included a concert in conjunction with the Conservatory Club, visits to the organs of large Boston churches, and various social affairs. OFFICERS Eleanor Long President lONY WONDOLOWSKI Vice-President Alice O ' Brien Wording Secretary Leah Guay Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS: John Breen, Corresponding Secretary; Alvina Nye, Student Council Representative; Norman Proulx, Grace Sullivan, Federation Representatives; Katherine Bailey, Bernard Barbeau, Anthony Cirella, Maynard Clark, Joseph CosTELLO, Robert Cyr, John di Francesco, Frederick DiLucci, Rocco DiPietro, Marjorie Duval, Ernest Falciglia, Edward Fitzpatrick, Charles Fletcher, Edwin Francis, Charles Gevek, Mary Grupposo, Dorathea Hunt, Geraldine Illingworth, Bernice Julian, Alice Lareau, Irene Libbey, Margaret Maloof, Russell Matire, Angelina Pino, Doris Riedel, Mary O ' Brien, Lee Rudd, Mar- jorie Sheils, Antonio Tramonte, Beatrice Vaitekus. . The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic Culture and Catholic Fellow- ship, organized in non-Catholic colleges and universities of the United States. This club has activities of a religious, educational, and social character, in this order of importance. The Conservatory Newman Club tries to meet at least once each month. Sub- jects, such as religion, art, literature, music, and current events are discussed. The club is indebted to its chaplain. Reverend Russell H. Davis and Mr. Bruno Soresina, its faculty advisor, for their untiring interest and cooperation. OFFICERS Stanley Hassell President Jeanette Giguere Vice-President Norine Robards Secretary Homer Humphrey Treasurer ■t: - 7 ociety Francis Findlay, Clemont Lenom, Percy Hunt, Lucille Monaghan. The Honorary Society of Pi Kappa Lambda was founded in 1918 at Northwestern University. Previous to that time music alone of all the fine arts was not repre- sented by an honorary society, national in its scope. Iota Chapter was founded at the New England Conservatory in 1928. Other Chapters, some twenty in number, are located in Universities and Conservatories throughout the country. Charter members of Iota Chapter were George W. Chadwick, Frederick S. Converse, Francis Findlay, Arthur Foote, Wallace Goodrich, and Stuart Mason. Honorary members are Nadia Boulanger, Edward Burlingame Hill, Serge Koussevitsky, and Arthur Shepherd. " This society is established to provide an organization dedicated to the further- ance of musical education — its prime object is the encouragement of eminent achieve- ment in performance or original composition. To that end special emphasis is placed upon the maintenance of a curriculum so designed as to insure the utmost development in the applied branches of the art. " New members are elected from the upper fifth of each year ' s graduating class, consideration being given to musical accomplishment, personality, and promise of success. Activities of the past year have been " An Evening of Fellowship and Ideas ' when Mr, Clifton Joseph Furness talked on Walt Whitman, a concert of compositions which liave been awarded Philip R. Allen Prizes, a lecture on Hearing by Dr. Werner Mueller, and a concert in Jordan Hall by members of the Society. OFFICERS, 1941-1942 MRS. FREDA HYDE NISSEN MRS. VAUGHN HAMILTON MRS. LETA F. WHITNEY MRS. ROLAND REASONER . MRS. GERTRUDE B. NELSON MISS DOROTHY RICHARDS GEORGE A. GIBSON . STANLEY HASSELL President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Treasurer Auditor " Every Student a Graduate; Every Graduate an Alumnus. " Greetings and the best wishes of your N. E. C. Alumni Association for your success are embodied in this article for your Neume. I hope you will soon realize the honor, and opportunities, your Alumni Associa- tion can give to you. It is our aim to help you, whenever possible, and the work of our school. Join us, send us your addresses and tell us what you are doing in ad- vanced study, solo work, or teaching. You will be more than repaid, in the years to come, as the realization of old comrades, activities and their part in your life becomes something more than a dream. As graduates of a school you will naturally gravitate together to compare ideas and hear of mutual friends. There are four classes of membership in our Alumni Association — Life, Annual, Associate, and Honorary. I hope you will join us as soon as you have your cre- dentials safely in your hands. Your Alumni Association was started in 1879 and since its inception has worked to be of ever greater value to our school and its graduates. We should be so deeply interested in the true welfare of our Conservatory that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves frequently, for its greater growth and usefulness in this chaotic world. The diploma you have earned is no mean asset. Now, make your Conservatory glad that you were one of its students. Be a real credit to your Alma Mater and help your Alumni Association, by joining us, to be of use to you and the students who will follow in your wake. We stand for LOYALTY to your Alma Mater and we hope you will uphold the faith, sacrifice and devotion which founded this great institution. NEWS FLASHES SPONSORED BY THE ALVINIAN PRESS Boston, Mass. John Breen, business manager for the Costello-Cox Publishers has purchased the copyright to Margaret Wiley ' s book " Problems for Low Voices. " Chicago, 111. Dean of Women Katherine Shea, has resigned from the Lovley School for Girls. Miss Shea plans to take up some less strenuous work. New York City, N. Y. Ruth Miller is billed to sing the title role of Orfeo, sup- ported by such well known members of the Met. as Muriel Cook, Elaine Pattee and Grace Stambaugh. LaPlante and Nesbitt, duo-pianists, will give a recital at Carnegie Hall under the auspices of the Klotzle Paint Co. They will use the Rogers-Hall piano. Houston, Texas. Franklin Taplin, wild boy of the west, entertained his old cronies Howard Park, Sumner Glanville and Domenic Teoli with his rendi- tion of Elsie Springer ' s song hit, " Oh For the Life of a Heathen " . Boston, Mass. The Hetherington Photo Studio is awarding Cecile Howard a prize of $50 for the best baby picture of the year. Keep it up, big boy. Elizabeth, N. J. At his next concert. Dr. Wondolowski, conductor of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, will perform the Stuntzner Concerto for ' cello and orchestra. Members of the now famous orchestra include such well known players as Dorothy Churchill, Orville Cramer, Marjorie Sheils and John Glowacki. Hollywood, Calif. Model " Connie " Dennison has received a movie contract from the Falciglia Studios and will co-star with Charles Young in " Brazilian Nights " by Falcao. This picture promises to be thrilling to the nth degree. Boston, Mass. Dorothy Bean and Madelyn Boyd, co-owners of the Paris Beauty Salon, entertain their customers with music by Bach and Frank. Nothing like hearing fine music while making yourself beautiful. Tampa, Florida. Supervisor Frances Pratt is vacationing at the Long-Wood Terrace. Mary O ' Brien and Marjorie Simpson, faculty members of the Ghazar- lAN Music School, are also registered at the same place. Miami, Florida. After a hard day of selling Govoni Vacuum Cleaners, Austin Staples resolved to throw the business up and live a life of ease, basking in the sun. Honolulu, Hawaii. Alvina Nye, teacher of art, yes, in the field of ballet dancing — and I don ' t mean the hula either. Very successful too. New York City, N. Y. The Price-Smith publishers have just put out Muriel Robinson ' s book, " Ways and Means of Keeping a Home and a Career " . Boston, Mass. " Hunt (W)Right, and you will find the Strickland and Sullivan Vocal and Piano Studio " is the new slogan everyone is saying. Fort Bragg, N. C. Second Lieutenant Ugalde has been successful in establishing an orchestra in the camp. He was well complimented by Colonel Boraks. New York City, N. Y. Nancy Leland ' s combination piano and commercial art studio is fast getting recognition. Her caricature of Robinson and Paparo, duo-pianists, has been the talk of the town for a month. More power to you, Nancy. Red head Maxine McCurry is fast becoming most popular as the pianist in the orchestra at the Astoria. Go to it, Max. Boston, Mass. Dr. Dipietro, professor of physics at tKe N. E. Conservatory, and his assistant Carl Anderson have completed their research on the " Blue Note " . They hope this will be beneficial to the students. New London, Conn. Gertrude Okerstrom, director of music at the Jump and Jump Finishing School for Girls, rendered a successful choral and orchestral concert. Miss Okerstrom was especially complimented on her fine program. San Francisco, Calif. Alice Lareau, famous pianist, will make her debut as a vocal soloist with the Golden Gate Salon Orchestra at the Library. New York, N. Y. Madame Marie Jelmar, famous authority on the voice and its problems has published a book on the ' ' Care of the Voice ' ' . It is most interesting and valuable to vocal students. you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truest self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this " long run " photography that PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. Pleasing Portraits Prompt Service Right Prices Means Satisfaction Guaranteed PURDY 160 TREMONT STREET .... RDSTDN Cia6S of 1942 ComjiLimznti 4 Zeta Chapter, Alpha Chi Omega The Conservatory Ckih The Elson ( kil) Lambda Chapter, Sigma Alpha Iota The Unde rclass The Carr Organ Society Alpha Chapter, Kappa Camma Psi The Junior Class The Alumni Association Beta Chapter, Mu Phi Kpsilon Alpha (Chapter, Phi Mu Alpha Sint ' onia Iota (Chapter, Honorary Society of Pi Kai)pa Lambda COMPUMENTS COMPUMENTS OF OF MRS. STONE HARBRIGHT, INC. 287 HUNTINGTON AVE. TEXTBOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES CHANG ' S RESTAURANT SYMPHONY FLOWER SHOP 279 HUNTINGTON AVENUE 240 HUNTINGTON AVE. Opposite New England Conservatory Flowers Telegraphed to all parts of of Music New England KENmore 4030 Telephone KENmore 2076 - 2077 OLD ELM o I Mr n JM I n ALL PHARMACY 56TH SEASON 58 GAINSBORO ST. COR. ST. STEPHEN POPS Exclusive Agents For . . . Arthur Fiedler, Conductor T. V. Allen Etched 85 Symphony Players School Stationery Early American Toiletries Yardley Old Lavender New England Conservatory Night SATURDAY. JUNE 13TH. 1942 Telephone KENmore 8948

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