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EMEW°EMGLA1MID LIBRARY USE ONLY HE NEUME 1934 Published by THE NEUME BOARD for the Class of 1934 THE NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS The Class of 1934 gratefully dedicates this year book FRANCIS FINDLAY fine leader, a splendid musician, and a wonderful friend. By his h ideals and solicitude for the students of the New England Con- servatory of Music, he has directed our years of study to a successful issue. WALLACE GOODRICH Director RALPH L. FLANDERS General Mancujer FREDERICK S. CONVERSE Dean FREDERICK L. TROWBRIDGE Assistant Manager ELIZABETH C. ALLEN Secretary 3n iWemoriam EDWIN PERKINS BROWN June 25, 1868— February 8, 1934 (From a Tribute to Mr. Brown ' s Memory by Mr. Frank R. Buxton, a Trustee of the Conservatory) Sterling integrity, abiding fairness, unselfishness, a deep sjinpathy for all sorts and conditions of men and a modesty which amounted to self-effacement were a natural part of the late Edwin P. Brown . . . In spite of crowded days and intricate problems he retained his warm feeling for humanity, and he exercised it in a manner which was as admirable as it was unostentatious. He did not care who sat on the stage or in the front seats. He merely desired that good things should make good progress. He was perhaps the most beloved of the graduates of the English High school . . . Boys ' clubs were dear to him. Struggling young men and women had an easy approach to him. Like his father, he was an intense lover of music. As president of the trustees of the New England Conservatory of Music, he gave his time and money most generously. 3n ilemoriam ALFRED DE VOTO October 2, 187 " )— November 24, 1933 An honor graduate of New England Conservatory and for thirty-five years a member of the Faculty in pianoforte. A man who will be remembered with respect by his artist associates and fel- low teachers; and with gratitude for his kindly and beneficent influence, by his many pupils. THE N E IT M E 19 3 4 Faculty Wallace Goodrich, Director EsTELLE T. Andrews Frederick F. Lincoln MiNOT A. Beale Anna Stovall-Lothian Georg Boettcher Vincent Mariotti Anna Bottero Margaret Mason Richard Burgin Carl McKinley Gilbert Byron George McManus Julius Ghaloff Gladys Miller Marjorie Church Lucille Monaghan Frederick S. Converse Mary L. Moore Louis Cornell Ruth Conniston-Morize Stella B. Crane John D. Murray Arthur M. Curry Raymond Orr Floyd B. Dean Carl Peirce Lucy Dean BoAZ Filler Charles F. Dennee F. Addison Porter Clara A. Ellis Roland Reasoner Emily Ellis Harry ' N. Redman Oliver Faust Eustace B. Rice Paul Federowski NORINE ROBARDS Francis Findlay Rulon Robison Kurt Fischer Frank Russell Arthur Foote Elizabeth Samuel Georges Fourel ZuLA Doane Sanders Clifton J. Furness Jesus Maria Sanroma George Gibson Sullivan A. Sargent Clayton D. Gilbert Clarence B. Shirley Marie Audet Gillet Donald Smith Howard Goding Warren Storey Smith Henry Goodrich Albert N. Snow Vaughn Hamilton Alice Huston Stevens EiNAR Hansen Richard Stevens Maude Howes Virginia Stickney ' Homer C. Humphrey Francis L. Strickland Percy F. Hunt C. Howard Walker Harrison Keller Frank S. Watson Leroy Kenfield F. Morse Wemple Douglas Kenney Alice M. Whitehouse Louis Kloepfel Myron H. Whitney Max 0. Kunze William L. Whitney ' Marcel Lannoye Harry E. Whittemore Georges Laurent Susan Williams Abdon Laus William A. C. Zerffi SiMONE Lee Alfred Zighera Clement Lenom Bernard Zighera 10 19 3 4 THE N E U M E THE N E U M E 19 3 4 AlfredDeVoto CharlesDennee ClaraEIU ' s ErndyEllis rranci ' sFmcHQy %irX flscher Arthur rbote Georq[e Gibson ClaytonD. Gilbert 12 19 3 4 T H E N V. U M E 13 T HE N E TT M E 1 9 ;5 4 14 1 !) ? 4 T n E N E TT : I E THE NEUME 19 8 4 19 3 4 THE N E IT ] r E THE N E U M E 1 () 3 4 Paul Federowski Stella B. Crane 18 Carl McKinley 1 9 3 4 T H E N E U M E Neume Staff THE N E IT IVI E 19 3 4 Senior Class Officers Eliot Meeker President Melina Pelletier Vice Presideni Arthur Paiva Secretari IsABELLE Gallagher Treasurer 20 19 3 4 THE NEUME Candidates for Diploma ELIZABETH BRADFORD ANDERSON Honolulu Hawaii On an under Carl McKinleij S AI RUTH AUSTIN White Plains New York School Mii.s-ir under Franei.i Fi ndlaij PR.SCILLA BICKNELL Windsor Vermont Voice under F. Morse Wemple PRISCILLA BLAISDELL Bangor Maine Piano under Alfred DeVoto and Louis Cornell Conservatory Club Assistant Editor of the Neiime 21 THE NEUME 19 3 4 f S f Wi r DOROTHY LILA BLOIS Framingham Massachusetts Piano under Howard Goding S AI GERTRUDE BRATT Roxbury Massachusetts Piano under Julius Clialoff Elson Club ELLEN CANNEY New Bedford Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay HAROLD CHAPMAN Boston Massachusetts Piano under Louis Cornell K r F 19 3 4 THE NEUME LESSIE COTTON Chelsea Massachusetts Piano under F. Addition Porter Elson Club PALMYRA DA CAMARA Cambridge Massachusetts Piano under Julius Chaloff and Alfred DeVoto ANNIE LEE DALE Brookline Massachusetts Voice with Emily Ellis MARY ALBERTA DOGLIO Providence Rhode Island School Miiftic under Francis Findlay 33 THE N E U M E 19 3 4 HELEN ZOE DUNCAN Esbon Kansas Piano under Charles Dennee M E i LEON H. BUNNELL Northfield Massachusetts Organ under Carl McKinley Assistant Editor of the Neume ANTIGONE ECONOMIDES Athens Greece Piano under Donald Smith MARION FOSTER Dark Harbor Maine School M usic under Francis Findlay 19 3 4 THE N E U M E ISABELLE JANE GALLAGHER Bangor Maine Piano under Alfred DeVoto and Charles Dennee Treasurer of Senior Class DORIS PHILLIPS GREEN Swampscott Massachusetts Piano under Jesus Sanromd M i E ELIZABETH BLANCHE HAMILTON Orange Massachusetts School Music binder Francis Findlay Conservatory Club Business Manager of the Neume r ELIZABETH HOLMES Newtonville Massachusetts Voice under Rulon Robison AXQ r 25 THE N E IT M E 19 3 4 VIVIAN HODGE Boston Massachusetts Pianoforte under Air. Fischer LOUISE D. HUNSAKER Fairmont West Virginia Voice under Myron Whitney JOHN EMERSON JONES Mount Pleasant South Carohna Piatio under Eustace B. Rice ISABELLE KACHERIAN Somerville Massachusetts Piano under Frank Watson 2G 19 3 4 THE NEUME HAROLD ALEXANDER LESLIE Greenfield Massachusetts Violin under Harrison Keller MARGARET LUCY LESSARD Springfield Massachusetts Piano under Marie Aitdet Assistant Advertising Manager of the Net mf. MARJORIE MAGOON MAC ' AULEY Lonsdale Rhode Lsland Voice under F. Morse Wemple 39 BARBARA MARCY Lynn Massachusetts Piaiio under Alfred DeVoto and Anna Lothian 27 THE N E U M E 19 3 4 I BRUNO MATSON Milford New Hampshire School Music under Francis Findlay K r IF ELIOT PAYSON MEEKER Canajoharie New York Violin under Raymond Orr K r »F Ex-officio The Neume Staff President of Senior Class ARTHUR DIAS PAIVA Cambridge Massachusetts Violin under Raymond Orr Sinfonia Secretary of Senior Class LYDIA ARLENE PALMER Mexico Maine School Music under Francis Findlay Photographic Editor of the Neume 28 19 3 4 THE N E U M E MELINA PARHELIA PELLETIER Attleboro Massachusetts Violin under Harrison Keller ice President of Senior Class ESTHER POPE Hull Massachusetts Piano under Loitia Cornell MADELON POIND New York City New York Harp under Bernard Zitjliera EDWARD RICCIO New Haven Connecticut Piano under Alfred DeVoio and Jesiijf Sanromd 29 THE N E IT M E 19 8 4 KERMIT ROBINSON Chelsea Massachusetts Piano under Julias Chaloff MANUEL RUBIN Brockton Massachusetts Piano under Howard Godimj ANNA SADOWSKI Palmer Massachusetts Piano under Alfred DeVoto and Howard Goding Subscription Manager of the Neume EDNA SIEGEL Dorchester Massachusetts Piano under Richard Stevens 30 1 9 3 4 T II E NM : U ISI K ALICE GERTRUDE SMITH Norwood Massachusetts School Muftic under Franci.s- Findlai Conservatory Club FANNIE MERLE SMITH Birmingham Alabama Piano under Anna S. Lothian Conservatory Cliih LEO SOUZA New Bedford Massachusetts Percn.s.sion under Frank RmscU Sinfonia PETER LOUIS WALTERS Tonawaiida New York Piano under Louis Cornell K r r Advertising Manager of the Neume 31 T M K N K r M K 1 3 -t WENDELL WITHINGTON Milton Massachusetts School M mic under Francis Findlay K r ' F Editor of the Neume DOROTHY WOODBURY IJcverly Massachusetts Piano tinder Richard Stevens A X L2 MAI DA LO ELL HE( KETT IValxxly Massachusetts Piano under Louis Cornell A I BARBARA GOWARD WoUastoii Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay A 1 E ' ELYN MARIE MacDONALD Ariingtoii Massachusetts ] ' oice under Emily Ellis ALEXANDER TAFRALIAN Gam bridge Massachusetts Piano under Charles Dennee 32 1 9 ;m THE NEUME Collegiate Course Fourth Year ELI BOURDON Clareinont New Hampshire Box 312 School Music under Francis Findlay EDITH ( 0 E Wollaston Massachusetts Research under Clifton Furness JOSE i)A COSTA New lieilf ' onl Massachusetts Research under Mr. Furness PIEKINO Di BLASIO West Somerville Massachusetts Master of Music 33 T II E N E TJ M E 19 3 4 HELEN L. GAMANS Fairhaven Massachusetts School Music under Frances Findlay t ALEXANDER GELPE Maiden Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay EILEEN GRIFFIN Newton Massachusetts Organ under Albert Snow GLADYS HEATHCOCK Lowell Massachusetts Piano under Louis Cornell »i 19 3 4 THE N E IT M E PHILLIP KRAVITZ Norwood Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay DOROTHY LYNDE Melrose Highlands Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay JOHN MOHAN Newton Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay PAULINE NEWINGTON South Dartmouth Massachusetts Research under Clifton Furness 35 THE NEUME 1 9 ;} 4 f MARY ALLIENE NEWMAN Maplewood New Jersey Piano under Howard Goding LOUIS PERULLO Revere Massachusetts School Music under Francis Findlay BENEDICT PULLO East Boston Massachusetts Research under Clifton Furness ESTHER NORINE ROBARDS Boston Massachusetts Research under Clifton Furness 36 19 3 4 THE NEUME EVANGELINE RUMBAUGH Friendsville Maryland School Mmic under Francis Findlay 2 AI WALTER SCHEIRER Mahoney City Pennsylvania Violin nnder Harrison Keller Sinfoniii MARGUERITE SHERWIN Fall River Massachusetts Piano under Alfred DeVoto and Howard Coding i EDWIN STUNTZNER Attleboro Massachusetts ' Cello under Alfred Zighera K r »r 37 THE NEUME 19 3 4 1 1 I 1 V 5 IDA TRACY Mount Vernon Iowa Research under Clifton Fjirnex.f MARY TROY Providence Rhode Island School Music under Francis Findlay ELEANOR YOUNG Haverhill Massachusetts School Mmic binder Francis Findlay S AI JOHN WATTERSON Bisbie Arizona School Music under Francis Findlay 38 ERRATA Inadvertantly, the following names were omitted:- COLLEGIATE COURSE, 4th Year William Cook New Bedford, Massachusetts Piano Under Charles Dennee Fenton Charles Boston, Massachusetts Research Under Clifton J. Furness Frank Keedy Martinsburg, West Virginia Organ Under Carl McKinley Sister Winifred Marie Fall River, Massachusetts Research Under Clifton J. Furness Carlton Petit Everett, Massachusetts Organ Under Homer Humphrey MASTER OF MUSIC Roland Halfpenny Brookline, Massachusetts Vincent Morgan Worcester, Massachusetts Ralph Wildes Haverhill, Massachusetts 19 3 4 THE NEUME To THOSE WHO ARE LEAVING THE NeW EnGLAND CONSERVATORY : We are prone to forget, in the shifting of modern life, that there have been parallel crises in the long process of humanity ' s coming-of-age. Our experience of today is not unique. It is only one of the natural shocks that flesh is heir to. A similar readjustment of comparatively recent date was the upheaval in Eng- land in the .seventeenth century. The outstanding mind of that day was the poet, John Milton. His grasp of practical affairs demonstrates the wi.sdom of the old Greeks. From them we have borrowed the word " poet, " which means literally " the doer " or " the maker " — the one who can " make good. " Milton alone attained perspective in reviewing the catastrophic developments of his day. Not only could he .see his way clear to " assert eternal Providence " in the face of difficulties as puzzling as ours, but he left as his moment ' s monument the wise conclusion: " They also serve who only stand and wait. " It will .stand you in better .stead to hold firmly to this idea and realize it in practice, than to flaunt before the world all the diplomas and degrees that you could amass in .several lifetimes! If that particular position which you know that you are fitted for does not materialize as soon as you feel it should, remember Milton ' s admonition. If life now makes heavy demands upon you in the way of yeoman ser- vice, while you yearn with hope toward the stars, perfect yourself in these lesser things that you may eventually be made accountable for greater. If the opportuni- ties to employ your " higher learning " appear beneath your worth, be willing to .serve even in the position of bus-boy or chamber-maid with mental poise and con- secration to higher ends, continuing to advance yourself in your own chosen .study so that, while you " only stand, " you will not be shifting backward. The law of averages must cast you toward the top in fullness of time. And above all, while you " wait, " wait with the dignity of nature ' s noblemen. Soon you will find, then, that you have " served " indeed, both yourself and others, to the fullest measure. Clifton Joseph Furness 39 THE N E U M E 19 3 4 40 19 3 4 THE NEUME Conservatory Orchestra 1933-34 First Violins Renato Pacini, Concertmasler Genevieve Thompson- Walter B. Scheirer Elizabeth Wakefield Leonard Wood Dorothy Hvse Harry L. Van Ham Eliot P. Meeker Jacques Rubinsteix Harold A. Leslie Mary Tyler Driver Betty May Wilcox Freiderica Chapple Kenar Hintlian Omer Ploi ' ffe Colli rabasscs Max O. Kvnze, Inslruclor Stanley G. Hassell John Barwicki Alfred Kishkis Mrs. Margaret G. Alvord Mack Shopnick Helen M. Rigby Celesta Alice Gray Harrison Piccolo George Madsen English Horn Oscar Tourtellotte Harps Barbara Whitney Madelon Pound Percvssion Dowell p. McNeill Harold S. Logan Harry GAirMOND Tympani Walter Howe Leo Souza Stecond ] ' ioliiis Mervin Whitcomb Leo Jaakola Lydia Vincent Hinckley Louis Ruggiero Arthur D. Paiva Melina p. Pelletier Frank Corsaro Ruth E. Anderson Leone Blankenship Edna Russell Andrew Cusati Everett ( " ollis Raymond ( ' . Schi ' lze Simon Wiener Antonio Fernandez Flutes Phillip Kaplan George E. Morey Robert L. McKenzie, Jr. Oboes Clement Lenom, Instructor Joseph Lukatsky Oscar Tourtellotte Clarinets Robert Stuart Helen B. xter Bass Clarinets Albert L. Kizes Robert Seaman Trumpets Robert McClelland Chester G. Osborne Stewart Smith Frank W. Bemis Trombones Louis Counihan Melvin C. Peabody Frank Seegee Donald Hammond Organ Dowell P. McNeill Violas Newman Goldschmidt Robert . . Macdonald Ippocrates Pappoutsakis Esther Chichester Isaac Stearns Sally Dodge Sydney Abbot R. . Larson Marion A. Offer J ' ioloncellos Edwin L. Stuntzner Alexander Mark Ralph Chioini Charlotte M. Davies Weston L. Brannen Nancy Follett Leigh Elder Doris A. Page Jean P. Snow Irene Ann Kizirbohosian Bassoons Boaz Filler, Instructor Frances Albertin Austin Ledwith Clarence Helsing Contrabassoon ■ Boaz Filler Horns Georg Boettchek, Instructor Lowell L. Larsen, Jr. Philip H. Palmer Louis D. Meyers Hubert Hayes Bernard Valkenier Angelo Tsika Bass Tuba Stanley Hassell Pianoforte Leo Litwin Librarian Stanley Hassell 41 THE N E U M E 1 9 3 4. Alumni Association William L. Gray, Charles Dennee, Homer Humphrey OFFICERS Charles Dennee William Burbank Susan Williams . Homer Humphrey William L. Gray Grace May Stutsman George Dunham . The object of this association is to perpetuate and intensify in its members their fidelity to their Alma Mater, and to bind them together in a spirit of true friendship and mutual helpfulness; to assist worthy students by the establishment of a loan fund, free scholarships and prizes; to aid in the endowment of professorships when these helps shall become practicable; to assist one another; and to further the cause of true art. President First Vice President Second Vice President Treasurer Financial Secretary Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Auditor 42 19 3 4 THE N E U M E Conservatory Club Bark Row: F. Smith, C Caswell, L. La Boeuf, A. Sadowski, L. A. Palmer Second Row: J. Beaton, R. York, A. Smith, I. Tracy, M. Bowlin, S. Westcott, R. Williams, F. M. Smith Front Row: B. Hamilton, M. Foster, M. Denham, P. Blaisdell, E. (lodek , M. Boles, F. Fiore, D. Wheeler, I. Gay vert Ellen Godek Margaret Boles Priscilla Blaisdell Ferma Fiore Margaret Denham Marian Foster Dorothy Wheeler Jean Beaton Leone Blankenship Mertle Bowlin Cynthia Caswell Barbara Co wore y Rita Flanagan Henrietta Greene Blanche Hamilton Elizabeth Hull Lucille La Boeuf Executive Board MEMBERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Secretary Irene Gayvert Aniceta Shea L. Arlene Palmer Edna Russel Anna Sadowski Alice Smith Fannie Merle Smith Fern Smith Ida Tracy Sophie Wescott Ruth Williams Ruth York 43 THE XEFME 19 3 4 i.ouise goldforb Ruth Frank Lessie Cotton Ethel Jieng . OFFICERS Pre.s-ideni ] ' ice President Secret art C ' or rex pond ing Secretary Sophie Angoff Miriam Atlas Edythe Barr Frances Frogel Baker Annette Bean Harriet Block Marian Blumexthal Pai ' Line Berman Rose Berman (Iertrude Bratt LoRETTA Brown Arlene Cohen Charlotte Cohen Miriane Cohen MEMBERS Bertha Edelstein Charlotte Fine Rosa Frutman Zelda Gerson Mildred Boreichoff Goldish RiTH Goldberg Clara Herskovitz Hazel Keller Anna Kniaz Jl NE TOLDEN Lillian Loftman Htrerxitz KSTHER LaPIDVS RiTH Levin Anna Levin e Mildred L. Michelson Esther Miller Ida Reed Harriet Rosenberg Elizabeth Ri ssakoff Sophie Saidler Betty Schell Ethel Silverman Jeanette Shapiro Saide Schlager Althea Sneirson Helen Weinberg Ida Wixeberg Berths Conmt Winn 44 19 3 4 THE NEUME THE N E IT M E 19 3 4 Dramatics Starting with the second semester. Dramatic Recitals are given every Friday afternoon at ' :00 in Recital Hall. These are under the direction of Clayton D. Gilbert and are staged by Norman Strauss. A small orchestra conducted by Mr. Hassell furnishes the music for the occasions. 46 19 3 4 THE N E U M E Dramatic Recital giren by STUDENTS OF THE DRAMATIC DEPARTMENT CLAYTON D. GILBERT, Director JORDAN HALL, DECEMBER 8 and 9, ]9. ' 5;3 ACT III. " DISTANT DRUMS " A tragedy of the Overland Trail by Dan Totheroh (First performance in Boston) CHARACTERS QuiNCY Briddleman, an old trapper, the guide of the emigrant train Henry Van Gestel Harris Wolfhill, captain of the emigrant train Neil Mahoney Eunice Wolfhill, his wife Martha Olcott Jason Allenby, his assistant Ivard Strauss Bill Shaw, the blacksmith . Glenn Wilson Mary Shaw, his wife . . Elsa Evans Tashko Men, women, and children of the emigrant train Drum Rhythms . .. Leo Souza Scene: In the mountains of Idaho, beyond the Snake Indian territory Time: November, 1848 The curtain will be lowered a moment to show the passing of time " LES SECRETS du COEUR " A musical interlude Words bv Austin Dobson, music by Liza Lehmann CHARACTERS Ninon Helen Wilson Ninette Carol Wolfe Scene: Where you wish, as long as the costumes are pretty and it seems like France " MASTER PIERRE PATELIN " A farce composed by an unknown author in France about 1409 A.l). The Oxford University transcription is used in this performance, bv special permission. CHARACTERS Patelin Ivard (Juillemette, his wife ' erna Dynes (iUILlaume Joceaulme, a draper . (ilenn Wilson TiBALT Lambkin, a shepherd Burt Kelscy The Judge Wesley Dynes Men, women and children of the village Dancers: Helen Kaplan, Barbara -larvis, Virginia Riley, Turner, Ware, Estelle Fore- man, Peter Walters, Nathan Caplan, George Thackery, Sylvestro Fragela, Charles Trask, Hibert Norton Scene: A market-place in a small French town about 1469. The action changes ciuickly from Patelin ' s house, to the draper ' s shop, and to the market-place. The play is performed in the manner of the period, as produced by the Comedie " THE QUEEN S ROSES " (First performance on any .stage) . .story of Old France told in pantomime in one act Pantomime bv Elizabeth Lawton, music arranged by Gertrude Bkailey CHARACTERS The Old Gardener Nathan Caplan The Young Gardener Sylvestro Fragela The Jester . Burt Kelsey The Gypsy Fiddler Jacques Rubenstein Marie ' ( Estelle Foreman Louise i i- • «• -i- « lu rk J Olive Fisher Tj . Ladies m aitmg to the Queen v • x- Helene " I Eugenia Newman Paula I Joan Leonard The Queen Elsa Evans Tashko The Courtier Ellis Gilbert Scene: In the Queen ' s Garden (The dances are directed by Gilbert Byron 1 Music for pantomime: Gertrude Brailey, Pianoforte; Renato Pacini, Violin; Leigh Elder, N ' ioloncello. Assistant in Production: Ivahd Strauss 47 THE NEUME 19 3 4 19 3 4 THE NEUME Inter-Fraternity Council Buck Row: J. Da Costa, E. Walters, R. Austin, J. Pappoutsakis Front Row: C. Ireland, C. Blair, H. Logan, V. White, M. Fisher, A. Walker The Inter-Fraternity ( ouncil, formerly known as the " Hellenic Society, " com- prises two representatives of each of the five fraternities and sororities of the New England Conservatory of Music. This organization has as its object the promotion, through cooperation and affiliation, of closer friendship among the members of all Greek-letter societies in the school; the fostering of a spirit of mutual helpfulness; the advancement of graduate and under-graduate interests, and the furthering of fraternity scholarships. In a word, the Inter-Fraternity Council aims to be of the greatest possible aid to Alma Mater. 49 THE N E M E 19 3 4 Kappa Gamma Psi Back Roll): A. Griffen, M. Rylander, K. Bell, E. Stuntzner, S. Messina, R. Halfpenny Third Row: T. Hoag, A. Mark, W. Withington, F. Bemis, N. Mahoney, S. Abbott, B. Matson, H. Leslie, J. Metzger Second Row: E. Meeker, C. Ide, J. Pappoutsakis, E. Walters, I. Pappoutsakis, R. McKenzie, J. Baraket Front Roic: H. Chapman, H. Gaumond, N. Dickenson Kappa Gamma Psi was founded in this school on December the 11th, 1913. Starting from a single chapter, it has gradually grown to be a national fraternity, with chapters in all sections of the country. Alpha Chapter, still one of the most progressive, has always stood for high ideals. Its aims are to aid its members in a moral and material way; to encourage sincere and earnest music study; to promote and dignify the musical profession; to establish closer relationship between musicians and music schools; and to work for the development of music in America. One of the many advantages the fraternity offers its members is the annual award of a scholarship. This scholarship is taken from a fund known as the Pader- ewski Scholarship Fund; Mr. Paderewski, a national honorary member, being the sponsor of it. In addition to Mr. Paderewski, Kappa Gamma Psi has among its honorary members such world renowned artists as Fritz Kreisler, Ossip Gabrilowitch, Pablo Casals, and Harold Bauer. 50 1 9 . ' 5 4 THE N E IT M E Sigma Alpha Iota Back Ron-: M. Fisher, E. Anderson, B. Goward, D. Blois, E. Riimbaiigh, R. Greer, L. Thompson Front Row: M. Parker, E. Goodell, M. Beckett, C. Ireland, C. Wolfe, E. Young, A. Carabillo OFFICERS Camelle Ireland Eleanor Young . Maida Beckett Eleanor Lockwood Ernestine Ryan . Carol Wolfe Margaret Middleton President Vice Presidetif Recording Secrefarj Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Sigma Alpha Iota is the oldest national musical fraternity for women. It was founded in 1903 at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lambda Chapter, established in the New England Conservatory, received its charter in June, 1915. Sigma Alpha Iota is proud to have many of the world ' s greatest artists affiliated with it, among whom are Liicrezia liori, Myra Hess, Lily Pons, Elizabeth Rethberg, Olga Samaroff and others all famous in the world of music. We are members of the National Professional Panhellenic Association, and Lambda holds membership in the Massachusetts Federation of Music Clubs. 51 THE N E TT M E 19 3 4 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Back Row: D. Hayward, A. Paiva, L. White, J. Plant, R. Odionne, E. Basset, C. Maedonald, Simmons, W. Cook Seroiid Row: J. DaCosta, L. Souza, C. Rollins, E. Standwood, P. Palmer, P. Greene, L. Larson, F. Yeaw, R. McClelland, W. Doell Goodrich, H. Logan, W. S. Smith, R. Reasoner, F. Wemple President Supreme Cotmcilman Vice President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Alumni Secretary Warden Historian Front Row: G. Boettcher, C. Dennee, W Harold S. Logan Jose da Costa Oscar Tourtellotte Leo Souza Edward Bassett . Lowell Larsen, Jr. Frank Yeaw, Jr. Robert Seaman Leonard Wood In 1898 there was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music an organization known as the Sinfonia Club. Incorporated in 1901 as the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America, it has since expanded to include fifty-two chapters. Having as its purpose the advancement of music in America, Sinfonia has striven to encourage its members to greater efforts by the awarding of scholarships and prizes. To increase the familiarity of its members with American music each chapter offers an annual concert of American compositions. In addition to this there are presented each year informal concerts of various works, and members are urged to contribute to the public concerts and recitals of the school. The fraternity also affords an opportunity for recreation by its numerous social events. There are smokers, impromptu gatherings, and dances run in collaboration with other fraterni- ties. One of the most popular of t hese functions is the weekly luncheon, to which are invited the men students of the Conservatory. 52 19 3 4 THE N E U M E Mu Phi Epsilon Back Row: E. Ellis, P. Newington, R. Austin, H. Z. Duncan, E. Frothingham, D. Magill Front Row: E. Adams, F. Chappie, S. Bagley, V. White, F. Pratt, D. Greene, E. Stone Vera White Frances Pratt Shirley Bagley . Fritze Chapple Ruth Austin Anna Ewell Florence Gibson Emily Ellis Dorothy Rodger Doris Green President Vice President Rccordimj Secretary Correspondimf Secretary Treasurer Historiaii Alumnae Secretary Chaplain Chorister Warden Mu Phi Epsilon was founded in 1903 at the Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio. Beta Chapter was installed in 190. ' } at the New England Conserva- tory of Music, Boston, Mass. At present, Mu Phi Epsilon includes fifty-nine active chapters and twenty-six Alumnae Clubs. It is a national honorary musical sorority, restricting its membership to those who fulfill the requirements of character, high scholastic attainment, and outstanding public performance in the musical field. The objects of the sorority are to aid in the advancement of music in America and to develop a true sisterhood with unswerving loyalty to the alma mater. A benefit Scholarship Fund and Chapter Scholarship Funds for members in need of assistance in pursuing their musical education, are maintained with the aim of stimulating endeavor. 53 THE NEUME 19 3 4 Alpha Chi Omega Back Row: B. White, J. Cowell, L. Gardiner, A. Walker, J. Tuthill, M. Oliver, M. Dunn, C. Davis Front Row: M. Wood, W. Cressey, J. Seager, C. Blair, D. Woodbury, E. Holmes, J. Denious Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885. It became the sixth national Greek- letter fraternity for women, and has been a member of the National Panhellenic Congress since its founding in 1902. Zeta chapter was installed in the Conservatory December 15, 1895, and has now almost four hundred members. OFFICERS Elizabeth Holmes Marjorie Wood . Winifred Cressey Clare Davis Jean Cowell Janet Tuthill Dorothy Woodbury Mary Oliver Charlotte Blair Jean Cowell Winifred Cressey Clare Davis Jean Denious Marjorie Dunn ACTIVE MEMBERS President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Lyre Editor Chaplain Historian Lillian Gardiner Elizabeth Holmes Mary Oliver Julia Seager Janet Tuthill Marjorie Wood Dorothy Woodbury 54 1 9 S 4 THE NEUME Pi Kappa Lambda OFFICERS Harrison Keller Prenideni Marie Audet Gillet Vice President Pi Kappa Lambda, honorary musical society, was founded at the School of Music of Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois, in 1919. Iota Chapter was installed at the New England Conservatory in 1928. Pi Kappa Lambda is a musical society corresponding to Phi Beta Kappa. Possession of its key is evidence of superior musicianship and accomplishment. " This society is e.stablished to provide an organization dedicated to the furtherance of musical education — Its prime object is the encouragement of eminent achievement in performance or orig- inal composition. To that end, special emphasis is placed upon the maintenance of a curriculum so designed as to insure the utmost development in the applied branches of the art. " Outstanding members of the upper fourth of the graduating class, and faculty members of five years standing are eligible for membership. Iota Chapter boasts such names in American music as George W. Chadwick, Frederick S. Converse, Arthur Foote, Wallace Goodrich, Stuart Mason, and many other distinguished faculty members and successful alumni. Homer Humphrey Norine Robards Percy Hunt Treasurer Secretary Francis Findlay Lucille Monaghan Council 55 THE NEUME 19 3 4 19 3 4 THE N E II M E Calendar September 14 Registration for first semester opens 21 Academic year opens October 20 Advanced Students ' Recital 24 Chamber Concert by Kappa Gamma Psi November 17 Organ Recital — Ralph Wildes 20 Piano Recital — Gladys Gleason 22 Conservatory Orchestra Concert 23 Second Chamber Concert — Kappa Gamma Psi 24 Advanced Students ' Recital 27 Sinfonia Candlelight Concert 30 Thanksgiving Day. Holiday December 8-9 Dramatic Recital presented by Mr. Gilbert 15 Brass Ensemble Concert 23-Jan. 1 (inclusive) Chri.stmas Vacation January o Piano Recital — Howard Coding (of Faculty) 8 Organ Recital — Maida Beckett 9 First Chamber Concert 9 Orchestral Class of Mr. Findlay (student conductors) 12 Piano Recital — Nancy FoUett 1() Piano Recital — Florence Levy 17 Organ Recital — Eileen Griffin 19 Advanced Students ' Recital 22 Second Chamber Concert 22 Sinfonia Candlelight Concert 22-31 Midyear Examinations 23 Orchestral Class of Mr. Findlay (.student conductors) 24 Memorial Exercises for Mr. DeVoto 29 Registration for second semester opens February 6 Third Chamber Concert 7 First Semester ends 8 Second semester begins 15 Sonata Recital by Einar Hansen (of faculty) and Jeanette Giguere 19 Piano Recital — Verona Durick 20 Orchestral Concert by Mr. Findlay (student conductors) 22 Washington ' s Birthday — Holiday 23 Fourth Chamber Concert 28 Recital by William Cook and H arold Schwab (two pianos aiul piano and organ) 57 THE N E IT M E 19 3 4 March 1 Piano Recital — Elizabeth Schultz 2 Choral Class Music — Mr. Findlay 6 Fifth Chamber Concert Piano Recital — Marguerite Sherwin 12 Signa Alpha Iota (-oncert 15 Conservatory Orchestra Concert 16 Advanced Students ' Recital 20 Sixth Chamber Concert 24 Conservatory Club Concert 26 Piano Recital — Leo Litwin 29 Voice Recital — Madeleine Mercier Sabel April 2 Voice Recital — Elizabeth Adams 5 " Cello Recital — Edwin Stuntzner 6 2A1 Reception and Tea tor Lily Pons and Lucrezia Bori 7 Violin Recital — Elizabeth Wakefield 8-15 (inclusive) Spring Vacation 9 Elson Club Concert 16 Piano Recital — Alliene Newman 20 Piano Recital — Frank Watson (of the Faculty) 24 Memorial Exercises for Mr. DeVoto 24 Violin Recital by George Milrood 27 Brass Ensemble 28 Piano Recital — William Cook 30 Violin Recital — Walter Scheirer May 3 Violin Recital — Genevieve Thompson 4 Piano Recital by Pupils of Mrs. Lothian 8 Violin Recital — Hernando Lopez 11 Advanced Students ' Recital 14 Piano Recital — Eleanor Lockwood 15 Piano Recital — Mildred King 30 Memorial Day — Holiday 31-JuNE 6 Final Examinations in supplementary subjects (seniors only) June 7-16 Final examinations of graduating (demonstrative) 21 Senior Class Concert 25 Annual Meeting and Reunion of the Alumni Association 26 Commencement Day 27 Academic Year ends September 20 Academic Year 1934-1935 begins 58 19 3 4 T H E N E TT M E Qompliments of A(orns T)rug Qompany Phone: KENmore 0773 EVERYTHING for WOMEN MABEL P. HOWARD C orsetiere Brassieres, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Cor- settes. Wraparounds, Elastic Stepins, Girdles and Accessories. Greeting Cards for All Occasions. High-Grade Knitting Yarns and Boucle. 283A HUNTINGTON AVENUE, BOSTON Compliments of € m of 1935 Telephone KENmore 4042 HARRIET H. MALCOLMSON, Beautician DR. CATHERINE G. BRIGGS, Chiropodist 395 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Morning hours: 9-12 The Opportunity Shoppe 50a Gainsboro Street, Boston Near N. E. Conservatory of Musk MISS MacLEAN offers the most unusual line of EVENING, DAY and SPORT FROCKS also MILLINERY HOSIERY at Lowest Prices KENmore 2096 Open Evenings " Privately ' Printed The 1934 Neume is a fine example of a limited edition, privately printed. The staff of this book and an increasing number of other private publishers have been turning to organizations which specialize in the production of fine brochures, magazines, and privately printed books. For more than a century The Andover Press has served such publishers, planning and printing class annuals, descriptive booklets, genealogies, and other quality publications. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Andover 143 To assure complete coordination in the production of this book the engravings were furnished by the printer. MEN and WOMEN STUDENTS Why Go Elsewhere Next Door we feature 24-HOlJR KODAK SERVICE STATIONERY SUPPLIES PEN and PENCIL SETS BRIEF CASES STUDENT LAMPS DISCOUNT ON ALL BOOK ORDERS ASK FOR SPECIAL PRICES on COMPACT RADIOS and PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS NortheasternUniversity Book Store 2nd, Poor— Y. M. C. A. Compliments of Kappa Gamma Psi ©in 58 Gainsboro Street Cor. St. Stephen ' s We carry a complete line of High Grade Drugs and Toilet Qoods • GOODS DELIVERED UPON REQUEST Telephone: CIRcle 4398-4399 Dyer Travel Service A Personal Service designed to assist you in making travel arrangements which will fulfill your individual requirements. Tours and Cruises Everywhere Room 2 — New England Conservatory of Music Building 294 Huntington Avenue, Boston Tel. KENmore 2380 Dresses — Millinery Featuring new bright colors — blue, Chinese green, red, gold rust — velvets, new ribbed materials. Sizes 11-46 DIXON ' S 203 MASS. AVENUE, BOSTON Next to Loew ' s State Theatre Open Evenings Until 10 o ' clock New Ensland Conservatory of Music BOSTON, MASS. WALLACE GOODRICH, Director Year Opens September 20, 1934 Pianoforte, Voice, Organ, Violin, Violoncello, and all other Orchestral Instruments; Composition, Harmony, History of Music, Theory, Solfeggio, Diction, Chorus, Choir Training, Ensemble for Strings, Woodwind and Brass. Department of Public School Music A four-year course leading to Conservatory Diploma. Degrees of Bachelor of Music, and Master of Music Granted Operatic Department Dramatic Department Orchestra of Eighty-five Free Privileges Of concerts and recitals, the opportunities of en- semble practice and appearing before audiences with orchestral accompaniment. Dormitories for Women Students Address: RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager Compliments of Alpha Chi Omega THE Stationery and Confectionery Specializing on Luncheon and Soda Fountain Delicacies Full Line of Cosmetics and Toilet Articles Cor. HUNTINGTON AVE. and GAINSBORO ST. O. H. BRYANT T(are Old and VIOLINS Students ' and Artists ' Grades Accessories, Repairing and Appraising 240 Huntington Avenue BOSTON KEN. 3209 Compliments of Sigma Alpha Iota Open Evenings OpP- N. E. Conservatory Jen ' s Dress and Millinery Shoppe DRESSES $4.95 up HATS $1.95 up HOSIERY 297 HUNTINGTON AVENUE BOSTON, MASS. beautp sipot opp. Y. M. C. 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PUTNAM ' S CAFE 282 Huntington Ave. SPECIAL LUNCHES— 25c and up SPECIAL DINNERS— 45c and up Specialties Lobster, Steak and Chicken Dinners Compliments of Conservatory Club The uptown garage inc. 10 GAINSBORO STREET Every known type of Automatic Service at reasonable rates, 24 hours a day. Have you tried our " Uptown Gas " ? It ' s smooth and good, and the price is is low as you will find anywhere. Directly in back of the N. E. Conservatory ARMSTRONG Transfer Company Baggage Transfer Specialists Baggage checked to destination where tickets are procured in advance. Offices at all railroad stations and steamship docks Main Office: 271 Albany Street Telephone: LIBerty 7400 Compliments of The ELSON Club McMAHON DURWARD Hardware, Paints and Oils Plumbing, Heating and Lighting Lock and Electric Work Kitchen Furnishings 242 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. BOSTON, MASS. Telephones, KENmore 5080-5081 CONSERVATORY PHARMACY, Inc. 286 Huntington Ave. Boston Huntington ' ' s Most Aggressive Drug Store SYMPHONY HALL 49th SEASON ARTHUR FIEDLER, Conductor 85 Symphony Players TICKETS: 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 Compliments of Pi Kappa Lambda These advertisers have helped to make The 1 934 Neume possible. Please patronize them.

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