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 - Class of 1927

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Z7M6gM7jMX Qix Qlihris 'EXE I x THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER. MASS. EEE HB5 ix :Ii-It'-u I A Sm Q FN Xl " rig E in Q , X n 2 KWH J , Q, -if yi A7 I x ' J ' Ar X f'V 22i1 wb f 55 1 if J 1. s 2 ' l !f ' L I few 4 pi J Q,lllFl5Z5 '27 "TI-IE NEUMEH PUBLISHED BY THE NEUMB BOARD FOR THE CLASS OF 1927 THE NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS FOREWORD If this Neume will in any way recall a pleasant reminiscence, or increase the charm of any event of the past, A If it perchance will. he a true representation of the New England Conservatory of Music during our Senior year, Our purpose will he fulfilled. 'Glu ibpencp jlilurtnn EBunham lin sincere appreciatiun of his musical prestige anh uf his faithful serhice thtuugh fiftp pears nf teaching at the Ctliunserhatnrp Ulilie, the Glass nf 1927, respectfully hehicate this jaeume, nut ,Beat iBook. 5 l I' ' w L H v km Ay N 1 . .N 5 r e pr 1 H ,. 11 1, f " 4 U 411 "How the events of life, as we look back upon them, have grown into the well- remembered background of the places where they fell upon us." -W.ASHINGTON IRVING 54 'SSX Rx, 'Q' qu: The szlent snow possessed the earlh TENNYSON 5 - 1, f- f w .. fy f -x Ar, T - 'T 'K 'Y - -, X , 1-:,j'V:.. -x -g .., KN.. , . . xr. uf Y - ,Wg X 3 , V L41 7 K 'Q . .., -. . WU iv Wx: Y U -..,.v ' 1 , '- ., ' V. Q- -M, V-..,,, '-:-tv.- - W- l V , , .-,- , W - .M . - ,, - 141-3 4 ' ,V L , vf. , v i ,11."1,5 Q " .- -n r- --..IfS.,. ' 'NS' 7x ' ' ' 'TT' . .. - V W My ' ' V 1 'U 4. ' , , , V, A 3' ' ,M -- - ., --R-Su - n " 'Tis a month before the month of lllay and the spring comes slowly up this way." -COLERIDGE ulllusic is Goofs best gift to man, -the only art of hefwen given to earth, the only art of earth that we take Io heaven." -CHARLES W. LILNDON X I Q . It H: 'VQLT' - ' .v. , w J- '--Tv, , .". .. ff F, y N ,'V. .rmzgy Z. I M , , U 'J' ii 3-ff? ' ' 535, S gms,-ar., S uf , w'-.mfr .- W w A YM 4 I , H ' 1 " w ' ' W , W 't V--'fr L-. . - ,W , -, if "'W-ff:-' -5-b2:2"'1f-' ., .a .ff 1-4-1.-. .. - " . ..A- - V M A " -.--. A4-97'-v -4 NY . 'uf-0---v -:1,,- . .V 7, , Q 1 -.- 4 --f -. ,yd , ., yy, D .h ,F ,Q 4 A . , -' --5 6. 1 .-. , B, hw 1 ,V , . - ...w. -y. - V '-E14 5 ,gy , ,. .- ' ' ' " ' - '. ' ' - V- .- . ,,, V -Q ,-. , , , - , g -- J 'fr - pf? - N .. ' 4 ' ' ' 4 nr.. 4 t - 0' 0 . , . A B M - , . und- ' , . rf? -, f "!f..,, ' 'Fwy : , 1 Epi" I' D, ag' , , -'-w. .Y .' ' Q l. 'J-1 ' , 71 .1 , " . - - v - . ' 5, P -Y, ' . - "K ' .'-'- QF L . -..f b r ,. " .. V1 U .. . ' .11 'C D ' "' F , , bf , .4,.,q . , . 1. a , f Z43g"'1: szmvv-ga'-"'-1:--Q .312-59311. :.-v - ' '1' ..Q4-.-:fag " ., : H" - 'fw " nr ' ' ,,4,,2' f - ,. " W ., , .. TM iii. : f- ily. : 'S-4-N. ' f' '- - 545, ' " " 'g?-3,5-ijifgf-' -i 3"' f m. ' ' , miqzpgr 1 'tifv r I- F ' A,-33435, .- - A.-- ..'-"'-Lg,.:ag-- -, 41,-4-513.35 2' ,Wg 5j..':wEL-fg-Lg. .".V - -1 5.1, "'1:5aiH' 17'-U''3'f.5'f'7'.'TF3'!"1 -nf':..fa.-si. 4 --zi. 'H ze- - HY' 'Q ' , W f, .qi an ',:,:.Q 1-F fe.,-1. A , i Y-55:5 - is . - . -:fran naw ' " -:".-:f-f"--fa... .-,,,-,1 -.,4.,,! Q f' v., .., , - Q, .4 ' 4 ' ' , ". ., ' -L-,. T" gya,--, ,jr ' :rx-r Lf - " ':L,eg:s: A f- '73 Sai -'Kg-.wx.'E,,-. 1" .- LL " "S -A M1315-"i'-rT'i'5T" 'WP A' 72'-' ff 2. f5?:i5Sffi'5Q?s4ESl'iii?,R351LT.:f'2- -- 2'3" L.'f,. .q,'M - "In the study of the 'ine arts, they mutually assist each other." 'BEACONSFIELD -, 5.1: ' X-up ,gzffi , 1 .wg , -. H 'inv- "He was not of an age, but for all lime." -BEN JONSON M01 HIDE IBHGIIHB f . The New England Conservatory o Music Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees GEORGE W. BROXVN ....... President GEORGE B. CORTELYOU . Vice-Presiclent CHARLES G. BANCROFT. . Vice-President H. WENDELL ENDICOTT . V ice-President GEORGE W. CHADWICK. . Director CI-IANNING H. COX . . . Treasurer RAXTJPII L. FLANDERS . .... General Manager JOSEPH BALCH XVALTER I-I. LANGSHAXV FREDERICK S. CONVERSE JOHN R. MACOMBER GEORGE W. BROXVN GEORGE W. C1-IADNVICK RALPH L. FLANDERS WALLACE GOODRICH GEORGE W. CHADNVICK. WALLACE GOODRICH ARTHUR FOOTE STUART MASON SAMUEL L. POWERS Directory Committee . . . President of the Board of Trustees . . . . Director . General Manager Dean of the Faculty Faculty Council . . . . . Director . . . Dean of the F aeulty FREDERICK S. CONVERSE FRANCIS M. FINDLAY at annie George Whiiejield Chadwick Dircclor , EORGE Whitefield Chadwick, an eminent composer, conductor, author, and educator, has served as Director of the Conservatory for the past thirty years. He was born in Lowell, hlassachusetts, November 13, 18545. At the age of fifteen he received his first organ lessons from his brother, three years later he entered the Conservatory and studied with Dudley Buck, George VVhiting, and Stephen Emery. Later he studied organ and composition under Eugene Thayer. When only twenty-two he became the head of the Milsic Department at Olivet College, Micliigan. After serving one year in this capacity, he went to Leipzig for instructions in organ playing and in composition under Jadassohn and Reinecke. He won much distinction there in the Held of composition: especially commended were his two string quartettes and his overture that had been suggested to him by VVashington Irving's "Rip Van Wfinklef' fThis overture was first presented to the American public by the Harvard lVIusical Association in 187 9.j Nh: Chadwick continued his study under Joseph Rheinberger in lVIunich. After his success abroad, he returned to Boston and joined the faculty of the Conservatory in 1881, teaching Harmony and Composition. - In 1897 he became its Director. Under 'his Directorship, the Conservatory has risen to its present prom- inence as one of the highest of musical Lmiversities. Mr. Chadwick has had as pupils many well-known American musicians, includ- ing 1Vallace Goodrich, Frederick S. Converse, Arthur Wlhiting, Horatio Parker, Henry Hadley, Edward Burlingame Hall, and Daniel Gregory Mason. As a composer, he has achieved success because his works show extensive tech- nical equipment, liberal and versatile tastes, fluent melodic inventions, and mastery of the classical form. Only last December the Conservatory Orchestra and Chorus performed lVIr. Chadwick's Christmas Cantata, "Noel.', His works include operas, symphonies, overtures, chamber music, choral ballads, and songs. lVIr. Chadwick was awarded the honorary degree of 1VIaster of Arts by Yale University in 1897, and that of Doctor of Laws by Tufts College in 1905. In 1908 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. The class of 1927 is indeed grateful for the inspiration of Mhz Chadwick and his interest in each of its members. VVe, who are graduating, want to express our loyalty and appreciation, and to wish him continued success in all his undertakings. WALLACE COODRICI-I Dean of llze Faculty RALPH L. FLANDERS General Manager FREDERICK L. TROWBRIDGE Assislanl Manager l v I ' 1 Y W N W W W Y f W I .ml I f x N 5 Q4 k j if N F CU GLX A 'Q 'SQ THOX X . XLJGEORGE W. C1-IADWICK, I Director' , XLXWVALLACE GOODRICII, Dean I of the Faculty LJJOSEPII ADAMOWSKI TIMOTI-IEE fXDAMONVSKI ESTELLE T. ANDREXVS NIINOT A. BEALE EBEN CHARLTON BLACK KLDAVID S. BLANPIED ANNA BOTTERO I RICHARD BURCIN :JULIUS CHALOFF ' ,FREDERICK S. CONVERSE LOUIS J. CORNELL STELLA B. CRANE ARTIAIUR M. CURRY FLOYD B. DEAN LUCY DEAN CHARLES F. DENNEE JXLFRED DEV OTO ELLA DYER LDEVOTO HENRY M. DUNIIIXM WILLIAM H. DUNIIAM XTCLARA L. ELLIS EMILY ELLIS OLIVER C. FAUST . FRANCIS FINDLAY KURT FISCIIER ARTHUR FOOTE KSICLAYTON D. GILBERT Faculty HOWARD GODING 'IEHENRY GOODRIfJI'I GEO1lGE A. GIBSON EUGENE GRUENBERG VJXUGIIN I'IAMILTON ALFRED HOLY HOMER C. IIUMP1-IREY PERCY F. IIUNT J. ALBERT JEFFERY CIJAYTON JOHNS IIARRISON KELLER DOUGLAS KENNEY EDNVIN SKLAIIIRE LOUIS ICLOEPFEL NIAX O. IQUNZE GEORGES LAURENT CLEMENT LENOM FREDERICK F. LINCOLN ANNA STOVALL LGTIIIAN CARL LUDWIG X7INCENT lVL1.RIOTTI F. STUART MASON NIARY L. MOORE L. FERDINAND NIOTTE-LA- CROIX JOHN D. :NIURRAY BETTI MUSC1IIFJ'FTO RAYMOND ORR CARL PEIRCE GRACE G. PIERCE ERNEST PERRIN BOAZ PILLER F. ADDISON PORTER ROLAND REASONER1 HARRY N. REDMAN1 EUSTACE B. RICE RAYMOND ROBINSON RULON Y. ROBISON .JOANNES ROCIIUT WFRANK V. RUSSELL D1,'.ELIzABETII I. SAMUEL SULLIVAN A. SARGENT :HEDXVIG SCIIROEDER CLARENCE B. SHIRLEY VVARREN STOREY SMITI-I GEORGE M. SNEATH ,ALBERT W. SNOXV ALICE IIUSTON STEVENS RICIHIXRD STEVENS VIRGINIA STICKNEY FRANCIS L. STRICKLAND ANTOINETTE SZUMONVSKA VVILLIAM B. TYLER AAUGUSTO W7ANNINI H. M. 'VARRELL C. HOWARD YVALKER FRANK S. WATSON F. IVIORSE YVEMIJLE GEORGE XNENDLER ALICE M. XVI-IITEIIOUSE MYRON H. YVIIITNEY FVILLIAM L. XVIIITNEY HENRY S. XVILDER Page Sixteen k W 1 w ' V F I Y 1 ' f , If , 1 1 I. I v J! V I l Zin emnriam CHARLES BENNETT September l, i876 - April 4, l927 His sudden and unexpected death was n shock to his many devoted pupils and friends. He was at the prime of a successful career as at soloist, teacher, and composer, and a promising future has been cut short by death. ' r 11. ,, if xc' N -rf XX ' ' ' -H4-P ll X! 1' Nifzlvlf f.'f1+"9E'i:.- 1742 K KV Jim' cz. bd?' 'fffii K, fj'f'o--" ' b W VNS." v,-Q-'2q m ?W51j7.Q! A9 x 1' 'X 5'7ilZuU In E IH El ' BIBIRBB f Y X :f vw "F "ppl O9 X 9 'XX wif 'all . 1. S' K QL 7453, Q X N' ,J f X ,,-" xx' ' ' .,. L. ' ' x M2353 X W I I .ifazaf N ", ' -X, - " I 1 , I , ,, X X! 1 1 I , Beucher Reynolds I M inard Kessler Buchanan Garry Osborne hchaber Burhxers Lahan Clewley Goodman MOZ Us B enum EVA OSBORNE EVELYN RUTH BEACHER NANCY M. ISTESSLER I-IAZEL A. GALE Page Twenty-ninc The Neume Board Editor-in-Chiqf BERTIIA NIARY SCHABER Associate Editors FLORENCE JANE BARBIERS fXNITA W. GARRY Busivwss Manager BI.-KURICE UPHAM BIINARD Assistant Business Jllanagers , NIARION AGNES GOODMAN Adzzcrtisivzg Manager LEONE REYNOLDS Assistant Advertising Illanagers ELEANOR ALICE CLEXVLEY Subscription Manager RUTH EVELYN DAILIBH' LAIJAN Assistant Subscription Illanagers ICATHRYN A. BUCHANAN Em-Ojicio ROXVLJKND BARNES IIALFPENNY r i r- I-5-91 1 1 1 I .Au-Q BA! 1 islinniv P A, ' I Q N' 41, ff f 9 Mew xii lb I I x gf41'r,,,xi on o C YA ,' LX: I f g Gp f 1553513 N G Kbmmb no - K .f ' 'mlm S ' gif A ' ' SX 4 L Q I NX kj o Kgfgx ekl-If N 1 , I cfm if 1, H I H NNN 4, , I , Nik an ,nib A56 1 G 'ii XR Mm? ,Rf ' 'I 12 mfrrK ,Jr xg' 7732 , IH :HHN , RACK? umm fu EKN l A'lc6mpQ"'fJ Y 5P,,.,f,4'BZf fag? 5 - .. q - J I -- v V?,, Q ,J X lb IBHGIIHB ROXVLAND IIALFPENNY DOROTIIY RICHARDS DOWELL MONEILL FLORENCE BARBIERS DON.ALD SELLEXV . BIARY I-IILBUSH . LLOYD BROOME . MAURINE PALMER ROWLAND HALFPENNY SENIOR OFFICERS qL,,,v1oz,,0, . President . V afce-Presiclent . Vice-Preaviderzt . Secretary . . T reaswcr .fissistant Treasurer Committee-at-large Ccmmzittee-at-large Page Thirty-two enbumeunn Candidates for the Diploma of the i Conservatory Course . JOEL A. ANDERSON Wlorcester, Blassacllusetts Organ, under Raymond Robinson VILLA PRUDENCE BAILEY lVIedfield, lVIaSSaCl1l.ISGttS Pianoforte, under Stuart Mason RUTH BAMPTON Brookline, Biassachusetts Organ, under Raymond Robinson Conservatory Club Cercle Frangais FLORENCE JANE BARBIERS Albany, New York Voice, under lflfrflliam W'hitney A X Q., President, 1926-1927 Class Secretary, 1926-1927 Class Vice-President, 1925-1926 Hellenic Society. Vice-President, Associate Editor, N EUME Page Thirty-three 1926-1927 AMOZ Q ei ini MARY BARNES Brookline, ' Massachusetts Pianqforte under Edwin Klalire A X Q PHILIP HOMER BARNES Lawrenceville, Illinois Pianojbrte, under Richard Stevens AMELIA JESSAIVIINE BARTLETT South Eliot, lVIaine Violin, ,under Harrison Keller IVIARIAN WHITE BARTLETT South Boston, MdSSaCl1llSGttS Voice, under Alice Huston Stevens Public School M nsic, under Francis Findlay Conservatory Club Page Thirty-four mamma IVIARY E. BATTAGLIA Dorcllester, Mfassacllusetts Picmqforte, undef' A lfrecl DeV0t0 EVELYN RUTH BEACHER , Allentown, Penn Sylvania Pianqforte, wider Richard Stevens Assistant Business Manager, NEUME STANLEY F. BENTLEY Mattalaan, lVIassacl1usetts Organ, under Raymond Robinson JEANNETTE BLUESTONE Boston, M3SS2lCl1llSCttS Pianoforte, under Ayrecl DeV0to Page Thirty-five IDHLBQIIHBH LILLIAN C. BOSSUOT Havre, Montaiia Pianoforte, under AU'red De'Vot0 E A I Conservatory Club Hellenic Society, Corresponding Secretary 19Q6 JUDITH BALL BOURNE Taylorsville, Kentucky Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell Conservatory Club INA PAYNE BRAITHVVAITE Barbados, British VVest Indies Pianoforte, under Julius Clzcdqj' LLOYD W. BROOME Columbia, Pennsylvania Organ, under H orner Humphrey Class Committee-at-large Page Thirty lsr IBHGIHU2 Ncscopeck, Pennsylvania Picmoforte, zmcler Louis Cornell E A I Conservatory Club KATHRYN A. BUCHANAN Randolph, New York Voice, 'Lmcler Charles Bennett 2 A I, Corresponding Secretary 1925-1926 and 1926-27 Class Treasurer, 1925 Assistant Subscription Manager, NEUME Conservatory Club KATHERINE R. BUCKLEY lVIarlboro, Masscliusetts Public School M usic, under Francis F 'incllay RUTH OLIVIA BURNIIAM Hampton, Connecticut Pianoforte, under Howard Goflirzg E A I, Recording Secretary 1925-1926 and 1926-1927 Page Thirtyisev H Moz WGIDHLBQIIHP BESSIE BUTNAlVI LYHH, lVI3SS2lCl1l1SCtlZS Voice, under Clarence Shirley CELESTE CHAMBLEE Nasllville, North Carolina V oice, under F. lllorse WeV1n7Jle Conservatory Club I FANNIE ADELINE CIAIVIPA Brockton, lVI3.SS3Cl1LlS6tllS Piarzoforte, under Henry S. lVilder S. El,EANOR CLEAVER Shamokin, Pennsylvania Voice, under F. Morse Wernple Page Thirty-night lawn Q ELEANOR ALICE CLEWLEY Brewer, - Maine Organ, under Henry Dunham and Albert Snow Conservatory Club, President 1926-1927 Assistant Advertising Manager, NEUME KATHARIN E DYER CON NOLLY Beverly Farms, Massacllusetts Pianoforte, under Douglas Kenney Conservatory Club DOROTHY RUTH COTTON 7 Derry, H New York Pianoforte, under R'iclza1'd Stevens A X Q, Recording Secretary 1925-1926 FRANCES COULTER Frankfort, Indiana V oice, under Rulon Robison Conservatory Club Page Thirty .Moz .VIOZQ eboelmi CATHERINE VERONICA CUDDY Boston, Massacllusetts Organ, under Wallace Goodrich and Raymond Robinson Conservatory Club HARRIET VE. CURTIS Erie, Pennsylvania Violoncello, under Josef Adarnowski A K .Q VALMOND H. CYR Wate1'ville, ' , Blaine b Organ, under Homer Humphrey b Cercle Frangais Class Nominating Committee LENA DE SALVO Dedham, Massacllusetts Pianoforte, under Howard Goding Page Forty em menus OTTAVIO DE VIVO Everett, Massachusetts Violin, under Vaughn Hamilton K I' IF, Assistant Recording Secretary 1925 K I" IF, Sergeant-n.t-Arms 1926 K I' 'I1', Recording Secretary 1927 Junior Class Nominating Committee Senior Class Nominating Committee CONSTANCE C. F. DISMOND Boston, Massachusetts Pianoforte, under Kurt Fischer A KATHLEEN M. DOBSON Needham, Nlassachusetts Pianoforte, under Howard Gofling MARY FRANCES DOHERTY Brockton , Massachusetts Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens Page Forty-0 MUZ JF' 4122. HIDE lb QIIHP DOROTHY WILSON ECCLES VVare, Nlassacllusetts Pianoforte, under L. Ferdinand lVIo1fte-Lacroix MARION E. ENIERSON V YVest Lebanon, New Hampshire Pianoforte, under J. Albert J ejfery ROSITA ESCALONA San Juan, Porto Rico Picmoforte, 'under L. Ferdinand lllotte-Lacroix 2 A I CARL FELDMAN d lVIanchester, 4 New Hampshire Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens Page Forty-t ebueeuue GLADYS FRANCES FOLEY ' Cambridge, MaSSaC11USCttS Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery and Richard Stevens Conservatory Club Dance Committee, Neume Club 1996 HELEN JULIA FOSTER Newport, ' Vermont Organ, under H enry Dunham and Albert Snow MADELENE MARVY FOYE Nfilford, Nlzrssaehusetts Pianoforte, under Frank Watson DOROTHY G. FRENCH Cambridge, MHNSS3Cl1llS6ttS Voice, under F. M orse Ufemple Conservatory Club Page Forty-three J 9110145 HIDE IB 61111 RUTH E. FRETZ NeWlJ6I'I'y, M1Cl11gal1 Pianqfbrte, uncler Clayton Johns E A I MARY QUINN FULLER Brooklin e, lVIassachu setts Violin under Carl Peirce I-IAZEL A. GALE Keene, ' New Hampshire Planoforte, uncler Howarcl Gocling Secretary, Conservatory Club Conservatory Club Board Assistant Subscription Manager, NEUME ANITA W. GARRY Boston, ' Massacliusetts Pianqforte, under Charles Dennee Conservatory Club . Neume Club Secretary 1925-1926 and 1926-1927 Chairman Junior and'Senior Reception 1925-1927 Associate Editor, NEUME Art Editor, NEUME ' Chairman Class Day Committee Class Nominating Committee, 1926-1927 Page Forty .A 'fr an mein BLANCHE F. GOLDOVVSKY Port Chester, New York Public School M usie, -under Francis Findlay BIARION AGNES GOODMAN Fort VVorth, Texas Pianoforie, under Richard Stevens A X Q., Champlain Conservatory Club Board Assistant Business Manager, NEUME EDNA M. GOVE Stoneham, Massaellllsetts Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens DORIS LELA GRANT Bledford, Massachllsetts Pianoforte, under F. Addison Porter and Charles Dennee Conservatory Club Page Forty-five ,,i,r-M0140 ,IBGIIHB NICHOLAS GUALILLO Utica, New York Violin, under Timothoe Aflavnowslsii GEORGE HABBERSTAD Boston , Blassztcli usetts Violin, under Harrison Keller ROYVLAND BARNES HALFPENNY North Adams, Massaclitisetts I Organ, under Albert Snow K F T, Recording Secretary 1925 K F IF, Second Vice-President 1926 K F llf, First Vice-President 1927 Class President, 1925-1926 and 1926-1927 First Vice-President, Neume Club, 1925-1926 Hellenic Society, First Vice-President, 1926-1927 President Neume Club, 1927 CAROLINE BATES HALL Plymouth, lVI3.SS3,Cl1llSSttS Organ, under Wallace Goodrich and Raymond - Robinson M ii' E, Recording Secretary 1925-1926 M 111 E, Chorister 1926-1927 Class Corresponding Secretary, 1925-1926 Chairman Class Nominating Committee, 1926-1927 Page Forty-six alumnus MABEL APPLETON HAVEN S Collingswood, New Jersey Pianqforte, under L. F6?'fl2:7ld?1Cl lllotle-Lacroix: 2 A I, Editor 1925-1926 and 1926-1927 MARGARET JEAN HAVERSTOCK llfedford Hillside, lVIasszLchusetts Pianojbrte, under Charles Dennee MARY HEARNE Albemarle, North Carolina. Pianoforte, under Stuart lllason RUTH ELEANOR HIGGINS Malden, lllassachusetts Public School lVIus'le, under Francis Findlay Page Forty J ,,,v1oz,,b MARY ELIZABETH HILBUSH J P34014 Q, Sharnokin, Pennsylvania Pianoforte, under Antoinette Szumowska E A I . Class Committee-at-large 1926 Assistant Treasurer, 1927 Conservatory Club RAYMOND FRED HILL Boston, Massachusetts Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell ' fb M A JOSEPHINE B. HODGE Frankfort, Indiana Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell RUTH L00-TUH HOVV Shanghai, China Pianoforte, under Anna Stovall Lothian Page Forty-e ight HIDE IB GIIHB WINIFRED M. HOWES 4 Ashfield, Massachusetts Pianoforte, under Charles Denn6e Conservatory Club HARRIET HURWITZ Brookline, Massachusetts Pianoforte, under Charles Denn6e NANCY M. KESSLER Smetllport, Pennsylvania. Voice, under Williarn Wlzitney A X Q V Assistant Advertising Manager, NEUME ' Conservatory Club MILDRED KIDD Brownwood, Texas Pianoforte, under AUred DeVoto Page Forty Jrmoz ,U GLENN N. KIRKPAT RICK Evansville, Indiana. Pianofortc, under Albert J cj'c9'y HILDA LA CENTRA Beachmont, M3SS3ChllSGttS Public School lllusic, under Francis Findlay RUTH EVELY N DAILEY LAHAN Fall River, Nlassachusetts Voice, under W'illiam Wlzitncy A X .Q Conservatory Club Subscription Manager, N EUME Faculty Picture Committee NIARY GRAHAM LAWRENCE Elon College, North Carolina, Pianofortc, uncle-r AU1'ecl DcVoto Page Fifty obrwuue MAY CLARE LEACH North Andover, MZtSSaC11USCttS Public School Music, uncle-r Francis Findlay GERTRUDE R. LINNEHAN Newtonville, Masszxchusetts Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens JAY XVARREN LIPPERT Pittsburg, , Pennsylvania Picmojbrte, under Louis Cornell K I' 111' NIARGARET LITTELL VVest Hartford, Connecticut Pianojov-ie, under Ayrecl DeVoto Page Fifty-o .A.v-nozfw all mein ISABELLE J. LYNCH Medford Hillside, Massachusetts Public I School lllusic, under Francis Findlay Conservatory Club STANLIE MACCORMACK , Millinocket, Maine Public School lllusic, under Francis Findlay E A I i Class Day Committee DOWELL P. MCNEILL Huntington, West Virginia Organ, under H cnry Dunham and Homer Hum- phrey . Treasurer, N8UH1C,c:lllb 1926-1927 Second Vice-President Senior Class 1927 MARY If MCRAE Boston, Massachusetts Pianoforte, under Stuart Mason Conservatory Club Page4Fifty-t IDIBGIIHB MAURICE U. MINARD Boston, M3SS3Chl1S6tt s Organ, under Homer Humphrey Business Manager, NEUME Class Secretary, 1926 ELEANOR FENELON MOORE Gloucester, Mas sach usetts Voice, under Clarence Shirley Cercle Frangais , Class Day Committee DOROTHY AILEEN MORGAN Ameuia, New York Voice, under Rulon Robison Conservatory Club EMILY IVI. MO TTA New Bedford, Massacllusetts Pianoforte, under Alfred DeVoto Conservatory Club Page Fifty-three J P34014 QA H IILWMOZAQ PDBQIIHB KATHRYN MARIE MULCAHY Peabody, IVIassac-husetts Piomqforte, tmclev' F reclerick Lincoln IVA IVIAE INIUSBACH Le Ma1'S, Iowa. P'icmofo1'te, under L. Ferclinancl M otte-Lacroix ANITA ELIZABETH NETZOW MIIWRLIICCC, Wiscolusiu Voice, uncler William Uflvitney Advertisement Couunittee, NEUME MILDRED M. V. NICHOLS Jalnaica Plain, lVIassa.chusetts Voice, imcler F. M arse Ufemple Cercle F1-angais, President 1927 4 Conservatory Club Page Fifty-four Hlbll IBHGIIHB HELEN E. OPPENHEIMER XVilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania .P'llCVIl0f07'f6, under Julius Chalof' EVA OSBORNE Elyria, Ohio Pianoforte, under Afrtlzur Foote Associate Editor, NEUME Class Day Committee ' IXIAURINE PALMER Pittsburg, Kansas Voice, under Clzarles Bennett M 119 E Chaplain, 1925-1926 M KD E lfV21,l'ilCIl, 1926-1927 Class Committee-at-large, 1926-1927 Class Day Committee JEROME DON PASQUALL St. Louis, Missouri Page C'la1'inet, under Augusto Vannini Fifty-five ,VIUZ ID mp I Mo 40 EDITH SPENCER PEARSO1 Newport Rhode Island Vwlzn under Twzotlzee Aclamowskz MARY EDNA PETRIE West Somervxlle Massaclllxsetts Pzauoforte under Ab'red DeVoio Exeter New I-Iampshlre Publzc School Muszc under Francis Fzndlay GERTRUDE I' POWER Belmont Massachusetts Pwnoforte under A1 thur Foote Pi, I'iLv QI 4 4 4 Y q LOUISE PIKE HIDE ma Quan ELEANOR PRESCOTT Haverhill, Nlassachusetts Voice, under Charles Bennett Junior Finance Committee MAGGIE MAE PRUITT Colnanche, Oklahoma Pianoforte, under' Arthur Foote ETHEL HERMINA RAMOS Providence, Rhode Island Pianoforte, unclear F rank W'atson BIORGAN ROWLAND REES Kingston, Pennsylvania CIJMA Organ, under Homer Humphrey Page Fifty-se J ,,,,noz,.,Q, IDHQQUHB LEONE REYNOLDS ' BHITC, Vermont Voice, under Rulon Robison and l7V'illiczm W lnftney A X Q, Corresponding Secretary 1924--1925 ' A X Q, Recording Secretary 1925-1926 A X Q, President 199.7 Advertising Manager, NEUMLE Hellenic Society, Tlxircl Vice-President 1925-1926 Class Committee-nt-large, 1925-26 DOROTHY E. A. RICHARDS Dorchester, lVIassachusetts Voice, under Clarence Shiv-ley Class First Vice-President, 1926-1927 Class Treasurer 1926 Class Day Committee HAZEL KATHRYN SAUER Fairfield, Iowa Pianqfbrie, under AUWMZ DeV 0150 BERTI-IA MARY SCHABER Bucyrus, Ol1i0 ' Pianoforte, under Louis C'01'nell M 'll E Editor-in-Chief, NEUME Class Day C01I1l11l'lLl2CB Page Fifty-eight Q all llllllll ESTELLE SCHULZE MOH1'0C, Louisiana Voice, under C'larcncc Shirley 1 DONALD E. SELLEYV Boston, MaSSHCl1IlS6ttS Organ, under Henry Dunhcwn anal Albert Snow Class '1l1'CZl,SllI'61' 1927 111 M A, SOCl'Ctill'y 1924 ID M A, Corresponding Secretary 1925 C ercle Francais ERNEST CALVIN SHULTZ Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Organ, uncler Albert Snow 41 M A n STLANLEY CLENIENT SLOBIINSKI Tacoma, Washillgtoll Violin, nnclcr Carl Peirce Public School llfusic, under Francis Findlay K I' ll" Class Second Vice-President 19Q5-1926 Page Fifty-nln .moz AEE an EEE i FLORENCE MAY STILLWELL Bayonne, New Jersey Voice, under Rulon Robison MARY REGINA THERIAULT Van Buren, Maine Pianoforte, under Clzdrles Dennee A Cercle Frangais, Vice-President EVA MAY THOMAS Du Bois, Pennsylvania Voice, under Charles Bennett Conservatory Club HERBERT ALLEN THOMPSON Milton, Massachusetts Public School Mzcsic, under Francis Findlay Page Sixty atm emma LOUISE M. THOMPSON New London, Connecticut Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens AGNES PETERINA THORNER Melrose, M3SS3Cl1HS6ttS Pianqfbrte, under Charles Denn6e LEON VART AN IAN Tiflis Caucassus, South Russia Pianoforte, under Stuart Mason CELIA H. VINER Roxbury, Massacllusetts Pianojbrte, under Richard Stevens J,,,vnoz,,b Page Sixty W on an mmm LLTH v ,MOI FLORENCE MAE WILD East Barnet, Vermont Pianoforte, under Alfrecl DeVoto Organ, under Homer H zmzplzrcy COI1SC1'VZLt0I'y Club ' BESSIE YANKELEWITZ Roxbury, llassachusetts Violin, under Eugene Gruenbery MILDRED DU BOIS ZIPPLER WoodbLu'y, New Jersey Public School Mzcsic, under Francis Findlay BEATRICE G. LEAVITT Attleboro, Mfassachusetts Pianoforte, under Frcclericlc Lincoln Page' Sixty t Z fiixsrjgff W e fw iff? v XJR, 555 V fi 1 X xv x Q J is 45 9,9 4" V - L - -W g, X1 J I' Wx ' ' r Q Q I 'M 5 HM1. h x , XX V ' N -A xg!! 111,17 1... n I 0 N W ' avg NX - ' f 5-W-Mgif , Q Q : 1 ' Agffjuf 1 5 u vu , Kr leVi,,lgj3gi5v s, , 1 - W A ,f,, A H X X ' pe, K K xv, V' X A Im Z All W . N- x A K 3 I w M W ,Q x f V ,M f J L l, Hr M- if . , D f V V T 6,1 I fff J. if XJ 'H E W WENTWORTH CARR PHILIP FERRARO . FLORENCE LEACH . WHITNEY TILESTON HELEN I'1-ALE . DELNVIN SHAXV . ELEANOR WRIGHT . IDLBQHHB WENTWORTH CARR JUNIOR OFFICERS . President . Vice-Presiclerzt . V ice-Presiclarzt . Secretary . . Treasurer Committee-at-large Committee-at-large Page Sixty-four RUSH IB GWB unior Year 192 6-27 PIANOIIORTE BENOIT, JMLARGUERITE AURORE BRAMHAM, MIIJDREID BRUNI, ELEANOR BURGESS, LILLA IVIAE CAMPBELL, ALICE AIAY CLARK, DOROTHY IXLDEN CLAY, IIENRY CONOLEY, MYRTLE PATTERSON CROCREORD, ISABEL GILLIAM CURTIS, IIILDRED VIRGINIA DIXNDRIDGE, DORIS GERTRUDE DAVIS, ELEANOR AVIOGER DEEDY, LOUISE BERNADETTE ZEKBERG, ROY ELMER ESTES, MARY EMMA EUBANKS, CAROLYN FERRARO, PHILIP NICHOLAS FISHBURNE, IVIARY STUART FRIEDMAN, LOUISE GATO, ANITA IIIDALYO GOVE, RUTII FRANCES GOXVRAN, AVLARGARET ELIZABETH GRISWVOLD, CLARISSA LEONA I1ALFPENNY, ROWVLAND BARNES IIEBERT, CATHERINE A7IRGIN'IA TIOUGHTON, MAY FRANCES LANIONTAGNE, CLARIBELLE BIABE LANGMAN, SYLVIA LAVINO, fXMELIA AGNES IJEBUTT, DOROTHY ANITA LEI, AVAI LHIING LEXVIS, RUTH LVIARGARET BOUTELLE, JAIARJORIE JANE CRAXVFORD, LIDA ELLEN GERRISH, ELSIE AUGUSTA KENNETT, MARTHA Page Sixty-fivc, TTE LYTTLETON,DOROTHY GERTRUDE NIAYERS, NIILDRED FLORENCE MCHUGH, ROSAMOND CECILE L1CIfEOXVN ALICE J EANNE MONAGHAN, LUCILLE NIORNINGSTAR, ELISA NEILSON, LIARGERY N ITKIN, EDNA IDA NYE, DOROTHY MARSTON PACKARD, ELEANOR PARMENTER, MAE DELLA PAULY, ELISE MARIE PEABODY, BLANCHE PLATT, FRANCES LIOODY POTOCSKY, SADIE DVARA RICHARDS, ELIZABETH VVIIITTIER RUGG, GLENNYS ' RUSSO, MARY n RYAN, GERTRUDE LORETTA SACI-ISE, RAYMOND IIAROLD SAMPSON, AVILMA DIARY SHORE, IIELEN SMALL, FLORENCE MARION STETSON, ROBERT S. VFRAFTON, LIURIEL IONA VARNICK, RUTH A XVAITE, ALICE CARLTON YVALLINGRORD, ILHELMA RUTII AVAUGH, IIAZEL LMLILDRED VVILLOUGHBY, BQLIRIAM LOUISE VVORTLEY, NGAWVINI AVLARY YOUMAN, MARION ETHEL VOICE LIACDONNELL, MARGARET MARY RIM, AYOUNG Y UMPHA TURNEY, N ORMA GLADYS VV RIGHT, ELEANOR WARREN HIDE LBHQllHB COIIN, CHARLES BAER FERRARO, PHILIP INICHOLAS ORGAN NUTE, SIBYL HZOXVARD PACKARD, ELEIXNOR NIOFEATT, IQENNETII YVENDELL ROCIIE, EMMA RITA CANT, JENNIE IVIOLLY LEACII, FLORENCE LILLIAN IVIARTONE, SILVIO JOSEPH PERRON, BEATRICE CECILE VIOLONCELLO IIIRSII, VIOLET IIARRIET VIOLIN SHANV, DELWIN IMIELVIN SUNDERLAND, EARL FIELD TROMBLEY, NAONII E.TJIZABETH FRENCH HORN VIIIIOMPSON, CYRUS DUSTIN PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC BYRD, SYDONIA GEORGIA CARR, WENTWORTH XVRIGIIT COI-IEN, CELIA ROSAMOND COLBY, ALTA J ENNIE DIEI-III, GABRIELLE S. DURKIN, ALICE EASTAIAN, DOROTHY INIAY EIiBERG, ROY ELRIER FITZPATRICK, IWIARION FRANCES FONVLER, :ELIZABETH PLUMMER GRANT, GERTRUDE GERALDINE GRISXVOLD, CLARISSA LEONA I-IALE, IIELEN CROOII I-IAYDEN, VILLA ELIZABETH JAMES, ELEANOR FRANCES IX1CFAGUE, IIESTER GRACE IXICKNIGIIT, ZALA IXIARIE TABOR, DEAN COMFORTII CUAYLOR, IIARRIET LUCILLE rfILESTON, WEBSTER WHITNEY ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTS OF PERCUSSION Page Sixty-seven VVHITE, LAXVRENCE HIDE LBHGHHBH Collegiaie Dep arfmenf Course leading to the Degree BACHELOR OF MUSIC. Senior Year RUTH EXUSTEN J unrior Yea-r GEORGE IiABBERSTAD lVLx.RGARET LITTELL CLARE L. LITTLE ROSSANNA NICGINNIS FLORENCE ONVEN HAROLD SCHNVAB Sophomore Year ELIZABETH BATES BLAURINE PALMER EUGENIA J. BUTKIEVVICZ ,JNmoz4b CN.E.C 23D CN.E.C. my CN.E.C. ,esp QN.E.C 265 CN.E.C 'QQD CN.E.C 'zap CN.E.C Course leading to the Degree BACHELOR OF SCHOOL BIUSIC. Junior Year NLXRION VV. BARTLETT ' ' WEBSTER W. TILESTON Sophomore Y ear DOROTHY NI. EASTMAN 27D Page Sixty-e ight , J'P'.MOZ'192' Conservatory Club V Goodman Gerrish McDonald Ekstrom Davis Clewley Gale Topping The Conservatory Club, the youngest of all our school organizations,ca1ne into existence early in 1920 in response to a growing need for a large, democratic organ- ization for the women students. The charter members numbered only thirty-eight, but the club membership is now sixty-five, and it already has a long Waiting list. Its object is to promote closer association among the girls of the school, to en- courage high scholarship, and to foster school spirit. However, the "Con Club" does not neglect social activities. Various functions have bee11 held this past year, including one formal and one informal dance in Recital Hall, which were largely attended and greatly enjoyed. Page Seventy RIIIEQIIHI :N IUIW f X , vu M5l"'-TAI, ' h :II1IIII','II'I OC III I ,.lMU1'If -F' ' X, nf f ,ff Conservaiory Club OFFICERS ELEANOR CLEXVLEY . ELEANOI1 DAVIS . . . , RIADELINE FOXVLER XVI-IITCOMB HJXZEIJ GALE . . . OLIVE TEKSTROM . . . . . Pfresirlevzf F 1f7'5't If'l-C6-P7'B-9'l-lI87'lf . Second V1'ce-Prcsiclemi . . Secreta ry . T reasm'er CRUTH ATRINS RUTH BAILEY R,U'1'H BAMPTON DOROTIIE' BEARCE FLORENCE BIZZELL EVELYN BORING J UDITII BOURNE NIARJORIE BOUTELLE EMILY BRADSHANV INEZ BIIYIPOGLE IQATHRYN BUCHANAN ZULA BIIRRHOLDER IXLICE CAMPBELL CELESTE CHAMBLEE QELEANOR CLEXVLEY ALTA COLBY NIARGEUERITE CONNOR IfATI-IERINE CONNALLY A ANNA LEE COOLEY FRANCES .COULTER CATHERINE CUDDY :HILDRED CURTIS ELEANOR DAVIS FAITH DONOVAN Page Scv'cnLy-one FRITZIE DRYDEN OLIVE ERSTROM .ETHEL FINLEY GLADYS FOLEY DOROTIIY FRENCH I'IAZEL GALE ANITA GARRY ELSIE GERRISH MARION GOODMAN DORIS GI1AN'D I IIELEN GRIDLEY LEONA GRISXVOLD ENID IIAXVKS BIARILLA IIAYDEN VILLA QHAYDEN RUTH HCIGGINS MARY IJILBUSH J OSEPI-HNE I-IODGE RIAE I-IOUGHTON XVINIFRED I-IOWES RlAR'l'IIA IQENNETT RIAE IQINNEY RUTH ZLAIIAN SYLVIA LANGMAN ISABELLE LYNCH MARY NIAQUISE ISABEL MCDONALD MARY MCGANN MARY MCRAE I RIILDRED RIIEYERS DOROTHY MORGAN FRANCES NICIIOIJS MILDRED NICHOLS DOIiOTI-IY NYE CAROLINE PAUL ELISE PAULY PEARL ROBERTS XVILMA SAMPSON RLAUDE SISSON BETSY SUTHERLAND EVA THOMAS RlILDRED TOPIBING IIARRXET VVESTPHAL RCIADELINE XVIIITCOMB FLORENCE XVILD RIIRIAM VVILLOUGHBX N GAXVINI XVORTLEY ELEANOR YOUNG gnovl. moz 0 emi BHQIIHBH Le Cercle Francais McGann Bampton Cyl' Bailey Charles Godute Perron Theriault Nichols Almy Logue Lockwood ' Janevesian Le Cercle Francais was established at the Conservatory by lVIme. Emma Darmand in 1921 for the students of the French language and for those of French nationality. The purpose of the organization was to further French conversation and to promote sociability among the club's members. Following the business meetings conducted in French, there is a musical program composed entirely of French lVorks. Short French Plays are read, and from time to time a member is appointed to prepare a paper on French Customs, Art, or History to be given in Frenchat a meeting. Folk songs of the Provinces are sung and each meeting closes with "La Marseillaisef' Page Seventy-two EU Hovq, .,,,r4oz,.,4, HHLBGIHB RiILDRED NICHOLS, P7-5.s-irlmzl IIELEN LOGUE, Secrilariv-c DOROTHY ALMY RUTH BAILEY RUTH BAMPTON FENTON CHARLES JOSE DA COSTA VALMONII CIR GABRIELLE IDIEIIL I-IAZEL DIINLIKP NIARIE AUDET FRANCES FAIRBANKS ANNA DUMAIS MINEIiN':X ELLIOT ALICE GADBOIS PROEESSEUR PROFESSEUR PROFESSEUR PROFESSEUR PROFESSEU R I xfc Sevcnly-Lhrcc FC. Le Cercle Frangais OFFICERS REGINA TIIEIIIIKULT, Vine-Prisirlzmt BEATRICE PERRON, TTC?SOT'I.l'T MEM BRES ACTIFS ELDA G OIJUTI NIARION IIERRICK CLARIEELLE LA BIONTAGNE IIELEN LOGUE ROSA ,NIARQUES MARY RICGANN ELEANOR BIOORE IVIEMBRES ALUMNI I-LOSALIE IIADDAD BURNS IIUTII IIANKS BAIDZAR JANEVESIAN SOPIHA IfAMROF'F NIILDRED NICIIOLS FLORENCE OXVEN BEATRICE PERRON BENJAMIN RUSSEIIIJ DONALD SELLEXV REGINA TIIEIRIIXUIJT ELIZABETH CFRAVIS PIELEN XVATILINGTON BERTHA LENOM ESTIIEII LINDQUIST EDNA MCNAMIXRA CHARLES PEARSON MARGARET SKINNER MEMBRES HONORAIRES ENDICOTT PIIOEESSEUR GEORGES FOUREL CHADXVICK PROFESSEUR PERRIN GOODRICH MME. ALLEN LENOM MIHE. LIERCIER MOTTE-LACROIX LILLE. BOULZKNGER NILLE. PERKINS LTHOV Alumni Associaiion Mr. DeVoto Mr Dennee Mr. Humphrey OFFICERS CHARLES DENNEE . . . . President YVILLIAM BURBANK .i . First Vice-Pvcsident MRS. ZEVELYN BANCROFT . Second V ice-Presiclcnt ALFRED DEVOTO . . . . Treasurev' IIOMER HUMPHREY Financial Secretary WVILLIAM L. GRAY . . Recording Secretary GRACE M. STUTZMAN Co'rrcsponcl'ing Secretary F. Anmsori PORTER ......... Aiiclitor The object of this assocation is to perpetuate and intensify in its members their fidelity to their Alma Nlater, and to bind them together in a spirit of true friendship and mutual helpfulnessg to assist Worthy students by the establishment of a loan fund, free scholarsliips and prizesg to aid in the endowment of professor- ships when these helps shall become practicable 5 to assist one another, and to further the cause of true art. Page Seventy-four Sify' 5 f 1, 6 ,V , ff P - za ll ll Nxllgf ll' SSS ' X I-'ll .A S5 3,9 , ZJQ ul ! ' s I. cf-Wx-a NG C' OFFICERS ROWLAND HALFPENN1' . . . . ,P?'6S'l-CZ6?7.f VVENTNVORTH CARR Vice-Presiclent ANITA GARRY . . Secretary DOXVELL LICNEILL . . Tv'ea,su1'er NGAWINI XVORTLEY Committee-at-large DEAN TABOR . Committee-at-large The Neume Club was organized in 1925 for the purpose of promoting social activities among the students of the Conservatoi-y. The activities so far have taken the form of two formal promenades: the :first was held in the Repertory Ball Room, the second was held on Saint Pat1'ick's Day, 19927, in the Swiss Room of the Copley Plaza Hotel. Page Seventy-five EHDHIBQIIHP The Elson Club OFFICERS NI.-XRY SHUMAN ..... . President LILLIAN Hmsn TRATTON . Vice-Presiclent Rosn L. BRENER . . Secreta-ry ETHEL SHAUNESSY . . Tovasurer The Elson Club was organized in 1920 to promote appreciation of the best in music, to discuss musical problems, to hold programs, to further in every possible Way the musical interests of its members, and to commemorate the name of the late Louis C. Elson. The membership is limited to the Junior a11d Senior classes and to graduates of the New England Conservatory. The outstanding feature of 1926 was the presentation tothe Conservatory of a bronze memorial tablet of Louis C. Elson on February 12th. The Work was produced by the famous sculptor, Henry Hudson Kitson. Page Seventy-six M01 albumin Hellenic Socieiy OFFICERS VVILLIAM S. SELF ,.... . . . President ROWLAND B. IIALFPENNY . First Vice-President FLORENCE J. BARBIERS . . Second Vice-Presiclont NORhiAN STRAUSS . Recording Secretary ANITA BANCROFT . Corresponding Secretary ROSSANNA MCGINNIS . . . . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA MU PHI EPSILON IKAPPA GAMMA PSI F1-11 lVIU ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA VVhen the Hellenic Society was founded in 1910, there was a need of collective gatherings among the studentsg therefore the Greek-letter organization was es- tablished With the following objects in view: to promote thorough co-operation, affiliation and closer friendship zunong the members of the fraternities, to assist Worthy students by the establishment of free scholarships, and in general to aid the Conservatory and further the true progress of art. . Page Seventy-scv I THE ORCHESTRA QIIMIDIQ The Conservaiory Orcfzesircz JMIINOT A. BEALE, Concert-masrfer CECILE E. FOREST MORRIS PXELDIXIAN IONE COY RUTH E. AUSTEN BASIL PRANGOULIS SILVIO J. XWARTONE GEORGE I-IABBERSTAD MARY Q. FULLER ISAREL MCDONALD DELWIN M. SHAW IIONVARD RALYEA FREDERICK C. BERIOK BESSIE S.7ANKELEXVI'1'Z ALEXANDER NIARK I-IARRIE1' E. CURTIS V IOLEI' IIIRSII AJAX O. IQUNZE, I 'llSIf'l"llCfO7' GUS'FIkX'E A. GERIIARDT ELFORD CAUGIIEY GEORGE C. JMIADSEN Page Seventy-ninc F irst Violins OTTAVIO DEVIVO CORINNE SCI-IXVARTZ I-IAR'rY MARGARET H. CLARK BEATRICE C. PERRON CYRIL J. SAUNDERS A Second Vfiolzfm' IVIORRIS JKAPLAN EUGENIA BUTKIEXVICZ EDITH S. PEARSON FLORENCE LEACI-I Violas IJRACH ARAIQELIAN GEORGE C. :HELD PIERINO DI BLASIO GEORGE I'IU1XIPHREY Violoncallos GE1l'1'1iUDE GfXD1301S R.UT1'I XVESTMAN OLIVE BI. VVILBUR fXNNA T. DYMOND C077I'7'ClbflS8'6S MRS. STANLEY VVASS JOHN J. MOMAHON Hcwps Flutes TIARRY. H. JVIOSKOXVITZ TI-IORALE B. JOHNSON NIXOBTI E. rfROMl3LY NICHOLAS GUIXLIIITIO STANLEY C. SLOMINSIQI MORRIS POLICOVSIIY DORIS E. COXVAN EDNVARD D. GERRY PERSIS S. IOIURD CHARRY DICKSON CELIA GERMANIO AN'NA SIEGEL rXMERICO J. XXSTOLFI I'IELENE POSSNER. SYDNEY G. ABRO1' FAITH IJONOVAN JOSEPH D. SUTER IBDXVIN S. STUNTZNER STANLEY G. IIASSELL VVILLIAM A. SPINNEY PRISCILLA SMITH RAYMOND ORR 4.1 Hovf ,vvnoz EHDHLBGUHBH A ROBERT C. MCKAY RALPH A. BTCIJEAN, JR. BOAZ PILLER, Instructor GEO. WENIJLER, Instructor GEORGE L. SCOTT, JR. BOWER M. MURPHY LOUIS CONNIHAN SALVATORE PERRONE Piccolo RAYMOND ORR Obocs E. ZIMTMERMAN English Horn DIARY L. MOORE CLIEMENT LENOM, Instructor Clarinets JEROME D. PASQUALL Bass Clarinet GEORGE A. GIBSON Bassoons WARREN M. EATON LLOYD MILLS Contra bassoon BOAZ PILLER Horns 13AVID A. MARSHALL CYRUS D. THOMPSON Trumpets PERLEY E. IQNIGHT IIELEN IIANCOCK Trornboncs JOHN W. COFFEY ' Bass Tuba JOHN FAY Tyrnpani LAWRENCE WIIITE Percussion JOSEPH BLOOM Librarian STANLEY G. LIASSELL VINCENT J. LIAROTTO BIAURICE GIXULL J OSPEH TRANFAGLLA IIAIG GIXRIXBEDIAN MAXWELL E. JONES JACK P. BARRAS REGINALD BOLNIN '4 QA Page Eighty The Conservaiory Chorus AINITA BANCROFT FLORENCE BARRIERS RU'1'I-I BAMPTON LAURA BENSON FLORENCE BIZZELL DOIIOTIIH' BOND EBIILY :BRADSHAYV IQATIIRYN BUCHANAN CELESTE CHAMBLEE ELEANOR CLEAVER FRANCES COULTER LIDA CRAXVFORD ADELAIDE CROSS CATHERINE CUDDY MISS DAMBRA TVLXRGARET IJUIIAINIIG TDOROTHY FRENCH TVIARY XVRENN GARLAND DOROTHY BIRD GEORGE ELSIE GERRISII LUCILLE GRAMMES STELLA GRAY CAROLINE HALL MA1lG'UERITE PIONVELL TXTARIA IACOVINO NIARTHA ICENNETT N ANCY ICESSLER CONSTANCE TTING ANNA KUBILIUS RUTII LAI-IAN BARBARA LESHURE P:LgcEigl1ty-unc TYTARGARET LITTELL CLARE LITTLE STANLIE TVTACCORMACK DIARY TWQCCLURE ELEANOR MOOIZE IJOROTHY TXTORGAN NAOMI MOSER DIARY TNTOTT EVELYN N ASON ANITA NETZOW ETAURINE PALMER BLANCIIE PEABODY ELEANOR PRESCOTT FLORENCE OXVEN ELEANOR REED LEONE REYONLDS DOROTHY RICHARDS ANNA SACHER ESTELLE SCHULZE BETTY SHANV ALICE STETSON FLORENCE STILLXVELL IIARRIET TAYLOR MAE TAYLOR VIVIAN TEDOR EVA TI-IOLLXS LYDIA 'TOLANDER NORMA TURNE1' ELEIXNOR X7IGEANT TXTARION WARFIELD :HELEN TVATLINGTON DOROTHY XVELDAY CTLADYS VVILLLAMS TVIARION WILLS ELEANOR WRIGHT IRVING BARTLEY NVENTNVORTH CARR FENTON CHARLES CHARLES CO1-IN REUBEN COOLEY GENNIXRO D'ALLESANDRO IVAN DITRIARS ROY EKBERG PHILIP FERRARO ROWLAND PIALFPENNY STANLEY HASSELL GEORGE HOYEN JOSEPH LOPEZ DONY'ELL MCNEILL IXIAURICE NIINARD NORMAN MOON EDNVARD MUGLER X7INCENT MORGAN EDWARD O,HEARNE CHARLES PEARSON FREDERICK ROBERTS TVTERTON RYLANDER WILLIAM SELF DEAN TABOR CYRUS THOMPSON XVEBSTER TILESTON 4 23 IA A' 7 ,,f5 HV, Q 7 Il VA. f, I 'Nm W QQ,-'J:-:'-555 95-4 '4 1 - Q442',f54fISe1nf f1 52 5 f ' iwygfgq 'W 'K K , - 12.31 , 4 f ' f .1 :Wi ff 31 -' T fi f' JWYQQPQ' . ' I ,A 4 W W X ly 3721 6, 0 fr 6 I ,,ffQ, 1 V r D ' Q 7 A Q Q ANITH GARRY tgnovc moz Ib time Dramatic Rcciial Given by the Students of the Dramatic Department Under the direction of hir. Clayton D. Gilbert W P R 0 G, R A M "AS WE FORGIVE THOSE" h I A drama in one act by FRANQOIS Corwin CThis version of "Le Pattern was made by Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland, and was produced for the first time on any stage at one of M1'. Gilbertfs matinees, at the Colonial Thcatrej CAST Rosm NIOREL . . ......... Elsa Evans ZELIE, Her Housekceper . . . Louise Black BLANCHE, A Neighbor Lucille Grammes Tim CURJ5 . ..... Stanley Hasscll JACQUES LEROUX .... . . , . Francis Laughlin CAPTAIN DE Rmz ..,..... I . . . George Marshall The place is Paris The scene is 3, 1'00l1l in the house of the Abbe lVIorel The period is the end of the Commune of 1871 LOVE'S OLD SWEET SONG By RACIIEL Cnornmzs CAST WVILLIAM . ..... Norman Strauss MARY . ..... Olive Eks trom . Place-An ante-room Page Eighty-four M01 HIEHIBQIIHB ACT IV FROM LEAH KLESCHNA A drama by C. M. S. ETCLELLAN CAST IQLESCIINA, A Criminal . Richard T. McIntyre SCIIRAM, His Pal . . . . . . Cyrus Thompson LEAII, His Daughter ......... Dorothy Tremble Scene - Kleschnals lodgings in Paris LES PETITS RIENS A Ballet in one scene by W. A. Mozart CFiI'st DC1'f0l'lTlU.11C0 in Bostonj This ballet was first produced in Paris June ll, 1778, at which time the libretto was written by Chevalier Jean Georges N overre, a Famous ballet master of the period. This libretto was lost soon after and has never been found, and the only account of it was found iII the Paris papers at the time of the production ol' the ballet. The music was also lost for over a hundred years. CAST COLIN . . Madrienne La Barre PIIOEBE . , ..., Minerva Reddy CUPIIJ ...,... Bettina Sargent Pianoforte, GIa1I'rn'UnIc G. BIIAILIQY Violin, BASIL PIIANGOULIS MI NA A Dutch comedy told in PRIHLOIIHIHC in one act CFi1-st perforlnance on any stagel Pantomime written by lWr. Gilbert ltlusic arranged by Miss Brailey The pianoforte is played by lVIiss Brailey CAST DERRICK V EIJDER . , . Stanley Hassell JOHANNA VEDDER, His Wlife Lucille Grannnes MTNA Vrcnnrm, His Daughter . Mildred Gray NICHOLAS Vmrmna, I-Iis Son . . Evelyn Boring JAN VAN DER TIEIST .... Norman Strauss :KATRINA VAN Dian 1-IEIST, His Mother ..,. . Elsie Geri-ish JACOB VAN Dim ITEIST, His Brother ..... . . Ruth Collins PETER x7AN SCIIENDEL, The Village Doctor in love with Katrina . . Richard T. McIntyre DANCERS . MINEIWA REDD1' DONALD TTAN TVART Villagers Scene - In front of Derrick Vedder's hoIIse, Volendam, Holland Music furnished by the Kappa Gamma Psi Trio Pianoforte, Charles Touchctteg Violin, Basil Prangoulisg Violoncello, Edward Turner. Page Eighty-fivc 1 V ,fx x LS 'E+- 2 In 1 if NJ ll:- lm K-:vii T , AQ! 'Q f 1' f' ll Q I I I 1ll',. fqlll I M Q gag 5 HIDE li QHHBH Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia p Charles, Sellew, Macdonald, Johnson. Scott, Gerry, Raes, Shultz, Olcson, Ditmars. Trowbridge, Hamilton, Converse, H. Goodrich, Curry, Dennee, Redman, Lenom, Peirce, W. Goodrich, McClosl-zy. Schwab, Hill, Moon, Petty, Dobbins, Chadwick, Whitehurst, Einzig, Stetson, Bennett. White, Bonnin, Dodge, Tilestong Tabor, Saunders, Matson, Lombard, uter. Phi Mu Alpha or Sinfonia, as it is better known in Boston, was originally a social club, founded at the New England Conservatory of llttusic, Boston, in 1898. In 1901 it was incorporated as a national fraternity becoming social, honorary, and professional in scope. Its purpose is for the advancement of music in America, the forming of a brotherhood of music students, and increasing loyalty to the Alma Mate1'. Sinfonia now has forty-three active chapters in music schools and colleges throughout the United States. Sinfonia believes that there is a bright future for American music and American composers and takes advantage of every opportunity to present and encourage recognition of Works by native musicians. Every chapter in the fraternity presents an All-American program each year containing representative works of the best American composers, and awards a prize to the member Who Writes the best original composition. Page Eighty-eight -5 RH IB I II R Phi JAMES M. IDOBBINS IIAROLD F. SCIIXVAI3. . WVALTER G. IVIACDONALD NORMAN I. STRAUSS . CLYDE G. 'MACDONALD GEORGE L. SCOTT LAKVRENCE WVIIITE ROYAL K. JOHNSON REGINALD B. BONNIN R. LAXVRENCE CAIION FENTON H. CHARLES JAMES M. DOIZIIINS LIAROLD C. DODGE IVAN DITMIXIRS IIASSLER EINZIG EDWARD D. GERRY RAYMOND F. HILL ROYAL K. JOHNSON MAXWELL E. JONES ERNEST P. LOMDARD GEORGE W. CIIADNVICK NIINOT A. BEALE CHARLES H. BENNETT EDEN C. BLACK DAVID S. BLANPIED FREDERICK S. CONVERSE ARTI-IUR. M. CURRY CHARLES F. DENNIEE ALFRED DEV OTO :IFLOYD B. DEAN LIENRY M. IJUNHABI WILLIAM H. DUNI-IAM SAMUEL ENDICOTT REV. WVILLIAM E. GARDNER, D.D. :l:C11HI'LC1' Members Page Eighty-nine .I I R'!jQ A I Q L 'go Ig' .rg J Nfl? I I K ' I, -Y 7 JI Q - " llll I 252.5-jf: .1 'QA lj, O - R ,X 1' .JN-l .LJ 1 I ' iii , ff, " QQESYD Mu Alpha I Sinfonia OFFICERS . . Pfresiclent and Suqorefmc Councilman .V'LC6-1J'I'BSillC'fLZf cmd Treczszarer Vice-Presiclent Secretary, I1l'l.L77Z77,i Secretcwy Correspovzding Secretafry . . . H-zfstorian UICl7'd67Z . . . . L'z.b1'a1'ia11. Aciizv: M cm bars JACK E. LOWE GEORGE L. SCOTT, JR. NOIQRIIXN V. MOON NVILLIAM S. SELI-' CLYDE G. MACDONALD DONALD E. SELLER' XVALTER G. RCIACDONALD :DELXVIN SHAW' ILALPII A. MACLANE, JR. ERNEST C. SHHLTZ GEORGIE P. RIATSON .NORMAN I. STRAUSS CHARLES W. PEARSON JOSER D. SUTER IIOXVARD J. PETTY DEAN TATZOR JWIORGAN R. ILEES JAMES TAYLOR CYRIL SAUNDERS IVEBSTER W. TILESTON IIAROLD F. SAWYER JOHN N. VINCENT, JR. ICIAROLD F. SCHWAD LAXVRENCE WHITE Faculty Mcfnzbcrs OLIVER C. FAUET RAYMOND ORR ARTHUR FOOTE CARL PEIRCE HOWARD GODING ROILIND REASONER LIENRY GOODRICH PIARRY N. RJEDMAN LMYVALLACE GOOIJRICH HERBERT ILINGNVALL VAUGIIN IIAMILTON EUSTIXCE B. ILICE TFREDERICK TROXVBRIDGE FRANK V. RUSSELL PERCY F. HUNT SULLIVAN A. SARGENT IIIOMER C. IIUMPIIREY WILLIAM B. TYLER :HCLAYTON JOHNS AUGUSTO VANNINI L. F. RIOTTE-LACROIX INIORSE IVEMPLE CLEMENT LENOM :IARTIIUR SODERMAN FREDERICK LINCOLN WVARREN STOREY SMITH RAYMOND C. ROBINSON VVTLLIAM E. ZEUCK TAssistHHt Mzumgcr il1BHrszH' MFIJGEIU of fthe Faculty L LTHOVA. - A 0 J' AY i 3 gl HH A M ll Phi Epsilon Hall, Gaclbois, Furman, Cowan, Palmer, Conoley, Bizzell, Diehl, Ellis. Owen, Bancroft, Ford, Crockford, Austen. VVilbur, Allen, Gadbois, lvlonaghan, Scliaber. Mu Phi Epsilon, composed of fifty active chapters and many alumnae clubs, is an honorary musical sorority whose membership is limited to those whose musical abilities fulfill its requirements. These are, excellent scholarship, a High School education or its equivalent, knowledge of the piano and of theoretical subjects besides proficiency in 011C,S chosen instrument, and the ability to make a creditable public performance. Its objects are the advancement of music in America, the development of the truest sisterhood, and loyalty to the Alma Mater. H A national scholarship fund is maintained at the National Headquarters for the members in need of assistance to finish their musical education, and the various chapters of the sorority give scholarships to their members. Page Ninety evil' H 0 Vg ACTIVE MEMB :KATHRYN FORD . ILXLEENE GROSSART . ANITA BANCROFT . RUTH AUSTEN . ROSSANNA NICGINNIS FLORENCE OXVEN . TNIAURINE PALMER . ELIZABETH 'TRAVIS CAROLINE LIALL . IONE COY . LOUISE ALLEN RUTH IXUSTEN ANITA BANOROFT FLORENCE BIZZELL LOUISE BUBE IONE COY . TWLYRTLE CONOLEY DORIS COXVAN ISABEL CROCKFORD MRS. GRACE BONNER XVILLIAMS MRS. LAURA LITTLEFIELD BTISS :HEDNVIG SCHROEDER MISS IVLIRIE N IOHOLS TMLME. RENEE NLIQUELLE BLUE. HUDSON-ALEXANDER Page Nine-l.y-one. F EUDH IB GWB M ln llllll ff I A ff! 'k'ki'k un, W . U I 9 ' N I Mu Phi Epsilon OFFICERS SOEURETTE DIEIIL EMITJY ELLIS CAROLYN EUBANKS IQATHRYN FORD LOUISE FURMAN GERTRUDE GADEOIS ISABELLE GADEOIS ALEENE QTROSSART CAROLINE I'IALL LIME. ERS . . Presiclcnt . If'iC6-P?'6.?'iClB7Zf Recording Sec7'eta.7'y . C'o1'responcling Secretary . . T1'ea.9u9'e'1' H I .s'zf0'r-icm Wawlcn C7lza,pla'm . Clz0rz.s'fer flhmmae Secretary ISABEL NICDONIXTJIJ ROSSANNA TVLCGINNIS LUCILLE TVIONAGIIAN FLORENCE OXVEN NIAURINE PALMER BERTIIA SCHABER MAY TAYLOR ELIZABETH FFRAVIS OLIVE WILBUR MARIE SUNDELIUS MISS lVI.ABEL DANIELS MISS IRMA SEYDEL TMIRS. TNTARION CI-IAPIN MfLLE. NIXDLX BOULILYGER TVIME. DAI BUELL HIDE IBHGIHBH Sigma Alpha Ioia Collins, Bossuot, Leach, Petersen, Hilbusll, Escalona. Fowler, Neilson, Perron, lvilloughby, Robards, Knight, Packard. lacovino, Havens, Trombley, Burnham, Fishburne, lfVatlington, Buchanan, Fretz, King. Dunlap, Blocker, Donovan, Bryfogle, MacCormack, Peterson, Hallett. Sigma Alpha Iota, an international professional fraternity, was founded June 12, 1903, at Ann Arbor, Micliigan. It has forty-six active and Hfteen alumnae chapters. This fraterniaity was founded to draw together talented and earnest women musicians in the school in a spirit of friendship, so that by working together and helping each other, the highest ideals in musical scholarship might be attained. Lambda chapter is located at the New England Conservatory. Each year it gives a scholarship to the school, and a scholarship to one of its own girls. A nation- al endowment fund has been created for the purpose of assisting members and aiding in the development of musical interest. ' . Page Ninety-lwo 63,1 H 01154, DIARY FISIIBUIKXE PIELICN WATLINc:'r0N IIUTII BURNHAAI . IQATITRYN BUCHANAN IEUTII l"RETz , LILLIAN BOSSUOT . MAEEL PIAVENS . NAORII 'FROAIHLEY ELEANOR PACKARD IIUTH BL:-:c:Kn:R LILLLAN BOSSUOT INEZ BRYIIOGLE IQATIIRYN BUCHANAN IIUTII BURNIIAM RUTH COLLINS FAITH DONOVAN ILKZEL DUNLAP :ROSITA ESCALONA MARY FISIIBURNE RIRS. DUIILEY FITTS ,moz Munn I A +1 Z 60 6' Z A , - R Sigma Alpha Ioia OFFICERS . . President . Vice-Prasizlvnt . Rccorrling Secretary U0r1'esponri'ing Secretary . . . T1'eusm'er Chaplaivl. Raporlcr Alunmac Secretary Sergcamf-at-ar'n1,s ACTIVE MEMBERS 1gLIZA1SE'I'!l FOWLIGH IIUTII FRETZ I-IAZEL I'IALLETT RCIABEL IHAVENS MART PIILBUSII MARIA IACOVINO CONSTANCE :KING ELEANOR ICNIGHT FLORENCE LEACII STANLIE RIACCORMACK NIARGERY NEILSON ELEANOR PACKARD BEATRICE PERRON RIGAIOR PETERSEN DORIS PETERSON NORINE ZROBARDS NAOR'II TROMBLEY IIELEN XVATLINGTON MTXRIARI YVILLOUGIIBY CHAPTER' HON ORARY MEMBERS MAIE. ESTIIER FERRABINI-JACCIIIA MRS. ETIIEL CAVE-COLE DIME. MOTTE-LAcRoIx WIRE. BERNICE FISHER-BUTLER NIRS. ALVAN T. FULLER NIERLE ALCOCK LUCREZIA Bout INA BOURSKATA CLARA BUTT JULIA CLAUSSEN FLORENCE EASTON OLIVE FREAISTAD ARIELITA GALLI-CURCI MMR. EMMA ROBERTS-LONGIIEAD NATIONAL I-IONORARY MEMBERS LOUISE IIOMER NIARIA J ERITZA CAROLINE LAZZARI FLORENCE RTACBETII EDITH MASON RCIARGUERI'1'E RIATZENAUER LUELLA M ELIUS YOLANDA RIERO DUSOLINA GIANNINI CHRISTINE MILLER :FREIDA I-IEMPEL RKIYRA HESS Page Ninety-tlnrcc ENRIKA RIORINI MAY RIUKLE CLAUDIA IVIUZIO ROSA RAISA ELIZABETII IIETHBERG CORINNE RIDER-KELSEY GEIITRUDE Ross OLGA SAMAROFF NLXRCELLA SEMBRICH JANET SPENCER GERTRUDE MAY STETN IIARIUET VVARE FLORENCE IIINKLE WITIIERSPOON FANNIE BLOOMFIELD-ZEISLER IDB Quail Alpha Chi +omega Drexel, Shaw, Bircliby, Bates, Cotton, Kessler, Goodman, Barnes. Nye, lvarfield, Reynolds, Burgess, Wlortley. Davis Barbiers. Alpha Chi Omega, a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Congress, granted a charter to Zeta Chapter at the New England Conservatory of lVIusic ten years after the fraternity was founded at Depauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. t Zeta Chapter is the only strictly musical chapter of the fraternity. Although Alpha Chi Omega is a collegiate fraternity its traditions embody the appreciation of music and its sister arts, and the attainment of a high moral and mental standard. Scholarship is emphasized not only because high rank supports nationaliprestige, but also because the fraternity believes a certain degree of intellectual accomplish- ment will enrich the life of each member. There is a National Scholarship Fund for members and a national Scholarship for children. The first day of March, Hera Day, each girl devotes her time to al- truistic Work. Page Ninety-four ': Q 'i A lllllil l NSN'-AN N IIIIT T II 1 I n If' S .9 '56 aV5aawy.ev 'VO V Alpha Chi Qmega OFFICERS LEONE IREYNOLDS lX1ARION WARIPIELD SUE BURGESS . N'GAXVINI XVORTLEY DOROTHY NYE BETTY SI-IAXV . ELEAXNOR DAVIS MARION GOODMAN DOROTHY DREXEL FLORENCE BARBIERS IXIARY BARNES ELIZABETH BJXTES IVIARTHA BIRCHBY SUE BURGESS RKARGARET CLARK IJOROTHY COTTON ACTIVE MEMBE IIARRIET CURTIS ELEANOR DAVIS DO12OTI'IY DREXEL MARION GOODMAN NANCY ISCESSLER BARBARA LESHURE MARION NIESSINGER HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. H. H. A. BEACH FANNIE B. ZEISLER RS NEYXLLH' STEVENS DIME. MARIE IJECCA A.DELE VERNE lVIRS. CEDXVARD BIACCDOXVELL DIRS. DIARY N. SABIE INDIE. I'IELEN IIOPEILIRK BIARGARET R. LANG IVIINIE. JULIA RIVE ISTING Alfzmnni Aclvisor NIRS. R. J. DUNIQLE Page Ninety-five . . President . EVice-P9'es'zfclcv1.t . Rccorclzfng Secfretary : U0l"l'GSP071Cli1Z!j Secretary . . , T'rcasm'er . Historian . Lyra Ediior . Chaplain . , W'arclen. DOROTHY NYE LEONE REYNOLDS EDITH RICE BETTY SI-IAWV MARION VVARFIELD N'GAXVINI WORTLEI MME. ILXDELE AUS DER OHE TMME. CARVENO ELLEN YAW MME. IVIRS. E. S. YVELSH A. SZUBIOXVSIQA Provivzce Presiclent MRS. SIIELDON D. GR X11 VIDZ lb LBHGIIHBH Kappa Gamma Psi Slominski,'Rylz1nder, Gilmore, TLu'ner, Laite, H. Coleman Prangoulis, Lippert, Halfpeuny, Murphy, Williams, S. Coleman, Gibson. Kappa Gamma Psi fraternity was organized in December, nineteen hundred and thirteen, at the New England Conservatory by members of the Faculty, their aim being to establish an organization that would promote school spirit. In the course of years the fraternity has expanded and at the present time boasts of six chapters that represent various sections of the country. Kappa Gamma is Very active in the social affairs of the School, running, concerts and dances with other fraternities at frequent intervals during the school year. A scholarship fund, started by Paderewski and now grown to a sizeable pro- portion, gives appreciated aid to some member each year. Page Ninety-six BOWER NIURPHY . ILOWLAND HALFPENNY . CLAYTON WILLIAMS ROBERT MCKAY . OTTAVIO DEXTIVO . ALEXANDER MARK JAY LIPPERT . BASIL PRANGOULIS EDWARD BATSON SAMUEL COLEMAN TIERBEIIT COLEMAN GENNIXRO D'ALLESANDRO OTTAVIO DEXTIVO LORING GILMORE ALBERT GINGRJKS ROWLAND HALFPELYNY JOSEPH ADAJKIONVSKI ITAROLD BAUER PABLO CASALS FREDERICK CODIIRN PHILIP GREELEY CLAPP CLAYTON GILBERT LOUIS CORNELL FRANCIS FINDLAY GEORGE GARDNER J. ALBERT JEFFERY Page Ninety-seven IBQHHB 'fp V-SSN . 'Q A" b5-.S Af nf S- A XJ . "i I X Hlllllllllllllllll 'SQA' X 'nummnu f A -1-1 5 5 . :.X .E . ,i4!5iA?L 4 . 'EEFT ' , .I ?Sm-,nvkj dm Asif I YQ S W :A I ml U' Kappa Gamma Psi OFFICERS ACTIVE MEMBERS STANLEY IIASSEL GILBERT LAITE JAY LIPPERT JOSEPH LOPEZ ALELINDER BIARK BIALCOLM BIARK BOXVER BTURPHY BIXSIL PRANGOULIS HONORARY MEMBERS SAMUEL NV. CARR OSSIP GABRILOWITSCII PHILIP HALE KRUDOLPII TOLL FRITZ LLREISLER GEORGES LONGY FACULTY MEMBERS GEORGE GIBSON DOUGLAS LOUIS F. IKVLOEPFEL EDXVIN KLIKIIRE F. STUART MASON F. ADDISON PORTER .lwmozqpb . . President . First Vice-P1'e.s-ident . Second Vice-President Corrcsponrling Secretary . Recording Secretary . Assistant Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer Sergeant-Ill-Ar'nzs BIERTON RYLANDER CHESTER STEXVART DONALD SMITH CHARLES TOUCHETTE STANLEY SLOMINSIII EDOUARD TURNER DONALD VANWART CLAYTON TVILLIALIS IGNACE JAN PADEREVVSKI W. R. SPAULDING XVILLIAM L. WIIITNEY L. R. LEWIS AGIDE JA CCIIIA JOSEPH BONNET LRICHARD STEVENS ALBERT W. SNONV CILYRENCE B. SHIRLEY FRANK W. TVATSON :HARRY S. TVILDER F inis ADVERTISEMENTS ww' ,M W: S93 '4v2,Jff Q11 Mm K X2Zv'1"5y ' l yff A GRADUATION PORTRAITS iganljrarij IVIOST APF-'RECIATED GIFTS BECAUSE OF TI-IEIR SENTIIVIENT. BEAUTY AND LONG LIFE. SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Eacbranb PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION Q51 lgbe . ,ff BOSTON I NEVV YORK 647 BOYLSTON STREET MSN 507 FIFTH AVENUE QYDEVISQ I OFFICAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO TI'-IE CLASS -OF 1927 ' Wm Q 11:1 Pm " ' ' " z "" - QE-L - 1 -i .- ' I ivi "2:' lmlmll ' 1' 'Z f W- " X - ,A,.,,.. , .,1. ,.,,.,,,, .. 1' ..,, H , fr. , . . Snap 5 .:.' Tfze 1927 Mgzwze is cz product gf The Q!6Z6l10il67" Tress QH9za'0fvef', Qjffass. The Northeastern PREPARATORY SCHOOL CO-EDUCATION AL An Evening -High School with Day 'School Standards Certification Privileges A Complete High School Education at Convenient Evening Hours Ezifective Methods of Instruction SUMMER TERM BEGINS MAY 31 For further information address JAMES W. LEES, Principal Northeastern Preparatory School BOSTON Y. M. C. A. 312 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. Telephone Back Bay 4400 CI-IAPIN 6: ADAMS COMPANY , BUTTER and EGGS 35 South Market Street BOSTON C. D. BULLERWELL F. M. SCOBORIA C. D. BULLERWELL and COMPANY Wholesale Fruit and Produce 7 New Faneuil Hall Market QNorth Sidej BOSTON : MASS. Telephone Richmond 73i, 732 "New Englancfs Own" PACKERS AND PRODUCERS OF FINE FOODS WHOLESALE ONLY-Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork. Hams, Bacon, Sausages, Poultry, Game, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Olives, Oils, Fresh, Salt and Smoked Fish, Fruits and Vegetables. Preserves and Canned Foods BATCHELDER 8: SNYDER CO. Blackstone, North and North Centre Sts. BOSTON, MASS. Compliments of TI-IE STUDENTS UNION '93 NSINCERE AFFILIATIONU O. H. BRYANT at SON ESTABLISHED 1910 'Uiolin Jlffakerf, fDea!er.f 246 HUNTINGTON AVENUE .B O S T O N OLD and NEW VIOLINS For seventeen years in his own shop, and for fifteen years violin expert with one of America's largest music houses, Mr. O. H. Bryant has built a reputation recognized by the finest violinists. In nearly every state in the Union, in every important city, violins from Bryant's are played by the better class violinists. XVRITE ron INFOIIMATION or ANY KIND CONCERNING VIOLINS Complimentary CDH! I lm' igharmarg Compliments of Phi Mu Alpha Couriesy of Le Cercle Francais 3 D Sinfonia b Compiimenis of i Mu Phi Epsilon' Compiimenls, of Alpha Cizi Qmega Courtesy of Sigma Alpha Ioia Compliments of Kappa Gamma Psi fliumplimentsi uf Q jrienh The Most Up-to-date Edition Of the Musical Classics, Studies, Recreations and Modern Works 1000 voLUMEs D Represents the highest achievement in the production of these works in a low-priced edition. Carefully edited, perfectly printed and bound. Teaching Pieces That Will Delight Both Teacher and Pupil If you are looking for really delightful teaching material-pieces that have been composed by teachers of wide experience-you will find in- valuable help in the Thematic Lists of Works published by the B. F. Wood Music Co., and obtainable from your regular dealer or from the publishers. These contain an immense range of carefully-graded educational music, with the themes, and a practical description of the precise technical pur- pose for which each piece was written. Procure from, your Regular Dealer THE B. F. WOOD MUSIC CO. 88 St. Stephen Street : : Boston, Mass. 'ALSO AT LONDON For CONVENIENCE and ECONDIVIY buy from Northeastern University Bookstore SECOND FLOOR, BOSTON Y.M.C.A. 'TD ll Loose Leaf Material Fountain Pens Books Stationery Supplies Brief Cases Sgmplrnng iltrntanrnnt fAdjoining Symphony Ham l,4merican and Chinese Food GWMKD DINNER e CABARET DANCE I QJWKD DANCING UNTIL I A.IVI. COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF The Kitchen Cupboard coMB1NAT1oN DINNERS as nicely Havored for your health and enjoyment as your IVIother's would be. Also Breakfast and Luncheon "Tokens of Good Taslcn Giianhies ants 35:2 Qilream uf Quperlatihe QExceIIence Fisiqiz MADE FISKE'S CANDY SHOPS Across the street at 287a Huntington Ave. Harvard Sq., Cambridge - Payson Park, Belmont CI- I' SANDWICH SHOP Specializing in Three Decker Toasted Sandwiches 273 Huntington Avenue : : BOSTON G QEI711:Ixe ring? 80-590115 395 Bojlfton .ff Boston, A Study Course in Music Understanding Adopted' by the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF MUSIC CLUBS Each book presents the essentials of its subject, giving in attractive, yet scholarly form, what every music student must know and what each music lover should know. FIRST YEAR SECOND YEAR THE FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSIC FROM SONG T0 SYMPHONY By Karl W. Gehrkens, A.lVI. By Daniel Gregory Mason A non-technical book of essential facts. How to listen purposefully to music itself. THIRD YEAR FOURTH YEAR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS EPOCHS IN MUSICAL PROGRESS By Dr. Edgar Stillman Kelley By Clarence G. Hamilton, A.M. A story of the instruments through which A bird's-eye view of the whole expanse of music is made. musical endeavor. A ' Price,' each book, 81.50 net Qliver Ditson Co., I QEHQQR I I 79 Tremont St., Boston ARMSTRONG Transfer Company BAGGAGE TRANSFER and Colzzjiliflzezzfr qf TAXICAB sranvicia I The Cofzferwziofy Club Baggage called for and delivered in all parts of Boston and suburbs LOW RATE TAXI SERVICE N0 CHARGE FOR EXTRA PASSENGERS Offices and Agents at Railroad and Steamship Terminals TELEPHONE: LIBerty 7400 Main Office: 271 Albany St., BOSTON JOSEPH I. SMALL fFormerly with Smith Part erson Cog jeweler and Opficiczn Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing DIAMONDS WATCHES U JEWELRY 267 Huntington Avenue CNcar Symphony Hallj Boston Phone Kenmore 2639 Compliments Of EADiIE'S 46 Gainsborough Street HOSIERY Copley 7l87M A UNDERWEAR Pl-IOEBEUS Sl-IOPPE SPECIALTIES-GIFTS Circulating Library Greeting Cards 50 GAINSBORO ST. - BOSTON Tel. Con. C. Bourloukas, Prop HUNTINGTON SHOE REPAIRING CO. S Shoes, Rubbers and Shoe Polishes 297 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. Kenmore 2076lTelephones-Kenmore 2077 , ' -T .f -ee 1 gy 5 1 i35iPApP Yf"AC'f59m5 WE? 3 -Q i ll FLQWERSHOP - 313133,-'famlIi'gi!:.:3a 1 Sc College Souvenirs K i ' 'Pnrly Colo in Favors., ' F I F Buselmzgl, I: lilmlbull. I 3 l- l I I Ind ollirgl ni!! ll ' l , , 1 , , , : .r u non - f bay it with naw - en -1 Novellies in Season. - Ll N 23 420 Hun1gng5oxghAYenSue, Boston, Mass. l EOIRWEWHHAHOLWWF4 4. . il ppoxr c rfshan nance Church Brancl1:86 Mass. Ave. at Commonwealth Ave.. Tel. B.B. 6l42 Childs, Sleeper 89 Co. Beef, Poultry, Mutton, Lamb and Veal H HOTEL SUPPLIES 57 631' 58 North Market Street : Boston P Telephone Richmond 1612 The CHIC MAID 259 HUNTINGTON AVENUE EXCLUSIVE EROCKS Wislies to thank The Conservatory Girls for their patronage in the past and will continue to extend Unexcelled Service HILL 65' HILL, Inc. SADDLERY POLO GOODS BREECI-IES MAKERS RIDING HABITS 399 Boylston Street : : Boston Telephone Back Bay 8I76 he cover for th1S. annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois . fin-,v Molloy Minn Cuvzr bean this nude mark un lhl wana KABATZNICKYS INCORPORATED Qffff and S6010 484 BOYLSTON STREET : BOSTON Wheffe Tour Glierzuzy Dreamy Came True ill' E '53 if EJ T . Q. FA:-tous LIAIR SH1NGLE Permanent Waves, Marceling, Tinting, Shampooing, Scalp Treatment, Facials, Manicuring 276 HUNTINGTON AVENUE : : BosToN Telephone B. B. 2495 Boston Musical Bureau ESTABLISHED IN 1699 Entirely devoted fo placing TEACHERS OF MUSIC in EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Address: HENRY C. LAHEE I2 Huntington Ave. : Boston. Mass. PRIMROSE HOSIERY SHOP Roomtzu - COLONIAL BUILDING Too BOYLSTON STREET : : BOSTON YVe are now featuring the famous Gold Seal Silk Stockings exclusively and carry a complete assortment of latest styles and colors at popular prices-including the Picot Edge on Service VVeight and Cl1iH"on. Black and Compose Heels in attractive combinations. Hosiery Repair- ing a Specialty. ZKin?Jne55 uf The Qilass uf 1928 Complmzenff of DANA, GARDINER I 1 FROST HALLS Tfecepfffesses: MRS. SAWYER MRS. FERGUSON MRS. JENNINGS The 2151111 Sci mnlin P1ANoFoRTE .... Unique in Tone Quality ,M HE rare beauty of the Mason Sz Hamlin Pianoforte lies in its tone, a tone defi- nitely distinctive, different from that of any other piano, a tone embodying char- acteristics of the human voice at its best. Indeed, in the creation of the Mason K1 Hain- lin Pianoforte its makers originally chose the human voice as their Ideal, and to this Ideal they have ever remained unswervingly stead- fast. What wonder, then, that the tone of the Mason Sz Hamlin is Warm, sympathetic and at all times musical-what Wonder that it sings, as it bears its message to the' lover of beauty! iHiIM1III8cmEIIIIliIIQiII. H Boston A- , New Lnflldn C NSERVATOR OF ,MUSIC BOSTON, MASS. ' GEORGE YV. CHADXVICK, Director Year Opens September 15th, 1927 Pianoforte, Voice, Organ, Violin, Violoncello, and all other Orchestral Instruments, Composition, Harmony, History of Music, Theory, Solfeggio, Diction, Chorus, Choir Training, Ensemble for Strings, Wood-Wind and Brass. Department of Public School Music ' A three-year course leading to Conservatory Diploma. English, Languages, Psychology, and Education Degrees of Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of School Music Granted Operatic Departlnent Dralnatic Department Orchestra of Eighty-live ' Free Privileges Of lectures, concerts and recitals, the opportunities of ensemble practice and appearing before audiences with orchestral accompaniment. Dormitories for Women students. Address: RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager

Suggestions in the New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

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