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EDITED BY THE NEUME BOARD for the CLASS OF 1924 PRINTED BY LEW A. CUMMINGS CO. MANCHESTER N. H. There ' s music in the sighing of a reed; There ' s music in the gushing of a rill; There ' s music in all things, if men had ears; Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. — Byron. Spirit of Beauty Thy light alone, like mist o ' er mountains driven, Or music by the night-wind sent Through strings of some still instrument, Or moonlight on a midnight stream, Gives grace and truth to lifes unquiet dream. —Shelley. The Conservatory Building Ralph L. Flanders General Manager TfN recognition of him, under whose wise and skillful management our Institution has gained an eminence equalled by few and excelled by none, we dedicate this, our year book TO Jttr. alpl) 1. jflantier than whom no school can boast a more sagacious counselor, no student a kinder, a greater friend, and we, the class of 1924, feel particularly proud of our position and the privilege we enjoy — his friendship. GE RGE K . ClIADW K K Director George W. Chadwick Director GEORGE WHITEFIELD CHADWICK, eminent composer, organist, con- ductor and educator, was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, November 13, 1851. His organ-playing began at the age of fifteen. Attempts at compo- sition followed while he was still at school, but, despite this attention to music, he finished his course at the Lawrence High School, and for three years served as a clerk in his father ' s insurance office. During this time, with characteristic persever- ance, he laid the foundation for his professional career by attending the Conservatory in 1872 as a student, studying Theory with Dudley Buck and organ under George E. Whiting. He had now written two overtures for small orchestral and several piano trios. In 1876 he embraced an opportunity to teach pianoforte and harmony at Olivet College, Michigan, whence he went abroad to continue his studies at Leipzig and Munich (1877-79) under such masters as Jadassohn, Reinecke and Rhein- berger, where he composed continuously and won marked distinction. At Leipzig, he had two string quartets and an overture on the theme of " Rip Van Winkle " performed at the yearly examination. The latter piece made a profound impression on the European musicians who heard it. Their commendation was reported in Boston, and in December, 1879, the overture was given its first American presenta- tion in Boston at a concert of the Harvard Musical Association. Upon his return to Boston, Mr. Chadwick joined the Faculty of the New England Conservatory of Music in 1881 as a teacher of harmony and composition, and in 1897 he became director, succeeding Mr. Carl Faelton. During his twenty- six years of service as director, the School has grown to be a great University of the Musical Arts. He has not only raised the standard in each department, but has impressed himself especially upon the work in composition and ensemble playing. From his orchestra of eighty members, many of his pupils have gone into orchestras elsewhere, some of them becoming conductors. Few American composers have won such high esteem. His works comprise symphonies, overtures, choral works, chamber music, operas and operettas, and about one hundred songs. Mr. Chad- wick ' s compositions are played by Symphony Orchestras perhaps more frequently than those of any other American composer, and he has served as guest-conductor with all the larger orchestras throughout the country. He is a representative of the Art of Music in the Academy of Arts and Letters, and such distinguished musicians as Frederick S. Converse, Wallace Goodrich, Henry Hadley, Dr. Horatio Parker, and Arthur Whiting have studied under him. He was awarded the Honorary Degree of Master of Arts by Yale in 1897, and LL.D. by Tufts College in 1905. Mr. Chadwick ' s genius has been to us a constant inspiration, while his kindly interest in each one of us and conscientious criticism of our progress have proved the surest guide to the perfection of our art. In expressing true loyalty and affec- tion, the Class of Nineteen Twenty-four unanimously subscribes itself. Wallace Goodrich Dean of the Faculty Wallace Goodrich Dean of the Faculty WALLACE GOODRICH, endowed with solid musicianship as organist and conductor, combined with the wisdom and tact required to win and hold popular appreciation, was born in Newton, Massachusetts, May 27, 1871. His piano study began while in school. At the age of fifteen his great talent and interest concentrated in the organ and, after three years ' training under Mr. Dunham, he became organist in the Eliot Church in Newton and gave frequent recitals. Having had preliminary instruction in composition with George W. Chadwick, in 1894 Mr. Goodrich continued his education at the Royal Academy. Muni ch, under Rheinberger and Abel, and in 1895 won a medal and gave a choral work with orchestra. He was in Paris with Widor (1895-961. where he made a study of the remarkable development of French organ music, and in 1896-97 was a coach and ballet-conductor at the Leipzig Sladt-Theater. Since 1897 he has taught Organ at the New England Conservatory of Music, where in 1905-06 he took charge during Mr. Chadwick ' s absence in Europe, and since 1907 he has been Dean of the Faculty. In addition to his manifold re- sponsibilities, Mr. Goodrich has acted as organist for the Roston Symphony Or- chestra (1897-1909), appearing several times as soloist, and at Trinity Church (1902-09). He has been equally active as conductor, organizing the Choral Art Society in 1902, and leading it till 1908, having charge of the Cecilia Society (1907-10), and since 1919 conducting the orchestral concerts in Jordan Hall. From the inception of the Boston Opera Company in 1909 to 1912, he was one of the regular conductors. Besides his sympathy with the French school of organ playing, he is interested in all problems of church music, and has helped to solve them by serving on the Committee for the Revision of the Episcopal Hymnal in 1918-19. He is secretary of the Joint Commission on Church Music. The uniformly high quality- of his work has been coupled with a surprising uniformity of success. He has published educational works for the organ and has written " The Organ in France, " 1917, and several essays on organ playing and Gregorian Music. Mr. Goodrich has, we feel, the keenest interest in the welfare of each one of us. Nothing could give us more courage to face our life ' s problems than to know that we have one of the leading American musicians as our teacher, adviser and friend. In recognition of his noble and sympathetic assistance, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Frederick L. Trowbridge Assistant Manager The Huntington Avenue Entrance The Executive Office 1924 THE NEUME 15 Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees George W. Brown George B. Cortelyou Louis A. Coolidge I George W. Chadwick Edwin Farnham Greene Ralph L. Flanders Joseph Balch Charles G. Bancroft Frederick S. Converse President Vice-Presidents Director Treasurer . General Manager Edward S. Dodge Louis K. Liggett Walter H. Langshaw Samuel L. Powers Directory Committee George W. Brown George W. Chadwick Ralph L. Flanders Wallace Goodrich The Huntington Avenue Lobby Showing the famous statute of Beethoven, by Thomas Crawford. This statue, the gift of Charles C. Perkins. Esq.. of Boston, to the Boston Music Hall, was cast in Munich and exhibited there at a speciaJ festival concert of Beethoven ' s music on March 26, 1885. the anniversary of the com- poser ' s death. The unveiling of the statute in Bosion Music Hall took place on March 1. 1856. In 1899 the statue was removed to the Boston Public Library and became the property of the Handel and Haydn Society. In 1903 it was loaned to the Conservatory, where is has since stood. 1924 THE NEUME 19 The Neume Board Editor-in-Chief DORIS MARGARET CRAWFORD Associate Editors Agnes Clare Moritz Gladys Wilson Beatrice Field Business Manager Mildred Mircedes Bettingen Assistant Business Managers Hannah Jane Evans Rita Mary Bowers Advertising Manager Victor Bryan Acres Assistant Advertising Managers Clara Bertha Muggli Helen Lucille Goold Stanley Gordon Hassell Subscription Manager Doris Anna Porter Ex-Officio Arthur Richard Jewell 22 THE NEUME 1924 The Faculty George W. Chadwick, Director Wallace Goodrich, Dean of the Faculty Louis Cornell Alfred DeVoto Charles F. Dennee Kurt Fischer Arthur Foote Howard M. Goding Henry Goodrich J. Albert Jeffery Clayton Johns Edwin Klahre PIANOFORTE Frederick F. Lincoln Anna Stovall Lothian Stuart Mason M. Motte-Lacroix F. Addison Porter Antoinette Szumowska Richard Stevens Frank S. Watson H. S. Wilder Estelle T. Andrews David S. Blanpied Julius Chaloff Floyd B. Dean Lucy Dean Ella Dyer DeVoto Douglas Kenney Mary L. Moore Eustace B. Rice Herbert Rincwall Hedwic Schroeder Henry M. Dunham Homer C. Humphrey ORGAN Wallace Goodrich Raymond Robinson Charles H. Bennett William H. Dunham Percy F. Hunt VOICE Rulon Y. Robison William L. Whitney Sullivan A. Sargent Clarence B. Shirley F. Morse Wemple Alice Huston Stevens tlmothee adamowski Eugene Gruenberg VIOLIN Vaughn Hamilton Harrison Keller VlNCENZO MARIOTTI Carl Peirce Roland Reasoner VIOLA Eugene Gruenberg Joseph Adamowski VIOLONCELLO Virginia Stickney CONTRABASS Max 0. Kunze i 1924 THE NEUME 23 WIND AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS Flute Harp Georges Laurent Alfred Holy Oboe and English Horn Trumpet Clement Lenom Lo uis Kloepfel Clarinet Francis M. Findlay A. Vanninni Trombone French Horn S. GalLO Georce Wendler Tympani and Percussion Instruments Bassoon F- V. Russell BOAZ PlLLER Theoretical and Secondary Courses SOLFEGGIO Samuel W. Cole Clement Lenom Francis M. Findlay HARMONY AND HARMONIC ANALYSIS Frederick S. Converse Stuart Mason Arthur M. Curry Harry N. Redman Homer C. Humphrey William B. Tyler Raymond Robinson Warren Storey Smith • THEORY Frederick S. Converse David S. Blanpied COUNTERPOINT, CANON AND FUGUE Frederick S. Converse Stuart Mason FREE COMPOSITION AND INSTRUMENTATION George W. Chadwick SIGHT-READING David S. Blanpied. Pianoforte H. S. Wilder, Pianoforte Roland Reasoner. Violin Samuel W. Cole MUSIC IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Francis M. Findlai Edith H. Snow 24 THE NEUME 1924 ENSEMBLE CLASSES Stringed Instruments Woodwind Instruments Joseph Adamowski Clement Lenom Brass Instruments Louis Kloepfel LECTURE COURSES George W. Chadwick, Analytical Lectures on Special Subjects Frederick S. Converse, Musical Appreciation; The Orchestra and Orchestral Instruments Stuart Mason, Musical History Arthur Foote, Pianoforte Pedagogy Wallace Goodrich, Organ Construction and Literature; Ritual Music of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America Warren Storey Smith, Special Subjects Eben Charlton Black, English Literature NORMAL DEPARTMENTS Pianoforte Henry Goodrich, Superintendent Voice Clarence B. Shirley, Superintendent DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES English Elizabeth I. Samuel, Language and Literature Mrs. Clara K. Rogers, Diction Italian Anna Bottero French and German Diction Samuel Endicott French Conversation Mme. Zoe L. Mercier DRAMATIC DEPARTMENT Clayton D. Gilbert, Dramatic Action, Stage Deportment, Pantomime Betti Muschietto, Dancing and Deportment MISCELLANEOUS Oliver C. Faust, Organ Construction and Tuning George W. Bemis, Guitar and Mandolin 1984 26 THE N E U M E 1924 Class of 1924 Arthur Richard Jewell Senior Officers Arthur Richard Jewell .... President Stanley Gordon Hassell .... Vice-President Helen Lucille Goold .... Vice-President Mary Siloam Herman ..... Secretary Marion Agnes Graham ..... Treasurer Marian Herrick Com m ittee-at-Large Bertha Cornelia Holman Candidates for Graduation VICTOR BRYAN ACRES Fort Worth, Texas. Voice, under William H. Dunham. ' I ' M A Hellenic Society Advertising Manager, Neume .Manager, Sinfonia Glee Club MARY ELIZABETH AMROCK Mobile, Alabama. Pianoforte, under Antoinette Szumowska. ESTHER ANSHEN Providence, R. I. Pianoforte, under Antoinette Szumowska. MILDRED MERCEDES BETTINGEN The Dalles, Oregon. Voice, under William L. Whitney. M E Hellenic Society- Business Manager. Neume 28 THE N E U M E 1924 I 1 r MARY MARGARET BEVINGTON Nashville. Tenn. Voice, under Charles H. Bennett. Class Committee-at-Large. 1922-1923 M E Corresponding Secretary. 1921-1922 M+E Historian. 1922-1923 M E President. 1923-1924 Hellenic Society VIRGINIA MAY BLISS Rochester, N. H. Pianoforte, under David S. Blanpied. ZAI Hellenic Society Junior Prom. Committee Chairman, Senior Prom. Committee Chairman. Class Social Committee RITA MARY BOWERS San Diego, Calif. Violincello, under Joseph Adamowski. Z Vice-president, 1923-1924 Hellenic Society. Corresponding Secretary, 1923-1924 Conservatory Club, Director. 1923-1924 Assistant Business Manager. Neume SONORA IRENE BRUSTUEN Summit, S. D. Pianoforte, under Anna Stovall Lothian. Conservatory Club 1924 THE NEUME 29 RESTA IRENE BUSHEY Lemoyne, Pa. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. MARGARET CARABILLO Hartford, Conn. Violin, under Harrison Keller. Conservatory Club. INEZ JANE CORMACK Newton, Mass. Pianoforte, under Howard M. Goding Class Banquet Committee DORIS MARGARET CRAWFORD Parkersburg, W. Va. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. Hellenic Society Editor-in-Chief. Neume. 30 THE NEUME 1924 BERTHA JESSIE CROOKS Carthage, N. Y. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. Conservatory Club. MARGARET MILDRED DORON Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Pianoforte, under Antoinette Szumouska ANITA DULL Salt Lake City, Utah. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. HAZEL PIERCE DUNLAP Laconia, N. H. Voice, under Charles H. Bennett. Conservatory Club Senior Prom. Committee Class Day Committee. 1924 THE NEUME GERTRUDE ETHELYN EDNAS Winthrop, Mass. Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery. MINERVA LENORE ELLIOTT Boston, Mass. Voice, under Charles H. Bennett. Junior Prom. Committee. HANNAH JANE EVANS Utica, N. Y. Pianoforte, under F. Addison Porter. Assistant Business Manager. Neume. PAUL WINEIELD FELL Caledonia, Ohio. Organ, under Henry Dunham. : 32 THE NEUME 1924 U BEATRICE FIELDS Huntington, W. Va. Pianoforte, under Antoinette Szurnowska Associate Editor. Neume Class Day Committee MARJORIE HOPE FINNERTY Hudson, Mass. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. ELLA FLANDERS Skowhegan, Maine. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. AXU Vice President 1922-1923 Hellenic Society. Y. W. C. A. DOMENICO GALLUCCI Providence, R. I. Violin, under Timothee Adamokski. 1924 THE NEUME GEORGE AUGER GIBSON Portland, Maine. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. W inner of Mason Hamlin Prize. Class Vice-President. 1922-1923 Recording Secretary, 1922-1923 KT President, 1923-1924 Hellenic Society. Junior Prom. Committee. HELEN LUCILLE GOOLD Rochester, N. Y. Voice, under F. Morse W em pie. Class Treasurer, 1922-1923 Class Vice-President. 1923-1924 AW. Recording Secretary, 1921-1922 AXiJ Corresponding Secretary, 1922-1923 Hellenic Society, Vice-president, 1922-1923 Hellenic Society, President. 1923-1924 Assistant Advertising Manager, Neume HELEN JANETTE GORDON Dallas, Oregon. Pianoforte, under Alfred DeV oto. MARION AGNES GRAHAM Butler, Pa. Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell. Class Vice-president. 1922-1923 Class Treasurer. 1923-1924 M E Hellenic Society Junior Prom. Committee. ■ ■ _M_1 34 THE NEUME 1924 : : 1 % u w ' 1 4 ■ ■ L__ 1 J— L J-l 1 l[ - ALEENE ELIZABETH GROSSART Allentown, Pa. Pianoforte, under Alfred DeVolo. M E Historian. 1923-1924 M E Corresponding Secretary, 1922-1923 Hellenic Society. Class Day Committee. STANLEY GORDON HASSELL Conway, Mass. Trombone, under S. Gallo. Class Vice-president, 1923-1924 Kr Recording Secretary. 1921-1922 Assistant Advertising Manager. Neume MARY SILOAM HERMAN Hagerstown, Md. Voice, under Clarence B. Shirley. Class Secretary. 1923-1924 Junior Prom. Committee Class Social Committee. MARIAN HERRICK Dorchester, Mass. Voice, under Charles H. Bennett. Class Committee-at-Large. 1923-1924 2AI Sergeant-at-Arms. 1920-1921 2AI Chapter Reporter. 1921-1922 2AI President, 1922-1923 Hellenic Society, Vice-President, 1923-1924 Chairman. Junior Prom. Committee Class Social Committee Cercle Francais. Recording Secretary. 1923-1924 1924 THE NEUME 35 RAYMOND HICKS Alpena, Mich. Organ, under Wallace Goodrich. GERTRUDE KATHERINE HICKEY Rockland, Mass. Voice, under William H. Dunham. Conservatory Club BERTHA CORNELIA HOLMAN Wilkesboro, N. C. Voice, under William L. Whitney. Class Committee-at-Large, 1923-1924 2AI Hellenic Society Conservatory Club, Corresponding Secretary. 1922 1923 Conservatory Club, President, 1923-1924 Y. W. C. A. Secretary, 1921-1922 HELEN BEATRICE HOLMER Medfield, Mass. Pianoforte, under Frederick F. Lincoln. r U MR 36 THE NEUME 1924 VIRGINIA WOODRUFF HOWARD Columbus, Ga. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. DOROTHY JACOBSEN Pierre, S. D. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. Class Day Committee ROSE ANNETTE JASPER Worcester, Mass. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. ARTHUR RICHARD JEWELL Worcester, Mass. Voice, under Rulon Y. Robison. Class President, 1922-1924 MA Vice-president. 1923-1924 Hellenic Society Chairman Class Day Committee Cercle Francais Neume Board 1924 THE NEUME 37 r: HELEN LUCILLE JOHNSON Portland, Oregon. Pianoforte, under Alfred DeVolo. Conservatory Club HELEN JOSEPHINE KEENAN Edgevvood, R. I. Violin under Timothee Adarnoivski. Conservatory Club LEON KUNTZ Treichlers, Pa. Pianoforte, under Howard M. Coding. -J ' MA Secretary, 1920-1922 Hellenic Society THOMAS WALTER LANDER Wollaston, Mass. Organ, under Henry Dunham. I MA Corresponding Secretary. 1921-1922 I MA Vice-president. 1922-1923 $MA Recording Secretary. 1923-1924 Hellenic Society, Treasurer. 1923-1924 Class Day Committee. P A lJ 1 u 1 » 38 THE NEUME 1921 :: JAMES PUKDY LODER Port Chester, N. Y. Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell. KI Hellenic Society .Senior Banquet Committee ROSA MONSERRATE MARQUES Aretibo, Porto Rico Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. 2AI Cercle Francais Hellenic Society MARGARET CATHERINE MASON Clarinda, Iowa. Pianoforte, under Stuart Mason. MARY MARGARET MELANSON Revere, Mass. Pianoforte, under Alfred DeVoto. 1924 THE N E U M E GRANVILLE DORR MOFFITT Cambridge, N. Y. Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jefjery. Senior Prom. Committee GENEVA MYERS MONTEITH Gallopolis, Ohio. Voice, under F. Morse W em pie. AGNES CLARE MORITZ Natchez, Miss. Pianoforte, under Clayton Johns. M E Treasurer. 1923-1924 Hellenic Society Associate Editor. Neume MARGUERITE MORRISON Worcester, Mass. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. Conservatory Club :: 40 THE NEU M E 1924 CLARA BERTHA MUGGLI Hazelton. Pa. Piannjorte. under Louis Cornell. 2 A] Hellenic Society Conservatory Club Assistant Advertising Manager. Neume Y. W. C. A. DOROTHEA MABEL McGILL Oil City, Pa. Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell. AX Warden. 1922-1923 Hellenic Society Y. W. C. A. EDNA LILLIAN McNAMARA Cambridge, Mass. Voice, under F. Morse W em pie. Cercle Francais. President 1923-1924 KATHERINE ELOISE NOLAN Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Organ, under Wallace Goodrich. Pianoforte, under Arthur Toole. Class Organist 1924 THE NEUME 41 ANNA NAOMI PAEFF Boston, Mass. Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery. Elson Club DORIS ANNA PORTER Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Pianoforte, under Anna Stovall Lothian. Subscription Manager. Neume RUTH HALE RADFORD Hyde Park, Mass. Pianoforte, under Howard M. Coding. ESTHER NORINE ROBARDS Joplin, Missouri. Pianoforte, under Clayton Johns. n 42 THE N E U M E 1924 BENJAMIN HARRISON RUSSELL Windsor. Vt. V oice, under Charles H. Bennett. Class Committee-at-Large. 1922-1923 I MA President. 1921-1922 § MA Supreme Councilman. 1922-1924 Hellenic Society. Vice-president, 1922-1923 Cercle Francais. Treasurer. 1922-1924 Chairman Cla s Banquet Committee NELLIE MARGARET SANDS Hyde Park. Mass. Pianoforte, under Anna Stovall Lothian. MARY McIVER SCOTT Florence, S. C. Voice, under Charles H. Bennett. Conservatory Club V. W. C. A. MARTHA SHAPIRO Brighton, Mass. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. Senior Prom. Committee 1924 THE NEUME 43 ELISABETH MARY SOLANDT West Lebanon, N. H. Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery. RUTH CELIA STANIELS Concord, N. H. Organ, under Wallace Goodrich. Class Secretary, 1922-1923 Conservatory Club Y. W. C. A. Class Day Committee TENNIE ALMA STANTON Cookeville. Tenn. Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell. Conservatory Club JOSEPH A. E. STEELE Savannah, Ga. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. u in 44 THE N E U M E 1924 GLADYS MARIE STEIN Meadville, Pa. Pianoforte, under Frederick F. Lincoln. THELMA REBECCA STICKNEY Woodland. Maine. Pianoforte, under F. Addison Porter. Conservatory Club f DANIEL JOSEPH SWEENEY Forest Hills, Mass. Pianoforte, under Eustace B. Rice. Junior Prom. Committee Senior Prom. Committee LURA ABBIE TAYLOR Colorado Springs, Colo. Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell. Conservatory Club Class Day Committee 1924 THE NEUME 45 ANNA MAE TERRY Roxbury, Mass. Pianoforte, under Kurt Fischer. BLANCHE TOBIN Watertown, Mass. Pianoforte, under Richard Stevens. Senior Prom. Committee PAULINE CLAIRE TRUCHE Salem, Mass. Pianoforte, under Frank S. Watson. Class Social Committee Class Banquet Committee RUTH MARION TURNER Boston, Mass. Pianoforte, under Mary L. Moore. AXS2 Hellenic Society Y. W. C. A. — — B i 46 THE NEUME 1924 u :: In V i. LOUIS VORSE Amsterdam. N. Y. Violin, under Harrison Keller. HARRY ARMOND WELCOME Boston, Mass. Violin, under Harrison Keller. 1 M A Hellenic Society MABELIE ELEANOR WHETSELL Holloway, Ohio. Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery. HELENE RUST WILLIAMS Allston, Mass. Voice, under Alice Huston Stevens. 1924 THE NEUME 47 CLAIR WILSON Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Pianoforte, under Louis Cornell. KY-V Hellenic Society GLADYS WILSON Kalamazoo, Michigan. Pianoforte, under Alfred DeVoto. Conservatory Club Associate Editor, Neume Class Day Committee ZENOM WOJCIECHOWSKI Somerville, Mass. Pianoforte, under Stuart Mason. GRACE H. WOOD Schenectady, N. Y. Pianoforte, under Henry Goodrich. Conservatory Club 48 THE NEUME 1924 M AM EL ZING Boston, Mass. Violin, under Eugene Gruenberg. GLADYS AMELIA MOORE Boston, Mass. Pianoforte, under Charles F. Dennee. RUTH EMILY TROWLANDER Albion, Minn. Voice, under Alice Huston Stevens. Conservatory Club FRANCES MORLEY GENE FLIPSEY Lincoln, Neb. Erie, Pa. Pianoforte, under Howard M. Goding. Pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery. ELSIE EVA WILD East Barnet, Vt. Pianoforte, under Alfred DeVoto. V. W. C. A. 50 THENEUME 1924 Class of 1925 Marion Eleanor Messinger Officers Marion Eleanor Messinger . . . President Gordon Arnold Joslin .... Vice-President Margaret Reid Franks .... Vice-President Cecile Eleanor Forest .... Secretary Weltha Graham ..... Treasurer Com m ittee-at-Large Pauline Abbie Clauss Edward Corey Batson 1924 THE NEUME 51 The Class of 1925 JUNIOR YEAR 1923-24 PIANOFORTE Alexander, Abraham Alexik, Frank Stanley Allen. Louise Johnson Arena, Armand Bailey, Ruth Eleanor Barnes, Philip Homer Barnhill, Mary Elizabeth Bell, Frank Marcello Brennan, Louise Bresnahan, Katherine Marie Burke, Helen Butler, Grace Cardwell, Mary Lucinda Chaffin, Dorothy May Chur, Gertrude Tsung E. Citron, Ruth Virginia Cole, Elinore Eureta culbertson, ruth aline Davis, Lucy King Davis, Naomi Margaret Dingwell, Irene Elizabeth Donahue, Marion Teresa Donahue, Mary Margaret Dorr, Beatrice Evelyn Dudley, Edith Dumais, Anna Mary Eckelberry, Grace Kathryn Franks, Margaret Reid Franzen, Elizabeth Helca Gadbois, Isabelle B. Gosse, Lillian Eliza Harris, Bertha Lela Hartselle, Cecil Harvey Hickman, Mary McCormick Hinkel, Marie Elizabeth Houle, Juliette Beatrice Jordan, Henrietta Knapp, Ruth Agnes Leach, Evelyn Maynard Leavitt, Beatrice Gwendolyn Leh, Sarah Elemeina Lieberman, Margery Regina Louchran, Ursula Marie Luca, Domenico McGann, Mary Gertrude Messinger, Marion Eleanor Mitchell, Hannah Morse, Ruthella Moses, Marion Ann Motta, Emily M. Newburger, Nathan Nicholaon, Esther Prince, Marion Ropes Rafter, Susie Jeanette Ransom, Iola Mae Ratzburg, Elizabeth Bodenhorn Reingold, Bella Edith ROCKAFELLOW, RuTH BrELSFORD Rothenberg, Rhoda Ada Schulz, Barbara Schulz, Elisabeth Joanne Spicer, Gladys Mae sweetser, ylrcinia clara Travis, Elizabeth H. Tucker, Louisa Marshall Wallace, Regina Kathleen Willis, Ruth Melba Wolfe. George August Wonc, Grace Yamamoto, Suzuko 52 THE NEU M E 1924 BrEMER. RlTH ELLA Clauss, Pauline A. Coy, Marion Roberta Gaskell, Luke Irving Barnhill, Mary Elizabeth Batson. Edward Corey Capon, Reginald Coburn. Harold Eugene VOICE Johnson. Thomas Henry Noonan, Marion Loretta Pearson. Charles Whitaker Wrenn, Victor Steven ORGAN Knight, Eleanor Louise Macy, Marcaret Mary Moore, Ralph Leslie VIOLIN Forest, Cecile Eleanor Joslin, Gordon Arnold Goldman, Leon Julius Prangoulis, Basil Haskell. Doris Burd VIOLONCELLO Graham, Weltha Ann 54 THE N E U M E 1924 Dramatic Department THE Dramatic Department of the New England Conservatory is under the direc- tion of Clayton D. Gilbert. This department includes, besides the lessons in dramatic training for the presentation of plays, — lyric action, pantomime and stage deportment. Many of the former pupils from this department are now holding positions as artists or instructors in opera, drama, musical comedy and pic- tures. All graduates of the Conservatory are required to have one year ' s work in Stage Deportment under Mr. Gilbert. An annual recital is given in Jordan Hall and also weekly recitals in Recital Hall. Following is a program offered at the Conservatory under the direction of the Dramatic Department. PROGRAMME J. " A WONDERFUL THING " A Comedy in One Scene by Clare Kummer Scene — The living room of Esmeralda ' s house in Tuckertown II. " THE DEATH OF TiNTAGILES " A Tragedy (symbolical of Death I in Three Scenes By Maurice Maeterlinck Scene I — On the top of a hill overlooking the castle Scenes II and III — A room in the castle HI. " THE HEART SHOP " A Fantasy in One Scene by Theodosia Garrison (First performance in Boston I Scene — The Heart Shop, Arcadian Way IV. — Two Scenes from " The School for Scandal " a Comedy By Richard Brinsley Sheridan Mr. Henry Goodrich, of the Faculty, has kindly consented to play Sir Peter Teazle Scene — Sir Peter ' s home V. " THE OLD MUSICIAN " A Story of Hungarian Gypsies told in Pantomime Written by Clayton D. Gilbert Music arranged by Gertrude G. Bralley (First performance on any stage) The wandering player, footsore and weary, sits down in the forest and begins to play his favorite melody. He falls asleep and dreams the story of his youth and his lost love. Awakening, he finishes the melody as the darkness comes on in the woods. Scene — A deep wood in Hungary, years ago Music by Miss Brailey, Pianoforte; Ruth Austen, Violin; and Rita Bowers, Violoncello. 1924 THE NEUME 55 Calendar for 1 923-1 924 1923 September 13 . . . . Registration « 20 . . Conservatory Opened 29 . . . . Candidates tor string Section oi Orchestra Kepc uciouer o • , LJrcnestra Urganized 5 . . Recital Classes Begin « 7 . . . . First Saturday Recital M 12 . . . QvdnccQ oiuaenis i_iOnceri fit 11-16 . . Junior Fxaminations November 1 . . . . First Thursday Recital u 15 . . Annual Meeting c 16 . . Orchestra Concert u 22-24 . . First Mid-session Examinations (1 23 . . Advanced Students ' Concert II 29 . . Thanksgiving (Holiday) December 5 . . . . Senior-Junior Reception 7-8 . . . . Dramatic Recital a 14 . . Advanced Students ' Concert Dec. 23-Jan. 1 . . Christmas Vacation 1924 January 18 . . . . Advanced Students ' Concert II 21-30 . . . . Mid-Year Examinations in Secondary Subjects M 25 . . . . Orchestra Concert February 6 . . First Semester Ends ci 7 . . Second Semester Begins M 12 . . . . Orchestra Concert It 22 . . . . Washington ' s Birthday (Holiday) (( 22 . . Hellenic Dance in Aid of the Scholarship Fund H 28 . . . . Advanced Students ' Concert March 7 . . . . Orchestra Concert ii 20 . . . . Advanced Students ' Concert it 28 . . . . Orchestra Concert 56 THE N E U M E 1924 April 1 Competition Closes for Endicott Prizes in Com- position. " 3-5 .... Second Mid-Session Examinations " 6-13 ... Spring Vacation " 25 ... Junior-Senior Reception " 30 ... . Fifteenth Annual Mason Hamlin Competition May 7 . . . . Advanced Students ' Concert " 9 Orchestra Concert " 12-15 .... Final Examinations in Secondary Subjects (Seniors only ) " 13-14 .... Final Examinations in Normal Department " 16 ... Orchestra Concert " 22-27 .... Final Examinations of Graduating Class (Demon- strative ) " 23 ... . Advanced Students ' Concert 30 ... . Memorial Day (Holiday) June 5-14 .... Final Examinations ( for all students except Seniors) " 5 . . . . Last Thursday Recital " 5-10 .... Senior Examinations " 7 . . . . Last Saturday Recital " 18 ... Senior Class Concert " 19 ... Senior Class Picnic " 20 ... . Senior Ranquet and Reception " 22 ... Raccalaureate Service 23 ... . Class Day " 23 ... . Annual Reunion of the Alumni Association " 24 ... . Commencement Jordan Hall. The Stage and Organ The stage is fully equipped for operatic and llieatrical performances, as well concerts. The organ contains four manuals and seventy-three speaking stop shown in front of the stage 1924 THE NEUME 59 New England Conservatory Orchestra Conductor - Wallace Goodrich The New England Conseb Eighty-five performers. Two full rehearsals are held weekly, and frequent concerts gi compositions of students are rehean ory of Music Orchestra Advanced students are accompanied by the orchestr a in concertos, arias, etc.. and id often performed in concert Phi Mu Alpha Officers Albert L. Penh Hah land A. Riker. Arthur R. Jewell . H. McCreari Wylie Howard A. Slaym n T. Walter Lander Benjamin H. Russell S i vnlei P. Gardner Donald E. Sellew lw viond A. Bailey . President . Vice-President . Vice-President . Treasurer . Assistant Treasurer . Secretary Sit picnic Councilman . Historian . Librarian Warden Victor B. Ac i rs Raymond A. Bailed Ralph . Besse George A. Brown R. Lawrence Capon Harold E. Clark l ULCOLM Cook Luke I. Gaskell Vr hibald (i i;dm:i; Active Members Stanley P. Gardner Arthur R. Jewell Harrison Keller T. Walter Lander D. Blair McClosky Norman V. Moon Ferdinand Motte-Lacroix Albert L. Penn Charles W. Pearson u TER T. Poole Harland A. Riker W. Lawrence Rose Benjamin H. Russell Donald E. Sellew William D. Simmons Howard A. Slayman John N. Vincent. Jk. Harry A. Welcome Laurence W. Wood II. MlCkeary Wylie George W. Chadwick Frederick S. Converse George B. Corfelyou Pierre Month Louis C. Elson Dr. E. Ch i;i.ton Bla k l VliCEL DUPRE J. Wallace Goodrich Deceased Honorary Members Archibald Davidson Edm rd Ballantine Edn rd I!i i;i.[m.amk Hill Henry Russell Alexander Steinert David S. Blanpied ■ Samuel W. Cole l!l .l MIN Cl n ER Arthur M. Curry Charles Den nee Alfred P. DeVoto Henry M. Dunham Eugene Gruenberc Frederick T. Lincoln II rry N. Redman Alpha Chi Omega Officers {Catherine O ' Brien Marion Messinger Edith Rice Marcaret Franks . Edith Dudley Naomi Davis Evelyn Fulmer Ruth Culbertson Elizabeth Bates . President . Vice-President . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary ■ Recording Secretary " Lyre " Editor Historian Chaplain Warden Mary Louise Bacon Florence Barbiers Mary Barnes Elizabeth Bates Margaret Clark Dorothy Cotton Ruth Culbertson Active Members Naomi Davis Edith Dudley Margaret Ellis Margaret Franks Evelyn Fulmer Kathryn Gilson Helen Goold Km in Rice Marion JoPLIN Dorothea McGill Marion Messinger [Catherine O ' Brien- Gladys Spicer Li la Te al Ruth Turner Maud Powell Mrs. H. H. A. Beach Neally Stevens Adele V erne Mrs. Mary How e Lavin Deceased lonorary Members Margaret Ruthven Lang l ME. l RIE DECCA Mrs. Edw i;d M cDow ell Mme. Helen Hopekirk Mme. Julie Hive-King Mrs. Ellen Be ich w Mme. A. Szumowska Mme. Aus der Ohe Fannie B. Zeisler Sigma Alpha Iota Officers Christine Penn Rita Bowers Beatrice Holiday Marie Audet Cecile Forest Marion Gay Theresa Dolce Rebecca Nash Christine Penn Marie Audet Virgin la Bliss Rita Bowers Grace Butler Irene Cameron Doris Crawford Merle Alcock Frances Alda Clara Butt Julia Claussen Florence Faston Olive Fremstad Amelita Galli-Curci Fried 1 1 impel Florence Hinkle Witiierspoon Dec eased Active Members Theresa Dolce Cecile Forest Marion Gay Lillian Gosse Marian Derrick Beatrice Holiday Madeline Meredith President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Chapter Reporter Alumnae Secretary Member of National Council Clara Muccli Christine Penn Sallie Mae Holman Rosa Marques Mildred Cloake Bertha Holman National Honorary Members Louise Homer Caroline Lazzarri Florence MacBeth Marcaret Matzenauer Yolando Mero Christine Miller May Muckle Claudio Muzio Rosa Raisa corrine rider-kelsey Elsa Rueccer- Lichtenstein Olca Samaroff Marcella Sembrich Janet Spencer Gertrude Mai Sh in Harriet Ware Mu Phi Epsilon Officers Mary Margaret Bevington Ruth ella Morse Clare Moritz . Polly Clauss Ione Coy . Aleene Grossart Eileen Bugbee Mildred Bettingen Marion Graham President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Historian . Warden. Chaplain Chorister Active Members Mildred Bettingen Marion Graham Mary Margaret Bevington Weltha Graham Eileen Bugbee Aleene Grossart Polly Clauss Mary Madden Ione Coy Clare Moritz Marion Coy Hi i iiella Mouse Mary Our Florence Owen Iola Ransom Elizabeth Travis Esther Wilson Honorary Members Mrs. Grace Bonner Williams Mrs. Laura Littlefield Miss Hedwic Schroeder Miss Marie Nichols Mme. Renee Miquelle Mme. Hudson-Alexander Mrs. Marie Sundelius Miss Mabel Daniels Miss Irma Seydel Mrs. M vrion Cii umn Kappa Gamma Psi Officers George Gibson President Harold Coburn First Vice-President Joseph Lopes ......... Second Vice-President Edgar Sorton ........... Treasurer Stanley Hassell ........ Financial Secretary Herbert Coleman . Recording Secretary Walter Kisiel ....... Assistant Recording Secretary Cyrus Thompson Sergeant-at-Arms Edward Batson Historian Clair Wilson Chaplin Edward Turner ....... Corresponding Secretary Active Members Edward Batson James Loder Edward Turner Harold Coburn Joseph Lopes Lionel Spencer Herbert Coleman Robert McKay Benjamin White Genaro D ' Allesandro Bower Murphy Clair Wilson Wallace Di am: Edgar Sorton Edward Berry George Gibson Cyrus Thompson Louis Cornell Stanley Hassell Lawrence Torno Francis Findlay Walter Kisiel Donald Smith Douglas Kenney William Card Stuart Mason Honorary Members Joseph Adamowski Samuel Carr Georges Longy Harold Bauer Ossip Gabrilowit ch Ignace Paderewski Philip Clapp Philip Hale W. R. Spalding Pablo Casals Fritz Kreisler Wm. L. Whitney Deceased. Helen Goold axO William Deverall I ma Florence Barbiers axQ Marian Herrick 2ai Rita Bowers 2ai Marion Joplin axQ . Walter Lander $ma Edgar Sorton kX . Offio ers President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Auditor Active Members Sigma Alpha Iota Alpha Chi Omega Mu Phi Epsilon Kappa Gamma Psi Phi Mu Alpha Le Cercle Francais Edna L. McNamara Benjamin Russell Marian Herrick Elford Caughey Officers President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Frances Perry Rosa Marques Minerva Elliott Ruth Hanks Elizabeth Travis Les Membres Beatrice C. Perron Donald Sellew Grace Eckelberry Lydia Hess Bertha Lenom Marie Audet Bridgar Janevecian Raymond Moore Charles Pearson Professeur Endicott Mme. Mercier Professeur Chadwick Professeur Goodrich Professeur Lenom Membres Honoraires ) Directoires Mme. Allen Mme. Perkins Professeur Motte-LaCroix Conservatory Club Bertha Holman President Marion Gay Vice-President Grace Schleif Vice-President Irene Cameron Secretary Alyce Lawrence ........ Assistant Secretary Weltha Graham Treasurer Members of the Board of Directors Ruth Austen Yvonne Raynes Mildred Cloake Rita Bovvers Active Members Dorothy B. Almy Mildred Cloake Gertrude Hickey Elizabeth Bobbins Isabelle Anderson Irene Cameron Buth Hawk Yvonne Raynes Ruth Austen Gene Costello Bertha Holman Grace Schleif Buth Bartlett Bertha Crooks Naomi Hewitt Ruth Stantels Dorcas Bartlett Margaret Carabello Helen Keenan Alice Sweetzer Louise Beach Celeste Chamblee Buth Knapp Mary Scott Blanche Bowden Helen Cain Helen Johnson Thelma Stickney Judith Bourne Hazel Dunlap Mrs. J. W. Lyons Bryan Sturm Mary Blackmarr Leona Dumiwi Ruth Lahan May Silver Mereil Blumenkranz Viola Dronev Alyce Lawrence Eleanor Spencer Louise Brenner Lucy Davis Margaret Luther Marion Stone Bita Bovvers Bita Flamgan Marguerite Morrison Alma Stanton Gladys Berkley Jessie Ford Clara Muggli Ruth Trolander Sonora Brustuen Weltha Graham Margaret Macy Laura Taylor Buth Bremer Anita Garry Emily Motta Blanche Tobin Elizabeth Barnhill Gladys Grant Laura Nagle Helen OToole Buth Bellows Marion Gay Mary Arden Nailling Grace Wood Doris Brown Jeanette Gicuere Frances Perry Ida Whitcher Buth Bovvers Bernadette Giguere Amelia Phitzing Bertha Walker Amelia Bartlett Dorothy George Elizabeth Ratzburg Ruth Wakeman Ruth Currier Elmira Hurdle Dorothy Richardson Gladys Wilson Honorary Members Mrs. George W. Ciiadvvtck Miss Elizabeth Samuel Mrs. Wallace Goodrich Miss Lucy Dean Mrs. Ralph L. Flanders Mrs. Elizabeth C. Allen Mrs. Frederick S. Converse Mrs. Annie Dillingham Mme. Antoinette Szumowska Mrs. Charles Ferguson Mrs. Blanche Sawyer Edith Dudley Margaret Clark Marion Messinger Louise Furman Mary Louise Bacon Florence Barbiers Dorcas Bartlett Ruth Bartlett Mary Barnes Elizabeth Bates Elizabeth Bowdoin Louise Beach Gertrude Chur Margaret Clark Marion Cobb Dorothy Cotton Ruth Culbertson Naomi Davis Edith Dudley Margaret Ellis Ella Flanders Margaret Franks Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Members Evelyn Fulmer Louise Furman Marion Gay Katherine Gilson Weltha Graham Bertha Holman Marion Joplin Elsie McFadson Dorothea McGill Marion Messinger Florence Newson Katherine O ' Brien Beatrice Perron Elizabeth Robbins Eleanor Spencer Gladys Spicer Lila Teale Ruth Turner Faculty Snapshots Staircase, Second to Third Floor, East Side An Instruction Room in the Organ Department The Information Office, Huntington Avenue Lobby aim®® mg After Word The Neume Board wishes to express its gratitude for the unfailing support of those who have contributed towards the success of the 1924 Neume. By your assistance and your kindness you have made our task a pleasure. We thank you. Compliments of DANA, GARDINER and FROST HALL Preceptresses Mrs. SAWYER, Mrs. FERGUSON, Mrs. DILLINGHAM. Just Published The Fundamentals of Music By KARL W. GEHRKENS First year of A Study Course in Music I ' ruler standing Adopted by The National Federation of Music Clubs " A splendid textbook. " — School Music Price $1.50 net Personal and Press Comment " A remarkable little book, packed full of the information we teachers would like to give to our pupils, and written in a lucid and interesting manner. " — Arthur Foote, Composer and Teacher. Boston. I think it is the best of its kind 1 have ever seen. 1 have read it with great pleasure, and am commending it to my friends. " — W . H. I ' . Faunce, President Brown University, Providence, R. I. " It is clear and concise and written in an engaging style. It is ingenious in its manner of dealing with the materials and is the work of the mind of a genuine teacher. ' — C S. Dickinson. Dept. of Music, Yassar College. OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, 178, 179 Tremont Street Boston 10, Mass. Chas. H. Ditson Co., 8-10-12 East 34th St., New York, N. Y. Order of your local dealer Just Good Shoes For the entire family at the right prices for quality and service rendered. We Carry Goodyear Glove Brand Rubber Footwear. A. " Bud " Mills Sons 212 Mass. Avenue, Boston Open Evenings Telephones Back Bw 8l ' 41 Back Bay 58238 jay It with flow - eri Opposite CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH 240 HUNTINGTON AVENUE BOSTON, MASS. CONNOISSEURS who appreciate delicious food and congenial atmosphere make a point of dining at The GEORGIAN CAFETERIAS Savory dishes Balanced menus Variety of choice Inviting selections YOU WILL FIND REAL PLEASURE IN A LUNCH, TEA OR DINNER AT A GEORGIAN CAFETERIA. Boylston St., at Washington 4 Brattle St., Quincy House Cambridge at 22 Dunster St. 252 Huntington Avenue 142 Massachusetts Avenue Complimentary Mu Phi Epsilon Compliments of The Students Union " Sincere affiliation BOSTON MUSICAL AND EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Devoted entirely to placing Teachers of Music in Educational Institutions in United States and Canada ; also Church musicians in and near Boston. Address, HENRY C. LAHEE Author of ANNALS OF MUSIC IN AMERICA Published by the Marshall Jones Co., 212 Summer St., Boston Press Notices It is an invaluable book to which to refer. — Chicago Post. An extraordinary amount of information about the development of Music in America is com- pressed within the covers of this book. — Review nf Reviews. Will be well greeted by musicians and music lovers all through the country. — San Francisco Bulletin. The volume is decidedly worth owning by any- one who has any historical curiosity whatever about American music— A ' . Y. World. Unquestionably a valuable contribution to the history of music in America.— N. Y . Tribune. 218 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. Courtesy of New England Conservatory Pharmacy Opp. the Lon Gainsboro and Huntington Boston Twenty Modern American Piano Works ERNEST HARRY ADAMS When the Leaves Turn Red .50 (From " Tone Fancies after Famous Paintings " ) FLORENCE NEWELL BARBOUR Bravura, Etude Melodique -40 A While Violet .10 MARION BALER The Tide .50 Six Preludes .75 (Schmidt ' s Educational Series .Vo. 286) MRS. H. H. A. BEACH Op. 83. From Blackbird Hills (Omaha Tribal Dance) .60 Op. 92, No. 1. A Hermit Thrush at Eve .60 ELIAS BLUM Op. 13. Humoresque .60 JULIUS CHALOFF Op. 10. No. I Prelude in E Flat .75 CHARLES DENNEE Op. 49. Concert Etude .75 IN THE PRESS EDWARD BALLANTINE Variations on " Mary Had a Little I amb " " A little masterpiece of tonal humor. " — Boston Tran- script. ARTHUR FOOTE Op. 73, No. 4. Flying Cloud .50 C. A. GRANTSCHAEFER Tales of the Red Men 1.00 (Schmidt ' s Educational Series Vo. 250} CLAYTON JOHNS Once Upon i Time .50 LOUIS EDGAR JOHNS Op. 6. Elegie Heroique 1.00 Op. 21, No. 2. Humming Bird .60 JOHN W. METCALF Op. t. Wind at Play .65 ARCHIE A. MUM MA Six Bird Songs, each .40 F. ADDISON PORTER Prelude Fantastique .50 EDWARD ROYCE Noon-Tide. Concert Study .75 ALEXANDER STEINERT, Jr. Mirage .75 BY EMINENT RESIDENT COMPOSERS RUDOLPH GANZ Op. 10, No. 3. Fileuse Pensive .50 D. SEQUEIRA El Bufon. (The Jester) .60 SIGSMOND STOJOWSKI Op. 30, No. 3. By the BrooWside .75 THE ARTHUR P. SCHMIDT CO. Boston: 120 Boylston St. New York: 8 West 40th St. THE SANTUNG RESTAURANT Chinese and American Special Business Men ' s Luncheon 11 A. M. to 2 P. M. Next Door to Horticultural Hall and St. James Theatre 241-243 Huntington Avenue, Near Massachusetts Av., Boston, Mass. Telephone 6018 Back Bay " Scarecrow Sketches " for Pianoforte by F. S. CONVERSE Excerpts from the Music for the Moving Picture " Puritan Passions " Published by OLIVER DITSON CO. For Sale at all Music Stores Order at N. E. C. Music Store Compliments of A FRIEND MISS B. JENNIE WORTLEY Gowns Opposite Jordan Hall 29 Gainsborough Street Boston Courtesy of The Huntington Sanitary Barber Shop Prop. John J. LaCourse Compliments of The Gainsboro Cafe Opposite Conservatory Upstairs J. D. Glynn BOOKS BOUGHT AND SOLD 169 HUNTINGTON AYE. BOSTON, MASS. Compliments of The Northeastern LUNCH 282 HUNTI NGTON AVE. BOSTON 3 UtiAtie latiA S ttc t a tiit tie fto and THE WARREN K. VANTINE Studio offer to New England Conservatory of Music Special Rates for Commencement 154 Boylston St. Phone B418 304 Boylston St. Phone BB4046 THE QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHERS ON QUALITY STREET Official Photographers Class of 1924 THE MOST UP-TO-DATE EDITION Of the Musical Classics, Studies, Recreations and Modern Works Sd f on Wood 1000 Volumes Represents the highest achievement in the production of these works in a low- priced edition. Carefully edited, perfectly printed and hound. Teaching Pieces That Will Delight Both Teacher and Pupil If you are looking for really delightful teaching material — pieces that have heen composed by teachers of wide experience — you will find invaluable help in the Thematic Lists of works published by The B. F. Wood Music Co., and obtainable from your regular dealer or from the publishers. These contain an immense range of carefully-graded educational music, with the themes, and a practical description of the precise technical purpose for which each piece was written. Procure from your Regular Dealer THE B. F. WOOD MUSIC CO. 88 St. Stephen St. Boston 17, Mass. ALSO AT LONDON Boston ' s Largest Manufacturing Jewelers H. W. PETERS CO. (Third in the United Stairs) CLASS KINGS CLASS FINS INVITATIONS 5174-5178 Washington Street Boston 32, Mass. GEO. L. ROBERTS, District Representative Eadie ' s Creamery SUCCESSOR TO TUPPER ' S 40 Gainsboro Street Famous for Cleanliness and Courtesy Home Made Pastries Choice Groceries : : Mother will enjoy a bit of E. D ' s. Candy BACK BAY 5082 Compliments of Massachusetts Trust Co. ASK ME THE REASON More and More Successful iolinists, Soloists. Symphony Players and Teachers, are Playing Violins Selected from our Shop. Our Customers include Really Big Artists. Teachers and Concert Masters. FOR AN OLD OR MODERN VIOLIN - Address O. H. BRYANT Violinmakers. Dealers. Experts. 216 Hiintiimton Ave. Boston Courtesy of Kelsey ' s always at your service STUDENT SUPPLIES Loose Leaf Books, Fillers, Fountain Pens, Eversharps Drawing Pencils, Etc. Picture and Diploma Framing Stand and Swing Hand Carved Photo Frames STATIONERY GREETING CARDS For All Occasions Developing and Printing 10 per cent discount on $1.00 purchases or over to all Conservatory Students who mention this ad. Short ' s Art Store 235 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mats. St. James Theatre Block. Open Evenings Compliments of Puritan Lunch 280 Huntington Ave. Courtesy of Huntington Shoe Repairing Co. 297 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. Mary Elizabeth Terrell " Just Like Home " SPECIAL DINNERS SPECIAL SUPPERS 299 Huntington Avenue Courtesy of Ccmsierbatorp Club WESTLAND PHARMACY, INC. ' Accuracy and Purity " Compliments of ALPHA CHI OMEGA ANTHONY J. ZIEGEL Registered Pharmacist Hemenway St., Cor. Westland Ave. Back Bay, Boston, Mass. The EXCELLENT LUNCH " The Place Where Students Eat " Best of Food at Reasonable Prices DISCOUNT MEAL TICKETS Opposite Y. M. C. A. Also Courtesies f Sigma alpha IOTA KINDNESS of JUNIOR C LAS S of 1925 Faust School of Piano and Organ Tuning PIANOS to RENT 27-29 Gainsboro Street Opposite N. E. C. Boston Compliments of Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity Newtngland % Conservatory OF MUSIC BOSTON, MASS. GEORGE W. CHADWIGK, Director Year Opens September 18, 1924 Located in the Music Center of America It affords pupils the environment and atmosphere so necessary to a musical education. Its complete organization and splendid equip- ment, offer exceptional facilities for students. Dormitories for women students. Complete Curriculum Courses in every branch of Music, applied and theoretical. Owing to the Practical Training In our Normal Department, graduates are much in demand as teachers. The Free Privileges Of lectures, concerts and recitals, the opportunities of ensemble practice and appearing before audiences, and the daily associations are invaluable advantages to the music student. A Complete Orchestra Offers advanced pupils in pianoforte, voice, organ and violin ex- perience in rehearsal and public appearance with orchestral ac- companiment. Dramatic Department Practical training in acting, with public presentations. Address RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager I .v..

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