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SENIOR CLASS BOOK THE NEUME New England Conservatory of Music 1921 GEORGE W. CHADWICK, Director CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE On behalf of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-One do we, the Neume Board, dedicate this, our Class Book, to GEORGE W. CHADWICK in appreciation of his kindly helpfulness to us and as a respectful tribute to his achieve- ments as a musician Page Three WALLACE GOODRICH. Dean of the Faculty RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager 1 FREDERICK L. TROWBRIDGE. Assistant Ma CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE THE NEUME BOARD EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Eleanor Boardman BUSINESS MANAGER Haig Garabedian ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Nathalie Shute ASSOCIATE EDITORS Janette E. Fraser Dorothy Creswell ADVERTISING MANAGER Myrtle Vradenburg ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGERS Mary S. Terrell Jacob S. Kirshen Elizabeth D. Wood SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER Eleanor Keith Page Seven NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Senior Class Officers President, Alfred Hamer Vice-President, Marie Laure Audet Recording Secretary, Anna Marie Bonnett Social Secretary, Eleanor Ida Keith Treasurer, Haig Garabedian Page Eight THE CLASS of 1 92 1 NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ALFRED HAMER New Bedford, Massachusetts In organ, under Wallace Goodrich President Senior Class Member Senior-Junior Reception Committee Chairman Entertainment Committee, Sinfonia Fraternity Member Class- Week Committee MARIE LAURE AUDET Salem, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under J. Albert Jeffery Vice-President Senior Class Member Committee for Senior Carnival Member Class- Week Committee ANNA MARIE BONNETT Kingfisher, Oklahoma In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto Recording Secretary Senior Class Member Senior- Junior Reception Committee Chairman Class- Week Committee Page Ten CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE ELEANOR IDA KEITH Des Moines, Iowa In pianoforte, under Alfred De Veto Recording Secretary Junior Class Social Secretary Senior Class Chairman Senior- Junior Reception Committee Second Vice-President Conservatory Club Historian of Mu Phi Epsilon Subscription Manager of the Neume HAIG GARABEDIAN Boston, Massachusetts In violin, under Eugene Gruenberg Treasurer Senior Class Business Manager of the Neume Corresponding Secretary of Sinfonia Member Class-Week Committee ETHEL ABRAMS East M ilton, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto Page Eleven NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Page Twelve CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE MYRA ELIZABETH BLAKER Fairview, West Virginia In voice, under Charles H. Bennett ELEANOR BOARDMAN Beebe River, New Hampshire In voice, under Charles A. White Member Senior- Junior Reception Committee Editor-in-Chief of the Neume MADELEINE BRIDGES Worcester, Massachusetts In voice, under Charles H. Bennett Page Thirteen NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Page Fourteen CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Page Fifteen NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Page Sixteen CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Page Seventeen NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC JANETTE ELIZABETH ERASER Detroit, Michigan In violoncello, under Joseph Adomowski Recording Secretary of Hellenic Society Member Senior-Junior Reception Committee Associate Editor of the Neume Recording Secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota Second Vice-President Hellenic Society RODERICK ERASER Halifax, Nova Scotia In pianoforte, under Louis Cornell Chaplain of Kappa Gamma Psi EUDORA GALLANT Exeter, New Hampshire In pianoforte, under Alfred De Vote Member Committee for Senior Carnival Page Eighteen CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE WALTER HANSON Galveston, Texas In pianoforte, under Howard M. Coding Winner of the Mason Hamlin prize HELEN MILDRED HARE Sharon, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Richard Stevens KATHARINE BLANCHE HEIBEL Columbia, Missouri In pianoforte, under F. Addison Porter Member Class- Week Committee Page Nineteen NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ROBERTA VICTORIA HARVEY Hallowell, Maine In pianoforte, under Richard Stevens Social Secretary Junior Class Chairman Committee for Senior Carnival Member Class- Week Committee ESTHER STANLEY HEWES West Somerville, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto STUART BLISS HOPPIN Framingham, Massachusetts In violin, under Felix Winternitz Page Twenty CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE JACOB KIRSHEN Maiden, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto Corresponding Secretary Junior Class Assistant Advertising Manager of the Neume Page Twenty-one NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC DORIS IRENE LITTLE Medford, Massachusetts In voice, under Charles A. White Page Twenty-two CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Page Twenty-three NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Page Twenty-four CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE JOSETTE DOLPH ROBERTSON Scranton, Pennsylvania In harp, under Alfred Holy THERESA LOUISE SERBIAN Cairo, Illinois In pianoforte, under Richard Stevens Member Committee for Senior Carnival Member Class- Week Committee NATHALIE SHUTE Exeter, New Hampshire In violin, under Eugene Gruenberg Vice-President Junior Class Chairman Hellenic Dance Committee, I 92 I First Vice-President Conservatory Club Chapter Editor Alpha Chi Omega Magazine Assistant Business Manager of the Neume Fage Twenty-five NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC BRYAN ELIZABETH STURM Enterprise, West Virginia In pianoforte, under Louis Cornell Director Conservatory Club MARY SANGSTER TERRELL Navasota, Texas In pianoforte, under Antoinette Szumowska Corresponding Secretary Conservatory Club Chapter Editor of Sigma Alpha Iota, 1921 Assistant Advertising Manager of the Neume MONICA MARIE TYLER Boise, Idaho In pianoforte, under F. Addison Porter Page Twenty-six CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Page Tiventy-seven NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC MARGARET LOUISE WITHERSTINE Peoria, Illinois In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto CARLETON CUMMINGS Boston. Massachusetts In voice, under Charles H. Bennett MARIE FRANCES FAISON Faison, North Carolina In pianoforte, under Clayton Johns ANNA GALANTE Worcester, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Anna Stovall Lothian ETHEL GOODALE Dorchester, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Richard Stevens Page Twenty-eight CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE LULU ELLEN GRIFFITHS Miami, Oklahoma In pianoforte, under F. Addison Porter SARAH LOUISE JOHNSON Honolulu. Hawaii In pianoforte, under Richard Stevens In violin, under Eugene Gruenberg AMY MARKEL Roxbury, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto ROSE NAZZARO Winthrop, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Alfred De Voto RAYMOND ADOLPH SCHOEWE Winona, Minnesota In violin, under Felix Winternitz Treasurer Junior Class HAROLD SCHWAB Los Angeles, California In organ, under Henry M. Dunham MADELINE MATILDA STRICKLAND Nashville, North Carolina In pianoforte, under Clayton Johns ARLENE WARREN SUMMERS Boston, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Kurt Fischer CHARLES PHILIP TOUCHETTE Cambridge. Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Louis Cornell CLARA FIRTH WELLS Roslindale, Massachusetts In pianoforte, under Howard M. Coding Page Twenty-nine NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Postgraduate Students SOLOISTS ' COURSE IN PIANOFORTE FREDERIC CHROMIS, " 20 Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Under Alfred De Voto MILDRED PHYLLIS CLOAKE, I 9 Dorchester. Massachusetts Under Alfred De Voto EILEEN ALICE COLBY, ' 20 Braintree, Massachusetts Under Stuart Mason EVELYN EILEEN DOHERTY. ' 20 Brockton, Massachusetts Under F. Addison Porter FREED A RUTH FELDMAN, ' 20 Roxbury, Massachusetts Under F. Addison Porter ROSA BERNICE FRUTMAN, ' 20 Chelsea, Massachusetts Under Antoinette Szumowska ALICE MARION HAMLET, 20 Dorchester, Massachusetts Under Richard Stevens RUTH SHUBOW, " 20 Dorchester, Massachusetts Under Edwin Klahre Page Thirty THE CLASS of 1922 NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Junior Class Officers President, Frederick Heim Vice-President, Ruth Fraser Recording Secretary, Donald Smith Corresponding Secretary, Blanche Finke Treasurer, Cornelia North Pngr Thirtn-iiro CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Anshen, Ruth Helen Astill. Willa Aydjian, Hermine Sarkis Barshinger, Kathryn Marie Bellows, Ruth Davenport Bevington, Agnes Clare Blackmarr, Mary Bower, Margaret May Brener, Rose Lillian Bruner, Myrtle Mildred Buck, Donna Lucile Bullock, Jessie Carr, Althea Nutter Carver, Doris Margaret Cataldo Cecilia Marguerite Chandler, Agnes Josephine Coon, Raymond Henry Finke, Blanche Henrietta Flaxman, Esther Anna George, Ada Pauline Greenwood, Norma Elizabeth Grover, Josephine Evelyn Cobb, Malcolm Langdon Kuntz, Leon Claude Albright, Adaline Electra Atwell, Martha Nivin Austin, Josephine Olive Blankenship, Julia Etta Brubaker, Martha Virginia Eraser, Ruth Anneth Heim, Fred William JUNIOR YEAR 1920- PIANOFORTE Haakensen, Hulda Harper, Henrietta Cecil Harris, Florence Jane Hawkins, Esther Kennedy Hoff, Charlotte Sarah Ingram, Emie Jamieson, Jean Eleanor Killam, Horace Newcomb Knights, Ethel Dixon Leong, Margaret Pah On Logan, Harold Hoidtfelt McGuire, Helena Cecilia Nemser, Pauline Leah Okey, Dorothy Duff King Paeff, Anna Naomi Painter, Clarice Perkins, Dorothy Ellen Posselt, Gladys Hazel Pride,. Lillian Merle Randall, Patrel Florinda Rathbun, Alice Reed, Gertrude ORGAN North, Cornelia Emma Richardson, Myrtle VOICE Devans, Dorothy Dunn, Jean Addenbrook Held, Grace Helena La France, Muriel Page, Lucille VIOLIN Krasner, Louis Woolfe VIOLONCELLO Hewitt, Naomi Keany I Ring, Helen Ruffin, Virginia Carolina Shuman, May Ethel Simpson, Dorothy Godfrey Smith, Donald Sugden Smith, Vora Maude Sonnabend, Julia Eunice Spectre, Bessie Sylvia Spinazzola, Edith Elvira Sterling, Barbara Christina Stevens, Florence Kathleen Stutsman, Grace May Thomas, Ruth Ella Underwood, Maie Vyne Wa tson, Antoinette Gale Weiss, Beatrice Evangeline Welch, Helen Louise Wendell, Mary Theodora Williams, Katie Miller Wood, Lillian Etser Wright, Elsie Corrine Sundt, Harold Sylvester Whittinghill, Eleanor Pate, Esther Perner, Antoinette Johanna PoUey, Hildred Watson Simpson, Carol Frances Rollins, Amoret Pierce Page TMrty -three ORCHESTRA NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC The Conservatory Orchestra George W. Chadwick, Conductor First Violins Raymond Schoewe, Concert Master Haig Garabedian Stuart B. Hoppin Saul C. Saperstein Fred W. Heim Margaret Allen Louis W. Krasner Louisa V. Jones Ralph Harrington Spencer W. Fuller Manuel Zung Corinne Schwartz Louis Vorse Sara Atkins Andrew F. Rosemond Margaret Carab illo Second Violins Celia R. Goldman William Santelmann Joyce Bigelow Ruth Fraser Godfrey R. Wetterlow Frith j of Eid Carlyle W. Morgan Basil Prangoulis Walter Poole Harold H. GifTord Mrs. Wesley G. Nichols Arsene J. Dextraze Charlotte E. Armstrong Violas John D. Murray Nathalie Shute John S. Kearney Sara Louise Johnson Sadie Liberman Hrach Arakelian Margaritis Michos Violoncellos Lucile Quimby English George A. Brown Janette E. Fraser Naomi Hewitt William A. Deverall C. M. Keep Ruth Montano Eleanor E. Mulloy Robert S. Fisher Palme Beck Contrabasses Max Kunze, Instructor Lilian V. Arnold Eugene C. Arnold Bernard F. Fuller Joseph E. Martin Hoved Brachman Harp Josette D. Robertson Flutes Raymond Orr Walter Knight, Jr. Oboes Clement Lenom, Instructor Ethel Harding Durant William R. Lym English Horn William R. Lym Clarinets Emil Arcieri Otto Rinderspacher Bernadette B. Giguere Bass Clarinet A. Vannini, Instructor Bassoons Boaz Filler, Instructor Warren M. Eaton Horns George Wendler, Instructor William S. Buckley Worthy Denman Charles C. Clerks C. R. Reasoner Trumpets Francis M. Findlay La Verne B. Perry Frank A. Robertson Benjamin White Trombones Peter J. Wihtol Albert Joseph Patch Stanley G. Hassell Tuba Alphonsus McDermott Bass Tuba Max Kunze, Instructor Tympani Frank V. Russell William E. Donovan Percussion Louis A. Cipullo Earl P. Morgan Jesus Sanroma Librarian H. Arakelian Page Thirty-six CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Symphony Hall Concert Of particular interest this year was the concert given, under the direction of Mr. George W. Chad wick, by the Conservatory Orchestra in Symphony Hall on the twenty-third of March. It served the double purpose of securing admis- sion for a much larger audience than can be accommodated in Jordan Hall and of acquainting the public with the ability of the orchestra to give concerts of a very high standard. Visiting musicians have often said that the Con- servatory concerts are of fully professional standard, and the concert in Sym- phony Hall gave the soloists and orchestral players a chance for recognition such as cannot be afforded in Jordan Hall. Weber Schumann Ponchielli Liszt Saint-Saens Bizet W agner Programme Overture, " Oberon " Concerto in A minor (allegro affetuoso) Jesus Maria Sanroma, San Juan, Porto Rico Aria from La Gioconda: " Cielo! e mar! " Charles Stratton, Clarksville, Tenn. Symphonic Poem, " Les Preludes " INTERMISSION Concerto in A minor for Violoncello 1. Allegro non troppo II. Allegro molto George A. Brown, Melrose Highlands Aria from Carmen: " Je dis, que rien ne m ' epouvante ' Norma Jean Erdmann, Chillicothe, Ohio Vorspiel, " Die Meistersinger " Page Thirtu -seven- CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Mu Phi Epsilon BETA CHAPTER National Honorary Musical Sorority Mabel Tyler Hackett Julia Blankenship Louise Watson Martha Brubaker Norma Jean Erdmann Eleanor Keith ACTIVE MEMBERS Barbara SterHng Mary Madden Antoinette Perner Helen Dawson Amy Budgell Betty Bingham Margaret Bevington Grace Conrad Agnes Bevington Dorothy Flexer Maude Ketchum CHAPTER HONORARIES Mrs. Grace Bonner Williams Mrs. Marie Sundelius Miss Mable Daniels Mrs. Laura Comstock Littlefield Mile. Renee Longy-Niquelle Miss Irma Seydel Miss Marie Nichols Julia Culp Alice Neilson Maggie Teyte Kathleen Parlow Hedwig Schroeder Mme. Caroline Hudson Alexander Marcella Craft Mme. Schumann-Heink CHAPTER PATRONESSES Mrs. J. W. Knowlton, Jr. Mrs. William B. Tyler Mrs. Stanwood G. Wellington Mrs. Clarence B. Shirley Mrs. S. Warren Sturgis Mrs. George Fergusson Mrs. George S. Dunham Mrs. Homer Humphrey Page Thirty-nine CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Alpha Chi Omega ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS President, Carol Simpson Vice-President, Marion Hare Treasurer, Jean Dunn Recording Secretary, Edith Rice Corresponding Secretary, Emily Bramlett Exiitor, Mary Stuart Historian, Alice Rathbun Chaplain, E. Lane Bartlett Warden, de Forest Burroughs Dorothy Avery E. Lane Bartlett de Forest Burroughs Emily Bramlett Harriet Curtis Maud Powell Mrs. H. H. A. Beach Neally Stevens Adele Verne Mrs. V. S. Brok aw Mrs. George Chadwick Mrs. Henry Dunham Mrs. Ralph Flanders ACTIVE MEMBERS Jean Dunn Marion Dyer Ella Flanders Marion Hare Edith Rice Abena Richardson Alice Rathbun Carol Simpson Nathalie Shute Mary Stuart HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Mary Howe Sabin Mme. Maria Decco Margaret Ruthvin Lang Mrs. Edward MacDowell Mme. Teresa Carreno Mme. Helen Hope Kirk Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler Mme. Julia Rive-King PATRONESSES Mrs. Wallace Goodrich Mrs. Edward Hartmann Mrs. Katherine Osborne Miss Martha Perkins Mrs. Francis Rice Mrs. Charles Stuart Mrs. Wellington Mrs. Charles White Deceased. Page Fort u -one CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Anne Bennett Mildred Cobb Madeline Conant Helene Fiske Sigma Alpha Iota Sorority LAMBDA CHAPTER OFFICERS President, Susan Gordon Vice-President, Elizabeth Wood Recording Secretary, Janette Fraser Corresponding Secretary, Mary Mock Treasurer, Mrs. Henry Hale Sergeant-at-Arms, Gertrude Gibson Chapter Reporter, Mary Terrell Member of National Council, Janette Fraser ACTIVE MEMBERS Janette Fraser Katharine Hemmiter Ruth Fraser Marion Herrick Eleanor Furminger Mary Terrell Susan Gordon Margaret Witherstine Elizabeth Wood ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Margaret Allen Helen Crawford Frances Gaw Gertrude Gibson Mrs. Henry Hale (Helen Crook) Mrs. Anna Stovall Lothian Mildred Mitton Mary Mock Mrs. F. Addison Porter Mrs. Charlotte Griffith Ryan Mrs. Alice Huston Stevens Mme. Clara Butt Mme. Julia Claussen Mme. Florence Easton Mme. Olive Fremstad Mme. Amelita Galli-Curci Mme. Frieda Hempel Mme. Louise Homer Mme. Corinne Rider-Kelsey Mme. Elsa Ruegger Lichtenstein Mme. Margaret Matzenauer NATIONAL HONORARY MEMBERS Mme. Yol ando Mero Mme. Christine Miller Mme. May Mukle Mme. Claudio Muzio Mme. Olga SamarofF Mme. Marcella Sembrich Mme. Janet Spencer Mme. Gertrude May Stein Mme. Harriet Ware Mme. Florence Hinkle-Witherspoon CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Ethel Cave-Cole Mrs. Bernice Fisher Butler Mrs. Dudley Fitts Page Forty-three CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE SINFONIA FRA TERNITY OF AMERICA Justin E. Williams (Alpha), Supreme President George A. Leighton (Omicron), Supreme Vice-President Charles E. Lutton (Iota), Supreme Secretary-Treasurer Otto J. Stahl (Epsilon), Supreme Historian OFFICERS OF ALPHA CHAPTER James Houston Spencer, President Albert L. Penn, First Vice-President Harold S. Sundt, Second Vice-President Thomas Williams, Recording Secretary Haig Garabedian, Corresponding Secretary La Verne B. Perry, Treasurer Benjamin Russell, Warden Phi Mu Alpha ACTIVE MEMBERS George Brown William Deverall Raymond Henry Coon John Duliere Alfred Hamer Stanley Gardner Ralph Harrington Leon Kuntz Raymond Schoewe Charles Stratton Edward Le Clair George W. Martin Earl Oliver Edgar Streeter Arthur S. Warner Robert Stetson Walter S. Packard Walter I. Poole Edgar Welsh Naomi Whitehurst Howard L. Ralyea Stuart B. Hoppin Page Forty -five CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE President, Robert S. Fisher First Vice-President, Earl P. Morgan Second Vice-President, Frederick Heim Treasurer, Francis M. Findlay Financial Secretary, Francis J. Gorman Recording Secretary, Harold Coburn Corresponding Secretary, Walter Sellnick Chaplain, Roderick Fraser Sergeant-at-Arms, A. J. Dextraze Historian, F. Stuart Mason Gamma Psi Fraternity ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS Josef Adamowski Harold Bauer Pablo Casals Philip Greeley Clapp HONORARY MEMBERS Ossip Gabrilowitsch Georges Longy Ignace J. Paderewski W. R. Spaulding William Whitney Philip Hale Fritz Kreisler Leo R. Lewis Samuel Carr Harold Coburn Louis T. Cornell Everett W. Davenport A. J. Dextraze Francis M. Findlay Robert S. Fisher Roderick Fraser Harold H. Gifford ACTIVE MEMBERS Frederick Heim Owen Hewitt Stanley Hassel J. S. Henshaw Douglas P. Kenney Harold H. Logan Clarence Knudson F. Stuart Mason Francis J. Gorman Albert Mclntire Walter McLellan Earl P. Morgan fohn D. Murray Walter Sellnick Donald Smith Lionel Spencer Harold Wilkinson Clayton D. Gilbert Edwin Klahre Louis F. Kloepfel ASSOCIATE MEMBERS F. Addison Porter Rudolph C. Ringwall Dr. J. Albert Jeffrey H. S. Wilder Herbert W. Ringwall Clarence B. Shirley Rudolph Toll Page Forty-seven NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Hellenic Society OFFICERS President, Thomas Williams First Vice-President, Earl Morgan Second Vice-President, Janette Fraser Third Vice-President, Martha Brubaker Recording Secretary, Janette Fraser Treasurer, Lionel Spencer Assistant Treasurer, Marion Dyer Corresponding Secretary, Sue Gordon Page Forty-eight CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE Conservatory Club 1920-1921 OFFICERS President, Carolyn Rice First Vice-President, Nathalie Shute Second Vice-President, Eleanor Keith Secretary, Marion Gay Assistant Secretary, Mary Terrell Treasurer, L. Ethel Prior DIRECTORS For one year — Beatrice Lewis, Bryan Sturm For two years — Dorothy Avery, Ruth Eraser MEMBERS Dorothy Avery Lorene Jones Helen Marsh Myra Blaker Beatrice Lewis Dorothy Perkins Helen Brown Tsuya Matsuki Theresa Serbian Etta Churchill Clarice Painter Katherine Hemmeter Dorothy Cuddy Carolyn Rice Rosa Frutman Marion Dyer Amoret Rollins Marion Hare Helene Fiske Katherine Shirley Josephine Austin Janette Eraser Bryan Sturm Marie Audet Marion Gay Arlene Summers Virginia Caroll Mary Terrell Gertrude Lepine Frances Anderson Clara Wells Rose Maginnis Dorothy Almy Elizabeth Wood Frances McFarland Mildred Cl oake Eileen Doherty Ruth MacMurphy Olive Gathers Eileen Colby Mary McGuire Louise Sweet Anna Bonnett Cornelia North Elizabeth Baker Ruth Bellows Antoinette Perner Gladys Robbins Martha Brubaker Ethel Prior Mildred Cobb Evelyn Bickel Naomi Randall Dolores Lichauco Dorothy Creswell Patrel Randall Ruth Austin Ruth Currier Carol Simpson Christine Penn Helen Dawson Nathalie Shute Viola Droney Jean Dunn Mary Stuart Thelma Jennings Ruth Eraser Monica Tyler Ruth Barnard Blanche Finke Mildred Upton Louwillie Kessler Margaret Ferguson Helen Welch Florence Willcox Sue Gordon Minnie Wolk Mary McEvoy Mildred Harron Beatrice Blanchard Eudora Gallant Regina Held Louise Watson Cleo Agey Roberta Harvey Ma dge Henry Ruth Knapp Grace Held Naomi Hewitt Helen Carlyon Sarah Kirstein Cecilia Cataldo Yvonne Roynes Eleanor Keith Mrs. Margaret Estaver Ruth Thomas Helen Ladd Florence Pinkerton Mary Hobson Page Fortijrnine NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC The Y.W.C.A. of the N.E.C. CABINET MEMBERS President, Jean Dunn Vice-President, Carol Simpson Secretary, Mary Stuart Treasurer, Cornelia North Chairmen of Committees — Antoinette Perner, Publicity; Louwillie Kessler, Program; Cornelia North, Finance; Evelyn Bickel, World Fellowship; Helene Fiske, Social Service; Vora Smith, Social; Evelyn Todd, Room; Lillian Wood, Music. We started off this year with a reception to new girls; about 250 came and had a very good time. Our next achievement was the furnishing of Frost Recreation Hall in the dormitory. We asked Mr. Flanders to furnish this room, which he made most attractive. We have our regular weekly meetings in this room. We have Cabinet suppers every other week, and here we discuss C. A. business. During the year we have had many very interesting lectures. Fudge parties and teas have been given in the way of entertainment. At Christmas time we gave our annual Christmas party for the little slum children. We combined forces this year with the Conservatory Club and gave a larger party, entertaining about one hundred and ten children. Each child received a toy, candy and an apple. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Miss Kugler and Miss Butler, our Y. W. C. A. student secretaries, who have helped us throughout the year. Mrs. Allen has at all times helped us, and we do appreciate it. Our organization is not large, but strength is not always in numbers. We feel that this year we have laid a good foundation for the organization, as we have become affiliated with the National organization. Page Fifty LATEST COMPOSITIONS By CHARLES DENNEE Op. 41. No. 1. TWILIGHT MKDITATION ..50 Op. 41. No. 2. THE WHIRLING UOLL .60 ( De.scriptive Impromptu) Played by Guy Maier Op. 40. CONCERT ETUDE .75 Op. 39. No. 1. SCHERZO-VALSE .75 Op. 39. No. 2. POLONAISE IN A FLAT .60 Op. 35. CHARM OP THE NIGHT .50 (Serenade) LEFT HAND ALBUM I Compositions for the Left Hand Alone Revised and Edited by CHARLES DENNEE (Sclimidt ' s Educational Series No. 251) Price, 75 Cents Compositjons by ARTHUR FOOTE. C. GURLITT, GEORGE EGGELING, GERRIT SMITH and others THE ARTHUR P. BOSTON. 120 Boylston Street Greetings from the Boston Students Union A NEW WORK ON THE APPRECIATION of MUSIC " MUSIC " — an Art and a Language By WALTER R. SPALDING Profes.sor of Music at Harvard University Price, $2.50 Net Based on the author ' s twenty years ' experience in lecturing on the Appreciation of Music, in Harvard University. It presents a working knowl- edge of the structure and modes of presentation of standard works in music and is written pri- marily with a view of training listeners. SOME PRACTICAL THINGS In Piano Playing By ARTHUR FOOTE Price, 60 Cents A clear exposition of the technical ])art of the subject with able comments gleaned from many years of experience. — Harvard Musical Review. SCHMIDT CO. 8 West 40th Street, NEW YORK After Graduation N. E. C. students have continued to deal with me, through the mail, from Cali- fornia, Ohio, Kansas, Florida, and the various other communities where they apply their chosen profession. When you are in need of anything concerning VIOLINS you may be sure that I and my capable assistants will do our utmost to serve you. O. H. BRYANT 246 HUNTINGTON AVE., BOSTON Maker of Cremona Art Violins Dealer in Molins, Cellos, Bows, Strings etc. Conservatory OF NU SIC BOSTON, MASS. GEORGE W. CHADWICK. Director Year Opens September 15, 1921 Located in the Music Center of America It affords pupils the environment and atmosphere so necessary to a musical education. Its complete organization, and splendid equipment, offer exceptional facilities for students. Dormitories for women students. Complete Curriculum Courses in every branch of Music, applied and theoretical. Ovring to the Practical Training In our Normal Department, graduates are much in demand as teachers. The Free Privileges Of lectures, concerts and recitals, the opportunities of ensemble prac- tice and appearing before audiences, and the daily associations are invaluable advantages to the music student. A Complete Orchestra Offers advanced pupils in pianoforte, voice, organ and violin experience in rehearsal and public appearance with orchestral accompaniment. Dramatic Department Practical training in acting, with public presentations. Address RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager You are cordially invited to come in at any time and hear the rare golden tone of the AMERICA ' S OLDEST AND BEST PIANO Qlllirkprtng Retail Warerooms 169 Tremont Street Hear the AM PICO ' QIt;trkpring reproduce exact l; the p a ing of the greatest pianists Luttropp MODISTE 344 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON Jones, Peterson Newhall Company FINE SHOES AND HOSIERY For Men, Women and Children 49-5 1 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON, MASS. Gertrude Burrill Marcel Waving ' Permanent Waving Frederick System LITTLE BUILDING, ROOM 328 80 BOYLSTON ST.. BOSTON Telephone: Beach 8114 Boston Musical and Educational Bureau Devoted entirely to placing Teachers of Music in Educational Institutions, in U. S. and Canada; also Church Musicians in and near Boston. Address, HENRY C. LAHEE 2 1 8 TREMONT STREET BOSTON. MASS. (Secretary of New England Conservatory, 1891-1899) Mile. Alary Co. Hairdresser Manicuring and Shampooing Facial, Scalp and Neck Massage Ondulation Marcel Perfumery and Shell Ornaments BERKELEY BUILDING 420 BOYLSTON STREET Telephone: B. B. 2320 Cafe Minerva Excellent Food and Service Artistic Surroundings — MUSIC — Jlso THE SAVOY CAFE 461 COLUMBUS AVE. HARRY C. DEMETER Proprietor 216 HUNTINGTON AVENUE, BOSTON Opposite Christian Science Gardens TELEPHONE: BACK BAY 3898 THRESHER BROS. " The Specialty Silk Store " 15, 17, 19 TEMPLE PLACE Through to 4 1 West Street BOSTON. MASS. SILKS! SILKS! SILKS! For Street Wear For Sport Wear For Evening Wear For Underwear For Everywear Also Chiffon Velvets, Velveteens, Corduroys and Plushes Woolen Dress Goods Silk and Lingerie Blouses Silk Petticoats FAUST CHansrmatarQ ulailor 42 GAINSBORO STREET 295 HUNTINGTON AVENUE The Huntington Shoe Repairing Co. Across from New England Conservatory Huntington :: Shoe 297 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Phone Back Bay 53810 Gertrude James Beauty Specialist Electric Scalp Treatment Electric Facial Massage Shampooing, Singeing Eyebrows Arched French Curl Marcel Waving Manicuring Also Teaching 206 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE BOSTON, MASS. Two Momentous Events Of 1921 The Graduation of the Class of 1921 and the addition to Boston ' s Musical Center of the new home of THE B. F. WOOD MUSIC CO. AT 88 ST. STEPHEN STREET Let your memories of the one include the other, and as you have thought of us as your neighbors while a student here, so think of us when entering into a wider sphere of musical activity as " The Largest Publishers of Easy Educational Music in the World " And also the Publishers of Se o i Wood Compliments of H anan s on 167 TREMONT STREET BOSTON " Good Shoes are an Economij " Between Classes Try THE WALDORF AUTOMAT At 234 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Engravers, Printers Fine Stationery Student ' s Supplies Stationery Supplies Invitations Visiting Cards Fraternity Stationery Monogram and Address Dies, Menus Programs and Dance Orders The Store of Useful Gifts 57-61 Frsmklin St. Boston, Mass. S. J. SIGEL DRUGGIST 2 76 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE BOSTON Telephone 1121 Back Bay Complete Line of Drug Store Merchandise CAPLAN, The Florist Established 1897 Telephone Back Bay 6983 144 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE BOSTON W. B. HASEY CO. Music dealers and publishers. Special rates to teachers on a select list of pianoforte teach- ing pieces and studies. Send for Rates and Catalogue 218 TREMONT STREET BOSTON. MASS. TAXI? BACK BAY 5300 TOWN TAXI INCORPORATED EMERSON COLLEGE OF ORATORY HENRY LAWRENCE SOUTHWICK, President The largest School of Oratory. Belles-lettres, Physical Culture, Dramatic Art and Pedagogy in America. Degrees Granted. The demand for our graduates as teachers in colleges, normal and high schools is greater than we can fill. Dormitory reservation should be made early. Oratory, Literary Interpretation, Physical Training, Voice Training, Dramatic and Platform Art, Languages and Literature HARRY SEYMOUR ROSS, Dean Huntington Chambers - - Boston, Mass. 161 StiefF Pianos in use at The New England Conservatory CHAS. M. STIEFF, Inc. N. E. WAREROOMS. 122 Boylston St. F. L. Beal B. J. Holmberg Weeman, Beal Holmberg IMPORTERS Violins, Fittings and Repairs 564 Washington St., Rooms 527-528 Boston, Mass. Telephone Connection Complimentary Of DANA HALL, GARDINER HALL FROST HALL EVERY DAY in the New " Venetian Room " at the FRASCATl Boston ' s Real Italian Restaurant 46 HUNTINGTON AVENUE (in the Hotel Oxford) Special " Dinner $1-25 d ' Hote An elaborate Dinner, including Italian Specialties that have made our chef famous — entirely different. MR. WILLIAM P. MATURO, Manager Special , te Luncheon Qc A Comjilete, .Substantial Luncheon, in- cluding Soup, Entrees, Vegetables, Spaghetti, etc., Dessert, and Tea or Coffee. APPROPRIATE MUSIC Telephone Beach 8193 Fannette fflillinpra i ' liop special Rates to Students Lawrence Building 149 TREMONT ST.. BOSTON. MASS. Isabelle F. Landrey Room 223, Berkeley Building 420 Boylston St., corner Berkeley, Boston ELECTRIC NEEDLE USED WITHOUT BLEMISH Hair Dressing, Marcel Waving, Facial and Scalp Treatment, Manicuring, Shampooing Children ' s Hair Cutting CHIROPODY Telephone Back Bay 39 I 60 Correct fajfiionf fo lVomenatyjjijses. 3J2-3J Boylj on Sfreet. Bojton laxfachujettj DIEGES CLUST ( " If we made it, it ' s right " ) Manufacturing Specialty Jewelers Class Rings Class Pins Medals 73 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON 9 Luncheon I 1.30 to 2 Afternoon Tea 2 to 5.30 Supper Special 5.30 to 7.30 Miss Ava ' s MISS AVA PHINNEY, Proprietress " The Home of Cheerfulness and • Home Cooked Food " 603 BOYLSTON ST.. BOSTON Opposite Copley Plaza Telephone, Back Bay 7525! Eadie ' s Creamery Successor to TUPPER ' S 46 GAINSBORO STREET Famous for Cleanliness and Courtesy Home Made Pastries Choice Groceries Mother will enjoy a bit of E. D. Candy Back Bay 5082 Every Music Lover should own this book MUSIC APPRECIATION By CLARENCE G. HAMILTON. A.M. Professor of Music, Wellesley ColUge Price, $2.50, postpaid To read this book will enhance your enjoyment of the opera, of every form of concert, and of music at home; to study it attentively will give you a comprehensive knowledge of musical form and structure in all its aspects. The illustrative examples of piano pieces and songs that appear in this book are issued by the publishers in a separate volume entitled TYPICAL PIANO PIECES AND SONGS Used as Illustrations in Hamilton ' s Music Appreciation PRICE, $1.50 OLIVER DITSON COMPANY 178-179 TREMONT STREET BOSTON 10 Order of your local dealer Westland Pharmacy ANTHONY J. ZIEGEL Reg. Pharm. Hetnenzvay Street corner of Westland Avenue, Back Bay Boston, Mass. BERRY TIBBETTS Furniture and Piano Moving Household Goods Carefully Packed and Forwarded GOODS MOVED IN PADDED VANS Office: Room 2, 222 Massachusetts Avenue Corner Astor Street Teleiihoiu-s : 86 -869 l-ia k Bay Storage Warehouse and Packing Rooms 20 Howard Street, Roxbury Telephone. 45 Roxbury Stand: Corner Massachusetts Ave. and Astor St. Auto Truck Service for Long Distance Moving Barrington Brown Company Incorporated Stocks — Bonds 25 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Telephones, Back Bay 7530-52395 Club Luncheon SANTUNG RESTAURANT P ' ' dinner Every Week a j - " L L Every Sunday _ American and Chinese Uishes i. Day From r rem 1 I A.M to 2 P.M. 241-243 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 12 M. to 4 P.M. Music Every Evening - - Next Door to Horticultural Hall Superior Optical Service OPTOMETRISTS OPTICIANS Doane-Gassett Co. 59 Temple Place (Blake Building) Telephone, Beach 6914 HOWARD C. DOANE, President MI.SS F. GA.SSETT, Treasurer Telephone, Beach 7042 MADELEINE Parisian Milliner EDITH A. GUSHING Corsetiere 85 7-858 Little Building 80 BOYLSTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Cornets Made to Orde- A ' .tered or Repaired Anna Van Buskirk Florence A. Stevens Nu Bone Corset Shop 80 BOYLSTON ST., LITTLE BUILDING BOSTON, MASS. Telephone, Beach 929 Fittings by Appointment at the Home Custom Corsets and Accessories Cleaning and Repairing Just where to get your LUNCHES, Home Made CANDIES and the Best ICE CREAM in Town — TWO STORES — 240 HUNTINGTON AVE. - - 160-162 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. Here ' s for Service Compliments of J. W. HILL ' S LAUNDRY MALDEN, MASS. Tel. 1053-W 39 PORTER ST. Permanent Hair Waving in Two Hours NEW MACHINE Steaming Process Massage and Facial Andre 372 Boylston Street Compliments of L. HIRSH Haberdasher 250 Huntington Avenue Chas. P. Dolan Pianos Bought, Sold and Rented at Reasonable Rates Special Rates to Students One Minute from N. E. Conservatory 246 Huntington Avenue Up One Flight Boston Convince Yourself and Try THE GAINSBORO CAFE 295 Huntington Avenue and 42 Gainsboro Street up one flight (Over Norris Drug Store) Strictly American Cooking with that Old Home Flavor Our Desserts are unsurpassed Try our 35c Special Dinner We use the Best Materials only Open from I 1.30 to 7.30, except Sundays SYMPHONY Flower Shop 240 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Opposite Christian Science Church BOSTON, MASS. Telephones: Back Bay 8241 and 58238 MAURICE SAUNDERS La Patricia Custom and Ready-to-Wear Corset Models Embody Every Feature That the Latest Modes of Fashion Decree BRASSIERES LINGERIE BLOUSES 80 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON 61 WEST S5TH STREET, NEW YORK ALL FURS REMODELLED RE-DYEING RE-LINING RE-DRESSING AND MADE TO ORDER Latest Styles Reasonable Pric L. MELOTTI Room 829, 80 Boylston Street Telephone Beach 3690 Albert Lind All Grades of Old Violins Violas and Violoncellos, Cases, etc. Special Rates to Students 203 St. Botolph St., Boston, Mass. Near Massachusetts Avenue BICiELOW, KENNARD CO. INCORPORATED JEWELLERS AND SILVERSMITHS. MAKERS OF FINE WATCHES AND CLOCKS 511 WASHINGTON STREET CORNER OF WEST STREET, BOSTON, MASS. SOLOV-HINDS CO. 352 BOYLSTON STREET GOWNS TAILORED SUITS TAILORED DRESSES COATS WRAPS BLOUSES SWEATERS HATS A collection embracing the very latest ideas in design, materials, coloring and adaptability to the needs of the Smart Woman or Miss. : : : : Moderately Priced Telescope Toasting Forks Cape Cod Fire Lighters Hearth Brushes, Andirons, Fire Sets Fire Forks, Door Stops B. F. MACY Kitchen Furnishings and Fireplace Fittings 410 Boylston St. - - Boston Telephones: Back Bay 3609-5679 Baskets, Coffee Makers Brushes, Trays, Paper Doilies Enamel Table Sets, Cook Books Bathroom Fittings Selecting Your Printer When you call a doctor, do you seek the lowest priced man you can find? When you hire help for positions of skill and trust, do you accept the lowest paid kind? Would you hold YOUR job if you had to secure it on a price competition basis? NO is surely your answer to all these questions. Then why hire your printer that way? You expect to pay more for skill and brains than for igno- rance and inefficiency in other lines, why not in this? Quality and service should be considered in their true re- lation to price when you select your printer. THE ALPINE PRESS 289 CONGRESS STREET BOSTON 9, MASS. Telephones: Main 8434 - 8435 - 8436 WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY OF EXPRESSING OUR APPRECIATION TO ALL WHO HAVE IN ANY WAY CONTRIB- UTED TO THESE PAGES. — Neume Board. THE AUPINE PRESS, BOSTON, MASS.

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