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of Music Nineteen i nnbreb anb 5[uientg jiiiiiiii fiebicatian Voicing tl)e sincere affection of tlje claaa of 1920, bo me, tlje ebitotra of tlje Neume JJebicate tl|i0 out work to i|ou, Wallace 0oobtict|. Q o you u)t|o t;aue uion one reelect and admiration by gout administration of tl;e office of lean of llje Sfacultii, your punctuality, and your friend- lineaa and co-operation in all our undertakinga. s GEORGE W. CHADWICK D I in: C TON 1 " ( ' OM MITT EE SAMUEL CARH Vrvsidrnt GEORGE W. CHADWICK Dirrctor WALLACE GOODRICH 1) { ' (1)1 of the I ' dcultif RALPH L. FLANDERS Gnu-ral Manager RALPH L. FLANDERS LOUIS C. ELSON IN MEMORIAM LOUIS CHARLES ELSON 1848-1920 A Member of the Conservatory Facultij for Forty Years. In this strange work-a-day world apjicar from time to time men avIio act witli the breadth, the simplicity, the ceasclessncss and energy of the forces of nature, men of mass and weight, primary men, influencing all within their sweep. Louis C. Elson was pre-eminently one of these — a man of ample nature, soul, body and spirit, a king of men, whose presence unconsciously dominated wherever he might be. No one sensitive to what is worthy and effective in personality could fail to respond to that leonine countenance and manly figure, the embodiment of staunchness, benignity, and a noble sincerity. The humor and humanity that showed themselves in his smile and the unforgettable twinkle behind his eye-glasses, irradiated all his writings, pro- fessional and literary. His international reputation as a musical critic was based not only on his famous signed articles in the leading newspapers and magazines and his work as corres])ondent for the important musical journals of Europe, but on a body of sane, well-balanced creative and critical interpre- tation in book-form, ranging from folk-songs to Wagner, from old English ballads to the development of the national music of America. Something of the breadth and variety of his scholarship may be read in the fact that two of his best known volumes are " Shakespeare in ] Iusic, " a mine of stimulating information and suggestion to students and investigators, and a " Dictionary of Musical Terms, " which has taken its rightful place as a standard work of reference. Such achievement shows how he united with his artistic tempera- ment a capacity for exact and strenuous research. He had a genius for taking infinite pains ; he got things at first hand, and he knew how to vitalize the results. It is significant and illustrative of his wide friendships and sympa- thies that he dedicated his " Shakespeare in Music " to Sir James Geikie, so long the head of the department of Geology in Edinburgh University, " with cordial remembrances of many pleasant conferences on this and kindred topics. " No man had a greater genius for friendship than Louis C. Elson; wherever he went he drew the best to him. As a teacher he was supreme, complete in every part. Charm and dis- tinction characterized his exposition ; and in the class-room as on the public platform he was ever lucid, luminous, and vital. His success as an instructor was due not merely to his superb intellectual equipment and his inunediate knowledge and power of presentation, but to his genial, sympathizing regard for the individual student. His transparent sincerity and sense of the worth of the business on hand influenced every member of his classes. He had rev- erence for all that a true teacher stands for, and he ever approached his own work with an exalted sense of responsibility. E. Charlton Black, LL.U. FREDERICK L. THROWBRIDGE Assistant Manager THE XEI MK HOARD Editor-in-Chief ANNE E. STANIER Business Manager FRANK ERASER SIPEE Assistant Business Manager RAYMOND PUTNAM Associate Ed itn rs CIIART,OTTE THROPP LEIT,A FEORY EARL MORGAN Adx ' ertisinci M a nagers EEORENCE COWAN ETHEEYN BRETT Snhscription Manager EIEEEN COEBY " OUR ALMA MATER " The senior class of " 1920 offered a prize of twenty-five dollars to the person writing the best poem for a school song. The poem below, which was written by Alary C. Orr, is the prize winner. The judges for this contest were George W. Chadwick, director ; Elizabeth I. Samuel, teacher of English Language and Literature, and Dr. E. Charlton Black, LL.D., Lecturer in English Literature. POEM From near and far o ' er this wide earth We come, dear Muse, to thee, And at tliy shrine of truth and worth We worsliip constantly. Our Alma INIater can but set Ideals we must gain; ' Tis ours to work, and not forget Her standards to maintain. — Mary C. Orr. (dlasB of 1920 President Vice-President Recording Secretary Social Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer OFFICERS EILEEN A. COLBY FRANK F. SIPLE M. LEONE MARQUIS MARY K. POPE MARION V. GAY HELEN M. MEDER Qflasa GfolotB: purple mil ( oli 1920 SOLOISTS AND TEACHERS IN VOICE 1. DOROTHKA L. BkOKAW 2. Mildred Leone Marquis 8. Anne E. Stanier 7. Prank Fraser Sipi,e ' oice witli Charles H. Bennett V oice with Charles H. Bennett Voice with Cliarles A. White Voice with Percy 1 " . Hunt TEACHERS IN VOICE 3. Doris Mildred Trickev 5. Mildred Sarah Haley G. Frances Mildred Petro 9. Clara Kathryn Martin 10. Ethelyn Hope Brett Voice with ¥. Morse Wemple Voice with Charles A. White Voice with Charles A. White Voice with Charles A. White Voice with F. Morse Wemple VIOLIN 12. Mrs. Lillian Marguerite Moore Estaver Violin witli Timothee Adamowski IL Minnie Leontine Yeaton 4. Earl W. Morgan 13. Louis H. O ' Connell ORGAN Organ with Henry L Dunham Organ with Wallace Goodrich Organ witli Homer Humphrey POST GRADUATE STUDENTS SOLOIST ' S COURSE IN PIANOFORTE Irene Mary Collins ( ' 19) LeiLa Adele Flory (Organ ' 19) Mrs. Estelle Ancrum Forster (Organ ' 19) Alice Mary Reillv ( ' 19) Minnie Charlotte Wolk (19) George Webster Hathaway ( ' 17) SOLOISTS IN PIANOFORTE Lillian Alice Puthuff Lena Wills Lockwood Isabel Reynolds L wha Lillian Helena Hirsh Lois [NFather Cook Mary Katiierine Pope TsuYA Matsuki Ruth Miriam Bernard Charlotte Barbara Heller Raymond Prentice Putman Susan Elizabeth Williams Alfred Fondacaro Piano with Richard Stevens Piano witli George Proctor Piano with Chiyton Jolins Piano witli Alfred DeVoto Piano witli Alfred DeVoto Piano with Richard Stevens Piano with Alfred DeVoto Piano with Alfred DeVoto Piano with George Proctor Piano with George Proctor Piano with Alfred DeVoto Piano with Alfred DeVoto SOLOISTS AND TEACHERS IX PIANOFORTE AL YBELLE Agnes Parker Freeda Ruth Feldman Jesus Maria Sanroma Charlotte West Thropp Piano with George Proctor Piano with F. A. Porter Piano with David Seqiieira Piano with Dr. J. A. .Tcffer TEACHERS IN PIANOEORTE 1. Rosa Bernice Fkutman Piano with Harry N. Redman 2. Berniece Annette Bonner Piano witli Dr. J. A. Jcffcrv 3. Frederic Chromis Piano with Alfred DeVoto 4. Amy Jeanette Markel ] iano with Alfred DeVoto 5. Alice ] Iarion Hamlet Piano with Richard Stevens 6. Janet Davls Siiepard Piano with Cieorge Proctor 7. Florence Etiilyn Cowan Piano with Alfred DeVoto 8. Faye Ethel Dressler Piano with Alfred DeV ' oto 9. Margaret Hetty Barnett Piano with Alfred DeVoto 10. Ethel Shaunessy Piano with Julius Shaloff 11. Mary Cathryn Steinmetz Piano with Alfred DeVoto 12. Grace Parry Piano with Alfred DeVoto i;3. Pearl May Collicut ' Piano with F. A. Porter 14. Hazel Gibbons Brockelman Piano with Henry Goodrich 15. Mabel Pill Piano with Clayton .Johns 16. Leila Adele Flory Piano witli Richard .Stevens TEACHERS IN PIANOEORTE 1. Mrs. Estellk Forster Piano with Stuart Mason 2. Anna Lou Willis Piano with F. F. Lincoln . " {. Sarah Isabel Kerr Piano witli ¥. F. Lincoln •l. Thalia Helen Cantaro Piano with Dr. J. A. JefTery 5. Mildred Mary Harron Piano witli Alfred DeVoto 6. Alliene Foster Poole Piano witli Alfred DeVoto 7. Ceha Helen Kysela Piano with Ricliard Stevens 8. Ethel AL ria Richer Piano with Alfred DeVoto 9. Madelene Dickinson Piano with Stuart Mason 10. Helen Iarie Meder Piano with D J. A. JefTery 11. Ruth Shubow Piano with Edwin Klalire 12. Marion V iola Gay Piano with Henry Goodrich 13. Nathalia Liebreich Piano Mith Richard Stevens 14. Lyman Stanley Piano with Alfred DeVoto 15. Ruth Eva French Piano with Richard Stevens 16. Alithea Eleanor Parker Piano witli H. S. Wilder TEACHERS IN PIANOFORTE Sarah Kirstein Tei Yasamura Frances Libby McFarland Bkatrice Clara Graves Alpha Dull Marie Antoinette Nims Blanche G. Ferranui Edith Frances Cove Eileen Alice Colby Jessie Katherine P ' ord Etta Martha Miles Charlotte West Thropp Evelyn Eileen Doherty Mary Elizabeth Thornton Gladys Elizabeth Godfrey Lena Halverson Piano with Richard Stevens Piano witli Edwin Klalire Piano with Alfred DeVoto Piano witli Stuart Mason Piano with Richard Stevens Piano with Richard Stevens Piano witli Alfred DeVoto Piano with F. A. Porter Piano with Stuart Mason Piano witli Alf i ' d DeVoto Piano with Ait red DeVoto Piano with Dr. J. A. Jeffery Piano with F. A. Porter Piano with Alfred DeVoto Piano with Ricliard Stevens Piano with Ricliard Stevens a[l|e QIlaBB of 1921 OFFICERS OF JUNIOR CLASS President ELIZABETH D. WOOD Vice-President .... NATALIE SHUTE Recordinri Secretary . . . ELEANOR KEITH Social Secretary .... ROBERTA HARVEY Corresponding Secretary . . JACOB KIRSHEN Treasurer RAYMOND SCHOEWE Abrams, Ethel Anderson, Frances Mildred Audet, Marie Laure Bickel, Evelyn Beatrice Blanchard, Beatrice Amanda Bonnett, Anna Marie Brown, Helen Dorothy Budfrell, Amy Castle, Helen Boardman Childers, Lemuel Jennings Churchill. Etta Manning Cresswell, Dorothy Cuddy, Dorothy Mary Davidson, Delia Ethel Davis, Frances Elvina Faison, Marie Frances PIANOFORTE (lalant, Eudora Fishi)u rn, Mary Fogg, Ruth Given Goodale, Mary Ethel Hare, Helen Mildred Harvey, Roberta Victoria Heibel, Katharine Blanche Hewes, Esther Stanley .Tohnson, Sarah I ouise Jones, Martha Lorene Keith, Eleanor Ida Kirshen, Jacob Samuel Lee, Ed Bivens Lepine, Gertrude Veronica Lewis, Beatrice Linda Lichanco, Dolores Esifania Masters, Jean Elizabeth Mayer, Cecile Palmer, Vashti Victoria Pease, Marion Fames Prior, Lina Ethel Schaeffer, Kathryn Mary Serbian, Theresa Ixjuise Smith, Sallie Pearl Strickland, Madeline Matilda Sturm, Bryan Elizabeth Touchette, Charles Philip Tj ' ler, Monica Marie LTpton, Mildred Alberta Wells, Clara Firth Wiggin, Mildred Elizabeth Witherstine, Margaret Louise Wood, Elizabeth Dresser ORGAN McCJuire, Mary Louisa Meder, Helen Marie (Class of 1920) VOICE Blaker, Myra Elizabeth Dyer, Marion Randall Malafronte, Louise Brooks, Edna Mae Erclmann, Norma Jean Santoro, Theresa Madeline Conrad, Li zie Seretha Giddings, Susie Watson, Dora I ouise VIOLIN Bigelow, Marcia Joyce Schoewe, Raymond Adolph Shute, Nathalie Garabedian, Haig VIOLONCELLO Brown, George Alfred Fraser, Janette Elizabeth Quimby, Betsey Lucile OBOE Lynn, William Russell ototititB IfitntttnititB (National Ilonurari Musical Sororiti ) OFFICERS President MARY K. POPE Vice-President .... FLORENCE COWAN Recording Secretari . . . MILDRED FAIR Corresponding Secretari . . ELEANOR KEITH Chaplain HELEN HOFFMAN Warden LEONE MARQUIS Historian TSUYA ISfATSUKI Chorister HELEN DAWSON Martha Bnibaker Natalie Townsend Mary Pope Florence Cowan Mildred Fair Leone Marciuis Helen Hofl ' nian Anne Stanier Amy Budgel Katherine Shirley Marian Jordan ACTU ' E MEMBERS Susan Williams Tsuya Matsuki Edna Martin Barbara Sterlinj; Helen Dawson Mary Orr Louise Watson Mary Madden Julia Blankenship Norma .Jean Erdman Eleanor Keith HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Grace Bonner Williams Mrs. Marie Sundelius Miss Mabel Paniels Mrs. Laura Littlefield Mille. Renee Lonfjy Miss Erma Seydel Marie Nichols Marcella Craft Mme. Shumann-Heink Alice Neilson Mafrgie Teyte Kathleen Parlow Hedwig Scbroeder Mme. Caroline Hudson Alexand PATRONESSES Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Wellington Warren Sturgis G. W. Knowlton, Jr. Mrs. Clarence B. Shirley Mrs. Henry M. Dunham Mrs. William B. Tyler A lte ' Alpl)a OJlii Omega ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS MARTHA COLBY Fice-Presidcrit . . . CAROLYN RICE Treasurer .... CAROL SIMPSON Recording Secretari MARION DYER • Corresponding Secretari ALICE ZEPHLER NATALIE SHUTE Historian .... OPAL TISLOW Chaplain .... MARION HARE Warden .... FRANCES HOLMES ACTIVE MEMBERS Dorothea Brokaw Martha Colby Faye Dressier Jean Dunn Marian Dyer Marian Hare Mildred Healy Frances Holmes Clara Martin Jean Masters Lauren McAdanis Frances Petro Lucile Quiinby Carolyn Rice Carol Simpson Natalie Shute Iva Jane Thomas Charlotte Thro[)|) Marnette Wolfe Alice Zepliler Opal Tislow HONORARY MEMBERS Maud Powell Mrs. H. H. A. Beach Adele Aus der Ohe Neally Stevens Adele Verne Mrs. Mary Howe Lavin Margaret Ruthven Lang Mme. Teresa Carreno Ellen Beach Yaw Mnie. Antoinette S .iimowsl Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler Mine. Maria Decca Mrs. Edward MacDowell Mme. Helen Hoj)ekirk Mine. Julia Rive-King Deceased PATRONESSES Mrs. George Chad wick Mrs. Wallace Goodrich Mrs. Ralph Flanders Mrs. Wellington Mrs. Frances Ri ce Mrs. Charles White Mrs. Henry Dunham Miss Martha Perkins Mrs. Edward Hartmann Mrs. Katherine Osborne Mrs. V. S. Brokaw OFFICERS President MARTHA COLBY Vice-President .... MARY SCHENCK Recording Secretary . . . MILDRED MITTEN Corresponding Hecretari . . LILLIAN PUTHUFF Treasurer HELEN RICHARDS Sergeant-at-Arms . . . GERTRUDE GIBSON Chapter Editor .... ISABEL MAWHA Bernadine Adair Mildred Cobb Helen Crook Lois Cook Janette Eraser Ruth Fraser Gertrude Gibson Sue Gordon Frances Gaw Ruth Hinman Isabel Mawha Mary Mock ACTIVE MEMBERS Mabelle Parker Jennie Peterson Lilian Puthuff Hazel Read Helen Richards Mary Schenck Mildred Sutton Mary Terrill Gladys Wickens Elizabeth Wood Mildred Witton Mrs. Adelina Ferguson Mrs. Charles Bennett Mrs. Charles Dennce Mrs. I,ouis Elson Mrs. Ralph Flanders Mrs. Eben D. Jordan PATRONESSES Mrs. Henry Mason Mrs. Auguste Rotoli Mrs. Arthur Shepherd Mrs. Alexander Steinert Mrs. F. D. Trowbridge Mrs. E. Morse Wemple NATIONAL HONORARY Mrne. Clara Butts Mme. Julia Claussen Mme. Amelita Galli-Curci Mme. Freida Hempel Mnie. I ouise Homer Mme. Corinne Rider-Kelsey Mme; Elsa Ruegger-Lichtensteln Mme. Margaret Matzenauer Mme. Christine Miller Mme. Claudio Muzio Mme. Olga Samarolf Mme. Marcella Sembrich Mme. Janet Spencer Mme. Gertrude May Stein Mme. Florence Hinkle-Wilherspooii Mme. Florence Easton Mme. May Mukle SIN FOX I A FRA TERN IT Y OFFICERS President J ' ice-President Recording Secretari Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian Warden Supreme Councilman . FRANK FRASER SIPLE RAYMOND PUTMAN JUSTINEf WILLIAMS LaVERne b. perry ossian e. mills allan lincoln langley otto rinderspaci er james houston spencer Hector Choinere Harold Currier William Deverall Leonard Fay Ilaig CJarabedian Stanley Gardiner Howard Coding .Failles Harrison Alfred Hamer Stuart Hoppin ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Keller Leon Kuntz Edward LeClair Albert L. Penn Raymond Sehoewe Robert Stetson Harold Sundt Stanley Trusselle Auguste Vaninni Tiionias Williams Wallace Goodwich George W. Chadwick Arthur Foote HONORARY MEMBERS Horatio W. Parker Louis C. Elson ' Deceased JCappa amma Pat 3fratcrniti| ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS Fresideni First Vice-President Second Tice-President Treasurer Financial Secretari Recording Secretarij . Corresponding Secretari Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Historian GEORGE W. HATHAWAY DOUGLAS P. KENNEY EARL P. MORGAN FRANCIS M. FINDLAY JOHN D. MURRAY JAMES T. KENNEDY LEONARD C. WILLIAMS KENNETH B. STRONG HAROLD WILKINSON F. STUART MASON HONORARY MEMBERS Josef Adamowski Harold Bauer Pablo Casals Philip Greeley Clajij) Samuel Carr Ossip Gal)riiowitsc ' li Philip Hale Fritz Kreisler r,eo R. Lewis Gcorjres I onjry Ignace J. Paderewski W. R. Spaulding William Whitney ACTIVE MEMBERS Franit W. Asjier William J. Bailey Owen H. Bartlett Harold Coburn Frederick E. Colman William E. Donovan Horace S. Frederick Francis M. Findlay Robert Fisher Owen T. Hewitt George " W. Hathaway Frederick Heim James T. Kenneily Douglas P. Kenney F. Stuart Mason Albert S. ' Mclntire, J r. Walter McLellan Earl P. Morgan John D. Murray Lionel P. Spencer Kenntth B. Strong Harold N. Wilkinson I Conard C. Williams Donald I.. Smith William J. Sellnick ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Clayton D. Giliiert Edwin Klahre Louis F. Kloepfel H. S. Wilder F. Addison Porter Rudolph C. Ringwall Dr. J. Alliert Jeffrey Herbert W. Ringwall Clarence B. Shirley Rudolph Toll V HELLENIC OFFICERS President TSUYA MATSUKI First Vice-President . . . FRANK SIPLE Second Vice-President . . . JANETTE ERASER Third Vice-President . . . MARY SCHENCK Recording Secretari . . . ELIZABETH WOOD Corresponding Secretary . . CAROLYN RICE 1 reasurer EARL MORGAN Assistant Treasurer . . -. WILLIAM DONOVAN Auditor OSS IAN MILLS YOUNG WOMIJX ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NE IV ENGLAND CON SERF A TORY President J ' lce-President Secretari Treasurer OFFICERS JEAN A. DUNN LAUREN A. McADAM JEAN JAMIESON CORNELIA NORTH COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Piiblicifi Social Music Room Social Service World Fellowship ANTOINETTE PERNER VORA SMITH LILLIAN WOOD EVELYN TODD HELEN FISKE HELEN RICHARDS ACTIVITIES Another successful year lias passed for tiie Y. W. C. A. During tlie latter part of the year a Bihle Study Class was formed under the leadershi)) of Miss Barrows of tlte Gordon Bible School. Miss Jean Dunn was the delegate to tlie Student Volunteer Convention at Des Moines. Among the social affairs were a welcome party in tlie form of a " country social " for new students, a Cliristmas party for poor cliildren and a stunt party in which the three halls participated. For recreation the girls had a weekly gym class at the Blue Triangle. The association owes to Miss Margarcte Hcrscy a debt of gratitude for her help and encouragement. consehvatoey club officers President CAROLYN W. RICE 6 Vice-Presidents .... HELEN MEDER 3 MARY C. ORR 10 Secretary MARION GAY 1 Assistant Secretary . . . MARY TERRELL i Treasurer ISABEL MAWHA 2 DIRECTORS BEATRICE LEWIS 5 BRYAN STURM 7 CHARLOTTE THROPP 8 FLORENCE COWAN 8 The Conservatory Club, tlie youngest of all scliool organizations, came into existence early in 1920 in response to a growing need for a large, democratic organi- zation for tlie women students. The object of the club is to promote closer association among the girls of tlie school, to encourage high scholarship, and to foster scliool spirit. The charter members numbered thirty-eight, but the club membership soon reached its limit of one hundred, with an already rapidly increasing waiting list. We are especially indebted to the Directory Committee for their unfailing in- terest and enthusiasm in the formative period for the club ' s existence, and for tlieir invaluable assistance and advice in many ways. Much credit is also due to three members of the faculty, Miss Dean, ] Irs. Warner, and Miss Samuel, for their kindly interest in the new organization. On April fourteenth, the club made its debut ujjon the social life of the school in the form of a reception and dance to the faculty and management in Recital Hall. The affair was a great success and promised well for sucli events to come. We are too young at this present time to have accomplished anything worth mentioning but we have great plans for the future and with the enthusiasm that has already been shown on the part of every member, it should not be difficult to bring those plans to pass. CONSER FA TON Y CL UB MEMBERS 1920 CHARTER MEMBERS Dorothy Avery Marion Gay Aiiioret Rollins Myra Blaker Lorene .Tones Mabel Shearer Ethelyn Brett Cilia Kysela Katherine Shirley Helen Brown Beatrice I ewis Ada Sinnnons Etta Churchill Lena I ockwood Mary Steinmet . Lois Coo Clara Martin Bryan Sturm Florence Cowan Tsuya Matsukl Arlene Summers Dorothy Cuddy Lsahel Mawha Helen Taylor Marion Dyer Helen Meder Mary Terrell I jileen Doherty T 1 1 H 1 IVT 1 1 PI I f» I ' Pharlnttp Tlirnnn Helenc Fiske iTl rt I y _ 1 1 XJKfl irt X I icivcy Jessie Ford v ittid veiir tjanette Eraser ill ( I y A u I Jc t ' 1 I ' d! v n r 1 ADDED MEMBERS Pearl Collieut Edna Brooks Evelun Bickel Ruth Eraser Helen Dawson Gertrude Sepine Helen Richards Anna Bonnett J ean Dunn Edna Smith Mildred Upton Lauren MacAdams Marian Crocker Beatrice Blanciiard Mary Schenck Sue Gordon Sara All Roberta Harvey Greta Yahn Ethel Sliauncssy Mabelle Parker Naomi Randall Dorothy Cresswell Grace Held Rose Maginnis Ruth Currier Sue Giddings Sarah Kirstein Carol Simpson Monica Tyler Helen Ladd Ruth Bellows Natalie Shute T nn » IVTiirniiit; Ruth MacMurphv Eleanor Keith Cornelia Miller Kegina Held Iva Jane Thomas Helen Welch Martha Brubaker Josephine Strassner Mildred Harron Margaret Ferguson Geraidine Hallatt Antoinette Perjier Bertha Merrill Jean Masters Frances McFarland Cornelia North Barbara Erwin Martha Colby Ethel Prior Frances Petro Blanche Finke Miiry McGuire Minnie Wolk Patrel Randall Leila Flory Mary Stuart Anne Stanier New England Conservatory of Music BOSTON, MASS. George W. Chadwick, Director Year Opens September 16, 1920 Located in the Music Center of America It affords pupils the environment and atmosphere so necessary to a musical education. Its complete organization, and splendid equipment, offer excep- tional facilities for students. Dormitories for women students. Complete Curriculum Courses in every branch of Pvlusic, applied and theoretical. Owing to the Practical Training In our Normal Department, graduates are much in demand as teachers. The Free Privileges Of lectures, concerts and recitals, the opportunities of ensemble practice and appearing before audiences, and the daily associations are invaluable advantages to the music student. A Complete Orchestra Offers advanced pupils in pianoforte, voice, organ and violin experience in rehearsal and public appearance with orchestral accompaniment. Dramatic Department Practical training in acting, with public presentations. Address RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager Patronize the Advertisers COMPLIMENTARY Patronize the Advertisers GIRLS. TRADE AT TOPPER ' S Choice Fruits, Groceries Bakery Goods, Home Cooking 46 GAINSBORO STREET Compliments of L. HIR.SH 250 Huntington Avenue HABERDASHER IF YOU WANT A LUNCH Try The Automat at 234 HUNTINGTON AVENUE PERMANENT HAIR WAVING IN TWO HOURS New Machine Steaming Process 372 BOYLSTON STREET Symphony Flower Shop 240 TTt NTiNGTON Avenue Opposite Christian Science Cluircli BOSTON, MASS. Sprritil .lltrntion to MiiH, Trlrplionr tnii Ti ' lrg,rapb Ordrrs QVAi.rry and service Telephone Back Bay 8241—58238 r())i ' i ' ,c ill . I diTvl isrrs COMPLIMENTARY Patronize live Advertisers CAFE MINERVA 216 Huntington Avenue, Boston Opposite Christian Science Gardens Telephone Back Bay 3898 EXCELLENT FOOD AND SERVICE ARTISTIC SURROUNDINGS ...MUSIC... Alsotke SAVOY HOTEL Henry C. Dcmeter, Prot)rictor 461 Columbus Avenue F U ST HUNTINGTON SHOE REPAIRING Conservatory AND TAILOR SHINE PARLORS 42 GAINSBORO STREET ACROSS FROM CONSERVATORY It will be worth your while to try the SPECIAL $L25 Dinner served from 6 to 8 P. M. at the HOTEL HEMENWAY Corner Westland Avenue and Hemenway Street Rooms with Bath, $3.00 upwards BANQUETS AND PRIVATE DANCES SOLICITED L. H. ToRREY, Manager Telephone Back Bay 3180 Patronize the Advertisers CHIMES SPA STORES Pure and Delicious Home Iade CANDIES AND ICE CREAM LUXCHEOX SODA JFTERXOOX TEA Corner Huntington and Massachusetts Avenues 160-162 Massachusetts Avenue COXVIXCE YofRSELF AND TrY The GAINSBORO CAFE 295 Huntington Avenue and 42 Gainsboro Street, up one flight (Cher Xorris Drug Store) Strictly American Cooking with that Old Home Flavor Our Desserts are unsurpassed Tr ' our 35c Special Dinner We use the Best Materials only Open from 11.30 to 7.30 except Sundays DIEGES CLUST ( tee made it, it ' s Right) Complimentary MASLFJCTIRISG SPECIALTY JEWELERS Class Pins : Class Rings : Medals 149 Tremoxt Street BOSTON ' 11. - - MASS. " You Always Get it Right " HUBBELL and McGOWANS Back Bay ' s Biggest, Busiest Drug Store SYMPHONY CORNER Patronize the Adzertisers Sd f on Wood 900 Volumes The Best Series of Standard Musical Works, including Studies, Recreations and Classics. Carefully edited, perfectly engraved, printed and bound. Teachers, Students and Alusic Lovers admit the superiority of this edition. Easy Educational Music The Largest Catalog in the ' orld of easy teaching pieces of the kind con- stantly needed by teachers. Important to Pianoforte Teachers! Teachers whose names are enrolled in our Publicity Department receive from time to time without charge, excellent teaching pieces. If you are a regularly established teacher, it costs ' ou nothing to have your name entered in this department, whereby you may receive valuable information concerning new material for teachers ' use. Simply send us }our address, and the name of the dealer from whom you are accustomed to purchase your music. Thematic Catalogs and Catalog of Edition Wood on Request. The B. F. WOOD MUSIC COMPANY 246 Summer Street 29 West 38th Street BOSTON ALW AT LOXDOX NEW YORK Tufts College Medical and Dental Schools The Tufts College Medical School offers a four-year course to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. ' I ' he next session begins September 16, 1923. Students of both sexes are admitted upon presentation of an approved higli scliooi certificate and, in addition, college credit indicating two years ' work in Chemistry. English, Physics, Biology, and French or German. Charles F. Painter, M D., Dean. ' I he Tufts College Dental School admits graduates of accredited high schools on presentation of their diploma and transcript of record covering fifteen units. The next session begins September 22. 1920. Well- equipped laboratories and abundant clinical facilities furnish opportunity for a thor- oughly practical course in medicine and dentistry. iLLL M RicE, D.M.D.. Dran. A Pre-Dental course of one year will be established in connection with the Tufts College Pre-AIedical course in September, 1920. The course will be optional in 1920, but will be required for admission to the Dental School in 1921. Begin- ning January, 1920, all candidates for admission to the Dental School must present evidence of having attended one year in a recognized college or university and to have passed the subjects of the year. These subjects must include Physics, Chem- istry, Biology and English. For jurlher information, apply to FRANK E. HASKINS, M.D., Secretary 416 Huntington Avenue, Boston 17, Mass. Patronize the Advertisers The School Credit Piano Course A text book for tKe stud ) of musical essentials, ear training, key-board harmony and music appreciation adapted to the needs of junior and senior Kigh school students. This course is based upon sound pedagog- ical principles and makes it possible to mark students and grant credit for the outside studj) of the piano. " I consider The School Credit Piano Course the most comprehensive and exhaustive piano school before the public " . — Max Kramm: " It is based on the best pedagogy and made practical with the most excel- lent material for practice. We shall take pleasure in recommending its use. " — P. C. Hayden, Editor, School Music. SEND FOR DESCRIPTIVE BOOKLETS FREE ON REQUEST OLIVER DITSON COMPANY 176-179 Tremont St., Boston CHA5. H. DITSON CO., 8-10-12 East 34th St., New York ORDER OF YOUR LOCAL DEALER Telephone Back Bay 6C18 THE SANTUNG CHINESE AND AMFRICAX RESTAURANT 341-243 HUN riNGTON A ENL E Near ALvs .achl ' setts Avesvt. BOSTON, MASS, N:--. i rr TO Horticuhura] i- 1 - Js: ) " - ' ; - " Good Shoes Are An Economy " HAN AN SON 167 Tremont St., Boston Ladies, You will be Delighted with the Franklin Square House Largest Hotel in the World Exclusively for Women Free Hospital. Medical Attendance, Private Parlors, Beautiful Recreation Hall, Laundry. Maximum comfort at Minimum Cost. 650 rooms. FRANKLIN SQUARE HOUSE Call or Write 1 1 East Newton Street, Cor. Washington Street BOSTON, MASS. F. MORSE WEMPLE Teacher of Singing NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC PIERCE BUILDING. BOSTON, MASS. Saturdays in New York, 50 West 67th Street Teaching at Spirit Lake, Iowa, July 17 to Aug. 20, 1920 Walker LitKograpK Publishing Co. Litkograf)liers and Printers 400 Ne t)ury Street Boston, Massachusetts Patronize the Advertisers

Suggestions in the New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


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New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


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