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THE SCOPE Faculty l l Foster Nnmias, O. D. Dr. Albert E. Sloane Pmrfinrl Ofrfifx Pnflwlrzgy, IVv1fmlr1,fgy, 411141 Hygivm Dr. H. XVilli.1m Bcncker Pfvyviology Frederick E. Bruckcr, B. S. Pb-yxlrx uu,l Ml1llu'w.1fifx . , ..- -Iolm NV. Graham, Opt. Opfltlnrllzzif' Lrflx Grifnlilzg John C. Reilly, M. A. Pxyvlwology X31 K I THE SCOPE Class Prophecy BERNARD SIEGAL Time 7 ,Iune 4, 1944. Place - At home, before a fireside. Hello, Johnny and Mary. What's on your minds this evening. Oh, you Want me to tell 'you a story about the funny men in the 1934 year book of M. S. O. All right, get the book, and come here onto my lap, and I'1l begin. Do you remember, I took a trip to Boston a few months ago? Well, I went to the optometry convention. Of course, a great many of my school mates were there. One of the first I met was Joe Monkarsh. No Johnny, he's not trying to imitate Chaplin. He says the moustache gives him sex appeal. Joe is at present, Q'Chief assumern for one of the big optical houses. His job is to decide what to do, assuming the customers do not pay. They call him "assumer" because he always sends bills stamped "Kindly remit as- sume as possible." Of course, at a convention, the best place to Hnd all your friends is at a hotel bar and that is where I went. Sure enough, there was Mills, Brucker and Rowan exhort- ing Reilly - who was sipping a raspberry soda - to forsake the evils of drink. McCabe was behind the bar preparing strawberry sundaes. Inasmuch as it was too early for any excitement, I decided to walk around town. At the first turn to the right I saw a large neon sign, proclaiming, "Lichtenstein and Gribbin, optometrists extraordinary.U. I decided to say "hello," and dropped in. They were not busy, so we talked. Suddenly Oscar said, "No, prove it, that's not so, prove it, wrongf' XVith that he rushed out. I looked at Gribbin and asked him if Oscar was sick. He said, "No, Oscar is taking a course at Harvard and is practicing for class." I left and headed for the convention again. Arriving, I found in front of the C. and C. exhibit, Collins and Clements, owners of the C. and C. optical company. This company is now famous because Collins invented that long looked for machine, where you turn a few handles and the Rf' comes out. Clements is business manager and treas- urer. He takes care of the money, because the sight of greenbacks, makes Collins talk with a brcgue, and this is bad business since Muddy Kaplow is his biggest customer. Cc-llins informed me Joe Cohn, has made N. J. eye conscious, and has glasses for every conceivable purpose, from protecting eyes from grapefruit to magnifying key-holes for columnists. I met Kcrnetsky. He told me he has an oiiice on the boardwalk at Revere. Out- side is a large sign saying, "Don't let those ultraeviolet rays get you. Colored lenses sold inside." On entering the lecture hall, I heard Dr. Chaitin giving a long discourse on his new theory. This is his picture. Don't laugh so much, Johnny. No, Mary, his ears don't lift him off the ground when he runs. As I was saying, he was explaining his new theory of correcting hyperopia with minus lenses, by producing a eramp of the ciliary great enough to take care of the error. l4l TAHE SCOPE I also met these three chaps, Gulezian, Goldfarb and Soutra. They are state board members now. Goldfarb gives the Pathology exams of which one question always is, "If you did not recognize a disease, what would you do?" The answer, i'Dig into your Parsons," is known by every optometrist in Mass. Now Johnny, if you will get me my scrap book, I will tell you what happened to other members of the class. This Hrst picture is good old Seale. Seale, Helman and Tieri enjoy one of the finest practices in Boston. They have, as an office, a suite at the Statler and wear morning frock coats while refracting. Seale takes the history, Helman gives the best subjective, and Tieri theorizes on the exam. These two pictures are Bonaventura and Cowin. This clipping insists they are political bosses of Boston, Bonaventura being manager and Cowin candidate, at all times. ln school Bonny was the quietest member of the class and Cowin probably the noisiest. But time changes man and now Bonny talks for hours about the fighting, and I don't mean maybe, champion of the people, while Cowin quietly buys, I mean, gets the votes. And this picture is Katz. Katz,s story is a sad one. He used to enjoy a fine prac- tice until he started to sing during refractions. In fact, since this tragedy happened, they can't rent a store in the entire neighborhood. This clipping is from a Lynn newspaper. It says, "See Parrott, about your eyes. birdeof an eye manf, This handsome brute is Goldberg, prexy of our class. He owns a chain of theatres and has all his ushers use Calobar lenses so that they do not need to use flashlights to see in the dark, thus cutting down expenses. All the actors in pictures shown at his theatres must wear glasses, and he even has lenses on Leo the lion. Paster is out West selling magnifying glass to the farmers to make their tall corn look taller. And here, dear children, is Rubin. He was quite a man. This letter is dated way back in 1936, when he announced the arrival cf twins. He says, quoting Rubin, "I call them Eso and Exo, because I could never understand how these two conditions came about, and the same holds for the twins." This distinguished man named Lipsky is joke editor for Judge. No Johnny, he wasn,t made joke editor because of his face. Clark owns a chain of 5 81 10 cent Jewelry stores. They all have optical depart- ments. He uses a series of poker hands for test charts, and if the patient picks out the best hand, he says they see enough, -and gives them that li ' These two pictures are Schwartz and Sunshine. Here is a clipping from Wiri- chell's column about them. "Flash - E Schwartz of the firm of Schwartz and Sun- shine, Optometrists, of Los Angeles, is said to be that way about Marie Dresslerf' Hoping this little story makes you two feel that way about bed, Iam saying "good- night," and I hope the pictures do not give you night-mares. V . 5. ISI , H E QQO P E -H Burk Row: L. to R.:-A. Anderson, C. Rowan, B. Sedgwick. Fin! Razr: I.. to R.:-F. Mills. D. Grilwbin. ,l. Reilly. The Scope Srta1lHf EIIHOI'-il1'CbfL'f Donald Gribbin Assoviufv Erlifor John C. Reilly Allllllllj Erfifm' George Buckley Senior News Brewster Sedgwick Bnsimiss Nltllltigm' Frederick T. Mills Asxm'iu1'v BIIUIIUXS Alllllllgfl' Andrew Anderson Cil'fILltIfiflI1 Alclllllgfl' Charles Rowan lfacnlfy Aflrisor Alyce McCabe wi THE SCOPE Huw, gp Senior Class History BY MARCUS S. SOUTRA As we now complete our course at the Mass. School of Optometry, thus passing one more milestone in our preparation for a career, in what to us is one of the most fas- cinating of all sciences, we ind ourselves looking back with some surprise to realize that it w-as actually two years ago that we, the largest class in the history of the school en- tered the mysterious realms of Optometry. In September 1932 this group of fifty-two men met to organize, selecting as its officers: President, Arthur Collinsg Vice-President, Milton Lebicng Treasurer, Frederick T. Mills and for Secretary our one and only Co-ed, Evelyn Hollander. This first year the class sponsored two well attended dances, and through the ef- forts of Dr. Svendson we enjoyed several lectures by Dr. H. Williain Bencker. The annual visit to the American Optical plant in Southbridge, in May, was con- structive as well as interesting and afforded an excellent climax to our social year. When we returned, i.n the fall of 1933, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the school authorities had chosen new quarters which were much more spacious and pleasant than the former location. With larger rooms, more clinic booths and added equipment we were ready to start a bigger and better year. At our first organized meeting the new ofhcers elected were: President, Manuel Goldberg, Vice-President, Lester Thomas, Secretary, Daniel Kornetskyg Treasurer, Ralph Clements and Sergeant-at-Arms, Ira Schwartz. We were fortunate this year in having added to our already efficient teaching staff, Dr. Paul S. Cline for Theoretic and Physiologic Optics and John Reilly for Psychology to whom we offer our sincere congratulations for the way in which they have presented their respective courses. We have had the distinct advantage of a larger, more eflicient and instructive Clinic under the direction of Dr. Svendson to whom we extend our deepest apprecia- tion for her untiring efforts in making this a tremendous success. Also, under her di- rection, the Clinic sponsored an exceptionally successful bridge-whist for the benefit of the newsboys from the Burroughs foundation. The Senior banquet, held at the Myles Standish Hotel, marked the final social func- tion of this class. The guest speaker, Dr. Harry Messinger extended very useful hints on the detection of Simple Glaucoma and Simple Cyclitis. Dr. Klein and other mem- bers of our faculty offered words of advice and their best wishes to the graduating class. It is with deepest regret that we bring to a close our associations of the past two years. l7l THE SCOPE FREDERICK E. BRUQKER, B. S.-"Fred" 234 South Street Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 Executive and Initiation Committees, P. O. S. N Optometry Club '33 MILTON J. BRoNs'I'EIN-"Milt" 887 Dencm Street Roxbury, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 MARINO D. BONAVENTURA-"Bonny" 98 Charlton Street Southbridge, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 Optometry Club ,34 P. O. S. Sergeant-At-Arms '34 XRTHUR W. COLLINS-"Aff, 94 Second Street Medford, Mass. Junior Class President Optometry Club '34 l8l ,gh THE SCOPE MAURICE I. Coxv1N-"Nailf' 220 Paris Street East Boston, Mass. NIANUIEL L. GOLDBERG-"Mam1y 576 Blue Hill Avenue Dorchester, Mass. Senior Class President Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 P. O. S. Smoker Committee P. O. S. Dance Committee PHILIP GOLDFARBLHPilI11l'j'u 7 Anderson Street Boston, Mass. Optometry Club '34 Graduating Cum Laude ARAM S. GULEZIAN'riG1lllJ',, SS High Street Haverhill, Mass. Optometry Club '34 Graduriting Cum Laude Snlutatorian l9l THEQ-COPE - DONALD GRIBBIN-"D01!,, Durham, New Hampshire Junior News '53 Pi Omicron Sigma '34 Editor-in-Chief of the Scope '34 HARRY A. KAPLOW-"H" 28 West Street Staten Island, New York City Assistant Basketball Manager '34 Monmscm KADLOW-"M" 28 West Street Staten Island, New York City Optometry Club '34 Captain Basketball Team '34 Rolsrrcr H. KATZ 1854 White Plains Avenue New York City President of the Optometry Club Class XVill Orator Optometric Research Club U01 THE SCOPE DANIEL I. KORNETSKY-"Danny" 25 Malden Street Everett, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '34 Optometry Club '34 Senior Class Secretary Senior Class Banquet Committee MILTON H. LEBSON-"Milf" "O. S." 406 Prospect Avenue Hackensack, New jersey Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 P. O. S. Guardian of the Exchequer '34 Vice President Junior Class '33 Secretary Optometric Research Club '34 SOLONION LTPSKY-"SOI" 30 Abbott Street Dorchester, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 Senior Class Banquet Committee '34 FREDERICK T. MILLS, A. B.-"Frm1" 1415 Commonwealth Avenue Brighton, Mass. Junior Class Treasurer '33 Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'54 Optometry Club '34 President Optometric Research Club '34 Scope Business Manager '54 Chancellor P. O. S. '34 Graduating Magna Cum Laude Valedictorian llll THE SCOPE U21 ADELBERT O. PARROTT-"Dell" 56 Stewart Street Lynn, Mass. FREDERICK P. Rocmass-"Roggy,' 8 Kempton Street Back Bay, Boston Jon-IN C. REILLY, M. A.-"lark" 50 Charlesgate East Boston, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 Optometry Club '34 Vice Chancellor P. O. S. '34 Bmsxvsrisk G. SEDGNVICK'-HBVIIEEH 32 Neptune Avenue XVcst Springfield, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 P. O. S. Refreshment Committee '33-'34 Senior News Editor, Scope Staff THE S-COPE IRA M. SCHWARTZ-"TillJ',' 1159 East 10th Street Brooklyn, New York Sergeant-at-Arms '33 - '34 Chairman Senior Class Smoker BERNARD M. SIEGEL1HBt'fI7if', 70 Woodbine Street Providence, Rhode Island Pi Omicron Sigma '34 Banquet Committee P. O. S. Senior Dance Committee Vice-President Optometry Club ' Class Prophet PA UL E. TUCKER-"Turk" 60 Queen Street Lowell, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 P. O. S. Scribe Emeritus Basketball Team '34 ARTHUR J. TIERI-"Ari" Soutlwbridge. Mass. Unofficial Music Master '33-'34 l13l THE SWQOPE - - Sincere thanks is extended by the Scope Staff to the following, whose consideration in not submitting pictures for publication substantially curtailed prohibitive expenses and made possible the printing of the 1934 YEAR BOOK. ,ANUREXV A. ANDERSON1"AIIz143V,y 67 Trevalley Rd., Revere, Mass. Pi Omicrcn Sigma '34 Associate Bujness Mgr. of the Scope GEORGE P. BUCKLEY 166 Brooks Ave., Arlington, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 Scope Alumni Editor '34 NOIKNIAXN M. CH.NITINT"ClJrIif', 79 Taylor St., PittsEeld, Mass. Senior Banquet Committee '34 BENJAMIN CLARK'HBl'I1Njfu 37 Parkvale Ave., Allston, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '53-'34 Optometry Club '34 '34 RALPH H. CLEMENTS-"Ski" 60 Nvhittier St., Melrose. Mass. Optometry Club '54 Senior Class Treasurer JOSEPH COHN 137 Schuyler Ave., Newark, New Jersey ERWIN R. COLITZlf'Sf?!lJbj',, 247 Gallatin St., Providence, R. I. Pi Omicron Sigma '53-,34 LEONARD HELMAN-"B11i1tly" 750 High St.. Newark, New Jersey INGIEBREKT K. HUSBY--"Vic" 378 Crooks Ave., Clifton, New Jersey NATHAN B. LAGER-"Stz11g11x" SI Barstow St., Saugus, Mass. U 1 'I H E S C O P E, M -gggggg LEONARD L. LIUSiPHEAR'NL6'71,7 59 Maple Sr., Orleans, Vermont Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 OSCAR LICHTENSTEIN 140 Laurel Sr., Back Bay, Boston Optometry Club '34 WALTER J. MCCABE-"M4:c,' 10 BlafkWo3d St., Boston, Mass. josrrn MONRARS1-I SS South 12th St., Newark, New Jersey ERNEST Moss 21 Park St., Lynn, Mass. RAYLIOND l,ASTER'r'R:ljV,, 24 Antrim St., Cambridge, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 COLEMAN P. PlKE'HPllf,, Hotel Buckminster, Boston Pi Omicron Sigma '33-,34 Chairman P.- O. S. Formal Dance '34 CYRIAC RICARD 37 Tolles St., Nashua, New Hampshire Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 MAYNVELL E. RicE-"Mar" 26 Center SL, Milford, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 Ci-1ARLEs F. ROWAN-"iClJii'j" 46 Coolidge Rd., West Medford, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma '53-'34 Scope Srziif '33 Scope Circulation Manager '34 ROLPI-I J. RUBEN 54 Astor St., Boston, Mass. Optometry Club '34 Optometric Research Club '34 Graduating Cum Laude CLYDE A. SIZALE 20 Mary SE., Springfield, Vermont Pi Omicron Sigma '33-'34 MARCUS S. SOUTRA-"Marr" 37 Wellington St., Springfield, Mass. Pi Omicron Sigma ,53-'54 Optometry Club '34 Senior Class History HAROLD K. SUNSHINE-"Hui" 1152 East 10th St., Brooklyn, New York Chairman Senior Dance Committee '34 Basketball Team '34 Senior Class Smoker '34 LESTER L. THOMAS 127 Blaisdell Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. Pi Omicron Sigma '34 Senior Vice President Chairman Senior Banquet Committee Senior Dance Committee SAIKIUEL XXVASSEIUWAN'-HSGIIIU Dorchester, Mass. nstein, M. Soutra, A. Anderson. I0 B Goldberg, M M Faster R. Rowan, ,C. 35 hom netsky, L. T Ol' , XV. Fox, D. K R:-B. Clark IO 'z L. Bark R011 -'G U I1 CQ 5 -521 2 Z :T E L. .2 Z ui E A vm f- C .2 5 Qi .I 'Ti an U5 O i if Q5 L. 0 -Z U D I-1 cl al. .Ld E L5 .r .2 nd 2 Q- Z -Q -N C LL. wick. S Sed Schwartz, D. Exford, B. Siegal, P. Wein berg, L, Lamphqgr, B, M. l' Rout A. Collie lvirfl T psky. ny, s. Li elk occhelli, G. L Pit F. reen, G Ralph I' Burke, D T. Antanellis, H. Baker, ibban, J. I' naventura, D. G Bo M . Row: Sffullff illy, S. Alpren. ebson, F. Mills, J. Re Row: F. Brucker, M. L First THE SCOPE Pi Omieron Sigma I THE Fraternity of the school enjoyed a very successful year in point of entertain- ment and education. A well arranged program, introduced at the start of the year, pro- vided a full schedule of activities for the brothers. Membership was swelled beyond former years by the influx of the new Frosh class which exposed its nether parts to the paddles of the very active members at Ye Lantern Hall in Arlington. A dinner dance "way up on the tiptop of the Bradford" was well attended by members and alumni. Appreciation is due to the executive committee that so ably placed the Fraternity on a sound financial basis and provided many commendable precedents for procedure. The officers elected for 1934-1935 are: Chancellor - Theodore Burke. Vice Chancellor - H. Baker. Scribe + Frank Pitoccelli. Guardian of the Exchequer - Samuel Alpren. Member of the Executive Committee - G. LeMay. Sergeant-At-Arms - Joseph Antonellis. The fraternity banquet held at the well known American House was the best ever and furnished a notable gcnl for future afTairs of its kind. U71 THE SCOPE Reminiiscence -..s5ffg.- Oldrimers of the class of 1934 will probably recall the merry faces pictured above. The setting is Massachusetts Avenue, former location of our dear Alma Mater. In front of the boys you will note the massive antique timbers which went by the quaint name of "desks" Thomas Young discovered these when he was looking for astigmatism. The compact formation cf the group is due to the demands of the photographer and his tri- pod which supported the birdie box. Dr. Theodore Klein, though not appar-ant, is standing by to protect Mr. Tintype from spitballs and subjectivesg this accounts for the more or less solemn appearance cf the then Junior Class. A beautiful replica of this fresco will be furnished on request and for the nominal payment of twenty-Hve dollars ff525.00j. Obviously, the addition of this photographic frenzy to your office wall will place you foremost among the Rotarians in your com- munity. HSI THE SCOPE -5 Yo up 11 1 9 0 QQ lhfo 43 or wi Z . V Q s Q . ,. g, H f 3 l L X This memorable event will mark the day when you set up the o,U'ices in which you will practice your profession. There on the wall, for all lo see, it will represent your years of study and hard work to become proficient in your profession . . . Now comes the task of building your professional reputatlbn. Here, new factors enter into the progress of your career: the appearance of your offices, the efficiency of your equipment, the accuracy of your instruments, the quality of the lenses, moantings and frames you use . . . llflay we cooperate with you to make the total of these factors a worthy com plemenl to your education and training, Our one hundred and one years of optical progress has filled us to serze well your every requiremenlfor building and holding your pradice- A 0PTlC4L ,yy 'Sas 0 , Q b 91 I 11 0' J .,,,,0. Q-'L O 9 N -o E . . 5 - -1 'B '93-5 5' n.cff"fl rmmovyw' Alnerican 0ptieal C0l'llPaHy' 'J71 U91 Anapolsky. urran, L. s,E.C On s, G. Lemay, M. Glixm nn, XV. Emm to R.: N. Robinson, P. Burn L. Row: B Ck Kern. ue, D. 38 L M erl nwitz, D.B helson, Fis M ri Goldberg, A. Collie :N. I ack fb UH! F01n'lfJ R d O .- 5 ,-i .5 E ,E ? 41 E CZ 2 35 .3 5.5 W Eb uf 30 Q,-1 la .,..'O -.2 Tb -5-:J U41 E5 Q4-1 : 'U Hi Jxf .. SE .ac EU 'AE in :gi-LI 'U'- .c-cs '12 2.1 'H .- Zh in N . PQ'-5 ,,V.'YiD Sed HY., 3:2 evil: 473: '11 I-Ll. HQ 5:2 3. ...fri Q. 'E V3-S :LSE .1 U. HQ S.. ei O mr: S: N32 ,.. I-1cZ iller. 1 jlv Antzmelis, J. Burke, t, S. Alperen, T. EH Row: R. K Firsi THE SCOPE Burk Row: M. Fishclson, A. Collier, R. Scnnott, Dr. Ralph Green. S. Alprcn, P. Tucker, H. Knpluw Frou! Rmb: NV. Fox, M. Lzlgue, M. Knplow, M, Klibanoff, H. Sunshine. BASKETBALL TEAM ah G04 up W Athletics, born through the faithful efforts of midwife Doc Green, fought through the usual cholic and children's malcdies of the hrst year. Occasional approaches to victory cheered on the newborn sport to additional exertions. Complete triumph ever eluded the te:1m's best work, but the pure fun of the game fully repaid the contestants for their expression of love to Mrs. Alma M. and her young prodigal, Theorctic Optome- try Jr. l23l THE SCOPE Buck Row: R. Packard, G. LcMuy, A. Collins, Reilly. M. Lague, P. Goldfarb. Third Rout F. Mills, D. Kcrnetsky, M. Knplow, L. Anopolslcy, D. Berlowitz, XV. Emmons, R. Reuben. Svcomf Row: B. Clark, S. Alpren, M. Bonaventurn, F. Bruclzer, A. Singer, H. Baker, A. Collier, E. Mornlly, D. Wfelton. Firxi ROILY M. Soutrn, R. Katz, Dr. Paul S. Cfine, B. Sicgnl, A. Guleziun THE UPTOMETRY ,CLUB The Optcmetry Club had its inception at the instigntion cf Dr. Paul S. Cline who saw the need of 21 Scholarship Society. The members were drafted from the upper strata of the Senior Class .and at the end of the year the cream of Freshmen acumen was added to the ranks. Most of the work accomplished was preparatory to future years and the mechanics of operation. A few lectures were held, however, which proved quite interesting to the club Solons. l24l 'I' H E S CHO PgEg ggggg g gm-vggg ? ,, THE HOUSE OF IDENTIFIED "mam OPTICAL PROGRESSIVENESS ,rm ovi cl ' I f ' l',67Zf.J SINCEREST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL FUTURE ' OHAFFIN OPTICAL CO. -453 WASHINGTON sT.- BOSTON 'The Optometric Research Club This society arose during the late prohibition era along with other fly by night concerns. One evening during a deep slumber, encoutered during the process of dream- ing of likely numbers for the nigger pool, our own Dr. Green conceived the idea of an experimental club. Dr. Green had for a long while felt the crying need for a club for the boys and this was it. One meeting was held. . The Women's Optometric Club The ladies' auxiliary chapter to the Mass. School of Optometry's club life pursued a profitable and enjoyable year. It was largely through their efforts that the clinic for the Burroughls NewsI3oy's Foundation was so well endowed this year. The oflicers were as follows:- President - Mrs. Frederick T. Mills. Vice-President - Mrs. John C. Reilly. Secretary and Treasurer e Miss Alyce M. McCabe. Sorority Advisor - Dr. Wilhelinina Svendson. D I ll E EXTEND OUR BEST WISHES TO THE I ly GRADUATING CLASS FOR A SUCCESSFUL 'I I I FUTURE IN THEIR PROFESSION. I WILSON 6: I-IALFORD OPTICAL CO. 387 WASHINGTON ST REET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS o 0 D - ,H L rx I25I THE SCOPE .. In Appr'ec'iation .. staff acknowledges with grateful appreciationthe co-operation received WM? in the publication of "The Scope". They hope the feature articles have been of value to the readers and take this oppor- tunity of thanking the learned contributors for their enlightening disserls on the subject of optometry. Especial acknowledgement is made to those concerns which have purchased advertising space in the issues of "The Scopef, Without this 'help it would have been difficult to carry on. IVIay we at this time commend these companies to the attention of our readers when in need of the services and supplies they offer. Sincerely, The qfnlire "Scope H Slof COVIPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FROM THE "SCOPE" PRINTERS . . THE QUALITY PRESS Printevfs amz' Publishers 348 BROADWAY Phone I854 REVERE MASS WE SPECIALIZE IN PRINTING FOR THE PROFESSIONS I26I 1" 1,1 '11 XY'- I ,7,v1,'1 114.111 111 1 ,,1111-111111: M111 11 1, '11 1 1 ' 1 11 'Avi , 1 1 1 1,51-. 1 .1 . 1-11 11 ' 1, .1.1, 11 111 1 . 1 J: 11 1 1 1 I , 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 X ,, X Q v. 1,1 :'i .1 1 . 4 1 X111 1x1 X., x.1'. 1 -1 1 - 1- 41,4 1'1,1 '1 lf, 1'1 11 111:19 1 11111 E11 111gf ' 1, 1 , 1, 1,-11. V1 11' .'1111"' -1'1 Q 1111 W 194, 111 ' .11 11" 1 3 a' , 11: 1111 .11 1 1' X W1 141- X ll, '1 1 .,., ,. '12 1 ' 11' , 1111 1 ' 11 ' , 1.11111 ww' . '11 11. , 1 N . . 1. H. 1 11 5.1 ,119 .1 1. . 1 . T1 1 ,1 1 ,1 211, 1. x, 1 V-4. vb 1 e 1:1 fr' 1.,,.,1 1. .K11 1,. K ' 4, 1 1 '11 -M 1 1 .41f,1f 1 -'Lx 11- .. ' . 1 . 11f'L'41?.11 1 V . ' 1 1 ' 102' 4 1 15, 11.1vU1,-,131-,f41,a .411 1 , g. -.f11151'Nf'l.q ,1,,1. , W 'E L1. 11 1111v,1111:11r'12.1 YW! 1.5.11 11 1" -1 1k-Qu.-1ll.5Ii?111 1 1, 1xm,1 1 ' I hu. 1 ,rw 11 1 1 Q 151 1. '-11.1f11 1'1 11 1. 1.1 1' .1 . 1v1 , ,W 1! .11 .1- 11. 1 1. ,x , 1,1 1 1 . 1 K O L .,1. 11-1 "Q .lm .IL ' 1,3 .I Q 1' 11 ,1 1 W .wp M 111 1 'Y 1.aZ.,,, V1 1,.1 .,1 .111 1 .,.A1 - . 111, A .11f: .11 .1911 V' 1 1 fk 111 .11-.1 ,1 11.1 1111 11111 5 M1'1

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New England College of Optometry - Scope Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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