New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY)

 - Class of 1980

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New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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we " QU' Q . 171 , i 0 "' fiwi, 'la ' ogE1'gbQ Q1SchoaQl J-Ji E WL. 5.55, our, ears at , XY,- uation. a1vay.ET!he, pe precious 4 I Qurigoalf Sur' goal attained ffm 1. .7 Qraligfmoments if "' 1 ?Sv4 ear,ftheQ1j ' 1. J ! oy - 'GAG .1 OL las 3 'thag -U ,L N' g5alW:iha Ala' X NTl"1'Gf-1tll'T1E jchat vu. 3' C1 tha or "" A A . If Q 'x ' J' - 1 1 'I 3' a f' ' ufailffw M-fi'-14 43" ' kd' Q '95 SL' ww ii f 1 A W A 'N' A-' ' A P' 'Q W - " . 'Vw X J 'kr A M ii.. M ' f . lr V - .. -, "' 'ff 1 a '- my f a a I4 a 1' L' f 1 ' 'Yi' al' - . if 'Q.45- - -4 'AKA L if ,,W,,.f 1 ,,,--- ':--jxi-xw, Q V, .-1 'R .rf gg-A lt's a sweet, sweet dream, sometimes l'm almost there, sometimes l fly like an eagle, sometimes l'm deep in despair John Denver The most beautiful things of the world are not seen with the eyes but felt with the heart iiiiiim f N Vw x 139 - Qi Q U 4 f iw! M X' -alll Q A4 1 iii f XX , S X X F 1" wi i x N-X wwf' r N W 7 'Q Mu. v- W . .1 . M ,7 :- Q? , ' , I have a photograph 7 .K . I preserve your memories- .2 they're all that's left you. Simon and Garfunkel e are , ,ffm"f3Z'Qiaxq?'?-a5f,f-new - X - 1 uf - r - ' f. :X J f.. . A -M ,, V l iw 4'9 "'f,.5.'5.:5Tflf':,w: ,..'-'.59'1'....M whens. f. v- an-an .4 M X f' 'I in .f"xN . e ev L me Wee .W A W. ,945 t.8.:',,,?.,. AJ' l.?Hm4fs:x..smwAwl,w1M ., i J'-I Q 4 w at 'Q 'AM-.-W' S 1 .gf- ii -1.-f Q--gg is YQ. XX X 'Q Kline-'QQQXL QQ, Look to the stars and hope f o future and all that we can be, not what we are. John Denver .ff W .Q ir.L ' H 1 xwrtntijmf mfwivfj Vw fa., ,fd- 'NME av kv-, wsu "MU, 'NMR f' Ml' W N. M,.vx' 12 at 1' W M 'W W 'H 'x NWN 41 fl .- 7 I iff 151. mai' 'W , , vkzww- E ,. ff-s:-,S if., "' "E"-- .. -5 :qv .:.: .:...- - - - 47" ' 4.324 rv' a S24 'I' WW' L ,N '1 'W ' 411. .Ju , T15 i U I af' . Mpuw .n A . ff A " J' 1 L. ii.. i. i. p 11-uv -as-v 4-'ucv ,JL ,....--- ...---' ....-1-' my 952-,3 ,J 1....-- A A A iv Y , wr " if Y . 3, Numa p-4..... Q ,, :inf W' 1' 0 4' ffl KAI A 1. Q W 'gl tiff W J. 25 ."""'-.. , Tfbmorrow glows with promise Of 1Oys yet to be ' ' ' 1 I EQ if Q 3 ' e wx ' N L .Lgr,'7,g,j':x I N' N Nm ' 'W'-L 'W ' H, A :avi j'fj'H.,,!1f' ,WM N 1? i v y Y K, -f ., 1 4 ' '1 2 ' w may vi Q -W H if ?F1a6"Hff ' x gf? f,jggf+N1,,.5 '- N' ' , -M, !N'3'MM7'5 f 5 gs 5' -J' XX . QNX , MI W' . Rx 5, H N. A i w 1A r . V' A" N' ' f w 'NX f N ' X W Q- gs ' N K . :'Wi2+mbxwz' Aw M- U Mivaqgww X Qian f ,, , an S-. Ns F ww M' , " A' -.N IL L,, ' ' k , ' M" M' Emi? ' F1523 , 1 Ai Nw ml 3 111 M 1, B- Qhx Q-X Mrvpv 6 N A J, if ' . l mmll""""""""' gust" . wr.. Long have I dreamt of leaving this time, of spreading my wings, and starting to climb Long have I yearned for that far away chance to live an existence sublime. Linda Mussillo lve been smiling lately thinking about the good things to come And l believe it Could be something good has begun -Cat Stevens MP' We FACULTY f- W ""'N fx Sf? .lk kv,, fl! V' Q . " 'f' 0 VW " Y f rj I ' 'lf 1 '1 .11 H j2: Q15s. 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T -X V , i X wmv ff- - -" - ' 4'1" Q E ' fx 'NX' -.e7,..w'.1E?g+ ,f ' 19 Z " -fr5f'.5':'f'f'511'WI'-FFF:- ' " ,- -1..::,.ia:-1- , X - A V , 1.11. ,'.:4g1,-.5 fl. w.l.'.f1 -5, , ' W - A.-".' . :':. '.-'na , .' . I' , .-i,'.f,.f'::f , f -, X . , if 1' ff--.A-1. " . - - J' , 1 . gg 1 A i J J XI 1' :Aix . .I . , N xg!! flu ' H ' 1, f . . , . 'ff' , i 3 QX efia- gp? Xw f ww, W ,Q fflff fl I X QD W! 'KA 'If ' fff f' , 2 'JA X N V 2 'Q X 24 S XVII! I t f , l WW X w 'N ' f 'Qi s. 'X X , ' Ai ,' 1 K . I w gu y X 7712 X L' Z V I ' , ' J - NA NMR X W ' ' X 4 X X 2, f gg f ' fs X , -j 4 'fn S 5 i N x, J MK Q , Xi-v "5 N11 Q X r' 5 1 5 I D FHM' Xx x 1 I N I J v X A W ""' N X nu ' I K 'Hi x ' E X Q ,IL A I N ey QM Q xl ' ' U f - .XX lb, Y 1 in N R H X I J, ' I I 1 tn K ' -" ' f W JM V I ,gn I' - w T n , ,V " X' n X5 y af if f KJ ,ii XM N p I XXX N' A :fx 1' ff x 5-, ' , fl A Xx Q, X if P HHN I l S . nn, K ' . ' . f ' R11 '.-' K - V4 5 III ' X X W" f ' ,. -'M X ' ' . - 1 N 6 . - X : ,U ASA 4 In ' R . w f ffl --A . , W . x ' I ff W, ff- ' k E 1000 "" M X I 1 W ,ix 7 'V 4 Y Lk ' ', , F ' I y ' X f in f ' "Q ffl f m ' fff TV! ' V' , D - ,,- ' 4- , 5 0 I ' f , O f 1 . 22.755 J" 7 ' - ff 6' f M6 f ff X! " 7 I K 1 1 X f 2 4 f f ,X W mf' fl lx if f ff! j X . f f f f V -h 0 l J f if 1 7 f 1 MQ! E 1' M ' ff f of I- ,Q X , f ,- f ff 1, f, V, 'f , . A, , W , In I I ' 1' V ' , , I J H "J 1 I ', f I I 1 11' A , J ,y yn, f' , ,mf ,nf f 'M' -' J W' ' ., J ,ff ,','.,,.,1 ,,-,wmv ,Hn ' y X f 'f' f,'1f' , ' .fm 2' f UJNV' Y-If, ff' 1' 1,-J ' ,ff QI, wp, f' , ,f ,, , V' ,fx f I f, " ff-w w '. , M ' I 1 fy' iw, , ,',ff I VI, ' jr ,nfl 'Q ,'jqf,'3 f f 3 ul 'jff -N , 5 , 'Vw J 5015 WC . 1 ' 1 1,,...J TO THE CLASS OF 1980 As the years you will have spent with us at New Dorp High School draw to a close, all of us are overwhelmed by a plethora of emotions. Those of us on the staff have feelings of both regret and delight. We remember with much joy the years of work and many achievements ofthe members of the Class of 1980 in all academic fields, in sports, in the arts and in service to school and community. On the other hand, we also share a feeling of sadness at your departure. lt has been rewarding to work with you, to share the good times and the bad, and now, as the Class of 1980 takes its leave of New Dorp, feelings of nostalgia and longing fill our hearts. We shall miss you all and we wish you well. You go on to a new life and a bright future. The theme of this year's Argonaut is "beginnings" lt is a singularly appropriate theme. While your graduation from New Dorp seems to be an end of things, it is a commencement more than a termination. lt is true that you will no longer be part of New Dorp's Spring Festivals, its dances, the homecomings, Senior Days, the Art Festivals, our football games, our basketball games, our baseball games, the Science Fairs, and the host of activities which made life at New Dorp fulfilling and enriching. But two factors which developed during your years here hold the promise of rich "beginnings" ahead. One of these is the education you received and the other is the friends and associations you have made. Each of you was trained to develop skills which will enable you to enrich your lives in new careers, and new associations. As you go ahead to advanced education or to rewarding jobs or to the establishment of a new life for yourself, you will look back with much fondness to your years at New Dorp and all you have learned here. The other factor, the friendships you have developed, will be a part of your consciousness for the rest of your life. New Dorp has always been a "family" school. Each of us cares about the other, and the love and respect we have for each other enriches our lives. You will long remember your friends here at New Dorp. Your growth as a caring, interested human being will be the most valued memory of your years at New Dorp. Please accept the best wishes of all of us in the New Dorp family. The Class of 1980 was a wonderful class and we shall miss you very much. May you go on to the successful "beginnings" of a bright and glorious future. ln one sense you will never leave us. You shall always be part of a wonderful memory. Abraham Baumel Principal 22 PRINCIPAL Abraham Baumel Principal ADMINISTRATION Ji? 4 Philip Greenspan - Assistant Principal Robert Morris - Assistant Principal I 2293! Y fp? ' Joseph Nloschella - Administrative Assistant GUIDANCE - gg? ., ,.,,., . aff -ML 1, 'gf gjg5ruegw:z1eWf . my .- fs ,fsf51fii":S?i1f' 'Q affirm l 1 rg. 'P aj , . .,... mi? 1 W QQ A Am, -1 M14 f K Theresa Burke Guidance Counselor fl Jill Mahala Career Guidance 339 fiaa?fQf:fff,g,gf f- 4535155 Rf, 1' , ill 'A um Qi,- f 2' 55294 f X QS?" . FKA? .. r 4-.A s ' E ,V i2 -1 gf egg ' .- C. 'fwfr -srff:'?ft1ll5fi '29 - 5' ' ' fi 51.-,,,'e'w1v.3 y., ' :Y in .f.-3543.-:iii V- ff 1 5552-Hitt 5' g?..,:f,-if . 91 f H 'R ' Z 1 ,ll 44 ' f 4 gg? in John Pitarresi Guidance Counselor Patrick Monahan SPARK Coordinator , 5 TEACHER COLINSELGRS CLASS GF 1980 Q ...x Patricia Cuzzocrea V If I-N I A mai . W 'ii 'Q ii 3' If ,N if f 6 ' ii i 4 CA 5 'I' ,gg ia! wily 'I K 7 7 1 K . ,V Y ,PQ ilzt f XV X : -N x ,I 7 X. 1 ' 'Hi Q IL V' W .8114 if A dm " W Q" f.V W A I 52315 Q, , i -a aia ii i i M 1 E,, ' ,A,,,' Q Richard Colasuonno E GLISH ag 1 fl "UIQ Carol McAuliffe Interim-Acting Assistant Principal Roland DeliCi0 f f , me X fi 'f-V K5 Qi P -5 X f is WW X fag ' X l f: 'Q Q4 ,- ,. 'use 7? 'sr x ' 2 , Xyii 1i,Q Q x4'I all K 'R -x 6 g ' 1 , l it it Catherine Poltronien Leland Rogan :nth 26 Laura Drew Philip Fluhr Ann Negri Raymond O'Brien ,f" ,J I 2. 3 N o N Grace Murphy Joanne Giordano Leonard Perazzo Carol Chapman Irene Carmine De Betta Harriette Goldberg Kathleen S3WlCk Stephen Kudlesg J f 33? EQ., 3 Ai' s.-I-'wx f ,Qiliffflr K James Flynn Marion Bauman Q pn.. , edel A 'L A-.-,, K sm. Ifb . , 28 Janet McAuliffe John Pecoraro Ann Cuneo FOREIGN LA GLIAGE Jeffrey Gerard Eleanor Rosenbaum Tina Caruso Adele Farella Coordinator Foreign Language GL -.x Agnes Giaccio A Tina Samse Jeffrey Mark 14 E 'K 4 SCIENCE x. xii Renato DeMaria Assistant Principal John Caruso f Sylvia Zaage Kenneth Sinclair Lab Assistant Paul Scalisi in Noreen McDermott Anthony Restivo Edna Steinhandler Lab Assistant Xi'-N. 'V di' Joseph Salsarulo Stephen Halpern Wncent Bocchino Larry Reich I 'W 4lx.k Florence Slkowltz -2-.u Q . , A5 Richard Buegler Sidney Green Diane Vota Michael Grieco 31 MATHEMATICS Jerome Kort K,,,,.l' Mary Savage Assistant Principal Nancy Traub Marie Baumann Albert Gross Joanne Maloney I.. new , - K Samuel Zimmerman wifi' "w'R.f ' 1157 Maria Lleberwasser Michael Jaccarino .nl Charles Costa Jennie Laino Joseph Moss If ,i..w""""P Q ff? .f Richard Goldberg Q 2 Ann Padula Herman Lorber SOCIAL STUDIES . -g sg- Q., X .. '- Vie F5136 si Q ik Q Joseph Dietz Carol Keefe Philip Borzumato S Tore Haugeto Q A3 "J W, K Paul Milza Rosellen Quinn Thomas Kiffin Assistant Principal Joseph Lauro Frank Kaiser ' ff M law A 3 - iff? QQ J 'if' A r' . , A wgywfw "' I Tim, . e,.,,,aW'W, as Yin, -r or 5 Joel Levine 3' is. JAP' 1 . Frank Giordano gas. , N : ,L we -5 was , vp? . 5 X , -we ,fl ' .X www 4. I F I I 4 ! E I .iii f if 'P K N fi" I 'Q Q .. G I A, 'C' 7 e Stuart Scherer Jack Pierce Raymond Long Richard Dowling 22522 KW f ART A D MUSIC Naomi Lonergan Coordinator-Art fffi ' ?' sm an ll. Joseph Szalacsi Francine Licciardello L.. Nino Morreale Bruce Livingston Coordinator-Music I .un . ,f 3.1 in 59552 ' 3' i ' YH, 'Q 'tix Q X Ji bl ' X N . ix Y 4 L, X X L: wi 'X in ws, . Q F' ' Sz' gy E Qi 5 Q YQ R s, X ., 4 k x ., , X4 X 'S S INDUSTRIAL ARTS HCDME ECCDNCMICS I L Pamela Bartels L"""-nj, Laura Boggia eh .Psa 15 if C, sv if K X ,K z' K h J r if .if 4. ia Q x me , . J Q X tks fall -W' l L. L 42 5. Carl Sambataro -....-.....-.....t..,- .K NW ttf, WS?-' I979 fl -'if ., ' 7' -"iff R A' 1 tauvksg Wim.-M guy 1 I Robert Lonergan Program Chairman 1' 5: . CY ,121 , 3.m,gj-1 if: r . 2: fl' .N tx wa, WW' ,....,,,n Iii IQ' ff: 6' ig fy f ly ,, egfsig' R. i Anthony Guartafierro Robert Hill Coordinator-l.A. 37 s PHYSICAL EDUCATION fi.-is -X if 'QNX six f Q X N xi XX S 3 swifigggii x X is X I Q Mary Mc:Gloin Joseph Clark - Assistant Principal ui Boxer William Welsh Y. M V- -We , in if 4,. N ff ai Ai C ii 'P . 1 ' 12 Y' qm- ,5 lz"'?'-ki' Victor Politano Ma rje Qoubeaud . tw... v, a 'ef"s,,. Linda Olbrys . y - 1 K" ' ' 2.-I Q X H 'xi Q. '.ig1liQBg2Qf?Qi Q' W Joyce Sheinmel WNW Anthony Pucciarelli Sigmund Skronski 9 7 f J' Harvey Altschul 7 Elaine Goldstein Nancy Blitzer t, wg -4 ,' ..4 Ma ,B 5 Joel Bernstein N SX K SPECIAL EDLICATIGN 2-A-Q--6 Daniel Edwards - an I s Edward Terranova Michael Stambler Nicholas Kvasic NR Sylvana D'Alessio Richard Caruso i Joan Bridges Marilyn Frankoler Edward Scott John Powers Ruth Kessler Rita Minetel vvaqffl BUSINESS STUDIES in 2 Eileen Skronski B B E E B 0 Q QU i I Dorothy Walsh Neil Benisvy xg., yy . K , Arthur Oken Anne Fox James Lynch X5 Lucienne DiBlasi Coordinator Marilynn Hagler .wi Larry Kirsch Earl Everson I K SECRETARIES Marie Wallace Eileen Fitzpatrick ,nu- vf ,fi 1-cc ,ff M MZ Q 5 .4 Connie Sullivan Stella Seton Z I fi Joan Greenberg Anne Poznak "'Hi,.,.,,, Mary Papa Rose D'Elia Grace Diaco . A -x Norma Appel we 1 li SECURITY 3 X s QFXQ Fred Russo l Yvonne Ward 7 Ralph Milone William Felmore l Elisa Novia Fred Holmes PROFESSICDNAL STAFF Jim Smith Louise Afasano 2 ,Ng W.. K M -mi' Mary Metz ....i-P'-' Kitty Pancetti 4,1 Lucy Cangro 44 Amelia Miglionica Diane Sullivan K l Joan Wilson ""'x,M,,.f Jean Colavito X is ffl ., X f GSS XR ii ii' r F' M Q .i ... X. John Garbarino Chris McCarthy Q X X XX 3 Terry Da71o ,f-,mu - V f fm, W 5' Sally Smith Catherine Chirichella Y Y Florence Benson Ann Defelice Catherine Monteleone Dorothy McKenna H sf Rita Leahy x - ,. N. if""'v P' '!P- 'Q . l Mary Graziano Phyllis Dunn Connie Pernicone 1 'H ,f 12 ., X . 'FEW ' . 1 0 -qv W ,1 , Mm ' EP C bf 'nf ,fx fsfgt-g ff XX ,,....- N -5 in , . 'ki x ,X 'N vw. . ,gyms f' X Q- 'W' A, TT' ,I ag, CLUBS ACTIVITIES 2 W ,gE?2.'Z . G""F- 'LPN I X f I I AISH " ' B . - f QF-Sig I,..Q I , IW f, iw' 7 JI S I ,717 , 5 h 1 :,fy-'gf' ' I j , ' 2 if 1 Vlu"'W GQ. .www nw '15 .N fxa xfzul f N I-wx SH ix -K2 Iii .f ,X - ' 45 .Eg F' N gig gg. 5 E , t gg , x. P 'E 9 . .Mn 1 3 'YH . 2"7 v-. ,Qin KEY CLUB fl Q34 CLD PN g 'K xx ! f "xx Q X -A l f if l Z sy Robin Abramowitz Debbie Ancona Vickie Bedore Cindy Blum Louis Breit Liz Caggiano Elizabeth Capizzi JoAnn Caraguilo Donna Carnegie Mike Chrystal Stephanie Chiystal Cathy Chukalas Miss Grace Murphy Mr. Philip Borzumato Advisors Officers Ron Gambassi - President Pat Mazza - Vice President Angela McCabe - Secretary Mike Vergona - Treasurer Beth Cohen Densel English Donna Farrell Marion Farrell Peter Fede Jane Finkelstein Al Fowler Eileen Francis Mike Garcia Annmarie Giordano Maria Giudice Robert Gregorio Mark Harty Fred Huening Judy Jones Darren Katz Frank Laino Dom LoBracio Tom Mirabello Richard Moore Jim Murphy Ken Pasquale Kathy Persico Melissa Prigerson June Reschke Rhonda Rothstein Kenny Siderowitz Liz Silver Sharon Squassoni Charito Surnaya Marivel Sumaya Annamarie Truncali Robert Valenti Carl Vitelli Patrick Walsh Allen Woodcock LISHER SQUAD , ...X 1 11 Mrs. Joanne Maloney, Advisor I I, llfll if Officers fibrin John McGee - Chairperson T WV Pat Mazza - Vice Chairperson I ' " QF "Www Elizabeth Capizzi - Corresponding Secretary 3- ' - Georgette Fleming - Recording Secretary David Abramowitz Robin Abramowitz Debbie Ancona Carolyn Anderson Joseph Barchitta Bill Beschner Alben Bloise Lynn Brennan Joellen Byron Beth Buono Debra Caminiti Sue Caminiti Joanne Caragiulo Donna Carnegie Cathy Chukalas Beth Cohen Mary Diamond Eileen Francis Ron Gambassi Mike Garcia Maria Giudice Robert Gregorio Frank Laino Judy Luongo Matthew Marino Angela McCabe Lynn McGlinchey Kathy McLeod Thomas Mirabello Margaret Pascocello Marivel Sumaya Kathy Persico Raminder Rana Patrice Reale June Reschke Eileen Rice Rhonda Rothstein Richard Saltalamachea Elizabeth Silver Lisa Smergliuolo Sharon Squassoni STUDENT SENATE ,Q TTA, i 'F is , 'l Q.qeSf" . ,sf 4 f Lisa Acquesta Vincent Adragna Geralyn Baranello Kathy Barran Virginia Benevento Olimpia Berardi Deidra Borders Joe Campana Elizabeth Capizzi Maria Caputo Mickey Ciaccia Fran Cipriano Suzanne Corr Dori Csaby Cynthia Curcio Sal D'Amico Denise Danton Gina DeCresCenzo Maureen DeFranco r t I Carmine DeBetta, Advisor Palma DePinto George DeSimone Anthony Dono Kathleen Drury Mary Eller Danita Ford Eileen Francis Anne Funaro Linda Funaro Allison Galdorisi Jeanine Gerrity Mary Ellen Gross Christine Gustafson Jane Hillpot Judy Jones Darren Katz Pam Kennedy Frank Laino Maria Letizia Grazia Land Jill Loroesh Mary Mahoney Marylou Mancinelli Lynda Matthews Pat Mazza Pauline Mazza Laura Mauela John McLaughlin Gerard Mollica Teresa Moran Bobbi Morreale Diane Natalicchio Donna Natalicchio Danny Nuzzi Cherise O'Neill Michael Passaro Beth Pietrangeli Dawn Pospisil Raminder Rana Angelo Regina Diana Rizzo Tony Rodriquez Barbara Rothman Lisa Sapchin Gina Seesman Elizabeth Shields Liz Silver Sue Simon Lydia Smith Mindy Smith Sharon Squassoni Gina Sorbera Mary Jean Tarangelo Hillary Teitler Debra Towers Annmarie Truncali Patty Valenti . .L if at -1 SENIOR CCDLINCIL 4 James Lupo Patricia Mazza David Mazlei Angela McCabe Joe Perk Steve Richards Joseph Tenneriello SLI. OFFICERS Advisor: Carmine DeBetta Liz Caggiano - President Ed Stouter - Vice President Annmarie Shenton - Treasurer Angela McCabe - Secretary y EWMAN CLUB Geralyn Baranello, Cynthia Bianchi, Beth Cohen, Judy Jones, Dawn McAuliffe, Olimpia Berardi, Diane Cascello, Linda Funaro, Hector Mangual, Johanna Molina, Debbie Romano Tina Caruso, Advisor CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Officers Diane Cascello Doris Garcia J .. t udy Jones CANE Cathy Barron SALE Vickie Bedore C A KE L E. Jv"',,.f' ' frx- yu., Cathy Call B - fj- JoAnn Caragiulo ff! Q2 55 Frank Casceilo do or A 4- ' Debbie Castiglione V A ' ff:-f f---2 f ,' Maria Catalano K Debra Dey - Q John DeYoung ,RT 52 Mary Eller ,W ' 'V Rosann Ferrara ,,,, gk A M Louis Pappa ml 41 Antoinette Fesoriero NW I A Raymond Long, Advisor , fg- rf' -.9 HEALTH CAREERS Georgia Afxendiou Lorraine Antonacci June Araneullo Theresa Arone Dolores Ballestero Olimpia Berardi Karen Chestnut John Delfino Diane Eadicicco Mary Eller Marion Farrell Debbie Healy Sarina Healy Dorothy Holder Dorothy lhnken Steven Kastin Tara Kowalski Lisa Minucci Lucy Napolitano Denise O'brien Anthony Pagano Dorothy Robertson Amy Stevens Lisa Vitagliano Larry Reich. Advisor CUMPUTER MATH U 'Wiki' Debbie Ancona Debbie Bianco Lauren Canchia Tim Carter Anthony Cajigas Densel English Donna Farrell Roseann Ferrara Vito Gaudiuso Sameh Ibrahim Jay Lupo Chris Macchia Tessie McBride Gary McDermott Mary O'Dea Chris Perham Cecilia Ramos Diana Rizzo Bernie Rosenstein Chris Termini Lisa Tricarico Cathy Viscione Nancy Traub, Advisor ARISTA Donna Carnegie Carolyn Camera Elizabeth Capizzi Diane Cascello Catherine Chukalas Maria DiPlacido Jane Finkelstein Linda Gallo Ronald Gambassi Aimee Ganon Doris Garcia Annmarie Giordano Robert Gregorio Steven Hecht Jennifer Herrmann Timothy Hughes Angela McCabe Donna McFarlane Kathleen McLeod X""' ....,, all John McGee Margaret Pascocello June Reschke Elizabeth Silver Keith Spodek Antoinette Tesoriero Maryanne Wilson Diane Zaborowski Elizabeth Zawadzki Elizabeth Cohen Girl Leader - Frank Laino Boy Leader Linda Mussillo Secretary Debbie Ancona Treasurer Patricia Cuzzocrea, Advisor D Q l rt Nw Q ifvA',7-5,9 3'-43' 53 Dino Almendral Vickie Bedore David Berg Beth Buono Debra Caminiti Debra Castiglione Joah Chelsen Stephen DePretis Marion Farrell Albert Fowler Patricia Mazza Lynn McGlinchey Martha Mezzina Christine Miles Annmarie Scholz Mary Jean Tarangelo John Van Duzer iff. ' Vx' Caroline Anderson Timothy Carter Nina Casazza Lucinda D'Amico Donna Farrell Roseann Ferrara Eileen Francis Maria Ciiudice Mark Harty Frederick Huening Judy Jones Steven Kastin Steven LoBitto Victor Magnani Matthew Marino Joanne McKenna Thomas Mirabello James Murphy Lauri Neumann Kathy Persico Lea Piro Melissa Prigerson Raminder Rana Eileen Rice Karen Sarnelli Robin Semple Peter Seremetis Barbara Shaw Sharon Squassoni Olin Scott Stovall Marivel Sumaya Thomas Tell Myrna Tigmo Bernard Vercillo Linda Yang CDNSLILTATIVE COUNCIL ' H iii T ' it ff' rfficbg, 4 . 5 sffarfaf 2 P5 .ee - , If K 1 - Akgg, .QI A ...bsf8'A' Marie Bauman and Harriet Goldberg Advisors Teachers Mrs. Bauman Mr. Bocchino Mr. Clark Mr. DeBetta Mrs. Goldberg Mrs. Goubeaud Mrs. Keefe Parents Evelyn Arbeeny Connie Byron Terri Johannesen Toni DeScenza Marlene Katz Marge Persico Julie Romano Students Liz Caggiano Liz Capizzi Mary Ellen Gross Pat Mazza Angela McCabe Annmarie Shenton Ed Stouter PRESIDE T'S CABINET ' Joellen Byron Liz Caggiano Liz Capizzi Dori Csaby Darren Katz Frank Laino Angela McCabe Lynn McGlinchey Stuart Pilkington Melissa Prigerson Angelo Regina Annmarie Shenton Ed Stouter If ., Z ll' I 5 Carmine DeBetta, Advisor GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS 8 SGLINDRCDG Tom Castano Robert Gregorio Frank Laino Debbie Ancona Chris Bannon Christine Brennan Toni Britt Diane Cappelle Cathy Chukalas Virginia Cuilla Amy D'Amico Mary Diamond Donna Farrell Jane Finkelstein Susan Fitzgerald Filippa Grisafi Donna Guardi Laurie Hyland Pam Lopresti Diane Mancini Linda Mussillo Mary O'Dea Peggy O'Dea Linda Scatiz Marianne Sharpe Allison Spodek Keith Spodek Andrea Weinberg ... 1,-.aux lag. r- f7 "" ' ' 60 BIO RESEARCH f .. Stephen Halpern, Advisor SCIENCE RESEARCH Debbie Ancona Judy Jones Steve Kastin Steve LoBritto Sherif Nassef Daniel Orlando Paul Ricca Steven Taback Lee Yang Linda Yang NW A ffff X ,, r l 1 it ll ' .V-.ln fy it -llmlsum If Christine Miles Doris Garcia Joseph Pulizotto Steven Lobritto Susan Pisicolo Dino Almendral John Van Duzer Linda Moszczynski Beth Buono Frank Laino Lisa Alley Gene Cipriano Kevin Richardson Donna Perricone Nancy Ogrosso Linda Mussillo Keith Spodek Aimee Ganon Lynn McCilinchey Elizabeth Zawadzki Dennis Meehan Thomas Delahanty ill L, Renato DeMaria, Advisor BIG LAB SQUAD l we-,..c,,.,.... 1 ff? CHEMISTRY LAB SQUAD David Berg Roger Chan Chris Mose Betty Wynn Theresa Biagioli Ronald Caminiti Mary Eller Annmarie Giordano Steve Kastin Tom Mulcahy David Riuo June Reschke Wilfredo Rio Ron Scripps Sill Signorelli Ed Wood Noreen McDermott, Advisor Robert Brome ,, Andrew Bryceland Cheryl Coston Lisa Emerich Richard Feaser Ronald Giehl Steve Kastin Raymond Loesch Romana Majerovsky Sherif Nassef Cherise O'Neill Daniel Orlando Carl Springer Steve Tabak Syliva Zaage, Advisor if Ax. ,fix i1l H0 G 9dH 3!VS 'IH Al Ill H0 0 Sd!! W'Il:l F K gk-5 SJH A.l3dVS WTI! GHO:!'Il ll-I GHOQTI Sd!-I Tara Albach Susan Antonucci Vickie Bedore Dawn Burgess David Berg Cathy Chucknick Beth Cohen Diane Cordes Georgette Fleming Carol Giammalvo Maria Giudice Barbara Grimaldi A Fred Huening Judy Jones Darren Katz Florence Kowaleski Jeannie Leo Richard Loresh Fred Martucci F Renee Mavaro Angela McCabe Margaret Pascocello Louis Russo Antoinette Tesoriero Elizabeth Zawadzki :FII WTI! OU0 9dH ALSAVS WMTKDSQUAD MMWWN 0 L67 500 QDBU1 Q M fy Ann Robeffs-Chief Phot Q Ph Give me those nice bright colors, E 'VMS Fde give me the greens of summer, J h s in makes you think all the world's Mk v Q a sunny day. Paul Simon STAGE CRAFT Tony Arcamone Vinny Bivetto Lee Anne Boccuzzi Beth Buono Frank Caccavale Josephine Caro Ruth Colon Thomas Dougherty Liz Fleming Sharon Grandstaff Lisa Guzzardo Lisa Junkin Carl Marino Matthew Marino Tessie McBride Chris McWilliams Gwen Militello Diana Perciballi Bruce Petersen Patric Prosak Leslie Rampulla Vinny Rizzi Laurie Schories Peter Seremetis Liz Shields Joann Sindone Kaled Wahba Eddie Wood Paul Langan Ken LuFrano Ed Michun William Musanto Richard Nicholson Bill Nolan Steve Rossomando Robert Schwortiz Keith Sicuranza Joe Spurugo Dominick Storniolo Anthony Trocchio Bob Becker Steven Benvenuto John Bossert Silvio Casagrande Anthony Delpriore Mike Demeo Colin DeShang Ken Francis Rich Fritz Robert Hyland Joe lmpeduglia yum GRAPHIC ME CIA SENIOR CHORUS Soprano Susan Anderson Cathey Barclay Donna Carnegie Cheryl Coston Maria DiPlacido Lisa Fallon Aimee Ganon AnnMarie Giordano Denise Gregorio Barbara Grimaldi Maxine Marsh Joanne McKenna June Reschke Gail Sanders Rhonda Smith Lisa Tack Lisa Tricarico Alto Elizabeth Capi71i Carroll DiBrienza Mary Ellen Gross Janice Marino Lynn McGlinchey Barbara Rothman Rhonda Rothstein Jamie Rotnofsky Christina Smith AnnaMarie Truncali Kimberly Wilkins Maryanne Wilson W- Tenor Scott Amundsen David Berg Dianne Cordes Stuart Pilkington Brian Vaskulka Carl Vitelli Patrick Walsh Bass Dave Carbocci John McManus Eric Myerwold Jimmy Orlando Stephen Orlando Steve Rossomando Frank Rubaho Richard Yamerone l l tent reign-eth. Hal-le - lu-jah! Hal-le-lu-jah! Hal- ? f le f I Q .ttf 5 V Q39 J -1 .E-5 H -1 -r lord God om-ni-po-tent reign-eth. Hal- le - lu-jahl Hal-le-lu-jab! Hal -le f 1, 2- f F Q5 'tra r,rt,-Hmmm For the Lord God om-ni - po-tent reign-eth. Hal- le - lu-jah! Hal-le-lu-jahl Hal- le .lv 'r vrgf'-if .1-f HF FF ' P 66 J SENIOR MEMBERS - SENIOR CHCDRLIS do 0. ao, O SYMPHCDNIC BA D Dino Amendral Maureen DeFranco Mike Conlon Densel English Joan Chelsen Wayne Fidelman Joe Coscia Joseph Fingo Mark Cuccarese Cynthia Harrell Dave D'Amico Laura Helfrich Sal D'Amico Jenny Herrmann Anthony Dantabono Mark lppolito Bob Lacyk Nino Morreale, Advisor lgza-mvuvw-" Thomas La Rocca Robert Marcello William McEnery Mat Montalbano James Murphy Micheal Pagano Steve Rosenthal John Rubino Thomas Sattarelli Vincent Sampieri Rich Shields Dwayne Sims Tommy Papanier Patrick Prosak Andrea Randal Barbara Risek Sharon Squassoni Lance Sulton Louis Wall Linda Yang DANCE BAND Tommy La Rocca Dominick LoBraico Jeff Lopez Victor Magnani Dave Mazzei Bill McEnery Mat Montalbano Jim Murphy Bill Olah Mike Pagano Patrick Prosak Frank Provenzano John Rubino Michael Ruggiero Vincent Sampieri Louis Spadafora Lance Sulton Louis Wall Nino Morreale, Advisor Dino Amendral Ronnie Angell Dominic Bianco Lauren Candia Brett Capp Joseph Corazza Jim Coscia Louie Curcio Dave D'Amico Sal D'Amico Anthony Dantunon Maureen DeFranco Paul DePretis Stephen DePretis Lisa Ditizio Richie Gonzalo Mark Harty Jennifer Herrmann ART SALE xii Xi!" Debbie Ancona Jackie Anderson Dawn Buongiovanni John DeYoung Connie Guglielmino Robert Lufranco Sylvia Marinaccio Paula McFarland Anthony Pagano Rosemarie Petri Vanessa Petrides Flavia Piscitelli Patricia Porazzo Raminder Rana Kevin Tipton Joann Sindone Laura Venezia Lee Yang Linda Yang LIBRARY SQUAD Beth Cohen Lucinda D'Amico Maria Giudice Tim Hughes Pat Huttner Angela McCabe John McGee Tom Mirabello Pat Mooney Tom Palumbo Margaret Pascocello Cynthia Rizzo Billy Signorelli Richard Tetzer Myrna Tigmo Sue Werner Ann Cuneo, Advisor PIONEER v...f,. Editors in chief: Beth Cohen Linda Mussillo Editors: Judy Jones John McGee Tom Mirabello Tom Schwarz Debbie Strohm Myrna Tigmo SPECTRUM Evan Dorkin Wayne Fidelman Judy Jones Steve LoBritto Victor Magnani Matthew Marino Angela McCabe Johnny McGee Tom Mirabello Kenny Pasquale Thomas Schwarz Sharon Squassoni Marivel Sumaya C Leonard Perazzo, Advisor PLAY PRGDLICTION Scott Amundsen Daniel Baldassare Catherine Barton Bersy Birmingham Carla Bono Theresa Brigante Lori Buberto Liz Caggiano Lori Campbell Joe Campona Monica Canter Bruno Casale Michael Ciaccia Laura Coniaatti Sharon Cook Dori Csaby Anthony Dantuono Carmine DeBetta, Advisor Maureen DeFranco Madlyn DePaolo John DePaulo Melissa DeSiderio George DeSimone Geri Dianova Diane Dias Tommy Dougherty Daniel Drury Mary Eller Richard Feaser Suzanne Foge Annette Frumenti Carolyn Garcia Joan Garetano Paul Grady Barbara Anne Grimaldi fitillkkgxf 'Wm Howard Kletter Ada Luisetti Susan MacFarlane Janice Mahar Margaret Mahoney Mary Mahoney Robert Mara Fred Martucci Zarco Meskovic Kathi Miranda Johanna Molina Donna Natalicchio Marie Natoli Claudine Pabst Lisa Papas Christine Pepe Stuart Pilkington Melissa Prigerson Angelo Regina Maria Rocchio Barbara Rothman Annmaria Scholz Laurie Schories Carolyn Scilluffo Larisa Sevoet Dwayne Sims Jennifer Spadola Beatrice Stark Ed Stouter Roberta Trainor Kris Tranberg Lori Volino Cathy Volpe Laura Waldorf A James Lynch, Coordinator -:fi lard gi 'xp .figs Joe Allen Linda Filipowicz Monica Celestina Joe Gaccione Ellen Cobb Joe Gervare Rosemarie DelBove Dave Giordano Diana Delfini Kevin Howe John Federico Debbie Mitchell CGOP B Diane Natalicchio Judy Odessa Joseph Phillips LouAnn Sozio Lisa Tantillo Jackie Tully Jackie Anstett Jody Bellino Ken Chambers Regina Colavito Donna Crisalli Roseann DiBetta Mary Donaldson Jack Gittleman Pat Glynn Robert Hagerman Loren Khan Jill Loroesh Natalie Lotito Tom Maffatone Laurie Merrich John Panarella Tony Princpato Tony Santana John Scalero Maria Simone Eric Sjogren Tracy Susino Nancy Valerio COME TGGETHER Paul Scalisi and Marie Goubeaud, Advisors Geralyn Baranello Liz Caggiano Lillian Ferguson Roy Hill Ouai Julian Dorwyn Lewis Hector Mangual Jimmy Paterek Joe Phillips Stuart Pilkington Melissa Prigerson Tessie Rolon Annie Shenton Sal Tantillo John Tate John Zeno I TERNATIONAL CLUB Maria Avino Dolores Ballestro Cathy Baron .Cindy Bianciti Felipe Bolsece Lisa Carbocci Diane Cascello Fran Crupi Dawn McAuliffe Cathy Murray Donna Patrella Lisa Pepas Diana Pepe Cecilia Ramos Eileen Rice Tessie Rolon Barbara Shaw Sharon Squassoni Marivel Sumaya John Zeno Rolando Zeron Adele Farella, Advisor 'sm DELITSCHE EHRENVERBINDLI G , i Eleanor Rosenbaum, Advisor Soraya Andrade Tone Arnesen Ronald Brown Aimee Ganon Theresa Grande Jennifer Herrmann Timothy Hughes Steven McLeod Thomas Schwarz Dennis Schwettmann Leslie Silverman Carl Springer F lv ., l ' 4 'mggkkllll' ' I 1' ff All SGCIEDAD HGNORARIA HISPANICA Eleanor Rosebaum, Advisor Dino Almendral Debbie Ancona Caroline Anderson Nikki Aivanites Diane Barranco David Berg Ronald Brown Carolyn Camera Joan Chelsen Maria DeCicco Maria DiPlacido Evan Dorkin David Eng Linda Gallo Ronald Gambassi Aimee Ganon Doris Garcia Annmarie Giordano Mark Harty Jennifer Hermann Christine lallonardo Frank Laino J A William Legotte Diane Mancini Lynn McGlinchy Joann McKenna Kathy McLeod Sergio Mezzina James Murphy Leslie Naismith William Nolan Eileen O'Dea Kathy Phillips Bruce Petersen Michael Platt Melissa Prigerson Eileen Rice Howard Rolins Jane SanAntonio Dolores Schott Robin Semple Keith Spodek Marivel Sumaya A 'E LA SOCIETA GNGRARIA Tina Samse, Advisor June Reschke - President Linda Mussillo - Vice President Gina Cardinali - Secretary Teresa Moran - Treasurer Diane Andrillo Georgia Afxendiou Joanne Berlingieri Debbie Caminiti Susan Caminiti Diane Cascello Roseann Ferrara Donna Guardi Michelle Lauria Steven LoBraico Dom LoBritto' Matthew Marino Laurie Newman Margaret Pascocello Donna Patrella Lea Piro Raminder Rana Barbara Shaw Sharon Squassoni Thomas Tell SCDCIETE HO ORAIRE FRANCAISE Tina Caruso, Advisor Elizabeth Silver - President Steven Hecht - Vice President Karen Bacchi - Secretary Elizabeth Capizzi - Treasurer Debbie Castiglione Cathy Chukalas Pat Conroy Beth Cohen Jane Finkelstein Maria Giudice Valentino Hafalia Fred Huening Judy Jones Victor Magnani Angela McCabe Linda Yang CHEERLEADERS Kf- .iqk 'll i K 'il 3 ar Q Laura Boggia, Advisor Mary Ellen Gross-Captain Carolyn Camera-Co-Captain Dawn Adams Joyce Calandrino Elizabeth Capizzi Gina Cardinali Jodi Daly Geri Dianora Carroll DiBrienza Jane Finkelstein Barbara Grimaldi Nancy Isola Pam Kennedy Mary King Lea Piro June Reschke Jeanne Simermeyer Lisa Smeragliuolo Janet Tipton Grace Vitale E--1 'w...1 'T S ullllmii 1 J x f u i" 45, "1 'll ri f Ili I , ff: :WTJ . Q I I UE x ' 'w Ill BOOSTERS Jennie Laino, Advisor Kathie McLeod-Captain Hopeann Cespino-Co-Captain Lisa Aquesta Caroline Anderson Lori Ann Avella Lee Ann Bocuzzi Wanda Boresko Joellen Byron Josephine Caro Nina Casazza Pam Casazza Marie Crecco Pam Devitto Alicia Erkman Yvonne Erosh Liz Fleming Eva Flint Marie Fluhr Eileen Francis Tina Garambone Stephanie Garafola Cheryl Geremia Lucy Giardino Robin Gray Michele Haughom S Diana Hess yu, Y I 5 S 6' S XX L Ee 25 ji Diane lannotta Dawn Kennedy Maria Lasalandra Eileen Lee Evelyn Martinos Gwen Militello Marie Natoli Lisa Padula Lisa Peteley Kathie Phillips Dawn Pospisil Claudia Rivieccio 'QI F , . Pat Roche Jean Marie Rose Rhonda Rothstein Barbara Ruiz Laura Schories Barbara Short Martha Sohmer Marylou Tidona Lisa Trabucco Lisa Tricarico Lisa Tropiano Jill Tyson Theresa Zimmerm l an Vw lf you can give as well as take And hold your head up high, lf you can keep the joy of youth From ever running dry, 'La E935 . fi I 'Rishi' u lf you can open up your heart 1 With love that long endures Then peace-and all of life's sweet gifts Will happily be yours. SPGRTS Q k WX ,P vw 6 M-4...,t, Y ,.....,- X: 'Ka N W W W... ,.Ag,- , ..,, '5- 2 aw - .N A 5 M..- , A fa ,-4. M-..,,,. Mr., VM M H ,MQ W 0 , 4- ' I, qv'-1149 N N-M, xg Z ,LM M' - 5,1 T 'W W' M' X W, 4 ,i M 5 I .F lf. Paul Milza a man of dedication and intense enthusiasm. His leadership and effort have led New Dorp High School's football team to many years of victory. His knowledge of football and his undying devotion have earned him the respect and admiration of his entire team. We, the Argonaut staff of 1980, do hereby dedicate the Sports section of this year's yearbook to Paul Milza. Q., , W. AJ' .sn ,A qw ,V ,. sim I' , A 8 'Q' x ' w g xr , ' :I 3 'S f E' W H 'Nth K, A X 0 . 'surf' ' ' x Time as l've known it doesn't take much time to pass by me. Minutes into days, turn into months, turn into years - they hurry by me John Denver X N v at I , x Y R x X is . it J --Q:---'21, .. -.wav 1, ij' I f I ,V w X AL Vi 85 VARSITY FOOTBALL ' 1 Coach - Paul Milza Pat Ammirati William Beschner, Captain Peter Campbell Greg Carrelli Richard Coleman Brian Coyle George Cumming John Curcio Joseph DeFranco Tom Dzieciolowski Norman Ferren Michael Garcia Kevin Hunter Tom Langan Robert Malanga Robert Martin Tom Mclntyre Peter McParland Dennis Meehan Gerard Mollica Michael Passaro Joseph Perk Richard Ramos Kevin Richardson Richard Saltalamachea Robert Scarpa Peter Seremetis Dominick Spinelli Patrick Sweeney Joseph Tenneriello James Llrkonis Maurice White Richard Yamarone Anthony Zawadzki John Zeno Michael Zielinski O Managers - Michael Angeloni, Bobby Mara Coaches - Paul Barchitta, Phil D'Angelo, Billy Ray Smith, Phil Seggio Sal Aiello James Albach Michael Apollonio Chris Bagliore Joe Barchitta Danny Borrero Joe Brandeline Edward Brennan Chris Bulone Robert Cameron Joe Cestaro Howie Charles Louis Curcio Clark Davis George DeSimone Pat DeSimone Robert Esposito Robert Hansen Paul Haugham Charlie Hunter Steven Kasper Ken Kearns Lorne Keller William LaPlaca Anthony Marinelli Michael McGarry Philip Meltzer Gerard Murphy Lou Musto Eric Myewvorld Danny Nuzzi Frank Passalaqar Anthony Petosa Steve Pica Andrew Poggi Mike Procopio Vincent Rantinella Steve Revelli Michael Ruggiero Willy Rios Steve Schelzi John Schnellbach Ross Setlow Paul Strahm Mike Llrkonis Bentley Valdez Scott Valente Chris Viegas Eddie Weigl Eddie Wood LNT2 nur- ..-.... Coach - Victor Po Felipe Balseca Frank Cascello Mark Cucarese Edwin Curtis Steven Fattorusso Ray Fremer Philip Galiano Dexter Hazelton Sameh Ibrahim Joseph Konczynski Agim Lajka Thomas LaRocco Anthony Latuja Thomas LoBasso Ednan Luli John Mullen Alex O'Meara George Radu Brian Sapolsky .Jeff Ward BASEBALL 90 Coach - John Pat Ammirati Rich Boulanger Joe Carlo Mike Carpenter Steve Cataldo Joe Coscia Nick Dalonzo Robert Fossella Mike Garcia Pecoraro Dave Jozefek John Karninski Mike Labetti Frank Laino Gary Lufrano Robert Martin Charles Montalbano Mario Scala Steve Trotta . Q . N, 5 , 6.35 . ' ff? 'Ami xg, u f 1' A J , Q 0 A Agff 1 -QQ 4. 'A' 5 'u P . ,- sq , 'N-M Q? In 4 GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1 -1i"'ll,:g ei rw. . 'fi , Wig? I A ty , W , v ' an 44 Coach - Nancy Blitzer Joan Chelsen - Captain Jennifer Herrman - Co-Captain Cheryl Pilkington - Manager Robin Andre Vanessa Brown Cathy Cali Laura Cannizzaro Essa Edana Allison Galdorisi Pat Geffre Bernadette Klumbach Chris Miles Tracy Pilieri Pat Porauo Cathy Zieris fs 4 1' . .ist .. , . - R , W k K K fikf'M'1'f-'5'T"ff ffl' ,Qi,-infill 93 VARSITY BASKETBALL MBU!! 1 1 QAM HJ!! 3 2 .X.. 94 Coach: Lenny Perazzo Tony Banks Bruce Beschner Frank Carabetta Mike Carpenter Joe Coscia Aaron Crump Dave D'Amico Anthony Delfini Richard Fritz Steve Guarino Jim Kelly Frank L.aino Kevin Murphy Dan Pretto -2 f ff N, xg i xr x ' z f Q 'f fl ' X W "" ' S "s X lx f X and I 1:5 f ,, jg: if N ' . ' 7' Q i ' n 6 '13, A N I X x J.V. BASKETBALL 'ol U0,-7, Q is A A lf , - ,, D W" up . ixxdjff , , lb' .Kai bi XX ?Dp 2 .Aff X 'X gui U0,p,, xv., -,jd 00,50 ,QN E051 i 5 3 2 ' gjgi U0492 96 Coach - Rich LaGrotta Joseph Barchitta Jimmy Besignano 6 Mike Brennan X Mark DeMauro ' "Q Paul Langan . 'B' " Sergio Mezzina . j Gary Neiman hifi? Rich Ramos I Chris Rizzo 7, R Jose Sanchez I' A N Armand Tasca GIRLS' TRACK I ff Pl S X.. Q s its f fu 3. L x ,Nia l i I P' X 1 J 'W 1 I xi. X Vp D S ii Coach - J0YCe S Kathy Cali Edana Essa Allison Galdorisi Michele Graziano Lisa Jack Debbi Juliano Leslie Kaestel Christine Miles Sharai Mojica Cheryl Pilkington Eileen Rice Barbara Shaw Betty Shiffrin M- .X ge 5 4 r heinmel BOYS' TRACK Coach - William Welsh Sammy Abraham Vincent Adragna Paul Albicocco Dan Altieri Joe Anderson Peter Aponte Chris Barcia Tom Bas Louis Breit Robert Carr Tim Carter Robert Cavallo Scott Cavanaugh Kirk Colon Steve Costa Angelo Costagiliola Mark Cucarese John Cucco Frank Curcio Sal D'Amico Jay DeFilippo Robert Denker John DeYoung Scott Dobrin .Richie Drigun Steve Faberzak John Francis Ken Francis Joseph Frascati Ron Gambassi - Capt. Mike Garcia Gus Gilardi Juan Gonzalez Mike Guerrieri Steven Kastin Steve Labargo Adam Levine Dom LoBraico Raymond Loesch Joe Lo Faro Hector Mangual James Manitta Charlie Marsala Mark Marsala Sal Miceli Richie Moore Jim Murphy Asbjoin Nyhus Danny Orlando Anthony Pagano Paul Papis Ronnie Paronich Kenny Pasquale David Perez Richie Perricone Joe Pisicolo Mike Platt Paul Ricca Willy Rios Richie Saltalmachea John Santanello Randy Seesman - Capt Kenny Siderowitz Bill Signorelli Dom Storniolo Steve Thomas Bob Valenti - Capt. Bernie Vercillo Mike Vergona Carl Vitelli Patrick Walsh Ed Wood Allen Woodcock John Zeno 'i A 4 x 1. i fs CROSS QQUNTRY ij Coach - Evelyn Boxer Robin Andre Vickie Bedore Joan Chelsen Pat Geffre Susan Germano Maria Giudice Maureen Gorsuch Jane Manochio Lisa Masi Chris McWilliams -Q-.....,,, GIRLS' VCJLLEYBALL A Coach - Evelyn Boxer Pat Geffre - Captain Cathy Cali Pat Conroy Allison Galdorisi Maureen Gorsuch Jennifer Hermann Karen Hermanson Debbie Juliano Leslie Kaestel Christine Miles - Co-Captain Cheryl Pilkington MaryAnn Wilson BOYS' BOWLING mmqs FOOYDHII-2 ,J M ? J Coach - Tony Pucciarelli John DeYoung Al Guglielmelli Jim LaRoc:ca Mark Lombardi John McLaughlin Ben Nargi Frank Provenzano Ken Rosoff Tom Upton 102 GIRLS' BOWLI G ff' Coach - Laura Boggia Angela McCabe - Capt. Vickie Bedore - Co-Capt. Nancy Castiglione Joan Chelsen Fran Cipriano Laura Conigatti Lisa DeMatteo AnnMarie Giordano Allison Holmes Chris McWilliams Angela Picardi Maria Rigatti Barbara Shaw Allison Spodek 103 BOYS TENNIS 'Y M"'M'P rf-M X R v . I V ' 4- f 4 ii Coach Harvey Altschul Mike Chrystal Bret Copp Dan D Amrco Dave D Amrco Densel English Pete Fede Tom Genzlrnger Dave Goldberg Pete Panzica Mark Piazza Bill Richards Tom Spade A L- GIRLS' TENNIS Q :fr'f4L A .-.-v:-:.. Y f.-.-f.-.'. 1 5 .grffn-,g.'.f ' -,g , .... :':f55rf:--:-,z ' .ffiwl -:-'.-.,.-.-.ff-,.g.,. - . . , ff:-554 .4-:5 ' '- ,fs , .. .,. 1, - A 9 .-1Ii'!'7'.n2. ,U I . ,.-' Ji' ' - 919: -' Y 101' ' . Q..-,. . 5.-x TNQ... -n an X. A --'n ,Q , 1 Q ,5'::1":s" 'f 1 '- s"0'5 1 Q 1 '-' ,.,,- - , ,f xv i1n'o"x1' .-.-- - gn ,n -1 o,e,. .5 tp or Q K. ,. ,., .1 ,-. ,- .-av.-. 0 92 1-' . ' 15' 1 ,. ,. .0 . ,.g.f X 'Y-Q.-" , 5 I v' -' . X 'W o Q --, .' --.-. -- - I ! ' 1 UN! ' ' JN,- nv' Coach - Nancy Blitzer Robin Abramowitz Karen Bacchi Mary Baume Kathleen Drury Allison Galdorisi Rhondie LaBarbera Pat Mazza Angela McCabe Liz Silver Lori Trapani 10 Coach - Leon Selman Matt Runne - Capt Joe Allen Don Casey John Deane Steve Farrell Greg Miller Pat Nicholson Dan Orlando John Soriano Scott Speroni Steve Tabak Mark Waldhelm IRLS' SWIMMING i s'. R , Q? xr Coach - Richard Dowling Tara Albach Diane Barranco Nina Casazza Cathy Chukalas Lisa Fallon Joyce Flynn Veronica Fossella Camille Grae Bernadette Klumback Gerilyn Koren Allison Lepardo Susan Lore Jill Loresh Eileen O'Dea Many O'Dea Peggy O'Dea Pattie Pritchard Dolores Schott Marianne Sharp Elisa Sinclair Lisa Tricaiico Teresa Walsh Coach - Grace Rondlnelll Lori Brown Angela Buccellato Jennie Calpin Cathy Cusimano Lisa Fallon Lisa Fauci Laura Hamill Laura Hyland Nancy lsola Mary King Roz Knight Gerilyn Koren Margaret LaPidus Denise Maiale Judy Martin Lori Mazzella Karen Muzio Tessie Rolon Betty Shifrin Lisa Vecchiarelli Laura Venezia '-v. ,rfk f , . W' , WW? , - - A L . -rm..--w--f M ' ' aw- 1 Q Ly .w,m,,..,,v,. - - M' Ay, Q QQ:-4 ....-..-v ,,,.,.,--' My I 5 A 4 2 I K .L Coach - Joe Mangione Coach - Lou Maddaluno John Caccavale Joe Dell-Olio AI Del-Vecchio John DeMarco Joe Impeduglia Tommy Kartelias David Lotito Mark Lotito Anthony Maddaluno Vinny Manzione Wnny Russo Anthony Seiascia Jeff Schnorbus Keith Sicu'ranza Chris Torre Sal Velez . , fwafsifw-17 nvppwr ,QQ.awQf4!wnh'5V5' "' R P L , 'a X. 113.512 Fw- ' 'Q 2:75 A x ap AA J X 1 f 5 L Aizggwwmp ,kL.. fl 7 G Lg, ' SENIGRS l'm sailing away - set an open course for the Virgin sea. l've got to be free - free to face the life that's ahead of me. On board I'm the captain, so climb aboard, we'll search for tomorrow on every shore, and l'll try, oh Lord, l'll try to carry on. x6S8tXi2li"1 Naive ,I Jr N NNN, . .V V a A 3 3 X 3 Robin Abramovitz Permanent Honor Roll, Key Club, Usher Squad, Tennis Team, and Volleyball Team. l plan to go to college S major in business. Marybeth Adone Honor Roll, The Library-3rd period - "Shhhh"! Good luck to my friends. My best friend always - Luanne. "be right there Lu". Af- ter graduation, l plan to be a secretary. Tara Albach Swim Team 4 yrs., Photo Club, Good luck to special friends: Dianne, Steven, Janice, Lorraine, Gary, Stacie, Summer of 79! "Party- ing" Ski Trip 78-80, "Cruisin' in the L.T.D." T.G. l. O. l know it's only Rock-n-Roll but l like it! "OH NO"! "later" A Wild time in Florida" "Are you Psyched"? 'Thanks to Mom-n- Dad, Hey Dad l made it! How about a car? Steven Alcide Robert Alessi S.M.M.S., M.F.H.S., N.D.H.S., B.OA., B.S.A., C.Y.O., Hangin out 3rd, Cheryl 8 Cheryl 8 Karen, Skip 6 Mike. I really enjoyed my stay at N.D. even if it was only 2 years - Thank God! After Graduation, l plan to attend a college in Florida and major in accounting. l wish all the luck to all the Seniors. Travelin' down t.his Rock Road, wonderin where my life is leading Bad Company. Bye New Dorp ABE. Don Alfano Lisa Alleg retti Joseph Allen Coop, Swim Team, Thanks to Mr. Lynch for Coop and Ski Trip. Ski Trip '80, Phil, Rich, Gigs, Cassidy. Rob B., Biz, QANGUSJ, Best Con- certs - Rush, ACXDC, lst row Styx Lee Ev Lifeson E1 Peart, 2112. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help. The song remains the samel Lisa Alley Honor Roll, Senior Day, Prom, Ski trip, Queen - "You're my best friend" - Nancy, The Beach, hanging out-rainy nights, Fr N 6 - "Give me a break" - "Comin' with" - Pam, F.C., E.W., D.P., K-M gang. I plan to go to college and study special education. Thanks mom and dad for everything. Dino Almendral Permanent Honor Roll, Symphonic Band, Dance Band, Track 6 Bridge Program. Donna Amato To the Greatest person Mario, lf7!77, Courtyard, B. shop, Doreen, Ellen, Patty. Remember the good times, Parties at Patty's, Bus 7th, N.Q., L.S., B.E., S.D., L.M., L.B., L.A., N.A., D.R. I plan to go to work after graduation and then get married, S live a happy life. Thanks Mom and Dad. Louise Amendola I would like to wish all my friends at N.D. happiness and success. "Her name is Generosa". Thanks to my friends M.E., C.M., L.C., L.D., D.A., N.A., F.D., L.M., M.M., I thank my mom and dad and my whole family for helping me through these years LOVE YOU ALL! "nobody's home". Ciao N.D. . .. Debbie Ancona Perm. Honor Roll, Honor Keys, lst place Boroughwide Science Fair, George Washington University Engineering Medal. Treasurer of Arista, Key Club, Llsher Squad, Citywide Bowling Champs '77, Stu- dent Senator, Sci. Res. Club, Bio Res. Club, Spanish Honor Society, Sci. Forum, Library Squad. My deepest love to my family and friends. I plan to enter into a science career. Success begins with will, lt's all in the state of mind. Christine Anderson Honor Roll, gymnastics 76-79, Bio lab squad. "Duck" Chris, Pat, Steve, Mary, Paul, Chuck, Farrell twirlers, art class with B.V., L.P., J.S., Rufus, Gonga, Deb, Tim. I plan to attend college, and pursue a career in the medical field. A very special thanks to my best friend Carol, and Mom 5 Dad. Susan Anderson Homecoming 78 6 79. DANCE! Sr. Day, Prom. Love to a.c. ZXIOX78 You're unforgettable! L.G.T.S. 77-BB. Dem's tKirkJ, Cosmos, Tut's, "Daddy's Little Girl" - The Best Joanne and Beth, T.M., ME-Z, J.T., M.T., MSD, V.B., L.G., Jay, L.D., T.S., E.C., L.P., C.G., T.Z. Cruisin' in the Chevy WXJM. I want to travel, become a C.P.A. I'm not afraid of tomorrow because I've seen yesterday, 5 today is beautiful. Love to Mom, Steve, and my whole family - especially Nicole! Bye N.D. I'm gonna miss you!! Tatiana Andrade Disco Dancing, New apt. Great Times - Two years in America were exciting - "I Love New York". Dancing in the spring festival - 79-80 - 8 running for Homecom- ing Queen was fun. I'll never forget those who were special to me, Fran, Karen, Jody B., Jackie A., etc., S Richie A. Love to father Cmiss youi, mother 6 sister Soraya. Thanks to Mr. Pitarresi 8 Mr. Lynch. Hopefully going to Califor- nia for modeling career. Bye New Dorp, it was fun. Diane Andrillo Pennanent Honor Roll, Honor Key, Italian Honor Society. Best of luck to all my friends. All my love and thanks to Mom and Dad. I plan to be an executive secretary and to enjoy life with Jimmy. Donna Angelico Honor Roll, Dance 05, Homeroomg libraryg Nathansg Going dancing with best friend Laura DiMarcog Tut'sg Park Wla llg Disco is here to stay. Brooklyn guys are " I , "Mark", "The Best"g "What Best of luck to all my friends, Love to Mom, Dad and sisters. I plan to work in the city and live it up. Jackie Anstett Remember dancing in the school show, Ferry to New York '79, To my best friends, Regina, Tati, and Soraya, we've had together in and out of New Dorp. "Oh Yeah", to Karen, Fran, and Denise, remem- ber Wolfes Pond. Coop B was great! When I graduate I plan to be secretary. Love S thanks to Mom, Dad, Lucille and Susan. Lorraine Antonacci Bride Program, Volunteering at S.l.H., Tom 1127179 - always. l'II never forget the years at N.D., the bad, the good, and the fun, 6125176 - piano. Debbie - a friend forever. R.S., Frisbee, Camp- ing, Del., S the Bianco's, Firebirds, Givo's Car, Demyans, Jamie - Thanks for listening. I plan on go- ing to college for a B.S. in Nursing. Love to Mom, Dad, Chris, and Nicky. dC'1'l" 'N W Vi Susan Antonucci Honor Roll, These be three memorable things - my years at N.D .... Best of friends falling tears as we say - goodbye. Ski Trip 79-80, Nova, Summer fun, Doherty's, Row, "Smile though your heart is aching." Good times with Flo, Deb, Carol, Dip, Jeannie, Cathy, courtyard, Emmet gang - love ya. To my special friend Gene - Thanks for the unforgettable memories, all my love Mom and Dad. Nancy Aranzullo Help S.U. Fund Raising fcandy salej teachers secr'y, I like disco dancing, special thanks to my mom 8 dads 6 family for helping me throughout the years, and really a special thanks to all my friends like, Virginia Gambino, IJVI, SR, GC, DS, LG, DR, SA, ETC., a special thanks to Mr. J. Pitarresi, Mrs. M. Goubeaud, Mr. Morris, Mrs. R. D'EIia, Mr. L. Afasano. I plan to go to work for a little while and then go to college for a couple of years 6 then work again for as long as I can. Hopefully I will become a wife and have kids CZI. lwant to become a dancing teacher or a good dan- cer. Anthony Arcamone Stage 08, Music App. 06 Lenny. Thanks to all my friends who helped me out through the years. Skip, Joyce, Doreen, Artie, Greek, Bruce, Wnny, P.S. Remember the Bagel Shop, Courtyard, Paddle Ball Courts S My spot In Front of the School. I plan to attend college 6 become an Accountant Special thanks to Mom 6 Dad. I couldn't have done it without you both. Love Ya Always. Stacie Armband Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. You've been great. Even though this is only my 2nd year here, I feel as though I've been here all 4 years. Good luck to special friends: Wnny 611 3178, Judie, Andrea, Lisa, Tara, S all the rest. I love you all and will always love you. Nikke Arvanites Pemwanent Honor Roll, Honor Key, Spanish Honor Society, Yearbook staff '80. I wish love and happiness to my friends Liz, Mary, Maryann, Dee, and Amelia "Friends are Forever" . . . Chicago - "Just You and Me" - Simple and Free. good times in 8001. December 23rd. l'll never forget cruisin' in the Red Cady with Honey and Meel. ln my heart, I hold memories of the past, in my mind, dreams of the future. To my family, all my love. if D-.X Ri -X xx' xx 'Q-f ef gf' Sal Aversa Courtyard, Corner, H.M., AB., J.C., J.M., V.M. I hear ya. Bro, Mr. Lee, My Kid, Thanks to Mom 8 Dad. Love Ya Both, Plan to stay in love with Pat. Good luck everyone. l Did lt. Plan to work in my father's Con- struction Business. Maria Avino Italy "77", Brooklyn "79", UNA Festa di Santa Rosalina, Milli Luci, "Tre Cappuccino" Maria-n-Tony, Lori-n-Luigi. Hey comare, come sta compare? 9f3f79. Amore. "Forget about it". I plan to study Italian, French, 6 Spanish, travel to other countries, and live a full and happy life. Special thanks and so much love and affection to mom for being understanding 8 having patience. Thanks to Signora Farella S Lori, my best friend. Thanks to the special love in my life for being patient and waiting. Paul Bacany My future plans are to graduate from college with a Bachelor's Degree. Alter college, I would like to be an Accountant. Karen Bacchi Penn. Honor Roll, Honor Keys, French Honor Society, Arista, Tennis Team. "I'm a licensed driver." The feds, "Pretty", 7Aup, lced Teas, Chem 03, Drivers Ed. Mes Cheres amies - Diane, Penny, Maria, and Elizabeth. 'Vin 8fl8f78' "Just what I needed". AOML flll toujours-Poodlehead. The play, the park. I got my facts leamed real good. right now-BS. 7 1 ,, J fr , W' x 3 ,. , , ... . ez NN: ' ' '22 u- .X its W sf f I Q f X my If 4 v 1 -fx 1 I Joseph Baggot Best Wishes and Good Luck to my good friends, L.T., L.D., D.A., P.C., F.M., S.l., J.M., KM., B.P., R.D., A.N., N.B., T.B., P.B., J.N., Gerbel, Hang- ing out, The Gawk, Gold Nova, Buzz, The Goat. "Easy", Stairway to Heaven. And especially thanks to my family who made it all that much easier and enjoyable. Joe Bagliore Good Luck to all my friends, Thanks Mom and Dad. I plan to go to college and take up computer technology. The Row, Lou's, The Cars, Seaside, Beach Parties, The Black Carsman, New Yorker. Dolores Ballestero I just arrived at New Dorp as a senior and feel I've been here the complete four years. I would like to thank those who helped me get through the first few weeks, Joe, Lauren, and Dave. I would like to thank Mom S Dad for always being there when I needed you. I love to write stories and poems. My plan for the future is to become a physical therapist. Geralyn Baranello H.R., Play Pro, H.R. Senate, SA. store, Consult. --Boro-Sen coun- cil, Pres cabinet. I5, Nathans, Graduates - 78-79, Carol - V. Collins, V.C. - music, J.F. - Crusin' 5th, Jay, Ant, Henz-Annie, Liz, Gi S Bru, Mare, M.T., Barb. DiPilli's, L.V., R.S., J.L., Ski-Trip, Seaside, corner, Beefsteak Charlies 77,8, Remembering - Richie, Steve B. Leaves, F.V., T.C., Bixes - STEVE 1lf77 - Alotter. Jet'Aime plus' gu'nier moins que demain. Never 510. Thanks - mom, dad - for your love. Love you's - 3000. Red too! 'YN-f Diane Barranco Spanish Honor Society, Swim Team. Ski Trip '8O', Senior Day, fcruisin'J, Prom Night. M.C.,-L.C., "Genius". Thanks to my other half, Dolores and my special friends Maria, Barbara, Debbie, Lorraine, Tara, etc Hang Out!! You MOMO! T.G.I.F.! What hap- pened??? Rock Forever. Ronnie 7f17f79, made for each other. Why not? "Let the good times roll". Thanks mom 8 dad. I made itl PIans?? Special memories forever. Bob Barrett Thanks to Mom and Dad, Also J.B., B.B., K.B., Rock xl, Boston, Zep- pellin, Rush. Always remember Laura 9-22-78. Heavy parties behind the store, space cadets 'f 1, Hawk-Eye. Ya got that bill? Rolling Stones, Hello, is Arnold there? Hot dog, migs, Cliff, Car. I plan to be the most successful in whatever I do. Later! Bo 5 Spinochio. Richard K. Barrett Honor Roll. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I won't let you down in college. I plan to go to college and major in business administra- tion. John, Mike, O.B., J.B., All my friends from St. Jerome. Gus Barrera Photographer. Thanks a lot Scott Ol'man. Long live rock. James Bas One term Honor Roll, Paddleball. I will always remember the many new friends I made in the school. Also the great times and the many trips to the Dean's office. Goodbye. I plan to go to a Medical College. Robert Becker Honor Roll, '76 wood, Sam 78-80 graphic media. The "B" Boys, mut- tley, Tia, Holiday, Joey. Ronnie, late Monday and Tuesday cruising night, 7-Eleven, early Wed. mom- ing, 9f25f79, Firebird, Summer 79. Tony's house, films, Thanks Mom, Dad, and Maureen for your love and understanding during my high school years. Vickie Bedore Honor Roll, Chancellor's Roll of Honor, Arista, Key Club, bowling team - city champs '77 co-capt, softball team - ccrcap't, softball team - cap't, Band. Jayne, Mom, Dad thanks for supporting me. Happiness is a Bunch of friends Ang, Diane, Doris, JoAnn, Trans, etc. Thanks Laura, Tina, Hi Naltla. Things don't change - we do. Yankees, CharIie's Angels, Jersey Shore, Rainbows, Costa del Sol. College, buying a car, being rich, famous and happy. Things I love to cuddle - Cinnamon, Koala Bears. Charles Bellavia I enjoy baseball and ping pong. My future plans include attending college and pursuing a career in computer technology. '51 ,,.., 48 -,4 -sf' Lori Bellia Honor Roll, My close friends - Fran, Mariaelena, Elizabeth, Michelle, Lisa. Great Summers - 77-79. The park - M.T., D.N., M.C., M.M., L.C., C.C. '78, Jr. year. Midland Beach. Never forget going to Hurrah's. The ferry ride back and forth. Bowie, The Cars Concert '79. Rock and Roll for- ever. Love to my family and friends. Jody Bellino Ain't no stopping us now My best friends we made it. Love to Mom, Dad, sister Maria, brother Frankie and Gypsy - Thanks for putting up with me. Coop "79-80", Thanks Lynch - sec. in Manhat- tan. l'lI miss LC, MG, AF, CC, LA, PK - beautiful Marissa. Florida "78" See you when I get there - California - GO WEST - Hi Manny. I hope we all get the best out of life. Love to all I knew in N.D. Virginia Benevento Honor Roll, Spring Festival '78. Seasode '79, Keg Parties, everyone at ll, S.A., L.G., Sha, MaryLou, thanks for being you, MaryElIen you've always been everything anyone could dream a friend to be. Jean, Janet, Maryann thanks, I love you. Mom S Dad I know it was hard sometimes, but thanks for everything. I seek health, happiness and the confidence to try. "LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL". Alan Benfante Honor Roll, Thanks to Mom and Dad for all they have done for me. Good luck to my friends, Kenny, Tommy, Mike, Danny and the rest of the boys. CadiIlac's and pretty girls, Summer "79". I plan to go to college. 15 fi ' I 6' il.. , ls' ' 'W Md Nos..-.f-' Theresa Beninato Permanent Honor Roll, SLI store. Benny and the Jets, Forever plan- ning parties, Ang, Deb, Cone, Fran Sweet 16 over Trees, Let's not go to first, or second, or third. What do ya want to do tonight? I dunno, I found another one Ang, cat tails, Friday nights over my house, I feel sick again. All my love to Mom, Dad, and Renee for being there when I needed you. Steven Benevenuto Honor Roll '79', JV Football, Per. 3 soccer, fBetter known as Max,J "Florida in the summer of "78", hanging out in NATHANS, "MARILYN" IM8M'sJ, PINBALL WIZ, JIMBO "73 CAMARO" fcrispi, "74 MONTE", PETE's Chevy. The most important thing is to thank the people who helped me get through. Mainly my mother, my father, Janet, Aunt Julie, and the rest of my family. David Berg Honor Key, Chancellor's Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Lab Squad. Senior Chorus. "Don't deceive yourselves: no one makes a fool of God. A man will reap exactly what he plants". - Galations 6:7. Thanks for friends like Debbie, Annie, Doris, Diane, and Densle and especially Cathy Love to Mom and Dad too. ljust want to do my best at whatever I choose in life . .. College bound and who knows what else? - Thats all - William Beschner Permanent Honor Roll, Usher squad, J.V. and Varsity Football, Captain '79, Jodi, Vermont, Prac- tice Artie Baby, Russell - Heat miser, Toto - Whistle Mickey, D'AngeIo, John, Tuzy, Joe T. good punt. Kevin, Ant, Spaitin, Hangin, Plymt, Charlie, Too Terl, Mac, Mike, Amiscule, Metro Bowl, Joe, Bruce, Scarpa, Berry's, Germany, Lebet, B-Boys. I plan to attend college and play college football. Christine Besser Barbara Beyar "Please believe me when I tell you my song is really true, I want everyone to listen S believe that soon I plan to climb Mt. Everest and live in a cave on the highest plateau, in which I will finger paint on the wall and wait till the fire tums green." Angela Bianco Memories are everlasting. Billy 7f4f78 . . . Summer '79 . . . Canada Sten I7 Good Times un- forgettable friends Graduation Day college language 5 business airlines Love S thanks Mom S Dad Angel "'4. Debbie Bianco Old 'vettes fl'll get mine somedayl, camping at Cherrystone '77, rollerskating, tennis, bike riding foopslj, Delaware, Lorraine KS- quiggyl - a real friend if she can put up with me, Jimmy Isomeone who'lI always be speciall 8f9f7B, Hanging out, laughing and crying. It was the best! I couldn't ask for better memories. By the way, Mom and Dad, I guess all the yelling paid off-huh? Thanks. ,. M,-wi qr""9 if Lori Bilotti Friends shall never be forgotten Lisa, Jen, Laura, Fran, Rinda, Cindy, Ronnie, lgnad, Madna, Sum- mer of 76!78. Hangin' out, Bagel shop, Mr. Bill, no Frills Cream Fingers. "With a little luck". 7-24-78 - Father and son. Louie - I know you better than anyone, that's why, no one loves you more than me. I thank Mom and Dad I love you both. Vini Bivetto Honor Roll "78" - Big Deal! Stagecraft "77-78-79-80" "The Main Event" "Ferry to New York" "Love to all those dan- cers" - Kathy, Cindy, Ann, Tati. "Thanks Mom S Dad" Special Thanks to P.M.C., J.T.S., RJ.T., for their time S effort . . . Plans to con- tinue my career in television production. "Let me see your program card" . . . "Paddleball with the gang" Tony, Artie, Dave, Jimmy, f'J.D." Nancy Bon I plan to live a long 5 happy life. Thanks to Jen, Kat and Jo for help- ing me get my life together.Hangin' out and partying. F.S. B-4-79. Special thanks to Ann. J E1 S I love you. All my love to my friends and family. See Ma, I made it. Yee-haa! Joseph Bonanno Special thanks to Mom 6 Dad. Finally made it! Enjoy driving, sports, HANGING OUT! Plan on going to college. Anthony Bono Hanging out at the park, Jay, Henza, John, Dave, the comer, Fran, Anne, Maryellen, Gina, Geri, Down the beach, Egghead, Her- man, ODDO, Chevy pick up, Sum- mer of "79", Long Island. Hang out and party Harty. With all my love to Mom 5 Dad. Fran Borzumato Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Brighton, Paddleball, Disco, Ski Trip "79" - "8O", Concerts "79", Summer "77"-"BO", All my love to Mom, Dad and Marie. I plan to go to college after I graduate. Love S Luck to Anthony, Cathy, Dom, Kathy, JoAnn, Ellie, Dottie, Diane, Denise, Paula, R.H., N.M., D.N., C.R., J.D., M.M., G.B. Frank Bosco Thanks mom S dad for withstanding me. The tree, hanging out, let the good times roll, Rock Rolls on, What's up, my head, good friendsg John, Steve, Bob, Joe. l MADE IT! John Boulanger J.V. 8 Junior Football. Laura, Cutie, Mike Z., Charlie, Sally R., Dickie. 1978 Seniors, parties, Vydo J. My mistake, King, Maine, trestle, l2-29- 78 my Renaissance, lAngleJ The Manor, The Kings Inn, Angle Live a long, happy life, travel, have a great time, and find myself with Laura 6 King. Goodbye to all my friends I leave behind. Thank you everyone - friends, Dad, and especially Laurap you're dynamite. 22 Jackie Brander Moore dropout, the Red Lemon, Studio B and me and Willie, S.B.P.L., The Pits, Beach Parties, sleepin' out. R.U.D.D. Parties, "Only the Good Die Young" Jim D. you're not forgotten. Vandies, St. Pat's Day, O.B., Seaside, GA., A.M.R., Lori, M.B.O., Cyn, C.C., C.S., Tessi, Bucky, Sorry Charlie, Dump Helen here, maybe next week, Florida. Thanks Mom 8 Dad. lm as free as a bird now . . . How 'bout you. fL.S.J Kevin Brennen Honor Roll, Muttley, The "B" Boys Great Adventure, Excuse me, Rossie Thanks Mom 6 Dad. Linda Brodick Good Luck to all my friends. Jo we finally made it! Best of times 75-79. J's powers, I believe O.S.T., Yankee games CHBFJ, Memories: JD, LM, JZ, PA, DR, DM, ext. stairs, disco, J.OA.V.S .... MG, Tahiti, Florida, Exile, Bklyn W,J.C.I., Remember always, but the best is yet to come! I plan to attend college to become a reporter. All my love to Mom, Dad, and family. Abby Broitman Q? Mg.-1. . ,, 7. Jus? Wan! Carol Brower Perm. Honor Roll, Track '78, Senior Day, Ski trip '79 - '80, "get me down from here" - great friends "Dizzy Deb", Joy fB.B.J, D. Mac 2Vzx, Jenny, Scott tcheer upj, Mary Jean, John, Susie "Are we bowling or at the movies?" Barky, G.B., uh- huh! "D's Ev Row", popcom. Marty 918778. "If I felI". Thanks to Mom 6 Dad - love ya! " when friends are there, then everythings allright Ronald Brown Pennanent Honor Roll. Ms. Mutley, HmRm- "The B. Boys". G.A. 79 "Booker T". Rhonnie, Zuma, "You're so TaIl"II Kevin, Becsh, Bob, Mr. Bakan. Ann Bulone Spring Show '77, '78, '79, Choreographer '79, Dance teacher '78, '79, Chorus '77, '78, Ready 5,6,7,8, yea, M 8 M's, Kathy's girls, Summer '79, C.G., S.R., P.R., C.R., G.D., V.R., M.C., T.D., July 7, All my love Michael. I plan to go to college for accounting and become a C.P.A. Many thanks to Kathy and Bruno. Love you Mom 8 Dad. I couldn't have done it without you. Beth Buono Penn. Hon. Roll, Arista 4, Science Fomm 1980. Band I, 2, 3, Track l E- 2, Usher Squad 4, Stage Craft 4, Spring Festival and Christmas Show l, 2, 3, S 4. Gidget, Got, Cir- cle A Ranch, West Shore - Sue and Chris, Paul, Good luck to all my friends, Baseball S Basketball games, Running - "Just one more lap", B.F., S.S., Rock " 1, Football practice. I plan to study animal sciences in college. Thanks mom and dad for everything, and Mark for all your help. "l've done my sentence." - Queen. Lori Busciolano Italy - '77, Brooklyn - '79, Let's go Brooklyn. Party Time! Going down to Maria's. Forget about it!!! I plan to go to college and become a physical therapist, trying to help all the people I can. I want to give special thanks to Mom EJ Dad, Susan, Cheryl whom I love very much. Jeanette Butindari Penn. Honor roll. I'll always remem- ber the good times, and the great friends I had in New Dorp. "Got the pouch?" Do we know them??? Snagged again!!! To special friends . . . Kathleen, Laura, Natalie, Kenny, Robert, J.C., J.F., J.B., J.S., Jeffer- son, Summer '78. "You never know who you might meet." Thanks mom and dad for everything. I love you both. John Caccavale Made honor roll a few marking periods. New Dorp Ice Hockey "78" S "79" Partying. Practices 1:00 in the moming. Thanks to Mom 8 Dad for everything. Sum- mer of '79, Seaside. I plan to attend St. John's University. I don't know what I will be majoring in. l'm in- terested in law and business. Hang- ing out at bleachers, "Tango", "Having cocktails", K.S., J.T., C.M., L.N., R.D., RA., C.D., P.C., J.D., A.M., D.L. Lizabeth Caggiano Honor Roll, SLI. President, Play Production, Consultative Council, Borough Council, Senior Council, Treas. Key Club. I will never forget all my friends and the memories of N.D. l'll cherish them always. Special friends: Denise, Joan, Ger- alyn, Gerry, Andrea, Vivian, "Cuz", Cangiano's Crew, Exit 15, C.C. always, Cosmos, "Let me just tell you." Special thanks to Mr. DeBetta. Thanks to my family whom I love. Future plans: college, stewardess. "A friend is a present you give yourself." ,awwwwm A ,-, Q' -st- Kathy Cahill Boosters '78-'80, ski trip, Senior Day. "8O", Upstate 2178, Long Johns, Summer of '78-79, Remem- ber 8-5-79?? Good Luck to all my friends, Di fthe kidl, Laurie, ithe "L"J, Mich iSugar Free Dr. Pep- perl?? McLeod, DI, F.B., J.S., T.C.?? "IBLE", Courtyard, Burgher King, Doherty's "79". Thanks Mom S Dad 8 all my friends. Joyce Calandrino Honor Roll, Cheerleading, ftball games, Vic. Parties, RIC xl, ski trip '79g '80, Sr. day, Great Adv. Tia '77fLynch '79, ELP '77, YES '79, CDC, Baby you're the BESTII, the comer, let's go rowing! Summer '77 6 '78, Hey Babe DE, Friends are forever: J.C., C.C., P.K., S.C., T.G., P.O.l.g Love to my family and friends, thanks to LES for always being there. All good people tum their heads this way, so satisfied l'm on my way. Cathleen Cali Volleyball, Basketball '20. To all my friends: Fran ichicken on a bunl, JoJo iChuckles, N.Y.C.l, fFlirstsyl, Jami, Patty, "Legs", David, Cathy, F.L., Debbie, "Jenny", Dawn, Liz iBasketball Gyml, Anthony, Summer '79, Bert, Bun, Laura, "No Nuke", Mr. Altschul, Friends Ann, I will miss you all, I hope to succeed in business. Mom S Dad I finally made it! Remember the bad. But most of all don't forget each other. "Senior" 1980. Frank Calvo 4 Carolyn Camera Perm. Honor Roll, Honor Key, Span. Honor Society, Arista, Co- Capt. Cheerleading '78-'80, Ski trip '79-'80, prom, Sr. Day, Summer '77-'78, victory parties, oh what a night, babes, Let's go rowing, Hey Babe DE, Pam and Sue, Thanks for being there. Grace, what time is it? Hey Capt., Joyce, Jodi, Debbie, Reese, Trotta, Joey, R.R., M.A., P.O.I. Thanks Mom and Dad, A+S, Love and happiness to my friends forever. Debra Caminiti Permanent Honor Roll, Honor Key, Yearbook '80, Usher Squad, Italian Honor Society, Arista, Victory Paries, Bleachers, Summer of '78', Farmer Brown, Wawa's, Vandy's, Walker's, Hangin' out, Friends Forever Susan, Ellen, Mary, Richie, Joy, Caroline, Angel, Fr. Anthony, R.B., C.M., l.S., Skateboards, Surfing, Ortley Beach, Dave, Danny, Donna, Judy, canoeing, camping, Falling in Love, "Endless Summer". college Engineeer, Roger I'Il always remember you, All my love and thanks to Mom. Susan Caminiti Perm. Honor Roll, Honor Key, Usher Squad, Italian Honor Society, Track Team, Volleyball Team. Spr- ing Festival '79, "Time Warp", Hangin' Out, "You're my best friend" - Mary, Ellen, Jamie, Debra, "Only the good die young" - "Miss you" - Roger, Summer of '78. Ortley Beach, Marty, Judy, Parties, "High" Rock, Vandies, lst log, Farmer Browns, WaWas, Municipal, Wolfe's Pond, St. Patrick's Day Parade '79, Love you mom. "Honesty". Lori Campbell Honor Roll. Love ya always Mom 8 Dad "I made itll" Dad's girl! Good years with fSissyl Terry. "Friends are Forever". Roe, My partners in Crime! Di, Cath, Mare, Barb, Lisa, Roe, Ter, l'm hungry, Colonade Cheesecake, Gossip Column 8021, Crusin in Baby Seville QToyotaJ. Cangiano's "LET THE GOOD TIMES Roll" 9f27f79, Ski Trip "78", Summer "79" Parties Down it!! I plan to work my life away" Ciao!!! fr-x 199 as-rm Lauren B. Candia I am an exchange student. I am a member of the rotary club. I will stay here one year. I am from Bolivia fSanta Cruzi. I am I8 years old and I'm a Senior. I speak Spanish. My hobby is gymnastics and I love to play the guitar. I want to go to college 6 study com- puters. I want to say that I think your country is very nice and you are great people. I am very happy to be here and I'll never forget this experience. Stephen Candrilli It was lots of fun going to New Dorp and I will miss it. l'd like to thank Otto for giving me a ride to school everyday. Good luck to Mike, I hope he makes it through school. John bet the D horse in the 7th race. I hope to go to college and be a lawyer. Mr. Gross you can give up waiting for the Knicks to wrn. Elizabeth Cangiane Michael - you make me feel special, because you are. Nikke, Maryann, Mary, Dee S Amelia - Friends are forever - I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. Joe - l'Il never forget you, or what you taught me - we're free to go where we wish, and be what we are I could not live without the love of my family. Thanks Mom 8 Dad: I love you. John Capaccione I have been fortunate enough to have made the honor roll more than once in my attendance at New Dorp. New Dorp is like a team all surging for the same goal of academic and personal excellence. Ijust wish I can have a steadyjob at first Then I hope to have a job where I can travel around the coun- try and make enough money so that I can do what I want. 99,9 -, ... 'ET MBV, tv Louis Capasso Jeanne t7f6f77l, I love you, We're almost there. Look Ma! I made it, the FIRST one. I hope to open my ovim business in a few years. Mark - remember partying in the Falcon tF'eml. Partying with my other friends. Anthony, Joey, Defran - Nova SS tPsychol Hey Steph 5 D. Remember Bkkg. Elizabeth Capizzi Homecoming Queen '79, cheerleading, Arista, French Hon. Soc., Honor Key, Sr. Chorus, Pres. cabt., Spring Fest. '78-'80, Cons. Coun., Sec'y of usher squad, perm. hon. roll, pft. att., Senior Day, Key Club, Student Sen., bsktball and ftball games, Orsome, Best of hap- piness to all my friends, the Rah- Rahs, Pat thanks, Barbara, Gina. I am not afraid of tomorrow, for l have seen yesterday, and l love to day. Fran Capobianco Honor Roll. My dear friends: Karen, Denise, Theresa, M.C., C.F., LA., D.C., R.S., R.V., M.D., J.M., L.M., J.G., G.K., Beatles - "The Long and Winding Road" I plan to go to business college. Thanks for everything Mom. Love to Cathy, Michael, and Louie. Michael Capobianco J.V. Football, You have to go through hell before you get to heaven. I plan to be a general con- tractor, stay single, take life one day at a time. Good luck to everyone I met at New Dorp - Zark, Buzzard, Bob, Charlie, David, Debbie, Diane, Mary, Gueets, Billy B. Anthony Cappelluti Dominic Capurso Sharon Caracciolo Joann Caragiulo Penn. Hon. Roll, Usher Squad, Key Club. Tennis, The Bug, Disco danc- ing 'l, all my love to Victor 917179. Joe and Lori "love ya". "Hey how." Good friends Pat, Cathy, Fran, Jenny, Liz, Wckie, Angela, Ermenia, Beth, Debbie. Happiness is having good friends like Doris, Diane - God bless them. Thanks Mom 6 Dad. I plan to go to business school and become a legal secretary. "TF'l'GT" Hi Peaches. I Joseph Carlo Honor Roll '77, '78, '79, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball "Yankee Stadium". To all my great buddies Megga, Morbid, McNight, Ness, Nugent, Boomer, J.C., GD., L.M., B.R., S.V., D.A., D.P., M.L., F.L., G.L., S.T., C.C., N.M., B.M., N.R., "Howl my BEARD?", "Beach Parties", "The BRlCKSTERS", I plan to go to college and stay in touch with all my friends. Thanks mom 6 dad for everything you have done for me. I love you both. Joshua Carlo I finally made it. Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me through school. I could not have done it without you. Donna Carnegie Arista, Usher Squad, Senior Chorus, Spring Festivals, Baseball games - Pecoraro, JoAnne, - 44PR, Dracula, Willie S Cyrano f78 "F" Summerl Pec's scorekeeper!! I'm going to college to major in law. All my love to Mom and Dad, David and Linda. Special love to JoAnne, Steve B., June, Steve R., Rhonda, Jeff, Linda, and Eddie. Silvio Casagrande Bruno Casale Spring Festivals 78, 79, 8O'. Play Pro., Homecoming 78. Teaching Dance Gym. Will always remember working with Kathy K. S all of our terrific dancers. I will treasure all my friendships throughout the 4 years at ND. Thank you Gina for being the best part of my life. I really love you! Mom S Dad, you are the greatest. I plan to be a professional dancer and entertainer. fvery soonl. Margaret Casale "Steve S Dee" 10-29-76. All my love always ... Navy "79", "Nathans" - J.M., G.S., M.D., N.D., J.DX2, Vinny, "Army 79", Sten 17, Honor Roll. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and inspiration throughout the years. Love to Pat, Jimmy, Marisa 8 Lisa who have shared it all. Mary, Tommy, Liz, Nikke 8 Maryann - "Friends are Forever", "Happy 78" - What ap- pears to be the end, may really be a new beginning Diane Cascello Honor Keys, Perm. Honor Roll, Alice Cihignone Awd., 8 American Chemical Soc. Chem, Awd., LIWS- NSF '79, Knights of Pythias, Chan- celIor's Roll of Honor, LISPH Ser- vice, Dar Nomination, Pres. Inter- national Club, Pres. Christian Fellowsh Club, Vice Chairman Civil Air Patrol Cadet Council, Arista, Italian Honor Soc., Miss N.D. '79, Newman Club, International Fest., Argonaut Staff, Chairman Arista Cake Sale, Math team. God Bless these special friends D.C., J.C. All my Love to Mom, Dad, Edith, Frank 8 John. I intend to enter the medical profession. Tommy Castano Honor Roll, Sound Room, My friends Lyle, Woolie, Chico, Albee, Munte, Bob, Lap, J.P., Bert, Reggie, John, Ginz, Dee, Mums washing machine, feet on the mat. Don't worry we will buy another one, one way streets backwards, '76 Camaro, 91. I plan to go to the Academy of Aeronautics and to live my life to its fullest. "TIME TO MOVE ON". Thanks Mom and Dad. . . ...I-.-ws.. . JA "f""ffv7',T"".' TZ' -..--.. ., , -fr 1 f- Anthony Caranante "Whata ya kiddin' me?" Challenger, the Merc, Mopar Bros., trumpet, the kid, R.E.O., Ll.F.O. concert, Beach, Rise, "Whats up" My best friends Geo, Caria, Denube, My Friday Night Gang, Geo, Caria, T.C., and K.C., cookouts, workouts. "I don't work!" Vinny's Weekend, 9:30, 5:00. My nephew Steven, the godfather of my neice, Dina. Love and Thanks to Mom 8 Dad. Much love to my very special girl Tricia. I plan on someday becoming a lawyer naybe. Dave Carbocci Sr. Chorus 79-80, Spring Festival. I would like to say Hello to: Yvette, Antonetta, Traci, Mary, and Bar- bara and to the whole teenage wasteland. Amen. Thanks to Liv. I plan to go to college for music. Deborah Caristo Ski trip '79-'80, Honor Roll, '77-'79, Senior Day '79-'8O. Disco - These are the good times! I don't get it? I want my fishie! The CB horror on skies. Popcorn "CrystaI"? Are we going bowling or to the movies? "D's and the Row." Good friends forever - Carol, Joy, Sue, Mary Jean, Donna, Flo, Scott, Dave, John, and Skip. Memories - B.C., T.D., J.C. R.R., - Chem O8 Mr. B. "79". Tony 8!I 7179. Love to Mom and Dad. Debbie Castiglione Per. Honor Roll, French Honor Society, Honor Key, Christian Fellowship. Ben, Ang You Witch, Ricky, Let's not go, we're due for the mall, The cat's tails, Munchkin, the laugh, Thanks to Frank for be- ing a great listener when I needed one. I plan to enter Berkeley Business School and specialize in the held of law. Thanks to mom and dad and to my sisters Nancy and Gerry. I would thank Jeanne but what for! Ionly kidding Jeannel. Jackie Castle Perm. Honor Roll. Charlie 2f7!78, "Jelly", "Bird", Moscow, Summer '79, "Just Remember l Love You", Hangin' Out, The Beach, the best of friends - Sue, Maryann, Johanna, Diane, Paula, Mark, Tony, "Critter", playing cards at Maryann's, Rock "I, Have I got a guy for you, l'lI always have the memories I plan to go tc business school and then to work Thanks to Mom and Dad. '-.4 -Q., I 'rv v-'f I vb Monica Celestina Coop, Thanks Mr. Lynch, THE CITY' - Mar, The guys at the cafe - Nova, Cruisin', Roe, tie my black velvet shoes - Tutsg fthe operatorl - Dot let's go spy - Jill, Who's it gonna be'?? Den Ll understood me. White sneakers - Freakin' - Punky. Calif. VEGAS '79, Go west! I love ya Mom, Dad, Chris, Caryie and of course Jerry 7f3Of79. Anchors away my boy. Kenneth E. Chambers Honor Roll, Coop student 1979- 198O, thanks to all my teachers and friends especially - Jon S., Robert M., Jim B., Jeanette B., Jean F., Natalie L., Paul C., GraceAnne M., Mike G., and Peter R., for mak- ing my years at New Dorp very en- joyable. I intend to make a career for myself in aviation. Thanks Mom, we made it! Hopeann Cespino Honor Roll. Co-Capt. Boosters, Hopeann 6 Richie 1Of31l78. Foot- ball games '55, Victory Parties, The Row, Ski Trip 77-80, prom, Senior day, ELEVATOR, Knee Operation, Homecoming Contes- tant, Bonny, Yam, D-2, Good Luck To all my friends, L.P., C.A., A.M., P.R., A.E., 5 Big N. Lisa, Thanks for keeping us together. In the future l plan to go on to secretarial school. Thomas Cerrito Jogging team, attended Jr. Band. My hobby is auto mech. y VV ,yixgfl ! .-jf 'V pf . 5 LQ' " 1' -V 'a:. 'slr' lin- 'WW .y...3,, ,X Joan Chelsen Spanish Honor Society, Honor Key, Honor Roll, Bowling team 2 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., co-captain, 6. cap- tain, Softball team 3 yrs. captain, Symphonic Band 2 yrs. Christmas shows, Spring Shows, pep rallys, football games. Patty G., Cathy, Liz, Patty A. Adr. BB05 - we were the first!! Jen, we had tough times S fun times on B.B. Life has its ups and downs, but we always seem to muddle through. l'd like to travel to New England by bicycle someday just to get away from it all. Ka ren Chestnut "The summer of "79" Loretta, Dawn, Gary, Paulie, Gayle, Alva, Lisa, Laura, Monica, Comer of Liberty and Mason. "More bread please". 8114179 Lead me on. The 3 Dibblys, the main event. My future plans are to go to college for nursing. Thank you Miss Padula. Mom and dad, l love you. Try everything in life once, the good things twice. Born to be Alive. Teresa. Paul Chestnut Always remember hangin out with Buda, Bobby, Richie, Tommy. '70 Duster, "Virginia Beach", Lori LA., 6-10-79, B-10-79, Woods of Arden, Phyllis, Nancy, Gina, Linda. l plan to build my "34O" Duster, then go to college and become rich. Mark Christian The Partying Exit 12. That's no way to spend your youth. l plan to go to college and live life to its fullest. Michael Chrystal 1978, 79, 80 Key Club, 1977, 78, 79, 80 Tennis Team. "What's Llp". Moose Mt. Key Club conventions, "Hershey's" Senior Day, "607". I plan to go to college. Thanks to my friends for making it an enjoyable four years. Catherine Chucknlck Washington '79, Program Office, Yrbook Ed. '79-'80. Marybeth, G.V.B., O.L.P.H., Debbie, Dawn, "Crystal", JoAnn, "Which Cathy?", Vickie, Mr. Kaiser, Brian 6-27-79, Doherty's, Donna, Oooh Nooo! "never mind!" Janice, My love to Mom, Thanks. l hope to go to college 5 be successful. If you think your life is complete confu- sion cause you never win the game, just remember that it's a Grand Illusion and deep inside we're all the same. - Styx. Catherine Chukalas Arista, French Honor Society, Honor Key, Key Club, Perm. Hon. Roll, Ushers, Swim Team, SU. Store, Office Sec'y. Cohen! Flo and Mr. K. VOTE FOR ANG! Which Cathy? Give me a break! Jane, Chris, Eddie, "Chuckie's in love", The gang at the "Y", Keep the faith Mr, Chem. O8 with Mr. Bo. I plan to attend college. All my love and thanks to Mom, Dad, S my best friend Jackie. Michael Ciaccia Play Pro. "7980", Dori, Stu, Ada, Melissa, the Dancers - Ann, Cynthia, Patti, Bruno, I made it! Love to Mom and Dad, my best friend Tommy, Teddy, S Robert, Denise 8 Love to Laura. I want what I want 6 I hope I get it! Christmas Party "78" Tina, Joanne, John, Maria, Summer of "79" on the boat! f ,wx f-r -Q-' Richard Ciaravino er- . .,. f ... ':.: ...i 'Q sf 1,5 .M 'QYY I plan to attend Engine City Tech. Jennie Ciavardone Get to school Linda! Good times with Kathy, Nancy, Jill. Sizzling to a crisp. Sheba? N.D.B.B.O. 'fl Rock- n-Roll will never die! Pump it up Lisa! Jeff 7f9f79. Sizzle sticks. Wishing the best for Gloria and Chris. "High" Dad. Keep it cool Kathy! l'm not sure of the direction my life will take, but whatever way I go, I won't stop 'till I find happiness and success. Love and thanks to Mom, you were great! Gina M. Cimmino Prom night and senior day. Good friends M.C., C.G., M.C. and good times, that's New Dorp. Lori S Tre remember being proofed at Dunkin Donuts and Drivers Ed. Thanks for always being there and much love to you both, Lori 6 Richie '79. Toni, Mike, Mom 6 Dad, Love always. l hope to become a teacher. Sun burned at Seaside. You take my breath away. Love to PHiI 4-I I-79. Sebastian Cina Honor Roll, Summer '79, "Jersey Shore." Best friends Tom, Anthony, Glen. Senior Day, Prom, Ski Trip, Basketball, Football, Freemount, working with FSC con- struction. 76 Cado. Thank you mom and dad without your help I wouldn't have made it. My future goal is to go to college and major in law. In the future l'm going to build a car for the car show. Thank you everyone who helped me. Michael Ciotola I wish all my friends good luck in the years to come. Summer '79. Thanks to the Girl I Love, Patti. 5f27f79. Mom 8 Dad, I love you. I plan to go to Lincoln Tech Univer- sity. Kings Row, Tuts, Moon. Gene Cipriano Honor Roll Good luck to all m - Y friends. R.D., F.S., M.S., F.K., S.A., K.L., J.C., S.C., S.M., K.C., D.C.. BB., L.A., T.W., S.C., G.B., NP., D.S., J.C., Emmett Ave., King's Row, Swiss, Remember all the good times, thanks to everybody. I plan to go on to college to become an oceanographer. Steve Ciriaco Honor Roll. Play Pro 08. Partying at the bleachers - Senior Day '80 - Daves - The Who xl 9fl8f79. The Kids Are Alright - Toga '78 - Senior Prom '80 - and Special thanks to Mom 6 Dad - Wolfs Pond - l'll always remember S.T., F.W., G.S., D.E., B.F., S The Boss. I plan to go to college for com- puters. The Oils. Susan Clark Hlt ain't nothing but a breeze." Mary Clifton Ellen Cobb Coop A, Great Adventure, Senior Day, Ski trip "BO", Great times with Doreen, Wendy, Donna, Ruby, Lonann, Midland Beach, G.P. - LL - D.R., D.N., P.C. Partyin', Bagels. I plan to become an actress and live a long and happy life. Thanks to Mom and Dad. I love you both. Eileen Coffey I worked in the library for a year. I was a candystriper for two years. To Michael P.: I've known you for two years and you' re the best friend I could ever have. Mom E1 Dad l love you. I plan to go on to college and study business. ElizaBeth Cohen Perm. Hon. Roll, French Honor Society, French Award '79, ISRAEL, Girl leader Arista, Key Club, Usher Squad, Symph. Band, Co-editor Spectrum '80, Argonaut, Newman Club, The Program Of- fice, CBIUSY to my friends: "lf you need a friend . . . " Thanks T.C., Hey Ang!!! got a nickel? Ausecours! Smiles, clouds and sunshine. All is lost to the rising sun. And tomorrow, at dawn, I will see and know, and all that was lost will be lost no more. L' if 1-1 4 I Regina Colavito Coop B thanks to Mr. Lynch, Love to my family for all their help. Good luck to all my friends who made go- ing to school fun. My plan for the future to become a secretary. Hey Jackie, we made it! -M .qg',t ryl ,A C X Steve Coronato Honor Roll. Mom and Dad thanks for the love and enthusiasm that l needed. Rock, softball, J.L.S. par- ties, exit 12, Buff. Vincent Colon Dianne Cordes Perm. Honor Roll, Play Pro 77-80, Sr. Chorus 78-80, Photo Club, Steven, Tara, Darryl, Lisa, Yella, Darian, Cynthia, Donna, Daniel. Tessi is a punker-rocker, PBJGH, Joanmarie, Seaside "79", QSHAHOJ, Prom 7980, Chris, Fac- tory be in twisted Harrahs, rock lobster, wasted days and wasted nights. Buzz in ski trippin "No Doubt" MFB sister Dawn - how cool - Mom and Mr. C. love ya - OH yea and Beamer, l plan to go to college and major in science it fm , vm H" TIF' 'ir Mark Connolly Jimmy Collins For one year it wasn't as bad as it was cracked up to be. Thanks to me, Mom 8 Dad and AA. for mak- ing it. F.R., Hoop, Sull, V.R., G.C., M.C., T.T., Rangers and the Yankees dl. James Coscia Hot tip - oh sure . .. love for Terry always 5!27f77, Baby Marsh, Sum- mer '77: Jim, Sal yeah! Pool hall good times, Raymond, try harder, practice 7:30 Drew, definitely work- ing this week, Shootjn' Star, Jim P bad calm hospital bed, too bad, Roe fcousini Reallylll, Meadows lucked out, JP Elvis 4PM, Thanks to my family, music all the way... Cheryl Coston Honor Roll, Sr. chorus, Stage Chorus, Spring Festivals 77-78, 78- 79, 79-BO Wagner College. Success to S.C., R.S., L.K., M.M., "R.S." Remember community, Wagner, Jersey. Thanks Sharon, special thanks to my family, welcome Tremaine! "Dummy Dromy" - Eng 9C, Snag Tooth Max - in check. l'd like to become a medical assistant and also to learn and know music well. "Pisces" - make it! .ie .,...... M.: W qw Tino Costosa I'd like to thank Mom S Dad for all their help and love. l plan to go to college and take up architecture. Good luck to everyone in whatever they do. The near miss 9f21f79, Hang out. My sentence is up! Diane Courtney Honor Roll H1976-78". "The Jakes" we finally made it. We are the best of friends. Steph, Jean, Nicky, P.R., A.E., R.D., D., J.C., J.D., corner hang out. Summer "79". My future plans are to go out to work and to be a secretary. l couldn't have made it without mom and dad. Thanks for all your help. John Cowhig John Coyle Honor Roll. I plan to attend college and pursue a career in engineering. Patricia Coyle Good times with Barb, Donna, Sonia, Pat, go Rockne, D.P., E.C., L.S., D.N., D.R., L.M., M.M., L.D., W.Q., S.M., M.D., The Beach, "S, P.S. 11, Bagel Shop, Parties at B.S., 7th period bus, Senior Day, D.A.'s car, great times S people l'll always remember. Love to Mom 8 Dad. David Craig Marie Crecco Boosters, Dance Assistant, Homecoming Pageant, Spring Festival, Marie S Dave l2f23f78, Monte Carlo 1977, "YMCA", De- myans '78, Nite Gallery, Tuts, Great Adventure, "Bad Girls", "Keep on Dancing", "Butts". l plan on becoming a secretary and live my life to its fullest extent. Thanks to my mom 5 dad, Love ya Barbara, Debbie, S Dave. Friends like these will never be forgotten: Jill, Cynthia, Marie, Sue, Gina, Marie S John M. Donna Crisalli l'll always remember Mike ll!23f78. To all my good friends Lori, Nancy, RoseAnn, Linda 8 Laura, we always had fun 6 special thanks to my mother and father for always being there 6 very special thanks to Mr. Lynch and to patton place we'll never forget. ,mm T? -5-3 Y' GA! Y3f"'3'P' 3 ' J? Gina Cruz Dance 78-79. Thank you Margaret and Rufino for helping me through my high school years. You were there when I really needed you! "I love you." My plans are to go to college and become a nurse. Good luck to all my friends Mimi, Hoople, K.C., S.F., T.G., M,C., T.T., R.F., D.V., Grant City "79" Disco, "Come to me", Courtyard, handball courts. lt's over! Dori Csaby Play Pro 78-79-80, "Peanut Butter", "Santa Clause", Student Senate, Mr. Debetta, SLI. Office, "Hey Peo- ple", "lt's Friday", I love you mom 8 dad, Gram, Barbara, Annie, Jerry. The Lane, Dori-n-Jerry 6f24!79, "Close to You", ALTG, HI, "Have a Holiday", "Ski trip 79", CD, LR, RC, KL, MM, PM, VM, to all my friends a special love. Hey mom I made it. And Jerry, I love you. Phyllis Cuccinello Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you've done. I know I wouldn't have come this far without you! Although l've only been in N.D.H.S. a short time, I can sin- cerely say, I LOVE EVERYONE. The people are great and I'Il always remember the good times at Tuts, Cosmos, Night Gallery, Brooklyn, etc., with Gloria, Diane, Denise, Linda and Betty. You're a great guy Bobbyl John Cumming Always ready to party all night with the friends from the "B" and work. I want to be an executive anywhere any day. Sue Cunningham Honor roll, bowling 77-78 Champs, Ski Trip 79-80, Thanks for all the good times Pam, Di, Ca, Jodi, Ben- tly, Joyce, Trotta, Scarp, M.Z., Mich, K.W,, T.F., N.D., N.M., JS-H, L.W., D.K., "Let's go Rowin", Seaside 77- 80, T.N.K.N., Prom - Danny 9-14- 79, Thanks John and Kees, "The Pits" H.R., Bkkg II, Mr. Oken. All my love Mom, Dad 5 family. I plan to become a secretary. Bart Cuozzo Thanks Mom 8 Dad for all your help, best friend - Tony, Chico, Lyle, Woolie, Butchus, Munte, Cur- cio, Reggi, John, Bobby, Great Ad- venture, 9l, Tex, the log ride, movie theatre, great times at the Bowling Alley, Yankee Stadium Brawl '79, Rainbow Concert, VanHalen Concert, A.C. - D.C. Concert. Plan to go to college and become an architect. Janine Curatola Perm. Honor Roll, French Honor Society, Gymnastics, Thanks to my family for enough love to achieve my goals, special love to Douglas, Mike, "The Nose Knows", Jeanne, Prom '79, Ski Trip '79, Joyce, Great Adventure, "Ski lift again", Betty half dressed, "I'm late", J.B., L.D., C.O., "Jefferson or Adams" Disco's and Jayme. To all my friends I leave them with love, memories and warm good-byes, John Curatola tl gi ff--x YT? 'Q' f , K Q...- John Curcio Honor Roll, J.V. and Varsity Foot- ball, the boys - Ronnie, Reggie, Rob, "Lap", Carl, Tommy, Chico, Tony, Kenny, Bart, "Rem it boys", "Yeah, Yeah", Ron - Don't worry we'll buy a new one. Great times at the movie theatre and bowling alley. Centrals Football 79 "' 1-368- Billy, Artie, Tuzzi, Kev, Joe - "Head", Mike, Mr. Bubble, push- ups, practice, parties, "Yeah, Yeah". Thanks Mom 6 Dad. l would have never made it without you. Patricia Curran Eric Dallas lt's great to be out no matter what anybody else says. Good Luck to all who are graduating. Thanks for the great times with T.S., A.F., A.C., D.B., and especially C.T., S.H., and C.G. Will be attending N.Y.U. Jo-Ellen Daly J-O-D-l, Honor Roll, Cheerleader, Ski Trip 79 6 80, Senior Day, Prom, "Manasquan 62 until eter- nity", Rah's forever, victory parties, breakfasts, cruisin, Clamy Baby, Benita Tunalisha, Gracie please, Lisa Ann, B.O. FA., Sue, Capt, Ca- Face, "Pacer", Give me a breeakk! Un Oken I made it, T.M. lt was no problem, "Let's Go Eat", Memory is the diary we all carry with us. May we all LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH V1 ilv' d"" fbi -gro- j. MW' -f'f"'fV Suzanne Darrell Diane Deas Honor Roll, Play Production, Karen, Penny, Maria, Andree, F.M., "Meet me in the courtyard", hanging-out, Docks, summer '79', getting stuck in the Camaro, Nicky. I'd like to go to college and become successful and rich! Thanks Mom and Dad for caring so much. Sonia Decker Honor Roll, Summer "79". Partying with special friends Barbara and Patty. "Courtyard", D.N., S.M., D.M., DA., D.P., M.S., M.M., L.M., D.S., M.D., S.B., E.C., J.S., C.F., Senior Day "8O". Good times, "Hangin", Music, Concerts, Blitzed at D.H.'s, Beach "5, "Mellow out". l'll never forget any of my friends. I love ya all. Thanks Mom for helping me. Gina DeCrescenzo Student Senator, Play Pro., Spring Festival 78, 79, 80, Kathys' Girls, Ski Trip 79 fRalphJ, Love and hap- piness to all my friends: MP, AF, MT, JS, DP, BG, GB, LV, DD, FD, Friends are Forever. Summer nights: Bruno, Pete's Vette, Seaside Summer 79, sleeping at Dee's: Colonade, Tuts, Cosmos. MY LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER BRLINO CASALE 3-1-77 'I graduate. Thanks Mom, Dad and Dor. Maryann DeFrancesco Memories and friends that will last forever. Johanna, Sue, Diane, Jackie, Paula-Prentis, Tony, Mark, Charlie Pal, friend, chum, Beefsteak, Moscow, Pig Out, Humphrey Who, gimp, Drivers Ed. - Losing Control, crusin, Dodge Cab, Those wild beach parties, You're Cool, Rock - All the way, Pollskies, Hangin' Out, l got it! My future plan is to study television communications. l love you, Mom and Dad. Joseph DeFrancesco Joseph DeFranco Honor Roll, Football Team, Track, Basketball, Nancy H4-77, Willow- brook, "Moore", V.S.M.F.P., Que, Mitch, Statue of Liberty, Bear Mt., 8:00 behind Blimpies, Cone for the boys, head, The Moore Clan, Seaside Forever, Liquid Lunches, A Doggie hammer, Zimel, Brick. Scarp, Garc, A.S., Library, M.D., Davie, The Flees, I.L.N.C., M.E.S., Eagles, "Florida", have no fear, J.T. get married, 'I-883, "Z", Bobbie, Capt, Joe P., Billy, M.Z,, J.C.. J.D., S.L., The Doors and good times. Thanks Mom 8 Dad for really putting up with me. Thomas Delahantey Honor Roll 4 years, AP Bio, AHAP, Thank you Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Louis, John, Joseph, David and the rest of my family for their love and support in everything. Also to two very special friends for their help - thank you Karen and Cheryl. Plan to attend college, then medical school and study to be an MD. Rock lives on and basketball is great. 'fb' Qy. ...I KT? Rosemarie Del Bove Coop, F.S.S., Music, Guitar. Sports, Photo, "Mom, Dad, Julie, Joseph, Mildred Thank you, Love ya!" "Mark Cherish yesterday, Live for today, Love Always." "Linda Piano Man, Captain Jack, good friends never say good-bye." "Three Lisa's 4 Musketr's." Monica I can't tie your shoes now." Pace, "We all go our own way after graduation, only to meet on the road of success." Diana Delfini John Della Camera J.V. Football, The Boys, hangin' on the comer, Midland Beach " l , How many, the courtyard and liquid diets made it all possible. Ski trip, S.l.P.A. "78", 2nd place, Cone for the Boys. The Who - 9fl4f79. Mom and Dad, thanks for putting up with me. Joseph Dell'Olio 4 yrs, Honor Roll, N.D. Centrals Hockey No. l, Team Captain Senior Year, Team '22, "Nicky", Soccer "77", Mollen, 6!22, Ski Trip, The Hole, Berries xl, Mike, Ginzo, Pretto and the rest, EK 78, 79, Donna, Marion, Hockey xl, Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help and love. 5 ,maxi William Dement Four years honor roll, Chess team, the courtyard, the Lane, liquid diets, "Have no fear", Genes, College. f wwf if Paula Denker Y'?jW"f vs., Danny DePinto SLI., Thanks 6 love to Mom and Dad - always gave never asked, Aunt Kate, Little Nick. Italy '78, Peo- ple as good as the times. 7680, Carleen C., Debbie K. Light 'em up, 48 hour parties. Ski trip, "Carry On My Wayward Sun", Carly, Mickey, H-kid, Tony, Big Larry, Albee, Tommy, Tommy, Reggie, Bert. Be Good!! I plan to continue my education. Stephen DePretis Economic Analysis Award, Honor Roll, Dance Band, Symphonic Band, Hobbies: Photography, Music. Thanks to Mom and Dad for everything, "Rustler", The "Who", l plan to go to college and play a mean saxaphone -Qgfrt .gg 552 Colin DeShong After I graduate I plan to go to college and enter into the com- puter field, so I thank all my teachers for making this possible and especially all my friends at N.D. who shared this with me. Anthony DeSimone Thanks to my family for all the love and the support, S especially to my loving Grandmother. Che dice: Mike, Ralph, Pat, Louie, Chris, George. -- Ciao. John DeVaynes I would like to express my love and thanks to Mom, Dad, who got me through these I2 years and to Lisa and all my friends who made this one the best. Hope to attend Wagner College until I decide on the future. I plan to be happy, healthy and to succeed in whatever the future has in store. Thanks to all. John DeYoung Honor Roll, President of United Ac- tivities, Unlimited Youth Council, Bowling Team t3 yrs.l, Track and Field Team C2 yrs.l, Capt. I want to thank my Mom, sister, grandparents, JG, PA, JP, KM, MD, JD, ME, The Raffones, and the Galleta's and thanks to Amy. Army ROTC Scholarship. Seton Hall Uni- versity, PhD in Military Science and a career in the Army. Civ if Mary Diamond Permanent Honor Roll, Yearbook '80, Usher Squad, Great Times - Birthday Celebrations, Bleachers, WaWa's, Farmer Brown's, Vandys, Walkers, Wolfs Pond, St. Patrick's Day '79, Summer Cruisin, "DEMS". Special thanks to my best friends - Susan, Debbie and Ellen - for some wonderful memories. I plan to go to college and live life to it's fullest. Love and thanks Mom and Dad. Good Luck to everyone. Anthony DiBenedetto I'lI always remember my classmates at New Dorp. They are really great. I hope to go on to college to follow a career in law en- forcement. Roseann DiBetta I will always remember all my good friends: Lori, Nancy, Donna, Linda and Laura and all the good times we had. I'd like to say thanks to those teachers that helped me like Mr. Lynch and many others throughout the years. I'd also like to thank my mother and father for always helping me. After high school, I plan to go on to college and I hope someday to become an accountant. Carroll DiBrienza Honor Roll, Track, Sr. Chor. '76-'80, Play Pro '78, Cheerleaders '78-'80, Spring Festival '76-'80, Off. Secty. Love and thanks to Mom and Dad. Tai Chi '78, ASW Mugs, Belmar '79, Boo, B.B., Debbi J., MaryEllen, J.O., D.C., J.C., T.D., M.S., J.N., Wagner Ski '79, Senior Day, Prom, KENNY. What lies behind us, and before us are tiny matters com' pared to what lies within us. I plan to become an airline hostess or veterinary assistant. 'i --r Y-.. K wr I Q-...V vsfv Aurora DiGiacomo Honor Roll, Girls Track, "Before we weren't, now we are, and we will always be" Thanks John for making my life happy. JG S AD I- 2O-78. Friends Forever: Denise, MaryAnne, "Boom-Boom", RO, DK, TD, RD, LV, SC, "Brooklyn", - "Fence" Mike 8 Nicky - "Llp in Smoke!" Jim, you "Lith"!, John "Brush.", Chuckie, l'll get even someday! "HARAl-GO-SHl"!! Johnny Boy, "LOVE THOSE LEGS" fColIege Fashion Designerl. "Love, Laughter, S memories linger on Forever". Angie 8 Johnny, I Love you both! Special love 8 thanks to mom 8 dad for all their love E3 caring. Anthony DiGiovanni Maria 123 Forever, Thank you Dad, Amos, and Marie without you I wouIdn't have made it Best Friend Bart. The Boys: Chico, Lyle, Woolie, Butkus. Munte, Curcio, John, Reggie, Yankee Stadium Brawl "79", Good times at Bowling Alley + theatre, The Row, Yeah- Yeah-Bum Luck! - Long Live Rock + Roll! Seaside, '62' Chevy, Great Adventure, "9l". I plan to become a computer technician. Diane DiGiovanni Honor Roll, Honor Key, The beach, T.M., L.R., C.S., M,L., D.P., L.S. E,- many others. The party, my sis's wedding, The Who '79, Queen '78, Long Live Rock, The White Album, "It must 'a been God", "Space Cadets", "Heros". I love you baby Gee, ad-infinitum. Now that l've served my sentence I plan to attend Wilfred Academy and create non- guido haircuts. Robert DiGregorio Sue Forster 78 The Boys: Reggie, John C, Ronnie, Tommy, Chico, Carl, Kenny, John M, Tony, Bart, Danny. For the good times at the Bowling Alley and at the movie theatre. Thanks Mom and Dad I could have never made it without you. 137 38 'kiwi- oif ' . Q' 'ii' ' if '----5 Frank DiLauro Joseph Dihlubila Honor Roll, Dance Band, Sym. Band. l plan to attend college to become a dentist. l also wish to continue my musical studies and play the drums. Donna DiPilli Honor Roll, Cheerleader 78-79, Prom 79-80, Senior Day 79 tnightl, Ski Trip 79-80 tambulance siedl, Lori V. Cextra sisl, B.G., G.D., A.F., M.P., J.L., N.L., G.B., etc., G.F. 8 P.C., 'Dancing Lessons', Cosmos, Lot "5, boy's gym, Yankee Stadium, '12, Studded-Squid, "BAZE", Seaside, Fran -n- Angelo, My love to John 3-7-79, To Dad S Mom 6 sisters thanks for making me very happy. Fran DiPilli Honor Roll, Cheerleading 78'79, Prom 79'8O, Senior Day, Ski Trip 79'8O fambulance sledi, Boy's Gym, Football games, '36, Victory Parties, the Exit, Homecoming 78, 'Fran-n-Ang' 4-19-78 Forever my Hun-Hun, Lori U6 sisl, twin sis, B.G., A.F., G.D., M.P., J.L., N.L., Country Club gang, Ang can l drive? Donna-n-John. Thanks Mom and Dad, l love you both. Maria DiPlacido Honor Roll, Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Sr. Chorus, Thanks Mom, Dad and Sis. To Dolores, Diane, Barbara, Debbie, Lorraine and all my friends - thanks for the good old teenage nights. Lizzie, G 6 T, B.J., "You're My Home", Ski Trip, Senior Day, Forever Rock!!! "Let the good times roll". There is only one success - to live life your own way! You know what l mean? Lisa Ditizio Business-"And in the battle of the streets you light computers and receipts." Townsend. Band, Nino Morreale, Mr. Borsumato, Michelle, Aimee, Laura, Jacki, Billy, Dawn, My Goju Sensei's, brothers and sisters, Ma, Dad, Grandparents, 50th, Quadrophenia, The Who, Dallas Cowboys, Rustic, Cutting '78, Summer School '79, Long live Keith Moon, Darren - our love will last forever because you' re the only one for me. Wir" E 1 "N ff. Z -c"'f' ff' Mary Donaldson Pemi. Hon. Roll, Coop program, 'DlSCO', Summer '78 Maddalena, Brooklyn xl, P.B.'s, 201, Leones, Marco's, Penthouse, blossoms, Ul- timate, 8:00 Suns, Smoke 8 Poke "Body Body Work that Body-Que Fa!" the Moose, Yella, Tut's, Love to Paul, Butter xl, 18th Ave., cyclone bubba, chumps, MS, DS, PC, SD, BE, LG, HO, DA, MC, Working as a sect., and be a babysitter forever. Love to my family, my proud godchild Jac- queline, Thanks to ma 6 pa for car- ing, loving, and patience. "When you mess with the best, you die like the rest." JoAnne Doria Good Luck to friends. 'Thanks for the memories - L.B., J.M., L.M., J,C., J.D., Linda - my pal - good times 75-79, L. - take a breath, O.S.T., Ext. Stairs, Jackie - "Who's getting out"? those blue eyes - never forget - Fla. Spring Vac, - 79 18091 fJan, Mil, Blond,i - M's bus stop naps, The Yankee games, Biting the Bullet. l plan to be a court stenographer. To Mom and Dad - l love you. Love to John. Thomas Dougherty Play Pro. - Stage Craft - Home Coming! l'd like to thank mom and Paul! Love to my girl Tina - My best friend Mickey - CAnthony, Coleen, Maureeni D.C. - A.T. Just want to make it to 100 years of age. Michael Driscoll Honor Roll Q3 timesi. My plans are to go on to college. Sean Duffy Honor Roll 3 yrs., Swimming Team, Boxing, 3 yrs., Yes 79, Roll- ing Stones, Hanging Out. Sal. Ron- nie, Charlie, John, Richy, Mike, John, Chris, Artie, the ll Boys, Senior Day. l plan to attend col- lege and take up engineering. Suzan Eadicicco Gimp-Boogs-Hangin Out-Gallinie - Summer of '79 - "Moscow" -- All my good friends - Johanna, Maryann, Jackie, Charlie, Tony. "Hello Dad its Maryann" - Mark - ll-25-78 - "The First Step is a LLlLLl" - "Burger King Drive Thru". l plan on going to Business School. All of my love and thanks - Mom and Dad. Maureen Elliott Good Luck to all my friends at N.D., especially close friends - Debbie's favorite baseball team - CCBB, Bonnie - Remember J.N. and B.H. on the beach - Sumer '78, Soul train - K.G., Rod Stewart Concerts, WBLS, From New York to London, we are sailing R.S., soccer, oh wow, it makes me get off!! Lisa Ellis Coop B fCommoditiesi NDB Camp '77, Ski trip '79-'80, Inspector L 6 D, Friends TS, DG, JT, TR,JM, EM, M.B.O., KM, RP, Rap, Exit 5, Elmo, Mr. Bill f68GPJ Ted, Seaside 8f'79, Forever John l0!29f'77, Dodge pick-em-up, Let's Beach it! 47 Dollars, D.ed., Prom, 52 Park, PD, JFS, lt gets me sick, BpBpBa, Thanks Mom 8 Dad, l love you, Freebird. 'YTVQ 40 Micheal Emanuele The four years I spent at New Dorp High were the best years of my life. I will always remember New Dorp and all my friends. Plan to go to college and then try to become a millionaire. P.S. Disco is number one. Lisa Emerich Honor Roll, Honor Key, Lab Squad, Member, Do we go on now? - Keith - Chem Lab - one tiny blood cell all running around - M.D. - J.M. - Broadway, the Main Event - can I bring a chick home? - Summer of '79 - hangouts, you have so many - the question of the day is - are you doing anything tonight? - Thanks for the memories: JoAnn, Claudia, Cheryl, I plan on becoming a nurse. David Eng Dense! Wayne English Key Club, Tennis team, Symphonic Band, My hobbies are, Dungeons + Dragons! Tennis, Baseball and chess. I plan to go to college for Computer Technology and Physics. Nor Alicia Erkman Honor Roll, Student Senate, Senio Council, Boosters 78-80, Love y Mom + Dad, you're the Greates Hope, Steph, Diane, Lisa, Theres Mary, "Pat" - l'm so "grateful" t have a friend like you! I love you Al And to someone very speci "Frank" -- I love ya! Rememb yesterday Dream for tomorrow live for today! Bleachers, Ski Tri 78-80! "Row", "Wctory Parties' Summer 78 for ever! "Monte' remember SK Dem? The Pro BD5. Deborah Esposito Permanent Honor Roll, Sprin Shows - 79-80, Senior Chorus JoAnne Mc, Summer 79, CCB baseball, "Hey Maur remember and A" Doublemint, PSAL cha pionship, I3 great years with Ma Summers on Winham Ave. wi Dawn, Bee Gees concert 79 wi Diane, working at Wendy's, Pa Good Luck to all my friends Lis Gina, Tweety. Thanks fo everything Mom and Dad. Bye! Edana Essa Donald Evola "I love Rock-n-Roll" lMusic is favorite interestl Ibesides girls! I e joy having good times with go friends. Think New York is grea Thanks to Mom and Dad f everything. I plan to go straightt work from High School. My drea for the future is to stay with musi and hopefully "go somewhere f with my guitar". Never forget 12 and the people there: Tomb Rob, fella, and the rest of the cre Esther Faiella Red Hook I finally made it Ski Trip, Cruising in airplane with Lt. Star- buck, Marie and Cano manana, Disco 92, stocks went up, Madeline I have the munchies CHA HAI. To my loving family I could never have made it without all of you. Bobbie stocks to stocking, Making lt, Johnny and Esther 7110174 going to the chapel and we're going to get . . . Barbara Falcone Honor Roll, Linda, April + Allie, Maddalena, Jackie, Danny, Paul. Circle "A" Gang. Crazy Kansas Uaws IIIJ Regina, Harold, Jackie, Mommie's Caddy. Tony the pony. Peanuts + Willie. Tuckerton N.J. Rodeo! one blue one red, Jazboe Rest in Peace. The Who 79, Long Live Rock. Mike + Val, Grandpa you're at the top. Robert + Michelle you're the greatest, Thank you Mom + Dad I love you with all my heart. I plan to be a veterinarian. Theresa Falleti Honor Roll, Love to Laura, Michael, Jean, Joseph, Marie. Keep in touch J.G., S.E., R.C., Denise. Cruisin, "All my problems", Hanging Out. My dreams and memories will never fade. l'll always love you Joey. My plans are to become a secretary. Love 6 Kisses to Mom and Dad. If it weren't for you, I never could have made it. I love you both. Marion Farrell Perm. honor roll, honor key, Arista, Key Club, "I am a licensed driver". "I got by with a little help from my friends", Dot the i, Deb E., Liz, Deb B., Lorraine, Tennis Courts Sth per., "I got the radio on and lm just killing time". Love to Mom S Dad. .dis WL? 5 snip? -1"-5 We :fi K av- .ss -. X jf X Q I INV J X Debbie Fasullo Thanks Mom and Dad, I know I wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for both of you and Andrew by my side. To my best friend GiGi, remember all the great times we had together. As for my boyfriend Andrew, l'll always love you and need you. Remember our day 816179. Good luck Kristina, I wish you the best of success. Thanks Phyllis, With all my love, Mr. Kirsch. Donna Fausak Penn honor roll, bridge program, president's cabinet, student senate, sun reporter. Plan to attend college travel and enjoy life with happiness and success. Memories are forever - Beach Parties, Disco, Belmar, Prom '78 and '8O. Great Adventure, concerts, SAYO. Love is ., . Donna and Dave. Friends like these will never be forgotten - Penny, Josephine, Dennis, Stacy, Randi, Rob, Norma. Special thanks to Mom, Dad and family. Peter Fede l have been on the honor roll for six terms so far. l have participated on the tennis team for 4 years. lwould like to give a special thanks to all my friends who made these special terms possible: Figs: "Scoupe de ville", "607", "on the bone", "whats up?" and "HI HARVEY." I would like to go to college and then hopefully to professional school. John Federico Coop, Senior Day '77, The tree, Bubba's Van, Montreal, Mary, Cron, Phil Harris, Limelight, Sortie, La Ronde, 510 a week, Summer school, Rudolph, J.P.S. Inc., Paul, Sig, 52 Park, New House, The Seaside Sleepout, Claudio, Wdeo, Oint, Hi Diddle, All my love to Mom, Dad, Sue, AI, Barbara. 141 Richard Feehan Perm. Honor Roll, A.P. Math, Symph. Band. Best of luck to Louis, Debbie, Annmarie, Doris, Claudia, Nina, John and all my family and friends. I plan to go to Aubum University and major in math. Jacki Felder Honor Roll, Span. Hon. Soc., Spring Festivals '78, '79, '80, Roseanne, Roseanna, Danna! Thanks Annie, Phyllis, Lisa, Bea, Esther, Geralyn, ladvicei. Michelle, CMishigas, Attackl, Foodl, Milkshake or cone?, Soul Sistersl. Debbie, fSweetie - Ill always love ya just the way you are - special sweet LOMLJ, dancing with Harry, lSoap Factoryi, Jackyl, Jacki, Wacky Jacki. l'd like to pursue the arts. Mom, Dad, Felicia, Sandra - My ultra-sweeties - I wuv yoo unnys - THANKS!!! Penny Ferren Honor Roll, I'Il always remember all my friends especially Karen, Diane and Maria, the good times at lunch lC.F., L.A., 6 M.E.J, track lC.B., S.C., L.D., P.C., E.W., 6 L.L.i, Driver's Ed. All my love to my family. I plan to go to Wagner College in the fall. Good luck to the Class of 1980. David Ferrero Swim team, Paddle ball, Good times in New Dorp, 72 hyper Camaro, long hours at the wayside, Rock and Roll Joe, Fedirdiric, Dongan Hill Boys, Great Adventure and Great Gorge, Cuddles, Junior, lrvett, mommy and Tito. College- Iaw-cop. Thanks for all the help mom and friends. Linda Filipowicz Special thanks to Mr. Lynch for the co-op program. I will always remember my friends Lori, RoseAnn, Nancy, Donna and Laura and all the good times we had together. All my love to Mom, Dad, Steven, Cathy, and Jerry. John Filomeno Jane Finkelstein Permanent Honor Roll, Honor Keys, Arista, French Honor Society, Key Club, Senior Editor Argonaut, Cheerleaders, Off. Secretary, Ski Trip, Summer '77, '78, Hangin out, parties, Chem. O8 avec Chuck. l'lI always remember New Dorp and the great friends Ive made here. Special thanks to Mom and Dad and Steve. I plan to attend college. Wish all seniors happiness and love. May our future dreams fulfill and complement the memories of yesterday. Erminia Fioribello Pennanent honor roll, Lots of Love 6 Luck to all my friends, especially Cathy, Joann, Jenny 8 Nancy. Love to Mom and Dad who've helped me through my school years. I love to ski, disco and cook. My plans for the future are to become a secretary, get married and have a family. Friends are forever. Good Luck Class of '80. A we Kenny Fisher Rosemarie Fithian Mom and Dad, you'll always be my best friends. Love to my big brothers and Grandma. Dianne P.BJ.G.H., Seaside "79". O.K.? "ln- sane Lorraine, on a Rondevue". Oakwood xl, Darian, Arab "Jungle Psychotics", Oh Tess, No-Doubts M.F.B., Daves, M.B.O., "lt's only Rock and Roll, But l like it"! The Dugout, Max's-Cindy, Lois, Seal, Factory, Donna. H.B.T., P.S. ll- TOGA, P.S. 52, Squeegy, W.W.T.M.T.T.A., Later New Dorp. Georgette Fleming Perm. Honor Roll, Llsher Squad, Prom '79-'80, Senior Day, Ski Trip, Summer of 78-79, the corner, Seaside, Bklyn, boy's gym, "my pal - PHlL", "Just you and me kid", you're dead Cusimano, "fun", "used"? Lisa 8 Diane thanks! Tee, Burps and Donna it's been fun! D.D. S J.B. take it easy! We're altogether now! L.D. Ev J.C., O.K. Buddy! Thank-you for the joy you brought me, thank-you for the things you taught me. Marie Fluhr Honor roll, N.D. Boosters 79-80, homecoming "78", Sr. day 80, M 8 Z 3!24f79 "forever" Nite Gallery 3f3!79, "eye to eye contact" 3!l6f79, "Dancin", "lSH", "Good times always", The Cove 'fl BP "P.R." "Wuv a pup, 'butttt baaabe" a ring 6 the beginning of a long time! D.O. 5f5f79 "L.G. WlW"! Jakes l, ll 8 lll "TZ" sister-in-laws "always"! l love you Andy! H S M! Budgirl! Mezmorized "27"! Thanks Mama, Rick and family. Love ya !, L.G., M S D "T-74"! l plan to go on to college "MSU" for business! 'VV' 'J .a.,4. , 'P' , . -cr-4' rt' Stephen Flynn Cathy Fossella Hanging out in the court yard, Nathan's, and the comer. Love softball "Rogers" and to draw. My sweet honey "Jack" 824-79. "The Main Event and "Come to Me". The two most important people in my life Mom 6 Dad, l'll love you always - thanks. Love to my sisters and brothers, be happy and healthy. l'll never forget my friends M.Z., S.T., M.L., P.F., E.F. Good Luck. Albert Fowler Honor Roll, Honor Key, Key Club. I probably will go to college, with a career in agriculture. Kenneth Francis Track Team, Cross Country, Sports Editor, Printing Class, Thanks to Mom and Joe. Plan to attend Tec. School or Military Service. Mario Franzel Jeanne Fringo Pemianent Honor Roll, l'II never forget the good times and friends I had in New Dorp "TRUE FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER" Betty, Janine, J.B., L.D., K.O.D., Jeffer- son, Prom "79", Seaside, Hey Mc DL's! Great Adv., Jacks on Concert, Summer fun "79", Talking for hours, "riding far and out", Snowy days, catamount, wrong turn, Hi Kok's. Love to Mom, Dad and Joe, I couIdn't have made it without you. Laurie Frisone Hon. Roll, Booster's Secretary, '77- '8O, Mich, Kathy McLeod, Diane lkidl, K.E., T.C., S.M., M.S., Victory Parties, Hangin' Out Courtyard, "Breakfasts", Long Johns??? Jimmy-n-Laurie I2f3lf78. I plan to be a success. Thanks for all Mom, Dad, 6 Richie, Love ya! Richard Fritz Honor Roll, Basketball, Junior Var- sity, Varsity, GRAPHICS, 'I I, I plan to attend college and pursue a career in criminal law, and to do my best and be satisfied with what I'm able to do. Michael Fuentas Thanks to my mower, my family and Carol I43, for having faith in me - And hangin with the Boys - Butkus, J.P., Carlton, Dee, Munte, Ginz, Woolie, Albee, Reggie, Bart, Curcio, Lap, D.L. and J.D. I plan to go to college and study oceanography, N.D. Hockey Brawls, "Buy another one", "Duece em up", Zeppelin's No Quarter Tom, Cr. 143, I'II see you all in Kashmir. Anne Funaro Permanent Honor Roll, Senior Council, Love to all my friends for being a part of my life. Gina, Maryellen, Barbara "then he's not mad", Geralyn. Apts with Laura, Maryann, Joni, my pal Anthony, Lori and Vinny, "Charge Dept.", D.D., F.D., Country Club Crew, Tillie, Joanie, Frannie's house, AB, JM, JC, "quit", Seaside '79, BC S GD, My love to Frankie Sinagra to- day, tomorrow and forever. My family xl, Love to Mom and Dad. RoseAnna Fusco Thanks to mom, dad 8 sis. Love sports cars and rock. Love children, art and just being alive to see it. I plan to become a social worker for abused children. Joe Gaccione Honor Roll, Close friends - MN, LIF, FM, JN, JD, EM, 'I'I', LC, DT, SR, MR, JR, TU, PC, KH, Donna - 4fI5f79. Love E- thanks to my mother and father for helping me get through school. I would like to attend college. Yankees, Nettles, Guidry, Cowboys - Staubach, Rangers, the Beach Seagrams, JD, "Havin' Fun", Felix, Pinball, "The Spider", "Sure", "Get Psyched", "Always on the Phone". ...rr ,bk Lori Gala I will always remember my best friends, Donna, Roseanne, Linda, Laura, Pam, Maria, and my sister Nancy. We always have the best times together. Hope we will always be friends. Thanks to mom 8 dad. John Galan Lorraine Galletta Honor roll, Tennis with Blitz and H. Altschul, Assistant Secretary 125, Sr. Day. Thanks to Mom and Dad, Anthony, Mike E, Rob. I plan to go on to college and major in ac- counting. Never forget the good times with Maureen, Pam, Marie 6 Sue. Lots of luck to M S Z 3!24f79, M 6 D l2f23f78, friends and seniors Live for today - not for tomorrow! Honesty. Linda Gallo Arista, Permanent Honor Roll, Spanish Honor Society, Key Club, Chorus '77-78" - Broadway, The Main Event - "Godspell" - Dance, gymnastics, "Grieco's Angel". Love to my family who are always there when I need them and to my friends who made my years at New Dorp memorable ones. MD, CG, TG, DP, BR,JM, RD, DM, MD. I plan to attend college to achieve a career in Computer Science. Ronald Gambassi Honor Key, Boys State, Who's Who, Honor Roll, Key Club, treasurer, president, Arista, Usher Squad, Spanish Honor Society, Senior Council, Varsity Cross Country, Track - Captain "8O", Senior Class President, The club, BilI's house, conventions, the team, decent, J.T., Penn., Moose Mt., The Ridge, bleachers, oh Ron, peaches, do it, Md., "you've got a friend", Love to my Janet, Thanks to my family who deserve all the credit. It's college next. "Life is what you make it so make it what you want." Virginia Gambino Special thanks to mom 6 dad for helping me through the years of school. Also thanks to my friends Nancy Aranzullo, Sansere Reynolds, Linda Mason, etc. Remember Tysens, going to Seaside Hts., going to Lake George, Sal, Patricia, Nancy, Great Adventure. I plan to go to college and major in business. Barbara thanks for everything you have done for me, Terri S Bob thanks, Kathie remember eat and sleep CDaveJ. Harry and Linda con- gratulations October 20, 1979. Aimee Ganon Arista National Honor Society, two honor keys, Permanent Honor Roll, Spanish Honor Society, Senior Chorus, Play Production, German Club, Homeroom Senator, Student Senate, Spring fest. "7B", "79", "8O". Special thanks: Mr. Livingston, Mr. DeBetta, Joyce S., Murieca. Beth, Lynn, Tia, Donna, mom, dad, Abby, Kathy, Tim, J.V.D., I love you all! Remembering: Little things, llamas, rocks, "Come Sail Away", A'Boar Boar Boar", Be- ing an extra I want to be loved by that certain someone. "Never say "good-bye". Rosemarie Garafola Love always to Mom S Dad, Honor Roll, Always remember Summer "79" T.R., L.C., C.B., D.K., MF.. tcousini Jim, Friends are forever Lori. D-O-O-Z-Z-E, moe. leppa, Boggie Jr., l'm Goofey, Good times - Marsh! lunches, TR-JC, Buz driven, CCB! Why me? Master's, Reggie's, NYC, Electric Circus, CM Dream, AW, pothole, flat tire Terry! Frankie Crocker, There I go A-G-A- I-N . . . Thanks for being M-B-F-T. I have found to be with those I like is enough. 415 vs 4-"' 'TT""'7 14 46 Cynthia Garcia Art Sale Committee. I've danced in all three school productions. I love N.Y., COPA, cabaret, Racing with the clock, "Kathy's Girls", "Ready Girls" 56, 5678, mE,-m's yea! Go Hawaiian, The Benz 8 Catty Flat! Great A "79", Boys' Gym, Giggles, Frick 8 Frack, "Born to be aIive", My Army boy "Mark" "79" 8 forever, hang it, my love to M.C., M.C., S.R., L.G., G.D., S.S., half sisters, Patty 8 Annie. I plan to at- tend college of Dance. Thanks mom, dad, 8 Debbie, I Love You. Doris Garcia Perm. Hon. Roll, Arista, Sp. Hon. Soc., Hon. Key, Perfect Attendance 78-80, All my love to Joe 4X1 4f79. "Hey Chumps". There's nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and love of friends. A friend is someone who cares, a friend is someone like you Diane, Joann, Vicki, Pat, D.A., A.G., C.M., L.W. Plan to go into Pediatrics at Columbia Univ. Thanks Mom, Dad, Jim + Tina - Love ya all! "shake - you missed." Dank you berry much. "L.IA.B." "IMIAYVlff". James Garin Honor Roll, Honor Key, My future plans include attending college and majoring in electrical engineer- ing. Stephanie Garofalo Hon. Roll, Boosters 78-80, Games 8 "Parties", Ski Trip 78, Senior Day, Prom, Row, The Jakes I M,M., G,C., T.Z., D.C., J.D., Special Friends - A.E., P.R., H.C., Jean Babe tBurgJ 8 Louie. Hanging out : Tresyl, What is it Mo? Cruisin to the Cove. GO BACK! "Love ya Ray" Why Di? I plan to attend business school 8 become a secretary. Thanks Mom S Dad I love you. Patricia Geffre Captain Volleyball 2 years, Basket- ball and softball, played since sophomore year, "so what if you want to become a girl", Advanced B.B. per-5 "Jock", cruising time, "trembling", Uncle Mike. I plan to go to college. My friends helped me along the way - Patty M., Cathy C., Robin A., Pat A., Michele R., Debbi J., Dawn G., Lisa P., Frank L., Danny P. Thanks to mom S dad. Dorothy Gerardo ND. 76-79, Seaside 78-79, Ski trip, Old Times, Good Times, Friends: M.C., J.T., C.H., T.R., T.S., L.E., J.M., M.B.O., G.S., 52 Park, Do you smell something burning? Joey, the X, Duster, Ted, Mr. Bill, the Ivory Girl, Beenie, camp, D.F., A.M., camouflage It! Do you see these white pants Monica, Punk it! Umberto, Tie, shoes! All my love to mom 6 dad, thanks Michele! FREEBIRD. Joseph Gervase Honor roll "78", "79", Co-op, I hope to become an accountant. I enjoy all sports, especially pad- dleball and skiing. Carol Giammalvo Honor roll, Varsity gymnastics 3 yrs., Dave lOfl9f77, the Van, Seaside '78', Florida '79, Senior Day '79-'80, partying, skiing lives on!!!, "oh no", "Remember the night when ", "hey yo", Margie thanks for being there, hangin' out, "light it up", good friends are forever, tigger and pooh, "Love that BOSS", Love to Mom 8 Dad and my friends, I plan to be successful and happy. "Today is the first day of the rest of my life". Annmarie Giordano Spanish honor society, permanent honor roll, honor keylsj, Arista, Lab Squad, S-U - office secretary, Key Club, Girls Bowling Team 78-79, Senior Choms, I'll never forget my dearest friends Lisa, Angela, and Rhonda, soph-year with D.M., "E.L.O. concert", Driver's Ed. with D.L., working with Eddie in the lab, Chem. 08, crazy parties with M.D. and Sea's prom, to my parents, teachers, and friends thanks for be- ing there when I needed you. S -ml ffl if .ff . , W ... ' ' IW "' - , ng it , , David Giordano 7 Johanna Giordano Memories that won't slip away Gumeba - Gallinie - Maryann - Suzan - Diane - Jackie - Noddo Lidant - Tony - Crusin Summer '79 - moscow - Charlie - Mark - Paula OH BOY - "The Cab" - Help Suzan l'm choking - Munchies - oh what a night - OH BOY - the greatest memories with the greatest friends. I plan to go to college and be very successful. Thank you Mom and Dad - Love ya! Anthony Girotto Jack Gittleman I have been on honor roll every term with an average of 821. I've participated in Dance and Symphonic Bands for 3 years play- ing drums in shows, assemblies and football games. To M.P. lover of fusion and drums. "ARRR-ARRR- ARRR - remember the "Jate", To Nino, we're hot "Dumb drum- mers", Co-op '79-'80, Frank Zappa, I plan to go to college for computer sciences and be a jazzer. Thanks Mom and Dad. Salvatore Glorioso Honor Roll, The Band, Love and thanks to my family, l love you Kath, Seaside, "As a matter of fact", Mickey Mouse, BC, Parties, Zappa, Senior Day, Prom night, "stubby", Great times with . . .Jean- nie, Marie, Joey, Scott, Steve, Michael, Eddy and Eddie. Mom thanks for all your love, encourage- ment and understanding. I hope to continue my musical career in recording and recording engineer- ing. Patricia A. Glynn Coop, Ferry to New York, Thanks to all my friends that made my years at New Dorp so great: LM, MC, RH, NJ, AB, BE, MZ "38. Best of friends always - Cynthia, Patty, Diane. Great Adventure "79", Dan- cin', Kathy's Girls, yeah Sl Dance Arts, I Love New York, Thanks to Mr. Lynch for all your help. All my love Mom, I would have never made it without you. Keith Goldberg Honor Roll, J.V., Football, Debbie 6- I5-79, M's party, H.B., S.B., L.. peach, foch, Liar face, toto's, the elevator, the rides, Hangin at Cos's, disco boys, Ben, Joe, Don, A.B., P.L., K.A., pumpin iron, Bracciole, Bro, Mo, Mouseface, Dave and Glenn the maniacs, Thanks mom and dad for hangin in there. I plan to attend the University of Denver, and pursue a career in law. 48 Theresa Grande Permanent Honor Roll, Pres. Ger- man Honor Society, yearbook protographer, off. sect, "All my Love", Mike 8-20-78, "lt's only the Beginning", Follow you, Follow me", Schatzie, Babe, Gonzo, "Brat" 73 'Olds, 82tkb, Summer 78, 79, Great Adventure, Belmont, boys gym, Georgette, Di, Joyce, Sue, Deb, Prom BO, Ski Trip, Senior Day, Kansas - Andy, Mick's, thanks Ma, Gerd, Baby Eric 5 Mike G Amil. asf., rw fa -aww-av xsfi Michael Grassi Denise Gregorio Merit Roll, Play Production, Senior Chorus - 2 yrs., love - playing piano and singing, concerts, enjoy - swimming, Roller Skating, theatre, Reading, weekends, sum- mer vacations, driving, "Special People", my family and animals. Plan to major in music in college and teach music in the future. Robert Gregorio Honor Roll, Honor Key, Arista, Key Club, usher squad, Sound room, Mc B, the park, Maniac Mobile, the boys from P.R., yo Bro, summer of "79", Basketball, E.C., C.C., T.M., G.D., "the Cars concert", J.D., Alien, Zarion, Break through, Fly, Lafayette, Mr. Bo., Chem, Love and thanks to Dad and Mom, my brother and sisters. I plan to become an electrical engineer and pilot. fkya lea Denise Grillo Mary Ellen Gross Capt. Cheerleaders, Senior Chorus, Spring Festival '77-8O', If it's so let it be it", Seaside '79', MaryLou, 11, Love to my 5 sisters, Gin and Sha, friends forever together, Colorado, Pam Teresa, Jodi and the Rah- Rah's thanks for the help and fun especially "The Co", Thanks to Mrs. Boggia and Mr. Liv, Mom, Dad, my favorite teachers I hope I can always make you as happy as you've made me. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL". Donna Guardi Honor Roll, certificate in Sten I - 90 S above average all year - Sept. 78 - June 79, Thanks mom for your inspiration S guidance, To all my friends - L.M., J.C., M.D., J.C., S.E., D.C., J.F., LE., M.A., P.H., V.W., R.A., for helping me through the years and making the school day enjoyable, paper-airplanes, videotape, ring, play music. I plan to go to college, major in Business Administration. I will work toward an Associate Degree in Business. Arthur Guarnieri Honor Roll 3 yrs., Hanging Out. Paddle Ball, "The Near Miss", "Cock-A-Doodle-Do", Cruising with S.P., "The Mcltlight Sound", "Hey - What's Up". Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support. I plan to go to college and major in architecture. 191- Diane Guerriero "Beach Bum" - The Kid - Teddy Bears - Senior Day - Ski Trip - great friends: The 'L', Mich. lbil, M.R., D.l., T.C., J.S., Pizzatown - Dot the "I" - The Kids got the road - Never just one - memories - DOHERTY'S 8f5f79 Mich's Boat??? After work, Front seat, D.D., D.H., Farrell Guys - Off to college, Mom, Dad thanks for everything. Alfred Ciuglieimelli Honor Roll - Honors English - Bowling Team - 1977-78-79, I978 Island Champs. Good times at Seaside - 77-78. Hope to stay in touch with Joe D., Steve T., Mike Z., Tony D., Bart C., Bernard R., Joy K., Carol B., Debbie C., Diana R., Annmarie G., Patti Cr., I plan to go on to college and become an ac- countant. Thanks to Mom 8 Dad, Donna, Uncle V.J., Nanna and Grandma. Mary Guiffredo I plan to pursue a career as a cosmetologist. I want to prove myself as a dancer, and if so l would dedicate my work to anyone who has ever danced or marched in step . . . anywhere. All my love to Liz, Nikke, Maryann, Dee, and Amelia . . . "Friends are forever". l'll never forget the memories I leave behind for I look at this not as the end but a new beginning. Thanks Mom and Dad - you're the best. Barbara Guinta Artista, Pemw. Honor Roll, l've en- joyed my years at ND, especially with G.D., Hey Mr. Kir! My sister-in- Iaw, M.P., l'lI change your schedule!! A.F., First he's mad, F.D. S D.D., my mother's G.B., ski trip, J.L., the psychologist, L.V., Hi Mr. Kabowski, this is Macy's, L.C., climb the fence, "937", Barbara 6 Anthony forever 9f3Of7B, L.L., 6th grade, N.L., cut it out, I plan is be a brain surgeon. -:rs X . 4, g 103 V Q f ' . I K QQ " X Antoinette Crurrieri Dance 78, 79, 80, ski trip 78, BO, I love you mom 5 dad, I couldn't have done it without you, All my love to D.C. E3 J.K., L.G., G.C., P.M., L.R., K.L., R.C., C.Cr., Tessi. "Star Wars", Seaside "79", Farrell Prom "79", Disco, come to me, Brooklyn, Beach Parties, "HI DOR", "58, the Lane. Toni - Lvs - Anthony 3-27-79. I love ya Anthony, thanks "N.D." I hope to become a successful secretary. Henry Hafferkamp Permanent Honor Roll, I think lear- ning is important and always try to do my best. I like to listen to music and to work with my hands. I plan to go to college and learn a trade and then start my own business. Robert Hagerman Coop U79-80", played Hockey for ND. and Countess Moore. Nothing but good times. Never forget the Discos and beautiful girls. You Uonly live once" so I plan to live my life to the fullest. Mom, you're the best. Summer of '79. Lets go over the road. No place like N.Y.C. Best of luck to all my friends. Always in a good mood in the moming - Right Cary Ann! Kenneth Hallihan Thanks and love to Mom S Dad for keeping faith in me. I plan to go to college and open my own business. Remember Butkus, Munte, Alber, Carlton, Bert, Reggie, Ginzo, J.P., Bob, Curcio, Chico, Danny D. Hope to get my license someday. "9I mph" BK Lounge, "Get a new one" "Duece em up". 9QpR' Julia Hanken Hon. Roll, Ski Trip "79", Fashion Show "79". Janice - "though apart truly together" - John, Deb, Donna, Barbra nice kind of crazy, T.B.K. Forever, Kings Rowl, I know its only Rock-n-Roll but I like it! What the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow. Thanks Mom 8 Dad for the love 6 understanding. l plan to go to college S take up Forestry. Bye N.D. Cynthia Hanratty Permanent Honor Roll, Honor Key, N.D. Bleachers 76-78, Summer 77, Pennsylvania, Beenie, The Raid, camp, Seaside 78, 52 park, Sum- mer 79, Max's, Jackson Browne concert, WNEW FM., Good Luck to my friends, yea D.G., M.B.O., L.A., DA., R.F., L.T., Exit 5. I plan to go to St. Johns University. Noreen Hansen Second Honors, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today" - cooking, hook rugs. I hope to go to college or business school. Mark Harty Honor Roll, Arista, Picaros, Honor Key etc. Key Club, Student Senator, Dance and Symphonic Bands, Track Team, Conventions, '78, '79 and '80, Usher Squad Re- ject, S.Ll. office resident, 3 out of 4 ain't bad, "More Passion Juice!", Rocky Horror, lzod "Knock on Wood", Polo, Aramis, "The Cli- que," Blondie, "I feel like l'm gonna die!", "Preppie," "The Cars," "OOh Nooo!" "The Beautiful People", Toga. "A day without sunshine is like nightl!", N.Y.Ll. or bust! l "will" succeed Chuck Scarborough! Alva Harvey Love and thanks to my mom and dad for their encouragement and guidance. Summer "79", honor roll, tennis, mellow rock, reading, hangout, raggedy ann, and andy, friends, Karen, Jim, Joanne, Wckie, Anita, John, Leslie, Cathy, Chris, Ellie. Special thanks to Padula, Singlar, Boggia, Negri, Plan to go to college Dramatic arts, Teaching. Love and thanks to the Schaefer family, very special people, and to my niece Olivia. Steven Hecht Arista National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Permanent Honor Roll etc., Steve 8 Christine 3f25f78 fso much an'owsJ Box 223, Halloween with FZ, Blu Max, Shaved Foot, Space Rats, Colonel Zip, Kyle, Gruntal, Thanks Mom 6 Dad for everything. I plan to create something intriguing and con- troversial!!! "Life is one long im- provisation". "Disco is to music, as etch-a-sketch is to art". Robert Herbst Jennifer Herrmann Perm. Honor Roll, two honor keys, Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Basketball lcapti, Volleyball, Band, Spring Fest., Special thanks: Mom and Dad, Mr. Moreale, Mrs. Blitzer, Querida, Carol, Joy, Lorie, Eileen, Paul, Billy. Remembering: The Dat- sun, Ft. Wadsworth, Prom, Beach Parties, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", "hom players make better lovers", But remem- bering most of all the love that I shared with Stephen, "looks like we made it . .. " - 'Quail I . - -f-- , 19.4 QU' V! Nqp van! it , A Patricia Housman Hon. Roll, Thanks Mom 8 Dad! Patty n Eddie 4f28f79, Nancy S Frankie, Linda n Richie, I like to travel, Disco's, Dancing, Italian food, Italian guys S Monte CarIo's. My future plans are to go to college to be a Medical Secretary and live a happy 8 successful life. Kevin Howe Good Friends - JD, AA, DR, SI, GS, DG, JG, DG, DM, MC, CK, I may attend college, goal in life - to make the most money with the least work, "MoIsen Golden", "Beach Weathen", Yanaha, Hang- ing out, Motorcycling, cruising, Whaling out. Patrice Huttner Permanent Honor Roll, momings in the auditorium, we are t.he cham- pions "79", lt's always raining on my good times, "friendship", To VJ.: We've come a long way baby, froggies yea! Exploring at the Hilton, Moo-dog, Pat-Rice, "To Sir With Love", you're a panic! A.S. Committee, Thanks to all my friends for helping me make it through: Vick, Cat, Jo, Deb, Marcy, Donna, 6 Rob. Thanks mom 6 dad for letting me be me. S . ' E . 'Y ,T K is re. N A 4 Miifq 'gf-f.-rf -' X123 ,., 5 X5 1:2 ,A ,Lay 1 .7 Timothy Hughes Kevin Hunter I played for the football team. lwas a member of the band for a year. I like sports, music S I also like photography. I plan to go to college 6 become a famous person 8 make a lot of money. I plan to go to school out of New York. Phase - Three, Kevie-Kev, A.T.C., D.J. Phase, Kool Kurt, M.C. Reece S Kimski. Robert Hyland Dorothy lhnken Hon. Roll "77-80", St. Peters drop- out i9 pl "Here, There, and Everywhere". Di, l bill, Kat, Mar, Mich, Cath. '76 xmass eve lp. "l've been dazed and confused" "Dreamon". Beach Parties Sum- mer '79'. Paddleball. C . . . l CRASH! l plan to attend Wagner College. Thanks Mr. Grieco, Mr. Bocchino. Love to Mom, Dad, Aunt Marg, pop 6 Nana. Scott lnduddi Best of luck always to my good friends, Gary, Theresa, Richie, Maureen, Joe, JoAnn, Anthony, Debbie, Kegman, Gus, Dave, Bruce, Tommy, Keith, Joey. Coleen-n-Scott 7-23-79, You talkin to me? Gold Nova, The Chase, Elmer, Bobo, Heineken, Schwappes, The Row, Acacia Brothers, Meat Loaf, The Knack, Thanks Mom 8 Dad for sticking by me all the time. Valerie lppolito Hon. Roll, Valerie-n-Phil 2-f9f79 Always Friends forever Judy, Phyllis, Cynthia, Lisa, Elena, A'The Row" 7f28f79. Malll .. . Courtyard ...Mooch ...Bubbles lthink he's ugly . . . "X" . . . Summer Nites '79, Berries, Di, Cath, Nat, Jan Grease Ski Trip '79 Great Adventure. All my love to Mom E3 Dad l owe it all to you. 152 'v' l. JoAnn Italiano All my love to Joe forever! You're one in a million! Thanks to Mom, Dad and family. You too, Brandi, Moma Dog. David Bowie. Concerts at the Palladium, C.B.G.B.'s, Hurrah, Club 57, Beri Bestel - you lunatic! L.S., S.M., J.S. - never forget ya! There ain't no future and there ain't no past. Joe - "cheezey?" l'm so bored with the U.S.A. But what can l do? Janice Jackson Ronald Johnson David Jozefek Permanent Hon. Roll, 1978 J.V. Baseball, 1979 Varsity Baseball - PSAL City champions, 1980 Varsity baseball, Junior band. Phantom, Hollywood, Howdy, Wheels, Goose, Yankee Stadium, Special thanks to Mom 6 Dad. I plan to attend college and major in Dentistry. Debbi Juliano Hon. Roll, Track, Volleyball. "So what if girls beat boys in races!" Jogging gym 7th period - Mr. Welsh. Thanks Mom 6 Dad for all your love E3 help and for being there when l needed you. Thanks to all my friends who made my years in New Dorp enjoyable. Patty G., Tommy G., Tommy D., Maria A., Allison L., Frank L., Linda D., Carroll D., Patti C., Chris "73". Thanks Mr. E3 Mrs. Greco for your help. Robert Ka minski Elena Kartelias I Time Hon. Roll HAIHAI Track Team, Spring Festival 78, 79. Joey 5f23f79, Bird P S VP, Courtyard. Oh, No, Mr. Bill, S.C. Water Pistol. Antennas, Baby Blue, K.S. "I think he's ugly" Hockey Games, Slow Cyn, Mooch, Mouse, Pollock, Figet, Lisa, Oh Sorry! Maria, Cynthia, Tina, Phyllis, Judy, Val, Anthony, De-Fran, Mark, Louis. William Keely .rf wt X., fi. Bonnie Kelly Hon. Roll, l made it, PR, CD, LD, JW, SM, Maureen. Woe baby, hey Ca, D.S.P. don't tell, Maureen Rod 79. Good times, Conehead, GN KNARP, I love you but -I Oh Wow makes me get off! PLIA PUA, Sum- mer 78 8 79 on the beach, no autographs please. The city, blow- ing bubbles, S-train. M 6 K.G. no more, LD EJ FV. Someday forever, Sten I7. Thanks Mom S Dad. Debra Kelly I had a lot of good memories at New Dorp HS. Thank you to everyone. My future plans are to go to a business school to learn Com- puter Technology 6 to become a parent 8 give my children the best. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for helping me through all my years in school. Thanks to all my friends who were there when I needed them the most. James Kelly J.V. Basketball. Varsity Basketball, l would like to thank all my friends who made my years at New Dorp worthwhile MURPH. JOE C. Bobby, Ronnie Thanks for the ride, M.F., H.D., J.C., Steve . . . yeah, Special thanks to my Mom and Dad who made it all possible for me. Pam Kennedy Cheerleaders 7880, Ski Trip 79-80. C.B., Prom 79-80, Yank. St. - BB. Games - M.K. 8 T., L.B.l.. "Gorge", Suz, Chick. Jan. Re. Cook, 6 Lor QCLIZI - you are the best! Bobby 6!6f79, "Lets go Rowin!" "Oh what a night. Babes!" 4 yrs. Guyl, J.C.. J.D., JB.. J.K.. S.T., C.L.. C.M., Louie! my cutesl. Thanks Limp. Hey! Mom 6 Dad. Finally made it!!! 1 53 4 'Q' Mary Kenny Maysa, Executive internship - NYC Council, J.G.D., Bagel-witch, Mikey E5 the Manicotti kid, the Row, ski trip ski trip, Cadu, Rolls Royce, Love ya Bill Bill, Morey, Bella, Buddy, Wn. Thanks Mom, Pop, P.K., RN., Dukey, Kitty, S Timso. l plan to dazzle the law profession, date only rich guidos with porsches, and live happily ever af- ter. Blessed be! Loren A. Khan Coop, Love Modeling, dancing and Music. Cancer - Leo xl, Virgos 32, Memories The Summer of "78" in Trinidad, Aug "26" - Two nephews, trying to hustle with Karen, arguing with Gail, Some of the nice friends l met RC, SC, MM, NZ, CD, AC, and many others, future plans to go to college to study child care or social work. Best wishes to all my friends. Mom El- Dad, you're the greatest "Love Ya!" Loren better known as "An- dromeda". Debra Killea Lucky, C.l. S J.G., L.P., R.G., D.P., K.K., the pains, Roggots, Jon Karl V's, Wed-T's, N.Y.C. Clubs, Wagga, Wappa, Salsa, Patty Duke, Shuffle, Puave, Cuba, Peso, Dancin', BLS, Frankie Crocker, CC-273-P Chillout, Moon Raker, Kooky Kids, OKe the Doke, Leppa, Colonade, Pig out, Park, Lauren, Dog, Aunt Ca, Aunt Deb, Boo, BF, Rustic, The Shore, Summer 79 - Great! Thanks Mom 8 NAN. Lori Kletter Hon. Roll, l will never forget all the good times with my friends in N.D. Hanging out, Richmondtown "78" - "Lets get out of here" Special love E1 thanks to two very un- derstanding people - Mom 6 Dad. 11' lx .f-sun, max ....,f .. 'Riff' Joseph Klumbach Hon. Roll, Good luck to all my friends. Hope to live a happy and enjoyable life. Thanks Mom 6 Dad for everything. I plan to attend college and major in accounting. Joe Konczynski Soccer Team. Remember all the good times, L.D. Geralyn Koren Permanent Honor Roll, Varsity Gymnastics 77-80, swimming and Student Senate. Summer 79, "The Shore" and Rickie partying "Miller Nips". Cruisin in the NO-VA. Hangin outfw L.F., R.W., K.G., D.G., KB. - Love to M 8 D. Special thanks to Mike S Jackie 6 all my friends. "Round off back tuck" yuk, yuk, yuk. l plan to go to college and become successful. Florence Kowaloski Ski Trip, Senior Day, Prom "Em- met Gang" S.A., J.L., C.L., D.C., G.C., T.M. - "Those summer Nites" - "Life is a series of hello's 8 goodbyes, l'm afraid it's time for goodbye again". - Billy Joel. Florida, Belmar, Courtyard, P.M., Doherty's - Oh Baby! - l'm as free as a bird now and this bird you can not change Thanks Mom and Dad, l love you just the way you are! Stan Kralick SIM - DIANNA 6!3!78 Love Ya. I am just glad to get out. Thanks Mom, Dad 8 Joe for putting up with me. Joy Kusas Honor Roll. "You alone are the liv- ing thing that keeps me alive and tomorrow if I'm here without your love you know I can't survive". I wish you all happiness. D.M., C.B., D.C., J.C., P.K., J.K., A.G., Skip Smiley - R, KAH, my gun - Bang, where are we supposed to be? Row, D's lawn, "Thanks for the Memories". Bob Lacyk Hon. Roll, Max's, CBGB's, Club 57, Harrah's, Rocky Horror, Vin, Pat, Mark, Liz, J.A., Screaming Mad George, Pat, George, Joanne, 8 Joe, Bruce, Rich, Greg, Linda, l'm going to college and living in the village. Who, Stones, Pistols, Clash, Ramones, B-52's, X-ray Spex, Plasmatics, The mad, Runaways, Blondie, Rush, Deep Purple, N.Y. Dolls, ELP, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Beatles, Tim Curry, Sham 69, l've gone mental. Lisa Laing Hon. Roll, "Later" R.S. 'L "These are the good times". "Windtunnel". Nathan's. A'Bing". "Wanna Party?" "RSC" "The Pity", "Freebird", "Skronsk". Trust me - would I lie to you?? Lots of love, luck and hap- piness to all my friends - T.B., K.K., M.S., D.S., C.D., D.P., To my mom - I love you always - Thanks for being there 77 ,av--. YF' Qi FQ ,,,,....- iStfB -.,..,.z NT Frank Laino Arista leader, Perm. Hon. Roll, Spanish Hon. Society, Hon. key, Who's Who, Boy's State, Usher Squad, SLI. Senator, J.V. 8 Varsity Baseball, MVP Varsity Basketball, Sound Room. My Terri, Gorgeous little baby, Silver ball, "Jock", "Boomer", "Charlie's Angels", Tia, Yankee Stadium, City champs, "Sharp Shooter", Kiss that ball goodbye, "Peak", "Porazz", Gramps my favorite. Baseball 8 basketball team. All my love to Mom, Dad and family. I plan to go to college S major in dentistry. Anja Lajka Cathleen Lambiase Attending the College of S.l. Study- ing to be a lab technician. To teachers l'm just another child. To the IRS, l'm just another file. l'm just another consenous on the street. Gonna cruise out of this city. Head down to the sea. Gonna shout out to the ocean "Hey it's ME. Thanks to all my teachers. Love to Mom 8 Dad. Thomas Langan I yr. J.V. football, 2 yrs. Varsity foot- ball. Grant City Corner, Hammer, Eagles, 'Catherine ll!28!78' Thanks to Mom 6 Dad, you've been great. ff "nv" Louis Lastella All my love to Luann 3-10-77. Thank you Mom S Dad for your support. Long live Rock. Led Zep- pelin xl. "ln through the out door". Anthony Latuja Laura Lella Hon. Roll 7780, Track 78-80, Love to all my friends, Pam, Lisa, Mary, Andree, Everlasting love to John. Laura-n-John 12-29-78 Forever. Winnie the Pooh, The Big Cella luna-n-Sto. Lee Dee. Ski Trip. Maysa, Track star, the 880 dancing and counting 5th. Asdal School of Dance " 1. Trestle friends Paula, Cutie, loving moments 8 sharing dreams together always. I plan to become a dance instructor. Thanks Mom 6 Dad. Jean Marie Leo Honor Roll, Senior Day, Prom '80, Spain with Tia, Ski Trip, Courtyard. l'II always remember good times with: Colleen, Carol, Cathy, Florence, Susie, Cip and everyone at Emmett. Tommy 4-7-78 Precious memories of Tommy's Prom when we were crowned King and Queen of '78. Future plans in- clude a nursing career. Love S luck to other friends in New Dorp. Thanks Mom S Dad. Marshall Lepre Hon. Roll, love all sports, N.D. Soc- cer team, paddleball, hanging out, Wendy's, W.O.W., Senior Day, " 7!25f78' Marshall loves Lisa forever 1143! 8 all the great times we have together. 8012 with T.L., M.L., J.L., S.M., A.M., Good luck to all my friends especially Joey, John, Stan, Ed, Nick, Jimmy, Billy, Nancy, Gale, Monica, Deb, 6 Pam. Thanks Mom 6 Dad S family for everything - l love you all. Maria Leto Hon. Roll, twirlers 77-78, Jr. Choms, Senior chorus, Wagner College's Choral Festival -- 78. Play pro - Christmas show. Spring Festivals 77, 78, 79. Dance 05. I'Il always remember HR 8012 8 my friends Judy, Elena, Lisa and Cynthia, J.L., T.L., G.B., D.P., l plan to attend college and major in Secondary Education. My 4 yrs. at New Dorp seemed to fly by too quickly. Thanks Mom S Dad. Joseph Licata Ski Trip 78-79, Summers at Seaside, Beach parties, Art's Sand Bar, up 13th, the crew from Berekely, Homeroom 8012, M.L., J.L., T.L., Good Friends! P.A., J.D., Arbs, F.O., the factory, the Bulkhead, the Row, Lunch. Barbara Lipka Love always to my friends Janice, Frank, Julie, Donna, Diane, Crazy Gracie, D.P., J.S., J.W., K.K., D.S,, Remember Granny's Exit 6, end- less nights, Party-Time, beach par- ties, Meet you in the courtyard, Light 'em up, High rock, The old library, "ya got proof?" Dairy Del, off the stairs, "Could I see your program card?" l plan to go to college and work part time. l'll never forget the good times at N.D. and all of you people who were a big part of them. 'YF 'r-fi ,L 'QR' V 'r,,,, if fi -arf' Joseph LoFaro Physical ed. award, Music award -- Guitar, Varsity track team, "Rock star" Gibson S.G. Guitar Club. "Great times" at New Dorp with friends, Pinball with John F. and Mike P. at Nathan's. Lunchroom, handball courts E: hanging out. H426 Hemi", "Old Cars", "cruisin' - '66 Chevy", Good luck friends, "Crazy Joe". Agin Lojka Mark Lombardi Hon. Roll, Bowling, Tum on's Rock 'n' roll Music very loud! Favorite bands Led Zeppelin, The Cars, Joe Jackson, The Records, The Knack, The Ramones, The Clash, The Police. l plan to live every day to its fullest and just enjoy myself. l'm also planning to go to college and major in business. I would like to wish good luck to all of my friends in the future. Pam LoPresti Hon. Roll, Homecoming, Ski Trip "8O", Love and Happiness to my good friends Laura, Andree, Mary, Lisa, Nancy, and Maria. Always remember Mike and good times. Eco, Where's his car? Doric, Weekends, Summer "79", Prom HBO", Kings Row, "PP" Cella luna 8 Sto, "FM", Trestle friends es- pecially Danny Mouse 8 Nicky, Ft. Laud, Teri. l plan to teach pre schoolers. All my love and thanks to my family! Lisa Lorenzo Perm. Hon. Roll, Senior Council, Ski trip i'78", Great Adventure 79, Florida 79 - fsister Jeannel "The 2 Dudes" B.Q. "The Berries" - Live - love - laugh and be happy for today is here - Tomorrow is another surprise. Time to move on, changes are made, but there is no time to forget the friends S memories left behind! Jill Loroesh Co-op, Swimteam, track, drama, photo, guitar. Grad "80". Courtyard ...bleachers Mom, Rich, Mitch! . .. Thank you . . . l love you... HiCoro Cruisin '79 Sat. Nite live Stones bye everyone - Good luck, cruise, Corvette, Bye New Dorp. Kirk Lopez David Lotito Natalie Lotito Co-op B Mr. Lynch, Thanks to all my friends especially Pam, Janine, Tammy, Deb, for always being there, and to Janet, a very special sister and best friend. Cutting out and going to Barbara's. Making spaghetti, hanging out down Jeffer- son - 12-21-78. Janette, Laura, Kathleen, Kenny, Jimmy. Summer of '78, Berrys, Dianna, Cathy, "Hey Bro", Boys Gym, DD, FD, SC, Thanks Mom and Dad I finally made it. Gary Lufrano J.V. Baseball '78, Varsity Baseball 79-BO, Yankee Stadium June 6, 1979. Best wishes to all my friends. Theresa, 8-19-78, Scott, Coleen, Richie, Maureen, Anthony, Tommy, Keith, Bobo, Elmer, Darrell, G.S., G.B., A.R., K.K., D.J., R.Y., E.D., N.F., F.M. Schnappes, Chevy Ren- salier, BIimpie's "Har-ry" University Lights "Phantom". Thanks Mom, Dad, and my family for helping me through an important time in my life. Ed Luli Judy Luongo Hon. Roll 6 Teacher's sec., Usher squad, Senior Council. My best friends forever - Phyllis tmy other halfj, Cyn, Val, the Row 7-28-79, Llp- state, '77, '78, the Point, 8012, MAIII, 4th S 5th Lunch, friends, D.R., C.V., C.H., L.H., E.K., Maria - "Pat" - good friends are forever ... and thanks to Mom and Dad to whom I owe it all. I plan to attend college and major in English or architecture. Vu? "Nuff 1-,fr veg v--1-'X if V7 James Lupo Permanent Honor Roll, Senior Council, J.V. Football, Kansas, Yes, Mike, Vig., Willie, Anthony Lobo, Rosebank. Seaside, The Villa, I plan to attend college. Donna MacFarlane Perm. Hon. Roll, Hon. Key, Arista, Symph. Band '78. Prom night, Senior Day '79, '80, The best to all my friends - hope you're always happy. Joy, ITAZJ, Carol, Deb S Aimee. A.G., J.L., J.K., J.V., My word, "J, are you there?", "Pop- com", "The Row", "The Lawn", Smokey, Love and thanks to Mom, Dad, 8 Sue - you're the greatest. "Time is a little word, but it holds all the memories we share." I plan to attend college and become a physical therapist. Anthony Maddaluno Hockey Team 31, Buzzard, Con, DeFran, Lou, "Bingo" Punk Out, Ramones, Liquid diet, Blvd. 31, Hitch "16, Lupian, Look Mom I made it. "Get the Buffa" P.V., M.D., J.D., D.B., The Knack, Seaside. "Lunch", Thomas Maffatone Honor Roll, Co-op, New Dorp is a really dynamite school, I had plenty of good times here, but l'm graduating. I plan to go on to college and continue my educa- tion. Later to all the people down at Exit 12. Thanks Mom and Dad. Bobby Malanga Honor Roll, J.V. 8 Varsity Football. Bobby '43, Eagles, Scarpa '52, Mollica '86, Tuzzy '2, Chazzi '34, Richie '33, Tody-D "33. "Baby", Ski Trips, Norton, "Break it", 1977 T-Bird, Angelo, Pepi '21, Chris Coscia, "D'Angelo-Maddog" "Love lt", B.B. '1, J.C. '68, J.D. '48, M.G. '44, Beach Parties, Senior Day, Seaside, T.L. '88, "Josephine who I shall always love, admire S cherish forever". "Get Her", Toto's pushups, Mr. B. Kevin '75, B. Mar- tin '85, Parties. Plan to attend college. Thanks Mom 5 Dad for everything. Steven Malast Honor Roll, Chevy's and Rock. To all my friends at New Dorp: take it easy and good luck. Mark Maloy Patricia Maloy Good luck to my friends, Lee, Jo, Val, Lee, Barb T., Many Barbara M. etc. Love to Stephen forever. Special Dates 2!2Of79, 4-5-79, 6- 25-79, 7-7-79, 8-3-79, 8-31 -79. Love to mom, Ronnie, Jimmy 8 Mark and to the Parish family. I plan on working in the city 6 trying to enjoy my life. Good-Bye to New Dorpg it's time to start my life. fA.M.L.T.S.F.J James Mangia J.V. Football '77, l would like to say that l had a good time in New Dorp. H.S. and l will always remember it. My friends, John P., Big John F., Craze Joe, Fat Pat P., Mike. My hobby is Rock 8 Roll. l have no future plans yet. Thanks to Mom. Andree Mangicavallo Play Pro, Love always to my friends Pam, Diane, Jamie, Laura, Maria and Tessie. Meet me in the court- yard! Summer 79! Winnie, FM, SS. Doric, Guido. Yams, Hope fixing up Soffo, Cruising in the Cougar, Camaro, Volks, Spring Festival 79! Dance class, Ski Trip '80, l plan to further my education in com- munications and languages. Thanks Mom S Dad for being there. l've only just begun! Susan Mangiero Stud. Sen., Homecoming 79, Dance 05, Mr. Monahan, Rap 05. Love and thanks Annie tFredoJ, Lynn, Tina, Meg, Sha, Gin, Roe, Deb, Rae, Gang etc. 'Extra love John 98-78 RUV' "I'm making it". Eat scungelle, Mach, "lt's all over", Boo, The future brings F.l.T. for a career in merchandising. 'Anniez Remember the fun? Forget the tears!! eg. Park Villa Il 530'. Thanks to Mom S Dad. Hector Mangual 0 Catherine Manitta To the ones l love - Rob, Norma, Liz, Joe, Harry, Debbie, Stacy, Donna, Dave, John, Gina, Dennis and Cathy. Thanks for the good times we had 6 all the memories like Disco dancin', Mardi Gras, Reflections, Playin crazy 8's, Great Adventure, Long Branch 8 just hangin' out. Special love E1 thanks to Mom, Dad 6 family. , ft , 755 7 54:-4-j wr wa-5 J, 'lem' Rosalie Manitta Vincent Manzione New Dorp Varsity Hockey Club xl. l will always remember having a good time in New Dorp. l plan to at- tend college and to play college hockey. Love and special thanks to my Mom and Dad and my girlfriend Jackie whom l wish someday to spend the rest of my life with. ll-IO-78. Georgiana Manzo 'liianks Mom S Dad for all that you did. l love you. Love to my sisters and brothers, Special remem- brances to Sue, Nan, Cher, Deb, Di 6 Steph the mail carrier. Never will forget the summers of '77 E- '78. Remembering always me 5 Vikki, all the trouble, fun, love 6 sadness we've been through. "We will sur- vive" T.C. 6 A.S. "The Main Event" S.B. l love you always grandpa. Love to Garrett my partner. Love to all my friends in Brooklyn. My future goal is nursing. -'15 SCT' . -Uv' l""'.? ..f. i.- --.. F is 47 John Marinelli Honor Roll, To all my special friends that made my four years in high school worthwhile: "Enjoy life as much as possible, since it is the only one you have." To my father: "Thanks for everything." Michele Marinelli Hon. Roll, Boosters 79, Senior Day, Prom - 80, good friends - Laurie, Lori, "Chubby", Diane "The Kid", Suz, Kathy, Kathie, Courtyard - S.D., P.C., B.E., B.K., friends, good times at 53 - R.A., J.C., K.F., N.S., "The Boat". Love and thanks to mom S dad. Janice Marino Hon. Roll, Sr. Chorus, Spring Festival, 77, 78, 8 79, Ski trip, Bar- bara, Donna, Jul, Exit 6, grannies, bleachers, Moravian, Vandies, Highrock, Beach 5 TBK. Parties, Un Senior, Senior Days. From dusk to dawn, Cruising, The Old Library, Frank you'll always remain special. To Len, laughing, giggling stares - Long live Rock. ln life one receives what one gives. Love and thanks to Mom 6 Dad. I plan to at- tend college 8 enjoy life. Maxine Marsh Senior chorus, Stage chorus, Wagner College, Spring Festivals 77-78, 78-79, 79-80. l wish S.C., L.K., C.C., D.M., R.S., G.S., R.K., etc. good luck in the future. Thank you mom for everything. Plan to go to college for business administra- tion. Libra is doing it. ..-f l""' e ,V , . iw, 4115 , N g f George Martello Honor Roll, italian Class '79, the Row, t.he Big five at Master's, the two B's, B.R., S B.S. Thanks to Kathy, Vinny, Victor and all my friends at New Dorp. l'll never forget the good times I had there. Thanks Mom 8 Dad and my good friends Rob and Bingo. l plan to go to college and major in business. Robert Martin Honor Roll, Football 3 years, Baseball, 3 years, "Megga", Ann 8- 11-78, Prom '79, Berry's. I wish my friends, Joey C., Mike L., Joey R., Mike R., Ronnie S. Best of Luck. Never forget great times with Ft. Team: B.M., B.B., J.T., T.L., J.D., J.C., J.P., B.S., M.Z., "Break lt", "How's your Beard". "Yeah" or Baseball J.C,, C.M., S.T., G.C., M.C.. M.G., P.A., R.B. "Shooter", "On Me". l plan to go to college. Thanks Mom 8 Dad. Fred Martucci Spring Festivals '78', '79', '8O', Thanks mom S dad, the girls at ASC, Richie, Billy, Scott, Sal, Todd, What's upl, Beach Parties - Hangin' Outl, Thanks Mr. DeBetta, WCBS, Golden Oldies, Bagel Shop, Vinny - Be there, Gym- nastics - Mario Jimmy. l plan to be a photographer and take pic- tures of little kids. Richard Martucci l thank all my friends and teachers who lead me straight making me realize how important my Diploma is worth and how much l need it. My plan for the future is to go to technical school and take up computer technology and then l will get a good experience, for a job from the knowledge l will achieve. Barbara, Billy, Freddie, Anthony, Roe, Mr. 5 Mrs, Linda Mason Passed the B.C.T., Cheerleader 78. Mom, Dad thank you so much for helping me with everything. l'm go- ing to do it. Thanks to my sisters, brothers, brother-in-law, 8 my grandmothers. l plan to go to Com- munity College and study Child Care. V.G.S.R.N.A. we did it! Sam remember ND lane. Gina remem- ber Frank's house. L.D.N.O. Baby Gordon 80. Tysens, Tuts, Guys, Cockamoonie. Michele Mastelenis Stagecraft 77, 78, Thank you mom, Mickey, Skinny and most of all Dick, if it wasn't for you l wouldn't have made it. l love you. I miss you John, Jay 6 Angelo, l'll see you soon. Love ya John Adam. l'm going to teach pre -school. ELP forever, right Rich, Remember Tarkus and Disco Rots. Lori Matranga Senior Day, Prom 80, These are the good times. 53 Chubby Richie 79, Nicolina, Michele, Gina-n-Phil 79, J.C., J.D., K.F., Pow wow sum- mer 79, courtyard, P.C., S.D., G.D., D.A., D.P., M.S., Madd EWF 78. Love and thanks to Mom E- Dad for everything. I plan to become a secretary. John Mattera Susan Mauri Honor Roll, Photo Squad, Photo Class '79, Yr. Bk Staff, Tennis Team 77-80, Executive Internship '79. l'll always remember Italy 77, Minolta 201, 78 Cougar, Rustic lnn, the Forge. Love to all my friends . .. especially Lisa 6 Min who were always "there", Thanks to Mr. Lonergan. Special thanks to Mom 6 Dad for always loving me. l plan to attend S.V.A. and major in photography. Charles W. Mayer Patricia S. Mazza Honor Roll, Vice-President Key Clubg co-chairperson Usher Squad, Senior Council: Consultative Coun- cil, Student Senate, Varsity Tennis, Volleyball "78", Basketball "77". "To that special person l wish the best." To Liz 8 Mary luck and hap- piness. Friends and good limes, Conventions, fORSOMEJg L.R.: Roses office, time, l plan to go to college and major in the Computer Held. Mom S Dad thanks. David Mazzei Honor Roll, Dance Band 31, Swim Team, '77, '79, Sr. Council. Great 4 years. Thanks 6 good luck to all my friends, Dave, Joey, Patton, country club, Dongan Hills, Nathans, Exit 15, Gym, Math with Fred 6 Mary, concerts, Disco Bots. Plan to major in engineering and music. Thanks Mom S Dad for hangin' in. Dawn McAuliffe Honor Roll, Bowling, City Champs '77, hwternational Club, Treasg New- man Club, The Bagel Kid, lOM16R Close Up 78, 79, 8 80, 310, Love to my friends Ang. S Beth, Cynthia S Fran. Special thanks 8 love to Miss Caruso for making my 3 years at N.D. the best 3 years of my life. l plan to go to C.S.l. 8 to become a flight attendant. Thanks to Mom 8 Dad. Theresa McBride Angela, Diane, Chris, Leslie, Andree, Dennis, Melissa, D.P., JR., G'man, the Beach, 41, Our Spot, Stage '80, Space Cadets '79, M-my Car, Rocky Horror, High Life, Long live Rock, who '79. Don't go Sideways, 'lim Curry, me "PL", Units, yea Dead! Goodbye everybody l'll miss you all, ooo Don't Dream lt, be it. . . "l know this isn't heaven, it's close enough for me" - G.M. Angela McCabe Chancellor's Honor Roll, City Champs 77-78, Perm. Honor Roll, DAR, French Hon. Soc., Arista, Usher Squad, Key Club - Sect'y, Newman Club, Jr. Chorus, Band, Christmas 8 Spring Fest., S.U. Sect'y, Consultative Council, Borough Council, Bowling Team Capt., Senior Council, Conv. 79-80, S.U. Office, Snoopy, "Rainbows", Thanks Bogg, Love to all my friends S family. Love to laugh and hope to live in peace and hap- piness . . . "Preserve me, O God:for in thee do l put my trust." Gary McDermott Perm. Hon. Roll, Algebra Award. Honor Key, Key Club, German Hon. Society, Track Team, Senior Day, Prom. All my love to Gin 4f17f79. Thanks to Mom, Dad, 8 Bob for all their help and love. Thanks to Sensei, Pete E1 Sensei, Dave and to all my Goju Brothers for their help 8 friendship. "Baja", Plan to attend college and major in political science. Styx Concert '79 - Emerson, Lake S Palmer, McDonald's Gang. wi.. 5- 5 5, . 'sf- 'X M ,.,4u53-- 11 I David McDonough William McEnery Honor Roll, lst choir, Dance 8 Symphonic Band, Judo, Thanks - Bun's, Chico, J.Y., PoUo Brothers 427 - Baja Baby, M.F., Squeak Out, "Love it", Rah-Rah Gym doors 3rd period, Steve F. Vw rules Dat- sun S.F. 6 J.H. Special THANKS, Looking into a field in aviation or in engineering in the Service Academy. Good luck to Steve F. in college 5 B.W. 6 S.C. in the "Forever" Future. Debbie McFarlane Mom 6 Dad, thanks for everything, I love you both. I told you, Dad l'd do it Jimmy "You're the best". I2- I6-76, Vermont. Let all the good times keep coming. Lynn 6 John, Donna t"Baby"J Good Luck, Karen, Kathy, Primrose, parties, Hanging out, I plan to go to college and have a Happy Life "Baby Iet's make it work out great, I Love You". Thanks for everything. John McGee Honor Roll, Boy's State participant, Haney Medal, lst prize Ll.F.T. Art Competition '77, '79, Arista, Usher Squad Chairman, Pioneer Art Editor, Spectrum Art Editor, Art Sale Comm., Yearbook. Plan to become a very good and suc- cessful commercial artist. I plan on going to the School of Wsual Arts. Lynn McGlinchey Honor Key, Honor Roll, Spanish Honor Soc., T.V., Tackel, Cole Por- ter, Chorus, S.I.A., All City, WTM, Nothing, 6 RMS, Ring them bells, Golda Fox, F.F., HSG, Usher, Stu- dent Gov't., Mary Ann, Aura, Carib- bean Costa, Aimee, Onions, Nick 23, Cangiano's, Easter, Honey, Cutie, Piglet, S.J., Hello, D.F. Pockets, J.M., Gag Me, Bob, Promises. I plan to be a musical theatre actress S music therapist. Love 6 thanks Mom 8 Dad, Steph 5 Deb. Robert McHale W. 'ra' 1:-I, Thomas Mclntyre Honor Roll, J.V. S Varsity Football, Beat Tottenville! Meehan's car. We're onna ractice. Dennis Q P , Howard Hughes, Big Bill, Mike Z., Tony Z., Too tall, To all my friends: Good luck now and in the future. I plan to go on to college. Denise McKendry Best friends Karen, Fran, M.C., JA., WolfesPond, Good times, Tuts, "Jeff-Bird" Hylan Blvd., I plan to work as a legal secretary S go to college. Lots of love and thanks Mom S Dad, Darlene 8 Brian. Kathleen McLeod Perm. Honor Roll, Arista, Sp. Hon. Society, Honor Key, Capt. Boosters, Usher, Play Pro, Cheering '78-80, Breakfasts, Jock Parties N.D. xl, BK Buddies, Love and Happiness to my family and friends. Good friends: Mich, Kathy, Laurie, Diane, D.l., J.S., T.C., Seniors '80, Senior Day, "McLeod" Beautiful Memories great dreams, aim high, Florida QI Plan to be happy S be the best person I can be - mel Steven McLeod Track I, 2, German '77, Didi, Tara, Chris, hanging out, times to remember. Ski trip '79-'80, cross country fun. Toga '78. CGBC, Seaside '79-'80, Florida '79 with -favorites, 360's. Spring festival '79. Friday nights, fishing, vanning, con- certs, Hurrahs, "Doing 90", "Beat", Ucmising in my LTD", M.B. Thanks Mom, you're cool. Great times with "my Best". Later N.D. It was fun. Peter McParland Susan McTigue Dennis Meehan Bio Lab Squad, Football, How's your beard? '66 Olds, Homeroom, Plan to attend college and go on with life. Laurie Merrick Thanks for everything Mom S Dad, I never would have made it without you guys. You're xl. l love you just the way you are Ralphy l-l-79 Oooc see ya when I get therel Hey San- dra, I am almost out NL, PG, RH, Arlene, Good luck in the future and in everything. Special thanks to Mr. Lynch and Co-op fMr. M S the gang! Voyage - Let's fly away. I plan to be rich and Famous. Wayne, I love you. - Car Wash. Martha Mezzina Permanent Honor Roll, Thanks to all my teachers who gave me sup- port and understanding all through my high school years. lt has been 4 great years. I plan to go to college and major in Computer Science. Michele Michaels Christine Miles Honor Roll, Co-Capt. Volleyball team, Basketball team, 4 years Co- Capt. Track Team M.V.P. 1979. These 4 years at N.D. were the greatest. Pat Conroy, Cheryl, Mazz, Mr. Crerard, my favorite teacher. Gail, those 4 games were fixed. Hi Fran. I plan to attend Marquette Univ. who cares? Stand Llp Deb. 73 inches. "Stretch", "Gimpi" B.K. af- ter practice. Hi Joanie. Thanks Mom 5 Dad. "Chicken Again"! Jacqueline Milone To all my friends l wish you the best T.R., F.T., L.E., J.D., T.S., D.G., Tricia it's not easy finding a friend like you. Thanks for a good sum- mer, John "79". Jo. D. who's getting out. You are someone special '2. Mom 8 Dad you're the best! Donna Minucci Exit 6, the Courtyard, Summer of 78, TBK forever, "Junior Day" at Frank's endless nights, Kings Row, The Old Library, Julie, Barbara, Cathy fChucky Babyl. OOOH NOOO! Jan, l love you, All my friends at B.K., Runnin' on Empty, Come Sail away, "Hey Hey, MY My, Rock 5 Roll can never die". All my love to Mom S Dad. Life is what you make it, don't let it pass you by. Arlene Moccia All my love and thanks to Dad, Mom, Ricky, Randy, Roger, Rox- anne, 'fl friend Sandra, L.M., N.W., D.W., "John", Fri. Night, party. Disco Dance, hangin' out, Califor- nia "memories", Cor. l3. Love is patient, kind and not jealous. Love doesn't brag, it isn't arrogant. Love doesn't act unbecoming. Love isn't selfish. lt is not provoked. Love is forgiving and truth. Love Bears, Believes, Hopes and Endures all things. Rosemarie Modica Secretary to Mrs. Cuzzocrea 6 Ms. Shiemmel. l want to thank Mrs. Cuzzocrea for all the help she gave me in my years at New Dorp. l want to be a secretary or a counselor working with kids. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, 6 Joe. "l couldn't do it without you." Gerard Mollica I 2 "Wi, 1 warm-M-wv Monica Molloy Honor Roll, All my love to Brian 7fi6f77 fJ.R.J Beef, Special Friends, Mary T., Patty, Lisa, Mary Mong, L.B., D.P. "Shannon and David 78!! Midland Beach xl. 138ll plan to attend college and become a nursery school teacher. Special memories: Belmar, Seaside, senior day, Prom 80. Thanks Mom 8 Dad. Love you both. Cathy Monaco Honor Roll, These are the Good Times, Leave your cares behind . . . Brooklyn '79, The Lounge, Hangin' Out, Disco Party Time, Ski trip, Friends, F.K., M.N., L.B., A.P., J.S., T.L., L.M., Senior Day, Prom, Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. You're the greatest. Motto: Live, Love 8 Laugh. Terri Mongelli Honor Roll, My best memories of New Dorp are the good times that l had with my friends. l plan to go to college. Lisa Montagna Perfect Attendance '78, Thanks to my cousins MaryJo and RoseAnn. Friends Donnie, Brad, Tucker, Al, Kenny, Kim, Michele, Nanette for the best summer '79, Best friend Terry. Bagel Shop 3rd period. l plan to go to Wilfred Academy of Beauty. Charles Montalbano Permanent Honor Roll, Boys' State, JV and Varsity Football, JV and Var- sity Baseball. New York City Champs - Yankee Stadium '79, Michelle 2-21-77, Seaside - Academy, Swimming, Prom '79, Senior Day 79 - 80, Boxing, Mechanical Drawing, Beatles, ELP - Sean, John C., Mike Z., Artie, John B., Bobby M. l plan to con- tinue my education in engineering. Thanks Mom 5 Dad for your love and understanding. Mat Montalbano Played for Dance Band, l like music, l like playing the drums. Long live Peak, Robert, Bobby and my brother Mark. All my love to my Mother and Father. Have no future plans but my ambition is to cut an album. To Pat, what's the word? Philip Montanti Patti Mooney To a special friend Laurie, good luck in the future good times, good friends T.G., A.L., K.L., R.C., M.M., A.M., J.K., D.C., E.R. ... New Dorp Beach . . . Beach parties Pepperoni Pizza '67 Chevy iNasty Novab Cruisin' Mer- cedes Sportster Convertible 45OSL Volpe RealtyfCentury 21 Burger King 'I mgr L.R. "WORK THAT BODY" L.L., M.L., G.V., J.D. . . . To Mom 6 Dad - Thank you for everything. 2'5- ff .........l.......-..- 1,1 "Ii'rTf Victor Morvillo Pennanent Honor Roll. l'll never forget these years at New Dorp. Thanks to all my friends and teachers for making it possible. In the future I plan to go to college and become a computer techni- cian. Thanks Mom 6 Dad for everything you've done. Linda Mosczynski Thanks to Mom S Dad, Barbara, lKansasJ, April, Allie, Jackie, Danny, Paul, Linda, Maddelena. Who concert '79, Yes, Bowie, LONG LIVE ROCK, firebird smoked, camping, 2602, camping, "You'Il never know until you try", "Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the dif- ference", Mission impossible com- pleted. Annette Mule Hon. Roll IW yrs., To my Love Frank. Frank-n-Annette 7-29-79 C6- I6-79J. To my best friend Marilyn "Zorch" 6 also I, J, D, A, L, G, A, A, A, K, P, M, M, M, P, J, J, K, C. Hangin' out, Cruisin', Van, the "Moon", Parking lot, Ring my Bell, Bom!! Point Pleasant "79". lppy's Radio. Ma, what time is it? Where is he? Thanks to my Mom 8 Dad for giving me everything. I love you both. Thanks to my sisters Grace Ann and Angela, also my favorite teachers Mr. Lauro S Mr. Scalisi. In the future I plan to become a secretary. Antoinette Mule Honor Roll, Best Friend Chris, Crazy things we did, Dee, sis. Liz, Fran, V.R.G., J.L., C.V., S.B., Court- yard lK.D.J, Kerk, Stella lJ.S.J, HM. RM. J.M., A.M., G.M. I will always remember good times in N.D. Love to Mom 6 Dad. I plan to become a secretary. 'gunn- Rte' 117'-' John Mullen Lisa Muller Thanks to D.M., L.B., ELI., C.R., C.D., Love ya Mom 8 Dad. Springs- teen, Van Halen, Blondie. Girls' Track, Ext. I3, Cotton Candy, DISCO. Good Luck to everyone. Marie Mundaca Penn. Honor Roll, Reasons to be cheerful - Alex and his crickets, Kevin and Marie, Klaus Nomi, Joanne and Jackie, Diane, Jenny, Janice and South Beach Gang, Cheap Trick, Nukes, Patty Duke, Hurrah's and New Wave, Dancing on the Nile, present and future friends, Newts Xerox and Xenon, Ralph, excluding life's little Mis- takes. Thanks M. and P. I plan to defy logic. Dennis Murphy ,,..... its-"" William Musante Linda Mussillo Ed-in-chief yr. book, Co-Editor Spectrum, Sect. Arista, Perm. Hon. Roll, 2 Hon. Keys, Sr. Ed. '79 yr. book, Spec. Staff '79, Awards in Creative Writ., Eng. III HH, I2th yr. Math, S It. III., Chairman Inter- national Fest., Play Pro. S Chorus '78, '80. I plan to pursue my in- terests in English and to fill my life with happy moments. Much luck E1 happiness to all of my friends, 8 a special thanks to Mom, Dad and Anthony. Karen Muzio Track '77, Gymnastics '78, '79, '80, Captain Gymnastics Team, In- dividual '78 - 9th place vaulting. John 9-7-78. "I thought I was you." Team parties, "stinky", D.T., P.B., L.H., J.C., G.P., M.S., T.W., E.W., Thanks Mom and Dad. Diane Natalicchio Sr. Chorus, Spring Fest. '77, '78 6 '79. New Dorp "Hang Out" 41. P.S. II and gang. Saturday Night Live - "Oh-No" Best of friends - Patty "Makin' lt", Sue "Ay Jeannie Leo", E3 Carroll. Beach parties xl, U.S.A.F. "Andy". ski Trip '79, '8o. Favorite saying "How ya doin - get Crazy, "Met Ronnie, "Summer '79", The Best Batmobile. "Aah!" Mom, Dad S family - "I Love you". Marie Natoli Honor Roll, Boosters, "Rap" Love to my favorite, Mr. Monahan . . . Remembering always my "sister" Jeannie whose friendship and love we've shared through all the years. St. Charles, The fun times with Eddy, Porshy . . . "Hanging out", Kathy Loving Sal Special talks with Donna Prom-Social of course Joey "Good friends", "Good Laughs", "Great times". Thanks Mom E1 Dad, You know I love ya . . . Look Anthony, I made it Frank Nicholson Honor Roll, Key Club, I plan to enter the Maritime Trade. Donna Nugent Kathy O'Brien Love and thanks to Mom 6 Dad for all the support and caring. Donna E, Steve Congratulations! Love E, luck to my "special" friends at N.D. Gymnastics, Chatter in the locker room. Karen 5 Graham "Thanks" best friends forever, Primrose, S.F. grating, Lisabean, Mary, Debbie, Maryanne UI cousini SS., J.P., V.S., S.R. In memory of T.S. "Searching So Long" Love you always Derek 6-6-78. I plan to become a receptionist. 'V 33'- 'E' '-of! Eileen O'Dea Honor Key, MVP Trophy for Swim- ming, Silver Medal - PSAL Novice Championships, Honor Roll, New Dorp Girls Swim Team, Spanish Honor Society, S.l.A., A.A.l.l. Swim Team. Synchoronized Swim Team. I plan to go to a Liberal Arts College, then on to Law School. Thanks to Mom 6 Dad. John O'Dea l plan to become an auto mechanic, after l finish the Chevrolet. Judie Odessa Chris 7X l 6f79, Stacie, Andrea, and to all my other special friends, and to everyone on the corner, you're all fantastic. Thanks Mom, l love ya, Gregory's dance, ltaly '77, ski trip '80, Co-op '80, Summer of '79, football games. lt's easy to say goodbye for the summer but hard to say good-bye forever. Helen Ann O'Donnell Honor Roll, Art-125. Love to Walter 4-8-78, good friends, especially Debbie, TW, MS, PR, JP, MBO, LP., MD, DA, FK, CG, Tl, 2 6 3 at Blim- pies, Mr. Donut, Summer "79" Rustler, prom night, Senior day. Hope to enter a medical profession. Love and thanks to Mom 6 Dad you're the best. v q William Oggeri Nancy Ogrosso Honor Roll, Queen Concert 78 5 79, Rock-n-Roll, Senior Day 80, Lisa, Pam, C.C., l ith Math - shut up! A.P.B. with D.P. S G.C. Thanks Mom 8 Dad for putting up with me. l plan to go to college. Bill Olah Honor Roll, Dance Band, Chevys, loud music. My ambition in life is to become a great Bass guitarist in a rock band. Besides playing Bass. my other interests are: cars, motor- cycle riding, 6 paddle ball. l plan to attend college and major in music. Ll F O: rock bottom - xl. MaryBeth Orlando Nicky 9-14-765 Perm. Honor Roll, Time can change me, but l can't change time Summer 795 Florida, D 8 LB, where? in here, Snaggedl Wildwood, D.A., Beanie, W, H.H., Dave's, rumples, Dew Drop lnn, Tracy's tea party, Exit 5, camp, the raid, 4-21-79, Scruffy, Rock-n-Roll will never die! I plan to further my education in Cosmetology. Health and Happiness to everyone. Love and thanks to my family. Free Bird! 70 -f""'i if-.1 4'-Q.-A Robert Otten Oldsmobile 442. "The Strips", "When do you say Budweiser", The Who. I made it!!! College??? Thanks Mom and Dad. College??? Diane Padavano Honor Roll, swimming, Dance 05, Dee, ummbaby! Frampton con- certs, "Baby I Love Your Way", "Precious 6 Few", "The Sache", Best friend Vicki S Beans, Kevin's Chevy, Linda 6 Jay. John Thank you!!! Friends V.C., F.M., K.F., N.C., DP., D.C., T.S., M.M., A.M., Ann, "CUZ", D.K., R.G., M.L., Wn, "Take it easy", New Dorp its been great. Good luck to all my friends. 74 BL Vega, McDonalds, Cosmetologist. Live everyday to its fullest as if it's your last. All my Love to Mom S Dad, Anthony, Steven, and my sister Linda. Thanks for being there. John Panarella Hon. Roll, attendance Awards, Coop B, Tony K,C., N.Y.D.C. P.S.S., Sal, Vinny, Jim, Bill, Bob, Dawn, Pat, Debbie, Mr. Lynch, I plan to work and maybe go to college to be a sportswriter, I like all sports and am interested in racing cars. Janice Pannullo Honor Roll, Student Senate, Homecoming Dance '79, fashion show '8O. Special thanks and love to Mom 6 Dad and to my sister Jodi. Wish happiness to all my good friends especially Marybeth, Cathy, Helen S Patricia. Loved Beatlemania with Marybeth had a great time Senior Day and on the ski trip. Want to travel and go to college to become a secretary. Thanks N.D. ' --r' . . iff 5 . wr - ' ---by 3 t T 'l ! ,,' Ronnie Papa I want to thank Mom S Dad f standing behind me through thes four years. Also thanks to S Diane, Mike Z, Perry S the gu from Dongan Hills for all the goo times. l'lI remember The Who, g ing mobile, Jersey shor "EVERLAST", E1 all the Flappers New Dorp. Louis Pappa I hope to continue my pia lessons so I can play many classic pieces. I plan to go to college a become an architect and hope open my own firm. I will alwa remember New Dorp for giving 3 lunches every term for the terms I was there. Lisa Parisella Honor Roll - I office secretaryf I yr. and teachers' secretary for yrs. I am planning to go to colle gS.l.C.C.l or seek a position in an ice. Tina Parmigiani Honor Roll, to all of my friend wish the best of luck, to my ba Jimmy, I love you 1-3-78 B. forever. - wi'Il make it!! Than Mom 6 Dad for everything a Mom for understanding. Hock Hockey, Hockey!!! games '79, ' prom '79, all the good times l 78! 5-3-78 and more to come a the sad times 9-3-79 INCC. In future I plan to be a Den Hygienist. si 'Sf ...ff ur-sa .is Margaret Pascacello Honor Key, Perm. Honor Roll, Per- fect attendance, Italian poster con- test, Art Focus, Arista, Usher Squad, ltal. Honor Soc., Art Sale, Yearbook, Spring Festival, photography. - classes at Cooper Union, SVA, 'fl at Parsons - T- Shirts, calendars 6 posters - goodbye Squeegeel I plan to go to art school and major in comm. art - hello Squeegeel Mary Ellen Passalacqua Seaside, Hangin out, the park, Ski trip, sleeping at Dees, Winter 78-79, Anthony's House, Jonis T-bird, 4 in Pete's Vette, Cosmos, Tuts, Bar- bara's house. Thanks to all my friends Gina, Anne, Geralyn, Maryann, Joni, Dee, Laura, Hey Jay! Lori's BBQ, FD, DD, Thanks Dori, thanks Mom S Dad, I love you. Love to my brothers - you're great. James Paterek Karen Patrella Honor Roll, Best friends Fran, Denise, M.C., J.A., Wolfes Pond "Good Times", Tuts, "Loser - Joey CIA but " "exploring tum G.H. 4130" Hylan Blvd. I plan to go to college and study psychology. Lot of love S thanks to Mom 8 Dad, Donna, Anthony 5 John. 1, Q:-'1' , J Deborah Patton I wish to always remember the special moments in my life, and es- pecially the summer of '79, Thanks Mom and Dad. Adrienne Peduto So if you think your life is complete confusion, cause your neighbors got it made, Just remember that it's all a Grand Illusion, and deep in- side we're all the same!!! Styx. Good-bye New Dorp!! Thanks Mary, Doreen, GraceAnn, Paul, W.Q., K.Ll., A.M., P.V., P.L., L.K., P.l., A.P., J.M., M.B., M.F., A.V., K.L., The Bam, Parking lot, Hanging out. "Looks like we made it! Rock "l. Chris Perham Honor Roll 2 yrs., sym. dance band, Senior day, seaside, Hangin' at I I, D.H.'s courtyard, Corner bleachers. Rolling Stones, Buzz, Keith, Mike, Sean, Charlie, J.P., F.M., D.M., Rip, J.M., G.V., The Who, Beatles. All my thanks to Mom and Dad who helped me through these last 4 years. ln the near future I plan to go to college and study computer programming. Joe Perk Hon. Roll, Sr. Council, Capt. J.V. Football, Varsity Ft.ball "Z, J.V. Baseball S Bsktball. Ll.S.M.L. Geepe, Bobby C., Del's Inn '79, Dude Ranch, Velez, "Mama" Bobby "Hulk" Malanga, Frankie "78". Nancy always understands. 4-3 Martin, New Dorp I6 - Pirates 0. Ramos with the big boys now! I plan to keep active and someday coach a ft.ball team, No one will ever know what NEW DORP ftball is about. Thanks to all my friends 6 parents. l'll always be there if you need me. ly E . if ffxxf- H! r, X. if li' gifs 47 I 3 LS ff., L fn' H155 iw.: '51' - 7 S um , XE JW' ,1g1f,w,1 , ff? .. ,F ,V 'Y' 5 x 0 mi" ix Laco- .M--43 Q , 4 Diana Perciballi The Kids are Alright-79 "Rockin on the Bowery" - C.B.G.B's, 2E's, colors, LALIRARORERI the Mag, Wv, Mare, etc I belong to the Blank Generation. My future's bleak. Ain't it neat? Genesis, Lou Reed, OZ!, Rotsa Ruck Fats. "Here we are static in the latter half of the 20th century" -Peter Hammill. "Mummy, Daddy, come and look at me now", the Talking Heads? Donna Perricone Honor Roll, advanced placement biology, summer of '79, Vicki, beach, basketball, Paul S Donna 8f7f79, Datsun, "Good Times", camping 6:00, combs, Fairview, Pa, 6 friends, R.P., H.V. bathing suit. I plan to go to college and major in veterinary medicine. Love Mom and Dad, Rich, "Chips", Lisa Peteley Honor Roll, Boosters, football games, victory parties, ski trip, The Row, upstate, senior year, Art Appr., the beach. Chuckie Babe 3- I6-79, I want your love. I'Il always remember the good times with Hope 5 Richie, K.M., T.W., D.T.. H.O., M.S., P.R., A.E., Big N and Nooky, I hope to be a beautician someday. A special thanks to Mom and Dad for everything. Bruce Petersen Stagecraft 78, 79, 80. l'll remember Scott, The CHASE, Mich, A Sum- mons, Lemans, McDonalds, Tony, Pete, "Drive Me to Work", Mr. Hill for putting up with me. 25? .1 Gerard Petillo Honor Roll - J.V. and Varsity Track, Easter vacation - Tanna's party. Locker Room Brawls Chris - Eddie - Lisa - Pat E1 Kate. I plan to enter a career in Law En- forcement. I had a lot of fun in New Dorp. It's a shame I have to leave. Thanks Mom for everything. Yo- Brklyn. Michael Petosa Joseph Phillips Co-op, three years in Come together Council, special thanks to Mr. Mazza, Mr.ScaIisi, Mr. Lynch and all my teachers. Also to my parents. Joseph Piazza New Dorp xl, Cougar, Islanders, Potoin 802, Yes, South Beach. pizza, chinks, Carmina Bum, Sammy, Brother J., John, Steve, Rudy. Special thanks to Mom 6 Dad. Cuz Viv, Thanks for the chocolate chip cookies Liz that you never made me, where's my jelly- rings Ang? I plan to go to college. Susan Pisicola Honor Roll, AP Bio, Thanks Mom 5 Dad. little Steven James, Bobby Bianco and the great cruiser, Love to all my friends Chris and Gem. Panying! Stones! Neil Young! Rock and Roll Forever. I plan to be a Biology teacher, and to live in Colorado with my boyfriend Bob. Perry Pizzolo Kim Placona Wctor, the one l'll always love, Victor-n-Kim lO!l4f78. Easter bunny, Easter bunny l love you. Grandma kisses, okays, otto, love birdies, Ruggero's, Cathedral, "our promise" inbetweenies, Mom 6 Dad thank you for being the greatest - I love you. Nana S Papa you're the best love ya. Dianne thanks for being the best friend one can have. Judith Polignone Ed Porson Dawn Marie Pospisil Honor Roll, Boosters, play pro, Sr. Chorus, Spring Festival, Stage Craft, Student Senate "Hanging at the Bowling Alley" Grace, Jane, Marybeth, Chris, "Grease", Football games, Victory Parties, The Cars, Cheap Trick, My Brother John, Meathead, Beach Parties, Pinky, Love ya Mom 8 Dad, Grandma 8 Grandpa. My future plans are to be a medical assistant. Micheal Prados Homeroom senator 78-79, l hold good memories of ND. "With a lit- tle help from my friends" VM, JF, EC, JF, my ambition in life is to help people, and live life to its fullest Danny Pretto J.V. 6 Varsity Basketball '77-'80, boomer, soundroom frolics, Mush box, nervous, N.J. party, Bird, sleeping giant, Busted '77 Roseland dancing, Disco xl Paula always xl, strings, no cheek feel- ings, meeting at the beach, senior day, Prom, All my love to mom 8 dad for giving me that extra push, Love to Dinah, Liza. l plan to attend college for med or law, and live the easy life. Anthony Principato Honor Roll, Co-op, I plan to go to, college, later to everyone at Exit 12. Also later to Cal. and to Nat who will never get out! I will really miss the parties! See Mom and Dad, I made it! New Dorp's four years were great! Patrick Prosak Maria Puglisi Diane, Karen, Penny, Andree etc . . . Looks like l'm gonna make it af- ter all. Everybody at P's remember Friday Nights! My M.M. sis RD. - somebody special. Hey Bach! Trans Am. Meet me in the court- yard. Thanks Mom S Dad. Lots of luck to all seniors. Love you all. Always remember the great times we had together. Till tomorrow. I plan to go to business school, then college. Aldo Puletti ,pu-new -c""'7 , gg.--f' Doreen Pulice John 4-18-76 forever, my best friends Ellen, Wendy, Donna, Adrienne, PC, BE, DR, SD, MS, NS, BG, Courtyard, Midland Beach xl, Wendy remember Homeroom 3 yrs. B. Shop, Ellen remember B.K., Donna Remember 1 S 3 2 yrs. Thanks mom 5 dad Love You Both fmom I made ith I plan to go to work after graduation 8 get married. Nicole "78". Joseph Pulizotto I hope to become a successful guitarist in a rock band or get in the music field in some way. Joan Quagliano Wendy Quinn I love you mom and dad, Bryan 6- I7-78 we share the best of times always and forever. Good friends - D.P., E.C., J.S., B.E., D.A. George Radu New Dorp High School Soccer team. JP, DP, JM, TU, EL, JP, PM, Good friends in school. Courtyard. I plan to go on to college and work part time. I'd like to thank my family, friends and New Dorp High for my 3 years here. Nicholas Rafael Honor Roll, Junior Varsity Baseball Freshman and Sophomore, Major Art I, ll, Ill, N, life drawing class. McNight, Pontiac G,P. l will never forget the special friends and memories I had in N.D. H. "How is your beard? Gallo, Morbid, Mega. A.G., S.P., J.S., D.C., Y.E., B.D., P.F. Thanks Mom and Dad. I plan to go to college for Art or Hotel Manage- ment. My ambition in life is to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. The surest way not to fail is to deter- mine to succeed. Paul Raffaele Pete Raffaele Ronald Rainero Honor Roll, V. Football '67, Friday at the cove, The Row, Ski Trip, Florida Easter, seaside, J.H., J.C., D.C., P.C., A.P., J.D., P.C., "Deep case", Breakfast at champs", "Now that I graduated New Dorp, l'Il get an education", Thanks to dad and the rest of the family, "Hows your beard?", "Canary", "The Count", Flounder Murry,Yea-Yea, Pushups and practice, "Dickie". Jennifer Rainey Alright! I finally made it!! l'lI always remember Sharon fTateJ 6 Lori flaini, F.B., JR., 4-1, Hangin out at Nathans, Bowling Alley, Pinball, Prom 77, Partying, munchies, B.L., Boulevard, you D.B., ah go to bed, you never know, Brothers III, W.O., Chair, little millie, five-three wo!!! My future plans are to attend business school to become a legal secretary. mom and dad thanks for being there, without you I wouldn't have made it. Mary Tricia Ralph Leslie Rampulla Rocky Horror Tim Curry "Alan" Chris, Tess, Di, Jay, Pat and everybody else Toast Mesknite "And what is an illu- sion?" My best friend, John - "Like I love you" . . . Space Cadets, OOH NOO Sting Who Con- cert '79 Quadrophenia Peo- ple try to put us down, just because we get around. Things they do look awful cold, I hope I die before I get old 7 HS .fc I Debbie Reddy Honor Roll, S.R., Day, Prom, Midland Beach, Wedding "79", Florida "8O", Love S thanks to mom and dad, S all the D's for everything, Love 6 good luck to all my friends, D.P., E.C., W.Q., P.C., P.H., GP., D.A., A.P., P.P., M.C., K.M., C.Z., l hope they all get what they want in life, l plan to get a job and live a long and happy life. Fred Redmond Perm. Hon. Roll, l thank myself for making it. l especially thank my parents who guided me through life and school. Also l would like to mention Rob, Joe, Bernie and the guys at the gym. Charlie, Sean, John and Ron. To Grant City where l hangout JC, Hoop, TT, PS, and MC, my brothers Vinny and Stephen. Going to college in Florida to major in accounting. Robert Regina J.V. Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball, the Boys! Bobby, Lap, Ronnie, Remsin, John C., Carl, Danny, Tommy, Bart, Tony, Kenny, Chico, Aldo, John M., Yeah Yeah, the Boys' gym, the Movie Theatre, BK Lounge, Don't worry, we'll fix it. Football parties. What's up HarIy?! Thanks to my parents for helping me in school and life. Rosemarie Regina School Senate U78-79-80", Booster "78-79", Ski trip "79", Homecom- ing queen contest, Good luck to all my friends especially Joellen, Cathy, Dianna, Maryanne, "Sanctuaryl', "How spooky", "Who and Who Ang?", Pre-engaged "79" to Kenny my honey, 10-I3-78 "love foreverF', Thanks mom and daddy. Special "love" to you and my family. l plan to study Cosmetology and become a beauty consultant. Marcy Reiman Joseph Remini Hon. Roll, "Seaside 69" Mike, Bob, Ann, Christie, Kelly, Aver, Gateway "I, Dave, Pattie, Russell "Look Sharp" Bill xl, "Born To Run", "The Gang" Cheryl, Jody, Berry's x l , Rob, Toni-Marie, "Take lt Easy" Bob, "Easy Street Band", Judy, Kim, BR, Reggie, Steve, Kevin, Fred, Ronnie, "Chicago", 50, 55, "Backstreets" CJ, Jay, Joe, Christmas Moose, Nick "The BOSS", "Prom 80", Thanks Mom and Bob. June Reschke Arista, lt Hon. Soc. pres., 2 hon. keys, key club, usher squad, cheerleading, Stu. Sen., Sen. chorus, spring festivals, summer "79", games, "cim", conventions, slink and waltz, more passion juice "41", veggie, "one", bagels, sunrise, cotton, love to all my friends espe- cially Rhonda, Stu, Eileen and Donna. Thanks Dara Mom and Dad How about a car? "Kiss today goodbye and point me toward tomorrow." l plan to go to law school. Susan Revano Q.,-.-ef' it-Q 112.37 tf'kL"P' Sansere Reynolds Mom, thanks for everything and for just being there. Also thanks and love to Wanda, Walter Sr., Walter Jr., Theresa and Brigette and es- pecially Grandma. l plan to go to college after high school. K.G., J.R., L.M., V.G., N.A., E.M. l had a lot of fun with you all. Hangin' out. Tysens. summer of 78 6 79, Oh yeah we did it, K.l.T., N.D Lane, Seaside, Great Adventure. Lorraine Richards Good Luck to Patti, J.G., K.L., D.C., J.L., M.M., J.K., A.L., R.C., G.V., J.D., L.L., M.L., and the rest of B.K. crew. Skitrip 79 "Dracula 79" Hanginout NDB, Beach Parties, Cruisin 72 Ford-Nasty Nova, late nights-colonade. All my love to my family, l plan to become a legal secretary. Steve Richards Honor Roll, Senior Council J.V. Football '88 Seaside 79 "Do lt" Please pass the mash potatoes. Senior Day. Those wild homerooms Homecoming escort. Ski Trip. Prom Night. Nite Gallery. Dancing The Row. Guido! Bleachers, Nectar lnn. 5th period lunch. The Great Telephone Caper. Good luck to all my friends. We were bom to be alive! I plan to become a computer technician. William Richards Kevin Richardson Perm. Honor Roll, Honor Key, Science Forum, J.V. and Varsity Football 375 Park and Ride Ac- tivity. Football team and parties, The Kal i'All Power", Anmiscole - a tiny animule - Don't jump off the ship. "Waiting to beat Totten- ville. lt was worth the 3 year wait. The Row, Docks, Florida and not working. Success to all my friends. I plan to continue my studies in a Biological field in college. Lisa Ricotta Farrell Cheerleading, young Chris- tian Students, speech 6 Drama Soc. "Only the good die young" Bany Manilow. "Weed the devil out" Piglet. Dianne, Breakfast for two. Piglet. Dianne, Breakfast for two. Gunther Charge 4fl5!78 Hangin' out at the Berries. All my love to mom 8 dad. I plan to attend college and receive a BS in nurs- ing. Caryann Rigano Memories, Jimmy IO-28-77 T-bone Clarabell, Oakwood, Seaside Car Wash Memory of Wayne: Woody's Atlantic City, Dawn, Robin, FreeBird JHUN "Good Times", "l'm, Crazy about your smile" - Lova ya. Friends Forever Marge, RoseAnn, Keli - Barbara - Paula - Joanie. D,S., S.M., KM, DR, MP, MS, JH - Burnzie AC-DC "Fun House" Roberts NOVA, Amy and Chris. Thanks Mom and Dad - l Love you both for helping me through the best four years of my life. Wncent Rizzi Blondie, Bowie, B-52's, Clash, Ramones, Plasmatics, Generation X, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, XTC, Jam, New York Dolls, Tim Curry, Polystyrene, Runaways, Talking Heads, X-Ray Spex. - CB. G.B.'S Hurrah's, Club 57, Max's, Palladium, Pat, Bob Joann, Joe CRIZJ, Judy, Fred, Mark, John, Diana, Julie, Geri, Hypo, Rock N' Roll High School, - fl am a clichej 53, fexit 121. Cynthia Rizzo Permanent Honor Roll, Sten I award, track I, i'TODD" "The Row" 7f28f79, playgirl 3rd, 4th 5th, lunch, C.R. 8 T.M. 6fI2f79, Courtyard, "Better Late Than Never", NIA IV Ol i'The Hole" The "Bayonne Beast", Negative space 'I' I "Fattaminoochl" Upstate, "The Point" "Thank you for caring" I plan to go to F.I.T. All my Iove to my best friends Phyllis, Judy, Valerie. Elena, etc. S Many thanks to Mom 8 Dad. Dianna Rizzo Gossip Column 8021 . . . E.S., M.V., P.V., Hangin' out - Berry's parties. Crazy Country Club - Dickie 5 Mute Joe, Cath . . . Let's SIM it! Stan 6-3-78 I Love You. Best friend - Cath we had a panic. Lori, Vern, Nan - we were idiots! HI 708 TE - crying sessions. Val, Jan 8 Nat Summer of '78. Ski Trip - R.R. Pathmark - P.F., Friends J.L., C.B., N.S., Prom '78 thanks Joey. Mom and Dad and Steve - love ya, thanks. Sandra Rizzo Burnouts hanging out by the silver doors driver's ed at Farrell, my Hrst trip Billy - don't forget, 4fI4-I5f79 rock and roll will never die Zappa ...J.P. all my special friends I love you all, I hope we are friends forever . . . lt's better to burnout than to fade away I would like to become a psy- chiatrist or a lawyer . . . what a long strange trip its been Thanks mom and dad. I Iove you. Maryann Roberts Perm. Hon. Roll, Gymnastics Team, Photo Ed. Yrbk, Art Sale Comm. Mar, we're late, Senior Days, Glynnda-Aura! Caribbean Costa, The Lons, ski, "Hey Kid!" Kath, Eils Love ya's "Im not hungry, I'Il just pick," Chem Lab, Darkroom, pals Ray, Di, Pic, "I ripped!" meets cabin 8, "My danskins inside out?" Prom, PEPSI Always - you Richie, not Frank. Thanks to my family. "Now we must part . . . should someone ask Who's touched your heart Perhaps you'll answer me. Patricia Roche Honor Roll, Boosters, Student Un- ion Senator, Football games, Vic- tory parties, The Cove, The Row, Ski Trip 78, 79, 80, Senior Day, The Prom, Alicia - I hope we always stay as close as we have been in the last I5 years. Good Friends - Wcky, Joan, Hope Ann, Lisa, Stephanie, Maryann, Theresa S Alicia. fBack S MVR TSFJ l'll never forget fS,K,S,C "78"J Thanks mom S dad for your love. I plan to attend St. John's 8 major in adver- tising. Paula Rogalli Memories of New Dorp . . . Thanks to my family S friends, S.R., M.R., P.R., BF, JH, JS, P.A., VR, EP, MG, AB To MD S JD - l'll always love you both. Remember the Fun. Ca thanks for the times you remembered to pick me up. KVSVWPDG - always remember JKI "Fun House", "Come to me" Augie 5-21-76 We'II be together Forever, Heaven must have sent you" "Bagel Shop", "Prom 79" "Seaside" I plan on becoming a beautician. Mom and Dad, I Love You. Patricia Rogers Honor Roll 4 terms, Lab. Squad lt's finally over! I plan to go to college and someday own my own horse farm. John Romano Honor Roll, Hobbies are collecting old coins and other collectors items. I enjoy music and good times. After going to college I will enter the business field in advertis- ing and finance. "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today". 'JA T'-9 s Michele Rorro Honor Roll, S.Ll. Store, Spanish Club, Play Pro., Ski Trip '78-'79, cutting out, "Grand Marqui", JD, TD, SM, Patty G., Disco's, Mister Donut. Good Luck Nicky and Steve, Class of '81, OOh yea! courtyard. Thanks to all my teachers for their support and un- derstanding esp. Mr. Kaiser 6 Mr. Mark!!?? Ellie, Terry. Spec. thanks to three very special people. Without them my life would be meaningless, Mom, Dad and Grandma. Plan to attend dancing school for choreography. Jeanmarie Rose Boosters, Babes, Kath, Dave, Rob The Best. Fun with Kathy and Sal. Special memories of love and laughter shared with Marie. Love to my favorite . . . Mr. Gerard, Hangin' out, HOLDS", Senior Day "Valley Forge", Seaside, "The Pole", Keg Parties, "Bucko", Remembering always . . . Diana, Bershy, Eddy, Ed- die, Annette, Mom and Dad - Thanks for always being there. Without you I couldn't have made it. I love you both. Bernard M. Rosenstein Permanent Honor Roll, Honor Key, certificate for Bookkeeping, Italian I-N Thanks mom El- dad for all you've done for me. Thank you for always guiding me toward the right path in life. Will always remember Laurie Mottola, J.C., L.G. J.R., S.R., C.S., J.C., F.R., A.G., D.J., F.N.. D.C., B.B., R.S. "The Boss is Back" - Bruce Springsteen "Bom to Run" Foreigner "lg Boston, My sisters Doreen and Debbie. I plan to go to college and major in ac- counting. Barbara Rothman Senior Chorus '78-'79-'80, Spring Festival, "Ferry to New York", Senior Prom, Student Senator, Thanks Mom 6 Dad - Looks like I made it. Love to Steve and closest friends. J.R., M.W., D.C., R.M., J.S., N.R., D.O., A.T., K.O., S.S., D.P., E.C., and Liv. Altos "'1,A.T., Future plans are to go to college. I plan to be a veterinarian. We must never break the chain. 1 Rhonda Rothstein Honor Roll, Key Club, Usher, Senior Chorus, Boosters, Spring Festival, yearbook committee games, parties, conventions, senior prom, vegetarian forever, homecoming pageant, ski trip, let- ters, bagels, summer "79", Cotton, "Let's do it again" Love to all my friends, especially June, AnnMarie, Donna, Marivel, Sharon, Linda, Steve, Mark S Murph, E.W. J.C. Love to Mom, Dad, Shell. I plan to attend college and become in- dependently wealthy. Jamie Rotnofsky Honor Roll, Sr. Chorus, Friends forever: Rampulla's, Denise, Carol, Little A, Lorraine, Sue, C.S., T.M., A.T., C.C., Westfall, Fran - H.O.G.D. - D 8 L meats, My Life, Grand Prix, Cobra, Our Spot, M.B. - Hitten Islands Miller, Freezers, Sea-Side, Senior Day, Oneonta, Frisbee, I I0 P.C. Good times. Plan to go to college to study child psychology. Matthew Ruane Permanent Honor Roll, Swim team 77-80, Captain 79-80, Exit 5, Wack, "How about 5 o'cIock?", "How many's that?", Good times at Flamingo, Florida, "Partying", swimming A.A.LI., Special thanks to Kevin, John and my mom dad, thanks to all my friends. I plan on going to college and taking Business Administration. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need". Terry Runer Love always Mom 8 Dad, Honor Roll, Daddy's little girl, Jim 5127177 All my love, "Summer 77" Best of friends Lori, Roe, Partners in crime, Goofy, D-O-O-Z- Z-E, Masters, Oh sure, 7fI4f79 "Marsh", Really!!! Aw pothole, Shootin'Star, never forget Roe's conferences, always remember J.P., sis Lor good times, C.V. Di - memories - tears of past, Electric circus, Frankie Crocker there I go Again "thanks babe", life is what you make of it, so enjoy!! Michael Russo Mariaelena Saglembeni Thanks Mom for all the love. Special love to my grandparents. Love to Daddy. Memories will last forever, good times, going out, summer '78 and '79, Junior Year great! The things we did. Girls remember the air, "great" memories of guys. Love to my friends Lori, Fran, Michelle, Elizabeth tSpecial friendsj. lam not afraid of tomorrow for l have seen yesterday and love today. If 1 manga RoseAnn Salanardi Memories of N.D.H.S., hanging out by exit 15, cruising with Dina in the Tee-bird, South Beach "L To my special friends Joan, Karen, Liz, we went through a lot together Ski-trip, good times with MP, GB, AF, GD, "Feast of 79" - Michael. Thanks to my grandmother and grandfather l love you both. My future plan is to become a secretary. Barbara Sammon Honor Roll, Lori, Alison, Tracey, Cosmos '78 Prom, Good times, bad times ...guys at 12, Foreigner concert, Sr. Day, Prom Dolores, Diane B, Maria, Diane Z Diane, Deb, Wayne, hanging out, partying, 7th pr. lunch, Sweet l6, xl, B'day parties, Schearefs class, Vinny, Toni, Goodbye E3 good luck to all my friends. I will keep the memories. Love 8 thanks to ma, grampa, Diane and Mandy. .: Q as 1 is '49 't 1 Q 1 f Vincent Sampieri These past few years have been very special to me. Lasting love and gratitude to all my friends es- pecially Mary, Maureen, John, Angela, Pat, John, June, 8 Carolyn. l'll never forget the times we shared, both good and bad. I plan to go on to college. So long New Dorp! Michele Sansone All my love to Mom 6 Dad. I wish my good friends love and hap- piness always tJoann, Donna, Audrey, Kathy, Rosie, Anne Phyllis, Kimi. My four years at New Dorp were really great MichelIe-LOVES- Danny always 3-5-79. tHe's the best there isl. Anthony Santana Diane Santinelli I plan to work hard to be able to travel a little and have fun. All my love to Wnny, 10-I2-78. My thanks and utmost feelings to my best friend Michele. Remembering the greatest times at 41. M.B., S.R., M.D., P.D., R.C., L.S., A.C., M.C., M.M,, S.N., C.N., E.M., B.H., M.C., T.T., P.F., B.P., D.G., KL., D.C., "Disco" I made it. Oh yeeea! Most of all, all my love and thanks to mom 8 dad. "..,,,z N.-' 'T Lisa Santanello Special thanks to Mom and Dad. "Side Street 77" Halloween '77, I surrender. The pizleria. 7-21-78, don't slip. Burnt offerings. One for the road. Special friends. Run and hide. All right now! Rubber steps. the store. ZAP! "Senior Day '79" Bowie who? huh? "Hot rocks 79" O.K.? Exit 12, DL, SM. JI, SS, JP, GS "79 summer, I did it my way!" DREAM ON Barbara Santasine John Scalero Jeanette Scali Honor Roll, Love Rock-n-Roll, "Billy Joel" concert '78, "excellent" Pianoman, Great Adventure '79-ab "oh weIl", "whats up?". "SNL", "oh no!", courtyard - silver doors, good friends D.D., F.D., DS., LG., P.S., R.L. I plan to study music and teach piano. Thanks to people I love-mom-n-dad, Laura and Carol- Anne, best friends, Laura and Edie "Free Bird" - Jeanette-n-Frankie 8-18-79 - "Baby". 18 4 Nicolina Scarcella Prom, Senior day, Joey, Veronica Debbie, Lori, Richie, I will always remember my high school years in New Dorp. Thanks to Mom 6 Dad for everything. l plan to go to college. Bill Scarlino Bowling team, THE WHO, YES in concert 1979, the boys in the band, fJ0hn, Kevin, Billyj, To all my freinds Jimbo, Eric, Paul, Dawn, Joey, Pete. l hope to be successful in college. Joseph Scardino Gary Scarmato Honor Roll, Soccer team, I plan to attend college and to pursue a career in sportscasting. Vx.. Diane Scavo Summer 78-79, scabbo, yella, bunny wabbit, "got any spot", pass- ing the peace pipe, pudd H.R., the tree, courtyard, Senior day 80, Disco, Tuts, Bklyn, Cyclone, Shemphead, BUTTER, oowooow, Hanging outl, MD-n-PA 7f9f79. M.S., D.S., DV, Woody, Led Zep "' 1, "Married Men", Love to Mom 8 Dad, l couldn't have made it without you. Taurusl, Leone's Ice Teas. l plan to attend business school. Eleanor Schaefer Honor Roll 3 terms, Midland Beach 31, everybody handing out at Bev's teenage wasteland, parties, what's up people?, Rock -n- Roll, WPLJ, Best friends Marge, Sharon, Mica, friends from N.O., Michelle, 4th lunch, Bun -n- Burger, senior year, Colony Ave., the beach, R and C, Billy, George, Ronnie, Scott, Jimbo, chuckles, courtyard, weekends, Mich., the band. Thanks Mom 8 Dad. l plan to go to work. Larry Schaefer Good Luck to all the creeps at Exit 12. Remember to do the right thing. Possibly start my own business. John Schnellbacher Varsity track, Football, and special thanks to Mom, Dad, Gene, Gina, Dennis, David, Bobby 6 my other .first class cousins and also Kay, Keith. Summer of '79 Seaside Hts., Great Adventure, July 12th, Carvel, Hunter Mt., and my car that had no "REVERSE". What about Mr. AL "Superman" Gross? "John- N-Gina" 6-18-79. Annmarie Scholz Permanent Honor Roll, Art Focus, Lab squad, Arista, French trip '78, Annie, Roseann, all my friends, l want to go to college and try my very best in the career I choose. Dolores Schott Swimming, Honor roll, Spanish honor society, courtyard, Burger King, 7th period lunch, hangin' out, mailbox, late bells, parties, ski trip, senior day, prom, bleachers, good times, English lll 5, ring night, weekends, horses, piddle, podiongular, to all my friends best wishes in whatever you do, es- pecially Maria tuzziej, Barbara, Debbie and Lorraine and of course Di, Hey mom and dad l made it!!! William Schrieber My favorite hang out between classes is the courtyard and Nathans. l would like to attend the Airforce Academy. Thomas Schwarz Permanent Honor Roll, Literary Society, Newspaper, l plan to go to college and major in journalism. Ronald Scott Permanent Honor Roll, Varsity Basketball, JV Baseball, MC of Language Festival. Ronnie loves Diane il-i7-78. l'll always remem- ber Frankie, Danny, Bobby, Joey, Bemie, Boomer, ADV BB05 "33, "The Berries", Soundroom. Even if l had all the pages in this yearbook, l wouldn't have enough room to give thanks to all the great people at New Dorp! l plan to attend college and get married and have a kid just like me. Robert Searl Honor Roll, Permanent Honor Roll, Football, J.V. football, "too tall" "78", Gung Ho, North Carolina, I plan to go to college. Marianne Sharpe Honor Roll, Swim Team, Lots a love to my friends - T.W. - E.W. - GM. - J.B. - M.G. - P,W. - L.P. - D.T, - PR. - JM. - C.R. - G.C. - A.S. - H.O. - A.E. - Kings Row - Tues, "Jack in Back" Thanks to a wonderful Mom. Luv ya Mini, Spntzer. Live, love, laugh, and be happy, Special thanks to Mr. Grieco. Ronnie Shatilla Thanks to my parents and family for inspiring me, and hangin' out with the boys Curcio, Carlton, Chico tKatol, Ginz, Bob, lap, J.P., Woolie, Reggie, Bart, Butkus, Albee 8 Dee, yeah-yeah, l plan to go to college and become a fashion designer. AMN 3 X -1 .,!,, Annmarie Shenton Student Union Treasurer, Homecoming queen '78, Student Senator 3 yrs., Come Together Council, Love to my family and pals - Batso, Roe, Janet, Angela, Lynn, Maria, Bernie, - Punk is in, I Love you Fredo 8-16-79, South Beach, pass out, love ya Rocky, Rangers, wacky Rae, captain S., Fiesta, 134, Thanks Mr. M., Ba-Ba, Lovely D.E., F.M., T.P., Elton, eat scungilles, Park V. 5f3O, Duquay, Mr.Bo., l plan to become a lawyer. Betty Shifrin Permanent Honor Roll, Track team, crazy, long days, good times, lots of friends, endless phone calls with Jeanne, fun summers, bike riding, ski trip, what a laugh, gymnastics, rushing to class with Janine, still pooped from track, sore muscles, fun, laughs with the guys at R.G.C. Love to mom, dad, Paula, thanks for all your help and for putting up with me. l plan to go to college. Kenny Siderwitz Honor Roll, Track awards, Key Club, Track, Good luck to all my friends and the track team. l plan to continue school and major in retail- ing. l then want to go on and make my first million, Demetri Silas Liz Silver Perm. Hon. Roll, Arista, honor keys, Argonaut clubs and activities editor, cheerleader, Key club, Usher squad, Staten lsland Ad- vance correspondent, Fr. Honor Society, Student Senate, tennis team, Homecoming '79, l'm a licensed driver. Ohkay! whatt! clam pizza, iced teas, chemO3, avec Karen, aisles tou ours, Bing baby, what a guyl, hi Humphrey, Sandra, Johanna, et moi des meiulleures amies touiours. "The Way We Were", college. "lf dreams came true, oh, wouldn't that be nice" B.S. Veronica Simbonis l plan to attend college and pursue a career in business. Susan Simon Maria Simone Me and my RC, canowishing you were here! 3rd period rap. - Thanks Mr. Monahan, LJK how's your grine? Ski trip, MlMl "75", Newport, always remember J.P., Coop 1980, Weebles Wobble, Pam, Esta, Hey Jody - California here we come!! "Love to Rocky" Love my nonna, let go my eggo, Hug ART, To my sisters, oh, Gee, Gosh! To Ma 8 Dad "I love you". rim Q' 1,-.QU 'As 5 Joseph Simonetti I finally made it! Long live Rock, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Cars, Queen, Cheap Trick, all my friends Scot, Artie, Sal 8 Cathy, Gene, Marie, ED.P., EDW., Diana Dominic, John. The century, N.D. bleachers chevy power, my sister Laura, thanks Mom - I love you. Joanie Sinagra My Memories of N.D.H.S., S.B. Girls against N.D. girls, "What a game", the prom with J.R., "Exit 15", Frankie 6 Annie, "Stella" A.M. All my love to my friends Roe, Liz, Karen, Shawn, Carryann, sugar bowl girls, N.D. girls. Never forget not going to gym 6 Hanging Out. Mom 8 Dad, Love you Both, my Father ll-4-75. I plan to attend Robert Fiance and become a hair stylist. Elisa Sinclair Swim Team, Love and Thanks Mom and Dad, the beach, the cellar, CVDA, the good and bad have always turned out to be the best. Lisa, Allison, Darcy, Lois. Friends are the Fortune of the world. Eric Sjogren Co-op Group B, I hope to go on to college and get a degree in elec- tronic engineering. Best of luck to the class of '8O. Jonathon Small Christine Smith Chorus, Tennis, "Hanging Out" Tessie, Diane, Leslie, Maureen tg- manl, J.R., especially to my boyfriend Mike whom l would not have made it without. P.S. love ya all, not going to English. I plan to go to college and major in psy- chiatry, Later on, I plan to go into acting. Diagra Smith Diane Smith Honor Roll, Ding Dong, Lenny's Pizza, "I will Survive" IO-24-78, Disco, Nicky-N-Karen 8f1lf79, Alfa Romeo, Brooklyn, Jersey Shore, SMITH, Clamdigging, the Kitchen, K.D. Kim we'll always be friends and never forget all the great times we had together. Love 6 thanks to mom, dad S family. I plan to attend college for Business Administration and to be very happy! at Q N 1 'VS 99 '4 Jayne Smith Honor Roll, ski trip, vandies, walkers, B.P.L., rocks, factory, St. Pat's day '78-'79, Del '79, Cars con- cert '79, firebird 69, 4:30 am, My good friends Terry, F.W., S.B., E.W., K.H., D.H., W.Q., M.J.C., Dinkynne, wiggy, patuskies, fingers, hangin' out, thanks mom and dad, and the three J's and an E, I plan to attend college for den- tistry. Let the good times roll, Joseph Smith Maureen Smith I enjoyed my three years at N.D., but I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Fluhr for his help and understanding. I plan on going to college for nursing, and staying close to my friends. DN, PP, JW. TM, Jack-N-Maureen, MS, MR-CS, MR, PP, and DP. LouAnn Sozio Honor Roll, Co-op A, I will never forget all the memories I leave behind at New Dorp special thanks to all the friends I have made over the years, and I will never forget them. I plan to live a happy and successful life and get the very best out of it Maddalena Spero Gymnastics '79-'80, Bowie, Bowie, Bowie! We could be heroes forever and ever! Disco Mary '78-'79, hot- shot cuginettes, Lori S Earth, Wind S Fire '77, AP -n- J.S. '75-'79, Kitty Carlo '79, "Li'L Kit", Cyclone, Bklyn, "goes", Don't Stop Danc- ing, ltal. '78, Ll.S.A. European Con- nection, Pokey, "the Boys" MB, "Little Star", Flash H Continen- tal Mark lll, Harley-Davidson xl, White Buicks, Seville '79, "RIS El- Do", MP, Disco nights" Blossoms, Azure, Caps. Leones Iced tea" the 8 o'clock song down in, "Love town" Love you, Mom 6 Dad 8 gramm. Scott Speroni Life guards "79", McSorleys, swim team, Broccoli, karate, Tracy Kimby, south beach broads, Dynomite, Cyn, Wilda lead me on, Salv '21 "she's Beat", J.C., Boys, Rich, Fred, Lets climb it, Lutz, hammer-head, oh sit, Bill Sniffy, Todd Dono, Harold, Joe Smithy, Friends, I love N.Y., Chicago, dad, loner, crewcuts, Beach boys, oh my knee, hypo, runaways, 50's, Eagle, "reardons", I love you mom, Thanks! Alison Spodek Permanent Honor Roll, Bowling Team 78, 79. Saturday nights, 66 Dodge, Summer '78, Bowling, Always remember very special friends Paula and R.R. Never forget times with S.M., T.W., M.S., and TU. Lots of love and thanks to my brothers G.V.V., and especially mom for always being "there". Had a good time at N.D. and met some really nice people for which I will always remember. Plan to attend F.l.T. and major in merchandising. Keith Spodek Permanent Honor Roll, Arista, Spanish Honor Society, A member of the bowling team for three years, Champs 77-78 season, Paddleball, A.S., P.S., M.S., T.Ll., Lisa, I plan to go to college. l'm the original aluminum siding man. Thanks to all my friends and especially mom. Tami Stanzoni Homecoming '78, Christmas play, '78, Internship St. Wncent's, Dance 05, Office Sec. 1 13, Play Pro, More than the best thanks mom, dad, sisters, and the guys, Jeanine and James, E.C., L.D., L.B., R.V., A., J.T., M.G., J.S., L.D., Mrs. C., Mr. G., Louise, "That's life", H.B. queens, D.P., Tut's Girls, Farrell, Dejavue, "And", Dem's", l plan to study medicine. Edward Stouter SLI. Wce pres., Varsity baseball, basketball, football mgr., spring festival ferry to New York, Spring festival '80, play pro, varsity an- nouncer, consultative council, Yankee Stadium 6f6f79, theatre trips, special thanks to Mr. Debetta, Mr. Pecoraro, Mr. Milza, Mr. Perazzo and Mr. Bocchino, for all their help. Thanks mom and dad for making me happy. l plan to go to college and major in communication, thanks New Dorp it's been great. Tracy Susino Coop B, Ski trip '79, '80, Thanks Mr. Lynch, Rap, Camp friends, LE, TR, DG, JM, JT, MBO, EH, Hi Kelly! fR,P.l lA.C.l TC, JT, "Tringle", CD.E.J, Vroom! Ted - Austin A - thanks Dad, Q7-205, lnopedl, SOM, Mr. Bill, Hunts, "Maintenance", "There's a rat" Ha! lN.D.B.J, "BpBpBA", T.T.x2, A E, W, Seaside 8-'79, Exit 5, CM.D.J Thanks Mom and Dad, l love you, Freebird. Lisa Tack lcan finally hear the music! After all the years of continuous mistakes, I'm finally going to graduate. l've waited for this longer than anything l've ever waited for. l'd like to give an unthinkable amount of thanks to my family 8 friends for believing in me! ln the future, all l want is to be loaded up with music, art 8 ad- venture. Barbara Ann Tammaro Memories be N.D.H.S., hanging out with my fl'iends. Pat-N-Steve, LA, LG, BM-N-AS, JG-N-VC, MJ-N-JJ, AB, KJ. Thanks to mom and dad. Love you both. My future plan is to go to college and try to become a lawyer and to enjoy life. Goodbye to New Dorp High. Lisa Tantillo l made it! Love to Mom + Dad. Hi! Old friends. hangout "78, 79" school was the best, Maverick the pole, Uncle Mel, The Apt., Don 3f28f79, l want a bologna sandwich, hugs XXOO, Chips Toroino, lln the Moodj, Tears of love. Love to brother Sal, Sis Franca, Hi! Fran, Mary, Plan to work in the Big Apple. Coop A. Michael Tapper Golf Team: l would like to thank DXA, MXA, TIC, and LXC for all the help they gave me for my whole life. l would like to go to college and work myself up to Bigger and Bet- ter things. MaryJean Tarangelo Perm. Honor Roll, Honor Keys, Arista, Art Sale Comm., Student Senate, Yearbook staff, John 7-15- 78, Carol's party, Willowbrook park, June l, 1978, Operation C, ski trip '79, '80, Jenny S Steve Prom '79, good friends always Maryann, Roe, Carol, Dizzy, Debbies, Joy, Donna, Loraine, Mark and all my Burger King pals, Two Out Of Three, Senior day, 3rd period pinochle, "Summer came and passed away, hardly seemed to last a day". All my love to mom, dad 8 gram. .ummm Debbie Taverner Honor Roll, Gary 8-20-79, Helen, good times S good friends at N.D, T.W., L.T., P.R., M.S., D.T., KM., Rustler, T.l., Walter, "roms", court- yard, Jr yr 2 8 3 Mr Donut 6 Blim- pies, Prom night, shore, ski trip, up- state. Love ya S thanks mom E1 dad. Joseph Tenneriello J.V. E, Varsity Football 389. Joe Ten, cigars, 6 figures. Centrals xl. Bangin, Spartin, GO-GO. How's year beard? Big Bill - Gloryboy. John, - "Lets get to work" Toto - catch the ball. Here's Johnny. Never forget the great times and friends in New Dorp. Joe E- Eva 4ever 4f27f79 Wuz-up 21 really 19. B-Russians, B.B.B. Beach Par- ties, S.W., D.S.B Good Luck to all my friends. I plan to attend college. Thanks Mom E1 Dad. Chris Termimi Honor Roll, JV. Baseball, Chem. with Vinny, Lou's, The Cars, 5th period gym, The Point, Those Beach Parties, catch you later "J.J." Good luck to all my friends. l plan to go to college and become a computer technician. Antoinette Tesoriero Arista, Honor Key, Fr. Honor Soc., Sailor Snug Harbor Exh., Perm. Hon. Roll, Art Focus, Art Sale. French trip '78 MOMA Exhibits. l will always remember Junior year with Rosanne and 5th per. lunch, A.P. Art, and all that l learned about myself and my world here at N.D. "To know is to experience" - Wn- cent Van Gough. WD, DP, AnnMarie, Fran, Densel. l Hope to study art, travel, and do my best. Marylou Tidona Gymnastics, Play Pro, Boosters, Miss New Dorp Contest, Teachers aide, "Cadillac Sedan De Wie", Disco Nights, Dancin, Cruisin. Good Luck people, We Did lt!! Thanks Mom 8 Dad. To all the crew - Susan N., Karen R., Jill T., Grace V., Marie C., Diane V., Lisa, Sue, Joey R., Mike, Diane 6 "ALL MY LOVE TO CLAUDE" 6f2O!78. To New Dorp High 8 All Beautiful Memories l'll Cherish Forever. Darrell Tobuck Eric Tomkiewicz JV and Varsity Football. To all my friends new and old thanks for all the good times and also to the foot- ball team. Thanks to Fred and Jim to whom I can call my brothers. I plan to start working after gradua' tion, then eventually college. LONG LIVE ROCK. Christopher Torre Hockey Team, I will remember the team - Stemer, J.D., Vinny, Tony, Imp., John, Keith, Joey D, and all the rest - Beach Parties - Bleacher parties - camp - Thanks Mom 6 Dad for putting up with me through the school years. Plan to open my own business and have a lot of fun. David Torosian Perm. Honor Roll, Swim team, The Dave's, Kansas, Queen, ELO, Boston, Seaside, Ski trip, Peyton Place. "I will never forget Patti 9f6f79." South Beach Crew, Coun- try Club, Spring Festivals, Toga Party. Cosmos Paddleballxl. Thanks MOM 8 DAD 8 DAD 6 MOM I Love You All Very Much. I plan to go to college and become a professional. Anthony Tramarchi Anthony Trocchio Graphic Media shop 2 yrs., thankf you Mr. Sam. lt's Hnally over. Going to be an airline pilot. Steve Trotta Permanent Honor Roll, JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Yankee 6f6f79 - City Champs Baseball "79". Thanks for all the great times - M.Z., Liz, Teresa, Geri, M.C., H.H. 6 J.D., M.K. lLet's Schemej, L.B., S.C., Pam, C.C., A.G., Boo, L.S., S 6 V 5 M, Hey you - Charlie Brown - Mr. Peck. Thanks Mom 8 Dad. Plan to attend college. AnnaMarie Truncali Honor Roll, Perfect attendance, regents diplomas. SU. Senator, Of- fice ll7 Secretary, dance, Sr. Chorus, Spring Festival l"New York, New York"J Key Club. Thanks to all my friends whom l love and all my love to mom, dad, Ro and Paul. Peters, Fox Lane, New Dorp and College is Next. Love, trust, and "Honesty" always. "Even Now" l'll never forget you New Dorp. Take Care. Nunzio Tucci Jacquelyn Tully Co-op A, Lewis ll-30-77, good friends, DG, TR, JM, LE, TS, MBO, Seaside '79 - Let's do it again girls! Where's Belmame? Ski trip '78, '79, '8O. Cot man! Food? Come on it's easy! Hello fresh face - Tricia, Exit 5, Exit 12, Bleachers, Dew Drop Inn, Well blow me down! Oh darling. Yes '77, '78, '79, Prom '80, REDALERTL Enjoy life as it comes. Thanks Mom + Dad. FREEBIRD Mike Tumminello 3 Thomas Turner Jill Tyson Booster treasurer, swim team, Miss N.D. Contest. Disco, Boy's Gym, Prom '80, Sr. Day, Memories forever of J.D. 3-12-77. "Marie, we're late!" "l'm in love, fagainlf' T.G.l.F. l plan on attending Bar- bizon for fashion merchandising. Love and luck to all my friends es- pecially Marie C. Tom Upton Honor Roll, JV Basketball, Bowling team, "66" Dodge, "Paul Spode" Meyer Bird, K.S., A.S., M.S., J.V., R.F., Pinksheep, Junior, "Devil", "Blacksheep", W.H.-LLIVS-F.F. lJ.F. S D.V.J, "Bandit", Bob McAdoooo! "L Thanks to Mom and Dad. "The answer my friend" "ls Blowing on Acom Street" Los Angeles xl, Dodgers, Rams, Lakers. Going to Navy or Air Force. Want to take a long joumey somwhere, someday. Karen Llrso Dancing school, Good luck to all my friends. l'll always remember you. JoAnn - you B 6 W, Gina C., Lisa P., Caren you B 8 W, Plateau, Bagel shop, mailbox, Yeah-Yeah, lm hungry, Concord, disco. Good Times with Robert in LS S PS. Oh no Mr. Bill! l'll give you such a crack! Thanks Mom, Dad 6 Brothers for your love and un- derstanding. My future ambitions are to spend the rest of my life with Robert and become a fashion buyer. Robert, l'll always love you. Forever yours Karen 8-26-78. 2 news fs' s f R K Q : X. I Diane Vaccaro Finally made it! Good luck to my friends: SV, GM, GV, MC, TD, GC, MT, KU, JT, CC, JD, DF, CC. Bkkg with Ca S Grace. H.R. 8021, Boosters "78". Bobby-n-Diane 5f19f79. "You can't change that", "TD" Lenny-n-Jennie 7f1Of78, Pathmark, Amboy Rd., Thanks to my family, Duster, Cruisin, UE, UE, Beach. Theresa Valentine Honor Roll, foreign language festival, French N Can-Can boys. A special thanks goes to my family and friends near and far. New arrival Chris, Liz, Bobby, Wckie, Lou, Yankees, Crispy, Charlie's Angels. l plan to work, travel. Nancy Valerio Libary Squad, Co-op program, Doherty's, Reflections, Tuts, Disco ffl, SR, VA, MG, Linda, Pat + Ed. Life is what you make of it. lf you love something set it free, if it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't, it was never meant to be. l plan to go to business school and have my own business. John Van Duzer 2 Honor Keys, Boys' State, Perm. Honor Roll, Spanish Honor Society, Track team. Thanks to everyone who gave me the love, help and in- spiration to make it. Special thanks to AG50, OM, DA, TU, JH. l plan to pursue a career in medicine. l Rafael Vargas Computer Math, l'm a big hockey 'ang especially of the New York Rangers and l also like baseball, and soccer. l'm just glad l'm Hnally out of here. I plan on going to college and someday opening up my own business. Phyllis Vastola Honor Roll. Love 8 Thanks to Mom 8 Dad, you've both been great. My best friends Judy fmy other halfj and Cynthia, Val 8 Dawn, we had too many good times to forget. E.K., D.R., C.V., J.D., A.M., T.D. Summer fun at the row 7f28!79, The Point, and Upstate. Lunch 3rd, 4th 6 5th. "Mooch". "W.C.F." The 8021 Gossip Column, C.V., D.R., L.C.. E.S., E1 M.V. Mark 1-6-79. l plan to go into fashion design. Susan Vecchiarelli l'm glad l'm finally out but the only thing is l'm going to miss my friends - l had a really good time. I wish the best of luck to all my good friends Gi, Diane, Debbie, Karen, 8 Stephanie. Thanks also to my parents - l love them both, Homeroom 8021 DV, KU, GV, MT Good-Bye! Salvatore Velez Honor Roll, J.V. and Varsity football, '21 hockey, Queen, Tuzy 31, Bobby 22, Scott, Anthony, Mooch's Billy, Joey, Harold, Tracy, Mica, South Beach girls, hammer beat nipples, workouts, NATURAL, gym doors, jocks, Rangers, perm, con- cord whipped, Thanksgiving touchdown, Dirt bonus Smelba, l plan to attend college and be suc- cessful in life. Thanks Mom 8 Dad for all the help and love. 193 Maryann Vergona "RELlNlTED" CARL Always 2-18- 78. Wherever I am, you are there also. Honor Roll, I wish my friends Liz, Nikke, Mary, Dee 6 Amelia all the love and luck in the world. -- Friends are Forever - Gossip Column 8021 - Lee, Di, Cath, Lor, and Phyll. Sten I7 - good times. Love to Doreen. Thanks to Mom and Dad for all your love and guidance throughout my high school years. Michael B. Vergona Permanent Honor Roll, Photography Club, Track Team, X Country, Key Club Treasurer, Beach Parties, convention, go for it, Bill's House, Maryland, excursion, wings up, scavenger night, Hell No, track team, special feelings for my Pat, goodbye to all my friends and Chrystal. I owe everything to a great mother, Thanks Dad. I plan on go- ing to college and being successful in whatever I choose. Salvatore Villani Academy Swimming, Seaside Heights tThe Bat Mobilel, weekend parties at Dongan Hills, Ron, Mike, Joe, Pat, Perry and his deep sixes, "Joe the Greek", My Generation, "jamming", The Who, Led Zep- pelin. A special thanks to my mom for putting up with me in my high school years at New Dorp, Lenny T. Long Live Rock, Jeannie L. "John the R", "Florida Flappers 79". Catherine Viscione Honor roll, Greatest times with Joe 8f17f79, best friend Dianna "my second sister" - and Stan, Jimmy and Lori, SIM it, HI 708, our crazy gang MV, ES, TR, NS, CB, PV, JL, Hanging out, Berry's, Beach Par- ties, Lori, Vern, Janet 6 Nan, Roe, Nat, Val, gossip column 8021, ski trip '79, "Step inside pIeaseI", the summer of 78 S 79, Pathmark PF, LB, GD. Love ya Mom, Dad S Yvonne - Thank you for everything. ...vii G" , ..-1' 'El- Grace Wtale Cheerleader 78-80, Football games, "Z" "38, N.D. 31, ski trip "79", Jodi please believable, Wiggy, Great BK buddies, JD, KD, LL, KS, LR, PM. TG, TM, ML, TB, MF, and Chuck. Heys it's no problem, TDF 1116178 Bkkg with Di and Ca. Special summertimes. Thanks Mom 8 Dad, I love you. Will never forget the great times in N.D. Good Luck 8021. Plan to work after graduation. Teresa Walsh Honor roll, swim team 4 yrs, best of luck swim team, good times at the "Row", Jack Whitman, senior day, beach parties, Belmar, Lynch boys, Factory, Cove. Thank you for mak- ing N.D. enjoyable E- memorable for me. M.S., E.W., L.P., D.T., H.O., A.S., M.R., P.R., A.E., J.B., I wish you all good luck in the years to come. I plan to be a secretary and enjoy life to its fullest. Thanks Mom and Dad and Family. Lois Westfall Perm. Honor Roll, Basketball, Tennis, summer 78, Yes concerts, the point, summer 79, Sharon - fight much at Doug's, Kay - yesmobile, Brockport, Jimmy Bymes, parties - good times with friends. A special place in my heart - Mark, Katie, Meg, Dawn Elisa, D.G., RR., J.L., J.M., I love you mom 6 dad - thanks for the best years of my life, "Long live Rock" the Who 9-18-79. Raymond Whalen Michael Whaley Working for weekends summer of '79. Thanks DJ Ramblin Willie I5-I M.T.J. Never say never. Watch out for hydrants and walls. MaryAnne Wilson Volleyball, basketball, chorus, play pro, Arista, Perm. honor roll, honor key, volleyball games, practices "got it", "maybe this time we'll win", "get P.R. "l2", Right Jen?, my pal, S.P., A.G. altos xl, J.P., L.C., M.G., partners, H.R. lll, All my friends on the block, cuzies Donna and Cathy, Derek, Karen, Graham, Mary, Lisa, Deb, and all you're the best. Thanks Mr. Liv and Mrs. Boggia for all the favors. Love always mom and dad for everything. Luck and success to all. So long New Dorp. Terrence Wilson Stasia K. Woitkowski French Honor Society, Play Pro, Sr. Chorus, Memories live forever, the good times strawberry fields, Volkswagen, beach parties, sayo T.B.K., did library, exit 6, the city concerts, parkslope Brooklyn, pyramid, the Kennedy's, New Dorp, Rosebank, Concord, Love to my friends - Kathy, Dennis, Anthony, John, Gina, Norma, Randi, Rob, Dave, Donna, Tommy, Jimmy, a special place for gun. Stacey loves Willie, Long Live Rock, Special thanks to my family. A-wr Richard Yamarone Permanent Honor Roll, JV Football, Varsity Football, C2 yrs.J Senior Chorus, Richie-n-HopeAnn l0f3lf78, ski trip, operation 1124179 IGMHD, Prom, Sr. Day, "55, '72, Flynnstoned, Saffo, Richie, George, Ed, My brother Rob, Pop. Love and thanks to Mom and Dad. Aug. 21 Springsteen, The Lord is awaiting for you all to awaken and see G.H. Electrical Engineering at AT S T. Diane Zaborowski Permanent Honor Roll, 2 Honor Keys, Arista, Fashion Designing, N.Y. Thanks Mrs. Boggia, sewing class, Mr. Bocchino "No, l didn't pose for that poster!" Good friends - Barbara, Cathy, remember Senior Day poster, Franki, Terri, Danny, Sound room, basketball, Thanks Mom S Dad, Joey and Steven, best friends Regina, "dead tree". Diane luvs Ron llfl7!78, Drivers Ed, puddle, wet feet, only kidding, Time flies Elizabeth Zawadski Perm. Honor Roll, Honor Keys, Arista, Spanish Honor Society - VP, Chorus, Photo, Track, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, JV, Var- sity, City lndividuals. We've got the team, Football Games, Centrals "I, Seniors '79 8 '80, smile, ted- dybear, Go Navy - ANNAPOLIS, Live and Learn, Diff' rent Strokes for Diff' rent Folks, Patience and Per- severance. Special LOVE 6 THANKS TO ALL - Guy, Robert, Franny, Grandma R. 6 A., Grandpa - Especially MOM S DAD! Noemi Zeno Thanks! and goodluck to all my friends like Yori, Gina, Loren, Nicky, DH, KH, MW, AB, KW, DS, CH, ZR, TR, DC, Dorinda and especially AC fl wish you the bestl. I plan to go to college and study executive secretarial work or court stenography. Puerto Rican Dis- covery Day Program 77 6 78. And a special thanks to Mom, Dad and my brother John for helping me throughout the year. "And good bye to the handball courts". CAMERA SHY Robert Baiera June Benya Stephen Best Anthony Cajigas Peter Carfagna Kenneth Castle Joseph Chiara Anthony Coloreo Jerry D'Aniello John Deane Joseph DeFranco Louis Delfino Vincent DeMaso Catherine DeMatti Richard Dewar Mark Dianora Linda Discenza Ronnie Driesch Demetrice Dunn William Eidtson Julian Espinosa Patricia Fantoli Cynthia Farley Michael Figueroa Robert Flanagan John Fratello Raymond Fremer Kevin Galletta Cynthia Govan Steven Grillo James Haas Kenny Hansen Roy Hill Michael Janaskie Karen Kruger Jackie Lennon Anthony Leary Debra Lagan Steve Love Michael Zielinski JV 8 Varsity Football, Academy Swimming, Seaside, Poor Richards, snagged Senior Day, D'Angelos Killers, Locker room Gghts, Beatles, can't make the club in the pub, locked out again, Bud, Steve, Charlie, Rich 8 John B., Tuzi, John, Bobby, Ronnie, Capt. Bill, Sal, Perry. Thanks Mom S Dad for putting up with me. Helen Mahoney Margaret Mahoney Steven Marciante Joe Martuscelli Craig McAllister Teresa Minucci Deborah Mitchell Richard Montalbano Michael Murphy John Odorisio Anthony Orlando James Orlando Albert Padilla Scott Palumbo Jacqueline Pate Dave Peterson Doreen Petosa Audrey Pirella Alex Pisarik Tom Polise Timothy Pope Steven Puccio James Pugliese John Radigan James Rafferty April Raia Frank Rocchio Joe Romano Wncent Romano Andrew Santaseine Gilbert Schweiger Scott Sliger Jacqueline Smith William Smith Michael Stemnede Terrence Sunsheimer John Tate James Williams A- K D f D P -Q , i X.-MQ" 'tr-' gs. - ' ff' I ll ,X kai 'ff Q- '. V ' ',9":u. 'i V Yi ,f ...ff ' l'ts:3f?:iV' if ily isis: V. ' ff - ' "' ', wg my X 5' X? it ' 244' Theresa Zimmerman Perm. Honor Roll, Boosters 78-80, Virginia Beach fOh Yiell, Lake G 5 L, in all situations. The "Haven", "PHANTOMlZED" "Sl.lP! Go back, Senior days f98OJg ski trip '79 8 '8O - the best! Hey Slick! "Yea Rip" you sickiel A.T., G.T., M.T.M., Jakes l, ll, lll 8 N, My Minn. Bro. S sister-in-law Marie C79 - alwaysl. Going to college, To all my friends, much love, especially in my memories of Steve and Tim. A special love to my parents and family. .. N , ss. xl, -.V xfcv , ., It ,Yi l ' ' it . ' v 153: !f 11 2. X A xt its' -7 wi Q! ,. P ,u Q JZYYXDP Qqzfg90 5 M azz 2922 4.1 dyjyaiimm 2 XR, X N I f .,,., , :R Swain SENIOR DAY COMMITTEE Angela McCabe Geralyn Baranello John DeYoung 4- Pat Mazza Jennie Laino, Advisor 98 Jw' A-Q V , ,. J ff! J, ' . NBQQQ Q, 11- ' , L". "1 - A z. S X 'z '.., M- K ii? K Q, 4 7 Wa 'Vw 3 ,R fu, 'E S. 5? S ,,, I , I Hy. E ,Q .5 Y ig . , 3 4 . ' 1 Q n , X ' ,. llhu S Ne exxx Class Genius Debbie Ancona, Bernard Rosenstein SENICDR Class Lovebirds Hopeann Cespino, Richard Yamarone Most Shy 200 John Romano, Mary Diamond Class lndividualist Ed Stouter, Liz Caggiano CELEBRITIES Best Looking Terry Runer, Joe DeFranco Class ActorfActress Lynn McGlinchey, Bruno Casale I U' x Q, ff. Class Athlete Class Clown Blll Beschner, Jenny Herrmann Ronald Shatilla, Diane Natalicchio Best Dressed Geralyn Baranello, Bruno Casale 'X .5 :eff ' X' 'f I ,iz s J Class Citizen Class Flirts Angela McCabe, Ron Ciambassi Fran DiPilli, Ron Shatilla Class Chatterbox Joy Kusas, Thomas Dougherty Most Popular Frank Laino, Liz Caggiano 203 'E .nam mm MQ XS, f, el. 3 56 U M. V LE 2, rf K gf fa, , 'S K3 M2 ,M ,, 4 'M ,f J' V , .4w,,.3,,,, - f. W M V. f A gk ,'V,"", I n .ge . ,mf A ,.v,, A A,,,- ,. ,W . 7,,UL5,, Ml , ,Q N , ,,.h ,wx : ikiimfwyyylkgyys ,f:: WWWW' 1 f",k U3f4ZWQ ,:,f,24gy q,,:.s,.- 1 L Wm, ' , ' f' M 4 Ai , 3 f 1 s , . a ,Jw W 42" 1 1 'e L ,Q f - E4 I 5 , 6 g , 3 1, 41, , X s . E . ,, ,, , Q . 9 4 Q fx! "" rf , iw 1 M ai 'il Q .Xi -'37 :av , , .. 3 Aw ' Q wk,,sQ.xS fx , ff-'K - ' A , , 4 - Q .5 ' -.-' s K fda y . 112 x , ' - A -. 'N 3 y . L4 , ,. gg .. Q E1 f 1 k,,.:N"f'k 'W 2 w wx A Q, D5 lf? ? L - Q " ll 1, gg 4 1 in , Qi S 1 X Q . M s Q mwxjw-WA SSS? ' k W' , A Q X w"1 giiiiwfl - i 4 Q '- 'f-1-f' f r , , 33""j,,g,,1,.H. L 3 5,,,,sXWif' , - f . Q 'H Q t-,Q K E T x + k Q ' , A. . - .X S '. .Saiaulv V ,M 6 ,Q K A L A L, k H --jf, Y ' . ' 3 M 1 - ' .. 'Q :- ka 2 -.5 -,551 x j - ff a. N Y 1 Q 3 A S- il s 'Wg ,ww . 1 Q ' ' - X ,,g: , ... QE 5 4 an . X 5: ' '- Q 3 f ,N ww , .-.N - V5 L Aki X X QW YA ,W 5,3 , . ' fu..-.. - . X wo- V - - ,. W A L5 1 -- Y Q ff My -QA. 3' L. 'Q Q 4.. X: 'H zihsmfw A Q.. . ., -N b 1 -4 is 5, ,fwvft 1 W' 206 EDITO RS 1 K S i - . CE 3 WWMW if Linda Mussillo Editor-in-Chief Margaret Pascocello Clubs and Activities Editor Tom Mirabello Layout Editor Beth Cohen Copy Editor , 1 Cathy Chucknick Layout Editor S J A Kenny Francis Sports Editor HS gi 7' ff' X Maryann Roberts Photography Editor 7 " Nikke Arvanites Faculty Editor Jane Finkelstein Senior Editor Liz Silver Assistant Club and Activities Editor 207 208 w- .M 7 11 And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. Gibran 3 + z a 2 1 2 3 1 , ,wt ' K , gif, 5 ,. ,. 39 .ff,:5"1iQ!if -L ::f.'1'QLfE,f:,z'55"tf'j3 2. k,..,q4:,'f. fr-'J'-1 ' , af r, ...,-,LQ-fQ5,"-Zifff, ,S xi., -,..fg1w1',.,ff,,-'ga rw- -g..w,:',- ,w' X - 1 af4.f42+-'2fff.:,':'a'f':f'3.'flmu-,Qi?6Yf.X -,e , if " Egg.f? f x TVANQ1- x - ' A5-1.'3'5f':T.-ff'u?fg',,-"'T "'Q+"1' "r'f-,oN'p ' So..-., , wtf- -cz--'Jf, ,pew "'.'.L-'G' 4 ,Q-xtv my t 1 J-f. ff'-'Jw'2f 4-' fs'-"S-' ".-v'z4' NN -X tvs O? 11 at--S 15'-' ,,.-'S-3:f5'r,'Z7'f"L-""'tI-'I 1-1-4,.'57s,x Xwktzv e- SQ S1215 2-Q.-'13I1'ii3"-i."5-"-.'te""fT',f fSf,.'?'-""?xv-W V gg 'ar e rm 6. ,, " nk' Jv,."'3',,f ,pu 3f.-.....4 ' 4: f ,J 75'-fr' Af" ' " .1-gv V L--5,49 " 'f' -1-:L-f',:S'5-" - - . , Q 'j' N, sfgvigi X j:wf v ...1-qu M. X-AS, Q - 1 ,SLR ma., X, 'xx ,eu ,f ,-', W e ','U,-1'- - gt -9'-ef X. -',--' .4-,.v15'.Q-,. 1- ,- asff, V ,.. -1--5:44 Q 4 A , 1-1.1-V ' L v".5"r41 t ,- ' +2 L ,,.,..v5, e uv' og,.g,g 4 f.,. -. --, .- p . . - ' ,. ,a . 1 .5 x Q A ., I 4 .. 4 .::gxixsgVSQfqlwRQw3 W 5,514 Ei? ', gt ' Lv. 1' .4'b'9 xxx' qN'Txs,X'NN?SxQ,xNx,:NXXNSB Q51 f "' r .r 4, ' - Efaxrxfxtxkfxxwg,wixxm-flwtxsx S ' ' t !7"5'4p1-,5,xN'- QQNXENX ,xi-fi-tNTvXwf?.+Qk+ AX GP 1 -9-:ff-z--'titer-xwstwittrrmefffzww x . , , ..-5.4 ..-mx ,xxx x31xx1'X Ni. ' ' ,,, 1, 33K 4',,1::-ae',:,1v'fN,,N'l',,Qti'xl1x5NS:xfgi1Nf:Xt:efX fxffl-:N-. p,', 5 5' K My rs .1x:,JffpN5N5 x.g.Q55Nxv.xgXxxY. xx ,gxvv .. 5 ' ' 3 ' . ' N 1 ' t , L 2 ' f . XX W, 4555 Wx J i .55 mira. 4 . N gil-x.-J-I, GWR - ' -A 1 , Six 'ifwkfffw I-NXi1,Q,-1,l-.ff-X ' , 'fXl.f'iTSM 1"-b N'l'E"x V 5 f NN A S ,sr " . W' ' X f' 1 Q 533-fge:efQtF5fqgr.1r-fa-ff N e 'fam . 4 ., .Mr,,e,r,l.,,f,r,eA-M S1 1 'iffiil Q4 I r+-r-42.4-'ww yum w .M . we ,ami . :vis-ggrgt 15 A31,11,-xygxxw t-Xa X HN X ,xl-,. , -, ,,.--W t,..f1--If 4 vu U 4 'W 9 : Tyr.. .L ' Ry:--Q'g5g5Aj1X'r-X-.4 rKgX'.x'.?g-No , I MN -- .xx .x, ' , ,g.f.'-.Hffg'4jI.,..wgr,-.Hn,x-'k. -Xt--:.1,,, . - . '.i-.41 UXM--4' ,VN ,XX-X--..v :KOA-X V, K - .Qtx ax' YRS "",2.4,.4ul Tx. ' XI'-1'.'.2x'u 'WKMU KVV ,.1fwf,- 0,13-q..xrg'.tx-'-N5 -,QW-x'+.'.-r,:t,-X . VVV x',.ifff fit-ilg --.-,-.-tux-X ,w:x.Q.1m. -X,-rm. ffXf .rar 'X X fx, ft wx "EKZ',a-in V'J"..-'x'.'-'.i"',"' , Vx,fXf'X rw' S ' " X Xjfix ,'xr'X' A t ., ...,. 1 t uk' " .. gf' ,Q ' .A.g.... 209 210 Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream Gibran We, the graduating class of 1980, being of sound mind and realizing the fact that these will be our last words as a class, do hereby leave our teachers, advisors, and friends these remnants of our presence at New Dorp High School. 212 TO MR. LONERGAN - A yearbook staff just like '80's. TO MR. MORRIS - A lifetime supply of Hansel and Gretel boloney sandwiches. TO JOYCE - Publishing rights to a book on Human Sexuality and a meeting with Kubler Ross TO MR. MOSCHELLA - A new opening line for his loudspeaker announcements. TO MRS. LAINO - A senior Council that shows up at meetings. TO MR. BAUMEL - A proctoring assignment at the next S.A.T. at N.D.H.S. TO MR. PERAZZO - A starting 7 foot center for next year's basketball team. TO MR. DEBETTA - A free trip to the King Tut Exhibit and a Gilette Trac ll. TO MISS CUNEO - A library squad that can read, write, and file. TO MR TO MR KIRSH - A closet to store "stale" pretzels. MOSS - A free trip to a ski resort of his choice. TO MR FLYNN - A leather-bound edition of Pride and Prejudice. TO MR DIETZ - 1st place in a Tom Carvel sound alike contest. TO MR. GOLDBERG - Loafers with radar and boots with sonar to avoid accidents TO MRS. CLIZZOCREA - 1,000 carnations. TO MR. COLASUONO - The 4 minute mile. TO MR. HALPERN - A Scientific Joke Book. TO MlSS SAVAGE - A Happy Birthday from Tia. TO MRS. LONERGAN - A sunny day for the Art Sale. TO MR. KAISER - A free trip to Washington D.C. and a presidential nomination. TO MR. GROSS - A map of all telephone booths at New Dorp and a year's supply of vitamin C TO MR. PECORARO - Five pitchers with an E.R.A. under 1.50 and another P.S.A.L. win. TO MR. FLLIHR - An award for his faithful service in the cafeteria and Miss Quinn's insurance policy from last year. TO MR. MILZA - A reserved bleacher seat at all football games next to Mr. Somma. TO MRS. GIORDANO - An old English translation of the Canterbury Tales. TO MR. SALSARLILO - A starring role in The Lord of the Rings Part lll. TO MISS QLIINN - A thousand bullets for next year's machine gun. TO MR. ALTSCHLIL - A glow in the dark sweatsuit. TO MISS J. MCALILIFFE - A dictionary of slang so that she can understand her students. TIA - An award for being the most avid sports fan. TO MRS. BOGGIA - A golden thimble. W TO MRS. MCGLOIN - Color coordinated walkie talkies. TO MR. BOCCHINO - An invitation to dinner with "Dolly." TO MY. LYNCH - A pair of green and gold skiis. U TO MRS. PAPA - A new typewriter ribbon to type next year's transcripts. TO MRS. CLIZZOCREA AND MR. COLASLIONO, OUR GRADE ADVISORS - Our humble thanks and appreciation for guiding us through our years at New Dorp. TO FACULTY, STAFF AND P.T.A. - Our sincere and earnest "THANKS" TO ALL UNDERCLASSMEN - Courage, hope and the "New" New Dorp High School. THANK YOU Argonaut 1980 is a montage of memories, of friendships enjoyed, of places frequented, and events experienced. lt is a reflection of the knowledge we have gained, the growth we have undergone, and the goals we have met. lt is an echo of our youth and a preface to the challenge of adulthood. The creation of this yearbook is a result of the many dedicated and industrious staff members, and the numerous others who volunteered their time and their efforts. The Editorial Staff of Argonaut 1980, and Mr. Robert Lonergan, Yearbook Advisor, thank all those who so freely devoted their time and talents. Linda Mussillo Mr. Baumel Mrs. Ma Maloney Ange McCabe Staff Bogg Debbie Ancona Liz Zawadzki Mr. Flynn Wckie Bedore Theresa Beninato Debbie Caminiti Mrs. Goldberg Diane Cascello Hugh Pakalik Mary Diamond Mrs. Gottlieb Mark Harty Margaret Ryan Maria Guidice Ms. Lonergan Donna MacFarlane Arden Studios Fred Huening 'Y' Patty Huttner Susan Mauri John McGee John Smith MaryJean Tarangelo Mike Vergona in All 213 To Sir With Love There are, we've noticed, certain special people in this school without whom daily life would be not a life, but an existence - a dull, drab and ex- tremely empty existence. One such person is our yearbook ad visor, Sir Robert A. Lonergan. Sir las he is affectionately known by all who frequent his private sanctuary, The Program Officej is known for his constant commitment, patience Cwell J and support. We, the Argonaut staff of 1980, thank him for always being there and E always caring. Without him, this yearbook would have not been possible. B l , iyq x Q lil W U1 I :PJ 4 wx, N, 5 , an 'rfofffi L ,f If, .4 I M, ,f,, ,,,,,, , ,, wi ,, U, ,V .,,,,,3fn ,' ' nl' J' A , , rr-,A A ' rpg ofa , 1 L T37 2 z,, ,5- Qy r ,Q 4' fi o f ? ' T A - . e 'Q 49 r gr . -v 2 51 . 2 at ' Z ri Q ' f rgThetime hascome...-ii r, Q ' of 'any 5 . " Q must part. - ' L ' Our togetherness has becoine longer natural e . 1' no longer eminent. ,gr 1f fy Yet 1 A Q r rr Vfgd the joys we've shared a r the tears we've known - forever r they wlll shlne, burning deep and hard d in the darkness of d our mrnds. ' 75.1 4 16 3 Beth 2

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