New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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'N..f N - .V,,v.. 4 N Qfq ,144 , N, -1 .i 2 -fs.:-.9 .gp- 1 "L 1 'H at ' 'W' , Q,-r.Q?jQ?L,gfFlx5,3S'.L I " '-f"f453."T'g+. VEJ' - ,- "u-- S. 44.4.1 -, 4 .,..,, Lf 31: .,. My .. -: -x... -IVA!" V--K.. f. x l ,.. : W' ,HN , S ' " L' iv- nf-4fv.s'3:f-:I4J.ew4,.gd.L,ggQ:," 3,x,,. - 4 . ,.v, . .s- . f4".',f:U,, , 5 'f . 4 ,, , , - V. rg,-.1 qc. vp, ,yygqqgyl k1JL fy. 3,-L ff'-Y. mga. 5-i . "-1 -!."- ' " ff: -.-. . - . - ,aff fn .Af-1f:.f',j,.,ifv-.f f ..- 1:-,T ,. 1,13-vi Sf .5 315' 'Tr'T14'v".4+?""',31'--'14-"f"'' .,'1--"f'f'A,Q'"" ,R-'i' ' fy V , - . 4 ',- '- Am 4- ,, N' , 1- HCM ... , ,,., fm, -,..,-, , , HI., ,,..NL . -- 2 -.f:- W. "-.fag -. I 6-f, 1...- .. 'ff A- - , rigfwff-f , QA:-, -V , , .f.. .,-7 A, ,,.'3.vA,,-1-., M . ' 1. . ,'.'T ..".-.,..ys ...,7 ,.- t Y -' 4-' , ,..f f'i'1Ji'f'P-.,,.-.- . '- - - -., 4' ,, -p Y . - ,fu J., - I - ,mv .- ,, ,- . V , - 14,315 V. N ,-- - ,L ' , ., . ,,.,j?V, .g,:.,. . ..- , . 3,75 , ,1,j,,,,+,. . . , 'ff --ff' ' .nm , -, ' ., '- ' 'f N'--JJ ':: - -'- -fr f',.,',,.,5 Y- wf, wiy- - ,,,,w. -2., L' L, ..-,"-",, -V 'WL' Ha sy' ' A " ""-' 3 L M 'ffl' . - ' 'W ' M. L., ' ' A l V - f-..A: "2-4 -1 -4 ' -4 -xy , . .-. - .-.. fs J... ,,,.::r:. " 2 7' ,H I 9 fan, Ms, ' . - V '4 ' ., . -.f. T M. . .t,. . K- 1, W -Jsx' t-wi, .Mi .A i, A W .,..,,,, ,,-W. 'wa "VW" ,H-f,,' ",, , ., A ' ,, ' n ' ,, Q N, K 'meal ,M ,,,,, , ..,f,i,,i?:W.MA. -,., .ff ,,x' :Y, A .. ff - , . VJ ..'-,,. -fy-1-4.f,,f--73g.,,Kl,,g.,!,:'L'lgEx,i,,?.s,7iL.'-A' xv R .. ' ,Y ""R. "' , Af .- .Az f . Y. - '11, 1. X A . , .-A+. ' '74, ,,. nv., , . ' fill? 1 . N 11,.'.,:: 4111.1 A 2 -L .. - . Mrk, L, .sry , 0. ' 1,4 fb., .. , :ff n my 3-4.46 f-.x -gr., 4 r--fr? , ri. A EYNIANN H54 A 1954 NEW DORP HIGH SCHOQL S Il 16N Published by the Students of taten s am '. - 'ew York 1,4 .1 ul 4,1 + ,. .,, I New Dorp pursues its Quest for the good life.. The flag waving over New Dorp symbolizes our quest for democratic education through the medium of our public schools .... The quest for learning In diversified courses is a primary objective in New Dorp .... Less restrained enthusiasm-typical of the outdoors-heralds our quest for worthwhile recreation .... In its quest for character building, New vi Dorp shows enthusiasm and generous ap- preciation ot fellow student DeVito's Sand- 1 lot Scholarship. . . . ga CO TENTS xmup nl s XKICIILSS Seruce C roups C lubs Sports Flcultx Semors Cclelnltlu Cl lss W Ill n ltllI'LS Xdx LI'tlSLlS 116 P' -' 1 L- '- .'.- 1 .' f'- 1 Q 6 I 5 36 .' : 60 2 ' j 72 ' ' 3 82 ,- " ' 1l0 I " 111 Sig 2 114 Princlpfll MISS MARY CAMPER MCGINNIS 1 11 111111 1 1 1 1 1 111111111 111 11 11 1111 1 1111 111111 0111113111111 111 1 S 1 ll IS JL 11111111 111 111 1 1 IN 1111111111 1118 1111101111 111 1111 1111111111111 11111 1118 111111111 X11111 1111111 1111 1111111 1111111111 111111111111g1 111 1111 11111111 1111111111 111111 1110111111111 1111 1111111g111111 111111111111 111 g111g11111111 11111111111 1118 111111111 11 1111111 Ill 111111111 1118 11111111 111X 111101111111 111 1111 1.1111 111 11111111 1111 1111ffg111 1111 I1 111111 111111111 111 111111 11111111111111 1111111111111111 111 6.1111 1111111 811111111 11111 1111 11l1I1111ll' lll 1111111111111111 1l1C1 111111111g1 1111 1111 1111 1 11101111 111g111 111 1111111111 11111111 f 1111 1 11111111 11111111111 111 1111111111 1111 1111111111 1111 11111gg 1 111 JLL1 1118 11111111111 111 1111 1111111111 111 TL 111111 1111 1111111111111 111 1 ll 131111111 1111111111 11lC11X1C1l1l1 1111111111 1l1C1 g1111111 11111111 111 111111 f 1111 11111 111111111 1111111111111 1111 111110118 1111111 11111111 1111 1111111 111 IL 11111 1111111 111111111 1111 11111111111 111 1118 1111111111 1111 111111111111111 1 11111111 11111 11111111111 1 1111 1111101111 11 '11111111 SL lTC1l 111 111 11 1 1111 1111118 1111111 1 lIlC1 111111111111 18 11111 111 1 1 1 1 111111 1 1 1111111111 1 1 1 1111 111 11 111 111111111111 1111 C11 111111111 11 1 11111 11111111 LT 11011111 11 I1 111 C XIXRH LXXIIIR XRCJIXXIS 13-1 -11' ' 12 "1111 Q1111' 111 1111 111111111- 111 11111 111111 .Xr5111111111. -1111, 11111 S51 1 1 ' A 11154, 111111 1111111- 1111111 1111111 11 ' 11111 11 1 ' ,111111 111 '11 ' 1' 111-111 111 1111- 11111111 111111111 111 N111 1111117 1111111 .111 1111 11111. 111 111111 1'11111111111f1'11 1111' 11111111g 1111 1111111 111111 1111111111111 11111111 111 1 'CII 111111111' ' ' " ' Llll 111111111,111111 1111111113 11 11 kl 1-1111 111 11' ' - 1111 111111 ,D '. , . ' ' ' . 1 ', 'Z ' 2 ' ' '., , ' '.'. ' ' .32 ' ' 2 ', . 5 ' 1x11c1i111c11111111111 111 11111111111111ic1, 1111 111111111111 111 111111111111 1111111 11111111' 111111 , . . . . '. ' 'A 1 ' A , "1 ' '. 1 'D ' ' 1' ,1 111 -'Q ,g " '. ' 1 "1 '.' 1' Sll11" 4' " " ' 1. 1 1- 111 iz 111 zz " ' ' 1 ' 'g ' 1- L111' ' ' 'D ' g' 1 J 1 ' 1 1 ' 11 11' C '1 '1. 1 ' ' 1111 111111 2 ., 1 1 ', '1 2 . 1 1111111-CS Ll ' 11' 111 ' ' - 111' f'C21I'Il1l1QQ 1111 111' 111111111 '. 11111' C1Ll1211lLlC1, lllllf' 11111-11 111 11111 111- 111111111111 111 - " 1111: 1111" 1 1 ' 1 111: 111111 11711 111' 111' 2r1111." 'EL ' 252 .,4,A' Ui, .1 figffj 4 w---..,, 5 f fkffz " A,,,2 E L " lf? ' : ,Q ' ,uf ,wwf- , y W- f "' -"' . ,-,M-ffw O 1 I xi s . J. A . , 1'-if X4- .- Il. 'hx A. ,.:4 'Q L 44 ' .4-wg, 14 l,"vh 4 .7-Y -J 4- " 1 , 4 ,, V .x-.M,3', . rylv ff", "vw 1' 1-4? ..-Y-1, rtx-.1491 Q., W. 'Q-gfv bu-A , ,.,k -xr 4 ., jx 'lun I, O . "Hs '.3 - . ' --. ww-My ff, .11 -.,vf..-. vqf!-If ' ' f 4- A, iT .- .04 ig Mf- "'-, Www. ,f I 1 - 'NL nu .kv I V. ,. 'Y Q- nn., 4, , N I ,rf F1 . '.::.v'4' - i 'ff i- Q---W ,v -. f.,. ,..,. F ,haf 5'f+ in ,-Q.. .W X Sfrimwllmg QRQUWS 'r 1 Stevens Smith and Valerie Whelihan, Personals Editors, check the senior pages with James Cliftord, Makeup Editor. . . , Beatrice Hrbacek, Copy Editor, checks writeups for origi- nality with Sports Editor Robert Gill and Clubs Editor Marion Gunther .,.. headlines . . . The Quest! Lillian Mehltretter, Editor-in-Chief, searches for suitable material for captions and Carol Garber, Senior Editor, discusses the progress ol the advertising campaign with the financial experts, Mario Russo, Advertising Manager, and Sarah Dyer, Business Manager .... George Hiby, Stott Photographer, and Anna Bender, Art Editor, plan combinations ol their media in the quest for variety. . . i954 ARGONAUT STAFF Lillian Mehltretter . Carol Garber Mario Russo Sarah Dyer Anna Bende' Marian Guntner Beatrice Hrbacek Stephen Don James CliFford Stevens Srni'h, Valerie George Hilay Robert Gill Mr. Irwin Mller Mrs. Ellen Avins, Miss E Miss Eileen Browne Miss Elizabeth Smith Editor-infhiel Senior Editor Advertising Manage' Business Manager , . ,Art Editor ..Clubs Editor Copy Editor Feature Editor Makeup Editor Wheiihan Personals Editors Photography Editor Sports Editor Art Adviser Faculty Business Managers Assistant Adviser Faculty Adviser CUBS AND PERSONALS Row T: Rosemarie Schwarzroclr, Rita Snyder, Diantha Welles, Maryanne Schack, Marianne Reilly, Eleanor Anderson. Row 2: Barbara Monkman, Pat Nelson, Carol Curry, Joan John- ston, Marie Aiello, Kathleen Gaida, Dorothy Kramer, Roseann Orlando. Row 3: Richard Spangler, Margaret Prestel, Rosalie Bellina, Charlotte Joseph, Frank Donner. BUSINESS STAFF Miss Eileen Browne, assistant adviser, confers with the members of the business stall: Ro-w l: Marilyn Cavagnaro, Eleanor Dente, Madeline Cecilione, Miss Eileen Browne, Kathryn Velci, Brenda Russo, Barbara Benziger. Row 2: Frances Willshaw, Annette Ben- venuto, Diana Merlo, Margaret Manzo, Evelyn Boga- ert, Carol Harson. Row 3: Margaret Sanders, Jean Praslxach, Barbara Andriola, Patricia Rue, Joan Har- son. ART STAFF Seated: Kathy Gallagher, Lorraine Leahy Ruth Letich, Susan Amlie, Rosemary Boulougouras Marie Scheuter. Standing Frank Donner Thomas Tumminello, Royal Reymann Mr Irwin Miller. YL-rv The General Organization demoeratiel 1 As a candidate of the Ideal party, John Midgett makes his campaign speech during the Spring term of 1953, in the course of the pre-election assemblies. John Giordano is sworn in as Vice4President for 'l953- 54 at the Installation ceremony of September 24. This is the first group of otticers to serve for an entire year. Student life at New Dorp eenters about the General Organization, parallel to the national governinent in our country. ln seeking to tunetion on a small Seale. our student legislative body may be considered a bieaineral representation. 'llirougli the CLU., the wishes and reeonnnendations of every student are recognized. Row 7: Frank Datello, Stephen Fricke, Wil- liam Sedutto, Robert O'Connor, John Midgett. Row 2: Harold Baker, Robert Savage, Charles Birmingham, James Gaz- zale, Raymond Battilana, Frank Wall. Row 3: Christine Camardo, Gerard Brandon, Joachim Stieber, Edward Hohenstein, Ron- ald Gatti. Row 4: Ruth Collins, Ursule Phaeton, Guy Donne, Richard Long, Lil- lion Mehltretter. ln quest of 21 chool government.. The Student Council of the General Organization takes its oath of loyalty to the electorate. This group is composed of the homeroom presidents. On February 8 the Spring Campaign for G. O. mem- berships began. Here Miss Helen Blaine, faculty ad- viser, gives the four G. O. officers a few final ine structions. lll uclclitioll to Pffllllflllllg the sc' 1 ,gmocl cit1ze11sl1ip, the C.O. sponsors lnotll Q . Jrinf' and fa ll 'If Hiya? 1 5 1 unec on YllTC1lf of ull This 1'c'1r it also prcscl l special usscmln , 'Tl' 'S More Your Nloucy Goes." TIT this .,l1 ltvl " " '. XVIT' tm st 1 1 DOClT'XY'l.1' . l 2lllClLlPD Jrtiybcly 5 ,J fre' ny Qu fx 1 T .3 ,,,, AV-Lg LL 1 1011 tl1Q1r111o11L1 IS lpportlonecl Row l: Miss Blaine, Carolyn Rosa, John Giordano, Angelina Cafaro, Peter De Vito. Row 2: May Passaretti, Valerie Mescia, Mary Broadley, Gladys Alduino, John Kim, George Grasser. Row 3: Joseph Sabella, Marilyn Mitchell, Thomas Pitarresi, Harold Schweiger, Pat Shriber, Row 4: Sandra As- born, linda Chumenti, Cecilann Panazzolo, Doris Kivlehan, Patricia McNally, Louis Diana. Carol Garber, Secretary, hands membership cer- tificates to Miss McGinnis for presentation to the members. Here Doris Lynch, who had lighted the third and final candle for Service, receives hers. Anthony lnteglia, Marie Rizzo, Stephen Don, Gilda Moschella, Dorothy Kramer, Mrs. Winsch, Kenneth Goehl, Raymond Battilana look forward to a suc- cessful campaign as Richard Long staples a poster to the Arista bulletin board. Anna Bender, Lillian Mehltretter, Carol Garber, Patricia Rue, Leonard Vignola, Roberta Scott, Joachim Stieber, Irene Hansen, Francis Evans sort the Christmas mail for the second floor homerooms, in preparation for the December 23 deadline. 12 P 1 ' r lhe Arista see s for wliatever is f lfwryciiic is familiar with thc National Iloiiorary Society, Phi Beta Kappa. 'lhis or- ganization. which proiiiotcs thc quest for thc highest staiiclarcls and ideals of litc. rccogiiizcs thc iiiiportaiicc of thcsc qualities iii its mciii- hcrs. Similarly thc Arista. our own lioiior so- cictv. encourages its iiiciiihcrs to sock "what- cvcr is fair and of ,good rcputcf' Uiiclci' thc siipciwisioii of Xlrs. llcrtha Xiiiiscli, thc .Krista lfill its quest Cl of good repute .. members uct us lmll proetors during midterm and Regents vveelqs. give tutoring serviees. and sponsor tlre annual Sturistu dance. 'l o sell tu- berculosis seals. tlrev eoncluet tlre Christmas mail serviee everv veur. On tlre evening of tlreir lnstzillution progrznn tliis veur. members zmcl .guests clinecl at the 'l'ovvn and Countrv Restau- rrmt uncl uftervvzircls enjovecl ll eolorful pref sentgition of VC'o11cIerf11l Town. Lillian Mehltretter, Girl Leader, presents an Arista pin indicating honorary membership to the guest spealrer at the November 2 assembly, Rabbi Ben- iamin B. Wykansky of Temple Emanuel, Port Richmond. Carmelo Camordo, Carolyn Rosa, Christine Ca mardo, Marion Gunther, Angelina Cafaro, Peter De Vito, John Midgett, Leonard Ortolano, Barbara Monkman proudly display their new green ond gold Arista banner in the school library. Vivian Moresco, Eleanor Anderson, Sarah Dyer, Doris Lynch, Joan Sutter, William Sedutto, Victor Liss, John Giordano, Wiliiam O'Connell receive their individual allotments of seals-to achieve their share of the record total of 545964. ll The second yea ideals as thei Alice Campbell, Girl Leader of Junior Arista, presents an honorary membership pin to the guest speaker, Reverend James H. Link, Rector of Immanuel Union Church, Wesferleigh. "l"our things a nian innst learn to do if he would make his record true: to think without confusion clearly, to love his fellow nicn sineerelyg to act from honest motives purely, to trust in God and heaven securely." 'l'l1ese ideals, as presented by the Rev. Mr. Link on Installation Day, are those toward which the Iunior Arista strives throughout the year. Row l: Marilyn Horreus, Jerry Maiorano, Frank Wall, Jerry Mulcahy, Robert Savage. Row 2: Joan Houseman, Bonnie Jennings, Ronald Gotti, Matthew Piteresa, Alice Campbell, Andrea lmmiti. Row 3: Jack Miceli, Angelo Caterina, Margarete Swier, Betty Finioy, Gloria Golasso, George Grasser. H aims for the same elders in Arista. After the annual Installation assembly, the members of Junior Arista leave in a happy mood for their trip to The King And I, followed by dinner at StauHer's. 'llic llCWlf'-lIlSlLlllCCl mclulbcrs uncl tllcir guests llfl'CllClCCl ll lll2lll1lCC per- EOIIIILIIICC of 'l'l1c King And I. lutcr dining ut Sllllllilijfifs llCSl'LlllI'2lIlt. Xliss Xlury Bennett. faculty uclviscr, guiclcs thc activities of those second your students who lluvc ClCIllUll5lTillCCl tllc IICCCSSLITY qualities of sclmlursliip. CllLlf2lClCl'. zmcl scrvicc in sucll ll mzmncr as lncst to Cll2llJlC tlmcm to scrvc tlic school. , I! 9 f 1-. Row 1: Rosemarie Romanalo, Josephine Capello, Marilyn Drozd, Carl Dumand, Elaine Hascall, Row 2: Ronald Cavanagh, Bette Huot, Robert Barker, David Schattschneicler, Robert Berselli, Richard Caffrey. Row 3: Evelyn Goggi, Elaine Tacticos, Pamela Parker, Rosemary Costa, Elena Asselta, Beverly Yzquierdo. ll 3 t'14 4. fr rl ,1. U Judy Don, Dorothy Brophy, Teal Miller, Robert Pilkington, Rosalie La Rosa, Valerie Whelihan, Lillian Mehltrefter, and Dorothy Choida gather materials for The Americana exhibit. I6 The Librarv plavs an iinportant part in the life of a student. 'lhere he tinds unlilnited sourees of information, But libraries also supply a vast ainount of recreation and entertainment of a tvpe that has lasted over a longer period of tiine than anv other known, As earlv as -lllllll BCA the ljgvptians had libraries of papvrus rolls, reeentlv diseovered in their tonibs. 'l'he twofold ann of the librarv has alwavs been to provide the readers with inforinative inaterial as well as with eniovnient. The librarv squad. under the direetion of Xliss Leslie Xlexeill. strives to maintain the dailv routine work of the librarv as well as to prepare inaterials for students and nienibers of the faeultv. 'l'o keep the students abreast of new developinents in various fields, a nuniber of new books and additional referenee inaterials is purehased eaeh Those in quest turn to our Irene Baiiilana, Dorothy Anne MIDUCCI Barbara Choida, and Margery Abraham arrange an exhibit of dolls of all nations in the exhibit case in the library f information library . . Tom Mormino, Larry Helstern, Alan Driscoll, Edward Rose, Robert Owens watch the proper prucedure as Sam Cannilzaro stamps c book for circulation. year. Recent aclclitions to our collection include the followiiig: It Ilappens' lfrery 'liliursday fjournalisni textl, The King and I ldramcllg Iinx lfcilkcnlaurg fbiograplzyig 'llionuis Cainsborougli lartlg How to lfnjoy Balletg The Diplo- matic Corfnseg Images in a .Xlirrorg Book of Latin Verse and Oxford Book of Spunislz Verse. .X set of Colliers' lineyelopeclia lias also been aclcled to provide tlie latest data and correct factual lnaekgronncl for researeli projects. Special classes are eonclnctecl in tlie library to aeqnaint tlie stnclent liocli' witli tlie Dewey cleeiinal systein and tlie use of reference books. 'l liis systein tnnctions tlirongli tlie linglisli classes in certain terins. XYlien an oecasioii arises wliere class niaterials are neeclecl. tlie lilirary extencls its fullest eocipera' tion. .Xinong tlie nnnsnal cxliiliits on clisplay was a series of clolls clrcssecl tri represent tlie inlialiitants of varicins eonntries tlirrniglioiit tlie nnrlcl. Edwin Dunkin, Stephen Don, Ruth Letich Amelia Camuglia, Marion Gunther, ana Peter Lerta arrange books on library shelves according to the Dewey Decimal System, I - 'lilie Pioneer staff X' seeks to record seliool history . . The Pioneer editors discuss the layout for page one of the current issue: Alberta DiBrizzi, Lillian Mehltretter, Joachim Stie- ber, Carol Garber, Barbara Monkman, Sarah Dyer, Mario Russo, William Basso, Anna Bender, Kathleen Gaida. 'llie New Dorp Pioneer statt strives to present tlie student lhodv vvitli information in a lasting forni. Our seliool nevvspaper lias inanv functions otlier tlian serving as a reeord of aetivities. It is published not onlv in an effort to introduce tlie nevv teaeliers to tlie students, but also to introduee tlie nexv students to tlie enstonis and traditions of the seliool. 'llie paper gives the students a pieture of the talents possessed bv otlier students and, in realitv, serves as a sliovvease for tlie features vvritten luv tlie students. The Editorial Staff consists of Ruth Letich, Marion Gunther, Carolyn Rosa, Beatrice Hrbacek, William Elliott, Valerie Whelihan, Stephen Don, Raymond Battilana, George Hiby, Steve Smith, Rita Snyder, Mr, Robert Stavrakas, faculty adviser. The Pioneer Business Stott: Rosalie Bellina, Joan Martini, Marie Aiello, Roseann Or- lando, Carol Ann Trachte, John Libretto, Matthew MarcoVecchio, Eleanor Anderson, Christine Camardo, Rosemarie Leonhardt, Joan Praskach, Margaret Sanders, Carmelo Camardo, Charles Simpson, Mr. Philip Greenspan, faculty business manager, Andrea Immiti, Marion Gunther, Charles Birmingham, Frank Marino, Edward Hohen- sfein, Faith Vonderheide, Mr. Irwin Miller, and Robert Savage assemble an obsfrad stage seifing. The Stageerafters are in quest of perfection for assemblies . During tlie lilixalietliaii Age. plays were eiiaetecl on a stage entirely different from toclays 'llie auclieiiees of that era clicl not enjoy elaborate seeiieri' or stage sets, 'l lie plot itself alisorliecl all their attention. Xlmlerii clay preseiitatimis. limx'ex'er. realize tlie importance ot provicliiig colorful props and seeiiery to assist in tlie visualizing of eaeli iiieicleiit of tlie plot. llere at Yew Derp, our Stageeratters strive to keep all asseiiililies iriterf estiiig aiicl attraetix e lay making suitable seeiieri' aiicl liaeltgrriiiiicls. Uucler the eye uf Xlr. lruiii Nliller. the group seeks suggestions for iiiiprmeiueiits liy atteiicliirsg prufessimial stage precluetioiis. Frima Werner, Douglas Dallmer, William Sedufto, Anna Bender, Royal Reymann, Henry Savage, Ruth Lefich, Richard Span- gler, and Kenneth Goehl admire the fin- ished product. The Urchestrzfs quest ,7 AJ lr ' . W r to enhance I ,1 1 yt?-. - fn' ts +4 P7 Wflw' J UThe Winds: Row l: Pat Gravino, Jacqueline Reynaud, Louis Andresen. Row 2: Thomas Pettinato, Vincent Ditizio, Robert Berselli, Francis Evans. Row 3: Robert Fanelli, John Rooney, Carmine De Ross, Robert Thie- mer, Tony Sotirakis. 'lhe great enthusiasm felt by Nliss Lea Ostroft on taking over :is conduc- tor of the New Dorp Iligli School Orchestra is reflected in thc energies of the nicinhers of the Orchestra as they prepare new inutcriul for presentation :it school assembly progrinns. 'llirougli inzniy terms, the c7l'CllCSl'TLl has contrihutccl niucli towurcl the success of all assemblies, open school nights, :incl grziduations. In the spring term, the Orchestra ziecoinpziniccl the Clcc Club in its clriiinzitic presentation of the Xhilliouslq' LlTI'tlllgCIllClll of "'l'lie Buttle Hymn The String Section: Row l: Faith Vonderheide, Gerda Thomsen, Lucinda Berglund, Fred Osmer, Angela Casella. Row 2: Josephine Snow, Annette Walsh, Rosemarie Russo, Francis Tegano, Marta Saiz. Row 3: Richard Miller, Mr. Albert Tucher, Gladys Ccbral, William Elliott. jo is to entertain, and musical taste. The Tympani section consists of Don Joergens, cymbalsf Donald Lo Marco, fympanip Don Cicatello, snare drums. of tlie Republic." appropriate tlieine niusie for tlie Play Prncluetion version of Abc Lincoln in Illinois. Later in tlie spring terni. Xliss Ostroffk plans inelucle progrrnns for tlie tentli anniversary of Xliss XleCinnis's appnintnient as principal in Xlay and for tlie freslnnen orientation in june. .Xinmig tlie new nnnilners enrrently in rehearsal are tlie ulJYfJL'CSSl0ll of tlie Sarclarsn and "l'rix'anne" frmn tlie Cuizeasiaii Suite of lppolitrm'-lvaiimv. ancl selections frmn "'ll1c Stuclent Prince." The Brass Section: Row 1: David Schaffschneider, Charles Rebagliafi, Robert Gifford. Row 2: John Argen- ziano, David Fleming, John Narvesen. Row 3: Frank Caggiano, Edward Baker, Elaine Hascall, John Cammelleri. Il The Glee Club add and programs 21 The chorus participates in the Baseball assembly, singing The Brooklyn Cantata. By striving to incrcusc knowlcclgc of choral music. rcgurcling repertory and singing tccliniqucs, thc Clcc Club supplies cliorul music :it usscinblics wlicn- cvcr nccdcd. 'llirongliout the ycur, nnclcr tlic guiclnncc of Xlr, .Xllncrt lnclicr Row 7: Rosalie Scaromuzzo, Frances Rivera, Dorothea Marino, Frances Marrone, Marie Vasta, Angie Fillou. Row 2: Jennie Spicola, Elizabeth Avino, Rita Snyder, Joyce Com- messe, Joan Finkenstadt, Mrs. Doria Mace- donio. Row 3: Wilma Rivera, Raseann Goodrich, Lucille Schambach, Arlene Le Cardi, Janice Wilson, Annabelle Picataggio. Row 1: Mary Broadley, Corinne Magnotti, Patricia Freeo, Jacqueline Stowbridge, Nancy Scafia, Angela Cucchio. Row 2: Ar- lene Longobardi, Mary Starrantino, Patricia Capes, Martha Jacobs, Gladys Alduino, Ruth Jacobs. Row 3: Barbara Benzinger, Angelo Passaretti, Ruth Borylc, Margaret Eller, Camille Maniscclco, Susan Meibauer, Row 4: Mary Manley, Connie Regan, Helen Figueroa, Antoinette Migliore, Frances Bu- tern. melody to the plays each assembly. Miss Leo Ostroff rehearses with the senior mu sicians, in preparation for the Senior assembly and Bliss Lea Ostrotf, thu lmxc prcscntccl 1 x mccl progrlm lllcx proxlclccl appropriate music for such spcclll asscmbllcs is the G O Buclgct Xsscmblx thc Brotllcrlioocl :Xsscmhlx thc Blsclnlll Xsscmlblx .mcl thc C O R1lllLS Row 1: Paul Pilkington, Thomas Brennan, AI Wall, Anthony D'Alessio, Jerry Sciortino, Mr. Albert Tucher. Row 2: Jimmy Smith, Louis Garzetta, Tom Healey, Ronald Dreher, Ernie Jahn, Patrick Bartolomeo. Row 3: Bruce Pannetta, Armando Quiroz, Russ Roccaro, Frank Guadagno, Robert Quiroz, Theodore Gargaloni. Row l: Frank Corrado, Charles Fallon, Dick Peters, John Gaelze, Ed Adinolh, Henry Dey. Row 2: Martin Salveson, David Lesourd, David Athey, Tommy Greene, Mario Russo, Jon Bergman. Row 3: Joseph Sabella, Kenneth Coutts, Robert Barone, Leonard Vignola, Vincent Nicita, Louis Fulgoni. The uides are in Search of order plus courtesy. 'l he Guide Squad offers the school its services at all times during school hours. lts goal is to establish a good environment and to promote line school morale. 'l'he members are obliged to check students for passes. and to accom- modate guests. The Guide Squad is under the supervision of Xlr. lidward Chigliotti. He directs the squad in its activities and places squad members wherever they are needed. Special groups are in charge of the student lunch- rooms during lunch periods, and of the auditorium and study hall in the morning before classes begin. lk- -e .. GUIDE SQUAD Row 1: Vincent Trimarche, Theodore Gar- galoni, Mary Lou Trimarche, Joan Montana, Doris Bard, Rosemarie Schwarzroclc, An- drew Toth. Row 2: Rosalie Bellina, Carolyn Tobuck, Carol Auer, Arlene Firstner, Frances Speziale, Raymond Baum, Thomas GriHin. Row 3: Rochelle Davis, Anna Rescigno, Margaret Odessa, Carmella Lofaso, Mildred Marruso, Camille Singer, June Sellitri. Row 4: Gladys Baxter, Mary Falloon, Pat Marks, Anne Vento, Joan Reres, James Cliltord, Joseph Bonica. Row l: Conrad Meibauer, Joseph Moschella, Tony Grippi, Charles Cannizzaro, Frank Donner, Frank Datello, Mr. Ghigliotti. Row 2: Larry Dowler, Charles Simpson, Helen Roperti, Tom Healey, Jack Cuccia, Carol Ann White, Marianne Reilly. Row 3: Ed- ward Moresco, Theodore Miller, Walter Muller, Charles Lein, Thomas Tumminello, Catherine Sasso, Virginia Tantillo. Row 4: Carmen Giannandrea, Leroy Post, Enrico Cucco, Vern Wall, George Hiby, Bill Beschner, Bob Burgo. 2-t LU NC HROOM SQUAD Row l: Ernie Jahn, Frank Donner, Vincent Esposito, Frank Wall, Lennox Hagemann, Joseph Bonica, Row 2: Kenneth Goehl, Roger Piper, Alfonso Stozzone, James Gaz- zale, Peter De Vito, Victor Liss, Mr. Ghigliotti. Row 3: Tommy Greene, Robert Smith, Frank Marino, Edward Hohenstein, William Sedutto, Richard Long, Bill O'Con- nell. Row 4: Vincent Nicito, Anthony Intege lia, Leonard Vignolo, Mario Torres, Thoma: Brennan, John Midgett, Richard Spangler. Row l: Charles Birmingham, Frank Datello, James CliHord, Richard Okolsky, Edward Rose, Leonard Ortolano. Row 2: James Dougherty, Raymond Battilana, Charles Lein, Charles Simpson, Thomas Tumminello, Bob Burgo, Joe Santello, Row 3: John Russell, Matthew Di Teresa, Maryan Rahe- lich, Pat Esposito, Alan Molnar, Peter Vito. Row 4: Mario Russo, David Schatt- schneider, Douglas Dallmer, Anthony D'Ales- sio, Robert Berselli, Bob O'Connor, Ronald Dreher. -,- -5 The Ushers strive for courtesy in dailv living Joachim Stieber, Chairman at Ushers, assisted by Ruth Letich and Charlotte Joseph, distributes assignments K i F for Open School Night, November l0, to Ronald Cavanough, Vincent Esposito, and Peter De Vito. Our assemblies constitute an important phase of school life. One reason for their success is due to the excellent supervision of the usher squad. In medieval times Richard Il had his ushers, hetter known as heralds. 'l'heir duties were closelv related to those of present dav ushers. Vie know that thcv directed roval pageants and ceremonies with great dignity. Under the careful guidance of Mrs. Marguerite Xloserop, New Dorp's ushers keep all events in order. thus assuring smooth and effective programs. 'l'hev con- tinuallv strive to uphold their title as one of the most dependable and efficient organizations in New Dorp lligh School. Row l: Ronald Dreher, John Midgett, Rich- ard Spangler. Row 2: Peter De Vito, Frank Wall, Victor Liss, Jock Bellows. Row 3: Joseph Barresi, Kenneth Goehl, Charles Lein, John Giordano. Row 1: James Dougherty, Edward Moresco, James Gazzale, Vincent Esposito, Mario Russo. Row 2: Thomas Greene, David Schott- schneider, William Sedutto, Charles Bir- mingham, Joachim Stieber. Row 3: William O'Cannell, Richard Long, Robert Smith, An- thony lnteglia. I6 The Photography Squad works at a modern art form . Robert St. John, Robert Smith, and George Hiby watch a demonstration of the new battery flash at- tachment to the New Dorp High School camera. llcrc at New Dorp there is a quest for photographic ability, so necessary to the operation of a modern high school. 'lliis special squad, supervised by Mr. 'llionias Greenslade, serves a twofold purpose: to provide New Dorp with efheient photographic seiwiee and to provide training in photography as an art form, as a valuable hobby, or as a possible future vocation. 'llie Dance Squad is under the direction of Xlr. loscph Gerson. 'llie success of New Dorp dances depends upon this group of boys who work hard in order that New Dorp students inay End wholesome recreation at social functions. Row 1: Mario Russo, Joachim Stieber, Robert Smith, Richard Lang, Anthony lnteglio. Row 2: Joseph Barresi, John Midgett, Ronald Dreher, Charles Simpson, Mr. Joseph E. Gerson. Row 3: James Gazzole, Peter De Vito, Charles Birmingham, John Giordano, Victor Liss, The Dance Squad seeks an orderly recreation . The Gu1da110e 0111005 offer adx10e and asslstance F1111 50 xx 110 xx 011x xx 1111 1110 gTfldC 1c1x15015 Ill 100111 1 111c1 xx1t11 N11 S01 1101111101g 111 131 011010 IX OI to IIC1 studcnts of 'Xcxx 130113 I11g11 111 111111x xx 1x5 Xmong 1110 501x100s 110 .11d 111 t11011 5011011 111d p10p11111011 for 1 5111111310 00011 13111011 lll 0110 CISL 111c1 110113 Ill scttlmg 11t011c111100 111 1tt01s lll 1110 011101 011500 p1dllllCC1 11010 15 1110 C1111st111f15 p11t105, 5011101 13111105 md 11101115 N1155 Ixccgau 15 thc 5011101 01155 grldc 1c1x1501, NI155 O C0111101, 1110 11111101 012155 Nllss Locffler the 5013110111010 016155 md NI1ss O N0111 1110 f10511111.111 01.155 ATTENDANCE OFFICE 131 Row 1 Marllyn Donohue, Ehzabeth Reuss, Mr col Feinberg, Dorothy Kramer, Maryann Savola Row 2 Lorraine Leahy, Dons Bard, Nora Rose, Marianne Renlly, Elsue Ellera, Charloife Joseph Row 3 Louls lufrano, Nlck Amodeo, James McKendry, Maryan Rahelnch, Robert Barker 76 1- K. L . . -, L . 5 1 X1 I 1 5 ln ' 1 1 ' x - T x - 1 1 1 ' 'I ' ' C C . . 1 C Y C ' . . 1 1 1"z'z 1221 z"z r 2 1 1 1 Zn- 5. 2 1 kv x 1 2 2 . 5 2 1 x 1 . x 121 110xx'cx'01. 15 not '1111 xx'01k and 110 p1z1x1" Manx' 5001111 fl111C11OllS 1110 1:lTSf 1 7 ' ' 11 1 1 1 12 1. 2 ' Z ' ' L 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' Z 1 1 1 , 1' '.1 ' ' bxf Z.. Miss Julia Keegan's secretaries are Eliza- beth O'Neill, Carmela Camardo, Carol Harson, Adrienne Laurent, Jaan Marie Conti, Eleanor Anderson, Joan Harson, Claire Viola, Kathleen Guida. Jacqueline Dreher, Jean Galletta, Rose- marie Palerneni, Patricia Galante, Valerie Mescia, Roberta Murphy, Judy Don, Gail Sanford, Richard Long, Charles Joseph work in Miss ONeills office. Rita De Matti Joan Linlce, Mary Lou Run- tola, John Johnson, Virginia Abrams, Thomas Pitarresi, William O Rourke, Sonia Santiago, Jaan Sutter, Jimmy Orleman are Miss Virginia O Cannar s secretaries. Joan Houseman, Doris Kivlehan Henrietta Neumuller, Frances De Marco Sylvia Cun ningham, and Pamela Parker are s cretaries B551 Year ll, to Miss Anna Loeffler, grade adviser of s. has ,X 1 Lx , The Departmental Hice 351 14' gain oflfic Patricia Nelson, Madeline La Penta, Jean Tucciarone, and Roberi Monza take care of clerical and book details in the English Office. 'lllcrc ilrc scvcrzil czfliccs in New Dorp wliicin hike cure of The business of cucll clcpurtmcut. llic NlllClClllS. striving for thc sumofli functioning of tlicsc clcpglrtluclltul cxlhccs, Elo. prepare exhibits for lllllllfllll lJOLl1'ClN, type. out stun- cils and work in thc lurzok-mains 2lllLlCllCCl to thc ulrimls subject Holds. The Business Office Srafiz Dianfha Welles, Lois Thompson, Edwina Griffin, Annette Benvenufa, Margaret Odessa, Doris Pascarelli, Mrs. Teresa Barloiomeo, Chairman, louise Goss, Rita De Matti, Mary Lou Runfola, Beatrice Hrbacelc, Anna Rescigno, Elinor Herman. Zu miller an opportunity to xperience. Dolores McGowan, Mr. Thomas Greenslade, Adrienne Maz- zey, Carol Ann Trachte, Ann Villamagna, Edith Caggiano busy themselves in the Science and Shop Department office. Y 4 '-1 Y' 6 6 nr GP' 8- The Social Studies Office Stall consists of Ralph Daiuto, Joan Praskach, Rita Gallo- gher, seatedg Lillian Syvertsen, Freya Wik- feld, Kathryn Velci, Joanne Laib, Elena Asselta, standing. The Language Office Sfafl consists of Rose- ann Orlando, Kay Guida, Mrs. Virginia Di Fazio, Chairman, Madeline Cecilione, Frank Datello, Jerry Maiorano, and Anthony ln- teglia. Mrs. Mary Sailliard, Chairman, Alberta Di Brizzi, Thomas Colandrea, Stephen Eabry. Veronica Hurst, and Lois Brady work in the Mathematics Ofhce. Yi The staffs of the Administrative offices seek a smooth- running school . . Office 129: Louis Marciante, Put Esposito, Joe Barresi, June Barnes, Mr. Joseph E. Gerson, Matthew Marco Vecchio. 'lhe .Xcliiiiiiistrative oft-iees eoiitrihute greatly to the eflieieriey' of our sehool through the help and eooperation of students who participate in the work of these ofliees. 'l'he admiiiistrative oflieials are, respectively, Nlr. Ioseph Gerson, aclmirii- strative assistant in 129g Mrs. Hertha XVinseh, program chairman in ofliee 218, and Miss Cariiiela Pigriata, secretary to the prineipalg Blrs. Stella Seton ad- vised the girls in 21' during Nliss Plgllkltklk leave in the fall term. Mrs. Winsch's Office: Rosemary Costa, Mrs. Hertha Winsch, John Midgett, Carol Lass, Philip Boehn, Betty Huot, Leonard Orto' lano, and Christine Ccmardo work in the Program Office. Office 213: Mrs, Stella Seton, Marie Aiello, Frances Fiorenza, Joanne Phillips, Elizabeth Palazzola, Camille Romanelli, Phyllis Had- erer, Edith Caggiano. The staffs of the Clerical offices develop an efficient system . . Barbara Dlugokecki, Mary Colucci, Leah Coutts, Wilma Rivera work for Mrs. Mary Schuhsler in Office 125. Xlueli necessary elerieal work must be efficiently clone to aeliieve the smootli running of a eity lligli seliool, Clerical assistaiiee is offered by students to tliese varied olliees: Xlrs. Nlary Seliulisler. Payroll Clerk in 1253 Xlrs. lime Berra and Nlrs. Stella Seton. .Xttenclanee Clerks for tlie fall and xpriiig termsg aucl, Xlrs. Barbara Nlelieague. in eliarge of seliool supplies. Omce 123, Attendance: Marie Vasta, Mrs. June M. Berra, Maureen Walsh, Rosemary Niederhauser, Margaret Sanders, Ellen Cairo, Joan Maggi, Ginger Harshberger. Office l23, Supplies: June Laforte, Mrs. Barbara McKeague, Herbert Pecoraro, Bill O'Connell, John La Bar, Ronald Gotti, Robert Pilkington. The G. O. Aides strive to serve by means of supplies.. Row l: Barbara Andriola, Claire Viola, Joan Colandrea, Beverly Shields, Filomena Patillo. Row 2: Miriam Smith, Shirley Niles, Jack Bellows, Mr. Philip Greenspan, Made- line Massetti, Barbara O'Neill. Row 3: Carol Schmidt, Frances Willshaw, Jacqueline Cerami, Gertrude Neglia, Marilyn Cavagnaro. Row 4: Rosario Patti, Connie De Marco, Barbara Monlrman, Margaret Silverman, Phyllis Persichetti. A well equipped store strives to serve the needs of its customers: our C. O. Store seeks to serve xvcll all the scl1ool's needs. Nlr. Philip Greenspan has charge of making out the daily G. O. bank deposit slips and receiving the financial reports from the dances. In addition to other duties, hc strives to train secretaries to assist in C. O, secretarial needs. Striving for the smooth functioning of the science department, the laho- ratory squad prepares the apparatus and materials necessary for all experiments carried on in the various science classes. With Xliss Plivllis Van Nostrand and licr squad working heliind the scenes. you may be sure of the success of every experiment. Setting up thc lilins to he shown in C-ll is another function of this squad. Row l: Eugene Taber, George Poppe, Jerry Sciortino, Robert St. John, Miss Phyllis Van Nostrand, James Dougherty, William Garcia, James Johnston. Row 2: Erik Titland, Stephen Rhodes, Frel Hensler, John Midgett, Ernie Jahn, Sal Scorcella, Leonard Ortolano. X The Science Lab seeks to serve Science classes.. Ruth Letich and Marilyn Cavagnaro are on duty in 'he foyer, selling ficlcefs for the Autumn Spree. A! !l1e Storisto dance on March 5, studenis of all four years enjoy an evening of dacing and refrshmenfs in the school gym. In the quest for wholesome amusement, New Dorp runs its dances.. Valerie Whelihan, Anna Bender, and Doris Lynch pos? a novice drawn by Anna, for the Red Cross Dance, the Aufumn Spree. fvvr A W' Francis Evans and Bill Sedutfo introduce Raja and Jimmy, their guesis from Jordan and Greece, lo an American high school dance. P N.. 'J . I. J 'NJ 5, "MY ,:-2 , J f 1 . 1 V ' , 'af 3-ci l ii X ff' CILUIBS x 'l'he nllieial quest for lfreneh culture and literature began in 163-1 by order of the King of lfranee when he established the Aeadeinie lfraneaise. ln a like manner Le Cerele Francais aids students of French in their pursuit of lfreneh culture and literature. Under the guidance of Mrs. Virginia Di lfazio, they further this pursuit by listening to the reports of fellow-nieinbers and by engaging in nunierous activities involving the use of the French language. To Raw 7: John Arminas, Royal Reymann, Paul O'Brien, James Little, Jimmy Smith. Row 2: Jacqueline Dreher, Larry O'Brien, Charles Yates, AI Wall, Jon Bergman. Row 3: Pamela Parker, Rosemarie Romanola, Virginia Havens, Bernadette Rooney, Bonnie Jennings. Row 4: Andrea Immiti, Frances Butera, Angie Fillou, Alice Campbell, Sylvia Cunningham. 38 Begley points out places of interest on the map of France. Le Cenje Franeah French Irene Hansen, Doris Lynch, Marion Gunther, Edward Moresco Richard Spangler, Sarah Dyer, Anna Bender watch as Barbara is in quest of culture . . Vivian Moresco, Jack Bryson, Kathy Gallagher, Mary Ann Schack, Evelyn Bogaert, Edward Hohenstein, Robert Smith, Mrs. Virginia Di Fazio examine art pamphlets, maps, and tiles in an effort to understand the French quest for culture. foster friendly relations between France and the United States, several Stu- dents at New Dorp correspond in French with students in the Iinropcan country. .Xt Christmas time incinhers exchange their greetings of Ioycux Noel ut their ainnuil Christmas party. In the course of these activities, students hecoinc acquainted with the cnstonis and culture of the French people. l A Row 7: Lucinda Berglund, Ellen Coughlin, Patricia Rue, Pat Gravino, Virginia Abrams. Row 2: June Barnes, Jacquelynne O'Donnell, Dorothy Zai, Joan Finkenstadt, Elaine Hascall. Row 3: Barbara Sutter, Gladys Alduino, Lucille Schamback, Mary Anne Murphy, Gladys Cabral. Row 4: Rosann Alduino, Doris Wood, Antoinette Migliore, .lean Rodgers, Barbara Braun. 39 Mary Broadley, Cecilann Panazzolo, Loisann Panazzolo, Lois Zuccaro, Marlene Adone, Phyllis Raccuia listen to Miss Lucienne Capineri's clarification of an Italian travel poster. Younger students are desirous of Italian Culture. II Cireolino seeks il better nnclerstginding and zlppreeiiltinn of tlle lfllllklll langiuige zincl culture. Its nienilners ligne stncliecl the fgnnons llllliilll lllIl'llOl'S :incl painters to lnroncleii their Cllllllllll lxiekgroiiiid. 'le give tliein an opportunity to get ueqnzlintecl with others interested in the language. they lime played bingo in Italian and have studied lfllllllll enisine. all nncler tlie gniclginee of Xliss Lneienne Cnpineri. lineli year tlie elnln nlso sponf sors ii Clnistnius party, :it which they play games dealing with the Italian luiigiiuge. present enter- tainment in Italian nncl enjoy refreshments. While some discuss movies set in Italy, others look at the stills: Row 1: Christopher Igneri, Alice Molinari, Bruce Sterrett, Edith La Marca. Row 2: Ronald Langere, Gloria Di Brizzi, Florence Gaida, Nancy Barbara, Anne Benanti, Adeline Kinsella. Sal Scarcella, Mary Starrantino, Carol Miceli, Peter Lerta, Frances Castro agree as Lois Sorge urges students to ioin the Junior Italian Club, the Cercolino. -ill Il Circolo Italiano pursues the same quest . . 'lhc wiitrilmtirms of lllklllf' great Italian umstcrs lmvc crcutccl ll lI'C21SllTf' of cultural and scicutitic' 2lL'lllCXClllL'lll'S. 'lihc music' of Ycrcli. the paliutiugs of llliflilll zmcl Rilllllllljl. llllil the alert SL'lClll'lliL'2lC'lIlCX'ClllClIfS,llllClllCllll3CTSOfllClfC'fllf1 Ituliazzri strixc to get llCCllllllIllCCl with ll'2lllLlIl culf ture in urclcr to appreciate it more fulh. 'lhc activities of this fricllrlh' group iucluclc alttcucliug operas, sampling Italian clishcs and practicing thc ltaliuu lLlIlgllilgCkllKlCllSl'OlllS.ll'l1lSf'CllI'. the mom- hcrs juiuccl with those of other lQlllgl1ilgC groups to XYllIlCSS il pcrforluglucc of La Bolzcnic nf the XlCll'UlJ0lllZlll Opera llousc, gil ,Munn-sp-my l-W 3, A group of Senior Italian students pose cheerfully in front of their travel poster: Row I: Marie Corio, Joan Martini, Elena Volonnio, Rose Marie Lucchesi. Row 2: Bernice De Quila, Elena Asselto, Frank Datello, Mary Ann Magnani, Jerry Maiorano, Elizabeth Avino, Carol Ann Trachte, Pat Esposito. A second group discusses the many ad- vantages of ioining the club: Raw l: Joseph Acquesta, Rosemary Costa, Josephine Cap- pello, Dorothea Marino, Rudy Gotti, Frank Marino, Row 2: Theodore Gargaloni, Joe Orsini, Robert Monzione, George Gross, Vincent Esposito, Leonard Vignola. Italian geography is one of the topics of interest and discussion: Row 1: Roberta Scott, Diane McCalip, Camille Moniscalco, Helen Roperti, Angelo Caterina, Row 2: Matthew MarcoVecchio, John Giordano, Carolyn Rosa, Christine Camordo, Angele Perini, Carmelo Camardo, Robert St, John. -ll Francis Evans, Anthony lnteglia, Elaine Hascall, Alice Campbell, Jean Galletta, Barbara Cohen, William Sedutto, Valerie Mescia Frank Wall, Lois Shine check arrangements for the club's visit to Manhattan to see JULIUS CAESAR. Roy l: Bonnie Jennings, Lucinda Berglund, Marylin Har- reus, Diantha Welles, Marilyn Drozd, Adrienne Laurent. Row 2: Margarete Swier, Barbara-Jean Frier, Carol Schmidt, Janet Sloan, Roberta Beyer, Teddy Baker. Row 3: Glendora Ladley, Joan Sutter, Doris Lynch, Pam Parker, Rosemarie Ramanolo, Andrea lmmiti. Row 4: Adrienne Mazzey, Joanne Prall, Kathleen Sawick, Emmet Smith, Claire De Waters, Robert Barker. Row 7: Jerry Mulcahy, Robert Berselli, David Schott- schneider, Robert Malnati, Robert Smith. Row 2: George Grasser, Nancy Kara, Ursule Phaeton, Beverly Schardt, Vivian Moresco, Row 3: Harlow McMillen, James Brennan, Martin Fitzpatrick, Richard Edlund, Gerard Brandon, Roger Alder. Row A: Rose La Mantia, Charles Joseph, May Possaretti, Jane Ann O'Donnell, Susan Cook, Harold Baker. 42 Cives Romani look for traces of Latin influence. It is xviclely kiioxxn that Latin is tlie basis ot niost present-clay western languages, lncleecl tliis is true. for one cannot final a tongue in niocleru western lfurope ulneli lias not been iullueneecl by the ancient Roman language. Nlany great writers of aneient tunes usecl to write in Latin. 'l'oclay. in New Dorp, tlie inenibers of the Latin Club, under the guid- .uiee of Nliss Nlelva Price. study the language and tlie lives of tlie aneient Romans. The Pan-American Club builds a good neighbor policy . . Row I: Thomas Spencer, Gloria Galasso, James Murphy, Bill Radcliffe, Elaine Harreus, Joan Bellaira. Row 2: Judith Garcia, Sandro Asborn, Barbara Greenstein, Jacqueline Heil, Annadele Fernandez, Fred Weiss, Claire Ann Wil- lrins. Row 3: Joan Houseman, Barbara Graham, John Pendergast, Richard Charlett, Richard Catilrey, Frances Comfort. Row 4: John Reinke, Donald Fanelli, Barbara Cohen, Joan Helt, Robert Wedinger. In developing world-minded citizens, New Dorp lligh School gives its students the opportunity of exploring inore fully the custoins and culture of contemporary civilization. 'llie goal toward which the Pan-American Club reaches is the fostering of an understanding and appreciation of Latin Aineri- can culture through the playing of Spanish games, the singing of native songs, thc performance of short plays in the Spanish language. ' s if f . 2' 4q 4-L. R ff 21: Row 1: Catherine Brech, Genevieve O'Reilly, Carol Ann Brumbach, Barbara Wylie, Linda Zwerlein, Gilda Moschella, Carol O'Connor, Susan Amlie, Row 2: Josephine Snow, Margery Abraham, Betty Buzzi, Olive Maxwell, Barbara Benzinger, Louise Malarkey, Judy Scalza, Marta S0il. Row 3: Mary Ann Lazar, Rosemarie Leonhardt, Virginia Joy, Stephen Fricke, Frank McKay, Richard Ross, Francis Patterson, Bill O'Connell. Row 4: Margaret O'Donnell, Elizabeth Pizz, Adrienne Cilenti, Barbara Heron, Virginia Stamberger, Augusta Ferentino, Gladys D'Elia, Joan Serra, Jacqueline Kinsella. -li The ideal of the Junior Red Cross is to serve humanity . 'lo develop liuiuauiturirui motives towards fellovv men. the Iunior Red Cross Club follows Qui interesting zuid uetive schedule. lu addition to syonsoriu the U.Xl1l'llll11l Snreef' its members. all Girls, 'D carried ou ll stoekiug drive ut Cliristmzis time to elieer hospitalized veterzuis and eliildreu. This year Ll reeord number was filled. During lXl2lTCll. tllev husilv engaged themselves in an eurolluieut drive. und other xvortliv endeavors. In this respect. we suv "Leave it to the girls!" Row 1: Barbara Begley, Jeanne Licata, Susan Cook, Kathleen Sawick, Mary Colucci. Row 2: Beverly Ann Paulsen, Gladys Cabral, Annette Walsh, Carol Ann White, Irene Hansen, Patricia Rue. Row 1: Catherine Torrent, Augusta Feren- tino, Elaine Tacticos, Angie Fillou, Mor- garete Swier, Marie Aiello. Row 2: .loan Bellaira, Virginia Stamberger, Kathleen Guida, Joan Colandrea, Valerie Whelihan, Carmela Camardo, Beverly Shields, Doris Lynch. +4 l The annual drive for Christmas stockings results in many gifts: Kathy Gallagher, Doris Lynch, Pat Rue, Elaine Tac- ticos, standing, Beverly Shields, Irene Hansen, Carol Ann White, Pamela Parker, Mrs. Irene Rulainger, adviser. VN ,uN'04' Row l: Vivian Schiortino, Gloria Galasso, Theresa Coco, Marilyn Harreus, Carolyn Tobuck, Kathy Gallagher. Row 2: Doris Biruk, Genevieve O'Reilly, Amelia Camuglia, Elaine Harreus, Virginia Havens, Phyllis Haderer. Row l: Barbara Sutter, Annette Benvenuto, Mrs. Rubinger, Gladys Alduino, Rosann Alduino, Rose De Sario. Row 2: Pam Parker, Sylvia Cunningham, Christine Camarda, Claire Viola, Barbara Andriola, Marilyn Cavagnaro, Margie Manzo, Eleanor Dente. -+3 Row 7: Frank Marino, Jerry Maiorano, Joseph Polly, Robert O'Connor, John Arminas. Row 2: James Brennan, Richard Long, Martin Fitzpatrick, Alan Yamarone, William Sedutto. Row 3: George Grasser, Jimmy Murphy, Robert Pilkington, Robert Re- muzzi, John Kim. The Newman Club seeks the Cultural aims of religion. Inst as inedieral knights sought to discover the lloly Grail as a synihol of the knowledge and truth of their religion. so too does the Newman Club endeavor to develop in its nienihers a deeper appre- i ciation of the cultural aspects of their faith. Father Ioseph Riordan. moderator of the club. uses for his text the liturgy. Xliss liileen Cox plays the role of faculty adviser. During the past year, nieinhers attended individual retreats for boys and girls which served as days of nieditation and relaxation. In Noveniber, the entire group attended a presentation of The Robe. 'l'he animal Corporate Communion Breakfast was held at St. Nlargaret Nlarfs in Nlidland Beach. 'rv va Row l: Anita Fritz, Barbara O'Neill, Roberta Scott, Carolann Tedesco, Annette Walsh, Peggy Donovan. Row 2: Margaret O'Donnell, Arlene Williams, Mary Passaretti, Roberta Beyer, Alberta Di Brizzi, Virginia Stamberger, Corinne Magnotti, Catherine Sasso. Row 3: Edith Caggiano, Angele Perini, Marie Kent, Carol McKenna, Marlene Adone, Mary Falloon. Row 4: Gail Sanford, Jeanne Goggi, Jeannette Silletti, Alice Molinari, Augusta Ferentino, Christine Camardo, Carolyn Rosa. 46 Row l: Elizabeth Hicks, Genevieve O'Reilly, Rosalie Bellina, Claire Ann Wilkens, Barbara Begley, Marta Saiz. Row 2: Irene Fornataro, June Barnes, Gloria Galasso, Elena Asselta, Carol Lass, Rosemarie Romanol, Barbara Benzinger, Jean Korg. Row 3: Mary Colucci, Jacqueline Kinsella, Grace Barme, Rosalie Ortolano, Vivian Schiortino, Marylin Drozd, June Truax. Row 4: Theresa Coco, Patricia Freeo, Madeline Varriano, Adeline Kinsella, Roseann Orlando, Marianne Reilly. L Row l Rosemarie Costa Josephine Cappella Duane Litkenhaus Theresa Dalrymple Gladys Cabral Carmela Camardo Row 2 Margaret Prestel Mary Hyland Phyllis Haderer Frances Spezuale Bernice Sawnclc Valerie Mescia Lois Shine Francellna Alves Vivian Moresco Row 4 Joan Serra Carol Ann Trachte Lois Sarge Elizabeth Pizzo Gloria Du Brlzzl Jacqueline Dreher -l l l l De Quila, Diane McCalip, Patricia Falloon, Maureen Hyland, Joan Janicki. Row 3: Eleanor Russo, Kathleen Newspapers are valuable source materials for discussion topics: Row 7: Roberta Creutz, Pamela Parker, Marilyn Harreus, Betty Sotirakis, Judy Don. Raw 2: Armando Quiroz, Francis Evans, George Fox, Robert Manati, Bruce Starrett. Reference books are consulted before meet- ings: Row 1: Angela Casella, Julia Wansor, Adele Schott, June Barnes, Marylin Drozd, Lois Shine. Row 2: Richard Caffrey, Robert Barker, Robert Berselli, David Schatt- schneider, Charles Yates, Mr. Charles Mc- Nulty, Magazines keep the group up to date: Row l: Gail Sanford, Phyllis Korn, Freya Wikfeld, Ruth Collins, Jacqueline Dreher, Jean Galletta. Row 2: Bill Radcliffe, Robert Fanelli, Robert St. John, Madelyn Gross, Connie Bocchina. 48 The Discussion Club seeks self expression.. 'lo furtlicr mick ability to discuss world affairs iii :ui lllffbfllllll zitiiiosplicrc is tlic zliiu of our Discussioii Club, supervised by Mr. Cliarlcs XlcNulty. 'llic cluli zittcucls Borough- wiclc Discussion Cmifcrciiccs und, iii aclclitiou. iuulics an guiuuzil trip to tllc U. N. Builcliug wlicrc tlic club is usually ziclclrcssccl by ai figure of world proiiiiiiciicc. The Fine Arts group seeks self expression in another medium Row l: Marie Scheuter, Dottie Boehm, Joan Baxter. Row 2: Jeanne Licata, Kathy Gallagher, Irene Battilana, Marie Curran. Row 3: Jeanette Silletti, Jeanne Goggi, Emily Fixsen, Susan Jowise, Eeverly Paulsen. Row 4: Margery Abraham, Beverly Schardt, Annette Galluzzo. Row 5: Mrs. Catherine Kacsur, Thomas Tumminello, Thomas Pitarresi, Maryan Rahelich, Royal Reymann. In the effort to provide plllJllS with a11 opportunity to develop the talents they possess, tl1e l"ine Arts Club, llIlClCl' tl1e SlllJCI'X'lSl0ll of Xlrs. Catherine Kaesur, explores tl1e various fields of art, inehiding painting and senlptnre. 'l'l1e el11b also gives tl1e 111e1nbers a11 opportunity to express lllCIllSClX'CS. 'l'l1e1' provide lllllllf' llllllhllill exhibits tor sliowing throughoiit the sehool. In tl1e past many ,great poets have striven to Plll their thoughts into words in such a way that it would inalqe pleasing and inspiring reading to others. Aniong these great 111011 was 'l'llCOCTllllS. a Creek poet. who wrote "ldylls" at seventeen years of age in the year ZSII HC. Our l'inglish llllil .Xnieriean poets have followed i11 their own traditions, down to Robert lfrost. Dylan llillO1llLlS. 'lf S. liliot. and otl1er outstanding eonteinporaries. l11 New Dorp the 1nen1bers of the Poetry Club, lll1ClCf the direction of Xlrs. Craee Clark. explore poetry i11 its inanx' forms and tn' their hands at originating their own verses in this great tradition. The Poets' Club consults volumes of modern poets in the library: Seated: Joan Johnston, Philip Calundan, Mrs. Grace Clark, Barry Withers, William Elliot. Standing: Dorothea Marino, George Schrenker, William Bas' so, Frank Marino, John Arminas, Frances Speziale, Robert Re- muzzi, ri lhe Poets look for inspiration. . . The Future Homemalcers of America piclm up a few coolming tips in the kitchen of the apartment: Barbara Kugit, Ursule Phaeton, Beverly Schardt, Nancy Ollolslcy, Nancy Kara, Annette Galluzzo Ruth Collins, and Glendora Ladley. The iuture HUIilQ'IN2llsLCI'S work fUXY2lI'Ll domestic perfection . . lliu l7liti11'c' llcwiiiuiimliciw ut .Xiiiciipzi sting to ingilic' lwcttur limi ll.1iJiD1Ll' limms mm .incl in tlic' tutiirc. llic girls wirlx tcigctlici' niiclci' tlic glllilklillk' of Xliss Xliiry liilmcrstwiii. Seeking tri luirii inure of iiiriclcrii iiictlirwclm tliq xisitccl the Clciracl llfmiiwlgucpiiig liistitutc. 'l lip iiiciiilucrs of tllc clnlu sum' I'CiI'CNlllllCIllN gittu' tlic' lJ2lI'L'lIl'llvCLlL'llL'Ii ,Xwicizltioiik incct ings, ,Xa ai wg-itil fJllilll.Q tlicy l1liL'llLlCCl2lIllllfilltl' pcrffmriimiicc of the 'Aliing and lf' The Future Homemcllers of America gain practice in gracious living: Jacqueline Heil, Doris Wood, Joan Helt, Patricia Comery, Valerie Whelihan, Miss Mary Lou Biber- stein, Charlotte Joseph, Madelyn Gross, Lois Zuccaro, Betty Buzzi. 5 4 X- The Future Homemalcers, as a preview of future entertaining, serve parents and teachers at the tea for freshman parents in September. The Nlath Club studies Euclidean beauty. 'l'he theme of this years Xlathc- matics Club is the "IIistori' and Future of Geometry." Under the guidance of Xliss Ruth Ilall. it investigates the un- limited fields of matlicmaties in a quest for a better understanding and knowl- edge of geometry. The members discuss the past history and possible future dc- velopment of geometry, as well as its use and application today. The group has also studied the 'Iheon' of Chance, Puzzle 'I'heories. and the History of Numbers. Row I: Adele Schott, Kathleen Sawick, Faith Vonderheide, Gladys Cabral Miss Ruth Hall. Row 2: Rosemarie Leonhardt, Ellen Coughlin, Irene Hansen Lois Brady. Row 3: Robert Fanelli, Anthony D'Alessio, Bill Spengler George Fox. The Science Club seeks modern scientihc knowledge . 'l'he Science Club constantly strives to bring scientific reasoning and fact into eveiyclay lives of its members. Special events include attending the Science Fair held at the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences in April, and a trip to the Staten Island Xlusenrn. 'I'he group is under the guidance of Nlr. Mario Cupo. Row I: Bill Patterson, Stephen Fricke, Mr. Mario L. Cupo, David Kettyle, Robert Fricke, Bill RadcliHe. Row 2: Richard Caftrey, David Schattschneider, Robert Barker, Vita Piedilato, Paul Wheeler, Thomas Spencer, Alan Molnar. Row 3: Ignazio Rosso, Roger Alder, Louise Malarkey, Valerie Mescia, Richard Lee, Bruce Sterrett. 1 I I .0 New Dorp's quest for understanding takes the form of huspitzllity. Raia Ailouni, visitor tram Jordan, studies yearbook procedures with George Hiby, James Clittard, and Lillian Mehltretter. of ?f On March 4, at the Richmond Borough G. O. Council, Carolyn John Giordano and Miss Blaine converse with Raia Ailouni of and Angelina serve punch to guests from other island schools, Jordan, Tila Hormanzabel of Chile, Richard Jahn of Australia, visiting with their Herald-Tribune guests from various countries. guesfs of Curtis Sfudenfsl and Demegrious Popageorggsf of Greece. x in At the Storista Dance on March 5, their last day at New Dorp, "Jimmy" Papogeorgis and Raja Ailouni dance with Marion Gunther and Evelyn Bogaert, students of New Dorp. fr ba Francis Evans, "Jimmy," Patricia Freeo, Bill Sedutto, Angie Fillou, and Raja chat between dances. Francis and Bill were hosts to New Dorp's two visiting students. 3 yi 1 fi L . ov ' gg s E S g X is gg? -. Qu - Q 1 V' ii' 3 1 7' I fx if 25 'Qs f f P5 ' if ' wi ,dy ' xg YK 'T ,Y .- .f 2 gt: Y- tum X fx . s A . ,H 12,1 ' L ' X ' ' K XX Q .i1l'fQa X, ' ' 5 9 f3Qgga'?5i5.Q5f'i Q . qs, X f 53? Q,-E . .. . . , Pre, 5 N Q L , .av As if ' cf gb eg, 'Ni 1 5 I- EF f I gs? i - 1 22 1 I . 5 gg, ' f xt -- grggg . K iqll BUDGET APPROPRIATTON SPRNC 1953 .lssemblx lmol Acivily lf?,jgj3rQQED LEETIMATED ie General Orgamzation ETA SGCENAUT 2 s f T SFRVTE strlx es to explain ltS budget in QL 55 Q Pl WYERS ANATECJ RLS ATHLEFCS NEETL? CEAQDANCECLUB f 0 roce u o e s u en o . n e a a aro, reasurer, ' s ou e wc in w 'c e bu e is a ance . e ' was ' en an 'rece rs. Mor uer' e oscro . U 9 more was l A cg me nw, rs fxrmg its Q5 TGTAL ,e,,, We W V... W ...e, 3 ESTWZATE ii' lNCO NE Ei9'i3MATlfFf EXPENESH . Y' uw. in i At 2 ' ' .' ' ", F tl ka --------....,,....f-f - -Q --f - V, , 5 T 's Y 1 hu - . . tv Qi, ' ' I SSN? E' VE .se 2 T , W The J ucry 5 ssembly wa presented by the General Organization to explain its finonci I p d t th rdfbdyAgICf T pt vfh yn hlhth dgtlbl dTh lpt :tt d di t d by M g it M p l 5 ,T W we T M To the tune of "There's no business like G.O. business," representatives of various activities receive their appropriations: There's no business like G.O. business lt's a slow business, that's true Everybody! fifty-cents is needed Everybody's interest is conceded Where help is needed, it's all for you. The nemie f the Budget-Soil, Wear, Tear, Age, High C st-attack school sup- plies and equipm t to th tune of the Witches! Chant: Round b t the cauldron gop COU In the poisoned entroils throw. Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and could bubble. 3-l The Assembly schedule reflects i expression and development.. y s New Dorp's search for self- i In the well established traditions of the Play Production Class, the Spring '53 group presented Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Ernest, directed by Miss Josephine Ernst. Here Mr, Chasuble Charles Birmingham flirts with Miss Prism Elizabeth Reuss at the upper assembly presentation. 2 2 x. in 4- .5 I Algernon Moncrieft Charles Simpson. and Cecily Cardew iKathleen Gallaghert startle Miss Prism Virginia Abrams at the lower assembly per- formance. VI .. fa-wsnfsf 'l The Art Assembly in October was entitled Rainbow Place, and dem- Place June Truax 7 the presentation by the Royal Mathematiciar onstrated vividly the importance at color in our livesfthrough the Thomas Geary ot the Clock Dancers Susan Amlie, Marilyn Drozd, combined media of music, drama, art, and dancing. Martha Jacobs g the dance of the Peasants, with Barbara Behan one The scenes illustrated include the arrival of King Grey of Dull of the dancers. iMario Russo' at the colorful court of Queen Opal of Rainbow ., . V . 3 v A A ,Y ' , M f-TEX :gs , A ' ,Vg 'M ' .::r:E:-"-:v . 1 K ' " f ff " 'X W 2921- gi ' .. 5 'fy is . ff sf v Q 13 5525: ,. f . 'Q vj,.-I., gg 5 'riff .. I.,-:ga if , f 6: "1 2 .. ,- 5 , a K4- 43: , 5- yy, 1 QQ - s ,.,. ' dwg ff 'bf' - ' f 2 Q . mx, W wg. 1' i . I ' . , ' f f M, ,I ' H 'ill -. f - V wr? ' w X2 Ms ,, h.. 1 A WY L WQ 1.39 gf ,- Q we ,, l gi ' . 4 t , 9? 111,45 xl gs , 32 'V Q. Q, 'ik if K' 'Q if 1, 5 '12 Z t4 f 41 A? z q , vm az , -I 55: Q - - ' . ' 1 : , Q I ',, ff - s , f' ....- 9 A 1 , as +L Q M I-79 L. ,I Y f I i , f -s 2 W ,SSM 4 me ,,,z l , Q 2 ' W ggi ,. ,,., , fi? 2 X 4 1 s I 1 ii 2? ' ai 5 3,16 , Q, 5 .- 1, . ' , f s. 1 . K ,9 ' , H Il 4 . f 5 , 1 y 433 ,Y hx my 5 -f 4-N-M,-, ,. .J Q i 5i,:,,f .:,, K? g 4 5 5, 9" li ' 1' Q I , y ,. 1 . x sf. TSW h .Q - . Y , ' it ?,5,, ' J - K' . f , ,: 'ff fi , M E42 V A 1 ' , v- 1 . b Q 53 v X A 'SWA X . 'l . -rf. VJ Vw f ily 5 X . . , A 'Q A 5 .,f' NN D MU The quest for athletic victory 'l'he Varsity Drug was the dzinee specialty, in keeping with the 'teolleginten spirit of the , .2 N ' . fy . iiliillvlii its ifwfww ' V2 JWVJTAEQA A Xjbqsrfx JKJN' " 5 D I 6 A fx 'fr I ylfv JJMJQ N fi ln 'fs hliflfhff A 5 l 1 I Bill Spengler, Anna Bender, Mario Russo, Jacqueline Cerami, Bob Gill, Marian Gunth- er, Dick Spangler, Rosemary Boulougouras. Anna Bender, Bill Spengler, Jacqueline Ceromi, Mario Russo, Bob Gill, Marion Gunther, Dick Spangler, Rosemary Bou- Iougouros. On Deeeinber -l. the basketball season was weleonied in by the student body with gi special usseinbh' A"l'hrough the lloopf' directed by Xliss lean leinpleton. Singing and ClLlllClllg were featured. with original songs and nnisie by Louis Czirzettn. The singing chorus included Frances Marrone, Mar- garet Eller, Thomas Brennan, Anthony D'AIessio, Dorothea Marino, Mario Russo, Rita Snyder, Theodore Gargalone, Leonard Vignola. is spurred on porter, serves as narrator and commentator. The students seek to follow baseball traditions.. The 1953 baseball season received a eolor- ful senclott on April l5, with the presentation of The Brooklyn Ccuztcltcl, a rnusieal fantasy about "that" teain, the Brooklyn Dodgers. XYritten by Michael Strattan and George Kleinsinger. it was directed here in New Dorp by Xliss lean 'l'einpleton. Louis Garzetta, acting the role of a sports re- Q ,Q I J A tearful and inspirational plea from his girl friend, to the pinch-hitter, fails to produce the con- ventional happy ending--he strikes out! Mario Russo makes a dramatic and pathetic plea against the demands of the crowd-- to kill the umpire! Some members of the Glee Club play the parts of spectatorsp others narrate. S9 -x, vgii, :"A Q ll' K ,Q-. .iw ...v- 4 f,,,,,,Q 1, x .4 ., iz. :isp ,xl M. Q n . ,,,,n.-ffl-"s,"2 v,,,.Mb-5 fr' A .mv-V. -, gf-,,,.-wwf , ,A- I" 'B' rf, 5 .JN N, mf, A, V. my N1 N V 424' .ir - :uf W.,-Vw-.-. ,NW .. ii, ,,gi . N317 ,.m,Q,. . k:'-..,n....A .,' f I - , , 5 .A ...,, T112 , - 'S' . ,J v s..f-f ' , ,.l. . .. f Q 1 ' r H141 1 ,Q 4 J Z '- XG., fl w .f -.u..4-.M M, 1 ,jigwi .M MH. My-ww-'smwf-:f"f1f-' 4 " 'J,., ,,- -'Mg .A-'fx X 1 ' ' ' 1 ,f XA r , 2 . "mix sux ,,,g,, . .us.r.,.,-.1."'Q , 6 xxx 9 N., 1 , x i ,I r Y. R . .-..A.., ww P 4 ,X lf .1 '95 ,-"",-3' i ,.,,.,vvf"':,,.: ' E 5.s.w"" . is s 1 .-gg. f' I 1--nv, '. . f SPURTS . - A,-X'..Q, .b U -, ".'-'rg fm- -f'-M-T- v-. ..- af. :W , i ICI X i ,J X 1,1 lhe Olvmple Gnnes of todlv ne the Cll1lllX of the1r careers for nnateur sportsmen md sportswomcn Flhesc gnnes max be trleed blelx to anerent Greece and were Hrst recorded 111 6 B C lhe gnnes wlnch had both re hgxous and athletrc srgmicance became the clnef l121tlOIl3l festrval celebrated m honor of 7eus at CHXIHPII Onlx men could be partlclpmts women were excluded ev en from attend lnce It the ex ents Flod IX howev er thes max rom m the competltlon The bovs and glrls of New Dorp are strnmg to dev elop IH therr sports prepare students for future llfe s1nee thev encourage the lllCllVlClll3l to strne for a sense of ICSPOIlSlbll1tX SpOftSI'll2ll1Slllp and cooperatron w 1th teammates 'lhe men and women 1n the Olsmplcs must have sound mmds and odles In New Dorp we take prlde rn dlsplavlng the powerful character of e boss md grrls thlt constltute each sports tenn ff?- U7' S I' Q C b Fx I9 Xlit ,S G outa ff 67 .,.-9? - 26 ,S -- -- Q 7 1' ,f"-"'l ,. K 1 - 1 Q , , ' ss sy! , , - rt v ' . I' ez xv, y' 1- activities the prowess that Olympic athletes have developed. All our sports F 7 719 5-4, S 12. 41" is :Tl Z 'Q st? xii f - f N- ., X - - X ' f 512:35 1 4' ' v N ' W " Sf 5 fx- f N, , as X QU BASEBALL SCORES 1953 New Dorp New Dorp Port Richmond I 9 -Port Richmond Fort Hamilton 4 5 -Tottenville 3 2 -Curtis Augustmron 5 0 -De Witt Clinton 4 9 -St. Peter's 3 5 -Woodbridge 5 5 -Woodbridge 0 ,,.VM K 3,4 BASKETBALL SCORES 'I953-54 -Holy Trinity 53 -McKee 32 -St. Augustine 53 -Port Richmond 43 -Augustinian Academy 56 -Tottenville 33 -St. Peter's 31 -Fort Hamilton 56 -Holy Trinity 66 -Curtis 39 -McKee 54 -St. Augustine 73 -Port Richmond 37 -Tottenville 42 St. Peter's 41 Curtis 46 R.. ,Q ff-fj,ff5'W1,'?'.L'i???Q -wifi! ,. i New Dorp is in quest of gridiron success lfootball, the thrilling gridiron sport, de- velops in the individual character, athletic abil- ity and sportsmanship. Mr. Salyatorc Sonnna, faculty adviser, has skillfully guided thc Cen- trals through another victorious season as evi- denced by Eye wins, one loss, and one tie. The annual Thanlcsgiying Day classic saw New Dorp defeat its old riyal, Curtis, 27-T. lack Bellows was judged New Dorp's best player New Dorp tries c wedge ploy. for that day and consequently attended the animal lleisnian Award Dinner. Peter De Vito received the Lou Celirig Award and attained a place on the Otheial Coaches' PSAL A11- Seholastic 'l'eain, in addition to other honors of the saine nature. The Centrals concluded the season with a hard-earned total of 168 points as opposed to the 46 points scored against thein. They also coyered 1861 yards by rushing and -186 yards by passing, a total of 2350 yards. Their combined opponents rushed for 05-1 yards and gained another H114 by pass- ing to total 1368 yards. New Dorp, you'yc done it again! Row 1: Dougherty 10, Greene 21, Cucco 12, Reilly 2, Rodos 8, Long 16, De Ross 61, Kim, Bcrrefo 81, Russell 6. Row 2: Ass't Mgr. Donovan, Hurst 31, Kehoe 29, Rizzo 7, Borresi 18, De Vito 20, Cosciu 1, Little 27, Sicurcnzo 71, White 25, 6-l Licosfri 28, Banks 26, Mgr. Evans Row 3: Ass't Coach Milzo, Beschner 30, O'Connor 22, Esposito 14, Scvoge 42, Burgo 9, Murphy 51, Pecoruro 15, Mognoni 19, Cons nizzaro 3, Bellows 5, Ass'1 Mgr. Birmingham, Coach Sommo. FOOTBALL SCORES FOR THE 'I953 SEASON 6 New 39 New 13 New 31 New 27 New 25 New 27 New WON 5: LOST 1gTlED 1. Dorp ....... ......4,...........,....,. S t. John's Prep 7 Dorp ,...... .....,., M anual 6 Dorp ....... .....,.. L afayette I3 Dorp ....... ......., M adison 6 Dorp ....... .,...,.. N ew Utrecht 7 Dorp .....,. ,...,... T ifden 0 Dorp ...,... ........Curtis 7 New Dorp fans cheer another gain on the gridiron-the victim, New Utrecht! 1 Before the St. John's game at Wagner Field, Coach Somma gives final instructions to the starting team. At Wagner Field, the team prepares For the hard game ahead. The starting group at the Madison game proce tices a play. 63 New Dorp seeks to excel in Amerieais favorite game . . A swing-and Cali gels another hir for New Dorp while catcher Mangone of St, Peter's and umpire Nugent wait. Baseball is still the fayorite Anieriean sport. Sinee the early 19th eentiny it has aided the youth of Aineriea in the deyeloprnent of the individual. his abilities, eharaeter. sense of responsibility and sportsmanship. This is how it should be and definitely is at New Dorp. Under the guidance of Mr. Edward Ghigliotti, the players have developed into line athletes and upstanding Citi- zens of the sehool. both morally and physically. ln the '53 season New Dorp won the PS.-XL and the SIIISL ehampionships. Row 1: Leoparcli, Ferrara, Piper, Russell, Cali, Hcgemonn. Row 2: Coach Ghigliorli, Hornbuckle, Mogncni, Gozzcle, Maselln, Ccnnizzaro, Lifile. Row 3: Hohenstein, Lufrano, Lo Presii, Viebrock, Coscia, De Vito, Sfazzone, Smith. 66 I? looks good for anofher two poinfs for New Dorp, wilh Joe Morro on the produc- ing end. Row 1: Coach Ghigliofti, Charles Canniz zoro, Orleman. Row 2: Midgeft, O'Connor, De Vito, Gazzale, Morro, Trimorche, Cali, Leopordi, Lein, Sam Cannizzaro, Dreher. The .l.V.: Orlemon, Schworzrock, Pisani, Mc- Kay, Noa, Avino, lslehart, Troul, Curatolo, Fonfono, Capt. Wall, Coach Ghiglioiii. 6- New Dorp strives to go "through the hoop". Buskethgill serves Ll chuil purpose hy CllCOllTLlglllf' 'D fair play and by etreetive cooperation between the eoueh. imiiieh' Xlr. liclmircl Clliigliotti. and the team iiiemherx. Under the C02lClliN guiclziiiee, New Dorp boys ure tiilight to develop their own iiiclivicluul abilities amd morziles iii ll eomiiioii goal. so that they llllll' he well-prepared in seek- inf' ziclvaiieeiiient after hi h school. 'D Salvatore Daluise, Donald Rizzo, James Smith, Rich- ard Spangler, and Coach Cassidy leave school with their equipment for an inter-school match. The Golfers strive for 70's . . Nlenihers of New l3orp's golf team may not stand a chance against Ben Hogan, but we consider them tops because they represent our school. Boys who take advantage of this skillful and healthful sport learn the fundamentals of golf from Mr. Frank Cassidy. 'lihey are willing and eager to take part in the rounds and. therefore, find it a source of great enjoyment. 68 The Bowlers leave in quest of success .. Bowlers are seeking to make theirs the favorite .Xmerican sport. New Dorp. in accordance with this, is participating in the P.S..'X.L. Bowling League. XYith the coaching of Mr. Frank Cassidy and Mr. loscph Rutigliano, we have completed a highly successful season, holding the Staten Island Chain- pionships. .Ks a climax, we defeated the New York School of Printing in the quarter finals, but lost to De VVitt Clinton in the semiehnals. 3 McKee New Dorp 3 0 Tottenville New Dorp 6 O Port Richmond New Dorp 6 l N. Y. School of Printing New Dorp 2 2 De Witt Clinton New Dorp 'I V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Victory, Victory Is our cry! Veronica Hurst, Jeanne Millett, Marie Aiello, Kath- leen Gaida, Gilda Moschello, Joan Pellegrini, Doris Van Caneghan, Epi Rodriguez, Patricia McNally, Dorothy Kramer, Rochelle Davis, Lois Thompson. The Cheerleaders are in quest of moral support In the quest for athletic success, the cheerleaders provide moral support and lend their energy and vivacity to all sports events. They attempt to arouse interest in the games and encourage the spectators to give audible support to the team by leading in the cheers. 'l'his lively squad of girls is much appre- ciated hy New Dorp students and justly so. Xliss Klan' O'Dowd was the faculty adviser for the fall term, Xliss Ianc Keith for the spring. :xi Q Veronica Hurst, Jeanne Millett, Morie Aiello, Kathleen Goida, Gilda Moschello, Joan Pellegrini, Doris Von Coneghon, Epi Rodriguez, Patricia McNally, Dorothy Kramer, Rochelle Davis, Lois Thompson. ft, f 69 0,1 Af rises' li' YM' LP,l'.Mf T-E- -M YeahiTeam! J. T-E-A-M Yeoh Team! T-E-A-M Yeoh Team! V 1 . lhe girls, as well as boys, are in quest of health . . -Ks in the modern Olyinpies. girls in New Dorp have the opportunity to display their atliletie ability in a variety of sports. Kiekball is undoubtedly one of the favorites! During the past year, live teams of girls. under the direetion of Xlrs. Clara Coranson, l niet on Tlinrsclay afternoons and actively par- ticipated in this sport. 'l'lie "Rinky Dinksn KICKBALL aeliieved the title of champions for the '33-'54 Row l: Gloria Di Brizzi, Louise Malarkey, Beverly Ann Paulsen, SCHSOH. Ellen Coughlin, Alberta Di Brizzi. Row 2: Maryann Doolan, Jac- queline Stowbridge, Laura Mazzella, Josephine Snow, Florence Guida. Row 3: Corinne Magnotti, Lois Sorge, Arlene Williams, Antoinette Cascella, Alice Campbell. Row 4: Grace Barme, Adeline Kinsella, Catherine Sasso, Louise Gross, Jacqueline Kinsella. Boys aren't the only ones in New Dorp who play basketball. Under Bliss Lois Neukirelfs supervision, our girls End inueli enjoyment in tossing the ball through the hoop. It provides recreation and develops good basketball skill. sportsinansliip and eharaeter in the girls. an Q. li ,.A' . BASKETBALL Row 7: Gail Sanford, Freya Wikfeld, Rose De Sario, Deanna Cafferata, Miss Lois Neukirch, Marie Bello- fatto, Wilma Rivera, Maryann Doolan. Row 2: Hetty Harden, Evelyn Goggi, Corinne Magnotti, Marie Libretto, Elaine Tacticos, Antoinette Cascella, Janice Wilson. Row 3: Janet Sloan, Roberta Creutz, Judy Don, Maureen Hyland, Betty Finlay, Frances Ringhoff, Barbara Choida. Row 4: Dorothy Choida, Peggy Conovan, Carol Ludwig, Phyllis Korn, Arlene Le Cardi. 01, f 1? The Social Dance Club seeks social betterment.. In tliis clay' and age we consider dancing a vital element in our lives. It is not only a general nieans of enioynient. hut also a means of establishing social unity on any and all occasions. New Dorp boys and girls have the oppnrtiiiiity to gain grace and poise ln' learning limi' to clam-e in the Social Dance Club. With Xliss Xlary lleyxvaiigs willing assistance many' stil- clents have enjoyed tlieniselves tlioroiiglily in a pleas- ant and iiiviting atniospliere. On Wednesday afternoons, in the Girls' Gym, boys and girls enioy an informal dance session. an N, Row l: Carole Swinton, Evelyn Bogaert, June Barnes, June Truax, Patricia Capes, Marilyn Mifchele. Row 2: Beverly Ann Paulsen, Mary Colucci, Lucille Pistilli, Barbara Graham, Adele Schott, Marilyn Cavagnaro, Annette Walsh. Row 3: Beverly Yzquierdo, Frances Rivera, Kathy Gallagher, Sylvia Mathiesen, Sierra Zappala, Gladys Alduino. Row 4: Jeanne Licata, Phyllis Raccuia, Elizabeth Pizzo, Yvonne Peteroy, An- nette Benvenuto, Anne Benanti. Row 7: Phyllis Korn, Nora Rose, Lois Pape, .lac- quelynne O'Donnell, Margaret Sanders, Jaan Praskach. Row 2: Rosann Alcluino, Wilma Rivera, Marie Bellofatto, Maryann Doolan, Dottie Boehm, Mary Ann Lazar, Amelia Camuglin. Row 3: Barbara Braun, Corinne Magnotti, Josephine Snow, Mary Starrantino, May Pas- saretti, Gail Sanford. Row 4: Hetty Harden, Myrtle Kaufman, Diana Merlo, Antoinette Migliore, Roberta Beyer, Freya Wilxfeld. 'i i .4 w -:".f"' , , 1 '-.- " ,fl ' M, .- - Y -'I Y.. x 3 V1 .247 ..'-...r"" " ,I 4 Q,.,-- .- rwifg-Luger-i Zfifg G 5 ' :gn ,,,,.,+:, f-' 'um- L -,-.4 .1 . . ."N. --.. ,,. NP' 4' A Y -f"',v.-. -1, fa Aw 4-J dw "' 4 W-s, -Q. ZN C22 04 x genr- ............ -' f ,,,f,Q,, f, .F ,. , 15 H V ' - A fy -- -M ,W ' ,V 59 ' .ff W- -Ki. 'f U ,,. ,. A, W In !L.A,::,..v V 3 V f :?"',A.'4-',y5f?-Egtniffww, , 1455-:,:i.Qt:1i,z":9if!'v 'A . V vt:-?,v,,' ,Ying .:j-1-W f..f,A73.'7fJ1E-.,,,Q,, I-lfxh 41,1-, 1. K, .,- Yzr-ng. if ur -1.-fx 5 -' 7 2 , V, .u , ' 1' " -J " ' 'f 4. f "M " ".Af-M. .f . . , ., wwf. ' "f f ' ' ' S .ink lv 1. A -wk" 4 . Q-,N ., 1 ...eww - , , , , hy.: ,N ' ,,- , V, A ,N --Y .4 ' VJ, :,f,1xf.+.,:fi3j"7',, , 11 f.-, 'v"a.,.-n H Y-'1 ,,,4:'j1f1'7EQT"'r ,V-.W:L. +...' 7'Q:,'j'f'-M, .,,, -, . - -- 4 , . -f V 11' , ,. . .,--L .A -. ,,,,4 - Sw. f:',"f'9-V ' f' -3' a"' Ad My--- , , ..:- Q", .V , L ,Z ,- -I-Rfk f I , - Q If f ' ff' 75. - 1. xx dj...-.:, M I - 1 I x . V guyz' 'I ip 1283525 4L :P A.: QCD 0 xt: y esgy ,.+k IFACLJIIUI-Y Mrs. Hertha Winsch demonstrates the use ot the microscope to the members of the Science and Shop Department: Miss Phyllis Van Nostrand, Mr. Edward Ghigliotti, Mr. Robert Cobb, Mr. Raymond Lynch, Miss Mary Biberstein, Mr. Mario Cupo, Miss Frances Peretti, Mr. Thomas Greenslade, chairman, Mrs. Irene Rubinger. The Boys' and Girls' Health Education Depart- ments join for a meeting: Mr. Frank Cassidy, Mr. Edward Ghigliotti, Mr. Salvatore Somma, Miss Lois Neukirch, Miss Mary Heywang, Mrs. Clara Goranson. A ,. t To a,.,.4,Jl!Q5lcc,C'lC"'+i , gl ll J isgisephine O'Neill and Miss Jean Templeton onstrate the use of the tape recorder in Orlando, Miss Josephine Ernst, Miss Elizabeth VLQjL,k6'fSpeech Clinic: Mr. James Flynn, Miss Marion Smith, chairman, Miss Virginia O'Connor, Miss Jane Keith, Mrs. Grace Clark, standing, Mr. Robert Stavrakas, Mr. Joseph Rutigliano, Miss Eileen Browne. T-l 'i f lhe quest or exerx' field is The Art and Music programs are in the hands of Mr. Irwin Miller, Mrs. Catherine Kacsur, and Mr. Albert Tucher. knouiedge nm a daH3'tusk. Mrs, Mary Sailliard, chairman, shows sample mathematics textbooks to Miss Maria Ueberwasser, Miss Ruth Hall, Miss Mary Bennett, Miss Eileen Cox. I' The Social Studies Department: Miss Julia Keegan, Mr. Edward Prehn, chairman, Mr. Sol Feinberg, Mr. Thomas Gallagher, Mr. Edward Clooney, Miss Rosellen Quinn, Mr. Charles McNulty, Miss Helen Blaine, Miss Anna Loeffler meet in the library for a talk on the United States Library of Information by Miss Leslie McNe'll, Librarian. 0 Z' lo . The Language instructors are Miss Lucienne Capineri, Mrs, Virginia Di Fazio, chairman, Miss Melva Price, Mrs. Daria Macedonia, Miss Marian Cupo. ,D 33 U.: I 7 X ,fi X 1 If . , QA I L 4 i A ' X- 'A 7,7 , , L'TyLV4f P f f ,fmif The Business Studies teachers group around Mrs. Teresa Bartolomeo, chairman: Miss Anne Mar- key, Mrs. Margaret Brandkamp, Miss Eileen Browne, Mr. Philip Greenspan, Miss Lucienne Capineri, Miss Lois Neukirch, Miss Rosellen Quinn, Mrs. Ellen Avins. 'S Joan Praskach, Mr. Edward Prehn, Rita Gallagher view the Americana exhibit which they have placed outside 'I'l5. Parents and teachers cooperat Miss Kathleen Rogers, chairman, discusses plans for the Home Economics classes with Miss Mary Lou Biberstein and Miss Eileen Walsh, 1 Richard Long usher in charge at the main entrance asks parents to sign the guest book on Open School Night. The assistants stand by with programs. 'rt ff M During Open School Night Mrs. Gallagher and Kathy confer with Miss Virginia OConnor Year III Grade Adviser in Room 127. n 21 variety of activities.. The Mimeo Squad works in 309: Audrey Liedy, Rosemarie Caruso, Miss Capineri. Miss Mary C. Mc Ginnis, Principal, speaks to the parents of entering freshmen. Miss Josephine O'NeiIl listens to the discussion of types of programs. Wd jr AW 'N After the omcial meeting, the parents are invited to the Parents and teachers lain on November 18 in the cafe- annual freshman tea, September 23, to talk to the stu- teria, where the parents, guided by Mrs. Ruth Viola and dents' teachers and enjoy refreshments. Mrs. Helen Donohue, sponsored a Chinese Auction. S -5 sw .-Xdministrzltion Administration implements guidance in meeting students' needs: Miss Virginia O'Connor, Chairman of Grade Advisersg Mr. Joseph Gerson, Administrative Assistantp Miss Mary C. McGinnis, Prin- cipalp Mr. Sol Feinberg, Attendance Coordinator. i i A01 At the Chairmen's Meetings, departmental policies are dis- cussed: Mrs. Teresa Bartolomeo, Mr. Joseph Gerson, Miss Kath- leen Rogers, Mr. Thomas Greenslade, Miss Mary McGinnis, Mr. Edward Prehn, Mrs. Mary Sailliard, Mrs. Virginia Di FGZi0, Miss Elizabeth Smith. we Q.- On the first Monday of each month, the faculty meeting is traditionally held. The entire faculty gathers and matters of interest to every teacher and pupil in the school are discussed. Here Miss Mary C. McGinnis presents an item on the February agenda. The grade advisers, principal, administrative assistant are at- tentive as Mrs. Hertha Winsch, program chairman, discusses plans for classes for the coming year: Miss Julia Keegan, Miss Virginia O'Connor, Mrs. Winsch, Miss McGinnis, Miss Josephine O'Neill, Miss Anna Loemer, Mr. Gerson. Mr. Harry J. Smith, School Custodian, presents his plan for the installation of the new electric scorelceeper in the gymnasium to interested faculty consultants and G.O, officers: Mr. Smith, Miss McGinnis, Peter De Vito, Miss Helen Blaine, Carolyn Rosa, John Giordano, Mr. Greenslade, Angelina Cafaro, Mr. Edward Ghigliotti. In 21 variety of classes, the quest for learning continues . . Mrs. Teresa Burfolomeo reaches Clerical Typing 10 o group of prospective office workers. The girls in Sewing class learn io sew a fine seam, wilh ihe help of Miss Eileen Walsh. Soldering is the order of 'he day for lhe croffsmen in :Q Mr. Robert Cobb's Shop class. Rx 79 The new daylight screen is put into use in Miss O'Neili's English ll'l for a new filmstrip. The members of English 'l'I'I look with interest at the color strips from The Knights of the Round Table. 80 Miss Browne's English lIl2 studies models of the Greek and Elizabethan stages, better to understand Shake- speare. A seventh period General Science class listens to special reports. Miss Biberstein is the teacher. Mr. Edward Clooney's Modern History class shows a lively interest in the Congress of Vienna. A first year Bookkeeping class makes journal entries under the scrutiny of Mrs. Ellen Avins. Mrs. Doria Macedonio's Italian III class keeps busy with their grammar exercises. Under the direction of Mrs. Lucille Wood, a first year Art class prepares labels for the English bookroom. Sl V' Ag fi 51235 XV? . fag. , F 9914 YQ 4596 "'5zg.' , ft-Q Q,.3f ru, .L N. . f. XL. Ac 461- , gym . :QW figs 'X ff. 1. 1. 12, -. V 3, -we x 55' W.. .L ff' ,,nq.24- " f',mq,::.:.4 W 5-3.41 -y-mzw-,. fi , ,'--?sf7.'w'l. , ,M .--V .A .. ..,, ,-13. -A.. ,.'- , 1- 1 -sf Hs.. ,V Mk 54 ,,,,,,g, ,myi- ,,.,,,.., 1 ,. , ,. -I 12Xi"1' ,1L,..,4 fam? Q i S M. f 1,3 Y ,,4, mf, .nw ' 1 4 -. 1. ,V-Y, t.-Q ,"-- f' 11: '05 k,r.4f,,5::".i:,:: .. , fe I 1 1 4. Y SIENIIURS h Akdg it 84 M hr I 1954 Mlss Julla Keegan Grade Adxlser Class of June, 1954 ABARNO PATRICK We wfsh Pai success fn any fleld he chooses ADONE HAROLD Homeroom Vlce Pres I Secyl Table Capt 2 Secy Mr Feinberg l Lunch room Squad l Hals easy going nafure will carry hlm fhrough college and sel hrm upon a successful career AIELLO MARIE Honor Roll 5 Argonaut 2 Pioneer 2 Block Leiter 'I Cheerleaders 2 Sec Mlss Keegan 1 Mlss Plgnala 5 New man 6 Ilallan 4 Dance 6 French 2 GO Collecror 3 Maries garefy charm and pep will make her o gr af favorrle al Nolre Dame Golle e E ON El N er nent Ho r I Arrs 2 Prone ecy Musa Kee an s K Spanish 41 M Re nns 1 fer w mg a sec far frav elng E wrll lle do n on rcuse a lar family ANDERSON GEORGE Table Cap? 2 Bowlmg 2 After four years af New Dorp Andy will begun hrs preparahon for an en qmeerrng career ARMINAS JOHN Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Vlce Pres l Guide Squad 2 Newman 2 Table Capt 2 Clem In lhe fufure wll be a la honary engineer AUER CAROL Honor Roll 4 HRm oom Secy 'I Table Cap? 3 Gurple' Squad Secy Greenslade1'Mrs Skrono Spanlsh So clol ance Caro wll fry er hand of beauhfylng femlnlne gender afler alfendmg Robert nhnce School of Beaufy Cul lure AVELLINO SILVERIO Honor Roll 2 Engmeermg rs fhrs lads fleld Srlvlo will build anylhmg fasfer sfronger and beffer fhan ever befcre AYUSO GEORGE Honor Roll l Table Cap? 4 Home room Pres l We re sure George will succeed ln any college he chooses affer graduahon BANKS EDWARD Honor Roll 4 Homeroom Pres 2 Treas 2 Football 2 Bowling 'I French No mailer what fleld Eddie goes Info he wrll always be a hugh scorer 85 BARD DORIS Permanent Honor Roll Pioneer I Table C pt I Gunde Squad I Secy Mr Femberg 5 Soclal Danclng 2 Spanish Any boss would surely enloy ductatmg If Dons were hrs charming secretary BARRETO LOUIS Table Capt 'I Football I Well all be getting top notch coverage when our Louis rea':zes his dream of becoming a sports wnter BASSO WILLIAM Honor Roll 5 Jr Arista 2 Argonaut 2 Proneer 2 Homeroom Vnce Pres 2 Treas I Secyl Table Capt 2 Poetry 2 Glee Club 3 Dance Committee 2 When Bvll becomes an author he will provide many entertamlng hours t reading with his keen sense of humor and his reallstlc outlook BATTILANA RAYMOND Permanent Honor Roll Arista 2 Jr Ar :sta 2 Pioneer 2 Homeroom Pres 2 Vlce Pres I Lunchroom Capt 6 Table Capt 2 Guide Squad 4 Decorations Commlttee 4 Lab Squad 3 Wrth hrs pleasant personality Ray will surely succeed rn his ambltron to become a chemacal engineer AYMO r o meroom Pres 'I Vce 'I lock Letter 2 Ta e f :gc d .md Basketball 4 EC V, ends t ll r the footsteps volsler nd Pr: ste when he en t the word he rstry 86 BAXTER GLADYS Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad I Secy Mrs Du Fazlo I We re sure that Gladys wv'l be a good secretory to some lucky boss Studro BELLINA ROSALIE Pioneer 2 Table Capt 2 Guide Squad 2 Secy Mr Ghlgllottl I Camera l Lilly will make any boss happy wsth her sweet smile when she becomes a se nographer for an Important firm BELLOWS JOHN Honor Roll 3 Jr Ansta 2 Lunchroom Capt 2 Ushers 5 GO Store Alde 5 Football 3 Golf 2 .lack wall attend a coltege of business administration where we re sure hell be a great success BENDER NNA ma n on R Honor e 4 o 2 loneer 3 A or ers 4 Chairman 2 rench 6 n an o to Pratt and then h els more m them gOlV Ol BENVENUTO ANNETTE Honor Roll 6 Argonauf I Table Capt I Secy Mlss Capmeru I Mrs Brand kamp I Newman I Red Cross I So clal Dancmg I Ann may be small but she has brg hopes lo make fhe whole office slaff happy and fha! specrul guy of hers especrally happy BIANCHI RICHARD Honor Roll I Homeroom Pres 'I Vce Pres 2 Treas 'I Table Capt 2 Drck has' no plans for Ihe lulure as ye! buf were sure fhaf Ihere s a girl some where BILOTTI ARTHUR Homeroom Secy 2 Table Cap? Chairman of English IV Class 2 Arch will be splnnmg plalfers for when he becomes a disc jockey BONICI EDWARD Honor Roll I Homeroom Treas 2 Table Cap? 2 Guide Squad 2 Ifallon 2 Socnal Dancing 'l Eddie lhe big lease hopes lo be fly mg wlfh ease ln Ihe U S Alr Force BORMANN BEVERLY Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad 1 O chesfra 2 The olher waves wall turn green wufh envy when Billy golns lhelr ranks BOUL ujiloulms OSEMARY H or oll 2 onaul 4 Table Capt d Sq ad I Te lsN2 Soc nc ng 4 Ilaluan USG y rs acsur I F s s Io lol specnal some hm Io her dra gs when she b come Na Icp nolch ommercnal arhsl sdzlo ELEQNQJL-" Hon r lI,2 Homero Tfeas IfYa Ie 2 Szcy Mus Kgegisn 3 Mass Markey I Mass H ll I W blurs af no Nh chooses! be rf a comer or marnage she ll make a hlf of If BRADY LOIS Permaneni Honor Roll Honor Key 2 Puoneer I Secy Mrs De Fazlo Lols wlih her keen mind and nahve a I will be ww ggjgopm Taallf mparfmenl JAQIQ ll'flru. ! BRENNAN FRANK Honor Roll 2 Jr Arista 'I Homeroom Pres I Table Capt 2 Sec Mrs Kac sur 3 Spanlsh I To ,om Ihe Nav en allend col lege wrll be gu Ho ces career ww BRUEN HEL L Honor Rol To e C pI 'l Secy M s n Se Mr Prehn 'I ee Club Red Gross 2 Social Dancmg Helen wlll keep fhose keys buzzing boi she becomes a secrefary 87 of BUTTACAVOLI ANN Permanent Honor Roll French I Honor Key I Numbers l y Ol' fl Q CCOUICS CAFARO ANGELINA Permanent onor oll Arlst Jr An G om Pres Sec y ab e cy Mr ran ka I IS Sweet I9 ma e bu ess olTc bn It :wh e CALUNDANN PHILLIP Homeroom Vlce Pres 2 Table Capt Handball 2 Poetry 4 Sur Oliver will be testing all sorts ot new chemacals when he realizes hns CAMARDO CARMELA Permanent Honor Roll Arlsta 2 Ar gonaut 2 Paoneer 2 Homeroom Treas I Homeroom Secy I Secy Mass Kee n 2 Mrs Jotte 2 Mrs Berra Newman Club 6 Italian 6 Red Cross 3 GO Collector Mel after traveling to the wide open spaces wall settle down as a perfect secretary to Eddie Flsher AMARD CHRISTINE Perman t o or Roll Honor Key I Arlst n P eer 2 om roo re ec Sec s o Q W c wman e.Cr l psyc SES 0 Uf S I' US C ns 'I ol y re a e 88 elagle Ca 2 lb ry qua B se Q wor r a while as a sec r ry and t settl dfwn to raise am t tive CANNI ARC CHARLES Honor II Homeroom Pres I Home room Vu Pres 2 Treas I Block Letter Football Basketball 3 Baseball I Charlre will give bad men a hard time when he becomes a pollceman CANNIZZARO SAM Honor Roll 3 Table Capt 3 Guide Squad I .I V Basketball 2 Sams cheerful personality will be an asset rn termmmg his future CANNON LORRAINE Table Capt 4 GO Store Alde 2 Glee Club 5 Secy Mlss Hall I We re sure Laune will make her guy very happy when she settles down to the gob ot homemaknng CAPPELLINI ELIZABETH Permanent Honor Rall Honor Key I Paoneer I Table Capt I Guide Squad I Secy Miss Keegan I Mrs Avms I Mass Cox I Betty will charm everyone rn the office wltll her radiant smile when she be comes a pnvate secretary tor M Big Y W L ..H I C EP BE CE , , , If d 2. . ' r' ' . 9 to U I e I ' t 't , h f , unqp . ' X ffl Mor 'lv I l I I . ' . ' , .O re s, ' I I I I , ' I . I I I 1 d I M' O . . . ,, H JI. I ' ' , g' k a ' 1 ' t 'h be ' n' V' 1 ff' I , ' - . , - 4, , . , ' ambition as a chemical engineer. ga , . , . I, ' ' , Ar I t 2 loc , H A - ' 1 - 1 ' s. 4, 'y , 'y J , ' ' , . ' . I, rs. i h I , I I n l - 4, d ' 4. I l o 'll b ' ' ' - X en ar h ' ecjqf s in ' H V- A -H I ych t ct C e. v . I g -f K . V N XJ J' CARROC PIORE onor oll 5 :one 'I Homeroom Sec 'I T le 9 cy Mrs an c 2 mfmal e Clu e vrsro af n los wnll um pf when br a sec nd d R urrow If, I CARUSO ROSE ey a ecy Mr Hmeo q uad s s IQ sy one rake Bqms coo reer a d hen m CASELLA ANGELA Honor Roll 'I Table Cap? l Gu de Squad l Orchestra 6 The wonders of the heavens wnll hod no secrei for Angle aller she becomes an aslronomer vrjra ,,f if-Xe CATANIA KATHLEEN Homeroom Secy l Table Cap! 3 Secy Mlss Hall Kays efficiency as a secrelary should be highly apprecraled by any boss Ca pt Mos frsl 7 x QWQ5 A WWW CECILIONE MADELINE Honor Roll 4 Proneer 3 Homeroom Pres 'l Table Capt 'l Voleyball 'I Secy Mlss Cupo 4 Mr Cupo 'I Tennls 1 Newman I Lynn will make a sweel secrelary when she compleles her sludles al Katharine Gibbs Schuhsler lfalnan m e a derf ofllc psa er o sm amrly CHELLA JOSEPHINE Honor Ralll Soflball Volleyball Table Capt Secy Mlss Walsh Mrs Schuhsler F H A Socnal Dancing Alfhough she rs undecided we know Ihaf afhlehc Jo .lo will succeed ln her chosen career CHESTNUT ANNA Honor Roll I Homeroom Secy l Secy Mlss McBreen 'I Mnss Bennet! I Mass Ha 'l Our Anme who plans on bemg a sec refary also plans a successful career as a housewvfe CLIFFORD JAMES Argonauf Makeup Edntor 2 Guude Squad 3 Lunch Squad 3 Afler courses ln elecfromcs af mghl school .lrmmy plans fo gem The Radio Corporahon of America 89 if COLANDREA JOAN Permanent Honor Roll Homeroom I Secy 3 Table Capt 3 GO Aide 'I Secy Mrs Clark l Mr span 'I Red Cross 2 After graduation anne Gibbs but soon opes to be changing bibs X l I COLUCCI ANTHONY Honor Roll T C pt Tony will ha world spinmlg etticlentlylw e e assumes' hh role in businglxx, L CONROY GEORGE Honor Roll l Homeroom Pres l Vce Pres 2 Secyy Table Capt 2 Clang clung Here c mes a tire engine and4?Geo way: CONTI JOAN MARIQ Permanent Hohoq Roll Honor. Key ArgonauA.l Pioneer 3 Taba Capt. 'I Slcy Mrs. Di Fozio 2 Miss Cox 1 Miss eegan 3 ltuliarl Club 'I ' After .loanie gr Juates tro business school ltr bosss letters will be in perfect torm. ' COSCIA ANGELO Homeroom Pres. 4, Block letter 5, Table Capt. 1, Guide Squad 'I, Football 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4. Athletic Angelo, captain of the football team, plans to continue in the field ot sports as a teacher and coach. 90 U cokbuu o H R ll 4 Ar on t olle tor 'I abe 1 u G e c nnett IS l o oo I ocial Dan ur .l lce little boy on s t nt to go to sc oo learn their R COUTTS KENNETH Glee Club 7 Lunchroom Table Capt 4 Alter a tew years in the Army Ken plans to study engineering CUCCO ENRICO Homeroom Vice Pres 'I Treas l Block Letter 2 Table Capt 4 Guide Squad 2 Football 2 Handball 1 Italian 2 Pho tography Club 2 We are sure Harry will be a big success at mechanical engineering alter graduation from Manhattan College CURATOLO ROSS Table Capt. 2 Secy Mr. Clooney 2 Libarary Squad 2. Our Chick will become familiar with all aspects of a sailors lite when h realizes his ambition ot joining the Navy. CURRY CAROL Argonaut 2, Table Capt. 3, Secy to Mrs. Heavey l, Miss Keegan I, Glee Club 3, Squad Leader l. Carol will- try her hand at writing. ln a lew years we will all be buying her best sellers. JC. ENIX A . . . Ik,V'J'j -at 1 lc," CJ , ix I Y A AJ Ie 'V r 2 ,V KJ K X DAIUTO RALPH Honor Roll 4 Homeroom Treas 2 Table Capt I Secy to Mr Merovlck 5 Mr Prehn I Ralph plans fo affend Manhaflan Co lege fo become an elecfncal engineer DALUISE SALVATORE Homeroom Vlce Pres I Class Officer I Block Leher I Table Capt 4 Bowlm 4 library Squad 4 Tufhs name will be In neon lighfs some day when he fulfils his dream of being a famous musician DAQUILA ANTOI ETTE Table Capt I ol eyball Sec y Mlss Hey Our lrifle To I ambl IO IS I come efary a m DATELLO FRANK Homeroom Pres I Guide Squad I Italian 2 Spanish 'I Lunchroom Squad Bones ache? Make an appolnlmenf wlfh Frank Dafello Physlolherapasf DAVIS LEONARD Table Capt. 2. Lenny is slill Ihink'n boul his fulure. Planning on y m . l, 11 I ROCH LLE law Mmm Everyon be e el when U X Rocky our cufe eyleadbe-,lj becomes a nurse DE MARCO FRANCES Honor Roll 5 Argonau 2 Homeroom Ice Pres Macedonlo 2 If I n Social Danc Wrfh eel smile and pleasanl personalrly Fran will be a sensahon when she reaches the kiddies abou! fha nahon f' LM' :XJ Capt 'I Secy Miss I rs Mrs Bartolo world never be a face In her DENT ELEANOR Homeroo 153 y a e Cap 4 Guide Slay MIS Walsh n I s Heavey Jr Red Ere? Sfrange Ihrn w b appenmg whe a preffy glr e E s a prlvale secrefary msfeod o ers model D VITO P R Perm en onor I Honor Key 2 ' . ri G.O. Pres. 3 res. ic -P , 2 Bock rs 4 . de Squad Ushers o rsafile Pe s since ,sportsmanship and leadership will be quickly recog- nized by all who become acquainfed wilh him af Nolre Dame. 91 DEY WILLIAM omeroom Treas 2 Table Capt I Ll brary Squad I After donning the khaki of the U S rmy for a while Blll wlll exchange hrs uniform for that of a Port Authority ollceman rf K gf J BRIZZI A o or Pia Plone 4 o ero IC e I Ho sfo Soft y ? ec M CI ua Mass 'Cox Newman 7 Class Numerals I nrdles gay sense of humor wlll be an asset to her ln seeking a secrelarral positron DOBBYN EDWARD EM Ed wlll be a hut n a he enters DW' ,1 DON STEPHEN An ta aul Plon ero Treas 2 th Club n Amencan Car Conserva or Early rn g r ry qua W hls v l neresls and hrs ablhtles Stephen eallze a success ful future NNER L onaut I L room Capt 4 Guide ua 4 Po C u ornlng Squad ra will head for the rlda graduatlon and r n s o fcot a If 4 l DOU H AM S Hon fl fO0m fi! es'l ttrl oo und oom en mer Fo tba Docs n mai, an ablllty wlll be a gr at In the field of engmeerln DUNN PATRICIA Honor Roll 2 Mlss Keegan I Social Dancing 'I Medical Alde I Freckles wlll be the hfe of the campus at St Josephs College for Women Zoifa fel 'J' L f41f A DYER SARAH Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key I Argonaut Busmess Mgr 2 Ploneer Fea ture Edltor 2 EdltorlnChlef I J Ansta 2 Arista 2 French 6 Math 2 Jr Red Cross 4 GO Collector Secy Mass Keegan 1 Sach t busy bee will buzz her way through rye, we Us Elie Stan wants to operate a serv :ce Heres Lu ELLIOTT WILLIAM Honor Roll 5 Argonaut 2 Pioneer 4 Table Capt 1 Orchestra 5 Glee Club I Soclal Dancing 3 Poetry I Science 'I Accompamst 6 GO Assemblnes 4 New Dorp will lose a flne musician when Wild Blll enters the fleld f blochemlstry 5'5,ff4fL'7f4 3 .,fY H . , . , '- gkygs , lj - s. , a . o e , ' L - - E I, r t 2, A ' , ' ' L c a , t - ' ' ' II. to ' ' ,Jw 1 J -1 0 5 ' ' Ol r T I I 6, Jr. 't 2, ' , - - J V' s. , y - - - l , , B 2 1, H H - - 'y . S 'Il' I, ' I, I I ' B. . I J Q- I. J I 1 C ' ' ' S . - J - I . 43' , f ' f , - f , , J I 1 . . . . r If y A r ' ' 1 ' It 1, , '+ Af ' , ' , , , 4 , 'f I ' ' ' ' A - . Xu V. s ' L , CQ- YJ? X rv , X If Permanen on r Roll r ey l ' , ' ' I . . ' Jr. ' a Ar 2, ,llobeucapl 2 I - ' 2, H Pr . , . , P Or - ' ' ' of ' - N y, I d 4. ith ' e ' , . 1 n I n - I 3 D , I a , I . , '- I ' ' ' f X 4- f' I . ' f ' . F I ew! I . , I , , I , 1 Sl of Q - ' -- ' ' , f ' ' : . ed 'nl -U bll H , ,H h . ' f . . " A! . ' L I yr . ' .f ' 1 ' ' ., . . ,, , 6 , 5 I It C A N - i ' I my I ." ' ' n riffs 44' X 1 , fs 1 , y .- b 3 ' I fi ' " 1 92 fi 4-' ' ' f 4 1: . . ': U. f 1-, .' f f l 6 ESPOSITO VINCENT Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Treas 3 Lunchroom Capt 2 Table Capt 4 Ushers 4 J V Football Glee Club Newman Itallcn 3d Prlze In Cnty W:de Cancer Contest Es w:Il e:fher take oH :nfo the w:ld blue yonder as an awator or lend h:s talents to the fleld of eleciromcs FARRELL ROBERT Honor Roll 'I Table Capt 2 Bobs ab:l:ty as a chem:sr w:ll be rec ognlzed when he patents h:s own d:s covenes XSLQLN CCA-53s Q8 FIORENZA FRANCES Homeroom Secy I Table Capt 1 Secy Mrs Clark I Mnss Plgnata 2 Mlss Keegan 2 Mrs Seton 2 Newman Club 1 Tennls I Costumes 1 After a course :n Wagner Fran w:II be teachmg the A B Cs fo fhe :fle k:dd:es FUGAZZI ARLENE Homeroom Pres I Vuce Pres 2 Secyl Treas I Table Capt 4 Secy Mlss Plgnata 7 Soclal Dancmg 'I Before marnage lo that lucky gqy BaBe wm -bhghlen up some omce as a re cept:on:sf GAI ol H Ke I ur P:o er 3 Home Ie Capt 3 re I 4 Se e omo h Ogl e. an w e B p V a ter mmg a l GALANTE PATRICIA Permanent Honor Roll Table Capt I M:ss ONe:ll 2 Pa? w:ll :mprove any omce when she becomes a sfenographer :n a large flrm GALLAGHER RITA Table Capt 2 Secy Mr Prehn I Shorty w:ll keep the fypewnter buzzmg when she sfarfs her career as a prwate secrelary GARBER AR?Ls , ,BQTF1 :gd nor Ibll Id' M 3 Secy r: Q Argon u 'Qld dl r oneerl45, COPY N175 if Mrs w. ,IFF H c o arol e any pahe wh n eg:ns her careqil DTS: g , ulre Un:vers:iy ,I- GARCIA WILLIAM Pfrmanent Honor Roll Honor Key 'I J wt 2 Homeroom V:ce Pres 1 Spanlsh Club I Lab Squad 3 Or chestra 3 Atoms w:lI be explodmc: all over the place when :Ire fulfills hrs dreams of becomrng an afom phys:c:st GARZETTA LOUIS Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Vlce Pres Secy 'I Block letter Table Capt Guide Squad 1 Bowlmg 2 Art 2 Socnal Dancing 'I Assemblles 4 Lou:s :s undec:ded no a hope hell try a e Jerry Lew: Pjjv-T MCND 93 ,W PL IQIMU., SS LOUISE Permanent Hon o ble Capt I ee C s Avms 'I :ss ox 'I arto mea Fash ble ou will set a shmmg ex ample r all secretanes when she turns her h d to her duties GAZZALE JAMES Honor Roll 3 ,Ir Allsta 2 Homeroom Block Letter 6 Gulde Squad 2 Ushers 5 Baseball 3 Basketball 3 Newman 4 Athletic Grlz wlll be a flne acldltlon to the ranks of Notre Dame as he tulfllls his dream of becoming a physician GII.I. ROBERT Honor Roll 2 Argonaut 4 Lunchroom Capt 2 Guide Squad 2 Secy Mass ONellI I Newman 4 Bob IS sure to talk his way to success after graduation from law school GJERLOW ROBERT Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Treas 2 Table Capt 3 It anyone gets lost Whitey the pro fesslonal scout will find him GOODRICH ROSE ANNE Honor Roll I Table Capt 1 Glee Club Roe will make some lucky office shine with her sparklmg smile when she be comes an oftlce worker 9-l WWW? Minor S r ec y N ty 1 ,and-' ub 2 l for He lon sc oo W eep q Vlflr 1 :bl ors o MW GREENE THOMAS Honor Roll I Homeroom Pres I Vce Capt 'I Ushers 2 Football 3 Baseball I Lab Squad 5 Punchy wlll be missed not only o the football team but also ln the class rooms when he leaves the halls f New Dorp GRIFFIN EDWINA Honor Roll 4 Guide Squad I Secy Mlss Markey 2 Volleyball 2 Softball I Eddy plans to become a secretary and follow her hmh school Interest m ste nography GRIFFIN THOMAS Table Capt 2 Guide Squad 4 When Tommy graduates rt wrll be Anchors Away for html GROSS GEORGE Table Capt 2 Italian Club We re sure any car will purr along after Georgie fixes It 'Q Y . D , G T ll - 1 3 I , oo . , bl . . I I GI 4, c'y . , M C I ' I C f V 2- rs. i . al , r. F ' ' g,Fre .., e a 2, I - 'M I - " ren 1 , . . fr jy -' ' . ' eltodrgj , . fed ' I Pres. 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Senior Pres. 2, Pres. I, Treas. 'I, Lunchroom Squad 5, ' I ' 1 1 1 f , , - , . . . . . . . H H - - Fl . . . . I 0 , f - , I I I I - 1 I 1 I I ' ' ' , . , . l l I l I . , - , I . , . I . I I ' ' ' H H - 1 1 ' - , . I , I I 1 ' ll ll 4. GROSS HAROL Honor Roll 2 apt 4 Stage Crew 1 Art Our world will geI.a brg lift GUADA RANK Honor G ee Club n At least o well bal w en F comes c uniant HER M nor oll rlsta Argon u s lone r A Secy QX Ta Ea a t 2 Secy Mlss Tenn ous P r v t n m gr n e e fm hemahc HADERER PHYLUS Argonaut'2 Table Capt I Secy Mlss Prgnata 2 Mrs Seton 'I Newman 4 Jr Red Cross 'I 'Callmg Nurse Haderer wrll be mrlrar to Dolly after she finishes her studies at St Marys School o Nurs lfl HANSEN RO ALD Homer m Pr 'I Table Capt 3 Flymg High Ill be Ronmes theme song w en becomes a prlal HARSHBERGER GINGER Table Capt. 2 Guncle Squad l Secy Mrs Hsavey 'I Social Dancing 2 Jeannie has no I mednde plans as yet but we know haf future Includes a cer fam fellow HARSON CAROL Honor Roll 5 Jr Arvsta 'I Argonaut I Proneer 3 Homeroom Vlce Pres 1 Secy Mlss Keegan 4 Mlss C x 'I Itallan Club 'I A double weddmg wrth her sister Joan will marlc the end f Carols brief career as a booklreeper HARSON JOAN Honor Roll Arustil au 'I om oom V I Sec Q T Alter e secre tary nn: wrll spe er trme m her ream house bull a certam draftsman HENRY FOSTER Table Capt I Guide Squad 1 Henry will be on the Iop of Ihe world when he takes to flight as an aviator HIBY GEORGE Honor Roll 3 Argonaut Sensor Photog rapher Pioneer Photographer Home room Pres 4 Vnce Pres 2 Treas 2 Guade Squad I Basketball Photog raphy Squad 6 After studying business admmlstratron handsome Hub wrll reorgamze some Insurance broker s office 99 I I I V l I V' I w d. I Q ' . sv 1 . 1 f I P 'I' -3- '.. I I I . . I 6, sn A I - I - Q ' I , if ., , . . O . . ' . be. . , . Q I . 0 , . s ' ' . 'A . H I b , ' ' - ' , I 1 LO' ' ei " ' .21 Pi e - es. , ' P7' 7 U' I i eega , ' Co fcli gan , .ath b 4, Iography uh 1 ,or fl 2, ' , F L I - 6. ' I e , , V' .I N w S- e NJ b . . . . ' Q! X 1 -I n r h d - - . . ,g ' Y . I ' I I l l 1 - ' rr 'i 'UQ 5 .. . . gh I l I 1 - ' . a J '17 Km 1 HWY I' 41 Ki Xi X ' c' ,xx J VN HnsAczK, sumti eg Honor Roll 7 Arista 2, Copy Editor Argonaut Ljoneer 4, Hom om Pres 2: Sec'y1Q,,'Table Capt. , Sec'y Miss Gilligan 'i2, Mrs. Flgylamp 2, Mr McNulty 2, Pres. Sxanish Club 2, Pres Photography Club T, G.O. Collector 2 We can be sure many a passenger's spirits and many a pilot's heart will be flying high when our Bea becomes an Airline Stewardess. onor Roll leaders Cox ti n when HYLAND, MARY CATHERINE Honor Roll 'l, Newman 6, Squad Leader. With her sweet smile and wonderful personality, Cathy will make many a baby happy when she becomes a Baby Nurse. INTEGLIA, ANTHONY Honor Roll 7, Honor Key I, Arista 4, Jr. Arista 2, Homeroom Pres. T, Vice- Pres. 2, Treas. 'l, Lunchroom Capt. 6, Ushers 6, Vice-Chairman 2, Pre-School Service Squad 7. As we gaze into our crystal ball, we predict that Anthony will be one ot the West attorneys in New York State 'J ,WQML,,gw1.L.'t.-.645 ,MM .i.,. XL- ALA-J' fi' l OLITO, JOHN Honor Roll l, Homeroom Vice-Pres. T, Table Capt. 2. Johnny will be laying down the law when he becomes a member of the New York Police Department. 96 JACOBS, RUTH French Club 2, Glee Club 6. With her great determination, Ruthie will bring cheer to all who know her in her chosen career. JOHNSON, PRISCILLA Honor Roll 5, Jr. Red Cross 2, Basket- ball T, Social Dancing 2. Red will make any office brighter with her red hair and good natured smile. JOHNSTON, JOAN Argonaut 2, Table Capt. T, Glee Club 2, Jr. Red Cross 1. The typewriter keys will really jump when .loan turns her hand to the duties of a typist. p ' HARLOTTE l Ro 4 J S o ll , na , H r m S ' 2, S ge t , , Se ' M. be 2, i illi an 2 xi zyudit , . . ec'y I, Soc ancmg -2,f' a roductio 2 Cross 2. Charl will become secre ary t e graduates fro otha ' Gibbs. cf Droud to call her teacher B R all 2 Hom room Pes I V e res 2 Block Letter 2 Table Capt 2 Gul e Squad 2 Fo J 2 Secy Mr Merovlck I Bo wvll be the waves when he starts out on hrs naval career KRAMER DOROTHY Permanent Honor Roll Arlsta 2 Ar gonaut I Pioneer 2 Homeroom Vnce Pres I Treas 2 Secyl Table Capt 3 Cheerleaders 5 Secy Mrs Rubmger I Mr Femberg 2 FHA I Argonaut Collector I Cute and sweet Dottie wrll elther enter the field ol home economics or will be one of Mr Powers favorite model LA PENTA MADELINE Hon Il-3 Homeroom S y I Ar n 2 Secy Mass De Mass mlt :ss Heywang Spanush New Dorp w d another rep two-4r:jbe busln world alter me 1 tver es at colle e ,Jil P' LAURENT ADRIENNE Honor Roll 5 Argonaut I Homeroam Vlce Pres I Table Capt I Gun e Squad I Secy Mrs DnFazuo 2 Mass Keegan 3 Mus Bennett I Mrs Kacsur I Italian I Newman I Jr Red Cross I We know that Ade wrll come to the and of all llor luclry pupils alter gradu ating from Tempe College rn Arrzona A RAINE vga r Roll 3 rgonaut 2 Table Capt I e ad 2 Secy Mr Femberg oc tots In Lee s lundergarten class wrll Q2 LECARDI LOIS Table Capt I Secy Mnss Heywang I Mrs Goranson I Mlss McNeall I Lo ee plans to be a secretary untrl she says those two Important words l do W L ,Q RQ, fd,-:LN JCL Hon r Roll 4 Jr Ansta 2 Argona Crew he h 4 Jr Red Cr manent band C nttee or Art .C 7 k r Ruthres charm and ongmalrty wrll assure her a hrghly successful future m advertlsmg ujga LICAST l Football 4 Or W er wrll h a ther tina stu ent tb ll player en Plul ters L! LIEDY AUDREY Table Capt 5 Secy Mr Greenslade I Mrs sbfbtlikl I Mlmeograph Squad I Socsal Dancing I Tenms Club I Clare wrll wluz through ller ltudles at busmoss school and enter the future wrth a permanent partner LINKE JOAN Honor Roll 2 Table Secy Mass 0Connor 2 Our cute anne will be a competent enograyer to some lucky busmess co V 91 LITTLE JAMES Honor Roll 4 Table Cap? 4 French Club 2 .hm wall be a success after he has graduafed from lhe co lege of his chonce I LorAs CA gm o or Roll 2 Homeroom Vuce Pres I Gulde Squad 5 Secy Mlss Heywang 'I Soc al Dancing I Table Capt I The :deal man and a cufe llflle dream house will malre ls agrshe come frue Agile, Wu X ff A X533 guy 'T' LOPRESTI ANTHONY Block Letier 4 Gulde Squad I Base ball 4 Foolball I Stock Room Mrs McKeague I Secy Mr Cassldy I Italian I Wllh hrs grear sense of humor an wr'lmgness lo work Tony will succeed m any lleld LUFRA O nor R I Homeroom Vice Pres 2 loc fer I Guide Squad I use owllng I Secy Mr Feinberg 2 ewman 2 TRIBUNE, TIMES, and NEWS' Keep U walchlul eye on Louis This lufure lmo fype man wlll do hrs besf for you LYN H, GAII ll Argo au 2, T b C pi 2, Sec'y rs a , ad 'l, Miss Price I, P Amer an e ca I uf fell he lrufh when Icdll, nhal aw sfenographer, Rrlhe I EJ C f W NW AVI! fks 98 'W f er we '54JxIKx..QDc ,IAQ -5 Beef 4 ggtlbuf luvvyl L,2,,Q.fL MACALUSO THOMAS Honor Roll I Pioneer I Table Cap! I Italian Club I Sallmg xarlmg over the boundmg mam wrll be a larmhar lheme io our Tommy when he goms Ohe Navy MAGGI JOAN Table Capt Squad I Knck o I Dancm 2 A S ral Mrs on Upon gra ual dge w ome V crefary 'V MAN r egan I al D WI u uenl y mes a Ie secfefa MARINO MARIE Honor Roll 2 Argonauf 2 Homeroom Secy 2 Social Dancmg I Maries pleasanl personalrly and cheer ful smrle will make her a successful arrlme sfewardess MARRUSO, MI Honor Roll 3, Capfaln n e Squad 3, G O re A e lleyball 'I,Mlss , o op I, ee Club I We're su fh reach her de e a sec e a large concern MAZZEO MARIE Table Captain I Glee Club 3 Secy Mrs: Heywang 3 Medrcal Room Arde 2 Volleyball I Basketball I Pat wrll have the prlots dorng tarlsprns when sho leaves New Dorp to become an arrlrne hostess MAIZOCCHI FAITH Honor Roll 3 Gurde Squad I Sec y Mrss Heywaeg ItaIIan Club Anc or: Awergh wrll be Forth s theme when she leaves New Dorp to rom the Waves MCCANN MARIE Honor Roll I Marres patrents I make rompt re coverros when r career of Wm MCKENDRY JAMES Honor Roll 2 Table Captam 2 Mr Fern berg 6 Newman Club 2 Alter graduahon Jrmmy wrll clrmb the ladder of success as a top notch execu rve of her Lf MEIBAUER CONRAD Honor Roll 2 Arrsta I Table Captam 2 Gurde Squad 2 Conrad wrll have the vegetables grow rng lwrce therr present srze when he begrns hrs career rn ugrrculture Z l'I141fk4 km, fiuprltjx ki MERLO DIANA Argonaut 2 Lunchroom Captain I Table Captarnl F H A I Newman3 Social Dancrng I Busrness wrll zoom sky hrgh when Dee becomes a receptronrsf rn a modern office MIDGETT JOHN Permanent Honor Rolf Arrsta 4 Treas 2 Jr Arrsta 2 Paoneer I Sports Edrtor I H eroom'Pres I Vrce Pres 2 Secy 2 Lunchroom Captarn 2 Ushers 4 Judgrng by hrs outsfandm cantrrbutrons to New Dorp our favorrfe John wrll be come a grant among men after hrs grad ualron from the Coast Guard Academy MIKALSEN CHARLIE Honor Roll 2 Football 2 Lrbrary Squad New Dorp wrll be proud to send Charlre to Uncle Sam as another line member ol the Armed Forces MILLER RICHARD Honor Roll 2 Table Captarn 2 Gurde Squad I Orchestra 4 French Clu I Lrbrary I Perhaps Rrchard wrll walk the halls ol New Dorp once agarn after he allarns hrs goal of becomrng cr hrstory teacher 99 MILLETT JEANNE Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Treas 2 Table Captain 2 Guide Squad 4 Secy Mass Gnllugan 2 Secy Mass O Dowd 1 Cheer leader 2 Captam Jeanne s pleasant personality and fnendly smfle wull brmg cheer to many a student when she begms her career as u teacher MOERMAN RICHARD Honor Roll I Table Captom 2 Lab Assistant 1 The Navy will be mrghty happy when Dock graduates from New Dorp and goms up B one f r 4 Table 0 0 Alde 3 Glee Cub French Club Red Cross Cub F H A Many a patient will perk up when our cute little Bobs walks down the halls of St Lukes Hospital rn her nurses umform MO TAN OA Ho roo 1 Tab e Captam u 6 ywang C rk Joan: pl s a e IC l worker rn e ne fore settlmg down rn that 1 MONTELBANO CATHERINE Honor Roll 4 Table Captoln 2 Social Dancing 2 Secy Mrs Moscrop I Dolly will certainly make on excep honally capable secretary for a large business concern 9 MOORE JOAN b Table Captam X2 cy to Miss hRBreen 'l llbra 2 Secy In Cleg F17 O r wen up thi msurance bus: en she sta working as Gjyp lg! MORMINO THOMAS Honor Roll 3 Table Captain 2 Secy Mlss Ernst 1 Lnbrary Squad 6 Tom Guns wrll fly through the arr with the greatest of ease when he becomes a member of the Arr Force MOSCHELLA MARY GILDA Permanent-'Honor Roll Arista 2 Home foom Pres l Voce Pre! 2 Secy 2 Block Letterl SecyMrs Berral Mrs Heavey 2 Pan American 2 Math 'I Cheerleader Vrvaclous sweejfond busy as a ee Grlda's olds! will be I goy to see MURPHY JOHN Table Captain 1 Guide Squad 'l .lack has no deflnlte plans for the future but does expect to do hrs share of KP NEGLIA G RUDEI nor 6 H ro 'I e y le C ptaln 2 Gul qua 2 G I Stor ede l Sec Wmsch 2 acedo o Social D nc ' ewma C 'I ltala cm, ' Trud will keep ert fewnter rkmg and her st ad fll she e comes a vale secre a XOUYDQ vfjiifkjf fra 66 eff Q ,X wife v-I r-EQQN PAIRA Hokor 14 Argonouthihl Captaln IC-QBCYMISS-32 RedC 3 GO Colfeubr 2. 5 If ever yad 1 t Pat rn France or Eng land you Cl re she IS fulflllnng her lrle long sm hon as a private secretary who travels NUGENT GERALD Table Captain 2 Guide Squad I Golf Club I Jerry wrll make a fine Marine after hrs graduation from Kmg s Point O BRIEN PAUL Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Pres 'I Secy Mr Feinberg 2 Math Club 'I French 3 Pres Biology Class I lab Squad 4 Pauls keen :nterest m sctence will lead him to a successful career ID that field after graduation from State Teachers College OBYRNE EUGENE Before long Gene wl'l be wearmg Bell Bottom Trousers In the service of Uncle Sam ODESSA MARGARET Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Sec y 2 Table Captam I Gulde Squad 6 Secy Mrs Brandkamp Secy Mlss Rogers I Margie s pleasant personality will cheer up an office but will be missed when s becomes a certam guy s loving wife WWW 4 OECHSNER VALENTINE Homeroom Pres 2 Treas I Lunchroom Captam 3 Table Captam 2 Guude Squad 3 Although Val plans to make the Navy hrs career we hope his future wrl also Include playing with a top notch band 01 oKoLsKY RICHARD 0 Permanent Honor R Il J A Lunchroom Assistant Captain 2 N wma 2 Table Captain 2 Social Da Dlscusslon 'I Secy Mrs Rubmg Sonny wall take up work as a clvrl en glneer after he has graduated fro college O NEILL ELIZABETH onor Roll 4 Ploneer 2 Table Captain ,.'Soc y Mau Keegan 3 Tenms 2 Jr Red Cross 2 Newman 2 Glee Club 4 Lfz will keep her boss happy smllmg and fakmg dictation after she gets out of busmess school ORLANDO ROSEANN Permanent Honor Roll Argonaut I Pro neer 2 Homeroom Treas I Secy I Table Captain 3 Secy Mr Merovlck 'I Mrs DI Falla 2 Itallon 2 Newman I Argonaut Collector 'I We are all sure that our Roseann wnll please many a fudge when she becomes a court stenographer ORTOLA LEONARD Honor R02 oraut 2 B oc Lette 'I4 oblo IA tage Crew 4 ec asc 4 La Squad 2 ro Sqvuk 2 I nny UI fly the youte to success after Fhlsh hts eronautrcs framing at B oklyq olyte V. llll YQ, ,C QV I9 ,f , i gheivw' If' f PALEMENI, ROSEMARIE Honor Roll 2, Table Captain 'l, Sec'y Miss Bennett I, Miss O'Neill 2, Social Dancing 4, Italian 2, Sec'y Mrs. Seton I. After attending Katharine Gibbs Busi- ness College, Ro will make an efticient and jtglrful secretary, , x1,,,L'4',1: I 5914. Mx PASCARELLI DORIS Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key, Homeroom Treas I S cy I Table Captain 2 Secy Miss Caplnerl 3 Our cute Doris will adorn her desk when she becomes o private secretary 1 slim BML lL 1.1 PELLEGRINI VALERIE Honor Roll 3 Stagecrafters 4 Secy to Mr Lynch I Mr Bloch 'I Volleyball Capt I When Valerie graduates from Vhami University we will be finding her name on the best seller list, PERINO JOSEPH Homeroom Pres I Secy 2 Table Cap tain 2 Guide Squad 3 Italian Joe has not decided uoon a career as ay ry Ehand at designing PERLONGO RICHARD Table Captain 'I Secy Mrs Clark I Glee Club 4 Richie our boy who has no plans will not have to worry he will be a top man 107 Wiki PETEROY, YVONNE Homeroom Treas, I, Sec'y Miss Heywang 7, Glee Club 3, Social Dancing I. After a brief business career, Eve will make a wonderful wife and mother, PETERS RICH o e Ca u rchestro gan iss IIIIQOYI 2 usl n though his c o g medicine as a ssion study at Springfield College PHOEL PHILIP Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Pres I Table Captaan 2 Guide Squad 2 'Now hear this! Ricky will make a handsome swabble in his bell bottom trousers when he makes the Navy his Clffeef PIPER ROGER Baseball I Block Letter I Lunchroom Squad I Some professional baseball club will one day be proud to claim Roger as one of its members PITARRESI JOHN Honor Roll 4 Jr Arista I Lunchroom Captain 'I Table Captain I Guide Squad 2 Orchestra 4 Italian 2 Pho tography I .lets will be flying when John rea'rzes his wish to become on aeronautlc en grneer PODESTA ANTHONY Honor Roll 2. Paddy will be flying high when he joins lhe Arr Force and lakes up electronics POGGI LOUISE Honor Roll I Homeroom Secy I Table Caplaln 2 Gulde Squad I Social Danc :ng I We know fha? New Dorp wall mass Lou s smlle when she leaves lo become a c en cal worker POPPE GEORGE Honor Roll 2 Table Captam 6 Secy Mass Pool: 2 Mrs Jaffe I Spanish I Lab Squad 7 Georges friendliness will bring hum lure success os a YMC A program redor POPPO GEORGE George will be a fi gmee er has exfenslve framing fi Ih vy and lhen In a specla :ze ng p r g chool F PORTER BEATRICE Honor Roll 2 Table Capfaan 3 GO Store I Newman Club 4 Bea s gay laughler and pleasanl manner will be welcomed by her assocrales ln the field of busmess IQ' C144-of fs -12. ' PRASKACH Jopm Honor Roll Argonaul I Table Captain ,e Mr uxo 2 Mr. ehnl Socia D CI g al Eme aom I All children will be happy when .loame se ch:l e worker graduahon rom Wag PRESTEI. MARGARET Honor Rollo Argonauf 2 Table Capfaln I Gurls Baskelball I Secy Mlss Gul Ingan 2 Mrs Kacsurl Newman 2 Secy Mrs Brandkamp I Alter rourmg the wrde open spaces our vlvaclous Margie mfends lo sfudy al Wagner PROSCIA BARBARA Homeroom Sealy I Sec'y Mlss Templefon I Mr omg: I Mn Rubmger I Social Dancing I Newman I We may be hearing Barbara s voice say Number please? when she slarfs her work as a lelephone operalor REILLY MARIANNE Honor Roll 2 Argonaul 2 Guide Squad I Sec y Mr Feunberg I Spanlsh Club 3 Newman Club 3 Glee Club 2 Pioneer I Alfer Marianne refurns from her lnp fo Flonda she plans lo ,om fhe Waves as a slu enl nurse afmoiffcefx KLHG ff IMAIAIVI' RESCIGNO ANNA Honor Roll 4 Jr Arista 2 Pioneer 2 Table Captain 4 Gulde Squad I Mrs Barfolomeo 3 Mrs Kacsur I Math Club I Junlor Red Cross I Socnal Dancing I Annas goal I5 Io pursue o secrefanal career and laler marry a cerlam Ronme X lx Ml T REUSS l.lZA H Pioneer 3 le Captain 2 Sec Mr.1 lnber N wman Sghdfl many a b augh as a s cre on hrs stat? RIVERA FRANCES Honor Roll 3 Table Captain 2 Softball 6 Volleyball l Klckball 'l Mlnor Sports l Social Dancmg l Glee Club 8 Our little Fran wull accompany herself with a Typewnter Symphony m some big ottlce very soon Rizzo MARIE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key l Imsta 3 Jr Arlsta 2 Secy Homeroom President 1 Treasurer 2 Secy Mrs a llord 4 Mlss O Dowd 1 Math Club V P 1 ltallan-Club 3 Social Dancsng 2 we wlll mls Mane but many chrldren s faces wrll brighten when she enters her tlrst classroom RODGERS JOHN Sec y Mr Greenslade 2 Mlss Gllllgan 2 Johnny will be a top notch artist when he goes into the field of commercial art RODRIGUEZ EPI Honor Roll 4 Table Coptam 3 Guide Squad l Glee Club 5 Secy Mass Mc Breen 2 Newman 2 Spamsh 3 Cheer leaders 2 Social Dancing I There will be many glamour gurls around when Ep: realizes her ambrtson to become a beautlcran 104 31 Cap can t help s e chooses ROSE EDWARD Honor Roll 3 Jr Arlsta 2 Table Captain l Photography 2 Library Squad 'I Lunchroom Squad 2 Argonaut 2 Edward wrll take up work as a munmg engineer after he graduates from Co lumbla Umverslty ROSE NORA Argonaut 2 Guide l Soc y Mrs Heavey 1 Mr Npwman 3 Socnal Secy M be ln a drther a costume de RUNFOL omeroom ap ln 2 Secy M Mus rs Bran 2 So ncm Sec y to Mlss a Lou wt mg face breeze her way through business schoo RUSSO MARlO Honor Roll 6 Argonaut Advertlsmg Man ager 2 Pioneer Sports Editor 2 Home room Pres 2 Treas 2 Block Letter Lunchroom Coptam 4 Guide Squad 2 Ushers 4 Football Glee Club 7 Play Productlon After graduation from college Marlo will seek a career as a professional gultanst XX SANDE MAR onauf T e Capialn 'I Sec y Mrs cla Dan g 2 Glee Clu lf? ll now sl whaf fo do when she hears lhe b boss say Take a lelfer please' SANTELLO JOSEPH Honor Roll l Table Capfom l Aller hugh school Joe plans fo conhnue hrs educahon rn college SANTIAGO SONlA Sec y Miss 0 Connor 1 Social Danclng 1 Sonny will do a lhrrvmg business when she fulfills her dreams ol becoming a beauhcran find' 0.4, 4. C RO I2 Ho oom re 2 Table Se y Mlss c on e r sure 9 e e e wh is an anrlme hosfess VGC cx will make her an Ideal In some lorlunafe 544 SCHEUTER MARIE Table Caplaln 3 Secy Mrs Kacsur 2 Argonaul 2 Ar? Club 2 Ree will b e a p vale secre mln n roker SCHLEININGER CHARLES Glee Club 2 Charley will iangle wrih many a cloud when he becomes an avlalor 4 Gul e uad 2 handling l.hQ'n,ewesf dis covenQ eletfronacsfvhenlbejpcomes aktfoqlkbtngnuggr SCHOTT ADELE Perman nt or Ro Jr Arista 2 9 panlsh 4 l utorlng 'I Social Dancln rect When e gradual le plans fo no fa Drakes School for Drofhng SCHREIBER DO Y Honor Rcl 'I a le Caplan 2 Secy Mlss Wa sh Do w b sewmg her way io greaf ce s sea My SCHRENKER GEORGE Honor Roll 2 Table Captain 4 Play Produchon George a ihespran af heari will no doubf hff fhe llmelrghf when he fulfllls his desired ambmon SCHWARZROCK ROSEMARIE Homeroom Secy 'I Table Capialn 2 Garde Squad 3 Soclal Dancing 4 R anis fo be bofh a secrefary and a housewife rn chronological order SCIORTINO JEROME Table Capfam 254-Gecy Mr Cassldy I Glee Club 6 Iidlian 'I Lab Squad 'I Some day afier hrs graduahon from N ffl'x0f,U you may see Jerry nn rho unrforq of an qvrahon mechanrc SEBASTIANO MATTEO Honor Roll 2 Block Letter Glee Club 4 Pan American I Art Club 'I Moose wrll lrven up fhe field of com mercral arf when he enfers If SELIGMAN MARILYN Homeroom Vlce Pres I Table Capfaln 1 Newman Club I We are sure Lynn wrll be o very cheer ful secrerary wrfh Wedding Bells rrng :ng for her and a cerfam boy 106 SEMINARA rEhEsA Honor Roll 6 Homeroom Treas I Table Cqstam I Volleyball 'I Secy Mlss Mar ey I Mass Qulnn 'I lfallan 4 erry wrll work for a few ,years as a secrerary unhl she finds her Prmce Charming SINGER LOIS Homeroom Pres I Homeroom Secy 1 Table Captain 2 Guide Squad 4 Secre tary Io Mlss Keegan 'I Lois will make a good wrfe fo some famous acfor affer a career as a sfenog rapher ln a felevrsron siudlo SMITH JAMES Honor Roll I Homeroom VP 3 Block Leiter 2 Table Capiam 2 Stage Crew 2 Handball 'I Bowling French 2 If Jimmy displays as much ialenf m the fleld of avfafron as he does In fhe ar of achng success will surely be hrs SMITH MIRIAM Honor Roll 2 Table Capialn 2 Secy Mlss Paoll I Miss Quinn 1 Llbrary 'I Some boss wrll be very happy when our Tom decides Io grace his offlce wlrh her presence ollsmlllrkllsv rma nf rlsla 2 16 Ar nauf Pers meroom Pres 2 V P re s I Gun e Squad 2 qua 1 Sfeve I5 cerram y going fo gef a second look from fhe girls affer he gels mfo his Coasf Guard Academy blues SNY R, RITA Honor Roll 4 Argonaut 2 Pioneer 3 Homeroom VP 2 Table Captain F HA 5 Spanish Club 5 Volleyball 2 Soclal Dancmg 'I Tenms 2 Glee Club 4 Rlfa will sing her way fhraugh nursing school rnla a wonderfu' nursing career SOTIRAKIS DlMlTRl Homeroom Vlce Pres 'I Homeroom Treas 2 Table Captam 2 Affer ihe Manhalfan Conservalory of Music Jimmy will sfnve fo become member of a famous band SPANGLER RICHARD Honor Roll T Argonauf T Table Capfam 2 Ushers 2 Slagecrafters 2 Bowlmg 'I French 2 The Persian Kal wall be a real gone drplomaf afler graduahon from college , 0 SPARANDERA GABRIEL Homeroom Treas 3 Secy 2 Table Cap fam 4 Gabe wlll be fhe lad person ln e world lo lei you clown Wh planning lo be? f IV X STAZZONE ALFONSO Lunchroom Squad 2 Baseball 5 Siazzone Plfches No Hmer wrll be e headline when Al plays for one of e magor league reams UU! STAZZONE JOANNE Table Capfaln I GO Store 2 Mrs Heavey Social Dancing Our cufe l1Hle .lo will have her boss ln a spm when she becomes a secrelary f-4 STIEBER JOACHIM Perma Honor Key 2 Arlsfa 4 oy Leader 2 Jr Arista 2 Boy lead r 2 Pioneer 2 Managing Eclnor 'I dmorm Chief l Homeroom Pres 5 Ushers 6 Wlih his keen mind and forceful manner Kim will one day be among fhe oul Sfuhdlflg leaders of lnfernahonal law and dnplomacy TESTAI EMMA Honor Roll 6 Table Capfam 2 Guide Squad 'I Secy Mlss Paoli 'I Affer Coolue hres of fhe busmess world she plans fo raise a famrly m a small cozy collage THORSEN BERNICE Table Captain T Secy Muss Buckley 1 Social Dancing 2 Secy Mlss Plgnafa Cure Cookie wnll enfer fhe ranlrs of the fashion experfs offer a successful ca reer ai New Dorp 04.1 121 J 0614! it L TOTH ANDREW Honor Roll 2 Table Captain 4 Guade Squad I Andy will be an assef lh any field he decides upon affer graduahon 107 Y.. TRIMARCHE VINCENT Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Treas 3 Block Letter 'I Gulde Squad 2 Basketball 2 Baseball 'I Any basketball team will be happy have Bubby for :ts star player JL ,M Tgc ARONE JET Honor Roll T ptaw,2 Secy Mn s Sm: M ey T O r e will ma e :Ray pace glow r sw t persona ty TUMMINELLO THOMAS T Honor Roll 2 Lunchroom Cappin 2 Table Captain 2 Guide S oadyfl Art 2 Tom rs planmng to be a 9 me artrst after graduation Ph p VELCI KATHRYN Permanent Honor Roll Homeroom Vlce Pres 2 Table Captaun 3 Secy Mr Prehn 1 Italian 3 Kay wrll be selecting the newest fashions when she becomes a buyer for an ex clusuve dress shop VILLAMAGNA ANN Honor Roll 5 Guide Squad 'I Sec y Miss Blame l Mr Cupo 2 Anme wlll be a busy little secretary after shes seen enouah of the US m fer 54 FORD 108 vfbLA cLAmE rgona0Y1 Table Captaln 2 GO tore 'l Secy Mlss Plgnata 3 M Keegan 2 Itullan 2 Newman 1 F A 4 Junlor Red Cross I Dancing 2 Claire s many bnghi Ideas for the future wall lead her eventually to make a wise cholqg WANSOR Honor lollJ5 Secy Moss Heywang 'l Our ,lrlle rs undecided now but what Levy career ,she chooses will be the re ult of great caoslderatlon WA Rau 55 or R T le Capfa a ro duction nn wlll keep the ca a shun many a test tube b b 1 n e flnally decrdes upon h r llf m WEBER JANE Argonaut 1 Table Captain 2 GO Store Alde 1 Secy Mr Greenspan 'I Newman 8 Glee Club 2 .lane wrll brighten any omce with her beammg sm:'e and sweet dusposftlon WEDINGER ROBERT Honor Roll 2 Library Squad Play Pro ducho an merlcan Club 4 Crlm war l :ll soon be one rk"3' lnestl! 1 W' Mawr? ,LZ ff' fins, ,fn Wffyw WHELIHAN VALERIE JX Honor Roll 4 Argonaut 2 Personals Edlfor 2 Pnoneer 3 Homeroom Treas 'I Secy 2 Secy Mlss ONenII Ms D Fazlo 2 Spamsh 5 F HA 8 Jr ed Her pleasing personalrry and bnghf smile should be a greaf assel fo Val ln her career as a social worker WHITE HARRY Honor Roll 'I Block Leher 'I Table Cap Iam 'I Foofball Harry plans fo venture upon ihe slormy seas of life ln a Navy uniform ZABOROWSKI ROSE Honor Roll 2 Table Capfaln 3 Soclal Dancing 5 Newman 1 Tennns 3 Vol leyball 3 Secy Mrs Brandkamp 'I WILLSHAW FRANCES Honor Roll 1 Table Capfoun 4 Secy Mlss Blame 2 Argonauf 2 Fran upon graduahon lnrencls fo enfer fhe busmess world for a secreiarys ca WITHERS BARRY Honor Roll 4 Jr Arista 2 Table Captain Preslden? Poets I Newman 2 Barry Isnt sure ,usf whaf he wanfs fo e buf we wish him success m any field chooses R our ardenf Dodger rooier will marry her dream man and ranse many more luflle Dodger rooier HONOR KEYS BENDER, ANNA BRADY, LOIS BUTTACAVOLI, ANN CAFARO, ANGELINA CAMARDO, CHRISTINE CAPPELINI, ELIZABETH CONTI, JOAN DeVITO, PETER DON, STEPHEN DYER, SARAH GAIDA, KATHLEEN GARBER, CAROL GARCIA, WILLIAM MEHLTRETTER, LILLIAN PASCARELLI, DORIS RIZZO, MARIE ROSA, CAROLYN SMITH, STEVENS STIEBER, JOACHIM 'I" ' 1 Y' . ' I 1 I 7 I ' l Y . l I I , I , , , , . . , . . , f . , , . , I , . , . I r . i , . 1 . ' , ' , . . . , . R ' ' - Cross 4, Newman 8. reer. ' I 1 1 ' , . I , I I - 3, ' , . . , . n b I . . . he . I I ' Il olll I ' , , , I 1 1 I 1 ' I , s. , . . B Il B nd Anna Bender put last minute the A bulletin board. Boi' Ioaelnni Stieber Peter De Vito Ianies Cazzale . Peter De Vito . lanies Cvazzale . lolin Bellows . . Bill lilliott .,.. Bill Basso ..... Steve Sinitli . . . Louis Carzetta . Bill Elliot ..., Alario Russo .. Louis Carzetta Lillian Mehltretfer and Joachim Stieber Bertie Di Brizzi admires the Stat consult one or two sources for a term Varsity Championship Scholarship d F t paper. ball Trophy held by Peter DeVit . . ,., Class Celebrities of June, 193-l Girl . . . CLASS CICNIUS . . , .... Lillian Nleliltretter . SCHOOL Cl'l'lZl'lN Pl'lRSONALl'l'Y PLUS ,... . FINESTA'l'llLIi'l'l'1 .. Bl'1S'l'NA'l'UREl5 .. . ., A , SXlOO'l'lllCS'l' DANCICR . . CLASS CllA'l"l'l'1RBOX .. .... 'lOl' AR'l'lS'l' ,,...,. A. Bl'IS'l' LOOKING ..., . .NlOS'l'llUXlOROUS .... OU'l'S'l'ANDlNC XIUSICIAX .,.. CLASS X'OCALlS'l' .... .. FAYORl'l'lj 'l'llljSPlAX . . Artliur Bilotti .... .... X lOS'l' l"LlR'l'A'l'lOUS . , . Ioaeliini Stielier .,. SOUL Ol" COUR'l'liSY ., strate why th Angelina Cafaro Angelina Cafaro Alberta Di Brizzi Carolyn Rosa Certrucle Neglia Rita De Xlatti Xnna Bender Veronica llurst Betty Reuss Anffela Casella ,D Katlileen Caicla Betty Reuss Barbara Beltan Carolyn Rosa Gertrude Neglia and Jack Bell th b td EY CTE 9 95 A gl Ccssella and Bill Elliot indulge Kathleen Guida and Mario Russo hormo- th h bbies-the viola and piano respec- nize in preparation for an assembly pro- YUTTI. L 1 I 1 111 L '1 I1 LX JL 1111 11 11 111111 X 1 1111 1 11111 1 lllC1 1111111 11111111111 111111111111 011111. 811111111 X111 XX 1118111 U111111111111 131111 111 Ill1llC1 11111111g 11111011111 1111111 X111 5l1111lTC1 X11 1111111111 111111111 111 11111111111111111 X1111 51111111 X Ill 11111111 111 111111g 1111111 111111 X11 GfLLIlS11lC1L X11 1111 11111111 1111111 1 1111111 111111 X1111 1311111111 X 111111.11111 111 11111111111111111U 81811111 XI111 C1111 X 111111 11111111111 1111 111111 1 11111111 11111111 1 1x X 11 1 111 1 1 1111 11111111 Q11111111 1111 1111111' 11111111111 1 1 X 1111111111 LXC 11111111 11111 111111111 111111 C118 X 1 XI111 1111 X 1111111111111 1111111111111111 111 1 1111111111111 111 1 111111 1111111 11111111 1111 LX LYX 11101 X 11111111 X111111111 X11 X11N11111 111 1111111 1 11111 C, ISI 1 11111 X1111 13111111 1111 TLIILXXLC1 111111111111 111 111111111 11111C U 8111111111 X 1111111f1111111111 1111111111 111111 111 1111 1111 LC X1111 X11N1111 X111111111 811101110 11111111 11111111 X111 X 111 X1111111111 X 11111111 111 111113 111111 1111 1113 lll 11111111 111 1 111111 X11 1111 11111 111111 111311111 11111 1111111 1111 111111ff1111111 1 11111 SL 11 111 111111 1 11111 1111 111111111 1 111 1111 IC 1111111 81111111 X 11111111 111111 111 1111111 R1 '11111 1111111 1111111111 11 11111 lll 111111 11111111111 X IILXX 111111111111111111111111 lll 1111 111 CLASS WILL XX '. 1111 111111111 1111-1. 15111125 111 111111111111 IlllIlC1 111111 IllL1llUI'1. .11111 11111 1111 ng 11111111 1111' llIlC1l1L' 1Il111llL'IlLL' 111 Llllf 1JL'I'N11ll 1111111 X111 511111111 XX'1lU11l' 1111 1111 1lL'l'L'1JX lll1l11L'. IJ111J11N11, 111111 11 '111111' 11111 11111' 11111 11111 111111 11' 11111 111. 1"1111: XX1' 1111111 111211 1111 11111' 11111 111-1111 111111 Lfl'.lC1llLl11Hll -.1 -1 ' 111' 1111111 11N 1111111 Ll1i1Cf 111' 111111 111 1'f1IlX'L'II1L'll111 111 11111 1' 11111-. S1-1 1 X 7 1111' 11 1111' 111111 111'11111'11111 1111' 1IJ11UXX'1llLj 111 Ulll' '1 ' 111. 1'11 .. Y' : ' ' 'L " A ' ' ' D1 4 . 111. .. 2' -1 1. ' ' 2 1' 1' 1 . 1'11.'...'4:1 .' 1' l'11. . ':. - -1' ' '1 ' . 111 f ' ':. ' 'A . 1-11 I 1 fi 1' A -' ' ' L " 1 . 1 ' 'Q '. I'11 X11.. C11111 . 1101 111111 1111 "'Il1llLl111 1"11 ' ' -1 1,l'1ZC1 11. S.. l'11X1i1 If 1111: , ' " " '1 1 1 1 ' ' 'L ' 1 1. 11111. 1'1 2. '1'1.1 ' 1 ' '111-1- 111 11. ' ' -1 . 1 , 3 Y 1' ' 1 1' 11111 ' '11 '. 1 1' 1 11111. l'11 1' 1 ' 21. "1 1. . 1'11X11..'1'z'z:. ' " 2 " 1'1. 111 '. :. ' .,' 5' 1 1 . 1'11.f1 '1 .' 1 :1 ' 'L ' '111'. l'11" "1 " 1 1 A ' '51 1'11111cI11111111.: .X ' I '1 111' 11 "1 ' 1" ' 1.1 ' ' I".1. 1111111' 1" 2 ' z . ' ' ' '. ' ' 1 1 ' 1 '111. Q 1 K. ln their quest for wortliy trzlditions New Dorp's seniors celelvrzlte.. ,W Ray Bottilana, Pat Abarno, Steve Smith sort Senior Christmas mail ot the party Gymnasium. Barbara Behan and Harold Gross lead the procession into the auditorium on their proud Senior Day, March l2. and Veronica Hurst After the Senior assembly is over, members of the class revert held in the girls' to a very old custom and cover their senior huts with signatures. Us Carolyn Rosa follows another senior tradition and teaches a After school, Senior Day concludes with a social gathering in second ear italian class for which she has a arently lannecl the irls' my dancin , conversation and refreshments close Y pp P 9 gy 9 a test! the day's list of memories. ll2 The seniors return to the Gay 90's in their Search for stage fun. Behind the gaslights, the ensemble warbles "The Good Old Summertime": Kathleen Gaida, Frances Rivera, Louis Garzetta, James Smith. . r 1 P Lf " A 1- noni, S Z On March 10, a full dress rehearsal offers last minute oppor' tunities to brush up: Marie Russo threatens Mary Ann Gorbutt, our heroine, to Dick Spangler's horror. in X'1 The performance on March 12, for the upper assembly, finds Curse You, Jock Dalton, complete with props and costumesg Betty Reuss, the villainess, is the additional member of the cast. As early as January 15, Miss Templeton holds after-school try- outs for parts in the Senior ploy. Anna Bender and Rita Snyder read. Other aspirants wait their turns. ln the presence of the senior class officers and the upper school, Miss McGinnis congratulates Lillian Mehltrelter on her winning the Columbus Citizens' Scholarship, to be used toward college expenses. 113 1 'Y Q M V. -1. 5, iff ' 3-4' ip. , 1. if ' .31 ,SA . 5 i 53, , ab rl, , -ev Q +511 an , Liv Q. ' , 'Z if Q I ,. -"xii z EZ , E x V wiki. 7 1 4,02 " ':zf1"',?L. fl. ,-s gf .,.. ' X li... A if --.-. ..,Y f My 'ma' A "w"", H. 3 ffiillfixk . 5 ' sf -,.-I.,-Z' , J , .V ., A . , 5 -A 1' ' Ak., ."'N ,, ' 'mx-3 .,..J. Y f ':,,,w - ,. Q, 'ii xx. 64 3, 1 1 1 .41 D sx 3 459'-s-1 I 4 six! s 4,4- , .WIP-x . , . Jia T : -' 2" A 1 1. ,,v,,,, H yn.: 1- J 0.f?f x, x r,,.X - L X .VN .5 T h Hb CLASS OF 1954 Th' b II - Gfbrahar 2-4266 WE ARE PROUD have had The prryirege of working wirh Jrhe yearbook sfarf, fhe advisers and rhe sfudenr body of New Dorp High School. YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER I254 CASTLETON AVENUE Wesf New Brlohrom P S Duplrcafe phofoqraphs of all sfudenrs IH 'rhe yearbook may be obfamed ar fhe sfudlo 1 BREWERY TAVERN EMBASSY Room Comcwimenfs of . . . Mr. and Mrs. EXCGITGDT Eacillfies for BANQUETS and WEDDINGS Gi 7 9234 510, Tm, 7 4195 Glbraifa 7 9034 5 oloraT+aV T AMERICAN PRODUCE CO , Inc WEOTQSG e D sfr oufors FRUITS VEGETABLES FROSTED FOODS 25 7 WAVE STREET S S T 3 4 N Y JORGENSEN MOTORS ARTHUR JORGENSEN DeSOTO PLYMOUTH 478 BAY STREET 1 6 - , - - fx 7-4.10 T f TN -gf AMA +f'.zf cv Sgafen lgeno, N. Y. Successful Llvnng S'Iar+s wn+h SAVING Successful SAVING sI'ar+s af WESTERLEIGH Don I lusl dream or wish buf I-IAVE 'rhe Ihmgs you wanl' un Iufe by savmg for 'rheml Sel aslde a cerfam amounl each payday and add I 'ro your accounl Sfop IU Ioday and open an accounl WESTERLEIGH Sovmgs ond loon Assoclohon 832 JEVVETT AVENUE Slafen Island I4 N Y INSURED SAVINGS MORTGAGE LOANS JOHNNY HUNTER S DOnqan I-Illls 6 IOI8 CORNER HOUSE FAMOUS FOR STEAKS TI-IE NEW HUNT ROOM NOW AVAILABLE for PRIVATE PARTIES GRANT CITY A+ The Slahow ENT SOUTH SHORE TAILOR DRY CLEANING and TAILORIN6 E SERV CE ore HODEW 6 I GIFFORDS LANE ef KI KUGIT S DELICATESSEN IIB LINCOLN AVENUE Gran? CIW JEAN KUGIT P66 6 W Shes 0 CLASS of I954 ROBERT and DAVE WANGENSTEIN CONIDI merIIS of CODIOI m DI of BOYD LEGATE O D CUPO PHARMACY II78 BAY STREET af O5I5 6 BETTY S BEAUTY SHOPPE II6I NORTH RAILROAD AVENUE ran? C a en SPECIALIZING In PERMANENT WAVING AND ALL OTHER AIDS JEFFERSON FOOD OUTLET 72 JEFFERSON AVENUE a D N NELLIS CONFECTIONERY 594 RICHMOND RQAD Concord PARKSIDE DRESS SHOP DRESSES cons SUITS SPORTSWEAR 308 NEW DORP LANE Dorp Sfafen I Iamd N F R I E COMPLIMENTS VINCENT A ERNST PLUMBING a HEATING QOESDII HT 5 -I943 CTD II. eva QI . . , I J ' C ' G Wy, Sf? IS and 6, N. Y. of I PII : weed - 630 S' 'en ISIa d 6, .Y. I4 ' GTE fs, S. I. I , N 1 r . DO - BC, Down Em 6-4663 I New , S . .Y. I I . . . J . B . I A N D ,, I e S . . , - of - , . . S' er' Igemd 5, N. Y. U737 ANTHONY ROMAGNOLO GENERAL INSURANCE 5 NEW OPP LAN BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES and Mrs PAUL PRASKACH RICHMOND COUNTY COUNCIL AUXILIARY VETERANS of FOREIGN WARS XNIE MORRISON P MILISQEID GUNDERSEN Se FRANCIS JORIN Trea u A VARSITY SHOPPE FASHIONABLE WOMEN S APPAREL SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE PMR 'N SI NY LANE FURNITURE CO DY KANIINI NP 'NIEW 'OPP C ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ED METZENDORF DO 6 i822 wmv'-I 6 RICHARD A RICOTTA PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT and AUDITOR I53 NEW DORP LANE 6 HENRY S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HYLAN BOUL NAR O 5 N 509 J 'ze' I-I' :-S QC':ef H Z'O33:f V HAR I 'I rfwmff I'-I A.""'r -f LPIFIY, EH' I' I'f"': 6' L Lx , E A U T I, . LANE Mwff Brix. New I, fu S. I. 5 N. Y. Neff Zfrr, S. I. 6, N. Y, ... R E M O Mr. . 591+ v.'7eI1eS Y: aI We Graduafez . , . DO C I I 5 -2259 JEII, I , re"Jf' ,I 'J f . :'f:'a'v I SPH S' 'er'Isar1d 6, N. Y. 3C':a' I-I E ,-3307 I h LZES E' ,Rf 'R' " CH. S. I. 6 .Y, :Cf NEV! ,C I7 LANE 5.-. :YC . .5 . . CC'35f VT' 5 - 55 HARMONY PARK COLONIAL FEDERAL ooo FINGERBOARD ROAD SAVINGS AND LOAN 6 ASSOCIATION The 'dee' mace? nsso RICHMOND ROAD WEDDING BANOUETS RECEPTIONS en ,S, 4 N C II Glb alfa 7 535 DO ga Hlls 64500 Hmcfman Mefhod Used Exclusuvely DOngan Hulls 6 0066511 ELECTROLYSIS PERMANENT REMOVAL of SUPERFLUOUS HAIR EXPERT ELECTROLYSIS and SHORT WAVE I36 BANCROFT AVENUE DOROTHY MANZO New Dorp S l 6 N Y Gr smere, S. l. or 1 ' ' STBI and , ew York a r r -9 n n I - COMPLIMENTS OF WAGNER COLLEGE GRYMES I-IILL, STATEN ISLAND I, N. Y. DOngan I-IlIIs 6 2950 L MORESCO lEE S TAVERN PIZZERIA and RESTAURANT 60 HANCOCK STREET Corner C5arre+son Avenue Donqan I-IIIIS S I I I I . - , I I I 1 WINES - LIQUORS ' I l G BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS 8 TROPHIES COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS 81 TRORHIES Represenled by MR GARRETT SCHMEELK 4I8 BEACH I24+l1 STREET Rockaway Beach New Yorlc C O "Known wherever +l'1ere are Schools and Colleges" CI 7 6795 Free De ver! J O H N S MEAT MARKET CHOICE MEAT and POULTRY Cold Cul Slr clly I:resI'I Buller X1 Egg I'-Iorel and Reshauranl Supply I27O BAY STREET Rosebanlc S I 5 N Y JOHN DI GIOVANNI Prop Res 202 SI Mary s Ave GI 7 5472 Complumemls of 8. SIDING CO 77 ST PAULS AVENUE S+e+en Island N Y Glbre lar 7 9060 Qlbrella 7 7389 787I We Del ver GRASMERE LIQUOR STORE A Complefe Varlely of FINE WINES and LIOUORS AARON COLLER 2062 CLOVE ROAD Grasmere Sfalen Island 4 N Y TUXEDO RENTAL SERVICE 'X Fi 5 A o GSMQ 495 dy I A CALAMUS STATEN ISLAND OUTFITTERS 96 Beacl1S reel Staple-Ion S L I4 Near ne Llberlry Thealre G 7 8 Ope Evemrwgs ' If I I . M 1 I . LIC. L-231 3, I S TZ: V1 Individual I Iings T E :EE ,,.' A 'I,, X AII ccess ries pw. IZII E :': f-I RE Included FEDERAL ROOFING - I 1-l 1 .Qff . I -I 75 n ' 7 EARL RED WELLS A ITS YOUR PLACE I WAGNERS GARAGE SPORTS RECORDS TELEVISION RADIOS APPLIANCES TOYS PHONOGRAPHS MUSIC HOBBIES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 82 CANAL STREET ON THE PARK STAPLETON 4 SALES SERVICE PARTS q 7 AUER S BAKERY COTTIETTE CLUB 230 EMIL MTRICH P CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS MARY FLEMING G yb lc 598 RICHMOND ROAD BETTY BRADBURY P IG yb lm WHILE YOU RE LEARNING LEARN THIS FACT There ns nofhmg you hope Io do In Ihe Iulure +ha'I money un Ihe banlc won I help you 'ro do or Ihal lack of money won I hunder or prevenl you from dolng Learn Irhus one fad Ihrough savung durung your school days and II wull gave you an advan+age Through all 'Ihe resl of your days STATEN ISLAND NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST C0 PORT RICHMOND ST GEORGE TOTTENVILLE NEW DORP Member Federal Deposul Insurance Corporahon 1 1 1 ln? 3 V l ell-Halter 78988 U I Cornplimenfs of . . . E R L ' s I .. . .. or I . I , Sfafen Island , New York I Hur You CANT PLAY A sporerl - as oNe ' Glbfalfaf 7-6200 SAin'r Ge-or e -3925 Besf Wishes from The . . . 1 , rap. , ra ac , as ra an Concord, S. l. 4, N. Y. ' I I . . 0 GUARD IT BY SAVING TI-IE FUTURE IS YOURS "N RICHMOND COUNTY FEDERAL Suvinus 8. loan Association I 90 MAIN STREET ToHenvIIIe 4000 AMBOY ROAD Greaf KIIIS I . . I Lg' 1- X . . . GJ.-M-mu - NEW DORP COAL CORP I-IN J BEI-IAN E LI LUMBER COAL FUEL O MASONS MATERIALS TWO YARDS TO SERVE YOU D bl O N I-IOOISOO raTK TTI-I OO BUDA BAKERS SERVING THE ISLAND ZIIO RICHMOND ROAD ar'+ CTV S GRENNIE PHARMACY nc DELIVERY SERVICE 253 NEW DORP LANE O GOOD LUCK GRADUATES J W CARTING CO F MATTHIUS AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE BONDS RICHMOND AVENUE Sfafer' IS ard DOr 6 P DE LILLO SHOE STORE 4 7 N RAILROAD AVENUE DOr H I 44 AVEZAC VOICE MUSIC STUDIO PRIVATE LESSONS O Ce 52 OO O DDUIG Cassffa LISIHI One E O a In acred S a Ba 2I6 FREMONT AVENUE O I CIIV an I-I 6 Icen L 4 GRANT CITY LIQUOR STORE LOUIS M OTTINO WE DELIVER YI INCOLN AVENUE C CI S I N Y JO I . 3 FUEL H' ' - - IL I QI O - IO ew Dofo, S. I. 6 I A O E I 5 S. I. E I I DQPQQ IIIg E 300 :am I-IIIs -ZISS 5 . I I I 3 . Gr I, I,.I.,N.Y. I can YIE E5 E DOFSDT' I-I' 5 O-I29O N , I . A , V I , - PIOF SIBO PV , r . ' IV I - I , rg n ,IISII - ITDIIan - L I' S Y eEDI r Mads S'a'eD ISIDD 6 N. Y. I OI E ' I, S. I. DODS I S -OOO5 L' Se -I4 9 L , A 6 c THE STATENWAY CUSTOM SERVICE STATION RICHM 'NJ R U DRIVE IT CAR RENTAL r 74030 CONCORD HARDWARE PAINTS HOUSE FURNISHINGS 388 RICI-IMONJ ROAO NICOLA IJEMARINO a 'Nl LANE BOOTERY SHOES for GIRLS and BOYS I66 NEW DORP LANE DO 62338 Free D GATTUSO S DELICATESSEN FRUITS and VEGETABLES CANDIES and COSMETICS 4 6 ROCKLAND AVENUE O e Iv I N H L MOTORS, Inc NEW DORP LANE 5 d HYLAN BLVD CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE USED CARS BYRNES LAUNDRY and LINEN SUPPLY IOO7 CASTLETON AVENUE NEW DORP FURNITURE STORE FINE FURNITURE Y FURNITURE B IX PL OR COVERINIC5 4 Nl AI ROAD A Tl GINIZBI R O 63295 Gr :T AUER S DELICATESSEN 592 :ICI-IMONV ROP ITHE DRUG STORE AT YOUR DOORI MURRAY ROSENBLUM P G LINCOLN AVE Grew' CN S I We D DO 60660 DO 6 I767 ESIaIOIsI'Ied I920 New Dorp Merchant Tculormg Co T A ZELL P I3I ROSE AVENUE fa FIM VD YOUR ALL TIME FAVORITE Enid SML SUPPORT J 2 YOUR ICE CREAM ECJEZO' I-II: -I07' BFE - EOZINO O E I723 ,O O OAO I 33 I , 3 L AVE. Ne.-. OTS S, I. - - R E J O CO A - 3I"5'i' ' In few I F In ' VI Cmzfrd S. I. ' S' 'Q' Ipand , Y. DOWIAE HII5 EAI935 GRANT CITY PHARMACY I28 . I I , . . eivef - - eIfer,f , T I I I KUR , , foo. EV blf 119,54 l,6v -Y- C f, I SUSIE' New DO , S. I. YT . - 6 3943 RegIna Bafhlana NEW DORP FABRICS PATTERNS MATERIAL NoTIoNs I425 NO RAILROAD AVENUE N w Dorp6 S I N Y 6 0032 MARY LANE SHOP TOWN .na COUNTRY CLOTHES For Jumors Mlsses and Women I77 NEW DORP LANE B I737 M ALBERT E NIEDERHALISER CENTRAL DAIRY MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS BI MIDLAND AVENUE S en Island 6 N Y Weddmq Albums Glamour POFTFGITS WILLIAM V COGAN Jr PORTRAIT PI-IOTOGRAPHER I454 SOUTH RAILROAD AVENUE N w Doro S I Res DO 60249 Sfudo DO 64430 DOnQan H lls 6 O6l2 J LANE BARBER SHOP DOM CHIFFIANO Prop 302 NEW DORP LANE Sfafen Island 6 N Y DO 64440 We Teleqraph Flowers MORAVIAN FLORIST GARDEN CENTER EveI'y+l'IInq for Lawn and Garden Fresh CDT Flowers Funeral DesIqns 2286 RICHMOND RD Sfafen Island 6 N Y ComplImen+s T FOUR WINDS MUSIC SHOP HYLAN BOULEVARD Greaf K Ils I-IOneywood 6 2099 Van Heusen Shlrfs SIeIson I-lafs MANNY S MEN S SHOP STAPLETON s MOST MODERN MEN s STORE NATIONALLY ADvERTIsED BRANDS 636 BAY STREET Near Canal S+ SI'aple+on S PARLAMENTI S SWEET SHOPPE NOVELTIES coNEEcTIoNERY GREETING CARDS SI4 TOMPKINS AVENUE Glbralfar 79803 R sebanlc S I Complrmenls of AUGUST SEMLER DOnqan HIlls 60422 ROSE MONTE S BEAUTY SALON SPECIAL ATTENTION TO CHILDREN Permanenfs Tlwaf Sahsfv I-IaIr Colormq Consulfahon SpecIalIs+s n I-lar CUIIITICQ Slwapnnq Srylmq and Wavmq l00 NEW DORP LANE Dorp Sfaien Island 6 N l'lOr'eywOod 6 0796 SOUTH SIDE HARDWARE CO Inc 4034 B IHIYLAN BOULEVARD eaTK s NOBILE S DELICATESSEN COLD BEER and SOFT DRINKS All PFICGS Plamly Marked I66 NEW DORP LANE New Dorp Sl 6 NY DO 6I 07 ANDY NOBILE Pro CHARLES WHITAKER REAL ESTATE I430 SO RAILROAD AVENUE 6 II New Dorp S THE WALTERS Comp menfs of WHITE MARKET, Inc NEW DORP S I DO E ' ' DO - e . . ., . . I DO - - . ' l . , . l e , . . 'ref , . . J , 1 3 . I - - ' o . . . . , . I I I . , .I. , 1 . O , . , -I ' R k Complirnenfs of . . . IDO . I6 ' , .I. l I. I I I I I , . . 6 . . i New , , .Y. I - II . . . ., . 1 Gr II:Is.I.B,N,Y, ' " ZIEGLER S BAKERY BAKED IH SIGHT by MEN In WHITE I439 N RAILROAD AVENUE w Dorp S I IOO8 CAMPO S SUPER MARKET QUALIW MEATS FANCY FRUITS and VEGETABLES DELICATESSEN 324 NEW DORP LANE GIora far 7 I032 COMMUNITY LIQUOR STORE YOUR FRIENDLY LIQUOR DEALER TIME 'ro STOP or TIME Io CALL IIO FINGERBOARD ROAD Forf Weds orII'I L 6 972 If No Answer CaII DO 6 0374 ENGLERT S FLOWER LAND CATERERS of OUALITY FLOWERS WEDDING 8: FUNERAL DESIGNS GIIIS Novelhes Rellquous Ware We Delnver I4I NEW DORP LANE 6 94 W J ODONNELL p NEW DORP TELEVISION and APPLIANCE CENTRE GIbraI+ar 7 3 NEW METHOD RADIOS TELEVISION LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING ELECTRIC APPLIANCES SALES 81 SERVICE TELEVISION SPECIALISTS I456 S RAILROAD AVENUE N w Doro S I M A G R U D E R S PRINTING orrlce sumlzs ISO BAY STREET DIAPER SERVICE Ruq CIeamnq Cold Fur Sforaqe 465 BAY STREET N GI 7 346 7 oo SCHICK S GARAGE, Inc o qe Py'v1ouIIw Sa es and S r c DODGE Job Rafed TRUCKS 947 57 BAY STREET eoank S N I Ne . . 6, N. Y. W Lac. A6105 DO 6. -Io33 D0 " ' V 1 I I I I New Dorp, S. I. 6, N. Y. T RT ' ' DO -I I . , ' , Pro . I ' - 500 I I I S. I. 4, .Y. e , . . -O SA -I6 I - D d - I, ' e VI fe Ros' , .I., .Y. ATLANTIC INN HOTEL 8. RESTAURANT 2052 RICI-IMOND ROAD GRANT CITY S I 6 N TeIepI1ones DOnqen Hllls 6 OO42 6 I365 EUGENE DOCKTER Manager EXCELLENT BANQUET FACILITIES WEDDINGS PARTIES DINNERS PICNIC GROUNDS Bowling AIIeys SoT+baII EleId I-Iorsesnoe Pnfchlnq S'rearnbaIces Ouhnqs Dances Tourns+Accon'1rnodaI1ons THE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION of New DORP HIGH SCHOOL Asks every parenf Io lonn and work for IIwe Inferesfs of our cI1uIdren and our scI'1ooI REGULAR MEETINGS Thnrd Wednesday oIII1e IvIonTI'1 2 p rn a+ New Dorp I-Inqh Sc:hooI DOmgan I-Wa 643286 TERMS - TRADES IS L A N D MOTOR SALES CHOICE USED AUTOMOBILES I26O I-IYLAN BQULEVARD NICK VLASSENKO, Prop. S+a'ren lsfamd 5, N. Y. GENERAL ORGANIZATION of New Dorp Hugh School We are proud of the opportunity to 'help plan and produce this edition ot ARGONAUT. For many years to come, it will be a cherished reminder of the days you spent at New Dorp High School. Good luck to all of you? Congmtulvltzom to the Clow offune 1954 THE COMET PRESS INC Ll WAtklns 4 6700 U" """"" ' COMET PRESS 200 Vanck Street New York 14 N Y W W' C I 0 - - I , .. v .W ,.5 ..... --- I' .X MQW L, XL! .MY ,646 Q xfcf fffd ki I A . QQ VL - J '- 1' ' , 7114 1 L 5 ' , 'V Lf' - . If ' X.. r 5,1-,V s. vsff, -' L 44 ff! ,, U -, ' ' fi .' ll ' ,f X r-l' - " , -1 - f' K f A' 4 f , JJ yl 4 7Z'p,f.' K .1 5 4 f , if K, 7 'ff l,k T H A jk fm, ' L L , .Q , kk 4 Ai " X 1 , A . , 1 L y ,ff f L K Luft j fl 'J f . A ,K u UQ Z L, x -J fx K ,I xx I X N .1 K ff !.! ' Qi' v 1 V J ,L 'IGI' , - f If 7 . 4' " lifl, L61 Z, f ' - pf 7 .""7 I r rl' J , 7 . 41 J., Q.,-.,-:.':Xj,. A f,-,iz-,gag .,L,,A.. J'1 ".. V ,.,,- ,.v .sun Iv ..- ai , -Hg- . .af -fu .V1,,..c- af. V' V- .. U., Q we

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