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A I952 RGCNAUT tl nulllllllllllllllllg ,null Ill, lg, II, Q0 'I I I I O 2 Z 6 9 Vx HIG Qt "Plug ru :r O 9. ld If l g I O 2 QS M 0' 09 ' 'Ip' "Hill gil!-' lllllllllllllllllllnl the Students of Published bu New Dorp Hugh S Staten Island 6 New York Qu I s 1 ssK ,QQ s 1 Q Q Q 9 e 2 Q. A Z 9 4 S . 2 2 9 T lv 4 g O , . ..,. t- . a e . :,-' in , : ' , Qin... Q g -4. :I-1-1' -e:5f.f.- Kyo 1 : ' ff-liz:-L-2:-: 5, 5 : Q -yas: :- E ,-,'pff'ft IQ" JIQjij-f:1,Z'Ji1:.-I. O 5 5 '.5I3',f?g:f-'-I -. .fan O E 5 2 F9 1551" '- : ali-if :'r' QQ 'Jil' X- E 'fy' '- I u 1 E Fx fl- ' 5 9 V Q96 Q4 E 'o f lu 4.1! .5 Q-..:,: ,.. fir: 0 E Q O - 5 2 S Z 5 S Z Q' S Q Zo ,ill I f ' ul 1 1 V' O 1 I Literature and Life in New Dorp. .. First step toward agreement with Robert Browning: "Open my heart and you will see Graved inside of it, Italy." "Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability." The bus drivers agree with Milton, "They also serve who only stand and wait." Y .J "ln the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of" . . . Literature and Life. During the entire year, New Dorp High School stressed as its theme Our American Heritage: in graduation oratians, in several assemblies, in its many exhibits. The exhibit pictured, prepared in connection with one of the assemblies, and admired by Fred Osmer and Joan Sutter, helped trace our cultural and literary ties back through the centuries. CONTENTS Principals Address . . . 5 Activities . . 6 Clubs .. .. 42 Sports . . . . 54 Faculty . . . . 64 Seniors .. .. 72 Advertisers . . . . IO6 Pruncupal SS MARY CAMPER MCGINN Arqonauf MISS MARY CAMPER McGlNNIS N A E C T I Z ,f"f,fw ,W U 'f' 'W H X 'ff ,ifff ,,V, T I M E 5 A-4Ll,fN!i,iE,-,L!4Lff,l A, ffl?-p f L res. - x 2 Q Z? : -J U. Pres. - , M VX!! P 0,5-QTEEFE LEC?-H sec. f Smeecaemas U21 as S TY'e0.,S. W V W Q L0 'naar uns v-If-2 EADEP-S ,Z aff- , .1J , 1 KMA QT. -cgi-66 tiff- ,fx A SGNQ? -If il? '- f wmiff if-ga - 1'- 1 5 X " mu A55EM6uv V V, 1 RUR JUNE Y SCHEDULE, Usuiii' .51- n.X N ll I X I XM THE COMMON FAITH Y xv Arnold calls the printer re important dead- mes. The Literary Stal'T writes personals, club notices, and types and sends out all ap- pointments. Row l: Miss DiGiocomo, Helen Massey, Lucille Castagnino, Dottie Hobbs, Marion Fiorillo, Joan Taverner, Connie Marino. Row 2: .lack Forster, Dottie Van Name, Gail Tedesco, Rose Magnotti, Josephine D'Aiello, Dorothy Taverner. Row 3: Isabel Spalluto, May Hong, Shirley Stern, Jeanette Brown, Peter Bessi. The Business Stat? is responsible for adver- tisements and sales: Row i: Elaine Newman, Dot Howard, Hel- ene Massey, Janis Meeh, Jimmy Gorman, Lorraine Lloyd, Gail Tedesco. Row 2: Joanne Rizzo, Joan Taverner, Mr. Hyman, Lucille Castagnino, Jeannette Brown, Catherine Versella, Lorraine Moody. The Art Staft plans the Literature and Life dividers: Monica Golia, Florence Mattson, Mr. Miller, Dell Hoernlein, Standing: John Pitarresi, Joanne Rizzo, Frank Peteroy. .- 72-ljo' 'LJ714' ARGONAUT STAFF I952 Editor in Chief: Arnold Taras Stat? Photographer: Lawrence Johansen Class Editors: Julienne Le Bras Margaret Scotton Advisers: Mr, lrving Hyman, Faculty Business Manager Mr. lrwin Miller, Art Adviser Miss Elizabeth B. Smith, Faculty Adviser Miss Phyllis Di Giacomo, Assistant Margaret, Larry, and Julienne discuss overall problems-theme, photography, allocation of space. Art Editors Joan Romer and Joan Cumming look for original ideas for dividers. Copy Editors Roberta Shannon and Margaret Pelliconi review Leslie Bellows' sports writeups. Personals Editors Lorraine Lloyd and Joan Mc- Kendry go over facts, while Rose Solimano checks features. Business Editor Elizabeth Trafford writes re- ceipts, as Advertising Editor Florence Eodi- cicco checks and Assistant Audrey Johnston awaits financial results. ill fill HIL!! 5 , vii I K lv X ws., lu, -6' xg, 1, 9-.. -,,-- ..J M.,-nv' The literature of democracy inspires the General Organization "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent," in the words ot our master stylist and master democrat, Ab- raham Lincoln. In this tradition, the New Dorp Student Council represents the entire student body, consisting as it does ot the homeroom class presi- dents and the elected otticers ot the General Organization. Under the guidance ot Mrs. Hortense L. Jotte. the 6.0. strives to stimulate student government, to promote student management ot gov- ernment and ot extra-curricular activities, and to toster within the entire student body the ideals and procedures ot American government. The Student Council meets, with the officers of the General Organization and their adviser, Mrs. Jotte, to consider matters of school policy. Row l: Marie Corio, Patricia Murphy, Pat McGuire, Angela Santo, Kathryn Chinelli, laudice Pose. Row 2: Raymond Baum, Joseph Petosa, Mike Catrama, Jay Strausser, Frank Schembre. Row 3: Joe Morro, George Hiby, Joe Zona, Angelo Coscia, Frank Peteroy. -+-f in-Mg 5, H, I Row I: Jack McDonough, John Giordano, z: :. Betty Villemez, Pat Higgins, Lillian Mehl- , tretter, Joan Pellegrini, Joan Serra Row 2: Peter DeVito, Joachim Stieber, Angelo Leotto, Louis Palladino, Phil Corso, Rosario Cummo, Eddie Grimaldi. Row 3: Richard Franklin, Julius Maruscsak, Victor Liss, Richard O'Neill, Ronald Dreher, Tony Galletta. The G.O. Store Aides, under Mr. Philip Greenspan's supervision, receive training in business management, salesmanship, and the keeping of business records. During all lunch periods, school supplies are placed on sale in the G.O. store. Row 1: Grace Marino, Leslie Bellows, Jack Bellows, Mr. Philip Greenspan, school freosurer, Dana Haughwauf, Vincent Mongiardini, Barbara Hegner. Row 2: Madeline Kinsella, Anna Bisignano, May Hong, Mary Finlay, John Pifarresi, George Poppe, Carherine Campagnino. Row 3: Jean Sapia, Carmela Camardo, Eileen Cleary, Phil Corso, Lois Dallmer, Pat Higgins, Paf Castronovo. Diane Ordes represents New Dorp at the American Legion Oratorical Contest, held in the fall term in the New Dorp High School Auditorium. Diane placed third. 7 Z Inspired by the democratic torm ot government. as personitied by the General Organization, the New Dorp student body engages actively in varied civic minded activities. Louis Palladino, chairman of English 67, leads the discussion on the qualifications desired in the student who will be voted the winner of the Theodore Roosevelt Medal in October. Members of English Ill and 6 classes voted. At an assembly following the election, Miss Mary C. McGinnis presents the Medal to Jay Strausser, latest of a long line of carefully chosen recipients of the honor. our BES?I1GVfF0R?EAiE is UN PLUS YOU 1- Philip Corso, one of the boys chosen as delegates to Empire Boys' State, acquaints the assembly with his experiences there. Leslie Bellows, William Sharpley, Miss Mary C. McGinnis, Ray- mond Long, and Lawrence Johansen are the sharers of this experience. New Dorp's Town Hall of the Air presents a forum during United Nations Week: Nancy Dorner, Lawrence Johansen, Beth TraHord, William Sharpley, Jane Ryan, Diane Ordes, and Sal Scuderi participate. ! Diane Ordes, Marietta Corso, Louis Palladino, Jay Strausser and Elaine Newman, members of ARISTA, at work in the office of the Staten Island Tuberculosis and Health Center, St. George, Staten Island. Mrs. Winsch distributes seals to Charles Di Giacomo, George Harshberger, Audrey Johnston, Judith Powers, Louis Ghibaudo, and Marie Pasculli. Fixing the New Box for Mail are Marie Trapani, Gail Tedesco, William Sharpley, Nat Goren, Pat Roughan, and Joanne Rizzo. Marion Fiorello, Barbara Kivlehan, Philip Corso, Margo Binsack, and Monica Golia oct as library proctors during mid-term examinations. 14 Kala Kagatha reflects the scnoifmsnupi cHARActER1 snavice Zealous campaigners tor the Tuberculosis Drive and postmen at Christmas time have been recruited trom Arista ranlis. The tutoring that has boosted many a student over the Regents hurdles is con- ducted by Arista members. Arista, a city wide honor society with chapters in all New Yorlc City . x in s ss. MQ' J AQ,-4 Aristcfs interest in the humanities.. high schools. selects a mere two and one-halt per cent ot our student body to pertorm the above mentioned tasks. Semi-annually the Arista conducts an assembly. to honor its newly elected members. Atter the in- spiration ot a guest speaker and ot a candle-lighting ceremony, the group conducts a theatre and dinner party, this year to The King And l and Caesar and Cleopatra. Elizabeth Trafford newly elected Arista member lghts the candle for service in the fall term during the tradi tional candlelight service Gail Mulcahy, Fall Girl Leader, presents an Honorary Arista Membership to the guest speaker Dr. Jay T. Wright, Educational Director of the New York Region of the National Conference of Christians and Jews Miss Mary C. McGinnis, Dr. Wright, Gail Mulcahy and John Pitarresi, Fall Boy Leader, listen to the musical portion of the Arista assembly program. Julienne Le Bras, Margaret Pellicani, Joseph Coccoli, June Groves, and Cynthia Scaiano, with Leslie Bellows, Lawrence Johansen, Ray Long, standing, check newspapers and telephone directories to select a restaurant for their Arista dinner. X' S XIX X wx ' flkw xx S, xki, X f,: Xt . . - x QQ X Q. C 2. o 1 If I. 3 a .. C .. o - v- - fn V1 'E 4 m .. J' 0 :. a V- Z. ra ? ments: Carol Garber, Mrs. Colangelo, Iris Mendez, seared. Angelina Cafaro, Alberfa DiBrizzi, John Midgetf, Ruth Lefich, Marie Rizzo, James Dougherfy, sfonding. Around the Christmas Card Boxes are gathered Barbara Monkman, Anna Res- cigno, Sheldon Jackson, James Gazzale, Sarah Dyer, Lillian Mehltretier, Beatrice Hrbacek, William Garcia, John Pitarresi, Conrad Meibauer. me The Junior Arisla, under The guidance of Mrs. Lorraine Colangelo and Miss Mary Bennelf, is a group of second year sludenls, screened by a lacully group and former Jr. Arisfa In the now annual Junior Arista Installation Assembly, held in the fall ferm, Miss Mary C. McGinnis insialls the Boy and Girl Leaders, Joachim Siieber and Lillian Mehltretter. 4 1 ILS! members. Their activities, in prep- aration lor leadership in the later years of their high school careers. are of the same quality as the ac- tivities ol the Arista proper. With the assistance of the new leaders, and in the presence of Mrs. Winsch and Mrs. Colangelo, Arista advisers, Miss McGinnis installs the newly elected members. William Basso, Barry Withers, Stephen Don, Arlene Vere, Adele Schott, and Kathleen Guido check telephone books before mak- ing arrangements for their theatre and din- ner party. Dancing lessons are part of the Junior Arista members' program tar varied and well balanced lives: Joan Harson, Carol Harson, Carolyn Rosa, Peter DeVito, An- thony lnteglia, Richard Okolsky, Stevens Smith, Frank Brennan, Florence Cannon. Our American Heritage is the Library Theme This year. lhe New Dorp Library has pariicipaled aclively in The nafionwide commemoralion of Our American Herifage, sparlced by Jrhe Ford Foundalion and lhe American Library Associafion. Guided by Miss Leslie McNeill, librarian, lhe siaif has prepared exhibiis in +he halls and on The library bullelin boards. and has publicized books and periodicals siressinq lhe liierary and cullural herilage of our American Lileralure and Life. X1-' -wx 'X 4,,,.-r x l 4-Wg, 1 Book covers, which reflect The American A Heritage library Theme, are placed on The library bullerin boards by Claire Cirelli, Joseph Day, James Gorman, Claire Faich- ney, Theresa Muccino, and Mildred Ambio. Books dealing with American history and culture are made available for ready read- ing: Raymond Larsen, Miss Leslie McNeill, Louis Palladino, Raymond Long, Harrieife Lerche, Lillian lngrassia. 'g '--W ?!?W yy-fr www W A hill A if. Special editions of boolls on the American Heritage topic are displayed in cases: Barbara Hayes, Marie Day, Amelia Ca- muglia, Harold Salomon, Edith Muller, Charles Mikalsen, Our library magazine rack is kept up to date with a subscription to The American Heritage, copies of which are read by Eugene Penny, Louis Ghibaudo, Rosemarie Mormino, Jay Strausser, Janis Meeh, and Thomas Mormino. l: Adele Schott, Joan Suffer, John Martini, Do- Mollnarl, Fred Vlebrock, Francis Evans. Row 2: za Miceli, Christine Camardo, Paul Charm, k T'rIond, Anthony D'Alessio, Paul O'Brien. Row 3: Brady, Roberta Shannon, Helen Hall, Mona , Dolores Davis, Lillian Mehltrefler. Science is Organized Knowledge We are the music makers We are the dreamers of dreams . . . With wonderful deathless ditties We build up the world's great cities . . . The words of Arthur O'Shaughnessy are equally true ol our New Dorp poets today. Under the aegis ol lvlrs. Grace E. Clark, the group meets, with a two-fold purpose: to read and appreciate the poetry of accepted wrilers in the English language, and to enioy the experience ol creating poetry of their own. l The annals ol American literature of the future will ring with the names of the scholar-scientists developed in the New Dorp l-ligh School Science Club. The club, with Miss Rita Gilligan at the head, has heard student speakers on various phases ol modern scientific lite: the prepara- tion of synthetic rubber, the demonstration of an electrical quiz board and of electrical signal devices, the preparation of denlilrices. Literature in Life guides the Poets Richard Swier, Rose Rigatii, Mrs Cl k L Boone, William Elgen. Then hail 'ro lhe Pressl chosen guardian ol lreedornl Slrong sword-arm ol iuslicel brighl Sunbeam of lrulhl The Pioneer operales wilh a lwolold pur- pose in mind: lo furnish lo lhe sludenls ol New Dorp l-ligh a permanenl record ol school evenls and 'ro allord valuable ex- perience in wriling 'ro 'rhose on lhe slall. Under lhe carelul guidance ol Miss Rila Wiclcman and 'rhe edilor-inechiel, Diane Ordes, lhe Pioneer conlinues lo mainlain 'rhe slandards ol lilerary achievernenl self in lhe pas? and lo rellecl lhe varied lile ol a New Dorp sludenl. Journalism is a Modern Literary Form The Pioneer adverrising sfalf includes Pat Doolan, Harriehe Lerche, Pal McGuire, Nalhaniel Goren, in Row lg Joan Davis, John D'Angelo, Doris Heli, Beatrice Mendelson, Anita Simone, in Row 2. The Pioneer editors plan the layout for the next issue: Margaret Scofton, Larry Johansen, Bill Sharpley, Joan Brandefine, Diane Ordes, Judith Powers, Julie LeBras, Charles Di- Giacomo, Marietta Corso, Louis Palladino. Row l: Ruth Koerner, Florence Simon, Joanne Rizzo, Dot Taverner, Anna Marie Neglia, Pafricia Brady, Angela Alberfi. Row 2: Dolores Walsh, Joan Taverner, Gail Tedesco, Vicloria Di Brlzzi, Marion Fiorilla, .lo Mercurio, Clara Klumpe, Barbara Clark. Row 3: Lois Spilrer, Jerome Perlongo, Eileen Gels, George Harshberger, Cymhiq Scaiano, Arnold Taras, Janice Heide, Rim Ann Burns, Margarel Pelliconi s First Row: Louis Ghibaudo, Anthony lnteglia, Frank Peteroy, Louis Palladino, Joachim Stieber, Ray Long. Second Row: Philip Corso, John Pitarresi, Richard Toma, George Harshberger, War- ren Taylor. Firsf row: Ray Clark, Leslie Bellows, Joe Zona, Arnold Taras, Charles Di Giacomo. 2nd row: Bob Carves, Larry Johansen, Wal- ter Schmidt, Robert Otten, Albert Sinclair, .lack Bellows. 22 time for courtesy In the spring term, new ushers are elected To replace the January graduates: Pierre Lefebvre, John Swenson, John Midgett, Jack Unkel, and Peter De Vita. LiTe in New Dorp is more civilized and gracious as a resulT oT The acTiviTies oT The members oT The Usher Squad. Under The supervision oT Mrs. lv1argueriTe Moscrop. The boys conducT a guided Tour Tor The incom- ing Treshmen, each spring, in order To acguainT The prospecTive sTudenTs wiTh The personnel and consTrucTion oT New Dorp. Their ordinary duTies consisT oT direcTing TraTTic and inspiring good behavior aT assemblies and aT oTher oTTicial school occasions such as CommencemenT and Open School NighT. The Ushers claim - always New Dorp in Pictures PhoTography has become a viTal parT oT American liTeraTure. in The Torm oT picTure magazines, and oT American life, as a hobby Tor many Thousands oT amaTeurs. l-lere in New Dorp, These inTeresTs are re- TlecTed in The newly organized Pho- Tography Squad. The group, inspired by The ParenT-Teacher AssociaTion's presenTaTion oT a press camera lasT year, consisTs oT Three members, phoTographed here wifh Their ad- viser, Mr. Thomas B. Greenslade: Larry Johansen, Senior PhoTog- rapherq Paul Charm, Junior PhoTog- rapher, and George l'-liby, Appren- Tice. -K, The Lab Squad Avoids Science "Fiction" This group oT "Microbe l-lunTers" becomes acguainTed wiTh various aspecTs oT scienTiTic insTrumenTs and helps To seT up laboraTory experi- menTs Tor all science classes. The squad, under The direcTion oT Mr. AlTonse BelTaTTo, is also Tamiliar wifh The proper manipulaTion oT scienTiTic eguipmenT and wiTh moTion picTure proiecTion Tor classes in all deparTmenTs. Q. Row 1: Roberta Shannon, Richard Swier, Raymond Ba? iilana, George Poppe, William Garcia, Mr. Belfatto, Ed Tellefsen, Feodor Matchett, Thomas Greene. Row 2: Joseph Bcnanno, Joseph Coccoli, Lou Sailliord, Donald Sturm, Bill Sharpley, Henry Swenson, Richard Giamberdine, Bob Traui, The Guidance Offices Strive to Blend Literature and Life into a Unified Personality The Guidance Ottlces play an important role in the lite ot every New Dorp student From the time that a student enters New Dorp, until the time ot his graduation, the Grade Advisers are available to help plan programs and select colleges The Grade Advisers are Miss Anna Loettler llerm 8l. Miss Virginia O'Connor lYear I and Term 71, Miss Josephine O'Neull lYear Illl, and Miss Eileen Cox, replacing Miss Julia Keegan tor the spring term lYear Ill Mr Sol Feinberg takes care ot attendance and punctualmty in Ottice I3l and as added assistance helps students and parents in iob place ment OFFICE 'l3'l M ry M ry b tt W 9 P A M N M A S 24 I A ' X, 'X ig? -I , J x r ' 'J 1 'E' I v J ' F J Row l: a Savoia, a ann Gor u , Joan McKendry, Barbara Romer, Jeannetfe Brown. Row 2: James Gorman, George Harshber er, Jose h Zona, Edward erner, Richard Giamberdine. Row 3: James Burgund, Milio azzella, Lois Spiker, louis Errichiello, at Goren, Hilda oiello, James McKen ry, Peter Ooughfon. AT MISS COX'S DESK Anna Maria Neglia, Carolina Harson, Joan Marie Conte, Elvira Cavallaro, Beth Trafford, Joan Harson. AT MISS O'CONNOR'S DESK Sarah Dyer, Joan Sutter, Leona Wood, Rosemarie Leonhardt Irene Hansen, Patricia Gallagher, Connie Keefe, Patricia Rue. AT MISS O'NEILL'S DESK Marie Corio, Marian Jones, Lillian Koeth, Virginia Abrams, Doris I Lynch, Joan Pellegrini, Roberta Scott, Virginia Gulino. AT MISS LOEFFLER'S DESK Cynthia Scaiano, Margaret Pelliconi, Janice Sottile, Victoria Di Brizzi, Elizabeth Plouff, Marietta Corso, Mary Pernicka. The Orchestra Proves that "Music is the Universal Language" The OrchesTra is very imporTanT in The liTe oT New Dorp. No Assembly would be compleTe wiThouT a good orchesTral selecTion while we march in. Our QrchesTra is conTinually improving and expanding. This Term There are TiTTy-Tive members, The largesT number in school hisTory. The orchesTra has acquired many new insTrumenTs This year, among Them a Trombone, orchesTra bells and a piccolo. The music played ranges Trom The simple "Take Me OuT To The Ball Game" Tor baseball rallies To The "LusTspuel OverTure" by Keler Bela which was played aT The January graduahon exercises The orchesTra members are versaTile They can play as an ensemble or as soloisTs Joan Cumming soloed in The ChrisTmas assembly Louise Gerken played her violin in The Square Dance segmenT oT The LiTeraTure and Life in America assembly The orchesTra is now worlcing on STrauss WalTzes and Orpheus by Gluclc under The guidance OT Mrs DoroThy Kuhn wiTh The assisTance oT Mr AlberT Tucher k r W Gld 26 Row l Donald Hess Robert Gilford Leonard Canale Jack Argenznano Nelson Polmese Robert Huof Row 2 Richard Peters Phullp Llcastru Wulluom Efgen Row 3 lfalo Caialdo Carl Abrams Roberf Owens Herbert Krause 'f"""' Row 1 Jack Cuccla John Pntarresl Edward Peterson Barbara Clark Joan Fllnn Alvm Blum Row 2 Joseph Rufmayer, Vmcenf Urcuuolu, Jay Strausser, Beverly Borman, Helen Crosson, Sybnl Wnlluams Row 3 Robert Hanley, Robert Thlemer, Joseph Barbers, Muchoel Urcluoh, Charlyn Fuhrmonn, Fred Vnebrock 27 : I . I l . I I ' ' 9 fffzfe ,' of 4 ,, 5, , if E , Y ., ,J s fl fl Q4 1, lliyf A 2, S ,, 7' , M ,X .N x ., SQ 5 ' 1 ' .1 f f I 1 I ' 5 The Glee Club Combines Literature and Music in their Selections... Row 7: Frank Wetrrtore, Loufs Garzetta, Vincent Esposito, Mario Russo, Peter Inglima, Ronald Rubin. Raw 2: Frank Datello, Paul Ferrotti, Anthony Integlio, Richard Bruen, Tucker Murray, Michael DeMonte, Edward Grimaldi. Row 3: Michael Lombardi, Thomas Lombardi, Thomas Lloyd, Henry Olson, Ri:hard Salveson, Peter Stoughton, Bob Trout. Row 4: William Easso, Frank Guadagno, James Smith, Fiore Caroccia, Peter Sinatra. Literature and music have been combined with artistic ettect in the work ot the Glee Club during the past year. In addition to the regular work ot the group during assemblies, special events stand out in our minds. At the Christmas assembly the group rendered traditional carols, including the "l-tolly and the Cypress." ln keeping with the theme ot the American Literature assembly. the Glee Club sang "l've Been Working on the Railroad," "Till the Boys Come l-tome" and "Give Me Your Tired," the inscription on the Statue ot Liberty. In the English Literature assembly, Richard Salveson ottered "Green- sleeves," Rosemary Inglima sang "Comin' Through the Rye," Frances Werner sang "Flow Gently, Sweet Atton," and Richard and Rosemary did a Gilbert and Sullivan duet. Friday, April 2I, at the Curriculum Meeting ot the New York State English Council in McKee l-ligh School, the group presented "Nocturne" trom "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Charlottown," "You'll Never Walk Alone," and "The Marching Song" trom The Student Prince. Row l: Anthony Cucco, Joe Manifold, James Lidell, Nunzia lacampo, Joseph Petosa, Mr. Tucker, Joseph Calcagno. Row 2: Basil Truscelli, Matteo Sebastiano, Eddie Ferrugiari, John Cucco, George Grycan, Edgar Lingo, Thomas Swanson. Row 3: Kenneth Coutts, Sam Geodamo, Richard Perlongo, Albert Holtze, Peter Gibbons, Joseph Picone, Anthony Galletta. Row l: Angela Casella, Rita Snyder, Helen Bruen, Tietonne Phaeton, Eleanor Hartnett, Elizabeth O'Neill Sarah Riggi, Jacquelyn DeGennaro, Mrs. Kuhn. Row 2: Joan Martinson, Elizabeth PIouH, Ann Wetmore, Lorraine Cannon, Jane Phillalaaum, Marion Curry, Ruth Jacobs, Phyllis Haderer, Peggy Kelly, Estelle Cender. Row 3: Mary Styles, Louise Poggi, Helen Amore, Josephine Galletta, Jennie Stazzane, Frances Gonnella Patricia Guerriero, Marie Gaasbeclr, Jane Weber, Mildred Ambio, Patricia Cullen. Row 4: Alice Schnabel. Carolann Smith, Barbara Monkman, Ann Raia, Vita Gaiante, Joan licastri. Row l lrene Haspel Adele Schot Doris Cope Marilyn Covagnaro Carol Knvlehan Eli Berzsenyl Ginger Harshberger Row 2 Yvonne Peteroy Rosemary Boulougouras Patricia Roughan Mildred Marruso Gina Mary Reeves Epi Rodriguez Rosemarie lngllma Charlyn Fuhrmann Annette Barker Joan DAngelo Eliza beth Murphy Louis Gass Row 4 Jeanne OBrien Margaret Sanders Mary Ann Garbutt lots Dallmer Arlene Massare ' I l I I I I I Viscamello, Grace Gundaclcer, Kathleen Guida, Julienne LeBras, Patricia Stowbridge. Row 3: Frances Rivera, I - . I ' . I I I I I ' - . . , . . , . - . , , I The Guides claim that "politeness goes far. . ." The Lunchroom Squad is responsible for the neatness and courtesy which are desirable in a community eating and meeting place. The members- Row 7: Peter De Vito, Louis Ghibaudo, Frank Peteroy, Anthony Integlia, John Pitarresi, Philip Corso. Row 2: Larry Johansen, Robert Carves, William Sharpley, Walter Schmidt, Louis Palladino. Row 3: Peter Greene, Leslie Bellows, Joseph Coccoli, Jay Strausser, Jack Bellows, Charles Di Giacomo. "The Maintenance ot a Neat and Orderly School" would be a good motto tor the New Dorp I-ligh School Guides. Mr. Edward Ghigliotti, their adviser, chose students to various marshal posts throughout the School. They are instructed to checlc students tor passes to prevent loitering in the halls, and to pertorm other major duties too numerous to mention. Another group, chosen with especial care, comprises the Lunch Room Squad ot Captains and Assistant Captains, who are responsible tor achiev- ing a model lunchroom. Row I: Sally Rosso, .loan Bordas, Carol Russo, Gina Viscariello, Mary McKenna, Mildred Yegenslri. Row 2: Dick Montana, Jack Unkel, Ronald Massari, Albert Sinclair, Italo Cataldo, Mr. Ghigliotti. Row 3: Joan Haeger, Joyce Rafalsky, Joan Alter, Vic Fiorentino, Robert Masello, Warren Taylor, Bob Kennedy. Row 7: Barbara Brown, Charlotte Whalen, Helen Burtner, Doris Coscia, Sarah Matranga, George Beschner. Row 2: Rita Collins, Dolores Davis, Christopher Carrozza, George Allen, Robert Campomenosi. Row 3: Anne Privracky, Rosemary Marchetta, Elvira Cavallaro, Joe Manifold, Tony Galletta, Santo Gargano. Wfffff' ' A-A Q I Row l Barbara Alexander Joan Embleton Ruth Hofmann Blanche Pendola Angie Montella Row 2 Peter Pruvracky Victor Floranhno George Schmutt Joe Manifold Rosemary Marchetta 31 l Durlcee, George Sweeney, Andrew De Sario, Charles Ruocco, Fred Viebroclc, Italo Cataldo. Row 3: Anne ENGLISH OFFICE Carol Bogaeri and .lean Cibelli do fyping and clerical work in ihe English Office, SCIENCE OFFICE STAFF Seafed: Marie Colangelo, Mr. Greenslade, .loan Bordas. Sfanding: Lida Bell, Cynthia Scaiano, Jean Gugielmo, Lorraine Nuna- mann. SOCIAL STUDIES The Office Workers in New Dorp feel that experience also teaches... "Trifles malce perleclion, ancl perleclion is no lrillef' Wilh lhis in mind, lhe girls who worlc in Jrhe various 'rypes of office lhroughoul The school are lrained lo accuracy. In lhe general offices-as secrelaries To Miss Carmela Pignala in 2l3, lo Mrs. Barbara Mc- Keague and lo Mrs. l-lelen l-leavey in I23, and lo Mrs. Mary Shuhsler in l25-'rhe girls lype, file, as- I ., Q 'Wt i i ' M3 ,wa 'I " ..., K ff .zur vw C? W 't '81, ."f Q- Social Sfudies secreiaries are Row 1: Kath- ryn Berfoncini, Mr. Merovick, Josephine Bertoncini, Ann Callahan. Row 2: Anna Schnaes, Joan Cicchese, Monica Golia, Ralph Daiuio, Roberi Kehoe, Etelke Ber- zsenyr, Gail Mulcahy. We ,X 'mmf 'f 0 . X--. 7 X .4 sist with stenciiinq, run errands, and Iearn time cour- tesy expected of receptionists in a Iarqer business situation. In the department offices, the siaisis work in the book rooms, iiie, type, out stencils, and deiiver rnaieriais and notices Io each teacher in time depart- ment. M OFFICE 318 Norma Rosa, Miss Sabater's secretary, and Marie Rizzo, Mrs. SaiIIiard's secre- tary, share office 318. OFFICE 335 Jacqueline Heins, Florence Mattson, Gail Tedesco. MRS. WINSCH'S OFFICE Gertrude Neglia, Irene Mohan, Katherine Bohrer, Philip Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann Gar- butt, Margo Binsack, Ray Long. OFFICE 123 Rowl Norma Corsi Mrs Barbara McKeague Mrs Helen M Heavey Edith Danielson Row 2 Phlllp Boehm Suzanne Watson Joan Basse Annette Vrzzl Anne Blessm Harriet Schoeffler Janet Berghorn Dorothy Rnccu Mav Hong Gilda Maschella Peter Bessl OFFICES 213 AND 125 Marlene Sutter Claire Vnola Mrs Mary Schuhsler Andrew Costello Mlss Carmela Plgnata Arlene Fugazzu Margo Blnsack Row 2 Phyllus Cagglano, Anita Tsea, Conme Schlortmo, Joan Roberts, Emerlta Cody, Joan Reres Rosemarie Lucchesl, Pat Richardson Row 3 Sylvla Mathuesen, Pat Murphy, Janet Halton, Marlene Losada, Nancy Cafaro Amelia Pullgnone, Camulle Romanelll, Mary Manley 34 : .I A I U . I . . I : .. I I ' I . I l I I . D , , , - 4 lg Q 'L ' 1 . ' 1 it , I 3 F f4 , ' mv. ,s 'WD - 'K f-, A X-. Q X 2 "' ' 4 4 A I D A Y 0 13 X ,Y I M . .. 4 L ' . -. , 1 t V M . Y, -.f . 'QS' 8 1 ' 12 V SI? X V f S z I F . I ' I I . . I I +L J Others, the Mimeo Sheets . . . One busy and active group in New Dorp contributes a very mod- ern torm ot literature to our lite in New Dorp. The mimeograph squad. taught by Mrs. Eileen Slcronslci, serves the students and taculty by running ott stencils in an expert and businesslilce tashion. With the aid ot these girls, we have mimeographed notes and assignment sheets, neatly done to inspire neat noteboolcs. Mary Wilson, Edna Olearo, Pat Doolan, Jacqueline English, Miclrie Vinci, Joan Lynch, Charlotte Whalen, Irene Picard. Still others, the Cook Book . . . The cynic who wrote "We may live without triends, we may live without boolcs, but civilized man cannot live without cooks," must have been inspired by a tea served by the girls ot the l-learthstone Club, guided by Miss Eileen Walsh. The literature ot the cuisine, better lcnown in New Dorp as a coolc boolc, is caretully studied betore the girls serve. Nancy Patti, Gail Tedesco, Patricia Brady, Dorothy Taverne Joan Taverner, Joan Davis, Joanne Rizzo. Serving and enjoying tea are: Rita Synder, Carol X Garber, Valerie Whelihan, Joan Howe, Claire Viola, Ruth Hofmann, Miss Walsh, Ann Privaclry. Some Girls Study the Red Cross Manual "The Lady with the Lamp" ap- pears, not in a romantic guise, but in the everyday costume ot a New Dorp co-ed, in the Girls' Medical Room, supervised by Miss Mary l-leywang. l-lere the girls who teel ill receive sympathetic attention and comtort until they recover and ref turn to class. MEDICAL RooM Aioes Upper lett: Aida Vito, Anna Bender, Charlotte Josephs, Dolores Davis, Dorothy Rays, Mrs. Goranson. As David Garrick, George Harshberger, with Angela Alberti, acts a scene from Goldsmith's eighteenth century comedy of manners. Disguising herself as a maid, she humbles herself to win the affections of the worthy youth who is too shy to speak to ladies of his own class-thus the lady stoops to conquer! Shakespeare to Shaw- At Button's Coftee House, in eighteenth century London, Dr. Samuel Johnson +Larry Johanseni assigns a role in She Stoops to Conquer to David Garrick iGeorge Harshbergerg, a privilege conferred upon him by virtue of his talent, while the author, Oliver Goldsmith fPierre Lefebvrej awaits the result. ln the first scene of the panorama af English literature from Shakespeare to Shaw, directed by Miss Josephine Ernst, Ben Janson lRussell Driscolll, William Shakespeare iCharIes Di Giacomog, and Richard Burbage Uay Strausseri toast Jonson's "Fair Celia" at the Mermaid. This, in spite of Master Shake- speare's fear that his tragical history ot Hamlet will be caviar to the general .... In spite of Burbage's admonition to the actors to speak their lines trippingly on the tongue, the guildsmen tear Pyramis and Thisbe to tatters. Pyramis fLouis Garzettay speaks to Thisbe iAlbert Sinclair, through a chink in the Wall lRichard Johnsoni. Quince fMerwin Vaboi directs, while Moonlight iRonald Waltersj stands by and Lion fLouis Ghibaudol roars gently as a dove. A Preuues and Reviews At the Blue Lion lnn, Charles Dickens iAronld Tarasi rushes to meet a deadline. The Cockney waiter iLouis Ghibaudoi tells him: "Mr. Dickens, sir, we all 'as our favorites. My wife likes Little Nell-now, I favors David Copperfield myself. And l su pose you 'as your favorites, too." an Lucie Manette lVeronica Hurstj lfsfens to Sydney Carton iFrank Schembrej promise that he will give his life for her, or for anyone dear to her. Dickens admired this man who combined great weakness and great strength, one who made m.stakes, but atoned for them in a last noble gesture in the shadow of the guillotine. In the early twentieth century, at the Adelphi, George Bernard Shaw William Sharpleyi discusses his new work with Mrs. Patrick Campbell 1Elaine Danielsont who starred in many of his plays. intrigued by the idea of Pygmalion, in which Pro- fessor Higgins transforms an illiterate and boisterous flower girl to a "refined" lady of society, she accepts! After months of practice, the modern Galatea is permitted to make her debut in society, where she is warned to confine her conversation ta health and weather. Here Eliza Doolittle arrives, to the pleasure of Freddy Hill James Smith and the dismay of the maid iPat Gallagher , Mrs. Hill Kathe Kleinaan, Mrs. Hig- gins iludith Powers. The Massachusetts Minuteman lWilIiam Bassoj did his par? io esfoblish ihe American Herifage we celebroie this year: "Stand your ground menp don't fire unil fired upon, bu? if ihey wan? war, lei it begin h Fair ls Our Land "There is a counfry ol hope, lhere is a counlry oi freedom. There is a couniry where diiierenr people. drawn from every narion in lhe world, gel along under The same big sky." Afier ihis iniroducfion Siephen Don, impersonaring Srephen Vincenr Benef, began his narrarion for lhe pageani of American Liierafure and Life, presenled under ihe direciion of Miss Jean Templeion. "Americans are always moving on. ll's an old Spanish cusiom gone asiray, A sorf of English fever, I believe, Or iusl a mere desire io ialce French leave. lcouldn'+ say. I couldn"r really say. Bur, when ihe whisile blows, lhey go away. A dozen runes, buf only one refrain, We don"r lcnow where we're going, Bur we're on our way!" The price of freedom runs high. Men fought and died on both sides-not quite sure why-fought for their homes and families- and some did not return. But some did return-to bind the nation's wounds and start again-when the dancing and the first ioy were over. "When the Boys Come Home, We'll all be as Merry As May, As May, We'll all be as Merry As May." So the spirit born on Plymouth Rock and planted in Virginia soil was found in railroad workers and dock laborers, new sons of America coming from England and Italy, France and Germany, Ireland and Poland, two hundred years later, with the same dream-They, too, have fought for that dream-in the trenches of World War I fSheldon Jackson, William Bossa, John Midgettj. Their sons once more are fighting for an ideal-America belongs to them, to all the people who have worked and fought to keep this refuge of freedom, this cradle of liberty-America the Beautiful! 1,3 The American Heritage exhibit, consisting of antique dishes, silver, dolls, and books celebrating American scenes and history, carries out the theme-the contributions of all to o united heritage. Xu The newly married Mary and Jabez Stone lEileen Geis and George Harshbergert have their happiness marred by the sinister appearance of Mr. Scratch, arriving from a visit to claim a neighbor's soul. The poor lost soul flies about the stage, like a moth, while the merrymakers pause to ask: "Jabez Stone-Where did you get your money, Jabez Stone?" But, Daniel Webster shows Jabez as he really was-"an ordinary man who'd had hard luck and wanted to change it," and offers to take his case. "Let it be any court you choose, so be it an American judge and an American jury!" said Daniel Webster in his pride. "Let it be the quick or the dead, l'll abide the issue." And the case of Jabez Stone vs. Mr. Scratch is tried before a group ot dead renegades, called from Hell for iury duty: Simon Girty, King Philip, Governor Dale, Morton of Merry Mount, Teach the Pirate, Walter Butler, and Justice Hathorne ot the Salem Witch trials, Daniel Webster wins his case, pleading the inviolate nature at the individual American and proving again, according to New England tradition, that not even the Devil himself can outtalk a New Hampshire Man! "The Devil and Daniel Webster" To torge an even closer link between Literature and Lite, the Play Production class brings to our assemblies dramatic presentations ot the culture and custorns ot early America. Cn lviay 23, I95l, under the guidance ot Miss Josephine Ernst, the group presented Stephen Vincent Benetls drama- tized version ot his own short story, Mlhe Devil and Daniel Webster." Daniel Webster CFranlx Schembret wrestles with the Devil, or Mr. Scratch as good New Englanders knew him in the nineteenth century QAndrew Costellot. The prize is the soul at Jabez Stone. CHRISTMAS American Christmas cus- toms are rooted in far away countries and in tar distant centuries. The custom of gathering ever- green branches and yule- logs, surviving today in the most modern society, began many centuries ago, as The Play Produc- tion Class, directed by Miss Josephine Ernst, il- lustrated on December 21 in The Holly and the Cypress. The Master of the Revels lllussell Driscolli is elect- ed to conduct the Christ- mas festivities in the medieval castle. The Lady of the Manor lEloine Danielsonp presents her child to the Master, while The Jester fLouis Ghibaudol looks on, To entertain the Lady oi the Castle and the Master of the Revels, the peasant boys of the neighborhood present the ancient Mummer's play of St. George ond the Dragon, Here the Dragon, after being killed and revived sev- eral times, finally lies dead at the feet of Sr, George 4Richard John- son while the other mum- mers look proudly on. As in Ivanhoe and other stories set in medieval times, we have our hero in disguise. The Lord of the Revels, in reality the Master of the Castle, de- poses his wicked and usurping brother George Harshberger' and unites the youthful lovers lAn- gela Alberti and James Smithi. "Ti--.--1 -limi Im - """' q-Ql.-l'- ...- Q. ? Dil -L J,. ll -.-...4-- ' l ll ll Qpe-"" 4Qw1Jffff M J' 1grf ' gf 'ing 1 J' f 42?f X- f XRRR Nkxx ffff X ?:-AX 4 X -1,,,,-f 'XX Q M FW U My x SX Q Q M Wm W Lf? 4 is YNY! X af' Kg'- 4 -ff X gf! ', 1' 1' Q 3, JF4' Mg '4' ?L X- 11- f Qg,X X 21 s 2 If 65+ f 'X A'EX:xS?' f,l .fff f 'f f?i ,wffM'fggg2aaHff.1 ,3Q4ffffF: , , f .5 4 'I ""'J hx' x L- fx A 1 W ' :g ' , Z -"' f 1"SFg4Q:J' X yi ' 'X QT gigs, f - il ,, Y xl 11 .--, ...ij -l ,., -' -111 ' ' 'i' - -V- -1 -- --v- i Y- -1-4 Y ,--obltgtt -..?, ...ftvgt-5,-U -.1 :- l - i' wwglk. ' Tbiliv 11 -13- 34 I ' - -lf Y i- , 5 l - ,.--e ----""' - I 7 , --l - -19.-1' 1 2'lm.-. 11 i-1 Q- .. ii-211 'Q' 4-A i' -- . A ' 1' -4 4 . 3-L' "4 i1-'i-M f- -"-Pl' 7 .- '- I'-" il'--i-KQQ, ' xi -7- ' ini ' 'Tv' ' 1i'i " .vii 1- ' -rl: - Q , - Q--1 - 4- "' ' 1311?-. -71111 :a 1' , v' - QL i,-ir Y 'Ti - A" 5 2- ' F . " -- - -R H ff- --- -'h-. T' ' -f--,, ,Li .1- is - Q1-' vrg ' u-Q- Aus A-- -- 4 L -'Q' 11- 'A' .fi 4 ,, f ,.- gr,..,---- ""' 7 Ak 4 .,,W g,.,-Wf ?V -- +, N., ,, my Q -W 4+--2f " ,T '- , W ' f.: f -sf ,4 , ff' , " f 751353 ,f V " - 'f'f1'X V , . W- ff ' f ' iff L ix 'ff ' TT: X ' - ' " ' " F-7,5 4, 7? if . f " N ' ' fi .,Q1:,i ' ' gf-ff ' ' ' f X .':'.'f:g'5, f,' .gig Q ,- , A p 1 ,gf M V, lf, , . I I .-4. ..Q,1 X '. X xx E' 1: 1 1 fy yfigcfgfff V 1 X I ' lla, - D- x X ' "V -.x Y . W f 17 f f'X 4' sf , .if 1 fbi p: .,'." ,' 'I Wg I X Y , A Ziff' ' Iliff' K fig.. V Xx- X xx' W 'fo We v ' N 'L ff: gif' X ' -' - 1.- ' 5 "' , ' Jx N - 'wif' X ' Sf' " f X.-4 f 1 I , . .l - 4" f -f A K X - X X . pw ,M wX www, iN -ff, R sw,'Nx f ,,f A , X,M,,Ui , -X ff NA K X' xt - x ix i - I H, ' hT4,- ff I . . ' N X R Xxx. Y M X . 2-4 , f 1 4' .Xxx W X y 3, 11 Q I s 'I 1 '-D ,H 'Vx Q xx X Xu XV -1' g 1 ' ' 5' 7 XXX! XXX S X A f Off X X x fe N 'A J' I 1 .. - W r V F X Q 4 H' A- xy N - A 4 1 .pf .f If ,pn f 'A L Q fi, X H. in ,.,,. ., - Xxx X' -4 ff ff W x NX , , JA W Nf f .,' 7: pf ' 62" A' YI ff' f- XX iffy, x 'f if 'Cz f' 1 ' 11 Jr ' " x.""":""1f-ff" ' :. v f :iff wg" ,I fiya. fr X XX l X ff f w 9, If f X 4 4 f If il ix. ,- Ax I , , x.. x . 'I j vid ,, ' 4 ' ,X I . . I ',! :I 'I xx' AV wilxr W, x I- i M5 I.. .., V , . I ki Sv I: :hx gt! -H fi Ming. .1 ff T ifgigfl ir 47 x x 5 f My Y' 'NV - .,, f' . ,ff , , -. X 1. .. I, x 'x V A -X 5,fffQ.,54 -: 3 'rw ' ax: X -X H X A V 5, 51 ' k'QT'f'f a A Ju N X .5 if , , f fx l, , w-, 4 517,745.1 I . 7: , I A - . in -A I - R X, if L -S 5 Y 41. 4, ' ' .J , 1 fi: ,I Jw Z, k ' X if M X wJ V -x vxgbx X I, K' 'R L Q X ,f ' -A ---"EH ' V A' 1 Y i 744 ' Q xx QE! -.""":g1. I 4 f U , "' .. ' -Jer-:-:?:':.-m - if ,-1'-Vf 2 .' xv .1 . 'fumzzr W'--'L qaggfif: '..' ' 4",'1f..,.. K- ' X .9--- - ,, " '7 - 17 , 53? figs' 6 E: V 6 V I V f' ":"9E"'?21 35 , ,nlxx 1 L .s X fx , :MH I X xml., Z 1 ' I , L, 1 f r 'I lf 1 ,ff A 'I 34 tv? fb, , L ,' if 11 J 4.1 +5 ln: 1 L V 1 "" ' ' ' '4 K M f ' " 1 X A 'ff' z f Q ,nl.1I!!!! ,4f I! N I Eb tc- I 1' 'I 1, 1' -- K ff S I I 9 'M . H If yi, Q Q- Jx.-11 - f - - '4' '-'-:rr---- ' 4' fT:Tl f',?""'!--v---1-Y' 4 ..- '!""L-1'w'- , TT Pan American Literature adds to New Dorp life Elvira Cavallaro a Senior goes back four years to a freshman 'Y' QW , Spanish class to explain customs and cosTu'nes of Lahn American l Hi' counfrles When you hear words like radio rancho grande or canyon do you liTeraTure and luTe7 New Dorp s Pan American Club wishes To promoTe Triendlier relaTions among The Americas Under The direcTion oT Miss Mai ian Cupo and Miss Marie SabaTer The club presenTs all Types oT enTer TainmenT in which The members parTicipaTe Spanish crossword puzzles Spanish songs and Trips To see Spanish celebriTies like Jose Greco are among The acTivuTies oT The club This Term A AW. Row l B Trafford E Cavalloro F Mafison, Miss M Cupo B Hrbacek M Reilly Row 2 B Campbell, I Mlkulec, J Ryan, B Rubllotra, A Schnabel, M Pelllconl Row 3 G Manguat, S Colon, P Jones, D Toverner, D Orders, M Scolfon Row 4 G Poppe, F Dafello, F Brennan, W Garcia l , .ll lr Z ' , ' , Qjgriw 'ffwzw ' . . . . ,,,,.. . g , . realize The inlluence ThaT our Spanish neighbors have had on American l. . . . ,lf- Y ml X, .. , f ,lx ' Row I J Sottnle R Druscoll J Powers D Davns M Ceclllone E Danlel on G Harshberger Row Joseph P McGuire M Casserly H Pruor J Davis E Anderson V Whehhan R Snyder Row 3 en venuto A Alberta P Brady D Cape R Leonhardt M Cavagnara N Rose J Colandrea Row 4 S Jack son M Sebastuano R Thlemer J Dougherty J Swenson P Petndes DFA 5 his " AFV Row 1 J Ryan A Waterbury E Healy, D Bard N Rosa,L Mehltrelter S Don Row 2 L Pallcdmo L Ghubaudo, A Jacabus R Hesterhagen R Long, H Swenson Row 3 D Knvlehan,L Brady F Whutman E A Hlggms A Schott G Lynch P Hnggms,L Dalimer Row A P Kerr B Huof F Vmbfock, B Tmuf 45 t . ' , , ' , . , . ', , " , , ' S , . . 2: c , . ' , . , . ' , . ', . , . ' , . . :A. B - L 5? --M A A , ..,,,,, W 1 , VI v , 1 M F9 A 0 U V - V . , I I t I Liz I V A v v y V 4 A, W ek I .Wm n,., fi X ' H.MQM..,.............. A A A . ,XV , , I- V' - L ' Q , , Mr A ' vw-f-.x ' . . X A Q u M l A if .R ll Circolo Italiano combines the culture of Dante with Modern American literature and life... The huge number ot Americans ot Italian extraction have made large scale contributions to American culture Through their ettorts. Italian opera, tor example, as a tamnluar element in American lite The members ot the Circolo Italiano In New Dorp staunch supporters ot literature and the arts attenclecl Pagllaccl and Cavalleria Rustlcana this spring in add: tion to their usual program ot debating ancl sm n in Italian with Mrs Dorna Maceolonio as guide th I I I I . -' . . . . . T . . . xy ' 1 'Y T x I Row l: Gail Tedesco, Mary Ann Magnani, Marie Aiello, Frances De Marco, Rosemarie Palemeni, Gertrude Neglia. Row 2: Thelma Corsiglia, Carol Esposito, Barbara Andriola, Helen Chiurella, Joanne Rizzo. Row 3: Antoinette Fresco, Cyn ia Lurker, Grace Barone, Janice Sorti e, Anne Ferrara. 46 Row 1 Marne Pascullu Rose Magnam Norma Corsi Jaan D1 Clemenfe Ann Marne Neglla Rose Culuceffo Carolyn DeUluo Vxncenza Mlcelu Row 2 Ruchard Guamberdme Paul Ferrofh Marne Rizzo Carolyn Rosa Alberta Du Brnzzl Tucker Murray Joan Yamarone Anthony Abbruzzese Jacqueline Ceramu Row 3 Jerry Sclorhnu Costanflno Lncasfru John PITCYYQSCI Enrico Cucco Anthony Infeglla Vlrglma Usfer Nancy Bescardn Teresa Semlnara Joseph Bngglca Row l Charlyn Fuhrmann Roseann Orlando Tneodore Gargalom Loss Barmen Rosemary Eoulougouros Adruenne Lauren? Edward Bomcl Nncholas Pucclarella Row 2 Vmcent Esposno Rosario Curnmo Joseph Perma Frank Dafello Joan Conn Carol Harson Joan Harson Row 3 Victor Fuorenfuno Jack Cuccua Ann Panfano Eleanor Softlle Carmelo Canardo Chrlshne Camardo Patrucla Gravlno Richard Tomo 47 : I I I I I I I ' : I I r I I I I 1 . I I , 1 I 1 , , , . 'U Ml H , frffffwfl M, JM4., ,f,,q1m l 1 7 1. v- X4. 1 ' 7. ' f v f , X T ' f ' AB' .mm,,,M,, ,,,,. , ,A,. ,. , , , WW, ,.... mm:g.,,.,,.,,,..,W, 4 , . , W .,, .. fav ' V A ' . ' . . Q ' .A , -.., ,. . 1 A -95. ,.. g , f, .., ,,, ' , .f . . . - , , , 1 f , , . : , , f , f , , : ' , , , . f , , - The Stagecrafters claim "The Play's the thing!" For every play presenled in The audilorium, 'rhe slagecrallers begin work lo design a sel appropriale in mood and period To lhe lheme. Un- der Mr. lrwin Miller's direclion, lhey painl medieval caslles or American landscapes wilh equal lalenl. sooioofr Louise Gerlren, Angela Alberfi, Marieha Corso, Marilou Rooohorr, Judith Poworo, Lorraine Lloyd, Cynthia Scaiano. Slcnding: Louis Pouoosrro, Valerie Pelligrini, Eugene Owen, John Midgeff, Roberl Ofien, Lou Sailliard, Bill Sharpley, Sheldon Jackson, Mr. Irwin Miller. Le Cercle Francais adds a touch of France to New Dorp life... "Good Americans, when lhey die. go lo Paris" runs lhe legend. expressing well lhe noslalgic afleclion ol many visilors lo France. Under The guidance ol Miss Anne Cupo and Mrs. Virginia Di Fazio, Le Cerle Francais worlcs lo lurlher Franco-American relalions, and lo sludy and appreciale lhe conlribulions ol lhe French lo American lileralure and life. Row l: Joan Embleton, Anna Bender, Bar- bara Monlcman, Robert Smith, Katharine Bohrer, Nancy Patti. Row 2: Janet Berg- horn, Robert Etgen, Peler Bessi, Paul O'Brien, Erika Maier, Lawrence O'Brien. Row 3: Eleanor Harfnetf, Germaine Bren- nan, Mcrion Gunfher, Sarah Dyer, Helen Klumpe, Doris Birulc. Art reflects all literature and all life - Row l: Patricia Lanahan, Carole Clements, Frances Speziale, Annette Walsh. Row 2: Frances Werner, Kathleen Gallagher, Janice Wilson, Barbara Steinhauer, Ken- neth Goehl. Row 3: Tom Colandrea, Rita Burns, Joan Pase, Laudice Pose, George Fox, Mrs. Kacsur. The humanities are represented in New Dorp in more than one torm. To illus- trate-there are two art clubs. The Fine Arts Club. under the supervision ot Mrs. Catherine Kacsur, meets to toster interest in painting and sculpture and to otter its members an opportunity tor selt expression by painting tor their own pleasure. The Art Service Club, on the other hand, guided by Mrs. Suzanne Gianvito, aims to supply the posters and other practicable items that nevertheless come within the province ot art and are needed by the departments and clubs ot the school. Anne Ferrara Lillian Koeth, Evelyn Bogaert Jean Martini Joan de Fabritue, Diantha Welles Clara Klumpe Adrienne Madonia Helen Klumpe, Nancy Owen Mrs. Suzanne Gianvito. One group examrnes geometruc ttgures constructed by New Dorp mathematucs students Standrng Angela Albert: Alrce Schnabel Cynthia Scalano Seated Forence Simon Judrth Powers Marietta Corso Ruth Koerner The Mathematrcs Club Studies Abstract Lrterature Men ot Mathematics meet on alternate Tuesdays wlth the assist ance ot Mrs Mary Salllnarcl to promote an Interest IH mathematics by means ot mathematucal recreataon trlps reports on mterestmg topncs and problems American lnterature and lute may be the rncher by the ettorts ot these New Dorp Emstelns Qgl few A grant slide rule provrdes another source of Interest for the club Edward Tellefsen Elaine Danielson Patrrcra Brady Vlctorra DrBrrzzr Josephrne Mer curo Dolores Davus Patrucla Roughan Paul demonstrates th tanslt for st ll another group of gurl club members Paul Charm Patrrcra Gallagher Carol Bogaert Pat McGurre Jaruce Herde Au drey Johnston Dolores Walsh Ruta Burns .6 ,, Y., . A . lf : I I . . I , . - - V 1 , , x- X' -, ' S x 1 1 1 5 Q. tt - It . . 1 - - I l l l 1 1 I V - If .I .. . 1 . ,, e r ' i f , I r 1 ' The biography of Clara Barton strll msprres On December 5 members of the Juruuor Red Cross Club collected sfoclungs for disabled and s ck solduers saulors and marmes IU local hosputals and for hos prvalnzed children They were laier dusfrubuted by Yhe Gray Ladies Carmelo Camardo Sarah Dyer Vun cenza Mlcell Mrs lrene Rubmger Advuser Lulluan Mehlfretfer Dolores Davrs Chnshne Carmardo Doro thea Mafassa O luealflu' luealflu' fhe blessung of flue ruch' flue ruclues of flue poor Durecfed by Mrs Irene Ruburuger fhe gurls uru flue Juruuor Red Cross Club malce every eflorf fo luve up fo flue udeals of flue lnferruafuorual Red Cross Paf of flue ruafuoruwude orgamzafuoru flue club endeavors fo creafe an uruferesf uru world fruerudshup by fulluruq Clurusfmas sfoclcurugs malcurug Clurusf rruas cards for servucemeru uru luospufals luelpurug uru fhe Red Cross druve and fullurug guff boxes for cluuldreru abroad i Rowl B Monlrmcn l Hospel J Suska P McGuire A Johnston A Cuccho C Meyer L Koelh D Kramer Row 2 B Houle C Whale JColandrea J Moumblow P Hourncan N Owen A Walsh E Bogart A Peusson P Boyle Row 3 B Truscelll B Clark C Barflelf L Brady A Bender G Gundaclcer K Gouda A Camugllo M Tactucos J Wrl on E Nelll Row 4 E Healy M Casserly M Courier D Brophy P McNally J Marian: C Mongenfhaler P Freeo I I l . . . 1 l . 1 I I Q A I I I - ,. . . . lu. ' I 7 u V - . . . . . . u l I 'Ln gs 5 r 3 5 .A I xl- , . C . ' 2' X . 2 V . ' b Q , . T' V vi f i ' V J ' 1 1 - v . f x' : . , . , , , . ' , . , . E, . , . , . . : . , . ' , , , , . ' , . , . , . , . 1 - - 5 - .1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - ' 1 . ', . ' , . 's , '. : . , . , . , . , . 1 . 1 - 1 - - The Newmanites feature the religious aspect of literature and life... The literature ot the nineteenth century was greatly enriched by the religious philosophy ot Cardinal Newman, tor whom the Newman Clubs are named. The New Dorp Newman Club is an organization tor its Catholic stu- dents. Its purpose is to give to its members a tuller realization and a deeper appreciation ot the rich cultural background ot their Faith. Each year our active Newmanites plan a Christmas Party lor the tall term and a cor- porate communion and brealctast tor the spring term. Julienne l.eBras and Rita Collins sang at the Christmas Party last tall. A highlight ot their activities this year was participation in the l-loly Year Pilgrimage to several Manhattan churches St Patriclc s Cathedral St Malachy s l-loly Cross St Agnes Father Joseph Rnordan Moderator ot the Club spolce at St Malachy s on the Church ot St Mary Malor in Rome Miss Eileen Cox is the taculty adviser b I h M R CDM M C G , . . , . . . , . ' I v - - I , . . , . . Row 1: P. McNally, J. Slow ridge, R. C ark, A. Sinclair, L. G ibaudo, L. Fisiilli, D. Lynch, J. Ryan. Row 2: L. Mazzellc, J. Weber, M. Cavagnaro, C. While, A. Walsh, I.. Leach, E. Cleary, A. Neglio. Row 3: A. Ben- venulo, M. Tocticos, L. Pose, A. Fresco, D. erlo, E. odrigres, G. Barone, . e arco. Row 4: M. Pelliconi, R. Leonhardt, . Mognani, E. Bogaert, D. Cicchese, R. ollins, . Brennan. 52 Row I C DlGlacomo J Gorman A .lohnsfon M Pellncom M Corso P McGuure P Bess: W Cody Row 2 J Heade J Powers C Scalano C Bogaerf B Rubulloiia B Trafford E Cavallaro Row 3 C Bartlen .I Serra J Pellegrum R Ruso V Moresco M Trlmarche C Hyland J Janlclcl J LeBras Row 4 C Vloa W llhan M Gor'nu'1 C Davno-1 L Ha F Swanton H a fr 130 -nv Row Dorothy Sfropoll Peggy Burke Joan Tuverner Joan Coughlm Euleen Healy Mary Casserly Joanne Rnzzo Row 2 Phyllis Perslchetfl Mary Lou Runfola Nora Rose Alberta Du Bruzzl Llllnan Mehlfretfer Christine Camardo Dolores Walsh Raw 3 Angela Alberta Gaul Tedesco .lo Mercurno Pairncla Brady Joan Keena Vnctorna Du Brlzzl Mary Ann Gabura lrene Haspel Row 4 Bermce De Quula Pairxcna Gravnno Caroline Du Anronao Roberfa Scoff Rosemarse Palemenl Gerfrude Neglna Frances De Marco Carmela Camardo 53 Football is a popular aspect of American life . . . New Dorp vs. Brooklyn Prep. ............ 14-13 New Dorp vs. John Adams ...... ..,..,. 2 4- 0 New Dorp vs. A.B. Davis .....,.. .,...,. 3 8-13 New Dorp vs. Pulaski Tech. .,........,... 31-12 New Dorp vs. Flushing .................... 39- O New Dorp vs. St. John's Prep. ........ 2-19 New Dorp vs. Stuyvesant ............,..,.. 26- 7 Coach Somma and George Beschner enjoy mutual congratula- tions on the 1951 Season. The Tield is empTy, The crowd is gone, cheerings sTopped,-only The TainT rusTle oT paper and leaves is heard. QuieT has reTurned To The TooTball sTadium. The CenTrals have Tinished anoTher glorious season wiTh buT one deTeaT on Their record-and ThaT aT The hands oT ST. John's Prep oT Broolclyn. A Thrilling gridiron season was provided by such men as "Chug Chugm Ryan, Carl Belligieri and George Beschner, who, Through TerriTic playing, paced The Team on To glory. IT is noT only The specTacular playing oT These Tew ThaT was responsible Tor The Team's glory, buT also The spiriTs oT The whole Team and Their splendid cooperaTion ThaT made The Tinal vicTory a realiTy. The boys, as well as The Tans, agree ThaT Mr. SalvaTor Somma deserves a greaT deal OT crediT Tor his abiliTy To convey his Thorough knowledge oT The game, bafh as a Tormer player and as a coach, To each member oT The Team. - 5 Row 1: Coccoli, Bellows, Taylor, Belligiere, Beschner, Steiniger, Carchietta Laskey, Coscia, Pitarresi. Row 2: Long, Connors, Ripp, Hoey, Clark, Bellows, Strausser, DeVito, Zona, Peteroy, Quintana. Row 3: Coach Somma, McGraw, Petosa, Greene, Rutmayer, Cannizzaro, Licata, Natalicchio, Vomero, Car- osa, Alverson, Assistant Coach Hurley. Row 4: Marone, Zaborowski, Nieder hauser, DiAntonio, DiClemente, Dedrick, Grimaldi, Ryan, Dunn. At the Flushing game, Frank Peteroy makes a gallant effort to catch a pass. Joe Ryan, carrying the ball against Stuyvesant, is brought down after a two yard gain. Belligiere throws a pass at the Flushing game. Belligiere goes oH tackle against Pulaski Tech. New Dorp has the ball at the A.B. Davis game, at Mt. Vernon. Basketball Follows Football in the literature of the Sports Columnists The record ot the l95I-I952 Baslcetball team may not be as impres- sive as some ot the great literary worlcs ot the past tew centuries: however, as the old saying goes, you can't judge a team by its scores alone. even it we have rolled up very impressive ones. This year's team provided great hope tor the tuture, with young potential "greats" being discovered. This year New Dorp I-ligh School won the Staten Island P.S.A.L. Championship title and also won the Staten Island I-Iigh School Championship tor the Island. George Beschner was high scoring man tor this season, with a total ot 32 points tor one game alone. Basketball Scores Home Team Scores Visiting Team Tottenville 32-60 New Dorp Curtis 46-54 New Dorp New Dorp 44-42 McKee New Dorp 51-29 Port Richmond New Dorp 60-42 Tottenville New Dorp 62-44 Curtis McKee 58-41 New Dorp Port Richmond 52-64 New Dorp --.if VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Row 7: George Beschner, Matty Trivelli, Mr. Ghigliotti, Ed Scozzare. Row 2: Louis Ghibaudo, Fred Hombuclcle, Alfred Licata, Charles Indek, Don Moresco, Rudy Ripp, Al Stork, Frank Marone. J. V. BASKETBALI. TEAM Row l: Nicholas Stropoli, Peter DeVito, Billy Beschner, Louis Cunningham, Hugh Haughwout, Charles Connizzaro, James lidell. Row 2: .lack Unkel, Ray Baum, Charles Lein, Angelo Coscia, George Hiby, James Gazzale, Mr. Ghigliotti. Mt. Loretta 'I Sayerville 8 St. Augustine 2 Woodbridge 9 Mt. Loretta 0 St. Mary's I Regis 6 Curtis 'I St. Mory's 'I McKee 5 St. Peters 8 Holy Trinity 2 'I2 Curtis St. Augustine 7 New Brunswick 5 St. Peters 3 Sayerville 3 Cunningham, Trivelli, Olson. The Spring adds Baseball to New Dorp Life . . . New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Dorp 6 Dorp l Dorp 8 Dorp 4 Dorp 'I9 Dorp 9 Dorp 7 Dorp 5 Dorp 9 Dorp 0 Dorp 5 Dorp 6 Dorp 2 Dorp 8 Dorp 3 Dorp 2 Dorp I Row 1: Ripp, Cunnizzaro, Dileo, Cali. Row 2: Sinclair, i Viebrock, LaPresti, Macdonald, Morone, Moresco. Row 3: Coach Ghigliotti, Ghibaudo, McNeal, Stork, Dunn, Then trom tive thousand throats and more there rose a lusty yell: lt rumbled through the Valley, it rattled in the Dellg lt pounded on the mountain and recoiled upon the tlat, For Casey, mighty Casey, was advancing to the bat . . . ln looking over the results ot the l95l Baseball season, we tind New Dorp less successtul than in l94l, when the Centrals dropped only one game, as compared to eight this season. ln the l94l season our Baseball heroes included such names Ghigliotti, Karl Drews, Charles Holder l.359 batting average: won seven straight-lost onel, John Miller, and "Apps" Ryan. as Flash l-lowever, the l95l season at New Dorp also brought to light some mighty time players such as Fred l-lornbuclcle and Tony Lo Presti, who both had averages above the .340 marlc, l-lornbuclcle with a .358 average and 3 wins against 3 losses. 'Vai ...,,,,,,-in 1 46" W li I ::: .g ,-...,,.,::,, 7 gig zzzg, -i I ,X - lieu ,wie A Mt. Loretta player slides into third, but Albert Sinclair is too speedy. 0 ff..- Joe Zona, at bat for New Dorp, draws back for o low ball. 1. s WST, v X, Like mmor poems, we have minor sports . . . Oral Literature plays its part. .. Kneeling: Joan Bordas, Edna Orr, Theresa Miller, Arlene Vere, lrene Picard. Slanding: Miss Walsh, June Groves, Shirley Candrilli, Elaine Newman, Barbara Kivlehan, Carol Kivlehan, Grace Marino. 'See, the conquering hero comes! Sound the trumpets, beat the drums! No-it is not the triumphal procession trom Aida. lt is, however, a local procession led by the lively and enthusiastic group ot girls who torm the Cheerleaders' Squad. They have not created a new literature, but they have popularized a new American language and phase ot lite with their Rah-rah's and NE-NE-NEWD'Sl - American literature, in the torm ot sports columns, and the American ideal ot lite in general, stresses a sound mind in a sound body. The Minor Sports Clubs plays a special part in New Dorp's campaign toward the end. Its chiet purpose, to develop skill in playing various organized games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Deck Tennis and Shutlleboard culminates in a tournament held on March l. The otticers ot the club are Barbara Romer, Barbara Cumming, and Ruth l-lotmann who, with Mrs. Clara Goranson, keep the Old Greek ideal alive in modern New Dorp. Row l: Irene Haspel, Patricia McNally, u""""M"'N"" Elaine Saracino, Dorothea Malassa, Frances Rivera. Row 2: Anne Privacky, Lorraine lloyd, Mary Ann Garbutt, Barbara Cum- ming, Margaret Sanders, Joan Prasteel. Row 3: Barbara Romer, Ruth Hoffmann, Mary Courier, Leanare -Van Caneghan, Mary Ann Gabura. Kicleball is a game for the Fall season in the New Dorp Girl's life In the fall, the New Dorp qirl's fancy apparently turns to thoughts ol lciclcball. The Kiclcball Club has always brought a great deal ol lun and pleasure to our athletic girls, concluding the season with a tall tournament. The game itself is almost always played out ol doors, under the super- vision of Mrs. Clara Goranson, who endeavors to inculcate ideas ol sportsmanship so that a varied and lull life will prevail. Row l: Cliarlyn Fuhrmann, Doris Kivlehan, Frances Whitman, Annette Walsh, Gail Tedesco, Alice Schna- bel, Clara Klumpe, Rita Burns. Row 2: Marie Kohr- mann, Marilyn lecardi, Marion Fiarillo, Patricia Stowbridge, Nancy Russo, Jacqueline Stowbridge, laura Mazzella. Row 3: Harriet Schoeffler, Loretta Hall, Carolle Davison, Anne Privracky, Evelyn Bogaert, Ruth Hofmann, Joan Martini, Sally Rosso. Row l: Frances Rivera, Mary Couter, Barbara Clark, Theresa Torrent, Joan Flinn, Mary Ann Gabura, Irene Haspel, Leonore Van Caneghon. Row 2: Julia Cag- giano, Gladys Mangual, Sylvia Colon, Lillian Mehl- tretter, Elaine Danielson, Edith Danielson, Elvira Cavallaro, Joan Cumming. Row 3: Eleanor Sottile, Frances Gonnella, Lois Brady, Vincenza Miceli, Do- lores Davis, Joan Maggi, Beatrice Rubilotta, Helen Klumpe. LIKE DRAKE, MR. CASSlDY'S BOYS RELAX AT BOWLING Firsf Raw: Dean Richmond, Richard Vomero, louis Garzerla, Paul Charm, Frank Davis, John Cucco. Second Row: Thomas Freeman, James Murphy, George Allen, Richard Quinn, Frank Arbondanza, Frank Payton, Michael Sansone. Exponents of the Square Dance, with appropriate accompaniment, hold forth in the Girls' Gym on Wednesday afternoons, with calls by Gil Dedrick and instructions from Miss Heywang. "Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you ioin the dance?" Rudy Ripp makes a lay up shot-Scozzare and Beschner in the foreground-at a St, Augustine gamer lndek, Stork, and Scozzare are in the foreground, while Trivelli jumps for the ball at a Tottenville game. At the sports rallies, members of the Cheer leaders Squad lead the student body in cheers to inspire their teams to victory. A "Mathematics for the Millions" is provided by New Dorp's Math Department. Mrs. Mary Sailliard, chair- man, Mrs. Lorraine Colangelo, Miss Eileen Cox, Miss Mary Bennett, Mr, Edward Zoll. The New Dorp Faculty, in all branches of learning, endeavours to inculcate the ideals of literature and to formulate a basic philosophy of life . . "Men of Science" gather round for an experiment: Mr. Alfonse Belfatto, Mr. Mario Cupo, Mrs. Irene Rubinger, Mr. Raymond Lynch, Mrs. Hertha Winsch, Mr. Thomas Greenslade, chairman, Mr. Albert Tucher, Mrs. Mary Hummel, Miss Rita Gilligan, Mr. Edward Ghigliotti. "Unseen Harvests" must be reaped in the English Department: Miss Josephine Ernst, Miss Rita Wickman, Miss Mary O'Dowd, Miss Elizabeth Smith, chairman, Mrs. Grace Clark, Miss Jean Templeton, Mrs. Mar- guerite Moscrop. Standing: Miss Jane Keith, Miss Vir- ginia O'Connor, Miss Josephine O'Neill, Mr. James Flynn, Miss Phyllis Di Giacomo. "The Language Arts" flourish, in great variety, in New Dorp's Latin and Modern Language Classes: Miss Marie Sabater, chairman, Miss Marian Cupo, Miss Melva Price, Mrs. Virginia Di Fazio. 3 l 5 Z - A I o ' L . , n sl "The Romance ol Business" inspires the Commercial Department: Mrs. Mollie Levine, chairman, seated, Mrs. Teresa Bartolomeo, Mrs. Eileen Skronski, Miss Lucienne Capineri, Mr. Philip Greenspan, Mrs. Mar- garet Brandlxamp, Miss Anne Markey. "The Story of Mankind" is the subject matter for the Social Studies Department: Miss Agnes Johnston, Miss Anna Loeffler, Miss Helen Blaine, Miss Anne Mc- Breeng standing: Mr. Arthur Merovick, chairman, Mr. Charles McNulty, Mr. Sol Feinberg, Mr. Irving Hyman. At the program for Open School Night, in November, Mrs. Frederick Bohrer, President of the Parent- Teachers' Association, shares the platform with Miss Mary C. McGinnis, Principal, and Raymond long, President of the General Organization. One of the financing methods used by the P.T.A. is the cake and apron sale, held in 119. This activity is partly responsible for the many generous gifts to the school, the most recent being the school photographic equipment. The Richmond County Curriculum Committee, guests of the New Dorp English Department, were welcomed by Miss Mary C. McGinnis, Principal. Shown are Miss McGinnis, Mrs. Anna Heine, Dr. Jeanne Smith, Mr. Horace lapman, Mrs. Margaret Beyer, Mr. Michael Romano. "Arts and Crafts" flourish in various forms: Mrs Suzanne Gianvito, art, Miss Mary Buckley, home eco nnmicsg Mr. Albert Tucher, music, Mr. Irwin Miller Mrs. Katherine Kacsur, art, Mrs. Dorothy Kuhn, music "Team Play" is stressed by the Health Education Departments: Mr. Frank Cassidy, Miss Rita Gilligan, Mr. Edward Ghigliotti, Mr. Salvatore Somma, Miss Mary Heywang, Mrs. Clara Goranson. 3. fx "Ivanhoe" provides inspiration for still another group of New Dorp students in Year I. The castle and the lists enliven the text for Miss Virginia O'Cannor's English 15, As part of their orientation in Civics, Mr. Lawrence Bloch's Civics I 7 class hears a report on the year- book, Marguerite Paulo stands by to answer questions. Mr, Irwin Miller discusses color and design with his Art I 5, in preparation for a unit of work. Q14 ,M ,vig x . '1 On several Friday nighis each Yerm ihe school dances, under The general sponsorship of the General Organization, are held in ?he Boys' Gym. Here present students and alumni meef for a sociable evening. Picfured above, as The decoraiions indicate, is fhe Holiday Hop held in December. BOY Joseph CoccoII PE IIIp Corso M oI1aeI CaIrarna John Pnarresr Andrew CosIeIIo George Beschner RIcI1ard Bazzuro Prank CIocco Ken PeIerson WaI+er ScI1mIdI PIwIIIIp Corso PI1IIIIp Corso BOY Raymond Long Raymond Long VV IIIarn Dunn Prank Pereroy EranIc Pef roy AIoerI RIQQ KenneIIw Jack Dan:eI Baunn B II Tru ceI Jo epIn Zona Jo eoI1 Zona Who's Who in New Dorp CLASS OE JANUARY I952 CLASS SCI-IOLAR IVOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CLASS WIT CLASS ARTIST CLASS ACTOR CLASS ATI-ILETE CLASS ELIRT MOST SI-IY BEST LOOKING BEST DANCER BEST NATURED MOST POPULAR CLASS OE JUNE I952 CLASS SCI-IOLAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CLASS WIT CLASS ARTIST CLASS ATI-I ETE CLASS ELIRT MOST SI-IY BEST LOOKING BEST DANCER BEST NATURED MOST POPULAR GIRL Gaul Mu QJIW Monica GoI a Rose CanJro Joan Rorner oII1y Cncdnese SaIIy Ro so Rose Canoro Can'nIIe CaseI a Barbara I-Iayes Marquerne Pauo EIorence Eadrocco Monica GoIIa GIRL Joanne R o DIane O des DoIore-5 Wa sh Joan Cunnrr no Ma qaref PeII co Loss Sp ker Norrna R sa Barbara K v enan CarIwe Ine Crocf o Am a I ea Joan Bord I ' I I I II I f . I Dor ' . EranIc Sdnernbre CLASS ACTOR Eileen GeIs e L f I ni as' S NI Y I r' I I 3 'I Ts 5 A I as iAV' W 5 li- ? V .l-.....-1 . Y -bgf ' -A .-- --'-- ...f 4 '14-f f 'ir' f'1 'Q Fx fr ?"'- "'-" -tm" 1 --E---."1 kn' ' tj? 1- 'R .Q ' -: -ng., ....- K,4 M A 1. ,Q if -A-' f Y ' I F3 - :.-4 h -- v......... -- F L-I 1 1- Ll -u Q 1 1 1' 7 L ,."" , ""5-v'uu7,,."' - .- 5 ..- -w E "1 ' f -f -S5 if fe -5 . pu pb- :1 X ' K '-gt I L1 i 3 a. 5 V ,LW U 'ff :Ji .J 'S li : x I , M- N'-. ' v A wr, 41....f"'lu...-'f X! , 'A 'nz '-'-. 'O ,.-.1 'X ,f F' - V 1 1- . " ' 4- ' -. . 3 -I ,,. LJ 5. :2 .... x .a ' ,P :- i 'll N ' s H Tl E I E.-'I ii 2 Ez! "I ,Q 1. 4, '-1 V7 ' 4 rt 'lu , gil :E f ff' ,-Q gf. E E Ip-. 5 .4- 1 fini? q- - -V ,I - -- .WA ' - iv- -tg--f---7 -'-'Q-,-,,f g -., -,-:- , L? ,, nw: "J" -11-,. -. I v-5 - -r, y -Qgr-Z: 'fi--.L ,Lrg -1-L.: 'T- ,zz -L--1 -- t -1!:'1-1-A -P f -Q-P -- f-rs'-.-L : + fr- - ."- - -f-'-lr 'Lp -- - ,FP-"' "' 5f'-Q-.-'-g-:r- -- 1-I-S"g -' ""'-"i'h' --f- ----T , 5.1-Y ' -3 f, "5-i 1 4 - N if-.U --f --- 1731-f V--I , L .J , 3,4 'Nw - aux. .,..,- Q-,F "'-'1 -""T,?-rp, '-' v ,-it L Y U- Y -Z , In..-f"iL""": --Q-.F S .-12 g.izVY7+.- -,,-, ii T-..-R xg, W, V-4' Yptiffrgvv t -?--3.',T'---.,-?--.1- C -if - L' - 1 V- Y--ug V-1114 H- lad 'Q' " I -Li r-1 -vt - -V -Y , I W-5 -ref ... ,7"'r-Fi-,4- 4, 1 .-1-. liry- . 1- -"- fur- l'.."L--1? by ,....:- 's fv'-3--nA -f::1- .---f-f- ,--T..-1 ...... ,.. f f Januar MISS JULIA KEEGAN January Grade Advnser VncePresrden1 Walter Mahr and Preslden! Phlllp Corso arrange details for ihe Senior Party Secretary Doroihy Hobbs checks Senior 'ISYS and Treasurer Elaine Lorenzanl types ac counis UI16 MISS ANNA LOEFFLER June Grade Advuser Secreiary Jane Ryan takes d ctatnon from Treasurer Beth Trafford on the GO account ff' '-4 vlCEPY9SIdEhY Duane Ordes and President Salvatore Scudern check on details for vheur Senior Day Assembly ADAMO JOSEPHINE Table Capt 3 Secy to Mlss McNeill l Soclal Dancing 'l ltallan 'l Wzth a qulck take off Jo will be up among the clouds as an avr line host ess and see the world too Bug Sky AMODEA ROBERT Honor Roll 'I Homeroom Treas 1 Table Capt 2 Gulde 3 Italnan 2 Dramatncs 2 Spanish 'I Science 'I After getting a steady 'ob Bob plans to try his hand at wrltlng short stones and novels Play Maklng ANDERSON DOROTHY JUNE Argonaut 'I Table Capt 1 Secyt Mlss Plgnata 2 After attendrng Notre Dame Dot has plans for ralsmg a battalion wrth the help ot her future Arm husband Andersons Fanry Tales BAZURO RICHARD Honor Roll 3 Stage Crew 7 G O Store Alde 7 Buzzy will soon be crying the praises of Columbus and Locke and Washington to hrs future social studles classes Fortttude BELLOWS LESLIE Permanent Honor Roll Argonaut l Proneerl Homeroom Pres 'I Block Letter Football 'I Ushers 2 Latm u 'I Secy Usher Squad Lunchroom Asst Captain 2 To become an nndu tnal engineer IS Skrppys ambition after attending Lehigh Story of an Engineer 76 BERTONCINI JOSEPHINE Honor Roll 6 Homeroom Secy 7 Vo ey Ball I Tenms 1 Secy to Mlss Keegan 'I Secy to Mrs Levme 3 Secy to Mr Merovlck 1 Soclal Dancmg 5 Newman Club 3 Jos warm Hello will greet any one entermg an airfield office where she will be working as a receptionist The Romance of Business BERTONCINI KATHRYN Honor Roll 5 Homeroom Treas 3 Homeroom Secy 3 Table Capt 4 Tennls l Volley B ll 1 ecy Mlss Capmen 2 Secy to Mr Mero vlck 2 Social Dancing 6 Newman Club 2 Kay plans to become a receptlonrst at an airline then marriage will enter mto her plans Today s Secretary BESCHNER GEORGE Honor Roll 'l Homeroom Pres Table Capt 3 Guide Squad Football 3 Basketball 2 Basketball 'I George plans to contmue playing football for the college of hrs choice Daddy long Legs BIGORNIA LOURDES Permanent Honor Roll Table Capt 'l Softball 2 Klckball 2 Basketball 2 Secy Miss Gllllgan l Miss Hey wang 2 Mass Sabater 2 Muss O Nelll 1 After graduatmg from a Collegiate School of Nursmg Tootsie may be taking your temperature The Vallant lady BONNANO JOSEPH Honor Roll I G O Store Alde 'I Lab Squad 2 If ammldent doesnt do It you can trade your teeth rn for a pair of removables at Joes lab Vnctory Over Pam , l , , . . I T ' I I , , . u , - , ' . . I . , I l , . . D . - I 1 i , - , -4 v ' L , . H ' .ff I ll ll ' , ll ' ll , , , - , , . , . . , - , , , , - , ' , ' , ' . ' , a , S ' to - - . . . , - , , - , , ,, - ,, - - I . . ,, , ,, , ' I , v 2, I ' I 0 Block letter 3, Lunchroom Capt. 2, ' . , ' 3, H I I , , J. v. ' 4 Y . . ,, , - ,, , ,, ,, , , , , . . , . . ' Y I . I . . , . . . . I I T . I . I . . . . , . ll ' ll ' ' A , ,, - ,, , , , , , ' 1 ' ' , , - , , I . . . . I 1 Cl b , ' 2, ' ' I . . I w 1 w 1 3 - ll I T ll ,, - ,, l l BOSSERT JOHN Table Capt 4 Gulde Squad I Newman Club 2 Bowlnng Club l Jack plans to gom the Unite States Coast Guard and work as an electronics technician Handbook for Coastguardsmen BURTNER HELEN Table Capt 2 Gunde Squad l Secy Mrs Brandkamp l Mlmeo Squad 2 Helen whose ready wrt and laugh ter have cheered us all plans tor a secretarial career and mayb -narrrage Bride ot Fortune CAl.l.AHAN ANN Honor Roll 5 Homeroom Vlce Pres l Homeroom Treas l Secy to Mr Merovlck 2 Secy to Mrs Regan I Secy to Mrs Glanvlto l Ann plans a career as a novelist after attendmg college She would also like a trip to Egypt between books The Great American Novel CANGRO ROSE Honor Roll 5 Argonaut l Home room Secy 2 Table Capt T Guide Squad 1 Secy to Mrs Berra 2 Secy to Mr Bsssell l Secy to Mrs Skronslu 2 Secy to Mlss Keegan Soclal Dancing 2 Dramatlcs I Glee Club 1 Some day New Dorp may have ultra modern classrooms because ot Roses mterror decoratmg plans Interior Decorating as a Career CARVES ROBERT Honor Roll l lunchroom Capt I Table Capt 3 Ushers 4 Chairman at Ushers I The Usher Squad wrll lose a good chairman when Bob graduates Lost Horizon CASELLA CAMILLE Honor Roll 3 Table Capt 1 Secy Mass ONelll l Study Attend 'l Upon graduation Camille plans ta become a prrvate secretary Lost Secrets CASSILLIANO ELIZABETH Honor Roll 6 Argonaut 2 Home room Vlce Pres l Treas 3 Secy 2 Table Capt I Valley Ball 1 Sott Ball 'I Secy Mlss Keegan 2 Mrs Wunsch 3 Newman Club 1 Socual Dancing 2 Betty plans to marry a baseball player and rouse a pennant wrn mng team ot her own No O'her Man CASTAGNINO LUCILLE Honor Roll 6 Argonaut 'l Table Captain 2 ltallan Club l Valley Ball Club 'I Glee Club 2 Kuckball Club 'l Social Dancxng Club l Vrvacrous Lou I5 ott to be another of New Dorp s successful secretaries with a Bermudlan cruise ln mind tor her honeymoon? Take a letter Please CATRAMA MICHAEL Homeroom Pres l Table Capt l Guide 2 Secy to Mr Femberg 1 Mike gust wants to settle down and teach hrs tlve children to play saxophone Cheaper By the Dozen CIBELLI JOAN Secy to Mrs Kacsur l Secy to Mass Smith 1 Glee Club 'I Llbrary l After Graduatron Joan wlll 'om the ranks of New Dorp s ever popu lar secretaries So You Want to Be a Secretary 77 1 1 ' ' ' 1 - 1 I l . , . ' , . . 1 ' ' ' . 11 11 11 11 1 1 ' I I I I I , . . . - , . , - 1 - 1 1 . - 1 1 . 1 - I ' I I ' 1 1 1 ' e ' . 1 . 11 f 11 ' ' . Il ll 1 1 I ' ' I I I , . . 1 - 1 - 1 1 . , . 1 - 1 1 1 , . . . . . . , . . , . 11 1 11 11 11 . , . I I 1 1 ' Y , , , , 1 ' 1 , . I ' I , . . 1 . . 11 - 1 I ' I . 1 - 1 - a . , . 1 l1 , . . I . I ll 'll , . . . Il ' ' ll 1 1 1 - 1 ' ' n l I . I I . . . 1 1 - 1 11 - .11 H H CICCHESE DOROTHY Honor Roll 5 Table Capt 2 Secy to Mass McNeill 1 Secy to Miss Johnston I Newman Club 7 Soclal Dancmg 3 Dramatlcs 'I Secretarial Studles Assembly I Chnstmas As sembly l Glee Club 4 Home Eco Assembly I Dotsy wall combine words and music when she becomes both a secretary and a singer At Home wlth NUSIC CIOCCO FRANK Honor Roll 5 Guide Squad 4 CCNY wnll welcome our Frank upon his graduation from New Dorp Brlght College Year COCCOLI JOSEPH Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key Arista 4 Jr Arusta 3 Pioneer 'I Homeroom Pres 'I Football Man ager I Secy to Mr Somma Latln Club Science Club To hear Dr Coccoll wanted ln Surgery IS Doves ambntfon The Future In Medlclne COLANGELO MARIE Home Room Treas 2 Secy l Table Capt 2 Secy to Mrs Rublnger 2 Social Dancmg 5 Volley Bull l Newman Club 4 Glee Club l Mane we know will have a hard ture keepvng her mind on her sec retarlal duties with n handsome young man as a boss The Llttle Prvncess CONNERS ROBERT Homeroom Pres 'I Homeroom Vice Pres 'I Block Lett r I Table Capt 4 G O Store Aide 'I Football 2 Chuck hopes to replace Don Larkin as disc jockey on The Home Town Frollc Western Troll 78 CORSO PHILIP Permanent Honor Poll Arista 2 r Ansta 2 Homeroom Pres 3 Treas I Class Pres Table Capt 4 Gulde Squad 'I Ushers 2 G O Store Alde 3 Sclence Clubl Boys State Our boy Phll wnll become a suc cesstul engineer alter attendmg Columbia Unwersnty Good luck wrth those bridges Power by Constructive Thlnlung COSTELLO ANDREW Argonaut l Homeroom Vice Pres l Homeroom Secy l Table Capt 4 Gulde Squad 8 Stage Crew Secy to Mr Ghlgluottt 2 Secy to Mass Johnston 1 Secy to Mr Muller 2 Dramatlcs Club 4 Alter graduatnon Andy plans to attend college where he will mayor In educahon Then someday h may 'om New Dorp s faculty If I Were Kung CRONIN WILLIAM Honor Roll 5 Homeroom V Pres 1 Homeroom Treas 'I Table Capt Mrs Wmsch I Secy to Mass Kee gan 'I Brll who returned to New Dorp after a hitch IH the Navy will get a fob as a mechamc Grease Monkey CURRAN JAMES Honor Roll l Gulde Squad 2 ln the future you will tlnd super somc Jlmmre zoommg around the sk es ln a Jet plane a tlrstclass atr cadet Bug Fllght DAIELLO JOSEPHINE Honor Roll 5 Argonaut 1 Table t I Vo ey Ball 'I Secy Mnss McNerll 7 Sec y to Mnss Keegan l Soclal Dancmg 2 Upon graduatlon little .Io plans to become a prrvate secretary tor a large concern A House of Her Own , 1 1 - J . . , . . , 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 -1 - 1 I 1 I f I ' ' . . - 1 1 ' I I ' 1 1 - I I ' 1 11 . . . 11 11 . . 11 . . 1 I I ' . 1 , . 1 1 - . . . . ' , 1 1 l, . . 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 Il ' ll F . . I ' ' I I e 11 - 11 1 1 1 ' - - , . . I ' I I , . , . . , . 1 . 1, Sec'y to Mr. Feinberg 3, Sec'y to ' ' ' . , . I ' . . I - 11 . . . 11 - 1 .. , 11 . . . ,, , 11 11 , 1 I F , - 1 1 ' D 1 . . 1 1 1 , - , . I I - . , , , 11 - - 11 11 - - 11 I 1 I I U I I I ' ' e I ' 3 Cap . , Il , ' to , . . I A T T I I . , I I ' ' II ll 11 - 11 ,, 11 DANIELSON EDITH nor Roll I Guide Squad Soclal Dancing 5 Secy I Treas I Bas etball I Softball I Mmor S orts I Secy to Mrs Berra 2 Mlss Ernst I Glee Club I Medical Room Ald I Mlmeograph Squad I Yumpm Yrmnneel Edres oft to Finland tor a vlsrt alter graduatron Bring back some smorgasbord hmm97 The Beckonlng Road DATELLO THERESA Honor Roll 6 Table Capt I Secy to Mrs Macedomo 3 Secy to Mrs Levme I Newman Club 4 ltallan Cu 3 Social Dancing I an American Club I Glee Club 3 Terry New Dorps own Spanish whiz plans to attend Katherme Gnbbs and then head for some lucky lawyer s office Brave Women DESARIO ANDREW Honor Roll 3 Jumor Arista 4 Pro neer I Homeroom Pres I Home room Vnce Pres 2 Homeroom Treas I Lunchroom Capt I Table Capt 2 Guide Squad I While serving Uncle Sam rn the Navy Andy wrll learn to be an electronic technrclan 20000 Leagues Under The Sea EADICICCO FLORENCE Honor Roll 5 Argonaut Advertus mg Manager Homeroom Pres I Homeroom Vnce Pres I Homeroom Secy I Homeroom Treas 3 Table Capt 2 Secy to Mr Hyman 2 Saclal Dancmg Newman Club ltaluan Club Opportunity Ahead FALK ERNESTINE Permanent Honor Roll Homeroom Vue Pres I Homeroom Secy 3 Softball 2 Secy to Mr Greenslade 2 Secy to Mass Ernst 'I Pan Amer: can Club 2 Art Club 3 Socnal Danc Ing 3 Scaence Club I Dramatncs Club I Hearthstone Club I The court rooms will be crowded w en lrtte Tina becomes court stenographer after attendmg Hunter Six Feet Six. FINLAY MARY Honor Roll 6 Table Capt I Assist Manager ot Basketball Club I Secy to Mr Greenspan I Newman u Socla Danclng e Cross Club I Pan Amerucan Club I Basketball Club I After talung letters from the boss Mary plans to marry htm Journeys End FINN ANN Table Capt 4 Newman Club I Saclal Danclng I ecy to M MllIerI Mrs Brandkamp 2 Mr Hanklnson I OH they go mto the wrld blue yonder will be Anns song Sky Hugh FIORILLO MARION Permanent Honor Roll Arusta 2 Argonaut I Ploneer 2 Homeroom Secy I Block Letter I Table Capt 2 Secy to Mlss Keegan I Secy to Mrs Kuhn 2 Basketball Club I Valley Ball Club I Orchestra 6 Much tlne music will be missed when Marlon leaves for Hunter to study to be a Social Studies teacher The Art of Tea hung GALANTE VITA Honor Roll 5 Lubrary Squad 7 Glee Clu I After studying at secretarial school o r q ret Vta wll look for pleasant boss Careers Ahead GALLETTA ANTHONY Homeroom Pres 5 Homeroom V Pres I Table Capt 3 Gunde Squad 2 Glee Club Sclence Club Italnan Club Art Club Tonys Interest n science will be followed uo when he enters the field of technology Scuence Ahead 79 GARGANO SANTO Homeroom Vice Pres Ta e Capt 2 Gulde Squad 2 Itallan Clu I The Dodgers will surely wm every pennant as well as the World Senes wnth Santo on their team The Brooklyn Dodgers GOLDBERG FAYE Permanent Honor Roll Argonaut I Homeroom Secy I Table Capt 2 Secy to Mass Cupo Secy to Mlss lo fller Sec y to Mn s O Dowd Span :sh Club 3 Red Cross Club 4 Art Club 2 Dramatlcs 3 Orchestra 7 After attending Syracuse Umversrty Rusty plans a career of tea hung And Gladly Teach GOLIA MONICA Permanent Honor Poll Arista 3 J Arista 2 Argonaut I G O Vlce Pres I G O Treas I Homeroom Pres 2 Secy to Miss Keegan 2 Secy to Mr Merovlck I Social Dancing 4 Newman Club 4 Wrth pad In hand Tootsie IS olf for Art School to turn out some of those snazzy plctures as a commercial Illustrator Modern Art GRYCAN GEORGE George has decided to help guard our coast by volunteering his serv :ces rn the U S Coast Guard The Long Tide GUGLIELMO JEANETTE Table Capt I Sec y Mlss Keegan 7 Secy Mr Merovlck I Secy r Greenslade I Italian I Spanish Secy I Squad Leader I For the present .lean will occupy herself with secretarial duties After her coming marriage who knows? Food for Two 80 HANLEY ROBERT Block Letter I Table Capt 2 Or chestra 4 All Cnty Band 2 We re sure Bobs saxophone will be heard In the Navy Band playing Anchors Away Young Man Wnth A Horn HAYES BARBARA Honor Roll 2 Pnoneer I Homeroom Vice Pres I Homeroom Treas I Library Squad 2 Spanish Club Pres I SoclalDanc1ng 2 Mmor Sports 2 Glee Club Hearthstone Cu 3 Art Club I Red Cross Club 2 New Dorp Hmh s loss vs New Paltz Colleges gum as Bobble studaes to become a teacher Leader By Destmy HEINS JACQUELINE Honor Roll 6 Argonaut I Table Secy to Mnss Sabater I Mrs Mos crop I Glee Club 5 Jackie yearns to be a secre ary to a cute young boss Good Luck' The Wonder Workers HESS DONALD Homeroom Pres I Homeroom Treas I Lunchroom Capt I Table t I Glde Squad 2 J Football 'I Orchestra 5 Glee Club 2 Donald who has added to ND s musical engoyment wall become electrrcal engineer rn the future Man for the Ages HILTON JANET Secy to Mlss Sples I Secy to Mlss Pngnata 5 Social Dancing I Blondle rs sure to make a pleas ant and efficient secretary after workmg so dahgently m Miss Pfg nata s otllce Oa h of Devotion , T , - . I, bl 1 , . , - . 1 I 1 1 - b I I ' ff H , . - - - H - H , . . If H I I I I I I I ' 1 - 1 I ' ' ' ' 1 f I 1 - ' I I e I I -5 , I - . I ' ' , ' I I I I I I I 1 - I b ' ' I . . , . ll II I I I I H - H , . , ' , r. . . , I I ' ' ' , , ' , . ' Capt. I, Softball I, Kickball I, - , I , . I . s I ' - . , . , . . I. . .' 'I ' 'I I f ll ll H H - - - H H , - , - , . , I Cap. , u' ' , . V. I I I H - If ' ' , ' an H 1, I I 1 - , . . , . - , , , 1 - 1 . . . . , M . , . ' ' 11 - u ' - , f I . , . . . . , ' ' n ' - u , . . H 1, HOBBS DOROTHY nor Roll 7 Jr A sta nr Leader of Jr Arlsta I Argonaut I noneer I Hom room res Homeroom Vnce Pres 2 Homeroom Secy 2 Senlor Class Secy Secy to M s Kuhn 1 to Mass Herklotz 1 Secy to Mr Muller I Splash' Dottie after graduatron from St Lulzes school at nursmg will hold the heads and hearts ot many a saflor as a naval tlrght nurse Whlte Caps HONG MAY Ta e Capt I Guude Squad I G O Store Aide 6 Mlnor Sports I Social Dancung 4 Tenms I Basket ball I Secy to Miss Heywang I Mrs Berra I Latln Club 4 Sports minded May alter travelmg a whrle wvll tram tor a nursing or a secretarral career Thelr Flnest Hou IACAMPO DOMINICK Honor Roll I Table Capt I Italian Club 3 Newman Club I Look behlncl all billboards For Chlco when he becomes a motor cycle coo Blazed Trall INGLIMA PETER Glee Club 5 Art Club 2 Itallan Clu I Peters plans alter graduation wvll depend largely upon hrs work at engineering school What Englneers Do LE BRAS JULIENNE Permanent Honor R ll Arista 2 Argonaut I Pioneer 3 Feature Editor I Secy to Mlss Cox I s Ernst I Dramatlcs Club I Soclal Dancmg Club 2 Newman Club 6 Glee Club 4 Specual Chorus 3 French Club 2 Julles charming volce wrll be New Dorps loss and Wagners gam when she studies there t b school teacher Great Teachers LICASTRI JOAN Homeroom Pres 1 Table Capt 2 Secy to Mrs Levine 2 Newman Club 4 ltollan Club 2 Camera Club 1 Medical Aude 2 Secretanal A sembly 1 Our cute .loannre IS off to be an other one of New Dorps secretar les and then her future wall Include o A House Ot Her Own LINGO EDGAR Argonaut I Table Capt 4 Gulde Squad 3 Glee Club 6 Art Club I Eddre wrll some day be pllotrng boats lor all the mrllvonalres Stars to Steer By LLOYD LORRAINE onor R ll 3 Jumor Arnsta Argonaut I Pioneer 2 Stagecralt 2 Socuul Dancing 6 Slfatmg Cheer leader 2 Softball 2 Secretary to Iss Keegan 2 L tm Club Assembly 3 Laurle goes for he blues erther on the piano or on a sailor Try and Stop Me LORENZANI ELAINE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key I Homeroom Ofhcer 2 Class Treas Secy to Mlss McNeill 4 Mlss .Iohn ston 2 Italian Club 3 Elarnes creations wlll stnrtle Parls when she achieves her ambrtron to be a desraner Foshnon Career MAGNOTTI ROSE Honor Roll 5 Arqoncut I Home room Treas 2 Secy I Volley Ball ltalan Cu I ee Cu I Social Dancung I Library 3 Upon graduation from Katherine Gibbs Roses snare time wlll be spent competing with Sonia Henle at Madison Square Garden Oh Doctor My Feet' 81 MAHR WALTER Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Vlce Pres l Class Vrce Pres l Lunchroom Capt 1 Guude Squad l Usher Squad 3 Alter graduahng from Darfmoufh Wally wllh ihe lrlendly smrle and hello has plans fo becomrng a crvrl engmeer Whal Engineers Do MARINO CONNIE Honor Roll 6 Argonaut I Home room Sec y 3 Lunchroom Capfam 2 Secy lo Mass Keegan 4 Mr Mero vnck l Ilalnan Club 3 Socual Danc Ing 2 Italian Assembly 1 Upon graduahon Connie would like lo become a recepllomsl and work as a haf model on fhe slde One of Ours MASSEY HELENE Permanent Honor Roll Argonaul I Homeroom Pres 1 Volleyball 'l French Club 4 Lohn Club 4 Dra mahcs 4 Socnal Dancmg 2 Secy fo Mrs Brandkomp 'l French Assembly l Lahn Assembly 'l Afler Helene graduales from college as a lull fledged lH1gUlSl we will probably see her ln fhe halls f New Dorp as a language feacher Sa You re Going fo lfaly MAURO DOMINIC Table Caplaln 2 Orcheslra 8 All Cnty Orchestra 3 Dom who conlrrbuled greafly lo New Dorps orcheslra IS on he road lo fame as a musician perhaps we ll see hrm al lhe Caprlol one day' Music To My Ears MEEH JANICE Permanenl Honor Roll Argonaul l Homeroom Secy 'I Secy to Mrs Skronskl 3 Mrs Berra l Mlss Mc Nelll l Mass Coplnerl l Mumeo Squad l Llbrary Squad T Afler a few years of 'ournallsm school Jan wrll be one of our lop nolch columnlsls Country Edlfor 82 MIDLAND NANCY Honor Roll 2 Secy Io Mass Hey wang 'l Nancys mam ambrhon aller gradu ahon I5 lo be a prlvale secrelary lnslde The F Bl MORMINO ROSEMARIE Honor Roll 2 Table Cop! 4 Secy fo Mrs Kacsur l Sec y to Mr Mero v l Secy lo Muss McNeill 4 llallan Club 4 Social Dancmg A Glee Club 3 We wfll soon be seemg Rosemanes prclure on many a magazine cover as a model secrelary So You Want lo be o Model? MULCAHY GAIL Honor Roll 6 Arlsla 2 Homeroom Pres 2 Secy lo Mr Femberg I Secy fo Mr Merovnck 'l Lahn Club 3 Dramahcs 2 Art Club 1 We re sure Gall will make a fine addrhon lo flle College of William and Mary Rainbow Campus MUMFORD JANE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key Ansla 'l .Ir Ansfa 2 Pioneer l Homeroom Vlce Pres l Homeroom Tr as l Secy Mrs DlFazlo 5 French 2 Glee Club 3 We know all fhe passengers wlll be up In fhe clouds wlflm .lame as fl-nerr hosless Sky Service PARATHIRAS MARY Honor Roll 6 Guide Squad 2 Knck ball 2 Valley Ball l library Squad Mary plans fo be a pnvale secrefary flrsl and fhen a housewife I Marrned Adventure PAULO MARGUERITE Argonaut I Homeroom Secy I Table Captam 2 Gulde Squad I GO Store Alde I Secy to Mnss Avlns I Newman Club 3 Ital an Club 2 Glee Club 2 Soclal Dancmg I Sl Cancer Drwe I Marga whos known for her pleas ant smtle wrll be a fine addstnon to any office Jungle Journey PETERSON KENNETH Honor Roll I Table Captam 2 Art Club I Pete plans to rent tounst cabnns m the Adlrondacks with ex New Dorp er Bill Rescke Wmd Sand and Stars PIGOTI' RICHARD Homeroom Pres I Table Captam 3 Spamsh Club I Glee Club 3 Book Collector I Duck plans a pleasant tour around the world Bon Voyage' PITARRESI JOHN Permanent Honor Roll Ansta 3 Junlor Arusto 2 Homeroom Pres 2 Homeroom Vlce Pres 2 Lunchroam Capt 2 Ushers 2 GO Store Aide I Football Mgr I Lattn Club 4 Duscusslon Club I GO Collector 2 After attending Notre Dame Um verslty John would luke to enter the field of medtclne or dentistry Doctors At Work REILLY JOAN Permanent Honor Roll Table Cap tam I Ktckball I Soclal Dancmg 3 Softball I Secy to Mrs Skronsku 3 Mlmeograph Squad 2 library Squad I Chucky who has a smale for every one wrll tram lor an executrve sec retanal career Successful Business People RICHARDSON MARTIN Honor Roll 3 Table Captain Marty IS undecided about the ture The Man of Independence RICHARDSON PATRICIA Homeroom Vlce Fres 2 Homeroom Secy I Secy to Mess Plgnata 4 Secy to Mr Hankmson 2 Secy to M Greenspan I Dramatlcs 2 Cheerleaders 5 Pat after a whsle as a receptromst wall settle down cook raise cluldren and horses when the right boy comes along Under the Western Stars ROMER JOAN Permanent Honor Roll Argonaut 2 P1oneer3 Homeroom Treas I Table Capt 2 Mlnor Sports 2 Roller Skating I Klckball I Soclal Danc I Secy to Mrs Rubln er Secy to Mrs Levine I Art Club I Red Cross 2 ln o few years when you glance through the latest fashion maga zine your eyes wll lull upon one ol .loans chic illustrations Aloha ROSSO ROSE Honor Roll 5 Homeroom Vnce Pres I Homeroom Secy I Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad 3 Softball 2 Klck ball 2 Manor Sports I Basketball I Tenms I Secy to Mus Herklotz I Newman Club 4 Sally wrll follow her trend toward sports by becoming a Health Ed teacher Lost Professor ROUGHAN PATRICIA Permanent Honor Roll Junlor Arusta 3 Paoneer 4 Homeroom Pres I Homeroom Treas 2 Roller Skatmg 2 Soclal Dancing 3 Secretary to Mlss Keegan 2 l.atln Club 4 Latm Club President 2 Camera Club 2 Our actwe Patty has plans for be commg a physacal theraplst alter graduatmg from Rus ell Sage Marching On 83 , 1 1 ' I. I I ' . . fu. , 1 . , . 1 i . . , 1 , , 11 11 1 1 I 1 1 , .. . 1 I . 1 11 11 , 1 I I ' ' 1 1 ' ' . I ' . . . 1 - 1 . 1 . . r. , , Il ' Il ' I ' , . 1 1 1 1 11 11 , 1 . , , 1 1 1 1 1 ' I . 1 1 1 I I . ll 1 ' I . .' Ing 1 1 9 1 ll ' ll I P Stepplng Westward. - 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 11 . - 11 11 1 1 1 I ' I I . , 1 - . I. , . , ' 1 1 1 ' , . , . 1 1 1 . . - 1 - - 1 1 , . ll II I 11 11 1 I . . I . I . . , h . 1 1 1 1 1 . . - - 1 1 - 1 1 1 . - 1 . . , , ' . n s 1 . . . , , , I ' 4 11 - 11 I - s . 11 - 11 RUTMAYER JOSEPH Honor Roll 7 Jumor Ansta Treas urer 3 Football 1 Orchestra 8 After four years rn our school or chestra Joes ambmon wrll be olrzed as he owns hrs own 'azz band Muslc To My Ears SAPIA JEAN Argonaut 'I Table Captaln l Gulde Squad I GO Store Arde 1 Secy to Mr Cupo l Glee Club 4 Socual Dancmg 2 Medical Room Alde 'I To travel South and meet her dream man preferably a mlllronarre lean s ambrtlon Portrait of .Iennle SCHMIDT WALTER Lunchroom Captam 2 Table Cap tam I Guide Squad 2 Ushers Secy to Mr Feinberg l Art Club 1 Undecided now but we re sure Walt w1Il be a success In any tleld h chooses SCHWABACHER CHARLES Table Capt 2 Staqe Crew l Secy to Mrs Clark 7 Secy to Mr Cas sldy 'I Secy to Mr GHIQIIOTII 'I Scuence Club 3 Dlscusslon Club 2 Charlle wishes to own his own dairy farm some day and supply us wrth Grade A cream The Egg and I SCIASCIA CONNIE Honor Roll 5 Homercom Treas I Table Capt 7 Sec y to Mlss Keegan 8 Secy to Miss Heywang I Italuan Club 5 Italian Assembly Program 1 Conme has the perfect figure to model all the creatrons shell make as a fashion des: ner How the World ls Clothed 84 SCOZZARE EDWARD Honor Roll 4 Pioneer l Block Let ter 3 Guide Squad 4 G0 Store Aide 1 Basketball 3 Wagner Wms Scozzare Hrgh Scorer will be the headlmes when Ed plays basketball next year Team Play SHANNON ROBERTA Honor Roll 6 Argonaut l Perfect Attendance 6 Table Capt 2 Tenms Club 2 Mmor Sports l Basketball Club 2 Soclal Dancmg 'I Secy to Mr Greenberg 2 Latln Club 1 Glee Club 3 Lab Squad 4 Bobble plans to enter college and maybe advance rn Macys on the srcle Heres luck anyway College and the Future SPALLUTO ISABEL Honor Roll 6 Argonaut l Home room Secy I Volley Ball 1 Softball l Secy to Mlss McNeill 7 Secy to Mr Tucher I Secy to Mlss Kee gan 2 Heads uo Here comes Izzy the air lme hostess wrth plans to marry a handsome prlot Glldlng and Soaring STERN SHIRLEY Honor Roll 2 Argonaut l Pioneer Homeroom Secy 1 Gulde Squad Tennls 'I Secy to Mlss Spnes Secy to Miss Keegan l Secy Mlss Buckley 'I Hearthstone Club Pon American Club 4 Glee Club Oswego State Teachers College wrll have cm apt student In Shirley To guide the steps of Future Amen cans IS her ambltron Great Teachers TODD DOROTHY Table Capt 3 Klckball 2 Basketball 1 Secy to Mrs Popper 2 Secy to Mnss Price 'I Secy to Mrs Mace donno l Social Dancmg 3 Dramot lcs 6 Spanish Club I Medical Room Alde 'I After attending nursing school Dol wrll cheer her patrents with her sweet smrle Florence Nightingale 1 I 1 I - I I I - 1 1 1 1 1 - - . I I , . . . ,, . . , re- - . . . ,, . . 11 - 11 11 11 ' 1 I I I I . , I , . . , I I I . I I I I . . . I I I I . I I 1 1 1 1 1 I5 , . . 1 - - . 11 - - I11 . , - 1 . , . 11 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . . , 1 1 21 1 1 1 - 1 - . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 , . 1 . , - . . II I . I .... , ,, . ,, . . . Llttle World, Hello. , 11 - - - 11 ' 1 I . ' ' - ' 1 1 'I1 1 . 1 - . , . I 2, . , . . . . , . . ' ' ' 1 2, . . I . I I I I - , to 1 71 , 4. 11 11 . . - 11 . ,, . .. 11 11 ' 1 I ' I . - 1 - 1 , . , 1 1 I I ' I , . . I 1 1 I ' I . 1 - I I . 1 1 . , I . .II I I I ' 1 ll II . - . 11 - - 11 3 , , TRAPANI MARIE Permanent Honor Roll Jr Arlsta Ploneer I Homeroom Secy 2 Table Capt 2 Secy to Mass Keegan 8 Spanlsh 2 Jr Red Cross 'I ltallan Buenos Dias profesora will be famrlrar sound to Mane s ears after earning her BA IH Spanish And Madly Teacn URCIUOLI VINCENT Homeroom Vlce Pres I Block Letter I Table Captam 2 Orchestra 8 Some major league team wlll have Smrttys name ln the llneup future years Lucky To Be A Yankee VILLANI JOYCE Honor Roll 6 Sec y to Mr Gerson 4 Secy to Mr Laub 'I Secy to Miss McNeill 1 Library Squad 2 Italian Italian Club Assembly 'I Secretarial Studies Assembly 'I Joyce plans to 'om the ever growing ranks of New Dorp s secretaries All Amerlcan Glrl WETMORE FRANK Honor Roll 1 Spanlsh Club 1 Glee Club 5 Shentf s ambltron IS to go mto musrc Muslc to My Ear WHALEN CHARLOTTE Table Captam 'I Gulde Squad 3 Spanish Club 2 Mumeograph Squad 2 Medncal Aide 1 Charlotte plans to go to Katharine Gibbs to further her career as a prrvate secretary Careers m the Making WINKWORTH BARBARA Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad 'I Secy to Mlss Templeton 'I Secy to Mrs Clark 2 Mumeograph Squad 2 Honor Rall I After graduation Wmky plans to be a private secretary and then on to her real career as a young house- WI 5 Take a Letter Please ZINN PHILIP Table Captam 4 Secretary to rs Clark 1 Phll will be a handy man to have around the home Tlnkerlng ABRAM5 CARL Honor Roll 2 Homeroom VP 2 Table Capt l Spanish Club 3 Or chestra 8 Social Doncmg 'I chestra Carl wfll be a successful musrclan on his own Blowing Clear BARD GEORGE Lab I Library Squad I New Dorp s gift to N Y C will be a super de luxe station owned and op erated by Flight Commander Bard Your Career ln Avlatuon BARTSCH LORRAINE Honor Roll 5 Pioneer 2 Homeroom Secy I Secy to Mass Loeftler 1 Junlor Red Cross Club 5 Masqun mque Secy 'I French Club 3 Glee Club 3 Secy to Mr Merovlck Lorrames going to fly the wild blue yonder as an arrlme hostess Blg Flight 85 1 1 I ' . I I ' I 1 . , , . 1 1 1 1 , . , . 0 I I ' I ' 1 - 1 ' I- 1 . II ' I II ' a ' II If . . . , . l ll Y ll 'f 11 1. , . ' 1 - I ' , M . 1 1 - , 11 - 1 11 - - in , 11 - - 11 11 11 , 1 1 1 - 1 1 - - 1 , , . . ' I ' I I T . I . I . , . I Club 4, Roller Skating Club I, Alter four years in New Dorp's or- 1 1 1 - , - 11 - 11 , . 11 - - 11 1 1 I . I ' I D ' II ' r I. ' ,. . 11 - - - 11 I s o I I I I . . ' ' 1 1 1 - . . ' ' ' , , u . I .- , - 1 , W 1 V 1 , , ' . ' 1. I l . , . . 11 - - 11 1 ' . ' , . 1 11 - - 11 BAUM CAROLYN Table Capt 3 Klclcball I Basket ball I Secy to Mrs Kacsur I New man Club l Glee Club I Medical Room Alde I The experrence Carol has gained here at New Dorp will prove a great asset m her work as a secretary People of Note BAUM DANIEL Homeroom Pres 'I Homeroom Vlce Pres I Block Letter l Table Capt 1 Gulde Squad l Basketball 4 Danny our basketball player wrll dribble hrs way through college and then 'om the alr force They Fly To Flght BELLIGIERE CARL Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Pres 2 Homeroom VP 2 Block Letter 2 Lunchroom Capt 'I Gulde Squad 4 Baseball 2 Football 2 Football Award baseball and seelng the world Men Under The Sea BERGHORN JANET Honor Roll 3 Ploneer 2 Table Capt 3 Secy to Mrs McKeague 8 New man Club 3 French Club I S ft ba I Fasten your safety belts wlll be a familiar phrase to .lanet when she becomes an alrlme hostess The Flylng Game BISIGNANO ANNE Table Captam 2 G O Store Arde 3 Klclcball 2 Basketball 2 Softball Munor Sports 2 Sec ,' to Mrs Skron slu l Newman Club 4 Itallan Club 2 Secy to Mr Greenspan Debut and credit w1Il be the familiar words In Annes vocabulary when she becomes a boakkeeper after graduatron How They Carrxed The Goods 86 BESSI PETER Argonaut 2 Table Capt 2 French Assembly I Library Squad 2 French Club Dance l Secy to Mrs Mc Keague 2 Secy to Mrs DlFazlo 2 Secy to Mrs Englebrecht l Art Club 4 French Club 4 Newman Club 6 Dramatlcs Club 1 Pete wlll surely be welcome to the ranks of televlslon technfclans Man for the Ages BINSACK MARGO Permanent Honor Roll Ansta 4 Junior Ansta 3 Argonaut 1 Home room Secy 2 Sec y to Mlss Plgnata 2 French Club 2 latln Club 4 So clal Dancmg l Newman I GO Collector 2 Guide Squad 1 Margo after graduation from New Dorp will study further In college before begmnlng a career an nurs 1n Choosing A College BORDAS JOAN Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Pres 'I Homeroom Treas 3 Block Letter I Gulde Squad 2 Basketball 'I Soft ball I Kackball I Social Dancmg I Secy to Mrs Levme l Secy to Mr Capt 2 Fnendly Joan will be a goy to have an any ofhce as a prrvate secretary Today s Secretary BROWN JEANNETTE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Kev Argonaut I Table Captam I Secy to Mr Femberg 2 Dlscusslon Club I ls that an atom bomb or Jeanne expenmentmg rn her private lab? Muglcuan ot Science BURKE MARGARET Honor Roll 6 Argonaut I Paoneer Homeroom Secy I Softball Klckball I Sec y to Mass Wnckman Socual Dancmg 4 Newman Club 3 Spanish Club 2 Labrary Squad 'I As yet Peggy as not sure of her ambmon but we re sure shell make a career as housewife Getting a Llvlng ' 1 1 1 1 ' W I . I 1 . 1 , ' ' ' I 1 1 1 1 I ' . . ' ' I 1 1 1 . 1 . . I . ' ' ' I l I ' a 11 11 . 11 11 ' I ' I I I 1 1 , , F ' I ' . I I 1 I I I I , I I I I I I . , , . . . I ' . 11 - 11 . ' 1 1 g. 11 - 11 F I 1 1 1 , - 1 - - 1 1 . , 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 , l , I . 1 1 ' I . , , . CU'l'5 U""b'l'0"5 include PlUY'n9 Pro Greenslade 2, Cheerleaders 4, ll ll 1 I . . 11 1 11 1 1 I . , - I , I I ' I I ' I - l I ,, ,, . . . . . ' ' 11 - - - 11 11 - 11 , I 1 ' , . . ' , I 1 1 31 . 1 1 , , 3, 1 I1 ' 1 " . - ' 1 ' I1 ' 1 1 ' I 1 1 , . . , 1 . 1 ' . , . . , , 1 . ,, . . . ,, 11 - 11 BURNS RITA Permanent Honor Roll Jr Arnsta 3 Teas J Arlsta I Argonaut I Proneer 2 Table Capt 2 Vollef Boll Club Co Manager I Klclrball I Secy Mr Gerson 4 Art Club 3 Spanlsh Club 2 Newman Clu I Soclal Dancmg Pres 2 RvR: wrll attend college to fulfill her ambltron as Business Admmrs trator Roads ol Destiny CAGGIANO PHYLLIS Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Secy Table Captain 2 Basketball I Secy Mlss Plgnata 4 Newman Clu 2 Social Dancmg 3 After attending nrght college Phyll plans to qet marrned Lost Professnon CAMPAGNINO CATHERINE Honor Roll 5 Homeroom Ofllcer Table Captaln 3 G O Store Alde 4 Secy Mr Bnssell 2 Mr Greenspan I Spanish Club 2 Social Dancln 3 Art Club I GO Collector I Kitty will became a secretary to a cute young boss she hopesl' Team Play CAVALLARO ELVIRA Permanent Honor Roll Homeroom Vlce Pres I Homeroom Treas 3 Table Captaun I Guide Squad I Klclxball 4 Softbal 3 Secy to Mr Muller 2 Newman Club 3 Secy to Mass Cox We hope Hunter College wlll up precrate Ellles talent lor malung people happy Raunbaw Campus CIPPOLETTI CAROL Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Vlce Pres I Table Captain I S cy to Mlss Caplnerl 3 Secy ta Mrs Brand lramp 2 Secy to Mrs Slxronslu I Social Dancmg 2 Newman Club 2 Squad Leader I Secy to Mrs Levine I Carol plans to become a private sec retary and ,om th ranks ol happlly marrred millionaires Wlnnlng Out CLARKE JUNE Table Capt 2 GO Store Aide I Klclcball I Newman Club I Volley Ball I Secy ta Mrs Kacsur I WARNING' Prospectrve businessmen must set hugh standards of work If they want June for a secretary Talze a Letter Miss Smlth COLLINS RITA Honor Roll 3 Guide Squad 2 Bas lxetball I Klclxball I Secy to Mnss Loeltler 2 Sec y to Mass Heywang I Sec y to Mrs Kuhn 2 Newman Club 7 Socnal Dancmg 3 Dramatncs Club I Glee Club 5 Speclal Chorus 5 Rita wlll no doubt smg her way through St Ellzabeths College into an rnsprnng teaching career The Last Chord COSCIA DORIS Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Pres I Homeroom Vice Pres I Homeroom reas I Table Capt I Gul e Squad 2 Valley Ball 5 Basketball 4 Varslty 4 Latm Club 2 Dramatic Club 2 French Club 2 Mnmea graph Squad I Dodo will brighten everyone s home when she fullllls her ambition to become an rntenor decorator lnterlor Decorating as a Career CROCITTO CATHERINE Homeroom Pres I Lunchroom Capt I Italian Club I Social Dancmg 2 llbrary 2 Kvttys cheery mannr-r will sparkle rn any profession she chooses Start of the Traul CUMMING JOAN Honor Roll 4 Jr Arlsta 2 Argonaut I Art Editor Stage Crew 6 Soft ball 2 Klclcball I Manor Sports I Bas etball I Art Club 3 Socual Dancmg I Dramatlcs Club I O chestra 5 Books wrll be .los tools when she fulfills her ambrtlon to become research screntrst Doctors at Work 87 DAY MARIE Honor Roll I Homeroom Vlce Pres I Homeroom Treas I Secy to Mass McNeill 6 Italian Club 3 Italian Assembly I After Mlss McNe:lls tlne trammg we re sure Tootsie will make a wonderful secretary Learning The Business DEDRICK GILMAN T Honor Roll 2 Pioneer I Homeroom Pres 4 Vlce Pres 2 Secyl Block Letter 3 Table Capt I Ushers 2 Stage Crew I Football 2 Latin Club 2 Library Squad 6 Red plans to go to agricultural col lege and mayor rn dairy husbandry Good luck with the cows' The Good Earth' DE MONTE MICHAEL Homeroom Pres I Homeroom Vlce P s 2 Treas I Table Capt 3 Gulcle Squad I Secy to Mrs Kuhn Glee Club I Mrckeys ambltron rs to be another ot those Bell bottom trousers coats of navy blue Gulllvers Travels DI ANTONIO ANTHONY Football I Secy to Mrs Calangela I Glee Club 5 Anchors Awefgh will be the son for Sonny after he ,oms the Navy The Patrlotlc Thing DORNER NANCY Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key Argonaut I Ploneer 3 Advertlsm Editor Homeroom Vue Pres I Treas I Secy 2 Socual Dancing 2 Softball I Mlnor Sports I Secy to M Greenspan I Pan American Club 2 Alter graduation Nancy wll at tend Potsdam State Teachers Col lege where she will magor In ele mentary school education Improving Instruction 88 DUNN WILLIAM Honor Roll 5 Proneer I Homeroom Pres 2 Treas I Block Letter Table Capt 2 Guide Squad I Baseball 2 Football I Basketball I Ball one ot New Dorps stars plans to be an accountant after graduat mg from school Opportunsty Ahead ERRICHIELLO LOUIS lchabod Lou will no doubt be shootmg over Staten Island ln hrs shmy get when he ttmshes his tram mg with the U S A F Bug Flight FERROTTI PAUL Table Capt 3 Newman Club 2 Art Club I Orchestra 8 Glee Club 3 AIICnty Chorus 2 Rubenstem will have to make way for Paul alter he finishes his prano studies at the Jullllard School of Muslc Men of Art FIORELLI JOHN Wires fuses bulbs and sockets will be rn our Johnnie s pockets when he becomes an electrician Now I See GEIS EILEEN Honor Roll 4 Proneer 3 Table Capt 3 Soclal Dancxng 2 Secy to Mlss Ernst I Dramatlcs 5 Latln Club 2 Glee Club I French Club 3 Orchestra I Library Squad 3 Dee plans to be a navy nurse and then follow her secret ambition ot becoming an actress Cadet Nurses , , 1 - , 1 , . I ' r ' I ' I lu , . - , I . 1 , - . . , . . . . 1 1 , , . . g ,, . . ,, 11 - 1' I 1 I H H - l I . . . - , ' ' ' ' ' . . . , - , 1 . , 1 1 , 1, - - 1, , . H 1 , , . . , , - 1 , 1 re. , . , . , . . , , - . , - , . . . , . . . ,, 1 . ,1 - . Il Il 1, - , 1, - 1 ' n Q ' I I ' . . , I ' . . 1, - 1, - 9 . , . H H 1, ' - - 11 ' 1 I I ' 1 , , , 9 , , , I , . c . , - - - , , , . . - 1 , 1 I I . , ' ' ' 1 1 - r. , - , , I - ' , I - II ll H - - 1, GlARDl PETER Argonaul Art Slalff 2 Table Cap! 4 Peler has no deflnlfe plans for fhe fufure buf we re sure hell be a success m whafever field he chooses lf I Were Kung GLENSOR RONALD Honor Roll l Gulde Squad 3 Ari Servlce Club 2 Ronnne will be sarllng lhe wide blue ocean when hes rn fhe Navy The Sea Around Us GOETZ LYNN Honor Roll l Secy io Mrs Salllnard 'l Art Club T Lynn like many of lhe grrls m New Dorp has one mam ambrhon and fha! IS marriage I Married Advenlure GORMAAI JA ES 6 Llbrpldry' Squad 3 Newman Club JI my wall be Mr Ffnbergs loss buf some fine buggiess offices gum Ill' Meet Yau lr, The Lobby HAEGER JOAN Table Cap? 2 Guide Squad T Secy To Mlss Johnsion l Mlss Hey wang l Mameograph Squad 2 Joanle IS going lo marry a cerlam parairooper and live on lhe blgg9Sf ranch rn Kenfuclcy My Frnend Fllclxa HARKINS JAMES Lunchroom Cap? 2 Table Cap? 4 Baseball Manager 2 Secy fo MISS Smith 'I Newman Club l Jimmy plans lo ,om fhe Navy and marry a cufe bruneffe The Trade Wnnd HAUGHWOUT DANA Tabe C pf 2 Guude Squad l G O Store Ande 5 Dana has nal made uv hrs mrnd as to whaf college he rs going io al fend buf we are sure If will furfher hrs career Busnness Careers For Men HAYES ROBERT Homeroo'n Treas 'l Table Cap? 2 Guide Squad 2 Foolball 49 Secy fo Mr Feinberg Art Club 'I L b Squad 1 Sally will be Bobs name affer le becomes a Sea Caplam Saullng as a Career HEGNER BARBARA Store Aide l Secy to Mnss Hey wang I Sec y to Mass Blame 'l Bobbi has asplrahons of belng a excluswe prlvafe scerelary Secretory at Work HOERNLEIN DELL Permanent Honor Roll .lr Arista 3 Argonaul 'l Proneer T Homeroom Treas l Secy to Mr Femberg 1 uss Herklolz 'l M er French Club 3 Arl Club 3 R d Cross l Laboratory Squad 'l Dells sweel smlle wvl be missed al New Dorp buf wlll b engoyed by fhe Texhle Collene of her chorce Inferior Decorating 89 I l I . , . , , . I I ' H . ,, ll ' II , , I ' I I a . , ' I 1 ' ' ' . ll II , I A ,, . n , , . . ' . , I ' ' I I 1 ' . ' , 1 U ' , . . . I I I I H - H . ,, . . ,. ,. V 1 ,- ' we 1 . . . I I 1 " I Honor Roll I2,f c'y io Mr. Feinberg Honor Roll 3, Table Capt. l, G. O. ' v I 1 I I - 7, , 1 , ' ' . yh . ' I , . . I . n , -'N ' ' 7 ' ' 1 - ' 11 - H 11 I I f' K H ,, u I , - 1 . I 1 ' ' ' 1 . Q ' I . , , . I ' 1 . ' ' ' ' - ' - - M' , Mr. ill 1, ' ' I I 9 . I I I H - - n ' ' '! ' .. n . f H HOFFMAN RUTH Homeroom Treas I Homeroom Secy Class Olhcer 2 Table Capt I Gulde Squad 4 Sohball I Kuck ball 'I Hearlhsfone Club 5 Manor Sports I Red Crass Club 2 Upon graduahon Rulhle plans lo enler lhe professional Held ol nursing Career Nurse HOWARD DOROTHEA Honor Roll 6 Argonaul l Secy to Mlss Heywang I Pan Amencan Club 2 Socaal Danclng 2 The halls of New Dorp wall be a Ill Ile dimmer alfer Dof leaves lo launch her career as pnvafe secrc lary No Lufe For A Lady HUNT ELLEN Honor Roll 4 Homeroom Pres I Table Capt 1 Secy to Mlss Hey wang 2 French Club 4 Social Dancing 2 Newman Club l Lrlfle Ellen will add a sparlrle lo The busmess worll cfrer she leaves New Dorp fo launch upon her career The Lively Lady JACK KENNETH Honor Roll 2 An excelleni loresfer Ken allhough he hasnf been wllh us very long has made a lashng Impression wllh all of us al New Dorp Ou? an a Llmb JACOBS MARY Kuckball l Softball I Volleyball 2 Secy fo Mrs Brandlcamp 'I New man Club 2 Red Cross Club I Modern Dancing Club I Social Dancing Club 'I Mary IS sure fo be an excellenf feacher of ballel and lap Ewdence al her abllfiy has been shown many school assemblies A Star Danced 90 JOHANSEN Aw CE Permanent I Honor Key Arsfa 4 Jr li la 2 Argonouf Phofo er neer 4 Home room Block Letter 1 L ncliraom Cap' l ,Usher 5 Slage rew ll ecyjo Mrs Winsch 'I :Neill I4 Library Squad 6 Squ La ry plans a career as a phofo chemlsf offer he complefes hns course al C C N Y Pholography For Today KIVLEHAN BARBARA Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key 2 Arlsla 4 Jr Ansla 3 G O Treas 2 Homeroom Pres l Secy 2 Block Letter l Table Cap! 4 Secy Muss Loemer 'I Cheerleader 5 Newman Club 4 Spamsh Club 3 Barbie no doubt wlll be a model secreiary and a superb homemaker A House of Her Own KOHRMANN MARIA Softball 'I Klckball 1 Secy to Mlss Spies 2 Secy lo Mrs Clark 'I Art Club I Dramafucs Club I Secy fo Mlss Heywang 2 Ree plans fo be a prrvale secrelary In some big olllce affer graduahng Irs Papers LECARDI MARILYN Table Capt 'I Ksclcball 'I Secy to Mass Heywang 1 Mnss McNelIl 3 Social Dancing 2 Medical Room Alde 2 Take A Leller will be a lamlllar phrase lo Lynn m the fulure near lulure The Fme Ari of Coclung LLOYD THOMAS Honor Roll 4 Homeroom Treas 'I Glee Club T Aller lhree years In lhe Alr Force Tom plans fo hang ouf hrs lawyers shingle Genflemen of the Jury 1 ' , L- PA 5 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 ' 1 u 1 I I ' , I 1 I I ' . ' ls ' ' re . ' , , , 1 . I , u - 1 1 . . ' 1 1 , - 1 ' ' I ,M 1 1 ll ll - 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 . . , ' - u n . . , , . , . . . 1 - , . . , . , , ' 1 . , . , fo ,. . - I 1 1 , . 11 - 11 un her model home. 11 11 , 1 . , . 1 - 1 ' ' I n ' I . , - 1 - 1 u ' I I I I I I ' ' IIF' f ll 11 - 11 I 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 I I 1 - 1 1 - , 1 11 11 - - 1 11 - 11 - 11 - - 11 , 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 . , - - I I ' Q I ' 1 1 . ,, 11 In 11 11 LONG RAYMOND Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key Arusta 4 Boy Leader Jr Arusta 2 Boy Leader I G O President 1 O Collector 3 Football Lunchroom Squad 3 U her 5 l brary 5 Secretary to Mrs Wmsch 3 To the ranks of Notre Dame wall be added another fine New Dorp student Cltlzenshlp and Government MACAPALLAG WILLIAM Honor Roll I Homeroom Vnce Pres G :de quad 1 A C ub Newman Club I Glee Club 2 Does our brlght Bull plan to be a member of the General Assembly the U N 9 MATTSON FLORENCE Honor Roll 3 Table Capt I Secy to Mrs Moscrop 1 Mass Loettler 3 Social Dancing 'I Secy to M Mller I Argonaut 2 Guides 'I Socnal Danclng 'I We re sure Flo wvll be an asset whatever profession she chooses Under a Lucky Star MAZZELLA ATTILIO Lunchroom Capt 'I Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad 2 Secy to Mr Fem berg 3 Itallan Club 'I Assemblles 3 Social Dancing 2 Its over the bounding mam lor Attlllo who will 'om the Navy atter graudatlon Captain Horatio Hornblower MCCAFFERY RONAID Table Capt T Sec y to Muss Cupo I Anchors awefgh will be Ronnles tavorrte song after he enlists In the Navy The Bug Fnsherman McDONOUGH JACK Homeroom Pres I Vlce Pr S 3 Gulde Squad 3 Atter graduation Jack plans t take the Crvrl Servvce tests and come one ot New Yorks finest The Halt Back Mfxmonv Join Honor xtloll Argonaqt June P r s dato aorteer 2 Home Poor! ecy 3 'Ta Ie .Capt 2 Klck L1 Secy t Mrs Wlnsch 3 M loellter 3,-Mais Kacsur I4 man Club Ofspclal Dancing 2 wrt will areet many a celebrnty when she enters the busmess world m Hollvwood How To Make A Mllhon MCKENNA MARY Table Capt 2 Guide Squad 2 Sk0TlI'lg Club I Mlmeograph Squad 2 Secy to Miss Blame 2 N wman Club 'I Mary wont be able to skate every night when she tarts worlunq as a stenographer The Whlrlwlnd MILLER EDWARD Tabe Capt 1 Lnbra y 1 Eddie has not quite made up hrs mind yet but we are sure he wlll be successful nn hrs field It I Were Kung MILLETT THERESE Permanent Honor Roll Junior Arusta 3 Homeroom Vlce Pres I Home room Secy 2 Guude Squad 2 French Club 3 Newman Club 'I Social Dancing 2 Cheerleader 2 Terry the gurl with the trlendly hello will attain her ambltfon as a successful commercial buyer Splendld Spur 91 , ,a gl a s -5' I 4' fr , - '3 s . .. 4 w - 'U I n. . I I I I I ' I I I 1 - . . ' , ' , o G. . , 2, A ' ' be- , s , i- ' . ' ll ll , - - - . ,, .- - ,, -I - I ' . ' lf . I I NEA H' 1, U s , rr I 1, ein 52-. V R- - C x 'fs ' ' . I ' U N, 1. y - 1 ' Qui ,, ' J '. ' , its ot K ' li- , - , . .. , ' x-4 - Il ' ll I 1 .4 A The Keys ol the Kmgdom' .lo's iarmmg smale sand pleasant ll - ' ' ll , I ' , - , - , - , , . , , . . , , , ' r. , . . B . . ' I ' I f 1 1 . ' s I ' ' to . h V . s ,I -II ll ' ' Il I I - , - , - , , . - . . . f I 1 I - - . . I , . . . I ll ' Il l ,, - ,, , ,, - - ,, , - , r I , . . I . . ,, - ,, - - , - I ' I I . . . , . , , ' I A I ,, . . ,, . . . , . , , ,, - ,, MOHAN JANET Honor Roll 2 Table Capt 2 Secy Mrs Wmsch I Mus Cox I Mlss S es I Mr Wolfson I Socual Dancmg I Dancmg Class I Janet will ,om the ranlcs of secre talres charmantes from New Dorp The Green Years MONGIARDINI VINCENT Honor Roll I G O Store Alde I Art Club I Dont be surprised when you see Vms srgnature In the corner of your maaazme rllustrotron So You Want To Be an Artust9 MOODY LORRAINE Honor Roll 6 Pioneer I Home room Treas I Table Capt I Kuck ba Club I Softball I Secy to Mrs Wlnsch 4 Soclal Dancing I Dramatucs I Pan Amerlcan I Art Club I Argonaut Collector 2 To be a French Interpreter as Lor rres ambrhon after graduation from college The Crnsls NEGLIA ANNA MARIE Proneer 2 Table Capt I Gulde Squad 2 Mlnor Sports I Secy to Mrs Engelbrecht I Mlss Cox 2 Italsan Club 5 Treas 2 Newman Club 6 Hearthstone I Glee Club 2 Argonaut Collector 2 Anna Maries Florence Nrghtmgale smlle wrll brmg comfort and cheer after graduatron from St Vmcents School of Nursing Sue Barton Nelghborhood Nurse NEWMAN ELAINE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key I Arlsta 3 Jr Arista 2 Argonaut I Homeroom Treas 2 Homeroom Secy I Cheerleader 2 CoC:.1pt Secy o Mus r st rs Brandlnamp I Soclal Dancmg 2 After vanous assignments wrth New Dorps faculty Elame will make a charming secretary Successful Secretary 92 OCONNOR CATHERINE Honor Roll 5 Argonaut I Home room Treas I Homeroom Secy I Klckball 2 Secy to Mlss Johnston I Mr Merovlck I rt Club 2 Social Dancmg 3 Newman Club I Wrth Katles gay wrt well know shell be a hrt whrl drwmg around In her brrght green convertible The Rolling Years ONEILL PATRICIA Honor Roll 3 Homeroom Pres I Secy 2 Table Capt I Kuckball I Secy to Mlss Capmera 5 Mr Cupo 2 Mrs Levlne I Newman Club 2 Soclal Dancmg I Hearthstone I Pats smile will brrghten any office where she perform her duties as a private secretary Successful Secretary ORDES DIANE Permanent Honor 'lgll Honor Key 2 Glrl Leader I Jr Arista 3- Table C pt I Softball Club I Secy to Mlss M Cupo Spanash Club 3 Pres 2 Edlto:IrfChae' of Proneir 2 Managmg Edltor 'Vue Pres of' Somor Class When Drone rs a onrsh mterpre ter at the U N we know all of New Dorp wrll be proud of her Spamstv Senorlta ORR EDNA Honor Roll 3 Argonaut I Home room Secy I Table Capt I Soft b I Klckball I Volleyball I Secy to Mass ODcwd I Cheer leaders 2 Blue eyes plans to grace the sky ways shortly when she becomes an arrlme hostess I Wanted Wings PASE JOHN Honor Roll 2 Table Capt I ecy to Mrs McKeague I John wrll be flying hugh when he loms the U S Alr Force upon graduatron Arr Youth of Amerlca PELLICONI MARGARET Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key I Arista 2 Argonaut Collector 2 F oneer 3 Lunchroom Table Capt 3 Basketball I Secy to Mr Feinberg I Newman Club 6 Dramatlcs I I.: brary Squad I Copy Editor of Argonaut 2 Treas 2 Wrmbledon wrll be the next stop lor Peg: alter graduating from Cornell with an MD Woman Surgeon PENDOl.A BLANCHE Honor Roll I Homeroom Secy 2 Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad 2 Klckball I Soclnl Dancing 3 Bas ketball I Dramatlcs I Roller Skat mg I Secy to Mrs Heavy 2 Study Hall Attendance I We re sure Blanche wnll be a suc cess as a private ecretary Gentlemen Hush PERLONGO JEROME Honor Roll 3 Ptoneer I Guide Squad I Glee Club ltallan Club Calling Dr Perlongo will soon be a tamllvar sound to Jerrys ears after he graduates from medical school Doctors At Work PERNICKA MARY Table Capt 2 Sec y to Mlss Plgnata 4 Mlss Loeffler 2 Fearthstone Club It Mackey goes out as enthusiast: cally alter a mlllnonafre as she does after the Yankees shes sure to wm I Marrled Adventure PERSICHETTY AMll. Guide Squad I J V Football I After attending a prep school for a year Snoony plans to go to Middle bury College In Vermont College Days PETEROY FRANK Permanent Honor Roll Ansta 3 Jr Ansta 3 Homeroom Pres 6 Home room Vlce Pres I Block Letter I Lunchroom Capt 4 Gulde Squad 3 Ushers 4 Football 2 Secy to Mr Feinberg 4 Frank plans to become a famous commerctal artlst and ploy football m his spare tame Brave Men PILKINGTON STUART Honor Roll I Homeroom Omcer I Secy to Mass Blame 2 Stuart hasnt yet made up has mmd as to what he wants to but good luck m whatever chooses' Command Declslon PLOUFF ELIZABETH Honor Roll 6 Secy to Miss LoetIIer 2 Special Chorus 2 Glee Club 2 All cnmmals will surely hrde It Betty enters the Police Force Men Against Crime PRIVRACKY ANNE Honor Roll I Table Capt I Guide Squad 2 Softball 2 Klclcball 3 Basketball 2 Mlnor Sports I Secy to Mlss Buckley 3 Secy to Mrs Dlller I Secy to Mlss Walsh 2 To be a stenographer rs Annes ambition and we know she wrll succeed Gettmg A Llvlng RAFALSKY JOYCE Homeroom Pr s I Table Capt A GO Store Aide I Klckball I Soft ball I Secy to Mr Greenspan I Soclal Danclng I Glee Club 3 Joy would like to 'om the ranks of New Dorps secretaries Successful Secretary 93 II, , I , I 1 I ' I ' I I I ' ' ' , - , . , 1 1 - ' , . - , f . . , I I I ' I 1 ' I . , . tt H H H I . , I I I , , - I ' ' ' . ' I I l n Q u ' A I I - ' . be, , , - I he , - , I I H -- tt ' e H H , . , , , . f , , ' I I ' ,, . ,, . .. , I I H - - ,t H H , , , . . I I I r , ' I 1 I 1 , , - t 3I f , - t . . . ' ' ' , . - 1 , . , . H . tt , ,, . .. ,. I , - e. , . , , . . . - - I 1 ' I , I . , . , I I . . , . II ll I I I H U RAINERO Al.DO Guude Squad 2 Baseball 1 Squee gee plans to see the world alter graduation from Kings Point Merchant Marrne Academy where he wall take up radio Men Agamst the S REDMOND AUDREY Honor Roll 1 Homeroom Treas l Medncal Alde l Aud wont be awed when she starts taking dictation as a secretary Two For The Show REEVES MARY Table Captam l GO l lt you need a sympathetic nurse dont forget to call Dollre Careers un Nursxng RICCI ALBERT Gulde Squad Sec y to Mr Gerson After graduation Mickey plans to be an electrician Onl For The Lamps of China RIZZO JOANNE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key 2 Arlsta 2 Jr Arista 3 Argonaut 2 Pioneer 2 Klckball 'l Secy to Mlss Capnnen 3 Sec y to Mrs Mace donvo 2 Newman Club 4 Hearth stone Club 4 Dramatc Club 'I After her experience at New Dorp we re sure Jo will make a wonderful French and ltalran teacher Teacher ln America 94 ROSA NORMA Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key 2 Jr Arnsta 3 Homeroom V Pres 2 Treas l Table Capt 2 Secy Mrs Macedoruo T Mrs Lavorn l Secy Mlss Sabater 2 Pan American Club 5 Newman Club 5 Norma will attend evther a business school or college but stnll hasnt decrded upon her career Labor Baron RUBILOTTA BEATRICE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key I Jr Ansta 3 Secy In Homeroom Table pt Secy to r Brandlcamp 'l Klclcball Club l Newman Club 5 Pan American 2 Art Club l Bea wall make an excellent sec retary for a very eftectrve ecutlve The Perfect Secretary RUMPF CAROL Honor Roll l Homeroom Treas 'l Table Capt 3 Guide Squad 'I Kuck ball l Secy to Mlss Sabater 'I Mr Gerson 1 Mass Buckley I Newman Club 5 Red Cross Club 1 Social Dancmg l Football Booster 'l Carol mtends to be a prrvate secre tary while looking around for that certain someone Drums RUOCCO CHARLES Honor Roll l Argonaut l Home room Vlce Pres 'I Table Capt 2 Guide Squad 'l Football r Club Glee Club AllCuty Chorus Speclal Chorus Chic has his future planned the entertainment Held In TV Showbaat RYAN JANE Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key Argonaut 2 Homeroom Treas l Secy 2 GO Collector 'l Table Capt 2 Secy to Mass Cupo Spanish Club 2 Newman Club 4 Art Club l Soclal Dancmg 'I Semor Class Secy l Jane plans to attend Notre Dame College and upon graduation be come a secretarial studies teacher The Glrl Today SAILLIARD LOUIS Honor Roll 6 Table Capt I Stage crafters 4 Sec y to Mus O Connor 3 Mr Somma 3 Mr Cassldy 2 Mr Ghlgllottl l Science Club 2 Lab Squad 4 After graduation Louis plans to go to college where he will become a very famous engmeer The Road to Success SCHEMBRE FRANK Homeroom Pres 2 Homeroom Vnce Pres 'I Class Olfl er 4 Table Capt 'I Play Production 2 2 plays Fun lovmg Franl: plans to travel and do a lot of fishing and huntmg be fore he settles down to anythmg definite The Bag Fisherman SCHNOES ANNA Honor Roll I Table Capt 3 Klcl: ball 'l Basketball I Secy to Mr Muller I Mr Merovlcx 2 Newman Club 8 Social Danclng 3 Squad Leader Anna wall be bu y typing prescrrp tlons when she becomes a pnvate secretary ta a pharmacrst Conquest of Scuence SCHOEFFLER HARRIET Honor Roll 1 Argonaut 1 Table Capt 2 Gulde Squad I Mmor Sports I Secy to Mrs McKeague 4 Newman Club 4 Social Dancing 2 Volley Ball 'I Harry plans to attend busmess school and then work nn an office Opportunity Ahead SCOTTON MARGARET Permanent Honor Roll Jr Arista 2 Arista Argonaut Class Edntor I Pioneer 3 News Edutor 2 Softball Club 2 Secy to Mlss Cupo 3 Mr Lynch Pon American Club 2 Sclence 2 Dramattcs 2 Lab Squad 3 Margarets ultimate goal IS to re turn to New Dorp In the capacity of an English teacher So Dear to My Heart SCUDERI SALVATORE Honor Roll 2 Homeroom P s 'l Vlce Pres 'I Table Capt 3 GO Store Alde l Pan American Cub Pres Senior Class Sonnys training rn play productlon we hope has msp: ed him to be a fine actor An Actor Prepares SEMINARA JOHN Honor Roll I Sums ambltfon IS to ,om the nr Force Keep em flying Sum Amr Patrol ARPLEY WILLIAM manen Hon8r Roll Ansta 2 ofer 'Slot Lerler wr om Capt 2 Stagecrafters at 3 V41 Wlllre oy well 'om the ranks of C eqe fr slnes a he. a blfron of aerona taltfl engine r m The Beckonmg Road ' SOLIMANO ROSEMARIE Permanent Honor Roll Argonaut 'l June Feature Editor Proneer 2 Kuclrball 1 Softball I Secy to Mrs Macedonlol Mrs Rubmgerl Art Club I Social Dancmg 2 Newman Club 3 Argonaut collector 'I Dra matucs l Take a letter please will have a famrluar ring to Ro who plans to become q private secretary m an advertising agency The Romance of Busmess SORGE EDWARD Block Letter 'l Table Capt 2 Gol I Alter graduating from Now Dorp Eddae plans to turn to golf profes snonally Instructions for Amateur Golfers 95 U 1 1 , 1 1 1 - I re., , I ' - I ' n 1 I 1 3 . , . , . . 1 1 - - . . , . . . . I . .r . I ll ll 11 11 1 1 - 1 . - 1 - 1 - A - 11 1 1 - 11 1 1 - - 1 . 1 - 11 - 11 II . P ll 1 . . 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 - . . . . 1 1 - 1 . . - , 1,. I I ' 1 A . , o. . J . ,, . . ,, . . . s - , ' ' . . - . ls ' g . - 1 C . . : . A . 'rk . . - J L 11 - 11 9- Q ' 11 - 11 fl J . ' I ' ' I I ' I ' I I 1 . 1 1 - 1 , , . 1 1 , . , ' I I I I T 11 - 11 H ,, . l I I 11 - 11 1 1 - 1 . . , 1 1 1 . . 1 . 1 1 1 , . f . 1 1 - . . . 1 1 1 . 1 1 - - . , . . . ' ,, . n 1 11 11 1 SPIKER LOIS Honor Roll 4 Proneer 2 Table Capt 2 Secy to Mlss Heywang 'I Mlss Ernst l Mass Cupo l Dramatlcs Clu 1 All the boys wrll be mental cases when they learn of Sprke s ambrtron to be a doctor of psychratry Doctors of the Mind STEINIGER CHESTER After serving an the Navy Chet will burn up the road as a stockcar driver Youth at the Wheel STORK ALBERT Homeroom President l Homeroom Vuce Pres 2 Block Letter 2 Table Captain 2 Gulde Sauad 4 Ushers l Basketball 2 Baseball 2 Latin Club 2 We re all going to be rooting for Al when he becomes a star player on the New York Yankees Ommbus of Sports STOWBRIDGE PATRICIA Klckball l Secy to Mass Buckley 'I Soclal Dancmg 'I Glee Club Squad L oder 1 Volley B ll 'I Softball 'l Pat wrll start off with cv bang rn the secretanal field after her experl ence rn New Dorp The Perfect Secretary STROPOLI DOROTHY Argonaut 2 GO Store Alde 2 Secy to Mlss McBreen l Newman Club l Social Dan :ng l Dot will make some bo s a fine ec retary The Ottice Worker 96 SUAREZ LUCAS Homeroom Vlce Pes I Secy to Mlss O Connor 1 Sailing Sailing wull be for Luke when he larns the Navy Anchors Away SULLIVAN GERARD Honor Roll 1 Homeroom Pres Vlce Pres l Table Captaun 2 If you happen to see a Hot Rod zoammg by dont be frightened rt wrll only be our Jerry a profes sronul racer Death Rides the Roads SWEENEY GEORGE Closs Officer 1 Table Capt 3 Guide Squad 4 J V Footballl Llbrary 2 Spooks will be flying hrgh durmg his hitch :n the Arr Force U S Army Alr Corps TARAS ARNOLD Permanent Honor Roll Jr Arista 3 Argonaut 3 Editor In Chlef Pioneer 3 Homeroom Pres 3 Treas Lunchroom Capt 2 Table Capt Gulde Squad 5 Ushers 2 J V Football 'l Secy to Mr Felnberg Arnie plans to attend Unlversrty Vermont where he will add MD hrs name Careers nn Scnence TARASIEWICZ VALERIE Table Capt I Guide Squad l Secy to Mrs Kacsur 2 Mrs Skron slu l Social Dancrng 3 Dramatlcs I Mlmeo Squad I Tootsie will surely be a flne addition to any office rn whrch she plans to work Here l Stay , , - . , , , . r . , , - . . , , , . . . ,, . . . . ,, . , I , ' ll ll . , . . H - 1. , , . . I I I QI . , . . , . , . H I, I I I . H - 1, I , ' I I ' I - , . . , . ' I I . . ' - ' . A . , , , ll ' ll , . . H . H , ' . ' I ' I - 1 ' I v v 1 . . . 7 I . . I , , I , - , . 2 , 0 1 ' . , . 6, ' ' ' I I 1 s , . - 'I , . 2. ' - Q . w of H H . . to 1, - - H I . , . . , ' I I 1 - ' . I . , . , c . 1 1 : s - 1 - ll ll ' I H ff TAVERNER DOROTHY Honor Roll 5 Proneer 2 Homeroom Secy I Class Olllcer I Softball I Mnnor Sports l Klckball I Secy to Mlss Templeton I Mlss ODowd 2 Newman Club 6 Hearthstone 4 Glee Club I Maybe some day Dotty wall be on New Dorps faculty l1st as a hrstory teacher after graduatnng from Notre Dame Teaching the Bright Pupll TAVERNER JOAN Honor Roll 7 Proneer 3 Mlnor Sports I Klckball Soclal Dancing 4 Secy to Mlss Loefller Miss Ben nett Hearthstone 4 Newman 4 Argonaut 2 Argonaut collector 2 Joames secret ambrtlan rs to b one of Powers tashlon models Modelmg as a Career TAYLOR WARREN Honor Roll I Homeroom Vlce Pres 2 Lunchroom Capt I Table Capt 2 Guide Squad 4 Ushers 4 Foot ball Assistant Lunchroom Capt I The Wrld Blue Yonder wrll b Wa ren: goal when he loms the army Alr Force U S Amr Corps TEDESCO GAII. Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key I Arlsta 2 Jr Ansta 3 Proneer 3 Argonaut 2 Social Dancing 2 Sec y to Mrs Sheridan 3 Hearthstone 3 Newman 3 Latin I HR Secy Lrttle Galls sweet smrle will be New Dorps loss and some Teachers Col lege gam Great Teachers TRAFFORD ELIZABETH Permanent Honor Roll Honor Key Jr Arista 2 Argonaut 2 Business Mgr Ansta 2 Homeroom Treas I Secy I Softball Club 2 Soclal Danclng 4 Secy to Mnss Loeltler 7 Mrs Skronslu 2 Pan American 4 Art Club 3 Newman 7 Treas of Sensor Class College and a career as a hrstory teacher are Beth s ambrtlons for the future Seelna the Invisible TRUSCELLI BASIL Homeroom Pres 4 Vlce Pres I Table Capt 3 Guide Squad l Glee Club 4 Play Productlon 1 After a term rn the Navy Sonny will enter a course an mechanlcal dentistry 'The Compleat Angler TSEA ANITA Homeroom Treas l Gulde Squad 2 Klclxball I Skating Club 'I Secy to Mlss Plgnata 4 Secy to Mr Femberg Nees laughter wrll be mrssed t ND after she leave to become secretary Its Up to the Women VAN NAME DOROTHY Permanent Honor Roll Jr Arusta Argonaut 2 Homeroom Treas 1 Homeroom Secy I Table Capt 2 Jr Red Crass Club 2 Hearthstone Club 2 Soclal Dancnng I Pon American Club 2 Glee Club 3 Secy to Miss Loeffler I Washing dlapers wnll be one ot Pea nuts 'ob ID her futur as a house wr e To Have and To Hold VERSELLA CATHERINE Honor Roll 3 Table Capt 2 Secy to Mrs Skronslu I Socual Dancmg I Newman Club 2 Glee Club 2 Secy to Muss Sabater l The UN w1ll open nts doors to Cathy when she has completed her course rn Spamsh Stenography Don Quixote VISCARIELLO GINA Honor Roll 2 Homeroom Pres l Class Officer 2 Table Cat 2 Guide Squad 2 Klckball 3 Softball 3 Basketball I Mnnor Sports Secy to Mrs Macedonuo Secy to Mr Greenslade Hearthstone Club 3 .leannes off to put some galety rnto the FBI as Mr Hoovers pnvate secretary FBI nn Peace and War 97 , 1 I , . 1 - 1 I . I I I ' ' I 1 - 1 - ' I I I ' Q ' I ' I I ' 1 1 . , 11 , . . 1 ,, . . . ,, , 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 . . 1 , 1 1 - 1 1 1 - , . . , . a ' ' e . . 5 a , . ,, . 11 11 1 11 1 1 ' 1 - 21 ' ' ' 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 I , I ' 4 r 11 - 11 e ' . ' 1 1 r I 1 1 1 . 1 - 11 - 11 , , . , . . 5 . 11 11 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 - 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . . . . , - 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . . , - , , . . . . . . ., . . - - 1 1 ' II 1 ll Il ll ' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 - 1 - 1 1 . 1 P - 1 11 1 - 1 . . , . . 1 1 1 1 . . , . 1 1 - 21 1 1 1 . , . . - 1 - 1 1 . , . 1 1 - 1 . . . , . , . . ., . , . . - 11 - 11 11 - - - 11 VIZZI ANNETTE Honor Roll 2 Table Capt 3 Dra matucs Club I Soclal Danclng 2 Skatmg Club I Assembly Programs I Sec y to Mrs Heavey I Some lucky buslnessman wtll get Vlz as hrs secretary Its Up to the Woman WALSH DOLORES Honor Roll 6 Pioneer 3 Homeroom Pres I Secy to Mr McNulty 2 Newman Club 3 Lnbrary Squad I As a regastered nurse Laune will certainly cheer the patients with her warm smile and trlendly greet tn Nurses at Work WETMO RE AN N I Itallan Club 2 Glee Club 5 To 'om the WAF rs Twmkles m bntlon and we re sure shell add charm to It Courageous Heart PENNY JOAN Vnce Pres Newman Cl Jeanette Brown Joseph Coccoh Nancy Dorner Lawrence Johansen Barbara Kuvlehan l2J Raymond long 98 U Honor Keys Elaine lorenzanl Jane Mumford Elaine Newman Duane Ordes C21 Margaret Pelllconl WH ITEFIELD JAMES Industrial Arts YEGENSKI MILDRED Glee Club Roller Skates ZONA JOSEPH an electrical engineer What Engineers Do Although she has spent the last few years IH home study Joan returns to her class for graduation One of Ours Joanne Rluo l2I Norma Rosa C21 Jane Ryan Beatnce Rubllotta Gaul Tedesco Elizabeth Trafford become a great artisan skates around the ottlce Honor Roll I GO Pres Vuce P es I Homeroom Block Letter I Lunchroom Guide Squad 2 Ushers 3 2 Football I Sec y to Mr 2 Itallan Club 2 Newma Frlendly Joe whom we all know so well will attend college to become Homeroom Treas I Class Otficer l Table Capt 2 Pan American Club I Jlmmy rs going to an mdustnal arts college where we are sure he wrll Homeroom Treas I Guide Squad 2 Mlllte will probably be one ot our lastest secretarles especially ft she Pres 5 Ca t I Baseball Femberg n I I I I ' I ' . I I 1 1 . , ' . I . . . . 1 . , . . ' I 11 - u 11 1 11 ' I 1 1 . , ' , - 1 ' . 1 3. , . . . . I . ' . . ' ' I ll ll g. 11 11 1 1 Table Capt. 2, Secy' to Mrs. Berra .I Go I , . . . , . . 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' Il ' I Il a I r . I . I ., , , 1 P- 1 ' D 1 1 . 1 - II H , I . 1 1 - 1 1 V ll ' II , . , 1 A . b 2. . 11 11 We flue Class of l952 leave lo flue uncomung senuors our worlluy admnrers llue seruous and dugnufied aur llue unseparable companuonsluup of every senuor llue glory of being un flue spolluglul' Furlluermore as a glfl lo llue facully we leave Mass Sm flu A sludenl wluo can guess luer middle name Mnss Keegan A bollle ol green nnlc Mr Muller Tlue permanenl prnvulege ol luavung sensors In luus luomeroom Mr McNul+y A paur ol boxung gloves lor rouglu debales Mess Templelon A smaller speeclu class Mrs Wnnsclu An eleclronnc program maclunne Mrs Guanvulo Wundow sluades for flue arl room Mlss l-leywang A new paur our pegged sluorls Mr Greenslade A supply of l-l O for luis uculure gurl sludenls lvuss Capenern Typewrmlers walluoul bells Mrs Kulmn A silver balon Mr Gerson A new lulm lor has plwolograplunc memory 'flue lulure mxmeograplu squad Colorless :nk Mr Fennberg A new clock luoplng 1+ wull slop Mrs Duliazuo A boolc of plunlosopluy Mr Somma A new fedora 'ro wear lo flue loolball games lv rs Kacsur A new qolce book lulure Honor sludenls Tlue mmdn glul onl Mrs Moscrop A gold framed puclure of Sur Tluomas More Mrs Sanlllard An unsolved mallu problem Mlss Jolunslon A brand new class of drscombobulaled luooolelueads wluo spealc nolluang bul gobble de goolc Mr Gluugluollu An aulomaluc: garbage dusposal unnl al eaclu lunclu lable Tony An elevalor llual runs sldeways Muss O Neill Palxence and lorlnlude Muss Sabaler God gnven slrengllu Mr Flynn A cerlnfucale 'ro prove lue never lauglul al McKee Mass Blaine A soundproouf music room and a venhlaled classroom Mnss Pruce A Miss Price conlrolled bell Mass Loelller Enouglu lnme before Regenls 99 To ' E 1 l . To ' 2 ' . To ' . I . . . . . . I To . 2 ' ' . lo ' 1 . To . ' : ' ' . To . ' ' : ' . To ' : ' . To . : 2 : ' ' . To I' ': ' ' . To . : ' . To . 2 ' ' ' . To ' 1 ' . To . ' 1 , ' ' ' . To . ' ' 2 ' . To . 2 . To 1 . z . To : ' E ' . To . 2 - ' ' . To . ' ' : . To ' : ' I , To I . . .C . . . 1 To 3 ' . To . , . Z . . . To ' : " - ' To . 1 ' ' . To . . I . . a To . . Z . . - u To ' : ' . W Qbnwwwmwiwnwmwww W WM' UQLL KH, 'iq my MW EJAAA, 4 '-. 'ff 4- K Cx 4-Lf, L 9' 'PW I' o J r' ,5-1 s Q4 .gi .' K! Y f ' .Sv 1 47. ' 2 D 4 ,,v.".1 1 .. lx. 15f?f 1:23 385 -as .13- -ai: I Y . ' 55 ' -. El 4:61. 1' - 1 953' IM D !2wM 'Zum C 3QfQJQf.g,j jgtfzviwmi 5 iffy' amm- Mcwq wfQ?Q3?MML mmmw fi auhaidb I af' aj-0, 215,75 SHUI Q Sf 'L T Awww ?f1i?M Q . df W A 3:7 "if Jay cizzc Ximh, . , , . ELM! wfwfk -. I . 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"'-:X.- If vu N 1 ' ' gthrfi EI I I pl-' h I ,".N'.-1 AX -43:1 X ' i' i 1 'LL' A -,x JL! 'J 'Q ,... - -. xg' f . r ,u , . '1:. --My ', ' ,i 3, . 3 8 : ' 1' f QM 1 ' , . L--K -r - ag--5 ,. -, . x , - . , U .-- if: X 1 5 ... f greets 1 I j ,. ,"',v '-3-4 f-'L -'lg -H4 N-A a,. 4.-1 .-ui' "lag" 1 ' 3"."""u' "-"-'L..-"1-.f . Q ML '!" ' .U-,qu . ' Al I 'k.-:iDlx-L'- W V X174 " ' I z 'I " r ' ' 'Lf W ' xftgcl 1 , "dn I .,:.',. y 4 F, . - im i w -uywnvwf x . 4 I ' ' 7"-xx' 5:1 f"'2':.? '-"-L ML . gwwr- I 1 ! Pg-w' ' . A ,,jl af- - X I l V1 -' 1 ,gy X -.gffyt 4 3 I- .Q -,-fsgfk .-.Jkt v ,. .. ' '.,,'---- L,-.7-- . ji 0 X 1:,'1'f 1 ' 5 f" :X ' '-. . . ' I ' 12115 f 1 4,-"1 '-'- 1' -, f - N " -f ' -. '-fiffil 4 wfgffvf . 1 W' V , '..-. 1 I J'.a. .1 ' z'-'iff 1 -1 ' 1 " 'Yr - - . . 'E ' - J --c-1 - i lu 1 ' -'fJ""tJ-:- ' " x 5 f s l 1 1- -J f-'7 'Vg 1 f , . ,Us 51 -.f..3. ' 'nf xi 1.f"'a-. ' in -- 1 z'--J H . "'-1 4.1.1 a 3, U ' f up I I . 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X XQQY 7 fi'-' , A X K Q is Qcduufgamhepkmuc 6017-Q WM fwigip fy e-M1 William Sharpley, first of the June graduates to be notified of a scholarship, is congratulated by Miss McGinnis, after her announcement of his winning a Generoso Pope Memorial Scholarship. . -xl A ' uk Elaine Lorenzani CMiss Keegan! supervises the work being done in the Grade Advisers' Oftice by Eddie Scozzori and Pat Richard- son: Josephine Adamo and Helen Burtner teach a typing classg Theresa Datello and Julienne Le Bros cover an English class in room 229. Teaching classes, after careful preparation, is one of the responsibilities assumed on Senior Day. ,- Miss McNeill signs the traditional green and gold Senior hats. The Senior assembly featured "The Monkey's Paw," directed by Miss Templeton. The Sergeant fPhilip Corsoj tells Mr. and Mrs. White Uohn Pitarresi and Dorothy Cicchesej and their son Herbert lRichard Bazuroj at the superstition. Later Mr. Sampson !Dominick Tacampoj arrives to announce Herbert's death. The Reverend Samuel P. Reinke, Miss MgGinnis, and the faculty listen while Gail Mulcahy delivers the Stu- dent Address to parents and graduates at the January commencement. Gail's topic, Our American Heritage Year: "lt is a concerted effort to familiarize us the strength ot our heritage: our varied political his' tory. our rich and colorful traditions and folkways, in which are rooted our individual patterns of culturep our humane social history, from which we have evolved the democratic ideals and principles which motivate us, singly as individuals and, collectively, as a nation," ,ver iqlbss lx ,A Rf' v 8 V4 Special honors are awarded on Commencement Night. M'ss McGinnis bestows the Phi Beta Kappa Award upon Joseph D. Coccoli, who also received Mathematics and Science Awards, and First Scholarship Honors. Leslie Bellows receives the Highest Cooperation in Government Award. Philip Corso presents the gift of the graduating class to Miss McGinnis iw. , ose Magnotti and .loan Licastri lead the graduates dawn the aisle to the music of Mendelssohn's Athalia. The following night, the graduates played their last role in New Dorp at the Crystal Twilight Senior Prom. Glbrallar 2-4266 WE ARE PROUD . . . To have had Jrhe privilege of working wilh The yearbook slaldl lhe advisers and Jrhe sludenl body of New Dorp l-hgh School cmdlma laden YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 1254 CASTLETON AVENUE Wesl New Brighlon may be oblairied a+ lhe sludio I P. S. Duplicale pholoqraphs ol all sluderils in lhe yearbook Tewephcnez DQnqen HMS 6-2950 TAV PIZZERIA AND RESTAURANT Wwmes Lquor 60 HANCGCK STREET Cbm Q rr Tom Avemuc Mc sc l E E ' S E R N ' : i Q 1 , ef 61 QC , A Dongaw HMS, Sfafem Mane TI-IE FUTURE IS YOURS BY SAVING RICHMOND COUNTY FEDERAL Suvmgs 8. loan Assocluhon I90 MAIN STREET TQTTEIXIVILLE 4000 AMBOY ROAD G I K II Aj . . If 'I Q, F I GUARD IT F rea I 5 l G BALFOUR COMPANY Designers of the Offlclal New Dorp Hugh School Ring N Y N Yk 521 FIFTH AVENUE ew Cr, ew or Tluere us fursf flue luferafure of lcnowledge and secondly flue luferafure of power Tlue furucfuon of flue fursf us fo feaclw CLASS OF 1952 Luferafure always anfvcupafes lufe If does nof copy uf buf moulds uf fo ufs purpose We, flue Graduafes of flue Class of l952 seeung new realms openung before us eagerly ruslu forward fo meef flue cluallenge of lufe flue funcfion of flue second is fo move." BIG CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST ISLAND CHEVROLET, Inc I3I6 CASTLETON AVENUE S'raIen Island IO New York TAVERN ON THE GREEN 2566 I-IYLAN BQULEVARD STATEN ISLANDS FOREMOST RESTAURANT New Dorp, SIaIen IsIemd DOnqan I-IIIIS 6 0909 Glb. 2-7900 A I 2-7472 Max Menden FROM A FRIEND W B C WI-IILE YOU RE LEARNING LEARN THIS FACT TIIere IS noIIIInq you nope Io do In II'Ie IUILIF6 IIIaI money IU ine bank won I IneIo you Io do or IIIa+ lack of money wonlr Iunder or preyenf you Irom domg Learn IIIIS one fad Inrougn sawnq dunno your sc:IIooI days and II WIII QIV9 you an advaniraqe II'IrougI'I all +IIe resf of your days STATEN ISLAND NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST CO. PQRT RICHMOND ST GECRGIE TOTTENVILLE NEW DORP Member EederaI DeposI+ Insurance Corporahon .I I. I . I I I . I THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF NEW DORP HIGH SCHOOL and Our SchooI REGULAR MEETINGS Thrrd Wednesday of The Mohfh 2 P M ef New Dorp Hugh School SUCCESS TO THE I952 ARGONAUT FROM COLONIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. lOAN ASSOCIATION l55O RICHMOND ROAD Srafen IsIer1d 4, New York Asks Every Refreh? 'ro Join fo Work for fhe lnreresfs of Our Children 4 WADSWORTH MARKET PRIME MEATS GROCERIES POULTRY FROZEN FOODS EGGS BUTTER I3o FINGERBOARD ROA a Good School Clhzen Suppor'r +he G O Phone DOnqan I-Inlls 6 0988 THE CONCORD DINER 709 RICHMOND Row Jom a School Achvlfy HENRY S FLOWER SHOP 2285 HYLAN BoULEvARD Granl Culy Slalen Island 6 New York Glbrallar 7 3920 We Delnver CONCORD LIQUOR succsss TO THE GRADUATES STORE R P Thompson Prop Full Line of Wines 8: Liquors FROM N Y Shale Rel Llq Lucense I.6I2 7IO RICHMOND ROAD INear Clove Roadl Concord, Slalen Island 4, N Y GryrneQ I-IIII Sle en Ixland I, N Y Glrra 'af 7-3 77 D S"a'on I1 and 4 New Ygrlf FM' Wada.-.orfh 5, Sffrf-rf Is vd Be ' ' I Glbfalfaf 7-0346 SAin+ George 7-l6OO BEST WISI-lES SCHICK S GARAGE DIRECT DEALERS DODGE PLYMOUTH TRUCKS 947 957 BAY STREET Rosebank Sfalren Island 5 N Staten lwlands llwn WEISSGLASS Glbralfar 7-5738 Premc+ Service ALLIED REFRIGERATION SERVICE AUTHORIZED FACTORY SERVICE Admiral Dual Temp and Crosley Jose I1 B Amodea and lvllclweel Ru so l BROWN PLACE Slalen lslarwd 5 N Y ROLLADIUM FINEST SKATING RINK IN THE WORLD I INC. I f 7 ' I l I New Dar-p,S1a+em liland INTENSIVE BIJSIIESS SCHOOLS IN All IOIOUGIIS SECRETARIAL-JOUIIAIJSU DRAFTING-ACCOUIITIIG COMMERCIAL SPANISH DEP! nun urn nusnmss C to AD vu Cqmq NEW YORK U54 NASSAI SY Opp Cnty Hall-lieklu 3-ll 9 BILL S TAXI IWDLAND AVENUE d ea fa? PHONE DOngan Halls 6 1951 24 HOUR SERVICE BROWN DONGAN HILLS PHARMACY A J RABINOWIU Phe- E74 CHMONDP AD A la Q N Y T BEST WISHES TO NEW DORPS I952 GRADUATES Baccl Bullclmg Co DCnqan l-lllls 6 0509 Baccl s Charcoal Haven Dflnqam l-lnlls 6 3210 G 7 43 FREE DELTVERY ARROW WINE 8. LIQUOR STORE Luc L 684 I3 E BAY STREET NN ca C af 5 A HARRY McCAFFERTY BLUE COAL KOPPERS COKE 410 PYT AN BOLLEVARV U . . O llfll 0 ' 0 . l ' 9onhon: we ur - T I , .i ' : I I. E63 565 Mldler B cn,S ev Ielafd ' . l . F. J. Cwral X Clwafes Zai, Prips, ia K FH' 6 sy-fam' J er' liind , New Ycfk I l-lCfe,fvt5a E-I557 ffm: QO':a' H s 5-0053 03l4 1 1 I G . Ealtaflfs-M:'1e Stxerg gf O' B,.frwe'5 l Rl 5 E ' - Vniin ll' E SEV' 5 ' 9" '3' owe' K' i S'i'ef Lara E Nw- Yi'l BAKER BUSINESS SCHOOL RERES RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO E TELEVISION REPAIRING A L M U S STATEN ISLAND OUTEITTERS RICHMOND FIR ESTO N E DEALER STORE 'X X F M A T T H INSURANCE BONDS REAL ESTATE C W ROBINSON HARDWARE CO Inc flzflzday ffm DRINK BEVERAGES BY IMPERIAL WISE UP HIRES ROOT BEER NEECO COFFEE SODA AND A FULL SELECTION OF DELICIOUS CHAMP AND IMPERIAL FLAVORS Ae we H. . Ius - I E. ' ,191 .---:nf-'z 8.3.2. 5 f y - C,E.!f1RQl AVEMLE A ,- if ' 4,., ,, f ,, ., . -- wi, H KVI 'Ali LDOFI AXINIJ X4 . FEUUQ GDVXI' C " ' 1 rug f- ,-1 - IX H Y. :":2 I' '- It :':""':,f 71' fl 4. C ,I ' i! ,Z ., V. ,4 XI I ., 'A 11X ' IN NEW EO F PETER S PHARMACY EGR IRISCRIVTIONS NOTRE DAME COLLEGE A Couniry Day Collene for Younq Women If I, fi '3 W, M CP LCIJRSES C ASSES IO A M wry 744 GCZI O ALFRED KELLER 8. CO INC REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 29 RICHMOND AVENUE 'T af r' G CUPO PHARMACY I FT BAY STREET I: PROM A FRIEND IFMSI CONORAI EAI S FROM BESSI'S MARKET ca T7 NEW METHOD no rr Cao a '1 I 465 BAY STQFET a 4 WF WISH YOU EVERY HING- L WISH YOURSELVES M RTIN S Mar+y 8: Diana U 6 G rce Oar HYGRADE MARKET QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES JRDERS RRQMRTTY DELIVERED T435 HYLAN BOULLVARJ COMRIIMENTS OF LIEBLICH 8. SONS BAKERY J RSVY QT D R I N K MISSION BEVERAGES nTf A FRIE D lucy GVIO GI f 'e 3500 . Y RU: IIS La., 'y - Ofy C05 ' 1 - ' Q' Sefvfie I ' Ru? CIE MVT f C' FI' Sifaqe I S' wrt Ifwo Nev. Y nk I 9,.,M,.A I-III, Swv I. A-Q E E I F, Swv irq Rf-'z' 'fi Pii'f-3"i"if YC I V - I I IM- 1"-f- 2 EA. 5.2 BS. V 1' V" 1' C"""f1"A A , PPE ,A F13 L, F H r L . 4 F, M. I ' I R-1:I'ra'I' , AL3D'v""L""'GI. - 3 3 IT- V50 Pflfize' I'IIIIT -I832 ef, K Q ., . 1 7 , Q PPM RIIIT Tfxnd SI Q rd J Z I I 7. by 4IE ER E J PEE' :'1'f:' I' avd - NEW YTK SGW' I, ffc I NIE.-. Y:u W MXN 8-5 VRISI-ES - N Te GOING'-ez G. I. 7-44:24 ALDO RAINERO Delicafessen - Beer on Ice - Sandwiches Fancy Groceries IZOS BAY STREET C -Bank Srafen Is an ,fre HO. 6-ZOQS FOUR WINDS MUSIC SHOP RECORDS SHEET MUSIC GIFTS FILMS 4067 HYLAN BOULEVARD A F G 6 C J MANCINO LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR LIGHT HEAT POWER OIL BURNERS T474 HYLAN BOULEVARD nqar HI 6 L 1 6 I BEST WISHES VURCKIO CONTRACTING 66 M KINLEY AVENUE GARBER BROTHERS For Mens CIoII'IInq 8: Women s Apparel I63 RICHMOND AVENUE B ST WISH S TC CLASS OF I952 Mr and Mrs Freddle Brown BERRY LUNCHEONETTE AND UNITED CIGAR STORE L1 G O E S 'Bb RICHMCN RCF-I JOHN SEXTON 8. CO MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS PATSY'S SHOE REPAIRING I692 RICHMOND ROAD Snqan HIE, I -n 'a MARY LANE SHOP TOWN AND COUNTRY CLOTHES FOR JUNIORS MISSES AND WOMEN 77 N W ORD 'ANE IO 6 I935 LANE BOOTERY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ICON? NEW DORP LANE W C THE GRENNIE PHARMACY Inc PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 253 NEW DORP LANE r KATHRYN MAY GREETING CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS In NEW DORR LANE LANE BARBER SHOP Dom CIIIFITano Prop Ir? NEW ORP LANE ONIELIMENTS ALVIN DALHEIM NOBILE S DELICATESSEN GOOD THINGS TO A R A EI SOF RIN Ibn NEW CORP LANE NI E rc D II Shafe IS nc R SF-'R d P r Ofc f K? S Sffre I1 Cd I 5 K .J SQC' ANICOEC Pa" f""'4f:' COCUGF' I-IEII: -2760 Prfmk I SWIM' I',I '6, Ne YO' DO I 'Is, ST ff I' -nd I and I EIODGV H' IS - 646 31- 5 T290 I359 ' P566 CO. S+ GF I I V6 Nf-A Y fI LL- gm, IWC I RCM Rlthrfffd B'a'i' S'OTefS'aCf4"' BVI C Wf- Ca", 5 E' LIN: QI CIOFITS Pd CI':a'LfHe- Sfcxrfes and '-OIT: Circ: GF :Mme I-I' S S'1'fI-Ii.1"I 3' 'H EC. C II07 I ' E T f COLD BEE T' T 2 I'I4S 5. O. Bw ,IS-Semi' Sinrf- C'-C575 RO I. ' -I V .EA 4 D S'aTe" Irerc YI XRISUUKS IRE PART UI NFV4 IJURP HIGH bi H001 S II'I ILRATLRE AND III'Il I III NN I I 0 A M Uma ms wurlronl s ur: prmla 11 uml 110111111 In Ill f onnl I r un In uns Ill r Flllfll' III Ill I s NIH xuanh NIIIIIHI vu xomx II vu xo 4.1 V . A 1 I . Iligll SVIIINDI Xllllllillf are- poffilvly ilu- nu fi pe-rmum-nl purl of yo ' I vlvlwlf ul homo. Your IU32 -XIIIIUNVXI 'I' will rf-main will you through ilu' yvurf uf an l'0lIrI2lIII. ple-z1fzu1lre-mimlvrofilnofv QFZIIIII timvf all N4-ss' Ilorp Iligrhf XX 1- In-rv all Ifomvl I'r4-ff ure- xvry IIIPIINWI Io IIIIXI' I r - 1llu'c'1I uuollwr UIIIPISIIIIIIIIQI I HCI XXI 'I'. -,f' , ' , j , fm, Il: V' o :Hp ' - ' 4' 'fn.'I.' O 'I'II If IIUXIIQT PRESS. IN II. 1. ' 1 -3 I 1 ' . -3 Illx

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