New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY)

 - Class of 1943

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New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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'lh 14143 Apaoruaut TLEWDULP gkaien-lafancl L lealicafecl fo je American yalea! of .ilzeeclom Plwofography Ecliforz Barbara Lmci. Ari' Ediforsz Befiina Anderson, Joan Bainbridge. Adverfising and Publici'ry Man ager: Waiier Keyes. Business Manager: Nicholas DiEr- rniiio. Edifor-in-Chief: Agnes Suarez Sporis Ediforz Jusiin Couiliard Li+erary Edifor: Peggy Young. in January Edlfor Vmcen+ Sofhle THE ARGONAUT STAFF Sfandlng Joseph Sparendera Jane KeaNy Jo Slat r Dorofny Crauq Ar+nur Ward Perez' Scozzare Gregory Fallean Enzo Carboccr Melchuor D Ca lo Harold Quale Wsllnam Keffelson Joseph Penmnc Emerson Fersch Edward McGurnness Ruin Boclf Bianche Olsen Marqaref Ewing Seaied Loss Enchele Eleanor Ha seiberq Rose Vasfola Ma y OConno I e E uchuello I z Carnnc Il G-lor Colomando Charlo+fe Durkee Oonaln Skinner Nancy Leaf Missing from Plcfure Nancy Hauqhwoui' N ' : , , e , , ' , ' , , Schneider, Par Premoe, Marion MacLean, Virqinlal Reynolds, Frances Mirus, Cafherine Accardi, Do? ' , s , , r ' ,essi. rr' ' , ne ' e I, ia ue' W,,,.,--'f' .iw fi ,A 1 we 1 B nw ff' . J,,jJ, S fi ll! QS' 'X COYLtC-YtfS f3M4M Qfcmw Q MW AAAKLWVK ff WQMJZ' Lwffn-fu 452 UNA ku Q X ff ,f X bmw ff Hwy 5 ff W Mr N W QQQWVQWWJZL 2 W 2. xx WI' LIAM M BARLOW Principal felxguc, o bmd J X ' W In I in ' I 1 I f I X'f ' I H V f 1' 'xx 4 P ffm? - CJ K4' -444.1 v a-c-4 .pa af CJCJAA l in ff' 1 r I 4-' 011' ,41 cf 1,lX 1' LOL, ld' Luft ,ff .f 1 .2 ,- I xf' If 2 . -1 J f d..x un-a 6 1. 1 nf , f f 'I f, 1 ., A . ,-1 I 1 ' 44,1 1 , X I ,I ,4 x NA, ,4 I , Q, R-,MQ , f , , f 515' -W4 14 l f fg, 4 J ,A ff L Z. 1 5 , f X ii y I .' ff I 1 f f , f 1 . f 1 if ., 1 . , kxl, I ' ,K ' f 1 , f f 4!, 17 '- 1 1 , ff I WHAT WE OWE TO THGMAS JEFFERSON JeTTerson had TalTh un The common people Has was The vlsuon or an America upholding The banner oT luberTy he was The early aposTle of The new world democracy Now ThaT The UnuTed STaTes Tunds nTseTT engaged ID a unnversal con TlncT an opporTune Tlme presenTs uTselT Tor a deep consmderahon oT The orngun oT Those democrahc concepTs whuch have provoked The a denT deslre Tor lfberTy among :Ts cnTlzens ThroughouT The hxsTory oT Amernca The common people have never possessed a Truend more TauThTul Than Thomas JeTTerson We To no less exTenT Than our predecessors owe To him The basis oT The Ideals Tor whlch we are making The supreme sacruTace during The presenT crnsls l-le belweved un The people and he knew whaT we realuze Today ThaT The governmenT ns helpless has absoluTely no drav :ng Torce unless The people are There behxnd :T grumly deTerm1ned To achneve Thenr goal Though The way may seem rough JeTTerson may seem To be gone and TorgoTTen now buTh1s sp1rlT enknndles The Tlames oT l:berTy IU The hearTs oT a Tree people sending rays oT hope and The braghTness oT The dawnlng day over a world shrouded sn The shadows oT darkesT nnghT Thomas JeTTerson dnd more Than any oTher man IU The hnsTory oT America Towards The manuTesT deshny oT our greaT naTuon During hrs admunnsTraT:on ThaT greaT Transachon w1Th France The purchase oT Louisiana was compleTed WnTh The acgu1suTlon oT Thus huge TracT oT land The area oT The oreglnal ThurTeen sTaTes was doubled l-low much we owe JeTTerson Today Tor puTT1ng Through ThaT deal Today ThaT ruch TerTule land ws helpnng To rn eT The T emendous eeds oT Thl counTry and :Ts allies by supplyung huge guanTnT1es oT Tood A large per cenT oT The oul which rs so lndlspensable IU The successTul execuhon oT Thus war TS Taken Trom ThaT same land wh ch JeTTerson boughT a llTTle over a cenTury ago In The same sechon oT Amerlca once doTTed wfTh a handTul oT hardy Tronhersmen clTnes have sprung up and wuTh Them has come The noisy roar oT TacTorues TacTorues Trom whose assembly lunes are rolling The planes Tanks and Teeps The guns and The ammunuTron upon which The TaTe oT a naT1on may depend The work which he dld Then now makes peace and securuTy seem a llTTle nearer and The ulTumaTe crushnng deTeaT oT The Toe becomes a realnTy I O . . . .. , . I . . . T . . . .. . . F . , I ' I - . , , . - . , s T . , . . , . . T ' ' ' Te.. r. n 's T I . T . . , , T im The sfrengfh of democracy Iles vvufhun flue ummorfal words of Thomas Jefferson All men are creafed equal They form fhe ummovable foundafuon sfone of Amerucan freedom Egualufy luberfy fhe :deals for whuch our forefafhers vv llungly gave fheur luves sfull sfur fhe hearfs of a free people and leave fhem defermuned fo preserve fhe governmenf of fhe people by fhe people and for fhe people Thomas Jefferson made a noble guff fo '-Xmeruca when he sef forfh so clearly he pruncuples and deals for whuch we sfand un flue Declarafuon of Independence Today N6 are fughfung for fhose same rughfs lufe luberfy and flue pursuuf of happuness for whuch he foughf so long ago Oppressuon and fyranny are words whuch once fransformed unfo realufy and experuenced by a people can never perush Ameruca us nof daunfed never has been daunfed and never will be daunfed when any oppressor fhreafens de sfrucfuon because Ameruca us made up of people who are ready fo fzghf fo flue funush uf flue :deals sef forfh un fhe Declarafuon of Independence are endangered If a naflon such as ours as ruled by fhe people nfs success or faulure depends on flue abulufy of flue people fo acf wusely un choosung fheur rep resenfafuves and rulers The people musf have some form of educafuon uf fhey are fo acf prudenfly Buf sunce fhe malorufy of fhe cufuzens of fhe Unufed Sfafes fund fhemselves funancually unable fo meef fhe demands puf educafuon asude Thomas Jefferson was one of fhe fursf fo feel fhe need for a remedy of fhus sufuafuon and fo acf accordingly l-le advo cafed free educafuon for fhe people un general and he humself founded fhe Unuversufy of Vargnnua Today fhe plan vvhuch he sfarfed has expanded over fhe enfure Unufed Sfafes and fhe people are becomung more and more aware of fhe facf fhaf fhey are largely responsuble for fhe course wluuch fhe ruafuon falces In domesfuc and forengn affaurs Ameruca has been called fhe melfung pol of fhe world because of fhe many counfrues vvhuch are represenfed here Nof only do we fund a muxfure of nafuonalufy buf also duversufued opunuons on relugrous obluoa fuofus Durung a war a nafuon musf be unufed uf vucfory us fo be achleved and one of fhe greafesf hundrances fo fhus unufy us relnguous preguduce Thomas Jefferson playeo a greaf parf ln moldlng publuc opunuon on fhls ublecf l-le wrofe fhe Qfafufe of Reluguous Freedom for Vurgunua and ef an example for every sfafe fo ennulafe Today we are un fhe fhroes of war and fhls nafuoru can acf much more effuclenfly uf If pufs nnfo prac fuce flue splruf of reluguous folerance whuclu characferuzed Jefferson so well 7 u I T 1 + 4 - ' of privafe educaflon, fhey musf safisfy fhe mosf urgenf needs firsf and Jefferson, Jrhe rover of rioerry, had +he vision or a qiorlous and free America and spenr his life accomphshing h3s dream. VVe are ar a hme In rhe hisrory of America when The pficeress he-nrage of our ancesrcrs ecomes dea er and nearer To us and we come +o a quick reahzahon 4 whar lnce wourd be wrrhour 1+ Whar we owe To Jerferson un securuncg so arqe a share of +hus rch henraqe r u cannor whohy be measur d r words our rn The consecrahon of our 'rv s uphordrnq has qrear demo rahc prrncrpres we may prove rhaf has farrh rn rhe common man was and as nor rn vam X1 e are rhe peocre rhe peopie m whom Jehrerson ao so nnuch conhdence If ns our +as4 To make rhrs fand for which Jehfer son dad so much safe for our posr run We musr abandon all rhose mmor differences of race and rehguon whrch Jefferson so despised and as a huge body af peopre unared rn a common cause we musr see rhar rhus wodd ns made are wfor democracy STEPHEN QIMMONS WN 3,3 f- 5 Q rg fl -',J.-. FT" KQJH 'ix 2 PQ? eq-Ssmgkefggs-XXQQQML 1 7' RJJ- QWQMNQSWWEL RCgkg Qbzwiii H-jj 1 h ' R : or s. , e 'rw r I 1 ' In QI 1 ' x - Em' . .H V W 1 , h .Q V h r ' h . ' 7 . ' ', ' Q ' ' s . I I F -2 .5 lj! N, KA NN i s ,V V xx K X fd of a t ' f D If jf X T-14-W,-I QfQ!QLxl L'Si!!l b E . X .y " i s 'N' 7 f Y 'H . Xxx J J K D g 1 - i 'rf- , Q kc K X X If Q x ' t 1 4 rl ht kr" ? , M .f r f M r,l .-Q f k K j ,QL RZ jf Lux W ,. ar mf Mflfli , -- --rf' cars? x. Q' -qefxgv' PUEQ DO NO RHYMES BY OUR IE-HRD TERMERS C "z XM ., ' ., ,y-I fx-- ., .,, AFTER A BOMBINC5 Y I-Iowdy Dave and Paul Drd you all do much damage fhrs mornrng7 Ah duo as much as Ah could Buf boy' Ah had some frouble wfh couple of Jerrres Ah was crursrng over our obrecfrve when fwo Ivlesser schmrffs drved af me from a cloud Ah made a gurclc rrghf banlc ano oof behind one of fhem Ah gave hum a dose of machrne gun bullef and he wenf down rn fl me By fhrs frme fhe ofher one had rrddlea mx fuselage wrfh bullefs I-Ie came drvrng af me and Ah rolled over wrfr m acre acl spurfrn ead Ah gof hrm buf only affer he had c ceeded rn shafferrn my wand shreld Nofhrng very excrfun ya see' I-low drd you all fare7 Bofh Dave and I unloaded our bombs Sfeve Besides fhaf nofhrng specral happened fo me Nof physrcally anyway buf sprrrfually well as I dropped down close fo fhe fargef I saw one of The houses bursf Info flame A small chlld ran our of If I couldn f fell If If was a boy or gurl I dd see fhe lrffle flgure crumble Info a heap A chrld alone rn all fhaf I e u eve has war I erce h only hurf adulfs who are fhe cause of rf If wouldnf be so bad buf rf formenfs srrall defenseless chrldren Info a sfafe of near rnsanrfy 'Ihrs war has gof fo sfopl Sorry fellows buf I couldnf help brealcung down affer foday buf Im olcay now' Whaf happened wrfh you Dave7 we can f Ief If gef us If was rusf a roufrne bombing for me foday I d d gef a few Nazrs fhough A schmlff was farlrng one of fhe Englrsh boys fhaf blond Icrd who Ioolcs abouf srxfeen fhe one fhey call Shorfy Yor Icnow hum donf you7 Well fhe German was snealcrng up o hrs fa' I slgna eo Shorfy fo dlve fhen I drved af Jerry wrfh everyfh ng nad I gof hrm and Shorfy drpped hrs wrngs In fhanI4s and wenf on hrs way Jusf as I was afraid fhrngs were geffrng boring I drscovered a Nair on my fall I swrfched off grvrng hrm a momenf of doubf Before he recovered I swrfched on came ouf of fhe drve and began fo clrmb rrghf af h m grvrng hrm full blasfs wrrh my wrng guns Thaf was fhe end of fhafl I was over fhe oblecfrve by fhen so I rusf pushed fhe bomb release buffonl 'Ihaf s all chums Gosh I m a brf drowsy whaf say we grab a ruffle shuf eye7 The fhree comrades nod and furn fowards fherr guarfers wrfh fhe sure easy garfs of Amerrcan R A F Irghf bomber prlofs benf on a few hours of deserved relaxafuon JO SLATER y I' I- sl' y I I I . ' , I su - I I Q 1 .Q . . - . hell. I fall yo Sf I ' 's fi . I hafe if! If as fo sfopl If if "Too bad abouf fhaf Icid, Paul. I fhinlc I Icnow jusf how you feel, buf . y , rr M . I . ,, ,, . Y I In - 3 I. T . . I V. I I . . Adi .. H A 1. y I I Nfl I V re KL? fra- ON TO VICTORY There was a lad who sauled away And lefl' hrs homeland dear Through s'I'orm and gale he rode +he mam And had no 'rhoughl' of fear He d heard 'rhe shrrmg call for men To f1gh+ across 'rhe sea He knew America musf wan Her way io v:c+ory The wnld waves rolled +he cannon roared The planes hurled fire and dea'rh He slood behind 'lhe gun and foughl' The foe wlfh bafed brea+h Though wounded sore he ne er gave Tull un +he sunsef sea The Nuppons shlp sank ou? of slghl' The sailor lad shouls as he falls The fngh+ has 1us+ begun And has comrades cheer wl'l'h many a 'fear For has duly so well done STEPHEN SIMMONS Q J 5 if sf . up . . . . S Info obscurily. , . , yy ex 5 y L fxfX GmQhNc X THE WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN liesseo IS Ihe naIIon whose Goo IS Ilne l.orc1 and Ihe people whom he haIh chosen Ior hls own Inhe IIGWCG Blessed Indeed IS a naIIon or In a arger sense a world whose God IS ruler Thls surnfe buI Irue BI Ie ferse cofwdenses InIo one sIaIennenI all Ihe Iheorles ahd suggesIIons wh ch corre Io rny nwund In regard Io Ih Word I WanI Io Luve In True rwan hac ha he Buble and IIs Ieacn hgs beIore hlm Ior generaIIon upon gen eraIIon and has noI yeI Ihoroughly carrled ouI I-IIs word Thus s P ason however why we shoulow I sIarI now II our Chrushan herIIage IS Io be preserved and conIInued Ihen our generahon rnusI express In Iresh ano vIvId Iashlon IIs deep allegsance Io Ihe Gospel oI Chr1sI Wouldn I Ihe world be plea anI II each oI us ere buI haII as good acIed one halI as w sely as he Ihunlss hIs nexghbor should7 We re all so very cerIaIn as Io whaI so anci so should do and we seI up sIandards we e sure are rughI Ior hum I-le ouohI Io be more cenerous h oughI Io glve more pralse he oughI Io be more Iclndly he shouldn I II he shouldnI Iudge wIIn bIIIerness Ihrough Iealous sp1IeIuI eyes The world would be so peasanI II each oI us were haII as good s If e Irwnr our nelghbor shoud oe II all nahons and people weren I so gu cn Io speak Ihe causIIc wo d oI blarne we rnIghI Ihlnlc a rnornenI and nd a he'pIuI land world wmch would be ever so much beIIer T e Go oen Rule should oe Ine nnorro oI Ihe posI war worlo II Ihms r were Icl owed by every Indlvudual Ihere would be no need oI war poverIy or sIrIIe You n'IIghI compare II Io a garden In whIch we are Ihe gardeners We a e Ihe ones Io sow Ihe seeds and whe-Ihef Ihey be corrupI or godly we are responsible Ior whaI comes IorIh II should be up Io us Io sow If Iwo e seeds whnch brung IorIw peace IusIIce and beauIIIul ways XIVe alohe a e responsuble Ior Iendlng IhaI garden plucl4 ouI a weed or clear away a s one Ihus ndalclng Ihe goal easIer Io achueve LeI us plclc ouI Ihc ee s ano r3IanI IW Ihe place I wers oI courage ano II dness and IruIh I 9 I. I I. I I . I , I I I . II I , . . I I . ' I I . ,I b I ' I I I I I ' 9 I . I I I I 4 , ,V .I . I V Cl 'II ' I . I IT., VS' I I - ' I I . s w I I I I . ' I - - I I . . II II Q .I II V. . I . J J I e I . II II . .I I. I I I crm clse' I I I I I-I - I ' I G vl I I . .I . . . I I I r I I. . I. I fl I I - - . II I. II I II I I I I I . 5 I I I I . Uwe I: . . I .I I I I F . ,VM I C I . . . . V-IV I 4 I I I I . . I Y' I ' N Y . . . . I ' I - Il ff 3 I I I 'I I Ir I Io' ' 'In I , ADf'1'1f'Q' 111' ihfj w'1'i'ji Sh iwl hifi i':1i+i" la-'h 'K f "'W!"'i"fi 3" ,f , w, - V 1 , .A L 1, ., 1. "1 ' 'fi' . ii A 1"f,"i ,, "1 r - 1 '1-f Qfvfw-1 !'f1U:'Tfi 1' 'iid hh' rif- W iff E Pwr 1 ,1:1wf1+ , 'ln ,"' X '-'fI1i'w,4 ,, 1, 4 1 1' 1 ' 1 ' isfhg W9 dffifes Wan, Mad, '31-Em i912ffpQ vw f '13 ini or 1 'haw ewdefwofs if fhey had ho? Hui' CCVTDEBWCDVW fc gnu' Ven' if, A' We shi 55 Lhis v,iAf?a'i1' 1'Y1JS' fi Sf We ihjiifim Q him- 1i1Ji'i img hand-1-em abiding ieiih, ici whiih iheie is V'OSJbS+iiL,Ji6iV1ii'i9iV saive Hgh, Pafiiofisrw is good buf Oahiofisrv is fifli ehcqgh. Lowe 0? Qcimfry is good Dui H1312 fhm Que piQx,iihh'1, is meaed. P3ii?W ache can give . A - 1 1 1 vim new hedifg, new 11111101 mv, gpiiiig, ima rhaice ihwi' pure mo brave ami Sheng, Lei Us have ieifh im fhe iifviah o1fNazare+hfi c0nhder1++ha+ fhe Cause in which we iahor Wiii Triumph, fo The gory of His name. CCDNFH SKJNNEP NOIVNN A1 ye 4 4.4 if L A 114 be K c IL if ,uf fL Cvvc J nfl' L c C 1. L44 aan!! fan, lift! La. ZA1 016,04 fa'-fltfrw, -yiaf lf-1 rf. Jfl4,z ru, 4 r rl ! .J 5 11.21, 0 rn, fl. rue fbvdf IA Ifvvs-1 va, YfL Aga Cir LCL 1 A4,l4L z,fvfL C1 4Af -Lfwi lcqf 11,4 4,41 rf-a.1,.,L. I 411 llfflq 1,71 Z1 nw 11.1 fu, L1 4 fp-C 41-11,4 L ,K 14,44 Ln, 10 IC1 frm .74 Q Aa. c,L7.x,,vf41 yn fi fi.L'LALl fr yvvp fl vw fvdf ful dm, 1 AA A415564 031 0641 MWLW M A ,ap u 2 t4 If ..., A 9-fa. 0 Lv? ov vw IL Q.. fZ'2frn.a,!1,afr,2'Z.. ,AAL AA, Lcqlfvf A fig!!-VL! I Cv K Ivbvvn. Vw 4, -1 f rvm wmv, Q,-.L rc! ,LVV 4 1. .LA 4,14 61, L V cf Lt fVT,,1 , Wg-AJA fLc'a1rq frvfafrmi A6141 yy-dwvf - I 4l+ . -l., STUDENT COUNCIL Sealed: James Ruqer, Ken Allcinson. Eleanor Leyanh Jean Dusold, Jane Keely, Marie Cardwell, Jean Elliolf Marjorie l-lolferrnan, Rurh Heinbucher, Palsy Bruno, Love Hansen, Ed Baqqs, Sfanding: Bob O Keefe Henry Bischoff Ed Mcguinness, Dave Tureio James Ryan, Thornas l-leayey, Roberr Curlis. John Moller, Ed Foy, Ken Oefien Willianw Pos? Dcrglby Claire B'lI Cobb Pal Kelly, Jarnes Flynn, Henry Speiqhf, Norma Corsiqlia. Oscar Slouqhion Danny Siracusa. 4Pa" Eichele Gordon Ralhbone, Bill Gorman, Bill Clause, l-lerberl Flarnrn, Nick Dlirrniliol Albnf? Pearce, Donald Hill, Mrs. Feersr, Louis Tonini, MARSHALS Firsl Row Isabelle Francolini Joyce Rurnph Theresa l-lochslrasser Ag es Wirrrnan Marie DQ Sanfis Bose Tranchlna Vivian Doccola Vincenza Viscariello Anfo P He Marc yec ho Kafhryn D Giacomo econd Row Anna Sam f P ri Rfb a a Ia aura Ma uae arel Cubberly Par Wo n r ll 'r Jud fh Dofilcen a erine Solari Nina Spinelli Audrey Fox lise Woll nwet: fry Esiriaer G rud Kunner Goria Keely Third Row Bernice Linderneye Mildred Slca rer' ba a asc os lf i lo Ma y Alice Murphy P uline Vaccio Adelaide D Br zz Jure by Louis Sayasraro Wirna Paeqelow a n Younq E a nnon ser ucfi unoa an D rl Fourflw Row earn r' M r olornen aro iarns orn A r s a rn Case re Michael Row Mario Ariernrna Flffh Row AHC uinn 1 an a wo oonie rich: ellc Mary Piqoll Roberl Curtis Gord n Rarhbon Ab e P i o Cha s Curninoharn ney L yine i c oi o ee ulrlc hornas r opr-er T ow B an u n Allan Fu ac Kraus c on Naryesen Aron Ma isca M t C G 0 A J Ana son A r e ar ayier ifnang fa nal O nn l-l rry Smler 27 0 f s 2 4 7 if u Y. . . 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Treasurer: Ecffra Mcgvdffeaa. THE PIONEER Seated Wnwllarf M Done!! Eucerwe Ac arow xc: uae! Muni ushn ou4WarC1 '1 Y unq Jo S35 Sfandlng Hama G-urfoi k warg Mc6umne-ss Dons Lymqaas OPM? mme W a s ec off F Ha DRAMATIC SOCIETY urs Row C5 N P y R a Mar JC Q J f' Second Row W ra a 1 a U a r ow M s a a e 3 k Fourih Row L w 5 G B mwmwzs ' wJi,j-1,3 :tif . SENIOR ARISTA Girl Leader: Marsarpv Ycamg. Boy Leader: SH-Q'-V' S"r"'N. Siandingz Paul Miha, Bhrwfiw Olson JVWTTWIO Leuva, Jr Siafef, ECHF Bcwef Lucy CWGUC CarWHa NQSSVNAQ' A 'cf' LH Guudvff DCWWW Efrof E5-ar" E76-5 M1146 D UGC Mir':a'e'ENKr'1, Tiana VVFQ Herr, Ggmdaiker Nlqm, -33 D EHWVQ, Seaied: jfrr- S4 ,fa VJ' Win, Srmirfnnf J5"9s GUC-"fvl:' fifz Taf- f Df'11jY',"'2 ,'u5"' Chr' W: JW' Fm ,xsev Ff""-A Fe, Cfrff' Spirig- ,f- 3. YW JUNIOR ARISTA s Row Lv M 4 Ja arp f rx fa 1 Second Row T Ba ra 5 W W ' V Cha mn. 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Sfanding: Masfn Acfi W1 'a'v Broen W' fav' Ce3sv.o'fr1 SaNva'cre De B555 Sine' Reno Ritter? Cove? Ha" G Wifi-'V' lifes BUHTIVAQL Ltf, Sepsfa Wa'e' Haue' Tfcwwas Dawof Affeo Kcefref Refer' Hama. , , Y, 'Q ff , xv N, 'R N U N K Y., ...A SPECIAL CHORUS Bo s A ar J Uadsff F emme A Audr y Vo 'J wr r-1 w J' Dar' Amee -3 L 26 y: "mf W Q Cnr Them VJ A C ea JC'-' L-4' E.qf-we Face Jin Gr-efzo He w Spelgrr, Swgharf Speiqbf Twcwae Guwafiwc Eugere Dcccny Rzqe' Rsufem. Girls: B'7ag-ef Le++Iere J ' Moceo Q P Q"-e"1f2 Ed" Due" Navi, Li" in Jvar' Erzewi' J- Pftf'e' Ghria C263 6 I ' W 5' ESV: f- 'We"'a' Gfaza C':"i". GIRLS GLEE CLUB lrsRwN1i kj Second Row 'H w '4 Nic: Madu r- Fourih Row An, AJ a ha fin OW UV!" U BOYS GLEE CLUB Irs Rw R a :J arm ae w a 3 cu? 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POWIS R A , 0 : H' , D 5, ux Ki 1 fc AJFQ A 1 'X C", : Ncer T GF-wg: ,Affb f G T' Jo 0 Gu 'ifnc Job Twaa D0 '1 S 1 Ed 1 ' Vcr'dc"'e'3-Q Euzer- D ,ily Pffh 1 fy Soft" H Jx DA.-if Fine' Q'nJ.f'g Af L AW 1.50 S"3.f.i" S:Qf3"'. N ' z Rtsef' ES: o C 'ees W' 'aw C ease A 1 M Mm 3':e" E4 C'::. f LIBRARY SQUAD Firsi Row: Mario Fe'csa Jess! Ba Awe Scenic Ed? RYZZT Lena Tfle ' Arn Hiqbee, Lois Jchfsc Bois Hcwer Frar-ces Mesui Second Row:VT:1cer' Menace Abe Saocfvsry Cafherine Haley, Hefe Baffes Pvlfa Masffanofea Canfe 3 Lucc Rcse"ne Giofoaft L'CC'fa Ccorvafa Rcsafio Pe+r5N' Third Row: RMP C'uW-vu LCV S"'f'U-2' Gecfie Wa'f1 JA" Cimrtre Phi Mae S"aWy M' LesHe VNACNQIRN Ubraflan' Wi Uv' Ccrowie Berry Bfv'fn+':. NEW DORP MOTHERS CLUB Execuhve Board M C L, H A 5 PY 5 F r 28 LABORATORY SOUAD Lefi fo Rlgh? 3 1 i SUPPLY ROOM Le fo Rgh+ T Doro N C a LHuen fav ROS rnafge Biafra V V' ,I I HISTORY OFFICE SOUAD eafed T Cara Shandong VO M1-3 WMHI' GOLD STAR UST Reardon Maurice Slelnlger Charles Shuelds Ha Ack rman George Ahlers Hars All Theodore All Wllllam Amalo Fr nk Anderson Lloyd Ando son Rudy A esu Ren Armenlo Rocco Arnefh William Baccl Wllllam A Baggs Richard Baralla Bernard J Barbara Vlncenl Barbour WarrenW Barr Wnlfred Barry JamesA Bauer George Begley Marlun Joseph Bellerman Herman Bnckerlon Ben Buckerlon Jack Boccuzzl Mallhew Bodemann George Boyce Fleelwood Brlgande Michael Brooks Cha les B ower Howard Brower Rolaerf Brown Thomas Burns Gyle Caflerala Harold Canlon Donald Capalbl Joseph Capuccuo Palsy Carr James Chambels John Charelle Edmund Clbellr An+honyJ Clark John Cluflord John Clifford Marlin Collulon Edward Connolly Ace Bernard Conway John Coronalo Tony Coronalo Vmcenl Coscla John Cosla JohnJ Coslanza Edward Colfer Daniel Covell Denlon Cummings JohnJ C DeHaven Richard DeLulle John DeLlllo John DeLorenzrs Joseph DePornpo Frank DeSarla Joseph DlGlacomo Sleven DnGregor1o Basnl DlMarco Joseph J Dlscenza Joseph Dobler Anlon Drews Roy Duff Arlhur Durkln Geo Elnoll John Elllolf Wa' er Facclolll Ben Falcone Pvl J Falloon Thomas Ferrara Joseph Ferrara Joseph G Felleroll Charles Fnrmg Blorn Furung Finn Flscher Frank Flsher Norman Fllzpalrlck Edward Flack James Forlmulle Lawrenc Fosler James Fox Paul Frerelaeau Roger Fuschxno Bernard Gallagher Francus Gallagher Joseph Gallo Salvalore Garavenla Waller Garoflola Joseph Glannandrea Frank R Gnlllgan Alberf Goers Joseph Golal VICTOF Golway JohnW Goudle Wulllam Graham James Greene Alb 'r Greene John areene Peler Grnfhn John Grimaldi Joseph Gross John E Guarnno Nicholas Guercla Tony BOYS IN SERVICE Haley Frank Halliday James Hallugan Terence Hamm John Harvey FranclsE Hayes Allan Hell Phlllp Heyne Paul Huckman R W Hoffman Roberl Hoffman Wnlluam Holder Charles Hollon Gene Hooper Edward Howarlh Donald Hulfner Arfhur lammalleo Vuncenl lalauro Bernard lalauro Daniel Johnson Waller Johnslon Jos ph Johnslon Richard Kalowllch Michael Kegler Joseph F Klllea Kevun Knllea Thomas Knrchofler George Klssenger Jacob Klee Gus Lakalosh Sieve Langford Joseph Larsen Roberl Leavlll Raymond Lee Bully Leone Frank Llesenberg George Lmdsey James Llolla lsadore Lo fler Edward H Logan Michael Loos George Lowlce Buddy Lueckolzl Lawrence Lupardo Frank Lupardo Raphael Lulherman Wlllnam Lulkenhouse Emile Lufkenhouse Henry Lynch Michael MacDonald Clifford MacDonald Mlllon Mahoney Edward Malone Gerard Malla Frank ' , rry e , G. , ' , , ' ' , rge . . ' ' v If I Boeniger, John Firing, Perer V T ' ', ,Jr. , ' . , , er . ' . y F I V ' R l Mann James Mannlno 8lncenlJ Manlovl Alberl Marchese Carl Marchese Waller Marchlca Qalvalore Marino John T Marnno Peler Maruno Salyalore Marracclnl Anlhony Marraccunl Phlllp A Marren Roberl Masella Louns Maye Francls Mazzeo Charles McCaFFer+y Thomas McC osk y Wlllaam McCrame Tom McDonald James McDonough John McGovern James McGralh John McKay Daniel McKay Thomas McKenna Bernard Meehan Jack Merrell Leslle Meshko George Meyer Arlhur Mlchelagnon Ralph Muller John MISll6F John Monplauslr Chesler Monlalbano Nalale M Monlgomery Roberl MOOdI6 Slephen Mooney John Moore Charles H Morgan Edward Morgan Raymond Morlsxe John Mulvlhnll Frank Murphy Edward B Murphy Phlllp Nally Charles Neuendorll Harold A Newbrand Charles Newbrand Bob Nielsen Charles Nikola Frank O Connor John J O Donnell John A O Donnell John T O Keele Francis Olsen Wulllam Olson Edward O Neill Edward Olllno Louns Orlando John Pache Lawrence Padula CaesarJ Pallerson Earl Pezel Charles Pesce Phnlup Plcclolle Anlhony Puelromonaco Emllro Pino Wnlllam Prsln'lu Joseph Powell Floyd Powell Wllllam Prelsser Richard Prlde Thomas Prlmlano John Procoplo Ray Pulls Andy ulnn Thomas Raso Joseph usnlavalle Mallhew Rahn Robert Randes Angelo Ralhbone Bruce Rawluns George Read John Edward Reinhold Frank Reinhold Gus Reynolds Wllllam Rnccn Vlncenl Richards Eldon Rlley Wlllram Rlngholl James Roberls Rlchard Roblnson Allred E Rockwell Francns Roose Edward Rumph Berl Ryan Thomas Saks James Sapplo John Sawyer Jack Scarr Roberl Schaefer Louis Scoll John M Scoll Roberl E Searl Paul GIRLS IN SERVICE Campbell Isabelle E Darcl Alice Manlovl Calhe une Parlrldge Barbara Welmer Lllllan E Senses Leonard Serra Andrew Serra Palsy Slegrlsl George Slracusa John Skarren Edward L Sk all Eugene Smllh John bmulh John Smylh Peler Snyd r Sluarl Solllle Mallhew Sleln Charles Sleln Gene S ewarl Francis Sul Ivan Bernard Surll Ward Tanner Jock Taylor Edward Temple George W Temple Ralph Tnerney Warren Tllson Jack Torroco Phll Uber Jack Vanlglla Frank Vaslola Louis Venlura Leonard Vlgglano Joseph Von Plonskn John Vunck Norman Wall Lloyd Walsh Edward Wangenslem Roberl P Wanzer Waller Ward FranclsJ Weber Frank Weber Richard Wessel Roberl Wesl Donald Whalen John Whyle John Wsegand Kennelh Youds Wnllord Walls Edward Wllllch Joseph Yales Joseph Zucconr Wlllaam ,- ,. ' - . Q I' Thomasl, Alberl . l ,. , I V ' v Y v v I3 will Be Axrps "V's" ard i ' Dance Nov. To ne, . ed at fhe 1 e Grv It d t decided that they Werefft dving enough f01' Ver-mill' 'ng sfudenh s . . warldedifdizrldnsisutoenovercome this, 8 Victor' Dance ls bemg held' E Sfen pdizildihed HV'-5" will so November 13, undcf the auspices of the h f-,nv F igh Schog aiiound the h on ay,The Primary purpose of thls danacie-:sf fo mffewase t e .SChoo10if?Cm fhe coun a S k and the sale of Wa " C I Ullliony f- P ans to I, H eys O len S in Xe hundred a y Purchase 6.0- One hundred an Dorp students atten party at the Palace in Stapleton 011 Fr rim- 20, the proceed 10 bg Llied to buy a The committee in affair consisted Of chairman D010 mt chairman Ja B Us SfUCi9DiZSJ-glayil to Pay Eifpigje Many, m n 3 chance W rn a D xp High Schooirblhhx iijximiiorme n o e9a.i:.??Lnd e DMS' studef' of number O ffefed by the w L S T1 glailhree teac neil' tumw Nw ajniie o ciock at Ne I Hts a ee Ha nude Stax' Q A 6 today attest was given til D ne iofmiii ts 6 Unie and My M21 Amt o xi officer Candida those b N W 1995 Keega my me OBr1er Coulllaid VI Saks and Al Palace Roller rl for the ex tx at a 5199013 Evecutlve Co t ex 0 G xv tenila remen S . Q one rme 'mam er necessary Yeqm ndidates be- A mc? . d 'L 9 A 'owl C gt e El vice abc mg citizen of the 019 hav rd W the Ser re l bf X COYPS 35 A male Y Richa entefed Cheri- a S1392 ,ce an S 1 senior oi M e arse nd tea 5 Aunt' e gen' av' State Schoo 17 hav es 2 C019 ,yu boo A yngh he ages of u en meal es Ma n Bar C L' tween t' d and Y Me Mafxn afre or SW hat 1 rtaln s wi dire is c Slrlg ll1C6 OI' ICBS W U20 o an Aim -ani re N18 ms Match Rims! a e'Oh Dxr' eoxge F pcourses Prepare Sl-ude,-,fs ndr 52225 Or lace In National Def Wann S1756 New Dorp H, h wel 9' along with the other isl t 5' participating in National Defense by addizi lgilgesclhools IS o IS curriculum this t R ew con efense erm adio Meteorology, an The fundament. gree to improve the Ne w D to be Smmg In one 0? 0fP Student- ary forces soon says Orafegl MDS pr, Haney instructor of th Ze dio course The Sllfth Annual O C t ratorical The radio course is lar Mgtcistlgas held on Thursday d Biology 'SIP in sc 110 are lil- X mt we Cliff Defense Soars to New High how that the United States is m the wal New Dorp High School has undertaken to aid the defense drive by selling defense stamps even lunch period in the lunch loom d enough purchase 0 Must Be Raised Lunch room prices will have be raised because of the lapld crease in costs says Mrs Willi Decker dletician ofthe New D Cafeteria We shall send a let to U ng this mcrea students al Jun cafe eria ht is even t id costs leav IC led is sti be found at dish room D x50 Chal Q A ontmental Code the Replgsengfiltomlhllm New Bnghton Visual Code and actua School wa il ew Dorp High um! mg from one Stat non th eanore Elchele who 1rd prize E1 0 T eanor 0 usr his study is to p on The Inpmt e Spoke ents for a more adx tutzon Y ance of the Constl esterdax and Tgda Y Th S O Sponsors Hifi Comm Amerw' e V35 Qlwnsorma he una i mmunlty Center "ed gold smbosse QS 10 the contestants 'ke On topics of much e ommun tx Fmntei which IQ to us today smtd In lu tr mm in xml the n l K k Monday. Wedm in he Boys 'ind G ntcr i. -' '. K L-gin of .' V ' l' Cui' ' . McKee Yucwti oo s. Thi: center i. se 'vice men such 'a from Fort XX arlsxwr Field and members c Coast Guard. Stud itted to the Center Students Eat, Throw, Talk and Puck Apples' Apules not for the teacher but to Iifcill b0yS away from school. lyme Picking them, was the choice 0 ' ' mdllb hi h school boys who re- tulned home from Hudson Valley Ywv York on October 3 a Q1- Several weeks of apple harvestin , Among them were Jack Fried and Joseph Gardner. Seph Gardner interviewed by Ville Ofno LBXYV and P61101 Q XXX Lupal afeteiia T 0 L ieluillx selling tht tm is Betty Broun Barliala Bendix oiii Adair Xixian Salmon hutl' Bock Albert Ve nditti Doi othy Claw Almo Feuala and Hemx Bischoff while the facultv y Harty an vorking on th in he lunch o er hig mow the price 9 COU 061' heel Wm Cie PJYDY own" M xdviser is His Neisner With the pulchase of a stamp you get a stamp album to keep tl m in The stamp cost only ten and twentv five cents with ours as dle the clean- iu will report Student Coun- Hlgll School Vlcfory Corps fo Be Programs Revised fo Meer Requlremenfs By Fred Mortensen Adopfed ou types of a 1 serwce 7 p Under Mrs. Martin Feerst '1 Vic- tory Corps Program will be inaug- urated next term at New Dorp High School backed ly .he Gen- eral Or anization. The High School Victory Corps is a national volunteer organiza- tion designed to mobilize high Sseelrgoleyovuthz The objectives of the fficers and honors cations were 2 duction training for critical pations in armed forces and production' 8i community se- including preparation for woi essential service occupation civilian life. The students program of N 'e if approved must inclu program of school courses an ccidentall ' - . ' h t ' ' ry. - . N' t . this ' ' D 1 ' 9 .' , K -. 1' . , n . . Y L I n ' 1 . . ' 1' t 1 ' 1 V ' I - . ' Q . 0 E fl Q e . i G", YY a ' h 1 ' 'i . ' S A A d: . ' n , 1 t 6 K ' A h i . . h X . e Tl? - Q . 'gh 'd F ' , - C0 ' Y 5 1 we f a f ' P - 1 Q that the C3 Unite wine ieY5'M 5' . hes 0, t e ena nces , . D . l .Q . fx. 6 . dw: . . ' ' ' 1 .' .ln . . T st 5 ' - , ' t ory ol -'Q nn v ' . t l x . y 1 I . ' , an. 1-Q J 1 . ' rv, A . - - i d 3 . .. K, V . . . r- l , 'I - U I - nvnnfe nvnlqini ' ' . - t. . . . , . . ' ' . Q . , 5 .. ' ' ' . ' as' , 1 t- D .H , 7 U ' v . U ' , . . . -gy f de - . ' - -, ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' ever, ' 'll o t - k H ' . V -' ' ' i Sl , ' ' et' y ' ' ie " '. he ' . '. i- ' F ' ' - ' " ." y ,. f . ' ' 'X hsfz' z ' -sail. , A ' . e ' ,I . . H E Y ' " ' I V 4 , tmmlttee, Joh Sr: Ewa!! with instruction in Scho I ,O In. the Curtis High ,elxdangec headed by Harold Shalecshaft, are, ' ' i , x g ' D ' , ' . 1 y 1' ' .' h ' 1 V A 1 . ac ' ' ' ' - fn. 'YQ GI "2 . ', " Son, . t ll in . ,c- r F3 . , J 1 , i 1 , g .- , - -y .- ' ' ' - . ' th I l . G H l J f ., by .. . l i I st A Y u '. ' .Q , 'A ', I A V' s. +a,.1,..:n-1 ,. e. J Iv . rf 2 ' ' i ' . 1 .' U ' , - 7 A ' 'L gi - S' V " ' A , ,, .- . o o , v . , e A t - . - ' - . ' o Y - - . c ' D I Q 1 X r, 1 O ,d - 1 - . E . mi... -sf T - ' .' o u ' ' h CT - ' ' 7 V . " I n. '- K' the ' i ' . . ' 2 'atit 1 -B0 ' C Y . 1 tio , is open hr -Q , ' ' ' ' ' A Q' 1 , A x I X I v 1 ' 1 n t N ' A V Ce s unclni th v A ' Ml 0 f. 'Nei ' g Q . 1 1 ' ' f ma 0 tis, .ind I ' E- 1 of - A U , 1 , ft 1 N Q ' A 0 . ' . , , v , " L' r ,, les, , ' , JO , Annu th , t , ' n n I e Journalism class relates tha 0' - -- esseswameeds re 'TS lr Bl A arm rung As Orators Compe IKLHY 0 W 1 P10' June f-o1'lN1LrCk1:IlQ11J- The borough fmals for the Bi S L bn T W tm l G-ntenmalOrator1calConteST IL 'hui' Y 1-ed by the New York 7 O f The tudc-ntQ Q1 NU1 Dmp Hlgh School who IIIIIII up YV' M 3 O 10 wan new held 0 S tl h o or bo xuu lmpxused 9- xr! Q1 S S9 f D0QS1b1l1tx or Ill 'xt XL X s P f 5 X vw March 22 af S XICIFIIIV ws esfeo X O in e 1 1-me 0 "Wa , an 0,6 C Y 1" lm '.900a mmm x 1 .9 owe 11 Ni iiyxv 'homas Jeffeu 99 Onlllh Q' QS!! af 7. Xl I x 0 XI X IQII n The G a t U 0 I lp 10 wg II QI. xxxyx I gk 01 XII xk I Ol D alan Cope 51g n a gon Ugsda Y 90 ,I ,of 09 aut O 0 X X xx' O Se rf? raft P ll I Sb 013 ap poogfgng I Staff ctobe W' Q o o lm! 151 111- R e r 'V O C O has z 'WU rf P "Os 0011 d 1 tl Y' S 'A 6 '71 1 b 11 23 M XX 11 ' 2 QW C'-1 pf' 6 I 115 1111 77 Gm 01 0 W 'fsr 'Y X 2 of ge X 5,0 I ,J v S ga I It O 22 OV? " " I '01 ff v1 "Wh Z e X J Lf Pr Dre, 1 1 x 0 NW XXW Sq 1 -K 111 B I CI b s A P en+P!aYs. 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Siffingz Rosemarie Siiorfino Dorofby Curwlngs, LUQIIIQ Mavdaff, M755 I-IOSIQV Mary Mar-Iwi Rosefha Casaf. -4,- 76 HEARTHSTONE CLUB Sfdfldlhg C L: 3 eww r a Mu ea e a 5 5 JaIIcy Ca P25 c I, W 5 '19 LATIN CLUB Sfandmg Jean Arde son AnqeIma Gamowno AnqeIa Walsh Cafh mne Leelcer Elvera Ceruh arab Ir-mmm Elwse WoIenweber Jane Dury G ICH I-Ier Imcqene Vreeland Nancv Forbes Lou se Rabbaqe Loxs Johnson n Ironf I-Ie en Ewwrq Ann I-Iwzzbee Anne Kneeslnaw Mary en ewde Kneelng DonaId A+cI'1 son I wa WI'scn FRENCH CLUB s Row RufI1Fearor Inez Carnwcellx Iw Smlfn Anne Jane 'I'rudeI Pai Perfeffe Peqqy Swnnonson Anne Defivennaro Second Row Nor C u wwnopf CnavIoIIn. Dur C Ruin Neuq bauer Do ms Home ITALIAN CLUB Furs Row M s Mar CoIaL row Ho r-nacel 5 I 'n R I G snn nda Casa za Jo our n econd Row F aw n avc I mn Carfmne rn an M s ec n Pa 'ad n o n T -1 Ra a R LJ ff M I IPI -4-52 .... ....a-....z. ,I a.. , M I I f S - S ' I , ' E , . re .en f, , V I a ' M E , ' Ii. 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M-M..-J SOCIAL DANCING s Row P Ir rrra a eI a afa ese M Maman he POIIM Numa p FILMS F "eII 'ra UEVGUYFS a CSF- asc econd Row L Rance e evra Rcsahe ar' d s u fa r 'nc Skmner Es Per GaIanTe D ofny S r we P fl to ' .nnIan MQrIIyn WI Isbaw Yfcnne cuveII Third Row Maw D r Mercer Gam r' r an San IS ear' SIWICFS rv Barba a M fcaII D een crve ow VI a , Lufy Cu Q Ic e a P loc ' v wa Ma e e pa v Fourfh Row BI fu we OI5on ,me an r war B LC ,ro E rw er e. ae Sirafhy Marlowe I-IoIfe me E I. ner r s Mau 0 Mane- Mu ay Mace me Slerrefs GIG a Gram e 46 1 , gn . V' I . f A I 4 , A fn I by Firi : a fda Lee I I NQMQI M 'IQ Cib II JuII. C . r 2, ary Q Brlem ' "1 N: A S 'fewf Lflie Ve m I:e,e'e W. er Pe' I. Q ' . Hffe' Nusa R , LQ F Arr TI":Ii. 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Bernice Llndenrneyer, Gloria Grande, Frances Sanfannera, Edllh Armand, Third Row: Erlwel Mae S'ra+hy, Dorolhy Bello, Doris Skinner, Oonah Skinner Peqoy Hourican, The'esa Guarina. ' V' A 4:3 GIRLS BOWLING ursi Row Ereen Ullrnann Eleavc Go n Allce l-lan en Ann Jane Tudel Ed Th Berq Peczqy ew orand Anne Errlclrnello Pa? Prerno Ann Blrrnlngharn Barbara Lul' Marlon MacLean Glorxa Grand: Huffne Dolores Mc unre Eleanor Levanrl Vlcla Wanza Esrhe Pelerson Eslelle Neuman Kalherlne Solar' Judy Dovlken lda Kosfe Marporle l-lolferrnan Edlrh Bower Third Row Alrce LoGud e Lucy Cavallo Calherlne Leek r June Barnes Irene Elwood Ncrma Comeforo Pal Perfefle Loire l-larsen Sy wa Duncan Dorolhy Kosra Do? 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Gerfrude Kulwner, Mildred Slrarreri, Dororliy Bell Jean Pcrler Doris Skinner, Ellwel Peferson, Dorollny Craig, Dororlwy Coulbourne, lrene Elwood. Third Row: Lucy Cavallo Roberfa Gore-n, June Barnes, Dorofhy Gillow, Barbara Lull, Peqqy Newbrand, Par Prernoe, Doris Johnston. Fourfh Row: Theresa Guarino, Esrelle Neiman, Peqqy l-lourican Belly Eisinqer, Eleanor Curnrninue Dorowy Curnfnings Marion l-liclrrnan Alice Gundaclrer, Anaela X1Valslw Juliana Wardlaw. z e 5-di RIDING CLUB Leff +o Rughf Anna Muller Anna E e o Jfyc Rurnpln Ann Hqloee Gloria McArdell Barbara Mefcalfe Henry Durlree Eflwel Mae Svra by Jean Salrnons n Helen Lieder Clriarloffe Durlree Marie o abella Joan Fosfer Vivian Doccola Bll Llause Flor nce Appel Ed fn Arrnend Palrrcia A Woerner Joan Eno ernan Euoen Doody Lorraine De lrer 48 J.-N.AIvL,.'fwn, , . , 5 V Y , le 7 ' l ,Z L.. l. 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UAL 1... 1,- V 5 .f ' f- 1 ., .1-wAfe,4,1, 1 I Y L f4.x ..f 5, - ,. ..L..L4,M.,f-1 "1 A 4. ,. 1' 4 ' ' rf ',,4-. .1 f ,I ,- r,..- off :Aff .1641 f L1 .11 I 1 ,. 1 xrfzff ffufr-m,4-4 4,11 Axffrff ,uc pvvmil ,vvv f . 14. .. , , xl I ,44,av,, if f f- .xft,,4cfr- wgznf fffffx 'is ADAMS JOAN F Member ol lhe Junaor Arasla 'rhe Senaor Arasla and l'he Orcheslra lhe lasl should have gaven her praclace Joan wanls To be an orchesfra conducfor Bu? probably lhe Navy wall call her sance her hobby as model shap bualdang ARMENTO ROCCO Here comes Rock on has molor cycle He learned aboul +he law ol gravaly lhe hard way as Mr Thompson pul al He hopes lo be an enganeer buf we ll be seeang ham an lhe Army soon BALTO NANCY Nan fulure sfenographer or 'rypasl has been secrefary lo Mass Vogel Mass Banlecas and Mr Bas sell She lakes dancang cyclang and slcaalang Here s a +rea+ for lhe USO' Donl gel personal she probably has a boy lraend BAVARO JOSEPH One of The favored few as Joe a Hanlcanson and has hagh hopes ol becomang an enganeer Oufsade class he lakes baseball BERLINER WARREN Warren now a slamp colleclor wanls lo fly walh lhe Navy as a fagh+er palof ao colecf Zeros Though seemangly quael al lames has humor laghlened lhe long hours BISSO ROBERT An ever anlereslang fellow as Bob who has a yen lo be on fhe go Has anfereslang hobb es anclude wood carvang and model aarplane bualdang Hs lalceable characler made ham many lraends BODEMANN GEORGE Red who worlced an lhe Haslory Offace and was on 'rhe loolball Team wanls lo rehre when hes l9 For Red we predacl a career an lhe Navy and an execulave posalaon walh +he Unaled Frua+ Company alfer 'rhe war BRENNAN EDWARD You ve seen ham an lhe G O Slore Why sure he sold you bus raclcels fhe olher day Eddae has been a class orlacer and lalce many olher young men desares To become an aarplane palol We hope rhal nell lke hs fufure boss Uncle Sam la . . . ' member of lhe Senlor Arisfa. He was secrelary lo Miss .I -l . I l ' . . . i . BRUNS CHARLES Charlie who seems To be beTTer known as Sonny wanTs To Ioln The Navy Charlue s been on The baseball and baskeTbaIl Teams Tor Tour years and claums baske+baII as hns hobby BUCKMAN THOMAS Buck noT luke hns namesake The Jones boy dwd noT go rldnng around on a horse shoohng bad band1Ts InsTead he walked qu1eTIy Through The halls oT New Dorp ID deep Thoughf CAFFERATA BEA Bea who has been busy selling war sTamps wanTs To conhnue The good work an a deTense pIanT aTTer graduahon BuT her hearT s on The dance Tloor and so are her TeeT DoubTIess shell end up as PresndenT OT The USO CARLSON REX Rex has had an ouTsTandnng scholashc record ThroughouT has Tour years aT New Dorp l-lngh School We are quuTe cerTarn ThaT he wnll aTTaln The uTmosT success In aeronauhcal engsneerung Rex as a member OT' The Senmor ArusTa and IS a permanenT honor roll member CARROLL EILEEN Unless The WAVES lower Thexr ag requnremenTs Eu wanTs To be a very successTuI dueTnTnan We Thank shell be voTed one oT The besT dressed dueTlTuans and wall probably marry a Navy cook CASTELLI BEATRICE Shy Beezue who lakes To dance and play The plano wanTs To be a secreTary ATTer com pIeTnng a course aT Pace lnsT1TuTe shell be among The bes secreTarres anded no doubT by her charmung smule CLAUSE VIRGINIA Guns a blTuon IS ThaTs rrghT o be a prlvaTe secreTary and she wanTs Pace InsTuTuTe To how her how I-ler experlence as secreTary To Mass I-Iankln o w ll h p her In her a pnraTlons no dou T COBB VINCENT A member oT The OrchesTra Tor Two year Vnnne who wanTs To loan The Navy lnkes musuc and rc er skaTung SkaTung sal ors are very popular 'YQ' ffm f W CORDOVA JENNIE Dlmyoes guue manner and shyne oughl +o gel her Tar an fhe secrelarual world Bur who knows slnce her hobby lS pholography maybe h ll be a comrnerclal pholographer Warch rhe burdne' CUFF RUTH Curhes ambuhon us lo be a s crelary and she has oblamed secrelarmal experlence an The gurls gym Record collechng as her hobby and IU school she was a sramo colleclor and a GO collecror CUMMINGS CATHERINE Kay wanls 'ro be an ofhce worker and has had early lrannnng working wulh Mn Greld Inger In her spare 'fume she played baskefball and boy can she loss a mean foul sholl CUSATO JOSEPH Qkay you guys lnlo The slave hlcs Joe achve rn foorball rrack and as manager of lhe cross coun+ry 'ream asplres +o be a physrcal educahon reacher Has nobby as soorls Sornngheld may be his Alma Male DANZA DOLORES Perhaos Del can uhllze her hobb es ar+ weavrng and lhe collechon ol anhgues fc make h orhce she unfends To grace as a recephonusl lhe mosl al lrachve ln grealer New York DE FREITAS STELLA Sle las such a modesl grl h wouldnl ubmml To an nfervlew for Jrhms edrhon Perhaps he wanls ro emulare rhe Grear Garbo DE MAIO GLORIA ANN We all remember Glorra as rho yullauness In Curse You Jack Dalronl Her amblhon as 'ro be an acrress Wurh her pomse and Dramahcs Club Tram ng he has one fool on lhe adder ro srardom already Cur+aun goung up Mass De Mano DE MASO PAUL Paul crobably because he has uch an honesf lace has handled more m ney nn h s hugh school career rhan anyone else we know ol He ll aflend Brooklyn College n rhe hooe of belng an aeronauhca engnneer Bur we rh nk he should be Mr Morgenrhau s rwghr hand man DERMODY FRANK Red s goung To Syracuse To prepare humselT Tor hus career Was hus ambuTuon To belong To The U S ForesT Servuce unspured by hus own Tlamung l'uaur7 DREWS ROY EuqhT ball un The sude pockeT Ernue has an enTerTaunung skulled hobby shooTung pool An all round aThleTe he was on The baske+baII and TooTball Teams and wull soon be a professuonal baskeTball player uT Uncle Sam doesn T geT hum TursT DROWN DONALD An all sporTs man us WhuTey havunq served Alma MaTer on The baskeTball TooTball and Tennus Teams l-le also had Tume Tor poluTucs beung presudenT un hus sux+h Term and Treasurer un hus sevenTh Term EIB ELLA M Bum bum has Two ambuTuons one us To be The perTecT secreTary and The oTher us uusT To make everyone happy Thus alTruusTuc polucy has made her one oT The mosT popular gurls un New Dorp Were sure shell keep em ELLIOT WALTER N ConTacT has earned Thus nuckname because oT hus parTucupaTuon un The Glee Club s paTruoTuc pro grams l-lus ambuTuon us To be an avuaTuon raduoman hus hobbues raduo and model aurcraTT We preducT an unTer esTung TuTure Tor seruous munded lukeable ConTacT EMMERLING JOHN Johnny New Dorps own Glenn Cunnungham won Tame un The sporTs world as one oT The TasTesT schoolboy TracksTers un New York He also 'Found Tume To be very acTuve un sTudenT governrnenT acTuvuTues as Vuce PresudenT of The G O FREID JACK Jack served New Dorp ably Tor Tour years on The baseball and baskeTball squads l-le also served as a marshal Tor Tour Terms and was a regusTer room oTTucer every Term aT school He leaves New Dorp Tor The Naval Aur Corps GERKlN MARTHA FREIDA Puckle wanTs To save a loT oT money and Travel around The world Maybe she ken on her honeymoon Who knows maybe she ll sTull be playung badmunTon one day un Parus unsTead oT un The Gurls Gym I , . I I ' - u , . u . , . T . smiling. , . l ' A . I . u I I . I f . . 3 1 I -.2 my WW, GHIGLIOTTI ANNA ln case you should ever neea a nurse be sure you call Ghuggs Her pleasanf smrle and dusposrfuon wall chase your blues away Ann has been 6 permanenf member of fhe Bowlrng Club capfarn of fhe Cheerleaders Squad Baskefball and yes she has brough back fhe healfh of gurls an fhe New Dorp lvledrcal Room GIALLOMBARDO BESSIE Bessre G has an odd ambrfror She Iusf wanfs fo be successful We predlcf she ll fol ow fhe parade of secrefarles however affer she graduafes from Brooklyn College Shes had experuence working fo Mass Meade Muss OHara and Mr Prrce Heres fo you Bess GOGL SHIRLEY Calllng all men callrng all men Shar ey Gog as faking applucafuons fhe llne forms af fhe rrghf Her annbufuon as fo be a wufe Well nf won f be long Shnrley no f r ou GOOLIC EILEEN l s fhe n ckname of fhls la lf eem naf she be-lreves rr sllence berng worfh more fhan sulve ano gold We preducf a very successful career as a ecrefary has be n crefary fo Mrss Sas Mass Prgna a an dl o rn her reg sfer room GROSS CLIFFORD A Clnff whose only rnferesf as flymng wan s fo be an execufrve rn an avrafron furm Clrff was Vrce Pr ldenf fne GO and alf ough o f e econd eam full gof Info a few foofball games GROSS KENNETH The nexf frme you hear of Kenny hel be a gunner n fhe Army Arr Corps He had plenfy of pracfuce foo has hobby rs fargef shoofrng Dld you know h favorlfe frurf prckles7 Among ofher fhrngs he wa Presudenf of fhe Sensor Class Vrce Presrdenf of hrs Sopho more Class and a member of fhe frack feam HAAS WILLIAM If you have any old corns fake em fo WI re he collecfs fhem He clarms he wanfs fo be a draffsman Well he ll learn rn fhe Army and hrs fac nfy for leadershrp wmll gaun hum many promofaons Rookuesl Beware of Sergeanf Hassl HARTY DOROTHY Happy go lucky Do us golng f hock her phonograph records fo buy a black cocker spanrel puppy Whrle rn New Dorp Dof was on fhe Sensor Commrffee a olor Guard Junlor Red Cro alenaf a l Dodger Fan 1 I ' M I 4 .,.,,,.,..LE I I I Y I , . . F . .. . , . ,, ., I I - r l ' ' ' ' 7 ' - ' . 'rw W l C Y - ,I . . . , I r ss. 5 i fl ' '. ' ' 'I r f "l" 'er se M. f s, ' ' f , d ls le . f ' .' . ' . . . . . L ee' of T . . , , h rw h 5 , ' f . ' ' . l ,f X- A . If . . ' . S . is ' I ls ' , ' V g ' I , ,, .H. at . . fin' . ' . fr, . 'A I - i +' ' Oli 'YA A X 71' 3 .I C I I r' ss f r e, nd Offafal f 5 HEIKEL JOHN Johnny we remember Tor hrs excellenT cuano playxng and Tor hls parTuclpaTlon an exTra currlcular acT4vuTues Among Them were Treasurer oT GO Ass1sTanT EduTor oT The Pioneer OrchesTra Glee Club and Treasure T The Sensor Class Thls experience should enable hm To reallze has ambnTuon To become an ambassador HENNESSY VIRGINIAT Broadway here comes G nny' She can dance and howl DonT say we dndnT warn you when you see her name In llghTs She kepT TIT by lolnlng The BaskeTball Small Games l-llkwng and T-lockey Clubs M l cuT m7 HOFFMAN HAZEL ln case New Dorps TooTball Team should ever need a coach l-lazel l-loTTman ns The gurl To be called upon WlTh her cheerung vlcTory wll be cerTaun BeTween halves she can lnclulge PN her hobby collechng auTographs HOLLS WALTER E l-le Tlses Through The aur wlTh The greaTesT oT ease WalTer hopes To achleve Thus amblhon Through The Navy A r Corps To help galn hls end he builds model alrplanes JENSEN GLORIA Carling D Jensen sTand oy Glorra New Dorps graduaTe wall soon be un research wo She has had experlence ln her hugh school career as a med: cal and and has hao all The science IO The currnculum JORDAN FRANK Lo klng nnTo The TuT re we see Frank a very successTul man n hls chosen helo He may even be Pres:denT In hns qureT way he made many Trnends and serveo as vnce pres4denT of h enuor sechon room May we have your auTograph now Frank7 JULIANO ANNETE N llkes To Take pncTures ano aTTer ThaT she lakes To Take more pucTures and Then she llkes To develop Them She also lakes To dance and Then n lakes To dance some more buT we won T go unTo ThaT aga ny ln ThaT case smell be elTher a phoToorao'1er or a dan er BrnIluanT deduchonl KATOWICH EDWARD AlTer graouahon Eddue plans To loln The Army Alr Corps So keep y ur Tlngers crossed Mr Schnckelgruber Whlle ln school Eod e wa Th manager o ooTh The cross counTry and Track Team proving he ha whaT IT Takes b . .pg 57 L ' s f 15' ' , ' , , a . ay . E . A - , A T - . lrs ' ' ' . 1 9'7" ,--4 7 if A Di: :'A,T'r' ' ' ' V 'V in --" - Q I V.,T::. ' T' - . . . .- 1 D I- . -I 1 . U u , . . ,. i Q A ,Z,. D D D T T. D D 4 ' T D DT.-.-- f f .Ds - ws s . 5 .,'. T ..,..D. ,,-Dg , ' GTTN ' 5 'A " ' . ' s' e ' l ' ' E '. I I ' l 1 . .. . ' . ' J C ' 13 1 fr . . . ' T9 ' 9 . . , 1 2 e f , WWW 2 'WF' Fin an KUHN BERTHA Talce a leTTer Miss Kuhn will soon be a familiar order Tor BeTTy Yes BeTTy wanTs To be a secreTary To some Tyrone Powerish execuTive She s had plenTy oT ex perience in The l-lisTory OTfice By The way have you heard oT BeTTy s aversion To wasps7 Why BeT7 LEAR JOAN There are Two Things in This world ThaT really inTeresT Joan They are violins and money Where she learned To like violins is beyond us buT we guess she learned To lilce money Trom her experience as Treasurer oT The G Q Joan also was a regisTer room oTTicer every Term and was a member oT The Senior ArisTa LEMELSON HOWARD Doc was quiTe acTive in The Tield of publiciTy being New Dorps commissioner oT publiciTy Tor Three Terms l-le has a deep inTeresT in aviaTion and everybody remembers seeing him carrying his model planes To and Trom exhibiTs in school LOMBARDI VINCENT Vinny wanTs To be a proTessional TrumpeTer l'le has paved The way To This ambiTion by play ing in The school orchesTra and by choosing as hobbies rec ord colecTing and music arranging LOPEZ SHIRLEY Buddy who has oTTen been seen in The G O STore helping Miss SharTsTe1n cerTainly has had enough prachce To become a good privaTe secreTary Each Term she has had a marshal posT T-ler hobby is read ng revolu Tionary in This day and age LORE SALVATORE ShorTy who had decided ThaT engi neering is good enough Tor him gave Tine examples oT rug cuTTing in his regisTer room. War priorihes mean no zooT suiT Tor ShorTy. MARDIKOS JAMES Jimmy who is besT lcnown Tor his musica' TalenTs also plays TooTball. l-lis ambiTion is To be an orchesTra leader and a greaTer drummer Than Gene Krupa. MALOY AGNES BuTTon Nose will surely have her oo- porTuniTy To be a mechanic now ThaT our boys are TighTing Tor The Axis' deTeaT. ln case mechanical work doesnT please Agnes her experience aT New Dorp will enable her To be a secreTary. MALTESE LEO CCNY here I come' MalT who has no ambuhon as yeT does lcnow ThaT he wanTs a college educa Tron He may geT Thus buT1T ns more lulcely ThaT he wall have a mvluTary educahon w1Th Uncle Sam The ProTessor MARSHALL ANNA WhaT makes Anna so endearrng To her Truends ns her abnl1Ty To change sullen Taces nnTo happy Taces vsa quups and murTh WhaTever career she chooses she wall serve besT as an rnTuser oT 'oy MCCALLION WlNlFRED Laugh and The world laughs wrTh you as Wrnnue s moTTo She s one oT Those people who spread happuness Wrnnue wanTs To be an accounTanT Her experlence as secreTary To Miss SharTsTeun and M Brssel should help her un The buseness world MCGREADY JAMES Mac s versaT1lrTy and good humor oughT To geT hum where he wanTs To be ln The Navy Arr Corps Hes one oT Those never say due Tellows Too H Thanks The GlanTs wrll wan The World Serues again Well we can all dream CanT we7 MISKULIN MARIE SeT up Those puns Maroes hobby TS bowlung ITs qurTe apparenT why she as a se-creTary wrll be srTTnng on The boss s lap BuT beTween you and me she ll Ionn The ranlcs oT Those happlly marrled NASCHER ANSELM LuTTle man whaT now7 Well Anselm wanTs To be The man IU The courTroom who raps The gavel To be prepared Tor Thus maqnsTracy hell aTTend ST PeTers College ATTer ThaT well have To say Yes your Honor NUSS RUTH Here s anoTher smarT young lady whose am orTron as To become a housewnfe Good luck boys and may The besT man wnn She has been an eThcrenT secreTary To Mnss Meade OHMAN ESTHER AnoTher secreTary wall be added To The ranlcs when EsTher Trnnshes busrness school She showed Them how she could play The prano rn The TourTh and TuTTh Terms and she sold war sTamps rn her regrsTer room fr fy 59 'Wa OLSON BLANCHE An all around lcnoclcouf IH pers nal y and loolcs fluaf s Blaruclue Slue plans fo enfer Bellevue Nurse Tralnlrug affer graduaflrug Please doruf all gef slclc af once boys O NEILL TIMOTHY Headllne of l948 Glanfs Wln Agaln O Nelll Scores Twlce lf Tlm ever brealcs lnfo IWGGCIIIUGS lue warlfs fluem fo be on flue sporfs page H s amblfloru fo play pro foofball ROBINSON HELEN M Vlce preslderuf of flue GO was Bufclu Everyone luopes shell be flue flrsf lady V P of flue U S buf sluell probably end up as a prlvafe ln lue WAAC Aslc luer fo sung for you someflruue Her songs dur flu alr rald drllls were really lnsplrlrug On secon fluougluf maybe slue Il be a slnger SAVARESE ROSE SIS wanfs fo be a secrefary and prac llCGd on flue SGWIFIQ Club and MISS Greldlnger Slue also lueld offlces ID flue Soclal Danclrug Club SCHAEFER WARREN Hoppy was seen on flue gr olron and flue baseball dlamond flgluflrug for New Dorp Tluls blond lualred IGIIOW would lllce fo be seen nexf as an OHICGF ru flue Mercluanf Marlne flgluflng for Uncle Sam Slnce he lueld OIZIICG as boy leader and freasurer of flue AFISIG lues luad pracflce SCIORTINO PHILIP Scoffy was on flue War Sfamp Com mlffee llbrary asslsfanf and marslual I-lls luobby ralslng plgeons fles up qulfe well wlflu luls amblflon fo luave a 'ob ID flue New Yorlc Publlc Llbrary or so lue ays SOTTILE MARION Good flulngs come lru small pack ages and Marlon IS flue llvlng proof of fluls sfafemeruf Peanuf IU luer qulef way cerfalruly made a name for luerself durlrug luer sfay ID New Dorp Slue was a member of flue Serulor Arl fa and flue Clvl Servlce Club Keeplng a l'llGl'1 luoruor rol average was IU f aruofluer one of Marlon s feaf SOTTILE VINCENT Curly wlll always be remembered fc luls scluolasflc and afferudaruce records I-le was also ln flue Senlor Arlsfa on flue Argonauf Sfaff and on flue U luer Souad Tlue graduafloru of flul fufure eruglrueer wll be New Dorps loss and flue Army Alf Corps galru Q . A .L , - o ,ly . , C , . - - l , . . . . . - l . l . l IS , . - . . . ., 'I' ing e ' ' ' ' U . d , . I . I . . , . . . ' . . . . . Q I . , l. I . .S . Q . D . . l s s. I , . . s . I .S I V.: SMITH DORIS This gurl leader ol lhe Arusla was a busy woman She wa on lhe Pioneer Slalhl Senror Commullee Argonaur Sfahf and secrerary ro Mass Pugnara A brulluanf career rn lournalnsm ns preducred for her bur she prefers +0 be secrefary lo orchesrra leader Vaughn Monroe SULLIVAN ELIZABETH Rah' Rah' Yea Team' You ve seen cheerleader Belly spur New Dorp lo vnclory many hmes Besldes she could ve been seen as a marshal and as a mem ber of The Baslcerball Sollball and Volleyball Clubs Any way she s physncally hr for The defense worlc she plans fo do SWANBERG DOUGLAS Doug or 'rhe General as some of hrs lruends call hum was quure an exrra currnculare I-Ins achvnhes Include loofball baseball baslcerball and bowlung I-le aspures 'ro a posahon wnlh rhe Unlred Srares Ferry Com mand THOMPSON MARY ELLEN Jeanelle MacDonald and Ruse Slevens beware' Mary Ellen IS golng To presenr some shhf compehhon when she leaves rhe Jurlluard Music School She sang werh lhe Glee Club for rhree years and wall always be remembered nn our Prrares ol Penzance TYROLF ELEANORE Ellue rs lhe possessor of school sprrul plus energy Shes never hardly ever lelr school before chief among rhese were lhe Pioneer and 'rhe Junior and Sensor Dramah Clubs WILLSHAW JEAN Spanssh Club Pan Amerucan Cub Lubrary Squad secrelary +o Mass McNerll are among The acl vuhes fhar Wrllue parhclpaled ID al New Dorp W llre s amb hon as 'ro be a prrvare secrefary alrer she saves some money shell buy a farm an Marne WHYTE SOPHIE Soph whose ulhmare ambahon s lo graduare from New Dorp I-I gh School has been a Regr fer Rocrn secrerary marshal and a member of The Slcahng Club NVe predncr fha? shell rnalce some luclcy person an excellenl WI e ZENGERLE ANNE Besides beung New Dorps Red Cr s repre enfahve secrefary ro Mass H lbroolc on 'rhe Sensor Arlsla member of 'rhe Sensor Commullee Anne spenf her rme seesng how drrry she could ge? her sadole shoes The ambuhon of This Iufure Wullram and Mary College sfudenl' IS o wrn a blue rabbon rn fhe Nahonal Horse Show fig' I C . . . ' - 'gg L2 . . A ,w I live o'clocIc because ol her varied extra-curricular achviriest ' 'c . I I - I 1 ' I I . . . I I , s 'I . ' . os s ' , ' o , ' 'S - y. . . ' , ' ls as cs as ACCARDI EUGENE Lelly pounded oul hrs slcrll on 'rhe lypewruler down an lhe Proneer olzlce many a lale nrghl l'le also was a very good baslcelball player BARNES JUNE She lell her hearl al lhe lronl door ol a hangar June a lullle bundle ol sweelness larrly soars when she hears 'rhe roar ol a rplane molors An all around good sporl June arms lo Keep em Flying and she wrlll ANDERSON BETTINA Bellys wrde smile and sparlclrng manner make her a welcome lrgure In any group and we expecl she will be lusr as wonderful a companron lo her lulure palrenls BARRY MARY Marys ambulron rs lo be a nurse allhough lo see her dance you d never 'rhrnlc she had a bedside man ner lo gel srclc and be unoer her care would be anyones dream come lrue ANDERSON JOHN lhe same ong slrndes 'rhal carry Johnny To school wrll undoubledry carry hlm on lo a success ful career as an englneer BASSETT JEANNE We dream of Jeannie wrlh lhe lrghl' brown horse al lhe Rrdrng Club every Monday Jeanne rs desluned lo be a desrgner and her acluve parlucupalruon rn chool organnzalrons seems lo baclc her up BAINBRIDGE JOAN Vel'erunarlan7 Doc+or7 llluslralor lor children s boolcs7 Joan wall choose her prolesslon 'From one of lhese leld bul we preducl her arhslrc lalenl wall lead her on IH Thar drreclron l-lere al New Dorp Joan was a member ol lhe Spanish l-loclrey and Socual Dancing Clubs BELL DOROTHY Member ol lhe Sollball Volleyball Ten nrs Mmor Sporls Dancrng and Slcahng Clubs was Bell Whal she wanfs 'ro be7 Well rl s a Toss up belween llynng planes and leachrng malh BIASSI THERESA Terry has been secreTary To Mlss O l-Tar and member of The lTallan and ArT Weaving Clubs Her hobby paunhng lends To her arTnsTlc Temperamenl' LOT OT success BOYLAN FRANCIS Frank came To New Dorps porTals shy and has remalned so LeTs hope Franks desire To be come a CoasT Guard helps hlm overcome :T BICKERTON STEPHEN Woozy was always ready Tor Tun and cerTalnly kepT hls Trlends on Thelr Toes Woozys 1nTeresT IU radlo has caused hum To Thank serlously oT becom ang a Radio OperaTor BRIGANDE VINCENT VrncenT nas been acTlve durlng h school llTe l-le was secreTary To Mlss Hussey a marshal ln has reglsTer room and a member oT The lTaluan Club BISCHOFF HENRY lnTo The lvlarlne Alr Corps Wl g Busch when he graduaTes ln school he was on The bowl mg Team and one oT Those lndusTrlous lads you see on The sfage beTore every assembly and play BRUNO PATSY PaT IS a Triple ThreaT on many Teams buT hls knowledge OT baseball and oTher sporTs makes hum a TavorlTe consulTanT Tor Those who arenl' ln The know BOCK, RUTH The WAVES draw Bockles aTTenTlon when she conslders a career Whale aT New Dorp she played Tennls and soTTball, bowled, and cheered aT our games She has probably asked you Tor a pass as you sTrolled by her marshal posT, whlch she held Tor many Terms CANNAVO, FRANK Presenhng Frank 'SlnaTra,' Frank Cannavo, who was Alabaml Bound ' unTll Yale Trlpoeo hlm up so ThaT :T could clalm The credlT Tor Turnlng ouT The worlds greaTesT chemlsT W .PE-"' ff'-If cf' f -4'-J 'ii 5-'Zag-I ll! 9 l s 'P-Sap CANGRO ROSARIO Guggue wall go down To The sea He wanTs To help Uncle Sam IH our Navy He was a member oT The cross counTry and Traclc Teams HIT The declc sanlor CARNICELLI INEZ lnez has shown an unTeresT an sewlng as a member oT The Sewlng Club ID languages as a mem ber OT boTh The French and lTallan Clubs b T IT us rn c nechon wnTh The Tormer arT ThaT she wlll achleve Tame Yes The Carnlcellu Tashuons wall be The prude oT The Temunlne world CARBOCCI ENZO Enzo The lTalnan Whnz hopes To grow a luTTle Taller beTore he enTers Drake College To become a draTTsman However has size never obscured has humor an everyday Things CASAZZA EVERETT EvereTT displayed h wuT un many classes consequenrly has ever ready gennus aT malcung serlous maTTers lrghT wall be sorely mlssed Evey has asplrahons oT becomnng a Naval Avnahon CadeT so leTs hope he malces as lrghT worlc oT ThaT as he dad oT New Dorp Taslcs CAREY GLADYS Gladys us ThaT red headed mlss you ve probably seen aT The gurls volleyball TournamenTs as Tresh as a daisy aTTer abouT sax games wallcung OTT wlTh The cham puonshup There were very Tew sporTs clubs she massed CASHMAN VERONICA Ronnle dnmples and all as leav ln us Tor a deTense 'ob She us cerTalnly helping er counTry an morale bulldnng CARNEY ELAINE B Elalne a sympaTheTnc lusTener and always walling To lend a helpung hand wanTs To and cerTaunly should become a housewuTe She served New Dorp as a marshal and belonged To The French Tenms and Rldung Cub CASPARIE ERNEST Casey was never aT The baT becaJse he wasnT nnTeresTed IH baseball Hrs sporTs were TooTball and hunTung good experlence Tor a TuTure Marine CAVALLO LUCY Everyone ID New Dorp Hlqh knows Lucy for her unfanlung servuce and qracnous manner We know Lucy will succeed IH whalever held she chooses al John I-Iopklns because he TS earnesl ln all her endeavors CONNOR PAUL New Dorp ns gonng I lose a Ilne lellow Io Cornell when Paul graduales for besldes has Taulhlul servlce and ample brain power he has a wonderlful cacac ly I eung IU I nl e CELLA MURIEL Ch ckle The qxrl wulh The nlrnoe plane hngers wanls lo be a ecrelary Can you lrnaglne her Typ :ng lo a Boogie Wooque rhylhm7 She also enloys bowlung CORONATO TONY You ve go? lo be a Toolball hero and oh boy ns Tony a prolesssonal wnh The pnqskwn Succ s To you Tony we hear The Arrny has good use To Ioolcall sfars CHESTNUT VERONICA Ronnle bowled and row er kared wllh our New Doro crowd I-ler amblhon as lo be a prlvele secrelary and she recelved prachce work ng For Mr I-l r man CORRADO GLORIA As a secrelary Gorua rales Toos Sne IS sweef charrnlng ano ekhcuenl The man who be ornes her oo Wl l Inc: her nel IJ a d her exper ence as ec el ry M Nelsner Wl prove va uabe Good uck Glor ' COLABELLA MARIE Mal e nas been ln Bow ng and R d Ing Cub besudes belnq an ofhcuel nr New Dorn, One arnon or lS ro cb+a n a BA degree fhe olher I a c ell I lar Q our lmaqlna non eh w aT7 CORSON WILLIAM B l hope I e The world I-I lnlerer n boar and alrolane wll help rnake Thls posse My' buf he s qolng lo have a va uable slam c ec lor aT e I ur ,-1 ,i L-.Lx I KJ? F N13 65 I . . . C . S . .y ' . . A . I U 9 or b ' s 'c X W1 Q . iii-A 'V , " I ' ' ' ' 'l ' X , s . - I I . 1 I. . .,.. I X Q S l , 7 . r - 1 l' A , n, I z ' , ' ' E s. e Y 5 . , , , X . , ' ss I ' '. QUT, n Z s f 3 f TC rs. '. 'si l Q , ' ', la. . , . 1. . , s n A I il U 1 . B. l . . 7 s se ref. W n, le. s s lusln ' ' I' 5, h . , ll s o se . is ' s E 3 ' 'I s E ' I' le. A . ' '. 1 ' ,o o. " 4 r hls o . 151 COUILLARD JUSTIN Scoop was G O Presldenl durung hls sevenlh lerm and was sporls edllor on The Pioneer He s 'rhe one who pul The corny lokes IU 'rhe Sporhshcs column All Jusl wan+s as 'ro learn Spamsh DE BENETTO LORETTA Benny chose an approprnale pro lessuon when she picked Nursing She wall cerlaunly be IU a posuhon +o help lhe armed 'Forces COVELL LILLIAN Her ambuhon lo become a secrelary should readnly be lulhlled lor she gained valuable experu ence as secrelary ro Mass Sass and Mrs Clark Bul we lhnnk a career ID professional bowlmg us Lullxan s deshny DE LILLO VIRGINIA Vees amblhon may be 'lo work as Baseball Clubs make her ulrable For 'rhe posnhon of heallh educahon feacher CRAIG ALBERT Apples should be a success l r has m bhon lo be a busune s man and hs hobby comedy proves he can comblne bu rness wrlh pleasure DERMILIO NICHOLAS A combunahon ol bralns and brawn Nuck wall always be remembered as our loolball hero wulh an Arlsfa pun on hns leller He ll go places rn 'rhe Merchanf Marlne CRAIG DOROTHY Dol has been ble sed w1'rh a lla r for alhlehcs and o dles of vllahly She was an achve member of every sporl club goung secrelary lo Mlss ONeull and Mlss Sas ano member ol lhe Slenography Speed Club DE SANTIS ADELINE Adeline oefler known as Tnny had so much energy lored In her lhal she had her lingers many ples If you ve ever been ln one ol her hnslory classe you may know why she wanls +o allend Hunler College lo become a hnsfory leacher Beller brush up on 'rhose dales f N " li- Q I 5 assislanl, bul her membership ln 'rhe Tennis, Riding, and , , o ' a - l ' ' 5 , I , , S ' I ' l In C ' ' l ' -l DI CARLG COTTONE MELCHIOR Mlckeys hugh honor roll slandung wall be ol help an has becoming a chemical en gnneer al Cooper Unnon We predacl a brnlluanl lulure lor our commg engineer EBERHARDT VERA Duchess has had quule a lew aclnvn lues an N D l'ler hobby as swammung bul she wanls lo be a prnvale secrelary DOLEN EILEEN Exleen as especually well lcnown lor lhe blaclc lace parls she played In Sensor Dramallcs Produc lions Allhough her ambuluon as lo be a wrnler we lhnnlc shed go larlher on lhe slage EIB MARGARET Muclcey slales lhal her sole ambulnon IS lo gel married bul we lhunk lhal lheres a career lor her an sellnng up bowlung puns ln school she had a hand nn baslcelball and sollball DOLEN FRANK lll lrade my boolcs and seal In lhe de lenluon class lor a panr ol silver wungs says Frank Frank s ambuluon ns lo go lo Fordham and lhen seelc his commnssuon In lhe Navy Arr Corps We all wash hzm beller luclc lhan hes had sn lhese lour years EIoHELE DOROTHY Pal s been working In lhe G O Slore so long lhal she gels blamed every lime lhe loolball leam doesn l gel als carlare She wanls lo be a slenographer and looolckeeper bul lor lhe duralnon she ll lerry planes She as preparang by lalcnng lhe aeronaulucs courses ollered hero I0 New Dorp Hugh DONALDSON AGNES Agnes ns desluned lo be a proles sional bowler She clalms she wanls lo be a beaulucnan bul we know lhal her one lrue love ns bowlnng She also had a hand un domesllc acluvllnes represenlung N D al lhe l-learlhslone Convenllon nn Boslon EICHELE ELEANORE llce was secrelary lo numerous leachers bul served sux lerms wulh Mnss Hanlunson She was a member ol sporls clubs Red Cross and Junnor and Senncr Arusla She wanls lo be a Navy nurse and should be .lcce slul wrlh her cheery drsposulaon -494- also 1 Z3 -Z-lxvi fd? WW EWING MARGARET lvllggs acllv lles un New Dorp fre loo numerous lo menl on Wlh al her experience as a ecrelary he war Cerlalnly be a loo nolcher Tak ducla lnon plea e FIGONE EMILY Il anyone has any puclure poslca ds ly lnq loy aboul olease send lhem l Ernlly Fugone Colleclor ol Plclure Poslcards lrorn al oarls o lhe counlry nd lh w rd l n ou N o n I FALJEAN GREGORY ll you wanl any lnlormaluon o pholography or whal lhe Dodgers score as ask Corky Yo.: are sure lo gel lhe nghl answer lrom a swell lellow FLACK LAWRENCE We can wrl a long slory abwl L: u w rn slar eo on hls enqaoung run n v lo so w IU l say lhal we lhln hell en u as a handsome Marine FERRAIOLI LOUISE Gosh' Wherever d d she gel lhos lwvnkllng eyes7 Lou a haooy lllle busybody who love lo rde e e ry as een ac lve a secrelary l hlanklnson Mr Prlce and lvllss Grendlnger Aslde lrorn her secrelarnal dulles Lou I known lor her conlaglous 'augh and oooo nalure FOY JOHN Well Foo ha done o much we wonlhave pace lo rnenllor- ll Everyone knows Foo because ol hs llu C url sleno ra er I sure lo exce al olhers CH EMERSON E oe o l g a s e le ow S lhe per CF l con acl when yo re n doubl aboul any maller concern ng baseba We k ow Lrfw rson wlll succ eo ca eo r c a ou a 3 k abe rnanner wn ner gale or a a Paralro FUCHS ALAN rno cz oh n ne l a Aans amblluon ang wlln n exrzerence 0 vlolnq rnooel alrplanes he 1 do nl loo Donl go loo hugh Alan we wanl see you once n a w GALANTE ESTHER Esrher secrerary lo Mass Sabaler ana Mass Hussey also served as 'rreasurer of her regusfer r om S e would llce To 'rram for nursrng al Sl Hospllal er pahence and efhclency qualify her lor a palruohc career nn rhe Far Easr GREENE JOAN Joan served on 'rhe Trahhc and Palrol Squads She played bolh lennus and sollball She wanl someday +o meer Tyrone Power unhl Thar day she ll spend her spare hme prrchrng pennres GILLOW DOROTHY Gwlls lulure lS a fossup belween reporhng and pxlohng a plane Erlher career regulres The vulaluly she showed IH Bowlrng and Hoclcey Clubs GRIFFIN GRACE Graff wanrs lo lly and Then marry 1 loolball hero Whale al N D he was secrelary To Mass Longworfh a marshal buf concenlraled on bland dares GOLAT EDMUND Ed could never I d a deslc IH N D +ha+ was brg enough lor 'rhose legs of hrs We hope 'rhar wnen he becomes a m mber of The armed forces The gov ernmenr wrll be able +o lssue a unrform long enough for nm GRIGG SHIRLEY Three cheers for Blondle who has ln parrrohc hobby of wrmng +o boys nn The servnce She wanrs +o be an avrafrrx and nf fh se wrngs mean anyfhung she wall achieve her ambmfuon Besndes +hls Blondue as frue +o The Navy Rxgnl Ed7 GRAFFEO LEONARD Grals 'nme ss rnosfly occupned burldung model arrplanes which he hopes 'ro pnlof for +he Army some day lncudenrally Graf an afhlehc fellow helps hrs reams score vlcrory rn loolball baseball and baskelball GUALANDI LOUIS Lours lrrends know hrm To be an al around good fellow wrlh a Jrasre for horses He hopes som day lo own a rrdnng academy and lofs of horses foo Novel ambmon7 Very bul promuslng neverlheless an The hano ol rhe capable Lours K-'s 4 J M sg? fy' In? il -495 GUERCIA ANTHONY Tony lell u belore graduahon To go unlo lhe Army bul he was very achve on lhe prom commllfee ol olher graduahons I-Ins dual amblhon us Io be a lank unslruclor and an A I Iullerbug HASSELBERG ELINOR A secrelary lo Mr Schuker cer Iamly needs somelhung we do mean Inlelllgence and EIlnor deIunIIeIy has I This very Ialenled young lady can even srng as lhey found our IH The GIee Club We know she wall make lhe grade al Kafharune Gnbbs Secrelarnal School HALLIGAN JAMES Red helped our soccer 'team place In lhe Island League besudes ouldorng hnmseIl wnlh com mando lacllcs rn The gym Hrs ambuhon IS 'ro fly wnlh one of lhe servnces HEFFERNAN LILLIAN Iznve feel Iwo wulh eyes of blue has anyone seen lhns gaI7 Well :I you havenr you mughl have found her al Ihe Roller Skahng lhe Volleyball Ihe Socral Dancung Clubs or IU lhe locker room snngung blllhe U Y HANSA BETTIE Bels musl have been lhe unspnrahon lor lhe song Dark Eyes Charm and personallly help people a long way so Berne should go lar Good luck wrlh lhal Merchanl lvlarune Cade? Belhel HELT EDNA Edna and a bundle ol everylhmg nnce are one and lhe same Sweel and demure shell make a perlecl secrelary qualified by her expereence as secrelary lo lvlrss Gvreldrnger Besl ol luck Edna' HARLING HENRY I'Ienrys secrecy and aloolness make hum a good candudale for lhe F B I bul hrs 'rreasured ambu hon ns lo be an engineer Too bad lor The secrel' pollcel I-Ie has been keeping In lrarnong for bunldung by conslruclnng model anrplanes HOMER DORIS Norlh Carollna Umversxly receuves a bar gaun when Homer goes lhere As a sludenl Doris ralee hrgh bu+ as a friend she breaks all records HOUGH MARILYN Lyn s achvuhes during her four year a+ NDHS were packed lo capaculy whal wnh +rynng 'fary lo her reglsfer room among her many achuevemenls Her amblhon as To become a pruvale secrelary HURLEY GLORIA Dumples lS known lor her ever ready smile and laugh These are characfermshc ol 'rhe graceful way she Takes everylhnng Her blond curls and her blue eyes wall cerlaunly help her become a Rockefle HOUGHWOUT NANCY Nancy beller known as Shorly wanls To loln ellher lhe WAACS or The WAVES Her hobby as sxngnng her lhree year membership IH lhe Glee Club as proof enough HURST FREDERICK He ll do 1+ 'rhe way he wanls To do I+ and you II luke 'rhe way he does v+ Hunhng and hshnng make h1m s+rnc+ly an ouldoor man HUDSON ALFRED AI as hne maferual for The poluce 'Force as he was a rrafhc marshal and ns a Boy Scouf The Spanssh Club also held hrs nn+eresf for a lerm INGRAM ARTHUR Arhe wall make a success of has Aero nauhcal Engmeers career as he made a success of hns hugh school Isle He served many hmes as presudenr and secre lary of has regnsler room Hus personaluly wall help hum al ways HUNT DANIEL Buddy good al malh and a+ salads from has expenence al Grennne s should be of value To 'rhe Army nn +he Anr Corps or al K P JONES FRANCES Frances Jones has made herself well known rhroughoul 'rhe school as a member of Language Hns+ory and Socnal Dancung Clubs Jonesy has had expen ence ID helpnng +he war ehfor+ dunng her spare hrne +h1s pasf year however she wants lo do more for her coun+ry and will become a nurse DJ fix fx ,x wg, L, Q12 ? -E f Q 7.1 QT?-P ,Q ff 35. -s v fx , ,-s- Q ' H Ajfe-R 1 iuha. L. '5 H H4 x 4 Q 5 ' lo belalhlellc and sludlous al lhe same lime. She was secre- ' l l E THOMAS lvllclc ha een 1 memb T h u and a marshal H ambrTron rs To be a wrrTer an leads hum To JeTTersons UnryersrTy oT Vlrqunua The be-sT se ler oT I952 may be hrs KOERNER DOROTHY Aslc DOT whaT her TavorTe moTTo and s re sh Trng hell ay Crrme doe nT oa Belreve lT or noT were loslnq our pruze soTTball player To The p lace orce KEALY JANE The G O STore held a Tascrnahon Tor Jan nd she probably sold you supplres and argued wuTh you over ThaT ThrrTy Tnve cenTs Tor dues She hopes To loan The WAACS KRAUSE JACK Jaclc who been on The mar nal squad nd was a Teachers helper rnTends To qo rn Tor ToresTry or 'narrne enqnneerrng He musT be an ouTdoor man becau s noobres are Trapprnq hunhng and Trshunq whaT Sunny wrll be srnqrng Trom now on Hrs hobby aduo a e hum o e Mar erve a P bl cTy Mana ger Tor The ArqonauT LEE EDWARD Anyone wlTh a sTrange sense oT humor coulo cal Edd e ShorTy He lusT abouT reached srx TeeT IT The near TuTure you see a Tnreman raclng To The cene ear, and bounds rTll probably be Ed KOERNER ALFRED To be an alrplane mechanuc Al mblTron and because we dearly love The Marlne unrTorm x e I advise hum To rush The recrurhng oTTuce Tor ThaT ouTTuT You may have seen hum olayunq The piano an The orc:hesTra Tor The Glee Club b you mlsseo hrm There nere he s LEONARD DOROTHY DoroThy came here Trom Wash ngTon lrvrnq Hugh un The TourTh Term AT N D he belongeo TO The Socual Dancrnq Club Thus TurTherzng her hobby She helped ln The HvsTory OThce where she rehearsed To her career as secreTary KAN , ' s b f er 3 T 9 Bock Cl b s . ls " 'Q ' d N 1 . , rs, 'a. su as oo' , s. ' s ,H ' ' X yf' o' T .T FQ' X n . l A . . se KEYES, WALTER ' From The shores oT lVIonTezuma, ' 'haTs w'7l T lc ' T Th Ines. He s d s L S 7 , . 7 l" I " ' ' . , in ' , ' ' s ln l N' D l . . or , uTlIT ' ' ' , T T. LO GIUDICE ALICE Aluce a Three and a hall year won der chld wall probably become one cl +he oulsland ng leachers of lhe 50s Jurcy was a member of The Junmor and Senlor Arnslas and an honor 'rudenl recelvlng awards ID Lahn and honorable menhon ID hnslory all ol which dd nor aflecl her willy and humorous lrealc LYNCH EILEEN When lrush eyes are smllung all h wor IS brughl and gay S was l as she laughed r way Through N D She hopes lo marry a mulluonaure 'rhar shouldnl be so hard for one who usually gelrs whar she wanrs LUFF BARBARA B bs Jrhe cure llrle grl wlh lhe bg Soulhern drawl IS your Phorography Edulor Her nexl' d dress IS New Jersey College For Women Besr washes lo uccess Babs LYNGAAS DORIS Shnlcy was an achve member of The Dramahcs and Glee Clubs l'ler musrcal background Impres her employer for whom she expecls lo be prlyale secrerary LUPARDO FRANK Franlc Lupardo IS lcnown IH New Dorp l-lngh lor has wnnnung personalury l-le was heard srngung lhe Glee Club and seen on lhe Usher Squad Before belng Inducred Info Jrhe Arr Corp he was an Arr Rand Warden MAC LEAN MARION Marlons mradle name mlghl as w l be Fun She laughs so much you usually hear her comung for 'rwo munules before you see her Her hobby s collechng boys and her ambmon lS lo IO n +he Navy Nor a bad occupahon al rhall LUPO CARMELLA A shock ol llghr haur blended wulh blue eyes rosy cheelcs and Twmlnlmg dnmples and whal have you go+7 Mlllle Ahoy Uncle Sam malce way for MI Ire wh Inrends rr rom lhe WAVES and see lhe world MARCHESE MARY Mary IS always busy wrrhng lefler lerfers and more leffers Ar New Doro she has been secre +ar +o Dr Bond and Mr Gerson I+ seems only oglc l fha? she wanrs 'ro be a secrefary ooesnl H7 I V , I , ' I . . Q . . , U ' s . . , I S Id ' ' o " " he , a , I I I I , . a - . Q . r C I ,. . . ' . ' wIll . S ' . ' . . IH . . ., . I el . ' ' . I I I I l .1,. A . I I I l v J . ' . .. SI I ' - Y . . . I o MXN Q-Of MARINO MARY ATTer supervasang The cosTumes To The ParaTes oT Penzance and helpang waTh The cosTume used an The Makado Mary wall surely realaze her desare To become a dress desagner ln her spare Tame Mary doe some Typang and surprase sewangl MEGNA PHILIP Phal wall be valuable an our war eTTorT aTTer he graduaTes Trom Cooper Unaon as a chemacal en ganeer Personally we Thank he should be a deTecTave ask MARTIN DONALD Chank as a chap OTT The old block l-las Uncle Sam s call has reached has ears and he s ausT aTch ang To geT an The scrap IT he raases as much havoc waTh The Japs as he does aT our TooTball games we re bound To wan l-las moTTo as Uncle Sam l:arsT MIRUS FRANCES Fran as one oT The Tew people who always seem To be smalarag aT someThang or oTher As secre Tary To Mass Ol'Tara GO CollecTor and a member oT The War STamp CommaTTee she was an asseT To New Dorp We Thank her arTasTac abalaTaes wall carry her Tar an adverTas ang buT There are oTher Thanqs Too huh Frara7 MCCRAINE MOIRA AT em Boys Gave em The Gun an saluTe To Green Eyes who wall braghTen up The sky waTh her smlanq eyes and sparklang personalaTy We re beTTanq all our money ThaT she wall be a credaT To Uncle Sam MOORE THOMAS Tommy as The lad waTh all The heaghT you ve seen on The Track cross counTry and baskeTball Teams l-las ambaTaon as To geT anTo The Army Aar Corps and aT you hear ThaT he s shoT down a Jap donT be surprased MCGUINNESS EDWARD TT Muggs ever vasaTed your sec Taon room aT was mosT lakely To Talk Tor The G O or any oTher wcTavaTy whach needed has experT guadance and help IT you have ever heard ham sangang I Wash l T-lad Wangs Lake An Angel you can aTTrabuTe aT To has ambaTaon To Tly MULLANEY ROBERT RoberT Mullaney beTTer known as Bob To The Tellows an The shop hasnT decaded upon has vocahon yeT buT has someThanq whach Takes aTs place l-le hopes To geT ouT oT hagh school TarsT Then leT The resT Take care oT aTselT Tl ia L f l' Q. -A T , 1ss- L V . y - Q ' """" If raa, ' - I - . l I ,.:, ECO' I-81. ,2 ?V W N . I . . . V ,, . . ' I . . . MULVIHILL FRANK Frank leTT New Dorp beTore gradua Tron Tor a career In The UnlTed STaTes Navy we lcnow he Il succeed There :T he doesnT argue wnTh The C PO NICHOLSON LOUISE Tex has been secreTary To Mrs Kuhn Miss Seabury and Mass Coes A rndnng and roolng are her hobbues were sue she Il geT a chance a rodeo Rope hum cowgurll MULVIHILL MURIEL Miz IS ThaT blonde bombshell who believes anyThung you Tell her Her enThusuasm Tor men as exceeded only by her eagerness To loan The Navy Good uc nz NIEDERHAUSER GEORGE Red ns one OT The Three Te lows ThaT drove Mr Feinberg cazy n l-TusTory 57 lasf Term T-le impresses you as beung a very sleepy slow mov :ng boy unTll you see hum on a baslceTball courT Then he moves so TasT you donT belneve 1+ anyway NAVARRO JOHN Johnny wanTs To be an engineer when he compleTes hus Tour years aT New Dorp buT pro Tessuonal TooTball may grab hum BeTween games he bunlds model alrplanes OAKES ELEANOR Ellne Oakes has been prachcnng T become a model secreTary during her sTay here by andsng Mass Guarnuer an ThaT capacuTy Her quueT smile us corn Torhng and will help her To succeed ln her ambnTuon NEWBRAND PEGGY Full oT Tun a pleasmg personal :Ty and a cuTe appearance have made Peg a well lcnown and well lnlced sTudenT We know she wnll become a good docTor whnch ns her ambnTuon BesT oT luclc To you Peg OCONNOR MARY Sus ns a llvung conTradncT:on oT The belnef ThaT redheads are Trery Tempered She was a mem ber oT boTh The Volleyball and Bowlnng Clubs and on The publ:cuTy sTaTT oT The ArgonauT l-ler ambnhon us To be a dress desngner I , I I . . . . S T ' , ' r wl In I ki HM. I . l' . ' r I ' - I I . ' . . . O ' - - - . I , My OELLERICH ROBERT Bob ns lhe young man who us del lnllely lnclnned loward a llle al sea Whrle al New Dorp he proved a brg help lo Mr Bissell ID lhe supply room OLSEN EVA WAACS beware' Here comes Eva lhal blonde siren who will probably end up as a lop Sarge every one will borrow money lrom and probably never pay baclc Al presenl swnmmzng and dancung lake up mosl ol her spare lnme OKEEFE BOB Bob worlced on lhe Pnoneer as co edvlor and gave hrs vnews al lhe Social Sludues Club Hrs wealc nesses In New Dorp were laleness and nnhabrlung ye oroe delenllon room Bob wanls lo lly wnlh lhe Army Ar Corps bul we lhunlc he wlll be a lawyer because ol has gill lor Changrng people s munds OLSON FRED Fred beller lcnown as Foo IS an all around man l'le has held down lhe posuluon ol guard on lhe lool ball leam and plays hrs bug slide lrombone IH lhe orcheslra ll you ever need cheerung up land Foo and you Il lose all your cares and lroubles OLSEN BLANCHE Blanche rs a demure blonde wulh a had den bul rnolous sense ol humor She has been secrelary lo Mss l-lanlcrnson lor lwo years lS a member ol lhe Sensor Arlsla and wanls lo 'om lhe WAVES ORILEY MARGARET Peggy I an ardenl swnmmlng lan ID hall ol her spare lime In lhe olher hall she as lusl wall ang unlrl shes a lelephone operalor because lhals her one and only delermnnaluon OLSON ELEANOR Moe has whal ll lakes lo malce an excellenl Army nurse Blessed wllh an unlaullng sense ol humor she ll be lhal same smallng brl ol sunshine lor lhe Army lhal she was lor us rn lhe person ol Medncal Aide ORLANDO JAMES V Jummy was a lad ol more lhan one accomplnshmenl Maybe his heughl enabled hum lo gel around lo o many aclsvrlnes wrlh a mvmmum ol ellorl l-lr mam ambulnon al presenl us lo gel a Naval commussuon PAGGIOLI JACK Pago ha nT been bu Tdrnq arrb an casTTes rn The air To no aya Hes gomg ac n e eTs here he T ID mo plane er her D ER JEAN J n Por y I ww Cubs and TU sporTs may have bredrded a br1ghTTuTu e Tor her buT her c:hleT ambrT on rs To ooeraTe a dog Tc nn wooT wooTT VALUELLO EDWARD Ed was Tcnown Tor has Turrous bTu -Towover Pal seems To be aT home when pTayunq a Trur beT ThereTore he wTT become a member oT an orche Tru since :T anfords hrm The TeasT embarrassmenT POST RICHARD Lou S a va uable m n IO Thes Tm rnce he has had pTenTy oTexper1ence rn handhng money He worked noT onTy an The GO oTT1ce buT aiso as Treasu r OT The G0 So when Richard qeTs rn The CoasT Guard h hrpmaTes wrTT be assured oT a caoabT quarTermasTer PENNINO JOSEPH V E R S A TIL E sceTTs J O E who ha gained Tame an more Than one TT lo ranqrnq Trom Senror ArTsTa To orchesTra There no re son why he cannor crown Thr record as successh. Dr Pe-nnnno ya Corne-TT PRIMIANO CARMINE C rho has h Tced Unc Sarn by seTl1ng War STannc He hob q on wrTh n rnaT duT1es by IO nrnq The Army A r Corrs PLATT DORIS Dor ambrho marry orr rou h T Tweed r ryrcerne are noT TeaTL,reo I Tweed Qhe beronq o To T e T T nd Bas e 0 u PO aTso was ecreT ry Han rn on and Mr O Ned' PRIMIANO JOHN John 5 The ou eT lad you ma have e n I o your C W 'T TT T 'VT OLTG e s were ure e e To 'S 'S 'ST' 'WN 'Vi -fefa., Q91-M --L4 Vw. 41. PRISCO THERESA Tessues mam ambuhon an luTe as Too ball And :Ts noT only aT The games ThaT you hear her Talk mg abouT TooTball heroes BuT lolcung aside she really wanTs Tc be a sTenographer and shell be A I an some boss s opm ron RIZZI ATTILIO RITZ The shorT boy wuTh The Tall Idea wanTs To become an engrneer and wnll aTTend ManhaTTan College soon As a lover oT sporTs he has developed a lceen unTeresT IH The ouTdoors RAPP GILBERT D Ge could be seen playnng un our Tarr orchesTra Tor seven Terms I-le wanTs To be a policeman Maybe some day well see hum durechng TrnTTuc aT Tumes Square ROBERTS ROBERT RoberT RoberTs may have a chance T help wan The war snnce he specializes IH guns and hunhng GunsmuThs are needed Today and BerT s ambuhon may lead hum unTo war worlc REYNOLDS JOSEPHINE Jo IS The gnrl wnTh The ready smlle and quvclc w1T I-ler moTTo IS lceep em laughlng and he dld yusT ThaT dur ng her Tour year n N D BeTween laughs Jo belonged To The Bowlung Club Junior ArlsTa ano was on The sTaFT oT our own ArgonauT Jos ambuhon ns To reTIre as soon as possnble ROITZSCH GEORGE George s ambuhon rs To become an oTTucer ID The Army Alr Corps and hs hobby bunldunc model anrplanes may prove a greaT help To hum IH recog nnzlng Traend ano Toe IT he doesnT geT To shooT a Tew Japs beTore The war s over well all sympaThIze wrTh hm REYNOLDS VIRGINIA Gnnny has been secreTary To Mus l.oeITler Tor seven Terms sold War STamps was on The Argo nauT TaTT ano paTro led The halls durlng her Tree per od whsle dabbl ng In ca aTTaurs PreTTy luTTle busy ody ROSENAUER RUTH RuTh wanTs IT made known ThaT he Brown Eyes have been an and To her personalvry and h nopes They wll ne p her become a prrvaTe secreTary ROUVELL ROGER Roger aspires lo The world of beauh clans He lus+ canl slay away from women Hes lhe lel low who rs always gay and carefree and wulllng fo Taclsle any 'ob For hrm success ns unevnfable Well lake hum as The lvlalorQ-eneral IH The Pnrales of Penzance SAILLIARD WALTER If ever you pass lhe Sanllxard house ln 'rhe wee hours of The mornnng and see a lvghl burnnng nn +he alhc you can be sure Wallers 'rhere Whal he con cocfs up lhere nobody lcnows buf he unlends lo be a chemncal engnneer so we expecl an explosuon any day now ROWAN ANNE During her slay al N D H S Anne has lalcen parl In varuous servxces whlch wnll guve her useful e peruence an laler life She says lhal her mann ambuhon IS lo become a nurse and we know lhaf Those +wo 'rerms as meducal room assuslanl' wall help plenly SALMON EGON Charles Boyer has nolhlng on Egon Wulh has srnoolh manners and sllclc halr we re sure Egon wall realize has amblhons RUSSO THERESA Theresa s eyes say more lhan her moulh She s one of lhose few people who belueve Snlenc s Golden SANBEG HERBERT Herb was a member of our orcheslra and Treasurer of has regnsler room H s hobbies are conhneo lo music which undoubledly us hls ambll SADOUSKY ALICE When personaluly wa hanoed ou Dusly wasnl slandunq behund The ooor Pu? lhe qoss Those app es chuldren Duslys delermlned fo be a 'leacher Lefs hope we can keep lhe parenls home SAVASTANO LOUISE Louuse was a secrefary ln 125 erved as a marshal and bowled wllh lhe gurls learn Sh danced her way 'rhrouqh New Dorp buf wanfs lo be a secre lary Her ambmon may be reallzeo F 'rhe Navy ooe n change her mnnd 4" .S X Z. -Zu-.S HUA ,fin Wax SCARAMUTZ EDWARD ATTenTlon Tokyol You had beT Ter rar e The Tlag o Truce beTore Curly vmrTaTes Jrmmy DooluTTles egg dropblng Yep' Curly aTTer serving on The Track and cross counTry Teams decwd d haT The wrno hould be on has Tunuc as wel as on hls TeeT JCOTT WILLIAM Bull he ped New Dorb score success on bow Ing Team I-Ie woud hke To be an aerial phoT rwher and goT a heao sTarT wrTh hrs acTrvrTy ln The PhoToo riruhy and Aerohauhcs Cubs SCARARINO MARY Mary rs well known Tor her unTecTuous gggle She wanTs To be a TypTsT and ha prepared herseT by belongrng To The Crvl Servvce Club She also belonged To The ITaluan Club and was a paTrol marshal SH PIRO BYRON Sh c m P a mrllxona e wh s goang To be n Trll a my Tery To hmm buT wr h hrs nmagunahon he should go Tar He can umrTaTe Tarzan a Two gun cowboy or even a Brooklyn banduT Some day w mayh a hmon The oro aslarzaho asagunT T o cowboy oT The WesT SCHNEIDER LOIS Lo a laTe addlhon our clas soon became known and hked Ty her ca maTe because oT her er ready wrT and wllh gness To erve a Tu an o c e T a In on y Tu ln becamc wel' known ana w l some oay be an adverhsrng corywrner SIDOROVICH THEODORE Theo a member oT our cro s counTry Team Tlnds Twme or wlmmnno and Tshlng Too We e cT a gea u ure Tor Theo wTT The UnuTed a I n e s SCHOEFER ANN Ahh hool days are noT over She aT o o Tea r c ree ecreTarra ud an am c lor wn FU brobaby man:TesTed lTseT whale Ann vas ecreTary To M s VeTTer H r sunny smile war wln The hearTs T oenT I Ta as :T has o SIEMERS MADELINE Maoe es hooby mu IC was w l scrved by hcr parhcrrahon rn Tne Glee Club She ang M kadc be re Pear Harbor ard a o be ono The So a Dancrhg C uo L I N ,. IAQ , ' , , . ,173 A - X , e T ls , 5 ' i . . 3:3 F' ' 1 I I The l' . I , I , og- . y A L X l . . I, 'x I I 0 I S W T om fr- -: 4, mm ,, ,E :S A . 2 2 GT I5 T0 UG If - .U In , 1 "',i:i:23:1" I-10 5' ' Q ,e Is S I s I , 'T , Q Q r T ra T r - CT n M 4 E., .v,:..,."::,.: 'V I, 1 -1 IIII ..., V . I . . , , I , NW .T ev I I I In s a l TisT I The if TW ,ir 5 r h f r . Be g Tne hbrar f, CTT, ge J H , Q Eff, ' ll ' I I I ' 1 I Q I . .,, V , T I S ' I 1 cr dl r T T T I , I h ,I , . ' ST Tes ' 'QQ Q r I I' A r , I V A , T 5 :c . Is .- 35.e 5 r a ' 'che 5 a r In s I I ST les, .- II Iv I II 1 I IT I I I I s- I V T T A I ' I X .4111 ,... - M s- E s . e I 'II I ' IP oT her flu- s 'us 5 sure y ' I urs. ,, g g " E ' 'I I h X V , V V fi" ' A 2 .. " . . g . . , ., , V A V, J ' . C X- , , 'F The T' - ' I I5 l I I' l I X55 get Vg 4 ,yf 1 W , 4.53, 'U CI I ' W I ' SIMMONS STEPHEN When a sludenl as held IH such hgh esfeem as Sleve us among hls cuassmales 'rhere cerfannly lS a slrong reason behnnd I+ He has no+ only served has +each ers faufhfully bul classmafes as well We are poslhve Thal fhus same umpressnon wnll be prevalenf when he enfers Brook lyn College SPARANDERA JOSEPH Wulh lhe experlence Spafs has had whale holding olzhces ID has regusler room and cooperal :ng wnfh 'rhe class he ough+ +o make a superb bookkeeper SKINNER OONAH Oonah was a member of many clubs on 'rhe Ilbrary squad and secrelary fo Mrs Schaefer As a career she has chosen nurslng whnch she prachced as a Meducal Ancle She even found hme +o be second page edn+or of +he Pioneer SPEIGHT HENRY Henry hopes lo alfend college and become an agruculrurnsr Hens hobby lS sporls He has served as a reglsler room presudenl and member of lhe Library and Marshal Squads Good luck 'ro one half ol fhose lwnns SLATER JO Jos achvuhes are so varred we wonl men school massed her presence She was an achve member o rhe Junuor and Sensor Arnsfas also The Pioneer If you ever sald hello fo her you ll know +ha+ a conversahon lor+hcomung and an unfereshng one af +ha+ Jo will surely succeed as a yournalusl SPEIGHT STEWART ew s lhe olher hall of our famous and good looklng rwons of New Dorp He also hopes lo become an agruculfurusl buf has mlnd usnl always on lhe ground as hs hobby us bu ldnng model anrplanes Thalrs one excuse a yway' SOLIMANDO GLORIA Gloria Solumando olherwlse known as lhe Whez wlll leave 'rhe memory of her persever ance here a+ New Dorp Success we are sure will cerlaunly crown her desire lo become a feacher Berler pon h 'lhose apples' SPRINGSTEAD MARJORIE Sprinkle Took parl n 'rhe Ari' Weavung and Riding Clubs buf her hearf was on 'rhe back seaf of a moforcycle wnfh a Coasf Guard rn from Her foremosl arnbuhon as lo go lo California on a molorcycle and fhen refurn To be a bankers pruvale secrelary bg F J n-1 1 I . . I I gi lion 'rhelm all, bu+ we can say 'rhal nof many acfivilies in E . I . y . . . I . I ,Ve ' , ' ' is , l "S+ " I I I . li . . I 1 . I I l l . . ' I ,, . . .. I Q 'xv S46 :QQ MQW Wk STODDARD DANIEL ll was Reds unherenl gall of am: abnllly fha? made us selecl hum our sevenlh Term presldenl and regusler room presldenf lor hve lerms Danny smile and all has exaclly whal ll lakes 'ro realuze has ambuhon lo be an aerial navrgalor THERKORN RICHARD Duck wanls lo and will be a pulol an lhe Army Air Corps l-las hobbues boals and lashing ac counl for has abulnly lo spun long yarns STRECKER HILDA l-l lda lelfl us lor nnghl school buf she refurned fo graduare wu+h us We hope she receives lame as anolher Sonia l-lense for she really deserves I+ TIERNEY PATRICIA Pal 'rhal sweel gurl wllh 'fhe cule srnnle could almosl plnch hrl for Gene Tnerney and no one would know Hr buf whal she plans lo do as shll a secrel SUAREZ AGNES Gelhng lhe bes+ oul ol lrle seems lo be Aggie s arm buf her ambuhon ss lo become a nurse Shell do r +oo with lhe same energy she showed as Edllor of lhe Argonaul TSEAS JOHN John fhe greal Greek oralor of +he Eco nomucs class and lhe pollceman un The Mlkado has lhrown aside 'rhese possible vocahons and has deczded upon enler :ng Brooklyn Poly+echnuc 'ro become lo and behold a chemncal engnneer TESTINO GLORIA Glorla lnked horseback rndnng and bowling so much 'rha+ she 'owned bolh clubs l-ler cool and comlorhng hands wnll grace a fevered brow when she plays The role of nurse un lhe near lufure TURELLO DAVID Dave vlce presndenl of The G O was also presldenf of lhe confederahon of Island Hugh Schools Pork U Pune us a member of fhe Sensor Arusfa Mlmeograph Squad and Science Club l-le has been developung has muscles on fhe loofball leam 'ro help hum lafer on nn Aero nauhcs Sf lg' r VAN DUZER RUTH Van was marshal for lwo ferms and lreasurer of her regusler room She chooses sfenoqraohy a her career buf mosl' lulcely will be a ballroom dancing parlner VONDERHEIDE AUDREY Audreys achvuhes Included parhcupahon In Glee Club and operelfas Thls lells 'fha muslc as very close lo her hearl I lad she lulces + so much she hopes 'ro be a piano Teacher She has served New Dorp well as secrelary lo members of laculfy and as a member ol 'rhe Baslcelball German and Glee Clubs VASTOLA ROSEMARIE Rosemarie has been quule achve ln her lhree and a hall year slay al N D Belng a member ol The Ar sla lhe llaluan Club and on lhe Yearbook Slall Shorly had ample opporlunufy lo preoare lor a career a secrelary WALLACE JACQUELINE Jaclne was a member of lh Hearlhslone and Red Cross Clubs She flew around as secrelary lo Miss Pugnala for mosl ol her llfe al New Dorp and wishes evenrually 'ro become a prnvale secrelary an easy laslc for Jackue ol 'rhe ever ready smule VENTURA LILLIE Pee Wee wanfs lo be a secrelary and has gawned much experuence In two years as secrelary lo Mass Sass She would lllce lo go lo Nolre Dame Her hobby as collechnq phofographs Of whal we wonder7 WARD ARTHUR Arne as well lcnown as a member ol lhe Dramahcs Club Among has numerous successes were lead :ng roles un Fredernclc Jaclc Dallon and The Marriage ol Sanfa Clause l-le was also on +he Soccer Team VIGGIANO VICTOR Vfq 1+ seems has 'rhe Idea ol many of our boys He 'foo wanls fo be a Marane Has varuous sporls achvmes loofball baslcelball and fraclc 'roughened hum up for fhe 'ob When he gels In +he snlua hon as well IH a d WARD FRANKLYN Muck may some day blend hrs vonce wlfh lhose of The olher Wes? Povnf cadels nn lhenr gradua hon exercises When he does one wall know +ha+ he had 'rranmng wnlh fhe New Dorp Glee Club I I . y s I . us + ' ' . n , ' I I 5 . ' . . I A C I . . . . . h n I Mean' WEDINGER, FREDERICK The U S Army is mighTy Tor TunaTe To geT such a young man as BiTT All we can say is Army your railroads are as good as builT righT now WOERZ THEODORE Ted a PuTTsburg boy originally and a sTrong Republican doesnT believe in New York meThods in plain word no homework' YOUNG MARGARET Peggy boeo her Time wrihng Tor P oneer a e i i erar o Tor o Yearbook S wa and kriTTed or TNG Red Cro s Her sruoie obviou y d o noT uTTer because OT her numerou acTiviT es KILLEA MARGARET Margie will be remembered To her sweeTness She hopes To become a prominenT Tigure i The business Tield and wiTh her ambiTion iT will be easy MURPHY EDWARD Eddy is never losT Tor words in an argumenT XVe oTTen wonder how hes making o T in The Army Air Corps POUCH CHARLES Charlie The pale sTudious looking bo who doesnT really love school may be seen walking Through The halls almosT any day discussing higher maThemaTics wiT some glamorous EinsTein or oTher Camera BAUER GEORGE Georgie wanTs To be a PeTTy OTTicer I c in The Navy whose ranks he has already loaned As a hobby he plays caros uiTe a combinahonl CORSON GEORGE Junior has a noT so original ambiTion To graduaTe He worked on The mimeograph machine in The HisTory OTTice and likes To collecT sTamps FERRETTI JOHN Basl can be Tound in his spare Time ooking over co ns and Tamcs His ambihon To be a police 'nan eads him To N Y U ve made him a Tav r e n The h and classrooms o New Dorp a well a on The ba eba and baskeTball Teams MARREN JOSEPH Joe wh wa a memb r oT The base 'Dall and ba ke bal Team well known abouT New Dorp Wc Think o doe Joe Th1T he oTTer comoehhon Tor Gable and Taylor MEYER WILLIAM Bill belonged To Thc LaTn ang Rado Club wh e aT New Dorf He wanrs To Tuoy archiTecTure aT Wagner aTTer The war To eaTure Romanesque horses and ndden radios probably MOLLER JOHN Sl m oTherwi e known a M I e oy Five has been secreTary To mosT oT The NorTh Gym eachers and manager oT our TooTball Team In The TuTure ,ou may see him managing greaT Teams Tc giory PAEGELOW WILMA I piTe oT he diminuhve sze and r cheery smile B w an eT1ic nT marsha Tor gui e a Tew Terms Her hobbies are dancing and bike rioing We ee her in The near TuTure Pedaling To hcr 'ob as Mr Van derbilT s secreTary A MARIE Mare Pica a sny ouT e Ty g suipri e us al wiTh her inTenTion To oecome a nurse Walking and dancing have helpeo oave The way Tor ward rouT ne To ome WEGENER GLORIA Glora wir cerra niy make some one a good housewiTe since he has done such a good 'ob wiTh her IiTTle slsTers and broThers aT home during her sTay aT New Dorp . K. W, l h , T. W . l -Sv . A The i s o'Torfn-chief an: as .iT y e i T mi The . ne s acT5ve F sport ' ' T 'I s . ' ' s ' ' si i s I s ' ' i . I II I ll I It . . . .U . ' i ' u ' I i i ' i Ii I I ,, V, X . . 5 . I FOX, JAMES The Poxls lively wiT and likeable manner ha ' o if i als I T , s ' s s i' . .. , , nc 2 e - . s T ll s, is . . , i ' T A i I i Sh I I P I I I P Y 1 ' I . , I li ,I is s il r. Ev X I T ' l 4 I , n so' r ' ' ' I 'Te ' , illie as , F' Ae s I 'T S - 'J i . J . . Y , i I , I T bl T iri, is s X y . , . , N , , ' 5 I g I . . . S , ASS WILL Vlfe rhe S nlor Class ol June I943 do oeslovv oul of The lcrndness ol our hearls lhe lollownng Mxss Loeffler we leave The lop ol 'rurnlng lhe nexl group ol rosy Cherubs snlo good cnhzens Fufure Sfudenfs of Classucs we leave lhe Englush reachers and Eng llsh llleralure Mr Femberg we leave hve Qenls for all The corn he has popped rhns lemn Mr Thompson we leave a cornplele currrculurn rn English lo h lp hum pay has renl Mrs Clark we leave a clean Puoneer Olhce Josephine lmmlHl we leave lhal dreamy loolc ol Dorls Lyngaas fhe Army we leave ll s a mallrer of oprnuon Anne Eberhard we leave 'rhe abullly of Oonah Slcnnner 'ro wrure good essays Jackie Hull we leave Joe Pennnno s hlle The well dressed man Mal Scaffa we leave Jrhe amblllon of Agnes Suarez Dlana Wand we leave lhe :nlellugence ol Slfephen Snmrnons musical expressuon ihe Glrls who have Commando Tramlng we eave a bollrle ol llnumenf Droole Ohman we leave Peggy Newbrand s avorrdupols Eddie Wlllshaw w leave Danny Sloddard s oood nalure and wnlly remarlcs Bully Clause we leave Bob O Keele s oe College dress CharuoH'e Durlcee we eave Barbara Lulls good loolcs and blond lresses Pal' Premoe we leave Belly l-lansa s Merchanl 'Vlarlne lnleresls Fran Duffy and Pal Kelly we leave our rlasss abzlnly To rn lce Jrrouble lhe nexl' Publlclfy Manager of +he Argonaul' we l ave Waller Keyes lnlluence wllh Dr ond We 'rhe Class of June 43 do so bequeafh all our falenfs and faulfs before w 'I leave New Dorp Hugh School 13 WH l flf CL To ' f ' To ' ' - To . ' ' ' To . ' ' ' e To . ' ' . To . . . y . I To " ' ' ' To .. . . To . . . , . I ,, - To ., ' ' J . To . . . . A . ' To "Jack Benny" Carlson we leave Joe "RubinoBl' Pennino's power ol To . . . l . . U To l' l ' ' . To ' ' e ' J ' X To ' ' ' "J " . To ' 5 l l To l ' r ' ' . To lc , l " a To U ' ' e l ' r ' . B . QQ ' h I ' . at its 1' ss yy fl' C 'f9,2lS UNITED srmes 7 J fx 1- '!"fiF'I -f 45 01710 V A AR 1 Que A X PM AT E. 1'f'f, QL FW af ifTf iw FQ QB QQ 16? fi fi, xg" if 'ag 2 5 Li, LORSTAN STUDIO Offncnal PI1o+ograpI'1ers or NEW DORP HIGH SCHOOL Ib 239 RICHMOND AVENUE PORT RICHMOND S I N Ph GIb II 2 O We are Crowd QI "5 +I? because QI Qu' GIIIIGTICU I . I '-,N ,V IIW1 'm"'ifATW O I ' 'I ne: ra ar -7533 WAGNER COLLEGE GRYMES HILL THE ONE COURSE PLAN' V J Q1 VT V SGP S THE WAGNER COLLEGE SCHOOL OF NURSING' cc QRNOQ veycuaBS oece I c +neVaoe nfrwao A SUMMER SCHOOL FOR SENIORS' QSO me dam +I ,J ar urrm sh 'CLVI va Que Q ccI age G6 Gef your basic preparafory worIc for careers In 'VI O Chemlsfry Navlgahon Law Denhsfry Mefeorology 'rI'1eMm:sI'ry e Ic CIQ6 FRED MUCHE MUSIC and SPORT SHOP Www ISLAND 3 QPQRTS CEMIER I205 CASTLETON AVENUE WEST NEW BRIGHTON S I SPALDING EQUIPMENT EOR ALL SPORTS - I gf 5 yor your 'rarfg 'cw aw 5 yr. , ,CV :Cr bener L: - ' ' irmec eervfces or oe'e'1S " r3frIel.TI1e few IME: 2' e 5 an C' incr,-:re Susie Tcr one ,crxrh-wif' Q7 ey 'Im eouv I , f 5' 5 Q S3 ziredfs If :HD spciec' Ir 'I rvcrfrw . "eff cr JUN Isl. TI'ree wears C5 Walrrq for , f, . Iefree ar: one if year W' gi . , Jr E,II'16 Hrs year 9569? E ' J Jn r Ca, pus-' new Iwo spe I, ca wossifa. 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DE':' HIINI3 AAHE, IQQUTJQO L"I'll",',i:"'1" :':L,. F- . " --1 Si 3f":H TEE 2 EET? TA' :TM ANI Ni :ANI Qs. ,. co CN Ti 1'-:M Prescrip+ion SpeciaIIsfs GARBER BROTHERS II d B y I63 RICHMOND AVENUE 76 CANAL STREET NEW DORP HIGH SCHOOL C A F E T E R I A THE PARENT TEACHER S ASSOCIATION NEW DORP HIGH SCHOOL TO REGULAR MEETINGS Th d W M p I-I Q COMPLIMENTS OF DURKEE MARINE PRODUCTS CORPORATION GRASMERE STATEN ISLAND N Y Cuff? ers for Men an O S ND, S. I. ST . . . I of Asks Every Parenf Io Join Io Work for IIwe ImIeresTs O ur Children and Qur SCHOOI. ir ednesday QI Hwe MonIIv 2 P. .af New Der I IWSCIT 44 D ANNA S PHARMACY 276 SAND LANE SOUTH BEACH STATEN ISLAND TAVERN on 'rhe GREEN Hyan Boue a cl a+ Ne Dorp S BEST WISHT U10 I SAM SCHWARTZCHILD Lane TI1ea+ e SUPPORT YOUR WHITE MARKET Inc THOS A FIORELLI PIIG 986 Amboy Rd Grea+ K Ils S L GRENNIE S PHARMACY 253 NEW DORP LANE en Isl d N MRS JOSEPH SUBELLA EUTU R PENNINO 238 BAY STREET FOPVICTORY ,J BUY WAR BON DS STAMPS I .Q f, was '43 I I I I Y n S+a+ an , . Y. ,A I IA I. r-Alle vi -f--.1 E 'wflxl' I WP ," If , ,I II' f ITV? CoQIc+a'I Lounge 2 RC'S'6LIVi"I .. 'FEPTS I-ICINI LN: I I v r w , . I. I C X IN r I ' FI' ,ISIAU If I TP-E I G . O . . I Q1:'f,1 Pi: QQ" Iffc I I CCY! 'IWQWTQ LN . . , A Y 7 In QV I I , . I I .S S I I . I I Ts' I W- Vlfsa' Duc Acffi, f- ' ,It v.-swan I ' ' Ax STATES . I, 'rn 3 . I , . I. F J lk A. I M9 Axn A 7 QI I I I DIEGES 8: CLUST I7 JOHN STREET New YORK N Y Mamulaclurmq speclelfy newele s Class rings and puns Meoals Cups lroplwes ami: plecue Allwleluc Awards OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR THE I943 CLASSES We fhe Graduahng Class of June I943, resolve +o do our u+mos+ +o and our counfry In nfs flgl1+ for freedom Xi QF ' 'vf 'vf 'lv' iii Al as Ag O I O I O I O .V , . ,VS -Ll --M -1 I I I SWEW Buy week VM a Mme every WA an R NSURED B 0 N C AVINGS A o S mm. S uf O ROI' OPPOT ' Plc I r Emerge for Incor09I ies and Hold flve Wa' POSI ROY Adxusxmen 'haf f Do boI'I1 AT THE RICHMOND COUNTY FEDERAL Savings and Loan Assocaahon 'INCE I88 I9O Mann S+ree+ ToHenvlIIe S SAFETY SERVICE SECURITY X, I6 fn N395 I Or-ne a V77 fo . 'I' U ' K AA Ify I Q I . . 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Suggestions in the New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) collection:

New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


New Dorp High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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