New Deal High School - Roar Yearbook (New Deal, TX)

 - Class of 1966

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New Deal High School - Roar Yearbook (New Deal, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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- '9- 4.1 . 9,',. ' I 1 w ,A- H 'emi - v-5,:-- : , ,,..V . 2-2 x '.5i. ' -t .n u .1'.': 1 3:2 v . V,,:LQ E .7 . .,.1-.Q V ,Lis,4Le,1e, nf' ' 'Q-w, 33 ' f,' ' ,I A I . '. 'TF f Yin.. .- fr . 11 , V .A 1.6- L19 ix ,,..,, - iw, . ' in 1' X 443 H, ,, QA " . .I , 1' . ,X if '1 fe New Z 196549 famaaif. 2' 'iwf ffm?" wiiwv ' ' 6, 'V f' 1 ., ef N6 X6 66 f' Woar eczf 579 .XGS H 6 A 66 111 V,66 -4 6 fs:g f vVL14., .z', j f" 7'f V6 ' K fif'?3" A Q ! VV y66.f ff' A A A 1 6 if X 6 TV? .X , 6 l W 9 f. ? 5 6 6 g M V I 6 K 'z?'x' ' X. C 6 f , 66 A T ' Qb 6 6 I ' f 1626? M46 6 22: ' 6 6 .. 6 mf? " a iq v!6iV66flfi6VQ ,v..6 66' h c6.V 16 ,.6 t Qi- 666. f ' ff' fin ffg l.5"'f 5 'J' ' 7?"7L.. ' I 6 fi K A 666 , J V ' f f A 6 6 . 66 I I K W i, .zv6. nf 16,-,Q f V6 WE? L6 V, f lf 6 64'6 6Q666 6 .- ,6Q6 ' 6 6 ..62', 5 6 - l "6' 116' 6 6 'ii gfg . gy , 6 VQ VAV 6 ,6,6Y .f.6 6 66 VN X A"' Wi? 66 6 6 ' R , -'fri' -p6N J -66 '-"Q .6 - a ' ' --?f.2"fM '116 16 . " " ,66, J1 66,, 'X A-6f6??-6 - 6 - '6 ' J X H 6-V.- ' .. V 0-QM.,--L L. """""' X 6 """'?J' 666 6 W 1 ms? 6 21: 6 T! 5 6 6 . FFT, I 6 , P 2 L6 ff,-f ,. 1: - 1652 - 6 X N5 ff 4 In 6 fllf Q 6 W, i X5 6x X 66f in j7OI'QCUOZ' jfe 571212 uaf Csfdff Cynthia Galbraith - Editor Judy Speer, Mary Bigham, Betty Wheatley, Coy Bal- lard, Ronnie Weems, Delia Villegas, Dwayne Price, JoAnn Cavaness and Jim Speer As you look through this 1966 annual, both now and later on in life, may it bring back many fond memories. The annual staff has worked many long, hard hours to put this book together, and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it. Needless to say, words have probably been misspelled or left out, and pictures omitted that perhaps should have been included. We are proud of our creation and hope you will be too. f7a6Q qf Gonfenfs Qeofcahbn Sfdnlhfsffanon Szacuify CAMS Senlbm jufubm QSOFAOMOIQQJ Qfesfmen junzbr J,9y5.mmeDff,,',L QGUOFIZQS Ofydmzabbm Uicbvfbas Spam 5,096-faf 5751101406 Sighfazymy Qeogcabbn Corridor of learning Mr. and Mrs. Dalton James The 1966 edition of the Roar is dedicated to the students of New Deal School--past, present, and future--for in truth it is the students who compose the school. Our school is a bustling center of ac- tivity. This corridor has been the nucleus of this activity. For students of the past and present, this has been "home". For future high school students, this will be only a threshold to the mad world of high school, since 1966-67 will see the christening of our new school building. It is also dedicated with deepest gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Dalton James, who have given tire- lessly of themselves for 14 years to make New Deal Independent School the outstanding institution it is. Evidence of their conscientious service is to be seen in the harmony of the faculty and the student body, in the school's atmosphere of competent management, and in the smiling faces of the students. May God bless our school and these two fine people. fy mzhzkfrabbn Shown above are the Administrative heads of New DealwHigh School. They are Mr. Clarence L. Green, Junior High Principalg Mr. Dee Han- cock, Supervisorg Mr. Dalton James, Superintendentg and Mr. Bob Wills, High School Principal. Over their desks passes the business of New Deal Independent School. 5 . BOBBY HENDERSON GLEN WAGES V. L. PEEPLES PAUL CROSNOE, Jr PrCSidSHI Vice Pres. Secretary J oarof of gfzcafzbn Left to right: E. C. Parrish, Bobby Henderson Paul Crosnoe, Tony Rieken, Pete Edwards, Glen Wages and Dalton L. James, Supt. fnot shown, H. G. Winningham, and V. L. Peeplesj Nyfafzfs fgr a ,706 Meg Qponev H.G. WINNINGHAM PETE EDWARDS E.C. PARRISH TONY RIEKEN TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR SUPERVISOR Mrs. Opal Bumpass Mr. Dee Hancock TEACHER AIDS Mrs. Phillips Mrs. Shropshire , .. M f., ..,,,,5,W , ' ,, LIBRARIAN OFFICE WORKER ' W "f .. -1 ' ' :S T25"'i4'gif'15Z13jfffZffi , ,M lf, .s.,,, "ALb A sisl S A' MIS- W. C. Cowan MIS- Sue Faulkner I READING TEA H - 7 ',-Q l ifz- M Mrs' Irene Delashaw 1 Y I "ii ' zzz' Fr mzlfzzlsfrczfors Congratulations on your good work on the 1966 Yearbook. As you turn through its pages, I hope it re- minds you of your friends and your achievements this year. Set your goal high and continue to reach for it. I hope we have taught you to THINK before you make any de- cisions. If you do you will always be right. Sincerely, ,. ' 4 giggtffiziw J Dalton James Mr James IS cutting his birthday cake at the party that was made for h1m by the seniors. f' ff? re J rbyresszbe May I take this opportunity to say thanks to you, the students and faculty, for making this an enjoyableyear. To those who will not return next year, I will wish you all that's good in the years to come. I hope that we have provided you with the necessary tools for success. Time will give us that answer. For those who will be at New Deal School another year, may Iwish for your continued success in the task at hand. It is my sincere desire that this school provide you all with the hope of a meaningful life. Sincerely, Bob Wills Mr. Wills is presenting a Christmas award at the annual Christmas party. CCJQHQ Q12 fairy 931412201206 Mr. Green is being presented with a Christmas award by Mrs. Dowty. It is indeed a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to commend you upon the com- pletion of your high school work. You are graduating into a space-age world that has unlimited opportunities for those of you who are willing to put your "thinking wheels" into motion. Keep in mind the importance of independent think- ing and sound judgment. You must con- stantly fight discouragement. Always re- member that success often comes after many setbacks and failures. Your station in life will be a reflection of your thinking. All that is required of you is that you do the best that you can in performing any given task. Sincerely , G. 35.24 7dCZIgy if 196366 Cgcfoof ' v feed af Qi n if :Wi Mah Q f I ' , E , MRS. BEATRICE CROMER MR. BARNEY C. MCCASLAND III English Math MR. SAM MA YO Athletics MR. DAVID HAMM - Science MR. ALLEN MCDANIELS -' Music M ff Yegimeif- 47 alll FII 2 , I I MRS. DALTON JAMES MR- GEROME BYRD Typing and Bookkeeping E11g1iSh MRS. JO BETH ROBERTSON Homemaking MR. .TACK BELL 1 ' l ,W-,.,.-..,.,Q..,,,W M, pam...-g5f.f,-'Qfy:-5ms.Qf.s-.1wffffnmwfvflappfu.g.:,gmssw.:ssf' 2 GII1 S Basketball 552!fv5iEfI.S1:?:EfHfhESfI:'fwffffv ' I-15554 , 1-ff,5...,,.,zggfg,f,5ffag:,:gg5gygff:f:5.fzqaz fhsjsl :,fgfffzzgmg1,ff1m:Q Jgfifsffpffiiffffifffddiffs:'g,55,w5'f3s" IL -1 ,iw ,, f m ff' ,,,, MR. DARWIN DAVIS Agri culture 11121614 yacufy MR. WESLEY LOONEY MR. DON MITCHUSSON MRS. DIANA DOWTY Spanish Math 6th MISS E. I. GRIMES MRS. SUSAN HAMM MISS CAROLYN LITTLE English - Hist. Science 6th I4 Qraofz scgwf Zacuify MRS. LEONA BATSELL MRS. EUNICE M. GREGORY MRS. DELTA TAYLOR lst lst lst MRS. MARCELLE TATE MRS. DOROTHY KINNER MRS, TI-IELMA OLDHAM 2nd lst - 2nd 2nd I5 5 ra0Q Ocfoofgacu fy f MRS. SARAH B . 3rd JOHNSON ,. ,,.. Q, ...L 1 s fail ' UZ -all i fffs gf vs K , -2 5-ff ! EL i,' -MQ. . .. 55,5 53 5, 5 -5. .. ..,, ..Q- ., , is ,E I ifimg g iim iii . ?fw ,p 5iEgi ?5 12 31 22 f . S.?n 2? ? i w agf glf EE F 'A'-Haifiw 5 s?aE.'?1 55' 1? 1 .7 f. -Q ff :' Q5 3'-f a .Ara -Km gt 5 ' w- Q '-,' :' 5: 'i Tw ig! - feed Q 1 i L .Q-5 'fvsigi fz' vu r gxfkg if f fi L . 5 i? E3g2?5 f iE5 ' 1 12 figi gg i is 5 2?i25?g ffEg .g.52A g?. E3 S9 .5 . g g 5231225 5 if iw mi fiii if E in 2 . M 25 5352 . 53.5531 1-I :1i1?iff2's?w ig S355r?'3 W22 gl i ! A 4551 if ,L f.2?15.5g 2f1X5W z,a L 15:49- 2,SiQm2.2ik5. s5.5Q 212 sw 2 MRS . SANDERS 3rd MRS. ANNA JO GOCHEL 5th MRS. C. L. GREEN 3rd MRS. LUCY MCDONALD MRS. MARY FURGESON 4th 4th w F MRS . SUE HOLLINGSWORTH 5th . W f if Q.. ffl- .,,. 1- -L'i L :mix-1 Aff! af 4? i iw x .ld Q-555. N Q L, 5 ik ' 4 A. .- im? M ' XX ,QU ,,,. 1L" M' '14, 2 X1 M 'ii m y , 5 , .. 7 ,f A rc W V f cm' " , A .fr ,Q 3 Q? ZSQLQX ,f X1 .. 1 M 5 as x, f ff xx ,I fr lf x 'gr v" V, If I 1 ff' ,, If O XA , X , bf' ,Q r I ,M MM' Q2 X fl fy, .fygggq ksjf H7562 4:-I, JJ E W5 li ff LX Q fx 53? I" d ' i3,iiu ' 7' Y W nfv W ,.,, m ffw ' -BULLET ' ' .5 kr"c 12'- 1 x,l, rf J 522 f 323 H ' , 2 . ' , 4- ' 'vu .V xiggg., eff X 3.1-13 ex - x l 1-Tu.: Q51 'W . f 3 T2 1 1 - 5' , rx fy, W --.........,, Q new 5 wkysf' 4:1 it 'Y 2,1 il "15'T:3'.-"' l z , 'j 4 NX, K 'f' . W? I x 'L" : J K ., .. -fx M f M Z 'ff ' Q I Z Qsezzzbrs enzbrs I 9 6 6 enzor Ojygcers dI2Of Sponsors SPONSORS Mrs. James Mr. McCas1and Mrs. Cromer OFFICERS President Robert Davis Vice-President Mike Heald Secretary Joyce Price Treasurer Ronnie Randolph BELL, LINDA BIGHAM, LARRY BROADUS ANN KAY FORBIS, CURTIS GARIBA Y, MARTHA 621216119 DAVIS, ROBERT de los SANTOS, NOBERTO LEE, JA NNIE HAGGARD, DENNIS HEALD, MIKE An odd moment--the seniors are working! ! MITCHELL, BILLY MORTON, JANICE OLIVAREZ, YSABEL' OWEN, GLAD YS PEEPLES, KARYN PRICE, JOYCE I still say, "I'd rather fight than switch." enzbrs RANDOLPH, RONNIE RIEKEN, GARY SHROPSHIRE, LILLIAN SMITH, LAWSON THACKERY, WADE TOVAR, SAM The seniors decorate the Christmas tree. It looks like fun. WAGES , MARGARET WHEATLEY, BETTY WINNINGHAM A GARY ,jzznlbrs lbllauuyl 16" K ' . . Y' A QW' Q QL N QU W, ,,,. g cgenzbrs I 9 6 7 25 11121614 Offqcezts' G12 of ODSOFS SPONSORS Mr. Hamm OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Mr. Davis Dwayne Agnew Cindy Wilson Coy Ballard JoAnn Cavaness Jimmy Boyd Carol Broadus Nickie Butler Jo Ann Cavaness Sammy Darty Cynthia Galbraith Dwayne Agnew Coy Ballard Jerry Benjamin Mary Bigham unzbrs an Mw w..E SB Picfure Noi Available f y ' W 1' ffwf " f:f' '2 - ai :,,, grim .ia EIQFFLQEQ 31 g puwmm r ,xv f 'zysfza ...amass 2 ,. , K- ., 1, , vw'1a1fv,g:v21sffzm - ' k. VN, ,,. sw -' H: ,...,,, ii-gps ':'?f1'f5 ,Ziff 1 "Elf wi s . H 'W gg aging U im rr. ZS G? ga ,4 fat? sfivhfgsfy if 1 Ziff, sms X HL ,, 9 l fm was ,, m Aiirmi Q M: 2 ,sms .13 its if ff '11 331 is N' W .WZQ5 ,A 1- si K' B , "X in as X A ,, Af: ' David Martin Gary Justice James Norton Delores Ortiz ir1swa53Zef!!mi?2?zi1ff44s2gevQ4Q3ag1as13x11552Q27131sw2!3,1gg,yv!zs:aQ:Zge:w,L.M-1--W'iess2'fg,ggWf5r- . my s VV ,.,..w-".gs- ,,,. KVV . L is w at rlr - r I w,',w,sSqus N' aku 5 'W 55 . S. xii' - 1 l , ' 5' , W 1. s' V 6 3 B in if rr .J 114, 1 , ga - s P If r , -, ,, ,sn . -- , David Krause Fingers flying, busy Juniors work hard at becoming better typists Rachel Ortiz .Q L ., - ,.. 5- w 111216105 Adrain Parker Linda Ponciano Mutt and Jeff play horsey. . .Juniors Curtis Wilson and Larry Williams make use of spare time during lunch period. Willie Sanders Piciure Noi' Available Mildred Posey Clemmie Skinner Jim Speer 5225esggggg2'5f ig vw sv Qisefws sf 1 " i weesaasft 4 'Z rw if Q' '- m X X' lr :elm-I s ,..s,,...m,s S X is i 1 K ik 'l VLVV x ,, ,, W,,.. -.. W,,..,.L,.. ,W - 5 1: , , , 1 A ..,, wi My l ,, . , p Jimmy Teeter Delia Villegas ff iezgzaggsggrfep-:sgf5:f':5Msw3 iz: vase! 1 .W f, Isaziefavfresfiizvesszzzisv, ' ,, 2 1 H 4 R at be E W Q K 4 ix ff. . . is , " ssss r is B wg as is -Qi.. ,img sd? bags: Bw :T 'rg 53 RE . 4:11 H31 T ? F BE? RQ kg: is ss14'wg3i, .Vx , ri, - Don Voyles In response to an appeal from an area serviceman, the juniors sponsored a clothing and toy drive for Vietnamese orphans. Shown are committee members and Miss Grimes, sponsor. Ronnie Weems l.,,. ,L ,.,,. . .,.,. ., .W .A ,,.. ,,:,n,r,.1M, ,-...r..,,,.l..:,. M fi.1s,1 ,, , , '+asea2a'aygas' - 1' . X ze-far -. 1 ,H . i , . ,. ,..,.,,K ...x.,. ,..i, L 4 A -1 1-if ff -Mzvzz Q ,.- --1:45 - - ,-,- ease: mazelzzf K I ..,-2,: ,.'. ....- , K fz-ness 1 ' . w if 3- s i 4 is H. r ' ,Y msd? 2 s f 3 s sr E , 1 e ' I: H A . ,a1.,.,W s Vpr,p 2 1 p,ip 2 if N .,.,. N . 3 wg 5 K Curtis Wilson Cynthia Wilson CS0,Ug0I22OI4Q.S 6391216103 1965 3I CS 0,05 0122 ore Offgcers dl? Of CSXUOZZSOFJ' Coach Bell President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer sPoNsoRs OFFICERS Coach Mayo Ronnie Agnew .Terry Cooley Donna McNee1y Wayne Price Agnew, Ronnie Baker, La Rue Baze, Terry Benjamin, Larry Bohn, Joe Burress, Dale Bradley, L. J. Brendle, Stacey Castro, Gloria Cavaness, Tom Cooley, Jerry Darty, -Roy Picfure Noi Available Ll: 'is it Dunn, Zelma Freeman, Linda Freeman, Renita Glatz, Kenneth Gonzales, Delicia Gonzales, Robert Gonzales, Tony Guajardo, Lupe Haggard, Tommy Hamilton, Cnarles Hamilton, Gary wm,,,,.4-40 "" ei? Hollander, Gabe Jackson, Flenoid Jones, Velda Looney, Norman Picfure No? Available LOUC1611, Craig Lyson, Donna These sophomores look like they are having a good time, McDougal, Dale McNee1y, Donna McNeely, Imogene Martin, Terry SK. , WSE- V ' 1: n if r , , eil, W ,, 2 Picture Noi' Available Nuss, David Ortiz, Beatrice Price, Dwayne Price, Wayne Rieken, Jeri Lyn ' Ring, Beth Speer, Judy Thackery, Alfred Williams, Larry Wise, Kenneth 7Z"QSgI22 Q12 cgenzbrs I 9 6 9 gzresfm an Ojfgbers ancf esp 01230119 SPONSORS Mr. McDanie1s Mr. Byrd Mrs. Robertson OFFICERS President Judy Winningham Vice-President Rhonda Randolph Secretary-Treasurer Joey Sherman Cathrine Anderson Tony Aguilar Roy Ballinger Chris Beaty Earlean Bradley Ruby Bradley Roberta Brown Jimmy Bush Picfure No? Available Eslinda Castro Dorothy Cox Lynda Cox Joyce Cravin Maria de los Santos Sherry Exum Modesta Flores Suzanne Fortenberry 1 A X 9 ss: Q s Vw my! H at MXN Q I A X K ' r s X at Q -- .ser KV W.-,--awk is ,, ....., . 'Q .X., L Y"'15fff5 ' f-lg es, ff '-5 : 1:22355 ff if : 52231 1 .. ""' ' Q - I 5 Leroy Freeman Jimmy Fritzler Mike Galbraith Alva Griffis 5 if ffl? .fel Y L' rf, kffQ, :.1 " Patricia Griffith Deanie Hartless .Toe Gonzales Here are the freshmen boys indulging in a habit which is characteristic of each year's fish --- they're hiding from the upperclassrnen at lunchtime. Janice Heald Danny Henly Robert Hogan Ef2Eiiff9?f5S fii?:1f:5ewE2E Z2ZiQQQig.QE: x i X l issr f , K 'N Q. ' , ' 5-,i .,i-- - f1i1g.-251. if Q- ggifrg ' f ,, ' ritwff' - 521.1 2 ..aa-iizfzilfzf-min. i -"ill - - ' ka., V g - gf 45 sgwwgf rega l.: ' ' ' ,iipgg 13224-'iif:11':Ti2Eff 9- . -2ki'111i:.'--,-e,i -gg Eufll 5 I Jeanie Issacs Dorothy Johnson 1 E , , ..,,. f .lst L- ., s '62 s , F .n MN? I BN is xg E r QS in X 'X sg if X K KM K 5 v X Rita Jones The Freshman girls shown above, Dorothy Cox, Cathy Martin, Jeanie Issacs, Vickie Showalter, enjoy their first high school annual-signing party, which is a yearly affair at NDHS. Cathy Martin Diane McDougal Eddie McKinney Sffgfw nf' I :kk . C Jyhiyy QV- i Ernest Kelly ,, r sf J llll st., J Jii ssisiis Debbie Krause Elena Marez Jerry McNeely rstt ,C ,.sss,, ,,ss , I ,. ---,,' A ..,. - Q ,. J siss iiis ., L ftss 'iss ' J i,'iii" . as it H' f "" -' 11 .... - Q ff Z ,, N N r ' 5 t,,' .' 1 . "" 1 . , J ' LEX., . - -1 A ..,- ' J Q- Q, ' ' J," ' - J M29 'J ff '," 5 Wfgfffi "sJ it t,,- a. 1 - ,-s,,, sr ' : r'--' .,, .E ' R r . ,... .. ff"f"' i Aff' I Z2 -f - 1 'V 53 ' J " T-if TI'f'Ea252e2s221:22:f12" 522-fi:s,ii1g::1,2'--1' . C ' ' ' ig ? hi ' s ff' Joe Robbins Danny Rylant Joey Sherman Vickie Showalter Kathy Thackery Claudia Walkup Judy Winningham Felix Tovar Picture Noi Available Dale Norton Robert Norris Blas Olivarez Soloman Olivarez Gena Parrish Drew Poe Gilbert Ramos Rhonda Randolph 66122 en fary Grade schoolers admire trophies won by Junior High QJUUQ Owcers azzaf Sponsors SPONSORS Miss Grim es OFFICERS President: Ronnie Taylor Vice-President: James Rhodes Secretary-Treasurer: Ronnie Williamson 44 J J LVL, ' 1'fnliifiifffifiifffli 1 J '1'i5E1li?i72S!f5:i: 5-iff' W' "kkL' fS9ffiiif5E' ,fi2Z,..fimyff-'::: ':. 'rl 'ZSTSSJE K 1 A . " fi f 35f5 ff'1 fw1-3' ig 1 -AA"' ii P .,,,. -.W ...,,, - ,.""' ""' H gl , 1 P' r , K J I H r. 4 5 r v r 4, 15 5 i- I ' 'E M' Kr N 1 ri rw 4 . r l. fi if-,Jw -fx 'E ,l'1-:fi -'1 .. .iv V K ' " ' .if-fi VE' , "" i , - ' L' ' 1 . ' ' V 5? -- 1. , , :"7sf'V .rf f ,,-- L I iv, . , if -,-. lb Ur x Q x , 5 K. 5 5 ' -, 51 "5 C . :L w en' . mfg W- . T' , H 1 Fl K X fy' Q' xx , ,B N X -LLV X 1 X li ir 5' Sig . X i " x X' Chamber, Carolyn Danford, Steve Darty, Wanell Flores, Timmy Gonzales, Connie Green, Tim Aguilar, Johnny Aleman, Antonio Alvarado, Lupe Atteberry, James Baker, Gloria Caroll, Johnny Maines, Debbie Mobley, Diane Nall, Donna Olquin, Luis Owen, Shirley Parker, Mary Kay Groves, Claude Guzman, Petra Hamilton, Raymond Hamilton, Sherry Kinner, Brenda McNee1y, Paula rrrn nrrrrindrr iir N X . Q QHWUM . . , . ,,.. qu M. E Q rr, Nikki kg -W. - aff e W 's!Y1sf?r25esiii1 12155: -M WW zfrfmfff, .,,.,. "'5ifii'.':: if iifffiiiwiffffflifiiiiiiifiz 4 . im 55:1 . ,..., aa , .,,.., . .A ,, ,,..., ,,.... , M ,.,, ,,.. ,,.. , ra . f --,,-- Q: ' l , ' M. 4 ,L 'fl J MX' R . B B 55 1 H f -. ... " 45 405 EX, fwa,-'e ' ,,,k wx, 6 : W . 41 A Mx 3 Q , ' , .1 ' 14 Y S we va E Mr, , " ,Q 1 r Q ,MLM , ,,r. r:r,,1r '1:11-i ' 4 rry 2 -f N-sf .- ilu -E -- wzissrszzsise 93,-1. . .. , .. . 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Qgcfoof 925100141795 FIRST GRADE: SECOND GRADE: THIRD GRADE: RObi1'1 Dunn and Gregg Ford and Roberto Govea and Cindy Bigham Tonna Davis, Teresa Ledesma FOURTH GRADE: FIFTH GRADE: Stanley Jones and Mike Abbe and Jane Byrd Tamri Crosnoe SIXTH GRADE: SEVENTH GRADE: EIGHTH GRADEQ Randy Dunn and Lgnnje Dyer and Ronnie Williamson and Jimmalene Cooley Judy Norris Paula McNee1y ryazzziabbns Leaders of the various organizations at N.D. H. S Members of the FHA are P. Griffith, W. Sanders, C. Broadus, J. Cavaness, M. Bigham, C. Gal- braith, K. Thackery, V. Jones, I. McNeely, L. Shropshire, J. Price, B. Wheatley, M. Peacock, L. Bell, G. Owen, D. Johnson, D. 'I-lartless, C. Martin, J. Heald, D. Cox, L. Cox, C. Neal, M. Wages, A. Broadus, J. Lee, R. Randolph, J. lssacs, D. Villegas, M. Garibay, J. Speer, R. Free- man, D. McNeely, Jeri L. Rieken, Z. Dunn, S. Brendle, L. Freeman, C. Walkup, R. Jones, J. Winningham, V. Showalter, D. Krause, D. McDougal, S. Forrenberry, R. Brown, K. Peeples, S. Exum, G. Parrish, N. Butler, and M. De Los Santos. WQMAKERS 4' Q5 NEW YN +0 or 5 'fvffn 75 grgahrmiqi 6'5" ef' Q10 O19 OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Pres. - K. Peeples lst vice-pres - Cavaness 2nd vice-pres - Broadus 3rd vice-pres - Galbreth 4th vice-pres - Price 5th vice-pres - Bell Treasurer - Shropshire Sec. - D. Villegas Hist. - L. Freeman, S. Brendle Parl. ' J. Speer SYCAUIHQS After the style show, the girls gave Mrs. Robertson a surprise baby shower. They had almost as much fun as Mrs. Robertson, just watch- ing her open the gifts. Everyone is speculating which color she will need - pink or blue. Each semester the girls are required to have a home experience. Those who made garments at home or in class got a chance to show off ,their handiwork at the annual style show. This year's theme was "Color Me Spring." The narrators were Stacey Brendle and Linda Freeman, 51 Jan zzef The FHA Banquet was one of the most enjoyed events of this year. It was held on February 14 at Grahams Restaurant in Aber- nathy. Cupids and hearts adorned the walls as the girls and their invited escorts enjoyed food and fun. The girls and chapter parents, school officials and sponsors greatly enjoyed the remarks of the speaker, Mr. Bill Young. I-Ie and his wife will be pleasantly remem- bered for many years, FAQMI-:Rs OP Q , .xgl r'1F"'Xw THE NATIONAL Q , sruovmo vocAnoNAL oRGANlzATloN Fon sovs '-ms" AGRICULTURE The Future Farmers of America is a national organization striving to achieve one main goal: to implant an interest of agriculture into the minds of our young men. However, there are many by-products which add to the importance of the FFA. The world will need strong leaders in diplomacy, as well as in agriculture in the future. In the future, young farmers will continue to "practice brotherhood, honor rural oppor- tunities and responsibilities, and to develop those qualities of leadership that each should possess. " 6546 Offkem Pictured from L. to R. are Mr. Da vis, Advisory Gary Winningharn, Rep.g Gary Reiken, Ser1t.g Robert Davis, President, Dennis Haggard, Vice-Presidentg Mike Heald, Treas.g and Billy Mitchell, Sec.g who is not shown. eaofzrs 40 Senior Chapter Conducting Team rv 011121121155 Junior Chapter Conducting Team From L. to R. are W. Price, T, Cava- From L. to R. are J. Fritzler, L. Freeman, ness, D. McDougal, J. Cooley, R, Ag- R. Ballenger, C. Beaty, J. Sherman, S. new, D. Price, T. Martin, and G, Darty, D. Norton, A. Griffin, M. Galbraith, Hamilton. J. Robbins. , EUOQIIQY fyeams DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING TEAM LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM Shown from L. to R. are D. Burress, D. Nuss, and K. Wise. Shown from L. Freeman, J. Robbins, and J. McNeely. to R. are E. Kelly, L. RADIO AND FARM SKILLS TEAM LAND JUDGING TEAM Minn' K Shown from L, rg R, are L, Benjamin' J, Shown from L.. to R. are T. Cavaness, W. Price, Norton, J. Boyd, A. Parker, and D. Hag- D. Price. and G- HHITIHIOH. gard. Oufsfan y enzbr ,A-M xoLhu. ,L -,,, 'Al' , of ' I I oP"'f'01v AGES S' "M -fl.. - ly 0 ,,s 9' Qlcugfo GARY REIKEN 8l .CD yganof Wn0Qr HIGH SCHOOL BAND Mr. McDanie1s is doing a good job with the band. Librarians for the '65-'66 year were Roberta Brown and Joe Bohn. SIXTH GRADE BAND Drum major is Jan Morton. 0uff 5ea0Qrs61p The twirlers are Roberta Brown, Jeri Lyn Rieken, and Rita Jones. This year's Band Sweetheart and Beau are Jan Morton and Curtis Forbis. Officers of the band are left to right: Eddie McKen- The band spent many hours in pre- ney, Suzanne Fortenberry, Jeri Lyn Rieken, Jan paring for their half-time activities. Morton, and Curtis Forbis. The band membersoften have time for fun. , fsf' ri' f V. L. if , f jg ' 1 Y' 5 , gm wif 3 ,315 ,X if QS --sr 2 -- W 5 5 ' N N f' .- fx ..,, fs , . , 9 3.4 Qs. 5 .K .,,Z,, 5 gy , W ,' E " 5' 'A 'E Eff' " s ' T 4-1--ir-if 1 r.,:..,.g ..,.-fzssizz'eseieriwizzszarfxafsff:fQ1f!m-f1f-----f-'f'11f-5gg5rg3.53g,:,,1wM,zQ33Q,, The band marched in many parades this year. 83 Waif 7345! WM! The Pep Squad did a tremendous job in yelling at the football games. They supported the football boys in all of our games this year. A big cheer for the NDHS Pep Squad. The high school cheerleaders for '65-'66 in- cluded Joyce Price, senior and head-cheer- leaderg Cynthia Wilson, juniorg Delicia Gon zales, sophomoreg Lillian Shropshire, senior and Vicky Showalter, freshman. Jep yuaof Supp IES jjep uzzzbr The junior high football team did a very good job this year. They were "backed" by the cheerleaders and the pep squad. The junior high cheerleaders in- cluded Beverly Walkupg Peggy by Atteburyg Paula McNee1yg and Judy Norris. x 'N 4 Peacock, head-cheerlead erg Deb- ACTIVE MEMBERS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Cynthia Galbraith, Karyn Peeples, secretaryg ROHDIS Randolph Gary Winningham, presidentg Robert Davis, vice-presidentg Dwayne Adnew, treasurer. BACK ROW Jim Speer Gary IUSIICS Mary Bighamg Margaret Wagesg and Coy Ballard. iygxdflbfl afjizz or OCICQ New members, Norman Looney, Terry Martin, Judy Speer and Ron- nie Agnew were inducted into NHS during December induction cere- mony 86 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY W6 Members of NHS clean-up after reception. Wonder who has dish- pan hands? The National Honor Society honors the new inductees and parents with a reception after the induction ceremony The Juniors mingle with Seniors of '65 at NHS Kick-off Party. cscfoof we qcfzbzbes Our fondest memories of school days usually come from the various activities in which we and our school- mates participatemclubs, picnics, homecoming, Inter- scholastic meets. Yes, 1965-1966 was truly avery good year. W5 Sponsors jafcfof yjarf To get the newly-begun school year off to a proper start the National Honor Society and sponsors gave its annual kickoff party for the entire high school student body, the faculty, and the seniors of the previous year The party was held in the gym and was high- lighted by the signing of yearbooks and a cheerleading exibition given by the 1965- 1966 cheerleaders. Refreshments were pro- vided by the NHS and were enjoyed by all present. The steady 'depletion of snacks proved the students hardy and healthy The teachers got into the action, too, and really let down their hair! 1965 seniors Randy Peeples, Sandy Fortenberry, and Phyllis Reagan were among several of their class- mates who came back to NDHS to the kickoff party. f'D enjoys J 161210 On a bright, moonlit Indian Summer night, shortly after the opening of the new school term, the members of the FFA chap- ter and the FHA girls journeyed to Macken- zie Park in Lubbock for an evening of light- hearted fun and games recalled from child- hood days. A group of watermelon-splatter ed and hotdog-filled students returned to school extremely tired but happy. By the way, even the sponsors enjoyed this outing. ,, W5 J .1 7 G 1. val! "1 - 5' r is i f " .1 Gffzlsfmas 0122 es fo Each year the decorating of the large Christ- mas tree in the Study Hall is entrusted to the seniors. As usual the tree was a beauty and put the finishing touch on the Holiday Sea- son. On the day school was dismissed for the Christmas Holidays, everyone gathered in the study hall for the annual all-high school Christmas party. Senior class president Robert Davis led everyone in the singing of carolsg the Spanish classes also sang carols. Each Student received a coke and candy as his present from the faculty. The many presents from under the tree were then passed out by the seniors. fig v ., W Mrs. Cromer's room which was decorated by the junior class won the interclass com- petition for classroom decoration. A color- ed chalk drawing, drawn by Norman- Loon- ey, a sophomore, depicting the nativity scene was one of the many features of this prize-winning room. 3.0 :-O gil Q 0-' kO Q O O4 M24-,iii zzapsfofs The afternoon huddle Something interesting on the bul letin board A stampede to get to class to do Oh, my aching back! nothing and talk plenty A program in study hall SCHOOL'S OUT! ! We hope these characters learned more than pushing a broom this year at NDHS! napsfofs Here's our champion, he majored in spitwads, noise, disturbance, and mischief. We wonder who's talking, Mr. Byrd must have taken the hint. He's giving the camera a hostile look. E 5 E 5 zzzzzbr- enzor J an zzef After much work and many activities to raise money, the Junior-Senior Banquet was held April l, at the KoKo Palace in Lub- bock. This presentation by the junior class marked the highlight of the social year. All the work and preparation was well worthwhile as the juniors, seniors, faculty, and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The fine food, and a timely mes- sage from guest speaker, Bill McAlister, president of McAlister Broadcasting Com- pany in Lubbock, were highlights of the fete. T 816 graofe graogzafes of 1966 . Wm. H- 'W EMILY STORRS '- Valedictorian BRENDA KINNER --' Salutatorlan porfy Senior Athletes ' f - " ' i :ww ,,.,.-Ma la .ar fi: , 1 , if fx-+ wh . ,K -i ,- , it ' , - ,- v., X ' ,N 111'1,a,w.1 W ., 'Z 1 ,,, ' , 2 m:..s,gs f.,. Y.,f w e D ,wgqzgaw . 1.1 - ., A Q H ' ., A , . ,. I " " .,,,,, K ' " 2 f it .- LARRY BIGHAM "' ROBERT DAVIS ' SAMMY DARTY ' Tackle Center Halfback go ofgaf fs gf gay 'Hard work, hustle, and teamwork typified the New Deal Lions this year. Making sure the eager Lions were directed along constructive veins, coaches Sam Mayo and Jack Bell were al- ways kept busy. Polishing fundamentals and perfecting techniques, the hard workouts each after- noon were seen as positive results. Rolling up a 6-4 season, the Lions seemed promised for much more before those ever-present elements of fate: injuries, scouting reports, and hard luck slowed down the Lion steam-roller. The football players gained much more than was shown in the won- lost column. Sportsmanship, team effort, discipline, and friendship are laurels for which the Lions are also proud. W if . V-1 Q g in , ,EES f 'i,' f L 171 6 DENNIS HAGGARD - MIKE HEALD - BILLY MITCHEL - Guard Fullback Tackle GARY RIEKEN - LAWSON SMITH - WADE THACKERY Guard End End M1705 ef 115' fafer Senior Billy Mitchell finished out his high school football career with a blast by being named to the All- District, All-South Plains, South Plains Dream, and All-State teams. Many hours of hard practice and lots of hustle on Bil1y's part justify these honors. Be- sides doing his part to put NDHS on the map, Billy has set an indeed high goal for future Lions to match. The entire student body and faculty say good work and the very best of luck! ! GARY WINNINGHAM - DWA YNE AGNEW - GARY JUSTICE - Quarterback Halfback End TOMMY HAGGARD Halfback if if CHARLES HAMILTON - GARY HAMILTON Center End 4 AL'R 1 LLLL A A strong reserve bench backed up Hustle and fast-moving action were the Lions in their bid for district. characteristic of each game. TERRY MARTIN - WAYNE PRICE - DAVID NUSS - End Linebacker Guard JIM SPEER - DON VOYLES - CURTIS WILSON Guard Guard Halfback :Cyan C3 ua 4039: QS ua ' 'V,.' V,I- IIIIAIkVA IIVA, IIVI 'i Ih, biqk lu' 'K kK-L' I Ltkk Q , 1 II .A I I IfII IEI I I I .-1 I' E R Q L if'QiQ IIIIII Iwi ' IIII . II1 Q12 L 'i ',' : RONNIE AGNEW - L. J. BRADLEY - JERRY COOLEY '- End End Half 3 omecomzhy The students of New Deal High School add to the enthusiasm of Homecoming. It is an event looked forward to from the be- ginning of school. Tension arises as the Homecoming Queen is announced. The day is climaxed by a 8-6 victory over the Cooper Pirates. Joyce, Lillian, and Margaret and escorts enjoyed riding in a '66 Mustang furnished by Ford Motor Company. Here are three happy young ladies awaiting the announcement of the '66 Homecoming Queen. iran Mrs "' W fs Joyce Price is crowned 1966 Homecoming Queen by Lowery Jam es. The candidates and escorts walk across the field. Joyce Price, escorted by Ronnie Weems, Margaret Wages escorted by Dale McDougal and Lillian Shropshire escorted by Coy Bal- lard, are enjoying the Homecoming Game. V Y R GARY WINNINGI-IAM ROBERT DAVIS SAMMY DARTY fgoyps Zasfefgaf yjroozks Wefgf 140122 goofgaf GARY JUSTICE DWAYNE AGNEW m RONNIE WEEMS DALE MCDOUGAL JOEY SHERMAN i 177 I1 V' 46 0113 -2 P If ,1 If Q 1' ,1 I s 1 In I, i il 'II X mu ' ' ' ll I I 1' SLR f' f l fl xxx! LII ' COACH SAM MAYO The Lions in action against DON VOYLES Shallowater. LILLIAN S 911246 yjasfefgaf yjufs MZQSX7' 122 cgporfs Ebfure v K HROPSHIRE JOYCE PRICE KARYN PEEPLES STACY BRENDLE Even though everyone runs ..... . . . Not everyone can get into the game. IMA MCNEELY MARY BIGHAM i IERI LYN RIEKEN RENITA FREEMAN DONNA MCNEELY Left to right: Coach Bell, D. McNee1y, R. Freeman, M. Bigham, K. Peeples, S. Brendle, I. McNee1y, J. Rieken, R. Jones, L. Shropshire, J. Price, J, Win- ningham, and D. McNeely. RITA JONES JUDY WINNINGHAM STUDENT MANAGERS B. WI-IEATLYg M. WAGES 'Z-yeamers' yjrooz' e Udgldgk Csupporf 'E 45 fi W :fill ll? ' if 'V ' 533 My 2 . ggggg :gi Els Ev als- gs Kg V QQ , - g E "B" Team players shown left to right are N. Butler, J. Cavaness, R. Brown, C. Walkup, W. Sanders, P. Griffith, D. Johnson, C. Galbraith, J. Speer, Z. Dunn. Inter-team scrimmage makes fgr Helpful hints from Coach Bell im- better game play, PIOVCS all players. They say that two heads are better than one, but in all cases? I09 Girls: talking as usual These are cheerleaders, but who is that in back? Sit down and be quiet, Renitag you too, Larry We wonder who she's talking to? WhO'S Out Of Order? ...X r. goofgaf COACHES -- Sam Mayo Jack Bell CAPTAINS -- Ronnie Taylor Gary Stephenson Augustine Ramos Coach Mayo Practice makes perfect 1965 Squad mC1'f1bCfS r. J oys QQ 9216 .9 Zasfefgaf BOTTOM ROW: Parker, Darty, Lillie, Norris, San- ders. MIDDLE ROW: Attebury, Peacock, Maines, McNeely, Hamilton, Baker, Martin. TOP ROW: Coach Bell, Kinner, Walkup, Storrs, Parrish, Phil- lips II4 BOTTOM ROW: Jones, Dunn, Rhodes Cravin, Car- roll, MIDDLE ROW: Poe, Byrd, Rieken, Sherman, Stephenson, Guajardo, Speer. TOP ROW: Coach Mayo, Looney, Slaton, Carroll, Williamson, Tay- lor, Shepherd, Hamilton. gooof Cseczsons njbyeofg EOM yeams All School Band Assembly Left to right: Mr. James, Mr. Mead, Mrs. Mead Gary Winningham. The student body presented Mr. Mead a plaque honoring him for his long service to the school. Truly a 'LION OF THE WEEK' EW? Mike speaks! Junior Box Supper H9110 dere! Seniors waiting to be shot! 2nd grade scene Hit that ball! I I5 ccwrszr Always willing to lend a hand, Dwayne Ag- new, junior, is our "Most Cooperative" -- bell ringer? He was chosen to be the indi- vidual who exhibited the best attitude and in if who responded best to the Programs of the The "Most Likely to Succeed" title went to soph- School' omore Ronnie Agnew. Everyone believes he will certainly succeed -- but at what? Not for safe- cracking -we hope! Talent is said to be natural endowments of spe- cial creative or artistic aptitude. Jim Speer, junior, was selected "Most Talented" for his knack of doing a little of everything. Gary would surely agree with the faculty s selection of Margret Wages, senior, as the "Most Courteous" student. Her smile and cheerful courtesy throughout the year were enjoyed by all. Judy Speer, sophomore, who is also the TOP TEN'S "Most Versati1e", shares with senior Gary Winningham the "Best All- Around". Their skill in many areas and their unselfish and unreserved application have gained them many honors. Jo Ann Cavaness' willingness to help brings her the title of "Most Dependable". The office, the classroom, and anyplace at anytime finds Jo Ann willing to assist any- one who needs it! II7 ms. Cynthia Galbraith is pictured here doing the thing that won her the title of "Most Studious" An armful of books and that smile helped. One can easily see why Joyce Price was elected "Friendliest". This is how she greet ed each student and teacher every day, Judy Speer did many things well. This won for her the title of "Most Versatile." Judy was named to the All-District One Act Play cast as well as making the All-Star cast at the Region. Basketball and good grades were also part of her activities. xxxsreif ygesf Gzfjzens peczd Wf6Qf1Cs 7 ffQf1b's DWAYNE AGNEW ZGDJ mddfg LILLIAN SHROPSHIRE ' ' Jzwi' - iffg , , , 1 f l l:? Sqyrzbufzzre x+ f f f ROBERT DAVIS H A - 0122 61226 ID? JIMMY TEETER RONNIE AGNEW - STACEY BRENDLE C0014 S 512 3 KARYN PEEPLES I ,. I an If ,EZIQ0 ' w ' 1 I ,N Q Y' ES, 1 'Q ? llf 2 I A 2152 5 p 0,51 g gi! ' . I 5 Q I? .I J ' s M G" W em , ww mf '25 Psa 1? I 2552 Q 2 af ggia V ff- M4 4 mg fi, I 2 s I 5 , K . 5 ,e V ai? paw, LA U in 3? M V J fr :gg Li 4 , 1 S5 is 7-WW I e ggs? Lrliufl ZW L 2 ' 1 a w w! 9 , sz, v I f 5. Lil 31 ' fi 'Z SH A1 , MJ 11, 5521652.51 rw W Q I? I 2011 5, 5 v p A 6 Nh in f , 9? I M M Y H-FJ Zg g gzf ff ' yjgvfiz V. 1' I ,L , , A 2 E A I f ii 1 1 ' L' ' Q 3 1 n f Ii 3 "'-"- " - , " ' , ' hw" '?"'Hw'.'f" - ' ,, 1, f W -' ,V 2? i f 1 w I I I if Q I 3351 4 A IN ? ' A QV 5 ' , ,JS E222 g I ? W I 525252 I- ?'4f?f ?4 2 1 Li Wish zE " 'f ,f?'H ,5?f,y m I : ,. Sf 4,,mf, , nWi 553 Xig ? I 2' gi Q 2 I l. ,,,, , , E xim as, I. . ypzkzy-J 0 offe 62,0122 y .TIM S PEER - MARGARET WAGES I S jlgkfor CIQI2 ce COY BALLARD GARY WINNING HAM S l2I THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE A TREMENDOUS JOB THIS YEAR WE WANT TO SAY 'THANKS' TO YOU. BUS FOREMAN BUS DRIVERS B111 Spicak wADswoRTH, cowAN, Spicak Bell, Mayo, Mitchusson, Hamm, Spicak and Baker CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Shropshire, Mrs. Atkinson Mrs. Norman, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Isaacs and Mrs. Womack P diff. mf fifqfgggf' an Y ' was 1 f fm Www' Q 3 5 ff .1f,y...1-,s ff - H 'P' f - Y-is 1 --,- ---, A l s 'fffrn yisris-- if ' fi. on f Hard at work O. T. Baker Wes Womack Emmett Butler These men work hard at all times to keep Sam Ramirez Y l22 our school and grounds. Wes Ezgrary cgfafff Q if vm T ,W Img If 7 if vm J' l .,..,.'f'w""" nf ,nf-1l'i1fi :fkiai Willy Throughout the school year the library staff unselfishly offered their services to the entire student body by manning the library during each study hall period. They assisted everyone by finding the books, magazines, and newspapers which could be used in school work. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bea Cromer the library was reorganized under the Dewey Decimal System to make the library more useful for everyone. The librarians are Gary Hamilton, Joe Bohn, Delia Villegas, Linda Freeman, Judy Speer, Terry Mar- tin, Robert Norris, Norman Looney, Gabe Hollander, Charles Hamilton, Ronnie Randolph and Dale Burress. The students say a hearty "thank you" to these hard workers and Mrs. Cromer. ,z .Wg 9 mf Y F- . se, 3 5 af' enzbr Qzkae cfory LINDA KAY BELL Pep Squad 62-66, FHA 62-64, Girls Basketball manager, 64-65, 2nd Vice President of FHA 64-65, Spanish Club, 64-65, Junior Play, 64-65 Most Courteous Student, 5th Vice President FHA 65-66, 66 Citizenship Award, LARRY BIGHAM Football 62-66, Three Year Letterman, Track 63-66, FFA 62-66, Crops Judging Team 63, Treasurer of FFA 64, Junior Play. ANN BROADUS FHA 62-66, FHA 4th Vice President 64-65, 2nd Vice President 65-66, Pep Squad 62-65 Librarian 63-64, Junior Play. ROBERT DAVIS President Soph. Class, Vice President Junior Class, President Senior Class, Secretary FFA 63-64, Vice President FFA 64-65, President FFA 65-66, Vice President National Honor Society 65-66, Football 62-66, football captain 65-66, All-District Center 63, All- District Center 2nd team 65, Basketball 63-66, Track 63-66, Soph. Class Favorite, Jr. Class Favorite, Senior Class Favorite, State Competitor in Dairy Cattle Judging, Saluta- torian. CURTIS FORBIS Dumas Band, 62-65, 2 in solo contest, class II, 62, 1 in solo contest class II, 63, 1 in solo contest, class I, 64, 2 in State solo contest, class I. Stage Band. Officer, New Deal Band, 65 Sgt. of arms, Band Beau 66, 3 in solo contest, class I. MARTHA GARIBAY Pep Squad 62-66 FHA 62-66, Spanish Club Vice President 64-65, Cheerleader 64, Junior Play. DENNIS HAGGARD Football 63-66 FFA 62-66, Best Line Lineman 65-66, Basketball 62, Track 64-66, Regional Track 64-65, Skills team 65, Junior Play. MIKE HEA LD Football 62-65, Four Letters in Football, All-District Fullback, second team 64, Track 63-66, FFA 62-66, Crops Judging Team 64, Reporter 64, Treasurer 65, Senior Vice President, Junior Play. JAN MORTON Band 62-66, T.W.U. band festival 62-66, Vice-President 63-64, Reporter 64-65, Treasurer 65-66, Drum Major 65-66, Band Sweetheart 65-66, Majorette 64-65, Floy- dada Band Clinic 64-653 F. H.A. 62-66, 4th Vice-President 64'65Q Typing UIL 64-65, District3 Junior Play, .TANNIE LEE F. H.A. 63-66, Historian '64, Area Meeting 64-663 Pep Squad 63-663 Library Staff. BILLY MITCHELL Football 62-66, All District 64, All South Plains 64, All District 65, All South Plains 65, All South Plains Dream Team 65, All state 65: Track 62-66, District Shot Put 63, District Shop Put 66, 2nd in 663 FFA 63-66, Secretary 65-66, Most Improved 65. GLADYS OWEN Band 62-66, Suit Manager 65-663 F.H.A. 62-663 Junior Play. KARYN PEEPLES Honor Roll 63-663 Soph. Secretary3 FFA Sweetheart3 National Honor Society 63-663 Treasurer 64-65, Secretary 65-663 Office Staff 63-653 Cheerleader 63'65Q Co-Home- coming Queen 64:"65j Friendliest 64-653 Basketball 63-66, Tri-captain 65'66Q FHA 63-66, 4th Vice-President 62-63, Treasurer 63-64, President 65-663 Junior Play3 Home Economics Award 64-643 Valedictorian. JOYCE PRICE FFA Sweetheart 65-663 Basketball 62-66, All District 2nd Team 65-66, Capt. 65-663 FHA 62-66, 4th Vice-President 65-66, 5th Vice-President 64-663 Cheerleader 63-64, Head Cheerleader 64-663 Secretary 62-63, 64-65, 65-663 Class Favorite 62-63, 63-64 64-653 Junior Play3 FHA Area Meeting 63-643 Perfect Attendance 62-663 Homecoming Queen 64-65, 65-663 State Area FHA Meeting 63'64Q Volleyball 62-663 Usherette for Senior Baccalaureate 65: Office staff 66g Friendliest 66. RONNIE RANDOLPH FFA 62-66, Outstanding Ag Student 63-64, Poultry Production Award 643 Track 63-663 Football 655 District Spelling 64-655 National Honor Society 64-665 Rural Electrifica- tion Speech 655 Annual Staff 64-655 Librarian 65-66. GARY RIEKEN Football 62-66, All District 64-65 Second Teamg Track 63-655 FFA 62-66, Lone Star Farmer of Texas 64-65, Star Chapter Farmer 64-65, FFA Sentinel of 65-66, Farm Mechanics Award 63-64, Farm Electrification Award 64-65, Junior Play. LILLIAN SHROPSHIRE FHA 62-66, FHA Treasurer 65-665 Basketball 62-66, Captain 65-66, All District 65-66 Pep Squad 62-66, Cheerleader 65-665 Treasurer Junior Class 64-655 FHA Area Meeting5 Graduation Usherette 655 Junior Play5 Perfect Attendance 64-655 Volleyball 62-665 Contestant for Homecoming Queen 655 FFA Sweetheart 65-665 Athletic Award 66. LAWSON SMITH Football 62-665 Track 62-665 Mr. Morning Watch 62-635 Teen of Month March 635 Vice President of Freshman Classg Morning Watch Representative 62-635 Junior Playg President Junior Class 64-655 Lion of Week 63-66., WADE THACKERY Football 65-66, FFA 65-66. SAM TOVAR Football 62-64, FFA 62-65. MARGARET WAGES Class Vice-President 62-635 FHA 62-665 Pep Squad 62-665 Basketball Manager 63-665 Candidate for Football Sweetheart 63-665 Treasurer of Spanish Club 64-655 Junior Play, Usherette for Senior Baccalaureate 655 National Honor Society 63-665 Senior Favorite, Most Courteous 665 Bookkeeping Award 66. BETTY WHEATLEY FHA 62-665 Band 62-64, Floydada Band Clinic 62-645 Pep Squad 64-655 Junior Play5 Annual Staff 65-665 Basketball Manager 65-665 FHA Area Meeting 62-66. GARY WINNINGHAM Football 62-655 Lion of the Week for six games, Honorable Mention Linebacker for 63, All District Quarterback and Linebacker for 64, Honorable Mention Linebacker and Quarterbacker for 65, Captain 655 Basketball 62-665 Captain 665 FFA 62-66, Crops Judging Team 63, Agriculture Award 63, Dairy Judging Team 63, Agriculture Award 63, Dairy Judging Team fState Meet, 3rd high individual of regiony 64, Vice President 63-64, Star Chapter Farmer 64, Lone Star Farmer 65, President 64-65, Reporter 65-665 Track 63-64, Freshman Track Team, Senior Track Team 645 UIL District Champ Science 66, 5th District Slide Rule 665 National Honor Society 63-66 QTreasurer 64-65, Presi- dent 65-6615 Annual Staff 63-655 Tennis Doubles District Champ 65-665 Junior Playg FHA Beau 65-665 Freshman Class President, Soph. Class Vice Presidentg Freshman Fa- voriteg "Best All Around" 655 Usher Baccalaureate 655 German Club 645 Volleyball 63- 655 Science Award 665 "Best All Around" 665 Best Citizen 66. NOBERTO DE LOS SANTOS FFA 62-66. YSABEL OLIVAREZ FFA 62-66. HONOR STUDENTS SENIOR CLASS 1966 Karyn Peeples - Valedictorian Robert Davis - Salutatorian W. K. BIGHAM AND SONS Have House .... Will Move I. C. C and R. C. C. Permits Lubbock Ph. PO 2-4853 PO 5-7834 PO 3-9784 Snyder Lefors Ph. HI 3-5892 Ph. Term. 4-2811 CLAUDE GENTRY DRUG N0. 1 Ca - our QQ A va :ff "1 ' i F.1- vi , " A DEPENDABLE DRLIGGIST For the BEST in Prescription Service and LOWEST in prices, Have all your g filled with us. We guarantee the Best - for - Less lll North College Lubbock Texas COMPLIMENTS l OF MONROE CO-OP INC. New Deal, Texas PO 3-5862. RONNIE NETTLES - Mgr. - W 1 f W STATE BANK 3 I X 1 """ 'A " SHALLOWATER, FIRST STATE BANK Shallowater , Texa s "Where your business is appreciated" .T' T 6 Dgflawwaw TEXAS TW Zim Town and Country PO 3 6611 Member F. D. I. C. Monterey Center SW 5 3986 26th and Canton SW 5 5519 President -- J. L. KASSA1-IN SHALLOWATER CO-OP GIN 832-4300 BRUCE FURNITURE INC. "A good place to buy furniture" Ph. 298-2551 Abernathy, Texas SPORT CENTER For All Your Sporting Needs See Us First Store No. 1 - PO 5-6645 1602 13th Store No. 2 - SW 5-3972 Monterey Center Nationaly Known Lines Lubbock, Texas J. W. CHAPMAN 81 SONS Realtors - Insurors Commercial Properties Farms - Ranches Real Estate Loans 3212 - 34th Lubbock, Texas TEXAS FLORAL CO. "Lubbock's Home of Better Flowers" We wire flowers anywhere "Serving Lubbock and Vicinity Since 1921" Ph. SI-I 7-2661 Night No. SW 9-6730 Lubbock, Texas SERVICE WHEN HINDMAN YOU NEED IT GROCERY AND MARKET X 'qt is a Pleasu e to Serve You" IC 9 OWENS' SERVICE New Deal PO 3-6952 New Deal PO 3-6853 SIMMONS-HENRY BROWN INS. CO. GIN Shallowater Office: Plainview I-Iwy. Congratulations Students Ph. 832-4337 Shallowate PO 3-0085 NEWTON RADIO 8: T.V. It'5 whazfgs behind RCA VI CTO R CQLOR TV that puts it ahead l.-N... '1a..,.-.. - :'..:.. ,-.,.. ..... ...., .:...g-31:--....I . , - ... ,. - ',:g:::-.JI . 'v--u "HSI , ...:::... Illlllllll u. ' ' -ll' , ..----' .-- ',. -I -.g.:gg::::::::::....::.:........:::g,....,-,. HQ--.I:::nu::::::.,,.,n:lI:f,,:.',,,..f- ., 's. llll ,-I " 9 ,--',' '--,jg--uunn11:":,,n','.'.'f--'---' .. ...... ...- .--,,... 5 s.' , g. 5' ' S Q sz Q 3 1 ,.:s-s Q , Q xxgyfvnuw- ' 1'- ,,nxg1"' nn... .- . .lliin-ngg ' ,,-.-.- ..-:F-.un ' .n -gg,,.....--:g.,-..-..,, . ,. -. ::::..... ,....- -- . I N . u Ill 's ' -.. .X . - . . .. n. I. ..- . -. N- . I-Z - , n 'I u - a lllill I 'UI -1- . . 'll .. I H. ' . 'lp--. I . I-.1 .. I .--In . .- I J' nun ' Iillllll ..- ". uh- ' .un . . ABERNATHY FARMER'S C0-OP "GUARANTEED REPAIR SERVICE HOWNEIQVEZESSE? WHOM ON ALL MAKES AND MODELS" BOX 218 PHONE 298-2527 1312 AVE. D Abernathy Abernathy Texas y "WHEN YOU THINK OF FARM ' ' H V EQUIPMENT!" U5 Q1 Q I M Q S THINK OF S L .i .:,.,,gyE Tw Y- -1 4 ,4 0 f ' 'ea ni- . fi I JOE THOMPSON IMP. I gif, I HIGGINBOTHAM-BARLETT co. ,im . M i HARDWARE 8. LUMBER "TO A TRUE BOOSTER WHO WE SINCERELY THANK YOU" Abernathy Texas O I N I L - an II,-f.r-if I I II Abernathy, Texas MCKISSACK AUTO SUPPLY CO. "It's Our Job fo Serve You Better Ph. 298-2826 1702 Avenue I-I Abernathy, Texas Lubbock Texas PINSON PHARMACY GRP-"'AM'5 RESTAURANT Service, Morning, Noon, or Night" Dial 298-2222 Abernathy, Texas Famous for Fine Steaks and Pastry Abernathy, Texas BOZEMAN AUCTION SERVICE 122 Idalou Road Lubbock, Texas 79403 Phone PO 3-3947 KEN and CORKY ABERNATHY MOTOR CO. Phone 298-2821 Lubbock Phone PO 2-2198 Abernathy, Texas 79311 PO 2-5133 PO 3-8960 SHA'-I-OVVATER A AND B TRACTOR SUPER SAVE AND 'EQUIPMENT CO Locker Beef Plenty of Free Parking Dial 832-4607 JESSE HAYES PO 2-2510 122 Idalou Hwy. Lubbock, Texas "WE BUY AND SELL GOOD USED FARM EQUIPMENT" C. L. DEAN W. M. WRIGHT BROADVIEW COTTON GIN CO., INC. -',-- ,.-5, xS',,-- - N' N .g. -' - - -:v11t:.Y?:T:. f ----:g::e..e::x , .f?::2225,:4r- -.. - - A.-V -.-:. Q A, ' tKiXHinux.3xy--3111. "EE!1111ZZ'...-nn--':. ' 153--"":::::::::!!! .' :.-, H- .2ZZiL:EEE:nn!5553333.-1 -. ------7: 'liT.L-.:::::::..L.'.'..2 '. 'fj'iG.. .::::::' 111311-.zz-. g ,h ' -....nnn-- .....-:-g. .. ., ,:.:gn-u---.U -:H . :- '.-:--::::::::f- ' ' ' 5-. '-'-T"-'-""" 'tf.'..... . , -,.::,.. 'za.::::::: 1 mv I '1,f:.::.1:f::-2511.3 "'::11.2- ...,1,1EIEj:EE?EiP:5 :E,5:::5'1' H - :5:::::g: .'.'.f:::::': ffl: I R Cute 2 ''T1irfuceczz...Tai-.-.-.1 . P O 3 6 9 9 5 Lubbock, Texa s SIRLOIN RESTAURANT l lFl1"S GOOD FOOD Sizzling Steaks Yau WANT.. he L Delicious Hamburgers I ' T us Plainview Highway P0 2-0866 an-mx . O. Box I lUBBOCK,TEX. JOHN DEERE Sales and Service "CONGRATULATIONS SENlORS" BOB'S SUPERETTE We Give S8zI-I Green Stamps Shallowater, Texas Phone 832-4440 JONES JEWELRY Town and Country Shopping Center Lubbock, Texas Pho. PO 3-4945 Star of Africa Diamonds Bulova and Wyler Watches Watch and Jewelry Repair HOMER AND ELLA'S DRIVE-IN CAFE Steaks - Lunches - Sandwiches JUMBO-BURGERS Plainview I-Iiway PO 2-1140 WM. H. BITTICK Lubbock, Texas MAC 'S GAS Office phone - 832-4600 Service Station phone - 832-4601 Box B Shallowater, Texas "CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSH BECKNAL CLEANERS Dry cleaning and laundry service 308 N. College Lubbock, Texas PO 2-5545 "You can pay more but you can't buy better" FRANK BOOT AND SHOE REPAIR Formerly with Coy's Boot Shop l2l A. North College PO 2-5622 COLLEGE FLOWERS 1401 College PO 5-9329 Flowers for every occasion Parties - Weddings - Funerals FRANK DAVILA Owner and Operator Free Delivery LIBERTY CO-OP GINS Route 1653 Lubbock, Texas Phone PO 3-5281 Q U A L I T Y THE COTTON PRODUCERS GITUF MARKETING ,PURCHASING Where courteous service Crood ginning and high net earnings have been proven. New p 11 FAST SERVICE O ' I DOIDGE PLUMBING REPAIR 24 Hour Service Dependable Repairs on Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heaters 2806 55st. SW 9-7956 JOBE'S APPLIANCE STORE "YOUR COUNTRY MERCHANT" GENERAL-ELECTRIC MAYTAG RENTAL SA LES SERVICE Route 7593 Lubbock, Texas PO 5-8462 ON PLAINVIEW HIGHWAY MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVINC1 SHAMPOO AND SET HAIRCUTTING AND MANICURINC1 1314 Avenue M PO 5-9682 SKILLED BEAUTICIANS AND MODERN HAIRDOS LU'S WOMEN'S APPAREL 2817 34th SW 9-8435 Lubbock Texas GOODPASTURE GRAIN AND MILLING C0., INC. Home Office - Brownfield, Texas Wholesale and Retall Grain Storage Fert1l1zer GRADY GOODPASTURE Pres PO 5-9494 P O Box 1011 Lubbock Texas DEMP WEBSTER'S SERVICE AND GROCERY - f fp "We stri t make ou t mers happy PO 3-6898 N W Deal SHALLQWATER GIN, SEFIQZLE INC ' D' -.T Qua1ityGinni g ' A 0 Sh ll Water T 832 4500 ROGER'S STYLE HIGGINBOTHAM SHOP BARTLETT LUMBER.CO. "Everything for the Won'1an" Misses Sizes - 8-Z0 Junior and Petite Sizes 3-15 Phone 832-4200 Sports Wear and Lingerie 107 College Shallowater T Lubbock T LIBERTY MACHINE AND MFG., INC. Phone SH 7-2577 P. O. Box 676 Lubbock Route Z DEKALB AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION INC. "Congratulations , Seniors Lubbock, THE FAMOUS PLASTIC PIPE DISTR'S. " few' ta 7 X Department Stores Plastic Pipe J Sadallah Moses 2402 Erskine Rd. P. O. Box 5663 Slaton' Texas Lubbock, Texas Lamesa, Texas PO Z-6531 Lubbock, Texas 79417 HH-I-'S MILDRED'S ABERNATHY PHARMACY , "Everything for the Well C?u?11tV , Dressed Woman" Prescription Service Abernathy, Texas 4064051 St' Phone 298-2175 Abernathy, Texas phone 298-2313 MILDRED WINTERS I- Owner WARD'S . . "Congratulations Sen1ors" MENS STORE P.O. Box 748 Ph. 298-2505 Abernathy, Texas WINFERD E. MEDLOCK HECKVILLE COUNTRY STORE "Courtesy of I-Ieckville Country Store F. M. 400" "LONG HORN RESTAURANT" Good steaks - chili - chicken - Mexican foods ' 3411 Ave. A, Lubbock, Texas VIVIAN AND L. W. LOPER Owners Open 24 hours a day 1304 Ave. Q FAUBION 8 RIGSBY Your General Insurance Mortgage Loans NDEPENDENT Insurance "Serves You Best" REAL ESTATE PO 3-0467 X YO U R lIdc?iD6lIlf6l7f AGENT HSERVE5 YOUQRSV' QNMA 1715117717166 Agent Lubbock, Texas THE ANNUAL STAFF OF 1966 WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED MAKE THIS BOOK POS- SIB LE aff'-HM' gi' X ww my MQW gm W I , Mmm mggew ,N ' ,1fL QW? -ff RMK i1f2.'.gf ---f --vY, ,- r i1'7jQrfQfg:13-11.5 -f' fi?" 7+-Avi -1-.-i,u -M , fl Y. ,- 1: gli? w W, Jw sf" ' vf- A Hs K -my , , I 9 'x ,115 9 f nv" in www ,f i 3, M f, w'?'f dz ww' A A ww Q , 4, fa 2,4 .Q -aww . L L .,,,,,,Q...--....,.,.,.,.,,...., ,.,,.n-ffm A V .,,,.f f .M ' 'Q ' I an , K K . L ' :4 P ' ' . F 1-'fi 6'?l.' V fo-N .V , , M QQ. K 3 5.21, .M v " A' "K ' 2' . " ' mx , f"-i , ' ,, . , K' , 3 .1 ' '-Vg, I ., .,' fb " , 41' , I . 5 . . S 3 f Ngz' , ' av ka, .AW W A ,K f ' In , QQ ' 1 . .xg ' ' -' - V' q 1 gk L , 1 1, I- ' ., 'eg , K , 'x ,QV , ,A , , , Q '45 ' K 'I ' .N f., , 'Ang , I 5 . , , 3' X hr , ' ,f- fl"'4 f ' -W. , V 4 . Q Q ., M , Q. V ,Q gf-,,,, -A , ' ,aw A'- T', 'L 1 ffm 916 f"",fj?'7.g . 'Y "3 4. , ' 1, ff H' H" "2 V' 2, , J - ,Q , if -...FQ W Y 'QSF V I" .VM , . ,, ,. , .QQ Mx V, 5 , - ., - . - ..i ., , as., -" - - ,j I A ' Q , ' f .Q A fu. , . vw up M awww

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