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4.5251 f"'Q,'P- ' M . - 4 . . . 'urs .,,,,.,-5.--gh Yi! -, V f x': 3,'1i,,'j" 4 X f rm , I i 5 N 1 i A I 1 1 11 1 . v , if - 1 . I W . . Q 1 V, ,v 1- 1 L, fl-Q1 K 351 Q!! 1 i ff LJ I V A J Q' -J' Y ' :I A X? ,N V A: F JZQ6 ,C Iufzffcb ,f 0 , Tl. ,- ,cf1a4,4,, r,VKi'fCf my 5.441 M411 ffg,1,f .,f7Ad '-, J f , 1 1 L. If ,. ' J, f' 1 ' sl 97 474742 ff f 4" f Zio ff iw! L! f f 1 J-45 C 1, ,647 fn , f 1 f . I I f f ', ' , I , ' , if ' ' , P C, ' .,, f- V- , 1 Wy- I . I 157, ,aff 12 KZ Jigff 17.44 5' My 94, ,qeQ,,,,,,,,f ,5 if , ' ' I -1 . ,-' .. -U 1 I , ' -If lx . L54 4 sr, fpvf, 1 L. ' in ,f f I If 4 I' . , ff, Vfglf ff -' P v- '44 Q44 " - 1: ff L f!L.4,q 4,-1.1, gQ g,Q.fLdu MJ' 'uc cm fl' . ' ff Q 4, Q , 1 15 E '+ ,V 2 ' , Q3 5 E 1 'fx' ' 3 . A 1 A ' ?f y L 3? - G 2 2 is J 45 , 4 g xl Q. r K Xi A V ,, V Q E . K' V ' T 5. ' ' lv, X . x S Na 11 v X JI E 'V 1 w, , ' 5 , 'Q Kyiv ' - 5 'K 'ttf x R rxgw V 'ty U ,l 'N JJ. Q V :A -' f ,. gf U nv' ' f' 4 X 5 W-f' - ' Q B' NJX 1 Q H wa ? 4 1 J Ox .V Q! Cklx' V s' X , r J K .M '- Sxyxx ' K L X, .1 ' K 'U lg, . M bl is , I fx, x I ' . Q im. 1' Y-NJ . M' ' .q xx , S K ' " ' H Q :I wg. Wg I 3' T -N s if K ' vt: , ks? fy ' 3 5 Q or 2.1, 4 Qg f "' fn 1 X 396 'QsvyjjH.QmJ5mLygy XE? fmywvmfifmf My 1 REE Y fif1fxfJC,iHQji,f1ffw, fm W3 1 UMW' Oxyylfjwfww rj ppgvjy bggxi V ESQ? HQ Q ix gag Qfggf Q ' 'U SKWU M0 fairs f YW :MQ WN J W Mnoqffw . 55551 em Zeal 7mm 7he Smzafm af Wm amz Jiqk .Sahaal Hmm! THE ROAR FOREWORD The angles used in this 1954 ROAR are symbolic of the angles of high school life. We hope each angle will hold a different memory for you. It is the sincere wish of the annual staff that you will enjoy this, your 1954 edition of the ROAR. THIS GRCDUP ' ' ' Works for our good. E ndeavors to make sound policies for the school. Serves without pay. Always on the job. l Leaves no stone unturned. N unites the school with the community. Toils always for an E nlightened generation. Left to right: J. I. Speer, M. M. Styles, E. D. Worthan, Superintendentg D. L. james, C. L. Cowan, Presidentg L. C. Crews, Secretaryg S. W. Williams, and J, H. Reagan. r srmesf sDu.x.ffZf,Mls Pnmcmm, HKGHKSCHOQL ARCHIE ACKER PRINCIPAL UE ECHOD some cvyeoocgifofiaq V L.c.cnEw5,s?iieks' , H' 31i?iL??5IZ'E" e o Jam REAGAN' - t sy y DEAL iNDE.PE'.NDENT SGHDQQ jA?lg:L?:2THAN DALTON n.. .mMes. suvzamrznosm Q Q QSJLCOWAN ' ",:A P,O.BOK115 'V ' y y y New ozAx..1zxAa m Dear Student Friends: o y i'yi of' 5 'f91jewould like to congratulate you h fos the splendid job of editing "Who Roarne this year. May each oflyou let it keegjyhglive the memory ofeloyoggggtiriends and glorious spirit oft School. Set a b for yourself and keep reaching, oolo To reach ' success you have to go straight. Every crooked turn you makesfly-Aly,hi g,5go lengthens the tripg Your deftermlnation to make good is a mortgage on success. if y A Doi11gfs ?thing better than any other pereoinghas ever done is all right3f!ttfout the world will remember youclonger if you will do something worth while that has never beendydone before. Be an opener of doors to those who come after you. y may God bless eachlffoffsyou and 'give you the good things which you may deserve. f YoxJr5y iriend always, Q Dalton L. James, 13 'V ., ' New Deal Schoo -11 ermss-r suu.k,sAm5 Pmucwm. mail ARCHIE ACKER PRINCIPAL GRADE SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATIDN: EN-r sm-mm. J ooo L. c. cnzws. mas. A 5 io AL YNDE-P END M. M. STYLES, vase vm! s. w, wn.x.mMs. sec JOHN REAGAN - EARL WORTHAN ' 1 5' DALTON x...xAMes, SUPERXNTENDENT oy ',-- . P.o.eox 115 - W DEAL' TEXAS .x. 1. SPEER NE C. L. COWAN school this year I wish to r School f Hush leave our h ' ve made to ou tudents who m h h ' buti 0115 ha 'Yojthose s for the contrm sa thank you 'toward its betterment and progres . , oy t re you will school wor3eiWk1l5o 1'6xiab1e you 1' 'f near' fu u tion and gr Gund f. -- . , 1 hope that 111, oooo "" fW f E2o5,fioroper fourxda ardless oiyon , ,- -i1l be 5whp l ivan yon'.tZ'xg 9 d'nv success, reg 1' d of endeavor 'N I Ve -,..,,. . if-fl MS E o :ooooo,o iencldhihfdifiiban 1 O that your del , nciples you ha oyi, ,N 1, ,fi,zo, to exper o ,oh. ' fiifthdr hope L o vlk2'fk':Q2ii1B of the pri WO , that 2133 endeavor. L Vmyhb ' igcation can be Ali. chool 1 hope, until 51163151 "ff that direct H991 received during your js . Continue to oxp1o?i?i5?'cQ?ke'.fie1ds oi' Lozarning ' mb St serve in its moral, o M "E, our state., oo, o o: ,hos youvwill I 1 that you can e A h ake y, Abilh: 'Z?' lA' - enerations i h 't'meola95j53S5231-ifjfee ' " ' ' " .ic strife to m for31ool?Q1f1s-iivobure ga 1 'md econom better place h our our world a to livegi--5 L . o M 0 and may You see K I I ' b with endeavor remain oneoof free people. ,iff l May Goo e . V ': 'r, our er-ve Him tha. friend S Fofwiioooa Ernest, 2.1. Gui11iam5i5? g3lg?Sigin. New 'Deal High scnpqzfiogljfo o Z YM: . Band KN . 011 Crain ectot dire. X Yi-n9,h tene Xiofgxcexxdah XJR . ' gg GKTX HIGH SMKQXCY M fs Ge 'Min . neral gif fame sines S s 6. Xl. ev Coach Mr S. O P Tax 51 Bum Ollectopass 1' N11 . bg: Koo Claude L-avi son YL01 e yu , Ooqxe Yann So ciaX Stodkes NX FA CULTY ylxifliz wa sp 'YW 1 -5 . Robefba Henw Hofxefoavkoq, KXX Henri e . Cofdeh Btov-In Boys Coach 4,11 Q ' ' 75 ' E ' , ' N vs ' -MQW fy -. Y 1 7 5 ' , ia if ig ' gk M QQ, YW , 11? ig Zag I ,,'. NL V ,hw A Af .,,,1 , KA H JSA 5 K K- " 4: A if i m . . Q, . 4 , , K iw A ,4- zf -V , .s W-xy :f5f?5QfL 5 k,W. ,Q t 'Yi' an SRS 4 iff rf .ai W! sw ll -.., Q' M Q5 frY,-W3 x ' c R 4ymg- ,, ,V Qi 13: 4 gf 11 .i ,.,. - 1 1 ,.:gA f Wrap, K H , -7 MV, -59. fgefwisq- ' ' 35- 3 if WAYS KENNETH JACKSON . . . "He is always busy but never do- ing anything." DANA SNIDER . . "She hath a natural wise sincerity, and simple truthfulness." SHIRLEY DAVIS . . "She is bubbling over with enjoy- ment -- lovable, confusing, and amusing." HAROLD WILLIAMS . . "When he goes a wooing you can hear Romeo turn over in his grave." KATHYL WAYNE EEN GUTHRIE . . . "Life is her school --- May she graduate well and earn high hon- ors." CASTNER . . . "He is tall, dark, and bashful." IDA CARGILL . . . "She has a smile which constantly endangers her care." ANNIECE DURHAM . . . "She is truly happy when she can make others happy." l' PIU MAXINE WALES . . "Her pleasing personality wins her a host of friends." GEORGE WILLLAMSON . . . "Success will have to hustle to keep away from him." DOLORES REAGAN . . . "She has a disposition bright and sunny, and a gift for being natu- rally funny." CONE . . "She is fair in form and feature and her disposition kind." ENCED EHPG' EXPERI ov? ALFRED PATE . . . "Not often heard from but always willing to assist anyone," LAVETA MEADE . . . "She is happy, contented, and full of good will." HELEN ROBINSON . . "A quiet student helpful to all." but friendly and JOI-IN SHROPSHIRE . . . "He is seldom heard but well thought of," OUIDA WORLEY . WILLIE SYLVIA CLARA "She hath speaks it," a mind of her own and COX . . "The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease." WRIGHT . . . "A priceless character, d e l i g ht s all who know her," BOYD... "She is gentle, she is shy, but there is mischief in her eye." YE P85 0 P20 Glass E Rl., .1-5 , X 1 . Q I T 2 ' z ww 4: ' "fL' ,Tiff- . 271 ' P 9 , . f, 'Q .M s w Lx 7 xxx! kay! K ' HW, Qu Fw 33, ,QQJ-ik ng. .1 f if neu.. 4- urz, - I X X Q-P' X17 ' 4 ' 4 if 1 9 A 1 'S' 5' ri W' I ff' ii We . wr- , , "W ii? I ,aa ' Elf, .W 3 V , -, V A WWI, -vm 5 ., ., 1. Q fi 95 xi, 1-3-gm, , X 'uf -Z. .VVKR 7 K, Tig! il ?-ii -gi '-if , , Ylfiii- ' -' ' 52' K 1' '- J -,K ' -' , '- 93' H, .3 Qfgm ' ,,,. M5 Qlvv. L A V X .45 .,1,,, ,, ' flfs- gg,- P' M A .I K -'QM . H b ". xv? A W A af 5 mf ,F Q l'?'?'l? ' ,fflaem Aff 3 L , .r " Jw a -. K .K " Q 1 -9515 mfiffwaik .:: 'gk 1 Q , f ' V, , 1 ..,, .lg w v ,. K' X31 ,4 A' s - w'-bfW'M-5' 'wiki w N lliams 1n QW' S CN P85 NAOWW REQUIRE 1' OVW Fx Rams 90 Q1 sb 019 fx ii' C9 5' o Q' wc? more p ff: o 460 29 "2 "3 QL o 48' Fun at the jr,-Sr. Banquet. JUNIOR JUMBLE Concentration ! jr. boys learn to sew on a button. Hard at work on first '54 LIONS TALES Those feet probably need it. jerry, your mouth is open. CLASS OFFICERS C. L. Cowan ---------------------------- President Ng... 'fx Don Snider--- Vice -President Dee Ann Abbe -------------------------- Secretary Sally Crosnoe --------------------- ---Treasurer Juanita Ke11ey--- Cordell Brown ------ --- Reporter -------- -------------- --- Sponsor C. G. Lawson ---- ---------------- - -- Sponsor ED Carolyn Arthur James Bigbie Sally Sue Crosnoe Elvia Edna Davila Bobby Weiss Dee Ann Abbe ROV QW QONX Elf O? SQ? ER R550 Charles Price v .,,,f,5- .,,. Maul' sf Sue Teeter James H. Exum Elizabeth Leatherwood Wilton Phillips Minnie Trammell V . - , W Q55 . l e :5S5i2155,fE221r 59 -- N54 ZFW ' 4' ' . I ,iff , I' ,.., in K K K my , ' , . - il 3 STUD FOR V HA RDF GRPUHM Bettye Lincecurn Don Snider Linda Kay Miller Wilda Jewel Flinn C. L. Cowan Juanita Kelly out GOAL A' Gary Smith Margaret Isaac s Carl D. Teeter W Kathern Juanita Ingle Billy Carpenter Kathleen Berg SOPH SHOTS Gabriel-Female type. Whatsa verdict, Doc? Havin' Fun, Minnie? Don't take it so hard , Bobby. Nobody else is Are you ready, Wilton? Carl is on his toes. CLASS OFFICERS Clarence Ashmore --------------------- President Gene Emery fNot picturedj -------- Vice-President IIoDe11 Meyers -------- - ------------- - Dale Worthan ------------------------- Secretary Treasurer Johnnie Looney ------------------------ Reporter Shirley Perkins ---- ---------- ------- - Reporter Mrs. Kuykendall ------------------------ Sponsor M r . Shipley -------------------- -------Sponsor 0266 DX-lf, WEWXLLNEV ER Y xN "N 1 Y EP3 Omg HRS Sue Oldham Gene Emery Beth Covey Carroll Teeter Dean Stanton Virginia Greenhill John Ford Elizabeth Ann Bigbie Lula Ann Crain Treeca Holley Josephine Harvison Larry Stephenson FRESHME N INITIA DUNS lES Wanda Lou Roberds T. I. Henley Lois Clay Carrol Nash Donald Williamson Jo Dell Meyers Weldon Carpenter Clara Norton Johnnie Looney Christine Ingle Glena Phillips Clarence Ashmore Xl S QQ uw owe Qscsz-'59 QW-51 0 QXSV' G PW Kay Dl1H10P Donald Stanton Betty Roberds w-1 Eugene Shropshire Glen Dean Price David Cox Janette Robin Shirley Perkins Daniel Fuller Helen Bradford Dale Worth FRESHMEN FUN David explains. Beth the Model. School days. Care fre e and gay. Watch your step, Girls. What's the matter, Gene? 'Qu I , .,,,,., , ,,.,.. 2 W f 1 magni- K ywewfg QQ? f 'N 5 ix Aw w 'K Q EAM . , ,inf-.f,f,.m,S- ,W W ss: ,. 5,3 az. Riff ax , AW ,L Q M - Q ff f, wg-Q ., if it ,X ,1+z,m rw - 'im - 5-ffl f"'Q : if-fi,'ff": 1 . 33? K' ,i1+?32T:f.fZ::?,i,fki' Y NM ,Q A, JJ, 5: Q 1-:A A xg 1 I QPT.. K ' UW w . 1 f W i, 'wg-.fx , 'sy ,gf w JL ESV ix .wah A - K XZ , m - ' fs- Ha W' 41' lf , ' if I .'l'k2'I' . Qi . , :Lg A ,cg 5 , ', 1 W.. -ws. X :G 'ff , M1 :IX fy: 4' 'V' ' 2 AIZL -gg ' ? - .. N, 1 Qs U - wg ,Q In JW-. Q -M Y , T: W - M C W, ., F'I"J'U3"lOO"'l -IJJbl"'lI'lI"lT'liU3 DOLORES REAGAN . . WILLIE cox , I if 5. 5 M H W, HAR BROWNLOW OLD WILLIAMS GARY coAcH coRDELL BROWN M' First Row, left to right: Teeter, Emery, Brownlow, Kelly, Cowan, Price, Snider. Second Row, left to right: Williamson, Mgr., Hobgood, Smith, H. Williams, jeffcoat, Weiss, Shropshire, Ashmore, Cox, Mgr. Third Row, left to right: S. Williams, Bigbie, Perkins, Castner, Woods, Cox, Phillips, Coach Brown. DONALD HOBGOOD Donald, a senior guard and th ree year letter- manmade it useless for the opponents to try and get through his part of the line. A back injury kept this 160 lb. Lion out of the last game. SAMMIE WILLIAMS Sammie, a junior, is a two year lette rman. Even though he was a little late in getting started,he put all of his 155 lbs. into the center position and gained a po- sition on s ec ond team all-district. GENE EMERY Weighing 1 1 5 lb s. this freshman W o n his first letter at left half-back. This well-stacked little man will certainly add experience to the Lions' team next year. CARL TEETER Weighing 170 lbs., this hunk of sophomore cen- terwill be of great value to next years team. Carl never gave up no matter what the score. He has definitely earned his letter. Far Left EUGENE SHROPSHIRE He earned hi s letter at right guard. The experi- ence he gaine d will be of great value to the team next year. He tipped the beam at 146 lbs. JAMES PERKINS The team was given strength by this 188 lb. mass of junior. James, a three year letterman, played right end. A fe athe r in his hat this year was be ing on the first all-district te am. CLARENCE ASHMORE This young but experi- ened l 4 5 lb. freshman e a r n e d his first letter at quarterback. Even though Clarence broke one of his fingers, he still couldn't be stopped. C. L. COWAN Cowan, the mighty mite of the Sophomore class, is a second year letter- man. He weighs 130 lbs. and will be counted on for next years team. ALFRED PATE Alfred, a Senior and 165 lb. tackle was one of the be st offensive and defensive me n we had. This two year letterman proved this when he made the s e c o nd all- district team. BILL KELLY "Booger Red" tip s the beam at l451b. He has lette re d three years. Noted for his tenacity, a ball to Bill can always be good for a few yards. ROBERT IEFFCOAT Robert has played foot- ball 3 years and has lettered 3 years. Play- ing le ft half-back, and weighing 15 6 lb s . this junior w a s responsible for many o f the Lions touchdowns. Sf GARY SMITH Gary earned his let- ter this year at left end. Any end run started his way was always stopped by this 145 lb. sopho- more. His ability will be welcomed next year. DON SNIDER Don is a 130 lb.end. A member of the sophomore class, this was Don's first year to letter. The Lions are planning to use his experience next year. WAYNE CASTNER A very valuable man to the team this year, was this hunk of man and muscle. Wayne, weighing 2l0lbs. was the heaviest man on the team. He played tackle and is a two year letterman. Y WIL TON PHILLIPS A versatile hunk sophomore, weighing 160 lbs., Wilton played end and full back. Wiltonis atwo year letterman. His versatility w ill be a great help to next years' Lions. JAMES BIGBIE James earned his letter this year at left end. To the op- ponent this 175 lb. sophomore felt like a brick wall. Next year this big boy will be hailed by the coach. Above of Playing guard on defense, this mus- cle man from the junior class tipped the scales at 168 lbs. Wendell h a d an extremely good season this year. He is a two year letterman. WENDELL WOODS DONALD WILLIAMSON CHARLES PRICE This wee sophomore back weighed in at 12.6 lbs . He earned his first letter at New Deal playing back. Next year this .young man will add experience to the team. Below BOBBY WIESS The Lions had on their team this year a 142 lb. guard by the name of Bobby Wiess, who will make him- self felt next year. This sophomore boy won his first N. D. letter this year. I I ' 722' 'Sim Q!-.J 5. DAVID COX Sylvia Wright - Captain GIRLS' BASKETBALL Our Girls, piloted this year by Coach Sam Shipley emerged as Bi- District Champions and Runner-up in the regional tournament. The Lionesses won Z5games out of Z9 starts. One of the losses was to mighty Dimmit who went on to win the State Championship. WELL DONE! GIRLS. Back row: left to right: Sam Shipley-Coach, Sylvia Wright-Capt., Anniece Durham Io Ann Ashmore Capt Ruth Cox, Glena Phillips, Linda Miller, and Mrs. D. L. James-Asst. Coach Front row left to right Glen De an Price-Mgr., Rita Bumpass, Margaret Isaacs, .Terry Perrin, IoDell Meyers Sally Crosnoe Johnnie Looney, and Shirley Perkins-Mgr. l ,k - , X wg ' . ' 1. 1 K SQ Qs W "'3',1Q 5 st: 'w Aifg' 5 . ., K, 4 ,, t Q W 5 3: 4 S Prix V A Q A v: UW kv Aa T33 if wi fi . ........ . VS if f 0 X 1 is 'ax , - '-ZQQLQ' 'I f 1 FJ Sf, 41 'Q Hg. Wg L Q 10 i s if ,Q .1t.:'w' ',.s1.11xf'--': ' 1? 'na 2 ,L , 5 5 2 1 ? ?2'2-N2 Hg, M. 11 i -. il . 4,:,,,, f ,-' nw wr g ff . 'il 2- fx, fl '- Lf ly. H "Sa -,Q wk, .ff ' ' X4- M 'P' f "'- N , .5 A 'm'f . A ' .ff .fig if ff:."f'j'?4'...f""' 'f....fx':5 s..-I N-.1 QS Ndr,-' S3 "cr '--.-.-: Nu-r RMK Clif 559 - 4 YJ ' 3 "'3'H NWS: 'cf'-E-.." 'Q , A ,X 'iz 5 , . ' "".1 2? 1 'i':f f' , lf, A 'Q "1 , X ,, ,. W 1, fs . f g s E BOYS' BASKETBALL The New Deal LIONS, ably led by Mentor Cordell Brown, en- joyed a good season on the basketball court. Even thoughthey won 8 game s and lost 14, most of the losses were very close, usually 1 or 2 points. Each me mbe r of the team played the game for the pleasure ofthe sport and for the glory of New Deal High. No boy showed an unseemly attitude or a desire for personal gain. They were a team. On the court, the boys were paced by Captain Willie Cox, a winner of the "Most Courageous Athlete" award. Left to right: Carl Teeter, Bill Kelley, Wilton Phillips, James Bigbie, James Perkins, Clarence Ashmore Donald Hobgood, and Coach Brown. This page sponsored by the SPORTS CENTER. Back row: left to right: Gary Smith, Wilton Phillips,Jarnes Bigbie, Billy Carpenter, Coach Brown. Front row: left to right: Donald Williamson, manager, Don Snider,Bobby Weiss, C, L. Cowan, and Charles Price. Left to right: Donald Williarnsong manager, Dale Worthan, David Cox,Clarence Ashmore, Carrol Nash, Iohn Ford, Eugene Shropshire, Carroll Teeter, Gene Emery, Larry Stephenson, and Coach Brown. 9.0. ,,,m,-.U Q'::i'H V +- f TRACK EVENTS The Track Team did a good job this season winning the district meet hands down with 50 1fZ points. Willie Cox stood out all the way be ing high point man in the meet. Bill Kelley, Gary Brownlow, Carl Teeter, Robert Jeff- coat, and James Perkins also earned points in the meet. In the regional meet, New Deal tied for Znd place with Hale Center with 15 points. Two boys went to the state meet. Left to right: Charles Price, Robert Ieffcoat, Willie Cox, Wilton Phillips, James Perkins, Bill Kelley, Gary Brown- low, Carl Teeter, and Coach Brown. Willie Cox, shown at top, and Bill Kelley, at bottom, led the Green and Gold clad Lions through the track season. Willie toppled hurdle records and was pushed all the way by the fleet footed Kelley. These boys carried the banner tothe state meet in Aus- tin. We are proud of you, fellows! Q 1 Y iary Brownlowv it uh-" lugs james Per Carl Teefer RELAY TEAM Willie Cox Wilton Phillips Bill Kelley Robert Jeffcoat The spirit of friendliness in our school is one in which each of us can take pride. The people in the picture s on the following pages are those you think of as the friendliest. You chose them as your FAVORITES. This page sponsored by Davenport Gift gl Variety Abernathy, Texas VIDZC3 -I 1-11... S CD en 3?-QI-'CVD Z -1:0-702 G MR ND W L fc EO X an ff J - w-W.. Aw.,-.ewan-. V, , Q 'fl .V w ,,. ai mtl, -- , 15,1 , f ..,... gg, w-4,1Q,w,.k-2 A QA, xx, v ff' 5. . v .- W H ' FM WM iw if U' X 'Q 1 'M-X 3555 'fi Q, , . M," W 1 5 ah L . K, ,Mm if f 'F fl 2 iw X 5 S I A A W .Q .fsgf , 1 viii 2 I ' ': J, 1 ' A if1!2Qx"'X ,A i ' uns, a if ' L , W-..., 3 :' 9 11.11 4 ' SQ:Qj1,P2 23- A4 MQ: L . . . ,, , . , H -iw! wq2:m..1-. L :ff 'Y '42, 1. ...Y L LM, t Ti . a 5 M ss , E R 'Q' ig' v W -rs Qyqnuauv' O ' A. ,,A,, 3' W ' "" "' - -mann -,any ...W ...n . Y , I 'xsmlex E vw ' u -K1 , ' 1' ' 1' 'I . ' , 'L Q - . 5 - , ,S ' 'i wff' 5' -4 ,. ,,, ,..1 a4 W I , I , ,1,,A .M , ., rea- S- ' ' x 4 .m 1ahaf'aw , ,'f3TR5 !i? " " ' k N XM + I , 3 H' y 2 f YH, fm ,+ 3' 4.5 wr 5 ' 1, A A 43z:rfg1.1 1:4235 " Q , ' , ' Q. 1 A al I4 A f ' fi Q fx' ' A ' s irri x gf ,f fgr' - fb 1 . , Qi N mia' 52? gtg: 4 ? M. Y f 1 ':.:W f , f A A . 4 3 .ff 5, 'V ' . A - t -I ' Y , ., A L" V je ff ,I .f - , - , W wiii- ' ' 9 8, 7, I , My -'PQ 'u fa .aw-'MM 7 mi, xi i a ,-FW QBJW' 31 5 , . N 'fm Me, fizgwf' .,f. X.. S aff 'V , ' -arm C iasml mf Q. 5 gt' 14 5 -. .3 gnww 2 k , , 5 I 34 It l . Q-7157 2 1' ,S ' Q A "mmf, v . in 3 fT'fiff1535 Iii? 1 My-21A -ig 'fa X' N'ff Mgsrv' . . 1 ' z I " N .?"?33i"f5.x Sv? A 35..- Q' ms " s A .g 3 .,-.Q-,Q H an , x df' . -F .k'.. ii V I m 4 1, E. Q. Q n ll: I 'IIT 'if H16 A .Lg 5' .ff QT, E x . 'Sa xg. K K 2 2-3 flmlfiwfi' ? f 5 -Us , ' .' s ' 13 ?,.. ggi: ?5 , , 54,18 l I x 6 IQ? - - -7 11' 1- 4. 'Khin' ' -....,.. R I .Wx f., hd! I :".,.t.... Q: mum'- ,....mxAvm,, my-,nvm , :Sis invrii-4 .muvm V5 m,,7?""'ww, 'g 4 MW .5 'J qi: .5 1 E.2Wfi A fkf '4 -. , . ... 1 .55-il'?4' i "1 Vi V- ' if f gw5f'iI..'f, ' ,W ' VR if' -"A f4,-. 'V - -! , , E , A 1 '21 Q f IN THE PICTURES Sylvia, at top left, served very ably as Drum Major inthe New Deal Lion Band. The high hat is misleading--she really isn't. At top right, .To Ann Ashmore is shown ha n ding over the gavel to Linda Miller. Along with it she hands over her duties as President of the F.H.A. Io has done a fine job and we are confident of Linda's leadership next year. The class of sheep shown at the bottom is only one group of many fine animals which were raised bythe F.F.A. boys. Mr. Lawson and the boys are also responsible for a number of the improvements seen on our campus today. The band has done a fine job this year under the direction of Mr. Crain, pictured at right. Mr. Crain has worked hard this year but not in vain. The Lion Band won two Firsts and a Second in the Band Contests this year. A remarkable re- cord for a band which has functioned only two years. , - ,145 CD20 Z --DfN- "l Mr. D. W. Crain-Director K. Dunlop D. Flinn J. Meyers S. Oldham D. Abbe R. Bumpass C. Norton A. Edwards B. Henley J, jackson S. Wright-Sec. G, Hess R. Moreau A. Cox K. Arthur D. Snider I. Exum H. Bradford Arthur Re agan-Rep. Cowan Miller Williamson-V.-Pres. Worley-Pres. wird BAND OFFICERS McCrea . Stanton Styles . Cowan . Smith . Ashmore l Left to right: Dolores Reagan, Reporterg George, Williamson, Vice- Presidentg Ouida Worley, Presidentg Sammie Williams, Treasureq Sylvia Wright, Se cretary. L. Akin A. Rowell R. Leatherwood G. Prestridge G. Leatherwood J. Hogan N lv., f-"""1- g I Kay Arthur 2:-, A, Q: 0 -a 5 mf , W im " ,L . If . 221 L 3 is Ji'1'!gm. ,Em CHEER LEADERS Jo Arm Ashmore and Judith Cone . Q Hey,hey,ha,ho, 1 ' . Shirley Davis and Anniece Durham O n Lal U YI. 5 0 LETS Go' Fir st Row, left to right: Minnie Tramrnel, Sally Crosnoe, Wilda Flinn, Johnnie Looney, Janette Robinson Helen Bradford. Second Row: Peggy Carpenter-Treas., Bessie Hogan, Glen Dean Price, Elizabeth Bigbie G1enaPhillips,Margaret Isaacs, Betty Wadsworth-Pres. Third Row: Jerry Perrin-Sec., Kathleen Guthrie Id a C a r gill and Clara Boyd, Sgt.-at-Arms, Helen Robinson, Fern McBride, Yvonne Wright. Top Row Leaders: Shirley Davis, Anniece Durham, Jo Ann Ashmore, and Judith Cone. F.F.A. SWEETHEART Y V o N w N R E n G H T F.H.A. BEAU D O N A H L O D B G O O D A Hefxfv 'In A Mrs' H5013 pres. SIIITIQI, S90 ldent S OFFICERS Hi N, Q fe' 5 g f SQ K5 1 it J! 5 I in If 3 fr- f if 2 - . 23,6 Y srdn t 1 wifi ',13j' 34.3 t Q L . Jjq' -- r .X 'g ,,, Q I 3 x ,HL if a S Io Ann Ashmore-President, Betty Wadsworth -Vice-President, Fe rn McBride-Secretary, Vana Snider Treasurer, Jerry Perrin-Historian, Y vonne Wright-Parliamentarian, Mary Tapp-Reporter, Sue Isaacs Song Leader, Linda Miller-Pianist. Serving unexpired term: Bessie Hogan-T reasurer, Peggy Carpenter Reporter. S E N I O R S J U N I O R S LovE HITS WlLBuR" i 3 FU URE HOMEM SENIORS Boyd, Clara Brogden, Gladys Cargill, Ida Mae Cone, Judith Davis, Shirley Durham, Anniece Guthrie, Kathleen Meade, Laveta McCreary, France Reagan, Dolores Robinson, Helen Snider, Dana Wales, Maxine Worley, Ouida Wright, Sylvia i OF MERIC JUNIORS shmore, Jo Ann irazell, Jaunel urnpass, Rita arpenter, Peggy hristie, Geneva ox, Ruth ogan, Bessie saacs, Sue ,CB1'idB, Fern errin, Jerry illips, Juana ider, Vana adsworth, Betty right, Yvonne ISOPHOMORES rthur, Carolyn bbe, Dee Ann ierg, Kathleen rosnoe, Sally 'avila, Elvia 'linn, Wilda saacs, Margaret Qelly, Juanita iincecum, Betty liller, Linda eeter, Sue 'rarnrnel, Minnie FRESHMEN Bigbee, Elizabeth Bradford, Helen Clay, Lois Covey, Beth Dunlop, Kay Greenhill, Virginia Harvison, Josephine Holley, Treeca Looney, Johnny Meyers, JoDell Norton, Clara Perkins, Shirley Phillips, Glena Price, Glen Dean Oldham, Sue Robinson, Janette "CUTE AND PEPPYN lf""'7JO3OI'UOV' s 5 "THE UNINVITED GHOST Zrrl2Imrn7U'n L Ji? 'N W. fi" ' alms .. N ffl gif-1. Hg! if a I Q f V I 'K Q , X, lr Y Y Q If U by W VV .L ,rgg I f , f la... ' ',' -, Qlgf X fr v I 4 -Q 'g i n ffiif I 5, , ,, fw 1- , ,W . F VQK 9 . gf? ' 'f. S if 5.1.-A ,TH ARM RS Q 14' Aw F F FUTURE dl , I - CHAPTER OFFICERS: Left to right: C. G. Lawson, Adviser, Sammie Williams, Reporter, Harold Williams, Vice-President, Gary Brownlow, President, George Williamson, Treasurer, Bill Kelley, Reporter, and Robert jeffcoat, Sentinel. X CHAPTER MEMBERS: Shown with chapter members are: E. M. Guilliams, High School Principal, Dalton L. james, Superintendent, and Andy Reid of Reid Chevrolet, Abernathy. C 1 . - v W .A Q ' .f -'mil ' 1 3' Kg ? i 'Yi ' ,L 'W K J., 1 ' f E J V , V4 , wifi g q 3, '1 L2 mn- ! ..,, -ff -fl ,.,f,, 1 W V ,- 2 f 4: f iw'- in.. fs af' V ' by ,A . E I gf , 4 Q S., ' 'iff ' A 71 gi f F ' f ' ' Y 32 ggi? if - ' A i! ,f.11 "'j I i-N , :Qs Q C X T ' L Oxnvww, 1 , 1 mfumisux Pi Y 1 i ' I 4 XV - . r """f" ' .yi ' N ' A 1 2 Y t ' .. X' " X. ' ,J I A ek' A .qs . 1 Q A exiy 2 D I .V r fr V ' x 9' ,. W. . , u f b, Ho - KV if xx.. A 'R Q -7 , 5 WE , m X - A Q , K A gy i nw 5 ,. . . - f-g5ve-- k , f 1.- 5 ' ' - Q fn1m59H . ' ' Lie A- , , ,fl ., .fx , K 4 I f3H:??'f21? V W- g .1 , 7 ,T ff-f'f1zii f?S5'Y-ffgi-Pi"' Y ,E '3 ' - ' wx x,f'f12'g- I ,W -L, N .. f X521 .if : . k ffmzyb. , M1 21, "5-t2,,g:1!-' F--'s 'r mv f ' , a tr' fb-fr 3" 5 :Mig ' , , 1 A- gm, 12 .3 212:-:wwf nw -f'15s,9gP5a4, 1'..w.g, if, 1 - 59' -s13'3'3SkfS5ff'-if-lY""'554P'wfiffl ?11'f i:'5'l7"P'Z'5-2:,fQti5f?2.""- -4 1-"W: ' ' Q fl 'Wiz , r , iif lwff 11e:4:'f K . ar J' , 4 . " , S K Mfiii lpgf 'X V 1 A we-ggfzmf ,,- f " . .N 1 ' 1-,z , faxwgff,-gf ,,' . X b K nggwgf ,-5, ,- 'Y ' X ' A-gh 1:-giw?i'Mf-w, ,.g 'wxs:f53g-'- :,' ' ""f' ,.-:ef-f:'f'11-fy-f""s' v .-,f , f rf: 3 ' Aff M, ,rx-Sif -W.. Q. f- ,f -fs-. V' 1 K. ff.:-Q., ',"2'-V f-sw,,v,p , Mm x . A .g 11,15-Q,--4 ng- .ragga- ' .f,-f:-gf: X' .wgfw-ug?-'wfi:'5?-f in ,ff fre- ,5 5 gf , f ' K1 . V' fat ,wfQ"3ff"'4'e - .,,-3, ' gb v 5 faq", ,gif f -1: - 1-Ark. 'f?'1a. - 'N W' :W ' 2 ' C9 , 14, , , .Elf ' Q ' Af ' - ,,.,,+1 'f W, MIT. .,3t'l"i'.. +4 .-.4-1. ., ,. - QQ,mf.f1'if-Ja: M! " d s- 4-f " gf :' 1 ' K 'kai k "1"'fjf7j-ff . , ' QQ L , K' ' ,' 4 L- ' V' ' 2-.'l',1"5f11:.f2f.,,,, ff , Y 517, Mfpif iff , 3-:wh K '- Future Farmers eceives Chapter Sweetheart Award X Don and his Duroc gilt Chapter members build the school a new concession stand with concrete blocks l 'Fa gg ,Ex A Q M49 , A if my 1 y-'fm yu -fr . gina. gt' GY. 6 A x. Q n 9+ J'..l-I I l ,r,g,1..-vf a-NIM IIDJ , 1 If I H, -" COPY XII I ,ff vonuma in t "- X, 'x ,, ,, .1 w If fidl fu' PA lf' , rum, . f vu E Y 0 EDITOR THINKS . . . I think the Lion Tales is one of the best high school papers in Texas. We have done our best to publish the kind of news everyone enjoys reading. I would like to express my appreciation to the staff and faculty sponsors, whose hard work and co-operation have made it a pleasure to be edi- tor of the Lion Tales. JEFFCOAT NEWS HOUNDS DON'T LET NO ONE GET AWAY WITH NOTHIN' Reporters are the essence of a good paper. They must be curious and should know how to write their curiosities so that they will be interesting to others. Many of the reporters are more than capable of writing editorial material an d have, th e r e fo r e, produced good reading material for the Lion Tales. Whether it has been sports, class news, F. H. A. or F. F. A. our reporters have been able to capture the news and write it in a most readable manner. PRODUCTION STAFF CLAIMS IT DOES ALL WORK -- GETS NO CREDIT After the reporters have written the news, then comes the job of producing the paper. This is where the production staff comes in. First, they must type the material on a stencil, next proof-read it, and then comes the mimeographing. But they still aren't through. They must then staple the pages together and distribute them throughout the school. Although it sounds like a small, insignificant job, it is one of the most important. SPONSOR CLAIMS IT HELPS TO BE JUST A LITTLE NUTS The Lion Tales staff worked long hours after school preparing the paper. They did such a good Job that many compliments and few complaints were turned in, Sacrifices were many and rewards few for those who worked so hard. The question comes to mind, "Why does one work so hard under such circumstan- ces?" Well, it helps to be just a little nuts, and no one knows better than I. FENN PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION ,.4,. a s E 2 PreSide!1f Vice-President Mrs. G. E. Brownlow Mrs. J. M. Moreau 4 fi lv , rer Historian Secretary Treasu Mrs. L. Reiken Mrs. jack Brogden Miss Rose Dunlap ,M Wyw fs. Q gh 31110101 C1055 953 Q me 'du Mopar ca! qvwf prmvm tor We W gvfvslor-Sankor Bawqvwk ' 'cr :XXX X I I gnoeflaq mmxq, XL: kwcniq-savsnkxv ox April . If I hgh! 4: :tack . Q 0 6 o ' xxx : V05edci4V'951'b5 . I Q 2041? , A 5 , ' 1 T - 4 We V . SJ NON s 2 L . N We ' 0 f 45: 1 gil' 0, vu is N I , lv .Iv uw!-ov. g6xG19X vsva xfavo m Gadget Hoffenflugel ----- Harold Williams Jim Matson ------------- Gary Brownlow Angie Geotz ------------ Dolores Reagan Jerry Joyce --------------- Sylvia Wright Cora ------------------ Anniece Durham Sandra Stone ------------- Shirley Davis Helga ------------------- Maxine Wales Messenger Girl ------ Kathyleen Gutherie Commander Stone ---- George Williamson Cries of anguish resounded for weeks in the senior class. The uproar was caused by the seemingly endless round of rehearsals in preparation for the senior pro- duction "ACT YOUR AGE." When the final curtain fell and the last dime counted, the e ffo rt seemed worthwhile. The class did a fine job, on the stage and in selling the play to the com- munity. Gross proceeds were 5215, a figure far surpassing any previous play presented here. The seniors were thus assured of a trip. ...- Stu l"'ALL Prop tU1I'ector-,---- HOus5EW234anager----- -Kwenneth Jackson a ,h '- Sage Managiir ---"'----Li,:IaS.1?astner age Man ---""---- 1 ie Cox Pro agel'----,--- " Alfred P P1'0rr:5ftjj---""' ---.--Donald Hobgoiytg Pfompmjj-----------Glggfudith cone Business M ------ " Hel YS Brogden Anno anag91'------ en R0binson U-UCQI-,-Q ---- OPM Snider Luda Worley I ,vw .!"" 1 x JUNIOR DEAL SCHOOL CLASS NEW 'G Pfesenfs 4 o om srsrg OU Tl! Ffidqy Mum . 1 h I "HGH scwoor AU9' ,954 DITORIUM Children asc l pf l 7330 P. M. 1 5 age vlan anew! c it 5 . ' 0 ?efpo.2s owed es N00 6565 O15 -Sato X65 '45k' SQOQS means Sw e- "X "' go ac at ,fx V Sue Xe-'Ax Seiicgtain T h e T r i p l e t s QTrudie , YJQOZEUNN - 2.690 Iudy, and Ludiej are Yvonne wt' Ooqle Wright, Jerry Perrin, Peggy gif ' Carpenter. CAST Bessie Hogan ------------ B etty Shaddock Vana Snider ---------- Mrs. J'obe Feeney Sarnrnie Williams --------- Jack Norwood Arthur Berg - -------------- Jim Mahony Bill Kelley ------------------------ Kip Ruth Cox ------------------------ Tillie Geneva Christie ----- Miss Abbie Higgins Eugene Vanstory ------------- Detective Io Ann Ashmore ----- Mrs. Laura Morton Johnnie Offerle -------------- Grand Dad EVEI AN . N ,. . . 1,4 ' A? K 'M vs. wx er " c' ' i f ' so ff -- .L 'ki A 2 fa A sense of gaiety and anticipation p r e v a il e d in the predawn hours of May ZZ, as we prepared to board the bus for colorful Colorado. Fourteen hours late r the gaiety was wearing thin, but when we got settled and cleaned up everyone felt better and we had a great time around the lodge. Sunday morning we went to church and then swimming in the indoor pool at the Broad- moor Hotel. The water was fine. Monday we went to the Gar- den of the Gods,the Cliff Dwe1lings,the zoo, and the Seven Falls. That night some went bowling and some stayed home. Tuesday we journeyed to Canon City and visited the Colorado State Pri- son, a most interesting experience. We finally got out and did- n't le ave anyone. After lunch we went on to Royal Gorge, a wonderful example of God's might. Descending into the gorge, looking up at the vast walls towering above and the turbulent waters of the river roaring past make one humble when he re- flects on his own relative insignificance. Tuesday evening we either stayed at the Lodge or played miniature golf at the course nearby. Wednesday morning we visited the Alexander Film Co. and saw how advertising film are made for movies and TV. Just before lunch we visited a so-called miracle house where gravity seems to pull toward the northg and stand about Z5 degrees out of perpendicular and water runs sideways. After lunch we went ice skating at the Ice Palace. An hour and a half, many hard falls and loads of fun later, we were ready to hobble home for the chore of pac king for the trip back home. It took all day Thursday for the trek to Texas, and every one arrived exhaust- ed but happy. I think eve ryone will agree that it was a truly eventful Senior trip. M mr' I'f f"' sip-re:--an--'Af Mgmt.. Q ,,, E pp 3 Fm? V. Q. W f za-. "" gc., " wi -'ff 159- f 4 J' Q -1, uf. .. i"i' Ti J . f s vm .1 .AI - Qi f 1"+'l - ' ' wa 'iii ' ' we ' X ' 4 ,.-- ' E U NIOR TRIP 4--' ,IN THE PICTURES We are walking on the railroad." The bed of this railroad s 1048 feet deep. 2. That's not a four headed monster, its just our people trying to oc cupy the same spot in the Broadmoor wimming pool. 3. Judy flags the engineer that we're to go to he zoo 4 It sure was a long climb and now we gotta go back. 5. Boy! you sure can see a long way. Eh, Helen? 6. Gary, Take it easy, Ouida. That ice is slick. - . iff:'.f."1f!"1-'f.fn"4 'K 1.2 ff .-yt,--pw tfrwiigizlgi: ' I X .. " 132 5, 1 .' 2 li QSJQ5 ' A A .T , r .A I 1 , ',,, I ' sis .4 i 1 vi' . , t 'W 2 f Vee' 3,-Q1-sig 2 - . wfs.+"2','. ' fi -1 gx , L, -. X- . 'WW I Q. LL ,417 ' ' 1 Q 3 1 C I shut that door. 7. 8. What's so engrossing, Dolores? 9. Harold and Gary admire the View from the Indian ruins. 10. Take us out of here!! Ida, Clara, Ouida and Maxine wait for the cable car out of Royal Gorge. ll. On the shores of the mighty Arkansas. 12. Big Chief "Humpty Dumpty" Jackson. 13. Indian dancers perform for this group at the cliff Dwellings. 14. We "crossed over the bridge" and took time for a breather. 15. All aboard! 16. lDonald says, "I'm not a bit tired." 17. Anniece, most people skate on their feet, or are you just resting? 18. "I-Ii!" 19. One little, two little, three little Indians. 20. Dana wants to know how much furthe r. 21. 909-9l0-9l1-- How many more steps down this thing? 22. Ouida prostrates herself before the grave of Helen Hunt Jackson. fgsvffgouf-1-.s A at to i . ,V , XA, 4 Hifi 'ff BUS DRIVERS i Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Freeman . Cowan . Perkins Nicholson Dawson Mr. Shipley Mr. Fenn Mr. Brown KNot pictured, CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Agnew Mrs. Nicholson Mrs. Perrin Mrs. Crain Mrs, Mead IANITORS Mr. Mead and Mr. Rogers A .1 .-f",:A T. U ,,,- . - -.,A K H f , .jx :?'?33-??"ff.wi.s,'i' way l-LfQ,'-ff'- 5,5-5311-.-1 rs, -3-' :G-1 4'-' ff ,f - fi1'12,, -fi. xx- N- .X ,HXQV .5 I, Q - 5,3'1i4'Sg. . ,...,Q. ,., . N , . ' 1. 4' - K P - ' av: I ni Rgtiagf A J'-f er fy .wif " fi' 1 ,-'V -'4 f- wg Lf-'ie .' " "W .,,, 9 , ,gfa-'fn ,g:1v."'SQr F? ' fgrfin , ' '15 . if gp' ff' , in 7, L Std, xx YAQVQ 2 f ,, 141 -ff' iw -' 5 if 'F -V ' Q ". ,. ' -:U I ' I LL .V ' 1 vi ffep2fjL.j,, . .fl "'L 6 'Av "sin ' h h 'ff' 'fl' af .,.' f 1 -- M- , f 13 i?1 ::i. ,I mg' 2 0 -J A ,wit ,gs ,L V , ' 4 afwii . 3' if "fn f "SE Q "' fix' xg fxf' f ' Aff fx'-x Q? P Y i f rm YA A a 4. 1' Q65 003 0 Q0 I Freshman Delegation Princess Lois Clay Prince Carroll Teeter HIGH SCHOOL ATTE DANTS Junior Delegation Princess Yvonne Prince Samm Wright ie Williams Sophomore Delegation Pr' incess Juanita Kell BY Prince Bobby Weiss GRADE SCHOOL KING 'Q E AND 5 CSUEEN P 5 E R R 'E R A .age 0 9 , ..- C ownbearers L ft to rlghtz Keny Ar ld Ruth Middlebrook, and Edd Exum. GRADE SCHOOL ATTE DANTS 2nd Grade Delegation 6 3rd Grade Delegation Princess Betty Wisdom X 5 Princess jamie jones Prince Mack Covey A B, Prince johnny Hamilton 4th Grade Delegation 5th Grade Delegation Princess Earlene Worthan Princess La Ree Abney Prince Byron Teal Prince jerry Arant 8th Grade Delegation Princess Kay Arthur Prince Billy Castner 6th Grade D Princess Car ele gation olyn Harke Y Prince Wesl ey Looney 7th Grade Delegation Princess Sylvia Showalter Prince jerry Stanton JU IOR HIGH SPORT Front row: left to right: David Cowan, Mgr., David Williamson, Ray Leatherwood, Bobby Hogan. Back row: left to right: Coach Brown, Gerry Prestridge, Rodney Smith, Alvie Rowell, Wavne Teal, Dale Christie. Not shown: Doyle Phillips, Billy Castner. Front row: left to right: Ladon Akins, Mgr., jerry Stanton, Bob Greenhill, Ray Leatherwood, Rodney Smith Gerry Prestridge, Billy Castner, Alvie Rowell, Johnnie Walden, Mgr. Back row: left to right: Gene Leath- erwood, Domingo Orosco, Doyle Phillips, Theodore Cook, Eddie Akins, Richard Wadsworth, David Cowan David Williamson, Coach Brown. V , 'Q saliva? F5 5: , 1 fi fl Y. if X 1 ? Q , .9 2 f gf? 'N x 4,-"5 , M' ni , 1 S 3 " I 5 1 ig 1 ld if 1 f if I 'I ' .. x ., 77 1 hi i 4 First row: left to right' Karen Scharnber , LaRee . g Abney, Earlene Worthan, Judy Akin, Gloria Berg, Cathy Christie, Mary Anna Williams, and Frankie Worley. Second row: left to right: Betty Ann Wisdom, Janie Dunn, James Moreau, Marylene Cavin, Wanda Ann Bush, Dianne Capel, Sharon Weems. Third row: left to right: Jeanette Be rg, Mrs. Stuart, Barbara Kelley, Lesa Habbinga, Johnnie Looney, Glenda Pearl Hess, Patsy Shinn, Wesley Looney, and Jerry Arant. MUSIC CLUB LaRee Abney Barbara Kelley Lesa Habbinga Karen Sue Scharnberg M rs. Stuart, Instructor Eiqhih Grade Miss Dunlap K ' .rr if N Teri Bryant Wayne Teal Wilma Ruffin Barbara Jackson 'gif Dorothy Abbe David Cowan Betty Hogan Rodney Smith Loretha Melton Charles Godfrey J , Ay' K 4 lkk AT lp. My V kk W , . 7 4de Ronald Moreau Kay Arthur Alvie Rowell Frances Nash Gerry Prestridge Bobby Hogan , IOYCC Fletcher Ladon Akirls Donnell Flinn David Williamson Merle Kelley , uk- Billy Castner Ianete Veazey Robert Greenhill Louise Cook Ray Le atherwood Johnny Walden I l Eulane Rackley Gene Leathe rwood Virginia Enger Bob Vanstory Seventh Grade Mildred Crosnoe Mrs. Scarborouqh Iac kie Nicholson 2 C , 'M 3 ' .ii azh fs W1 Arelyn Cox Billy I-Ienly Sylvia Showalter --Q5 -W5 " -4. H Q ,zegg " ,W ,Q uni -as gf: may aus J -f f I " A ' -. 1-2 H E g ' ' -e"- ' 'wr , y 22? Richard Wadsworth Herschel Thigpen Jimmy Hogan Ronda Bush Glenda Hess Carolyn Bradford Z 1,361 Q 6 ,1 ' -fm 14 t , ., fWS'5i'?i5 Jerry Stanton I ' if?Y??i9:' ' 'I' ' ' fl '5f?f?:X1Q,f . AXA. ,V 7 5 mi K .Q ,gt I- it '1e"?', ?fvr".." t X-'ae Donald Boswell W1 . ei Q. ,, 4.4 Y x , ' Q25 an A ' W 'C L la P! "QE," I 1531.1 ., Shim., it WSH 7 T Doyle Phillips 1 il h fe ,, E. 1. ag . Q vig 1, my if K Theodore Cook Caroline We st Annetta Edwards Domi! Org-,SCD Eddie Akins Judy Jackson Dale Christie Margie Holub Teacher: Mrs. Kinq Tommy Valdez Shirley Holt 45 5 ligne ' mf i1:5zf2tvs22rf?W .M xi ii' . fa .ll Q ef H? f ,ff A . , : , l Q X357 Dona Dell Arnold Billy Wilkinson Ray Davilla Jo Ann Stanley Lesa Habbinga Thomas Norman . . L V Wig., ,fp .i-. A Hum- 1 . . Ze? " ' - ,', -1 .3..1 1521? ,i . .gi -eff Mif f- ' - ' 5.1315 ' ,giifgazfggigz-ggiifl I --uf ' Q Q3 -2589 Qi 2--47T5il3ff5"f':' J. W. Leatherwood Diana McBride Ray West Patsy Shinn James Mathis Jeanette Berg 2 fa-M. , ' " gi :A . I .,g5,,gve:ff ze,,. . nf 2 ' Q . l " Y """ "":fif 1:E551,'g-'if +,4.- I .M .- -' ' ' 41 'Z " fV ffl'f.:5 T ff - ff- . e 1 1 5' 32:1 f Thurman Haggard Carolyn Harkey Roy Stephenson Nell Rackley Richard Habbinga Martha Pate Janette Fletche r Covey Smith Wanda Bigbie Denzil Minyard Billy Smith Doyce M Rudy Martinez Glenna Isaacs Willie Robe rd s Angelita Pineda I Sixth Grade iddlebrook Do rthy Ho lub L' BEE , V S v 'V Delbert Price Barbara Hogan Harry Barron Faye James ww! g if K S all we , 1 . iff if? ' ' . H A . - W Thurman Stanley Iimrnie Wisdom Shirley Crain Wendell Attebury Elizabeth Perez Ruby Nell Ashmore eil h M A S fly f f'gf51 Jim Cowan Betty Slaton John Manx-iquez Fifth Grade Mrs. Lawson Barbara Kelley Kay Don Habbinga Sonny Cole Carolyn Rainwater Lonnie Greenhill Wanda Crain Roger Ieffcoat Ollie Mae McNeely Ierry Barrington Wanda Wilkins Joe Olguin C rn re W ' 3 : iff Q ,,.. Darlene McDougal Charles Ruffin Kathy Christie Lucrecia Crenshaw Sheldon Teeter France s Olguin La Ree Abney Jo Nell Thigpen Jackie l-hhhhga Be rnadine Henley Karen Scharnbe ry 1: H - . . up Af-zgfsfeelffx H l My "" y ' If L- 1, -. Silk., W 'f 9 llllsx. Srleaff. , w w M1 ,alms David Parrish Mary Gonzales John Villanuva 5 Fifth Grade Mrs. Hrnold 1 I K 5 - 'L R A , Joyce Brogden David Cook Mary Nell Norton --" 4 'lsiiif - K V:'izzg.A . V1 V ' . 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YQ ss' 'll' 'Q fi' 4-,fl if ,gm ,B va 1 .xi ' A J 'L , 5 9 E Stella Carlson . 3, " 'Lx 4' MJ? k . L QQ 1. 1 ff H , 15 4 512- 3 mek I U L. y A 1' f' Charles Spence Julia Rod riquez l Melba Lopez Tommy Carlson Wanda Bush George Garcia Iosefina Castillo Delia Pena Eddie Exum Pauline Aleman Ln-pe Ortiz lf. fXfw,z:gM,:Qam M sew' W1 vr--- 1'-W lem fb . , ' R . rm , W gnd 7 ,,A. as 4 ,Ka , N 23 1:154 4 far, XY l R M, ,,., .EESX . , X i ' C , Jr ' I 'Q Richard Martinez Ruth Leathe rwood Johnny Gutierrez Snbino Mora First Grade Raul Pena Lupe Hernandez lg i Rachel Ortez Willie Luna Telia Aquirre Delores Ortez Jessie Sanche Hope Ybarra Irene Castillo Evalena Olguin Joe Aquirre Miss Schuolcraf t Angeleta Aleman Io Perez Errique Miranda Paulina Cardinas Rudolf Rodiquez Erriqueta Montoga Clifford Romerez F ITST Grade ' Mrs. Delasham 'ifffg' 1 . I - A T a-.-fry ' i lhi e 'fx iw : is if v ff' C Mi , W- ,mf s A -:W , 3 yn 1 -m e , Sandra Fortenberry Tommy Roberds Sharon Weems Barbara Lynn White Leroy Holub Mary Beth Dunlop s W ' " . ,n p, 1 9 ,W Ein .-: . , QE, gk- 3 r. Phillip Morphis i i e,. B J ef i exe yi' so i A ..r, by , .Zkl, f' W . K 'L G, , K A K, ' . Lester Owen Betty Sue Crain Kenneth Hickman Tame s Thigpen i '-'ii' . 'e . ,-,. 'I xx-,, . U : W e Connie Sue Ring Royce Boswell Linda Kay Robinson Danny Hooks Bertha Dean Holt " gm Pascual Perez Amelia Reyes Linda Mathis Lupe Montoya America Pe rez gg - A Hugh 'Snide r Phyllis Reagan Joyce Ann Price A ff . J' me g u 4, -fs c 9 L- ra Q, I Ba 1-ba ra Hamilton .f 'ZW Q , W .A 4, .. , .aging tie .X 1 X, , -A , f .,,. ie. X. Humbe rto Pe rez First Grade Shirley Gholson L 1 . f 1 is as P f ,f Ti, 1, 1 QV, w w 25355. , X r 1 X . D I Larry Exum Darlene Melton David McDougal Mrs. Batsell fl r 1, .. iz. ' 4 4 mms Charles Witt Martha Sue Morton Cordell Brown Ir, Brenda' Hogan Darlene Prather Jerry Kurklin Jackie Ralston Wista Smith Maggie Perez Alex Perez Darla Kay Showalter Wallace Teeter Randy Bob Peeples Angelica Garza Linda Henly Daniel Rodriguez sp- Donald Rainwater Ronald Snow Biserte Trevino Harold Nash nomo or aoucfx-from ERNEST ' PRINCKP L. C. CREWS. PRES. ARCHIE ACKER M, M. STYLES. vue: Pais S. W. Wll.LlAMS, ssc. ,CHN REAGAN NEW DEAL INDEPENDENT SDHDDL. ,,..,.C.,,,L G,.,.,,E scwuo, EP-RL WORTHAN omxow x.. JAMES. suPsmN'raNosN1' A J. n. sense c. v... cowpm P' 0- BOX U5 NEW DEAL, TEXAS soxaoom To THE STUDENTS E M When you read be behingl you 'E E' DE" ENN':ND:D T "E' ouvishould have? Most of Did YOU a000mP11Sh T?-Bs Y., did not. Do not dglsoourage you. No one goes life doing everything exgcfoly ought. 'ohinking and you will soon discover that you Develop positive L are making fewer mistakes. This will lead to a more happy and useful way of life. f be richly blessed by the One who is able to Ma-y all o you supply all needs. Sincerely yours , .f"o , gf, 4,-LLL, fggf 4 Archie Acker, Prin. New Deal Grade School GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Mrs. Guilliams Third Grade Mrs. McDonald Fourth Grade Mrs. Arnold Fifth Grade Mrs. Lawson Fifth Grade Mrs. King Sixth Grade Mrs . Scarbrough Seventh Grade Y Miss Dunlap Eighth Grade Miss Schoolc raft First Grade Mrs. Delashaw First Grade Mrs . Batsell First Grade Miss Brock Second Grade Mrs. Gaylor Second Grade Mrs. Acker Third Grade GRADE SCH OOL PLAYS ! And the Wise Men Came. . . Away in a Manger ,- .,L.,, And a little child shall lead them While Shepherds watched over their flocks PRIMARY SPRING PROGRAM There was an old woman who lived in a shoe She had so many children, she didn't know what to do. Mrs. Sarah Griffins Teacher GIRL ' BA KETBALL TEA Left to right: Odda McKinzie, Ruby Green, Elma Sanders, Berta Sherwood, Ruby Anderson, Eddie Green NEW DEAL QUINTET Left to right: Ruby Green, Elma Sanders, Berta 3 h A Sherwood, Ruby Anderson, Eddie Green. MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL MOST OUTSTANDING BOY Elma Faye Sanders Dan Chester Parson 6th Grade MOST OUT STANDING GIRL Ruby Lee Green 9th Grade MOST HANDSOME BOY MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL joe Lee Browning Luvenia Parson Sth Grade 2nd Grade Fourth through Ninth Grades, First Row: I. W. Anderson, Chester Parson, johnny McKinzie. Second Row: Lee Parson, Bobby Humphery, S. P. McKinzie, joe Browning, Eddie Green, Odda MCKinzie, Ruby Green, Dorothy Green. Third Row: Isaac jackson, Ruby Anderson, Willie Anderson, Robert Anderson, Berta Sher- wood, Burnett Sanders, Elma Sanders, iii , h ,un First through Fourth Grades, First Row: Billie Quig1ey,Theola Green, Diane Griffins. Second Row: Oscar Williams, L. I. Bradley, Henry McKinzie, Sammy jackson, Otis Sanders, Robert Humphery, Rosetta Mullins, james johnson, Margaret Quigley, Betty McKinzie, Eva Lois Shepherd, Carrie Ruffins. Third Row: James McKinzie, Freddy Green, Samuel McKinzie, Winston Hickmon, Daniel Austin, Gladys Marshall, Willy Brad- ley, Luvenia Parson. Fourth Row: Levalle jackson, Herman Marshall, William Shepherd, john johnson, Bobby Sanders, Janie johnson, Pearlie jackson, Mary Anderson, Eunice Marshall. ARKET QQ New Deal Ph. 2-C1545 CALD VVELLQ- ' ROUTE 2 yah 66'74Z!Z7d47 CADEWQ Traciror, PicK'up and Cdr Roqal Trifon Mufor Oil Woody- Carpenier, Hifi- - 5-8922 Kuala 'fmmxevs KxmX'imQx Rocks hr Farmers 'QQ Ross 0 CXJU J'acK Come ing GLHDTO snow You Tm: H54 Amerlcan Beautq Pontiac mclllilliams Pouiiac Co. Your PONTIAC Dealer 702 Ave. J' Lubbock . Texas MEN S BQEME 'f""W 4 ... . . ..,,. , ,:, - 3. ,-' tri-r-ef , I-2' ,sir-115:-: .-.,,- .9.1.-1.-.,.-,+5:-:fEr5:2:,:--.1 ' ' .4 .-242:-9 ?:l'J- 25:1-7-:2:r-:-IE3:F:f:Ef:!5:2f:57:5J?':Zf:3:I::-:5.5:ZgI7:'igI4I5:5.3g,-'T'-3 1324- -, ""I5:' I5:552-S3355Zi:ES-:5:21255:E552-35:31521:ff!-E133-163:23-:if:ZS-:3:1:I-r5:QJgZf:3:-- -:f:5 F g - ,- 'J-: ' :I-55:5 ?f:E5:5:E2I35:Z2IEQ2I25:':3I3:5:I-I-2':5'I-.'.5:'g!-:,:f:Z,i-:':5g'-5-' 'U' "- ,, -' -Pi .LAN 3I-Ig25:3:3gI25:35-2E5:EI':f:f.I-55:':ig!f:5:53Z5IE3J3EZ?3IE5:?23"lzfiz'-ikE15:QEi:f 55:5 ' 13512 i?1vFS'f,.-3.91-22Q?..w, 5 3- I-A J 'M " K K X M' , ' " f -vi, , 115.1 cg, :fra """"""" QM -I f f -,-' f ' C land E. Phipps Bl an-.Ksmiihinq 'vwleldinq Dial 3'6 418 New Deal , Texas 75QfcfzW94Z F LOWE F25 Main and Ave. K 011115-4584 " ig-q. Jobe'S Hpplianee Store M aqiaq'W hlrlp 001' K E Hppliamces Moforola TV Ph 5 8462 Bu New Deal Uverpass Omen 5 Servlce Slailull XTYXQBXXDYX ark S Suppkes Box 254 New Deal -lexas P. , A ,Joi lf, PL Q IEKRJOTATO A ,A 'EEE lg' Lwifond, W 'g N cff'b1iib11390OvlL GR-AHAM5 CAFE PASTRY SH OP w I I l I - I and I P . AKA I A sooo PLACE TO EA ' IABER PL.,o1avef Gm Co. Rho qs A service 'mstit utimx for th FH F? ME F8 S Nw Bm Kem Mc Whorter's A Redempiion Denier Tire Companq MHMBBGK Fluio Sioraqe No.1- 1008 Texas No.2-420 N. Colle e ll picfures in This annual ,except porfrizfrs, bw The WE LL H 0 US E Darkroom Fuhrman s Hobb Shop H bb pl t h pp ft f 19Z719thSt 3 2105 b k Wll Kmson Rach aior ,,,,k,A ,A ,Q Lu.bbocK TEX:-1s if, C115 Ave H Ph 5 7749 SCHDDL PHCITDBRAFHY ENLARGING AND SUPPLIES N EW DEAL, TEXAS , X o ies are our business--not a S i d e line C m e e obby su lies--for all members o he amily. t Phone - L b T l I' 1 I O I g VYVV ' A V 1 Z e E ' ,e O L,,l A riff? E Q 522535 eeee 'aQ,Qaf' eb b'ef .ee. if ., :'r11,1,w . 1 ' 'Q' ,. , 'L , ...V I A l O FLL. faubian Hqencq 1008-l5ih.31. Lubbocli Phone 36324 or 50467 Insuraue Loans Real Esiaia ,L l I - lsfl Red and lxllixie Fond Store LA. BARNES New Deal Ph. 2-9568 Carl Phillips "GG" Station GASOLINE AND BUTANE , o WHGLESALE AND Box 206 A Phone 41 New or Used Cars Irriqation Enqines Scoyyin-DicKeq Buicli Co. 13:7 E-xas -PLS-74: 5 Show this annual to Haqqoods Office Supplq Companq 1413 Texas Ave. Lubbock, Texas and receive One Metal Typewriter Stand With the purchase of A New Royal Portable Typewriter '.,, T' i". 1 L,,,, er Lfiifili ' x 1 ' i'e' is , .. 'i'.rlfs3Ifxfi.i?5l', .M J ' 5 eff kl'f'?fF-'-i I T :,, Q f -r w T is , ',,,,1 , - um O t viriie -1 ' .z,jg1g5g3s:Qw". ,, H . . . . ,,,. k,,k:k, ' f r ' rm ,'I' - K rf ' ycee u T Q - , c , y T :Aw s x - rg e'ey -iiiei Lumber, Pamfs, Hardware, Glass J yL""j ' ' if :.s'l.if'EEf' - ,'-' .,:i ' ' . Z 'P ""'-1--as . 'rw V fl 'V + '2"" ' ' 'limi .,,, ' ,E zf ' 0 n Qgf Tgf34"g ,1 ,. gT7... , ' 'W , ' ' VK.. giq5,2z5:p:it,Ig ' 5 1. 92 "ws" Plumblng 31 Well SUPPIISS , i 'M ' -. ,T - h I ff?i1s?i'95r :,1.'ff-gfofr?-2ffg1m.z,Q-:irish43'N'f' - ., ., - , . -1. Wew Em! CAFE e onus Complimenis of Smmons-HENRY Gm New Deel, Texas j Joe Bush ldholesale meals West oF New Deal Overpass on Plainview Hiqhluaxr I Phone 5-7152 LUBBOCK COTTGN OIL CGMPANY L T gr can BE A gilt Cly 0 6' Lubbock, Texas James ldeiss Repairs Hulomolive and Traolor Parts and Service Ph. 2-7011 - New Deal, Texas Struve Mercantile C0.,INC Hbernathq, Phone Texas 310 ABE R NATHY Wzafzd gramfoany Tords Out Trout Aberneihq Texas Ph 54 S E Cone Gram and Seed Luhb oeK Tex as 5Z024Z4egZ'ZZf? 5242! ' I C C O CU. I THE I MEMBER Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion Abernafhy Texas MUDERN CRADUA DEMAND MUDERN LIVING We ekckm mmxx PUHIIL' 51-'H VICE Meet qour friends at Weasexxs Druq 1-405:35 iM, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COMMUNITY Earl B. Hobbs NEW DEAL, TEXAS ' WU. Forienberrq Xnveskments 1122 Lubbocli National BanK Buildinq PHON E 2-051351 l.ubbocK , Texas Oil Properties Farm Lands X Texas and 0Klahoma New Deal,Texas wwf 5 Weffzfii RED CHAIN FEEDS SURGE DAIRY FARM EQUIPMENT Lubbock, Texas 2l I5 4+I'm Sireef Dial 2-8733 dfffwz 977477671757 Your FHRMHLL Dealer - '902 AVE- G Phone 5-7775 Hnndmmfs Fresh Meats-Veqefables Hiqh Qualiiq Low Prices -f A A Ph.56'l5Z New Deal "I E I 9 CA r- 'T' 0 2 C V, 5 J' r- 9' f1'l -4 :I 2 C 'f' 0 'Q Q S C - rn '1 - J' O x 3 2 5 ii Q- ? -' O 0 U-, T 2,3 -4 3 Q. -. m ,D ' IT1 2 0 Q C0 iuzggrllllllliimi gn2'LL-11: 5 31131 I lx i'?f'E""Wh ' 4 1"4W:W'3"f"i? A REBEL! 1Eff.,:'3'f539mi:':i,'.:T,A ' I I I A ilse. AXAII .I. XXI, I fi: I I I , : v hh' ' I ins"s2i4LI,n, I 1 ,E IX . XX XA x I S 31 I v -I , 'g i q1'11.lQ,yi51 nh. I I IIQ1'-A' I: nn-II"4"A -VH 4' W f f 61117044151 HELPING BUILD WEST TEXAS SINCE 1927 Demp ldebsier Groceries - Meais ITEXACO Vvep me QQ BKYY EXW. 'E QQ-Q ASQ wholesale-Re1ail Ph.5-6898 New Dealffexas Bennett Motor Co. Inc. Gif Saks and Service MM WUI Texas Hve. Dial 57585 Lubbock , Texas Go To C hurc h Sundaq 'Z 1 4 5, +3 f Qs Q .. rv -..-.g,fg5 'gf' H ' E ' . 5 1 I WE: in -1 :- 121 ix 1 .4 . 3 , .., , , ' Z3 V1 ' J ww L jg 2. ' li 'rf av' , .1 - 1 1 3 x ,E - 554, ., Q fe f la V :I 1' 1 i' ,4 , , . 5? 'QA : 3. . . 5 I : :Q 1 if . :Z Y- in ',Z.:', f ' ,-flzfj'e'.s1ns1n-Lf'.'r.f"9v-iffafiwfi' . Q'3':7'2V'1'-f'-39ZE- - ""--'aw ., , AQ Q1 'Zi fs

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