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:V r , . 1 ,.. v 4 ' . 1 - 4 x . , j . 1 ' 1 . 'X' 3. Y X 1 W ' , Q W Y V .5 . 1 L K . ' ll 'V 1 , h. . -l -- , . . 0 , f' . N. ' V S FW QQ x I ! 4 1 r. 3 -4 f , ,':' .." I s QD 1 D ' ' I I ff? ' K - s ' ' Q . U l ' , 'gc ' T -.1 - 8 . as :A .,,, , wr iq - 5 -,. 4:14, A 1 . TH E ROAR I9llI VOLUME THREE PUBLISHED U by the SENIOIQ CLASS NEW DEALS HIGH SCHCOL - ROUTE 3 I LU BBOCK, TEXAS Foreword THE world ol: today and the world of tomorrow demand service--- more than ever before. We realize that we are now in a training per- iodg and in keeping with the spirit ot the times, we loolc on New Deal School as a training camp. The purpose ot this hook is to re- cord the events of this school year. CONTENTS I II III IV V VI VII VIII 4-3-P Our Pledge Camp New Troops We Honor. On Parade Recreation Camp Life Dea not Post Exchange Rather than volume to some hereby dedicate munity and our way possible. Our Pledge do the conventional thing and dedicate this individual, we, the Senior Class of 1941, do ourselves to the task of serving our corn- country to the best' of our ability in every I Camp New Deal 9 . History of School New Deal Rural School was organized in 1935. The school trustees of the four original districts-Caldwell, Center, Monroe, and Grovesville- had worked hard for consolidation. As early as 1930 there was talk of grouping the schools. Finally, in November, 1935, the school board voted a bond of 540,000 Then the school received a Public Works Administra- tion grant of 332,728.20 to supplement the bond. This made a total cost of 372,729.20 for the school. The completed school has excellent vocational departments and class- rooms. The beautiful modern gymnasium-auditorium is used for entertain- ments as well as physical education classes. It serves as a real community center. The attractive fifteen-acre campus was landscaped by the vocational agriculture department. The grade school building, with the superintend- ent's home, completes the original group. During the summer of 1940 three teacherages were provided to ac- commodate the two principals and their families and five of the teachers. Recently a modern garage for the school buses has been constructed. This building also houses the vocational agriculture farm shop, which is modern in every repect. The school was affiliataed with fifteen credits the first year. Since that time the number has increased to twenty-six and one-half. During the first year the seventh grade from all districts was housed in the Monroe school building. The other six classes were conducted in the various school buildings of the district. However, this was changed after the construction of the grade school building on the campus. The total number of scholastics in 1935-36 was 422. It has increased to 481 for 1940-41 school term. Today New Deal offers a wide variety of classes. The students have as many opportunities as do those who go to school in cities. The progressive classes and teachers are unexcelled by similar schools. All these things develop at New Deal a spirit which every true American should have-the spirit of democracy. . General Staff fTrusteesJ M. L. SEAY O. W. MOORE W. C. BEATY Outgoing President President W. H. EMERY L. J. STOKES G. G. FLINN TROY T. EDWARDS H. V. FIELDS R. E. MYERS Outgoing Secretary Secretary New Deal is fortunate in having men on the school board who are willing to give their time to the best interests of the school and who are ever seeking to improve it. Officerlis ALVIN L. FAUBION Commanding Officer of Camp New Deal B. A.-Howard Payne College M. A.-Texas Technological College J. B. JOHNSTON V. A. CROSS Captain of High School Company Captain of Grade School Company Abilene Christian College B. A.-Hardin-Simmons University Texas Technological College Texas Technological College OFFICERS' ROW Lieutenants---High School Company R. E. HORSLEY MRS. R. G. BILLINGSLEY NORA POTTER LEO MEIER Social Science and Physical Home Making l Vocational Agriculture Ed . B. S.-Texas Technological I '-mation B. S.-Texas Technological College B. S.-Texas Technological B. A.-Howard Payne College College College BOBBIE LUCILLE COX LEON S. CAVANESS MRS. RAYMOND P. SWOFFORD Physical Education Music English and Speech . I B. A.-Texas Technological B- S--Texas Technoloslcal B. A.-Trinity University College College M. A.-Stanford University OFFICERS' ,ROW a Q S KE xiii Lieutenant pan GERTRUDE FILES MRS. WILFORD SMITH MRS. L. E. SETTLE MRS. C. R. DeARMOND Primary Art, Geography, Spelling Thad Grade Second Grade McMurry College B. A.-Texas Technological I Central State Teachers College, B, S.-Texas Technological College Texas Technological College Oklahoma College Texas Technological College MRS. AURA MAE HAMILTON ETTA ROBINSON MRS. R. 'L. DUCKETT English and Health First Grade Applied Music Lillian Reese Conservatory B. S.-E t T St . ' B. S.-Texm Technological Teacsgrs EXT ate Austin College O ege Certificate, Texas State Depart- Texas Technological College ment of Education OFFICERS' ROW Q 3 Troops lr -. PLATOON '4l CSENIORSD AUBREY ANDERSON - Football, Basketball, captain, N. D. Club, Annual staff, One-act play, Secretary- treasurer of class. "Never sighs over what might have been but makes the best of what is." ' RALPH BRUNSON-Senior play, Annual staff. "He is a whole encyclopedia of facts." BILLY NELL BUTTS-Pep-squad, Senior play, One-act play, FHT, Annual staff, N. D. N. "The memory of her can never die out of our hearts." BETTYE JO CAMPBELL-FHT, Pep-squad, Senior play, Business manager of "ROAR." "Quiet and calm on all occasions." RUTH COVEY-Pep-squad, FHT. "We know that all her thoughts are fair." MARY ELLA DAUGHERTY-NYA. "She has a mind! and speaks it." CECIL DICKEY-President of senior class, Captain of football team, Basketball manager, Annual staff, One-act play, FFA, N. D. Club. "Has a smile that constantly endangers his care." WAYLAND EDWARDS-Football, Basketball, FFA, One- act play, Annual staff, President N. D. Club. "Take him all in all we ne'er shall see his like again." BILLY FORTENBERRY - FFA, Business manager of N. D. "His heart never hardens, his temper never ruffles, and his word never hurts," MURL GALBRAITH-Football, One-act play, FFA, N. D. Club. 1 "With heart free from trouble and never a care- merry the whole day long." PLATOON '4I CSENIORSD ANGELINA KVETON- - Basketball, FHT, 4-H Club, Senior play, Volley ball, Annual staff. "She hath a natural, wise sincerity, a simple truth- fulness." EDMUN McNEELY-One-act play, FFA, NYA. "He lives at peace with all mankind." EDNA MAE MCNEELY-Basketball, FHT, NYA, Senior play, 4-H Club, One-act play, Volley ball. "Her sunny temper gilds the edge of life's darkest clouds." NELL NORMAN-Senior play, FHT. "She believes in happiness, content, and good will." DOROTHY SUE PAYNE-Senior play, FHT, Pep squad. "Her pleasing manner wins her a host of friends.', LEDFORD STOKES-Football, FFA, N. D. Club. "The world is advancing and he is advancing with it." WALLACE WARDROUP - Football, Basketball, Track, Editor of "ROAR," Vice-president of class, Secre- tary-treasurer of N. D. Club, Senior play, One-act play. "With heart free from trouble and never a care." JOHN WHITTLE-Manager of football team, Senior play, One-act play, N. D. Club. "Not witty, or learned, or eloquent-just human." DOROTHY WHI'I'TLE-FHT, Pep squad, One-act play, Senior play, NYA. "She is fair in form and feature and her disposition kind." ROBERT KINSLOW-Football, Senior play, FFA, N. D. Club. "He never allows a request to be repeated." V-I ,.,,,.l., Y, 1 x Who's Who in the Senior Class ANDERSON, AUBREY. Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. An- derson, Box, 246, Abernathy. Born July 30, 1923, at Sulphur Springs, Texas. At age of three months moved to Abernathy, where he later attended school before entering high school at New Deal. The most important event in his life so far has been falling in love. We expect him to be a famous engineer some day. Has been nicknamed "Bashful." BRUNSON, RALPH. Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Brun- son, Route 3, Lubbock. Born December 28, 1923, at Lubbock. Favorites: movie star-Ann Sheridan, food -ice cream. Ambition is to be a medical doctor. Plans to attend Tech. The "brains" of the class. BUTTS, BILLYE NELL. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Butts, Route 3, Lubbock. Born October 23, 1921, at Quanah, Texas. Moved to present location in 1938. Favorite color: blue. Desires to be a nurse. Called ,the class "cutie." CAMPBELL, BE'I'l'YE JO. Second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Campbell, Route 3, Lubbock. Born on Sat- urday, May 20, 1923, at Hawley, Texas. Attended New Deal High School three years. Favorite food: string beans. Will take business adminstration at Tech. Known as "Betts" by her friends. COVEY, RUTH. Only child of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Covey, Route 3, Lubbock. Born at Mt. Pleasant, Texas, on August 24, 1924. Moved to the Plains while still very young. Has done all of her high school work at New Deal. Plans to attend Tech. Nickname: "Pos, sum." DAUGHERTY, MARY ELLA. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Daugherty, Route 1, Abernathy. Born Septem- ber 7, 1922, at Becton. Attended school at Center and New Deal. Hobby: Kodaking. Best show she ever saw: "Gone With the Wind." Will major in business administration at Tech. Answers to the name of "Toots." DICKEY. CECIL. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Dickey, Route 3, Lubbock. Discoveries: America on July 30, 1922, near Lubbock, Idalou sometime during the sum- mer of 1939. We expect him to be head football coach at Tech by 1955. Known as "Buddy," EDWARDS, WAYLAND. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy "Edwards, Route 2, Lubbock. Born June 18, 1923, at Crawford, Texas. Moved to the Plains in 1925. Chief interest lives in Lubbock on Tenth Street. Will enter Tech as a student in the business administra- tion department. Has been known as "Skinny." FORTENBERRY, BILLY. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Fortenberry, Route 3, Lubbock. Born March 18, 1923, at Amarillo, Texas. The NEW DEAL NEWS will find it hard to get along without him. Will enter engineering school in September. Has acquired the nickname "Scrootch." GALBRAITH, MURL. Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Gal- braith, Route 3, Lubbock. Born at Breckenridge, Texas, on February 17, 1923. After a number of years spent in traveling about over the Southwest, he moved to Lubbock County and entered New Deal High School in 1938. Wants to be a medical doctor. Answers to "Fanny." KINSLOW, ROBERT. Eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Kinslow, Abernathy. Born October 10, 1921, near Pottsville, Arkansas. Moved to West Texas in 1939 and entered New Deal High School in 1940. Can't decide between the army and the navy. Somehow he has acquired the nickname "Queenie." KVETON, ANGELINA. Eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kveton, Route 1, Abernathy. Born August 2, 1923, near Electra, Texas. Moved to New Deal Dis- trict in 1930. Chief interest is 4-H Club work, Gold Star Girl in 1939. Working for a trip to Washington, D. C. Will make some man a good wife. Called nA-ngieys McNEELY, EDMUN. Son of Mrs. T. A. McNeely, Route 1, Idalou. Born April 6, 1923, at Wapanucka, Okla- homa. Moved to Texas in 1929. Entered New Deal High School in 1939. Hobbies: Collecting bird pic- tures and kodaking. Likes both blondes and bru- nettes. Nickname: "Mule." McNEELY, EDNA MAE. Daughter of Mrs. T. A. Mc- Neely and twin sister of Edmun McNeely. Favorite sport: basketball, hobby: collecting pictures of movie stars. Chief interest is at Fort Sam Houston. Ans- wers to "Maisie" NORMAN, NELL. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Nor- man, Route 3, Lubbock. Born February 18, 1923, near Lubbock. Attended Monroe and New Deal Schools. Favorite food: strawberry ice cream. Expects to be- come a housewife someday soon. Called "Nellie" PAYNE, DOROTHY SUE. Only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Payne, Route 3, Lubbock. Born August 31, 1924, at Greenville. Texas. Moved to West Texas in 1928 and came to New Deal in 1940. Will enter Tech in September. Affectionately called "Dot." STOKES, LEDFORD. Second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stokes, Route 1, Shallowater. Born July 18, 1922, at Childress, Texas. Moved to Lubbock County in 1929. Chief interest is in the freshman class. Hopes to take up aeroneautical engineering. Called "Cow." WARDROUP, WALLACE. Second son of Mrs. W. R. Wardroup, Route 2, Lubbock. Born April 30, 1925, at Childress, Texas. Moved to Lubbock County in 1933 and entered New Deal High School in 1937. Favorite food: ice cream, favorite color: gold. Chief interest, women. Can't decide whether to be an engineer, a lawyer, or a doctor. Answers to the name of "Slats." WHITTLE, DOROTHY. Daughter of Mrs. J. M. Whittle, Route 2, Lubbock. Born June 23, 1922, at Ringland, Oklahoma. 'Moved to the Plains in 1928. Her desire is to get a man that looks like Clark Gable and plenty of chocolate candy. The class "beauty." Called "Prissy" by her friends. WHITTLE, JOHN. Son of Mrs. J. M. Whittle. Born September 1, 1924, at Ringland, Oklahoma. Favorite sport: eating, favorite pastime: fishing. Plans to be a farmer. Has an interest in the seventh grade. Known as "Chinky." PLATOQN?-.f42 INEZ BASS 1 ':-- ., gg- WAYNE BOWLES, Vice-President CARNEZ BURRESS IONA CAMERON MARY SUE CAMPBELL I MARY SUE CAMPBELL II ROY GLYN CANNON RAYMOND CONNOR FRED EXUM MERLE GARDNER ' KENNETH GOEBEL NOLAN GORDON FRANCES NELL HOBGOOD, Secretary BESSIE MAE INGRAM HAZEL A. JAMES JOE EVELYN JAMES, Reporter LONNIE LEWIS MARVIN LOONEY GERRIEL LYDA IRENE McDONALD MAURINE McNEELY GENEVIEVE NESBITT JOE OLDHAM EDSEL PADEN BILLIE SAUNDERS WILMA STOKES ROBERTA STRINGER RAYMOND swoFFonD, President MELVIN YANCI-:Y PLATOON' ,'43 QSOPHOMORESJ GLENN ANDERSON, Secretary-Treasurer , JACK BEATY . OVELLA BLACK DARRELL BURRESS GENEVA SUE HARKEY BEN CUMMINGS n -- RODNEY GOEBEL, President BILLY HARKEY WILLIE DEE HALL JACK HAMILTON z JUANITA JAMES, Reporter BILLY JERNIGAN ARLENE JONES, Vice-President ANNA LEE KELLEY MURL KIDD GEORGE KVETON WANONA MEDLOCK NORPHA McCORMICK R. G. McNEELY WINFIELD MOORE TERRELL OATS THERRELL OLDHAM WALTER PADEN ANNIE PEARL PASCHAL RAYMOND PIERCE DOROTHY FAYE SCRUGGS ' WILLIE JEAN SMITH ' " HENRY CLAY von STRUVE LUCILE TARVER WANDA WALES PLATOON '44 ' KFRESHMANJ BASIL AGNEW, President HORACE ANGLIN JAMES ATTEBURY F. L. BASS LaRUE CAMPBELL SHARLOTT CRABTREE J. H. COOLEY MARION DAVIS DOROTHY DAUGHERTY WANDA JEAN GARDNER MARJORIE GORDON FELICIA GOEBEL, Secretary-Treasurer OLLIE FAYE HINES JACK KENNETH HoBGooD MARVIN HOLBERT, Jr. LOUISE INGLE HENRY KVETON FRANCES LAM BONNIE LEWIS BETTY JEAN MACKEY VERBINA MCNEELY VIRGIE MCNEELY DIXIE JEAN MEDLOCK WINFRED MEDLOCK WILMA MORSE AMALETA MOORE JAMMIE PADEN MARVIN PAXTON ROSIE LEE PHILLIPS WELDON RITCHEY BOBBIE ROBISON, Reporter. JOE FRANK TARVER, Vice-president BILLIE EDWINA YOUNG f " '3- Platoon CSEVENTH GRADED TOP ROW-Golda Ruth Stringer, Dolores Lyda, Effie Faye Jennings, Dorothy Jane Shinn, Imogene Fortenberry, Floyd Cloud, Jr., Eloise Rather, Marjorie Vee Sikes, Jerry Beavers, Pete Medlock, L. M. Hall, Jr. SECOND ROW-Roy McCormick, Hilton Smith, Kirby Bobgood, Wayne Covey, Gerrald Shipman, Cecilia Hopper, Betty Frances Agnew, Etta Louise Dixon, Claudia Havins, Anna Bell Crabtree, Peggy June Walkup, Imogene Bowles. THIRD ROW-Lois Jeffcoat, Angela Faye Cook, Geneva, Paschal, Burl Hall, Randell Flinn, Jim Watkins, Wanda Jean Mc- Neely, Mary Cathryn Speer, Dorothy Harvey. BOTTOM ROW-Allen Arant, Dalton Black, Zula Mae Paxton, Eloise Paxton, Maggie Wilkerson, Yvonne Bowles, Mary Ann Kveton, Faye Alley. i J -..W , i Platoon 6 TOP ROW-Norma Jean Bird, Josephine Legg, Audrey Faye Furgeson, Carrie Daugherty, Euleta Harkey, Aaron Kinslow, George Wilkinson, Billy Earl Tarver. SECOND ROW-Harold Campbell, Jewel Lam, Joe Ned Oats, Dinks McNeely, Ben Kinslow, Dorothy Dee Norman, Mary Alice Cloud, Clyde Stringer, Thurman Davis, Cleon Hamilton. THIRD ROW-Virgie Mae Morse, Junice Jeffcoat, Joyce Dean Arant, Yvonne Parr, Hazel Edge, Glenna Ree Edwards, Frankie Mae Kidd, Edward Attebury, Reiner Rieken, Weldon Sikes. BOTTOM ROW-Rosa Marie Settle, Martha Jo Butts, Jeanette Hamilton, Nancy Ruth Young, Y. F. Snodgrass, Bobbie Myers, Billy Dean Thetford, Vestal Shipman, Eugene Attebury. NOT IN PICTURE-Bobbie Jean Shires, Wayne Jeffcoat, Raymond Bufe. Platoon 5 CFIFTH GRADED l TOP ROW-Majille Smith, Ola Marie Ingle, Wanda Jean Medlock, Mary Joyce Flinn, Rayburn Billingsley, Billy Medlock, Edmond Harkey, Lucy Merle Myers, Bobbie Jean Halbert, T. J. Attebury. SECOND ROW-Clyde Perkins, Mildred Louise Pugh, Lois Pettiet, Imogene Wales, Edward Edge, Billie Bob Hamilton, Ray- mond Cook, Weldon Worthan, Walter Wylie Emery. THIRD ROW-Will Beavers, Jimmie Holland, Dan Rather, Verlin Anglin, Billy Lam, Ruby Mae Hines, Jessie Fae Cloud, Joyce Hamilton, Betty Fortenberry, Lonell Osbourn. BOTTOM ROM-Jerene Morse, Haskell Paden, Roy Lee Alley, T. W. Mackey, Donald Robison, Jack Stringer, Kenneth Burl Thompson, Mary Frances Settle, Mary Lee Dillard. NOT IN PICTURE-James Gideon. Platoon 4 CFOURTH GRADED TOP ROW-Norma Lee Pettiet, Mary Lou Cox, Joy McNeely, Eddie Daugherty, Montie Joe Parr, Andrew Bird, Herbert Holbert. SECOND ROW-Betty Jane Smith, Bobbie Fay Young, Wayne Attebury, Derald Dennis, Donald Nesbitt, Fritz Wisdom, Dorothy Legg, Dora Mae Ritchey. THIRD ROW-Dorothy Lee Howell, Loretta Shinn, John Kveton, Mary Dale Harkey, Joe Evelyn Pinkert, Joe Boy For- tenberry, Jack Parr, Perry Looney. BOTTOM ROW-Florine Sikes, Bobbie Jean Chapman, Patsy Ruth Bumpass, Martha Crabtree, Joe Harald Smith, Charles Perser, Paul Crosnoe. NOT IN. PICTURE-Betty Lou Squires, Ruth Tarver, Margret Dixon. Platoon 3 lTHIRD GRADED l l l TOP ROW-Donald McCormick, Bonnie Kilpatrick, Buck Attebury, Raynell Agnew, Arlih Salter, Marie Wales, Ancil Wor- than, Cora Bell Lam, Spikey Goebel. l l SECOND ROW-Raymond Mackey, Levetta Thetford, Marlin Bumpass, Don Snodgrass, J. D. Beard, Joyce Beavers, Ferrel Holbert, June Covey, Ada Bell Dillard, La Ruth Faubion. ' l THIRD ROW-Prentice Jeffcoat, James Wilkinson, Jack Thetfoi-d,'L. W. Hopper, Jr., Harold Jeffcoat, Wilma Mae Woods, ' Johnnie Lam, Bobby Beavers, E. M. Jones, Jr. X BOTTOM ROW-Carl Gordon, Dale Emery, Willie Gene Alley, Melvina Flinn, Charles Wardroup, Rose Kvetdn, Joyce Ham- ilton, Wanda Dixon, Sandy Robison, Kenneth Christi. NOT IN PICTURE-Alice Worsham, Glen Worsham, Roy Kizer, Herbert Hines, Ruby Jewel Herrell. Platoon 2 KSECOND GRADE5 "I TOP ROW-Billy Joe Scarbrough, 'Raymond Kidd, Bobbie Cloud, Freddie Harkey, Inez Bird, Irene Pinkert, Dwight Cross, Patsy Ann Hood, Merle Billingsley, Frankie Scruggs. SECOND ROWfJoann Myers, Almeta Furgerson, L. M. Hobgood, Frances Hazel, Mary Sue Pugh, Dorothy Lou Crosnoe, Billy Beard, Neva Grace Hamilton. THIRD ROW-Gordon Rather, Kathleen Attebury, Myrtle Legg, Juanita Norman, Marto Solis, Darrell Stephens, Yessrell Solis, Louise Salyers, Dale Randolph. BOTTOM ROW-Jane Beth Scott, John Oliver Fields, Iva Joyce Worthan, James Mitchell Wylie, Dorene Dennis, Billie Morse, Abraham Shipman, Gale Smith. NOT IN PICTURE-Flo Frances Simpson, La Veil Herrell, Wanda Peggy Dillon, Aurora Lopez. Platoon l TOP ROW-Rue Dean Salter, Glen Jeffcoat, Marie Goebel, Loyd Jeffcoat, Eugene Snodgrass, Edmon Lee Dixon, Nato Solis, Bobbie Jane Hall, Dorman Allen. SECOND ROW--Myrna Shipman, Rose Mae Prichett, Alton Pettiet, Elizabeth Ashmore, Dorthy Ritchey, James Vernon Nor- -f man, Sam Hines, Virginia' Ann Blankenship. THIRD ROW-William Dickerson, Dewey Flinn, Carl Peek, K. Don Shinn, Tom Brogden, Wanda Respondek, Tommie Lou Parr, Johnny Mac Wardroup, Billy Royce Smith. BOTTOM ROW-Fay Don Covey, Bettie Lou Pitts, Bobbye Shropshire, La Quita Keesee, C. S. Wales, Bettie Lou Whittle, Billy Joe Morrison, Benney Joe Durham. NOT IN PICTURE-Melvin Kizer, Cena Dulin, Billy Ray Gideon, Mando Lopez, Billy Joe Shires, Norman Allen, Donald Jeffcoat, Juanice Thompson, Minerva Lopez. ., ' We Honor King Cecil D from the House of Dickey from the Delegation of Seniors Queen Bettye Jo from the House of Campbell from the Delegation of Seniors Duchess Bessie Mae of the House of Ingram from the Delegation of Juniors Duke Raymond of the House of Swofford from the Delegation of Juniors Duchessj-Lucille of the of Tarver from the Delegation of Sophomores Duke Billy of the House of Jernigan from the Delegation of Sophoinores Duchess Dixie Jean of the House of Medlock from the Delegation of Freshmen Duke Henry of the House of Kveton 4 from the Delegation of Freshmen Duchess Claudia of the House of Havens from the Delegation ofgthe Seventh Grade Duke Randell of the House of Flinn from the Delegation of the Seventh Grade " 'i 1 -1430, - -- Am. .--,V ,..1 , ' -5?5.e.-2' . Prince Rayburn from the House of Billingsley Representative of a Fifth Grade Princess Wanda Jean from the House of Medlock Representative of Fifth Grade Duchess Edna Pearl from the House of Camp Sixth Grade Representative from the House of Rieken Sixth Grade Representative Duchess Bobbie Fay from the House of Young Fourth Grade Representative Duke Joe Boy from the House of Fortenberry Fourth Grade Representative Duchess Joyce from the House of Hamilton Third Grade Representatve Duke E. M. - fronil-:the House of Jones Third Grade Representatve Duchess Dorothy Lou from the House of Crosnoe Second Grade Representative from the House of Oliver Second Grade Representative Duchess Marie from the House of Goebel First Grade Representative Duke Johnny Mac from the House of Wardroup First Grade Representative Frances Hobgood Known throughout the school for her splendid scholarship, and her poise is remarkable. Wayland Edwards Noted for his everlasting clever- ness. Can always be depended upon to do his part. --- -- ---' -- W- 7 Marvin Looney His athletic ability and scholarship have kept him in the headlines of the school. He is serious but takes time out for enjoyment. Willie Jean Smith Her spirit of cooperation and friend- liness along with her good grades make her outstanding. Felicia Goebel Like her older lcrother, she is mak- ing a record. She starts the day with a smile and never frowns. ' Rodney Goebel The sophomores recognized his abil- ity and made him president of the class. His cheer-fulness and friend- ly attitude have won him many friends. We expect big things from him. 1--11' ' On Parade 'K Future Farmers of America Leo Meier, Adviser Frances Nell Hobgood, Sweetheart Gerriel Lyda, President Murl Galbraith, Vice-President Edmun McNeely, Secretary Agnew, Basil Anderson, Glenn Attebury, James Bass, F. L. Bowles, Wayne Bufe, Wilford Burress, Darrell Cannon, Roy Glyn Cooley, J. H: Cummings, Ben Darden, Mack Edwards, Wayland Exum, Fred Goebel, Rodney Gordon, Nolan Hall, Willie Dee Hamilton, Jack Harkey, Billy Holbert, Marvin, Jernigan, Billy Kinslow, Robert Kveton, George Kveton, Henry Legg, Ernest Billy Fortenberry, Treasurer Ledford Stokes, Reporter Jack Beaty, Farm Watch Dog Lonnie Lewis, Parliamentarian Edsel Paden, Historian Moore, Winfield McNeely, R. G. Oats, Terrell Oldham, Joe Oldham, Therrell Jr. Paden, Jammie Paden, Walter Pearce, Raymond Randolph, Walter Lee Ritchey, Weldon Struve, von Henry Clay Walkup, W. G. Yancey, Melvin. The New Deal F. F. A. Chapter reorganized at the beginning of the school year. Some members attended the Ft Worth Fat Stock Show. One of the greatest achievements of the year was the F. F, A. Banquet. Ninety-eight per cent of the members were present including the sweetheart. The New Deal Chapter was made a Lone Star Chapter in 1940 and we are striving to keep it so. l , Future Homemakers of Texas Mrs. R. G. Billingsley, Sponsor Merle Gardner, Vice-President Mary Sue Campbell I, President Bettye Jo Campbell, Secretary Butts, Billye Nell Cameron, Iona Campbell, La Rue Covey, Ruth Crabtree, Sharlott Davis, Marion Gardner, Wanda Goebel, Felicia Gordon, Marjorie Hines, Ollie Faye Jean Hazel James, Reporter lngle, Louise Ingram, Bessie Mae James, Jo Evelyn James, Juanita Kveton, Angelina McDonald, Irene McNeely, Edna Mae McNeely Verbina McNeely, Virgie Morse, Wilma Nesbitt, Genevieve Norman, Nell Payne, Dorothy Sue Phillips, Rosie Lee Robison, Bobbie Smith, Willie Jean Stokes, Wilma Tarver, Lucille Young, Billie Edwina 1 The club looks forward to sending two delegates to the State rally each spring. This year they piepared the food for the football and the Father and Son banquets. The club flower: white roseg Color: red, white and blue Motto Ready when Needed We have had a very enjoyable year. BA m Arant, Allen Attebury, Eugene Bass, F. L. Bass, Inez Beaty, Jack ' Billingsley, Rayburn Bumpass, Patsy Ruth Cannon, Roy Glyn Covey, Ruth Cummings, Ben Dennis, Derald Dillard, Mary Lee Emery, Walter Wylie Ferguson, Audrey Fay Fortenberry, Imogene Flinn, Mary Joyce Flinn, Randell Fortenberry, Betty Jane Goebel, Felicia Goebel, Kenneth Hamilton, Billy Bob Hamilton, Jack Hobgood, Frances Nell Hobgood, Jack Kenneth Hobgood, Kirby James, Jo Evelyn Kelly, Anna Lee McNeely, Medlock, Medlock, Medlock, Medlock, Medlock, Medlock, Dinks Billy Dixie Jean Geraldine Pete Wanona Winfred Moore, Winfield Myers, Bobby Nesbitt, Donald' Oats, Terrell Saunders, Billie Snodgrass, Y. F. Stokes, Ledford Stokes, Wilma Swofford, Raymond Tarver, Billy Earl Tarver, Joe Frank Wales, Wanda Worthan, Weldon The New Deal orchestra has played for chapel programs and furnished music between acts for the school plays. The members have spent many hours of profitable practice and have learned much about the fundamentals of music. There IS interest in developing a band as well as an orchestra for the coming year to add color to the many school events. 1 Piano Class BACK ROW-Dorothy Jean Harvey, Mary Cathryn Speer, Felicia Goebel, Bessie Mae Ingram, Amaleta Moore, Imogene Fortenberry, Norma Jean Bird, Glenna Ree Edwards, Melvina Flinn, Mary Frances Settle, Betty Jane Smith, Clyde Perkins, Dorothy Lee Howell, Rosa Marie Settle. MIDDLE ROW-Lucille Merle Myers, Raye Jeanette Hamilton, Arnita Joyce Hamilton, Betty Jane Fortenberry, Joyce Dean Arant. BO'I'I'OM ROW-Dorothy Low Crosnoe, Dewey Flinn, La Quita Keesee, Neva Grace Hamilton, Inez Bird, Georgia Joyce Hamilton, La Ruth Faubion, Patsy Ann Hood, Mary Joyce Flinn. NOT IN PICTURE-Mrs. De Armond, Billy Fortenberry, Bobbie Irene Looney. The piano class, which was started three years ago, has grown from an enrollment of fourteen to thirty-one pupils. Two recitals have been given during the year, which showed much good work on the part of the pupils and their teacher, Mrs. R. L. Duckett. New Deal News Mary Sue Campbell ....... W Merle Gardner ,.........,,....... Billy Fortenberry ................ - Henry Clay von Struve --... Roberta Stringer .,,,..,....,,........ Wilma Stokes ,... - Winfield Moore ....... Billye Nell Butts --.. Jo Evelyn James .-.-. Juanita James .M ,.., . Bobbie Robison .,.,,,..., Raymond Swofford ...... Kenneth Goebel --.e Melvin Yancey .- ,...,,,,,. -.-. .,.,.. . Mrs. R. P. Swofford .- ..... .... - .,s...- Miss Nora Potter -...,.. -...-. Editor-in-Chief ..- .... Associate Editor , .... Business Manager Art Editor Special Editor -... Society Editor Sports Editor ...---. Senior Reporter Junior Reporter Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter .M ........ - ......,,.. Printer .., Printer Printer ..a ........ -... Sponsor Sponsor The NEW DEAL NEWS is a member of the Texas High School Press Association, West Texas Scholastic Press Clinic Panhandle High School Press Association, and the Interscholastic League Press Clinic. The entire staff attended the West Texas Scholastic Press Clinic in Lubbock November 15 and 16. Raymond Swofford Billy Fortenberry, Mary Sue Campbell, and Mrs. Swofforcl represented the NEWS at the Texas High School Press Asso ciation in Denton on December 5, 6, and 7. U The Roar Staff Wallace Wardroup ......., Angelina Kveton .... Ralph Brunson ..,,.l...,. Bettye Jo Campbell Cecil Dickey ,,,.. - ,,.,,,. Wayland Edwards ,.,,.. Ledford Stokes .- ,.,,. Billye Nell Butts ....... Aubrey Anderson Edna Mae McNeely Mrs. R. P. Swofford Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Assistant Editor - ...,,..,,,.......,.. e- Business Manager .., ....., Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Sports Editor Activities Editor Class Editor Calendar Keeper Sponsor THE ROAR is a member of the Texas High School Press Association, West Texas Scholastic Press Clinic, Panhandle High School Press Association, and the Interscholastic League Press Clinic. Angelina Kveton represented the annual staff at the West Texas Scholastic Press Clinic in Lubbock, November 15 and 16 Wallace Wardroup, Bettye Jo Campbell, and Mrs. Swofford represented the annual staff at the Texas High School Press Association in Denton on December 5, 6, and 7 N. D. Club TOP ROW-Ledford Stokes, Murl Galbraith, fReorterJ, John Whittle, Robert Kinslow, Joe Oldham. BOTTOM ROW-Cecil Dickey, Aubrey Anderson, Fred Exum, Coach R. E. Horsley, Wayland Ed- ' wards CPresidentJ, Wallace Wardroup QSecretary-Treasurerj. Boys who letter in athletics are eligible to become members of the N. D. Club if they are willing to withstand the initiation, which usually takes place soon after the football season. The purpose of the club is to bring the boys into closer contact with each other and to provide social activities. Pep Squad 1 TOP ROW-Lucille Tarver, Dorothy Whittle, Merle Gardner, Maurine McNeely, Wanda Wales, Dorothy Sue Payne, Frances Hobgood, Inez Bass, Yvonne Bowles. SECOND ROW--Bobbie Robison, Amaleta Moore, Bessie Mae Igram, Edna Mae McNeely, Bettye Jo Campbell, Wanda Jean Gardner, Felicia Goebel, Billie Edwina Young. 'THIRD ROW-Myrna Shipman tmascotl, Bettye Jean Mackey, Vergie McNeely, Louise Ingle, Verbina McNeely, Anna Lee Kelly, Ruth Covey, Billye Nell Butts. FRONT ROW-Wilma Stokes, Hazel James, Jo Evelyn James Cleadersb. The pep squad helped to make the season a success by backing the football boys in their games. Later they entertain- ed the boys and teachers with a football banquet. Senior Play High Pressure Homer MRS. CHESTER WOODRUFF, who loves to go to funerals ,,,,,,,,,,,, CHESTER WOODRUFF, her husband who loves to go to fires Dorothy Sue Payne .- ...,.. Robert Kinslow JUNIOR WOODRUFF, their son, who loves explosions ,.,..,..... - .,.,,,,,,,,,, -- - ,,,,, ml, John Whittle BOOTS WOODRUFF, their daughter, who loves to act MW- l....... was .,....,. D., Billye Nell Butts ARLENE WOODRUFF, their adopted daughter, who loves them all - ........ --.. Dorothy Whittle ZENITH, the Woodruff maid, who loves to escape work ...,.... -...-.- .......,.... - ..... - ......... Nell Norman AUNT CORA, who loves to complain -...-...-s...s.-...W,..........- MRS. MARGARET TAYLOR, who loves to visit ,,, ,.,... BUNNY TAYLOR, who loves to have her own way Wm--. ,,,. ml-. HOMER HAMPTON HAYWARD, who loves to promote M... k,,.,,l, WADE WAINWORTH, who loves Arlene .... - ...... LW.-- ,....,,.... CHETWYNDE CLUETT, who loves to make folks happy .... -, Edna4Mae McNeely Angelina Kveton Bettye Jo Campbell Fred Exum Ralph Brunson ..-M Wallace Wardroup This play was presented on Friday evening, November 15. The audience was the largest ever gathered at a class play in this school. The play was directed by Mrs. R. P. Swofford, the senior sponsor. 5, l.! Outstanding Events of the Year HALLOWE'EN CARNIVAL, October 25. A night of fun for everyone in the community. The proceeds went into the activity fund. FOOTBALL BANQUET, December 10. This affair, sponsored by the Pep Squad girls, was held in the gym. Mr. Dan W. Powers, Dean of boys at Lubbock High School, spoke on the subject of "Learning to do the common things uncommonly well." Some seventy-five persons were present on this occasion. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, December 19. The grade school presented the oper- etta "The Kidnapping of Santa Claus." The grade school choral group sang a number of Christmas carols. PIANO RECITAL, February 5. Mrs..'Duckett's pupils presented a very pleas- ing program, which showed that progress is being made in the study of this fine art. SENIOR-JUNIOR PARTY, February 14. The seniors entertained the juniors with a Valentine party in the Home Ec. Room. Everyone had a good time. FATHER-SON BANQUET, February 21. The members of the local FFA chapter entertained their fathers. The colors gold and blue and the six flags of Texas were used as table decorations. The radio program for this occasion included speeches by Paul V. McNutt, Department of Ag- riculture, Washington, D. C.g and C. G. Scruggs, J. B. Rutland, and Robert Manier, who head FFA work in Texas. - DISTRICT TOURNAMENT, February 25-March 1. For the first time in the history of the school the district basketball tournament was held at New Deal. Teams from seventeen schools participated. The district embraces sixteen counties. COUNTY ONE-ACT PLAY CONTEST, March 19. Six schools participated in this Interscholastic League event, Roosevelt winning firstg Frenship, secondg New Deal, third. SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN PARTY, April 15. A large crowd attended this party at Willie Jean Smith's home. A good time was reported by all. J UNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET, May 9. The banquet, which followed the junior play, was the high point of the year for the juniors and one of the most pleasurable events for the seniors. It was a success in every way. and will long be remembered in the hearts of the latter. COMMENCEMENT, May 28. The first important milestone in the lives of twenty seniors. May this be only the "commencement" School Calendar September 9-School Opens. 11-Classes Organized. 20-Football Game with Cooper. 24-Birthday Party for Wilma Stokes. 27-Football Game with Petersburg. October 4-Football Game with Frenship. 11-Football Game with Lubbock Cowhands. 11-Seniors receive Rings at Angelina Kveton's Party. 18-Football Game with Southland. 25-Football Game with Hale Center. 25-Hallowe'en Carnival. November 9-Football Game with Cooper for District Championship 15-Football Game with Abernathy. 15-Senior Play, "High Pressure Homer." 15-16-Tech Press Clinic. 18-Football Party at Mr. Troy Edwards' home. 20-Sophomore Party. 29-Football Game with Seminole. December 6-Basketball Game with Shallowater. 10-Football Banquet. 13-Basketball Game with Abernathy. 19-Christmas Program. 20-Basketball Game with Ropesville. 31-Basketball Game with Hale Center. January 3-Basketball Game with Roosevelt. 4-Basketball Game with Abernathy. 7-Boys Basketball Game with Slaton. 10-Basketball Game with Shallowater. 14-Basketball Game with Cooper. 17-Basketball Game with Cooper. 22-Freshman Party. 21-22-Mid-Term Exams. 21-25-Ropesville Basketball Tournament. 28-Basketball Game with Roosevelt. 31-Boys Basketball Game with Slaton. February 1-Basketball Game with Frenship. 4-Basketball Game with Shallowater. 5-Piano Recital. 7-Basketball Game with Cooper. 11-Basketball Game with ldalou. 14-Senior-Junior Valentine Party. 20-Basketball Game with Idalou. 25-Opening of District Basketball Tournament. New Deal-Springlake. 26-New Deal-Wilson. 28-New Deal-Wellman. March 1-New Deal4outhland. ' New Deal-Anton. 7-Three One-Act Plays. 19-One-Act Play Contest. 22-Track Meet. 28-Volleyball Tournament. April 4-Track Meet Continued. 10-Junior Play, "Mother-in-law Blues." 11--4-H Club Achievement. 15-Freshman-Sophomore Party. 22-Piano Recital. May 9-Junior-Senior Banquet. 23-Grade School Program. 25-Commencement Sermon. 27-Seventh Grade Commencement Exercise. 28-Senior Commencement Exercise. 28-School Out. 29-Seniors leave on trip. Recreation Mr. Horsley-A good coach and a good friend to everyone. Therrell Oldham-Played only a little but was always willing to give his best. Ledford Stokes-Played only one year but gave a good account of him- self when called for action. Cecil Dickey-A four-year man who played good ball because he had the fight. We hate to see Cecil go. Aubrey Anderson-The utility I man who played practically every po- sition on the team. A Senior. FOG September 27 NEW DEAL-20 PETERSBURG-0 This was the first conference game the Lions played, but it started them toward the dis- trict championship. Gctober 4 NEW DEAL-53 'FRENSHIP-0 The Lions made history in this game, for it was the first time they had defeated the Tigers. October II NEW DEAL-12 COWHANDS-6 The Lions roared in victory when they de- feated this strong team from Lubbock High. October I8 NEW DEAL-20 . SOUTHLAND-12 This game looked bad for the Lions the first half, but they came .back and proved their worth. Wayland Edwards - Gerriel Lyda--Anoth- er little man who Wayland was always played a big man's Jack Beafy - W35 Wallace Wardroup- willing to give the position-guard. See Small but gave all Was a good player best for New Deal. you next year, Ger- he had- when he got serious. He'll be missed, too. riel. L L October 25 NEW DEAL-20 HALE CENTER-0 This game determined the winner of the north half of the district. The Lions fought hard and won an easy victory. November 9 NEW DEAL-18 COOPER-12 This hard fought championship game was won a few minutes before the whistle when Led- ford Stokes covered a fumbled ball for the winning score. November 29 NEW DEAL-0 SEMINOLE-14 The Lions made a good account of themselves in the battle for the bi-district championship, but were defeated. Fred Exum fnot in picturej Fred gained more yardage and made more points than any other player on the team. If it had not been for him, the team would not Lonnie Lewis-Lonnie had a spirit that everyone admires. We will miss him next year. Marvin Looney-Marvin never has much to say except "action speaks louder than words." He practiced what he preached. Glenn Anderson-Glenn showed prom- ise of making a good man. We expect him to be carrying the mail next year for N. D. H. Murl Galbraith-A boy whose fight will be remembered by both team- mates and opponents. He liked to play it rough, and did. U have gone as far as it did. oe Oldham-Joe is a ,reliable guard if he does- n't get too high. He'll be in there next year. Raymond Pearce- -Raymond shows promise of be- coming an end. With a little hus- tle he'l1 make it. William Jones - William was light but kept trying. Barnett Campbell-The entire club admired Barnett for his hustle, sportsmanship, and fight. Robert Kinslow - R o bert had a good spirit and was always will- ing to try. John Whittle - A football team is no better than its manager-Water boy John. Basketball l l w l TOP ROW- SECOND ROW- Cecil Dickey iManagerJ Wallace Wardroup, Gua.rd, lst year. Played in 13 games Billy Jernigan, Guard, lst year. Played in 22 games Aubrey Anderson, lcaptainb, Forward, 2nd year. Played in Wayne Bowles, Guard, lst year. Played in 16 games 25 games Glenn Anderson, Forward, 2nd year. Played in 18 games Wayland Edwards, Guard, 2nd year. Played in 16 games Gerriel Lyda, Guard, lst year. Played in 6 games Lonnie Lewis, Center, 2nd year. Played in 24 games R. E. Horsley, Ccoachl Marvin Looney, Guard, lst year. Played in 20 games The boys made rather a good showing this year. They were in position for the county championship until late in the season. They won fourth in the Ralls tournament and third in the county. Raymond Swofford and George Kveton inot shown in picture? got a small taste of basketball this year. With train- ing they may develop into good players. Basketball TOP ROW- SECOND ROW- Edna Mae McNee1y, Guard, 2nd year. Played 13 games Mary Sue Campbell I, Guard, lst year. Played in 2 games Genevieve Nesbitt, Guard, 3rd year. Played in 20 games Irene McDonald, Forward, 1st year. Played in 2 games Merle Gardner, Forward, 2nd year. Played in 16 games. Lucille Tarver, Forward, lst year. Played in 1 game Miss Bobbie Cox Ccoachl Hazel James lcaptainl, Forward, 2nd year. Played in 21 games Maurine McNeely, Forward, 2nd year. Played in 20 games Bessie Mae Ingram, Forward, 2nd year. Played in 14 games Jo Evelyn James, Guard, 2nd year, Played in 22 games Wilma Stokes, Forward, 2nd year. Played in 12 games Angelina Kveton, Guard, 2nd year. Played in 20 games Roberta Stringer fnot in pictureh, Guard, 2nd year. Played . in 12 games The girls had a fairly good season. By hard fighting they won 18 out of 22 games, with a score of 555 to 319. They won second in the county, and coming back with their fast and hard play won second in the district. Junior Basketball BOYS: Top Row-Coach Horsley, Horace Anglin, Winfred Medlock, Jack Hamilton, Henry Kveton. Bottom Row-Jack Kenneth Hobgood, Basil Agnew, Henry Clay von Struve, Rodney Goebel. GIRLS: Top Row- Amaleta Moore, Wilma Morse, Bobbie Robison, Louise Ingle, Coach Cox, Virgie McNee1y, Ovella Black, La Rue Campbell, Dorothy Scruggs, Verbina McNeely Volley Ball TOP ROW-Miss Bobbie Cox Ccoachl, Edna Mae McNeely, Genevieve Nesbitt, Jo Evelyn James, Angelina Kveton, Merle Gardner. SECOND ROW-Maurine McNeely, Wilma Stokes, Roberta Stringer, Bessie Mae Ingram, Hazel James. The girls played in the county tournament at Idalou on March 28 and 29. They won a victory over Idalou but later lost to Slaton which put them in second place in the county. TRACK i TOP ROW--R. E. Horsley, coach, Wallace Wardroup, Lonnie Lewis, Raymond Swofford. BOTTOM ROW-Glenn Anderson, Kenneth Goebel, Billy Jernigan. Glenn won second in high individual honors in the county track meet held at Chapman Field, March 21, placing first in the 220-yard dash, second in the 100-yard dash, and third in the broad jump. Billy, fourth in the 440-yard dash, and fourth in the 220-yard low hurdles. Lonnie, second in the 880-yard run. Raymond, fourth in the mile run. Glenn, Raymond, Lonnie, and Billy went back to the district meet at Tech Field April 4. Camp Life 1'-Cecil Dickey enjoying the sunshine, and, from the smile, we conclude that he is thinking of Idalou. 2-Murl Galbraith anc his FFA project, 3-The twins, Virgie and Verbina McNeely, with their friend, Louise lngle. 4-Mr. Cavaness and Miss Co: having a friendly conversation. 5-You'd better repair that fence, Cecil. 6-Edsel Paden hoeing his weedy cottonj 7-Roy Glyr Cannon tries to make his cotton show up. 8--Basil Agnew, the hog raiser. 9-Maurine McNeely and Roberta Stringer be- come good pals. 10-The girls like to have fun during the noon hour. They are Angelina Kveton, Billye Nell Butts, Mary Sue Campbell, and Bettye Jo Campbell. 1-Coach Horsley and his 1940 District Champion football boys. 2-Mrs. Swofford's studiousi?J English IV class. 3-The team goes over for a touchdown in the District Championship game against Cooper. 4-Coach Horsley and his football captain, Cecil Dickey. 5-Barnett Campbell and coach observing a mishap in one of the football games. 6-Mr. Meier's tough Ag I class. 7-La Ruth and Miss Robinson playing with La Ruth's favorite pet. 8-Mrs. Swofford and the beauties of 1941 senior class. 9-Wilma and Merle waiting for their beaus, wonder whoC?J 10--George Kveton and his prize Jersey calf. 1-Just before Old Santa arrived. 2-A cold, cold day. 3--School is out, Oh boy! 4-Taking it easy, Mr. Meier? 5-Father and son. 6-Hold him, boys! 'I-What is this? Siamese twins? 8-In the study hall. 9-They went Gut for track. 10-Coach and Mr. Faubion talking it up between halves in the Seminole game. 1-Therrell Oldham shows Darrell Burress how short he is. 2-La Ruth Faubion playing with her pet dog. 3-The girls' coach led them into the district. 4-The biggest and smallest seniors, Murl Galbraith and John Whittle. 5-Henry Clay von Struve with his FFA project. 6-Don't get him too fat, Ben. 7-Miss Potter getting fresh air between the games of the district basketball tournament. 1-New Deal lunch room. 2-It sho' am good, Wayne. 3--Mr. Cavaness trying some of his smart stuff. 4-The new bus shed and FFA room under construction. 5-The senior girls are good pals when in good humor. 6-The bus drivers waiting for school to be out. 7-The study hall just before six weeks' tests. 8-Henry Kveton's big FFA hog. I Autographs Post Exchange Zifwzmw - 21,44 ,gala T 5 'ff AANmA fxfxfvkfxfxfxfvwwrvvxfxfvx-xfx Professional Directory RALPH BROCK ............., ,....... . o... ..... C ounty Attorney ...,o,.,..,... ,.... - . Court House VICTOR H. LINDSEY ,,,,,, ,,,, , Lawyer o..,,,.....,,,,.... , ,,,....,........,...,,. Lubbock Nafl Bldg. LLOYD CROSLIN .,......,, ,........ A ssistant County Attorney ........ Court House CLAUDE L. HALE ,.,..,.,..,..., - ....,.,. County School Superintendent Court House ANDERSON 8z MARBUT ,... ,,...,... A ttorneys at Law .,..., L-.---.L ...... Myrick Building WALTER H. JONES ..voe.,.e,,u..... .e... Chiropractor .,,,,....,, L-- ........ . Myrick Building LEVINS 8: BENSON -LL ..,,,,.,...,o,.,-..,,.,, Lawyers .,.,..,.. v...... - ...... L ubbock Nalfl Bldg. MCWHORTER, HOWARD 8a COBB ev., Lawyers .................., - ....... Myrick Building J . ORVILLE SMITH ..ue.,..,.,,..,.......,..,.. . Attorney at Law ,..... .....,.. B rown Building G. V. PARDUE -.-- .,..... ......,.. 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CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION FREE "A Drugless Institution" Operating under the Direction of a Licensed Physician Phone 2902 1641 Broadway Compliments Farmers Cooperative Gin Abernathy THE BEST EQUIPMENT For THE BEST SERVICE ABERNATHY GIN i SEvvxAAAuvvwvvxAzvvvvvvvwvvvvxAA.xAAAL vvvv fxrvvvvvvxrvvvv- fx "v'v'v-v-v-xrNfNrNfx'xrNrNfx vwv Congratulations SENIORS of A 1941 GASOLINE - KEROSENE OILS - GREASES . O J. A. FORTENBERRY C0NTlNENTAIl..ge3lL COMPANY Lubbock EIWOZTIEIM WELCOME No matter how you look at it it's still "Welcome .... and that's what YOU will be when you come in to see us. lr Sherrod Hardware Co. 1: 'THE HARDWARE DEPARTMENT STORE ly ' or wEs'r TEXAS' . 13th and Avenue J vvvv LL P I ffl I ,- Ili .1 P44066 500 RJ X Funerenz. Home Operating the Rix Burial Association L A policy in the Rix Burial Association means self-respect. It means that no one will have to pass the hat for you, when you pass on. Call 500 Lubbock, for further in- formation. "Half a Century of Service in West Texas" BEST WISHES its E NIO RS y -of- . 1941 CALDWELL GIN co. ' QHUBJ U 561516111155G'vvKfVVVV' ig! - . .rf N I T 4 N 1 1

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