New Cumberland High School - Shawnee Yearbook (New Cumberland, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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New Cumberland High School - Shawnee Yearbook (New Cumberland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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if . , N ' :V i x W 2 wmwwfwvm' nwf"""'HW'V' Am MMQM w wliffwmmammqfk ,Mm Q if Hsawqww. ,. WFQFSW MQW, ., 4 ' ,V ?'iw3'f'42 Q 2 f v'.g:e?+"'i ' ' Kg ' -H .. . L 1, HW , qua 1 'K fi? "qw . N- x L A MNA, AIM ,PNA V , 1 ff..- .mv '. M-wf 1 .M " fm . Q. A , ,W-,,, b, .,. Y W 4 38 fi i ,. .. xf nv,-f""-W 5 , H . X, x X X - I -M 4. 4 . 'rw ,W mf-QW N1 x . , 9"xm.!5,gk xx it wk' . JN 1 DK' ' , , ,W ,, K f m,,, X M WK V. AA qw 4 Wh W KV R W A .N Q-I-dim., , w5..w-1. - --0. , KW: "uf Muff' 'Me M50 5 Shawnee presented by the SENIOR CLASS NEW CUMBERLAND HIGH SCHOOL NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNSYLVANIA 5' ,N FGREWCDRD Wm- Iiw lhrough our hands. No malilvi' if lhvy arm' pale and pink-lippvd, rough and work-grimvd, plump and plilllpl'I't'll, slvndvr and maslcrly, paw-like and powvrful, hands van lw pul lo so many purposvs. All arm' lhv same-- only hlood and duslg yvl all arc so dillors-nl. 'llhvy van huild monslvrs ol' machinvry, vhisul drvams in marble, vul pain from a lorlurvd body, galhcr ripvnvd grain, fondh' a vhild, vrvalv visions ol' paradisv lhrough music. Ss-arvlling, grasping, crcaling, driving, hvsvcvliillg, wc Iiw through our hands. With yours roach and rcavh and sonn' day you may touch thx' sky. 'l'hv lidilors ol' lhv l950 SHAWNICIC CCJNTENTS LCCALE . FACULTY . . CLASSROOMS . ACTIVITIES . ATHLETICS . FEATURES . SENIORS .... UNDERCLASSMEN BOOSTERS . . . PAGE . 2 . 9 . 17 . 27 . 45 . 57 . 67 . 83 . 93 I3II f53"' in - Mrs. Stanton extends her hand to the talented and untalented alike. She brings out the best in each hand she clutches. With an unlalteringtouch,sheguidesthese hands to produce fame for the school, to design State and Na- tional top award creations. To Mrs. Eleanor Stanton, whose guiding hand has painted in- delible pictures on the small can- vas ol the class of 1950's hearts, we dedicate the Shawnee. DEDICATIGN There is the hand that has a heart in it. There is the hand that is made for honest labor. There is the wise hand, the open hand, but none can compare to the guiding hand of Mrs. Eleanor Stanton, art adviser. Q . ,Y KX w A ,. ,.,,.:,: ,, H ik N ,Q 'K NX is Qi , 2 f' ., 'ii5 i Em 2 x Xi , x N. w---3-A W-,w.N,.,,. -.-4,5 ..., l2,lll'IUl'-I-II-fflllfffh Ii1:.vl'lwx.v llrllluyw' Nilliilil' lilnuvll Willizun In '1ll'lnr1'r1l lrl1'i.w'r lglISI.llf'.YN xlllllllflfl' lrl tlfI'I'.W'I' Nliss Xumni P1-lm-rs Nliss.l1-an ZIIIIIIWIIII Nlrs. lilm-mum' F-lauxhm gi apr- Wik A -Pwr ,A 4 uri" w ,ff .ff ,ir if ll! SHAWNEE in 1950 . . . New Cumberland, Pennsylvania . . . ln times past the lndians named these waters Shawnee. Shawneetown, on the site of present day New Cumberland, was established in 1688. Today Shawnee waters have become the Yellow Breeches Creek. The student body chose SHAWNEE as the name of the school Annual in recognition of this historical significance vi. 73139: Li ' ' Small, .fm 797144444 Fifl ll S l rvvl Building . . mm' luvusu-s grrmlvs mu- In xix withaslallnl'IZZI1-nvlu-rs. Originally. lhis singln- strut'- Lurm' l'lll'lllSlll'Il svlmul l'm'ililim-s lm' all ,urmlvs in N:-w Cum- lwrlmul, ln I029 lhv high svlnml was vunnplvlvd and ,urmlvs llllll' lu lm-lxv xwrs- mmvd lu lhvir prose-ul locu- lllbll. .-f Svvvnlh slrvvl . . . was also part nl' ilu- l.uw1-r Allen 'l'uwnf ship svlnmls until 1928. Todziy il. svlwvs u dual purpusv. Un thc first lluor ure' grmle-s one Iwn. and three. Hs sm'- und flour ism'c'1lpil'll by the' .luniur high gradvs, that take shup and llunw lC1'vml1'svs in the high scluml lmilcling. lls prvsvni slall' Con- lnins sl-von L4-m'llvl's. r nmfmwnlwm- : , 5 fx fl BOARD OF DIRECTORS .'11.4.- V- fa " 1 ' 'L - ,.1N'aq. 'I'I 1 I' IIZIINIHllI'Il'1l1I1'rs. .,LIIIIIIIWIl1'IlIII1IN1'II4NII Iill' in N4-xx IIlIIllIll'I'IIlIIKI. 'I'lu-5 IlIl'1' II'2N'Il1'l'S. nlllluwin- l'4'IHIII'N. Immllv Illl1lll1'I'x1uI III1- wluml lIINIl'Il'I. I Ill'II'lI1'1'lNIllIlS Imxv pl'uxl1I1'1I us xulll vwa-Ile-Ill Il'ilI'Il4'l'S1IIll'll'l'IIUl'ISIlilXl'g1lX1'Il " -:mini NIIITUIIIIIIIIIQN :nmI s-ql1ipllu'uI, :KI llu- pw-sm-nl IIIIIUPIRIIIH1lI'1'lIIIlI1'l'WMF Ilur juiul N1-lm-fl I':u'iIilim-s IIN mmh lu pl' Im' Nvn IIllIllIll'l'IilII1I. Ifuirx in-ss 'I'1mnsIuip, IA'X5ISIlI'I'I'j. Hnlrlelnum. AIIIHIIIIIIUII luIIl1'IlIgIlsm'IuurI IIIIIIIIIIIQ IllSlIilIiIj JI VIII! I4 II I II4 N ,,XIlIIl1l IIIIII ,. '- . - 1-'U 'X' . mul l'IIlNKl'UlIIlIS I1u'ilu'l'1-zwvml .IllllIUl' Ili,u'Il 1'IlI'0IIIll4'IlI Imsjusl l'1lllI1'UII-IIII'lIl'1lNXIIIg,Q' Iwzml. Il:'lm:1I.nImm4 .nu I4II In II " ' ' ' " "phi: NIV. Ixnrl Iivvk. II'l'ZlNIIl'l'I'I IIN' IIvx4'l'4'll1I I"Iu51I IxIlHW'l'j. Sl'L'I'l'I1ll'f1 NIV. Ulm:-In-S Inl'lIIlIlIII wll IIIWN I I ' ,. pq-rxixillgr prim-ipnlg NIV. Iflmvlnw- I'l'mu'II. Xiu- I'r1's.1 Mr. IIl'Illll'S Nlilvy. I'rm-siclvnlg NIL lflylm' Nlv-urlxlv, I5 1-Ivvll-AI lm'mIn'l', ADMINISTRATION M R. CHARLES GEMMILL Supervising Principal As head ol' the New Cumberland schools for twenty-two years, Mr. Gemmill has played an active part in keep- ing the school plant up to present day needs. The working plans for various additions to the building were drawn up by this capable supervisor. During his administration school enrollment has doubled. The school newspaper, intramurals, Student Council, guidance program, and band are credited to his far- sighted program, To his-old time hobbies of photog- raphy, fishing and gardening, he has recently added pottery making and ceramics. MR. S. P. BOMGARDNER Principal As a member of the faculty since 1925, Mr. Bomgardner has devoted much of his time to curriculmn and student schedules. An ever-growing student body and course of study make his yearly task of schedule building more difficult. All attendance and discipline problems are in his hands. Each fall he contacts all seniors to check required graduation credits. His chief interests are scientific. He sponsors a science club for Freshman and Sophomore boys. Reading and gardening rate high among his favorite hobbies. Illl FACULT Willh-r S. lhlilc-ls. ILS. S i am Mallzellmlirs. .AssisLanl,fouL- . I hull and bas:-hall vmivll . . I spuris HH' his lmhhws. Mary Huy. ll. -K. Lngllsh mul Fremh . . nad ing is In-r I'uwm'ih' pastime-. Mary Brubaker. ILA. Lulin and English . . Latill Lluh . . UHNLIIIIP, hu clml illL0l'0Sff. X Bl-N-rly lil0ll1'h U Inc' se' relary 1 mu In tm mm male hu llubm rl 1 urrv B N Musu' Band Orchestra . . Chmua , . leuntly hum hmmm photography whiz. Gvrnld llrinlnn. ILS. Junior aml S011 for I I I'!l,1 Eng- IISII .. spmlsnrs National llmu rr SUl'if'1y. ll-'ZI 950 Vecmfe and ' an afeguaw Robert Deck. B.b. Bookkeeping and Typing . Dorothy Dunklebcrger, ILN. School Nurse . . Red Cross Council keeps her busy . . traveling and reading rate high. Jesse Elicker, B.S. Shop, Mechanical drawing . . stage crew . . fishing, carving plastics take his spare time. sports enthusiast . . assistant basketball coach. Wlilliillll Dil llnar Social Studies and history . Irene Green, B.S. Girls' Health and Phys. Ed. . Leaders Club . . enjoys all sports, especially hockey. football coach . . great. out- doorsman. John Johnson, B.A. Civics, Hislary . . Basketball coach . . baseball and basket- ball fan. H31 FACULT' Doris Jean misc, lm. and gal Spanish, English . . Spanish Club . . knitting and music Q fill in her sparc time. 70445 We dau Marpzurvl M4 hlmlu-. ILS. English, 72vping . . Central 'rl'Q'ilSlIl'y . . I1-ailing is ller gre-ale-st vlljnynlvllt. Fra-d M. P1-illl-r. Bb. Russ:-ll Poolv, Bb. Boys Phys. Ld. . . lntra murals, Assistant Couch . . athletics in any form. Ilzslory. . lf m mtlmll und buse- lmll umwll . . all spurts are vwiling to lllm. A. Namnli Pe-lc-rs, M.A. Clover Sara:-una, ILA. Home Izmnonzws . . llowu growing: lllxl' lirst clluicv. P. IJ., Ilislory . . Student Cmnu-il, SIIAWNICIQ , . sew- ing and reading furnish the calm. l14l V50 l6It4lWf?0lf47'Z66 rwgfe as Blanche Slaybaugh, M.A. English, Journalism . . TIMES . . for her, travel and more travel. Charles Slaylmugh, lWl.Ed. Science, Geography . . guid- ance director . . big game, little game, great l1unte1'. Blaine Seilz Tlh Sl. Principal, Mathemat- ics . . .lr. lligh Athletics . . hunting, traveling. John Sxneltz Chemistry, Physics . . Stage Crew . . energetic shutter- bug. Florence Shanlbaugll Ojjice Secrelary . . also handy with the needle. Grace Spangler. B.S. Chorus, Jr. High Uperella . . trains and planes going any- where delight her. l15l FACULTY 1950 Vfnawwlqgfmwl 74me,4fzm'4 -Z Me 6q7afa feczcdiwg lilvanor Stanton. ILS. Ar! Supervisor. ffommercial Ar! Club . . painting fills In-r lvisure- lime. ll. M. Slralvy .lr. High llislory . . llcalth .. 'l'l'uu-lillg Lu places ol llistlwiuul lllll'I'1'Sl and alsu vmssvvnrd puzzles. Belly W'4-uv:-r, ILS. Librarian . . Library Club . . enjoys reading the' latest hooks. Roy Sutton. ILS. l1'1'oIoyy.Geography. . l"1-lculty Mgr. Atlllc-Li:-s . . gardening and vwmcl-vvmkinp: his hula- his-s. ,Ivan Zunxhrun, ILS. Slcnography, Typing . . Busi- ness Nlanagvr 'l'lMlCS and SHAWNIQIC . . collecting dogs. llurold Tllolllzls. ILA. n!lIflHll"Illlllll'S . . usslstaul, Cuavll . . ulliviutillgg I'ur has- lwlllall und llmllmll games. llfvl 2 if liig III:IIIIIiII'I ' ' IIIIII .Il un' 4-Iliq-IQ . rfrfffl, I ' ' Il Ix ,, IIIIII IIII'I-I-liII- Nl IIIIIII IIIII 'I.IIIIN IIIII IIN Il JII'l'I . III'lIxIIiI-N NII Iimulx IIIIIIIII xIIIII.IIx l.IIxiIIf I IIIIII XII llI.IIII Intll . I ' N IIIIIII. Nll'lI'l'A INIIIQ III'III4'iIIIII: XII, N I' ILIIII 'IIl4IlIll IIIILII NIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII I IIII 1Ill'1' 5Il2llIIIl5lll!Il. N1'I'It'I'll'N .III IIIII IIIII III III' IIIIIIN IIIIN III NHVI Y . ' IIIIII IIIIII III1'1IIIiIn :aiding Wanda lfirn' NIlI'll l'1'LllIj . , wr' 4" ' ' IIIII III, -IIIIIIIIII-N NuI'III:III IXI'lllll' - ' ' r- .IIIII IXIIIIZIIII IIIIIIIIIIQII II-IIII I-IIIII IIIIII um- III' III: Iliff IIIIII.Iux H, IIII ll IIIIIII WI II II - no I'II'XIll"'IHIxl1 II .I I:II'g4- I.IIIIIIIIIIgg IIIIIIIIIIII' I-I-IIII'IIIl.IIIII IIIII IIII, Q Ibilllf I'lllIlilll'. .'I'I II' I 1lIlNl'llIl'1'JllNIIilI'lIj Ilsls :Irv sI'I'I1IIIx pI'4IIII4'IIIx IIII' XII 9 I' IMI II'I.IIIIIII I ,," 'IL lll'Ill1'IIHII. VIIII4' IIIIIIIII IIII In ' " :Il I ll't'l'l1'IINII1lXXN1I I'illllIII1lI' IIIIII1- NVIIIII- IIIIII III-I'III'I'l llun-ll. lfII:II4Im-x IIEINIIZI. Iluy I"IIIIx. IIIIII IiI'III'I' IxI'IIIII'I' N1'l'IxIIIQ I'X4'llNl'N. Q llI1IIIslI'iuu- alllll IClIi4-iq-nl . IIIIIIIIII 'A I Ilyflll. lI1'x4'l'I" ' ' U f.Ilill'IlN IIIIIIIIIIII :IIII ' . 'IIII Zlll.2Il. 'I III N, I. IIIIIIIQ: - IIIII- II VI' I2INIxN 6ll'l' IIII 4 1" L. 'JSNls' " . f- I5 , -IIIX, 1, s I I . pri :qui ,- J,-. 5 I I N15 4 gn. Wwdccatzdaue Wmzda lfzuw-I'ul 1'll1'llliHlH . . IlfIlH'I' riyflll, "'l'lmlR ilu' llllI'IIillQ wilful' lvl' 1'lPIllT4'I'u lIl'l'Iiil'l' fililil' Sllf1l1'l', .I1N'vI11'IIlIll4'. and 'Hillman H1'I'lllilIl an ilu-5 1-mldlnvl an Ilumv lwl Inn' IIIUIHIS ln l'Il"IIlf ixlry IuimrnIm'5. Ql'l:lm- fuvls .. lfuzwr rlyflfl, NllllI4'll'N in plum- uw-urine-Il'5 l1'Hl'll llu' liHlIN'I' IIIPIIIININ nf t'HlISIl'llK'lIllQJ' 4:1-ulm'll'l1':al iigllrvx lIlllIl'l' llll'lIil'1'1'lilPll1l1' llmwslll 'l'lnumN. mulll imlrm'Ien'. Ilil'lllI'l'lI urn- .lm-lx Quivk. .lzxvlx N14-sxlvlx. Ur. llhllllili. mul William: 5Iu'z1H1'l'. Q l Sl"llI cle-xu-1' 4 . NUIIIHI' physi- Vlxlsll1'lll1Illsll':1l4' llw mzmy uv-N mul aulxuu- l:l"1'Q1vl'Ilu' pulln-x in lulvul'uIu1'5 lm-X15 als pearl of il mail un lllHl'llilI4'S. all lUll'1'l' lr'!'l. S11 MKII .nv .lmufw lxvul. llurry Ilnrl. :md Ngrnl Yinuwrx. ma? ggffn 9 if Xi 7555, . 3 , -'N Nag? .-.. rw lflwvk your 1-rrnrs , Svllitbl' lypisls try I1Hl4'H"u r spwwl mul 2ll'1'lll'lll'j uw lllvx pl'm'pzu'1' msigmllu-:als am l'l'lIHl'lS un wx:-rail of Hu In-xx IIIJN'IlllIl'N :uhlvd In lln l'UlllIll1'I'4'i1lllIl'Il1ll'lllli'lll!lIiN ye-ur. l,il'llll'l'1l lrjfl urs .lwlun I'l'1llllx. lJul1ul1l5lugfu lm' Hamm-. Paul Slum-nllxm :null lwul'g4- H215 lvr. ,-4,05 Wanda -1--Q-55 ,,,,. --"1F!!1 A Wiil? 5 X ff if X 5":E!ll ivlalifilkl-1159 B 0 ilruls-y, Iiuyl Quigrlvy 1 Cl 1-rrv pil- qu:-1-n . . 1'4'I L fi' Q f 555 5 :5, X X ..,. iv , 4 W j K. X . 'UQ . ,Y 5 1. wr X 531 K 5 4 5 Prize- W innvr, .1lll1lI'l',.lllllilll'il0lll4'4'1'.SillKil'llI. ' I lk N um- of hal 1UIli.1liiHllsiil'DIlI ' ' ' Sl' I 1" I , ' '- 'l'illilYll for lhv lucnl 1'il1'l'I'j pn- - mvn Ill pl: 5m ' 9 ' -'v llznuls . . uppvr lcffl. Building vmllvsl. Q. l.l,. ' ' " ' ' ' sw-usa !lk'llS1llli lor th1-mining: sn mm play ,4 1 5 svls 5uh In v:u5mhh- lll1'llliN'l'S ul' slalgm' vrvn Nvshll md Siahn-5 IM-yr. Q l . 1l4'r. "'l'h4- lvsl ul' thu' ' " - 1- 'Nlwrx gi4'i.lllll'ill and wiv is ill ilu' l'Zlilll" nh-vhll . . P' - 1 s un us lhvx hu-cl l'ill'I'l'N 'Ullllll l"llllllt'l'. l'llllll'l"- 5. .' 5 1 ' -' -1 4-sl WilllN'l'. l,ul'0lln xxlSl'. Q pn' In I4-ml will . Ne-w shnp tool . , l4m'f'r lajfl. Chips ily ns shop 'hilin Dmisuin William llvlllil, und slmh-nts I 5 . . Clmrh-s lu-ziggy ll-1-1l mnml into za I2-invh lhivluwss whiah nu us um' siilv of xi lumrd lu llllj plum' ' ' - - . , Hlil'hIl1'SS 1h'sirm-d. 0 S1llllll.S In-hu-rs . . l0IlV'l' rigflll. liilftlljll'lil'1'il'lIik'l' mul lfslvlln Img:-I mmln-I ' ' ' nn-s mmlv for sailors ul svn Silllili f.lZIllS uuslll . us lfsllwl' SQ'ill'l'1'l'll:.1USi. siurh-nl hmm' mx le'm'll1-I frwun PPIIII Shall: mlds lusl minulm' l1nn'lu's. is mafia' f s wx liiii ' 71 Wanda -vnrziliiig llu' llllflillllilf-2 Irvs- . . Imp. lwlll. in llu' lll:lIN1'lIUHl liryvr ill llI'l'llill'Zlllllll lui' lln' flll4'll1ll' Qvusuii ni- Nlll4l4'Ill wuilivil llll'llllll'lN Nunn hvilimill. Viirulyii Nlilmf. Nniiry llmximin. :mil Nlullx Lzimlix. Q Flu: ll5l'I'5 . , lop rigllil. lu-aim xsilli N:ilisl'm'Iiuii an livin- 'luux nm- ul' llu' llzigs plzivvil iii valvll liigli ' ' - Xllll'I'll'illl ' ilmi fun wlimil rimiii Iliruiiuli llu' 4'1mp4'l':ili11ii ul llu . ' 'lXl'lll5 flliili. Sl1llllllllg.l'lH'l4NN nl lln liiiiinl l. ' lie-x lll1'. Q lvuimi an - . lim lfuwivlx :mil .lin Num x in in .Hel llllNll1N lirnll' Nulri ' I " vr .lvz Kielimg lu- nm- D . . I ilx dill in l' ivlilx ul luliii Nlmiix iliulx uuiliiilx ul mn .il llii I llu lmimil i4l4 i ' mill an . . lx jiiiiii-rl ulll llliriwlimis lmNlwlQ an flu 'I . Q ff nf' iliui In lln' lwvllx. Q I,1'1'llI'illlll'.S in-nl . lliilli llllll iii,,ixi, ' A IPl'lUIl'. Nuns-5 Ibn-lie-5. lflr-ziiuu' Nlillvr. lg1'I'lIl4'l' lxillgl. Nlurylu-llv Wisv. :mtl llvlvii Spmiiilii - ll'lg1'lll pluiil ilrupvx ln-ing iiimli illiili lllllnllxx un llii l lu Nllllll iilx lin lln luriiu- l'l'Ull1lllll1N :li gmiliinm Ill is f 5 J i lx , 'W ,,,,, , www-w Sl Ill! gang Qfcwde Ciulipai' M lzffl. Junii lm-:ul llu- sulvs nmgnzim- yl'ill'lNNllx l g.n illlilgl'l'S . . rr and sm-niur 1-lass 1-rs nmrk fluily Iil'llQl'l'iS un 1-lmrl in llw ullmml cmnpuign In Sl'l'llI'l' iumls. Slumn lll'1'. lmll lu Ilgllll W1 ' . 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VOLLEYBALL ll Champions . . Volk-yba with only one doll-at to nlar their sn-asnn's ri-crwcl, the Senior A volley- ' hard to mnerge hall tn-ann longht x'i1'lm'sul'l,lu' tournament. How 0119 ' Iwo lfnlnwr, Balwr. B1ll'art. How Amlvrsun, lVlill1-r. l"l'isvlikm'11. Bing nnnl. Snydvr, Milms. l55l BASKETBALL Basketball SUITS . . anxiously awaiting the ruining clnnnpiunsliip gznnv, the Senior A baslwtlmll Lvmn discusses the strategy tht-y will employ 'lt Ifowone' l3ill'art. Long during the tl . . ' lfrisrh- How Iwo: l"nhn1'r. Binglnun, lmrn, Wintor, lfivlds. w'v1lll'F lixpc-rl . . is Wim- Iiiffurl. svninr. 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I I 'X William Jackson t x Ma, Y Ann Landis - 8 . 3,9 3- .f- , ,,'- Q 1' , ' r of gk o , 'Nmap-'s Vi, :,... 5 it as A ,I y Janet Gray R b A ,."1f""Ff wqwxwwm. . r ' O ert Greer-rawah W h Q W h KEY. admits these Sensors to N C HVS Whols who for opular vote ot then ctassmates awarded these honors rndrn-3 achrevernent POPULAR, Donald Stago class prexy Natatie Slouch everyones pat PNURACUVE Mark DePue- blond menace Artene Long- 'witty ctrarmer Ch tes Wharen' 1ab'e attttete oumahst NLL AROUND ar Natalie Btouctto ctever 1 ATHLETIC Arthur Kelty' -Hastty haltback Beverly Brngrnan- intrarnurat ace Y DRfNMPkTlC- Date Updegratt ' mattnee idol Margaret Paden' fcomedy queen DANCER Robert Gf2QNBWd1Y tive artist 1anetGray rltterbug expert OUS larnes Keat deep thinker it ottkcial worrrer Y St STUD! . Natatle Fast: PST CO-OPERAUVE Wrtttam lactcsorvrteading Hr- er Mary Ann Landis 'stalrt photographer - M --wmv T .,,. I ii' Qi' .,,. as Dale Updegraff it N Sam at Marsaret Paden rg.. 4 K! Donald Stagg Beverly Brngman Natalre Blou h c Chifles Whar , en Mit' if DePue vw. Arlene Long J ames Kem Natatiz Fasrck v he www. 1 1 ,ff ' . Nw X 3 aa mm K Wullz Ilri-ann. Sl'lliUl' high svlw mp4-wllai. t:Zly1lillN'l' . . lrjfl. 1'Ill1'l4l1lill I puirmis ul Pnl SUIIIIIIIPI1'-Nl'2li'l'QIHFIIQ' Svulwl ul lejfl: llulm lmmx. Lmklv, l'urlll ' . Awllllllfl-Hflf Min ll1'vvll:mull. llulzrrv : 4 ,. I wvx. xx2l,.1'Il1'l'. if Royal flllll-iIl'l' , . 4'r'nl1'r. 'Ill' l'l'ilu'n-ss llvlvllm' lll'l'lNIllt'4'N In-r in-xx 'll'illl'1'I'l'Q1'lll. liivulvllzllll Niki. l11Ill1'1'nllI'l :mal lwyaulmlyje-1-ls. lfnu' nnr: lllllvflixi Snzixvly. 41uuul l,11ll1ul'1 .IZll'lxN0ll. I IIIIWIHI Nlzixmiliun: llzm-II.1immt Sig.1'iNIlIlllI1i' -grull. pugv: Plulh. Pl'illl'1'ss lI1'lt'Il4'I Lutz. Niki: Slugu. pangs-1 ijlliQ1il'j. Nil'il1lI2IS1 llmsv, ',l'llll'l'NN Nlalilllzl: l":isi1'lx, l,lll'Il1'SS lnniisuq Nur- lurli, Hvrll' 2 im lill1iQl'li1 N11-ssivlx. c'4nll'livrg Dun mlllllll. lfm1'll1w.' IXZIIIHLIIHIII.5tllllil'l'S 1 irllumu . I ,-mln-rg. Imng, ljl'Xlll1' livlxlx. SIN-Ile-I. W 1ig1'lIl'l'. Ikuyl. llmlgjn-lx, IN-yn . ."'l'hn ffnunlry is llilIllxl'lIlll:. vxplnillx l1'l'il'illl l'llil'i1'll1'f vxpvrl !lUI'lI'2ifl'li lip 'ull l.u'4I Nulllnfl Ir'.rlr1'lm'rl'y1l1f+. XIIXilIllN llll'IlllN'l'N ' " ' .' fgislllllllnl. IIl'l'lN'l'l nl'llll'1'nlll'l mlll lzfl In rnylll Nl' :um-ll: l,ulIu:u'. lhvlwrl Simxvlyg xlilillliil. Nully Ilmu-: Ltbllihil. Nululin- Ifmiv. lfru'l:g1ruurul.' IHHIIUII lllIil'I'N, ls1'Ill!l'l"". lgilixvll I on 1 A Lesson in love . . is gin-n to Princess Matilda, Sally llosw, tlqflh and to Prinress llcls-ne, Lois Platts. lriylrll hy the AlIll'l'll'E-Ill cafe singer Kay. Yvonne Miller. A wlkllll D l . . . . .' 2 YIUICG' ol' the senior high school elu A l' ' svnted Nlareh '10 and Ill l9'1 -' ' ' l'l'kllll . . llv Oscar Straus was the tl ' . , rrus or its annual opt-rr-lla pre- . , . , .x D. undu the dire:-tion ol My H l . I . I ' '. er bert Curry, music supervisor. Political and romantic lll ,rlgne form the hasis for the plol, interspersed with sparkling and nostalgic music. Nlaxilnilian X returns to his kingdom ol'Sylvania with his daughter, llelene. and her mysterious fiance, Niki. But Niki falls in love with Kay, an Ann-riean rail' singer. Great confusion prevails until Rupert, llolens-'s childhood sweetheart, returns with a foreign loan and is rewarded with the princess as his hride. The lovers are reunited and all are satisfied. The leading char- acters: Maxilnilian X. VVillia1n Jackson: Princess llelene, Lois Plattsg Prince llupert, John llohertsong Lieutenant Niki, Nylllllilll Lutz: Kay Robinson, Yvonne Millerg Princess Matilda, Sally llowe: Lieutenant Nlontsehi, llohvrt tin-eilawaltg Duchess Louisa. Natalie lfasickg Bertram Budgett. Nlillard Norl'ordg Count Lothar, liohert Snaxm-ly: Count Sl,!lSlIlllllll, llerlwrt llazellg Nicholas, Boyd Q 'ffl " " ' X' " ' I . ' . ' lll, ey, l'lll, .kan I lelds, Annorl, Izleanor Milli-rg 'l'runlpi-ters, Donald Stago and Dale llpdograll. Chorus and Cas! . . How one: Fields. lf. Miller, Jackson, llowe, Y. Miller, VV. Lutz, Platts, llolu-rtson. lfasick. Norford, flreonawall. How Iwo: llazell, L. Wise. Snavely, Bill'art. Zeigrler, Corkle, flensonier, Duliois, Sinieox, lsvn- lu-rg. Bake-r. lloyd. lloover, Dorwart, A. Wise, Mulligan, Quigley, Dowrivk. S. Snyder. Row three: .l. llolwrtson, Ilalin. C. Orris. limhiek. Dietrieh, Prowell. NVhite. Askin, Dt'St'lllbPl'gIt'l'. .l. Orris, Stoker,Gotlolr,G.L11tz, Wilt, llughm-s. llou'-!our.' .loI1nson. Beckley, liicln-llu-l'gei', S. Smith, liQllll4'l', tic-nnnill. Souder. l"rmvnl'oItm-r, liing.rn1an, llloueh. lxaullnmn, Wagner, Baldwin, S. Miller, Keplings-r. lfo11'ji1vP.' lpdegralli. Partlnrmore, D1-vine, lloovur, A Iii Long. D4-yo, Messick. llorlon. Shetlel. Wharen. ling i ' ' ' ' 1: r. mp, NItlXlllUllll'I, Rodgers. Stago. f at , , , 44 Pieeolo CllCh1illllll0lll . . as wow-n In I' .ount Lothar, llolwrt Snavely, l'as1'inales dancer, Dorothy l"rownl'elter, and singer Annerl. lileanor Nliller lriylzfil lizilf A v 9 gn. .AM rrf.. 'Wk fri. N., MQ V k af' WIP' ix. EZ .,. 1 14 fzz'6cZc'c Wanda pfzadace :lying ,2l'l'1l51"Hlllll . .lup rlylll. In :wlur 'Nlillurfl Nurl'm1l iQ X ll',tIllllil ' wr. umlu--up vurululuillvm- llll'llIlN'I'. 'xl'l4'IlI' lxznull'm:m. 1'1lllllllllll'l'1'llIlll" mam, :ul'l'ul1gg'm-Q Nanny llllg.1'lll'N. lmir. .I'l'01lll1'll1lll prolvlvms . . lop lrjfl. Nlllillli' linsirlx. Nlllllvlll Ill'lh1llIl'4'I'. lllSl'lISs4'N Nlilgl' lYI'lilN'l'lll'Q with -my ll1'llIllllll.Sliljl1'IllilIl2lQ1l'l' Q "V ill lllli Iil'!". ,l'l'Ill1'I'. lfuslunu- ' " ' ' ' itll. xlilI'jlll'll1'xxlNl'.il1l.lllNlS whirl l'wl'.l1-:un lfivlds xsllilm- N Naam-5 Ilm-lwy mul Vluyllix Slwun-I' plan: 1llll'l'illlHIls lu aunrlllvl' l'HNllllIIl'. 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'l'hre-v S4'lllUl'S, Mary Aim Landis, Patricia l.Q-ib, and llubi-rl, Grw-uuwull,, top lhn- Q.1'l'Hllll wilh duublv awards. lfirsl, prizos from thi' Amvricau Legion Auxiliary fur pussossiug high qualilirnlifms ul''uship amd from thx' l"ac'ull,y fur suin-rim'iLy iu vruuuia-rcial work werv wun by Mary Aim lnmdis. Patricia l.vih 1-auwwd lirsls fruul the' Svuinr Civic Club for vwcllvllrc in liuglish and from lhv N vlrraus ul' l"nrs-ign Wars fur nml,ln-mal,im's, A similur award in llllll,lll'lllHl,ll7S was won by llobvrt til'00IlliWl'lllf who also svcurvd lhv We-sl Slmrn Linus Club prim- l'ur thu- boy with the highvst scllulastic liY0l'ligl'. The Svniur Civic' Club prize fur l'llflZ1'llNlllll we-ul to Dull- l'pdugrall'. liqual prizes from this vlub were givvn lu Sally lluwc and Marlena' Sipe for vx- 1-4-II:-ru-0 in arl. 'l'hu .luuiur Cixiu Club pr:-svutvd lirsl, and sf-cuml prim-s to l,a.leauue' Woigle and Jufum l"ulmur as le-udvrs ill hnmv vvullulllirs, and Lu .lamvs lival, as thc uutslaudiug studm-ut in Sl'l0lll'f'. The VVust Sllurv Chnral Society uward for wwul music' we-ul, Lu William Lutz. S4-cond prizes from lhv l"ac'ull,y for uutslamling cmnmvrvial wnrlx and fmm Llu- S4-uiur Civil- Club l'nr Iiuglish wx-ul, in Arlvue Mills-r and Nalaliv lfasick. Shuwu above' arv, row UIl8.' l pde- grull. l.zmdis. Millvr, liI'1'1'llllN all. How Iwo: l.vib. lfusick, l"ulmvr, Wviglv. How lllree: Kaul, lluwv. Sipv. Lutz. CUM LAUDE First honors . . . ullaim-d by Ihr-sv sm-uiurs with an liVl'l'illIl'Ulillllfil'lllNlY1'llIlI'lllglllt'll'li0llI' yu-urs in high svhuul: Pirlura-rl bu-luw. ilu-sv an-, lop row: Patricia Cramvr. Nalaliv lfasick. Nauvy Gvmmill, llulwrt,Grvvnawnll. Row Iwo: Mary Ami l,umlis. plll,I'll'lH l.:-ib. Curulyu Milms. Margarvl l'ad4-u. l -sv' , x ig' ' Q1 - sj f - if Kb- 6' i 4, 7-ff juris Allll1'l'SUll Nlav Bill'arL B1-x'e'l'ly Bingman Natalie Bluucll .llDSOplllll!' Dulw 1. if hm it' if . ',-', .. ' xy ., h,-f . ' -,." : .lvan Fivlds NUllf'y' l'll'lSi'lllxUl'Il C8I'llly'll clf'llSl'llll'l' Sibyl llullilwivl' Sally llmvf- 704cu'eae'z gem Jamal finale Za da, da dlaaizfi MZ gem m' i f ' is X i' M .lamvs Kval Arlene Nlillvr Arlvm- Nvwvunwr llels-n Nvwcmlwr .lanvt lim-lim 'li ' ' ' f - f EQ:-Q , w U A A-" , .,..f - -3 . Bigrid Simcox llarry Snyder llolvn Spmmnliour Phyllis Stoner Dalv llpclogl'all' Secfllld l'l0l10I'S . . allaim-d by tlwsv Lwvnty seniors with an avPra,1:e0l'85to90mlx1l'ill,f.g'tl1vil'fouryoursinliigllsclmol. l 69 l SENIQRS -4'eL"4ga7fmw66az7fmuZ Ralph ll. Allbright Ifulphif' Sllllll'llltlA'tllll't'21 lli-Y l: Studvnt Cuuuril 2: lln-d Cruss Cuunril lt. . frivmlly . . girl slay . . iw- skating . . hunting: . . lmpvs tu l't'Ill'll 5' 2" . . uw'lSt'-IIILH lloris ,I. hull-rsun ftmly lntrmnuruls l. 2. Ii. lq 'l'vsirle-r 2. 3. li Clnss l'lu5 Il: l,utin Club l: fltIlllIllt'I'4'llll Art Club Sl: lltlIllIll4'l'I'llll Club 25: SIIAWNICIC slutl' t . . pt-rsmmlity plus. .tul1-nI- ml twirlvr . . tll'l'Ul'tllIlll . . like-s tu Svlllll . . lam Sl'l'l'l'llll'y . .nlill4'1'lxlll2ll.u Virginia M. llulcrr Ginny lulrunniruls l. 2, Il. tg liund I, 2. 3. lg Chorus 22, Il, lt: Upt-rvt.t.u 3, t-1 l'luy l'rmlum't.i1 an 15. t: l.ibrm'y Club I . . post. rnrd vnthusiust- . . gum 1'lu'wvr . . ln-lpl'ul . . intrunnurul Nl'tll'l'li0l'IN'l' . . privutv so'4'l'1'tal'y. ."l luvs ulmut tImti"' Clmrlvs li. liusilal Charlie lnt.rmnnruls l. 2, 3. ll Ili-N Il, ll .Mlllc-t.i1' Club I. 2 . . lnmiu-s . . lust, lilu- u turtlv . . sl:-1-py . . lata- 1-mm-r .. ubmys lvusing: . . Navy :nun . . "Vl'hnt u squirre-I." 1701 '6- Lcv llasorc Panrho lntrunnirals 1, 2, 33 Banc l. 2, Il. tl-3 Orclwstra l, 2 3, rl: Chorus 2. 3, -l Buy's Chorus 23 Opurvtta 3, lg Stagv Crvw l, 2 lli-Y Pl- . . llvd MvCartl1j nu-in . , livmiru stick rx pm-rt . . All-State band . out-ol'-tuwn girls . . Or clwst.ra lrndvr . . "Man, dnn't lmmxf' f:l'0l'gl' W. linylvr Geo lnt.rannuruls l. 2. Il, l lfmntlmll 3. Pl: llaskotbal -tg Basvbull t: Band l, 2 Orc-ln-stru l. 2: Class Pla 3: Ili-N tt: Yau-sity Club I llvd Cross Cuuncil 3 . sports lit-nd . . lmtv llUllll'Wtll'lx . . sturdy . hut. l.l'lllllt'I' .. dnsllin football vsrurt . . printv . . "'l'vl'l'itic." Clair W' . Bm-inlmwvr Goose Intramurals l. 2. 3, -1 Bust-ball -lg Play Produc tion 3: Ili-Y 3, l. . hunt ing .. movies .. ta tilnbvr .. lllllSll0S . changing llat tirrs nwcllnnical engineer . "Sure thing." Mm- C. Bilfart. Bijf llll,I'tlllllll'iilS l, 2. 3, - Chorus 2, 3. lg Operett 3. 4: Play Production 4 Dramatic Club lg Con nu'r4'ial Club 3 . . hor: vnthusiast . . envrgvtic . vxpvrt. dive-r . . clown . N . W. C. A. inst.ruct,m' . "Did chu ln-ar Inv? Nu git!" Wat One Zefafze ,4mZ4efz 1 9 5 O Bm-vm-rly Nl. llingnlan Bev lnl,rannn'als l. 2. 3. lg Studi-nl lvamlvr 2. Il. -1-2 Chorus 2. 3. ll: lllN'l'l'l.lf2l Il. -I-1 CirI's Cborns 2, Ill Play' promlnm-lion Il. lg l,1-mic-rs Clnb 2. 3. lg Biology Club ll: ll:-tl Cross Council I1 l.aIin Clnb IZ: lJl'fllll1lll4'fIlIIll l:SllAW- Nlili stall' I . . baslwlball slar . . yyilly . . natural allllvlv . . clrixinpr lla- llnnlson . . pl'zu'li1'aljnk1'r . . Iniyvrsily ol' Miami . "My.1'onn-on." Nalaliv C. lllouvli XIII lnlrainurals I. 2. Il. ll Cborus 2, Il. I2 lIirl's Chorus 2. Il. I: Upm-rvlla Il. I: Play Pro4ln1'lion 3: Class Play I: l,va1l4'rs Club 2. Il. I: Slnclvnl, Connvil Il. I: National llonor Sovivly Il. IZ llra- lnalim- Club I: "2l" Club 'l. It SIIAXX YICIG mlilor- in-vbivl' I . . rollvr slaalv Ianalic' . . IIIUSQ'-IllIx1'S . . lnagm-Iiv pm-rsonalily . yiyavions . . Sl'K'l'l'I-ill'y . . "I clon'l grvl il." Allvlilll' I.. lloys rn l.ini1' lnlralnnrals I. 2. I-2 iIirl's Cborns I . . 4-njoys skat- ing . .qnin-I . .basI1I'nI . . so vasily' 1'lllIl3I'I'ZiSSl'll . . loyvs spaglllvlli . . Ivlv- Illllblll' opvralor . . "Hb, you nu-aniv." NZIIIPQ' l.. llnnunun ffrrmkf' lnl,rznnnraIs I. 2. 3. I: Stull:-nl lA'illll'l' 2. I-1 Ilvml Cross Council I: Stndvnl Conn:-il I: Spanish Club 3 . . voqlwllisll . . sporty' vsarllrolw. .i-onyvrsaIion- ul spam-ml mlvunon . . down yyilll Iurlu-ys . . air slvw- ardn-ss, . "OIL John." as K' Qi f na. 1' Pulriviu A . Cranu-r Pal lntrannlrals I: Class Play' Il: Play' l'ro1lncIion I-1 National llnnol' Sovivly I-1 Dramaliv Club I. 3: "2I" Club Il. I: Spanish Club lg IIMICS bnsinvss inanagvr Ia: SIIAVVNICIC stall' I . . soulbm-rn 4-ooking . . ca- nasta. .dignilin-ml. .lnalvs vlivyyiiig gun: . . vo-op1-ra- lin' . . soI'l-spolu-n . . nursing snpvryisor . "I on know il," ,I . Nlark ll1'l'uv .IIfIl'kl'l' lnlralnnrals 2. Il. Ig I"ool- ball II. I: llasvlmll Il: Ill-I 3. l-: Xarslty Llub Sl. I . . missing ss-bool . . Iiunling. .1'ul1'. .Soulb- 1-rnclrawl . . goofl looking . . radio salvsnian . . "IN Iwrv doe-s sln- Iix 1-IV' Fidnvy' C. llvyo. Jr. Siu' Intrannn'aIs I. 2. ZS. la: Hand I. 2, Il. lf: Urm'ln-slra I. 2. II. I-1 Chorus 3. I1 Up:-rm-ll,a Il. IL Class Play' lag Stagv vrvyy I. 2. Il, I1 lla-cl Cross Council Il . . NIlIIll'I'lbllS r'oIl1-vtions . . 1-lass linanvic-r . . dm-vilisli .. always llirling .. Pvnna. Stale' Poliw' . "All ill liavor, say' 'l"'. Philip l. Dodson Phil lIlI,I'2llllIll'lllS I: Biology' Club I . . dislilws rainy vwalllvl' . . slly' . . 1-asy' going . . ,qw-al buntvr . . vrazy' abonl Ilan: . . vagvr Io ggi-I a job . . "Iloly' In-1'Ix." ITII SENIORS WWWMWWM M. ,ln-:ln Fim-lds .lmnie lul.ramuu'uls 2, 3, lg Chur- us 2, Cl, lg Opvrottu Il, -lg Pluy llI'lNlllCl.lUll 3: Class Play ll: TIM ICS vu-vllilurg Drzuuuliu Club 3: "2l" Club IS. l: Nuliouul lluum' Smwivly 3, L: l"rvum'h Club 3gSl,u1lvut Council 3, -l- . . vuliug.: . . suulhvru druwl . , suusagw' clogs . . l'ruuk . . S. M. l. . . "llvrv's u Iittlv lhm er." Ray D. Fink .lanesiv Mulh whiz .. mmlnm' xuuu . . phony PXCIISPS . . Slllllllllllflll' . . night hamk . . uulu llll'l'lIlilllI' . . "l'll lry uuylhiug 0lll'l'.H ,ll'l'illlillil K. l'QlSlll'l' Jerry lutrumurals l. 2, 3, 4: Bus:-bull 'lg liuy's Chorus 2g lli-Y l: Athletic Club 3, ll . . friendly . . odd laugh . . driving pick-up truck . . un-operative . . big-time faruuxr . . "Live uucl lel liw." Zulu Z. Fox Zulfe Luliu Club lZCIlllllllf'I'l'llll Club 3. l . . uuwlly cul- lvclm' . . buy shy . . hulp- l'ul . . quiz-t . . slmrthaud whiz . . privutv Sl'l'I'L'llll'y . . "0h. my gush." 'nz4eQaZdeaD4g4 1950 john Frank lirmun i P Iranlurals I, 2: Class ly 3: Biology Club -I1 skvtball lnanagcr 2. 3. . , poolroonl Iiend . . w motion . . jolwr . . unctry problems . . 'al baslwtball IIIHIIHILIPI' own a l'Hl'lll . . "Ili zulsolnc 'uv Nancy Frist-hkoru Fislzie' ,I'llIllIll'HIS I, 2, 3. fl-2 d Cross Council I2 nuncrcial Club 3 .. l and blond . . baskct- I guard . . good sport. hutcs hot lu-ads . . nts to live in Uhio . . ow 'bout that?" Joann I"llllllI'l' Fulmer ralnurals I. 2, 3, fl: y Production 3, -I-1 ,in Club I 3 Conuncrcial lb 33 SIIAVVNEIC stall' . chcrry pic contestant Yllll and vigor . . silly gh- . . svnsc ol' lnnuor tvlcphonm- operator . . hat's lor snrvI" Qancy L. f:l'll'lIllill .Youre I'HIlllIl'liIS 1, 2. 3: Band Orch:-stra I, 23 GirI's urns 2: Play Produc- 1 2. 33 Dramatic Club 3: ClDlllIlIt!l'L'IHl Art b 2. I-2 National Ilouor icty 3. tl: "2I" Club tg II1-d Cross Council . 3. rl: Student Council Ig 'l'IIVll'iS stall' -lg ss ollicvr 2g SIIAVV- E stall' -l: student let' 3 . . trick lmao . . I about conventions always laughing .. stic . . fun to be with Penn Statc . . "You're kidding." Carolyn E. G1-nscmcr Gens Intramurals I. 2. II. I1 Chorus 2, I3 UirI's Chorus 2. lg Operetta lg Play Production 3. I: Dra- matic Club 1, 3g Spanish Club -I-1 Chcorlcadcr I. 2. 3. tg SIIAWNICIC stall' I . . pvppy t'Ilt't'I'll'2lClt'l' . .ju- vcnilv yoicc . . fast talks-r . . scrappy . . futnrc scllool Ill8iI'lIl . . "lon don't know nuttin' from nuttin' ". - Richard C. Ghcr ljlflik Intramurals I. 2. 3, I-1 Ifootball 2, 3, tg Base-ball lg Le-adcrs Club l, 2, II, -I-1 Athletic: Club I. 2, 3, I: Varsity Club 3, I . . foot- ball dynamo . . quit-t until you get to know hiln. .wisc guy. .champ at wrcstling . . Solid . . "Ili, stupcf' ,Iam-l M. Cray .lan CirI's Chorus 2. I: Play Production 3: Library Club 2, 3, -lg Counnvrcial Art Club 25 Iicd Cross Council I- . . slnooth danccr . . thosc out-ol'- town boys . . stylish . , gift ol' gzab . . business carve-r . . "Ilan: anything to eat? I'nl lIllllQII'y.H Robcrt 0. Crccnavalt llreenie Intranlurals I, 2, 3. I: Basketball I-g Base-ball I-1 Band I, 2, 3. -'Ig Urclwstra Ig Chorus 2. 3, Ig Class Play lg Opuretta 3, I-1 National Ilouor Society -I-1 TIIVIICS stall' 3, -lg Athletic Club I. 2. 3, -I-: Student Council 21 SIIAYVNICIQ stall' QI- . . King Cole collection . . tennis ace' . . veteran jitterbug . . brain . . those Penn State week-ends . . "I'lI clue ya... M I 13 I SENICRS 7fMd47094f4w Ilia-hurd llain Elmer l"oolbnll lg Baseball lg M.lll1-lic Club I, 2, Il. lg Ynrsity Club l , . l'nrnn'r . .slvvpy look . .lists-ning to llrlfs jolws . . bnsvlmll 1'lll.llllSlllSl. . . hope-s to rc-lirv ul thirty . . "llowdyl" Uury llurlnvlwr I ,l'll4'lll'X lnlrnnlurals l. 2. Il. ll lfoolbnll lg Clnss l'ln5 l: Alhlvlir Club l. 2. ll lli-N Zi. lg . . kiwi- high Innp.El'ussllupp1'l' . .lf-lling lull slorin-s . . big Naxal ll1'svl'u- nnan .. Slnlv l'oliv1-vnlhusinsl . .gnbby .. "You haw a brain about lln- size' ol' an llllllwlblllu llurry C. llurl llair lli-Y l . . duck-l.ail hair- uul .. 1-ollc-cls Ifsquirv l'l'll4'IlIllll'N . . physirs fizz . .ivory l.ll'lxll'l'. . l.i1nwl llaunplon lan . . viorld lrnvvlc-r . . "l"u4-l nik' strong wrists." Hurry 5. llurl llurry Agr4-1-nblv . . outdoors :nun . . porlly . . gn-nl, rl-ndvr . . can do without. svhool . . individunlisl . . l'ul.urv lnih'hvr . . "Tulu- your Linn-." 1 vin B- H:-rbvrt Haze-ll Pele Intramurals 'lg Chorus bl Upvrelta -lg Band -lg 01 rln-stra -lg Ili-Y -l . lady killer . . throws bi line-. . dark and handsonl . . vgotisl. . . horse doc l.or . . "Don't.l l brui: vasilyf' Sibyl ,I . llolfnlvicr llrggie Intramurals l. 2. 3, - Girls Chorus 2. 3: Pla Prodlwtiou 3: Studcl Council 2g Library Cln 2. Il, lg f1lllllllll'l'l'lHl A Club 2: Colnnwrcial Ch 3: National llonor Sf m'iL-ly -lg 'l'llVll'1S slall' SIIAWNICIC stall' l . nalalor . . that- l:30 a.: baskvlball llI'Hi'lfll'l' . . a lravlixa blondv . . vqui lrivnnv . . wants hor ov horsv . . "Uh, you Lll'C8l 1-rl" Surah M. llowc Sally Intramurals l, 2: Chorw 2. Il. -lg Girl's Chorus Opera-lta 3, -lg Play Pr duction 3, 'lg Connnerci Art Club 2, 3. Al: Rc Cross Council ,lg Dralnal Club lg 'l'lMliS stall' A SIIAWNICE stall' Al . ye old Pontiac . . on standing cartoonist . always chewing gum . dvspises silly boys . Pratt prodigy . . "I ha' so lllllCll Lo do." Nancy J. Hughes .Nancy lnlrulnurals l. 2. 3, Chorus 2. 3. -l: Cir Chorus 2. 3, -lg Oporel. 3. lg Class Play -lg Dr matic Club 1. 3g "Z, Club Cl. -lg Connnerui Art Club 2. 3. ll lb Cross Council 2. 3. SIIAWNICIG stall' -l . roquc-llisli . . driving t lsnnily Olds' . . voguish businvss vollvgu . ."l good." ZQHWM 1950 Willialxl T. Jackson Junior ntramurals 4: Football 13 Chorus ZZ, 3. 4: Oper- -tta 33 Class Play fl-Q li-Y 3. -l: Yarsity Club L. -I-:Z Athletic Club 3, 111 . good natured . . roller kating expert . . melo- lious baritone . . always early to help . . big-time rusinessman . . "lli. eau." Arlene M. Kallfrlllall Itillllfffllllll ntramurals l. 2. 3, -l-3 Thorns 3. il: tlirl's Chorus E. 3, -t: Operetta 3. -l: 'lay Production 3. tg Dramatic Club 3: Com- nercial Art Club 23 Com- nercial Club l: "2l" llub 3. l: Sl'lAWNl'll'I ,tall l . . down on the arm .. roller skating 'auatic , . horse lover . . .weet and silly . . secre- ,ary . . "Quit your horsin' around." ,la mes Kea! .lloe ntramurals l. 2, 3, -tg "ootball 1: Baseball -tl Kthletic Club I, 2. 3. -lg li-Y -t: N arsity Club All . . lates neckties . . reserved . woman hater . . brain' ust look at those marks . college . . "YW-ll how vout that?" Bruce Keener J n icie lutdoorsmau . . mighty mnter . . absent on least mrox ocation . . best known 'or Fords . . girl shy . . loctor . . "Check that." Arthur Kelly Timmy Intramurals l. 2. 33 lfoot- ball 3. '11 Basketball 2. Il. 1-g Track l. 21 Student leader 2. 3. 1-1 Athletic Club l. 2. 3. 1: Yarsity Club Il. li lled Cross Council l. 2, 3. l: Student Council 3 . . all around athlete . . reserved scat in the moxie. . mighty mite . . hates silly girls C91 . . impish . . pro-basketball prospect . . "'s hook, you guys." Mary Ann Landis flflnlly Intramurals l. 2. CS. -l-3 Class Play 31 Play Pro- duction -tg Student Coun- cil l. 2. 3. li: "2l" Club 2. Il, l: Dramatic Club L33 National llonor Society 3. 1: 'l'lMl'iS stall' lg SllAWNl2l'I stall' l- .. photographer .. well- kuown gait . . weekends in the country . . sweet disposition . . canasta liend . . legal secretary . . "Wanna bet?" Patricia l.cib Libby lntramurals l. 2: Class ollicer l: Student leader l, tx Orchestra l. 2. 3, -tg Class Play 3. tg Dramatic Club l, Il: Commercial Art Club 21 Spanish Club -l-: National llonor So- ciety it: 'l'llVll'IS stall -tg SIIAWNIQIC stall' 41- .. sophisticated , . western novels .. scorns pencil sharpeners . . writer and speaker . .exclusive ward- robe . . versatile . . dip- lomatic corps . . "Quiet, ins0ctl" Arlene R. Long fjueenie lntrannnals l. 2. 3. lg 'l'wirler 2. 3. li: Play Pro- duction 3. ll Commercial Art Club2. 1: Commercial Club 3. SllAWNl'IlC stall' 1 , , vivacious football queen . . clown . . Christ- mas murals . . she's a Wise girl . . at-tractixe . . commercial art school . . "'l'hat's a gooderf' l75l SENICRS 7c?fne Cliris-:line A. l.nndc-en Chris lutrumurnls l, 2, 3, l-3 Cirl's Chorus 3. l-3 Play l,l'lltllIt'l-lllll 3. -lg Coln- mcruial Club 3 . . like-s to val. . . sporty . . petila- . . no time for sophisti- catvs .. lwautician .. "Yu bone-lu-nd!" William A. Luiz liill lnl,rnmuruls l. 2. 3: Chorus 2, 3, li: lioy's Chorus 2, Upcri-ltu 3. l-3 Band I, 2. 3, -tg Uri-lu-stra l, 2, 3, ll Class Play li: Drmuatir Club l, 3: SlIAWNlil'lllllSllltFSSllllill- ugcr . . lc-mpcrumvntal . . outstanding singer. . dru- mutic . . drooping hair . . his sloppy desk . . musiral comm-dy . . "Uh guwdf' l.. Eu gc-nv Wh-1 In-ary Gene ClllIlllltFl'I'ltll Club 3, Stu- dcnt leader fl . . builds model railroads . . mature . . tinkering with vars . . sturdy . . gas station ntlvndant . . "Would you?" Caroline M ikos Caroline lntrumurals l, 3, 4, Play Production 4-3 Commer- cial Club 33 Dramatic' Clnh lg Student Council -lg Central 'l'reasury l: National llonor Sovic-ty 3. l . . piuorhlc shark . . strawberry blonde . . sunny . . central treasury worker .. sccrctary .. "How 'bout tllativ' l76l George Mikos M i kos lntramurals 1, 2, 3. -1-3 Football 3, -lg Baseball -l: Class Play 33 lli-Y 3, -I-g Athletic Club 3, fl . . gigantic hand size . . can't stand quiet people . . Charlie Atlas physique . . Nash . . radio designer . . "Wanta bet?" Arlene Miller A rlene Intramurals 1, 2, 3, -lg Commercial Club . . gum cracking . . female angler . . basketball . . compe- tent . . pancake make-up . . central treasury work . . bookkecper to be . . "Dig that." Otto llrlillcr Bub Football 3, -lg Yarsity Club 3, -tg Athletic Club 2, 3, fl . . auburn hair . . hooking school . . whisk- ers . . prefers loafing . . quiet . . brick layer . . "Hurry up, Dillinger." Earl Nlnore, J r. J une Library Club 3, -lg Science Club fl . . red hair . . blushes easily . . timor- ous . . another hookey player . . easy jobs . . "Oh yeah." dude cmd 70416019 Zfcwda 1950 John li. Nlorris Colonel otball manager -13 Hand Drum major -13 Latin lb l1SlllllliSll Club 3. ll mmcrcial Art Club lr: idcnt Council president Class Play 3 . . good 'king drum major . . 'icatnrist . . often tardy Army . . flashy clothes VVcst Point . . "OIL 1 gollyf' Virginia Mulligan Ginny orus 3. -lg Girl's Chorus 3. 1-3 Uperetta 3, 1 . . :rgic to knuckle crack- . . sweet voice . . talka- e . . cinema addict . . nts a trip to California ollice work . . "lley." Arlcnc NEWPIllIll!r Ubi ,ramurals l, 2, 3. 143 orus 2. -lg Girl's Chorus 3. 43 Uperetta 43 Play mduction 3, 43 Drama- Club 1, 33 lied Cross uncil 2. 3, 43 Student uncil33"21" Club 3, -1: AWNEE stall' it . . 'sistent eater . . giggle:- alunmi interest . . ldcr . . shining black r . . Medical Secretary "Aw. gcc whiz." lclcn L. Ncwcomcr Newr-ie ramurals l, 2. 3, -13 ldcnt lcadcr l, 3, -lr: orus 23 Girl's Chorus 3: Play Production 3: idcrs Club 2. 3, lr . . c cracks . . happywgo- ky .. loquacious . . ual . . secretarial work "Uh. bull," Millard Nnrford Pinky lntramurals l. 2, 3: Hand 2, 3, '13 Chorus it Uperctta lr: Class Play 3. li Stu- dent leader 2. 32 Spanish Club 3, -l-3 lied Cross Council -l-3 Latin Club l . . talented comedian . . Gold Key winner . . idol- izcs Chevrolets . . good natured . . overnight trips . . theologist . . "Check the head on that." Jann-s Url . ,Ir- Urlie Library Club 3, I3 Science Club al . . drives a jalopy . . corny jokes . . tinker- ing with motors . . con- genial . . prospective farm- er. . "Wcll. l'll tell ya." Dlargaret A. Paden Pearly Chorus 2g Girl's Chorus 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2. 3, -L: Class Play 3. 43 Spanish Club 3, -1 . . thespian . . movie zealot . . sketching . . "putty tats" . . indus- trious . . wants to travcl . . "Uh pilllef' Boyd J. Quiglcy Uuskel lntramurals l, 3, -lr: Band I, 2. 3, l-3 Chorus 2, 3. fl: Uperctta 3, fl-3 Stage crew 3, -lg lied Cross Council 3 . . soda jerk . . whizzer craze . . co-operative spirit .. modern artist . . original . . Navy . . "Aw, now." U71 SENIQRS 5e70cee7fmmfdae4na1 Paul li. Sllvallfvr Slwuf Illll'1lllllll'tllS I. 2. Ii, fillUI'llS 2: Ili-Y 'l . nlwuys brulw . . llunliu .. 1-mimgiuiis grin . un vssuyist . . nord ll 1'Yl'I'y0lll' . . big lvugl busm-bull . . "Wisv up." Sigrill Ii. Sinn-nx Sig lnlrauuurnls 2, Il: Clmrl l-1 llirl's fillUI'llS 2. Upvrvllu l: Play Pr' cluvlimm Il: Nutiunul lluin Sm-im-ty I: lie-rl Cru Cmuivil li: TIMICS slull' . . Camp llill clzulve-s . llzqupy-gn-liivky . .fzuunl gigglv . . uwu drixvrs . lwvu . . uursv .. "U how rival." Nlill'll'lll' M. Sipr Aglilll' Illll'llIllllI'2llS l. 2. Zi. Upvrvllu Prmlm-limi 3. Play l'l'mllwtinil 3. ljfllllllllili Club 1.33 Cm uivrviul Art Club 2. 3. . . 1lt'IllUll on rolls-r skal. .. vupricious .. post artist . . ticklish . . a sl-Imul . . "Holy buckols Kolu-rl C. Snuvvly Snapper l"nul.balI 3. lv: Buskctln il-1 Chorus 2. 3. l-3 Operct IS. l: lli-N 3. ll Atllle-I Club l. ZZ. 3. bl: Narsi Club 3. ll- . . witty . lllllllillg und trapping . athlvliv . . vrvxs rut . l'lig:grn'1l . . radio u umiucm-r . . "Ulu rod." 46Zz'4e ooZ64477Zaaz'4S 4 Charles R. Snydvr Clmrlie ardworkvr . . woods- an . . likvs to play baso- all . . blondc. curly hair . girl shy . . wants to avvl . . "lloly smokes." Harry V. Snyder Chick lcchanical Drawing .. asvhall playvr . . con- :ientiousstudont . . not and ol' music . . prompt ith homvwork . . car- eutry . . "Wise up." Virginia E. Snyder Ginny lil'lillllll'HlS l. 2, 3. -lg and 2. 3, li Play Pro- uction 43 Dramatic Club . . losing budget tickets . talkative . . clwerl'ul isposition . . crazy about Jorts . . wavy hair . . vcrotary . . "Ulu noi" Vance Sanders Pockels ltramurals l, 2, 3, -lg oothall 3. rl: Baseball -tg arsity Cluh 3, AL, Ili-Y , 4: llcd Cross Council , 3, -Lg Athletic Club , 3, -l . . muscle man . . eat-up Ford . . good- loking girls . . smooth ancer . . llat tires . . ,rllegc . . "l ligurc." 1950 William lu. Spuhr Spalzr Intramurals l. 2. 3, -lg Baseball -lug Play Pro- duction 3, 'lg lli-Y -14 . . willing workcr . . hauling! the gang: in thc Dodgs- . . class chaull'4-ur . . no grrammarian . . join the Navy . . "Che-ck that." Mark A. Spangler fllurk Shop . . irllvwstull ill acronautirs . . bus boy . . easy going . . dvcp voico . . aviator . . "Uh, I don't know." H1-lvn Spoonhour Spoonie lllil'8lIllll'lilS 2, lg Play Production 3, fl-5 Conl- mcrcial Club 3 . . always at the games . . commer- cial whiz . . hitch-hiking to School . . talkative . . he a bookkeepcr . . "Oh, lu'otllcr." Donald K . Stago Luigi Intramurals l, 2. 33 Track lg Band I, 2, 3. AL, Or- cllcstra 1, 2, 3, -lg Chorus 2. 3, al-g Opcrctta 3, 45 Play Production 3. 43 Class ollicer l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 43 lled Cross Council l, 2, 3. -lg Athletic Club 1, 2 . . N. C.'s Ilarry James . . under- classn1cn's idol . . last minute arrivals . . prexy . . frequcntovcrnigluttrips . . Wvst Chcstor . . "lt'll do in a pinch." l 79 l SENIORS de Qaeda Ween '4 joy-1' IC. Slilfl' lxial v ,, , I , 1 4 , , e ww.. : ,, .5 lIllI'IIlIIlII'IllN I1 lluy Iro Z ' ' dim-lion II. Ig lItlllIIIl4'I'1'Illl - - K l.lub I . . oulspolwn . . lihlws Io lm- skull- . . I-x 4-ilablv , , Nlnrun- Corps 1 .. M'4'I'1'lllII'j .. "limp clvml. nill you?" LN Q 5 U Xl. , wil l "., . lx If , .x -'SE S- ,Iosn-ph Sl0lll'l' .'q5?: .luv Inlrsnnuruls I, .I, I1 Ill-I fjwhmf 4 Q -I .. rabbil hunlm-r .. Q slroug. silvnl, Iypn- . . A gooal nalure-cl . base-bull . . clislilu-s book rc-porls I i . . IllI'1'lIIiIIIl' . . "lVIan-o- day." I Mfg ,- , , Y 2:65 ' . Phyllis H. Slnnvr Phil Play l'ro1luc'l,ion I-3 Span ish Club 15: Library Club I. 2, Il. I . . proliliu lcI,l,vr wrilvr . . llalc-s 1-gotisls . . vnrly bird . . shy . svrious . . vollvgm' "1 Ih, :ny l:null" liilllillll Slnulfu-I' .glf'liIl.V lIlll'IIlIllIl'IllS I. 2, Il. ll - llusvball IIIIIIIIILIUI' I, 2. Il. -I1Connnn-ra-ial Club I . 1 A xvlm-ran Inasvlmll IIIIIIIIIIIPI' Ai Y' . . rorny jnlu-s . . 1-Iigiblv Q bu4'lu'lor . . I'lll4'lll2lIl . . "'- H , fulurv SIIIPSIIIIIII . . "III:-ss A N' , your lil I lv poiutf-tl hvzul. 1 :so 1 'W V i., '1, R " 4. w ,, . M x n aiu. ' 'f Ea ' fl ,lm-oh 'I'urbun .Iuka Inlrzunurals I, 2. Il. I- lfoolball Il: l"ool,hall nuula- ge-r I: Ilaslwlball I-1 Ili-I 25. I-1 Iarsily Club Sl Allllvlin' Club I, 2, Il, I. llI'1'l4'lllll'd IIlllIlI'1'l'Q'lll'Q' . , baslwlball am' . . Car- dinal fan. ,always razzln Moc- . . pro lmslu-tlxall . , "You Illini." Dah- ll. Upde-grail' U pdf' Intramurals I, 2. 3. -I-1 Ifootball I-3 Class ollirn-I I. II: Slumlvnl lvaclvr II Hand I. 2. Il, I: Orclloslrm I. 2. Il: Chorus 2: Buys Chorus 2: Upmw-l,la 3. 'I Class Play II. Ig liiologg Club I-1 Iarsily Club I I3oy's Atllll-tic' Club I. 2 3. I-Q III-ml Cross Council 2. Il, I: SIIAWNHIC stall I . . pool sllark . . corny humor . . WUII-lll2lIIll4'l'Cll .. !lI'Ulll8l,ll' ability .. law yvr . . nl'IlllfIlt'8II.u Ruth E. Urivh Ifullzie InIl'anlul'aIs I. 2, Il, -It Chorus 23 llirl's Chorus 21 CflllIlllf'l'l'IHI Club 3 .. dm-liberals' span-vll . . rid- ing in that green convert- ible . . stylish . . quivl . . salvslady . "l'nl hungry." I.u,I0aunt' Nl. Wlviglc .leunrzie lulralnurals I, 2. Il. AI: Clll'4'I'I1'iNll'I' I. 2. Il. I: Slurlvnl. In-ucle-r 3: Con:- Illl'I'CIl'Il Club 3: Sludenl Council I . . IIaIlowv'e-n quwn . . steady UOIIIIIHIIX . . handy with n uvvfllv . . lll,lvI'li1'lIYl' . . natural blouclv . . school spirit . . Sll'IlU4LII'2lllIIl'I' . . "'I'hal's all right." Www 'gegm 'Mm .dem 1 9 5 0 Charles H. Wllartell Charlie ntralnurals l, 2. 3. 43 Basketball 3, 4, Baseball i, 3, -1-9 Chorus tg Operetta -3 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, -1-3 .eaders Club 2. 3, 44 Student Council 2 . . tar pitcher . . horse augh . . blunt remarks . . lislikes Harrisburg cops . crazy about redheads . pro baseball . . "'l'hat's 1 neatief' Donald Yvhislcr Champ ntramurals 1, 2, 3. -iq 3oy's Chorus 2, Play 3roduction 3, 4, Hi-Y -1- . red head .. roller ,kating . . big deals . . anky . . Gold Medal Jasketball player . . lay ,ile . . "l.ct's go to Willow Vlillf' Barbara A. Wilt Barb ntramurals 3, 45 Band !. 3, -tg Orchestra 2, 3. -lg :horns 2. 3, Al: Girl's :horns l: Operetta 3. 4: ?lay Production tg Dramatic Club l . . seam- stress . . reserved . . likes xr lish . . roller skates . . lousewife . . "You're off." LaDon na E. Winter Donnie Intramurals I, 2, 3, 43 Student leader l, 2, 3, 4, Play Production 3, 4: Commercial Club 3: SIIAWNEIQ stall' fl .. sense of humor . . all out for sports .. big appetite . . co-operative spirit . . social worker . . "l'loochie." ltlarybellc Wise Mazie Intramurals lg Play Pro- duction 3, fig Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club -lg Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4 . . friendly dis- position . . likes cheese- burgers . . ice skater . . dainty . . future house- wife . ."0h, my heavens." ltlargarel Zimmerman Nlick Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl's Chorus -'I-3 Play Production -lg Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2 . . Sth Street Roller Rink . . enthusias- tic . . red hot temper . . generous . . own a res- taurant . . "Thing-a-ma- bob." l3l1 Q 1 g.,- Hz.. F.. 1 :yy . i '7 IRI in ,415 " 51: Q . ' V ..., f I L L - 3 I ' : 1 .. ' : f ' 7 : - 1 : A I . -v 3. : -- - I 3 T 3 5 i ' : - , , - A L ' Z A' r ' E 5 T - 5 1 1 5 : A 2 F 2 7 r - - - : ' A ' 'r - 2 1 - ,Q 3 : -T .-- I - - 1 - - 1 5 -' L ,- 1 .1 1 - ' : 2- Z Q 1: NN . -4 . . .4 . -N ' . ' 'r-1 X, 'mlm Vi u' :4 VI. s .'. .I . 4.x lr. .: ..- . .xxx 1 h IIEll'4'lIl - vluupv-:mln-.I QiI1HI'4'ilf lllglll 1IiIll1'l'N. mul ilu' llurxa-sl llups lln- wuuu' vluss pnrlx. -sv ulllmws lwl llwxr vluss lllruulgll an s1n'1'4-sxI'l1l 'illill yvur. fillllllll vlullllllg HI llu' hull lr4'lu1'4'll vlzuwvs. lln-5 znrvj Um: Nlaugus prvsnh-nl: 4.ImrI4-5 lilI'1'lI. -1-m'vl:1l'5: Xululiv lfus- lll'2iNlll'l'l'. Senior Class Advisers gl'llilbl' pilol- Hun! 'nu'4- :null lllulvlsialllcllllu 1'x 1 IIIIAIIIX lln-X1-1'l:uss aulxw-us Iullmu Hn- vlux-. IIIIHUQI1 mum xuuxu-X In IVHVIIIIQ llu-ll x Illllilllll' zusslsliulnwv. Ilwx IIJIXI' lnvlpml Vllillxl' Iln' M Him mslix iii.-X an sunvn-1-ss, Il4Il 'Ill X llI'l'4'1lll2lIl Ill H 1IiN4'llNNl11ll mx:-I' 'PIII' nl 'Ill' Ill.IIIX lwnws !ll'l1ll1'Il Ill'1Ul" !ll1'll1 Hvlzm 1111-2 Ulm lilum-Inv Nlllfllilllllil. Viv Nunn: l'n-lvrs :mel Xl: II nmlfl lluunnx. 1 I ,, Q , , 5, ' 7' 'ifetglf' ff AQ f 99 ,, .35 X- ,....x.a W.. YESJVX EXERCISE 1"-' 2 1. wriiv Xiu" wwrfi "SUS" in the blank f0ll0WiB!3 if in' 1 ,v ,x Y lv- ,f 1- ,xr xv 'Zef' dv' .erence. , ' X 1-X pzuixwiplw of galiniirzliion is a well elllhlilhbd DOHC!- V " ' V frsfft'-'tiff' 15 wud' cfs Ifri - uw: .1 LQ -Ll ms, hd in an increase in the building of light his m-'nn thu wmv thing. ' 1-fi ra-nd-vw lfwsfnl opinions on points of inter- tb y. QQ lQfE,L': ilzv Vufxxnrif of Um League of'Nations. a .3 mf- -Qz' Xiu' Ifvdvrzg! Government indium that :md lin- Imaxzmxmr of Nntimls. -- ng: xr wi sigmml until nearly three years after 1-I KM 'S 12 fm '12 Hs' tm- Amfria-au Army of Ochupation Vrwxu 2: Mau to mlivct rcparatiozm from Q :xfixwuyraf--al the soldiers' bonus. Ml uf :my of the worlii HIS' uf Qu- lx-agua of fkmrt. -L-1 pnyrnvnis in full. lm is thr- ultimate nzaw ,fr-qu-riy, pk 'rs that our fun- ' .milzlrfwfgrxniwf J n.1Zi-vtmli-m. - rn uf w'arf'iLy tn xw :my way :dh-rr! fp'-riiffuah-ly ima uuilzxr nr vnrrv- 'wf'irim- on thi' h and l'vn!ral Iffiglln was , S323 Gfharlem 'f' Uw mriff whirh is "gn in Mgpfaf A, K uns Class ol Illltlliillg Ililvli mvr an Imsy jl'2ll' am- lln' .IllIlIllI'1'liiSS olIl1'u'l's. lim-lly Ilnulxs. ll'1':1slm-l': I,llXI4l XIllIllll'l'lllZlIl. prvsl- xlvnl: lIusvln:u'5 Flvllvr, S1'K'l'l'llil'jQ mul 'Nlurilyn llulwr. XIl'1'-I!l'l'SllI4'llI. 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XVUIIUII. NUVIIIII. Huw lim: Xviglvr. IIIlII1lIx5llll1'HX. Sh-lln-r. Nl'Nl'UlIII'l'. ill-l':uu'ill. IIlll'1'II'I'l. llllll' lllrf'f': llulu-rlsml. ljlll1'Ix. IM-ilril-ln. ll:-XI ill. Nlnrlin. llullnm, llunvzm, We-nu-r. lfuu'fm1r'.' llvrmml. Snyllvr. Hull'- llrinlun, flrillilll. I,1'II1llll'll..I2H'lxlilllI1'lx. NImwslm'lx.5Il'zll4'y. XIIIITHN.XIlllIlll'l'lll1lll. l'1'llIl'l'. . ...Wi 3:7 Hall 1951 Ronin I3: Hrs. Nlurgurvl NIPSIIHIIK' limi' umm' l'1I'llXXllIx1'll1'l'. BillxI'I', Ilullmm. Hl'l'lllN'l'. Cnrlxlv. Shim- lm-I. lfnu' lim: Russ. lillllliill. YXullm'1', Imxxis. Plulls. Millvr. Nllfhlllll. Hou' lhrw: Null. Willwllll. Stahl. Slulllll-l'. Boyd. liirlm-maori. l"ur4-sluzul, JUIIIINUII. Hou' f1lIll'.'SIUlll'l'. Slnuluw. Dun- klv. Wulkvlx Nx'Ul'HlillgItlllI, Cou- lvy. lfislu-r. VIQIIUIIIIPSUII. Hunks. 'S Rnom I I : Hr. Charles Slilyllilllglll Ifflll' ww: Nlillvr. lhuly. l"s-lrmx. S1-ill.Nlurruy.lizalvs.i1.VN'z1llm'1'x. lfn11'll1w: SI1-xx1n'l, lxislvr. Ifrlm, IS. NY:llI1'l'Q. l"l'4'i1'lll1'l', Slltbdlly. llmwlem. lfuu' Ihrert' llurl. 'I'l'll- HIS. NNN all:-rs, NN ul kms. l.1-adf-r. Ixlllx. llvssl-r. H55 www acumen 2 H V? r Ronin l2: Miss ,Ivan Zumhrum Hull' ww: .I. Nlurruy IH-Inu. Wvllilv. Fpnllr. I'.4'll'UW, Slwllc-I. Q. l.ziug'hnl:nl1. lfuu' lmu: Pum- 1-II, llusillslxi. Xfngwlsnllgl. W iw. xy1'SlIlZil,I'l', I"1ll'1'SllHlll.SXXHXUIF. lfnu' llzrvv: livin-Imam. SIIIIIUIX Dunlm-5, l llll1',L2'I'iIH'. IXiIIS1'j. Pa-vlx. 'NIzu'lxl4-5. Rupp. lfnu .f1lllI'.' Ylilllilllili. l,1'Xill4'. li, Iiillgflllllilll. SIN-zaIl'n'r. lfslvp. Holla-l'. S1'llIUSSl'l'. k Class of Ilia-x1-llssingllu-ul'rullg1-nu-illsI'-lr llu- Suplu-uuu-v class pnrly In-Id Ull "'1'lPl'lI1il'j 25. IUSO urn' ilu- m'l:1wul'lim'4'l's wyvr. 54't'l'4'l2ll'j1 .luxxv Nnrrix. 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Hou' fu Huvlwy, Williams, D. W ll'I'S.sIl'l0lx,SllllIl.Av10l't ll0LlI1'l', B. Mmwvry, YVI14 1-r. lfowji1'f': Url. Shu Slnu'IY'vl'. Wvnr. N ul Ha-In-r. Spmulhuur. 1 90 1 Class of 1955 l'romim-nl sludonls , . ph-lam-d riglul. uw-fx vlmsz-n In I1-:ul III1'lI' N:-xm'nlIl grrznlr- Innin- -Il In l'l"'IlI 'url-' Nu VUOIIIS. I4 'z lulru Iivimm-r. xim--pl'1-siclz-III 1 ,. 1 . . rumn I: 'Nlury xlllll' lim-mmill. pl'1'NIlIl'IlI. Nunn I I,Zll'l'j I54'Iiuul'4I. pn-wirlvnl, rumn IS: I,Ul'l'lH IIHNIIIS. Nll'1'-IIl'4'NI1Il'llI. menu 3. 441444 mn 3: '. llrinlon Ronin I-: M r. S I rulvy lfnu' 1u11'.' Hurr: ax NM-I glen Iivlnml. ffnuk. Il Millvr. Papp. I'e-lu-rs Ixn-Ins. lfuu' hm: Nona' nmlwr. S, SIIIIIII . Illmn I'rmu-II. I':I1'Ilt'IIN'l',LI1'I', .I " ' .Snyxls-r Lu-glvr,1.1nunnlI Ifmn lhrf'1': Iiminski. .I I1"'It'l' Z',. SIN-:nz IN iw Irm-lvl'. 'I'1'u1pIa-. IIIIM' J. Snydvr. Hou' jbur M. Wvvrlz. SIIIIPNHII. .I wI4'I'If. .I. NIIIIII. NIl2ll'I'Il'l' Cllrl. Il.MnIl1-r Mursln SIIRIHII. Niw-I. Malvlxul' Il. FIIUUI' vunv: .ItlIIllX1lll. I .Inm- ning. IluII'm:m. lim'- I. IT. Nll!XNl'l'j. l1I:w-. mlm. If. IIm'Ion. lffill' Marlin. IgIll'Q1'4'l'. l'IxImiII, -IUIIIIYUII. Il. lun. Ixrmml-. 'XII'- III. Julius. Hou' ll1re's'.' XHIIIIIIIIEIII. I7urxxm'I. Ivllvr. Nlillvr. NI!- I. Iirusius. I'mrkA-. vr. Ifzisfxsoml. lftlll' ': III-llmmi. ,lulm-s. ,IL liruylmill. I"isIn-r. g. Iiasilu. Iirzmdl. Iiugvr. II4mu'l'. Iivsl. I 9' I i fu, 1 , x J- - .-1 'mx K '-Z' ff X A s 44 x lin A I5 ' P . I 'E ig. u me Q 251 Hubs lg 55" l""z x 3. .5-1-6. fl ' an , ww fav K1 ,W ,Q N, P , ,F its y J ml, ,sm Q , J gms in Q y Q aw wzu Ucowdfzetcied Qfcmdc llnfw Iumulx mlm-In hun- um'k1-:I lmrfl hu' graulllulnm llilj am- pn-pm'v1l lu 1-xlq-ml lhvn' lmmlg amd gruxp Ilu-ir 1li,DlllllIilN. lull llu-ir ggnul in li!!-. xX'Il'lIIl'I'lIl1'j 5111I1lt'ull4'g'l',ufillltl llll'1Ii1'iIll', lVllSilIl'SS imluslry. Ilwse- lun nill .1-1-lx ull Hsu! liI':'1'ull2ix1- nul ulllx ALTLAND FUNERAL HQME RAYMOND B. ALTLAND Class of 1931 1303 Bridge Street New Cumberland, Pa. Phone: 2-4567 Your School Savings Bank 5 NATIONAL QI, U BANK 4, Q Member Member at FDIC Federal Reserve Q NEW CUMBERLAND 3 SY5l2m ,Q PENNA. QQ- '9U3T CO9 Home of Harrisburg State Airport Congratulations to the Class qf 1950 WEST SHORE DAIRY PRIZE-WINNING MILK Pennsylvania State Farm Show ENOLA, PA. Phone: 4-3970 L 93 EMAND E LL Gift Mart ROUTE 111-on the Mountain Top Gifts, China, Pottery, Bird Baths, Garden Pottery, Lending Library, Groceries. ESSO GAS AND MOTOR OIL '5- C. lVI. MUSSELMAN iwlussrlmanw jFunrral ihumz Phone: 2-6925 Lady Assistant LEMOYNE, PENNSYLVANIA Aristocrat Ice Cream 6 MILES SOUTH OF HARRISBURG ON ROUTE 111 GREEN HILL INN Steaks and Seafood TELEVISION liloanorc and Dick Culhanv Phone: Yocurnlown 99 ll 23 Chrysler Phone: 7-9461 K I Plymouth F1restone Motors, Inc Paul Gessmer Motors 1029 Market Srreer LEMOYNE, PENNA Cluryslcr and Plynloutlm Sales and Service 16th and Market Streets Camp Hill, Penna. Phone: 3-0820 941 FREYSINGEITS Pontiac Sales ana' Service W. M. Sheaffer Inc. Porcelanize for a Hardware Longer Lasting Luster Fendix Underbody Coating Lemoyne - Pennsylvania 1 53 5 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Harrisburg 3-8523 Phone: 5-2006 Homer W. Miller Ice Coal Wood PHONE: 3-8822 NEW CUMBERLAND Phone .' 4-8815 Free Estimates JOHN L. NEGLEY, jf. Plastering Contractor RESIDENCE: 429 RENO STREET OFFICE: LOCUST ALLEY and RIVER AVE. New Cumberland, Pa. N. C. Restaurant ' Soda Fountain ' Sandwiches 'Lunches and Full Course Dinners Third and Bridge Streets New Cumberland Martin Outboard Motors Sales and Services Power Lawn Mowers A. K. Souders Garage Fourth and Market Sts. New Cumberland, Pa. Phone: Hbg. 2-5259 95 JOHN B. STARR Lundeen News Agency 241 Third Sr. Lemoyne, Pa. GUARANTEED Watch Repairing 81 JCWCIEY Greeting Cards for all occasions . Candy. Toys and Novelties Distributor 416 Market Sffeef Patriot and Evening News LEMOYNE, PA. Phone: Hbg. 6-5271 phone: 3-9317 KRAFT ' S SERVICE STATION Gas-Oil-Lubrication Complete Tire Service Phone: 3-9 1 88 8th and Bridge Sts. NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. FURNITURE At Reasonable Prices BUTTORFF 8: CO Third and Bridge Sts. NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Congratulations from . . . Lisburn General Store LISBURN, PA. LESTER KITZMILLER, Owner STANLEY ANDERSON, Manager Congratulations Seniors CAMPBELL'S BARBER SHOP Service by Appointment 825 Bridge St. Phone: 3-1277 961 Phone: Harrisburg 3-7698 ILBSUMNEMOUMKUJ 2 H. B. STRINE 8th and Market Sts., LEMOYNE, PA POOLERS Con ratulations from: DELICATESSEN g DELIVERY SERVICE Everjfthinfg Good to Em' MEATS ' GROCERIES Plumbing and Heating FROZEN FOODS 805 Bridge St., NEW CUMBERLAND Phone: 4-X561 BILSPOONHOUR General Contractor and Builder Q 916 Sixteenth St., NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Phone: 3-0537 FYFE CLEANERS Formerly West Shore Cleaners Excellent Service O Phone: 2-0197 New Cumberland, Pa. B. B. Hobaugh and Son Electrical Contractors 211 W. Third Street - NEW CUMBERLAND Bell Phone: 2-6223 HartzeII's Texaco Station GOODRICI-I TIRES 0 Fifth and Bridge Sts., NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Phone: 3-9937 HABENNS Wardrobe Service DRY CLEANING Done in Our Own Plant 427 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Telephone: 3-3222 SHOE REPAIRING and TAILORING Member National Institute f Cleaners and Dyers V. R. BOWSER E. A. BOWSER, JR. NEW CUMBERLAND GULF 9th sz Bridge sms. W ash i n g Phone: 3-9431 Lu brica tion BAIR BROS. Balcecl Enamel Auto Painting Complete B0dy and Fender Service V EBERLY'S MILLS I Mile Soutlt of Camp Hill PHONE: 7-3211 Harry Bixler TIN NING HEATING V 305 Sixtll Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Phone: 3-7972 981 I-IEMPT BRGTI-IERS Bituminous Products, Transit Mixed Concrete CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA MEINSLER'S SUNOCO SERVICE 11th AND BRIDGE STREETS Tires, Batt NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. s, and Access es A Z Lubricatio DYNAFUEL Pbm- 3-9255 DYNALUBE Food Market J. W. WRIGHT 4- Delivery Service PHONE: 3-7835 Flowem, Plenty, C07".fdg6.f Decomtiom J. LANDIS RANDALL 314 North Second St. HARRISBURG, PENNA. Pl one: 3-5730 HQ VV ARD O'BRIEN'S GROCERY J 1xt1LA1sUNDI5Ec5DUc:E ICC Cream Shoppes and --ARISTOCRATU Ice cream Restaurants SUNDXES MILK sHAKEs soDAs 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily 1112 Brlclge St.. New Cumlaerlancl. Pa. Open every day II :go A. M. to nzoo P. Pham., 3-6329 Congratulations to the Class of 1950 CONRAD'S CAFE HELENE M. CONRAD, PROPRIETOR 114 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND PENNSYLVANIA M 84 M GIFT SI-IGP for Greeting Cards Costume Jewelry Stationery Baby Gifts Imperial Glassware 303 BRIDGE STREET NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Phone: 2 -8431 RAY F. P ROW E LL GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone: Hbg. 7-1065 R.F. D. N0.3. MECHANICSBURG. PA. 100 I STEAKS CHOPS SEAFOOD PIERREYS CAFE Locally Owned and Operated HY BUCKY DOYLE cS'c DICK STONER Home H1 just below NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. BAIiBl'XZl'lCS FIIUZICN Cl STAB D PLA'l"l'IjliS TACKITT'S GROCERY 1500 Bridge St., NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. K S 4Formerly Mason's Grocery! CUSTARD STAND 0 lfoulc' Ill York lload Featuring N lfjw gil 'Ml5IQRL,-XND. PIQNNA, Breyer? Ice Cream - Fresh Frozen Meats BRIDGE DINER e9n.alLz?4. MM- BOOTH SERVICE '7fxe Zewall pflaldf ' 0 Upon 24 Hours 914 16th Street, New Cumberland, Po. Pharma-7750 GOOD FOOD ALWAYS ' ffm e ME ff l 101 S"3'W'C"3 Uttn 8- Hollinger QUALITY LUMBER and BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Phones: 3-3 I48 f 6-575l Sixth and P. R. H., LEMOYNIC, PA. FRESH FRUITS FRESH and SMOKED MEATS FROZEN FOODS Iohnny's Self Service Market 307 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. APPLES GRAPES PAG E S Truck and Fruit Farm Etters R. D. 1 Phone: Yocumtown 1 SRI 3 PEACHES CHERRIES WEST SHORE PASTRY SHOP Specializing in FANCY PASTRIES and DECORATED CAKES 207 Fourth Street New Cumberland. pa. PHONE: 6-0860 THE GLORIA-KAY SHUPPE NANETTE FROCKS "AS YOU LIKE IT" NYLON HOSE INFANTS' and CHILDRENS WEAR 0 207 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND. PA. Phone: 3-6089 KRINER'S Sc and 100 Store Third and Bridge Streets I NOTIONS TOILET ARTICLES and GREETING CARDS OF ALL KINDS DUPONT PAINTS Sincere Congratulations Esther S. Hemp! The Shop for Women of the West Shore Hosiery - Dresses ' Lingerie I 102 I Your Invitation TO VISIT THE COMPLETELY MODERN ARBEGAST STORE Brouse through the 34--Boom Setting. See the furniture as it will look in the home. Best of Luck to the Class of '50 FRONI GBE E N B E BG' S Your Friendly Family Oujitters Cnplaniv AppareL Inc. Inexpensive Smart Fashions 0 f Quality and Good Taste Work Clothing Our Specialty-featuring Branded items such as Lee, Sweet Orr and Big Yank. Shoes by Endicott and Sundial. 208-10 Market Street lNear the Squarel HARRISBURG, PEN N A. Open Evenings Iill 8 31-1 Bridge Street, NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. FRANK R. LEIB 81 SON General Insurance Agents FK Phone: 2-2198 MARKET SQUARE BUILDING 4 North Second Street HARRISBURG, PA. T1031 Prompt Courteous Service HARRISBURG GARMENT and SAFEWAY CLEANERS 81 DYERS Phones: 4-4011 . 2-2918 516-518 N. Second Street HARRISBURG, PA MEARL J. LANDIS O ?3 A'I'I.A N'I'I I I Sli RVICIC S'I'A'l'l0N Front, und Bridge- Stn-els NEW KZIIMHICIKIANID, PA. Luhrivul ion Tire Service Washing George L. Bowen frinting Since 1924 NEW CUMBERLAND Phone: 3-7947 HUGHES DRAPERY S H 0 P lN'l'l'IliIOR 1Jlcc':onA'l'lNu Sluye and .'1lllHfUl'l-Illll DHA PER! HS .Ihr Srlmols, I fl1l1l'1'he.v, IL'lr'. S'f'.ffUlf SCENICIQ Y ZZIH NUIKTII SICCUND S'l'lll'1lf'lx llflrrishurg, Penna. I'InwAnn C. lluumzs Pause A appeal SC Juoiom, Jnc. LINCOLN and MERCURY Sales and Service Exclusive Dealer 1800 Ngrth Seqond Street 01 1 TREVA EPPLEYS THREE CABLES J. F. PENNY fgssuss, Salon SERVICE STATION AND R E S TAU RAN T HOSPITALITY- SERVICE - GOOD FOOD 2 ATLANTIC QUALITY PRODUCTS Twenty- four Hour' Service 2 S N C 1 d P 32d and Market Sts. 1 8Market t., ew umber an , a. CAMP HILL Phone: 4-0050 PHONES: 7-9115 -v 7-2131 For Energy .... For Good Health RYDER'S DAIRY PRODUCTS For Regular Deliveries Phone: 5-7383 Pasteurized Milk Buttermilk Single and Double Cream Guernsey Milk Homogenized Vitamin "D" Milk Creamed Cottage Cheese Chocolate Milk Butter 0 Sour Cream U Fat Free CSkimJ Milk with Vit. A 8: D Added SHEN K 8: TITTLE "'Z,'!.f f'ZZll1l'f,'2'e Everything ,ef CENTRAL PENNA. Sport BUSINESS COLLEGE 323 Market St. HARRISBURG, PENNA. Phone: 3-6067 313 Market St., HARRISBURG, PA. . "Central Pennsylvanirfs Greatest Play More-L1ve Longer Business Sshsop, I 105 Call...FAGER COAL for West Shore Delivery Colliery Anthracite Coal YardfRea.r 110 Fourth St., NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. RAY D. FAGER, Owner Phone: 3-0322 Phone: 5-9394 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Breyer's Ice Cream JOHN SHEAFFER Cold Cuts Lunch Meats Salads Groceries Sandwiches French Fries ' 10 A. M. TO 10 P- M- DAILY 15th and Bridge Sts., New Cumberland, Pa. THE PRESS SHOP PRESSING WHILE YOU WAIT K. M. NITCHMAN, Prop. 214 Fourth Street - NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. BAER Sz BENTZ, S P I LLWAY R. W. BENTZ, Owner ' B LI CONCRETE PRODUCTS OW NG 8: BILLIARDS O Telepbone: 3-2408 NEW CUMBERLAND Cor. 4th and Plum LEMOYNE, PA. Phone: 3-9704 PAUL R. EICHELBERGER Insurance 0 Real Estate 307 Market Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PENN A. PHONE: 2-ssss 1061 MI GER' For Finer Photographs CSince 18823 Official Photographer for New Cumberland High School Second and Walnut Streets . Harrisburg, Pa. WILBUR MaCIV0R 5th Street Roller LEMOYNE - PENNA. I N S U R A N C E . Open every nlght REAL ESTATE RENTALS except Sunday 8 to 11 P. M. Admission 500 Park Ave' Slllllrdlly Malinee 2-4 0,6l0Ck .... 3' 56 Sincere Congratulations to the Class of 1950 . . . BUILDERS SUPPLY and FUEL CU. S. 19th 8zPenna.R.R. CAMP HILL Standard Anthracite Coal Fuel Oil 7 - 9 5 9 5 7 - 2 5 1 1 H071 M. Brenner 8: Sons WHOLESALE ONLY Candies, Fountain Supplies Specialties HARRISBURG, PA. Congratulations Graduate We extend our best wishes for your continued success When You Turn Back the Pages of This Year Book We hope that you can include us in your pleasant memories BRUN H OUSE DRUG STORE 321 Bridge Street New Cumberland, Penna. JOHN C. HERMAN Es? CO. Phone: Harrisburg 2-2351 'U' 434' 'W' SCOTT'S Hairdressing Salon BILLIIQ SCOTT LEIB New CUMBERLAND, PBNNA. 200 Third Street 4' 4' 4' NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. fl081 The Wm. H. Nauss Post No. 14-3 American Legion New Cumberland, Pa. Best Wishes for Continued Success to the Senior Class L. B. SMITH, INC. Motor Division FORD SALES - SERVICE - PARTS Ford Dealers for Greater Harrisburg Phone: 4-7073 TWELFTH AND MARKET STREETS LEMOYNE, PA. The Beetem Lumber And Manufacturing Company Lumber and Millwork LEMOYNE, PA. Phone: 41,268 CARLISLE, PA. Phone: 3, Congratulations to the Class of '50 A Sz G Food Market Doyle 81 Stoner York and Lewisberry Roads I 109 J. Paul Harkison ' Chevrolet 0 Frigidaire 0 Sales, Services v Appliances LEMOYNE, PENNSYLVANIA Y 0 R K H E AT Cooker1y's OIL FIRED SYSTEMS Restaurant KEYSTUNE llllr PlllIIlIIll'I'S UIIIIP. Priceless Quality Perfect Comfort PHONE: 7-3451 305 Bridge St. NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. FLOWERS C. C. DAVIS CONSTRUCTION CO STUCKEY'S Rear-220 Bridge Street F!01,L'61",j' NEW CUMBERLAND, PBNNA. 1317 N. Second Sr. Harrisburg, Pa. 5 Charles Stucl-zey, Prop. CORSAGES General Contractors agdfflfff HIIU amllflj, lim. UNETTLETON SHOES i?iEkBP:3F1'BBIT'lHU UDOBBS HATS CUSTUMIIEDA' CLOTHES 22 N. THIRD ST. HARRISBURG. PA. 11101 WEBB AND WULPE your Sporting goocld Store I 2ll Walnut Street Harrisburg, l'ennu. he 1950 lzawnee Printing and Binding by J. HORACE MCFARLAND COMPANY jmanunt Pleasant lBrzss HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA T H E E L K W O O D PRATT AND LAMBERT PAINTS COMPANIES, Inc. Susquehanna llil 8: Paint Co., Inc llnclswuol Insulation 17 South Third St. . "The Place to Buy Paint " The Best Protection Against Heat and Cold MURAL-TONE WALL PAINT I ' L ' ' ' C . ,I ' ' "' DINNERS ' SNACKS ' BAR-B-QUES CURB SERVICE FOUNTAIN SERVICE 12TH AND MARKET STREETS LEMOYNE, PA. H. HANSON, Florist MILLEPCS ' SHGE STORE Store: on the s uare 916 North Third Street q H - P 5 . mow. 3"8'::SBU'lG 'NM 5 SOUTH MARKET SQUARE 203 MARKET STREET Greenhouses : GN tl V h' d L L - Sou ' F 'r S ree Shoes for Men, Women, Chrldren L1-:MOYNE - PENNA. PHONE: 4-0619 4,4722 New Cumberland Tool and Die Co. Miller and Geary Ave. NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. General Machine and Repair Work Phone: 2-7314 CUTTING DIES A SPECIALTY 1l2 Rockwool Insulation Brick Siding Rowng BELLWOOD COMPANY 22 4th Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Phone: 5-8780 Plastic Steel LEMKE BROTHERS lorists Plants, Cut-Flowers and Floral Designs for all occasions O Store and Greenlmuses: 861 Market Street - Lemoyne, Pa. Wall Tile Owned 8LOperated Asphalt and METZGER, R sONs R1l115f-'Y Tile 3 RATE 206 3d St., New Cumberland 0 PARKER PENS 'DOUBLE K NUTS 0 COSMETICS DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM "Gil" Beckley - flask" Hobart CAMP HILL All Tren FRONT AND RENO NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. WCMB 960 ON YOUR DIAL 113 THE MILL REMNANT STORE 15 South Third Street HARRISBURG, PENNA. DAVID H. OPPERMAN 313 Market Street LEMOYNE, PENNA. Phone: 2-8602 You can be Sure . . if it's 'ufeeiinghouee SPECIALIZING IN FLORAL DESIGNS PEALER'S lower Slzolo MEMBER or FLORAL 'ILELEGRAPH DIVISION Phone: Harrisburg 2-0805 Camp Hifi, Penna. F R Y' S New Ad-BG Fooa' Market 570 Third St. Lemoyne Penna. Free Phone: Delivery 2-5519 ELMHR C. Wxsu, Estate International Harvester 'jimmie's" Barber Shop 116 Fourth Ave. between 4th ak 5th Srs. NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Phone: 6-0861 s.-mas SERVICE REFRIGERATION HRS' THURS. 8 A. M. 8 A. M. LEWISBERRY, PENNA. T0 T0 7 P. M. 12 NOON 1111.1 L. G. BALFOUR CO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. J' F Designers Phone: 4-1502 Commencement Announcements Electrical Refrigeration and SCIVICC Personal Cards 320 Fourth Street W. G. 4Bi11, ROSS New Cumberland, Pa. M. A. Hof jesse H. Stone HOFF 8: STONE :l?unerali1?nme Air-Conditioned 408 Third Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Wm. H. Embick, Licensed Assistant LEROY ROOFING CO. General Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors HARRISBURG, PA. Phgneg 4.4174 Congratulations KESSLERS, Inc. Manufacturers and Distributors of Meats and Provisions LEMOYN E, PA. I 1 15 NEW CUMBERLAND BOX CO. NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Fancy GQ? Boxes , NOW! More Than Ever G' IT PAYS TO SHOP "Doc" REIFF HARDWARE COMPARE ! PAINTS, OILS, AND GLASS n House Furnishings, Stoves, Sporting Goods, Etc. 214 Fourth sr. NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Fashions fof Men p1,m.' 3-1413 NEW CUMBERLAND Congratulations to the Class of '50 Shaun Equipment and Supply Co. Lemoyne, Pennsylvania Telephones: Harrisburg 4-4915 4-4916 116 The Belgrade Dress Factory Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '50 LOWE R'S RE STAU RANT For Good Food O 209 Third Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Printers Publishers CENTRAL PUBLISHING HOUSE Phone: 3-5214 13th and Walnut Streets HARRISBURG, PENNA. Printers of The N. C. Hi Times O CENTRAL BOOK STORE Phone: 2-8271 25 North 4th Street HARRISBURG, PENNA. Books Bibles Church Supplies Always a good deal . . . PHONE: HARRISBURG 6-0686 liEllEH'S AUTH EXCHANGE PARK AVE. AND BRIDGE STREET NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. l117 MOUNTAIN VIEW TURKEY FARM J. L. BOWMAN Phone .' Yocumtowu 14 - R- 2 West Shore Automobile Co., Inc. Studebaker and Uldsmobile Sales and Service Distributors for lllurlllillan Ring-Free Uil West lfnd of Market, Sl. Bridge 1,1-moyne, Pa. SERVICE DEPAIITMENT- Telephone: Harrisburg 8104 PAIITS DEPAIITM ENT- 'l'1-lcplmlwz Harrisburg 4-8083 STAILEY'S Zeleuiaion Scaled and Service " We Get Reception Where Others Fail 'I Q g 0 6 Mi. East of Harrisburg On Route 22 Phone : 5-6061 Quality Meats MILLER' S MEAT RE H M' S- Quality Fresh Meats YOCUMTOWN, PA. Phone: 12-R-4 . Stall 216 525 Bridge St., New Cumberland, Penna. Broad St. Market, Harrisburg, Pa. 118 I PHONE: 2-0795 KELVINATOR BENDIX Refrigerators Washers SAMUEL GERBER Ranges Dryers Freezers Ironers Dependable Upholstering for Three Water Heaters Generations Kenneth W. Sprenkel Bedding Rugs New Furniture Custom Built Furniture Furniture Re-upholstered CAMP HILL Phone: 7-1931 1004 Market St. Lemoyne, Pa. MEATS and GROCERIES GUARANTEED RADIO SERVICE M. S. R. S. M. A. ALBERT 8: SON Crosley ana' Philco Raa'ios, Refrigerators, Ranges, etc. Our Newest Attraction: CROSLEY TELEVISION Phone: Yoc. 8R12 LEWISBERRY ROAD, Route 24 To the Graduating Class . . . YOU are what you are because YOU want to be what YOU are. YOU can if you will. M. F. ROCKEY Storage Co. Moving, Storage, Packing, and Shipping Vault Storage for Valuables NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. CSuburb of Harrisburgj MYLES F. RO CKEY President I 119 PHOTO BY 4'l.ARIfN4'lQ I WEST SHORE THE TRE NEW CUMBERLAND AIWCONDITIONED FRANK FREISTAK, JR., Mgr .'x'.'-. L" - ." I, k 'v ,f. .. vvxh .-as 15 .w' F fri '7' JV' .V k..,. 'fn fA fr-.f ..- 5-+ - 1 HI-,X-A 63 .-, X33 ' ' -M , f,-J Q A v.. ' -71,-.,,. ...ay L uf . Dv .-....,,,, , 3 .Al .,,4qvJ. H, ,M x H- ww-1 1 nf'-x - ..'. ,504 f . '. .L ,L-.2 V .r ', 4, S AV" , f' ' "fl" 1' :,-.-,N KHP"- vg, f" - i-1.'.,?i--jfs 1.51 112512 n , -' .3 -L ,nn 4- '.t f- - 32:43, 43'-. .Sf 1j,.:f.,,g 1 . . ., , , .M , X .af ' ' 41. .2 . -nf.: .1 af L ,jf-'R ' ,. -ff:,f'fis5-5'7:.-- 'Q' ,. "iw . f' 'V?'f:'f"-" Ti " 4- - ,.1 1 2 yu f., 1.-f 5' 2- A "-' 1 D211 w.. , ,, 1- f .1 ,.-,, 3-s,f2's- , .. .-.' -.N J-,' ' '.7'1" ' 2 I Pl, 5, M45-Q 4. W.. .,. 4, v "-rm i. 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