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 - Class of 1943

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51 Q. ff 'Sv 4 fm Q A f . aa -vw nu, 1 mf 4 fiipggfki hr Y. ,Q Q , , ,X N. Q. -na El, 9 , , mv QA V X ' tem sinh , 1 ini, in K K ll Q . I 'W 'D f -if 1 :Nz , N M W . , Q Z-f :ff f K W i3W.,.,.w-M-gv"'1 .. ..,. ., A .WHA-v,,,"""".w.K., . E' , f 1, X I W 9 V Q A m . ' f QV' , , 3 , a if H WWW! A ' ,. J. 'Q-7?7lf-1' , -w,,,. W . " XJ W 14 'f1.f1f?f1'ffaf,V ii? f W H ,,,, x .M - W Us fy my L. f :X H. 'A '51 , ....21,-L-JF-+-'-f:... W A H.: ,z .599 m ,, wx fm ,A ,.. dm-W WM, 6':S..f5'M 'Wwmw r . , ' AW ' "' 'WN Q M ..-if -Q 4- H'w?Lfg5zv,mh,: .2g5,. Q3,1:a'.wg,ff?v'w 7 if Agwiaw. Um,w'3wfwg mimi 'x ' ' 1':5'5- wif? S??'5'iif?w1w,:f2s:D'5 fbisff w:Q,gEfV1sWwi1Q2"!SGiy'i!'i14f if fiwzww V fl a t I Q ' ,, , 54,2332 f Lg f Q,,.a3,i1?,,SQ1,w,g,,,:,egQ, WQ,,:,,,iQ,:-N QgAz1'4fmf'm rw .ken ,V4M'4fx . , , Hkxw 3, 55,m,1a21,yV,:fg1wf Vaggs, ' , Qi. M -W iisgw , f 1?fKil?'5,,Vglfg'f wh WM, ,Wim ,T - .- , , , "Wigan WWFQWYQ 5 'ffl if fb-,5e11.:e ,wg film. 5. Wh X, ,, f 1 ' K V . ,fff'5i2n?fm1TS gi gy 3:1517-iQs'Gf:.?f7?fW ' "iw figif ' 59: :fi--wk? 4f,P'Lf'.f?LiQfid'Tt'- .f'f?'fi?wfw,,gff iffwfwgfgyfwfs X I 3 V" V. ., ymf?"Sf'R-i33W2'ff My ,,1KH5'M"4' Vi,:F,Q,gAj1',4,5,f4f,7fL4k3y'gfj,MfE?, wifi wwgfawfgqf gem? iEQj'4f,1,17'1 .:f'ig3fji,f,jWf:fQf'fwN fl an 'VJ 'W U1'-mf'f4:3f"?,f'f'?'zl"'l.AMY 'f'9'gnj, wgiivffw , 1 , 'ff uf ' fi: ,LM 'YF 3 , f fa 2152, f + A M MA -iy-fU',Sf':V'f5'f :Mi ,qf'w2??'Q 1 . lg lgg 'ifjjgfw-' '1sgSg,3f'f'fTe f'f1,g"i1: .F-Qr'12g,: H f' if AWN' 9235 LE 'w"Www 'X' f' , A ' , U., ,gf A' 'Q' f 129167 A5395 1if"fF'ff'3,,' Nw f:.Q3lwf:fff'g f, M ,f il ' 551' G" 3 if -A pf? 1 fa QQ jfzgljx. A W ry 'gym Wfggiigq M,'gwusXgZjr.9 wggf' 3f:,mgfJ?ig,iQ'VW5,g, 3,65 :hij?g,ig:fgqf.f M3 'Q f if 3 my T7'1+s?Wf'WLk-'?ff'5'2ffTwifigziff-f9?97'?i3.sw?f79w'v'f-We 5'5'1+5?W 5 ,':'m3'af5gKf7L?2?55lf"' ,fy f 'ff?1""'Q2f f5f'fJ1anQaVM W A S 1 f'f"F"vU-,,w+ gi P fm: 'wg 1- nw ,wM,,gmf.'5',4,,f W Www W Wg?-H2f,z:-, W ,ww 5 was ,QP X X Qggsgws ,551 H 4 j,fhL,gcm U ,-sf W Wgv-yf 9? iw-:w,..,f2w 7- , 4 W ,w3X,:?v2f' fy m 'nm if aa V N, 4,afg5i22WQQffggvg2fi5-542231215 :igiwAg,mEifEw423i5g541w?: x1w'3,3W??4ef2?f:l?5 Z??f'75 w w sfg,ggQsisff?Szfg5g2?,i?fffs1x4g,',Q A -A .A LHS!" Jul' 'f Y 4 hy' M VX ' luiwfx' "fr ". 7457? ADWBWEQ Q' gwnv f,J, 3' 'ww J' Q ., v,,v .M 0, ', rf' kamgyw. N' W wx, ffvwl - fingwh K U, ,Mi .,j-.. -jg- 5, "LW 41, U ff 1' H .J yg f FRY ww My' 5362? W m W wan ,- M , 4 ,A :Win aww' QQWQQH I KV?ffz,,w- v M' M, ,W M ,A A w ,ar 5,777 H ,QL 55? Mgfpq- V, . ,A l..,g,4,k,f'YgQ,,k, wi rf W fl w1 21fw3Tkw "W 775 54 'lfw'5t+ 'flff i 'gffff . f" 3 W f wfw -"'- ' - , f 5 f .. V- ' ' ' Z ., T2 . f E It happened that Blanche Slaybaugh and Gilbert Beckley ad- vised this group in editing and publishing a top honor school paper and the yearbook. All are seniors except Anita Ruby and Ross Watts. Alene Hutton, Frances Erney, and Virginia Longyear have had one year's previous press experience. E1 2? an 90 A im , , if f. ,Q S51-?:f,:5'i:s:' 7 Y 1 . ff- 3 . Nami, , , -- Fi .V M -, Magi Um, f ii 5 ii' f ? i 3 , 5 4 H 4 'f igi .bwwu Nm .fy f A H.. N' 'f-M , Q 5 'Mffwk e ' 9 1 2 Z E x fl W , W X NW as nga an 7 ii Wish js if ffciiii 5 5 E 3? 1 4' K: 'D I J Q, is iffw V6 E , , al af E 2 ii Mg 1 a v, , , . E at 5 v, ...,. A , f M . Af' u E 5 f A ? V A 2 7 x"??l"' iv X , ,WDFUYF fy , gg, . 3 E Z, 5 2 2 4344 . X, it Gysty, 11 lv fun 5, , 3 Q IU 1, ,V J, Mg, X " 55L':l?Es nw i. f e O CLARION LIBRARIAN, ,ENGLISH 31. YES, BS, JSQNNE Scuocn, 8.5 LEBANON VALLEY Music Supenwsop EAD 51.515 Sranfvas, 5.4. Az msn Uxvfrmnrr Ai 'Y ' 'hm V ' iii ' We 24. "i?"" Q ' Roy 5'u1'7'0N 8.5, i ' Q -Bfofoar .Sarraf NSBURG an Zia:-L sn, 48, DICMWJON in mv, 05,-mf Of Wmfffv AM-,W V , M. img M. hwy? . , V .979 5.55: -f Sm-ug-X Kwan -Qw?M .,,,. , U , 'L X tj 11 Q A. ,N me 9 V ,.. Q Kahn? -.i.x.:A:v'4,': i + H. v 2.23236 is Q1 nji ,VL .gs 1,55 1.55: Q F R 3 5 3 1? 2 3 !M4f2sARfr.5'EcHf?1sz Fksmcn, iw Harrow l i N 2 fi A lm l fl if may Domus W ,Grei- Hall of Fame .... It happened thuL New Cumborland added ten now lIl65Il1lli'I'S to the twenty -Luo now on its Hall ol' Fame. These studunts are vluusori by Ihe high school faculty. Character, z1LLiLude, cooperative spirit. scholastic ability, and leadcrship are taken inl.0 consideration, Betty L. Adams Commercial Adams Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 NUTED FOR: Coach of cham- pionship senior volleyball team THAITS: Method of chewing gum PASTIME: Roller-skating AMB1TIoN: Stenographer APTITUDES: Clerical work janet A. .Allen Commercial Janet Intramurals 3, 4,' Chorus 1 NOTED FOR: Ushering at plays and operettas TRAITS: Quiet PASTIME: Heading AMBITION: Bookkeeper APTITUDES: Bookkeeping Pauline J. Baker General Baker Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Senior playg Operetta 25 Student coun- cil 25 Home Economics club 1,' Dramatic club 2: 6321" club 45 t.l1orus 3, 4,' "Times" staff 4 VIYRAITSZ Deep dimpleg hearty laugh PASTIMEZ Singing AMBITION: Navy nurse Paul C. Ball blitz Commercial Chester I ntramurals 1, 17, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Iianzt 1, 2, 3,' Varsity football 3, 4,' Junior play,- Fhorus 4,' tjoys' Clee club 3, 4,4 Student leader 3, 4,' Class vice- president 3 NOTED Fon: Art work TRAITS: "Green" hair: wit PASTIME: Fixing dad's trucks AMBITION: Mechanic James K. Beaverson Commercial Judge Intramurals 1, 2 NOTED Fon: Helping "2l" club Thurs: Bike-riding Romeo PASTIME: Playing pinochle AMBITION: Army cook APTITUDES: Bookkeeping , 1 -fi, ,dbM'N r Jane R. Albright Commercial Ozzie Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Student council 1,' Red Cross 2, 3,' Student leader 4 NOTED Fon: Her poems TRAITS: Witg devilish brown eyes PASTIME: Sports AMBITION: Oflice clerk APTITUDES: Athletics Emily NI. Baker Commercial Emily Intramurals 35 Senior play NOTED Fon: Effie in 'tSixteen in August" TRAITS: Southern drawl PASTIME: Beading, swimming AMB1TIoN: Secretary APTITUDES: Typing, book- keeping ,Iacob L. Barber Academic .lake Intramurals 4: Junior playg Senior play: Student council 2, 4,' Science club 45 Student leader 4,' Class president 4 NOTED Fon: Leadership 'l'nA1'rs: Little feet PASTIME: Model airplanes AMBITION: Aircraft designer and manufacturer George Beane General Beanie Intramurals 1, 25 Stage crew 1 NOTED Fon: Working at Enola TnA1'1's: Black wavy hairg slow way of talking PASTIME: Movies, model rail- roading AMBITION: To he happy APTITUDES: Science Donald E. Beecher Commercial . DOH Intramurals 1, 2, 3 NOTED Fon: Esso gas station attendant TRAITS: Reserved PASTXME: Sports, movies AMB1T1oN: Get a job Aprrrunnsz Typing, athletics Thelma M. Bcshore Commercial Shorty Intramurals 3,' 'A2I" club 4 NOTED Fon: "Besh0re's ford" TRAITS: High spirited PASTIME: Letter-writing AMBITION: Secretary APTITUDES: Typing Doris A. Bowen Commercial Shorty Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Central treasury 4 NOTED FOR: Central treasury member TRAITS: Genialg short PASTIME: Writing letters, reading AMBITION: Stenographer APTITUDES: Typing Nancy J. Brallen General Nan Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Student council 2, 3, 4: Dramatic club I,- Student leader Q5 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4,' Class treasurer 2 NOTED Fon: Cheerleading captain TRAITS: Olive skin PASTIME: Dress-designing AMBITION: Secretary James B. Chiles Academic Louie Intramurals 3, 45 Athletic club 1, 3 NOTED FOR: Stirring up argu- ments TRANS: YVavy hair PASTIME: Hunting AMB1'r1oN: Travel in foreign countries Fay A. Coblc Commercial Fay Intramurals tg Home Eco- nomics club I,' Library club I NOTED FOB: Working at the Depot TRAITS: Big brown eyes PASTIME: Reading, skating AMBITION: Secretary APTITUDES! Bookkeeping Anna Mary Blesslcy Commercial Ann NOTED Fon: Selling candy for Mr. Peiffer TRA1Ts: A smile for everyone PASTIME: Traveling AMB1T1oN: Typist APTITUDES: Consumcr's edu- cation Norma E. Bramhley Commercial Norma Senior play,' 'QI' club 4,' Red Cross 2, 3, 4 NOTED Fon: Lil Stone in "Six- teen in August" rllRAITSZ Radiant smileg impish eyes PASTIME: Dancing AMBITION: Stenographer APTITUIJES: English Dorothy M. Brown Commercial Dottie Intramurals 3, 4,' Central treas- ury 4,' Chorus I NOTED Fon: Central treasury member 'FRAITSZ Beautiful fingernails PASTIME: Playing the piano AMB1T1oN: Secretary APTITUDES: Stenography Joseph ll. Coale Academic Joe NOTED Fon: Little black book TRA1Ts: Gets around PASTIMIG: Sleeping AMBITION: Civil engineer APTITUDES: Science, mathe- matics William J. L. Collins Academic Leo Deroucho Intramurals 25 Operetta 25 Var- sity football 4,' Athletic club I, 2, 3, 4,' Boys' Glee club 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED Fon: Enlisting in the Navy TRAITS: Dancing eyesg serious talks PASTIME: Dates AMBITION: Navy D. Bruce Connor Academic Shorlie Inlrarnurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Hand 1, 2, 3, 4,' Orcheslra 1, 2, 3. 4,- Operelia 2,4 Alhlelic club 1, 2. 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4,' Boys, Glee club 3,' Science club 25 Sludenl leader 4,' Baskelball manager 1, Q, 3, 4 NOTED FoR: Cornet-playing TRAITS: Bow-ties PASTIME: Dancing AMBITIUN: Lawyer Nlary Anne Dickey General Dickey Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,4 Band 4: Senior play: Home Economics club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramalic club 1, 2, 35 "21" club 3, 4,' Red Vross 3, 4,' 'STimes" slajf 4,' Sludenl leader 1, 2, 3, 4,' Class presidenl 1, Treasurer 4 NOTED Fon: Dancing TRAITS: Enthusiastic AMBITION: Private secretary M . Pauline Dopp Academic Doppy NOTED Fon: Reading hooks THAITS: Kind brown eyes PASTIME: Reading AMB1T1oN: Happily married APTITUDES: Latin Marj oric F. Eic hclberger Commercial Peggy NOTED Fon: Being engaged TRAITS: Well-groomed hair PASTIME: Embroidering AMBITION: Secretary APTITUDES: Office practice Frances S. Erney General Tank lnlramurals 1, 25 Chorus 3, 4: Operella 2: "Times" staff 3, 4,- Class secretary 2, 4,' Slurlenl council 45 Sludenf leader 4,' Orcheslra 1, 2, 3, 4,' Junior play NOTED Fon: Yearbook editor T RAITS: Red-bronze hair PASTIME: Meeting new people AMBIT1oN: Travel s"'?" Fha., Betty A. DcVinney Commercial Liz lnlramurals 1 NUTED FOR! Always eating po- tato chips TRAITS: Talkative PASTIME: Letter-Writing AMBITION: Secretary AP'r1TUm-:sz Phys. Fld. Blargaret L. Donovan Commercial Peg I nlramurals 3: Sludenl council 1 NOTED Fon: Equestrienne TRA1Ts: Soft dark brown eyes PASTIME: Horseback-riding AMBITION: Get a good job APTITUDES: Home Ee. Ruth N. Dunkle Academic Dunkle Inlramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Orches- fra 1,' Band 1,' Senior playg Sludenl council 1, 2, 4,' Home Economics club 1, 2, 4,' Dra- rnalic club 1,' Siudenl leader 2, 35 4, Cheerleader 4 NOTED Fon: Cheerleader TRAITS: Vivacious PAsT1ME: Talking AMBITION: Phys. Ed. teacher Vance E. Eichelbergcr General Ike Boys, Glee club 4 NOTED Fon: Archer. TRAITS: Sleek black hair, good- natured PASTIME: Outdoor sports AMBITIONZ Steam-engine me- chanic APTITUDES: Mathematics Alfretta R. Estep Commercial Frill Inlramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 NOTED Fon: Working in the Blackstone building Tmxrrs: Peaches-and-Cream complexion PASTIME: Hiking, crocheting AMBITION: Secretary APTITUDES: Shorthand Dorothy E. Fasnachl General Dol Intramurals 1, 4,' Athletic club 1: Chorus 1,' Student leader 4.' Class secretary 1 Norifzo FOR: Artistic ability TnA1Ts: Teasing PASTIME: Drawing girls AMBITION: Nursing APTITUDES: Art Gearldyne M. Fickes Commercial Gerry Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Norau Fon: Sports TRAITS: Jolly PASTIME: Movies, hiking AMBITION: Aeronatical work APT1TUDEs: Sports Edgar W. Forney Academic Ed Intramurals 4 NOTED FOR: Prize-winning tuberculosis essay TRAITS: Courteous PASTIME: Swimming, skating AMBITION: Aviator APTITUDES: Science Millard C. Freysinger General Adam Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Senior playg Varsity basketball 4,' Science club 45 Athletic club 3, 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED FOR! Mechanical ability TRAITS: Slow smile PAsT1ME: Wood-working AMBITION: Retire in old age APTITUDES: Mechanics Dorothy J. QICIISPIIICI' Academic Dot Library club 1, 2, 3, 4,' Home Economics club 1: Senior play Nor!-:D Fon: Library work TIKAITSZ Expressive eyesg soft- hearted PAs1'1ME: Reading AMBITION: Nursing Melvin H. Felrow General Fuzz NUTED Fon: Always late for school 'FRAITSZ Wavy hair PASTIME: Repairing broken ar- licles AMBITION: Help win the war APT1TUuEs: Shop-work Betty J. Firestone Academic Shorty I ntramurals 9, 3: Senior play: Oreretta 2: Home Economies dub 1, 4: Dramatic club 1, 2: library club 1, 2' Chorus 1, 25 "Times" staff 4: Student leader 1, 2 No'rED Fon: Clusty in senior play TIKAITSZ Taffy-colored tressesg devilish AM:-xrriowz College Joyce D. Frank Commercial Joyce Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Home Economics club 1,' Student leader 1 NOTED FOR: Roller-skating TIIAITSZ Hazy blue eyes PASTIME: Boller-skating AMBITION: Business college APTITUDES: Shorthand Jean E. Gardner Commercial Blondie I nlramurals 1 NUTED FOR: Friendship with Gloria Sites TRAITS: Slight PASTIME: Reading, letter- writing AMBITION: Private secretary APTITUDES: Shorthand Helen M . G her Academic Helen Junior play: Home Economics club 1, 2, 4,' Rea' Cross 1, 2, 3, 4,' Chorus 1,' C lass secretary 1 Norma FOR: "Sandy" in jun- ior play TIXAITSZ Dignified PASTIME: Roller-skating AMBITION: Nursing APTITUDES: English Marie A. Good Academic Marie NOTEU Fon: Howard's beloved TRANS: Quick, sweet smile AMBITION: Ride in an airplane PASTIMH: Swimming AP'l'lTUIJ1iSC Biology Webster Gross Academic Web NOTED Fon: Cowboying in a blue Pontiac TRAITS: Southern drawlg dif- ferent eyes PASTIME: Athletics AMB1T1oN: Naval pilot APTITUDES: Mathematics Joseph F. Hamburg General Joe Intramurals I, 2, 3,' Red Cross council 1, 2, 3 NoTED Fon: Interest in avia- tion TRAITS: Dark complexion: quiet and reserved PASTIME: Heading AMBITIONZ Army Air Corps pilot APTITUDES: Problems of De- mocracy Betty L. Holtz General Betty Home Economics club I, 4,- Chorus tg Student leader 4 NOTED FOR! Irving's girl TRAITS: Shining black hair PASTIME: Ice-skating AMB1T1oN: Interior decorator APTITUDES: Home EC. Lincoln E. Houck Commercial Abe Varsity basketball 2, 3, 4,' Varsity baseball 3,' Athletic club 1, 2, 3, 4,- Boys' Glee club 45 Student leader 2, 3, 4 N01'l4DlJ Fon: Basketball TRA1Ts: Ted-topped height PASTIME: Movies AM1sI'1'IoN: Big-league baseball Albright Gross Commercial Edgie I ntramurals 4 NOTED Fon: Intramurals TRAITS: Chuekle, pleasant PASTIME: Roller-skating AMB1TIoN: See the world APTITUDES: History Mary Agnes Grubick Academic Aggie Home Economics club I NOTED Fon: Ushering at plays and operettas TRAITS: Slow talk, withdrawn PASTIME: Reading, movies AMBITION: Nurse APTITUDES: Chemistry, short- hand lwarian E. Hem pt Academic Ilempty Intramurals 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 4,' Dramatic club 2: "Times" staf 45 Home Economics club 1, 2, 4,' Senior play NOTED FOR: "Emily" in senior play T RAITS: Platinum blonde: original PASTIME: Drawing AMBITION: Art instructor John F. Houck Academic Jack Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Track 35 Junior playg Senior play: Slu- dent council 3,' Student leader 3, 4,' Varsity football 4,' Athletic club 1, 2, 3, 4,' Chorus 3, 4,' Boys' Gtee club 3, 4 NOTED FoR: "Hank" in junior Play TRAITS: Mannerly PASTIME: Ruth AMBITION: Electrical engineer Alene D. Hutton Academic Lee Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus t, 3, 4,' Dramatic club 2: Oper- etta 1, 25 Home Economics club I, 25 Junior play: Senior playf Student council 9, 3. 4,' Student leader Q, 3, 4,' "Times" staff 3, 4,' Class vice-president 4: Library club 1, 2, 3, 4 TRAITS: Efficient, willing AMBITION: European post-war reconstruction Alvin A . Keefer General Bud NOTED Fon: Junior assembly TRAITS: Always hungry, out of the ordinary PASTIME: Shooting AMBITION: Army fighter pilot APTITUDES: Athletics Richard B. Knight Academic Joe Intramurals 3,' Athletic club 4,- Varsity football 4,' Operetta 1, 2,' Chorus 4,' Boys' Glee club 4,' Student leader 4,' Science club Ig Student council I, 2, 3, 4 N OTED Fon: Cute jitterbug TRAITSZ Imaginative, pleasant PASTIME: Dancing AMBITION: Pilot APTITUDES: Mathematics William E. Krone General Buzz Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Band I, 2, 3, 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED Fon: Intramurals TRAITS: Peppy PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: Army AP'rrrUDEs: History Alma Louise Lisse General Lisse Intramurals 1, 3, 4,' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4,' Dramatic club 2,' Operetta I, 2,' Home Economics club 1,' "21" club 4,' "Times" staj' 4,' Senior play,' Student council 4 NOTED Fon: Victory trio TRAITS: Giggle PASTIME: Singing AMBITION: Private secretary Virginia S. Longyear Academic Ginny Junior playg Dramatic club 2,' Science club If "2I" club 3, 4,' "Times" staff 3, 4 NOTED Fon: "Queen Guin- evere" in junior play TRAITS: Unusual but likeableg candid eyes PASTIME: Reading AMBITION: Newspaper work APTITUDES: Journalism Jack E. Kister Academic Jack Intramurals 3, 4,' Senior play: Science club 33 4,' Boys' Glee club 3 NOTED Fon: Argumentive spirit T RAITS: Persistent PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: World travel APTITUDES: Science Anne C. Koellner Commercial Anne Student leader 4 NoTED Fon: Learning to be an airplane mechanic VFRAITSZ Shortg laughs a lot PASTIME: Heading AMB1T1oN: Travel in the West APTITUDES: Home EC. E. William Lawless Academic Bill Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4,' Track 3,' Senior playg Science club 1, 2, 3, 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED ron: Entering Penn State in January TRAITS: A regular guy PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: Chemical engineer APTITUDES: Science, mathe- matics Ray J. Long General Bud Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 NOTED FOR: Hunter and fisher TRAITS: Cute but shy PASTIME: Hunting AMBITION: Good steady em- ployment APTITUDES: Mathematics Mary E. Lower Academic Belly Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Senior play,' Home Economics club I, 2, 4,' Dramatic club If Library club If 'KTimes" staf 4 NOTED Fon: Home economics Work TRAITS: Broad shoulders PASTIME: Dancing, swimming, ice-skating AMBITION: Commercial dem- onstrator AP'r1'rUDEs: Home Ee. Howard E. Lyman Academic Lyman Intramurals 3, 45 Orchestra 1,- Junior play5 Operetta 2,' Boys' Glee club 3, 4,' Science club 4,' Library club 15 Chorus 2, 3 N OTED FOR: Singing Christmas solo TRAITS: Pleasing voice PASTIME: Sleeping, eating AMBITION: Army Air Corps Earl L. Miller Academic Shyster Intramurals t, 2, 45 Operetta 1, 2,' Varsity football 3, 45 Athletic club I, 2, 3, 4,' Boys' Clee club 3, 45 Science club 1, 25 Student leader 3, 4 No'rEo Fon: Smooth dancer TRAITS: Good-lookingg change- able PASTIME! Dancing AMBITION: Army Air Corps William H. Miller Commercial H eorner Varsity football 2, 3, 45 Athletic club 1, 2, 3, 4,' Student leader 2, 4 No'rED Fon: Football TRAITS2 Quiet PASTIME: Aviation AMB1TION: Navy APTITUDES: Problems of De- mocracy Charles S. Newton Academic Puss Varsity football 3, 4,' Varsity basketball 45 Athletic club 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Glee club 3, 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED Fon: All-around athlete TRAITS: Curly black lashes framing blue eyesg laugh PASTIME: Playing records AMBITION: Football coach Geraldine Purks Commercial Gerry NOTED Fon: Newcomer TRAITS: Well-groomed hair PASTIME: Reading, dancing AMBITION: Secretary APTITUDE: Typing Geraldine M . Marshall Commercial Gerry Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Student leader 4 NOTED FOR: Athletics TRAITS: Pug nose PASTIME: Jig-saw puzzles, movies AMBITION: Stenographer APTITUDES: Athletics, typing Robert K. Miller General Pete Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Varsity basketball 4,' Varsity baseball 35 Orchestra I, 2, 35 Athletic club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student leader 3, 45 Boys' Glee club 3, 45 Chorus 4 NOTED FOR: Basketball TRAITS: Happy-go-lucky AMBITION: Drummer for Harry James Neal G. Moser General Neal Orchestra 15 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Stage crew I, 2, 35 Science club 1, 2, 3, 4 NOTED ron: Head of pro- jection booth TRAITS: White hair PASTIME: Loafing AMBITION: Motion-picture projectionist APTITUDES: Science Robert L. Parks General Bob Intramurals 3, 4 NOTED Fon: The old Ford TRAITS: Wavy blond hairg blush PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: Enlist APTITUDES: Shop A. Patricia Reiff Academic Pat Dramatic club If Operetta I, 25 Home Economics club 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior play5 Chorus 1, 2, 45 "21" club 3, 45 Red Cross 3, 45 Band 4 NOTFD Fon: Singing TRAITS: Graciousg twenty-inch waist PASTIME: Dancing AMBITION: Dietitian Donald V. Roekey Academic Don Intramurals tg Varsity football 4,' Varsity baseball 2, 3,' Ath- letic club 2, 3, 4,' Chorus 4,' Student leader 4 No'rEo Fon: Baseball TRAITS: Pleasant PASTIME: Bowling AMBITION: Big-league baseball APTITUDES: Athletics Mary E. Ross General Sis N OTED FOR: Companionship with Doris TRAITS: Shy, considerate PASTIME: Collecting match- books AMBITION: Nurse APTITUIJES: Mathematics Louise Seebold Commercial Moldy Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Student leader 1 NOTED FOP.: Athletic ability Tmursz The athletic type PASTIME: Sports AMB1T1oN: Phys. Ed. teacher APTITUDE: Sports Patricia R. Shaffer General Palsy Student council 2 NOTED FOR: First to be mar- ried TRAITS: Beautiful complexion: serious PASTIME: Reading, sleeping AMBITION: Designing jewelry APTITUDESZ Art Doris M. Shuler Commercial Doris NOTED FOR: Companionship with Mary TRAITS: Giggles PASTIME: Movies, sports AMBITION: Marriage APTITUDES: Typing M -N-' ff" Hun: 1 nn-1 Frank J. Rosinski Academic Rosy Intramurals 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED Fon: Intramural bas- ketball TRAITS! Pleasant voice PASTIME: Hunting, fishing AMBITION: Pilot APTITUDES: Science Bette L. St. Pierre Academic Bets Senior play,' Home Economics club L' "2t" club 2, 3, 4 NOTED Fon: Scientific ability TRAITS! Black hair-deb styleg generous PASTIME: Flying AMBITION: Aeronautical en- gineer APTITUDES: Mathematics Dorothy L. Shaffer Commercial Dot Operetta 25 Central treasury 4,' Chorus 1, 3, 4 NOTED FOB: First-honor stu- dent TRAITS: Soft brown eyesg timid PASTIME: Beading AMBITION: Be successful APTITUDES: Commercial work Robert L. Shaffer General Bob Junior playg Senior playg Band 3, 45 Boys' Glee club 3, 4,' Stage crew 3, 4,' Science club 4,' Chorus 4 NOTED Fon: His limousines TRAITS: Wrinkling his eye- browsg cooperative PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: Army Air Corps APTITUDES: Woodworking Gloria bl . Sites Commercial Gloria NOTED Fon: Friendship with .lean Gardner THAITS: Likeable PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: Stenographer APTITUDESZ Shorthand William L. Smee Commercial Bill Band 2, 3, 4 N OTED FOP.: Red truck TRAITS: Long eye-lashes PASTIME: Loafing AMBITION: Mechanic APTITUDES: Problems of De- mocracy , Richard A. Snell General Rich Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' Student leader 4 NOTED Fon: Intramurals TRAITS: Manly looks, good- natured PASTIME: Movies AMBITION: Electrician APTITUDES: Social studies Mary K. Strickler Commercial Strickler Operetta 1,' Home Economics club 1,' Library club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 3, 4 N o'rED Fon: Selling candy TRAITS: Humorist PASTIME: Reading AMBITION: Librarian APTITUDES: Library work Mary Ellen Thornton Academic Mary Ellen Intramurals 1, 2, 3,' "21" club 3, 4,' Red Cross 2, 3, 45 Student leader 2, 4 NOTED Fon: President of H213 club TRAITS: Perfect model PASTIME: Hockey, swimming AMBITION: Tailor of Women's clothes APTITUDES: Home Ec. J ack R. Wiles Academic Jack N o'rED Fon: Page boy in Penn- sylvania General Assembly TRAITS: Low, husky voice PASTIME: lce-skating AMBITION: Naval oticer APTITUDES! Mathematics Irving M. Smith Academic Smitty Intramurals 1, 2, 3,' Junior play,' Varsity football 4,' Oper- etla 1, 2,' Athletic club 2, 4,' Dramatic club 2,' Boys' Glee club 4,' Red Cross 2, 3,' Chorus 1, 2,' Science club 1, 2 NOTED Fon: Enlisting in Navy TRAITS: Crisp wavy hairg ex- tremely courteous AMBITION: Navy Air Corps Helen K. Steger Commercial H inky Operetta 25 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 N OTED FOR: Musical talent TBAITS: Full of fun, depend- able PASTIME: Playing the piano AMBITION: World travel APTITUDES: Music B. Audrey Thomas Academic Tommy Urchestra 2, 3, 4,' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior play: Operetta 1, 25 "Times" stajf 4,' Red Cross 2, 3, 4,' Class president 2, Secretary 3 NOTED Fon: School pianist TRAITS: Natural chestnut wavesg pocket-sizeg flighty PASTIME: Beading AMBITION: Music supervisor Margaret J. Watts Academic Peggy Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4,' "21" club 2, 4,' "Times" staf 4,' Senior playg Home Economics club 1,' Red Cross 3, 4,' Library club 1, 2, 3, 4 NOTED Fon: "Asia May" in senior play TRA1Ts: Polite, frank PASTIME: Knitting AMBITION! Occupational ther- apist APTITUDES: Sports Grant J . Yinger General Yinger Varsity baseball 1, 2, 35 Ath- letic club 1, 2 NOTED FOR: Lewisberry ex- press TRAITS: Sizeg easy-going, well- liked PASTIME: Baseball AMBITION: Policeman APTITUDES: Athletics It Happened the senior highlights rhave'yet to be uncovered., 1 X v 1 1 I . I A A N no ci ever guess tnat one or our nusky varsity Iootnau stars, Puss Newton, was adept at tickling tHE That . . ivories? Or that Nancy Bratten plays the piano as efliciently as a concert star. Helen Steger is proficient on the keyboard, too, and have you ever heard her sing? She has a lovely contralto voice. Robert E. Yoeum Academic Bob Varsity jbolball 05 Track 3,' Athletic club 3, 11 NOTED Fon: Naturalist TRAITS: Garrulous PASTIME: Hunting, trapping, fishing AMBITION: Employment APTITUDES: Science, mechanics Pauline Baker warbles sweet and high to almost any popular tune. She, too, tickles the ivories in no mean way. And there's Dot F asnaeht. She's continually decorating the walls with her super sketches of fine figures with shapely legs. Virginia Longyear is the poet laureate of the class. She not only writes poetry but is a whizz at reading it. VVould you ever guess that those fun-loving fellows, .lacob Barber and Dick Snell, were the brainy wizards of their respective eighth-grade classes-New Cumberland and New Market. They won the Legion award. Betty Firestone, although having appeared in the senior play, has never rocked the auditorium with her humorous readings. "Three little girls from school are we"-Marian, Pat and Alma Lisse. With this theme song the "Victory Trio" burst into song and help keep up the soldiers' morale. Have you ever heard Pete Miller, our second Gene Krupa, go to town on the drums? M'-lr? A 'fwfr 'K , vii Mr Q 44' V .I is . 5 1.1M .V :-.Q.+.,h.,3.,, 1. Swag' 5, no .'i,:'f' i 5' Swffr Iimvos ls mer Owz Salvo Bmw fb- ' HQMILAR Duo Msn PERS' wwmwwmmmema pziqzgemflwr-If poili I 5 . fmwmmpmmn ,um-nwum wwf.. 'FBQ' -sv- 9' Q' O0 -alta Student Council .... lt happened that this group led the scrlioul Lhrough a siiccessful year. It sponsored a 'Sadie Hawkins" dance as well as spring elections. Le-Ft to right, first, row, are O'Neill. sergeant-at-arms: Dunkle, treasurer Fickes, vice-presidentg Bratten, secretaryg Barber, president. Second row, Greenawalt, Urich, Grove, Stcffee, Goffus, Firestone. Third row, Good, Huffman, Stone, Lisse, lirney. Fourth row, Mary Lutz, adviserg HuLLun, Patterson, Ramsey, Cummings. Fifth row, Prowcll, Folk, Knight, Hockey, King, Stone. Sixth row, Suuders. Hake, Foreman, Brockman. W, K -Q? iigiw zii M. Speaking of Clubs Central Treasury .... "Sign this check, please." Those Central Treasury girls are always on the job. This organization centralizes the banking system of the high school and at the same time keeps a record of all financial transactions. At least one period a day they can be seen bending over a ledger, counting money, checking and rechecking. There's no chance for mistakes when the Central Treasury takes over. 4421" club .... "Sorry, no almond bars, how about an 50h Henry'P" Such is the cry of the "21" club girls as they sell their wares at football and basketball games in behalf of the boy's athletic club. When Christmas draws near these girls beset one on every hand but now they're featuring Christmas cards. This club, which was organized in 1940 by Patricia Collins, still pursues its original purpose-that of pro- moting school spirit and aiding the boys' athletic club financially. Science club .... 'ACurtain!" The play is on. Care- fully concealed behind the cur- tains and in the projection booth are members of the Science club, aiding in all dramatic production. But that is not all. Under the direction of Hoy Sutton, Horace Kauffman and Charles Gemrnill, faculty advisers, they conduct laboratory experiments and make all necessary arrangements for assemblies. N-af'--f"' 'Y' Q? sf' EWQEW 5 if , A - 's , 1 in v. S- K ?-A Q gs 3' f'f 1353 fm. Trophies .... It happened that hrawn, muscle and brain, plus hard work and Coaches Pciller, liauffman, and Bailets, were responsible for thx- Tigcrs retaining tlloir two-logged hold On right trophy-Palriol and EI76ILliHg News award. The trophy hecomos a permanent possession of the team that wins the third leg. Tigers won lefi lrnphy -permanent Conlbrencc award-in 1938, 19410 and 1941. Battlin B i I i It happened that in the Enola game 'APuss" Newton, varsity guard, charged over the Enola line in an attempt to recover a fumble. Paul Baublitz is assisting in the attempt. Hit ,em high! Hit 'em low! Come on, Tigers, let's go! Sanders, Pannell, P. Anderson, Engle, B. Anderson, Craig, Dunkle, and Captain Bratten cheer the Tigers to victory. Stone exercises her lungs at the basketball games. She replaces Craig who moved to Camp Hill. in Rain, Snow, and Fair Weather It happened that Harry Diffenderfer received a pass from center Earl Miller 6 in an attempt to crash the Trojan defenses during the traditional battle against Lemoyne, Thanksgiving day. With Six games out of their nine-game schedule being Con- ference games, the New Cumberland Tigers marched through their card with a clean slate until they were toppled by Lemoyne in the Turkey Day classic. After three independent games, in two of which the Tigers were tied, the scrappers settled down at an even pace toppling Camp Hill, Enola, West York, Red Lion, and Millersburg before being defeated by the Trojans. Early in the season the Tigers ehalked up an unexpected victory over the Camp Hill Lions 20-0. After two independent games, they again placed a surprise attack on a highly favored Enola eleven. N.C. SCHEDULE Opp. 0 . . , . Carson Long . . . . 0 20 . . . Camp Hill . . . 0 19 . . . . Patton Trade . . . , 0 0 . . . Mechanicsburg . . . 0 l3 . . . Enola . . . 6 20 . . . VVest York . , , 0 l4 . . , . lied Lion . . . . 0 14 . . . Millersburg . . . . 0 . . . . Lemoyne . . . . I9 Resting his regulars the following week, Coach Peiffer sent his ambitious second team against a slightly weaker West York aggregation, which they defeated 20-0. The veterans took the wheel again the following Saturday and hammered a strong lied Lion eleven to a 14-0 defeat. The scrappers then battled to a 14-0 win over the Millersburg Indians, November 14. After a hard-fought season, the team which everybody thought could do very little was once more in strong competition for first honors in the Class A division of the Lower Susquehanna Con- ference. After the Millersburg game the Peifferites had to face Lemoyne, also with a clean slate. Finally November 28, after a stiff battle, the Tigers were stopped by a score of 19-6. It happened that out of the twenty-six first and second-string men who made up the varsity squad this year only live had any previous varsity experience. These five were Charles Newton, Bill Miller, Earl Miller, Paul Baublitz and Ed Erney. Ed was the only first-string varsity veteran. .4 in f ..v. . .Q l g'L:li - A - A -my -. - -4, .. . .i ., 4 -. mms ' ' It happened that Charles Newton, Bill Miller, Earl Miller, and Paul Bauhlitz received letters for the junior year and stars for the senior year. Bill Collins, Don Hockey, .lack Houck, and Dick Knight were issued letters for one year's work. ,- S ! -x J H f r 45511 C'oAcH. flonase MUFFMAN aw s aaa 9 gi ,, . M 11... ff if 1 if fy? F f 2 9 3.9 X L q A,AA ...,, , 4 ., 73 , E2 i W ,Il H .,!. uul E A will 3 , Xicfy .51 38 5 , '-My -as 2 Q? Y M BENQ gk, CHARLES Afewrafv Gufma E 1 3? 1 f Q gp ws ff 'ale Q n P ,:,J.4. 2, 59'- XX . J 'JF' -I M ' Miki If Q: jx 5 Vx Q, X ,,.. 1 I M: f st gf' il 3 ff' M' M1lllROFR5Y!l Fon wana, n Intra- Soccer . . . . ft happened that the intramural pro- gram designed by Orville Snoke and Hazel Christman, physical educa- tion instructors, has as its aim, "Health for Yictoryf' Fifty-six per cent of the student body is partici- pating in some major sport. Clean slates were strung up by the seniors when this team won the soccer crown. Robert Miller was coach. Left to right, first row, are Stanley Bonner, Jack Kister, Rohert Parks, and Millard Freysinger. Second row, Robert K. Miller, VVifliam Lawless, Lincoln Houck and Coach Orville Snoke. Volleyball .... With six wins the senior volleyball first team chalked up a perfect rec- ord. The seeond team also domi- nated the season with a five-game win. Lincoln Houck was coach. Left to righ t, first row, are Forney, Conner, Krone, Gross, Lyman, Kister. Second row, fl. Miller, Freysinger, ll. K. Miller, Lawless, Houck, Snell and Coach Orville Snoke. Basketball .... Senior basketball second team cropped their champion title by win- ning five of the six games played. The first team fell into third place, having lost to both freshmen and sophomores. Lincoln Houck and Millard Freysinger were the coaches. Pictured are Orville Snoke of the faculty, William Krone, Hoy Miller, Bruce Conner, Edgar Forney, Jack Kister. Jack Houck, Richard Snell, Lincoln Houck and Millard Frey- singer. 'E X 3 if F? bil EfQQN A k -,. A - M i ,,.,5,. A Q, , I 'iiafe-g 1 . ,r Eg my ,, 51 ay - ls ' ' .. L 13 . -21' 1 1 Q 4 a 'K ff ? 2.E :g.,- , . 5 55 1332 IQ.. :E .' Y, 9 .,.A ., , 1 A :L : f fisfw Q 5 Mnmffvvfvf f M T Popuma ST' DANCER W'ho's Who .... lt happened that thu Class of '43, like formvr classes. had its outstanding members, too 4!HCIIllJCl'S who will he re- membered for thc trails, Lal- ents, or unusual qualities they possessed. No record of the years spent in high school would be com- plete without a Who's Who, seleclvd by popular votu of the senior class. 41. me Bfsr ACTRESS WWW Junior play .... It happened that .lacob Barber, hidden by black garb and white beard, scored a triumph in the part of A'lVlerlin," the witch doctor in the three-act play, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthuris Court." Vying for acting honors were Alcne Hutton, extreme right, as "Elaine" and Virginia Longycar as HQueen Guinevere." Jack Houck, second from left. also gave a grand performance as the K'Yankee." Patricia Reiff, queen's right, stole the show with her excellent portrayal of "Morgan Le Fay." Margaret Seehrist, directed. Senior play . . . lt happened that 'SSix- teen in August" was a sell-out and a knock- out. That from the east ol' eleven girls and four boys only onc had ever appeared previ- ously in a play. That ' it was the talk of the town for months after production. Play scene . . . It happened that Betty Firestone, perched on thc desk, kept the spec- tators in gales ol' laugh- ter with her schemes to outdo her irnpetuous father, Robert Shaffer, hiding he-hind a doc- tor's garb. Audrey Thomas, in the wheel-chair, sub- mitted a superb por- trayal of selfish K'Carol Dean." To her left, Bruce Conner and .la- cob Barber with their well-timed remarks gave A5551 perform- anees. Baek of the desk stands Marian llempt who also turned in a good performance. Directors .... lt happened that Alene Hutton was the first student to direct a senior class pro- duction. She assisted Margaret Sechrist ol' the faculty in directing "Sixteen in August." Blake-up . . . Cream and lipstick, powder and rouge, a subject, and artist. Mary Ann Dickey smears lipstick on Betty Firestone while Nancy Bratten dalns powder on .lack Houck's already smeared-up face. A Prompters . . . They gave stamina to the back- stage play casts. These prompters, hidden with the script, were ready to give aid to all stage- fright players. Stage and lighting erew . . . Shaffer and Stahle are both experienced members of the lighting crew. Below are members of the stage crew. Do...Re... i...Fa... Twirlers . . . . Into the air, over shoulders, around fingers, go the batons of Mary Gof'f'us and Dorothy Zerbe proudly adorning the school band as it marches through New Cumberland en route to the football field. These two twirlers, garbed in blue and white, with brass buttons here and there are noted for their doing aorobatic stunts while twirling. Trio.... Yepg it's the famous New Cumberland trumpeters. They are entertaining the student body in assembly at one of the much-appreciated hand programs. This trio is composed of Bruce Conner, senior, Cleftbg Chester Richwine, junior, CcenterD: Kenneth Fiekling, freshman, Crightb. Band .... The hand is forming-the New Cumberland high school band. Each of' the seventy-two members has donned his freshly-pressed uniform. Janet Hall. drum majorette, is strutting her stuff. Mary Goffus and Dorothy Zerbe are spinning the batons. Naomi Bock, Joanne Bruchlacher. Udinc Parthermer and Beverly Thomas, color-guards. are getting ready for marching. Mary Anne Dickey and Pat Reiff are unfurling the banner. Harold Henrie, the director, appears on the scene. They are ready to burst into the famous Victory March, ready to parade through the town to the football field, ready to spur the Tigers on to victory. nu n1n..n Ju. nk ,471 I I1 Pursuit of K . llgvvled Q6 .Yhysics . . . Prichard Sneii adiusts physics equip rnent as Bette St. Pierre, Edgar Forney and Miiiard Yreysinger iook on. 'Yrohienns of democracy . . Giihert Beckiey, PD. teacher, teaches Lincoin Houck and Janet Pdien how to iiii out their income tax hianks 'Home economics . . . Heien Gher, Betty Hoitz, Betty Lower and Pat Reid cornpiete their sewing, proi- ects Kor Home Ee. 0 Office practice . . . Norma Brarnhiey, Betty DeV inney and Mary Strickier pre are to take oihce positions aiter graduation. 0 Sho Hesse Eiicker, center hack, oy ersees these shop students making proiects. Left to right are Biii Srnee, mai ing, a naii-cahinetg Donaid Beecher, sketching for rnechanicai drawing, Vrohert Parks, smoothing up a hasehaii hat: Meiyin Fetrow, constructing an end-tahie. KE A 1 THR: Sona: 1 Honor Roll . . . . Distinguished honors go this year to four senior girls who have attained an average of 90 per cent or above during their four years in high school. Three of the four reaching these requirements, Frances Erney, Alene Hutton, and Audrey Thomas, are academic students. Shin- ing alone in the commercial limelight is Dorothy Shaffer. But commercial students are not to be outdonevfor in second honors they outrun the academic 9 to 7. In order to attain this honor, students must have an average of 85 to 90 per cent. Those reaching this percentage are Janet Allen, Norma Brambley, Dorothy Brown, Mary Anne Dickey, Dorothy Fasnacht, Helen Gher, .loseph Hamburg, Gloria Sites, Mary Ellen Thornton- commercial students, Pauline Baker, Jacob Barber, .I ames Chiles, Millard Frcysinger, Yirginia Longyear, Helen Steger and Margaret Watts-academic students. Junior Prom . . . . Annual prom of New Cumberland high school is scheduled for June 3, in the Penn-Harris ballroom according to Joseph Fickes, junior class president. Harold Stahle, orchestra committee chairman, with l1is aids, June Gemmil, Edwin Erney and Janet Hall, are in hopes of obtain- ing thc New Cumberland Reception Center orchestra. Definite plans have not yet been made. Prizes . . . . To Betty Lower, the senior girl who excelled in home economics during her four years in high school, the junior civic club awards five dollars. The club also awards live dollars to the senior excel- ling in science. That student is Millard Freysinger. The American Legion auxiliary prize is presented to Jacob Barber, class president, for attributing the very best qualities in citizenship. Seemingly undisturbed by school work, school teachers, or last-minute bells, these four lirst-honor students stroll through New Cumberland high school's front hall. Left to right, they are Dorothy Shaffer, Alene Hutton. Audrey Thomas and Frances Firnev. Commencement . . . . Dr. Carl Rasmussen, dean of the theological seminary, Gettys- burg college will be the guest speaker at the commencement exercises, Wednesday, June 2. Greetings will be extended by Jacob Barber, class president. Audrey Thomas and Helen Steger will play a piano duet. The speaker will be presented by Frances Erney. Several numbers by the high school chorus will be given and Bruce Conner will play a trumpet solo. Alene Hutton will list the senior boys in the service, telling where and what they are. American Legion prizes will be awarded. The diplomas will be presented by Grimes Miley, president of the school board. Baccalaureate . . . . Rev. Ralph Sloop, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran church will dc- liver the Baccalaureate sermon in the Lutheran church, Sunday, May 30. Pastor Sloop's theme will be, 'iWhat Have You in Your Hand?" Mrs. Paul Burkhart and the Lutheran choir will sing two anthems. Class Day .... Class Day dramatization in the 1943 style will be staged NI ay 28 in the high school auditorium. The theme of the six-scene production is."Doin's in the Park." This unusual comedy to be presented by the graduating class was written, revised and compiled by Virginia Longyear, com- mittee chairman, Alene Hutton and Marian Hempt. Following is a complete list of characters to be portrayed and the students who will portray them. Organ-grinder, Smee: warblers, Baker and Lymang soap-box orators, Firestone and Shaiferg typical gossips, Dickey, Watts, Thomas and Stegerg clowns, R. K. Miller, Baublitz, Houck, and Newton, lawyers, Barber, Lower and Erneyg gypsy, Longyearg a girl, Hemptg a boy, E. Millerg Jane, Reiil, who enact a short skit entitled 'AObjections Overruledf' Erney, Huttong Madame Natalie Carew, Longyearg Gerald Van Tile, Barberg Barry, Conner, who enact the skit, MTwo Gentlemen on a Bench." Faculty committee consisting of Blanche Slaybaugh, chairman, Gilbert Beckley and Harold Henrie will supervise the program. Prophecy of Class of 1943 J. W. WRIGHT Fooel Nlezrkei -S- Delivery Service PHONE: 3-7835 Stores, like fnen, ore known oy flee eofnpezny they keep. - M1eHAELs-sTERN CLOTHES ' lNTERWOVEN SOCKS - MANHATTAN sums ' FLORSHEIM SHOES ' STETSON HATS ' u I' Conepnre! Fashions for Men NEW CUMBERLAND After the great holocaust ended People began building. Our generation, Determined to prevent Another world war, Kept close watch upon the belligerent Under the command of ROBERT SHAFFER, new Lieutenant General. Japan returned to her cherry trees, Her Imperial Palace under the lndefmite lease of Major General EDGAR FORNEY. Her people have always admired Amerieansg Pope Pius blessed FRANK ROSINSKI when He took over the reins of government. President F REYSINGER, MILLARD to us, Sits in council every year at Geneva, nations- The small brown men work in rice- Switzerland. Occupied GGTIIWIIY, H subjected I1Hf3i0Il, fields now. Upon the blue Pacific sails our western is Deluded Italy is happy once more. fleet, Con cgmtnlntzonf f if Grnelnnfes. FOR vlc'roRY We extend our Best Wishes for your Continued Success 'A' BRUN HOUSE CUT RATE 321 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. PHONE: 2-7895 SENIORS Uur congratulations to you for your success in passing one goal, and we know you will sbow the same fortitude as the future brings new goals to be passed. G. B. Parthemore E99 Sons, lne. .Quality Dairy Products NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. 44 BUTTORFE 81 CO. Follow the crowd with TEXACO FURNITURE At Reasonable Prices Third and Bridge Sts. NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. H O K E ' S SERVICE STATION Sth and Bridge Streets New Cumberland More smiles per mile More miles per gallon COURTEOUS SERVICE PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, continued Bear Admiral RICHARD KNIGHT, in King of the Air Force. Pennsylvania not New York. charge. On land, sea and air, the Marines have Henry Kaiser's tradition of speed is We know the Atlantic commander, grown powerful. Carried on too- EARI. MILLER, now a Lieutenant By GEOIKGE BEANE. Admiral WILLIAM COLLINS. Air-lines encircle the globe. America rules the air while Major General WEBSTER tanned, weatherbeaten, Sits in Washington, General, keeps the With a wave of his hand, ships are built Ranks filled with new recruits. to Dauphin County was cleaned up when Carry supplies, men, pleasure lovers. BRUCE CONNER was District Attorney. Under the supervision of Like Tom Dewey, he became Governor -of GROSS, BUZZ KRONE, China is L. G. BALEOUR CO. iwlanufarturing Szmzlzrs and fngranrrs FOR CLASS OF 1943 NEW CUMBERLAND HIGH SCHOOL V 120 SOUTH SECOND STREET, WORMLEYSBURG, PENNA. W. G. 4131115 Ross 45 RYDER' DAIRY, Inc. Laborer fory Proteetea' Phone: 73 83 LEMOY N Ef, PENNA. PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 194-3, continued Building a great air armada. Helen is cementing the In search of the fabulous JOE HAMBURG., Already amicable relations 'Ruby of Bhodokis,' the prize bauble John D. Rockefeller of 1956, Between Britain and Of 3 Finances this immense project. America. Legendafy Atlantean king- In the Court of St. James, ROBERT PARKS, The drug, Peagg, began its effects HELEN STEGER, Whose archaeological discoveries Upon the populace, Ambassador to Britain, Fill more museums Nervgug, gay, Is being presented to England's rulers. Than those of Roy Chapman Andrews, Seeking relief from the demands of Sponsored by Is trekking through Speed and mgrg Speed, Lady GLORI.A SITES, toast of London, Brazilian jungles People thronged the theatres. ciuzntral letnnsglnania usinrss cinllrgz 323 Market Street HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Emergency, Machine and Career Courses V "Where Better Training is a Distinctioni' Hi Gang! This Worldis big and very tough. But when you are thru N. C. Hi, you have the stuff. So keep smiling and plugging for the World needs you. M. F. Rockey Warehouse New Cumberland 46 After the show, THOMPSON COLLEGE HARRISBURG, PA. Remember ! IT PAYS TO DRIVE TO DAD BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MEDICAL SECRETARY COURT REPORTING SECRETARIAL SCIENCE TAX COURSES ARBEGASTITS for FURNITURE STENOGRAPH STENOTYPE O P , T I KEY PUNCH EDIPI-IONE ur Wee ags CONIPTOMETER DICTAPHONE the Story , OPEN TUESDAY, THURSDAY, AND SATURDAY Call or Wrtte Phone: 4'O258 EVENINGS PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, continued Top hat, white tie and tails, Traditional First Night at the Empire, Broadway and 40th Street. The omtain falls. Cheeks flushed, BETTY FIRESTONE Accepts the plaudits of the delighted crowd. From her throne as Queen of the Theatre, She extends a hand to IRVING SMITH, Latest Firestone protege. Together, they take Curtain-call after curtain-call. A cry of 'Author,' 'Author' rises above the chatter. VIRGINIA LONGYEAP., resplendent in ivory satin, Bows gracefully while her escort, JOE COALE, producer, Chuckles, thinking of box-office returns. Night life begins. Beaverson's, the Childs of 1956, Receives the celebrities who Gather in small groups To discuss the recent hit. That tall blonde is Patti Cnee PATRICIA SHAFFERJ, Famous as Schiaparelli and Alix, Now that New York is the fashion center MEMBER or FLORAL TELEGRAPH DIVISION Q I PEALER'S Plenfy of F ufure Football! T eom Moferz'o! Flower Slzop Lifving I n Rosemont Terrace Homes The Bw! Section of ine Best West Shore Town VISIT THE 60 NEW HOME SPECIALIZING IN FLORAL DESIGNS DEVELOPMENT Rosemont Ave., Woodland Ave., Wayne Ave., South of Second Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Phone' C Hu P Harrisburg 2l0805 amp Z 3 d' You'!! Be Proud of Your Home Town 47 REISINGER' Our Effort Is Now 997, War Activities. Barber Shop Should the Planning Commission 315 Bridge Street decide against our worth, all would NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. vile have been in vain. ELKWOOD COMPANIES "Tow Personal Appearance Is Om Business" PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, continued Of the World. Chatting idly At a table in a dimly lit corner Sit BETTY LowER, A. P. Newsreel photographer, Just returned from photographing the Reconstruction of Russia, And BILL MILLER, her fiance, Latest Republican candidate for Presi- dent. FRANCES ERNEY, his campaign man- ager, Furthers his cause by Cultivating the acquaintance of LINCOIJN HoUcK, head of Television, Inc. Threading her way between the tables, Candid camera in hand, Sidles JANE ALBRIGHT. "My Nights," her syndicated column, Is notorious throughout the country For its satirical sketches Of cafe society. A flurry of excitement Pervades the air When ALENE HUTTON, drama critic, And MARIAN HEMPT, commercial artist Of the Daily News, Stop to commend HOMER W. MILLER Ice - Coal- Wood o Phone: 3-882 2 NEW CUMBERLAND JAYDEE Fooo MARKET Quality Foods Economy Prices O PHONE: 5-3474 409 SEVENTH STREET New Cumberland Elwood D. C. Ross Electrical Conlraclor RADIOS and Electrical Appliances 211 W. Third Street NEW CUMBERLAND Bell Phone: 2-6223 FREYSINGER'S GARAGE Pontiac Sales and Service I G ENERAL AUTO R EPAI RING NEW CUMBERLAND Phone: 3-8523 E. H. WRIGHT 213 Third Street New Cumberland, Pa. All That the Man Wears Suits Made to Order and Altering Munsing 85 Haines Underwear TONY E. RABENA Shoe Repairing "For the best quality and Work, bring your shoes to us." 427 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND 48 C. lVl. Musselman 8z Son SHEN K 81 TITTLE E ver thin or unrral lemma 7 5' f Sport O LEMOYNE, PENNSYLVANIA ' Phone: 2-6923 513 Market Street , HARRISBURG, PENNA. . Lady Asszstant Phone: 3-6067 PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, continued BETTY HoLTz for her excellent Stage decorations. The lights grow dim. Under the soft white glow THELMA BESHORE and PEGGY EICHELBERGER, Attired alike in sequinned gowns of silver, Whirl rhythmically- The most famous terpischorean team in the world. Deep in tangled jungles of Brazil, A shimmering spire rises above The verdant vegetation. Tier upon tier, Each equipped with gigantic Laboratories where Well-trained scientists Labor to discover Nature's secrets. In one room WILLIAM LAWLESS keeps his huge Atom-smashing machine. J ACK HoUcK discovered the large Uranium deposits, That are transmitted into pure Energy. Sleek air transports, powered By undying energy, Carry the world's commerce. EMILY BAKER Perfected a new metallic alloy Qfiicial Photographer for New Cumberland High School G E R , fir 192.726 fpfzoiogmplzf S QSince 18823 Second and Walnut Streets - Harrisburg, Pa. 49 'tif'-Q1-4' Congmrnlizrionr Gmiinizrer Millers Restaurant JOHN C. HERMAN E99 CO. NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Wear' THIRD AND BRIDGE STREETS NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. -qs.. "We Serve You Breakfast Lunch and Dinner" , PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, continued Stronger than steel, Lighter than aluminum. When he bent light waves Around our globe. As LOUISE SEEBOLD, lady wrestle the world On the uppermost tier Under glass skylights, ROBERT YOCUM Analyzed-the-composition-of- - - Chloropbyll. JACOB BARBER solved the In thousands of homes All over the world- From South Africa 'IB Creenland- People wait for the championship Defends her title, Against her latest aggressor. MELVIN F ETROW, Owner of Madison Square Garden, Qwhere crowds are gathering Although the bout does not begin I' Television difficulty that had match For three h0UfS Yeti Puzzled the Earth, To begin, Escorts ALBRIGHT Gnoss, J. Horace McFarland Co. WRIGHTSTONE . . . r Printers of . . . N C H1 Times , " l 'f'tffr'11', 2 Crercenz' and Mulberry Str. H A R D A R E ? HARRIsEURG. PENNA. . N EQ 1-142 fl Ji'?lS'5mE1 X 5 is Ing ac e gl YA 3 f 1- ? K T? 213 Fourth St. New Cumberland 44 ' " 3 " il l: ggi L B George L. Bowen Printing Since 1 9 2 4 o Phone: 3-7947 r ls your automobile properly insured against the hazards ofthe road? Why not see this agency today? Insurance Bonding Notary Public E. B. SMITH 516 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND MOTOR COMPANY I CAMP HILL, PENNA. 50 M. A. HCFF FUNERAL HOME 408 THIRD STREET NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. O Phone: 3-6079 Protect Your Finish with a Wax job STOP AT Mump er's Fleetwing Station FOR THIS Specialized Service 8th and Bridge Streets New Cumberland KRINER'S Sc and 10c Store Notions, Toilet Articles and Greeting Cards of All Kinds 31 Third and Bridge Streets 0 Whatever You Want PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, Notorious sports promoter, To his ringside seat. Before the fight begins Radio announcer, ALVIN KEEFER, Bellows the latest news From the social front. Last year's best-dressed woman RUTH DUNKLE Steps up to MARY ANNE DICKEY, 1 continued Foremost exponent of the Ballet Russe, Hoping to coax a free performance For the United Nationis Relief. MARGARET WATTs, Devotee of occupational therapy Since her high-school days, Directs the activities of U. N. R. Whose greatest pl1l'pOSC is To rehabilitate minds. PAULINE BAKER Now is U. N. R.'s Field Representative in Japan, While HELEN GHER takes over In Germany. The low buzzing rises Into an overpowering roar, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 Congratulations 0 0 0 Congratulations cmcl Success .,. and Success .,. TO THE CLASS or 1943 West Shore Bowling Center 651 Market Street, LEMOYNE, PA. "Bowl for Healtlvl' T est Shore Theatre NEW CUMBERLAND AIR-CONDITIONED FRANK FREISTAK, Mgr. 51 PAUL O. EAUELITZ AW Rem CCA, DOUTRICH C E M E N T R K Nationally Known Guaranteed Merchandise BRANDT AVENUE, NEW CUMBERLAND If 'You Don't Know Coal You Better Know Towr Coal Man Dorft Blunder CLOTHING - HATS FURNISHINGS - SHOES FOR MEN, YOUNG MEN AND Boys CALL OUR NUMBER: 3-6080 HARRISBURG,PENNA' PROPHECY OF CLASS OF 1943, continued Q As Louise struts down the aisle To the ring, The Referee sounds the gong and The match is onl The black velvety limousine Glides silently through The cluttered streets- One of the many That stops, discharging its passengers At the age-old Metropolitan Opera House. History is being made tonight As Cho Cho San CPAT REIF1-il Weeps for her beloved Lieutentant Pinkerton, U. S. N. CPUSS' NEWTOND. NORMA BRAMBLEY, Love-Lorn column- ist Of the Daily Tribune and NANCY BRATTEN, present-day Mark Sullivan, Meet in the lobby Dining first intermission to say, 'We knew them whenl' AUDREY THOMAS raises the baton Starting the overture to the second act. Far away in the misty future Great prospects lie before us all. Remember Y T Opportunity such as this knocks but once. Virginia Longyear GREENBERGS Bargain Store Every Day Is Bargain Day 314 Bridge Street New Cumberland, Pa. Open Evenings 'Til 8:00 P. M. MEARL J. LANDIS ATLANTIC Service Station Lubrication Washing Battery and Tire Service Front and Bridge Streets New Cumberland WALTERS SELF SERVICE MARKET FRESH' Fkulrs and SMOKED MEATS o 307 Bridge Street New Cumberland, Pa. GOOD LUCK SENIORS LEMOYNE DINER OIFIFIIICIE IEIOQUIIPMIJENT CO., gvg Qfzendly derwce ,,.,.,. N , .... I 4 . ,. WEBB 8: WOLFE Your Sporting Goods Store 21 1 Walnut St., Harrisburg I 52 HEMPT BRCDTI-IERS Bituminous Products, Transit Mixed Concrete CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA Class W'ill . . . We, the Class of 1943, being of unusually sound mind and ITEM 1 To the Juniors who still retain the privilege of loafing in that red brick firetrap-any of our forgotten P. D. notes, English book reports, or other equally distasteful objects which they might find. ITEM 2 To the Sophomores-our ability to put on assembly programs on time, as scheduled. ITEM 3 To the Freshmen girls-the Senior boys. Give them credit, they tried hard enough. nothing else of value, do will and bequeath the following: ITEM 4 To the Faculty-our sense of humor-they need it more than once. ITEM 5 To our schoolmates, the following members of '43 list be- queaths: BETTY ADAMS wills her chewing-gum to Nancy Peckins. It'll keep her jaws in training yet give her vocal cords a rest. JANET ALLEN wills her retiring manner to Todd Wolfeihe who is possessed with too great a gift of gab. NEW CUMBERLAND GULF Ninth and Bridge Streets NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. New Cumberland T Box Company Bowl for Fun and SERVICE MASON'S CASH GROCERY Breyer's Ice C reczm H6Glfh Bird:-S, Eye SPILLWAY ALLEY I ' NEW CUMBERLAND v Phone : 3-9704 Fancy GW Boxes 1500 Bridge St. at 15th MODERNE CLEANERS NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. West Sbore'.v Mos! Modern and Largest Plan! Phone: 3-2443 427 BRIDGE ST. Phone: 3-3222 THEODORE RABENA, Agent 53 For a Lazy Liver Try . . . STELBATS PURELY VEGETABLE SNYDER'S DRUG STORE Third St. below Bridge St. NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Send for Free Sample The MARBEN LABORATORIES 2026 Green St., HARRISBURG, PA. Dealer in AUTOMOBILES, MOTOR TRUCKS AND LEASING EQUIPMENT W. R . RAM SAY NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone: Hbg. 4-7728 CLASS WILL, continued MARY AGNES GRUBICK wills her httle dancing partni' JACK KISTER andii AMES CHILES wili'their dumb argumentsto next year's P. D. classes-it might talk them out of a few tests. GERALDINE PURKS, F AY COBLE, GERALDINE FICKES, and ALFRETTA ESTEP will their ability to get government Jobs to Mary Jane Murray whenever she gets tired of that drugstore crowd. OYCE FRANK will a bike and roller DONALD BEECHER and J - skates, respectively, to Beryll O'Neillishe and Joe Crock- ett can trade about when his car tires wear thln. ALMA LISSE wills her distinctive giggle to Barbara Kilheffer- to vary the life of those about her. brother to any underclassmen girls who lack that certain something required to drag those seclusive sheiks out oil their corner. MARIE GOOD and HOWARD LYMAN will their harmony to Bob Schade and Lois Isenberg. "PETER MILLER wills his regular Wednesday afternoon vag cations to Harry Dilfenderfer in addition to those he ha already gotten away with. NEAL MOSEB wills his movie job to .Iohn Adams-maybe he'll be able to get all of his girls in free. BETTE ST. PIERRE wills her scientific mind to Pearl Shindel. Beaatnfal Home Sites in Qlumherlanh aunt The West Shore's Fastest Growing Community 10 percent down 3 years to pay SUBURBAN REALTY 8: DEVELOPMENT CO. New Cumberland, Perma. Ross K. Wirt, Pres. 4-1032 PHONES 3-2257 Finest usea' cars EIRESTONE'S 8th and Market Streets LEMOYNE, PENNA. Phone: 3-0820 BUY AT Goodyear Brothers Seafooafs Produce O "Nothing but the best" VANCE R. STOUEEER 310 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Real Estate Insurance The N. C. Hi Times OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL PUBLICATION SINCE 1927 ii 7 T? I B'R4EAD 54 f BUY UNITED STATES WAR BONDS " Ii AND 5 QQ: Ham fiumhurland smk MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FO ICTORY AAOEE A if ..111 ..M.. CLASS WILL, continued DON HOCKEY Wills his penny-matching skill to Wayne Bricker. PAULINE DOPP Wills the task of milking a cow in a blackout to any Junior liking the job. DOT GENSEMEH wills her library job to anyone who is in need of a good excuse for hanging around after school is over. VANCE EICHELBERGER Wills his country estate to those World- Weary Freshman girls, Naomi Bock and Nancy Greenawalt. LINCOLN HOUOK wills his red hair to Ed Erney-might bolster up your nerve with members of the Opposing sex, Ed! PEG DONAVAN Wills her love of horses to June Beighter. N uff said! BETTY DEVINNEY Wills her quietness to the Orchestra's brass sectionkmaybe we'll hear the violin then. - DOT BROWN wills her sparkler to Helen Landis-save Don some dough. JEAN GARDNER wills her big blue eyes to Joan Beaney-they help! ANNA MARY BLEssLEY wills her soft voice to Miriam Owens to add to her dignity. DOT FASNACHT wills her artistic ability to Mr. F asick-to use in illustrating his long dry lectures. JACK WILES Wills his experience as page boy to Jean Sanders to aid her in passing her numerous notes, undetected. GRANT YINGER wills his easy-going ways to James Cookerley. GERRY MARSHALL wills her intramural athletic ability to Charlie Bates. OREN'S STORE GROCERIES CIGABS AND CANDY WE SELL ALL FLAVORS OF HERSHEY,S ICE CREAM 901 Bridge Street NEW CUMBERLAND. PE 0 Phone: 3-7895 NNA. Sincere ' Congratulations . And the Best of Wishes Too For Ever Bigger, Better Things In Days Ahead of You. Esther S. Hempt We Specialize In All New Style Haircuts, Shampoos, Massaging, Scalp Treatments Children, 25c.-Mon., Tues MILLEIVS Barber Shop OPEN EVERY DAY O Q05 Third Street NEW CUMBERLAND 55 ODER PAC KAGI IS YOUR PROTECTION FOR GOOD HEALTH O 9 Buy H E R H E Y ORIGINAL KPACKAGED EULKH I C E C R EAM A LUXURY QUALITY AT A LOW COST CLASS WILL, continued DORIS SCHULER and MARY Ross will their bowling scores to Dot Patterson. MARY ELLEN THORNTON wills her ability to stick to one guy to Jackie Pannell. MARY STRIOKLER wills her candy-selling profession to any Junior who can look and let alone. ANNE KOELLNER wills her tendency to being built close to the ground to Lee Foreman. DORIS BOWEN wills her Central Treasury membership to anyone wishing to roam the halls with an excuse. PAUL BAUBLITZ wills his wit to the Juniors to be used in writing limericks for Miss Slaybaugh's English classes. DOT SHAFFER wills her ambition to Dic ' . DICK SNELL wills his manly looks to Vance Fehl. BILL SMEE wills his truck to Coach Peiffer-to haul the Tigers to any games they might have left to play. RAY LONG wills his quiet manner to Boss Watts-the teachers are sure to appreciate this. Signed, sealed, published, and solemnl-y declared as our last will and testament on the twenty-eighth day of May, nineteen hundred and forty-threeg We set our hand and seal. The Class of 194-3 Helen Steger 32nd and Market Streets, Camp Hill ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION - EXIDE BATTERIES RE S TA RA T Platters and Daily Specials Twentyffour Hour Service Phone: 312859 C. REED GRACEY, Proprietor

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