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New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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wf Y, ff 1- f A. ,rg n' 'km . V 1 Tl'2'T2-2Ef?f21:2'1 1-if-151-.,'i'3-.3-,-"1 1 5 ' A -If--"Tip 'Z 4 . :i-,- up "I-2-1'.f-5f1+'5r1i,,Q"- T 51 I I 'J iff f'iiff'-',-,-'5-AT'1f.5'if,'f37lkf532f3L,Z5. S?4?Il91'li fz. r'f-. -7-'-:gn-1-Q-L1 vw-41.a1-,',ffg. '1,1,.,,-1.1 x I- .5-:fr ,LA f .ug 1 5.55, f-f x :.,g' : :uw--1.-. 1 'iff-'ri'--'jfg f-4:1Avr:,4"-ff:-i::, : :-,av -,: xr 1.32152-' Mi:-:-.YL-1-zz.:-L'W?"4 2:72119-H1111--:-H ..'.- -. W LIB 15555 X 'x'anif":J,,X .f-"" ws, THE smuoa cuss OF 19511, DEDICATE THE NEW CUMBERLAND HIGH scnoor. PEBBLE 'ro Roy BLAIQKENSHIP wno ms KILLED IN KOREA WHILE SERVING HIS COUNTRY ON APRIL L7, 1953 ROY BLANKENSHIP THE SENIOR CLASS ALSO, DEDICATES A PORTION OF THE 19515 PEBBLE TO HDBERP REED, WHO WAS KILLED WHILE RIDING A BICYCLE GOING HGIE AFTER SCHOOL, ON MARCH 21, 19147 1 w PEBBLE STAFF Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Managers Sports Editor Literary Editor Humor Editor Typists Student Advisors Supervisor Assistant Supervisor Don Knight Vivian Hauenstein Rudy Zinka Nick Nardo Wadeanne Campbell Martha Jane Herron Lois Cameron Mary Kathryn Kirpan Babs Prosser Kenneth Bailey Irona Gibson Floyd Dennison Janet Baker Lois Cameron Midge Lohr Vivian Hauenstein Mary Kathryn Kirpan Wadeanne Campbell Mr John Kuzio Mr Joe Endry Art1sts....... '::.....Allen Holbrook FATE: g 14 we il. Principal Mr Henderson Grove City University of Pittsburgh lr! Virginia Marskall Betty BI'9Y1d0U Charles riller' Randolph macon Betbany West Liberty Unlver-slty of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh University Of Plttsburgh piston Maw Englisl' hecloanical Drawing ' Robert Roach N Va Unlv r 1 J Social Subjects I L Mum , 'J ., - -- Ki 1 6 Q .qv 'A A . ' H 'SZ' J J . K' v-N4 'E 0' ' o , F -Q . ' A W W nr , kk. . .. h ' 'V A ' 0 0 0 1 J , U A m , U 7 A ' ' ,f ". . ' 3 s't' Florence L ttman Joseph Endry V2 UDlV9PSltj Fhemlstrg W Va Unlvcrs tj Llb arl 1 Flafa De Frank V Va Un lV8I' slty Eleanor Sprouse Dethan Y UH1VOTb1tf of P ttsbuggn 'N Colmerclal Helen Stooinsk N Va Universit Tusic nd Director RAPHJ. 1:5 lx wa Q A I R 3 in 'E' NldQG Tobr A Science Club M Record Staff M Band l 2,3 L Student Council Student Council T es 3 Clee Club l,2,3 Library Club Dramatics Club 2 Suicide Squad 3 Pebble Staff H Joan Dawson Band l,2,3,h A Glee Club 1,2 A Science Club? Student Council U Class Treasurer 3 Suicide Squad 3 Record Staff L Pebble Staff! Kenneth Bailey Athletic Club l,2,3, Babatte Prosser student Council 4 Band 112f3:4 Suicide Club 5 G A A 11 95 Basketball 1,2,5,4 A Football 1 Science Club Record Staff 4 StUd9Ht COunC11 Pebble Staff 4 Glee Club 1 2 Record Staff 4 Band Council 1,5 Dramatic Club 2 Library Club 4 Suicide Club 3 Ibnnie Knight Athletic Club l 4 Basketball l 4 Baseball 1 4 Editor of Pebble 4 Record Staff 4 Sciende Club 4 Class Treasurer 2 Vice President 4 Lois Cameron Girls State 3 Band l,2,3,4 Class Secretary 4 Band Council 4 Glee Club 1,2 3,4 Commercial Club 3 4 A , Student Council 5 Pebble Staff 4 I ea I5 llf 3 , . P,T. . 3,h G A 1 2 ' o o e g ' 2, Q F.T. . 3,H . 3 L . r . , 5.A.A.-1,2 f - L 2 L X S 4 4 iili C4 Q b"l A an X 1 gf f 'A 4 ' . . . 2 F.T. . 4 4 1 I ' 1 G.A. . 1 2 'FIU Arr Bill Householder Athletic Club l, Rootball l 2 Baseball 1,3 M Basketball l,2,3 Science Club U Boy's State 3 President of Clase Student Council 2 President, Student Pres, of Northern Student Council Student Counc l Co Suicide Squad 3 Wadeanne Campbell Band l,2,3,h Clee Club l,2 Dramatlcs Club l 2 A Pebble Staff Spanish Club A Record Staff Science Club Band Council 1!2!39 Claee Secretary 3 Class Treasurer l L 2 3 Council 3 Panhandle nvention 2, L 'bw Mary Kathervn Kirpan A , A , Spanish Club Band l,2,3 M Pebble Staff Record Staff Dramatics Club 2 Glee Club l,2,3 1 L Rudy Vlnka Band l 2,3,H Dramatlcs Club Spanish Club Librarv Club A Science Club Pebble Staff Band Council Record Staff School Orchest l L ra 3 Nick Nardo Clase Vice Preeldent l Student Council M Athletic Club l 2,3' Football l,2,3, Basketball l,2,3 Baseball 1,2 3' Science Club A Dramatics Club l Spanish Club 3 Pebole Staff H Record Sta F' Vivian Uauenstein Band 2,3 H A l 2, A l 2 Glee Club 2 Dramatics Club 2 Science Club M Pebble StaPf Editor of Record Band Council M Leadership Camp 3 Class Reporter M High School Treae L 'L urer H 1 p ' , ' ' I1 1' 'X ' E,2!E?v, i 8 K 1 ' ' ' g 3 2,3,' G.A. . 1 2 ' x, ,C . 1 . A , ,3,L F.T. . 1 H . v ll - 3th f :L rl s 'L . I M . ,1 LL P , .4 1 -' ' y3y,L 9 ILL I! su f , C l 3,h A V :p.,t , 1 3,' . 15:7 -N . if f F X ' L W, k Cs, . f .-,e,.. Q , 3 3 I G.A. . 1' 3,v 9 -. I Faro e y3 G.A. . 1 wr. . 3,l1 L ' ' - LL M C U M . F.T. . 3,h C 3 I A Q LL 31, , . Q , G A A l,2,5,4 F T A Science Club 4 Imamatlcs Club 2 Spanish Club 5 Suicide Squad 5 Library Club 5, Glee Club 5 Alvera Reed Dramatics Club 2 A 1 , A Suicide Squad 5 Library Club 5, Science Club 4 Ibnna Young Band l,2,5 G A A 1,2,5, Glee Club 1, Record Staff 4 Commercial 5,4 w Science Club 4 Eben Tate Wi-ra-loaew No PICTURE AVAILABLE Dick Adams Record Staff 4 Martha Jane Herron Band l,2,5,4 Glee Club l,? G A A 1,2 FT A 5,4 Science Club 3,4 Record Staff 4 Pebble Staff 4 7-s Catherine Fields Band l,2,5,4 G A A l,2,5,4 Science Club 4 Record Staff 4 Class Treasurer Dramatic Club 2 Judd Shuman Suicide Squad 5 uri Homer Powell Football l,2,5,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Basketball 5, Athletic Club l 2 Science Club 4 Record Staff 4 5,4 1 if A G? .. - . June Lorello A A , A Science Club Suicide Club Library Club Record Staff Glee Club 5 Myrtle Moore Arthur Rowland Commercial Club 4 Science Club 4 Edith Porter Charles McGown Paul Robinson Commercial Club 514 Science Club 4 Cheerleader 1 N' f U' by f 1 4, G. . . 5 4 o o o FuTo o 4 4 4 1 1 5 4 3,4 4 9 'I . 1 g l, K , V 'f ini I Cu R ' 4 A .f ,kxy , W I Sy , W S -, so A 'Mg Steve Yorko Band l,2,5,4 Band Council 5 Library Club 5,4 F.T.A. 5,4 Record Staff 4 Janet Baker Commercial Club 5,4 F.T.A. 5,4 Library Club 4 G.A.A. l x 3, v A: I " K A, A ,K pf X James Moore ' . ,J N Darrell Jones Athletic Club 1,5 Fbotball 1,5 Band 2 Bill Bowen Football l,2,5,4 Class President V .rl Ardena Scott Record Staff K 1 4 Q J? :L Yp- B111 Owings Athletic Club l,2,5,4 Football l,2,5,4 Science Club 4 Spanish Club 5,4 Student Council 1 in we 'K :eve arg? Shirley Mack G.A.A. 1,2,5,4 Band l,2,5,4 Science Club 4 Library Club 5,4 Commercial 4 Glee Club l,2,5 F.T.A. 4 Dramatic Club 2 Suicide Squad 4 Rosemarie Patterson G A A l,2,3,4 Band l m A Commercial Club 4 Library Club 5,4 Suicide Squad 4 Dramatlcs Club 2 Thomas Mcrbnald Football l,2,5,4 Baseball l,3,4 Athletic Club l,2,3,4 John Hamilton Football 1,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Athletic Club 1,2,3,4 Carol Chambers G.A.A. l,2,5,4 Commercial Club 3,4 Library Club 5,4 Science Club 4 Suicide Squad 4 Record Staff 4 Gretchen Crisslnger Glee Club 1,2,5,4 A Band l,2,5,4 Library 4 G A A l,2,5,4 Science Club 3, Floyd Ibnnison Football 3,4 Baseball l,2,5 Basketball 3 Athletic Club l,2,5,4 Science Club 4 X ' ulwrfb X A A f ls A KK 5 X l A 3 Ai ik R 3 B. X A - . . . F.T. . 1 F... , 4 I l 4 X. Vera Tingler G A A 1, ,5 Commercial Club 5,4 Suicide Squad 4 Ernest Evans Band 2,5 Football 1,4 Science Club 4 Spanish Club 2,5 Athletic Club 1,4 Record Staff 4 Robert Lewis Band 1,2,5,4 Spanish Club 5 Library Club 5, A Suicide Squad 4 Helen Grimm G A A 2,5,4 Science Club Spanish Club Record Staff 'QQ M x Patricia Holbert Commercial Club 5 4 Record Staff 4 A Eugene Glover Athletic Club 1 4 Football 1 4 Basketball l Baseball 2,4 Record Staff Spanish Club Science Club 4 6 C' 6 'X 2 p 5 . 3 1-fx D Q 1 L lk? . . . 2 , 4 G.A. . 4 F.T. . 5 4 s' Q. . . . 4 - 4 -4 4 4 3 No PucTuRE AVAILABLE Allen Holbrook Record Staff 4 Civics Club 4 Spanish Club 4 VB. Irona Gibson G A A l,2,3,4 Commercial Club 4 Suicide Club 4 Library Club 3,4 Wilma Snyder G A A l,2,5,4 Science Club 5 Inamatics Club Suicide Squad 4 Record Staff Library Club 3,4 Q 455 dl. Melvin Boyd Spanish Club 5,4 Science Club 4 Athletic Club l,2,5,4 Record Staff 3 'Y fb: f-5 5 4, f gs , l I I ' 2 4 d My 4. 3 Q . 'Sr ....l Q 4, 3. O O I I CLASS HISTORY after eight years of hardship and sacr1f1ce,our ambitious, work loving, intellectual class arrived in that grand old institution known as high school For about the first three weeks we walked around aimlessly until someone told us to elect our class officers After looking up 'officers' in the dictionary, we decided that Bill Bowen, president, Nick Nardo, vice president, Cindy Patterson, secretary, Wademnne Campbell, treasurer, and Miss Lazich, sponsor would be swell choices After our three months vacation, we arrived at Gravel Hill Academy again We got right down to work and elected Bill Householder, president, Cindy Patterson, secretary, Don Knight, treasurer, and Miss DeFrank as our class sponsor During that year we gave the 'Harvest Ball' which proved to be quite successful Well, we came back to school once again and after some debate we decided that we had to raise some money to give the seniors a prom in May Before starting this project we elected again, B111 Householder as president We also elected Cindy and Miss Marshall as student advisor le sold magazines and had a 'Christmas Hop' to help support us in May with the Junior Senior Banquet and Prom We also had the honor of winning the trophy for the best assembly of the year We hurried back to school after a hard summer and started on our final vacation, the senior year Since Bill Householder treated us fairly well for the two years before we appointed him again to be our leader through our last year of school We also picked Don Knight, vice president, Lois Cameron, secretary, catherine Fields, treasurer, and Mr Endry as our class director We gave a party to welcome the freshmen into high school in a grand old style they'll never forget. No harm meant though We published the nPebble' and gave the 'Gold Dlgger's Ball' When we entered high school, each and everyone of us had certa1n ldeals which we hoped to attain Were these ideals attained? Yes, some were and some were not Others are being realized Patterson, vice president: Wadeanne Campbell. secretary, Joan Inwsqp, treasurer: LAST wrm. Ang TESTAMENT We, the class of 1954, do hereby bequeath the following VIVIAN HAUENSTEIN wills her love for the school to the Freshmen, hoping it will last the entire four years DONNIE KNIGHT wills his seat in Algebra II to his sister Nancy STEVE YORKO wills his drum major uniform to Bruce Invis, and hopes he doesn't get it HOMER POWELL wills his ability to be a hero to Jack Harris BILL HOUSEHOLDER wills his ability in Algebra to Francis Garrison CATHERINE FIELDS wills her seat in the band to Nancy Knight JOHN HAMILTON wills his ability to play baseball to anyone who wants it DEAN TATE wills his two seats in English class to anyone who is unlucky enough to get it TOM McDONALD HILLS his ability to chew tobacco to Red Crago ALVERA REED wills Dotsy Gordon to any boy who'll have her BABS PROSSER wills her ugly saddle shoes to Helen Grimm GRETCHEN CRISSINGER wills Eddie Reese to any girl who thinks she can get him LOIS CAMERON wills her ability to get along with Mr Endry to anyone who can stand him HELEN GRIMM wills her hateful disposition and terrible temper to Babs Prosser PAT HOLBERT wills her abilityto get along with Miss Sprouse to anyone who is capable of doing so BOB IEWIS wills his trumpet playing ability to Jim Moore NICK NARDO wills his ability to get along with girls to anyone who wants them WADEANNE CAMPBELL wills her ability to get a Nardo to Norma Burskey RUDY ZINKA wills his ability to get along with Miss Stobinsky to the cheerleaders CHARLES McGOWN wills nothing because he is going to keep his abilities himself MELVIN BOYD wills his abill y to get in shape for football to Bill Mcquiston LUKE EVANS wills his hatred for girls to Tom Arbogast BILL BOWEN wills his crew cut to Bruce Davis EECK ADAMS wills his ability to get along with Mr Henderson to Jim Cameron MYRTLE MOORE wills her driving ability to Sarah Sin PAUL ROBINSON wills his ability to sleep in Ch1ck's class to Kay Stanley KENNY BAILEY wills nothing because he has nothing to will JANET BAKER wills her seat on the school bus beside Kay Stanley to any girl JOAN DAWSON wills her seat ln band to Polly Kring MARTHA JANE HERRON wills her perfect band attendance to Patty Watson MIDGE LOHR wills her ability to get along with K J to Norman Allison DONNA YOUNG wills her old scraps of paper, pencil stubs, and old chewed gum to Dotsy Gordon ALLEN HOLBROOK wills his ring to Tom Arbogast IARREL JONES wills his old buick to Betty Brandon JUNE LORELLO wills her old cracked eye glasses to Ibtsy Gordon who doesn't see very well FLOYD ENNISON wills his Chevy to Mr Kuzlo BILL LAW wills his dodge to Joe Haynes and Frankie Chamberlamh EDITH PORTER wills her old cheering uniform to Beverly Crago ART ROWLAND wills his ability to get along with girls to Bill Davis JUDD SHUMAN wills his brains to George Weigle JAMES MOORE wills his Algebra knowledge to Miss Marshall SHIRLEY MACK wills Stush to anyone who thinks they can get him LORETTA GILMER wills her ability to speak Spanish to Mrs Cowl WILMA SNYIER wills her ability to go Halloweening and not get caught to Nora Ann Swan MARY K KIRPAN, CAROL CHAMBERS, and ROSEMARIE PATTERSON will their natural colored hair to Imogene Valentine, Dotsy Gordon, and Shelba Langfitt VERA TINGLER wills herseat on the bus to Kay Tlngler IRONA GIBSON wills her ability to get along with Mrs Littman to Sonny Lyons BILL OWINGS WILLS HIS LONGGY curly hair to Mr Miller PECKY GLOVER wills his football uniform to anyone dumb enough to take it ARDENA SCOTT wills her seat in Sociology and Economics to whoever will have it. who is trong enough. CLASS PROPHECY If good intentions were all that would be needed to gain success, all of the class of 1954 would be world renown for something let us suppose that we have the power to see what each person in the class will be doing ten years from now Mary Katheryn Kirpan is now working as a Dental Hygienist in Wheeling Rudy Zinka has finished college and has an orchestra of his own Bob Lewis is playing first coronet Loretta Cilmer is taking it easy in her fathers store, and is writing faithfully to Chester three times a day Art Rowland has served his time in the air force and is new building that dream house he planned Gretchen Crlssinger is now married to Spanky, naturally, and is taking care of her six daughters Bill Law has a clothing factory and is manufacturing Lev1's Bill Owings has been in the service and has saved enough money now to own a super service station of his own Allen Holbrook after many years of waiting has finally become superintendent of Tomlinson Run Park Tom Mctonald is at large at a large resort in Florida giving water skiing lessons to tourists factory June Lorello since she has been left an lnherltance has bought a Cadillac Kfrom Jone's Show Roomb to bring her off the hill Alvera Reed is owner of the largest stables in Eastern U S She buys and sells palamino horses Kenny Bailey is the proud owner of the WAfter l0 Night Clubn in New York Steve Yorke has finally replaced Miss Stobinsky in being director of good old New Cumberland Band Judd Shuman finally gave in and made a trip to Kentucky He is happily married there Floyd Imnnison and Jim Moore are working as mechanics in a leading garage in Steubenville Shirley Mack ls happily married to a lieutenant in the Navy Ibnna Young is working at Goodyear Tire Company in Akron, Ohio Pecky Glover was last seen boarding a train heading South tick Adams is working with the crew building the new Pughtown High School Myrtle Moore and Ardena Scott are settled down and living in Paris, Pa. Darrel Jones owns a Cadillac Show Room and stock in a leading chewing gum NAME Wadeanne Campbell Patricia Holbert Vera Tingler Irona QibS0H Allen Hobrook Shirley Mack Nick Nardo Edith Porter Joan Daws on Burrell Jones Eugene Glover Bill Owings Rosemarie Patterson Carol Chambers Robert Lewis Rudy Zinka Ernest Evans Melvin Boyd Paul Robinson Mary Kathryn Kirpan Bill Bowen Helen Grimm Wilma Synder Charles McGown Ibnna Young June Lorello Loretta Gilmer Vivian Hauenstein Babette Prosser Lois Cameron Mildred Lohr Alvera Reed Catherine Fields Myrtle Moore Janet Baker Martha Jane Herron Gretchen Crlssinger Clifford Shuman Steve Yorke John Hamilton Homer Powell Floyd Ibnnlson Kenneth Bailey William Householder Donald Knight James Moore Arthur Rowland Richard Adams Thomas McDonald William Law Dean Tate Robert Webster SENIOR SKETCHES NICKNAMES Mag e 'Pat 'Rookie' 'Ronie 'Tee 'Nic 'Edie 'Jeanie 'Pecky 'qulzzy 'Rie 'Elsie 'Louie Nm If 'Duke' 'Por 'Pau 'Kate 'Bill 'Toots e' Wllm 'Pete 'Dee 'Tune' III-'ee 'vw 'Babs 'Lois Mldg NA!! 'Kate 'Buddy 'Jan 'Legs 'Crisco 'Judd 'Sonn 'Beanie B111 B111 'Kenny B111 'Donnie 'Jim Art 'Sato 'Mac Bill Tatorbug 'Web EXPRESSION Happy Day' Oh You Hoople! Don't know, do you' Holy Cow! Hey Adams! Oh Heavens! Pickle Juice! Gee Whiz! Ibn't know do ou' Tell us about it! Ibn't got one! Judas Priest! I'm sorry Miss Sprouse! Gee Whiz! Strictly for the birds! Hi Sye! None! Pickle! I don't have one! How terrible! I don't know! Judas Priest! Don't be bitter! Ain't that cute Say now! That gets me sick! Well Say now! Horse feathers! We're going to change Now! don't be bitter! Oh! Crime! Crying out loud! Oh! Gad! No gona say! Oh Kay! I don't believe in it! You've got me cornered! his Navy Anybody using the car tonight! Pickle Juice! Tell us about it! Now I wouldn't say that! You don't know! Let's go! You don't know! Oh! Heck! Don't have any! I don't know notinl Boy I did, didn't I! Hey! Now! Holy Cow! That's right! The heck you say! ll Il n . l!A1!l n ki! h n Il y . ' 'D.JU n U N N ll dy kn ln U -I Ardena Scott 'Scotty' Oh Crips! Il Ni ll N U H ' t fl ll el' A n N N N il N yll ll ll H N fi UI N ll fl Il I1 ll hi! ll II ll I1 fl N V apik i K MN Howard Glover Follx Kring Ronnie Jones Robert Patterson VS t8W8I' Shelba Langfitt in Evelvn Lemley w-13 x ':"hY'Q Dennis Gilmer Mary Ann Pipes 4,2 Clairel Tingler Nora Noncrlef if Nui wglifwg ,fd X Eugene hurra Irma Flo 'ZW Q-'vw Imogene Valentine Dave Rawson Russell Martin Peggv Wvcoff ,fro ,Z C7 artna Thompson Carlos Porter Craig Mick Marv Mills Bruce Davis Jovce Frey 5? n Jack Watson H,w. iQ if ? f ' . 5x '23 ,LV K 4 if U Sa . ' ' ' Lf, L I ' 4 f 5 1- U , 5,-,Ir if , I , . . 4 y fn ver A, ,, y , , - , f I 2 v 7 4 Q ,gf M . x ' 5 6 L5 .,, , .r X ld - ' K f a V 2 . 'ga k X , 1 .Z 1 ' .fit-. am xt t , x f 7 . 5 : - 5 'h ! x. in ' A 4 'K K, - fl ' gg? , M. , .W . ' .. . A, V , " 46.7 t :S -J' . , ' 'L .s , 4 .E -. V - ,sg ,. I W VL wif 'Q Aslilii' ' f ' til W ,naval "-.1 a l f M - ,Sip -I 1' N 1 A S55 f' 4 "iz v .-Q' 5 ffei f agus wrt- mg Q Q lf. ' L ' 1 ,J V K - 9 -. 1 1 4 V 5 li- 1 ' 1' if , , . w, F J Mmm V ,- .51- - y ,-L fiat -. xiii? ,g L f ' , 7- f ,,, W , , ' -, ' 3 . k Pat Folinp 95 ti" 95" ul Alva Webster Uddie Crago ll? xp' Z' Maureen Eovles Qradlev j 1 Rosemond Uker -0 'REE gl g if 1 John Fisher fun! 'Q nary Louise laynes ii Ki mx' ore Ann Swan ff O OHS S Pattv W tson H68 I' INHPEIYI me - 44' m Q il' Ig I Marie Wudarsky Jim Knox Dale Brant GSS! Kax Stanley f-'DX 1 we -N. W1 .I.l.51"Q NCPI'lde Colleen Thom,Qon E: f 4 YY JC! Dorothx SWEQPIUESU kW" Pollv rcher Af Jane Hoover -cg' Janice Cline hazel Jenkins Beverlx kittenger L... Mx A wil! 'Q' 9' 5 velvn Waker 631- Carol Hoffman Johnn wright Anna Mae Moore ohirley Greathouse Shirlew Ldwards PEBBLE STAFF LEFT T0 RIGHT STANDINGWWZINKA, KNIGHT, CAMPBELL, NARDO, HAUENSTEIN, CAMERON, HERRON, KIRPAN ,L lj- fi A 7 Lo.fi4 A fu n 4 'E,f"'i " 5 f5 5ll'iiaiiiIILkxQ Rx ' .A1l.N' '- in "5 o " o M 1 'L Z V 4 , 0 90106 RAPHJ. X 1 ,FAQ f T K I I X ENGLISH 2 first Row L to R H Klrpa., M Nelgle, P S1ur"ak, C uenz1 , I Russell, M Wlleon, D Balley, N Kvnvht, E Stolarczyk M193 Brandon Second Hon L to H M Jones, S Brown, S Jonnson, lx. Fld-er' G h.cK1t cn, S "oo e, L Chambers D W1111'ms, L Arenart, L Shaw D M ers Thlrd Rov L to P R F1sh, H Waker, R Begt+J, N ala, peqspl P Deattj, J Pme t, K G11 er, E 'lee e, D Mares '1 er, G Duffleld Fm. 'fb Row L to D L Glover, B Porter, L Phllllps, T D ake C Conley, H Koeppen Flftlw Pon L J Theger, D Prles, D Loar, J Cam? on, F D'gH,D MCQ +Ol'1,J Moe vos fa New ANY 44 uf-LP RAPHJ. Wie l I Xia 3' H, yt MJJQEII CARsoN BEAVVY ,4f5NElL JHOESUINE S0111 SUJAI 4, H"-wx QVV- W " PSC-K " 's X Il FREsHaEs VAIO!! KATE! 2 ' DENNIBON NAKDO HAYNE ' HuLAS Lauryn HAI I-E7 LOKDTHQQ ffflyf EH 5075 DEA uT'lE s 0 R02fAro GAKZLQMA1 bumm U 4750 N 5? 5 cabo" H1015 smnzs sum 'I' Hyde .5 FRESHMAN CLASSES Front row 1 to r Wudarsky,W11son,Shultz,Chambers,Arbogast,McNe11,Wyco1f, McKitrick,Reeae,FTeshour,Sobe1 Second row Tingler,Gr1mes,Locke,Ward, Harris,Duff1e1d,McMi1lan,Jones, Jenkins, Watk1ns,Moore,M1ss De Frank Third row Garlesky,Davis,Shuman,Adams,Brant,Valentine,Pett1t,Cow1, Garrison Fourth row Ba1ley,Al1ison,Lowther,Nardo,Webster,M11ls, Chamber1ain,Barnhart Front row 1 to r Watson,Jones,Bai1ey,Hoffman,Dornan,Man1ey,Brisbo1 Second row Crago,Devore,Beatty,Ross,Wudarsky,Wagner,Carson Thiro row Treusch,Conley,Porter,Roefaro,Swain,M1s Sprouse Fourth row Six,Kiger, Boyles,Jones,Hauenste1n,Porter Fifth row Mi11s,B1ake,W1111amson, W1111amson,Haynes,Lyons N ... .- . - 0 - 1. t O 'o 0' Q 1 . - 1 S . ' . ' , o :XX 5322? Civics Club Front Raw Loft. te right- ll Swain, K Reese, T Arbogast, G Bailey, L lycoff, C Valentine, I Shultz, B Chuben, C Jones Second Raw J Blake, J Hills, 1' Conley, B Hills, B McNeil, J Carson, J Watson, G Garlesky, D Beatty Third Row C Porter, B Nardo, A Holbrook, J Roefaro, J Koski, B Davis, B lobster Fourth Row K Bailey, G Williamson, N Allnon, N Lowther, D Libnry Club Front Row I.e.tT. to right- B Levis R. Zinka, R. Uker, ll Wuaarsky, I Gibson, C Thcnpaon, J Cline, R. Patterson, W Snyder Second Mow- Left to right- B PTOBIOP, N Swan, C Wenzel, P Wycoff, S Greathouse, D Posovich P Suidnk, C Hoffman, Hrs Littnan Third Row Left to right- I Valentine, L Gilmer, P Polmg, J lr1ght, ll Lohr Fourth Raw Left to right- S Yorko, J Hoover, S lack, E Baker, J Baker, B. Davie H. Hills Wlllimsonz F. Garrison, S: Pettit, C: Cowl, D. Lyons. 0 ' I e e 0 o A Front Bow Left to right P Watson, D Posovich, V Haunstein, J C.L1ne, D Bailey, C lenzel, P lycoff, ll Wezgel, J Lonello Second Row B Cunningham, ll Iudarsky, S Greathouse, llrs Littnan Third Row S lack, II lloncrief, I Hills, ll Pipes, I Snyder, H Grim, G Cnssingor. E Baker, R. Ulcer, N Sim, D Gordon, A Reed A Front Rmr Left to right N Knight, P Watson, C Hofhnan, N Fisher, P Polling, P lycoff, I Gibson, W Snyder Secong Row B Cunningham, ll Plpes, E Stolarczyk, H Kirpan, S Greathouse, D Young, R. Patterson Third Ro! R. Patterson, P Beatty, J lright, L Arehart, S Brown G. . A. w o 0 U o D . 0 .0 '."' I o 0 u 0 ' 0 Fourth Pow - H. Pattgrson, I. Sibson, P..Pol1ing. Pifth Row L L. Gilmer, G. . A. Front row left to rivht S Lanvfitt, V Hauenstein, J Lorello,R Patterson, P Archer, M Wudarsky, P Kring, N Lohr, J Dawson, P watson Second row left to rivht H Thompscn, J Frey, E Baker, B Pittenger, A Moore, I Valentine, P Pollnv M Havnes, W Snyder B Cunninpham Third row left to right D Gordon, N Swan, M Airpan, W Campbell, J Baker, M Herron, B Prosser, R Patterson Fourth Reed, B Davis Fifth row left to right S Yorko, R Martin, R Zinka B Lewis, W McBride CIVICS CLUB Front row left to right K Tingler, B Grimes, H Wudarsky C Bristle, P Novillen, A Wilson, C Harris, V ward, D Freshour Second row left to rlght B Porter, J Jenkins, J Duffield, F Locke, L Ross, B Crave, D Jones, I Manley, D McKitrick Third row left to right S Six, b DeVore, S Brant, R Wudarsky J Jones, D Hauenstein, R Boyles, J Wagner Fourth row left to right J Haynes, F Chamberlain, S Adams, J Shuman, B Kiger F. T. A. N l row-left to ridht-Miss Marshall, J. Hoover, S. Mack, L. Gilmer, A. " , ' o o o f 3 o Q L If To a- U 0 0 " A ve is I . 0 9 0 0 A o Science Club Front Bal loft to right- V Hauenstein, I ludarslcy, J Dawson, I Campbell, Helen Grimm, I Lohr, J Lorello, P Poling, H Boyles, G Crileinger, Second Rot Left to right- I J Herron, S lack, Valentine, A Reed, D Gordon, B Householder, H, Nardo Third Row Left to right- L Gilmer, B Prosser, Swan, R. Zinka, L. Webster, G llcGom lnbonald B Owings, B Law, J Fisher, ll BU 11, Knox, A. Rowland. Suicide Squad Front Row Left. to right- B cunningham, ll Pipes, H- Patterson, I Snyder, Hr Kuzio Second Row Left to right V Tingler, L. Scott., ll loore. 'run-4 mm Left to right- s. lack, N swan, R. Patterson, I Gibson- Fourbh Bow B Lewis. I I O O 0 . ' I O Ie I O I O 0 0 e Ha ' Fourth Row: Left to right- P. Glover, lr. Fhdry, D. Evans, D. Knight, T e A e 0 0 J' Jn ATHLETIC CLUB Front Row Left to Right E Murray, K Ferguson,L Glover, K Bailey, B Davis, D Lyons, H Glovlr, E Reese, D Williamson Second Row Left to Right J Hamilton, N Nardo, T McDonald, D Evans, F Dennison, B Bowen, E Crago, B Webster, B Nardo, N Allison Third Row Left to Right J Fisher, B Housholder, D Stewart, B Swearin en, N Lowther, D Knivht, J Harris, C Nick, J Watson Fourth Row Left to Right G Williamson, B Owings, B Nebster, D Cragq J Thayer, M Boyd, H Powell, D Rawson SPANISH CLUB C, a ' s Q o o -' to ' Q Front Row. Left to Right- D. Freshour, C. Jones, B. Owings, M. K. Kirpan, H. Qrimm, E. Stolarczyk, H. Kirpan, I Shultz, B. Chambers, Nancy Knight, I oh ' Q o o Q 1 . 0 nl . Y . , . V . Y-4 ' . l O. - W . A. . . ' Y. m W' ' if J -. G. m . WH. F,l 1 A . N - 4 .. , . 1 , . . N Nilson Second Row Left to Rib D AcKitrick, N Fisher, F Garrison, S Harris THlTd Row Left to Rivht S Johnson, I Valentl e P Beatty, ovrth Row Left to Ribht S Yorko, C Valentine Mrs Cowl, t T Arbogast, S Pettit, K Cowl, I Manley, L Arehart, H Mudarsky, Holbrook, S Slx, M Ca.pbell, NcKitrick, S Bro Boyd B McQuiston B Davis THE DV ORD TAFF F rst Row le L to rivkt V H8USHStP1U G Crisslnper, Snyder, A b ott, D K K1PD8D, I Lohr, J Dawsor, Piss De Prank Second Row Campbell J Loreilo, C Fields B Grlmm, D Young, P Uolb rt, M J Porron, B Prosser ot Row N Nardo, D Evars, T TcDona1d, dans, owe 1, D U R Lin , Balle STUDFN 1JW TT Q6 XY -A Front Row L to R R Patterson, J Dawson, P Beatty, N Nardo, B Householder, C D Henderson Second Row L to R E Stolarczyk, u Wr1ght, K Ballev, J FIQHEP, B Porter GREAT C HEERLEAD 'NG TEAM 6-4 ,flrls Rat f,a2Av rw 6 I HAYN65 49,-Nw Q96 U49 xl, 1 619 HJ54eJg2' 'VG of Q51 XM W V 54 of V5 009 CRAMING FOR ENGLISH TEST THE SENIOR WAY 6' Sth GQHDE Front Row Left to Right G hanypennv, S Ferguson, L Alleman, H Pradley D Deemer, J Jones, P Wudarskv, S Snider Second Row L KirkPatf'iCk, P DHViS, S Hoffman, L Kiger, N Long P Greathouse, K Beattx, J McDonald, P Torrence, T Allen Third Row L Powell, E Fisher, h Swan, F Lemley, P Lartin V Hauenstein, C Freshwater, Mr Kuzio Fourth Row G Rawson, B Staley, C Nick, G Nerkich, P Blake Front Row Left to Right D Sponaugle, B Beaver, L Hudson, G Iosovich, N wigner, D Nanley, W Martin, S Neiple, J Everlev Second Row J Ueise, D Fisher, 3 herron, B Householder, M Herron A Purdine, E Cross, D williams Third Row NPS Cowl, R Anderson, L Gomer, J honcrief, I Minis, B Edie, D Reed, J Cl e Fourth Row D Harris, D Herron, R Wilson, B Stanlev, B Roach, T Neck C Lorrello L - - 'Y o 1 L . l . . .J I IF 0 .Q L 0 Q - 1 0 Q o p 1 , , . v o U 0 I - n 9 0 - ' I 1 a . g- J. , , L , . u u - v 1 5 9 I '. O L I D 1 - - O ' ' U I 0 l , , e . . . ' Q' . 1. ' s ll o lu Q L, .o 3 , M Q . . F F J U I a Q 'la 0 I . , . . int. ' q a g o L Q Q 1, , , . MNM5 I-15" Bull HousEhol.DeR Unoenuus c,4npasLL MosT P P LHR B :LL MJADEANN E fb. I 0 o Q 6-if Q a 4X X4 I 7 0 o u as ' 0' ll n WW? ww'-Bl ,JMU 75 7441 f ghd! UW lnJii3h.o,5C dmfndefzf .WL GXMOQUU fl .WW WH Vw W3 Q-2 SElY1oR s Q-We ,fa Mosl' ATI-I LETLC JHUNIORS F. 64773, R. PAT-rsksou J. WATSON Wah 54 GARRISQN B, WEBSTER FR 5opHoMoRes lE.NDI.lEST' gy Q- 'A' PM Willian Lvons Alllson Reese, Crxgo Davis lton, mi 9. , H nley Co Right- to Left OW Front R cb Q- L. on a En, 3 cnrfl I' Glover, Rawson, L. 9. Ngrdo, Swearingen, OW Third R --at rcQu Stewart, Blover H Nardo N. J SI' ld Househo Williamson, G Th Fo F-1 Powel Boyd, nison, eh D 14 Schedule 1955 ewell nt f nl X. a X D'Jn"l Nr-I GJ-v-1 - HP u2omomHVg Footoall .H.S . 7 . Q . O . 15 . 20 . 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U-umorz Hfcglw BAND lst 2nd 3rd 4th Row Row Row Row lv S d uod1iWWi'i7iQ'f Standing Standing Standing Standing gntm omg Burskey, S.Hoffman, J.Jones, J.Chetock, C.M111er, J.Powel1 Henderson, R,Gordon, B.Wenze1, J.Beatty Gurrara, G.McNei1,.B.Merkich, C.Carson, N.Fad1ey, P,Gr1eff Swana E.Ke1ly, M.McSw1gen, M.Wigner, G.Lyons, J.Fuccy Garrison, D.F1sher, G-Rawson, R.Anderson, B.Nemeth, J.Su1dak Richmond, L.Wapd Gala, V.Hauenste1n. T.Joy, T.Sponaug1e, K.Eeatty, J.Everly 'X 'Wg . 77" GRA ss lst Row,Left To Right Mr Coe, G NcNeil, N Sherry, E Creathouse, J Harris B Dish, B Crago, A Clark, N Watkins, N Six 2nd Row, K hercer, J Nayhew, R Chaney, B Swearingen, J Pierce, B Pale, E Edwaros, W reshour, E Brown, R Sweat 3rd Row, P Cullen, D Natkins, L Higpenbottom, B Freeman, B hcSwe1gen C Class, W Eurskey 4th Row, H Fisher, G Lyons, J Cale, J Ruccy, C Robinson, R Wenzel, C Ncrillan PYUY' bud w- lst Row, L Wells, B Spriggs, C Polbrook, T Currera, E Kelly, R Wenzel M Rawson, L Sweat, C Lowther, E moore 2nd Row,M1ss Porter, T Plankenship, R Haynes, P Turman, J Watson, E McCloud Drake, E Cente1, R Plackwell, N Pierce 5rd Row,C Eurdine, C Fisher, S Glasure, C Boyles, C Parrison, L Chenne Clover 4th Row,O Glover, R Vorko, S Moore, W Robinson, H Crago, J Chenoweth, R Mercer L - 4 ., - 4 ..r -JT 3 ',j 1 1 sd X , . I O N W , H -Q -Xe, ' . A , , I S ,iii V 's - 0 0 A I 1 ,Q I 1 , . OL 0 's I lo . n '. 0 4 Q Q c Q 1 . ' '.F . . V ' I A l U U 4 W I LO . , . L. O ' O O M DA I I V ., Q . hi a -:."' "' n. ' -L g tw n ,ff , , - .- "Q bl W, no i I 5 . fi I as. S' g oi , ' . F K - 5 3 , ' .aa I - X, , A 4 I I 1 Q 1, I F I I A. '. . .j 4 4 , Q A 0 o a v K -1 I 0 0 0.4 lo l O, I O IJ I ' N.A . . I I . I . O I I ., . 'Senior Householder Senior Nardo VARSITY BASKETBALL Seated L R Eugene Murray,Lloyd Glover,Jack Harris, Howard Glover,Nick Nardo,Kenneth Bailey Standing Ebnald Kn1ght,Jack Thayer,Ibna1d Crago, EH"E3'Ulover,Bill Householder Seated L R Pugn,Reese,G11mer, Connley ' Standing Stewart,Loar,M1ck,Crago Senior Powell 'Senior' Knight Senior' Bailey ge 1 n - n n n n RESERVES and JUNIOR HIGH Front Row L R Dornan,Barnhartdtrbogaat,Gar1esky,McNei1Jl00I'9 Standing Lowther,A111son,W1111amaon,Bysarovich,DBv1s,S'a1n Seated L R Irake,Every,Sponaug1e Freshour,Turman Standing Freshwater,Vick,Swan,Herron, Snider Kneeling lst Row Gordon,Freshour,Drake TE an,EVer1y,Watson W1111ams,B1ackwe11, Ha1e,Mercor, second Row Pierce,ruccy,Chaney,Swear1nga1 S onaugie ,llack, Come r, Cu11en,Mayhew, Lyons Wenzel,Sta1ey,Herron,G1over,Mick,Swan, Freshwater,Sn1der,Ga1a,Kra1ov1c Coach Kuz1o,Swan,K1ck,Sponaugle Freshwator,Turmnn 5 II 12 1 5. .. Tm n ' 0 A D W +2 x' if X , , .52 , 5 1 p 'Q . my 3 QE 1 s "' 2 X- , Y-. X K 'f - 4 . , . 44" A v +5 , r i . , 1 Z, di . W 5 a ' 3 H :fa 1 2 S ia ,, if , V fn. ' J L 4 HAPPY SENIORS OF' '54 4' is-if HAVING A PAR? Y F51 OWVIN HAVING A NICE fb 7Hl.f ALQBRAI R P ' WILD CHAT? Hby NOW!! 1 Posfwqf Wm TAAINQ, TH1Nc,5 EASY Afrffx CMN! you A 'MRD C1'A5b,.,J Rumi H' STUDWCI HARD fvgw Jcfzlfafcf fxffnfvwfcwr FOR JUNIOR CLASS Y V 4 A 1 Y b i N X . I 1 I fy' K X . . . J: is ., ' 7 - K, x . "' , ' .Q sf H, TA' .' ,, 9 ...MH - A , ,R . ,.. f 'HM' ' k A R R " ' , . xiii. 5? I ' C, L, ,' V A .. , - ' I E VfgM.Si,x.5l 1 1' . 1 'S 3 I , ' if I W Q . 1 an F 5 I , K 1 H A , 1 K -'va . m Y ' V f4Q7.,Jff'1f. V 1 Q . A 2 H K- 1,1 A A 1jj"'- gl Lg y ,,:A m ,Z . ' Ja,. ' g www '- 'k,KZ42LijW A F L -" rr: "1-ff, 1 . . , , A , .M - - . 1 x at . 2 , W. . ,A 5 , R ' sh.. Q 1 . V A if P GUY 'LZ 6""'-wif -Q55 1' 'N"Ggi -ww THE NEW GYM 'D if w DEANNC LS f-Q BA6s UVM' ,-:Marry '1lll.n W 'I u .YS-,ra v""'!f 'If M SENl0R5 INSIDE Of New eym ' eofwom' Nz BOWINQ REVERENCL TO A HERO EM WATCHING GAME BEFORL THE Lklifrfg if S996 Wi' -Kwik-wk wma P5 voumi sxcusa FOR TODAY? A11 0 6 PUC! 9,1 wi. ,N 5, sw 5 AVG R Up AND THRQQQIH bw Twofi " , 'jk 'V 4 Q , - it , ' , l f' 1 fn . W '9 5? , wil' , A ,s -wg? f fr 5 A.r?uX 1 I '!' ':-f 1 A . ,Q . QQVTX If wi l: V , K fa V I as 7-6, :Ii if O ' X1. '05 497- ,I 2 l 4 qy Q! Qtfx +9 H fm. 2 'A ,,,Q,? at 9' "THE Queen" QUEEN ATTEN UANTS ' , 3 If IAN HN'-W Kean wAbgAuNE 1,949 7 Pxpiii bAm5og Cnplebeff cnntmg umleug-EIN Helen Ann Klrpan Steve Yorko Front Row-Majorettes Marie Wudarsky, Barbara Grimes, VJ OU! Q 2 Us 24: A W O ft nnding Le St 43 G -4 P: rl fa O M bl Pb 'U C G Da 0 LJ Pr Q-I FD 'C O on v-1 fr-I Sobe BS 3 Jone D4 SIU! Ol 0 9 aw-I +315 00 UA .C-U 0 5 41 H L Sc Q UQ 0 n 0-D O C 0 Or4 H U 0 FD 0 5 U3 04 OW R Second 43 H 0 .D O JZ G s-fl UQ wr4 43 43 O nd CJ Q0 0 .D 0 LI G A U.M QTJ 0 Da PvD F4 6 Cvm 0 m-D -NH 0 H P: Q-I DI 8 5.5 0 H , A Na G OW R Third r4 ri Stolarczyk tchen Cr1ss1nger,Vivian Hauenste1n,Wadeanne Campbe1l,Em1ly 4-3 M 0 1-I R Da PD G ri I R Fourth XE PUB! Po rt ,Robe MSTOH Wagner,Lo1s Ca s,Joyce Bm Ad ard ch ,Ri ip ensh d r 1 Nettie Row, Fifth Q O N d is H U O s C O QP' s. 43 up K Emo rid 12 KI G4 Q E3 2 CS me 0 St ET- src: mf: o.u 0 u 22 53 HS ax- E - R Sing W3 E r4 E .C as-4 S H Q 'W' p.2 Z sz .. F.:-5" o :NE M S 2 KFU4 Efp mno8 m v m : SSL. ot' 233 S2 JI A C C5 d 23? tg +:E m m - 3 - M 49 d m UD C d hmlm-As:n 0 i5p:u'Eu3 G C O Egldlg G ggmmo H'3 ' Q Q. 55' 0 0' +45-4+:5:c o 44 P 3 r4a:R Ong Swamp. 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Midqfu i in 'VHINFUNQ TELL Mc Sol-1ETH:Nf GENE SAFE AT. Hom: -l ,Z- 1---44 Buy., TUNIORS 'PRIVATE 'PARTY 'MW' 4. B-,,.,mp M' 'ffm Us +7 ggi an ii DAY DREAMU47 EAQER BEAVER. S F551 WAQTINQ fag TH, B95 . . . ' Q. , is . 4 1 . -X gb' 1 K R fl . I xx ' I A .. , ll . 5 Il ll n Q .1 ' . ,va . M If: w sp ' V L+ -fr '9 ' Y 5. .. v . A I ,. S , YQ. X - E.. , ' --- 1 - , ' , W., z ' :, V 45 ,I f- ' lb 1, gi, I-pg , , -,A Q. nazi".-,-. if f 2 , vw K ' 5524 VY M4 nf fi ' gifs .'.s4-ri , I F - , . +V y t Y, - ' X' - ' ' .Q .,'L'g3QS'Q 'lf ' 'E ' f , V si: 4. Ffa- Q' ,i , 2-L. , V .xdiviz 41-. 'E 1.--.zq zz Q f ' .1 ' tn 'M 7 fi wi i f - W V . , if 5 fy 5 W L Q f giflvzgw -1. af. Q V .. ,Ar ' W ?j - E1 RAVOT TO SWE-N'-YN JEWELERS SHO P 3126 2 MAIN STREET WEVR7-GN 3152 MAIN ST RE:-3-r WE! R TON W VA FODGERS APJQIANCZS W E I N B E. F? G vii B58 3086 MAIN STREET WEIPTON WVA BROS Q! WEIRTON WVA MODERN HO ME APPLIA NCES Jlluminum 'Washer 3l66 MAIN STREET PHONE. 920 YGUR MAIYJAG DEALER RICHMAN BROS C0 f C EUBENV 1 lm KA .Q fmxwx- - ,fig ssslxxx 25,2 V Q I f - V SW 33 ' .4 ""' " "'f . 5 ' 1 a W' ' W-VA , 1 I - I k , , S G ' U ' f 'f ix . J ' ' , . XNIIIL! ,i D S X T WEIRTON, WVA. COMPLIMENTS GF MIIRANTZ DZPARTM E NT STO?-Rh PHONE 434- l848 MMNST WEIRTCDN VVVA Muiewm www AND co fm? X MARKET ST f x STEUBENvu.LE on-no Nw. KIPPANS MARKET 5 , PHONE 4751 Y-r ZND AVENUE NEW CUMBERLAND .9-nf I WHAZWW WM 0101 if GWWLWQ W w Va 3 k . 55 53' . , , f my kv X- 2 li - X ff VNU X J N ' , v i ' ., AX: gp Ugg F ' fix ?"? 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Suggestions in the New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) collection:

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 60

1954, pg 60

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 57

1954, pg 57

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 80

1954, pg 80

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 72

1954, pg 72

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