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New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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N . X' x ,1 fm X, L C XX IBHIS5jSQ4y Z igESrX .JK ff Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistnat Business Artists Sports Editor Humor Editor Photographer Typlsts Student Advisors Supervisors PEBBLE STAFF Manabers Wanda Glass Eddie Powell Nicky Vogle Paul Swearingen Freda McCoy Donna Wright Dean Wells Chuck Davis Llnzy Dixon George Beaver Kathleen Greathouse Marylyn Perkins Donna Jacobs Wanda Glass Treva Barnhart Jo Ann Swain Eleanor Lohr Wayne Archer Mr Kuzio Mr Endry Miss be Prank Literary Editorzz: .:::::::lreva Barnhart 'K,s 'U illh 1 'T We, the Senior Class of 1952, hereby dedicate this Year Book in memory of our departed classmate, JAMES REED, who met with a fatal auto bicycle collision on March 21, 1947 James, aged 12, is pictured here with his dog Approaching graduation, the climax of our school career, we deeply regret that James will not be present to share with us in this final ceremony that brings to a close the end of our memorable days at New Cumberland School, but also marks the beginning of a brighter future F K 1: an .' 1 N i 'W , w Q r J r nh:-+3 1 P- S .. 'T E0 Zbflvwhv C D HENDERSON, PRINCIPAL GROVE CITY COLLEE PITTSBURGH UNIVERSITY SCHOOL ADIIINISTRATION VIHGINIA MARSHALL, ASS'T. PRIN. 777p41.4f!a,Lc.. RANDOLPH HACON WOlEN'S COLLEGE PITTSBURGH UNIVERSITY HATHEHAT ICS 1 P 3 I E M, I x iight , .Rf , 'f Elizabeth Cowl Bethany College lest Virginia University Robert Roach lest Virginia University Social Subjects Eleanor Sprouae Bethany College Pittsburgh University Commercial Charles Hiller lest Liberty Physical Science Physical Education Social Science Industrial Art Florence Littmnn lest Virginia University Edmund Garlick Bethany College Pittsburgh University English ! ffl, Clara De Frank West Virginia University Speech English Richard Coe lest Liberty lest Virginia University lath X540 ALA A15 X Hawk Joseph Endry Iest Virginia University Science Helen Stobinsky lest Virginia University Pittsburgh University lusic John Kusio Pittsburgh University Physical Education History JA HMA dna ary Porter Bethany College Pittsburgh University Biological, Science ga- llyne Archer Rose Bailey Linzy Dixon Football 5, Shorthand Club 5 Baseball 2,3,4 Baseball 2, Commercial Club 4 Athletic Club 2,3 Science Club 4 Science Club 4 Spanish Club Dramatic Club 4 A A Science Club 4 Paul Swearlngen President 4 Student Council 2,5,4 Student Council Pres Football l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,5,4 Kathryn Gillis Glee Club 1 Basketball l 2 Shorthand Club G A l 14 Record Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 4 Yiiikw 'tif Nicky Vogle Athletic Club 2,5 Suicide Squad 4 Science Club 3,4 Pebble Staff Record Staff Spanish Club 4 Baseball l,2,3, Athletic Club l,2,3,4 Science Club 2,3,4 P T A S Spanish Club 5,4 Pebble Staff 4 'iw larylyn Parkins GAA 2, ,4 Shorthand 5 Science Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Pebble Staff 4 Dramatios Club 4 as fx George Beaver Vice President 2,5,4 Baseball l,2,5, Athletic Club l,2,5,4 Science Club 4 Pebble Staff 4 Dranntic Club 4 Suicide Squad 4 Assist, Ed Record Treva Barnhart Record Staff 4 Pebble Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Glee Club l Class Treasurer 5,4 Suicide Squad 4 Shorthand Club 3 Eleanor Lohr Shorthand Club 3 Basketball l G A A 2,3,4 Band l 2 Dramatic Club 4 Spanish Club 3,4 Record Staff 4 Qc Bill Tice President 2 Student Council 1,2 Basketball Mgr 4 Basketball 1,2 Football l,2,4 Athletic Club 1,2 Drauntic Club 4 Delegate Girl State 3 Spanish Club 4 3' gf' Kenneth Evans Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 2,3 Science Club 5,4 Football 1,2 Dramatic Club 4 Record Staff 4 Athletic Club 1,2 Donna Jacobs Secretary 1 2 Treasurer l G A A 2,5, Shorthand Club 5 Commercial Club 4 Record Staff 4 Pebble Staff 4 Student Council Convention Leadership Camp 5 Band Council 3 Y' I 3 4 I I O , C . 94 . 4 VS AL 4 -'SV K ' 1 s x.. is - Q t' A' , , VZ 3 ,TSI f C Q C 4 5,4 Suzie Hood Student Council l Band 1,2 Band Council l Glee Club 1,2 G A A ,3 Junior Red Cross 2 Shorthand Club 3 Commercial Club 4 Spanish Club 3 4 leadership Camp 3 Record Staff 3,4 l Doris Swain Band 1 2,5,4 0 A Science Club 4 : '15, Q- Charles Davis Athletic Club l,2,3 Science Club 3, Spanish Club 3, F T A ,4 Dramltic Club 4 President 1 Student Council l Band l,2,3,4 Band Council 3, Football 2 Pebble Staff 4 Record Staff C7 avzn ., landa Glass Band l,2,3,4 Band Council 3, Class Reporter 2 Shorthand Club 3 Leadership Camp 3 Secretary 3 G A A .4 Record Staff 2, Commercial Club 4 Editor, The Pebble Suicide Squad 4 4 Class Reporter 3 Drafting 4 leadership Camp 3 is. ,wig iih es ' d v I I xifl Phyllis Rawson Reserve Cheerleader 1,2 Shorthand Club 3 Varsity Cheerleader 3 4 Commercial Club 4 G A A ,3 Record Staff 4 Basketball l Glee Club l Shorthand Club 3 Science Club 4 Suicide Squad 4 Ruth lcGoln 4 4 4 l C O 3 I I I 2 5 '4 4 4 I 4 1' A ff. - gf -Q C X A Adl 1 ' 'L n f S ole ps :Tm ' 'AA 35' ff 3 .HH -6, JR Q In A I .A. . 3,4 , O C C 2 l lrwm ls! in Ili sm Al' Freda McCoy Dean Wells President 3 Football 3 Treasurer 2 Basketball 1,2 High School Treasurer 4 Baseball 2,3 Student Council 3,4 Spanish Club 3 4 Student Council Convention science Club 2 3,4 Delegate to Girls State 3 Pebble Staff 4 Band 1,2 Student Council 4 President, Dran tic Club 4 Athletic Club l,4,3,4 3,4 Football lanager 1,2 2,3,4 Spanish Club 4 Science Club 3 Spanish Club 4 Editor, The Record 4 Pebble Staff 4 Suicide Squad 4 'JR 'QU' J W v Jo Ann Swain Girls Basketball l GaAaAe 2,3,4 Shorthand Club 3 Commercial Club 4 Record Staff 4 Drauntic Club 4 Eddie Powell Spanish Club 2 Science Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Record Staff 4 Student Council mba Jeanne Gilmer Band 1,2,3,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Basketball l A 2. . Shorthand Club 3 Student Council 3 Student Convention Band Council 4 Dramatic Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Record Staff Science Club 4 !VN Donna Wright Shorthand Club 3 Commercial Club 4 Basketball l Junior Red Cross 3 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Pebble Staff 4 3 , ,. "ith, . E x - ' I.. be . Q ,- 5 . 'by Q-, K ,H 4. I . fs ilflf A , 4, jg 9 ,4 ' 1 G. A. . 3 4 3 n F. T. A. 2 F. T. A. 2, Ga Aa Al 4 'Ir l Qld iii n ' ' ' rf,-A 5 , fl, i Kathleen G eathouse Basketball l A Shorthand Club 5 Commercial Club 4 Pebble Staff 4 Class Reporter 4 Suicide Squad 4 . , -. , Velva Fryer Glee Club 1,2 A A , Spanish Club 5,4 Shorthand Club 5 Dramatic Club 4 Suicide Squad 4 Audrey Wycoff Basketball l G A A 2,3,4 Shorthand Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Commercial Club 4 Suicide Squad 4 Class Reporter l Sylvia Posovich Basketball 1 G A A 2,5,4 Commercial 4 Shorthand 3 Louise 41'- Q Vulgamore Shorthand 3 Commercial 4 t"K. ix L- J David Knox James lcAtee Gary Jones Science Club 4 Band 1 S 1 GCA O O 2 Ge I I 2 5 I I I 4 5- .lx f,. A i Yr , ,V .xx Q A ' -S 4 ,p Q H55 " 2 "' I X M 4 1 . K 'fx . Ebm I S A ' A ltl , A I klk A ,N , A A , Af f M, f' ? , I i X r 1' Wax W ,V m K K , .ywr If l I K VV A A r,:L gi . HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1952 We, the graduating class of 1952, wisely started our high school career by choosing as our leaders, Charles Davis, president, Richard Hill, vice president, Donna Jacobs, secretary and treasurer After bravely withstanding the trials of freshman initation, we went on to win the cup for the best assemblies, and sponsor several very successful affairs In our sophomore year, we chose Bill Tice as president, with George Beaver, Donna Jacobs, and Freda McCoy to assist him We glided very smoothly through this year with only a few errors and difficulties Then came our big year of activities, our junior year We again, as usual, elected our officers who were, Freda McCoy, president, George Beaver, vice president, Nanda Glass, secretary, boosted our treasury considerably Wanting to change the ordinary, we chose a Prom King as well as a Queen Ne presented our Prom at the Community House with 'The Rose Festivaln as our theme Now having arrived at our destination, we chose Paul Swearingen to lead us through our final year George Beaver, Nanda Gh ss, and Treva Barnhart were called upon to assist him We spent the most of our year spending our money and publishing the Pebble With the advent of Commencement, our high school days came to an end But a new life has unfolded before us Ne sincerely hope we will be a credit to New Cumberland High School and our country Thus concludes the history of the class of 1952 . I O 1 g X A 0 and Treva Barnhart, treasurer. A successful magazine campaign . . Y O U . X 0 O U V 0 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1952, never being of sound mind and body, hearby bequeath the following to the lucky people BILL TICE wills Nick Nardo, Bob Webster and Donnie Bowen his brace and good luck for the future PHYLIIS RAWSON wills her ability to keep her mouth shut at the right time to Ruth Ann Swearingen DAVE KNOX wills his good looks to Mr Endry PAUL SWEARINGEN wills his ability to get along with girls to Bill Householder FREDA McCOY wills her black, curly hair to Carol Powell WANDA GLASS wills her seat in study hall to Bill Robb JIM MCATEE wills his DeSoto to Mr Miller KATHRYN GILLIS wills her ability to get to school on time to Dave Stewart DONNA JACOBS wills her typing in the office at 2 o'clock to Mr Hen derson TREVA BARNHART wills her 98 pound figure to Loretta Gilmer ROSE BAILEY wills her shortness to Jimmy Boyles DEAN WELLS wills his height to Donnie Crago so he may be a bigger and better basketball player DORIS SNAIN wills her seat in band to Polly Archer and hopes she gets it SUZANNE HOOD wills her ability to keep quiet in study hall to Bob Webster and Tom McDonald who are greatly in need of it VELVA FRYER wills her ability to get a man like Dean Jones to Gretchen Criesingen AUDREY WYCOFF wills her place beside Mr Kuzio in driving class to Ellen Meadows KAIHLE I JR ATPCUSE wills her muscles to Steve Yorko GEORGE BEAVER 1sn't going to will anything because he is going to take it all with him LINZY DIXON wills his ability of driving to Kay J Allison ELEANOR LOHR wills her driver's license to Pat Prosser DONNA NRIGHT wills her bright socks to anybody who thinks they can pttmm EDDIE POWELL wills his ability to drive cars to Mr Kuzio NICKY VOGLE wills his "Wizzer motor bike to Mr Miller GARY JONES wills his ability to keep quiet in Spanish class to Eddie Buffo and Imogene Valentine KENNETH EVANS wills his ability to get along with women to Dick Adams WAYNE ARCHER and MARYLYN PARKINS will their ability to get along together to Mldte Lohr and Kay J Allison SYLVIA POSOVICH wills her height to Harriet Harris RUTH McJOVN wills her ability to cheer to Steve Yorko JOANN SNAIN wills her ability to drive at night, without getting hurt, to Mr Kuzio LOUISE VULGANORE wills her freckles to Sonny Lyons JEANNE OILMER wills her seat on the Neirton bus to Mary Margaret Cunningham CHARLES DAVIS wills his driving ability to all driving students o s 0 1 e a e 0 c o n u e . - Q o e e v e o 0 0 A ag 'rw 171 F' Y: . .JY Aa.: . - I vw U e A vw 0 1 O o o e 1 a . ' o 1-1 Q 5 . . .,- . "T A ' v Q e e A e 1 J u o CLASS PROPHEC! If good intentions were all that would be needed to gain success, every member of the class of 1952 would all be world renown for some thing fWho knows what'j Let us suppose that we have the power to see what each person in the class will be doing ten years from now Audre Wycoff has established 'The Wycoff Foundl1ng's Home in New um er an Address all correspondence to 7551 bouth Chester Blvd , New Cumberland, i Ma Velva Fryer has for several happy years been Mrs Dean Jones Wanda Glass is living a life of ease in Pughtown, and is still 'Undeclded' whether to say yes or no to B Treva Barnhart is now considering s trip to Hollywood after divorcfng her fourth husband Nick Vo le is that very famous Admiral we all hear about known Far and wIde as Seasick Vogle ' , Kenneth Evans is now the new State Road Commissioner and Presi dent of 'Pughtown Liars Club' 3mith'IHU'TI VTE8'president of the 'Pughtown Liars Club' Dave Knox is the owner of the A 8 S Chain Stores with Donna JacobE'EHd'S7Iy1a Posovich as his private secretaries Ruth MoGown has been married for four years but I can't figure out wETEE Boy sEe finally hooked Wa ne Archer and Mar l n Parkins of course are married and are tHe proud parents of twin girls, Marylyn and Waynetta , Kathr Gillis is starring in New York in that new opera sensa on orth Itlantic ' Linz Dixon as far as I have been able to find out is still trying fo flgure out a way to get rid of all those girls that have been chasing him since high school days Gary Jones has turned into Rip Van Winkle 02 and was last seen in 953 Freda HcCoy has made the U S Air Force her career Rose Baile has spent the last ten years trying to find Marvin Ura Ee Jeanne Gilmer is married to a sailor and lives in Norfolk, Va Paul Swearin en has completed 4 years of college in Florida and refurne o manage the 'Pughtown Panthers' at Pughtown Tech Jimmy McAtee has recently come into his millions in the midget auto rac ng Suslness Dean Wells is head fo tball coach of Yale replacing Herman Hickman fgllght difference J Kathleen Greathouse after a long and diligent search has at last encolnfered the 'acceptable' man Joanne Swain has just finished a cruise on the U S S Ward around the world. H ill. . g n . Charles Davis has taken over all territory once owned by C. A. Louise Vulgamore is a very successful model in dress shop in New York. Doris Swain has recently ac epted a new innate dog home George Beaver is the new disc jockey sensation known as Genial George Eleanor Lohr has iust returned from her latest the U P -continued- Suzie Hood has turned out to be the model housewife and mother for Paul and their blonde headed kids Phyllis fiewson's to her cat and over the nation, assignment for Bill Tice is still waiting for Wands to make up her mind SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Paul Swearingen V President George Beaver Secretary Wanda Glass Treasurer Treva Barnhart -foal' 39 Student Council Paul Swearingen Dean Wells Eddie Powell Freda McCoy CLASS COLORS Red and White FLM? E, iw 'QW Z7 6 is 'imfrir-sex was Q Ng? Qtek CLASS FLOWER Red Rose fs-':gg."'f? W AS ,kj X P? 5fZ:7ffiw5,fJeXw LQ... 01.94. QL!'Q,4,yy,! fgzfl OMVXW ,7o1Q ' 'H x 657 S ce Q ,. J G 0 we E .. ff , Q . X 'aa X5 'rp 92,69 Q 7 Q .20 ' ' Jbfml 7 rp, 19 J ' . ifb H ' . , 59d lx , -5 Elia 32' 'O sox W -149 M, Q 'Y i-Q.. -ir-. NAME Wayne Archer Rose Bailey Treva Barnhart Eharles Davis Linzy Dixon Kenneth Evans Velva Jones Kathryn Gillis Jeanne Gilmer Wanda Glass Kathleen Greathouse Suzanne Hood Donna Jacobs Gary Jones David Knox Eleanor Lohr James McAtee Freda McCoy Ruth McGown Varylyn Parkins Edwin Powell Sylvia Posovich Phyllis Rawson Doris Swain Joanne Swain Paul Swearingen William Tice Louise Vulgamore Nickolas Vogle Dean Wells Donna Wrivht Audrey Wycoff t-Q -.Q "' L I- SENIOR SKETCHES NICKNAME 'Arch' 'Rosa' 'Trevies' 'Rabbit' 'Dixie' 'Bert' 'Val' 'Katy' xgertie' in 'Katz' 'Suzi 'Jake Bones 'Souib' 'Sis 'Mac Poodle' 'Rufus 'Parkie' 'Shot Po 'sis 'Phy 'Doty "J "I-ipxvy 'Billie' 'Louisa 'Nic 'We11s1e' 'Veach 'Jeanne 49? EXPRESSION Knock it off! Oh, Miss Sprouse! Don't get gay! Gee Whiz! Aw, Marie! CSpeech1essJ Deanie! Men! Crime! Uh Oh! You know it! Gollyl Criminyl Can't see it! An now! Aw, heck! Where did I see you last niaht? Heavens! You got it' Wayne! Hi, kid' No kidding? That's for sure' Drop dead! I don't catch! Hey, Morto! You're breaking my heart! Oh, criminyl Never do that! Hey, hub cap! Oh, Heck! ripes! W QQ' f HQ! 7 9-ti P914 en n n n v ' n n W . n Q . tn . n 1' . , n on n n - 5 ky' K n . N C ,fa 'J' 'r". a f, M if Q. i 'Q J Tiffin 1 fs D ' A -S 637 v' W Q' J' ! 8 ' k xii " 2'.. . v fy N. Q4 uf .' N "f Q nf f an A ' -N- NN ,' 5'w , J J5?i" ' Y 5 ,ggging - 1 ,,MM , ,, eww- F ' QQFSJ' ' a ff? I - A of K. x ' -31: -h .gn Q , , V 'AJS . a .Ibn - 5 I-ul' f 5 f j gz kyv. Q 9 'E 1. '13 School 4. , Days 1-. 7 M I I Hv,,M,,"'gj""' X 'YT !.:...nt LIS! '5 Q x 'Q 4 Wu! Hn Mdjf if sa.. W if G5 Wg-' 55 M BiG, M I 4 'rn Bene 41 4 u . UI KMQ777 ,taken ljcruw ER Dnys me 91'-'Q 9 SH" M 4' 0' 2' 9 ,go N 53 ua W W in 7+ ur fr ,Ja 0 dl -I ll 6- .s-222 ft I' -12 K 'Il g 8 'ls x N in ra 95: 's 1. z., ya, 51g,,.f1 x K I NS W' . I X 1 -. . .dm Q s ' 4,1 .A tv. xliv " Sv I f . , , ' y . I7 +2 i A .2 bv Q z ' 4 . 1' 'Ing 4 ,X T' N j A :U L- 1. I H 4,-A P , . n , A I . H . 1 U ZX ' KW- i m' A 4 I ! ..-. -,-. 1 in - -- - Wx 1 Q ' . ' my Ng, -E P N vp 44 1' . , . u Y C sa. . , 4 ' Q if I T 1, .- , , ., 'N W4 5.-.,.,s' . -1 1 - -fa ' ,Q V3 if -9 ' f if " Q.. .-.. 45,4 A ,' ,L Q . 'J ' ' f , 1-' f " 3 I' I' B6 x c 'WHY' ' f r mg, A K f 'o" " - Q, 1 .s r 7 . 6. 5 L Q. I + FQ VY ' P i , St. 'A 3 rw W, K A' o .' ' ' V, V ' 9 ,,-if V-'gif 1 . 1 X .Hs . ' ,- I . "' m. ,I lf "' ,L In XF I' I W Q .N I y 6, - ,MH 2,4 I. I f .2 ' ' J K l A 4- if 'L h' ' ,,'0 l 1-- gi 'Z' 'QI' Q C, t' sz 1 F , , in K ' ' " C7 Q ' . E Z'1-f'- 're -f f N A 4: I lr' ' ' 4 S ra -1 'I '-jgllgvy 5 v. I ...OJ xV1 ok: ,Q , Egft Q, x A 34 1 Fon vu. wg' E' '.,'6ai9 N .J x M Shenefield C Gross V Beebout B Robb P Crago . Y - yrs 5 R Porter Jones 'Ilya ILM. Hennis Powell P Suidak Shaw Karpfnski M Robinson D R 1 25551, B Stewart E Buffo J Boyles 2 X L D Priest G Korbel R Vlrd en . I I . . S. E. , A I t + " 3 N ,xg ' I I, " '-i J . ,XVN EK is . D. C. . Q 1' . 5 'Q P l o o Bn Se AJW9-ug 2 , f ' fu- ' 51 A il., 'fy K , v IR ?igg J . l R A i'am' ' L . J U V .. ta , R I I 'fa lun- P Cowl B Garrison B Uker T Williams K Allison H Jenkins D Bowen lark fdil eynolds J Gur-rera eadows ern B Wern D m C Stewart V Halbert T Poling P Anderson K Williams F Fadely rv I I Z T' . Sr " r 3 ll f, o o ' 0 , g ':-', - ff 7' . y I 1 1 ' H., I . . . ' J. C f, 2. , l . C' 5 P "Z 5.1" r 1 Q V , - F". R . E. YV D. W i . 6 Q . . A , I . P. ee er f. . QV " 1 7, - , 1 A . ' K VP 3 Q1 F - if N . . . . . M Ewing K gordon B Anderson A Swearingen ot C Bell W Haynes M Cunningham P Prosser B Garrison, bottom row P Rawson, R Bailey, S Hood, M Parkirs, J Clark, M Cunningham, P Prosser SUICIDm SQUAD ""l"1 - lvfi I To Row D Wern, F McCoy N Vogl A Nycoff, B Wern, bottom row W lass T Barnhart, K Gilli Posovich, D Swaln, K Greathouse - - , - -1 I .hm Q' t -. I 'I A l , ' 1 . 55 V "f4 A 3 'G ,Q .. 4 C ugh 5 ' 5 1 ' fl . 4 Top Row: J. McAtee, L. Vulgamore, M. Reynolds, FN T 4, '5 I . 'J M ' W., ' :FN 4 J p : . . , . e, . ' . : . G , . . s, S. SOPHOKORE CLASS Top Row James Moore, Paul Robinson, Judd Shu an, Jim Knox, Homer Powell, Rudy Zinka, Bob Lohr, Charles Shook, Second Row Laurence Hawkey, Sonny Yorko, Alvera Reed, Shirley lack, Martha Thompson, Rosemarie Patterson, Donna Young, Darrel Jones, Alva Webster, lark Still, Third Row: lelvin Boyd, Dick Adams, Donnie Knight, Flyod Dennison, Loretta Gilmer, Charles HcGown, Irona Gibson, Kenneth Bailey, Art Roland, Pecky Glover, Tom Bradley, Fourth Row: B111 Householder, Bob Wester, Nicky Nardo, Tom McDonald, Joan Dalton, Edith Porter, Wilma Snyder, Myrtle Moore, B111 Owings, Robert Lewis, B111 Bowen, Duke Evans, Fifth Row: Carol Chambers, Catherine Fields, Helen Grim , Lois Cameron, Martha Jane Herron, Mary Mott, Vera Tingler, Cindy Patterson, lary Kathryn Kirpan, Vivian Haunstein, Wadeanne Campbell, Babe Prosser, Midge Lohr, Virginia Budno, Gretchen Crissenger GIEE CLUB Top Row Beverly Pittenger, Lois Cameron, Jane Hoover, Patsy Cowl, Betty Anderson, Donna Young, Joyce Frey, Shirley Jones, second row, Maureen Boyles, Imogene Valentine, Mary Cunningham, Mary Kirpan, Babs Prosser, Shirley Mack, Anna Mae Moore, Martha Herron, Carol Powell, Wadeanne Campbell, Gretchen Crissenger, Miss Stobinsky, Third row Roberta Patterson, Joan Dawson, Poll Archelpn Patty Watson, Midge Loar, Marie Wudarsky, Shelba Langfitt, Virginia Budno, Cindy Patterson, Polly Kring, Pat Prosser, Betty Cunningham, Vivian Haunstein N i I u H ff -Y' O O O O U 1 4--f f 'T " 7 X . . . . ' Y I FRESHIAN CLASS Top Row Donnie Crago, Leon Tibbs, David Stewart, Second Row Earl Cuppy Carlos Porter, hy Stanley, Bud lolinight Bob Jones, Dave Rawaon, Carolee Hazelbaker, Nora Ann Swan, Harriet Harrie, Third Ron Howard Glover, Clairel Tingler, lllber Wade, Coleen Thompson, Janice Cline, Delorea Hudaon, Helen lade, Doris Allen, Roae nond,Uker, Joyce Frey, Kenneth Ferguson, Jack Harrie, Fourth Ron John Fiaher, Dale Brant, Hazel Jenlcina, llora louoriet, lddie Crago, Shirley Greathouae, Eugene Ilurray, Craig lick, larie Wudaraky, Imogene Valentine, Joann Wright, Carol Hoffman, Pony Kring, Polly Archer, Ronnie Jonea, Fifth Ron Roberta Patteraon, Patty lataon, Dorothy Poaovioh, Peggy lyooff, Jack lataon, lary Ann Pipea, B111 Swearingen, Betty Cunningham, Sonny Lyons, B111 Virden, Dennia Gilmer, Bruce Davie, lildred Iard, Shirley Edna:-da, Jane Hoover N0 p FRESHMAN Inrrmrmou SNAPS J' 26 'D 'TQ ,K 1' Q' ' ' I - 5 f 1 E 1 f y fe ..- ig ,fx A x .,. g ,ag F., . 4 Top Row: Y---"xe'- x SEVENTH GRADE Gordon Bysorovich, Charles Robinson, Eugene Minnis, Wayne Merkege, Frank Chamberlain, Carl Porter, Edmund Lowe, Sarah Six, Richard Allison, Second Row Leroy Bailey, Kenneth Reese, John Roefaro, Neal Lowther, William Dailey, Irene Manley, Helen Wudarsky, Marylyn Derouin, Third Row Janet Smith, Marion Swain, Barbara Porter, Sandra Brant, Donna Haunestein, Kay Tingler, Sandra Pettit, Beverly Chambers, Ruth Wudarsky, Carmen Brestle, Reida Boyles, Barbara Sweat, Frances Garrison, Joe Blake, Robert McNeil, Jo Anne Jenkins, Joyce Wagner, Beverly Crago, Charlene Harris, Joan Shuman, Clarena Valentine, James Carson, Joe Haynes, Billy Webster, Donald Lyons, Thomas Sobel, Alf Reese, John Mills, Bob Mills, Fourth Row Marjorie Devore, Joyce Jones, Doris Walters, Frances Locke, Barbara Grimes, Catherine Cowl, Carolyn Jones, Linda Ross, Veleda Ward, David Beatty, Denzil Dornan, Randolph Crago, Gerald Barnhart, Gilbert Bailey, Deane McK1tr1ck, Duane Williams, Monty Hoffman, Jon Watson, Top Row John Deemer, William Loar, Edward Weaver, William McQu1ston, Ja es Cameron, Loyd Glover, Second Row Jack Thayer, George Weigel, Ondrell Maze, Kenneth Gilmer, David Price, Lois Chambers, Nettie Blanken ship, Gloria McK1trick, Patricia Beatty, Charles Gri m, Eugene Barton, Malcolm Fryer, Gretchen Biddle, Rita Beatty, Deane Williams, Donna Bailey, Verna Tlngler, Joan McCartney, Patricia Suidak, Thomas Drake, Edmund Karpinski, Edward Reese, Harold Baker, Helen Kirpan, Natalie Fisher, D Bailey, M Weigel, M Jones, l .ff X W' " X EIGHTH GRADE I ,Ml FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: Coach Chsrles liller, Deve lern Kelvin Boyd, Bob Webster, Bob Garrison, B111 Uker, Nicky Nsrdo, Jsy Allison, Isyne Archer, Second Row Igr Charles Shook, Kenneth Ferguson John Fisher, Tom lcnonsld, Dave Rsweon, Donnie Bowen, B111 Householder, Eddie Butto, Bob Fern, Jhck Harris, Mgr Jack Thayer, Asst Coach John Kuzio, Third Row: lgr Jhck Watson, Peoky Glover, Howard Glover, Bill Swesringen, Paul Siudsk, B111 Boson, Dsle Brant, Dean Wells, Psul Swesringen Bill Owings, Mascots Charles Miller, Jr aid? Q 125 -W' SENIORS Wayne Paul Deen ffl' Paul Bob Nick Don FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1951 FOLLANSBEE NEWELL CAMERON CHESTER DARLINGTON BRILLIANT MT PLEASANT PAD N CITY JEFFERSON UNION -+-Q 'ELF 4 C nihfl ga, 75 fi IME? l'5 jig ,M gifs WIS- H-'-sx W5 ..,, A VW L r B Porter, E Barton, J Thayer, capt C Mick, L Glover, Coach Kuzio First row Garlesky, Nardo, Lyons, McNeil, Reese, Dornan, Watson, second row Gilmer, Chamberlain, Porter, Barton, Mick, Glover, Thayer, third row Arbogast, Carson, Webster, Bvsarovich, Swain Jones, Haynes Garrison Jones C Miller, Swear-in n, Nardo, Boyles Bowen ern lui A Boyles, Uker, B Worn, Nardo, second ,,,B ARSITY SQUAD row Swearingen, Buffo, Bowen, Q Top row Mgr Garr1son,D Worn, Bailey, Householder RESERVE SQUID P VARSITY C EBRIEIDERS Shenefield lc0own M. Cunningham Bradley B. Cunningham Thompson Q s ' L C f 2.1. A, ? 5 , V , ,I ,U , 15? A f v , ,? -fn 3 as Q if f ,P ,- F '2 so , , i lv x , r W Y fs . ,J 'L A 4, r P I Ni Q , X K? + 4 xii vga' I 'le Q flag Gigi'- vfi , . . . v 5 1 I ,, .K si a '10, lugs , A , " A QW ' y ' O gf.W . 1 ', va " A ' YL eel' rf- ,9 ,M 3.91 yyfisu ,g WB YY- 'Fifi : Vi , A ,Q +L W 1 S 15 A 'S '15 ll! , ' X X I ' ,f - .,i ' L 1 I7 Tlwllxo 19'l' I e e ' ' 'I ' 'Rafi fr, 2 I g Q M ,... Y , ,T ' 1 BASEBALL CLUB 41 ff: Top Row Nicky Nardo, Linzy Dixon, Dave Worn, Jim Boylee, Jay Allison, Melvin Boyd, Don Knight, Second Row I Kuzio, Paul Swearingen, Bob Worn, Eddie Buffo, Don Bowen, George Korbel, Pecky Glover, B111 Swearingen BATTING AVERAGE Beaver Bliley Boyles Korbel Nerdo Dixon Swearingen Bowen Butfo Boyd 412 380 260 260 192 188 172 111 O90 048 SCORES N Folllnebee 7 Chester Weirton Follanebee Newell leirton Chester Newell N'-if lx 4 P U? 1 x ' I X 1- 'fu- hg If 'L I sk K X LI Q wr 'J , 4 nr, , I I M , - . .1 ' ' ' I 9' 3' If 1 " ' if . 2 I' - N. C. O - N. C. 6 7 - N. C. 5 6 . N. C. 2 12 . N. C. 4 7 . N. C. 1 6 . N. C. 4 5 . . C. 5 4 NEHS C73 W A G lAss NEHS CID PAUI. Swim: uceu VI R. 'gan ., 0 o o - - i M I ss. 0 ' o o 9 - tr, AND MoST INTELLIGENT J Mosr ATHf.e-nc MOST' LIKELY T0 SUCCEEO sms 1' ,. YJ" N COY VOGLE MO F P L R S EAR N WR 6 T ST O U A TYPICAL CLASSXENWGEBOY l H 1 FRHZY cknzv i S V D EV NS GLAS E ANS IXOIL M NNARDo JGNES MEADUNS A IS A GEASS C1u'rssT CouPLe VVITTIEST FAVOR1 TE 'S PA Trmsan w Easre R 7-E,qc HER MARSHALL 40? of 1' A5 SWAIN KNOX 'J .. 7 A f 'Z 'S' , . A ' Q I 11 '1 - T' - A "' an L- ' ' . Q 1 ,W , ,- ' , . gn L A K--.4 v Ar f , mf Q 5 I 'P 4 ' ' K " I - J, . w g "" - x A :I ' ms-,S vyeg , G RL " 4' ' 5 'QQ fy 4 5 1' , 315 S-. , Q 'f . I L ,. ,cj ,, ,, . m x4 A 4 - ix X XL X K ,wg wr- S .5 4 iw ATTENDANT PROM QUEEN ATTENDANT Carol Powell Marylyn Perkins Pat Prosser ... ,,. 2. g 0 Y f , C ' rw T, X A 4 f C5 I r 'mx Q ' ' X' ,- ' 4 . ,, I 1 Y . N K 5 Mir . AX' gk W1 in I 'B . . 1 SX h L f 5 f .IEE 'AA' ' .fi iff ' Ji .lftf 1 2 fif g 12121, ' ' i f I A Top Row: Carol Powell, Virginia Beebout, Audrey Wyooff, Iva Williams, Second Row Rosemond Uker, Mary Mills, Irona Gibson, Carol Bell, Donna Young, Eleanor Lohr, Nora Swan, Loretta Gilmer, Rose Bailey, Doris Swain, Third Row: Donna Wright, Shelba Langfltt, Mary Ann Pipes, Pauline Archer, Lola Chambers, Katherine Williams, Martha Herron, Joanne Swain, Kathleen Gordon, Patsy Cowl, Beverly Plttenger, Lois Cameron, Mrs Llttman, Fourth Rows H,zel Jenkins, Shirley lack, Janice Cline Peggy Wycotf, Polly Kring, Shirley Greathouse, Joan Dawson, Wanda Glass, Verna Tlngler, June Clark, Katheryn Gillis, Betty Cunningham, Wilma Snyder, Katherine Field Anna Mae loore, Roberta Patterson, Last Row: Joanne Wright, Rosemary Patterson, Carolee Hazelbaker, Jane Hoover, Cindy Patterson, lildred Lohr, Virginia Budno, Vivian Haustein, Ann Swearingen, Shirley Jones, Mary Klrpan, Imogene Valentine, Sylvia Posovich, Patricia Watson, Helen Grimm, Marie Wudarsky -A--.-gf ATHLETIC CLUB Top Row: R. Powell, D. Rawson, R. Worn, C. Shook, B. Uker, J. Boylea, R. Garrison, M. Boyd, W. Archer, D. Wern, B. Shaw, Second Row: J. Allison, E. Buffo, D. Knight W. Owings, W. Bowen, N. Nardo, R. Porter, J. Fisher, R. Webster, L. Dixon, Last Row: W. Swearlngen, D. Bowen, W. Householder, E. Glover, J. Harris, D. Brent, H. Glover, T. loDonald, D. Wells, P. Swearlngen, G. Korbel, P. Suldak, G. Beaver. ' ' I I P N W 4 G1 . L. l ' ' Y I X Xeno-I r.-g K!!! gym '6u,3f. Nr SHORTHAND CLUB Top Row Loretta Taylor, Patty Anderson, Mary Robinson, Shirley Jones, June Clark, Patty Deemer, Miss Sprouse Second Row Eleanor Karpinaki, Marion Ewing, Kathryn Williams, Madonna Shenefield, Shirley Bradley, Kathleen Gordon, Betty Anderson w VV? IHUU HRUWWEZCWN COMMERCIAL CLUB Top Row Kathleen Greathouse, Wanda Glass, Louise Vulgamore, Donna Wright, Miss Sprouae Second Row Phyllis Rawson, Joann Swain, Suzanne Hood, Audrey Wyooff, Sylvia Posovioh, Rose Bailey I j M. : "fa A 4 , to ,JC an f 2 . - Q O y L TQ y y 1' lm? V , g i , J ., x 2 L - 11. 1 , I ani 5 A L K- M'!""?w- V' , K ' ff- -.ff-'Q j 2 ul WW1 FUVQQ' WF? Top Row Robert Garrison, Charles Davis, Pat Prosser, Ruth Ann Swearingen, Miss Marshall Second Row Mary Margaret Cunningham, Lucinda Patterson, Vivian Haunstein, Mary Kathryn Kirpan, Patsy Cowl STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: Mark Still, Dave Wern, B111 Swearingen, Second Row: Sonny Lyons, Jack Watson, B111 Householder, Dean Wells, Eddie Powell, Third Row: Ann Swearingen, Babe Prosser, Bob Worn, Paul Swearingen, Madonna Shenefield. M aux nib nmuugt, ' Nam' New Cumberland Uizh School Band under the direction ' ss Stobineky Riagg.. 'Q' xf' 59" f Q., N455 CW JHLEADURS Shenefield NcGown B Cunningham Thompson N Cunningham Bradley Imogene Valentine This picture was taken after she was chosen for the Varsity Squad 'yy ,- ' ei-ll of .F-H, M, .,,.. , , l 1 - '. A A I f ' 4 V. ',ff.....,-.,....-.- ...,, ,f .W fr, K H, ' 's . - M, ' ,,.,Q,,w V In X ggi-'1 was 4 ...R N.. ,J . :A -..4 I M y, H Q MLAAN, M . , Q, - ,M , .. . - of 'H 1 .. . M.. rn ',- K M so 1 l X . -g .. A' ' V 1 , ,sei fir!! , X , f ,L ,- . 1 -V 'iff A L .s I . . T I V ki - ,' to ' , W if , 5 -1-ef, .. ' ev . ., ' eff . h ! n fy v J ig 5 , , 4 V - M . 4 Y A . :fxr . N V 4 A L I . . A ff-' I , ' ' ' A X I '. - ' . I L ,A ., V I I 5,4 ,Xi 1: n I A-Af' , I V - ' -,1 'MA . I. f '7 X f' I ' 'UTQ' 1' L " is A"- W' F I - 'fiiff Q A 1-' f , if' -r fu 'wg A" ' d ',, ,4 , 1, 6, I-ef, - ,. ' " ' '- Q ,, ' ' ' ,, .rq'w, - f"C . .1 F. 7 ,tmw N U ' 1 . , , V x , X I 'K M""N-. SPAIIBH CLUB Top Row: J Allison, L Dixon, B Lohr, D Worn, Second Rows I lllliams n, J Clark, K Gordon, C Powell, N Swan, C Bell, 3 Hood, T Barnhart, J Gilmer, N Vogle, R Butto, B Davis, Third Rows C Davis, R Patterson, , P Prosser, A Swearingen, I ludarsky, I Valentine, P Swearingen B Evans, Ire Cowl, Fourth Rows J Hoover, P latson, l Cunningham, S Bohr, V Beebout, P Cowl, B Garrison, B Worn, I Boyles, D lells rv-s.. 1 RECORD STAFF Top Row Kenneth Evans, Carol Powell, Virginia Beebout, Jim lcatee, E Powell, Second Row: lies Sprouee, E Lohr, H Shenne field, K Gordon, S Hood, I Glass, K Greathouee, P Beatty, Mary Pipes, Kiss De Frank, Third Row: E lurray, S Bradley, C Davis, N Vogle, V Budno, V Haunetein, J Gilmer, T Barnhart, P Rawson, R Beatty 1 , W s 9 X I I U l O I O I C O I O O l O I l I I B e e s a I O l O I I O I O I 0 e e s s 1 I I fl, Uka-. .,,,, x 2 o e e ' O O U O P O o e e e o 0 U O O U Top Row DRAMATIC CLUB Bob Worn, Kenneth Evans, Bob Garrison, Barney Shaw, Wayne Archer, Dave Worn. Second Row Rosemarie Patterson, Wade anne Campbell, Je Ann Swain, Eleanor Lohr, Carol Bell, Virginia Beebout, Edwin Powell, Dick Priest, Third Row: Ilvera Reed, lary Kathryn Kirpan, Kathleen Gordon, lhry Kargaret Cunningham, Baba Prosser, Jeanne Gilmer, Ellen leadows, Loretta Gilmer, Kathryn Gillis, Fourth Row! Jane Hoover, Carolee Hazelbaker, Peggy Wycoff, Polly Kring, Audrey Wyceff, Patsy Cowl, Imogene Valentine, Betty Cunn ingham, Vivian Haunstein, Roberta Patterson, Wilma Snyder, Catherine Fields, Fifth Row Chuck Davis, Patty Watson, larle ludarsky, Carol Powell, Treva Barnhart, Pat Prosser, Ruth Ann Swearingen, Kiss De Frank, Virginia Budno, Cindy Patterson, Midge Lohr, Bruce Davis i' Top How: X "x SCIENCE CLUB Edwin Powell, Holly Virden, Wayne Archer, Bill Haynes, Barney Shaw, Eddie Buffo. Second Row: Paul Swearingen, Dean Wells, Dave Knox, George Korble, Raymond Porter, Loretto Taylor, Joe Gurrera, Linzy Dixon, Dave Worn, Third Row: Mr. Endry, June Clark, Patty Anderson, Pat Deemer, lary Robinson, Iva Williams, Bob Stewart, Rose Bailey, Doris Swain, Jeanne Gilmer, Ruth McGown, Fourth Row: Chuck Davis, Ellen Meadows, Kathryn Williams, Modona Shenefield, Nicky Vogle, Shirley Bradley, Patsy Coll, Bob Worn, Ruth Ann Swearingen, Mary Margaret, Cunningham, Pat Prosser. . 1 'im i X , s L Cv ' lg J 1 X h A A V n 1' , N 7 V . K -, H I , XXX CIVICS CLUB FIRST PERIOD Top Row: Carlos Porter, Kay Stanley, David Rawson, Leon Tihbs, Second Row: Robert Anderson, Dale Brant, Nora Monorlef, Helen Wade, Beverly Pittenger, Harriet Harris, Nora Ann Swan, lr Roach Third Rows Kenneth Ferguson, Shirley lack, Delores Hudson, Carol Hoffman, Dennis Gilmer, Bruce Davis, Shelba Langtitt, Anna las loore, Pauline Archer, Sonny Lyons, Fourth Row: laureen Boyles, Jane Hoover, John Fisher, Patty Watson, Mary Ann Pipes, larie Wudarsky Imogene Valentine, Roberta Patterson, Donnie Crago, Betty Cunningham, Joiann Wright my mf X CIVICS CLUB-SECOND PERIOD Top Row: D. Stewart, J. Harris, B. Jones, H. Jenkins, J. Frey, R. Uker, B. loKnight, B. Swearingen, H. Glover, Second Row: I. Wade, E. CupPF, S. Edwards, D. Posovich, H. Kills C. Thompson, B. Baker, C. Hazelbaker, J. Cline, R. Jones, lr. Roach, Third Row: B. Virden, C. Tingler, C. lick, E. Crago, B. Murray, S. Greathouse, D. Allen, J. Watson P. Kring, P. lycoff, H. Ward. . 5 ' .1 -4 5 E ' ' 'D ig K 4 K nf . mmf I r X ' ' X Buqlvlx Qfx LJ! Q1 'POWEI' a. PIENCY 7 Kazuo 4 r t Xlimlflliwl yy sb -L!-is J l PAt Kuoxdfbnvs Puosssn "V ,Q Q Ml .gf xi C P5 7? I MQ. W Ju KET5 V! Ms QV . Y Mn" ' 2 " Q ,L l 4 'I Epi jx- 5 - 1 n, fE3ii'- r I 5' ' THQ .Dig - A Y A wg I 1 :Ll ' ' Q . ' U 5 Q' ,Qi !-- . I, x . .8 - fl . K f L. A if nv U. 'X ! A' P r - f ,. ' -'E' 1 ' :. P . X f -'J FN f , TS-fx 4 5' 1 1 Vi' f gm Y , - : P' 1 'L q ,, 1 ff"3' , La. ,L 1, fu - 0, Q. , if ,. Q x X -4 , ' x 53 f 1 A , .Q W ' y ' f .. , 4 , I 31 5 W 'Q A Q , t ' 'M ' xx 1 I I 5 7 L ' ' ' - 4 . xi Q ?. -1.- A E3 X' A e'. 'YF ,, ,fir 1' X V 5 ,.-fx 'S' .Qff I - ' ' 06,, 'I-Q . ' MA A . A uf' ""fvw . 1 "Q f ' 'A . r-'A 'fl K-V' , 1 , . ff .- V A, .V -- J My '. 6- tab i k N, , " " P' I A . NN' 5' if . sm ., xv" if f 3 ' v' X .R " m- J gf 1 X 4? U . -I M sf' TH RE E'S A CRowD if ,J x A Fr YW! So IN Lay: D Q 7 7X C. vom cnecav-rms oNs,DEMP -'EL' BECAUSE OF you Rock A eye mm' Oucl-N! My FINGER!! K G ooomcrw IRENE' 5A DANDV! TRIPLE Tfff?EAT -Fell Gold D IGGERS BAII mi K UES FRSTDIE wnw5-if H lunm S136-S of-'The C IASS H 'H Evfdult- LISTEN HERE NA AH GEE' ' n fm rmdlg u mf-l f Zvi -w CRUWNED-QUEEN ELEA N0 R11 1-Q. UINTET C UETTISH Q CPL RTI HARVEST KING AND QUEEN 'I , . IS THIS THE LfBRARY?? X07 r . I c0M,0L nwfw TS or Aff W CUMBERLAND ME TAL PRODUCTS 1lZ AND PHXLLXPJ HAND WADK AND 511,094 2' LC. 155519: Q i 5.9 5 Q5 22 CO 0 '-as ' LQ: 1' One Board oraTrainlo d GOOD LUCK J' Efv10fP.5' JAUWE FUZZY HA UL XIVG 67 3,13 EX 0,4 VA 77!VG PHO!Vf 43!! NEW C 'EJ U :sn 'Vq 5-'I Q Q65 10,44 W ., W A gif, ,fff:"Rn.. 470 x "Q . x 7 L4 9 0 QQMPLIMENTS Of STEWART HND TU RLEY 24 Hn Senwcf. D D RT RIEY Ph 3lll YN?mUdl?W3l I5Ll INDEPENDENT 5 EL w luv N WRlN WW NEW cumaeauwo HOME R. . U . Gnadwxlss Of' '52 T E Q I0 :I o , comm News or MARLINN smmf. 3082 MA N ST WE RTOII COMPLI NENTS OF ewe ED IE- W BUS Mc CAUSLENS PH us nz: fuer uwv PHIL MOR FGR MENWHO CARE WHATT EY EAR Wann Co E 1 . 1 , w.v . 5 9 I Mr Y o w o , . A l1ul1 H NA! GOODS Q? V RXDGEA VENUE C ONE E C TIOAXA R V HOME MADE ICE CREAM AND 000002155 PHONE 65 76 J ku Hgh SALES AND SERVICE pfwfsfpwcf M bl 574 77047 9 cm?-WA rn wen 770111 COMPLIMEN TJ' THE CLASSOF J JOHN Q. HEHWON COMPL IMENTJ' "wma mv PRODUCE ww? TOM, vu, 164. ig W:f4f T314 434 STUBEAIVOL LK' 6' E: --.f"' -E 15 -" QT E 6 AND ICA T0 'OMF IEEAT im' 5 GRANATO C Clfrw-J DQNMARKS JMU QQQEJ SILE uben Wffe 3224 MM SfZ"f'JgfL 0 O H I 0 we rd N u Ill NAV STERN C0 MA RTS 5 4 1-MARKHS4 Jgdele f STEUBENVILLE Af Sh: f ggezi High 0500 COMPLIMENTS REIINIER 5 5142 22 MARKET S+. Sf b ll , OHIO .LKMENTS OF 5 1 MIKE -' 'f'He WAT HMAKER GREEN M""' P TEWELER New Cumberland, HONE 6 MA Nj? Q 51.06. Wes 4 V' '17 'ma .fx M' If ,f Q Z anlrfrst , . swf , , , 1 i 0 , . 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MILLSOP -PRES. x ' A as "YM 'ui 3.4 fu H, 'A Iv.-M ' 4' 4515204 W6 MP2 M2 WPA ,+f,W.gf54ww,p, 1,5-,Q , K ,' Q " A -Y fiszvzf-N :t'..,. f -.vain E . m , A , -f . g P . ff' ' ' --.f -- " is mn" K ' ' ""q43'i R " 4. ' A " AQ' x.-i.i."q,f . 1 www X. -X 1' L 45 Q' 15" 3.4, .- , - '- , ,..f---' A . V ' - W . Q ,, rg A . ,, ,. ., af?-e.3i..4Q,.,ggj, Q, J ff- r- xl I 4, ' W-A . 'A-U, . ,,: . -,, 4 MT, - N A .-. ' V , 1, 2 , 1, ' ' ,T vu, - - x f .. ' ' H- '- 'f -Av, -. .1 . . , 'Y -' :- f N ,f1.f,4m-- . ., 4' f , f .. 1... - - 1 1 .. 7 , ff,': !' '-1. ':f"'Qf'!.' ff .. ., f f '.',: 'f-,-' - -'Q . A -' fxkh- 7 ' :aff A L',-,5v"fg- -'

Suggestions in the New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) collection:

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 8

1952, pg 8

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 49

1952, pg 49

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

New Cumberland High School - Pebble Yearbook (New Cumberland, WV) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 48

1952, pg 48

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