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 - Class of 1969

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-1 1 1 ,, ,fl Q . -,AL , I 1-' ' 'A , in Qi M., W Q ,Q , ,a , 3 A h . , ,, F . :Qi :rf ,IJ Q . 1 X X . ,Q AQ I K: Q N fi I -an 'l .. - 'ff '-'f-. J X5 1' f wg' . -- 1 - .tl qi , 'JY' x - . we - . 1 V,-L17., , ,Qi ,K , , 5,14 f.,'4-16, . . .4 4, -wx: Riwf -' ' T155 1' -.34 f I ' K ' ul. 1 . A , , -3, f 11 ' f 7 . 'life uv ef V W W '1w,T"'r an U J ' ,..,, . ' , -: x . -sf' , ,. N , . 'Q in ' mx. ,f 1' ' ' ,' "fV,1'-'. ff T, f -' 'W 'fx - - H ' at'-' ,- -'+- -1'-x!-1'-A-'Q'1-'1 -rf--mr-. ' .Q-M '4.,iaK,V. fx. M,w,'1.,gtx 1-Llgfi U... . Q 1 , v..,p. .,.mi1:..fv H?Iz,m:,.L,1,, ."i.'L.,xiK pergodian . . . 1969 . . . Vol. viii new castle senior high school new castle, pennsylvania faculty 38-59 sports 114-145 organizations 82-113 graduates 4 -n QQ , . 185 ly, X1 -w 4 ,fa a af , 32415 Q 1 , 14 JJ 11,5 a 0 L9 fi U51 c To 2 DIA GO GOMZSQPPR N l 'Bw SO Q09 5' o '53 51 L 57' X on NY' O o L24 pi tgp What is The best Thing for o stream? If is To keep moving. If if stops, if srognofes. So the best thing for 0 mon is Thor which keeps the currenfs goingwthe physiccrl, The moroi, ond the inteliecfuol currenrs. John Burroughs 'fa W wav ,ww JL ay K5 Q' Huw if V0 Q-.I .vi Q. Arwwm YQ umm smkfr if ,M-"' a A na 7 1: 8 an of f ig? A ami? X ..-Iarvv fgL .. Mm , s. up-fam 431. lrlrip fu. y Y ,., A xp, . ww. ,. ..1fvr,.,- A - , . My X wwf., ' Var f isle wg, fgfsafi - " . - ' A a',,,, ffxax.AL,q+.,1 . ' v?" 'ff':3.L .1 ' L' ? puff vu., N51 zq5:,w,,--Hjmfizi . p -vifni wf -' fm' -' -'fan A, 7 fwzax ' fm,- -he -V 1 4, K 155.1 , I . y ,k.,X., A ew-2 --.N 1 A me .CN-.3 . -ffwiw mx :w-wivgf L,4g.1'iQ , . www X., 1 M Q , 553 A I ' rv zrxvgp X hm , CJ:3EV.g,? K. Y ., K2 x x ,..A . x x -4:35, rv s 3"'3W6W53!hRWw+xv-fftv "'E5SW5i0FE3Wf1'i ' 'I6 Wifi! Hllliil 81441801 tbl tiring "M 1 , -9""""' z 1 . -' ,R ' Q 1 '- 9 . X -R .,,, Q, A 4 ' . .J + 315 ' 1' , '- I Q5.. , A 1 1 . 1, - -wif 3 45, ff k I Wham. 'in-,M 'ln-wtffwvu ...- ,,+ 41" fs MW ,..,: " K mf M 3' YM T O L x ii? , 0 Q' M Y U'wf'f-I k , 15 1 f . .,.?,.F.'1i,f...i 5 ff, H5 , '5 3, M Lf , X 2,1 f X 21 ,.-vnunlw 'N ,f .vw 1-:F L Z L- gem W I M.,-L. .,A, .,, K A W, K 1'Z, K' L- W ' M Q . 2 f li my VV.. in if' K , 5 X, . i :mga Q H E f mi 1 ii .rm ,Wi Q.. nw, ,.,. F ,Mann 3 .5,jy:,i- 1- X ' - X we ' yf if. if V vigikvh x V f' n1nm!l vmmix'rk1u'l.1l.4u x.-1, A Nn if- 9 o ti Hs.,-4' E mv!-r ww' x,,,,5r - f 1, v F 1 X I ' f L-. 1 . .,,, . 7 5 KM,..,k:L r ix' 5 il ,Q 'X .nf fx 30 -aaa fly, W 'Wink K NN, 1 .L ik 525 F 2 is gs. 4 af: becky barber A' X-. I 4 .f 's"':! I 5 fi -W! 44 IK 9..- -"serv:-F '1"f'e'iR'f' ? vf5.E1ww..wffr - 0 i Q i Every current, be it of a stream, or of moral behavior, has a source. In this instance, the source of the flow of learning is the faculty. The teachers and administrators offer the opportunities to full- fill the infinite desire for knowledge. .g....,, ...--. ,.-.,.,.,......m.....h... ... .1 -..,, .. mu - ., Mr. Russell Horchler M., Colvin Digg,-lo Superinfendem AssisTanTSuperinfenden1 School Board Standing: Mr. Albert Russo, Mr. Louis Bosco, Mr. Larry DeBlasio. Seated: Mr. Joseph Cooper, Mr. Joseph Chill, Mrs. Mary Elliot, Mr. James McFarland, Mr. William Reed. Miss Myrna M. Donnelly Mr. William Thompson SGCVGTOVY Business Manager :ai Mr. Fred Y, McLure Principal Mr. Amen Hassen Assistant Principal This year an evaluation team, under the spon- sorship ot the Middle States Association, visited New Castle High School for three days. Their purpose was to help establish standards tor secondary schools by recommending improve- ments in curriculum and facilities. Students were selected at random and interviewed as to their reactions to the evaluation. X lift -is , ut, its Miss Dorothy Young Assistant Principal The Guidance Department strives to aid the student in the selection of curriculum and to purposefully direct him in future educational and vocational plans. vc, G... Mr. Gervin Smith Guidance Mrs. Mary E. Morrison Guidance Miss B. Louise Zehner Guidance Mr. Joseph Thompson Guidance Mr. Austin L, Cowmeadow Activities Coordinator Mr. Alexander A. Orlando Audio Visual Co-Ordiriator Chemistry The Director and Consultant of Audio-Visual Aids supervise the distribution ot all audio-visual materials. They see that the television cameras, tilm projec- tors, and television sets are placed where they are needed most. As Activities Coordinator at New Castle High, Mr. Cow- meadow sponsors all clubs and student activities. Setting up sports schedules, school assemblies, and sponsoring money-making drives are among "Austie's" numerous iobs. Mr. Robert Navarro Home and School Visitor Dr. S. Glenn McCracken Director of Audio Visual Instruction and Reading Consultant As Home and School Visi- tor, it is Mr. Navarra's job to check attendance and guard against truancy. He also advises those students who are planning to drop out. Mrs, Martha Wise Girls' Physical Education Physical Education is designed to fulfill the physical and recrea- tional needs af the student. Em- phasized are good sportsman- ship ancl team work, and the participation in various activities. Mrs. Barbara Garrett Girls' Physical Education Mr. Conrad Palumbo Boys' Physical Education Mr. Neal Dunsieth Special Education Mr. Lawrence J. Lehmier Special Education Mr, Dan Spanish Boys' Physical Education Mr. Michael Sebastian Adaptive Physical Education The special education class renders great contributions upon its students and the community. By providing individual and more spe- cific attention to each of its students it enables them to become self-supporting individuals in society. Mr. Martin Leonhardt MF- DOTWC-'ld F- R055 Driver Education Driver Education Driver Education instructs the student in the sate operation ofthe automobile and various laws and principles related to good driving. Basic first- aid and the prevention ot ac- cidents are also emphasized. Mr, Jack Grqy Mr. Ronald Plano Driver Education Driver Education Mr. Edward G. sender Mrs- Pauline NOS 45 Memo' Hecht, Mental Health It is the desire of the Health Department to ta- vorably influence each in- dividual in his knowledge ot the human mind and body. Art is a field, continually chang- ing with the times. New mate- rials and techniques are con- stantly being employed by the Art Department in addition to the traditional. This year arc welding for sculptural expres- sion and photographic silk screening as a new print making process were added along with new approaches in several dif- ferent areas. As a means of understanding the fundamentals of art and the artist, an Art Appreciation course has been added. Mr. Michael Ferraro instrumental Music 4 Mr. Ray P. Melcer Vocal Music The aim of the Music Depart- ment is to broaden each indi- vidual's knowledge, apprecia- tion, and skills in proportion to his potential and interest. There are courses offered for both the vocally and the instrumentally inclined student. Classes in Mu- sic Appreciation and Theory are also available. Mr. Edward M. lsaac Art Mr. Louis Zona Art Mr. Jesse Badger Art Appreciation ..4!P5' M,-5, Jonef Kerr Miss Carol Anton Home Economics Home Economics Miss Patricia Schafer Home Economics Mr. Orrie G, Mathews Mr, Roy S. Stalker Industrial Arts Industrial Arts The Home Economics' Department aids in the development of competance in the skills necessary in all areas of homemaking. In addition, emphasis is placed on the develop- ment ot habits, attitudes, and ideals needed in home and family life. Industrial Arts consists of courses designed to meet the pupils needs related to the usage of the tools and machines important in modern lite. The student has the oppor- tunity to work with tools, machines, and materials, and gain some knowledge of the methods used in building and maintaining articles for home and industry. 'QYHV' Mr. Robert May Industrial Arts Mrs. Margaret Brown English The English Department's main ob- iective is to make the student more fluent in his native tongue. lts purpose is to make him more aware of his heritage through the study of modern and classical literature and to give him the opportunity to gain the ex- perience ot writing speeches and per- forming before small groups. Mr. Anthony DeLuca English Mrs. Mary A. Collins English sux M l . Rx . Mrs. Jessie Day English Mr. Pat Panella English Mr. Dennis Bauman English Mrs. Madeline Collingwood Reading Mr. Mark Klinger English Mr. William Wise sw., 'iufqy Mr Joseph Croach I- h .Sq English Eng IS 'YQ ' ' i . Chinese --'v Miss Jean E. Maher English 45339 Miss Rita Metz Librarian Mrs. Concetta DiCola English "GOV Mrs. Delores James Librarian The librarians make available to the student body the reading materials needed for research and enjoyment. They also aid each student in the loca- tion and proper usage of these mate- rials. The student has access to various periodicals, newspapers, encyclope- dias, records and microfilm. 49 News Mrs. Barbara VanHorn English Mr. Angelo Perrottn Chemistry Advanced Chemistry Miss Carol J. Zamperini Biology Mr. William Duncan Biology 50 Mr. Francis Sfaph Chemistry Biology Mrs. Christine Picrell Biology J Wav' Miss Carol T. Reed Biology Mr Edward Janus Chemistry lihinlsns Mr. Donald Hannon Chemistry The curriculum of the Science Department consists of those courses which are designed to meet every student's educa- tional needs, related to science. Emphasis is placed upon the im- portance of maior scientific principles and their discovery, understanding and application. Provisions are made to meet the needs of students with special abilities in science. Miss Nancy Magill Biology Mr. Ronald Noel Physics Mr. Michael Drespling Business Education The needs of the students who de- sire to prepare for employment in business are met by the Business Education Department. These courses are intended to develop knowledge, habits, skills, attitudes, and ideals necessary for a success- ful beginning and advancement in business. Mrs. Dorothy Ronan Typing Latin Mrs. Janet Patterson Business Education Miss Nancy Ollinger Business Education SN, Miss Margaret A. Montgomery Business Education 0:5 'vp-..--Q qw-4-v"l" Mr. Thomas Grace General Business Mrs. Jane Garvin Business Education 56" 0-vw-Q.-, Miss Marcia Grata Business Education Mr. E. William Lehto Business Education Mr, Phillip Conti Business Education in 7: ,Jn 99 0 fun ,NSW huxu pan 4:5116 , 5 iii ipfgsug. ff gut if jzbi A I J 1 A fc gigs. f Miss Verna Scarazzo Business Education Miss Delores Callahan General Math Modern Introductory Analysis Introductory College Math Mr. Richard Ferguson Plane Geometry General Math Nursing Math . Mrs. Frances Allen Algebra General Math 4 r F Achieving a sense of accomplish- ment is the primary goal ot the Math Department. The traditional modes have been changing with the times. Various curriculum changes have resulted, among these being the installation of a Mr. John D. Zbiegien Plane Geometry Algebra General Math reds J sf to A 4 l 5 fi P L ' 'W Mrs. Jane Martin General Math Algebra 54 Q sr Monroe 3000 Computer. Mrs. Barbara W. Peterson General Math Plane Geometry Mr. Paul R. McCandless Plane Geometry Algebra General Math Mr. Michael Zidow Spanish Ml l X1 5 xl ir f :E issl Mrs. Laura Howard French Mr. J. Robert Vinton French Mr. Gerhard Schlumberger German Miss Rose M. Cimini Spanish The Foreign Language Department endeavors to relay various obiec- tives to the students. Laying a foun- dation for further study in fine arts and foreign services, developing a broader knowledge of our own language, and the stimulation of interest and understanding toward foreign countries are among these obiectives. Audiovisual aids and other materials are available to students ot all foreign languages. Miss Mildred Roux Latin Mrs. Dorothy Poleno P.O.D. Mr. A. C. Brown P,O.D. Mr. Ruchord T.HomuI1on P.O.D. World Cultures Mr. Howard Andy World Cultures Mr. Robert A. Wilson P.O.D. f Mr. John N. Gennock World Cultures Mr. John D. Tucker U.S. History The Social Studies program helps the student to acquire the knowledge and facilities essen- tial for good citizenship. It seeks to develop an appreciation of our American culture and our democraticway otlife. ' Mr. Lindoro Louro U.S. History Mr. Charles Cuba U.S. History Mr. Raymond Keffer P.O.D. Economics anti found" Mr. J. Edwin Jackson P.O.D. 57 Mr. Donald Morabito Economic Geography World Cultures M,.-5 Cafeteria Staff: Mrs, Sizer, Mrs. Trepicone, Mrs. Carik, Mrs. Testa, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Blasak, Mrs. Lasforia, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Rigby Custodial Staff: Mr. Davis, Mr. Murdock, Mrs. Leckwort, Mr. Green Office Staff: seaiedz Mrs. Cowmeadow, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Fry, standing: Miss Moorhead, Mrs. Hoover, Mrs. Detwiler, Mrs Gunn 58 86,3 aw F In Q L 7 'be fa Q? ia Q 605 as 2 is kD Z if Q. O 1 0 Zi 35 T0 Z S .9 ag? fs Q S O O '34 ik' 5 44,0 09 '29, Orb Q SY' Oo d. 't' S bc? QP? Ye O S 0 2? 5 fo 'L A. 170 A Young streams babble, are often shaliovv, and usually run a winding course. En- riched by the waters of orher streams, they soon grow deeper, Here they engage in The continuing process of grovvrh. 'W' if .a.qll""' W sophomores S. Abel V. Adomo K. Albert L. Alcori C. Alloy N. Allegro S. Allegro D. Allen M. Annorumo R. Anthony A. Antonio S. Anflilo J. Argiro M. Armstrong M. Audino R. Austin J. Borfberger R. Boskeyfield S. Boskeyfield C. Becker? W. Beighley D. Bell L. Bethune B. Biddle G. Bonelli A. Bonfield S. Book E. Booker L. Booth V. Borrelli J. Bowen M. Bowen M. Bshero D. Bucci K. Buckel F. Budzowski M. Bullono J. Bunfmon D. Bupp M. Burke P. Alley C. Aloe C. Altmon N. Alusio J. Anderson K. Anderson B. Andorfer J. Andrew G. Bodurik R. Bair A. Baku D. Boker C. Boloscio M. Borboto K. Barker M. Borlett D. Bilger J. Biller C. Bistygo L. Blongero K. Blozok H. Blews J. Bloise J. Blundo P. Bradley D. Breokiron J. Brigham V. Brophy H. Brown K. Brown M. Brown A. Brumbough R. Burkeft D. Burkot F. Burley B. Burnside r. .rr. . 1 ' ,ar li .. rerr .V Rfk ,. l".l, N ., . W.,Am H - in V ' i' i . 5. . 'E' . ..... A , f,..1 ,ww Ea is gsm 3' K Q me YC. xi .... an-I an 7.3 .' '::. . W .e,.,,. . ' 5:3 'aiu 5.5, .J ivk..,,Tf!f PV' - l .KX .1. t , r. ,lll I f2 i:fQ e'.fx.f,.:. . K ,,. X , I- We 3 ai .3 f - ef V -f .4 e . - 1,535 . ,- ' A , My ., A' ,.,, ... . 62 .L my .... . . ' 41, 'ff 'l" 2 jg M 'W N ' ff' : iilz ... , .. As' Milk. l...,..... .... 1 ' , ":?i Q. ,. . I it N Vex . E Q may J 5' 'les 4' ., J B . H g :VP ,.,. ..gga:f5fg".. 5 5 5 N ,..,,, H . Q i a . a Um' ll mi IAVA i l 1.15 . , ,: fi' 7 . . ' as ,. :kk,, wr f'Q I . if , " Vivy , M up X " J W , ii l L R l . l ..rJ ... e q ery. i V . k li' .R , P f .L kv r VKVVSI: an k..wV,.2Ek,3es' .L W R151 ii . ,. " .. -,.v-- 3y,,,HQX'z.g I 1 1 zzaz L A kVi'. Iii? . 5 A V ' -.': 'HS' ' '- izg ' I In I ,.-AA . . . l ' f if X iii' Q33 jg qi- E nn 1 .. L A F t T . . J' Q A -. 'Y 1P .""'4-. . W 1 ,k.V A ,,,. A -V It MC- V in . ' ""' 'J ., v ,. wwf Lkilyk 5 42 ' -ig: "-':: ' J ' ff ' N ' . Q. 13 'Si E ig, S 5 . Q . K if .1 lllll "-.. r'-5' H he H I . J if r . i ' 1 R 2 , v 2 I- RI 63 P. Caldararo B. Callahan J. Campbell J. Campbell S. Campoli J. Caparoula S. Caravaggio P, Carson P. Chill' T. Ch mura S. Christy M. Chrobar M. Cimperman M. Cioppa J. Ciotfo A. Cipriano J. Conglose R. Conley D. Conti H. Cooper J. Cooper P. Cooper B. Copple A. Costa N. Cuscino J. Cwynar N. Cwynar D. Dailey P. D'Ambrosi D. D'Angelo S. Davis C. Dean L. DeGennaro D. DeLillo M. Dely A. DeMonaco D. Bush R. Bush P. Butkowski J. Butferworth D. Byers B. Caffro R. Caimano G. Calabrese R. Carungi A. Castrucci N. Cearfoss M. Chapman P. Chiarini P. Chiaro J. Chill N. Chill G. Clark H. Clark L. Clark J. Colatruglio R. Colley J. Comianos P. Compeli V. Conant L. Cozza C. Crews B. Cummings B. Cubbal R. Crunkleton S. Cummings F. Cupino B. Curfh L. DeAngelo R. DeAngelo V. DeCaprio V. DeCarbo A. Deep D. Defibough F. DeFiore M. DeFiore D. Denny P. DePolis L. DePrano P. DeRosa R. DeRosa T. DeSaIvo C. DeSimone K. DeVasil J. Donofrio R. Donofrio C, Darcy A. Dudich G. Dott J. Durlesser G. Durst S. Dzemyan D. Evanoski S. Eve M. Fabian R. Faehnrich R. Fair M. Farris M. Farris P. Ferro M. Fornataro V. Fortuna D. Frabotta C. Frank A. Frasso J. Fasso P. Frasso R. Froella M. Gallo J. Garrett B. Gerle R. Gibson P. Gilmore E. Ginsberg W. Glitch K. Glodic S. DeVitto A, DiGennaro D. DiGennaro D. Dillaman M. DiMuccio T. Dixon C. Domin M, Donegan B. Edmiston L. Elias L. Elisco S. Elliott J. Emery C. Esposito M. Esposito J. Evanoff K. Ferrucci A. Fiorante M. Fish C. Fitzpatrick M. Flannery B. Flynn A. Fontana J. Fontana D. Fugas M. Fullwood G. Fulton F. Fusco G. Gabriel J. Gaither B. Gallagher C. Gallagher P. Goodman P. Govoidean P. Graham M. Grata it .... . 1 .3 4 . -' f--. , 5 Al- . 1 4 - , li '. gi., K f" y i, -.,..l. ,VE sz? Ali V if P i . f QZAIZVQ ky M y ,. ,-T if ski Z .. :SI ik. . 7 1- - K . J' A E. e. .. V A A in Q .S y .... .Q E -' J ri.. . It In A ik, h - 5 :'. V Kill 5.. x WP: V l ,. .5 A I n l Q h 1 I my WK . . 1 .K ..,. qr Q , x , K . ,, Q- G lf' NR 'I gy q YK, 9 gym ff' E K ll . A .-. la l W W Q A 'v ,."' f sk f I We V . . V . W V I JF .. ... S y dv - -af " P il ' l ... J .i l I . ..,.. .. C 'B-'A+' . l A Q ' in .L G X "" A ,,,' . .... 2. J P . '... 4 .. ,.. . A J fr .1 ' . l ..... . 3 if y V F . LSE I elf li. L ""-- " P its iiir .Q i in A F K l - . f P 4 ' i"'- . . i A . i"' 4 A '1" . fl! t k ' i .. Q 7 it : lggxgl Vg? , .,. ' Egg? ..:: ' i - 5 A .. 4 'F .5 ' lx 64 . ik E QLS .kv KJ.. f is fu. w ,L 3 ir, I x .sf 4 . ,,'y-N f .iff 'E' I 1 ' I N Q f ...if we ... J.- I . if i I . -zqg . I ' , "- ' ss - I fr A , .. ' ' .f :-f - ' . .lr .1-fvs. P I K- 1 I k-:' : y I :- , . fog: , ' J I ' .'- ":' "fy . J i....m E" J " 'gl f'?':f .... is X sie - -:-f v,.,f if K - ,ry vi ' . ! HI. . P I Eu.. L 5 . X ii i. we y K "-, i A Q H K 9 ' 'I' W ig k gz, - . ..,,: ' M5355 , " 1". i 3 -,,,- 5 2.5, l . , -elli s I F . ' ilfiff I 1' f::: ' W . fn G UsY m, ykb Q5"W "mf 5 A ,.. J. E, , . 9 U5 A M F gi? o,,, way ,2gfH' si- yi ...W mg . ,.L, MW. I h I fl? 1 k:.:i 3 .V lt 5 I f' - G I all s My l l 's .. .7'.?2 -:- ik I 'K Q' eb A ' . if . - . fl I e.. I I' ew I if.. ..,.,. , ...,. , Aw wa Q . a , . A. 5...'safe 4 .. V ,,L. . A4 if ":: V A. r Lin fa. 1 I I 'I' K I . . fn- MP5 65 eee.W4Hf W, .. . . , H. ,. 1 'ff -4 sophomores R. Haiec C. Hall D. Hall C. Hake D. Hammed T. Hammond D. Hanna K. Harcar R. Hazen P. Heckathorn R. Heckafhorne N. Heinemann T. Held L. Henderson D. Henson J. Hicks S. Howland C. Hudson F, Hudson D, Iervoline J. Isabella N. Isabella G. Ivory C. Iwaneiko K. Joki D. Kaisner G. Karidis S. Kazenski D. Kegarise C. Kelley L. Kelly B. Kelliher B. Klingensmith M. Knauff K. Koivula P. Kopenirs C. Greco R. Green S. Grube J. Guido J. M. Guido P. Guido S. Guplon J. Hails C. Harper R. Harper S. Harrison T. Harruff M. Hartmann T. Harvey J. Haybarger J. Haybarger D, Higley K. Hilke L. Hill B. Holland B. Holoman T. Hoover B. Horlick C. Howard E. Iwaneiko K. Iwclneiko R. James J. Jamison D. Jenkins P. Johnson C. Johnston J. Johnston S. Kennedy K. Kent B. Kessler D. Kienast D. Kilgore D. Kimmel B, Kirkwood M. Klik sophomores D. Kos P. Koski M. Krisuk H, Krazynsik J. Kulinski C. Kumror M. Kwai? K. Kwolek D. Latore D. Latos E. Lafos A. Lcurenza J. Louro C. Low L. Lees C. Leone D. Lombardo L. Lombardo K. Love E. Lucchini C. Ludovici S. Mackey D. Mocri D. Mohone J. Martin L. Martino J. Marzula V. Masiren C. Mastruianni D. Matey A. Mazzocco M. McCarf K. Mcllfroi R. Mclltrof T. McKim K. McKnight D. McLaren M. McWilliams R. McWilliams D. Memo A. LaMarca E. Lamberti V. Lamorella J. Lane K. Langford K. Langston D. Lapushansky D. Lafcheran M. Leone M. Lenhart D. Leslie C. Lesier E. Levine D. Lewis D. Lewis M. Lifwinovich L. Main M. Mann M. Marcantino C. Marrangoni C. Marrangoni M. Marshali R. Marshall E. Martin D. McClain J. McConnell K. McConnell R. McConnell T. McCoy L. McFarland J. McHenry D. Mcllirot C. Merolillo D. Miles D. Miles J. Miller fi... I .. it SE ' wg H' , -if . 4. -: ' ,. , y ' .sf A :f- - - . F . I 'V 12,7 ,..- ., fix' ': ' f yi. 5 5.2 , 2, . v.k.'L -, . I n o eg-r , 1.-V I 1 ,. V -,xi IQKA L .. Q .. . R is .vi,j,., . is .. M if .K L' - . wi, ... is ,ggi Qsrazns -.-.- K f ' J 3 ir.:-Q' f '13, We 'Q X fy f -e fm . px fm E': n i E . W. ig, 1. L if 415'-'U 5 5 26 A in 6 I 66 ... W 5 is J S vi ' rr . nf 52.2- . W if 1 X lx , .. K if J ll T 4 Qu 3, J 9 We l l l f se g 3 in X' X 2-95. .,.,.,. f M-. as M-if1.:t'z.4 HP , . Fa QE .1 ,... 2 'J' " s A Efz 1 V 2 -- ni ' S " 5" . 4 ..-Q " 'v:. Q , M J X it P it ,y riii , A J F' 1 : . 5' ' - khaki T ' f 'T - M- as ' 2 'r31.J"' X X J .. 'kai "-..., wr ,. gt 6 M sys A .. 'Q ' . ,ff W8 JP, "' " R lf :Jn Q Gi 1 Wim R 'P K if 1 H . ' Z I' 67 if .Ms Q, 1,5- -fe 151' J .f"' 15 J. Morar J. Morgan C. Morris K. Morris P. Morrison D. Morse C. Moses M. Moses J. Nasal J. Natale J. Nerti A. Nocero J. Norman K. Nuzzo B. O'Brien C. Occhibone M. Palkovich S. Polkovitch K. Pollodino J, Pallerino B. Palmiro K. Popenhcusen H. Parodo C. Porco T. Perod D. Perrotto R. Perrotto A. Peterson A. Peterson R. Pherson C. Phillips D. Phillian J. Pugh D. Quahliero L. Querriera M. Quimby L. Million V. Mills P. Milone N. Moffett D. Mollick R. Mansour S. Montgomery T. Moore B. Moskovitz D. Mottle D. Munson G. Murdock N. Murdock M. Murphy P. Murphy K. Myler B. O'Laughlin J. Orlando E. Orres M. Orrico J. Ostrowski D. Owens K. Pace N. Padice M. Paris R. Patterson B. Pelini L. Pelly M. Peluso A. Pennachio J. Perrett C. Perretti J. Phillips R. Piccicirillo J. Piccuta T. Pilch A. Platas K. Platt L. Polansky T. Price G. Rand R. Rand S. Rapchak R. Rapko S. Rasey D. Rauch P. Reed C. Regina C. Ritter L. Rizzo M. Roberts J. Robinson R. Robinson E. Rogers V. Rogers G. Romania R. Ruark E. Rucker B. Ruffley J. Rumbaugh D. Russo R. Rbsso J. Ryan M. Sand S. Sartell L. Sater S. Saylor J. Scaramazza A. Scarazzo J. Scarnati D. Scheidemantle C. Schlumberger M. Seely C. Seiler R. Sewczok P. Sherman S. Sherbak D. Shevitz F. Shields R. Shooff E. Reiber G. Reider C. Reinhard R. Reino M. Reiter P. Richards M. Richardson J. Riggins D. Roselli J. Ross J. Rossano L. Rowntree D. Rowe J. Rozanski K. Rowe G. Rozzi J. Sands A. Salomon J. Salzano D. Sample P. Sonkey V. Sansone J. Santangelo R. Santangelo G. Schooley J. Schooley A. Schultz E, Schuring A. Scungio C. Scungio T. Scott W. Searcy M, Sidorchuk C. Sieger B. Sigler J, Siglow Q rl l x b m I i A 1 . , , P it.. . .. . ...rr S r . s 5 . T l .1 ,. is as - 7 ' --AN f B e rs. H Nik ' . bhuu 2 'T .Ig i Q . r. vi i J 1 -,' A l Ek :" -fs.. . ., 1 -. - H S ',:, T ,K,: - 1 . K7 -. mu .. Y V W f "'-' 1l"' f K A if ' '- . :A it is . .' is 5 . sf' - .lil f. ' 1 1? H , Q , 7 ., . . S ..E. . . .. J -:1" ' f A f . Q : , , G It 1l y 1 , it i . , . Ez' f l ig , V. ll J wg . isp. .f ., 2 'A ' , J ggi... : In ,lt K S ,-,kk W -L - no , .. is iii' T N se t rrJ J. J B kVVA ' J ' . . M Mm , , , ' -sis fr . 'A ,' . ' f , .. at 9" 1- . , . -it . . 4 S an .22,,.:,, ,:. is -' sophomores G. Smith K. Smith N. Smith D. Snyder D. Sobeck B. Soupart D. Spaulding P. Spiker W. Stevenson D. Stewart J. Stewart W. Stewart J. Stoddard J. St. Jean R. Stone J. Stuckey M. Terry E. Testa E. Thomas J. Thomas R. Thomas S. Thomas R. Thompson T. Tomai S. Tumis P. Tuscano K. Updegraff G. Viggiano A. Villani B. Villani L. Vitullo N. Walker N. Wilkinson M. Wilson R. Wilson S. Wilson P. Simpkins D. Silvis W. Sizer M. Skoog R. Slavic J. Slosnerick R. Smeltzer D. Smith R. Staph M. Stefanis R. Stefano D. Stembal E. Stephenson G. Stevens N. Stevens D. Stevenson B. Stroia J. Stroia R. Stoner J. Swietlicki D. Tanner J. Talley R. Taylor W. Taylor J. Tomon T. Tony J, Tranquillo M. Tingley R. Trott S. Tratt J. Tuminello T. Tuminello B. Warneclc C. Wasilewski B. Waskin J. Waters A. Watkins A. Weir N. Wells D. Wilkins junior V. Wimer L. Wise . M. Withrow J. Wolanin R. Woodring C. Wooten S. Wyper K, Wyzo R. Zingaro B. Akers M. Akins F. Akstulewicz C. Aldan W. Alexander T. Alfredo J. Allerton E. Artis J. Ascione C. Aslones D. Attisono J. Attisano D. Audio M. Auclino R. Bara M. Benedict C. Bethune F. Betters K. Blight A. Bloise J. Boazzo J. Boczor T. Bonelli D. Brice J. Brice M. Brightshue M. Brightshue J. Brooks L. Brown B. Budzowski P. Bucker K. Wyza D, Yonnessa D. Young E. Young J. Young N. Young L. Zarembo M. Zehetner B. Aloe K. Altman J. Ambrose L. Anderson D. Annarelli K. Apecella R. Archer L. Armstrong L. Borber B. Baskeyfield D. Basleyfield M. Baxter L. Beckert A. Bell B. Bell R. Bell R. Book A. Booker B. Borkesz T. Boron F. Borrelli G. Bradley S. Brandon L. Brenneman D. Bulisco L. Bullano P. Burgess J. Burke rel 31. .lf-Z I- .Wil ii A A . - . rrfe .. N it . IT' Z 1 .uugz Aeglfrf. X . i ..' 2 fi. . . ff . . Q Mr . x 1 -go . 6 Q' Mft", fa? .sg '3 a l ....g' 151,-fs 2 -'.. 5- . .6 5 K .A 8 , . 1 Y ,. .g 5 ... W1 "' 1' gg A 'Sag s Q:-so t w 70 4 M . ik 55" wif SY ff. I Z .L gf-'11, Q V AV.. g - . . AV. L , 'L r :EI 1 . . l--: Sl' "" . . :ef f 1 rf wfiigx of f 'V .Q ff ff N .4 F .Q - .fs :I fan gf. . s 'V' Q" f 'Q ' J Q .L '- Ni .wif ic 1 ..k, .. 'fx S ff. ts 2 ' 152 Q A -12, '... A. X: qquu 4 J. . . in V .,.., x . . . . .fiiwilll L ...s. lf., v. Q. fi. X.. l -sv L - 9-.if iii.. 'ey 1 -f E his . 5 'VI 1' . K i + K 4 s w s g.:ggx....3 - A -F' Y - ' 2 if- . ' gs L.. -1 if - . Q L' .1 g .gm Y Rn, Q, -' - X V f fl- ' gp- A w A V ,. Q " Q. an-J . , F '6- , ' f ' V Ji .. . YQ.. V . ' 1?-17 . I -fi 1 .'4s'?'. ' f IWQI .. .-1 , . .-W' V. Y rb- .- . 1 X. ic. lf. . I .- 5 sg L 1' f 3 s 1 W ZW' . ,,2 fe Q . Q-X -Q ! -f 3 ng, -. gg. its ' , L f"1gf-vga .534 If -I ' f 5 X 3 ,Sy R-2. f. A My S' ll -- 4, . .... - i WW K mfs sqm w. , 2- , 5- V M. s r ' 4 859 A - Q 5 I . 3. x ' L . . 1 if , K It t 1 1 A b 'x", ,. 1 - , .lg-1-gy!! . J .. .. . . . W f X .9 . X . M. Coiazza G. Caimano L. Cain M. Camerot E. Copece T. Capitolo J. Cappabianco R. Carbone B. Chill I. Chirozzi C. Chirumbolo J. Clark J. Ch mura P. Christopher M. Christy R. Cimini J. Comstock C. Connor F. Conti D. Cook J. Costa D. Cox D. Coyne N. Crowley B. Davis K. Davis D. Dean E. DeAntonio L. DeAugusfine K. DeEulio D. DeFiore D. DeFonso J. Dennis C. DeNuccio A. DeRosa B. DeSalvo M. Burke J. Burkot M. Burns K. Burnside A. Burrelli C. Butz K. Buyney D. Byler S. Carbone R. Corik W. Caudill R. Cavaricci G. Chambon D. Chiarini G. Chiarini S. Chiarini L. Cioppa S. Clark B. Cochran D. Cochran R. Cohen D. Colella Y. Colella C. Collins J. Croach E. Crowl J. Crowfhers D. Crudell D. Cunningham J. Dalesandro E. Dantonio L. Dcmilo A. DeGidio K. DeJohn E. DeLisio G. DeLorenza F. Del Signore D. DeMarco K. DeMorco R. DeMark D. DeSontis A. DeVincen1is E. DeVivo E. DiCarlo J. Dick L. DiPoalo B. Donaldson M. Daugehety J. Evanoski N. Faella M. Falofko R. Farrar L. Favorite F. Fazzone W. Fazzone S. Fedor D. Flomino J. Flamino R. Flamino S. Flora P. Flynn K. Foreman P. Forgione J. Forletta J. Freed C. Frengel J. Friedheim C. Fusco F. Fusco M. Fusco E. Gabriel M. Gabriel S. Gallanio A. Galmcirini E. Garozewski C. Gardner D. Gardner M. Gaspare G. Gay J. Genareo M. DuBrock R. Edminsfon P. Effinite G. Elias J. Elias B. Engs G. Erwin N. Esposito T, Fee J. Feld A. Ferrara D. Ferrari B. Ferrucci M. Fiore M. Fishe J. Fisher D. Fornataro S. Forrest W. Fosier C. Fraley D. Francazio J. Frank R. Frank D. Frazier J. Gairdo C. Galono S. Galono M. Galanski D. Gall L. Gallagher P. Gallo G. Gallanio K. Giacomini H. Gill J. Gill B. Gilles? , nn as L J. 1' v I -1 M Q? ' ' s it Q x A V 'Avg lf . H all S . i mir 'ls gl! W ',..'- i ... Q A , E .,'. 3 .Q lx 6 4, I was N , ., W' . . A as K.. m ww. "' v EH fi 5 .. -e- . A ,, af . Vi .f2Vfj1.,f 'A 1. , It -V SQ 'L in JV 3 sl N X ' A J 72 .., JA., .rm ' J .S . ..,: if We .,.. ,.--.. X.. f:-f : 5 2 .i X 2.9 xr 'Q , . . at-,5 J 9 , f .Qs Y . .0 :lk-5,7593 ' e w le W.. Qi.. ' - ..:...k.-.V - W . V355 1 1 x Q, ie, F it - is in 1 V 5 V ll 'G ' ' E f l ii tgfsr. M 3 V U I, fwjl, E A 5.1 . Q 'ls A J: S' X lf' 1 .Q aff LI: 1 ry Y- i 'I ,.: ,..:: y 'N ,nf- I '. my' an 95 I. V J IN? i f? I . . A . :' . .. I , 7' 7 .. ,, I li , I 'U n . I I i " . .Q we Q U 8.6 l 1 A V ,ln . si x 7i,,,.!..m .. H. 1 in fin zu K its . , . ,gi b l I ,, ' q,,q . anis. fix E it - P 1 5 S , Q . . if fiyi 'ti V Qu we Y .-. 1: fn, 3511" I J K ' ff- V it B ' . . . J an o , 5 "'- : : B ls- -. :A:- .V J All ii I juniors 73 sf 1 .K I 1 ir? Q . ll. fm C is- sl W C. Graziani W. Green D. Grego W. Griffin D. Grundy K. Grybowski D. Haid A R, Hall J. Harper C. Hawson T. Heaney R. Heasley R. Hefferin W. Helbley S. Hemming C. Hemphill J. Hokanson B. Holliday B. Hollins M. Hooks H. Hoover M. Howard M. Howe S. Howland N. Jacob R. Jacobs M. Jameson J. Janowski T. Jenkins P. Johnson R. Johnson C. Jones E. Kent Y. Keyes J. Kimmel T. Kirkwood H. Ginsberg S. Ginsberg M. Golling K. Goodman J. Govoidean B. Graham D. Grant M. Grata J. Hamed J. Hamed J. Hamill H. Hammond R. Hanna J. Harcar H. Hare M. Harvey D. Hennon S. Henzel G. Herman M. Heirich P. Higgs K. Hildebrand H. Hiler K. Hill G. Howley B. Hoyland C. Hrisoulas L. Hruska V. Hudson L. Isabella L. Isabella S. Izzo L. Jones M. Jones L. Joseph G. Kalafa S. Karch L. Keeley J. Kelly T. Kelly juniors D. Kitzko J. Klabon P. Koprivnak P. Korzec G. Kos T. Kovalick W. Kraft A. Kraner D. Lee J. Lee J. Lemmon K. Leonard L. Lesniak P. Lewis L. Librandi B. Link L. Lombardo A. Long S. Ludovici M. Luftan J. Lutz P. Lutz E. Lyytinen J. Malri R. Marchand M. Mariacher S. Marino D. Marshall S. Martini J. Mclrzulct C. Mash M. Masters L. McCollums M. McConahy P. McC0nahy K. McCormick L. McCreary E. McCue J. McEntire J. McEwen J. Krause L. Kresowaty A. Lang P. Langlois M. Langdowne S. Latess A. Layton S. Lazar R. Linton L. Lizambri C. Llewellyn J. Lockley A. Lombardo B. Lombardo F. Lombardo L. Lombardo D. Magill D. Mahone J. Maieski L. Malizia J. Mancini G. Mansfield R. Marnapese J. Marcantino F. Mastrangelo J. Mayo J. Mazzocca R. Mazzocca R. Mazzocca C. McCall C. McCampbell D. McCann B. McFall D. McFarland D. McGuire J. McGuire ls F01 .. s Y 57 P' vb 1 Q if it X xi gf. ,,. 'Q 'az if l if. Iv 'F' Y.. as - -.. .Q if ER' L s 2 . ,if K U 4 5 5 1' .sn , sf Fix x W , MIR Vis 'ln ,Y ,. N w., wg., P -' - Xa l' w .." .W , ci if 4 'A li..-- ' .J 'L fi ..'. I W' ' . Q. H H y W jr r , .x .xx ' : .. X ' . ,pgfiir .f' , " M i ""f A 3 E3 f l!! x mi l 3 2.1 5 Q , V..-M, . .', 7 ' ix . .. W e .72 l' x -' S2155 V -U ' ' , 3 ' .. 1 Q I :A J L 'A A A R.. ..... . f -LI ii J.. 1 of v.g,..5-n L 74 I L ns ,,, -L, "N 5' N M' Y s 'JI '33 152 on t 4 6 . N x V. , 'QS ., 'E Wg... Ziyi PSX . VAI. rf ti ff- sei . .- . .SJ .X . :,i 'W , , , Hi 1 Y 11:5 wr- .Q K l I I Ls f l al 1 it .Fifi i -..,w...,. . mf , mg. 65 fair- 3 - 1 ,cm K T L Q fr Q- .aw M.. iii' Ji., ,, .3 I 1,-lpn? . . 1 no in A J 'rA.XW A I X Lvl Q. iv in ,,Q.-:. X -x. Q.. .T 3 , C .M .. . 0 I Sly? ' ' .15 xi ,--1 . 4-Jim . mmf J: W. . g g ls 1-i Fly Xl.. i ' E. . . YE ', - 1 Qvf of s - " fix, '. .asf I 2' is , . ,cs i 59 ' I K K .fl .sk jail K . V . K -fu' N T 3 . .,':., K 1, 1 f 'J' li is .Sei F WZ WA L xg , Q 1 ' A'qA 5 ,.'A T - ei T V. :.- f A 1 :': X ggi- N f WE .. "3 is W . .. fs ,. 3 .Wg :AA pi. KT " Q ' -',. .TW if M V -fha, V h is A .h z X , V zkt: sn.. :.: 1 .:.,. ' ig zg' ,, 'rf , V 'ff 75 D. Menichino M. Micaletti J. Micco M. Midzie R. Miller R. Miller S. Mills D. Mitchell C. Mosley D. Moss M. Mott J. Murphey S. Naples M. Natale J. Nero R. Nero J. Nuzzo K. Oberleitner G. Olson K. Osirowski J. Oswald W. Owens P. Padulla M. Pagley M. Paf1erson B. Payne J. Peluso P. Peluso M. Perkins L. Perreff J. Perreffa L. Perreffi D. Ponziani L. Porter J. Powers M. Presnar M. McHenry W. Mcllfrof J. Mcllwain V. McKin S. McMunn B. McNicoIas M. Medlock F. Medure J. Mollick T. Monaco M. Montgomery T. Mooney B. Moore J. Mora A. Morella S. Morroz J. Nerti G. Newkirk L. Newman V. Nicely S. Nielson S. Nocera Y. Nocera B. Noga M. Palkovich M. Pallodino C. Palmer B. Palus J. Pupst L. Paris D. Park T. Patrick B. Perroflc J. Peterson K. Peterson M. Pflueger R. Phillips D. Pia J. Pilch S. Pilch R. Presnar G. Preston J. Presto R. Price K. Pugh N. Pugh B. Pursell S. Putnam D. Rhodes K. Rice P. Riniti E. Rivezzi F. Rogan P. Rogan R. Rogovin M. Roper M. Ryhal K. Sabino M. Sadler C. Saesan G. Saines L. Salzman M. Sortell D. Scarnati R. Shansky D. Sheraff T. Sheridan P. Shields C. Signorella M. Signorella B. Simmons G. Slack S. Stafford D. Steele J. Steele L. Steese T. Stefanis M. Stefano B. Stevens N. Stevenson P. Querriera D. Roger B. Rankin R. Rauso P. Razzano D. Regan S. Reina D. Retort G. Ross L. Ross S. Ross R. Rossano E. Rozzi L. Rubenson M. Russo K. Ryczai P. Scarnati A. Schwartz D. Scott J. Scrim L. Seals N. Senchok S. Shaffer B. Shakely S. Slack V. Smialowski D. Smith E. Smith B. Soloman S. Spiers M. Springer C. Stafford B. Stewart J. Stewart S. Stewart B. Stillwagon .Q .4 Ja. "LUN if r,vJ'T , i ., ' 1 ...,. msgs? L,,k 5 X '1' -. ,gf F Q1 -- 1: y V S B gs: .. ' V if ,gl fi. gi H 'ms -L . av- f 1:22-. f . fx.. ,... ,. .. .X I N .L Q P wa. ,. wav W Q H-R . iz, -,ii in , ii 125: My it . ., x, - I 5' 1 ? Q ,S 6 .,., 1 , N. . .Ex 'N it s . -,lf . . f 3 i M. , rr , .,,. . 5..A " j - v sv . Zi w m J wif- .- '41 -53 .5 'fi .A ' K' A yas V X i ofa 'r V , ' - Y 1 -- , A .f 1. ,. ..., . , M 76 ts: " 1 'K fd. 2 1 4 ffzlf .. i I . f. . 5- .5 l . .eg 3 ' . .yi We 1 35 if X 5 . 1 Q .:. -f ,- A 3 aw ' - Mfg l i . ,-. 0 L ra .iff sw.. ' N I fu Q ...., .K J fr 'R ' ' 5 Vgg, i . . ' 1 z- Q, "alll .3 . . ll- : 'Q y.. xy . Q, .im . A A 4 ' iii w fill' T95 Wil ff .. K Q ' sie. K -1 . fa , at yt. -Q I ur' by - T ' E ' ' Q Q I ' , G Mf t . R if A'., J. ,. at J we Q J .' ' . if + ' or ' " .g . :-- y 325.3-3 i ,N ' 2 3' , , 1 V - 1 Q y E 7 r . . Q 11 ,,... l' J 1 5 B it . f, 4 ' . - f , I R gif .:-'-' .: ., I w K W., i I .N p L A K . ' gina? W I A . i ' A iv., , ,,.4...5 17, 1 E . .V wg , Y . A K . . :Ax 'AG .3 . Y I . L M 'nga ...Q i 562 T is . .-A ' . 5- rt ' .R s i' i LLi1 .., f- g S "5 if i f A A,,,, ...T , , J u n 1 Q r S 77 E. Taylor M, Taylor W. Taylor G. Temperato D. Theiss C. Thomas E. Thomas L. Thomas R. Ubry D. Vanasco E. Van Buren K. Van Dusen S. Vaughn R. Vellone A. Vericella P. Venturi D. Warneck K. Wasilewski D. Waters D. Watkins D. Weller S, Weygant S. White R. Weich Y. Wynn S. Wyza V. Yachym R. Yaro E. Yerage D. Yoho J. Young R. Zacharewski K. Slit? B. Stofich G. Stone A. Stoner J. Surgenavic S. Szeszko R. Tanner E. Tarasyuk 5. Thomas T. Toney J. Tongue M. Tonsetic J. Trodden L. Trott M. Trott K. Turner M. Viggiono R. Viggiano M. Vigne M. Vincent R. Vitale P. Wade U. Walker S. Wallace J. Williams J. Williams G. Wilson B. Wimer J. Wiseman M. Woods B. Wright M. Wright D. Zduriencik J. Zedick C. Zeigler S. Zubkowsky .45 ,, im ,M , Z Q, ' slum Row l: Debi Rysinski, Linda Jackson, Suzanne Fisher, Shirley Kwiat, Alice McCall, Ed Price, Donald Thomas, Eugene Burnett Row 2: Richard Finamore, Daryl Montgomery, Robert Bullano, Nick Claudrino, Darrell Brighfshue, Gary Gwin, Kenneth Matthews, Joe Lanigan, James Davis Row 3: Gerald Alexander, Ernest Fish, Elsie Harris, Willie Steward, Ruben Knight, James Rankin, John Bloom, Perry Lognese, James Gray Row 'I: Vici Rossi, Connie Ceyrolles, Patty Green, Carol Hobel, Elaine Galanski, Robert Anderson, Rick Grego, Tom Reid, Bill Gallagher, Ronald Urion Row 2: Linda Johnson, Frank Shevitz, Chuck McCanahey, David Bell, Ronald Beveki, Thomas Pisuke, Reynold Santangelo, Larry Johnston, Joe Bordonaro, Jerry Cameron, Bruce Fleischer, Richard Kischner Row 3: Hugh Armstrong, Jim Doyle, Ed Bodgon, Robert Fisher, Ralph Gagliardo, Ken Slator, Larry Llewellyn, Nick Miloser, Frank Orlowski, David Bobic 78 No names available. . Row I: Lynn Mosely, Christine Oflowski, Terri Caravella, Dan Toney, Gary Johnson, Jeff Dennis Row 2: Rich Bruening, Herman Wilson, Richard DeAugus1ine Steve Caravella, Larry Tanner, Jeffery Cartwright, Gary Mele Row 3: Jack Stevens, Greg Mrozek, Mike Norris, Gary Dugan, Paul Ross, John Fortuna, Rich- ard Nero 79 N l Row 1: Veronica Nero, Linda DeCabreo, Linda Crawford, Karen Wadding, Sharon Rand, Susan Vogler Row 2: Laurie Jones, Sharon Williams, Terri Pefrovich, Wanita Fulkerson, Dorothea Young, Sally Mathews, Kathy Kerber Row 3: Dorothea Brown, Diana Perry, Rosemary Channing, Harriet White, Diane Booth, Bonnie Harris, Lucy Carbone Row 1: Curtis Librizzi, Stephen Padnuk, Gordon Saas, Leroy Munson, Terry Walters, Oliver Livermore, Dave Beckwith Row 2: Ron Scheering, Richard Di- Bello, Randy Rhodes, Rick Dellaverson, Bill Rowe, Ron Paiono, George Murdock, John Latska Row 3: Ronnie Bunnell, Charles Brooks, Bruce Atwell, Roger Dennis, Bob Anderson, Michael Narapy, John Snychur, Robert Margel 80 81 We D 0 C? ki Q Wal Bv- 99 ii KO 5 5 0 L9 oc ii ff' E Q? GS' i 8 Q 5 Q ' Ci gig' z 5,009 Qs, 0423 Q SY' O0 cl. 'rl-I u. C5 90 'if X ,S QW? YQ O S 99 fr fi ci? 7'4- 'Von "The secret of happiness is something 'io do, some con- genial work," So from orga- nizations, whirlpools of in- terests and ideas, one is able To glean knowledge, enioy- ment, and a feeling of ac- complishment. i -.fV 57' ,tm fx ...I M HV langua e Spanish Club, Row l: Karen Turner, Ann Marie Kraner, Debby Castrucci, Donnalou Zambelli, Jacqueline Burke, Charlane Castrucci, Bobbi Akers, Karol Stevens, Patrice Tedesko, Mary Ann Perkins. Row 2: Susan Fahrny, Ramona Savocchia, Mary Ann Raskowski, Paulette Frye, Andrea DiLorenzo, Bonnie Borkesz, Carol Cracratt, Eleanor DeAntonio. Row 3: Joe Budzowski, Penny Ziman, Kathy Ryczai, Bill Kirker, Joe Burkot, Tim Kelly. Advisor: Miss Cimini. ... - - A Q I 4 3" A-.Q T Qi Junior Classical League, Row l: Kathy DeGidio, Beatrice McMullen, Elaine Ludovici, Patti Derzy, Sheila Trott, Ellis Levine, Ellen DiCarlo, Linda Santangelo, Donna Leone, Alexis Bell, Debbie Quahliero, Danielle Grego. Row 2: Cathy Tomai, Jeannie Fisher, Bo Barber, Fred Stoner, Linda Hruska, Rhonda Stone, Frances Lombardo, Shirley Marino, Barbara Janowski, Becky Russo, Sue Phipps, Marilyn Fusco. Row 3: Helene Ginsberg, Marilyn Fullwood, Sharon Putnam, Gayle Mansfield, Janet Higley, Lou Anne DeAngelo, Marilou Russo, Cyndie Frengel, Annette Scungio, Lynda McFarland, Jane Wolanin, Jamie Rossano. Row 4: Martia Reiter, Nora Shuler, Diane Cummings, Annece Watkins, Patti Gilmore, Darlene Mrozek, Marsha Galanski, Kathy Blazak, Fatima Betters, Susan Elsesser, Marsha Porter, Joan DiAlesandro. Row 5: Charlene Harper, Nancy Stevenson, Carol Schlumberger, Judy Mazzocca, Yvonne Colella, Richard Staph, Deanna Passalinqua, Cindy Germaine, Judy Nogee, Elaine Boczar, Yvonne Quarella, Debby DePolis. Row 6: Edith DeLisio, Stephanie Stewart, Val Mastren, Shirley Burmester, Alexis Platas, Lou Trott, Chuck Reed, Ralph Cohen, Diana Rowe, Joan Tranquillo, Stan Adamski, Carleen Aloe. Row 7: Sandy Vanasco, Corrinda Mastroianni, Becky Palko, Barb Manning, Shelia Howe, Susan Ginsberg, Deborah McBride, Susan McMunn, Bill Foster, David Morse, Cathy Wasilewski, Kathy Van Dusen, Row 8: Dan Cullen, Larry Lees, Greg Fulton, David Colella, Louis Irace, Ray Reagle, Lynn Rubenson, Ken Love, Bob Shansky, Mark Audino, Pete Helmer, Danny Latcheran. Row 9: Craig Collins, Helen Gill, Jim Hildebrand, Anthony Vericella, James Marzula, Deborah Morse, Sonny Gardner, Paul Lynch, Eliot Ginsberg, Joe Boczar, Stan Kosciuszko, Tom Cowher. Row IO: Louis DiPaolo, Linda Salzman, Mary Ellen Cubellis, Wesley Cartwright, Cindy Marino, Betsy Kinkeia, Jim Myers, Advisor: Miss Roux 84 German Club, Row l: Melanie Calderwood, Leah Dattilo, Kathy Turner, Karen Ostrowski, Sandi Brandon. Row 2: Karen Turner, Denise Chiarini, Barbara Rowe, LaVonne Glenn, Joyce Kelley, Sandy Galano. Row 3: Mary Jane Medlock, John Updegraff, Keith Kuttesch, Joe Friedheim, Doug Hamill. Row 4: Gary Kos, Erika Tarasyuk, Mary Ann Raskowski, Pete Helmer, Janet Kazenski, Craig Collins. Row 5: Debi Guiducci, Karen Stalma, Deborah Morse, Michael DeRicco, Mark Sartell, Gary Tencer. Row 6: Richard Rogovin, Mike Falatko, Jack Brice. Advisor: Mr. Schlumberger. l - - .. - . . - French Club, Row l: Jeanne Frank, Phyllis Padula, Georgeanne Murdock, Donna Henson, Cindy Allay, Laura Blangero, Kay Ann Cialella, Becky Cimini, Laureen Barber, Vicki Manolis, Susan Ross, Ellen DiCarlo. Row 2: Evelyn Schuring, Denise Buonpane, Susie Reef, Vickie McKim, Mary Patterson, Peggy Masters, Beth Curth, Stella Davis, Kim Kent, Karol Stevens, Becky Russo, Linda Lizambri. Row 3: Judy Kimmel, Karen Davis, Terri Monaco, Myra Gabriel, Tommi Bonelli, Renae Mozzocca, Barbie Noga, Marcie Camerot, Angela Galmarini, Julia Dick, Janis McGregor, Barb Thompson. Row 4: Thomas Tardio, Phyllis Buonpane, Marlene Kakos, Jane Piccirilla, Karen Leslie, Barbee Kerr, Fred Stoner, Linda Pelley, Patti Johnson, Barbara Burnside, Ida Chirgzgi, Sherry Thomas. Row b: Nancy Murdock, Gloria Rozzi, Kathy Pugh, Cindy McCampbell, Rosemary Rossano, Saundra Chiarini, Paul Riniti, Linda Porter, Barbara Graham, Kathleen Burnside, Joan Oswald, Rosanne Maiorano. Row 6: Barbara McCurley, Karen Giacomini, Patti Alfera, Patty Sankey, Annette Audino, Laurel Schantz, Rhonda Ward, Debbie Ostrowski, Joyce Walczak, Cheryl Pitzer, Janice Bilger, Cindy Butz. Row 7: Linda Main, Nola Heinemann, Cindy Bistyga, Kathy Ferrucci, Bev Budzowski, Mary Ann Caiazza, Jackie Gaither, JoAnn Williams, Nancy Esposito, Eileen Rozzi, Deanne Warneck, Cindy Mesh. Row 8: Becky Barber, Debbie Sobeck, Georgianne Reider, Mary Kay Hartmann, Mary Crowl, Lois Brown, Edith DeLisio, Sharon Forrest, Gloria Durst, Bobbi Taylor, Susan Vaughn, Kris Campbell. Row 9: Steve Grube, Dan Kociela, Eugene Van Buren, Susan Ginsberg, Debbie Bilger, Debra Stembal, Francis Akstulewicz, Thomas Held, Paul Lynn, Doug Wingfield, Al Scarazzo, Lou Ross. Row IO: Deborah Morse, Vince Conant, Peggy Heckathorn, Susan Fahrny, Jane Hckanson, Bill Alfera, Helen Gill, Penny Ziman, Richard Woodring, Tom McKim, Lester Malizia. Advisor: Mrs. Howard. 85 service Nurses and Nurses Aides, Row l: Mary Lou Schepp, Kay Ann Cialella, Kathy Smith, Helen Bowen. Row 2: Denise Brown, Kim Kent, Julia Dick. Row 3: Bev Budzowski, Audrey Salomon, Gretchen Olson, Beverley Davis. Advisor: Mrs. Thompson. 153 Athletic Secretaries, Regina Lamorella, Lucille Randy, Donna- lou Zambelli, Christine Pszenney, Becky Barber, Joann Genareo, Mickey Frengel, Advisor: Mr. Cowrneadovv. Audio Visual Staff, Kneeling: Bob Thompson, Jim Isabella, .lim Daily, Claude Marrangoni. Standing: Mike Burke, Jim Henderson, Louis DiPaolo, Jack Brice, Eugene Von Buren, Tom Tardio. Advisor: Mr. Orlando. fx Office Staff, Row I: Donna Leone, Ester Mogno, Diana Ponziani, Toni Pipolo, Marilyn Augustine, Row 2: Paulo Poolini, Denise Chiarini, Denise Crudell, Judy Harper, Row 3: Shirley Burmester, Keith Kuttesch, Peggy Richards, Wanda Ruehl, Mary Lee LoMarca. Row 4: Paul Wade, Billie Molley. Concession Workers, Row l. Karen Oberleitner, Melanie Calderwood, Danielle Grego, Corlo Altman, Julio Alloy, Rose Stonyard. Row 2: Mary Beth Bowen, Laurel Ballo, Ellen DiCarlo, Mary Ann Baxter, Jeanne Frank, Patti Derzy, Leah Dattilo. Row 3: Jeannie Zona, Evelyn Schuring, Linda Hordesty, Mary Withrow, Cindy Nelson, Sue Phipps. Row 4: Janice Piccuta, Beth McHottie, Nancy Jacob, Christine Hrisoulas, Joanne Lockley, Karen Leslie, Judy Gunther. Row 5: Jennie Latouf, Audrey Nixon, Karen Ostrowski, Sandie Brandon, Pat Johnson, JoAnn Mayo. Row 6: Darlene Rhodes, Cindee Moses, Fatima Befters, Robyn Faehnrich, Polly Andrews, Joan DiAlesondro, Kathy McConnell. Row 7: Sandi Gallonio, Pam Kopenits, Bonnie Holoman, Carol Schlumberger, Emily Homett, Susan McMunn, Jack Gill. Row 8: David Horned, Debbie DeJohn, Tim Kelly, Daryl Beck, Bob Capezio, Debi Guiducci, Penny Ziman.Sponsor1Mr.Morobito. Varsity Club Representatives, Row it Judy Attisano, Donna Flamino, Linda Bullano, Janet Hamed, Linda Vitullo, Angela Morella, Nancy Allegro, Linda Querriero. Row 2: Karen Ostrowski, Connie DeSimone, Beth Curth, Sue Phipps, Elaine Verdi, Regina Lamorella, LaRena Beckert, Lynda McFarland. Row 3: Kathy Pugh, Patti Johnson, Yvonne Quarella, Denise Gardner, Kathy Turner, Terri Monaco, Shelley Howland, Susan Howland. Row 4: Laurel Schantz, Dianna Byers, Marci Gallo, Kathie Kwolek, Judy Mazzocca, Yvonne Colella, Cindy Lester, JoAnn Guido. Row 5: Vera Brophy, Debbie Wilkins, Nora Shuleff Debbie Ostrowski, Debby Castrucci, Sharon Kazenski, Rosemary Santangelo, Debbie Sobeck. Row 6: Sara Christy, Bobbi Taylor, Cindy Butz, Sherry Thomas, Kathy Ferrucci, Cindy Bistyga, Diana Rowe, Kathy McConnell. Row 7: Jocelyn Lutz, Janet Kazenski, Larry Davis, Paul Lynch, Kathryn Papenhausen, Becky Barber, Pat Christner, Lynn Rubenson. Row 81 Donnalou Zambelli, Debi Guiducci, Deborah Morse, Valentino Bell, Advisor: Mr. Cowmeadow. Basketball Refreshment Committee, Row iz Ellen DiCarlo, Barbara Graham, Helen Gill, Edith DeLisio. Row 2: Gay Newkirlc, Gretchen Olson, Bonnie Holornan, .loan Rozanski, Karen Davis, Nancy Steveson. Sponsor: Mr. Cowmeadow. l l 88 ., b . .. . .. . .. S. Dofobs, Row l: Elaine Dantonio, Phyllis Alfredo, Mary Patterson, LaRena Beckert, Bobbi Akers. Row 2: Jonna McEwen, Mari- lyn Fusco, Linda Lesniak, Edwina Orres, Garnett Preston, Ann Marie Kroner. Row 3: Marsha Galanski, Kathy Nuzzo, Mary Orrico, Cindy Aldan, Sara Nielsen. Row 4: Mable Brightshue, Bonnie Boskeyfield, Bonnie Holoman, Joan Rozonski, Kathryn Papenhausen, Diane Kos. Row 5: Sally Gupton, Rhonda Shoaft, Cindy Germaine, Janet Santangelo, Eleanor DeAntonio. Row 6. Pat Neilson, Betty Gerle, Merna Sadler, Mary Wright, Garnet Austin, James Wilson. Advisors: Mrs. James and Miss Metz. -'sr Attendance Office Staff, Row la Linda Bullano, Donna Flamino, Patty Korzec, Sara Lazar, Elaine Ludovici,'Beatrice McMullen. Row 2: Joan Powers, Cindy DeRobbio, Judy Gunther, Peggy Butkowslci, Patti Johnson, Diane lervoline. Row 31 Jeannie Fisher, Gail Gibson, Joanne Tongue, Nancy Stevenson, Carole Jaskolka, Annette Audino. Row 4: Joanne Ginocchi, Bob Schlumberger, Barbara Rowe, Vera Brophy, Sharon Forrest, Valentino Bell. Row 5: Susan McMunn, Prudy Stalker, JoAnn Scarnati, Nick Uram, Scott McGory, Bob Capezio. 89 as H... as X Basketball Ushers, Sealed: Diane Cummings, Madelyn Cobbs, Bernie Marso, Janis McGregor, Donnalou Zambelli. Standing: Patrice Tedesko, Becky Barber, Debi Del Principe, Debi Cwynar, Dyan Len. Advisor: Mr. Cowmeaclow. National Honor Sociefy, Row l: Sherry Berfak, Elaine Ludovici, Janis McGregor, Karol Sfevens, me 'I Cindy Nelson. Row 2: Becky 5 J Russo, Jane Piccirilla, Regina Lamorella, Yvonne Quarella, Patrice Tedesko, Joyce Walczak. Row 3: Beth McHaHie, Rhonda Ward, Barbara McCurley, Debbie Osfrowski, Nora Shuler. M ' Row 4: Louise Boston, Cheryl Pifzer, Shirley Burmesfer, Diane ""' ' """': Campbell, John Updegraff, Dan Kociela. Row 5: Elaine Boczar, .,,,. L. Larry Davis, Judy Pherson, Carol we Cracraff, Paulette Frye, Raw 6: Linda Miron, Ramona Savocchia, Stan Kosciuszko, Cindy Marino, Deborah Morse, Jim Myers. Row 7: Bill Dunlop, Joe Budzowski. lg Advisor: Miss Callahan. 1 ls ,fi S: .1 90 Diana DeMatteis, Helen George. Row 4: Mary Leonard, Debbie Baker, Donnalou Zambelli, Joseph Lane, Patti Gallo, Becky Barber. Row 5 Sandy Vanasco, Debbie Stamp, Judy Nogee, Mary Pat Mayer, Charlotte Watson. Row 6: Eileen Johnson, Mariorie Barker, Darryl Scott Jay Johnson, Teri Ellis, Melvin Montgomery. Row 7: Janet Kazenski, Cindy Marino, Marty Krisuk, James Wilson, George Saines. Advisor Mr. Perrotta. Goal-Post and Tip-OH Sellers, Row I: Elena Rivezzi, Barbie Noga, Karen Davis, Judy Attisano, Angela Morella. Row 2: Kathy Turner Shirley Burmester, Debbie Cwynar, Jane Hokanson, Kathy Pugh, Lynn Rubenson. Advisor: Mr. Cowmeadow. 91 Football Ushers and Turnstyle Boys, Raw lr Sandy Elisco, Toni Genareo, Patty Knorr, Sandy Ciotfi, Elaine Verdi. Row 2: Linda Zambelli, Carole Jaskolka, Pattie Yanul, Peggy Finefrock, Janet Verdi, Jane Piccirilla. Row 31 Angela Litrenta, Mary Lou Pursell, Patrice Tedesko, f Career l Future Nurses' Club, Row l: Phyllis Alfreda, Debbie Quahliero, Patty Bernard, Charlane Castrucci, Sherry Cameron, Linda Santangelo. Row 2: Sherry Bertak, Debbie Sheraff, Beatrice McMullen, Evelyn Schurina, Debbie Bupp, Barbara Higgins, Barbara Simmons. Row 3: Karen Davis, Tommi Bonelli, Sue Ellen Phipps, Linda Montgomery, Debra Haid, Nancy Esposito. Row 4: Diane Warneck, Debby Castrucci, Mary Leonard, Elaine Boczar, Debbie Ostrowski, Beverly Davis, Sharon Shaffer. Row 5: Robyn Faehnrich, Debbie Tanner, Audrey Salamon, Judy Pherson, Patty Simpkins, Judy Buneman. Row 6: Pamela Kopenits, Jean Bowen, Eleanor DeAntonio, Kathryn Tomlinson. Advisor: Mrs. Thompson. mf .ff-5-' Future Teachers of America, Row l: Ellen DiCarlo, Barbara Ruozzo, Susan Ross, Patty Bernard, Phyllis Alfreda, Vicki Manolis, Becky Cimini, Laura Blangero, Jeanne Frank, Peggy Masters. Row 2: Gayle Mansfield, Jane Wolanin, Deborah DeMarco, Shirley Marino, Karen Davis, Charlane Castrucci, Bernadette Marso, Karol Stevens, Susan Reef, Joanne Fiorante. Row 3: Mary Ann Lutton, Cathy Tomai, Linda Lizambri, Kathy Turner, Sandi Brandon, Sharon Putnam, Mary Ann Perkins, Jane Piccirilla, Yvonne Quarella, Karen Ostrowski. Row 4: Pat Johnson, Cindy McCampbell, Christina Parco, Janice Piccuta, Marilou Peluso, Karen Leslie, Kathy DeGidio, Phyllis Bounpane, Thomas Tardio, Karen Turner. Row 5: Joyce Walczak, Kathy Holoman, Joan DiAlesandro, Polly Andrews, Gloria Rozzi, Ida Chirozzi, Barbara Rowe, Kathy Blazak, Barbara Burnside, Linda Pelley. Row 6: Cheryl Pitzer, Judy Mazzocca, Rosanne Maiorano, Debby Castrucci, Annette Audino, Rhonda Ward, Louis Boston, Donnalou Zambelli, Jacqueline Burke, Barbie Noga. Row 7: Carol Cracraft, Bev Budzowski, Sharon Forrest, Mary Ann Caiazza, Cindy Butz, Joan Bolondi, Shirley Burmester, Bonnie Borkesz, Joan Mollick, Marilyn Burke. Row 8: John Lyon, Kathy Van Dusen, Edith DeLisio, Francis Alstulewicz, Larry Davis, Ramona Savocchia, Val Mastren, Cindy Bistyga, Eleanor Thomas, Lois Brown. Row 9: Peggy Heckathorn, Maryirene Stefanis, Tom Cowher, Patrick Cappatt, Becky Barber, Doug Wingfield, Stan Adamski, Paul Lynch, Bill Kirker, Lynn Rubenson, Penny Ziman. Row IO: Mary Ann Raskowski, Sandy Vanasco, Patti Scarnatti, Cindy Marino, Jane Hokanson, Susan Fahrny. Advisor: Mr. Vinton. government ,M-Q ,,,4 W 1 Student Council, Row lz Connie Saescin, Karon Cicco, Anthony Panella, Jacqueline Burke. Row 2: Laurel Schantz, Ken Aven, Sam Geramiia, Vince Borrelli, Beverly Frengel. Row 3: Joan Bolondi, Donnalou Zambelli, Francine Masfrcingelo, Rosemary Sanfangelo. Row 4: Nancy Isabella, Debby Casrrucci, Ron Book, Mark Presnar, Frank Cozza. Row 5: Jeff Gill, Jack Morar. Missing: Valentino Bell. Sfudenl Council Officers, Sam Geramita, Laurel Sclmnfz, Beverly Frengel, Frank Cozza. Sophomore Homeroom Representatives, Row in Mary Ann DeFiore, Kenneth Barker, Michael Fabian, Tom Perod. Row 2: Lynda McFarland, Jamie Rossano, LaVerne Zaremba, Marianne Kwat, Annece Watkins. Row 3: Pam Caldararo, Lou Anne DeAn- gelo, Carleen Aloe, Marci Gallo. Row 4: Michael Seely, Vince Borrelli, Dennis Matey, , Mike Marcantino, Steve Grube. Row 5. 1 Sharon Kazenski, Maryirene Stefanis, i Raymond Carungi, Bill Sizer, Brian V O'Laughlin. Advisor: Mr. Morabito. Student Council Committee, Row I. Janet Dennis, Debbie Sheraff, Connie Saesan, Karan Cicco, Bo Barber, Elaine Ludovici. Row 2: Janis McGregor, Barbee Kerr, Mary Lou Pursell, Sam Geramita, Theona Stefanis, Laurel Schantz, Annette Audino. Row 3: Ken Aven, Debby Castrucci, Patti Gallo, Sue Howland, Denise Francazio, Louie Guido. Row 4: Donnalou Zambelli, Eugene Balpe, Gary Moore, Francine Mastrangelo, Rosemary Santangelo, Barbie Noga, Jacqueline Burke. Row 5: Diane Len, Debi Cwynar, Debi Del Principe, Pat Christner, Beverly Frengel, Joan Bolondi. Row 6: Nancy Isabella, Ramona Savocchia, Sandy Vanasco, Chris Pszenny, Dave Nuzzo, Frank Cozza, Dave Thompson. Row 7: Ted Boron, Ron Book, Jock Morar, James Wilson, Gary Caimano, Jeff Gill. Advisor: Mr. Morabito. 94 l Junior Class Officers Ted Boron Louis Ross Kathy Pugh JoAnn Genareo an , 1 5 K ,l A'-z 22.11 Junior Class Officers, Raw l: Danielle Grego, Linda Bullano, Barbie Naga, Linda Lizambri. Row 2: Theana Stefanis, Denise Francazio, JaAnn Genarea, Kathy Pugh, Helen Hoover. Row 3: Sharon Shaffer, Andy Blaise, Robin Jacobs, Tam Fee. Raw 4: Richard Mazzocca, Ted Boron, Bill Mclltraf, Chuck Palmer, Dave Vanasco. Row 5: Louis Ross, Gary Caimana. Advisor: Mr. Morabifo. 95 Senior Class Officers Bob Skoneski Diane Len Pai Cappatt Becky Barber Q pr lk L 9 5 Q W 'N-Mo- ,, o Senior Homeroom Representatives, Row l: Scott Harfzell, Sherry Berfak, Gretchen Coryea, Elaine Ludovici. Row 2: Janis McGregor, Georgianne Perod, Diane Campbell, Yvonne Quarella, Thomas Tardio. Row 3: Dan Kociela, Patti Gallo, Debbie Del Principe, Sandy Vanasco, James Wilson. Row 4: Bob Babick, Frank Medure, Patrick Cappaft, Bob Skaneski, Joe Germaine. Advisor: Mr. Morabifo. 96 A ocial Hi-Y, Row l: Bo Barber, Henry Mar- rangoni, Jay Feld, Pete Helmer, Louie Guido, Row 2: Frank Somrno, Billy Chill, Harry Dattilo, Jeff Poultan, Jim Hender- son, Bill Dunlop. Row 3: John Berg, Scott McGary, Scott McConahy, Forrest McMunn, Jack Brice, Advisor: Mr. Bender. 1 A 4.....x Y-Teen Council, Row l: Mickey Frengel, Becky Russo, Sherry Cameron, Bernadette Marso, Vicki Manolis, Row 2: Mary Ann Raskowski, Phyllis Bounpane, Marlene Kakos, Janet Verdi, Mary Ann Caiazza. Row 3: Diane Len, Sandy Vanasco, Judy Presnar, Linda Miron, Prudy Stalker. Advisor: Miss Magill. Y-Teens, Row I: Lucille Randy, Becky Russo, Deborah DeMorco, Darleen Cover, Linda Vance, Rose Stanyard, Laurel Balla, Sherry Cameron, Becky Cimini, Laureen Barber, Vicki Manolis, Donna Leone, Debbie Quahliero, Danielle Grego. Row 2: Mickey Frengel, Marilyn Augustine, Kathy DeGidio, Kathy Bogdan, Diana Ponziani, Bobbi Akers, Carol Moretti, Elaine Verdi, Denise Chiarini, Regina Lamorella, Linda Zambelli, Ellen Winger, Angela Litrenta, Carol Martino. Row 3: Karen Turner, Linda Montgomery, Ann Marie Kraner, Kathy Pugh, Denise Gardner, Debbie Watkins, Judy Harper, Barb Thompson, Diane Tompkins, Shelley Marchand, Debra Vanassa, Paula Paolini, Bernadette Marso, Georgianne Perod. Row 4: Marlene Kakos, Phyllis Bounpane, Cindy McCampbell, Marilou Peluso, Patti Perkins, Debbie McCann, Sue Montgomery, Helen Krzysils, Sara Lazar, Patty Yanul, Carole Jaskolka, Janet Verdi, Linda Lesniak, Catherine Cwiakala. Row 5: Shirley Burmester, Christine Pszenny, Patti Alfera, Karen Giacomini, Karen Foreman, Mary Ann Caiazza, Kathy Turner, Marilyn Abel, LuAnn Manzo, Dianne Warneck, Pam Chiarini, Joanne Ginocchi, Paula Burgess, Rosemary Rossano. Row 6: Polly Andrews, Kathy Van Dusen, Rhonda Shoaft, Marilyn Burke, Susan McMunn, Valerie Mastren, Carol Schlumberger, Diane Len, Debbie Cwynar, Mary l.aMarca, Darlene Mrozek, Darlene Rich, Debbie Stamp, Roberta Hazen. Row 7: Cindy Marino, Judy Presnar, Sandy Vanasco, Linda Miron, Janet Kazenski, Joan DiAlesandro, Janice Bilger, Prudy Stalker, Ramona Savocchia, Rosanne Vitale, Mary Ann Raskowski, Billie Jean Moore. Advisor: Miss Magill. 97 cultural ,"lgnvv'1 Art Appreciation Club, Row l: Darleen Cover, Linda Vance, Debra Vanassa, Cindy Nelson, Carole Jaskolka, Joy Feld, Melanie Calderwood, Pamela Lutz, Patty Guido, Deborah DeMarco, Laura Blangero, Jeanne Frank. Row 2: Cyndie Frengel, Denise Francazio, Joanne Lockley, Nancy Jacob, Christine Hrisoulas, Beth McHattie, Bonnie Lombardo, Debbie Stewart, Janice Gunn, Charmaine Howard, Diane lervoline, Barbee Kerr. Row 3: Shelley Marchand, Deborah McBride, LaVonne Glenn, Bonnie Holoman, Karen Joki, Joan Oswald, Diane Len, Diane Tompkins, Darlene Mrozek, Hazel Blews, Marian Skoog, Barb Vanecek. Row 4: Sheila Howe, Eleanor DeAntonio, Lilly DiPrano, Bill Foster, Brad Runyon, Greg Lombardo, Karen Harcar, Becky Pelini, Kathie Kwolek, Diane Kienast, Doug Hamill, Jim Pezzone. Row 5: Deborah Morse, Nick Ferrese, Melodie Pflueger, Dave Pastore, Tim Pencil, Pat Christner, Lois Brown, Linda Keely, Judy Nogee, Mary Pat Mayer, Debbie Stamp, Eleanor Thomas. Row 6: Lester Malizia, Michale DeRicco. Advisor: Mr. Zona. Ne-Ca-Hi-Forum, Row l: Sally Spiers, Giovonia Bolondi, Andrea DiLorenzo. Row 2: Patrice Tedesko, Carol Crakraft, Debbie McBride, Barb Kerr. Row 3: Michael DeRicco, Lester Malizia, Wayne Kraft. Advisor: Mrs. Poleno. Safety Council, Donnalou Zambelli, Eugene Volpe-chairman, Rosemary Rossano, Marlene Saad, Angele Medure, Theona Stefanis, Harry Ham- mond. i l -'avi Ss . , . L . Debate Club, Row I: Karen Davis, Deborah DeMarco, Carole Jaskolka, Jay Feld. Row 2: Bonnie Lombardo, Denise Gardner, LaVonne Glenn, Sara Nielsen, Marian Skoog. Row 3: Jonna McEwen, Lois Brown, Edith DeLisio, Nick Ferrese. Row 4: Joe Burkot, Gary Caimano. Advisor: Mrs. Martin. i i Pl. 4 Sing-Out New Castle, Row l: Pam Lutz, Rose Stanyard, Karol Stevens, Kay Lynn Buyny, Becky Russo, Patty Mann. Row 2: Mary Lou Springer, Donna Hensom, Georgeanne Murdock, lda Chirozzi, Sherry Thomas, Fatima Betters, Linda Hruska. Row 3: Judy Kimmel, Marsha Jameson, Karen Davis, Shelley Howland, Mimi Skoog, Patti Johnson. Row 4: Linda Pelley, Carole Jaskolka, Denise Gardner, Jeannie Fisher, Cynthia Fraley, Barbara Burnside, Roberta Zingaro. Row 5: Shirley Burmester, Lois Brown, Martia Reiter, Joan Bolondi, Anthony Signorello, Margaret Chapman. Row 6: Kathy Burnside, Roberta Hazen, Debbie Stamp, Stephanie Stewart, Mary Wright, Susan McMunn, Larry Davis. Row 7: Rhonda Shoaff, Marsha Ryhal, Eleanor DeAntonio, Edith DeLisio, Louis Irace, Bill Kirker. Row 8: Kay McKnight, Cindy Marino, Gary Stembal, John Brown, Gary Caimano, Lester Malizia. Advisors: Mrs. Martin, Miss Ollinger. 99 music Concert Choir, Row I: Jeannie Fisher, Marsha Jameson, Kathy Turner, Leah Dattilo, Sandy Cioffi, Rosanne Maiorano, Karen Davis, Linda Montgomery, Kathy Bogdan, Karen Ostrowski, Karan Cicco, Vicki Manolis, Kathy DeGidio, Mickey Frengel, accompanist, Row 2: Boni Holliday, Linda Keely, Joanne Eisenhuth, Carol Chill, Linda Lizambri, Karen Leslie, Debbie Ostrowski, Mary Jo Gaspare, Diane Cummings, Francine Mastrangelo, Debbie Magill, Adrea Lang, Cindy McCampbell, Karen Turner, Kathy DeMarco. Row 3: Sandy Vanasco, Denise DeGaton, Cheryl Galano, Joanne Ginocchi, Janice Bilger, Marlene Kakos, Sharon Shaffer, Cindy Germaine, Neal Smith, Robert Pherson, Walter Nared, Larry Lees, Larry Davis, accompanist, Ronald Slavic, Karen Grybowski, Sandy Galano, Erika Tarasyuk, Anne Long. Row 4: Joey Argiro, Victor Piccione, John Maieski, Bob DiCaprio, Gregory Duff, Doc Mahone, Daryl Beck, Grover Welsh, John Brown, Richard Bell, Ron McConnell, James Wilson, Bruce Montgomery, Mark Parsons, Ed Yerage, James Marzula, Mark Sartell, Paul Lynn, Grantley Richardson, William Luango, Doug Wingfield, Conductor: Mr. Melcer. Boy's Quartet Tom Mooney Mark Sartell Grantley Richardson missing from picture: Phil Christopher Conductor: Mr. Melcer 100 Triple Trio, Linda Keely, Cheryl Galano, Boni Holliday, Sandy Galano, Anne Long, Kathy Turner, Linda Lizambri, Marsha Jameson, Karen Ostrowski, Debbie Magill. Conductor: Mr. Melcer, - an Q - - Mixed Chorus, Row l: Kathleen Morris, Christina Signoriello, LaRena Beckert, Janice Hails, Carol Phillips, Jill Andrew, Barbara Shakely, Linda Favorite, Marilyn Fusco, Susan Karch, Terri Smith, Barbara Simmons. Row 2: Annece Watkins, Patti Gilmore, Lorraine McCreary, Sandi Gallonio, Mary Orrica, Kathryn Papenhausen, Susan Wyper, Kathy Ryczai, Joyce Dalesandro, Deborah Zdurencik, Debbie Haid, Kathy Burnside, Judy Kimmel, Sue Gormley, Pat Johnson. Row 3: John Siglow, Thomas Alfredo, Thomas Tony, Jeffrey Marzula, David Munson, Reynold Stoner, Lester Malizia, Levon Hill, Gregory Bodurik, Duwayne Bell, Steve Harrison, Pete D'Ambrosi. Conductor: Mr. Melcer. 101 Girls' Glee Club, Row lr Debbie Russo, Melva Terry, Jean Cwynar, Tonya Harvey, Donna Henson, Nancy Allegro, Madeline Fornataro, Sherry Anttila, Pam Cooper, Ellen McCue, Susan Allegro, Beth Curth, Meredith Richardson, Christina Parco. Row 2: Barbara Burnside, Jamie Conglose, Roberta Mclltrot, Sharon Kennedy, Cathy Frank, Barbara Higgins, Diane Kos, Audrey Salomon, Karen Leonard, Mary Kay Hartmann, Jamie Rossano, Janis Jamison, Cheronne Seiler, Kim Kent, Rhonda Stone, Dianne Carr, Darlene Snyder. Row 3: Kathy Genock, Kathy Smith,Connie DeSimone, Kathy Ferrucci, Kathy Wasilewski, Becky Wilson, Debbie Bilger, JoAnne Scornati, Sheila Montgomery, Jackie Gaither, Janice Piccuta, Vera Brophy, Shelley Howland, Jane Wolanin, Marilyn Armstrong. Senior Ensemble, Row I: Rosanne Maiorano, Joanne Eisenhuth, Janice Bilger, Cindy Germaine, Sandy Vanasco, Diane Cummings, Karen Turner, Mickey Frengel, Kathy DeGidio, Vickie Manolis. Row 2: Grantley Richardson, Daryl Beck, James Wilson, Valentino Bell, John E. Brown, Bruce Montgomery, Ron McConnell, Larry Davis, accompanist. 102 S 5. :Ei E 1 Substitute Cheerleaders Row 1: Danille Grego. Row 2: Jean McEntire, Linda Gal' lagher. Row 3: Karen Grybowski S' I JA , , .,A. - fm -- , Color Guard, Row I: Debra Haid, Karen Leonard, Linda Bullano. Row 2: Rosemary Rossano, Mary Kay Hartman, Debbie Magill, Cindy Frengel. Row 3: Sherry Memo, Janis Jamison, Debbie Stembal. 'X X Drum Maior Dennis Lapushansky Maioreftes, Kneeling: Denise Gard- ner. Standing: Susan Smith, Bonnie Lombardo, Kathy Smith, Sharon Shaffer, Judy Presnar, Linda Slack, Joanne Tongue, Linda Reid, Connie Hudson. -..,.,..f Red Hurricane Marching Band NEW C 103 ASE PA. s i i WSW-.-fff' ., . , ,, , .-f' ' L l , E, H , Y - AX . fm A s.m...f' L "-.swf x,,....' A vig! Mr. Ferraro "tw-Q-..f-"" Band Sally Spiers, Andrea DeLorenzo, Jonna McEwen, Barbara Ruozzo, Rhonda Ward, Susan Ross, Barb Kerr, Edith DeLisio, Bonnie Lombardo, Marilyn Fullwood, Bernie Morso, George Fregone, Mike Palladino, Bob Covert, Rick Stanley, Nick Frabotta, Bob Gusch, John Lyon, Barb 'McCurley, JoAnn Eisenhuth, David D'Angelo, Anthony Fontaina, Frank Cupidio, LaVerne Zaremba, Gerald Herman, Diane Len, Jane Ann Lutz, Bill Purz, Dave Thompson, Damon Simone, James Lombardo, Nunzio Bonfield, Dave Leslie, Mike Seely, Dan Gall, Cathy Kerber, Debra Krosen, Audrey Costa, Pa? Cappatt, Janet Crowthers, Darlene Heitger, Shirley Marino Michele Mott, Carol Balascio, .lim Durlesser, Bob Piccirillo, Mary Ann Farris, Shiela Trott, Dennis Lapushansky, Kathy Brown, Alan Peterson, Cierlien Aloe, Margret Donegan, Tim Jenkins, Angelo LaMarca, 1- Q: , A.,, gs final, , .Q L , , T g , We 3 Z, sm:-T,.,. i- f....gyiTS-..,si, W .mini-f 4-:anaemia is Q- -- nab: - -va-annum, ,L 4- - --naman A- .wmimfsiw can ,,:-,L.,wrmi,, ,, i .warm-naar swmsliv-if up use-Q31 as V ,as-afflvbil? qw- .1--uw--,. .su , ow f fast hi-if vm 44 br 'uni- fswuim M.. ...Mn Qsnwtilfv -.wwmqnf W ig , r uw, af , - 5 1 aus: naman- A V 3 ' 30111: sau-nv-use S , 1-annum .q-n.-nw, iw 5 unonqvmfa vi-as-J W Eg nnunnnlilihn f --kiwi-We i pnusmwmnls naman-weft- if grail--ruin ganna--n,1a:mr sv .v4 '2d1m ies-we an naman-nw-an wi 5 J' L ww.-. .,. Vs--- W ' ,w NK sig f bg -va XR ,.A pk., .W ,J X is xx. Q 7 X. im., Alan Schwartz, Lou Ann DeAngelo, Keith Kuttesch, Elliot Ginsberg, Don Weller, Alan Nocera, Eugene Garezewski, Steve Zubkowsky, Steve McCurley, John Emery, John Butterworth, Nela Walker, Robert Bair, Rinaldo Caimano, George Mariacher, Gary Romania, Tom Toney, Mike Macri, Louis DiPaolo, Larry Cugini, Jim Jolley, Bill Alfera, Tim Thomas, Dave Colella, Jesse Croach, Dom Roselli, Thea Patrick, Joe Mancini, Harry Hare, Greg Lombardo, Ken Hildebrand, John Marar, Kurt Updegraff, K Ralph Cohen, Ellis Levine, Karen Turner, Jerry Ascione, Kathy Mylar, Deb- bie McClain, Jim Brooks, Bill Sizer, Dave Latore, Steve Campbell, Rocco Viggiano, Tam Tardio, Frank Sprano, Mike Stefano, Cindy,McCampbell, Bonnie Baskeyfield, Ida Chirozzi, Jim Isabella, Ray Carungi, Chuck Reed, Ron Carik, Joe Macri, Joe Surgenavic, Steve Szeszko, Vincent Conant, Mike DiMuccio, Vincent Lamorella, Nanett Moffett, Mike Litwinovich, Carmen Merolillo, Bob Cummings, Anthony Castrucci, Bab Soupart, Dianna Byers athletic associations Varsity Club, Row l: James Murphy, Rich Panella, Bo Barber, Ken Aven, Sam Geramita, Andy Bloise. Row 2: Victor Piccione, Maurice McHenry, Darryl Scott, Melvin Montgomery, Larry Davis, Larry Greco, John Denny, Row 3: Nick Uram, Ray Reagle, Tim Kelly, Frank Somma, John Reid, Frank Medure. Row 4: John DeSimone, Ulysses Walker, Bill Alfero, Ronnie Hunt, Sam Flora, Bill Wooten, Bob Shaneski. Row 5: Wesley Cartwright, Ron Keyes, Jack Zduriencik, John Murphy, John Russo, John Burns, Row 6: Jim Myers, Valentino Bell, Forrest McMunn, Bruce Montgomery, Kevin Bortnyik, Jim Stoner. Advisor: Mr. Cowmeadow. Varsity Cheerleaders, Patti Christner, Beverly Frengel, Mary Jane Gill, Laurel Schantz, Saundra Chiarini, Nancy Holchler, Sharon Hemming, Dorthea Young. Advisor: Mrs. Noe 106 , Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Eileen Rozzi Joanne Genareo Connie Saesan Julia Dick Karen Foreman Jo Ann Williams Ruth Carbone Advisor: Mrs. Noe - ,M M rrrr yA A A m Pep Club, Row l: Debbie Sheraff, Cindy Alloy, Judy Attisano, Donna Flamino, Terri Smith, Donna Rauch, Madeline Fornataro, Linda Querriera, Laurel Balla, Toni Genareo, Donna Leone, Debbie Quahliero, Angela Morella, Debra Bucci. Row 2: Angela Litrenta, Bunny Graft, Carol Moretti, Patty Guido, Myra Gabriel, Bernadette Marso, Karan Cicco, Elaine Ludavici, Kathy Bogdon, Sherry Bertak, Joanne Fiorante, Susie Reef, Kay Ann Cialella, Elaine Verdi. Row 3: Yvonne Quarella, Marsha Jamison, Linda Hruska, Jeannie Fisher, Karen Davis, Linda Lesniak, Becky Russo, Frances Lombardo, Phyllis Padula, Janet Dennis, Cindy Regna, Mary Miller, Mickey Frengel, Theona Stefanis. Row 4: Gloria Rozzi, Pattie Yanul, Carole Jaskolka, Jamie Rossano, Gaylene Rand, Susan Latess, Beverly Davis, Judy Kimmel, Cathy Tomai, Debbie Russo, Patti Johnson, Nadine Cwynar, Pam Cooper, Jacqueline Burke. Row 5: Mary Ann Caiazza, Janet Garrett, Susan Allegro, Sharon Wilson, Debbie Fugas, Marci Gallo, Toni Tomai, Janis McGregor, Linda Lizambri, Kathy Turner, Linda Zambelli, Janet Verdi, Marcie Camerot, Barbie Noga. Row 6: Louise Boston, Kathy Pugh, Kathy DeMarco, Janianne Johnston, Becky Pelini, Patrice Tedeska, Debbie Cwynar, Nancy Murdock, Mary Orrico, Eleanor Rucker, Deanna Passalinqua, Cindy Germaine, Barb Thompson, Judy Mazzocca, Cindy McCampbell. Row 7: Debbie Stamp, Gloria Durst, Bobbi Taylor, Patty Chill, Regina Donofrio, Audrey Salamon, Francine Mastrangelo, Janet Higley, Susan Elsesser, Donnalou Zambelli, Lucy Librandi, Yvonne Colella, Polly Andrews, Joan DiAlesandro. Row 8: Debbie Tanner, Betty Gerle, Shirley Burmester, Regina Rauso, Paula Peluso, Darlene Mrozek, Joanne Ginocchi, Kathy Guido, Kathy Holoman, Debbie DelPrincipe, Becky Barber, Mary Lee LaMarca, Martia Reiter, Cathy Gallagher, Bonnie Holoman. Row 9: Janet Hester, Lynette Newman, Cindy Mash, Rhonda Shoatf, Marilyn Burke, Denise Cunningham, Shelley Marchand, Diane Len, Christine Cwynar, Brenda Payne, Mary Wright, Bonnie Borkesz, Christine Reinhard, Barb Kelliher, Sally Gupton. Row lO: Linda Salzman, Karen Stalma, Irene Darwin, Sandy Vanasco, Ramona Savocchia, Sharon Kazenski, Sheila Howe, Helen Gill, Debbie DeJohn, Jane Hokanson, Lynn Rubenson, Joyce Dalesandro, Beth Stofick. Row ll: Cindy Marino, Janet Kazenski, Kathy Ryczai, Maryirene Stefanis. Advisor: Mrs. Noe. 107 publications Chatter Writers and Staff, Row l: Sue Howland, Saundra Chiarini, Kathy Pugh, Ellis Levine. Row 2: Anita Serginese, Penny Ziman, DonnaLou Zambelli, Marlene Saad. Advisor: Mr. Cowmeadow. QV Fulman Romanum, Row l: Debbie Quahliero, Alexis Bell, Linda Santangelo, Ellen DeCarlo, Ellis Levine, Sheila Trott, Angela Medure. Row 2: Elaine Ludovici, Beatrice McMullen, Patti Derzy, Barbara Janowski, Becky Russo, Linda Hruska, Fred Stoner, Bo Barber. Row 3: Jeannie Fisher, Marilyn Fusco, Cathy Tomai, JoAnne Reagle, Janet Higley, Joan Tranquillo. Row 4: Jane Wolanin, LouAnne DeAngelo, Helene Ginsberg, Marsha Galanski, Kathy Blazak, Fatima Betters, Susan Elsesser, Diane Cummings. Row 5: Carleen Alae, Val Mastren, Sheila Howe, Becky Palko, Barb Manning, Deborah McBride, Susan McMunn. Row 6: Ralph Cohen, Bill Foster, Judy Nogee, Deanna Passalinqua, Cindy Germaine, Darlene Mrozek, Nora Shuler, Edith DeLisio. Row 7: Ray Reagle, Greg Fulton, Victor Zona, Lou Trott, Harold Gardner, Louis Irace, Paul Lynch. Row 8: Neal Walker, Larry Lees, Eliot Ginsberg, Deborah Morse, Patti Scarnati, Jim Hildebrand, Cindy Marino, John Govoidean. Row 9: Anthony Vericella, Craig Collins, Ray Stoner, Louis DiPaolo. Advisor: Miss Roux. 108 this I Newspaper Staff, Row l: Cindy Marino, News Bureau Chief, Larry Davis, Editor in Chief, Saundra Chiarini, Club Editor, Lois Brown, Literary Editor, Joanne Lockley, Art Editor, Mark, Audino, Sports Editor. Row 2: Gary Caimano, Ass't Editor, Jett Gill, Sports Editor, Lester Malizia, Features Editor, Pat Christner, Art Editor, Barb Rowe, Circulation Editor, Carol Thomas, News Editor. Row 3: Vicki Manolis, Sherry Cameron, Bobbi Akers, Gay Newkirk, Karen Davis, Mickey Frengel. Row 4: Becky Russo, Ann Marie Kroner, Sue Phipps, Linda Zambelli, Polly Andrews. Row 5: Joan DiAlesandro, DonnaLou Zambelli, Fatima Betters, Dianne Warneck, Carol Martino, Sandi Gallonio. Row 6: Sheila Howe, Mary Audino, Susan McMunn, Steve Grube, Jim Brooks. Row 7: Beniamin Horlick, Sandy Vancsco, Kathy Ryczai, Craig Collins, Judy Rames. Advisor: Mr. Panella. Youth Page Gary Caimano Larry Davis 109 pergodian staff Penny Beth . ' Judy Debi Vo'Tech Sales Rep., Sandy Stull, Mary Jane Gill staff members Debi Guiducci .,.......... . .. Judy Gunther . Beth McHattie Penny Ziman .. Sandy Brandon Leah Dattilo . Editor ... ... Copy Editor, Typing Editor . . . ........ Art Editor, Photog ra phy Editor . .... Layout Editor Assistant Editor ........Layout Jeanne Frank .... ... Layout Joanne Lockley ...... Art Karen Ostrowski . . . . . . Layout Patty Carson ...... .. Staff Becky Pelini ........ .. Staff Carol Schlumberger .... . . . Staff Debbie DeMarco .................. . . . Staff Cover design by Beth McHattie Special copy consultant, Forrest McMunn Beloved advisors, Mr. E. lvl. Isaac, Mr. G. Schlumberger W , . Becky Joonne Putty i Www., 'l'I2 PWM- . Sandy pergodian staff Carol, Kcre Lech Jeanne H3 oi-93 oD4f,L Q9 'Offers C1 reg 69 AN I D RGO P 69 I-of Qsoofnfv SQP ODIAA1 H36 9,0 3 A to DM Q Q59 f1f59Ye 65 o 0 096 GO 6 PFR 'Z A7 'bn As every stream must hove an outlet for its wafers, so must The individual have on ouflef for the wafers of life. Sporis give us a vehicle for our en- thusiasm and enable Us To transform our feeiings info realiryi the inherent and of- Ten unrecognized emotions of pride in accompiishrnen? and desire for achievement. W ,fr My "9"'x if 'O Mb Q My A-1' an J Hr ws 4 it 55' ills 21. track ' 4 .,.,,mh cross countr Phil Frosso, Mike Morconiino, Scott McConohy, Forrest McMunn, Jim Myeri, John Reid, Sfeve Grube 5' 118 Fir r' wiv. ef' A ' - . ,fe . 1... 4- ,gf '51, ' - ' .LFP . wif' v ' 3' rg . if x , 9. ffr jf 15. A , .fm WJ .1 1 " . -f . .-v K", W. ..-v-.,,','l".r of -ff 5 ng-s-5,-V K. X., Q .1 My ,K Q ff hA:a,,:,wf:,-Q 3. . - gnc . L ' 1. ' ,A . if ' A -of A- ,H , . .rf 1 fuel, 1? yo,-. TJ. ,QF ' '- ..L,' we ' 1 A J, -,:- . . - Ay., 'ri i I 1-L i l. season's record NC 4O ........ Hickory 56 NC 47 ...Butler 29 NC 28... ...,..... NC 3l ...Quigley 63 NC 25... ......... NC 28 ...Aliquippa 62 NC 31 ........... NC 47 ...Sharon 60 . . NC 32... ......... NC 22 ................... Forrest Mclvlunn placed l3fh in W.P.l.A.L. .. War Neshannoclc Riverside ... Hopewell Beaver Falls ren Harding, Ohio Riverside finals. H9 Ivleadeville Nesliannock Neshannoclc Ambriclge football ,Q . A v,,. aw- .W 'A ' - C on K, nexxfg " K Wiki 1 season's record NC 13 . . . . . Mclieesporr NC 13 . . ..... Ambridge NC I2 ... .., Beaver Falls NC O . . . ...... Sharon NC 18 .. ... Aliquippo NC 7 . . . ........ Farrell NC 46 . . . . . Erie Academy NC 14 .... ..... H opewell NC 20 .... ........ B utler NC I3 .... ... Ellwood City 120 Us 'fy Row 1: Jim Carmen, John Murphy, Ron Keyes, Ron Hunt, Ken Aven, Jack Zduriencik, Jim Stoner, John Russo, .Joe Germani, Sam Geramita, Frank Somma, Paul Canami, Larry Iervoline, John Burns, Larry Armstrong Row 2: Larry Davis, Mgr. Gary Caimano, Mgr. Mike Tonsetic, Donald Bulisco, Richard Mazzocca, Phil Christopher, Ted Boron, Dave Yoho, Joe Nerti, George Elias, Sam Flora, Anthony Stoner, Joe Hamed, Keith Peperson, Lou Ross, George Hawley, Ron Book, Jim Harcar, Ralph Stefano, Mgr. Jerry Marino, Mgr, Row 3: Richard Bell, Jerry Lauro, Anthony Delvlonica, Rick Bromley, Tom Tony, Jim Tuminello, Sam Campoli, Reynolds Stoner, Anthony Laurenza, Chuck Fiorante, George Mariacher, Tom Fee, John Cappabianco, Lou Lom bordo , , V 1 123 1 www. Nw. J 5- 9' ff' 1 wi . sf X Q y 51 'S ,M M .lwvfgiisz wh in ' 6 127 season s record . . Meadville Erie Strong Vincent Westinghouse New Brighton . . . . Hickory Fifth Avenue . Mclieesport Beaver Falls ..... Farrell .. Aliquippa Butler . Beaver Falls . . . . Sharon . . Ambridge Ellwood City ..... Farrell .. Aliquippa Butler Beaver Falls . . . . Sharon . . Ambridge Ellwood City Row 'I Steve Sherbak Ron Hunt Jim Marcant no Butch Walker Champ Young Clarence Wooten Bob Skaneski Mike Harvey Row 2 Connie Palumbo Coach Joe Palmiro Bill Pud Stevenson Wlbert Taylor Jim Stoner Reynold Stoner Sam Campoli Valentino Bell Richard Gabriel, Mgr., Don Ross basketball n o , f 1 I Q1 J ,Mg Y Aim K n A Q, .. ,SV if ,f my Hmm XJ -. -5 ri. -.. M f1N -kgs .ix 'v 5 i ' 1 W gfvisk 1 B A 4. f f.,f 5 , , sf 133 R' af 1? W. XQ ww ,U-M. r 4' W i w,iW,,.,'2i 'B A wmwvw V, Wm 7 Zh xnwagmmwwqmawxw I if Gig. Qs' 1. f HSS -dug. LL :AM 75 5 "-'LT , 3 fy. W ,f fi' . 5 , f be ing 135 X 136 'L Q- .fi , 1 A N . f'1 f-T 1 lf J Q is Xe i wf hh Myigi 1' I L f 1, .P .Q- , wg-4? S' Via! Q ' Kiss' ' N QE M' W we 'J Q o j 'F ji fi, Q' f Xa-Q 5 ,s .Aa- s is 0 R S -. J ' .m,, ,V , Ep 05" A 'fi 5 5 31 ,,A.,..,v2Q . A wrestling Row I: Ray Reagle, Andy Kohlepp, Anthony Panella, Maurice McHenry, Richad Panella, Tim Murphey, Gary Murphey Row 2: Don Hannon, Ass't Coach, Tim Kelly, Anthony Laurenzo, Westley Cartwright, Frank Medure, Bill Wooten, John Denny, Sam Geramita, Ran Noel, Coach SBHSOII, S I'eCOI'd NC 36 .... .... H owland NC 40 . . . .... Freedom NC 24 ..,. ... Hickory NC 48 . .. .. Aliquippci NC 25 ... ... Grove City NC 28 .... ... W. Middlesex . . . Ambridge . . . Hopewell Seneca Valley . . . . Freedom North Hills O I6 20 O ll HE W fr N Q 1 gigs wwf F Wage 'K- -15.9 Q. +01 Q, Ag.. M N4-Us Fw. egg .M Q 'X-'k 1C",xf1 , J 4,- ivsg Q, if-3 viii , , 1: l:'f3?kfffA ?s?':iff7QV, f - iff. I I. 1- I H i 7.iiq3P?1 k 'Wi A . rw . ., 1.2:--,iw -25 211 jfvg -3: 5 .fenf- ,,' M f- f.. A:fv: .gQLffwvgr13ff'-,Aww vff-,:f:fz':Wvf1' W2 ' W I N, - T V K f 1 ' , F , 1, 2.,,w,5,l:,,5?:xf.1f,i,,Sg xv A ,,,. . . Tb. Andy Kohlhepp ond Richard Ponello qualified for store finols in Their respective weight divisions. I S 3 3 i golf Gary DeLorenzo, Andy Bloise, Nick Pcdice, Mike Fulotko, John DiS mone Lou C oppo B II D nlop M ke Grotefend Jock Preston season's record NC 9 NC 12 . NC I4 . NC 8V2 . . NC 9 . NC I2 . NC 14 . . . NC 8V2 . . NC i2V2 . . NC 7V2 . . NC IOV2 . . NC 7 NC 14 NC il . . NC 6V2 . . NC 3 . NC i3 ........ Ellwood City Beaver Fczlls . .. Centre Twp. .... Shenongo ... Eliwood City .... Beover Folls . . . Centre Twp . . Shenongo . ...... Union ... Neshonnock Shoron . . Shenongo ..... Farrell Union .. . . Neshonnock . . . . . . Sharon . . . Forrell l 9 4 2 9 4 2 7 V2 3 V2 8 V2 5 V2 9 2 5 9 V2 3 3 baseball tennis 5 , X " sw ful Q K K ' K I f 'W f fi 'T fffliff 'zfvli-Y.f'dli'25A i , , ,.,. :,W.55L L, ' if - .V I , ,X f A 9' N .Mm MN-3' ' is I +65 E' v B 69 DAN GO 1' AY' , XJ X. x N6-glof-R DUUV59 96? xy- FFRGODM 'Q I Goomn e9 R , Q , O , 6" ' MC? 'Y 69 RGOOAWSQY MN ' ' 5 2 5' 2-is 2 GO I BN S X Fi' 5' egg? ooo f r'v , ----- f - ff- 147 Marilyn Abel Robert Abramslci William Abramslri Lindo Adams Stanley Adamski William Alfera 'R AV Phyllis Alfredo Julia Alloy Susan Aloe Carla Altman Polly Andrews Gary Antonelli George Aquaro Rita Attisono Annette Audino Marilyn Augustine Kenneth Aven Robert Babick Deborah Boker Laurel Balla my-. -.. ...- Wo it Qvuf 'hr CHRI' N-.vii u-N-H' "-of 149' a,....-9 ,am an nv,-P-of ab' Q Iv-4' RM -vw 'Ngo' 'll'-1. Y-of 'r av 'vb -WX 'N gg- R-.ff Lewis Banks Rebecca Barber Robert Barber Alan Barker Mariarie Barker Elaine Barkett Sameul Bartberger Catherine Boskeyfield Philip Battista Daryl Beck Valentino Bell Patricia Benincase Richard Benninghoff John Berg Patricia Bernard Sheryl Bertak Patricia Bertone M. Alexis Beshero Dennis Bevan Thomas Biasucci 5 Li.. f, :vs ,J A' if Hgh... -Q, .W ' L.-1 X ,Q- -tr-eo.. v N! sg! I "f'7' dv: .1 N--.--' . ,L K ,,f .,,,..-ff 'inf' fag.. TJ" ww Janice Bilger Elaine Boczar Edwin Boron Larry Billyk Kathy Bogdon Walter Boron Terry Black Giovanna Bolondi Kevin Bortnyik Roberf Bloom Nunzie Bonfield Carol Boston 151 Louise Boston Robert Bott Helen Bowen Mary Beth Bowen H402 QI! NJA Mary Alice Boyd William Boyle Denise Brown Candace Bock if aww 9 , sa 4 . il ef' -as .-uv Nrffqp- 'WV' lg-ar 52 191'- -c::r' em, John Brown Denise Buonpane Frank Callro Samuel Brown Phyllis Buonpane Melanie Cczlderwood Florence Bruno Shirley Burmesrer Robert Calvert Joseph Budzowslci John Burns Sherry Cameron 152 3 .nan-,3 in-If Josephine Camerof David Campbell Diane Campbell Steven Campbell ff'- 4-sun. Rosemary Campoli Paul Canami Robert Capezio Pa1rickCappaH wr- wigQ.,.w-' , s-3' f, X -nu' vb X nw-W-JP' ix ' "SIR- "-m""'N - if Robert Carangi Charlane Castrucci William Chill Gary Cimini Joseph Caravella Debra Castrucci Patricia Christner Sandra Cioffi Wesley CarTwrighT David Cherby Kay Ann Cialello Madeyln Cobbs Melinda Cast Carol Chill Karan Cicco Eileen Conti 153 Tina Cook Gretchen Coryea Darleen Cover Thomas Cowher 0 Q3 ,.,. ,gui Q su M ,zzizg W S ' ,ggw K k , K, sly' William Cox William Coyne Frank Cozza Carol Cracraft Linda Crews Mary Catherine Crowl Janet Cubellis Mary Ellen Cubellis Larry Cugini David Cuhran Daniel Cullen Diane Cummings Joseph Cumo David Cunningham Catherine Cwiakala Christine Cwynar Deborah Cwynar Louis Dando Irene Darwin Harry Dattilo .hp-r Aub- 8'-Hs -vw--yr 'aw -' -Mfr 'QP .415 ,an GSB can sf' 'ers-rv' ,.,..,-" Y' fs, we Y' Carl DfAugus'rine Lawrence Davis Linda Davis James Dawson Denis Defibaugh Denise DeFiore Denise DeGaTon Kathleen DeGidio Deborah DeJohn 'I-f' We Vincent Deli Nancy DeLorenzo Deborah DelPrincipe Diane DeMa1teis John Denny Deborah DePolis Michael DeRicco Patricia Derzy Bonnie DeSalvo John DeSimone Carl DeViHo 'Nagy -Q3 ,,.,- ia. 'T' Nl v-qv-my-Q .dp- 'T 'ff' Joan DiAlesandro Rober1DiCaprio Andrea DiLorenzo Henry Dinafore wi' 1' -qv Linda Dornbeck Raymond Dornbeck Sandra Domenick James Dominick 'NO ,WF"5F' Brian Donohue William Dunlop S. Joanne Eisenhuth Deborah Doran Charles Durst Sandra Elisco Janice Dougalewicz Frank Durst James Elliot Terry Doyle Trenton Eckles Beverly Ellis 158 Q-,av or 'ff-30 dr' Q...-ww 'HQ NS' U U ag,-,H Teri Ellis Thomas Evans' Charles Ferver William Francis Thomas Freed Susan Elsesser Susan Fahrny Margaret Finefrock Anita Frank George Fregone Michael Estock Sylvana Fears Joanne Fioranre Deborah Frank Beverly Frengel Raymond Evanoski Nicholas Ferrese Niv:hlasFraboY1a Kathleen Fraser Michaelene Frengel 159 I 'L I -' + f , w mwmmrmmmaffz 'hp if ff, wp.-Q, "wa, -vi -.,, 5,533 Www... Albert Fry Paulette Frye Timothy Fulkersan Charles Fulmer Paul Fusco Richard Gabriel Barbara Gales Milton Gallagher Patricia Gallo Harold Gardner Edward Gealyx Francis Gebbia Gerald Gebbia Toni Genareo Helen George Samuel Geramita Cynthia Germaine Joseph Germani' Gail Gibson Jack Gill Mary Jane Gill Joanne Ginocchi Leonard Ginocchi LGVonne Glenn Robert Glodic Sue Ann Gormley Maria Granola Lawrence Greco Linda Gridlio Guy Grosseffi Michael Grofefend Kathryn Guido Louis Guido Deborah Guiducci Darlene Gunn Judith Gunther Rober1Gusch David Guy Douglas Hamill Darla Hanlon Q., -v-ww :qu-.-A "" -, N K 'W ,,, 3 f 155.7 Sufi Ov" Luv' ' 'bv' W1-:gy -suv" My rag: alia. -xi, -mfr' .Vi wr ...I '4!"9'!9 sq- Y'-Y -.,,s s,,.r "'f5'f5Y' psy, WN fem 'Cs .M -f-r .fs .1-' 3' 'WV Q,-. '4!""'?f 'YQ 'Pri' yiefiqil Charles Hanna Linda Hardesfy Marvin Hardneyk Charles Harper Irene Harris Scott Harfzell Robert Hawk Elaine Haybarger Samuel Haybarger Peter Helmer James Henderson Gary Hess Janet Hester Janet Higley James Hildebrand David Hnaf Kalhleen Holoman Gloria Hoover Nancy Horchler Cheryl Howard andrea dilorenzo a.f.s 164 Barb Kerr and Befh Md-iaffie were chosen to afiend The first Fine Arts Program in Pennsylvania at Westminster College. Barb majored in dance, and Beth majored in art-graphics. 1 N! . Q 'nu- 4'-7.259 as 'Q'-f W 4 vw as-H 'H M-,W up 'QFWY Q,- Nz"--nv' Ronald Hunt Louis lrace Susan Jamison Robert Jennings Lucinda Johnson Carol Ianatto Barbara Jacob Roberta Janoviclc Danilo Johnson James Jolley Lawrence lervoline Kathleen Jacobs Barbara Janowski Eileen Johnson Charles Jones David lozzi Dennis James CaroleJaskolka Jay Johnson Dale Jones 166 'vi' wo- m wwf 4, ,Nui "3" K .,,k 5 l'i.., ' 'C' an-ng' wg, 'K X 'rg-4' 'ur ---v, David Jones Minerva Jordan Debra Kelley Elizabeth Kinkela Kenneth Jones William Joynson Frances Kendra William Kirker William Jones Marlene Kakos Barbara Kerr Letitia Knight Earl JOfdOf1 Janet Kazenski Ronald Keyes Lottie Knight 167 Patricia Knorr Daniel Kociela Andrew Kohlhepp Judith Korzec Sfcmley Kosciuszko Karol Koski Sfephen Krasinskl Deborah Kroesen John Krzysik Keith Kuttesch Thomas Kwolek Mary LaMarca Regina Lamorella Ken nefh Langford Marie Lastoria K. Teresa Lafcheran Jennie Latouf Guy Laurenza Jacquelyn Leasure Diane Len Mary Leonard Donna Leone Karen Leslie Charles Lewis 3 41 319' 63" J!! Y WGS' A A T 'hr ,A , vs is Rm NN.,-fr Christopher Lewis Patricia Lewis Rhonda Lewis Angela Litrenta Deborah Lombardo Gregory Lombardo James Lombardo Kathleen Lombardo Nicholas Lombardo Paul Lombardol' Elaine Ludovici William Luongo Saundra Lutz Paul Lynch Paul Lynn John Lyon Michael Macri Wayne Macri Esther Magno Douglas Magoun 170 401 Ware ---5. 1-n..,,,,f "' ' fig, Rosanne Maiorano Barbara Manning Jerome Marino Bernadette Marso Mary Mayer Anthony Malizia Vicki Manolis Lucyndia Marino Carol Martino Dan Mazzocca Billie Malley Lucy Manzo Henry Marrangoni John Masters Deborah McBride Patricia Mann Mary Ellen Marcella Carol Marshall John Masterson Frank McBride 171 can 'nw -0 AT.-we ugh-2 4"-vnr 'hr' 'YT' .4-nv il" 'wr' un-av 'TF GQ? Linda McCabe Ronald McConnell J. Scott McGary Beatrice McMullen Debra Mele James McCall Randy McCormick Janis McGregor Forrest McMunn Sherry Memo Andrew McCombs Barbara McCurley Beth McHaHie Angela Medure Deborah Menges Sco1fMcCanahy Gavin McGaffic James McKee Frank Medure David Meredith i lg, buf- 1 I .i 'T"7" :wa -nf Y ' rv' David Meyer Michael Michaloika David Micalefti Joseph Mielcarelc Donald Micaletti Kathleen Miles Janice Micco Linda Miron .vvny Cheryl Moffett Charles Monsour Bruce Montgomery Linda Montgomery l73 .-HPS' Susan Montgomery Gary Moore Patty Moore Sandra Moore 1123! wwf -qdili' Gary Mora Corol Moretti Domenic Morgan Geoffrey Morgan a.f.s .... giovanna bolondi wemwf I 'ff A ii' M 'WEE -4 v Hg- Deborah Morse John Moss Darlene Mrozek Douglas Murdock John Murphy Thomas Murphy Gerald Myers James Myers William Nakoneczny Joseph Nasel Joseph Notale Lucinda Nelson Helen Nene Marlene Newswonder Kathleen Nocera' Judith Nogee Dennis Norris John Norris David Nuzzo Timothy O'Leary -41" ibf V 'ir' -an--5, Banff' Wir ww , 'Q--.,, 123' numb-.r 'WP' new se,- 5N0b-' 5, ...nos GV wg--f 'Of ' .rf Wir' 'iii xxx . "V: 4.,,,,,i -N---vi, l we FM! ' 'Mx ik Patrick Olivo Michael Orlando Eileen Orrico Deborah Ostrowski ROberfOs1rowski Colin Owen Harry Pagley Nancy Pagliaro Yvonne Palco Joseph Palkovich Michael Palladino Cloyde Palmer Joseph Palmiro Anthony E. Panella Richard Panella Paula Paolini Alexander Parou Mark Parsons Deannalynn Passalinqua Joseph Passerrello 2'-0 aww, Q.-.-ry A,-o ff' .fd T T 1' aj? Th? 'wu- . '-nv-f 13' David Pastore Timothy Pencil James Pezzone Sue Phipps Antoinette Pipola Theodore Patrick Patricia Perkins Richard Pezzuti Timothy Pica Cheryl Pitzer James Peabody Geargiann Perod Judith Pherson Jane Piccirilla James Ponziani Raymond Peluso Gerald Peterson Terry Phillips William Pierz Frank Popovich 178 wmv' wr' eas- .r-Q.. 'WF' ?'f""' - 'ls-w SM' x, f "'lI""Y Deborah Porada Marsha Porter Sharon Porter Jeffrey Poulfon ts' Judith Presnar William Proffit Christine Pszenny Marylou Pursell Yvonne Quarella Nicholas Rainey Joanne Reagle Mark Quigley Lucille Randy Raymond Reagle Patrick Quimby Constance Rankin Diann Redmond Guy Rainey Mary Ann Raskowski Susan Reef 179 s..-0 180 04" .pn---"" 6 'WP 157 'HOF 'hiv 'PK' Vwf wr' iv? 95' John Reid Linda Reid Delbert Rice Robert Rice Darlene Rich Janice Richards Peggy Richards Grantley Richardson Deveren Robinson Iris Robinson Terry Rogers Barbara Rowe David Rowe Andrew Rozzi Randall Rubeis Wanda Ruehl John Ruffley Luther Runyon Barbara Ruozzo Dana Russelburg John Russo Margaret Russo Rebecca Russo Sheridan Saas Katherine Santangelo Lindo Santangelo Patricia Sater Donald Savelli Fred Savelli Ramona Savocchla Robert Saylor' Laurel Schantz Mary Lou Schepp Robert Schlumberger Linda Schooley Paul Scilla Mark Seman Anita Serignese Fredrick Settle Karen Shaw Lee Shelar Wayne Shelar Diana Shornack Claude Shorts Carol Show Nora Shuler James Sickels Anthony Signoriello Damon Simeone Beverley Sizer Robert Slcaneski Linda Slack James Slaiman Lorraine Smiley Gary Smith Kathleen Smith Terry Smith Lawrence Snielek Frank Somma David Sonntag N1 W7 , if ff f " S Q W W xx xi' sf 2 ff ,wfw .. ,,:. . EYLQ M 2 Q, 9 fm 1 an f if N W I W 1-' 5 9? , in ' stiff? F 4 , , ',1-. fi, Xu x Ma .anew ,nga of Nd' 'ww-1' Wd' 1? 514 fd-Q... Us-0 1 "' ig M Q--fa ..-M W sy:-ff-ir up-Q. wr' Frank Spam.-io Karen Sralma Rick Stefano Karol Stevens Ray Stoner Claudia Spaulding Debbie Stamp Gary Stembal Cc1rISfit1 Kathleen Strawniak Richard Sperdine Richard Stanley Gary Stevens H, James Stoner Sandra Stull Prudence Sraiker Rose Stanyard Harry Stevens J. Fred Stoner Terry Stull 185 1 'AQ' .Pi ,vw 'hs- wwx- if vw 'gur- wn so-'ii Marcia Szuba Patrice Tedescko Barbara Thompson Cathy Tomai Karen Turner Thomas Tardio Gary Tencer David Thompson Diane Tompkins Margy Turner Karen Taylor John Tervo George Thompson Wesley Traylor John Updegraff Lorraine Taylor Caro! Thomas Cynthia Thumm Leonard Turco Nicholas Uram 186 .pf 'want Sandra Vanasco Debra Vanassa Barbara Vanecek Linda Vance 'E angi- A' 1'-"FV 'W 'l rm'-'ff1R Elaine Verdi James Wallace Grover Welsh Daniel White Janet Verdi Rhonda Ward John West Gale Williams Eugene Volpe Robert Warnock Edward Westrick John Wilmes Joyce Walczak Charlotte Watson Barbara Wheaton Ellen Winger 187 Douglas Wingfield William Wooten Patricia Yanul Michael Young Barbara Zahniser Donnalou Zambelli Linda Zambelli John Zduriencik Karen Zeigler Penny Ziman Jeanette Zona Victor Zona Emily Hamett David Doran 188 Obi if .pump also McCean Akins Juanitd Alexander Polly Andrews Samuel Argiro Percy Artis Susan Beals Sheryl Bertak Stanley Booker Dennis Brophy JoAnn Coloa D. Rebecca Palko Cook Joseph Cubellis Thomas DeFonso Bruce DePietro William Eggleston Marlene Ford Thomas Gallagher Frank Genareo Joseph Genareo Beverly George Patricia Hadgkiss Janice Hamett Raymond Hammond Robert Harrison Bernard Hartle Gerald Hill Ronald lwaneiko Gary Jenkins Johanna Jones John Karatinos Timothy Kelly graduating Edward Lenhart Patrick Lewis Deborah Llewellyn George Lloyd Loretta Magliocca Carol Mateer Charles Million Mary Moore Daniel Moses Joseph Moses Linda Mosley Edward Napodano Anthony Panella Richard Pauline Gene Pelletier Frederick Perrotta Victor Piccione Martia Reiter Michael Ritter Robert Robinson Leon Rogers Randall Rozzi Richard Ruark Joan Stivers Stephen Stuckey Timothy Thomas John Walters Linda West James Wilson SNOT graduating in June ABEL, MARILYN A. Dotobs IO, Pep Club lO,II, Y-Teens I2 ABRAMSKI, ROBERT A. ABRAMSKI, WILLIAM H. ADAMSKI, STANLEY W. F.T.A. I2, JCL IO,I l,I2, Soph. Mixed Choir IO ADAMS, LINDA L. AKINS, MAXINE ALEXANDER, JUANITA J. Pep Club IO ALFERA, WILLIAM C. Band IO,II,I2, Dance Band IO,II, French Club IO,II,I2, Pep Band IO, Track II,I2, Varsity Club II, French Club Treas. I2, Track Letter I I ALFREDA, Pl'lYl.l.lS A. Dotobs I2, F.T.A. II,I2, Future Nurses Club I I,l2 ALLAY, JULIA Concession Worker I2 ALOE, SUSAN M. Cafeteria Office I2 ALTMAN, CARLA J. Concession Worker I I,I2, Jr. Achieve- ment Award I I ANDREWS, POLLY J. Concession Worker II,I2, Dofobs IO, Forum I2, F.T.A. I2, Newspaper Staff I2, Pep Club lO,I2, Yrbk. Sales Rep. I I, Y-Teens I2, Vo-Tech Student Coun- cil ii, DECA ii ANTONELLI, GARY J. AOUARO, GEORGE J. ARGIRO, SAMUEL J. ARTIS, PERCY R. ATTISANO, RITA M. AUDINO, ANNETTE French Club II,I2, F.T.A. II,I2, St. Council Com. IO,I I,I2, Y-Teens IO,I I, Sec. F.T.A. I2 AUGUSTINE, MARILYN J. Y-Teens I2 r directory AVEN, KENNETH E. Baseball 9,IO,II,I2, Football, Varsity IO,II,I2, Student Council I2, St. Coun. Com. I2, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. I I, Varsity Club IO,I I,I2, All-Midwestern Conference II,I2, Honorable Men- tion, All-State I2 BABICK, ROBERT Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. I2 BAKER, DEBORAH J. Dofobs II, Football Usher I2, Sopho- more Mixed Choir IO BALLA, LAUREL A. Concession Worker I2, Pep Club I2, Y-Teens I2 BANKS, LEWIS N. Concession Worker I I, F.T.A. I I,I2 BARBER, REBECCA J. Athletic Sec. I2, Basketball Usher II, I2, Football Usher I2, French Club II, I2, F.T.A. II,I2, Pep Club IO,II,I2, St. Council H.R. Rep. IO, Varsity Club Aux. IO,II,I2, Y-Teens IO, Pres. Pep Club I2, Homecoming Queen I2, Sec. Jr. Class II BARBER, ROBERT M. Baseball 11,12, Basketball Refresh- ment Committee 12, Fulman Roma- num 12, F.T.A. 11, Hi-Y 12, JCL 10,11, 12, St. Coun. Com. 12, Varsity Club 11,12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10,11 BARKER, ALAN L. BARKER, MARJORIE L. Football Usher 12, Mixed Chorus 11, Pep Club 10, Soph. Mixed Choir 10 BARKETT, ELAINE B. BARTBERGER, SAMUEL L. BASKEYFIELD, CATHERINE T. Service Squad 12, May Day Program 11 BATTISTA, PHILIP W. BEALS, SUSAN K. BECK, DARYL J. Concert Choir 11,12, Concession Workers 11,12, Finian's Rainbow 12, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Turn Style Boys 11, Senior Ensemble 12 BELL, VALENTINO L. Basketball, Varsity 11,12, Basketball, JV IO, Concert Choir 11,12, Mixed Chorus 10, St. Council 10,11,12, St. Council Com. 11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12, Senior Ensemble 12, Home room Rep. 10, Varsity Club 11,12 BENINCASE, PATRICIA I. BENNINGHOFF, RICHARD E. BERG, JOHN C. Hi-Y 12 BERNARD, PATRICIA A. F.T.A. 12, Future Nurses Club 11,12, Chinese Club 12, Prop Committee Finian's Rainbow I2 BERTAK, SHERYL L. Future Nurses Club 11,12, J.C.L. 10, 11, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Prop Committee Finian's Rainbow 12, Vice Pres. Future Nurses Club 12, H.R. Rep. 11,12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 11, Latin Award, Magna Cum Laude 10,11 BERTONE, PATRICIA A. BESHERO, MARY ALEXIS Girls Glee Club 10,11, Midsummer Night's Dream 11, The Importance of Being Eernest 1 1 BEVAN, DENNIS L. Hi-Y 12 BIASUCCI, THOMAS A. Hi-Y I2 BILGER, JANICE L. Concert Choir 11,12, French Club ll, 12, Sophomore Mixed Chorus 10, Triple Trio 11, Yrbk. Sales Rep. IO, Senior Ensemble 12, Finian's Rainbow 12, Y Teens BILLYK, LARRY R. BLACK, TERRY W. St. Council H.R. Rep. 12 BOAK, CANDACE BOCZAR, ELAINE Future Nurses Club 11,12, JCL 10,11, 12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Latin Awards, Magna Cum Laude 10, Cum Laude 1 1 BOGDON, KATHY A. Concert Choir 11,12, Mixed Chorus 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, St. Council Com. 12, Triple Trio 11,Y-Teens 10,11, 12, H.R. Rep. 10 BOLONDI, GIOVANNA L. A. Forum 12, St. Council 12, Sing Out New Castle 12 BONFIELD, NUNZIEJ. Band 1O,11,12 BOOKER, STANLEY H. Cross Country 10 BORON, EDWIN T. BORON, WALTER E. BORTNYIK, KEVIN W. Band 10,11, Hi-Y 12, Tennis, Varsity 11,12, Tennis, J.V. 10, Varsity Club 12, Hi-Y Treasurer 12, NCTE Award 11 BOSTON, CAROL A. Service Squad 12 BOSTON, LOUISE A. Concert Choir 11, French Club 11, F.T.A. 11,12, Girls Glee Club 10, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Triple Trio 11, Sec. F.T.A. 12 BOTT, ROBERT L. Hi-Y 10, Track 12 BOWEN, HELEN R. Concession Workers 1 1, Dofobs I I BOWEN, MARY BETH Concession Workers 10,1 1,12, F.T.A. 1 1, JCL I0 BOYD, MARY A. Dofobs 10, Goal-Post, Tip-Off Sellers 10,11 BROWN, DENISE E. Service Squad 12 BROWN, JOHN E. Concert Choir 11,12, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Senior Ensemble 12, Sing Out New Castle 11,12 BROWN, SAMU EL D. BRUNO, FLORENCE E. Dofobs 12, Goal-Post, Tip-Off Sellers 10 BUDZOWSKI, JOSEPH M. Dance Band 10,11, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Spanish Club 11,12 BUONPANE, DENISE A. French Club 12, May Day Program 11, GAA 11,12, Latin Award, Magna Cum Laude 10 BUONPANE, PHYLLIS M. French Club 11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Pep Club 10,11, St. Council Rep. 10, Y- Teens 10,11,12, Y-Teen Council 11,12, May Day Program 11, GAA 11 BURMESTER, SHIRLEY J. F.T.A. 12, Tip-Off Sellers 12, JCL 10, 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 12, Y-Teens 10,12, Sing Out New Castle 11,12, May Day 11, GAA ll, Latin Award, Cum Laude 10,11, Sec. J.C.L. BURNS, JOHN E. Concert Choir 11,12, Football, Vars. 11,12, Football, JV 10, Hi-Y 12, Soph- omore Mixed Choir 10, Tennis, Vars. 11,12, Varsity Club 11,12 CAFFRO, FRANK A. CALDERWOOD, MELANIE A. Art Appreciation Club 11,12, Con- cession Worker 12, German Club I1, 12, German Club Treas. 12, Soph. Mixed Choir IO CALVERT, ROBERT K. Band 10,1 1,12 CAMERON, SHERRY L. Future Nurses Club 12, Newspaper Staff 12, Y-Teens 11,12, Y-Teen Coun- cil 12 CAMEROT, JOSEPHINE M. CAMPBELL, DAVID F. Track 1 1 CAMPBELL, DIANE L. Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12 CAMPBELL, STEVEN E. Band1O,l1,12 CAMPOLI, ROSEMARY CANAMI, PAUL P. Track 1 1 CAPEZIO, ROBERT A. Basket. Refresh. Com. 10,11, Concess. Worker 11,12, Football, J.V. IO, Hi-Y 10 CAPPATT, PATRICK J. Band 10,11,12, F.T.A. 12, Hi-Y 12, Track 10, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10,11, Senior Class Officer 12 CARANGIE, ROBERT A. CARAVELLA, JOSEPH J. CARTWRIGHT, WESLEY C. Football, J.V. 10,11, JCL 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 11,12, Wrestling J.V. 10 CAST, MELINDA A. Pep,Club 10,11, Y-Teens 10 CASTRUCCI, CHARLANE M. Pep Club 10, Spahish Club 11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Future Nurses Club 12, Y-Teens 10,11, Treas. Spanish Club 12 X CASTRUCCI, DEBRA M. F.T.A. 11,12, Future Nurses Club 12, Sec'y Spanish Club 12, Pep Club 10, Spanish Club 11,12, Stu. Coun. Com. 12, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 12, Varsity Club Aux. 11,12, Y-Teens 10,11 CHERBY, DAVID A. Dofobs 11, Hi-Y 12 CHILL, CAROL A. Concer Choir 12, Girls Glee Club 11, Pep Club 10,11 CHILL, WILLIAM L. Hi-Y 12, Service Squad 10 CHRISTNER, PATRICIA L. Art Appre. 11,12, Cheerleader, Var- sity 12, Cheerleader, J.V. 11, Dra- matics, Cyrano de Bergerac, Fulman Romanum 11, JCL 10,11, Newspaper Staff 12, Pep Club 11,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, St. Coun. Com. 10,11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12, Y-Teens 10, Art Ed. Newspaper CIALELLA, KAY ANN French Club 12, Pep Club 12 CICCO, KARAN S. Concert Choir 12, Mixed Chorus 11, Pep Club 11,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Stu. Coun. Com. 11,12, St. Coun. Hr. Rep. 11 Stu. Council 12 CIMINI, GARY M. CIOFFI, SANDRA L. Concert Choir 12, Football Usher 12, Girls Glee Club 10,11 COBBS, MADELYN G. Basketball Usher 12, Football Usher 12 COLOA, JOANN T. CONTI, EILEEN M. JCL 10,11, Pep Club 10,11, Y-Teens 10 COOK, D. REBBECA COOK, TINA M. Mixed Chorus 10 CORYEA, GRETCHEN A. Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10,1 1 COVER, DARLEEN L. Art Appre. 12, Dramatics: Finian's Rainbow 12, Y-Teens 12 COWH ER, THOMAS M. COYNE, WILLIAM J. COZZA, FRANK D. Band 10, Dance Band 10, Newspaper Staff 12, Stu. Coun. 12, Stu. Coun. Com. 12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10, Jr. Class President, Stu. Coun. Treas. 12 CRACRAFT, CAROL L. Forum 12, F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Spanish Club 11,12, Nat. Teach. ot English Award I1 CREWS, LINDA M. CROWL, MARY C. French Club 12 CUBELLIS, JANET J. Girls Glee Club 10 CUBELLIS, JOSEPH C. CUBELLIS, MARY E. JCL 10,11,12, Y-Teens 11 CUGINI, LARRY P. Band 10,11,12, Dance Band 11,10, Pep Band 10 CUHRAN, DAVID M. CULLEN, DANIEL J. JCL 11,12 CUMMINGS, DIANE Basket. Usher 12, Concert Choir 11,12, Fulman Romanum 12, GAA 11, JCL 12, Pep Club 10, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Chinese Club 12, Vice-Pres. Chinese Club 12, Latin Award 11 CUMO, JOSEPH A. DAVIS, LINDA D. DAWSON, JAMES L. DEFIBAUGH, DENIS L. DEFIORE, DENISE M. DEFONSO, THOMAS DEGATON, DENISE E. DEGIDIO, KATHLEEN A. Concert Choir 11,12, Fulman Roma- num 12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Senior Ensemble 12, Finian's Rainbow 12, Youth Page 11,12 DEJOHN, DEBRA D. DELI, VINCENT A. DELORENZO, NANCY J. Y-Teens 10 DELPRINCIPE, DEBRA D. DEMATTEIS, DIANA L. Football Usher 12 DENNY, JOHN J. Varsity Club 11,12, Wrestling, Var- sity 10,11,12, District Wrestling Champ 11 DEPIETRO, BRUCE E. DEPOLIS, DEBBY J. JCL 10,11,12,Y-Teens 11 DERICCO, MICHAEL A. Art Appre. 12, Forum 12, German Club 11,12 CUNNINGHAM, DAVID C. Stage Crew 12 CWIAKALA, CATHERINE E. Y-Teens 12 CWYNAR, CHRISTINE P. CVVYNAR, DEBRA A. DANDO, LOUIS M. DARWIN, IRENE D. Pep Club 12 DATTILO, HARRY S. Concess. Worker 11,12, Football, J.V. 10, Hi-Y 1 1,12, Track 10 D'AUGOSTlNE, CARL J. DAVIS, LARRY D. Boys Quartet 11, Concert Choir 11, 12, Dofobs 10,11, Football, Mgr. 10, 11,12, F.T.A. 10,11, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 12, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Varsity Club 11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12, Youth Page 12, Senior Ensemble 12, Sing-Out New Castle 11,12 DERZY, PATRICIA J. Concession Worker 12, Fulman Ro- manum 12, JCL 12 DESALVO, BONNIE L. DESIMONE, JOHN S. Golf Team 10,11,12, Hi-Y 11,12, JCL 10, Varsity Club 11,12, Yrbk. Sales Rep.10 DEVITTO, CARL M. Football J.V. 11 DIALESANDRO, JOAN L. Concession Worker 12, F.T.A. 12, JCL 10,11,12, Newspaper Staff 12, Pep Club 1O,l1,12,Y-Teens11,12 DICAPRIO, ROBERT L. Concert Choir 11,12, Golf Team 10, Hi-Y 12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Latin Award, Cum Laude DILORENZA, ANDREA L. Band 10,11,12, Spanish Club 11,12, St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,11, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11, Forum 11, Pres. 12 DINAFORE, HENRY N. Golf Team I I DOMBECK, LYNDA K. Pep Club IO, VICA II,I2, Debate Club Sec. I2 DOMBECH, RAYMOND S. DOMENICK, JAMES P. DONOHUE, BRIAN E. DORAN, DAVID P. DORAN, DEBORAH J. DOUGALEWICZ, JANICE E. DOYLE, TERRY L. Cross Country II, Hi-Y I2, Chinese Club I2, Pres. Chinese Club I2 DUNLOP, WILLIAM S. Band IO, Football, Mgr. I I, Golf Team II,I2, Hi-Y I2, Nat. Honor Soc. II, I2, Newspaper Staff II, Tennis, JV IO, Jr. Rotorian I2 DU RST, ANTON C. DURST, FRANK J. Track IO ECKLES, TRENTON W. Hi-Y I2 EGGLESTON, WILLIAM L. Basketball, Varsity I2, Basketball, JV IO, Dofobs I2, Track IO,I2 EISENHUTH, S. JOANNE Band IO,II,I2, Concert Choir I2, Senior Ensemble I2 ELISCO, SANDRA A. Football Usher I2 ELLIOTT, JAMES S. sms, BEVERLY A. Pep Club IO ELLIS, TERI D. Auditorium Usher II, Football Usher I2, JCL IO,II ELSESSER, SUSAN Fulman Romanum I2, JCL II,I2, Pep Club I2 ESTOCK, MICHAEL J. EVANOSKI, RAYMOND J. Basketball, JV IO,I I FAHRNY, SUSAN L. Auditorium Usher IO, Concession Workers II, French Club IO,I I,I2, F.T.A. II,I2, Spanish Club II,I2, French Club Sec. I2 FEARS, SYLVANA L. Girls Glee Club IO FERRESE, NICHOLAS J. Art Appre. II,I2, Debate Club I2, Pericles and Thisby II, F.T.A. IO, Newspaper Staff I2 FERVER, CHARLES B. Hi-Y I2, Stu. Coun. Com. I2 FINEFROCK, MARGARET L. Football Usher I2, Y-Teens IO FIORANTE, JOANNE F.T.A. II,I2, Pep Club IO,I2 FORD, MARLENE L. FRABOTTA, NICHOLAS J. Band IO,I I,I2, Wrestling, Varsity I2, Wrestling, J.V. I I FRANCIS, WILLIAM E. FRANK, ANITA E. FRANK, DEBORAH C. Cafeteria Office I I,I2 FRASER, KATHLEEN I. Concession Worker I0 FREED, THOMAS H. Stu. Council Com. I I FREGONE, GEORGE A. Bond IO,I I,I2 FRENGEL, BEVERLY A. Athletic Sec'y I2, Cheerleader, Var- sity I2, Cheerleader, J.V. II, Fulman Romanum IO, Goal Post-Tip Off Seller I2, Nat. Honor Soc. II,I2, Pep Club IO,I I,I2, Stu. Council II,I2, Stu. Coun. Com. IO,II,I2, Varsity Club Aux. I2, Y-Teens IO,II, Stu. Council Sec'y FRENGEL, MICHAELENE L. Concert Choir II,I2, Girls Glee Club IO, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller II, Newspaper Staff I2, Triple Trio II, Varsity Club Aux. II, Y-Teens IO,I I, I2, Y-Teen Council I0,lI,I2, Senior Ensemble I2, Athletic Sec'y I2 FRY, ALBERT R. FRYE, PAULETTE K. Forum I2, Nat. Honor Soc. I I,I2, Spanish Club I2 FULKERSON, TIMOTHY M. FULMER, CHARLES E. FUSCO, PAUL A. GABRIEL, RICHARD A. Art Appre. I2, Baseball II,I2, Basket- ball, Mgr. IO,I I,I2 GALES, BARBARA R. Concession Worker I I GALLAGHER, MILTON K. GALLAG1-1E12,11-1o1v1As F. H1-Y I2, Track 10,11 GALLO, PATRICIA A. Football Usher I2, Pep Club IO, Stu. Council H.R. Rep. I2 GARDNER, HAROLD B. Fulman Romanum I2, Hi-Y I2, JCL IO, I I,I2, Soph. Mixed Choir IO GEBBIA, FRANCIS J. GEBBIA, GERALD E. Track IO GENAREO, FRANK J. GENAREO, JOSEPH C. GENAREO, TONI M. Aud. Usher I2, Football Usher I2, Pep Club I I,I2, Yrbk. Sales Rep. IO,I I GEORGE, BEVERLY A. Business Club I2, Knitting Club IO, Neshannock, Shorthand Certificate II GEORGE, HELEN L. Auditorium Usher I2, Football Usher I2, Pep Club IO,II, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. I I, Attendence Office IO,I I GERAMITA, SAMUEL R. Football, Varsity II,I2, Football, J.V. IO, Stu. Council II,I2, Stu. Coun. Com. II,I2, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO, Varsity Club II,I2, Wrestling, Varsity IO,II,I2, Student Council President I2 GERMAINE, CYNTHIA A. Concert Choir II,I2, Dofobs I2, Ful- man Romanum I2, JCL II,I2, Mixed Chorus IO, Pep Club I2, Triple Trio I I, Senior Ensemble I2 GIBSON, GAIL S. Pep Club I I, Attendence Office I2 GILL, JACK F. Concession Worker I I,I2 GILL, MARY JANE Cheerleader, Varsity I2, Cheerleader, J.V. II, French Club IO, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller IO,II,I2, Newspaper Staff I2, Pep Club IO,II,I2, Varsity Club Aux. IO,I I,I2, Yrbk. Sales Rep. I I,I2 GINOCCHI, JOANNE Concert Choir II,I2, Girls Glee Club IO, Pep Club IO,I I,I2, Stu. Coun. Com. I2, Triple Trio I I, Y-Teens IO,I I, I2, GAA I I GINOCCHI, LEONARD GLENN, LAVONNE L. Art Appre. II,I2, Concession Worker II, Dofobs IO, French Club IO,II, German Club II,I2, Chinese Club I2 GLODIC, ROBERT J. GORMLEY, SUE ANN Girls Glee Club IO, Mixed Chorus I2, Sing Out New Castle I I GRANATO, MARIA A. Art. Appre. II, Concession Worker II,I2, French Club I0,I I, Yrbk. Sales Rep. II GRECO, LAWRENCE J. Baseball I0,II,I2, Football, J.V. IO, Hi-Y I2, JCL IO,II, Stu. Coun. Com. I2, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. II, Varsity Club I2 GRIDLIO, LINDA F. Pep Club I0,I I GROSETTI, GUY M. Band IO,I I GROTEFEND, MICHAEL T. Golf Team I2, Varsity Club I2 GUIDO, KATHRYN A. Dramatics: Finian's Rainbow I2, Pep Club II,I2, GAA II GUIDO, LOUIS A. Hi-Y II,I2, Student Council IO, Stu. Council Com. IO,II,I2, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO GUIDUCCI, DEBORAH J. Concession Worker II,I2, German Club II,I2, Pep Club I0,II, Varsity Club Aux. II,I2, Pergodian Staff II, I2, Editor Pergodian I2, Co-editor Pergodian II, President German Club I2, Pergodian Sales Rep. I2 GUNN, DARLENE E. GUNTHER, JUDITH K. Art Appreciation Club II, Concession Worker II,I2, Dofobs I2, Attendence Office II,l2, Pergodian Staff II,I2, Pergodian Typist II, Pergodian Typist and Copy Editor I2, Pergodian Sales Rep. IO,I2 GUSCH, ROBERT J. Band IO,I I,I2, Dance Band I I,I2 GUY, DAVIDJ. Hi-Y I2 HADGKISS, PATRICIA M. HAMETT, EMILY J. Concession Worker I2, GAA I I HZAMETT, JANICE HAMILL, DOUGLAS C. Art Appre. I I,I2, German Club I2 HAMMON D, RAYMON D HANLON, DARLA A. Concession Worker I I,I 2, GAA I I HANNA, CHARLES J. HARDESTY, LINDA S. Concession Worker I2, Varsity Club Aux. IO HARPER, CHARLES R. HARRIS, IRENE HARRISON, ROBERT J. HARTLE, BERNARD L. HARTZELL, SCOTT T. Wrestling J.V. IO HAWK, ROBERT W. HAYBARGER, ELAINE A. Pep Club IO, Yrbk. Sales Rep. IO,I I HAYBARGER, SAMUEL P. HELMER, PETER N. German Club II,I2, Hi-Y I2, JCL II, I2, Wrestling, J.V. IO,I I HENDERSON, JAMES F. Hi-Y IO,II,I2, Stage Crew I0,II,I2, Tennis, Varsity I2, Pres. AVA HESS, GARY M. HESTER, JANET M. Y-Teens I I HIGLEY, JANET E. Fulman Romanum I2, JCL II,I2, Pep Club I2, Latin Award I I HILDEBRAND, JAMES M. Concert Choir II, Fulman Romanum I2, Hi-Y I2, Soph. Mixed Choir IO, Latin Award IO, JCL II,I2 HILL, GERALD M. HNAT, DAVID M. Hi-Y I2, Tennis, J.V. IO HOLOMAN, KATHLEEN A. Finian's Rainbow I2, F.T.A. II,I2, Pep Club I0,I I,I2 HOOVER, GLORIA J. Mixed Chorus IO HORCHLER, NANCY B. Cheerleader, Varsity I2, Cheerleader, J.V. II, Pep Club II,I2, Varsity Club Aux. I I, Y-Teens IO HOWARD, CHERYL A. HUNT, RONALD J. Baseball IO, Basketball, Varsity IO,I I, I2, Basketball, J.V. lO,l I, Football, Varsity IO,II,I2, Football, J.V. IO, Track I I,l2, Varsity Club I I,I2 IANATTO, CAROL J. IERVOLINE, LAWRENCE Cross Country IO, Football, Varsity I2, Football, J.V. I I, Hi-Y I2 IOZZI, DAVID G. Hi-Y I2 IRACE, LOUIS Football, J.V. IO,I I, Fulman Romanum Il,I2, Hi-Y I2, JCL IO,II,I2, Wres- tling, J.V. II, Sing-Out New Castle I2 IWANEJKO, RONALD E. JACOB, BARBARA A. Y-Teens IO, Stu. Council Com. IO ,I JACOBS, KATHLEEN L. Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO JAMES, DENNIS G. JAMISON, SUSAN J. X JANOVICK, ROBERTA L. JANOWSKI, BARBARA A. Art Appre. I I, Fulman Romanum I I, I2, JCL IO,I I,I2, Y-Teens IO JASKOLKA, CAROLE J. Art Appre. I2, Football Usher I2, Pep Club I2, Y-Teens IO,I2, Sing-Out New Castle JENKINS, GARY D. JENNINGS, ROBERT W. German, Club I I JOHNSON, DANITA L. Football Usher I2, Stu. Coun. Com. IO, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. JOHNSON, EILEEN M. Football Usher I2, French Club II,I2, Girls Glee Club I0,II, Pep Club IO, Stu. Coun. Com. IO, Yrbk. Sales Rep. I I JOHNSON, JAY M. Track IO, Turn Style Boy I I,I2 JOHNSON, LUCINDA A. Concert Choir I I, Football Usher I2, Soph. Mixed Choir IO, Treas. VICA JOLLEY, JAMES W. Band IO,I I,I2, Baseball IO,I I,I2, Dance Band IO JONES, CHARLES R. JONES, DALE E. JONES, DAVID E. Stu. Council I I JONES, JOHANNA E. Girls Glee Club IO JONES, KENNETH E. JCL IO,I I,I2 JONES, WILLIAM H. JORDAN, EARL L. Hi-Y 12 JORDAN, MINERVA Y. Pep Club 11 JOYNSON, WILLIAM W. Hi-Y 12 KAKOS, MARLENE K. Concert Choir 11,12, French Club 11, 12, Pep Club 10,11, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11, Y- Teens 10.11,12,Y-Teen Council 11,12 KARATINOS, JOHN E. Fulman Romanum 10,11, Hi-Y 12, JCL 10,11,12 KAZENSKI, JANET L. Football Usher 12, German Club 11, 12, Pep Club 12, Varsity Club Aux. 1O,11,12, Y-Teens 12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10, Sec'y German Club 12 KELLEY, DEBRA E. Service Squad 12 KELLY, TIMOTHY M. Concession Worker 11,12, Hi-Y 12, Spanish Club 11,12, Varsity Club 10, 11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 11,12, Wres- tling, J.V. 10 KENDRA, FRANCES C. KERR, BARBARA J. Art Appre. 11,12, Band 10,11,12, A DoII's House, Pyramis and Thisbe, Blithe Spirit 11, Finian's Rainbow 12, Forum 11,12, French Club 11,12, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Stu. Coun. Com. 10,11,12, Sing-Out New Castle 12, Sec'y Forum 12, Scholarship, Fine Arts Program KEYES, RONALD S. Football, Varsity 11,12, Football, J.V. 10, Track 1O,11,12 KINKELA, ELIZABETH A. Fulman Romanum 11, Girls Glee Club 10, JCL 11,12, Latin Award, Cum Laude 11 KIRKER, WILLIAM G. F.T.A. 11,12, Newspaper Staff 12, Spanish Club 11,12, Sing-Out New Castle 11,12, Radio Club 10 KNIGHT, LETITIA KNIGHT, LOTTIE KNORR, PATRICIA I-.. Football Usher 12, Pep Club 10,11 KOCIELA, DANIEL A. French Club 1O,11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 12 KOHLHEPP, ANDREW J. Baseball 11, Cross Country 11, Stu. Council 10,11, Wrestling, Varsity 10, 11,12, Westmont High School, Johns- town KORZEC, JU DITH L. KOSCIUSZKO, STANLEY M. Fulman Romanum 11, JCL 10,1 1,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Latin Awards, Cum Laude 10,11 KOSKI, KAROL A. KRASINSKI, STEPHEN H. KROESEN, DEBORAH A. Band 10,11,12, Newspaper Staff 12, Finian's Rainbow I2 KRZYSIK, JOHN H. KUTTESCH, KEITH D. Band 10,11,12, Sand-Box 11, German Club 11,12, Radio Club 10 KWOLEK, THOMAS L. LAMARCA, MARY L. Athletic Sec'y 12, Pep Club 10,1 1,12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 11, Y-Teens 1O,11,12 LAMORELLA, REGINA A. Athletic Sec'y 12, Girls Glee Club 10, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10, 11, Varsity Club Aux. 1O,11,12, Y- Teens 11,12, Stu. Council H.R. Rep. 11, Sec. Nat. Honor Soc. 12 LANGFORD, KENNETH R. French Club 11,12 LASTORIA, MARIE A. Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10 LATCHERAN, K. TERESA Pep Club IO LATOUF, JENNIE Concession Worker 1 1,12, Pep Club 11, Service Squad 10 LAURENZA, GUY C. Football, J.V. 10,11, Wrestling, J.V. 12 LEASURE, JACQUELYN A. LEN, DIANE C. Art Appre. 11,12, Band 10,11,12, Bas- ketball Usher 12, Pep Club 12, Stu. Coun. Com. 12, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10, Y-Teens 11,12, Y-Teen Council 12, Vice-Pres. Jr. Class, Pres. Sr. Class LENHART, EDWARD D. LEONARD, MARY H. Football Usher 12, Future Nurses Club 12, Pep Club 10,11,Y-Teens 10 LEONE, DONNA S. Finian's Rainbow 12, JCL 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,1 1,12, Service Squad 12, Y-Teens 12 LESLIE, KAREN E. Concert Choir 11,12, Concession Worker 11,12, Cyrano de Bergerac 12, French Club 10,11,I2, F.T.A. 12, Girls Glee Club 10,Y-Teens10 LEWIS, CHARLES C. LEWIS, CHRISTOPHER C. LEWIS, PATRICK A. LEWIS, PATRICIA A. LITRENTA, ANGELA E. Football Usher 12, Pep Club 10,11,12 LLEWELLYN, DEBORAH K. Dofobs 1 I LOMBARDO, DEBORAH L. Y-Teens 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12 LOMBARDO, GREGORY D. Art Appre. 11,12, Band 1O,11,12, Dance Band 1O,11,12, Brass Ensemble 10 LOMBARDO, JAMES R. Band 10,11,12, Dance Band 11,12 LOMBARDO, KATHLEEN A. Pep Club 10 LOMBARDO, NICHOLAS M. LUDOVICI, ELAINE M. Fulman Romanum 11,12, JCL 10,1 1,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10, 11,12, St. Coun. Com. 12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11,12, Y-Teens 10,11, At- tendence Office Staff 1 1,12 LUONGO, WILLIAM D. Concert Choir 11,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10 LUTZ, SAUNDRA J.A. Band 1O,11,12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10, F.T.A. I1 LYNCH, PAUL P. Fulman Romanum 11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Hi-Y 12, JCL 10,11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12, JCL Vice-Pres. 12, Latin Awards Magna Cum Laude 10, Sum- man Cum Laude 11 LYNN, PAUL W. Concert Choir 12, French Club 10,11, 12, Mixed Chorus 11, Soph. Mixed Choir 10 LYON,JOHN H. Finian's Rainbow 12 Cyrano 12, French Club 10,11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12 MACRI, MICHAEL A. Band10,11,12 MACRI, WAYNE A. Band 10,11,12, Pep Band1O MAGLIOCCA, LORETTA R. MAGNO, ESTER A. MAGOUN, DOUGLAS P. MAIORANO, ROSANNE Concert Choir 11,12, Finian's Rainbow 12, French Club 12, F.T.A., Girls Glee Club 10, Senior Ensemble 12 MALIZIA, ANTHONY L. MALLEY, BILLIE B. St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10 MANN, PATRICIA A. Sing-Out New Castle 12, JCL 10 MANNING, BARBARA J. Fulman Romanum 11,12, JCL 11,12 MANOLIS, VICKI L. Concert Choir 11,12, French Club 12, F.T.A. 11,12, Mixed Chorus 10, News- paper Staff 12, Y-Teens 11,12, Y- Teen Council 12, Senior Ensemble 12, Sing-Out New Castle 1 1 MANZO, LUCY A. Pep Club 10, Y-Teens 12 MARRANGONI, HENRY J. Hi-Y 1 1,12 MARSHALL, CAROL L. Pep Club 10,11 MARSO, BERNADETTE Band 10,11,12, Basketball Usher 12, F.T.A. 11,12, Pep Club 12,Y-Teens11, 12, Y-Teen Council 12, Sing-Out New Castle I1 MARTINO, CAROL A. Dofobs 10, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Pep Club 10, Y-Teens 11,12, Sing-Out New Castle 11 MASTERS, JOHN R. Band 10 MASTERSON, JOHN MATEER, CAROL A. MAYER, MARY P. Art Appre. 11,12, Football Usher 12 MAZZOCCA, DAN P. Football, J.V. 11 MCBRIDE, DEBORAH J. Art Appre. 11,12, Forum 11,12, Ful- man Romanum 12, JCL 10,11,12, Newspaper Staff 1 1 MCBRIDE, FRANK S. MCCABE, LINDA L. Pep Club 10 McCALL, JAMES L. MCCOMBS, ANDREW J. MCCONAHY, SCOTT E. Cross Country 12, Hi-Y 12, Track 12 MCCONNELL, RONALD D. Baseball 11, Concert Choir 11,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 1 1, Senior Ensemble 12 MCCORMICK, RANDY N. McCURLEY, BARBARA J. Band 10,11,12, The Sand-Box 11, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, French Club 10,11, 12, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller 11,12, Varstiy Club Aux. 11,12 MCGAFFIC, GAVIN R. Dofobs 1 1 MCGARY, J. SCOTT Baseball 12, Basketball, J.V. 10,11, Hi-Y 12 MCGREGOR, JANIS D. Basketball Usher 12, French Club 10, 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 12, Y-Teens 10,11, French Club Pres. 12 McHATTlE, BETH A. Art Appre. 11,12, Concession Worker 11,12, French Club IO, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Soph. Mixed Chorus 10, Pergodian Staff 11,12, Art Editor Pergodian, 11,12, Fine Arts Program Scholarship 11 McKEE, JAMES C. MCMULLEN, BEATRICE V. Fulman Romanum 11,12, Future Nurses Club 11,12, JCL 1 1,12, Pep Club 10 MCMUNN, FORREST E. Cross Country 10,11,12, Hi-Y 10,11, Track 10,11,12, Varsity Club 10,11,12 MEDURE, ANGELA C. Fulman Romanum 12, Newspaper Staff 11, Pep Club 10,11, Student Council 1O,Satety Council 10,11,12 MEDURE, FRANK R. Hi-Y 12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 11,12, Wrestling, J.V. 10, Varsity Club 11,12 MELE, DEBRA L. Goal-Post, Tip-Off Sellers 10,11, Pep Club 10, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11 MEMO, SHERRY L. Color Guard 10,11,12, Dofobs 12, Mixed Chorus 10 MENGES, DEBBIE Y-Teens 12 MEREDITH, DAVID L. JCL 10, Tennis, J.V. 10 MEYER, DAVID L. MICALETTI, DAVID MICALETTI, DONALD R. JCL 1 1 MICCO, JANICE M. Pep Club 1O,Y-Teens1O,11,12 MICHALOJKO, MICHAEL D. Wrestling, J.V. 10 MIELCAREK, JOE T. MILES, KATHLEEN G. MILLION, CHARLES P. Football, J.V. 10,1 1 MARCELLA, MARY E. Pep Club 10,11 MARINO, JEROME B. Football, Mgr. 10,11,12, Track 11,12, Varsity Club 11,12 MARINO, LUCYNDIA R. Football Usher 12, Forum 11, Fulman Romanum 10,11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, JCL 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Pep Club 10, 11,12, Sing Out New Castle 11,12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10,11, Sec. Sing Out New Castle 12, Latin Award, Summa Cum Lauda 10,11, Rensellaer Polyteck Math and Science Award 1 1 MIRON, LINDA L. French Club 11, F.T.A. 11, JCL 10, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10, Varsity Club Aux. 12, Y-Teens 10,11, 12, Y-Teen Council 11,12, Pres. Y- Teens 11, YrBk. Sales Rep. 11 MOFFETT, CHERYL A. Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 MONSOUR, CHARLES H. MONTGOMERY, BRUCE E. Boys Quartet 11, Concert Choir 10,11, 12, Cross Country 11, Finian's Rain- bow 12, Track 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11,12, Senior Ensemble 12 MONTGOMERY, LINDA K. Concert Choir 11,12, Concession Workers 12, Future Nurses Club 11, 12, Girls Glee Club 10, Pep Club 10, Sr. Checking Comm. 12, Y-Teens 10, 11,12 MONTGOMERY, SUSAN E. Y-Teens 12 MOORE, GARY L. Baseball 11,12, Hi-Y 12, St. Council H.R. Rep. 10, Wrestling, J.V. 11 MOORE, MARY E. MOORE, PATTI L. Girls Choir 10, YrBk. Sales Rep. 10 MOORE, SANDY S. Concert Choir 1 1 MORA, GARY E. MORETTI, CAROL A. Pep Club 12, Y-Teens 12 MORGAN, DOMENIC L. MORGAN, GEOFFREY L. Concert Choir 10, Pres. Vica Club 11, 12, Science Fair, Hon. Mention 10 MORSE, DEBORAH S. Art Appre. 12, Dofobs 11, Finian's Rainbow, French Club 11,12, Fulman Romanum 11,12, German Club 10,11, 12, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller 12, JCL 1O,11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Newspaper Staff 11, Varsity Club Aux. 12, German Club Vice-President 12 MOSES, DANIEL E. MOSES, JOSEPH R. Hi-Y 12, Tennis, Varsity 11,12 MOSLEY, LINDA S. MOSS, JOHN H. MROZEK, DARLENE A. Art Appre. 11,12, Fulman Romaum 10, 11,12, JCL 11,12, Pep Club 12, Y- Teens11,12 MURDOCK, DOUGLAS E. Basketball, Mgr. 10 MURPHY, JOHN E. Football, Varsity 10,11,12, Track 10, Varsity Club 1O,11,12, Wrestling, Var- sity 10,11 MURPHY, THOMAS E. Football, J.V. 10,11, Hi-Y 12 MYERS, GERALD M. MYERS, JAMES L. Cross Country 11,12, JCL 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Track 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11,12 NAKONECZNY, WILLIAM J. Track 10 NAPODANO, EDWARD F. NASEL, JOSEPH M. NATALE, JOSEPH NELSON, LUCINDA J. Art Appre. I I, Concert Choir 1 I, Con- cession Worker 11,12, She Stoops to Conquer 11, Forum 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Triple Trio 11, Pergodian Staff 11, Vice-Pres. Forum NENE, HELEN M. Art Appreciation 11, French Club 12 NEWSWONDER, MARLENE A. NOGEE, JUDITH A. Art Appre. 11,12, Football Usher 12, Fulman Romanum 12, JCL 10,11,12, Y-Teens 11 NORRIS, DENNIS G. NUZZO, DAVID R. O'LEARY, TIMOTHY D. Hi-Y 12 OLIVO, PATRICK M. Hi-Y1O,VICA11,12 ORLANDO, MICHAEL ORRICO, EILEEN OSTROWSKI, DEBORAH J. Concert Choir 12, French Club 10,11, 12, Future Nurses Club 11,12, Girls Glee Club 10,11, Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12, Treas. Future Nurses Club 12 OSTROWSKI, ROBERT A. St. Council H.R. Rep. 11, Track 11 OWEN, CORIN H. Youth Page Editor 12, Vo-Tech PAGLEY, HARRY L. St. Council H.R. Rep. 12 PAGLIARDO, NANCY A. PALCO, YVONNE K. Mixed Chorus 10 PALKOVICH, JOSEPH J. Concert Choir 10,11 PALLADINO, MICHAEL A. Band 10,11,12, Pep Band 11 PALMER, CLOYDE D. PALMIRO, JOSEPH A. Basketball, Varsity 12, Basketball J.V. 10,11 PANELLA, ANTHONY PANELLA, ANTHONY E. Football, J.V. 11, Turn-Style Boy IO, 11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 1O,11,12, Varsity Club 11,12 PANELLA, RICHARD D. Football, J.V. 10, Hi-Y 11, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11, Track 10, Varsity Club 1O,11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 10,1 1,12, Out Standing Wrestler 10, W.P.l.A.L. Champ 10 PAOLINI, PAULA J. Y-Teens 12, Office Staff 12 PAROU, ALEXANDER G. PARSONS, MARK A. Concert Choir 12 PASSALINQUA, DEANNA Fulman Romanum 12, JCL 11,12, Pep Club 12 PASSERRELLO, JOSEPH R. PASTORE, DAVID c. Ar1Appre. 11,12 PATRICK, THEODORE C. Band 10,11,12, Dance Band 12, Pep Band I 1,12 PAULINE, RICHARD PEABODY, JAMES W. PELLETIER, GENE A. PELUSO, RAYMOND R. Track 1 1,12 PENCIL, TIMOTHY J. Art Appre. 11,12 PERKINS, PATRICIA J. French Club 10,11, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Y-Teens 11 PEROD, GEORGIANN Pep Club 10,11,12, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 12, Y-Teens 10,12 PERROTTA, FREDERICK S. PETERSON, GERALD L. Cross Country 1 1, Newspaper Staff 11, Stu. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10,11,Chinese Club 12 PEZZONE, JAMES D. Art Appreciation 11,12 PEZZUTI, RICHARD J. PHERSON, JU DITH H. Concert Choir 11, Future Nurses Club 11,12, Girls Glee Club 10, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Triple Trio 11, Yrbk Sales Rep. 10, Sec'y Future Nurses Club 12 PHILLIPS, TERRY L. Future Nurses Club 11,12, Historian, Nurses Club 12, JCL 12 PHIPPS, SUE E. Concession Worker 11,12, Fulman Romanum 10,1 1,12, Future Nurses Club 11,12, Newspaper Staff 12, Var- sity Club Aux. 11,12, Pres. Future Nurses Club 12 PICA, TIMOTHY J. Stu. Council 11, Stu. Coun. Com. 11, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11, Vo-Tech PICCIRRILLA, JANE A. Football Usher 12, French Club 10,11, 12, F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 11, French Club Sec'y. 12 PICCIONE, VICTOR M. PIERZ, WILLIAM M. Band 10,1 1,12 rf.. PIPOLA, ANTOINETTE M. Mixed Chorus 11,12, Service Squad 12 PITZER, CHERYL L. French Club 10,1 1,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12 PONZIANI, JAMES A. Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10 POPOVICH, FRANK J. PORADA, DEBORAH J. Mixed Chorus 10, Y-Teens 10,11,12 PORTER, MARSHA A. JCL 1O,11,12, Shorthand Awards PORTER, SHARON Girls Glee Club 12, Pep Club 12 POULTON, JEFFREY D. Concession Worker 11, Football, J.V. 10, Hi-Y 10,1 1,12, Tennis, J.V. 10, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10, Pres. Hi-Y 12 PRESNAR, JUDY A. Maiorette 10,11,12,Y-Teens 11,12, Y- Teen Council 12, Chinese Club 12, Chinese Club Treas. 12, Pep Club 10 PROFFIT, WILLIAM A. Football, J.V. 10, French Club 10,11, Hi-Y 10 PSZENNY, CHRISTINE A. Athletic Sec'y. 12, Concert Choir 11, Concession Worker 12, Dofobs 10, Mixed Chorus 10, Pep Club 10,1 1,12, Sr. Checking Com. 12, Stu. Coun. Com. 10,11, Y-Teens 10,1 1,12, Y-Teen Council 10,11 PURSELL, MARY LOU Football Usher 12, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. Com. 12 QUARELLA, YVONNE F.T.A. 11,12, Goal-Post Tip-Off 10,11, 12, JCL 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11, 12, Pep Club 10,12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11, 12, Y-Teens 10,11 QUIGLEY, MARK W. Baseball 11,12 QUIMBY, PATRICK RAINEY, GUY D. Hi-Y 10, Stage Crew 10, Turn-Style Boy 10 RAINEY, NICHOLAS Fulman Romanum 10,11, Hi-Y 10, JCL 10, Stage Crew 10, Turn-Style Boy 10 RANDY, LUCILLE V. Athletic Sec'y 12, Dofobs 10, Pep Club 10,11,12,Y-Teens10,11,12 RANKIN, CONSTANCE E. RASKOWSKI, MARY ANN E. F.T.A. 11,12, German Club 12, Chinese Club 12, Spanish Club 11,12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10, Y-Teens 11, Treas. Y-Teens 12 Vice President Y- Teens 11 REAGLE, JOANNE M. Fulman Romanum 12, Pep Club 10 REAGLE, RAYMOND E. Concession Worker 11, Fulman Ro- manum 11,12, Hi-Y 12, JCL 11,12, Track 10, Wrestling, Varsity 11,12, Wrestling, J.V. 10, Varsity Club 10,11, 12 REDMOND, DIANN L. Pep Club 10 REEF, SUSAN D. French Club 11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Pep Club 12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 11 REID, JOHN E. Cross Country 11,12, Track 10,1l,12, Varsity Club 11,12 REID, LINDA L. Maiorette 10,11,12 REITER, MARTIA D. JCL 1O,11,12, Sing-Out New Castle 11,12, Chinese Club 12, Treas. Sing- Out New Castle 12 RICE, DELBERT W. RICE, ROBERT L. Art Appre. 12, Wrestling, J.V. 10 RICH, DARLENE A. Art Appreciation 11, Pep Club 10, Y- Teens 10,12 RICHARDS, JANICE M. Basketball Usher 10, Pep Club 10,11 RICHARDS, PEGGY L. RICHARDSON, GRANTLEY F. Boy's Quartet 1 1,12, Concert Choir 10, 11,12, Finian's Rainbow 12, Senior En- semble 12, Honors Chorus 11, District Chorus 12 RITTER, MICHAEL B. ROBINSON, DEVEREN E. ROBINSON, IRIS J. Concert Choir 11, Football Usher 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 11, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10,11, Youth Page 12 ROBINSON, ROBERT R. Wrestling, Varsity 10, Wrestling, J.V. 10 ROGERS, TERRY L. ROGERS, LEON ROWE, BARBARA L. F.T.A. 11,12, German Club 11,12, Newspaper Staff 12, Pep Club 10,11, Chinese Club 12 ROWE, DAVID A. Band 10, Hi-Y 12, Latin Award, Magna Cum Laude 10 ROZZI, ANDREW ROZZI, RANDALL RUARK, RICHARD W. RUBEIS, RANDALL R. RUEHL, WANDA L. Office Staff 12 RUFFLEY, JOHN D. RUNYON, LUTHER D. Art Appre. 11,12, Band 10 RUOZZO, BARBARA J. RUSSELBURG, DANA Cheerleader, J.V. 11, Pep Club 10,11, Y-Teens 10,1 1 RUSSO, JOHN A. Football, Varsity 11,12, Football, J.V. 10, Hi-Y 11,12, Track 10,1l,12, Var- sity Club 1 1,12 RUSSO, MARGARET J. RUSSO, REBECCA A. Finian's Rainbow 12, French Club 11, 12, Fulman Romanum 10,11,12, JCL 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Newspaper Staff 12, Pep Club 10,12, Y-Teens 10,1l,12, Y-Teen Council 11, 12, Sing-Out New Castle 12, Treas. JCL 12, Latin Award Summa Cum Laude 10,11 SAAS, SHERIDAN Concert Choir 11 SANTANGELO, KETHERINE E. St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10,1 1,12 SANTANGELO, LINDA L. Fulman Romanum 12, Future Nurses Club 12, JCL 10,1 1,12 SATER, PATRICIA J. Art Appreciation 12 SAVELLI, DONALD P. SAVELLI, FRED J. SAVOCCHIA, RAMONA C. F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 10,1 1,12, Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. Spanish Club 12, St. Coun. Com. 12, Y-Teens 11,12, D.A.R. Award 12 SCHANTZ, LAUREL A. Cheerleader, Varsity I2, Cheerleader, J.V. II, French Club IO,II,I2, Pep Club IO,II,I2, St. Council IO,II,I2, St. Coun. Com. IO,II,I2, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO, Varsity Club Aux. IO,I I, I2, Y-Teens IO,II, Vice-Pres. Stu. Coun. I2 SCH EPP, MARY LOU SCHLUMBERGER, ROBERT K. Basketball, Mgr. I I,I2 SCHOOLEY, LINDA L. Y-Teens I I SCILLA, PAUL C. Football, J.V. IO SEMAN, MARK C. SERIGNESE, ANITA M. Chatter IO,I I,I2, Student Council Rep. I I, Varsity Club Aux. IO SETTLE, FREDRICK Football, J.V. I I, Art Appreciation I2 SHAFFER, DONNA L. Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller IO, Service Squad I I SHAW, KAREN E. SHELAR, LEE F. SHELAR, WAYNE R. Hi-Y I2, Mixed Chorus I I, Soph. Mixed Choir IO SHORNACK, DIANA J. Pyramis and Thisby II, Pep Club IO, Yrbk, Sales Rep. IO,I I SHORTS, CLAUDE D. SHOW, CAROL SHULER, NORA L. Finian's Rainbow I2, Fulman Romanum II,I2, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller II,I2, JCL IO,II,I2, Nat. Honor Soc. II,I2, Varsity Club Aux. II,I2, Editor Ful- man Romanum II,I2, Latin Award Summa Cum Laude IO,II, Academic Excellence Franklin 81 Marshall Book Award I I SICKELS, JAMES W. SIGNORIELLO, ANTHONY J. Sing-Out New Castle I2 SIMONE, DAMON B. Band IO,I I,I2, German Club I2, Dis- trict and Regional Bands I2 SIZER, BEVERLY A. SKANESKI, ROBERT J. Baseball IO,II,I2, Basketball, Var- sity I2, Basketball, J.V. IO,II, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO,I2, Varsity Club I I,I2, Vice-Pres. Senior Class SLACK, LINDA A. Girls Glee Club IO, Maiorettes IO,II, I2 SLAIMAN, JAMES R. SMI IH, GARY L. SMILEY, LORRAINE SMITH, KATHY M. SMITH, TERRI L. Girls Glee Club IO, Mixed Chorus II, I2, Pep Club I2, Y-Teens I I SNIEZEK, LAWRENCE E. Football, J.V. IO, Student Council Rep. I2, Track IO,I I,I2 SOMMA, FRANK c. Football, vorsafy 11,12, H1-Y 11,12 SONNTAG, DAVID N. St. Council H.R. Rep. I2 SPARANO, FRANK P. Band IO,I I,I2 SPAULDING, CLAUDIA A. Sec. DECA I2 SPERDUTE, RICHARD STALKER, PRUDENCE E. Pep Club I I,I2, Soph. Mixed Choir IO, Y-Teens IO,I I,I2 STALMA, KAREN J. German Club II,I2, Pep Club IO,II, I2 STAMP, DEBBIE L. Art Appreciation I2, Football Usher I2, Pep Club I2, Y-Teens I2, Sing- Out New Castle II,l2 STANLEY, RICHARD A. Band IO,I I,I2 STANYARD, ROSE M. Concession Workers I2, Sing Out New Castle I2 STEFANO, RICK J. STEMBAL, GARY L. Newspaper Staff II,I2, Sing Out New Castle I2, Exchange Editor, NewspaperI2 STEVENS, GARY E. Football, J.V. IO,I I, Hi-Y I2, Track IO STEVENS, HARRY E. STEVENS, KAROL A. French Club IO,II,I2, F.T.A. II,I2, Nat. Honor Society II,I2, Spanish Club I2 STITT, CARL E. Sophomore Mixed Choir IO, St. Coun- cil H.R. Rep. I I STIVERS, JOANNE O. STONER, H. JAMES Basketball, Varsity I2, Basketball, J.VS IO,I I, Football, Varsity IO,I I,I2, Football, J.V. IO, Track IO,I I,I2, Vor- sity Club I I,I2 STONER, J. FRED French Club I2, Fulman Romanum I2, Latin Award Magnum Lauda I I STONER, RAYMOND R. Football, J.V. II, Fulman Romanum I2, Latin Award I I STRAWNIAK, KATHLEEN A. STUCKEY, STEPHEN P. STULL, SANDRA L. Dofobs II, Pep Club I2, St. Coun. Com. I2, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. I2, Yrbk. Sale Rep. I2, Youth Page, Vo-Tech I2, VICA Vice-Pres. I2 STU LL, TERRY B. SZUBA, MARCIA A. Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller IO,II, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO,II, Varsity Club Aux. II,IO TARDIO, THOMAS A. French Club IO,I I,I2, F.T.A. IO,II,I2, Pep Band IO,II,I2, Stage Crew IO, II,I2, St. Coun. Com. IO,II,I2, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. IO,I2, Varsity Club I I, Band IO,I I,I2, F.T.A. Pres. I2 TAYLOR, KAREN P. Pep Club IO, St. Coun. Com. IO,II, Y-Teens IO TAYLOR, LORRAINE M. Pep Club IO, Soph. Mixed Choir IO TEDESCKO, PATRICE A. Basketball Usher IO,I2, Football Usher I2, Forum I2, Girls Glee Club IO, Goal Post Tip-Off Seller II, Nat. Honor Soc. II,I2, Newspaper Staff II, Pep Club IO,I2, Spanish Club II, I2, Varsity Club Aux. I I TENCER, GARY M. German Club I I,I2 TERVO, JOHN L. THOMAS, CAROL T. THOMAS, TIMOTHY A. Band IO,I I,I2, Dance Band I2 THOMPSON, BARBARA M. French Club IO,II,I2, Pep Club I2, Y-Teens IO,II,I2, French Club Sec'y I I, French Club Vice-Pres. I2 THOMPSON, DAVID L. Band IO,II,I2, Hi-Y I2, St. Coun. Com. I2 THOMPSON, GEORGE R. THUMM, CYNTHIA L. TOMAI, CATHY R. Fulman Romanum 10,11,12, F.T.A. 11, 12, JCL 10,11,12, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Pep Club 10,1 1,12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Pres. JCL TOMPKINS, DIANE Art Appre. 11,12, Pep Club 11, Per- godian Staff 11,Y-Teens1O,11,12 TRAYLOR, WESLEY H. Football, Varsity 12, Football, J.V. 1 1, Track 10 TURCO, LEONARD J. TURNER, KAREN L. Band 10,11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, German Club 12, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, Span- ish Club 11,12, Triple Trio 11, Y-Teens 12, Senior Ensemble 12, Honor's Chorus 1 1,12, District Chorus TURNER, MARGY L. Girls Glee Club 10, Pep Club 10 UPDEGRAFF, JOHN L. Hi-Y 12, German Club 11,12, Hi-Y 12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Tennis, Varsity 12, Tennis, J.V. 11, Treas. Nat. Honor Soc. 12, Nat. Coun. of English Teach- ers Award 1 1 URAM, NICHOLAS J. Baseball 10,11,12, Hi-Y 12, Jr. Class Treas. 11 VANASCO, SANDRA L. Concert Choir 11,12, Finian's Rainbow 12, Football Usher 12, F.T.A. 10,11,12, JCL 10,11,12, Mixed Chorus 10, Newspaper Staff 12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, St. Coun. Com. 12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 12, Triple Trio 11, Y-Teens 10,11, 12, Y-Teen Council 11,12, Senior En- semble 12, Sing-Out New Castle 11 VANCE, LINDA J. Art Appre. 11,12, Y-Teens 12 VANECEK, BARBARA A. Art Appre. 11,12, Spanish Club 11, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10,11 VANASSA, DEBRA A. Art Appre. 11,12, Y-Teens 10,1 1,12 VERDI, ELAINE M. Football Usher 12, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12, Y-Teens 10,11,12 VERDI, JANET M. Football Usher 12, Girls Glee Club 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Y-Teens 10,11,12, Y-Teen Council 11,12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 10,11 VOLPE, EUGENE Band 10,11, St. Coun. Com. 10,11,12, Office Staff 10,11,12, Safety Council 10,11,12 WALCZAK, JOYCE M. French Club 10,11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Girls Glee Club IO, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Pep Club 11 WALLACE, JAMES G. WALTERS, JOHN M. WARD, RHONDA L. Band 10,11,12, French Club 10,11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 11,12, Y-Teens 10, Vice-Pres. Nat. Honor Soc. 12 WARNOCK, ROBERT S. Art Appre. 12 WATSON, CHARLOTTE E. Football Usher 12, Newspaper Staff 10,11 WELSH, GROVER G. WEST, JOHN P. Hi-Y 12, Stage Crew 10,11 WEST, LINDA WESTRICK, EDWARD E. WHEATON, BARBARA A. Service Squad WHITE, DANIEL B. WILLIAMS, GALE WILMES, JOHN L. WILSON, JAMES M. Boy's Quartet 1 1, Concert Choir 1 1,12, Cross Country 11, Dofobs 12, Mixed Chorus 10, Soph. Mixed Choir 10, St. Coun. Com. 10,11,12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11,12, Turn-Style Boy 10,11,12, Senior Ensemble 12, Yrbk. Sales Rep. 10,1 1, Treas. Concert Choir 12 WINGER, ELLEN M. Pep Club 1O,11,Y-Teens 12 WINGFIELD, DOUGLAS K. Concert Choir 11,12, French Club 10, 11,12, F.T.A. 11,12, Soph. Mixed Chorus IO, Dofobs 1 1 WOOTEN, WILLIAM Turn-Style Boy 10,11, Varsity Club 10, 11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 10,11,12 YANUL, PATRICIA A. Football Usher 12, Pep Club 12, Y- Teens 12 YOUNG, MICHAEL D. ZAHNISER, BARBARA L. ZAMBELLI, DONNALOU' Athletic Sec'y 11,12, Basketball Usher 12, Chatter 10,11,12, Concession Worker 11, Football Usher 12, F.T.A. 11,12, Goal-Post Tip-Off Seller 11, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Pep Club 10, 11, Spanish Club 11,12, Stu. Coun. 11, 12, St. Coun Com. 10,11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 1O,11,12,Y-Teens1O,11,Y- Teen Coun. 11, Safety Council 10,11, 12, Pres. Spanish Club 12, Chatter Editor 12, Treas. Y-Teens 1 1 ZAMBELLI, LINDA Football Usher 12, Newspaper Staff 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Y-Teens 10, 11,12 ZDURIENCIK, JOHN A. Baseball 10,11,12, Basketball Usher 12, Football, Varsity 12, Football, J.V. 10,11, Hi-Y 12, St. Coun. H.R. Rep. 11, Varsity Club 11,12, Winner Elk's Lead- ership Contest 12 ZEIGLER, KAREN L. Soph. Mixed Choir 10 ZIMAN, PENNY S. Concession Worker 11,12, French Club 1O,11,12,Treas. French Club 12, F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Soc. 12, Spanish Club 11,12, Pergodian Staff 11,12, Pergodian Sales Rep. 12, Layout Editor Pergodian, 12, Goal-Post Advertising Editor 1 1,12, Tip-Off Advertising Editor 1 1,12 ZONA, JEANNETTE F. Concession Worker 12 ZONA, VICTOR C. Fulman Romanum11,12,JCL1O,11,12 1 I 1 I

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