New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA)

 - Class of 1968

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1968 volume:

I a l I l i 5 i I I l f I I 5 Y 9 I Q 5 V F E l i ! I I x i 5 A 1 PERGODIAN . . . . 1968 . . . VOL. VII NEW CASTLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA C ONTENTS FACULTY . . . PAGE 40 UNDERCLASS . . . PAGE 56 2 CLUBS . . . PAGE 84 SPORTS . . . PAGE 152 GRADUATES . . . PAGE 110 'N.t -of 3 Ho US UNITY yn- m'w"1" 'Www D951 1 MERRIME NT 9 1 Q ff , ff l , , Q 4 1 f , ww f l , Y W7 INDECISICN 13 W I A.F.S .... PAULO ' 'E ,Q 'QQ' in x M E ,X E L1 Q -34 '40 14 ,X 5 gx I F 0 rv O0 v M04 MS CONTEMPLATION I 'Q ,ik ,W 'ff H 51 i va 3 17 -wxsxifg Sign ,, .i gk .it N . my E E S Q . - 2' M mf Q HF . Q WAN W Q W OUR QUEEN M 20 35 21 SPIRIT ,, NW.. X 4? gf ff f M I Y 'X S vi J, ,1,1. 3113, W ' 'trim-f 1 A 29 5'-4 ir -J Q. if 0 in n n '. QD 0,74 if , 4... 1 0 .1 ' N. -fe!-ff,i1fs+ 0?-5,!.:Q,'! ff' nqbig ' 3, ..'j"'-- I . lr-' . C. 7" N -vm. 'u 1 '- f . ,gps 1 'Q 7 11:3 '31-., 55. iv , lf: if i f ' P. l 5- - " " kg r RJ: ' if "n ': lv' X f V Q - if 1 1 ' o "W, M A lv vs. ' '1 Q U, V K ,, ' - ' Y- , W - I y - ' U ' 1 Q . . R. , ' , P. ' A I' W I Q JF. X' my X W-. v wx ffI?!L4f'.?g I' aw .,,,WW.M.,N-ww, WM , , M if f' gg Ji? in ' ,A Ev , lf N Lwn! 3 jf?-7L L. J MA, ' I f fl if 4 WA Ns, " Wy' X W 'I n if Y, X ,Q -1--3 'flu rlff ' xxw '., .,. 4-QI 1,511 '9'1,4, 1 w, Fa,,, N . .w,' XV Q jus: 1 N " , ' fl 1 ., X V , 1 f W ,X ,,u. ,Q 'L ,rllx fl 4 , - ROYALTY T ,sig 3 .R Q, :' X ?1 i ' iml AhP Q'-Q 'h ' '- qkssk xv ww. w'X I WA - K Y, 1 -. wee? :gg aff- x.-4? ' 1 .fx E ,Ei . ik LLLL V. ,L A 53.91 S5 H ki. :W kk '-'- X 3 -. R fm 4' f Q ,, , f 5 -f-' ,l , 1: IV Tl! E' x 2 Lf" ullll"" ,xi k , - up , A. L 1 , xA 'Q 1 FM: Ti' ,IV M - ? A ff 0 y '- 2 f k ' ' "f'f' Q F1 h ' , 1 M 2 WF mmf f- " - M, A jf: ' Y, jr 11- .Q . if E. M X ' A . Wi M21 ' SXL 1 ll .sq f +.....:f,q mgpm 'M J, 5 . 1-riff. - 4 'fl N14 1 , .. Q i 1 E' V wa , '21 P Ha K nxiw 6 , , ra' 'yn , 1 ae . xxxg 'l M-M,.,,,..-f Xml, PATIENCE 1 x, F' k f if I. - 1 if fig ,f K 31 4 Q i 5 Q lr .www ..4vf ...-.uv CONSCIENTIOUSNESS M Am ,. N-m....v 34 is. 36 LAUGHTER a 'W' ,g gi 1 x ma 5 esfxjg mp :S fu 5 gf mw'4 ' E S' V .iE:'i-Ny.. f,,ji5,i5gg ::',.:, 32 .f'+'5g5.Q .Q 1 H g 'Hi s. . -gi-1 F 2 2, ga, 3 , A N ri "v JJ- N gi , -K A wa f ' Q X x S fi? XX wi K ,fwiigsii W ifsf X ,QE ..,:, ,Q 1 93311 39 W TF! ki x y kkf- ' 'x M 1 5 Q5 Zi be i .. ,, 'xi- . 13 'gg A Q SA 41 . . 5 f - L K il X Q . R 5 H ,M f gfgwszi 499 K W i X i X 9 . , 2 Am M E ,ng1lF"v 4 'Num + 9' Q i ' my 3 ay :S 3 ES ii 4 R 5 ,, Q Af 3 X Ka! K. Q ,. ar 'fn N. M 1Q'-, k N faculty Mr. Russell Horchler, Superintendent Mr. Calvin DiCaI'l0, Assistant l 3 s I l Q e 9 A-----,.,.-no A 5,-QQIIIFFFF, :gallant geagfd Joseph B. Cooper, Joseph Chill, Harvey Jokinen, Mary Elliot, Robert Tomai. Standing Albert Russo, John I. Toth, Larry e asco. Mr. William Thompson, Business Manager Miss Myrna M. Donnelly, Secretary. NEW CASTLE AREA BOARD OF EDUCATION 42 EXECUTIVE The executive provides our foundation and up holds the valuable philosophies of education. Mr. Fred Y. McLure, Principal Mr. Amen Hassen, Assistant Principal Miss Dorothy Young, Assistant Principal 43 l , Q 'Q ly X f ' , ' 2 i""'9f 3 4, I. If Mr. Cervin Smith, Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Joseph Thompson, Miss Blanche Zehner GUIDANCE , pp s, X The guidance department is the stairs to our fu- ture. A College View Deck has been added as a help in selecting a college. ,.,..--f Through the efforts of Mr. Cowmeadow, the fine touches of our school activities were successfully carried out. 44 Agn . , I i" . '-...xW Mr. Austin Cowmeadow ACTIVITY COORDINATOR OFFICE STAFF Linda Orlando, Mary Detwiler, Barbara Cowrneadow, Lela Moorehead, Geraldine Fry, Helen Updegraff Mrs. James, Miss Metz The office staff is very beneficial to our school and does many things to help it operate smoothly. The librarians open to us the realm of books. Some recent additions have been records, microfilm reader and printer, filmstrips, and copy machines. DIRECTOR OF AUDIO VISUAL INSTRUCTION ANI READING CONSULTANT l Mr. McCracken Mr. McCracken, director of audio visual, and Mr. Orlando, the audio visual coordinator, are a very beneficial asset to the high school. Mr. Navarra HOME AND SCHOOL VISITOR AUDIO VISUAL CO-ORDINATOR. Mr. Orlando PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Dan Spanish, Mrs. Weingartner, Mrs. Wise, Mr. Sebastian, Mr. Connie Palumbo Mr. Dunsieth, Mr. Lehmier SPECIAL EDUCATION 47 Physical education is am impor- tant aspect of our high school. Team games as well as individual talents are brought out in the student. Special education develops an occupational curricullum leading to a job training program. Seated Mrs. Van Hom, Mrs. Michael, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Boyles, Mrs. Collins. Standing Mr. Panella, Mr. Morabito, Mr. McConahy, Mr. Bau- man, Mr. DeLuca , ENGLISH Through the English department, sophomores gain a more knowledgeable background in grammar. Juniors gain poise and self-confidence in public speaking, and a history of American literature. Seniors gain insight into English literature and proper style of composition. Mental health gives a background in both physical and mental health and lends a deeper understanding to our emotional make-up and its effect. Mr. Bender MENTAL HEALTH 48 ART Art opens the Windows to the world. This course is beneficial to interested and de- termined students. This year an Art Appreciation Club was formed. Mr. Zona, Mr. Isaac , Included in the science department is biology, chemistry, and physics. eaterl Miss Reed, Miss Zamperini, Mrs. Picrcll, Miss Magill, Standing Mr. Orla vita, Mr. Spina. SCIENCE 49 3 .- 'ssr srrr A r udo, Mr. Staph, Mr. Duncan, Mr, Wisnesky, Mr, Hannon, Mr. Per- SOCIAL STUDIES Seated Mr. Tucker, Mrs. Poleno, Mr. Andy. Standing Mr. Jackson, Mr. Hamilton, MI. Brown, Mr. Keffer Social studies opens the door to history past and pres- ent. A new P.O.D. study course began this year. No texts books are used and all material is read by the individual on his own and discussed in class. Home economics teaches a student the basic tech- niques of homemaking. Students are involved in pro- jects concerning home management, cooking, and sewing. Mrs. Rentz, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Conti HOME ECONOMICS 50 l 1 Seated Mrs. Patterson, Miss Montgomery, Miss Olinger, Mrs. Garvin, Mrs. Elliot. Standing Miss H. Stevenson, Miss O. Stevenson, Mr. Conti, Mr. Lehto, Mr. Klee, Miss Scarazzo BUSINESS EDUCATION I Business education paves the road for l students wishing to enter the business world. There are courses in sales, typing, shorthand, and business arithmetic. The skills of Working with wood and metal are taught in shop. Mr. Humphrey, Mr. Stalker, Mr. Matthews 51 DRIVER'S EDUCATION Driver's training enables our students to properly learn careful driving techniques. As the world progresses so does the importance of math. This year a course of modern introductory anal- ysis has been added along with the other courses of general math, algebra, and senior mathematics. Mr. Ross, Mr. Plano, Mr. Gray, Mr. Leonhardt MATH Miss Callahan, Mrs, Allen, Miss Wilkins, Mr. McCa.ndless, Mr. Zbiegien 52 LANGUAGE Mrs. Howard, Miss Roux, Miss Cimini, Mrs. Ronan, Mr. Zidow, Mr. Schlumberger, Mr. Vinton Mr. Ferraro, Mr. Melcer Language opens a world of communication that breaks the barrier between people. This year a fifth year of study has been added to French, Spanish, and Latin. Combined band and choir performed magnificently during the senior football game. The new band uniforms are an attractive addition. MUSIC CUSTODIAL STAFF ' A 5 fs Mr. Green, Mrs. Leckwart, Mr. Murdock, Mr. Santangelo J f 1 ,J V 1-X .Y VG.-. 'gi abs, ,mf fm-Q' 53 Q vf ggi af , U, .'a '.,.- 1- . ffl?-rfv,,Q1. l'i"f5" xt -"'i iilvffa ju. E. w-v Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Sizer, Mrs. Lastoria, Mrs. Mele, Mrs. Trepicons, Mrs. Ostrowski, Mrs. Carik, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hughes CAFETERIA The fine maintenance of our high school is a result of our ambitious custodial staff. The cafeteria staff plans and prepares an effective and much appreciated lunch program 54 K Ji :f:, X S 1 5 N' wr .. wif-2 underclass Mr. McConahy, Room 203: Shirley Weygant, Rose Wiech, JoAnn Will- iams, Sharon Williams, George Wilson, Beverly Wimer, John Wiseman Kenneth Womer, Margaret Woods, Beverly Wright, Yolanda Wynnj Sandra Wyza, Vicki Yachym, Edward Yerage, David Yoho, Ray Yaro, John Young, Richard Zacharewski, Deborah Zduriencik, John Zedick, Craig Zeigler, Steve Zubkousky SOPHOMORES Mr. Klee, Room 313: Bobbie Akers Morrisceon Akins Francis Akstulewicz Patricia Albert Cynthia Aldan Wayne Alexander Tom Alfreda Charles Allen Joann Allen Jill Allerton William Aloe Kathleen Altman Josephine Ambrose Kathy Anderson Lawrence Anderson Darlina Annabelli Karen Apecella Larry Armstrong Elaine Artis Jerry Ascione Charles Aslanes Deborah Attisano Judith Attisano Bruce Atwell David Audia Mark Audino Garnet Austin Randall Bara Laureen Barber 1 6 2 i i 2 1 r g 1 A' Mr. Lehmier, Room 1: ,W John Govojdean Lorene Graft Barbara Graham Dominick Grant Melvin Grata Ca.rolyn Graziani Lorraine Greco William Green Danelle Grego William Griffin Frank Grimes Deborah Grundy Karen Grzybowski Janice Gunn Debra Haid Ronald Hall Janet Hamed Joseph Hamed Jeff Hamill Harry Hammond Rachel Hanna James Harcar Harry Hare Judy Harper Bonnie Harris Carolyn Harrison Michael Harvey Janet Hassel Mr, Gennock, Room 212: Jeannie Fisher, Donna Flamino, Jeffrey Flamino, Roger Tlamino, Sam Flora, Patrick Flynn, Karen foreman, Philomena Forgione, John Forletta, Diane Fornataro, Sharon Forrest, Joe Triedham, William Foster, Cynthia Fraley, Denise Francazio, Jeanne Frank, Robert Frank, William Frank, David Frazier, Cynthia Frengel, Carmen Fusco, Frances Fusco, Mari- lyn Fusco, Eugene Gabriel, Myra Gabriel, Joe Gairdo, Cheryl Galano, Sandra Galano, Jack Freed Miss Magill, Room Tim Heaney Richard Heasley Robert Hefferen Darlene Heitger Bill Helbley Sharon Hemming Carol Hemphill Don Hennon Susan Henzel Gerald Hermann Mary Jane Hetrick Penny Higgs Ken Hildebrand Helen Hiler Karen Hill Jane Hokanson Bonita Holliday Brian Hollins Mildred Hooks Helen Hoover Muriel Howard Mary Sheila Howe, Susan Howland George Howley Miss Ronan, Room 107, Darla Lewis, Lucy Librandi, Barbara Link, Ronald Linton, Linda Lizambri, Carl Lle- wellyn, Gary Lloyd, Joanne Lockley, Anthony Lombardo, Bonnie Lombar- do, Bonnie Lombardo, Frances Lombardo, Louis Lombardo, Lynda Lombardo, Anne Long, Sherry Ludovici, Mary Lutton, Joycelyn Lutz, Pamela Lutz, Joseph Macri, Lester 60 Malizia, John Majeski, Joe Mancini Rose Marapese, James Marchatino Bob Margel, Marcia Mariacher Shireley Marino, Sarah Martini a 5 Q E S E s E K Mr. Hannon, Room 6: Marsha Galanski, Danny Gall, Linda Gallagher, Philip Gallo, Gary Gallonio, Sandy Gallonio, Angela Galmarini, Eugene Garczewski, Clifton Goodner, Denise Gardner, Maryjo Gaspare, Gary Gay, JoAnn Genareo, Karen Giacomini, Helen Gill, Jeff Gill, Bernadette Gillest, Helene Ginsberg, Susan Ginsberg, Mike Golling, Kealy Goodmar B ' L f as E 2 L Mr. Zidow, Room 201: Mike Tonsetic Jerry Trodden Lou Trott Marsha Trott Kathy Tumer Ralph Ubry Dave Vanasco Gene Van Buren Kathy Van Dusen Susan Vaughn Rudolph Vellone Patrice Venturi Anthony Vericella Matty Viggiano Rocco Viggiano Mary Vigne Mike Vincent Rose Ann Vitale Paul Wade Sandra Wallace Ulysses Walker Diane Wameck Ken Wasilewski Delsa Waters Deborah Watkins Donald Weller 61 Mr. Bauman, Room Diane Baskeyfield Bonnie Baskeyfield Mary Ann Baxter Lorena Beckert Alexis Bell Larry Bell Martin Benedict Kathy Blight Fatima Betters Andrew Bloise Joseph Boazzo Joseph Boczor Thomasina Bonelli Ronald Book Albert Booker Diane Booth Bonnie Borkesy Theodore Boron Clifton Bethune Gregory Bradley Sandra Brandon Frank Burelli Miss Zamperini, Room 318: Theona Stefanis, Michael Stefano, William Stevens, Naney Stevenson, Beckie Stewart, Joan Stewart, Stephanie Stewart, Robert Stillwagon, Karen Stitt, Mary Stofick, Gary Stone, Anthony Stoner, Joe Surgenavic, Steve Szesko, Raymond Tanner, Erika Tarasyuk, Elaine Taylor, Maureen Taylor, Wilbert Taylor, Gary Temper- ato, David Theiss, Candace Thomas, Eleanor Thomas, Lewis Thomas, Sherry Thomas, Thomas Toney, Joanne Tongue 62 S Mr. Tucker, Room 101: Gretchen Olson Karen Ostrowski Ioan Oswald William Owens Gayle Paden Phyllis Padula Ron Painao Michael Pagley Mark Palkovich Mark Palladino Charles Palmer Robert Palus John Papst Louis Paris David Parke Mary Ann Passaretti Thomas Patrick Mary Patterson Brenda Payne Janice Pearce John Peluso Mary Ann Perkins Linda Perrett James Perretta Denice Chiarini, Gary Chiarini, Saundra Chiarini Robert Chill, Ida Chirozzi, Christina Chirumbolo John Chmura, Philip Christopher, Matthew Christy Rebecca Cimini, Louis Cioppa, Stanley Clark William Clymer. Mrs. Brown, Room Larry Brenneman Richard Brewton Dave Brice John Brice Gary Brightshue Mable Brightshue Mary Brightshue Sandra Brommer Charles Brooks James Brooks Lois Brown Richard Brown Phyllis Bucker Beverly Budzowski Donald Buliseo Linda Bullano Ronald Bunnell Jackie Burke Micheal Burke Joseph Burkot Maureen Burns Kathleen Burnside Anthony Burrelli Miss Scarazzo, Room 311: Beverly Mc- Fall, Dennis McFarland, James Mc- Guire, Maurice McHenry, James Mclllwain, William Mclltrot, Betty Q'5.11N,F,Z-" McLaren, Susan McMunn, Barbara McNich0las, Mary Jane Medlock, Florine Medure, Debra Menichino, Joseph Micco, Michael Midzie, Karen 64 in fl 'N' .. kg- -- in W . Miller, Mary Miller, Robert D Miller Robert W. Miller, Sylvla Mllls D3Vld Mitchell, Joan Mollick Terry Monaco Melvin Montgomery Miss Stevenson, Room 310: Thomas Mooney Billie Jean Moore Jeffery Mora Angela Morella Stephen Moroz Lynn Moses Cynthia Mosley Delores Moss Michelle Mott Leroy Munson Sandra Naple Margaret Natale Joseph Nero Richard Nero Joseph Nerti Gay Newkirk Lynette Newman Carolyn Newswonder Virginia Nicely Kathleen Nickel Sara Nielsen Sharon Nocera Yvonne Nocera Barbara Noga Judy Nuzzo Karen Oberleitner Mr, Vinton, Room 213: Regina Rauso, Pete Raz- zana, Debbie Regan, Sammy Reino, Donna Retort, Darlene Rhodes, Kathy Rice, Paul Riniti, Elena Rivezza, Frank Ro- gan, Patty Rogan, Richard Rogovin, Michael Roper, George Ross, Louis Ross, Susan Ross, Rose Mary Rossano, Carman Rotz, Eileen Rozzi, Lynn Rubenson, Marilou Russo, Kathy Ryczaj, Marsha Ry- hal, Karen Sabino, Connie Saeson, George Saines, Linda Salzman, Mark Sar- 65 tell, Deborah Scarnati, Patti Scarnati, Alan Sch- wartz, Darryl Scott, Joseph Scrim Mrs. Van Horn, Ro Loretta Perretti Elizabeth Perrotta Joanne Peterson Keith Peterson Melodie Pflueger Ralph Phillips Debbie Pia James Pilch Shirely Pitch Linda Porter Ioan Powers Mark Presnar Ray Presnar John Preston Ron Price Kathy Pugh Nancy Pugh Bev Pursell Sharon Putnam Nancy Quear Pat Querriera Denise Rager Bernadette Rankin Om 110: Miss Wilkins, Room 300: Vonnie Seals, Nancy Senchak, Sharon Shaffer, Barbara Shakely, Robert Shansky, Deboral Sheraff, Tim Sheridan, Patrick Shields, Rita Shuler, Christina Signoriello, Marie Signoriello, Barbara Simmons, Gar Slack, Sandra Slack, Vicki Smialowski, Denice Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Norma Snyder, Brian Soloman, Sally Spiers, Mar Lou Springer, Catherine Stafford, Sandra Stafford, Daniel Steele, Jerry Steele, Lindy Steese f i E K r 66 Mr. Duncan, Room 315: Martin Dougherty, Mary DuBrock, Deborah Eagan, Rosemary Edminston, Patricia Effinite, George Elias, James Elias, Bruce Engs, Gary Erwin, Nancy Esposito, John Evanoski, Kathleen Evanoski, Nick Faella, Michael Falatko, Rita Farrar, Linda Favorite, Frank Fazzone, William Faz- zone, Steve Fedor, Thomas Fee, Jay Feld, Antoinette Ferrara, Denise Ferrari, Bill Ferrucci, Marlene Fiore, Mary Fishe Miss Olinger, Room 312: Brenda Hcgzland, Christine Hrisoulas, Linda Hruska, Vickie Hudson, Lana Isabella, Linda Isabella Sylvia Izzo, Kay J acob, Robin Jacobs, arsha Jameson, James Janowsik, Tim Jenkins, Patti Johnson, Renee Johnson, Carole Jones Linda Jones, Melanle Jones, Lawrence Joseph, Gregory Kalata, Susan Karch, Linda Keely, Joyce Kelley, Thomas Kelly 67 Mrs. Poleno, Room 115: Edward Kent Kathy Kerber Yvonne Keyes Judy Kimmel Tom Kirkwood Dianna Kitzko Ben Klingensmith Paul Kophvnak Patricia Korzec Gary Kos Terry Kovalick Pamela Kozol Wayne Kraft Ann Marie Kraner James Krause Leon Kresowaty Richard Kuluk Andrea Lang Patricia Langlois Michael Lansdowne Susan Latess Antoinette Layton Sara Lazar Donna Lee John Lemmon Karen Leonard Linda Lesniak SOPHOMORES Miss Dodson, Room 305: Denise Cunningham, Joyce Dalesandro, Elaine Dattonio, Leah Dattilo, Beverly Davis, Glenn Davis, Karen Davis, Dan Dean, Eleanor Dean- tonio, Larry DeAugustine, Kathy De Eulio, David De- Fiore, Dennis DeFonso, Karen Delohn, Edith DeLisio, Gary De Lorenzo, Frances Del Signore, Deborah De- Marco, Kathy DeMarco, Richard DeMarco, janet Dennis Concetta Denuccio, Anthony DeRosa, Elizabeth DeSalvo, Donald DeSanti, Alfred DeViincentis, Elizabeth DeVivo, Ellen DiCarlo, Julia Dick, Louis DiPa0l0, William Donald' son, Michael Debelok Cynthia McCall, Cindy McCampbell, Debbie McCann, Linda McCollums, Patti McConahy, Michael McConahy, James McConnell, Kim McCormick, Lorraine McCrearry, Ellen McCue, Jeanne Mc- Entire, Jonna McEwen Mr. Staph, Room 3: David Cochran Ralph Cohen David Colella Yvonne Colella Debbie Colich Craig Collins Joseph Colyer John Comstock Cliford Conner Frank Conti Debbie Cook John Costa David Cox Dan Coyne Jesse Crouch Elizabeth Crowl Janet Crowthers Denise Crudell Paul Cubbal Denise Cummings Barbara Cumo Mrs. Matheny, Room Sheridan Saas Mary Lou Schepp Robert Schlumberger Linda Schooley Mark Seman Anita Serignese Fred Settle Karen Shaw Lee Shelar Wayne Shelar Diana Shornack Carol Show Nora Shuler James Sickels Jack Sigler Anthony Signoriella Elaine Silvis Damon Simeone Beverly Sizer Robert Skaneski Dorothy Slack John Slack Linda Slack James Slaiman Lorraine Smiley Cary Smith Kathleen Smith Terry Lynn Smith Larry Sniezek Frank Somma Sandra Stull JUNIORS Mr. Dunsieth, Room 10: Donna Shaffer, Rhonda Ward, Robert Warnock, Charlotte Watson, Grover Welsh, John West, Ed Westrick, Barbara Wheaton, Daniel White, Gale Williams, james Wilson, Ellen Winger, Doug Wingfield, William Wooten, Sam Yanessa, Patricia Yanul, Michael Young, Barbara Zahniser, Donnalou Zambelli, Linda Zambelli, jack Zdurencik, Alfred Zegetner, Karen Ziegler, Penny Ziman, Jeanette Zona, Victor Zona 70 Mr. Stalker, St. 8: Barbara Thompson Dave Thompson George Thompson Cathy Tomai Diane Tompkins Leonard Turco Margaret Turner Karen Tumer Wesley Traylor John Updegraff Nick Uram Sandy Vanasco Debra Vanassa Linda Vance Barbara Vanecek Janet Verdi Elaine Verdi Eugene Volpe Joyce Walczak John Walters Mrs Allen Room 301 Marilyn Abcl Robert Abramski William Abramskl Rita Adamo Stanley Adamski, Maxene Akins, Phyllis Alfreda William Alfera Julia Allay Susan Aloc C arla Altman Gary Antonelh George Aquaro Sam Arglro Annette Audino, Marilyn Augustine Kenneth Aven Mary Aven Robert Babick Debbic B ikcr Laurcl Balla Lew Banks Rebecca Barber Robert Barber, Alan Barker Marjorie Mrs. Elliot, Room 216: John Murphy, Tom Murphy, Bill Nakoneczny, Joe Nasel, Joe Natale, Dennis Norris, John Norris, David N uzzo, Tim O'Leary, Mike Orlando, Sam Orr- ico, Bob Ostrowski, Harry Pagley, John Palko, Joe Palkovich, Cindy Nelson, Helen Nene, Marlene Newswonder, Kathy Nocera, Judith J UNIORS Mrs. Martin, Room Cindy Germaine Joe Germani Gail Gibson Jack Gill JoAnn Ginocchi Leonard Ginocchi LaVonne Glenn Robert Glodic James Goodpastor Sue Gormley Maria Granato Sharyn Grannis Richard Grata Larry Greco Linda Gridlio Guy Grossetti Michael Grotefend Kathryn Guido Louis Guido Debi Guiducci Darlene Gunn Judy Gunther Robert Gusch David Guy Patricia Hadgkiss Emily Hamett Janice Hamett Douglas Hamill Darla Hanlon Levi Harding 0: 3257 ., 1 L P4 Nogee, Eileen Orr- ico, Debbie Ostrow- ski, Rosemary Pacel- la, Nancy Pagliaro, Yvonne Pico, Becky Pallco 72 Miss Burelson, Room Claude Shorts Frank Sparano Claudia Spaulding Richard Sperdute Pruddy Stalker Karen Stalma Debbie Stamp Ricky Stanley Rose Stanyard Kathleen Strawniak Rick Stefano Gary Stembal Cary Stevens Harry Stevens Karol Stevens Fred Stoner Jim Stoner Ray Stoner Marcia Szuba Willie Talley Tom Tardio Anne Taylor Karen Taylor Lorraine Taylor Warren Taylor Patrice Tedescko Gary 'lrivencer Carol homas Tim Thomas Cynthia Thumn Reggie Tipper Mr. Zbiegen, Room 306: Susan Beals, Daryl Beck, Valen- tino Bell, Patricia Benincase, Richard Benninghoff, John Berg, Patricia Ber- nard, Sheryl Bertak, Patricia Bertone, Alexis Beshero, Den- - nis Bevan, Thomas Biasucci, Jancie Bil- ger, Larry Billyk, Arnold Blashak, Candace Boak, Ela- ine Boczar, Kathy Bogdon, Nunzie Bonfield, Stanley Booker, Walter Bor- on, Kevin Bortnyik, Carol Boston, Louise 73 Boston, Robert Bott Helen Bowen Mary Beth Bowen Mary Alice Boyd William Boyles Denise Brown Mr. Sebastian, Room 12: John Masterson, Judith Richards, Peggy Richards, Crantley Richardson, Sam Rico, Deveren Robinson, Iris Robinson, Barbara Rowe, David Rowe, Andrew Rozzi, Randall Rozzi, Wanda Ruehl, Luther Runyon, Barbara Ruozzo, Dana Russel- burg, John Russo, Margaret Russo, Rebecca Russo, Kathy Santangelo, Linda Santangelo, Patty Sater, Donald Savelli, Fred Savelli, Rarnona Savocc- hia, Laurel Schantz M1ss Rouz Room 202: Charles Hanna James Hannon, William Hannon Lmda Hardesty, Mar- v1n Hardney, Charles Harper, Irene Hams, Robert Harrison Bernard Hartle, Scott Hartzell Judy Hawes, Elaine Haybarger, Peter Helmer, James Hender- son, Gary Hess, Janet Hester, J3I10t Higley, James Hilde- brand, David Hnat, Leona Ho- bel, Barbara Hodge, Kathleen Holoman, Gloria Hoover, Nancy Horchler, Cheryl Howard Mr. Hamilton, Room 211: Billie Malley, Patricia Mann, Barbara Manning, Vicki Manolis, Lu Ann Manzo, Mary Mar- cella, Jerome Marino, Lucyndia Marino, Henry Marrangoni, Carol Marshall, Bernadette Marso, Carol Martino, John Mas- ters, Mary Pat Mayer, Dan Mazzocca, Deborah McBride, Frank McBride, Linda McCabe, John McClure, Gene McCommons, Scott McConahy, Gaylord McConnell, Ronald McConnell. Randal McCormick, Barbara McCurley, Gavin McGaffic, Scott McGary, Janis McGregor, Beth McHattie, James McKee Beatrice McMullen u Mr. Howard, Room 11: Michael Pallidino, Clyde Palmer,Joseph Palmiro, Anthony Panella, Anthony Panella, Richard Panella, Paula Paolini, Alexander Parou, Mark Parsons, Deanna Lynn Passalinqua, Joe Passerello, David Pastore, Theodore Patrick, James Peabody, Raymond Peluso, Timothy Pencil, Patricia Perkins, Georgian Perod, Gerald Peter- son, James Pezzone, Richard Pezzuti, Judith Pherson, Terry Phillips, Sue Phipps, Victor Piccione, Jane Piccorolla, William Pierz, Toni Pip- ola, Cheryl Pitzer ,,,7 J ,fx V - Mr. Wisnesky, Room Christine Cwynar Deborah Cwynar Louis Dando Irene Darwin Harry Dattilo Carl D'Augustine James Dawson Larry Davis Linda Davis Denis Defibaugh Denise DeFiore Denise DeGaton Kathy DeGidio Debbie DeJohn Vince Deli Nancy DeLorenzo Debbie Del Principe Diana DeMatteis Richard Dennis John Denny Debby DePolis Michael DeRicco Cynthia DeRobbio Patricia Derzy Bonnie DeSalvo Mr. Ross, Room 217: Ronald Hunt, Larry Iervoline, David Iozzi, Louis Irace, Patricia Irwin, Barbara Jacob, Kathleen Jacobs, James Dennis, Susan Jamison, Roberta Janovick, Barbara Janowski, Carole Jaskolka, Robert Jennings, Danita Johnson, Eileen Johnson, Jay Johnson, Lucinda Johnson, James Jolley, William Jones, Dale Jones, Johanna Jones, Kenneth Jones, Earl Jordan, Minerva Jordan, William Joynson, Marlene Kakos, John Karatinos, Janet Kazenski JUNIORS Mr, Lehto, Room 309: Carol Chill, Patty Christner, Stephen Christy, Kay Ann Cia- lella, Karan Cicco, Gary Cirnini, Sandra Cioffi, Kim Clavelli, Linda Clyde, Madelyn Cobhs, Eileen Conti, Tina Cook, Nancy Ckmoper, Thomas Cowher, Gretchen Coryea, Darlene Cover, William Coyne, Frank Cozza, Carol Craycraft, Linda Crews, Mary Crowl, Janet Cubellis, ,loe Cuhellis, Mary Cubellis, David Cuhran, Daniel Cullen, Diane Cummings, Joseph Cumo, David Cunningham, Catherine Cwiakala ,MV Mr. Andy, Room 205: Forest McMunn Angela Medure Frank Medure Debra Mele Sherry Memo David Meredith David Meyer David Micaletti Donald Micaletti Janice Micco Michael Michalojko Kathleen Miles Charles Million Linda Miron Charles Monsour Bruce Montgomery Linda Montgomery Susan Montgomery Gary Moore Mary Moore Sharon Moore Cary Mora Carol Moretti Domenic Morgan Deborah Morse Daniel Moses Joe Moses Ioan Moss John Moss Darlene Mrozek Douglas Murdock James Myers 77 Miss Maher, Room 108: Mary Leonard, Donna Leone, Edward Lenhart, Karen Leslie, Angela Letrenta, Charles Lewis, Chris Lewis Debbie Llewlyn, Albert Lombardo, Debbie Lombardo, Greg Lombardo, Jim Lombardo, Kathy Lombardo, Nick Lombardo, Elaine Ludc vici, William Luongo, Saundra Lutz, Paul Lynch, Paul Lynn, John Lyon, Mike Macri, Loretta Magliocco, Ester Magno, Douglas Magoun Roseanne Maiorano 3 5 5 2 i E s Mr. Panella, Room 210: Deborah Porada Marsha Porter Sharon Porter Jeffrey Poulton Judy Presnar Bill Proffit Christine Pszenny Mary Lou Pursell Yvonne Quarella Mark Quigley Guy Rainey Nick Rainey Lucille Randy Constance Rankin Mary Ann Raskowski Nancy Rea Joanne Reagle Raymond Reagle Diann Redmond Susan Reef Tom Reese John Reid Linda Reid Martia Reiter Robert Rice Darlene Rich Janice Richards 78 n .,., ' 'z 33 1 , A1-W - .,.,.,, MV.,, W ...L x.,L, t Y S -1353 mf 3 3 5 E 5 3' Mr. Klinger, Room 109: Debra Kelley, Timothy Kelly, Frances Kendra, Barbara Kerr, Ronald Keyes, Elizabeth Kinkela, William Kirker, Letitia Knight, Lottie Knight, Patricia Knorr, Dan Kociella, Judith Korzec, Stan- ley Kosciuszka, Karol Koski, Steve Krasinski, Deborah Kraesen, Kieth Kuttesh, Mary Lee LaMarca, Regina Lamorella, Kenneth Langford, Marie Lastoria, Kathrine Latcheran, Jennie Latouf, Jacquelyn Leasure, Harvey Lemmon, Diane Len Mr. Conti, Room 307: John De Simmone, Carl DeVitto, Joan DiAle- Sandro, Robert DiCaprio, Andrea DiLorenzo, Henry Dinafore, Sandra Domenick, Brian Donahue, David Doran, Deborah Doran, Janice Dougal- ewicz, Terry Doyle, William Dunlop, Charles Durst, Frank Durst, Trenton Eckles, Lewis Eggleston, William Eggleston, Joanne Eisenhuth, Sandra Elisco, James Elliot, Beverly Ellis, Teri Ellis, Susan Elsesser, Michael Estock, Raymond Evanoski, Thomas Evans, Susan Fahmy, Nick Ferrese, Charles Ferver, Margaret Finefrock, Joanne Fiorante Mr. McCandless, Room 303: John Brown Florence Bruno Barbara Budzowski Joseph Budzowski Denise Bounpane Phyllis Bounpane Shirley Bunnester John Burns Bonnie Butera Frank Caftro Melanie Caldervvood Robert Calvert Sherry Cameron Josie Cameron David Campbell Diane Campbell Steve Campbell Rosemary Campoli Paul. Canami Bobby Capezio Patrick Cappatt Wesley Cartwright Melinda Cast Charlene Castrucci Debra Castrucci David Cherhy Bill Chill Bill Corbin Bob Saylor Mr. Me-leer, Room 321: Ralph Fisher, Terri Forrester, Nicholas Frabatto. William Francis, Anita Frank, Deborah Frank, Peggy Frank, Kathleen Fraser, Thomas Freed, George Fregone, Beverly Frengel, Judith Frengel, Michaelene Frengel, Albert Fry, Paulette Frye, Charles Fulmer, Paul Fusco, Richard Gabriel, Joseph Gagliardo, Barbara Gales, Milton Gallagher, Thomas Galla- gher, Patty Gallo, Harold Gardner, Ed Gealy, Gerald Gebbia, Francis Gebbia, Toni Genareo, Helen George, Sam Geramita 80 X IZ 5 .v.,,f-, ,gl I I il? VO-TECH SOPHOMORES 81 Rohert Anderson Gary Baker Dave Beckwith Belinda Bell Christine Biasucci Mariorie Bleggi Stephen Boak Michael Bondi Dorothy Brown Richard Bruening Steve Carvella Terry Carvella james Carmen Jeffrey Cartwright john Cast Wanda Caudill Kathy Chadbolt Rose Mary Channing Sandra Louise Clark Linda Cragle Debbie Crawford Richard DeAugustine Linda DeCaprio Richard Delaverson Jeffrey Dennis Roger Dennis Richard DiBello Cary Dugan Joe Edgerton John Fortuna David Fulena Wanita Fulkerson Sharon Cagliordi Michael Haley Kenneth Harcar Don Jackson Cary Johnson Laurie jones John Latski .lerome Lee Curtis Librizzi Oliver Livermore Brice Manning Rosemary Marino David McGuire Andrew Medved Cary Mele Michael Micaletti Daniel Miksza Kathleen Morgan Gregory Mrozek George Murdock james Murphy Michael Murphy Veronica Nero Michael Norris Christine Otlowski Steve Padnuk Theodore Pagley Diane Perry Mary Teresa Petrovich Patricia Pilch Diane Ponziani Cary Porterfield Sharon Rand Randall Rhodes David Robertson Bill Robinson Paul Ross Howard Roth William Rowe Merna Sadler Ronald Schnring Clyde Searfoss john Snyder Andrew Stalma jack Stephens Bill Stokes Cary Strawhecker Larry Tanner Daniel Toney Thomas Villani Donald Vitale Ronald Vitale Karen Wadding Terry Walters Harriet White Sherry White janet Wilkinson Herman Wilson Ronald Wilson Dorothea Young VO-TECH JUNIORS Linda Adams Polly Andrews Percy Artis Rita Attisano Phillip Battista Terry Black Bob Bloom Edwin Boron Dennis Brophy Bill Buckel James Buxton Robert Carangie Joseph Caravella Joann Coloa Bruce DePietro Linda Dombeck Raymond Dombeck james Dominick Francis Exposito Sylvana Fears Albert Fleischer Tim Fulkerson Bill Garrett Joseph C-enareo Frank Genareo Mary jane Gill Mike Graziani Candace Harrison Cheryl Hatfield Robert Hawk Samuel Haybarger Gerald Hill Carol Ianatti Ronald Iwenejko David Jackson Gary Jenkins Charles Jones David Jones David Kent John Knorr John Kryzsik Thomas Kwolek Gary Lansdowne Guy Laurenza Pat Lewis Patricia Lewis Ronda Lewis George Lloyd Paul Lombardo Wayne Macri Felecia Mahone Anthony Malizia james McCall Andrew McComb john McConahy Joseph Mielcarek Cheryl Moffett Geoffrey Morgan Kathleen Morgan Linda Mosely Gerald Myers Eddie Napadano Patrick Olivo Colin Owen Ted Clyde Palmer Gene Pelletier Tim Pica james Ponziani Frank Popovich john Quimby Patrick Quimby Dennis Rees Delbert Rice Wayne Ritter Robert Robinson Terry Rodgers Leon Rogers Randy Rubeis john Ruffley Frank Ruozzo Paul Scilla John Simpkins John Snyder David Sonntag David Spigler Carl Stitt Stephen Stuckey Terry Stull John Tervo Joe Todd jim Walker James Wallace Deborah Wiley John Wilmes an fam W. Qi' 55 N Q x ,WN ... Q.. .fx - .3 X X swf gwwkxfxfi f .1 . -.. , . X3551' .S Ss K wi 'K X QMQWT ,, ,4f,,, MMWW f MM sw.,- is N. K, wb 11 .ww L -s. wwwww WVNNWW k N ffwwmbwwwwwyfw-V W Q Q A Ny- 5 wif S Q 119' 5 wgy- 5 s w"""' Q ww. E2 js.. Q mf ug' Qv nw aan Q 'Nfl , F W . A- f Q D is A 22 h . f f': , , :' fwsf f sf m- F3 N 'Q T? J A A Q'?4'::w S N, an fx New lubs HI-Y " W John Berg, Bradley Chill, Bob Covert, John Davis, john De- Simone, Bob Debello, Chuck V Dunlap, Wayne Dute, Jay Feld, Gary Flamino, Lowell Fulton, Mark French, Emmett Garbett, Daryl Good, Keith Gourley, Bill Graham, Richard Grossman, Harry Hammond, Jim Hender- son, Don Hawk, Clyde Hobel, Gary Latcheran, David Loy, Francis Lynch, Harry Marran- goni, Jim Massave, Jay McGre- gor, Forrest McMunn, Ed Krisuk, Gary Panasewicz, Rich- ard Panella, Anthony Perrotta, Tom Phelps, Gus Platas, Jeffrey Poulton, Steve Rheinhard, Mike Robinson, Kenny San- key, Andy Scheidemantle, Gary Shansky, Frank Somma, Paul Sullivan, Gary Thompson, Tom Uber, Dave Vanasco, Jack Weatherby, Tom Weller, Anthony Zambelli, John Zambelli STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES Grayce Allegro, Berdell Armstrong, Annette Audino, Tim Ayers, Susan Barber, Betty Broschart, Jayne Bruening, Suzette Bruno, Ralph Carungi, Bradley Chill, Patty Christner, Kay Ann Ciallela, Elizabeth Compelio, Michele Conglose, Patrick Copple, Linda Crader, Pauline Cratty, Shelia Cray, Joanne DeCaprio, Vicki DeCarbo, Anthony Deli, Loraine DeSimone, Art Dinucci, Chuck Dunlap, Wayne Dute, Larry Fishe, Denise Francasio, Tom Freed, Beverly Frengel, Geri Giannone, Keith Gourley, Dan Grundy, Joan Haas, Barb Homzuk, Barb Hoyland, Ken Hudson, Susan Kahrer, Linda Kelly, Barbara Kerr, Gary Latcheran, Teri Latcheran, Jeananne Logue, Debbie Lombardo, David Loy, Diane Loy, Francis Lynch, Ruth Mackey, Linda Marcucci, Ruth Maryhak, Bob Mc- Connell, Jay McGregor, Terry Must, Richard Myers, Catherine Nerti, Linda Nuzzo, Gary Panasewicz, Chris Pszenny, Linda Ranucci, Connie Saesa.n, Laural Schantz, Jimmy Shultz, Rose Ann Scilla, Judy Toler, Carol Tuminella, Bob Turco, David Updegraff, Mary Ann Vukovich, Maude Wilkins, James Wilson, Donnalou Zambelli 86 FORUM AUDIO VISUAL AND STAGE CREW Ken Andrews, Don Chia- follo, Harvey Cohen-Vice Pres., Roger Cohen-Treas., Bill Chill, Keith Colling- wood, Carol Lynn DeRosa, Andrea DiLorenzo, Jay Feld, Pat Gallagher-Pres., Fred Germani, Patty Gibson, Lew Hamley, Paulo Her- kcnhoff, Anita jaworski- Sec't Susan Kahrer, Barb Kerr, Jeannie King, Lauren Lelii, Lester Malizia, Cindy Marino, Irene Scaramazzo, Sally Spiers E 00990 CBO" f,ffM 3: Mark Audmo Jack Brice Mike Burke, Mike DeAngelo, Mario Del Signore, Louis DiPaolo, James Henderson, Tom Tardio, Eugene Van Buren, John West 87 NURSES AND NURSES AIDES Lenore Book, Karen Cannon, Beverly Davis, Patti Gibson, Carol Jaskolka, Anita Iaworski, Darlene Mrozeck, Kathy Nerti, Marion Reff- ner, Shirleen Scott, Mary Ann Siglow, Kathy Smith YOUTH GOAL POST AND PAGE TIP oFF SELLERS 'W D Caroline Alford, Cissy Boyd, Denise Capitola, Vicki DeCarlo, Nancy Jamison, Susan Johnson, Carole Kaprutus, Georgia Ross Linda Kelly, Dee Lemmon, Janet Main, Becky Quinn, Cindy Remaley, Peggy Rozanski, Donnalou Zambelli 88 a Wayne Alexander, Ronald Book, Jackie Burke, Rebecca Cimini, Yvonne Colella, Alfred DeVincentes, James Elias, Denise Francazio, JoAnn Cenareo, Danelle Grego, Helen Hoover, Patti Johnson, Andrea Lang, Ar1n Long, Francine Mastrangelo, Joan Mollick, Barbara Noga, Mary Patterson, Mark Presnar, Connie Saesan, Norma Snyder, Stephanie Stewart, Ken Wasilewski, Raymond Yaro SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Becky Barber, Susan Barber Shelia Cray, Kathy Durgam Phyllis Cagliardo, Joan Haas Camilia Malizia, Nancy Servais, Carole Tuminello BASKETBALL USHERS 89 D.O.F.O.B.S. Debbie Baker, He- len Bowen, Can- dace Brown, Suzette Bruno, Donna Cam- eron, Roseann Ca- varici, David Chera by, Kim Clavelli, Larry Davis, Emille DeLaurence, Cathy Domin, Cathy Elias, Terri Forrester, Marilyn Fusco, Mic- kie Gigliotti, Patty Jo Hooks, Carole Jones, Debbie Llewellyn, Denise Lombardo, Rochelle Marchona, Susan McMunn, Mary Jane Medlock, Clarice Micaletti, Kathy Michalojka, Terry Must, Sara Nielsen, Marjorie Norris, Mary Patter- son, Melodie Pflue- ger, Sharon Shaffer, Sandy Stull, Douglas Wingfield, Kandyce Wynn Y-TEENS H A t. sm, .a K 5 X v K X ! . l l s ,, " ff' .N - ,W X, ,-, ---s . Sandra Adams, Sandy Antilla, Caroline Aiella, Diane Alfera, Annette Audino, Sue Bandley, Lauren Barber, Becky Barber, Bonnie Baskeyfield, Janice Bigler, Kathy Bogdon, Barbara Budzowski, Beverly Budzowski, Phyllis Bounpane, Mary Ann Caiazza, Liz Compelio, Debra Castrucci, Char- lene Castrucci, Michele Conglose, Mary Ellen Cubellis, Denise Chialini, Joan Di Alesandro, Kathy De Gidio, Debbie Del Principle, Nancy Espo- sito, Linda Frank, Mickey Frengel, Marilyn Fusco, Beverly Frengel, Debbie Grundy, Joanne Ginocchi, Nancy Harcar, Janet Hester, Barbara Jones, Marlene Kakos, Susan Karch, Diane Len, Elaine Ludovici, Debbie Lombardo, Sandee Liverani, Lucy Librandi, Beverly La Rocca, Regina Lamo- rella, Mary Lee La Marca, Ellen McCue, Linda Miron, Billie Moore, Sherry Memo, Darlene Mrozek, Lynn Moses, Linda Montgomery, Janice Micco, Debbie Menichino, Janis McGregor, Debbie McCann, Renae Mazzoca, Carol Martino, Bernie Marso, Vickie Manolis, Ruth Mackey, Judy Nogee, Gay Newkirk, Karen Oberleitner, Patty Perkins, Judy Presnar, Debbie Porada, Joanne Peterson, Christine Pszenny, Yvonne Quorella, Claudia Ryan, Lucille Randy, Nancy Rea, Mary Ann Raskowski, Regina Russo, Becky Russo, Linda Schooley, Laurel Schantz, Patti Scarnati, Teri Smith, Norma Snyder, Prudy Stalker, Karen Sturdevant, Ramona Savocchia, Ann Taylor, Barbara Thompson, Diane Tompkins, Sandy Vanasco, Debra Vanassa, Elaine Verdi, Janet Verdi, Linda Zambelli, Donnalou Zambelli, Anita Saad 90 i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Dale Kurtz, Vice- President, Francis Lynch, Secretary , Terry Must, Treasurer, Chuck Dunlap FRENCH CLUB W. Q K ' iiii A.. ,om A A Cynthia Alden, William Alfera, Suzanne Alford, Grayce Allegro, Annette Audino, Sue Bandley, Becky Barber, Susan Barber, Janice Bigler, Candy Boak, Louise Boston, Lois Brown, Beverly Budzowski, Anna Bullano, Phyllis Bounpane, Kathleen Bumside, Kay Buyney, Mary Ann Caiazza, Marcie Camerot, Geraldine Chambon, Sandra Chiriarini, Ida Chirozzi, Rebecca Cimini, Liz Compelio, Gretchen Coryea, Denise Crudell, Karen Davis, Edith Delisio, Julia Dick, Vicki DiCarlo, Nancy Esposito, Susan Fahrny, Jay Feld, Sharon Forrest, Jeanne Frank, Linda Frank, Anglea Galmarini, Geri Gianone, Pati Gibson, Theresa Gillest, LaVonne Glenn, Lynn Corley, Maria Granato, Shadon Hemming, Jane Hokanson. Brian Hollins, Marsha Howard, Muriel Howard, Barbara Hoyland, Nancy Iocobucci, Anita Jaworski, Eileen Johnson, Patti Johnson, Suzie Kahrer, Marlene Kakos, Barbara Kerr, Dan Kociela, Kenneth Lan ford, Karen Leslie, Linda Lizambri, Paul Lynn, John Lyon, Janet Main, Lester Malizia, Vicki Manolis, Margaret Masters, Renae Mazzoca, Cindy McCa.mpbell,gEllen McCune, Barb McCurley, Janis McGregor, Richard Meyers, Kathy Michalojko, Linda Miron, Terry Monaco, Margaret N atale, Barb Noga, Debbie Ostrowski, Phyllis Padula, Michael Pagley, Mary Patterson, Jane Piccirrilla, Cheryl Pitzer, Judy Presnar, Ronalyn Price, Kathryn Pugh, Susan Reef, Marian Reffner, Paul Riniti, Georgia Ross, Louis Ross, Susan Ross, Rose Rossano, Eileen Rozzi, Marilyn Rozzi, Becky Russo, Marsha Ryhal, Nancy Schade, Roseanne Skup- nik, Barb Shakley, Karol Stevens, Sharon Stoner, Thomas Tardio, Kris Thomas, Barb Thompson, Jean Thompson, Joyce Walzak, Rhonda Ward, Doug Wing- field, Bette Wrona, Penny Ziman, Barb Thompson 91 FOOTBALL AND TURN STYLE USHERS Susan Barber, Sheila Cray Camille De Lawrence, Kathy Dur gham, Vicki Ellis, Chris Flamino Virginia Fleo, JoAnn Frasto Phyllis Gagliardo, Judy Gaither Mickeline Gigliotti, Theresa Gill est, Debbie Grego, Joan Haas Sandy Hanna, Millicent Hannon Andra Hay, Gail Hughes, Lind: Lee, Ruth Mackey, Camilla Mai lizia, Linda Marcucci, Marianne Margel, Ruth Marynak, Carol Mor ris, Kathy Pappas, Kathy Poker snik, Carol Quimby, Shirlene Scott Linda Seiler, Nancy Servias, Sha ron Shaffer, Rosanne Skupnik Gina Stevens, Mary Lou Steven son, Karen Sturdevant, Caro Tuminello, Susan Wiley, Edyc4 Williams, Kandyce Wynn, Dary Beck, Cornell Bell, Cliff Connor Robert Hunt, Jay Johnson, Mel vin Montgomery, Tim Rogers James Wilson, William Wooten Wnmwa - Mfflws ,1 M VARSITY CLUB Vincent Alfera, Anthony Aven, Kenny Aven, Randy Beck, Terry Beckwith, Kerry Burkes, ,Tom Colella, Dave Crunkleton, Albert D'Ambrosia, Larry Davis Greg Didiano, Mike Deliquadri, Mario De'lSignore, John Denny, George Eggleston, Sam Flora, Albert Fomataro, Sam Geramita, Bill Graham, Bill Howley Kenny Hudson, Richard Humphrey, Ronald Hunt, Allan Joseph, Phil Kerber, Dave Kerestly, Ron Keyes, Dale Kurtz, Francis Lauro, John Marino, Jim Mas save, Maurice McHenry, Forrest McMunn, Dom Micco, Melvin Montgomery, Ralph Morella, John Murphey, Anthony Panella, Richard Panella, Angelo Papa Leonard Payne, Frank Pia, Albert Richards, Alfred Russo, John Russo, Louis Santangelo, Jim Schultz, Robert Skaneski, James Stoner, Richard Stull, Don Tommelleo, Philip Toney, Tom Uber, Dave Updegraff, Jeff VanBuren, Bill Wooten, Dan Young, Jim Zambelli, Eugene Pace 92 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Stanley Adamski, Caroline Aiello, Ken Andrews, Bob Barber, Aleris Bell, Fatima Betters, Sheryl Bertak, joe Boczar, Lenore Book, Stella Boron, Sandra Bran- don, Candace Brown, Shirley Burmaster, Cindy Butz, Mary Ann Caiazza, Wesley Cartwright, Don Chiafullo, William Chill, Patricia Christner, Roger Cohen, Thomas Cowher, Mary Ellen Cubellis, Daniel Cullen, Leah Dattilo, Albert DeAmbrosia, Michael DeAngelo, Kathy DeGidio, Edith DeLisio, Louis DePaulis, Carol DeRosa, Joan Dialesandro, Debbie DiPaolis, Susan Ellesser, Teri Ellis, Vicki Ellis, Mary Louise Farone, Jeannie Fisher, Christine Flamino, William Fos- ter, Cindy Frengel, Lowell Fulton, Marilyn Fusco, Phyllis Gagliardo, Rosemary Galmarini, Harold Gardner, Emmett Garbett, Cynthia Germane, Fred Ger- mani, David Gettings, Helen Ginsberg, Susan Ginsberg, Bill Graham, Danielle Grego, Debbie Grego, Carol Harcar, Peter Helmer, Janet Higley, James Hilde- brand, Mary Howe, Sherry Hrisoulas, Linda Hruska, Nancy Iacobucci, Louis Irace, Barbara Janowski, john Karatinos, Anthony Latess, jean King, Elaine Eudovici, Frances Lombardo, Paul Lynch, Cindy Marino, Shirley Marino, Barbara Manning, Sally Matthews, Jim Marzula, James McAdams, Debbie McBride, usan McMunn, Beatrice McMullen, Anita Mescall, james Meyers, Don Micaletti, Deborah Morse, Darlene Mrozek, jon Neilson, Judy Nogee, Karen Os- trowski, Becky Palko, Deanna Passalinqua, Anne Petrovich, Sue Phipps, Gust Platas, Marsha Porter, Yvonne Quarella, Carol Quimby, Raymond Reagle, Martia Reiter, Marilyn Rich, Georgia Ross, Bill Roundtree, Lynn Rubenson, Becky Russo, Ron Salzano, Linda Salzman, Linda Santangelo, Bob Shansky, Nora Slhulerilglary Lou Stevenson, Nanci Stevenson, Stephanie Stewart, Cathy Tomai, Rocco Tommelleo, Sandra Vanasco, Kathleen Van Dusin Phyllis Weiner, ictor na 2 A L A ,, 1 l A 7 ATHLETIC SE CRETARIES Susan Barber, Sheila Cray, Susan Kahrer, Carole Kaprutus, Kathy Pappas, Linda Ranucci, Nancy Servais, Donnalou Zambelli 93 , Y--Y VO-TE CH REPRESENTATIVES Bob McConnell DRUM MAJOR Bemie Rosati, Janice Jordan, Polly Andrews, Mary Jane Gill, Ian Wilkerson, Sherry White SPANISH CLUB JAR Carmela Angiolelli, Karen Beshero, Mabel Jean Blews, Joseph Budzowski, Charlane Castrucci, Debby Castrucci, Michele Conglose, Carol Cracraft, Camille DeLawrence, Andrea DeLorenzo, Susan Fahmy, Sandra Hanna, Gail Hughes, John Jessel, Carole Kaprutus, Carol Klamut, William Kirker, Lauren Lelii, Jon Lucas, Linda Marcucci, Ruth Marynak, Mark McNiCholas, Mary Ann Raskowski, Ramona Savocchia, Susan Spaulding, Norma Stanyard, Patrice Tedescko, Carol Thomas, Karen Tumer, Barbara Vanecek, Vanna Vanorsdale, Thomas Weller, Donnalou Zambelli, Penny Ziman 94 i S 3 NURSES CLUB Caroline Aiello, Phyllis Alfreda, Patty Bernard, Sherry Bertak, Elaine Boczar, Carol Lynn De- Rosa, Gail Hughes, Anita Ja- worski, Amy Lynn Ketzel, Carol Klamut, Lauren Lelii, E Annette Magoun, Elizabeth 5 McKee, Beatrice McMullen, Q Anita Mescall, Kathy Michal- ojko, Linda Montgomery, Deb- bie Ostrowski, Georgia Padula, Judy Pherson, Terry Phillips, I Sue Phipps, Mary Ann Poto- czny, Marian Reffner, Claudia Ryan VARSITY CLUB AUXILIARY r , A - .X - Patty Atria, Susan Barber, Joann Cioffi, Shelia Cray, Carol DeRosa, Cathy Elias, Phyllis Gagliardo, Theresa Gillest, Barb Hoyland, Carole Kaprutus, Kathy Kwiat,Janet Main, Vicky McClain, Cathy Nerti, Kathy Pokersnik, Anita Saad, Nancy Servais, Barbara Thompson, Phyllis Weiner, Susan Wiley, Becky Bar- ber, Valentino Bell, Debi Castrucci, Patty Christner, Larry Davis, Andrea DiLorenzo, Beverly Frengel, Debi Guiducci, Nancy Horchler, Janet Kazinski, Re- gina Lamorella, Paul Lynch, Barb McCurley, Debbie Mele, Debbie Ostrowski, Sue Phipps, Yvonne Quarella, Laurel Schantz, Nora Schuller, Marsha Szuba, Janet Verdi, Donnalou Zambelli, Judy Attisano, Larena Beckert, Linda Bullano, Cindy Butz, Bobby Cumo, Anthonv DeRosa, Mary Fishe, Donna Flarnino, Denise Gardner, Janet Hamed, Susan Howland, Brenda Ho land, Yvonne Keys, Joycelyn Lutz, Sally Matthews, Terry Monaco, Anglea Morella, Karen Ostrowski, Kathy Pugh, Lynn Rubenson, Norma Snyder, Sherry Thomas, Kathleen Turner, Yolanda Wynn 95 GERMAN CLUB J Perry Andrews-II, Sam Angelo-II, Patty Atria-II, Lenore Book-II, Candy Brown-III, Julian Budzowski-II, Bradley Chill-Il, Vicki DiCarlo-II, Stuart Knecht- III, James Krouse-I, John Magee-II, Annette Magoun-II, Tom Pflueger-II, Mary Ann Potoczny-II, Marjorie Radish-II, A. Ronald Salzano-I, Sharon Shaffer-II Robert Turco-III, John Zambelli-II, Melanie Calderwood-II, Michael DeRicco-II, Debi Guiducci-II, LaVonne Glenn-II, Peter Helmer-II , Robert Jennings-II Janet Kazenski-II, Keith Kuttesch-II, Debbie Morse-III, Barbara Rowe-II, Karen Stalma-II, Gary Tencer-II, John Updegraff-II 4? M CONCESSION STAND WORKERS Grayce Allegro, Carmie Angiolelli, Daryl Beck, Candy Boak, Beth Ann Bowen, Helen Bowen, Candy Brown, Kerry Burke, Joyce Casto, Keith Collingw Harry Dattilo, Debbie DeJohn, Susan Fahrny, Mary Louise Farone, Larry Fishe, Linda Frank, Jean Galati, Jack Gill, Marie Granato, Richard Grossman, D Grundy, Judy Gunther, Marilyn Heath, Barbara Hoyland, Anita Jaworski, Linda Kelly, Tim Kelly, Jennie Latouf, Ruth Mackey, Annette Magoun, JoAnn M yo, Beth McHattie, Elizabeth McKee, Forrest McMunn, Anita Mescall, Kathy Mozzocio, Cindy Nelson, Chuck Oberleitner, Sue Phipps, Jeff Poulton, Margii Radish, Ray Reagle, Georgia Ross, Josephine Spinelli, Jean Thompson, Robert Turco, John West, Penny Ziman, Sue Bandley, Patti Peterson, Anne Petrovich 96 PERGODIAN SALE S REPRESENTATIVES Gamett Austin, Timothy Ayers, Robert Barber, Sheryl Bertah, Fatima Betters, Suzette Bruno, Barbara Budzowski, Joseph Burhal, Rebecca Cimini, Yvonne Collela, Elizabeth Compelio, Gretchen Coryea, Camille DeLawrence, Bonnie DeSalvo, Julia Dick, Vicki Ellis, Antoinette Ferrara, Nick Ferrese, Jean Fisher, Linda Frank, Toni Genaro, Helen Ginsberg, Maria Granato, Karen Grybowski, Joan Haas, Elaine Haybarger, Mary Howe, Brenda Hoyland, Sherry Hrisoulas, Eileen Johnson, Meredith Klechner, Mary Lee LaMarco, Delores Lemmon, Chris Lewis, Lucy Librandi, Mariann Margel, Cindy Marino, Francine Mastran- gelo, Mary Jane Meklock, Joann Miller, Linda Miron, Gay Newkirk, Charles Oberleitner, Rosemary Pacella, Kathy Pappas, Mary Patterson, Debbie Pia, Jane Piccirrilla, Luann Preisel, Iris Robinson, Susan Reef, Linda Salzman, Nancy Servias, Debbie Sheraff, Diana Shomak, Prudy Stalker, Theona Stefanis, Judy Toler, Dorothy Trott, Barbara Vanecek, Diane Warneck, James Wilson, Carol Wajtowitz, Steve Zubkowsky ,, ml Natl Y 95 3 .sunt ,, Mr, 11' sw iQ' F.T.A. . - gig: , ,,.--M wif v Susie Alford, Grayce Allegro, Sandra Antilla, Sue Bandley, Susan Barber, Stella Boron, Liz Compeleo, Michele Conglose, Larry Davis, Vicki DiCarlo, Mary ouise F arone, Linda Frank, Sam Gianetti, Geri Giannone, Barb Homsuk, Nancy Iaccabucci, Pat Janacone, Amy Ketzel, Ruth Mackey, Carol Masi, Anne etrovich, Carol Quimby, Marian Reffner, Marilyn Rich, Sharon Stoner, Kris Thomas, Barb Thompson, jean Thompson, Bob Turco, Phyllis Weiner, Phyllis ounpane, Kathy Holoman, William Kirks, Rose Scilla, Vanna Vanorsdale, Doug Wingfield, Donnalou Zambelli l 97 BOYS QUARTET James Krouse, Bruce Montgomery, Grantley Richardson, James Wilson, Larry Davis, Accompanist GIRL'S GLEE CLUB A , , 4 l 43 Alexis Beshero, Kathy Burnside, Sandy Cioffi, Joyce Dalesandro, Cathy Elias, Linda Favorite, Jennie Fisher, Mary Jo Caspare, Joann Genareo, Carol Hemp hill, Helen Hoover, Eileen Johnson, Pat Johnson, Renee Johnson, Susan Karch, Sandee Liverani, Kim McCormick, Beverly McFall, Mary Jane Medlock, Cay Newkirk, Eileen Rozzi, Kathy Ryczaj, Sharon Shaffer, Barbara Simmons, Debbie Zduriencik, Bobbi Akers, Beverly Budzowski, Carol Chill, Karen Davis Mary DuBrock, Marilyn Fusco, Cheryl Galano, Joyce Kelley, Linda Lizambri, Debbie Ostrowski, Shirley Pilch, Sharon Putnam, Patty Querriera, Barbara Shakely, Shirley Weygant, Larena Beckert, Lucille Carbone, Kathy DeMarco, Donna Flamino, Sandy Galano, Sandy Gallonio, Karen Grybowski, Penny Higgs, Barbara Jones, Carole Jones, Janet Kelley, Andrea Lang, Anne Long, Lorraine McCreary, Chris Signoriello, Gina Stevens, Erika Tarasyuk 98 CONCERT CHOIR Kathy Bogdon, Stella Noron, Jayne Bruening, Kathy Durgam, Joanne Ginocchi, Lucinda Johnson, Karen Leslie, Carol Mills, Rosanne Maiorano, Linda Mont- gomery, Christine Pszenny, Mary Ann Siglow, Barbara Thompson, Sandy Vanasco, Sheridan Saas, Sandy Antilla, Janice Bilger, Elizabeth Compelio, Sheila Cray, Cindy Germaine, Marlene Kakos, Ann Petrovich, Judy Pherson, Mary Ann Potoczny, Lorry Spaulding, Agatha Vasquez, Grayce Allegro, Louise Boston, Diane Cummings, Kathy DeGidio, Diane Evans, Linda Frank, Nancy Freed, Andra Hay, Barbara Homzul, Jeannie King, Vickie Manolis, Kathy Michalojko, Sandy Moore, Cindy Nelson, Denise Panarella, Cindy Remaley, Sharon Stoner, Karen Turner, Susan Wiley, Carol Wojtowich, Randy Beck, Larry Fishe, Tracy Gardner, Paul Henderson, Jim Hilderbrand, Robert Hunt, Jim Krouse, Robert McConnell, Ron McConnell, Bruce Montgomery, John Moss, Joe Palk- ovich, Daryl Beck, Valentino Bell, John Brown, John Bruns, Bob DiCaprio, Sam Giannetti, Gary Gillette, George Haering, Lewis Hamelly, David Hite, Bill Luongo, Gene Pace, Gus Platas, Robert Rich, Grantley Richardson, James Wilson, Douglas Wingfield, Mickey Frengel, Phyllis Weiner, Larry Davis .O L 1 .. Q 4 3 A - TRIPLE TRIO Janice Bilger, Kathy Bogdon, Louise Boston, Cindy Germaine, Joanne Ginocchi, Cindy Nelson, Judy Pherson, Karen Turner, Sandra Vanasco, Mickey Fren- gel, Accompanist 99 JUNIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Ken Aven, Sherry Bertak, Pa Cappatt, Karen Cicco, Debb Delprincipfe, Andrea D Lorenzoo, Helen George Larry Greco, Scott Hartzel Marlene Kakos, Regin Lamrella. Elaine Ludovic Frank Medure, Ron McCor nell, Robert Ostrowski, Ricl ard, Panella, Yvonne Qu: rella Kathy Santangelc Anita Serignese, Marcia Szl ba, Janet Verdi, James Wilso MIXED CHOIR 4 3 A A q - - l 4 L Marjorie Barker, Susan Barber, Lois Brown, Leah Dattilo, Denise DeGaton, Karen Evanoski, Karen Foreman, Cindy Fraley, Patti Gibson, Debbie Crego, Sharon Hemming, Boni Holliday, Linda Keely, Judy Kimel, Terri Monaco, Kathy Nickel, Toni Pipola, Rosemary Rossano, Connie Saesan, Terri Smith, The ona Stefanis, Karen Tumer, Sandy Wallace, Kandyce Wynn, Marsha Jameson, Tonya Calhoun, Karen Cicco, Julia Dick, Mary Ellen Fray, Colleen Hall, Brenzl da Hoyland, Marilyn Isaac, Nancy Jamison, Terry Kovalick, Debbie Magill, Francine Mastrangelo, Linda Perrett, Loretta Perretti, Karen Ostrowski, Iris, Robinson, Tom Alfreda, Richard Bell, Philip Christopher, Cliff Conner, Anthony DeRosa, Bill Foster, Melvin Grata, Jerry Hanna, Denny Harcar, Paul Lynn, John Majeski, James Manula, James T. Mooney, Richard Nero, Victor Piccione, Paul Riniti, Mark Sartell, Wayne Shelar, Anthony Stoner, Ed Yerage 100 l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . .. ., ..x. . ,,:. A ., 51233 A K , l. - - f ' Grayce Allegro, Carmela Angiolelli, Patricia Atria, Sue Bandley, Lenora Book, Stella Boron, Candace Brown, Donald Chiafullo, Bradley Chill, Harvey Cohen, Michael De Angelo, Carol De Rosa, David De Simone, Larry Fishe, Jean Galati, Cathy Gordon, Linda Gorst, Carol Harcar, Barbara Hoyland, Sherry Hri- Soulas, Nancy Iacobucci, Anita Iaworski, Suzi Kahrer, Delores Lemmon, Jeanann Logue, Annette Magoun, Janet Main, Kathryn Michalo'ko, Michael Pagley, Marian Reffner, Georgia Ross, Larry Rumbaugh, Rose Scilla, George Stefanis, Barbara Thompson, Rocco Tommelleo, Joseph Torcci, Robert Turco, Thomas Uber, Jack Weatherby, Phyllis Weiner, John Zambelli FULMAN ROMANUM N3 Kenneth Andrews, Candy Brown, Fatima Betters, Tonya Calhoun, Denise Capitola, Don Chiafullo, Pat Christner, Roger Cohen, Louis DiPaolo, Chris Fla- mino, Lowell Fulton, Marilyn Fusco, Emmett Garbett, Fred Gemiani, Helene Ginsberg, Sherry Hrisoulas, Nancy Iacobucci, Louis Irace, Barbara Janowski, John Karatinos, Betsy Kenkela, Elaine Ludovici, Paul Lynch, Barbara Manning, Cindy Marino, Beatrice McMullen, Anita Mescall, Deborah Morse, Darlene Mrozek, Ion Nielson, Becky Palko, Susan Peluso, Anne Petrovich, Gus Platas, Carol Quimby, Georgia Ross, Becky Russo, Ron Salzano, Nora Shuler, Cathy Tomai, Rocko Tumenello, Victor Zona 101 SENIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Sam Angelo, Candace Brown, Donald Chiafullo, Liz Compelio, Vicki DeCarbo, Charles Dunlap, Richard Grossman, Emi iett Garbett, Gail Hughes, David Kerestly, Diane Loy, Francis Lynch, Mike Pagley, Gary Panasewicz, Alan Powers, Marilyn Rozzi, Mary Ann Siglow, Sharon Stoner, Carol Tuminello, John Zambelli STUDENT COUNCIL 102 ART APPRECIATION Timothy Ayers, Candy Boak, Lois Brown, Suzette Bruno, Barbara Budzowski, Melanie Calderwood, Patricia Christner, JoA.nn Cioffi, Bill Clymer, Roger Cohen, Keith Collingwood, Pauline Cratty, David Dawson, Debbie DeMarc0, Bonnie DeSalvo, Karen Evanoski, Jay Field, Nick Ferrese, Paulo Herkenhoff, Gary Flamino, Shannon Forester, Denise Francazio, Jeanne Frank, Linda Frank. Mary Ellen Fray, Cindy Frengel, Mickey Gigliotti, LaVonne Glenn, Maria Granato, Debbie Grego, Dan Grundy, Judy Gunther, Douglas Hamill, Don Hennon, Sherry Hrisoulas, Nancy Jacobs, Barbara Janowski, Linda Kelly, Patty Kelley, Barbara Kerr, Marilyn Knis, Gary Latcheran, Anthony Latess, Diane Len, Joanne Lockley, Ruth Mackey, Carol Masi, Mary Pat, Mayer, Beth McHattie, Mary Jane Medlock, Darlene Mrozek, Judy Nogee, Cindy Nelson, Helen Nene, Sara Nielsen, Chuck Oberleitner, Joan Oswald, George Pat- terson, Thomas Phelps, Sue Phipps, Rita Rupchak, Rose Ann Scilla, Sharon Shaffer, Lorry Spaulding, Anna Marie Stanyard, Norma Ann Stanyard, Eleanor Thomas, Diane Tompkins, Debra Vanassa, Linda Vance, Barb Vanecek, Maude Wilkins ' ,. ab, ATTENDANCE OFFICE STAFF ro 'LU' Xiu, 'CTW E Z Annette Audino, Joan Frasto, Jean Galati, Helen George, Patty Gibson, Judy Gunther, Brenda Hoyland, Nancy Jamison, Linda Kelly, Elaine Ludovici, Scott McGary, Debbie McGuire, Beatrice McMullen, Lynn Schreiner, Donna Shaffer, Deborah Sheraff, Prudy Stalker, David Updegraff, Gail Gibson 103 sinh! W 1 k lk WK , f 2 X , 'W .,.,,.,,..M,, M5 9 CAS7' lik, HLWX BAND Bill Alfera, Burdel Armstrong, Jerry Ascione, Pat Atria, Bonnie Baskeyfield, Mabel Blews, Nunzio Bonfield, Kevin Bortnynik, Jim Brooks, Julian Budzowski, Robert Calvert, Steve Campbell, Pat Cappatt, Ron Carik, Ida Chirozzi, Ralph Cohen, Roger Cohen, Dave Culella, Jesse Crouch, Janet Crowthers, Louis D,Angelo, Larry Cugini, John Davis, Mike DeAngelo, Edith DeLisio, Mike Denucci, Art Dinucci, Louis DiPaola, Garry DeSimone, Lany De- Simone, Frank Fazzone, Nick Frabotta, George Fregone, Dan Gall, Eugene Carczewski, Fred Cemlani, Dave Cettings, Kathy Cor- Wi! rw? 4? W ,W 321 f H ff-X Wf Guy Grossetti, Robert Gusch, Harry Hare, Darlene Heitger, BND A Qs Huwilkf Patrick, Anthony Perrotta, William Pierz, Susan Ross, Barbara Herman Ken Hildebrand Marcia Howard Tim Jenkins Ruozzo, Alan Schwartz, Gary Shansky, Damon Simeone, John 3 , , , , Jessel, Jim Jolley, Barbara Kerr, Kathy Kerber, Amy Ketzel, Kroesen, Keith Kuttesch, Diane Len, Bonnie Lombardo, Lombardo, James Lombardo, Robert Lucas, Sandra Lutz, Joe Macri, Mike Macri, Joe Mancini, Shirley Marino, Marso, Lielani Mathews, Cindy McCampbell, Bar- McCurley, Jonna McEwen, Richard Meyers, Richard Micco, Miller, Ralph Morella, Michele Mott, Mike Palladino, Theo Slack, Susan Spaulding, Sally Spiers, Frank Sprano, Richard Stan- ley, Michael Stefano, Linda Stoner, Joe Surgenavic, Steve Szeszko, Tom Tardio, Kristine Thomas, Dave Thompson, Tim Thomas, Rocco Tomelleo, Anthony Tommasone, Tom Toney, John Tonsch, Karen Turner, Kathy Van Dusen, Rhonda Ward, Don Weller, Tom Weller, James Wimer, Steve Zubkowski 105 Suzanne Alford, Michele Conglose, , Carole Kaprutus, Janet Main REFRE SHMENT C OMMITTEE vu QSXY 532 new I 9 R il Q ' . 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K ,V., V ,V.kV, I , , V ,,.,, . , OFFICE STAFF Linda Crader, Elizabeth DeLisio, Vickie Ellis, Loretta Ezzo, Pattie Gallo, Marilyn Hruska, Marlene Papa, Margie Turner, Virginia Vellone, Dinnis Bevan, Barb Homzuk, Sherry Hrisoulas, Sam Janacone, Barb Janowski, Mary Lou Logan, Leilani Matthews, Maude Wil ins 106 Phyllis Buonpane, Mary Ann Caiazza, Marlene Kakos, Linda Miron, Christine Pszenny, Mary Anne Rasrowski, Becky Russo, Anita Saas, Sandy Vanasco, Janet Verdi, Donnalou Zambelli Y-TEEN COUNCIL A CHATTER WRITERS AND STAFF 107 Susan Barber, Saundra Chiarini, Susan How- land, Carole Kaprutus, Connie Saesan, Anita Serignese, Donnalou Zambelli, Penny Ziman f l VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Stella Boron, Suzi Kahrer, Jeannie King, Diane Lo , Vana Vanorsdale, Mau e Wilkins ual' W is .. ,v wqqgipa- xi Vx Wham. Larry Fishe, Pres. David Loy, V. Pres. Michele Conglose, Sec. David Updegraff, Treas. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS 108 Path Chnstner Beverly Frengel Mary Jane Glll Nancy Horchler Nancy I3CObUCC1 Dana Russelburg Laurel COLOR GUARD K""""""""s urrlcan Marchmg Band NEW cis E PA 41113 ,--- -fm....v.. g K ,ww NNE X, MR Mm KN., ...-'-f""N"'x graduates Gary Abel Ann Abraham Sandra Adams Caroline Aiello John Albert Alice Alborn Diana Alfera Vincent Alfera K .f Q-...A .N A11 lg "S'f'y3-3-mv" Lhhf 'f"'9' 7 was JW' WN - . ev uv :Q YQ' I :rw 'T' an-A-f-Q .f""Nnr MVK xx. i'K?1'T" 49" :. - 7,0 Suzanne Afford Joyce Anderson Sam Angelo Patricia Atria Anna Marie Ballas GTHYCG A 92,f0 Carmella Angiolelli Carmella Augustine Sue Bandley Orlando Aloe Kgglgftlzxggirvillls Sandra Anttila Anthony Aven Susan Barber Paulette Altman Raymlimd Angelo Burdell Armstrong Timothy Ayers Donald Barnes SENIORS 113 fin 5 www' W.: WU 'TZI71' 1' Jacquiline Bartholic Ronald Baxter Terry Beckwith Qra Bessell Anthony Boazzo Ronald Bartlett Randy Beck Edward Benedict Llnd-9 Blews Carol Book Virginia Baxter Karen Beshero Mabel Blews Lenore Book 114 'Qi , gi B , 5' rf if 'f', ,tw Maasa- A ,gif Stella Boron Rlchard Brooks Candace Brown Jayne Bruenlng Anna Bullano Thomas Bowen Betty Broqchart D3V1d Brown Suzette Bruno Mar11yn Bunch Curtls Brigham Audrey Brown Eugenla Brown Davrd Brunswlck Wllllalll BUIIIIGU if ,,!f1'y, V4 2 a ,Q Q We in . , C x W W W2 'I X f WW' Kerry Burke Deborah Cameron Karen Cannon Tonya Calhoun Donna Cameron Denise Capitola ,, W' b RWM 'ff -are 5' ' ma' Phillip Cappabianco Joyce Casio Michael Carrigan Patricia Ceyrolles Ralph Carungi Dennis Chaclbolt - i mamma. -W w--'-55" f X7-!T'l'Y"" 'sv' fwfr Donald Cl'1iHfUll0 Marilyn Chill Patricia Cimperman James Clare Winifred Cohen Judy Chieze William Chill JoAnn Cioffi John Clingensmith Thomas Colella Linda Chieze Delphine Christian Robert Cioffi Harvey Cohen Lula Coleman Bradley Chill Richard Christofer Anita Cionni Roger Cohen Frank Colucci 117 ,Q Q M.. it -sql? 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'fe ff N Sew Q -'K 1 M 8 I vw Elizabeth Compelio Patrick Copple Linda Crawford Saundra Cummings James Davis Michele COHgl0S6 Robert Covert Shelia Cray Noreen Cusino John Davis Gregory Conner Linda Crader David Crunkleton Albert D'Ambr0sia Michael DeAngelo Cynllliu DDU Pauline Cratty Victor Cubellis Louis D,Angelo Vicki DeCarbo 118 fx: -:ar 7' Yvonne DeCarlo JoAnn DeCaprio Orlando DeDominicus Nancy Deep :Wi "N-pw' SWK' John DiFiore Donald DeLillo Elizabeth DeLisio Jocelyn DeMedal Tom DeFonso James DeLillo Michael Delliquadri Marie DiMuccio Angela Delawerson Julie DeLillo Mario Del Signore Ellen Dennis Camille DeLawrence Lorinda DeLillo Anthony Dely Michael Denucci SENIORS Carol DeRosa Scheryl Desatnik '91 David DeSimone Garry DeSimone Larry DeSimone Loraine DeSimone Benard DeVivo Dawn Dexter Robert DiBello Judy DiCarlo Raymond DiCarlo Victoria DiCarlo Gregory Didiano Arthur Dinucci 'VFW' 'Wu-w-Mz"" fam. var 'mp' 'Eff MOWHL WA' 'A 9, '35 WMS, fi-UZ. 291. ,, fIZ is QWFKZ' " ,. ,, , , ,M Patricia DiThoma5 Catherine Domin Michael Dugan David Durst Cecelia Elisco john Domenigk William Doran Charles Dunlap Wayne Dute Cora Ellis Michael Domenigk Donna Dorsey Kathleen Durgam Cathy Elias Vicki Ellis 121 Anthony Esposito Thomas Esposito Karen Evanoski Dianne Evans Loretta Ezzo I Lonette Fagnllli Mary Louise Farone Maria Fazzone Jack Felton Frank Ferrara Marilyn Fidell Margaret Fiorante Larry Fishe Mary Elizabeth Fisher Ronald Fitch Christine Flamino Gary Flamino -rw r. . wr vm . X 'fe M.-w SENIORS W S . ff' 122 , in ,,.Q,:w2!Mww PM . ,, Virginia F leo Marlene Ford Shannon Forester John Forgione Linda Forkey Linda Frank JoAnn Frusto Mary Ellen Fray Nancy Freed Mark French Robert French William Fry Lowell Fulton Phyllis Cagliurdo Judy Gaither J , Hi We 'ff af 1 , f- M ,hwwf W Aw X 'iw I ,y I 4 Q M,r,,5f 45 Ld , 2 N f- ' wi l' , -3 r, ,, ., W, lf New v 574, :fry new c,c,, ,,.zr,,L,,, flu-Lain w,,w, Jean Galati Rosemary Galmarini Emmett Garbett Tracy Gardner Michael George Fred Germani David Gettings Samuel Giarmetti .qs xQ,.,,,.,,,,+- -gm ibk Us Ji' V' ,,...,.--Q, 124 my-' avfd-rf ff l we N1-marc siawllff M ae. 'EQ 'X . ,My Ng...- Geri Giannone Gary Gillette Cathryn Gordon William Graham Graig Green Patricia Gibson Barbara Glitch Lynn Gorley Fred Graziani Deborah Grego Michelinda Gigliotti Daryl Good Linda Gorst Joseph Graziani James Grossman Theresa Gillest Kenneth Goodman Keith Gourlcy Matilda Greco Richard Grossman SENIORS 125 Ai 3 ,M an five HW- MS' iw WWW g.-...,-Q---L Daniel Grundy George Haering Steve Hellewieh Sandra Hanna Carol Harcar Fred Gwm Colleen Hall Lewis Hamelly l2iCk HHHHOH Dennis Harcar Joan Haas Darlene Hall Gerald Hanna Millicent Hannon Nancy Harcar 126 n. WW 'SSS- Michael Hart Andra Hay Robert Henderson Pamella Higgs David Holmes Frank Hartlg Marilyn Heath Paulo Herkenhoff David Hite Barbara Homzuk Donald Hawk Sandra Heckart Asa Hess Clyde Hobel Patricia Hooks Paul Henderson Larry Hicks Colleen Hobel William Houk 127 Marcia Howard Barbara Hoyland Marilyn Hruska William Howley Sherry Hrisoulas Kenneth Hudson SENIORS www Gail Hughes Nancy Iacobucci Richard Humphrey Robert Hunt Marilyn Issac Caroline Izzo L. ,.cg,ENAi 2 i KT? N- -V-N, YF 'A' a ,5- QWX' ,R x,,,"'.f -an JY"""'-'nf vfwnr' Catherine Jamison Anita jaworski Barbara Jones Susan Kahrer Linda Kelly Nancy Jamison john jessel Janice Jordon Carole Kaprutus John Kennedy Patricia Janacone Lucille joliiisoii J. Allen Joseph Janet Kelley Phillip Kefber Samuel Janacone Susan johnson Marian Joseph Patricia Kelley David Kereslly 129 Michael Kessler Amy Ketzel Jeanne King Carol Klamut Meredith Kleckner Eflwurcl Klili Stuart Knecht Marilyn Knis Sophia Koltowski Edward Krisuk Caroline Krok Alexander Kuchynka 'Q ,,.a.., if 'D' M ff? 'v '2-wiwvf ASW gf.-2 WWWMM '61 194 H xii-ZAR" 'REQ 'Us-i.EiauQ i3ib '- VM YHMM CW! 'Dv JW rib ,el 5-..L..,,,,. nga wb' ,uw-Av YY' Dale Kurtz Dominic Lambefti Anthony Latess Carol Lee Lauren Lelii Kathryn Kwiat Beverly LaRocca Carmen-Laurenza Lynda Lee Deloris Lemmon Patrick Lagnegg Gary Laichemn Franc1s Lauro Charles Lelenko Wayne Lemmon 131 Sandra Liverani Eileen Locke Mary Lou Logan Ieanann Logue Denise Lombardo Janet Long David Loy Diane Loy Jon Lucas Robert Lucas Francis Lynch Beverly Mack Ruth Mackey John Magee Annette Magoun .mug-4' N"N9"' Nam' Janet Main Kathy Majocka Donalfl Malincliak 'ew-yy 5.8 y ,.,.: a n . ,.. "kj L 1 5 -if . 1 5 11 I . Qkilit 'N' :.. Rep SENIORS 132 Camilla Maliziu Joanne Malley Carole Mancini ,Q-14 '4TWf'v-gr John Marchand Linda Marcucci Mariann Murgel i 4 A'h'Q frm John Marino Janice Marks Ruth Marynak Anna Masello James Mash Carol Maxi --f 4.v James Massave John Mastren Judy Mateer '-www, -r qw aw , 'WW qwwfm .A ,mf f N2 ,- I 'T-ik W wwf J -. fgfliificil-ix: . fizliiififgii iflfff--fin R Q . M 1 .MX N . fs Nsii x X . mx ..r.. N. 3 1 5 wi . ..g.v-gffif. ff.,-Q1 -f X i -::': 1 . ifi., .iiiir . or J- W if f r in 1 . X X 3 QI-7' Q 1.-W :IQ I ff , Jig . NX ,N Lcilani Matthews Blair Mzizzocco james McAdams Patrick McAllister Larry Mr-Clube James McCall Vicki McClain Robert McConnell i ii r , ii i - rv' 41' ,V fi W J fy, , r r 'Y M My i ff if if 5 MH fwfr? K My' Z W 2 WWW 'Y W v,f,.W,y , i X' ,MMM 'WN-. f Karen McFarland L. Jay McGregor Debra McGuire David McKissick rm'!C' Elizabeth McKee Anita Mescall Richard Micgg Diana Miller John McNeill Richard Meyers Kathryn Michalojko Cary Miller Mark McNich0las Clarice Micaletti David Middendorf JoAnn Miller Carolyn Melchiore Dom enick Micco Nancy Miles Susan Miller SENIORS 135 """??v Candace Million Marvin Montgomery Ronald Morgan Rebecca Morris Shirlee M055 Carol- Mills Howard Moore Carol Morris Judith Moses Richard Mgwry Patricia Mohar Ralph Morella Jeryl Morris Linda Moss Catherine Mozzocio 136 SENIORS 'xii ' ,fe-is 'aww' V-Rf, .-7 Nw... .-hviw.. L' ii :,, ' rg 1 r 'Q "LL r MW 'N r"-Q.. ,,,.-M Michael Murphy Jon Nielsen Walter Norris David Occhibone Gary Pack Terry Must Beverly Nixon Donald Nuzzo Kateleen O,Leary Georgia Padula Catherine Nerti Marjorie Norris Linda Nuzzo Terry Owens Michael Paflley Chuck Oberleitner Eugene Pace Terri Pilgley 137 r WN M- I we ew, if Marsha paiano Walter Palkovitch Gary Panasewicz Mary Pajak Denise Panarella Angelo Papa 'Wm' Marlane Papa Kathleen Pappas Maria Parisi George Patterson Susan Peluso '-www? .Q QNY19: -vv.t,,...f' 9 45" vi!-' Sqn-.qgv Anthony Perrotta Thomas Pflueger Frank Pia Frank Porada Luanne Preisel David Perry Thomas Phelps Thomas Pilner Mary Ann Potoczny David Presnar Patricia Peterson Georgenne Phillian Gus Platas Lynda Poulton Judith Presnar Anne Petrovich Diana Phillips Kathleen Pokersnik Alan Powers Ronalyn Price 139 Joseph Querriera Carol Quimby Becky Quinn qw, 'mu Marjorie Radish Linda Ranucci Kathleen Rapko Marian Reffner Stephen Reinhard Cynthia Remaley ,www L Dennis Rhodes Marilyn Rich Robert Rich Y 5 ,T 'A .4 -serm- Albert Richards Delores Robinson Michael Robinson 'U rr fx af M, 41- t e' 4, . -we mm , X f Af my 3 V 5, Z EZ 4" 'V 43 ' :4lz.Z:'lfi':,.E ' 52' W 'f Wi V -5 5' ' , , ff ,- M Y' Qa , 'Alix 01 'W ff ug., a ff f f .- 81 :JJ Q' 1 .-f fs. .if S il fwwtf ,Q ff. :Mfg 11 unfme fx f fn! 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It's been twelve long years A football game- ,ll never be the same- But don't shed those tears And we'll keep the high school dances Welre ready to go out upon our own . . . And romances, in our minds . . . . . Let's make life greatf Then welll come back- Class of !68 And when we come back- And let's strive to show the world just what We Will be the leaders Of T0m0fT0W!S U-S-A - - these years have done. -50- Thffll Weill be bHCk- Golly, Gee! Students! Show 'em how it's gonna And when we come backw bg, Students! We will be the leaders of tomorrowis U.S.A. . . We'll be Doctors, Lawyers, too! -S0- Teachers, whoill be thankful to CUNY! GCC! Students! This great school on Lincoln Avenue. Show ,em how itls gonna be, Students! As we go upon our separate ways. By Linda Ranucci We will be glad- But we will be sad- For we know weire leaving all our school days far behind. 150 , . 7 , Y, .ad I U class poem The petty decisions of daily living Blossom with age to greater heights. Students probe Teachers guide Future plans bubble confusion inside. We consult our friends Discuss at home But some decisions we must make alone We ponder and dream The seasons go byg We approach graduation From New Castle High. We stand unafraid by the misty sea Some decisions behind us, A future thatis free. By Carol Mills xy' e r - Q QL 9' J 5,3 ' f .LSSXX ge 5 'Sf gs .. f 0 M ' A SF X - . xr' K 94' 3 if - W V913 K X rj kk 3 -NG? Q' 539 veil' ,if mi K E Q, ff . gggei- - 'Q ,Hs .SM J: . A, PW vf ,- X Q-My SDOFIJS BASKETBALL A Q L 1. . Row 1: Connie Palumbo, Coach, James Carmen, Dave Crunkleton, George Eggleston, lack Hannon, Jim Stoner, Wilbur Taylor, Bill Howley, Don Ross, Asst. Coach. Row 2: Valentino Bell, Bob Skaneski, lim Schultz, Lenny Payne, Champ Young, Butch Walker, Danny Young NC 8 1 .... .... W estinghouse 56 NC 64 .... ........ M eadville 55 NC 81. .. ...Erie St. Vincent 39 NC 87 .... . . . New Brighton 71 NC 79 ..... ..... H ickory 67 NC 87 .... .... F ord City 38 NC 56 .... ..,... F arrell 67 NC 50 .... .... A liquippa 56 NC 91 .... ...... B utler 50 NC 74 .... . . . Beaver Falls 69 NC 58 .... ...... S haron 52 NC 57 .... . ..... Ambridge 69 NC 79 .... .... E llwood City 59 NC 57 .... ........ F arrell 71 NC 55 .... .... A liquippa 58 NC 79 .... ...... B utler 54 NC 75 .... . . . Beaver Falls 69 NC 62 .... ...... S haron 77 NC 58 .... ..... A mbridge 59 NC 51 .... .... E llwood City 49 154 X ' ... .... 4... 1. John Young, Ulysses Walker, jim Marcantino, Scott Mcflary, Larry Armstrong, Bob Skancski, Kon Wusilewski, loc Palmiro. james Carmen, Ray Evanoski, Lewis Thomas, Jim Stoner, Coach, Donald Ross 155 BASKETBALL 157 BASKETBALL P1 1 ' X l. w... xfk ... BASKETBALL 2 U V W., , N N - . 1 52 .X L r 9 Q , .. Q 161 BASKETBALL iv 163 TRACK A "" ff . f 1 ff' 1 f QW -W Q. A F' N, +.LM,' QQ "W Hs. 'GNN' -...,.?+...,,, "' ""---....'fI mtg ?-'IETF' A .. Y. .. ...M -'Q-ff.. 1' v ax'-Uv cl 164 W-M ,gg W A W , ,ep V W,,gf,,w 7 f WW Aww LQ' , I f - sly Wfwwd, Mn 'amy V ' M W' Www M Q kQmi S , x A Row I: Forrest McMunn, Cust Platas, John Reid, Terry Beckwith, Cary Latcheran, Terry Doyle. Row 2: Bill Graham, jim Wilson Gary Thompson, David Kerestly, Bruce Montgomery, Jim Meyers, Jerry Peterson, John Marino, Mgr., Mr. Gennock NC 16... ............ .... NC 52 ....... Butler 18 ......... NC 36 ....... Beaver Falls 40. . . NC 30 ..... .................. NC 21 .... .... NC 26 .... .. NC 17 .... NC 25M...... NC 23 ........... ,........... WPIAL Sectional'Qualifier 6th Place Mid-Western. 4th Place . . . Shenango . . . Riverside . Neshannock . . . Hopewell Warren, Ohio . . . Meadville . . . . . Sharon . Neshannock . . . Ambridge 39 50 44 25 34 29 38 2916 32 ,, I If Zi f f 'Z y ,1,, fl " ff ,,'V" V CROSS COUNTRY Row I: James Murphey, Maurice McHenry, Richard Panella, Raymond Reagle, John Denny, Anthony Panella, Sam Ccrmita, Domenic Lamberti. Row 2 Mr. Donald Hannon, William Wooten, Tim Kelly, Jeff Van Buren, Frank Medure, James Zambelli, Richard Stull, Thomas Colella, Kerry Burke, Mgr. Mr R,L. Noel WRESTLING 166 NC 27. .. .. . Holland, O. 18 NC 3 . . . .... Reynolds 48 NC 33 . . . .... Freedom 14 NC 41 . . . ..... Hickory 11 NC 18 . . ..... Grove City 26 NC 21. . . . . . West Middlesex 28 NC 35 . . . . . . Seneca Valley 17 NC 21. . . ..... Hopewell 24 NC 37 . . . ..... North Hills 14 NC 28 . . . . . . Seneca Valley 21 NC 35 . . . .... Freedom 12 NC 28. . . .... Hopewell 23 Row I: Cerry Trodden, Mgr., Mr. D. Hannon, Larry Tanner. Mgr, Row 2: Tim Heaney, Nick Frahotta, Louis lrace, Alex DeCidio, Cary Moore, John Majesti, Harry Hammond, Anthony DeMonaco, James Dawson 167 i if gmt BASEBALL TENNIS ww fi, K A. .,.' i ,rf " ' GOLF Row 1: Phil Christopher, Andy Bloise, Ron Morgan, Lou Ciop- pa. Row 2: Randy Beck, Al Richards, john DeSimone, Chuck Fulmer, Henry Dinaforc 'NY J A """""'---.NWWK New Castle swamps New Castle Batters New Castle rips Hurricane erupts New Castle erupts Impressive New Castle crushes 'Canes end Mt. Lebanon 20-game string F ast-striking Undeteated what's left to say? FOOTBALL sf Q'.5LQ.n'.f.1!1'lA iisiilffl I.-i?.,,,1 wh 5. ' .1,'9xIl. xx, . , 'P ..'x '.--4.25 ',,:. .-avg -h, , .L -,- M fgfn f-1 -lf.. 1.mxhh3'w--" H. A sf 333 - 349 SS' Aga' .-31 .',f,j.fHv f. wwf' M s,n,1,'A,4 Q iff .5 5 .124 am 1. ghfzviffr.-ff.-if-w,:ffs.4x. ,M .pw . ... . .xy . ,S ,., 3. 0 , 6 .1 1 XS L Q . Q... K b ' A ,Q . .. ul' fY!t'3 ., S9 Q' X. if ,g lv ,g ,. -Q-1:5 QQ, nff 15 qt. -3:54-,,,...,i?A RH.. K .-293412 Q' V515-xi'-:'i'i.!' Q55 fl?-T '-3? x' 1?Qv'gQj?."'ff Q 3 m ? "iff-1 ' ' V I 4353 3" :,E'vf1"5.. fha 'QQ xyhj I 'A7 ' 'ga' L I f Q -nm 1 Uv.. Q, ,nn J 1'-fm? rf jf. r-A-x,s'f'. .' ','.',' ' Qkt ' ,s,'-- -RX - , . 4412555 " .lefankagegff X 1, 'fgikiksii' 5 ,YIQ i ' . 4- , X ' ..:.' , .rf j1 f' V L. '- , ' L 'YW 18' .iv Q. ii,-slight .F. i': L. ' ., L l ' 4- x . it I , T f t, S: A, ! i I .Q K. 'X , g , If l ax k s u. h x K , ,, 5 p 1 2 X A . Ii fff 1' Y - , Q ' - 1 QyQr:,,1i-gglgrrix - K , xv K i ' I " Lf 'f N 'L if 3:1 4 A A -A 0 .f .,: 7 ' , L 'VT 4 """ ? ,K x M-'Nl - V 'AIN xi U, ' 6 5,,f4:q?4. I jk. 'W ..,,, W L A4 mwW"".Q 173 FOOTBALL K 1 175 FOOTBALL E 1 n 4 1 1 I X VAKV 9 , 3 L , Q Q' N g N A I f 177 FOOTBALL ', 14 ., ,- Y -MM H Q x x ' .4 F- -'-, - 2' ,. 1' 7 ' X , sw ' Kg pup! gl ..'g,:t,K,g mf , f wtf pf B' yn 'X YW i-L K RQ N x H . ..' L' K -K ,. sq K YK Z Lk . Tags Li x M . gifs-x.:4' r ., '.R.glgT'i5 1- J: K ' ,Ke ,. fi X f f 1' 5 O ,l ' Ka Q, 1 5.4 I S . .1 si . . "' E1-54' . xx' ' f "2 S. is ,ip Ag, 4 ?MT,E?,.:t Q si I K R: '22 ,fix K .K 3 K . A ' .x A, 1- 3..5g.K',1,:! J f x ,515 -sf -6 '.5?!??'f' A 1431 '. Q J Ju: . 5. ' ' ,Vik ' -'. K gQ"'1,Tf:s..f .g- ,--'vs . ffig -'Y 5 - W3 ,L If " 'sNgfff1'7.,:T'SwQ 79s'i""2!M'5QgQg- 1' nexus Ka-usa u..u KK K if-S ' x- FEL n- - mn Kf. , f ' "' Gffbeirfixi' revs'-MQ? ':'--.1-Q. K'F,"f., nqggy.. .-gn.--Q.-.g.axw-N. ,,.......cs.i r .NM-W ., fi-4.5, 1, .. Q gwgggws. .Q-gr-y,.,.?5i ,ff , . f- ' ,V - 15 ww-amass Q: -3 .X:KK - - - . -. , ..,. F . -'i i ..N,M.. ---1-,gggggg - ' QQ. : ff-an-"nge ' . XMM.- - K M-. K,. Kg . 4 ' , - 5 f A wg ff 2 . . . V... K ,W K H - . W - - 1 f M . :,W K g Li K.. Q Q ' I ,H.fg-.,- ' f 7 ix Q-' f X' ,X " f ' .1 .Y x . K 8 I - . '- k-.. K . I V M ,- '- ' --,Q X K . K 4 K - . -,. c .K ., X-.. -- . - - V--, if . Q K K SKK, 'K .. - 'L M ,.f-- y X.,- f wp- K . 178 'WWE Ky! .1---9 x is x I :QUQQK '-'5 5K.K,-5, f 'wf?1..V A K. A . 'K if. S, 1 . , K5 . . - Vi5K. 4 ,ff-.. L, S z-fe., . f , X ,lm K - . sg S "1 ,v S ,f-. . K vs.: Y, , M, . K .K gr 'A gxmr Lf w A wwf 1 ,, .',Vv,.LxN I I 4 ' ,, . au K , 54, ' ,, ' " W - 474' L .1 ', " " V' f 'i , A I 'JV 7' JW ' My-, pg ,f V, I A v f, f 'K , ,,A f 'J W I f , ,jr ff fl gp ,,f-, ,, , - . 1 , M V , 1, 'ff w f , 4 J ' J ' ' ia' 'V V' ig, f , f , i 4,7y.,Q, f ' "U, ' V - V -w , f by ff ff 7 ' Y , 1 g. -, ., ,fwgir G if , 4, IM, L! AV M, if V g ,1 l, ,M L A I, 5, .V-f M ,, ,mx , 5'7'w.Q'n', "'T wf'f1gi?iQ,V5wfw wfiifff- ,,,, " K - p w wa" 4 H R F FOOTBALL JJ x 4 . F? MV. if v M9 FOOTBALL uf f " U, ,hw gf " ' , .W 4? l uf ff 'X . ,gy ,,,,.w V ' 'mi 4 ,, MH gy, I 5 '42 f K 199, fr VV 77,1 f fr 14 iv ' A I ,527 4 55,11 My -:Lg . f ' I 'fhf ' , Q mu ' , I y , 7 VA, " ffyf Qf1U4f?2 fy ff if, 1 ' 'V fm Ya ,f , M ni "MZ, L 6' . , '." 3 Q fA ZW ff I H V f ,r f ay ww fa ff H' 2 V 'M I W 4 ' 1f'M ,Z , ,, ' 1, ' 7. ff - , Q, M K , 4 v 183 .ge- v l ,t B9 C M X., V' C l A Rf, Ai Y S V " l t 4 ' ,ef if l X C5"'l"5 ,gd Q ' yeas Rou I Frank P1 1 Angelo P un N 1flCl,Ill Alferi Dom Tomrncllto Albert D'Ambrosia. Albert Fornataro, Richard Stull, Francis Lauro, Dave Updngr rff All nu loscph Rou 2 lcrry M 1r1no Nlgr L nrry Davis, Mgr., lack Zdurencik, Ronald Keyes, Ronald Hunt, John Burns lohn Murphy lohn Russo Ron 3 R lvmonrl Y lro Thom ns Ktlly, Mike Tonsetic, Ronald Book, George Howley, Anthony Stoner, Donald NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC CHAMPIONS RE C ORD . . . McKeesport 7 . . . Ambridge 0 . . . Beaver Falls 14 . . . Sharon O . . . Aliquippa 13 . . . Farrell 6 . . . Erie Academy 14 . . . Harbrack 28 . . . Butler 6 . . . Ellwood City 13 . . . Mt. Lebanon 14 I1 1 Row I: Anthony Aven, Leonard Payne, Richard Humphrey, Phillip Toney, Louis Santangelo, Dom Micco, Dale Kurtz, Alfred Russo, William Howley, Eugene Pace. Row 2: Jim Stoner, joe Cermani, Larry lrvaline, Wesley Cartwright, Sam Ceramita. Kenneth Aven, Anthony Panella, WMario Del Signore, Mgr., Bill Dunlop, Mgr. Rf1u'3: Joseph Hamerl, Wesley Taylor, James Carmen, George Elias, Larry Armstrong, Sam Flora, 'Louis Ross, Richard Mazzoeca, John Cappabizumco f 'ul fl' ggauf' L' -,, 54, 4 A Kg- L x'-'-1 . 2.05 . ' K ' 'yy f,uj I '. ' ,-.iff 'x i-1, ,.. , "' .' Q - , Wifi M, -. -f K:e's.'s." ' ' X2 ' V-':f:f2s'fS2f5 ,'i2?2,5f'?Z'k',,-if-g,1'?:fff?f'3'i.'ma5fffmAsfl5?5..wa?s +L. s X 1 may m?-+Lf3sQ.rge- -Q 3351 W3 s ffigffgw-9553 --wiiisgiil-.-Q'-1g,:.'.-'P'P2:-sizgrw ,,ps,'gf3,' . .3 J - ,,. .gm . H.,-k..Jg, f,f,:., ,wfyl , A -1- ,,gg.k1f:ffNi1l?Q3Yg5ftf?,Jt-1gfx,'s.f'iQi if- -wel-Lin-QgilvfggWag. 1 - ' - -' ' Mr w- .4-Kea-2 M' :. 2-' ' 1' 1 -. ' I-,var A X 53.2:ffqgL'.f54g: 5 , J! .-"Lt-' fgf,y,'g:fF5g?!ff is M w' Q'.1',fi'w,,y,,s1Zg:,' . r ' 'I ' ig ' f 'YJ' 1. F' - f- 'QQEHT 'mf' 6. K 'iliiiiisggii it ' 'O X' Q -'Fifa fE'Q'9'3'i'3T1 ' tl"'Lti?, Els .f " 1 ' , 5 sr , -. - Xa - f ,- Wm ' ' Qizef--'tis lf .gfleggeiiftgb law- 1' , 92' .-J L, ' Yygkxfkf L wg lr, X, Q- -1 'T 4 H. " ., f z f...- ., A ' x , W 1 ,zz ' fr ,Aff I-,'f,,f ' ", -' ' 'i 575 i fl? "3 ""w igifiilifli' M I Y, - .L , ,,u.,lJtf ' 5 324 .. 1' gi. L H tigft' . .f A ix .. 7 i-1. -J-X' , " W- -a ' -' .I HSJQN Q fl .. .L , 1 W , w X Q x gf,f1.:t,',f:' ii 1,5 ,tb -ff' fi-,X M- L A My . .s gi jk' fx W . ,Q ,,.. A A tiny A' X 'L s i, Qg.,, 3 VE , , .,-5: a K +1 51 x f , i f" A S X Ft ks A 2' , V .. A :K K ks. K ' f ' ' ' :--- ' , - 1 . L W W M ., it - ' ' ,ig If 185 55 x. N. . fd, M New . . ,1 5 , LE mXbLL if ,wifi , S FOOTBALL 187 Senior Directory ABRAHAM, ANN L. ADAMS, SANDRA L. Pep Club 10, Y-Teens 11,12 AIELLO, CAROLINE Future Nurses Club 11,12, Girls Chorus 10, Jr. Classical League 11,12, Pep Club 11,12, Y-Teens 12 ALBERT, JOHN R. ALBORN, ALICE F. ALFERA, DIANA M. Color Guard 11,12, Pep Club 11,12g Y-Teens 12, Student Council 11 ALFERA, VINCENT I. Football Varsity 12, Football I.V. 11, Fulman Romanum 11, Track 10,11,12 ALFORD, SUZANNE E. Basketball Refresh. Com. 12, Pep Club 10, French Club 10,11,12, F. T.A. 11,12, Coal-Post-Tip Off Seller 12, St. Council H.R. Rep 11 ALLEGRO, GRAYCE L. Concert Choir 11,12, Concession Worker 12, French Club 11,12, F. T.A. 11,12, Girls Chorus 10, Nat. Honor Society 11,12, Stage Crew 12, St. Council Com. 11,12, Ass't Treasurer of F.T.A. 12 ALOE, ORLANDO D. D.E.C.A. Club 12 ALTMAN, PAULETTE L. V.I.C.A. 12 ANDERSON, JOYCE L. ANDREWS, KENNETH A. Fulman Romanum 12, F.T.A. 12, Jr. Class. League 11,12, Forum 12 ANDREWS, PERRY I. German Club 10,12 ANGELO, RAYMOND C. ANGELO, SAMUEL H. German Club 12, St. Council Com. 12, St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,12 ANGIOLELLI, CARMELA L. Concession Workers 12, F.T.A. 12, Nat. Honor Society 12, Pep Club 12, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Spanish Club 12, Stage Crew 12 ANTTILA, SANDRA M. Concert Choir 10,11,12, French Club 11,12, F.T.A. 11,125 Majorettes 10,11,12, Student Council 11, St. Council Com. 11g Triple Trio 11, Y-Teens 12, Head Majorette 11,12 ARMSTRONG, BURDELL K. Band 10,11,12, St. Council H.R. Rep. 10 ATRIA, PATRICIA A. Band 10,11,12, German Club 11,12, Goal-Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11, 12, Nat. Honor Society 11,12, Varsity Club Aux. 1O,11,12, German Club President 12 AUGOSTINE, RAY T. Wrestling J.V. 10,11 AUGUSTINE, CARMELLA Color Guard 11,123 Girls Chorus 11, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 AVEN, ANTHONY D. Baseball Varsity 10,11,12, Basketball j.V. 10, Football J.V. 10, Foot- ball Varsity 11,12, Varsity Club 11,12 AYERS, TIMOTHY W. "Blithe Spirit" 12, F.T.A. 12, Yearbook Sales Rep. 11,125 Radio Club 11, Art Appreciation 12 BALLAS, ANDREW BALLAS, ANNA MARIE J. V.I.C.A. 12 BANDLEY, P. SUE Concession Workers 12, French Club 11,12g F.T.A. 11,12, Nat. Honor Society 11,12, Pep Club 11,12, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Stage Crew 12, Y-Teens 10,11,12, F.T.A. Parlimentarian 12 BARBER, SUSAN L. Athletic Secretary 11,12, Basketball Usher 10,11,12, Chatter 10,11, 12, Football Usher 12, French Club 10,11,12, Girls Chorus 10, Mixed Choir 12, Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11,12, St. Council Com. 11.,12, Varsity Club Aux. 11,12, Y-Teens 10, Sec. Ir. Class 11, Capt. Basket- ball Ushers 11,12, Chatter Editor 12, Homecoming Queen 12, F.T.A. 11,12 BARNES, DONALD E. BARTHOLIC, JACQUELENE 1. BARTLETT, RONNIE E. Concert Choir 10.11, V.I.C.A. 12, Sec. Welding Club 12 BAXTER, GINNY R. Make-up chairman of stage crew of "Blithe Spirit" 12 BECK, RANDALL A. Concert Choir 11,12, Golf Team 10,11,12, Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Varsity Club Aux. 12 BECKERT, EDWARD C. BECKWITH, TERRY F. Cross Country 12, Track 10,11,12 BENDER, GARY L. V.I.C.A. I2 BENEDICT, EDWIN J. BESHERO, KAREN A. Girls Chorus 10, Spanish Club 11,12, Spanish Club Sec. 12 BLAKE, CHESTER M. V.I.C.A. 12 BESSEL, ORA E. BLEWS, LINDA C. BLEWS, MABEL 1. Band 1O,11,12, F.T.A. 12, Pep Club 12, Spanish Club 12, Y-Teens 11 BOAZZO, ANTHONY L. BOGUS, GARY A. BOOK, CAROL L. BOOK, LENORE V. Forum 12, Fulman Romanum 10,11,12, F.T.A. 12, German Club 11, 12, jr. Class. League 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Society 11,12, Stage Crew 12, Vice-Pres. German Club 12 BORON, STELLA M. Cheerleader Varsity 12, Cheerleaders j.V. 11, Concert Choir 10,11, 12, F.T.A. 11,124 Jr. Class. League 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Society 11, 12, Pep Club 11,12, Triple Trio 11, Y-Teens 10, Activity Point Award 11, Magna Cum Laude Latin II 10 BOWDEN, CHUCK L. BOWEN, THOMAS W. BRIGHAM, CURTIS A. BROSCHART, BETTY I. St. Council 12, St. Council Com. 11,12, St. Council H.R. Rep. 10, Telephone Staff 11, Chairman Queenis Committee 12, Girls Chorus 10 BROOKS, RICHARD G. Football J.V. 10, D.E.C.A. 12, DECA Reporter 12 BROWN, AUDREY J. BROWN, CANDACE L. Concession Workers 12, Dofobs 12, Fulman Romanum 11,12, F.T.A. 12, German Club 11,12g Jr. Class. League 10,11,12, Nat. Honor Soci- ety 11,12, St. Council H.R. Rep 12, Treasurer German Club 12, Cum Laude in Latin III 10, Cum Laude in Latin IV 11 BROWN, EUGENIA J. BROWN, JENNIE M. BRUENING, ,IAYNE Concert Choir 11,12, "Blithe Spirit" 12, Senior Ensemble 12, Soph- omore Mixed Choir 10, Triple Trio 11 BRUNO, SUZETTE M. Art Appreciation 12, Concession Workers 12, Dofobs 11,12, French Club 11,12, Yearbook Sales Rep. 12, Y-Teens 12 BRUNSWICK, DAVE H. V.I.C.A. 12 BUDZOWSKI, JULIAN M. Band 10,11,12, German Club 12 BULISCO, KATHLEEN BULLANO, ANNA M. French Club 12, Future Nurses Club 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Y-Teens 10,11,12 BUNCH, MARILYN A. BUNNELL, WILLIAM L. BURGO, RAY J. BURKE, KERRY M. , , Carnival Com. 11,125 Football Refresh. Com. 125 Wrestling Varsity 11,125 Wrestling J.V. 105 V.I.C.A. 125 Varsity Club 11,125 C1v1l Tech. Rep. to VICA 12 BUTKOWSKI, BARBARA J. ALHOUN, TONYA R. Eulman Romanum 10,11,125 Jr. Class, League lQ,1l,12, Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 Jr. Classical League Corresponding Sec. 12 CALLAHAN, WILLIAM C. CAMERON, DEBORAH L. CAMERON, DONNA A. . Dofobs 125 Girls Chorus 115 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 CANNON, KAREN L. Pe Club 105 Student Council 11, St. Council Com. 10,125 Yearb00k Safes Rep. 125 Nurses Aid 11,12 CAPPABIANCO, PHILIP G. CARRIGAN, MICHAEL J. Golf Team 11,12 CARUNGI, RALPH s. , Band 10,11,125 Pep Band 125 Safety Com. 125Cafeter1a Help 11,125 Decorating Com. 10,11,12 CASTO, JOYCE D. Concession Worker 125 Girls Chorus 10 CEYROLLES, PATRICIA A. CHADBOLT, DENNIS L. . lV.l.C.A. 125 V.I.C.A. Club Pres. of Auto Body Section A 12 lCHIAFULLO, DONALD M. Forum 125 Fulman Romanum 10,11,125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,125 Magna Cum 3Laude in Latin III, IV 10,11 Concession Workers 12 l lCHIEZE, JUDY L. CHIEZE, LINDA Dofobs 115 Yearbook Sales Rep. 11 CHILL, BRADLEY A. German Club 125 Hi-Y 12, Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Student Council 125 St. Council Com. 12 CHILL, MARILYN A. Drill Team 105 Y-Teens 10 CHILL, WILLIAM J. "Blithe Spirit" 125 Forum 125 F.T.A. 125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Cum Laude 11 CHRISTIAN, DELPHINE CHRISTOPHER, RICHARD A. St. Council Com. 10,11,12 CIMPERMAN, PATRICIA J. Y-Teens 10 CIOFFI, JOANN M. Art Appreciation 12, Goal Post Tip-Off Seller 125 Pep Club 125 Soph- omore Mixed Choir 105 Varsity Club Aux. 12 CIOFFI, ROBERT P. CLARE, JAMES E. Baseball 11,125 Football J.V. 11 CLIN GINSMITH, JOHN T. COHEN, HARVEY J. 1Forum 125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Pres. Nat. Honor Society 12, lVice-Pres. Forum 125 Nat. Mem Semi-Finalist 12 ,COHEN, ROGER I. Art Appreciation 125 Ba.nd 10,11,125 Chess Club 105 ."Pyramus And lThisbe" 125 Forum 125 Fulman Romanum 10,11,125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Pep Club 125 Forum Treasurer 125 Fulman Romanum Editor 125 Jr. Class League Vice-Pres. 125 District Band 125 Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation 125 Cum Laude in Latin 10,11 COHEN, WIN IFRED L. COLELLA, THOMAS M. Wrestling, Varsity 11,125 V.I.C.A. 125 Varsity Club 11,12 COLEMAN, LULA P. Student Council 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 125 VICA 125 Temp. Sec. lof Student Council 125 Sec. of V.I.C.A. for Homeroom 12 l l 189 COLLINGWOOD, KEITH G. Art Appreciation 125 Boys Quartet 115 Concert Choir 115 Concession Workers 125 "Blithe Spirit" 125 "Pyramus And Thisbew 125 Forum 125 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 COLUCCI, FRANK P. COMPELIO, ELIZABETH A. Concert Choir 11,125 "Blithe Spiriti' 125 Senior Ensemble 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 St. Council Com. 10,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 125 Triple Trio 115 Yearbook Sales Rep. 125 Y- Teens 10,125 Treas. Concert Choir 115,F.T.A. Vice-Pres. 125 District Chorus 125 French Club 125 F.T.A. 11,125 Sec. Concert Choir 12 CONGLOSE, MICHELE S. Basketball Refresh, Com. 125 F.T.A. 11,125 Majorettes 10,11,125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Spanish Club 11,125 Student Council 11,125 St. Council Com. 11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 105 Y-Teens 11,125 F.T.A. Assyt Sec. 125 Spanish Club Treasurer 125 Student Council Sec, 12. CONNOR, GREGORY L. COPPLE, PATRICK J. COVERT, ROBERT W. Basketball J.V. 105 Football J.V. 105 Hi-Y 125 Tennis J.V. 10 CRADER, LINDA S. Pep Club 105 St. Council Com. 12 CRATTY, PAULINE R. Art Appreciation 125 Pep Club 10,11,12 CRAWFORD, LINDA D. Pep Club 115 V.I.C.A. Class Pres. 125 V.I.C.A. 125 Sec. of Pres. 125 State Sec. 12 CRAY, SHEILA A. Athletic Sec. 125 Auditorium Usher 125 Basketball Uhser 125 Concert Choir 11,125 Football Usher 125 Goal Post-Tip-Off Seller 125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Varsity Club Aux. 12 CRUNKLETON, DAVID A. Basketball Varsity 10,11,125 Basketball J.V. 105 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10, Track 10,115 Varsity Club 11,12 CUBELLIS, VICTOR P. CUMMINGS, SAUNDRA M. Pep Club 115 V.I.C.A. 125 Vice-Pres. of V.I.C.A. 12 CURRIE, GAYLORD W. CUSCINO, NOREEN L. Pep Club 10,115 Spanish Club 11 D'AMBROSIA, ALBERT A. Football Varsity 125 Football J.V. 10,115 Jr. Classical League 11.125 Track 1O,12, Varsity Club 12 D'ANGELO, LOUIE Band 10,11,125 Dance Band 10,11,125 Pep Band 11,12 DAVIS, JAMES E. DAVIS, JOHN M. Band 10,11,125 Hi-Y 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,115 Hi-Y Chaplain 12 DAWSON, DAVID R. Art Appreciation 10,11,125 President Mixed Chorus 115 Sec. Art Club 115 Pres. Art Club 125 Art Award 10,115 Central High Sch. Grand Junction, Colo.5 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 DEAN, CHARLES D. French Club 115 F.T.A. 11 DeANGELO, MICHAEL D. Band 10,11,125 Jr. Classical League 125 Nat. Honor Soc. 11,125 Stage Crew 10,11,125 St. Council Com. 105 A.V.A. 10,11,125 Summa Cum Laude, Latin Award 115 Vice-Pres. A.V.A. Stage Crew 12 DeCAPRIO, JOANNE Aud. Usher 115 Pep Club 10,11,125 Y-Teens 10,115 Student Council Com. 12 DeCARBO, VICKI L. Aud. Usher 115 Pep Club 10,11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 125 Y-Teens 10,115 St. Council Com. 125 Newspaper Seller 10 DeCARLO, YVONNE M. V.l.C.A. 12 DGDOMINICIS, ORLANDO R. V.I.C.A. 125 Vo-Tech Class Vice-President 12 DEEP, MICHAEL H. F.T.A. 105 Pep Club 10,11,12 DEEP, NANCY J. Girls Chorus 105 V.I.C.A. 12 Senior Directory DeFIORE, JOHN F. St. Council H.R. Rep 11 DeFONSO, RONALD L. DeFONSO, THOMAS J. Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 DeJOHN , TIM D. DeLAWRENCE, CAMILLE "Blithe Spirit," Costumes 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Spanish Club 11,125 Carnival 115 Vice-Pres. Spanish Club 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,11, 125 Dofobs 12 DeLILLO, DONALD D. DeLILLO, JAMES A. DeLILLO, JULIE A. DeLILLO, LORINDA L. DeLISIO, ELIZABETH A. DELLIQUADRI, MICHAEL Tennis 11 DEL SIGNORE, MARIO J. Football Mgr. 11,125 Stage Crew 10,11,125 A.V.A. 10,11,125 Pres. A.V.A. Stage Crew 12 DELY, ANTHONY T. Football J.V. 10,11 DeMEDAL, JOCELYN A. Y-Teens 10,11 DENNIS, ELLEN L. St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,11 DENUCCI, MICHAEL Band 10,11,12 DGROSA, CAROL L. Forum 125 F.T.A. 125 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Girls Chorus 10,115 Goal Post-Tip Off Seller 10,11,125 Jr. Classical League 11,125 Nat. Honor Soc. 11,125 Pep Club 10,115 St. Council Com. 115 Varsity Club Aux. l0,11,125 Nurses Club Historian 125 J.C.L. Recording Sec. 125 Sumnfg Cum Laude 10,115 Committee Chairman Nat. Honor Sol ciety DESATNIK, SCHERYL L. Pep Club 10 DeSIMONE, DAVID A. Boys Quartet 115 Concert Choir 115 Fulman Romanum 105 Jr. Classical League 10,115 Nat. Honor Soc. 11,125 Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 St. Council Com. 125 National Honor Soc. Vice-Pres. 12 DeSIMONE, GARRY Band 10,11,12 DeSIMONE, LARRY J. Band 10,11,12 DeSIMONE, LORAINE A. Cheerleader J.V. 115 Pep Club 10,115 St. Council Com. 105 H.R. Rep. 10 DeVIVO, BERNARD J. DEXTER, DAWN E. DiBELLO, BOB A. Hi-Y 12 DiCARLO, JUDY A. DiCARLO, RAY DiCARLO, VICTORIA L. French Club 10,11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 German Club 125 Goal Post Tip- Off Seller 125 Y-Teens 10,11 - DIDIANO, GREGORY A. Cross Country 115 Track 10,115 Varsity Wrestling 105 D.E.C.A. 12 DiMUCCIO. MARIE A. St. Council H.R. Rep. 11 DINUCCI, ARTHUR W. Dance Band 11,125 Band 10,11,12 DiTHOMAS, PATRICIA A. DOMENICK, JOHN L. Football Mgr. 105 D.E.C.A. 125 EGGLESTON, GEORGE Basketball Varsity 10,11,125 Track 10,11,125 Varsity Club 10,11,12 ELIAS, CATHY F. Dofobs 10,11,125 Future Nurses Club 115 Girls Chorus 10,11,125 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11,125 Pep Club 125 Varsity Club Aux. 10,11, 125 Y-Teens 10 ELISCO, CECELIA Newspaper Staff 10 ELLIS, VICKI S. Auditorium Usher 125 Basketball Usher 115 Football Usher 125 Jr, Class. League 10,11,125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 105 Magna Cum Laude in Latin I 81 II 10,11 ESPOSITO, ANTHONY J. ESPOSITO, TOM D. Wrestling J.V. 10,11 EVANOSKI, KAREN H. Art Appreciation 125 Mixed Choir 11,12 EVANS, DIANE A. Concert Choir 12, Girls Chorus 10,11 EZZO, LORETTA A. FAGNILLI, LONETTE Y. FARONE, MARY LOUISE Concession Workers 125 F.T.A. 11,125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Pep Club 10,115 Stage Crew 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10, 115 Yearbook Staff 11,125 Co-Editor Yearbook 115 Editor Yearbook 12 Magna Cum Laude in Latin 10,11 FAZZONE, MARIA A. V.I.C.A. 125 Service Squad 12 FELTON, JACK C. D.E.C.A. 12 FERRARA, FRANK J. F IDELL, MARILYN Yearbook Sales Rep. 10 FIORANTE, MARGARET J. FISHE, LARRY Boys Quartet 115 Concert Choir 10,11,125 Concession Workers 125 Nat. Honor Society 125 Student Council 11,125 St. Council Com. 11,12 Student Council Pres. 12 FISHER, MARY E. FLAMINO, CHRISTINE M. Fulman Romanum 125 Jr. Class. League 11,125 St. Council H.R. 115 Cum Laude in Latin 10,11 FLAMINO, GARY W. Art Appreciation 12, Hi-Y 12 FLEO, VIRGINIA A. Pep Club 10,11 FLYNN, ROSEMARY E. FORD, MARLENE L. FORESTER, SHANNON L. Art Appreciation 125 Forum 125 French Club 10,11,125 German Club 11,125 FORGIONE, JOHN F ORKEY, LINDA Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 FRANK, LINDA M. Art Agpreciation 125 Concert Choir 11,125 Concession Workers 125 Frenc Club 10,11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 Girls Chorus 105 Senior Ensem- ble 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Triple Trio 115 Yearbook Sales Rep. 11,125 Y-Teens 11,125 Honors Chorus 11, District Chorus 12 FRASTO, JOANN Football Usher 125 Service Squad 12 FRAY, MARY ELLEN Art Appreciation 125 Girls Chorus 11 FREED, NANCY L. Concert Choir 11,125 F.T.A. 125 Girls Chorus 105 Triple Trio 11 FRENCH, MARK A. Hi-Y 123 Stage Crew 10 FULTON, LOWELL W. Fulman Romanum 10,11,125 Golf Team 11,125 Jr. Class League 11,12 Jr. Class. League Pres. 125 Latin Award 125 Hi-Y 12 GAGLIARDO, PHYLLIS A. Aud. Usher 10,124 Basketball Usher 124 Football Usher 124 Goal Post- Tip Off Seller 11,124 Jr. Classical League 10,11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 104 Varsity Club Aux. 11,124 St. Council Com. 10 GAITHER4 JUDY A. Football Usher 124 Pep Club 10,114 Service Squads 10,11 GALATI, JEAN Concession Worker 124 French Club 10,11,124 Nat. Honor Soc. 11,124 Pep Club 10Q Service Squad 11,12 GALES, THOMAS R. GALLAGHER4 PATRICK S. Forum 124 President Forum 12 GALMARINI, ROSEMARY J.C.L. 10,11,124 Pep Club 10 GARBETT, EMMETT P. Fulman Romanum 11,124 Hi-Y 124 J.C.L. 11,124 Stage Crew 12g St. Council H.R. Rep. 12 GARDNER, TRACY T. Concert Choir 11,123 Soph. Mixed Choir 104 Wrestling J.V. 9410411 GEORGE, MICHAEL J. GERMANI, FRED E. Band 10,11,124 Chess Club 104 Dance Band 124 Forum 124 Fulman Romanum 10,11,124 F.T.A. 124 J.C.L. 10,11,12, Pep Band 11,124 Stu- dent Conductor 104 District Band 12 GETTINGS, DAVID C. I Band 10,11,124 J.C.L. 11,125 Pep Band 10,114 St. Counc1lH.R. Rep. 10,114 Latin honors 10,12 GIANNETTI, SAMUEL J. . Boys Quartet 115 Concert Choir 10,11,124 F.T.A. 114124 Mixed Octet 10,12 GIANNONE, GERI L. . Concession Workers 124 French Club 11,124 F.T.A. 10,11,124, Girls Chorus 104 Pep Club 10,113 Y-Teens 11 GIBSON, PATRICIA L. French Club 10,11,124 Forum 124 Girls Chorus 104 Mixed Choir 124 French Club-Treas. 11,12 GIGLIOTTI, MICHELINA Art Appreciation 124 Dofobs 11,124 Football Usher 124 Y-Teens 10,11 GILLEST, THERESA M. Concession Workers 124 Football Usher 124 French Club 10,11,124 F. T.A. 124 Girls Chorus 104 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11,12, Sr. Checking Com. 124 Var. Club Aux. 10,11,12 GILLETTE, GARY W. Concert Choir 10,11,12 GLITCH, BARBARA J. Pep Club 10,11,12 GOOD, DARYL G. F.T.A. 124 Hi-Y 12 GOODMAN, KENNETH B. V.I.C.A. 12 GORDON, CATHY A. Band 10,11,124 French Club 104114124 F.T.A. 124 Nat. Honor Society 11,124 Sophomore Mixed Choir 104 County Band 104 District Band 114 124 Regional Band 114 Jr. Miss Rep. 12g P.A. Announcer 12 GORLEY, LYNN D. French Club 10,11,12 GORST, LINDA M. Concession Workers 11, French Club 10,11,124 Nat. Honor Soci- ety 11,12 GOURLEY, KEITH C. Football J.V. IOQ Hi-Y 124 Track 10 GRAHAM, BILL L. Hi-Y 12Q Jr. Classical League 11,125 Track 10,11,12 GRAZIANI, FRED V.I.C.A. 124 Pres. of Chem. Tech. Chapter 12 GRAZIANI4 JOSEPH J. Football Mgr. 10,11 GRECO, MATILDA J. GREEN, CRAIG A. CREGO, DEBI G. Concession Workers 124 "Blithe Spirit" 124 Football Usher 124 F .T.A. 124 Art Appreciation 124 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11,124 Pep Club 10,11,124 Soph. Mixed Choir 104 Sr. Checking Com. Capt. 124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 104 Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12 GROSSMAN, JAMES E. GROSSMAN, RICHARD S. Concession Workers 124 Cross Country 114 J.C.L. 10,114 Hi-Y 11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 124 Wrestling Varsity 104 Pres. of Hi-Y 12 GRUNDY, DAN Art Appreciation 124 Concert Choir 114 Concession Workers 12Q Forum 12Q Soph. Mixed Choir 105 Stage Crew 124 St. Council Com. 124 Homeroom Newspaper Rep. 104 "Pyramus and Thisbyi' 12 HAAS, JOAN M. Basketball Usher 11,124 Football Usher 124 J.C.L. 10,115 Pep Club IO,Ilg Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,114124Y-Teens10,11 HADGKISS, EILEEN M. Pep Club 10,114 Soph. Mixed Choir 10 HAERING, GEORGE W. Boys Quartet 114 Concert Choir 10,11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10 HAILS4 DAVID E. Student Council 124 St. Council Com. 124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 12g VICA I2 HALL, COLLEEN E. Color Guard 11,124 Mixed Choir 124 Office Staff Runner 104 Soph. Mixed Choir 124 H.R. Rep-newspaper 104 Girl's chorus 11 HALL, DARLENE G. Color Guard 114 Girls Chorus 10 HALLOWICH, STEVE HAMELLY, LEWIS J. Band 104 Concert Choir 124 Forum 12 HAMMOND, RAYMOND Football Varsity 114 Wrestling J.V. 11 HANNA, GERALD J. Mixed Choir 12 HANNA, SANDRA L. Football Usher 124 Future Nurses Club 114 Spanish Club 12 HANNON, JOHN F. Basketball Var. 12 HANNON, MILLICENT C. Football Usher 124 Pep Club 10,11,12 HARCAR, CAROL A. J.C.L. 11,124 Nat. Honor Society 11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 104 Cum Lauda 11g Magna Cum Lauda 10 HARCAR, DENNY E. Marine Physical Fitness Team 114 Mixed Choir 12 HARCAR4 NANCY P. Pep Club 104114 Y-Teens 1O,1I,12L Homeroom Treas. IO,12Q Service Squad 12 HART, MICHAEL A. Newspaper Staff 124 Student Council 124 Student Council Pres. 12 HARTLE4 FRANK C. HAWK, DON E. Hi-Y 12 HAY, ANDRA L. Auditorium Usher 104 Concert Choir 11,124 "Blithe Spirit" 125 Football Usher 124 Girls Chorus 104 Triple Trio 11 HEATH, MARILYN K. Concession Workers 12Q Spanish Club 12 HECKART, SANDRA L. HENDERSON, PAUL A. Basketball J.V. 104 Concert Choir 11,124 F.T.A. 12Q Mixed Octet 124 Soph. Mixed Choir 104 Tennis J.V. 104 Midwestem District Chorus 114 124 Honors Chorus 12 HENDERSON, ROBERT C. HENZEL, CHARLES J. HERKENHOFF, PAULO Art Appreciation 124 Forum 124 Pep Club 12Q A.F.S. Student Senior Directory HESS, ASA E. HICKS, LARRY, D. Basketball J.V. 105 Football J.V. 10,11 HIGGS, PAMELA D. HITE, DAVID A. Concert Choir 11,125 Hi-Y 105 J.C.L. 10: So h. Mixed Choir 105 Year- P book Sales Rep. 10 HOBEL, CLYDE D. Hi-Y 11,12 HOBEL, COLLEEN R. Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,115 VICA 12 HOLMES, DAVID W. Soph. Mixed Choir 10 HOMZUK, BARBARA J. Concert Choir 10,11,125 "Pyramus and Thisbe5l' F.T.A. 11,125 Pep Club 11,125 Triple Trio 115 Senior Ensemble 12 HOOKS, PATTY J. Dofobs 11,125 Pep Club 10 HOWARD, MARCIA A. Band1O,11,12 HOWLEY, BILL J. Basketball Varsity 11,125 Basketball J.V. 10, Football Varsity 125 Foot- ball J.V. 115 Varsity Club 11,12 HOYLAND, BARBARA J. Cheerleaders J.V. 115 Concession Workers 125 French Club 10,11,125 Future Nurses Club 115 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Pep Club 10,115 Student Council 125 St. Council Com. 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 105 Varsity Club Auxilliary 125 Service Squad 105 French Club Pres. 12, Vice-Pres. 115 90 pt. award pin 11 HRISOULAS, SHARYN A. Art Appreciation 125 Fulman Romanum 10,11,125 Jr. Classical League 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Pep Club 115 St. Council Com. 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 125 Y-Teens 105 Service Squad 125 Publicity Chairman J.C.L. 125 Fulman Romanum Art Director 125 Latin, Magna Cum Laude 10,11 HRUSKA, MARILYN A. Color Guard 11,125 "Blithe Spiritn 125 Pep Club 105- Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 Service Squads 11,12 HUDSON, KENNETH J. Baseball 10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Baseball All Section Honorable Mention 11 HUGHES, GAIL C. "Blithe Spirit" 125 Football Usher 125 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Pep Club 125 Spanish Club 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 125 Future Nurses Club Vice-Pres. 12 HUMPHREY, RICHARD W. Baseball 10,11,125 Basketball J.V. 115 Dofobs 10,115 Football Varsity 11,125 Football J.V. 105 Newspaper Staff 105 Varsity Club 11,125 Foot- ball, 1st Team End of the All Mid-Western Conference 12 HUNT, ROBERT C. Baseball 105 Boys Quartet 115 Concert Choir 11,125 Turn-Style 10,11, 125 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 IACOBUCCI, NANCY J. Cheerleader J.V. 11,125 French Club 11,125 Fulman Romanum 10,11, 125 F.T.A. 11,125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,12 Pep Club 11,125 Stage Crew 125 St. Council Com. 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 115 Y-Teens 10,115 Nat. Honor Society Treasurer 125 Magna Cum Laude in Latin III 10 ISAAC, MARILYN C. Girls Chorus 115 Pep Club 105 Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 St. Council Com. 115 Varsity Club Aux. 105 Y-Teens 115 Mixed Chorus 12 IZZO, CAROLINE i'Blithe Spiriti' 12 JAMISON, CATHERINE A. Girls Chorus 10 JAMISON, NANCY M. Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 125 Y-Teens 10,11,125 Y-Teens Council 10, 115 Mixed Choir 12 JANACONE, PATRICIA A. French Club 11,125 F.T.A. 11,12, Girls Chorus 10 JANACONE, SAMUEL V. JAWORSKI, ANITA R. Concession Workers 125 K'Blithe Spiritv 125 Forum 125 French Club 10,11,125 Future Nurses Club 125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Sec. of Forum 12 JESSEL, JOHN F. Band 10,11,125 Dance Band 125 Pep Band 11,125 Spanish Club 11,12 President of Spanish Club 12 JOHNSON, LUCILLE JOHNSON, SUSAN A. Dofobs 115 Future Nurses Club 115 Girls Chorus 10, Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 125 Magna Cum Laude in Latin II5 Cum Laude In Latin III 10,11 JONES, BARBARA J. "Blithe Spirit" 125 Girls Chorus 1O,11,125 Pep Club 125 Y-Teens 12 JORDAN, JANICE M. Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 125 Pep Club 115 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10, 115 Yearbook Sales Rep. 125 V.I.C.A. 12 JOSEPH, J. ALLAN Baseball 10,11,125 Football Varsity 10,1I,125 Varsity Club 10,11,125 Baseball All Section Team 9,10,11, All-Midwestern Football Team 12 JOSEPH, MARIAN K. Y-Teens 10 KAHRER, SUZI, J. Athletic Sec. 125 Cheerleader Varsity 125 Cheerleader J.V. 115 Forum 125 French Club 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Soc. 11,125 Pep Club 10,115 St. Council Com. 125 Y-Teens 10,11 KAPRUTUS, CAROLE A. Athletic Sec. 11,125 Basketball Refresh. Com. 125 Chatter 125 Pep Club 125 Goal Post-Tip Off Seller 11,125 Spanish Club 11,125 Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,12 KELLY, LINDA M. Art Appreciation 125 Concession Worker 125 Goal Post-Tip Off Seller 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Yearbook Staff 11,125 Y-Teens 10,12 KELLEY, JANET E. Girls Chorus 10,11,12 KELLEY, PATRICIA J. Art Appreciation 125 Girls' Chorus 105 Majorettes 10,11,12 125 Pep Club 10,1 1,125 Yearbook Staff 11,125 Y-Teens 10,12 KERBER, PHILLIP J. Chess Club 105 Track 10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Wrestling Varsity 11,12 KERESTLY, DAVID A. Baseball 11,125 Cross Country 125 French Club 10,11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 12 KESSLER, MICHAEL J. KETZEL, AMY L. Band 10,11,125Dofobs125F.T.A. 11,125 Future Nurses Club 11,12 KING, IEANNE M. Cheerleaders Varsity 125 Cheerleaders J.V. 115 Concert Choir 11,125 Forum 125 Girls Chorus 105 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Pep Club 10, 11,125 St. Council Com. 12 KLAMUT, CAROL A. ' Concert Choir 115 F.T.A. 125 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Girls Chorus 105 Pep Club 125 Spanish Club 12 KLECKNER, MEREDITH L. Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,11,12 KLIK, EDWARD A. KNECHT, RICHARD S. Cross Country 115 German Club 11,125 Tennis, J.V. 11 KNIS, MARILYN J. Art Appreciation 12 KOLTOWSKI, SOPHIA Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Latin, Magna Cum Laude 10,11 KOPRIVNAK, GEORGE V.I.C.A. 12 KORAB, DIANA L. DECA 12 KOS, DELORES A. Y-Teens 10 U KOZOL, DEBBIE A. Y-Teens 10 KRISUK, EDWARD A. Hi-Y 124 Pep Club 11 KROK, CAROL A. Pep Club 104 Y-Teens 10 KROUSE, JAMES V. Boys Quartet 11,124 Concert Choir 11,12, Football Turn Style 124 German Club 124 Hi-Y 11,124 Mixed Octet 11,12 KUCHYWKA, ALEX B. KURTZ, DALE L. Football, Varsity 11,124 Football J.V. 104 Varsity Club 11,124 Track 10,11,124 Senior Class President 12 KWIAT, KATHRYN A. Varsity Club Auxiliary 11,12, Girls Chorus 10 LAMBERTI, DOMINIC L. Jr. Class League 10,114 Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,124 Wrestling Varsity 104 Wrestl1ngJ.V. 114 Latin, Cum Laude 10,11 LaROCCA, BEVERLY A. Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers IOQ Pep Club 10,114 Y-Teens 11,12 LATCHERAN, GARY M. Art Appreciation 12, Cross Country 11,12, Dramatics 124 Hi-Y 124 Jr. Class League 11,124 Stage Crew 12Q Student Council 124 St. Coun- cil Com. 11,124 Track 10,124 Varsity Club 11,124 LATESS, ANTHONY J. Art Appreciation 124 Dramatics 124 Hi-Y 124 Jr. Class. League 10, 11,124 Stage Crew 124 St. Council Com. 124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 12 Wrestling J.V. 10 LAURENZA, CARMEN G. DECA 12 LAURO, FRANCIS A. Basketball J.V. 10Q Football Varsity 11,124 Football J.V. 104 Hi-Y 11, 124 Track 10,11,124 Varsity Club 12 LEE, CAROL A. Vo-Tech St. Council 124 DECA 124 Sec't of DECA LEE, LYNDA J. Pep Club 10,114 Football Usher 12 LELENKO, CHARLES J . LELII, LAUREN M. Forum 124 Future Nurses Club 12Q Spanish Club 12Q Stage Crew 12 LEMMON, DELORIS M. Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 12Q Nat. Honor Society 124 Pep Club 114 Yearbook Sales Rep. 12 LEMMON, WAYNE A. LIVERANI, SANDRA L. Girls Chorus 10,11,124 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,114 Pep Club 10, 11,124 Y-Teens 10,11,124 Y-Teens Council 10 LOCKE, EILEEN K. LOGAN, MARYLOU Service Squads 12 LOGNESE, PATRICK J. LOGUE, IEANANN Dofobs 114 Girls Chorus 104 Nat. Honor Society 11,124 Service Squads 124 St. Council Com. 10,11,124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 114 Y-Teens 10Q Filing Certificate 1967 LOMBARDO, DENISE J. Dofobs 124 Stage Crew 12 LONG, JANET M, Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11, Pep Club 10,114 Y-Teens 10,11 LOY, DAVID C. Hi-Y 12Q Service Squads 12Q Student Council 11,124 St. Council Com. 11,124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 104 Vice-Pres. St. Council 12 LOY, DIANE B. Cheerleader, Varsity 124 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 11, Pep Club 104 St. Council Com. 124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,11,124 Y4Teens 10 LUCAS, ,ION A. Spanish Club 11,12 LUCAS, ROBERT B. Band 10,11,124 Track 11 LUTTON, EDWARD L. V.I.C.A. 124 V.I.C.A. Reporter for electronics 12 LYNCH, FRANCIS J. Hi-Y 124 Stage Crew 124 St. Council Com. 12Q St. Council H.R. Rep. 12, Vice-Pres. Senior Class MACARELLA, RANDY MACK, BEVERLY J. MACKEY, RUTH A. Art Appreciation 124 Concession Workers 124 Football Usher 124 Girls Chorus 10,114 Pep Club 10,11,124 St. Council Com. 11,124 Y-Teens 10,11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Stage Crew 12 MAGEE, JOHN E. German Club 12 MAJOCKA, KATHY L. VICA 12 MAGOUN, ANNETTE S. Chess Club 104 Concession Workers 124 Future Nurses Club 11,124 German Club 122 Jr. Class. League 10,114 Nat. Honor Society 11,124 Pep Club 11,124 Bar. Assoc. Speech 11 MAIN, JANET L. Basketball Refresh. Com. 124 French Club 124 Girls Chorus 10,11, Nat. Honor Society 11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 104 Varsity Club Auxiliary 10,11,124 Bar Assoc. Speech 114 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 11,12 MALINCHAK, DONALD MALIZIA, CAMILLA J. Basketball Usher 124 Football Usher 124 Pep Club 10,11, St. Council Com. 10,114 YfTeens 10 MANCINI, CAROLE A. MARCHAND, JOHN C. Football J.V. 104 Track 10 MARCUCCI, LINDA M. Football Usher 124 F.T.A. 124 Spanish Club 124 St. Council H.R Rep. 11 MARGEL, MARIANN Football Usher 124 Pep Club 124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,11,12 MARKS, JANICE M. Y-Teens 10,114 Vica Club 12 MALLEY, JOANNE L. Pep Club 104 Stage Crew 12Q Jr. Class Officer 11 MARINO, JOHN J. Cross Country mgr. 11,124 Track mgr. 10,11,124 Varsity Club 11,123 Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude 10,11 MARYNAK, RUTH M. Football Usher 124 Spanish Club 11,124 Student C0l1I1Cil COIII- 12 MASELLO, ANNA M. Pep Club 103 VICA 12 MASH, JAMES J. Wrestling, J.V. 104 Jr. Class Treasurer 11 MASI, CAROL A. Art Appreciation 124 Concession Workers 124 F.T.A. 11,12, Pep Club 124 Sr. Checking Com. 124 Stage Crew 12, F.T.A. Historian 12 MASSAVE, JAMES W. Baseball 10,11,124 Hi-Y 11,124 Varsity Club 11,12 MASTREN, JOHN R. MATEER, JUDY A. Concert Choir 10 MATTHEWS, LEILANI M. Band 10,11,124 Chess Club 104 Pep Club IOQ Y-Teens 10 MAZZOCCO, BLAIR W. Wrestling, J.V. 10 MCADAMS, JAMES B. Fulman Romanum 124 Jr. Class. League 12 MCCABE, LARRY E. McCALL, JOHN M. VICA 12 MCCLAIN, VICKI K. Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 124 Varsity Club Auxiliary 12 MCCONNELL, ROBERT P. Band 12Q Boys Quartet 124 Concert Choir 11,124 Dofobs 10,11 MCEWEN, DEAN F. McFARIAND, KAREN E. Senior Directory MCGREGOR, JAY Hi-Y 125 H.R. Rep. 11 MCCUIRE, DEBRA J. Dofobs 105 Future Nurses Club 115 Ir. Class. League 10,11,125 Pep Club 105 Stage Crew 125 Cum Laude 10 McKEE, ELIZABETH K. Concession Workers 125 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Treasurer, Future Nurses Club 12 MCKISSICK, H. DAVID Student Council 10 MCNEILL, JOHN W. Golf Team 10,11,12 MCNICHOLAS, MARK S. Spanish Club 12 MELCHIORE, CAROLYN A. MENICHINO, ANDREA C. MESCALL, ANITA A. Concession Workers 125 Fulman Romanum 11,125 Future Nurses Club 125 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Stage Crew 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 11 MEYERS, RICHARD D. Band 10,11,125 French Club 10,11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 105 Var- sity Club 10,11,125 Wrestling, Varsity 10,11 MICALETTI, CLARICE Dofobs 125 Pep Club 10 MICCO, DOMINICK Football, Varsity 10,11,125 Track 105 Varsity Club 10,11,12 MICCO, RICHARD L. Band 10,11,125 Pep Band 12 MICHALOIKO, KATHRYN Concert Choir 11,125 Concession Workers 125 Dofobs 10,11,129 F1'6I1Ch Club 10,11,125 F.T.A. 125 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Nat. Honor Soci- ety 11,125 Pep Club 10,11,125 Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 St. Council Com. 105 Yearbook Sales Rep. 105 Secretary, Nat. Honor Society 125 Treasurer, Nurses Club 115 President, Nurses Club 125 Secretary, French Club 115 Vice President, French Club 125 Ne-Ca-Hi Activities Award 11 MIDDENDORF, DAVID R. MILES, NANCY L. Pep Club 105 Y-Teens 115 VICA 12 MILLER, DIANA L. Pep Club 105 Y-Teens 113 VICA 12 MILLER, GARY L. Office QHealthJ 11 MILLER, I0 ANN Spanish Club 115 Yearbook Sales Rep. 12 MILLER, SUSAN E. Band 10,11,125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10 MILLION, CANDY L. Future Nurses Club 10,11,125 Pep Club 105 Spanish Club 11,125 Y- Teens 10 MILLS, CAROL L. Art Appreciation 125 Concert Choir 11,125 Girls Chorus 12 MOHAR, PATRICIA A. Pep Club 10,115 Sophomore Mixed Choir 105 Y-Teens 10 MOORE, HOWARD S. Concession Workers 10,11,125 Football Mgr. 105 Hi-Y 125 Track 11,12 MONTGOMERY, MARVIN E. Basketball Mgr. 115 Concert Choir 10,1 15 Football Tum-Style 115 News- paper Staff 125 Track 105 DECA 125 President, Concert Choir 115 H.R. Rep. 10,125 President, DECA 12 MORELLA, RALPH L. Band 10,11,125 Baseball 125 Pep Band 10,11,125 Track 10,115 Varsity Club 11,12 MORGAN, RON I. Golf Team 11,12 MORGANTI, KATHY J. MORRIS, CARROL L. Football Usher 125 French Club 10,115 Girls Chorus 115 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 MORRIS, ,IERYL L. Pep Club 11 MORRIS, REBECCA E. MOSES, JUDITH E. MOSS, LINDA Concession Workers 12 MOWRY, RICHARD D. DECA 125 Reporter, DECA 12 MOZZOCIO, KATHY T. Concession Workers 12 MURPHY, MICHAEL P. MUST, TERRYLEA Dofobs 125 Student Council 125 St. Council Com. 10,11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10 NERTI, CATHERINE A. Coal Post-Tip Off Sellers 11,125 St. Council Com. 125 Varsity Club Auxiliary 11,12 NIELSEN, JONATHAN B. Fulman Romanum 125 Ir. Class. League 11,125 Latin, Cum Laude 10,11 NORRIS, MARJORIE L. Dofobs 125 Pep Club 10,11 NORRIS, WALTER R. NUZZO, WALTER R. NUZZO, DONNIE A. Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 NUZZO, LINDA M. St. Council Com. 10,11,12 NIEMI, RONALD E. VICA NIXON, BEVERLY A. VICA OBERLEITNER, CHUCK W. Art Appreciation 125 Concession Workers 125 "Blithe Spirit" 125 Forum 125 Newspaper Staff 10,11,125 Stage Crew 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 125 Pep Club 12 OCCHIBONE, DAVID A. O'LEARY, KATHY Pep Club 10,11,125 St. Council Com. 11,125 Y-Teens 12 ORELLI, FRED F. Football j.V. 105 Track 10 OWENS, TERRY E. PACE, EUGENE D. Concert Choir 11,125 Football Varsity 125 Football J.V. 10,115 Soph- omore Mixed 10 PACK, CARY L. Band 105 PADULA, GEORGIA A. PAGLEY, MICHAEL A. . French Club 10,11,125 Pep Club 125 St. Council Com. 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,11,125 Wrestling I.V. 105 Nat. Honor Society 11,12 PAGLEY, TERRI L. Pep Club 10,11,125 Y-Teens 10,11,12 PAIANO, MARSHA J. PAJAK, MARY J. Pep Club 10,115 Y-Teens 10 PANARELLA, DENISE A. Concert Choir 11,125 Girls Chorus 105 Pep Club 10 PANASEWICZ, GARY L. Pyramus and Thisbe 125 Hi-Y 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 125 Yearbook Staff 11,12 PAPA, ANGELO A. Football.Varsity 125 Football J.V. 115 Varsity 10,11,12 PAPPAS, HELEN K. Athletic Sec. 125 Blithe Spirit 125 Football Usher 125 Pep Club 10,11, 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 12 PARISI, MARIA L. PATTERSON, GEORGE R. Art Appreciation 124 Hi-Y 124 Wrestling J.V. 104 Yearbook Staff 11,12 PAULINE, RICHARD M. PAYNE, LEONARD E. Football Varsity 10,11,12Q Basketball 10,11,12Q Varsity Club 10,11,12 PELUSO, SUSAN M. F ulman Romanum 12, Latin, Magna Cum Laude 10,11 PERROTTA, ANTHONY J. Yearbook Sales Rep. 10 PERROTTA, ANTHONY P. Band 10,11,124 Hi-Y 12 PERRY, DAVID B. PETERSON, PATTI L. Sophomore Girls Choir TOQ Girls Chorus 114 Concession Worker 12 PETRO, GERALD T. PETROVICH, ANNE M. Concert Choir 12Q Concession Worker 124 Fulman Romanum 11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Future Nurses Club 11,124 Sophomore Girls Choir 104 Jr. Classical League 10,11,124 Newspaper Staff 114 Pep Club 11,124 Stage Crew 124 Y-Teens 11,124 Co-Captain Concession Workers 124 Treasurer F .T.A. 12Q Editor of Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 11 PFLUEGER, TOM A. German Club 124 Latin, Cum Laude 10 PHELPS, TOM L. Art Appreciation 124 F.T.A. 124 Hi-Y 12, Pep Club 124 Varsity Club Auxiliary 11 PHILLIAN, GEORGENNE F.T.A. 124 Pep Club 124 PHILLIPS, DIANA L. V.I.C.A. 124 Vice-Pres. V.I.C.A.4 Vo-Tech PIA, FRANK C. Football Varsity 124 Pep Club 114 Varsity Club 12 PLATUS, GUS A. Concert Choir 11,124 Cross Country 124 Fulman Romanum 10,11,124 Hi-Y 124 Jr. Classical League 10,11,124 Pep Club 124 Mixed Choir 124 St. Council Com. 124 Wrestling J.V. 104 Yearbook Sales Rep. 11, Latin, Cum Laude 11 POKERSNIK, KATHLEEN M. Football Usher 124 Pep Club 124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10,114 Varsity Club Auxiliary 11,12 PORADA, FRANK E. POTOCZNY, MARY ANN Basketball Refresh. Com. 124 Concert Choir 11,124 Future Nurses Club 11,125 German Club 11,124 Goal Post-Tip Off Seller 124 Jr. Class. League 104 Sophomore Mixed Choir IOQ Yearbook Sales Rep. 114 Y- eens 10 POULTON, LYNDA C. Pep Club 10,11,124 Y-Teens 10,11, Spanish Club 124 Stage Crew 12 POWERS, ALAN J. St. Council H.R. Rep. 124 Wrestling Mgr. 10 PREISEL, LUANNE M. Yearbook Sales Rep. 12 PRESNAR, DAVID W. Baseball 10,11 PRESNAR, JUDY A. V.I.C.A. 124 Student Council 12 PRICE, RONALYN J. French Club 12 PRINE, MICHAEL D. QUERRIERA, JOE F. QUIMBY, CAROL A. Football Usher 124 Fulman Romanum 11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Jr. Classical League 11,124 Pep Club 11,124 Service Squads 11,124 Stage Crew 12 QUINN, BECKY A. Basketball Refresh. Com. 124 Goal Post-Tip Off Seller 124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 104 Y-Teens 10,11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 11 RADISH, MARGIE A. Concession Workers 124 German Club 124 Pep Club 124 Sr. Checking Com. 12 RANUCCI, LINDA M. Athletic Sec. 122 Concession Workers 124 Girl's Chorus 104 Pep Club 104 Stage Crew 124 St. Council Com. 10,11,12 RAPKO, KATHY A. Not Graduating REAGLE, WILLIAM P. REFFNER, MARIAN J. Concession Workers 124 French Club 10,11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,124 Pep Club 10,11,124 Ser- vice Squads 11,124 Future Nurses4 Club Sec. 12 REINHARD, STEPHEN C. Hi-Y 12 REMALEY, CYNTHIA J. Concert Choir 11,124 Pep Club 10,114 Sophomore Choir 104 St. Coun- cil H.R. Rep. 104 Y-Teens 10,11,124 Senior Ensemble 12g Goal Post- Tip Off Seller 122 St. Council Com. 11,12 RHODES, DENNIS A. Cum Laude in Latin I 11 RICH, MARILYN A. "Blithe Spirit" 124 F.T.A. 11,124 Jr. Class. League 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12 RICH, ROBERT A. Concert Choir 11,12, Mixed Octet 11,124 Sophomore Mixed Choir 104 Pres. of Concert Choir 12 RICHARDS, ALBERT A. Golf Team 10,11,124 Summa Cum Laude Latin 10 ROBINSON, DELORES M. ROBINSON, MICHAEL D. Hi-Y 12 ROGERS, TIMOTHY ROSATI, BERNADETTE M. Athletic Sec. 10,11, Chatter 10,11,124 Color Guard 11,124 Goal Post- Tip Off Sellers 10,11,124 Pep Club 10,114 St. Council Com. 10,11,124 Varsity Club Aux, 10,11,124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 12 ROSINSKI, RICHARD E. ROSS, DEBBIE A. Pep Club 124 Y-Teens 10,12 ROSS, GEORGIA A. Concession Workers 124 Dofobs 11,124 French Club 11,124 Fulman Romanum 10,11,l2Q F.T.A. 124 Jr. Class. League 10,11,12Q Nat. Honor Society 11,124 Sophomore Mixed Choir 104 "Blithe Spiritv 124 Youth Page 11,129 Magna Cum Laude in Latin III 104, Summa Cum Laude in Latin IV 114 90 Point Activities Award 11 ROSS, LEONARD C. ROSS, LINDA L. Service Squad 11 ROUNTREE, WILLIAM G. Fulman Romanum 124 Jr. Class. League 124 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 ROWE, DRUE E. Jr. Class. League 114 Y-Teens 10,11, V.I.C.A. 12 ROZANSKI, MARGARET E. Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 124 Pep Club 104 Y-Teens 10,11 ROZZI, ALPHONSO M. Ftfogball Varsity 124 Football J.V. 10,114 St. Council Com. 10 Varsity C u 12 ROZZI, CARMELLA M. Y-Teens 10 ROZZI, MARILYN French Club 10,11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Pep Club 104 St. Council Com. 104 St. Council H.R. Rep. 124 Y-Teens 10 ROZZI, PETE J. ROZZI, WILLIAM A. Student Council 10 RUBEIS, RICHARD A. Newspaper Staff 12 RUMBAUGH, LARRY W. Nat. Honor Society 12 RUPCHAK, RITA M. Art Appreciation 124 Girls Chorus 10 RUSSO, ALFRED F. Football Varsity 124 Football J.V. 114 Varsity Club 12 Senior Directory RUSSO, KAREN A. Stage Crew 12 RUSSO, MARGUERITE P. Pep Club 10,11,124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 104 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10, Y-Teens 10 RYAN, CLAUDIA A. Future Nurses Club 11,122 Pep Club 10,11,124 Y-Teens 10,11,12 RYDER, SALLY S. RYHAL, DAVID J. SAAD, ANITA L. Concession Workers 124 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,124 Pep Club 10. 11,125 Varsity Club Aux. 10,124 Y-Teens 11,124 Y-Teens Council 12 SAAS, GAYE L. V.I.C.A. SAINES, DINO Wrestling, Varsity 11g Wrestling, J.V. 104 Varsity Club 11 SALZANO, RON Concession Workers 12, Fulman Romanum 12, F.T.A. 124 German Club 12g Jr. Class. League 10,11,124 Latin, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude 10,11 SANKEY, KENNY D. Hi-Y 12 SANTANGELO, PASTY L. SANTANGELO, LOUIS A. Basketball, Varsity 11,125 Basketball J.V. 105 Football, Varsity 10,11, 124 Varsity Club 10,11,124 President, Varsity Club 12 SATER, DONALD L. SCADUTO, JOHN J. SCARAMAZZA, IRENE C. Forum 124 Pep Club 10,11,124 Goal Post-Tip Off Seller 12 SCHEIDEMANTLE, EARL A. Hi-Y 124 Pep Club 12, Stage Crew 124 First Prize Winner Buhl Planeterium Science Fair 12 SCHREINER, LYNN Pep Club 10,11,124 Y-Teens 10,11,12 SCHULTZ, JAMES R. Baseball 11,12g Basketball, Varsity 12g Basketball, J.V. 10,114 Student Council 124 H.R. Rep. 114 Newspaper Rep. 104 Varsity Club 12 SCHUSTER, JONALYNN SCILLA, ROSE ANN Art Appreciation 12Q F.T.A. 124 Jr. Class. League 114 Nat. Honor Soci- ety 11,124 Pep Club 104 St. Council Com. 104 Latin, Magna Cum Laude 10,11 SCOTT, SHIRLENE Football Usher 12Q Pep Club 10,11,12, Sr. Checking Com. 124 Stage Crew 124 St. Council H.R. Rep. 11 SEILER, LINDA L. Dofobs 11, Football Usher 12, Pep Club 11,12 SERVAIS, NANCY S. Athletic Secretaries 124 Basketball Usher 11,124 Football Usher 124 French Club 10,11,124 Pep Club 10,113 Varsity Club Aux. 10,11,124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 11,124 Y-Teens 10,11 SHAFFER, SANDRA L. SHAFFER, SHARON R. Art Apgreciation 124 Concession Workers 12, Dofobs 10,11,12Q Foot- ball Us er 124 German Club 12 SHAFFER, WILLIAM J. SHANSKY, GARY F. Band 10,11,124 Hi-Y 124 Spanish Club 11 SHIBBLE, JAMES E. SIGLOW, MARY ANN Concert Choir 11,124 Girls Chorus IOL Jr. Class League 10,114 St. Council H.R. Rep. 124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10 SINES, JUDITH A. Y-Teens 10 SIZER, SANDRA L. Future Nurses Club 10 SKILLMAN, TERRY L. SKOWVRON, DAVID J. SKUPNIK, ROSANNE Color Guard 114 Football Usher 124 French Club 124 F.T.A. 124 Soph- omore Mixed Choir 104 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10 SMITH, ROSE Y-Teens 10 SMITH, WILLIAM E. SNYDER, ELEANOR P. V.I.C.A. SNYDER, MARTHA A. Future Nurses Club 10 SNYDER, SAMUEL L. Football J.V. 10,11 SNYDER, SHARON R. Y-Teens 10 SPAULDING, SUSAN K. Band l0,11,12Q Spanish Club 11,12 SPINELLI, JOSEPHINE Football Usher 12 STANYARD, ANNA M. ' I Future Nurses Club 114 Concert Choir 10,11, New Wilmington STANYARD, IOLA M. V.I.C.A. 124 Girls Chorus 104 Home Ec. Club 114 Bio. Club 10, New Wilmington STANYARD, NORMA A. Concert Choir 10,114 F.T.A. 11,124 New WilmIDgt0Hg Art Appreciation 124 Spanish Club 12 STEFANIS, GEORGE Nat. Honor Soc. 11,124 St. Council Com. 124 Latin, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude 10,11 STEVENS, GEORGINA A. Football Usher 124 Girls Chorus 124 Pep Club 114 Soph, Mixed Choir 104 Y-Teens 10 STEVENSON, MARY LOU Football Usher 124 Jr. Class. League 124 Latin Award 11 STEVEN SON, ROBERT L. STIEGLER, GREGORY T. STOFFICK, THOMAS J. STONER, LINDA F. Band I0,11,12 STONER, SHARON L. Concert Choir 124 French Club 10,11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Girlis Chorus 114 Sophomore Mixed Choir 104 St. Council H.R. Rep. 11,124 Y-Teens 114 F.T.A., President 12Q F.T.A., President of Midwestern P.F.T.A. 12 STULL, RICHARD A. Football Varsity 124 Football J.V. 114 Track 10,115 Wrestling, J.V. 114 Varsity Club I2 STURDEVANT, KAREN S. Football Usher 124 French Club 12, Pep Club 11, Y-Teens 10,11,124 Yearbook Sales Rep. 10,11,12 SULLIVAN, PAUL Football, J.V. 104 Hi-Y 124 Track 10 SUNSERI, CHARLES A. H.R. Representative 10 SWANSON, WILLIAM W. SYMONS, GARY R. SZUBA, STANLEY R. SZYMANSKI, MICHAEL J. TANNER, DEBORAH J. Yearbooks Sales Rep. 114 V.I.C.A. 12 TARASEK, NANCY Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 THOMAS, KRISTINE H. Band 10,11,124 French Club 10,11,124 F.T.A. 11,124 Y-Teens 10,11 THOMPSON, BARBARA L. Concert Choir 11,125 French Club 10,11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 Girl's Chorus 105 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Pep Club 10,11,125 F.T.A., Secretary 12 THOMPSON DON E. V.I.C.A. 125 Art Appreciation 12 THOMPSON, GARY J. Cross Country 125 Hi-Y 125 Pep Club 125 Wrestling J.V. 10 THOMPSON, JEAN E. Concession Workers 125 French Club 10,11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 Girl's Choms 115 Sophomore Mixed Choir 10 THOMPSON, JOYCE C. THOMPSON. THOMAS F.T.A. 12 TOLER, JULIA E. Fulman Romanum 105 Jr. Class. League 105 St. Council Com. 125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 105 Yearbook Sales Rep. 12 TOMMASONE, ANTHONY Band 10,11,12 TOMMELLEO, DOMENIC F. Football, Varsity 125 Football, J.V. 115 Varsity Club 12 TOMMELLEO, ROCCO W. Band 10,11,12 Fulman Romanum 11,125 F.T.A. 125 Jr, Class. League 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Pep Band 125 Jr. Class. League, Treasurer 125 Magna Cum Laude, Latin 10,11 TOMSK1, FRANK Football, J.V. 105 Track 10 TONSCH, JOHN S. Band 10,11,12 TON EY, DAVID A. TONY, PHILIP D. Football, Varsity 11,125 Football J.V. 105 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,115 Track 10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,12 TROCCI, JOSEPH R. Nat. Honor Society 11,12 TROTT, DOROTHY L. Yearbook Sales Rep. 11,125 Girl's Chorus 10 .TROTT, GERALD L. TROTT, ROBERT TROVER, SHARON L. Y-Teens 10 TUMINELLO, CAROL A. Basketball Usher 125 Football Usher 125 Pep Club 10,115 St. Council Com. 11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 11,12 TURCO, ROBERT F . ' Concession Workers 125 F.T.A. 125 German Club 125 Nat. Honor Soci- ety 125 St. Council Com. 125 Class President 11,12 ' UBER, TOM H. , Basketball Mgr. 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,12 UPDEGRAFF, DAVID Baseball 10,11,125 Football, Varsity 11,125 Football, J.V. 105 News- paper Staff Rep. 105 Pep Club 125 Service Squads 10,11,125 Student Council Com. 11,125 St. Council 11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Trea- surer, St. Council 125 Scholar-Athlete Award 125 All-State, All W.P. I.A.L., All Conference 12 VAN BUREN, JEFF Wrestling, Varsity 11,125 Wrestling, J.V. 105 Track 115 Varsity Club 11,12 VANORSDALE, VANNA M. Cheerleaders, Varsity 125 F.T.A. 125 Pep Club 125 Spanish Club 125 St. Council Com. 12 VASQUEZ, AGATHA H. Concert Choir 11,125 Girls Chorus 10 VELLONE, VIRGINIA A. VIGNE, MARTIN E. VITALE, MARY F. Pep Club 10,11 VOLAND, PAUL J. VUKOVICH, MARY ANN Student Council 10,11,125 St. Council Com. 11,125 St. Council H.R. Rep. 10 WAGNER, KATHLEEN R. Y-Teens 10 WALKER, CHERYL A. WALKER, DARYL A. WASILEWSKI, WALTER J. WATERS, DENNISE WATERS, DOREESE E. WEATHERBY, JACK B. Forum 125 Hi-Y 125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 St. Council Com. 115 Student Council 11 WEINER, PHYLLIS M. Concert Choir 11,125 Fulman Romanum 105 F.T.A. 11,125 Girls Chorus 105 Goal Post-Tip Off Sellers 10,11,125 Jr. Class. League 10,11, 125 Nat. Honor Society 11,125 Triple Trio 115 Varsity Club Auxiliary 10,11,12 WELLER, THOMAS Band 10,11,125 Hi-Y 125 Spanish Club 11,125 Tennis, J.V. 10,11 WELLS, CHERYL L. Football Usher 125 Pep Club 10,115 Sr. Checking Com. 12 WEST, PATTY A. WESTCOTT, BONNIE L. WEYGANT, JOANNE K. WIDELKO, JOHN M. WILEY, SUSAN L. Cheerleaders J.V. 115 Concert Choir 11,125 Football Usher 125 Future Nurses Club 11,125 Jr. Class. League 10,115 Pep Club 10,115 Sopho- more Mixed Choir 105 Student Council 105 St, Council H.R. Rep. 115 Varsity Club Auxiliary 11,125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 105 Concert Choir, Librarian 11,125 Sophomore Mixed Choir, Secretary 105 90 Point Award Pin WILKINS, MAUDE E. Art Appreciation 125 Cheerleader Varsity 125 Pep Club 11 WILLIAMS, EDYCE E. Football Usher 125 Girls Chorus 10,11 WILLIAMSON, THOMAS A. WILSON, DIANNA L. Y-Teens 105 Decca 12 WILSON, PRISCILLA J, G O French Club 10,11,125 Pep Club 105 Sophomore Mlxed Cholr 10 WIMER, JAMES H. Band 10,11,125 Pep Band 12 WOJTOWICZ, CAROL C. Concert Choir 11,125 Jr. Class. League 11: Pep Club 10,111 S0Ph0' more Mixed Choir 105 St. Council H.R. Rep. 105 Yearbook Sales Rep. 11,125 Y-Teens 10 WORKMAN, HAROLD C. Service Squads 10,11 WRIGHT, JOHN L. , Football, Turn-Style 115 Wrestling Varsity 11,125 Wrestling J.V. 105 Varsity Club 11,12 WRONA, BETTE J. French Club 10,11,125 F.T.A. 12 N KANDYCE K. Bvllltball Refresh. Com. 125 Dofobs 125 Football Usher 12 5 Pep Club 10,115 Mixed Choir 125 Yearbook Sales Rep. 105 Sr. Checking Com. 12 YOUNG, DANNY Basketball, Varsity 10,11,125 Basketball J.V. 105 Cross Country 10,115 Track 105 Varsity Club 10,11,12 ZAMBELLI, ANTHONY J. Hi-Y 12 ZAMBELLI. IAMES B. . . Football, J.V. 105 Wrestling, Varsity 11,12, WreStl1ngJ.V. 104 Varslty Club 11,12 ZAMBELLI, JOHN L. , Forum 125 Fulman Romanum 10,11,125 German Club 123 H1'Y 123 Jr. Class. League 10,11,125 Nat. Honor Society 11,123 St. COUIICII H-R Rep, 125 Vice President Jr. Class. 115 90 Point Activity Award 11 ZIDOW, HELEN J . ZINGARO, RONALD A. 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Suggestions in the New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA) collection:

New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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