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A .X. Y A SNA! AA XAA X A A ' 1, Xg' X' . , , X Q 7? "Y f ! X fi . X. X7 L A .- 1 X ,X , X " ? - ,A A A Xl: X. VA 4, f ,X 1 4 1 '. " X' i!.!f, ., 5' . X f X' " g-Fw--AA. ,, X V A A XA , AA 4 1 ,: - , AXA A A A YA ,AX A ,2:X,A. , AMAAAAAAA , Xi " gh - XX 'X ' A wi . AX, Z J ' , . .X 'A X A XAAA1. L- A, , 9 ' "if Q, ' ' V " , T '-' 11"'l'f1X . I X X ,,,- A VX.. AA Y , ,, AX AA, A . . ' 'X ' 5? . YV X 27 .. . - ' , .- 'J A XX - W: ,A ' "gel ' f ,Aff -' If , . " A A 'Q' 'A " QL, .5 ' . . 1 Aw W1 ,, f' , A -X X A A -AAA5, A AV A . - - X X 'V .VX J, fi., I' J 1 It . K . A , ,, - H! 1. XA 'A uh 1 - nf .,1- 1 g- ' "vp" ff- . 'VX X, - 'X3,:.JX: J A A A i '3 A V :sf ' ,V - X ,s 'X' ivan A I A , X5 A A .A A ,XA , ,,A A A A: X. AA .A 1 r v ' ' X,- X' ' " "7 "Tf':, ', X, M X , W A .X A AA., . A , X ,A X , , 5 -1 - .,,.A.. - ' X AA' AA AX AY A A. ,X A A,, A A1 . X - A,r 1 -XA X X 'A , .X 'f X ,X X -'-A A AA ,X AA X 5' "E-A ,X ' X 5 fi 1 . X ' ' f X '1 ' Q X , ' ' f X, 4' ., '5 1, 4 AX ,', - X ' -A A X ' , ' , nj .Q L , X ,,. 'X ' A k ' f , S'-,A'.irA" , , A .ATX A P: F X X A, x ' 1:2 X, wg' if ,na - , 1 X - - - -X , f X . "v f1,v, .I. .,LV,y, 1 . 1 1.15 1 .,r,. .Q , . M 1 . , 1 'iT f 1 .v 4. win," - 'Taxi if 1 Q-1 1 f 1,1 'Wu - ? .1.1 1 '3 1, . 4-1.-X . ,, , . ,I ' A 1115 '-'11' :1 1, ' Q1 J-- 'vr fvi , V r f.,,saiiEQv,A 1 - 14. 1' 11 f ,Q . X1 I. I 1 1 -1, ,,, .i. A7111 1 1,1 1 1 u-1 1 Mi: 543111. 11 '11 fs-1 , 1. f- .9 E E-4 14 1. , X PEP , -.f 1.1 'L LH ' V' .1 tc , A V 2 ,. X, , I A 1 1,5 -1- -Q...+m-..,W.g gfa.L,3,t , I Published by the June Class of 1956 New Castle High School New Castle, Pennsylvania N annum, 3 ,Yin ,A fl' Qqp P of , P' "V V MQ WSH 153 39451 , . qgfl qfflk , M lcv..-n v , xl gin 19" M115 1 '1 I H, 4 iii!!! W , V, ' W -. 5 - Y -' F Lmihgij wh 4 4,112 H3553 0 Aqqnwa nnhv: -:Eg 'AWHVQQA MQ 'wi :Pw- AWRHBHLIQ 4.015 V 1 5:01 ,Yr IQ 131 , v 'umghw ggk "NU Zn' Q .. 1 4 ' 'kigaynim 3 MW 5 -'Mum' '-f nil U 4 A Q 1 mggifb V N 5 ir' . gdb H H I vf A i kill' 5 .AQ wr pb- 410' ,A 'df' 5 v Af 4 5255, au' f ' ff! 'WNBA' Q 'Aa WM ' X Ill yy AV -mfm-V' 5' .4 -'gms ,f 45 ll ff' '4 'wwf ' '4 aura? WW YW' , qfifw 'WA' .qifl an-' Ps- 'ng ga' 1 k L K ' '1""""""r' V j, 4-r ,Af I 7 N E-CA-HI 3 if E E E FURE GRD Our 1956 Ne-Ca-Hi is a preview of things to come, and also a book in which valuable memories are recorded. As these memories fade and grow dim, keep in mind the pleasures that we shared together during our high school career. In the approaching years, each memory becomes a link between the past and the future. These links increase until an entire chain is formed. As our chains of memories grow longer, let us forge stronger, larger links that will unite the past from between the covers of this book to our future hopes, dreams, and plans that will become reality. 4 , f 5 limi sgg.. ,frge-gg-tw ,. Marv-s ,fm-s--. 53:-ew-, rw. .N - ...,.,. . 0 R PAL JOE With great pride we, the graduating class of 1956, dedicate this yearbook to our advisor, Mr. Joseph H. Thompson. His guidance, leadership, and patience have been above and beyond all we expected, because "Joe" has helped us and supported our various activities. Joe, now as these memorable years draw to a close, we appreciate even more the ways you have helped us, for in the heart of each senior there is a place for you. You have treated us as your own. When we look into the book in future years, we can only repeat, "Thanks, Joe, for everything!" CDE G. 'Q ,nrt Table of Contents A 'A ,-ff, Administration A .,.... Pages 'IO-'I7 if "W fy Ax Clubs-Activities , ,,..... Pages 20-45 Music-Drama .... ........ P ages 48-60 X Athletics . ,..,. .Pages 63-73 A e 3 if XXX , IYWNV Seniors ,.,..... Pages 76-123 Advertisements .. .. ..,. Pages'l24-160 SSQYW 'itiiif I ,, fWs fbi .,NmN,g ii if , 3 f1,'AY:,'f an " P ,f iw 6 1 rwe 1 Www: 4 5 l Our iypisf-Connie Coci Deon "Flash" Michael- School Photographer 3 S ANNUAL STAFF Rowl Delores Murphy, Cormie Herno, Asst, Bus. Mgr., Nancy Leiblic, Asst. Ed., Ronnie Gibclci, Editor in Chief, Shirley Gib- son, Bus. Mgr., Lucy DiMczrzio. Row 2 Gladys Abraham, Jim Luiz, Dick Ziegler, Bill Kauffman, Deon Michael, Photographer, Gerald Zono, Dick Be-ishern, Joe Ginocchi. Row3 Morilyn Druschel, Lorroine Fleeger, Agnes Writz, Cookie Fee, Joye Delle Thompson, Nancy Honno, Cherie Edrnington, USF? ,4 gf L21 J'..dn'---' Designers Delight! Mr. Moneybcigs ond company. Who? s up Doc" 7 If VV WE' V V v f P li! mga' fm ' pw. ' ,HJR 4 WMA Rv, v y-1'4g vii " ini v mv. . A ' . Q vfe I 'EY maya 1 4Rn5, grin -.qv,v4: y up: naaankv nsdv w W W' if-1 'Nw AHF!!! Xv AV 5 W ' SA' "0 , rfif P 'Ex' 45 4: 44,0 ff fave 24? vq A 'mfg WAVE . iuvlhv.- - N W Q: Q YAHWEM .aw msg? " Aqyi 1 :V wwf' 'M ' si 'lvAW,. l y 'dfim fa Q? 4 5 All' 412 4 wN D lx, vx ' M09 'WV HW 2 vi- 55 - Y MY, f'!l'i-- ' ' 5 Q 4 .1 11 If 4 gh' ' 5 .QW V L1-bf Qing I 44,151 4.1 ' I, l,4l V gin! 7 'ling' Emi -qigw ' ab. flu 4 1-! bww ll, f n x yu 1 YA A. AMA- . L' A ' E- V FACULTY ' SUPERI TE DE T UF SCHUULS MR. WALTER A. KEARNEY BUARD OF EDUCATI f, -ww ,, fff' f-Awym.. ,m.,s....,,..,.,..h , ,..- ,, ,,.,.,., X. ,W ,,,,,,, ,...,,.. 5 ?2..,,,,,,r,e,y ' ,ff V Z 1, ow, V 'MF pm Sealed: James Dari, C. Edson Rummell, Samuel H. Byers, Ralph A, Cooper CPreslden'0 Walter E Meyer Lester F. Johns. S9anding: Miss Elizabeih Brudin QSecrefary to Business Managerj, Walter A Kearney CSuperln1enclenTD Howard Burr CTreasurerJ, Robert W, Rainey, James Foster, William Cobau fSollcl1orD John Bechtol CSecre1aryJ. Not Pictured: Mrs. G. E. Seal. 10 ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS MRS. MARJORIE NELSON Allegheny A.B. Guidance MR. FRED LESLIE Grove City College, B.S. in C. Attendance '27 ,, PRINCIPAL MR. CLARE B. BOOK University of Pittsburgh, B.A., M.A. 'Ln H .r. ' I W.. Seated: E. Johnston, E. Schmid, G. Riddle, V. Anderson, M. Mullen. Standing: R. Anastasia, J. Tucker, M. Burleson, J. Lewis, M. Clarke, F, Haydon, M. Becker. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The English department is headed by Genevieve Riddle who teaches sophomore English and senior business correspondence. The senior English teachers are Mr. Robert Anastasia, who is taking Eleanor Galbraith's place while she is on sabbatical leave, Emily Johnston, and Charlotte Taylor. Miss Taylor was on a sabbatical leave the first semester and is not pictured above. The juniors take public speaking or American literature each semester. The speech teachers are: Mildred Burleson, who also does the dramatics work, Jeanne Lewis, and Magdalene Becker. Miss Lewis also teaches American literature with Frances Haydon. The sophomore English teachers are Virginia Anderson, Mary Mullen, Elizabeth Schmid, and Genevieve Riddle. Mary Clarke teaches special English which stresses reading skills, and is in charge of the Ne-Ca-Hi. John Tucker does the vocational English work. One week he teaches group B and the next week group A. ilk . M LIBRARIANS A familiar scene in our library is pictured at the card catalogue with Rita Metz Cleftl and Mary McKee Crightl. 12 -qL, 4e, HISTORY DEPARTM E T Beginning with this year's graduating class three years of history are required instead of two and a half. The sophomores take world history from William Klee, track and assistant basketball ccach, or Virginia Weinschienk. The juniors take United States history from Mar- garet Barnes, Bernice Bartlett, who has charge of stu- dent council, Dolores Callahan or Eli Danilov. Problems of democracy, which formerly was a semester subiect, is now given a full year. Arthur Brown, head ofthe history department and the busi- ness manager tor the Ne-Co-Hi, Frances Maxwell, Donald Capson, and Helen Ruby are the instructors. Mrs. Ruby took Samuel George's place the second semester. The vocational history is taught by Eli Danilov, assistant basketball coach and Donald Copson. Mr. Copson also teaches economics. Miss Kerr and Dean solve a mathe- matical problem! rw ' CT I WL f Seated: W. Klee, G. Schlumberger, E, Danilov, S. George. Standing: D. Copson, A. Brown, M. Barnes, D. Callahan, B. Bartlett, V. Weinschienk, F, Maxwell 13 J!! Schmied, W. Margraf. SCIENCE DEPART E T One year of science is required for gradua- tion. Mr. William Margraf, head of the depart- ment, teaches physics. Norman "Scoots" Nelson and Ralph Weide are the chemistry teachers. Biology is taught by N. R. Casillo, Adeline Miller and John Milanovich, who is also head basket- ball coach. Christine Picrell teaches nursing biology. Clayton Hofmeister has the chemistry and physics vocational classes and he is also in charge of the visual aids and the stage crew. John Schmied has the practical chemistry classes, a chemistry class and an algebra class. COMM ERCIAL DEPARTM ENT The commercial department offers three courses: a secretarial course, a bookkeeping course, and a practical business course. The shorthand teachers are: Opal Steven- son, Verna Scarazzo, and Dorothy Young, who also helps in the guidance oftice. The typing classes are under the supervision of Leona who has charge of the school newspaper-Ne Ca-Hi Lites, and Earl McKenzie. Commer- cial geography is taught by Miss Dodson and Mr. McKenzie, who also teaches consumers education, sales, and math. Business arithmetic is taught by Robert Mills, who is faculty manager of athletics, William Lehto, and Alan Plant. Mr. Seated: C. Hofmeister, N. Casillo, J. Milanovlch J Standing: C. Picrell, A. Miller, N. Nelson, R. Weide Clarke, Verna Scarazzo, and Helena Stevenson. The bookkeeping teachers are: Walter McKee, who is the school treasurer, and Grace Dodson, Mills teaches the salesmanship. Margaret Mont- gomery teaches senior business training, busi- ness practice and typing. Seated: G. Dodson, L, Clarke, M. Montgomery, D. Young, O. Stevenson, H. Stevenson. Standing: W. Lehto, E. McKenzie, lhead of departmentl, V, Scar- azzo, W. McKee, A. Plant. 'I4 - - Y - -v DRIVERS' TRAINING PHYSICAL EDUCATIUN The drivers' training classes are under the supervision of Charles James and Robert Wilson. Mary Noneff and Barbara Tilley are in charge of health and physical education for girls. Joseph Thomp- son, supervisor for the Class of 1956, teaches physical education to the boys. Austin Cowmeadow teaches boys' health and is the cross country coach. ART - MUSIC - DRAWING Vocal music is under the direction of E. C. Book, and instrumental music is under Willard Keen's supervision. William Nicholson, art advisor for Ne-Ca-Hi, is the art teacher. George Thomas teaches mechani- cal and related drawing to the shop boys. Orrie Mathews is also a me- chanical drawing teacher. fRalph Spears taught shop mathe- matics the first semester but resigned.J WW... var.. ,A W, i - Q- ---yu f R. Wilson, M. Noneff, C. James, J. Thompson, A. Cowmeadow, B, Tilley. Seated: W. Keen, O. Mathews, E. Book. Standing: R. Spears, G. Thomas, W, Nicholson. if-ve' V. Sadler, R. Wallace, J. Stewart. Mr. Lucas gives some last instructions, it X E. Hill, S. Lucas, A. McConnell, R. Price. H0 E ECUNUMICS The home economics department is headed by Viola Sadler, who teaches food and child care. Ruth Wallace and Janet Stewart are the clothing teachers. VUCATIUNA SHUI? The machine shop is under the instruc- tion of Earnest Hill and Robert Price. Ster- gus Lucas has charge of the electric shop and Robert McConnell, the auto shop. MATHEMATICS TEACHERS P. Bridenbaugh, L. Kerr, V. Wilfert lnot pictured: R. Spears, R. Remaley.J Lois Kerr, head of the department, teaches trigonometry, solid geometry, and advanced algebra. Phil Briden- baugh, head football coach, teaches plane geometry, while Verne Wilfert teaches refresher arithmetic, intermedi- ate algebra and plane geometry. Miss Wilfert is the advisor for the Class of l957. Ralph Spears, who is pictured in the bottom picture, page 15, taught re- lated math the first semester. He re- signed and Russell Remciley, a former New Castle teacher, is teaching the voca- tional math. ANCUACE Ethel Kelley, head of the language department, teaches French and helps in the guidance office. Mae Eakin teaches Latin and sponsors the Latin paper, Ful- men Romanum. Dorothy Edmunds teaches the Spanish. Ruth McCart teaches Latin and world history. Dr. Helene Fenger, our exchange teacher from Germany, teaches German and English. - Seated: D. Edmunds, R. McCart, E, Kelley. Standing: M. Eakin, H, Fenger. 1 X. OFFICE PERSUNNEL Geraldine Fry, secretary to C. B. Book, Lelo Moor- head, secretary, and Mary Detwiller, secretory, l7 , V , P 5 Q l P 'I D Q 'um v mas. , - Y ff' 4, 1, 4 ' VL f QVAYBU Q 'f""? Eid 5!-lf vv Jhydi, v - n favg Wiiddpgr. 5514! y -Q , - li vfffggiw 'mfgri E iilm sds ., Ay lyhyllv 555 153 and 'N ,-.ffvg 9155 ve. U, u affi x' wg K gin- W AY 41 S 2553 3321 W Avg' Wi M .41 IV., BSB - ,Q in I , 6 1 V' W 58 A 49 iv 3 Eaves 11425, 5 Av Q EW: Yfijmy A "l HW" 5113 y 4:1 -..faqs 4 Q eu , + -4. 4 X "ilk Sw 1 V JV .1 4' 100 Mflfifpr silty 1 4 V :img P ju--A f :gpg 5 A, dt' .qu Y' iq V fl 7 I, ii Q . K s I l,..,..i-.--1 17- 'iI l' X Z ACTIVITIES STUDE T COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL Rowl Amy Johns, Larry Conti, President, Ronnie Mitchell, Vice President, Judy Vclgo, Secretary, Jim Massie, Treasurer, Gretchen Figley. Row2 B. Bartlett, Carol Jenkins, Lonnie Eckles, Nancy Lundy, Felicia Bongivengo, Connie DeCarbo, Tom Hartman, Eileen Davidson. Row3 Joe DeVivo, Jim Lutz, Joe Mancine, Dave Alexander, Rees Flannery, Melvin Schooley. For the tenth year, Miss Bernice E. Bartlett is the sponsor of our Student Council. With the exception of the president, the members are elected by their classes. There are nineteen members in Council, the president, eight seniors, six iuniors, and four sophomores. Council meets every Wednesday third period. At the meet- ing problems submitted by the students, plus school activities, are discussed. The chairmen of the Student Council committees are mem- bers ot Council selected by the advisor and the president. The Sophomore Reception and the Point Award Assembly are two of Student Council's big iobs. 20 'iN STUDE T COUNCIL CUMMITTEES I Student Council Committees meet each Tuesday during third period, under the supervision of Miss Bernice Bartlett. The chairmen of the committees are members of Student Council. They select the friends that they can depend on to be on their committee. The chairman of the Social Committee is Gretchen Figley. This group makes plans tor the Sophomore Reception and the New Year's Dance. The Ways and Means Committee is headed by Amy Johns. They sell tickets for plays, and out of town games, and charter buses. The Point Award Committee chairman is Felicia Bongivengo. Students are given points for activities in which they participate. They are given medals at the end ofthe year. The School Improvement Committee, headed by Melvin Schooley, sponsors Intramural basketball and bowling. The Bulletin Board Committee led by Lonnie Eckles posts school events Joe DeVivo heads the Pep Club Committee whose aim is to arouse school spirit. na Row Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 4 5 Sandra Dellaverson, Phyllis Brown, Cynthia Taylor, Gerri Rico, Lillian Gabriel, Melvin Schooley, chairman, Gretchen Figley, chairman, Amy Johns, chairman, Larry Conti, President, Lonnie Eckles, chairman, Joe DeVivo, chairman, Felicia Bongivengo, chairman, Paul Cozza, Sally Marquis, Dorothy Dalton, Bobby Ann Thompson, Renee Goldman. Donna Bordonaro, Nancy Hanna, Rita Retort, Adrienne Lloyd, Chairman: Mary Lou Mele, Elaine Ryan, Joan Diana, Dolly Elisco, Harriette Levy, Judy Anne Dix, Patricia Benigas, Carole Newmark, Nancy Lundy, Betsy Lockhart, Joye Delle Thompson, Vicki Ranucci, Carol Bigley, Connie DeCarba Darla Bennett, Nancy Jane Campbell, Joyce Webb, Rasaliee Clapper, Marilyn Myers, Geraldine Naples. Natalie Colecchi, Priscilla Reed, Mary Ann Travers, Eileen Davidson, Betty Crockett, Jean Cappiello, Marilyn Druschel, Jean Kerr, Lillian Leikvold, Carmie Herno, Judy Figuly. Frank Venditto, Sal Davelli, John Duff, Walter Gierlach, Michael Barletto, Tony Chiaverini, Tony Ross, L. Quahliera, Don DiCarlo, Sandra Polenick, Beverly Hensley, Judy Levine,Goye Laurell, Ann Shretier, Sharon Hoyland, Sandy Richards, Judy Perry. Kenneth Carr, Phil Levine, Alan Greenberg, Ed Dingledy, Kent Mally, Franklin Brown, Dave Alexander, Joe Mancine, Bruce Boston, Warren Kincaid, Joe Morici, Bob Kovach, Jim Have, Jim Kearney, Bob Crow, Ray Conti, Jim Lutz. 21 H0 E HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES REPRESENTATIVES The Home Room Representatives, which meet the tirst Mon- day of the month, consist of fifty-six permanent members and fifty-six alternates who are elected by their home-rooms. They represent the entire student body. The representatives get ideas or suggestions from their home-rooms and take them to the meetings to be discussed. Some of the ideas were the Intramural Basketball and Bowling. The school championship in basketball was won by a senior home room, Study 4. They received an engraved trophy, and each boy received a gold basketball. Second place was won by a junior home room, Study 2-Mrs. Anderson's section. Each boy received a silver basketball. Third place was won by a sophomore home room, 101, and each boy received a bronze basketball. The school championship in bowling was won by the iuniors, a combination of rooms 319, Study 2, and 310. Each player re- ceived a gold bowling ball. Second place was won by the sopho- mores, room 217, and each player received a silver bowling ball. Third place was won by a senior home room, a combination of 107 and 17, and received a bronze bowling ball. Individual awards were given to the highest scoring boy and girl. Dan Fiorilli in room 17B and Janet Nielsen in room 112. They received individual trophies. The duties ofthe representatives are to collect money for in- tramural basketball and bowling, forthe school newspaper, and to take news back to the home rooms from the meeetings. 22 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Conti, President, Nancy McKib- ben, Esther Anderson. Penny Sumner, Pat Barnes, Carol Bigley, Cora Rosier, Theresa Cop- ple, Cherie Edmiston. Robert Abraham, R o s e m a r y George, Charlotte Gennaula, Betty Malley, Louise Delisio. Ronald DePolis, Jim Headings, Ralph McCormick, John Duff, Bob Brotemarkle, Gilbert Plant. William Reynolds, Henry Krzysik, Chuck Wingfield, Ken Britton, Bud Kincaid, David Joseph, Carmen Cucitrone. Junior Ruthann Strobel, Pat Mehalic, Carol Lee Jenkins, Larry Conti, President, Carole Newmark, Jane Krysik, Barbi Eckert. Jan Gillest, Judy Schuster, Janet Prioletti, Shirley Nativio, Mary Ellen Campbell, Sandra Weiner, Elvi Sacripant, Rosalie Manos. Joyce Catlin, Richard Klugh, Dave Jessel, Bill Tilton, Frank Gillest, Margarethe Zahniser, Linda Es- singer. John Caventer, Jim Mesner, Bob Peterson, Norman Durgam, John DeFeIice. Willard Belknap, Leroy Shepherd, Louis Bosco, Pete Fleming, Sophomore Sue Chapman, Helen Lepore, Mar- sha Drosdal, Larry Conti, Presi- dent, Elrica Scarazzo, Peggy Rob' inson, Margy Ann Wilson. Genevieve Gabriel, Sally Cowher, Wilda Rowe, Beverly McTaggart, Nancy Evans, Carol Armstrong. Bob Dean, Tony Chiaverini, Sam Perry, Daniel Fulkerson, Kathy Parks, Dottie Hite, Marilyn Myers. Ray Bales, Ronnie Wyman, Allan Jackson, Carmen Lamancusa George Vumney. Tom Kyle, Danny Bubnik, Jim Donston, Fred Smith. Y ----x, J WWW jf L ,U T1 ., VX 'X KWKSXQW Q-4 ,K 9 M , ff ! ,f I -rf NJ ,J 1' Rx! . ,ii Q, Ni- FUUTBALL AND BASKETBALL USHERS The football and basketball ushers are under the supervision of Mr. Donald Copson. These girls and boys number approximately seventy-five. For both the football and basket- ball games, Mr. Copson appointed two captains, Serena Rashid and Marian Ahlquist, who checked attendance at the games and made certain each post was filled. The main iob of these ushers was to attend each game and usher Ne-Ca-Hi's and their opponents' fans to their seats. At the games all ushers were identified by large round red badges. The turnstile boys are also under Mr. Cop- son's direction. Mike DeMarco was the ap- pointed captain of the football squad and Ron and Don Mitchell were in charge of the basket- ball squad. From a quote from Mr. Copson, "this year's turnstile boys were the best I have ever directed." Congratulations for a job well done. AUDITURIUM USHERS Forty-one girls and boys make up the com- plete staff of the auditorium ushers. lt is their duty to be present at the opening of the doors of the auditorium on play nights and on any even- ing that the auditorium is used for a school ac- tivity. Elaine Ryan is the captain and assigns the different posts to the ushers. Miss Bernice Bart- lett is the sponsor of this group. 'St ff: Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 24 FOOTBALL USHER AND TURNSTILE SQUADS Felicia Bongivengo, Serena Rashid, Co-Captain, Marian Ahlquist, Co-Captain, Phyllis Hall, Phyllis Eggaston Dolores Murphy, Dorothy Howard. Jackie Pacella, Connie Coci, Muriel Kennedy, Arlene Champ, Frances Grossman, Sandra Dellaverson, Mil- dred Kennedy. Nancy Hanna, Barbara Lynch, Dolly Elisco, Jacquelyn Aiello, Anna Panella, Cynthia Simone. Loretta McHenry, Joan Perkins, Shirley Myers, Elaine Ryan, Barbara Hritz. Gloria Cummins, Ronnie Mitchell, Rose Marie Efifinite, Marilyn Moresky, Shirley Hill, Carmie Herno. Cherie Edmiston, Jayne Usselton, Helen Quint, Ramona McHenry, Barbara Buonpane. Esther Anderson, Kathy LaScola, Janet Augostine, Lillian vukovich. Judy Perry, Mary Margaret Grossman, Charlotte Gen- naula, Mike DeMarco, Carole Golla, Judy Assid, Judy Levine. Janet Nielsen, Joyce Peters, Grace Johnson, Nancy Leiblic, Peggy Matthews, Jane Ball. Peggy Anthony, Carol Bigley, Edna Mae Smith, Donna Bordonaro, Gerry Morici, Janet Moseley, Marilyn Drus- chel. Mary Ann DeCaprio, Joanne Balo, Elena Mae Cam- broto, Judy Figuly, Peggy Kennedy, Patricia Perrotta, Joe Monico, Ella Jean McLeavey, Mary Ann Session, Thelma Taylor, Barbara Murphy, Esther Clark. Don Mitchell, Mike Mangiarelli, Raymond Conti, Dom Faraone, Richard Cotelesse. Morris Ayres, Richard Monica, Ralph Coates, Joe Senko, Melvin Schooley, Judy Burley. Eugene Moses, Bob Cearfoss, Larry Harkins, Alex Kelly, Michael Barletto. USHERS AUDITORIUM Pat Mehalic, Donna Anselmo, Ed Dingledy, Asst. Head Usher, Edna Mae Smith, Asst. Head Usherg Elaine Ryan, Head Usher, Larry Conti, Geri Rico, Felicia Bongivengo. Dena LaMarco, Rita Nolte, Carol Sarbo, Vicki Ranucci, Cynthia Simone, Carol Bigley, Connie DeCarbo, Anita Ciccone, Jacque Bender. Sara Johnson, Darrell Matheus, Elvi Sacripant, Roberta Reed, Priscilla Reed, Joan Parkes, Claudia Linton, Car- mie Herno, Diane Brown, Frank Venditto. Ella Jean McKeavey, Mary Ann Session, Shirley Jean Vessella, Judy Gerst, Janet Volpe, Donna Bordonaro, Judy Perry, Sandy Richards, Susanne Tate. Ronnie Gibala, Betty Sarko, Carol Miller, Jack Crowl, Ken Britton, Richard Beisheirn, Jim Stoner, Jimmie Must, Joe Monico, Raymond Conti. 1 Q ff' QW. 4 P Q o mv -ff 5 F5 00 4 PA A W N71 llit no' f Y v . x: - - . 'M 3:99 w'n':'f Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 SOPHOMORE GUIDANCE Marcia Acquaviva, Marjorie Boy- er, Melvina Golling, Judy Anne Dix, Sue Chapman, Roberta Thompson. Ernie Stitzinger, Bruce Boston, Fred Robins, Rees Flannery, Terry Bell. Tom Kyle, Tom Pfeiffer, Sandy Greenberg, JoAnn Slamon, Mori- lyn Myers, Gretchen Rentz, Carol Hayen. James Cavill, Bill McFall, Betsy Whittaker, Donna McFall, Barbara Ann Plant, Anita Coryea, Claudia Linton. Reed Hoffmaster, Russell Gor- meley, David McCallister, David Stewart, John Court, Nancy Hor- ton. JUNIOR GUIDANCE Sherri Fix, Nancy Foster, Rita Nolte, Carol Lee Jenkins, Sandy Corbett. Katherine Weber, Lucille Armino, Hattie Meadows, Pat Koszela, Betti Gusch. Gilbert Hoffman, John Buckley, Thalia Reynolds, Gerry De Carbo, Mary Ellen Campbell. William Ford, Jerry Rosenberger, Catherine McCart, Lawrence Vat- ter, Sandra Polenick, Mike Perel- man. John DeFelice, Lorraine Patterson, Carole Stevenson, Edna Mae Smith. Richard Klugh, John Abraham, David May, Bruce McCullough. SENIOR GUIDANCE Kathy LaScala, Joye Delle Thomp- son, Frances Grossman, Peggy Smith, Frances Parenti, Nancy Filban. Judy Carlon, Joan Diana, Angie Munno, .loan Bok, Deanna Kleck- ner. Frank Venditto, Charlotte McMil- len, Agnes Wirtl, Shirley Gibson, Darrell Matheus, Tom Montgom- ery. Judy Levine, Bob Cearfoss, Nor- man Flout, Ronnie Gibala, Laird Adams, Sereno Rashid. Sam Culbertson, Dave Dayton, Kenneth Britton, Sam Leonard, Jack Ort. GUIDANCE COMMITTEES Helping You For Your Tomorrow The Senior Guidance Committee has followed a two-fold program in helping seniors with their plans for the future. Stu- dents planning on college and those going into employment after graduation have received valuable information through the hard work of the senior guidance members. Two of the most noteworthy of their projects have been col- lege meetings with former students of Ne-Ca-Hi and the presen- tation of the follow-ups from the Class of 1955 in the Problems of Democracy classes. Several speakers and scholarship talks have also been prom- inent in the activities of the seniors. Miss Dorothy Young is their advisor. As in the past, social guidance has been the aim of the Jun- ior Guidance Committe this year. Etiquette has been presented in many ways to juniors, especially through a social aptitude test and programs on etiquette. Under the direction of Mrs. Marjorie Nelson, the values of so- cial promptness have been very helpful to the entire junior class. Officers of the committee are Jerry Rosenberger, chairman, and Gerry DeCarbo, secretary-treasurer. The juniors, along with the sophomores, have been given many examples of the advantages and the uses of the Guidance Department. Oddly enough, the Sophomore Guidance Committee has been the busiest of the three. Its plans were started early in the year with the sophomore Orientation Program. Handbooks were given to all sophomores and have proven helpful to them in adapting themselves to Ne-Ca-Hi. The "How-To-Study" program has been the most successful of their projects, as over a hundred sophomores are taking the study course. Ernest Stitzinger, chairman, Bruce Boston, secre- tary, and Tom Pfeiffer, treasurer are the officers. Miss Dorothy Young is the advisor. Wheels at Work! 27 fi A 2, gff..r 'TN X0 ,. . i E -,Z Row I Row 2 PRE-SESSION SQUAD John Georges, Louis Quahliero, John Hake, Captain, Walter Scott. Walter McCIendon, John Sanchez, Ralph Lombardo, Jim Stoner. ATTENDANCE SQUAD, OFFICE BOYS Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 GUIDANCE SECRETARIES Mike DeMorco, Paul Sanders, Bob Rowe, Geraldine DeCarbo, Wil- liam Hoffman, Mike Mangiarelli, Walter McCIen- don, Chuck McConnell, Ted Hum- phrey, Jim Massie, Guy Natale. Jerry Fitzpatrick, Walter Mang- ham, Dave Jessel, Alfred Boyd, Sam Peak. HALL PATROLS Robert Reider, Joe Monico, Harry Carovaggio, George Joseph, John Court. Frank Venturella, Frank Bongi- vengo, Claude Davis, Joe Shaftic. Frank Hutchison, Don Matteo, Norman Naplen, Jim Massie, Jim Cavill. Jim Shatter, Richard Kelley, John Buckner, Alfred Boyd. 29 , l Lights! Camera! Action! SERVICE SQUADS The service squads form a very essential port of life in Ne-Ca-Hi. lf it weren't for the work of these boys and girls, the halls, the auditorium, the office, and the classrooms would not run so smoothly. STAGE CREW Left to Right-George Geor- geadis, Dal Hartman, Jon- athan Silvester, Ronnie Scheidemantle. DOORMEN left to Right-Bill Shaffer, Robin Slay, Melvin Schoo- ley, Joe Senko. Ll SENIOR ACTIVITY REPRESENTATIO What does a Senior's heart desire? The senior home rooms elect one representative and one alternate. They sponsor the card campaign, take care ofthe dink orders, and have dances and parties. They are under the instruction of Mr. Joseph Thompson. They bring to the meetings the desires and wishes expressed by other members of their class. The committee discusses the sug- gestions and acts accordingly. SW NG LOBBY The committee for Swing Lobby meets every Thursday in school and every third Tuesday of the month with an adult committee at the City Hall. This committee represents the students with the purpose of bettering Swing Lobby. They sponsor the dances that are held every Friday night. The president is Tony Ross. TH E GOAL POST The Goal Post Staff consisted of approximately thirty girls. Mr. Mills and Mr. Matthews sponsored these girls and Elaine Ryan was the captain in charge. Their duties were to be present at every football game at their ap- pointed stations and sell Goal Posts to the spectators. This year the program contained only the lineups. A printed sheet, called the Tattler and written by Marilyn Druschel, was distributed with the Goal Posts in the student sections at the football games. 30 SENIOR ACTIVITY REPRESENTATIVES Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 1 Row 2 Row I Row 2 Barbara Lynch, Carol Bigley, Bar- bara Cerbes, Mary Ann Farrone, Mary Ann Yoho, Beverly Micco. Pat Barnes, Shirley Myers, Joye Delle Thompson, Nancy Hanna, Claudette Spanish, Vicki Ranucci, Gloria Barletto. Phyllis Malizia, Fred George, Gary McGafIic, Edward Anttila, Mary Ann Larzo, Nedra Critchlow. Louis Quahliero, Dan DiCarlo, Jerry Navarra, Marian Ahlquist, Donna Bordonaro, Shirley Gibson, Bob Rowe. Marty Cannon, Russell Connelly, Richard Ziegler, William Mike, Jim Lutz, Ronnie Gibala, Paul Faz- zone. SWING LOBBY COMMITTEE Lonnie Eckles, Rita Nolte, Tony Ross, Chairman, Sandy Wochner. Barbara Dunlap, Lawrence Vat- ter, Dave Todd, Jerry Rosenber- ger, Edna Mae Smith, Mary Lou Ryhal. GOAI. POST STAFF Brenda Levin, Luanne Oberleit- ner, Betty Jean Blake, Jacqueline Evans, Elaine Ryan, Beverly Black, Rita Nolte, Sandra Weiner. Donna Rainey, Genevieve Gabriel, Roberta Schell, Joan Russo, Jo Ann Abraham, Gladys Abraham, Judy Mitchell, Marilyn Druschel, Carolyn Haley. ,,,...I?1" Q Qi I Q . f X , mm M l E 1.51 Azlwm Q za F332 1 L ffm xJ T Y-TEENS sw . .swf Q Q 4 -its xv 0 an-1. A I f 5 ,M W ', fe Q SENIOR Y-TEENS Rowl Frances Grossman, Arlene Champ, Beverly Weis, Mildred Kennedy, Virginia Logan, Kay Dougherty, Sally Marquis, Nancy Filban. Row2 Janet Nielsen, Carmie Herno, Shirley Myers, Roberta Schell, Nancy Hanna, Joye Delle Thompson, Mary Lou Mele, Peggy Smith. Row3 Joan Waldo, Jane Campbell, Marilyn Stoner, Marilyn Druschel, Lillian Leikvold, Nancy Leiblic, Barbara Cerbes, Janet Lewis. Row4 Margie Gibson, Barbara Baer, Grace Johnson, Pat Barnes, Amy Johns, Judy Fig- uly, Donna Bordonaro. Row5 Serena Rashid, Rosemary George, Judy Gerst, Joyce Webb, Nancy Logan, Gaye Laurell, Judy Patterson. Row 6 Donna Goyit, Charlotte Gennaula, Carol Miller, Barbara Hardy, Joan Hagerty, Judy Levine. JUNIOR Y-TEENS Row I Marcia Meyers, Phyllis Brown, Irene Glassi, Carole Jean Gibson, Rec. Secy., Sha- ron Hoyland, Treas., Judy Perry, Cor. Secy., Jacque Bender, Pres., Maureen Richards, Carol Biondi, Barbi Eckert. Row2 Barbara Purdy, Carolyn Zuchowski, Joyce Zannoni, Roberta Reed, Joan Pastrick, Lonnie Eckles, Harriette Levy, Betz Lockhart, Rosalie Manos. Row3 Helen Pappas, Kathy Pappas, Rose Marie Nycz, Claudette Crabill, Carol Lutz, Sylvia Roselli, Janice Smith, Carole New- mark. Row4 Carol Lee Jenkins, Nancylou Hoffman, Janet Volpe, Patty Treccase, Priscilla Reed, Peggy Patterson, Carole Fronius. Row 5 Charlotte Land, Sandy Richards, Darla Bennett, Sherry Davis, Edna Mae Smith, Judie Ritchie, Katherine Weber. Row6 Betty Jean Blake, Norma Jean Har- lan, Sally Lou Hill, Joan Evans, Rose Still- wagon, Georgiann Komara. Row7 Mary Jane Quarella, Rose Marie Ot- fredo, Sandy Pabst, Joan Parkes, Carol Nickolson. Row B Mary Eakin, Myrna Campbell, Margie Banks, Judy Bender, Joanne Maxwell, Judy Bell. Row9 Eileen Novak, Thalia Reynolds, Linda Klingensmith, Donna Boyd, Mary Ellen Campbell. Row 'IO Margarethe Zahniser, Sandra Polen- ick, Carole Stevenson, Jean Byers, Jean George. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS Row'l Marilyn Leonard, Eleanor Logan, Joy Clark, Charlene Rowe, Shirley Rich- ardson, Joann Skaneski, Margy Ann Wilson, Roberta Thompson, Brenda Levin, Joyce Cushner. Row2 Adeline Ludovici, Carol Jenkins, Sue Chapman, Annette Cioffi, Adelaide Cassella, Patricia Sansosti, Loretta Spanish, Jacqueline Evans, Donna Anselmo. Row3 Carol Armstrong, Nancy McCona- hy, Anne McKnight, Judie Cushner, Con- nie Stevenson, Anita Coryea, Judy Anne Dix, Marilee Delaney. Row4 Marilyn Moffett, Carol Ridgley, Nancy Evans, Judy Jenkins, Dulcie Ar- nold, Betsy Whittaker, Donna McFall. Row5 Sallie Mclver, Eileen Davidson, Soni St. Moritz, Linda Smith, Arlene Re- check, Linda Laurel, Barbara Ann Plant. Row6 Carole Kwiat, Mary Ann Krueger, Linda Dalesandro, Claudia Linton, Gretchen Rentz, Marilyn Myers. Row 7 JoAnn Favorite, Gerry Marso, Bar- bara Cratty, Phyllis Sonntag, Barbara Sizer, Angeline De Biase. Row8 Marian Pagley, Elaine Montag, Elizabeth James, Mary Beth Winter, Marsha Dickson. Row 9 Ann Shrefler, Mary Ann Lasky, Janice Myer, Dottie Hite, Kathy Parks. Row I0 Sue Diffley, Yvonne Abraham, Flora Williams, Adelle Gordon. DOFOBS TOP PICTURE Row I Mrs. McKee, Antonetta DeMattio, Carol Phillips, Barbara Rhodes, Judy DeRobbio Rita Metz. Row 2 Sandra Weiner, Katherine Weber, Jerry Earl, Clara Ann Abraham, Miriam Darcy, Marilyn Myers Rose Gabriel. Row3 Dorothy Howard, Jacquelyn DeMuccio, Georgia Graham, Margery Lennig, Rosalie Litvinovich Nancy Wyman. BOTTOM PICTURE Rowl Carol Sarbo, Anne McKnight, Treasurer, Genevieve Ludwiczak, Vice President Rita Mariacher, President, Sherri Fix, Secretary, Lorraine Wrona, Row2 Dave Byers, Marilyn Stoner, Betty Crockett, Margarethe Zahniser, Marilyn Druschel, Grace John son, Rosalie Manos. Row 3 Frances Grossman, Carole Nanni, Janet Moseley, Sandra George, Peggy Mangine, Cynthia Taylor Patty Finnin. DUFOBS "All Good and True Book Lovers" The Dofobs, Dcirned Old Fools Over Books, is a service club in which members devote one period a clay to help with the work in the library. The members do various jobs such as filing of circulation, slipping, making overdue notices, shelving, and re- pairing books. Under the direction of Mrs. Walter McKee and Miss Rita Metz, they get acquainted with the fundamentals of library work and, at the same time, render a great service to the school. OFFICERS President . Rita Mariacher Vice President Genevieve Ludwiczak Secretary , Sherri Fix Treasurer Anne McKnight 33 THE STAMP CLUB Stamp Collecting-The King of Hobbies Having been instituted in January, 1955, the Stamp Club is one of the newest clubs in Ne-Ca-Hi. Its purpose is to further the philatelic knowledge of its members. It is a discussion group on the common interest of its members- "stamps." Membership is open to all students who are interested in the hobby of stamp col- lecting. The CIub's big project this year was a stamp exhibition. The members hope that this exhibition will continue annually and that it will improve and grow in future years. The eleven club members meet on the third Monday of the month with their sponsor, Mr. A. Cowmeadow. The purpose of the meetings is to promote the furtherance of the members' knowledge of stamps by the aid of speaker, movies, and games. AV CRCPCKETTS UF E-CA-H I Their purpose is to foster interest in conservation, safety in the use of firearms, hunting and fishing, and taking part in all outdoor activities. This year they had a hunting contest and a camping trip during Christmas vacation. They planted trees as part of conservation. THE GRDER UF BUSINESS EFFICIENCY Business Is Our Business The Order of Business Efficiency is a na- tional organization of commercial students. Membership is open to those senior girls who have made a "B" average or better in all their subiects. The objectives of the club are: To have available at all times members capable of assisting in various office capacities. To develop special commercial skills to pre- pare students for employment upon graduation. To develop desirable office traits that will contribute to a personality necessary for success. This group meets every fourth Monday of the month. Q T1 ' ' ffiTf',x H STAMP CLUB Row'l Don Bennett, Treasurer, Walter McCIendon, President Bob Cowden, Vice President, Ronald DePolis, Secretary Row2 Harvey Black, Clarence McCormick, Donald Kelley John Buckley. OUTDOORSMEN CLUB Row'I Lee Plonka, Kenn Enoch, Thom Clark, Vice President, George Schlumberger, President, Bill Tilton, Secretary, Vince Ross. Row2 Jim Durant, Bob Casalandra, Jim Massie, Ray Bales, Tom Anderson, Frank Masucci, Leroy Maloni, Ralph Coates. O. B. E. Rowl Seated Gretchen Figley, Secretary, Shirley Gibson, Treasurer, Mary Ann DeCaprio, President, Carmie Herno, Vice President. Row2 Rita Mariacher, Vicki Ranucci, Rosalie Butera, Rose Pietro, Barbara Soupart. Row3 Penny Sumner, Charlotte McMiIlen, Mary Lou Ryhal, Nancy Hanna, Clara McCluskey, Genevieve Ludwiczak. Row4 Joyce Lewis, Rosemary George, Sue Albert, Clara Ann Abraham, Louise DeLisio, Betty Natcher, Jayne Johns- ton. 34 fgf fl x , X kr ' wxvxvl-IJA' 9 6' 2 ' ff' 4' Mgw.. .,,,.A-,,,,, ff Q x. Sli-N if , gg iq , , fig fi H Wi Y il Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row SPURTSW M N'S CLUB Marie Sparacino, Rosalie Butera, Angela Capaldi, Pat Mehalic, Patti Duran, Marcia Meyers, Donna Boyd, Treasurer, Sandra Weiner, Secretary, Margie Gibson, Vice President, Lillian Vukovich, President, Joanna Audia, Cynthia Taylor, Beverly Weis, Theresa Santo, Lillian Gabriel, Sally Marquis, Sylvia Casimiri. Barbara Baer, Claudette Spanish, Cookie Fee, Sandy Frengel, Betty Squillo, Sylvia Roselli, Lorraine Patterson, Jan Gil- lest, Carole Gibson, Sandy Wochner, Jo Ann Spears, Joan Pastrick, Joyce Buchanan, Janet Chieze, Sally Cowher, Doris Jean Caravella, Marsha Drosdal. Penny Sumner, Nedra Critchlow, Mary Jane Chill, Janet Lewis, Betty Malley, Charlotte Gennaula, Linda Johnston, Judy Bell ,Janet Nielsen, Nancy Logan, Adrienne Lloyd, Pat Barnes, Mary Lou Mele, Barbara Lutch, Genevieve Ludwiczak, Barbara Cerbes, Carol Nicholson, Joan Parkes. Doris McCrumb, Judy Burley, Joanne Gallick, Marian Ahlquist, Kim Foley, Mary Ellen Campbell, Pat Finnin, Geor- giann Komara, Sandy Richards, Gaye Laurell, Judy Patterson, Barbara Hardy, Joan Hagerty, Joyce Peters, Nancy Horton, Sondra Campbell, Dottie Hite. Joan McCreary, Sue Diftley, Mary Ann Sheridan, Edyce Fee, Betty Sarko, Sandy Wonner, Jean George, URSES' CLUB Mrs. Picrell, Dolly Elisco, Felicia Bongivengo, Joyce Maloni, Janet Augostine, Beverly Weis, Secretary-Treasurer, Gerri Rico, President, Mildred Kennedy, Vice President, Carol Biondi, Mary Ann Yoho, Esther Anderson, Carole Million, Sandra Dellaverson. Sylvia Roselli, Angie Munno, Helen Quint, Carol Criss, Mary Lou Forney, Joyce Anttila, Marie Sparacino, Lillian Vuko- vich, Cecelia Ross, Nancy Marrow, Lois Cameron, Betty Jean Blake, Sandra Papst, Mary Lou Smith. Jane Ann Latsko, Lorraine Patterson, Joanne Audia, Barbara Lutch, Janet Ninteer, Jan Gillest, Roberta Schell, Theresa Gabriel, Jacquelyn Aiello, Jane Krysik, Betsy Daugherty, Kathie Hite. Rita Retort, Betty Malley, Georgiann Komara, Sandy Richards, Charlotte Land, Joan Bok, Patricia Perrotta, Ada Pao- lone, Shirley Hill, Grace Johnson, Loretta McHenry, Theodora Johnston, Nedra Critchlow, Jackie Lindsley. Judy Levine, Eileen Novak, Carole Golla, Jean George, Gerry DeRicco, Jane Ball, Judy Gerst, Mary Margaret Gross- man, Nancy Logan, Joanne Gallick, Jean Miller, Margie Capezio, Natalie Colecchi, Marian Ahlquist. 36 Sample operating" techniques Forward-March! 0 R ANNIE UAKLEYS Since Ne-Ca-Hi inaugurated an Outdoorsmen's Club for the boys, the girls this year felt they could not be left out. As a re- sult, they formed the Sportswomen's Club. lt has proven to be a great success, as its large membership shows. Participation in such sports as: hiking, gymnastics, fishing, boating, swimming, skating, and horseback riding are their activities. OFFICERS President , , Lillian Vukovich Vice President , Margie Gibson Secretary . . .,., . , Sandra Weiner Treasurer . ..,..i . ..,, . . Donna Boyd FUTURE NURSES CLUB EULLOWERS OE THE LAMP This club was organized last year and is rapidly growing in membership to become one of Ne-Ca-Hi's largest. The members have taken the required subiects and will qualify as future nurses. They meet once a month for a total of seven months. The purpose of this club is to give an opportunity to the members to explore the different types of nursing education, to study programs available, and learn the academic and personal requirements they must meet, and what future the profession has to offer. Through meetings, special speakers, movies, and field trips to different hospitals, the girls are broadening their knowledge of nursing as a career. OFFICERS President Gerri Rico Vice President Mildred Kennedy Secretary-Treasurer Beverly Weis Advisors . Miss Helen Wilson, Mrs. Christine Picrell 37 - BW JW il Joan PUSTYJCK, Mf1fCiCI Meyers, Cynthia Taylor, Judy Gersi,Vice Presidenlg Judy Levine, Treasurer, Sally Marquis, Virginia Lo- QUU, Peggy Mangxne. 2 -JUCJY Bell, Sandra Weiner, Patti Duran, Lorraine PaHerson,Jcan McGuirk, Pafiy Shaw, Mary Jean Smilh, Sandra Kauffman, Rufhann Strobel. DW? glavek Byers, Darrell Maiheus, Thalia' Reynolds, Louise DeLisio, Mary Ann Larzo, Ada Paolone, Marianne Davis, Madeline Coiro. T55 UC QUQGU, Jeanne Byers, Catherine McCar1, Betty Malley, Charloife Gennaula, Sue Alberr, Shirley Blake. Glen G.ass, Bob Ofierle, Richard Ziegler, Sam Leonard, LaVere Albert, Jerry Navarra. OW low low UW 'ow low OW 'ow 'I Joyce Cushner, Luanne Oberleiiner, Beverly Cardella, Vice President, Amy Johns, Treasurer, Miss Haydon, Cynthia Simone, Presi- dent, Serena Rashid, Secretary, Sally Marquis, Bobby Ann Thompson, 2 Joan Pandolph, Genevieve Ludwiczak, Lillian Vukovich, Joye Delle Thompson, Joanne Audia, Beverly Valentino, Lillian Gabriel, Arlene Wolfe, Joann Skaneski, Lorena Priscaro. 3 Rita Nolte, Carol Kendra, Adelaide Cassella, Adeline Ludoyici, Anita Coryea, Carol Taylor. 4 Beverly Ann Davis, Shirley Myers, Linda Laurel, Margie Banlfs, Judy Bell. 5 Danna Boyd, Margie Gibson, Kim Foley, Par Finnin, Marilyn Myers, Janet Potter. 6 Bob Offerle, Janice Myer, Adelle Gordon, Flora Williams, Norman Baum, Marsha Dickson. 7 Sam Leonard, Darrell Mafheus, Marian Ahlquisf, Rosemary George, Judy Vago. B Jerry Earl, Joe Senko, Ronnie Gibala, Catherine McCar1. 38 Camera lub F. T. A. wwf. e s f.,,..s...yg.:f1A .,.., .., Who's De veloped?! Night Life WATCH THE BI RDY The Camera Club is one of the most beneficial clubs in the school. Its members learn some of the fine points of photography and how to develop pictures. Each of the members is asked to hand in pictures, many of which are used on the Camera Club bulletin board. The bulletin board is in charge of Rosemary George. Besides their meetings this year, the Camera Club had a scavanger hunt in which each member was assigned a specific picture to take. The winning team received lollipops. They also displayed prints from the National Photographic Award Contest. This club is under the direction of Mr. Clayton Hofmeister. OFFICERS President Joan McCrumb Vice-President Judy Gerst Secretary Dorothy Blews Treasurer . Judy Levine School Photographer Dean Michael LIVE TO LEARN AND LEARN T0 LIVE The Mary Van Divort Club, Future Teachers of America, of the New Castle Senior High School, is part of a national organization which now has 562 F.T.A. college chapters and 2,441 F.T.A. high school clubs. In the high school, the purpose of the F.T.A. club is exploratory, prevo- cational, and character-forming-to help Future. Teachers learn facts about, and opportunities in, teaching in their locality, the state, and in the na- tion, cultivate character qualities essential to a good teacher, study lives of great teachers: and develop student leadership. The theory is that young people who decide to be teachers with a full knowledge of its opportunities and require- ments are more likely to make good teachers than those who merely drift into the profession by accident. The F.T.A. movement had its be- ginning in T937 under the leadership of The Na- tional Education Association, and has been de- Future School-m veloped by the staff of "The Journal" of the N.E.A. The 1955-1956 officers of the Mary Van Di- vort Club of F.T.A. are: President Cynthia Simone Vice-President Beverly Cardella Secretary Serena Rashid Treasurer Amy Johns Sponsor Miss Frances M. Haydon Our club has a balanced program which includes well-qualified speakers, discussions of teaching problems, and teacher requirements. Members get experience in teaching by replacing our teaching staff when needed, During the Christmas season, they help work with elemen- tary schools, with vaccine programs, and other services to the city schools. Delegates attend lo- cal and state conferences yearly. GYITIS 39 1 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 SENATURS OE '77 Jean Miller, Frances Grossman, Shirley Myers, Treas., Elaine Ryan, Recording Secy., Richard Ziegler, Pres., Cynthia Simone, Corr. Secy.p Richard Beisheim, V. Pres., Kay Dougherty. Peggy Smith, Penny Sumner, Roberta Schell, Judy Carlon, Joye Delle Thompson, Joanna Audia, Rita Mariacher. Nancy Leiblic, Tom Perdue, Sam Kantz, Judy Gerst, Janet Nielson, Jean McGuirk. James Sudziak, Marian Ahlquist, Judy Levine, Rosemary George, Darrell Matheus, Serena Rashid. Jim Headings, Alan Greenberg, Ed Dingledy, Bob Offerle, Ronnie Gibala, Jim Haven. "THE NAME AND A M ARE THE SAM " ART CLUB Row'I Gwen Reno, Jacque Bender, Dolores Murphy, Treas., Gerald Zona, Pres., Marilyn Druschel, Vice Pres., Carole Newmark, Secy., Marcia Myers. Row2 Adele Fiscus, Barbara Foster, Loretta Domenick, Annette Cioffi, Betty Slizeski, Helen Vassilion. Row3 Sue Dittley, Sandy Wonner, Barbara Hazen, Eileen Davidson, Judy Figuly. Row4 Darrell Harvey, Bob Crow, Richard Vecchio, Jack Benson, Morris Ayres, Edward Fair. SCIENCE CLUB Row'I Mary Jo Sullivan, Dottie Hite, Franklin Brown, Vice Pres., Ed Dingle- dy, Pres., Rita Nolte, Secy., Ronnie Mitchell, Treas., Beverly Weis, Barbie Purdy. Row2 Jim Kearney, Joe DeVivo, Don Mitchell, Sal Davelli, Bill Brasile, Walt Kearney, Sandra Weiner. Row3 Ronnie Gibala, Kathie Hite, Jean George, Darrell Matheus, Barbara Baer, Cynthia Taylor. Row4 David Kite, Jim Haven, Jim Adams, Emmett Boyle, Vincent Lombardi, Everett Barker. Row5 Ken Britton, Russell Connelly, Richard Ziegler, Bob Offerle, Richard Beihseim, Michael Lastoria. Row 6 Alan Greenberg, Phil Levine, David May, Marty Cannon, Jerry Rosen- berger. ART CLUB OFFICERS President Ed Dingledy President . . .....,..,.. ,.... . Gerald Zona Vice President Franklin Brown Vice President .. , Marilyn Druschel Secretary Rita Nolte Secretary ...... Carole Newmark Treasurer Ron Mitchell Treasurer ..,.. Dolores Murphy F W E OFFICERS President ...,,..,.... Richard Ziegler Vice President Richard Beisheim . Recording Secretary ,. .... Elaine Ryan Corresponding Secretary ..,, ,..,,. C ynthia Simone 40 .. ,. Shirley Meyers 6 ld 9 , -43, 8 41 'A 6 2 C3 b ,X A ::.,, x 1 fl .9 G1 n I in ffl l' fig 0 i K W4 R GERMAN CLUB Rowl Cynthia Taylor, Lucy Di Marzio, David Laurel, Treasurer, Carol Bigley, Secretary, Lawrence Conti, Vice President, Richard Beisheim, President, Virginia Fabian, Dr. Helene Fenger. Row2 Vince Ross, Katherine Green, Lillian Leikvold, Yvonne Alex, Shirley Myers, Roberta Schell, Rose Stillwagon. Row3 Richard Wilkison, Duane Catlin, Otto Ritter, Dave McClimans, Robert Reider, Gary Shaffer. Row4 Dave Jessel, Ed Dingledy, Judy Assid, Jeanne Byers, Bob Offerle, Dick Stone. Row 5 Marty Cannon, Roger Hicks, David May. "W SSEN IST MACHTH "Knowledge is power" The German Club, organized in 1936, is one of the oldest and most active clubs at Ne-Ca-Hi. Mem- bership is comprised of the students from the German classes. The purpose of "Der Deutsche Klub" is to promote the customs and language of Germany. Annual traditions of the Club include a fall in- duction party, at which first year German students are received into the Club. In December the Club sponsors a party for the students of the Americani- zation classes of the night school. The members decor- ated the school's Christmas tree. Later the tree was donated to the Almira Home. The final meeting ofthe year is held in form of a picnic honoring the senior club members. The Club meets on the fourth Monday of each month. This year the Club was fortunate in having a native of Germany as its sponsor, Dr. Helene Fenger, an exchange teacher from Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Miss Rose Uhl, the Club's usual sponsor, is teaching at Dr. Fenger's school in Germany under the Fulbright program. W vnu-nn ff , ff f, f I f ,. f , ?"U,w'., 7 wmv' ,. , , ., , ff., If LA , ., ' ' ' 3 ' s" Q if 7 Le 4 'W ,, Row Row Row Row Row SPANISH CLUB Gerri Rico, Janet Augostine, Judy Levine, Treasurer, Bob Brotemarkle, Vice President, Angie Munno, President, Janet Lewis, Secretary, Shirley Patton, Paul Cozza. Sandy Papst, Roger Naples, Carol Criss, Joyce Anttila, Sallie Nathanson, Joanne Audio, Nancy Morrow, Felicia Bongivengo. Gilbert Plant, Nancy Leiblic, Peggy Kennedy, Beverly Ann Davis, Joanne Balo, Barbara Lutch, Dolly Elisco, Mary Lou Smith, Joan Pandolph. Jim Kearney, John Leitera, John DeFelice, Warren Kincaid, Kathie Harrah, Barbara Hardy, Jean Miller, Vincent Cambotti. Franklin Brown, Russell Connelly, Don Bennett, Sam Leonard, Roy Bonci, Ralph Lombardo, William Ford. SPANISH CLUB President Angeline Munno Vice President Robert Brotemarkle Treasurer Judy Levine Secretary Janet Lewis Los Amigos or the Spanish Club is one of our most popular language clubs. The main purpose ofthe club is to give the stu- dents an additional opportunity to use their Spanish. Through speakers, films, and special reports the students become ac- quainted with the people in the countries where Spanish is spoken The students also gain valuable experience in organ- izing and conducting the club. Miss Dorothy Edmunds is the organization's supervisor. The business part of the meeting is conducted in Spanish. Los Amigos hold their meetings on the last Monday of each month and usually end their year by a social event. 4.1 1 E CERCLE FRANCA S "En forgeant on deviant forgeon" FRENCH CLUB Rowi Jacqueline Evans, Ruthann Strobel, Secretary-Treasurer Serena Rashid, President, lrene Glassi. fprqctice mqkes perfect? Row2 Marilyn Druschel, Patricia Perrotta, Patty Treccase, Ros alie Manos, Esther Anderson. Le Cercle Francais, Cl' better known to The Row3 Wayne Ward, Darrell Matheus, Diane Abdoe, Sandra rest of the school as the French Club, is under the supervision of Miss Ethel Kelly. The main pur- pose cf the organization is to give the students an opportunity to use their French in programs of various kinds, in games, dramatic skits, sing- ing, and in social conversation. This year the club has eighteen members. The meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. President .. . .. ....., Serena Rashid Secretary ..,, Ruth Ann Strobel SENATUS RCDMANUS After many years the Senatus Romanus Club has been disbanded. FLILM N ROMANUM "The ROMAN FLASH, FLASHES AGAIN" The Roman Flash is published by the Latin classes of the school. It contains news about the Latin classes, "iazzed up" versions of the Latin literary works, crossword puzzles in Latin, and exchanges. The editor this year is Janet Nielsen, assistant editor, Luane Oberleitner, busi- ness managers, Richard Beisheim 'and Jack Caventer. y',,,,,.,..,.,,g 7iw Metla. Row 4 Alan Greenberg, Joe Senko. SENATUS ROMANUM Rowl Carol Lee Jenkins, Alan Greenberg, Consul Secundus, Amy Johns, Quacstor, Jim Eckelberger, Consul Primus, Lillian Gabriel, Scriba, Luanne Oberleitner, Carole Newmark. Row2 Janet Nielsen, JoAnn Mercer, Angie Munno, Barbara Lutch, Claudette Crabill, Frances Grossman, Peggy Smith. Row3 Katherine Green, Nancy Leiblic, Thalia Reynolds, Donna Boyd, Judy Perry, Carol Mollic, Margie Gibson. Row4 Darrell Matheus, Marian Ahlquist, Ronnie Gibala, David Frank, Gilbert Hoffman, John Abraham, Jeanne Byers. Row5 Sandra Polenick, Richard Beisheim, Phil Levine, David May, Bruce McCullough, John Caventer. FULMEN ROMANUM Row'l Luanne Oberleitner, Asst. Editor, Janet Neilsen, Editor, May Eakin, Supervisor, Peggy Smith, Jr. High Com., Margie Gibson, Exchange Editor. Row2 Robert Abraham, Marian Ahlquist, John Caventer, Richard Beisheim, Gilbert Hoffman. 44 in ,F V 9'i5aHYA,- WW 'W' M1144 sw 4 4 75" vv A 1 lgmmq v QQ dew -. Q -nihili Qhwn P 7 Wim Lv 55:99 A 1 15539 'Aung , ?954ll lv-w . 0 'mv - f dm ' mg ENE 4 was ,.:H' A ' Z3 6 ' fig , sf ' -ggpb '. P Fgjfv E Aquhlw :Sw 179 1 7 mi? W" wx 4 Mm 1 15 " ,A ,, .1 'N W 'wg' I Q UWM 'P -ilu' via cb 4 ' WMP' f P' ' -l :fm ' iii "al 'M' ff- v . Mm vis 4-ff fm' 1 dx Vmhgv - x X 5511? ASV- 2- ' + 45 'UV 10" Q .. 7 v Qu-,A - - WWW fda, sqm gina V an gil? as .gtg V . P W' + 'vw' 'Lb i 'qfv V I T ,,,,, A, V rr ,r MAJURETTES During this past year the twelve Ne-Ca-Hi maiorettes have provided wonderful entertainment. The majorettes are chosen mainly for their ability to march and perform with batons. With the guidance and assistance of Miss Barbara Tilley and Mr. Willard Keen, they practiced every third and seventh periods during the football season. The results spoke for themselves. Head Maiorette Sandy Wochner Assistant Head Maiorette Adrienne Lloyd DRILL TEAM The Drill Team under the sponsorship of Miss Tilley per- formed at all the football games. They gave the half time watchers a great thrill with their intricate patterns and snappy marching. Y --an-.--N. ., , ...., HIH - f -' Row 1 Row 2 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 MAJORETTES Adrienne Lloyd, Natalie Colecchi, Frances Par- enti, Judy Bender, Bar- bara Dunlap, Nancy Logon. Sandy Wochner, Flo- reen Colella, Gracie Cook, Sandy De Rosa, Barbara Waddingtonl Judy Vago. DRILL TEAM Sandy De Rosa, Gracie Cook, De-dee Dalton, Mary Ann Farrone, Joyce Shaffer, Nancy Foster, Frances Parente Janet Siergiei. Joyce Anttila, Anna Pic- cirillo, Mary Ann Ross, Helen Lepore, Verna Book, Virginia Calalu- ca, Sandy Wochner. Anna Le Pore, Adrienne Lloyd, Barbara Dunlap Judy Bender, Pat Trec- case, Barbara Sizer Phyllis Malizia, Bet y Malley Susie Rusaell, Natalie Colecchi, Nancy Logan Judy Vago, Dia ne Brown, Joan Taylor, Barbara Waddington Sclndy Vlgnner Row Row Row Row Row Row Fred Hartfelder, Chuck Wingfield, Alan Greenberg-The Trumpet Trio The Band under the direction of Mr. Willard Keen has com- pleted another successful year. ln preparation for the first football game they began prac- ticing several weeks before school started in September. They performed at all the home games and several out-of-town games. The group was smaller this year, there being only sixty members. The band also participated in parades, the district and the state festivals, and several groups played at the Rotary Show. Mr. Keen, Joanna Audia, Norma Baum, Edna Mae Hill, Kenneth Boyd, Armelia Dixon, Christine lorio, Patty Anthony, Barbara Lutch, Anna Rose Cestrone, Arlene Reston. Carol Sarbo, Donna Catterson, Rita Retort, Jerry Stiffler, Carol Lutz, John Court, Marvin Friedman, Patty Hink, Pat Finnin, Gwenne Lataline, Judy Carlon. Leona Costul, Hettie Meadows, Margie Capezio, Adele Fiscus, Andy Domenick, Joe Stefano, John Racioppo, Tom Brom- ley, John Buckley, Harry Caravaggio. Bob Dean, Bob Vincent, Walter McClendon, Pete Georges, Jim Stiffler, Carmen Cucitrone, Dave Todd, Tony Ross, Bob Pasalinquo, Walter Scott, Donald Matteo, Dyke Spiker, Kenneth Hitchen, Jerry Earl, Laird Adams, Otto Pearsall, John Pazzo, William Ford, Robert Finnin, Jack Ort, Rees Flannery, Anthony Pezone, Dave Tucker. Ralph Lombardo, Alfred Boyd, John Hromyak, Bob Marino, John Hake. ii 'V , L ' I WI WW ,,.., f, lv 1 Mr Wnllcrd Keene Dlrecfor Ke NE-CA-HI'5 BAND The cclcr guard carrying the school, state and country's colors lead ihe band. They are Cleft to rightl Richard Wilkison, Jce Fuleno, Leon Wesolowski, Roger Panello, Jim Messner, Ronnie Wyman. n 1 Carr, in 2 Drum Maior ,gf zgxmlsf v-W mfs... fs il nilliw, ' .a .. ...-Z. L3 is jf 1 7 THE ARTS URCHESTRA BRASS SECTION Chuck Wingfield, Joe Ste- fano, Christine lorio, Andy Domenick, Russell Connelly, Tom Hartman, Pete Georges, Jim Stimer. WOOD WIND Francis Cordelia, Judy Car- lon, Vicky Ginocchi, Nedra Critchlow, Vincent Lombardi, Joe De Vivo, Jim Haven. STRINGS Seated: Danny Bubnick, John Stone, Judy Bell, Janet Niel- sen, Gretchen Rentz, Jona- than Tucker, Linda Johnston, Geraldine Zidow, Mary Ann Travers. Standing: John Caventer, Kim Foley, Bill Brasile, Mr. Keen. PERCUSSION Tony Ross, Camilla Briggs, Carmen Cucitrone, Micheline Pcngley, Janice De Vivo, Jerry Earl, John Arniino, Bob Passa- linqua, Bob Dean. 51 Howard Carol ..,. Agnes Carol ..,, Joan .... Jeannie Ginger ,.... Lizzie ..... ...,, . . Eddie Davis ....., Tommy Green ..,... After a long day's work Mr. Wilson ,.... Ed Holtman ,....,,.. Production Chairman Stage Manager ......,... , Properties Chairman .,,.. Make Up Chairman ...., Advertising Chairman . On the spot What a lecture Knockout Punch 52 CAST Kent Mally Elaine Ryan , Joye Thompson .. Serena Rashid , Jean Ann Kerr Shirley Myers Dick Speck Tom Perdue Michael Lastoria Darrell Matheus Cynthia Simone Pat Barnes Beverly Davis Carol Bigley Marilyn Druschel Bob Parker Betty Parker Dickie Parker Mr. Parker Mrs. Parker Louella, the Maid Gwen Anderson Eddie Abernaker Joan Abernaker Mr. Abernaker Mrs. Brunswick Mrs. Hill Mrs. James Plainclothesman Miss Bright Production Chairman Stage Crew Chairman Hand Props Chairman Make-Up Chairman Advertising Chairman 54 What happened? Ed Dingledy Donna Boyd Tom Perdue Kent Malley Cynthia Simone Edna Mae Smith Frances Grossman Dick Speck Joye Delle Thompson Darrel Matheus Marilyn Druschel Beverly Weis Judy Levine Joe McCreary Carol Bigley Carolyn Haley Pat Barnes Camilla Briggs Jean Kerr Nancy Leiblic l TIME OUT FOR GINGER On November 18, 1955 the "Chics of '56" presented the sen- ior play, "Time Out For Ginger," written by Ronald Alexander. Ginger is a fourteen year old girl who after hearing her father's speech on equality of the sexes, goes out for football and, much to everyone's surprise, makes the team. Various reactions: Her father is overjoyed because a member of his family is a real football player. Her sisters, Joan and Jeannie, are completely mortified. Tommy Green, Ginger's boyfriend, makes Ginger de- cide between football and himself. After making a touchdown in one game, Ginger is com- pletely embarrassed because everyone still treats her as a girl instead of an equal. She realizes now that she wants to be treated as a girl. Her wish is granted at the end of the play when she attends a dance with her boyfriend. What a surprise! Rabbits are chinchillas. Red pepper and pin cushions welcome the P. T. A. The school play, "A Case of Springtime," was presented on February 24, T956. The three-act comedy, written by Christopher Sergei, is the story of o high school boy who had to compete with a college man for his girl's affections. Bob Parker is in a predicament again! At his magic show during a school assembly program he accidentally cut into the princi- pal's daughter, Joan, while trying to do the trick called, "Sawing a Woman in Half." After assuring everyone this was not inten- tional, Bob immediately gets into more trouble. He has the principal's coat dyed bright yellow, and eggs broken into his hat -"by accident!!" Three P. T. A. women come to visit Bob's mother and run into heating pads, black pepper, and flypaper set up like a booby-trap. In a very eventful ending, Bob has a tangle with the law, but is free. After being forgiven by the principal, Bob finds Joan waiting for him. Will l be a millionaire? "I" am the law! 55 - 3.33 uf ,R g f qi s fn ip! T' +R: if-"'f . , i .. fi Ll-..,,-Ll -.2-it 5 'X it " 'l 1.i.,,..i.1 X l -ss v it Y ' f ofleooe O 1 0530 Row I Mr. E. C. Book, Jean Chappell, Sherri Fix, Peggy Smith, Rita Nolte, Bill Rice, George McClendon, Jim Pandolph, Jim Stoner, Luann Oberleitner, Mary Lou Oddi, Barbara Soupart, Judy Dix. Row2 Elvi Sacripant, Sandy Wilson, Carol Saunders, Glen Glass, Russ Gromley, George Georgiadis, Harvey Black, Gary Ruha, Jim Lutz, Mary Ann Travers, Carol Jenkins, Joyce Catlin, Margy Banks. Row3 Barbara Double, Phyllis Newmark, Kathy Pappas, Dan Rudolph, Dick Klugh, Dave Dayton, Bill Tobin, Larry Fisher, Sandy Richards, Joanne Balo, Joan Pandolph, Patty Sowersby, Sylvia Reese. Row4 Kim Foley, Marian Ahlquist, Judy Vago, Georgi Ann Komara, Ken Carr, Sam Leonard, John Buckner, Jerry Rosenber- ger, John Georges, Roger Hicks, Linda Klingensmith, Linda Johnston, Carol Mollic, Barbara Baer, Carol Finemore. CUNCERT CHOIR Director President I Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Student Conductors Robe Chairman Librarians I I . Business Manager . If- M, L , f . lmrf f ,JV ,, Mr. E. C. Book .. George Georgeadis , .,., Ken Carr , ,. ,.,. ., ,I Barb Baer Dave Tucker, Jim Lutz, Ass't. ., . ,.i.. . ., .. Joan Balo Pat Sowersby, John Buckner A ,..,,,,,,..,,,. , , ,. Jim Lutz GIRLS' TRIO Phyllis Newmark, Rita Nolte, Sandy Richards, Carol Mollic, pianist. y y 2 'Y ' YQ Y ff Y ' ji Row T Row 2 Row 3 Helen Barbati, Sandy DeRosa, Maureen Marshall, Adelaide Cassella, Connie Stevenson, Barbara Cerbes, Judie Cushe ner, Peggie Clark, Anna Piccirillo, Jacqueline Evans, Brenda Levin, Nancy Cornman, Joyce Cushner. Cecilia Hassen, Claudette Perkins, Sue Chapman, Flora Williams, Susan Connors, Judy Jenkins, Peggy Copson, Lois Kelley, JoAnn Favorite, Loretta Priscaro, Theresa Santo, Julie D'Bacco, Harriet Brothers. Patricia Sansosti, Eileen Murray, Gloria Cummins, Mary Ann Lasky, Shirley Parshall, Barbara Schlicker, Carol Joseph, Thelma Taylor, Kathleen Richey, Shirley Hill, Geraldine Grim, Janice Myer, Jackie Sapienza, Roseann Sbarro. GIRLS' CHURUS Every school day, fourth period, a group of chattering young females gather in room 27, to sing and study music. Occasionally they hear records of great composers and artists. A maga- zine is read from which the girls learn of music happenings of the day. OFFICERS President Judy Cushner Vice President Loretta Priscarro Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Cerbes Librarians Joyce Cushner, Jackie Sapienzo Sergeant-at-Arms Harriet Brothers BOYS' QUARTETTE Standing David Tucker, Glen Glass, Roger Hicks, Jerry Rosenberger. Seated Cathy Parkes. 58 --.T .T C ,TfyTOC??300Q!1?25sigg, as alpha mae.. as an , 'Im irn 'fi' 'J 15 fm V 1, f I -1 A 7 XA 2 ri" Rowi Carmen Klam, Carl Miller, Steve Baron, Dave Stewart, Darrell Harvey, Dave McCune, Don Bordenaro, Joe Monico, Frank Deluca, Anthony Circelli, Bob Dolling. Row2 Richard Kelley, Clarence McCormick, Don Cummings, Bob McCrumb, Harry Caravaggio, Paul Mooney, Glenn Turner, Herbert Morgan, Anthony Nero, Jack Benson, Terry Bell, Sam Carothers, Jack Stiffler, John Kaufman. Row3 Helen Rankin, Ernestine Earles, Loretta Spanish, Barbara Ann Plant, Betty Reese, Jacque Bender, Marcia Acquaviva, Anne McKnight, Anne Wrona, Beverly Valentino, Ruthy Brotemarkle, Mary Ann Farrone, Connie DeCc1rbo, Elaine McQuiston, Madelyn Tomai, Marietta Cavaricci, Nancy Ward. Row4 Mavelyn Moffett, Barbara Cratty, Sally Hill, Loretta McHenry, Joanna Audia, Judy Bender, Rosemary Fisher, Rose- marie DeRosa, Patti Thomas, Linda Dalesandro, Gloriann McFarland, Virginia Logan, Patti Budai, Eleanor Logan, Katherine Weber. Row 5 Sondra Morrissey, Mary Beth Winter, Marilyn Cleland, Patty Quinn, Edyce Fee, Betty Lou Tyrnell, Charlotte Gennaula, Dottie Bales, Nancy Horton, Gerry Marso, Rosalee Clapper, Kathy Parks, Kathie Harrah, Norma Baum, Dorothy Price, IXED CHGRUS The two sections of Mixed Chorus are part ot the Vocal Department in our school. Besides learning the parts that make up a song, Mixed Chorus has a won- derful opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music theory. Jackie Dambosi. Part 1 Part 2 Mike DeMarco T T .President T T T TT Lou Quahliero Joyce Shaffer T T TT T .,.. TT Vice President T T T T Bob Dolling Patsy George T T ,.., T T TT ,TTTTTTT Secretary-Treasurer T T T Pat Barnes Judy Bender, Mary Ann Farrone librarians T TTTTT TT T TTTT T Joe Morici Jacque Bender TT TT T TTTTTT Sergeant at Arms T TT T T Joe McCreary Kathy Parks T T TTTT Accompanist T TTTT T Marcia Aquaviva T 4 4 1 V4 f' The following are not dressed as they are when giving a program. The picture had to be retaken and they did not receive notification. Rowi Jack DeMarco, Louis Quahliero, Mary Ann Ross, Joyce Buchanan, Pat Passerrello, Michael DeMarco, Charles Cavaricci, Joseph Morici. Row2 Buddy Rebmann, Frank Bondi, Dick Barber, Joe McCreary, Richard Johns, Edward Kay, Otto Ritter. Row3 Siegfried Webber, Ben Janacone, Larry ltalio, Ebert Seeger, Albert Joseph, James Brooks, Carmen Cucitrone, Nick Lombardo. 57 1 'f ENSEMBLE GIRLS Linda Johnston, Barbara Baer, Joanne Balo, Joan Pondolph, Sally Lou Hogue, Kathy Pappas, Bar- bara Taylor, Luanne Oberleitner, Peggy Smith, Judy Vago, Barbara Double, Evelyn Chappell. VOCAL MUSIC Concert Choir, soloists, and ensemble groups have given the following programs in the T955-T956 concert season: Mid-Western Teachers' Institute Traditional Christmas Assembly at Ne-Ca-Hi Program for Rotary Club Christmas Caroling throughout the halls Programs at Ben Franklin and George Washington Junior High Schools Mid-Western District Chorus Festival State Chorus Festival Programs for Lions and Kiwanis Clubs The Fifth Annual Music Festival at Ne-Ca-Hi Program for Spring Assemblies Yearly out-of-town concert trip Program at First Methodist Church Program at Third United Presbyterian Church New Castle Engineering Society Baccalaureate Concert Choir Dance Penn Grove Hotel, Grove City, Pennsylvania DISTRICT CIRCHESTRA District Orchestra-February 9, TO, ll Violins: Judy Bell, Janet Neilsen, Danny Bubnik, Lu Anne Oberleitner Bass: Jack Caventer French Horn: Russell Connelly Kwon second chairj Trumpet: Charles Wingfield lwon first chairl Bassoon: Joseph De Vivo lwon first chairl, James Haven Kwon first chairl Drums: Anthony Ross Kwon second chairj State Orchestra March 8, 9, TO Charles Wingfield-Trumpet DISTRICT BAND District Band January l2, 13, T4 Trumpet: Andrew Domenick lwon first chairl Clarinets: Edna Mae Hill, Robert Marino Kwon second chairl Saxophone: Jack Ort Trombone: John Hake Sousaphone: John Hromyak Baritone: Dave Tucker Bass: Jack Caventer Cwon first chairj Bassoon: James Haven lwon first chairj State Band February 2, 3, 4 Trumpet: Andrew Dcmenick 59 D Y P ' - 54 'P4-11 P N . , 150 ' an V 1554 YZ5- 7 V V W 4 lvvgi A - -'AH KFW' '1 141' V 1 V N A 1 'l 3 "4 A s' er.. ' 2 MF 1 , 'A' 1, 1 NNE 154 4252! 1 -14' E" WV' 'A'-QE. 'HAH' 1 m nw V 4 N Y! ' dw .W ng W W W 1 1" .. 4 vm i WZ. JAYAKWELQI, YP " 1 Q -14 . . 'IA' 0" , WY: ' PAW .4513 4 I ' s rrhqVAy,yi', ' 195' W' ,SSH F 1 v- 1 asf? 1Y I? V f 44lQ5 1 1p-- ' N59 5, pifo w lg 'WRU' AQ F f-Q 1 . 'Mn' ,. 4 l fmt, , 'dk iam ' F 'Ik XV jr -N' f 45 A hM r III ,. 4 'wwf '4 dl av an 1 vvqfifw ' 4.471 A .glial in-' - y'1j' 'Ss Ek 1-P" I 1' 'K' sk ' if RJ SPCDRTS I 2 FAREWELL, BRIDEY! For thirty-three consecutive years in the past, Phil H. Bridenbaugh has turned out teams of which any city and school could well be proud. From 1922 through 1955, he was a man honored and respected by his every team, geometry students, and city alike. Bridey retired as one ot the most successful coaches in western Pennsylvania high school circles. To his credit he has 268 wins, 57 losses, and 59 ties. At the start of his career here his teams went through 38 games Without a single loss. This set the pattern for things to come here at Ne-Ca-Hi. At the end of the '55 season, the whole city bade farewell in a tri- umphant way. 62 .fs me .Q K? LWB lit' " "3w ,iff o ' 47 f Y U S5 W V56-4 3 cesmeawlfgg Q4 F 1' ..5,.. 0.- i Rowl Guy Natale, Frank Bongivengo, Tom Amodie, Roy Bonci, Joe Frengel, Bob Book, Ronnie Abraham, John Armino, Bob Cassalandra, Bill Belknap, John Welther, Dave Alexander, Dick Conrad, Joe Mancine, George Librandi. Row2 Frank Bondi, Manager, Mike Barletto, Chuck Cavaricci, Fred Fitch, Tom Latsko, Tom Petrovitch, Bob Kovach, Joe McCreary, Leroy Shepard, Sam Peak, Jim Massie, Charles Morgan, Alfred Perrotta, David Moses, John Gunn, Dick Dicks, Manager. Row3 Ronnie Olson, Dennis Stone, John Abraham, Ron Guido, Anthony Citelli, Allen Jackson, Pete Leonard, Ernie Stitzin- ger, Jim Mitchell, Alfred Coiro, Tom Hartman, Jim Mitchell, Ronnie Chamberlain, Tom Pfeiffer, Anthony Cialella, Harry Crisci, Harvey Black. 1 9 5 5 New Castle Opponent 6 i , Carrick 6 21 Erie Academy 6 7 . Youngstown East 18 7 Sharon 20 O McKeesport 26 26 , , Farrell 7 14 i Johnston 26 O Washington 21 14 Harbrack 6 39, , Ellwood City 13 Managers-First Row: Ronnie Olson, John Abraham. Won 4 Tied 1 Lost 5 Coaches: Phil Bridenbaugh, Chuck James, ,,, George Binder, Bill Klee, Gig Thomas. I ,Vw , 1 , 1:21 11. n'm.. w Second Row: Frank Bondi, Dennie Stone, Dick Dicks. T3 A an w-,?Jj E ...JK 6 W,-N.wuM,..g gg 'Y ,mx 474 l'1mAN Tfllm, LMIL YEI' VARSITY BASKETBALL Sitting John Leltera Duck Bigley, Don Jenkins, Frank Bongivengo, Chuck Hilbun, Dave Jessell. S andlng Frank Brown mgr., Joe Manclne, Bob Boak, Carl Singer, John Georges, Walt Mangham, Dick Vago lou Faraone Jerry Fitzpatrick, Ken Carr, mgr. New Castle, New Castle New Castle New Castle New Castle New Castle. New Castle New Castle, New Castle New Castle. New Castle New Castle. New Castle New Castle New Castle New Castle New Castle New Castle New Castle. New Castle New Castle New Castle arsity Record North Catholic ..... Meadville ..,..,,. Struthers ...,..,....t. Butler .ll...t..........,,.. Warren, St. Marys ,,,. Sharpsville .,,.,......., Ford City ..,...,,,.,,..,..t Johnston, Chester ..., Altoona, Tournament Farrell ..,,,..,...,..,... .,.... ...... Ambridge .,,,.. Beaver Falls .,.. Aliquippa Sharon ...,,..,..., Ellwoocl City .... ,,,t Warren, St. Marys .... Farrell ,,...,... ...,,..,. Ambriclge ,,..,...... Beaver Falls ..., Aliquippa ,. Sharon .. .... ,, Ellwoocl City ..., in 'Mi .ts 53 53 52 57 28 47 61 63 60 62 52 35 63 55 56 35 70 39 60 45 58 53 .IUNIOR VARSITY Sitting: John Leitera, Ron Domen- ick, Tony Chiaverini, Joe Bullano, Jim Donston, John Sanchez, Carl Phillips. Standing: Darrell Dean, mgr., An- thony Deluca, Ernest Stitzenger, Joe Mancine, Bob Mangino, Jim Mitchell, Carl Singer, Dick Vago, Joe McGaffic, Reese Flannery, Dave Jessell, Joe Bontield, Billy Eve, mgr. ig Q ' " - Lf ,,r.i..,1-:.-iii.- if xg, -- .--e , , .f,.. .. ..4., - if ff . - -, - ix 4 f.--- -- Yf- H.. i ,f i 1 ,, .'-' Y' x, Angx N-fs., r, - . N -fi 7 .1 ' -A-. I - ' R ,ff f' ,. axe f 1' r f- 'B QJ' "TT , xx ,-4,,:-v Y X61 Center: Wol1Monghom " ilefi' fo right: Rich Bigley, Don Jenkins, Bob Book, "li-' Jerry Fitzpatrick, John Georges, Lou Fclroone, ' - Chuck Hilbun, Frank Bongivengo. wg ,. ...L - -x 5--., - X. XV . . sQ,y"' ja- ,I , f -.j-f 67 New Castle New Castle ,..,,.,.. New Castle .,....,.. New Castle ...,,.... New Castle... New Castle New Castle .,..,,,, VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Beaver ..,...I5 Meadville .,..,.25 Hickory ......24 Aliquippa . 35 Mt. Lebanon Meadville . Ambridge . Won 6 Lost I Placed 3rd ,...... ...... W . P I A Placed 4th ..........,..,........,...,..,,.. P I AA JUNIOR VARSITY Won 3 Lost 'I This will be Austin Cowmeadow's last Cross Country Team During the past nine years Ne-Ca-Hi's Cross Country has placed first three times and has placed second, three times. First Row: C. Soberay, L. Schw Don n J L Second Row: D. Weinshank, D Kelley D C n C S s R Hoitmat 68 lui-H ---Y ., ,, G. A. L. lFIRST PICTUREJ Row'l Beverly Weis, Sally Marquis, Cynthia Simone, Francie Grossman, Dottie Bales, Marietta D'Augostine, Connie Coci, Felicia Bongivengo, Lillian Gabriel, Gerri Rico, Lucy DiMarzio, Nancy Lundy, JoAnn Spears, Connie De- Carbo, lrene Glassi, Lorraine Wrona, Patricia Sansosti,Declee Dalton, Claudette Spanish. Row2 Ruth Freeman, Vicky Ginocchi, Amy Johns, Jacque Barker, Myrna Venditto, Anna Panella, Ada Paolone, Margaret Lu- bensky, Gerry Graham, Annette Pazzo, Lillian Leikvold,Jayce Buchanan, Carole Newmark, Lillian Vukavich, Virginia Logan, Elizabeth Hutchison, Mavelyn MofTett, Edna Mae Hill, JoAnn Hayes, Betty Squillo. Row3 Grace Johnson, Sandy Wochner, Jeanie Lose, Roberta Schell, Susan Connors, Jean McGuirk, Barbara Baer, Nancy Leiblic, Judy Levine, Barbara Dunlap, Nancy Ray, Phyllis Malizia, Jackie Lindsley, Sandy Wonner, Betty Malley, Pat Finnin, Carol Lutz, Margie Capezio, Charlotte Gennaula, Judy Hawke, Carole Fronius, Lonnie Eckles, Judy Weiner, Janet Lewis, Donna Borclonaro, Rosemary George, JoAnn Mercer, Marie Pollio, Priscilla Reed, Kim Foley, Nancy Lo- gan, Adrienne Lloyd. QSECOND PICTUREJ Rowl Mary Ann Ross, Joyce Shatter, Posfna Crisci, Karen Drespling, Muriel Kennedy, Mary Lou Oddi, Row 2 Row 3 Peggy Mangrne, Rita Mariacher, Mary Ann Yoho, Dolores Murphy, Carol Bigley, Gracie Cook, Patty Benigus, Harriette Levy, Elaine McQuiston, Betz Lockhart, Mary Lou Mele, Joye Delle Thompson, Pat Barnes, Phyllis Brown, Jackie Pacello, Anna Lepore, Barbara Echard, Arlene Champ. Anna Piccirello, Eileen Cowher, Betty Crockett Ida May Suber Marilyn Stoner Carol Sarbo Rita R t t F , , , , e or, rances Par- ente, Faith Alloy, Geraldine Naples, Natalie Colecchi, Edna Mae Smith, Judy Perry Pat Treccase Janet Volpe, Darla Barnett, Sharon Hoyland, Jo McWilliams, Carol Nichollson, Joan Parkes, Barbara Siler, Janet Siergicz. Floreen Colella, Patty Gorgacz, Nancy Horton, Claudia Linton, Julie DiBacci, Helen Lupore, Theresa Santa, Loretta Pris- caro, Jo ce Willi m V' ' ' W'd ' y a s, lrgrnia I ney, Susie Russell,Judy Burley, Kathryn Seeger, Barbara Taylor, A. Jayne Johns- ton, Shirley Parshall, Martha Talaganis, Margarethe Zahniser, Nancy Ann Sheridan Kathy Parks, Marion Pa le , 9 y, Judy Gerst, Janet Nielson, Jancy Logan, Adrienne Lloyd, Judy Patterson, Gaye Laurell, Margie Gibson, Jayne Ussel- ton, Jan Gillest, Rosalie Manos. HE THE GA 'S GET TOGETHER The Girl's Athletic Association is under the capable supervision of Miss Mary Nonett and Miss Barbara Tilley. To be a G. A. L., a student must have earned at least 50 points by partici- tion in any of several sports and to be of physical fitness. Some of the activities in which the G. A. L. participates are: selling candy at Ne-Ca-Hi basketball games, annual banquet, and the gym exhibition. The purpose ofthe club is to understand athletic sports more thoroughly and to improve physical fitness. lt gives the outstanding girls of the school an oppor- tunity to do some specialized work and to further their interests in athletics not provided in the school curriculum. 70 ,X K , ff f ff 1 f, ? I .. Vw. , f . ,7,-4 x Qfmw, VARSITY-Standing, leff to righf B. Cecrfoss, P. Sanders, J. Hasson, J. Riber, J Buckner, P. Si. Moritz, B. Rowe, J. McCune, F. Calcxbrese. Kneeling Austin Cowmeadow, Head Coach, L. Ifcxlio, Manager. CRUSS CUUNTRY GRADUATING SENIORS B, Ceorfoss, B. Rowe, F. Caloubrese, J. Buckner. 1.nil1r : f - .f I J a 1 ' J - ' , , v ' ' , ,, ,K A l --Y LL- l ,Oz W re -r A M. , X , ,nf , ' , Y-- 5 e , . . gt, - ' 9 ,WW ,, ,,, ,, , ,,,,,, ,, ,, 1 ,, ,,,, T A 5 y up ' s W ff? A In 4 Q, f Lg , mst -, i 1 J. , s . '- f i W fr' + 4 X Rowl Ralph Coates, Bob Kyle, Gib Plant, Tom Montgomery,Joe Aven, Tom Perdue, George Librandi, Vince Ross, Shane Korey. Row2 Eddie Linton, Robin Slay, Ed Dingledy, Sonual Williams, Duke Morosky, Jim Messner, Bob Palmer, Bud Kincaid, John Egan, Chuck Seinkner, John Donegan, Findley Boyd, Bob Wiech, Ben Janacone. Row3 Dave Messner, Frank Deluca, Howard Andy, Dewitt Morrow, Carmen Cucitron, Jerry Navarra, Jerry Passerrello, Jeff Beacham, Vincent Angiolelli. THE BOYS' GY TE The Boys' Gym Team completed its tenth consecutive year under the able su- pervision of Mr. Joseph Thompson, the advisor of the Class of '56. The purpose ofthe team is to develop gymnastic skill and general physical ability for its mem- bers. Emphasis is placed on all-around physical fitness and condition flanked closely with muscular co-ordination and control. The team practices Hve times a week during the fifth period in the gymna- sium. During practice the activities of the team include rope climbing, tumbling, stunts, and work on the parallel and horizontal bars. On March 9 the team combined its efforts with the Girls' Athletic League in the annual gym exhibition held at the George Washington Junior High School Gymnasium. tl, HEE LEADERS l elvis A CHEER This year's cheerleading squad consisted of eight regular members and six Jay-vees, most of whom were on hand at every football and basketball game, home and away, throughout the season, rain or shine. The squad has certainly done justice for the boys on the basketball and football teams and for the school. Any game is really incomplete without organized cheering. They worked very hard to develop this type of cheering and were rewarded in many ways. SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Gloria Barletto, Vicki Ranucci, Mary Lou Mele, Pat Barnes, Jackie Lindsley, Joye Delle Thompson, Mary Lou Ryhal, Connie DeCarbo. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Phyllis Brown, Janice Gillest, Janet Volpe, Sharon Hoyland, Lonnie Eckles, Rosalie Manos. 72 Q I 'E' -vs ? ' X P Ar ' 'lb' , f-'I !f '31 v 415' . I " 1993 UNH 5 -.q1lP"'x y 5 Nl 1143 MW N 4,40 751 my ,dw iigh- Dfgmuny. '- 5 41 N ' lp Zhang! sgfh Q Y .. 19 " 3 5 magnyyim -q A N 5 5 4AAh?Si4 19' We E V 'Quhvv 5 55' 1 - 19 u" lx 21 Ah NN -42 'MB'- dm V :NK W '-'Hu ,Q y ew' :W ,ml 44, , r A I 4 www? 1 l f EW! 4ml4i.l:! XV lv 596 -" A ,,.1mB- 45. 1 ' .lpn yhvu 411 ,+-wi! 'P Q35 qlifw Zin-I v wa- EW' 45 55' 'vw' Q I 1 l Autumn Leaves ,,....,. The impatient Years .. .. .. Memories Are Made Ot This It's A Woman's World ..... Hit and Run Affair .,.4... lt May Sound Silly .... Unsuspecting Heart ..,,., I Need You Now .,... Longest Walk ....,.. Learning the Blues .,.. Unchained Melody ,,... Ain't That A Shame ,.,... Something's Gotta Give . .. Rock Around The Clock .... . Hard to Get ......,........,.. Hummingbird .... Hawk Eyes ..... Popcorn Song .....,. Sixteen Tons .,.,., . ..... Sophomo ,, Back to school re and Junior years Ne-Ca-Hi G. A, L. Driver's Training Junior band . ....... Failing Brains To the principals' office Grade day Pep band .. Detention Traffic in the halls Swing Lobby A's Singing class , Teachers Lunch period aroma Text books Love and Marriage ...,.. Poor People of Paris .,,,,, P. O. D. classses French club I'll Be Home ,..,.....,.,.. ,......,,. E xpelled-3 days That's Your Mistake ..... ...,. F alse Alarm Fire Drill Mr. Wonderful ..r,.,........,.... ..4,.,...,......,.,.. M r. Plant Every Little Now and Then .,., ..... . Studying A Tear Fell .........,,.,.......... , Class Day Daddy-O ..,.,..,... ,.., ,........ . ....,...., ..... , . . Mr. Thompson Suddenly There's A Valley ... Dips in second floor hall Hot Diggity Dog ,,.,.,.....,., .. ......... . ......... . . Vacations! Are You Satisfied ,,.,., He ....,........, . .......... . The Song That Brought Us Together ..... High and Mighty ..,..,...,.....,. ,,.......,.. Great Pretender ...... Devil Or Angel? ..,.. Teen Age Prayer ........ It's Almost Tomorrow ,.., , That's All .... THE LAST WILL OF THE CLASS OF 1956 Cherie Edmiston-leaves-rosy cheeks-to-Judy Perry Judy Levine-leaves-fingers-to-anybody that wants them Nancy Leiblic-leaves-comments-to-any sarcastic junior Dick Speck-leaves-monkeyshines--to-John Valle Vince Cambotti-leaves-car-to-Cla rence McCormick Guy Natale--leaves-good lucks-to-Mickey Donegan Lorraine Fleeger-leaves-brown eyes-to-Barbara Thayer Clara Ann Abraham-leaves-Gladys-to-Clara Marinelli Lou Faraone-leaves-gum-to-Ricky Vago Kenny Ca rr--leaves-"Mary-ment"-to-Miss Nonefi Jerry Navarra-leaves-muscles-to-Jim Messner Mrs, Alexander's English classes-leave-hilarious fun-to-any Bridey-leaves-voice-to-Mr. Weide Melvin Coznowski-leaves-school spirit-to-Frank Broaddus Cynthia Simone-leaves-bake sales-to-F. T. A. Ronnie Gibala-leaves-sliderule-to Gilbert Hoffman Dick Beisheim-leaves-German book-to-Doug Cannon Marilyn Druschel-leaves-paint brush-to-Jacque Bender Connie Coci-leaves-V-neck sweaters-to-Pat Passerrello Cookie Fee-leaves-diamond-to-engaged iunior girl Jim Kearney-leaves-"Korny Komments"-to-Bob Crowe Lillian Leikvold-leaves-accent-to-Ne-Ca-Hi Tom Amodie-leaves-kicking toe.-to-Dave Alexander Joe DeVivo--leaves-iive and activity-to-Phil Levine Jean Kerr-leaves-pantomimes-to Joe McCreary-leaves curly hair-t Walt Mangham-leaves-basketball Sandy Wochner-leaves-boots-t -Angela George o-Paul Sanders trunks-to-Jerry Fitzpatrick o-Florene Colella Zeke Exposito-leaves-white bucks-to-Jimmey Must Lucy DiMarzio-leaves Carmie Herno-leaves- -D. A.-to-Janet Prioletti shorthand book-to-Pat Malandro Nancy Hanna-leaves-giggles-to-Judy Vago Jcye Delle Thompson- leaves-bubbles-to-Edna Mae Smith Double Lunch ., Mr. Book Alma Mater Seniors Dick Ziegler Jim Lutz Cramming for Exam Graduation June 5, 1956 iunior class that may need it l' i 1, Qauv- 4' Z Qf H SENICDRS X Our Chips Hungry Learning to be on Model Friends, Romans, and Counfryrnen Three Muskeieers l've been thinking Sealed: Lillian Gabriel, Secretary, Vincent Ciambofli, Presidenl. Standing: Frank Bongivengo, Treasurer, Kent Mally, Vice President. l 76 SEPTEMBER 7. The year begins 21. Our first assembly on college-Dr. Pratt 30. Assembly-Dr. Williams, Penn State OCTOBER 1. Harvest Moon Ball sponsored by the Concert Choir 7. Senior Class Party 18. Our first Dooms day-REPORT CARDS 21. No school-teachers' convention 28. Another teachers' convention-no school NOVEMBER 10. Armistice Day Play 11. No school-We slept 18. Our Senior Class Play-"Time Out for Ginger" 23. Thanksgiving Vacation-Out at 2:30 23. Harvest Moon Ball 28. Back to the salt mines DECEMBER 1. Mayor DeCarbo talked to the P.O.D. Classes 9. Christmas Play-Room 'For Mary 14. Concert Choir Program 22. Vacation began at 2:30 28. Basketball team at 29. Johnstown Tourney JANUARY 3. Back to school 9. Senior Personality Rating 12. District Band Festival 27. Close of First Semester FEBRUARY 2. State Band Festival 11. Senior Valentine Dance Diane l. Abdoe Here's a gal that's really neat, ln her ways, she can't be beat. Y-Teens 10-115 Guidance 10-11-125 French Club 12. Clara A. Abraham Slim, dark, personality plus, Gladys is a girl that really suits us. 17 24 9. 13 15 16 28 3 14. 20 26 27 27 12. 24 28. 29. 33. 31 1. 3. 4. 5. 16. -20. Our February Break District Orchestra More sleep that we needed School Play MARCH Gym Exhibition Another Milestone-Grade Day Pitt Debate G. A. L. Dance Easter Vacation began APRIL School Reconvenes School Fair Music Festival Remember the P. O. D. Test? Grade Day Student Council Play MAY Junior-Senior Prom Activity Point Award Assemblies Did you get a reward? Senior Recognition Day And were we proud! Commencement Practice Memorial Day-no school We got our caps and gowns JUNE Moments to Remember Class Day Baccalaureate Service Commencement Dinner Dance We'll never be the same! Robert M. Abraham A big brain in our class, He'll work his way up fast. Senatus Romanus 115 Home Room Repres. 125 Fulmen Romcmurn 12. S. Ja Ann Abraham Clothes and men are her likes, With her long black hair she's quite all right. Goal Post 1250 B E 125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 125 Dofobs 12. Y-Teens 11-125 Goal Post 12. ,MS X 'f YW .., 1 , X X -12' f , ,A , f f f , , f M K 5 , 'f ag g X Z 11557 , G 'Q ., . 'X 32 U I H yi X WY' '25, Q j ,ff X' 1. 1 f Z 2 0 , . TY Abraham Adams Ahlquist Aiello Aiken Alberico Albert Alex Allay Altman Ambrose Amodie Anderson, E. Anderson, T. Andy Angiolelli Anthony, Patly Anthony, Peggy Anttila Armino Arnold Assicl Audio Augostine, J. Augustine, N. Ronald C. Abraham On the football team is our Ron, Over him the girls are gone. Football 10, 11, 12, Home Room Repres, 11. R. Laird Adams Spiffy dresser, friendly boy, Larry is a lot of joy. Guidance 10, 11, 12, Band 11, 12, Office Boy 12, Hall Patrol 10, Color Guard 11. Marian S. Ahlquist Very nice, never is blue, And besides that, she's intelligent too. Bend 10, Secy. 11, Orch. 10, 11, Secy. 11, F.T.A. 10, 11, 12, Treas. 11, Concert Choir 12, Y-Teens 10, Activity Repres. 12, Fulmen Romanum 11, 12, Senatus Romanus 11, Fooiball Usher 11, 12, Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 12, Basketball Usher 12, Nurses' Club 12, Sportswomen 12, F.W.E. 12. Jacqueline R. Aiello Here's to Jackie, what a gal, To everyone, she's a swell pal. Football Usher 12, G.A.L. 12, Nurses' Club 12. Sandra S. Aiken Sandy's hair is strikingly red, You won't find a nicer kid. Andy J. Alberico Andy speaks but seldom, true, But never fails to say Hi to you. Perf. Att. 10, 12, Spanish Club 11. Sue A. Albert Sue is quiet but sweet, A truer friend you'll never meet. Home Room Repres. 10, Camera Club 11, 12, O,B.E. 12. Robert G. Alex Bob is a quiet sort, In everything he is a sport. Home Room Repres. 11. Faith Allay Like her name she's really true, She'll always do her best for you. Y-Teens10,11,G.A.L.11,12. Darlene A. Altman She's not very big from her top to her toes, She's just a cute trick who has many beaux. Home Room Repres. 11. Angelo V. Ambrose Ang is a swell guy to know, Give him an accordion and watch him go. Tom Amodie On the football field he can really go, He makes those points with his kicking toe. Home Room Repres. 10, Student Coun. 11, Track 10, Football 10, 11, 12. Esther M. Anderson She's a gal that's pleasing and grand, That's what puts Esther right in demand. Camera Club 10, Y-Teens 11, Home Room Repres. 12 French Club 12, Nurses' Club 12, Football Usher 12. Thomas L. Anderson with a sax Tom's got the hand, He'll surely playin Dorsey's band. Band 10, 11, Outdoorsmen 11, 12, Hall Patrol 10, Pre Ses. Squad 11, Attendance Sq. 10. Howard Andy Rim dim is his heart's desire, Here's a guy the gals admire. Gym Team 11, 12. Vincent Angiolelli Like Dick Contino, he'll go for, Playing his accordion, piano, and guitar. Gym Team 11, 12, Office Boy 10, Pe:f. Att. VJ, 11. Palty E. Anthony Patty seems somewhat quiet, But when she gets started, Oh, what a riot! Y-Teens1O,Bond 11, 12. Peggy J. Anthony Peggy is really nice to know, Cheerful, friendly and with a lot-on-the-go. Y-Teens 10, Football Usher 12. Ed Anttila Quiet front that hides a lot, Brains this guy has really got. F.T.A. 10, Activity Repres. 12, Perfect Att. 10, 11, 12, John Armino Always busy, never still, But of good deeds be his will. F0Qrb0li1o,11,12,orch. 1o,11,12. Roberta A. Arnold Berty seems very quiet, But when on skates, she's a riot. Goal Post 12, Art Club 12. Judy C. Assid 100 percent from head to feet, That's our Judy and lust as sweet. German Club 11, 12, Football Usher 12. Joanna Audio Cute Joanne that's full of pep, This gal is really hep. Band 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 12, Nurses' Club 12 F.T.A. 12, Sportswomen 12, F.W.E, 12. Janet L. Augostine Small, petite and poised, Janet's a girl who likes boys. Footliall Usher 12, Nurses' Club 12, Spanish Club 12, Nick L. Augustine Nickie's a guy that's got it all, He'll probably never have a fall. Office Boy 10, Hall Patrol ll. Seniors first get-together- The Senior Swing Joe Aven Small but full of dynamite, Sets claim to everything but height. Gym Team 10, 11,12. Morris Ayres A serious boy that's tops in all, The girls think he is a doll. Dofobs 10, Turnstile 11, 12, Art Club 11,12. Barbara L. Baer Barb will laugh her life away, Always ioyful, happy and gay. Y-Teens 10, 11, Concert Choir 11, 12, Aud. Usher 115 G. A. L. 10, 11 ,125 Perf. Att. 11, Science Club 12p Sports- women 12. Dorothy Bales Quit school and is not graduating in June 1956. Jane E. Ball Jane's a girl that you should know, She's the one that's on the go. Football usher 12, Camera Club 125 Nurses' Club 12. Joanne Balo Singing's a hobby with our Jo, Hear her sing and then you'll know. Y-Teens 11: Concert Choir 10, 11, 125 Spanish 12, Foot- ball usher 12. Evangeline Barattiero Here's a gal that dresses neat, She's got clothes that can't be beat! Dick Barber Here's a guy who knows his way, And always has a lot to say. Cross Country 10, Track 10, 11, 12, Perf. Att. 12. Everett Barker The world's what he wants to see, Admiral Byrd's successor he'll likely be. German Club 10, Pep Club 11, Science Club 11, 12, Band 11, Perf. Att. 10. Jacqueline Barker Jacque's thoughts are away from school She knows how to play it cool! G.A.L. 11,12,Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Treas. 11, Science Club 12, Nurses' Club 12, Spanish Club 12, Auditorium Usher 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Sportswomen 12. Gloria Barletto This kid has got pep, pep, pep, When she cheers she's always in step. Home Room Repres. 11, 12, G.A.L. 11, 12, Pres. 12, Cheerleader 125 Perf. Att, 10, 11, Aud. Usher 10, 117 Activity Com. 12. Patricia Barnes Ric, ric, ric, Rac, rac, rac, Pat's a girl that's really stacked. Dofobs 10, Y-Teens 11, 12, Cheerleader 12, G.A.L. 12, Home Room Rep. 12. .Ielfrey Beacham Drawing and tumbling are fun for Jeff, ln all he knows, he's rated best. Gym team 10, 11, 12, Art Club 11,12. Carol Jean Beals Fun and laughter are her game, She is surely on her way to fame. Pep Club 12, Camera Club 10. Richard Beisheim Dick works hard and results he gets, A friend like him you'll never forget. German Club 10, 11, 12, Pres. 12, Home Room Repres. 11, Guidance Com. 10, Fulmen Romanum 11, 12, Bus. Mgr. 12, Senatus Romanus 11, Science Club 11, 12, Pep Club 11, 12, Perf. Att. 10, 11, 125 Ne-Ca-Hi Stott 12, Aud. Usher 12, F.W.E. 12, V. Pres. 12. Donald Bennett Don likes stamps and basketball too, He's one kid that won't forget you. Stamp Club 11, 12, Pep Club 12, Spanish Club 125 Perf. AH. 12. Jack Benson Jack is a real gone pal, Someday he will settle for iust one gal. Art Club 12. Carol Bigley Get ready, get set, go, Want it done, let Carol know. St. Council 10, St. Council Com. 10, 11, Dofobs 10, Treas. 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 G.A.L. 10, 11, 12, German Club 11, 12, Sec. 12, Perf. Att. 10, Activity Rep. 12, Aud. Usher 12, Basketball Usher 125 A Case of Springtime 12, Richard Bigley To play basketball is his dream, He's a member of our famous team. Basketball 1O,11,12. Shirley Blake Shirley's one you'll not forget, A lasting friend you can bet. Camera Club 11, 12, Perf. Att. 11,12. Dorothy Blews Zipper is the nickname of this gal, She is friendly, kind, and really swell. Camera Club 11, 12, Sec. 12, Football Usher 12, Nurses' Club 12, Spanish Club 12. Robert Boak Bob's a good player and a regular sport, What our class needs is more of his sort. Football 10, 11, 127 Track 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10,12. Joan Bok Joan is quick to answer right, She's a girl who's iust all right. Guidance Com. 10, 11, 12, Nurses' Club 12. Roy Bonci Gay and happy is our Roy, He is always full of ioy. Football 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Science Club 11, Spanish Club 12, Perf. Att. 12. Frank Bondi Carp's the nickname of our Frank, Soon he'll start to fill the bank. Football Manager 11, 12. The hardworking shop boys of Ne-CQ-Hi, 80 Aven Ayres Baer Bales Ball Balo Barattiero Barber Barker, E. Barker, J. Barletto Barnes Beacham Beals Beisheim Bennett Benson Bigley, C. Bigley, R. Blake Blews Boak Bok Bonci Bondi NS 2 in 'Q-.' K, in 'if' X W I f' x " lf' K? dl' T4 ,xi T I 0 1 ,. NX Q V if , W- , gf ,A In QL. 'in-4 X X. R' vw.. Q -w an X- 9-.r - 1? I Z 7 . ,X , ,L ,f . fi X ,1 5 f 3 , N, 7 ff X X 7, ff! ,f gk' 1 ,4 mW, ,L 5 f ,W f if WWWL 3 Bongivengo, Felicia Bongivengo, Frank Book Bordenaro Bordonaro Boyd, A. Boyd, F. Boyle Brasile Britton Bromley, A. Bromley, T. Brooks Brotemarkle Brothers Brown Buckner Budai Buiney Butera Calabrese Cambroto Campbell, J. Campbell, N. J. Campbell, R. Felicia Bongivengo Mae's the one that we all know, Personality plus she steals the show. St. Co. 10, 11, 12, St. Co, Com. 10, 11, 12, Aud. Usher 11, 12, Spanish Club 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, Nurses' Club 11, 12, Perf. Att. 10, 12, G.A.L. 12, Football Usher 12. Frank Bongivengo Our treasurer is tops in sports we know, To fame our Frankie is sure to go. St. Co, 10, Football 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Bas- ketball 10, 11, 12, Class Treasurer 11, 12, Attendance 11, Hall Patrol 12, Per. Att. 11. Clare M. Book Pete is a handy kid to have around, He hardly ever makes a sound. Shop Football 12, Don Bordenaro Boone is one that's fond of school, He's a guy that's really cool. Perf. Att. 10, 12, Cross Country 12, Track 12. Donna Bordonaro Donna's got the charm we know, To someone great she's sure to go. Aud. Usher 11, 12, Activity Repres. 12, G.A.l.. 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Football Usher 12, Y-Teens 12. Alfred Boyd ln school he is the quiet kind, But when school's out he's hard to find. Color Guard 10, Band 11, 12, Track 11, Att. Sq. 11, Perf. Att. 10, 12, Hall Patrol 12. Findley Boyd Time's about up but Findley knows, Just how it comes and how it goes. Gym Team 10,11,12,Perf.Att. 12. Robert E. Boyle Emmett's quite the kid to know, He's bound to make the money flow. Science Club 12. William N. Brasile A dance band player is our Bill, His music is sure to give you a thrill, Band 10, 11, Orchestra 12, Perf. Att 10, 11, Science Club 12. Kenneth Britton Kenny wants to be an engineer, He's a friend who's always near. Home Room Repres. 10, 12, Att. Sq. 11, Guidance 11, 12, Hall Patrol 10, Perf. Att, 10, 11, 12, Aud. Usher 12, Science Club 12, .lr. Kiwanian 12. Arlo Bromley lf you really want a friend, Arlo is one we recommend. Tom Bromley Torn is the best in the land, He plays the trumpet in the Ne-Ca-Hi band. Band 11, 12. Posing pretty. ,,...,.........?li..---- James A. Brooks His Studebaker brown, ls often seen around the town. Robert Brotemarkle Light brown hair not a rover, You'll see him at college when school is over. Home Room Rep. 10, 12, Hall Patrol 10, Color Guard 11, Spanish Club 11, 12, Vice Pres, 12, Jr. Kiwanian 12. Harriet Brothers Rita likes to sing good jazz, A better friend no one has. Y-Teens10,l1,12. Franklin Brown Frankie's always on the ball, As a friend he gets first call. Basketball Mgr, 10, 11, 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Tennis 11 12, Band 10, Pep Club 11, Spanish Club 11, 12, Science Club 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12, Stamp Club 10, 11, Aud. Usher 10, 11, 12. John Buckner John's a guy that's can't be beat, Tall, dark, and really neat, Concert Choir 11, 12, Hall Patrol 12, Cross Country 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12. Patricia Budai Patty never makes a noise, But she has a lot of poise. William Buiney Here's a guy with wavy hair, You can be sure the girls will stare, Rosalie Butera Rosalie is a girl we all admire, She will set your heart afire. O. B. E. 12, Sportswomen Club 12. Frank Calagrese Frank will represent the U. S, A. ln the Olympics ........,. someday. Cross Country 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Basketball Usher 12. Elena Cambroto A nicer person you couldn't meet, Cute and friendly and very sweet. Perf. Att. 10, 11, 12, Football Usher 12. Jane A. Campbell A wonderful girl all the while, For you she's always got a smile, Y-Teens 12, Nancy Jane Campbell Our Nancy was a blushing bride, With Malcolm standing by her side. Y-Teens 10, 12, Pep Club 11, 12,Band10, 11. Robert Campbell Not graduating with June Class 1956. Russell Campbell Russell and his sports could make a story, We hope we give him his share of glory. Cross Country 11, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12. Martin Cannon Marty's as brilliant as they come, But still he is a lot of fun. Class Pres. 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Perf. Att. 10, Science Club 11-12, Pres. 11, German Club 11-12, Activity Repres. 12, Pep Club 12. Angela Cupaldi Tiny girl with long brown hair, Her friendship we cannot compare. Sportswomen 12. Robert Caparoula Cappy is quite a guy, When he's around the iokes do fly. Marguerite Capezio With her cymbals she makes some noise, You will always find her with the boys. Band 11, 12, Dofobs 10, Perf. Att. 12, Nurses' Club 12, G.A.L. 12. .lean Cappiello Jeanie is a real cute kid, So hurry boys, put in your bid. St. Co, Committee 12. Harry Caravaggio Harry we could never despise, Because there is kindness in his eyes. Band 10, 11, 12, Hall Patrol 11. Francis Cardella Handsome lad, real hep cat, For a swell combination, you can't beat that. Band 10, 11, Orchestra 11, 12, Pre. Sess. Sq, 12. Judith Carlon Judy plays the clarinet, She's a gal we won't forget. Guidance 10, 11, 12, Home Room Rep, 11, Band 10, 11, 12, Perf. Att. 10, 11, Orchestra 12, F.T.A. 10, F.W.E. 12. Samuel Carothers Very nice, quiet and never cross, ln an auto office he'll be the boss. Kenneth Carr Kenny is the drum major of our band, This boy is always in demand. Band 10,, 11, 12, Concert Choir 10, 11, 12, Drum Major 11, 12, Basketball Mgr. 10, 11, 12. Duane Catlin A bright future has Duane, Ambassador to Germany is his aim. German Club 11-12, Outdoorsman 11-12, Hall Patrol 10. Donna Catterson Donna has a lot to say, As she goes merrily along her way. Band 11, 12, Y-Teens 12. Charles Cavaricci Chuck's a lad that seems quiet, But if you know him, he's quite a riot. Football 12, Band 12. Robert Cearfoss He loves to sing, he loves to dance, And on the track he loves to prance. Track 10, Cross Country 10, 11, 12, Basketball Usher 11, 12, Guidance Com. 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12, Perf. Att. 11, 12, Concert Choir 12. Barbara Ann Cerbes Her humor is hidden, except to her friends, There's a certain boy she really sends. St. Council 10, 11, Act. Repres, 12, Sportswomen 12, Y-Teen 12. Arlene Champ Arlene is a girl that's swell, And in our high school, she's a belle. Football Usher 12, Pep Club 11, G.A.L. 12, Y-Teens 12. Evelyn Jean Chappell Jeannie may be a little short, But you'll never find a better sport! Concert Choir 12. Mary Jane Chill Mary's neat appearance plus a pleasant smile, Make a combination well worthwhile. Sportswomen Club 12. Theodore Chrobak Ted keeps score for the basketball games, Engineering is one of his aims. Cross Country 11, Hall Patrol 11, Perf. Att. 10, 12. Vincent Ciambotti Vince is our leader true, A real sharp kid that's never blue. Aud. Usher 10, 11, St. Co. Com. 11, Class Pres. 12, Spanish Club 12, Perf. Att. 12. Anthony Circelli Anthony is a hep cat who is real gone, His life begins at early dawn. Robert Cirwinski Here is our playboy of Ne-Ca-Hi, Does he make all the girls sigh? Guidance 10, 11, 12. Rosalee Clapper Rosalee is our high school queen, Pretty face, curly hair, makes her a dream. St. Co. Com. 12. Esther Clark Crazy man crazy, she's real cool, And the hep cat of our school. Football Usher 11, 12, Camera Club 11, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12. The Gang. 84 Campbell Cannon Capaldi Caparoula Capezio Cappiello Caravaggio Cardella Carlon Carothers Carr Catlin Catterson Cavaricci Cearfoss Cerbes Champ Chappell Chill Chrobak Ciambotti Circelli Cirwinski Clapper Clark Z, X Y f may 5? ff' N0 4? My 1 6 M V , ,f W HL '-J' 'S MQ H- n 1 A L , . , 'gf FJ xsane., -A' v""7j , -4 25 'HM 'N 'WS f if M NW 49? Q yi Zh Ox : ,.. Xmfifn ' X f ff ,W , uw AZ QWMMNW up Cleland Coates Coci Coiro Colao Colecchi Coles Collins Comianos Connelly Connors Conti, D. Conti, L. Cook Copple Cotelesse Covert Cowher Coy Craven Criss Critchlow Crockett Cucitrone Culbertson Esther Cleland Esther's swell, you're not mistaken, But stay away boys, she is taken, Home Room Repres. 12. Ralph Coates Not graduating in June 1956. Will graduate in 1957. Concetta Coci Cute and clever, calm but cheerful, Connie's one who can tell an earful. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, G.A.L. 12, Goal Post 12, Football Usher 12, Pep Club. Madeline Cairo To all Madeline is a swell friend, A helping hand she'll gladly lend. Camera Club 12, Perf, Att. 12. Aileen Colao She's a gal we were glad to discover, She is sweet and we all love her. St. Co. Com. 10 Natalie Colecchi If you meet Natalie you'll have no regret, Sl1e's a sweet dish you can bet. Y-Teens 10, Fulmen Romanum 10, Perf. Attend. 10: G.A.L. ll, 12, Maiorette 11, 12, Band 11, Pep Club 11, 12, Drill Team 12, Nurses' Club 12. June Coles June is always quiet and shy, Have you noticed the devilish gleam in her eye? Camera Club 12, Y-Teens 12. Charles Collins Chuck is a handsome and clever lad, When he is around no one is sad. Barbara Comianos Barb is short and has dark hair, Man! This girl is really rarel Russell Connelly Russ in his Victoria is really proud, There'll be a silver lining around his cloud. St. Co. Com. 10, Band 10, 11, Orchestra 11, 12, Perf, Att. 10, 11, 12, Act. Repres. 12, Science Club 11, 12, Spanish Club 12. Susan Connors Suzie's lots of fun to know, She's a girl that's on the go. G.A.L. 12. Diana Conti A dark-haired girl, a past dofob, From this cute chick you'll hear no sobs. Dofobs 10-11-12, Football Usher 12. Chicks of '56. 87 Lawrence Conti On "Night Shift" Larry spins the discs, And as leader of our school he takes no risks. Our Town 10, Hall Patrol 11, German Club 11, St, Co. Pres. 12, German Club 12, V. Pres, 12, Home Room Rep. 12. Patricia Cook Pat's a girl we all adore, Girls like her we wish were more. Theresa Copple A cute girl but not too tall, When she's around you'll have a ball. Home Room Repres. 12. Ronald Cotelesse This lad is never gray, There's a path of sunbeam along his way. Eddie Covert Eddie is tall and lanky, But never will you find him cranky! Eileen Cowher This girl is a real sweet blonde, And of her we sure are fond. G.A.L. 12. John Coy Johnny's on the go all day long, And in dramatics he's really strong. Camera Club 1O,Turnstile12. Sara Craven Sallie is a hot rod dame, Without her car she wouldn't be the same! Guidance 10, 11, 12. Carol Criss Blonde hair, lovely blue eyes, Carol will always win the prize. Spanish Club 12, Nurses' Club 12. Nedra Critchlow Not one who's apt to shirk or tarry, A real smart guy she's sure to marry. Orchestra 10-11-12, Act. Repres. 12, Nurses' Club 12, Sportswomen Club 12. Betty Crockett Betty isn't Davy's cousin, But around her things are really buzzin'. Dotobs 10-11-12, G.A.L. 12, St. Co. Com. 12. Carmen Cucitrone Always ioking, loads of fun, From early morn till day is done. Football 10-12, Home Room Repres. 11-12, Orch. 11-12, Band 12, Gym Team 12. Samuel Culbertson Sam is one you can consult, Because with him you'll tind no fault. Football 10, Guidance 10-11-12. Don Cummings Don's a boy we do not shun, Because he is a faithful one. Gloria Cummins Gloria has a charming voice, From many singers she's our choice. Football Usher 10, Y-Teens 10-11. Dorothy Dalton This crazy girl of Ne-Ca-Hi, When she thinks of school it makes h G.A.L. 12, Drill Team 12, Pep Club 12. James Daly A courteous boy, a real friend, He'll always help you to the end. Darlene Data This is a girl that we will mention, As one who loves to serve detention. Rose Daugherty Rosie likes them nice and tall, And she loves them one and all. Marietta D'Augostine Short and quick with dancing feet, This gal's style is really neat. G.A.L. 12. Beverly Davis Blue eyes, blond, and sweet, A nicer girl you'll never meet. Football Usher 12, Spanish Club 12, F.T.A. 12, Camera Club 12. David Dayton He's what all term, "one swell guy, His personality will lift him high. Guidance 10-11-12, Conc. Choir 11-12, 10-11, Perf. Att. 10. Mary Ann DeCaprio When it comes to the art of dance, A ballroom floor she will enhance. O. B. E. 12, Pres. 12, Football Usher12. Connie De Carbo Whizzing, flitting everywhere, Without a worry or a care. Student Council 12, Student Council Corn. 12, Home Room Repres. 11, Cheerleader 12, G.A.L. 12, Aud. Usher 12. Nicholas De Cristoforo Oh, how Nick loves Sundays, But how he hates to come to school on Mondays. Home Room Repres. 12, Shop Football 10-11-12. Know' 7 U Peppy Home Ec Tom De Hass Tom is quite a lively guy, One sure thing he's not shy. Shop Football 10-11-12. Marie Delaverson Whenever you see Dixie you'll see her car, She is always around, but also travels far. Football Usher 12. Louise Delisio Louise is cute and full of fun, With her you're always on the run. O. B. E. 12, Home Room Repres. 11-12, Camera Club 12. Sandra Dellaverson About her charms we need not mention, She's a cute brunette who attracts attention. Pep Club 12, Activity Repres. 12, Football Usher 12, Nurses Club 12, G.A.l.. 12. Robert Del Signore Bright and sunny all day long, When Siggie is near things can't go wrong. Frank Deluca Vivacious, shining in rain or sun, Always ready for work or fun. Gym Team 12. Jack De Marco Is this handsome lad bashful, or is he not? He told me once but I forgot! Michael De Marco Blackie's a kid that knows all tricks, Just see if you can get him mixed. Office Boy 12, Football Usher 10-11, Captain 12. Antonetta De Mattio This girl is cute and mighty sweet, She's real friendly and very neat. Dofobs 11-12. Ronald DePolis Pleasing in manner and ready for fun, He's ready to work at the bang of a gun. Home Room Repres. 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12, Stamp Club 12, Secy. 12. Sandra DeRosa A cute maiorette is she, A secretary, her aim to be. Maiorette 11-12, Drill Team 12. Joe DeVivo Ne-Ca-Hi's "George Gobel" that's our Joe, Full of vim, pep, ready to go. Sophomore Band 10-12, Home Room Repres. 11, Orches- tra 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Pep Club 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12. Joan Diana Without you what would we do, You do things well and do lots too. Pep Club 12, Guid. Com. 10-11-12. . girls and Miss Wilson. 88 Cummings Cummins Dalton Daly Data Daugherty D'Augostine Davis Dayton DeCaprio DeCarbo DeCristoforo DeHass Delaverson Delisio Dellaverson Del Signore Deluca De Marco De Marco De Mattio De Polis De Rosa De Vivo Diana I x 1- X x . ,U X .I 1? if 'V "' QW, ff'-F 1 X 2 E , .y 1 X 3 I' f' 5 I .. fs I Af , ff , , il , ' , WH, IW, Q. ' 'V :wg . 1, ,f ,W 1, W , I xg ,V f X W ,, Z f Z X -Q A ' 7 Q Z x X W, V 19 f W A Wh QM 0 'Q , X, I W ,f f 7" . X , Z xx X N 2 .Z X f 5 Q XE f 'K P f N- qwfgzfffjf' WW? g.. fw ' ,av . V4 I W! N A-. 15: Win. ,X X I ,."' 3+':.'an,ff, 'Z M., , f 0 f w1 WWW? Dan Di Carlo Danny's always full at fun, He keeps his teachers on the run. Di Carlo St. Co. Com. 10, 11, 12, Act. Repres. 125 Class Treas. 10. D' k fc S Richard Dicks Di Marzio Speedy driver that's our Dick, Dingledy We all wonder what makes him tick. Football Mgr. 10, 11, 12, Perf. Att. 10, 11. Dolling lucy Di Marzio Popular, jolly, mischievous, shy, Nobody thinks of passing Lucy by. Ne-Ca-Hi Stat? 12, German Club 11, 127 F.T.A. 10, 11, Fulmen Romanum 10, G.A.L. 12. Edward Dingledy Eeny, meeny, miney, mo, Here's a guy that's got to go. Domenick Pep Club 127 Aud. Usher 11, 12, German Club 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres. 11, Science Club 11, 12, Pres. 12, F.W.E. Donnelly 12, Gym Team 10, 11, 12, Ne-Ca-Hi l.ites 12, Jr. Rotar- Donsion ian 12, A Case of Springtime 12. Dguble Bob Dolling D h , The Bing Crosby of Ne-Ca-Hi, oug el Y With his singing he makes girls sigh. Ronnie Domenick Never hustle, never worry, Take it easy, what's the hurry. Norma Donnelly Norma is too old for toys, But she's not too young for boys. Dave Donston School days are not his desire, But "hot rod" cars set him a-fire. Druschel Barbara A. Double Duff Never a frown touches her face, She makes things cheerful every place! Dunlap Concert Choir 11, 12. Eakln Kathleen Dougherty Eckelberger Not very tall, yet tall enough, But to us she is real sweet stuff. Camera Club 115 Y-Teens 11. Marilyn Druschel Here's a girl that will hate to part, With all the things she's clone in art. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Art Club 11, 12, V. Pres. 12, Camera Club 11, Football Usher 12, Y-Teens 11, 12, French Club 12, Dofobs 12, Goal Post Staff 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 125 A Case of Springtime 127 Worthington W. Franklin Jt. High School 10. I John Duff Edmlslon lt's hard to believe there ever could be, Etfinite A fellow more iolly and pleasant than he. Pep Club 12, Outdoorsmen 12, Band 10, 115 Orchestra Egan 10' Elder Elisco Enoch Steppers of Ne-Ca-Hi Esposito, A. Esposito, J. Evans Eve 91 Barbara Dunlap Barbara is a red headed doll, Cute as a button and that ain't all. St. Co. Com. 115 Maiarette 10, 11, 12, Drill Team 12, Aud. Usher 11, S. L. Com. 10, 11, 12. Alvin Eakin In choir Al is quite at home, To find a future he wan't roam. Concert Choir 11, 12. James Eckelberger A straight "A" guy in every room, He is bound to make the Y. M. boom. Home Room Repres, 11, Hall Patrol 10, Senatus Romanus 11, F.T.A. 1C, Track Manager 10, Cross Country Mgr. ll. Cherie Eclmiston Cherie has a bright, bright smile, She dazzles you for a long, long while. Y-Teens 10, Camera Club 10p Aud. Usher 10, Basket- ball Usher 11, Football Usher 11, 125 Home Room Rep- res. 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12. Rose Marie Etlinite Rose Marie is a cute dish, To be a secretary is her wish. Football Usher 12. John Egan John's a tumbler on the team, A real sharp kid that's on the beam. Gym Team 11, 125 Home Room Repres.11. Gary Elder Gary's one that will go tar, .lust give him a girl and a brand new car. Shop Football 11. Ann Elisco Dolly is our D. A. Queen, A girl like this is rarely seen. St. Co. Com. 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 12g Football Usher 12, Nurses' Club 12, Spanish Club 125 Goal Post 12. Kenn Enoch He's little and quick, But knows every trick. Outdoorsman 11, 12, Guidance 11, 12, Hall Patrol 10. Angeline Esposito Not so tall, but tall enough, We'll admit she's real sweet stuff. Guidance Com. 10. James Esposito A unique fellow with comprehension, "Zeke" is a lad who attracts attention. Class Pres. 11. Shirley Evans A French model will our Shirley be, She's slight and slender as you can see. Arlene Eve Arlene is so sweet and neat, With her personality, "Red" can't be beat. Perf. Att. 10, 12. ,A Louis Faraone All you need is to see him grin, To think of some mischief he's been in. Dan Fiorilli This guy is a real good soul, And how he really loves to bowl. St. Co. 10-11, St. Co. Com. 10-11, Cross Country 10, Shop Football '10-11-12' Basketball 10-11-12. Mary Ann Farrone Hair nice and slick as a pin, Now what boy wouldn't she win. Mary Lou Fire Mary Lou is our little one, Faithful, frolicking and full of fun. Maiorettes 11, Drill Team 12, Act. Rep. 12, Perf. Att. 10. Margie Flack Philip Fava Philip Fava has far to go, He knows howto do a show. Shop Football 10-11-12. Francis Fazio When there's trouble in a room, You're sure to find Francis in full bloom. Paul Fazzone You have to admit he is a doll, In fact there's no one like Paul. Act. Repres. 12. Eileen Fee Lovely blue eyes with black hair, 1t's a combination beyond compare. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Perf. Att. 12, Sportswomen Valiean Fenati Here's a girl cute, neat and sweet, Put them together, she's hard to beat. Aud. Usher 11, Maiorette 10, G.A.L. 12, Perf. Att. Richard Fenton Full of mischief is our Dick, He knows how to pull a trick. Gym Team 12, Basketball Usher 12. Fred Ficht Butch is always very happy, With blond hair he's really snappy. Football 11-12, Track 11. Gretchen Figley A cute gal with darling hair, Her cheerfulness she spreads everywhere. Home Room Repres. 10-11, St. Co. 10-11-12, O.B.E. 12, Secy. 12, St. Co. Com. 12. Judith Figuly A real cute girl who can't be beat, With a pleasing smile that sure is sweet. Margie is a person sweet, As a friend she's hard to beat. Mary Flack Although Mary is somewhat shy, She"ll have no trouble in finding a guy. Keith Flack His car is his pride and ioy, But produces a problem for this boy. Shop Football 10-11-12. Lorraine Fleeger Long brown hair, big brown eyes, This girl is a real swell prize. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12. 12' Norman Flout Now here's a boy who's on the beam, The things he says really are a scream. Guidance 11-12. 12. Barbara Foster Always cheerful, always kind, About the nicest you can find. G.A.L. 11, Art Club 12. Mary Lee Frasso A real nice girl is Mary Lee, On this we all agree. Joe Frengel With a football, he's big and brave, Sends opponents to their grave. Football 10-11-12. Sandra Frengel Air Force boys she thinks are nice, That's why she sits home at nights. Sportswomen Club 12. Francis Fundoots Y-Teens 11-12, St. Co. Com. 10-11-12, Football Usher 12. Ff0l'lClS is S0 V9"Y if-'Ill' Nancy Filban Nancy, with her great big smile, Has friends with her all the while. Y-Teens 10-12, Guidance 11-12. And he's nice to one and all. Randolph Fusco Randy is a handsome guy, And with the girls he'll get by. Mrs. Sadler and Ne-Ca-Hi's future cooks! What's Cooking? V l 92 L i l Fa raon e, L. Farrone, M. A. Fava Fazio Fazzone Fee Fenati Fenton Ficht Figley Figuly Filban Fiorilli Fire Flack Flack, M. Flack, K. Fleeger Flout Foster Frasso Frengel, J. Frengel, S. Fundoots Fusco ,,,, , 'ww -5-I RL , .A , ,qu x, . .M 'Mus-uv' , f-anus, Q11 CT? rl B X Q r' WDM b N W Q-.2 Mm! af J I 'Tx-r Vzwa f M 4 2,3 , 1 J . ff, f . f f f .a ..x. 1. X Q., f ,, WWW f Www Q Q Z My X f 19 'Q H . '4 s A 4 7 f W4 X fx fix ' M54 Q, , 'ff' fn I L 4 Q X V f RSS! ,f X V 1' f 5 , 45' X , f X 7 K 2..,,,N K Q Y ZF W M M: f , AW 4 Z ? 4 f f 5 V, I I ?"' ,, 7 ' .vi 2,5 W V, 3 Z ' ? ,flflf ,,,, l K Gabriel, L. Gabriel, T. Gallagher Gallucci Gennaula Gennock George, F. George, P. George, R. Georgeadis Georges Germani Gerst Gettings Gibalo Gibson, M. Gibson, S. Gilghrist Ginocchi Glass Golla Goyit Graham Grannis Grant Lillian Gabriel A school teacher she wants to be, A darned good one, you wait and see. St. Co. Com. 12, Home Room Repres. 11, 12, Senatus Romanus 11, Spanish Club 11, F.T.A, 10-11-12, Pep Club 12, G.A.L. 12, Class Secretary 10-11-12. Theresa Gabriel Theresa drives a hot green car, Her fame we know isn't far. Richard Gallagher Dick's a kid that's never bored, When he's roddin' in his blue Ford. Marie Gallucci Never sad, not at all, When Tata's around you'll have a ball. Home Room Repres. 10. Charlotte Gennaula Love and marriage is her aim, A guy in blue will change her name. Football Usher 12, Y-Teens 12, Camera Club 12, Home Room Repres. 12, Sportswomen's Club 12, G.A.L. 12. Tony Gennock Rip Van Winkle, heart and soul, When he wakes up, heads will roll. Color Guard 10, Band 10. Fred George Freddy plays a mean piano, He's Liberace's successor-we know. Activity Repres. 12. Patsy George Patsy is a real swell lad, Always happy-never sad. Rosemary George Rosie is a girl whose hard to beat, You can be sure she'll always be neat. O. B. E. 12, Y-Teens 11-12, Camera Club 11-12, F.W. E. 12, F.T.A. 12, G.A.L. 12, Home Room Repres, 12. George Georgeadis Our buddy George has one great smile, lt sure will pay mile after mile. Stage Crew 10-11-12, Concert Choir 11-12, Pres. 12, Home Room Repres. 10, Aud. Usher 10-11, Track 10-11- 12, Cross Country 11, Jr. Rotarian 12. .lohn Georges Johnny who is very tall, Is quite a star in basketball. Pre. Sess. Sq. 11-12, Concert Choir 10-11-12, Basket- ball 10-11-12, Track 10-11-12, St. Co. Com. 12. Bertha Germani Little "LeLa," what a doll, In 301, she has a ball. Judith Gerst Curly hair and soft brown eyes, Makes our Bea quite the prize. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Camera Club 11, Vice Pres. 12, Nurses' Club 11-12, G.A.L. 11-12, Perf. Att, 10-11, F. W, E. 12. James Gettings Jimmy we know has the hottest Ford, Riding with him you iust can't be bored. Council at work. 95 Ronald Gibala This boy is no sad sack, He'll always drive a Cadillac. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Editor-ln-Chief 12, Guidance Corn. 10-11-12, Senatus Romanus 11, Science Club 11-12, Activity Repres. 12, Office Boy 10, F. W. E. 12, Perf. Att, 10, F.T.A. 12, Aud. Usher 12, Jr, Rotarian 12. Margie Gibson Peepers is full of daring fun, A better friend couldnft be found. Fulmen Romanum 10-11-12, Y-Teens 10-11-12, F.T.A. 12, Sportswomen's Club 12, G.A.L. 12. Shirley Gibson Shirley's hair is enchantingly bright, Over her has been many a fight. Guidance Com, 10-11-12, O.B.E, 12, Treas., Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Bus, Manager 12, Activity Repres. 12, Perf. Att. 12. George Gilghrist Skip we know has things in mind, A better friend you'II never find, Joseph Ginocchi Joe is a boy it took years to construct, A baseball uniform and lots of luck. Shop Football 10-11-12, Activity Repres. 12, Glen Gloss Glen's a pal to everyone, Always out to have some fun. Home Room Repres. 11, Ottice Boy 12, Concert Choir 10-11-12, Our Town 10, Camera Club 12. Carole Golla Carole we know is quite a scout, Fun is plentiful when she's about. St. Co, Com. 10-11, Football Usher 11-12, Y-Teens 11, Science Club 11, G.A.L. 10-11, Perf. Att. 10, Nurses' Club 12. Donna Goyit T. W. A. here she comes, For a ride that's going to be fun. Y-Teens 12. Gerry Graham Nice personality, lots of fun, Always happy, and on the run. Deland High School 11, G.A.L, 11-12, Camera Club 11, Newspaper Staft 12. Harry Grannis Always quiet, not much to say, Makes you like him in that way. Darlene Grant Darlene's a noiseless girl, All in all she's a real pal. ...Q o'Q Z gg! it f 2 ,WA t.. Q 1 '. sri ill 'IE s 'st 1 ..l .1 silk.: Katherine Green Kathy seems to be a very shy gal, But once you know her she's a wonderful pal. Senatus Romanus 115 German Club 11-12. Alan Greenberg Alanis a kid of wit, Hours of study makes him tit. Senatus Romanus 115 Fulmen Romanum 105 Home Room Repres. 115 Pep Club 125 Band 10-115 Orchestra 105 Sci- ence Club 11-125 Basketball J. V. 105 French Club 12. Frances Grossman Frances is small and usually quiet, When she's around you'll have a riot. Guidance 10-11-125 Dofobs 11-125 Y-Teens 10-11-12, Pres. 115 Science Club 11-125 Senatus Romanus 115 Foot- ball Usher 125 Fulmen Romanum 105 Stardust 115 G.A.L. 10-11-125 A Case of Springtime 12. Mary Margaret Grossman Real nice, real pretty, Mary's beaux are cute and plenty. Concert Choir 115 Basketball Usher 125 Nurses' Club 125 Dofobs 12. .loan Hagerty Joan has a lot of chatter, Watch out kids you'd better scatter. Y-Teens 10-11-125 Sportswomen 12. John Hake Johnny Hake, what a guy! Tall, handsome, and shy f??D. Band 10-11-125 Orchestra 10-11-125 Track 105 Cross Country 105 Basketball 105 Pre-Sess. Sq. 11-12, Capt. 12. Carolyn Haley V Always the height ot fashion is she, And her personality is as sweet as can be. Y-Teens 10-115 G.A.L. 10-115 St. Co. Com. 115 Goal Post Stal? 12. Barbara Hall Lovely owner of blonde hair, A nicer gal is very rare. St. Co. Com. 11. Donald Hall Phil with his hair of brown, Has the gals skipping around. Bancl 10-11. Adele Hanna Not graduating with the June Class. Quit school in January. Nancy Hanna Nancy has personality plus, She never, never makes a fuss. Y-Teens 10-11-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Stat? 125 Football Usher 125 Spanish Club 10-115 Home Room Repres. 115 Act. Rep- res. 125 O. B. E. 125 Perf. Att, 10-125 St. Co. Com. 12. sn. - Barbara Hardy This girl is one who loves to skate, And with us, she sure does rate. Y-Teens 10-125 Spanish Club 125 Sportswomen 12. Kathleen Harrah Kathie is a very cute lass, Besides that, she's got class. Camera Club 105 Nurses' Club 115 Science Club 11 G.A.L. 115 Act. Com. 125 Spanish Club 12. Fred Hartfelder Lover of music is our Fred, When he's around it's never dead. Band 10-115 Orchestra 115 Att. Sq. 10. . Dallas Hartman Butch is a guy who has good taste, He lets nothing go to waste. Stage Crew 11-125 Hall Patrol 115 Outdoorsmen 11-125 Camera Club 125 Pep Club 11. Joyce Harvey Joyce a future cook will be, A real swell one she's bound to be. Football Usher 12. James Haven Jim always makes the rounds, He'll never end up out-of-bounds. Ottawa Hills High School 105 Orchestra 11-125 Track 115 Science Club 12. Teresa Hayduchak Teresa and her car are hot, Where she's driving, there'II be a cop. James Headings A curious guy is our Jim, You never know what ticks in him. Home Room Repres. 125 F. W. E. 125 Perf. Att. 12. Carmilla Herno Pretty smile, pretty wink, Pretty cute, don't you think? Y-Teens 11-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Statt 125 Football Usher 125 St. Co. Com. 125 O. B. E. 12, Pres. 125 Aud. Usher 12. Shirley Hester Shirley who is somewhat shy, ls still a doll in Ne-Ca-Hi. Roger Hicks Roger is a mischievous boy, In teasing girls he finds much joy. Con. Choir 10-11-125 German Club 11-12. Charles Hilbun He's only been here a year, all told, But his touch, is one of golcl. Penn Township Jt. H. S. 10-11. Patricia Hileman The Yellow Rose of Ne-Ca-Hi, Always greets you when she passes by. Home Room Repres. 105 Aud. Usher 12. James Hill This guy will move to fame, ln the sun or in the rain. Cross Country 105 Turnstile Sq. 10. Time out for "Time Out For Ginger." 96 Green Greenberg Grossman, F. Grossman, M. Hagerty Hake Haley Hall, B. f Hall, D. Hanna, A. Hanna, N. Hardy Harrah Hartfelder Hartman Harvey Haven Hayduchak Headings Herno Hester Hicks Hilbun Hileman Hill M gf iff' MN, Q aa f , , 4 Y37w ' A . W . , , LQ 'Y 5 WW? xy' V GYM! ' 15.351 up .W 0. x , f T X 5 7 X f ff X zz z ? f X J fA RY f 1, . new S .x lo f xv x V .xr ' .Q J f x MS , , -is . li Z5 ui' Ill ffl' my, I ff WW 1 5 7 'EW V X.. 1' 44' W Q iff Q ,gg ,, , , y N ' M7 Nw W f 'fb f N! Hill Hilyard Hoffman Houston Howard Hritz Humphrey Hutchison ltalio Jackson, L. Jackson, T. Janacone Jenkins Jennings Johns Johnson Johnston Joseph A. Joseph, D. Kane Kantz Karns Kauffman Kaufman Kay Shirley Hill A nurse is what she wants to be, She'll probably do the job of three. Football Usher 12, Y-Teens 10-11, Nurses' Club 12. David Hilyard Dave's a guy who's slick with chicks, He gets out in '56. William Hoiman Bill has lots of cultured class, As a first rate senior he'll pass. Track 10-11-12, Hall Patrol 10, Att. Sq. 12. Harold Houston Here is a boy who won't delay, As he goes merrily along his way. Dorothy Howard Dotty who is short and sweet, Around the boys she can't be beat. Football Usher 12, Dofobs 11-12. Barbara Hritz Barbara is a pretty blonde, Of whom the boys are pretty fond. Football Usher 12. James Humphrey A small boy is our Jim, Always full of pep and vim. Home Room Repres. 10, Color Guard 11-12. Frank Hutchison Hutch is a future Army man, To fight for all-you bet he can, Hall Patrol 10-12. Larry Italia Larry helps push our harriers, On to fame across track barriers. Cross Country Mgr. 12. laVerne Jackson LaVerne Jackson displays beauty, And sure enough she is a cutie. Aud. Usher 10, Maiorette 11. Theodore Jackson This boy can really set the paces, When he runs for our races. Guidance Com, 10, Turnstyle Sq, 10, Track 10-11-12, Activity Repres. 12. Ben Janacone Bennie is so full of cheer, You always know when he's near. Outdoorsmen Club 11, Gym Team 10-11-12. Mr. Plant's kindergarten. 99 Donald Jenkins Don is our basketball star, With the girls he's tops by far. Basketball 10-11-12. Edward Jennings Always crazy and a lot of fun, He'll always keep you on the run. Amy Johns Amy Johns has quite a frown, We think it's the cutest in town. Dofobs 10, F.T.A. 10-11-12, Treas. 12, Senatus Romanus 11, Treas., Camera Club 10, Y-Teens 10-11-12, Student Council 12, St. Co. Com. 12, G.A.L. 11-12. Grace Johnson Gracie is a real cute kid, So come on boys put in your bid. Y-Teens10-11-12,G.A.L. 10-12, Nurses' Club 12, Football Usher 12, Dofobs 12. Jayne Johnston Jayne is a lot of fun, ln gym class she can really run. Y-Teens 10-11, G.A.L. 12, Home Room Repres. 11, O. B. E.12. Albert Joseph This kid wears crazy pink pants, The question is are they full of ants, David Joseph This kid is full of fun, He can make all things hum. Home Room Repres. 12. Sally Lou Kane Red hair-and personality too, Here's a girl who's never blue. Sam Kantz Sam is small with good ideas. A good old friend he surely is. Science Club 11-12, F, W. E. 12. Patricia Karnes She's tall and pretty as you can see, A future secretary, Pat someday may be. Y-Teens 11-12, Football Usher 12, Butler H. S. 10. William Kauffman Willy's filled with lots of fun, After him the girls do run. Home Room Repres. 11. John Kaufman John is quiet but lots of fun, With jokes and laughter, after work's done, Edward Kay He doesn't have so much to say, But he does things in the proper way, Margot Keane Margot's fun to have around, To a new future she is bound. James Kearney In school, at home, or on a date, Among the first, he'll always rate! Bellefonte High School 102 Spanish Club 122 Pep Club 127 Science Club 127 Track 11-127 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12. Charles Kelley A real cute crew cut has this guy, You can't miss him when he goes by. Richard Kelley Kelley's tall and full of pep, A little queen, he soon will get. Science Club 117 Outdoorsmen 117 Basketball Usher 111 Hall Patrol 12. Margaret Kennedy Her sense of humor is unique, And as you know she's never meek. Y-Teens 117 Camera Club 117 G.A.L. 117 Football Usher 127 Spanish Club 12. Mildred Kennedy She's gentle, she's neat, And ever so sweet. Y-Teens 11-127 G.A.L. 11-127 Nurses' Club 11-12, Vice Pres. 127 Football Usher 127 Home Room Repres, 12. Virginia Kennedy Ginny is a girl in style, She's never seen without a smile. Audrey Kerr Our Kersey is always looking for Fords, And being with you never gets bored. Jean Kerr Jeanne is our T. V. Queen, A sharper girl was never seen. Student Co. 117 St. Co. Com. 11-127 Time Out for Gin- ger 127 Home Room Repres. 12. Warren Kincaid This is a real gone kid, At home-work he flips his lid. Lincoln High 107 Color Guard 117 Pep Club 11-127 Home Room Repres. 12: Gym Team 122 Spanish Club 12. Norman Kirkwood Norm surely is not a square, He can make friends anywhere. Ruth Kirkwood Did you ever see a smiling face? Boots has one, plus charm, and grace. Y-Teens 107 Pep Club 127 Aud. Usher 10. V"1M " A.,, ' 5c S David Kite Dave, a future engineer to be, Is on his way, iust wait and see. Science Club 11-12. Deanna Kleckner A Ford, Chrysler or Buick you'll see, Dee's riding around with lots of glee. Guid.Com.10-11-12. Katherine Koginos Kathy is a little dream, She's Ne-Ca-Hi's hot rod queen. Anthony Korey With dancing feet and a bongo drum, This one, will be remembered by everyone. Gym Team 11-127 Home Room Rep. 11. Marie Koszela Marie is our very best dish, And her looks make boys wish. Robert Kovach Bob's the fellow with plenty of-charm, He will never do anyone harm. Home Room Repres, 107 St. Co. Com, 117 Football 11-127 St. Co. Com. 10-12. Henry Krzysik Henry is bashful as we all know, But he really has a lot to show. Robert Kyle Little but mighty is our Bob, He can do any kind of a iob. Band 10-117 Gym Team 11-127 Science Club 11-12. Mary Ann La katos Mary Ann is cute and oh so nice, She is Ne-Ca-Hi's sugar and spice. Mary Ann Larzo Mary Ann is a real sharp doll, When you're with her, you'll have a ball. Act. Rep. 127 Camera Club 12. Kathryn l.a Scola Kathy is a little coy, But everywhere she spreads her icy. Football Usher 127 Guidance Com. 11-12. Michael Lastoria He's quiet, modest, and nice as can be, He'll prove it to you iust wait and see. Aud. Usher 107 Fulmen Romanum 11-127 Camera Club 12, Time Out For Ginger 12. Thomas Latsko Of our fullback, we sure are proud, He stands out in any crowd. Home Room Repres. 127 Football 127 Track 11-127 St. Meinrad Seminary 10. The future Einsteins run tests on boiled water. 100 Keane Kearney Kelley, C. Kelley, R. Kennedy, Mar. Kennedy, Mil. Kennedy, V. Kerr, A. Kerr, J. Kincaid Kirkwood, N. Kirkwood, R. Kite Kleckner Koginos Korey Koszela Kovachl Krzysik Kyle Lakatos Larzo La Scola Lastoria Latsko f 2 D. ,Gn- L .tffi ,4"""" S. Wh 'and .X QA I ? H - 1 is ' ,-J N' X sg., Nw 5 X wwf ff fifff , ,. 4. N Z QR f Wx Wf f ff W X M X7 Y f f QQ Q1 WWWWQ X 1 ,f 49 , Zn, Laurel Laurell Lavender Leiblic Leikvold Lenn Leonard, S. Leonard, P. Leonhardt, E. Leonhardt, R. LePore Levine Lewis, Janet Lewis, Joyce Lindsley Lines Lintz Litvinovich Llewellyn Lloyd Locke Logan, N. Logan, V. Lombardi Lombard David Laurel Dave likes his German classes, But most of all German lasses. German Club 10-11-12, Treas. 12. Gaye Laurell Boys, boys-where they are found, You can be sure Gaye will be around. Y-Teens 10-11-12, G.A.L. 11-12, Home Room Repres. 11, F.T.A. 10-11, Outdoorswomen Club 12, Perf. Att. 11-12, Winner Betty Crocket Award 12. James Lavender Jim is quite a guy, With him around, haw time does fly. Shop Football 10-11-12. Nancy Leiblic Assistant editor is our Nancy, She's lots of style-plain and fancy. Home Room Repres. 105 Football Usher 12, Fulmen Ro- manum 10, Senatus Romanus 11, Spanish Club 11-121 Y-Teens 10-11-12, Camera Club 11, G.A.L. 11-12, Ne- Ca-Hi Annual Stat? 12, Assistant Editory F. W. E. 12. Lillian Leikvold Personality plus and very pretty, From Norway, Lillian came to our city. German Club 12, Y-Teens 12, Exchange student from Norway. Donna Lenn Donna may be a little meek, But a girl like her you will always seek, Sam Leonard Casanova-his famous nickname, Here's hoping considerate Sam will stay the same. Hall Patrol 10, Camera Club 10-12, Office Boy 117 Span- ish Club 11-12, Concert Choir 10-11-127 F.T.A. 12, Guid- ance 12, Our Town 10. Pete Leonard Pete is a real dream, He's got lots on the beam. Football 12. Edward Leonhardt A nice boy, a little shy, But he'll manage to get by. Outdoorsmen 11, Sr. Band 10-11. Robert Leonhardt As a shop boy he's the most, And of him we're sure to boost. Anna LePore A real hep cat who's onthe ball, This chic sure is a living doll. Maiorette 11, Drill Team 125 G.A.L. 12. Judith Levine Minus care, minus worry, Judy's always in a big hurry. Football Usher 125 Spanish Club 11-125 Y-Teens 10-11-12, Camera Club 10-11-12, Treas. 12, F.W. E. 125 Pep Club 11-12, G.A.L. 11-12, Nurses' Club 125 Guidance 12: A Case of Springtime 12. Janet Lewis A real sweet girl with lots ot charm, She will never do you harm. F.T.A. 10-117 G.A,L. 11-125 Y-Teens 10-11-125 Spanish Club 12, Sec. 12, Sportswomen 12. Lunch? Coffee break? 103 Time aut? Joyce Lewis A cute girl who is a barrel of fun, She'll keep you laughing until the day is done. O.B.E. 12. Jacquelyn Lindsley Cheerleading is her one game, Someday she will rise to fame. Camera Club 10, Cheerleader 11-12, G.A.L. 12, Nurses' Club 12. Raymond Lines This boy doesn't raise a fuss, He is a shop boy, and one of us. Shop Football 11-12. Philip Lint! Phil is a shop boy of Ne-Ca-Hi, He can see things eye to eye. Shop Basketball 11. Rosalie Litvinovich Rosalie who is nice and sweet, Has a dimple in her cheek. Dotobs 12. Edward Llewellyn Captain is the nickname for Ed, He is everyone's friend, so it's been said, Adrienne Lloyd A cute maiorette who can really step, She is a doll who is really hep. Y-Teens 11, Pep Club 11-12, Drill Team 12, Maiorettes 10-11-12, Asst. head 12. Betty Locke Sew, sew,sew, She can always find herself a beau. Nancy Logan Here's a girl, cute and fancy, You know her, she's our Nancy. Maiorette 10-11-12, Drill Team 12, Nurses' Club 12, Sportswomen 12, Y-Teens 12, G.A.L. 12. Virginia Logan Though she hasn't much to say, She will go a long, long way. Y-Teens 11-125 G.A.L. 12, Camera Club 12. . Vincent Lombardi Vince is swell, on this we all agree, He'll say hello to both you and me. Band 10-115 Orchestra 10-12, Science Club 12. Sylvia Lombardo Sylvia who is always full of glee, Someday, a nurse will be. Home Room Repres. 11. Jean Lose Not graduating in June 1956. Quit to become Mrs. Howard Duncan. Genevieve Ludwiczak Genia says "Lite is worth living," And a lot to this she is giving. Dofobs 12, Vice Pres., O. B. E. 12, Sportswomen 12. Barbara Lutch Barbara is a brainy one, But also can be a lot of fun. Aud. Usher 11, Guidance Com. 10-11, Fulmen Romanum 10, Spanish Club 12, F.T.A. 10-11, Nurses' Club 12, Band 11-12, Orchestra 11, Perf. Att. 10-11, Sportswomen 12, Patricia Lutes Pat likes to cook and sew. She'll land her guy soon we know. James Lutz Jokes, songs, excitement galore! You never quite know what Jim has in store. St. Co. 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Home Room Repres. 11, Guidance 10-11, Pres. 11, Dofobs 10, Concert Choir 10- 11-12, Our Town 10, Perf. Att, 10-12, Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Activity Com. 12. Barbara Lynch Barbara always has a twinkle in her eye, The question is, "We wonder why?" Act. Repres. 12, Football Usher 12, Camera Club 11, G.A.l.. 11, Y-Teens 11. Phyllis Malizia A real nice girl to know, Boy, can she cook and sew. Home Room Repres. 10, Drill Team 12, G.A.L. 12, Act. Com. 12. Betty Ann Malley Betty Ann is the best kind, A dearer friend you'll never find. Home Room Repres. 12, Camera Club 12, Nurses' Club 12, Maiorette 11-12, Drill Team 12, G.A.L. 12, Sports- women 12. Kent Mully Tall and witty, always gay, Kent will laugh his life away. Home Room Repres. 10, Pep Club 11-12, Band 10-11, Orchestra 10-11, Class Vice Pres. 12, Time Out For Ginger 12, A Case of Springtime 12. Leroy Maloni Dark hair, dark eyes, With the girls he takes a prize. Outdoorsmen 11-12. Walter Mangham Mangie on the basketball floor, Scores 30 points and then some more. Attendance Sq. 12, Basketball 10-11-12, Track 10-11-12. I .,,, X Some of the food and talk! Margaret Mangine Dark hair, pretty eyes, Here boys is a real prize. Dofobs 12, Camera Club 11-12, G.A.L. 11-12, Perf. Att. 10-11. Robert Marcantino Here is a boy that is very shy, He'll make some girl a wonderful guy. Rita Mariacher Small, blonde, and full of pep, A good stenographer, her future boss will get. Dotobs 10-11-12, Secy. 11, Pres, 12, O. B. E. 12, Y-Teens 11,G.A.L.11-12,F. W. E. 12. Sally Lu Marquis A real gone cutie is our Sal, She is really quite a gal. St. Co. Com. 12, Home Room Repres. 12, Y-Teens 10-11- 12, Camera Club 12, G.A.L. 11-12, Sportswomen 12, F.T.A, 12. Maris Martin Very neat, very sweet, A real treat to meet. Concert Choir 11-12. Delores Martino Slender and tall, Enough vim and vigor for us all. Jacqueline Massaro Policeman, policeman get on duty, This is Jackie, our Ne-Ca-Hi cutie. Football Usher 11-12, St. Co. Com. 12, Nurses' Club 12. Rose Marie Mastropietro Quiet, not much to say, She'll make you like her in her own special way. Home Room Repres. 10, O. B. E. 12. Frank Masucci Frank's a kid who can't be beat, According to all, he is very sweet. Outdoorsmen 12. Darrell Matheus On the go, here and there, We see Darrell everywhere. Senatus Romanus 11, Camera Club 11-12, Pep Club 11, Perf. Att. 10, F. W. E. 12, F.T.A. 12, Fulmen Romanum 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12, Time Out For Ginger 12, Guidance Com. 12, French Club 12, Science Club 12, A Case of Springtime 12. Peggy Matthews One ofthe gang from 214, Her bright red hair can always be seen. Home Room Repres, 10, Football Usher 11-12, Y-Teens 10. Anthony May To everyone he is a pal, A real nice kid, we can tell. Gerald Mayfield A friend on whom you can rely, He is a real swell guy. James Mayne His singing iust can't be beat, He is a real treat to meet. Concert Choir 10-11-12. seniors relax. As usual- 104 Lose Ludwiczak Lutch Lutes Lutz Lynch Malizia Malley Mally Maloni Mangham Mangine Marcantino Mariacher Marquis Martin Martino Massaro Mastropietro Masucci Matheus Matthews May Mayfield Mayne f 2 W jf X fjf X4 ' -:fm .gd -4? 'ng'- 115993 as: ffm G ' 1 T , , A ". in Q 'Y 4 fl S fam A rsh pl 'X I 4' ' Q i -5 1 L.. , WL W' , 4 ,1- fy,--A xy 316177 Y' 4: - ii f-' 'ma L-suv "SIT . W1-" KW' ' N R 4 X 5 J SS ' f , S RX ... '-'.'::n 3151 Q McAuley McCartney McClendon McCluskey McCormick McCrea ry McCrumb McCullough McGaFlic, D McGatTic, G. McGuirk McHenry McKee McKibben McMiIlen Mehalic Mele Melillo Meredith Micco Michael Mike Miller, C. Miller, J. Minteer Charles McAuley Here is a kid that is no square, We identify him by his curly hair. Donald McCartney Here's a fellow that's really swell, Over him the girls all yell. Walter McClendon Now here's a cat that can't go wrong, To a new future it won't be long. Office Boy 12, Hall Patrol 10, Stamp Club 11, Clara McCluskey An efficient secretary someday she'll be, Just wait and see. O. B. E. 12. Ralph McCormick With his looks he sets the paces, This guy is really going places. Golf Team 10-11-12, Home Room Repres. 10. Joseph McCreary If he had his weight in gold, He would have wealth untold. Track Mgr. 10-11-12, Football 10-11-12, Camera Club 12, Gym Team 12, A Case of Springtime 12. Joan McCrumb This kid is really man alive, She's real hep to the iive. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Camera Club 11-12, President 12, Football Usher 10-11, Dofobs 10, Pep Club 12, G.A.l.. 11. William McCullough Bill isn't very lazy, He reads books like crazy. Danell McGatTic Really on the ball, Especially when he's in the hall. Track 10-11-12, Shop Football 10-11-12. Gary McGaHic Our Gary sure has a brain, On your eyes he is no strain. Activity Repres. 12. Jean McGuirk Red hair, pretty eyes, Her personality takes the prize. Y-Teens 11-12, G.A.L. 11-12, Dofobs 10-11, Camera Club 12, F. W. E. 12, Perf. Att. 10. Loretta Bella McHenry Always happy, always gay, This is Retta all the way. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Football Usher 12, Perf. Att. 12, Nurses' Club 12. Patty McKee Patty seems sweet and quiet, But when she gets started, oh, what a riot! The Charmed Circle. Nancy McKibben Nancy's short and very sweet, Here's a personality that can't be beat. Guidance Com. 10, Home Room Repres, 12. Charlotte McMillen Quiet, sweet, lovely by far, That could be no one but our Char. Guidance 10-11-12, Pres. 11-12, O. B. E. 12. Jack Mehalic Jack is an all around boy, In girls he takes great ioy. Mary louise Mele Laughing, singing, on the run, When she's around you're sure to have fun. Aud. Usher 10-11, St. Co. Com. 11-12, Pep Cu Cheerleader 11-12, Capt. 12, G.A.L. 11-12, Y-Tee 1 12, Perf. Att. 12. Anthony Melillo Here's a guy who seems quite shy, But really he 's as sweet as pie. William Meredith Red hair, cute little blush, Over him the girls do gush. Beverly Micco Not graduating in June 1956. Quit to become Mrs. LaMar Uber. Dean Michael Our school photographer, that is Dean, At taking pictures, he is really keen. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Camera Club 11-12, School rapher 12, St. Co, Com. 12. William Mike With black curly hair, This kid is no square. Fulmen Romanum 11, Activity Repres. 12. Carol Ann Miller For fun and laughs she tops 'em all, Man, this girl is on the ball. Home Room Repres. 10, Y-Teens 11-12, Aud. Usher 12 Jean Miller She is the brain in our class, She is a cute and clever lass. Union High 10, Spanish Club 11-12, F.T.A. 11, Nur Club 12, F. W. E. 12, Janet Minteer Janet has a real sweet smile, For a friend she'll walk a mile. G.A.l. 11, Nurses' Club 12, G.A,L, 12, Act. Repres 1 1 'MH Y"V 'W "'.'?l Don Mitchell Sports and studies make his days, How long this way will he stay? Home Room Repres. 10-11, Track 10-11, Cross Country 10-11-12, Science Club 11-12, Basketball Usher 11, Perf. Att. 12. Judith Lee Mitchell Judy likes to cook and sew, She's geting ready for her favorite beau. Goal Post 12. Ronald Mitchell Well-liked is he, free from care, Always has a smile to spare. Guidance 10-11, Cross Country 10-11, Science Club 11- 12, Treas. 12, Basketball Usher 11-12, Track 10-11-12, Home Room Repres. 11, St. Co. 12, V. Pres. 12, Perf. Att. 12, Jr. Kiwanian 12. Carol Mollic We'II have to admit, she is smart, A true friend, right from the heart. Senatus Romanus 11, Concert Choir 10-11-12, "Our Town" 10, Perf. Att. 10. Robert Montgomery A home bound student is our Bob, But he is kept right on the iob. Thomas Montgomery There goes Tom in his little blue ieep, He's sure one guy that's hard to beat. Gym Team 12, Guidance Com. 12, Activity Com.12. Herbert Morgan Herbert is a bashful lad, We've never, never seen him mad. Jr. Var. Football 10. Joseph Morici Joe has brown curly hair, Of good looks he has his share. Pep Club 11-12. Alexander Morosky Every class needs a clown, We have lots of fun when he's around. Track 10, Outdoorsmen Club 11, Boy's Gym Team 11-12. Beverly Morris A future homemaker she- A perfect one she's sure to be. Guidance Com. 10. Wayne Morris Quiet and shy, Wow, what a guy! Dewitt Morrow Dewey is a iolly chap, His future will be on the map. Boys' Gym Team 12. Angeline Munno Angie is full of fun, She has o smile for everyone. Senatus Romanus 11, Guidance 11-12, Spanish Club 11-12, Pres. 12, Nurses' Club 11-12, Home Room Rep- res. 12, Pep Club 11. Dolores Murphy A real cool chick, That really can click. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Art Club 11-12, Treas. 11-12, Camera Club 10, Y-Teens 10-11-12, Treas. 11, Football Usher 12. Shirley Myers Zsa Zsa's personality compares to few, Her Bermuda shorts will be remembered, too. German Club 11-12, Y-Teens 11-12, Football Usher 12, Activity Com. 12, F. W. E. 12, Home Room Repres. 11, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12, "Time Out For Ginger" 12. Geraldine Naples Here's a gal-cute and merry, When you want fun-call on Gerri. Pep Club 11-12. Guy Natale Guy is always on the go, But going to class he's very slow. Football 10-11-12, Basketball 10, Track 10-11. Betty Natcher Betty is a real cute dish, To be an interior decorator is her wish. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Camera Club 10, O. B. E. 12. Gerald Navarra This guy is a strong man, a smooth dancer, too. Jerry is one that compares to few. Home Room Repres. 10-11, Gym Team 11-12, Activity Com. 12, Camera Club 12. Claudia Nelson Claudia has fun in every class, The boys think she is quite the lass. DeMerice Nemeth Rather quiet, but lots of fun, Her pleasure begins when work is done. Football Usher 12. Anthony Nero Arguing is my chief delight, l can't be wrong, I must be right. Phyllis Newmark Singing is Phyl's aim, She will work herself to fame. Y-Teens 10-11, Guidance 10, Concert Choir 11-12, Sena- tus Romanus 11, Football Usher 12, French Club 12, Art Club 12, F. W. E. 12. Janet Nielsen Pretty eyes, complexion fair, Always on the go, and without a care. Fulmen Romanum 10-11-12, Ed. 12, Y-Teens 10-11-12, Orchestra 10-11-12, G.A.L. 10-11-12, Football Usher 11- 12, Senatus Romanus 11, Science Club 11, F. W. E. 12. Eleanor Novotne A girl that's neat in more ways than one, Ellie's sure a lot of fun. Concert Choir 11, Football Usher 11. The Shop boys soive a difficult problem! 108 Mitchell, D. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, R. Mollic Montgomery, R. Montgomery, T. Morgan Morici Morosky Morris, B. Morris, W. Morrow Munno Murphy Myers Naples Natale Natcher Navarra Nelson Nemeth Nero Newmark Nielsen Novotne 1 WWW tim 3 f f 'X , f ff M07 N4 ,, ff f ' 1 X ff f if ,B fy X 1 Z Q u 5, 4 , QM , 'V f 1 5 , I I f .r 9-fx ,WX ' 1 W, 4, W1 W 4 , 1 9 ',, 1 fe 'W' 1 F' fwfr I Q -if Q N N ,W X! 4 o '4 . ?WfHT"I'- ff' 5 027 'A' ', I! A I ,f i f f 'XV f ,, M N fa , , 1 ul' ' wi'-'B:,f Y 1. hgh vw? if fs! ,jf -.wap , 5' 6. f, 1 'V is I ,..x 1 K X ,ei fx new 0 Nz K X . 'Wf xx, W' si fx K., k Q 'N 1 , ' ff :Y ' 7.1 f ' 1 ,fwlgi 'X X , V , X X f f X f f W f ff f X ,ff X X X Q X f f fw X 1 4: 2' 22 if Q- ' X W' Q - Z1 3' f f X I 1 X in 1 f X f Q Q f V? X! f M Z 1 ,, nf Z pf, W rg Q , A fa Q , , a Offerle Ort Otto Pacelli Pagley Palco Palmer, R. Palmer, T. Palumbo Pandolph Panella, A. Panella, R. Parente Parshall Passerrello, H. Passerrello, J. Patterson Patton Perdue Perkins, J. Perkins, R. Perod Perrotto Perry Peters Robert Offerle Ambition plus-that's our Bob, He's sure to succeed at any iob. F,W. E, 12, Concert Choir 10, Hall Patrol 10, F.T.A. 12, German Club 11-12, Science Club 12, Camera Club 12. Jack Ort In any season, Jack is wishing, He was out of school and fishing. Band 10-11-12, Guidance 10-11-12, Att. Sq. 10. David Otto At math and problems he's a whiz, He works so fast, we're in a diz. Hall Patrol 10, Office Boy 11. Judith Pacelli Very nice, this little girl, Sparkles bright, iust like a pearl. .Ioan Pagley Joan is a real sweet gal. Sure to be everyone's pal. Sandra Palco A winning smile has our Sandy, We all think she's just dandy. Home Room Repres. 10, Y-Teens 10-11, Cor. Secy. 11, Perf. Att. 10, German Club 11. Robert Palmer To be a golfer is his aim, He's sure to swing his way to fame. Track 10, Color Guard 11, Boys' Gym Team 11-12, Golf Team 11-12. Thomas Palmer Whether he goes this way or that, This kid sure is a real gone cat. Theresa Palumbo Not graduating in June 1956. Quit to become Mrs. Robert Moses. Joan Pandclph Nice personality, lots of fun, Always busy, on the run. Concert Choir 10-11-12, Our Town 10, Band 12, F.T.A. 12, Spanish Club 12. Anna Marie Panella A dark haired doll, Who's on the ball. G.A.L. 12, Football Usher 12. Roger Panella Roger is a friend to know, Lots of fun and on the go. Outdoorsmen 11, Band 12, Color Guard 12. Frances Pa rente Here's a gal who's very pretty, Loads of charms and always witty. Home Room Repres. 10-11-12, Guidance Com. 11-12, G.A.L. 12, Maiorette 10-11-12, Drill Team 12. The shop boys watch the "birdie." Did anyone ever see them this quiet? 111 Shirley Parshall Shirley always is in class, When she's driving her blue G.A.L.1O-11-12. Harry Passerrello Always a smile on his face, Nash. He brings happiness every place. Shop Football 10-11-12. Jerry Passerrelfo Jerry, who is a friend to have, Will make you happy when Gym Team 12. Judy Patterson Judy is always on the go, A very happy girl to know. you are sad Y-Teens 10-11-12, G.A.L. 12, Sportswomen 12 Ne Ca Hu Lifes 12. Shirley Patton Sweet smile, sparkling eyes, Shirley's here, so guys be wise. Spanish Club 12. Tom Perdue lf it's fun and laughs galore, Tom's got 'em by the score. Tennis Team 12, F. W. E. 12, Home Room Repres 11 12 Boys' Gym Team 12, Time Out of Springtime 12. Joan Perkins Cute and neat, Smooth on her feet. Football Usher 12. Ralph Perkins For Ginger 12 A Case Here's a guy who goes for track, Great abilities he does not lock. Track Team 10-11-12. Bill Perod Bill is such a jolly chop, When he's around we olwoys laugh Home Room Repres. 12, Shop Football 10 11 12 Patricia Perrotta Pot hopes to be a nurse someday, And we're hoping everything will go her way Nurses' Club 11-12, Football Usher 12 French Club 12 Marlene Perry A gal like her is hard to find, One so sweet, cute, and kind. Y-Teens 12. Joyce Peters Cute and lively is our Joyce, Some day she will get her choice, Y-Teens 10, Football Usher 12, Ca-HiLites12. 1 --.1 . ... wa, Sportswomen 12 e , 3? Gilbert Plant Now here we have a real sharp boy, ln girls he finds a lifelong ioy. Guidance 10, Home Room Repres. 11-12, Gym Team 11- 12, Vice Pres. 10, Spanish Club 12. Dorothy Price Dottie with her long dark hair, Causes everyone to stop and stare. John Printz John's work is always done, He still seems to have lots of fun. Edward Pszenny Penney's a guy who gets around, When he's gone he can't be found. Louis Quahliero Black curly hair, tall and thin, Quite friendly, always has a grin. Basketball 10, Hall Patrol 11, Pres. Sq. 11-12, St. Co. Com, 11-12, Act. Repres. 12. Helen Quint Our Helen is smart and clever, Her life will be a good endeavor. Nurses' Club 11-12, Football Usher 11-12. Helen Rankin A tiny girl, pretty too, Helen is the girl for you. Y-Teens 10. Victoria Ranucci Vicki is our high school belle, For her, all the boys will yell. Cheerleader 12, Sq. Leader 11-12, Treas, 12, Home Room Repres. 11, St. Co, Com. 11-12, French Club 12, O. B. E. 12, Act. Repres. 12, Pep Club 12, Aud. Usher 12, Guidance Office Clerk 12. Serena Rashid When Serena will teach the Golden Rule, You can bet no other boys will quit school. Guidance 10-11-12, Y-Teens 10-11-12, Vice Pres. 12, Football Usher 11-12, F.T.A. 11-12, Secy, 12, Basketball Usher 12, French Club 12, Pres., Camera Club 12, Time Out For Ginger 12, Fulmen Romanum 10, F. W. E. 12. Nancy Ray Always laughing, always gay, She can chase your blues away. Y-Teens 10, G.A.L. 11-12. Robert Reagan ln mathematics Bob's a whiz, With him nothing will fizz. RLmuekxWW?,WJs?F' 9.X'9-i?4 S' 3hWZ2fi'?W I 4 ESS? . K' James Reese A big conference! "Who said that?" Pla t Our gas station attendant of the year, n And one great lover so we hear. Price Guidance 11-12, Hall Patrol 11. , Prlntz Randy Reese Pszenn Randy is our "16-ton" kid, Y He will always get the bid. Quqhliero Sylvia Reese Always smiling, always sweet, ls our cute Sylvia Reese. Orchestra 10, Concert Choir 10-11-12. Ronnie Reiter Step on the gas and off we go, With Ronnie driving you'll see a show. Rita Retort Qulni Rita's chemistry was her dread, Rankin She's glad the microbes now are dead! Y-Teens 10, Nurses' Club 11, Pep Club 11-12. Ranucci William Reynolds Rashid A baseball player is our Bill, Ray He can really dig up a thrill. Geraldine Rico Gerry was our mascot as a chick, Everyone knows she's real slick. Home Room Repres, 11-12, Pep Club 12, Spanish Club 11-12, Nurses' Club 11-12, Pres. 12, G.A,L. 10-11-12. Otto Ritter Otto is our boy that's shy, But he is a real great guy. German Club 11-12. Reagan Robert Robinson Reese, J. Handsome and quiet, popular too, R R When he's with girls they're never blue. eese' ' Beverly Robison Reese' S' A short, petite girl who is always around, Reiter When a favor is needed, she can be found. Y-Teens 10. Gary Rogan Gary is sure to have his pick, Because with girls he does click. Cora Rosier Boys, boys and fellas too, She likes more than just a few. St. Co. 12. Nellie Ross Reign Nellie is one who's never still, Reynolds Yet she sews with best of skill. R. ico Tony Ross D I Ritter rummer man. Drummer man! Dad this man can lead the band!! Robinson Band 10-11-12, Orchestra 12, Student Council 12, Swing Lobby Co. 10-11-12, Hall Patrol 10-11. Robison Rogan Rosier Ross, N. Ross, T. 112 1 I W! lb X, W 1 - ' ,yrxxnlx-' Q S sn Q 5 1 - Q " W ... Q i - Q 95 - 5 E 9 1 "lm V fi , f' ' -i.'1:rQZ"'-,Q " ' . Q' X K I , 1 5 iz? if . K fi 'Q 5 'M - -t ' N, K KN 'xi f i' 6 ix 11 A ' fi, x J - 11 ' f - I Lil! 'mm H 3 'IS 4 1 K T' ,-1-.,k,. N, , ,S '.,.a ..,, r 'T fl Q Q, -u 1 Q3 1 , fn' Q? 'ur' . X 'fwffff 5' :J ,xnxx 4 ,, ,fx ' Q Y Q "V-x ' Q x W x x W ?X K ,1 xi X f f f Q XS N x f ff Q f f , If A lxf X YV f NV. N X f x f Q A X an 4 5 1 X wi W Rowe Rowles Ruby Russ Russell Russo Ryan Ryhal, G. Ryhal, M. Rylott Saas Sarbo Sarko Schell Schlumbe Schooley Seeger Seinkner Senchak Senko Session Seth rger Shaffer, J. Shaffer, W. Shaftic Robert Rowe Good looking, courteous and kind, He can run as fast as time. Track 10-11-12, Cross Country 11-12, Activity Repres. 12. Robert Rowles Quiet is Rowlesy in his way, Out of school he proves his pay. Perf. Att. 10, Hall Patrol 12. Janet Ruby lf silence is as golden as they say, Janet should be rich someday. Mary Lee Russ Very nice, gosh oh gee, We're referring to Mary Lee. Laura Russell Very petite is our Lolly, She really looks like a dolly. Joan Russo Joan is a real nice gal, ln Ne-Ca-Hi she is a belle. Goal Post 12. Elaine Ryan Sandy hair, pretty eyes, Happy laughs, happy sighs. Aud. Usher 10-11-12, Football Usher 11, F. W. E. 12 St. Co. Com. 12, Goal Post 12, Basketball Usher 12 Home Room Repres. 11, "Time Out for Ginger" 12. Gene Ryhal Gene Ryhal is quite the guy, He's always giving someone the "eye". Home Room Repres. 11, Shop Football 10-11-12. Mary Luella Ryhal A secretary Lou wants to be, Will she someday sit on the Boss's knee? Home Room Repres. 10, Swing Lobby Com. 10-11-12 St. Co. Corn. 10-11, Cheerleader 11-12, G. A. L. 11-12 St. Co. 11, Secy. 11, O. B. E. 12. Fred Rylott A quiet boy is this guy, Now is he really shy? Ruth Saas Gabby is a girl of ioys, She's really popular with the boys. Dofobs 10-11-12, Football Usher 12. Carol Sarbo Creamy complexion, beautiful hair, This pretty girl has not one care. 1 r Elizabeth Sarko Tall and swell, one ofthe best, Betty is always well dressed. Perf. Att. 10, G. A. L. 11-12, Maiorette 12, Drill Team 12, Activity Repres. 12. Roberta Schell From 107 comes this pert girl, She gives all the boys a whirl, German Club 10-11-12, Y-Teens 10-12, Nurses' Club 11-12, F.W. E. 12, G. A. L. 11-12. George Schlumberger Hunting and fishing interests him, Mr. S. always has a grin. Football 10, Guidance 11-12, Outdaorsmen's Club 11- 12, Pres. 12. Melvin Schooley Bright red hair, personality the best, Always studies, you know the rest. Football Manager 10, Basketball Usher 10, Doorman 11-12, St. Co. 12, St. Co. Com. 12. Ebert Seeger Ebert is a quiet lad, Sometimes silent, more often glad. Home Room Repres. 10, Hall Patrol 11-12, Guidance 12, Doorman 11-12. Charles Seinkner Chuck is tops on our gym team, And with all, he is supreme. Boys' Gym Team 11-12, Activity Repres. 12. Donald Senchak Hunting seems to suit him tine, It keeps him happy all the time. Joseph Senko Smart young lad, gets around, Drives his car like he's "heaven bound". Guidance 10, Doorman 11-12, Turnstyle 12, Perf. Att. 10, French Club 12, F. T. A. 12. Mary Ann Session You'll always find her laughing away, For her trouble never stays a clay. Football Usher 12, Y-Teens 10-11-12, Aud. Usher 12. George Seth Chirk's character is real neat, Once you know him, he can't be beat. James Shaffer Jumbo is the boy ta know, Give him a basketball and watch him go! Hall Patrol 12. Bill Shaffer Drives a Ford, real friendly too, This crew-cut character is never blue. Doormen 11-12. Joseph Shaftic Very little and very quick, Dofobs 10-11-12, Football Usher 11, Band 12, Y-Teens Joe sure knows every trick. 10. The Pep Club boosts the New Year's dance. 115 Cross Country Mgr. 10, Hall Patrol 12. Jeannette Shaw Here's a gal who's always sweet, Sort of quiet and very neat. Perf. Att. 12. Michael Shenker Mickey has brown wavy hair, Always happy, never a care. Shop Football 10-11. Mary Ann Sheridan Mary Ann is quiet, l know, But you should see her after you go. G. A. L. 12. Phil Sigler Personality plus and that's not all, A good-looking kid with a lot on the ball. Cynthia Simone Active, not passive is our girl Cyn, All our friendship she is bound to win. Dofobs 10, Aud. Usher 12, F.T.A. 10-11-12, Pres. 12, Y-Teens 11, Guidance 11, Football Usher 12, F.W.E. 12, "A Case of Springtime" 12. Robin Slay Big tall fella-that's not silly, His sense of humor is a dilly. Gym Team 11-12, Track Team 11-12, Doorman 11-12. Betty Slizeski Five-foot-three and eyes of brown, Here's one girl that's going to town. Perf. Att. 11, Art Club 12. Rufhann Smiley Happy and gay is our Ruthann, With these characteristics she'II get her man. Louis Smith Quiet and conservative is Mr. Smith, ln basketball he doesn't drift. Margaret Smith Lots of fun is our Smitty, Cute and sweet, she sure is witty. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Senatus Romanus 11, Concert Choir 10-11-12, F. W. E. 12, Guidance 12. Mary Lou Smith Mary Lou likes to play basketball, For some lucky man she'll some day fall. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Spanish Club 12, Nurses' Club 12. Barbara Soupart Barb has a smile for everyone, Always makes sure her work is done. Concert Choir 11-12, O. B. E. 12. Claudette Spanish For Claudette wedding bells have rung, Her married life has iust begun. Y-Teens 10-11, Nurses Club 11, G. A. L. 12, Activity Repres. 12, Football Usher 11, Aud. Usher 11-12. JoAnn Spears She's always seen, has lots of joy, Lots of fun, and lots of noise. G. A. L. 11-12, Pep Club 12, Y-Teens 12, "Our Town" 10, Camera Club 10, Sportswomen 12. Dick Speck Crew cut and lovely blue eyes, That's a combination all girls idolize. Mercersburg Academy 10-11, "Time Out for Ginger" 12, Spanish Club 11, "A Case of Springtime" 12. Tony Spinelli A Tony is a real nice guy, Once you know him, you'll understand why. Home Room Repres. 11, Hall Patrol 10, Guidance 10 Spanish Club 10-11, Science Club 12. Gary Spiro Very quiet and camera shy, ln Art and Science, he's a real smart guy. Art Club 11-12, St. Co. Com. 11, Home Room Repres 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12. Betty Squillo Betty is big-hearted and nice to know, She always greets you with a pleasant hello. G. A. L. 12, Outdoorswomen 12. William Stern Bill is a boy from shop, As a friend he rates at the top. Jack Stilfler A quiet one but lots of fun, You'll never find him on the run. Perf. Att. 10-11. Paul Stodolak From shop comes our Paul, Over some girl he's bound to tall. Dennis Stone When Guy and Bud teamed up with Denny, Mrs. Alexander's troubles developed into many. Football Manager 11-12. John Stone Real gone, they think of him, Especially when he's in the gym. Orchestra 10-11-12, Color Guard 10. Richard Stone When "Joe's" around the girls are found, He soon will be Hollywood bound. German Club 11-12, Cross Country 12,Track11-12. James Stoner Lots of noise, lots of attention, Lots of poise, lots of detention. Pre-Session Sq. 12, Concert Choir 10-11-12, Football Usher 12. ii: 16 1. "Time Out for Ginger" in full action. Shaw Shenker Sheridan Sigler Simone Slay Slizeski Smiley Smith, L. Smith, Margaret Smith, Mary Lou Soupart Spanish Spears Speck Spinelli Spiro Squillo Stern Stiffler Stodolak Stone, D. Stone, J. Stone, R. Stoner WA ,, Y 4 w 4, , ff ff W' ff gmw i ., w-iyprf' A 15: MEM T 'M if ,r 1 PB! RUN , . ,W , M. Q A mf 4 a X QW a X 3. 'J-'Z Z 5 e 1 W 2 wQNv X 'ff' ' ,14g,,g""'W' is W M WL444. , fn- B sim? "3 f E1 ' J , NM? f c N , QS. ,.,,V,Z7 12.11, X 7 Stoner Suber Sudziak Sumner Taylor, B. Taylor, T. Teel Temenski Theiss Thompson Todd Tommasone Truby Tucker Usselton Vecchio Venditto, F. Venditto, M. Veri Vukovich Waddington, B. Waddington, R. Waldo Ward, N. Ward, W. Marilyn Stoner Sort of shy and very sweet, This red-headed Miss can't be beat. Dotobs11-12,Y-Teens11-12,G.A.L. 12. Ida May Suber Good in typing and in making rhyme, She is dependable all the time. Y-Teens 11, G.A.L. 12. James Sudziak A '55 Plymouth he drives, lt's the apple of his eyes. F.W.E. 12. Penny Sumner Penny is a real cute chick, With all the boys she really clicks. Home Room Repres. 12, O.B.E. 12, F.W.E. 12, Sports- women 12. Barbara Taylor Barbara Taylor has long blonde hair, To find a natural is quite rare. Concert Choir 10-11-12, Camera Club 10, G.A.L. 11-12, Y-Teens 10-11, St. Co, Com. 11, Home Room Repres. 11. Thelma Taylor When Thelma eats she's in her glory, But to talk about boys that's another story. Football Usher 11-12, Y-Teens 10-11. Robert Teel A good announcer he will be, You may see him on T. V. Alex Temenski Our Alex really likes his car, It will surely take him far. Donna Theiss I Donna's a doll that can't be beat, All the boys think she's real neat. Joye Della Thompson Pretty as a picture, sweet as can be, Joye will suit some boy to a "T". St. Co. Com, 11-12, Home Room Repres. 10, Act. Repres. 12, Guidance Com. 10-11-12, Secy. 11,Y-Teens10-11-12: Pep Club 11-12, Secy. 11-12, Our Town 10, Stardust 11, Cheerleader 12, G.A.L. 10-11-12, Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, F.W.E. 12, T.v, Prog. 11, Time out For Ginger 12, A Case of Springtime 12, F.T.A. 10-11-12, Secy. 11. David Todd Makes a lot of noise for attention, Often see him in detention! Pre Session Sq. 11, Swing Lobby Com. 12, Hall Patrol 11, Band 10-11-12, Color Guard 10, Our Town 10. Pete Tommasone Pete's the MARTYR of Room 31, But really he's a lot of fun. Bill Truby Curly hair, eyes of blue, For some girl Bill will be true! 119 Dave Tucker Dave is our musician grand, He's really hep over our bond! Band 10-11-12, Band Mgr. 11-12, Orchestra 11, Asst Drum Major 11-12, Concert Choir 12. Jayne Usselton Blonde hair and blue eyes, Jayne is ready to take the prize! Football Usher 12, G.A.L. 12. Richard Vecchio Rich's school work is never done, He's always having lots of fun. Art Club 12. Frank Venditto They say he's a real cool cat! With a wardrobe to match. Gym team 10-11-12, St. Council 10, Home Room Repres. 10, Act. Repres. 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Guidance 10-11-12. Myrna Venditto Myrna has been our friend for years, To see her go will bring many tears. Camera Club 10, Home Room Repres. 10-11, G.A.L. 10- 11-12. Richard Veri Life never gets dark for him, He's too happy to be grim. Home Room Repres. 10. Lillian Vukovich A teacher our Lil wants to be, She'll make it-wait and see! St. Co. Com. 10-11, Aud, Usher 10-11, Football Usher 12, Fulmen Romanum 11, F.T.A. 11-12, Nurses' Club 12, Sportswomen 12, Pres. 12. Barbara Waddington A maiorette that's really neat, Barb and her twin are hard to beat! Perf. Att. 10-11-12, Maiorette 11-12, Drill Team 12,- Home Room Repres. 12, Sportswomen 12. Robert Woddington Here he comes-fire, tire! This guy's one the gals admire. German Club 10-11-12. Joan Waldo Our .loanie has one claim, To be a housewife is her aim. Y-Teens 10-12, Perf. Att. 10-11. Nancy Ward Nancy is sure a sweet little lass, Lots of fun-a friend that will last. Wayne Ward The witty wonder ofthe Senior Class, Some of his sayings will surely last. Fulmen Romanum 10, Concert Choir 10, French Club 12. James Warsing Jim is really quite the guy, When he's around, the girls all sigh Guidance 10-11. Russell Warsing Thinks deep and ponders a lot, No telling what deep thoughts he's got. Shirlee Warso Cars, men, and money, Some think she's really a honey. Joyce Webb Always friendly, always gay, She'll live her life the fullest way. St. Clairsville High School 10, Y-Teens 12, Aud. Usher 12, St. Co. Com. 12, Perf. Att. 12. Beverly Weis Giggles, giggles, everywhere, Not a worry, not a care. Perf. Att. 10-11, Y-Teens 10-11-12, Nurses' Club 11-12, G. A. L. 11, "A Case of Springtime" 12. John Welther Herc, for our football hero, is a fitting name, He's sure to work his way to fame. Football 10-11-12, Basketball 10. Margaret Whiteford Sweet, witty, and wise, She's one who likes the guys. Y-Teens 11, Home Room Rep. 11, G. A. L. 11. Jon Whitman Jon's wit will be remembered by Ne-Ca-Hi, His escapades mark him as a well-liked guy. Turnstyle 11, Outdoorsmen 11. Virginia Widney Always cheery, always kind, A fellow's heart some day she'll find. G. A. L. 12. Robert Wiech An ambitious guy, he'll go far, He's hitched his wagon to a star. Gym Team 11-12, Guidance Com. 12. Joyce Williams A smile a day is her advice, Everyone thinks she's extra nice. G. A. L. 11-12. Sonual Williams If silence is as golden as they say, Sonual should be very rich some day. Home Room Repres. 10, Gym Team 10-12. Charles Wingfield Over Chuck the girls all sigh, He sure is a handsome guy. Home Room Repres. 12, Orchestra 11-12, Band 10-11. Agnes Wirtz A finer personality you can't find, Agnes is a wonderful friend all the time. Guidance 10-11-12, Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12. Sandy Wochner Snappy Sandy, our head maiorette, Whenever friends go by, a friendly greeting they get. Maforette 10-11-12, Home Room Repres. 10, Swing Lobby Com. 10-11-12, Science Club 11, Y-Teens 11, G. A. L. 11-12, Sportswomen 12. Sondra Wonner Pretty hair, pretty eyes, too, She keeps busy the whole day through. Y-Teens 11, Drill Team 12, G. A. L. 11-12, Art Club 12, Pep Club 12, Sportswomen 12. Minnie Wright Minn's about the best everyone will agree, Among one of the cutest you'Il ever see. Loretta Yakowicz Always happy, always gay, Lorrie takes life the easy way. Guidance Office Secy. 11. Donna Yargo A good iob she's sure to pursue, After that, what will she do?? Mary Ann Yoho Mary Ann's a hard worker, one of the best, With us, she'll always be tops on the list. Y-Teens 10-11-12, Home Room Repres. 11, Activity Repres. 12, G. A. L. 11-12, Nurses' Club 11-12, Perf. Att. 10-11-12. Frank Zarlenga Frank's always got a remark to make, That's a habit hard to break. Clorinda Zeppetella If temper comes from having red hair, She isn't using her full share. G. A, L. 12. Richard Ziegler In our book he will always be tops, As one who succeeds and rarely flops. Camera Club 10-12, Perf. Att. 11, Band 11, Science Club 12, F.W. E. 12, Pres, 12, Activity Repres. 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12, Ne-Ca-Hi Rambler 12. Maxine Zimmerman Not graduating in June 1956. Moved to Shenango Township. Gerald Zona He's president of the Art Club and a lot of fun, His president duties keep him on the run. Forward March-The Drill Team Performs. 120 QZ Warsing, J. Warsing, R. Warso Webb Weis Welther Whiteford Whitman Widney Wiech Williams, J. Williams, S. Wingfield Wirtz Wochner Wonner Wright Yakowicz Yargo Yoho Zarlenga Zeppetella Ziegler Zimmerman Zona 9 , nf W X f !',.Q 1 X L.. AL 1,, G- I 'ir' Cl up fx WINNING CLASS SONG Tune to "It's Almost Tomorrow" So long to our high school, We bid you farewell, The memories of high school days, Will long with us dwell, The teachers we've had here Have all been so kind, And now we'll depart from them, A new life in mind. The friends that we've made here Will be on their way, The work and the fun we've had In memory will stay, Though tears will be many, They're tears of good-bye, We'll always love our dear school, God bless Ne-Ca-Hi. - By Fred George Second Highest-"16 Tons"-Marilyn Druschel WINNING CLASS POEM EVER ONWARD Through twelve years we have gone at last. The struggles, sometimes hard, are past. As we look back, we now can see The years were spent quite happily. The friendships that we each have made Were wonderful. This can be said Because of all the joys we've shared And many of the hardships spared. Not all has been enioyable For oft we've lost sight of the goal. Through many hours of constant study, We've thought our brains were made of putty. Through tests so long and hard that we Have wondered why this had to be. Why do teachers seem to glory In making students fret and worry? Now, we see t'was all a build-up. Beware! ye who have your shield up Against what might be there ahead, Think over all that has been said. Then, when you've made a sure conviction, Stick by it, though there be some friction. May this our goal forever be: "Ever Onward." This, our plea. -Jean Miller Second Highest-Goodbye, Dear Ne-Ca-Hi-Richard Beisheim 'I22 H0 UR ROLL C ASS UF I956 Clara Ann Abraham Robert Michael Abraham Marian Sophia Ahlquist Andrew Joseph Alberico Sue Adair Albert Edward John Anttila Edith Joanne Bala Richard Frank Beisheim Joan Victoria Bok Felicia Mae Bongivengo Kenneth Robert Britton Robert Eugene Brotemarkle Franklin Arthur Brown Rosalie Butera Russell Paul Campbell Martin Thomas Cannon Judith Dale Carlon Kenneth Howard Carr Barbara Ann Cerbes Theodore Stanley Chrobak Edwin Russell Connelly Lawrence Anthony Conti, Jr. John William Coy Nedra Ann Critchlow David A. Dayton Mary Ann Rita DeCaprio Daniel M. DiCarlo, Jr. Edward B. Dingledy Barbara Ann Double James Elton Eckelberger Cherie Edmiston James Carl Esposito Gretchen Figley Nancy Jean Filban Katherine Lorraine Fleeger Sandra Theresa Frengel Lillian Rose Gabriel Rosemary George George Georgeadis Judith Ann Gerst Ronald Gibala Shirley Ann Gibson Carole Ann Gallo Katherine Luella Green Alan Sherwin Greenberg Frances Jo Grossman Nancy Lee Hanna James Jay Haven James Donald Headings Carmilla Barbara Herno Dig those hats' How about that? i , Amy Plym Johns Aleata Jayne Johnston Robert Joseph Kyle Ethel Gaye Laurell James Allen Lavender Nancy Pauline Leiblic Lillian Leilrvold Judith Rae Levine Janet Elaine Lewis Jacquelyn Carol Lindsley Philip Dean Lintz Barbara Ann Lutch Kent Ross Mally Rita Anne Mariacher Darrell Lewis Matheus Clara Rowena McCluslney Charlotte Joan McMillen William Phillip Milne Carol Ann Miller Loretta Jean Miller Donald John Mitchell Ronald Albert Mitchell Carol Ann Mollic Angela Philomena Munno Shirley Ann Myers Betty Joan Natcher Phyllis Ann Newmark Sandra Elizabeth Palco Shirley Ann Patton Gilbert Edward Plant Victoria Mary Renucci Serena Ruth Rashid Geraldine Ann Rico Mary Luella Ryhal Joseph S. Senko Joseph Carl Shaftic Cynthia Madeline Simone Elizabeth Ann Slizeski Margaret E. Srnifh Mary Louise S'niZh Barbara Jane Soupart Claudette Spanish Anthony Francis Spinelli Penelope Ann Sumner Barbara Jean Taylor Joye Delle Thon'pson Lillian Marcia Vulmovich Walter Wayne Ward Loretta Yakowicz Richard Edgar Ziegler Who's nnqfmadahlonn, to The Class of 1956 Moy Success cmd Happiness follow y Il I1 d y f y If JOHNSON BRQNZE ,Slmzzm dgnafukfzq, Jlmdqucmtefm, .ilhcl 7907 NEW CASTLE, PA. Compliments of WALTER F. KWOLEK AND SON over 35 years in New Castle ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHERS lSALY'S DAIRY 252Vz E. Washington Street Phone OL 4-5771 New Castle, Penna SELTZER and YOUNG, INC. General Contractors Lumber and Builders Supplies 1316 Moravia Street 1700 Highland AVenUe New Castle, Pennsylvania OL 8-6667 when, you, wanf, a, photvqfzaph, . . . 4014, want LL llhllfllqlldph., wwLfhaf.1uLwn1q,1wwLwLpfwfvqMpfwLfa1m.f Qtrvuff HlRSHBERG'S 15 Best Wishes To The Class of '56 PERELMAN'S Jewelry Television Radios Electric Appliances T24 East Washington Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Best Wishes To The Class Of H5611 REYNOLDS 8m SUMMERS The Store for Men, Young Men, and Boys NEW CASTLE, PA. "Each generation must win democracy for itself. Many young persons wish they might have lived in the historic and cour- ageous time ot George Washington, for example, when there were victories to be made and real history written. On the contrary, there are lust as big problems to- day, and every opportunity for develop- ment."-Frank Thayer, Forbes Magazine. Our congratulations to the new graduates. Today's big problems, and the opportunities for success in this country provide an inter- esting challenge, a chance to show that this generation can win democracy for itself. GRATU LAr10,, 5' M C REDDY KILOWATT 5 " co' ,S N 1 965515 4 A C9 U PENNSYLVANIA PowER CQMPANY l26 Congtgzaulotions Compliments MATIESIAERLHERS SPENCER'S Jewelers 8. Silversmiths PLATE AND GLASS coMPANY 213 E. Washington Street Registered Jeweler American Gem Society 60 YEARS IN BUSINESS 15 S. Mercer Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Compliments of ELLIOTT 8. WADDINGTON INC. 116-118 N. Mercer Street New Castle, Po. OL 2-7777 HONINVS MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries Phone OL 8-8261 Everything Electrical for the Smallest Home or Largest Factory TELEVISION - APPLIANCES - SERVICE BRUCE - MERRILEES ELECTRIC CO., INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Phones OL 2-5567, 2-5568, and 2-2531 648 East Washington Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Best Wishes to the Class of '56 ENJOY BORDEN'S ICE CREAM at your neighborhood fountain . . . and take some home with you, too! BORDEN'S 406 E. Taylor Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Phone OL 2-5861 STEEL Compliments of STANDARD SPRING DIVISION OF ROCKWELL SPRING AND AXEL COMPANY NEW CASTLE PENNSYLVANIA A FRIEND FIRST IN FOODS A 81 M SUPER MARKET FIRST IN FURNITURE A 8m M FURNITURE, INC. The VVOffdg.E?765f Bafhroom Hkfures by lllvfbrsillf Rll Ild le 213 River Road, New Castle, Pennsylvania Plants in Camden, New Jersey, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, New Castle, Pa., Redlands, Calif., San Antonio and Hondo, Texas f f f Manufacturers of The World's Finest Bathroom Fixtures and H ff Easy Living Kitchen Equipment Offers Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of T956 129 Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS and GRADUATES Best Wishes To The Class of "56" From The MONTGOMERY STRGUSS-HIRSHBERG STUDIQ COMPANY Studio and Candid Wedding Photographs Your Store of Dependability H8 N' Mill Street NEW CASTLE, PA. 5 0 T U 5 THE cHlLnREN's SHOP Fine Candies Three Locmions 106 N. Mill Street OL 4-7441 Hi-Lander Theater Building M'll S I Heel New Castle, Pa. Youngstown Road Compliments of Athletic Equipment High Schools Al.EXANDER'S Colleges Westinghouse Appliances SPORTING GOODS STORE Philco Television 33 N. Mill Street Dial OL 2-6231 105 N. Mercer Street 130 BEST WISHES FLEMING MUSIC CENTER 29 N. MILL STREET Compliments of CHARLES LUMLEY Professional Pharmacist Phone OL 2-8351 Penn Theater Building All Makes Congratulations RENT Adding WE BUY Machines SELL und REPAIR Typewriters Authorized Agents For Remington Rand Typewriters and Adding Machines and OFFICE MACHINES Sn D SI W DIVISION EQUIPMENT CO. IThe Typewriter-Adding Machine Storei 7 E. Washington Street Phone OL 4-6668 24 N. Mercer Street 22 N. Mill Street On The Diamond NEW CASTLE, PA. NEW CASTLE, PA. i i I l l I CHAPPELL'S Sunday School 81 Church Supplies BIBLES - PICTURES - PLAQUES SACRED RECORDS - GOSPEL MUSIC RELIGIOUS GOODS GOLD ENGRAVING IIO N. Mercer Street New Costle, Pcs. CUNNINGHAM 81 WEINGARTNER FLORISTS Flowers for Every Occasion 26 N. Mill Street Phone OL 8-6629 NEW CASTLE, PA. Correct Clothes Are on Important Port of Life LEVINE'S The Store of Notioncilly Advertised Men's Weor Next to Penn Theater COMPLIMENTS New Castle Drug Co M. SCHOENBERGER Dependable Prescription Service DE VAUX .IEWELERS "New Castle's Finest" CLASS RINGS Rings Watches GRANAT Hamilton Diamond Tissot Birthstone Movado Wedding Elgin I02 Corner North and Mercer Streets Congratulations To The Class of '56 EVe,y,,,,ng PEARSON BRICK For Your Home Family Car and Your Farm Over 100,000 Items SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY COMPANY II5 E. North Street QL 2-7711 NEW CASTLE, PA. 26 N. Jefferson St. New Castle, Pa. THE MILLER DRUG stone DANISH PASTRY SHOP 38 West Washington Street Phone OL 2-9961 28 N. Mill Street Corner Beaver Makers of Fine Cakes Phone OL 4-3161 and Pastries New Castle, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of '56 JEFFERSON POULTRY MARKET CDI CARLO BROTHERS1 19 West Market Way OL 2-3421 Rear Post Office Compliments of J. B. NIELSEN Jeweler and Optometrist Class Rings 11 E. Washington Street New Castle, Pa. Compliments of MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY Your Health Center - Two Stores - 903 Wilmington Avenue Phone OL 2-7211 123 E. North Street Phone OL 2-8141 Marge! Keauty Salon "Simplicity is the Essence of Good Taste" 12 E. Washington Street OL 2-5933 New Castle, Pa. 134 PERRETTl'S Service Station Grove Street at the Bridge NEW CASTLE, PA. Goodyear Tires, Batteries, Sinclair and Accessories Products Phone OL - 2-8404 Helen lt Kridal Shoppe Bridal Gowns, Veils, Bridesmaids Dresses Formals, Cocktail Dresses, Lingerie Complete Tuxedo Rentals Alterations "Always First with the Latest Styles" 38 N. MILL STREET NEW CASTLE, PA. Phone 4-0561 Open Evenings and Sunday by Appointment Best Wishes Class ot '56 LINCOLN RESTAURANT E. Washington Street ton the Diamondl HARRIS JEWELRY T el e v i s i o n Sales and Service Admiral - Dumont - Emerson 28 S. Mercer Street OL 4-2841 Phone OL 4-7281 THE CATHOLIC GIFT SHOP Rosaries, Crucifixes, Bibles Missals, Statues Wedding and Shower Compliments of SMITH BROTHERS SADDLERY Harness and Saddlery Fine Luggage Dog Supplies , 114 N. Mill Street OL 2-2721 Accessories New Castle, Pa. 33 S. Jefferson St. New Castle, Pa. ffLC,W,e,,Ce Counfylg Leading Awning Mqnufodufe S Congratulations -do Class of '56 A Ernest.. Tl Qi N. W yi D. G. RAMSEY at soNs 5 1, M L flu ' BUILDERS' SUPPLIES YJ r 1-T1 -'T T HARDWARE PHOTUGRAPHY PAINTS 9 1 g OL-4-532.I no Norm N Me S1- lf ew Ca rcef, or 4-7747 Phones OL4-7748 SHS. Pa. l 306 - 20 Croton Avenue NEW CASTLE, PA. Compliments of Congratulations LOVE 8. MEGOWN to 'he The Druggists Class of 1956 Drugs 81 Sundries Marcelle Cosmetics AXEIS MARKET Stover Candies OL 2-2321 12 N. Mill Street Congratulations Class of 1956 GLYN THOMAS PHARMACY 8 E. Washington Street NEW CASTLE, PA. OL 2-5821 136 Diamonds XX l ff Phone OL 4-7709 Watches f , 242 E. Washington St X-Z-5 Silverware fi New cAsrLE, PA. Compliments of Your VARDEN STUDIO Cformerly Gold Tone Stucliob Best Wishes to the Class of '56 Portraits Weddings Specialists in School Portraiture Phone OL 2-5734 l'l4 N. Mercer Street New Castle, Pa. PAGLEY SHOE SERVICE lt's Easier To Succeed By Having Your Shoes Rebuilt T7 North Mill Street Congratulations ROHRERS GUN STORE 236 E. Washington Street PAISLEY PHARMACY PAUL J. TURCO, B. Sc. 24l East Washington Street New Castle, Pa. Phone OL 2-Ol3'l YMCA RESTAURANT WEST WASHINGTON ST. fAt the Dicimondj New Castle, Pa. AIR CONDITIONED McGRATH'S FLOWER SHOP l3 N. Mill Street Phone OL 2-O75l New Castle, Pe. oi 4-0553 New Coyle' PG' Compliments of .IU N E D A L E Highest in Quality 0 Lowest in Price HELEN USSELTON SHOP -Education Never Sfops- 124 E. North Street UNITED SHOE FACTORY OUTLET S t W Swe te Blou es pors ear G rs S The Home of Famous Brand Foundation Garments Bras. etc. Shoes For Everyone A New And Modern Store To Serve a Modern Community NEW CASTLE STORE 253 East Washington Street NEW CASTLE, PA. 138 Compliments of THE EMBER CLUB 2628 E. Long Avenue OL 8-9431 Pizza Sandwiches Shrimp MYERS SHOE STORE "Shoes for the Entire Family" 129 E. Long Avenue New Castle, Pa. KANTZ DEPARTMENT STORE 118- 120 East Long Avenue Southside's Leading Department Store New Castle, Pa. Phone OL 4-3192 ALPERN BAKING COMPANY Vienna Rye and and Italian Pumpernickel 32 East Long Avenue New Castle, Pa. Phone OL 2-7112 Weight 16 oz. or more?-Reg. Pa. Dept. of Agriculture MARZIO POULTRY MARKET Cut Up Poultry BANQUETS and WEDDINGS Our SPEClALTY Phone OL 4-8451 BUTZ FLOWERS For Over 104 Years 245 E. Washington Street Phone OL 2-7727 E. D. FEE Transfer COMPUMENTSOF TTT E. Lincoln Avenue NEW CASTLE, PA. NEW CASTLE 'D' CHEMICAL COMPANY Agent of North American Van Lines nf" Gndiafvnffif Qowing - - ,Since 11894 EET Em QQ Q P TTSB Built to Serve You . . . Pictured above, Kurtz Bros. factory and warehouses along with the Pittsburgh Branch contain more than 145,000 square feet of floor space. Here, under one roof, your school annuals are printed, bound and cased into covers . . . Truly a plant built to serve your printing requirements . . . "Our Word is Our Bond." KURTZ BROS. 2"ZZ2F CLEARFIELD, PA. 140 If 2' ' ' "' . , ,, fc fwzffg, 2 ,, , ,,, , , ,, ff ,. , f Swwice B oun , COMPLETE SERVICE WILL GZ SOLVE Mgmt Youn YEARBOOK dnt PROBLEMS. EKQCITQGQQQAJ me :Auron :Ncmxvme a uscrnorvre couuuuw 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, OHIO 141 MAY'S DO - NUTS CLARENCE MAY, Owner "Oh Boy! They're Good!" Many Delicious Varieties Retail and Wholesale 1225 East Washington Street NEW CASTLE OL 4-4141 Compliments of JESSE N. KERR "The House of Flawless Diamonds and Sterling SiIver" Registered Jeweler American Gem Society 5 N. Mill Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Congratulations to Class of '56 from CIAI.EI.I.A 81 CARNEY, FLORISTS 1224 South Mill Street Flowers for all occasions lon the southside across the street from lsaly's Dairyj OL 2-8412 SHAFFER 8. SNYDER PHARMACISTS 146 E. Long Avenue New Castle, Pa B. J. BIONDI INSURANCE REAL ESTATE ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE AND BONDING SERVICE 105 East Long Avenue New Castle, Pa OL 2-1521 OL 2-3552 Being Insured Means Secured Phone OLiver 2-0123 HEARING AID CENTER Sales ' Service ' Repairs Batteries 81 Cords For All Makes 37 N. Mercer Street New Castle, Pa. Compliments of MERIVALE SHOPS Sportswear, Lingerie, Hosiery Handbags, and Gloves McBRIDE ' SHANNON CO. INSURANCE For Over Fifty Years 238 E. Washington St. OL 4-5571 New Castle, Pa. Compliments of NOLANS 115 - 117 E. Washington NEW CASTLE, PA. Street HI-LANDER PHARMACY Prescriptions - Fountain Service Gift Items - Cosmetics Phone OL 4-2741 Delivery Service ARTICLES IN HARDWARE Good Hardware Since 1861 William 9. beC'ar6o Wery Spaciousi FUNERAL HOME In all America there is no finer and at no extra cost Limousine Service - Invalid Service Day or Night Phone OL 2-6634 926 Cunningham Ave. New Castle, Pa. "Our Courteous Services Never End" Best Wishes Class of '56 Hennon Hardware Co. "It's Hennon's It It's Hardware" Benjamin Moore Paint Products Revere Ware 1239 East Washington Street Phone OL 2-9621 NEW CASTLE, PA Best Wishes to the Class of '56 LOCKLEY MACHINE COMPANY NEW CASTLE PENNSYLVANIA 'I44 Congratulations to Class of "56" BOLOTIN'S FURNITURE COMPANY 343 E. Washington Street OL 4-7784 New Castle, Pa. Compliments STAN'S AUTO SALES of DANFORD INC. 2100 Wilmington Road Satisfied Customers Are Our Best Ads NEW CASTLE ADVERTISING AND PHOTOGRAPHY 531 TAYLOR smear OL 2-7176 Phone OL 4-3911 Compliments of ROYAL TYPEWRITING COMPANY Sales ' Rentals ' Repairs F. D. WEBSTER, Rep. Phone OL 2-6102 New Castle, Pa. 33 East Street 145 Congratulations to the Class of 1956 ROBINS FURNITURE COMPANY 26 E. Washington Street New Castle, Pa. JosEPH's SUPER MARKET, INC. C0"'P'l"'e"'S of Meats - Groceries -- Vegetables RICHMAN BROTHERS CLOTHES 11-13 East Long Avenue New Castle, PO' 235 E. Washington Street BII-I-NIAN'S Congratulations Atlantic Service To The Groceries Class of 1956 81 Meats Home Made Ice Cream A FRIEND Wilmington Road Phone OLiver 8-9457 Compliments of HOWARD L. REYNOLDS FUNERAL HOME 909 Adams Street New Castle, Pa. 146 HENNON'S RADIATOR SERVICE Cooling System Specialists Automotive and Industrial ALL WORK GUARANTEED 408 W. Washington Street OL 2-9351 KEYSTONE FURNITURE COMPANY "Where You Buy lt For Less" 364 E, Washington Street New Castle, Pa. Complete Home Furnisher JOHN'S HARDWARE 8. SUPPLY CO. Complete Line of Hardware Sporting Goods We Give Top Value Stamps OL 2-7500 Plaza Center John J. lorio 1707-C Wilmington Road New Castle, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS PAUL'S PHARMACY 123 N. Beaver Street New Castle, Pa. BOWEN TILE CENTER FREE ESTIMATES Ceramic Floor and Walltile All Types of Resilient Floors Dial OL 4-0641 TIM TEMENSKI'S NASH SALES and SERVICE NEW AND USED CARS G u a r a n t e e d OL 2-1480 481 E. Washington Street BEST WISHES CLASS OF '56 WILLIAM H. NESBITT AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 227 Park Avenue OL 2-6740 VILLANOVA INN Specializers in the finest of Italian and American Foods P I Z Z A baked while you wait Phone OL 2-5171 OL 8-9474 622 E. Washington Street NEW CASTLE, PA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 TOM SWEET MOTOR SALES FOR THE BEST IN USED CARS 502 Taylor Street Phone OL 4-2104 See The Newest Class Rings and Pins In Black Onyx Mother of Pearl Ruby and Blue Spiral and 3 Tone Gold Reasonably Priced At JACK GERSON Your Jeweler Over 35 years in New Castle 200 East Washington Street NEW CASTLE, PA. BAPTISTE BAKERY Best Wishes To the Class of 1956 Three retail stores to serve you: 224 E. Washington St. OL 2-5361 104 W. Washington St. OL 2-8995 1707 Wilmington Rcl.-Plaza Center OL 4-7573 Congratulations to the Class of '56 Courtesy of GEORGE BROTHERS APPLIANCES R. D. 3 Wilmington Road THE CLAIRE BROWN SHOPPE Distinctive Apparel for Distinctive Women Corner Mill and North Streets New Castle, Pa. NOGA FUNERAL HOME 1142 S. Mill Street at Reynolds New Castle, Pa. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF NEW CASTLE New Castle's Pioneer Thrift and Congratulations to the Class of 1956 SHAFFER MOTORS NEW AND USED CARS Cleanest Cars in Town Home Fmcncmg lnsmuhon 422 Taylor Street New Castle, P OL 4-1211 Ph OL 4 7707 C pl BEST WISHES f GENKINGER AGENCY HAMMOND MUSIC INSURANCE 29 S. M 5 209 East Washington S NEW CASTLE PA NEW CASTLE, PA Best Wishes CI M156 SEAVY'S STUDIO PENNSYLVANIA Hghsh ' ENGINEERING ff CORPORATION CHQ Ph 9 Ph NEW CASTLE PENNSYLVANIA NEW CASTLE PA i i Compliments of BARLETTO ELECTRIC COMPANY Your REPAIR SERVICE STORE Automatic Washers - Dryers - Mangles - Sweepers - Irons - Toasters - Mixers Coflee Makers - and Other Small Appliances RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE 1228 S. Mill Street OL 4-4611 LOOK! If you can qualify as a preferred risk, l'Il bet a dollar to a dough- nut I can save you money on your auto insurance. Just call me and see. DELACE "OLD KING" COLE Room zoo L. s. a T. Bldg. Phone OL 4-9141 "Floors and Walls of Distinction" GENERAL FLOOR COVERING COMPANY 21-25 South Mill Street New Castle, Pa. ' All Wool Broadloom Carpet ' Resilient Tile Floors ' Linoleum ' Plastic Wall Tile ' Venetian Blinds Dial OL 2-7794 "Carpet and Floor Covering, Our Profession Not a sideline" CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to NE-CA-HI CLASS OF 1956 May We Help You to a Successful Career NEW CASTLE BUSINESS COLLEGE An Accredited Junior College of Business i I I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 We consider it a privilege to know well, so many members of the New Castle High School Graduating Class of June '56p and at this memorable time in your lives, as you enter into a larger life of endeavor and service, we want you to know that our good wishes for your success and happiness follow you. MAYOR'S RECREATION PROJ ECT COMMITTEE HON. EDWARD A. DeCARBO LT. CECIL F. SUBER, Chairman I52 Meet Your Friends at New Castle's Friendly Drug Store CLUTTON DRUG COMPANY Phone OL 2-3621 226 E. Washington Street GUSTAV'S PURE FOOD BAKERY Famous For Their Whipped Cream Cakes , Phone OL 4-2221 Men's and Boys' Sportswear Rawling's Sporting Goods 302 E. Washington Street 106 E. Washington Street OL 2-8471 Compliments of FLEMING STEEL COMPANY JOSEPH MIROW Dependable Jeweler Steel Structu re 30 East Washington Street New Castle, Po. L 2-9821 New Castle, Pa. Compliments of E. B. CONNELLY AGENCY I N S U R A N C E Established 1898 501 L. S. 8. T. Building Phone OL 2-2331 153 "HARRY THE HAT'S" Used Cars 415 South Mill Street fAcross from J. BJ OL 2-3163 WINTER'S Men's and Boys' Store Since 1906 New Castle, Pa. For Prompt, Courteous, T. V. Service Call Oliver 4-1631 PENNSERVICE TELEVISION COMPANY 505 Taylor Street New Castle, Pa Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY New Castle, Pa. STRIZZI STUDIO Wedding Groups Portraits School and Graduation Photographs 215V2 E. Washington Street OL 2-3451 NEW CASTLE, PA. Compliments of Uames Gibson trading asl MAXWELL 81 GIBSON QUALITY COAL AND ICE Home of Original Frozen Custard 301 S. Mill Street New Castle, Pa Phone OL 4-3321 TO CLASS OF 1956 SUCCESS TO ALL NEW CASTLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF FLEX-O-LATOR'S INCCRPORATED COMMENCEMENT 1956 As graduates receive diplomas from schools all over America, let us remember this fact. Parents and their children who practice thrift, so they can pay for a higher education, know that it pays dividends. You will also, if you try it with a savings account at this bank. LAWRENCE SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY VOLANT, PA. ELLWOOD CITY, PA. NEW CASTLE, PA. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve Bank System 157 COMPLIMENTS RIECK DAIRY COMPANY 31 South Beaver Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Eugen! DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone: OL 4-7701 OL 4-7702 Your Health Happiness and Success Demand Good Vision Shop At The Florsheim Sign DAVIS SHOE COMPANY 219 Washington St. Phone OL 2-6421 CASTLE OPTICIANS 14 North Mill St. New Castle, Pa. Compliments of LAWRENCE LAUNDRY ' COMPANY A Certified Laundry 727-729 S. Mill Street Phone OL 2-4761 Compliments of JOSEPH B. LEYDE 158 SERVICES TO MEET YOUR EVERY BANKING NEED FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LAWRENCE COUNTY Established I855 Organ zed a a Nato al B nk n 1864 Trust Company Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guardian Trustee and in other fiduciary capacities UNION TRUST COMPANY OF NEW CASTLE Members - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 'I59 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 CA mio My f china originals jA!7Gl'l6LI'1gO IHC. Compliments of Compliments of SILVERMAN'S Economy Shoeshop ECKERD'S DRUG STORE OL 2-3461 'ITO E. Washington Street New Castle, Pa. New Coslle' PG' Best Wishes and Congratulations from THE LADIES' STORE 108 E. WASHINGTON STREET 160 Index To 14daIe1-tiAerA AIexander's Radio-Television AA AIpern's Bakery ....., A A AA AA A-M Furniture Store A A A-M Supermarket A Axe's Market AA A Baptiste Bakery Shop A A Barletto Electric Service A BiIlman's Atlantic Station Biondi Insurance Agency A BoIotin's Furniture Store A AAAAAAA A AA A Borden's Ice Cream Company A A Bowen Tile Center A AA A AA A Boyd 81 Myer's Funeral Home A Bruce-Merrilees Electric Company A Butz Florist AA AA A AA AA A A Canton Arc and Engraving Company Castle Opticians A A A A A AA A A Castle Stationery Company Catholic Gift Shop A AA A Chappell's Sunday School and Church Supplies A A A ChiIdren's Shop A A A Cialella 81 Carney Floral Shop Citizens National Bank Claire Brown Shoppe Clutton Drug Company Connelly, E. B., Agency A Cunningham-Weingartner, Florists Danish Pastry Shop A Danford Studio Davis Shoe Company De Carbo, W. F., Funeral Home De Vaux Jewelry Company A Di Marzio's Poultry Market Drake's Studio A A Eckerd's Drug Store Elliott-Waddington, Inc. Auto-Accessories A A Ember Club AA A AA Fee's, E. D. Transfer AA First Federal Savings-Loan First National Bank A A Fleming Music Center Fleming Steel Company Flex-O-Lators, Inc. A AA General Floor Covering Company Genkinger Agency AA A A George Brothers, Appliances Gerson's Jewelry Store Gus' Men's Wear . . Gustav's Pure Food Bakery Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 130 139 128 128 136 49 151 46 142 145 127 147 146 127 139 141 158 131 135 132 130 142 156 149 153 153 132 133 145 158 144 133 139 136 160 127 139 140 149 159 131 153 156 151 150 149 148 153 153 Hammond Music Store Harris Jewelry Store Harry "The Hat", Used Cars Hearing Aid Center Helen's Bridal Shop Hennon's Hardware Store Hennon's Radiator Hi-Lander Pharmacy Homm's Market IsaIy's Dairy Store JeFFerson Poultry Market John's Hardware Store Johnson Bronze Joseph's Supermarket Junedale Market Kantz Department Store Kerr's Jewelry Store Keystone Furniture Store Kirk-Hutton Hardware Store Kurtz Bros. Kwolek Studio Ladies Store Lawrence Laundry Company Lawrence Savings and Trust Levine, Men's Clothing Levine, Charles C., Jeweler Leyde's Funeral Home Lincoln Restaurant Lockley Machine Company Love and McGown, Druggists Lumley, Charles, Pharmacy Marge's Beauty Salon Mather Brothers, Jewelers Maxwell and Gibson Coal Company May's Do-Nuts Mayor's Recreation Committee McBride and Shannon Insurance McGrath's Florist Medical Center Pharmacy Merivale Shop Miller's Drug Store Mirow Jewelry Store Montgomery's Studio Myer's Shoe Store Nesbitt, William, Insurance New Castle Automobile Dealers New Castle Business College New Castle Chemical Company New Castle Dry Goods Store Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 150 135 154 143 135 144 147 143 127 125 134 147 124 146 138 139 142 147 143 140 125 160 158 157 132 137 158 135 144 136 131 134 127 154 142 152 143 137 134 143 133 153 130 139 148 155 151 140 138 New Castle Drug Store Nielsen Jewelry Store Noga Funeral Home Nolan's Ladies Shop Office Machinery and Equipment Company Pagley's Shoe Service Paisley Pharmacy F Paul's Pharmacy Pearson Briclc Company F F F Penn Service T-V Company F Pennsylvania Engineering Company Penney, J. C., Company F FF F Pennsylvania Power Company Perelman Jewelry Store F F Perretti Service Station Ramsey, D. C. and Sons Reynold's Funeral Home r.,,.r FF Reynold's-Summers, Clothiers Richman Brothers F F FF Rieck's Sealtest FF F F F Robin's Furniture Store ..,.., Rohrer's Gun Store F FF ....,.. Royal Typewriter Company F Sears-Roebuck Company FF F Seavy's Studio F F F Page 132 Seltzer-Young, Inc. FF F F . .. Page 134 Shaffer Motors F F F F FF F Page 149 Shatter and Snyder Pharmacy F pQge143 Shenango China Company F F F F Silverman's Shoe Store ,.... FF F F Page 131 Smith Brothers Saddlery FFFF F F F Page 137 Sotus Candy Stores F FFFFF F FF F F F Page 137 Spencer Paint and Glass Company FF FF Page 147 Sporting Goods Store FFFF F F FF FF FF Page 133 Standard Steel Spring F FF Page154 Stan's Auto Sales Page 150 State Farm Insurance Company F Page 154 Strizzi Studio F FFFFF F FFFFFFFFF FF FFFF 1 ,V Page 126 Strouss-Hirshberg's Department Store , Page 126 Strouss-Hirshberg's Photographers Y 4, V Page 135 Sweet, Tom, Motor Sales FFFFFFFFFFFFF F Page 136 Temenski Used Cars FFFFFFFFF F H F 1, Page 146 Thomas, Glyn, Pharmacy FF F F F W Page 126 Union Trust Company F F F Page 146 United Shoe Factory FFFFF , Page 158 Universal Rundle Company FF FF V, ...Page 146 Usselton, Helen, Shop FF F Page 137 Varden's Studio FF FF F FF FF FFF Page 145 Villanova Restaurant F F FF Page 133 Winter Company, Men's Wear FF FF F Page 150 Y. M. C. AF Restaurant FFFF F 5004 tem Bailey's Restaurant Campbell, C. E. Deli's-Formal Wear Evanich, Dr. Andrew Frengel Motor Co., lnc. Goodrich, The B. F.'Co. Leach, Harold Leivo, Matthew and Sons, Inc. Levine and Lyon-Attorneys at Law Lutz, Dr. R. C. Moore's R. R. Salvage New Castle Lumber and Supply Co. Prioletti, Dr. J. P. Seniow, Raymond V. Shaffer and McBurney Sonntag, L. F. Stanley Home Products, Inc. Trumble, J. L. and Son Williams, E. J., Inc. 162 Page125 Page149 Page142 Page160 Page160 Page135 Page130 Page127 Page130 Page128 Page145 Page151 Page154 Page130 Page125 Page148 Page147 Page136 Page159 Page138 Page129 Page138 Page137 Page148 Page154 Page137 Administration Advertisers AA AA Art Club A A AA A Attendance SquadA A A A Auditorium Ushers A AA Band AAAA A AA AAAA Basketball, Junior Varsity AAAA A A Basketball, Varsity Basketball Ushers Board of Education Boys' Gym Team AA Camera Club Cheerleaders Class Poem AA Class Song A AA A Coaches, Football Color Guard AA Concert Choir Cross Country Dedication Dofobs A Doormen A Drill Team AA A Drum Major Ensembles, Music A Faculty A A AA Football Team Football Ushers AA Forum of World Events French Club Fulmen Romanum A A AA AA Future Teachers of America A A German Club A Yndex To We - Ca - Hi Pages 10-11 Pages 124-160 Pages Pages Pages Page Page Pages Pages Page Page Pages Page Page Page Pages Page Pages Pages Page Page Page Page Page Page Pages Page Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 40-41 28-29 24-25 49 67 65-66 24-25 10 71 38-39 72 122 122 62-63 48 58-59 68-69 5 33 29 50 48 56 12-17 63 24-25 40-41 44-45 44-45 38-39 42-43 Girls' Athletic League Girls' Choir Goal Post StaFf Guidance Committees Guidance Secretaries Hall Patrols Home Room Representatives Honor Roll Maiorettes Mixed Chorus Ne-Ca-Hi Staff Nurses Club Office Boys Orchestra Order of Business Efficiency Outdoorsmen Pre-Session Squad Quartet Science Club School Play Senior Activity Committee Senior Class Senior Class Play Senior Class Ofticers Spanish Club Sportswomen's Club Stage Crew Stamp Club Student Council Student Council Committees Swing Lobby Committee Tennis Team Trio Y-Teens Page Page Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Page Page Page Page Pages Pages Page Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Page Pages Pages Page Pages Pages Pages Pages Page Page Page 70 56 30-31 26-27 28-29 28-29 22-23 123 50 57 7 36-37 28-29 51 34-35 34-35 28-29 58-59 40-41 54-55 30-31 76-123 52-53 76 42-43 36-37 29 34-35 20-21 20-21 30-31 69 57 32 1 ep-Nw: , , f 'Tl ii' ' Ez m Y .yf rf.-Q - . mi..'1i.- ,ffff .. fa: -ue. y rr, . -1,-.-. F24- -:IL -ngigq., -,, Q :F'1.f'. -.f .-,- 4E75i?w1'5. ' -g.1:,w 5.- f, Q H 'amines f '5,r1'E'E?lP2f . .+:..ui.. 1. Q5 gg? 2:2-f ' - , .af+"r"1'5ff.' t P. ,, Eiwfgz H fl',j4w,u'r Q. X ' ,Q.,,,L1f mi , -Z,j2Abg.5Tf , ' -4315.2 J . iii? 1. - mffiw gfigna, , , -H-.PF 'HPF-A 1' ,,,..:.,. A, . , f" SNL 2-P, ' 'f 151 " .EL 1 1 .1431 Qi ' , fm ,, .iv A IL mf-L A M ' H :fx A t A in iz: .1 ix, wr N a lg .M ,P 2 my '11 aff V . W 1 QW JW' 5 H fwr .,..,w., . . ..., H, aw, ,,1'M'x' ' A 13 I, W rn 1 J 11 lu "' 14321 4 . fffgg. , E XV N J L A as 5' 'L WX w 'Z 2 , 'L fr ' 1 V X v , -1 .11 A mg Em U4 10. ' Jai gp, Mila, m . r Nj. , 1, Q M ,ul 5 IJ Il! 5 I .. w -v 'M ' vc Q dutogf dplw 1 2 :ve ug ,,-"9 , +- -L ,, -1 -JW U v.-1-Aga--.f f ,- H . ,Ulf . 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Suggestions in the New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA) collection:

New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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