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 - Class of 1947

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FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY NEW CASTLE, PA. ra 6 Zggiwwi? 72 ca A ? f 'I ff' 2'-" 2 'N W l ,mihr x" 1 PUBLISHED BY THE JUNE CLASS OF 1947 NEW CASTLE. PENNA. FREP. PUBLIC LIBRARY NEW CASTLE, PA. JUL '72 gf g7 ,X S .yi ., as l Y vi v f ,V FOREWORD The date, June, 1947, marked the comple- tion of one of the most important chapters that will ever be written about our lives- our high school years. ' In our yearbook we have tried to record our many joys and accomplishments of this period, as Well as pleasant memories of our classmates and our teachers. May we, the graduates, in the coming years, not only live again these memorable days, but also find some inspiration to face ghe future, from the following pages of this ook. N TN 'X 3 1 DEDICATION It is with sincere appreciation that we, the graduating class of June, 1947, dedicate this annual to Miss Lois Kerr We are indeed indebted to her for her leadership and her gracious assistance to us during our three years at Ne-Ca-Hi. -5.-X NE-CA-HI STAFF MARIE OLSON HARVEY BUSH CAROLINE COX Editor Business Manager Co-Editor ANN SHEWMAN SHIRLEY URBAN Literary Literary MARILYN SANDLER DONNA REYNOLDS Art Literary JAMES PRESTON DONNA ORR Literary Art MARITA BAATZ JACK MCKIBBEN PATTI BILZI JOE KELLIHER Literary Business Business Business NE-CA-HI STAFF DONNA MAGILL CONNIE MILLER HOMER MILES Art Advertising Manager Business LOIS BEARD DOROTHY BEIGHLEY Literary Literary CLIFFORD HOCH GARNETT PATTERSON Literary Literary KATHERINE WEIDE RICHARD WYNN Literary Art JAMES COX PATTY JO LEYDE JANE STODDART ROLAND NORD Art Art Art Business THEME -We are now learning in high school to live with our fellow students and teachers in harmony. This sphere of friendship is smallg the one we are entering as adults is great. As we graduates go forth into this larger world, may we further the cause of peace and good will in this larger field by knowing and understanding better the people of other nations. May we foster in our annual a better appreciation of at least one nation by our portrayal of colorful dances, bright costumes, scenic beauty, and the warm-hearted people south of the Rio-Grande-our neighbor Mexico THEME DR. FRANK L. BURTON MH. CLARE BOOK Superintendent Principal MRS. MARJORIE NELSON MR. FRED G. LESLIE Assistant Principal Assistant Principal FACULTY Wilhelmina K. Andree Janet Brenneman Mildred D. Burleson Margaret S. Cassidy Alfred F. Barnes Bernice E. Battle!! Edith E. Birchard P. H. B1-idenbaugh Bessie P. Brinkerhofi Arthur C. Brown Howard A. Butler Elsie F. Calvin N. H. Casillo I E4 L 1 . Mary P. Clarke Donald F. Copson Sarah M- Dillimole as IM f Qi. x 52? .. ,va M g W Grace M. Dodson William P. Douglass Robert A. Duff S. May Eakin Dorothy Edmunds Clara A. Elliott ig J ' Kp, , by TQ. 4 ' 6 I Q. My I v Eleanor S. Galbraith Frances M. Haydon Q G' M. 51 Q 'W' I W ,. lx, fl K Margaret G. Dunlap Bess S. Galley James R. Green Charles G. Harris Clara M. Harisuff ' : i F. n ef I Earnesi E. Hill Eleanor H. Hoagland Clayton F. Hofmeister Emily Johnston Ethel M. Kelly Eugene A. Kirker 1 E E. William Lehto Myrtle Lord William A. Margraf Frances H. Maxwell Robert H. McBurney Frances MCCIBIGI1 Wluwecg William L. Klee Harry E. Marshall Clark E. McClelland Sara Sankey McCune Walter S. McKee J. H. Earl McKenzie Thelma Williamson Adeline E. Miller Norman P. Nelson Joe F. Replogle N Robert M. Mills H. Elizabeth Parker Genevieve M. Riddle Margaret A. Montgomery Marion W. Paiton Mary G. Riffer Ruth G. Sample Oscar J. Sheaffer Reba E. Sines Mary Long Mullen W V E R Robert N. H. Price Viola H. Sadler Mona Sowash Ralph D. Spears Joseph H. Thompson l H Ralph L. ide Helena Sievenson Mary E. VanDivori , N Virginia Weinschenk Charlotte Taylor George F. Thomas Ruth E. Wallace Verna A. Weide C assal C ff N s Ffirpffr ' n ' 4- 5 Q I 55 ...f fn. Helen R. Westlake Doroihy Young Lela G. Moorhead Geraldine Fry Ruth Kramer Clerk Clerk Clerk VW WILLIAM J. NICKUM President ' 'The Best Man" Ambition-The Mayor of New Castle Probable End-The Mayor of New York MARITA J. BAATZ Secreiary "You Are Love' Ambition-Doctor Probable End-Psychologist PHILIP E. RICHARDS Vice Presideni "Baby, Remember Me" Ambition-Farmer Probable End-Settling down out west ALBERT R. 'FATE Treasurer "Small Fry" Ambition-Professional Football Probable End-Coach at Walmo High GERALDINE E. ABRAHAM "You'll Never Walk Alone" AmbitionaClerical Work Probable End-Receptionist in dentist's ofice LILA R. ADAMS "Why Shouldrft I?" Ambition-Buyer for large con- cern Probable En diBuyer for Gim bel's R. JOYCE AGNEW "Highways Are Happy Ways" Ambition-To work in aviation Probable End -Air hostess MOLLIE ALANSKY "You Won't Be Satisfied" Ambition-aRadio acting Probable End-Second Portia Blake MARY ALBERICO "Because You're You" Ambition-Telephone operator Probable End'-Stock Market Exchange JOAN ALEXANDER "My Heart Went That-a-way" Ambition-Teach nursery school Probable End-School teacher THOMAS PHILIP ALI-'ANO "VVhen Day Is Done" Ambition--Married Man Probable End-Assistant Man- ager Payless EMERSON ALLEN, JR. "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine" Ambition-Aviator Probable End--Test pilot THERESA F. AMABILE "Flying Home" Ambition-Air hostess Probable End--Consolidated Air- lines SYLVIA Ll-IE ANDERSON "Going My Way" AmbitioniTeen-Age Designer Probable End-Dressmaker EUGENE ANGELO "Red Sails In the Sunset" Ambition--Salesman Probable End4Teaching Arts of Love EDITH ANTON "I Wear Your Memory In My Heart" Ambition-Work in Photography Probable End-Artist for Hollywood KARL APPEL "That's My Guy" AmbitionwTo do precision work Probable EndfSubstitute for Mr. Margraf HOWARD ASHTON "Up Jumped You With Love" Ambition -Mechanic Probable End4Owning garage SUSANNA I. ATKINSON "Oh Suzanna" Ambition-Artist Probable End-Interior Decora- tor HERBERT N. AUBEL "Walk It OH" Ambition-Race Track Owner Probable End-Blacksmitlfs Shop owner JAMES AUBEL "I Sing of A Maiden" Ambition-Work in mechanics Probable End-Mechanical Engineer DONALD L. BAILEY "Dese Bones Am Gwinna Rise" Ambition-Part Owner of Mooney Bros. Probable End-A Preacher LOUIS J. BARILLA n "Square in the Social Circle Ambition-Mechanical Engineer Probable End-Airplane pilot CHARLES J. BARLETTO "It Couldn't Be True" Ambition-Retail Salesman Probable End-Cashier FRED BEARD "Caledonia" Ambition-Professional Actor Probable End-Manager of the Penn Theatre LOIS G. BEARD "I'm Always Dreaming of You" Ambition -Secretary Probable End-Posing for secre- tarial advertisements DOROTHY BEIGHLEY "Just Wait and See" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Modeling SHIRLEY ANN BELKNAP "And the Angels Sing" Ambition-Commercial Artist Probable End-Art teacher CARL W. BENDER "Make With the Music" Ambition-To get there on time Probable End-Future Harry James SAMUEL C. BERTOLINO "Doin' What Comes Naturally" Ambition-His Own business Probable End-Radio comedian SAMUEL R. BERTUCCI "One Meatball" Ambition-Pharmacist Probable End-Soda Fountain Jerk ALEXANDER BETLEY "I'm A Shy Guy" Ambition-F. B. I. Agent Probable End-Movie usher PATRICIA ANN' BILZI "I Dream of Brownie With the Light Blue Jeans" Ambition-University of Chicago Student Probable End-Lawyers wife EVELYN C. BIXLER "Spel1b0und" Ambition-Housewife Probable End-Manager, Murph y's DORIS MAE BLACK "That's My Gal" Ambition-Telephone operator Probable EndfOperator in Holly- wood MARY LOU BLEWS "Marylou." Ambition-Telephone operator Probable End-Railroad switch- board MYRELL A. BOALICK "Sweet Dreams" Ambition-Beautician Probable End-Head of Maison- Felix D. WESLEY BOOKAMER "Out of This World" Ambition-Osteopath Probable EndfMinister JAMES N. BOWER 'Tm Always Chasing Rainbows Ambition-Doctor Probable End-Taxi-cab driver CONSTANCE M. BRANSTETTER "There's A Rainbow Over the Hill" Ambition-Music teacher Probable End-Playing with All- Girl Orchestra JOHN L. BRINDLE "Oh Johnny" Ambition-School Board Probable End-Printer's Devil BRUCE B. BROWN "Song In My Heart" Ambition-Diplomatic Service Probable End-Lawyer IRA GENE BROWN "Watching the World Go By" Ambition-Football Hero Probable End-Track All-Star MARTHA ROSE BROWN "Moonlight and Roses" Ambition--Nurse Probable End-Navy Nurse VERONICA BRYSH "Stai's In Your Eyes" Ambition-f Stenographer Probable End-Poet RICHARD BURGESS "','Vhy Be S0 Blue?" Ambition-Musician Probable End-Watchmaker MIRIAM FRANCES BURKE "Stone Cold Dead in the Market" Ambition-Undertaker Probable End-Nurse HARVEY BUSH "A Heart That's Free" Ambition- -Lawyer Probable End-Justice oflthe Supreme Court FRANK CALVERT "My Man" Ambition-Foreman of Johnson Bronze Probable End-Carpenter DOLORES ANN CAMBRO "Wl1o's Sorry Now?" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Patient VIRGINIA CAMERA "I'm Beginning To See the Light" Ambition-Bookkeeper Probable End-Seamstress BERNARD CAMPBELL "It's My Lazy Day" Ambition-To get out of school Probable End-Registrar at boy's school JOANNE CANNON "Personality" Ambition-Photographic reporter Probable End-Housewife NELLIE CAPPERINO "Time On My Hands" Ambition-Office Worker Probable End-Furnishing -a Dream Home CLARA C. CAPPIELLO "Welcome To My Dream" Ambition-Typist Probable End-Chorus Girl SARAH FRANCES CAPPS "Calm As the Night" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Receptionist in dentist's office JANE K. CARROLL "Everything Happens to Me" Ambition-Lady of Leisure Probable EndATaxi-driver JAMES E. CARSON "Live and Learn" Ambition-Doctor Probable EnclfMusician NORMA JEAN CAVALIER "You Stole My Heart" Ambition--Bell Telephone Probable End-Model for Vogue MARY CAVALLO "My Devotion" Ambition-Telephone operator Probable End-Switchboard operator at Castleton Hotel DOROTHY CHAMP "I Should Care" Ambition-To become a Nurse Probable End-Sales clerk KATIE CHIFO "You Are Free" Ambition-Telephone operator Probable End-Librarian MANUEL CHRISTIANAKIS "Shoe Shiner's Drag" Ambition-Lawyer Probable End-Corporation lawyer LEALIA JEAN CHURCH "The Very Thought of You" Ambition-Typist Probable End-News reporter SAMUEL CICCONE "Uncle Remus" Ambition-Pro-football Probable End-P. O. D. Prof. DOROTHY ELEANOR CLARK "Sweet Spirit" Ambition-Personal interviewer Probable End-Receptionist JOSEPH L. CLAVELLI "Too Tired To Care" Ambition-Research chemist Probable End-P. O. D. Prof. JAMES S. CLINEFELTER "Asleep In the Deep" Ambition-Artist Probable End-Lexicographer JOSEPH D. COHEN "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Ambition-Sports Announcer Probable End-Good Will Envoy to Russia DOLORES M. COLALUCA ."Haven't Got A Worry in the World" Ambition-Journalist Probable End-Bubble gum demonstrator CARMELLA M. COLATRUGLIO "Life Is A Dream" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Commercial teacher RICHARD B. COLE "I Want What I Want When I Want It" Ambition-Cartoonist Probable EndeSunday School Supt. JOHN W. COLES. JR. "Farmer In the Dell" AmbitionfDoctor Probable End-Chicken Farmer MARSHALL J. CONN "Casanova's Lament" Ambition-Lawyer Probable End-News commen- tator FRANK J. CONTI "Old Black Joe" Ambition-Own a meat packing house Probable End-Stamp Collector DAVID J. COPSON "I Just Gotta Be A Cowboy" Ambition-Farmer Probable EndfCowboy JAMES A. COULTER "Old MacDonald Had A Farmer" Ambition-Flyer Probable End-Farmer CAROLINE COX "Love Can Be Dreamed" Ambition-Music Teacher Probable End-Toy Band JAMES CHARLES COX "Song of the Vagabond" Ambition-Artist Probable End-Signboaard painter JOHN D. CROWE "Racing With the Moon" Ambition-Lawyer Probable End-Justice of the Peace u DOLORES CHUM "Ain't Misbehavin" Ambition-Telephone operator Probable End-Housewife D. JEAN CRUM "Can't Help Singing" Ambition-Singer with a popular orchestra Probable End-Practical nurse ALEX CSISZER "Choo-Choo Baby" Ambition-Electrical Engineer Probable End-Engineer of a toy train JOSEPH A. CUMO "Pretending" Ambition-Women Probable End-Drug Store Manager MARTHA E. CURRY "Light A Candle In the Chapel" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Minister's wife DOLORES STELLA CUSCINO "Easy To Love" Ambition-Fashion designer Probable End-Editor of Vogue STANTON H. CUSHNER "How Cute Can You Be" Ambition-Chemist Probable End-Window trimmer RICHARD L. DANGLE "Orpheus In Der Unterwe1t" Ambition-Civil Engineer Probable End-Dancing Instruc- tor FRANCES DAVENPORT "My Heart Is Singing" Ambition-Writer Probable End-P rolific Poet ll' , .4 Y 4 ve n"f fy JAMES L. DAVENPORT. JB "Dark Eyes" Ambition-Girls Probable End-Selling Sofas DONALD J. DEAN "Nevermore" Ambition-Engineering Probable End-Undertaker LAURA DeANGELIS "Laura" Ambition-Dress designer Probable End-Cartoonist ANN DeANGELO "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Me1ody" Ambition-Chief Cook Probable End-Just her sweet self in a grocery store NETTIE DeAUGUSTINE 'Tm Always Dreaming of You" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Mr. Book's assistant MICHAEL J. DeCAPRIO "Don't You Notice Anything, New" Ambition-Radio Engineer Probable End-Tube tester ANTHONY J. DePELICE "Now What Do You Think?" Ambition-Mechanic Probable EndfBusine-ssman MARY JANE DeGENNARO "When You Walk In the Room" Ambition-Nursing Probable End-Washing little faces ROSE MARIE DeGENNARO "Oh Rose Marie" AmbitionlBeautician Probable End-Modeling clothes MARIE DELLAVERSON "Why Don't You Think of Me?" Ambition-Clerkiug Probable End-Floor-walker MARIE DELUCA " Smiles" Ambition-Nursing Probable End-Assistant to H dental surgeon MADELINE DeMUCCIO "Honey" Ambition-Interior decorator Probable EndfStaFf of House Beautiful CHRIS DeTHOMAS "Please Don't Talk About Me" Ambition-To grow taller Probable End-Six-footer Club DON DETTORE "He Like It! She Like It" Ambition-eForeman at Republic Steel Probable End-Dettore's Foun- dry, Inc. WANDA L. DEWBERRY "My Fair Lady" Ambition-Beauty culture Probable End-Lifting girls' fof '47J faces JUSTINE DICAPRIO "I Ain't Nob0dy's Darling" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Beauty Shop Manager JEAN DiGIACOM0 "I Dream of Jeanie" Ambition-Writer Probable End-Fifth Avenue Model LARRY DiPLACIDO "Penny For Your Thoughts" Ambition-Commercial Artist Probable EndiAlmanac Editor JAMES DOERR "Jolly Fellows" Ambition-To enjoy sports Probable End-Science teacher RAY DOMBROWSKI "Strictly Instrumental" Ambition-Arranging music Probable End-Repairing violins WILLIAM DORAN "Crazy Rhythm" Ambition-fHalf-back on East- side Shamrocks Probable End-Captain in the Merchant Marines PATRICIA A. DOUTT "There Will Never Be Another You" Ambition-Telephone operator Probable End-Castleton switch- board BETTY IRENE DOZIER "Bless You For Being An Angel" Ambition-Typist for an out- standing concern Probable End-A good housewife PAULINE DHOWN "The Phonographu Ambition-Operator at Bell Telephone Probable End-Putting through our calls EMILY C. DUDA "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da" Ambition-Clerk Probable End-Murphys man- ager PATRICIA DRUSCHEL "Cover Girl" Ambition-Alnterior decorating Probable EndeGrandma PAULINE A. DUI-'F "If I Had A Dozen Hearts" Ambition-Stenographer Probable Ende Western Union Messenger WILMA DUFF "Pretty As A Picture" Ambition-Writer Probable End-Nobel Prize Winner MARJORIE DUNCAN 'Tm Wishing" ArnbitionfNursing Probable EndfSinging patients back to health ROBERT J. DUNKLE "There'll Soon Be A Rainbow" Ambition-Airplane Pilot Probable End-Test Pilot ROBERT L. EARL "Don't Ever Change" Ambition-Mortician Probable End-Traveling Sales man MARYLOU EDGAR "Everybody Knows I Love Somebody" Ambition-Clerical Work Probable End-Court House Clerk JOYCE ELCHISON "You Made Me Love You" Ambition-Interior Decorating Probable EndFTent Designer MARY ELSEY "The Merry Heart" Ambition-Church Work Probable End-Deaconess SALLY EROE "Little Girl of My Dreams" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Dramatics Teacher JANET E. EVERETT "How Sweet You Are" Ambition-Bacteriologist Probable End-Mr. Weide's Assistant IRENE FALATKO "Mellow Queen" Ambition-Actress Probable End-New Castle Store HAROLD V. FARRIS "A Man and His Dreams" Ambition-Lawyer Probable EndMFo1'est Ranger WILLIAM G. 1-'ABRIS "Casey At The Bat" Ambition-World Series First Baseman - Probable End-Proprietor Gus' Clothing Store JAMES H. FAUZEY "Ish You Is or Ish You Ain't" Ambition-Airplane Pilot Probable End-Conductor on a Magic Carpet EDWARD F. I-'AZZONE "Fuzzy Wuzzy" Ambition-Social Worker Probable End-Cartoonist LILLIAN JEAN FEARS "Patience and Fortitude" Ambition--Designer Probable End-Designer for Hattie Carnegie VIVIAN I-'EE 'The Touch of Your Hand" Ambition- History Teacher Probable End'-School Superin- tendent JAMES FEI-IRENBACH "I Walked In" Ambition-To Travel Probable End-Ambassador to Germany DOMENICK C. FELICE "Chatanooga Choo Choo" Ambition-Mechanical Engineer Probable End-Railroader MARTHA FELIX "Style All the While" Ambition-Psychiatrist Probable End-Best Dressed Woman of 1957 EUGENE I-'ERRANTE "Going Home" Ambition-Truck Driver Probable Endelimbalmer PAUL DANIEL FLAMINO "Flirtation" Ambition-To Judge Beauty Contests Probable End-Flamino Truck- ing Company ANGELO NICHOLAS FLORA "Let'S All Sing Like the Birdies Sing" Ambition---Boxer Probable End-Referee KATIE FLYAK "People Will Say We're in Love" Ambition-Swimming Instructor Probable End-Head of Y,W.C.A. GEORGIANNA FLYNN "Summertime" Ambition-College Probable End-Secretary to a Handsome Man JAMES 0. FROST "Little House of Dreams" Ambition--Manufacturer of Refrigerators Probable End-Owner of Ice Skating Pond ANTHONY RALPH FONTANA "In the mood Ambition- Musician Probable End-Carnegie Hall MARY AGNES FREY "So They Tell Me" Ambition-Hat Designer Probable End-Housewife WILLIAM A. FULKERSON "Lazy Bones" Ambition-Electronics Probable End-Meter Reader Penn Power MABLE FUNERA "Years and Years Ago" Ambition-Bank Teller Probable End-Treasurer In A Woman's Club ANNA BELLE GARVER "You Are Too Beautiful" AmbitiongSecretary to an In- surance Man Probable End-College JAMES GAY "I Dream of You" Ambition-To Get A New Studebaker Probable End-'39 Chevy DOLORES L. GENOVESE "Prisoner of Love" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Bookkeeper HELEN E. GIBBONS "Sentimental Reasons" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Comedian DAVID BRUCE GIBSON "11:6O P. Ambition-To Roam the Open Road Probable End-G-Man JAMES GILLESPIE "Right As Rain" Ambition+Dentist Probable End-Dr. James Gillespie RONALD EMIDIO GIZZI 'Tm Sitting On Top of the World" Ambition-Physicist Probable End-Pharmacist ROBERT W. GOAD "You Should Know" Ambition-Mechanic Probable End-Owner of a Garage PENRITI-I B. GOFF "My Reverie" Ambition-Radio Engineer Probable End-Intersanctum Mystery JACK HARDING GORDON "Drifting and Dreaming" Ambition4Radio Announcer Probable End4Singing Commer- cialist JEAN GORMLEY i'Sonata" AmbitionfTo Work in a Bank Probable End-Office Girl HELEN FRANCES GORZKA "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" Ambitior14Filing Clerk Probable End-Chief File Opera- tor-Court House ROBERT NORMAN GREAT' "Whistle While You Work" AmbitionMOwn A Store Probable End- -Clerk in A. 8: P. MARY LOU GHEGOR "I'll Follow My Secret Heart" Ambition-Stenographer Probable End4Geometry Teacher RONALD GRIMM "I Love To Whistle" Ambition-Farmer Probable End-Manager of Sears Farm Store STANLEY GRYBOWSKI "Once In A While" Ambition-College Athlete Probable End-Basketball Coach ALICE GRZEBIENIAK "Surrender" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Secretary to Mayor IRENE GRZEBIENIAK "Curly Locks" Ambition-Bookkeeper Probable End-History Teacher MARY GUILIANO "I'm In the Mood For Love" Ambition-Historian Probable End-Public Librarian Assistant ARTHUR W. HALL "Sometimes I'm Happy" Ambition-Dentist Probable End-Humorist CAROL JEANNE HALTNORTH "The Flight of the Bumble-Bee" Ambition-Teaching Probable End-Violinist WILLIAM R. HANNA "A Song In Your Heart" Ambition-Decorator Probable End-Owner of the Grand BARBARA LOU HAMILTON "The Magic of Your Eyes" Ambition-Actress Probable End-Ticket Agent of Victor Theatre BEVERLY JANE HAMILTON "Tomorrow Is Forever" Ambition-Actress Probable End-Successful Blues Singer JAMES L. HAMILTON "Blow, Trumpet Man. B1ow" Ambition-To play in a GOOD Orchestra Probable End-Orchestra Leader PAUL M. HARCAR "High Tide" Ambition4Mechanical Shop Worker Probable End-Salesman ol' Beds DOROTHY A. HARTSHORNE "The Man I Love' Ambition--Orator Probable End-Actress FRANK J. HARVAN "Luckiest Man In the World" AmbitioneAirplane Pilot Probable Encl4Airplane Dealer TWILA M. HAYD EN "Remember Me" Ambition-Office Worker Probable End-Copy Girl ELIZABETH HELBLEY "Body and Soul" Ambition-Dental Assistant Probable EndfPowers Model MARIAN HEMETT "When A Woman Loves A Man" AmbitionJSecretary Probable EndMKindergarten Teacher BARBARA J. HENNON "Mommy Please Stay Home With Me" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Dietition ROBERT P. HENRY "I Didn't Know About You" Ambition-Clerical VVork Probable End-Political Boss JOHN HILL "I'm Confessingn Ambition- -Aeronautical En- gineer Probable EndfManager of the A Sc P 'lf M Mir N , .4 L, if ,J df A ,Q ig in ff M.. .,-qui' GLORIA J. HINISH "Jim Never Brings Me Pretty Flowers" AmbitionvActress Probablel End-Replacing Helen Hayes CLIFFORD HOCH "Nursie, Come Hold My Hand" Ambition-Electrical Engineer Probable End!Admiral from Annapolis GEORGE HOLLIDAY "Piano Stomp" Ambition-Concert Pianist Probable End-Country Gentle- Klan EDWIN C. HOYE, JR. "Oh Give Me Land!" Ambition-Mineralogist Probable End-Tree Surgeon DONALD L. HUDSON "Don't Give Me That Jive" Ambition-Basketball Coach Probable End-Assistant to Mr. Douglas WARREN HUFF "0h! What You Said" Ambition-To Get There In A Hurry Probable EndiMidget Auto Racer MABEL L. HUFFMAN "You Are Everything To Me" Ambition-Laboratory Tech- nician Probable End-Chemist HAROLD HUTCHISON "All The Time" Ambition--Radio Technician Probable End-Radio Comedian DOLORES L. IAFRAT "Stomping Room Only" Ambition-Pottery Designer Probable End-Office Worker DELOHES JACOBS "Strange Love" Ambition-Personal Secretary Probable End-Bookkeeper at the A 8: P MOSES JACOBS. JH. "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" Ambition-Politician Probable Endiliepublican Can- didate LAWRENCE JAFI-'E "The Egg And I" Ambition-Track Star Probable End-Physical Educa- tion Teacher EMMA JANNETTI "More Now Than Ever" Ambition-To Be Five Foot Ten Probable End-Five Foot Seven ELBERT JAY "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" Ambition-Carpenter Probable End-Mending Toys JEANNINE JEFFREYS "They Can't Take That Away From Me" Ambition-Cosmetic Demonstra- tor Probable End-Beauty Parlor Operator GEORGE W. JENK-INS "The Last Spring" Ambition-Physical Education Teacher Probable EndYP1ayer with East- Side Shamrocks RUTH E. JENKINS "When You Wish Upon A Star Ambition-Clerk In A Grocery Store Probable EndfOwner of Her Own Store MILDRED MAY JOHNS "Marine Hymn" Ambition-Newspaper Reporter Probable End-Happily Wedded Spouse DOROTHY MAE JOHNSON "One More Tomorrow" Ambition-To VV'ork in A Bank Probable EndvVice President of First National DORANN JONES "There Goes That Song Again" Ambition-Interior Decorator Probable End-Arranging Store Displays MARY JANE JONES "Did I Remember" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Housewife REBECCA ANN JONES "Spring Magic" Ambition-Dress Designer Probable EndfHome Decorator ROBERT L. JONES "Casey Jones" Ambition-Navy Man Probable End-Railroader RICHARD M. JOPEK "Getting Nowhere" Ambition--Practical Joker Probable End-Car Washer BETTY LOU JOSEPH "Gypsy Song" Ambition-Career Girl Probable End-Working in the A 8: M ANGELA MARIE JULIAN "Carnival of Venice" Ambition-Music Composer Probable End-Trumpeter KENNETH A. KECK "Guilty" Ambition-Aeronautical En- gineer Probable End-Wrestler In A Carnival JOSEPH P. KELLIHER "You Do Something To Me" Ambition-Business Man Probable End-Baseball Star DOROTHY ANN KELLY "I May Be Wrong" Ambition-Stenographer Probable End-Church Treas- urer RAYMOND W. KENDALL, JR. "Contentment" Ambition-Daredevil driver Probable End-Taxi-driver , 5 I X -Q .. frff ' T ,-M ' .Q Vg, ' X VIVIAN KETOLA 'Tm A Big Girl Now" Ambition-Actress' Secretary Probable End-Teaching Short- hand RUTH KIENAST "Kerry Dance" Ambition-Housewife Probable End-Raising Model Children BETTY LOU KING "For You A1one" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Superintendent of C1ii1dren's Ward MARJORIE KIRKWOOD "Who Are We To Say" Ambition-Typist For A Large Concern Probable End-Meek's Assistant THOMAS R. KIROL "The Winding Trail" Ambition-To Get An A In Physics Probable End-Shoe Salesman PAULINE KIVISTO "The Magic of you" Ambition-Teacher Probable End4Litt1e Red School House IHENE ANN KMIOTEK "Love Me and the World Is Mine" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Staff of The New Castle Hospital RUTH JANE KOCH "Not So Long Ago" Ambition4Musical Career Probable EndeSpit1any's Orchestra FRANCES KOCIELA "Aren't You Glad You're You" AmbitioneArmy Nurse Probable Er1dfMedical Staff of Army JOHN E. KOLUNIE "After Hours" Ambition-'Another Charles Atlas Probable End-Kolunie's Restaurant 5 351 JACK D. KORPELA "When I Grow Too Old To Dream" Ambition-Inventor Probable End-Second Edison DOROTHY JANE KORTH "If I But Knew" Ambition-Hollywood Columnist Probable End-Writing For "Seventeen" RICHARD H. KOSKI "Oh! Look At Me Now" Ambition-Managing His Own Store Probable End-P.O.D. Teacher DON KOTSCHISCH "Blue Skies" Ambition-Aviator Probable End-Army General DONNA JEAN KHADEL "Coming In On A Wing and A Prayer" Ambition-Fred Waring's Choir Probable End-Business Woman LORENA MARIE LEHMAN "Mood to Be Wooed" Ambition-Beautician. Probable End-Writing for "Glamor" WXLLIAM R. LEONE "If You Only Knew" Ambition- -Auto Mechanic Probable End-Proprietor of Kroger's RUTH LEONHARDT "If I Had My Way, Dear" Ambition-Journalist Probable End-Social Worker LENA LEPORT "Blues to End All Blues" Ambition-Singer Probable End-Secretary to Bing Crosby DOROTHY E. LEVICY ..-nm.. Ambition-Lab Technician Probable End-Orator K, fl. gsm. We on-we N aa' Q Ak.. Q : 5 JANICE LEWIS "Lol1engrir1" Ambition-Happy Married Life Probable End-Rock-a-Bye Baby PATRICIA JOAN LEYDE "Nobody But You" Ambition-Undertaker Probable End-Artist EILEEN LOGAN "Lady Be Good" Ambition-To be a Success in Life Probable End ASliining Example LUDWIG A. LOMBARDI u52f1d Street Theme" Al"l'lbltlO1l-'A.Lltll0F Probable End-Clarinet Virtuoso CARMEN V. LOMBARDO "Save Me a Dream" Ambition-Band Leader Probable End-Owner of Lom- bardo's Market JOSEPH J. LOMBARDO "Allen's Alley" Ambition-Car Dealer Probable End-Western Union Official MARY VIRGINIA LOWERS "The More I See You" Ambition-Clerical Worker Probable End-Replacing "Kitty Foyle" ARMAND D. LUCIDORE "Give Me Five Minutes More" Ambition-Salesman Probable End-Life Insurance Agent ENIS LUDOVICI "Rings On Her Fingers" Ambition-To Become Mrs. Beighley Probable End--Operating a Nursery THELMA L. LUDOVICI "No One But You" Ambition---Housewife Probable End-Home Economics Teacher ANNA V. LUKAS "Atomic PoWer" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Deshon 'Angel of Mercy' ELEANOR ANNE LUTTON "Holiday For Strings" Ambition-Concert Artist Probable End-Her Own Music School GLEN A. LUTZ "Chickory Chick" Ambition-Farmer Probable Endi4-H Instructor ELLEN ANNE LYNCH "Just Floating Along" Ainbitiorx-Authoress Probable End-Writing Best Sellers HENRIETTA MACIARELLO "My Little Tootsie" Ambition-Occupational Thera- pist Probable End-Red Cross Worker PATRICIA ANN MACK "What Am I Here For?" Ambition-Kindergarten Teacher Probable End-Replace Joan Davis DONNA JEAN MAGILL "Yes Inded" Ambition-Artist Probable End-Artist's Model JOHN MALANDRO "I Tipped My Hat" Al11blfi0Hf-fPOBt Probable EndsMalandro's Bakery DOROTHY MAN N "Dream Serenade" Ambition-Bell Telephone Probable End-Chief Operator SHIRLEY J. MARCH '4You'l1 Always Be the Same Sweetheart" AmbitionsReceptior1ist Probable End-The Boss's Wife MARIE MATARAZZO "Happy, Honey?" Ambition-Clerking In A Record Store Probable End-Owner of "Re- cord Rendezvous" PATRICIA MCBRIDE "In The Gloamingn Ambition-To Get Married Probable End4Housewife JEAN McCANDLESS "I'l1 Close My Eyes" Ambition-Actress Probable End-Owner of Willow- brook Inn JAMES MCCLYMONDS "Saturday Night" ArnbitionvAeronautical En- gineer Probable End-Replacing Tommy Dorsey HOWARD MCCRACKEN, JR. "Somewhere In The Night" Ambition-Shoe Salesman Probable End-Filibusterer WILLIAM E. McCREARY "Jumping Jupiter" Ambition-To Break the High Jump Record Probable End-Librarian MARGARET ANN McCUlVIMINS "All the Things You Are" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-U. N. Receptionist JAMES C. MCFARLAND "My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time" Ambition-Electrical Engineer Probable End-Writer EDYS ELAINE McGRA'l'H "Honeysuckle Rose" Ambition-Dietician Probable End-Head of Ne-Ca- Hi Cafeteria MARY ANNE MCINTYRE "And Then It's Heaven" Arnbition4Shopper for Strouss's Probable End-Model JOHN McKIBBEN "My Best To You" Ambition-Eye Specialist Probable End-Mickey Rooney ROBERT P. MCLAUGHLIN "If I Had A Talking Picture" Ambition-Photographer Probable End-Portrait Painter DAVID L. McNICI-IOLAS "You're The Cause of It All" Ambition-Getting Laughs Probable End-Model Airplane Mechanic RUTH McQUIS'l'ON "Just the Other Day" Ambition-World Traveler Probable End-Secretary to Lowell Thomas RAYMOND P. MELCER "Sunrise Serenade" Ambition-To Replace Frankie Carle Probable End-Working At "The Elms" DORIS METTA "Embraceable You" Ambition-Designer Probable End-Housewife DONALD MICHAEL "Good, Good. Good" Ambition-To Own A Grocery Store Probable End-Grocery Clerk MARILYN MIKELS "Sweet and Love1y" Am bition-Pianist Probable End-Supt. Children's Ward HOMER V. MILES, JR. "You Are My Lucky Star" Ambition-Journalist Probable End-Copy Boy CONNIE MILLER "Let's Have Fun Tonight" Ambition-Doctor Probable End-Running A Boys School DOLLY MILLER "How Sweet You Are" Ambition!Librarian Probable End-Kindergarten Teacher EDWARD H. MILLER "I Can't Get Started" AmbitionfElecti'ical Engineer Probable End4Shoe Store Clerk Clerk GEORGE H. MILLER "Merrily He Rolls Along" Ambition-Real Estate Agent Probable End-Auto Salesman EDNA MILOWSKY "I Remember" Ambition-To Make More Friends ' Probable End--Clerk At the A 8: P VIRGINIA IRENE MINICK "Give Me The Simple Life" Ambition-Airline Hostess Probable End-Minick and Daughter Airline RICHARD M. MISSEY "Fd Rather Be Me"' Ambition-Mechanical Drawing Probable End-Drawing Car- toons ROBERT W. MITCHELL "Personality" Ambition-Radio Serial Actor Probable End-Humorist MARY THERESA MITTLER "One Alone" Ambition-To Get Her M.R.S. Degree Probable End4Chemical Manu- facturer DONNA MOFI-'ETT "Smile, Smile, Smile" Ambition-To Work At Haney's Probable End-Furniture Deco- rator DOROTHY MONACO "Gonna Dance With A Dolly" Ambition-Filing Clerk Probable End4First String College Guard AUDREE LORRAINE MOONEY "Where Did You Learn to Love" Ambition-Debutante Probable End-Authority On Women's Clothing DOLORES MOONEY "Pretty Penny" Ambition4Telephone Operator Probable EndiStenographer NANCY MOORE "With A Smile And A Song" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-An Artistic Personality GEORGE W. MORGAN "Either It's Love Or It Isn't" Ambition-Car Dealer Probable End-Taxi Driver JENNIE L. MORGAN "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Typist for G.N. C.A. WILLIAM J. MORRIS "That's For Me" Ambition-To Own A Dairy Bar Probable EndfReick's Manager MARGARET ANN MUIR "The Things We Did Last Summeru Ambition-To Enjoy Life Driv- ing Her Car Probable End-Man Driving! EVELYN L. MURPHY "Look In My Heart and See" Ambition--Farmer's Wife Probable EndeGymnast JAMES D. MURRAY "Tell Me The Story" Ambition-Get Rich Quick Probable End--California Gold Miner FRED H. NAVARRA "Please Remember Me" Ambition-Engineering Probable End-Bus Driver BETTY JANE NELSON "Sing, Little Meadow Lark" Ambition-Singer Probable End-Secretary To A Publisher DENNIS C. NEWHARD "There's Nothing the Matter With Me" Ambition-Mixing Color Combi- nations Probable End--A nybody's Guess FRANK NOCERA "One Song" Ambition-Electric Engineering Probable End-Phonograph Manufacturer FRED A. NOCERA "SWampF1re" Ambition-Professional Football Player Probable End-Coach At Illinois University ROLAND E. NORD "Gotta Get Me Somebody To Love" Ambition-Doctor Probable EndfPrincipal of Ne-Ca-Hi MARY JANE NOVIELLO "At Mail Call Today" Ambition-To Become An Ex- pert in Gymnastics Probable End-Tea-Room Owner ROBERT OESTERLING "Turkey In The Straw" Ambition -First-Class Farmer Probable End-Jockey DOMENICK L. OFFI "All Through The Day" Ambition -Photography Probable End-Commercial Art MARIE L. OLSON "Here Comes Heaven" Ambition-Soloist With Fred Waring Probable End-Hollywood Columnist DELOHES M. 0'NEILL "Sweet and Low" Ambition-To Make a "Hit" with People Probable End-Modeling Clothes JUNE 0'ROUKE "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Ambition-Clerk Probable End- Radio Announcer DONNA JEAN ORB "Every Hour On The Hour" Ambition-Professional Art Probable End-Art Teacher At U. C. L. A. OLIVIA J. PALUMBO "Dancing In The Dark" Ambition-Beauty Operator Probable End-Dancing Instruc- tor ERLA MARIE PANDER "Paper Doll" Ambition-Beautician Probable EndfJoe Walters ROBERT L. PANDICE "Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddles" AmbitioneMusician Probable EndiHead of A Musical Rodeo iw CHRIS G. PAPAZICKOS "Pickle In The Middle and Mustard On the Top" AmbitioneLawyer Probable End-Real Eestate Agent B. ELAINE PARRY "Sweetheart of All My Dreams Ambition-eNursing Probable End,-Secretary EUGENE M. PASCARELLA "I Know" Ambition-Pianist Probable End-Information Please SUSIE PASCERRELLO "Sweet Sue" Probable End-Secretary Ambition-Instructor in Gym- nastics JOHN J. PASSIAS "Sheik of Araby" Ambition-Chemist Probable End-Lawyer CAROL PATTERSEN "Dream" Ambition-Strictly Career Girl Probable Endfwife of A Chemi- cal Engineer GAHNETT E. PATTERSON "Let's Take the Long Way Horne" Ambition-Public Accountant Probable End -Cashier in First National Bank SHIRLEY ANN PATTERSON "Moon Love" Ambition-Marriage Probable End-Wife of A Mail Man MARY KATHRYN PEARCE "Star" Ambition-Air Hostess Probable End-Housewife For the Pilot JAMES EUGENE PEARS "Boy of My Dreams" Ambition-Physical Education Instructor Probable End Head of the Y.M. C.A. 36 L li ar ESTHER PECORARO "I Hate To Leave You Now" Ambition-Mail Clerk Probable End-Mrsf? LUE VERNE PERDUE "On The Sunny Side of The Street" Ambition-Receptionist Probable End-Secretary To A Businessman ROBERT PERRINE "Smoke Gels In Your Eyes" Ambition-To Own A Car Probable EndAEngineer CARMIE ANN PERROTTA "Yah-ta-ta" Ambition-Doctor Probable End-Political Cam- paign Manager RUSSELL PETERSEN "If I'm Lucky" Ambition-To Be A Friend of the World Probable End-Penna. Railroad Manager JOSEPH ANTHONY PETRUCCI "Who Are We To Say?" Ambition-Actor Probable End-Movie Usher AGNES PFEI1-'ER "Swinging Down The Lane" Ambition-Westminster Choir Probable End--Singing Com- mercials ROBERT PILCH "They Don't Believe Me" Ambition-Musician Probable End-Car Mechanic NORMA PILLIFANT "lt Doesn't Cost You Anything To Dream" Ambition-Child Specialist Probable End-Actress NICHOLAS PISCITELLA "Blow, Forty Seven, B1oW" Ambition-To Play Like Harry James Probable End-Band Leader BERNICE PITOCCHI "It's All Over Now" Ambition-Aggressive Speaker Probable End-Open A Public Speaking School DONALD PXTZER "Give A Little YVhistle" Ambitionilil. C. Probable End-Band Director JOAN POLLEY "A Little Bit of Heaven" Ambition-Choir Singer Probable End-Opera Star LILLIAN MARIE PORTER "I Could Ylfrite A Book" Ambition-Attend A University Probable End-Dean of Women MARGARET PREKOPI "I Love Life" Ambition-Vocalist Probable End-Farmerette JAMES PRESTON "Flash" Ambition-Doctor Probable End-Th. M.. Ph. D. VERONICA PRINT "Deep In My Heart Ambition-Typist Probable End-Assisting Miss Stevenson DONALD PETER QUARELLO "In My Merry Oldsmobile" Ambition-Car Dealer Probable End-Barber LOUIS RAINEY "Come Boys. Let's Be Gay, Boys" Ambition f-Chef Probable End-Dance Teacher JOAN RAINIER "I'1l Get By" Ambition--Wilson College Probable End-Head of A Local Womens Club CHARLES RAMSEY "Just As I Am" Ambition-To Go To College Probable End-Minister I L . CARL RASHID "On The Moonbeam" Ambition-To Run Races Probable End-To Run A Clean- ing and Pressing Agency NICOLINA RAZZANO "Ho Hum" Ambition-Milliner Probable End-Managing Singer Sewing Center CHARLES REA "Tonight I Shall Sleep" Ambition-Sports Reporter Probable End-Basketball Coach ROBERT D. REED "I D0n't Know Why" Ambition-Historian Probable End-East-Side Sham- rocks - JOYCE REED "The Lady In Red" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Replacing Louella Parsons PHYLLIS REID "Skater's Waltz" Ambition-Working Girl Probable End-Roller Skating Champ JEANNE L. REPLOGLE "Strike Up the Band" Ambition-Nurse Probable EndhMusic Critic ANNA JEAN RETZER "My Heart Stood Still" Ambition-Telephone Operator' Probable End-Announcer for WKST DONNA A. REYNOLDS "A Pal Like You" Ambition-Perfection Probable End-Private Secretary to the President RAYMOND EARL REYNOLDS "Serenade" Ambition-Expert Mechanic Probable End-Motorcycle Racer FRANCES RICHARDS "Speak Low" Ambition--Nu rse Probable End-Secretary PETER J. RICHARDS "Darktown Poker Club" Ambition-Sports Announcer Probable End-Radio Comedian KENNETH E. RILEY "It's A Pity To Say Goodnight" Ambition-To Own A Cadillac Probable End-A Chauffeur JAMES C. RODGERS "Beware, Brothers, Beware" Ambition-Prize Fighter Probable End-Second Bill Conn DELMA M. RODGERS "Hey, Mr. Postman" AmbitiongSecretary Probable End-Leaving Penna. for New York JUNE E. RODGERS "Anchors Aweiglf' Ambition-To Supervise A 8: P Probable End-Anchoring A Home RITA MARIE ROSATI "Sooner Or Later" AmbitionfSeamstress Probable Endgl-Iome Economics Instructor ALICE ROSICH "Castles In the Air" Ambition-Beauty Operator Probable EndYStyling Wigs RAYMOND R. ROSS "I Got The Sun In The Morning" Ambition-Owning A Gasoline Station Probable End-Librarian wx' WS? l VICTOR S. ROSS "You Can Be A Millionaire With Me" Ambition-Electrical Engineer Probable End-Debater ALBERT L. ROWLES "That Old Black Magic" Ambition-To Own Isa1y's Store Probable End-Bookkeeper YOLANDA RUBEIS "Dance of the Hours" Ambition-Professional Dancer Probable End-Owning A Danc- ing School DONALD H. RUBY "Golden Star" Ambition-All-Star Athlete Probable End-Ruby's Jewelry Store ELIZABETH M. RUSSO "You Walked Away With My Heart" Ambition -Accountant Probable End4Math Teacher FRANK J. RYBKA "I Don't Mind" Ambition-Athletic Manager Probable End-Superintendent for American Can Co. DELPH!NA SACCO "Bell Song" Ambition-Air Hostess Probable End-Dietician ANDREW SAINATO "The Night Is Beginning" Ambition-Commercial Pilot Probable End-Mechanic MICHAEL J. SAKELSON "Enough To Known Ambition-Own A New Buick Probable End-AM:-mager of a New York Night Club MARGARET SANDERS "It Might As Well Be Spring' Ambition-Dairy Bar Proprietor Probable End-Dairy Maid MARILYN I. SANDLER "Painted Rhythm" Ambition-Interior Decorator Probable End-Actress SUE M. SANDS "If You Knew Susie" Ambition-Designer Probale End-Star of The Met RUTH M. SANFILIPPO "Sweetheart Of Mine" Ambition-Secretary Probable Enciilfleceptionist LEON S. SASIADEK "I've Done the Best I Could" Ambition-Machinist Probable EndsPaper Boy ESTHER E. SCHULTZ "Just Friends" Ambition-Bell Telephone Oper ator Probable End-Clerk JOSEPH SCHWARTZ "It's As Simple As That" Ambition-Druggist Probable End-Store Manager MARY JANE SCIPIONE "Morning Glory" Ambition-Demonstrator Probable End-Powers' Model KATHERINE SHABALA "K-K-K-Katy" Ambition-Skater Probable EndfSurrealist WANDA S. SHAREK "All For You" Ambition--Business Woman Probable End-Settling Down JEAN A. SHAW "Golden Days" Ambition-Nurse Probable End4Air Hostess MARILYN L. SHAW "More and More" Ambition-Filing Clerk Probable End-Hospital Recep- tionist ANN W. SHEWMAN "My Ideal" Ambition-Supervisor of Nurses Probable End-Art Critic CHESTER D. SHOAF "The Rangers' Song" Ambition-Photographer i?J Probable End-Publicity Photo grapher for M.G.M. WILLIAM D. SHOWALTEH "Night and Day" Ambition-Army Captain Probable End-Owner of a Sandwich Shop DONNA SHUMAKER "Down On The Farm" Ambition-English Teacher Probable End-Horse Trainer WILLARD VOISEY "Ring, Telephone, Ring" Ambition-Bell Telephone Probable End-Shop Teacher ROBERT P. WADE "Now And Forever" Ambition-A Second Hoyte Probable End-All-Star Basket- ball Player ELEANOR LOUISE WAGNER "I'll Buy That Dream" Ambition-Secretary To An Im portant Man Probable End-Boss' Wife GEORGE L. WAGNER "Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop" Ambition-Sign Painter Probable End-Wagner 81 Son, Painters MARILYN LOU WAGNER "It Ain't Necessarily So" Ambition-Student at Vassar Probable End-Chief Woman Chemist At DuPont WILMA WALKER "Hold Me. Hold Me" Ambition-Social Worker Probable End-Making People HHDDY DOLORES WALKO "The Beginning of The End" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Department Store Clerk MARY L. WALLER "There Must Be A Way" Ambition-Stenographer Probable End-Mrs ? CLARISSA EVELYN WARD "Someday" Ambition-Art of Sewing Probable End-Store Clerk ROBERT P. WATERS "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" Ambition+Baseball Star Probable End-Y.M.C.A, Director BETTY JANE WATKINS "Something Sentimental" Ambition-Novelist Probable End-Leaving Pleasant Memories SHIRLEY WATKINS "L'Amour, Toujours. L'Amour" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-Heroine Of A Soap Opera KATHERINE WEIDE "Sister Kate" Ambition-Work In Science Probable End-Biology Teacher THOMAS N. WEIDE "If I Were You" Ambition-eScientist Prob able End4"Deutsch Lehrer" SHIRLEY WEST "Thrill of A Lifetime" Ambition-Radio Script Writer Probable End-Radio Star DOLORES WHEALE "Twilight Time" Ambition-Dress Designer Probable End-Shopper for Strouss-Hirshberg WALTER E. WHITE "Put It There, Pal" Ambition-Businessman ' Probable End-Aeronautical Engineer EARLE W. WILLIAMS "When I Go A'Courtin"' Ambition-Policeman Probable End-Salesman PATRICIA WILLIAMS "Smi1in' Through" Ambition-Nurse Probable End-A Second Joyce Jordan WARREN WILLIAMS "Rhythm, Rhythm" Ambition-Doctor Probable End-J azz Band Leader JEANNE WILSON "Sentimental Lady" Ambition-Clerk Probable End-Buyer for Gimbels RUTH WOLANSKI "Date Bait" AmbitionfSecretary Probable End-Marrying the Boss DOLORES WOLFE "Anything Goes" Ambition-Comunications Work Probable End-Teaching Physics 1 J DISCHARGED VETERANS Samuel Ciccone, Jr. Frank James Calvert, Jr. Joseph Anthony Cumo James Richard Fehrenbach James Oliver Frost Robert Phillip Henry George Walter Jenkins Don Michael Kotschisch Robert Dale Reed GERALDINE WOMEH "Gone With the Wind' Ambition-Secretary Probable End-Receptionist or Doctor CAROL WOODARD "Mighty Like A Rose' Ambition-Air Hostess Probable End-Social Service Worker JAMES WRIGHT "Time On My Hands" Ambition-Garage Man Probable End--First-Class Seaman RICHARD WYNN "I Got Rhythm" Ambition-Artist Probable End-Working for Disney JUSTINE YOUNG "The Music Box" Ambition--Nurse Probable End-Superintendent of Nurses IN MEMORIAM CARL ZAPPIA "Down In The Valley" Ambition-Airport Owner Probable End-Mayor of West Pittsburgh ALBERT ZARILLA "I've Been Working On The Railroad" Ambition -Railroad Foreman Probable Endgwrestler ARTHUR ZARONE "You Gotta Be A Football Hero" Ambition-Athletic Instructor Probable End-Gym Teacher at Ne-Ca-Hi NETTIE DE AUGUSTINE Born June 13, 1930 ..,.,.. Died May 10. 1947 She is not dead-the girl of our affection But gone into that school Where she no longer needs our poor affection, And Christ Himself doth rule. -Longfellow CLASS SONG x To the tune of "April Showers" Dear Senior High School, We love you so. We're very sorry We now must go. You've made us happy, Not often blue. But now the time has come, Dear When we must say adieu. We've never seen clouds, Only the sun. And We have Worked hard, And yet had fun. Ne-Ca-Hi, And in the future we'll remember, Of all the days gone by, Those happy ones We spent at Ne-Ca-Hi. -Patti Bilzi 1 ' 1 yfflifz gi lf: ' ,iii SE 11, .-: Ti- 5 xx ' - 545 ' " AWARDS Prize offered by the Lawrence Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution for general proficiency in United States History during the high school course. -Won by HARVEY BUSH Prize offered by the New Castle News for general excellence in English during the high school course. -Won by WILMA DUFF Prize offered by the Music Club for general excellence in Music. W b Vocal-MARIE OLSON ' on y,1nSeumenta1-Gaonom HOLLIDAY Prize offered by the Lawrence County Bar Association to the senior with the highest rank in the four-year Latin course. -Won by HARVEY BUSH Prize offered by Bausch and Lomb Optical Company for progress in scientific studies. -Won' by JOHN PASSIAS Prize offered by the Rennselear Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association 0 Pittsburgh, for general excellence in mathematics during the high school course. -Won by THOMAS WEIDE Prize oiered by B'nai B'rith to a problems of democracy student for good citi- zenship and for progress in the study of democracy. -Won by CHRIS PAPAZICKOS HONOR ROLL QThe following is an alphabetical list of the class graduating June, 19471 Marita Jean Baatz Dorothy Madge Beighley Patricia Ann Bilzi Veronica Jean Brysh Harvey Hamilton Bush John William Coles Marshall J. Conn Betty Caroline Cox John Dickson Crowe Dolores Stella Cuscino Richard Lee Dangle Larry DiPlacido Wilma Genevra Duff Mary Louise Edgar James Burwell Gillespie Penrith Brine Goff Helen Frances Gorzka Alice Grzegieniak Clifford Milton Hoch Delores Jean Jacobs Ruth Koch Jack David Korpela William Edwin McCreary John A. McKibben Constance Ruth Miller Edward Harry Miller Mary Therese Mittler Evelyn Lorraine Murphy Betty Jane Nelson Frank Fred Nocera Roland Eugene Nord Marie Lafern Olson Donna Jean Orr Chris G. Papazickos John James Passias Carol Jane Pattersen Garnett Elaine Patterson Carmie Ann Perrotta Freida Joan Rainier Donna Ann Reynolds Albert Lee Rowles Andrew Anthony Sainato Marilyn Ida Sandler Katherine Shabala Ann Watson Shewman Donna Harper Shumaker Vicenza Jeanne Tammelleo Anna Marie Terranova Lorraine A. Theobald Rosemary Turner Shirley Mae Urban Marjorie Jean Van Charlene Lucile Vogan Marilyn Lou Wagner Katherine May Weide Thomas Newell Weide Ruth J. Wolanski f CLASS POEM '6Going Forth" Time is the unrelenting factor, That brings us to this date, When we, the present Seniors, Proceed to graduate. Yet on this great occasion, Deep within each heart, We feel a certain sadness, Regretting that we rnust partg It's much like losing a friend, One beloved and very dear, Never truly to be regained, In any future year. How can anything ever replace, These days that now are past, The pleasures we have shared, The friends among our class? Etched deep upon our memories, Are the stairs and time-worn walls Of our dear Alma Mater, And the laughter in her halls. Now with our teachers' blessing, We step out into the world, With the banner of Forty-Seven, To all the winds unfurled. It is with heartfelt gratitude, We salute our school with thanks, Bidding farewell and going forth, To life's unending ranks .... -Howard McCracken 1 . A A -s R was I' 4"--1 A -s f' A fn, .. D41 SENIOR WILLIAM J. NICKUM GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10-11 Class President 11-12 Chairman, Football Program 12 German Club 10-11 Hall Monitor 10 Home Room Representative 10 District Band 11 "Life of the Party" 12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 MARITA J. BAATZ ACADEMIC Band 10-11-12 Class Vice President 11 Class Secretary 12 German Club 11-12 Secretary 12 Home Room Representative 10-11 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites 12 District Band ll-12 Orchestra 10-11-12 District Orchestra 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12 PHILIP E. RICHARDS GENERAL Home Room Representativ Victory Captain 10-11-12 Class Vice-President 12 Football 10-11-12 Basketball 10-11 Track 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10-11 ALBERT R. TATE GENERAL Basketball 12 Class Basketball 10 Class Treasurer 12 Class Track 10-ll Football 10-11-12 German Club 11-12 Track 10-11 GERALDINE E. ABRAHAM COMMERCIAL Student Council Typist 12 LILA R. ADAMS e 10-11-12 ACTIVITIES R. JOYCE AGNEW . GENERAL German Club ll-12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 MOLLIE ALANSKY GENERAL MARY ALBERICO COMMERCIAL JOAN ALEXANDER GENERAL French Club 12 Victory Captain 10 Service Squad 11 Y Teens 10-11 THOMAS PHILIP ALFANO VOCATIONAL Machine Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 Shop Football 10-11-12 Home Room Representative 11 EMERSON ALLEN. Jr. GENERAL A Cappella Choir 12 Hall Monitor 11-12 Track Manager 11 THERESA F. AMABILE GENERAL SYLVIA LEE ANDERSON HOME ECONOMICS Elm Street Y Teens 10-11-12 Home Economics Club 12 EUGENE ANGELO GENERAL Class Track 10-ll-12 Track 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 10 Hi-Y 10 Home Room Representative 10-11 Victory Captain 10 Student Council 11 "Come Over To Our House" 12 COMMERCIAL EDITH ANTON Usher 11 COMMERCIAL KARL APPEL GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 HOWARD ASHTON GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 11-12 SUANNA I. ATKINSON GENERAL , HERBERT N. AUBEL GENERAL JAMES AUBEL GENERAL Hall Monitor 10 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Usher ll DONALD L. BAILEY GENERAL A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 10 Home Room Representative 12 Radio Club 11 Student Council 12 Football Usher 10-11 Bulletin Board Committee 12 LOUIS J. BARILLA TECHNICAL Hall Monitor 12 CHARLES BARLETTO COMMERCIAL Band 10-11 Class Basketball 10 Track 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Victory Captain 11 Class Track 11-12 FRED BEARD GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hi-Y 10 "Life of the Party" 12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 LOIS G. BEARD GENERAL Defobs 10-11-12 Secretary 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff Victory Captain 11 Business Efficiency 12 DOROTHY BEIGHLEY COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Business Efficiency 12 Usher 10 Squad Leader 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12 Shorthand Awards 12 SHIRLEY ANN BELKNAP GENERAL Bulletin Board Committee 12 CARL W. BENDER VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 10-11-12 Class Football 10-11-12 SAMUEL C. BERTOLINO GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 SAMUEL R. BERTUCCI ACADEMIC Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 ALEXANDER BETLEY TECHNICAL Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 Pre-Session Squad 11-12 PATRICIA ANN BILZI ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 Squad Leader 12 Y-Teens 11-12 Point Award Committee 12 Ne-Ca-Hi-Annual Staff EVELYN C. BIXLER COMMERCIAL DORIS MAE BLACK COMMERCIAL MARY LOU BLEWS COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 MYRELL A. BOALICK COMMERCIAL D. WESLEY BOOKAMER GENERAL Track 10 Hall Monitor 10-12 General Improvement Committee 12 JAMES N. BOWER ACADEMIC Class Basketball 10-11 Football 10 Track 10 Hall Monitor 12 CONSTANCE M. BRANSTETTER GENERAL A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 Orchestra 10-11 JOHN L. BRINDLE GENERAL Class Basketball 10 German Club 10-ll-12 Treasurer 11 Hi-Y 12 Track 11 Victory Captain 10-11 Office Squad 10-11 BRUCE B. BROWN ACADEMIC Football 12 Class Basketball 10 IRA GENE BROWN GENERAL Basketball 11-12 Class Basketball 10 Track 10-11-12 Class Track 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Hi-Y MARTHA ROSE BROWN GENERAL Usher 10-ll-12 Squad Leader 12 VERONICA BRYSH COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Treasurer Shorthand Awards RICHARD BURGESS GENERAL Orchestra 12 Band 10-11-12 Music Festival 10-11 Class Basketball 10 MIRIAM FRANCES BURKE COMMERCIAL Usher Squad 12 HARVEY BUSH ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 11-12 Boys' Quartet 11-12 Basketball 10-11 Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 10 Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 Student Council 11-12 President 11 Office Squad 10 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Consul Primus 12 Ne-Ca-Hi StaH Stage Squad 10-11-12 Junior Kiwanian 12 Point Award Committee 12 Chairman FRANK CALVERT GENERAL United States Navy 1944-45-46 DOLORES ANNE CAMBRO GENERAL Radio Club 12 Senatus Romanus 12 VIRGINIA CAMERA COMMERCIAL Squad Leader 12 BERNARD CAMPBELL VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 JOANNE CANNON COMMERCIAL Victory Captain 10-11 Shorthand Awards NELLIE CAPPERINO COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards CLARA C. CAPPIELLO COMMERCIAL SARAH FRANCES CAPPS GENERAL JANE K. CARROLL COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 11-12 -ll-12 JAMES E. CARSON ACADEMIC German Club 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 10 Pre-Session Squad 12 Assembly Ushers 12 Class Track 11 NORMA JEAN CAVALIER COMMERCIAL MARY CAVALLO COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 11 DOROTHY CHAMP COMMERCIAL KATIE CHIFO COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards MANUEL CHRISTIANAKIS TECHNICAL Class Basketbaall 10 Hall Monitor 12 LEALIA JEAN CHURCH COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards SAMUEL CICCONE GENERAL United States Navy 1944-45-46 Football 10-11 Basketball 10 Class Basketball 10-12 Track 10 Hall Monitor 11-12 DOROTHY ELEANOR CLARK COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Y-Teens 10-11-12 JOSEPH L. CLAVELLI GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 Office Squad 12 JAMES S. CLINEFELTER GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Attendance Squad 10 Hi-Y 10 JOSEPH D. COHEN TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 DOLORES M. COLALUCA GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Majorette 10-11-12 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites 12 CARMELLA M. COLATRUGLIO COMMERCIAL Football Usher 11 Shorthand Awards RICHARD B. COLE GENERAL Hall Monitor 12 JOHN W. COLES. Jr. ACADEMIC Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 12 Senatus Romaanus 12 Victory Captain 10-11 Office Squad 11 Assembly Usher 12 MARSHALL J. CONN ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12 Radio Club 12 Senatus Romanus 12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 FRANK J. CONTI VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 Football Usher 10-11-12 DAVID J. COPSON GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 10 Track 11-12 JAMES A. COULTER VOCATIONAL CAROLINE COX ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Accompanist 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 Band 10-11-12 Class Secretary 10-11 Home Room Representative 10-11-12 Student Council 12 Orchestra 12 Y-Teens 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff JAMES CHARLES COX GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 Football Usher 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff JOHN D. CROWE ACADEMIC German Club 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 DOLORES CRUM GENERAL Usher 10 Health Room Attendant 10 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Y-Teens 10-11 JEAN CRUM COMMERCIAL ALEX CSISZER TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 JOSEPH A. CUMO GENERAL United States Navy 1944-45-46 MARTHA E. CURRY COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 12 Orchestra 10 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Y-Teens 11 Shorthand Awards DOLORES STELLA CUSCINO COMMERCIAL Home Room Representative 12 Business Efficiency 12 Squad Leader 12 Service Squad 10-11 Shorthand Awards 12 STANTON H. CUSHNER ACADEMIC Class Basketball 10 German Club 11-12 Student Federalist 12 RICHARD L. DANGLE ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 Office Squad 10 German Club 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 10- Swing Lobby Committee 12 12 FRANCES DAVENPORT ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 11-12 Dofobs 12 Radio Club 12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 Point Award Committee 12 JAMES L. DAVENPORT. Jr. VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 DONALD J. DEAN GENERAL Football 10-11-12 Home Room Representative Hall Monitor 12 Class Basketball 10-11 LAURA DeANGELIS GENERAL Y-Teens 10 ANN DeANGELO GENERAL NETTIE DeAUGUSTINE COMMERCIAL MICHAEL J. DeCAPRIO voCATIoNAL Football 10 ANTHONY J. DeIFELICE GENERAL Band 10 Class Basketball 10 Orchestra 12 Football Usher 10 MARY JANE DeGENNARO ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 12 Dofobs 12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Radio Club 11-12 President 12 Treasurer 11 Y-Teens 10 ROSE MARIE DeGENNARO GENERAL Home Room Representative 10 MARIE DELLAVERSON COMMERCIAL MARIE DeLUCA GENERAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 "Come Over To Our House" 12 MADELINE DeMUCCIO COMMERCIAL Victory Captain 10 Home Room Representative 11-12 CHRIS DeTHOMAS COMMERCIAL Majorette 10-11-12 Squad Leader 12 Band 10-11-12 DON DETTORE COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 11-12 WANDA L. DEWBERRY COMMERCIAL JUSTINE DiCAPRIO COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 10 JEAN DiGIACOMO COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards LARRY DiPLACIDO COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 JAMES DOERR GENERAL Class Track 10-11 Track 10-11 Hall Monitor 10-12 Pre-Session Squad 12 German Club 10-11 RAY DOMBROWSKI GENERAL Class Basketball 10 German Club ll-12 Hall Monitor 10 Band 10-11-12 Orchestra 10-12 Music Festival 11-12 WILLIAM DORAN GENERAL Merchant Marine 1944 Track 10-11 Class Track 10-11 Football 11-12 Hall Monitor 10-12 Home Room Representative 12 PATRICIA A. DOUTT GENERAL BETTY IRENE DOZIER COMMERCIAL PAULINE DROWN COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards PATRICIA J. DRUSCHEL ACADEMIC Dofobs 12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Radio Club 12 Home Room Representative 11 Y-Teens 10-11-12 EMILY C. DUDA COMMERCIAL Dofobs 12 PAULINE A. DUFF COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Shorthand Awards Usher Squad 12 Y-Teens 10-11-12 Goal Post Staff 12 WILMA DUFF ACADEMIC Dofobs 12 French Club 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12 Radio Club 11-12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Y-Teens 10-11 "Come Over To Our House" 12 MARJORIE DUNCAN ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 11-12 Radio Club 12 Squad Leader 12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 0 ROBERT J. DUNKLE COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Office Squad 10 ROBERT L. EARL GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 MARYLOU EDGAR ACADEMIC Dofobs 11-12 Home Room Representative 12 Squad Leader 12 Y-Teens 10-12 Health Room Attendant 11 JOYCE ELCHISON COMMERCIAL Health Room Attendant 12 MARY ELSEY COMMERCIAL SALLY EROE ACADEMIC Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 Dofobs 11 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Radio Club 11 Y-Teens 10-11-12 Health Attendant 11 Victory Captain 11 "Life of the Party" 12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 JANET E. EVERETT ACADEMIC Health Room Attendant 10 Bulletin Board Committee 12 Victory Captain 10 Y-Teens 10-12 Senatus Romanus 12 IRENE FALATKO COMMERCIAL HAROLD V. FARRIS GENERAL Track 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 11 Pre-Session Squad 10-11-12 Victory Captain 10 WILLIAM G. FARRIS VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 JAMES H. FAUZEY COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 EDWARD F. FAZZONE VOCATIONAL Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 LILLIAN JEAN FEARS HOME ECONOMICS Y-Teens 10-11-12 VIVIAN FEE COMMERCIAL JAMES FEHRENBACH GENERAL United States Army 1945-46 Football 10-11 Basketball 10-11 DOMENICK C. FELICE VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 MARTHA FELIX COMMERCIAL EUGENE FERRANTE VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10- 11- 1 2 PAUL DANIEL FLAMINO GENERAL Class Basketball 10-12 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Home Room Representative 1 Pre-Session Squad 10-11 ANGELO NICHOLAS FLORA VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 KATIE FLYAK COMMERCIAL Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 GEORGIANNA FLYNN COMMERCIAL JAMES O. FROST GENERAL United States Navy 1945-46 A Cappella Choir 12 Chorus 12 ANTHONY RALPH FONTANA GENERAL Class Basketball 10-12 MARY AGNES FREY COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards WILLIAM A. FULKERSON VOCATIONAL MABEL FUNERA GENERAL ANNA BELLE GARVER COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards JAMES GAY GENERAL Hall Monitor 12 DOLORES L. GENOVESE COMMERCIAL HELEN E. GIBBONS ACADEMIC Dofobs 10 Radio Club 11-12 DAVID BRUCE GIBSON GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10-12 Football Usher 10 Office Squad 10 JAMES GILLESPIE ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 11-12 Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Hi-Y 11-12 Home Room Representative 10 Swing Lobby Committee 10-11 Track 10-11-12 RONALD EMIDIO GIZZI TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 Track Manager 11-12 ROBERT W. GOAD GENERAL Basketball 10-11 Class Basketball 10-12 Class Track 10-11 Dofobs 10 ' Hall Monitor 12 Hi-Y 10-12 Track 10 PENRITH B. GOFF ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL Senatus Romanus 11-12 Student Federalists 12 JACK HARDING GORDON GENERAL A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Ne-Ca Hi Lites 11 Office Squad 11 "Come Over To Our House" 12 JEAN GORMLEY COMMERCIAL Home Room Representative 12 Shorthand Awards HELEN FRANCES GORZKA COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Usher 10 Shorthand Awards ROBERT NORMAN GREAF VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12, MARY LOU GREGOR ACADEMIC Home Room Representativ RONALD GRIMM GENERAL Class Basketball 10-12 Choir 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 German Club 10-11-12 Victory Captain 11 STANLEY GRYBOWSKI GENERAL Basketball 10-11-12 Football 10-12 Class Basketball 10 ALICE GRZEBIENIAK COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards IRENE GRZEBIENIAK COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards MARY GUILIANO ACADEMIC Home Room Representativ French Club 12 ARTHUR W. HALL ACADEMIC Class Basketball 10-12 Hall Monitor 12 S e12 CAROL JEANNE HALTNORTH ACADEMIC Dofobs,l1 Band 11-12 Orchestra 10-12 Victory Captain 10-11 Senatus Romanus 12 Radio Club 11-12 Y-Teens 10-11 District Music Festival 11 WILLIAM R. HANNA GENERAL A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Class Basketball 12 Dofobs 10-11 Hall Monitor 12 Usher 12 Track 11 BARBARA LOU HAMILTON GENERAL K'Life of the Partyt' 12 Y-Teens 10 BEVERLY JANE HAMILTON COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Y-Teens 10-ll Shorthand Awards JAMES L. HAMILTON GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10-12 Dofobs 11 Home Room Representative 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Music Festival 10-11 District Music Festival Swing Lobby Committee 12 PAUL M. HARCAR GENERAL Football Usher 10-11 German Club 10-11 Hall Monitor 10 Hi-Y 11-12 Basketball Usher 10-11 DOROTHY ANNE HARTSHORNE ACADEMIC Girls' Athletic Club 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 11 Radio Club 12 I Usher 10 Y-Teens 10-11 FRANK J. HARVAN COMMERCIAL Hall Monitor 10-12 Victory Captain 10-11 Home Room Representative 12 TWILA M. HAYDEN COMMERCIAL ELIZABETH HELBLEY GENERAL MARIAN HEMETT COMMERCIAL Health Room Attendant 12 Usher 11 Shorthand Awards BARBARA J. HENNON GENERAL Dofobs 12 Victory Captain 11 ROBERT P. HENRY GENERAL United States Navy 1942-43-44-45 Office Squad 10 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 12 JOHN HILL GENERAL Band 10 German Club 10-11 Class Basketball 10 GLORIA J. HINISH GENERAL Usher 11-12 Y-Teens 12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 CLIFFORD HOCH TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 German Club 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 10-12 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Pre-Sessions Squad 10-11-12 Usher 10 Office Squad 12 Assembly Usher 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Junior Kiwanian 12 GEORGE HOLLIDAY ACADEMIC Dofobs 12 German Club 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Orchestra 10-12 EDWIN C. HOYE, Jr. GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 12 Usher 12 DONALD L. HUDSON VOCATIONAL Machine Shop, Group A Class Basketball 10-12 Shop Football 10-11-12 WARREN HUFF VOCATIONAL Class Basketball 10-12 Class Football 10-11-12 MABEL L. HUFFMAN VOCATIONAL Y-Teens 12 Usher 12 HAROLD M. HUTCHISON VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 Usher 10-11-12 DOLORES L. IAFRAT COMMERCIAL Usher Squad 11 DELORES JACOBS COMMERCIAL Home Room Representative 11-12 Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards Squad Leader 12 Usher Squad 11 Bulletin Board Committee 12 MOSES JACOBS, Jr. VOCATIONAL Basketball 10-12 Shop Football 10-11-12 LAWRENCE JAFFE GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10-11-12 German Club 11-12 Hall Monitor 10-12 Track 10-11-12 EMMA JANNETTI COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards ALBERT JAY GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Home Room Representative 10 Hall Monitor 12 J EAN NINE JEFFREYS COMMERCIAL GEORGE W. JENKINS GENERAL United States Navy 1944-45-46 Track 11 Hall Monitor 12 RUTH E. JENKINS COMMERCIAL MILDRED MAY JOHNS COMMERCIAL DOROTHY MAE JOHNSON COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 10-ll Shorthand Awards DORANN JONES HOME ECONOMICS Y-Teens 10-11-12 Home Economics Club MARY JANE JONES COMMERCIAL REBECCA ANN JONES HOME ECONOMICS Girls' Athletic Club 10 Home Economics Club 12 ROBERT L. JONES GENERAL A Cappella Choir 12 Hall Monitor 12 Hi-Y 11-12 Pre-Session Squad 12 Office Squad 12 Asssembly Usher 12 Point Award Committee 1 RICHARD M. JOPEK VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 BETTY LOU JOSEPH COMMERCIAL Football Usher 11 ANGELA MARIE JULIAN COMMERCIAL Band 10-11 Orchestra 12 KENNETH A. KECK GENERAL Band 10-11-12 French Club 10 Hall Monitor 10 Pre-Session Squad 10 JOSEPH P. KELLIHER COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 10 11 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Business Efficiency 12 Attendance Squad 12 DOROTHY ANN KELLY COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards RAYMOND W. KENDALL, Jr VOCATIONAL VIVIAN KETOLA COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Shorthand Awards RUTH KIENAST GENERAL BETTY LOU KING GENERAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Chorus 10-11 Health Room Attendant 12 MARJORIE KIRKWOOD COMMERCIAL THOMAS R. KIROL TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 Attendance Squad 10 PAULINE KIVISTO ACADEMIC IRENE ANN KMIOTEK COMMERCIAL Home Room Representative 'Business Efficiency 12 Student Secretary 12 RUTH JANE KOCH ACADEMIC Victory Captain 10 FRANCES KOCIELA GENERAL French Club 12 German Club 10-11-12 Squad Leader 12 JOHN E. KOLUNIE GENERAL Class Basketball 10-11 Hall Monitor 11-12 Office Squad 12 JACK D. KORPELA VOCATIONAL Class Basketball 10-ll-12 DOROTHY JANE KORTH GENERAL RICHARD H. KOSKI COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10-11 Attendance Squad 11 10-12 DON KOTSCHISCH GENERAL German Club 12 Hall Monitor 11 United States Army 1945-46 DONNA JEAN KRADEL GENERAL Chorus 10 A Cappella Choir 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 12 LORENA MARIE LEHMAN COMMERCIAL WILLIAM R. LEONE VOCATIONAL Class Football 11 RUTH LEONHARDT ACADEMIC Sonatus Romanus 12 LENA LEPORE COMMERCIAL DOROTHY E. LEVICY COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 10-11-12 Squad Leader 12 JANICE LEWIS GENERAL Girls' Athletic Club 11 PATRICIA JOAN LEYDE GENERAL Squad Leader 12 Bulletin Board Committee 1 EILEEN LOGAN GENERAL LUDWIG A. LOMBARDI ACADEMIC Band 10-11-12 Orchestra 12 German Club ll-12 Hall Monitor 12 Victory Captain 11 Football Program 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 CARMEN V. LOMBARDO GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Orchestra 10-11 Ne-Ca-Hi Music Festival 1 Class Basketball 10 Football Program 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 10 2 1-12 JOSEPH J. LOMBARDO GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Home Room Representative 10 Hall Monitor 12 MARY VIRGINIA LOWERS COMMERCIAL ARMAND D. LUCIDORE GENERAL Class Track 10-11-12 Track 10-11-12 Football 10-11 Class Basketball 12 Radio Club 10-11 Assembly Usher 10 ENIS LUDOVICI COMMERCIAL Chorus 10 THELMA L. LUDOVICI COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Chorus 10 ANNA V. LUKAS ACADEMIC ELEANOR ANNE LUTTON COMMERCIAL Pennsylvania State Orchestra Girls' Orchestra 11 Orchestra 10-11-12 Ne-Ca-Hi Piano Trio 12 Ne-Ca-Hi String Quartet 12 GLEN A. LUTZ GENERAL ELLEN ANNE LYNCH ACADEMIC Home Room Representative 11 Victory Captian 10 HENRIETTA MACIARELLO GENERAL Service Squad 12 PATRICIA ANN MACK ACADEMIC Dofobs 10-12 Y-Teens 10 Choir 11-12 DONNA JEAN MAGILL GENERAL Dofobs 10-11 Goal Post 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 11-12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Squad Leader 12 Bulletin Board Committee JOHN MALANDRO COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10-11 DOROTHY MANN COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 10 SHIRLEY J. MARCH COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards Y-Teens 10 ALFONSO MARCOTULI ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL Varsity Basketball 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10 Hall Monitor 10 Usher 11-12 Assembly Squad 10-11-12 MARY JANE MARSHALL COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 J ANIS A. MARTIN COMMERCIAL Home Room Representative Student Council 10 Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards NICK WILLIAN MASTERS VOCATIONAL LUCY MASTROPIETRO ACADEMIC Health Room Attendant 12 MARIE MATARAZZO GENERAL PATRICIA MCBRIDE ' COMMERCIAL JEAN MCCANDLESS GENERAL 12 0 1 JAMES McCLYMONDS TECHNICAL Class Basketball 10 Attendance Squad 10 Home Room Representative 11 Orchestra 12 Student Council 12 Ways and Means Committee 12 HOWARD MCCRACKEN, Jr. ACADEMIC Hi-Y 10-11-12 Vice President 11 President 11 Vice President 12 Swing Lobby Committee 10-11-12 Assistant Chairman 11 Chairman 12 Class Basketball 10 Ways and Means Committee 12 WILLIAM E. MCCREARY ACADEMIC French Club 12 Hall Monitor 10-11 Assembly Squad 12 Usher 11-12 MARGARET ANN MCCUMMINS COMMERCIAL JAMES C. MCFARLAND GENERAL Class Basketball 10-11 Hall Monitor 12 EDYS ELAINE McGRATH HOME ECONOMICS Health Attendant 11 Home Economics Club 12 Ways and Means Committee 12 MARY ANN MCINTRYE COMMERCIAL Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 JOHN MCKIBBEN ACADEMIC Band 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 German Club 11-12 Vice President 11 Treasurer 12 Home Room Representative 12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Office Squad 10 Attendance Squad 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff ROBERT P. MCLAUGHLIN VOCATIONAL DAVID L. MCNICHOLAS VOCATION AL Shop Football 1 0- 11-12 RUTH McQUISTON COMMERCIAL Dofobs 10 Business Efficiency 12 RAYMOND P.-MELCER COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 10-11 Band 11-12 Dofobs 11 Orchestra 12 Pre-Session Squad 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 11 Class Basketball 10 DORIS METTA GENERAL Dofobs 11-12 French Club 12 Radio Club 12 DONALD MICHAEL GENERAL MARILYN MIKELS ACADEMIC French Club 12 Radio Club 12 Secretary 12 Y-Teens 12 Treasurer 12 HOMER V. MILES, Jr. GENERAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Cheerleader 11-12 Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 12 Office Squad 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Hi Lites 11 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff CONNIE MILLER ACADEMIC Dofobs 10 Goal Post Staff 12 Home Room Representative Ne-Ca-Hi Staff Radio Club 12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Victory Captain 10-11 Y-Teens 10-11-12 Secretary 12 10-11-12 DOLLY MILLER GENERAL Y-Teens 10-12 EDWARD H. MILLER TECHNICAL Assembly Usher 12 Attendance Squad 12 Usher 12 Class Basketbaall 10 GEORGE H. MILLER GENERAL Dofobs 10 Hall Monitor 12 Office Squad 11 Class Basketball 10 EDNA MILOWSKY COMMERCIAL Squad Leader 12 Y-Teens 12 Student Secretary 12 Shorthand Awards VIRGINIA IRENE MINICK COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 12 RICHARD M. MISSEY VOCATIONAL Home Room Representative Track 10-11-12 Football 12 ROBERT W. MITCHELL GENERAL Student Council 10-11-12 Point Award Committee 12 Victory Captain 10-11 Band 10 Hall Monitor 10-12 Goal Post Staff 12 Radio Club 12 Hi-Y 12 Class Basketball 10 Bulletin Board Committee MARY THERESA MITTLER GENERAL Y-Teens 10-11-12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 DONNA MOFFETT GENERAL DOROTHY MONACO COMMERCIAL 1 ll AUDREE LORRAINE MOON EY ACADEMIC Girls' Athletic Club 10 Radio Club 12 Y-Teens 12 "Come Over To Our House 12 DOLORES MOONEY COMMERCIAL NANCY MOORE ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 Dofobs 12 GEORGE W. MORGAN COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Football 12 1-Iall Monitor 12 JENNIE L. MORGAN COMMERCIAL WILLIAM J. MORRIS VOCATIONAL Basketball 10-12 Shop Football 10-11-12 MARGARET ANN MUIR ACADEMIC Y-Teens 12 EVELYN L. MURPHY COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 12 Home Room Representative 10 11 12 Business Efficiency 12 Student Council 11-12 Secretary 12 Xctivities Calendar Committee 12 'Shorthand Awards JAMES D. MURRAY VOCATIONAL Class Basketball 10-12 Class Football 10-11-12 FRED H. NAVARRA GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 10-12 Track 10-11-12 Usher 10 BETTY JANE NELSON COMMERCIAL A Capella Choir 11-12 Girls' Athletic ciub 10 Radio Club 11-12 Office'Squad 12 Perfect Attendanace 10-1 1 - 12 Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards DENNIS C. NEWHARD VOCATIONAL FRANK NOCERA VOCATIONAL FRED A. NOCERA ' VOCATIONAL Shop Football 1 0- 1 1 -12 ROLAND E. NORD ACADEMIC Band 10-11-12 Class Basketball 10 German Club 11-12 President 12 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative Ne-Ca-Hi Music Festival 11 Radio Club 12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Office Squad 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff MARY JANE NOVIELLO COMMERCIAL Usher 1 1 ROBERT OESTERLING ACADEMIC German Club 11-12 Hall Monitor 10 10 Home Room Representative 12 Goal Post Staff 12 Class Basketball 10 K'Come Over To Our House" 12 DOMENICK L. OFFI GENERAL Class Basketball 10 MARIE L. OLSON ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 11-12 Home Room Representative 10 Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 Senatus Romanus 12-Cantrix Squad Leader 12 Treasurer Victory Captain 10-11 Y-Teens 11-12 President Goal Post Staff 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Editor DELORES M. O'NEILL COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Y-Teens 10 JUNE O'ROURKE COMMERCIAL DONNA JEAN ORR ACADEMIC French Club 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 OLIVIA J. PALUMBO ACADEMIC Band 12 Dofobs 11 Majorettes 12 Squad Leader 12 Y-Teens 12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 ERLA MARIE PANDER COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 12 Business Efficiency 12 ROBERT L. PANDICE GENERAL V Orchestra 10-11-12 CHRIS G. PAPAZICKOS ACADEMIC Dofobs 10-11 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 B. ELAINE PARRY GENERAL EUGENE M. PASCARELLA ROBERT PERRINE VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL Auto Shop, Group A class Basketball 10 Class Basketball 10-11-12 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Class Football 10-ll-12 Secretary 12 Home Room Representative 10-11-12 Swing Lobby Committee 10-11 Victory Captain 10 CARMIE ANN PERROTTA SUSIE PASSERRELLO ACADEMIC ACADEMIC JOHN J. PASSIAS ACADEMIC Class Basketball 10-11 German Club 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 CAROL PATTERSEN ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 12 Girls' Ensemble 12 Cheerleader 10-11-12 Dofobs 10-11 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 10-11 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Scriba Secunba 12 GARNETT ELAINE PATTERSON COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Business Efficiency 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 12 Shorthand Awards Student Secretary 11-12 SHIRLEY ANN PATTERSON COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 11 Chorus 10-12 MARY KATHRYN PEARCE GENERAL Y-Teens 10 JAMES EUGENE PEARS GENERAL Varsity Basketball 10-12 Class Basketball 10-11 Hall Monitor 10-12 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Vice President 11 Student Council School Improvement Committee 12 Attendance Squad 11 ESTHER PECORARO COMMERCIAL LUE VERNE PERDUE GENERAL Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 Y-Teens 10-11 Dofobs 11-12 French Club 12 Secretary Home Room Representative ll Radio Club 11-12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Student Federalists 12 Secretary 12 Victory Captain 10 Assembly Program Committee 12 State Forensic Speech Contest "Come Over To Our House" 12 RUSSELL PETERSON GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Attendance Squad 12 JOSEPH ANTHONY PETRUCCI VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 AGNES PFEIFER GENERAL A Cappella Choir 12 French Club 12 German Club 10-11-12 ROBERT PILCH GENERAL Band 12 Orchestra 10-11-12 NORMA PILLIF ANT ACADEMIC Girls' Athletic Club 10 Radio Club 11-12 Squad Leader 12 Vice President Y-Teens 10 Health Attendant 11 Assembly Program Committee 12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 NICHOLAS PISCITELLA GENERAL Band 10-11-12 BERN ICE PITOCCHI GENERAL DONALD PITZER GENERAL A Cappella Choir 12 Band 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Track Manager 11-12 Pre-Session Squad 12 Radio Club 11-12 JOAN POLLEY GENERAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 French Club 12 "Come Over To Our Hou e" 12 s LILLIAN MARIE PORTER GENERAL Dofobs 12 Health Attendant 11-12 Senatus Romanus 12 MARGARET PREKOPI GENERAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 JAMES PRESTON ACADEMIC Basketball 10 Class Basketball 10 Home Room Representative 10-11-12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Senatus Romanus 12 Consul Secundus Assembly Committee 12 VERONICA PRINT COMMERCIAL Usher Squad 12 Radio Club 11-12 DONALD PETER OUARELLO VOCATIONAL LOUIS RAINEY COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Hall Monitor 10-12 Victory Captain 11 JOAN RAINIER ACADEMIC Home Room Representative 10 Senatus Romanus 12 CHARLES RAMSEY GENERAL Class Track 11 Hall Monitor 12 Office Squad 10 CARL RASHID TECHNICAL Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 10 Track 11 NICOLINA RAZZANO GENERAL Health Room Attendant 12 CHARLES REA ACADEMIC Basketball 12 Victory Captain 10 ROBERT D. REED GENERAL Football 10-11 Hall Monitor 12 Track 10-11 United States Navy 1944-45-46 JOYCE REED GENERAL Activities Calendar Committee 12 PHYLLIS REID GENERAL Cheerleader 10-11-12 Squad Leader 12 J EANE L. REPLOGLE GENERAL Band 10-ll-12 Orchestra 10-11 Usher 11 ANNA JEAN RETZER COMMERCIAL DONNA A. REYNOLDS COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 ' Secretary Student Secretary 11 Victory Captain 11 Squad Leader 12 Shorthand Awards Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff RAYMOND EARL REYNOLDS VOCATIONAL Machine Shop, Group A FRANCES RICHARDS COMMERCIAL Squad Leader 12 PETER J. RICHARDS VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 KENNETH E. RILEY GENERAL A Cappella Choir 11 Hall Monotor 12 Class Basketball 10 DELMA M. RODGERS COMMERCIAL Goal Post Staff 12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Health Room Attendant 11 Squad Leader 12 JAMES C. RODGERS VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 JUNE E. RODGERS COMMERCIAL Dofobs 10-11 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Business Efficiency 12 Y-Teens 10 RITA MARIE ROSATI HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club 12 ALICE ROSICH GENERAL RAYMOND R. ROSS GENERAL Dofobs 10 Hall Monitor 11 Class Basketball 10 t'Come Over To Our House" 12 VICTOR S. ROSS ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL Home Room Representative 11-12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 . Treasurer 12 Usher 12 Victory Captain 10-11 Class Basketball 10 ALBERT L. ROWLES COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 12 Dofobs 11 Home Room Representative 10 Business Efficiency 12 President Assembly Usher 12 Class Basketball 10 YOLANDA RUBEIS HOME ECONOMICS Home Room Representative 12 Home Economics Club 12 DONALD H. RUBY VOCATIONAL Shop Football 10-11-12 ELIZABETH M. RUSSO GENERAL FRANK J. RYBKA GENERAL Football Manager 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Class Basketball 10 DELPHINA SACCO GENERAL Home Room Representative 10 Squad Leader 12 ANDREW SAINATO TECHNICAL Usher 12 MICHAEL J. SAKELSON VOCATIONAL MARGARET SANDERS GENERAL Choir 12 Y-Teens 12 MARILYN I. SANDLER ACADEMIC French Club 12 Home Room Representative 11 Squad Leader 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff "Come Over To Our House" 12 SUE M. SANDS COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12 Squad Leader 12 Shorthand Awards RUTH M. SANI-'ILIPPO COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Home Room Representative 11 Business Efficiency 12 Goal Post Staff 12 Squad Leader 12 Shorthand Awards LEON S. SASIADEK VOCATIONAI. Shop Football 10-11-12 ESTHER E. SCHULTZ GENERAL JOSEPH SCHWARTZ GENERAL Class Track 12 Class Basketball 10 MARY JANE SCIPIONE COMMERCIAL Dofobs 12 KATHERINE SHABALA TECHNICAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12 Radio Club 10 Squad Leader 12 Social Committee 12 WANDA S. SHAREK ACADEMIC JEAN A. SHAW GENERAL Radio Club 11-12 Y-Teens 10-11-12 MARILYN L. SHAW COMMERCIAL Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 12 ANN W. SHEWMAN ACADEMIC Senatus Romanus 11-12 Scriba Prima 12 Victory Captain 10 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff CHESTER D. SHOAF GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10-11-12 Football 11-12 Hall Monitor 10-12 Hi-Y 10-11-12 Ne-Ca-Hi Lites 10 Track 10-11-12 "Come Over To Our House" 12 WILLIAM D. SHOWALTER COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Hall Monitor 10 Office Squad 10 Student Guard 10 Class Basketball 10 Cheerleader 11 DONNA SHUMAKER ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 12 French Club 12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Ebori Pulsatrix 11 Goal Post' Staif 12 RANDALL SHUMAN GENERAL Hall Monitor 12 Usher 10 Class Basketball 10 DOLORES SHUMWAY GENERAL OLGA SIDORCHUK COMMERCIAL WAYNE SINES TECHNICAL Class Track 12 Hall Monitor 12 Pre-Session Squad 12 Class Basketball 10 Hi-Y 10 Calendar of Activities Committee 12 MARJORIE ANN SISLEY GENERAL Y-Teens 12 Secretary MARIAN ELIZABETH SIZER HOME ECONOMICS Y-Teens 10 Home Room Representative 12 Home Economics Club 12 JACK SKUBA GENERAL Class Track 12 Hall Monitor 12 Pre-Session Squad 12 Social Committee 12 Class Basketball 10 Hi-Y 10 LOUIS SKUTA VOCATION AL DIXIE LEE SMITH HOME ECONOMICS Home Room Representative 10 DONNA SMITH COMMERCIAL Majorette 10-11-12 Business Efficiency 12 DOROTHY SMITH COMMERCIAL Class Treasurer 10 Home Room Representative 10 Business Efficiency 12 Student Council Typist 12 WALTER J. SMITH GENERAL Class Basketball 10-11 Football 10-11 Hall Monitor 10-12 Class Track 12 JEAN SMOLNIK COMMERCIAL WILLIAM E. SMOLNIK VOCATIONAL Hi-Y 10-11-12 LAWRENCE F. SONNTAG ACADEMIC Band 10-11-12 Orchestra 10-11 Hi-Y 10 Home Room Representative 11-12 Victory Captain 12 ELLEN SPLITSTONE COMMERCIAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 THEODORE SPRINGER GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 10 Hall Monitor 12 Track 11 LYDA BETTY STEINBRINK COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 PATRICIA A. STITZINGER ACADEMIC Y-Teens 12 A Cappella Choir 11-12 Girls' Ensemble 12 Radio Club 11-12 Dofobs 10-11 Assembly Program 12 Squad Leader 12 E. JAYNE STODDART GENERAL Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff WILLIAM J. STONER GENERAL A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Basketball 11 Class Basketball 10 Class President 10 Class Track 10-11-12 Football 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Home Room Representative 10 Radio Club 11 Track 10-11-12 Attendance Squad 12 ELEANOR L. SUCHY COMMERCIAL ELEANOR A. SUCIU COMMERCIAL Business Efficiency 12 Shorthand Awards STANLEY R. SZUBA VOCATIONAL JANET L. TALAGANIS GENERAL Y-Teens 12 JEANNE TAMMELLEO HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club 12 Radio Club 12 Squad Leader 12 Health Room Attendant 12 Usher 12 MARY JOAN TEETS GENERAL Y-Teens 11-12 ANNA TERRANOVA HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club 12 Home Room Representative 10-11 Radio Club 12 Squad Leader 12 , Victory Captain 10-11 Health Room Attendant 12 Usher 12 LORRAINE A. THEOBALD ACADEMIC Dofobs 10 Senatus Romanus 11-12 M. JUNE THOMPSON COMMERCIAL Dofobs 10-11-12 Y-Teens 12 Usher ll Shorthand Awards GRACIE TRICK COMMERCIAL Goal Post Staff 12 Girls' Athletic Club 10 Y-Teens 10-11-12 Usher 12 Shorthand Awards BEVERLY J. TRIMBLE GENERAL Band 11-12 Orchestra 10-11-12 Y-Teens 10 Student Federalist 12 ROSEMARY TURNER ACADEMIC French Club 12 Radio Club 12 NATALIE B. URBAN COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 11-12 SHIRLEY MAE URBAN ACADEMIC Cheerleader 10-11-12 German Club 11-12 Home Room Representative 11-12 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Perfect Attendance 10-11-12 Radio Club 11-12 Secretary 11 Squad Leader 12 President Victory Captain 11-12 Student Council 12 Assembly Program Committee 12 Chairman MARJORIE JEANNE VAN ACADEMIC French Club 12 Senatus Romanus 12 Cheerleader 12 Y-Teens 12 JEAN VANUS COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards KATHERINE VASSILION COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards CHARLENE LUCILE VOGAN TECHNICAL Dofobs 10-11 Home Room Representative Radio Club 11-12 Squad Leader 12 Student Council 12 Student Federalist 12 Victory Captain 10 Y-Teens 10-11-12 MURIEL VOGAN ACADEMIC French Club 12 Radio Club 12 WILLARD VOISEY VOCATIONAL Track 11-12 Hi-Y 11-12 ROBERT P. WADE VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Class Basketball 12 ELEANOR LOUISE WAGNER COMMERCIAL GEORGE L. WAGNER GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Orchestra 10-11-12 Hall Monitor 12 MARILYN LOU WAGNER ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 12 Radio Club 11-12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Student Federalist 12 Y-Teens 12 WILMA WALKER COMMERCIAL Y-Teens 12 DOLORES WALKO GENERAL Y-Teens 11 MARY L. WALLER COMMERCIAL Health Room Attendant 1 Y-Teens 12 Shorthand Awards 0 CLARISSA EVELYN WARD HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club 12 Elm Street Y-Teens 10-11-12 ROBERT P. WATERS GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Hi-Y 11-12 BETTY JANE WATKINS GENERAL Y-Teens 10-11-12 SHIRLEY WATKINS ACADEMIC Y-Teens 10-11-12 Student Federalist 12 KATHERINE WEIDE ACADEMIC Dofobs 11 ' French Club 12 Home Room Representative 11 Ne-Ca-Hi Annual Staff Senatus Romanus 11-12 Student Federalist 12 Y-Teens 11-12 THOMAS N. WEIDE ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL Band 10 German Club 11-12 Senatus Romanus 11-12 Office Squad 10 SHIRLEY WEST COMMERCIAL Home Room Representati Y-Teens 10 DOLORES WHEALE COMMERCIAL WALTER E. WHITE VOCATIONAL Auto Shop, Group A Shop Football 10-11-12 Shop Basketball 10-11-12 Ve 12 EARLE W. WILLIAMS COMMERCIAL Class Basketball 10 Class Track 11 Hall Monitor 12 PATRICIA WILLIAMS GENERAL Girls' Athletic Club 10 WARREN WILLIAMS GENERAL Band 10-11-12 Orchestra 10-11 Class Treasurer 11 Hall Monitor 12 Class Basketball 10 Home Room Representative 10-11 JEANNE WILSON GENERAL Y-Teens 10 RUTH WOLANSKI COMMERCIAL Home Room Representative 10-12 O Squad Leader 12 DOLORES WOLFE ACADEMIC - TECHNICAL Radio Club 10 Squad Leader 12 GERALDINE WOMER COMMERCIAL CAROL WOODARD GENERAL A Cappella Choir 10-11-12 Dofobs 12 JAMES WRIGHT GENERAL Orchestra 10-11-12 Band 1 1 -12 RICHARD WYNN GENERAL A Cappella Choir 11-12 Class Basketball 10 Class Track 11 Football 10 Hall Monitor 12 Track 11 Hi-Y 11-12 Bulletin Board Committee 12 Ne-Ca-Hi-Annual Staff JUSTINE YOUNG GENERAL Student Federal CARL ZAPPIA GENERAL Football 10 ist 12 ALBERT ZARILLA GENERAL Class Basketball 10 Varsity Basketball 11-12 Hall Monitor 12 Track 11-12 ARTHUR ZARONE GENERAL General School Improvement Corn .12 Football 11-12 Track 10-12 Class Basketball 10 A 4" a 'Q ,J If :-. ,- iff! 1 .z-:-J ' fffffff 1' 01213711 W Www ' '-X - ff2M'fW i -v :Sm E69 sn' jf y M0951 al- 1 ' R 6.4 , U vi' A zu? , al 1,92 , ,-ze f 0 I I f 1 il' v ' I O Rm . I ,ll --252: 10? 5-.Q 5344 A - . , -q. , rg. ,A '-:Q 'fro 1 .f.-. -. 53:2 -:-21 321. wsu " rye- if-1-P . 'aa- gxffc' v, ii'-:ig .-1. ,J I 4, 'f ,f a,,v,,,ff .4.:'xf::252v?aii4f' 1---fegayg A :ZEI iiisff 0 2325 222255 I 1:2 A file!! I Q x I' X ACTI ITIE Senior A's- WHO'S WHO IN NE-CA-HI President ...............,.. William Nickum Vice President .......... Philip Richards Secretary .....,..,..... Marita Baatz Treasurer ..i.. . .... ,. Albert Tate Juniors- President ...........,.... Clifford Rowland Vice President ......,,.. Sidney Lockley Secretary , .4....,.,.,. . Treasurer ......... Sophomores- President .,.4,., Secretary ...,....,...,. . .,,..,... Jane Urban Arnold Lewis William Gross Doris Montgomery Treasurer ....,....,...,,.,... Joseph Fulena Senatus Romanus- Consul Primus Consul Secundus Scriba Primus .... Scriba Secundus Quaestor Primus Harvey Bush James Preston . .4..... Ann Shewman Carol Pattersen Victor Ross Quaestor Secundus ..,. Eugene Gribble Cantrix ,,4,.. ..... ,...,...,.. ..... , M a rie Olson German Club- President .,...,.. James Burkestresser Vice President . ,.4.......,,. James White Secretary .,............ Virginia Lightner Treasurer ,.....,...,....... .... J ane McGoun Y-Teens- President ..........,....... Priscilla Barnes Vice President ...........,,. Jane Throop Secretary . ,...,........,....... ...Jane Hurst Treasurer .......,.. Senior Hi-Y- Marjorie Sisley President .................. Ralph Abraham Vice President .... Howard McCracken Secretary ........................ Paul Harcar Treasurer ....... .. Student Council- William Smolnik President .......,...,,.... Eugene Gribble Vice President . ....... Robert Southern Secretary .............,.... Evelyn Murphy Treasurer ..,.... Jane McGoun Ne-Ca-Hi Lites Staff- Editor ...,..........,............. Anita DeV1vo Associate Editor ........ Lucille Shellog Sports Reporter ........ William J uliano Business Manager ..,... William Boak French Club- President .................... Secretary-Treas .... Radio Club- President ..................... Vice President .....,.. Secretary .................. Treasurer .................... Jane Urban Carmie Perrotta Jack Robey James Anthony Marilyn Mikels .. Wilma. Cavill Order of Business Efficience- Vice President .,.... Secretary ................ Treasurer . ..... ..... Dofobs- President .................. Vice President ........., Secretary .................... Albert Rowles President .................... ...Delores Jacobs Donna Reynolds Veronica Brysh Charlene Boyle .. Joan Sargent Connie Peck Treasurer ........ William Strawbridge Student Federalists- President .................,.... .... D on Levine Vice President .........,......., Lois Baum Secretary ................ Carmie Perrotta Treasurer ,... . ..... Squad Leaders- President .................... Vice President ........... Secretary ...,...,.. ...... Treasurer ...... Annual Staff- Edltor .........,.......,..,....., Assistant Editor ....... Peter Raidy Shirley Urban Norma Pillifant Jane Urban Marie Olson Marie Olson Caroline Cox Business Manager ...,.... Harvey Bush Advertising Mgr. Pre-Session Squad- .. Connie Miller Captain . ................. Alexander Betley Lieutenant ,........,.......... Robert Jones Swing Lobby Committee- Chairman ......... Howard McCracken Assistant Chairman .. Richard Dangle CLASS DAY COMMITTEES The achievement of the Class Day Committee is a large factor in the success of our graduating class. The supervisors, officers, members of the orchestra, and com- mittees, have put forth their best efforts to make May 29 a date the Class of June, 1947, will remember. General Chairman-Carmie Ann Perrotta. Talent Committee-Ann Shewman, Marjorie Van, Albert Rowles, Katherine Shabala, Phyllis Reid, Don Hudson, Chris Papazickos, and Domenick Felice. Stage and Art--Bob Jones, Cliff Hoch, Jim Bower, Dick Cole, Howard Mc- Cracken, Michael DeCaprio, Jim Cox, Donna Magill, Patty Jo Leyde, Richard Wynn, Ray Kendall. Master of Ceremonies Bob Oesterling Class Day Band ...,...,...,... . ,. . .Jim Hamilton Class Will ..,... ...,,,.. . Betty Jane Nelson Class History ..,,..,. Lorraine Theobald Class Prophecy ..,... .. ,.,.. ,Dorothy Hartshorne Class Knocker ,..., ,.,.... . .. Dorothy Smith BTO wa P . , rw" GGCOME OVER T0 OUR HOUSE" You are cordially invited to 6'Come Over to Our House" Time: 8:15, March 21, 1947. Place: New Castle Senior High School Auditorium. Event: The presentation of "Come Over To Our House," written by Marijane and Joseph Hayes, and starring the Senior Class of June, 1947. Refrekslgments: All the vivacious vitality and humor you can pack into one evening o un. Hostess: Miss Clara M. Hartsuff capably supervising and directing. R. S. V. P, This was the invitation issued to a starry-eyed audience on that gay evening and the response was overwhelming. At precisely 8:15 the curtain was drawn to reveal the typical American living-room of four Eldridges. Mrs. Eldridge, a middle-aged but charming widowed mother of: Jay, a boy genius, aspiring to a musical career: Marion, who wants to be an actress, but Whose K'great" talent seems to be undiscov- ered: and Lindy, the youngest, who tries to be a sub-deb, comprise this "typical" American family. Mrs. Amanda Eldridge, the mother with the problem of three available suitors with only one really eligible, has also three spritely children to con- tend with. This part was well portrayed by Joan Polley. Jay Eldridge, the musi- cal genius, added a touch of reality as a prodigy, wavering between a musical schol- arship offered by a great musician and modern swing, was well portrayed by Mar- shall Conn. His jivetress, Evie Cannon, played by Sally Eroe, was unsuccessful in her attempt to wile him away from his 'treal" music, but offered a bit of a challenge to his musical pal, Madge Wilkins, played capably by Marilyn Sandler. Lindy Eld- ridge, the youngest of the children, played by Norma Pillifant, and her boy-friend, Hugo Willifred, played to perfection by Bob Oesterling, offered a million laughs to a very receptive audience. Stephen Reynolds, one of Mrs. Eldridge's suitors, played by Eugene Angelo, was the typical, stern, but loving father of Hildred, 14 years old, with lots of ideas Csome not so goodb, played by Wilma Duff, and Butch, also full of teen-age pranks, portrayed with all the charm and effervescence of youth by Fred Beard. Bachelor, Philip King, also seeking the hand of Mrs. Eldridge, was uncon- sciously funny. This part was played by Chester Shoaf. But perhaps the one person who really stole the scenes in which he appeared, was Bill Nickum as Sascha Sevinsky, the "Mad Russian." He looked the part, acted the part, but most im- portant of all, he felt the part. Claire Thompson, the grandmother of this family, also was of estimatable importance in the play. This part was played by Carmie Ann Perrotta. In spite of all these individual triumphs, it took every one of a cast of eighteen young thespians and the superb direction of Miss Clara M. Hartsuff to make it the overwhelming success that it was. Jay Eldridge .. .. Stephen Reynolds Butch Reynolds ,. . Hugo Willifred .. .. . .. CAST OF Marshall Conn Eugene Angelo Fred Beard Bob Oesterling Sascha Sevinsky ,.... .... Bill Nickum Philip Kine , , . . , Damon Gottschalk Barney Fellows . , Amanda Eldridge .Chester Shoaf .. Jack Gordon .Raymond Ross ,....,,Joan Polley CHARACTERS Marion Eldridge ...... . Marie DeLuca Lindy Eldridge ....,,. .... N orma Pillifant Hildred Reynolds Madge Wilkins .. Wilma Duff Marilyn Sandler Evie Cannon ,............,.. .....,. .......... S a lly Eroe Claire Thompson May Houston .....,. Veronica Nichols Carrie Randolph Carmie Ann Perrotta ..,, ..., .,,.. G l oria Hinish Audrey Mooney Marjorie Duncan T sf H m rf K. P W i 1 Aa I 3 l YT li J 1 U W Vi gl H , N V El ' E f 5 ,, W W ., IW U r F THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR RECIPE Take 20 sopranos, blended with equal portions of tenors, altos and bassesg sift in 15 concert numbers and a quantity of hard workg mix well with an excellent accompanist and a wonderful director. Stir vigorously and turn out in a full scale auditorium. Season for one semester and you have . . . The A Cappella Choir. The Choir this year is comprised chieHy of seniors-forty-three to be exact. Having completed the highlights of the season four trip to Butler, our program at the Teachers' Banquet, and the sing- ing of 'The Ballad for Americansvb, we are prepared to turn our places over to the juniors and sophomores. Our best Wishes to the A Cappella Choir of '47-'48 and their followers. But we say: Hats OH to a Wonderful director and a swell friend-Mr. Duff. S ff - ,QQ 24? THE NE-CA-HI ORCHESTRA Our orchestra is not large, that is true, but we still have one, and not many schools can say that any more. This seems strange in View of the fact that the num- ber of symphony orchestras throughout the country is rapidly increasing, even in the smaller towns: and a poll of concert goers always shows that the Hrst choice is that of a symphony orchestra. In the festivals this year our orchestra was well represented both in numbers participating and in honors won. We were represented in the Mid-Western District Orchestra at Knox by Edward Schwartz, first chair, first violing Donald Levine, first chair violag Anita DeVivo, first chair oboe: Tom Wiand, 2nd chair cello: William Kinnard, string bass, and Marita Baatz, tympani. In the All State Orchestra at Altoona, we will have the maximum number allowed any one school. We will be represented by Edward, Schwartz, Donald Levine, and Tom Wiand. First Violins: Viola: Trombone: Flute: Snare Drum: Eleanor Lutton Mary Kelch Lillian Musser Caroline Cox Joan Reed Eddie Schwartz Beverly Trimble Dave Sonntag Carol Halmorth Don Levine . I Bob Pilch Basgixufbnnard French Horn: Ann Neaney Piano: Ray Dombrowski Jim Wright Arden Bement Trumpet, George Hollida5 Second Violin: . I Chuck Wing ' Bob Florida Clarinet. Joe Calaluca Tympanin Earl Sulmanetti Hfzlrry Bowen Oboe: Anthony DeFeIice , ' Dick Burgess , . . Marita Baatz cello: Stanley Sharek Anita DeV1vo Angela Julian Tom Wiand George Wagner Ludwig Lombardo Larry Newingham TURMPET: CLARINET: FLUTE: THE NE-CA-HI BAND This year eight members of the Ne-Ca-Hi Band were elected to participate in the district band held in Greenville, Pennsylvania, in February. They were: Wil- liam Caiazzo, Carmen Lombardo, Ray Dombrowski, Barbara Mitchell, Tom Hares, Charles Wing, Anita Devivo, and Marita Baatz. Two from this group, William Caiazza and Barbara Mitchell, were picked to represent the Ne-Ca-Hi Band in the all-state band festival, held in Lebanon, Penn- sylvania, in March. They received high praise and honor for their fine musician- ship. The selection of the above members for the district band reflects the ability of the entire Ne-Ca-Hi Band, which was highly commended for its fine performance at all football games at home and away. Ralph Abraham Don Brennaman Joe Colaluca Vincent Castrucci John Cusano Tony DeFe1ice Jim Foster Tom Hares Bill Leslie Fred Martin Larry Newingham Myrna Pearce Jim White John Zbiegien TROMBONE: Norma Ferranti Lillian Musser Carl Sewall BARITONE: Bill Caiazza Dave Sonntag BASS DRUM: Raymond Casella CYMBALS: Emmett Bernard Jerry Anderson Dick Burgess Bill Coryea Don Frediani George Hietsch Carmen Lombardo Dave Lutz Jeane Replogle Stanley Sharek Jack Thompson Warren Wi liams TUBA: Edward Gariek BASS: Russell Capitola FRENCH HORN: Arden Bement Larry Conti Joshua Messaro Chuck Wing Don Zuso BELLS: Marita Baatz Lois Baum Carol Haltnorth Barbara Mitchell BASS CLARINET: Rolly Nord OBOE: Anita DeVivo ALTO CLARINET: Warren Williams SAXOPHONE: Harry Bowen Louis Charles Ray Dombrowski Catherine Flyak Bob Pilch Beverly Trimble SNARE DRUM: Dora Gagliardo Bruce Gibson Bill Nickum Joan Reed Dave Rowe Frank Stevens THE NE-CA-HI MAJORETTES The majorettes, together with the band, enliven football games with their intricate routines. Precision and grace are only two of their many qualities. Four girls graduate this June, making a place for new recruits. The majorettes are under the supervision of Mrs. Helen Replogle. Practice begins sometime in August to prepare for the coming football season's performance. The majorettes, left to right-Barbara Marquis, Harriet Birk, Dolores Colaluca, Dorothy Barge, Donna Smith, Camilla DeLorenzo, Olivia Palumbo, Christina DeThomas. or 0 Audrey Shirley Phyllis Jane Marty Blank Urban Reid Urban Hammond THE CHEERLEADERS During the basketball season of '46-'47, the cheerleading squad consisted of five girls. Besides leading the cheers at all the home games, they accompanied a portion of the student body to Farrell and Beavar Falls. Along with their other activities the cheerleaders sponsored one of the outstanding dances of the year-the Snow Ball Dance. At the termination of a successful season, the cheerleaders were awarded school letters for their efforts in the development of a good cheering section and faithful attendance to games and prac- tices. . lx i . 1 , AJ' I fs X .H g i ' 11 V 5 'Q- 'fq ei- THE FOOTBALL TEAM Ros'rEn First Row-Grybowski, Wing, Peluso, Izzo, Cialella, Rowland, Williams, Clavelli, Zarilla, Clause, Gentile. Second Row-Richards, Tate, DiCola, Angelo, Allison, Dean, Zeighler, Zarone, Grib- ble, Cuba, Gilmore, Brown. Third Row-Joseph, Stoner, McCoy, Palione, Missey, Morgan, Tuscano, Sessions, Cobau, Beynon, Valenti, Smith. Fourth Row-Kennedy, Mgr., Jacobs, Mgr., Altman, Sakey, Burrelli, Doran, Eber- stadt, Bwynar, Irwin, Blackwell, Wynn, Walrath, Mgr., Rybka, Mgr. Although New Castle was eliminated from the A. A. Championship by two de- feats and one tie in league play, the Red Hurricanes of 1946 played hard, clean and interesting football to compile a record of 6 wins, 3 lost and 1 tie. In spite of bad weather on several nights, the attendance this year was very gratifying. The following members of the squad will be graduated this year: Grybowski, Clavelli, Zarilla, Richards. Tate, Angelo, Dean, Zarone, Brown, Stoner, Missey, Morgan, Farris, Lucidore, Navarra, Burrelli. New New New New New New New New New New Castle Castle Castle Castle Castle Castle Castle Castle Castle Castle 1946 SCHEDULE Opponents Erie East ..,,.. ,.... , .. . ,. 20 0 Butler ........,...,... , ,.. ,. 18 7 . Youngstown East .,..,, . 0 6 . Sharon .... .,,. . .. ,. . 6 24 . Altoona... .. ,. ......,. . . 6 13 . Farrell .... ..,,.,,.. . . ,. 22 0 Erie Academy 7 0 Clairton... ..,,. . ,. 32 0 Aliquippa 7 7 Warren, Ohio ,..,.. ,. 13 0 Tomi... . ,. 131 E 1946-47 BASKETBALL TEAM ROSTER Front Row-Cialella, Watters, Rea, Spears, Black. Back Row-Gray, Janacone, Tate, Fullerton, Marcatuli, Gribble McCartney Mgr In his first year as head basketball coach, William Douglass compiled a record of 12 won and 10 lost. Returning as a nucleus for next years squad are Cialella Spears, Black, Gray, Jonacone, Fullerton and Gribble. New Castle ...,. Youngstown East ...,.. ..,.. New Castle .,,.r......., ....... Avalon New Castle ......,,., ....,,. Westinghouse ,...... ..... New Castle Butler ,..,..... New Castle l ..,. ...... , Arnold .......,. New Castle .....i .,...,. Johnstown New Castle ,..,.. .,...,. Altoona ...,,.. New Castle Ambridge ,.., New Castle ,.......... ....... Beaver Falls New Castle ......... .....,. Aliquippa .... , .... . New Castle ...... .....,. Sharon .....,.., 1946-47 RECORD New Castle ,..,, Sharpsville New Castle .,... Farrell .... ..,. New Castle ..... Arnold ...,.....,. New Castle Ellwood City New Castle ...,. Ambridge New Castle Beaver Falls New Castle ,,,. Aliquippa .... New Castle .,.. Erie Strong Vincent New Castle .... Sharon ,,,.....,. New Castle Farrell New Castle ..., Ellwood City XLSSV' , H555 K 1947 TRACK SQUAD Rosrsn First Row-Copson, Lockley, Missey, Gribble, Tate, Gillespie, Richards, Gilmore, Keys, Fitzpatf rick, Klingensmith, Fulena. Second Row-Gizzi, Manager: Anthony, Doone, Navarra. Wing. McClurg, Ramsey. Lamorella. Ambrosia, Blackwell, G. Smith, Macialla, Clause, O'Leary, Pitzer, Manager. Third Row-Reiber, Manager: Horchler, Kelly, Onasch, Snow, Irwin, Paolone, Zeigler, Thomas. Lebby, Crunkleton, Sessions, Sampson, Schaas Rodgers. Philpott. Tempesta, Cialella. Rey- non, Brown, Silverman. Manager. Schedule of Events-1947 Dual Meet ..,,. .,..,, N ew Castle ,. ,. .. . 83 -Struthers, Ohio , ,. Dual Meet ..,,.. New Castle ..... .. ..,..., 981!3-Butler, Penna.. Dual Meet ,..,..... ....,...,.. , New Castle ...,..... . ,..,,. 55 U3--Mt. Lebanon .,... , Mansfield, Ohio, Relays-New Castle placed tenth. W.P.I.A.L. Relays at Ambridge, Pennsylvania-New Castle placed second. Dual Meet ........... ,,.,,, N ew Castle ..,.. ,. . ..,,.. 73 2X3-Meadville ,,,. ., , ., Washington Invitational meet-May second. Tri-county meet at Arnbridge-May ninth. W P.I.A.L. Championships at Connellsville-May seventeenth. State Championships at State College-May twenty-fourth. 33 28 2X3 71213 48 U3 SQUAD LEADERS' CLUB Since Squad Leaders have been just recently organized, we have yet to celebrate a birthday. However, in January, 1948, we will be a year old, and that year is one that sixty-six squad leaders will always remember. We considered it a great honor when we were chosen from one hundred and fifty available candidates, and we have done our best to do what has been expected of us. After getting organized, our officers, together with Mrs. Marian W. Patton and Mrs. Margaret W. Dunlap, ar- ranged our duties and schedules. Coral suits and navy sweat shirts are our labelg our duties are to help the teachers with gym classes and promote our own physical education. To prove we were in existence we entertained our school with an assem- bly program of Variety acts. The result? Ask the person next to you. President . ...,. ....,. , . , .....,....................,.. . Shirley Urban Vice-President ........ ...,.. N orma Pillifant Secretary .,,., ..,., . , . .. .Jane Urban Treasurer ......., ........ M arie Olson ' HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Each year two representatives are elected as delegates from the home rooms to present the problems and ideas of their class at the class and representative meetings, of which the President of Student Council is Chairman. They meet every other Monday with Student Council to discuss problems of interest to the entire school. This is comparable to Congress with Student Council as the Senate. Home Room Representatives' as the House, and Mr. Book as the President. X ?r W O Kx R o Jia . -li- ii X oi gg LZ! Tlxi 1' ,M .asweff Q. :rd EE, Ee 0 wx 'H 5552 --4' 13: Fa 47 R QQ J Xe, It -N THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Ne-Ca-Hi Student Council has nineteen members. The president is elected by the entire school, the senior class elects eight members, the junior class elects six, and the sophomores elect four. The Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected from the group. The Student Council meets every Wednesday third period and discusses all pertinent student problems. The Principal has a Hnal veto on all action. Much of the work of the Council is handled through committees of which there are eight this year. All committee chairmen are members of Student Council and the other mem- bers are chosen from the student body. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS OFFICERS Eugene Gribble .,,. ,.,.i... ...,, ..... . . . .,.....,.,.. P resident Robert Southern ...... ...... V ice-President Evelyn Murphy ...,,, ., , Secretary Jane McGoun .,......,....... ......... ,..............,............,. ...,.. . . . ., .....,.... Treasurer Seniors-Shirley Urban, Evelyn Murphy, Caroline Cox, Charlene Vogan, Don Bailey, James McClymoncls, Harvey Bush, Robert Mitchell. Juniors-Edna Mae Johnson, Shirleen McGuire, Jane McGoun, Don Spears, Robert Southern. Lew Zeigler. Sophomores-Janet Lindsey, Elaine Chapman, Bob Reiber, Ted McCreary. STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES General School Improvement Committee-Chairman, Robert Southern: Wesley Bookamer, Jim Pears, Myron Frank, Joe McKenzie, Carl Zappia. Assembly Program Committee-Chairman, Shirley Urban, Norma Pillifant. Jim Preston, Carmie Ann Perrotta, Phyllis Turner, Sid Lockley, Barbara Woods, Mary Lou Rocks, Roger Hemar. Point Award Committee-Chairman, Harvey Bush, Bob Mitchell, Patti Bilzi, Bob Jones, James Anthony, Frances Davenport, Jennie Bakuhn, Jane Urban. Dave Horcler, Esther Lindstrom. Activities Calendar Committee-Chairman, Evelyn Murphyg Dick McClurg, Charles Cobau, Joyce Reed, Wayne Sines, Marilyn Cypher, Sherry Gilmore. Bulletin Board Committee-Chairman, Don Bailey, Janet Everett, Grace Print, Erhleen Strehler, Dolores Jacobs, Richard Wynn. Social Committee-Chairman, Jane McGoung Katy Shabala, Della Sacco, Jack Skuba. Mariel Hamilton, Verna Scrazzo, Lew Zeigler, Paul Cuba, Susan Green, Peggy Gilfillan, Paul Simpson, Ted McCreary, Dora Metta. Ways and Means Committee-Chairman, James'McC1ymondsg Howard McCracken, Edys McGrath, Paul Simon, Wilma Cavill, Darrell Shoaff, Elaine Chapman. Losi and Found Committee-Chairman, Janet Lindseyg Carol Haltnorth, Mary Alice Falls, Sally Hogan. U O ll J E L Q 6 , C 5 l J Q C O A STUDENT COUNCIL SERVICE SQUADS Q Us:-nan SQUAD O Head Usher ............,....,. ., .... ,..,.......,.,.. B etty Saginak Q Floor Captains ...,............ Bob Southern, Don Spears l Q Ushers: Mabel Huffman, Pauline Duff, Marian Burke, Veronica Print, Mary Jane DeGennaro, Bill Hanna, James Doerr, Wilma Cavill, Mary Alice Falls, Wanda O Keeling, Peggy Richards, Davis Yee, Joanne Gordon, Peggy Gilfillan ,Alice Mae Lewis, Carolyn Green, Pat Bridenbaugh, Esther Lindstrom, Jack Shellito. Reserves: Patty Sadler, Helen Haynes, Georgeanne Heidish, Gloria Hinish, Barbara Homan, Connie Lombardo, Bertie Lou Linton, Carl Thayer. PLAY TICKET COMMITTEE Chairman ..,..,. , .A...A............,,..............,.,, Jane McGoun O Edna Mae Johnson, Peggy Gilfillan, Mariel Hamilton, Don Watters, Gene Gribble, Bob Southern, Chester Shoaf. O O BASKETBALL GUARDS O Ronnie Mackey, Bill Bowen, Bob Southern, Dick Onash, Bob Stafford, Don Marchetta, Don Grimes, Jerry Aeppli. 6 STUDENT COUNCIL TYPISTS ly Dorothy Smith, Geraldine Abraham r' l V, is O O ii TRAFFIC SQUADS 1-2-3-4 MORNING SQUAD-Captains First Perid .. .... Gene Gribble Third Period , . . Don Pitzer Second Period , Phil Richards Fourth Period .. Myron Frank TRAFFIC SQUADS 5-6-7-8-9 AFTERNOON SQUAD-Captains Fifth Period . .. ,. , Steve Wallace Seventh Period . A A Bud Bush Sixth Period , . ,. James Bower Eighth Period , Wesley Bookamer Ninth Period Warren Williams THE PRE-SESSION SQUAD First Row-Cliff Hoch. Don Pitzer, Alex Bentley, Capt., Don Spears. Second Row-Bob Jones, Lieut.g Jim Doerr, Dave Yee, Harold Farris, Fred Stein- brink, John Hall, Ray Melcer. Noi in Picture-Charles Gee, Everett McCune. The pre-session squad is a group of boys who start the school day a little earlier than the rest of the student body. They arrive about eight o'c1ock each morning to prevent the students from getting into their lockers before 8:20. In other Words, they keep the upstairs and basement halls clear of students. The first floor annex is open only to the members of the band.. Each boy has a certain duty to perform which requires him to be on a constant alertness. They see that only those with hallway passes and those going to the library enter the upstairs and basement halls. Except for a few occasions, things are kept running very efficiently by the boys. "1-. ,..-f.-.1". Ins- 'l' ,.. '. " . sn.. -. ull' ,Def GENERAL SERVICE SQUADS Good things are seldom appreciated until they are gone. Such is the case of the service squads. Their tasks are done from day to day, month to month, with such efficiency that they are sometimes unnoticed. Should they cease to exist, their help- fulness and importance would soon be realized. Many members of June '47 have served in these organizations, and are appreciative of the various duties. We wish to express our gratitude to the squads for their contributions to civic service by helping to keep our school machinery running so smoothly. Office Messengers: Vincent Yakowicz, George Mulcahy, Joseph Clavelli, Ambrose Fee, Carl Olson, William Coryea, Philip Wilmarth, Robert Reiber, John Kolunie, Ed Terrari, Wallace Coates, Robert Mann, Robert Jones, Clifford Hoch, Bernard Bober, Ronald Wise, Robert Philpott, James Welker. Assembly Ushers: Ed Miller, John Coles, Bob Jones, Jim Carson, Bill McCreary, Bob Oesterling, Al Marcotuli, Andy Sainato, Cliff Hoch. Stage Squad: Angelo Galmarini, Anthony Toscano, Vinicio Francis, Robert Cassella, Alfred Serafino, Gene Wasilewski, John Phil- lian, Harvey Bush. Attendance Squad: Joseph Kelliher, Dave Kelliher, George Bezak, Kenneth Anthony, Russell Peterson, Robert Brown, Jack Burkes, Don Bailey. Health Room Squad: Anne Terranova, Jeanne Tammelleo, Dolores Kelly, Shirley Stroebel, Carrie Finnin, Peggy Conway, Jane Throop, Barbara Marquis, Norma Bolt, Mary Lou Strawbridge, Barbara Homan, Mary Lou Rocks, Bertie Lou Linton, Betty Lou King, Gertrude Murray, Estelle Doyle, Lillian Porter, Nicolina Razzano. Bulletin Board: Shirley Belknap, Dolores Wadlinger, Esther Lind- strom, Jacqueline James, Donna Magill, Patty Joe Leyde. Student Secretaries: Augusta Fiedler, Garnett Patterson, Betty Jane Nelson, Edna Milowski, Dolores Hayduchak. THE NE-CA-HI LITES The Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites staff is composed of a group of high school students who are interested in newspaper work. They meet every day third period to write news that concerns the school, the students, and the teachers. The main purpose of the paper is to keep the student body informed about policies that may be of interest to all, and the secondary purpose is to give practical experience in the organization of a newspaper. The editor for this semester has been Anita DeVivo, and the faculty advisor is Miss Grace Dodson. Editor .....,.....,....,..,. ,....., A nita DeVivo Assistant Editor .....,, ...... L ucille Shellogg Business Manager ...... ,.....,. W illiam Boak First Row-Marilyn Shaw, Mary Louise Campbell, Rosemarie Corio, David Lamphier. Back Row-Olga Wilson, Dolores Colaluca, Betty Fullerton, Harry Bowen, William Boak, Caroline Green. O ff ?v o X 0, I I !, - o 11,347 THE GOAL POST STAFF The Goal Post Staff is composed of boys and girls from the senior classes. Their duty is to take charge of printing and selling the official football programs of the New Castle High School. They are a spirited group of young people and you may see them at all home games. Members of this group are: Arlene Blank, Marilyn Calvin, Pat Clark, Ann Cooper, Nancy DeLorenzo, Josephine DePolis, Pauline DuH Robert George, Jean Kelly, Nancy Klee, Russell Lewis, Connie Miller, William Nickum, Marie Olson, Delma Rodgers, Ruth San- filippo, Grace Trick. The student committee is under the direction of Miss Grac. Dodson. 5 ,-f 4 -1' lv is ....-. '- S.-S--" Q, 5 , j gi f' if e-4g,-'Z ' U , 3 a , fi Y .JZF1 k 5 K 5 fx THE SENIOR HI-Y Purpose-To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The chief aim of the Senior Hi-Y is the promotion of good fel- lowship, and this is attained through interesting meetings, speakers, athletics, and all working together toward a common goal. With the able guidance of David Gatrall, this club has remained one of the most active in Ne-Ca-Hi. '5?4I.U r5n5'n5 3Zs?2- 555295 saagha aigi ,i,,: I 20 5 "fl 1 -'11 . no-1 f :O 2 Sm ' ,E 'Il ' ,E U' ji:r1Q A19 S'91'-' m"U Ee 'DZ BCG msn? Eiga omni? r-'-1 II' E.g3fTfD w-F253 HY Vx! X ' qffkl l Of -Z l THE Y-TEENS The Y-Teens is an organization for the purpose of advancing civic and Christian living which prepares girls to take their places in the community in which they live. Their immediate purpose is to create friendships with other girls in high school who have the same interests and ideals that are set forth by the Y-Teens. President .....,.,,.,,, ,A . Vice-President .........,,..,,.,..... . Corresponding Secretary .,,.,... , Recording Secretary ...,..,.. Treasurer ............,. .. .... ..,.. ..,.,,,.. . A Supervisor ..,,... Miss Ja ,Priscilla Barnes Jane Throop ,..,,Marge Sisley . .,,,. .Jane Hurst Marilyn Mikels net Brenneman THE MEMBERS THE RADIO CLUB At 6:45 every Thursday evening over WKST the Radio Club of Ne-Ca-Hi can be heard broadcasting another program of interest. Under the able supervision of Miss Riddle the officers and committees plan the programs of varied subjects-from educational to humorous. Some of the high-lights of this past semester were the Christmas broadcast of the A Cappella Choirg the debates conducted by Student Federalistsg and the pre- sentation of a series of murder mysteries by Edgar Allen Poe. Quiz programs, the vocals of the boys' quartet, interviews with Ne-Ca-Hi's sport celebrities ,and broad- casts by various clubs throughout the school helped to complete a Well-rounded radio schedule. The program chairman for this past semester has been Frances Davenport, who has planned and directed these programs.. Emcee and announcer has been Marshall Conn. Now the Radio Club is looking ahead to next year and the prospects of bigger and better programs for you of the radio audience. THE OFFICERS Jack Robey . ..i.. .....,....,........,,. .......,..r......,... P 1 'esident James Anthony .. ...... Vice President Wilma Cavill .... ,...,..,. T reasurer Marilyn Mikels . ,.......,..,.. .,,.,,,... ..,. S e cretary Jerry Anderson James Anthony William Balph Harriet Lee Birk Audrey Blank Dolores Cambro Wilma J. Cavill Pauline Christos Marshall Conn Frances Davenport Mary Jane DeGennaro Pat Druschel Wilma Duff Marjorie Duncan Helen Gibbons Carol Haltnorth Jacqueline Harrison Dorothy Hartshorne Helen Haynes Georgeanne Heidish Lee Houk Susanne Jacobs Jack Kelly Peggy Kroen Arnold Lewis Virginia Lightner Norma Long Joan McQuiston Dora Metta Marilyn Mikels Connie n Miller Bob Mitchell Audrie Mooney Roland Nord Carmie Ann Perrotta Norma Pillifant Veronica Print Jack Roby JoAnn Sargent Emmy Shaffer Geraldine Shaffer Jean Shaw Lucille Shellogg Patsy Stitzinger Anne Terranova Louise Thayer Jeanne Tommelleo Shirley Urban Charlene Vogan Marilyn Wagner Jayne Walker SWING LOBBY Nearly every student of Ne-Ca-Hi is acquainted with Swing Lobby. On Monday. Wednesday, and Friday evenings the dancing feet of our fast-stepping younger set find their way to Swing Lobby headquarters. Under the able leadership of Cecil F. Suber and the Mayor's Recreation Committee, we hope to continue to give the opportunity for good, clean fun to the students. This summer we shall again go to Cascade Park, where, under the supervision of Mrs. Bessie Clark and the popular records of Vic Wagner, we hope to spend many a pleasant evening. Howard McCracken .. ,,,,.. Chairman Richard Dangle ..,.......... ......... , ..... , ..,, . ..., . Associate Chairman Committee--Ralph Abraham, James Hamilton, James Gillespie, Jack Kelley, Shirleen McGuire, Jackie James, Edna Mae Johnson, Charlotte Montgomery, Suzan Green, and Lenore Dukes QCheck- roomb. THE ORDER OF BUSINESS EFFICIENCY The Order of Business Efficiency is the commercial club of Ne-Ca-Hi, and is affiliated with the national organization of that name. Members of the club are those senior commercial students who have been honor students in their sophomore and junior years or have received favorable recommendations from their teachers. Members of the club are available for various types of office work and on school projects which will further develop their skills. They strive to learn and develop the desirable social traits necessary for success. President .,.., .... . ..... A lbert Rowles Vice-President .,.... ,.....,, D elores Jacobs Secretary ...... .. . , . Donna Reynolds Treasurer . ,......... Veronica Brysh Supervisor .... . ,, ...Miss Myrtle Lord Members of the club are: Delores Cuscino, Joseph Kelliher, Dorothy Beighley, Helen Gorzka, Alice Grzebieniak, Irene Grzebieniak, Beverly Hamilton, Larry De- Placido, Irene Kmiotek, Evelyn Murphy, Betty Jane Nelson, Eleanor Succi, June Rodgers, Ruth Sanfilippo, Donna Smith, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Clark, Lois Beard, Mary Lou Blews. Delores O'Neil, Garnett Patterson, Jean Vanus, Ruth McQuiston, Janis Martin, Shirley Marsh. THE DOFOBS The DOFOBS CDarned Old Fools Over Books? form one of the busiest service groups in the school. These students, 46 in number this semester, give one period a day to helping with the routine Work of the library. This includes many things: the receiving and charging out of books and magazines, making overdue and reserve notices, filing of circulation, delivering slips, marking new magazines, and other duties too numerous to mention. Under direction of the librarians, they learn the fundamentals of library work. Officers for the second semester of 1946-'47 are: President . ,. .,.. ,. . , . , . . . , ..,, . .. Charlene Boyle Vice-President , ...Jo Ann Sargent Secretary .,,,, ,. Connie Peck Treasurer . ,. Bill Strawbridge Members of the Dofobs this Semester: Priscilla Barnes Lois Beard Dorothy Bobosky Natalie Book Charlene Boyle Peggy Brindle Helene Bryson Rose Buckley Shirley Carlin Betty Cover Frances Davenport Helen Davenport Mary Jane DeGennaro Pat Druschel Emily Duda Marylou Edgar Naomi Flick Elizabeth Fullerton Dorothy Lou Gillman Jane Gwin Shirley Harris Jackie Harrison Peggy Hawkins Barbara Hennon Beverly Hennon Sally Hogan Marcella Klaber Doris Livermore Jim McAnallen Patty Mack Dora Metta Alma Miller Nancy Moore Thornton Must Shirley Parsons Connie Peck Carmie Ann Perrotta Hertta Pirkkala Helen Roscetti Antoinette Russo Jo Ann Sargent Mary Jane Scipione Bill Strawbridge Wayne Wadding Carol Woodard Carol Zeigler Librarians: Miss Westlake and Miss Sines fi x mm Summa A I THE SENATUS ROMANUS 125th ANNIVERSARYl Consul Cprimusl .,,., .. Consul Csecundusb ..... Scriba Cprimab ......,.. Scriba Csecundaj Quaestor Qprimusb ......, Quaestor Csecundusl Cum Laude ..,,.......,,,.,.,..,,.. J Harvey Bush James Preston Ann Shewman Carol Pattersen Victor Ross Gene Gribble Marie Olson Cantrix ....,..,,.......,..,..,...... VERGIL AWARDS-JUNE, 1947 Harvey Bush POSTPONED ANNOUNCEMENT OF CICERO AWARDS Magna Cum Laude Cum Laude .,... Penrith Goff Carol Pattersen Chris Papazickos Constance Miller Marilyn Wagner Ann Perrotta. JUNE. 1946 Summa Cum Laude-Carol Pattersen Magna Cum Laude-Connie Miller Cum Laude-Harvey Bush, Chris Papazickos, Penrith Goff, Marie Olson, Carmie MEMBERSHIP I-Caesarg II-Cicero, Cons., "Conscriptus"-Member elected into the Club from the Cicero Class on recommendation of the Latin Department: Soc., "Socius"-Associate Member. Lois Baum, I Jim Berkstresser, I Harvey Bush. I Delores Cambro, Soc. Don Capots, Cons. Pauline Christos, I Charles Cobau, I John Coles, Soc. Marshall Conn, Soc. Virginia Delancey, I Anita DeVivo, I Wilma Duff, I Janet Everett, Soc. Penrith Goff, I Gene Gribble, I Geraldine Gross, Cons. Carol Haltnorth, Soc. Georgiana Heidish, Cons. Jane Hurst. I Eleanor Hogan, Cons, Nancy' Lamancusa. I Ruth Leonhardt, Soc. Don Levine. I Arnold Lewis, I Jane McGown, I Connie Miller, I Jack McKibben, I Roland Nord, I Marie Olson, Soc. Chris Papazickos, I Carol Pattersen, I Carmie Ann Perrott Lillian Porter. Soc. Donna Norris, I a,I James Preston, Soc, Peter Raidy, I Joan Rainier, Soc. Victor Ross, I Carl Schultz. I Dorothy Shaw, I Ann Shewman, Cons. Lucille Shellogg, Cons. Donna Shumaker, I Lorraine Theobald, Cons Marjorie Van, Soc. Marilyn Wagner, Cons. Katherine Weide, I Tom Weide, I Barbara Woods, I Louis Zeigler, I THE GERMAN CLUB MOTTO Kenntnis ist Kraft Knowledge is Power OFFICERS President ...,...,,.. ,,....., ...... A . . ,. James Berkstresser Vice-President .... , , , . I , James White SGCTUZHTY -'.--.----- Virginia Lightner Treasurer .,.,., , . Perry McCurdy Supervisor .... .,.,..,,...,...., . . ,. Miss Mary G. Riffer COMMITTEES Program-Tom Weide, Chairmang Olive Black, Roland Nord. Grant Smith, Zazanis. Music-Marita Baatz, Chairmang Lois Baum, Tom Wiand. Social-Shirley Urban, Chairmang Margie Rozak, Verna Scarazzo. Service-Don Spears, Chairmang Mario DeCarbo Don Kotchish Marita Baatz John Brindle James Carson John Crowe Stanton Cushner Richard Dangle Raymond Dombrowski Clifford Hoch Larry Jaffe Ludwig Lombardi Jack McKibben William Nickum Roland Nord Robert Oesterling John Passias Shirley Urban Thomas Weide Robert Stafford. MEMBERSHIP Lois Baum James Berkstresser William Bowan Charles Cobau Don Mills Greg Thomas Jerry Anderson William Balph William Black Olive Black Robert Cox Patty Dugan Charles Flickinger Don Frediani Bette Fulton Rodgers Hemer Jack Kelley Peggy Kroen Arnold Lewis Virginia Lightner Wil iam Logan Norma Long Paul Montgomery Roy Morrow Perry McCurdy Jane McGoun Margie Rozak Verna Scarazzo Geraldine Shaffer Grant Smith Don Spears Robert Stafford William Swisher Wayne Wadding Charles Weaver Tom Wiand James White George Zazanis George THE FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais MOTTO "En forgeant on devient forgeron." Practice makes perfect The purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to give the students an opportunity to use conversational French in club activities, songs, games, and social gatherings. Le Cercle Francais was reorganized this year, and is under the direction of Miss Ethel Kelley. President ..,.. .... . Secretary-Treasurer A Program Chairman Joan Alexander Wilma Cavill Wilma Duff Jerry Ginsberg Joan Groce Mary Guliano Frances Kocelli Vincent Lamorella William McCreary Dora Metta OFFICERS Marilyn Mikels Donna Orr John Pakkanen Shirley Panella Jo Pascarella Carmie Ann Perrotta Joan Polley Marilyn Sandler Rose Marie Sands Donna Shumaker Eileen Strehler Jane Urban Carmie Ann Perrotta Marilyn Mikels Louise Thayer Rosemary Turner Jane Urban Johnnie Valentine Marjorie Van Muriel Vogan Jean Wade Katherine Weide Harriet Birk Robert Casella FORENSIC CONTESTANTS After a lapse of five years, during which the war had suspended activities, the Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League Contests were again resumed this spring. Students from Ne-Ca-Hi entered seven forensic events and culminated their efforts by placing in four of them at the state finals in York, Pennsylvania. Some of the toughest competition was encountered right here at home where interest reached its highest peak in years. When finally the dust had cleared and the smoke had risen the team lined up as follows: Jane Kane .................. ............,.,............,......., ..,, .... .... D e c l amation Carmie Ann Perrotta ......,, ...,... ..... O r iginal Oration Jayne Walker ....,......,....,. ,.,,,. S hakespeare Reading Charles Cobau ....... ,.,.. ..,..,..... G r oup Discussion Marshall Conn ......,. .....,.... ....., ,.,. , R a dio Speaking Don Levine .......,...,.. ........ E xtemporaneous Speaking Joe MacKenzie ............,.......,,...., ....,,......,,., ,,., .,..,,...,. ,.... P o e t ry Reading Then Miss Burleson, the forensic coach, took up the task of molding a winner. She was assisted for several Weeks by Mr. William Horean, one of the student teach- ers from Westminster College, How well they succeeded was reflected in the contest results. The county eliminations took place at Westminster College. The district con- test at Edinboro State Teachers College followed. Finally on April 17, four Ne-Ca-Hi stalwarts from the original seven made the eagerly awaited trip to York, Pennsyl- vania, along with Miss Burleson, for the state finals. There the results of their efforts showed Don Levine, Jayne Walker, and Charles Cobau placing third in their respec- tive fields and Marshall Conn fourth in radio speaking. Although no trophies were brought back to Ne-Ca-Hi, it was the first time that as many as four contestants in single entry speech fields had ever reached the state finals in the same year, therefore the season was considered a great success. THE VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP GROUP A And here we have twelve young men and their shop instructor, Mr. Price, who know all about bushings and bearings and other things, too. we'll wager. They are Thomas Alfano William Morris Donald Hudson David McNicholas Warren Hui James Murray Moses Jacobs Raymond Reynolds John Korpela Donald Ruby William Leone Louis Skuta SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Busy at Just' One of Just Loafing Work the Crowd Pretending Our Cooped In . Buddies Machinist As Usual Just Posing Huff! Get All of Us Out of That The Babe Got Him U Tree Meek's Proprietor Hope To Own One Like It Bell Bakery Isn't He Cute? Mechanic Mr, Price's Boys The Wallpaper Tall Boy Hanger Oh Yea? Taking It Shopboys and Easy Their Pride THE YOCATIONAL AUTO SHOP GROUP A This group of eleven industrious lads know how to tear apart your automobile and put it hack together again in good shape. With them is Mr. Marshall, their shop instructor. They are: Carl Bender Bernard Campbell William Farris Harold Hutchison Richard Jopek Dennis Newhard Eugene Pascarella James Rodgers Michael Sakelson Robert Wade Walter White SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS The Rover Boys Give us the Simple Life B. T- 0 Open the See You - Door, Later Here we are, you lucky W0I'k1Hgl, Richard Girls A Rarity All the Monkeys Look Pretty Leo P. Strizzi, Jr.'? Trouble aren't in Makers the Zoo The Big. The Big The Doorway Clowns Il Presidente! Boss Four Einsteins? To Success The Triple Terror The Lazy Gang Samson, Jr. Rush Job Getaway Car Hurry Up, They're Heavy Aw, Yer Fodder's The Smiling Irishmen Three Years Ago Mustach G THE VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP GROUP B boys, or their If you want to know about a lathe or a drill press, these thirteen instructor, Mr. Price. will set you right in a moment. They are: The Thinker Our Hard At Work Teachers' Pet Silas Marner ??'? Frank Conti James Davenport Edward Fazzone Domenick Felice Eugene Ferrante Angelo Flora Robert Greaf Nick Masters Robert McLaughlin Joseph Petrucci Poseph Petrucci Peter Richards Leon Sasiadek SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Feller and Warden Track Star Newhouser Play Boy Price Dreamer Ship P. VV. Ahoy Wimpy George Murphy 11449 The Wise Men The Whom Gang Cradle Buddies Snatcher The Work House The Shop Eleven Peace Time Dreamer THE VOCATIONAL ELECTRIC SHOP GROUP B These ten live wires are the Electric Shop. To the boys, it's the "Shock Shop Mr. Harris is their instructor. They are: a:Daggiev1 Six Boys and Matthew Missey Gruesome Twosome A. C. Experts How Many are I Electric ians? James Coulter Frank Nocera Michael DeCaprio Donald Quarello William Fulkerson William Smolnik Raymond Kendall Stanley Szuba Matthew Missey Willard Voisey SNAPSHOT IDEN TIF ICATIONS Our Master Smokey" "Don" "Mike" They'll ' Soon be Asleep Ray HFEl'g16U He's Always Workin'! 'iMrs. Jo." "Stush" Just Me D. C. Buddies K'Shock Shop" l and Boss A Game of Marbles? Loafers! Their Favorite Pastime SCHOOL CHAMPS Over 350 students participated in the class basketball tournament which was supervised this year by head basketball coach Bill Douglass, and student director Armand Lucidore. When the smoke of battle had cleared, the above team stood alone in the undefeated ranks. This team from Mr. Duff's session room has earned this year's title of "SCHOOL CHAMPS OF '47" Left to Right-Front Row: Mr. Duff, Ray Dombroski, Bob Dunkle, Harold Farris, Tony DeFelice, Elbert Jay: Student Director Armand Lucidore. Back Row: Dick Dangle, Carl Zappia, James Fauzey. HUMUH DOG TALES "Some plants,', said the teacher, 'have the prefix dog. For instance there is the dogrose, the dogwood, the dogviolet. Now name another plant prefixed by dog." "I can," shouted a little redhead from the back row. "Collie flower." --k--k-4K-- John Coles was hurrying to school, and-as he hurried, he prayed, "Dear God, don't let me be late-please, God, don't let me be late." Just then as he ran he stumbled, and exclaimed, "Well, you don't have to shove, do you?" -+:-+:-+- The automobile motor pounded and suddenly wheezed to a stop on a lonely road. "I wonder," said Don Dean, "what the knock is." "Maybe," suggested Patty Joe, "it's opportunity." A -'k-4K-4k-- Chuck Rea stepped into the store the other day and asked for a pair of socks. Clerk: "What number, please?" Chuck: "Two, you dumbell. Do I look like a centipede?" --4K-4K-4K-- Phyllis Reid: "Archie was the goal of my ambition, but . . . ' Olivia: "But what?" Phyllis: "Father kicked the goal." -+:-+:-+r- Jim Preston: "Didn't she let you kiss her?" Bud Bush: "Oh, heavens no! She isn't that kind." Jim: "She was to me." --4K-'k-4l- A senior walked along the railroad track The train was coming fast, The train got off the railroad track To let the senior pass. , -41--K-'Ill Lady of the House: "Have you given the goldfish fresh water today?' Maid: "No ma'am. They still haven't finished what I gave them yes- terdayf' -+:-4:-4:- Archie Zarone: "Why did the moron fill up the gymnasium with water?' Johnny Brindle: "You tell me." . Archie: "Because he heard that the coach was going to send in a "sub, 7 I H .vu D -I- Z : Succeed Each year at this time, when another class is about to be graduated from our Alma Mater, we are reminded of the story about a bumblebee. This bumblebee, about which we are reminded, is no different than most bumblebeesg but we like to use him to prove our point. According to the theory of aerodynamics, and as may be readily demonstrated through wind tunnel experiments, the bumblebee is unable to fly. This is because the weight, shape and size of his body in relation to his wingspread, make fiying impossible. But the bumblebee, being ignorant of these scientiiic truths, has the determination and education. So he just goes ahead and Hies anyway . . . and makes a little honey every day. Thatls just the way it has been with many former stu- dents of Ne-Ca-Hi and we sincerely hope it will be the same with you. When Mr. Know-it-all tells you it can't be done, don't waste your best years being annoyed . . , just go ahead and do it anyway. We, at Johnson Bronze, know you can. Now may we extend our hearty congratulations on your graduation. ,vt Joi-1NsoN BRONZE 490 S. MILL STREET ' NEW CASTLE, PA. SENIOR BOYS' THEME ON SOAP Soap is a kind of stuff that is made into nice looking cakes that smell good and taste awful. Soap always gets in your eyes, but the result is clean- liness. My pa says Eskimos don't use soap. We think Mr. Thompson thinks we are Eskimos for there is never any soap in the boys' shower room. -+:-+:-fx- IS YOUR GIRL FRIEND ELEOIRICAL? av- Q' When your girl is sulky and will not speak-Exciter. If she talks too long-Interrupter. If she becomes too excited--Controller. If her ways of thinking are not yours-Converter If she is willing to come half way-Meter. If she will come all the way-Receiver. If she wants to go farther-Conductor. If she wants to be an angel-Transformer. i'k--K--iK-- Don: Darling, I'd go through anything for you. Mary: Okay, for a starter, try that door. --il-4K-'K- Joe: What should I get my girl for her birthday? Jack: What does she like? Joe: She likes me. - Jack: Oh, then she should like anything. -+f-+r-+:- Jim: I call my girl "airplane J ane." Bill: Why? Jim: Cause she keeps me up in the air. -+r-+r-+:- She: What a jitterbugger! Did you ever take dancing lessons? Het: No, but I studied wrestling! -+r--x-+:- Joan: I feel like a new person today. Jack: What's the matter with ME? -+:-+:-x- Rich: I could't make up my mind whether to give you a box of candy or a kiss. Which would you rather have? Janet fShylyJ:: l'm on a diet. -+:-+:-+r- Don Bailey:"Do you use toothpaste?" Bill Stoner: "Heavens, no. None of my teeth are loose." Compliments of Edward D. Pritchard A L D E R M A N znd WARD Real Estate and Insurance 120 N. MERCER STREET Phone 3212 NEW CASTLE, PA. SEE THE NEWEST Class Rings and Pins IN BLACK ONYX, MOTHER OF PEARL AND SOLID GOLD Reasonably Priced at JACK GERSON Yourjeweler if 200 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. Congratulations January Class of '47 D. C. Ramsey Sz Sons BUILDERS' SUPPLIES HARDWARE PAINTS ,Wx 4200-Phones-4201 306-20 Croton Avenue New Castle, Pa. Comphments of NORTH MILL STREET NEW CASTLE PA AXE'S 'E If you are planning an auto tour this year, get a large road map. It will tell you everything you want to know, except how to fold it up again. -+:-+:-+:- Bud Bush is one of those fellows who always grabs the stool when there's a piano to be moved. -41-'IK-ii The question is not where civilization began, but when it Will. --4K-4l-'K-- Janis: als it true that when you are learning to ride a horse, you get a headache?" Bill: "No, it's just the opposite." --'k--k--k-- No woman is so angelic as to prefer a halo to a hat. ' -+k--k-4K-- The surest way to keep a thing out of the Ne-Ca-Hi Lites, is not to do it. --K-'k-+K-- Pictures are better than words. Think how utterly flat and unimpres- sive the word "crumpled" Was until fenders were invented. -+:-+:-x- Mr. Margraf: "Name two inventions of Edison." Bob Oesterlingg "Edison invented the talking machine, and the inde- cent lamp." ---'k-'k-4K- He was only a man in his early flirties. -41--+I-411 Traveling Man: "Some tornado we had around here last night. Do any damage to your barn?" Farmer: "I don't know, hain't found the durn thing yet." --4K-4K-4K- Nora: "Elmer said he was going to marry the prettiest girl in town." Dora: "The idea! Why, I don't even know him!" 141-41-iii Teacher: "How far are you from the right answer?" Pupil: "About five seats." BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS GLENN E. MONTGOMERY PHOTOGRAPHER l18bNORTH MILL STREET NEW CASTLE. PA. To the Graduate . . . Congratulations and May You Continue to Achieve Success as J. C. PENNY co., Inc Department Stores Compliments of G O L D T O N E S T U D I O 3 Graduation Portraits Our Specialty EB NEW CASTLE'S MOST MODERN STUDIO 3 SWEETHEART PAGE "Glory, Honor, and 'AFFECTIONH' But there's nothing half so sweet in life As 10ve's young dream. -Moore ',, .1 M L L f: . xv J H 5 it .,. f 2 wig'-71 Z: 4 5553555525573 J ' ' 1 'Wifi S' L. IF! 1 J lk 1 ui, Xl ,,, , if "' 'I 'l,'ll:lf' tb s X I X lx 1 '1 H X -x sc 4 no 'Fw ls v ,O f X LI-. 3 1 B' 3 Q . e X Q - - I 5 Nl . 2 E , , -.: 1 5 f fp- If " C -L . K -7 " I A 'V X X Dec Bob Osterling: "Hey, look at that bunch of cows." Bob Earl: "Not bunch, herd." Bob O.:"Heard what'?' Bob E.: "Herd of cows." Bob O.: "Sure I've heard of cows." I Bob E.: "I mean a cow herd." Bob O.: "Well, what do I care if a cow heard? I didn't say anything I'm ashamed of." -+r-+:-+r- EXecutive:"How was everything while I was away?" Donna Reynolds: "Oh, I had a terrible time. The pencils made a num- ber of pointed remarks, the scissors cut up, Bill got stuck on a file, the calen- dar expected to get a month off, reports were hear all over the place, and the blotter drank it all in without doing anything about it. Thank goodness the glue stuck around, and the paper weight helped to hold things downf' -+:-+:-+:- Shirley Urban: "l've changed my mind." Bob Jones: "Good, does it work any better now?" -+r-+r--k- Bus Kendall was speeding along the highway one day when a state trooper caught up with him and made him pull over to the side of the road. "What do you mean by exceeding the speed limit?" asked the trooper. "Well, you see," replied Bus, "my brakes are bad, and I was in a hurry to get home before I had an accident." . -+:-+:-+:- Dick:"You say your father has invented something that has broken all records. What is it?" - Tom: "A new phonograph needle." -fx-+:--x- Alfonso Marcotuli: "That's a funny pair of socks you have on-one is green and the other is red." Howard McCracken: "Yes, and would you believe it, I have another pair exactly like them at home." i4K-'k-fk- A driverless automobile is said to be "making a hit in the West." One would think it would make several. - 1-k-4K--K- Ann Shewman: "The Lord made us beautiful and dumb." Jim Preston: "How's that?" Ann: "Beautiful so the men would love us-and dumb so we could love them." Compliments of NEW CASTLE REFRACTORIES C O M P A N Y ii Z.--'gi . Fi-" ? Castle, - - Pennsylva UNITED ENGINEERING AND FOUNDRY COMPANY Compliments of They had been sitting on the porch for several hours. At long last Fred leaned over and kissed her. Immediately Dot began to scream, "Please stop it." "I won't do it again," he said. "Silly boy, I'm not complaining, I'm cheering," she replied. -+:-+:-+-- Pat: "There's one thing I want to tell you before you go any further." Carl: "What's that?" Pat: "Don't go any further." -+:-+:-+r- Teacher: "What's that you're working on?" Student: "A fluid that will dissolve anything." Teacher: "That's a great idea, but what are you going to keep in it?" -+:-+:--x- Phil: "What is meant by a close shave in football?" Archie: "When Colgates meets Williams." -+:-+:-+:- Manuel: "It is reported that 1,000 hair dressers sailed for the South." Joe: "Why so many at once?" Manuel: "They got a big job. They're to curl the locks of the Panama Canal." Mrs. Tate: "You're wanted on the phone, Al." Al: 'Tm so hoarse, I can't talk." Mrs. Tate: "You Won't have to, it's Barb." -+:-+r-x- Chester Shoaf: "The trouble with life is that there are so many beau- tiful Women-and so little time." -+:-+:-+r- Jim Bowers:QSenior Hall Captain addressing his new hall patrolsjz "I can lick anyone on my force." Sophomore: "You can't lick me." Jim: "You are no longer on my force." -+:-+:-+:- Pil: "Do you love me?" Chuck: "Don't be silly, why do you think I bought you that coke last Week?" , -+:-4x-+r- Lawrence Sonntag: "Do you believe in clubs for women?" John Brindle:"Yes, if every other form of persuasion fails." SEAVY'S STUDIO New Castle P Hugh School and Colleae Photographs PORTRAITS D st . a. -.,.,5w,.A,., . I I 0. A Q Modern and i incti Compliments of CREASEY COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 8 313 Grove Street New Castle, Pa. A New Modern Store EB TO SERVE A MODERN COMMUNITY 3 THE NEW CASTLE STORE Compliments of E L L I O T T and WADDINGTON 116-118 N. Mercer Street Phone 3600 88 RADIO. AUTOMOTIVE AND PAINT PRODUCTS !U 1 1 L U L, U 4 N L, fm U lb: 'X Nl 3 xg , .Q I s ll If Ml f W. ,H Q L H i I Wk U +1 O Q V o i O A 1 w L. Q W J 3 f 0 L O C O W V l O O O C: Q Vi LJ 9 V L f , , , ,1 O f J W E, U 5 BEFORE AND AFTER I am not now That which I have been -Byron Mary Helen J im Norma Bruce Mittler Gibbons Preston Pillifant Gibson Bruce Patty Bob Chuck Patsy Gibson Mack Oesterling Rea Stitzinger M arie Helen Shirley Patty Olson Gibbons Urban Mack Bob Muriel Donna Chuck Oesterling Vogan Magill Rea Patti Marilyn Norma Bilzi Sandler Pilifant Marilyn Jayne Marie Muriel Patsy. Shirley Sandler Stoddart- Olson Vogan Stitzinger Urban Donna Jimmy Cox Donna Sally Marita Jim Jean and Magill Eroe Baatz Preston Orr Patty Jo Leyde Marita Joan Rosemary Jayne Patti Baatz Alexander Turner Stoddart Bilzi Willard . Voisey Sally Donna Joan Willard Patty Jo Rosemary Eroe Jean Alexander Voisey Leyde Mary TLu'ner Orr and Mittler Jimmy Cox --k-fk-+r- Coxy: "What's that you've got in your button-hole?" Homer Miles: "That's a Chrysanthemum." Coxy: "Looks like a rose to me." Homer: "Nope, it's a chrysanthemumf' Coxy: "Whaddya mean? Spell it." Homer: "K-R-I-S .... by golly, it is a rose!" --+:-+:-+:- L o v E Girl sending a telegram to her boyfriend. It contained only a name, address, and one Word, "Yes" The clerk told her she could send five more words for the same price. She then said, "Yes, I know, but I'd look too 0 7! eager if I said it six times. f-k-'K-4K- Neighbor: "Your dog howled all night. Pat Bilzi: "That's a sign of death. Whose, I wonder?" 79 0 Neighbor: "Your dog's, if he howls again tonight." O A father was giving the family a detailed account of how he had pre- vented a fight on his construction job. "It was just as one of the men picked up a shovel and shouted, 'l'll knock your brains out,' he related, "that I stepped fearlessly between them." Little Junior, who had been listening with bated breath cried out: "I'll bet he couldn't knock any brains out of you, could he, pop?" -+:-+:--x- Dear Jim fMcFarlandJ: Come tomorrow evening, sure, papa is at home, but is laid up with a very sore foot, see" Dear Marion fHemmettD: I can't come tomorrow evening I'm laid up on account of your father's sore foot, see?" -+:-+:-x- Miss Riddle trapping on desklz' "Order please." George Morgan: "Make mine Pepsi Cola." ,--+r-fx-x- Lady fto grocery "I want some lard." Grocer: "Pail?" Lady: "I didn't know you could get diiferent shades." -+:-+:-+:- Mrs. Nelson fabout to buy a new hatj "What kind of bird should liget?" Mr. Nelson: "One with a small bill." -+r-+1-ar- Carol Pattersen fshopping in a men's storeij "Do you have something particularly nice for a young man?" Bystander: "Have you looked in the mirror?" -4K-4K-'k-- Ches Shoaf: "My theory is not to tear my hair out over a woman." Paul Flamino: "Why?" Shoafy: "It would be harder to meet the next one if you're bald." -+f-+:-+:- You may find a girl that has never been kissed, but you'll never find a girl that has been kissed only once. --x-+:-+r- Donna: "Love makes the world go round." Anne: "Yes, with that worried expression." -+:-+:-+:- Connie:"Wolves are like railroad trains. You like to hear the whistle even if you don't want to go anywhere." With Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class UNIVERSAL SANITARY MFG. COMPANY New Castle, Pa. Camden, N J. Mentone, Cal Chester: "My, my, so you lost your girl--what happened?" Archie: "Nothing much, I just flattered her until she was too proud to speak to me." -fx-+r-+:- Bridy: "There is so much noise in the class that I can't hear myself talk." Red Richards: "Don't worry, you're not missing much." -4K-'K-'K+- Man Cstanding in the middle of a busy streetlz "Officer, can you tell me how to get to the hospital?" Policeman: "Sure, just stand where you are." -K-K-Xi Boss: "Yes, I want an office boy. Do you smoke?" Jim Mc: "No thank you sir, but I wouldn't mind having an ice cream, cone." ---K-:K--k- Shirley: "What do you mean by kissing me?" Bob: "I just couldnlt help myself." Shirley: "But you just did." -+:-fx-+r- Janet: "This is the worst town for gossip I ever lived in." Natalie "H'm! What have you been doing?" i'lK-K--K- George: "Will you love me if I give up all my bad habits?" Norma: "But, George, how could you expect me to love a perfect stranger?" -4K-'K-4l-- Jim Bowers: "Is anybody looking?" Jack Skuba: "No," j Jim Bowers: "Then we don't have to smoke." -+r-+:-+f- Bud: "Hello there, Jim. Had any luck shooting?" Jim: "I should say I did. I shot 17 ducks in one day." Bud: "Were they wild?" , Jim: "Well lno, not exactly: but the farmer who owned them was." -+r-+r-+r- It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt. Compliments of KEYSTONE FURNITURE COMPANY -mqgf Egg- New Castle, Pa. Correct Clothes . . . Are An Important Part of Life LEVINE'S The Store of Nationally Advertised Men's Wear Next to Penn Theatre Congratulations Graduates from the Strouss-Hirshberg Co. 'E One of New Castle's Better Stores Compliments of CONEY ISLAND LUNCH T Mitsos and Papazikos Proprietors Compliments ot RICHMAN BROTHERS 3' Fine Clothes For Men and Young Men F' New Castle, Pa. Store 124 East Washington St SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Normal There's Atlas- Hold it Onesy, then there's the twosy boys. ' threesy- kick "Supermen" The graven Cowboy Up and at 'em image E Jeane!?!?!? How far Hold Bathing will that your ' Beauty?? , Look get you, fire! Handsome, Huh? Pretty Ches? , "Who s The dome on the right" Sturdy Why so Legs Dollies doubtful? Attention! Wind Smile blown Pals Pretty! Vacation Time Q --+-+:-+:- fTwo girls walking down Washington Street hunting for a movie to go toy-Coming to one starring Red Skelton, one said, "Let's go there, it sounds like a thriller." . ---x-+r-+r- Janet Everett asked to launch a ship, was asked if she had any question before the ceremony. She replied, "How hard do I have to hit it to knock it into the water?" ---k-+k-+r- She received a letter from hr boy friend with the salutation "Dear C5H703N." After having it analyzed by a chemist she found out- it was the formula for saccharine. ' ' -+:--x-+r- Caroline Cox: "You surely are a good dancer." Bob Mitchell: "Thank you. I'm sorry I can't return the compliment." Caroline: "You could if you were as big a liar as I am." -+r-+:-+r- Miss Riddle: Joe, punctuate this sentence, 'Miss Jones, the beautiful young lady, walked down the street! " Joe Lombardo: "Pd make a dash after Miss J ones." --1x-+r-+r- George Morgan: "Where did the expression 'Step on it, Kid' originate?" Earl Williams: "When Sir Walter Raleigh laid down his cloak for Lizzie." Paul: "What do I have to give you for a kiss?' Rosemary: "Chloroform!" -+:-+-+:- Mr. Bailey: "Son, when I was you age, I got up at six every morning and walked ten miles, and thought nothing of it." I Don: "Well, dad, I don't think much of it either." -4x-+:-x- Overheard: 'LBut your diet obviously isn't working-you're putting on weight under each eye." --+:-x-+r- . Several high school boys were discussing shaving. Most of them hadn't had that experience yet, but a few had made tentative experiments with a razor. i ' "Why, I've shaved for two years," Jack McKibben bragged heroically, then added in not such a heroic tone-"and cut myself both times.." ' -+x-+--x- Muriel Vogan was asked to write an essay on "The Funniest Thing I Ever Saw." She was finished in a minute flat and Miss Johnson asked to see her paper. Muriel had written: "The funniest thing I ever saw was too funny for words." --x-+r-+:- Paul Flamino was ordered to remain after school and write a 500 word theme for punishment. In a short time, he submitted the following: "When you stand and look down the railroad track, the tracks get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller fand so on to complete the necessary 500 wordsj. -4:-+1--x-V Vic Ross: "Why did you leave your girl's house so early?" Ray Ross: "We were sitting on the sofa and she turned out the lights, guess I can take a hint." I -+r-+x-+r- Mr. Margraf:"Does the moon affect the tide?" Katie Shabala: "No, only the untiedf' -+:-1x-+:- Rolly Nord: "Love that girl!" Jim Carson: "Second the motion." ' Q -+:-+-4r- Elbert Jay: "Fishing?" Wayne Sines: "No, just drowning worms." -+-+:-+:- Don: 'tHe was driven to his grave." P. J.: "Well, did you expect him to walk?" CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE C A S S 0 F 4 7 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND NEW CASTLE PA L 9 2 co Compliments of LEAVITT FURS Home of Three Year Guarantee Fur Coats 7 203 EAST WASHINGTON STREET NEW CASTLE. PA The class was discussing who was smarter, boys or girls. Howard Ashton, an outspoken lad, said, "Girls," The boys glared at him as if he were a traitor. Blushing, but undismayed, Howard continued, "It's this way, fellows, later on we've got to marry them, so we may as well begin telling them now and get it over with." -4:-x-+r- l "Iceland," said Mr. McBurney in geography class," is about half as large as Siamf' "Iceland," wrote Sam Bertlino at examination time, "is about half as large as teacher." t -+:-+:-+:- Dee: "Can you drive with one hand'?"' Carmen: "You bet I can." Dee: "Then have an apple." -+:-+:-4x- Bill: "Do you want to marry a one-eyed man?" Janis: "No, why?" Bill: "Then let me carry your umbrella." --x-+:-+r- Father: "Patti, did Bruce smoke in the parlor last night? I found some burnt matches there." Patti: "Oh, no, father, he just lit one or two to see what time it was." --x-fx--x- Marie: fopening her eyesl "I had the right of way, didn't I?" Bystander: "Yeh, but the other fellow had a truck." -+r-+r-+r- Space is the only thing some pupils take up in school. Problems of a school-boy tend to keep the home sires burning. If children had their way, the school teacher would be paid so well that she could retire immediately. Marie Olson-the girl who can't add but certainly can distract. It's not the school, it's the principal of the thing. A teacher is one who is paid to study the sleeping conditions among the students. Nothing grieves a student more than to learn something he wasn't required to learn. --k--4f-4K-- In Miss Johnston's room, Bob Mitchell was discussing the merits of the modern girl as compared to Miranda. "Modern girls may be affected but they don't put on much." ---k--k-4K- Some girls in high school pursue learning, while others learn pursuing. Compliments of S I N E S nADxos -- HEARING AIDS Sales and Service 25 37 North Mercer Street New Castle, Pa. NEW CASTLE FRUIT 8: PRODUCE CO. -431 ly.- Wholesale Dealers In FRUIT and PRODUCE 307 Grove Street New Castle. Pa. The Danish Pastry Shop Phone 3523 28 North Mill Street F MAKERS OF FINE CAKES AND PASTRIES Compliments of HIGHLAND MARKET Groceries. Meats and Produce 'ECE 1101 Highland Avenue Phone 125 BEST WISHES F L E M I N G MUSIC CENTER iii 29 North Mill Street Compliments of Citizens Lumber Co. 312 WHITE STREET PHONE 3500 -Fine Millwork and Lumber Compliments of Eckerd's Drug Store - ""N New Castle. Pa. VIRGINIA MANOR Home of Southern Fried Chicken lHobo Style! Phone 91 17 Wilmington Road H I f w . E M J ' F , VV 1 I L, U 1 5 ik ,fl 1 C fl L1 f W . g! In 1, ,rl J il fl iN il fx I 1 , E , U fi fl EY ' u fy ' x 1 .3 fy W 1 N 'w u J C fu V, , C: U O V LI i, X r fi :W L i 1, 1 I , U ig H -f 3? H SNAPSHOT I IDENTIFICATIONS Pals Students Glamour Leap, Take Don't think Frog Your it ain't gonna Holding Pick be a pleasure- Up the pole Happy Little A. lazy Days Girls Innocent? day Dee Way Nice After Up-Sa- Back tree Hours Daisy When Nice "Mr. "Lucky" Fellow Muzzey' Lutz Just 13 Watch Sports out! Bill He just Let me Just , Rub Smile! looked at up! plain Down Shoaf Bill Handsome Two Ray Melcer Jim Cox Monkeys and his well- ' known Band Jack "Jonesy" At Ease Wall- Is it cold Flowers "Pee-jay?" My name's Cee Let's Al Tate- A day Betty not be Dupes "Bucky" What's your off coy! excuse? It Latin can't won't Rover Figure keep them We three light it out The Art Staff that happy! J. P. The Big Three Homer, Kelliher, Look at Messin' Bill Esq. da Boidy Around and Harve Lest we forget Miss Bartlett charged us each two hours Nice Legs -1x-+r-x- After receiving a composition with a long list of dots and dashes at the bottom of the sheet: Miss Johnston: t"What is the meaning of these marks?" Bob Osterling: "Those marks? Why, they're punctuation marksg put them in to suit yourself." Girl Boy Boy -4:-+1-+:- or-1. PSYGHIATRYQ "Yes" "Go ahead." : "Can you read my mind?l' Girl: "No, you go ahead." Teacher: "You surely know what the word 'mirror' means. After you have washed, what do you look at to see if your face is clean?" Roland Nord: "The towel." -X-K-Ki Mrs. McCune: "What is a circle?" Jim Hamilton: "A round line." --+r-+:-+r- Manuel Christos: "How long can a person live without brains?" Eddie Miller: "I don't know, how old are you?" -4l-'K-'K- Cliff: "That sun is shining in my face." Barb: "That's all right. The sun is a good germ killer." LAMENT- I sit alone in the moonlight Forsaken by women and meng And murmur over and over, l'll never eat onions again. -x-+r-+:- Ed Hoye: "Since I first met you I can't eat, I can't sleep." Mary Jane: "Why?" Ed Hoye: 'Tm broke!" -x-+:-fx- Karl Appel: "I dreamed last night that I had invented a new type of breakfast food and was sampling it when .... " Mr. Margraf: "Yes, yes, go on." Karl: "I woke up and found a corner of the mattress gone." -+-+--x- Anna Terranova: "What kind of cake is that anyway?" Jean Tammelleo "lt's a marble cake. Want a piece?" Anna: "No, thanks, l'll 'just take it for granite." --x-+r-1x- Bruce Gibson: "Why do you suppose there are fewer train accidents than automobile accidents?" Mr. Gibson: "Well, I guess maybe it's because the engineer isn't in the habit of one-arm driving with the fireman." --4K-'K-4K-- People who throw kisses are mighty near hopelessly lazy. N C H S CLASS RINGS J B NIELSEN Jeweler and Optometrist EXPERT WATCHMAKERS ESTABLISHED 1904 ON THE PUBLIC SQUARE Diamonds -:- Watches -:- Jewelry -:- Radios GRADUATING? TO WHAT? "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are going." Under the American democratic system - call it capitalism, free-enterprise or whatever you will - the individual has gained the gratst degre of personal dignity and the wor1d's highest standard of living. What better proof is needed that the direction we are going is right? All Americans working together made it so. We must all continue working together and keep on the track that will mean ,even better living for all. PENNSYLVANIA POWER COMPANY PEARSON BRICK COMPANY -+r-+r-x- 115 East Sl. New Castle, Pennsylvania "The human anatomy is a. wonderful bit of mechanism," observed Mr. Nelson." "Yes," agreed Penrith Goff, "Pat a man on the back and you'll make his head swell." -4x-+-+:- John: "I owe a lot to Ne-Ca-Hi." Charlene: "Don't worry, you can probably skip the country before they catch you." -+:-+:-+:- Dad: "Did you have the car out last night?" Jim Carson: "Yes, dad, I took some of the boys for a run around." Dad: "Well, tell them I've found two of their lipsticksf' -+:-+:-+r- He: fwith hands over her eyes! "If you can't guess who it is in three guesses, I'm going to kiss you!" Dixie Smith: "J ack Frost, Davy Jones, Santa Claus." ' -x-+:-+:-- By fertilizing his farm freely, planting it scientifically and cultivating it with diligence, Bob Oesterling recently harvested thirty bushels of grass- hoppers to the acre. -+:-+:-+:- Miss Dinsmore: "Where's the capitol of the United States?" Bill Stoner: "In Europe." -+r-+:-fx- Mrs. Rainer: "Joan, Jack brought you home very late last night, didn't he?" Joan: "Yes, it was late, mother. Did the noise disturb you?" Mrs. Ranier "No, Joan, it wasn't the noise, it was the silence." -4K-4I-'K--- Paul Flamino: "Mr, Casillo, what goes 99-klunk! 99-klunk! 99-klunk!" Mr. Casillo "I don't know, Paul. What goes 99-klunk?', Paul: "A centipede with a wooden leg." -+-+:-fx- Mr. Bush: "Bud, every time you're a bad boy, I get a gray hair." Bud: "My gosh, pop, whatever did you do when you were a boy, Grand- pa's bald!" -'lI-4K-4K-- 'Will you marry me?" "I will never marry." "That's what they all say, but they're still building schoolhousesf' Compliments of H A M M O N D MUSIC STORE sw 38 North Mill Street New Castle. Pa. SANDWICH AND ICE CREAM BAR SUNSET DAIRY Corner of Wilmington and Euclid Avenues Frosts, Sodas. Sundaes. Delicatessen IF YOU ARE GOING AWAY TO COLLEGE VISIT OUR LUGGAGE DEPARTMENT The Best Is Not Too Good SPORTING GOODS STORE 105 North Mercer Street New Castle P CASTLE STATIONERY New Castle Pa . a. Compliments of Compliments of ALEXANDERIS wEs'r1NGHoUsE APPLIANCES AND PHILCO RADIOS 33 North Mill Street New Castle. Pa. Compliments ot VALLEY AUTO SPRING CO. Q-an 25 North Beaver Street New Castle. Pa. Compliments of JESSE N. KERR -DIAMONDS- Jeweler -- Silversmith .WN 5 North Mill Street New Castle, Pa. Compliments of New Castle Lumber and Supply Company E Grant Street New Castle, Pa. SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS The Farmer's Grand Daughter Chorus Two Jims Just Wrestling The and a tree Build It's just Snow which t'It's my lazy the car falls day . . ." "With the wind Is that a Fugitives and the rain in fact? from a re- Gaze on all your hair . . ." form school that H20 The fellows Room The Just i'Ugly No. 16 Prof. up . . . Chile" ". . . and her l:15p. m. :Sc A bathing suit his never got wet? friends Jean Where's The and? Q Bruce? O'Schwartz car -x-+r--x- A SHAKESPEARE ON THE RADIO Let me have about me men that are fat, sleek-headed men, and such as sleep 0' nights with Sanka Coffee." "Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look. Methinks he has not had his Wheaties this morn." "The quality of mercy is not strained, it falleth like the gentle rain upon the place beneath. Like gifts from Ye Olde Giftie Shoppe, it blesseth him who gives and him who takes." -+:-+r-+-- Karl Appel's mother was obsessed with the idea of cleanliness. In spite of the very frequent baths to which he was subjected, the boy thrived. One day a friend commented upon his rapid growth. "Oh, yes,', said Karl, "it's mother's fault. She waters me too much." -x-+r-4:- FOOLED AGAIN When you first looked at this We'll bet you thought it was a poem, But now you know it isn't. Isn't it funny how people will keep on reading, Even though they know they are being fooled? -+:-+r--x- Miss Kerr: "What in this roorn is sphere?" Patty Mack: "I have a sphere cold." Al Marcotuli-the guy who has a good memory for old jokes and hopes others haven't. -+r--x-+:- Bill Hanna recently learned that some are born with black eyes, but others have to fight for them. ' -+r-+r-+r- Bob Osterling was delivering vegetables to a public sanitarium for the mentally unbalanced. A patient saluted him. "You're a farmer, ain't you." Bob said he was. The guest of the state said, "I used to be a farmer once." "Did you?" "Yes. Say, farmer, did you ever try being crazy?" Bob started to move on when he heard, "Well, you ought to try it, it beats farmin' all hollow." --x-+:--x- Mr. Margraf in Physics class: "Look! the barometer's falling!" Paul Flamino: fvery calmlyl "It probably wasn't nailed up right." -4r-+r-+:-- Reading From Macbeth Bob Osterling treading the part of the carousing porterj: "We were caressing 'til two o'clock." -+:-fx-+:- Hink: "We're coming to a tunnel. Are you afraid?" Mary Jane: "Not if you take that cigarette out of your mouth!" -+:-+:-+:- Bill: "May I come nearer?" Janice: "No, I'm afraid if you do you'll . . . Bill: "No, honestly I Won't." Janice: "What's the use then?" -4K-4K-4k-- COn the front porchj. Bob: "You look cold. Shall I take off my coat and put it around you?" Shirley: "Oh, no, don't take it oiT." B -+:-+:-+:-- Miss Elliott: "I want some good current literature." Helen Gibbons: "Here are some books on electric lightning." -+:-+:--x- - Joe Thompson: "What are names of the bones in your hand?" Jim Gillespie: "Dice" CONGRATULATIONS . . SUNNY ACRES if CURB SERVICE if Youngstown Road GUS MENS and BOYS SPORTSWEAR ADAM HATS ADAM SHIRTS -..qi ..- 106 East Washington St New Castle Pa McBr1de Shannon C0 -.. -,.,.- Insurance 238 East Washington St Bell 519 New Castle Pa WATKIN S. AGENCY Insurance PHONE 797 102 N Mercer Street New Castle Pa CONGRATULATIONS FROM TURNER'S JEWELRY GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING 17 North Mercer Street Opposite Penn Theatre L E N S MENSWEAR -,.-JA 340- 12 East Washington Street On the Diamond Compliments of New Castle Dlllltll6 C0 9 4' READY MIXED CONCRETE CONCRETE BLOCKS Compliments of MATHER BROS C0 JEwELEns and s1LvEnsM1'rHs 2'-Z5 NEW CASTLE PA TH' 4121- srfh ' ' - -., ..- -993+ Mother:"NoW, Junior, be a good boy and say 'Ah-h-h-,' so the doctor can get his finger out of your mouth." 1-k-4K--K-- We are beginning to wonder whether, after all, splitting the atom was such a Wise crack. -4K-+K-4K- "How did you like my voice?" "Well, I've played the White keys, I've played the black keys, but you're the first one I ever saw that could sing in the cracks." -+:-+-+:- Sign on a theatre near-by: "2 SHOCKING PICTURES LIVE WIRE AND THEN THERE WERE NONE" -+:-+r-+:- I Miss Taylor " . . . and so in an old English churchyard what might we see?" Tom Weide: "Gray's effigy." ' -4l-'K-'K- Bill Nickum: "Do you think I should put more fire into my speeches?" An honest friend: "No, vice versa." --fx-+:-4:- Mr. Duff: "What are the two tenors doing?" , Homer Miles: "Oh, we're carrying these risers up to the stage." Mr. Duff: "What risers?" Homer: "Gosh, Bud, we forgot the risers!" -x-+:-+:- Overheard On A City Bus "Ya like to read, doncha?" "Sure." "Whatcha like to read?" "Oh, L'il Abner, Superman, Terry and the Pirates." "You like O. Henry?" "Naw. The nuts get in my teeth." -+:-+:-+:- "I'll give you 35.00 if you'1l let me paint you." fhesitatingj: "I dunno whether I want you to or not." "You'll sure get your money. Here's the 55.00 in advance." "Tain't that, stranger, I was just wondering how Ild get the paint off afterward." LOCKLEY MACHINE COMPANY -0551 PRODUCTION MACHINING Phone 6550 310-312 GROVE STREET NEW CASTLE. PENNSYLVANIA Congratulations Class of '47 HITE DAIRY iz? 920 West Washxngton St Compliments of S P E N C E R PAINT and GLASS COMPANY W 3 Compliments ot CONN WELDING an MACHINE CO 108 Croton Avenue New Castle Pennsylvama Comphments ot -if Royal Typewrlter C0 WE LIKE IT Rentals Repalrs Supphes THE WAY YOU LIKE IT Phone 1314 J 33 East Street New Castle P F. D. Webster' Representative Mr. Cole: "Well, son, what have you been doing all afternoon?" Dick: "Shooting craps." Mr. Cole: "Well, that must stop. Those little things have as much right to live as you have." --x-4:-+:- He was waiting in the parlor, And he said unto the light, "Either you or I, old fellow, Will be turned down tonight." -+-+r-x- Mr. Book was making a hurried visit to Mrs. Mullen's overcrowded session room. "Any abnormal children in your class?" he asked. "Yes," she replied. "Two of them have good manners." ---k-4K-+K-- Stanton Cushner fnot having seen him for some timelz "How have you been sleeping?" Carl Zappia: "I sleep pretty good nights, and I sleep pretty good mornings, but afternoons I just seem to twist and turn." -+:-+-+:- Joe: "That waiter is either a fool or a humoristf' Manuel: "What's the matter?" Joe: "I ordered extract of beef and he brought me a glass of milk." -+1-+r-+r- Marjorie Van handed in the following as the principal parts of a Latin verb: "Slippeo, slippere, falli, bumpusf' When Miss VanDiVort returned the paper it read: "Fallio, failere, flunco, suspendumf' -+:-+:-x- "Getting your saddle on backwards, aren't you?" "That's all you know about it, smarty. You don't even know which way I'm going." I -+:-+r-+r- Mrs. Everett: "I must say, dear, your daughter certainly is improving in her playing." Marilyn Mikels Qfrom next roomjz 'Tm not playing the piano. I'm dusting." --x--x-+:- Midge: "What's the difference between ammonia and pneumonia?" Evelyn: "Why, ammonia comes in bottles and pneumonia comes in chests." To The Graduate . . . Congratulations and May You Continue to Achieve Success WM C. GRANNIS PAINTING and DECORATING C 0 N T R A C T O R Phoe 1302 New Castle, Pa. B E S T W I S H E S from M 0 0 N E Y B R 0 S . - BUILDING MATERIALS - Ready - Mixed Concrete Highest Quality Concrete Building Block . f. ZaKIQ9'4+': "Zi 'W 7 N. W7 Phone 5260 133 Mahoning Ave. New Castle, Pa I . I , , I I I I I I I I I I I II II II II II II II II 'I II II I ,I II II LI gl II I II I II II I II I II I ,I I -I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS A Cutie Big Happy Time On the Boardwalk Dare Devil Tilt Our Rita Hey, There, Fellow It hurts Love My Books Surprise Doesn't lt? A Big Spoke Bathing The Beauties Morning After Four Big Wheels The Gang The well-known Notebook -i-4K-iK-- - One of the briefer comments in the News on a Saturday following a football game: "The High School Band played Sousa last night. ' Sousa lost." -+-+:-+:- Marie Olson: "Don't you think my new hat is a perfect fit?" Jim Clinefelter: "Fit It's a conv1.lsion!" --'il--K-'IK1 READ ALOUD Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, "8z8z8z ??? Szfffifj lb 'Zi D "" 'Ziyi' As he stubbed his toe on the foot of the bed. -4k--k-'K-- Your mind is truly a Wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you get up, and never stops until you get to school. A -'lK--'K-il- Bill Hanna: "Gosh, you're dumb. Why don't you get an encyclopedia?" Jim Gillespie: "The pedals hurt my feet." -+:-+:-+:- Mistress to caller: "Yes, our Johnny is wonderfully smart in school." Caller: "What is he studying?" Mistress: "Oh-let's see. He's studying history, and Spanish, and algebra-Johnny, come here! Say 'Good morning' for the lady in algebra." -41-+I-411 Mr. Weide seemed greatly irritated at the action of a student. "Listen here, young man," he exclaimed, "are you the professor of this class?" "No, sir, l'm not," answered Red Angelo boldly. "Well, then, stop acting like a fool!" Diamonds are hunks of ordinary coal-that stuck to their jobs. -+:-+:-+:- The girl that is beautiful and dumb, Is the kind of a girl for meg Beautiful so l'll love her, Dumb so she'll love me. --+:-+:-4x- "Yes, my boy, I'm a self--made man." "Gee, pop, that's what I admire about you, you always take the blame for everything." -4K-'K-'K-- Speak well of your enemies. Remember, you made them. 14K-4K-'k- He: "She said she would be faithful to the end." She: "That sounds good." He: "Yes, but I'1n the quarterback." -x-4-if Cliff: "I went to the doctor about my loss of memory, today." Jack: "What did he do?" Cliff: "Made me pay in advance." 1 -4I-+k--k- "You tickle me!" . "My, what a strange request!" -K-K-il They say that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Well, if all men were gentlemen, what would the brunettes do? i4K-4K-'ll- "Is my face dirty or is it my imagination?" "Your face isn't. I don't know about your imagination." - 1-k-4K-4l- Mr. Barnes: 'fWe will have only a half day of school Friday morning." Bill Farris: "Hurrah!" Mr. Barnes: "We'will have the other half in the afternoon." -fx-+:-+r- "My dad is a Moose, an Elk, an Eagle, and a Lion." "Gosh! How much does it cost to see him?" Compliments of R I C E ' S BUY-A-BIT -..sgf EM.- 213 Boyles Avenue New Castle. Pa. Compliments of G E N E R A L FLOOR COVERING 21-25 South Mill Street Phone 2006 New Castle, Pa. Compliments of J. J. DEAN GROCERY CO. -..iHg...- New Castle, Pa. Compliments of MAXWELL 81 GIBSON Quality Coal and Ice New Castle, Pa. Always CHECK BARONS FIRST Everythng ln Hardware 314 316 E Washington St New Castle Pa Compl ments of CAL FRED S DAIRY BAR AT DEWBERRYS Yo gsto n Road 1221 Moravia Street i . I a 1111. W Compliments of LOVE 8a MEGOWN "The Druggistsn I2 North Mill Street New Castle, Pa. Compliments of M A Y ' S DOUGHNUT SHOP -.L,.,gfl3,.,.- East Washington Street New Castle, Pa. Nit: "You think I'm strange. You should meet my brother. He has celery growing out of his head." Wit: "Celery? "That's strange." Nit: "It certainly is. I planted carrots." --x-+r-fx- Sign on Scotch golf course: "Members will please refrain from picking up lost balls until they have stopped rolling." -4k--k---K-- -'K--K-'K- Little Rollo, full of glee, Pushed his poppa in the sea, Mother said with look malicious, You naughty brat, you'll kill the fishes. -'K-41-'Ki Miss VanDiVort: "Can you tell me a well-knovvn date in Roman History?" Carol Haltnorth: "Yes, Anthony's with Cleopatra." i'K-i-4K--- "Mother, Why doesn't daddy have any hair?" "Because he thinks so much." V "Why have you so much, mother?" "Run along and play now!!" li-4-X1 Barber: "Was your tie red when you came in?" Penrith Goff: "Of course not." Barber: "Gosh" -+r-+r-+:- Lyda Betty Cduring Miss Bartlett's absence from classy "What great father of our country, who was the first. president of the United States, was the George Washington Bridge named after?" -+:-x-+:- "I shall now illustrate what I have in mind," said Mrs. McCune as she erased the board. -x--x-+r-- First Indian: "Let's go on the war path." Second Indian: "VV e can't. It's being paved." Compliments of THE SHENANGO POTTERY . 5 .. ASC: N - New Castle, Pennsylvania Compliments of STANDARD STEEL SPRING COMPANY X 3 New Castle Plant 'Tm sorry I killed your dog. Will you allow me to replace him?" "Oh, this is so sudden." -+:-+:--x- 4 Some people are born dumb, others acquire dumbness and others take their overcoats off when they're getting weighed and hold them over their arm. -4--K-'lil Some minds are like concrete: mixed up and permanently set. --K--K--k-- Al Tate: "I was just reading that a fossilized skull found in South America is worth a fortune." Phil Richards: "Isn't that strange? Up here boneheads are a dime a dozen." -'k--K-'K- Natalie Urban:"What's a Grecian urn, Mew?" Margaret Muir: "I guess it depends on what he does." --4l--K--K-- - Mr. Olson: "What is a tactful way for a girl's father to let her boy friend know it's time for him to go home?" Mr. Cox: "He may casually pass through the room with a box of break- fast food." -+:-+:-+:- Joan Rainier: "The man I marry must be a hero." Jack Skuba: "Oh, really now, you're not as bad as all that." --k-4l-'k- There are some girls in Ne-Ca-Hi who are so used to having their own ways that they write diaries three weeks in advance. --k-4K-4l-- Ed Miller:"J oe, remember that radio I bought second-hand from you?" Joe Schwartz: "Yeh, it was worth more than I got." Ed: "Well, I find it very unsatisfactory. I listened to it a great deal. The tone is all right but most of the programs on it are very bad. You can have it back. I'll look around and get one with better programs." -fx-+r-+r- Voice on Phone: "Clerk, there are two mice fighting up here in my room." ' Hotel Clerk: "How much are you paying for your room?" Voice: "Two dollars." Clerk:"What do you expect for 32, a bullfight?' 'Phe ew Castle Dealers Asseeiatien EXTENDS BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS 3 :MW 5...-:P a s , -,Q - - ,QE kmflmv. ' MY1 ' C A-' X 1 , . tai. QI 9 Barnes and Snyder Bryan Motor Sales Castle Garage Chevrolet Keystone Francis Motor Sales Lawrence Auto Sales Co Morgan Motor Co. J. R. Rick Motor Car Company Travers Sales and Service MAGAZINE SHELF LOOK ...... A.....A.,...A..A....,.,...,,.............. LIFE .,,... TIME ......A. ,...,A..A.,........,.,...,...,.... COUNTRY GENTLEMAN ...... SCHOLASTIC ,.......,.,A....,.....,., BUSINESS WORLD .A..,. ESQUIRE .A.....,.,,..,.,.,. DOWN BEAT ......,,....,. READER'S DIGEST ...... ,......A, POPULAR COMICS ....,. PIC ...,...,.,...I.,,.....4......I TRUE LOVE ...,..... SPORTS ...,U.... VOGUE .......,.......,...... ART ..,.,............,.I,,..,..,..... AMERICAN GIRL ,44...... AMERICAN ROY .......R,....,4..4...RA....,.. SATURDAY EVENING POST ...II.,.. HARPER'S RAZAAR .....I.,,.....,........ CALLING ALL GIRLS ........ GLAMOUR .,..............,.,..., POPULAR SCIENCE .....,,. LIBERTY ...,..,.,..,...........A.,.... AMERICAN COOKERY .........,.... AMERICAN MUSIC LOVER , .,.. CHILDREN'S PLAYMATE ,...... FLYING ..II.I......II.I...,.,.4.....IIL..4. GREGG WRITER ...,.. OUR NAVY .,.. .,....... ATLAS ......,.. CHARM ......,..,..,,........,..,,...... TRUE STORY .........,.,...........I, INDEPENDENT WOMAN ....,.....,..,4.,..,..,....,.....,.. -1x-+:--x- Little words of wisdom Little words of bluff Make the teachers tell us, "Sit down, that's enough." Delma Rodgers Days at Ne-Ca-Hi Front Hall Clock?? Wesley Bookamer Penrith Goff Richard Koski Howard McCracken Warren Williams Carmie Ann Perrotta , ....,........4... Bob Mitchell Phyllis Reid Janis Martin Phil Richards .,r,.....rAudree Mooney Delores Jacobs Marilyn Mikels Jim Preston ...Payless Drug Store Lillian Porter Bill Nickum Joyce Reed Stanton Cushner At Last! Marian Sizer Marita Baatz John Brindle Andy Sainato Jean Vanus Bob Henry Al Tate Jayne Stoddart Betty Dozier A Dora Metta AH-CHEW! The gum chewing girl And the cud-chewing cow Are somewhat alike, Yet different somehow. And what is the difference? I think I know now- It's the clear, thoughtful look On the face of the cow. 5HERWlN'MLLl M Wall Paper . . . Venetian Blinds 217 EAST WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 6581 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT New Castleis Friendly Drug Store CLUTTON DRUG STORE Phone 395 226 East Washington St. Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Successful and Prosperous Future COURSES OFFERED IN: Accounting . . . Business . . . Secretarial Science to help your future success Ol?0 l0lOil NEW CASTLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Dean Block Phone 936 South Croton Avenue Charter Member "National Council of Business Schools" HAVE YOU NOTICED? Janet Everett's ....... A.,..A...,.,.....,....,.,.............,..,....,...., ..,.. Connie Mi1ler's .....,.. The Two Reds' ,..... Joan Alexander's ..,,.,. Joan Teets' .,A......., Eddie Mi1ler's ....,... Jack Gordan's ,.,.....,.. Punkie Shumway's Marshall Conn's ....,.,, Penrith Goif's ...,.,.. .. Jeane Rep1ogle's ....... Sally Eroe's .,........... Jean McCand1ess' ....,. Betty Dozier's .....,.. Ann Shewman's ........ Barbara Hamilton's A.,A... Jim Preston's .A..,.,,.,... Bob Oesterling's ...,,... Audrey Mooney's ..... Paul Flamino's ...,., Jayne Stoddart's ..,.... 1-k-4K-4K-- Teacher: "Where was Caesar killed?" Pupil: "On page 563' --fk--K-'Xl Gir1:"My dearest!" Boy: "My sweetheart!" Voice Under Davenport: "My goodness." -4I-'k-'k- -i-K-ii Joe: "Does your fiancee know about automobiles?" Ruffled Blouses Notebook Wolfing Short Hair Engagement Ring Tardiness ,Language Dancing Loud Voice Lectures Acting Walk Red Hair Accent . ,, Bracelets Eyes Smile Plaid Shirts Cars Teeth Glasses Moe: "Heck, no! She asked me if I cooled the engine by stripping the gears!'f ' --4K-4K-4K- Joe:.. "I call my girl Niagara." Moe: "Why?" Joe: "She falls for everybody." ' -4K-4K-4K-- Moron: "I want a dime's Worth of bird seed." Grocer: "What kind of bird do you have?" Moron: "I don't have one yet. I want to grow some." WITH CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS MAYOR'S RECREATION COMMITTEE Donna Shumaker Patti Bilzi .,.,......., Howard Ashton . John Brindle A,..... Harvey Bush .,...o. Edith Anton ,..... James Carson ..... Janet Everett ...... Carmie Perrotta Dolores O'Neil .. WHAT THEY ARE FAMOUS FOR Ed. Miller .,...o.,,.,...... Dick Dangle ...,,., Stanley Grybowski ....,.. Witty Poems Studying Talking Funny Faces Activities Tinting Photos Girl Friends Blonde Hair Speeches Clothes Jokes Dancing Marie De Luca ..,.,.4...,, .i,....4.,.,.... S hortness Norma Pillifant .i.,i.. ...,..........,......,.,....,,... G um Helen Gibbons ,..,.... .,i,...,... G ood-naturedness Caroline Cox i........ .,...,... L ovely Complexion Charles Ramsey i....,... ...4..4.......,........ B lushing Warren Williams Sue Sands .,.....,A.,..,.. Joan Polley i.,s... Penrith Goff ,..,.. Lila Adams ...... -+:+-x-+:-- Dimples Vivacity Red Hair Long Hair Sweaters OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF . . . . TEACHERS Miss Maxwell-"There . . . etcff Mr. Weide-"Darn it, shut up!'39, Miss Riffer-"Ach, aber das istlnicht richtig!" H Miss VanDiVort-"Right - - - o." Miss McC1aren-"Don't be so garrulousf' Bridy-"You Bonehead! !" Mrs. McCune-"Are you chewing gum?" Miss Bartlett-"Books closed and pencils down." Mrs. Mullen-"Will you please be quiet?" Mr. Brown-"Now we'll have to see what Dr. Muzzy says." Miss Dodson-"Now we'll get down to work, class." Mr. McClelland-"OK, you birdsf' Mr. Duff: "Choir, won't you please get quiet?" Miss Moorehead:"Are you really ill?" Miss Dinsmore-"The apathy of the individual." Mrs. Dunlap: "All right now, girls-in step, run 1-2-3-4." Miss Taylor-"What's the matter, did the bus break down again?" Mr. Replogle-"Stop this monkey-fooling around." COMPLIMENTS OF THE DUTCH INN if-N 6 EAST STREET NEW CASTLE PA DI ARY MART Complete Lme of DAIRY PRODUCTS FRANK MORELLA'S CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '47 DIAMOND CANDY SHOP , 'x 20 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. sg x FISI-IEIQS -. S -4? 367 EAST WASHINGTON ST NEW CASTLE PA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF GALANT CYCLE AND RIECK-Mc,IUNKIN LOCK SERVICE DAIRY CO. -.fx U 107 N. JEFFERSON ST. NEW CASTLE' PA- SEALTEST PRODUCTS LINGERLIGHT DAIRY Salldwich Shgp HOMOGENIZED MILK PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM Buter . . Butermilk Cottage Cheese , x Ice Cream Bar -"EfRAY'Sl5"'- 1223M E. Washington St. Phone 4342 6 W. MADISON AVENUE Pictures of all Ne-Ca-Hi Football Teams from 1899-1946, and the Phone 4257 ' Complete Scores WHAT IF- Bud were a tree instead of a Bush Nancy were less instead of Moore Joyce were a rod instead of a Reed Donna were a bed instead of a Kradel Dorothy were a lady instead of a Mann Lillian were a conductor instead of a Porter Donald were a diamond instead of a Ruby Wayne were a poster instead of a Sinefsj Bill were a rocker instead of a Stoner JoAnne were a gun instead of a Cannon James were a window instead of a Doerr Betty were a queen instead of a King Karl were a peach instead of an Appel Virginia were a projector instead of a Camera Dorothy were a chump instead of a Champ Wilma were a runner instead of a Walker Dolores were a coyote instead of a Wolfe Dick were a dingle instead of a Dangle Lealia were a schoolhouse instead of a Church Sam were a cyclone instead of a Ciccone John were a robin instead of a Crowe Albert were buns instead of Rowles Bob were rivers instead of Waters Shirley were east instead of West Justine were old instead of Young Louis were sunny instead of Rainey Delores were a crust instead of a Crum Frances were a couch instead of a Davenport Don were a teacher instead of a Dean Wanda were a blueberry instead of a Dewberry Bob were a duke instead of an Earl Arthur were a room instead of a Hall Shirley were rural instead of Urban Mary were a stab instead of a Pearce Ann were a bootman instead of a Shewman Delores were a tire instead of a Wheale Donna were coal instead of Orr Sue were dirt instead of Sands Fred were whiskers instead of a Beard Doris were white instead of Black James were dew instead of Frost Sara were bullets instead of Capps Homer were feet instead of Miles James were wrong instead of Wright Alex were Virgil instead of Csiszer Carol were a Go south instead of Haltnorth James were sad instead of Gay Tom were narrow instead of Weide Bob were a joy instead of Greaf Evelyn were Neisner instead of Murphy. BEST WISHES, from F. W. HUTCHISON SC COMPANY F L O U R ----- F E E D Famous Brands of Dog Feed Phone 1114 31 North Beaver Street New Castle. Penna Ahlhk COMPLIMENTS or' Your Friendly H Dealer BRYAN MOTOR SALES 30 SOUTH MERCER STREET PHONE 6707 Compliments of JOSEPH B. LEYDE 'K 4K 4K NEW CASTLE. PA. OFFICE MACHINES 81 EQUIPMENT CO. Authorized Agents For Remin ton Rand T lewriters Sr Addinv Machines 5 Rentals ' " " Supplies ' ' ' Repairs Exclusive Agents For "Soundscriber', The Completely Electronic Dictating Equipment E 16 No. Mill Street Phone 2400 New Castle, Pa. Farmer Ito Chuck Real: "I hear, Chuck, that while you were in the city you took up this here golf. How'd you like it?" Chuck: "It's a bit harder than ho'in turnips and a bit easier than diggin' potatoes." -+:-+:-+:- I Teacher: "Give an example of a collective noun." Student: "A garbage can." 1 -+:-+:-+:- Mr. Mills: "What counts in the business world?" Albert Zarilla: "The adding machine." -+:-x-x- Marjorie Van: "When George Washington admitted that he had chop- ped down the cherry tree, his father didn't touch him. Know why?" Lorraine Theobald: "Sure. George had the hatchet in his hand." -+:-+r--x- Bruce Brown: "If I take a potato and divide it into two parts, then four parts, and each of the four parts into two parts, what would'I have?" Patti Bilzi: "Potato saladf' ' -1x-+-+:- Patty Jo: "Don't drive so fast, dear." Don: '4Why not?" A Patty J 0: "That policeman on the motorcycle behind us can't get by." I -+f-+:-+:- Girl with an engagement ring: "Someone told me that you said I had a small diamond." . Friend: "Oh no, I said it looked like it was all paid for." -+r-x-+:- I think that I shall never see, A girl refuse a meal that's free. -1-K-ii Boy: "I've half a mind to kiss you." Girl: "If you had a whole mind you would have done so an hour ago." --K-'K--ki J oe fupon leavingj: "Au revoirf' Moe:"What's that?" Joe:"That's 'goodbye' in French." Moe:"Atom bomb." Joe: "What's that?" Moe: "That's 'goodbye' in any language." COMPLIMENTS OF HOYLE'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 'if' SO. JEFFERSON STREET NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF STAR LUMBER, COAL 81 SUPPLY CO. 'af' CONGRATULATIONS SMITH S DAIRY if ROSS ELECTRIC if 837 SO MILL STREET NEW CASTLE PA 9 BUTLER ROAD CONGRATULATIONS .IOEYfS RADIO I SERVICE iz? SO. JEFFERSON STREET NEW CASTLE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF L O B O ' S E5 YOUNGSTOWN ROAD COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTH SIDE MUSII COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS LOAL 81 SUPPLY COMPANY ,- x PHONE 537 NEW CASTLE PA. 525' 1210 SOUTH MILL STREET Mary Ann McIntyre: "I make my living removing wrinkles." Margaret McCummins: "Oh, are you a beauty specialist?" Mary Ann: "No, I'm a clothes presserf' --x-+r-1r- S. O. S. A sailor has no E Z time, When on the D P sails: It's R D finds aloft to climb, Exposed to I C gales: And then in K C makes a slip, Or if he D Z grows, He falls from off the I N ship, And into the C E goes. -Selected. -4I-'lK-4K-- Barney: "Great Scott, who wrote 'Ivanhoe' ?" Darney: "I don't know. Who the Dickens wrote 'The Tale of Two Cities'?' " -+r-+:-+:- ' Ben: "Take this oar!" Ken: "Or what?" --4K--iK-4K- Tom Weide: "Last night I dreamed you gave me a quarter." Mr. Weide: "Well, you have been a good boy, my son, so you can keep it." -+:-+:-+:- Roses are red, Violets are blue, Orchids are 32.50 Would dandelions do? -+:-+r-+r-- Mr. Klee: "In what battle was Lord Nelson killed?" Dolores Wheale Csurprised at such a simple questionjz "In his last battle." , I --4r-+r-+r- ' Teddy Springer: "Where did you get that black eye?" Earl Williams: "I was looking through a knot hole at a ball game, and my eye was sunburnedf' -4:-+L -ar- Mr. Duff fto Shirley Watkinsj: "Why didn't you sing when we came to the chorus?" Shirley: "It said 'Refrain' in the book, so I did." CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ' SOL DILULLO State and Grant Phone 5749 Dealer In Streets New Castle, Pa. -WFINE USED CARSEW ARTHUR W. MEEK YOUR. PROGRESSIVE JEWELER amilton, Elgin and Bulova Watches .fx 323 East Washington St. New Castle. Pa. CONGRATULATIONS JANUARY CLASS OF 1947 R BOYD DAIRY CO. 1060 Butler Avenue New Castle, Pa. Con ratulatwns Class of 47 C pl ents of PRISIBY s Pharmacy T 241 E. Washmgton St. New Castle, Pa. 0, . as 9 6'lT1'FlUt YH! INST SHIIUI H1 fnllln. . . om im ' 9 Did you hear about the two maggots who were making love in dead Ernest? -+:-x-+:- Man from a big city: "What a quaint little town. Truly one half of the World is ignorant of how the other half lives." New Castleite: "Not in this town, Mister, not in this town." -4K-4K-4K-- Jim: "Fourth for bridge?" Bud: "Okay," Jim: "Good Now all we need is a third." -+:-+:-x- "There's a lot of electricity in my hair." "Sure, it's connected with a dry cell." ---k-JK-41? We wonder why Swiss cheese has so many holes, when it's limburger that needs the ventilation. -K-K-Ki Stitz: "Late hours are not good for one." Bruce: "But fine for two." -x-4:-+:-- Mary Lowers: "There's a scientist on the radio who claims insects can talk to each other." Mari Lu Waller: "Of course they can. Aren't moths always chewing the rag?" -4K-4f-fk-- Patti Bilzi-The girl who is as pretty as a picture and has a nice frame, too. --4K-'k-4K- Ask Carol Patterson if ping-pong isn't the game invented for the benefit of furniture and crockery dealers. --x-+:-+r- Mr. Nelson: "Marilyn, what does H N O3 stand for?" Marilyn Mikels: "I've got it right on the tip of my tongue." Scoots: "Well, spit it out right away. lt's nitric acid." -x-+:-x-- Old Proverb! When a girl has a reputation for picking her friends, it usually means she picks them to pieces. W COMPLIMENTS OF RECENT THEATRE of' NEW CASTLE 0 ALWAYS THE BEST 0 SHOW IN TOWN wx T Popular Prices i COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH BROS. HARNESS az SADDLERY FINE LUGGAGE DOG SUPPLIES 221 South Croton Avenue Best Wishes and Success to The Graduates of June 1947 Shop Where Savings Are Best THE FRIENDLY FRNITURE STORE .-....,gf Eg.t.-.l.. ANTHONY CONTI, Prop. ---szffs-is--T. Phone 4572 Congratulations To The ,lune Class of '47 THE PANELLA CO. E,.n.-l1- 400 SOUTH JEFFERSON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. COMPLIMENTS or MILADY'S SHOPPE - 'N Phone 4320 Greeer Building COMPLIMENTS OF SCARAZZO BROS., Inc South Side Coal Co. .WN NEW CASTLE. PA. Two modern little girls coming home from Sunday School were sol- emnly discussing the lesson. "Do you believe there is a devil?" asked one. "No, replied the other promptly, "of course not." It's just like Santa Clause. He's your father." -+r-+:-+r- a Mrs. Cuscino: fhearing a loud crash from the kitchenj "More dishes, Dolores?" Dolores "No, mom, less!" 141-K-K1 Chuck Barletto: lbuying a new tirej "Just leave the wrappings on, I may get a few miles out of them." -+:-+r-+:- Cusie: "Oh, whatever made you ask me to dance?" Coxy: "Well, it's a charity ball, isn't it?" T -+:-+r-+r- MOTORING By Yo Yo Rubeis-Hom Ec. My Ma, she is a back seat driver, Pa don't like it though, You ought to hear Pa When Ma says, "Do go slow!" My Pa he likes to scare The dickens out of Ma, But then, when he gets home, lt's just too bad for Pa. When Pa gets behind some big truck, The racket in the ,back will start, Then Ma will cry, "Oh, Pa! remember my weak heart." "Isn't that a nice house over there Where the stream is flowing? Now Pa, please look, Now watch where you're going!" "Now Pa, you're going too fast- Slow down to ten," Ma will rave. "Please do Pa, for if you don't We'll all be in our grave." "Please do shut up," Pa will complain, "If we have an accident You'll be to blame." "Here take this wheel, I'm tired of your remarks!" Then everything goes fine As we ride up to the Starks. COMPLIMENTS OF NEISNER BROS. - N NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF MILLERIS SHOE STORE .W 118 East Washington Street Congratulations and Best W'ishes GEORGE A. WAGNER Your Painter and Decorator PAINTS VARNISHES AND SUPPLIES Wx 354 Neshannock Avenue NEW CASTLE, PA. Phone 3719 CONGRATULATIONS FLEMING STEEL CO. iw NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF E. J. WILLIAMS, Inc. HGOODYEAR TIRES" -ZN 101 East South Sereet COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN S. BROWN'S SON PLOUR . . FEED . . GRAIN "Our Quality Fevdn -.ZR Office: Produce Street NEW CASTLE. PA. -.ti .. 63+ NEW WILMINGTON. PA. NEW CASTLE. PA. Miss Johnston: "The end of the story is a conclusion: what is the end of a tragedy?" ' Warren: "A funeral." . -+:-+:--x- Mr. Margraf: "What is a good conductor?" Bob Mitchell: "One who turns in all the change." A -i'K--K--Kf---- ' Bob Mitchell: "We'll be friends to the end." George Miller: "Lend me ten dollars." Bob: "That's the end." -4:-+:-+:-- Miss Dinsmore: "What is the fastest mail?" Bob Oesterling: "Female," -e--ii-'K-H -+1--N TRUE .LOVE A glance A dance Entrance Advance Romance --k-4:-4+ Mr. Butler: "We'll have a test tomorrow." Pat Williams: "Well, let's rehearse it today." -+:-+:-+r- Mr. Sheaffer: "What is meant by a summary trial?" Delores Genovese: "A warm one." -+:-fx-+:-- Mr. Angelo: "What was the racket last night when you came home?" Eugene: "My coat fell down the stairs." Mr. Angelo: "A coat cculdn't make that much noise." Eugene: "Well, I was in it." 4 -+r-x-+r- Mr. Margraf: "What is a gas meter?" Paul Flamino: "It is a piece of machinery that makes the gas bill high." -+:-+r-+:- The Economics Department wishes to call attention to the fact that umbrellas are more expensive on rainy days, because on these days they go up. Compliments of CUBBY HOLE Sandwich Shop 'E 103 North Mercer Street New Castle, Pa. THE STORE OF QUALITY FOR MEN AND BOYS 'E THE WINTER CO. NEW CASTLE. PA. Compliments of THE LADIES STORE 108 East Washmgton Street New Castle Pa BEST WISHES DISTINCTIVE CLOTHES FOR CHILDREN 106 North Mill Street New Castle P 'E The Children's Shop il The Chambers Motor Company 125 West Grant Street Chrysler ----- Plymouth Mack Trucks Ml 'QQ SALES-LSERVICE 24-Hour Towing Service Phone 5130 'Sliver Striving to Render A Greater Service" Mr. Weide: "Give me a definition of space." Stanton Cushner: "Space is where there is nothing. Oh, I can't explain it exactly, but I have it in my head all right." I -+r-+-+:- And there was the boy who nicknamed his girl "appendix" because it cost so much to take her out. ' -+r-+r-4:- Don Bailey: "I thought your father looked very distinguished with his gray hair." Karl Appel: "Yes, dear old chap, I gave him those." -+r-x-+:- One farm boy QBuss KJ was overheard saying to another Uim CJ: "My brother and me ain't no more alike than if we wasn't us. He's just as different as I be, only the other way." -+:-4:-+:- Eleanor Lutton was making such terrible faces while playing Brahms that Mr. Replogle stopped the orchestra and demanded, "What,s the matter with you? Don't you like this piece?" "Oh, it isn't that," replied Eleanor, "It's just that I don't like music." -+:-x-fx-- Two young high school students were sitting in the theatre waiting for the movie to start, when Joan R. turned to Norma P. and asked, "What does that word Asbestos mean on the curtain?" "Oh, hush up, and don't show your ignorance," replied Norma. "That,s Latin for Welcome." -4-x-+4 In chemistry laboratory: "Quick, what do I do now, instructor!" "I thought you were the instructor!" -+:-+:-+:- Carmie Ann: "Yes, she's married to a real-estate agent and a good honest fellow, too." Joan Polley: "My gracious! Bigamy?" -+:-+r-+:- Teacher: "Now, class, I want to tax your memories-" Voice: "Good heavens, has it come to that!" i4K-4K-4K- Dentist: "I believe you have acute pyorrheaf' Lady Patient: "Save that stuff for later, Doctor, all I want to know is what's the matter with my teeth." CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF JUNE 194-7 T CLAVELLI FLOORING CO. RUBBER TILE -- ASPHALT -- TILE MAGNESITE COMPOSITION MAGNESITE TERRAZZO -sfsfsfnf-v-.A.,N,N.-vNn.f -v-cfs,-v-..-vNA.,-v-..,N,-..f fv-.,-,...-.,-...-.,-.A..N.-...-.- Divisionof CLAVELLI 1001 . 1 8 Moravia Research Laboratorles S. Mm st. Phone S110-Brite Phone 1428 PRODUCTS 903.5 Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Lawrence County's Largest Manufacturing and Distributors of Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Chemicals Miss Maxwell: "Who were the pilgrims?" Tom Kirol: "They were an orchestra." Miss Maxwell: "Where did you get that idea?" Tom: "Well, my history book says that a band of pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock." -+r-+r-+r- fTwo boys coming out of history classy First: "Boy, did I flunk that one!" Second: "Why? Didn't you have the answer written on the cuff of your shirt?" First: "Yes-but today I was wearing my chemistry shirt." -+:-x-x- Laura DeAngelis "What time is it?" Jim McFarland: "Quarter to." s Laura: "Quarter to what?" Jim: "I don't know-times got hard I had to lay off one of the hands." --k-4K-4K- THEATERS Lady of the golden tresses, Lady sitting at rny rightg Know you that your elbow presses Tight? Ever since you first were seated And I first admired your map, We have waged a very heated Scrap. No one else, I'm sure, has seen us Battle to determine who Owns the narrow ledge between us Two. Everytime l've tried contesting Whether I might seize a share, I have pumped your own arm resting There. Lady, I don't wish to pound your Elbowg there is but one check- May I put ,my arm around your neck? -Selected -41-'K-+11 Many people who would like to be referred to as dreamers are merely sleepers. --k--k-'K-- Frank Nocera: "I wish I had a nickel for every girl I've kissed." Bill Fulkerson: "What would you do, buy a pack of gum?" Congratulations! JAN'S D0-NUT SHOP ,snfuaonnfvsnfw ,.,.,-.A.,N,-.4-.-.A.fa. ,,,.,-.A.,N,-v-f-,sau 311 Neshannock Avevnue The Home of Better Do-Nuts CIALELLA 81 CARNEY Florist and Gift Shop wvvvvvvv Store. 3256-.T Greenhouse. 4535 1229 South Mill Street New Castle, Pa Best Wishes.. B. F. GOODRICH FIRST IN RUBBER WHATEVER YOUR TIRE NEED VVILLIAM F. DeCARBO FUNERAL HOME One of the Finest In The States Cor. Lutton 8: Cunningham Ave. Phone 218 New Castle. Pa. Invalid Services ,-.A.,NA.,q.,vsf-.-.'-rv-f A.,-..,.,..A.,-,,..,.,,,-,-fa, ,-,,-..,,,N.,..,-.,N...,.,.,.,-., Our Courteous Service Never Ends Ruthie Wolanski: "Dee, would you marry a man for his money?" Dee Wolfe: "Not exactly, but I'd want my husband to have a lovely dis- position, and if he didn't have money he'd very likely be worried and ill- naturedf' -1-4-xv Some men smile in the evening, Some men smile at dawn, But the man worth while Is the man who can smile When his two front teeth are gone. -+:-+:-+r- Student writing home for expense money: "No mon, no fun, your Son." Hurried reply from father: "Too bad, So sad, Your Dad." -1x-+r-+:- WHAT DO YOU KNOW? When Cupid hits his mark, he usually Mrs. it. Advice to girls who want to keep their youth: don't introduce him to anybody. Kissing a girl nowadays leaves its mark on a man. Time tells on a man-especially a good time. . To make a boy stop smoking, make him stop running around with his sister. Most women not only keep their girlish figures-they double them. Modern girls are fond of new clothes but they are not entirely wrapped up in them. Little girls today believe that they should be seen. A girl on the arm is worth two on the mind. Heredity, the thing a child gets from the other side of the family. Skeletons-bones with the people off. Young people today are alike in many disrespects. Kisses are what the child gets free, the young man steals, and the old man buys. - He has Tarzan eyes-they swing from limb to limb. Puppy love: beginning of a dog's life. The reason Cupid makes so many bad shots is because he's aiming at the heart and looking at the hosiery. -x-+r-4:- Love is one thing you can't buy, yet somehow you always have to pay for it. COMPLIMENTS or J S. RILEY 8: CO E 910 Moravia Street NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF LEO P. STRIZZI Photographer NEW CASTLE, PA. STOP .... GO REFRESHED Coca - Cola Bottled By LAWRENCE BOTTLING 8: MFG. CO. EEE 21 South Beaver Street NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF J.U.KNOX WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER 9 South Mercer Street NEW CASTLE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF BUS TERMINAL RESTAURANT 3 . - L U N C H E S - FROZEN CUSTARD COMPLIMENTS OF S. A. 6'Dutch" ROSS sf SONS T TYDOL SERVICE STATION COMPLIMENTS OF CASTLE DISTRIBTING CO. if-S NEW CASTLE. PA. Mr. Margraf: "What is the first law of gravity?" Stanton Cushner: "Never laugh at your own jokes." -+I-41-ki Miss Taylor: "Ideas are funny little things. They don't Work unless you do." - -i-K-il "I know I'm not much to look at," admitted her fiance. "Oh, well, you'll be at the office most of the time," she philosophized. -i-K-i1 "They do say," John began hesitantly, "that kisses are the language of 1ove.' "Well," said Priscilla, "speak for yourself, John." -4l-4K-4K- "Dearest, am I good enough for you?" "No, but you're too good for any other boy." -4K-4K-4l-- "No, I didn't take the job. There was no future in it. The owner's daughter was already married." -+:-+:-+r- Lady: "Are you sure these lobsters are fresh?" Fishmonger: "Lady, theyre positively insulting." --'k-4K-'K-- Salesman-"Hello, Cutey, is the buyer in?" Sales Girl-"No, but the cellar is downstairs." -+r-+:-4:- Teacher: "This makes the fifth time I have punished you this week. What have you to say?' Carl R.: "I am glad it's Friday." -xf-+r-+:- Teacher was delivering the last lecture of the term. He told the students with much emphasis that he expected them to devote all their time to pre- pare for the examination. "The examination papers are now being prepared for the mimeographf' he concluded. "Now are there any questions you would like to ask?" "May I run the mimeograph?" piped up a voice in the classroom. -x-+:-+:- Miss Riddle: "Give three collective nouns." George Morgan: "Flypaper, wastepaper basket, and vacuum cleaner." COMPLIMENTS OF MEET THE GANG AT . . . KAY PLUMBING CU- SNYDER'S SNACK BAR A Cor. Mercer and Euclid NEW CASTLE. PA. NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF CQMPLIMENTS 012' HITE BROS. A FRIEND 'EASE I 'E 'E NEW CASTLE, PA. 22,000 ARTICLES IN HARDWARE SENIOR SYNONYMS Bud Bush-High Honor Chuck Rea-Par Shooter Dixie Smith-Beauty Red Angelo-Comedy Al Tate-Football Dick Dangle-Dancing Evelyn Murphy-Smiles Betty Helbley-Charm Jim Hamilton-Hot Licks Warren Williams-Boogie Ronald Grimm-Whistling George Morgan-Cars Ches Shoaff-Photos -+r-4x-+:- A WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE? Edys McGrath's hair? Penrith Goff's ability to study? Abby Tate's long arms? Shirley Urban's smile? Lillian Porter's height? Marilyn Sandler's artistic ability? Bud Bush's executive ability? Dee Magil1's many friends? Marshall Conn's voice? Patti Bilzi's personality? Bruce Gibson's car? Al Marcotuli's jokes? Paul Harcar's haircut? Joe Schvvartz's ears? Bruce Brown's feet? Dixie Smith's complexion? Tom Weide's arguments? George Morgan's drums? John Crowe's nickname? Bill Farris' eyes? -+:-+:-+r- Visiting a class of girls in high school, Mr. Book was testing their knowl edge of Roman numbers. He wrote on the board "LXXX," and asked: "Now can you tell me what that represents?" Dixie Smith answered: "Love and kisses!" -+:--x-+:- Alex Betley: "Why is a joke like a cocoanut?" Wesley Bookamer: "I don't know. Why?" Alex: "It's no good until it's cracked." New Castle, Pennsylvania Home of New Castle Iewelers Tralnlng School CINCORPORATEDD Presenting A Complete Course In Jewelry- Manufacturing Repairing Engraving Stone Setting Casting Plating Designing Identification of Stones Graduates! Prepare yourself for a high-paying future. Apply in person or write "Registrar" New Castle Jewelers Training School, Inc., 226 Pearson Street, New Castle. Pennsylvania: or Phone 6731. sanfv-nfv-nfvunf ..fNA.A.,N,-..,-.,-.,-.,-.,-..,N,- sa.,-f..fNA.f-Aasfw-'uf Classes Starting June lst December lst July lst January lst September lst March lst October lst April lst A peach came walking down the street: She was more than passing fair: A smile, a nod, a half-closed eye, And the peach became a pair. -+:-4:-+:-- Carmie Perotta: "What's that string on your finger for?" Dora Metta: "My mother put it on to remind me to mail her letter." Carmie: "Did you mail it?" Dora: "No, she forgot to give it to me." -4r-4r-fk- Mr. Duff CAs Wilma concludes a piece on the pianoj: "And Wilma never had a lesson in her life. Harold Ferris: "It's sweet of her not to put the blame on anyone else." -1- 44- ' ' I Alas for little Willie! We'll ne'er see Willie more: For what he thought was H20 Was I-I2SO4. -x-+:-4x- Love is like an onion You taste it with delight, And when it's gone you wonder Whatever made you bite. -+:-1x-4:- Father Cangrilyjz 'Tll teach you to make love to my daughter!" Boy:"I wish you would, sir. Fm not making much headway." ' -+f-+:-+:- Charlene V.: "Hasn't Patty come out of the water yet?" Patty Jo: "Oh, yes, long ago: she's in her bathhousef' Charlene: "But what keeps her so long?" Patty Jo: "Why she bought one of those new combination bathing suits, and I guess she's forgotten the combination." --+:-+:-+:- Don Pitzer: "If I lend you ten dollars, what security will you be able to give me?" Louis Rainey: "The word of an honest man." Don: "All right, bring him along and I'll see what I can do for you." -x--+:-a:-- . Evelyn Murphy: "Have you seen Midge's new evening frock?" Donna Kradle: f'No, what does it look like?" Evelyn: "Well, in many places it's very like Midge." Best Wishes to Class of '47 . . Books. Books and More Books THE BOOK SHOP Phone 5057 -..H 110 North Mill Stret CONGRATULATIONS! PAR AMOUNT THEATRE E 'E NEW CASTLE. PA. Congratulation To The June Class of '47 LESLIE HOTEL A , NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF coMPL1MEN'rs or GALA RESTARANT El 31 North Mercer Street NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF HERB SAMUEL'S BARBER SHOP 88 NEW CASTLE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF CHAS. LUMLEY PnoFE:ss1oNAL. PHARMACIST IE L Phone 114 Penn Theatre Building COMPLIMENTS OF MOE'S JEWELRY STORE WHITE FRONT LUNCH 30 East Washington St. NEW CASTLE, PA. E 105 West Washington St. New Castle. Pa. Teacher: If a number of cattle is called a herd, a number of sheep is a Hock, what would you call a number of camels?" Dick: "A carton." -..y..4g.y? Dentist's epitaph- "When o nthis tomb you gaze with gravity, Cheer up! I'm filling my last cavity." -fx-+r-+:- COMMEN CEMENT Mammy kiss him onna check. Sister think helook so sweet. Papa slap him onna back- Say it's great, an' that's a fac', 'Cause now he's got his little skin To wrap his little knowledge in. -Selected -+:-x-+f- J Son: "What is college bred, Pop?" Dad: "College bread is a four-year loaf made from the flavor of youth, and the old man's dough." -+:-+:-+r- Doctor: "Now, what is the most you ever weighed?" Patient: "One hundred and twenty." Doctor: "And the least?" , Patient: "Five pounds, six ounces." -+r-+:-+:- Bob: "What didyou do with my shirt?" Mother: "Sent it to the laundryf' Bob: "Ye gods! The whole history of England was on the cuffs." ififgfl Mr. Wiede: "What is the mostdoutstanding product that chemistry has given to the world?" Boys in the class: "Blondes" -+:-4x-+:- Joe: "Hey, Jim, where did you get that Southern accent?" Jim: "Well, Ah've been drinkin' out of Dixie cups." -+:-+:-+r- Kenneth Riley: "What does your watch say, John?" John Crowe: "Same old thing: tick-tick tick-tick!" -41.41. ,. 4.-- Father: "Why did you buy a dachshund for the children?" Mother: "So they could have something to pet." It seems a group of country people were watching the high school orchestra at one of the school plays. The slide trombone Jim McClyrnonds was playing completely mystified them. They could not understand where the slide went when .I im drew it up into the horn. Finally one of them ventured the opinion that there must be a trick to it, for no one could possibly swallow that much horn. -+:-+:-x- Miss Calvin "It give me great pleasure to put 'B' on your report card. You have done well." Howard McCracken: "That's swell. Why not put an 'A' on it and get a real thrill?" -+:-x-+r- "How did you lose your job at the New Castle Dry, Carol" "After I had tried twenty dresses on a woman, she said, 'I think I would look nicer in something Howingf and so I asked her why she didn't go out and jump in the river." COMPLIMENTS OF CAMERA SHOP STILL and MOVIE CAMERAS North Mercer St. New Castle, Pa. THE STANDARD PENNANT COMPANY Manufacturers of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PENNANTS PILLOWS, BANNERS. EMBLEMS GEORGE S. GIBSON Big Run. Pennsylvania Congratulations- H McClelland Florists lVIcGrath's Florists Butz Florists Cunningham 81 Weingartner .,.-X'-091. MEMBERS OF F T. D. Willie Bee rushed up to Johnny Fly, handed him a big, fat-cigar. "Pm so happy!" he exclaimed. "I just got a bumble from heaven." -+:-x-+r- Two great big rough piano movers rang Caroline Cox's doorbell. "Hey, lady, you order a pianner from the Tinwhistle Piano Company?" one of them rasped. Caroline shook her head. "Not a piano," she said nervously, "I ordered a flute." The piano mover looked menacingly at the piece of paper. "It says here it was a pianner-ladyf' "Very well," she exclaimed, "bring it in. But if your company makes any more mistakes like this, I'll have to deal somewhere else." -+:-+:-+:- Dick was always late, and always had a different excuse. Arriving an hour late one morning, he was greeted by Mrs. Mullen with, "What's the excuse this time?" "Well, my sister was afraid of the storm last night and turned the mirror on the mantlepiece round to the wall. When I came downstairs this morning I couldn't see myself in the mirror, and naturally, thought I'd gone to school." "You win," gasped Mrs. Mullen. I -fK-'K-4K- Noted in third Hood room: "Laboratory, not lab-Oratoryf' l'K-'il-4f- , Have you heard about the little moron who swallowed all his money because he wanted to play safe? ---4K-4l-4I- LAMENT OF THE AIRWAVES Sing a song of radio, A socket full of static, What you derive Is bound to drive You balmy in the attic. You hope for entertainment, But have a few reversals, For what you get Upon your set Are swing bands and commercials. You finally dial a symphony, You're lifted from the sordid, But as it ends You hear, "My friends, This program was recorded." -Selected -4K-4K-4K- GIRLS-God gives you one face, you make yourselves another! Congratulations To The June Class of 947 WW RE CML CIINIPA Y i?0 O C ?O 509 East Leasure Avenue New Castle, Penna. A doctor declares that kissing shortens life. We presume he means single life. - 4-41-41- Dixie Smith: "Pm sorry to disappoint you, but the fact is, last night I became engaged to Dick." Bob Perrine: "Well, how about next week?" -4:-+:-+:- Eleanor Wagner: "Now this is the bossy cow that gives such nice milk." Connie Branstetter: "Now show me the one that gives the malted milk." -+:-+r-+r- ' Miss Johnston: "What's the matter?" Ronald Grimm: "I wrote an article on fresh milk and editors con- densed it." -+:-x-+:- Mrs. B.: "Milkman, do you keep your cows in pasture?" Milkman: "Why, of course, m'am." Mrs. B.: "Good! Johnny does so love pasteurized milk! -+:-+:-+:-- Nicky Rozzano: "What did the landlady do when she found that you had left the light burning for three days?" Bill Doran: "She turned us both out." -4r-+:-+:- Do clever men make the best husbands? Clever men don't get married. -+:-+:-4x- Mary: "I paid my fourth visit to the beauty shop today." Sue: "Strange you can't seem to get waited on, dear." -x-4x-+:- Bernard Campbell: "Pm so fond of the tango, I know I have some Spanish blood in me." Don Hudson: "Grandmother, a Spaniard, perhaps?" Bernard: "No, I have a transfusion in Mexico." -+r-+:--k- Baby ear of corn: "Mama, how did I get here?" Mama ear of corn: "Why, the stalk brought you, dear." -x-fx-+r- Miss Riddle: "What is the shape of the world?" Howard Ashton: "Round," Miss Riddle: "How do you know it's round?" Howard: "So all right, it's square. I don't feel like arguing about it." Congratulatwns SANDWICH SHOP ,. x NEW CASTLE PA SNO - TOP MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY Temple Building E New Castle's Most Modern Drug Store COMPLIMENTS or DAVIS SHOE CO 219 East Washington St. -.,.,gQg..,.- NEW CASTLE. PA. L. COMPLIMENTS or A. PEARSALL 81 SONS 6'Signs of All Kinds" U5f, 117 East Falls Street NEW CASTLE, PA. Best W'ishes to the Graduates . . . NEW CASTLE CANDY CO. NEW CASTLE. PA. Jim Hamilton: "My girl is unreasonable: she wants me to talk to her while she crochetsf' Paul Flamino: "Why don't you ask her to crochet to you while you read?" -'k-4K-4K-- Sue Sands: "After all, my dear boy, money isn't everything? Vic Ross: "Since when?' --4K-4K-4K- Seniors love sister and ma very much, But papa's the kin that they love to touch. -+:-+:-x-- Mrs. Hamilton: "How are you getting along in school?" Jim: "Oh, I'm as famous as Napoleon." Mrs. Hamilton: "I went down in history? -x-x-+r- Mrs. Brinkerhoif: "Why are you late?" Eddie Miller: "Class started before I got here." -+r-+:-+:-- She: "Did I ever show you where I was tattooed?" He: UNO!" She: "Well, we can drive around that way." --4K-'K-'K- Doctor: "I need a quart of blood for transfusion. Can you give it?" Don Bailey: "No, only a pint, I have to shave tomorrow." -+:-+r-+:- Did you ever hear of the fellow who pulled his teeth so he'd have gum to chew?" f-'la v VP Best Wishes from PERELMAN OJEWELRY 0 RADIOS O ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 129 East Washington Street New Castle P CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM REYNOLDS AND SUMMERS FASHIONS FOR MEN YOUNG MEN AND BOYS 'Q 114 116 East Washlngton St New Castle Pa Qs 'E ITS EASIER TO SUCCEED BY HAVING YOUR SHOES REBUILT 7--63 P A G L E Y SHOE SERVICE 17 North Mill Street New Castle Pa and Best Wishes to the January Class of 47 A-to UNIVERSAL PRINTING CO Q Phone 4022 221 Sycamore Way New Castle Pa Congratulations 9 9 AUTOGRAPHS M, , .L ,. II J. I .:.:+:,g','.'H V151 ,, . I I . .,, I-.,.-..:'a'.'.fI y V: , 'X 'Q L - , A,.. 'Ili' " - Y 'AV ' V .- 'VV ,VV ,Y f - . lj' .". - ' - . f ' ','.lfVu'. .f'7""fV, 1' -AV' fwf--. ns- .. - ., V. . .i . 1415. .- Q., -A V' M. -.ff '-'V -V . . 4:',.-g. '.!. VVY 5 .- V--fn I ,. ' ,5 - f- El. 5. 4 .,,. L.. 3.5 ev... V V- 'gf ,.,.4 ,Vi VV' - ' .-. A, . - . .V ev , . 1- VI '1 , ,, 4 I 1 ' 1' 'A - ' ' 4' -. ' ' V ,, I . I L, . ' 1 .V I-?.I:.I-V. .I, I. .,,,,wh - c " , 'Q . I. I .f WI II , 44 A ' '. f-. - , - ' 'A l- ' , . -1' '. . 'V -.V Tv . A A"f ' .2 -fief . V - - , - . Vs 'Q . 4.5, . . H- .- -, ' .4 Vw' - I , - -..A .4 I Y ,fan - - ,.,,III-.ZIV 5. LI, -- ,ig , , ' , :W N ' -4. I . V- . M .Vw - 1 . I MI , .I M, .r "5" 'k X, Ia.1I,,'f" A ,- II '.I'.-JII 2-1 - IW , . ' :V' 4.3" , I .z , II . . V4 , - ,J ., I ,y , ... . ' , Hx". f l' V- , ,. . -JI I.-...,II sm' My 'V . f ' ,Q,. - u , I .V1 ' V 5 V A, - I., .- R ., I' f '. ' . ' 1. .-,, V ' 11,41 3. .5 .V , '1i....V..,., .5 5 1. .- V V. 'E '2'jI'L1, .1 .IA . .. V" ,I ffl Im I' 'V- " 1.5, - L fr, .,',g..w, ' . ' ' 13.1 , - ., ,4V1V-?,.'r3fM?i W aqgakvu- V 1 " 1 . '-f kb - Izr. IxlI. IIIFI .VI 4. , I, I, I' X -I 0 X 1 1 . .J vu ,A ' V ,. .V ...I A. II I. If 'V , U ' .. -LI V. E- L, . . , ff L. ,v Hz, Xiu I I W. . 5 I ,WI ., V E' 'e ra . ,,, V 'f , ' . "FV-123 f ' 5' ' .n .' ' V .' .. .II II ,Ii , . ,I .I", ' -, ',5 . 'A I, 1.4. ', ',.1"i-- , ..4..f'V Hi . . V- , f ,V -. - '5 -' 'f ' .- . 'if' FN V ' - ' .-.L ,A 1. '. , f -- V .. -. IV .V . ' . . l'5 'V A 'B' ' ,pf , ki, .. . III ,. ,FI VI, . I , DIIN ,.. I. .4 S!I I. I I . -II, YI. " V.. . ' ' ' 1 ' 1 - - 4-.' . f V ,r - C, J .. . 1 ' '- '-. .z- V f. '. "f..8r. V. - . .4 1 . .I. , I.. I I I, II.. ' . w ' . .l'. ' vm - La... 'E ' , 4 x' . 'ni . - - " "1 I '- ' .. . - ' ..a -j, V. H ' .-..II v 'L' ,J ' A 1, ,. fV Il. ,I ,L II II , .,?,I ,- Q ' -E-V Q' . 'L ,,. ,.' '. 'fI.,Q,I5'f.!' .fi-IQ . .- '," jf ' .-VV -III. Ifr, ' u I,,-, 1' ,- . ' " Q - , '4 - ., 7 ?,...'l " V .- ' F H" :. - ,WI II. fx -.,. -:, V -7 ...,.. 5. ,FI-. 54 .., 1 . fl - .--'.-'V-- -' rua' , -. . .2 5' '1 , . 1., 5 f F' ... '-, .liifi E' 'EI . "I up - 5- 41 .aI -I.. 4.. '. .Ix-Vg. A 4- ,fi ,m . -..,. - ,.4. ' I, II, I. , . .r.- .1. s' ,Ea ' 1 TT-.H . , , 4 w - u- pI, Q. Ei .H A .,. v ,. 1. f'. I Vera' . , r",',,'x I V- . -,V 1: V. 1- -"' 2 ' ' 5.2. I. . ,. 55-, .1 :ss":r"' rn lf -, 1 ' , II . . . 'I ggi. 1 N. I ap, ,:V:., V if . -'- ' QU..-f1:Yf:'g,: "'fry1.V V .- ' f V-Y, "." ,nn . , ,. If , 1.4 'TrfVW'.'LVPi.V- .' V. -if G . MV. , V J, ,ff'f'QL-. , - ,,-4,-v. . . .1,-. . . ' . ' . . - ... I ,V In I I I A- II N I, I I, ,, ',V .--,- -I S- ' , -. BV' II. :..- ,fr 'v 1 '... :VJ m , M... w If .1 :- an 'v 4 ,.,, aP,,. Yau, 0 4 AUTOGR PHS , ii .55 . --1, I 'I 1 uf 94,1 ,Pg T ,hrsf 'i W, , 7 ,X XJ 5-H 417 , N: ...1,-A 1 I-, gl Lf X x L' M 'Ll nv' ' -I 'v A -r 1 , . :A 1 . - . 'ff n - , ,1- Q . 2 V 1- . . . in A ,, . H - 4 -, X.: . . r 5 1 . .- J! r . n u, x. ' I Q f 1 ' V In 1 .-l,,,M-:gf.L..4.. .. L, ...fam-.1.f - v R Eg ' pi-. 5 GF ag -Q -.tu 15. 'L 95, I' +' f EE, f. ,vu FZ' f s " f 45 Q 44 ' sfrlfg 'i. 'Xi - 51. ...U V,, 5- , f J -ln" '- it. . a 55' p. I- ,- f-gf ,. N .r l A ,Uv A , x " , B Ziv ,192 gf? I ,I 7 , I l I Z4 0 'Q "' .mr ' j - 'ff' ,1 I X ,-v.,' 'H 1 ,,,.F ,- f -. I ,- -ri' gr, 5 .. , - I -4 ,,. ,I f 13 X, ' ,f" pf .14 " " r' v -, r I D , . P

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