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X U X A 2.- -2 fgmraf' I ff f fz ' g filifi ' M , ,HI ' lidfy! v 1 ' hggq 2 1 ff 5 H 2 S 1 1 4 -: 1 1 Q 3 3 E i F 4 1 2 n x S S E 5 5 L 1 z 1 E E 2 : i : , . G I i E 5 2 NE - CA - H I JANUARY, 1944 PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF JANUARY, 1944 NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA , HU E H QPU L rf Bu. N 2 W ,+L A. I 13- f I2g.j,ll I-I Q7 H A E' ,,,lv4 f ..,.A lf A .. 1 Ii 1 V ll.. N I .. . j Y 'S mf gf' E Fusuc LIBRARY A NEW CASTLE, PA - MAY '75 , N l 14. I , ! '. ,ls ALMA MATER To the praise of our dear High School, Sing We loud and longg Glory, honor and affection, Give We her in song, Hours of gladness, free from sadness Happy students hereg Sing we to our High School friendships And our High School dear. ,if ji. Ha f 5 4' CONTENTS I?:2i1:i3 ,j N X Q ,P , K W fmf my Y , MX' 'Q' Lovf' Q, f fx A' 5 N 'D 5 'Ji ,,,- , ff 6 , 2 ,arp f Q- KN. ' ' iY'Y QET?-if 'Q' SL ORt 711 M y I 'L ff ' 49" f X A N.: A i, Y- ' " , - Q hu X -X -17 A -Q - ' ,L V -XM Y THOSE lm.A' I Qwflfff Swarm Mum fbwma Spofdh gunman FOREWORD As the years roll swiftly by and we grow farther and farther away from our dear old Ne-Ca-Hi, may we look back through our annuals, with great pleasure, to reminisce over the happy life our Alma Mater so willingly offered to us,-that life which meant for us football games, dances, plays, basketball games, notebooks, nightwork, teachers, friendships, dinks, a dinner dance, and much merriment. May each and every one of the January Class of 1944 have a future life, equal in joy and profit to these three years spent in Ne-Ca-Hi. ,MM DEDICATION "She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to think on." -Sir John Suckliiig We, the graduating class of January, 1944, with highest esteem, gratitude, and appreciation dedicate this book to MISS CLARISSA J. DUFF who has loyally, patiently, and untiringly counseled and directed us through our years at Ne-Ca-Hi. LIFE IN NE-CA-HI Our life in Ne-Ca-Hi has meant facing puzzling problems and making difficult choices. It has also meant three years of great enjoy- ment at sports, studies, and activities. It has been a course in preparation for graduation into a world where we will face far more puzzling problems and make much more difficult choices. May the future life of all our graduates be as enjoyable and helpful as our "life in Ne-Ca-Hi." THEME K W N Egglexfb' 5 KTWQHK ""g 54-wcjfz --: X in 11? Y ,I .NNN I WJQIHVIQIQU I. 5:-5 X f -tk 6, Xxli 5 ........ v A f 2 W-If N6 "su,nN 1 A 61 tv 2 22 , .:,, Y , xf. :Q . - QW in S7 999 N k f".:'w,' A 4, v 1' f 'S -ti :sf CV eff C. "WFP -3 1 '-22941 . MR. FRANK L. BURTON Superintendent MRS. MARJORIE NELSON Assistant Principal MR. CLARE B. BOOK Principal FACULTY Wilhelmina B. Andree Bernice Bartlett Frances Borland fSubstituteJ Arthur C. Brown Janet Brenneman Mildred Burleson Edith E. Birchard R. H. Boak P. H. Bridenbaugh Bessie P. Brinkerhoff Howard A. Butler Elsie F. Calvin N. R. Casillo Earle M.'Cass Mary Perdue Clarke Donald F. Copson Elmer O. Delancy Robert A. Duff Margaret P. Fischc 1. Sarah M. Dinsmore Dorothy Edmunds Bess S. Gailcy E. W. Gillaspie Mary A. Good M. Grace Dodson Clara A. Elliott ' 4 , G fr- .Z 0 f Eleanor S. Galbraith l James R. Green l Clarissa J. Duf Myra Elliott QSubstituteJ l Ralph H. Gardner Olivia M. Griffiths Clara M. Hartsuff Ethel M. Kelley E. William Lehto Frances M. Haydon Eleanor Hoagland Emily Johnston QQ! M . SY. is Lois B. Kerr Jacob D. Kitler Williain L. Klee l l Fred Leslie Joseph Lockley Myrtle J. Lord 2 ,Wzeiza-f . . il' if .ff M f g-f -1 A ' ,i fwfg William A. Margraf Frances H. Maxwell Robert H, MCBU1-ney Frances McC1aren Sara Sankey McCune ,l Q. Adeline E. Miller N. P. Nelson Genevieve Riddle T Walter S. McKee Robert M. Mills Joseph J. Oeltman Mary G. Riffer J. H. Earl McKenzie Thelma Merrilees Margaret Montgomery Mary Long Mullen H. Elizabeth Parker Joseph F. Replogle Viola H. Sadler Ruth G. Sample Margaret B. Shaw l Helena Stevenson Ruth VVallace Geraldine Fry fClerkj Oscar J. Sheaffer Reba E. Sines Mona Sowash Charlotte A. Taylor George F. Thomas Mary E. VanDivo1t 'Iv ,, if-f" 1 , me . . 1' Q I Kanji? Q ...elf Ralph L. Weide Virginia Weinschenk Helen R. Westlake Dorothy Young Lela Moorhead fClQ1'kJ IN MEMORIAM l W O i MISS OLA D. ROGERS Died October 11, 1943 RESOLUTIONS Whereas, it seemed best to the Master of Life and Death, to send His summons suddenly to our friend and fellow-worker, Miss Ola Dee Rogers. Be it resolved, that we do here record in the presence of the student body among whom she has taught, always with great kindness and patience, our deep sense of the loss our school has suffered in her passing. And be it furthermore resolved, that we record our sorrow in the loss of a pleasant and invariably gracious companion, whose high standards we shall remember as those of a Christian gentlewoman. And be it still further resolved, that we do here record at the desire of the staff of janitors and the stai of cafeteria assistants, their high regard for Miss Rogers, because of her unfailing consideration and courtesy to them. And be it finally resolved, that Senatus Romanus, the honorary club of the department of Latin, in which Miss Rogers taught for the twenty years of her connection with New Castle Senior High School, do here record their appreciation of her kindness and patience in the class- room. Signed for the Faculty: MISS MARY E. VAN DIVORT Signed for Senatus Romanus: JULIA FERGUSON CLASS SONG fTune-"With My Head in the Clouds" by Irving Berlinj Words by Betty Milliken Introduction: What does a Senior think of When he's up there on the stage? Ask any high school Senior ' And he'll answer like a sage: Chorus C11 While we're here in the year that we gra-aduate We think of fun that We'Ve had, And we know as We go through our last high school days That of our 1nem'ries we're gladg When the road is rough And the battles tough And our thoughts go back once more, How We'll yearn to return to our dear Ne-Ca-Hi And the Class of Forty-Four! Chorus C23 Were I there, not a care, "With My Head in a Book" fAlthough my thoughts all would soar To the Work and the play with that old gang of mine! I would be happy once more. At the football games And the Senior Plays And the dances and the "grind"! But our future begins and We must say "goodbye" To the ones We're leaving behind. SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS JOHN WALLACE President Jack is highly esteemed around these parts, YVith the girls he's an ace, not the jack of hearts. JANE DIETTERLE Secretary Step up Jane and take a bow, Your class sure thinks that you're a wow. ANTHONY GINOCCHI Vice President This young man will ne'er be lonely, XVhen he is with his one and only. THEODORE LEWIS Treasurer With legs like giant pistons, he plunges with the ball, One of our finest football heroes last fall. SAMUEL ABRAHAM Our pal "Honestly" is a sharp little sob, IIe's always the center of a jolly mob. ZACHARIAH ALLERTON He's one of our class's trombone players, And also one of our lady slayers. GERALDINE R.. ALLGIER Kind of heart, willing of hands, High in our esteem she stands. ELEANOR M. ALTMAN If you want to make sure you'll get a date, Tell this Eirl you like to skate. LILLIAN AMBREZEWICZ Her witty mind will take her far, In later life she's sure to star. SHIRLEY ANTHONY When it comes to the art of dance, A ballroom floor she will enhance. i r K 3 it Q . is... . t we Q X 1 ef W mg E .pg I .Q aww l...,,bqg, at g -:- 1- .Q - ., .N t gywisim is , ..'- gif N 551.1 '. ' ef fs-..::' . 'V g3g5g5g557,'L 1 U . .s - wewm . .. ,Wt W V K :I JV., .. ..... - -"" A if if 5.1 as ' .M 'fr i . Af J 552- X - , 5. A .... : gig- 'f fl -- .-., W, ,..,. , X kiwi Q Xu dk N, bl as I MSW 1 YM HA' K 12' .1 W SWQN kat X 5 J 5 MM J R ,A A ,H X fe' K i sf .: :rg y 4-2 wma- .-4 .,,, 3- 15 4 .-, H. ' ii i if if I K sv-1 A-f Q W. . X RALPH ARMINO He's the type you'd like to meet. Who plays the drum with a Kvuha heat. DAVID AXE A nice big: fellow is David Axe- When it comes to work, his brain's never lax. BETTE BAILEY Without you, Bette, what would we do? You do things well and do lots too. WILLIAM J. BALTES Hen-els a boy whom we claim VVill be a prreat flyer of an aero- plane. MARY ANN BELL In everything she's quite diverse. Her highest ambition is to be a DUYS9. CHARLES P. BIASUCCI Rather quiet but lots of fun, His pleasures begin when work is done. CHARLES A. BLACK A fine fellow in every way, And one who studies every day. E-VELYNNE BLANK "Effie" means business wherever she goes, But she likes lots of pleasure and oodles of clothes. RAYMOND BROWN Ray Brown, quite a clown, Is sure to achieve great renown. ANNA BOAZZO Ever cheerful with all she greets, She's a staunch friend of all she meets. FRANCES BOVARD Short, sweet. blue-eyed and blonde, We wouldn't trade her for a thou- sand dollar bond. BARBARA BOYD She talks so quick and walks so fast. She's hardly here before she's passed. NORMAN BUCKINGHAM The high school lost a handsome Eeillll When Bucky left to learn to fly. MARIAN BUDWAY Seldom heard but liked by all, Dark brown hair and rather small. THEODORE BUDZOWSKI For trig and algebra, you'll find This lad certainly has a mind. OLGA BULEY Typing, shorthand. commercial work. None of these tasks does she shirk. ELIZABETH BURTON With "Bizz" it's Joe first, last and always, They'rc frequently seen talking in the hallways. MARY CARKITTO A girl whom we'll not soon forget, VVe're sure she's one of the finest yet. FRANCES CARPENTER I'l1-asing in manner anrl rearly for fun, She's really to go at the banyr of a 'run ROSE M. CAVALLO Ambitious. bright and full of fun, She'll prove a star in life's mad run. MARTHA CI-IAMBERLAIN In these rlays of Spars, Waves and Wacs-- V Martha's a Hne leader in our Gans. BARBARA L. CHAPMAN NVith soldiers and sailors this girl gets around, With them at the rink, she's sure to be found. ROBERT A. CHRISTOPH 'tArgruing is my chief delight, I c-an't be wrong, I must be right." MARY S. CIOPPA A kindly manner, a merry grin, With Mary around you'll keep up your rhin. ANTHONY CIPRIANO Anthony's swell and lots of fun. He won't give up till fame is won. WILLIAM CLARK Chatting with the girls is the special joy OI' this food looking, dark-haired boy. MARY LOUISE CLELAND For a smooth disposition. just look at M. I.. She does all things, and does them well.. IDA A. CONTI Smart at school, and fun at play, A mighty swell Senior, we're happy to say. BETTY JANE COOPER Vlfith medium height and light brown hair, May she succeed and Find life fair. BEULAH MAE CRISS Beulah is quiet and rather shy, But very sweet so she'll get hy. J. THOMAS DAILEY Our "Grandpa" is without a doubt A swell fellow and a regular scout. ROBERT DANGEL Match his wit if you can. He's the original good humor man. ZYGMUNT DARZYNKIEWICZ Here-'s a boy with quite a names We hope that it will bring.: him fame! DORIS JEAN iDAUGHERTY Traveling: arounfl as a roving: re- porlcr. She'll he a faithful and famous "Short Snorterf' IRENE DAY Petite, demurc and always neat, We all agree she's very sweet. EUGENE DQCAPRIO A flash and zip, a sis-boom-bah He's right there with rah. rah, rah! 4 .,.. 1 I t .... 5' W, re lr - an DELLA DEEP A great, personality has Miss Deep: Of her we really think a heap. JUNE DeMASI VVC know that .Tune's a quiet lass But she's a girl that few surpass. ANTHONY DeSIMONE It's hard to believe there ever could be A fellow more jolly and pleasant than he. ROSE ANN DeTHOMAS With winning ways and just a little shy, In years to Come. we know that she'll get by. LUCILLE DOYLE Lu's a girl that knows all the tricks, Just see if you can get her mixed. EILEEN EAKIN Bright and sunny all day long When Eddie's near thinyrs can'1 go wrong. VIRGINIA EAKIN Slim, dark, personality plus- Ginny's a girl who really suits us. MARILYN ECKLES Hore's a girl, should she come your way, Is willing to help you any old day. WILLIAM EROE A cheerful hello! You know he's in sight, In all kinds of sports he does de- light. ROSE FAVA Roses are red, violets are blue, We like our "Rose" and so will you. JULIA FERGUSON Bright, poppy and pgay is she, And always busy as a bee. ROBERT W. FIGULY Bob's a 3:-good player and a regular sport, What our class needs is more of his sort. , --.- A A ".- A f f l f iuie r , V - , 3. - v- ' .gg 81. gffsiifsr . ' 5:5':-,,5E1: DELORES FLANSBURG Vivacious, shining, in rain or sun. Always really for work or fun. MARY JO FLOUT Full of pep and on the run, She surely is a lot of fun. WILLIAM FOREMAN "Willie" is the ladies' man. He always has one by the hand. ROBERT E. FRAZIER Bob is always full of fun, He keeps his teachers on the run. JOSEPH FREW .loc is a fervent hunter and fisher, For his future welfare we're his well wisher. BETTY KAY FRONIUS Her genial smile is like the sun, It's always ready for anyone. ANDREW GALLONIO Andy tops in the art of dance, He'll show those CB's how to prancc. ALDO GALMARINI An operation didn't stop him, He still has pep and plenty of vim. VIRGINIA GENERAL Everyone who knows her well, Says that she is simply swell. ARNOLD E. GIANCOLA A tall, dark and handsome shick, Not very bold, not very meek. FRANK GIANNONE For a finer fellow he was hard to beat. In his Navy Blues he sure looks neat. EDWARD R. GILKEY Whatever it is, hc's there with a plan, Of course, he's our little his busi- ness man. DONALD GLITCH You say he's short, you say h0's small, But when it comes to knowledge he tops them all. WILLIAM GIVEN GOFF Given is quiet within the school, And outside, he's nobody's fool. IRENE GURGIOLO Irene is the artist on our list- She gives our posters that certain twist. DAVID HAR.LAN Popular, jolly. mischievous, sly, Nobody thinks of passing Dave by. BETTY L. HALL One of the nicest girls we ever met And a popular majorette. CHARLOTTE HEATH With a loyal heart and sunny smile. She's up and doing all the While. MARGARET ANN HENDERSON Snappy. happy. full of pep, She is a typical majorette. LOIS JEAN HENKS Whenever fun and joy are found, You'll know that Lois is around. SHIRLEY JEAN HERMAN We hear a giggle and see a erin-- Shirley's just been ushered in. DONALD W. HIRZEL Never hustle, never worry, Take life easy, what's the hurry? MARY KATHRYN HOGAN When traveling y0u'll hear her say, She'll eo the South American Way. DONALD W. HUDDLE Physics was never hard for him, Solving' problems was just a whim. ,E .,,. , 5 V A. 1 "'+21- li N Q L1 :.-,f - If Q Q- mn-if is A '- Fit. . I U-if " +I " .ri z.. i fy 5 'S MARJORIE ANN HOLMES She's fond of fun. and yet she's true To every single duty. too. HARTZEL H. HUSTON While on the seas, he sails and sails, We hear his girl friends' longing wails. LAURA A. ISABELLA 'If you should look at her by chance, Your gain will be a smiling glance. RENALDO JANNETTI In study hall. a worry to the teacher, His attitude would not become a yireacher. ROBERT JACKSON In the basketball and football line. Our "Stonewall" always seems to shine. EDWIN JOHNSON He's what we term, "one swell guy," His personality will lift him high. WILLIAM JOHNSON Bill's a good pal, we have found, We always like to have him around. CELIA KATZ She's fated to be a great steno- grapher, To take the notes of a famous bio- grapher. MARY E. KAUFMAN Mary's the one who's full of fun, She keeps her boy friends on the run. BETTY KENNEDY To tell which is which, is hard to do- We'll yzive you a prize to identify these two. MARGARET KENNEDY On skates our twins make quite a team, We'l1 say they're really "on the beam." WILLIAM MCKINLEY KING, Jr. He drops the deer dead in its tracks. Nor is he afraid of wolves in packs. ELIZABETH KOIVULA "Itsie" will, with her ambition, Be sure to get a good position. MILDRED KOLUNIE Mildred, the beauty of our class Is a most vivacious, lovely lass. ELIZABETH KRAUSE To be a business woman is her aim Her method of working should bring her fame. DELORES KUDER Charming, witty, our favorite, in- deed, A beautiful dancer-she's the kind we need. JOSEPH KWOLEK A naval photographer he wants to be, He'll be the very best on all the sea. JUNE LAWSON A perfect business woman is she, With respect, independence, and in- ieffrity. JOHN LEE Tall, handsome, and quite a lad. He left for the Navy now the girls are sad. MARY P. LEONE Day after day-'through work anwl vlay. You were one grand comrade in 9YK'l'y Xvay. MARGARET LOGUE Never solemn, never blue. She'll do anything for you. ALBA LOMBARDO She'll co-operate the live long clay. To make things go right in every way. GEORGE LOVE Destined to be a king of swing, Fame to his name he's sure to hx-ine. PETER MASELLO Here's a man to fix your tire, Ha-'ll vulcanize to your desire. -4...,f 1, ,X E . if M gi ag, f Y J, t :F igaisw x . ...-. I ,. -- .,.. I. ...gee , :,,. :faeif ' ? y 'M' +23 5 'W my 3 X536 4 we ri -kk 4 Q 5 f, W mv' '3 4 ga. - iw ,Na . 5? M' 1 3 gr f v if f 5 -. 1 6 ir 06. Y F X ask Q, K EDGAR T. MARSH Always merry, full et' fun, Ne crowd's complete till he has FUTIIP. JOANNE MCCOLLUM A sense of humor with plenty to spare. Her brilliant smile will banish all C'?ll'0. ROY E. MCGAFFIC, Jr. Readily adept at a pencil sketch, ln later life, :L good price it'll fetch. WILLIAM MCPEAK The answer to a maiden's prayer, But where there are girls he isn't there. BETTY MAE MILLER Short in stature as she may be, A heart of gold she has, you'll see. BETTY MILLIKEN Blue-eyed Betty with that smile you've seen, Is it any wonder she was May Queen? LOUISE MORGAN Medium height. zuul medium weight. llxcccmlingly nice. wu're here to stair: GRACE MORGAN Grace is swell in every way. She suits to a 'I' at school and play. JUNE NELSON ll' you boys want her pagccl, ,lust I'orQ'f-1, ii. she's ongagrvrl. NORMA JUNE NICHOLSON ll0re's lo Norma sl'e's ol-ivh. XVhose slightest wish we will obey. LUCY M. PAYNE A quieter uirl you will never meet, A nicer girl you will never greet. ARNOLD PELINI Arnolrl was quiet. most of :ill when asleep. I'Ie's zz good mil though "still water runs deep." w M , Q '-e: . ::- -Q ...,. : s is 3 5 M, , gifs, Arll f feel .,., , xg ' JAMES PERRONE A regular fellow, loyal and true, Your classmates surely think a lot of you. JOHN PRIOLETTI We all give John our best regard For success in college: we know he'll work hard. WIN ONA PRICE A maiden very sweet and cheery, Always happy, never weary. MURRAY PYLE Quiet, shy, but bright is he. And as handsome as Scotch Irish can be. KARL RICHARDS Quite popular with the girls is this gent, Because they think he's heaven sent. BENJAMIN ROMAN This boy is just as good in looks, As hanrlsome men in story books. HARRIETT ROSENBERG Harriett is as witty as she can bc, She keeps us laughing mvrrily. THEODORIS ROSSER Welcome stranger! We'r0 so glad Your acquaintance we have had. MICHAEL ROUSSOS Quite a versatile man is he, In football, art and P. O. D. FREDERICK ROWLAND Altho' he's short, hc could really wow 'em He still can. too, does the Navy allow him 2' MARIE SAINATO Rather shy. with a twinkle in her QYQ- People look when Marie goes by. WILLIAM SAMUELS Bill, the "Don Juan" of thu school, Is sum to find his favorite jewel. .LI -,,A- EEE.. Pu , j QW 5? 7 'E ' ff ' 2 4' I . 3' si -:" .i.i'i f ' 'xiii 2 7, ' ' 5:3 I' " 5155. 1. . - :5-' aw: z DONABELLE SAYLOR We think a lot of Donabelle, And sw does Bernie think sh0's swell. ALBERT M. SCARNATI l'le1'e's hoping that to him some day, His hard earned commercial law will nay. ELIZABETH ANN SEBERINO Elizabeth would make an excellent wife. 'Cause she could cook and sew all her lil'1'. MARY ELEANOR SHOAFF In scholastic ability, she exceeds the limit In everything she's up to the min- utc. STELLA SPLAWINSKI Pretty eyes, blonde hair: Where there's joy, Stella's thcrc. FRANK W. STEINBRINK Steinbrink and his fishy tics. Suri' attract the ladies' eyes. LUCILLE B. STICKLE NVe'd be willing: to walk a mile .lust to see your charming smile. JANE ST ODDARD A swell fellow, Ernie, by name. Certainly rates tons with our Jane. MARTHA V. THOMAS A hot orchestra. and a slippery floor, And Martha stands still no more. BERNARD THOMPSON With his boogie Woogie and his jive, He surely lets us know that he's alive. CLARA TRANQUILLO She's one who succeeds in every test. ln Winning friends, she's the very best. BETTY TRENT Betty is always ready to servo, From her duly she'll never swerve. '32 4? limi-fr JOSEPH VILLANI Those pearly teeth we won't forget, Nor curly hairfas black as jet. JEAN WADDING Not a bit shy and with lots ol poise, She sure knows how to handle the boys. LUELLA JOAN WALTERS A lively girl is pert Miss Waltersg NVhen asked to recite she never falters. ROBERT WATSON A track star for Ne-Ca-Hig VVhPn the draft board called he said - -ffgood-by. SHIRLEY J. WILKINS A nurse-to-be is our girl friend Shirley, She'll charm them all with her hair so curly. ROBERT WILLIAMS Come on, Bob, and meet your fate. VVQ girls think you're really great. JOSEPH WOLFE Toe surely lives up in his name. NVhen it comes to prirls-tha1's QIIYHO. M SHELDON WOLFE A lad who never has much to say. But he strives forward every day. IN MEMORIAM BETTY LOU HALL January 2, 1926 1 December 8, 1943 She is not dead-the girl of our affection- But gone unto that school Where she no longer needs our poor aiectio And Christ himself doth rule. -Longfellow GEORGIA WOOD Georgia has a lovely voice. She's also loyal to Kilmer Joyce HONOR ROLL flisted in alphabetical orderj Lillian Ambrezewicz Edward Rolland Gilkey Mildred Yolando Kolunie Bette Jean Bailey Mary Kathryn Hogan Theodore Arthur Lewis Charles Audley Black Donald Wesley Huddle Betty Jean Milliken Elizabeth Ann Burton Celia Katz John Paul Prioletti Doris Jean Daugherty William McK. King, Jr. Mary Eleanor Shoaff Jane Kathryn Dietterle Toini Elizabeth Koivula Jean Marie Wadding 'kiririr SERVICE HONOR ROLL Samuel Joseph Abraham ..... . .,.. Coast Guard Norman Henry Buckingham .... ...Army Air Corps Robert Allen Christoph.. John Thomas Dailey ..... Aldo Galmarini . . . . . . . Andrew Anthony Gallonio .... Frank Gliannone ........ Hartzel Harry Huston. . . John Thomas Lee ....... Arnold Pelini .......... Frederick Elmer Rowland .... Joseph Dominick Villani. . Robert Alvin Watson .... .. .Army Air Corps ...........Army ..........Ar1ny ....Navy ....Navy ....NaVy ....Navy ....Army ....Navy ....Navy .Army if nt' ir 'Ir AWARDS Prize offered by the New Castle News for general excellence in English during' the high school course. -Won by JANE DIETTERLE Prize offered by the Lawrence County Bar Association to the senior with the highest rank in the four year Latin course. -Won by MARY KATHRYN HOGAN Prize offered by the Daughters of 1812 for general proficiency in U. S. History during the high school course. -Won by JANE DIETTERLE Prize offered by the Music Club for general excellence in Music. Won by ZYGMUNT DARZYNKIEWICZ Prize offered by the B'nai B'rith of New Castle to a Problems of Democracy student for good citizenship and for progress in the study of democracy. -Won by EDWARD GILKEY HALL OF FAME SENIOR A CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Jack Wallace . . . .... Tony Ginocchi Vice President Treasurer ...... ...,.. T ed Lewis Secretary .... .... J ane Dietterle SENIOR B CLASS OFFICERS President ............... Dick McKee Vice President ..... Bonnie Brenneman . . . . . . . .David Kish Secretary ........... Emogene Ringer Treasurer ..... JUNIOR A CLASS OFFICERS President .................. Ed Bush Vice President . . . .... Tony Rozzano . ....... James Faulk Treasurer .... Secretary .......... Rosemary Barrett JUNIOR B CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Harvey Davis Vice President ...... Steve Wasilewski Treasurer ...... ..... R alph Shiner Secretary ................ Pat Smith SOPHOMORE A CLASS OFFICERS President ................ John Ford Vice President ....... William Wallace Secretary ...... ....... A nn Green Treasurer .............. Paul Decker STUDENT COUNCIL President ................ Joe Jordan Vice President ....... Don Harris Treasurer ..... ....... B ette Bailey Secretary .......... Joanne McCollum DEBATE CLUB President ................ Bill Baltes Vice President .... .. ...... Joe Jordan Treasurer ....,......... Eugene Baer Secretary ........ Mary Esther Coates Corresponding Secretary ........ .......... .Doris Jean Daugherty DOFOBS President ........... ..... J ohn Ford Vice President .,... Mary Lou Brunton Treasurer ...... ....... B ob McLean Secretary ................ Earl Hawk BUSINESS PROFICIENCY President ......,......... Celia Katz Vice President . . . .... June Lawson Sec'y and Treas. . . . .... Bette Bailey CURRENT EVENTS CLUB President .......... Corinne Treharne Vice President ....... Al Szazyglawski Treasurer .... ..... B ill Greene Secretary ............... Leah Marlin SENIOR HI-Y President .......... , . . .Eugene Baer Vice President .. Treasurer ...... Secretary .... SOPHO President ...... Vice President . . Treasurer ...... Secretary . .' . . . . .... Hugh McLean .. . ...Bill Onash . . . . . . .Bill Baltes MORE HI-Y ..........John Ford .. ...... BobReed . . . .Bill Wallace . . . .Bill Withers GIRL RESERVES President ...... Vice President . . . . . . .Emogene Ringer . . ....... Della Deep Treasurer . ..... ...... M axine Taylor Assistant Treasurer .... Mary Ann Bell Secretary ............. Phyllis Double Corresponding Se cretary ........ . . .Mary Louise Ward SENATUS ROMANUS President .......... . . .Julia Ferguson Vice President . . Treasurer ...... Secretary ...... . . . ..... Don Tanner .........Joe Jordan .Mary Kathryn Hogan Corresponding Secretary ........ . . . . . , . . . . .Doris Jean Daugherty G. 1st Lieutenant . . 2nd Lieutenant . 2nd Lieutenant . . A. C.'S . .Mary Louise Cleland . . . . . . .Jane Dietterle . . . . . . .Victoria Gizzi CHEERLEADERS Marjorie Maxwell Lucy Goclano Carry DiThomas Betty Blewitt Bill Carrothers Tony Frasso Tom Sansoni George Morrow Pat Haley, Sub. GERMAN CLUB Executive Board . Robert Dangel, Senior A, Chairmang Helenmae Herberg, Hilmi Pirkkala, William Usselton, Senior B3 Jean Fenati, Junio Junior B. r Ag Robert Beisheim, SENIOR, ACTIVITIES JOHN WALLACE ZACHARIAH ALLERTON ACADEMIC Class President 1121 Home Room Representative 1101 Hall Monitor 110-111 Student Council 111-121 President Victory Captain 1101 Junior Kiwanian 1121 Student Guard 1121 Squad L-eader 1121 Class Day Committee ANTHONY GINOCCHI TECHNICAL Class Vice-President 1121 Home Room Representative 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi StaH 1121 Office Squad 1111 Rifle Club 1111 Perfect Attendance 110-111 Class Day Committee JANE DIETTERLE I ACADEMIC Class Secretary 1121 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Girl Reserves 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staii' 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites 111-121 Squad Leader A Cappella Choir 1121 Class Day Committee THEODORE LEWIS ACADEMIC, TECHNICAL Class Treasurer 1121 Class Officer 1101 Football 111-121 Hi-Y 1101 A Home Room Representative 1121 Track 1121 Basketball 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 111-121 Class Day Committee GERALDINE R. ALLGIER GENERAL ELEANOR M. ALTMAN COMMERCIAL Perfect Attendance 11 01 GENERAL Orchestra 111-121 Band 111-121 Hall Monitor 1121 LILLIAN AMBREZEWICZ TECIINICAL SHIRLEY ANTHONY COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1L0cal1 1121 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Order of Business Efficiency 1National1 1121 Shorthand Awards 1121-11001 RALPH ARMINO GENERAL Band 110-121 Orchestra 1111 Student Council 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-121 Class Basketball 1101 Hall Monitor 1111 Class Day Committee DAVID AXE ACADEMIC Rifle Club 1101 Hall Monitor 110-121 BETTE BAILEY COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1121 Secretary-Treasurer Girls' Athletic Club 1121 Girl Reserves 110-121 Ne-Ca-Hi StaH 1121 O1'der of Business Efficiency 1121 Shorthand Awards 1121-11001 Student Council 1121 Treasurer Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 Football Program 1121 A Cappella Choir 111-121 MARY ANN BELL ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 11 1-121 WILLIAM J. BALTES GENERAL Hall Monitor 1125 senior Hi-Y 110-125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 Track 1125 Debate Club 1125 CHARLES P. BIASUCCI GENERAL A Cappella Choir 1105 Track 1105 Usher 111-125 CHARLES A. BLACK ACADEMIC Band 110-11-125 Home Room Representative 1125 Hall Patrol 1125 Orchestra 1115 Sub-Treasurer 1125 Victory Captain 1125 Music Contest 1115 Evans City District Band 1115 Perfect Attendance 110-115 Class Day Orchestra EVELYNNE BLANK GENERAL Girl Reserves 1105 "Ever Since Eve" 1115 "Stage Door" 1125 "Best Foot Forward" 1125 Sub-Treasurer 1115 Band 110-115 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff ANNA BOAZZA GENERAL FRANCES BOVARD ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 1125 Victory Captain 1115 Home Room Representative 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 Class Day Committee BARBARA BOYD GENERAL Girl Reserves 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 MARIAN BUDWAY ACADEMIC RAYMOND BROWN CCMMERCIAL Class Basketball 1105 Hi-Y 1105 Hall Monitor 111-125 Hall Captain 1125 Student Guard 1125 TED BUDZOWSKI TECHNICAL Class Basketball 1105 Squad Leader 1125 OLGA BULEY COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1125 Girls' Athletic Club 110-125 Shorthand Awards 1125 ELIZABETH BURTON ACADEMIC Girls' Athletic Club 110-125 "Stage Door" 1125 Girl Reserves 110-125 Senatus Romanus 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites StaH 1125 "Best Foot Forward" 1125 MARY CARKITTO ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 1105 FRANCES CARPENTER ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 "Stage Door" 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 111-125 "Best Foot Forward" 1125 Class Day Committee BARBARA L. CHAPMAN COMMERCIAL Class Officer 110-115 Dofobs 1115 Girls' Athletic Club 110-125 Girl Reserves 110-115 Home Room Representatives 110 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 Shorthand Awards 1125 MARY S. CIOPPA COMMERCIAL Ne-Ca-Hi-Liters Staff 1125 ROSE M. CAVALLO COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staf 1121 MARTHA CHAMBERLNAIN ACADEMIC American Red Cross 1101 Football Program 1121 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Perfect Attendance 1111 Victory Captain 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 "Best Foot Forward" 1121 A Cappella Choir 1121 ROBERT A. CHRISTOPH GENERAL Band 110-121 Dofobs 1111 Home Room Representative Rifle Club 1121 Stamp Club 1101 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Squad Leader 1121 ANTHONY CIPRIANO GENERAL Band 110-121 Music Contest 110-111 Orchestra 110-111 Hall Monitor 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 Usher 111-121 Squad Leader 1121 Class Day Orchestra WILLIAM CLARK COMMERCIAL Hall Monitor 1111 "Stage Door" 1121 "Best Foot Forward" 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 Squad Leader 1121 MARY LOUISE CLELAND GENERAL Class Officer 1111 Debate Club 110-111 Football Program 110-121 Girls' Athletic Club 110-121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Rifle Club 110-121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 A Cappella Choir 1121 Class Day Committee IDA A. CONTI GENERAL Girl Reserves- 111-121 BETTY JANE COOPER COMMERCIAL BEULAH MAE CRISS COMMERCIAL ROBERT DANGELX COMMERCIAL Rifle Club 1111 Hall Patrol 1111 German Club 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Victory Captain 1121 Student Guard 1121 Squad Leader 1121 4121 ZYGMUNT DARZYNKIEWICA GENERAL Band 1121 Basketball 1121 Hall Patrol 1101 Music Contest 110-111 Orchestra 110-121 Pre-Session Squad 1111 Usher 1111 DORIS JEAN DAUGHERTY ACADEMIC Debate Club 111-121 Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary Dofobs 110-111 Girl Reserves .1101 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Rifle Club 1101 Senatus Romanus 11 1-121 Scriba Epistularum Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 111 121 IRENE DAY COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves 110-121 Hall Monitor 1101 DELLA DEEP GENERAL Girl Reserves 110-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 EUGENE DeCAPRIO WILLIAM EROE GENERAL Hi-Y 110-111 Hall Monitor 1111 Home Room Representative 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 "Best Foot Forward" 1121 Class Day Committee JUNE DeMASI ACADEMIC Home Room Representative 1121 Hall Monitor 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Sub-Treasurer 1111 ANTHONY DeSIMONE GENERAL ROSE ANN DeTHOMAS GENERAL LUCILLE DOYLE ACADEMIC Band 1111 Football Program 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 "Best Foot Forward" 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites 1121 Girls' Athletic Club 1121 EILEEN EAKIN COMMERCIAL Dismissal Squad 1101 Girl Reserves 1121 Hall Patrol 1101 VIRGINIA EAKIN ACADEMIC Dofobs 1121 Girl Reserves 111-121 TECHNICAL Class Basketball 1101 Dofobs 1111 French Club 1101 Hi-Y 1111 Squad Leader 1121 Hall Patrol 110-11-121 Office Squad 1111 Perfect Attendance 1101 Service Squad 111-121 Track 1121 Student Guard 1121 ROSE FAVA r'oMMERCIA1, Girls' Athletic Club 1121 JULIA FERGUSON ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 110-111 Home Room Representative 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 President Victory Captain 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 A Cappella Choir 111-121 ROBERT W. FIGULY GENERAL Hall Monitor 111-121 Class Basketball 1101 Student Guard 1121 Squad Leader 1121 DOLORES FLANSBURG COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1121 Dofobs 1111 Girl Reserves 1101 Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Rifle Club 110-111 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Shorthand Awa1'ds 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 MARY J0 FLOUT Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Class Day Committee MARILYN ECKLES COMMERCIAL Band 111-121 Girls' Athletic Club 1121 GENERAL Band 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 A Cappella Choir 111-121 JOSEPH FREW TECHNICAL Rifle Club 11 21 WILLIAM FOREMAN COMMERCIAL Hall Monitor 1101 Victory Captain 1101 Squad Leader 1121 "Best Foot Forward" 1121 ROBERT E. FRAZIER ACADEMIC Band 110-121 Hi-Y 1101 Hall Monitor 1121 Orchestra 1111 Squad Leader 1121 Class Day Orchestra BETTY FRONIUS HOME ECONOMICS VIRGINIA GENERAL COMMERCIAL Perfect Attendance 1101 ARNOLD E. GIANCOLA ACADEMIC Band 110-121 Home Room Representative Hall Monitor 1121 Music Contests 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Class Basketball 1101 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Squad Leader 1121 Class Day Committee EDWARD R. GILKEY ACADEMIC Band 110-121 Hall Monitor 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staf 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Editor 1121 1121 Home Room Representative 1111 Victory Captain 1111 Junior Kiwanian 1121 Usher 1121 Class Day Committee 1121 Chairman WILLIAM GIVEN GOFF GENERAL Band 1121 Camera Club 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 Class Day Orchestra DONALD GLITCH ACADEMIC Hall Monitor 1121 Victory Captaiin 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Editor 1121 IRENE GURGIOLO GENERAL French Club 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staf 1121 BETTY L. HALL COMMERCIAL Band 110-121 Dismissal Squad 1101 Shorthand Awards 1121 DAVID HARLAN TECHNICAL Class Basketball 1101 Office Squad 1111 Class Track 110-121 Victory Captain 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 "Best Foot Forward" 1121 CHARLOTTE HEATH GENERAL Pre-session Squad 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 MARGARET ANN HENDERSON COMMERCIAL Band 110-121 Dismissal Squad 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 1121 Music Contest 1111 Orchestra 1111 Forensic Contest 1111 Perfect Attendance 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 Usher 1121 LOIS JEAN HENKS GENERAL Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Rifle Club 110-121 Victory Captain 1121 DONALD W. HIRZEL TECHNICAL Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staif 1121 Rifle Club 111-121 Track 1121 SHIRLEY JEAN HERMAN ACADEMIC Orchestra 11 11 Band 11 0- 121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staif 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Perfect Attendance 1111 ROBERT JACKSON ACADEMIC Basketball 110-121 Dofobs 1111 Football 1121 Office Squad 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1111 Music Contest 1111 Track 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 MARY KATHRYN HOGAN i CELIA KATZ ACADEMIC, COMMERCIAL Dfjfobs 410419 Business Proficiency Club 1121 Girl Reserves 110-121 President Home Room Representative 410411 Home Room Representative 111-121 Ne'Ca'Hi Stag 4121 Forensic Contest 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1111 Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Sub'Tfe?Su?ef 4125 shorthand Awards 1121-11001 Ne-Ca-H1-Lites Staff 1121 Girls' Ensemble 1101 A Cappella Choir 111-121 Class Day Committee Perfect Attendance 1111 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Victory Captain 1101 MARY E. KAUFMAN DONALD W. HUDDLE GENERAL Dismissal Squad 110-111 Girls' Athletic Club 110-121 Girl Reserves 1101 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Rifle Club 110-115 Track 111-121 Hall Monitor 1101 ACADEMIC. TECHNICAL Perfect Attendance 1101 BETTY KENNEDY MARJORIE ANN HOLMES COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL Rifle Club 1111 Dismissal Squad 110-111 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lines Staff 1125 MARGARET KENNEDY Usher 1121 COMMERCIAL LAURA A. ISABELLA COMMERCIAL American Red Cross 1101 Girl Reserves 1101 Rifle Club 1101 RENALDO JANNETTI Rifle Club 1111 WILLIAM MCKINLEY KING TECHNICAL Rifle Club 1121 Victory Captain 1121 ELIZABETH KOIVULA GENERAL COMMERCIAL N9-Ca-Hi-Lit6S Staff 1121 Shorthand Awards 1121 Balld flll Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Business Proficiency Club 1121 EDWIN JOHNSON Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1127 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1121 ACADEMIC Hall Monitor 1101 ELIZABETH KRAUSE Usher 4115 COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 110-111 WILLIAM JOHNSON Dismissal Squad 1101 GENERAL Victory Captain 1121 MILDRED KOLIUNIE 9 ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 Class Day Committee l i DOLORES KUDER Q COMMERCIAL ' Business Proficiency Club 1121 t Camera Club 1121 1 Order of Business Efficiency ' Rifle Club 1111 ' Shorthand Awards 1121 JOSEPH KWOLEK 1 COMMERCIAL i Camera Club 111-121 1 Hall Monitor 110-121 1 Hall Captain 111-121 Victory Captain 111-121 Class Basketball 1101 JUNE LAWSON COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1121 Camera Club 110-121 Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Victory Captain 1111 Shorthand Awards 1121-11001 MARY P. LEONE 1 COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves 111-121 MARGARET LOGUE COMMERCIAL ALBA LOMBARDO COMMERCIAL GEORGE LOVE ACADEMIC Perfect Attendance 1111 Rifle Club 110-11-121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 EDGAR J. MARSH ACADEMIC Rifle Club 1101 Stamp Club 1101 Class Basketball 1101 PETER MASELLO COMMERCIAL Hall Monitor 110-121 JOANNE McCOLLUM COMMERCIAL Girls' Athletic Club 110-121 Dofobs 1111 Girls' Ensemble 1111 Girl Reserves 1111 Rifle Club 1101 Student Council 1121 Secretary Victory Captain 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 111-121 ROY E. MCGAFFIC, Jr. ACADEMIC Home Room Representative 112 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Service Squad 111-121 Pre-Session Squad 1111 Class Day Committee WILLIAM McPEAK ACADEMIC Football 111-121 Hall Patrol 11 1-121 Sub-Treasurer 11 11 Track 1121 BETTY MAE MILLER GENERAL BETTY MILLIKEN ACADEMIC Announcement Squad 1111 Home Room Representative 1111 Debate Club 1121 Girl Reserves 111-121 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 111-121 LOUISE MORGAN ACADEMIC Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Rifle Club 1101 GRACE MORGAN COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves 110-121 Home Room Representative 1121 Shorthand Awards 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 JUNE NELSON GENERAL Girl Reserves 110-125 Home Room Representativ Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 Class Day Committee NOR.MA JUNE NICHOLSON COMMERCIAL LUCY M. PAYNE GENERAL JAMES PERRONE GENERAL Hall Patrol 11 1-125 WINONA PRICE ACADEMIC Home Room Representative 1105 Victory Captain 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 MURRAY PYLE COMMERCIAL KARL L. RICHARDS COMMERCIAL Hall Patrol 111-125 BENJAMIN ROMAN GENERAL Band 110-125 Camera Club 111-125, District Band 1125 All State Band 1125 Orchestra 110-115 Rifle Club 1115 A Cappella Choir 1125 HARRIETT ROSEVNBERG COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1125 Order of Business Efficiency 1125 Shorthand Awards 1125 MICHAEL RUSSOS GENERAL Football 110-125 Track 110-125 Hall Monitor 1125 Class Day Committee THEODARIS ROSSER GENERAL MARIE SAINATO COMMERCIAL Shorthand Awards 1125 Business Proficiency Club 1125 WILLIAM SAMUELS ACADEMIC Hi-Y 110-115 Hall Patrol Monitor 1115 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Stai 1125 "Stage Door" 1125 "Almost Eighteen" 1125 Track 1125 Victory Captain 1115 Student Guard 1125 Class Basketball 1105 Squad Leader DONNABELLE SAYLOR ACADEMIC Dofobs 110-125 Girl Reserves 1105 Home Room Representative 1125 Perfect Attendance 111-125 Victory Captain 110-115 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 A Cappella Choir 111-125 Class Day Committee ALBERT M. SCARNATI COMMERCIAL Hall Patrol Monitor 111-125 Pre-Session Squad 1115 Usher 1115 ELIZABETH SEBERINO HOME ECONOMICS Home Room Representative 1125 MARY ELEANOR SHOAFF ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 110-115 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Senatus Romanus Sub-Treasurer 1115 Victory Captain 1115 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Stai 1125 LUCILLE B. STICKLE COMMERCIAL Perfect Attendance 1105 STELLA SPLAWINSKI GENERAL FRANK W. STEINBRINK COMMERCIAL Hall Monitor 1105 Victory Captain 1125 Ride Club 1115 Squad Leader JANE STODDARD ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 MARTHA V. THOMAS GENERAL Girl Reserves 1105 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 BERNARD THOMPSON GENERAL Boy's Quartet 111-125 Home Room Representative 1105 Hall Monitor 1105 Music Contest 1115 Orchestra 110-125 Perfect Attendance 1105 "Best Foot Forward" 1125 Victory Captain 1115 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 Class Basketball 1105 Squad Leader A Cappella Choir 110-125 Class Day Committee CLARA TRANQUILLO COMMERCIAL Business Proficiency Club 1125 Dofobs 111-125 Girls' Athletic Club 110-115 Shorthand Awards 1125-11005 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 BETTY TRENT GENERAL Girl Reserves 1115 Rifle Club 1105 A Cappella Choir 1125 JEAN WADDING ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 111-125 Home Room Representativ Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 "Stage Door" 1125 "Best Foot Forward" 1125 Victory Captain 111-125 Class Day Committee LUELLA JOAN WALTERS ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir 110-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Girl Reserves 1125 Girls' Ensemble 1115 Victory Captain 1115 SHIRLEY J. WILIKINS ACADEMIC Girl Reserves 110-125 Perfect Attendance 1105 "Stage Door" 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 ROBERT WILLIAMS ACADEMIC Class Basketball 110-115 Football 1125 Track 1125 Hall Monitor 110-125 JOSEPH WOLFE ACADEMIC Hi-Y 111-125 Office Squad 1115 "Almost Eighteen" 1125 "Stage Door" 1125 "Best Foot Forward" 1125 Student Guard 1125 Victory Captain 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites Staff 1125 Class Basketball 1105 Squad Leader Class Day Committee SHELDON WOLFE GENERAL GEORGIA WOOD GENERAL Camera Club 1115 Rifle Club 1115 A Cappella Choir 111-125 e 1125 M ACTIVITIES f , Q 'kb r -' N . . .I in cb JR M 17 00 f, f-rf A 2. 29 x I CHOIR A , M 2 'Q Defy' QSM 5- 'Lv , M , r -1 I i 0,1 'ff ' J." ' x i - G-'I vgf' , i X 5 - 5,9-, 5 x x Q K . Lab!! A X 'J , Df'f"' A fi ' Q "' L ' T5 K K . , Kyiv- -' .H mx y .1 , f WN ox: A, 'U N F X ' ,. Q " 4-x-A - ., 06 .i , j Qui ii i . 1 ! :XX . ur- , hi Q V' f u '-Q Q4 ' ' if g k ,G Y -,f2?' THE NE-CA-HI STAFF FIRST RONV JANE DIETTERLE ......... .... E ditor EDWARD GILKEY ................ Business Manager MARY LOUISE CLELAND ...... Advertising Manager MARY KATHRYN HOGAN ...,...,.. Associate Editor SECOND Row ARNOLD GIANCOLA ..... Assistant Business Manager ROY McGAFFIC ................,....... Art Editor IRENE GURGIOLO ..... .......... . . .Art JUNE NELSON . . . ........ Art THIRD ROW MARY ELEANOR SHOAFF . . .Advertising and Literary VIRGINIA EAKIN ........................ Literary TONY GINOCCHI. . .Advertising, Photography, Literary ROBERT DANGEL .......... Advertising and Literary FOURTH ROXN' MILDRED KOLUNIE .......................... Art DORIS JEAN DAUGHERTY ....... Intel-ai-y and Typist JANE STODDARD ..... ....... L iterary and Typist JEAN WADDING ...... ....... ....... A r t MIKE ROUSSOS . . ....... Art FIFTH ROW FRANCES CARPENTER . . . ............... Art EVELYN BLANK .......... ....... A rt LUELLA WALTERS . . . . . .Literary BETTE BAILEY .............. ........ T ypist ELIZABETH KOIVULA ...... Typist THE CLASS DAY COMMITTEES The last day at Ne-Ca-Hi for the Class of January, 1944, was cele- brated by what was no doubt the finest Class Day ever to be staged. Throughout a good part of the morning, the proverbial "wealth of talent" paraded itself across the stage which was cleverly decorated to represent the Corner Drug Store. Orchestral music, solo instruments, songs, dances, jokes, and skits, as well as the traditional Class Day features, pleased the audience and made the occasion one of memorable entertainment. Under the capable leadership of Chairman Ed Gilkey, the committees worked hard to enlist all available talent, stage rehearsals, decorate the stage, and organize a show that was a great success. The Class Day Officers and members of the class who took part in the program are to be congratulated on their fine work. - COMMITTEES CLASS DAY CHAIRMAN--Ed Gilkey, CLASS OFFICERS-Jack Wallace, Tony Ginocchi, Jane Dietterle, Ted Lewis. CLASS DAY OFFICERS-Master of Ceremonies, Bernie Thompson, Knocker, Eugene DeCaprio, Prophet, Mary Kathryn Hogang Historian, Mary Louise Clelandg Reader of Will, Ted Lewis. STAGE COMMITTEE-Roy McGafiic, Chairmang June Nelson, Mike Roussos, Mildred Kolunie, Frances Carpenter, Jean Wadding, Irene Gurgiolo. TALENT COMMITTEE-Ed Gilkey, Chairman, Arnold Giancola, Virginia Eakin, Frances Bovard, Donabelle Saylor, Bernie Thompson. ORCHESTRA-Ralph Armino, Arnold Giancola, Bob Frazier, Charles Black, Anthony Cipriano. THE NE-CA-HI-LITES "Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites" was a brainchild of our class as Junior A's. The first issue, called "The Junior Scoop", appeared in October, 1942, under the editorship of Jane Dietterle, assisted by Mary Kathryn Hogan. Later the paper was re-named "The Scoop." At the beginning of our Senior B semester, Ed Gilkey was elected editor, and Mary Kathryn Hogan and Mary Louise Cleland as associates. Again the name of the paper was changed, this time to "Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites." Don Glitch became editor for the Senior A semester, with Frances Bovard and Bill Balites as co-editors. We have seen "Ne-Ca-Hi-Lites" grow from a few hand-mimeographed, stapled sheets to a compact printed booklet of twenty pages. It has always been a paper primarily by and for the students, more on the light and "gossipy" side than the serious. We hope that someone will be interested in continuing the paper and furthering its growth and improvement. STAFF MEMBERS EDITORIAL-Don Glitch, Frances Bovard, Bill Baltes. NEWS AND FEATURES-Della Deep, Shirley Herman, Martha Chamber- lain, Betty Milliken, Ted Lewis, Bizz Burton, Joanne McCollum, Shirley Wilkins, Winona Price, Bob Jackson, Joe Wolfe, Bill Samuels, Given Goff, Don Hirzel, Charlotte Heath, Anthony Cipriano, Franny Carpenter, Jack Wallace, M. L. Cleland, Mary Kathryn Hogan, Barbara Chapman, Mary Jo Flout. SALES STAFF-Clara Tranquillo, Rose Cavallo, Martha Chamberlain, Virginia General, Lois Henks, Marie Sainto, Irene Day, Mary Cioppa, Alba Lombardo, Peggy Kennedy, Mary Leone, Harriett Rosenberg. CLASS AND JUNIOR HIGH REPORTERS-Bill Orend, Tee Ann Griffiths, Mary Lou Sadler, Don Harris, Mary Lou Brunton, Bill Wallace, Dawna Cox, Delores Strobel, Dorothy Beighley, Pat Clark, Jim Glitch. TYPISTS-Bette Bailey, Elizabeth Koivula, Nan Henderson. THE STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is the student governing body of the school. The members are elected from their respective classes. There are eight Seniors, six Juniors, and four Sophomores in the club. One of the main projects of the club this semester was buying gifts for each boy leaving Ne-Ca-Hi to enter the Armed Forces. Council also had charge of conducting order in the student section of the football games, and the sale of student season tickets for the basketball season. OFFICERS President . . . Vice President . . Secretary .. Treasurer . . , Advisor ................................ , . . .Joe Jordan .. , . .Don Harris Joanne McCollum . . , .Bette Bailey . . . .Miss Maxwrll SENIOR A'S-Bette Bailey, Joanne McCollum, Ralph Armino, Jack WVallace. SENIOR B'S-Virginia Ross, Jane Russell, Bob Preston, Joe Jordan. JUNIOR A'S-Sally Campbell, Bob Huston, Paul Olson. JUNIOR B'S-Pat Shira, Herb Mullen, Ray Owoc. SOPHOMORE A'S-Mary Lou Brunton, Don Harris. SOPHOMORE B'S-Donna Murphy, Bill McAnallen. THE VICTORY CAPTAINS I We're proud of you, the gallant crew, Who sells our Bonds and stamps. Although you're few, the job you do Will help to chase those yellow scamps. At the time of going to press the sale of Victory Bonds and Stamps has risen to a grand total of S19,929.20. VICTORY STAMP EXECUTIVES-Willis Slater, Ray Owoc, Lee Wilkin- son, Edward McQuiston, Gertrude Mikue, Arthur Shelar. SENIOR A'S-Joe Wolfe, Jean VVadding, Frank Steinbrink, Julia Fergu- son, Robert Dangel, Bill King, Winona Price. SENIOR B'S-Dawn Gibson, Robert Gee, Herbert Hoyland, Dorothy Hall, Gerald Lenz, LaVerne Merriman, William Richardson, Jane Patter- son, James Brest, Mary Attisano, Margaret Magno, Gloria Duff, James Clare, Maxine Taylor, Jack Winter, Joanne Norman, Robert Michael, Wayne Shelar, Natalie Rowland, Jack Park, William Reed. JUNIOR A'S-Jeneve Burns, Edward Bush, Mary Klechner, Robert Nesbitt, Jeanne Baltes, Tom Allen, Martha Johns, John Woods, Aline Turner. JUNIOR B'S-Richard Copson, Jeannie Culliford, Loretta Morganti, Alphonse Szczyglowski, Fred Rote, Guy Elisco, Dorothy Sokevitz, Hazel Guy, Steve Wasilewski, Wesley Darzynkiewicz, Dolores Di Lorenzo, Dale Bartsch, Virginia Bunduri, Rita Felice, Bill Fisher, Eileen Murphy, Gloria Laughlin, James Oesterling, Marilyn Reeves, Ray Owoc, Kitty O'Toole. SOPHOMORE A'S-Evelyn Steinmetz, Ronald Stoddard, Florence Quint, Mary Shuttleworth, Joseph Sacco, Dora Moraldi, Donald Book, Isabel Braham, Ruth Hartman, Tom Fletcher, Agnes Keeling, Robert Hoy- land, Shirley Cook, Nolan Cobb, James Davelli, Norma Fazzone. SOPHOMORE B'S-Homer Matthews, Mildred Landis, Betty Anthony, Alfred Kozela. Charles Freese, Cray Pitzer, Sally Pfeiffer, David Flamino, June Parsons, Valentene Kolunie, Don Kegarise, Dorothy Fehl, Donna Jean Murphy, George Morrow, June Hutchidson, David Hamilton, Ted Cestell, Mary Book, Jacquelaine Sines, Richard Whit- taker. THE SERVICE SQUADS You are the watchmen of dear Ne-Ca-Hi, No matter how hard is the task that you try, It's done without murmur, and never a sigh, We thank you, we thank you, as we say good-bye. -January Class of '44 PRE-SESSION SQUAD-William Moffatt, Captain, James Haggerty, Attendance Officer, John Bengias, Jei ry Bonner, Albert Davelli, James Falk, David Flamino, Joseph Gabriel, Nick George, John Helmick, Robert Horchler, William Lortz, George Mulcahy, Michael Scungio, Vernon Uber, William Usselton, Carl White, Fred Wimer. STAGE AND EQUIPMENT-Rick Ferver, Captain, John Ford, William Van Fossan, Bill McAnallen. BULLETIN BOARD SQUAD-Janette Milcs, Edna Lee Nunn. ASSEMBLY SQUAD-DIVISION IiJack Nixon, Edward Murphy, Jack Parker, Edward Bush, Charles Winnick, Earl Comstock, Farmer McLean, Ralph Shiner, Herbert Mullen, Robert James. DIVISION II.w-Dick Whittaker, Captain, Lynn Betts, Ladislau Sumansky, Donald Summerville, Ralph Stakes, Burr Rogers, Bob Reed, Jack Sullivan, Bill Withers, Dave Hamilton, Bob Swisher, James Simpson, Bill Stafford, Wilferd Stull, Ronald Stefano. EMERGENCY SQUAD-Roy McGaffic, Captain, Lea Parsons, Assistant Captain, Joe Gabriel, Charles Geldbaugh, Don Kegarise, Fred Barkley, Eugene Natalie, Eugene Baer, Charles Beasucci, Patsy Cioppa, Mike Roussos, Bob Smith, Eugene Veltre, Bill McAnallen, Bob McClentack, Reginald Murphy, Herbert McNicholas, Mickey Nalate, George Morrow, Lance Hunt. OFFICE SQUAD-Joe Lutz, Charles Cooley, David Hamilton, Ed Jackson, Bob Horchler, George Morrow, Dick Montgomery, William Carlson, Gary Brahm, Ted Castele, Bob Jackson, Robert Doone, Bill Wallace, Willis Slater, Gilbert Gray, Francis Vallely, Dick Copson, Paul Duda, Eugene Duff, John Hemming. ATTENDANCE SQUAD-James Conan, Gary Brahm, Willis Slater, Delbert Porter, Rocio Dominicas, James Simpson, John Ford, John McCormick. l Ar.. l THE HALL MONITORS We, too, are doing our bit and our best to hold the home front of Ne-Ca-Hi steady, while some of our boys serve in our armed forces, here and in distant lands. We are justly proud of them, and sincerely hope as they return to visit their Alma Mater that they will find that the home guard of hall patrols is carrying on with increased zest and efficiency. We, too, are proud to serve Ne-Ca-Hi by helping to guide the daily life of her student body along' smooth and harmonious paths, knowing' that, thus, we develop traits which will enable us to be of greater service to the larger Alma Mater after we leave these halls. PERIOD 1. 2. 4. lst Floor 5. 2nd Floor lst Floor 6. 2nd Floor 7. 8. 9. CAPTAINS Don Glitch Robert Preston Richard McKee Robert Figuly Karl Richards Joseph Kwolek Ray Brown Norman Barilla Joseph Locke Herbert Mullen LIEUTENANTS Robert Michael James Scarazzo Arnold Giancola William McPeak Tom Sanfilippo Albert Scarnati James Perrone William Shriver Albert Davelli Thomas Flecher THE DEBATE CLUB Motto: t'Ogni medaglia ha il suo riverso" "There are two sides to every story." With the proposition, t'Resolved: That the United States Should Join in Reconstituting the League of Nations" the Debate Club has enthusiastically'pursued its arguments on postwar plans this year. Immediately after its reorganization at the beginning of the year, a Constitution was drawn up by Bill Baltes and his committee composed of Theresa Griffiths, Geraldine DeNuccio, Joe Iannarelli, and Burton Sloan. The Constitution was sub- mitted and adopted by the Club. In preparation for the annual Debate Tournament, and to acquaint the new de- baters with the rules of the game, the members witnessed a debate between the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh and Kent State, on October 30, at the Cathedral of Learning. Then on December 11, they travelled again to the Cathedral of Learning, this time to proclaim themselves in the High School Debate and Group Discussion Tourna- ment. During the holiday season, the yearly Christmas party was held with every de- bater taking an active part in a humorous proposition. THE DEBATE CLUB OFFICERS ARE: President ....................................... Bill Baltes Vice President ........ .......,... J oe Jordan Secretary .............. .... M ary Esther Coates Corresponding Secretary . . . , . .Doris Jean Daugherty Treasurer .....,.............................. Eugene Baer Fred Barkbey Bob Beisham Donald Book Francine Cohen Joan Cox Donna Dagnon Harvey Davis Geraldine DeNuccio Norma Evans Debate Coach ......................... Miss Mildred Burleson THE REMAINING MEMBERS ARE: Theresa Ann Griffiths Hazel Guy Geraldine Hare Joe Iannarelli Joe Jordan Aleta Kirk Fred Lipp Jack Lynch Harriet Lipitz Leah Marlin Mary Martine Malcolm Marsh Loretta Morganti Ed Murphy Betty Milliken Bill Orend Jim Oesterling Steve Polley Bill Pascoe Marilyn Reeves Ugo Sbaraglia Winnie Shaffer Ralph Shiner Burton Sloan Darivin Slovan Maxine Taylor Mable Thompson Shirley Webber Hilda Zakel ' 7- A w .... THE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB OFFICERS President ..... .......... . . ,Corinne Treharne Vice President . . . . .Al Szazyglawski Secretary .,.. ,... L eah Marlin Treasurer . . . . .Bill Greene The Current Events Club is not a new Ne-Ca-Hi organization, but after being discontinued for a semester or two, has stepped again into the spotlight. This is a fact of importance, for clubs like this should have prominence in extra-curricular activities. Postwar problems which will affect all of us are discussed with authorized material. Sources for dis- cussion are found in the Scholastic magazine where a series of thirty-two postwar articles is presented-one each week. The weekly meetings are supervised by a moderator+a different one being chosen each time. The discussions carried on by the club are of utmost importance and are re- viewed in a sincere manner, for every member realizes it is up to him to help in the solving of the problems of the postwar world so that this war will not have been fought in vain. 78 " , . ll Lg! 1 .Y M' 1 " ' . C : , X . 'F .l 'V . v xx f f Wfflfa-1 A ' 5 AZX f 1 I N X f f ta f THESENATUS ROMANUS Consul Prima ..... . ......... . ...... Julia Ferguson Consul Secundus . . . Scriba .........,.... Scriba Epistularum . . . Quaestor ............... CAESAR AWARDS-June, 1943 Summa Cum Laude ...... Harvey Davis Magna Cum Laude. .Philomena Sparano Cum Laude. .Robert Beisham, Ray Owoc Shirley Fox, Shirley Webber, Linda Cheers, Theresa Wajert I-Caesar Award. II-Cicero Award. ... . . . . .Donald Tanner . . . .Mary Kathryn Hogan . . .Doris Jean Daugherty ..............Joe Jordan CICERO AWARDS-June, 1943 Summa Cum Laude ....... Don Tanner Magna Cum Laude .... Virginia Kendall Cum Laude ....... Mary Esther Coates VERGIL AWARDS-January, 1944 Summa Cum Laude. .Mary Kath. Hogan Magna Cum Laude ..... Julia Ferguson Cum Laude ...... Mary Eleanor Shoaff MEMBERSHIP Veneta Angellilo, Cons. Betty Milliken, II Lois Balph, I Verna Nesbit, Cons. Rosemary Barrett, Cons. James Oesterling, Cons. Thelma Barth, I Ray Owoc, I Robert Beisham, I T' Sam Salem, I Elizabeth Burton, Cons. xl' W il Mary Eleanor Shoaff, I, II Linda Cheers I SLAQ Philomena Sparano II Mary Esther Coates, I, II Doris Stoner, I Harvey Davis, I ' Donald Tanner, I, II Dolores DiLorenzo, Cons, Thomas Vogan, I Eleanor Dweyer, I Mary Kathryn Hogan, I, II Theresa Wajert, I Doris Jean Daugherty, Cons.Donald Huddle, I Shirley Webber, I Julia Ferguson, I Joe Jordan, I Pauline Ziegler, I Anna Flyak, I Philomena Marino, Cons. Robert Zeigler, I Shirley Fox, II Cons.-Members elected from Cicero class upon Edith Hares, I recommendation of the Latin Department. THE GERMAN CLUB MOTTO Kenntnis ist Kraft Knowledge is Power OFFICERS President ...... ........... . . .Robert Beisheim Vice President . . , , .Robert Dangel Secretary .... ....... J can Fenati Teasurer . . . ...... Hilmi Pirkkala Supervisor . . . ............ . . .Miss Mary G. Riffer GENERAL COMMITTEES Helenniae Herberg' Hilmi Pirkkala William Usselton The activities of the German Club are concentrated in various pur- suits Which supplement Work of the class room. The development of the country in its relation to world policy is the principal historical study. During the past semester, a continuous contact has been maintained with former club members who are in the service of our country. MEMBERS Robert Beisheim Jerome McCart Robert Dangel Loretti Morganti Jean Fenati Herbert Mullen Helenmae Herberg' Anthony Palombi Hilmi Pirkkala Eleanor Reynolds William Usselton Eugene Stanley Gary Brehm Peggy Strawbridge Mario Decerbo Alphonse Szczylawski Mary Alice Klechner Florence Tanney Margy Matthews Theresa Wajert Pauline Zeigler Barbara Gresh THE DOFOBS One of the hardest-working groups in the school is that known as the Dofobs, or the Library Service Group. The name, Dofobs, is made up of the first letters in the words of the phrase, "Darn-ed Old Fools Over Books," and is the name that was used by a group of literary people years ago. Under the guidance of Miss Westlake and Miss Sines this group learns library routine and four members of the staif are busy each period in the day taking care of the work of running the library. They receive no formal credit for their work. OFFICERS FOR THIS SEMESTER: President ..................................... John Ford Vice President . . . .... Mary Lou Brunton Secretary .... ....... E arl Hawk Treasurer . . ............................... Bob McLean MEMBERS OF THE DOFOBS: Margaret Andrechik Bill Andrews Isabel Braham Mary Lou Brunton James Canan Robert Capitola Carl Cotton Maureen Dolan Eleanor Dwyer Virginia Eakin John Ford Pearson Furst Theresa Griffiths Earl Hawk Darlene Hoyland Virginia Kellogg Aleta Kirk Mary Lach Fred Lipp Hugh McLean Bob McLean Herbert Mullen Helmi Pirkkala Earleen Ramsey Eleanor Reynolds Elaine Rowe Donabelle Saylor Jacquelaine Sines Doris Stoner Gloria Stritzinger Kathryn Theobald Connie Thomas Clara Tranquillo Bill Wallace Mary Louise Ward THE GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves are the junior members of the Y. W. C. A. As such, our goal is to create friendly relationships among our fellow citizens of the world. OFFICERS FOR NE-CA-HI President .... .... E mogene Ringer Vice President .. ...... Della Deep Secretary ............. .... P hyllis Double Corresponding Secretary . . . . . .Mary Louise Ward Treasurer ............. .... M axine Taylor Assistant Treasurer ..... ..... M ary Ann Bell Interclub Council Members . . . . . 3II322gj,ei,V?S5E2EEm' ADVISORS Miss Janet Brenneman Miss Grace Dodson 4? F, , ELSE-I ff -. I Inf. once. o 1 " f QQ ' w All 7 61 Q K THE SENIOR HI-Y CLUB PURPOSE :-To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community,high standards of Christian character. PLATFORM:-Clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean habits. The real purpose of the Hi-Y club is to help build into the lives of the individual high school boys, Christian character and ideals. The Hi-Y is an international and an inter-denominational fellowship. Any high school boy who is willing to make the ideals of the Hi-Y club his guide for daily living, and who is willing' to help in the extension of this move- ment, may become a member of the organization. The program of the club is divided into three divisions, social, religious, and service tasks. President ....., Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer . . XX H X m I -M it-QW' 6 QW . . .Eugene Baer . .Hugh McLean . . . .Bill Baltes . . .Bill Onash ip - -i sl' .ff .7 I ink! it nTaF"i R7 ,a Nujxofi. I if FJ X. W4 I, 5 W 3 fi' 51 ,lb 4 V X nl.- E Al, s. an I cf , , X f HALF A FUUT OF FEET THE SOPHOMORE HI-Y CLUB The Sophomore Hi-Y recently organized and elected its officers. It also outlined a program for the coming semester. The main purpose of the organization is to provide a place where the boys of the city can have some good clean healthy fun. Our club is also sending representatives to the annual conference at Pittsburgh. The members of the club are as follows: OFFICERS President ......................... .... J ohn Ford Vice President and Program Chairman . . . ..... Bob Reed Secretary .............. ........... .... B i ll Withers Treasurer .... Bill Wallace MEMBERS Dick Whittaker Dave Hamilton Pearson Furst Bob Swisher Piper Preston Burr Rogers Bob Post Bob Raub Jim Simpson Darwin Slovan Sidney Hirsh Jim Canan Joe Sacco Tom Fletcher John Parker Jack Sweesy Ellsworth Weaver Larry Pitzer Corry Pitzer Paul Decker Morley Sweet Lynn Betts George Sacelson Garland McBride Bill Throop THE BUSINESS PROFICIENCY CLUB The purposes of the club are: C13 to have available at all times members capable of acting as assistants in various office capacitiesg Q21 to develop special commercial skills to such an extent that each member will be better prepared for employment upon graduation from schoolg and 131 to develop desirable social traits that will contribute to a per- sonality necessary for success. Membership is open to any student in the Commercial Department of the New Castle Senior High School, New Castle, Pennsylvania. who has attained an average of B in all subjects during the Sophomore and Junior years, or any student who can secure a recommendation from at least three instructors as to his interest and progress. President . . Vice President ..... Secretary-Treasurer Shirley Anthony Olga Buley Esther Castaldi Loraine Donovan Maxine Eastman Stephanie Elari Dolores Flansburg OFFICERS MEMBERS Ruth Jean Jolley Elizabeth Koivula Dolores Kuder Delores Marchand Helen McQuiston Martha McQuiston Harriett Rosenberg' Virginia Ross . . . .Celia Katz . . . .June Lawson . . . .Bette Bailey Jane Russell Marie Sainato Sara Schuller Maxine Smoot Clara Tranquillo Doris Wagner Peggy Wilkinson ?' " c, saw. " 1 M U S I C ,..1af THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir suffers this year from the prevalent disease known as "Man Power Shortage." Fewer boys are available, and the loss of the older boys is reflecting' in the immaturity of the voices in the male sections of the Choir. However, we have carried on with the spirit which has become traditional in A Cappella Choir. If we have had short- comings, we can always say "C'est la g'uerre"-and hope that it will be over soon! Anomalous is the fact that we have been able to have a boys, octet this year, which has sung' acceptably in assembly programs, school plays, and radio broadcasts. Its members deserve special mention, for they have come to school many a morning in the dark or by the light of the moon in order to practice. They are Joe Polansky, Dave Kish, Robert Gee, Harley Bowman, Steve Polley, Charles Shaw, Jack McMillin. and Bernie Thompson. THE ORCHESTRA lst SEMESTER - 1943-1944 Carmen Amadio Geraldine Anderson Margaret Black Vilma Bernard Jerry Bonner Edyce Cameron Uarda Cramer Zygmunt Darzynkiewicz Irene Damascon Doris Daugherty Carmen Dattillo Joseph Dean Blanche DiCola Delores DiLorenzo Robert Doone Barbara Edelstein Philomena Guido Edith Haros Bernard Thompson Ethel Hares John Helmick Eddie John Kenneth Kerr VVilliam Lortz Mary Martine Robert Michael Sylvia Moreski Eugene Natale Paul Olsen Marie Orlando Leonard Ramey Ann Scarazzo Clara Scriven Ronald Stoddard Morley Sweet Helen Thomas Richmond Thayer ...P ...X nm 354 2 THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND lst SEMESTER - 1943-1944 THE COLOR GUARD Bob Adams Alex Cioca William Newell Frank Baranski MAJORETTES ' Margaret Henderson CPrincipalJ Betty Lou Hall. June Young Christina Christos Peggy Rishel Connie Thomas Vilma Bernard MANAGERS James Scarazzo Larry Pitzer LIBRARIANS TO111 Frabotta Eugene Natale MEMBERS Ralph Armino Zach Allerton Carmen Amadio Peggy Baatz Harry Banks Vilma Bernard Charles Black William Black Sam Bonfield Jerry Bonner Kenneth Brenneman Jack Campbell James Canan Glenn Caruthers Louis Cassella Joseph Catone Christina Christos Anthony Cipriano Gabriel Conti Arlene Conway Paul Crable Wesley Darzynkiewicz Zygmunt Darzynkiewicz Carmen Dattilo Joseph Dean Charles DeAngelis Paul Decker Dave DeRosa Charles Duff Fred Duff Mary Jo Flout Tom Frabotta Robert Frazier Pearson Furst Arnold Giancola John Gibbons Mary Gibbons Leroy Gibson Edward Gilkey Given Goff Ted Golis Cramer Gorley William Greene Betty Lou Hall James Heagertv Margaret Hende 1'SOI'l Shirley Herman Ernest Hrisoulas Eddie John Tom Klingensmith George Love Homer Matthews Robert Mattox Robert Michael William Moffatt Richard Montgomery William Moore Raymond Moses Eugene Natale Marie Orlando Delores Ottaviano James Pappas John Parker Raymond Phillips Elio Picarro Croix Pitzer Harry Pitzer Larry Pitzer Leonard Ramey Peggy Rishel Jack Rishor Angelo Romeo Augustin Romeo Jack Rose George Rubensen James Scarazzo Michael Scungio Carl Sewald Fred Stimple Morley Sweet Trevor Taylor Richmond Thayer Connie Thomas William Throop William Usselton James Wascetti Shirley Wehman Carl White June Young Robert Zarilla Frank Zacarelli John Zecick Q-gm s Q J Q -L DRAMA "BEST FOOT FORWARD" On Friday evening, December third, the January class of '44 gave a performance that will long be remembered. Every year the Senior plays have been getting better, but I am sure that we can say without any dispute that ours topped them all. The setting for our play was a room in the boys' dormitory at Winsocki Prep School. The room was shared by Bud Hopper and his two roommates, Dutch Miller and Hunk Hoyt. Bud, after seeing a show starring Gale Joy, wrote her a letter asking her for a date for the Winsocki Senior prom. About a week later, Bud received a letter in answer to the one he had written saying that Gale Joy would be only too happy to accept his invitation. Bud didnlt know it but Gale was only accepting be- cause of publicity that she thought it would bring. The climax of the play occurred when the rest of the girls at the dance found their friends had deserted them to dance with the beautiful movie star. Right away they all decided to have a souvenir from her. Of course when everyone started to tear her apart for these souvenirs, there was a terrible riot. Dr. Reeber, the principal of the school, took a hand in the whole affair and after a lot of excitement finally righted the situation. Bud Hooper was to be expelled from school but Gale Joy and her manager, Jack, arranged it so that Dr. Reeber was forced to allow him to stay. While all this excitement was going on, the Ublind date" was also at her best. She did a wonderful job of keeping the audience laughing during the whole per- formance. The ending of the play was colossal! Gale Joy was elected queen of the Win- socki Prom and also she was offered a movie contract. Bud and Helen were together again just as all the other fellows and girls were. The play was performed with the skill of professionals, as any one who was fortunate enough to see the play will agree. No wonder the play was a Usell out." The cast under the able direction of Miss Clara Hartsufi' included the following personnel: Evelyn Blank ...,.. Bernie Thompson .. W'illiam Clark .... Jean Wadding . . Jack Wallace .... Elizabeth Burton . . . Joe Wolfe ......... Frances Carpenter .. . David Harlan ...... Lucille Doyle . . . Don Glitch ..... Julia Ferguson . . . Eugene DeCaprio . . . William Foreman .... Martha Chamberlain Jack Lynch ....... Don Hartshorne .. ........GaleJoy . . .Jack Haggerty . . . . . .Bud Hooper . . .Helen Schlessinger . . . . . .Dr. Reeber . . .The Blind Date . . . . .Hunk Hoyt ........Minerva . .Professor Lloyd ...........Ethel .............Chuck Green . . . .Miss De laware Water Gap ............Satchel Moyer . .Chester Billings . . . . .Miss Smith . . . .Dutch Miller . . . . .Old Grad X SPORTS THE NE-CA-HI CHEERLEADERS After the football game is over and the team rushes from the field with lots of vim and vigor, you'11 probably see eight very tired people plodding their way through the crowd. These are those students who dress themselves up in monkey hats and good looking uniforms, and really do a magnificient job in leading cheers. They are to be complimented on their Work this year, as all eight students were new to the cheerleading game. The cheerleaders helped to close a very successful football season this year by helping' to sponsor the annual football banquet and dance at the George Washington Junior High School. Pat Haley, Mgr. Betty Blewitt Marjorie Maxwell Lucy Goclano Carrie DlTl'lOl11klS Bill Ca1'rothers Tony Frasso Tom Sansoni George Morrow Miss Margaret P. Fischer, Supervisor THE FOOTBALL USHERS Albert Davelli-Captain Albert Fiaco Bill Fisher Charles Desimone James Davelli Bennie Lombardo Mike Masters Robert Pitzer Tom Hopkins Vernon Uber Patsy Cioppa Charles Truby Nick George Amelio Russo Anthony Karzeniewski Arthur Samuels Paul Lombardo Joe Marchione +24 or Z-fa 4 ff fp A Z5 p f f 7 'IM' ' Q1 3 Z 0366 lf Cf' 9' - l-'airs l 'E l NQ I. - X f limi lllf wA,' Q 0 fi e V5 I xxx ge-qc, ff l Nlmerlvg N X, 4 I I xc-51 MNC! RL Otx X, J --- f 'Z L '- 5. sh I I kfl W U Gd -' '-,,,?....?- - -'gi' -L-3 ,gfg 3:1 ll ll T H E GAC The GACls will celebrate their first birthday in February oi' this year. This organization really accomplished a great deal during its one year of existence. lt was thc First organization of its kind, not only in New Castle, but also in the United States. "The Gridiron Historyl' compiled and published by the GAC's, requiring much time and effort, was another Ufirstl' for them. The girls also took complete charge of the football programs. They gathered the material and sold the copies at each of the games. Congratulations, GAC's, for your fine work! if I Il ll i "V THE CAC OFFICERS AND PERSONNEL OF THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB FIRST LIEUTENANT ................... ,..... ll Iary Louise Cleland SECOND LIEUTENANT . . .,...... Jane Dietterle SECOND LIEUTENANT .. ..................... Victoria Gizzi MASTER SERGEANT . . . ..............,.... Barbara Chapman STAFF SERGEANTS. .. .... Martha Chamberlain, Jean Culliford, Eleanor McKibben SQUAD SERGEANTS ................. Bette Bailey, Elizabeth Burton, Maxine Eastman, Bettylou Patterson, Earleen Ramsey, Charlotte Seh. Pat Shira, Shirley Turner SQUAD CORPORALS ...,............,.. Arlene Andy, Betty Blewitt, Bettylou Carlson, Mary Esther Coates, Bettylou Finch, Ruth .Ioan Jolley, Peggy Lamoree, Marylou McCreary RIGHT GUIDES ...................... Anne Carroll, Tennie Hietsch SUPERVISOR ..,............,............ Miss Margaret P. Fischer THE FOOTBALL TEAM The season's record of seven games won, two games lost and one game tied is a splendid one. With but four regulars from the preceding season, and none of them a backfield player, the outlook was anything but optimistic. With Tony Razzano's induction into the army almost im- mediately after the second game of the season, and with Mike Roussos suffering a dislocated shoulder, the wonder is that so many games were won. Outstanding among all the great teams of the past were the great qualities possessed by the 1943 Red Hurricanes. These qualities were courage, gameness, and character. The respect of the student body, of the teachers, of the coaches, and of a large number of New Castle's loyal fans was earned by the team individually and collectively, and never to a greater degree by any team of the past. Tony Razzano at half-back, Mike Roussos at tackle, Johnny Izzo, guard, and Dick McKee as field general were oustanding. Bob Preston at center played almost every minute of every game, was durable beyond belief, and outstanding defensively. The same is true of tiny Roscoe Williams at half-back. Dangerous on offense, his defensive play was un- excelled throughout the season. From the squad we lose by graduation Mike Roussos, Dick McKee, Denver Newman, Ted Lewis, Joe Joseph, Bob Preston, and Tom Sanfllippo. And in addition to Tony Razzano, Johnny Izzo, Roscoe Williams, Sam Ciccone, James Falk, and John Gabriel will be with Uncle Sam, and Harry Liebendorfer has moved to Pittsburgh. THE "GOAL POST" STAFF Front Row, Seated :-Lucille Doyle, Eleanore McKibben. Second Row, Seated:-Katherine Marousis, Martha Chamberlain, Miss Fischer, Mary Louise Cleland. Standing:-Maxine Eastman, Shirley Turner, Bettylou Patterson, Eleanor Rozak, Marylou McCleary, Victoria Gizzi. Not in Picture 1-Pat Shira, Margie Logan. It is through the untiring efforts of the pictured group that the t'Goal Post" is published. They Work throughout the summer months to give you the best program possible. This group of energetic students meets in early July and plans their work for the publication and sales of the annual "Goal Post," the official football program. All those in the above picture are members of the GAC who sponsor this work. We feel that the girls are to be complimented on the excellent pub- lication this year, as it was the best football program we have seen in New Castle or in any other high school for many years. Twenty-two pages of interesting articles, line-ups, pictures galore, and many other features. A job such as this requires a lot of work and the above girls proved themselves capable of undertaking such a task. For further proof of their effort, we refer you to a copy of the 1943 Goal Post. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION In this time of war it is important that the youth of our Nation be in good physical condition. This is the goal of Ne-Ca-Hi's physical edu- cation classes. Mr. Gillaspie has outlined a program to help the boys achieve this goal. When the weather is favorable, classes are conducted outdoors with military drill and discipline being stressed. During the Winter months classes are held indoors with calisthenics occupying most of the time. This is to develop co-ordination and strength in all the body muscles. This Work has helped many of the boys in the armed forces to obtain positions of leadership very quickly because of their basic knowledge of military drill. The work is based on a point system, 70 points being the minimum required for a passing grade. Attendance, conduct, and discipline make up 30 of the points and an additional 70 may be earned through the physical tests. Wf ,1 1 :V K-Y NE- CA- HI L HUMOR V L X if w 1 The Kid's Trying Feeding Baby Miss Priss Sitting Pretty SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS The Handsome Grandpa The Champ Oh, Captain! Edgar Marsh :-t'Look at that bunch of cows!" VVinona Price:-"Not bunch-herd!" Edgar:-K'Heard what?" Winona:-"Herd of cows." Edgar :-"Sure, I've heard of cows." VVinona:--"I mean a cowherdf' Edgar:-"VVhat do I care if a cow heard? I didn't say anything to be ashamed of." . . Camera Lover Camera Shy? Strike Up The Band Caught in the Act Jane Dietterle:--"I hear you're going to send your dog to the army." Bob Dangelt-"Yes, I want him to do his bite." Rose Cavallo:--"What have you in the shape of oranges?" Grocer:-"VVell, I have a couple of baseballs in the backroomf' Eileen Eakin:---"Why didn't you wear your new shoes today?" Lucille Doyle :-"Well, they're so tight I guess I'll have to wear them a few times before I can get them on." M. E. Shoaff Con the phonel :-'Tm so sore from horseback riding l can't stand or sit." Jane Stoddard :-"If you're telling the truth, you must be lying!" Edgar Marsh:-"Why is ink blue?" Bob Jackson 1-"Because it's still in the pen finishing out a sen- tencef' Mrs. McCune:-"If fifty feet of an iceberg is showing above the water, how much of it is below the water?" Don Hirzel:-HAH the rest of it, naturally." of '-"im T. B. or not T. B. That is congestion. Consumption to be done about it? Of cough, of cough! b f f '-i-2:-Q: dw -Q 5523232 .-:.:.2:::::g::-' Eff x yrgwf, L ::a1:f.fag:a: .sg:1 ff: Uw:W""" Q 1222: U Q, . .... . .. Q .. ay W ,Q . , Qiigfffii mf? ' ' ' S, I ' ig? 4 M 5:Qa::4 5 if " ' " ' QQ. SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS The Brains Watch the Birdie Bashful Trio Our Gang The Bride Way Back When Dot and Tip Literary Staff Ink-lings l-gg-gg Ted Budzowski fafter hitting a pedestrianj :-t'Here's a dollar, my man, Iill send you more if you'll give me your name." Man :-"Nothing doing-you can't run over me on the installment plan." Bill King:-4'Did you fish with iiies?" Joe Frew Cback from camping tripj :-"Fish with them? We fished with them, camped with them, ate with them, and slept with them!" Louise Morgan :-"Are you going to the lecture tonight?" Don Glitch :-"Yes," A Louise Morgan :-"Pd advise you to stay away. It's sure to be awfully boring." Don Glitch :-'Tm afraid l canit get out of it. lim the lecturer." Barbara Boyd :-"NVaiter, what is this?" Waiter 1-"It's bean soup, miss." Barbara Boyd :-"I don't care what itis been-the question is, what on the earth is it now?" It wasn't the blues that killed poor Bill- It wasn't the lack of breath lt was a fly that crawled up his nose And tickled poor Bill to death. A sea captain was testing the knowledge of a new sailor. 4'Where's the mizzen mast?" He asked. "I don't know-How long's it been mizzen'?" He:-"You remind mc of a magazine covern She Creproachfullyj :-"That's because you see me only once a month." "Hash certainly is an enthusiastic dish." "What do you mean?" "The cook puts everything she's got into it.' 9 4 I W , , I W Z 5 X N y , N W 1 SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Aw! The Let's Boys Get Together! Laugh and the world laughs with Overeating again you! Vicious Getting Ah, Wilderness Brute Nosey That Comfortable? Curley Please Wolfish Locks won't Look you Smile? 1. Woman driver :-"Oh, John, the car is running away!" Worried hubby :--"Can't you stop it?" Woman driver:-"No." Worried hubby :-"See if you can't hit something cheap." Bill Johnson ordered a steak Cbefore the war! The waiter asked: "How'll you have it, sir-'good and faithful servant or day in June'?" Bill :-"What do you mean?" Waiter :-J' 'VVell done', or 'what is so rare as'." .Q "I don't understand why mothers can't see the faults in their children," said Mrs. Wolfe. "Do you think you could?" asked Mrs. Samuels. "Certainly, I could, if my Joe had any." The reason why a bunny Always has a shiny nose, Is--his powder puff points to where he's been And not to where he goes. FISH TALE Let me tell you about Mr. Fisher Who was fishing for fish in a fissure: Alas and Alack, He slipped into a crack Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher. -- """-"".. Bill Clark had broken with one of his girls. After ignoring several requests for the return of her photograph, one came demanding the picture for the last time. Deciding to squelch her for all time, he gathered up all the pictures in his room, wrapped them up, and en- closed this note :-"Pick it out-I've forgotten what you look like." I l i i l u ! i Jap Hunter Joe Villani What's the joke? Little Maestro SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Pals forever Drink a Toast! Drummer Boy Johnny Lee Well fellows-- Three sharpies Man with Pepsi-cola? the pipe ..--g-g - CLASS ROOM BONERS Doggerel .........................,..............,.....,..............................,........................ like a Corral for dogs Hygiene ........... ...... What you say to a girl named Jean when you meet her Arrow ........... ...............,..................................,......... F arm tool used to loosen the soil Midday ................ ...........................,...... N ickname for a sailor Hypotenuse ............................................................... Very large, thick-skinned animal Flow ..,...........,................... ................................................. P art of a building you walk on Allusion ..q.u..,.... Name of a group of islands that string out west of Alaska Slay .....1................. Impress ........ ,. Organizer ,.... . Foreman ......... Soldier .,........ Babykin .,......... Phone ........... Cortex .,......... Purse .... Davit .............. Hiccough .....,.. Super ............. Abode ...,... Alligator ......... Blitz Buggy ....... Bone Box ................. Cement Mixer Clicker ................ Collapse ,............ Dazzle Dust .......... Fag Hag ............ Handcuied ..... Skin me .............. Smatrance ..................................... "Oh what fun it is to ride, In a one-horse open slay." Wife of emperor One who plays the organ Quartet What a plumber uses to join pipes together Relative of an infant Cake made from corn, popular in the South Spanish explorer and discoverer of Mexico Noise a contented cat makes Slayer of Goliath Return of the swallow Soup-sipper at supper Trainman's call: as "All abode" WORDS WITHOUT WISDOM swing fan automobile mouth school dance jerk who talks too much sit down face powder girl who smokes ......... .... ........... e n gaged or married , ........................ ............................,............................................. s hake hands the chronic condition of a Sinatra fan Doesn't that frost you? ......... .....,........,............ D oesn't that make you mad? ffjy .-mu m Y' a f 7 mf W 5 .,., ' Y gg 'hai ax? Q SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS May I Lunch Time Help You Memories Attention! Pin Up Catching Girls Flies A smile for all the girls Praying for pennies from heaven Shucks Hi Thar, stranger Funny Friendship ---we-si "JABBER WACKEY" EXPRESSIVE EXPRESSIONS Give with the goo ....................................................................................... explain in detail Do a dizzy .............................. ........ p ull a boner Droolin' with schoolin' ...... ................................... a grind C. O. D. ................................. ................ c ome over, dear Buzz me .......................................,..... ......... c all me on the phone Pitchin' woo ....................................... ....................................... p etting Sends you out of this World ....,...... ............................................................ t hrills you Gorgeous gains .............................................. .................................................... a ttractive legs Snow again, I didn't get the drift ............ explain again, I didn't understand Go fry ice .................................. ,...........,........., ..,............................................................... g o away Gushes goo ...............,......,............................ ..............,................ ............ t a lks nonsense Slide your jive ....... ........ ................. t a lk freely On a leash .?...............................i........ . ........ studies constantly You melt me ...........,.................,............. .......................... I like you Make With the pearly teeth ......... ....................... s mile Stop bumping your gums ..................,.... .......,.. .....,,.. ..,...... k e e p quiet Martha Chamberlain :-f'What did your music teacher think of your rendering of the 'Morning-Noon-And Night Overture'." Julia Ferguson:-"After I'd played the first page, he told me to call it a day." . . Ed Gilkey:-"I'm afraid We can't have much fun tonight. All I've left of my pay is some small change." Shirley Herman:-"Well, how much do you think it takes to Send my kid brother to the movies-five dollars?" Virginia Eakin 1-"Who are you knitting that sweater for?" Franny Bovard:--"My bicycle." Ginny :-"Why? " Franny :-"I heard bicycles were frozen." SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Nice Goin' Ted! Come on Team! This One for Tony Poor Mike 'Q - WY4 4+ 7 if 41- IIY E POVVERHOUSE .....4...................................,,.............,...........,.......................,......... BIT O'HONEY ........ OLDE SWEETE SHOPPE" Williams Again! Our Hero! Kick Off Super Men Mike Roussos Betty Milliken DREAMS ...............,.......... ., ............ Irene Day DR. I. Q. .....,.......................... .... ,... D 0 n Huddle FOREVER YOURS ........... .,.......... .........,.........................,... D e lla Deep LIFE SAVER ...................... ..A.............,....,................................ J ack Wallace SNICKERS ................. ..... ......i F 1 'anny Bovard and Ginny Eakin BUTTERFINGER ......l.... ................................................ E dgar Marsh FIFTH AVENUE ....... Edward Gilkey WHIZ .................................. .... .... ...... "Effie" Blank CLARK BAR ........ ..................,.......... B ill Clark HEATH BAR ............ .,.. ...... ........... ...... C h a r lotte Heath PAY-DAY ..................... , ...... ...... ....... C 0 mmencement night THREE MUSKETEERS .....,... ........ H uey, Bernie, and Dave THRILLS ..... ......................,.......... ............................... B i ll McPeak SWING ........ .. ....................,......,.........i......... . ..........,.... ...... R alph Armino Jean Wadding:-"Is your face dirty or is it my imagination 'V' Karl Richards:-"My face is clean, but I don't know about your imagination." Don Glitch z-f'You say that your love for books sent you to jail. How's that? " D. Axe :-"They were pocketbooksf' With apologies to Ted 1-Ulncidentally, did you hear that Ted Lewis tried to flood the gym last semester so that he could be put in the basketball game as a sub?" Miss Johnston :-"Take this sentence, Bob. 4Take the cow out of the lot.' What mood?" Bob Jackson :--"The cowf' Mr. Weide:-"What can you tell me about nitrates?', David Axe :-"Well, er, they're a lot cheaper than day rates." Miss Burleson I-HCl'lH1'l9S, be prepared with a speech on crude oil on Monday." Chuck Black:-"I'm sorry. I can't." i Miss Burleson :-"VVhy?" Chuck :-"It's not refined." If you can smile when things go Wrong And say it doesn't matter, If you can laugh off cares and woe And trouble makes you fatter, If you can keep a cheerful face When all around are blue, Then have your head examined, Bud, There's something Wrong With you. For one thing I've arrived at, There are no "ands" and "buts"g A guy that's grinning all the time Must be completely nuts. Don Hirzel:-"So this is a battle of Wits between you and me." Don Huddlez-"No, I never pick on a man who is unarmed." .Q l..ll Ernie :-"Darling, you are the seventh wonder of the World." Jane Stoddard :--"Well, listen, Ernie, don't ever let me catch you out with the other six." Pete Masello :-"Yes, the doctorsaved my life, but it cost my father over a hundred dollars." Albert Scarnati:--"My, what an extravaganceln Mr. Dui:-"What is your idea of harmony?" B. Thompson :-"A freckled girl in a polkadot dress and a leopard coat, leading a giraffe." .- ...T.... Bob Figuly:-"Would you blame me for something I didn't do?" Miss Johnston :-"No, why?" Bob :--"Well, good! I don't have my book report." Shirley Anthony:-"Why are you taking that chandelier to bed with you?" Gracie Morgan :-'Tm a light sleeper." l.."' Jane Stoddard :-"Why does June Nelson Wear pumps to school, Millie?" Millie Kolunie:-"Because she has Water on the knees." -ui ful ii .-:- Ek " -QE- -:- + Q' + I f' al 'C' I 41 j 'D' L-.f iii 'U' n 0 i I 4:- 0 L 4' 4 at 'D' 'D' + 'C' f' -G' Q 'N 55 -' gif --EL- " A W 4 -hw 'H' Julia Ferguson tout drivingj :-"What happened, M. LI?" M. L. Cleland :-"Puncture." Julia :--"You ought to have been looking for this. Remember, the guide said there was a fork in the road." .. Garrulous barber :--"And what can I do for you this bright and sunny day, my dear sir?" Charles Biasucci:-"Cut them both short--the hair and the chat- ter." . . Mary Cioppa :-"Have you ever noticed how much Rose DeThomas combs her hair?" Rose Fava :-"Why, yes!! She even ate bullets once, so that her hair would come out in bangs." if-A I ! ,, 7' .ff w Y Q: '. . -L it L 1 yas I-AWD r 'N 1, g f ff Sophvmorc Xp .2D2 XG, 1, agp ' -1 me gt, - ?g4:nLL QM .Q l'1"..ll' "MODERNlZlNG OUR MATH BOOKS" I. Norman can cut an acre of lawn in six hours, Andy can cut it in seven, and John can cut it in nine hours. If Mr. Book has an acre and a half of lawn, how long will it take him to cut it by himself if Norman, Andy, and John are all in the Army? II. If the distance between New Castle and Pittsburgh is ap- proximately fifty miles, and Ted Budzowski leaves New Castle for Pittsburgh at nine a. m. and averages thirty C?J miles an hour, on what side of Zelienople will he be when his A coupons run out? III. Ralph H. Gardner is 108 years old. Mr. Book is half as old as Mr. Gardner plus one-fifth the diierence between the ages of Mr. Gardner and Mrs. Nelson, who is forty years younger than Mr. Gardner was fifty-six years ago. Does that automatically put Mr. Book in 4-H or is he 3-A provided Eugene DeCaprio was born previous to Septem- ber 15, 1942? -355' L E315 ' Q. +I: ji 'I' 3' FIGHTING ON EVERY FRONT On every land and air front, on and under the seven seas, Johnson Bronze bearings are playing an important part in the battles that will bring ultimate victory. For this is a mechanized war, even the infantry rides to battle on trucks and relies on equipment using bronze bearings and bushings. Right here in our plant hundreds of men and women, many of them former students of New Castle High, are helping to iight these battles. By producing the bearings needed for all types of battle equipment, for the factories and machines making this equipment, and for essential home front needs the men and women of Johnson Bronze are fighting on every front. And when peace returns, We will keep right on making high quality bearings. Bearings for the peace- time machinery of the nation--for the cars, refrigerators and other household appliances that everyone will Want. y JOHNSON BRONZE 9-lwvesennlnan HEllllQllllRTElR-.Syl 455 S. MILL STREET - NEW CASTLE, PA. 'F 'C' 42' ' I+- - 'iii - -, ,--.-35- R Zyg:-"Your girl's spoiled, isn't she?" Bob Frazier :-"No, it's just the perfume she's using." Miss Van Divort 1-"Ed, conjugate the verb 'to lack'." Ed Johnson :--"Hey! Chuck, what is it?" Chuck Black :-"Darned if I know." Ed fto teacherjz-"Darnifino, darnifinare, darnifinavi, darniii- natisf' ..l"l...T1 .- One of the questions in the scholarship test was: "Name four dif- ferent kinds of sheep." . Ed Gilkey thought long and hard and finally put down :-"Black sheep, white sheep, Mary's little lamb, and the hydraulic 'rams'." Bizz Burton says Cquotel :-"Itch is something that when a GAC is standing at attention her nose always does."-unquote. Anthony Cipriano:-"Who's the gal with the French heels?" Dave Harlan:-"She's my sister, and those guys aren't French." Bill Clark :-"May I have the last dance with you?" Lou Doyle :-"You've had it, brother, you've had it." Mary Kaufman:-"VVhy are you yelling into that mailbox?" Louise Morgan:-'Tm taking a correspondence course in cheer- leading." Miss Van Divort:-"Who was Homer?" Bizz Burton-"The guy Babe Ruth made famous." Bill King :--"What kind of a dog is that?" Joe Frew:-"A police dog." Bill :-"It doesn't look like a police dog to me." Joe :-"Sh-h-h!! It's in the secret service." Gerry Allgier:-"Let me off--let me of! l" Conductor :-"Why? What's the matter?" Gerry:-"I thought this was a lunch Wagon." Doctor:--"Frankly, your brother will never work again." Winona Price :-"I'll tell him-It sure will cheer him up." 1- 122 figggw :ids - -E l! CONGRATULATIONS 1 COMPLIMENTS 1 JANUARY CLASS OF '44 W i OF THE I P E N N TH EATRE i - f A'Always the Best Show in Town" I I ,I , 1 Engineering I METRO-Ggijggvtiil-MAYER h V Works PARAMOUNT and RKO ' 5 9 GREATER Movuzs i NEW CASTLE- PA- I 5 -mga een ,LQ-:QWQQQQ --2 -2 e l 'Traveling Bags, Overnight Bagsw ni g""ggg Luggage H P A T R 0 N IZ E I I ' I I r I I ' ARTICLES QARDWARE L! A D V E R T I S E R S .15 Kirk, Hutton 6' Co. M M! 4, Hive- - , 5- f iggg ii Li 2- 'Airy ---:yi -255+---11-5- ff -:- 4- IQ: s I! g Lt. Compliments of W1 W 1 ! : I I United Engineering and g Foundr Com an gi i Y P Y V- -di u :K if Q i I: ,. + 5- I 4 11 -5- -:- 5- "-:- -W 5- -if -R June DeMasi:-4'Do bananas grow on bushes or trees?" Luella Walters 1-"I don't know. Why ask me?" June :-"I thought a monkey might know." Ruth rode on my motorbike Directly back of me. I hit a bump at sixty-five And rode on ruthlessly. Miss Griffiths:-'tWhat could be more sad than a man without a country?" Barbara Boyd 2-"A country without a man." Bob Christoph :-"A remark like that means fight where I came from." Mike Roussos :-"Then why donit we fight?" Bob :--"I'm not where I came from." Two in a hammock About to kiss All of a sudden It went. like SUI1 Bill Baltes:-"That eighteen-mile-an-hour air current moving in advance of that high pressure area from the gulf, feels good." Miss Burleson Cto Miss Johnston at the dinner danceb :-"VVill you pass the nuts?" Miss Johnston :-"No, I think I'll Hunk them." Medical Examiner:-"You're a natural." Joe Wolfe :-"VVhy?" Med. EX.:-"Your heart's beating Hep-2-3-4 Hep-2-3-rl." Mr. Book :--"Frankly, Tony, I was just talking to a member of your draft board and I wouldn't advise you to buy a new suit for the dinner dance." There was a little girl Who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead And then it rained. L he -5' L- "ly --II? - . LI II. UUMPLIMENTS OF I1 QUALITY lSN'T RATIONED I I . I II o o o I Rlce Pharmac II' I , I I H H Y MEN'S AND BOYS' QUALITY III 1 J- MYRON DOC RICE STORE FOR 37 YEARS gig I 'ff It LL I ' o o o I North Mill, Corner East North ' I . I H NEW CASTLE, PA. :HI ' l The Winter CO. il II -III .QI - t Q W.I.I 7'7Q2' - '3CL,LLL, f',L3l1- Q! MEL- IE.- 'E Egigifjl-:f'f-'I-Ei "iI"f1M 532321235-v ifm'2 if-' 'f I I COIIIPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF . , Ii. I I .I I It! I Effkefd 5 DVUQ Store V I .I Lincoln Restaurant Il I I I o o o I T sf R I ON THE DIAMOND I NEW CASTLE, PA. M I A NEW CASTLE, PA. ll, '.'. . . -L I - ,- I. , I, -F --:-f EL QI- Se- - MJF Egg 53 IL,-15- " -L tiki' I-5 A ' -if - -3135 IL' I I II B A R O N II! Arthur W. Meek I Hardware Stores i'I I YOUR , V I- PROGRESSIVE JEWELER I "WHERE YOUR DOLLAR Il I II HAS MORE CENTS" 5' I I It If I I . VI I We sen High School Rings 1 I , III 314-316 E. Washington St. XII Ig gf I 1221 Momi, sr, f M: 323 E. WASHINGTON ST. 'FJ W" Jr- 'I' - IE- ---egg ,L-:Q L .L -IIS? ws' '31, -sg I I COMPLIMENTS ' I COMPLIMENTS OF II JESSE N. KERR QI I Keystone Furniture I , WDIAMONDS- I I C I .IEVIIELER - SILVERSMITH 0' o 4 o I 5 NORTH MILL STREET I NEW CASTLE, PA. I Mary Ann Bell:-"What is the best kind of dog to buy?" Mary Carkitto:-"A hot dog-it doesn't bite the hand that feeds it, it feeds the hand that bites it." Mr. McBurney:-J'Why- are you wearing ear muffs and mittens to school on a pleasant day like this'?'i Aldo Galmarini:--"You told me to come prepared to study the North Pole." Anthony Cipriano Ctwice nicked by razorj :-"Hey, barber, give me a glass of water." Barber:-"What's wrong, did I get a hair in your mouth?" Miss Good :-"I would like a preparation of phenylisothiocyanatef' Drug Clerk :-"Do you mean mustard oil?', Miss Good :-"Yes, I can never think of that name." Z W ri 'V ff 'fy 'ISN F45 67 , W g 7 , X 'o If ' 41? "' 7 , 9 ai 1 - +7 f Q "Ai tb. 'ff 415iliv or 1 , af , ,EU iz i-, -'fillet' f Q- A' d"'5-5'- Zyg Con a crowded carl :-'4Madam, would you like me to get you 21 strap?" Eleanor Altman :-t'No, thank you, I have one." Zyg:-5"I'hen would you mind letting go of my necktie?" Miss Calvin :-"This terrible war in Spain. We had a Civil War here and what did we get out of it?" Lucille Stickle:-"Nothing, except "Gone With the Wind." Cop:-"Have you a warning signal on the front of your car?" Gracie Morgan I-HYQS, sir, I have a little sign that says "Dodge Brothers." . . Lois Jean Henks:-"Hey, Dangel, do you have any gum?,' Bob D.:--"No, but did you ever hear about the fellow who pulled out his teeth so he could have more gum to chew'?H xlfiii -5 'C' -ev ' 'I COMPLIMENTS A -UI 'OF' I I I I 9 I 'PI I I I I I + CJ I North Mill Street , -C' sq' New Castle, Pa. gig? in fl :L J ig Eiiiifig-" If CONGRATULATIONS Q I H JANUARY CLASS -II ' OF 1944 155 - I I D. G. RAMSEY 81 SUNS I BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Ay HARDWARE F' PAINTS I I 0 I I -G' I-DI 4200-PHONES-4201 I 306-20 OROTON AVE. I gigs- "C 3- -U -FC" 'kf'i 'QM N.C. H.S. Class Rings I 0 DIAMONDS A WATCHES JEWELERY A RADIOS I I I I I I I J B NIELSEN I iw JEVVELER and OPTOMETRISTEF' I EXPERT WATCHMAKERS O 0 A I Established 1904 43. I , FUI o Q 0 I --ON THE PUBLIC SQUARE - WL- i5,-,l1,,,i,' -gg BIZ-Ai--gf-Augie--gall I-- 'T l 1 ' T:-. 1. LOC KLEY Q MACHINE II I COMPANY I Production Machining '.I I I I O -D- Phone 993 -DI I Q I I I' -D' I I 310-12 Grove street I I New Castle, Penn'a. gggah- -if - Bob Williams :-"It took me six weeks to learn to do thirty push ups." Mr. Gillaspie :-"And what did you have in return for your pains?" Bob Williams :-"Liniment." Miss Taylor :-"Edwin Johnson gets more out of a novel than any- body I know." Miss McClaren:-"How come? . Miss Taylor:-"Well, he starts in the middle, so he's not only wondering how it will end, but also how it all began." "'-lmi'-"1- Given Goff:--"We have a new baby at our house." Murray Pyle:-"Boy?" Given :--"Nope.,' Murray :-"Girl ? " Given:-"Yes! How did you know?" Teacher:-"Can anyone tell me what happened after Napoleon mustered his army?" Luella:-"Yes, ma'am, he peppered the enemy and took the citadel by assault." Teacher :-"Sit down, my girl, I'll have no sauce from you." References to the male child of the family starting with: "Who is that young fellow who was thrown out of college for cheating on his exams?" That's my son." What are we mooring our boat to?" That's my buoy." I found a leather gloveg whom does it belong to?,' "That's my kid." H 4K ll H 66 Do you see that diving board over there? I wonder who owns it?" il That's my offspring." What's the class that comes after Sophomore?" "That's Junior." Is something falling out of your head?" Yes, that's my heir." Why is it that you are so at ease wherever you happen to be?" That's my poise." "If you owned the capitol of Idaho, what would you say?" "That's my Boise." See those rays of light coming in the window?" Hm-Hm, that's my sun." Who purchased the beautiful vase?" "That's my buy." "If you were the head of a certain large chain of restaurants, what would be your comment?" g'That's my Childs." H K6 H 66 K6 if GK I PGH Eiilifii:-"G 1e.'-"1 ' -e 1 SEAvY'S STUDIO M HJ- NEW CASTLE, PA. l I -0- ELLIOTT BROS' STEEL COMPANY g ee bk ! r ffceld Rolled Strip Steel Gi 41 HIGH SCHOOL AND 5 'll Since 1893" . I COLLEGE , ' 2 , PHOTOGRAPHS 'Il 1. I -I , HJ I Sc 22 I 5 l 1 ! ka- PORTRAITS lcd lc- New Castle, Pennsylvania -all MODERN AND DISTINCTIVE I Q l I gpr- "' L W Wea S 955 .ie -' EL -F Af' . iii -eg 15 JT earl - ll SEE THE NEWEST CLASS RINGS AND PINS L04 PU' IN BLACK ONYX, MOTHER OF PEARL AND SOLID GOLD Q Reasonably Priced At- JACK GERSON ,EJ YOUR JEWELER O O O I 200 E. Washington Street New Castle, Pa. gl- 'iz gf- 5' 'UI -n- + -, l I a Compliments of S ll luhn S. Bruwn'S Son, Inc. FLOUR, FEED AND GRAIN ' 'I' F' JJ- 'TJUR QUALITY FEED" I New Castle, Penn'a. I , Office: Fd 'F Produce Street Phone 5315 ' 1:- -Cu New Wilmington, Pa. Ellwood City, Pa. We -- in . fi ENDURANCE Some inconsistencies we see That often bring us smiles, She couldn't walk a block, but she Can dance for twenty miles! Old books, old shoes 1 Old friends-but folks Don't always seem to like Old jokes. NEW VERSION June Nelson Clooking over travel foldersj :-"Why not take an ocean cruise, dear?" Jerry :-"Hm-m, beggars can't be cruisers." Ted Budzowski went into a shop to buy a fountain pen. The assistant gave him one to try, and he covered several sheets of paper with the words: "Tempus Fugitf' The assistant offered him another pen. "Perhaps," she said, "you'd like one of these better, Mr. Fugitf' . . VVith television just around the corner, it will soon be a question of "Call me up and see me sometime." MYTHICAL BABE REALLY HAS STUFF She goes to high school. She differs from her sisters in that she is beautiful, for her features are delicate and regular, and her figure is a perfect 36. She uses cosmetics but only to accentuate her loveli- ness and then only privately. Her lips are red and kissable, but she is faithful to the boyfriend in the Army. Her clothes are informal, always in good taste. She carries them with an appealingly unconscious charm. She studies hard, makes good grades. She does not employ soft soap with her men teachers, nor does she cling about their necks. She chews gum lightly. Her dancing is exquisite but restrained. Having no affectations, she does not attempt to employ a "line," Her great characteristic is her naturalness, her poise. She does not exist. Miss Birchard:-'tWhy is Ireland the richest country in the world?" Jane Stoddard :-"Because her capital is Dublin every day." TEE- " .-:-' ' -Qi wg giiifnfi'-TA1'E-?'7g , 1 I' 'dl GOMPLIMENTS COMPIEJIILVIENTS I -OF- T -' - - - - f May's Doughnut Shop 0 Lmgerllght Dalry Co. la 5 'I E. WASHINGTON STREET '--Q N-Lis., W -' -If Twig Zigi..- .T iiww.-- -..'E R f"'fQ?Pi,3iZ ig5T'O'3f ' ?"-exif' 'QM B R I TT O N ' S COMPLIMENTS f'Nsw Castle's Oldest Cleaners" FROM PHONE 1133 1 I I W il CUBBY HOLE 1 OFFICE--31 Em Street ' 103 NORTH MERCER STREET PLANT-108-112 Elm sues: I y II NEW CASTLE, PENN'A. NEW CASTLE, PA. I -El 1. - - - O 'T' .51 "--"R -:- of -gif-5 -fi-:F 'Ei ' 45 L 4 I I ' ' - A BW-E5 1 McBrlde-Shannon Co. PHOTOS ,I I NEVER INSURANCE FADE ! 1 ' Q , B I zss EAST WASHINGTON ST. 115 E. Washington street I BELL 519 NEW CASTLE, PA. I 3, W -v :Il Qiiif'---55' 1-if ---ESQ .-3' EE- 1:1 'gli Q-iiffqrff' TF Ei-T Twig Egaf' "1i:i' ' -1 'S?'i'3?3Q4 i 7 IF YOU ARE GOING AWAY TO ' 3 ' COLLEGE-VISIT OUR COMPLIMENTS OF I LUGGAGE DEPARTMENT , Lawrence B01-1-ling CQ, if f The Best Is Not Too Good O 0 O f l !, Q Bottlers of - COCA-GOL Sporting Goods Store AND A id- 105 NORTH MERCER ST. SOFT DRINKS 5:11- -jE.-,EsE+f-'.-E-,Eggg 223-ff" -2- E- ss:s..--- fgg-E Ray Brown :-"What are you taking for your cold?" Bob Figuly:-"Make me an oiferf' Miss Dinsmore:-"What does R.F.D. stand for?" Ed Gilkey:-"Ranklin Felano Dooseveltf' Huey:-"Hey Bill, why do you and Joe go down to the train station all the time?" Bill:-"We heard the train say 'woo-woo' and thought there'd be some pretty girls." Mr. Boak Cto Dave Harlanj :-"VVhy are you tardy this morning?l' Dave :-"The bus was too crowded." Mr. Boak:--"That reminds me of the moron who didn't get on the bus because the driver said 'no more onli' Shirley Herman :-"What would you do to a girl who's so nervous she jumps into the arms of the nearest man when she's frightened?" Bob Frazier:-"I'd yell 'Boo'!" Virginia Eakin:-"Pd like to have my lamb chops lean." Waiter I-"Which way?" . . R. Armino:-"What become of your friend who had money to burn?" T. Budzowski:-"He's sifting the ashes." A 564 QUESTION POEM Where can a man buy a cap for his knee or a key to the lock of his hair? Can his eyes be called an academy because there are pupils there? In the crown of his head what gems are found and who travels the bridge of his nose? Can he use when shingling the roof of his mouth the nails on the end of his toes? Can the crook of his elbow be sent to jail? If so, what did he do? How does he sharpen his shoulder blades? I'll be hanged if I know, do you? Can he sit in the shade of the palms of his hands? Or beat on the drum of his ear? Does the calf on his leg eat the corn on his toes? The answer to these questions nobody knows. I ELEM ' Y- QRW A555 'Fu A 'E -- - 'ig I .II 'I BEST WISHES THE DANISH PASTRY SHUP L E M I N G ' PHONE 3523 LH !'l I W Q 28 NORTH lVlll..l.. STREET I . ' gl Lk MAKERS OF FINE CAKES ' 19 North Mill Street 1 I AND PASTRIES i It i I' I if S251 Av A--514 if-gin -:fe I- .32 , Ag iii-A-ii-F-lqfm T' - E121--A' ' " --4? I! CORRECT CLOTHES H HI ll .AJ . I I CONGRATULATIONS TO I I are an Important part IIN. I 1 I of life ,,,,,,... yi! I THE JANUARY CLASS . 'A .Levin eis' W GF 'A o Q o I The Store of Nationally E : Advertised Men s Wear I E I i NEXT TO PENN THEATRE I !1 E TFT - 5- -:IE R- T -gr -455 oi COMPLIMENTS FROM COMPLIMENTS OF I 'I rm n' I ,I Regent Theatre 4 , S' ve G Eh ,N OF NEW CASTLE ,j Economy Shoe Op ' . ALWAYS THE BEST MI IIo E. WASHINGTON sT. I I SHOW IN TOWN I I I NEW CASTLE, PA. 1 I 0 O , O "The Store Devoted to Better Fitting I Il -POPULAR PRICES' Footwear for Better Health" 1 , I ga- The A T 1-32 A gm- S'.f--- Lge -r 'Egg Ill, . ' COMPUMENTS OF -:I New Castle Busmess I I I 1: Love 6' Megown W Couige LH ' I I jg HTHE DRUGGISTSH i A A DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES I 0 ' 0 I 3 'C' A 12 NORTH MILL STREET G. E. LYON, Prop. pp- ., -:L ,f-I iff 3- A QFT5 I 52535 WHAT IF? David were a knife instead of an Axe? Donabelle were a soldier instead of a Saylor? Frances were a bricklayer insted of a Carpenter? Irene were night instead of Day? Joe were a sheep instead of a Wolfe? George were hatred instead of Love? Bill were a Milky Way instead of a Clark? Virginia were a throb instead of an Eakin? Evelyn were completed instead of Blank? Goff were received instead of Given? Virginia were a Sergeant instead of a General? Geraldine were Tunisia instead of Allgier? Bill were a President instead of a King? Don were the Kick-off instead of the Huddle? .. ....i...i..l - "TH I NGS" People speak quite fluently of these things, and those things, get your things, certain things happened to prevent me from going, and so on. Things play an important part in our life. This brings about the question, what are things? Startling isn't it! How things may consist of different things, which makes it all very confusing. Some things are round, others square, and some are carried in boxes. There are things that exist mentally and can't be seen. I can't describe one because I've never seen one, except in my own mind, which you can't see, so we'll drop that. What all is included under the title of things? People are things the same as books, banana skins, shoe strings, and railway ticketsg so you see there is a wide variety. Now, if you received a thing for Christmas would you eat it, sit on it, or put it in the fish bowl? I would like to answer a few of these every day questions. An example of this reminds me of my little cousins last birthday. He re- ceived a delicately wrapped package which contained a thing. Upon seeing it he whole heartedly remarked, "What is it?" I was immedi- ately called on the scene by his mother. Upon examining this object I found it to be circular in size and shape. I therefore concluded that it was round. It was quite attractive though with its what-nots and little round thing-a-ma-jiggs attached to the sides. On asking my little cousin his opinion of it he replied, "I'm going to a movie." The other day I was asked, "What am I going to do with this thing?" If you receive a thing and want to keep it indefinitely follow these instructions. Wrap it with something definite and moisten it. Then place it in the icebox or a cool mustard jar. That will preserve it for quite a while. We will not take up thing-a-ma-jiggs or lucky-do-jiggers at this time, because of their complex compositions. So remember this in dealing with things, "A thing can be judged by the things the thing does, but not by the things other things use the thing for." -By "Huey" Eva ir-""' 'HL - " -e-: E- 4- 2- E -:- ESTABLISHED 1873 PHONE 257 Us ii F' Mlller, Pyle ST Street M ALBERT R. STREET, Owner ' 9' if MASTER PRINTERS . - - Qf - - ' . i 4 Commerfflul, job, Book and Pamphlet Work 'F' NE-CA-Hi PRINTERS OVER 70 YEARYS OF THIS COMMUNITY 4 -h- T T "' T 217-219 SYCAMORE STREET NEW CASTLE, PENN'A. QB-etween Mill and East Streets, i 7 - U - ,li E -- -:,- - -:- 25" -EERE- EL -Q -I-eE"E'i1ig-:fe'-"gig -. .she 1" -5- -:- if BEST WISHES, from 4. 5 ai MOONEY BROS. if Building Materials - - Heavy Hauling I I 0 -F PHONE 5260 I . 1 , . 4. l33 Mahoning Avenue New Castle, Penn'a. , r - -E - ---2 -- ggi -:- -:- E. -FE E E 3- 5- ,gg Mr. Nelson :-"David, what does HNO3 signify? David Axe :-"Well, ah, er'r-I've got it right on the tip of my tongue, sir." Mr. Nelson:-"Well, you'd better spit it out. It's nitric acid." The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, A line of cars winds slowly o'er the lea, The pedestrian plods his absent-minded way, And leaves the world quite unexpectedly. There was a dachhund once so long, You haven't any notion How long it took him to notify His tail of his emotion! And so it happened when his eyes Were wet with woe and sadness, His tail would still be wagging on Because of previous gladness. BELIEVE IT OR NOT Here is a list of towns with odd names which, with the state in- cluded, make interesting combinations: Ash, Kan. Carpet, Tex. Ogoo, Ga. Odear, Me. Skeleton, Ky. Shoo, Fla. Kay, O. Howdy, Miss. Fiven, Tenn. Golfing one day, M. L. stepped up to the tee, took one swing at the ball, and made a hole in one. She turned to the Caddie and in- quired earnestly, "What did I do that was right? Y! RECEIPT A peach at his right, A nut at the wheel, A turn in the road- Fruit salad! .Q "Who spilled the mustard on this waffle, dear?" "Oh, John! How could you? This is lemon pie!" If Qffe 1:-T ,W-:Ig '-:- -:f . I ll Compliments - IU' FD, COMPLIMENTS of -OF- Ellmtt 8. Waddlngton I G 116-118 N. Mercer Street H' . New CASTLE ' I P'-one 3600 , I I I ASSOCIATION I : . -I H , RADIO, AUTOMOTIVE I AND I if' + , PAINT PRODUCTS -D' W ' I I . 31T.,g--.,--Q..'1-,ff1ii'gQ ggi' ' 42 1-35: 5i5iQ11g4:hM"l- TIQjl?.'5? 53 -35' -4 .-:if -:M f Compliments Best Wishes from 1-:U Of + I I -ch ' ' RICHMAN G PERELMANIS In 5 BROTHERS I- I I o Q o i I Fu, I A FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN ri. -u-J O T A ! FJ AND YOUNG MEN i O 0 0 I 129 East Washington St. A -U' ! NEW CASTLE, PA. STORE 'UI if New Castle, Pa. l ' 124 E. Washington Street I Q52 - T5 :av .-1--R gas- in -.-:f 'Q IT ALL DEPENDS "How old are you, sonny?" "That's hard to say, sir. According to my latest school tests, I have a psychological age of 11 and a moral age of 10. Anatomically, I'm 75 mentally, I'm 9. But I suppose you refer to my chronological age. That's 17-but nobody pays any attention to that. ZERO When human breath Takes hazy shape I watch the words I let escape For fear A witless phrase Of mine Should freeze And make A roadway sign. "Do you think our boy will leave footprints on the sands of time?" "He'd leave 'em anywhere. Just look out in the hall." .. .. Student Aviator:-"Quick! What do I do now, instructor?" His Companion 1-"Wham-a-tl I thought you were the instructor." Slippery ice-very thin. Pretty girl-tumbled in. Saw a boy--on the bankg Gave a shriek-then she sank. Boy on bank-heard her shoutg Jumped right in-helped her out. Now he's hers--very niceg But she had--to break the ice. Silas Clam Lies on the floorg He tried to slam A swinging door. Miss Elliot :-"Who wrote the song, 'My Old Kentucky Home'?,' Sayle Wolfe :-"Don Amechef' Mary Jo Flout:-"He did not. Stephen Foster wrote it. Don Ameche invented the telephone." EE -:- 'H 53 -az - - i:-1" .- l Standard New Qastle I i Congratulations H'9h School Rmg LU' to the 'W January Class of '44 I , , I 4, from i I I ' ' Your Hotel , 1,1 I ll I II + ml xg ' I I ' I I l E cc 77 I ' I The Castleton Le ICI A of + LP' I MATHER BROS, CO. Duvvayne Shaw, Mgr' I 213 East Washington St. W X I 1" -47 Years In Business - ' em.-:L , fair A -:-- gg ' -:-1' . '-:-fr. .M 4214 5i5f'iw'E:'W+4- WET-'ing ' I CONGRATULATIONS qi AND BEST WISHES 'C' C1 FROM - el Reynolds 81 Summers ll QI I ' I Fashions for Men, ' I Young Men and Boys ll' 'F If- ' I Ln. 114-116 East Washington St. 0 I . New Castle, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS Q ...OF... I ri' Yo Mo I I 0 New Castle, Pennsylvania ,D, ' -- 4-' -1 gp- -2- -5- gi? ball Pete Masello :-"Speaking about baseball, I've even got me a base- dog." Murray Pyle :-"What makes you call him a baseball dog?" Pete Masello:-" 'Cause he Wears a muzzle, catches flies, chases fovvls, and beats it for home when he sees the catcher coming." PRACTICE Mrs. Boyd :-"What's the idea of poking the broom in the baby's face this morning? " Barbara :-"I just Wanted him to get used to kissing his grand- father." Martha Thomas fabout to purchase a ticket for a movie in the afternoon, was asked by the box-office manj :-"Why aren't you in school?" s1es" "Oh, it's all right, sir," said Martha, earnestly, "I've got the mea- Mr. Boak:-"What is the difference between a school boy and a fisherman ? " Bob Figuly:--"A school boy hates his books and a fisherman baits his hooks." - Q Bill Foreman :-"How do you know you hit that duck?" ,Karl Richards :-"I shot him in the foot and in the head at the same time." Bill:--"How could you possibly do that?" Karl :-"He was cratching his head." Dr. Shoaff:-"I'd like to have a quart of blood for transfusion. Can you give it?" Ed Gilkey:-"I can only give you a pint. I have to shave tomor- row." He kissed her in the garden It was a moonlight night She was a marble statue He was a little tight. Jo McCollum :--"Does your face burn?" Joe Wolfe :-"No, Why?" Jo McCollum :-"It doesn't look so hot." E--Ai -rf' T -ce 3211:-""1i:r"'iqZ4 ., 1 IT'S EASIER TO SUCCEED Q T0 The I BY HAVING YOUR A , Graduate . . . -6- ! A 0 t SHOES REBUM 1 1 CONGRATULA noNs i 4 AND MAY YOU 4, L51 ' -Du CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE E C Ama. 67:5-T.S5V SUCCESS ' 4 P -14 -D-i .3 T A Pagley Shoe Servlce - - 'U' G 17 North Mull Street 4' J. C. Co., I u New Castle, Pa. l Department Stores QL .-. TF ' -:- QQ " 2- - -.....-:- - --gg " 5- -"-55, -:ZZ 55-'C"F-' mf:-:Q-'f-1135 4 CONGRATULATIONS .3 COMPLIMENTS ' -D -OF, -n- GRADUATES from the 5 -uf rn- '1' SPENCER 'J' Strauss-Hirshhergftn. PAINT e GLASS co. . x ' V FJ I A H . X S' ' '. , 'U' One of New CaStle'S 'D' 1 'U' '51 Better Stores gym- -' I . -cg ,QS -E -9 gg Question :--"What is the difference between a carpenter and a pound of butter?" Answer :--"Because the butter weighs a pound and the carpenter pounds away." Tony Ginocchi:-"VJhat is the diference between a jeweler and a jailer?" Don Glitch :-'IA jeweler sells watches and a jailer watches cells." .. .. Julia Ferguson:-"Why is a duck worried?" Shirley Wilkins :-'fBecause he always has a bill staring him in the face." Mr. Flout:-"Who broke that chair?" Mary Jo Flout:-"It just collapsed all of a sudden but neither of us was hurt." .. l' -. Bill Baltes:-"My girl writes me she's all unstrung. What shall I do?" Ben Roman :-"Send her a wire." lst horse :-"I've got this race in the bag." 2nd horse :-"Nonsense!! I'm in rare form today." A dog fpassing byl :-"I don't think either of you will win." Ist horse Cin amazementl :-"Lookl! A talking dog! !" .. Sparkle, sparkle, little twink Who the heck you are I think, I'm not under the alchofluence of incohol Like some thinkol peep I are: The drunker I sit here the longer I get I fool so feelish! If I were an echo, just for a joke I'd yell at some guy before he spoke. nn 'i"T.. With apologies to W. Shakespeare Sign seen on a hamburger shack: What Food These Morsels Be. Q. .. Here lies the body of "Suicide Ray," Who died maintaining his right of way, He was right, dead right, as he sped along, But he's just as dead as if he'd been Wrong. I I i l r i Ii! BLONDES PREFERRED Two mosquitoes once lit on the features Of two fair and peroxided creatures. When asked by what right, They replied, "We're not tight, We're just seeing the game from the bleachers." .. ...i1. STUDENT POLL Inquirer :-"How many students are there in Ne-Ca-Hi?" Miss Edmunds :-"About one in every five." Asked what he understood by "foreign entanglernentsf' Karl Richards replied :-"Spaghetti" George Love was having his eyes tested for a driver's license. The examining officer asked him to identify several things on a wall chart. "What is in the large circle in the middle?" f'That is the figure 18, " replied George. "Wrong," said the officer. "That's a picture of Mae West talking to Katherine Hepburn." Miss Johnston 2-"Now, boys, tell me the signs of the zodiac. You Hrst, Bill." Bill McPeak:-"Taurus, the bull." Miss Johnston :-"Right! Now, Zyg, another one? Zyg Darzynkiewicz:-"Cancer, the crabf, Miss Johnston:-"Right again! And now it's your turn, Bob." Bob Frazier fhesitatingl :-"Mickey, the Mouse. - ' ' 2- -:-6? " Q N ' , -5- L Congratulations to the January X I Class of '44 YAY S xx , -Q: f I' X J I Q -U qc - 5 Pennsylvania Power Company New Castle, Pennsylvania y gg- -:- -:L -:L :-:- 1- -.i:- , -ggx I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I'll never see a tree at all. ... ...T..-7. Mr. Gillaspie:--"The trouble with you, my boy, is that you don't get enough exercise." Ray Brown :--"Exercise! Why, every week I go to see a horror picture and let my iiesh creep!" Sally :--"My brother is playing hookey from correspondence school." Margie :--"How can he do that?" Sally :-"He mails them empty envelopes." Teacher :-"If a number of cattle is called a herd, and a number of sheep is called a flock, what would you call a number of camels?" Johnny:-"A carton." Miss Dinsmore :-t'NoW class, I want to tax your memories---' Ben Roman :-"Good night! Has it come to that!" Bill Samuels :-"While we're sitting here in the moonlight, I'd like to ask you-1-" Shirley Anthony:-"Yes!" Bill:-"Couldn't We move over? I'm sitting on a nail." IN HEAVEN YCLEPT In the chilliest winter We ever did see, I froze an ankle and Euphrosyne. Dentist's epitaph in a Connecticut Cemetery: "When on this tomb you gaze with gravity, cheer up! I'm filling my last cavity." "Who's there?" inquired Saint Peter. "It is I," Was the answer. "Go away! We don't Want any school teachers." "Oh, darling, look what's happened to my first pancake!" "Never mind, dear, it may not be a complete failure. Let's try it on the victrolaf' ALL WET AND THEN SOME Out in the rain the careless Bett Let her Milton book lie, And though the book was very wet, She found it very dry. .-""- A cow-puncher ordered a steak at a restaurant. The waiter brought it in rare--very rare. The cow-puncher looked at it and de- manded that it be returned to the kitchen and cooked. "It is cooked," snapped the waiter. "Cooked-nothing," replied the cow-puncher. t'I've seen cows hurt worse than that and get well." Miss McC1aren :-"So you are on a submarine. What do you do?" Johnny Lee Chome on furloughl :-"Oh, I run forward, ma'am, and hold her nose when we want to take a dive." DEEP THOUGHTS Nature is wonderful. A million years ago she didn't know we were going to wear spectacles, yet look at the Way she placed our ears. .- -1 Bernie :-"What do you think of my song?" Mr. Duff:-"It needs Ventilating." Bernie :-"What do you mean?" Mr. Duff:-"The air's bad." The typographical error is a slippery thing and slyg You can hunt till you are dizzy, but it somehow will get by. Till the forms are off the presses it is strange how still it keeps, It shrinks down into a corner and it never stirs or peeps, That typographical error, too small for human eyes Till the ink is on the paper, when it grows to mountain size. Mr. Green, he stares with horror, then he grabs his hairC?J and groansg Miss Taylor drops her head upon her hands and moans- The remainder of the annual may be clean as clean can be, But that typographical error is the only thing you see. -0 .. And there was the Scotchman who bought only one spur. He figured that if one side of the horse went the other side was sure to follow. "You mustn't use that word," said mother. "Shaw and Masefield used it,', replied the Senior. "Then you mustn't play with such naughty boys." AND THEY SHOOT HORSES I would not exchange My home on the range For duplex apartment or iiatg It's lonesome out there But I do not care, And here is the reason for that: There's nobody near, I don't have to hear Those cowboys who sing Through their nosesg There's none of them there, They're all on the air Or else on the screen striking poses. WHAT A BOY CALLS AN O.K. GIRL A solid sender A hot date A hot potato A bundle A rare chicken A morale booster A honey Gold mine Sweet stuH HOW TO SAY HELLO What's steamin'! Demon? What's knittin'! Kitten? Hi Sprout! What's growin'? Hi Bird-Brain! .- .Q HOW TO SAY GOOD-BYE I'm shovin off, Jasper! Au Reservoir Plant you now, dig you later! So long, Luscious! .. .." WHEN HE HAS A CRUSH ON HER He drools for her. His heart is on her sleeve. They're a gruesome twosome. He's her honey. "SYNONYMS FOR SMOOTH" land aren't we al1?J Patent Snazzy Darby Neat Shrewd Sharp Snakie Killer-Diller Boggin' on the downbeat Rare Schmoozable Hot-stuff Cheezle-peezle Rugged Au Reet BOOK SECTION Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Condensed from "THE HUMAN COMEDY" I lost my hat. Condensed from "GONE WITH THE WIND" CK Why didn't you press my pants, Hives?" "I didn't know how, sir." Condensed from "HOW GREEN WAS MY VALET" Bong! Condensed from 'KFOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS" The Royal Housing Project Condensed from "KING'S ROW" One half-dozen pairs of trousers dangled on the clothesline and their shadows swished in the moonlight. Condensed from "THE MOON AND SIX PANTS" "DRlP" Gruesome Goobrain A queer Repulsive ,Stupid Cupid A jerk A black widow Zombie Corpse Droop Drizzle'drag Goon bait Sad Sam Cunpopular boyl Dish rag Grumble brain C a girlj HAMLET SPEAKS "How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world."-Economics Class after a test. "God has given you one face and you make yourselves another New Castle girls. "Your oiense is rank, it smells to heaven."--Mishap in the Chem istry Lab. "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt thaw and resolve itself into a dew!"--A lady on a reducing diet. .u "1"'..l'T' AS THE SENIOR SEES IT Scintillate, scintillate, luminous constellation Interrogatively I question you constituent elements In your prodigious altitude, above the terrestial sphere Similiar to carboaceous isometic octahedral in the celestial firmanent. CTO the Underclassmen this is known as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star J Mrs. Flansburg:-"Didn't I hear the clock strike 2 when you came in last night? " Dodo:--"Yes, Mum, it started to strike 11 but I stopped it so you wouldn't be disturbed. AUTOGRAPHS L. W FZWWM Q3 is-E-'fa lx Wwiwiiii 512352 WWWWwQ J IO!! ' GMM MM 3 A ik "'g7!iMf'j"fvff7gxx YQ Qviwffff D j Exe SM 0 . - K' cw xr ES 'S ' '- ,W x ' ' Eigmswgifffiilfii " :feNfff M Qff3y'fQ, 1sQi?Fx2MQf2f'f' 52993 M 5 mf 5 K1s5M MQW KW wz fM8Li wgfy .D 9,Q:.g.v2, . I I ,fm Mififwfgpw 2 3 R 'pi .. ' Q, ' ,jfs - iiifjwy WMU of W7 jfwf MyW,f MJWWX AUTOGRAPHS 73350 f nl S5 I ww X J Q? 7f-, ' A f,'7" 1' ,ff f, I .,f,,f ,f I " 1 A -.- '1 , 13 ""'?" 0 3 fx " G -if-L-i... .i,j5.j,' HT LAST! 'Z' K V r . M. nz'-.7 P451 3 x Ja L2 Q' ""'3f tPt?:Egl3-21, ., , 535 , " ' R I Q 1 .v 4 .5 F J if ..f' ' wx 151.3 15611- 7 , 1 :Q e H 'Vff' 4 1 '.5?gn1faw,,g,5 'Z . Q' 1 ' ,M ,Ffh , ET 'E . , ' -Ar ' ,' ' 'xl ' "' f. , jj. 1,3 - ..igg',5f,2 ' M1 - ,Jv.'5' 'jj +, - LM. :ai :vi 'H 143 QQ? '4V,l,,,, , 1,- , ,Q 1,5 4 ff.'f:Q 1 5 ' 1 f w R. , ,Q L , Y 1' 4 :H k Q , lv 7. 3' ali' ' P' f ' 5, Q5 I Y A X N 1 FK L f If 'fx 1 L F' X L fl -A Y 'F' E. fx , A 3 P fi is , 5 13. Sai 5 if , 1 1

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