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 - Class of 1943

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fog. WML Mi?-Q NEfCAfHI JUNE, 1943 PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1943 NEXY FASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA F OREWORD "The pleasures of the present We doubly taste By looking back with pleasure on the past." Dryden. The World is ever changing, but it is our wish to keep always our pleasant memories of happy days spent with friends and faculty at Ne-Ca-Hi. Therefore, We have tried to put into our yearbook those things which we cherish, so that in future years we may look back upon this book as a veritable treasure chest of memories. DEDICATION In sincere appreciation for her counsel and guidance during our years at Ne-Ca-Hi, the June Class of 1943 dedicate this yearbook to MISS MARGARET MONTGOMERY Class Supervisor ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE When the cu1'tain goes down on scene one, we the graduating class will have received our diplomas. Scene two will then be under Way and each of us will have a different part to play- none of the parts will be easy. It Will be a strange play-our theater has been bombed. So We will have to build a new one-modern and Civilized. Its foundations must be strong. On its stage will appear a plot so complicated and difficult that it will require real actors for all its parts. If We play our parts Well, the stage will be properly set for our peacetime roles. May the future generations applaud our per- formance in this great World theater. THEME ALL THEvYJORLD'S A STAGE MR. FRANK L. BURTON Superintendent MRS. MARJORIE NELSON Assistant Principal iSabbatica1 Leavej MR. CLARE B. BOOK Principal FACULT K - Al hx A 4 H V, Y I .f lf. t I. 71 NI V Nj ff! K J M' LLM , I , .K , 1 X M , !,f" i f ,1 , M QXMW!-X ' N A1 E , ,f l-. S - 3 17 f+2'N X Lam , x N if N f if 5.- -3 X N 2 Wwxigij gnu- " ggi' 7 ,lL , -Eg JN Yi " ,fxf f iilg - - ff "-Q f' km f- AX rigx Xxi 255' I ,X ' ' -Y' x X X J XXX 7 ,X-A Fzf qm, nfqgxr 1 X - , J -' w V - !x:t."5Q:,i.,' In 3 Hxjj, ,How GREEN 'af was MY VALLEY 5 . Wilhelnlina B. Andr Janet Brenneman ,M Mildred Burleson ee 1391-nice Bartlett Edith E. Birchard E , f we -f'2E5.ii1',z f:f':fE.g2 P. H. Bridenbuugh Bessie P. Brinkerhoff Howard A. Butler Earle M. Cass Mary Perdue Clarke Elsie F. Calvin Donald F. Copson R. H. Boak Arthur C. Brown N. R. Casillo Elmer O. Delaney Sarah M. Dinsinore Dorothy Edmunds Eleanor S. Galbraith James H. Green M. Grace Dodson l Clara Ann Elliott Ralph H. Gardner Oliva M. Griffiths Clarissa J. Duff Margaret P. Fische E. WV. Gillaspie Clara M. Hartsuff Robert A. Duff r Bess S. Gailey Mary A. Good Frances M. Haydon Eleanor H. Hoagland Emily Johnston Ethel M. Kelley , A. -Q-.... 'N fs, ,, vii L ' X ' , I K .gi .1535 .yfiifgii , ,--,-: Jacob D. Kitler Williaiii L. Klee Fred Leslie Harry L. Lockley Joseph Locliley William A. Margraf Frances H. Maxwell Robert H. McBurney aff :: ,..: ,e11 '- -.-- V ,ll 4 ' : -g .,s5::,: . - ""- V Q fn, , ...I-:::':2:2-i 15" 2 . ,,,. 1 .- gg:- me I A .,,. .,,,1-. F r . I' I 'J Lois B. Kerr William E. Lehto Ralph F. Lengerman Myrtle J. Lord Frances McClaren J lfv ' A A 'V 4511 3-r K. i..:5Ef ,Y - hm . M J , VIA J .:... J Sara Sankey McCune Walter S. McKee J. H. Earl McKenzie Adeline E. Miller Joseph J. Oeltman l Robert M. Mills Elizabeth H. Parker Mary Long Mullen Joseph F. Replogle Mary G. Riffer Ola D. Rogers Viola H. Sadler Thelma Merrilees N. P. Nelson Genevieve Riddle Ruth GV. Sample Helena Srevenson Margaret, B. Shaw Oscar J. Sheaffer Reba E. Sines Mona Sowash Charlotte A. Taylor George F. Thomas MHVY E- V11UDiV01't .iii oo. g P E A V . C 'Ml 1 , Q. if i I 7 Ruth Wallace Ralph Weide Virginia Weinschenk Helen R. VVestlake Dorothy Young Rhoda Leslie Clerk -1--. ,V 1 IGI 55 in 1 Ge raldine Fry Lela Moorhead Clerk Clerk CQ ni'oli he I SENIQRS CLASS OFFICERS PAUL RICHARDS JOHN WASILEWSKI President Vice President TECHNICAL ACADEMIC Public Hero, No. 1" "Oh, Johnny, How You Can Love FERN RILEY SHIRLEY KENNEDY Secretary Treasurer COMMERCIAL ACADEMIC Escape Me Never "Song Of The Islands" SYLVIA ABRAI-IA M ACADEMIC Sitting Pretty" EDWARD AIKEN ACADEMIC Look Who's Laughing" JOYCE ALEXANDER ACADEMIC 'Woman Of The Ye:-11" ALFRED APICELLI ACADEMIC 'Man In A Trunk" THOMASINA A RMOND COMMERCIAL Heartbeat" CLA RENCE ARM STRONG TECHNICAL 'VVizard Of Oz" ii MAXINE BADGER HOME ECONOMICS 'Till We Meet Again" DANIEIJ BAILEY ACADEMIC "I'lI Take Romance" BART BALENTINE GENERAL Strictly Dynamite" EDVVARD BALLOG GENERAL "Dx: Rhythm" ETHYL BARA HOME ECONOMICS "Blond From Singapore" STANLEY BAIIANSKI VOCATIONAL TRADE, SCHOOL High, VVide and Handsome" 1 4 EVELYN BARBAROWIOZ COMMERCIAL 'D0n't Bet On Blondes" MARY BARELLA ACADEMIC 'Almost An Angel" FRANK BARILLA TECHNICAL 'Caught In The Draft" KATHERINE BARREA COMMERCIAL 'Catherine The Great" VIRGINIA BARTSCH COMMERCIAL 'Born To Dance" CO RNEAL BAZLEY GENERAL 'Syncopationu EILEEN BENEDICT COMMERCIAL The Lady Has Plans" ARTHUR BERGLAND ACADEMIC Biscuit Eater" ANTHONY BERTUCCI COMMERCIAL "Timber" DAVID B EVA N GENERAL Magnificent Brute" JOHN BINDER GENERAL Big shot" CHAHLENE BLACK ACADEMIC Lady Be Good" JAMES BLAIR VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Human Cnmedy" JAMES BOALICK VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Every Day's A Holiday" JOSEPH BOBOSKY VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Sporting' Blood" HELEN BO K HOME ECONOMICS 'Head Over Heels In Love" ANNE BORON GENERAL Ecstasy" HARRIET BOWES GENERAL True To The Army" 5 BETTY BOYD COMMERCIAL 'Make A Wish" CAROL BOYD ACADEMIC 'Devil Doll" HOWARD BRAATZ GENERAL 'Looking For Trouble" DONNA BROOKS COMMERCIAL Poor Little Rich Girl" KEITH BROOKS ACADEMIC Sing Your Worries Away" BETTE BROWN ACADEMIC "Lady With Red Hair" SARA BROWN COMMERCIAL 'This Man Is Mine" WILLIAM BROVVN COMMERCIAL 'The Man Of Courage" VIRGINIA B RYSON COMMERCIAL 'One Hour With You" LNILLIAN BUCKEL COMMERCIAL 'That Certain Woman" PAULINE BURGESS GENERAL 'Here Comes The Marines" JAMES BURROWS VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" CAROLYN CAFFRO HOME ECONOMICS Strike Me Pink" FLORINE CALLAHAN COMMERCIAL "Million Dollar Baby" DOLORES CALLAHAN ACADEMIC "Luck Of The Irish" FRANK CAMILLA COMMERCIAL "Saludos Amigo" ROBERT CANDIOTO COMMERCIAL Strike Up The Band" FRANCES CAPPERINO COMMERCIAL Once In A Lifetime" JOHN CA RLIN ACADEMIC "Flying With Music" JOANNE CARMICHAEL GENERAL 'Ball Of Fire" MARIE CARTER HOME ECONOMICS 'Soldier in Slacks" AGNES CARTW RIGHT ACADEMIC 'An Angel" DA LE CAHIITHERS GENERAL Severleeu JOSEPH CHABAK VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Ligzhtnin' " lb' t , 'xi x L "lf if n W gli' ,.,,.,., . , et -. STELLA CHM VRA COMMERCIAL 'First Lady" ALBERT CIAMBOTTI ACADEMIC 'Golden Boy" CAIUIEN CICCO VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Monkey Business" JEANNE CIECHANSKI COMMERCIAL 'Fnrsaking All Others" BIA HY ANNE CIMINI COMMERCIAL Cover Girl" GEORGE CIONNI VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "Bombshell" RAE C LEAVE R HOME ECONOMICS 'You Can't Escape Forever" AARON COHEN ACADEMIC He Knew All The Answers" THELMA COHEN GENERAL 'Orchids To You" FRANCES COMISKY COMMERCIAL Happiness Ahead" VICTORIA COMPARONE COMMERCIAL More Than A Secretary" HOWARD CON AWAY GENERAL Dimplesn Nm ROBERT CONFER ACADEMIC Here In Ireland" ,Www HELEN CONNERY ACADEMIC Constant Nymph" FRANK COOK COMMERCIAL Come Out Of The Pantry" DONALD COPPLE VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "Those Were The Days" AUDRIE CROMIE ACADEMIC Damsel In Distress" EVELYN CRUDELL HOME ECONOMICS Little Giant" MARGARET CUGINI COMMERCIAL 'Journey For Margaret" MARY LEE CUMMINGS HOME ECONOMICS 'Heaven On Earth" ANGELINE CUMO COMMERCIAL If I Had A Million" FRANCES CUNNINGI-IAM GENERAL 'Heidi" JOSEPH DADEJ KO ACADEMIC Daniel Boone" IVOR JOHN DANIELS VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOI Huck l'riv:1les" LEDA DA RDYNSKI COMMERCIAL Her Enlisted Man" DONNA LOU DAVIS GENERAL White Angel" WILLIAM DAVIS VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Here We G0 Again" BESSI E DAVISON COMMERCIAL Young America" PEARSON DEAN COMMERCIAL For Me And My Gal" JENNIE DGANGELIS HOME ECONOMICS 'Jute Box Jennie" 4 1 JOHN DeEULfIO COMMERCIAL I Love A Woman" LOUIS DGLILLO GENERAL Our Leading Citizen" PHILIP DELLIQUADRI COMMERCIAL Ceiling Zero" ANTHONY DQLORENZO GENERAL Devil To Pay" BETTY DSIlIASE COMMERCIAL Midsummer Nighfs Dream" FRED De-POLIS COMMERCIAL Dark Command" JOHN DQSIMONE VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Gangwayu TONY DGVIDIO COMMERCIAL What A Life !" EVELYN DEVIVO GENERAL A Hundred Men And A Girl" NICK DLXLESANDRO VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Let's Get Tou5rh" RALPH DOERR GENERAL Kid Comes Back" PI-IOEBE DOHER COMMERCIAL Thank Your Lucky Stars" LEROY DOWNS COMMERCIAL 'So Big" KATHRYN DVFF ACADEMIC 'Stage Struck" DORIS DUNCAN COMMERCIAL 'Make Way For A Lady" RIIDOLPH EA CAN GENERAL Mad About Music" ELLEN ELISCO HOME ECONOMICS Kitchen Rhapsody" BI ARG.-X RET FA LATKO COMMERCIAL That Certain Age" JOSE PHINE FANNIN COMMERCIAL Swing High, Swim: Low" HENRY FERRARE VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Happy Landing" ANGE LO FERRARO GENERAL Iron Horse" ELMA FICKLE COMMERCIAL Destination Unknown" BETTY FINNESSY ACADEMIC Silver Skates" PA l,'L FISHER COMMERCIAL PIain::man" . DOROTHY FLECK COMMERCIAL 'Personal Property" JEAN FLOYD GENERAL 'Daybreakn ALBERT FORTIINA COMMERCIAL 'This Is The Night" JUNIATA FOSTER GENERAL Target For Tonight" ELEANOR FOX COMMERCIAL In This Our Life" CATHERINE FRATZ TECHNICAL Go-Getter" Y THOMAS FREED VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Give Me Liberty" ROSE GALASSI HOME ECONOMICS Knockout" HELEN GARTNER COMMERCIAL Keeper Of The Flame" DAVID GENKINGE R GENERAL The Perfect Specimen" ALETHA GEORGE HOME ECONOMICS "Things To Come" JAMES GEORGE GENERAL "Gentleman Jim" VE RA GERMANI HOME ECONOMICS Sweet and Lovely" JEAN GIANNI COMMERCIAL Having A Wonderful Time" NANCY GILLILAND ACADEMIC Forever Yours" PATRICIA GOODMAN GENERAL Let's Have Fun" CLAIRE GORLEY ACADEMIC Her Cardboard Lover" BETTY GOSHORN COMMERCIAL Cadet Girl" f Q 'A in 4 awk JAMES GOSNEY VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "In Which We Serve" DONA LD GRAHAM ACADEMIC Star Is Born" DOROTHY GREENE COMMERCIAL Sunset Serenade" MARY GREENE COMMERCIAL To Mary, With Love" OLIVE GRONMAN VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL A Girl, A Guy. And A Gob" MADELINE GRUSHETSKY ACADEMIC 'Almost Married" EDWARD GRZYBOWSKI GENERAL 'Boy Of The Streets" JESSE GUNN GENERAL 'Manpower WALTER GUY VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Seven Sweethearts" PATRICIA HAGAN GENERAL 'Sweetheart Of The Fleet" NICOLENA HAINES ACADEMIC 'Little Princess" DOROTHY HANNON ACADEMIC Let's Try Again" QW ,es is THOMAS HANNON GENERAL Don't Get Personal" MARLAN I-IARE ACADEMIC Life Begins at 8230" BETTY HASSAN COMMERCIAL Dark Eyes" MARY HAYES COMMERCIAL "This Above All" FIFI I-IAZIMANOLI ACADEMIC International Lady" ELLA MAE HEATH ACADEMIC Careless Cinderella." I. WILLIIAM HELBEY ACADEMIC "A Knight Without Armour" SYLVIA HEMM ING ACADEMIC "Spirit of Youth" ANN HIGGINS ACADEMIC "Anything For A Laugh" DOUGLAS HILL ACADEMIC Strictly In The Groove' PATRICIA HOGAN ACADEMIC 'Lady In A Jam" LOIS HOG UE ACADEMIC The Feminine Touch" CARL HOPPEH VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "Never A Dull Moment" JA NE IATONNA COMMERCIAL "Girl In The News" RUBY INMAN COMMERCIAL 'AdoralJIe" BETTY JAMES COMMERCIAL 'Love Captive" JOSEPH .IANOWSKI GENERAL "Gentleman After Dark" FLORENCE JAROSZ HOME ECONOMICS "Come Live With Me" ETHEL JAY HOME ECONOMICS "Only Angels Have Wings" JOHN JOHNS ACADEMIC "Solitaire Man" KATHRYN JOHNS ACADEMIC "Hitting A New High" DORIS JOHNSON COMMERCIAL "Career" ELEANORE JOHNSON HOME ECONOMICS "Stage Door Canteen" EUIZABETH C. JOHNSON COMMERCIAL "My Favorite Blond" 3335s A . 5? fi , ,A 5-we 'QA av ' iw an E11 41. - Q - 24 Y 'Se Er 123' H. ELIZA BETH JOHNSON COMMERCIAL --Love Me Tonight" MARY LOU JOHNSON GENERAL "On The Sunny Side" EULA JANE JOHNSTON ACADEMIC Woman In White" ALICE JONES GENERAL 'Smiling Through" ROGER JONES A COMMERCIAL Red Comes Home" JULIAN JOPEK VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Invisible Agent" ELEANOR JORDAN HOME ECONOMICS Lucky Jordan" ALAN JOSEPH GENERAL Without Orders" DOROTHY JOYCE HOME ECONOMICS Here Comes The Groom" KILMER JOYCE COMMERCIAL N0 More Ladies" JOSEPH KANTES VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL I Am The Lawn HELEN KA RIDIS HOME ECONOMICS Let Us Be Gay" lll'l"'fi.,se, 1 fuavxilfzby ,VM C A NNE KATA KIS GENERAL It's Great To Be Alive" LOTS KECK GENERAL The Singing Kid" ALONZO KEEIJEN VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Man About Town" MA RY KELLY COMMERCIAL Little Nellie Kelly" VIRG INIA KENDALL GENERAL Out Of This World" VVALTEK KERBER VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Iron Dude" JOHN KERR VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Sealed Lips" HELEN KIENAST COMMERCIAL Walking Ou Ai1"' LILLIA N KING COMMERCIAL Take A Letter, Darling" VIVIAN KING COMMERCIAL When Love Is Young" JOHN KLING ENSMITH ACADEMIC Winsrs and Women" BETTY KNIGHT GENERAL Quiet Wedding" I. STELLA KOLODJESKI GENERAL i'Talk Of The Town" IRENE KORPELA ACADEMIC Irene" PA THICIA KRADEL ACADEMIC You NVeI'e Never Loveliern JOHN KUBICK VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Gentleman Johnny" SALLY LOU KIQRTZ COMMERCIAL My Gal Sal" VVILLIAM 'K USNIEIICZY K TECHNICAL Billy The Kid" MARILYN KYTE COMMERCIAL 'History Is Made At Night" RICHARD LANDFRIED GENERAL 'Miracle Of The Wolves" JOHN LANNERT VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Dude Cowboy" PHILOMENA LATEANO ACADEMIC Outward Bound" NICHOLAS LELVECCHIA GENERAL New Spirit" ROBERT LEE GENERAL Knute Rockn e" DONALD LELII VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Man of Conquest" WILLIAM LEWIS ACADEMIC Wolf Man" EDVVARD LINDSEY GENERAL "Stand By For Action" HELEN LISS GENERAL "Make Me A Star" CATHERINE LOGUE COMMERCIAL "Forever And A Day" VVI LLIAM LOGUE GENERAL "Out Of The Fog" . ROBERT LOVERIDGE COMMERCIAL A Gentleman At Heart" JOHN LOWERS GENERAL 'You Belong To Me" ROBERT LUTZ GENERAL 'Hold Back The Dawn" DONNA MaCANANEY COMMERCIAL Possessed" WILBUR MACK VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Little Caesa1"' KATHLEEN MAHER ACADEMIC Kathleen" RACHEL MARAVELLA GENERAL "Fi1'efiy" ADELE MARCOTULI COMMERCIAL Young As You Feel" RUDOLPH MARCOZZI GENERAL "Don Juan" WILLIAM MARGRAF TECHNICAL Man to Remembern HELEN MARKETICH COMMERCIAL First Lady" ANGELINE MAROLDA COMMERCIAL You Only Live Once" JOHN MA RTINI COMMERCIAL 'Treat 'Em Rough" LOVISE MA RTONE COMMERCIAL 'Grin And Bear It" ROSE MARZULA HOME ECONOMICS 'What's Cookin' 7" LI'CILI.E MASH COMMERCIAL 'Something To Shout About" JA MES A. MASI COMMERCIAL Vanishing American" LOTTIE MASON COMMERCIAL When Tomorrow Comes" CARMEN MASSARO VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Success At Any Price" JOHN MASTC KO GENERAL Johnny Eagern EDVVARD MAZUR GENERAL On Your Toes" JANICE MEASEL ACADEMIC "I've Got Your Number" RUSSELL MELVIN TECHNICAL "Imitation Of Life" RVDOIAPH MENNING COMMERCIAL "Out All Night" MARY METTA COMMERCIAL "Free Soul" BEVERLY MIKELS ACADEMIC "I'm No Angel" SHERMAN MILES GENERAL "Wake Up And Live" DOROTHY MILLER COMMERCIAL "Carefree" THOMASINA MISCIMARRA COMMERCIAL "Princess, Come Across" JAYNE MITCHELL COMMERCIAL "I Live My Life" VERA MOCHOI COMMERCIAL 'Shining Hour" SAMUEL MONACO VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "Little Man, What Now?" DANIEL MONTOZZI VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Call It A Day" WILLIAM MOORHOUSE GENERAL If I Were King" RUDOLPH MORALDI COMMERCIAL Two For The Show" JOHN M ORAR COMMERCIAL "Taming The Shrew" IJOMENIC MORGAN YOFQXTIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'C0:v1'arlf- VEIINA IVIOIQIIIS HOME ECONOMICS 'The Hard Way" EDMITND MROZEK YOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'T:4:'2an's Mate" JAM ES M ULDER IG COMMERCIAL D012 Quixote" IQDVVARD MURAYVSKI VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Al! That Money" .IOANN MYERS ACADEMIC C:'ai1ez'box" AIA IITIN MCCANN ACADEMIC 'Magnificent Dope" DOROTHY MCCLAIN COMMERCIAL 'Private Number" M VRIEL MCCLEA RY GENERAL Fz'ec-Isles Comes Home DOROTHY MCCORMICK COMMERCIAL It's A W'onderfuI World" JEAN MCCREARY ACADEMIC "Joy nf Livin JOHN BICCVIILOVGH GENERAL "Not A Ladies' Man" FAITHE MCGAFFIC GENERAL 'Faithful F0l'GV9lU JOYCE MCGAFFIC COMMERCIAL 'Time Out For Romance" JUDITI-I MCGILL ACADEMIC 'Top Of The Town" GENEVIEVE MCILVENNY COMMERCIAL 'Ready, VVilling And Able" WALTER MCKEEVE R GENERAL Tall, Dark and Handsome" ELEANORE MCKIBBEN HOME ECONOMICS Roxie Hart" .4 VERNA NEWTON' COMMERCIAL Secretary By Day" LEO NICHOLSON VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "The Navy Comes Through" JERRY NOCERA GENERAL Last Laugh" IRENE OIKARI COMYMERCIAL When's Your Birthday ?" DOROTHY ONASCI-I COMMERCIAL Ba.Ialaika" MARTHA PACAI COMMERCIAL "Romance" ANTONETTE I'ADI' L COM MERCIAL Dangerous To Know" JOSEPH PALLOTT COMMERCIAL Three To Make Ready" NELLIE IIA RK COMMERCIAL Hi. Nellie" ROBERT PARK GENERAL Yankee. Doodle Dandy" ANN PARSONS COMMERCIAL Love Me 1'lOI't'V9l'U MARJOIIIE IHXSCOIC ACADEMIC There Goes My Heart" DOROTHY PEA RCE GENERAL "Simi A Sung of Sixpence" THOMAS PEARCE ACADEMIC "Lady Killer" MARY PERRETT GENERAL Gallant Lady" FRANK PETERS GENERAL "A-Hunting' XVG Will Go" A R LENE PETERSON GENERAL Blondie For Victory" KATHERINE l,FAHI.I'1S COMMERCIAL "It Never Fails" EVA PHILLIAN COMMERCIAL 'The Lady Eve" ELIZABETH PA KKANEN ACADEMIC 'No Greater Glory" ALBERT PILLIFANT ACADEMIC 'Too Many Women" CLAYTON PITZER VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Mechanics Of The Brain" CLARA POLANSKEY COMMERCIAL I Was An Adventuressn JOSEPH POLANSKEY COMMERCIAL Amateur Gentleman" WANDA PVZIO HOME ECONOMICS "Quiet, Please" JOHN QUINT COMMERCIAL Curley Top" MILDRED RAINEY COMMERCIAL Spendthriftn ISABELLE RAMSEY COMMERCIAL Lady For A Day" CHARLES REED ACADEMIC All This And Heaven Too" SHIIQLEY RENO COMMERCIAL Our Girl Shirley" RUSSELL RHODES COMMERCIAL Private Buckaroo" JAMES RICHARDS COMMERCIAL Glamour Boy" EDITH RIGGANS COMMERCIAL Girl Said No" PHYULIS RINGER COMMERCIAL Dancing Lady" MARY RUTH RITTY ACADEMIC Great Man's Lady" CLIFFORD ROBB GENERAL Man Who Knew Too Much" JANE ROBERTS GENERAL I Dream Too Much" CAROLYN ROCKS ACADEMIC Between Us Girls" FRANCIS ROGAN VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Navy Blue And Gold" FRANK ROGAN COMMERCIAL "Variety" RACHEL ROGERS GENERAL Sunny" WILLIAM ROSE COMMERCIAL "Absolutely Quiet" SAMUEL ROTUNNO VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'That's Right, You're Wrong" KATHARINE ROUSSOS COMMERCIAL 'Spitfiren LUELLA ROWE COMMERCIAL 'Nice Girl" PAUL ROWLAND ACADEMIC Miracle Kid" ENZO RUBEIS VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Wanted Man" NANCY RUGH ACADEMIC "Farme1"s Daurlhter' LQEO RUSSO GENERAL Never Say Die' ' ROSE RUSSO HOME ECONOMICS "Dark Angel" DOROTHY SAAS GENERAL Seventh Heaven' ' MICHAEL SAGINAK COMMERCIAL Kid Galahad" JANE SALEM COMMERCIAL 'Love Me Again" CHARLES SANDS COMMERCIAL 'Shoot The Works" M A HGAIIET SANTELLO COMMERCIAL "Little Bit Of Heaven" JOSEPH SANTORA GENERAL 'It's A Date" SALLY SAIIL GENERAL 'Along Came Sally" H ICHA RD SCARAZZO TECHNICAL 'Accent On Youth" ROY SCA RAZZO ACADEMIC Happy-Gm Lucky" KATHLEEN SCHOOLEY ACADEMIC I Take This Woman" JACOB SCHVVA RTZ ACADEMIC "VVorking Man" RAYMOND SENIOW ACADEMIC 'Bashful Bachelor" VVILLIAN SENTGEORGE COMMERCIAL "Gentleman At Heart" NICOLINA SERVEDIO COMMERCIAL 'Star Spangled Rhythm" GRANT SHAFFEH VOCATIONAL GRADE SCHOOL Midnight Alibi" RALPH SHAVV VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Happiest Man On Earth" HELEN SHULTZ GENERAL 'The Last Laugh" NILE SIMPSON GENERAL 'Half-Pint Kid" JOHN SKUTA VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Air Force" CARMEN SMARRELLI COMMERCIAL 'Cyclone Kid" LLOYD SMITH TECHNICAL Gay Man" DOROTHY SMITH ACADEMIC It's Love I'm After" vw. HELEN SMITH COMMERCIAL In Name Only" DOLIORES SMOLINSKI COMMERCIAL Miracle Woman" HOWARD SNYDE R TECHNICAL I Live On Danger" MARY SNYDER COMMERCIAL Moon Over Her Shoulder" JOSEPH SOPKOVICH GENERAL "Applause" HARRIET STAFITL COMMERCIAL Beyond Tomorrow" - HAROLD STANLEY VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL "Modern Times" BERTHA SIILLIVAN HOME ECONOMICS 'We'll Meet Again" ELEANOR SYLVESTER COMMERCIAL 'Great Flirtationu FRAIXICES SZ UBA COMMERCIAL Dreaming Lips" DOROTHY TAYLOR GENERAL Eternal Gift" MARY IRENE TAYLOR COMMERCIAL In Person" 4 5 'V Aw., K :Q-ra, H ",'ff:"'fI. O -2'-':":2j', 1 "Z 'H - 225. ., 'f '- ':5:iI: '5: E- . .,,.,,,, 'If-1 -2 2 . A gl :e: ,W fm, . W VERNA TAYLOR ACADEMIC 'Each Dawn I Die" PETER TERRANOVA VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Shoulder Arms" HARVEY THEISS GENERAL l'he Male Animal" FRANCIS THEOBALD VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL King's Row" ANTHONY THOMAS TECHNICAL Big Attraction" DELLA THOMAS HOME ECONOMICS "Some Day I'll Find You" I VICTOR THOMAS VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Whistling In Dixie" JAMES TI LTON TECHNICAL 'Fast And Loose" HOWARD TINDALL ACADEMIC 'Pecks Bad Boy" VIOLET TOBIN GENERAL 'Golden Hoofs' ' EDITH TORSELLO HOME ECONOMICS Jungle Girl" ELNORE TOTH HOME ECONOMICS Baker Takes A Holiday" JEAN TRIBBY ACADEMIC Get Hep To Love" MARYRUTH TURNER HOME ECONOMICS Service Deluxe' ' WILLIAM TYRRELI l GENERAL "Mr. Wise Guy" JAMES VADLE LY COMMERCIAL ' 'Man of Courage" ALBERT VANASSA GENERAL Under Your Spell" RUTH VELHBUREN COMMERCIAL "Young In Heart" HELEN VANCOVVE ll COMMERCIAL Born To Sing" NORMAN VanHORN VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Little Colonel" MARY VAVGHN COMMERCIAL Nu Time For Comedy" GRACE WADLINGEII ACADEMIC Live and Learn" .IOSEPHINE WAJEHT ACADEMIC She Knew All The Answeis E D WARD VVA LC ZA K CEN ERAI. Man of Affairs" 4, , , ,lb M ,If any .gg f'2Kw5"'4Xtg?fin1 CAROLINE WALLACE ACADEMIC Olxligingz Young Lady" EVELL YVALLS COMMERCIAL Small Town Girl" RICHARD WIIJLIAMSON VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL You're In The Army Now" EVGENE WILSON TECHNICAL No Time For Love" JOHN VVIMER VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL During Young Man" LILLIAN VVIN li COMMERCIAL Syrian Girl" I IIITA YVIN KLER ACADEMIC AIIISDIIWIQIOIIU WALTER IVITHERS GENERAL 'High Pressure" JOAN VVOODS COMMERCIAL Blue Angel" BARBARA VVYGANT ACADEMIC 'Sweater Girl" ELEANOR YERKOVICH K COMMERCIAL Mind Reader" ., 4 ,.:,::,5.--- - awful A LSO GRAD l'A'l'lNG FLOR ENCE SCIIIVEN ACADEMIC "Women Go On Forever' ANGELO ZARELLA VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL 'Street of Chance" AMIE ZA Il LENGA COMMERCIAL 'The Crowd Rom-S" JOHN ZUBKOVVSKY GENERAL Night M0nste1"' CONSTANCE ZITMBEIILA COMMERCIAL Dance, Girl, Dance" ROBERT FLEEGEH VOCATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL Hit The Deck" ERREEREERRR HONORIKNJJOFSERVKILMEN I N Q- ,, fdxqpf gt i:L':'l' N .ry 2 - dqfggmms Qi-Zzxff. j an 1 Wim? Our classmates are scattered the World over in the service of their country. These friends are Fighting to assure us that "Old Glory" shall have new glory, and that we, whom they are fighting to protect, will not be cast into the turmoil of war again We are proud to honor these classmates, and hope that the peace they have fought to win will enable the succeeding graduating classes to look to a brighter future. Stanley Baranski Il.S.N. Frank Barilla U.S.A James Boalich V.S.A. Jack Daniels U.S.A. Nick DiA1esand1'o U.S.A Robert Fleeger U.S.N. James Gosney U.S.A. Oiva Gronman ll.S.N. Alan Joseph U.S.M.C. Donald Lelii U.S.A. VValter lXlcKeever l'.S.A Leo Nicholson U.S.N. Russell Rhodes U.S,A. Clifford Robb U.S.A. Francis Rogan U.S.N. Williani Rose U.S.N. Richard Willamson U.S.A. John Zubkowsky U.S.A. Donna Lou Davis-Nurse Eula Jane Johnston-Nurse Florence Scriven-Nurse fwithdrawals for service to May 14, 19439 EERE HONOR ROLL fThe following is an alphabetical list of the honor pupils of the class graduating June 9, 1943. This list was compiled at the end of the fust semesterl. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Alfred Apicelli Mary Barella Frank Barilla Anthony Bertucci Jean Ciechanski Aaron Cohen Frances Comisky Helen Connery Audrie Cromie Leda Dardynski Fred Delfolis Evelyn DeVivo Helen Gartner Dorothy Greene Madeline Grushetsky Fifi Hazimanoli Patricia Hogan Betty Johnson Virginia Kendall Shirley Kennedy A M sb Lillian King Vivian King Angeline Marolda William Margraf James Masi Carmen Massaro Beverly Mikels Joann Myers Arthur Nelson Shirley Reno Paul Richards Mary Ruth Hitty Jane Roberts Nancy Rugh Richard Scarazzo Verna Taylor Howard Tindal Caroline Wallace Eugene Wilson AWARDS Prize offered by the Lawrence County Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for general proficiency in United States history during the high school course. -W'0n by EVELYN DeVIVO Prize offered by the New Castle News for general excellence in English during the high school course. -Won by HELEN GARTNER Prize offered by the Music Club for general excellence in music. b JOHN CARLIN ilu Instrumental Musicj -WON 5 HELEN VANCOUVER iln Vocal Musicm Prize offered by the Lawrence County Bar Association to the senior with the highest rank in the four year Latin course. -Won by MARY RUTH RITTY Prize offered by Bausch and Lomb Optical Company for progress in scientific studies. -Won by VVILLIAM MARGRAF Prize offered by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Alumni Asso- ciation of Pittsburgh for general excellence in mathematics during the high school course. -Won by EUGENE WILSON Prize offered by B'nai B'rith to a problems of democracy student for good citizens-hip and for progress in the study of democracy. -Won by JANE ROBERTS CLASS SONG fTune-As Time Goes Byl You must remember this, In these three years of bliss At dear old Ne-Ca-Hi, We loved it all along the way, As time went by. Our knowledge has increased To read and write at least, That no one can deny, For all the while we worked and slaved The time went by. Dances and school plays, Never out of dateg Night work that always Kept us up too lateg But we realized that it was just our fate, We had to get along. But now we say adieu, Dear Ne-Ca-Hi, to you, We'Ve had the grandest time. We'll always keep our mem'ries bright, As time goes by. -Sally Lou Kurtz SENIOR ACTIVITIES PA UL RIFHARDS Class President 1123 Assembly Squad 111-123 Class Basketball 1103 Home Room Representative 1113 Hi-Y 110-123 Hall Monitor 1123 Perfect Attendance 1123 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Basketball Usher 1123 Usher 111-123 Victory Captain 111-123 Stamp Club 1103 JOH N XVASI LEVVSKI Class Vice President 1123 Perfect Attendance 110-113 Senior Hi-Y 1123 Cheerleader 1123 Debate Club 1123 French Club 1123 Stage Squad 110-11-123 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 H. Room Representative 111-123 Hall Monitor 1103 Class Will Junior Kiwanian 1123 FE RN RILEY Class Secretary 1123 A Cappella Choir 110-113 Girl Reserves 111-123 H. Room Representative 110-123 Music Contests 1103 Class Vice President 110-113 Shorthand Awards 100 Office Squad 1123 Girls' Ensemble 1103 SHIRLEY KENNEDY Class Treasurer 1123 A Cappella Choir 110-11-123 Dofobs 110-11-123 Girl Reserves 110-11-123 Room Representative 111-123 Music Contest 1103 Rifle Club 1103 Hall Monitor 1103 Associate Chairman of Class Day SYLYIA ABRAHAM Monitor 1103 EDWARD AIKEN Assembly Squad 1123 Hi-Y 1123 Monitor 110-123 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 Senatus Romanus 1123 Junior Kiwanian 1123 JO YI 'E A LEXA NDER American Red Cross 1113 Cheerleader 111-123 Girls' Athletic Club 110-123 Girl Reserves 110-113 Etiquette Club 1103 ALFRED APIUELLI Hall Patrol 110-11-123 Perfect Attendance 110-113 Senatus Romanus 111-123 Assembly Squad 1113 Victory Captain 1123 THOMASINA ARMOND Cheerleader 111-123 Dofobs 1123 Girls' Athletic Club 111-123 Perfect Attendance 1103 Business Proficiency Club 1123 CLARENCE ARMSTRUNG Assembly Squad 11,1-123 Hi-Y 110-11-123 MAXINE RADGER DANIEL BAILEY French Club 1103 Hall Monitor 111-123 Usher 1123 RA R'l'0N RALENTINE Assembly Squad 111-123 Cheerleader 1123 Hi-Y 110-11-123 Home Room Representative 1113 Hall Monitor 1113 Rifle Club 111-123 Service Squad 111-123 EDWVARI3 RALLOG Band 110-11-123 Orchestra 110-11-123 Hall Monitor 110-11-123 Music Contest 110-113 Mid-Western District Band 1103 Mid-Western Dist. Orchestra 1113 ETHYL HAR-A American Red Cross 110-113 Room Representative 110-113 Girl Reserves 1103 Camera Club 1103 STANLEY BARANSKI Auto Shop Class Basketball 1103 Home Room Representative 1103 Victory Captain 1123 EVELYN BARISAROWICZ Dofobs 1123 Perfect Attendance 1123 Business Proficiency Club 1123 MARY IEAREIALA Home Room Representative 1123 Senatus Romanus 111-123 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 Hall Monitor 1103 Etiquette Club 1103 Girl Reserves 1113 FRANK BARILLA Hall Monitor 110-11-123 KATHERINE ISARREA Camera Club 1113 Monitor 1103 Girl Reserves 1103 Shorthand Award 80 Business Proficiency Club 1123 VIRGINIA BAR-TSCH Camera Club 1113 "D0n't Take My Penny" 1123 Victory Captain 111-123 Girl Reserves 1103 "Stage Door" 1123 CORNEAL BAZLEY Girl Reserves 110-11-123 EILEEN BENEDIUT Girl Reserves 1123 Monitor 1103 ART I-IUR ISERGLA N D President 110-113 German Club 110-11-123 Home Room Representative 1103 Hall Monitor 1113 Perfect Attendance 1103 "Ever Since Eve" 1113 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Senatus Romanus 111-123 "Stage Door" 1123 A NT I-IONY BERiTI7C1'l Class Basketball 1103 Football Usher 1113 Hall Monitor 111-123 Rifle Club 1123 Victory General 1113 Squad Leader 1123 DA Y ID BE VA N JOHN BINDER Hall Monitor 110-11-123 CHARILENE BLACK Girl Reserves 1113 JAMES BLAIR Machine Shop Class Basketball 1103 JAMES BOALIUK Electric Shop Usher 1113 Class Basketball 1103 JOSEPH BOBOSKY Electric Shop Football Usher 110-113 Class Basketball 110-11-123 Hi-Y 1103 HELEN BOK ANNE BORON HARRIET BOWEN Dofobs 1123 BETTY BOYD f1AR.O'I1 BOYD Camera Club 1113 French Club 111-123 Girl Reserves 111-123 Home Room Representative 1113 Perfect Attendance 1103 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Rifle Club 1113 I-IONVARD IRR-AATZ Hall Monitor 110-11-123 DONNA BILOOKS Girl Reserves 1113 Perfect Attendance 1103 KEITH BROOKS A Cappella Choir 111-123 Band 110-113 Junior Kivvanian 1123 Hi-Y 1103 "Ever Since Eve" 1123 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Senatus Romanus 1123 Student Council 1123 Victory Captain 1123 "Stage Door" 1123 ELIZABETH BROXVN A Cappella Choir 111-121 Girls' Ensenlble 1111 Girl Reserves 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Patron and Patroness 1121 SARA RROWVN Home Room Representative 1101 Girl Reserves 1121 Hall Montor 1101 Shorthand Awards 80 YVILLIA M RROXVN A Cappella Choir 111-121 Boys' Quartet 1121 Hall Montor 1121 Victory Captain 1123 VIRGINIA RRYSON Shorthand Award 80 LILLIA N BUCKEL Girl Reserves 1121 Etiquette Club 1111 Hall Monitor 1101 Shorthand Awards 80 PAULINE RUR-GESS Cainera Club 1111 .I AM ES B URROVVS Machine Shop Class Basketball 110-11-121 Air Raid Aid 1121 UAROLYN UAFFRO Pre-Session Squad 1101 Rifle Club 1121 Home 1100111 Representative 1111 Perfect Attendance 1101 lf' LORIN E PA LLA H A N Afternoon Session Squad 1111 Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 DOLORES CA LLAH AN French Club 1121 Girl Reserves 1111 Rifle Club 1111 FILANK CAMILLA Monitor 1111 ROBERT CA NDIOTO Orchestra 1101 Rifle Club 1111 Music Contests 1Forensic1 1111 FRA NCES UA PPERI N0 JOHN CARLIN Orchestra 110-11-121 "D0n't Take My Penny" 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 .IOANNE UA RMIUHAEI. MARIE CARTER AGNES CARTWRIG HT Hall Monitor 1101 Girl Reserves 1121 D0f0bS 110-11-121 D ALE CAR-'UT HER S Assembly Squad 1111 Victory Captain 1111 JOSEPH CHA RA K Auto Shop Class Basketball 1101 Football Usher 1101 STELLA CHMURA Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 ALBERT CIA MHOTTI CARMEN CIIX70 Machine Shop Class Basketball 110-11-121 Air Raid Aid 1121 .IEANNE CIECHANSKI Order of Business Efficiency 1121 Girl Reserves 110-111 Shorthand Awards 100 MARY ANNE FIMINI G EORUE FIONNI Machine Shop Class Basketball 1101 RAE CLEAYER AARJON COHEN President 1111 Debate Club 1111 Home Room Representative 1121 Office Squad 1101 Senatus Ronianus 111-121 Student Council 1125 Victory Captain 1121 'PHELMA COHEN A Cappella Choir 1123 French Club 1123 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Girl Reserves 1103 FHA NCES COMISKY Order of Business Efficiency 1123 Shorthand Awards 8 0 YlC'l'ORl.-X COMPARONE Shorthand Awards 100 Order of Business Efficiency 1123 HOWV.-UI-D CONA VVAY Pre-Session Squad 111-123 Rifle Club 1103 Basketball Manager 1103 Hi-Y 1103 Student Representative 1103 ROBERT CONFI-CR Perfect Attendance 11 0-1 1-1 2 J Usher 1123 Monitor 1123 Home Room Representative 1123 Rifle Club 1103 HELEN CONNERY Camera Club 1103 Debate Club 1125 Dofobs 110-11-123 Girls' Athletic Club 111-123 Girl Reserves 111-123 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 FRANK COOK Hall Monitor 1123 DONALD COPPLE Auto Shop Class Basketball 1103 A YD RIE CROM IE Dofobs 110-11-123 Orchestra 110-113 Music Contest 1103 Perfect Attendance 1103 Victory Captain 1123 E YE LYN C HUD ELL MA RGA RET CUGINI Shorthand Awards 80 MAR-Y CUMMINGS ANGELINE CUMO JOSEPH DADEJKO Football Manager 111-123 Track Manager 1103 Orchestra 110-113 Perfect Attendance 1103 Rifle Club 1123 Home Room Representative 1113 Athletic Council 1123 JOI-IN DANIELS Auto Shop Class Basketball 1103 Football Manager 111-123 Victory Captain 1123 Hi-Y President 1103 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 LEDA DA RDYNS KI Shorthand Awards 100 Home Room Representative 1113 Hall Monitor 1103 Order of Business Efficiency 1123 DONNA LOI' DAVIS Girl Reserves 110-11-123 Rifle Club 1103 Assembly Squad 1113 IYILLIAM DA VIS Auto Shop Class Basketball 1103 Hi-Y 1103 Home Room Representative 1113 ISESSIE DAVISON Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-123 Perfect Attendance 110-113 'Shorthand Awards 80 PEARSON DEAN Victory Captain 1111 Rifle Club 1103 Perfect Attendance 1103 Hall Monitor 1103 Football Usher 1103 .I ENNIE Dei-I NGELIS JOHN DPEULIO Victory Captain 1123 Rifle Club 1123 Squad Leader 1123 LOYIS DPLILLO Hall Monitor 111-123 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 Usher 1103 FRA NCES CUNNING l-IA M Class Basketball 1103 Squad Leader 111-123 PHILIP Dl11Ll,IQlTAl3RI Office Squad 1103 Hall Monitor 1123 Squad Leader 1123 Rifle Club 1113 l'sher 1103 ANTHONY De-LOR-ENZO Hall Monitor 110-11-123 Office Squad 1113 Squad Leader 1123 BETTY DcMASl+l Girl Reserves 110-113 Hall Monitor 1115 Shorthand Awards 80 Perfect Attendance 1103 Dismissal Squad 1103 Business Pronciency Club 1123 FRED Dc1'0LlS Hall Monitor 111-123 Victory Stamp Committee 1113 llsher 1113 Squad Leader 111-123 Rifle Club 1123 Class Basketball 1103 .IOHN DeSIMONl+l Machine Shop Class Basketball 1103 Air Raid Aid 111-123 TONY DBX' lDIO Usher 1113 Squad Leader 1113 EVELYN DeYIYO Band 111-123 Mid-Western Dist1'ict Band 1123 Orchestra 110-11-123 District Music Contest 1113 State Music Contest 1103 Class Prophet 1125 Victory Captain 1123 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 Victory Stamp Committee 1123 NICK DLXLESA NDRO Class Basketball 1103 RALPH DOERR Rifle Club 1103 Victory Captain 1113 Home Room Representative 1123 Hall Monitor 111-123 Music Contest 1103 Assembly Squad 110-11-123 Service Squad 1103 Squad Leader 1123 Usher 1123 PHOEBE DOHER Shorthand Awards 80 LQROY DOVVNS KATHR-YN DUFF Girls' Athletic Club 111-123 Girl Reserves 110-123 Home Room Representative 1103 "Ever Since Eve" 1123 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Rifle Club 1113 "Stage Door" 1123 DORIS DUNCAN Pre-Session Squad 1103 Rifle Club 111-123 Girl Reserves 1123 Business Proficiency Club 1123 Shorthand Awards 80 Perfect Attendance 1123 RUDOLPH EAGAN Band 110-11-123 Orchestra 110-11-123 ELLEN ELISCO MARGARET FA LA TKO Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 Shorthand Awards 80 JOSEPHINE FANNIN Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-123 Girl Reserves 1123 Shorthand Awards 80 HENRY FERRVARPI Auto Shop Class Basketball 1103 Hi-Y 1103 ANGELO FICRRARO Hall Monitor 1123 Office Squad 1123 Perfect Attendance 1123 E LMA FIC-K LE Girl Reserves 1123 Girls' Athletic Club 111-123 Business Proficiency Club 1123 Home Room Representative 1123 Shorthand Awards 80 BETTY FINNESSY Cheerleader 111-123 Girl Reserves 111-123 Perfect Attendance 1123 Rifle Club 1123 Home Room Representative 1123 PAUL FISHER Hall Monitor C115 Band C105 DOROTHY FLECK Dismissal Squad C105 R10 I RERT FLE E G E R Auto Shop Class Basketball C105 JEAN FLOYD Girls' Rifle Club C125 Perfect Attendance C125 Girls' Chorus C105 Mixed Chorus C105 Girls' Ensemble C105 ALBERT FORTUNA Hall Monitor C10-11-125 Squad Leader C125 J UN IATA FOSTER A Cappella Choir C10-11-125 German Club C10-11-125 Victory Captain C125 Music Contest CForensic5 Hall Monitor C105 ELEANOR FOX Dofobs C11-125 Girl Reserves C115 GAT HERIN E FRA TZ Etiquette Club C105 Camera Club C11-125 THODIAS FREED Machine Shop Victory Captain C125 Class Basketball C105 Air Raid Aid C11-125 ROSE GALASSI Etiquette Club C105 Girl Reserves C10-115 Home Economics Club C115 Victory Captain C125 HELEN GARTNER Business Proficiency Club C125 DAVID GENK I NG Eli Football C10-11-125 Basketball C10-115 Track C10-11-125 Room Representative C10-11 Hall Monitor C115 A Cappella Choir C105 Music Contest CForensic5 C105 Rifle Club C125 "Lease on Liberty" C115 A LETHA GEORGE Perfect Attendance C10-115 Girl Reserves C10-115 JAMES GEORGE A Cappella Choir C10-11-125 Home Room Representative C125 Class Basketball C115 Music Contest C115 Hall Montor C11-125 Rifle Club C11-125 Service Squad C11-125 YERA GERMANI JEAN GIANNI NANCY GILLI LA ND A Cappella Choir C125 Debate Club C125 Victory Captain C115 PATRICIA GOODMAN CLAIRE GOR-LEY Hi-Y Club C125 "Ever Since Eve" C125 Victory Captain C11-125 Band C10-11-125 Music Contest C115 Class Basketball C105 Office Squad C115 Rifle Club C10-115 Hall Monitor C10-115 Perfect Attendance C10-11-125 Pre-Session Squad C10-115 Aviation C125 BETTY GOSHORN A Cappella Choir C11-125 Etiquette Club C105 Girl Reserves C10-115 Music Contest CForensic5 Shorthand Awards 80 German Club C125 JAMES GOSNEY Shorthand A Wards 1 0 0 Al1t0 Sl10p Class Room Representative C105 Class Basketball C105 DONALD GRAHAM Dramatics Club 1121 Debate Club 1121 "Ever Since Eve" 1121 Junior Kiwanian 1121 Monitor 1121 Service Squad 1121 "Stage Door" 1121 DOROTHY GREEN E MAI!-Y GREEN E OIYA GRONMAN Electric Shop Class Basketball 110-11-121 MA DELINE GIiI'SI-IETSK Y Debate Club 111-121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Victory Captain 1111 Town Hall Speaker 1121 Book Review Club 1101 EDYVARD GHZ Y IIOYYS K I JESSE GUNN YV Basketball 110-111 Football 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 1101 Track 1111 A LTER G l'Y Auto Shop Class Basketball 1101 PATRICIA HAGAN Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 NICOLENA HA I NES DOROTHY HANNON Girl Reserves 1111 Hall Monitor 110-111 Girls Rifle Club 1111 THOMAS HANNON Hall Monitor 1101 Perfect Attendance 1101 MAR-LAN HARE Dofobs 111-121 Stamp Club 110-111 Rifle Club 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 1111 BETTY HA SSA N Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 1111 Girl Reserves 1101 MARY HAYES Hall Patrol 1101 Shorthand Awards 811 FIFI HAZIMA NOLI Camera Club 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-121 Victory Captain 1111 Dofobs 111-121 French Club 110-121 ELLA MAE HEATH Rifle Club 1101 Girl Reserves 1121 "Ever Since Eve" 1111 "Don't Take My Penny" 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Etiquette Club 1101 WILLIAM HELRLEY Hall Monitor 1121 SYLYIA H EM MING ANN HIGGINS Girl Reserves 111-121 Rifle Club 1101 Camera Club 1101 Etiquette Club 1101 Home Room Representative 1121 "Don't Take My Penny" 1121 Stamp Club 1101 "Stage Door" 1121 DO l'GLAS HILL Class Basketball 1101 Hall Monitor 111-121 PATIHCIA HOGAN Senatus Romanus 111-121 Dofobs 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 LUIS HOGPE Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 A Cappella Choir 111-121 Etiquette Club 1101 Book Review Club 1101 Music Contest 1l"orensic1 1101 CARL HOPPER Auto Shop Home Room Representative 1121 Class Basketball 1101 Psher 1121 Hi-Y Treasurer 1103 Hall Monitor 1101 JANE IATONNA Shorthand Awards 80 RUBY INMAN "Stage Door" 1125 BETTY JAMES A Cappella Choir 111-125 Business Proficiency Club 1125 Essay Awards 1115 Girls, Ensemble 1115 Pre-Session Squad 1105 Rifle Club 110-115 Shorthand Awards 80 JOSEPH JANOVVS KI Hall Monitor 111-125 Football Usher 111-125 FLORENCE JAROSZ A Cappella Choir 1125 ETHEL JAY Home Room Representative 1125 JOHN JOHNS Perfect Attendance 1115 Hall Monitor 1115 Football Usher 1125 Senatus Romanus 1125 KATHRYN JOHNS Camera Club 1105 Perfect Attendance 1115-115 Victory Captain 1115 Hall Monitor 110-115 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 DORIS JOHNSON Etiquette Club 1105 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 Student Council 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Order of Business Efficiency 1125 Rifle Club 1125 Shorthand Awards 80 ELEANORE JOHNSON Girl Reserves 110-115 ELIZABETH C. JOHNSON Order of Business Efficiency 1125 Perfect Attendance 11155 Girl Reserves 1115 Rifle Club 1115 H. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Hall Monitor 1105 MARY LOU JOHNSON German Club 111-125 Hall Monitor 1105 Rifle Club 1105 EITLA JANE JOHNSTON Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-125 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 Rifle Club 110-11-125 Football Program 111-125 ALICE JONES Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Girl Reserves 1125 Perfect Attendance 1125 Etiquette Club 1105 ROGER, JONES Hall Monitor 11155 Hall Captain 1115 Pre-Session Squad 1125 JULIAN JOPEK Football Usher 1115 ELEANOR JORDAN Girls' Athletic Club 1125 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 Girls' Rifle Club 1125 Etiquette Club 1115 Assembly Squad 1105 Football Program 1115 "Stage Door" 1125 Class Donor 1125 ALAN JOSEPH Band 111-125 A Cappella Choir 111-125 Orchestra 111-125 DOROTHY JOYCE Perfect Attendance 1115-11-1 KILBIER JOYCE Hall Monitor 1105 Pre-Session Squad 11155 JOSEPH KANTES Machine Shop 25 Room Representative 11 0-1 1-1 25 Victory Captain 1115 Class Basketball 11 O-1 15 HELEN KARIDIS Girl Reserves 110-115 ANNE KATAKIS French Club 1105 Dofobs 111-125 Camera Club 1115 Book Review Club 1105 Perfect Attendance 110-125 LOIS HECK A Cappella Choir 110-11-125 German Club 1115-11-125 Girl Reserves 1115 Music Contest 1Forensic5 11 Victory Captain 1115 05 A LONZO KEE LEN Electric Shop Usher 1125 Class Basketball 110-11-125 MA RY KELLY VIRGINIA KENDALL Senatus Roinanus 1125 NVAIITEIR, K Eli-BER! Machine Shop Class Basketball 11 0-11-125 Hi-Y Club 1105 JOHN HERB Electric Shop Rifle Club 1105 Victory Captain 1115 Football Us-her 1105 HELEN KIENAST Dismissal Squad 1105 Girls' Athletic Club 111-125 LILLIAN KIXG Office Assistant 1125 Girl Reserves 111-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Shorthand Awards 100 Perfect Attendance 1125 IRENE KORPELA Girl Reserves 1115 Hall Monitor 1105 PATRICIA KRADEL "Don't Take My Penny" 1125 Student Council 1125 Senatus Romanus 111-125 Girl Reserves 111-125 Perfect .Attendance 110-115 Camera Club 1105 Home Room Representative 1105 "Stage Door" 1125 JOHN KUBICK Machine Shop Perfect Attendance 110-125 Air Raid Aid 111-125 Class Basketball 1105 SALLY LOU KURTZ Business Proficiency Club 1125 Dismissal Squad 1105 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-125 Hall Monitor 1105 Shorthand Awards 100 Office Assistant 1125 VVILLIAM KUSNIERCZYK Hall Monitor 1125 Rifle Club 1125 Order of Business Efficiency 1125 Hi-Y Club 1125 YIX'IAN KING MARILYN KYTE perfect Attendance 1105 Business Pronciency Club 1125 Home Room Representative 1105 Shorthand Awards 100 Hall Monitor 110-115 Office Assistant 1125 Girl Reserves 111-125 Shorthand Awards 100 RICHARD LANDFRIED Order of Business Efficiency 1125 'Ol-IN IANNERT Ne-Ca-Hi staff 1125 Machine Shop Office Assistant 1125 Air Raid Aid U1-12, Class Basketball 1105 JOHN KLINGENSMITH Rifle Club 510, Qsssmgfg Squad H1427 Home Room Representative 1115 i- 5 Home Room Representative 1125 PHILORIENA LATEAN0 Hall Monitor 1105 F h Cl b 12 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 rem u 1 1 Perfect Attendance 110-115 NICHOI Ag I avFm.HIA victory Captain 1125 l " 10 il, ' Chairman of Talent 1125 Rlfle Club i ' Squad Leader 1115 Basketball 1109 Aviation 5123 Emergency Squad 1125 Classday Chairman Hall Monitor 111429 BETTY KNIGHT ROBERT LEE Dismissal Squad 1105 Girl Reserves 1125 "Stage Door" 1125 STELI .A KOLO DJ ESK I Basketball 110-115 Football 110-11-125 Room Representative 111-125 Track 110-115 Hall Monitor 110-11-125 DONALD LELII Auto Shop Class Basketball 1105 WILLIAM LEWIS Victory Captain 1125 Hall Monitor 1125 Perfect Attendance 110-125 EDIVARD LINDSEY A Cappella Choir 1125 Football 1115 Usher 1125 HELEN LISS CATHERINE LOGUE Girl Reserves 1105 Hall Monitor 1105 LAVVRENCE LOGUE Class Basketball 1105 Usher 1115 ROBERT LOVERIDGE Class Basketball 110-115 Hall Monitor 1115 JOHN LOYVER-S Perfect Attendance 110-115 Hall Monitor 1125 ROBERT LUTZ A Cappella Choir 1125 Boys' Quartet 1125 Hi-Y 1125 Hall Monitor 111-125 DONNA MacANANEY Shorthand Awards 80 Home Room Representative 1105 Girl Reserves 1105 Rifle Club 1115 Class Secretary 1105 WILBUR MACK Auto Shop Class Basketball 1105 Air Raid Aid 1125 KATHLEEN MAHER Home Room Representatve 1105 Hall Monitor 1115 "Stage Door" 1125 RIA C H EL DIA RA VE LLA A Cappella Choir 111-125 Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 Band 111-125 Girls' Ensemble 1115 ADEILE MARCOTULI Perfect Attendance 111-125 Shorthand Awards 80 Order of Business Efficiency 1125 RUDOLPH MARCOZZI V Band 110-11-125 Hall Monitor 110-125 Perfect Attendance 1105 Music Contest 1Forensic5 1105 WVILLIAM MARGRAF Assembly Squad 1125 Dofobs 1125 Hi-Y 110-11-125 Office Squad 1115 Perfect Attendance 1125 Victory Captain 1115 HELEN MAR-KETICI-I Shorthand Awards 80 ANGELINE MARVOLDA Hall Monitor 1105 Perfect Attendance 111-125 Shorthand Awards 100 Order of Business Efficiency 1125 JOHN MARTINI Perfect Attendance 1105 LOUISE lSIAR'I'0NE Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 ROSE DI.-IRZ UL.-I LUCILLE MASH Girls' Athletic Club 111-125 Hall Monitor 1105 Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 JAMES MASI Hall Monitor 1125 Perfect Attendance 110-115 Victory General 1125 Usher 1125 Order of Business Efficiency 1125 LOTTIE MASON Perfect Attendance 1115 CARMEN MASSARO Machine Shop Perfect Attendance 1105 Class Bas-ketball 1105 Air Raid Aid 111-125 Victory Captain 1105 JOHN DIATSCTKO Football Usher 1115 EDVVARD MAZUR .IANICE MEASEI. A Cappella Choir 1101 Rifle Club 1101 Girl Reserves 1103 RUSSELL MELYIN Band 110-111 Camera Club 1111 Dofobs 111-121 Hi-Y 110-11-121 Jolly Good Fellows 1101 Music Contest 1District1 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Rifle Club 1111 RIJDOLPI-I MENN ING RIARY DIETTA Band 110-11-121 Essay Award 1111 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 BEVERLY BIIKELS Debate Club 111-123 French Club 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Rifle Club 111-121 Rifle Team 1121 Senatus Ronianus 111-121 Victory Captain 1123 SHERMAN MILES Jolly Good Fellows 1101 Hall Monitor 1121 Office Squad 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 DOIEOTHY DIILLER Order of Business Efficiency 1123 Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 'PHOMASINA M ISUIMARRA Band 110-11-121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 .IAYNE MITUHELL Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 VERA MOCHOI SA MYEL DIONA CO Machine Shop Class Basketball 110-111 Rifle Club 1101 DA NIEL MONTOZZI Electric Shop Class Basketball 1123 VVILLIABI BIOORHOUSE Hall Monitor 110-121 Office Squad 1113 "Don't Take My Penny" 1121 Rifle Club 110-121 RUDOLPH MORALDI Hall Monitor 110-121 Class Basketball 1101 JOHN MORAR Hall Monitor 110-121 Pre-Session Squad 1123 Service Squad 110-111 DOMENIC BIORGAN Auto Shop Class Basketball 1101 VERNA MORRIS Girl Reserves 110-111 Perfect Attendance 110-111 Hall Monitor 1111 Red Cross 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 EDMUND MROZEK Machine Shop Class Basketball 110-111 .IA DIES MYLDERIG Hall Monitor 110-121 Victory Captain 1121 ED VVA RD MURA VVSK I Electric Shop Class Basketball 110-11-121 JOANN DIYERS Senatus Honianus 111-123 French Club 1121 Girl Reserves 1121 Hall Monitor 1101 "Ever Since Eve" 1121 "Don't Take My Pennyn 1123 Girls' Rifle Club 1111 Girls' Etiquette Club 1103 "Stage Door" 1121 MARTIN DICUANN Hall Monitor 110-ll-121 Hi-Y 1101 Class Basketball 1101 DOROTHY MCCLAIN Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-123 M URIEL DICCLEARY Camera Club 1111 Girl Reserves 1125 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Rifle Club 1121 'tStage Door" 1121 DOROTHY MCCORMICK Business Proficiency Club 1121 Etiquette Club 1101 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Shorthand Awards 80 JE AN DICCREA RY Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Home Room Representative 1111 Victory Captain 1121 Rifle Club 1101 JOHN McCULLOUGH Hi-Y 110-11-121 Assembly Squad 1121 FAITHE MCGAFFIC Shorthand Awards 80 JOYCE DICGAFFIC Camera Club 1111 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Victory Stamp Committee 1121 JUDITH McGILL Girl Reserves 110-111 JERRY NOCERA Class Basketball 1101 Emergency Squad 1121 IRE NE OIKARI DOROTHY ONASCH Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Shorthand Awards 80 MARTHA PACAI ANTONETTE PADULA Home Room Representa .JOSEPH PALLOTT Hall Monitor 110-111 NELLIE PARK Shorthand Awards 80 ROBERT PARK Home Room Representa Hall Monitor 111-121 Service Squad 111-121 A NN PARSONS Girls' Athletc Club 110- Rifle Club 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 RIARJORIE PASCOE Girl Reserves 110-111 tive tive GENEVIEVE MCILVENNY Girl Reserves 110-11-121 XVALTER MCKEEYER Class Basketball 1101 Hall Monitor 1121 Service Squad 1111 Aviation 1121 ELEANORE MCKIRREN Pre-Session Squad 1101 Dismissal Squad 1101 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Room Representative 110-111 Victory Captain 1125 Hall Monitor 1101 VERNA NEWTON Girl Reserves 1121 LEO NICHOLSON Electric Shop Class Basketball 110-11-121 Usher 1101 Perfect Attendance 11 21 DOROTHY PEARCE Girl Reserves 1121 THOMAS PEARCE Assembly Squad 1121 Band 1101 Cheerleader 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 Rifle Club 1121 Hi-Y C123 Victory Captain 111-121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 "Ever Since Eve" 1121 Squad Leader 111-121 MARY PERRETT Dismissal Squal 1101 FRANK PETERS Band 110-11-121 Orchestra 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 1111 ARLENE PETERSON 121 KATHERINE PFAHLES Caniera Club 11 23 EYA PI-IILLIA N Dismissal Squad 110-113 Etiquette Club 110-113 Book Review Club 110-113 ELIZA BETH PAKKA NEN ALBERT PILLIFANT Assembly Squal 1123 Band 110-11-123 Hall Monitor 1103 Music Contests 1113 State Brass Choir 1113 Orchestra 1123 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 Rifle Club 1113 Service Squad 111-123 Stamp Club 110-113 Usher 1123 Talent Com. for Class Day 1123 Squad Leader 1123 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 CLAYTON PITZER Machine Shop Air Raid Aid 111-123 Perfect Attendance 110-113 Class Basketball 1103 CLARA POLANSKEY Hall Monitor 1103 Camera Club 1123 JOSEPH POLANSKEY A Cappella Choir 111-123 Boys' Quartet 1123 Hall Monitor 1113 Stagehand 110-11-123 Rifle Club 1113 Victory Captain Assistant 1123 Track 1113 Victory Bond Recorder 111-123 Emergency Squad 1123 IVANDA PUZIO JOHN QUINT Hall Monitor 1113 Hall Captain 1123 Emergency Squad 1123 MILDRED RAINEY Shorthand Awards 80 ISA BELLE RA MSEY CHARLES REED 1 Student Council 1113 German Club 1113 Football 1113 Basketball 1113 SHIRLEY I KVE NO Office Assistant 1123 Secretary 110-113 Etiquette Club 1103 Home Room Representative 1103 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 Rifle Club 1113 Shorthand Awards 100 Victory Captain 1123 Order of Business Efficiency 1123 RUSSELL RHODES Assembly Squad 110-11-123 JAMES RIUI-IA RDS Assembly Squad 111-123 Hi-Y 1123 Home Room Represntative 1123 "Don't Take My Penny" 1123 Usher 111-123 EDITH RIGGANS Perfect Attendance 1103 Shorthand Awards 80 PHYLLIS RINGER A Cappella Choir 111-123 Shorthand Awards 100 Chorus 1113 Girl Reserves 110-11-123 Pre-Session Squad 1103 Victory Captain 1113 M A RY HUT H I KITTY Senatus Ronianus 111-123 Forensic Contest 1103 Essay Award 1103 CLIFFORD ROBB Hi-Y 1123 Assembly Squad 111-123 Usher 111-123 Hall Monitor 110-11-123 .I A NE ROBERTS Debate Club 1123 Etiquette Club 1103 Football Program 111-123 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-123 Girl Reserves 110-11-123 Home Rooni Representative 1103 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 CAROLYN ROCKS Rifle Club 1115 Girl Reserves 110-113 Perfect Attendance 1103 FRA NCIS ROC-IA N Class Basketball C105 Auto Shop FRANK ROGAN Class Basketball C105 Hall Monitor C105 Service Squad C125 R-ACI-IEL ROGERS Rifle Club C115 NVILLIA M RO SE Hi-Y C10-125 Assembly Squad C11-125 Hall Monitor C11-125 Track Manager C105 Rifle Club C125 Emergency Squad C125 SADIUEL ROTUNNO Machine Shop Class Basketball C105 KA THARINE ROUSSOS Girls' Athletic Club C10-11-125 Girls' Ensemble C115 Chorus C115 Perfect Attendance C105 LTELLA ROXVE Dofobs C11-125 Girl Reserves C11-125 Perfect Attendance C10-11-125 Dismissal Squad C105 PAUL ROYVLA ND Junior Kiwanian C115 Track Manager C10-115 Dismissal Squad C115 Hall Monitor C10-11-125 Football Usher C10-11-125 Auditorium Usher C125 Basketball Usher C10-11-125 ENZO RUBE IS Auto Shop Class Basketball C105 NANCY R-IYGH Rifle Club C11-125 Rifle Team C125 Victory Captain C125 A Cappella Choir C115 Debate Club C125 French Club C125 Girls' Athletic Club C11-125 LEO RYSSO Home Room Representative C105 Hall Monitor C11-125 A Cappella Choir C115 ROSE RUSSO Perfect Atendance C10-11-125 Girls' Athletic Club C115 DOROTHY SA A S MICHAEL SA GINAK Perfect Attendance C10-11-125 Victory Captain C125 Squad Leader C125 JANE SALEM Business Proficiency Club C125 Shorthand Awards 80 CHAI!-LES SANDS Hall Monitor C125 Office Squad C115 Squad Leader C11-125 Pre-Session Squad C125 NI A RGA I INET S A N TELLO Hall Monitor C105 Rifle Club C125 JOSEPH SANTORA Perfect Attendance C105 Hall Monitor C10-115 Usher C125 SALLY SAUL Dofobs C125 "Stage Door" C125 I IIC HARD SCA RA ZZO A Cappella Choir C105 Announcement Squad C11-125 Cheerleaders C125 Dismissal Squad C105 Home Room Representative C115 Hall Monitor C105 Music Contest C11-125 Office Squad C115 Orchestra C105 Perfect Attendance C10-115 Senatus Romanus C11-125 Emergency Squad C11-125 Usher C125 ROY SCAR-AZZO A Cappella Choir C115 Band C10-11-125 Orchestra C10-115 Jolly Good Fellows C105 Music Contest CForensic5 C115 Inter-Class Track Manager C125 VVIL Ll A M SENTG EORGE KA'l'Hl.EEN SCHOOLEY Perfect Attendance 1103 Pre-Session Squad 1101 Book Review Club 1101 Etiquette Club 1101 JACOB S1'HVI'AR'I'Z Football Usher 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 RAYMOND SENIOWV A Cappella Choir 1103 Hall Monitor 1111 Music Contest 1Forens-ic1 1101 Rifle Club 1111 Senatus Romanus 111-121 LLOYD SMITH Hi-Y 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 111-121 Usher 1121 DOROTHY SMITH Senatus Romanus 111-121 French Club 111-121 Girl Reserves 1101 HEL EN SM ITH Girls' Athletic Club 111-125 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Shorthand Awards 100 DELORVES SMOLIN SK I Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 A Ca Hall ppella Choir 1123 Monitor 110-121 Office Squad 1121 N ICOLI NA SERYEDIO Perfect Attendance 110-121 Dofobs 11 21 GRA NT SHA FFEIC Auto Shop Class Basketball 1101 RALPH SHANV Machine Shop Class Basketball 110-111 Air Raid Aid 111-121 Shop Inspector 1101 Pre-Session Squad 1101 Shorthand Awards 80 HOVVA RD S NYDER Band 110-11-121 Orchestra 110-11-121 Clarinet Quartet 1111 Music Contests 110-111 Mid-VVestern District Band All-State Band 1121 Pre-Session Squad 110-121 Hall Monitor 1101 Office Squad 1111 Hi-Y 1121 Victory Captain 1111 Rifle Club 110-111 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Class Donor 1121 112 HELEN SHl'L'l'Z Victory Captain 1111 Perfect Attendance 111-121 NILE SIMPSON Hall Monitor 110-11-121 JOHN SKFTA Electric Shop Usher 1101 Class Basketball 110-111 Class Track 110-111 Air Raid Aid 111-121 FARMEN SMA RRELLI Cheerleader 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Office Squad 110l Hall Monitor 111-121 Victory Stamp Committee 111-121 Squad Leader 1111 Magazine Campaign 1121 Usher 1121 MARY SNYDER Shorthand Awards 80 Victory Stamp Commtttee 1121 JOSEPH SOPKOYICH Hall Monitor 111-121 HARRIET STAFUL Girl Reserves 1121 Rifle Club 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 HA ROLD STANLEY Machine Shop Class Basketball 110-111 Air Raid Aid 111-121 Shop Foreman 1101 BER-THA Sl'LLI VA N Pre-Session Squad 1101 Camera Club 1101 Dismissal Squad 1101 Girl Reserves 1101 Home Room Representative 1101 Hall Monitor 1101 ELEA NUR SYLYESTER Rifle Club C125 Perfect Attendance C105 FRANCES SZUBA Perfect Attendance C105 BIA RY IRE NE TA YLOR DOROTHY TA YLOR YERN A TAYLOR Football Program C125 French Club C125 Girls' Athletic Club C10-11-125 Girl Reserves C11-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff C125 Rifle Club C125 PETER TER-RANOVA Auto Shop Class Basketball C105 HARVEY THEISS Hall Monitor C10-125 Pre-Session Squad C11-125 FRA NC IS THEOBALD Auto Shop Class Basketball C105 TONY THOMAS Senior Band C10-11-125 Orchestra C10-125 Reserve Basketball C10-115 Varsity Basketball C125 Hall Monitor C125 Music Contest C11-125 Pre-Session Squad C105 Perfect Attendance C105 Mid-Weste1'n District Band C125 All-State Band C125 Clarinet Quartet C11-125 DELLA THOMAS Home Room Representative C125 VICTOR THOMAS Machine Shop Class Basketball C105 JADIES TILTON "Don't Take My Penny" C125 Band C10-11-125 Classday Committee C125 Hi-Y C125 HOWVARD TINDAL Senatus Roinanus C129 Hall Monitor C10-115 Office Squad C10-115 Perfect Attendance C105 Hi-Y C105 Dismissal Squad C105 YIOLET TORIN Girl Reserves C125 Cheerleader C125 Girls' Athletic Club C10-11-125 EDITH TORSELLO Victory Captain C115 ELNORE MAY TOTH Perfect Attendance C10-11-125 Victory Captain C125 JEAN TRIRBY Debate Club C125 Band C10-11-125 Dofobs C115 Orchestra C10-11-125 Rifle Club C10-115 Girl Reserves C125 Music Contest CForensic5 C10-115 Perfect Attendance C125 Mid-Western Dist. Orch. C10-115 MARYRUTH TYR-NER Girl Reserves C11-125 Home Room Representative C115 Perfect Attendance C10-125 Victory Captain C125 VYILLIAM TYRRELL A Cappella Choir C11-125 Perfect Attendance C10-11-125 JAMES VALLELY Perfect Attendance C105 Home Room Representative C115 Hall Monitor C115 Music Contest C10-115 ALBERT VANA SSA Hall Monitor C11-125 RUTH VAN BUREN Girls' Athletic Club C10-11-125 Victory Captain C11-125 Perfect Attendance C105 Order of Business Efficiency C125 HELEN VANCOUVER A Cappella Choir C10-11-125 Girls' Ensemble C10-115 'tEver Since Eve" C125 'tDon't Take My Penny" C125 NORMAN VanHORN Machine Shop Football Usher 1113 Class Basketball 1113 MARY YALTGHN Etiquette Club 1103 Football Program 1123 Girls' Athletic Club 111-123 Girl Reserves 110-11-123 Perfect Attendance 1113 Victory Captain 1113 GRAPE NVADLINGER Perfect Attendance 110-11-123 .lOSl1lPHINl1l VVAJHRT Senatus ROIIIHHIIS 111-123 Victory Captain 1123 EDVVAHD YVALCZ.-KK Band 110-11-123 Hall l3IOI1lT.0I' 111-123 Rifle Club 1123 CAROLINE WALLACE Rifle Club 1113 Senatus Roinanus 1123 Girl Reserves 111-123 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 Dofobs 1123 EVELL VVALLS Shorthand Awards 80 RICHARD YVILLIA BISON Auto Shop Class Basketball 1103 EUGENE XVILSON Assembly Squad 1123 Band 110-11-123 Hi-Y 1123 Music Contest 1F0rensic3 1103 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1123 Orchestra 1103 Perfect Attendance 1123 Senatus Ronianus 111-123 Usher 1123 Victory Captain 111-123 JOHN WIMER Electric Shop Hi-Y 110-11-123 Usher 1123 Rifle Club 1123 Class Basketball 110-11 1 LILLIAN WVINK Shorthand Award 100 Girl Reserves 1103 RITA XVINKLER Perfect Attendance 111 VVALTER WVITHERS Calnera Club 1123 Hi-Y 1103 Rifle Club 1123 Track 1123 Pre-Session Squad 11 23 JOAN VVOODS Shorthand Awards 80 BARBARA VVYGANT Girl Reserves 110-11-123 Rifle Club 1113 ELEANOR YERKOVICH Perfect Attendance 110 11 123 Shorthand Awards 8 0 Order of Business Efficiency 1123 ANGELO ZARILLA Electric Shop Class Basketball 110-11 123 Class Track 110-113 Usher 1103 Air Raid Aid 111-123 AMIE ZARLICNGA Hall Monitor 110-113 JOHN ZUBKOWVSKY Pre-Session Squad 1123 Football 110-11-123 Basketball 110-11-123 Hi-Y 1123 Class Basketball 1103 CONSTANCE ZUBIBELLA Perfect Attendance 1113 Shorthand Awards 80 Girl Reserves 1103 Order of Business Efficiency 1123 ALMA IVIATER To the praise of our dear High School, Sing we loud and long, Glory, honor and affection, Give we her in song, Hours of gladness, free from sadness Happy students here, Sing we to our High School friendships And our High School dear. All her children sing her praises With a love most pure, For her aims and inspirations Changelessly endure. With her beckoning hand before us We will do and dare, Live to honor truth and virtue In these halls so fair. Bonds of friendship here we're forming They will never break, They will last still true unwavering For our High School's sake. And the memories we will cherish As life's path we tread, Of the friends we knew and valued Wearing black and red. When our student days are over, And no more we're here, Still we'll think of her with reverence, Alma Mater dear. Swell the singing, ever ringing, Gladly we'll recall, When our student days are over, Life in these fair halls. ACTI ITIES U I1 U U O U .1 0 0 S gk A' L If X K! U ANNUAL STAFF HELEN CONNERY ....................... ..,... E ditor BEVERLY MIKELS ...,......... .... A ssociate Editor Q GENE WILSON ....................,....... Business Manager BETTE BROWN .................... Advertising Manager CAROLINE WALLAQEI ..... lx.: ..............,........,.., Art wg' ALBERT PILLI-ITANT .... Assistant Business Manager XM EDWARD AIKEN ............. Cirqclilation Manager VIVIAN KING ........................ ,Literary and Typist RUSSELL MELVIN ......,. Literary and Advertising JANE ROBERTS ....................................., ........ A rt DORIS JOHNSON ................ .,.. L iterary and Typist JACK KLINGENSMITH ......,............... Advertising KATHRYN JOHNS .......7............ ..... L iterary MARY BARELLA ................ ................... L iterary LILLIAN KING ........................ Literary and Typist VERNA TAYLOR .......................................... Humor ALICE JONES ................... ...........,.. L iterary TOM PEARCE ................ Photography and Literary PATRICIA HAGAN .....,,......,....,.,...,.................,. Art JOHN KERR ..., ..... P hotography and Advertising V! v 5 STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is the student governing body of the school. The members are elected from their respective classes. There are eight sen- iors, six juniors, and four sophomores in the club. The main project this semester was buying gifts for each boy leaving Ne-Ca-Hi to enter the Armed Forces. OFFICERS President ,....,,..... ,..... J ack Wallace Vice President ..... ....... A aron Cohen Secretary ,...... ,....,.,,,..... P at Kradel Treasurer .,.. .... J oanne McCollum Supervisor ..............,,..,. ,,,.,...,,....,............ M iss Maxwell SENIOR A'S-Evelyn DeVivo, Pat Kradel, Keith Brooks, Aaron Cohen. SENIOR B'S-Betty Bailey, Joanne McCollum, Ralph Armino, Jacx Wallace. JUNIOR A'S-Ruth Jean Jolly, Bill Orend, Jack Winters. JUNIOR B'S-Sally Campbell, Bob Huston, Tony Razzano. SOPHOMORE A'S-Shirley Himebaugh. SOPHOMORE B'S-Mary Lou Brunton, Don Harris. CLASS DAY The last day in high school for the class of June, 1943, was celebrated by the traditional Class Day Program. A wealth of talent was given a chance for expression as members of the class sang, danced, and joked their Way through nearly three hours of farewell. Under the chairmanship of Jack Klingensmith, the committees work- ed hard to gather together all the available talent, conduct rehearsals, and organize a show that was successfully entertaining. Credit must be given to the Class Day Officers and to the members of the class who took part for a program which will long be remembered as "the best ever." Chairman of Class Day Committee ........ Jack Klingensmith Master of Ceremonies .........,..,..,.,....,, ,..,..,., J ames Tilton Class Historian .......,..,... ........ A aron Cohen Class Will .......... .... J ohn Wasilewslii Class Prophet .... .,..l.,. E velyn DeVivo Class Knocker ,,,., .,.,..., .......... C a rmen Smarelli TALENT COMMITTEE-Albert Pillifant, Chairman: John Carlin, Lois Hogue, Beverly Mikels. STAGE COMMITTEE-Caroline Wallace, Chairmang Clarence Armstrong, Jane Roberts, Richard Scarazzo, John Kerr. Gene Wilson, Mary Ruth Ritty. ORCHESTRA-Evelyn DeVivo, Leaderg Rudy Eagan, Ed Ballog, Fred DePolis, Albert Pillifant, Louis Dehillo. VOCATIONAL ELECTRIC SHOP AND VOCATIONAL AUTO SHOP GROUP B The boys appearing in this picture are the first from the vocational electric and auto shops to be graduated at the end of three years of train- ing. These boys have spent one half of their three high school years in the shop of their choice, and the other half in the high school. Each boy is fitted to assume his place in industry as a Worker with advanced train- ing in his Held 01' to enter the armed forces and take his assignments with greater assurance of immediate success and advancement. Several boys have already entered the armed forces and their pictures do not appear in this group. Stars in the service flag indicate those who are in service. AUTO SHOP Stanley Baranski Walter Guy Carl Hopper Julian Jopek James Boalick Joseph Bobosky Lonnie Keelen William Kehna John Kerr Jack Daniels U.S.A. Nick DiAlesandro U.S.A. Robert Fleeger U.S.N. Oiva Gronman U.S.N. Donald Lelii U,S.A. Dominic Morgan Enzo Rubeis Pete Terranova Frank Theobald ELECTRIC SHOP Dan Montozzi Edward Murawski John Skuta Jack Wimel' Angelo Zarilla Leo Nicholson U.S.N. Francis Rogan U.S.N. Robert Reynolds U.S.M.C. Richard Willianison U.S.A VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP AND VOCATIONAI.. AUTO SHOP GROUP A This group consists of another section of vocational auto shop boys and those who were in the machine shop. They, too, have completed three years of work in the vocational program. As a result of their train- ing. they also are in positions to assume whatever responsibilities may be assigned them with great assurance of success and promotion. As in the group shown on the previous page, several have already answered the call to the service and are acquitting themselves com- mendably. AUTO SHOP Joseph Chabak Donald Copple William Davis James Blair James Burrows Carmen Cicco George Cionni John De Simone Thomas Freed ' Joseph Kantes Walter Kerber John Kubick John Lannert MACHINE SHOP IN SERVICE James Gosney U.S.A. Henry Ferrare Wilbur Mack Grant Shaffer Carmen Massaro Sam Monaco Edmund Mrozek Clayton Pitzer Sam Rotunno Ralph Shaw Harold Stanley Victor Thomas Norman VanHorn TI-IE. SENATUS ROIVIANUS OFFICERS Gene Wilson ....fY. .......................... ...... C o nsul Primus Patricia Kradel ..... ..... C onsul Secundus Arthur Bergialld .,..A..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- Q uaestor VERGIL AWARDS-June, 1943 CICERO AWARDS-Jan., 1943 Summa Cum Laude ........ Mary Ruth Ritty Summa Cum Laude ,,,,,,,Y, ,,,,,,, ix Iary Hogan Magna Cum Laude ......,.,,,..... Aaron Cohen v , .v Culn Laude J Madeline Grushetsky Nlagna Cum Laude -----------A---- Betty lwlulkell ' """""' 'I Patricia Hogan Cum Laude ..7,,.,,,,,.,,,,,, Mary Eleanor Shoaf MEMBERS Edward Aiken, Soc. Alfred Apicelli, II, III Lois Balph, II Mary Barella, II Thelma Barth, II James Blazzo, II Arthur Bergland, II Keith Brooks, Soc. Elizabeth Burton, Cons. Aaron Cohen, II, III Mary Esther Coates, II Helen Connery, Soc. Eleanor Dwyer, II Doris Jean Dougherty, Cons. Julia Ferguson, II Anna Flycock, II Madeline Grushetsky, II Edith Hares, II Patricia Hogan, II, III '1 ha MSX Mary Hogan, II, III Donald Huddle, II Hartzell Huston, II Joe Jordan, II Virginia Kendall, II Patricia Kradel, II Beverly Mikels, Soc. Betty Milliken, Cons., III Joann Myers, II Verna Nesbit, Cons. Mary Ruth Ritty, II, III Sam Salem, II Richard Scarazzo, Soc. Raymond Seniow, Soc. Mary Eleanor Shoaf, Il, III Doris Stoner, II Dorothy Smith, II Donald Tanner, II Howard Tindal, Soc. Thomas Vegan, II Josephine Wajert, II Caroline Wallace, III Dorothea Wallace, II Gene Wilson, II Pauline Zeigler, II Robert Zeigler, II LEGEND II-Caesar Awards III+Cicero Awards ConsL"Conscripti" members elected by Soc+"Socii" members of the Vergil class the club on recommendation of the elected by the club on the recommen- Latin Department. dation of the Latin Department. GERMAN CLUB MOTTO: Kenntnis ist Kraft Knowledge is Power OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,.... .....,.,.....,t..... .... H e len Gartner Vice President ........... ..... .... C h arles Heed Secretary-Treasurer ..,,, ............ R obert Danael Supervisor ................, .... M iss Mary G. Riffer The German Club was organized for the purpose of supplementing the Work of the class room in enlarging the outlook upon the history and the traditions of Germany and the German people. During the past se- mester When current affairs are of such importance, club Work and class work have been combined in a study of trends of development in Germany concerned with other nations of the world. Robert Beisheim Arthur Bergland Robert Dangel Barbara Davidson Jean Fenati Juniata Foster Helen Gartner MEMBERS Helenmae Herberg Mary Lou Johnson Lois Keck Hilmi I'il'liii2L121 Charles Reed William Fsselton 1 l .lJ MEMBERS OF THE DOFOBS2 THE DOF OBS One of the busiest groups in the school is the Library Service Group, known as the Dofobs. Their name fwhich is made up of the first letters of the words in the phrase, "Darned old fools over booksnj indicates a liking for fun, and the Dofobs have their lighter moments, but they are real workers. Under the direction of Miss Helen Westlake and Miss Reba Sines, they take care of the routine work of the library, a valuable service to the school. OFFICERS THIS SEMESTER ARE: President ........7,.................,.........,........ Herbert Mullen Vice President .... Connie Thomas Secretary .......,.,. .,,,,.,,.,... E arl Hawk Treasurer .........,,..7,7.,...........,,.......,,.. Betty Kay MeFall Mary Attisano Thomasina Arinond Teresa Audino Evelyn Barbarowicz Harriet Bowes Mary Lou Brunton Agnes Cartwright Betty Jane Casaechia Helen Connery Audrie Crolnie Barbara Davidson John Ford Therese Griffiths Marian Hare Earl Hawk Fifi Hazimanoli Anne Katakis Shirley Kennedy Delbert McEwen Betty Kay McFal1 LaVerne Maher William Margraf Herbert Mullen Sain Naples Helmi Pirkkala Earleen Ramsey Ruth Ramsey Joanne Rapson Marjorie Rapson Eleanor Reynolds Elaine Rowe Luella Rowe Sally Saul Nicolina Servedio Charles Shaw Doris Stoner Kathryn Theobald Conne Thomas Clara Tranquillo Caroline Wallace Mary Louise Ward Hilda Zakel DEBATE CLUB If, during seventh period, you hear shouts escaping from the audi- torium, don't be alarmed. It's only the Debate Club in a heated ar- gument. In between these arguments you're very likely to see anyone of our debaters deeply engrossed in reference work in the library, just as in the picture above. Our national high school proposition for this year is: "Resolved, A Federal World Government Should Be Established." In March we led our fellow students in a town meeting at which We1'e were quite fortunate to have with us a professional moderator, Dr. Byron B. Williams. Later we held panel discussions at the Rotary Club and at the Women's Business and Professional Club. We also made a trip to Rochester and debated with their high school team. OFIFICEIQS President .........................,.....,.., Joe Jordan Treasurer ...........,....,...... ,.... D oris Jean Daugherty Secretary .. ............,..a....... .....,.....,,, I Beverly Mikels Corresponding Secretary .............. ..,... I Ielen Connery OTHER MEMBERS ARE: William Baltes Mary houise Cleland Barbara. Davidson Geraldine DeNuccio Nancy Gilliland Donald Graham Therese Griffiths Madelyn Grushetsky Geraldine Hare Joseph lannarelli Andrew Maresse Bill Pascoe Nancy Rugh Burton Sloan Jean Tribby John Wasilewski JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES The Junior Girl Reserves are the younger nielnbers of the Y W C A. The purpose of this group is to "find and give the best." The slohan is to "face life square ly." Along with our more serious work, We 1I1C1lld6 recreational programs of a varied nature. President .....,... .....,.,,.....,.,.,,, ,l,, VICE? President ....,.,.,..,.... 7,.,. Corresponding Secretary ,.... Recording Secretary ,.,,.. ..... Treasurer ......,,.........,, Assistant Treasurer .. ,. V OFIVICICRS EIl1Og6116 Ringer Rosemary Barrett Frances Carpenter Dorothea Wallace Sally Campbell Jean Ashton 'll l-ll i -X ' Q Now sw-"""" is Y fuk..- f MN? HMT OF ne YEAR- 1 ' 'lv gi I ff 1 ff , 4 ' 5 1 I Q- ' " i s fl: " 4 ff ll ' T 0 eff: f, M -.gil - f f 4 -fs, wa - QE? ? ' 'A Q W SENIOR GIRL RESERVES The niotto of the Girl Reserves is "to find and give the best." As junior nienibers of the Y.VV. CA. We try to live up to this niotto. During the past seniester the Sr. Girl Reserves, togetlier with the Hi-Y, sponsored their annual spring' dance. THE OI-'FICEIIS FOR NE-CA-HI President ..,,.................,......,,..Y,,7........,,.... Jane Roberts Vice President ,,,i.i,,,,,,,,7 ..i,,,..Y,. It 'ern Riley Secretary .,,,.,..,,,.,.,,,,.,,,.... Patricia liradel Corresponding Secretary ..... ...,,,, S hirley Kennedy Treasurer .,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..., L ois Hogue 5 Mrs. Eleanor H. Hoagland Miss Grace Dodson Advisors ,, THE OFFICEIIS FOR ELM STIQICPYI' President ....,..,.,,....i....i,,,...,,,.,., .,...,,,..... Vice President .,... Secretary ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Assistant S9f'l'Pt2ll'j' Treasurer ,, ,,,,,,,,, ,, Corneal Iiazley , .... Juanita Jarvis Betty Hailey A Ernestine Morrow Dorothy Crunlileton THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR HI-Y CLUBS PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. PLATFORM: Clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean habits. The real purpose of the Hi-Y clubs is to help build into the lives of the individual high school boys, Christian character and ideals. The Hi-Y is an international and an inter-denominational fellows-hip. Any high school boy who is willing to make the ideals of the Hi-Y club his guide for daily living, and who is willing to help in the extension of this movement, may become a member of the organization. The program of the club is divided into three divisions, social, religious, and service tasks, Onr Hi-Y club is guided by our helpful and understanding advisor, Mr, Dario Baptiste. OFFICERS President .......... .... ............... .... J a 1 nes Tilton Vice President .... ..... G ene Wilson Secretary .......... ,...,.., R obert Lutz Treasurer .... .... W illiam Mal-gr-af RIFLE CLUB With many girls and boys entering the service, our club was turned into a Small Arms School this semester and was found very interesting by those who attended. The School taught the safe and proper usage of guns and succeeded in turning out a number of excellent marksmen. The girls were instructed by Thornton W. Allen with Margaret P. Fischer and J. H. McKenzie supervising, and Jean McConnell and Don Hirzel serving as Adjutants. The club was divided into squads of eight people. At the head of each was a squad sergeant. The sessions were carried on in regular range procedure. At the end of the course, a written test was given. Each member fired for a score in each of four positions, prone, sitting, kneeling, and off hand. Official Attendance Certificates were awarded to those students who satisfactorily completed the course. Squad sergeants for the semester were: Delores Marchand Bart Balentine Jean McConnell Bill Moorhouse Mary Louise Cleland Tony Genocchi TI-IE SENIOR I-IIGI-I SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Librarian Managers, FLUTE John Hellnick Frank Peters Mary Alice Klecknar OBOE Eugene Natale lludy Eagan CLARINET Toni Frabotta Howard Snyder Tony Thomas Emma Cranier Sain Bonfield BASSOON Benjamin Roman Richmond Thayer HORN Jack Rowland Eddie John Sam Price TRUMPET Albert Pilllfant Andy Vassilion Anthony Cipriano Joseph Catone Elio Picarro TROM BONE Zack Allerton Carl Sewald Tl M PANI Evelyn De Vivo DRUMS John Iwanejko Peggy Baatz Marie Orlando VIOLA Jean Tribby Delores Dihorenzo Barbara Edelstein BASS VIOL Edward Ballog William Lortz 5 l ., Jean Tribby Iludy Eagan Eugene Natale VIOLIN Paul Olsen Clara Scriven Zygniund Darzynlziewicz Phyllis Double Lawrence Godwin Edyce Cameron Ethel Hares Edith Hares Irene Dalnaskon Doris Daugherty Philoinena Guido CELLO Maxine Taylor Geraldine Anderson Mary Martine June Parsons PIANO John Carlin Delores DeLorenzo Marie Orlando Barbara Edelsteln Bernie Thompson THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND Majorettes ,..... lf'Ll'TE AND PICCOLO Frank Peters Robert Lengyel Marilyn Eckles OBE AND C MELODY SAX Eugene Natale Jean Montanary Doris Carr Given Got? ISASSOON Richmond Thayer SAXAPHONE Bill Black Claire Gorley John Ross John Gibbons ALTO CLARINET Betty Lou Hall HORN William Moffatt Raymond Moses Eddie John Angelo Romeo Jean Tribby Betty Lou Hall lllargaret Henderson Peggy Rishel Jean Montanary Eb CLARINET Rudy Eagan Bb CLARINET Tom Frabotta Charles DeAng:elis Ted Golis Jerry Bonner Richard Montgomery Raymond Phillips Jack Campbell James Canan Jack Rishor Ernest Hrisoules Dave DeRosa Edward VValczak Jean Tribby Vxlesley Darzynkiewicz James Heagerty Peggy Rishel Sam Bonfield Tl'BA Melvin Terry Rill Throop Trevor Taylor Carl White Edward Ballog Librarians ..... Man agers ...,,.. , RARITONE James Scarazzo Stanley Martin TRUMPET Charles Black Louis Cassella Andy Vassilion Ren Ilerrett VVillia1n Mattox Frank Zacarelli Robert Huston Cramer Gorley Rudy Marcozzi Paul Crable Larry Pitzer LeRoy Gibson Paul Decker Sam Price Elio Picarro Joseph Chmurra Harry Banks Fred Duff Sam Abraham TIM l'ANI Evelyn DeVivo Tom Frabotta Eugene Natale James Scarazzo Larry Pitzer DRUMS Ralph Armino John lwanejko Edward Gilkey Shirley Herman Margaret Henderson Arlene Conway Clyde Fleeger George Love Delores Ottaviano Marie Orlando Michael Scungio Robert Tilton Christina Christos Mary Gibbons Rachael Maravella Eugene Roberts Tom lilingensmitli TROMBONE Arnold Giancola Robert VVatson Carl Sewald Robert Frazier James Pappas Zack Allerton Bill Greene Leonard Ramey Christopher Fontaniello Gabriel Conti 1 1 l l I l l I , l ' l l , w l 1 ll ll w ll l l all l l I ' 1 A ll l l V A CAPPELLA CHOIR l l ll , The A Cappella Choir, now in its sixth year of existence, has become M an integral and important part of the life of the School and the life of lx the Community. From its inception, its members have found a deep and 1, abiding satisfaction in Working together to produce something which has fl beauty and meaning. This year's choir has been better balanced than W the choirs of the past year or two, and has maintained the high standards set in the tradition of previous choirs. X l X ' As usual, We are sad to see the Senior members of the Choir leave W l us, and especially so when We know what some of them must face in the near future. A great many former members of the Choir are now serv- ing with the 3.l'llled forces of our country, here and abroad. It is our hope and belief that because of the A Cappella Choir, some of them at least Q will carry with them in camp and on the battle field, a memory of things lil true, beautiful, and good+those things that are worth lighting for. l l , .. 3 Q15 in l l f 4 ., --4 l gil, ff 'g lar l Xi SX-O f' x X XVV, NX N ls' X 77f i ". M M Wolf w " ' l x l? i l ll ll l l 1 l l .iii-. THE BUSINESS PROFICIENCY CLUB The purposes of the club are: 615 to have available at all times members capable of acting as assistants in various office capacities, whether gratis or otherwise, 423 to develop special commercial skills to such an extent that each member Will be better prepared for employment upon graduation from school, and 133 to develop desirable social traits that will contribute to a personality necessary for success. Membership is open to any student in the Commercial Department of the New Castle Senior High School, New Castle, Pennsylvania, who has attained an average of B in all subjects during the Sophomore and Jun- ior years, or any student who can secure a recommendation from at least three instructors as to his interest and achievement. The majority of the students in this group are also members- of the National Organization, Order of Business Efficiency. OFFICERS President ,,........,.....,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,.,, Sally Lou Kurtz Vice President .................. ,tt,,t. .J ean Ciechanski Secretary and Treasurer .,,, ,,,, V ictoria Comparone SERVICE SQUADS "Always on the job" seems to be the motto of the Ne-Ca-Hi Service Squads. Again they have done more than their share in maintaining order in our school. In spite of all the confusion they have continued to operate in their quiet and efficient manner, and we, the June Class of '43, wish to express our appreciation to them for their excellent work. PRE-SESSION SQUAD-John Zubkowski tin servicel, Captaing William Moffatt, Assistant Captain. Joseph Dadejko, James Falk, Paul Farver, Chester Flamino tin servicej, David Flamino, James Heagerty, John Helmick, Roger Jones, Wil- liam Lortz, John Marietta, Robert Matthews, John Morar, Charles Sands, Howard Snyder, Harvey Theiss, VVilliam Usselton, Lee Wilkinson, Donald Withers tin servicej, Walter VVithers, Edward Wolanski. STAGE AND EQUIPMENT-John Wasilewski, Managerg Jack Rowland, Joe Polan- sky, James George. BULLETIN SQUAD-Jeanette Miles, Captain, Edna Lee Nunn. ASSEMBLY SQUAD-Division I.-Bob Zeigler, Captaing Paul Zarilla, Bill Workman, Ed Jackson, John Woods, Tony Razzano, Leonard Ramey, Jimmy Haggerty, Ben Perrett, George Tobios, Stan Wrobel, Chuck Winick, Andy Nicoletti, Ralph Reed, Bob Nesbitt. Division II.-Paul Richards, Captain, Gene Wilson, Don Graham, Jack Klingen- smith, Clarence Armstrong, Jack McCullough, Tom Pearce, Dale Robb, Ralph Doer, Albert Pillifant, Robert Park, Bart Balantine, Bill Margraf, Ed Aiken, Joe Wolfe, Cliif Robb tin servicel, Bill Rose fin serviceb. DISMISSAL SQUAD-Dave DeRosa, Captaing Mary Perrett, Bill Lortz, Delores Lelii, Jessie DeVitto, Jack Helnick. EMERGENCY SQUAD--Roy McGaffic, Captaing John Wasilewski, Tony Sacco, John Mastcko, Rchard Scarazzo, Clifford Robb, Leo Parsons fin serviceJ, John Quint, Albe1't Pillifant, Joe Polansky, Eugene Natalie, Eugene Baer, Fred Barkley, Charles Biassuci, Bob McCready, Jerry Nocera, Tony Rizzp, Nick La Vecchia, Ed Print fin servicej, William Rose, tin servicel. OFFICE SQUAD-Bill Sentgeorge, John Lee, Bob Flower, Bob Nesbitt, Bob Horch- lerg Dick Copson, Paul Decker, Ted Cwynar, Angelo Ferrare, Paul Duda, Bill Wallace, Bob Jackson, Willis Slater, Robert Capitola, John Woods, Joe Lutz, Dick Montgomery. Eugene Roberts. A'l'Tl4lNDANli'E SQUAD-Richard Montgomery. Willis Slater, Joseph Jordan, Robert Flower, Dale Bartsch, Paul Duda, John Falatko. The captains and lieutenants for the morning periods are: 1-Captain ,,,..... Sherman Mileseliieutenant .,,.,,..,,,,,. Joe Hartman 2-Captain ,,,. Robert Capitola-Lieutenant ,,,,...,., Herbert Mullen 4-Captain 5-Captain -Captain Robert Parks Paul Rowland John Quint -Lieutenant -Lieutenant -Lieutenant Anthony Bertucci Albert Vanassa William Eroe I-IALL MONITORS These are the boys who serve Ne-Ca-Hi, daily, by keeping the halls safe and orderly for the students and by giving information and help t0 guests and strangers. Some of our members are leaving our Alma Mater as this semester comes to an end, but others will remain to carry on. VVhile the detailed work is not seen by everyone, the services of this organipation are ap- preciated by the entire school. and the monitors themselves Wish to express their appreciation to both the teachers and the student body for the excellent cooperation shown to them during the entire semester. The captains and lieutenants for the afternoon periods are: 6-Captain ,,..,,,........,..,.,. Leo RussofLieutenant William Onasch Captain .......,....t,. Joe Loclieflneulenant Henry Dinafore 7-Captain ,.,,.t,,.t,,,,.. Robert Figuly-Lieutenant .,......., Robert Lee 8-Captain Anthony DeLorenzo--Lieutenant VVilliam Mcl'eak 9-Captain ..,.,........ Bob Confer-Lieutenant ,..... Ed Jackson Supervisor ........................................ Edith E. Birchard VICTORY CAPTAIN S Mr. Arthur Brown and his Victory Crew made possible the purchase of stamps and bonds for students and teachers. They deserve special commendation for the efficient manner in which they have carried out the work this year. At the time of going to press the sale of Victory Bonds and Stamps has risen to a grand total of 331,596.30 VICTORY STAMP EXECUTIVES-Evelyn DeVivo, Betty Johnson, Joyce McGaffic, Sherman Miles, Arthur Shelar. Carmen Smarrelli, Mary Snyder, Lee Wilkinson. SENIOR A'S-Alfred Apicelli, Stanley Baranski, Virginia Bartsch, Aaron Cohen, Audrie Cromie, John DeEulio, Evelyn DeVivo, Tom Freed, Nancy Gilliland, Claire Gorley, Betty James, Jack Klingensmth, Bill Lewis, Beverly Mikels, Tom Pearce, Shirley Reno, Nancy Rugh, Robert Saginak, Elnore Toth, Maryruth Turner, Ruth Van Buren, Gene Wilson.-P. G., Marjorie Allen. SENIOR B'S-Charles Black, Martha Chamberlain, Robert Dangel, Rose Glassic Dave Harlan, Lois Jean Henks, Betty Krause, Joe Kwolek, Joanne McCollum, John Prioletti, Jean Wadding. JUNIOR A'S-James Clare, Gloria Duff, Shirleen Flaugher, Robert Gee, Donna Lou Hammond, David Kish, Agnes Kuczka, Andrew Marrese, Dolores Mastren, Mary Ellen Morris, James Oesterling, Bill Onasch, Jack Park, Jane Patterson, Nick Pietio, Marilyn Reeves, Maxine Taylor, Jack Winter. JUNICR B'S-Lois Balph, Fred Barkley, Genevieve Burns, Wesley Darzynkiewicz, Delores DiLorenzo, James Falk, Jean Fenate, Martha Johns, Mary Kleckner, Margaret Magno, Bob Nesbitt, Helen Peters, Tony Razzano, Pauline Zeigler, Robert Zeigler. SOPHOMOHE .-VS-Mary Attisano, Lee Barber, Dale Bartsch, Virginia Bunduri Joan Cox, Harold Cray, Catherine Doutt, Nancy Fehman, Bill Fisher, Lillian Fullwood, Raymond Inoc, Ada Mae Jacobs, Charles Kirk, Walter Martin, Robert Matthews, Helen Mochoi, William Moore, Dora Moraldi, Eileen Murphy, Mary Pascarella, Ralph Shiner, Patricia Shira, Nancy Vitale, Steve Wasilewski. SOPHMORE WS-Bob Bogden, Isabel Braham, Anne Carroll, Gabrial Conti, Jose phine DeMarco. Sam Ferrare, Ann Green, Earl Hawk, Darlene Hoyland, Robert Hoyland, Joe Lutz, Betty Jane Merritt, Threasa Panarella, Robert Pittaway, Florence Quint, Mike Scungio, Mary Shuttleworth, Cherie Waddell, Bill Wallace. PHYSICAL EDUCATION The boys' physical education classes have worked diligently with limited facilities and time to develop physical fitness. Keeping in mind the needs of present day living for the boys, a pro- gram was organized that covered these needs for civilian or military life. In the Fall, when the weather permitted, classes were conducted out- doors. Stress was placed on military drill, us-ing military commands and formations. Where possible, student leadership was usedg under the supervision of Mr. Gillespie. During the winter months, a vigorous program of building-up work was conducted in the gym. A point system was used for a standard of development. Seventy points were required as a minimum to pass the work. Points were given in ten different phases of the work, including discipline, attendance, march- ing, running and six setting up exercises for the development of arms, shoulders, legs, trunk muscles and vital organs. THE NE-CA-HI CHEERLEADERS The game ended in a whirlwind-yes, it was another victory for the Red Hurricane. The fans left the baskesball court, yet, how many of them were mindful of the part our cheerleaders played in "bring home the bacon?" Without a doubt, the cheerleaders are the unsung heroes around Ne-Ca-Hi. This year's squad consisted of eight well-trained, versatile individ-e uals, each possessing a distinct quality which helps to make our cheer- leaders among the best in the state. However, there is a great deal of work connected with this type of activity. Continual practice and patience were constantly stres-sed both on the part of the instructors and the cheerleaders themselves. The New Castle High School cheerleaders hold the respect and profound admiration, not only of our athletic de- partment, but also of the entire student body. We feel quite positive that they were one of the main factors in providing New Castle with one of its most successful athletic seasons in many a year. In April the cheerleaders, honored the basketball team with a dance in the Senior High Gym. Needless to say, it was a hugh success. Hats off to the Cheerleaders! Joyce Alexander Bart Dalentine Thoinasina Arinond llill Pascoe Marian Cooper Tom Pearce Stephie Elari Dick Scarazzo Betty Finnessy Carmen Smarrelli Violet Tobin John Wasilewski Supervisor .... ..,,, ll 'Iiss Bernice E. Bartlett Trainer ..... ,..., A liss Margaret P. Fischer BASKETBALL TEAM First Row---Bill Andrews. Tony llazzano. Jesse Gunn. Fred VVimer, Ed Jacobs. Second How-Dick Mcliee, Bob Jackson. Bob Preston. Bill Fisher. Ted Lewis. Denver Newman. Third Howfllay Owoc, Bill Orend. Steve YN'asileWslii, Don Logan. Bill McCallion. Ed Jackson. TRACK TEAM A combination of circumstances has made the track season this year something less than brilliant.VVith transportation made difficult by the demands of War, it was found impossible to schedule more than one dual meet. Several entries were made in the VV.P.I,A.L. sectional meet and an intra-mural meet was held early in May. Although this year's team had no first place winners from last year. enough enthu- siasm was stimulated at the first practices to make certain track competition will not be one of the sports to be forgotten at Ne-Ca-Hi. TI-IE GACS As you all know by this time, the members of the Girls' Athletic Club have or- ganized into three platoons which comprise the Junior R.O.T.C., under the capable supervision of Miss Margaret P. Fischer. Since they are the first group of girls in the United States to undertake this type of military training, they really had a prob- lem on their hands. The group doesn't wish to be affiliated with any particular mili- tary division, and so have used as their manuals of training handbooks from the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps. The girls meet each Thursday night for drill in the senior high school gymnasium and during the summer months intend to use the play field in back of the high school. The first meeting was held in February and the instructors feel that the girls have made excellent progress in the few short months training they have had. They are really adept at the silent manual of arms and are now able to compete with almost any group of trained soldiers, both in the manual of arms and in parade review. The guns which the girls use are Victory guns which do everything but shoot, and sometimes the girls feel that if wooden bullets were available, we could have target practice. The first public review was given for the Legion of Honor dinner at the Cathedral on Friday evening, April 30, and its reception was astounding. The parents were both pleased and surprised at the precision marching, and the snappy gun drill. The Public Relations department of the Marine Corps located in Pittsburgh have become most interested in the group, and are: sponsoring the publicity. On May 13, a formal review was held in New Castle with the Marine officials attending. Their com- ments on the work done by the girls will never be forgotten. The review was cov- ered by the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph and we soon hope to have news-reels of the girls in every theatre in town. An advanced story, together with pictures of the commissioned officers, appeared in the Sunday section of the Sun-Telegraph and paved the way for further publicity. The uniforms are navy blue jumpers, worn with white silk blouses, navy blue crew hats, and white gloves. We hope in the near future to have uniform shoes, and possibly jackets for cold-weather parades. We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Captain Lester V. McClelland, Pennsylvania State Guard who was instrumental in the organization of the group, Sergeant Michael J. Shea, Recruiting Officer of the United States Marine Corps, and to the Public Relations Officers from Pittsburgh, Sergeants Miller and Martin of the U. S. Marine Corps. Without their cooperation and far-sightedness, we would never have been able to accomplish our purpose. Tl-IE GACS UOMMISSIONED OFFICERS SECOND PLATOON First Lieutenant ........ Joyce Alexander Second Lieutenant.,Mary Louise Cleland Second Lieutenant .,,..,,l Helen Kienast First Sergeant .,,..,,,,,.... Helen Connery FIRST PLA TOON Line Sergeant .........,7..... Doris Johnson S Jane Dietterle Sergeants .,,,,,..,,. Martha Chamberlain P Katherine Duff Elizabeth Burton Corporals .,,.,. ,.,. I Betty Bailey Sara Ann McMullen Line Sergeant Sergeants ....., Corporals ...... Eleanor McKibben Victoria Gizzi Barbara Chapman Eleanor Jordan Elma Fickle .. Earleen Ramsey Jane Roberts THIRD PLA TOON Line Sergeant Sergeants .,,,,. Corporals .,,... Jean Tribby Maxine Taylor ,. Bessie Davison Shirley Anthony Jeanne Culliford Josephine Fannin Thoniasina Armond "DONT TAKE. MY PENNY" This year's Senior play certainly was a top-notcher! Every year the Seniors have proclaimed that their play was the acme of perfection but, without a doubt, our's topped them all! The setting is the Pringle household one summer afternoon. The house is composed of a rather crazy family consisting of: Penny Pringle, the adorable sixteen year old who yearns to play the part of "Dimity West," from the book "Stars in Her Hairf' Mark, her older brother who wants to be a farmerg Marvis, Penny's elder sister who has a radio job: Gram, their lovable, laughable, grandmereg Lydia Pringle, the lecturing, lame-brained wife of Caleb Pringle. their absent-minded father, and the very mysterious maid they have just engaged, Sally. Kerry Harper, l'enny's ever-loving boy friend and his all resourceful pal, Greg, had planned to enter the doubles of the tennis tournament with Penny and her girl friend, Joanna, as partners. However, when Penny politely informs them that Harrison Day, the author of "Stars ill Her Hair," is in town to choose his ideal Dimity, the boys decide action should be taken. Kerry dons a wig. masquerades as Day and succeeds in convincing Penny that Hollywood is not for her. When the real Day shows up for dinner, Kerry's plan falls through and Penny is through with him for life. In the meantime Greg has passed as one of Monsieur Henri's models and the hoax has worked so far. He, too, is unmasked and both Penny and Joanna are "off men for life." Finally as the curtain falls Sally and Mark have fallen in love and Day has declared Marvis his ideal Dimity. The play was uproariously funny, and set an endurance record when the audience laughed for ten minutes at Paul Richard's hilarious costume. THE CAST INCLUDED: Sally .................,.........,.......... .....,.........,... . Ann Higgins Gram .................. .,........ . Thelma Cohen Norman Porter .... ...,. W illiam Moorhouse Lydia Pringle .... ...... H elen VanCouver Caleb Pringle .... ...... J ames Tilton Penny Pringle .,.... ........ I iathryn Duff Mark Pringle ...... ...... J ohn Wasilewski Marvis ............. .... E lla Mae Heath Joanna ............... .....l,.. J oan Myers Monsieur Henri .... 7............. J ohn Carlin Carol Boyd His Models ..,.. .. Patricia Kradel lVirginia Bartsch Kerry .....,,,, ........... K Sith BI'00kS Greg .,...... .... P aul Richards Red ,.,,............. .,.. J ames Richards Harrison Day ...,.........,,,.... .....,....,..... A rthul' Bergland fr, it . ,H 1' ' w r . XS, I X Z 5 b I AL. A fl X , , X , R qw l -Iwi' aspzm-M 4 .Q Mags' S 4, .Mi 33554 ,kj , Q- 5521, A x 3 gf A K, Q5 iii! "STAGE DOOR" What a play! What a success! Everyone is still talking about "Stage Door!" Nor will it soon be Forgotten. On Friday night. May 14th, the Dramatics Class presented this play which is a story concerning a home for young actresses. The name of this home is "The Footlights Club" located in the greatest city in the world, New York. The characters in the play represent typical girls that anyone might meet in such a club. Terry Ilandall, played by Evelyn Blank, is a girl with a vivid personality, not beautiful, but yet with the mobile face of a born actress. Jean Maitland, Kathryn Duff, represents the vivacious, successful girl. a better actress off the stage than on, and Kaye Hamilton, Jean Wadding, is the tragic character, sweet and good but her life has met so many obstacles to ruin her happiness that her mind collapses and she commits suicide. Other types of young actresses were beautifully pre- sented by the following: Olga Brandt ....,,,,............,,,Y .... J ulia Ferguson Mary Harper fBig Maryj ...., t.,......... S ally Saul Bernice Niemeyer ............., ..,, J ane Dietterle Madeline Vauclain ..... .... E lla Mae Heath Judith Canfield ...... ....,.Y,t.. J oann Myers Ann Braddock ...... ..... V irginia Bartsch Linda Shaw .... .,..... L ucille Doyle Susan Paige ,t,,. .......... I luby Inman Pat Devine ...,,.... t........., A nn Higgins Kendall Adams Elizabeth Burton Tony Gillette ...... ,,,. K athleen Maher Bobby Melrose ,,,., ......,. I 'atricia Kradel Louise Mitchell .,t,..,..,.......... ..,. F rances Carpenter Ellen Fenwick ..,.................... .......,., B etty Knight Mary McCune tLittle Maryj ......,.....,.,. Mildred Koluni No one will soon forget Mattie, the colored maid, who practically 'stole the show' from all those trying to achieve fame and glory. Eleanor Jordan took this role. Mrs. Orcutt, Muriel McCleary, represents the theater days of days gone by. In her manner and dress one could easily detect the flavor of a theatrical past. Mrs. Shaw, Linda's mother, was played by Shirley Wilkins. Don't think that these young ladies were without callers for they were numerous. Among them were: Sam Hastings, a stranger in New York, who hails from Texas, Paul Peluso. Devereaux, a young man of nineteen, planning an act- ing career for himself, Bill Clark. Milhauser and Powell represent two hearty and typical business men out for a holiday, Bill Samuels, Joe Wolfe. The envy of all the girls is David Kingsley, Keith Brooks, who is a. great Hollywood producer and a man with much distinction and charm. In Terry, Kingsley finds a girl who thinks differently of him than most girls do and he does his best to change this: P.S.-He got his gal. Keith Burgess, John Carlin, is a young author who has his own ideas and is sure they are the best. Others so well portrayed were: Frank, Mattie's henpecked husband ...................,..,. Nile Simpson Larry Wescott, a New York publicity agent .... John Wasilewski Billy, his assistant ....................,..........,................ William Moffatt Dr. Randall, Terry's father .,...,,.,.,,...,,,..,.,.,.,,,...,.,. Don Graham Adolph Gretzel, the 'Big Boss,' president of a motion picture company ................................ Eugene DeCaprio The cast was large but each individual played his part like a veteran, but without the able guidance of Miss Hartsuff the play would have been nothing. "Orchids to You," Miss Hartsuff and to all the cast. MQUM K QQ ! E THE CAMERA CLUB Because of the request of the pupils interested in photography, the Camera Club was organized three years ago. Its purpose is to learn to develope, print and enlarge photos and portraying. During the meetings informal discussion is stressed and the various topics are based on the different branches of photography. The meetings are held weekly and the programs are planned and presented by members of the club. Hikes are taken for the purpose of taking pictures of nature. A contest is being planned by the members of the club and the teachers who have some knowledge of photography will be the judges. Under the guidance of Mr. Boak, the boys and girls are receiving a wider knowledge of the subject. OFFICERS President ...........A ......................... C hristina Christos Vice President ...... ......,..... L inda Cheers Secretary ......... ..... W alter Smialowski Treasurer ..... ........... H elen Murray Supervisor .... ................................ M r, R. H. Boak MEMBERS Catherine Fratz June Lawson Delores Kuder Joseph Kwolek Virginia Kellogg Anne Carroll Betty Finch Katherine Pfahlis Clara Polanskey Mary Christos Given Goff Larry Pitzer Malcolm Marsh John Patterson Agnes O'Connor Philomena Sparano Hinda Kohn Mary Allen Joan Cox Ann Buckley Peggy Murphy Ilene Snow Pat O'Leary Bill Wallace Tom Klingensmith Charles Kirk Gladys Ahmed "ALMOST EIGI-ITEEN' Eddie Barry. almost eighteen, finds that his plans to enter a New York school to study for the radio meet with his father's stern disapproval. Finally, to appease Eddie, he promises he may enroll if Eddie earns the tuition which, to Mr. Barry's mind, is ilnpossible. Eddie sees a magnificent opportunity of gaining his end by submitting an essay to the VVOmen's Civic Association which is offering a prize for the best paper on "Truth Today." However, he has captured the animosity of one of the Judges, Mrs. Granville. by fighting her son, Tommy, and emerging slightly victorious. Eddie's Uncle George suggests that he enter under his iirst two names and use the address of general delivery when Eddie shows him an essay which wins the uncle's admiration. He does not make it clear to lTncle George that the work is not his own, and after Eddie has a quarrel with Ann, his ideal, the former attaches the boy's name to the essay and enters it since Eddie thinks everything is now hopeless. In the second act, Eddie is awarded the prize but suddenly becomes very ill when he discovers it was not for his paper lwhich he did enter as the uncle suggestedj but for one he was studying for style, written by an eminent barrister of the Seventeenth Century. The fraud is discovered by Mr. Merritt. the high school principal, and QUncle George being absent on a fishing tripy, Eddie is placed in a very bad light, not only with his family and Ann. but with the town at large. Eddie is finally exonerated, of course, and wins the prize awarded to the second best paper which is his own original work. Eddie Barry .....................,.,.,,.... ,.,, ,,.,.,,,., J o e VVolfe Ann ............... ...... B onnie Brenneman Mr. BEl1'l'y ..... ....... W illiam Samuels Mrs. Barry .......... ..... E mogene Ringer Beatrice Barry . ..... ......,,,, J une Nelson George Jones ....,., .... ...,... J a ck Vvinter Miss Mabel VVarren ..., Leah Marlin Mr. Merritt ..,,............ .,.. , . Jack Lynch Sally Davidson ....... ..,,.... , -inn Malley Tommy Granville .,.... ,,,, W illiam Mohcatt Mrs. Granville ........ .......,... E dna Nunn Miss Dalrymple .... ...,, C onnie Thomas SENIOR A President .................Y.,.., Vice President Secretary ........ Treasurer ,.... SENIOR B President - .4,,.......... A.,,,,. Vice President ...,. .. Secretary ..,.,,,.,.i . Treasurer ..... .I UN IOR A President ...i,.................., .. Vice President Treasurer .,...,,i Secretary ......., WHO'S WHO IN NE-CA-I-II CLA SS OF FI CERS ,Paul Richards John Wasilewski Fern Riley Shirley Kennedy CLA SS OFFICERS Jack Wallace . Tony Genocchi ....Jane Dietterle Ted Lewis CLASS OFFICERS Dick McKee Gene Maher David Kish Eniogene Ringer DEBATE CLUB President ..........,,,.,,,,,......... Joe Jo1'dan Vice President ........,.,,.... Jane Roberts Secretary .........,,.,,,,,,,.,. Beverly Mikels Treasurer .,,,..,.,, Doris Jean Daugherty Corr. Sec. .. .,..........,- Helen Connery BUSINESS PROFICIENCY Sec. and Treas. President ..,..,.............. Vice President ,,..,..,.... Victoria Coniparone Sally Lou Kurtz Jean Ciechanski SENIOR G IRL RESERVES President ........,..,. Vice President Secretary ........ Treasurer ..... Jane Roberts Fern Riley Shirley Kennedy Lois Hogue SE NAT US ROMAN US President .............. .,... E ugene Wilson Vice President ..,., .,,. I latricia Kradel T1'9HSU1'91' ..Y..... .... A rthur Bergland GER-NIAN CLUB President .,.l,.tt,,,,,,,-,,,,,, Helen Gartner Vice P1'9Sid8H't ..,,, ,,,,,, C harles Reed Secretary-Treas. Bob Dangel SEN IOR HI-Y President .,............,.,.,l..,. James Tilton Vice President ,,,,,, .,,,,, Treasurer ........ ., Secretary .... Eugene Wilson l Bill Margraf .. Robert Lutz SENIOR G. A. CHS President ....,,...... Mary Louise Cleland Vice President ........ Barbara Chapman Secretary .............,.. Ruth Jean Jolley Assistant Secretary ,,.,.... Joann Brown Treasurer ...,,,,,..,,,.,,.... Eleanor Jordan R. 0. T. C lst Lieutenant ..........., Joyce Alexander 2nd Lieutenant .... Mary Louise Cleland 2nd Lieutenant ..........,. Helen Kienast lst Sergeant ..... Helen Connery C H EERL EA DERS Richard Scarazzo John Wasilewski JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES President ........,V...c Mary Esther Coates Vice President Rosemary Barrett Corr. Sec. .......,.. Frances Carpenter Record. Sec. Treasurer .,....,..... Assis. Treasurer Dorothea Wallace Sally Campbell Jeanne Ashton DOFOBS Presldent .................... Herbert Mullen Vice President Secretary .....,.. Treasurer ..... Connie Thomas Earl Hawk Betty McFall Betty Finnessy Bill Pascoe Violet Tobin Carmen Srnarrelli Joyce Alexander Thoniasina Arniond Substitutes- Tom Pearce Marian Cooper Stephie Elari Bart Balentine STUDENT COTNCIL President ,.....,..,..,.,,....,l,- Jack Wallace Vice President ...,. ..,.,, A aron Cohen Secretary ........... .......,.,. I Dat Kradel Treasurer Joanne McCollu1n FRENCH CLUB President ,,,......,.......... Fifi Hazilnanoli Secretary-Treasurer ..,,.,.. Verna Taylor QQ 'SV ' X4 Owlxxv QN , .lffv 1 QQ- Xf O06 0 L Q MGR v W, x' , O5 x ix O X, 5,55 Son VC: Kxllll! O M2011 0K3 0:1750 Nuff W ,, O1 Qwhwgkzixx-5'fg 0 O ffZf '25"3 ,rf Q Ill! :w1.if7 L s X '71- 6 6,0 IQ? 9 6f.o 96' X Fw X XXX 6' '9 "ffm S OCZ NCS Cx ,We X'- Xxx fxyk I f' s- I X LY k '9 4 X W Q Q . J f f I N XR O X, 'I' X RSX 2 ' 5 xX ' ' Agf'KfX YH, x LT X S 231, 63'l6f f 6 4,9 C s '? N PAH. SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIGNS One of the Watch the The long and band birdie short of it Oh for a girl Is and Esk Look whos working Please have Sleepy now class outside Contented Ready and Memories waiting ,.,g-Af, MUMBO - JUMBO Mumbo-Jumbo, hoodooed the Congo, Hoodooed the Congo with black Voodoo, Hirohito stormed at his Japanese, Scrubbed the ancestral sword, making it dog Hirohito climbed the celestial stairs g Mocked at his red gods and their black hoodoog 'The General Shorty Do you Want me, Mark? Lovers! Mumbled his pagan prayers, sat in the green-jade chairs, Laughed at the blue joss and the red blood, too. Adolf Hitler stormed in his stately room, Cursed at his leaders and their gold braid, too. Munched on his pale sauer-kraut, rooted his tailor out- Ordered a hundred uniforms in a pale shade of blue. Adolf and Hiro sipped on weak, stale beerg Mumbled and bowed and scraped as they do- Each had a strange mad leer, each hid a funny sneer, Each wiped a well-shed tear, at the grand plans they drew. Mumbo-Jumbo laughed in the Congo, Held his fat sides, and laughed at the view. Called his red gods in state, chewed on the bones they ate- Rallied his legions from the black voodoo. Red joss and white joss mingled at one toss, Red gods and white gods jabbered and blewg And Mumbo-Jumbo, ruler of the Congo, Brewed his potion to 3 black, boiling hue. Out of the Congo swarmed all the red gods, Gathering their forces from the dark voodoo. Mumbo-Jumbo rose up from the Congo, Red gods and white gods, all of his crew. Simmered down the magic, boiled in the tragic Skull of a mad lion with a white ghastly hue. Up raised their colors, red gods and white gods, Blue from the Congo-Red, White and Blue. Mumbo-Jumbo, reared in the Congo, Tasted sweet cider mixed with cold Vermont dew Heard a sad darky sing, chewed on fried chicken ,wing, Found in Kentucky hills a Wine red brew- Left all the Congo and its black voodoo. Mumbo-Jumbo, god of the Congo, Brought all his red gods, red, white and blueg They're working in factories now, some are behind the plowg So look out, Axis, or they'll hoodoo you. -C. M. Ford CWith apologies to Vachel Lindsayl r 3 SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Tell us Our HDL Sal Oh, for a soldier These good looking Where's Al? Soldier girl shop boys Nice Kitty Look pretty Size 13 Vogue! Smile l.f t.l A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS Bill Moorhouse-Oh, for a beautiful girl! Jack Klingensmith-When will I get my Wings? Clarence Armstrong-Someday I'll meet a Thomas Edison. Joyce Alexander-When Johnny comes marching home. Helen Connery-I'd love to Work on a farm. Lillian King.-I Wish people would stop calling me Vivian. Vivian King--I wish people would stop calling me Lillian. Maryruth Turner-The winters are so cold at Valley Forge. Jay Melvin-I Wonder if I have a double? Carolyn Caffro -Mrs. Sadler expects too much from me. Clayton Pitzer-Oh, for a one piece machine. Johnny Kerr-Shh! someone will hear me. Madeline Grushetsky-I hope you don't agree. Lois Keck-The opera was never like this. Maxine Badger-Oh, how I hate to get up. Eleanor J ordan-I Wonder when I'll meet my man? Dorothy Miller-I wish I knew a good joke. Dale Caruthers-I hope I'll look good in blue. Doris Duncan-Someday I'll be a Sergeant. Tom Hannon-I'll stop in at the drug store. Al Pillifant-Am I a sucker? Y,-fiil Tom Pearce: "That's a flimsy dress you're wearing." Janice Measel: "That's a flimsy excuse for staring." O , ,Zf,-ki, Frank Cook: "I'd love to go sleighingf' Marjorie Pascoe: "My, you sound blood thirsty." U 5 i 3 1 SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Hurry, you'l1 be late! Gruesonie twosonie Moorhouse, The Great What a pair! Me and my boat. Ludies's ready to wear We're waiting Ex-June, '43 le,-tiff CAN Y OU IMAGINE Curiosity Oh, for a train Wolf hunters? Second Childhood David Bevan-with an admittance slip? Sylvia Abraham-having perfect attendance? Thoinasina Armond-with no jewelry? Eileen Benedict-alone ? Carol Boyd-without a wisecrack? Mike Saginak-in a Zoot suit? Muriel McCleary-being 5 foot 2? Robert Parks-tall, dark, and handsome? Roger Jones-without a comb? Howard Conaway-without dimples? Miss VanDivort-teaching gym? Audrie Cromie-befng calm about an approaching test? Marty McCann--'with a pencil? John Zubkowsky-being modest? Miss Fischer-taking commands? Elma Fickle-without the Paul-sy? Mary Kelly-getting detention? Tony Thomas-without a Zoot suit? Charles Sands-as a six footer? Verna Taylor-getting to school on time? Grace Wadlinger-talking out of turn? Bill Kusnierczyk-keeping quiet? E. Gillespie-doing exercises? Lloyd Smith-not signing his own reports? Mr. Casillo-telling a new joke. Dolores Callahan-with a prepared lesson? George Cionni-definitely making up his mind? if SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Oom ph girl Lose something? Status of What a quintet! knowledge Hi! Jerk Come on seven Going my way? iftff.. CANDY COUNTER O'Henry ..... ....................................... Mars .............. Baby Ruth ....... Dreams ..,t.,, Dr I. Q. ......... . Bit O Honey . Powerhouse W'h1z .,e................. Forever Yours Jolly Jack ...... Snickers ..,..,..... Dipsy Doodle ..,.... Fifth Avenue Life Saver ..... Butterfinger .... .. y-.,,,,1 America's future 4 little fishes Picnic-time V for victory. Ask Al Ah, Spring! Henry Ferrare Bart Balentine Ruth VanBuren Virginia Bartsch Carl Hopper Dorothy McCormick John Morar Alfred Apicelli Leda Dardynski Jack Lowers Ed Aiken Jim George Juniata Foster Joe Polanskey .Frances Capperino WHAT IS A KISS? Noun-because it's common and proper. Pronoun-because it's possessive. Adverb-because it modifies an act. Conjunction-because it brings together. Interjection-because it shows feeling. Verb-because it acts upon an object. Sentence-because it expresses complete thought. T l 1 1 l ii SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Attentive student Hail, Kitler Stool pigeon Expectancy! Draftsman Physics is funny Smiles at the future ,,.k.L,.ki. MAGAZINES LOOK ....., LIFE ...,...,........ AMERICAN ........... TIME ......................... COSMOPOLITAN ........ AMERICAN GIRL ................ COUNTRY GENTLEMAN ,..... NEWS WEEK ....................... ART .................... SCHOLASTIC .............. BUSINESS WORLD ....... DOWN BEAT .............................. SATURDAY EVENING POST ...... READER'S DIGEST ............... . HARPER'S BAZAAR .,,,. CLICK ...................... RADIO GUIDE ........ POPULAR COMIC ...... TRUE LOVE ............ CHILD LIFE ..... SPORTS ....................... POPULAR SCIENCE .,... VVOMAN'S DAY .,..... MADEMOISELLE .,,.... AMERICAN BOY .,..... VOGUE .G................... I'm tired Twins Nice looking coat Pretty boy ,.......Ann Higgins Evelyn DeViVo Pearson Dean Jean McCreary Pat Kradel Lillian Buckel Tom Freed Joan Myers Caroline Wallace Harold Stanley Gene Wilson Betty Brown Chuck Reed Virginia Kendall Shirley Kennedy Norrie McKibben Bob Candioto Ralph Shaw .Betty Goshorn Howard Snyder .... ..Bob Lee Bill Margraf Marie Carter Lois Hogue David Genkinger Donna MacAnaney SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS The natural pose Well! Big Bird Aiken Our pensive Fog The Three editor bound Muskateers School gals Snoopers Me and my dog Strut your Look this stuff way, please! Short and Einstein, Jr. Flirt sweet , AIN'T IT THE TRUTH or SADDLE SHOES I have a pair of saddle shoes I like them best of all, I Wear them all summer and winter As well as spring and fall. I Wear them when I go to school And even on a date I Wear them when I go to Church And sometimes when I skate. They used to be all brown and White But now I must confess That I have never cleaned them, And-Brother-are-they-a-mess ! -Kathryn Johns, .bt.i.k... WE LEAVE BEHIND: Harriet's Bowes Howard's Braatz Joan's Car "Michael" Frank's Cook Phoebe's Doher Eleanor's Fox Patricia's Goodman Jesse's Gunn Wa.lter's Guy Marlan's Hare Douglas' Hill Sisters of the skillet My Teddy Yard bird Camera fiend Statue of delight K643!! Carl's Hopper Betty's Knight Pat's Kradel Marilyn's Kyte Mary's Perre-tt Russell's Rhodes Mary Irene's Taylor Bill's Rose Phyllis' Ringer Evell's Walls Lillian's Wink ' " v-l1T l Miss McClaren: Really, Verna, you should learn to write better. Verna Taylor: If I learned to write better, you'd find some- thing wrong with the spelling. lfifl Donna M.: I've found a four leaf clover, Russ. Russ: Oh, that means we can be married. Donna: Oh, but I thought it meant good luckl T-gkkfi Johnny Lannert: Do you know it's a comfort to have a head like mine? Ralph Shaw: Yes, solid comfort. itifm- Man's Voice: Did anyone lose a pack of hundred dollar bills with a rubber band around it? Three Voices: Yes, I did. Man: Well, I found the rubber band. if--gr.. Within the pages of this section, we have endeavored to print all the dirt about everybody in the Senior Class, If we have failed to print the dirt about you it is because: 1. We haven't heard it. 2. It is not fit to print. 3. Everybody already knows it. 4. It was censored. tf..t,k.., Bill Moorhouse: Can a man change his nationality? Miss Dinsmore: No, why? Bill: Because I read where a man went up a Pole and came down a rushin'! Student: I always say what I think. Teacher: No wonder you're so quiet. ---Arif.-. Miss Miller: What causes rain? Carol Boyd: The sun heats the clouds and the perspiration falls to earth. ,.qf1,,,, Jim Tilton Creadinglz "Archimedes leaped from his bath shouting "Eureka, Eureka!" Miss Good: "One minute please, what does Eureka mean ?" Jim Tilton: 'tlt means that I've found it." Miss Good: "That's right, but what did he find ?" Jim Tilton fhesitatingj : "The soap, ma'am." K000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001k Gongratulations and iBest Wishes to they Timo Glass of IQ43 45 jiugl'5wxx y ,f QW' xXSif'7 X from they fllrinters of your yearbook U Universal Printing Company Phone 4022 230 Sycamore Way New C21StlC, P21- 00 0 000000000000 00000000000 00000000 4 0000000000000000000000000000 0000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000 000000000-00000000000000000 1, "CALLING ALL WOLVESU She doesn't swear, She never iiirts, She doesn't wear Those shortened skirts. She doesn't dance, She doesn't sing, And guys in pants Don't mean a thing. She doesn,t coo, She doesn't pet, 'Cause she doesn't know how To do that yet. She never chews, She never laughs, But she doesn't refuse To show her calves. You ask her name g Well, that's a wow, She ain't a dame- She's just a cow. 1.-k,..-A.,... We've asked the questions and they had the answers! From this all important census we agree that our brilliant classmates feel pretty much the same on the questions below: 1. What is your idea of a good time? 2. What is your idea of a perfect teacher? 3. What is your idea of a perfect male? for female, as the case may be?J 4. Have you any suggestions for improvements in Ne-Ca-Hi? 5. What in high school has meant the most to you? Bette Brown- 1. Need you ask? 2. I couldn't imagine what a perfect teacher would be. 3. No answer Conly a dreamy look on her facej. 4. Tear it down and build a new one. 5. Study Hall, 1st period. Gene Wilson Cwith fingers in his mouthb- 1. On two occasions with a bunch of boys or a bunch of girls. 2. Any of the student teachers. 3. Any that approach the Hedy LaMarr type. 4. It wouldn't hurt if the Seniors were allowed a little more freedom. 5. A certain P. G. Kathryn Johns- 1. Ah-do you really want to know? Well, blackouts are nice. 2. A certain Spanish teacher in Room 11, 1st period. 3. My mother never told me about any of those. . Escalators, water fountains with cokes in them, and reclining chairs. . A period in Miss Van Divort's without being called on. Albert Pillifant- 1. That's plenty personal. 4 5 2. Is there such a thing? 3. On the lines of tangent and co-tangent lines. 4. Just eliminate the teachers. 5. Lucille Mash. 1' im ' T Y 4 -AA+ -- ----- . ..A. . AAA. ..A ...AA ..... , 2 3 :::::::::f::f-44 ll It 0 0 0 lb li lb 0 0 0 O 0 0 u 1 0 IP 0 0 0 0 0 li IP 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 4l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 u U 0 lb 0 0 0 O O 0 O 0 E O O O O 3 0 O 0 0 o p 7 . 0 S 0 ll s 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 u 2 I' 3 S 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 Q ll 0 ' U 0 0 Q tl 0 u O 0 u 2 ., 0 u n 2 0 tl 0 tl 0 u 0 0 2 0 0 z 0 lb 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 lb 0 O 4:::::::::::::::::::---:::::::::::::::,:::::::::::::-::::::::::2:5 CLASS CALENDAR Feb. 1-Started the last lap. Feb. 5-Senatus Roinanus shin-dig. Feb. 17-Aid Raid-No casualties. Feb. 22-A lot of husky boys C ?J got jobs at Transfer today. Feb. 23-Half of them quit. Feb. 27-Graduation announcements for sale. Mar. 2-We took more money-Annual dues this time. March 12-St. Pat's J ig-gradesg a joint calamity. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar 17-We had our first town meeting. 19 -Shin-dig after school. 25-Annuals go on sale. 26-"Don't Take My Penny"-a real s ccess, for a great cast. . u April 1-Fooled you, didn't We! April 2-The brainy men of Ne-Ca-Hi took Have fun, boys? April 7-Sophoinores are getting pretty goo April 12-It rained and We dripped on. April 20-Hurray, We're on the loose for a April 27-Once We Were happy, but now W vacation, and reports. April 30-Trig Class, out with those sticks. May May May May May May June June J une June June June 31 Did you see the snow yesterday? 7-Spring Prom-Was it successful? 14-Buni's Day-Just plain "Bu1n." an Army-Navy test. d at using the proper stairs week! e're forlorn-end of 14-The bums change clothes to see "Stage Door." 17 -Hot, Wasn't it? 25-This is the beginning of the end! 1-Senior A work endsMCan't be! 2-Class Day-What a riot! 3-Dinner Danceg and all those autograph hunters. 6-Baccalaureate at Cathedral. 8-Today was the last of what they c 9, all "grade reports." Commencement-diplomas-l-T signing off. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------,--------..---------,k 4-.. nqeoeoooooooooooo QQQQQQQQQ 4, . 4 wk oooooooooooqqeoQQQQQQQQQQQ0-0-0-1-0-000-000 ,p -. A' , M M'-tw "f . L ' R BEARINGS for VICTORY In modern mechanized Warfare bearings are of more importance than ever before. On all fronts 4 in the air, on land, on and under the sea, in the factories and at home - Johnson Bronze bearings are delivering the high performance demanded in military operations, smoothing the flow of War materials to the front and maintaining the use of many house- hold and everyday appliances that cannot be replaced for the duration. Here in our plant hundreds of men and women are work- ing night and day turning out more bearings - bearings for the fighting machines so badly needed by our men on the far flung battle fronts-bearings for the factories, transportation etc., of these vital materials of war - bearings for the ultimate Victory that must be ours. N JOHNSON BRONZE . xgl Slwveaennrnn Henn unnrens K 490 S. MILL STREET ' NEW CASTLE, PA. -.oooooooooqo-no00-0-00-990-99000000000000 Qooeooa- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4---------------------------- --.. Q ooooooooo Qoooooooooooooooooeoooeooooooooooeqqeaooooo aoooooooooooooooooox OUR ISH KABIBBLE Dedikated to Senior Inglish I am about to writ a essie on essies. Essies is sometimes confused with essex which is a car but they done away with cars. We would rather they done away with essies. Anyone who have ever grajiated ought to have writ a essie. Anyone who haven't shouldnt ought to have grajiated. Teachers says they should ought to have good forms and that they leads to good inglish. We knows thilrgs which has better forms but they leads to drug stores. Essie is s'posed to make best inglish but essies writing brakes down home morall. Now since good morall will help the war and best inglish wont I here bye declair essies unfare and traitress. Ish Kabibble CXJ and his sign. if-,ti Bob Lee: "She said she would be faithful to the end." Jesse Gunn: "That sound good." Bob Lee: 'fYes, but I'm the halfbackf' Q-,Thi Miss Miller: "What would you do in case of someone eating poison- ous mushrooms ?" Betty Knight: "I'd recommend a change in their diet." .1-,g,.k.? Mr. Nelson: "A diamond is the hardest known substance, inasmuch as it will cut glass." Paul Richards: "Glassl My dear sir, a diamond will even make an impression on a woman's heart." --fifl Miss Riddle: "Give three collective nouns." Mary Vaughn: "Fly paper, waste basket, and a vacuum cleaner." ifl fm.. Clare Gorley: "I am indebted to you for all the Spanish I know." Miss Edmunds: "Oh, don't mention such a mere trifle." mifiti Miss Maxwell: "Who is the Speaker of the House ?" Helen Bok: "Mother" i,g,,y.l Joe Pallot: "Mama, when can I shave like Papa does ?" Mama: "Not for a long time yet." Joe Pallot: "Why not? I know a lot of words already." -.m,y.+.,q,, Verna Morris: "I feel like telling that teacher off again." Jayne Mitchell: "Whaddya mean-again ?" Verna Morris: "I felt the same way yesterday." 4k-0000---000--0000------ i, .y----------------------- t y-00000- 0-00000-------0--00--0-0- i, 0000000000000000---0000--0000-vvvvvv--v -- Congratulations and Best Wishes FROM REYNOLDS and SUMMERS FASHIONS FOR MEN, YOUNG MEN AND BOYS 114-116 East Washington Street New Castle, Pennsylvania 000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000 00000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 COMPLIMENTS FROM Cubby Hole 103 NOR-TH M'l+lliCl4IR STREET NIGXV CASTLE, PENNA. 000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000-000000000000000000000000 Ivor Daniels frepaying palJ : "Well, now I'm square." Bill Davis: "Yeah, and I hope you won't be round again." 1-k..-.k-, Miss Elliott: "Albert, please tell me what it is when I say, 'I love, you love, he loves'?" Albert Ciambotti: "Oh, that's one of those triangles where some- body gets shot." ?,,4,-if..- ' Clerk Cselling perfume to Jeanne Ciechanskij : "Here's one the men like now, it smells like rubber tires." 0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000 0000000000000000000000000 POWER FOR VICTORY 'tif' is the slogan which guides us in all our policies and activities. Our first job is to help win the war, then-we look forward sir' to a greater-than-ever America. Electricity will play a big part in the future America as it does in the war today. it Congratulations on the successful completion of this phase of schooling in your life. You, too, will be all out for Victory silky in your immediate endeavors, then, the horizon of this future America will be the gateway to new and greater successes. i2 Good luck. PENNSYLVANIA POWER COMPANY 000000000000000000000000000000000 000 0000 000000000000000000000000 00 4--.....-----...-..---..g 4------..--------..-..--g. : :-------yq, P 0 ll O 0 0 0 0 0 O ll Il 0 ll U lr 4::: , . Miss Galbraith: "What is a hypocrite ?" Evelyn Barbarowicz: "Someone who comes to school with a smile on his face." ,fly-A Ed Grzybowski: "How did you puncture your tire ?" Walt McKeeVer: 'I ran over a milk bottle." Ed: "Didn't you see it?" Walt: "Nope, the kid had it under his coat." Gi.-ti Frank Barilla: "I just saw a green snake! Bill Brown: "Well, stay away from them, they're just as dangerous as the ripe ones." -.k,.k? Jerry Withers Ctuning in on the radiolz "I believe I'm getting lumbagof' Dorothy Taylor: "Well, turn it off, you won't be able to understand a word they say anyhow." .ii-H.,-.. Miss Birchard: "Who was Anne Boleyn '?" Ethyl Bara: "Anne Boleyn was a Hat iron." Miss Birchard: "What on earth do you mean ?" Ethyl Bara: "Well, it says here in the history book that Henry VIII, having disposed of Catherine, pressed his suit with Anne Boleyn." ,,,,f+-ir, Mrs. McCune: "Howard, did Gene help you with these problems ?" Howard Snyder: "No ma'am." Mrs. McCune: "Are you sure, Howard ?" Howard Snyder: "Yes ma'am, he did them all." lil.,-.. Miss Miller: "Many flowers and plants have the preix dog." Dog rose and dog violet are common ones. Can you name another ?" Nancy Gilliland: "Yes ma'am, collie-flower." G-,g,.i..k? Mr. Book: "As we walk out-of-doors on a winter day and look around what do we see on every hand ?" Dorothy Hannon: "Gloves" .L,,f1f..... Mrs. McCune: "What do we mean by the whole is greater than any of its parts ?" Nancy Rugh:"A restaurant doughnut." .QQ QQQQQQQQQQQ --------- ooaoaoooooQ0QQ-------Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0.00-0000 p I ' f New Castle Reiracteries Compan ,S , New Castle . . Pennsylvania QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0-4-Q-ooQ--Q-Q---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF THE JUNE CLASS OF i943 lslccnusm IN out l'Ul:l,1v sc'l-Ioolqs YoU Howe: HAD- Training In Certain Important Skills Twelve Years In the Democratic Social Life of The Schools Eleven Student Years Free From The Alarms of War One Year For the Objective Study of A Global War A High School Introduction to the Culture of the Ages New Castle, who has given these opportunities to you, looks to you to accept the challenge of the times. That challenge bids you to help make the world a secure place in which to live and work and be happy. Some of you must iight and perhaps die that the children of these June graduates and other children, may live the normal, happy lives you yourselves were permitted to live in this much favored corner of the world. Recognizing that it will be difficult to accomplish this high purpose in this time of rapid and momentous changes. New Castle bids you go for- ward with your education so far as is consistent with your circumstances, the practical demands of the time, your opportunities and your native ' ' f ' l 1 t ll ontinue to abilities. By whatever means at your disposa, you mrs a c study the destiny of the human race, not neglecting the history of nations, the biographies of important men and women, and the literature of great peoples past and present. Best wishes from The Greater New Castle Association, Inc. Q00.90.00000000---Q--------------------..--- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oe ---..---------0QQ---------0--------------- SEGYM39 or "GRIN AND BEAR IT" Everybody's happy ' Till gym class comes around, But we just grin and bear it, Although we'd rather frown. The gym is too darn cold, Even Admiral Byrd would freeze, But we just grin and bear it, And stand with knocking knees. Then we start our exercises, Sitting on the floor, But we just grin and bear it, And know that we'll be sore. Suddenly the bell rings, We run out like a flash. But we just grin and bear it, One hour late for class! -Kathryn Johns, "43" --fit? Mr. Klee: "Can you define matrimony ?" John Wimerz "Yes, you go to adore, you ring a belle, and you give your name to a maid-and then you're taken in." hB-.k+,,i- Jim Boalick: "Who's the girl with the Spanish heels ?" Catherine Logue: "Those aren't heels, they're darn nice fellows." -if-...,g,.. Donald Copple: "What's worse than raining cats and dogs ?" Rudy Menning: "I don't know, unless it's hailing a street car." if-Atv., Joe Bobosky: "What did you do last summer?" Bill Logue: "I worked in Des Moines." Joe Bobosky: "Which ones, coal or iron 7" ...if t Rose Russo: "Why should no man ever starve on the Arabian desert?" Eleanor Yerkovich: "Because of the sand which is there." if,-k...E Father: "Well, son, how are your marks ?" Rudolph Marcozzi: "They're below water." Father: "What do you mean below water '?" Rudolph: "Below "C" level." ------------------i .K- O 0 0 O O 0 O I O O O 0 0 0 O 0 O O 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O 0 ---af ----- -- -- -- ----------------------..A, 4-- .K- -------Q -- - --- --- K-- --- --- --------------------------- CO M PLIM EN TS O I" The Lincoln Restaurant lb ox THE DIAMOND NEW' FA STLI-G, PA. --- -- ----------------------------- COMPLIMENTS FROM REGENT THEATRE ------------------------ OF NEW' CASTLE Q .XIAYAYS THE BEST SHOXV IN TOXVN S117 -POPULAR PRICES- --------------------------- COMPLIMENTS OF Silverman's Economy Shoe Shop 110 E. VVASHINGTON ST. NEW' IHXSTIAE, PA. vi? The Store Devoted to Better Fitting Footwear for Better Health" ---------------------------- - ---------- IF YOU ARE GOING AVVAY TO COLLEGE-YISIT Ol'R LUGGAGE DEPARTMENT The Best Is Not T00 Good if Sporting Goods Store 105 NOR-TH MERCER ST. ------------------------- --- -- -- ------------------- 4----------------------1, ---gl .y.------ --we -- -- --- ---- 4- i- -- --- - -- 4--.- 0--------i 'X .gg--------------------,k ----- i, --------- -----------,gr .y--- --- --- --------------------------- ARTHUR W. MEEK YOUR PROGRESSIVE JEVVELER iff WE FEATURE AMERICAN WATCHES if 323 E. WASHINGTON ST. ------ ------------------- COMPLIMENTS OF Eckercl's Drug Store 3- NEW CASTLE, PA. --------------------------- --------------------------- COMPLIMENTS OF Rieck-Mclunkin Dairy Company .524-412411 ICE EAM vw 31 S. Beaver St., New Castle, Pa. --------------------- ------ - -------------------------- COM PLTMENTS O lf' Love 8: Megown "THE DRUGGISTSU if 12 NORTH BULL STREET ------------------------. -- -- - --- --- 4---------------------1, -------------------4 O 0 O --,q, 4-------------------- ----------------------Q, 4- THE SENIOR DEFINES: Advice-The one thing which is "more blessed to give than to receive." Athlete-A dignified bunch of muscles from Mr. Gillaspie's gym class. Bachelor-ffrom boy's viewpointl A man who never makes the same mis- take once. Bachelor-Cfrom girl's viewpointj A man who didn't have a car when he was young. Bigamist-One who makes the same mistake twice. Co-ed-A girl who also goes to college. Blackout-A good excuse for getting a little Ccensoredj. Creditor--A man who has a better memory than a debtor. Horse Sense-What you're supposed to acquire at Ne-Ca-Hi. Lecture-The best way to get sleepy without a nightcap. Thought-Mrs. McCune's heritage. A line-To be smelled but not swallowed. Auto fenders-They never learn from experience. Bait-Rouge, lipstick and a bathing suit. Boy-A pain in the neck when around, and a pain in the heart when he isn't. Detour--The roughest distance between two points. Discipline-Something that can only be learned during years at school or the first year of married life. Dollar Sign-An S that has been double crossed. Fan-A machine that hopes to grow up to be an airplane propeller. Fate-Time, tide and women wait for no man. Flattery-Soft soap, and soft soap is 90? lye. Freckles-Sun kisses. Freethinker-A bachelor. Gossip-A person with a good sense of rumor. Hick town-One that is lighted by electricity only during a thunder storm. High heels-The invention of a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. Home-A filling station in the eyes of a small boy. Indigestion-That which comes from being forced to eat your own words. Swing band--A group of citizens who are paid for playing static. Life-School tablets, aspirin tablets, stone tablets. Male-The only thing you can't get from a mail order house. Mistletoe-A glorious opportunity. Secret-Cwoman's viewpointl Something that is either not worth keeping, or too good to keep. Self-love-A life-long romance. Spendthrift-One who grows poor by seeming rich. Swimming pool-A crowd of people with water in it. Teacher-Person who swore he would starve before teaching and has been doing both ever since. Utopia-A dog without fleas. 00000000 -..-g 0 Co. 00000000 0 0 0 i 'll-4 O ll ln 0 6 u nu nu 0 0 0 0 nu na 0 0 nl 4:---- --4 0000 000000000 4 -..----- ---x W z 2 5 0 2 Q E iq z 3 C5 o o o , N v F Q 5 ' g 2 Q 3 H Q E :Z Q o o 2 I 5- 2 2 Z F Ln O I , 5 1 H 5 EH 9 ' ' E 5 Q C3 0 0 Q Q o o M? O 0 ,. 1 -q fn 0 Q 4 9 , ,, o , Q , 'A 0 0 f F' O .A Sw 5 H Q 4 f 5 4 5 Z 5- ' , -U 1 P' fo ' 1 L" .2 0 0 .. Q 0 1 H D- 0 0 - H U q 4 , 0 v 0 . 4 E, m r A A o O , 2 ! H 0 0 ., . N .. . Q , 1 nu F Q O f C F' "' ' : 7 . . H 4: :' 31 0, "' . Z..szbz1ffHQ- g..2QaE1 5 gzzw .4 23 . 0 O 7 1 f.5 ? C: 3, Q g 0 2 9 Q m 0 , H 20 H . Q O : 9 Q - -' fp I3 F' Z Q . 0 F IQ :Q 2 2 5: e . . ,a 5: : 2 2 :: .3 0 - W ' - 5' : E' 0 5 2 A o o ,, Sv U2 0 Q ' U W 2 g g ,Z I Q S if -1 , O g 2 ,v 2 S- 9,3 Q 0 W .4 ' O g , '14 fb 'I 9 - 2, ,T iwwzzw af EE' S's""f 9 0 H I O O E Q fb . U3 ' ' F 0 3 o ' ' 2 3 ' 3 g g 2 O . ' 0 ! Q O 0 4----0------------------,i. 4- .... ..-....----..-----i. qc..- . rg . --------- ...... -----g, 0 P 0 41"-0--Q- -------.. .... .Q 41- ..... --....-- .... ---...k .y----..- ..------- Q 0 , , , , ---gf on 3 2 0 v Q Q . 0 C Q Q Q UD 2 2 F' 0 ' o o Q 0 0 9' 3 3 ' 3 ' 'PU ' ' 2 0 0 2 o ' "4 E E In 3 O E E E O 3 3 Z n-U E Q2 o o Q Q D S , 4 5' 2 2 2 E FU Q Q g ' g 1 Cv: 0 Q o 0 W ff Q 0 Q 4 5 5 3 , cj ' A Cui 0 F 0 0 2. H- M o 0 - tm 5 G - o ' . ' P-4 0 rn ' ' n no - '1 o o f P 2 P 2 , m 3 Q 2 E 5 m AJ, 0 U3 0 0 U 4 ' 2 HU UU - , H Un H H L a 0 14 - ' g 9 :U U O v Q F1 ' 1-f S1 ' ' 1 '1 O '9 O 0 0 '- O A 1+ 2 2 2 3 Q 2 ' ' w r Q F E5 ' E, o 0 IZ r' 2 fr 5 , , Q W 3 ' ' 5 m 5, N Q 2 0 ff Q 9 m 3, P-H J 4+ O m 9 0 0 ' Q 9 H' . ' 0 9 ' - B 5 5 0 z z UQ 'J 2 ' C3 U 2 3 f "' ' 0 0 o s 0 o o 4 ' o s Q ' O O Q ' o o 0 o o ' o 0 E iD E1 ' O Z U ww 0 Tiff 2 :ZIP Pi Q U1 u-:gg l'I1+ L-4 E ti P1 T" CDW P4 FU U' Z2 O U3 vi? JEWELER and OPTOMETRIST vff EXPERT XVATCHMA KEIRS 1,40 ESTABLISHED 1 9 04 --UN THF PUBT Il 000000000000000000000000 00 A 0000000000000000000 SQUARE- 00000000000000 4 ----------------- SAD STORY Code letter from a college student: "Dear Dad: Gueii what I need moit of. That'9,6 right. Send it along. Beit WiSheS. Your Fpon, RuS'pS. The Dad answered: Dear Russ: NOthing ever happens here. We kNOw you like your school. Write us aNOther letter aNOn. Jim was asking about you at N Oon. NOW we have to say goodbye." 7,,yl.k, Helen Kienast: "What,s good for biting fingernails '?" Walter Kerber: "Sharp teeth." ...-fifit Vivian: "Lillian must be able to see in a blackout." Mother: "Why, what makes you think so ?" Vivian: "Well, last night when she was entertaining in the parlor and the lights were out I heard her say, 'Why Bill, you haven't shaved' X" bflf, Dentist Cto patient who is opening her pursej : "Oh, don't bother to pay me in advance." Philomena Lateano: "I'm not. I was only counting my money before you give me gas." -T-kidk.,-. Katherine Barrea: 'I'd like to try that dress on in the window." Clerk: 'Tm sorry, Miss, you'll have to go in the dressing room." wifgita-. Irene Korpela: "I passed Caesar today." Helen Liss: "Did he speak to you '?" ggi, gf.-. Kathryn Duff: 'Tm just a little love bird." Betty Finnessy: "That's funny. I heard you were a little coo-coo." gi-klfl Lottie Mason: "Did you take that box of pills ?" Elizabeth Pakkanen: "Yes, but I don't feel any better. Maybe the lid hasn't come off yet." -t,g,?.k,, Miss Johnson: "Take this sentence, 'Take the cow out of this lot.' l VVhat mood ?" Rita Winkler: "The cow." 4--------------------------------------------------i ,k--------------------------------------------------.k -------------------- ------QQ---Q--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q-- svlcciml, s'1'r:1c1, STAINLIGSS STICLI1 lnmwlwc sfrmil. C,x1:1soN STEEL STA MPING STEEL Elliott Bros. Steel Company HColcl Rolled Strip Steel Since l893" GQ NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments ot TELEPHONE 3850 23 NORTH MILL STREET NEW CASTLE. PA. .X LLOY STEEL ---------------------Q--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------x I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I --lI' 4 -------------------------------- -------------- A Miss Hartsuff: "My lad, are you to be my caddie ?" Bob Confer: "Yes ma'am." Miss Hartsuff: t'And how are you at finding lost balls ?" Bob Confer: "Very good, ma'am." Miss Hartsuff: "Fine, start looking around and find one so I can start the game." -+,g..,-ti.. Mother of Senior A: "Yes, Mary's taking French and Algebra. Say Good Morning" to Mr. Jones in Algebra, darling." Q--A-...-.k, Mary Lou Johnson: "How do you like living in a tent?" Russell Rhodes: "Oh, I haven't any room to complain." T-kldi,-,Q Miss Griffiths: "A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer." Jim Gosney: "No wonder so many of us flunk our exams." -.k,.k.... Miss Duff: "Now pass all your test papers to the side of the room and kindly insert a carbon sheet so I can correct the papers all at once." .,,yi,g,-1 Paul Fisher wants to know: "If all the brides are beautiful as the newspaper says, where do all the homely married women come from ?" , Agp-iii Miss Burleson: "What is a monarchy ?" Dan Bailey: "A people governed by a king." Miss Burleson: "Who would reign if the king should die?" Dan Bailey: "The queen." Miss Burleson: "And if the queen should die '?" Dan Bailey: "I suppose the jack." -..,gr,.k Mr. McKenzie to Boy's Rifle Club: "These bullets will penetrate wood, so keep your heads down." -,i-lf,-A Mr. Lehto: "That fellow on the radio can sing tenor and bass at the same time." Bridie: "That,s nothing, we have boys in this school who talk that way every day." .-,g...kAt Mr. Brown: "Who is the smartest inventor?" Thelma Cohen: "Thomas A. Edison. He invented the phonograph and the radio so that people would stay up all night and use his electric light bulbs." 4-----------------------t .y-----------------..-----.k ----------------------- ip 'K 0 . 3 O O O O I 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 U O Q 0 U O 2 2 0 4 I 0 0 'K ----Qooo------..------i -K- 0 3 5 E En 2 cage E Z3 IU cs 2 :amen-12 :JPUWS Q- g,UJ0 : Sao: -AQZS F' P'-4 ,rg 0 .4 5.4 g 0 0 0 O O " ""'0' 0'O0O'.O Qoooo 1, " """"' M "'-'-- --7 oven! H1533 L' Earn! rn wcwg U2 2:0 L: mc! F1 QE! :: ek 55 2 3 mo! O Z3 E3 Q z r' of 0 O 0 0 0 Telephone 3721 0 0 -----------------------------4- 4---------------------------- ------------------------------i, .gg--------------------------- E E 0 0 I g 3 The Q-- ARTICLES IN HARDXVARE 50: 7 Y E S3375 QE "1 If ""'I-I- 5.57 :nu E1 L4'."1 Q: : O. Ea Q na 'q..sF .4 ZZ Q: r-1.9 EQ :gevgxffvgzzsn-6055235 HC :ttf-r 'H 5' H2 'Sig '1 -4A Q5 ga -' FD 2 5 :s 2 2 9' 5 : 9 Si: O230'EF 4 1:4 'f O G7 U33 L -Q---------- l i 5 Z IJ' nl 2 5 -.:: H353 52' zip Z Q 'FU :" 'Uw H O 'U 5 DP I 0 mud as 3' D52 ,,.4 -7' 1 HM F' E8 'T P1 r' '-4 U10 U2 IP pg 1 Q ' :' U1 3 'S ---QQ----,------------------ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ffbesrw 'wishes from PERELMANS 129 East Washington St. New Castle, Pa. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -Q Q Q Q Q-- -Q Q-- -Q 4------------..---------j, 4------------------------------------------,,-,-, , , A, 4.-----..----------------g. Pat Hogan Cgoing around in a revolving doorjz "Bless me, I can't remember whether I was going in or coming out." Lf,-i,, Miss Merrilees: "Name two pronouns." John Johns: "Who, me ?" ifiift. Bill Tyrrell: "Great Scott! I've forgotten who wrote 'Ivanhoe'." Harvey Theiss: "I'll tell you if you tell me who the Dickens wrote 'A Tale of Two Cities'." i.k,,,k1 Jane Iatonna: "Could you love two girls at the same time ?" James Mulderig: "Sure could, do you have a friend ?" Hwy?-,WB Rachel Maravella: "They're from my boy friend. He believes in saying it with flowers." Ada Marcotuli: "But they'1'e such a small bunch." Rachel Maravella: "I know, he's a man of few words." -,Yi..i.A.?.. Genevieve McIlvenny: "Say, who gave you that black eye ?" Dick Scarazzo: "Gave it to me? I'll have you know I had to fight to get it." H.1-k-1.k, Kathleen Maher: "Do you really love me ?" Paul Rowland: "Why su1'e, why do you think I bought me that coke last night ?" ifT,,l Mr. Lengerman: "How was iron ore first discovered ?" Leo Russo: "I believe they smelt lt." iflfl Burglar: "Hands up! I'm looking for money." Mary Irene Taylor: 'fTurn on the lights and let me hunt too." -.ifvigfi Jim Vallely: "Ginger ale, please." Bill Rose: 'Pale ?" Jim Vallely: "No, a glass." B,-f.i,g,1 Someone said the other day: "Gee, but you have a bunch of dumb jokes in this book." We re- turned, "Oh, we don't know, we threw a bunch of them in the stove the other day, and the fire just roared." QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ - -- -- ----- -------.A, ---------v---- - - ------ - ik A NEW MODERN STORE TO SERVE A MODERN COMMUNITY if 'Tho Tfgw Qaitle Store 793 -------QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQLQ Compliments of AXE'S North Mill Street New Castle, Pa. Qoooooooooooooooooooooooo- --------------------- Q-- -QQQ---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Compliments of Elliott 81 Waddington 116-118 N. Mercer Street Phone 3600 if RADIO, AUTOMOTIVE AND PAINT PRODUCTS Ib QQQQQQQQ------------------- Seavy's Studio NEW CASTLE, PA. 3- HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE P H O T O G R A P H S if l'0IiTH.X ITS MODERN A N D llIS'I'INC'I'l VE ,..--------------------- - -Q ------ "THE STUDENT HOUR" , Betwen the dark and the daylight, In a lovely and forgotten bower, l l Sits a student cramped among volumes, Condemned to the Student's Hour. I l He hears in the chamber above him The drone of his father's snore, But he is sentenced to labor Among his forgotten lore. From the street we see his lamp , Shining on papers berserk, I , - l 3 Tis an essay perhaps, or a notebook- 'Tis a student hard at work. A sigh, and then a silence He thinks for 3 moment or two, But after all, at this hour of night What more can you expect him to do? Feverishly he begins to write Lest the knowledge from him should depart, Then suddenly his pencil drops- It was too much for his heart! Gradually his brain begins to click, And slowly he raises his head, It has taken all this time to decide That he should go to bed. -Verna Taylor, 't43" Whfif... l i T George Cionni: "It was nice of you to give me this dance." l Mary Greene: "Not at all, this is a Charity Ball." l 39-F- l i 5 Nile Simpson: "You look sweet enough to eat." 1 Charlotte: "I do! Where shall we go ?" T kftfl Carmen Massaro: "Didn,t she let you kiss her?" Sam Manaco: "Oh, heavens no! She isn't that kind." Carmen: "She was to me." i,q,,..k, Wilbur Mack: "Why don't you put your coat on ?" Lonnie Keelan: "Because I have at book in my hand and it won't go through the sleeve." .-.+fl.f....... Betty James: "My Dad takes things apart to see why they don't go." Cliff Robb: "So what?" Betty James: "You'd better go." IK I I II II II I :::--::::-:: II II I II II II I II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II -V- 'Ir I I II II II II II II II II II Il II II I II II I II I I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II I I I I I 'II- ------------------------- Compliments of RICHMAN BROTHERS ik FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN vi? NEW CASTLE, PA. STORE 124 E. Washington Street ---------------------------- ---------------------------- TO THE GRADUATE . . . CONGRATULATIONS AND MAY YOU CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS J I. C. Penney Co., Inc. Department Stores ----------------------------- f-- ..---..------------------- 41..- I --------------------------- Gongmtulations 'june Glass of 1943 fir D. G. Ramsey 8I Sons BUILDERS' SUPPLIES HARDWARE PAINTS iff 4200--PHONES-4201 306-20 CROTON AVE. ---------------------------- IT'S EASIER TO SUCCEED BY HAVING YOUR SHOES REBUILT I Pagley Shoe Service 17 North Mill Street NEW' CAs'l7IIE, PA. 4-------------------4. ------- ---- if II II I I I II II II II I I I I II I II I II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II I II II I I I I I II' III: I II II II II II II II I :::-Q: I II II II II I II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II I I I II II II II II II II I HI- , T' I Z Joe Polanskey Cto Mr. Greenl : "Shall I lower the curtain? One of l the living statues has the hiccupsf' -,,7,,- Ed Mazur "She's pretty as a picture." ii Kilmer Joyce: "Nice frame, too." i I -++f- , T l l I I l l I Wanda Puzio: "Oh, iny cake is burning, and I can't take it out for five minutes yet." Y-ir? A,-Q Helen VanCouver: "I swear a inan's lips have never touched inine Dorothy Pearce: "That's enough to make anyone swear." if?-Q1 Frances Coinisky: "Who do you suppose was the smallest man in history ?' Ray Seniow: "Maybe the Roinan soldier that Went to sleep on his watch." it?-il Mr. Replogle: "Why are pianos noble characters ?" John Carlin: "Because they're grand, upright and square." -: : : :-,:- 2 2 -2 Q-: :----: 2-3 2 Q 2 e-.k --..-------..----------....- 'K tl O ll Established 1873 Phone 257 3 l 1 :E l ll ll ' o 0 Miller, Pyle 81 Street 3 3 ALBERT B. STREET, Owner Ii II ll ll Q ll MASTER PRINTERS 3 ll ll ll of E l ooMMERC1AL, Jon, nook AND 3 1: v.J.Ml'Hl.l+:'i' womc II II II II 1 ll e :E 1: ll ll 70th Year of Serving This Community Il ll if 11 ll 0 I: 0 1 217-219 Sycamore Street I 1: fBeWeen Min and East srsq 2 2 0 nu 0 lu NEW CASTLE, PENN'A. 2 3 3 2 4 o 1 T 3 s GOLDTONE'S ORIGINAL LASTING DISTINCTIVE TIMELY OIL TINTED NOBBY ENLARGEMENTS at 114 North Mercer Street New Castle, Pa. 4-----------------------..------ 4-..----------------------- ---geo f Q.. Q. 1- oo: :oof 0 nu nu O 0 0 O 0 o::-:::: 0 ll ll II ll 0 ll ll O 0 O 0 0 ll O 0 O 0 0 ll 0 nn O nu ll ll 0 0 -V- Q- oo Qoeeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy .51-,N Roma Restaurant 3 - . 1 A eHome of Italian Foods- 0 ? l ,. , 4 l N ' 13 Sa. Mercer St. New Castle, Pa. 2 O ---..---------------------------------------------------------m+ N anne A mbition Obstacle Result Keith Brooks ..... Radio Announcer .... Microphone .,7........... Static Aaron Cohen ,,,,,, President of U. S .... Collecting votes .,t,.. Absent Minded Professor Ralph Doerr ,.....,...... Six Foot ................... Ten inches .,.......o,,,,, 5' 2" Don Graham .....,...., To be graceful .......... Arms and Legs ,,,..., Isn't John Wasilewski ..,,, Happily married ,,,,, Women ..,,.....,....,...... Bachelor Kathryn Johns ,oo,..., Live in peace ...,,,o,... Men ........ ...., , Divorce Fifi Hazaminola ,,,,,4 Gus ,,,,,,,,....,,.,,,,Y,,,,,,, Army ,,,.,,,, ,.,.. I n love Mary Barella o,.,.,,,.,, Nurse .,,.......,, 4 ,....,o.,... Patience ...... ,..., N ervous wreck Doris Johnson ..., To be a WAVE lr,,,,, Parents ......,..,,,,,,,,,,,A Junior Commando Donna Brooks .... Move into town ,.,.,,, Her father ,.,.,...,....,. Still in the country! Charlene Black ..,.... To be happy tccl,.,.,.... Short blackouts ...,.. Unhappy Violet Tobin .....,,..,., Secretary .,,r.,,l, ,,,,.,. N o handsome boss,..Still in the market D0t Smith ..,,..,. George! ....,,,.,,........,. George!! ....,,,,.......... George! !! -121116 R0bertS .,.... Conduct an orderly..Gir1 Reserves .,!........ "Please Girls" meeting. J0hI1I1ie Lannert ..... Air Corps ,...,.,. ,,.,... H ead too big .,..,...... Grounded ---------------..-..-------------------------------..---------,y O O 0 0 O 3 BEST WISHES, from 3 O 0 0 O na 0 0 O 0 nu 0 0 0 0 fl na MOON EY BRCS ' Q nu na 0 3 BUILDING MATERIALS --- HEAVY HAULING 2 0 PH CI N E 5 2 6 Cl 2 0 n 3 133 Mahoning Avenue New Castle, Penna. 2 IC O 0 0 ------------..-..-..-..-..-,,-,,X, 0.0000000900QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ l l ll! lf! i ll, ii, lil ll! ill J, il l 'll ,, . ii i ! ill ll I 1 l l , . l l l A l Q-QQQ---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Francis Theobald: "Have you ever seen the Catskill Mountains ?" Victor Thomas: UNO, but I have seen them kill mice." .ki..k.., F777 Mary Perret: "I Wonder what becomes of all these love triangles. Eleanor Sylvester: 'fMost of them turn into wreck-tangles." L-kl,.A,., Miss Galbraith: "Frank, correct this sentence, 'Girls is naturally better looking than boys'." Frank Peters: Girls is artiiicially better looking than boys." i,g.1,g,T. Mrs. Hoagland: "How do you test the temperature of a baby's bath ?" Bertha Sullivan: "You fill the tub with Water and put the baby in it, If the baby turns red, it's too hot: if the baby turns purple, it's too cold, and if the baby turns white, it needed a bath." .,.-kl,,k,,- Mr. Leslie: "What did you Iind out about the salivary glands 'Z' Joyce McGaffic: "I couldn't find out a thing, sir, they're too darn secretive." -.fifl Old Maid's laughter-He! He! He! 3 1 3 5 E 5 2 E 3 3 1 ' 3 gg '4 o 3 W Z I 3 - 0' o o 3- v-1 H, Q S 3 S O 2 3 E3 F' al 4 o 3 E E 2 3 3 ' U3 5 6' 3 - 5 ' 5 H' UQ 3 Q 3 3 U1 3 Q' H 3 2 al ' C Z 3 5 z C H 3 3 'Q 3 T "" U1 3 3 5 U 3 4 ' " "' .4 U1 0 0 I Q H 5' 3 3 E 3 O 3 V 3, 0 'U 3 3 3 3 3 3 o 3 :::::::::::::::::::,4. 4.-::::::::-::::-::-:::--+ 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 I o Y o o 3 5 :P 0 3 5 H 92 3 5 5 3 3 -5 1- 5 3 : cn ' l 54: Zz 5 O ' ' 0 y '51 N 2 3 2 se w W z 4 'S o 3 fd '71 D- F 3 Qi 3- o F o 3 i"m W 5 are asggsisrsszaf 5 5 H 0 o 555 E: 5: 5 91 W 3 z 0 2 z I -f: ' 1 A H O ' 3 'Z H H3 3 S Q 3 3 Q O 3 -E - o 3 ' -1 o 3 o cn o o o 3 o o o I3 Il 33 If ig- I O O O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O O O O O 0 O 0 O .gg ----------------..-----.k .k------..---------------.k QQQQQQQQQQt 4k QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-k QQ.-- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQ QQQ::Q::QQQ:::QQQQ:::: :::: CORRECT CLOTHES are an important part of life ........... Levjneis' The Store of Nationally Advertised Men's XVeal' if NEXT TO PENN THEATRE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ COIXIPLIMENTS OF Rice Pharmacy J. NIYRON "DOl"' RICE Sk North Mill, Corner East North NEXV CASTLE, PA. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ BARON Hardware Stores HVVHERE YOUR DOLLAR HAS MORE CENTS" IT' 314-316 E, Washington St. 1221 Moravia St. McBride-Shannon Co. INSURANCE Il, 238 EAST XYASHINGTON ST. ISELI, 519 NEW' CASTLE, PA. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQ QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ C:-1+ QQ: :Q 0 ll 0 0 0 0 nu O 0 0 ll 0 0 lb ll It i' O 0 0 0 2 O 0 0 O A O 1 'A' 0 O O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 X- -fr ll ll ll lb In ml 41 U u 4+ ll ll nr lb qu mv I I 0 1 v 0 na 0 J' It QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ k fy-- -----i ..---.k .k............- 'X .gg ------------------..---.k QQQQQ QQQQQQ COMPLIMENTS OF JESSE N. KERR Q DIAMONDS - JEWELER - SILVERSMITI-I 33 5 NORTH MILL STREET NEVV CASTLE, PA. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ CONGRATULATIONS, JUNE CLASS OF '43 PENN THEATRE "Always the Best Show in Town fi' Home of 15IETRO-GOLDXVYN-MAYER PARAMOUNT and RKO GREATER MOVIES QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ t BEST WISHES F L E M I N G MUSIC STORE if 19 North Mill Street QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ COMPLIINIENTS Ol" Maxwell 8: Gibson QUALITY COAL AND ICE if 301 SOYTH MILL STREET NEW' CASTLE, PA. QQQ: Q : : : :QQQQQ- v YQQQQ - - QQQQQQQ Q::QQQ:::::::::::::::---- Q::::QQQ::Q:::Q: :QQ::Q: : vv QQQQQQQQQQQQQ- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ' w M Tw V N T NT T 'NN M T W 1 i w lf W H1 T 1 Y 1 W I Alan Joseph: "What did the Sergeant say when you dropped your rifle ?" Leo Nicholson: "Shall I leave out the swear words ?" Alan Joseph: "Yeah" Leo: "Then he didn't say a thing." Tt,.-f,E- Walter Guy: "Have you seen my scars ?" Joe Janowski: "No, but somebody swiped my cigarettes." -,.k..,.k-A Mr. Butler: "What is a red corpuscle ?" Carolyn Rocks: "I think its a non-commissioned officer in the Russian Army." ?f.-k.k,.- Ethel Jay: "I bought myself a new kind of bed to sleep on." Evelyn Crudel: "Did you, what's it like ?" Ethel Jay: "It's all covered with nails." Evelyn: "Good heaven'sl Why nails ?" Ethel: "So I can get used to the new point system." if-.iii Wanted: A cheap double bed by an elderly lady with Wooden head and feet, Wire springs and mattress. A-fkwfi Richard Landfried Cto Sophomore in the cafeteriajz "Lay off the rice pudding today youngster. They had a wedding across the street yesterday." .-tk,-Ari.. Miss Parker: "Why are you late, Beverly '?' ' Beverly Mikels: "It was late when I left home. " Miss Parker: "Then why didn't you start earlier?" Beverly: "It was too late to start early." i.f.?fi Mr. Casillo: "Is there any connection between the animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom ?" Ann Boron: "Yes, sir, hash." ,f....4,i Stella Chmura: "What was George Washington noted for ?" Agnes Cartwright: "His memory." Stella: "What makes you think that?" Agnes: "They erected a monument to it." 0 4.00-k 000000000000 4x0 41 ---------------------.k Vera Germani: "Why is a beggar like a baker?" Rose Galassi: "Because they both knead bread." if-li, LeRoy Downs: "There were three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. What could they do ?" Rudolph Eagan: "They could throw out one cigarette and make the boat a cigarette lighter." .tilti- Ed Ballog: "What is the difference between a cat and a comma?" Edwin Gronman: "A cat has its claws at the end of the paws, but a comma has its pause at the end of a clause." ..,f,1t? Miss Calvin: "Can any one tell me what happened when Napoleon mustered his army ?" Betty Johnson: "Yes ma'am, he peppered the enemy and took the cita- del by assualtf' Miss Calvin: "Sit down, please. I'll have no sauce from you." ' -4301330 E 5. fn 73 fi '27 D' n: '35 P13 2 93 rn E. H C 31 O 'U fb 3-4 m 99 2 99 C7 CD Q3 5 33 4+ 34 3-3-3 ro rn 1-3- 5 5 UQ S39 5 fl- C?- ZCD Qi v-'CD ga gi 532 CD Ill Q D" 93 Cf' U2 O C 5 CL U1 F CD SD 5 CP O Hb CT' C I3 F 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 8' 3 3 P1 3 3 - 5 3 3 Q 3 3 2' 3 . E 3 3 2: 3 "" 3 3 3 ' 3? Q E 3 S 3 3 3 53 2 cv-L 3 3 Cb Z S 3 - 5 F Q 3 3 1 3 3 fi 33 1 33 2 E 3 3 Z1 2 S 3 3 to 2 3 3 E, 2 3 3 O A 3 A 3 3-3. fa 3 3 g 5 W 3 0 C W 3 3 ,,1 W 3 3 "1 3 3 3 cn 3 3 3' 3 3 - 'U 3 0 G 3 ' N 3 ' 3 3 374' 3 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 1 ---------- -----4, 4------ .... ----------X, 'K """""' 000000-00000 0000000 0000 000000000--- 3 3' T 3' 3 3 3 3 3 P 2 3 3 EI 3 3 nv Q Q 0 3 2 3 UQ 3 3 P 2 3 SB ' 3 E O 3 5 ' Q 39 3 3 331: 9 3 . F3 L O 0, 3 3 D.. : 3 3 " A 3-I "" 3 3 F 3 3 5 as 5 as 3-3 5- 3 3 "" Q1 H 3 3 z 0 3 3 3 3 3 A UQ 3 3 U H 3 -: cn W 3 9, 2 3 2 3-3 C 3 3 nun P5 Q 0 0' 3 3 -: U1 3 ? F W 3 3 3' 3 3 34 i 3 3 E S2 3 3 0 9 L gp 0 . O 3 3 3 3 ' 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ---13, .y.--------- 4---------------------,3, Q.-- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Marlan Hare: "Something awful happened to Grandpa this morning." Rudy McGill: "Why, what happened to him ?" Marlan: "He put his false teeth in upside down and before I could stop him he ate up half his head." l, Pat Hagan: "Did I tell you about the new picture I painted ?" Arlene Peterson: "No, what is it like '?" Pat Hagan: "It's a picture of the Barefoot Boy looking for stamp number 17." 1.4.4-57.2- Marilyn Kyte: "Here comes the parade, and your Aunt will miss it where is she ?" Victoria Comparone: "She's upstairs Waving her hair." Marilyn Kyte: "Mercy, can't she afford a flag ?" ifT,Q,i Some Senior A-Time is passing I'm not glad. Time is passing I am sad. Time is passing I am not. Compliments of 0 I C 0 Q 2. si! W, O Q 9 New Castle, Pennsylvania QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 00-0-0-0-----------------QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4 ----------------..-..---k ------------f gg---- 00--000--0-k 0-00000000000-00---t 4k-0 i 0--000 -000000000000000000000000 -00-00000000-000-000--0-0 000000 I5 In I, -----------------.. vv---00-----vvv-0----v---- CORRECT CLOTHES are an important part of life ........... Levjnels' The Store of Nationally Advertised Men's XVea.l' Il: NEXT TO PENN THEATRE COMPLIMENTS OF Rice Pharmacy J. DIYIION "DOIN RIFE ik' North Mill, Corner East North NEW' CASTLE, PA. 000000000000000-000--00000 BARON Hardware Stores HVVHERE YOUR DOLLAR HAS MORE CENTS" if 314-316 E, Washington St. 1221 Moravia St. McBride-Shannon Co. INSURANCE Il- 238 EAST KYASHINGTON ST. L 519 NEW' CASTLE, PA. 0-0000 000- -----f O ----------------..------,k ..-----: , : : 4-----..-----..--..-----.k ::::::uk 0 ll 0 0 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll lb ll qg:::: ::0t 0 0 ll u 0 y::::::::::::::: 00-f 0- -0 0- gg.. "Always the Best Show in Town COMPLIMENTS OF JESSE N. KERR T DIAMONDS - JEWELER - SILVERSMITH il- 5 NORTH MILL STREET NEW CASTLE, PA. 000::00000:::0::00::0::00::0:: 0----000000000-000000000000000 CONGRATULATIONS, JUNE CLASS OF '43 PENN THEATRE iv Home of METRO-GOLDVVYN-MAYEIL PARAMOUNT and RKO GREATER MOVIES ----0-000000000--000000-0-0000 BEST WISHES F L E M I N G MUSIC STORE fx- 19 North Mill Street 00000-0-000---0-00-000--00000- 000000000000000-000--000000000 CONIPLIINIENTS OI" Maxwell 8z Gibson QUALITY COAL AND ICE fx- ZSOI SOUTH MILL STREET N EIV UA STLE. PA . ::0::::::-0::0:::0::::::-0-000 v v 0-000 --0000000--00--0-0- 1, AV- ---4 -Y ------Q .y.---- 0000000000000f .y.---- I Alan Joseph: "What did the Sergeant say when you dropped your rifle ?" Leo Nicholson: "Shall I leave out the swear words ?" Alan Joseph: "Yeah," Leo: "Then he didn't say a thing." .i.-fl..-k Walter Guy: "Have you seen my scars ?" Joe Janowski: "No, but somebody swiped my cigarettes." ...Q-...k.t Mr. Butler: "What is a red corpuscle ?" Carolyn Rocks: "I think its ai non-commissioned officer in the Russian Army." if--,Q-A Ethel Jay: "I bought myself a new kind of bed to sleep on." Evelyn Crudel: "Did you, what's it like ?" Ethel Jay: "It's all covered with nails." Evelyn: "Good heaven's! Why nails ?" Ethel: "So I can get used to the new point system." E314-,.f,E Wanted: A cheap double bed by an elderly lady with wooden head and feet, wire springs and mattress. ...ii- 'f Richard Landfried Cto Sophomore in the cafeteriabz "Lay off the rice pudding today youngster. They had a wedding across the street yesterday." ?g,i,g Miss Parker: "Why are you late, Beverly ?' ' Beverly Mikels: "It was late when I left home. " Miss Parker: "Then why didn't you start earlier ?" Beverly: "It was too late to start early." ?,,g--f-- Mr. Casillo: "Is there any connection between the animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom ?" Ann Boron: "Yes, sir, hash." .ii-l,q,E. Stella Chmura: "What was George Washington noted for?" Agnes Cartwright: "His memory." Stella: "What makes you think that ?" Agnes: "They erected a monument to it." .gg-------..-----------------------------------------.A, .y--..--------------- -----..-------------------------,r --------------------- ---- ----------.,-----------------., Congratulations to the June Class of '43 from Your Hotel RY' The Gastleton., DuWayne Shaw, Mgr. -Q---Q----------------Q------- LOCKLEY MACHINE COMPANY PRODUCTION MACHINING Ib Phone 993 if 310-I2 GROVE S'I'liElC'I' NEW' f'.XS'I'l,lC. PENNA. ---0..---- ------------.,------------- --------..--------..--------------..-4 -040 4 4--------------------------------------------,,,,, , 1, .g----...---------------------------------------,,-, i 4g-------..--------..----------------------------- , , ,k Q-- 0-0-0000QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Standard New Castle High School Ring MATHER BRDS. C0. 213 East Washington St. - 47 Years In Business - -Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Compliments of Harry G. Preston W H 0 L E S A L E G R 0 C E R S :Y- Nmw rx-xsTI,l+1, vl+1NNsx'l,x'ANu Q--- ---Q QQQQQQQQQQQQ ---------- .-- Q--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 4---------------------------------- ----------------,4, 4----------..--------------..----------------- ---,,,x, , m,, I N l l l l all i l I t oooooooe Q. Q oo ?- O ------i Q- 90-0.0-0 -Q Q-Q -Q X, Mrs. Andree: "Did you make these biscuits with you own little hands ?" Eleanor Cleaver: "Yes, Why ?" Mrs. Andree: 'tOh, I was just Wondering who helped you lift them off the stovef' -..uf-.AYQMAYA Cycilist Cin barb : "To tell the truth, I'm a little stiff from Wheeling." Donald Lelii: "That so? I'm from New Castle myself." .h.,fn...f.,.- Helen Gartner: peelings ?" Pat Goodman: Helen Gartner: "Why worry about shoes when you have banana "Why, you can't wear banana peelings for shoes." "No, but they make good slippers." .f.,y...Wf,h.. "That coat fits you like a glove." Domenic Morgan: Ed Lindsey: "So I see, the sleeves cover my hands." h,v-f.,-.iY..- Sherman Miles: "Why didn't they play cards on N oah's ark ?" Lucille Mash: "Because Noah sat on the deck." -Q l ' 2 3 3 o 3 o a .. o o o o ' s I o S 0 l F Q ! ' ' ' E 0 9 5 O 2 l - rl: l Q ,' . T 0 z Z 2 z z E E on E 0 - 2 0 0 ' 0 O Q, 2 ek 3, O Q 0 0 f 3 Qqki H Q 4 3 2 -4 'lf 2 l S P1 'GE G 3 o 2 P1 o o ' a 5' l" o 0 7 w 5 O 0 5 H W Q 0 z ' U2 W 0 l .: P4 '4 ' 2 E 3 2 H cn 2 as 2 2 ' 2 W 3 o 9 l 0 o o o o o s 4 o o o o 0 o 4..-..------.. .......... g, 4.- ............. - ....... -4 -x----------- ---- Q-if -x ----' - ------------- -f-af o o o e o 4 o o E E 5 E o :Q 10 o Z 0 2 2 S 3 2 2 , 9 H- 3 5 E. N Q 2 2 4 s: O 3 z 2 H 2 Q z a 2 'L O z 4 ' '4 0 Z o o E 5 o . : K1 :: 1 Q Q 5 ri 1 o 3 it O OE o o 6, oi I : : Q, 20 z z 5 . H E11 o o :E F 5 50 S z 2 3' fi 5 , j 5 F' m Q 1 w z Q Q: 3' 5 : ' " E I-ll o 5 4-1 0 o o O o o A pg B o o Q o o o 0 o 3 2 2 S o o 1----..------------------i --1+ 4---..------------- l gg--..--------------..--------------------------- ..-t ------- ------ R. 0. T. C. HUT SUT! Explanation of technical military terms: Hut-one-as in "Hut, Tup, Thrup, Fupf' Harch-march, as in "Forward Harchf' Harms-arms, as in "Horder Harms." Hreezint-present, as in "Hreezint Harms? Harrite-right, as in "Harrite dress." Hrreuh-rear, as in "Hrreuh Harchf' Toon-platoon, as in "Toon Halt." Awplescowfa-all present and accounted for, as in 'Toonawplescowfa ifT.A,.... Helen Marketich: "These sleeves are a mile too long." Rose Marzula: "How much shall I cut off ?" Helen Marketich: "Oh, about half an inch." tfltl Miss Rogers: "Are you sure this is your mother's signature ?" Lizzie Johnson: "Yes, mam, as near as I could get it." L-,g,.iti.. Joann Myers: "Want me to dig you up a girl?" Grant Shaffer: "No thanks, I'd rather have a live one." COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 2 JH: -------------------------------------: : : :-: : : : : :----: : ------------------------ ------------------------------- AUTOGRAPHS

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