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 - Class of 1942

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a.,Hv.,u .H lil! --n--w-- ws . -.x iii. 1 n-.. '-a .-u-.-. 17 7 . I +- +- N +- +- +- +- N E I 1 1 1 N +- +- +- N + +- +- , I l +- 1 +- fi +- ' a +1 + +- +- +- + +- +- +- +- +- C . 4 il 41 41 i 'K l 41 41 if +1 -il + 1 i + +- . . +- +- I I ' . ' +- 1 +- 1 'K s +- +- +- +- +- +- +- a +- +- +- +- +- 1 ' I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ R + + Y + 1' 1+ 1+ + 1+ 1+ 1+ + if l + 1 1+ 1+ ,, 1+ 1 1+ , i 1+ 1 0- 1 Al f w -CA-HI JUe , 194 171, X!!! W Z X . f n fn. f f 'WW ' ' f eww ,f . m..w. n n 1 -f ,I :'5 ' " e'1'-' 'e .' f ff N me ff' LXW. ' ,. ' """ ' -. - -43 ..'..- 'ff ' ., I ,. T., , ' ' A ' , li ' seeeaw n f u WM M ' N ffgffgigciagd Q- A - - '11 , n If , f, - ' I X 3 4' : 'H n' ' ' ' Y M f"'1fN'i','7Xff- 5 n P- -:L 'Q " .- F 1"-ff ' ,,i,ff'124 2 Y ,.,fJ4f.l,-fir' A ,. ".,, X' 2,317.17 W f f ,f ! ay V n , fw f fn ffm ,I,,ff,,.f ,, ,, . , Q-Aff ., .Vnff 4,542 "' fpff f - ,V ,ff ' ,C'.?31'JA"T' fiifififjf .j,QQZijgf,,,'4'f .ffff ff' 'lf in i. ff ,2f1ff,,,f,,f,,ff' f ,,: A A- e , , 6 431 gf f . Ziff Af' ifnzff-a:' + .1 1 ff' ,V ff ,f,V?:,'4., , K, Y! L-3Q,,,!,,,f4ff42 y I -RP K , 51,13 !45j:f':.g,f Vg--raw, 1 vii, 1f?2fi,f47 57 nf 1 ng ff? ,gf ff if A I 5211, V, 1 Lv, 4. lc, 14. .,V,i,, Z,If.'Q':g:-,lie " Af? f ji fjfff' f ff A 41, n l7',f', ifpl ,wjfzff ill,-W n 'fe - 1 22 ,flff ,.-. V1 IZ! , . , V, ,, H- I If ,aa , fy, .,,44XC ,5,, , , , r -, ' I 3114 1, 17. , .- f' ffjyvftf ' ,ff n ,4 n M ,X Q 'A ' ff ,gf 'iQ!f",if'22-5, 1 'yfffi 'V ff f3l"jQ7 ,f T-1 l',' " ' ' ' ' n ?f'fff'A ,L-1' 'wifi 73153 ' V f X I ,ff ff X Af ,,, .1 If f fn 4 , f f, 4 4 f fvf ffff ,ff ff ,Al 'A if ff! I , l7,.!,V , ,Zyl T-7 Q 1' 1 A ,,,QS'zf,1, f 'f ,A f fn Q' 1 57 17754 g,,Ay5fff"7X I U s Published by the June Class of Nineteen Forty-Two N ew Castle. Pennsylvania +I ir il 41 i if l l l 5 w l l V r w , Q 1 I l T ' l l 1 1 , l l l l +1 l l 4 l l +1 l l l l l l l l l l l n 4 l 5 1 +1 +1 +1 1 1 V , +1 +1 +1 +1 , +1 +1 41 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 I I I I +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 1 l l l , I V +1 'F , +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 1' +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 l nog 3 ,f l l l s l li fl ll al ll ll ll FOREWORD Someday in the doubtful future, when peace once more is supreme, and man Walks the earth free and unfearful, We, the graduates, will look back at this year as a tempestuous, stormy, and all-important beginning of a new era. To preserve some of the joy, laughter, and memorable experiences of the years which prove to be the turning point of many an Ameri- can's life - his last school years -- we set down this record of an average American High School. Just as our contemporaries now are doing their most to make this a free world, so we may soon be expected to promote and pre- serve universal peace. DEDICATION As a token of our appreciation for his helpful guidance through our high school years, We, The June Class of 1942, dedicate our yearbook to MR. E. WILLIAM LEHTO our friend and supervisor. itkvktttttttitiititttttittttiktit I' ifiiifiktiiiiiittiittiitttttttittttttfkit'kttiiziitittt tfktttttttttttttttttti"kt'ki'-ki'i'ir'k't'A'ti'i"k'k'k'k 41 OUR RAMPARTS Our graduation comes at a time when our country is fighting on land, in the air, and on the sea to preserve its freedom and democracy. As we step from the calm routine of school life into the chaos of a World at war, We are conscious of the park We must play in the conflict. Each of us is faced with his personal responsibility of strengthening our ramparts and hastening our ultimate victory. THE X xy! ' x X 1-eh K DR. C. C. GREEN - - - SUPERINTENDENT We, the June Class of 1942, pay tribute to Dr. C. C. Green, who is leaving the New Castle Public School System along with us. May the future continue to bring to him the success and happiness which have marked his years as Super- intendent of Schools. THE SCHOOL BOARD Back Row CStandingJ Left to Right: Dr. Mr Mr Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Arthur B. Foster, President C. C. McKibben, Treasurer John B. Bechtol, Secretary W. D. Cleland Charles H. Young, Solicitor Robert L. Preston Daniel B. Woolcock Bart Richards, News Reporter S. G. Ligo, Superintendent of Bldgs. Front Row fSittingj Left to Right: Miss Harriett Weddell, Clerk Dr. W. Fulton Jackson Mr. C. L. Shira Mr. A. C. Hyde Mr. Griif Thomas, Vice-President Mr. Leslie Brindle MR. FRANK L. ORTH - - PRINCIPAL To Mr. Frank L. Orth, our beloved and respected princi- pal, We, the Class of June 1942, express our sincere apprecia- tion for his freely given counsel and guidance throughout his years at New Castle High School. His friendly and sympa- thetic leadership will serve as an inspiration through the years. May the esteem with which he is held by thousands of his students be a reward to him for the years he has devoted to Ne-Ca-Hi. MRS. MARJORIE R. NELSON - ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL I I Q C 41 I JK an I , I 4 I ' 41' at I . ' I 4: ir f l I I I il" I ! I I I I 41 . I I I I , I Q I I 4 4 as , I or -or 41 4: 4 . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars thro' the perilous O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro' the night, that our flag was still there. Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? On the shore dimly seen thro' the mists of the deep, Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes, What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep, As it iitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses? Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam, In full glory reflected now shines on the stream: 'Tis the star-spangled banner: oh, long may it wave O'er the land ofthe free and the home of the brave! And where is that band who so vauntingly swore Mid the havoc of war and the battle's confusion A home and a country should leave us no more? Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave: And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. Oh, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand Between their loved home and the war's desolation, Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the Heav'n-rescued land Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: "In God is our trust!" And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. -FRANCIS SCOTT KEY. iight FAC LTY i wgilwziig - :iii V"' 'Y rf fff,QQY ' 'HWY' Y H -QA Z - .K 'X j Q giQTg si122 Af,'4"A'f 2 f - ff Q 5Zi3E'l5fE?'i?4glT5f f3,fij? f jf' gf7 Q gl J- .... T,f f1f92?' g A f fkff-f f fx?--- - N VJ Q-ffl-Q 'l-- f' ,Qmf - -- A 'bm-V 9? -5 'f Imimnm , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 il 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 '41 'K 1 l 1 'K 1 1 1 co cn 6 l 'I 1 1 1 1 +- +- +- 4- +- +- +- +1 41 i 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 4: 1 1 1 1 1 +- 1 1 1 1 1 1 4: 1 1 1 '4 1 W 5 1 +- 1 1 af +1 1 4 l 'K 41 , 41 if 41 v +1 '1 , ' u ll an 1 1 1 1 1 1 4K 1 141 1 1 ar 1 , 1 ' 1 ! , 'F 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ,W 5'-iw. J. W. Anderson Bernice E. Bartlett VVilhelmina Bodendorfer Arthur C. Brown N. R. Casillo Janet Brenneman Mildred Burleson 1 Earle M. Cass Edith E. Birchard R. H. Boak P. H. Bridenbaugh Bess P. Brinkerhoff Howard A. Butler Elsie F. Calvin Mary Perdue Clarke Donald F. Copson N Clara M. Hartsuff Frances M. Haydon Eleanor Lee Horner Ethel Kelley Roy C. Kirkpatrick Fred G. Leslie Harry Lockley Emily Johnston W. L. Klee Ralph F. Lengerman Joseph E. Lockley William A. Margrafi: Frances H. Maxwell Thelma Merrilees Myrtle L. Lord Adeline E. Miller li At present:-Supervising Instructor U. S. Naval Training School Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania. l I 1+ l L , , l l l l . 1 l l , l l l l i 1 l 'Q' 1' "S l l 1 l l l l l i . l l l l 1 1 1 l 11+ 1+ 11+ F l l , l l l l l l l I' If l l l l , l l . N I K l l 11 1+ 1+ l 1+ l l l l , 5 , I 1+ 11+ I - '- 11+ 1 1+ ! 4 1+ 1+ . 1+ 1+ 4 l l 1+ , l l l l i l l 1 l 1 ' l l 1 N l l a i f l l l . l l l 1 1 , l i 1 l 1 V i l l g l ' ' l l l H s l l l .1+ l , l l f a 1: l l l iiiitiii 'ki' 'ki' fit iii! iii' if f 5 F1 -N' , J ffilygij iiifktti 'ki tiitiiiit John N. Cornelius Clarissa J. Duf Margaret P. Fischer ' A gi, WM..,W . .wg E53afa1s,weMQ gg .wsggg , ' wgwa. V Q-'ja m ay , x -.X .-: V.: 1 - Elmer O. Delancy Robert A. Duff Sarah M. Dinsmore Grace Dodson Dorothy Edmunds Q2 '98 'U' . at ti .1 Q Clara A. Elliott Bess S. Gailey Eleanor S. Galbraith Ralph H. Gardner Emmett W. Gillaspie Mary A. Good James R. Green Olivia M. Griffiths I Robert Mills Margaret Montgomery Mary Long Mullen fi f -' T5 " ll, . 1, 4 ,f , ,,V, ., t We f , ,. 'ilil-fog! f 'P' SW? . ' . . ' : ' ' en' f 1 J A3 VF M f V V J A' E t K . W 4 6, f M , ff uf ,J .. Frances McClaren N. P. Nelson Genevieve Riddle f . ws4'Ssf ' Sara McCune Walter S. McKee Robert H. McBurney fa'1ss'5i5.sff 1' A 55? g EE , . ml at 5 4 K 3 JK it 1 J. TP' 'V ,,.,.,,.,,. ,,,, . be, ,K J. H. Earl McKenzie J. J. Oeltmann Elizabeth H. Parker Joseph F. Replogle Mary G. Riffer Ola D. Rogers Viola H. Sadler ll it V Q 22 pi 1' ll' 41 l i 3 , l l l ' , 1' l i , X l I' l l I' s l , i l M , M . w i 1 , l l , , W x YY i . E -i i g l 1 l l l . 4 . , 41 l l ' 1 . Ai if V i l ' i l , 1 l 2 l l 1 i I M l +- +- W +1 'K JK Ruth G. Sample Margaret B. Shaw l Mona Sowash Mary E. VanDivort Ruth E. Wallace ...W .Pi '- ' fA- L' ,.:. 'Z , . "Q2 f imk a : Q a r W' -- - ...S - - sf, Q - , .iz- Z r r A . 2- -.sw 1 is riffs J 9-ear i.a...4 1- Oscar J. Sheaffer Reba Sines Helena Stevenson Charlotte A. Taylor George F. Thomas Ralph L. Weide Virginia Weinschenk Hlelen R. Westlake Dorothy Young Rhoda Leslie-Clerk Lela Moorhead-Clerk SENIORS CLASS OFFICER LARRY ATTISANO JAMES MINICK President Vice-President He's a busy chief executive with The best of all our shining lights plenty on his mind, Is Jimmy Minick of Highland YVhen it comes to responsibility, he's Heights. reliable, you'll find. DOROTHY HARPER WALTER WASILEWSKI Secretary Treasurer Petite, cute. and rigrht on the dot- Faithfully Walt has served his post: Hcre's a girl who's worth a lot. To him we all Propose a toast. THERESA ABRAHAM A dark-haired maiden, quiet and shy, And on her friendship we rely. THOMAS ABRAHAM He's stuck to his studies through- out the three years In spite of the hardships, "blood, sweat, and tears." GEORGE ADAMS A week at school, and a week at shop Q He has a trade and he'll reach the top. HOWARD ADAMS All his books he seems to dread-- Scholastic things don't fill his head. FRANCIS AKSTULEWICZ If thc-re's a disturbance round about, We know it's this boy without a doubt. CARL ALEXANDER To a baseball game he'll come on the run: For at that sport he always has fun. CLARENCE ALEXANDER A gridiron hero is "Alexander, the G1'eatg" On the line hc carries a lot of weight. JAMES ALEXANDER By Jim's skill at speech we set great store: VVe're always willing to give him the Hoor. LYDA ALUISIA A maiden both demure and coy, We wish her happiness and joy. FRANCES AMADIO A happy and carefree lass, She'd he a joy to any class. JOHN ANGELO If hard study is all we need, Then Johnny surely will succeed. VIDA ANTHONY A girl of much humor who always can laugh, Who gets the whole joke when the others get half. DAVID ANTTILA You don't hear a lot from this studious lad. For he's quiet serious-minded, but not at all sad. ARTHUR APICELLI He makes the machine shop light and sunny With his antics wild and funny. ROBERT ARMSTRONG Bob. with the roaming eye, Likes to watch the girls go by. GEORGE ASHTON Cedrge sinjrs well in the boys' quar- tet. As haritones go, he's an excellent bet ! RICHARD AUDINO A regular fellow with lots of friends. His daily routine ol' work never ends. JEAN BADGER Here's a toast to this charming blond, A girl ol' whom all her friends are fond. ROBERT BAILEY Debate with him and you havcn't a a chance! W'e mean Bob Bailey, Quiz Kid in long pants. AGNES BAKER One of the girls who lcd our cheers, NVQ wish her success throughout the years. JOAN BALDAUF Little Joan knows jokes galore, 'Trust her to have a couple in store. STEVE BALOGH "A xery perfect gentle knight," Thus Chaucer refers to this man of might. ADAM BARTKOWSKI He's well-known by both the girls and boys, A salesman who much competition enjoys. THOMAS BATTEN Tommy's a very quiet carrot top, VVho learned his 'trade in the ma- chino shop. MARJORIE BECK She's worked hard these past three years, And now lct's give her three big cheers! MARGARET BENZICK Since she's been pleasant in all of her school life, We're sure she'll make some man a good wife. ROSE BERTUCCI All through our lives, let's bear in mind! 'To be like Rose, gentle and kind. GERALDINE BEVAN Her lovely hair is red as Hre- She's as nice a classmate as one could desire. ROBERT BEYNON When it comes to patriots, Bob's all right: To preserve democracy he'll gladly iight. BETTY BIGLEY Among the most glamourous, she can be classed: Her poise and personality are both unsurpassed. JAMES BLACKWELL Jim can jump almost a mileg You never see him without a smile. HAROLD BLEWITT Without a care, without a fear, He's in there slugging year on year. HELEN BLOISE This tiny lass with curly locks Is such a charming chatterbox. JOSEPHINE BLUNDO She learns a little every day, She knows a lot by now, we'd say. VIRGINIA BOGDON She's tall, dark, carefree, and gay- With a "hi" to all she goes on her Way. WILLIAM BOLLINGER Bill belongs to '42, A perfect friend, tried and true. CHARLES BOOK WVhat's that weapon charging down the avenue ?--- A '29 jalopy with Book and his crew! DONALD BOOTH A stout, young fellow, full of cheer, He hopes to be an engineer. NICHOLAS BORKESZ A serious-minded boy is Nick, Fm' he can make his answers click. JAMES BOYD He's the Class's shining sun- He's always such a lot of fun. JAYNE BRENNEMAN Jayne is quite a stylish lass, And hex' manner IS first-class. VIRGINIA BRINCKO She's no bigxger than a mite, She's liable to disappear from sisfht. ARMANDO BUCCI XVe heal' that if he's given the chance, Bucci could teach one how to dance. MARGARET BUCKLEY A sweet, young miss is Peg, Many do her friendship beg. BARBARA BUDZOWSKI "Dabs" is cheerful, full of fun, One of the happiest under the sun. JOHN BURICK May he use good common sense To devote his trade to National De- fense, LEONARD BURKOT Lconarzl's a student. quiet and shy, But he's not the one to pass you by. BETTE MAE CALLAHAN Bi-tty is calm and she's matter-oil fact, Sfte treats her classmates with a great deal ol' tact. ELIZABETH CALLAHAN Still the waters, deep they run, Betty's quiet, but she has fun. CHARLES CAMPBELL Although he won't talk a irreat deal, His friendship is firm, and you know it's real! MARIAN CAMPBELL NVith her pretty eyes of blue, She makes day dreams come true, JENNIE CANDIOT0 To hear her' laugh will do you good, You wnuldn't stop her if you could. MARIE CARANGI II' you're looking for one with whom to have fun, Marie Carangi is just the right one. STELLA CARKITTO In school she just keeps plugging along, If we all did that, we couldn't go wrong. MARIE E. CARLIN Marie with curly hair of brown, Is the pride of Mahoninyrtown. NANCY CAROLINA In every way is she sublime, She's been popular all the time. DANIEL CARROLL Danny's a Hash on the basketball court: In fact, he's a whiz at every sport. EMMA CARTER In case of accident or dilemma, To get first aid, just call up Emma. SHIRLEY CARTWRIGHT' If ignorance were bliss, then Shir- ley would be blue, For when it comes to intelligence, her competitors are few. VERA CHABAK She displays a mild disposition, To be a good housewife is her ambi- tion. L4 ARTHUR CHILL A Qentleman's gentleman is our Mr. Chill, NVhen it comes to smart scholars, he fills the bill. EDITH CHIPRANO Dancing takes up much of her time, She trips the light f a n t a s ti c sublime. ALBENA CHIRUMBOLO Albena likes to talk and chat, She speaks of these, those, this, and that. ROSE CIMINI This Rose isn't red, nor is she pink, Unlike most roses, she knows how to think. RUBY CLARK ln Home Ee. she's learned 10 sew, And clothes herself from head to toe. ROBERT CLEVER Bobby with that charming smile, Could cramp even Tyrone P0we1"s style. CARL CONGINI The Ql'C3t Congini's noted for his baseball skill, He's a pitcher with a hook and curve fit to kill. EUGENE CONTI On the Field and in the gym, You'll find no one else like him. BETTY JANE COPE The personality girl is she, As plainly everyone can see. ELEANOR CRUDELL "A friend in need is a friend 1n- deed," VVe think of her, when this We read. GEORGE CRUNKLETON For sports and studies he has a keen knack. With his long: legs, he can burn up the track. ARCHIE CUMO His complexioifs dark, his disposi- tion is light, As the English would say, "He's a bit of all right!" ' RUTH CUNNINGHAM Her eyes with gzladness do abound, No sadness here when she's around LOIS CURRY A talkative lass without a care, She's jolly, blitlie, and debonair. WILLIAM CURRY An easy-going boy is Curry, You never see him in a hurry. THOMAS CUSCINO IIere's a fellow we call Cussy, We're not perfect. he's not fussy IRENE CWYNAR She's blonde and she's petite, As a friend she's hard to beat. ANNA DADEJKO Anna never makes much noise, Being modest and quiet she enjoys EUGENE DALTORIO This man Works for the New Castle News: You may also find him singing the blues. MARGARET DAMASKON Peg, as a student, is really quite good, - She does all the things a good girl should. ROBERT DAVIES When he opens his mouth, he makes quite a noise, That's why he's called "Joe E. Drown" by the boys. CALVIN DAVIS "Silent Cal" is a sly young.: chap, Who causes no one any mishap. LILLIAN DAVIS Here's a girl whose Hrst name's Lil- lian, And Whose smile is worth a million. MARY LOUISE DAVIS Wc're sure that the song. "Mary Lou," Was composed especially for you. if +I 4 41 1 l , I . 1 1 1 , W 1 l 1 1 1 +1 41 1 1 1 1 l 4: 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 3 1 , , 1 1 1 l . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 I I K 'X +1 il i' fi 41 4K K 41 41 41 il 41 'K 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , 5 ' 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 l 5 1 . 1 l f l i 1 x 'K 1 1 W +1 1 +1 ' 1 4: 4K 1 x , l i , 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l 1 1 PHILLIP DeANGELlS Phil's so quiet and refined, Quite a modest chap, you'll find. MIKE DEBELAK "Deb" is Working his way to the top, He earns his pay at a bakery shop. LOIS ANN DEELY Dependable in all her tasks, VVillingf to do what anyone asks. MARY DeLORENZO Mary. with her charming voice, Rates very high in our choice. JOSEPHINE DeMASE A line athletic girl is she- Our Josephine belongs to the G. A. C. SUE DeMATTO It seems that Sue sews seams so well, -Say that, and your chances with Ripley are swell. ALBERT DeMUCClO Albert is a all. Plenty of pep, but not very tall. LAWRENCE DESIMONE Tall and quiet, and oh, such might, In days of old, he'd have been a knight. JOSEPH DIANA VVell versed in history is our "Deacon" Joe. And there's not much of anything that he doesn't know. MARY E. DICKEY "Libby" is the Treasurer of Girl Reserves, But in Home Economics she makes pl'ESel'VeS. LINWOOD DILKS On the cinders you'll see Lyn, Always trying: hard to win. JOHN DISARRO Happy and gay as the birds that sing, NVith never a frown about anything. LAURA DiTHOMAS This pretty, little, dark haired lass Has many friends in every class. VIRGINIA DONALDSON NVith her hair so brown and her skin so pale, Virginia f1'om Highland Heights does hail. JAMES DONOFRIO Our James is always happy and jolly, And knows how to work without any folly. EVELYN DOUGLAS If from Miss Douglas, Defense Stamps you're buying, Then you're doing your part to "keep 'em Hyinfrf' LEO DOVER No white cliffs on Dover: nor any bluebirds, This Leo's no lion, but a man ol' few words. CLIFFORD DOWNING Maybe in school he does not toil Because at heart, he's a son of the soil. EDNA DOYNO Rosy cheeks and laughing eyes, For winning ways she takes the prize. VIVIAN DUKES A golden-haired maiden who swims with such ease, She dives like the girl on the flying trapeze. ARTHUR DURLESSER An expert at delivering postal tele- grams, And, like most seniors, dreads final CXHIYIS. ROBERT DURNING With the girls he's always very shy, But he'll get over it by and by. DONALD DuSHANE Don drives his Pontiac to school, He's very quiet as a rule. WILLIAM EAKIN His golf scores are always up to par, He can hit that pellet high and far. M'ARY LOUISE EDDY She plays her Violin with a zest She's second fiddle. but the best. ESTHER ELEFANT Always her lessons she does pursue, She never forgets each one to do. ROBERT ENGLAND Always smiling, always happy, this incurable young clown, It'll take much more than books to get this fellow down. AUDREY EVANS For her good work in Girl Reserves Most hearty thanks she well de- serves. HELEN FALATKO Ambitious, brieht, and full of fun. She proves a star in life's mad run. WILLIAM FALLS A hall patrol is Billy Falls. And faithfully he guards the halls. MARY FAVA Dimpled, dark, and short, Ma1'y's always a good sport. FLORENCE FEE Happy-.eo-lucky, full of fun, In no way is she outdone. RUTH FEHL As Willie, the bard, asked, "What's in a name 7" We're sure she won't "Fehl" to reach deserved fame. MILDRED FELASCO Here's the girl who leads our yells When the scoreboard victory tells. DONALD FERGUSON Don will be there if you need him: All he asks is that you feed him. MARY FERRARI In every way she fills the bill: She has a seeretary's skill. PHYLLIS FERVER Phyllis would make a line fashion designer, Of her work as an artist we'd say, "There's none finer." WILLIAM FERVER Honest, truthful, courageous ever: Really We think this boy is clever. CHARLES FISHER Tall and bashful, cute and shy, We all respect this trade-school guy. MARJORIE FISHER Her laughin: manner and talkative way Make "Margie" the popular girl of the day. JAMES FLEMING "Doe" Fleming's about as wide as he is tall. But his friendly wit is an amuse- ment to all. DONNA JEAN FLYNN Light is her hair, blue are her eyes, She's surely a terror for her size. ELOISE FOBES Though on the skating pond she shines, For her school books she never pines. CLIFFORD FORD Those who know our Clifford Ford Are often amused, but seldom bored. JOE FRANCIS When it comes to humor and wit, Joe is there with his timely bit. CATHERINE FRAZIER Cather-ine's hair is nearly gold, And about her eyes, we all are told. RALPH FREDRICK All through school he's grown like a weed, VVhen he's through here he won't Q0 to seed. DORIS FREEBORNE When the brains were passed out, she wasn't behind the door, For when it comes to gray matter, she has her share and more. MARGARET FROST Margaret sings in the choir, as you know, Though she's hardly fivc feet from her head to her too. MARTHA FRYE Martha, we know, is not shy, So we are sure that she'll get by. DELORES FULLERTON "Red" will succeed wherever she goes: Full of pep from her head to her toes. HOWARD FULLWOOD If you want your halls patrolled, Call on Fullwood-'big and bold. ANNA GABRIEL Anna is a most popular. young maid, Of her future in life she needn't be afraid. IRENE GALANT She hails from the country, this ualant Irene, She's healthy and happy, as can easily be seen. JOHN GARDNER To those who know him. it is not stramre That Johnny's at home on the riHe range. CHRISTINA GIANCOTTI Christina is the leader of our high school band- You'll never find a better leader in the land. DORIS GIBSON With the Hollywood girls she could be classed! Her modest beauty goes unsur- passed. ROBERT GILBERT A steady worker is our Bob, Ynu'll Find him always on the job. RUTH GILLILAND She swings with ease on every play, The champion of the course, some day. THEODORE GINSBURG He's quite an orator, you'1l find. Always trying to change your mind. BETTY JANE GLITCH Betty is the quiet type, She says little 'till the time is ripe. STELLA GORSKI Prom her looks. her foremost care Surely is her wavy hair. HARRY GREGOR A carefree gentleman with a child- ish grin, He feels that studying too hard's a sin. GUY GRIBBLE We wager that, as year go by, You'll never find a greater Guy. JOHN GRIEVE J0h1lHy's such a silent lad, He's never, never very bad. HARRY GROCE The service at his station is al- ways the best, The gas that he sells is always high- test. MAXINE GUNGLE She's so quiet, she's so shy, She never talks-we wonder why. RICHARD HADDAD At Football. track, or any sport, Richard's weight will hold the fort. b NORMA HAMM She works and studies day after day: 'To achieve success, there's no better way. DOROTHY HAMMERS Dot's a conscientious lass Who does her best in every class. EARL HAMMOND To hear him sing woud stir one's heart, He deserves fame in musical art. SHIRLEY HANNA Little Shirley's big, blue eyes, Have a look of sweet surprise. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 181 91 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 41 4K 41 il 4K -if 1 1 if 1 1 1 ll' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' ll' 1 ll' 1 1 1 ll' 1 1 'il 1 si 4 1 i i 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 if 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 Q1 01 11 I 1 11 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lf If If 1+ 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 121 6 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1+ 1+ if 1+ 1+ 1+ 1 1 1 1+ ' X 1 , ' Z ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1+ 1 1+ VIRGINIA HANNA Though in height she may never grain, We're sure that success she will at- Lain. RAYMONDA HARE She won a prize for the red, white, and blue, For her country. she knows what to do. RONALD HIETSCH Cartooning! is his specialty, A famous artist he will be. MILDRED HOCH Mildred is one G. R. Wc're certain will go quite far. MARGARET HOGAN Here's a girl who's made a hit With her never-ending: wit. WILLIAM HOLLER Bill plays on his old trombone, For good music, to him phone. RUSSELL HORCHLER Russell. with his happy grin, Perhaps some lady's heart will win. FRED HOWLAND A hefty, husky fellow, we admit is Fred : Ile must require a lot of money to be fed. PAUL HRISOULAS A kinky-haired clown with an ever ready wit: Shy about talking? Oh, no! Not a bit! MARGARET HUDAK Those having Maryrarct for a friend Knows she'll stick by to the end. STEPHEN HUDAK 'Hudak man 7" is a favorite pun, Which gives the Shop boys a lot of fun. WINIFRED HUNTER A busy girl, a happy girl, She's as precious as a pearl. ILENE HUTCHISON Ilene acts quite shy, With all her good looks we wonder why. HELEN JACKSON She's neat, happy, short, and sweet, This little girl is really a treat. MEARLE JAY A good fellow is our classmate, Mearle 3 IVQ see he has a steady girl. CLYDE JENKINS "Jenks" booms out with his deep bass voice, Making all of the girls rejoice. JOHN JIM A quiet little fellow is Johnny Jim, YVho's very dark and very slim. LEROY JOHNSON Mr. Johnson loves to draw? In all his work we find no flaw. MAGGIE JOHNSON One sure thing, if we tell the truth, She's a grand cook-who 74Why, Magsrie Ruth! MARION JOHNSON Marion is quiet and rlebonair, He never seems to have a care. HELEN JOHNSTON You'll never find another such lass? We find that her talents are hard to surpass. . ALBERT JONES Jack's a very genial lad At working Math, he's not so bad. ARTHUR JONES Art's love for school is not so deep As some would think-he'd rather sleep. EVELYN JONES A fine equestrienne. expert with a 1-THU, The girl to look for when in search of fun. 41 41 We W W ' W W j ' W +1 ' W , 4 W ' W , fx W W ar ' W , 41 ' W W W . 4: ' W ' 41 41 W +- W W W 1 . W . . A W W W W +- 4: 4- 4: 4 +- +1 an W 4- W W 4 W 4 +1 +1 , W W 41 W W W W W W W W W W , W W +1 +1 X W , W W W W W W W W W W W W W W I W I W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W WW iWW HELEN JONES H9I'C'S to Helen whose bangs are brown, She's the cutest thing in town. LEO JONES He's not as strong as his name im- plies, But his wit makes up for his measzer size. SOPHIE JORDAN The tint of summer skies Seems refiected in Sophie's eyes. IRWIN KAPPES Though he can draw a good cartoon He's a gruod, serious fellow, and not a buffoon. HARRY KARIDIS We'1'e sure he'll be glad to gradu- ate : In the great, wide world he'd like to rate. PETER KARIDIS Pete's a whiz with the test tube and heaker, He's smart and efficient, but not a fast speaker. DOROTHY KARNS HL-arts all flutter and glamour boys sigh, As this future movie star passes hy. DALE KEGARISE Quiet and shy is this boy. Dale, But his remarks are never stale. SARA KEGARISE She's always busy as a bee, And makes fine grades, we all agree. EARL KEGG His hobby is airplanes, as we all know, And we call him "G-8" because he likes them so. BETTY JEAN KEMP Efficiency is her middle name- For this splendid virtue she'll ac- quire fame. LESLIE KEMP Leslie is so big and brave, But about the girls he'll never rave. HELEN KENNEDY She's carefree, gay, and lots of fun, And always a friend to everyone. LEAH KERR You'll never hear of Leah Kerr Unless it is flood things of her. AUDRIE KINNAMAN Audrie's easy-going and nonchalant ever, She's to be counted on for earnest endeavor. JOSEPH KIRKWOOD Joey is a friendly lad, We've never seen him really mad. HELEN KNIGHT Helen's the opposite of "Knight" Like the day, she's fresh and bright. ROSEMARY KNORR "Rosemary's for remembrance," so the great bard said. We'll remember her black hair and her lips so red. ' ROSE KOCH A little on the carefree side, Her joy she never tries to hide. CLAIRE KOHN Claire cops honors in every class, And as a friend. she's hard to sur- pass. IRENE KOSZELA She tops them all, this excellent cook, She never has need of a recipe hook. TED KURDUPSKI 'Ted plays in the city loop, Count on him to hit the hoop. ANNE KUTZ Anne for a draftsman sure did fall, And Bill-why, l1e's not bad at alll ALBERT LASTORIA Getting into mischief is no crime, That's how Albert has a good time. l"4 i f l l i 1 l l l l l l l s wawfffwffffaffwxf- 6960113 iii 411164 fi? I' if 1 if 1 +2 + ff + he I 1+ ff iwiiiif if 1AIiTiiTf iwlfiifil f f 1 1 it i' 9' 5 05 0' 0 lf? 5: lg 1 l BERTHA LATOS Tripping the light fantastic toe Is a love of hers, we all know. LaVERNE LAWSON To hear her laugh would do you good, You wouldn't stop her if you could! EVELYN LEASURE For every snort is she game, To be pleasant is her aim. JOYCE LEICHT When it comes right down to being bright, Joyce is surely the shining light. CATHERINE LEYSHON Catherine, with her light brown hair, Roams the world without a care. MARY LIBRANDI Though she's very quiet and shy, Her ambitions reach the sky. ROBERT LIPP In a baehelo1"s club, Bob will be boss, His ready wit collects no moss. FRED LOGAN He's the manager of the basketball team, And the answer to a glamour girl's dream. RITA LOGUE When from school she's gone away, We hope with her happiness will stay. FRANCES LUBINSKI Frances, Frances. sweet and fair, With sparkling eyes and radiant hair. GENE MacANANEY She's always happy, come what may, She always laughs the blues away. TERESA MACIARELLO Friends, we'd like to announce That he1'e's a swell girl-every ounce. JOSEPH MAHER Listen, my children, and you shall know, An earnest student is hard-working Joe. WILLIAM MAHER VVhen he's in a fix, is his face red! Of course, it won't keep him from getting ahead. JOSEPH MALINOWSKI He's a man who's always glad To crack a wise one, good or bad. JOSEPHINE MANGINO Napoleon had his Josephine, And here's ours -short and seven- teen. HELEN MARCANTINO Modest maiden, where art thnu7--- She's a quiet girl-and how! VIOLA MARCELLA This dark maiden is so small-- Like a picture on the wall. GEORGE MARIACHER His happy smile is his outstanding trait, We all wish him luck, what'er his fate. ANNA M. MARSHALL Each week-end to Youngstown she iroes, To see Russell, as everyone knows. BETTY JANE MARSHALL Betty blushes when they play The navy's theme, HAl"ICh0l',S Aweifrhf' DORA MARTELLO ' Her popularity we don't deny. For the boys all sigh as she goes by. MARGARET MARTINO' Always cheerful, never known to frown, Mamfarct hails from Mahoninqtown. MARY LOU MARVIN Well known in school is this talka- tive soul, You'll find her name high on the class Honor Roll. igi i GDN 0, l l i V i MARY ANN MASSARO l E Always her lessons she does pursue, She never forgets a one to do. i l l I ANTHONY MASTERS Maybe it would help a heap l If they would let poor Tony sleep. JAMES MEAD Jimmy's a machinist and he surely will succeed: Our opinion of a handsome brute is this young: Mead. K , i 1 i l ' RUSSELL MEAD Russ' pet hobby is studying stars: 1 Maybe some day he'll find men on i Mars. l l 4 V I I i ELEANOR MELCI-IIORE 1 This senorita with the lovely eyes, W Will surely invoke many a glance 1 from the "guys" i i i N 1 i 4 1 CYRIL MELICHAR l 3 1 "Cid" is quiet, shy, and tall, X And his first love is basketball. 3 l 0 0 . 3 Y 0. 3 LOUIS MELITO This little man we're all sure, A job in industry will procure. MARY JANE MEYERS Cut down on sugar, we don't mind! But please don't ration this one kind. EMMY LOU MICCO Although it seems that she is quiet, We bet with her pals she is a riot. COLLEEN MILLER We'll all miss this pretty Colleen, She's such a part of the Ne-Ca-Hi scene. JANET MILLER This fashion model from Mademoi- selle, ' In eve1'yone's estimation is just - swell! DOMINICK MILLION VVe hope that Don's last name Will indicate his future fame. BEN MILONE Here's a boy with an appearance slick, To keep up with him, you'll have to he quick. IRENE MILOWSKY In all activities she takes part-e Goes into them with all her heart. ALEX MISYCK Alex's efforts are never tiring, He's a lad you can't help admiring. JAMES MITCHELL WVho's blowing that hot stuff out of the horn? Why, it's "Ball of Fire" Mitchell, as sure as you're born. RUTH MITCHELL Positively, absolutely, and forsooth, A most charming young: lassie is our Ruth. GEORGE MITCHELTREE We will holler good and loud - Here's one boy of whom we're proud! MARION H. MOFFATT Next we have Miss Marion Moffatt, Who works for pleasure, not for profit. MILLIE MOLDOVAN Here she comes, there she goes, Happy always, has no woes. ARMAND MONACO Although from his manner you wouldn't surmise, 'This quiet young chap is really quite wise. LUCILLE MOORE This unassuming: Miss Moore Is really quite nice, we're sure. TOM MORELLA A better friend you'll never find, His little faults We'll never mind. RICHARD MORGAN In German Club he has carved his niche, For a good and faithful treasurer is Rich. 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 '1 11 1 1 11 1 , , , 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 +1 1 ' . if +1 X -K +1 +1 1 1 if +1 +1 41 +1 +1 +1 +1 if +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 +1 +1 +1 1 . 1 1 , - +1 +1 1 1 1 +1 +1 1 1 K 1 ., i 41 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1, 11 11 -1 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 11 1 1 ALBERT MORSE This is our monitor, Albert Morse, A tall and slender lad, of course. CHARLES MOSER A friendly little chap, who always studies hard: NVQ' hope his consistent record never will be marred. ROSE MOSKAL This Qirl is very, very wise, You sce her wisdom in her eyes. MARILYN MURPHY The pride of the Irish, this smilinsx Colleen, Always willing to join in on the Hwearin' of the green." JAMES McCANN In his airplane up so high, He's like an eagle in the sky. RICHARD MbCARTHY Un Marshall Avenue McCarthy does stride, Looking for his future bride. FRED McCONNELL At target-practice Fred excels, On the range he often dwells. DONALD MeCORMICK Happy and gay as the birds that sing, With never a care about anything. ROBERT McCORMICK Sure he's a son of Ireland, as you may have guessed: When there's real hard work to do, Mac is at his best. JANIS McCRACKEN Here's a girl with a pleasant smile, In every way she sets the style. NORMAN McCRACKEN Through thick and thin, you'll ever see. A true friend Norm will always be. EVELYN MEEWEN Evelyn is short, sweet, and dark: She's usually as happy as a lark. RUTH McEWEN Ruth's a good typist, as you all know 3 Shc's always moving and on the go. DORIS McGAFFIC Tall and blonde is this McGaffic- You ought to see her plough through traffic. RUTH McGAFFIC Ruth's quiet and earnest in all that she tries, And her praise we'll sing' 'till it reaches the skies. BILL McGUIRE Handsome Bill is an Irish heart throb, But he manages to keep his mind on the job. DONNAN McKIBBEN When he stretches he nearly scrapes the ceiling: His conversations are always most revealing. SHIRLEY McKNIGHT Her charm, wit, and lovely smile, Are traits which make her so worthwhile, DORNA LEE McTAGGART Dorna, with that Irish name, Still keeps her temper nice and tame. KATHRYN NADER We're sure that when we have grown old The memory of Kate will not be cold. MARY NATALE They surely didn't mean this Mary When they called her "quite con- trary." WILLIAM NEFF New Castlefs jitterbupc is this guy, The Fred Astaire of Ne-Ca-Hi. DORIS NELSON When it comes to gxood, clean fun, You'll find none butter under the sun. RONALD NELSON "Ronnie" is blond with big eyes of blue g We like him lots, and so will you. 000004 I 505 l r l L l 4 1 4 0 8 to an l r l l w 1 i i l l 1 , l i I l l 4K 41 i M a r +- . l l 3 i , +- , , 1 i l i l , w , +- 1 3 l l i 1 : M i i l l l l l +- +- +- +- +- +- l ! +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- K i . , l i l i l 1 +- l l l l +- i l 1 i i i i , , , I ' , 3 N +- +- , +- 3 i l a l I l ll M il 8 ,Q JANE NEWELL She Hits and Hies without a care, And never fails to take a dare. MAXINE NEWHARD Nothing seems too hard to frighten her away, She goes right ahead with her work, day by day. ANDY NIGRO He minds his own business, does this Andy, But when you want him, he's al- ways handy. CHARLES NORRIS A super-marksman is our Chuck, He shoots a good score, with plenty of luck. MARY IRENE O'CONNOR Mary Irene is very sedate, Always dependable, never late. ANDREW ODDl This lad's name is Andy, too- Pals like him are all too few. JUNE OLACZ Very likeable is this June, Night, mornimz, and afternoon. MAROARET O'LEARY A winning way. a cheerful smile, A friend indeed, a friend worth- while. ROBERT 0'NEILL Tall and likable with Irish eyes, For many a young lady's hand he vies. ALBERT ORLANDO Al is quite an athlete, Always ready to compete. SHIRLEY OWENS If you'd like a friendly chat, Here's a girl who's good at that. VICTOR OWOC Victor Owoc's a bashful boy, But he's still the orchestra's pride and joy. LAURI PAKKANEN Although he hasn't much to say, He gets more brilliant every day. CHARLOTTE PALUMBO Site is the best friend one can own. Since for her loyalty she's well lznown. ALFRED PAPA He hails from Pittsburgh West, And likes arsrument the best. JEANNE PAPST A quiet person with retiring Ways, Xkfe hone she'll be happy in future days. JOELLA MAE PARKER She cannot seem to get along Without an escort, big and strong. THOMAS PAROU Tom held the end of our football line: His basketball record has always been fine. JAMES PATTERSON He is just another of "Peck's Bad Boys," In school he's famous for his noise DAN PATTON Danny is the reason why Certain girls have cause to sigh ROBERT PATTON A dashing caballero with a twinkle in his eye, If you needed a friend, he'd not pass you by. ROBERT PAYNE The ladies' man of Ne-Ca As all the girls will testify JEANNE PEARSON Sweet and pretty, or we re mis taken 3 But, too had, boys, Jeanne is taken DOROTHEA PECORARO She works hard and gets her studies done. Makes a fine record,--the envy of anyone. ll' If I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A -. 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 w ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1+ i 1 , 1 1 x I , 1 1 1+ 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , Y 1 - 1+ 1 1+ 1 1 -H1 1 . 1 1' 1 ' 5 1+ , xr . ,, It 11' If .lb 1 1 , 91 , .- 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , -. 1 w w l r 1 lg 0 02 l3i I8 gn gl 0 0 0 0 I l l l l l l l l 1 l I lo li? gl l I l l V ll l sl ND? l l l 1 B D 30 o l : FRANK PELOSI It's hard to get Pelosi excited: If he could sleep late. he'd be de- liirhted. JEAN PERRO Raven-black is Jean's hair: She goes about without a care. NICK PERROTTA It always seems to be Nick's fate To get to school a little late. NORMAN PETERS "Norm" was the brains ol' the foot- ball team 1 Everyone holds him in high esteem. ROBERT PETERSON IIe takes his school life in his stride, A little on the carefree side. HALLAND PHILLIPS IIe only cares for things funda- mental, To him advanced learning's not worth a conti nental. GLORIA PICATO Gloria is our movie "star," We hope her job will take her far PETER PICCIRILLO IIere's a friend. a friend indeed, XVilling to help anyone in need. LEA NORA PIERZ As you pro on your way through life, Take all the joys and not the strife. ROSEMARY PLACE Rosemary is surely one who is blessed : In whatever she does, she gives her best. HELEN PORCO Snappy eyes, pleasant smile, Certainly one who is worthwhile. RUTH PORTERFIELD This lassie is demure and very, very nice 1 Vfatch those boys! They look at her twice! LUELLA PROFFIT IIerC's a "Proffit" for everyone, ll' you'll please excuse the pun. LENORE PYLE VVe surely pity her because She can't help breaking traffic laws. VIVIAN QUARLES Her b0yf1'iend's on the football team, IIe's the answer to her dream. ANTONETTE QUERRIERA She isn't trying to be a eoquette - 'I'hat's just the way of Antonette. WILLIAM QUERRIERA Bill's always dressed as neat as a pin, His dream girl sure someday he'll win. JOHN QUIMBY Quimby's handy on the floor, And possesses friends galore. IRA RAMSEY He's tall and thin like a stately pine, And you can count on him to stay in line. KENNETH RAMSEY II' Kenny would see you in distress, To help you he would do his best. NELLIE RAND "Seeing Nellie Home" would be grand, If the girl were charming Nellie Rand. JEANNE RAPSON Jeanie is a dark-haired lass, Her twinkling eyes none can sur- pass. DONALD RAY Don courts the girls far and Widej W'ho will be his blushing bride? CHARLES REIDER He's working at the electric trade, He'll do his best to make the grade. v l 8 I l or Si 9' l l w l l l E s 4 l l l l RALPH REIS You very seldom hear from him a peep, Anyway we hope that good fortune he'll reap. FRED RENTZ With a pistol in his hand, he makes a perfect score: Perfect grades are something else he is noted for. ANGELINE RETORT In this case, "Retort" is rather mis- leadingf She doesn't argue, we'd just call it pleading. ALICE REYNOLDS In the morning she comes a long: way, But her good grades surely make if Day. GEORGE RHODES His cothes are always neat and trim: All spruce young men look up to him! MAXINE RICE When thinking of Maxine, whose last name is Rice, The most suitable word seems to he "nice," THOMAS RICHARDS A red-haired, stocky, friendly lad, At playing' basketball he's not bad. AMY RINEY A conscientious willing worker, Amy will never be found a shirker. KATHRYN RINGER Kate is small and so demure, A great little girl, of that we're Sure. HELEN RITCHIE Oh, will we ever, ever see Another girl as cute as she? JOSEPHINE RITCHIE Whenever she has work to turn in, It's always done as neat as a pin. FLORA ROBISON Flora means flower, as you have heard: This Flora is chipper, just like a bird. FRANCES ROBISON 'This young lady likes baseball, For a certain "Gas Houser" she could fall. BETTY ROBSON Shc's si hard worker on any com- mittee, KVVC don't know how to finish this xlittyl. MARY LOUISE RODGERS Mary Lou comes to school on the bus. You never see her make any fuss. PAT ROEMER She's young, she's cute, shc's fun, she's new, Ne-Ca-Hi's deb of '42. BETTY ROHRER Here's a girl who'll catch the eye Of any Romeo passing' by. FRANK ROMEO Although he seems so very bold, Frankie has a heart of gold, DOMENICK ROS ELLI You just Can't help liking' Dom, No mzilter who you arc or where you're from. DORA ROSS This is the Qin-l with the sparkling eyes: One look from her brings many sighs. THOMAS ROSS XVith his music h0's got 21 relluta- tion, For his clarinet is a great sensa- tion. PEGGY ROWLAND Rain or shine, every day, Merrily Peggy wends her way. DENIS ROYSTON Donis's hobby is picture taking. Hc's a photographer in the making. ORLANDO RUBEIS One for the money, two for the show. If you want things done, let Or- lando know. IQS1 lo 10 Q0 'ca l , , 1 1 1 1 l l 1 1 l 1 l if '91 41 JK 'k tiki 1' 1 l 1 1 l 1 l l l l 5 1 1 1 1 l I 1 1 l l 1 i 1 E l I l i l 1 1 1 1 l li l 1 , . 1 1 l 1 i i 1 I 1 1 1 1 l +1 . 1 1 1 1 1 +1 , 1 1 ,i an 1 . 1 1 1 . , l 1 l 1 1 1 m E 1 l l 1 l , ar 1 1 1 1 4 4 4 l l l 4 4 1 l l l 4 . +- r I +- l +- +- +- +- +- I +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- 4 +- I +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- . I +- +- +- . +- +- I x l +- I 4 l +- 4 +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- 4 +- MARY RUSSO She belies the old tradition That redheads own a bad disposi- tion. JOE RYAN Ryan with the deep red blush, Is one who's never in a rush. CHESTER RYBKA Chester's never really fussed, He only does the work he must. ANITA SACCO Popularity, personality are words to explain Why her friendship to all is not given in vain! JAMES SANKEY A sparkling fountain of wit and fun, He's a pal to everyone. BILLIE JEANNE SEAL Permy, happy, carefree, gay, She makes you laugh Your cares away. SAM SERVEDIO If an electric toaster is on the bum, Give it to Sam: he'll make it hum. IMOGENE SESSION Of course you all know what we mean VVhen we say her dispositions keen. MARY SHADDICK Mary surely likes to sing: And is also good at many a thing. FRANCES SHAFFER A charming way, a brilliant smile, Compose for her a winning wile. ROBERT SHAFFER This lad never talks too long, But when he does, he's seldom wrong. SUZANNE SHANNON Versatile, witty, good-nature-l, and smart, That giggle of hers makes the teachers start. MILDRED SHOAF Millie is P1 sroldcn blond. Of whom we all are very fond. MARJORIE SIBERT Her stay with us has not been long: Hope she's had fun among our th ron gg. JOSEPHINE SKANESKY She hopes to be a nurse in white, Death, disease, and pain she'll fight. KENNETH SLATER Kenny's as popular with girls as can be, For his car still has four good tires, you sec. FRED SMARRELLI A news-stand boy is Fred Smarelli, He sells the News. thc Press, and .ITQIC-11 BETTY SMITH Here's a charming: nightingale, Her songs will please, but never fail. JAMES SMITH Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, Jim's car chug to school-Oh, my! What a sight! JEAN SMITH Shed a tear for this young lass, Always coming late to class. ROBERT SMITH He doc-sn't say much, this quiet young man: But he studies a lot and learns all he can. ROBERT SNECKENBERGER Our amateur photographer, snap- ping here and there, Snecky and his Kodak make a classy looking pair. SHIRLEY SNYDER Who could miss her lovely red hair? Her sweet charm will take you quite llHB.W2.l'e. LEWIS SOUTHERN Do-Do's quite a Romeo, with nice wavy hair, He's out every night with his lady fair. If If lf ll' l' lf W ' I I I 1+ I I I I I I I I I 1+ 1+ I I I , 1+ 1+ I I I I I I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ I , I 1+ 1+ 1+ 'Y I I I I I I lf I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ I 1+ I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ I I 1+ I I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ WILLIAM SOWASI-I An expert on the rifie range, NVQ hope his aim will never change. DAVID SPEED A quiet boy is our friend, Dave, He always knows how to behave. DOROTHY SPEER If good things come in packages small, We're glad that Dotty isn't tall. DAVID SPIKER Our modest Dave is a son of the soil, NVho makes a flood record. for he knows how to toil. ANTONETTA SPINA Antonctta is a studious lass, lVho makes good gxrades in every class. THOMAS SPINELLI Tom, Tom, the trade-school boy. IIc's the machinist's pride and joy. if CARL STANDISI-I Fhis Standish is a man of smiles: NVQ wonder if he's related io Miles. HARRY STEIN From Canada hails this Mr. Stein, To him we all give the welcome sign. ALICE STEPHENSON Sugar and spice and everything nice- One word from hor will quite suf- fine. JEAN STEVENSON .leannie's 0ve1'ybody's pal: In other words, she's one swell gal. ROBERT STEWART As an athlete, Bob excels: As a friend, he rates four bells. MILDRED STINARD Always happy, always gay. In her own light-hearted way. MARIE STOFCIK Ma1'ie's life is like a song, With her, sorrow never stays long. STEPHEN STOYANOFF You need no moon beguiling, When you see Steve smiling. SARA SUMNER She always knows just what to say, Not once a week, but every day. GEORGE TALAGANIS Georgie-Porgzie. puddin, and pie 7 Here's a handsome looking guy. BERNICE TAYLOR Twinkle, twinkle, little "star,' With your ambition, you'll go fur. INEZ TAYLOR As through the world we gro, we should bear in mind, Always to be like Inezgagreeable and kind. PATRICIA TAYLOR Pat. whose eyes are big and brown, Hails from--guess--Mahoninetown. SARA L. THEOPHILUS NVith eyes like that, who couldn't go far-'I XVc'll admit "Sis" is way above par. 4" MIRIAM THOMAS This little girl, nicknamed "Mim," Always looks so neat and trim. THOMAS THOMPSON If you want Henry Ald1'ich's double, It's Tom-he's never in trouble? DELIA TICCONE Sparkling eyes and friendly smile: To see her we would walk a mile. HARRIET TINSTMAN Her hair suggests a fiery mind. But a quieter girl is hard to find. ll' ll' 1+ 1+ 1 1 1 X , . I 1 1+ , 1+ 1+ . 1+ 1 I 1+ It , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 A 1+ N 1 I 1+ 1+ 1+ 1 ' W 1 W I ,W I 1 1+ : 1 1 , N 1 1 a ' 1+ 1+ 1+ . - I 1 W , 1 . 1 ' 1 1+ 1 , N 1 i 1 1 1+ 1+ 1 1+ 1+ 1+ 1 1 1 1 1+ 1+ 1 1+ -1+ 1 1+ 1+ 1 1+ 1 1+ 1+ 1 I 1 . 1+ if l l 1 1+ 1+ P ! 1 1+ 1+ 1+ l i 1 1+ 1 1 . 1+ 1+ 1+ 1 ' 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1 ll' ll' It JULIAN TKACHUK It's surely hard to yell his name, But the boys all like him just the same. DELPHIA TOMMELLEO Early to bed, early to rise, Puts that sparkle in her eyes. sAM TRANQUILLO Sam can take it on the chin, No matter what-he'll bear it and grin. ESTHER TUMMINELLA Daily Esther rides the bus, Always stirs up such a fuss. STELLA TURKOWITZ A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar, When the bus is late, the teachers all holler. BETTY JANE TUSCANO If she were stranded in the rain, The boys would all help Betty Jane. MARY LOUISE TYLER NVhcn a charming sight comes into view, You can always look for Mary Lou! AGNES VALLELY The name of "Dolly" sure applies, To Agnes with the dark brown eyes. ELEANOR VALLELY She is tops among: us all, Her host of friends is far from small. ANGELO VALLETTA A husky lad. well put together, On his feet hels light as a feather. MARY ANN VASILCIK She always sloos the best she can, That's why folks like our Mary Ann. ARTHUR VEARD This little shop boy's liked by all, Even though hc's very small. ANTHONY VENDEMIA Tony's following: his lucky star: As a mechanic, he works on a car. HELEN VENDITTO Helen has a knack with a baton, We're hoping her fame goes on and on. JOAN WADLINGER Efficiency and brightness go hand in hand, Joan and her qualities are both in demand. VIRGINIA WAGNER If you want to know "whats cook- ing?" He!'e's the answer for which y0u're looking. REGINA WAJERT Regina's name fits her to a T, Regina, in Latin, means Queen, you see. EDWARD WALCZAK Amibition never bothered Ed - He'd rather loaf and sleep instead. ELIZABETH WALL The picture of happiness and health, She'll be rich if smiles mean wealth. MARIAN WALLACE With sparkling eyes of azure blue, Take care-she may be teasing you! LAWRENCE WARD "Lucky" has winning ways galore That all the high school girls adore. MARGUERITE WARD We all can see she's the belle of the ball, Because she's tops among us all. ELEANOR WARSO The friendliest person in school - PVQI' YHOI'e S0 f Is this home-making geniusflilea- nor Warso. BETTE WEBBER Bette can talk hours without stop- pingf - How can she do it without pop- ping? MILDRED WEBER Gentlemen prefer blonds, so they declare, Here's your choice, blue eyes and blond hair. ETHEL WELTHER The Chorus never can appear Unless Ethel's soprano is here. JAMES WHITE A funny man, this Mr. White, And to the Electric Shop, a delight. JAMES DAVID WHITE He hopes to be a Gene Krupa some day. He beats on those drums in a piti- less way. BRINLEY WHITESIDE Itls hard to get this boy excited, When he can loaf, he's just de- lighted. BETTY JANE WILLIAMS When the Chorus does appear, Her soprano you will hear. JOHN WILSON The manager is always essential to the team: Bridy and the football boys hold him in esteem. WALTER WILSON IIere's a boy near the heart of Rep, With his trombone, Walt's always hep. KENNETH WISE Ken has always lived up to his name, I'Ie's big and heavy, but smart just the same. RAVINA WOLFE Her raven hair and laughing eyes Always give a sweet surprise. MARY LOU WOMER Sometimes you can't see her at all: This little miss who is so small. PEARL WOOD She came to us in her Senior B year, She must like it, because she's still here. ELLA PEARL WRIGHT Here is a quiet and very shy soul Who works conscientiously toward her goal. EMMA YACOBONY She has the soothing talk to cure Your greatest cares, you may be sure. DONALD YOHO When everyone is feeling blue, Just ask Donald what to do. ALICE JEAN YOUNG This is our capable Alice Jean, In the school no nicer girl can be seen. GEORGE ZAMBELLI Always prepared to give a speech, You'll find him not very hard to teach. Also 'Graduating EDWARD JENKINS JOE JOKI STANLEY ZBEGAN Dark and studious. what would you more? This good-looking lad from the sec- ond Hoor. EDWARD ZEHEL Sweet and low, sweet and low, Plays Ed's fiddle and his bow. KENNETH ZEIGLER A natural :rift for cartooninp: has he, Which makes us quite sure he's a Disney-to-be. HAZEL ZIEGLER Petite and cheerful as can het We know that Weldon will agree. CHARLES ZOLANTI He likes to play and likes to work, In the Electric Shop, hc'll never shirk. HONOR ROLL 1The following is an alphabetical list of the honor pupils of the class graduating June 5, 19425. I Larry Attisano Robert Bailey John Burick Margie Beck Arthur Chill Robert Durning Mary Ferrari Charles Fisher Guy Gribble Maxine Gungle Margaret Hogan Evelyn Jones Peter Karidis Helen Knight Claire Kohn Robert Lipp Mary Lou Marvin Norman McCracken Donnan McKibben Laurie Pakkanen James Patterson Alfred Papa Fred Rentz Kathryn Ringer Josephine Ritchie Frances Robison Robert Shaffer Suzanne Shannon Josephine Skanesky 'David Spiker Bernice Taylor Eleanor Vallely Joan Wadlinger Regina Wajert Marian Wallace Walter Wasilewski Kenneth Wise Mary Lou Womer Hazel Zeigler l l l Prize offered by the Lawrence County Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for general proficiency in United States history during the high school course. -Won by MARY LOU MARVIN. Prize offered by the New Castle News for general excellence in Eng- lish during the high school course. --Won by FRED RENTZ. Prize offered by the Music Club for general excellence in music. -Won by LENORE PLYE and EARL HAMMOND. 1 Prize offered by the Lawrence County Bar Association to the senior l with the highest rank in the four year Latin course. I -Won by ROBERT LIPP. Prize offered by Bausch and Lomb Optical Company for progress in scientific studies. ' -Won by PETER KARIDIS. I Prize offered by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Alumni Associa- tion of Pittsburgh for general excellence in mathematics during the high school course. -Won by PETER KARIDIS. , Prize offered by B'nai B'rith to a problems of democracy student for Q good citizenship and for progress in the study of democracy. W -Won by JOSEPH DIANA. I I ACTIVITIES X w I M M I 4 it 4 i l itki LT+fffand+1ifwfwwfwfxfaffffffwwfffffffwwfffffffwfwffxrvfft I 5 N N in 1: IQ 1. M lx A wi i N we ix if ii ii THE NE-CA-HI STAFF SUZANNE SHANNON . . . . . .Editor JOSEPH DIANA. . . .... Business Manager FRED RENTZ. . . .... Advertising Manager LEROY JOHNSON .... . . .Art MARGARET HOGAN .... .... A ssociate Editor MARIAN WALLACE .... Typist V EVELYN JONES. . . .... Literary ROBERT LIPP . . . .... Literary PHYLLIS FERVER .,.. .... A rt CHARLES BOOK .... ,... B usiness and Literary CLAIRE KOHN . . . .... Literary ELEANOR VALLELY . . . .... Typist ROBERT SNECKENBERGER.Snapshots and Literary MARGARET' O'LEARY . . . . . .Typist ROBERT DURNING ............. . . . .Literary BILLIE JEANNE SEAL .... Literary ANITA SACCO .. ..... Literary FRED LOGAN . . . .... Business and Literary MARY LOU MARVIN . . .... Literary BETTY JEAN KEMP . . .... Typist .-MTL. THE SENATUSJROMANUS OFFICERS Anita Sacco ,............. Consul Prima Fred Rentz .... .... C onsul Secundus Guy Gribble .... ............Scriba Larry Attisano . .............. Quaestor C AESAR AWARDS-JANUARY, 1942 NE-CA-HI Summa Cum Laude. .Mary Kathryn Hogan Magna Cum Laude Cum Laude ........ Donald Huddle, Kathleen Angelillo, II Alfred Apicelli, II Larry Attisano, II, III Mary Barella, II Arthur Bergland, II Patricia Brown, Soc. Robert Calvin, II Betty Casacchia, Soc. Rose Cimini, Soc. Eleanor Chapman, Soc . . . .Arthur Bergland ivigrie'1iAg 'dilrigiietsky MEMBERS Robert Durning, II William Eakin, Soc. Julia Ferguson, II Guy Gribble, II Margaret Hogan, II Patricia Hogan, II Mary K. Hogan, II Donald Huddle, II Hartzel Huston, II Margaret Clement, II, III Evelyn Jones, Soc. Aaron Cohen, II Joseph Diana, Soc. Edward Joseph, II Patricia Kradel, II Madeline Grushetsky, II Ann Kutz, Soc. GEORGE WASHINGTON, JAN., 1942 Summa Cum Laude. .Mary Eleanor Shoatf Magna Cum Laude ........ Julia Ferguson Cum Laude ............ Hartzell Huston CICERO AWARDS-JANUARY, 1 942 Summa Cum Laude ....... Gene Mcllvaine Magna Cum Laude ..... Margaret Clement Cum Laude ............... Edice Norris VERGIL AWARD-JUNE, 1 942 Summa Cum Laude ......... Robert Lipp Magna Cum Laude .......... Fred Rentz Cum Laude .... Lauri Pakkanen, Suzanne Shannon, Margaret Hogan. Anita Sacco, II Richard Scarazzo, Soc. Suzanne Shannon, II, III Ray Seniow, Cons. Josephine Skanesky, II, III Dorothy Smith, II Mary Eleanor Shoaff, II Mildred Shoaf, Soc. Miriam Thomas, Soc. Harry Thompson, Soc. Joseph Vogan, II Josephine Wajert, II Gene Wilson, II Mary Lou Womer, Soc. Lois Leach, Soc. Robert Lipp, II, III Marjorie Markles, II Gene Mcllvaine, III Beverly Mikels, Cons. James Minick, Soc. Joann Myers, II Edice Norris, III Fred Rentz, II, III Kathryn Ringer, II Mary Ruth Ritty, II Peggy Rowland, II EXPLANATIONS , - III-Cicero Awards H-Ceasar Awards X Soc.-"Socii," members of the Vergil ConS.1nCOnSc1.ipti,w members elected Class elected by the club on the by the club on recommendation of 'X Tigger: recommendation of the Latin De- the Latin Department. I partment. , Q' ,N K JS' . X fl v"' ' I "I, fv ff, .r ,f .ln fc. President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - Supervisor - THE GERMAN CLUB MOTTO Kenntnis ist Kraft Knowledge! is power OFFICERS THE COMMITTEES Miss Joseph Vogan Robert Calvin Ken Scheppele William Eckles Mary G. Riffer PROGRAM:-Robert Calvin, Chairmang Robert Dufford, Robert George, Don Rosenthal, Anna Singer. SOCIAL:-Judd Healey, Chairmang William Devlin, Robert Johnson, Dul cie Culliford, Marylou Rape, Doris Schlumberger, Josephine Skanesky. Irwin Kappes James McCann Richard Morgan James Patterson Josephine Skanesky Regina Wajert Mary Lou Womer Arthur Bergland Robert Calvin MEMBERS William Devlin Robert Dufford William Eckles Robert George Judd Healey Robert Johnson Ken Scheppele Joseph Vogan King Bell Dulcie Culliford Juniata Foster Mary Lou Johnson Lois Keck Marylou Rape Dom Richards Don Rosenthal Anna Singer Don Withers Doris Schlumberger THE NE-CA-HI DEBATE CLUB This new organization has been active during the past school year. Last October its members traveled to Pittsburgh to witness a debate be- tween the University of Pittsburgh and Western Reserve. The following month they attended a tournament debate at Westview High School in Pittsburgh, and later debated with South High in Youngstown. In Decem- ber the teams entered in a tournament sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh in the Cathedral of Learning. Each team participated in three rounds of debate. Here the team acquired valuable experience. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, -they found it necessary to change the plans of argument, and invitations to other debate tournaments were rejected. While waiting for further developments in the world situation, the teams entertained the G. A. C. with the humorous proposition, "Re- solved:-That All High Schools in the United States Should Abolish Co- Education." The next few months were spent preparing for the district contest of the Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League. This event took place on April 11, with the New Castle team placing first. They competed against teams from Erie, Meadville, and Sharon. This entitled the teams to enter the State Debate Contest held at Bloomsburgh, Pennsylvania, as the repre- sentatives of the Northwestern District. They made this trip aided by funds donated by the Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary Clubs. The National High School proposition this year was, "Resolved:- That as a Permanent Policy Every Able Bodied Male Citizen in the United States Should Be Required to Have One Year of Full Time Military Train- ing Before Attaining the Present Draft Age? The members of the team are: First Affirmative. . .Betty Lawton First Negative. . . .... Ed Joseph Second Affirmative. .Joseph Diana Second Nagative ...... Joe Vogan Other members of the club are: Alfred Papa Andy Marrese Nancy Rugh Kate Biasucci M. L. Cleland Beverly Mikels Phyllis Pugh Joe Iannarelli Madeline Grushetsky ' OFFICERS President - - Joe Vogan Treasurer - - Joseph Diana Secretary - - Betty Lawton Debate Coach - Miss M.ildred Buleson THE DOFOBS The Library Staff, numbering 52 this semester, is one of the most active service groups in the school. The members are known as the Dofobs. Each period in the day, from three to five students are scheduled in the library to help with the routine work. Without them, it would be impossible for the library to function adequately. The staff this semester is composed of the following: Robert Armstrong Mary Attisano Jeneve Burns Agnes Cartwright Bob Christoph Marian Cooper Doris Jean Daugherty Joe Diana Jim Falk Betty Finnegan Eloise Fobes Robert Frazier Irene Galant Teresa Ginocchi Stella Gorski Therese Anne Griffiths Paul Grossman Marlan Hare Fifi Hazimanoli Mary Kathryn Hogan Patricia Hogan Evelyn Jones Dorothy Karns Lois Leach Evelyn Leasure Robert Lipp Fred Logan Patricia McClurg Joanne McCollum Robert McCormick Dorna Lee McTaggart Irene Milowsky Ruth Morrow Paul Olson Rex Parker Ruth Ramsey Jeanne Rapson Marjorie Rapson Fred Rentz Philip Rigby Luella Rowe Doris Schlumberger Josephine Skanesky Maxine Smoot Doris Stoner Ruth Swanson Rose Terreri Kathryn Theobald Mable Thompson Jean Van Horn Helen Venditto Alice Jean Young THE SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Purpose:-"To find and give the bestf' Slogan:-"To face life squarely." The Ne-Ca-Hi Girl Reserves have completed a well-rounded program which included The Girl Reserve Tri-State Conference in which each girl participated, a successful party with the Hi-Y boys, and an annual spring dance held at the Field Club. During the semester a variety of educational programs were pre- sented. Under the supervision of our capable advisors, the Girl Reserves is one of the outstanding activities of the girls at Ne-Ca-Hi. OFFICERS President - - - - - Audrey Evans Vice-President - - Anita Sacco Secretary - - - - Ruth Fehl Treasurer - - - Mary Elizaeth Dickey fMiss Wilhelmina Bodendorfer Advisors - 4Miss Elizabeth Yingling lMiss Dorothy Stewart COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Program ------- Mary Ferrari Service - - Bernice Taylor Devotional - - Margaret Hogan Pubblicity - - Claire Kohn Music - - Mildred Shoaf Membership - Anita Sacco Social - - - Virginia Hanna Finance -------- Ruth Morrow INTERCLUB COUNCIL MEMBERS Marian Wallace Mildred Hoch THE JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES MOTTO Promise :4"To find and give the best." Purpose:-"To face life squarely." This semester the Junior G. R, have completed a full program. We had the pleasure of being hostesses for the Girl Reserve Convention held in New Castle over Washington's birthday. Girls came from Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. To show our mothers what we are doing, we had a Mother's Day Tea. We finished up the semester by having a party. OFFICERS President - - - Jane Roberts Vice-President - Jean McCreary Secretary - - - Eleanor Jordan Assistant Secretary - - Eula Jane Johnston Treasurer - - - - - Betty Trent Supervisor - Miss Eleanor Horner COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Program Phyllis Pugh Service - - Phyllis Burry Devotional - - Joanne McCullum Publicity - - Lois Hogue Music - - Betty Casachia Membership Jean McCreary Social - - Betty Lawton INTERCLUB COUNCIL MEMBERS Ida Mae Ashton Mary Vaughn 41 fl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 +1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 +: 1 1 +- 1 +: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 +1 1 1 1 . 1 i f 1 1 1 1 , N 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 M +1 1 1 +1 +1 1 . 1 . +1 +1 +1 +r -il -K 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 W N H 11 11 1 11 11 11 1 1 ,1 11 11 11 11 1 W 11 11 11 THE SENIOR I-II-Y Many students are unaware of the real purpose of the Hi-Y Club. It is not merely a social organization. It is based on the ideals of the Young Men's Christian Association and the national Hi-Y movement, to build into the lives of individual high school boys Christian character and ideals. Membership in the club is open to any high school boy with good moral character, and good scholastic standing, who is willing to uphold and ob- serve the Hi-Y purpose: to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. A member must uphold the Hi-Y platform of clean speech, clean scholarship, clean sportsmanship, and clean living. This year has been one of the most outstanding in Ne-Ca-Hi-Y history, the current club having completed a very successful year of Hi-Y activi- ties. The weekly meetings at the Y. M. C. A. were all featured with a special program, which included many guest speakers. The club has had the privilege of hearing many men from all lines of life and business, who have gratefully taken their time to relate and discuss interesting subjects with the boys. The talks are very educational and provide a better back- ground for future life. The club has been highly commended by all of these speakers and by the local and state Y. M. C. A. boards. A well-rounded social program has been thoroughly enjoyed by the club members. A successful party with the Senior Girl Reserves, in the form of a Barnyard MBOX" Social, created a better relationship between the two clubs. The club orchestra furnished the music for these parties. A successful banquet was held for members and prospective members served by the Young Key Men's club of the Y. As a civic duty, the Hi-Y has assisted the U. S. O. campaign by distributing posters and pamphlets throughout the school and the entire city. The club has been under the excellent supervision of their helpful and understanding advisers, Mr. Robert Fraser and Mr. Dario Baptist, Y. M. C. A. Boy's Secretary. OFFICERS President - - - - Charles Book Vice-President - Jim Minick Secretary - - Bob Clever Treasurer - Lewis Southern THE RIFLE CLUB The New Castle Senior High School Rifie Club has completed a most progressive semester. During the past months the enrollment of the club has increased considerably and due to such an increase, the membership was divided so that everyone could take part. The division was made be- tween the fellows and girlsg the former group shot every Thursday night, the latter on Wednesday night. The Rifle Club has participated in quite a few matches this year. Those of greatest importance were in the series of matches in the National Rifie Association of America. In these matches, both senior high schools and civilian rifie clubs took part. The latest report on the rankings placed New Castle High in tenth position. The girls, this semester, have been under the supervision of Miss Margaret Fischerg the boys, Mr. John N. Cornelius. These supervisors were assisted by the instructors, Fred McConnell and Charles Norris. OFFICERS President - - - - Jean McConnell Secretary and Treasurer - - Lois Leach MORNING HALL PATROLS The morning hall patrols have just completed another successful se- mester of work. Their service to the school is to maintain quiet order- liness-thus to check all unnecessary disturbances. This real service of the boys goes on unnoticed, but is none-the-less appreciated. The members of the squad are selected on the basis of their abilities to gain co-operation, to assume responsibility, and to develop leadership- as well as that of their scholastic standing. They greatly appreciate the co-operation shown by teachers and stu- dents in their effort to keep the wheels of Ne-Ca-Hi rolling smoothly. I CAPTAIN:-John Disarro. LIEUTENANT:-Fred Smarelli. HALL MONITORS:-Chester Flamino, John Quint, Robert Gee, Bob McCormick, Carmen Smarelli, Angelo Valletta, Nick Perrotta, Andrew Gal- lonio, Don Rosenthal Albert Colli, John Lee, David Axe, Bob Armstrong, Gallileo Liberatore. II CAPTAIN:-Arthur Chill. LIEUTENANT:-Leonard Burkot. HALL MONITORS:-William Bollinger, Bob Dangel, Bill Usselton, Arthur Bergland, Dale Kegarise, Lawrence Desimone, Tom Hannon, Lin- wood Dilks, Andrew Oddi, Leo Russo, Albert Trepicone, Bob Stewart, Paul Rowland, Bob Shaffer. III CAPTAIN:-Cyril Melichar. LIEUTENANT:-Bill Rose. HALL MONITORS:-Rudolph Marcozzi, Charles Campbell, George Crunkleton, Walter Luikart, Tom Robinson, John Zubkowski, Jesse Gunn, Joe Jonaski, Carmen Sheldon, Orlando Alfera, Joe Maher, Ted Lach, James Perrone, Myers Holler. IV CAPTAIN:--Edward Sentgeorge. LIEUTENANT:-Louis Costa. HALL MONITORS:-Edward Walzak, Fred DePolis, Ronald Alfera, Edward Jackson, Dan Carroll, Mike Michallojko, Walter Knoblock, Harry Cooper, James Masi, Jack Parker, Gerald Stewart, Paul Fisher, Tom Cus- cino, Tom Abraham. V CAPTAIN:-Howard Fullwood. LIEUTENANT:-Art Durlesser. HALL MONITORS:-Jack Miller, Joe Joseph, Joe Kirkwood, Pete Piccirillo, Joe Francis, David Antilla, Clyde Sterns, Bob Preston, Adam Bartkowski, Tom Sanfillipo, Lloyd Kegarise, Don Yoho, Bill Clark, Denver Newman. VI CAPTAIN:-Larry Attisano. LIEUTENANT:-Alfred Papa. HALL MONITORS:-Ralph Hudson, Harvey Burris, Bill Paradise, Don DuShane, George Zamb-elli, Cliiford Robb, Robert Lee, Clyde Fleeger, William Eakin, Kenneth Moss, Irwin Kappes, Bill Eroe, Andy Nigro, Har- old Buneman. SERVICE SQUADS fOther service squads which contribute to the systematic, efficient management of our schoolj. We cannot fully express our appreciation for their willingness to serve the other students. A. M. PRE-SESSION SQUAD Orlando Alfera, Howard Conaway, Louis Costa, Don DuShane, Paul Farver, James Fleming, Guy Gribble, William Haller, Robert Herzel, Wal- ter Knobloch, Alvin Kulkin, James McCann, Robert McCormick, Jack Mc- Keever, James Minick, John Quint, Clarence White, Harold Yost. CAPTAIN :-Albert Morse. STAGE AND EQUIPMENT Walter Wasilewski, John Wasilewski, James George, Joe Polansky. BULLETIN SQUAD Ronald Hietsch, Richard Scarazzo. A. M. ASSEMBLY SQUAD Bob Bailey, Fred McConnell, Jack Klingensmith, Clarence Armstrong, Albert Morse, Bob McCormick, Robert Parks, Ralph Doer, Guy Gribble, Bart Balantine, Donald Ray, Russell Rhodes, Bill Rose, James Richards. P. M. ASSEMBLY SQUAD Jeanne Brindle, Marta Brown, Pat Chip, Maureen Dolan, Gloria Duff, Eleanor Dwyer, Margie Fee, Delores Strekler, Jean Van Horn. CAPTAIN:-Marjorie Holmes. P. M. DISMISSAL SQUAD Margaret Holmes, Margaret Ann Henderson, Betty Krause. P. M. OFFICE MESSENGERS Howard Snyder, Joe Locke, George Talios, Walter Majors, Bob Henry, John Forsberg, Richard Scarazzo, Bill McCallion, Angelo Mazzocca, Gene Maher, James Clare, Marshall Lucidore. A. M. OFFICE MESSENGERS Walter Riley, David Harlan, Howard Tindal, Sherman Miles, Laura Evans, Jim White, Allan Reed, Clifford Roff, Joe Wolfe, Tom Thompson, Helen Smith, Kathryn Nader, Bill McGuire. l 1 l l 1 1 1 4 1 l l l 1 I l l 1 i K 41 if -il -il X 4K 41 +I +- 41 4 +- +1 1 41 +- 1 l 1 1 l l '1 1 1 l l l 4: l l f l l l , , lu 1'1 1 l , +1 1 , , l 41 ar 1 , . l l . 1 41 l l 1 1 . 1 I l lil l l 1 ' . l l ' l l 1 1 1 1 , Q 41 l l N 1 1 4: lr 1 , 1 l 1 l OUR LIAR UDDI! POSTERS .G fa- A .rmeme Dv 9 gf ' Q ?f55Pa sissigigf AFTERNOON VICTORY CAPTAINS Ruth Arrow, Jean Book, Frances Bovard, Patricia Chip, William Col- bert, Wesley Darzynkiewiez, Carrie DiThomas, Marylou Dickson, Henry Dinafore, Anna Flyak, Nick George, Victoria Gizzi, Don Glitch, Della Harper, Bob Huston, Eugene Jacob, Mary Alice Kleckner, Joe Kwolik, June Lawson, Vivian Limby, Margaret Magna, Andrew Marrese, Bill Mc- Connell, Eleanor McConnell, Sally McCummins, Sayde Neil, Bill Onasch, Ruth Ramsey, Johnny Ross, Sam Salem, Bill Samuels, Mary Eleanor Shoaff, Nancy Smith, Stella Szymanski, George Talios, Mary Vassilion, Jack Wallace, Luella Walters, Robert Watson, Dorothy Wienski. is l . mi: .lL. ll -1 ' -Tx 1 W' - -.,. , ef iv? is 5, ,,f fQsL,WMwM Jeaelgazsaanzamsssr ami? ,a y . L 1 , ' -an lf- f ff ,e -- ,, ......Y. EE MORNING VICTORY CAPTAINS Tom Allen, Harry Atlas, Robert Bailey, Virginia Bartsch, Phyllis Bur- dette, Joe Carmona, Marsha Chamberlain, Margaret Clement, Pearson Dean, Sue DeMatto, Joseph Diana, Delores DiLorenzo, Ralph Doerr, James Donofrio, Evelyn Douglas, Bob Dui-ning, Audrey Evans, Dorothy Fye, Nancy Gilliland, Claire Gorley, Albert Gunther, Fifi Hazimanoli, Judd Healy, Ardell Hoover. Kathryn Johns, Martha Joseph, Joe Kantes, Lois Keck, Dale Kegarise, Sara Kegarise, John Kerr, Ernest Kray, Joe Malinow- ski, Bill Margraf, Fred McConnell, Evelyn McEwen, Gene Mcllvaine, Jack Miller, Edice Norris, Jack Park, Tom Pearce, Dorothea Pecoraro, Jean Perro, Pat Preston, Fred Rentz, Paul Richards, Pat Roemer, Joe Ryan, Adolph Scilla, Bob Shaifer, Mildred Shoai, Grayce Short, Helen Shultz, Ann Smolinski, Howard Snyder, Esther Tuminella, William Usselton, Ruth VanBuren, Mary Vaughn, Regina Wajert, Margaret Weir, Gene Wilson, Joseph Wolf, Raymond Wright. There is a great job to be done in suppressing the enemies of democ- racy. The students of the high school realize the great crisis in which we are involved and have whole-heartely agreed to provide the fighting neph- ews of Uncle Sam with all the guns, planes, and tanks that the bonds and stamps which they purchase can buy. To make sure that there would never be a lapse in the purchases, the students decided that they would make a friendly contest between the boys and the girls of the high school. Each session room has a Captain for each faction to sell the stamps and bonds to the students. The reports of the weekly sales are then reported to the office and the records in the halls show the entire school who is ahead in the contest. So far the rivalry is so evenly matched that a defi- nite leader cannot be announced. At the time of going to press, through the efforts of the students, the sale of victory bonds and stamps has risen to a grand total of S9,678.50. AMERICAN RED CROSS FIRST AID CLASS This is the first semester American Red Cross First Aid has been taught in the high school. These classes are made up entirely of Senior A and Senior B girls. Instead of working together in one group, the classes are divided into squads, with a group instructor in charge. These girls assist Miss Fischer in the class work. The First Aid Classes have had moving pictures taken of their treat- ment of Artificial Respiration, applying bandages, performing different kinds of carries, and also showing how to transport patients. At the conclusion of the course, the girls will have completed the Junior and Standard American First Aid course and will receive this cer- tification. The course includes artificial respiration, splinting, care of wounds, care of severe bleeding, application of all types of bandages, and general First Aid care. l FW ff- l AKVQWK Ui li? C I2 fi' iff-fig I M J' 'II '17 qXQ.,ffff-Q-f-Q? BOYS' SQUAD LEADERS for MILITARY TACTICS The squad leaders' club has been organized so that the boys may have the opportunity, if they Wish to take advantage of it, to learn through practical experience some of the fundamentals of handling men in drill and calisthenics. It has been found in the army that many men have a knack for lead- ership, but, because of self-consciousness and lack of experience, they would probably have never realized the full benefit of their talent, had it not been for the opportunity presented to them. The boys have learned, not only many of the fundamental exercises and drills, but also the best Way in which to direct others in the execution of them. This group of boys has responded very well, improving from Week to week, until it became a valuable aid to the instructor. --f 15213 ' " - - , -- ,.-I-""' ,,,.. -Rf i l l l l gl v i l l S l 1 MACHINE SHOP DEFENSE VOCATIONAL COURSES Included in the graduation class this year are two groups of young men from the vocational course. June 1942 feels honored to be the first class of Ne-Ca-Hi to include graduates from these courses. Not only are these students well-trained in mechanical and electrical work, which is so all important in the line of defense, but they have also made a good scholastic record. MACHINE SHOP George Adams, Francis Akstulewicz, Arthur Apicelli, Thomas Batten, Armando Bucci, John Burick, Carl Congini, Archie Cumo, Mike Debelak, Charles Fisher, Fred Howland, Stephen Hudak, Johnny Jim, Arthur Jones, Earl Kegg, Ted Kurdupski, James Mead, Ben Milone, Armand Monaco, Ron Nelson, William Querriera, William Sowash, Thomas Spinelli, Sam Tran- quillo. ELECTRIC SHOP Steve Balogh, Robert Beynon, Nick Borkesz, Robert Davies, Phillip DeAngelis, Robert Gilbert, Theodore Ginsburg, John Grieve, Mearl Jay, Joe Malinowski, George Mitcheltree, Norman McCracken, Frank Pelosi, John Quimby, Charles Reider, Thomas Richards, David Speed, Harry Stein, Julian Tkachuk, Arthur VeArd, Anthony Vendemia, Harry White, Charles Zoltani. IDENTIFICATIONS OF SNAPSHOTS Electric Shop Boys 8. Time Out For- 16. Just Playing Around More Power To You! 9. At Leisure 17. The Great Thinker Shop Scene- 10. Tell Me Another 18. We're The Boys From The Mr. Kirkpatrick 11. What Goes On Here? Machine Shop The Line Gang 12. The Mad Scientists 19. Kegg At The Lathe Powerful Electricians 13. The Feminine Touch 20. Just Watch Me! One Week At Shop 14. What Do I Do Next? 21. Jim Mead, Master Machinist Their Pal-A Regular 15. Back Corner Physics Lab, 22. Fireworks-etc. Fellow Vocational Machine Shop VOCATIONAL SCHOOL SNAPSHOTS 0636006 6 GOSYJGGUGQOGGQGGOQ ooo 0099 4 00 0006 0 59 300600 if F ll f r I Q 7 A ' A Lu. ' ' ' FIRST VIOLIN Andy Lisko Idagene Mitchell Edward Zehel Zygmund Darzynkiewicz Betty Cassachia Paul Olsen Warren Hoye CELLO Dorothea Pecorara Christina Giancotti Lenore Pyle BASS Edward Ballog George Scarazzo FLUTE Mary Lou Womer Frank Peters BASSOON Benjamin Roman SENIOR ORCHESTRA TROMBONE William Holler TRUMPET Raymond Melchiore Charles Black Joseph Catone SECOND VIOLIN Mary Eddy Edyce Cameron Edith Hares Ethel Hares Irene Damaskon TYMPANI Evelyn DeVivo VIOLA Anne Singer Helen Swartzlander Mary Arcuri Jean Tribby Mary Davis OBOE Patricia Taylor Rudolph Egizi CLARINET Howard Snyder Thomas Frabotta Eugene Natale DRUMS Mike Masone Margaret Henderson Shirley Herman PIANO Marjorie Fisher John Carlin Dolores DiLorenzo Lillian Rosenberg Louis Pagani FRENCH HORN Jack Rowland Sam Price I lg THE SENIOR BAND DRUM MAJORETTE :-Christina Giancotti. TWIRLERS:-Helen Venditto, Jean Tribby, Lucille Doyle, Betty Lou Hall, Aneitha Sweet. B Flat CLARINET :-Thomas Frabotta, Howard Snyder, Tony Thomas, Harry Thompson, Thomas Ross, Nick Perotta, Marjorie Allen, William Usselton, Jean Tribby, James Tilton, Jack Rishor, John Gibbons, Sam Bonfield, Rocco DeMase. CORNET:-Charles Black, Albert Pillifant, Ray Melchiore, Frank Romeo, Benjamin Roman, Andy Vassilion, Anthony Cipriano, Rudolph Marcozzi, Robert Pyle, Sam Abraham, Sam Price, Henry Johns, Joseph Chmura, George Crunkleton, Douglas Hill. BARITONES:-Victor Camera, Alan Joseph. TUBAS:-William Fazzone, Edward Jenkins, George Scarazzo, Ed- ward Ballog. FLUTE AND PICCOLO:--Frank Peters. E Flat CLARINET:-John Disarro. OBOE:-Rudolph Egizi. BASSOON:-Richmond Thayer. ALTO CLARINET:-James Priscaro. BASS CLARINET:-Eugene Natale. SAXAPHONES:-Claire Gorley, Robert Christophe, Morris Kulkin. Ray Noga, Ugo Sbaraglia. FRENCH HORN :-Jack Rowland, William Moffatt, James Alexander. TROMBONE:-William Holler, Walter Wilson, Arnold Giancola, Robert Watson, James Valelly, James Pappas, Johnny Alexander. TYMPANI:-Evelyn DeVivo. DRUMS:-Ralph Armino, John Iwanejko, James White, Margaret Henderson, Shirley Herman, Edward Gilkey, Mike Masone, Clarence Con- nor, David Moses, Robert Blewitt, George Love, Robert Tilton, Mary Metta, Stella Nogay, Tomascina Miscamarra. A0 , l w . , , 5, ic V3 'x fi E l l l , w l w 1, !i W l l 1 w 4 l l li i l il ll l l i I ' l l ll 1 l l i l 1, odobcgol QQL 09 000 90 4444344444449 i'?444il4 , i l 1 i , 1 5 , ' 2 1 l ' a Wt? Nancy Rugh ISI 0 ,O to 1 0 , 0 ol to QS o io? KD: lo new lgl it it it ll N l l l ll lm lx V 1, lu ll ll ll I 1 1 V l 1 if ll :Cal log 50 1 l l w l l w f l i w w w i l I 1 0 0 D A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, directed by Mr. Robert Duff, is one of Ne-Ca- Hi's best known organizations. Its members are chosen from Mr. DufT's chorus classes. In addition to appearing in local churches, local schools, and outlying schools, the Choir added colorful climaxes to the Senior Class Play and the School Play. Besides the Choir proper, there is a Senior Boys' Quartet which has given performances with the Choir and independently. Its members are as follows: Earl Hammond, first tenorg Donald Ferguson, second tenorg George Ashton, baritoneg Clyde Jenkins, bass. Marjorie Allen Dorothy Bohn Bette Brown Norma Fishburn Margaret Frost Juniata Foster Ruth Fehl King Bell Bob Bailey Don Ferguson Veneta Angellilo Doris Book Helen Cioca Edna Doyno Audrey Evans George Ashton Bill Brown Keith Brooks SOPRANO Betty Goshorn Georgia Wood Lois Hogue Betty Hogue Dorothy Hammers Mary Hawk LaVerne Lawson Gene Mcllvaine Anna Mann Ruth McEwen Janet Miller Lea Nora Pierz TENOR Pauline Frederick Joe Polanskey Earl Hammond Doris McGafiic Margaret Hogan Betty James Lois Keck Shirley Kennedy Betty Marshall Phyllis Ringer ALTO Evelyn McEwen Greta McGafHc Dorothy Mayberry Mary Louise Rodgers BASS Harvey Burris Jim George Leroy Filer Clyde Jenkins Paul Farver Andrew Marrese Evelyn Palko Vivian Quarles Betty Rapp Mary Rowan Betty Smith Mildred Stinard Helen Vancover Leo Russo Al Trepicone Bill Tyrrell Lois ShoaH Frances Shaffer Miriam Thomas Mildred Weber Pearl Wood Stanley Routman Harry Spence Bernard Thompson far! .f . 'Qt .eg ' X, fad are H x 'M - .1 1 I 'B ' I - 7' THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB This year as a special project the Girls' Athletic Club has organized an American Red Cross Life Saving Class which meets each Monday eve- ning at the pool in the George Washington Junior High School. Many girls have availed themselves of this opportunity to learn Life Saving and the Club feels that again they have sponsored another worthwhile project, The club supervisor, Miss Margaret Fischer, is teaching this particular class. ' The program committee this year have been interested in re-organiz- ing the membership qualifications of the club. Margaret Clement, Jane Lee, and Dorothea Pecoraro have been working on a new constitution and by-laws which will be the basis for all activities for next year. With the money realized from the sale of the football programs last year and the candy sale in the halls at school and at the basketball games this year, the club will send 12 selected girls from the senior high school to Camp Eastbrook this surnmer. OFFICERS President - - - Phyllis Pugh Vice-President - - Helen Venditto Secretary - - - - Patricia Preston Corresponding Secretary - - - Edice Norris Treasurer - - - - Marian Waddington Adviser - - - Miss Margaret P. Fischer THE NEQCA-HI CHEERLEADERS The game ended in a whirlwind-yes, it was another victory for the Red Hurricane. Ten thousand fans left the stadium that Friday nightg yet, how many of them were mindful of the part our cheerleaders played in "bringing home the bacon?" Without a doubt, the cheerleaders are the unsung heroes around Ne-Ca-Hi. This year's squad consisted of six well-trained, Versatile individuals, each possessing a distinct quality which helps to make our cheerleaders among the best in the state. However, there is a great deal of work con- nected with this type of activity. Continual practice and patience were constantly stressed both on the part of the instructors and the cheerleaders themselves. The New Castle High School cheerleaders hold the respect and profound admiration not only of our Athletic department but also of the entire student body. We feel quite positive that they were one of the main factors in providing New Castle with one of its most successful ath- letic seasons in many a year. Last March the cheerleaders honored the Basketball team with a dance held in the high school gym. Needless to say, it was a huge success. HATS OFF TO THE CHEERLEADERS! Agnes Baker , Billie Jeanne Seal Mildred Felasco James Minick Betty Finnessy James Patterson Supervisor - Miss Bernice E. Bartlett Trainer - - Miss Margaret P. Fischer THE BASKETBALL TEAM Our 1941-42 basketball team has proved one of the "hotest" in many a year. During the past season New Castle played a total of nineteen games, winning fourteen and losing' five. Our boys won the Section Three championship thus qualifying for the Elimination Tourney at the Pitt Sta- dium. However, we were defeated by Braddock in the Tourney due to the fact that Braddock had a veteran team which represented its section in the 1941 Elimination Tourney. THE TRACK TEAM At this time the track schedule for 1942 is completed except for the W. P. I. A. L. Championship which will be held in Pittsburgh, May 16. Due to difficulties of transportation the track program was much cur- tailed this year. RECORD TO DATE The Inter-class meet was won by the Junior A Class. Butler Dual Meet Warren Dual Meet New Castle ........... 6216 Wa1'ren .............. 5516 Butler ............... 38 New Castle ....... . . .89 W. P. I. A. L. Eliminations at Beaver Falls New Castle ............. 66 Aliquippa ...... . . .26 Butler ....... ...... 3 9 Ambridge .............. 4 ii 'K if 1 1 +1 1 1 +- 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 1 1 1 . . -x 1 1 1 1 I 41 4- +1 41 41 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 4: , 1 1 1 1 1 191 131 M1 1 11 11 11 11 1 N 1 11 11 11 11 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 LEASE ON LIBERTY One of the most unusual plays ever to be presented by the Senior High School Dramatics Class was the moving and timely "Lease On Lib- erty," directed by Miss Clara Hartsuff. The story centers around the life of a typically American youth, Matt Powell, Jr., who has no definite ideas about anything except having a good time. His father, Matthew Powell, Sr., a highly successful newspaper editor, is an extreme pacifist and encourages his son to follow in his foot- steps. On the other hand, Matt, Jr., is infiuenced by his grandmother, whose forebearers fought and died to preserve the freedom we cherish so much. The plot is complicated by the entrance of Fay Latimer, Gram1ny's companion, who is completely unsympathetic to Matt's ideas, and by the appearance of the villainess, Rosalie Thayer, an ardent communist who tries to vamp Matt, Jr. However, Rosalie's tactics prove unsuccessful. Matt reaches the crisis in his life when he is asked to make a speech in behalf of the peace organization. He realizes then that once and for all he must decide which course he is going to follow and stick to it. He is infiuenced by Mischa, a Russian refugee who is a better patriot than most Americans. Jinx and Ted, his younger sister and brother, un- consciously hasten this decision, and even Vera, their rather unintelligent mother, does her bit. Mattls decision that t'Americanism" is better than ANY other "ism'i and its results make this play what it is-an inspirational, yet amusing picture of American life at its best. Much credit is due to the cast fthey really workedll and to Miss Clara Hartsuff, who every year proves herself to be f'tops" as dramatic directress. THE COMPLETE CAST IS AS FOLLOWS: Grammy ------ Magnolia - Matt, Jr. - Miss Jennings - Jinx - - Vera - Fay Latimer - - Ted ---- Matthew Powell, Sr. Paul Butler - Radio Technician - Announcer - Pickering - Girl Reporter - Girl Reporter Photographer - Miss Hervey - - Betty Lou Diggers - Rosalie Thayer - Mischa - - Claire Kohn Virginia Harlan Lewis Southern Bernice Taylor Mary Lou Marvin - Anita Sacco - Velma Dart - Jim Patterson Donald Ferguson Robert Durning - Ira Ramsey - William Neff Robert O'Neill Betty Jean Kemp Virginia Bogdon - Robert Payne Bette Callahan H- Betty Rohrer - Pat Roemer David Genkinger f w 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 l 1 muff-A 4 if t v A pimpin- A Ifiififwfffaffw wwiwffffmsfffwffffffffffmnffff iff 1 1 tiitttiititttit ttttitttit kitttttk AMERICAN PASSPORT Stupendous! Colossal! Gigantic! were Winchell's words! Hedda Hopper declared that it was the most outstanding play ever presented by New Castle High School-an excellent theatrical performance, meritori- ously presented! Remarks like these came from the audience: "I never laughed so much and go genuinely in one evening!"g "Such a timely play -made one feel that he, too, like Dick, should climb aboard our Ship of State with an exclusively American passport!"g "A fine play, with a fine moral !"g "We could hardly wait for the rise of the next curtain!" We'll all remember March 20, 1942, because that was the evening when Dana Thomas' long anticipated dream became a realization. Her play, "American Passport," was splendidly presented in our High School Auditorium before a packed house. K'Standing Room Only" was the ushers' chorus. Along with comedy situations in the play, there was a vein of philoso- phy, justice, and patriotism that stood out like a shining star in the black of night. The second act, in which Mr. Ed Hamilton asked for a return to common sense-to the Americanism of Washington, Franklin, and Lincoln, and a return to Christianity, could have almost been used as a Fourth of July rally! The curtain closed on a scene of patriotic splendor with the son's words, 'Tm boarding the Ship of State with an exclusively 'American Passport! " CAST OF CHARACTERS fln order of their appearance, Ed Hamilton, an American father - - Lewis Southern Louella, baby of the family - - - Miriam Thomas Judy, the older daughter - - - Mary Lou Marvin Dick, the son - - - Donald Ferguson Sybil Jennings, in love with Dick - - Betty Jean Kemp Bertha Hamilton, the mother - Bernice Taylor Bill Wilson, a catch in any season - - Robert O'Neill Aunt Jen, Mr. Hamilton's aunt - - Virginia Bogdon Mrs. Schwartz, a neighbor - - - Joan Wadlinger Mr. Craig, Father's employer - - Jim Patterson WHO'S WHO IN NE-CA-HI SENIOR A CLASS President. . .Larry Attisano Vice-Pres. .... James Minick Secretary. ,Dorothy Harper Treasurer ........ . . . . . . .Walter Wasilewski SENIOR B CLASS President. . .Jack McCarthy Vice-Pres. ....... . . . . . .Edward Van Dusen Secretary ..... Phyllis Pugh Treasurer. . .William Eckles ANNUAL STAFF Editor .... Suzanne Shannon Associate Editor ..... . . . . . .Margaret Hogan Business Manager .... ........ Joseph Diana Advertising Manager . . Fred Rentz Art ....... Leroy Johnson SENIOR COMMITTEE Class Day Chairman. . . .. . . . . . .James Minick Master of Ceremonies. . . . . . . Lewis Southern Will .......... . . . .Robert Armstrong Class Prophecy. .Fred Rentz Class Historian.Guy Gribble Class Knocker.Robt. O'Neill Dinner Dance Chairman Anita Sacco RIFLE CLUB President..Jean McConnell Secretary-Treasurer .. Class Lois Leach JUNIOR A CLASS President ..... Aaron Cohen Vice-Pres. ...... Fern Riley Secretary ..... Shirley Reno Treasurer. . .Helen Gartner JUNIOR B CLASS President. .Arthur Bergland Vice-Pres. ........ . . . . . . .Barbara Chapman Secretary ........... . .Mary Louise Cleland Treasurer .... Paul Rowland NE-CA-HI DEBATE CLUB President ....... Joe Vogan Secretary .... Betty Lawton Treasurer .... Joseph Diana GERMAN CLUB President ....... Joe Vogan Vice-Pres. .... Robert Calvin Secretary ........... . . . .Kenneth Scheppele Treasurer. . .William Eckles CAMERA CLUB President.Christina Christos Secretary ..... June Lawson Treasurer . Eileen Wadlinger SENATUS ROMANUS Consul Prima. . .Anita Sacco Consul Secondus .Fred Rentz Scriba ........ Guy Gribble Quaestor .... Larry Attisano . ci? SOPHOMORE A CLASS President. . .Eugene Maher Vice-Pres. ..... John Pashko Secretary. .Clyde Tommello Treasurer. .Dolores Mastren SENIOR GIRL RESERVES President .... Audrey Evans Vice-Pres. ..... Anita Sacco Secretary ....... Ruth Fehl Treasurer ..... . .... . Mary Elizabeth Dickey CHEERLEADERS James Minick James Patterson Agnes Baker Mildred Felasco Betty Finnessy Billie Jeanne Seal GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB President ..... Phyllis Pugh Vice-Pres. . .Helen Venditto Secretary .... Patti Preston Corresponding Secretary EdiceNorris JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES President ..... Jane Roberts Vice-Pres.. . .Jean McCreary Secretary. . .Eleanor Jordan Treasurer ..... Betty Trent SENIOR HI-Y President ..... Charles Book Vice-Pres. .... James Minick Secretary .... Robert Clever Treasurer. . .Lewis Southern ml'-R'E'i' I 'Zn l ,' j ff . -L g AJS? -JJ-T-,LVM 2 PF 606QQAfme-k-kTfii?lr1lP1fEiiijrT-nfLw+ 'ff Haifa--k-Ififvf-Ifwfififf flfiiifxxfwwfwffwwffffwffrww:fair-time -brag f i if ir l 1 f f fir if 1 i i I 4 +1 i t i W 1 I l +1 +I 4K 3 l +1 41 , iii' 'k t -K 41 3 SENIOR ACTIVITIES CLASS OFFICERS LARRY ATTISANO Class President 110-11-121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Quaestor 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 Captain 1121 Home Room Representative 110-121 Usher 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Defense Stamp Committee 1121 Home Room Program Squad 1121 Hi-Y 1121 Boys' Squad Leader 1121 JAMES MINICK Class Vice-President 1121 Announcement Squad 1121 Cheerleader 111-121 Hall Monitor 1121 Pre-Session Squad 1121 Hi-Y 111-121 Vice-President 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Rifie Club 1121 Senatus Romanus 1121 Class Day Chairman 1121 DOROTHY HARPER Class Secretary 111-121 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Squad Leader 111-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Short Awards 100 words 1121 May Festival 1101 Filing Awards 1121 Home Room Program Squad 1121 Gym Exhibition 1101 WALTER WASILEWSKI Class Treasurer 110-11-121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Shorthand Award 80 words 1121 Hall Monitor 110-111 Home Room Representative 1101 Stage Squad 110-11-121 Class Basketball 1111 Filing Award 1121 SENIOR ACTIVITIES THERESA ABRAHAM Hall Monitor 11 11 THOMAS ABRAHAM Hall Monitor 1121 GEORGE ADAMS Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1101 Track Team 1121 HOWARD ADAMS Class Basketball 110-111 Hall Monitor 1111 FRANCIS AKSTULEWICZ Hall Monitor 1101 Perfect Attendance 1101 Service Squad 1101 CARL ALEXANDER Hall Monitor 110-11-121 CLARENCE ALEXANDER Hall Monitor 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Varsity Football 111-121 Reserve Football 1101 Band 1101 JAMES ALEXANDER Hall Monitor 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-11- Track Team 1111 Rifle Club 1111 Chorus 1121 Band 111-121 LYDA ALUISIA Girl Reserves 1101 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 1111 Shorthand Awards 100 word Filing Award 1121 FRANCES AMADIO Girl Reserves 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 JOHN ANGELO Class Basketball 1111 Music Contest 1111 Perfect Attendance 110-121 Band 110-11-121 VIDA ANTHONY Girl Reserves 1121 Gym Exhibition 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 121 s 1121 DAVID ANTTILA Hall Monitor 110-11-121 ARTHUR APICELLI Perfect Attedance 1101 ROBERT ARMSTRONG Class Will 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Dofobs 1121 Dismissal Squad 1121 Hall Monitor 110-11-121 Captain 1111 Hi-Y 1121 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Student Council 110-111 Usher 111-121 GEORGE ASHTON A Capella Choir 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 Stage Squad 1101 Male Quartet 1121 RICHARD AUDINO Football Usher 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 JE AN BADGER Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 ROBERT BAILEY A Cappella Choir 1121 Assembly 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Football Manager 1101 Hall Monitor 1121 Usher 11 21 Track 11 21 AGNES BAKER Announcement Squad 1121 Book Review Club 1111 Cheerleader 111-121 Girl Reserves 110-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 ADAM BARTKOWSKI Sub-Treasurer 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 Class Basketball 1111 Dismissal Squad 1121 Hall Monitor 111-121 Lieutenant 1111 THOMAS BATTEN Perfect Attendance 1101 MARJORIE BECK MARGARET BENZICK May Festival 1101 Girl Reserves 1101 ROSE BERTUCCI May Festival 1101 Gym Exhibition 1111 Shorthand Awards 60 words 1121 GERALDINE BEVAN ROBERT BEYNON Varsity Football 111-121 Reserve Basketball 1121 Track Team 110-11-121 Perfect Attendance 1111 Pre-Session Squad 1121 Football Usher 1101 Class Basketball 1111 BETTY BIGLEY Girl Reserves 110-121 Book Review Club 1111 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Hall Monitor 1111 May Festival 1101 Gym Exhibition 1101 JAMES BLACKWELL Football 1111 Track 110-11-121 Perfect Attendance 110-121 Class Basketball 1111 TOAN BALDAUF Assembly Squad 11 11 Book Review Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-1 1-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 11 11 Gym Exhibition 1111 May Festival 1101 Sub-Treasurer 11 11 STEVE BALOGH Class Basketball 1111 Football Usher 110-111 HAROLD BLEWITT Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 111-121 Hi-Y 1121 Usher Squad 1121 HELEN BLOISE Girl Reserves 1121 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Filing Award 1121 i ! . l 3 +1 1 l f 4 +1 i i , r i 1 ,,. 1 +1 1 , Q i I , , 41 l . I 1 : +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Y 'K +1 +1 +1 4 +1 I JK 'K 'K 41 i +1 . 41 1 l +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 41 +1 +1 I - +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 41 -it 41 s i ll V ll li ll l 1 14 I 1i l l 1 l , 1 i JOSEPHINE BLUNDO Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 1121 VIRGINIA BOGDON Perfect Attendance 1101 'tAmerican Passport" 1121 Etiquette Club 1111 Book Review 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 WILLIAM BOLLINGER. Service Squad 1121 Hall Monitor 110-121 Usher Squad 1121 Band 1111 CHARLES BOOK Hi-Y Secretary 110-111 Hi-Y President 1121 Dofobs 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-111 Class Basketball 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 DONALD BOOTH NICHOLAS BORKESZ Class Basketball 1111 JAMES BOYD German Club 110-111 Hall Monitor 1121 Squad Leader 1121 JAYNE BRENNEMAN A Capella Choir 110-111 Music Contest 1111 Girl Reserves 110-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 VIRGINIA BRINCKO Girl Reserves 110-121 Etiquette Club 1111 Book Review Club 1111 Gym Exhibition 1101 ARMANDO BUCCI MARY MARGARET BUCKLEY Girl Reserves 110-121 Sub-Treasurer 1111 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Gym Exhibition 1101 Book Review Club 1111 May Festival 1101 BARBARA BUDZOWSKI Girl Reserves 110-111 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Book Review Club 1111 JO.HN BURICK Perfect attendance 110-11-121 Sub-Treasurer 111-121 LEONARD BURKOT Squad Leader 1121 Hall Monitor 111-121 BETTE MAE CALLAHAN Perfect Attendance 1101 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-121 Book Review Club 1111 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 ELIZABETH CALLLAHAN CHARLES CAMPBELL Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 MARIAN CAMPBELL Girl Reserves 110-121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 JENNIE CANDIOTO Girl Reserves 1101 Girls' Athletic Club 1101 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 1111 Squad Leader 1101 MARIE CARANGI May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 1121 Shorthand Awards 60 words 1121 STELLA CARKITTO Girl Reserves 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 Filing Award 1121 MARIE ELIZABETH CARLIN Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 Stamp Club 1111 Squad Leader 1121 NANCY CAROLINA Girls' Athletic Club C10-11-121 Hall Monitor C10-111 Gym Exhibition C101 Filing Award C121 May Festival C101 Squad Leader C10-111 Shorthand Awards 80 words C121 DANIEL CARROLL Camera Club C121 Class Basketball C111 Dofobs C121 Hall Monitor C11-121 Hi-Y C121 Home Room Representative C121 Perfect Attendance C111 Boys' Squad Leader C121 EMMA CARTER Girl Reserves C10-111 Girls' Chorus C101 Perfect Atendance C101 SHIRLEY CARTWRIGHT Girl Reserves C121 Cabinet C121 May Festival C111 Perfect Attendance C121 Shorthand Awards 80 words C121 Filing Award C121 VERA CHABAK Home Economics Club C121 ARTHUR CHILL Announcement Squad C121 Class Basketball C111 Music Contest C111 Hall Monitor C10-11-121 Hi-Y C121 Perfect Attendance C10-11-121 EDITH CHIPRANO Girl Reserves C121 May Festival C10-121 Shorthand Awards 80 words C121 Filing Award C121 ALBENA CHIRUMBOLO Perfect Attendance C10-111 May Festival C101 ROSE CIMINI Gym Exhibition C101 Perfect Attendance C10-11-121 Senatus Romanus C121 RUBY CLARK Girl Reserves C10-11-121 ROBERT CLEVER Hi-Y C10-11-121 Secretary C121 Hall Monitor Lieutenant C11-121 Service Squad C111 Shorthand Awards 80 words C121 CARL CONGINI Class Basketball C101 Varsity Basketball C121 EUGENE CONTI Reserve Football C111 Track Team C111 Varsity Football C121 BETTY JANE COPE Announcement Squad C121 Girl Reserves C10-11-121 Sub-Treasurer C121 Shorthand Awards 80 words C121 May Day Festival C101 ELEANOR CRUDELL GEORGE CRUNKLETON Class Basketball C111 Hall Monitor C11-121 Forensic Contest C111 Reserve Basketball C121 Track Team C10-11-121 ARCHIE CUMO Class Basketball C111 RUTH CUNNINGHAM Gym Exhibition C101 Girls' Etiquette Club C111 Home Economics Club C121 LOIS CURRY ' Girl Reserves C121 WILLIAM CURRY Class Basketball C111 THOMAS CUSCINO Hall Monitor C121 Squad Leader C121 IRENE CWYNAR Dofobs C111 Girls' Athletic Club C11-121 A' 'AQiffifwwffffflfffffmwfffffffffffwififf li-fQfffGwaf3xi Ifwlfiififffafklfff 'kit ti' 41 JK 4: 4K 4 41 X ' l 41 ir 'IK Q f l l 1 i , 1 l 1 I 1 1 l l ANNA DADEJKO Perfect Attendance 1111 EUGENE DALTORIO Hall Monitor 1101 Usher 1 1 11 Class Basketball 1111 MARGARET DAMASKON Gym Exhibition 110-121 Senior Home Economics Club Perfect Attendance 110-111 ROBERT DAVIES Hi-Y 110-111 Mid-Western District Band 1101 Perfect Attendance 1101 Band 110-111 Orchestra 1111 CALVIN DAVIS Class Basketball 1111 Dismissal Squad 1121 Hi-Y 111-121 Treasurer 1121 Squad Leader 1121 LILILQIAN DAVIS MARY LOUISE DAVIS Girl Reserves 1101 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Orchestra Contest 111-121 County Orchestra 110-111 PHILLIP DeANGELIS Class Basketball 1111 Hi-Y 1111 MIKE DEBELAK Class Basketball 1111 Perfect Attendance 1121 LOIS ANN DEELY Girl Reserves 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 MARY DeLORENZO A Cappella Choir 111-121 Music Contest 1111 Perfect Attendance 1121 JOSEPHINE DeMASE Forensic Contest 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Gym Exhibition 110-111 Home Room Representative 1101 May Festival 1101 Mid-Western District Orchestra 1111 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 SUE DeMATTO Pre-Session Squad 1111 ALBERT DeMUCCIO Usher 1111 Hall Captain 1111 Class Basketball 1111 LAWRENCE DESIMONE - Class Basketball 1111 Usher 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 Reserve Basketball 1121 JOSEPH DIANA Dofobs 1121 Forensic Contest 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Senatus Romanus 1121 Boys' Squad Leader 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Track Team 1101 Debate Club 1121 Defense Sales Committee 1121 Usher 1121 Victory Captain 1121 M ARY ELIZABETH DICKEY Gym Exhibition 1101 Etiquette Club 1111 Home Economics Club 1121 Girl Reserves 1121 Treasurer 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 LINWOOD DILKS Class Basketball 1101 Hall Monitor 110-11-121 Track Team 1111 JOHN DISARRO Perfect Attendance 111-121 Hall Monitor 110-11-121 Captain 1121 Music Contest 1111 LAURA DiTHOMAS Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-121 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 Filing Award 1121 VIRGINIA DONALDSON Girl Reserves 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 May Festival 1101 Rifle Club 1111 JAMES DONOFRIO Hall Monitor 110-111 Lieutenant 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Victory Captain 1121 EVELYN DOUGLAS Victory Captain 1121 Girls' Squad Leader 1121 LEO DOVER CLIFFORD DOWNING EDNA DOYNO A Cappella Choir 1121 May Festival 1101 Gym Exhibition 1101 VIVIAN DUKES Hall Monitor 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 Filing Award 1121 ARTHUR DURLESSER Office Squad 110-111 Hall Lieutenant 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 ROBERT' DURNING Athletic Council 1121 Basketball Manager 110-11-121 Head Manager 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Debate Team 1121 Usher 1111 Defense Stamp Captain 1121 Home Room Representative 1101 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 DONALD DuSHANE Usher 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 Service Squad 1121 WILLIAM EAKIN Class Basketball 1111 Class Officer-Secretary 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 Reserve Football 1101 Rifle Club 110-11-121 Senatus Romanus 1121 Track Team 110-11-121 MARY LOUISE EDDY Music Contest 111-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 ESTHER ELEFANT German Club 11-12 ROBERT ENGLAND Class Basketball 1111 AUDREY JEAN EVANS A Cappella Choir 111-121 Forensic Contest 1111 French Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Cabinet 1121 President 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Girls' Ensemble 1121 Gym Exhibition 1101 Defense Captain 1121 HELEN FALATKO Sub-Treasurer 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 WILLIAM FALLS Football Usher 1101 Hall Monitor 1101 Hall Captain 111-121 Home Room Representative 1111 MARY FAVA Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 FLORENCE FEE Girl Reserves 1101 Hall Monitor 110-111 PUTH FEHL A Cappella Choir 1125 Announcement Squad 1125 French Club 1115 Girl Reserves 110-125 Secretary 1125 Cabinet 1125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Home Room Representative Perfect Attendance 1125 MILDRED FELASCO Cheerleader 111-125 Book Review Club 1115 Girl Reserves 1125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Girls' Athletic Club 111-125 Hall Monitor 1105 Perfect Attendance 1125 Shorthand Awards 80 Words Squad Leader 111-125 DONALD FERGUSON "American Passport" 1125 Rifle Club 111-125 A Cappella Choir 1125 "Lease on Liberty" 1125 Male Quartet 1125 MARY FERRARI Perfect Attendance 110-115 Girl Reserves 110-11-12,5 Cabinet 1125 Shorthand Awards 80 words Filing Award 1125 PHYLLIS FERVER Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Girl Reserves 1105 Rifle Club 110-115 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 WILLIAM FERVER Hall Patrol 1115 Class Basketball 1115 CHARLES FISHER Class Basketball 1115 MARJORIE FISHER Girl Reserves 110-11-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Hall Monitor 1115 Music Contest 1125 JAMES FLEMING Service Squad 110-11-125 Assembly Squad 1125 Class Basketball 1115 Hall Monitor 1125 Pre-Session Squad 1125 Hi-Y 1125 1125 1125 1125 DONNA JEAN FLYNN Girl Reserves 1105 Hall lVIonitor 1115 Rifie Club 1125 ELOISE FOBES Rifle Club 1115 Girl Reserves 1125 Dofobs 1125 Perfect Attendance 1125 CLIFFORD FORD Hall Monitor 1115 I Music Contest 1115 Service Squad 1125 Usher 1125 JOE FRANCIS Hall Monitor 110-11-125 Pre-Session Squad 110-115 Jolly Good Fellows 1115 Squad Leader 1105 Service Squad 1105 CATHERINE FRAZIER Girl Reserves 111-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Hall Monitor 1105 Riiie Club 110-115 RALPH FREDRICK Rifie Club 1105 Hall Monitor 1115 DORIS FREEBORNE Perfect Attendance 110-115 May Festival 1105 MARGARET FROST' A Cappella Choir 110-11-125 Sub-Treasurer 1125 MARTHA FRYE Riiie Club 1125 DOLORES FULLERTON Girl Reserves 1115 HOWARD FULLWOOD Dismissal Squad 1105 Hall Monitor 110-115 Hall Captain 1125 Service Squad 1115 ANNA GABRIEL Perfect Attendance 1125 IRENE GALANT Rifie Club 1115 Dofobs 111-125 Captain 1125 Sub-Treasurer 1115 JOHN GARDNER Hall Monitor C105 Riile Club C105 CHRISTINA GIANCOTTI Head Drum Major C10-11-125 Music Contest C11-125 Ne-Ca-Hi Twirlers C10-11-125 Sub-Treasurer C115 May Festival C105 DORIS GIBSON "Going on Seventeen" C125 Book Review Club C115 French Club C115 Girl Reserves C10-11-125 Girls' Etiquette Club C115 May Festival C105 Perfect Attendance C125 Gym Exhibition C105 ROBERT' GILBERT Hall Monitor C105 RUTH GILLILAND Golf Club C105 Rifle Club C105 "Going on Seventeen" C115 THEODORE GINSBURG Class Basketball C115 BETTY JANE GLITCH Girl Reserves C10-115 STELLA GORSKI Dofobs C125 Perfect Attendance C10-115 HARRY GREGOR Assembly Squad C125 Class Basketball C115 Dofobs C10-115 Football Usher C11-125 Hi-Y C125 Rifle Club C115 Usher C11-125 GUY GRIBBLE Assembly Squad C125 Class Basketball C115 Hall Monitor C10-11-125 Rifle Club C11-125 Senatus Romanus Consul Secundus C115 Scriba C125 Varsity Football C11-125 Class Historian JOHN GRIEVE Class Basketball C115 Hi-Y C125 Office Squad C105 HARRY GROCEN MAXINE GUNGLE Perfect Attendance C105 RICHARD HADDAD Varsity Football C10-115 Track Team C10-11-125 Hall Monitor C10-115 Class Basketball C115 NORMA HAMM French Club C115 Girls' Etiquette Club C115 Girl Reserves C10-125 DOROTHY HAMMERS A Cappella Choir C11-125 Shorthand Awards 80 words C125 EARL HAMMOND Football C11-125 Track C10-115 Class Basketball C115 A Cappella Choir C10-11-125 Hall Monitor C10-115 Assembly Squad C10-115 State Music Contest C125 Male Quartet C11-125 SHIRLEY HANNA Girls' Athletic Club C10-11-125 Squad Leader C10-11-125 May Festival C105 Rifle Club C10-115 Girl Reserves C10-125 Camera Club C115 VIRGINIA HANNA Girls' Etiquette Club C115 Girl Reserves C10-125 Cabinet C125 Perfect Attendance C10-125 RAYMONDA HARE Hall Monitor C105 Shorthand Awards 100 words C125 RONALD HIETSCH Bulletin Board Squad C10-11-125 Class Basketball C115 Perfect Attendance C105 Service Squads C115 MILDRED HOCH WINIFRED HUNTER Book Review Club 1111 Dofobs 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 Cabinet 1121 Council 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1101 Gym Exhibition 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 Shorthand Awards 60 Words 1121 MARGARET HOGAN A Cappella Choir 110-11-121 Girl Reserves 1121 Cabinet 1121 Girls' Ensemble 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Music Contest 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Squad Leader 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 WILXLIAM HOLLER Class Basketball 1101 Hall Monitor 1101 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Hall Monitor 1101 May Festival 1101 Squad Leader 111-121 Perfect Attendance 111-121 ILENE HUTCHISON Gym Exhibition 11 01 HELEN JACKSON Girl Reserves 111-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 MEARLE JAY Rifle Club 1111 CLYDE JENKINS A Cappella Choir 111-121 Hall Monitor 1121 Male Quartet 1121 EDWARD JENKINS Hall Monitor 110-111 Squad Leader 1121 Mid-Western District Orchestra 1121 Class Basketball 4115 , Music Contest 41142, Home Room Representative Perfect Attendance 1111 Pre-Session Squad 1121 JOHN 'HM Usher 1121 RUSSELL HORCHLER LEROY JOHNSON Class Basketball 1111 I Hall Monitor 1111 N9-Ca-H1 Staff 1121 Usher 1121 MAGGIE JOHNSON FRED HOWLAND Girl Reserves 111-121 ' 1 Class Basketball 1111 giggggieivlfily Hi-Y 1111 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 M RI H N Reserve Football 1111 A ON JO NSC Class Basketball 1111 PAUL HRISOULAS Hall MOHUIOI' 1111 . Usher 110-121 Music Contest 1101 Assembly Squad 411, French Club 1111 Class Basketball 1121 HELEN JOHNSTON Book Review Club 1111 MARGARET HUDAK Girl Reserves 1121 Girl Reserves 1121 IiL1lS,MIi2?EEtie1gfub un H E ' . Cl b 12 Ome Conomlcq u l 7 Perfect Attendance 1111 Pre-Session Squad 1111 STEPHEN HUDAK Sub-Treasurer 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 JOE JOKI Reserve Football 1121 Track 1111 Hall Patrol 11 11 110 ALBERT JONES Usher 111-121 Track 1121 ARTHUR JONES Class Basketball 1111 EVELYN JONES Home Room Representative 110-111 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Sub-Treasurer 111-121 RiHe Club 1111 Senatus Romanus 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Dofobs 1121 Captain 1121 HELEN JONES RiHe Club 111-121 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Squad Leader 111-121 Home Economics Club 1121 Girl Reserves 1121 Etiquette Club 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 LEO JONES German Club 110-111 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Hall Monitor 1111 Service Squad 1101 SOPHIE JORDAN Home Room Representative 1121 IRWIN KAPPES Football Usher 110-11-121 German Club 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 HARRY KARIDIS Hall Monitor 1111 PETER KARIDIS Hi-Y 1121 Perfect Attendance 1111 Usher 1121 DALE KEGARISE Hall Monitor 111-121 Usher 1121 Victory Captain 1121 Service Squad 1121 SARA KEGARISE Girl Reserves 1121 May Festival 1101 Victory Captain 1121 EARL KEGG RiHe Club 111-121 Track 1111 Usher 1111 BETTY JEAN KEMP Book Review Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Cabinet 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Hall Monitor 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 "American Passport" 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 Pre-Session Squad 1111 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 LESLIE KEMP Football Usher 111-121 Hall Monitor 1101 Stamp Club 1111 HELEN KENNEDY Hall Monitor 110-1 11 Home Room Representative 1121 May Festival 1101 Announcement Squad 1121 LEAH KERR Book Review Club 111-121 Camera Club 1111 Vice-President 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Filing Award 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 word Boys' Squad Leader 1121 AUDRIE KINNAMAN DOROTHY KARNS Dofobs 111-121 Hall Monitor 1101 Perfect Attendance 1101 Squad Leader 1111 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 JOSEPH KIRKWOOD Class Basketball 1101 Hall Monitor 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11 s 1121 1 mul l 4 l 1 x l l l 1 l l l l l w 1 I l I I l l l HELEN KNIGHT Student Council 110-115 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 Gym Exhibition 1105 Rifle Club 1115 ROSEMARY KNORR Dismissal Squad 1105 Girls' Athletic Club 110-115 Gym Exhibition 1105 May Festival 1105 'Hall Monitor 1105 Sub-Treasurer 1125 ROSE KOCH Girls' Athletic Club 1105 May Festival 1115 Squad Leader 110-115 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1125 CLAIRE KOHN French Club 1115 Girl Reserves 110-125 Cabinet 1125 Ne-Ca-Zette 1115 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 "Going on Seventeen" 1125 Gym Exhibition 1105 "Lease on Liberty" 1125 IRENE KOSZELA Class Officer 1115 Home Room Representative 1125 TED KURDUPSKI Class Basketball 1115 Reserve Basketball 1125 ANNE KUTZ Girl Reserves 1125 Cabinet 1125 Perfect Attendance 1115 Senatus Romanus 1125 ALBERT LASTORIA Class Basketball 1105 Hall Monitor 111-125 Hall Patrol Major 1125 Service Squads 1115 BERTHA LATOS Shorthand Awards 80 words 1125 Filing Award 1125 LaVERNE LAWSON A Cappella Choir 1125 Book Review Club 1115 Girl Reserves 1125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Gym Exhibition 1105 EVELYN LEASURE Dofobs 110-11-125 .Home Room Representative 1125 Perfect Attendance 1125 JOYCE LEICHT Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-125 Squad Leader 110-115 Book Review Club 1105 Dofobs 110-115 Girl Reserves 1105 A Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 May Festival 1105 CATHERINE LEYSHON Girl Reserves 1125 Girls' Athletic Club 110-115 May Festival 1115 Squad Leader 110-11-125 Gym Exhibition 1115 MARY LIBRANDI May Festival 1105 ROBERT LIPP Dofobs 1125 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 Senatus Romanus 111-125 Squad Leader 1125 FRED LOGAN Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Basketball Manager 111-125 Class Basketball 1115 Dofobs 111-125 Hall Monitor 1115 RITA LOGUE Shorthand Awards 80 words 112 FRANCES LIUBINSKI A Cappella Choir 110-11-125 Girl Reserves 1125 Music Contest 1115 Perfect Attendance 1115 Shorthand Awards 1125 Filing Award 1125 GENE MacANANEY Hall Monitor 1115 TERESA MACIARELLO May Festival 1101 JOSEPH MAHER Athletic Council 1111 Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 - Home Room Representative 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Track Manager 110-111 Usher 1121 WILLIAM MAHER Hall Monitor 1101 Hall Captain 1111 JOSEPH MALINOWSKI Class Basketball 1111 JOSEPHINE MANGINO Home Economics Club 111-121 HELEN MARCANTINO VIOLA MARCELLA Shorthand Award 1121 GEORGE MARIACHER Hall Monitor 1121 ANNA MARGARET MARSHALL Camera Club 1121 Girl Reserves 111-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Rifie Club 1111 BETTY JANE MARSHALL A Cappella Choir 110-11-121 Girl Reserves 1121 Girls' Ensemble 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 Music Contest 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 DORA MARTELLO MARGARET MARTINO Perfect Attendance 1121 Home Economics Club 1121 MARY LOU MARVIN Book Review Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Gym Exhibition 1111 May Festival 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi Staf 1121 "Going on Seventeenu 1121 "American Passport" 1121 "Lease On Liberty" 1121 Squad Leader 110-121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 MARY ANN MASSARO Girl Reserves 1121 Gym Exhibition 1101 Hall Monitor 1101 May Festival 1111 ANTHONY MASTERS JAMES MEAD Rifle Club 111-121 RUSSELL MEAD ELEANOR MELICHIORE CYRIL MELICHAR Dismissal Squad 1101 Hall Captain 1121 Perfect Attendance 1111 Reserve Basketball 1111 Varsity Basketball 1121 LOUIS MELITO Rifie Club 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 MARY JANE MEYERS Gym Exhibition 1121 EMMY LOU MICCO Gym Exhibition 1101 Hall Monitor 1101 Home Room Representative 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-111 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 COLLEEN MILLER Home Economics Club 1121 JANET MILLER Girl Reserves 1121 A Cappella Choir 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Dofobs 1121 Hall Patrol 1111 RiHe Club 1111 Vice-President 1101 DOMINICK MILLION Class Basketball 1115 Perfect Attendance 1115 BEN MILIONE Hall Monitor 1105 IRENE MILOWSKY Announcement Squad 1125 Dofobs 1125 Girl Reserves 111-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1105 Gym Exhibition 1115 May Festival 1115 Squad Leader 1125 Defense Captain 1125 ALEX MISYCK Track 110-115 Jolly Good Fellows 1115 Perfect Attendance 1115 Football Usher 111-125 Forensic Contest 1115 Ne-Ca-Zette Reporter 1115 Announcement Squad 1115 Class Basketball 1115 JAMES MITCHELL Hi-Y 1125 Music Contest 1115 Perfect Attendance 1125 RUTH MITCHELL GEORGE MITCHELLTREE Class Basketball 1115 Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 MARION HELEN MOFFATT Girl Reserves 110-115 Girls' Etiquette Club 1105 MILLIE MOLDOVAN Sub-Treasurer 1125 ARMAND MONACO Assistant Victory Captain 1125 Class Basketball 1115 LUCILLE MOORE Shorthand Awards 100 words 1125 Filing Award 1125 TOM MORELLA RICHARD MORGAN Usher 1115 German Club 111-125 Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 Riiie Club 1125 Service Squads 1115 ALBERT MORSE K Perfect Attendance 110-11-125 Reserve Football 110-115 Varsity Football 1125 Class Basketball 1115 Home Room Representative 1105 Pre-Session Squad 110-115 Hall Monitor 110-125 RiHe Club 111-125 A Assembly Squad 1125 Ushers Squad 1125 Track Team 1105 Squad Leader 1125 CHARLES MosER Hi-Y 1115 ROSE MOSKAL Home Economics Club 111-125 Rifle Club 1125 MARILYN MURPHY Rifle Club 1125 Girl Reserves 1125 Perfect Attendance 1105 Gym Exhibition 1105 JAMES MCCANN Pre-Session Squad 110-11-125 German Club 111-125 Reserve Football 110-115 Hall Monitor 110-115 Usher 1125 RICHARD MCCARTHY Hi-Y 1125 Usher 1105 Class Basketball 1115 Hall Monitor 1125 FRED MCCONNELL Assembly Squad 1125 Ground Squad 111-125 Jolly Good Fellows 1115 Rifle Club 110-11-125 President 1115 Instructor 1125 Usher 1115 Victory Captain 1125 DONALD MCCORMICK A Cappella Choir 110-115 Music Contest 1115 Forensic Contest 1115 Rifle Club 1115 Class Basketball 1105 ROBERT MCCORMICK Hall Monitor C121 Jolly Good Fellows C111 Pre-Session Squad C121 Office Squad C111 Class Basketball C111 Dofobs C121 Usher C121 Assembly Squad C121 J ANIS MCCRACKEN Girl Reserves C121 Hall Monitor C111 May Festival C101 Perfect Attendance C11-121 Shorthand Award C121 Squad Leader C101 NORMAN MCCRACKEN Sub-Treasurer C 1 11 EX' ELYN MCEWEN A Cappella Choir C121 Girls' Ensemble C121 Perfect Attendance C111 Sub-Treasurer C121 Victory Captain C121 RUTH MCEWEN A Cappella Choir C121 Girl Reserves C11-121 Girls' Etiquette Club C111 Hall Monitor C121 Rifle Club C121 Service Squads C11-121 Shorthand Awards 80 words C121 DORIS MCGAFFIC A Cappella Choir C10-11-121 Forensic Contest C111 Girls' Etiquette Club C111 Girls' Ensemble C121 Pre-Session Squad C111 RUTH MCGAFFIC BILL, McGUIRE Hall Monitor C121 Hi-Y C121 Perfect Attendance C 121 Service Squad C121 Music Contest C111 DONNAN McKIBBEN Hall Monitor C121 Class Basketball C111 SHIRLEY MCKNIGHT Girls Reserves C10-11-121 May Festival C101 Hall Monitor C101 Filing Award C121 Shorthand Awards 60 words DORNA LEE McT'AGGART KATHRYN NADER Service Squad C111 May Festival C101 Gym Exhibition C111 MARY NATALE Girl Reserves C101 WILLIAM NEFF Riiie Club C111 "Lease on Liberty" C121 Dofobs C11-121 Class Basketball C111 Hall Monitor C111 Assembly Squad C111 DORIS NELSON Girl Reserves C121 Filing Award C121 Shorthand Awards 80 words RONALD NELSON Bulletin Board Squad C111 Class Basketball C111 Hi-Y Club C101 Football Usher C101 JANE NEWELL RiHe Club C111 Girls' Etiquette Club C111 Book Review Club C111 Girl Reserves C10-11-121 Sub-Treasurer C121 Announcement Squad C121 "Going on Seventeenn C121 MAXINE NEWHARD Girl Reserves C121 Pre-Session Squad C111 'Glee Club C111 Filing Award C121 ANDY NIGRO Class Basketball C111 Hall Monitor C111 Usher C111 4121 , C12 CHARLES NORRIS RiHe Club 110-11-121 Instructor 1121 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Ground Squad 111-121 Hall Monitor 1111 MARY IRENE O'CONNOR Perfect Attendance 1101 Service Squad 1111 May Festival 1101 Glee Club 1111 ANDREW ODDI Usher 1111 Forensic Contest 1111 Hall Monitor 110-11-121 JUNE OLACZ Perfect Attendance 1121 MARGARET O'LEARY Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Filing Award 1121 ROBERT O'NEILL '4Going on Seventeen" 1121 "American Passport" 1121 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 Hi-Y 1121 Home Room Representative 1121 Track Manager 1101 Class Basketball 1111 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 Usher 1101 Class Knocker 1121 Squad Leader 1121 ALBERT ORLANDO Class Basketball 1111 Reserve Basketball 1111 Reserve Football 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 SHIRLEY OWENS Girl Reserve Club 110-11-121 Etiquette Club 1111 VICTOR OWOC Class Basketball 11 11 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Mid-Western District Orchestra 1111 Music Contest 1111 Boys' Squad Leader 1121 LAURI PAKKANEN Hi-Y 1121 CHARLOTTE PALUMBO Perfect Attendance 1121 Shorthand Awards 80 Words 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 ALFRED PAPA Pre-Session Squad 1101 Hall Monitor 1111 Captain 1121 Usher 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Debate Club 1121 J EANNE PAPST Perfect Attendance 1101 Shorthand Awards 60 words 1121 JOELLA MAE' PARKER Dismissal Squad 1111 Girl Reserves 1101 Girls' Athletic Club 110-121 Secretary 1111 Gym Exhibition 1111 Hall Monitor 110-111 May Festival 1101 Squad Leader 1111 THOMAS PAROU Varsity Football 110-11-121 Varsity Basketball 111-121 Reserve Basketball 1101 Track 110-11-121 Hall Monitor 110-11-121 All State Football Team 1121 JAMES PATTERSON Announcement Squad 1121 Cheerleader 1121 Class Basketball 1111 French Club 1111 German Club 1121 President 1121 Hall Monitor 111-121 Hi-Y 110-11-121 Secretary 1111 Treasurer 1121 Ne-Ca-Zette Staff 1111 "Going on Seventeen" 1121 "American Passport" 1121 Rifle Club 110-111 Home Room Program Squad 1121 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 Track 1121 DAN PATTON Cheerleader 1121 Class Basketball 1111 Dofobs 1111 Hall Monitor 1111 Hi-Y 111-121 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Rifle Club 1111 "Going on Seventeen" 1121 ROBERT PATTON Class Basketball 11 11 ROBERT PAYNE Hall Monitor 1101 Perfect Attendance 1101 RiHe Club 1101 Hi-Y 111-121 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 JEANNE PEARSON Girl Reserves 111-121 Gym Exhibition 1101 Hall Monitor 1111 Pre-Session Squad 1121 DOROTHEA PECORARO Girl Reserves 11 0-1 11 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Mid-Western District Orchestra 1111 Music Contest 111-121 String Quartet 1121 Victory Captain 1121 Squad Leader 110-11-121 County String Orchestra 1111 FRANK PELOSI Class Basketball 1111 Hi-Y 1111 JEAN PERRO Girl Reserves 110-111 Victory Captain 1121 Class Representative 1121 Etiquette Club 1111 Hall Monitor 1111 May Festival 1101 NICK PERROTTA Forensic Contest 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 I Class Basketball 1111 NORMAN PETERS German Club 110-111 Varsity Football 111-121 Reserve Football 1101 Hall Monitor 1111 ROBERT PETERSON GLORIA PICATO Ne-Ca-Zette 1111 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 PETER PICCIRILLO Class Basketball 1111 Usher 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 LEA NORA PIERZ A Cappella Choir 111-121 Forensic Contest 1111 Music Contest 1111 Perfect Attendance 1101 ROSEMARY PLACE Girl Reserves 1121 "Going On Seventeen" 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 HELEN PORCO Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Shorthand Awards 60 words 1121' RUTH PORTERFIELD Home Economics Club 1121 LUELLA PROFFIT' Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 LENORE PYLE Book Review Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Music Contest 1121 RiHe Club 1121 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 VIVIAN QUARLES A Cappella Choir 1111 ANTOINETTE QUERRIERA Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Home Economics Club 1121 Gym Exhibition 1101 WILLIAM QUERRIERA Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1101 Home Room Representative 110-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Sub-Treasurer 1121 tiki fttiti titiki Qffiffwwf-rf:1-sniff-A-wwf!-A-litfffLffwwwffnewffwwfffffffff fwrfffmrffwfwfffmuffffffffff+fyfffyfffff,,f,1,H,,,,,,1,1,1,1 T ff E JOHN QUIMBY Class Basketball 1111 Football Manager 111-121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 IRA RAMSEY Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 Hi-Y 111-121 Rifle Club 1111 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 KENNETH RAMSEY NELLIE RAND Home Economics Club 1121 JEANNE RAPSON Book Review Club 1111 Dofobs 1121 Captain 1121 Girl Reserves 110-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Squad Leader 1121 DONALD RAY Assembly Squad 1121 Hi-Y 1121 CHARLES REIDER Usher 1101 Class Basketball 1111 Sub-Treasurer 111-121 Hi-Y 1121 Office Staff 1101 RALPH REIS Hall Monitor 1101 FRED RENTZ Basketball Manager 1101 Dofobs 1121 Junior Kiwanian 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staf 1121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Consul Secundus 1121 Student Council 1121 Squad Leader 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1111 Victory Captain 1121 Home Room Program Squad 1121 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Class President 1101 1G. W. H. S.1 Class Prophet 1121 ANGELINE RETORT Shorthand Awards 1121 ALICE REYNOLDS GEORGE RHODES Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Usher 1111 Hall Patrol 1121 Assembly Squad 1121 MAXINE RICE Hall Monitor 1101 Squad Leader 1121 THOMAS RICHARDS Class Basketball 1111 Hi-Y 110-11-121 Perfect Attendance 1111 AMY RINEY Camera Club 1111 Girl Reserves 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-111 KATHRYN RINGER Senatus Romanus 111-121 May Festival 1101 HELEN RITCHIE ' ' Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 Ne-Ca-Zette 1111 Dismissal Squad 1111 JOSEPHINE RITCHIE Dismissal Squad 1111 Ne-Ca-Zette 1111 Shorthand Awards 80 words 1121 Filing Award 1121 FLORA ROBISON Girls' Athletic Club 1121 Squad Leader 1101 FRANCES ROBISON French Club 110-111 BETTY ROBSON Girl Reserves 1121 Hall Monitor 1111 Home Room Representative 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Filing Award 1121 MARY LOUISE RODGERS A Cappella Choir 111-125 Girl Reserves 1125 Rifle Club 1125 Forensic Contest 1115 May Festival 1115 PAT ROEMER Girl Reserves 111-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 French Club 1115 Victory Captain 1125 Book Review Club 1115 'Lease on Liberty" 1125 BETTY ROHRER Dofobs 1115 Girl Reserves 110-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 110-115 Hall Monitor 1115 May Festival 1105 Book Review Club 110-115 Gym Exhibition 1115 f'Lease on Liberty" 1125 FRANK ROMEO Forensic Contest 1115 Hall Monitor 111-125 Music Contest 1115 DOMENICK ROSELLI Hall Monitor 1105 Class Basketball 1115 DENIS ROYSTON Camera Club 1125 Class Basketball 1115 Music Contest 1115 Hall Monitor 1125 ORLANDO RUBEIS MARY RUSSO French Club 1115 Perfect Attendance 110-125 JOE RYAN Reserve Football 1105 Varsity Football 110-115 Track 110-115 Class Basketball 1115 Hall Monitor 1115 Dismissal Squad 1125 Assembly Squad 1115 Victory Squad 1125 Home Room Representative 1125 CHESTER RYBKA Class Basketball 1115 Squad Leader 1125 ANITA SACCO Book Review Club 1115 Secretary 1115 Girl Reserves 111-125 Vice-President 1125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Perfect Attendance 1125 "Going on Seventeen" 1125 Senatus Romanus 111-125 Consul Prima 1125 Home Room Program Squad 1125 Student Council 1125 Secretary 1G. W. H. S. 105 Gym Exhibition 1105 'tLease on Liberty" 1125 General Chairman of Dinner Dance DORA ROS S 1125 Gil-1 Reserves 412, Announcement Squad 1125 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1125 JAMES SANKEY THOMAS ROSS Hall Monitor 111-125 Perfect Attendance 110-115 Music Contest 1115 PEGGY RO WLAND Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-125 Senatus Romanus 111-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Book Review Club 1115 Squad Leader 110-11-125 Perfect Attendance 1105 May Festival 1105 Gym Exhibition 1105 Class Basketball 1115 Track Team 1115 Hall Monitor 1105 BILLIE JEANNE SEAL Book Review Club 1115 Cheerleader 111-125 Class Officer 110-115 Vice-President Dofobs 1125 Girl Reserves 110-125 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-125 A Gym Exhibition 1105 Home Room Representative 1125 May Festival 1105 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125 Squad Leader 1105 Etiquette Club 1115 SAMUEL SERVEDIO IMOGENE SESSION Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Cabinet 1121 MARY SHADDICK French Club 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 1111 FRANCES SHAFFER A Cappella Choir 1121 Gym Exhibition 1111 May Festival 1101 Squad Leader 1101 Sub-Treasurer 1121 ROBERT SHAFFER Hall Monitor 110-111 Hi-Y 110-11-121 Jolly Good Fellows 1111 Usher 111-121 Victory Captain 1121 SUZANNE SHANNON Book Review Club 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 Stamp Club 1111 Squad Leader 110-11-121 Sub-Treasurer 111-121 MILDRED SHOAF Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Cabinet 1121 Girls, Etiquette Club 1111 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 RiHe Club 1121 Senatus Romanus 1121 Victory Captain 1121 Music Contest 1121 MARJORIE SIBERT JO SEPHINE SKANESKY Book Review Club 1111 Dofobs 111-125 German Club 111-121 Girl Reserves 1101 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 May Festival 1101 RiHe Club 1121 Senatus Romanus 111-121 KENNETH SLATER Perfect Attendance 112 years1 Hall Patrol 1121 Dismissal Squad 1121 Class Basketball 1111 FRED SMARELLI Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 111-121 Hall Lieutenant 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Squad Leader 1121 BETTY SMITH A Cappella 111-121 Girl Reserves 110-121 French Club 1101 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Music Contest 1121 JAMES SMITH Hall Monitor 111-121 JEAN SMITH ROBERT SMITH RiHe Club 1111 ROBERT Sli ECKENBERGER Dismissal Squad 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Service Squad 1111 Sub-Treasurer 1111 Usher 1121 SHIRLEY SNYDER Gym Exhibition 1111 May Festival 1101 Girl Reserves 111-121 LEWIS SOUTHERN Class Day Master of Ceremonies 1121 Hi-Y 110-11-121 Treasurer 1121 Hall Monitor 1121 ' "American Passport" 1121 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 WILLIAM SOWASH Hall Monitor 110-111 Rifle Club 110-11-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 DAVID SPEED Class Basketball 11 11 DOROTHY SPEER DAVID SPIKER Perfect Attendance 19 years1 Office Squad 1111 ANTONETTA SPINA THOMAS SPINELLI Class Basketball 1111 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Victory Captain 1121 CARL STANDISH Hall Monitor 1111 HARRY STEIN ALICE STEPHENSON Girl Reserves 1101 MARIAN JEAN STEVENSON Perfect Attendance 110-111 ROBERT STEWART Hall Monitor 1121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Reserve Basketball 110-111 Varsity Basketball 1121 Track Team 110-11-121 Varsity Football 110-11-121 MILDRED STINARD A Cappella Choir 1121 Girl Reserves 110-121 Girls, Etiquette Club 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Treasurer 1111 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 111-121 Squad Leader 110-111 MARIE STOFCIK Girl Reserves 1121 Rifie Club 1121 Home Economics Club 1121 STEPHEN STOYANOFF SARA SUMNER Girl Reserves 1101 Gym Exhibition 1111 GEORGE TALAGANIS Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1121 BERNICE TAYLOR Hall Monitor 1101 Girl Reserves 110-121 Cabinet 1121 "Swing Fever" 1111 "American Passport" 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 "Lease on Liberty" 1121 INEZ TAYLOR PATRICIA TAYLOR Stantp Club 111-121 Secretary-Treasurer 1111 Book Review 1111 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 Cabinet 1111 Interclub Council 1111 Forensic Contest 111-121 Perfect Attendance 1101 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Squad Leader 110-11-121 May Festival 1101 Gym Exhibition 1101 Riiie Club 1121 SARA LOUISE THEOPHILUS Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Girl Reserves 110-121 Gym Exhibition 1111 May Festival 1101 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 Squad Leader 1121 MIRIAM THOMAS A Cappella Choir 1121 Book Review Club 1111 Girl Reserves 111-121 Cabinet 1121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Riiie Club 1111 Senatus Romanus 111-121 "American Passport" 1121 THOMAS THOMPSON Hall Monitor 111-121 Captain 1121 Service Squad 1111 Perfect Attendance 110-111 DELIA TICCONE Gym Exhibition 1111 Shorthand Awards 60 words 1121 May Festival 1101 HARRIET TINSTMAN if 41 +I I l l +1 1 ' +1 -il JK 41 'K 1 +I 41 41 -if I +1 +1 N ' i 4 : 5 1 1 . l I ' z 1 1 5 + I U H , 1 1 ' . i l 1 1 ! i f f +1 +1 +1 I 1 +1 +1 +1 +1 I +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 if +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 41 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 . +1 +1 +1 +1 , +1 +1 1 +1 +1 if JULIAN TKACHUK Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1101 DELPHIA TOMMELLEO Girls' Athletic Club 110-11-121 Gym Exhibition 110-111 May Festival 110-111 Squad Leader 110-11-121 SAM TRANQUILLO Class Basketball 1111 Usher 111-121 ESTHER TUMMINEL-LA May Festival 1101 Victory Captain 1121 STELLA TURKOWITZ Filing Award 1121 BETTY JANE TUSCANO Shorthand Awards 1121 May Festival 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Gym Exhibition 1111 Home Room Representative 1121 Hall Monitor 1101 MARY LOUISE TYLER Girl Reserves 110-11-121 AGNES VALLELY Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Book Review Club 1111 ELEANOR VALLELY Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 Sub-Treasurer 1121 Filing Award 1121 l ANGELO VALLETTA 1 , 1 N Dismissal Squad 1121 j Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 110-121 l MARY ANN VASILCIK l ! Girl Reserves 1121 , Rifle Club 1121 X 1 Home Economics Club 1121 ARTHUR VeARD Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 1111 Hi-Y 110-111 Perfect Attendance 1101 ANTHONY VENDEMIA HELEN VENDITTO Book Review Club 1111 Dofobs 111-121 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Girls' Athletic Club 111-121 Gym Exhibition 1101 May Festival 1101 Music Contest 1111 Ne-Ca-Hi Twirler 111-121 Squad Leader 111-121 JOAN WADLINGER Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 Book Review Club 1111 Perfect Attendance 1111 Girl Reserves 1121 "American Passport" 1121 VIRGINIA WAGNER Home Economics Club 1121 REGINA WAJERT German Club 111-121 Girl Reserves 1121 Perfect Attendance 1121 EDWARD WALCZAK ELIZABETH WALL Girl Reserves 1121 MARIAN WALLACE Girl Reserves 1121 Cabinet 1121 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121 Shorthand Awards 100 words 1121 Filing Award 1121 LAWRENCE WARD Class Basketball 1111 Hall Monitor 111-121 Hi-Y 111-121 Perfect Attendance 1111 Service Squad 1121 MARGUERITE WARD Perfect Attendance 1101 Hall Monitor 1111 Girl Reserves 1101 Girls' Etiquette Club 1111 ELEANOR WARSO Home Economics Club 1121 BETTE WEBBER Girl Reserves 110-125 Gym Exhibition 1115 Hall Monitor 1115 May Festival 1115 MILDRED WEBER A Cappella Choir 111-125 Girls' Ensemble 1125 ' Music Contest 1115 Perfect Attendance 1105 ETHEL WELTHER A Cappella Choir 110-11-125 Girls' Ensemble 110-11-125 Mid-Western District Chorus 1105 Music Contest 1115 JAMES WHITE Class Basketball 110-115 Dofobs 1125 Forensic Contest 1125 Hall Monitor 1115 Hi-Y 1125 Music Contest 1125 Office Squad 1125 JAMES DAVID WHITE Perfcct Attendance 1105 Class Basketball 1115 BRINLEY WHITESIDE BETTY JANE WILLIAMS JOHN WILSON Athletic Council 1125 Football Manager 111-125 Hall Monitor 111-125 Class Basketball 1115 WALTER, WILSON Forensic Contest 111-125 Hall Monitor 1125 Music Contest 111-125 KENNETH WISE RAVINA WOLFE MARY LOU WOMER Book Review Club 1115 Music Contest 1115 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 German Club 111-125 Girls' Etiquette Club 1115 Perfect Attendance 1115 Senatus Romanus 111-125 Glee Club 1105 PEARL WOOD A Cappella Choir 1125 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 ELLA PEARL WRIGHT Girl Reserves 111-125 Cabinet 1125 EMMA YACOBONY Gym Exhibition 1105 May Festival 1105 Girl Reserves 1115 DONALD YOHO Hall Monitor 110-11-125 Class Basketball 1115 Perfect Attendance 110-11-1 ALICE JEAN YOUNG Girl Reserves 110-11-125 Dofobs 111-125 Captain 1125 Gym Exhibition 1115 May Festival 1105 GEORGE ZAMBELLI Hall Monitor 110-11-125 STANLEY ZBEGAN Perfect Attendance 1125 EDWARD ZEHEL Music Contest 1115 KENNETH ZEIGLER Hi-Y 1125 Class Basketball 110-115 Service Squad 1125 Bulletin Board Squad 1115 Assembly Squad 1125 HAZEL ZIEGLER Perfect Attendance 111-125 Football Program 1125 Girl Reserves 111-125 Girls' Athletic Club 111-125 Gym Exhibition 1115 Shorthand Awards 100 words 11 Squad Leader 111-125 Victory Captain 1125 May Festival 1115 Filing Award 1125 CHARLES ZOLTANI Camera Club 1105 Class Basketball 1115 German Club 1105 Hi-Y 110-11-125 Track Team 1105 25 44 444 44-vT445of 4iil4lK4fifl4x444fif M -'A A '- 4 li- l l so - 4-4! A- 6 - ,A . - A J 000 I y s 1 l To the GRADUATION TIME New Castle High This is the time for graduation. Parting is here For things that we held so dear. Now we must leaveg Our stay at Ne-Ca-Hi has ended. We've done our best, And now we follow the rest. Remember when we started grade-school- 'Twas a big day for us, Next we entered Junior High For now we're grown ups. Then we entered High School, Grand old Ne-Ca-Hi School- June " '42" came soon and now we leave Spring and summers, fall and winters Seemed to fly by. We had fun but now it's done, We leave with a sighg Though we're sad at parting, In the world we're starting, Gur time is due and now we'll start anew. And now we give To all the teachers and the students In Ne-Ca-Hi, Our last and parting good-bye. Though we are gone, lfVe know the "Hurricane" will carry on- So to our Alma Mater " '42" says adieu. tune of "Chattanooga Choo-Choo." Written by ANGELO D. VALLETTA. you QW , 5 HUMOR K. l l R SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS The Car Hop The Whole Gang Pepsodent Kid I June 42's , Senior Oomph Popular Girl Big Girl ' Pair Friend Chiefs Thirsty, . Don't Larry? Attention! Snap! Sweet "Look Me Over" Gay Anita Young Drug Store Quartet Blades U HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The Ne-Ca-Hi Staff takes pleasure in announcing the results of the Senior Popu- larity Poll: CSee the winners on the opposite page in various poses.J LARRY ATTISANO Our busy Prexy hails from West Pitts- burgh. Busy isn't the word for Larry. In addition to Senior business, his extra curricular activities, such as treasurer of Senatus Romanus and Hall Patrol Cap- tain, are too numerous even to mention. He earns his spending money by carry- ing papers and working Saturdays in a local clothing store. He loves spaghetti-"Mickey Finn"- dancing Cespecially smooth dancingl- and "Stardust" His favorite author is Cooper and his favorite poet, Longfellow. History in any form is Larry's pet sub- ject. His grades speak for themselves for the Honor Roll would be incomplete without his name. He is uncertain about his future plans but would like to go to college, if not this year, then, next. Take heed to this, gals-he hates to see girls smoke or wear too much make- up. The two outstanding events in Larry's life were winning a free trip to the World's Fair and being elected Senior Class President. Although his favorite color is blue, that's one thing Larry never is - blue. Come what may, he's always cheerful, smiling and friendly to all. His person- ality, tact and thoughtfulness is certain assurance that the title "Most Popular Senior Boy" is well deserved. CHRISTINA GIANCOTTI To Chris goes the title "Most Popular Senior Girl." This is not an empty title, for Chris has always been an especial favorite of ours. We have every reason to be proud of her - her twirling and band leading are unexcelled. This is evidenced by the awards she has re- ceived. She is National High School Drum Major Champion, National High School Student Band Conductor Cham- pion, A m e ri c a n Legion Champion Twirler, and Honorary Sergeant in the U. S. Marine Corps. Quite an imposing list? Winning these national contests were Chris's most thrilling experiences. She spends her spare time teaching twirling in some of the junior high and township schools. Even celebrities have their likes and dislikes. Chrisls are typical, her favor- ite subject is band. She loves entertain- ing and performing, swimming, fruit and ice cream, marches and patriotic mu- sic. She dislikes housework and final exams. She is hoping to win a scholarship to college, she'd like it to be Northwestern. CSO would a certain young man.J We'll keep our fingers crossed for you, Chris. The only word to describe her is - GRAND. 4.4 SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Leap Year Little Miss Twins Moffat Here I Am, Fore! Girls! Size 14's Wake Up, Joe! Got Room For Big Boy Three, Bud? Congini Taps ...........,.. Reveille ........... WE'RE IN THE ARMY NOW! Jeep ........................ Mess Call ........... Zero Hour ......... ................................. N ight be Napoleon Armstrong One of The Best Kemp and Company Report Card Day ..........About 3rd period, A. M. ..............Fred Rentz's Bantam :1 8 bell fore the big test! Maneuvers ............ ............ G etting a date for the dinner-dance Buck Privates ...... ..............,...................................................... S ophomores Top Kick ................ ..............................................,..................... M r. Lehto Espionage .................. ................................... C heating during a test Target Practice ......... ..,............................. P aper wads in Study Hall Artillery ....................... ............ T he stud found in girls' pocketbooks Drills ................ .................................................... B Barracks ........... oys Gym Classes Camouflage .......... ............ G irls make-up M. P. .......................... ................... H all Patrols Guard House ........... ............. D etention Hall Sabotage ................. ............................................ ............... L o w Grades CAN YOU REMEMBER WHEN Miss VanDivort let a class get away without the next day's as- signment. Mr. Bridenbaugh talked softly in his classes. Miss Dinsmore didn't get riled up about the right Mrs. McCune forgot to say "Any questions?" s of women. Paul Hrisoulas wasn't driving some teacher crazy. Some Senior A didn't think he knew all the answers. Larry Attisano wasn't busy. Suzie Shannon couldn't find anything to giggle a Joe Diana didn't have money troubles. Don Ray wasn't winking at some girl. "Jenks" didn't say "Say, kid I" Betty Robson had long straight hair. Anita Sacco didn't say "That's true." Barbara Budzowski was sad and depressed. The Senior A class was the Sophomore B class. Miss Maxwell didn,t continuously say "There!" Mr. Casillo didn't keep his classes in stitches. bout. n 7,, A SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Tommy's Got Smiles I Snowbound His Own Goat Ai'n't Life Holding Boring? Up The Isn't He Lamp Post Cute? A Friendly Studying Hard ? The Gesture fEsquire U Great Profile The Beauty Is and It Sitting The Beast Human? Pretty OFF THE MUSIC RACK 'Miss You" ...................... ............................ B ob Emerick 'We'l1 Meet Again" .... ......... H igh School Friends 'Tangerine" ............................ ................V...... R osemary Knorr 'Always In My Heart" ..... ......................................................................... N e--Ca-Hi 'Any Bonds Today?" .... ...................................... D efense Stamp Captains 'Be Honest With Me" .............................. Dick McCarthy to Marguerite Ward 'Day Dreaming" ................................................................................................... In Study Hall 'He's 1-A In The Army and A-1 In My Heart" ...... Betty Jean Kemp's Bud 'I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest" .................. Half-Prepared Assignment 'Rose O'Day" ................................................................ .............................................. R ose Koch 'Why Don't We Do This More Often" .................................................................. Study Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" ................................. Thomas Abraham 'I Don't Want to Walk Without You" ............ Bob Stewart to Claire Kohn 'This Love of Mine" ..................... Audrey Evans and Clyde "Jenks" Jenkins 'This Is No Laughing Matter" ............................................................ Being a Senior A 'I Remember You" .......................................................... ................................................. E Xams 'Just Kiddin' Around" ............................................................ High School Romances Somebody Else Is Taking My fOurJ Place" .......... allant--David Spiker. riginal-Bob Durning. rator-Joe Diana. ignified-Marian Wallace. ashful-Bill Maher. outhful-Nancy Carolina. ntertaining-Lucky Ward onchalant-Dick McCarthy. nergetic-Shirley Cartwright. ute-Marguerite Ward. mbitious-Hazel Ziegler. andsome--George Rhodes ce Queen--Eloise Fobes B's r , N I . J SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATIONS Taking It Easy Baltimore Bound A Moment Of Leisure Sharp Shooters Track Leader Goin' My Way? I Don't Believe It! JUNE '42's COMIC STRIP Brick Bradford ............. Blondie ........................ Joe Palooka ........ Popeye ................ Dagvvood ........... Boots ............................. Mutt and Jeff ......... Alley Oop ................. Baby Dumpling ........ Dixie Dugan ............ Dick Tracy .......... Muggs ................. Lil Abner .......... Daisy Mae ....... Skeeter ................... Andy Gump ........... June Salisbury ........... Freckles .............................. Tillie the Toiler ................ Katzenjammer Kids Superman ........................ , .... . Daddy Warbucks .... Pat Ryan ................... Terry ........................ Little Joe .................. Mickey Mouse ........... Dragon Lady ......... Prince Valiant ........ Henry ...................... Smilin' Jack ....... Toots ................... Jiggs .................... Junior ...................... Out Our Way ........ Hold Your Ears Speech, Please! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! 5 Skirts And A Squirt ..........Bob Beynon Dot Harper Gregor ............Johnny Gardner ohn Quimby Felasco John Wilson, Don McKibben Papa ...........Bob Armstrong ............Dorothy Karns .........Bill McGuire Booth ....................Leslie Kemp .........Margaret Martino ..............Th0mas Abraham Nigro ...........Sara Louise Theophilus Durning .........,..............Dora Martello ...........Lipp and Logan .........Richard Haddad "Pop" Gardner .........G'eorge Rhodes .............Mearle Jay ..........Joe Kirkwood ..........Jim Alexander ................Helen Jones ..........Bob McCormick ...........................Charles Book ,...........Bob Sneckenberger .............Margaret Hogan im Fleming ............Ira Ramsey ..............Room 112 THE MAN WHO CAME BACK . . . A SAGA OF SWEET REVENGE The skies over Mudville were blue, the sun was bright and gay, But the baseball fans of that great town were very sad this day, The home-team was desperate, and had used up all its subs So now just their nine men were left, and most of them were dubsg The home-team fought long and hard, the Mudville fans all cheered, But our heroes, they were still behind as the final inning neared. As the Mudville nine came to bat, the score was four to two This was their last chance, every fan and player knew, But Mudville hearts sank as Brown popped, Macey fanned, But things began to happen, and hope rose in that tiny band. Crowley singled, and the scorned Matthews doubled down the line. Men on second and third - now wouldn,t a homer be fine! And stepping to the plate was the answer to Mudville's dream- It was "Rock of Ages" Johnson, the main stay of the team. But hardly had the cheers died down, when a heart-rending groan aroseg O Disaster, O Catastrophe! Johnson had been hit on the nose! He had been felled by the first pitch, and lay there on the ground. He was carried off, and through the park the murmur went around, "Who'll bat for him?-we've used every substitute !" The Mudville manager was talking to the man in the dark blue suit. The umpire nodded, the manager yelled with a voice both loud and clear, "Since we're out of subs, I am permitted to ask for a volunteer!" A volunteer from the crowd - now that was something new! But the other team consented - there was nothing else to do. No answer from the stands, for Mudville that meant defeat, Then-"I'll volunteer I" - and a shabby man arose from his seat. He descended to the diamond, and approached the Mudville team, There was gray around his temples, and in his eyes a gleam, Af if long ago some tragedy had struck him hard and deep, His hair was thinning, and it looked like he really needed sleep. There were no more volunteers, so he had to be the one. He took his place, the pitcher wound up - zip !! Strike one! The pitcher smiled complacently, the cheers were mighty few, The batter didn't move - Strike two !- the fans began to boo! Many turned to go, as the pitcher wound up again- But this time he swung, there was a "Crack l" - and then - High, far, and fast sailed the ball, a speck against the blue. Til it lost its momentum and dropped, disappearing from mortal view! The fans stood up, screeched, yelled, and pounded each others' backs - The Mudville players swarmed on the stranger after he rounded the sacks, The battle was won and lost - victory had been snatched from the fire! The fans mobbed upon the hero, to cheer and to admire. "For thisf' the manager cried, "you'll receive undying fame- Now won't you please do us a favor and tell us all your name?" The crowd was hushed, the man replied in a voice trembling and slow, 'Tm the mighty Casey, who struck out twenty years ago-" -ROBERT LIPP. -:- ' -2- ' -D' 41 1:- rf' +I 'Ui 'l' H ,IF l ---ji. ! CAST OF SENIOR PLAY This year as never before the Graduating Class outdid itself to produce the class play, "American Passport," that you all enjoyed back in March. It is the high mark of Ne-Ca-Hi plays. For 31 years, P E R E L M A N ' S has served NE-CA-HI Graduates with Quality Gifts, but this year We really have the finest selection in Watches, Diamonds, Rings, J evvlery and Radios. VV 'IHPEREL 9 if I 1 II l I 129 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. QQ 'C' 'F - 2' ' fd-'Af' - 5' -JL gg l iii iititif 4 m l i l , N l i li 1' H j l W , ' 4 +- wlrffwfwffiffa-ffww fffmufwfififwillA-ttITffMTA?f1lxI'-:diff 'Clif M fix-in?-if l I f l +- 41 'Ir K T l 5 l gg:- Rose ........................ Daffodil ..................... Sweet William ......... Violet ........................... Bachelor Button ......... Forget-Me-Not ............ Black-eyed Susan Mountain Laurel Hazel .......................... Shy Columbine ........ Pansy ........................... Baby's Breath .......... Honeysuckle ......... Poppy .............................. Angel's Trumpet Thistle ............................ Love-In-A-Mist ........ Marigold .................. Daisy .................. SENIOR GARDEN .......,............Rose Cimini .................Anna Marshall ...........William Maher? ? ? ...............,.Viola Marcella ..........Carl Standish Ne-Ca-Hi .................Suzie Shannon ............Laura DiThomas ....................Hazel Ziegler ..........Delores Fullerton McEwen ...........Maxine Newhard Kerr ..................................Jeanne Rapson Victor Owoc and his Sax ..........Miss VanDivort's '6Surprise tests" ....................Shirley Owens and Art Chill Russo ayne Brennaman Delphinium ....... .......... D elphia Tommellio Lilac ............... ..... .............. . . . ......... .......... ......... M a ry Lou Womer 455 P17 'T T ' -CL 'C-IL-- 'C' - -5- 'E Summer Term 4' Westminster College First Term, June 8 to July 17 Second Term, July 20 to August 28 Students who enroll June 8 at Westminster College will be able to finish the regular four-year program in three years. Training at a recognized college is essential for the more important defense jobs and for preferential rating in the armed forces. Westminster is fully ac- credited by all agencies that can approve colleges in its territory. FOR FULL INFORMATION WRITE Dr. A. T. Cordray WESTMINSTER COLLEGE NEW WILMINGTON, PA. E5 'li -DJ -U' 0 2' EI' 1'C'-,'5'- "if 'Q 2 M :X-lf-, Q5 -:fc Q gi? -:- i fi 41 I ' ' .xxx we. ' 'L 1 I l A In modern mechanized vvarefare bearings are of more i importance than ever before. On all fronts - in the air, on land, on and under the sea, in the faclories and at home - Johnson Bronze bearings are delivering the high performance -Q1 demanded in military operations, smoothing the flow of War materials to the front and maintaining the use of many house- hold and everyday appliances that cannot be replaced for the duration. 'U' Here in our plant hundreds of men and Women are Work- ing night and day turning out more bearings - bearings for I the fighting machines so badly needed by our men on the far flung battle fronts - bearings for the factories, transportation, etc., of these vilal materials of War - bearings for the ultimate Victory that must be ours. ,i X , JOHNSON BRONZE an . lik' m a y R hi J SIQGUGBEIIRIIIE HEIIDQIIIIRTERS if W O 490 S. MILL STREET ' NEW CASTLE, PA. 5-32 2-t -:- 45 -fern? - - Ee -55 gi-w .i 'i 1 1 -il WK V i 1 +- ' V lx +1 iiki iii X tl I . 1 1 41 i I wafwiifwffrfffffffffffff ffwfwfmefxfffauflfafilifhf QTU PM-if FAFFMAYQTN .4 l 1 l I E WOULDNT WE HAVE A QUEER CLASS IF Billie Jeanne were a stamp instead of a Seal. Alice Jean were old instead of Young. Ruth stood instead of Fehl. Alfred were mama instead of Papa. Frank were Juliet instead of Romeo. Theresa were Isaac instead of Abraham. Bill were a cascade instead of a Falls. Charles were a magazine instead of a Book. Ravina were a fox instead of a Wolfe. Joyce were dark instead of Leicht. Agnes were a butcher instead of a Baker. Margaret were dew instead of Frost. Danny were a hymn instead of a Carroll. Ella Pearl were wrong instead of Wright. Bob were an ear instead of a Lipp. Vivian were Duchesses instead of Dukes. Dorothy were saws instead of Hammers. Arthur had a fever instead of a Chill. Pearl were stone instead of Wood. Luella were a loss instead of a Proffit. Bob were from Scotland instead of England. Bill were a whisper instead of a Holler. Esther were a lion instead of an Elefant. Florence were a price instead of a Fee. Donald were the phone and not the Booth. Johnny were a chauffeur instead of a Gardner. Earl were a barrell instead of a Kegg. Angeline were the question and not the Retort. Kathryn were the washer instead of the Ringer Elizabeth were a fence instead of a Wall. Leo were London instead of Dover. Kenneth were stupid instead of Wise. David had power as well as Speed. Clifford were a Chevrolet instead of a Ford. Norma were bacon instead of Hamm. Raymonda were the turtle instead of the Hare. Winifred were a fisherman instead of a Hunter. Helen were a dragon instead of a Knight. Lucille were less instead of Moore. Fred were the mortgages instead of the Rentz. Maxine were the chop suey instead of the Rice. James were blue instead of White. Bob were dumb instead of Clever. Joella were a Shaeffer instead of a Parker. Evelyn Leasure :-"What do you do for a sick duck? Marian Campbell:-"Call a quack doctor." Marian :-"What do you do for a sick frog?" Evelyn :--"Nothing Let him croak." -4- riz- 'i -1:2-ug' +L- 1 -:- fa- + i 'll lr -D' H51 -D- -D' LE- + Wie spur of '42 Here we are! Take a lookg this is U. S. A., we can deliver the goods - any kind. We have team- Lb- work, we have the hands and the minds with ,W power, skill, spirit. We are proud to be doing a I job that must be done. Tomorrow is what counts. It always has with us, like at Valley Forge, Gettys- burg and Corregidor - but nothing can stop 4, us. You don't believe it? Well, take another look. Because 1942 is our year. 'C' Printers of your Annual are cooperating with National Defense 1 izmfifflezzstmz' ff 0 High School Yearbooks of Distinction 217-19 Sycamore Street - New Castle, Pennsylvania . H21 gg -:- -F -af: -uflaf-' -2-.. - , -2- gp + Fl SLIGHT MIXUP Albert played truant from school one day, and the following morn- ing was worried as to how to square himself with the teacher. He de- cided to write a note of excuse signing his mother's name, and achieved the following :-"Dear Teacher - Please excuse Albert for being ab- sent yesterday. I tore my pants. Yours truly, Mrs. Jones." Josephine Skanesky:-"Get up, quick! There's a mouse in the room. I can hear him squeakinglu Mildred Shoaf:-"Well, what do you expect me to do -- get up and oil him?" Don Ray :-"Where's your sister, Lucky ?" Lucky Ward :-'tShe's in the house playing a duet. I finished my part first." l. ." LeVerne Lawson:-"Of course I wouldn't say anything about her unless I could say something good. And, oh boy, is this good ..... I" They had never met B4 But what had she 2 care? She loved him 10derly- He was a 1,000,000aire! xii------all l le- - W -we -:- -:- HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES WANTED! to work in New Castle to develop its possibilities for happy living to help make it a better city to answer the call of our times BUT to answer it HERE Opportunities are where you find them and they can be found in New Castle. Imagination and Initiative will show you the way. Courage and Cooperation must be your chosen com- panions. With each obstacle overcome, Belief-in-yourself will grow. New Castle welcomes you graduates of her public schools to a place in her community life. Learn to live happily and usefully here in New Castle. This will be your greatest serv- ice to your fellow citizens and to your community. And there is not another place in the world where there are so many people eager to reach you a helping hand. This is a challenge and a promise to each of you, from The Greater New Castle Association, Inc. ff 1:2 -:- ' -5- " :err - cf 5 -1-- to M -il rf- F' -n- fx ,.1'5-,-A----.i-. 12- 1:- -:- QE ' -EJ , H T .9 G N 'D' -U' -U' I l Lm VU' -u- . ,gn r 'i -5:5 - fixing -:-- " -:F- l "CORRESPONDENCE" l l "No, 10 Lullaby Lane" "Dreamsville, Ohio" "Oh, Johnny": Why do you have to be so "Jealous", "Green Eyes", 'cause "I Won't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But You". You know "You're 1-A In the Army and A-1 In My Heart". "Sometimes" I get to "Thinking of You" and that "I Love You More, More Every Day". "Don't be a Worrybird", that was only "My Little Cousin" I was with "While Strolling Thru' the Park One Day", "My Melancholy Baby". "Why Do You Treat Me' This Way", 'cause I'm "Happy In Love", and "You're Rocking My Dreamboat". I'm on "The Street of Regret" because "I Said No" when you said "Let's Do It", for now "Mr. and Mrs." would be the name. "Honeybunch", don't spend any more "Sleepless Night", for I know "We'll Meet Again". - "I Do, Do You"? "I Think of You" "Night and Day" 'cause you're "Always In My Heart". "Yours", "Tangerine" P. S. 'WVho VVakes the Bugler In the Morning"? Address Unknown "Deep In The Heart of Texas" Dear "Tangerine": I'm always "Day-Dreaming" 'cause I "Miss You". Why not "Be Honest With Me" and tell me t'Somebody Else Is Taking My Place"? "You Made Me Love You" but I guess you were "Just Kiddin' Around". "This Love of Mine" is "Always In My Heart", and "I Don't Want to Walk Without You". "Saturday Night" I gave you "A String of Pearls", and "This Is No Laughing Matter" on my H21 Dollars A Day, Once A Month". "I Have Learned What It Means to be Lonely", "Honey", "Since You Said Good-bye". "A Fool Was I" when I said you are "Everything I Love", because I have the "Blues In the Night". But you'l1 be proud "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" "Any Day Now", 'cause I'm fighting "For The Sake of Our Country and You". "Forever", "Johnny Doughboy" P. S. "Will You Still Be Mine"? Miss Johnson :-"The sentence, 'My Father had money,' is in the past tense. Now, Fred, what tense would have been using if you said, 'My father has money?' " Fred Logan :-Pretense. - TT -:- A-I-:M - I-:- A -:- -:- II I . 'FI Complzments I I of III I New Castle R6ffHCtOf16S I I it 7' -IJ' -:- -:- - iz. 'L :Rf I -sf - , It 75 2- .I -:Er IWE45 - ' -:- -:- I M 0 0 N E Y B R 0 S Ihw BUILDING MATERIALS II READY-MIXED CONCRETE EXCAVATING HEAVY I 8z GRADING HAULING. Manufacturers of up QUALITY CONCRETE BLOCK TELEPHONESI NEW cAIs'rLE 5260-5261 Dependable Service Q 133 MAHONING. AVE.-NEW CASTLE FFR -F -:f ' 1:':L - ,-I:-4 mi W- gg I3 I I I 'A' 'ktii' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I5 I I I I 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i ' I +- I I I I I I 4: . I I I I . "' I +I I I I I I .T 4: I I 41 I I f i I I ' 41 SPEAKING OF POETRY The Bridge of Sighs ........... .......... M ill Steet Bridge at 6 x30 A. M. A Thing of Beauty ..................................... . ........................ Let Sr. Girls fight it out Carry On ...................................................................... ............................................. S r. B's The Charge of the Light Brigade .......... ..................................................... 1 2:18 Cover Them Over ................................................ ............. B ad ones on the report Crossing the Bar ........................................................... ...................................... S hort Cut The Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight .......... ................... .O ur Prayer Man VVith A Hoe .................................................... ............ C y Lengerman Pied Piper ................... ........... J ohn Disarro In Memoriam ............................... ............................................................... A nnual The Bells .........................................,....................... ............................................................ F ire Drills The Prisonerlsh of Chillon ................................. Sophomores, Juniors, 8a Sr. B's The House by the Side of the Road ........................ ............................................... D ean's The Ch1ldren's Hour ........................................ ............... ......................................... A s sembly The Old Minstrel ............................................. ..................... M r. Replogle Friends Together ......... ....... ' 'Jean" and "Ginny" Bill and Joe ........................ ........... M aher and Maher After the Curfew ........... ......... ............ T h en came the rain The Deserted Village ....................... . ......... Ne-Ca-Hi after June 5 The Height of the Ridiculous ........... ...................................... C lass Day Songs of Innocence ............................. ............................ S ophomores Songs of Experience ............. ........................................ S eniors The Hurricane ................................. .......................... F ootball Team The Death of the Flowers ........ ......... A fter Rainbow Dances If ............................................................. ......................... In School days ........... Rose Koch Anne Kutz Rose Koch Mrs. Bloise :-" ...Conditioned ...........Just as it says! . . ' "Did you know that the library was closed today?', "No, how come ? " Because they found smallpox in the dictionary." Helen :-"Walking, mother." Mrs. Bloise :-"For goodness sake I" Helen :-"Yes, mother." Helen, where have you been until 3 a. mf?" X-ii -1 1 13- -E . Tis' 4- fa- ELLWOOD CITY, PA. NEW WILMINGTON, PA. PHONE 1116 PHONE 21 V JOHN S. BROWNTS SON , Inc. FLOUR - FEED - GRAIN "oUR QUALITY" FEED PHONE 5315 ' PRODUCE STREET NEW CASTLE, PA. 1 I ew -:- -F' ' -e wif-'LF 55 ' gil, - -F" fre- 1 -:E L. QL 3- -:- 1. Quality Footwear for Men, Women and Children NISLEY SHOES FOR WOMEN l 5 POLL PARROT SHOES FOR CHILDREN H1 ' FREEMOLD SHOES FOR MEN in MlLLER'S SHOE STORE 113 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. H:- ggi -:- -:- J:- 1255- -- -2- -rio A--ggi 535+-2---545-Q ' - -f:- ' -- if -:- QM + COMPLIMENTS or 'D- NEW CASTLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 451 G. E. LYON, Prop. Phone 936 + QS' 'C' En- ' 42' -'E 5321?-i-:'-Clifzg-as -,QF -L 114- -:- -EM Lt The CASTLETQN More than just a good hotel . . . more than just fu 5 a place to eat and sleep . . . The Castleton is a rd, civic institution . . . alhaven for travellers . . . a meeting place for fr1ends . . . a spot Where Welcomes are Warm . . . food is good . . . Where 4, New Castle loves to gather. 53- -:- -:- 1 if 'T' -:- if?-----3 T-11 FT ' -:- 37 -:- -:- Q- - - N. c. H. s. CLASS RINGS - - -ll I DIAMONDS at WATCHES if JEWELRY -k RADIOS '! 1 I I 1- J . B . I E L S ' I!! if JEWELER and OPTOIVIETRIST A' Iii H EXPERT WATCHMAKERS .Av .k - ESTABLISHED 1904 1' ,,II ON PUBLIC SQUWQABE ---M, gg -:- -:- -2- -at -35 ETF:-L, -ggi l OFF THE MAGAZINE STAND Time ........... ......................................... M arches On! You can say that again. Esquire ....................... .......................,........................... F red Howland, Jr. Life ..................................... .................. B eing a Sr. A! Oh, Boy! Physical Culture .......... ............ B oys' Physical Education Classes Youth's Companion ....... .................................................. A gnes Vallely American Boy .................................. ..... ....................................... J i m Minick American Girl ....................................... .................. 4 .................. J oan Wadlinger Woman's Home Companion .......... ........................... J osephine CJoeJ Diana True Romances ..................................... ........... B etty Marshall and her sailor Hollywood ........................................... ............................................ D on Ferguson Good Housekeeping ...... ............................ H elen Knight Literary Digest .............. Liberty ............................. War Cry ................ Glamour ........... Boy's Life ............ Mademoiselle ........ Down-Beat .................... American ..............,. .. ....... Country Gentleman ....... Art ....................................... Scholastic ............................... Etude .............................................. Popular Photography ........... Popular Science .................... Outdoors . ................................. .............................................. KINDRED SOULS Department June 5 ...... Ah! ............After hearing Oney's Knocker Pat Roemer ..........Jean Stevenson Bill Holler ean Smith ................David Spiker Roy and Phyllis Bob Shaffer ................Pat Taylor ...........Pete Karidas ............Guy Gribble Bill Ferver Bette Webber :-"How did you make out with your school exams?" Russ Horchler:-"Oh, just like Napoleon? Bette :-"What do you mean?" Russ :-"I Went down in history." Ed Jenkins fto policemanl :-"There's a train being held up I" Policeman :-"Where ? " Ed Cpreparing to runj :-"Round the corner-at a wedding!" One little rose said to another little rose, "Hiya, Bud!" This is the way a vegetable farmer proposed to his girl :- "My Darling sweet potato: "Do you carrot all for me? My heart beets for you alone. You are a peach, with your radish hair and your turnip nose. You are the apple of my eye, but if we cantaloupe now, then lettuce be married soon, for I know we will make a happy yearf' 3--2 -5 -5 If -:- - . -if f I .hfjf efexe 1:- Compllments 'W of H -ui 'U' 9 -:- -:H 5-efig 12+ ' Q -1:----wfi-----gg 1:-f -2- ' "fJ:-L-- fa- -:- -:- SPECIAL STEEL STAINLESS STEEL E' DRAWING sTEEL cARBoN STEEL Hi STAMPING STEEL ALLOY STEEL i' El.I.l0TT BRUS. STEEL CUMPANY . "COLD-ROLLED STRIP STEEL SINCE 1893" 'D' V V 0 New Castle, Pennsylvania -:- 4- -5 5- W '7i: v 'vi 'JI I "ALSO SELECTED SH Suspicion" ................................................................... Dangerously They Live" Unfinished Business" ...... CRT SUBJ ECT Sw Faculty ..........Patton, Patterson, Payne ....................................................Conditioned Swamp Watern ....................... ........................................... W est Pittsburgh Whistling in the Dark" ......... ............ 7 230 A. M.-Are you kidding? Ball of Fire" .................,...... .......................................................... B etty Cope Hot Spot" ................................... .............................................................. N ew-Ell Ladies in Retirementl' ........ ........... D olly Anthony, Lois Ann Deely Thin Man" ............................. ............................................... D on McKibben The Lady Has Plans" ....... ............... H elen Knight Woman of the Year" ........ ...........,................................ C hris Giancotti Remember the Day" ...... Four Horsemen" ............... ........ . The Men in Her Life" ...... .... . You'll Never Get Rich" Day Parou, Peters, Ryan, KL Stewart Lou Marvin .........Playing the Pin Ball Machines 'Captain of the Clouds" ............................................ Jim McCann 'The Male Animal" ....................... .................. .......... S r . A Fellows "The Remarkable Andrew" ....... ............... A ndrew Oddi "My Favorite Blonde" .................. ............. V irginia Brincko "Nothing but the Truth" ............................................ ............................... E xcuses Q Definition:-Jumping to conclusion - when your parachute doesn't open. E-iL:..-.f1f--A---.-sgrwiagggg 532, -:F - -:- ' Compliments Compliments .IJ -of-' 4. + -DIET + RICHMA ' BROTHER 4- iki ' 'U' fine clothes for men 'D' Sears, Roebuck 8: Co. ki rc- -nl in PHONE 5635 up and young men i 1, 26 N. JEFFERSON sr. ' ' y g 'D' 'D' l-:J NEW CASTLE, PA. 4. NEW CASTLE, PA. s'roRE 124 E. Washington St. ggr"'tfF'?- 'F-W'-N ggi- - -:- -:f 'ggi --D . QA- ..-S+ 5-i5-,,-,.::.-a,.-.L1H3,,.D3QQ,4 Compliments JI- -Of- I- + IOS. B. LEYDE E MORTUARY Mather Bros. Co. 4- -ff 4, Q JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS + -D' + 'D' QI . PHONE 61 4, 213 E. WASHINGTON ST. Q -QT HIGHLAND AT WINTER 46 YEARS IN BUSINESS I Q5ZT'H-Ti-"2-F -f'Q3i A gg B- ' -:- iii. -:- 45" ' 1 TO THE Compliments 41 GRADUATE . . . li 4. -0 - 5 CONGRATULATIONS ', g E C W dd- ' AND MAY YOU In- ' ' a 'ng A ri' CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE P ' I SUCCESS ennzo' I e , I Distributor LU' ii ' A 14 I I I' .lui . 'I fi J. PCHIICY CO., Inc. -u- ,Il 228 s. JEFFERSON ST. .Q- FT Department Stores PHONE 1423 I gg- -1 -j:- Ugg , -:- 2- - gg-N I T, WOULDN'T LIFE BE GRAND IF WE ALL HAD Larry Attisanois executive ability. Anita Sacco's friends. Jim Minick's gift for leading cheers. Margie Fisher's personality. Lewis Southern's dramatic ability. Joan Baldauf's jokes. Cyril Melichar's basketball ability. Jane Newel1's pep. Bob Bailey's oratorical powers. Janis McCracken's poise. Bob Durning's sense of humor. Lenore Pyle's musical talent. Richard Morgan's smile. Evelyn Jones' marksmanship Bob Armstrong's curly hair. Guy Gribble's intelligence. Shirley Hanna's pretty blue eyes. Earl Hammond's voice. Suzie Shannon's stylish clothes. Rosemary Place's dancing ability. Joella Parker's neatness. Margaret O'Leary's beautiful white teeth. Eleanor Valle1y's dependability. Marian Wallace's friendliness. Claire Kohn's originality. OUR TEAM They may have lost a game or two, Still they're our team, theylre all true blue! Just what about the games theyive won- Weren't they nice, weren't they fun? In every game they're in there trying, They have their courage, never dying. They may have a lost crucial game- It's not their fault, it is no shame. Sportsmen all, the cream of all crops, We think they're swell, we think they're tops. VVe don't care what the others say, We've got our team, and they're O. K.! When the game is o'er, they're all worn out. They've given all without a doubt. You never saw such honest spirit, That's our team. come on, let's cheer it! -FRED LOGAN. iii - -:- E- ' -:ig if- TE- -1- -:ff Gold-Tone Studio, Inc. + Specialists in Colored Portraiture -C- Compliments 4, Q -of- G ' '1 0 Elhott 81 Waddmgton 1' GRADUATION PORTRAITS 116-118 N- Mercer 51- Camera Studies of Distinction + Phone + JJ' LE' Q . , RADIO, AUTOMOTIVE P AND 114 N. MERCER ST. 4. I + 4- 41- PAINT PRODUCTS PHONE 2406 gps- 57 if 'ggi gin- -:- -:EL YQ -:- .- 5- Me , -:T -1- - -:FZ CONGRATULATIONS I n JUNE CLASS Lui Loclce s Buy-A-But -If '5' OF I 'U' JACK LOCKE, Prop. 1, 19 414 2 ' Groceries - Lunch Meats I . + X ,jg i 'nl Ice Cream - Magazines + ! o D. G. Ramsey and Sons 1 I SERVING THE NORTH HILL , BUILDERS' SUPPLIES HU- 1 41- -54 HARDWARE Q Y I PAINTS 213 BOYLES AVENUE I Y i ii Qi 'D' NEW CASTLE, PA. -D' Lg- 4200-PHONES-4201 I 306-20 CROTON AVE. Ii PHONE 9194 1 II gifs- E -:r -2- 2-Qin' -'R HOW ABOUT IT? Miss Johnson:-"What is the prural of child?" Charles Zoltani :-"TWins." 0 . 20 YEARS FROM NOW! Bill Neff:-"I Want to do something for my school. What would you suggest? I vvould like something along the lines of the studies I excelled in." Miss Dinsmore :-"That,s fine! In my classes you slept most of the time - so Why not endow a dormitory?" Q Q Fred Smarelli:-"Did you notice those stuttering sign painters?,' Sam Servideo :-"No, Where?" Fred Smarelli:-"Didn't you see that sign, 'C-C-C-Campy?" .Q -. Some seniors traveling through the Southwest, met several Indians reservation. The Indians Were dressed in their native regalia, and the chief, in a typical deep Indian baritone, announced, "Me Brave Eagleli' Then he pointed to another Indian with a small child beside him. "This my son, Great Hawk- Bomber." at a and this my grandchild, Douglas 5 BEST WISHES See the newest i! To THE CLASS RINGS AND PINS 'Q' 4. , Bl k 0 M th f P I d i 4- GRADUATING CLASS In BC nyX, 0 er 0 ear all I Solid Gold, reasonably priced at- ll Il 51, l JACK cERsoN rl I+ '51 I 'll' . ' YOUR JEWELER 'D' I -U' I W' + -E- ' G. C. Murphy Co. zoo E. WASHINGTON sT. -5- Q JJ- Jh 119-25 E. Washington St. NEW CASTLE, PA. New Castle, Pa. 55- i-5-' 15- -ggi ggi- "Qt - ,I-sf--U -Qs H- -:- -4- eg E-El- E- -5- JM . fr Q -21 'un Comphments I lu- Eofw A NEW -5- MODERN STORE L14 'F 'F' TOSERVEA MODERN COMMUNITY rbi 4? 'U' , N. MILL sr. -D- I ,' The New Castle Store li ., fi F 'F 9 ' -5 - -:- wig gg-pi:f-f D -:- :af ' gg A --:E --M" ez- 45-L4 E-3 -:- 5' -155 i u , . 7 ,v Ifrig Easler to Succeed S rp- 'D' ' by Having Your I FU' ' Shoes Rebuilt his NEW CASTLE, PA. Q MP1 A ee Q 1 4- ' W " '. HIGH SCHOOL AND '! W I COLLEGE ! PU' ' L PHOTOGRAPHERS '51 -gg -fi -5 A 52 Pagley Shoe Service ia 42, I PORTRAITS .D VH 17 N- MILL STREET MODERN AND DISTINCTIVE 1 Q .I E i e'+9 "i'5-f-ff::-q- -'H- ' -L -:H ' A R W -ww -- 4---- 1-E: fl GRAVE HUMOR In MEMORY OF ANNA HOPEWELL Here lies the body of our Anna Done to death by a banana, lt wasn't the fruit that laid her low But the skin of the thing that made her go. SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF MR. PETER DANIELS Beneath this stone, a lump of clay, Lies Uncle Peter Daniels, Who too early in the month of May Took off his winter flannels. IN MEMORY OF SUSAN LOWVDER Here lies the body of Susan Lowder Who burst while drinking Seidlitz Powder, Called from this World to her Heavenly rest She should have waited till it effervesced. DEPTH OF MISERY You sing a little song or two, You have a little chatg You make a little candy fudge, And then you take your hat. You hold her hand and say goodnight, As sweetly as you cang Ain't that an awful evening For a great big healthy man? Selected. She's sugar and spice She's strawberry and ice, She's moonlight and roses And loaded dice, Today she'll splurge And tomorrow she'll skimp, She's partly cherub And mostly imp. She's a Carrie Nation And Helen of Troy, Elaine and Scarlett And Myrna Loy, She's real as trouble, She's make believeg Who? Any woman at all since Eve! Selected. 5-i9?g1iiiE?E-f -o Log: H- -Si' - o,-qi , ll! ! 5GDQ n i I, ,nl The CONGRATULATIONS 4' E' GRADUATES W I TER g 'F Q Company 'd' FROM THE -I . ESTABLISHED 1906 1 Strouss-Hlrshberg Co. 3 -U' ' I Q?- ff 5' arse Q One of New Cast1e's E I, Better Stores I I' 'U' ' MEN'S and BOYS' JJ' P Www sToRE L5 o 5, we 41-If ZF- lQ'Q 222' I-E" 1.-5'-- E555-M ia- 'ef 5625 J:- ' -if Hong? Congratulations to the , H Ne-Ca-Hi Students - LI- C I t JJ- omp Zrnen s IE- 'O - ' I 320 GROVE sr. . When the home work gets too hard, , 5 and those problems are tough, and if if you're blueg i't's ime M 1 OVEY t to step to the ARENA, and leave the 'U' bl b a tisawoldff ues hin , as i H Spencer t . YT WI Pamt X1 Glass Co. + 5 o Q- 4 ff f' t! it 5? i ae Q I . F' 4 5' e 4' 0 521aerii-Eia:e3?o:wt..ireS?ves fi I I l l li l 51 iz 1 s ,T ii L it ll l l 3 C4 l l 1 WERE THEY SENIOR BEES? Mary has a swarm of bees And they to save their lives, Must go wherever Mary goes For Mary has the hives! SOLILOQUY The greatest problem that is in this world Which is troubling this great nation, Is why in the heck they put holes in Swiss cheese When it's lirnburger that needs the ventilation. . . ' BUSY LITTLE SENIOR, Busy Little Senior, Always on the run, You're oh, so sweet, without conceit, And, oh! yOu're so much fun! You are so doggone popular, Your friends all think yOur're great, Someday, when I get enough nerve- I'm gonna ask you for a date! gil :EI -D 65 ' -"e H'--E5 tffg Tir COMPLIMENTS OF ' BARO I GRIM9S E P21 SUPER DUPER 1 it Hardware Stores I OPEN DAY AND NIGHT i , !'. BUTLER ROAD thi VD' ' 'DJ "WHERE YOUR DOLLAR I HOME TOWN MARKET ' HAS MORE CENTS" I 1105 Randolph st. ' rin O -2- THE BEST OF EATS IN iq. GROCERIES AND MEATS IT'S NOT SO FAR, A T0 OUR DAIRY RAR 'ul iq! 314-316 E. Washington sf. 'ni Try Grimvs S! 1221 Moravia sr. ff ' A 75 ' Q -E Q32'T-"Af'Iii.I17TTi?i'?',g-Q 53 1:- '1'-- -'I FF 235 43 -I? 'I 'UI I II' if -QF mis -M 1. if A WE. E I It O , I COMPLIMENTS OF 'I I I I-5- II I Blue Sunoco Dealers III "New CastIe's Oldest Cleaner I I I -.-1 II GAS AND ou. I I . . II I I -'T III li ',, +I DUKES SERVICE STATION , A 'If F' Cor. S. Mercer 8: South Sts. I4 1. J I I McGOUN SERVICE STATION N. Jefferson St., Next to + Morgan Motor Co. Phone 1133 IUI REZNICK SERVICE STATION I Cor. State 8: Grant Sts. ' - I Offme 31 East St' COOPER SERVICE STATION Plant - 108-112 Elm sr. 'II' S'cfjfffifogifet''sllifjntol 'II' NEW CASTLE, PA. I -I- QUICK DEPENDABLE SERVICE Q, 'C' iff- '-'E' - -- 'I' ' 5 A -F ' 53- - E' -sb -2- I 7 .I NEIMAN S I COMPLIMENTS 'U' 205-207 E. Washington St. I -OF- New Castle, Pa. I -u- I I:- 'I' S9 I I I . I DAVIS SHIIE C0 Q IU' 'P' III' COMPLIMENTS OF N ' ' QQ QIJTLCLTL S + Quality Merchandise at + Popular Prices -E ,, -:f "-' gg -42-WEEE.---:-iggg I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1+ 1' 1+ I 1+ 1+ 1+ I 1+ I I I I I , I I W I I I I I I I I , I I I 1+ I I I I I I I , , I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I , I I I i' If I ll' I I I W I I I lf I , , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I M I I Q I I 4 viii Ti73E'f 1 I I' I I I 1+ I I I I . I I I , I I I I I I , I I I I I 1+ I 1+ THE TEST Boss :-"Have you the firmness of character that enables a man to go on and do his duty in the face of ingratitude?" Shirley Snyder :-"Well, I cooked for our camping party last sum- mer." Some people like tulips that grow in the Park But Seniors like two-lips that meet in the dark. Synonym:-A word used when you can't spell the one you want. . ."'l" Fred McConnell at Rifle Club :-'This new bullet will penetrate nearly 2 ft. of solid wood, so remember to keep your heads down." li. . Dinner Guest :--"Will you pass the nuts, Professor?" Mr. Weide :-"Yes, I suppose so, but I really should Hunk most of them." . . Passerby Cto anglerj :-"How are the fish in this stream?" Jim Mead :-"I really don't know. I've been dropping them a line every day, but I haven't had any answer yet." "You have never kissed so wonderfully before, Patsy. Why is that? Because we are in a black-out?" "No, it's because my name is Mary." A SHORT STORY Love .............. .............................,,............................... ....... q u est Proposal .............................................................. ....... r equest Giving a daughter in marriage .......... ....... b equest Marriage .............................................................. ......... c onquest Divorce ....... .......................................................... ....... i n quest It's a wonderful thing for the women- The popular permanent wave, Now it's up to some struggling inventor, To get out a permanent shave. . . Betty Robson, on a long trip with her parents, amused herself by looking out of the Pullman window. While passing through a wooded section, she turned to her mother and exclaimed, "Oh, Mother, look quick! All the trees are going back home." 1 1 Sip., F-I-"' 2:1 A M 52 1 -5 -:- 1 1 ' S 1 11 I S A LY DAIRY SPECIALISTS "Ends the Quest for the Best" 1 1 1 ICE CREAM --:- DAIRY PRODUCTS -:- LUNCHES -e- ' 4- 1- "Af 1 -:- - ,-:I rg 5-Z?-'T-F"""1"'7l TE1ff 53, 'xii' M-"-F' 11 1 L51 COMPLIMENTS OF ,y COMPLIMENTS OF 1 1 -1- , + 1 1' I Butz Brothers 1 1 4. I se e -Q- '11 1 +1 Cunningham 81 Weingartner 1 1 '1 Q2 W 41' 'U' 15' Hennon Bros. Florists 1 1 se se 15 New cada' pa-"1 + McGrath,s Flower Shop 'D' 1 1 1 I 1 11 1 U 1 ' E' - 'i'-V TER - 771 " -"?1M"'Qi 231- 2- -5' Q, 5- , .-.sf ' 1 1 1 1 Comphments 11 1 11 -0f- 11 111 Reynolds 81 Summers 1 111 111 J d I1 111 FASHIONS FOR MEN, 1 11 - y e I an 1' 11 YOUNG MEN, AND 11 111 1 ' 1 11 Lumber Co. 1111 11 BOYS 1 11 .1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 W 1 1 1 If 4 If ll' Q , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 'W 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1+ 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 xv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4- 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' af 1 1 1: 1 1 a- 1 1 , +- +- 1 1 +1 1. if I 4 4- V +1 Q l x +- 4: -il I l I i ii I I JK 'Il il -il I l l I I , 7 P l l , I l l I f , , l i l l I ' l l l l I I l I l I I l i ! I 1 7 I +1 4 +I 4 4 4- +1 K I +1 l l 4 +- K 4 if -if i i fl i K I 41 i 4 i 4 l +- I i I l 4 i r l I l I I l l 4 ARE YOU KIDDIN'? Private Smith, as you get older You will learn-just wait and see- 'Tis better to be a colonel with an eagle on your shoulder Than a private with a chicken on your knee. . 1 Miss Taylor:-"Billy, you must not say, 'He ain't goingf You must say 'He isnit going, she isn't going, they aren't going, and We aren't goingf 5' Bill Ferver:-"Gee, teacher, ain't nobody going?" Mr. Butler:-"Can you give me an example of Wasted energy, Bob?" Bob Peterson :-"Yes, sir. Telling a hair-raising story to a bald headed man." Marilyn Murphy :-"Just think, mother, a poor Worm provided the silk for my dress." Mrs. Murphy :-'Tm shocked, Marilyn, that you should speak so disrespectfully of your dear father!" . . Angelo Valletta :-"Long Distance, I Want to place a call for Dama- riscottaf' Operator 2-"How do you spell it, please?" Angelo :-"Shucks, lady, ifI could spell it I would Write? Officer:--"Say! I almost broke my neck followin' you around I them curves." Mildred Shoaf:-"Well, I hope this teaches you not to chase after every pretty' girl you see l" -far -- sf- -:- E- -:- -:- EZ SENIORS, '42 . . . CONGRA TULATIONS! You'll be flocking to the mills, to offices and 'HI colleges . . . your fortunes to make. Guard your health . . . and above all, care for your eyes! A little eyestrain can give a heap 4, o' trouble. Always read in abundant, non-glare light! PENNSYLVANIA - POWER - COMPANY 5 gg -:- -:- -E -:- -..-1:L--., ..Y,A-2-.--glee l I I Sir--A ,E-:L 5- 513 -J:- " -:f Lb. CONGRATULATIONS II I AN? S TO OUR l 115-117 E. Washington St. i FUTURE CITIZENS ' ' O , O I I I FROM YOUTHFUL STYLES Chas. T. Mefzler Co. ' I in DRESSES, COATS I zz North Mill se. 'C' I and sU1Ts I 1' - '3' W 151 "-'iii 9' -E ':'- T Q: -:- if .- igg Huff -2- -. I COMPLIMENTS I -0F- ll' COMPLIMENTS I I EOYLES I -OL I COAL and SUPPLY co. I , 0 In NEAL ST. -In Peoples Furmture .store I New Castle, I l Pennsylvania i 91555 5 - 5' "IEE Qfind if -E - -2- E ilgig A -5 4 , -:- - 'U' COMPLIMENTS OF I I JOHN C. WAJERT I PHARMACIST , , Falatko and 4, , 4, I 1 w. L A . -QI Uprosky , 6 'mg ve I NEW CASTLE, PA. WEST HTTSBURGH, PA , Tel 495 QI- ' -' ag -:L-1 gp? 'ff T-5 5 - -iq M'2g lEiL"'7Li- 2 T ZF- - . I BEST WISHES II Q Comphments of FROM Ill BANQUET ICE CREAM I , 33 South Jefferson i BERNIE BUDD Phone 979 l Manufactured By Q Greenville Dairy Co. -:E-. E.-:f -gg 9355 -:f 5- - gg 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I I 4 4 I . 4 4 . I 4 . , , 4 . 4 I I I i I I I I I I ' I I . I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 I I I I 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 C 4 I I 4 4 4 I I I I I , I I 4 I I TODAY'S CHUCKLE She stood in the street at midnight As the traffic homeward sped- She was struck by the beauteous moonlight, But that's not the reason she's dead. g Mrs. Nelson :-"You say Bud Smith has a bad cold and can't come to school? Who is this speaking?" Bud 2-CWith an assumed hoarsenessl. f'This is my Father." Richard Audino:-"I don't think I should get a zero in this exami- nation." Miss Maxwell :-"I don't either, but it is the lowest grade there is." She plays a fair game of golf - if you watch her! Merle Jay:-"What's the difference between a mule and a postage stamp James Sankey :-"Une you lick with a stick, and the other you stick with a lick." . 1, H li. .' ' Jones :-'My wife's gone to the West Indiesf' Smith :--"Jamaica? " Jones:-"No, she Wanted to go? Miss Vanllivort:-"When we were in Egypt we visited the pyra- mids, and some of the stones were literally covered with hieroglyphicsf' Tom Cuscino:-"I hope none of them get on you. Some of those foreign insects are terrible." .. Q. Are it I or is it me? Were it her or am it he? Can it was or been it be? I don't know, do ye? Life is a joke And everything shows it, Take a look at a sophomore, And then you'll well know it. 4 4 Breathes there a boy with soul so dead Who never to himself hath said, As 'cross his couch streamed morning light, "Wish that durn school'd burned down last night." "1 H'-:I Tag? I I I COMPLIMENTS OF ' I . I I? Keystone Furmture Co. I I III fm .ga .5T"' We - I I IIN 'II' OOMPLIMENTS OF I I II 7he Manu Shop I I-QI 121 N. MERCER sT. I NEW CASTLE, PA. I I I I ,I Qj2 i f::1-i'i."Q'Qi Sie ir- "WT fs- - ,D FOR YOUNG MEN, I , 16 THROUGH zo, A II I Yo Mo Cl Al I:- YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FOR 89.00 When You Choose Your Activities Next Year Join The Hi-Y Club I I --.fe Q- Q. W A --EI.. QQ ,E . -Thi '-955 BILES I I PHOTOS I NEVER I FADE I 95 BILES STUDIO I I I -Iii? -4 , -QE I I 'T' '--3. Til- -5, .Ig I O I Compliments of I I I THE GRILL I I New Wilmington, Penna. I ' II Q1 12- .E Big--girl-I.-in-4455 COMPLIMENTS OF Il Rieek-Molunkin Dairyllo. I .gafzkvi IGI M H IK I II I 31 S. Beaver St., New Castle, Pa. - gg. - T -- ii 1:l -- '3:L-JFTT' H27 I if-5 I OOMPLIMENTS OF I I Morgan Motor Co. I I 25 North Jefferson St. I I . I II DesOTO - PLYMOUTH I IW" W 1 "il" ,I:"A'W' f I gg: O -5,-LO 1-'iligi g?Ilf453ll?32-? I2f ' COMPLIMENTS ,QF- I Eekerd's Drug Store I II WW- QI I I I 1+ we 1+ 1+ I I I I I 1+ If I I I I I 1 I I I 1' 4 I I I I I If I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .-I I I I I I I I I I I if I I I I ' I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' . Y I I I I I i I I I : I I I I I I I I I 1+ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I, 'I' I or .1 I APPLICATION FOR SELECTIVE SERVICE OI' IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE Name ......... ............................................................................................................... gif no name, please print legiblyb Address ....................................................................,...............................m....................................................... 'CVVest of the Mississippi, 100 extrag east of the sun, 20c extraj Color: pale yellow ......... claret ................. terra cotta Class: high ....,............. sea green .......... I rose ................................., ......... BROMO Seltzer ........................... Q low .................. Experience ............................................................,.......................................... fgive Do you own: C . an automobile .......... two automobiles ........ more automobiles ..... than anyone in your outfit ood cle Born : yes ............... no ............... an experiencesj a horse Cif married, give ho ??? ......... rse's middle 1n1t1a1h ....................................... a complete set Union Suits ........... two bits ...................................................... Grand Central Station .................. why ............... if not, why not ....,...... Age ........................................................................................................................................................................ CWARNING: Age must check with age at birth otherwise you run into plenty of trouble, and OH BOY! IJ will Height ........... ......... w eight ........................ distance ........... fContinued - -5- tticf- - -:Q . .--fn-C i -:- -:- Gl- COMPLIMENTS OF BARNES 8: SNYDER PACKARD LAWRENCE AUTO SALES CO. CASTLE GARAGE CHEVROLET-KEYSTONE CO. CHAMBERS MOTOR CO. FRANCIS MOTOR SALES CO. MORGAN MOTOR CO. J. R. RICK MOTOR CAR CO. 1 gg -:- -1- '-:- 'f::- 1, -:- II' 'I G U S ' For Student or Grad . and Even His Dad I I NEW LOCATION I .ul 106 E. WASHINGTON ST. HEADQUARTERS FOR ADAM' HATS ADAM SHIRTS LATEST SPORTSWEAR 5-55?-IT A-:EET " T1 '-:E-.E?T Egg-I HIE A -:- ' - -f-:- . -:ILE Arthur W. Meek I YOUR PROGRESSIVE J EWELER W W WE FEATURE AMERICAN WATCHES 22 sa I 323 E. WASHINGTON ST. EI -2- A -If D TR Ri-ii -:-' 5- 1:5-5 I I I COMPLIIMENTS FROM I REGENT II THEATRE OF NEW CASTLE I I ALWAYS THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN II O00 I II' POPULAR PRICES 54325 ' ef A-:f , '-gg I-II? . Q-, II III THE STUDIO III' III -OF- I , 0 Q . I II Leo P. Strlzzl III II FOR GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS III 215M2 E. Washington St. I' II New Castle, Pa. , I I - W M 'MKII 1- - -2- -gg ?5i,T4i:LiigT."" Ljfi-Digg I AFTER THE DANCE I I It The New Ell III I NEW CASTLE - ELLWOOD ROAD I Phone - New Castle S135-R-2 I I REASONABLE PRICES I I' Proprietors: T' II Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cooper ggi? 11:4 '3f:Tg1fQ...Q P'-E: T E -1-' -:III-5 -I . IIII I McBrIIIe-Shannon Co. II INSURANCE I I . III . III II zas EAST WASHINGTON ST. IIII BELL 519 NEW CASTLE, PA. I I-III -If , e -F Q -E -:- I I I I Phone 114 I -I II CHARLES LUMLEY 'I I PROFESSIONAL PHARMACIST I I II NOTHING BUT DRUGS I I O 0 O I Penn Theatre Bldg. New Castle, Pa. if? 'Q' 'Q'-' 'QQ 'T-:L E- I-I II ,II SAM AIELLO II -II SHOE REPAIR III I 15 E. WASHINGTON ST. IIII I I NEXT TO PENN POWER I 'iii-:-EZILEEJQI-I -1- I I I+ -4- -+ I I If 1+ I ' I I I I -+ I I I I I I I I I I+ -+ I I 4 1+ If 4 I I I I I I' lf' lf ll' 1 Y 1 l I I t I 1 1 I I ' I If 4 I I . I I+ 11 -r If -I .-f 4 If HQ I I I I 1 .4 I If if I I I+ 1 lf we I I I If I I 4 ' I+ I ll' 1' 1' i I ll' I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I P I I I I I I I I -I I I I -If Q I I I S I 4 I I Q' +- +- 4 +I +- 4 4 4 +- +- 4 4 4 +- 4 +- +- +- tttttkiiittitkitttttti it i' tit it iiifiiiii +- +- +- +- 4 +- +- 4 +- +- +- +- 4 +- +- +- +- +- 4 +- +- +- +- +- +- +- 4 r +- +- +- +- +- +- +- . +- +- +- +- +- +- 4 , 4 4 +- 4 +- 4 ii 4 4 4 +- . 4 I 4 4 l Are you : R. O. T. C. .... . C. M. T. C. .... . C. C. C. .... . T. W. A. ...... . . A. A. A. ....., . A. W. O. L. ......... . . Lost ................... . Strayed .......... Do you enjoy camping out ............ way out ............ way, way out... Any valid excuses ........................................................................................................... Know let's What service do you prefer? Horse Guards .......................... Cold Stream Guards ............ Ice Cold Stream Guards .......... Home Guards .......................... Do you understand the rifle ......... Women ............. ................................ Care you kiddin'?J Pig-Latin ......................... not get nosey, bubb Tank Corps ......... Rank Corps ...... Dank Corpse ........ Maid ........................ the sporting riiie ............... Terry and the Pirates ......... Height ............ speed .......... Miles per gallons ................ Check any of the following you may have had: sniffles ................................................... bad sniffies .................. very bad sniffles ....... Hobbies: playing Superman ......... Goils ......................................................... mange . ...... .................... m ice ........ distemper ....... .................. Playing around, Superman.. Late rising ......................................... Are you allergic to any of the following: water ................ ........... ............. ......... ..... airplanes ....... WOIHQH ......... drafts .......... ............ bugles ....... smog ........................... ........fnow don't give me that stuffb boots What salary do you expect ...................................................................... fnot including weekly allowancel fConUnued chronic sniffles ......... itch ......... E-ii-- -5- ' -:- -IM I , III I C0MjgyjNTS II, I, Anderson Photography ' ,I o Q o Ih- A 0 7 I SATISFIED CUSTOMERS il lltellrellll S Store I ouR ONLY ADVERTISING I I I , o Q o I 126 E. WASHINGTON ST. an sos WALLACE AVE. PHONE 3721 I 15?Ei1 ggg ,EQ - I ,JL - 5 I -:- 5- eg -:- -:- ' I I If you are going away to College II I A TIP T0 THE GRADUATE III I visit our I I Make Kerr's your headquarters I ' I' I' - - I I, LUGGAGE DEPARTMENT ' I for glffs Of quallfy I Q , I o 4 0 ', II The Best IS Not T00 Good I New Castle's Dependable Jeweler . W I I, I JEESE N. KERR ,II I II IJ 5 NORTH MILL STREET I I I,I ms N. MERCER sT. ,I , NEW CASTLE, PA. I, I I-- A .1 I -Y-1 IN I - IIS, -as fi- 5515: -JF - Lg- IIE I I Compliments In, Compliments , I, -0f- I I , -0f- LD' I I . Maxwell 8s Gibson Lgve 81 Meggwn I QUALITY COAL 8: ICE ,DI --THE DRUGGI5-I-so II 0 I' I 301 S. MILL ST. ,I 12 N. MILL STREET ID- I I I I gfwdiiiime' " -'3'-f'T'TQg gg! ' If HI'-'ii - -4- QQ it I in -L- A T-:E L- -Ig? SEL I -:-1 T -:- -15? I I COMPLIMENTS OF I CONGRATULATIONS JUNE CLASS OF '42 I I ' 7 III Silverman s Economy Shoe Shop I I I I I PENN THEATRE I I 110 ST' , I "Always the Best Show in Town" , I I I ' Home of se se - - I "The store devoted to better fitting Ii II footwear for better health." 'I , I GREATER MOVIES I II I Q25 -'FT 'Cf F ggi Q5 ' 'I' 15 I I I I I It I I I , I I I lb I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I , I I ' I I It -I If I I 1+ l' I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I i I I we I I I I I , I I I I I I 4 5 i If ll' I , N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I . . I I- I I I I I+ I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I , I , I I I lf' I I I I 1 if 1 +1 4: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 JI +- +1 4: 1 1 41 +1 4 an 41 +- +- +- 41 -if 41 1 1 51 11 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 11 31 1 1 ri 11 H 11 11 11 '1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 Organization: other superstitions............ Check any deformities: eyes ............ nose ............ scales ............ height ............ athlete's feet ............ Married : yes ................ ....................... . no ................ Engaged .......................... Intentions ........... Defense work: Pinning diapers on lightning bugs in black outs .......... haunting J aps ................................................................................. knitting .............. etc. ...... .. ....................... .................... . .. YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN There's nothing in this vale of tears That bothers a human more, Than When, after telling a joke, he hears, "Oh I've heard that one before I" Tl.. .li A little leak A little gas . A little peep. And now, alas! A little match A little scratch, And now Willie Wears a Wooden kimona. 5. 1 'Wh Q C1946 X 'A 1' .... Q 7-"" X ..,.w11M.."1i':, CHOW T11-1E no feet I I BE I F' I PTS? - , -. I I--i 3- -- - PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL THE LATEST I AND BEST I PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 0 The Little Store That Has Everything THE CAMERA SHOP 22 N. MERCER STREET IC. .. T.-:I lt.. , I Y -,- -2- -:1 N4 II' -:- , mfg YOUR GRADUATION I PHOTOGRAPHS . . . ' I 111 I I at most reasonable prices- W. F. KWOLEK STUDIO o Q o F 25232 E. WASHINGTON sT. I NEW CASTLE, PA. I - III ?2f T3 '1 --- 251 Er ' -2- - II' I I W' I I i I II I I ' '-"Ii-"ITT'i'mi- COMPLIMENTS OF THE H 8+ S Drive In 516 W. Grant St. II I New Castle, Penna. kj. of 9 , -1-f' fig HAE: fb---,. Compliments of Citizens lumber Bo. .I LUMBER AND MILL WORK I New Castle, Penna. Office: ' MILL AND YARDg White and Neal Streets 15 Phone 3500 Q52 . ,, - W, - - .Ong EVE- , -Il' -I my I WEARING APPAREL I For The Entire Family +I i "EASY CREDIT TERMS" THE OUTLET I '7 E. washington sf. 'D' I III . I - - -Tv?-f - .. II ggi' 45- ,L-,W iE, Egg EI T in T' ' .T - ez- I -3.5. :If-5 'I COMPLIMENTS I I I -oF- I I I, Paisley Pharmacy I 241 E. WASHINGTON ST. I .I , ,. - , . . -- -A, wa 2:1 -- 3-We -- - fr, WY ei 535- -, -a -:- ' II 'D- COMPLIMENTS OF I I Streamline II- Super Market I II I-If -he 4- HIM-2' - A +-IM P COMPLIMENTS OF I I II I Bruno 81 Aloe I WEST PITTSBURGH, PA. lu. yj-gI1 Q -:- ,,-5:1 iggg I I I , I I I I I I I , I I ' I I I I -1+ I , I I I I I 1' I 11- if if I 1' 1+ 1+ 'Y I 1+ I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I If I I I I I I I ' I . I I I f i I I I I I I 1+ I 1+ I 1+ 1+ I I ' I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I 1+ 1+ I 1+ I I I I I I I I I W I " I I I 1+ 1' I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I l I I , I ' I I 1+ I I I I I I I QUESTIONNAIRE 1-Who would you like to be stranded with on a desert island? 2--What is your idea of Paradise? 3-How long should the usual date last? Why? 4-What do you think of Ne-Ca-Hi girls wearing slacks? 5-How could we improve Ne-Ca-Hi? ANSWERS BILL NEFF 1-Two or three babes I know. 2-A front porch along the Neshannock fstreet or streamb. 3-Until you fall asleep. 4-O. K. They're for the medium size but not for the heavy. 5-Remove the OLD methods and get YOUNG ones. DOLLY ANTHONY 1-Freshman from Indiana College. 2-Anyplace with' that freshman fpreferably the darkj. 3-Depends on the other half and what you are doing. 4-Perfectly swell if you can wear them like Marlene Dietrich. 5-Don't be silly. It would take a whole new order. PAT .ROEMER 1-Any man that can walk, talk, and act wise. 2-Why bother, I'll never make it. 3-Depends largely on the date as far as I'm concerned. 4-All right as long as you don't carry two baskets in your back pocket. 5-Are you kidding? Ummm. GINNY BOGDON 1-Couple of wolves. 2-A date with one of those wolves. 3-Depends on who the boy is. No need to ask why. 4--Swell. That is if you don't look like a "baby blimpf' 5-Comfortable seats in the auditorium. Also repairing the clock. fContinued Sie- -:- -:- - Q, Compliments 1 iOf- LP Len's Men's Wear 0 'Q' 12 EAST WASHINGTON ST. I ON THE DIAMOND l W -E A -2 me Si- JP- eff 22,000 W ARTICLES IN HARDWARE I Q I Good Hardware Since 1862 I E Chambers Ranges for the June Bride u gi KIRK, HUTTON a. co. l 2505 ':"',-i "'-F' -:R - -54" 12- - -JM Compliments ' '51 -Of.. LAWRENCE BOTTLING C0. ':' 4, cocA-coLA AND Q soFT DRINKS 'U' 1 gr -:- -M -:f -egg iiijfiinf'-1a'ZfEZiT4 I a I -fooNGRATULAT1oNS" H CLASS OF '42 .ng V lQCi l LESLIE HGTEL M l AA- dl -'- WS- P1 fggilg, lti1i - .-. The Danish Pastry Shop PHONE 3523 28 NORTH MILL ST OOO Makers of Fme Cakes and Pastries 15- Tgu, Vi' COMPLIMENTS S lVI I T H S I' CLEANERS 8z DYERS 5 p ,J-,rj .-.,-i-',i'-323.6 I The Mueller Art Cover h 8: Blndlng Co 2202 SUPERIOR AVENUE CLEVELAND OHIO Represented by MR HOMER SMITH 41I Y ngt w O no P Q52 T e'f"7'.f-C3 E- Film' Compliments I A FRIEND gi Q -' :rg li-F444-K I 4 1 144 36 l-4444-YK JI-44 -nina- if- - -fill? QT- H-4 .365 5 5-ggi-. 'S - T T- 1 U5 X l l l 0 l 'Q 1 ae , l l W ' l . - 0 E 'C' QL lg ll E l cg T 3 l T' Q T, - ll 1, S 11 ll . 5 ' ll H 5 I LLL u 1 . ' M I - V l L51 -I im 3 ' u Q il . 5- ! l ll l l lull I 1 l l ' A 4 " ' A. ,W 'C' fi S 22 -2- I S -:- he -:-, S gg -:- -:- -R 'Li Il I In I I ' 5' In 3-'ie-I-.e"e 53''c3.'.-40'e.'4.4."c79..''..' "5i'?I'"!"!.. 'fl'f.'iif1lTii 'fi l""p' 'i'?j"f1'igffj'Yf?'?,4 if P64 'S'f'f4 '4?jf'fi+ 51444 43+ 4454554544 p A 1 BILL HOLLER Cut chick from Southern California. Playing along the Coast Line. -Long enough to make it sweet. -Could be. -It would take a century. BILL EAKIN 1-Hedy Lamarr. 2-No work, loafing, and doing anything you wanted to do. 3 Until twelve-thirty. Well, it gives you more time to get ac- quainted. 4-Some of them - Woo-Woo! Others - well? 5-Have more time to cover our subjects more thoroughly. ALICE JEAN YOUNG He hasn't come around yet. Woo-Woo! -The usual date, gee I don't know. -They are swell for some. -To include all improvements would almost mean a whole new set up and even a new building. BII L CURRY -A sharp little chicken. -fCensoredJ. -It all depends upon who you are with. I think they should be on the average of five hours. -That's out, but definitely. -They should have more dances. What happened to the news- paper? It was plenty sharp. Fix the second Hoor before half a dozen people get killed. PAUL HRISOULAS -Betty Grable. -All men, no women Cwomen cause troublej. -The usual date should last until evelen-thirty or twelve o'clock. -I'm one hundred and fifty percent against the girls wearing slacks. -Fixing the floor in the second and thrid floors. Why doesn't some class give them one hundred dollars for lumber to fix the floor? CHARLES BOOK How could we improve Ne-Ca-Hi? By organizing more Hi-Y Clubs. QLeave it to Bookie.J I -:I2,- 55 I CORRECT CLOTHES I I are an important part II oflife. . . . . . I Levjnels' I II I II I The Store of Nationally Advertised I I' Men's Wear I. I NEXT TO PENN THEATRE I, II QI- -:F 'fro I N . Hi -, TF 'LH .--EIIT5 COMPLIMENTS OF II ,I I Hammond Music Store i - 15 N. Mercer St. I New Castle, Pa. RECORDS, sl-IEET Music, I I INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES I -- fs- Eff -R'-egg I-I,A,, HI-W -'I-47 C- ' 43- ,I --SM I I Compliments I -Of- I AFREND I I II I IN ggi -f' -5- , -EL 'ifgg EIR 5- A 5- og A. '-- .. . IE, COMPLIMENTS II, -019.- White Front Lunch I AF' 105 W. Washington St. I GEORGE KARIDIS, Proprietor -E - O. I-:- gg W -:- ,. -2- 43 I I I I I I CONGRATULATIONS TO I I YOU GRADUATES I LINBULN RESTAURANT I . ON THE DIAMOND I WE SPECIALIZE IN GOOD FOOD I I 'II V -W J -D -:ie It 'Q III? ,UH COMPLIMENTS -OF- I III' BUCKEYE I IU' RIDING 8z SALES STABLE I West Washington St. Extension ID' JY'-' QI- -'E-. -:- ,gg 5551 35- ' 'G' ' 455 I+ Compliments I -of- 'U' -:- F. L. RENTZ 'IT QI :FY 'S- I -:I UI Ya 'UN H A..- -.f.27 5' f -M I BEST WISHES F L E M I N G MUSIC STORE I I 19 North Mill Street I , 4- III' QP -IL 'L Sgfg I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I ll' I 1+ 1+ I' 1+ I ' u I I I ' I I :I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i- I I I I 10 ll' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1+ 4 I I I I I I I I I I i . I I I I . I I I t . I I I I I j I I I I , I I I , I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I V I I I I I I I I I I I I I i' 'ki f-riff-rwif-kffwfffffifw-xwffffffxriffs-1ffriff:ffflfrfwffwmrf-xfmznirilifrrififgffili-as A-k-:iw-:riff JK 41 if 4 41 l 4 +I N 1 X , w r L 1 1151 l if l -x a l x , n l l l i f i t I l , l l l l f E y 1 1 1 TO MR. ORTH Tune of "Marines' Hymn" From the halls of our dear high school, to the shores of every sea, He sent our many students, they will stand for liberty. Mr. Orth, We do you honor, all who look to you with pride, We have numbered into thousands, with you our watchful guide. As the year have climbed in numbers, we are proud to hear the claim Of the Wonderful achievements, and our Ne-Ca-Hi-School fame. We are proud of our professor, at attention We will stand, Though it's hard to make this parting, it is one of life's demands. DORIS BOOK '44, CSung by the chorus, under the direction of Mr. Duff, at an assem- bly for Mr. Orth, on May twenty-seventhj AUTOGRAPHS I 1 AUTOGRAPHS

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