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,XXX W 5000435 ?ZiQZf77LwM ,Q 1 V1.5 FD OF 3 Rx RQ 'U CLEC? 1 I ' , l . , X JJ Y XP VX . Q if . .. A xi! 'U X .K Q 4 1 W ...J THE N -CA-l'll Volume 23 JANUARY, 1935 New Castle Senior High School New Castle, Pennsylvania . .,. .l Published by The Senior Class January, 1935 Number 1 r l l :- THE THEME The ship is ready to sail, To conquer the waves of the sea, And in the end to reach its goal- Whatever its goal may be. Youth is steering this ship, 'Tis youth who sets the sailsg As he starts out on the sea of life He must fight his own gales. Friends have helped prepare the ship To sail across the seag More friends shall guide it on its way, The Great Friend, especially. It is a ship of action, A ship that ever pushes on, One gliding swiftly across the waters Like a graceful, lovely swan. As the ship leaves harbor, It pauses to say good-bye, To fondly look back on the past, And utter a longing sigh. 4 ' 'j'5 " f " E -1-'-'- ' ii' F21 W 4 X x X FCREWORD WE, persevering seamen, have at last reached our port, despite the tidal Waves, reefs and tempests. How helpful those beacon lights proved to be in times of utter despair! In this log-book We make an effort to record every storm and gale, not to mention the calm seas and clear skies. We realize that every detail has not been recorded, but We hope in future years that this book vvill recall many happy memories. MISS McCONAGHY DEDICATION O pilot of our ship of state! We take this formal manner to dedicate Sincerely this log-book in recognition of the kindly guidance and depth ot' understanding that steered our seamen on their three-year cruise through both the troubled and Calm waters of high school. T' IEE ORDER OF PRESENTATION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES TQ CJCII'f'lif'liJ'Cl'CI'l'.i0n FRANK L. ORT-H - - - PRINCIPAL J. VV. Anderson Bess P. Brinkerhoff Howard A. Butler Sarah M. Dinsmore Edith E.. Birchard A. G. Brown Elsie F. Calvin Dorothy Edmunds L. C. Black P. H. Bridenbaugh Florence Brownstein Annetta Burry N. R. Cassillo Donald F. Copson Clara M. Elliott Eva J. English 8 VU fl Q? if- My! flllfd 1 r f u. X1 g ,ana .1 fl I-. . , f Bess S. Gailey Eleanoi- S. Galbraith Beatrice S. Gonick Mary A. Good Olivia M. Griffiths Clara M. Hartsuff Viola W. Healy Emily Johnston Ethel M. Kelley T. V. Kelly W. L.. Klee William E. Lehto Ralph W. Lengerinan Mary M. Long Myrtle W. Lord William Margraf 5 .f P. m i Lois B. Martin Frances H. Maxwell Adeline E. Miller Margaret Montgomery Frances N. McCla1'en Sara S. McCune Walter S. McKee J. H. E. McKenzie N. P. Nelson Mary Perdue Joe F. Replogle Marjorie Rhodes Robert E. Mills Sarah E. McGoun H. Elizabeth Parkel Genevieve Riddle I Mary G. Riffer Ola D. Rogers Florence H, Shapo Oscar J. Sheaffer Helena Stevenson Charlotte Taylor George F. Thomas Geraldine Turk Mary E. VanDivort Ruth E. Wallace Ralph L. Weide Virginia Weinschenk Helen R. Westlake Dorothy B. White Elizabeth Williams Pauline E. Young fSfliOI'f ia-I? -i.,..f VR? 'Wizardn - - - ROBERT MUSE Muse" ---- O. F. D. BERTHA BOYA Birdie" ----- B. L. HERMAN KITCHEN Herm" ----- H. M. BETTY McCONAHY Mac" ---- - M. W. ALBERT ABDOE Abie" ----- N. H.-1 DOROTHY ALLEN Dot" ------ F. L. JOSEPH ARMOND Joe" ------ F. W. THOMAS ARMSTRONG Sampson" ---- S. S..-1 EDWARD AUGOSTINE Auggien ----- R. F. FRANCIS BANNON Chick" ----- G. S.-1 MARGARET BARA 'Peg" ------ L. F. EDWARD BEVAN 'Eddie" ----- S. K. LUCY BLACK 'Lu" ----- T. A.. R. NESBIT BLAKELY 'Nezzie" ----- O B. FRANCES BLOISE 'Frankyn ----- A. G. MARY BOCKUM 'Mary" - - - S. W. S. T. CARL BOIVARD 'Bobo" ----- E. C.. WILLIAM BOWERS - A. T. W. at Ac 44 MARY ELIZABETH BOWES 'Beth" ----- B. T. B MARGARET BRADEN 'Pegn ----- S. B. R MARY BRATSCHIE 'B1'at" ------ B. E BARBARA BRINSER 'Babsn ----- D. Y ALMA BROADBENT 'Tiny" ----- S. B. S JUNE BROWN 'June Bug" ---- P. P WILLIAM BROWN 'B1'0Wnie" ---- C. B. R EDWARD CANDIOTO 'Candyn ----- Q.. M LOUIS CASACCHIA 'Louie" ----- T. D ANTHONY CASBER 'Tony" ----- T. D. H VIRGINIA CHAIN 'Jinny" ----- Q. B. N MILDRED CHIPRANO f C Millie" ----- I.. S. 4 s 4 KATHERINE CHIROZZI Katie" ------ I. K. JOHN CHRISTIE Jack" ------ M. C. TERESA CIPRIANI Tree" ----- S. M. M. BETTY COLE Cole" ----- C. C.-1 WOODSON COLLINS Woodyn - - - C. O. O. B. BEATRICE CONNOR Beats" ----- I. G. S. ,fi I J 67f'f"fM , , W wa wi Gif' ' x 2 ' , fvff' Dwfwf W 6 S 1 1 WALTER CONOVER Walt" ----- O. Z. P. VIRGINIA COOK Cookie" - - - - A. A. G. EDYTHE COWDEN Duchess" ---- R. S. JOE CRENNEY Joe" ----- S. B.-1 JOSEPHINE DAINO Jon - - - - - F.A,F. VERBINA DALTORIA Vee" ----- T. T.-1 JOHN DALY Johnnie" ----- O. T. RALPH DAVIES Teddy" ---- A. A. F. RHEA DAVIS Ray" ----- S. G.-1 MARGARET De ANGELIS Midge" ----- G. E. MAXINE De LILLO Mac" - - - - - S.L.W. THEODORE Di CARLO Teddie" - - - - K.A.D. ANNA Di MARZIO Sporty" ----- S.. L.-1 CHARLES DINSMORE Chuck" ---- G. G. W. ELIZABETH EAKIN Betty" ----- K. T. JACK ENGLAND Jack" ----- O. A, L. WILLIAM EVANS Willie" - - - G. G.. L. W. DOROTHY FALLEN Dolly" - - ---A.T. A GERTRUDE FEE Ge1'ty" ---- A. L. A. ELIZABETH FLEEGER Libby" ---- M. M.-I VIRGINIA FLYNN Jennie" ---- B. W.-1 JULIA FORNATURO Judyn ----- D. D. JAMES FULLER Rubinoffu ---- F. R. MAXIE GADZALSKI Max" ----- A. H. A. DAVID GARVIN Dave" ------ J. P. LOUISE GENKINGER Genks" ---- T. B. R. CLAIR GIBSON Farme1"' ---- T. T.-4 WALTER GREEN 'Wa1t" ------ I. C. LEON GRZESIUK ASh1'imp" ---- S. B..-2 RICHARD HAMILTON ADick" ----- T. S. P. BETTY LOU HARTLAND KLou" ----- A. H. T WILLIAM HEADINGS 'Bil1" ----- K. T. S CLAIR HITE 'Hite" ----- C. H NORVAL HOCKMAN fH0cky" ---- K. T. I GENEVIEVE HOGUE 'Gen" ----- Q. R. N FREDERICK JACOBS 4Freddie" ---- F. T. G X jx 'P' 1 MARY ELIZABETH JOYCE 'Joyceeu ---- R. B. M. MARJORIE KELLOGG 'Margieu ---- N. G. R. WILLIAM KIRKWOOD fKirky" ----- H. P. JULIA KISH 'Kishy" ----- L. H. RITA KNORR 'Tiny" ---- W. D. K. GEORGE LANG fDink" ----- O. H. L. LYDIA LEHBERGER 'Sunny Southv - - - F. T. JEAN LEISHMAN 'Scottieu ---- H. A.-1 JOEL LEVIN 'Twe1ve" ---- M. M.-3 - LESTER LEVINE 'Abie" ----- I. L. M. RUTaH LINZ 'Ruthieu - -'- - - Q. Q. RICHARD LOUER 'Rich" ----- G. S.-1 ELEANOR LOY 'Loy" ----- B. S.-1 RUTH LOY 'Rudy" ---- M. O. D. JOSEPH LUDOVICI 'Joe' ------ 0. J. FRANCIS LUTTON Lutton" - - - O. M. R.-2 JACK LUTZ Lutzy" ---- H. A. R. HARRY MACK Snapper" ---- T. S. A. 7 IDA MARCHAND BOOTS" - - - O. L. L.-1 CONCETTA MARRESE Connie" ---- T-T--2 DORRIS M'ARVIN UDOFTGH ---- D.. B. P. ROBERT MERCER Nertzern ---- S. B.-3 MARGARET MICCO Peg" ------ E. P. ROBERT MINER Major" --.- W. T. ROBERT MOORE Lee" ----- R. O. S. CAMILLO MORGANTI Cam" ----- M. A. ROBERT MORRIS "Farmer" ---- T. E. JACK MUSE Musen - -1- - - F. C. T. .K ' LLA CBRIDE 'zlggjf' ---- H. T. M VIRGINIA MCBRIDE 'Gino' ---- H. C. M.. FRED MCCAMIC "Bud" ----- M. M.-3 CARL MCCLELLAN "Carl" ---- S. S.-2 AGNES MCMULLEN "Aggie" ----- S. A. WALTER NELSON "Walt" ----- T- C. EDWARD NIEMCYZK "Ed Wynn" ---- S. S. S. TWYLA NIXON "Shortie" ---- A. M. 1-"5 XXI' V W' 5 I .ff XJEKX J fy f I 6 5' ., VRQQVIQ' Ak' QVVW 0 VIVIENNE NUNN 'Ben ----- N. L. H. DOROTHY OSBORNE 'Ossy" ----- S.. O. S. JOHANNA PARDICK 'Jon ------ Q. B. ESTHER PIERCE 'Piercien - - - - C. L. GEORGE PIRKKALA 'Pirkn ------ P. G. DAVID PRICE 'Baron Munchausenu W. P. G. VICTOR RAGUSO 'Vic" ------ B.. P. TIHOMAS RAMSEY 'Tom" ---- M. D. A. SILVIO RESTIVO 'Si1" ------ D. S. BETTY RICE 'Ricie" ----- G. L. JAMES RICE 'Jimmyu - - - O. M. R.-1 ARCHIE RIDLEY 'A1'chie" ---- O. F. M. CATHERINE RITCHIE 'Chatchieu - - - H. R. W. LILLIAN ROGERS Li11" ------ S. P.. ANITA ROUSSOS Nita" ----- S. A. S. JOHN ROZAK John" ----- V. B. JENNIE RYGLINSKI Jen" ------ Q. A. REBECCA SAMUELS Becky" ----- H. L.. ROGER SCIPIONE Roge" ------ S. I. RUTH SHALE Ruthie" ---- O. L. L. DAVID SHAPIRO Dave" ----- S. S.-3 FRED SHELLOGG 'Pap" ----- M. M. B. WILLIAM SHIRA 'Bill' ----- G. S. B. FRANKLIN SHOOK 'Shookyn ---- R. H. P. REUBIN SIGLER 'Siglern ----- S. S.-4 DEANE SMITH 'Deanie Wienie" - - C. F. ANNA SNIEZEK 'Ann" ------ K. C. JEANNE SNYDER f'Giggles" ---- A. H. ELEANOR STANCIU "Ellie" ----- C. B. RUTH STEVENSON "Stevie" ---- O. E. M. HELEN STICKLE "Dolly" ----- B. M. CELIA STROBEL "Cece" ----- M. M.-2 STEVE TEPLICA "Tip" ----- U. C. A. GENEVIEVE THOMAS "Jen" ----- B. S.-2 JOHN G. THOMAS "Geth" ---- W. B.. M JOHN THOMAS "Johnny" ---- O. C. C A I K CHARLES TOMMELLEO "Charlie" ----- M. ESTHER TRENT "Essie" ----- T. T THOMAS TRODDEN "T, N. T." ---- T. ELIZABETH VAGO "Lib" ------ V. FRANK VONDERAU "Frankie" - - - - F. JACK WEATNHERBY "Johnny" ---- J. A. FAYE WEAVER "Faye" ----- S. S. RAYMOND WEBBER LRay" ----- F. O. RICHARD WELLS 'Dick" ----- E. SAMUEL WEINSCHENK 'Samschwenkn - - H. A. WILBUR WEISBAKER 'Weisy" ---- G. H. C LAYTE WHEELER 'Windy' --... G, G ALMA WILLIAMS 'Wil1ie" ----- S. W WILLIAM' WILLIAMS 'Wil1ie" ---- B, S,- HOWELL WILLIAMS Widdicunf' ---- I, S VIRGINIA WILSON Ginny" ----- H. S JO SEPHINE WINDISCH Jose" ----- S. L.- WILLIAM WINTER Butchu ----- C. A ELSIE WOLFE Wolf" ----- W.. W. HARRIET WOLFE Hap" ---- G. A. M. D. BETTE WOODS Betn ----- B. W1-2 CLARENCE WORKMAN Workien ---- A. W.-1 JOSEPH WRIGHT Joe" ----- A. W.-2 JOHN YOUNG Honest John" - - S. F. Y. MARJORIE YOUNG Margie" ----- H. J. ALSO GRADUATING VETO LUCIDORE JOHN WILK HONOR ROLL VIRGINIA COOK JOHN G. THOMAS BERTHA BOYA EDYTHE COWDEN RUTH STEVENSON JOHN ROZAK LUCY BLACK JOEL LEVIN ALMA BROADBENT BOB MERCER DORIS MARVIN CONCETTA MARRESE TERESA CIPRANO RUTH LINZ BOB MUSE BETTY MCCONAHY AWARDS Prize offered by the Lawrence County Bar Association fo1 outstanding work in Latin during four years. -Won by EDYTHE COWDEN. Prize offered by the New Castle Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution for outstanding work in Chemistry. -Won by JOHN G. THOMAS. Prize offered by the Fleming Music Store for general excel- lence in Music. -Won by ANTHONY CASBER. Prize offered by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association of Pittsburgh for general excellence in Mathematics during the High School Course. -Won by JOEL LEVIN. History prize offered by the Perry Chapter of Daughters of 1812. -Won by ALMA BROADBENT. iff 1 I w 0 2 5? ZQf 5 Q G.f'Rf' is VCUCJSD CJC1.',iVi'CiSJ' WHO'S WHO IN NE-CA-HI SENIOR A. President .............. ......... R obert Muse Vice President ......,......... Bertha Boya Secretary ........... .... H erman Kitchen Treasurer ................ Betty McConahy JUNIOR A. President ................ Howard Updegraff Vice President .............. Lester Bailey Secretary ......... ........... J ane Bryan Treasurer ..........,..,.... William Cleland SOPHOMORE A. President .......................... Bill McGary Vice President ...... ......... G uy Lateana Secretary ....... Virginia Ramsey Treasurer .................... Lorraine Hook CLHEER LEADERS James Dart Howard Updegraff Reed Shiner George Chip SENATUS ROMANUS Consul Primus ...,........ James Hartland Consul Secundus ........ Richard Warner Scriba .................... .......... J ane Bryan Quaestor .......................... Sally Norris GIRL RESERVES President ............................ Betty Rice Vice Presedent .......... Pauline Booher Secretary ........ Betty Nicholson Treasurer ................ Betty McConahy HOME ECONOMICS President .......................... Rose Green Vice President ..... ..... N ellie Brown Secretary ........ ...... H elen Kelly Treasurer ........................ Jean Parker SQUAD CAPTAINS Assembly., .... ,. .... , Dismissal ........ . S Richard Hamilton I .......... John Glenn .... William Warnock Equipment .................... William Shira Football Ushers Hall Monitors ..... Information ...... Library ........... Lunch Room ...... Pre-Session ............ Robert Miner Thomas Trodden Margaret McCracken Frances Lutton Deane Smith David Gatrall School Grounds ............ Lester Grimm SENIOR B. President ............,............. James Dart Vice President ............ Robert Brown Secretary ................ John McWilliams Treasurer .................... .... N unzio Fiala JUNIOR B, President ............ ....Edward Donegan Vice President .............. Robert Young Secretary ........ Peggy England Treasurer ........ ,...... ..... D a vid Rowland SOPHOfMORE B. President , ............... ,... J ames Howley Vice President ................ Ted LeLenke Secretary ........ Betty Cunningham Treasurer ,...... ........... F rank Robinson TEAM CAPTAINS Football ................ Walter Raskowski Basketball .... ..... B rownie Ostrosky NE-CA-HI STAFF Editor ........................ Ruth Stevenson Assistant Editor ...,.... Alma Broadbent Business Manager .......... John Thomas Assistant Manager ........ Fred McCa1nic Art Editor ...................... Robert Miner Assistant Art Editor .... Camille Morganti HI-Y President .................. Herman Kitchen Vice President ......,... James Bradford Secretary ......,. ....... R ichard Warner Treasurer ................ John McWilliams STUDENT COUNCIL President ........................ Ralph Davies Vice President ..... ........ J ohn Thamas Secretary .............,........ Virginia Cook Treasurer .................. Edythe Cowden Assistant Secretary .... Donna Jean Beall STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES President ........................ Ralph Davies Vice President ........ John McWilliams Secretary ........ .......... V ivian Jones Treasurer .........,........ Richard Gregor BAND AND ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Thomas Cramer ................ Drum Major Gene Schweinsberg Albin Sazyglowski Lester Bailey Lemuel Wine THE SENIOR B CLASS THE JUNIOR A CLASS THE JUNIOR B CLASS THE SOPHOMORE A CLASS THE SOPI-IOMORE B CLASS THE THRILL OF HIGH SCHOOL DAYS I wonder if you've felt the thrill Of High School days, whose mem'ries still Bring back the aches, and joys, and pain Of friends and pals you loved again. I wonder if you've felt the call Of classroom, lab, and study hall. The echoes of a million feet Bring to your heart a steady beat. I wonder if you've longed to hear, Our Alma Mater song so dear. No matter where you chance to roam, The strain brings back sweet dreams of home. And though success may crown your brow, With fame and wealth, you'd still somehow Give all you had, just to be back To cheer for dear old Red and Black. When eyes get dim, and hair gets gray, When you're no longer young and gay, And when the years glide swiftly by, You always long for Ne-Ca-Hi. THE NE-CA-l-ll STAFF THE ART STAFF Editor-in-Chief - Robert Miner Associate Editor Carnillo Morganti ASSOCIATES Anthony Casber Francis Lutton Elizabeth Fleeger Virginia McBride THE LITERARY STAFF Editor-in-Chief ---- Ruth Stevenson Associate Editor Alma Broadbent Typist - - Concetta Marrese Associate Typist - - - - Virginia Chain ASSOCIATES Bertha Boya Richard Hamilton Walter Conover Ralph Davies Virginia Cook Robert Mercer Edythe Cowden Ruth Shale THE BUSINESS STAFF Manager - John G. Thomas Associate Manager - - Fred McCamic THE GIRL RESERVES Slogan-"To find and give the bestw Motto--"To face life squarely" The Senior Girl Reserves, a branch of the international Y. W. C. A. organization, has a three-fold aim-healthy bodies, alert minds, and Christ like spirits. The program strives to fulfill these ideals. Four meetings a month are devoted to formal programs, bowling, skating, music or parties. These meetings are supervised by faculty advisors. Throughout the semester various speakers, carefully chosen, discuss problems of interest to the members. The social functions of the semester included a tea for the Sophomore girls, a Hallowe'en dance and a star party. The club program has included much community service work. It provided Thanksgiving dinners for several needy families, contributed to a milk fund and sponsored a Christmas party for fifty underprivileged children. THE CLUB OFFICERS ARE: President ------- Betty Rice Vice President - - Pauline Booher Secretary - Betty Nicholson Treasurer ------- Betty McConahy Y. W. C. A.-G. R. SECRETARY Marian Wilson CHIEF ADVISOR Miss Turk ASSOCIATE ADVISORS Miss Perdue Miss Burry Mrs. Replogle THE HI-Y CLUB As an organization of the Y, M. C. A. the Hi-Y Club has a three-fold aim-to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity, high standards of Christian character. They endeavor to ac- complish these purposes through clean living in speech, sports, and scholar- ship. In planning our weekly meetings we desire to carry out these. As a result, some very worthwhile discussion groups have arisen, with such speakers as Dr. Ewald, of the Bureau of Social Research of Pittsburgh, Rev. F. E. Stoughg Donald Huffman, and Owen P. Fox. They spoke on subjects like: 'KBoy and Girl Relationship," UPrayer," "The Race Ques- tion," and "The American Indian." We have been represented at the Older Boys' Conference, both at Rochester and Johnstown. Preparations have been started for the gospel team and the members have spoken at some of the churches of our city. The social program for the year included several stag-parties, a week's camping, and an installation and good time for the Union Club. THE OFFICERS FOR THIS YEAR ARE: President j Herman Kitchen Vice President - - James Bradford Secretary - Richard Warner Treasurer - John McWilliams Supervisor - A. C. Brown BAND AND QRCHESTRA OFFICERS Thomas Cramer Lester Bailey Lemuel Wine - Gene Schweinsberg Albin Sazyglowski Drum Major Band 3 and Orchestra Managers Assembly - Dismissal - Equipment - Football Ushers Hall Monitors SERVICE SQUAD CAPTAINS Richard Hamilton Information - - Margaret McCracken John Glenn William Warnock Library - - - Francis Lutton - Willianl Shira Lunch Room - - Deane Smith Robert Miner Pre-Session - - - David Gatrall Thomas Trodclen School Grounds e - Lester Grimm ' 71 SENATUS ROMANUS Summa Cum Laude Magna Cum Laude Cum Laude - JUNIOR Summa Cum Laude Magna Cum Laude Cum Laude - - - r - - - Edythe Cowden Ruth Linz Bertha Boya HIGH SCHOOL TOURNAMENT - - - - - Louise Brown Robert Jones - Jane Davis Lawrence Bennett, II Bertha Boya, I-II Alma Broadbent, II Olive Broadbent, II Virginia Boyd, conscriptus Jane Bryan, I-II Lesbia Ellen Cleal, II Jean Copeland, II James Cardella, II Ruth Connor, I-II Virginia Cook, I-II Ed ythe Cowden, I-III Ralph Davies, II Earl Dean, III Dan DiThomas, II Stella Ginocchi, II MEMBERS OF SENATUS ROMANUS James Hartland, II Nelle Houston, II Ioshua Kaplan, II George Kuzma, II Joel Levin, II Anna Leinert, I Ruth Linz, II Pansy Martini, II Margaret McCracken, II Robert Mercer, conscriptus Anna Miscimarra, I Robert Muse, conscriptus Sally Norris, II Betty Lou Orr, II Ruth Paden, II Robert Rainey, II Floy Ramsey, I-II Marian Ramsey, II Martha Nell Shaeffer, II Harry Shoaf, conscriptus Maurine Smith, conscriptus Frank! Taylor, II John G. Thomas, II James Thompson, I Jean Tinsley, I Emily Turner, I Ruth Vance, II Helen Villani, II Richard Warner, II Margaret Wadlinger, II Edwin Wilson, II STUDENT COUNCIL AND REPRESENTATIVES COUNCIL OFFICERS President - - - Ralph Davies Vice President John G. Thomas Secretary - - - Virginia Cook Treasurer - - Edythe Cowden Assistant Secretary - Donna Jean Beall REPRESENTATIVE OFFICERS Ralph Davies John McWilliams Vivian Jones Richard Gregor SUPERVISOR Miss Maxwell COUNCIL MEMBERS Senior A-Virginia Cook, Edythe Cowden, Ralph Davies, John G,. Thomas. Senior B-Donna Jean Beall, Betty Bridenbaugh, Lawrence Bennett, Glenn MeClurg. Junior A-Ruth Connor, Bill Cleland, Lester Grimm. Junior B4Pansy Martini, Jane Pearsall, Merrill Walls. Sophomore A-Mildred Davies, Tom Cramer. Sophomore B--Carol Ransome, George Yee. Council and representatives co-operated to give the student body a good school party this semester. Council has planned several Chapels, the parade before the Thanksgiving game, and has been working on problems such as the squad system, an award system, and a social hour revival. Representatives have been working on a school handbook and a school code. THE FOOTBALL SEASON REVIEW Excelsior, Excelsior, Excelsior, and thus the Ne-Ca-Hi football team of 1934 has again ascended the steep trail to the peak of su- premacy in the Class AA Division of the W. P. I. A. L. for the third year in succession. Four times Ne-Ca-Hi has been supreme in football in the W. P. I.. A. L. in its decision of the League. No other high school in the League has so splendid a record. Captain Ward was the first of Mr. Bridenbaugh's proteges to steer his team to League Supremacy. This was in 1924. In 1932, Captain Mike DeCarbo duplicated this feat, and we shared honors that year with McKeesport and Jeanette. Captain Kominic and Captain Raskowski made this difficult task of winning championships an established custom, by again attaining this honor in 1933 and 1934. Coaches - - - Mr. Bridenbaugh, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Klee Faculty Manager ------- Mr. Gardner Student Managers - William Barbarowicz, Tom Schnebly Captain ------- Walter Raskowski GRADUATING GRIDDERS Tackle, Fred Shellog, fClarence Workman, Archie Ridley, 19335 New Castle Opponents SPRING 0 Erie Academy 13 27 Farrell 0 FALL 13 Braddock 0 7 Ellwood 0 19 Charleroi 0 0 Johnstown 13 9 Washington 6 33 Clairton 0 7 Warren 0 0 New Kensington 0 0 Sharon 0 6 Butler 6 54 Turtle Creek 0 THE HOME ECONOMICS CLASS One of the most active, yet not so well known in the High School, is The Home X Club. This organization is not only locally known, for many clubs of this kind can be found throughout the United States. As one can easily imagine, this Club is made up of girls who are majoring in Home Economics and girls who are enrolled in some phase of this work. Before a girl is eligible to enter this club, she must show some interest in this work by passing an examination on Home Economic work. After being installed at a formal installation meeting, she may be called a full-fledged member of the club. At the beginning of the semester in September, 1934, the club held its fall elections, and the following girls became officers for the coming school year. President - - Rose Greene Vice President - Nellie Brown Secretary - - - Helen Kelly Treasurer - - - Jeanne Parker Faculty Supervisor - - - Miss Annetta Burry Under the leade1'ship of these capable officers and with the Willing co-operation of the members of the club, the semester can be rightly called a most active and successful one. The Home X Club is still in its infancy when compared with other clubs in the school, but in spite of this fact, its functions are both varied and worth while. In order that the new girls could become acquainted with the older ones, an outdoor picnic was held at Gunton Park in early October, 1934. This was followed by an informal 'tget together" which was held in the Department. The opinion of every one was that both parties were suc- cessful. As the holiday season was approaching the girls decided, in true Home Economic Spirit, that they should do something to benefit others. Out of this idea grew plans for a bake sale, the proceeds of which were used to pack Thanksgiving baskets and to entertain some of the less for- tunate children at a Christmas Party. CAST OF THE SENIOR PLAY Herbert Kalness Elizabeth Kalness Alice Kalness - Herbert Kalness, Jr. - Andrew Goodrich Jim Lawrence Amy Lawrence - Mr. Goodrich Mrs. Goodrich - Mr. Havens - Mrs. Havens - Martha, the maid Charles Dinsmore - Ruth Shale Doris Marvin William Evans Thomas Armstrong Lester Levine - Betty McC0nahy - Jack Muse Betty Cole Walter Conovel - Layte Wheeler - Esther Trent "BIG-HEARTED HERBERTH December 7, 1934 was a big event in the lives of thirteen mem- bers of the graduating class, and in fact, for the entire Senior Class. "Big-hearted Herbert" was presented to a large and appreciative audience in the high school auditorium. The audience was well satisfied, they almost seemed at home so t'homey" was the play. Many Big-hearted Herberts watched themselves strut and boast and many a patient Elizabeth sighed and suffered. Smiles and nods confirmed the approval of Charles Dins- more as Herbert Kalness and Ruth Shale as the understanding wife, Elizabeth. These two characters won their way into the hearts of the onlookers and will long be remembered. The young daughter, Alice, was Doris Marvin. This merely required Doris to be her age fit isn't easy behind footlightsj and Doris adequately filled her part. Billie Evans and Deane Smith were cast as Herbert Jr., and Robert Kalness. These modern lads were philosophers without knowing it. They came through with plenty to spare. A laugh punctuated most of Deane's apharisms. Tom Armstrong, the young man in the case, Andrew Goodrich, looked and acted the part of a young man in love. Experience? Lester Levine and Betty McConahy were Jim and Amy Law- rence, wealthy relatives of the Kalness family. This needed players with looks and poise and had it. , Jack Muse and Betty Cole personified the parents of the eager groom to be. They appeared briefly but were not forgotten. Walter Conover and Layte Wheeler took the parts of Mr. and Mrs. Havens. They merely had to act and look bored and surprised at the "plain" dinner-and they did it. Only they know How! Esther Trent played the part of Martha, the laundress, and she played it well. She provided much of the humor. Another prominent figure, although not mentioned as a char- acter on the program was Miss Clara Hartsuff, our dramatic in- structor. The January Class of 1935, the cast, and the entire school sincerely says, "Thank you for another excellent production." l,, ,, ,7,,,, H, , ,, ,WW W, , , L J'T,Lld6f1T.. life Degrees A. F. A. G. G. H. H. T. H. A. L. A. L. M. R. T. T.. W. W.-1 W.-2 E. L. M. P. S.-1 S.-2 S.-3 T.. B. W.-1 W.-2 A. B.-1 B.-2 B. R. C.-1 F. H. L. O. O. B. B. P. D. S. Y. B. C. P. R. A. F. E. L. Ox. R. R. T. G. T. W.. A. M. D. E. G. G. L. W. SCHEDULE OF DEGREES Meaning All Around Fellow All Around Girl A Gigolette Always Howelling Athlete's Heart Throb Always Here-Almost Always Late-Almost Always Late Arnistrong's Mite Always Rushing Always Trippin' Attractive to Women Another Workingman Always Wright Brown Eyes Brilliant Lass Blushing Mathematician Basso Profundo Big Sister Blues Singer Big Shot Baby Take a Bowes Book Worm Beautiful Woods Chief Arguer Clever Boy Commercially Bright Chased by Rhodes Coquettish Co-ed Corn Fed Curly Head Crooner's Love Chip Off the Old Block Doctor's Best Patient Dramatically Declined Dizzy Sylvo Duchess of York Elongated Boy Easy Come Everybody's Pal Ever Ready Fit As a Fiddle Frank and Earnest Fashionable Lady Full of Rhythm Fuller Rhythm Frederick The Great Fast Talker Free Wheeler Get Away from my Door Great Expectations Gabba Gabba God's Gift to Little Women Degrees G. W. H. C. L. S. B. S.-1 S. 2 A.-1 A.-2 C. M. J. L. M. P. R. W. S. T. B. C. G.. S. I. K. L. M. S.. C. S. A. T. A. D. C. T. I. T. T. S. F. H. A. C. D. A. M.-1 M.-2 M.-3 M.-4 M.. B. O. D. S. W. G.. R. H. L. H. A. L. B. C. C. E. M. F. D. F. M. H. L. Meaning God's Gift to Women Girls' Home Companion Girls' Leader Glenn's Steady Border General Silence Girl Shy Heather Angel Handy Andy Here Comes McBride Home James Herbie Loved Honorable Man Hookey Player Healthy, Ritchie, Wise Happy Spirit How's Tricks Industrious Boy Ichabod Crane Ideal Girl Scout Idol of Idles Inquisitive Kate I Love Me I Sing Chiprano Isaly's Special Jack of All Trades King Alphonso's Double Ka Choo Kan't Take It Key Tickler Katers To Sophomores Little Friend Light Headed Master of Art Merry Christy Miss Dinsmore's Almanac Meddling Maiden Meek and Mild Modest Man Mr. Malaprop Me An' My Brother Mother's Only Daughter Math Shark Male Waterloo Never Guesses Right Never Here Nunn Like Her Out At Last Office Boy Our Chip Collins Our Editor, Misprint Our Franklin D. Our Frank Merriwell Our Helpful Lad Degrees J. L. L.-1 L.. L.-2 M. R.-1 M. R.-2 T. Z. P. B. G. P. A. B.. B. N. M. Q. R. N. B. M. F. H. P. O. S. S. A. A. S. B.-1 B.-2 B. R. B. S. F. Y. G. I. K. L.-1 L.-2 L. W. M. M. Oboe SCHEDULECW Meaning Joe S One Last Look S Our Leading Lady S Old Man River S Our Money Raiser S Old Timer S, Our Zasu Pitts S Prefe S rs Blondes S Perky George Pleasing Personality Quite Quite S, Athletic S a Beauty T Quiet, But Nice Quite a Musician T Quite Quiet T Quiet, Reserved, Nice Re-joyce and Be Mary T Regular Fellow T Red Heads Preferred T Raney Or Shinee T Rite Smart T T Smiling Aggie T Sew and Sew T Sonny Boy T Suggestion Box Senior By Rights U- Small But Smart V. Speak For Yourself V' Silent Girl Skip It W.. Silent Knight W Sphin U1 rn P1 6. C rn 5 5 Q. cn D.- Z E. Q- rn 5 W W Smiling Lady Sweet and Lovely x Like Woman W W DEGREES Degrees 0. S. P. S.-1 S.-2 S.-3 S.-4 S.-5 S. S. T. S. B. W. W. S. T. A. R. A. B. R. C. D. 'Z D. JH. S. A.. S. P. T.-1 T.-2 T.-3 T.-4 C. A. B. N. B. M. D. K. P. G. T. F. T. W. Wg.-1 2- -g 12 Meaning Student Of Seriousness Sweetness Personified Slim Summerville Salesman Sam Shoe Salesman Silent Sigler Slim and Slender Soft Soap Salesman Study Th1'ee's Steady Boarder Sweet William Sphinx When Spoken To True, Ambitious, Re- served Trodden Along Thanks for the Buggy Ride The Congressman Tall, Dark, ? Tall Dark, and Handsome Trick Shot Artist The Student Prince Tiny Type Typical Typist Trenting Tonight Timbuc Tuba Up and Coming Athlete Very Bright Very Nice Whatta Business Manager Who Doesn't KHOy1'1' What Price Glory Wilk Thou Follow Whatta Talker Woof Woof ROBERT MUSE Class President 111-125 5 Senatus Romanus 111-125 5 Student Representative 1105, Secretary5 Junior Kiwanis 1125 5 Class Basketball 110-11-125. BERTHA BOYA Class Secretary 11155 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 11255 Senatus Romanus 110-11-125, Magna Cum Laude 1105, Corresponding Secretary 11155 Squad Leader 110-11-1255 Chemistry Essay Prize 1115. HERMAN KITCHEN Class Secretary 11255 Hi-Y President 11255 Hi-Y Vice President 11255 Perfect Attendance 111-1255 Shorthand Awards 1125. BETTY MCCONAHY Class Treasurer 11255 Student Representative 110-115 Gym Exhibition 11255 f'Big-hearted Herbert" 11255 Squad Leader 110-11-125. DOROTHY ALLEN Perfect Attendance 1115 5 Orchestra 110-115. JOE ARMOND Hi-Y 11255 Class Treasurer 11155 Student Representative 1115 5 Sub-Treasurer 11155 Monitor 111-125.. TOM-ARMSTRONG "Big-hearted Herbert" 11255 Hi-Y 111-1255 Dramatics 11255 Monitor 11155 Class Basketball 1115. MARGARET BARA Shorthand Awards 111-125 5 Perfect Attendance 1115. EDWARD BEVAN Class Basketball 110-115. LUCY BLACK Perfect Attendance 110-11-1255 Senior Orchestra 110-11-1255 Gym Exhibitions 111-125. NESBIT BLAKELY Class Football 11055 Office Squad 110-11-1255 Glee Club 1105, FRANCES BLOISE Shorthand Awards 110-11-1255 Perfect Attendance 1125. BILL BOWERS Hi-Y 110-11-1255 Student Representative 11255 Glee Club 11055 Sub-Treasurer 11155 Class Basketball 110-115. MARGARET BRADEN Girl Reserves 110-11-125 5 Class Basketball 1115. MARY BRATSCHIE Perfect Attendance 110-125 5 Sub-Treasurer 1115. BARBARA BRINSER Monitor 1125, ALMA BROADBENT Ne-Ca-Hi Staff, Associate Editor 11255 News Staff 1125, Editor 11255 Squad Leader 110-11-1255 Student Representative 11155 Senatus Romanus 111-125, Aedile 111-125. JUNE BROWN Girl Reserves 1125. WILLIAM BROWN Perfect Attendance 1125. ED CANDIOTO Brass Quintet 1Penn'a Champions5 11155 Band Contest at Johnstown 1125 State Elimination-Cornet Solo 1125 Pennsylvania All-State Band 1125 ANTHONY CASBER Art Staff 41253 Senior Orchestra 410-11-1253 Contests- Oil City 4115, Johnstown 4115. VIRGINIA CHAIN Girl Reserves 410-11-125, Cabinet 41153 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 4125Q Shorthand Awards 410-1153 Sub-Treasurer 41153 Perfect Attendance 411A and 12B5. MILDRED CIHIPRANO Information Squad 4125. KATHERINE CHIROZZI Perfect Attendance 4115 3 Shorthand Awards 4115. TERESA CIPRIANI Shorthand Awards 4115 3 Perfect Attendance 410-115. BETTY COLE Squad Leader 411-1253 Girl Reserves 410-11-125, Cabinet 411-1253 Dramatics 41253 "Big-hearted Herbert" 41253 Volley Ball 410-11-125. BEATRICE CONNER Senior Orchestra 410-11-1253 Grove City Contest 41053 Oil City Contest 41253 Volley Ball 410-11-125 3 Newcomb 410-11-125. WALTER CONOVER Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 41253 Student Representative 41253 "Big-hearted Herbert" 41253 Band 410-11-1253 Hi-Y 411-125, Treasurer 4125. JO SEPHINE DAINO Orchestra 410-11-1253 Girl Reserves 41053 Gym Exhibition 4125 3 Oil City Contest 41253 Grove City Contest 4105. VIRGINIA COOK Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 41253 Student Council 4125, Secretaryg Senatus Romanus 410-11-125, Cum Laude 41053 Girl Reserves 410-11-125 3 Class Basketball 410-11-125. EDYTHE COWDEN Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 41253 Student Council 4125, Treasurer 41253 Class Volley Ball 410-11-1253 Class Prophet 41253 Senatus Romanus 410-11-125, Summa Cum Laude 4115. VERBINA DALTORIO Shorthand Awards 41153 Perfect Attendance 411-1253 Lunch Squad. RALPH DAVIES Hi-Y 410-11-1253 Student Council 411-125, President 41253 Senatus Romanus 411-125, Consul Primus 411-1253 Junior Kiwanian 4125 3 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff. RHEA DAVIS Perfect Attendance 410-115 3 Gym Exhibition 4125. MARGARET De ANGELIS Shorthand Awards 41 15. MAXINE De LILLO Junior Orchestra 41053 Senior Orchestra 411-1253 Oil City Contest 4125. THEODORE Di CARLO Perfect Attendance 410-1153 Football Usher 4115. CHARLES DINSMORE Student Representative 410-115 Monitor 410-1153 "Big-hearted Herbert" 41253 Dramatics 41253 Sub-Treasurer 4125. ANNA Di MARZIO Shorthand Awards 1115. ELIZABETH EAKIN Senior Orchestra 110-11-1255 Johnstown Contest 11055 Oil City Contest 11255 Dramatics 11255 Assembly Squad 1125. JACK ENGLAND Class Football 110-115 5 Track 11055 Class Basketball 11055 Turnstile Captain 1125. BILL EVANS Dramatics 11255 "Big-hearted Herbert" 11255 Student Representative 11055 Monitor 11055 Information Squad. DOROTHY FALLEN Gym Exhibition 11255 Shorthand Awards 1115. GERTRUDE FEE Home X Clubg Gym Exhibition 1115. ELIZABETH FLEEGER Art Staff 11255 Class Basketball 110-11-125 5 Class Newcomb 110-11-1255 Class Volley Ball 110-11-1255 Information Squad 1125.. JULIA FORNATURO Shorthand Awards 11155 Dramatics 11255 Gym Exhibition 1115. JAMES FULLER Senior Orchestra 110-11-1255 Music Contest 111-1255 Grove City Contest 11055 Oil City Contest 1125. DAVID GARVIN Perfect Attendance 11255 Football Usher 11255 Library Squad 1125. LOUISE GENKINGER Band 111-1255 Oil City Contest 11255 Johnstown Contest 1125. CLAIRE GIBSON Band 111-1255 Senior Orchestra 111-1255 Monitor 1115. WALTER GREEN Hi-Y 111-1255 Library Squad 11255 Usher 1125. DICK HAMILTON Monitor 111-1255 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 11255 Class Basketball 1125 5 Assembly Squad 11255 Pre-session Squad 1125. BETTY L. HARTLAND Student Representative 111-1255 Squad Leader 11255 Class Volley Ball 110-11-1255 Class Newcomb 110-11-1255 Class Basketball 110-11-125. BILL HEADINGS Glee Club 110-1155 Monitor 11155 Dismissal Squad 1125. NoRvAL HOCKMAN Football 11055 Student Council 1105 5 Monitor 110-1155 Track 1105. GENEVIEVE HOGUE Lunch Room Squad 1125 5 Perfect Attendance 1115. MARY ELIZABETH JOYCE Perfect Attendance 1105 5 Girl Reserves 110-115. MARJORIE KELLO GG Girl Reserves 110-1255 Shorthand Awards 11155 Student Representative 110-115. WILLIAM KIRKWOOD Class Basketball 111-125. JULIA KISH Girl Reserves 11053 Gym Exhibition 1125. RITA KNORR Squad Leader 11253 Gym Exhibition 11153 Shorthand Awards 110-115. ' GEORGE LANG Class Basketball 11253 Equipment Squad 1125. JOEL LEVIN Senatus Romanus 111-1253 Class Basketball 1125. LESTER LEVINE Hi-Y 11053 Class Basketball 111-125 3 Dramatics 11253 "Big-hearted Herbert" 1125. RUTH LINZ Senatus Romanus 111-125. RICHARD LOUER Student Representative 11253 Monitor 11253 Class Basketball 1125 3 Class Sub-Treasurer 1115. ELEANOR LOY Girl Reserves 110-1153 Home X Club 110-1153 Gym Exhibition 11253 Class Basketball 1105. RUTH LOY Squad Leader 11253 Gym Exhibition 1125. VETO LUCIDORE Monitor 111-1253 Track 110-11-1253 Class Basketball 1125. FRANCIS LUTTON Sub-Treasurer 11253 Art Staff 1125. JACK LUTZ Monitor f125Q Perfect Attendance 110-11-125. HARRY MACK Monitor 11253 Class Basketball 1125. CONCETTA MARRE SE Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 11253 News Staff 11253 Shorthand Awards 110-115 3 Lunch Squad. DORIS MARVIN Squad Leader 111-1253 Student Council 11153 Girl Reserves 110-11-125 3 "Polly of the Circus" 1115 3 "Big-hearted Herbert" 1125. ROBERT MERCER Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125, Senatus Romanus 111-1253 Band Contests 111-1253 Senior Orchestra Contests 111-125 Class Basketball 1125. ROBERT MINER Art Staff 1125, Editor 11253 Carnegie Safety Poster Award 110 Junior Kiwanian 11253 Monitor 11253 Sub-Treasurer 1125. BOB MOORE Hi-Y 110-1253 Perfect Attendance 1105 3 Monitor 111-1253 Band 110-11-1253 Dramatics 1125. JACK MUSE "Big-hearted Herbert" 11253 Monitor 111-1253 Band 110-11-1253 Class Basketball 110-115. LUELLA MCBRIDE Squad Leader 111-125 3 Girl Reserves 1125, Cabinetg Gym Exhibition 1125. CAMILLO MORGANTI Art Staff 1125. VIRGINIA MCBRIDE Girl Reserves 110-11-125, Cabinet 11253 Art Staff 1125. FRED MCCAMIC Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1125, Assistant Business Managerg News Staff 11253 Music Contests 111-1253 Senior Band 110-11-1253 Sub-Treasurer 1115. AGNES McMULLEN Girl Reserves 11053 Shorthand Awards 11153 Home X Club 1125j Gym Exhibition 1125. WALTER NELSON Perfect Attendance 1115 3 Student Representative 1125.. TWYLA NIXON Dramatics 11253 Girl Reserves 11253 Shorthand Awards 1115. VIVIAN NUNN Girl Reserves 11 0-1 15. DOROTHY OSBORNE Girl Reserves 11253 Shorthand Awards 1115. ESTHER PIERCE Girl Reserves 110-11-125, Cabinet 1125. DAVID PRICE Band 110-11-1253 Oil City Contest 11253 Johnstown Contest 1125. SYLVIO RESTIVO Class Basketball 111-1253 Cheerleader 11253 Monitor 111-123 Senior Orchestra 11253 Senior Band 1125. VICTOR RAGUSO Monitor 1125 . I BETTY RICE Girl Reserves 110-11-125, Cabinet 110-11-125, President 11253 Perfect Attendance 1125 3 Dismissal Squad 1125. ARCHIE RIDLEY Varsity Football 111-125 3 Varsity Basketball 111-1253 Class Basketball 11053 Class Football 11053 Student Representative 1125. CATHERINE RITCHIE Perfect Attendance 11153 Shorthand Award 1125.. LILLIAN ROGERS Home X Club 1125. ANITA RUSSOS Class Volley Ball 11253 Gym Exhibition 1125Q Home X Club 1125. JENNIE RYGLENSKI Squad Leader 110-11-125 3 Perfect Attendance 1105 3 Basketball 110-1153 Volley Ball 11253 Newcomb 110-115. REBECCA SAMUELS Chorus 11053 Glee Club 11053 Girl Reserves 110-11-1253 Music Festival 1105 3 Dramatics 111-125. RUTH SHALE "Big-hearted Herbert" 1I25Q Circe Francais 11153 Student Council 11153 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 11253 Girl Reserves 110-125, Cabinet 1125. ANNA SNIEZEK Perfect Attendance 1105. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The Pictures of the Football Squad on this page were taken by Sydney Smith BILL SHIRA Band 110-11-1215 Music Contests 110-11-1215 Monitor 110-1215 Student Representative 11115 Woodwind Quintet 1121, State Champion 1121. DEANE SMITH "Big-hearted Herbert" 11215 Dramatics 111-1215 Captain Lunch Room Squad 11215 Basketball Manager 111-1215 Class Knocker 1121. JEANNE SNYDER Chorus 11015 Girls' Glee Club 11015 Music Festival 11015 Girl Reserves 11015 Dismissal Squad 1121. ELEANOR STANCIU Perfect Attendance 110-11-1215 Shorthand Awards 110-111 5 Girl Reserves 1101. RUTH STEVENSON Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121, Editor 11215 Student Council 11115 Girl Reserves 110-11-121 5 Class Vice President 11115 Class Will 1121. HELEN STICKLE Perfect Attendance 110-11-121. CELIA STROBLE Shorthand Awards 11115 Perfect Attendance 110-11-121. JOHN THOMAS Football 111-121,. JOHN G. THOMAS Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1121, Business Managerg Student Council 1121, Vice Presidentg Junior Kiwanis 1125 Perfect Attendance 110-11-1215 Senatus Romanus 111-121. STEVE TEPLICA Usher 11115 Perfect Attendance 11115 Basketball 11115 Track 1101. CHARLES TOMMELLEO Dismissal Squad 11215 Representative 11115 Usher 110-111. ESTHER TRENT "Big-hearted Herbert" 11215 Dramatics 11215 Shorthand Award 110-111. ELIZABETH VAGO Girl Reserves 11015 Student Representative 11215 Shorthand Awards 110-111. FAYE WEAVER Girl Reserves 110-1215 Gym Exhibition 11215 Home X Club 1121. SAM WEINSCHEINK Dismissal Squad 1121. WILBUR WEISBAKER Usher 11115 Monitor 1121. LAYTE WHEELER "Big-hearted Herbert" 11215 "Polly of the Circus" 11115 Squad Leader 110-11-1215 Gym Exhibition 1121 5 Girl Reserves 110-11-121, Cabinet 111-121. ALMA WILLIAMS Student Representative 11015 Perfect Attendance 1111 5 Shorthand 1111. BILL WILLIAMS Dismissal Squad 11215 Dramatics 11215 Monitor 111-121. JOSEPH WRIGHT Monitor 1121. HOWELL WILLIAMS Student Representative 1101Q Monitor 1111Q Dismissal Squad 1121,. VIRGINIA WILSON Perfect Attendance 110-11-121 3 Glee Club 11013 Gym Exhibition 1121. JO SEPHINE WINDISH Perfect Attendance 110-111 3 Shorthand Awards 110-111 3 Girl Reserves 1101Q Dramatics 1121. WILLIAM WINTER Perfect Attendance 110-11-121g Student Representative 1121. HARRIET WOLFE Dramatics 1121i Monitor 1l21Q Pre-session 1121. BETTY WOODS Student Representative 11113 Glee Club 1101. CLARENCE WORKMAN Varsity Football 110-11-121. JOHN YOUNG Football 11 0-1 11 . MARJORIE YOUNG Senior Orchestra 110-11-1213 String Quartet 1111. MISS MCCONAGHY M's for magnetic, a most modern maid. I independent, an ingenious aid. S for sagacious, substantial, secure. S now for stable, sensible, sure. H is for happy, our honorable head. E is for eloquent, efficient, 'tis said. L now for laughter, linquist supreme. E ever eager, but never extreme. N can be noble, naturally neat. M is for mighty, magnificent, merry. c is for cheerful, and e'en literary. C captivating, clever and chic. O only onward never oblique. N is for neighbor not just a label. A is adorable, accomplished and able. G is gracious, genial 'tis true. H is so human, humorous too. Y young and youthful, and never forget What these letters spell when together they're set. Alma Broadbent o WHO IN THE SENIOR B CLASS CAN: Act like Ruth Shale? Be as quiet as Celia Strobel? Argue like Butch Winter? Be as indifferent as John Christie? Sing like Genevieve Thomas? Bluff like Veto Lucidore? Dance like Doris Marvin? Swim like Layte Wheeler? Day Dream like Esther Pierce? Flirt like Betty Lou Hartland? Deliver gab like Bob Miner? Dress like Dot Allen? Play basketball like Steve Teplica? Blush like Bertha Boya? Draw like Cammillo Morganti? Be as sweet as Rita Knorr? Play tennis like Bob Muse? Smile like Anthony Casber? Be as conspicuous as Silvio Restivo? Be as studious as Lydia Lehberger? Be a blonde like Julia Kish? Be as reserved as Maxine De Lillo? Be as congenial as Deane Smith? Be as different as the Annual Staff? Play golf like Betty McConahy? Guff-faw like Jeanne Snyder? Write poetry like Alma Broadbent? Be as inquisitive as Katherine Chirozzi? Tickle the ivories like Elizabeth Eakin? Be as persistent as Lester Levine? Count calories like Harriet Wolfe? Be as faithful as Bill Shira? Be as industrious as John Thomas? Can type like Concetta Marrese? Be as nonchalant as Joe Armond? Bubble over with energy like Betty Cole? Be as popular with the underclassmen as Bill Headings? Be as reliable as Virginia Cook? Play football like Fred Shellog? Carl MCC:-"It's raining cats and dogs." John Y:-"I know, I stepped in a poodle? "THE DAWN AROSEH "Where did I come from?" asked the little rose-bud. "Why the stalk brought you," answered the rose. Printing! The Leader in Every Port! Printing! The great voice of the World, which is altering our very living. Like a great drama We see it unfolding before our eyes, changing the skylines, our means of travel, style of dressing, its touch can be seen everywhere. Let "printing" be the skipper of your ship, a leader today as well as tomorrovv, a benefactor not only to human beings but to all the World. With Hprintingl' as your skipper you will never fail to bring your ship safely to port. So, Naturally, Your Annual is Different, it is Modern! Your book from cover to cover has changed, like all modern de- signs its style and arrangement is different from the annuals pro- duced years ago. The best of materials are used, skilled crafts- men are employed throughout, so that you can have the finest book that can be printed. We take pride in are motto "Master Printers of High School Annuals" and as you look through your book we are contemplating serv- ing YOU some day, as we have been serving this district for over sixty years. Better Printing by Master Printers Miller, Pyle 81 Street 217-19 Sycamore St. New Castle, Pa. FLOWER GARDEN FLOWER MEANING PERSON Pansy Thoughts Annual Staff Lily of the Valley Exquisite Ruth Shale Daffodil Daffy Dilly Walter Conover American Beauty Bachelor's Button Golden Rod Jack In the Pulpit Johnny Jump Up Queen Ann's Lace Most Beautiful Single Blessedness Be Cautious Preacher Always Ready Dainty Miss McConaghy Richard Louer Margaret Bara Herman Kitchen John G. Thomas Dorothy Allen Ivy Friendship Betty Rice Petunia Smooth CYD Bob Miner Sun Flower In the Light Charles Dinsmore Brown-Eyed-Susan Brown Eyes Mary Bratschie Sweet William Sweet Bill Bill Bowers Poppy Almus Pater Mr. Orth Violet Shy Virginia Cook Gladiola Gladness Betty Cole Blue Bells of Scotland Scottish Jean Leishman Four Leaf Clover Be Mine Twyla Nixon Snow Ball Slightly Bald Ralph Gardner Orchid Rare A's in Exams Weeds Shouldn't be There Faculty Wild Oats Usual Meaning Sr. Activities Cow Slips Green Pastures Edythe Cowden Tiger Lily Temper Jack Muse Iris Messenger Nesbitt Blakely Straw Flower Hay Seed Bob Morris Forget Me-nots Won't Be Forgotten P. G.'s Sweet Pea Depart Jack England Hollyhock Hally-Hawk Mr. Sheaffer Daisy Innocence Fred Jacobs Dandilion Dandy Lion Bill Winters Candy Tuft Indifference Albert Abdoe Lark Spur Happy Bill Evans Primrose Prim Ruth Linz Marigold Merry Gold Class Dues Cosmos All Over the Place Lester Levine Wild Rose Not Domestic Virginia McBride Morning Glory Early Bird Dick Hamilton Water Lily Ducky Harriet Wolfe Bob Miner :-fExplaining picturesj, "The Statue of Liberty re- presents the school, and the ship represents our departure, not that the school represents liberty." "Dear Teacher," wrote an indignant mother, "You must not punish my Lester. He is a delicate child and isn't use to it. At home we never hit him except in self-defense." -A wwf Luella McBride Bill Headings Bob Miner Bette Woods Celia Strobel SENIORS AS BABIES Betty Rice David Price Virginia Cook Twyla Nixon Rebecca Samuels Virginia McBride Concetta Marrese Mary Bratschie Toni Armstrong' Layte Wheeler Bob Moore Fred McCa1nic Bill Shira SO WHAT ? Johnnie was a student Who longed to break the rule To go fishing every day And never go to school. Johnnie longed to see the day When he'd at last be free Free from worries that you get When taking Chemistry. At last commencement came along And Johnnie now was free He started out to find a job One that gave some liberty. His life from there was very strange A part of it you'll see After hating school so much He went back and took P. G. To fly to Europe I'm not keen, For I've a sneaking notion There are a heap more pleasant things Than landing in the ocean. DUMB ANSWERS The essay corresponds to the prose type of poetry. The difference between Dr. Johnson's dictionary and Webster's is that they were written by different people. Grammar is grandfather's wife. The chemical name for cheese is smear case. The Pyramids are a range of mountains between France and Spain. A mountain range is a cooking stove used at high attitudes. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea are connected by the Sewage Canal. A sure footed animal is an animal that when it kicks, it does not miss. A litre is a nest of young puppies. Ammonium chloride is also called silly maniac. Martin Luther died a horrible death, he was excommunicated by a bull. Wolsey saved his life by dying on the way from New York to London. In the United States people are put to death by elocution. The phletmatic person is one who has chronic bronchitis. Sport is any form of hard work that is done without pay in short pants. EHTIFIEII " THRIIUGH U.5. if 12- Wl DG OUR PAIY if 41 Q - .f.,q3.,. : f f " 1'-1''Vlis-'Q1'.AZ'.ff-J- kc' ' ' H.-'-"lf, . ff! ,,,1-QLXI-' - H 'qw - V- 11531 .. FE"-53 "-' -21,5 f3,','f-,-,"ai,-"xxx 1 -i'T"fJ'Cfl-J "','L.igf?2.i1'f' V-fp-Qgxwf' --"f:vf1at'a -f " D- wr mfg-3zq:: g11:',w" " 4:15-wrzfx q., .Aff,fgfigeftm:f'q:f5,y.m'iazff?m:'P f'GeIa1Lzw.:gf,r Qfzamf 01fVI'p7'flf7:4q3k 60 0 ai V . , ,W V , ,., .. EVN .- , . NL'E!54i'fE"- '4"?3E"f.g - if "Af 'wif ., . "'fNW314 .. , ,.- . if ..,,.. , X . . - 11" -- -, . -1,1 ',:--...QW-7 ,fg"",-,- -Hv'-1.E'f',ffE',51:.jrj"' '-Ia' 'Q 1,-,jk.-gnu.',,p5g-17-u.-,..t. -,.,:R ,- POPU LAR SONGS P. S.-I love You ................................. Lost In A Fog ....................... Out in the Cold Again ................ Sweetie Pie ............................................... Pardon My Southern Accent ...... I Saw Stars ........................................... Music Makes Me ...................... Here Comes The British ........ Nixon ............Sophomores Gfs ............Cafeteria .Lydia Lehberger ............Fred Shellogg ............Sylvio Restivo ............Joe Crenney So Help Me ............................. ............ V irginia McBride Sleepy Head .................,............. ............ B ob Moore The Boogie Man .......................... Walter Green Try To See It My Way ............... Report Card Unsophisticated Sue ........................,...... ............ T eresa Cipriano When A Woman Loves A Man ......... ............ Were Your Ears Burning Baby Waitin' At The Gate For Katy ..... ,... ............ You're In My Power ............ .............. Better Think Twice ............................. Country Boy ........................................ Don't Never Do-o-o That .......... Don't Let It Happen Again ......... For All We Know ..................... Got A Need For You ........ Hello Toots ........................................... I Wish I Were Twins ........................ I've Got The Funniest Feeling I'm Wearing My Green Fedora I'll String Along With You ...... I Never Had A Chance ................. I Only Have Eyes For You ........ Is I Gotta Go To School, Ma? Nothing But The Best ...... ,............. Out For No Good ............................ Stay As Sweet As You Are ......,. Happiness Ahead ....................... Don't Let It Bother You ........ Needle In A Haystack ,....,.......... I'm Counting On You ........................ Have A Little Dream On Me Jeanne Snyder Faculty Jack England Pink Slips to Students Herman Kitchen Deane Smith Class Day E's Senior A's Diploma Ruth Stevenson ............Lester Levine Sr. Going to Exam. Verbina Daltorio Howell Williams ............After an Exam. Students to clock Sophomores Qlffflfifparents to Child Graduates Helen McConaghy ............Graduation ............Final Test A in Exams. Machine Hall Desk Bob Miner talking to a girl :-"I always carry a picture of you in my mind." Girl :-"How small you make me feel." Policeman:-"Say, Miss, pull over to the curb. Do you know you were going sixty miles an hour?" Layte Wheeler :-'tWhy isn't that wonderful! I just learned how to drive yesterday." - A woman can be mighty sweet when she wants. SENIORS AS BABIES John G. Thomas Deane Smith Bud McCamic Ruth Stevenson Walter Green Jennie Ryglinski June Brown Virginia McBride Betty Cole A B is for Abdoe, ambitious alacrity, Allen, audacious, and Armond vivacity. is for Blakely, Bovard and for Brown Boyishly boisterous and never a frown. C's for Concetta, typist supreme, D E F G H I .I K L Camillo, the artist and Casber, the dream. stands for dimples of which there are many, Rice's and Bratschie's yet I haven't any. is for Edward Candioto and Beven Augustine too, why there must be seven. is for Francis, Bannon and Bloise First dotes on franknessg last, fickle with boys. is for George, the one gracious Lang, Garvin, the gabby, and Genny, who sang. is for Headings, an honorable boy, Hartland, the heedless, seeks naught but joy. is for Ida, Marchand's, the name, Informal, ne'er idle, headed for fame. is for Jacobs or even for Joyce, We like then both, so please take your choice. stands for Kish with the natural curls, Or Kitchen, the man, who's still shy of girls. can be Lutton, Levine, Lucidore, Then there is Lutz, and e'en several more. M's for McBride, Virginia, Luella. N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Both are quite modern, I'll soon have to tella. stands for Norval, Hockman, the handy, And also for Nelson, who still adores candy. is for Osbourne, which calls for a pun, "Osbourne in the south," don't you like that one? is for Price, the inimitable George, And also for Pardick, forward, she'll forge. must be absent, there's none in the class, So if you don't mind, that one we'll pass. is for Rogers, Raguso and Rice, Roussos and Ramsey, all quite nice. is our Shellogg, who forgets Fred? And Shira, the boy who went to Bill's head. is for Thomas, pick out a John, Tommelleo too, will be missed when he's gone. is for Uber, Walter, you know Unconquerable spirit, and ready to go. can be Vagog Vondereau, Frank, Elizabeth will never devise a prank. is Wolfe, I'll resist no more, Wolfie please stay, stay away from my door. can be X, quantity unknown, There is a problem to solve when alone. is for Young, who likes her Jim, And then there's John, who's full of vim. is for zebra, something in stripes, , I shall soon wear 'em, writing peoms of these types of . ! 5 1 E. J. Connery w. G. Andrews il H . A 5 E 3' Comphments 3 3' 3 E of Q Z Une 5 ? , Sponing Goods Store Q l.awrenceAutomob1le Co. X E ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT E XQ Q For All Sports Q g GOLF FOOTBALL x SALES AND SERVICE E' 5 TENNIS BASKETBALL 5' Q5 for 5 Flsl-:ING Boxmc. 4 ' 4 x Pontiac, Buick, LaSalle, g BASEBALL SKATINC- 3 and Cadillac, g E COLUMBIA BICYCLES Q 3 fine cars. 4 i LUGGAGE Q Agent for A. G. Spalding Bro. iff :mf ! 5 ! J 9 4 9 5 Ae.,2. E 5 Hogg" E Q E Q OGRA HY Q PHOT P 0 - 6 Compliments 5 5 -BY- 5 X of E 9 THE STORE THAT F E Esther Anderson F DOES NOT Q 996,64 Q ADVERTISE E Res. Studio-306 Wallace Ave. g 1 g E Display-Temple Bldg. f 3 Q 3 Q S ff- l S l . -"TE N- . i 6 'Ev l i E.,- i S 5 Q GRAN DMA SAYS: The way singers are paid--Prosperity must be around the crooner. Many a travelin' man's wife gets shocked by wire. After All, about all the love making is man-maid. School doesn't worry the kids so much, it's the Principle of the thing. Blondes that are bleachers always play to the grandstand. Some gals don't give a Darn how they Seam. Frozen assets make hot directors and warm depositors. And itis usually the little potato that is the masher. Yep, when a feller's puppy love goes to the dogs, he feels like a cur. Most gals learn to swim by male. Ever notice how some married men sputter before they go out? Canoes and kids seem to do better when paddled from the rear. Sometimes a gal will cotton to a feller just to fleece him. Germs and husbands are caught by kissing. It's funny, but the Docs git their notes from other folk's organs. When a Miss, misses kisses, she never becomes a Mrs. There's far too many queens a playin' fer diamonds. The chap who uses his head seldom gits it in the neck. Some gals never really live till they dye. Many a lemon dates a peach just to feed her applesauce. Nope, raisin' thunder ain't no way to reign. No, honey, a Zebra isn't a sport model jackass. After all, Motion is just exactly two-thirds of promotion. Some gals love to ride, others ride to love. Many a gal knows how it FEELS to be PINCHED. Seems like th' milk o' human kindness has sort o' evaporated. Many a gal's future is shaped by her form. Too many fellers who itch for success never do any scratchin'. Even the best circles have triangles because someone ain't square. There's many a gal who paints to blush unseen. Soft soap keeps many a chap out o'hot water. The big gun became a big shot because he had an aim. There's many a poor fish wakes up t' find he's been a sucker. From Sample Case. Mrs. Replogle:-ftrying to lead singing at Girl Reservesj, "All right, who is talking the loudest?" Betty C.:-f'You are." Miss McClaren :-t'Your mothers and fathers wouldn't feed you to the alligators, would they?" Bud McCamic:-"There aren't any alligators around here." Mr. Sheaffer:-"The examinations are in the hands of the Printer. Now is there any question you would like answered?" Veto L. :-"Who is the printer?" "Everyone's crazy over me," said the janitor cleaning Room 10 on a Monday nite." CEd. Note :-Faculty meets in room 107 on Mon- day night.J ..f".... fuwkvvxkil 322' - -n"'....."'w-2-W'-fflvx"'v""lPm Congratulations and Best Wishes to the January Class of 1935 .lug PERELMAN'S 129 E. Washington St. R. 4 K SE , 5-E 2 2 2 S E E9 S- 5 no :3 I F1 O FU' :J- cn "1 U5 TT' JEWELRY-RADIOS OPTICIAN ,as fine clothes for men and young men 5522.50 Student Prep. Suits S15 --sv-r -+-4-- 131 E. Washington St. mfwwff-xw.m.i 'W PHOTOGRAPHS of Quality and Style THE VERY BEST are made by 115 E. WASHINGTON ST. A Portable Typewriter will enable you to do your college Work bet- ter and quicker. We sell all makes-Cash or Terms. .... . 'X I at Metzlefs 22 North Mill Street -3."ln-"'...f' "W BLACK AND GRAY'S ELEGY One Windish Winter day, Elizabeth Fleeger sat alone in her kit- chen pondering over her present environment. The Cook and Wise- baker were both having their day off that day. Much to her regret the fire needed Cole and the stove was Fuller Black cinders. Her solitude became unbearable and she had to speak, "I Bara my burdens as best I can but must the Wetherby so bad?" Then regaining her self-control she picked up the newspaper and read in the Headings, "Romance In the Woods." Eagerly she read the story-"the friends threw Rice over the McBride's as they passed through the Green Bowers of Hart-land, in England? "After the wedding the husband, a Young Workman in the group of Miner's, spoke confidently with his father." "Wilson," he said, "It's all Wright with me. I'll lend you DiCarlo if you don't want to Wheeler home Daly." "Conover and see me sometime," replied the grateful son, "and you Concetta on my front porch." "Then the dear wife, indignantly retorted, 'Nixon that old foggy coming over too often. You Pierce my Eakin heart and yet you a Muse me because Os-borne in the South and can take it.' "Time fled and money got scarce. Many a time they wished that they had Moore money to pay the Price at the Victor, which was show- ing "The Trent Affair? When the opportunity for a joy ride presented itself, she wanted to go to Franklyn, he to Mercer, consequently they couldn't decide Webber to go or not. In those days of depression she tried to Weaver husband a hunting cap. She milked the Cowden fed the chickens. The cow was led by a Chain which hung over her Broad- bent back. Each day, upon looking out the window, she would see MacConahy stack, eating red juicy apples. She was bothered with ho-Bowes at the door but she wasn't afraid because she kept a Wolfe for a watchdog. Every night the Wolfe would sit down be Snyder. Then times were gradually increasing, and her husband made some money in oil Wells. Nothing would do but that she have a party. 'fI'll ask Fee," said the wife, "because she always Brinser sis- ter. Ild ask Scipione but he is too Young. I'd ask Linz only the Bratschie tore up all my love letters." "Now for the program. They can play Ring Around Chirozzi if they Marchand keep time with the music. We'll have cousin Sniezek sing with her Chiprano voice. You know that everyone says she sings like DeAnglis in the 'Evansf' "But don't," interrupted the husband, "don't you sing because I can't Stanciu. I put a Bannon that event." 'fYes, deary, I won't sing. We shall have a group of men play their melodious Lutz and also present a tabloid of Diano at the chase. The party will be on Friday, you know. As for you, you can be Marvin the furniture and take the gun off the wall and lay the fire, Armond the table. Also hang that picture Louer than this one." "We'll have tuna Kish sandwiches, but no Weinschenk you! All the Bloise and girls will re-Joyce." "Yes," said the husband, "but I hope they don't Boya like they do me." .di ' 5 f 5 , 9 D - 5 9 4 avis Shoe CO. 1 CONGRATULATIONS 1 f "J 1 st Ah a" " f t0 the ' E us A ep ea i 3 i 3 3 CLASS OF 1935 X QL X A X Q FINE Q F' FOOTWEAR x A x Q g ' ' Q ,, Leo P. Strlzzl Q 5 219 E. Washington St. X 5 215V2 E- Washington Sf- R B New Castle, Pa. B Phone 2188 C C i . i i i ! ! ,Q E ,Q Q f Compliments i f Y Q of Z ' ' YOUR DRUGGIST A x Elllolt gl Waddmgton A X ss 116-118 N. Mercer sf. E Phone 3600 Love 81 Megown x 5 'Q L ' g. i i 'E 'E a 2 6 5 So the party came and passed. As she predicted everyone had a nice time. At twelve o'clock, the Young Workman said that the Smiths' were in bed. To which his wife replied, "If Vago, so can we." By this time Lizzy was sleepy, and put the paper down on the floor. Then with a last effort dragged herself to bed and had pleasant dreams. FINIS P. S. Join in singing, "Shale, Shale, the gang's All there and Auld Lang Syne. MOVIE-GO-ROUND Count of Monte Cristo-James Rice. Barretts of Wimpole Street-The Lehtos. Kid Millions-Layte Wheeler. ' Servants' Entrance-Lincoln Avenue Entrance. The Last Gentleman-John Young. The Witching Hour-3 151 P. M. The Circus Clown-Silvio Restivo. Judge Priest-Joel Levin. It Happened One Night-Numbers on the walk. College Humor-Mr. Sheaffer. The Little Minister-Leon Grzesiuk. The Scarlet Empress-Beatrice Conner. The Thin Man-Walter Conover. The Gift of Gab-Lester Levine. Ladies Should Listen-Hi-Y Meeting. We Live Again-P. G.'s. Happiness Ahead-Graduation. Flirtation Walk-Side Halls. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back-Mr. Lehto. David Harum-David Price. Strange Interlude-Detention Hall. Treasure Island-Treasury. Dames-Senior A Girls. Dancing Lady-Doris Marvin. Roman Scandals-206. Spitfire-Geth Who? What Every Woman Knows-? ? ? Chained-Virginia Chain. Going Hollywood-Dramatic Class. Twentieth Century Limited-Layte Wheeler's car. She Learned About Sailors-Esther Pierce. Five Star Final-Senior High News. Peg of My Heart-Margaret Bara. Romance in the Rain-Two under an Umbrella. Finishing School-Tenth Period. Life Begins at 8 :40-Pre-session Squad. Baseball Ballad :-"A good big inning is half the battle." 4 s. CLOTHING 5 3 HATS 5 Q FURNISHINGS X 2 '99-G6 S X The kind that Q young men like. F 4 we Q Nationally Advertised g f f A S 3 L E V I N E ' S 3 B WASHINGTON AT MILL 6 P i if ! i 9 Compliments 6 of E Q Z 5 . Q 4 Kerr and Erwin 5 E Jlzwisusks S : I 5555 X ? ELGIN-WALTHAM Q 3 ILLINOIS-HAMILTON R 1 WATCHES 5 2 w1x,,,fr,,,Nnlgf'..JS ""'..i" M if iii el N52-NYE! wfuu-4 f ffwr Zolze Uasifeion NEW CASTLE PA. T" One of Pennsylvanias Finest Hotels "h"'U""'2ull"v 1 0 gig? 'Khg 'Lf' -Shumuf "ZfmA.P.4l .nfV"'2,,0llm."n- Wnfli-a. IW 4 1 I I ,,i, .I Wm. J' ik ' "lim: "'u""lPw v-val' ...Nur -I'-f It s Eas e to Succeed by ha g You Shoes Rebu lt mmf' Imm- ""'2 -WAI ' - 2 7-9 +5 'I X 3-.' ! , A 9 5 .. H' 3 E :SQ ' f is J SQ .. I ' ' . X - me h ' s 5 i E ? 3 Pagley Shoe Service 5 i 17 N. MILL STREET 6 i le F A OUR DICTIONARY 1. Answer-Something always wanted by teacher. 2 Annual-Conglomeration of old pictures, old jokes and old fea- tures. Usually found in waste-basket or other place of refuse. 3. Annual Staff-Group which ridicules, criticizes and in general annoys remainder of school. 4. Band-Organization for making various noises, squeals and whis- tles. QApologies to Mr. Reploglel. 5. Book-Written record usually used for filing case, pocketbook or wastebasket. 6. Chemistry Lab.-Place for producing ill-smelling odors, etc. 7. Desk-Wood surface for storing initials. 8. Editor-in-chief-Supposedly ultra-smart person inclined toward writing. 9. Examination-A semi-annual disease contagious and sometimes fatal. 10. Graduation-Sending forth of young, industrious geniuses. 11. Office-Meeting place of notables? 12. Pink Slip-Paper given gladly by teacher. A free admittance to Study III. 13. Saxaphone-An ill wind that nobody blows good. 14. School-Institution for furthering humor and gossip. Formerly meant institution of learning but now obsolete. 15. Senior A-Super-person sometimes inclined to be conceited. 16. Sophomore-Just like a lamb led right to the slaughter. 17. Student-Person sentenced to hard labor. 18. Student Council-Legislative group to cure all defects of school. 19. Teacher-Student who is allowed to keep book open. Assumes work of paymaster at six weeks intervals. 20. Wrong fAdj.J-Usually connected with classroom and the word answer. Chuck D.:-Cfirst day in Dramaticsj, "Genesis' father wasn't sacred when he was married." QScrip read: "Genesis' father wasn't scared when he was marriedfj Virginia C.:-"Do you mind being called a cowslip, Edythe?" Edythe C.:-"Oh no, I found out what it looks like." Conductor :-"Can't you see that sign, 'No Smoking'?" Dean S. :-"Sure, Mike, that's plain enough, but there are so many dippy signs here. One says, 'Wear Nomo Corsets,' so I ain't paying any attention to any of 'em." Jack M.:-Chands over her eyesb, "If you can't guess who it is in three guesses, Fm going to kiss you." Doris M.:-"Jack Frost. Davey Jones. Santa Claus." fOverheard on a day when coal was being unloadedl Miss Taylor:-'Tm getting tired of this. Everytime I open my mouth a shovelful goes in." IJ 4 5 9 S E AV Y 'S 2261f2 E. Washington St. ' Q QZECS9 P 5 FoR GRADUATION PICTURES K At popular prices with distinctive A lighting effects, on modern back- grounds in original poses .... 5 NH 5 ,aff Miss Good :-"What is the outstanding contribution chemistry has given to the world?" Ruth Shale :-"Blondes," Mother :-"Stop using such terrible language, Bobbie." Bobbie :-"Shakespeare used it? Mother :-"Then don't play with him any more, he's no fit com- panionf' 3:4 4 of of ! i ! 5' 53 GRADUATES- g gi g "For life is the mirroi' of king E 5 Hel.ePS You E and slave, E E It is just what you are and dog X 5 Success V So give to the world the best I 0 i you have, ' i Q J And the best will come back X i Q, to you." el - -Selected F S Reynolds, Summers F S x 81 McCann x N me W oLoTHEs 3 Q . 4 Q For Young Men l Strouss-Hlrshberg Co. .E 1 ,E 6 Corner Mill Sz North Streets 5 Je P li Q iff ,az Customer :-"I want a piece of meat without fat, bone or gristle." Grocer :-"You'd better have an egg, Ma'am.'l He:-"You give me such crazy kisses." She :-"That's because my lips are cracked? A bird in the hand is bad table manners. There's always one flat-tire in a blow out. One Senior was heard to say this :-"Of course, I believe in love at first sight 'cause if I took a second look, I'd change my mind." "She was eight years old, and I said she looked ten And the little maid was gladg But at eighteen I took her for twenty and then This same little maiden got mad? Miss McClaren:-"Walter, of what were the clothes of the eigh- teenth century made '? " whol Walter C.:-"Cloth" Miss McClaren:-"Wilbur, what is a swam?" Wilbur W.:-"Something like a goose." Ruth S.:-"I think it means a country fellow who's in love.', Wilbur W.:-"Well, he's still a goose." Alma W.:-"And all he did was pour out sweet nothings." Marjorie K.:-"Oh! So he carries Life Savers, too!" Bill E. :-"My English compositions just flow from my pen." Teacher:-Clooking at the blots on Bill's paperb, "Sometimes the e story comes out at once." Ruth :-"When you sleep your noble brow reminds me of a story." Betty :-"What story. :Sleeping Beauty'?" Ruth :-"'No, Sleepy Hollow." Mrs. McCune:-"What is a polygon?" Ralph :-"Ah-er-a dead parrot." ' Miss McGoun:-Cin physiology classj, "Name an organ of the body?" Mary B.:-"Teeth" Miss McGoun :-"What kind of an organ would teeth be?" Teresa C.:--"A grind organ." SENIOR A POETRY We We De De Spise Spise Flies Flies A 4 2 4 2 5. g. 5 x Compliments 3 6 Compliments -ofa X -Of- X 1 ll S fAKwf tl New castle my cools co, f f MEN' ww- kit N 207 E. Washington St. 'C 'C New Castle, Pa. 1 E FQE' W x A W 9 l l W l il 'E a Y 2 195' mf 4 l 4 K ! F Q TO THE 5 3. LEAVE YOUR ORDERS i 5 GRADUATE i 6 -AT- 5 6 i CONGRATULATIONS 4 THE 4 AND MAY YOU ' 1 ' CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE A N O H I I-' I-' F SUCCESS. F S EXCHANGE E WFOR- E N' ,E C I ,Q g Home-Baked Bread, Pies, Calces, 5 E 3 Rolls, Cookies, and E i Dough t me i C. Penney Co., lnc. 5 5 Department Stores vwlwm MESH gwimg gig .Kham wggw ESO .KQESOO E :Em dmam as midi .ONE SOM SE 'MSW E234 EW 530065 -Q30 -NME WO NEO Qgm .250 E620 02 gsm PQWH .SOEWEQ 2:2 K3 EVMSDUM .2503 ,Hg NQESFH OOF .Oggwgwx N wmggawge :WUSOODW 25 mgmigwa aim 'mi Iwgsw E 2332 NSNSEE Waist 'Emma BMOEMWM Q2 IURWBWE OES 2: Q35 .ENE F53 NEW pg: Om mud-E150 mags .WNSOSW HQEEM Q0 Wim .5255 'USO wE2EOQOEM ra N gsm QQEEMVHES HS SEOSMH QQEOEOSQ '33 wnmmapega 'Ss CO WSEWQ H-Hpmmm .2035 .QOEEEHW OZ 'QEWEQHU REE E QOENGSONH .355 :Em .mga PAEWU A235 img QOEEO 0:85 A-393 WO .Spam .EOOQ E32 Op gm .PEM 2 MOODNEVHOOL .gb hmmm: ages JUPYH .ggmgawm MASQ 'WMWMZNQ HEEMH .EE S33 E3 25 Oz -wimigha SUSE OOF .gwgsw wggrs EEE OOF '2mOEmvm Q2 .Emma 25 EW QSM EEE OOF .QAOQ E330 Dtsmwxm WEE .NAEOQZOOE E23 gg 95324 .gwaewmgx :ENE 23 ig S wizgf UEOERQ OZ 6305 Em .Nga 2: E Sw gg FWUEOQH At EEO QQUQYH-mme im .D MO egagmya M5 OE .252 6302 EEQW VE95 OE .SSB BE Q55 OE QSM 0522? gg OE UNECOM V5 N M5 OE JEDEOQQ QQENQWNEE HW UQ OH .QSQQWVEOOQ HN QM OH .WMEHEQEE S329 6 3:3 OF 453026 .Q .O lm E SEEK? M5 OH .wsgsw mi OH :.QOm: 2: OU Op ENE OH .PWESOQ Sam N M5 OH igmzwim E WSE 44 CN gm OE .QGWMEUE 23 Sag OH .SEE 2: X33 OH iwigwgp Q05 OH .WOEWESU E EVE mwigwg aw M5 OE -QEWHEOQ 'HE E52 PE: 2503 mg OH .QEOENEQ N M5 OH -156505 HN gp OH QSQNU USM N M5 OH ZOHHHMEQ EEBUH Ewamm is E535 5325? B53 gOmgN5pm ESM 225 ESM Qgzegwm MASQ OEEUU2 warm OMNEEMQ SEAN QWEOFH .U gig E932 QOM Eggs QED ,BPOCOU .SESP migm Em OHENQ QEEEWOHV wwO:mM UEOEHNE ,SDQWU KEOSEN SEED mibom ggm Scam OHBNCSEORH Egan 20225 OSP mgiwm FERNE METSA EQMQH Q35 EEE H242 if 5 4 i 4 I 5. i 5. CONGRATULATIONS 5 p AAYA- 5 6 o L A S S i 5 y 1 9 3 5 y Q ,S JANUARY P' .4 A .1 5294 4, A 5 The W1nter Co. 5 Hi' 4 MEN AND BQYS' RHIIISCY and S0115 Q I , CLOTHING 3 BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 3 5 ? 5 HARDWARE 2 g PAINTS Q S --.h- A S ... A L :IAQ N 3 , Q 306-20 CROTON AVE. 5 5 4200-PHONES-4201 yi er THE PENNSYLVANIA POWER COMPANY 2 has but one policy i ? 5 S E R V I C E 5 J . . an equable service to every 3 X customer . . a dependable ser- S A vice through fair and stormy Fi A weather . . a continuous service Q every day and night . . an econ- omical service during prosperity N 5 and depression . . a cheerful ser- E' Pb vice for freedom and better living. 5 2 3 s 1 I 5 2 Miss McClaren:-"Walter, what is a hypocrite?,' Walter :-HA boy who comes to school with a smile on his face." Fortune Teller :-"Yes, I'm a thought-reader. I can tell exactly what a person is thinking." Bob Muse :-"ln that case, I beg your pardonf, Mrs. Lang:-Cto teacherj, "Is my boy really trying?" Miss Dinsmore:-fearnestlyb, HVery.'l Dean Smith :-"See that pig?" I call him inkf, Chuck:-"VVhy? He's not black?" Dean :-UNO, but he keeps running out of the penf' Miss Lord :-fQuestion in a testj, "Name the three main divisions of the telephone?" Julia Fortnaturo:-t'Fr0nt, middle, and back." Alma B.:-f'Why, Walter, you could write blank verse right out of your head." Miss McCla1'e1i:-"What did George Eliot Write?" John D.:--"Gray's Elegy." ' Bob M.:-"How is it that the cavity in my tooth feels so large when I put my tongue on it?" Dentist:-"Oh, that's just the natural tendency of your tongue to exaggerate." "If all the students who slept in class were placed end to end they would be much more comfortable? "Boy, am I having a time between my husband and the furnace. If I keep my eye on one the other goes out." i AUTOGRAPHS Q A XL if X QAM Q'q'f!fA!,,. jj J I EZZMMZM AUTOGRAPHS W,-fx X' fr ff- WL, f wif, 4. ff LV ,QQM, 3 0 My 4!om"55"m f ff' fdxgguj W UV D w'fJ K C 43954 v-I f0f:L.Q1 E Q EX WM-QJIII I X? 'll' ,. oo QM ,, ob vi ,Bs F 1-yt X AUTOGRAPHS ' .ff 1 1 ' ' 'I 1 1 'rs , 1' Q Nm l psf, . r fr. ' 'hx

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