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 - Class of 1931

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1931 volume:

4 h V . f .. A li ' Cb C9 Qfb'-'CV' ' 0.7.5 Sr' FR 2 . ' Pg P - gs'-B39 vi L'-,s W 9, N227 044 'qnfb Qcmlgz - Ewa 4:19 T .uh -.V 263:35 gtaqm M U Q0 W he GVASS E5 zu "-'-Y'f-:3,u,A 6? 00-Qxm-mga '-F-ls-'cnqbgx ' yy ,sf 'B S59 mmm 0,5 M"W1Qr.,-Q XX. Q' Q5 A 9' can J Q ,. . -L -if 5 -, -,, U X' Q5 -Pvumvose 'Pa-tht u 1 . X tj I rn duhnsfon-Ellxwffx Enfva niet. Pg-wa.'l"e Parka-5 EE EMT r SIQIYAHN fo Uh I K 518119-Y' .. ill!! CY 'W 'i Caidena E-Ed H SEN QW 5 'rave Dveme.-t B W QV? 7 rn e m T : SQL! H .ku TEXQYXTOHNQ Net: Hi W ORB o'3'a-by QGH-153 Fra! J DQTI Tru 'h on Seats - ' ' UJGY3 2.03 RRR bmw 1 SXQQQQQY' C ouyf l:l:1:m :l:m:n 9+UAQ'h'T E X -COUTxf.l 1 T EEEEEI OVIN Fl59va1'anfr ' Cvvm',.+5 O 5-rvfvgea 5 u pveme I RIS Z SQVYQ1-hid CQUYT MUNQYVQ he Uonvwam V452 t0 HG' fp lnesq - - ' HIKQIWAQB. A . ' ' ,q.. .., . L . L, ,, , A , , .,,, l A. A ' , ,, F I f . 1 Y 2 i EX LIB B15 LIFE! We are travelers on the highway, On the turnpike known as lfifeg And we've got to take the detours Through struggle, pain and strife. Some travel on the railroad, And steel rails gleam aheadg But if the fireman leaves his post The entire train stops dead. Some of us go by auto, And there's many a rut and curve' The hand on the wheel must be steady, Or from the roadway we'll swerve. It's modern to go by airplane, To sail through the bright blue skyg But the pilot must keep to his course, Or to love and life--Goodbye! Still others plod with foot steps slow, To them the way is drearg But we all just keep on going, And soon the way is clear. No matter how we travel, We reach a common place, And when we come together there, We find it's worth the race. -FRANCES FROST, '31 Thr, NP-Gln-Ei :Muna 15131 Nun Qlemtlv Svvninr Q lhigh Svrhnnl Nun Glaztlv, Hmnnglnania Huhliuhvh bg Uhr Svrninr 0115155 HI IH 3 1531 N h 2 C3 FOREWGRD E HAVE aimed to make this Annual a book of, by, and for the Seniors, to be a souvenir of our glorious high-school days,-the friends and fun and problems and ambitions which We should like to remember when We have become older and have continued our education else- where. We have done our best and We hope that when, in a future year, We come upon this book in some dusty, hidden corner, we will look back on these days with no regrets, but only happy memories. ORDER OF PRESENTATION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES Erhiratinn Because of her untiring patience in deal- ing with our problems, and because of our es- teem for her Valuable assistance in making our high school years successful, We, the Class of June, 1931, dedicate this book to our friend- flliliim Qbliuia HPI. Griffiths MISS OLIVIA M. GRIFFITHS DR. C. C. GREEN O QTQMJXJ KX TH E FACU LTY Edith E. Birchard Philip H. Bridenbaugh Bessie Brinkerhoff Florence Brownstein Howard A. Butler Elsie Calvin Nicholas R. Casillo Rose Colucci Pauline Gilkey Gregg Olivia M. Griffiths Clara M. Hartsuff Viola W. Healy Florence J. Jenkins Emily Johnston E. Grace Jones Ethel M. Kelley Thomas E. Miller Robert M. Mills Frances McClaren Helen McConaghy Sara Sankey McCune Sarah E. McGoun Walter S. McKee J. H. Earl McKenzie FIRST GROUP Donald F. Copson Sarah M. Dinsmore Dorothy Edmunds Clara A. Elliott Eva J. English Bess S. Gailey Eleanor S. Galbraith Mary A. Good SECOND GROUP William L. Klee E. Willzia-m Lehto Mary M. Long William A. Margraf Elizabeth Marshall Lois B. Martin Frances H. Maxwell Adeline E. Miller THIRD GROUP Norman Nelson Bertha Ofterdinger H. Elizabeth Parker Joe Replogle Genevieve Riddle Mary G. Riier Ola D. Rogers Marjorie Rhodes FOURTH GROUP Oscar J. Sheaffer Martha V. Smith Helena Stevenson Charlotte A. Taylor George F. Thomas Margaret A. Toepfer Mary E. Van Divort William Wallace Ralph L. Weide Virginia Weinschenk Dorothy White S. Elizabeth Williams E. Pauline Young Susanna Young 10 11 Ax L I 12 f' aff! il Q'-5 X1 ' 4 'S S E E 1 E s E 1 4 ki IFJ 477 , l 47 4nr- Y --lr 27 g - if - his if f 6 ' ff KN g V kv! f'l. EL r 1-7 ,mf lx W S 7 1- 7 -we 7 7 4-1" H GTK 4' fi M 5 A.. h+.,A"' REGIS H. McAULEY "Red" Rather Handsome Manager Class President 11255 Varsity Football 110-11-125, 1Captai Varsity Basketball 110-11-125 5 Student Representative 1105. HOWARD E. PURDY "Purdy" Has Excellent Personality Class Vice President 11255 Student Representative 110-1155 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Class Donor 1125. GILBERT E. HOFFMAN ICGHYD Game, Eager, Honorable Class Secretary 11255 Class Treasurer 11055 Senatus Romanus 110-11-1255 Hi-Y 1125, FRANK E. NOGA "Adder" Faithful Efficient Noga Class Treasurer 11255 Class Basketball 11255 Music Contests 110-11-1255 String Quartet 1125. ALTHA E. AKENS NAI!! Always Engaged Abroad Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 Glee Club 110-11-1255 Perfect Attendance 110-1255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. n12 li . ,, .. HNTWLII-Fl' ETHEL P. ALEXANDER "Skinny" Earnestly Pleasing Affability Girls Glee Club 110-11-1255 Erie Contest 1105, New Castle Contest 11155 League of Nations Assembly 11255 The Pnenant 1105, Once in a Blue Moon 1115 FRANCES E. AMG- N "Amie" Frances Enjoys Athletics Varsity Basketball 111-1255 . Class Basketball Coach 11255 Girl Reserves 11155 Squad Leader 1125. MATILDA I. ANTILLA "Tillie" Most lndustriously Ambitious Squad Leader 111-1255 Commercial Club 11255 Class Basketball 1125. ANNA G. ARMOND "Ann" Athletics Greet Anna Commercial Club 110-1155 Varsity Basketball 111-1255 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Class Basketball 111-125, EARL E. ARTZ "Bud" Earl Evades Action Orchestra 110-1155 Band 11255 Erie Contest 1105, New Castle Contest 11155 Oil City Contest 11255 Squad Leader 11 0-1 15. 16 wtf' gi 4 K A I .f Q J. KENNETH ATKINSON GlKenny7! Just Kills Admirers Hi-Y Treasurer 110-1113 Circulation Manager 11215 Activities Editor 1121 3 Student Council 1111. RAYMOND F. ATKINSON sxRayn Raised From Amperes Track 110-11-121g Hi-Y 1121g Stage Electrician 1121. ELIZABETH J. BANKS "Lib" Eventually Jumps Blunders Girl Reserves 110-11-1215 League of Nations Assembly 1121. RAYMOND G. BENNETT KlRay7! Refined Good Boy Bethany, W. Va., High 1101g Hi-Y 111-121, President 1121g Ne-Ca-Hi Business StaH 11215 League of Nations Assembly 1121, ANDY P. BERES "Bones" Active Potential Boy Class Basketball 110-111g Varsity Football 110-111, 14. ' " GLADYS 1. BIDDLE "Gladdie" Gladdie lsn't Bashful Girl Reserves 1cabinet1 110-11-1213 Girls' Glee Club 11115 Squad Leader 1121 g HKnautical Knot" 1111, "The Fool" 1121. MARIELLA BLAINE Most Bewitching "Once in a Blue Moon" 1111, "The Pennant" 1101 5 Girls' Glee Club 110-11-1215 Erie and New Castle Music Contests 110-1115 League of Nations Assembly 1121. JULIUS BLOOM "Yudie" Just Brains Boys' Glee Club 110-11-1219 Chorus 110-11-1213 Senatus Romanus 110-11-121, Magna CumLaude 110-11-121 3 Operettas 110-11-1215 Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 1121. LAURA MAE BOULDEN "Lawrie" Lovable Meek Brunette Student Representative 11013 Girl Reserves 110-11-1213 League -Assembly 1121. ELEANOR E. BOVARD Ever Effervescently Buoyant Girl Reserves 110-121. wkllj DOROTHY N. BRADFORD l6Dot17 Demure Noticeable Beauty Perfect Attendance 11255 Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. LESTER L. BRATSCHIE "Sl-Alam" Loves Leisure Best Glee Club 110-1155 Class Football 110-11-1255 Class Basketball 110-1155 Student Representative 110-115, N. WILLIAM BROADBENT ' "Bill" Never Without Bridee Varsity Football Manager 11255 Student Representative 110-1155 Athletic Council 11255 "The Fool" 1125. JONATHAN A. BROWN "Jennie" Just Always Busy Commencement Oration 11255 Editor of Ne-Ca-Hi Annual 11255 Hi-Y Treasurer 11255 Quaestor Senatus Romanus 1125. MARGARET E. BROWN Klpeg!! Margie's Ever Busy MARY E. BROWN "Neicy" Most Excessively Bashful Type Awards 111-1255 Shorthand Awards 111-1255 Girl Reserves 110-11-125. MILDRED E. BROWN ClMidU Most Excellent Behavior Glee Club 110-11-1255 League of Nations Assembly 11255 "Blue Moon" 11155 "The Pennant" 11055 Erie and New Castle Musical Contests 1115 THELMA R. BUMBAUGH U'-r8l'l'lie,, Timid Rosy Blushes 5 Perfect Attendance 110-1155 Girl Reserves 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125, MARY K. BURGWALD "Blondie" Mighty Keen Blonde Commercial Club 1125, FLOYD R. BURNS "Burns" Fine Rural Boy 115' VQDX L ' li- PAUL W. BUTLER ccpadn Punishment Will Better Senatus Romanus 11055 Perfect Attendance 1125. JOHN F. BYERS "J, B." John's Famously Bashful Hi-Y 1125g League of Nations 11255 Student Representative 1125. DOROTHY E. CAIN "Dottie" Diana's Endearing Charm Girl Reserves 1Cabinet5 110-11-1253 Squad Leader 110-11-125g Class Basketball 110-11-1255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. ELEANOR L. CAMPBELL "Betty" Ever Loquaciously Confident League of Nations Assembly 11253 "The Nut Farm" 1115 g Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 1125. B. ANGELINE CASTRUCCI "Angie" Bright Amiable Child Senatus Romanus 110-11-1255 Summ Laude 110-11-1255 Scriba 1125, Commencement Oration 11255 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 1125, If 'W WILLIAM J. CAVEN iff HBill!! X Woments Jolly Company Hi-Y 110-11-125g Track 111-125g Student Council 1125 3 Orchestra 110-115. EDITH J. CHAFFEE "Chaffee" Ever Joins Conversation Girl Reserves 1115g New Castle Musical Contest 11153 Glee Club 111-125g Blue Moon 1115 Dramatics 1125. JOHN M. CHEMERDA "Roller" Jocose Masterful Chap Senatus Romanus 110-115g Cum Laude 1l05g Summa Cum Laude 1115. CHARLES E. CIOFFI "Chuck" Comely Efficient Comrade a Cum MARTIN CLOBUCKER, JR. K6Mutt!Y Makes Company 19 5 f I Zig- ED 41 ANTHONY R. CONN I1 EMMA M. D'AMATO U-1-onyv "Emn-lie" Always Reed Classy Enigmatic Maiden Always Perfect Attendance 11155 Squad Leader 111-1255 Class Football 1115. ELIZABETH J. CONOVER llBettyl7 Ever Joyous Coquette Home Economics Club 11255 Girl Reserve-s 11053 Girls' Gym Exhibition 1125g Poppy Day Drive 110-11-125, FRANCES T. CORIO KKFran!7 Faces Tedium Contentedly League of Nations 1125. ARTHUR C. CRAWFORD KKArt!7 Always-a Choice Chum JANE F. CUNNINGHAM "Janie" Jocund Fanciful Calorycounter Shorthand Awards 1125g Typewriting Awards 1105 g Commercial Club 1105. Commercial Club 11055 Shorthand Awards 1125g Type Awards 1105. ETHEL N. DAVIS GlDaveyI7 Earnest, Natural, Decorous CHRISTINE G. DeCARBO 'R "chris" - 2 Cheery Grin Denotes Chris Y Commercial Club 1Vice President5 1125g as Squad Leader 11155 Q Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staif 11255 Typeing Awardsg Shorthand Awards 1115. GUY E. D'ELETTO "Stiletto" Garralous Energetic Doer "The Fool" 11255 Class Football 110-11-1255 Class Basketball 11155 Color Bearer for Band 1125. MADELINE L. D'ELETTO HMad!7 Much Latent Determination Perfect Attendance 110-11-125. ,Q A4400 I .f.,, - CHARLES P. DeMARCO - CLARISSA J. DUFF "Chuck" Chuck's Pretty Decorous Class Basketball 111-121. DOROTHA V. DENT KKDot!I Dorothy Vamps Dozens Howard High School, Alabama 1111. MILDRED A. DODDS "Milly" Modest And Dutiful Girl Reserves 11015 Student Representative 1111g Type Awards 11115 Shorthand Awards 1121. ELIZABETH A. DRIPPS "Betty" Expresses All Dexterity League of Nations Assembly 1121g Girl Reserves 11115 Perfect Attendance 111-1215 D. A. R. Essay Award 1121. JOHN DUDZENSKY' ClRed!Y John's Demure lKTip7Y Chummy Jovial Damsel Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 1Asst. Editor, 1213 Girl Reserves 110-11-1219 Cabinet 111-121g Class Prophet 1121g State Chemistry Award 1121. FRANCIS E. ECKLEBERGER 4KEckeyD Friend Everyone Esteems League of Nations Assembly 1121. RHEDA V. EDWARDS "Eddie" Really Very Excellent Perfect Attendance 110-11-1213 League of Nations Assembly 1121. RUTH M. ELSESSOR "Ruthie" Rates Mighty Eligible League of Nations Assembly 1121. HELEN E. EMERICK "Emie" Has Everybody Enlivened League of Nations Assembly 1121. HENRY A. FAELLA Haste's Always Futile DORA M. FAICHN EY KKDoral7 Debonair Maidenly Fashion-pla te League of Nations Assembly 1125, HELEN M. FAZZONE "Helen" Has Many Friends Commercial Club 110-1155 Perfect Attendance 11055 Shorthand Awards 11255 Type Awards Gym Exhibition 1125. LEO A. FEE HLee9! Likeable As Friend MARY ELIZABETH FEE ltsalii Most Exquisitely Feminine Gym Exhibition 1125. 110 RUSSELL H. FORNEY KKRUSSY3 Recks Hearts Fast Basketball Manager 11155 Football Manager 1125. RUTH E.. FORREST "Ruthie" Rates Ernie First Varsity Basketball Manager 11255 Class Basketball 110-1155 Girl Reserves 110-1155 Coach Class Basketball 1125. ADELE J. FRANK "Frankie" Always Just Friendly Girls' Glee Club 110-11-1255 "The Pennant" 11055 "Blue Moon" 1115 Gym Exhibition 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. MARGARET E. FRAY uPegH Many Earnest Friends Home Economics Club 110-11-1255 V. Pres, Home Economics Club 1125. ROSALYN V. FREEMAN "Hank" Rosy's Very Flighty Girl Reserves 110-11-125, V. Pres. 1125 "Jerry" 11255 "The Fool" 11255 Class Knocker 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. FRANCES E. FROST "Frostie" Frostie's Everybody's Friend Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Stall' 1Poetry Editor, 1255 Girl Reserves 110-1155 French Club 11255 Dramaticis 1125. MARGARET A. FRUSHOUR "Man-giann" JENNIE B. GINSBURG uJenrr Just Being Genial League of Nations Assembly 11255 Gym Exhibition 1125. CLARENCE A. GLENN "Glenny" 1 11 Cautious Admirable Gentleman Men Aways Fa Girl Reserves 111-1255 Class Basketball 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125 5 Uniontown High 1105. DANIEL L. FULKERSON uDannyn Does Lots Forcefully Class Football 111-125 5 Monitor Staff 11055 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staff 110-11-1255 Squad Leader 1125. DALE GIBSON "Gibbie" Doesn't Grumble Senior Band 110-11-1255 Senior Orchestra 11255 Class Track 11155 League of Nations Assembly 1125. CELIA L. GINOCCHI KCCeY! Can't Look Grumpy Glee Club 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125 5 Gym Exhibition 11255 Perfect Attendance 110-115 5 Squad Leader 11255 Perfect Attendance 1105. ROBERT T. GOLDER KlBo'b79 Rushes The Girls Hi-Y 110-11-1255 "The Fool" 11255 Varsity Track 11055 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staff 1125. HELEN S. GONDA "Sandy" Has Sensational Grades Girl Reserves 11255 Senatus Romanus 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. BERTRAM L. GRASSEL "Bert" Bert Likes Girls Class Basketball 11255 Squad Leader 1125. .pd 51 in New ss M! n R ' ' V5 'L xi....., 6 if ETHEL M. GRIMM "Sally" Ethel's Mildred's Girl-friend Type Awards 11155 Perfect Attendance 1115. JOHN M. GROMMES "Johnny" Jaunty Masculine Giant Varsity Football 11255 Varsity Basketball 1125g Ne-Ca-Hi Art Stall' 11253 "The Fool" 1125. HELEN J. HAINES "Hinkie" Happiness Justifies Honor Varsity Basketball 111-1255 Captain 11255 Class President 1115g Student Council 110-11-125 g Secretary 11255 Student Representative 11253 Vice Pres. 1125. YVILLIAM G. HARBISON "Bill" Willie's Good Hearted Hi-Y 111-1255 Band 110-115g Erie Contest 1105g New Castle and Philadelphia Contests 1115. WILLIAM P. HARTMAN "Bill" Wunce a Pernicious Heartbreaker Hi-Y 1105. Xl TOM C. HAWKINS ltHappyY7 Talented, Congenial, Happy Hi-Y Secretary 111-125g Band and Orchestra 11253 Student Representative 110-1155 Consul Primus of Senatus Romanus 1125 THELMA R. HEMPHILL "Tha1ly" The Ready Helper Senatus Romanus 110-11-1255 Class Basketball 110-115g Girl Reserves 110-125g League of Na-tions Assembly 1125. EARL W. HILDEBRAND KKDiz!! Energetic Worthy Helper JOHN R. HODGE "Hodge" Just Red Hot Class Football 110-11-125g Class Basketball 110-11-1259 "Jerry" 11255 "The Fool" 1125g Class Will 1125. MARTHA A. HOLBROOK nMBl't,, I Magnanimous And Humble Home Economics Club 110-11-1255 Home Economics Club Secretary 1125. W Mm ' N f MARTHA c. 1-IQLLIDA! "Marthiday" Most Clever Heroine Z Chester, W. Va., High School 110-1155 Senatus Romanus 11255 Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Stai 11255 Honor Roll 1125. RAYMOND F. HOLLIDAY ClRay7! Rather Frequent Helper CLARA B. HOUK "Toots" Cute, Bright, Honest Perfect Attendance 110-1255 Virgil Essay, Second Prize 11255 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Gym Exhibition 1125. GLENN E. HOWE Grins Extremely Hard MARY A. HOWLEY nAggien Merry And Happy Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 Home Economics Club 11255 Gym Exhibition 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. "' I I-IAZEL E. HUSTON "Huston" Happy, Ever Happy "Jerry" 11255 'tThe Fool" 11255 Squad Leader 11255 Class Basketball 11155 League of Nations Assembly 1125. FRANCES N. HYDE "Fritz" Friendly Never Hateful Perfect Attendance 11055 Student 'Council 11255 Senatus Romanus 110-11-1255 Class Basketball 110-11-125. MIKE J. IAFRET "Mikey" Merry, Jolly, IndiHerent Class Basketball 111-1255 Class Football 111-1255 Monitor 11255 Perfect Attendance 1125. HARRISON J. IPPOLITO "SIim,' Has Judicial Intellect Wampum High School 110-1155 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Wampum High School Track 1115. E. FRANCES .IACKAMO "Irish" Ever Forgiving Jane Glee Club 110-11-1255 t'Once in a Blue Moon" 11155 "The Pennant" 11055 Erie Contest 11055 New Castle Contest 11155 Girl Reserves 1105. l : l 1 , V l t ALBERT JAMES HAI!! Always Just Orchestra 11215 Band 111-1215 Music Contests 110-11-121. STEVE J. JANOVICK "Stevie" Surely a Just Judge Varsity Football 111-1219 Class Basketball 111-1213 Track 1101. ANNE E. JOHNSON "Swedey" Ambitious, Energetic, Judicious Glee Club 11213 Commercial Club 11015 Class Basketball 110-11-1215 Gym Exhibition 1121. MYLA F. JONES KlFl0!Y Milady's Funloving-'n Jolly Type Award 1111g Perfect Attendance 11015 May Day 1101. RUTH F. JOSHUA "Ruthie' Rarely Fails Jobs Academy High 110-1113 Dramatics 11213 "The Fool" 1121g League of Nations Assembly 1121. GEORGE A. KATZ "Katz" Generous And Knightly Band 11215 Track 1111g Glee Club 11215 League of Nations Assembly 1121. AGNES J. KEANE HRed!! Another Jolly Kid Girl Reserves 110-11-121g Chorus 11115 "Once in a Blue Moon New Castle Music Contest 1111g Barnesville High School 1101. HELEN H. KECK K5Keck,7 Has-a Head-a Kurls Varsity Basketball 111-1215 Basketball Coach 11215 Squad Leader 110-11-121g Gym Exhibition 1121. EDWARD L. KELLER "Eddie" Enthusiastic Labor Killer CHARLES E. KELLEY 'fchua' Counts Excellent Kith Track 11015 Class Basketball 11115 Commercial Club 11113 Squad Leader 1121. M11 X GLADYS M. KELLEY "Dimples" Gets Much Kidding Girl Reserves 110-11-1253 League of Nations Assembly 1125. ELIZABETH J. KUMMER uBettyn Ever Joy Krea-ting Girl Reserves 11253 Uhrichsville High School 11053 League of Nations Assembly 1125. THADDEU5 S. KWOLEK "Thad" Taciturn Sedate Knight JOHN L. KYLE "Slim" John's a Long Kid Band 110-1153 Glee Club 110-11-1253 Chorus 11153 "Blue Moon" 11153 Erie Contest 1115. EDYS L. LACKEY "Eddie" Exquisite Loveable Lady Junior Orchestra 11053 Girl Reserves 110-115 3 League of Nations Assembly 1125. 9. " 'i JANE M. LEICHT "Janie" Jaunty Mannerly Lassie Senatus Romanus 110-11-1253 Student Council 11153 Class Secretary 11153 Squad Leader 1125. CATHARINE M. LEWIS Catherine's Mighty Likeable Commercial Club 110-11-1253 "The Pennant" 11053 Shorthand and Type Awards 110-1153 Erie Contest 1105. WILBUR A. LEWIS "Stumpy" Wilbur Argues Loquaciously WILLIAM J. LEWIS "Willie" Witty Joy Lover Squad Leader 11253 Hi-Y 1125. ELIZABETH B. LOUDON "Lib" Every-day Brings Luck League of Nations Assembly 1125. Q Ar.. 5 QX71 X 1 1 ' 1 ' " , 5 , My own! 'GRANT E. LUTZ WAL "Luke" Wondrous, Active, Mischief Gallant Enterprising Lad AVI-'he Fool" 1125. Squad Leader 1125. HELEN L. MAHER PEARL R. MARSHALL "Helen" "Pearl" Helpful Little Maiden Pearl Rushes Many Student Representative 11155 Girl Referves 41293 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staff 11255 Dramatlcs UQ? Squad Leader Q11-1255 May Day Festival 11053 Perfect Attendance 411-125. Assistant Squad Leader 111-125. MARY E. MAHER ffMaryv1 VIVIEN L. MARTIN Mary's Earnest Minded HBH-'N Student Representative 1121 3 V1g1lant Laconic Mademoiselle Squad Leader 111-1255 Erie Academy High 110-11-12B5, Class Basketball 111-125g N - -H' ' ff . e Ca 1 Business Sta 1125 LOUIS W. MAUNEY A. WESLEY MANN, JR. -fM,,u,,ey,- ' "weasel" Lively Willful Musician Absolutely Wonderful Manners Senior Orchestra 110-11-121' Perfect Attendance 11055 Boys' Glee Club 110-115g Erie Music Contest 1105g MYRABETH MAY League of Nations Assembly 1125. "Beth" M 'l t M d CLARENCE s. MANOR agm Oquen a Cap .. ,, "The Pennant" 1115g "Blue Moon" 111 , , orus - g Doo Ch 110 115 Chivalrous Studious Man Girl Reserves 110-11-1215 Hi-Y 111-125. Dramatics 110-125. 28 A. fmrL,,'M,f,f MABEL A. McLAFFERTY PAUL W. MILLER "Irish" Most Admirable Madcap Gym Exhibition 11215 League of Nations Assembly 1121. GLADYS M. MCNEES "Hattie" Gracious Modest Maiden Student Representative 11015 Girl Reserves 110-1215 League of Nations Assembly 11215 Gym Exhibition 1121. DOROTHY M. MEEK liDot!7 Discreet, Meek, Maidenly Chorus 11015 "The Pennant" 11015 Erie Contest 11015 League of Nations Assembly 1121. FRANK J. MILLER "lVIoko" Frisky Jocund Man Commercial Club 1121. HUGH M. MILLER aaHughv1 Hugh's Motorcycle Mad "Shrimp" Positively-a Wonwderful Magistrate Perfect Attendance 110-11-1215 Student Council 11215 League of Nations Assembly 11215 Squad Leader 1121. CONSTANCE G. MONTANARY "Connie" Cautious Gentle Miss Class Basketball 11215 French Club 11215 League of Nations Assembly 1121 Commercial Club 1121. HARLAND A. MOONEY "IVIoon" Handsome Ambitious Man Class Football 1101 5 Class Track 110-1115 Varsity Football 111-1215 Class Swimming 1111. ' ELEANOR M. MORGAN "Ullie" Excellent Modest Miss Commercial Club 11215 V League of Nations Assembly 1121 Shorthand Department 110-1115 Type Department 110-111. JANE B. MORROW IKJYQ Jolly Brunette Maiden Wampum High 110-1115 Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 11215 Senatus Romanus 11215 Perfect Attendance 1121. , Y , RN is XNMM .ffl at SETH C. MORROW "Cookie" Surely Can Manage Student Representative 11215 Squad Leader 11215 Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staf 1Associate Editor, 121 "The Fool" 1121, HThe Nut Farm" 1121. RAY L. MUDER "Mudder" Ray Loves Music Harrisburgh Contest 11015 Perfect Attendance 11015 Squad Leader 11115 Glee Club 110-111, DONALD J. NEWMAN "Stink" Dauntless Jocund Norseman Class Basketball 11215 Springfield, Ohio, High School 110-111. JOHN A. NOJIC "Tim" Just Always Naughty Color Bearer for Band 1121. MARY E. NORTON usauyn Mary's Exceedingly Nice Girl Reserves 110-1215 League of Nations Assembly 1121. COLEMAN J. O'LOUGHLEN "Kokoma" Coleman's Judiciously Onest Class Football 11115 Commercial Club 111-1215 President 1121 Track 111-1215. Indiana Commercial Contest 1111. LOIS R. OTTO "Becky" Laughing Rollicking Overture Orchestra and Band 111-1215 League of Nations Assembly 11215 Glee Club 111-1215 "Once in a Blue Moon" 1111. GEORGE R. PALUS "Busty" Generally Radiant Person Cheer Leader 111-1215 Stage Electrician 111-1215 Student Representative 1101. P. JEANNE PATTERSON "Sunny" Prescribes Jolly Pastimes Girl Reserves 111-1215 'tThe Fool" 1121. MARY CATHERINE PATTERSON uPattyv Modest Clever Person Girl Reserves 111-1215 League of Nations Assembly 11215 Gym Exhibition 1121. 652539 UMW Qaida E . , ,WX DOMINICK L. PECANO llPek7! Dominent Laugh Producer Senior Orchestra 110-125 g Music Contests 110-11-1255 String Quartet 11255 Perfect Attendance 1125. GLEN C. PITZER llpitz!! Gumption, Courage Personified Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 11255 Class Representative 11253 League of Nations Assembly 11253 "The Fool" 1125. DOMINICK B. POLISE "Mingo" Demands Better Protection Class Football 110-115. LORA M. POST "Posty" Lively Moving Person Girl Reserves 110-1255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. MARY D. QUINN "Rustie" Mary Dodges Quarrels Perfect Attendance 110-1255 Commercial Club 11255 League of Nations Assembly 11253 Girl Reserves 110-11-125. LORICE M. RASHID "Lorie" Life's Most Relevent Type Awards 1115g French Club 11253 Glee Club 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. J. HAROLD REARDON llHaln!! Just Hates Reluctance Ne-Ca-Hi Art Editor 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. ALBERTA M. REEHER "Bert" Always Most Ready League of Nations Assembly 11253 Erie Contest 11055 New Castle Contest 1115 "The Pennant" 11055 "Once in a Blue Moon" 1115 9 Girl Reserves 1125 . ESTELLA P. REYNOLDS cureddyn Efficiency Plus Reason GRACE M. REYNOLDS "Gracious" Gifts Most Rare J ,- A wflfa i N A ADMMV 'LT M s 5 N Q E. VICTOR RI LUTHER C. ROWE "Vic" "Luke" . . . Lugs Clean Record Exceptlonal Vlohn Ren Varsity Basketball 111-1253 Perfect Attendance 11053 Varsity T-Tack Q11-12,3 League of Nations Assembly 11253 Varsity Football 1125. Band and Orchestra 110-11-12533 State Winner of Cello Contest 1151? RUBY ftll-IRQYVI-AND 1 6 J lny ' HAZEL L. ROBERTS Really Ambitious Rascal i Student Secretary 11253 HBudd'en Shorthand Awards 11253 Happy Little ROEUB Type Awards 11153 Student Secretary 11253 Gym Exhibition um' Music Contest 11153 ANNA J, RUSSU "Once in a Blue Moon" 1115 3 "F,-encl-,yn Glee Club 110-115. Always Jolly Rogue Class Basketball 110-11-1253 KATHERYN E. Rocks Varsity Basketball 1125: uKaten Glee Knows Every Racket Chorus H0415 Commercial Club 1105, ALBERTgexie,?ADLER Always Most Sedate HARRY H' ROSENBERG Ne-Ca-Hi Literary Staff 1125i "Rosie" Gym Exhibition 11253 HOW Harry Radiateg Student SeCI'etaI'y 11253 Commercial Club no-HM Type and Shorthand Awards 111-125 Class Basketball 1125. VIOLA M. SANKEY "Slats', ANDREW W- ROTH Very Modest Student ..And ,, Perfect Attendance 111-1255 Y , Type Awards 11053 Always works Rapldly Shorthand Awards 111-1253 Perfect Attendance 1105. Student Secretary 1125. 32 . "ly if '-, VIRGINIA E. SEGER " "Ginny" Vents Eternal Sunshine i 111-125 3 Commercial Club 110-1253 "Once in a Blue Moon" 11153 Contest at Grove City 1105. DOROTHY M. SHIFFLER lKDot7l Does Much Studying Senatus Romanus 111-1253 League of Nations Assembly 11253 Gym Exhibition 1125. LILLIAN SHINGLETON KlLilYY Likeable Sincerety LEWIS SHURLOCK "ShyIock" Lewis Shines County Commercial Contest 1105 3 Commercial Club 11053 Band Manager 1125. REVINA H. SIMON 6KReYl Rarely Has Shirked Chorus 110-11-1253 "The Pennant" 11053 Erie and New Castle Contests 110-115 Gym Exhibition 1125. DAVID D. SLEPPY. JR. "Reverent" Divinity Doctor's Son Hi-Y 11253 Glee Club 110-11-1253 Tumbling Team 110-1253 Class Basketball 1125. HAZEL M. SMITH "smarty" Has Matrimonial Schem Class Basketball 110-11-1253 Capt. Varsity Basketball 11253 Class Vice President 11153 Squad Leader 111-125. JAMES A. SMITH "Jimmie" Jim's Always Snappy Class Basketball 111-1253 Class Play, "The Fool" 11253 Student Representative 11053 Student Council 1115. JANE R. SMITH "Red" Justa Rayof Sunshine Uniontown High 11053 Charleston High 1W. Va.5 11053 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staff 1125. VELMA I. SONTAG "Velma" Vivacious In Stepping Erie Contest 11053 League of Nations Assembly 1125 French Club 11253 Dramatics Club 111-125. es C 1 oach 1125 .4 KN 6 "'Fritz" Faithful, Energetic, Silent Mercer High School 11055 Squad Leader 11155 Perfect Attendance 1115. JOHN E. SULLIVAN "Johnnie" J0hn's Ever Sympathetic Orchestra 1105 5 Student Representative 1115. NAOMI J. SURRIDGE HNOIHP, Nice Jovial Sort Poppy Day Drive 11155 Class Basketball 11055 Gym Exhibition 11255 Girl Reserves 1105. ROBERT V. SYPHER llsyphm Regular verbose Slicker Student Representative 1105 5 Squad Leader 111-1255 Cheer Leader 11155 Head Cheer Leader 1125. HOWARD A. TACKETT axHowdy1v He's Kinda Taciturn 1:-,S Y '77' "" "vw ' ' "Bertie" Beautiful, Proud, Tactful Chorus 110-11-1255 Glee Club 110-11-1255 "The Pennant" 11055 "Blue Moon" 1115 t'Nautical Knot" 1125. H. ELIZABETH TAYLOR "lkie" Has Exceptional Talent Perfect Attendance 11055 Class Basketball 11055 Girl Reserves 110-1155 Commercial Club 1115. P. RICHARD THOMAS lKDick7! Pretty Rare Toter Football 110-1155 Basketball 110-125 5 'tThe Fool" 11255 Representative 1125. JOHN D. THOMPSON "Johnnie" Judicious Demure Talker Squad Leader 11255 Philadelphia Music Contest 11155 Ne-Ca-Hi Band 110-11-125. MILDRED V. THOMPSON "Tommie" Medical Visions Triumph Perfect Attendance 110-1255 Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Home Economics Club 1125. ff 1 Y r ZMMZWZ7 . RAYMOND V. TURCO ..Ray,, Responds Very Timidly Perfect Attendance 111-125. HARRY A. VALLE. 'KHUtCl'l,, Has Ample Vitality Class Basketball 110-1155 Perfect Attendance 1115. TERESA M. VITELLE. Knreresu Trustful Maiden Verily Perfect Attendance 11055 Typewriting Awards 11055 Shortland Awards 111-1255 Student Secretary 1125. FRANCIS A. WAINIO "Skinny" Finishes Azza Winner Class Basketball 11055 Class Football 11155 Varsity Basketball 110-11-1255 Varsity Track 110-11-125. JESSIE MAE WEAVER "Weaver" Jessie's Mighty Winsome Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 Home Economics Club 11255 Girls' Gym Exhibition 11255 League of Nations Assembly 1125. C',J'3 HILDA WEBER "Hilda" Has Wisdom Commercial Club 11255 Shorthand Awards 111-1255 Type Awards 110-1155 Gym Exhibition 1125, GERTRUDE A. WESCHLER "Ge:-tie" Grades And Wisdom Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 Senatus Romanus 110-11-1255 League of Nations Assembly 11255 Commencement Pianist 1125. L. VIRGIL WETTICH acvirgesr Lovely Vivacious Ways League of Nations Assembly 11255 Class Basketball 110-1155 Squad Leader 11255 Girl Reserves 110-11-1255 Treasurer 1115 President 1125. MARGARET E. WILKISON K5Peg7! Mighty Elegant Worker Girl Reserves 1115. MARTHA A. WIMER ulvlartyn Many Admirable Ways Commercial Club 11255 Poppy Day Drive 11255 'Student Secretary 111-1255 Gym Exhibition 1125. 35 tg' Ja . + 'Q' If ANNA D. WINDISCH lKAnn!1 Always Does Well Indiana State Contest Award 11113 Commercial 'Club 111-1215 Type and Shorthand Awards 110-11-12 Gym Exhibition 1121. AUGUST J. WINDISCH ClBudY! Always Joins Willingly HELEN E. WOODS "Woodsie" Has Everybody Wondering Class Basketball 110-11-1215 Commercial Club Vice President 11115 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staff 11115 1Typist15 Type and Shorthand Awards 1111, JOSEPH C. WYLIE lKJoe7Y Joe Can Work Representative 110-1115 Vice- Pre-sident 11015 Hi-Y 11215 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Staff 1121. I S Q' JOHN C. YOUNG CKJohn!! Just Cheers You Class Football 11115 Commercial Club 5 Monitor Staff. JOHNNIE L. YOUNG NDN!! Johnnie Looks Youthful League of Nations Assembly 11215 Wampum High School 110-111. KATHERINE E. YOUNG "Heena" Kindly Esteerned Youth Wampum High School 110-1115 Gym Exhibition 11215 League of Nations Assembly 1121. RUBY M. YOUNG lKBee!! Radiates Much Youthfulne Chorus 110-1115 Erie Contest 11115 "The Pennant" 11015 "Blue Moon" League of Nations Assembly 1121. SS 111 HONOR ROLL XMARTHA HOLLIDAY XJANE MORROW ANGELINE OASTRUOOI JONATHAN A. BROWN JOHN OHEMERDA TOM HAWKINS COLEMAN OALOUGHLIN JULIUS BLOOM CLARISSA DUEE XSETH MORROW DOROTHY SHIFFLER GEBTRUDE WESOHLER ALBERTA SADLER HELEN GONDA GILBERT HOFFMAN THELMA HEMPILL CLARA HOUK ANDREW ROTH LUTHER ROWE TLOUISE CAMPBELL ANNA WINDISCH XHARRISON IPPOLITO 4'Senior Year only at Ne-Ca-Hi. 7 N ,Q Nt X NIOR B CLASS! SE THE x THE SENIOR B CLASS "Not at the top, but climbing" is a fine motto for our class, and as Seniors, we feel as though we were nearing the top. May I point out what we, as a class, have done for the progress of our school. In recounting the past, it is easy to remember the days when we were Sophomores, and were made the subject of many taunts and jeers by the upperclassmen. Under the leadership of James Stevenson, our class took up its work. We are especially proud of the scholastic record made that year. The names of a large percentage of our members were found on the Honor Roll and we won fame as pioneers of the College Board Class. Nor may we be proud of our scholastic work alone. We began to take our place in athletics, furnishing material for both class and var- sity teams. As Juniors, we re-elected James Stevenson president, and he, along with the other class officers, led us successfully through our se-cond year. Forgetting our Sophomore blunders, we entered school this time with added zeal and enthusiasm. Our members took part and became leaders in all school activities. We held our place scholastically and athletically and gained prominence in musical and dramatic organi- zations. A party opened the social life of the class. The co-operation of the committee workers made this function a success, which has been rivaled only by our Senior party. And now the goal which seemed so far away, is at hand. We are Seniors, and the leadership of the school is in our power. We are active in the Student Council, the Senatus Romanus, the Commercial Club, the Dramatic Club, the Band and Orchestra, and the Hi-Y and Girl Reserve Clubs. No side of school life has been neglected. What we may have accomplished in these years is due to the co-operation of supervisor, officers and class members. We hope that thus far in our work we have helped to raise the standards of our Alma Mater, and that at the end of our last semester, we shall leave a record of which she will not be ashamed. And may we in the future, continue to fulfill the motto of Ne-Ca4Hi, Perge Modo. President ----- - James Stevenson Vice President - - Thomas Hawkins Secretary - - Martha Randles Treasurer - - Mac Leslie Supervisor - - - Miss Mary Riifer . Y. f Avy Y Y By- .1 'Lg-JE. 'ISJT A Martha Randles, " 'fi-'-' Un H J xf xx X 40 WECSIIF ,v Nt X 'X N :Ci-5 Bw Q kk L7 P43 xl X , y Ek 7 N Z I - .,, l.. . . , . -,'.,-.- ,,-. ...- ' ..- .' . . .Du-. , , - .4 Q .-. . . .'3' ' U. ...' .u ' 1 . X X , , ... - 1 . . .', ......-.- . -..- ' .'. .,. . ' ' v., -' FXS? if 1li IW if X N xxxx N ffbky X if flk mg.fgfg ,A 1 lg MES ,NK My '-my: QQ .X sn ' 4X CQ' , 4-4 'UH N f aj 1 y KX! A : wg v M.. - fjflf'1l"fIf SS A CLA OR THE JUNI THE JUNIOR A CLASS The change from Sophomore B's, who think they have a long grind ahead of them, to Junior A's, who are just beginning to realize how short is their high school career, is an important change in every stu- dent's life. When we first came here We Were, not exactly afraid, but somewhat cautious in all our doings. When We Went into the library We wondered at which desk We should put our slips, and the long process of getting an excuse for absence was mystifying and complex. But now we do these things with such a matter-of-fact air that We enjoy a secret sense of superiority. This merely illustrates the Way We have grasped the intricate details of life in this glorious institution. Gradually we Worked ourselves into all the affairs and organizations of the school, and now members of our class are prominent in clubs, band, orchestra, glee club and chorus. While all this change has come about, we have kept just about the same officers. This year one change was made-Walter Preston, by a Wide margin, was elected vice president to succeed Emerson Davies, who has quit school. By the time this annual has appeared, We, the June Class of '32, will have assumed the title of Seniors, and Will thenceforth be on a much higher standard. Then with the title of Seniors, We will assume a greater responsi- bility for the success of school athletics. There should, of course, be more Seniors than Juniors or Sophomores on the varsity teams, and this promises to be the case next year. Let's keep this promise. The Senior football and basketball teams have always proven to be among the best, so there is another obligation for us. In different assemblies throughout the year, much has been said of the good eiects of student support upon a team in stiff competition. School spirit does not spring up over night, but it takes long months to develop fully, and the more slowly it grovvs, the more sincere it is likely to be. In vvhom but 'the Seniors has this spirit been given time to fully arise? Next year, 'there- fore, We shall take upon ourselves even more of the pleasant duty of supporting, athletic teams. But in the development of the social and athletic sides of life we must not neglect the scholastic interest. Here again Senior Classes have set a high standard, for the list of Seniors upon the roll of honor is usually longer than that of any others. Let us make our honor roll list a score of names each time! If we fulfill the obligations which NOW rest upon us, We shall raise even more glorious standards for those who follow us, and our class will ever be remembered among the most illustrious ever to pass on from this school to higher education, either in the college or in the outside world. President - - Perry Reeher Vice President - Walter Preston Secretary - - Amil Lelenko Treasurer - Alex Brincko Supervisor ----------- Miss Birchard El E 1' f 13:- Bv- Je: - Robert Ailey an ""H' , 43 THE JUNIOR B CLASS THE JUNIOR B CLASS PAST In February, 1930, one of the most outstanding Sophomore B classes entered High School. Very few members of the class became owners of permanent chapel seats or utilized the elevator in going from one floor to another. Instead, we grouped around Minerva, obtaining safety from upper classmen under the watchful eye of Mr. Orth. Finally, Miss Taylor came to the rescue, took charge of the class, and under her guidance the class was organized. Junior High School rivalry was forgotten and class officers were elected. Showing proof of the wisdom of this selection of officers, the class became a compact, well governed division of the student body of the school. To these officers we are deeply grateful for their efforts in behalf of the class: President, Thomas Rambo, Vice President, Mary Jane Metzlerg Secretary, Emily Reynolds, Treasurer, Robert Wilkins. Upon arrival in High School, several members of the class gained varsity and near varsity berths in athletics, while others obtained enviable records in scholarship. PRESENT Now that we are Juniors, gone is that half frightened air which so aptly characterizes and describes almost all Sophomores. In its place we have obtained new qualities-those of confidence and depen- dability, and with them the respect with which they are held. No longer are we looked down upon by upper classmen. Instead, we are in a position to help struggling young Sophomores. We have lost all our former foolish and Sophomore-ish ideas and have settled down to enter completely and heartily into school activi- ties such as dramatics, sports, clubs, and societies. Yet with all 'these activities to occupy our time, we have not neglected our studies and have many honor students. Again we have, under the guidance of our class supervisor and former class officers held elections and chosen class officers. At the same time we chose our class colors, Blue and Silver. Our new officers are: President, Sara McKee, Vice-president, Grace Bell, Secretary, Kenneth McKay, Treasurer, George Muse. FUTURE Soon we shall be big Seniors. Then will come our graduation worries and troubles, but we shall have the pleasure of knowing we are Seniors and, therefore, the elite of the school. Then most of us will have decided what our future vocations and life work will be and perhaps choose the college where we shall obtain the form of higher education necessary for the realization of our dreams. Nevertheless, regardless of what we intend to do in the future, we shall do our best now to uphold the traditions and the well earned name and reputation of dear old Senior High. 5 Kenneth McKay, - ULLBE Secretary , '- """"' , : Miss Taylor "' Supervisor ' ' 45 rw L, 3 YIQWWEUMIW Q ,Ev W w L ' Q "'-Q N , f f in Q 'fi' 11 wx f 6' - TM, Gi .4 x I gf? N?'.0..'i?j.g X ' 0 XJQ QL LYWWX , -1 fx 2 X K M N K ff? w x ' ffzw -- v -f 47 THE SOPHOMORE A CLASS THE SOPHOMORE B CLASS T ' 7 50 My fx WWW V, F X f' SMNY 'A 'Q x M Wy, 'e 545, f 2 '12, My ly Wa lm ' I I f X X N J! HCTIVITIES X 'X R X? E gp!-fl ' my x,,,fa in THE NE-CA-HI STAFFS THE NE-CA-HI STAFFS LITERARY STAFF Jonathan Brown ........ ................. E ditor-in-Chief Clarissa Duff .................. ............. A ssociate Editor Kenneth Atkinson ........ ............ A ctivities Editor Louise Campbell ......... ............... H umor Editor Glen Pitzer ................. ...... P icture Editor Frances Frost .......... ....... P oetry Editor Alberta Sadler .... MEMBERS OF LITERARY STAFF COMMITTEES Martha Holliday Angeline Castrucci Jane Morrow Julius Bloom Seth Morrow LITERARY STAFF ADVISORS Miss Young Miss Taylor ART STAFF Harold Reardon, John Grommes, Editors Miss Gailey, Art Advisor BUSINESS STAFF Dan Fulkerson ....... .................................... B usiness Manager Sidney Fleming .......... .......... A ssistant Business Manager Ray Bennett ........................ ................... A dvertising Manager Kenneth Atkinson .......... ........... C irculation Manager Robert Park ................... ............................. B ookkeeper Christine DeCarbo ...................................... ....................................... T ypist BUSINESS STAFF COMMITTEES Robert Golder Helen Maher Helen Haines Jane Smith Mary Maher Joe Wylie Mr. Weide, Business Staff Advisor v"'F"i Q ff igjh L. , Q: HR. 53 THE SENIOR PLAY, "THE FOOL 54 THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY, "THE FOOL" On Friday evening of May first, the Senior Class presented "The Fool," a play which made one think. The following are the student actors of the Senior Class who made the play such a success: Seth Morrow, who enacted the part of a young minister who preached what he believed and lived as he believed and who in so doing caused himself innumerable heartaches, is indeed a find. Seth is a studious actor who designs his parts scrupulously, there is architecture as well as stir in his playing. Hazel Huston played the feminine lead as Clare Jewett. Clare really loved the young minister, "The Fool," however, she chose the wealthy man and luxuries and comforts, not realizing her mistake until too late. Hazel carried her part in a pleasing and talented manner. John Hodge as Jerry Goodkind, the wealthy rival of the young minister who won the hand of Clare Jewett but eventually lost both her and happiness, showed himself capable of playing any part, and that is true dramatic ability. Ruth Joshua, playing the part of a little crippled girl, Mary Mar- garet, is to be highly complimented. Through the efforts of Mr. Gil- christ, Mary Margaret had faith enough to overcome her suffering. Ruth made her audience feel keenly the part she was living. Dick Thomas, in the role of George F. Goodkind, deserves much credit. He conducted himself as a father and financial success with an admirable dignity. John Grommes, playing as Umanski, the working man who plead for better working conditions and in whose behalf the discharged min- ister labored, was outstanding from the time he appeared on the stage. William Broadbent as Joe Hennig, added much to the play by the forceful way in which he played his part. Guy D'Eletto supplied the play with considerable humor by his pleasing interpretation of Grubby. Kenneth Atkinson as the servant, displayed ability in dramatics. Jeanne Patterson, Gladie Biddle, Glenn Pitzer and Jane Leicht, also Robert Golder and James Smith, launched the play and won the admiration of the audience in the first act. They forgot that they were high school Seniors and became the wealthy men and women of a Christian Church, dissatisfied with their realistic minister. Rosalyn Freeman, William Broadbent and John Hodge each played two different characters in a splendid manner. Other Seniors who appeared on the stage and contributed to the success of the play were: Jonathan Brown, Dale Gibson, Paul Butler, Mike Iafrat, Walter Marco, Jane Smith, Helen Woods, Virginia Seger, Mary Quinn, Mildred Thompson and Revina Simon. These Seniors attempted a play different than any yet produced. But to Miss Hartsuff, our capable dramatic teacher, goes the credit of bringing out the talent that made the play a success Z., ' . ' I 4' u.u n ' ' 55 THE SCHOOL PLAY, "JERRY" THE SCHGGL PLAY, "JERRY" On the evening of March 5, 1931, the third play of the year was presented by the Dramatics Class. The play enacted by Miss Hart- suff's students was entitled "Jerry," and from every indication it was indeed a success. The standard established in "The Nut Farm" and "The Youngest" of the previous semester, was successfully maintained by the student actors who took part in "Jerry." Hazel Huston, in acting the character of Joan Doubleday, was a central figure in the play. Miss Doubleday had been engaged since childhood and creates considerable action in her desire to terminate the engagement. It seemed that Hazel was at her best in this role, or in other Words, was a professional. Rosalyn Freeman was Harriet Townsend in the play, mother of Joan Doubleday. Rosalyn made this character stand out by her ex- cellent dramatic ability. Harriet Kline made her first appearance on our stage in the 'title role of "Jerry." It was Jerry who caused the excitement by getting herself engaged to the fiance of Joan Doubleday. Harriet established her reputation as a dramatic student of real talent and will doubtless appear in future school productions. Montagu Wade, the gentleman lover of the play, was played by George Winter. George carried his part in a distinguished manner, but this is only one of George's admirable qualities. John Hodge, in the role of Peter Flagg, Who was the patient ad- mirer of Joan Doubleday, contributed a great deal to the success of the play. Hodge played his part with a zest that made it live and thereby displayed unquestionable talent. The Doctor Kirk of the play, who arrived just in time to save Jerry from a dose of fake poison, was ably characterized by Frank Rieg. Frank played his part with the ease of a professional actor. Herman Green appeared as Briggs, the family servant who was right in the action of the play. Herman conducted himself like a veteran servant, thus proving his dramatic ability. Albert Perlman, alias Lewis the chauffeur, made a good impression when he appeared, and We suspect he drove the family limousine without accident. 1' I 'fr' u E I 'Qfif' '-gun 57 THE STUDENT COUNCIL , OFFICERS President - - Charles Kay Secretary - - Helen Haines Vice President - William Caven Assistant Secretar5 Frances Hyde Treasurer - -Frank Baldwin MEMBERS Senior A's-Frances Hyde, Helen Haines, Paul Miller, William Caven. 'Senior B's-Dorothy Young, Helen Barr, Frank Baldwin, Charles Kay. Junior A's-Edward Marvin, Ruth Hildebrand, Perry Reeher. Junior B's-Louise McCoy, Gertrude Graham, David Long. Sophomore A's-Rose Rice, Rex Rowland. Sophomore B's-Heber Baldwin, Rebecca Carson. STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES OFFICERS President - -- Charles Kay Secretary - - Mac Leslie Vice President Helen Haines Treasurer - - Walt Preston MEMBERS Edward Bender, Rebecca Carson, Robert McWilliams, Helen Gar- ret, Claude Linton, John Byers, Helen Haines, Mary Maher, Glen Pitzer, Seth Morrow, Richard Thomas, Mac Leslie, Alex Brinko, Josephine McGoun, Abe Vago, Walt Preston, Robert Aiken, William Bumbaugh, William Duff, Lello Gensanti, David Long, Charles Perelman, Robert Wilkins, Agnes Schweikert, Jacob Thomas, Charles Book, Charlotte Confer, Herbert McGivern, Emily Galasso, Ruth Houk, Robert Howe, Richard Rentz, Mildred Layton, William Kelley, William Auksztule- wicz, Catherine Conti, Clyde Shannon, Lois Lee. 58 The numbers following each name signify the year for which the honors were awarded THE SENATUS ROMANUS Consul Primus ........ .......... T om Hawkins Quaestor .... ........ J onathan Brown Scriba ........................ Angeline Castrucci Aedilis ............. ......... J osephine Allen FOURTH YEAR AWARDS JANUARY, 1931 JUNE, 1931 Summa Cum Laude, Angeline Castrucci Summa Cum Laude, Martha Holliday Magna Cum Laude, .Julius Bloom Magna Cum Laude, James McKee Cum Laude, Thelma Hempill Cum Laude, Frank Baldwin, Dorothy Young JUNIOR HIGH LATIN AWARDS Summa Cum Laude ........,... Lida Joseph Magna Cum Laude, ................ Leo Wrona Cum Laude ........,...................................................................................,....... Myrtle Shapo Aiken, Frances Q35 Ailey, Robert Q15 Baldwin, Frank Q2-35 Bell, Grace Q25 Bloom, Julius Q2-3-45 Brown, Jonathan Q2-35 Butler, Paul Q25 Castrucci, Angeline Q 1-2-35 Cromie, Dorothy Q25 Curry, Lois Mae Q25 Davis, Ethel Q35 DeT'homas, Dante Q25 Farver, Ione Q15 Flynn, Dolores Q25 Graham, Gertrude Q25 Gonda, Helen Q45 Hawkins, Tom Q2-35 Hempill, Thelma Q2-3-45 Hildebrand, Ruth Q1-25 Holliday, Martha Q45 Hyde, Frances Q25 Kazenski, William Q25 Kelch, Anna Q25 Kelly, William Q15 Kennedy, Anna Q25 Leicht, Jane Q25 Lerner, David Q15 Long, David Q15 Mann, Nettie Q25 Metzler, Mary Jane Q25 McCune, Alice Q25 59 McKee, James Q1-2-35 Moore, Dorothy Q25 Morrow, Jane Q45 Muse, George Q25 Niemczik, Stella Q25 Nunn, Beryl Q15 Parker, Jean Q25 Reeher, Perry Q1-25 ShiHler, Dorothy Q2-35 Stevenson, Tom Q25 Silverman, Lena Q15 Shaffer, Gertrude Q15 Vigali, Frank Q25 Weschler, Gertrude Q25 Wimer, Jean Q25 Young, Dorothy Q25 MODEL ASSEMBLY OF LEAGUE GFHNATIONS Eighty-four students in the Problems in Democracy Classes took for the semester project, the organization of a Model Assembly of the League of Nations. This was done after completing a study of the World War and the making of the treaty which included the Wilson plan for a League of Nations. The students took the parts of delegates of the fifty-four member nations. Verbatum excerpts from speeches made by certain delegates in the Eleventh Session of the League, were given by a student represent- ing that country. Speeches were given in French, Spanish, and German, followed by English translations. On May 7, the Model Assembly pre- sented a program of their work at a regular assembly period with a number of invited guests present. The same program was presented under the auspices of the Parent-Teachers' Clubs of New Castle on the evening of International Good-Will Day, May 18, to which all the citizens of New Castle were invited. . The following students took the leading parts and contributed much to the success of the program: Gilbert Hoffman, Paul Miller, Thelma Bumbaugh, Hazel Huston, Raymond Bennett, Angeline Cas- trucci, Clarissa Dui, Louise Campbell, Louise Young, Mary Norton, Gertrude Weschler, James Hill, Francis Eckelberger, Dorothy Shiffler, Helen Gonda, Lois Otto and Virgil Wettich. 60 THE COMMERCIAL CLUB The High School Commercial Club Was organized February 18, 1931, With Coleman O'Laughlin acting as chairman. The following officers Were elected: President - Vice President Treasurer - Secretary Antilla, Matilda Book, Jean Casey, Eleanor Conners, Irene Conners, Isabelle Cololuca, Francis Crisci, Vera Cosgrove, Pat Cutwright, Sally Davies, Peg DeCarbo, Christina Duda, Mary Dickey, Laura Fauzey, Althea Frank, June Fuller, Eleanor Supervisors - Ginsberg, Jeanette Glass, George Hietch, Irene Hill, Lily Belle Houck, Richard Huber, Dot Isolda, Clara Jackson, Julia Kivine, Elma Kenell, Jo Levine, Sylvia Lewis, Catherine Lewis, Elizabeth Montenary, Constance Morgan, Eleanor - John Whalen - Christina DeCarbo - Richard Houck - -- Martha Wimer Morgan, Josephine Morris, Gerald O'Laughlin, Coleman Penela, Albert Preston, Mary Quinn, Mary Quinn, Gertrude Romanic, Helen Seger, Virginia Stoughton, William Weygant, Dot Weber, Hilda Whalen, John Windisch, Anna Wimer, Martha Woods, Helyn - Mr. Mills and Mrs. Brinkerhoff 61 THE GIRL RESERVES "To find and give the best- To face life squarely." The Girl Reserves have a three-fold aim, Healthy Bodies, Alert Minds, and Christ-like Spirits. Our program endeavors to fulfill these ideals. The club aims to give each member a chance for self-expression. The physical idea is forwarded by our interest groups and activities, Bowling, Dancing, Roller Skating and Basketball. Minds and spirits are developed by dramatics and by our weekly programs. Our theme this year is travel, and we have had most inter- esting talks on various countries by people who have had the experience of living in a foreign country or who have treveled extensively. The organization is not all serious and intellectual, we have had a Valentine party and a Boys' night dance, a Mothers' and Daughters' banquet, a hike, and a hamburg fry. Miss Lowers is the Girl Reserve secretary, and our chief advisor is Miss Martin. The other advisors are Miss Jones, Miss Smith, Miss Jenkins and Miss Long. We have eighteen members on our cabinet, and Virgil Wettich is our efficient president. The cabinet holds a dinner and meeting every month, at which time they decide matters of importance and interest to the club. It holds conferences also every spring and fall at East Brook Camp for outlining and completing the year's work. Each year we send three girls to the Y. W. convention at Kiski. Aside from having a good time and meeting other Girl Reserves, 'they come back with many new ideas for our programs. Every girl who wants to be in the center of activities, meet real girls, and have a lot of fun, should join Girl Reserves. 62 THE HI-Y CLUB As the present school year draws to a close, the members of the Senior Hi-Y can look back over the season with a feeling of perfect satisfaction. In all its work the club has lived up to its motto: "Service for 0thers." The Hi-Y believes in a four-sided life, and during the past semester it has endeavored to work in all four sides-Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Social. The Spiritual was brought in by devo- tional services and the gospel teamg the Physical by inter-club athleticsg the Mental by discussion meetings and guest speakers, and the Social by a box social which was very successful, both financially and socially. A Wiener roast was held early in May and was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Early in June the annual spring picnic was held in Mill Creek Park, Youngstown. At this picnic the new officers were installed and the season was fittingly closed. OFFICERS Ray Bennett - - - President Edward Rumbaugh - - Vice President Jonathan A. Brown - - Treasurer Tom Hawkins - Secretary Robert Mills - - Supervisor 6 ,YL New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New' New ?'cNew tNew 'l'New BOYS' BASKETBALL SEASON Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ...... Castle .....l. Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ....... Castle ..... . Castle ....... Castle ......... Castle ......... Castle ......... tW. P. I. A. L. Elimination. NICE GOING! Wilkinsburg . South High .... South High .... Westinghouse Washington . Zelienople .... Mars ................... Evans City .... Wilkinsburg . Ellwood City Butler ........... ,... Washington .. Zelienople .... Mars ................... Evans City .... Ellwood City Butler ................ Ambridge ..... . Monessen ......... Duquesne ....... Mfxlwsv. THE TRACK TEA jf The coach triumvirate of our school is to be commended on their building up of one of the best track teams yet seen around this part of Western Pennsylvania. The quality of our track team this year may be judged from the Winning of the University of Pittsburgh meet, May ninth, at Pittsburgh, for the third consecutive year, an unpre- cedented record for any school. Also, we have successfully captured places in district meets, second, at Geneva College, and have downed strong opposition in triangular meets. To excell in one sport is a great achievement, but to excell in sev- eral sports is one of those things often found in the "Believe It Or Not" columns. Many of our men, so prominent in all other fields of sport, have also come to the front on the track team. Displaying a high quality of track men, the success of our school on the cinder path is a worthy attainment. G3 THE FOOTBALL TEAM THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM The success of the girls, basketball team this year was due largely to the efforts of the coach, Miss Sarah McGoun. After many weeks of hard, earnest practice, Miss McGoun turned out a successful team. The girls' team made a record of which we should be proud. Ellwood City High was the only high school that defeated them. They were able to do that only once, for the Ne-Ca-Hi girls defeated them, in return, with a score of 31 to 17. Next year Miss McGoun will be minus a number of players. Fran- ces Amon, Helen Keck, Ann Armond, Hazel Smith and Helen Haines will graduate in June. These girls contributed a great deal to the success of this year's team. Following is the record for this year: New Castle 24 Farrell .....,............ ............ New Castle 27 Wilkinsburg New' Castle 16 Ellwood City New Castle 39 Grove City ...,. ........ New Castle 26 Farrell .................. ............ New Castle 31 Ellwood City New Castle 29 Grove City ........ ............ 68 CLASS OF THIRTY UNE C is for the class of thirty-one as tried and true, L means that we're leaving-and we feel a little blue. A is Alma Mater, Ne-Ca-Hi we hold so dear, S for sad sensation as the time to go draws near. S again for solemn as graduation's almost here. O means only that we've spent all our allotted time, F is friends that we have made, and faculty so fine. T for time we served in that place known as Study II, H means happy hours that our class has just gone through. I is incomparable, our class of course, you know. R means rugged road o'er which all high school folks must go. T is Hticklish tactics" giving out the grades you see, Y the youngsters in our care-the Sophomores so wee. O for Ockie Sheaffer who paces up and down, N is never more we'll see his disapproving frown. E is the end of our great class. The curtain's been rung down! -FRANCES E. FROST. TO A STREET CAR Rumble, rattle, little car, How I wonder what you are, Shaking, quaking-heaven's sake! My poor back you'll surely break! When the busses all have gone, You do groan and follow on, Sometimes you don't come at all, And a taxi I must call. I never sit upon your seats, That will be one of my great treats, When I am old and stooped and gray, And you still joggle on your way. 'Tis no wonder that I'm tired and worn, And my teachers look on me with scorn, Because my lessons I can't do- They'd understand if they rode on you. You swing and turn and cruelly sway me, I fear that you will some day slay me. I pray that some day we may gain A conveyance that will give less pain. When I start to the pearly gate, I'm sure that I'll arrive too late. Because I've never gotten far Whenever I've gone on an old street car. -FRANCES E. FROST. 69 AN ODE Here lies the body of one Jane Leicht- She came to blows with Miss Dorothy White. Here in repose is Julius Bloom- He took Algebra from Mrs. McCune. Bertha Taylor was killed by a song- She had to listen to the voice of Miss Long. Died of boredom-poor John Thompson- He listened to the travel tales of Miss E. Johnston Here are the remains of one Gladys Biddle- Her demise was the fault of Miss Riddle. Ockie Sheaffer is to blame for thisg now We are sadly in need of our great Luther Rowe. Here in state lies Myrabeth May- Miss Weinschenk became angry with her one day. Helen Emerick met her death, When she had to take English from Miss Galbraith Miss Van Divort gave him an A, to our sorrow The shock of it caused the death of Seth Morrow. VVe lost a treasure in Helen E. Woods- She happened to diier with dynamic Miss Good. Howard Purdy chose to become a sailor, To escape falling prey to Miss C. Taylor. Helen Maher just up and died, When she had to take chemistry from Mr. Weide. When you want Dan Fulkerson and it's hard to find him Look for Mr. Nelson, he'll be right behind him. Clarissa Duff was a winsome lass- Miss McClaren brought her death to pass. Here are the remains of the Class of Thirty-One, Miss Olivia Griffiths fired the fatal gun. -FRANCES E. FROST ODE TO AN AUSTIN What's that funny looking bug Sitting on the parlor rug? Why, my dear, don't be so smug! It's an Austin. What's that under my new hat? Looks to me just like a bat. Why, my dear, don't be like that! It's an Austin. What's that under Junior's crib? It's almost covered by his bib- Why, my dear, don't be so glib! It's an Austin. -0 Look at dad's slick new watch fob. Oh, gee! I'm all agog. No! It's not an ivory frog! It's an Austin. -FRANCES E. FROST. STUDENTS' LAMENT I fix the lamp, its glow so bright Drives away the gloom of night. I hunt my books. Oh, where's my math? The way to success is a rugged path! I get my books and settle down, The telephone rings-I say with a frown, "Hello"-the frown is a smile of delight- "Why no. I've nothing special tonight. I have my French, my English can go. I need my History, but I hate it so. Just as you say dear, at half past eight, 'Pon my honor I won't be late." I hang up the receiver, all a flurry- "Eight o'clock? Gee, I'll have to hurry! I promised to meet him, I'll not take rest, I'll have to get ready, I must look my best." The next day in school, with lessons not done, I find that it really is not so much fun. I frown rather crossly at teacher so dear, And say in a tone just so she can hear: "The teachers all give me a pain in the neck, If you don't have one lesson you're sure to get heck! To hear teachers talking, Know isn't it truej- They think that study is all we should do! But, gee, listen Jane-he called me last night, The first he had spoken since we had that fight. Honest to goodness, he was so sedate, And the time went so slowly, I could hardly wait. Finally he came, I was ready on time So we went to a show, Oh! sure, it was fine. At least I guess so-I paid little attention. And just look what I've got--a sweet pink detention! I think that these teachers can be so darn mean, They're jealous, of course-that's plain to ',e seen!" -FRANCES E. FROST. 1 ELBAF SPAS 1391 ? EIVIULOV wwmmwgw- 0hW es0hT yb dehsilbuP 'Stl htiw yawA toG TA ESIDASPAS wwmmww QksiretsAj ksiR nwO riehT tA Dk T2 FGURWORD We are sure this volume of Saps Fables will go over like a tent. It will cover everything and disclose nothing. We hope that it may help you to recall the many harrowing experiences you have gone through in this institution. In after years when you are tempted to comment on the younger generation, look over this book and overlook the many things that you got away with that were worse than they ever dreamed of trying. APOLOGIA Doctors bury their mistakes-Lawyers send theirs to the penitentiary, but some print theirs-That's the humor staff. COur present prolific out-put is due entirely to the fact that the able board of non-censors failed to see the point.J BYES The Byes Glee Club was a marvelous success, making long trips to sing at such well known places as Newt's, Mill and Washington Street, and many other popular knight clubs. Their first appearance was made on Friday, the thirteenth of March, a very unlucky time for the audience. He died in the middle of the program. Julius Bloom, the bass Cbasej was the hit of the year, being hit six times with lightly decayed eggs and such pleasant donations. This great Caruso II is a real orchestra in himself, being both bass and viol. CAnd he will soon be playing a harp.J Each year the Glee Club holds a hog-calling con- test. This season the boys collected something like fifteen sows and sold them to the David Nesbit meat market. The proceeds of this sale went to the Club's treasurer, since he skipped before anyone realized it. THE NE-CA-HI STAFF Ninth period and the stai straggle and struggle in in varying states of disintegration. They'd been putting their best into the annual for so long that they were stript of energy and had forfeited person- alities. Of course, the meeting was never called to order, the staff were so naturally a silent lot as anyone will testify who had occasion to pass 112. fAny remarks on the curiosity of the outsiders will be suppressedj. After having cussed and discussed the matter, and improvement seemed impending there arose the cry of: "But the board of directors has made a contract!" or "We can't afford it." Exasperation exceeds all limits of printability. J . W 'M vvsghvf 'w,"'1ml-v""ZmJR fm ff' mil Q51 NQVM 5 2 9 2 3 ga 2 Z 2 5 5 5 f Q R AQ Rzzhnm. ,,,m.49.4ll"4,lhf"',,f'- A-am" WJ - " - 'V-v"'-Fl-2' OUR OWN UNEMPLOYMENT BUREAU The illustrious members of the Class of '31 have attained a degree of notoriety, unprecedented in recent years. Among the expressions of popular approbation are several "fan letters" of no mean quality which we feel the heat of the inspiration quite justify. MY DEAR MR. HODGE: If, While on your visit to Africa you will make a six Weeks' 'tour With the Barnum and Bailey fRingling Brothersl Annual Show, I will guarantee you 315,000 a week. We will consider your joining us a great asset. Sincerely yours. BARNEY, HIMSELF. MY DEAR MISS EMERICK: I would like to have you come to Hollywood as soon as possible. Charter a plane if necessary. Upon seeing your picture in the Farm and Home Magazine, I have chosen you as my leading lady in place of Gretta Garbo. Very truly yours, JOHN GILBERT. 1 3 MEET Us AT THE Q :L . 1 QED , North Hill Exchange Q 0 409 REIS sT. E it Q 1 sin Q ' H M ae C00 Q Whitcemfnd Brown A MEN AND BOYS' J 'head Q CLOTHING Parker House Rolls . S Buns, Pies, Cookies Q 7 S and Doughnuts ? ' CAKES MADE TO ORDER 14 W 5 5 Ice Cream, Pop and Candy 5 1 nic 5 E ti Open Evenings Phone 1361-J i , F E 75 . l.......,ll..A4a GF he ! 9 5 5 3 ta 3 1 5 2 5 5 T 'Q-film '5n.Af9wuV'J Zz., ' .4f'L..."m2'J?'-f'vK""u ' if NORRIS D. PYLE ALBERT B. STREET Miller, Pyle 8L Street fuck and L6 jarbzfers ., . Phone 257 217-219 Sycamore St. New Castle, Pa. PRINTERS OF THE NE-CA-HI TICKETS NAME CARDS PROGRAMS -E."lm""".,,d"An-""'Zv ""' "nfU"Zv""l'Hr-""1- 76 s. I 5 5 5 I 5 F I 2 3 I Auf E ,. Nwsf"..4"-?."hw.""'.,d" 'J J 'Vai w .0 PM 'm.""'1,,yF"'a-A "" Q, '71-va wh. GSW! FmindkfkglVEVw!'inTW'J'WmEWQPiQSWHHFWZMMKIR:!V??w!'Zi!iVNJ'wm5'iP5 Fmi "I ,ink 'P' ,fini ....L'im.2' v J 1 1 ,rgnr 'Wgi "Hu DEAR MISS FREEMAN: Your ability to say so much in such a short space of time has prompted us to oifer you the position now held by Floyd Gibbons. You will broadcast twice a Week over a coast to coast baby blue network, through Station KUKU, at a salary of S100 a night. Please wire acceptance. MR. PAUL A. TICKS, N. B. C.,Chicago. DEAR MR. SLEPPY: After hearing you sing I've decided to quit trying, and turn my orchestra and all other personal belongings over to you. RUDY VALEE. P. S.: Breakfasts guaranteed Ceggs and grapefruitl. Paul Miller in his autobiography of an ex-convict, in the chapter entitled "Where Does the Ex-Convict Go?" has discovered 'to the amazed World that a large majority of released prisoners are 'to be found engaged as high school teachers. Mr. Miller has completed this book after much research and We feel justified in recommending it to Miss Calvin as a reference book for her students, who, we feel, will gain much benefit from it in spite of their tender age. O 'Ti g .U.B.T riftY Says -A ,--.Kg- ooMPL1MENTs Q EL. ! f . 2 eb S C5 as I 'Z'- ea T -2 CD e e Q.. CD 5 e ' 43? Gro gg Hmm wie wig ids or-r fan-Sur 2 9,2 gr TPS. c 2 .T F11 wif' 235 5 UJUQ gf!! r-1? Flu: '12 5 22' O B 'I U -1 . , ,g if V x L5 A . 3 1 X i i g . . . 5 F "Sign of the olla " 77 Fa 5 P 5 5 i F 6 E Q 'WL A AJ .Jn ,M J""'..!' WMWM 5 ff ? e 2 F 5 2 UNA ,4 2 2 5 2 ? Compliments E -- of -- 4 F S Shenango Pottery Co. A f 3 3 E Z Q 2 7 P i i 2 Q Insurance costs practically the same in all corn anies. Wh Q COMPLIML TS Q Q not get yo mIEJney's wortll i OF X ? when buying Insura Ce? X 5 QQ 5 Rieclg NlcJunkin g r v . E A CALL 519 Dmry Co. x 2 55 5 5 F f 5 M B 'd -Sh C 4 Q C fl 0 3llll0ll 0. Q 3 Q 2 1 g 1 Representin5 the Largist companies g i 5 m the Wor d 78 .af 4 ' ' z,..g-v.f"..... - 4 ,afw-wffm,,,"...'-Xmas GLEE CLUBS-GALS Our gals had a very successful season, and, of course, there are many reasons for this. The most important reason for this great sea- son is the fact that they made a very few appearances. Un fact, I believe they made less than thatj. There are fifty or so members in this vital organization, and 'they sound like so many chickens Cby special permission of the copy-Write ownersj. The parts are evenly divided. Some sing terrible, some awful, and the best sing like-Worse. Two Weeks after they made their first appearance they made an- other appearance in Chicago. CThey never stopped runningj. Mayor Thompson is greatly indebted to them for ridding the city of its most dangerous gangsters. fThey never stopped running, eitherb. All in all, the outlook is pretty good, and next year we hope to have a bigger and better Gals Glee Club. Mr. McKee Cin Bookkeeping Classjz "Charles, would it be a transaction if you put a 355 bill in the collection plate at church?" Chuck: "Yes" Mr. McKee: "Are you sure? Remember, it must be an exchange of equal value." Chuck: "The church gets the S155 and I get the fire protection." 1 1 55 g 9 g ouvlaa P. BROWN 3 5 1 coMPL1MENTs Q Q 20 S. Mercer St. i Q OF 2 i Q S' Q K Lawrence Automobile Co. 5 Q Q 4 Mortgage Loans Z CED Q 3 A 3 S . . 5 F 'sn fi DISTRIBUTORS or fi K 2 2 PONTIAC, OAKLAND, 2 5 Fire Insurance in Stock a s and R 1 Com g 1 CADILLAC FINE CARS 5 P QE 5 pt i f f LA ,, i E 3' ThE fthLd111h Bg gfK lag g 5 S 5 A a E O I I O 1 Q E Flrst ChflSt8lH Church E ON THE DIAMOND Q NEW CASTLE PENNSYLVANIA Q E ? a EE g 5 A Q A e 1 e j COMPLIMENTS 5 6 5 OF X 5 ? ? 5 5 ROBERT MACK113 E Atkinson Paml 8 Glass 00. E New News i 24 N. MILL S Best Liked Q Q Q Wall Paper Store A Af W 2 80 QQLJA NVVI ,amwvwfwulmwmg-y",,,f gray-yUafc5ms'vwv,ap"vuMmq,-wg-,iY"'.f THE ROMAN FILIBUSTERS alias SENATUS ROMANUS This organization is of very long standing in this school. It is of so long standing, in fact, that there is a wide-spread feeling that it should be relieved of its burden and sent to a more or less deserved rest. A filibuster is one who loquaciously squanders the precious time of another filibuster, who reciprocates by doing the identical to the former. In other words the Latin Senate of Roman Filibusters is an organization whose purpose is to find a legitimate excuse to waste time. SYMPHONIC RAZZ ORCHESTRA The Razz Orchestra as well as the Razz Band were the talk of the town after their concert. In fact, the town talked so much about them that they went to Gil City Cpresumably to a contestl, deeming it much safer for their health. However, we will say that their conductor, Joseph F. Replogle, is quite an accomplished man. Of course, everyone knows that prior 'to his position here he was a conductor in Berlin. fHe ran his street car up and down "Unter Den Linden Strasze"J. T 4 HEADQUARTERS New Castle 2 9 i 5 FOR Business Cgllggg i Q GRADUATION GIFTS . . 5 . Secretarlal, Commercial 5 4 Khvans Jewelry Co. and Stenographic Subjects 5 DAY SCHOOL- 5 E -NIGHT soHooL Q Enter at Any Time F Ph 5 A one 936 S R 5 5 NORTH MILL G. E. LYON, Prop. g 1 5 DIAMONDS-WATCHES NEW CASTLE, PA. 5 JEWELRY 81 , 3 5 E H- CUNNINGHAM 81 W EINGARTNER 5 Q F LOW E R S ? 937579997-IPB!-'r9b5?9 ? -I .5 242 E. WASHINGTON ST. PHONE 140 1? a. C S H11 11 S el' 0 Eg C 5 4 W t ' t C ll F NEW WILMINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA E Q Lawrence County's Grade A Educational Institution E 3 offers X Pre-legal Course lx Q Pre-medical Course F A Business Course Q Journalism X S . Q E Muslc 2 Q I 'mm .ll "4fYnf7.--a "'-ffx ! 2 I 2 3 ?3 2 3 1 5- 5 E Dramatics Speech Secretarial BROWN HALL I College Year Starts Tuesday September 15 1931 -.... .vafzaylpwmvy-wa my,pr',,,,pu.2-,,y".,.f ,.n. EIN'-vqf,,l",mwm2-,V-.JtsvQ"' ""' A23 4 7 AN i' Q Gr E R S O N b E. iv Headquarters for Bulova, Benrus, Hamilton, Illinois, Elgins, and Waltham Wrist i and Strap Watches. Q Q CREDIT TO ALL-PAY WHILE YOU WEAR 5 JACK GERSQN ai JEWELER and OPTOMETRIST lg E Penn Theater Building New Castle, Penna. 5 fiwwsfdxsgf-.4r.xms".ti'm-'i'Z, llll' 82 ww' '- 'L-...."'V-nf"-w-i't'hY' v' wLAfwwfwa.Wf'mN2- WHY THERE ARE SENIORS IN NE-CA-HI 1. To play hook. 2. To show how little they know. 3. To take lovology, etc. 4. To get a swelled head. 5. To find out how dumb the rest of the world is. 6. To explore the hidden nooks and crannies in the 7. To make life miserable for innocent Sophomores. 8. To do what they shouldn't do. have taking ways. To be slick and sleek. building. 9. To 10. 11. To get some hash. 12. To sleep in ninth period. be "ill" on Friday afternoon. 13. 14. And above all-To go out into the wide, wide universe, and make the world safe for Sapocracy. To "Can you keep a secret?" A"Yes, but unfortunately I always tell it to someone who can't." "Pat, do you believe in fate?" "Sure, What would I be standing on without them?" 1 4 9 A e E OLIVER P. BROWN E 5 E 5 20 S. Mercer St. E 5 ? ? F .4 5 .s 5 E l X l Q " g Q B. Nessleis Sons 5 Q Q WHOLESALE 5 E Ask for State Capital Savings g CONFECTIONERS x 5 and Loan Association folder 2' 5 "For Your Savings." 2 2 . H 3 H 1 "PennsyIvania's Largest Association" g 1 5 -s 5 -s .af cuff ' 'mu 5- J 1 5 k'Q,f'4 1 mmmxw' E 3 'e--AWK 5 2- 5 UQ FI 5 eb . -4' D11 'LA E 2 3 3 3' JWQW 234 :nl f' A gi gg E' Q umm2KFj,, w Lwwnv 5 5 ga ? J A,,,. M: g EE ! F' 4""A"'4.,Q "H "' ' .al 'E Q 9 6 53 5 ' A Ed cs- F 6 'Mums' xy- M- W :Eff EE 2 U 5 i , 0 U3 'L' u:fA 1 9 5 .,., f 5 -I f fc i 9' 3 Q -1 V' O2T:r Q ga Q Q O 5- H v 4 ? hu NAP K4 P-to X 5 2 21: O 95512 5 R P 5 jalgiigi F eg if '11 251033 S "5 Qiiggg-FTW '11 Q g2Q' -1 Q 03215 Q 335' 5Z:"S+Sfs-1,5553-Q Q ? se 5 9' Hwmfi 1 ,Q mffsgajsgi N O 1 S" w 3 U2 99 mo som it -4 r-15-ff 4 5 U sw F05-:Q B A C9 ,D '-'- ' Z mvnm NN U11 WL N 2013 Y 5 3 533335525 Q.. " 8013 f :N gqiigimirsg- N w Fi wa, an 'a -f- -- WM? g an -g Q 5 F1 Twig-3903055 '-'O A eg mmoggmrg D 8 Eaflfwzifs WN ' 'Mmm y f .woafrzzlwj N m 7 his .x.4 mggwmdgg SJ F Eiaglmggv B- g M ff Spgfhffgg OQ O 3 e f .gun-in BKPCPKE. B 'uf' "'-- 'W dm N g . V-Quo i 84 "'N,,,wv3Apwhv'vq,'2.'uq,0fL,qyP IIIVV' -'1-1 """ Z ,,., . . ww' "I "-4 TW- uV',fv"' DAILY DOESN'TS 1. If one is wise, he does not entangle himself in an argument with Miss Calvin. 2. He does not mention geometry in Mr. Gardner's class. 3. He does not tell Miss Rhodes he had to see a man about a horse. 4. He does not suggest an innovation or get an expensive idea in Annual Staff. 5. He does not keep a serious face when Mr. Sheaffer cracks wise. 6. He does not smoke cigarettes in the oiice or chew gum in gym class. 7. He does not Walk into Miss Elliott's class after the bell rings. 8. He does not develop a sudden illness Friday afternoon. The surgeon addressed his attendant in a low tone: "Get the name of the accident victim so we can inform his mother." Three minutes later the attendant returned and said: "He says his mother knows his name." In Caesar Class: "You are too literal. You must read between the lines." Student: "I can't very well, it's partly erased." 1 1 9 5 9 g 3 COMPIQQVIENTS E i A. C. Hyde Drug Co. E Q E Q 34 N. LIBERTY s'r. Q i Q The Poalice Grocery Co. 5 5 Q, Where Services Are the Best 3 Q 3 A F 5 F i 5 l t.. 2 2 b i Makers of Those Famous E x 1? x ? 3 S Hyde's Black Pills E 5 5 and 1 214 S' Jefferson street g 1 Beard's Rheumatic Remedy 5 Phone 3389 is 5 -g 5 5 tg 3 . Q. , 5 iii 85 " 'm,,v-usxmv-nm,m,..,,aff7m,q,v 'Vfwmfv qm-,.qvf"mw53sy'JsvQ2t'uNAf' lvl' 4 Best Wishes for a Happy and Successful Future to the June Graduates of 1931 ZV. 5 f' ' 'u'ff 9 e ..,'u Fvrr f Q "YOUR HOME STORE" R , ?llghZ3EgH-55331: Plll52l-lBEATIgNl?4FIRs ' WE GIVE "AHC" GREEN STAMPS E? 1 e ai g E Compliments ,, 5 ' of ' X 9 K .4 n ICS rt oppe l 5 E Wltvw ' i S s E l 5 'H E 5 W :vw fam'-vf..I"...:'f'l-'2-,i'..-f AFTER GRADUATION Q 7 5 Why not make recreation your vocation, enjoy your Work and give pleasure to 5 others, be healthy and happy and teach others to be the same? Such is the life and S. 6 work of a teacher of physical education. Established 1890 SAVAGE SCHOOL For Physical Education A Teacher Training School which prepares men and women to become teachers, directors, and supervisors of health and physical education in schools, colleges, play- grounds, clubs, private institutions, and industrial organizations. The curriculum of the three-year course includes practical instruction in all forms of athletics, gymnastics, games, dancing, swimming, dramatics, and the like, also the essential courses in education, psychology, anatomy, physiology, hygiene, and others, thoroughly covering the theory and practice of health and physical education. An Exceptionally Strong Faculty---Catalogue Upon Request ' Increasing demand for teachers. Salaries higher than for grade teaching. . Employment bureau for students and graduates. Register Now for Class Entering on September 21st, 1931. if 308 W. Fifty-Ninth St. GABRIELLE SORRENSON, Dean New York City :2w.1y,,,n,,,,Ne1lg1"..4MX'hi-""...i' 'wi f f..., ..l"A-o"'Z it ss ,,..,,-val' .3 F Q i 9 P fanny -Vw' 'z...'Wf-I"-U-'fir-'i" e Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Ye Anciente Mortuarie Shoppe Openinge Morticianne Adder Noga in charge Absolutely Top-Notch Services at Earth Bottom Prices C6 ft. deepj Our Motto Come to Us and You'll Never See Another Assistants Roller Chemerda Schnozze Katz Pec Pecano Kokomo Rosenberg Patronage Requested E. Johnston P. H. Bridenbaugh E. Calvin R. H. Gardner M. Rhodes N. P. Nelson History: "In earl da s if an overlord Went to see one of his vas- Y sals' wives, how would he address her?" "Vaseline.,' Blacksmith: "Now, Pat, I'm going to bring this horse shoe out and lay it on the anvil. When I nod my head, hit it hard with the hammer. Pat did. 5 S 1 5 P. o. ELDER 1 Q E Q for X if ? County Commissioner 2 COMPLIMENTS Q Q 5 i Q OF Z S CXEJQZE Q g 1 ? g F V. 0. 5 Subject to Republican 5 3 a 5 Primaries , 5 5 5 Sept. 15, 1931 gg 6 if 2 N 2 1 g 1 Your Vote and Influence i 5 Respectfully Solicited . f f 87 5 2 5 THE SAFE BANK 1 I I L 2 Flrst Natlonal Bank S of Lawrence County A Q A . NEW CASTLE, PA. f 3 'EEE F 3 H 5 Capital, Surplus and Profits b 3 s2,5oo,ooo.oo g f Q Q 4 E. J, Connery W. G. Andrews g. 5. 5 1 6 67,8 1 e Q s . Q 3 3 Sponmg Goods Store E fi .Y L 5 Featuring 3 E Eh? 1321119 i'31'U5- 0111. 1 Athletic Equipment For All Sports 1 A FALLS Ava.-N.MERcER s'r. F g Golf Football E 2 Nun mgmlp' ya' Tennis Basketball x Q 5' Q Fishing Boxing gg f 5 2 Baseball Skating Z1 l A l A 3 R 5 COLUMBIA BICYCLES E 1 g 1 LUGGAGE g i 5 Agent for A. G. Spalding Bro. ENTRANCE EXAMS FOR POLK 1. How high is up? 2. How low is down? 3. Compute the distance between here, there, and back again. How long would it take to go by train? By kiddie car? By roller skates? 4. How long is a string? 5. Give the area of a square circle. 6. How long is always? 7. If Shakespeare had never been born who would have written "Hamlet?" 8. Given the length of the ship and the height of the mast, de- termine the age of the captain's cat. 9. Explain Einstein's theory of relativity. 10. Pronounce this: "Transmagnificandobardouualityf' A gentleman pretty well perfumed picked up the telephone: "Hello! Hic! Hello!" "Hello," returned the operator. "Hello!" "He1lo!" "My Gosh!" said that gentleman, "how this thing echoes!" 5 as 5 i 5 BGOKELEYDE 1 5 Best Wishes Q ' 3 3 MORTUARY i Happy and Successful Future i g s 5 s to the i Q June Graduates of '31 FQ e ? .4 s 1 Sincerely, 5 5? 4 S Q rj Q s' H. R. Huston ff? Hardware Co. Ei 3 PHONE 61 E B s B g E 337-339 Neshannock Ave. Q' it 'E 5 5 89 'wmv-,smwwswhafwvf 'tvil A H -l--- ' vw 5 2 E F 5 l es 5 E Q ""u"'k A A GOOD BEGINNING ef?-ff mi' Prove your ability to adopt a savings plan and consistently adhere to it. ur-Amir-2 UU fe P-h O '1 5 L. 5 UQ L'f' :- CD U2 93 4 ,.. 5 UQ U2 :f 93 cr H. ff' CD so 'S Q L. as 'C-'f Hs cu 5 an 2 'U O rn 53. U' ,... :ff ff ,... rn ffl sw '1 cn O 'U ro 5 co Q-1 FY' O Q41 O 9' Q -...W.GT.-... XX The Umon Trust Company of New Castle 9 RESOURCES OVER FOUR MILLION DOLLARS l 5 New Castle Pennsylvania 6 A f 4 ii i Graduates- i E COMPLIMENTS i E "For life is the mirror of king i 3 OF X and slave, X ? 'A ' It is just what you are and dog ,Q ,l So give to the world the best A Lawrence Bottling Co. s -Selected. i f' t 3 E The F s A , 1 Q 1 Strouss - Hlrsliberg Co. i 5 Corner Mill 8: North Streets 90 "m..w-,sw-vw.'w-wi..Af" W'-V L... ' wsmfwwwanf He: "Why don't you like spaghetti?" She: t'Because Washington advised against all foreign entangle- ments." The hen that sits on a china egg is better off. The flow of your language is too copious for the dimentions of my comprehensions. Please illundate more explicity that I may understand more thoroughly. The law of compensation is everywhere. For every banana peel on the sidewalk there's an anti-skid wad of gum. I rose up in a car one day To give a girl my seat. It was a question Whether she or I Should stand upon my feet. Among the outstanding fables, is observed to be that perfect time- piece which tradition attributes to dear old Ne-Ca-Hi. Taxidriverr "My, what a clutch." Voice Cfrom rearl : "Say, you, keep your eye at the front. This is none of your business? 5 5 9 2 9 ? COMPI6I1l:ZlENTS E g 9966 E Q i Q 2 ? F S E S D E Peoples Savings 81 2 A Candidate for F A Trust Company 3 COUNTY TREASURER 3 NEW CASTLE, PA, 2 ? . Z i Q 5 Q sees. 5 S 91 " "Nr-W"'.AF"vf"m'mllv"'5m.4Af" v-lv-al"...Sm.2'-N"-f'wQ"'u"kJPm:1j ,F 5 9 2 5 COMPLIMENTS OF E E 1 2 ? .5 X 2 The Chambers Motor Co. A 825 N. CROTON AVE. ' Q PHONE 5130 3 .V e E 5 1 ? 5 -s E i 4 f ? EconomyShoe Shop i COMPUMENTS i E New Castle's Most Popular i E OF i V Shoe Store 2 ,s 5 4 . . 5 1 g Elliott 81 Waddmgton E 116-118 N. Mercer sr. Fi W For Men and Women 5 Q E Whg Care g Phone 3600 x 1 P' 1 F' ww i 1 i Q f' 3 ? 2 OTHER soon MAKES ? S E 1 For the Entlre Farmly g Q g 5 at Popular Prices eg 5 eg f f M.. .vm5,,qy arf wwinmv-v.,4"L.L"Q1l': -- -v"'5MA1"vu11"'.v' wwf5,,,,v-v..f"......"Q-2' In English class after a prolonged soliloquy. Miss Johnson: "Ju- lius, please open the Window and let out some hot air." Speaking of athletics, many an athlete would like to be a runner in a girl's stocking. The average man is fat enough to make seven bars of soap, and contains enough iron to make one nail: but what is lacking in most cases is a little wee bit of san-d. A clergyman, back from Russia says wicked villagers are shooting children instead of crushing them under cars in our superior way. Teacher: "Decline 'Das Herr'." Student: "I do." Teacher: "Do what?" Student: "Decline" LA TIN All are dead who wrote it. All are dead who spoke it. All die who learn it- Blessed death--they earn it! 4 HARTMANN 4 5- COLLEGE TRUNKS A 5. FEATURING 6 lnitials Put On FREE E a E Q J Y Y E Exc1.us1vE1.Y X 2 g 2 t E X sPoRT swEATERs '-r-: TXT F' T F' A 5 4 it p lx 5 5 Gold s Men s Shoppe 5 0 limp ' A it 3 22 E .WASHINGTON sT. i 8 Co. g i New Castle, Pa. 5 22,000 Articles in Hardware 5 i Phone 316-R el A Complete Luggage Shop f E i 93 BETHANY COLLEGE NNXYT uf I BETHANY, WEST VIRGINIA CLOYD GOODNIGHT, President SQ 66' 5 if 3 2 3 Z P fi F Wm. af?"'317n. 4: H 5 Q ... g 4 Q A QURLUW'COLLEGE is S . 5 m E 5 For Information Write 3 E F. H. Kirkpatrick, Secretary, Bethany, W. Va. .E P E P .ms if? 5 5 5 FOR COUNTY TREASURER 9 e 9 JOHN T. BRINTON 5 C' 'SX 5 East New Castle 5 5 3 I a 6 5 i 5 A as , FOR MAYOR E X V S ' i . A F 0 0 Q Louis G. Genkmger g g 2 3 3 I 5 Q 3 Subject to Republican Primaries K i g 1 Sept. 15 1931 g 5 Your Vote and Support 5 i Respectfully Solicited SWEET PARADOX OF LIFE 1 . . Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life .........., .............. ............................. F i nal Exams 2. An Ivy Covered Shack ................... ..................................... N e-Ca-Hi 3. Missin' You ............................. .......... G ame with Duquesne 4. Way Back When .................. ................................................ 1 928 5. Two Lovely Black Eyes ........ ................... H inkie Haines 6. My-Hour ...................................................... ............. T enth Period 7. My Days Are in His Hands ....... ....................................................... M r. Orth 8. The Silent Voice .............................. ............................................................ P ink Slip 9. Waterlilies ....................................,.......................... Scoots, Ockie, Bridie and Bill 10. Come, Let Us Learn to Sing ........ .................................................................. C horus 11. The Cat Came Back ...................... ........................................ P ost Graduates 12. Soup Song .................................................... . .,.......... Lunch Period 13. Just Plain Folks ........................................... ................................ F aculty 14. A Picture No Artist Can Paint ........... .,....... A Brilliant Soph 15. All Through the Night ...................................... ........... B efore Exams Goofy Bennett was trying to learn to use his left hand. After reading Il Pensoroso and concentrating a great deal, he decided 'that if he'd cut off his right hand he'd be able to use his left hand 'to cut his finger nails. However, since he couldn't use his left hand to cut his right hand Goff, he had to let the matter drop. 7 .5 5 ! ! 9 2 9 2 1 f PLEASE 1 Q i Q PATRONIZE Q if ? OUR ,s .4 S X Clayton H. Reeves 3 X A,,VERT,SERS 3 O O 5 S i City Council THEY Q 1931 g HAVE g R HELPED a Z i Us 1 H uf uf ! . 5 I a. g i i ? EFXVY TU DI A S 'S S 0 .4 S EXTEND HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS 9 , TO THE GRADUATES I OF 1931 E, Q 6 E 226 E. WASHINGTON ST. Q 1 5 I f 2 i s i s 3- 5 3- 55 E E 5 5 1 E I E ? COMPLIMENTS ? QA! Q OF i Q 3 Q The Clothes Shop A - .Q For Women Owens StUdlO Q of uso P. s'rRUzzl, Prop. E' Z9 5' 5 5 3 5 .9966 Second Floor, Centen l B lding 2 l 3 5 1 g Q Min and Washingt st ts 5 5 Electric Elevator Serv1ce . f , mn .,,,a4fL,qf9,,gnV'y' wQw5zhJv-zVdp"m,A'wg,2- Jfwmvafhaywwvf wmawhwv-1V,p"' I DQS' .. "Chake and I vuz valkin down the streed togedder vun summer efening, und it vas a beautiful efening. Ve feld choost fine. Ve hat had a goot dinner. Everyding vuz so kavyat und beaceful und luffley. But by golly, all of a suddent die air vuz full of bells. Such a glatter, such a rumblings, und such noises. Der streed was chucked full of engines und horses 'n' peebles. "Himmel! Ve look up und see choost ahedt of us elefen story building mit smoke und fire coming from the Windows out. Und Vay up high in the elefen stories vuz a fellow in his nighd shird hollering, 'Safe 'me'! How could ve safe him I 1 Ve ain't got no lad-der, ve ain't got no rope. Ve got nottings. "I hollered: 'Choompl' But he didnlt choomp. I says: 'Chake, you holler! "Chake hollered. But he didnlt choomp. "So I say to Chake: 'Chake, you holler, choomp, ve got a blangetl' "Chake hollered. He choomped. "Und, by golly, I had to laugh. Ve didn't haf no blangetf' ll ll CK ll CG IC 66 Byron died in grease While Browning 1- ? ? ? ! ! 9 i ? i Q HIGGINS Q Q Q 3 B R . COAMPLIMENTS E OF Q E Q fi E Pi ll A 5 H Love 8: Megown 3 5 E Your Druggists F Q NEW CAST'LE'S ' DEPENDABLE 2 S 2 i STORE R Q Q 5 E -e 5 Y 5 Q 5 5 Eff "'N,v"!,J"'v N."11r-v'W'z.Af vw w"z..,"v-9' 'Q-2's-W' li They tell me Simpson had quite a scrap with his wife last night." What was wrong with him?" "I didn't hear." Liquor, do you suppose?" "No, she licked him." KK il Is the World round?" a school ma'am asked the little boy. 6KNO7m.!! KK CK Are you crazy, child? If the world isn't round and isn't flat, is it?" "Pop says it's crooked." what Scootsz "What is a glacierologist?" Jim Smith: "An ice man." Elizabeth Taylor: "Won't you join me in a cup of tea?" Mr. Nelson: "Well, you get in and I'll see if there's any room left." Bridie: "Thomas, did you take a shower after practice yesterday?" Dick: "No, sir. Is there one missing?" J. B.: "Do you know Professor Krapp?" Miss Johnston: "Yes, I think that's the Krapp I had in Columbia." J B ' "Oh Y" . .. ,iii 1 3 3- COMPLIMENTS i Q Q PENN -1- CAPITOL E 2 DIRECTION PEOPLES AMUSEMENT CORPORATION S SPEER MAROUSIS-CHARLES FREEMAN E 5 i WHERE You SEE AND HEAR 3 The World's Greatest Photoplays i e J 3 E 1 LATE A 5 TALKING COMEDIES NEWS PERFECT SOUND QE i 98 tw-v -.Q- 'w,Wnuv4"'L.J'K1",. 'mN.,wvv,,gNlv"w,"1Iuw""5m.vl1" WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK THE CAPTAIN The man had just informed the sleeping car conductor that he wanted a berth. "Upper or lower?" asked the conductor. "What's the difference?" asked the man. "A difference of fifty cents in this case," replied the conductor. "The Lower is Higher than the Upper. The Higher price is for the Lower. If you want it Lower, you'll have to go Higher. We sell the Upper Lower than the Lowerg in other words, the Higher the Lower. Most people don't like Uppers although it is Lower on eaccounteof its being Higher. When you occupy an Upper, you have to get up to go to bed, and Down when you get Up. You can have the Lower if you pay Higher. The Upper is Lower than the Lower because it is Higher. If you are willing to go Higher it will be Lower." "Good night," and the poor man fainted. The deportment of a pupil varies inversely as the square of the distance from his teachers. We laugh at all the teachers' jokes No matter what they beg Not because they're funny ones, But 'cause its policy. 4 4 TYPEWRITERS 6 All Makes g 1 g sow, RENTTED, REPAIRED 1 E i E Special Rexgl Rate Q 3 x ? To Students X 9 Q W . ' 5 L. C. SMIT il For City Treasurer TYPEf'vRflTffgR0NA 5 E A. B. DICK-MIMEOGRAPH ig E L. W. lVlcCLUNG I L S""P"eS I ALLEN-wAI.Es and CORONA - ADDING MACHINES fi ART METALETEEI. Q OFFICE EQUIPMENT 2 B Z K 5 -3- K 1 1 g 1 Service Typewriter 5 15 5 Exchange '5 5 S 5 E . 5 12 East sr. can 4991 5 .tif 99 4 5 ? 1 Q Q When you start an account here-keep E 5 adding to it. Said Major Downing: 6 "Don't stop stirring until the pudden's Q S done." Q 4 S x S - E 0 0 0 x 2 3 The Clhzens National of New Castle 3 b 1 5 it f 2 5 5 4 IN YEARS PAST- li 5 5- -IN YEARS TO COME 5 Here's Wishing You E g E Q success E Q "For Satisfaction in Every Way" E , E , fi Z D. G. Ramsey 8: Sons i a Reynolds, Summer F fs- F sl McCann Quality, Economy, Always 5 5 Builders Supplies ' 5 5 5 5 3 5 Hardware-Paint li N 3 ' 3 CLOTHES E E .s. 3 i For Young Men g i 5 g Phones 4200-4201 5 5 306 s. CROTON AVE. E W E? api api wVvfv'W2..'-afa"'....'sm2- -1' H-H wanf .. wmv' --4A- 'L-.."V-M"-N-'rl-2'-f" Take it or leave it: The woman who loved and lost had the right idea but the wrong lawyer. The morning after. "Gosh! Well, go on. What did I do next?" "Do you support your Annual?" "No, it has a Staff." This semester it was necessary for the school to pass the so-called Hvagrancy laws," due to a serious problem of regulating supply to the demand. J If my language is too precautiating for your dominion of appre- hension, I shall fall back on my cynical jestical ideas which are cal- culated to upset your theological theories.. First Correspondent School Pupil: "There go the fire engines." Second Correspondence School Pupil: "Gee, I hope it's the post office!" What did Sir Walter Raleigh say to the queen when he spread out his coat? Ans: "Step on it." You sit up' very late at nightg You talk and argue, look and writeg You answer, bellow, snort and rip- What do you get for it-"a pink slip." Among the outstanding fables is observed to be that perfect time- piece which tradition attributes to Ne-Ca-Hi. 5 Molloy M-ldf THE covsa on this book 5 E is the product of an organization 5 Q of specialists whose sole work is x 6 the creation of unusual covers for E. 5 School Annuals, Set Books, Histories, i ' Catalogues, Sales Manuals and 9 E other Commercial Publications 5 A THE DAVID J. MoLLoY co. 1 2857 North qvestem Avenue ie CHICAGO E fri! 101 91' ...ful 'P' 2 B. 5 6 E E F 5 Q 5 E 6 2 QE B 1 1 3 ,s X A s ,gnrir-. 7 7 f "W- . " ' I If Euwfcfr Qfawy .52 f s. 1 INDEX TG ADVERTISEMENTS Firm Page Atkinson Paint Kz Glass Co. .... . Bethany College ........,............. Biles Art Shoppe ............ Book-Leyde Mortuary .... Brinton, John T. .......... ........ . Brown, Oliver P, ,................... ffl .............. Chambers Motor Co. ....................,.,......... . Citizens National Bank of New Castle ..,... Cunningham and Weingartner ..,............. Dollar Savings Association ......... Economy Shoe Shop .......,......... Elder, P, O. ..................... . Elliott and Waddington ............................. First Christian Church ..............................,... First National Bank of Lawrence County Genklnger, Louis G. ..............,...................... . Gerson's Jewelry Store .......................,...... Gold's Men's Shoppe ........ Halle Bros. Co. ............ . Higgins Bros. Co. ............... . Hodge Funeral Home ............... Huston, H. R., Hardware Co. ..... . Hyde, A. C., Drug Co. ....... . Johnson Bronze Co. ..... . Kirk, Hutton Sz Co. ........ . Klivans Jewelry Co. ............ . Lawrence Automobile Co. Lawrence Bottling Co. ....... . Love Sz Megown ....,... Mackie, Robert ............. McBride-Shannon Co. McClung, L. W. .......... . McKinley 8z Frantz .... Miller, Pyle :Sz Street ..... Molloy, David J., Co. Nessle, Dave .......................... Nessle, J. B., Sons ..................... New Castle Business College ..... New Castle Dry Goods Co. Newman 8z Emery ....................... ...... North H111 Exchange ................................ Northern Engravin Sz Electrotype . .... . Offutt s ........................................................ Owens Studio ......................... Penn-Capitol Theaters ............ ...... .......100 ..,,, .......101 People s Savings Sz Trust Co. ..... ............ ..................................,....................... . . .. Poalice Grocery Co. .................. .... . Potter' V. O. ......................... .... . Ramsey D. G. 8z Sons .................... Reeves Clayton H. ...........,............... . Reynolds Summers Sz McCann ........ Rieck-McJunkin Dairy Co. ........ .... . Savage School ...................... ..... Sean s Studio ................. ..... Service Typewriter Exchange .......... Shenango Pottery Co, ....................... . Sporting Goods Store ........................ State Capital Sav. 8z Loan Assn. Strouss-Hirshberg Co. ..................... . Union Trust Company of New Castle Westminster College ........................ Winter Co. ....... ,................. ' .. 2 2 1 E 2 E 5 i 5 75 F K g C0 r 74 ' S2 05 i 98 1 91 5 5 85 99 5 , sv 78 9 , 100 88 Q , 95 83 5 'Q , 100 90 5 78 90 0 i 86 gg g 9 5 102 5 5 FQ 3 5 3 4 s 5 U5 4 1 71 cl' Z 1 X if gil' ff XL fri I 0M I 6 CP , C, 'D film f W qsfib wif-wWf5,..,'..ww2-JP'-mf -' Q- Mm 5,,,,qf WJ M L 5 QED V uf . ' , - ' 4 ,, L. 3 1 kg? j ' X ' . A 'lg' 6 I 154-Q r, iw if AA 8' 3 R. ga VSV' .. Q C, . , gt' EJ V5 ,E 5 V 'R xii' Q O. D gifs ,fx ,Q O X 'E bs C6-f ff- K5 ' Uk L63 1 -iv fi I 1 Ju 3 fy , fs' . Q - Q Q72 as L I B 61 ' . P E J .4 M2 'lf -X 'IJ uf G s 3 Q2 R 3 XQ I N- H 2 Q -5: X E . f . O Q E ' 5 2 va C7 . 5 Q 5 'X P- " 1 'QU 1 Q L Xxx YS KA Q ii K X .ff . L , N -f' fx I ? .r XX 3 ff 1? Z F , :vw fn 5 ' Y a ' A , ' -' ' Cx 9 . df f ff' 4 sf 1" Qx f Nu i Q2X3!!f,,," X 'M "'4 5 6 iii 'X E . ,f ff , '- ' , yy 5 C 0 5 3 ' 5 f X f Q 5 QW 3 n 3, J ,, ff. Cf KK gg

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