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, rw- , . , Y- v. -nnvr-1-'Y-Y---V-f-H -N , ---- -- Uhr NP-Gln-Qi 1925 Nun 01215112 High Srhnnl Nun Qlzwtlv, Hrrxnngluania Puhliahrh bg 51112 Swim' Gllaas U I 13 Zlunr, 1925 i'l'mE" u:-gm' 3 MISS SARAH M. DINSMORE -r --fav 5 P I l iii. , . -Y iifiiej frr,-gm' 5 En miss Sarah HH. Biumnnrr Who has so kindly led us through these Four Years of School Life, who assisted us when in difficulties, gave advice when in trouble, gave sympathy when we most needed it, and who at all times was our friend and helper, We gratefully dedicate Elgin Bunk 'Y 1 V' if v.-ar-,f - 6 ilfma luzsnf 1 DR. BEN G. GRAHAM Ein Br. E211 CE. Graham Our Superintendent, who has successfully awakened an interest and kindled an enthusiasm in our hearts for knowledge, this page is gratefully dedicated hr -ir 'A' - - --.v..Jll1- g,-L -Y , 7 l3'KIEi" 1E111i'fi FRANK L. ORTH Un Illrauk E. Gbrth Our Principal, Friend and Advisor, the Class of 1925 acknowledges its gratitude l I by the dedication of this page. ' 'iT l I TiiI 'la-4' and ight W F WJ' lf WT? .5 Q 5,11 4,4 I A gli' f' eh. A A5 in 9 W ,jk lbw:-J if-fi'-7 ' if IJ 'try 1 31 N1 P' an 15, I 'it fix. Ax- : - 5. -:f A 1- wig, . -. tr.. 1 1,""Efi5",i1-3'f ' Q 15 ' iff---L 2. A-.. .-.T -5 94,14 . l ug- .fr IW- . V . , 5 ,xwlir J? '5- ,,.,. s -,-,-. :,. n-.-anti-HK ,AA .- 1. 41: a -,4 . 1--,J . m -'.,-1,.'.' Q- 1. ' .,., "'--'Z -,'-'IH-. .- ' ' I' A V , .- 'ill' 'Z'-'x','Y'-jig?',f:.-Q..-vu'. 'If filfii' '-fm 9,5--.5-,fxI-1Seals-e-'gan--.151-'52:wif--F134 .EQQ -are-Ia:5:':L .-f22ef13:1.tiEUfQ21E?ffatal'-T2E:'fsifxTf-lr,,,. ,. ' ggi: -Zin, -:gf Gr ,S-1:3 ,-nj5j'?-favqzzsgsf , :fi 1 , 4-.-fx 73 J " :ff 'fi- ' 4 ft," 12- erik-5 - ' 2. 'eww' 'J A ,W -1 - - 2. 1.5. --f -..,. f-fic - -- - PM v gg?-gg 95:3 gqfgsgtgag 1 55 'z-gfggggasfq V ' gg -'mis . .l wiv e. A fb. 'J 1 V . , . - .- -1,-. my 1-.yu .Away . J' -.1 vf- f " 'el -Gif? " R!!! .oe 'C 'vw 4 ' U '1 Wi ' t . ' ' 'fx -gf 1 Hg 1 was .pg gp:-..:'.. w A M2 2 is S.-4, if Lug .fa pw - - 5 .. 2101 f .zsggfffly ' .1 gg.-, - t is 22511 :ei 2211? M V' ww it-5'f.aai1s'f -2- , er -1 ' '1 f L. v Lg it . -, " , ' 1 he :rf-1-L5316-51---:gu':i:':i-im-1q::Zii,EEE' ' f, 1 K Q f ' ' ,Q ,W ...L -,-f.. f L Ex Libris Dedication ................... Our Superintendent ...... Our Principal ................ Ne-Ca-Hi Supervisors . .... The Faculty .................. The SBHIOTS ...,..,.....,... Editorials Senior Groups Literary ....................... Class Class Class Class Class Class Class History ........ Prophecy ...... Poem ......... Knocker ................. Oratlon .................... Cross Word Puzzle Will .... ...................... Who's Who in N. C. H. S. Class Groups ...................... Juniors ............. . Sophomores ..... Student Activities .........., Ne-Qa-Hi Staff ............................. Monitor Staff ........................................... Senior Play--'tDaddy Lo " ng Legs ..... . ...... School Play-4'Come Out of the Kitchen" Dramatic Club' ............................................ Student Council ............. ..... ...... Girls' Prof , Club ......... Irvine ......... School Band .......... Senior Orchestra ........... Junior Orchestra , ........... .. Student Representatives H i-Y Club .,......................,....... Adelphic Literary Society ....,. Latin Athletics Senate ......................... Syracuse Cup Winn ers ............... Girls' Boys' Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball Team ...... Team .... .. Basketball Summaries ................. Snapshots of "Letter Men" ...,..,..... Senior Class Basketball Teams Junior Class Basketball Teams Sophomore Class Basketball Te Girls' Varsity Hockey Team ................ 'Girls' Squad Leaders ......................... Boys' Varsity Track Team ............... . Athletic Summary for 1924-1925 Jokes and Advertisements ...................... --.- 1 45- 3mS ....... Pages 1 4-5 6 7 9 10-12 13-66 68-70 71-72 74-97 75-78 79-86 87 88-91 '92-94 95 96-97 98 99 99-101 102-106 109-128 110-111 112-113 114-115 116-117 119 120 121 118- 122 123 124 125 125 126 127 128 131- 144 132-133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 011 , 9 I1TKl15" UIf-.LiB'f' FACULTY ADVISORS OF MONITOR AND NE-CA-HI MISS McCLAREN MISS RHODES MISS SCHWEIDER. MR. HOON MR. FAWCETT i1T1mlL?i" M'fi il'mfoE" i1-Iiliiff? , ,,, 1 iRliEIEi" ilI1l1lIf' ibm' Zliairultg FIRST ROW--VERTICAL -MISS M. RHODES ....... PLATE I. MISS VERNA ALLISON ...... ............,........... ............... E n glish MR. C. E. BAER ....................... ........,...,...... .........,,.......... P h ysics MISS EDITH E. BIRCHARD ......... Ancient History MR. HAROLD ADDICOTT ........................... ..... M echanical Drawing MISS ELSIE CALVIN ...................................... ........................ H istory PLATE II. MISS EMILY JOHNSTON MR. P. JORDAN ................... MR. KAHN .......................... MISS E. KELLEY .................... MISS F. MAXWELL ........,........... MISS FRANCES MCCLAREN ...,................................... SECOND ROW-VERTICAL English Chemistry Physical Training Latin, French Modern History English IV PLATE I. -MRS, CHEER ................... ......................... ..... T y pewrit?ng and Shorthand -MISS EMMA CLOUD ........... ..............,............. B ookkeeping -MISS ELSIE DINSMORE .,.... ............ U . S. History -MISS D. EDMUNDS ....,..... ...................... ....................... S p anish -MISS CLARA ELLIOT ....... ............................ ..... A m erican Literature PLATE II. -MISS V. MCMASTERS ...... ............................ ...,...................................... L i brary -MR. E. PATTERSON ....... -MR, PATON ...........,...... MISS REED ...... ...... MISS RIDDLE ................................ , ..................... , ....... THIRD ROW-VERTICAL Chemistry, Modern Geography Ancient History Typewriting and Shorthand PLATE I. -MISS T. E. ELLIOT ..... ................... ..... B u siness English -MISS E. FAUST ,......... .......... C ommercial -MR. FAWCETT ............... ...... B ookkeeping -MISS E. GALBRAITH ....... ................,.. ............... E n glish -MR. R. GARDNER ......... ......................... ......... M a thematics PLATE II. MISS MARY RIFFER ...... MR. BRIDENBAUGH ..... MISS SCHWEIDER ..... MISS M. SCOTT .............. MR. O. SCHAEFFER ............ MR. K. SHELAR .........................,........................................ FOURTH ROW-VERTICAL Industrial History Mathematics English U. S. History Botany, Zoology PLATE I. -MISS P GILKEY ........... ......................... ................ C h emistry -MISS JULIA GILBERT ..... ................... ...... P h ysical Training -MISS E. HARTSUFF ....... ......... ....... P u blic Speaking -MR. J. B. HOON ............, .,........ .2 .......... ......... M a thematics -MR. ,LaVERNE IRVINE ..... ........................... ..............,... M u sic PLATE II. -MISS MADGE SPROULL ..............,.,................ ......................... F rench, Spanish MISS D. THOMPSON ......... MR. VANCE .......................... MISS M. E. VanDIVORT ....... MR. R. WEIDE .................. MISS WHITE ....... Shorthand, Typewriting .... D Geography, Chemistry Latin Chemistry Plane Geometry img-i" rI.t111i'F? mln f if 53- ,,-- ,- ,W ,v ,f- we ,qw .-' pf gy 'Nw N x ww XR wg xx wg N Ng, X M mm NN N. Km N N mx 'W UZ mm. N -N N, xx.. Wx W xx, Xxx. wx. wx. xxx. xx Xx Wx. ww ww, dw p' .4-' ,w ...f ..-' .1 .-' .o".-0'1" .--an-' -W N" .wr .w' I ZZ 5 4 111111111111 1111111110 f I' 5 l11111,,,, """0f, z 2 1, f 11111, '0'1,, .4 1 Q f 111' 'W 2. 2 Q 1 11' W f 4 I ,111 Q Q- 1 5 ,I Q Q 1 9 I I L 4 Z 2 4 5 2 Z 4 f 1 Z f ff 2 A 2 f , , ,Q I x 'Q , 5 5 4' . wb 1 P z 1 ,' I I H1 I ff I E i 'I I N 9 f E. I 1,,," 11,11 J. f Z- f I In "M ,111"" 1 G- f Z E 1n11111111ll1111111lll' gk 5 Q -,.- M ....- N ls. 'mv ,N ,W .,..- N ,.- ,- ,W N sv ,.' ,- 5 Nm wx xxx -xx. WN wk,-mxmx-m'Nx, mx -.M --X wx. wx 'ww N Km ZZ Z Z N. xx, N. xx. xg, 5, s, vw M, xl.. -x-X N, Yu. N., x-. xxx, Xw. 'N 1,-xx. 42 ..v .v"..+'N'-W Aw .sm-' ,.-' ,Q-' 4-' .-' -v' -"' " --' --" -v' N' 'V mimvh JOSEPH BLANNING uJoeu As president of our mighty class. He brought us safely through. With Patience, foresight and leadership, Joe-here's our thanks to you! Class President 13-45 5 Class Treasurer 125 Hi-Y 12-3-45, Vice Pres. 1355 Adelphic 1455 Athletic Ass'n. 11-2-3-45, Vice Pres. 155 Student Rep. to A, A. Board 1455 Varsity Track 13-455 Monitor Business Mgr. 145 5 Ne-Ca-Hi Business Mgr. 145. GERALD McCOY HJudlY Jud's a talented fellow, He's good in athletics, ton. In fact, thereis hardly a thing, That our Jud can't do. Mgr. Class Basketball 11-2-3-455 A. A. 11-2-3-455 Class Track 1155 Varsity Track 12-3-455 Class Basketball 115 5 Class Football 11-2-355 Varsity Football 145, Vice Pres. 145. RUTH DONALDSON Ruth as president of the Girls' Club Has kept us straight this yearg T352 iii llifdcliii iiilfiiuiear U l ll . Class Secretary 12-3-455 girls' Clubl111-253243, Sec.I115, Pres. 545 ommercia C u 2 5 Jr. iterary 1 ' Athletic Association 11-3-455 , Student Representative 1455 '1gp13tr11g'time" I1A15 5,1'l?f1J19't Park Here" 135 " a y ong egs 5 Dramatic Club 1455 Class Historiang Monitor Staff 1455 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 145. MARGARET ELEANOR LENNIG ll ll Peg Peg's one of our brightest stars. The best editor We've found. She7s steered the good ship "Monitor", To fame and great renown. Editor-in-Chief Monitor 1455 Editor-in-Chief Ne-Ca-Hi 1455 North Street 1155 Girls' Club 11-255 Routers' Club 145 5 Dramatic Club 145 5 "Don't Park Here 135. FRANCIS SOWERSBY usouru ukedrr A sweet chap is "Sour" From joking he will never stop, He always does his work well, He's done much to keep our class on top. Adv. Mgr, Monitor Staff 1455 Adv. Mgr. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1455 Adelphic 12-3-455 Hi-Y 13-455 Dramatic Club 145 5 Athletic Association 11-2-3-45 5 'Tennis Club 11-2-45 5 Varsity Tennis 12-45 Class Cheerleader 12-355 Asst. Varsity Cheer Leader 12-35 5 Class Basketball 135 5 Rooters' Club 1455 "Don't Park Here" 135 5 "Daddy Long Legs" 145 5 Stadium Team Capt. 145. ROBERT W. LAMOREE uBobn Bob's an all around fellow, He does everything well: But when he found Sally He certainly fell. A. A. 11-2-3-455 Monitor Staff 1455 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 145 5 Vice Pres. 12-35 5 Class Basketball 13-45 5 Tennis 11-2-455 Class Baseball 145 5Science Club 1155 Adelphic Literary Society 1455 Rooters' Club 1455 Squad Leader 13-45. 14 JOSEPH LASKY uJoeu Joe is a good sport. And he makes good marks In the hardest oi Math He is one of those sharks. Junior Literary Society 1115 Adelphic Literary Society 1215 A. A. 1415 Basketball Mgr, 141. BERTHA ALBORN "Bertie" With a smile for every one And a helping hand extendedg Bertha with her charming ways For a happy future is intended. Eastbrook High 11-2-31. MARIAN ALEXANDER Like your famous namesake, Alexander Who conquered the world far and near, You will overcome all obstacles And always ride in "High Gear". Girls' Club 111g Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. F. PAUL ALFORD uAln Paul is our handsome lad. As :roofi as he is fair: And all who know him testify His brand of friendships rare. Band 11-2-3-415 Sr. Orchestra 1415 Athletic .Association 1315 Rooters' Club 1415 H1-Y 141. THELMA ELLEN ARMSTRONG "Teddie" She Dlays a horn in the orchestra ' There's no better Player born: She does other things as well As she can toot the horn. Girls' Club 11-2-315 "Don't Park Here" 1315 , Girls' Band 13-415 Junior Orchestra 13-41 g North Street 111. STANLEY AUGUSTYN ustann 41Hammyvv Stanley is a quiet lad. He loves to be alone? Perfect peace and solitude Is his abode and home. Athletic Association 12-415 Commercial Club 121. "1 A,,tf wwf ofz,,f-1-,651 717 ',,,.,,- wffiii 1' ,Lff if I i v RICHARD BAILEY "Dick" If all were as loyal As Dick has been this year, In athletic contests. Defeat we'd never fear. Commercial Club 121. VIRGINIA BAKER uBinyn Wisely working days and nights, Busy as the humming bee: Some day sheill reach the heights A sure success will Virginia be. French Club 1315 Rooters' Club 1415 WILLIAM RUSSELL BALPI-I "Bill" Bill's very good looking, And who can tell. Which one of his girl friends. He likes "extra" well? Athletic Association 11-2-315 North Street 111 5 t'Don't Park Here" 131 5 Adelphic 131. DARIO BAPTISTE ubarryn In class athletics you will find him, Always happy as can be: Every ready to do his share, Industrious as u bee. Class Football 12-3-41 5 Class Basketball 12-3-41 5 Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Stadium Drive. ANGELA BARNES HAHSH A frown uses fourteen muscles, While six makes a beautiful smile Angela says, "Take it easy, And so, smile all the while". Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Rooters' Club 1415 Athletic Association 13-415 "Ilon't Park Here" 131. ROBERT BEADEL nBobn Bob is a dear old classmate. We all love him, 'tis true: He's quite a History shark, Good in Science, too. Jr. Literary 1115 Adelphic 1415 Athletic Association 11-215 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Hi-Y 13-415 Latin Senate 1415 Latin Honors 1315 French Club 1215 Hi-Y Basketball 141 Stadium Drive 1415 The Making of a Book 141. 16 GLADYS BERRY ucladn With a smile so bright and cheerful She's happy the live long day: A mere glance at hex' smile Will drive your troubles away. Chorus 11-215 Girls' Club 1415 "Don't Bark Here" 1313 "Spr1ngt1me" 121, , WILLIAM BISHTON -fam," Bill is the shiek of them all. Beautiful of form and supple of grace Strutting down the hall At a snail's pace. ---- - - - Baseball 11-2-Q1 5' Basketball 131 9 Athletic Assoclatlon 11-2-3-41 g Rooters' Club 1413 Science Club 11-31 Squad Leader 13-41: All Aboard 131 Adelphic 1413 Jr. Literary 111. ' MELVIN BLACK "Blackie" Melvin is rather a quiet lad. Not much for the din of glory: But the deeds of such a man If written out would make a. story. Athletic Association 1419 u Rooters' Club 141. ROBERT BLACK HBobUI Four Years in Learninifs Hall, Four years of honest joy: We truly hope it may ever be. In your later years. my boy. Adelphic 141 5 French Club 121. PAUL BLAIR ucurlyn Paul is our country lad, He likes to reap and sow: But he also loves the girls. This every one does knnw. Track 121 g "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Dramatic Club 141. MAMIE SELMA BLOOM "Mae" "Bloomie" We love the flowers that bloom in the spring And Howers that bloom in the fall, B Q th 1 gbinoe 1- :all fl "Mamie Bloom ll E SH Oh K' 9 Is the one we love best of all. Junior Literary Society 1113 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Debate Club 131 3 "Don't Park Here" 131 3 Athletic Association 141 3 "Daddy Long Legs" 141. T I gg 1 91 U jp" W'f'l'1 w XML .L .4 'L 'Q AV" 1 W 1 X x 'l i i -tb X yi? ALICE MARTHA BODY "Allie" When there is a task to be overcome, Or a difficult victory that must be won, Weill give it to Alice for a while, She'll soon conquer it with her smile. "Don't Park Here" 135. ELIZABETH FRANCES BOLLARD "Fritz" Whenever someone giggled, Or laughed out loud and long, If Betty Bollard were blamed each time You very seldom would be wromz. Girls' Club 11-2-3-453 Athletic Association 11-2-3-45 3 "Don't Park Here" 1355 Basketball 145 5 Rooter's Club 145g Track 11-2-35. JOSEPH BOSAK ujoen In Latin IV he was a shark, Seeming very wise: But when he passes by the girls, Just listen to those sighs! Varsity Track 12-3-45g Squad Leader 13-453 Student Council 135 Adelphia 1455 Making of a Book 145g Athletic Association 12-35. GERALD BOYD "Jerry" Don't worry. Jerry, You're luck may change, And a girl you'll get At the Woman's Exchange. Adelphic 145 3 Jr. Literary 1155 Class Track 1255 Spanish Club 11-25p Science Club 11-2-359 Athletic Association 11-255 Rooters' Club 1453 Making of a Book 145 ARTHUR M. BRATCHIE HAH!! Art is an athletic man, He jumps rather high. And it is said by some, He'll be a minister by and by. Jr. Literary 1155 Class Football 11-455 Varsity Track 11-2-3-45g Hi-Y 12-3-45g "Don't Park Here" 1353 Adelphic 135g Monitor Staff 145 5 Stadium Drive 145. Athletic Association 11-2-3-45. PAUL BRELO "Big Bra" Paul is the kind of a fellow That we all like to know, And if you are in trouble, Wise sympathy he'll show. Athletic Association 12-3-455 Class Football 13-45, 18 ALBERTA LENORE BRENNER "s-. "Bertie" Alber-ta's face is fair fl fl 1 H ,"1 ka .1 J solfnifiniil 5KSR'2iEL5J'L'Zi1 Jffielin,-Zu' 00 443 U- WW Your ideal step out of a book. ,O W ' Latin Senate 13-45 5 Girl's Club 145 5 V Dramatic Club 145 5 Student Council 1355 ,-. "Daddy Long Legs" 145- 12,1,.rj' 1,-36 Z" f -fa K' 1 JOHN LESLIE BREST I I J 2. "Bresty" From the farm he halls, Driving like the gale: . He gives careful thought To all things being wrought. Jr. Orchestra 1155 Band 11-255 French Club 1255 Chorus 1355 Athletic Association 11-2-3-455 Adelphic 1455 Class Football 1455 Track 1455 1 RALPH BROOKS "Brooksie" Ralph led us in cheers At every game: And in the future years May his lead be the same. Varsity Track 12-3-45 5 Class Football 13-455 Class Basketball 1355 Class Track 1155 "Don't Park Here" 1355 Adelphic 12-3-455 Hi-Y 1455 Athletic Association 11-2-3-455 Stadium Drive 145 5 Hall Police 145 5 Varsity Cheer Leader 145 5 Class Cheer Leader 145. ARTHUR C. BROWN HArvI Arthur is our Wampum boy, A d ' k h 1 n - L nmanyagpoeees, But in the realm of oratory He surely does excel. sm Wampum High School 11-2-35 5 Adelphic 145, Attorney 145. - JOHN BYERS llpipeii llbukell Duke's a nice lad. A good student too. He has a favorite fad. And that is to argue, Athletic Association 11-2-3-455 Jr. Literary 115, Pres. 1155 Spanish Club 115 5 Science Club 11-35 5 Adelphic 13-45, Pres. 145 5 Squad Leader 13-455 Rooters' Club 1455 Stadium Drive 1455 Tennis Club 145. ANNIE ELIZABETH CAIN -iAnnn Annie and her smiling face Brilrhtened many B. dark place: And though little, she is brave and bold, For she battled for the colors of purple and gold. Girls' Club 13-455 Rooters' Club 1455 Athletic Association 1455 Squad Leader 1455 Class Basketball 1455 Class Hockey Team 145 5 'tDon't Park Here" 1355 "Taming of the Shrew" 1355 , Tlgack 131-45 5 Ylolley BSalld145 5 D " addy ong egs"5 ta ium rive5 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-45. 4 19 f 3 52A JAMES CALLAHAN "Cal" "Jimmie" Not the one who runs the farthest, Nor the one who yells the loudest: But one who always does his best, Is the one who is remembered longest Jr. Orchestra 1253 7 Sr. Orchestra 13-45. JESSIE CALAHAN upltn If she had lived in former years When knights of old held sway. They'd have fought and died. for her smiles and t As we're willing to do today. Girls' Club 1455 Representative Student Council 1455 Hockey 1455 Athletic Association 145, . LEE CAMPBELL "Newt" Lee is a capital friend, He is always ready to help: Consideration for others. But less and less for self. Athletic Associationg Class Baseball 145. MARGARET L. CAMPBELL upegn Althnnfrh she's qui:-f sw'-rl do'-fmre, And lives in a suburban dell. When boys return from a date, they say: "I'd walk a mile for a "Campbell," French Club 125. MARJORIE B. CAMPBELL ulwarin There are girls that make us sad There are girls that fill us with Elee: But I am here to tell the world Marjorie is the lass for me. Chorus of "Come Out of the Kitchen" 145 PRESTON CARSON uPn ubavierr A boy with a hearty laugh, One with a wealth of friends: To the downcast and weary, Consolation he lends. Athletic Association 11-2-3-453 Squad Leader. 20 ears LEWIS JAMES CARTWRIGHT 4aLew1r Good looks are n great asset To the young and the bold: Lewis. our youmz ADollo. has Such wealth. we are told. POMEROY CHAPIN Without noise or clamor. Never creates a fuss. He sets a food examble For the rest of us. 'ASpringtime" 1113 Jr. Literary 1115 Jr. Orchestra 1215 Latin Senate 13-415 Adelphic 141. NED CHAPMAN ..Nedn He likes to talk and talk. He likes to be with the rest: But there is no doubt He likes his Peg the best. Athletic Associationg Hooters' Club 1413 Adelphic Literaryg Stadium Drive 141. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER "Chris" "lshkie" He is a track man, He likes his studies. too: Friends more nleasxmt Arc very. very few. Jr. Literary 1119 Adelphic 12-3-415 Athletic Association 12-3-415 Commercial Club 121 5 Class Track 12-3-41 Varsity Track 13-41: Class Football 13-41 Cham. Gym Basketball Team 121 5 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Stadium Drive 141. MARIAN fE. CLARKE "Maryann" Marian is a loveable lass Fo fvst follow g J- Af-11 't f ll r m vs s e sn a . But a lucky dude named Tom Struts with her through the hall. Girls' Club 12-3-415 A. A, 1113 French Club 1315 "Miss Bob White" 1215 "Springtime" 111 'tDon't Park Here" 1315 Squad Leader 13-413 Commercial Club 1115 Chorus 1113 Class Basketball 111. JOHN C. CLARK "Jack" He sees no use in school, But still he ever comes: Some day he'll be a banker. Counting out his sums. 21 ELIZABETH CONN ELLY ' "Betty" A girl as nice as Betty Can't he found in every Dort: For her beauty and her humor- And she's a real good sport. Girls' Club 11-2-3-419 French Club 12 31 K'Don't Park Here" 1315 "Miss Bob White" 1215 Squad Leader 1415 "Springtime" 111 Chorus 111 3 Jr. Literary Society 111 g A. A. 111. THOMAS A. CONNELLY H1-omn In athletics you find him. Doing something big, But this is not binding. For all aroundness is his jig. Band 11-2-3-415 Orchestra 11-2-3-41 Class Baseball 12-415 Class Football 11-2-3-41 g Class Basketball 12-41 g Athletic Association 11-2-3-413 Stadium Drive 141. ALICE M. CONNER She always makes the honor roll, Her work is the teachers delight: And though she works hard and diligently She is always smiling and bright. Girls' Club 141. CLAUDE R. CONOVER Claude's a busy worker. He's wonderful in art. He's also quite a poet. For Sophronia's in his heart. Athletic Association 11-2-3-41 5 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Adelphic 13-41g Monitor Staff 141 3 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141. MILDRED M. COOPER "Midge" With a voice so soft and low. Midge has travelled far and wide: But she has honored us finally, By coming here to reside. Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Athletic Association 11-21, CATHERINE E. COULTER "Kitty" Of her bright face, one glance will trace. A ' t e on the brain' pic ur . . And of her voice in echoing hearts A sound will long remain. Commercial Club 111. 22 AUSTIN COWMEADOW "Auscor" "Cowsie" Austin's like the rest of us. He does not like to work, But when it comes to duty, He's never known to shirk. Athletic Association 11-2-31g Class Baseball 141g Junior Literary Society 111. JOHN W. CREVELING Science is his study, And great vs his renown: Another of the prodigies Who hail from Wampum town. Hi-Y 141g Band 131: Jr. Orchestra 1319 Athletic Association 141 3 Wampum High School 11-21. MARY E. CREVELING "Meek" This sweet ycirl from Wampum Has won many an eye and heart: And of this one thing we're certain. We'll be sorry when from her we part. Wampum High School 11-21g "Don't Park Here 131 3 Girls' Club 1419 Athletic Association 141. GERTRUDE DAGNON llcertli Here is B. lass who is tall and slim. Delights in sports with pep and vim. She is a fine student and performs task well And joyously goes at the sound of the bell Class Basketball 11-215 Varsity Basketball 13-415 Class Hockey 1419 Track 11-2-3-415 Volley Ball 11-2-3-41g Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-41g The History of the Book 141. IRISSA T. DALTORIO A Frirl should be seen And never heard, Of all the rules, She this preferred. Commercial Club 121. JAMES C. DALY .Uimmyn His profession we think Will be a medical art: We know he'll make good, For he moves with a Dart. Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Adelphic 12-3-415 Monitor Staff 131. MARIETTA JANE DAUGHERTY When we have left this school Marietta will be remembered long, For the memory of her laughter Will live on like a song. "Springtime"1l1 5 "Miss Bob White" 1215 French Club 1215 Latin Senate 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Chorus 11-21. BERNICE A. DAVENPORT "Giggles" Many answer her beck and call, As she meets them in the hall. And this one thing we've observed. Such popularity must bc dcservul. "Springtime" 1115 A'Miss Bob White" 1215 "lJon't Park Here" 1315 Girls' Club 13-415 Rooters' Club 1415 Volley Ball 12-415 Hockey 1415 Chorus 11-315 Squad Leader 1415 Stadium Drive 141. JOHN H. DAVIS ll-lack!! .lacl-Us fine in singing: We all admit that-- I-lv :urn df-es like "Cookies" And that's a fact! Central High, Canton, O. 1115 'tMiss Bob White" 1215 "D0n't Park Here" 1315 Athletic Association 131 5 Track Manager 131 5 Jr. Football Coach 1315 Soph. Football Coach 141 5 Hi-Y 13-41. MAE R. DAVIES "Maizie" NVQ- all know a sweet irirl like Mae Would never be a clinging vine. But, nevertheless, the fact is true. She sticks to Ernie all the time. Orchestra 11-315 "Don't Park Here" 131. CHESTER C. DEAN '-chew Chet is an athletic chap, He's won honors along with thc rest: But of all the prizes won, He thinks U ..... a is i,, .ar the best, Scrub Football 11-2-315 Varsity Football 141 5 Varsity Track 11-2-3-41 5 Javelin W. P. I. A. L. Cham, 12-315 Hi-Y 131 5 Class Baseball 11-21 5 Scrub Basketball 141. RUTH ELIZABETH DEAN "Deanie" Ruth's as sweet as she can be, We think she is just fine: And as for girls with pretty eyes. We're sure that sue woulld take the prize. Girls' Club 13-415 Class Hockey 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Class Basketball 131 French Club 131 5 'tDon't Park Here" 131 5 Athletic Association 131. 24 FRANCES M. DeBlASE Frances is a tiny girl With eyes dark brown that glow, Although she is so very small, She sure can make things go. Commercial Club 121. WALTER DeLll.L0 uw-nn Oh. professor of music. Your notes are fineg , When in your company We have a great time. Sr. Orchestra 11-2-3-415 Band 12-3-415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 String Quartette 141. M. THOMAS DICKEY nfl-onln Between his art and dramatic work, This lad gets no rest: First there's one and next the other. He does them both the best. Athletic Association 11-415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 "Come Out of the Kitchen" 1415 "Daddy Long Legs" 1415 Dramatic Club 1415 Rooters' Club 141 MARGUERITE E. DICKSON "Monde" "Mousie" is so tiny She's hardly here at all: But you'll be sure to lind her, With "Midge" around the hall. Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Athletic Association 141 5 French Club 1315 "Don't Park Here" 131. VICTORIA A. DOBELEK Civic!! Energy she possesses In great quantity, too: Because of this, she's sure tn reach. Great heights among the few. Dramatic Club 1415 Commercial Club 121 5 "Don't Park Here" 131 . ALBERT DODDS "Chicken" Against tumultous waves of sin. He shall turn his mighty vim.: Vain will be the arch-enemy's wiles. Meeting this Reverend Dodds of ours Athletic Association 13-415 Rooters' Club 1415 North Street 111. I ew 3,7 xx A J I. ,1 lk , c'f if ll, xx! GILBERT DODDS V "Dodds" Gasoline Gus should be his name. So much he works with cars. But a better friend is not tn be found Than this Dal Dodds of ours. LEROY DONALDSON ul-een iinonvv Leroy will bc a fighting lawyer, And be known o'er all the land: We know he will give us talks As great as any of the Roman band. Class Prophet 141g Ne-Ca-Hi Staff Q41 Aaelphic 1413 Latin Senate C415 A.th16lZ1C Assoclation Q3-413 Rqoters' Club Q41. SAM P. DOMINICK Clsammyfi Sam loves his school and class, His ambition is hard to surpass: He'll make a tme success in lite Uur guess is much at rite. GEORGE DOUGLASS George is chief of scientific sharks, . in Physics, he receives good marks. He leaves nothing unuone an me close of day, And such men usually get full pay. Commercial Club Q21 3 Athletic Assoclation 12-3-413 Adelphlc Literary Q2-413 Latin Senate 141. LILLIAN DRUSCHEL "Drush" Just mention her name, And it calls to mind. A basketball player, The best you can find. Hockey Team i415 Varsity Basketball C415 Class Basketball 431. MILDRED DUKES .4-Midgen Mildred is a snappy miss With pep enough for five: And all of it she will exert For the class of twenty tive. Rooters' Club 1415 USprjngtime" 111g Chorus 111g Commercial Club 1213 Athletic Association 121. 26 VIDA ABBLETT "Shorty" Laughing face and shining hair. And eyes that gleam' so bright: One reason for her popularity is Her dancing is such a,delight. Athletic Association 12-315 "Springtime" 1215 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Squad Leader 141, ELIZABETH ECKLES -.Libn She is a true friend. A good sport all the way. And when it cnmes to lessons. She's brighter than the "Day7'. Girls' Club 11-2-3-41, Sec. 1315 Monitor Staff 1415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Class Basketball 11-2-3-41, Capt. 1315 Class Hockey 1415 Squad Leader 13-415 "All Aboard" 121: "Miss Bob White" 1215 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Latin Senate 12-3-415 French Club 12-315 Student Council 13-41, Treas. 1415 Dramatic Club 1415 Commencement Speaker. WILLIAM EDMUNDS "Bill" William is a lady's man, A niftv dresser too: If one girl doesn't suit him. Why, another girl will do. Jr, Orchestra 11-215 French Club 121 5 Commercial Club 1315 Rooters' Club 141. OTIS ELDER "om" -'o.w' Otis is a willing worker. Ever gets through. too: Nm' can it ever be said of him. That he is not true blue. Hi-Y 13-41 5 Adelphia 13-415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Athletic Association 12-3-41. HELEN' EMERY Just a little dilferent From all the other girls, Never the desire To bob her golden curls. Athletic Association 12-31 5 Commercial Club 12-31 5 Girls' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. JOHN M. ETTER "Jack" Just wait and see When years roll by I-Ie'll ind the girl That'll please his eye. Hi-Y 1413 Athletic Association 13-41 5 Asst. Track Mgr. 131 5 "Don't Park Here' 1315 Student Representative 141. '27 X x cf I 1 tau' 711 1 ,,ji fzifj' n 1 531 -1-tj' EK , 4. f 0' - ,Ji J' if 7361 1 4 . x,1f. 5 f f PAUL JOSEPH FAHEY "Lefty" 'P'Fahey" He dances divinely, At football's the best: Wnuld be a dry cleaner As Iva suggests. Varsity Football 13-415 Class Football 1215 Class Basketball 12-3-415 Track 1415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Class Basketball 11-2-41, Capt. 1415 Adelphic 12-315 Commercial Club 121. GLADYS FERVER "Took" About her voicc 'Kc'Il sav a word- The sweetest one We've ever heard. "Springtime" 1115 "Miss Bob White" 121 5 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Athletic Association 1215 Commercial Club 1315 Girls' Club 12-315 Chorus 11-2-3-41. LILLIAN FISHKIN llLiull Another of our tinv Sneiors, If we may judge by height: But it is'-'t r'-e size that counts-- It's only will and might. Commercial Club 1315 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Athletic Association 1415 Girls' Club 141. JAMES FITZGERALD "Cicero" "Fitz" 'Miss Van DiVortfs successor Jim will be! Because at Latin He's a shark, you see Jr. Orchestra 111 5 Sr. Orchestra 12-3-41 5 Class Football 13-41 5 Scrub Football 141 5 Track 141 5 Latin Senate 11-2-3-41 5 Athletic Association 13-41. ZENESTA Y. FLOYD "Floydie" "Zu7' is at the end of things, Even in the alphabet: But this girl with flaxon curls, Has all these rules upset. Girls' Club 13-4145 Athletic Association 12-41. MICHAEL FOX "Mitch" For the glory of Ne-Ga-Hi Michael always gave his best: Through his efforts to be victors, He set examples for the rest. Varsity Track 1115 Athletic Association 11-2-41 5 Class Football Team 11-2-3-41, Capt. 12-41 Scrub Football 12-415 Track Manager 141. 28 ETHEL FRANKLIN Ethel has a girl friend, With whom she pals around: Ethel without Amy, Is seldom to be found. Athletic Association 1415 French Club 1215 Girls' Club 13-419 Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. ELIZABETH GEIGER Nldibll No matter what she undertakes, It's sure to he "just right". This girl is very capable, And works with all her might. French Club 12-313 Athletic Association 141 . HELEN GIBSON "Gibbie" Good nature is an asset Which very few possess: But if you look into her face, She has it, you can guess. Athletic Association 1415 Rooters' Club 141. MARTHA GILFILLAN Martha has brains galore, And she is a good dramatg She can either be an actor, 01' a thoughtful diplomat. Girls' Club 11-2-3-41g Athletic Association 12-313 "Don't Park Here" 131 3 Dramatic Club 141g SARAH GINSBURG Sarah is one of the Qany Who is loyal to her class, For the sake of her dear High Schoo She would work at any task. Commercial Club 121 . MELVIN S. GRAY llMugsl1 Though he seems to be quiet, So reserved and oh, so shy! If you knew him a writer, I You'd admit he's s. regular guy. Jr. Orchestra 1115 Athletic Association 121. ,X - ,K .1 X L Q BLODWIN JANE GRAY "Bled" ' Blod's a dainty miss, With her trim ways: Good luck stay with you, Through all your days. Jr. Literary 111 g Rooters' Club 141 g Girls' Club 13-419 "Miss Bob White" 1215 "Don't Park Here" 131. M. GERALDINE GROSSMAN uJerryu Geraldine is a singer! With high voice clear and sweet: And we're sure 'ere many years. With great success she'll meet. Girl's Club 131 5 Chorus 11-21 3 "Springtime" 111: "Miss Bob White" 1219 "Don't Park Here" 131. HELEN GROTEFEND Never alone is Helen. Always with June is she: She wears the latest fashions. Dictated by gay Paree. Girls' Club 141: - French Club 121g Chorus 11-41, BLANCHE M. GUINAGH Blanche we count as a treasured friend. These four short years up he:-eg Just to know her is to love her We will always hold her dear. Girls' Club 13-413 Class Hockey 141 5 Athletic Association 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. CLARENCE HAMILL "Hammy" Hammy is his school bay name, Metzler's ware he sells: Time enough he seems to think To take his pick of belies. Athletic Association 11-21. . EDITH HAMILTON undien Sheis onearnong a thousand That you'll meet now and then: Her two favorite pastimes: Are basketball and "Bren". Class Basketball 121 5 Track 12-3-415 Varsity Basketball 13-41 Q Volley Ball 12-3-413 Girls' Club 1415 Squad Leader 13-41g Hockey Team 141 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Athletic Association .141 g Student Representative 141. 30 MIKE' PHILLIPS As a musician Mike's 9. star, In poetry he excels. A very famous future For this lad, his friends foretell. Band 13-41. ELIZABETH S. HANGER "Betty" "Indian" "Hanger" Betty with the laughing eyes, That flash with mischief bent. True to three things namely: Her classg her books. and a gent. Girls' Club 11-2-315 A. A. 11-2-315 Class Basketball 11-315 Junior Literary Society 1115 "Don't Park Here"3 "Springtime"5 "Miss Bob White." ARVO I-IANKALA A smile that wins him many friends. A laugh that cheers the heart: Capable in every way, He always does his part. French Clubg Class Baseball 141 3, Monessen High 11-21. BRENDAN ADRIAN HANLON "Bren" The cost of car tickets never seem To bother this care free chap. For he goes to Mahoningtown often To have his little chat. Adelphic 11-21: French Club 1115 Student Councilg Captain Stadium Team, Varsity Football 11-2-3-415 Varsity Basketball 11-2-3-41, Captain 141 Varsitv Track 11-2-3-415 Class Baseball 11-2-31.5 Volley Ball 111 "All Aboard" 1215 'tSpringtime" 1115 "Don't Park Here" 1315 "Daddy Long Legs" 141: Athletic Association 11-2-3-41 5 Dramatic Club 141. MARGARET HEMPILL uPegn When High School days draw to a close, And we leave nur friends so dear: We will always think of Margaret As a friend we valued here. "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Athletlc Association 13-415 Girls' Club 13-415 North Street 111. THELMA HENNESSY n-I-imn Tim has a way about her Of winning many friends, She's sure to have a happy time ,As long as life's way she wends. Jr. Literary 1115 Jr, Orchestra 11-215 "Miss Bob White" 1215 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 "Daddy Long Legs" 1415 Volley Ball 1215 Girls' Club 13-415 Athletic Association 11-2-31 5 Rooters' Club 141. v ..Y.Y------vw? - - - HENRY L. LnVERNE IlHenlP Verne never seems to grow older. But always bigger and bigger5 He's one of the lucky fellows Who wears a Senior letter. Athletic Association 11-21 5 French Club 1215 Class Football 1315 Baseball 1415 Science Club 12-31. EUGENE HILL unedn With laughter o'er-flowing And insight so keen: We hope that these two assets Will always grace Eugene. Baseball 141. WENDELL J. HITCHCOCK "Hitelxy" Hitchy made the first eleven And say. that's doing great! He never would admit defmt- We think that he's first rate. Class Basketball 11-2-315 Varsity Football 141 5 Scrub Football 131 5 Class Football 1215 Track 111. KATHERINE HODGE llxltell K is jolly and merry And very "just so"- Where's one so popular We'd like to know. Girls' Club 11-2-415 "Don't Park Here" 131. PAUL HODGKINSON Like the famous Paul Revere of old Our Paul rides too, but in a Ford: Although quite gallant, he's a modern young man Protects the ladies-but not with the sword. Hi-Y 1415 Adelphic 1415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-41. ELIZABETH HODGKINSON llldibll Lib of the sunny smile. Lib of the wealth of hair, Lib of the rainbow clothes- None so good or fair! "Miss Bob White 1215 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Girls' Club 12-415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Class Basketball 11-3-415 Squad Leader 141. 32 HELEN HOFFMAN Helen is one of the best students Miss Sehweider has ever foundg She is sure to win in art Great success and great renown. Girls' Club 111. BESSAIE HOFMEISTER "Ben" Each one has a hobby That takes up all their time, For Bessie it's Dramatics, In that she'll always shine. French Club 1215 Dramatic Club 1415 "Come Out of the Kitchen" 1415. "Daddy Long Legs" 141. KENNETH HOOD We've only known him but a year 'But in that time he's grown quite dear In lessons 'Kenneth cannot be beat One of the brightest you'll ever meet. Eastbrook High 12-315 Athletic Association 1415 Varsity Track 141. ELOUISE HOOSE When from Elouise we part We cannot help but sigh, For she's been very dear to us These four years in Ne-Ca-Hi. Athletic Association 1215 Commercial Club 131 5 I Corry High School 11-21. CLARENCE C. HOOVER Clarence is one of those quiet lads. With which the world aboundsg But it's just this kind of people That makes the world KD round. Athletic Association 11-2-3-41. ISABEL HOUK nl.-yu A brown eye is a roguish one We have always heard it told: And when it comes to Isabel The saying still will hold. "Don't Park Here" 1315 Class Track 12-315 North Street 111. Nj X lv. X I X N 1 1 JW 'ix J 5. K' 'N , 'J i ' I. , -9 Y l gf .,.f" 1, X CHARLES C. HUNTER "Chuck" Chuck hails from the country But he's not, a "country .Iake"g He is always true blue To every friend he makes. U. S. Weather Bureau 1315 Athletic Association 141g Rooters' Club 141. MAXINE HUNTER HMBX., She has si smile for everyone That she may chance to see. Good-natured is the adjective- It suits her to a "'l'." Girls' Club 13-415 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Commercial Club 121. LUCILLE HUTCHINSON ul-nun To help someone alonz the way Is Lucille's chief delight: For a friend who really needs assistance Lucille would work with all her might. Girls' Club 131: "All Aboard" 131. , MARGARET IRWIN upegn "Peggy" is dainty And very neat: And as for lessons She can't he beat. Olean High School 11-21g Girls' Club 13-41g Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. , VIOLA IRWIN "Vi" "Big F ii.-Idle" No matter what she undertakes , She does it with a will: She's capable as she can be- ,V We envy her the skill. Girls' Club 13-41, sec. 1415 Monitor Staff 141g Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1419 Class Hockey 141 "Don't Park Here" 131. LOUIS ISABELLA 'ulgirpn Louis is always so jolly And seeking some prank to play- And yet he finds time for study To while the hours away. Class Football 121 Q Track 1213 . Athletic Association 12-31. 34 MARTHA JENKINS K nM-'tn Wherever you see Martha You're sure to see her Earl, Because of this they get the name "The Earl and the Girl." Girls' Club 11-2-415 Commercial Club 1215 Rooters' Club 141. ELEANOR JOHNS "Johnny" With complexion pink and white. With hair like soft spun gold, And she likes a certain boy, We have oft been told. EARLE JOHNSTON Earl is a good matured chap. With a definite aim in life- He's resolved to 'be a husband-H He cares not for din and strife. Hi-Y 13-415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Orchestra 1213 Rooters' Club 141. GERTRUDE JOHNSTON "Gert" Gertrude has an aim ln life And that's to be a teacher: Next year she starts upon her work. May great success attend her. Girls" Club 13-41 5 Chorus 141g Latin Club 11-21, HENRIETTA JONES ulqenn Fortune favored Henrietta When they gave her golden curls: And we think in all our Hiirh School. There is not a nicer girl. Girls' Club 11-2-3-413 "Springtime" 1213 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Squad Leader 141. xnusniuz ia. .vom-:s "Kata" Quiet. demure and shy- With never aniunnecessary word. We love her many attributes. especially The dearest giggle we've ever heard. Girls' Club 11:-3-41:1 ' French,'Club1121. , , I9 si. CARLISLE KAMMERER "Duke" If energy was money. And smiles were grains of health, In both these elements Carlisle'd be flooded with wealth. Track 13-41. JAMES KECK "Farmer Heck" At mechanical drawing He's one of the best: And also at football He ranks with the rest. Class Football 13-415 Baseball 1415 French Club 12-315 A. A, 13-41. AGNES KENDALL uA'n If Agnes e'er went to her classes, Without her lessons prepared, That period would be quite surprising To the ones who were seated there. Girl Reserves 141. MARY EMMA KENNEHAN "slam" With complexion fair. And in stature tall. A k' d d' ' ' m isposition Makes her liked by all. CLARENCE KENNEDY ukedn With n spirit that reaches the sky And a leadership hard to surpass Clarence. with zeal and devotion Has loyally served his class. Adelphic Literary Society 11-2-3-415 Student Council 13-415 Hi-Y 1315 Pres. Hi-Y 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Monitor Staff Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 "Daddy Long Legs" 1415 Assistant Donor 1415 Dramatic Club 1415 Tennis Club 141. EDWARD KENELLEY uEdn Ed has a I-Iupmobile. For a trusty steed: It helps him get around, To give you "Posts" to read. 36 1 JOHN KENST "Johnny" A business man's dignified look, Is found on Johnny's face: We wish him the best of success As such, in lifefs great race. A. A. 13-415 French Club 121 5 Adel hic 3-4 Class Football 4 P 1 1 9 1 1 3 Asst. Varsity Basketball Manager 1415 Student Representative 1415 Varsity Track 141. EDWIN KERR -:Ruin Behold! our red-headed track captain Who runs from a yard to a mileg But when Edna Mae is looking on, He can't do a thing but smile! Class Basketball 13-415 Class Football 11-2-315 Varsity Track 11-2-3-415 Class Track 121 5 A. A. 11-2-3-41. HELENE KERR llAndylI Snipped up nose. eyes of gray, A happy giggle: is what we say Seems to make the world go 'x-ound. Helen's that lady-from Mahoningtown Girls' Club 13-415 Chorus 13-415 "Don't Park Here 1315 "Springtime" 1215 A. A. 13-41, JOHN KENNON "shorty" Johnny. as we see him. Is B, dreamy ladg But the girls and dancing Always make him glad. LOUISE KIRKER -'Karla' Kirker's won a reputation In basketball, 'tis true: Best of all she's been a comrade, And a dandy one-true blue. Class Basketball 13-415 Class Volley Ball 11-2-3-415 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Chorus 11-215 Squad Leader 1415 "Springtime" 1115 "Miss Bob White" 1215 Junior Literary Society 1115 Girls' Club 1415 Class Hockey 141. NETTIE KLINE uNetn Dignified. dainty. and trim. She goes at her work with vim: Add to these witty, sweet, and fine,- The total is Nettie Kline. Asst. Editor of Ne-Ca-Hi 1415 Latin Senate 11-2-3-41, Sec. 1415 Girls' Club 2-3-4 -Monitor taff 4 1 J, S 1 J: "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Dramatic Club 1415 Rooters' Club 141 Junior Literary Society 1115 A. A. 141 Sec. Debate Club 1315 Science Club 111 7-Y - - i- f- -iv----W - -H- l N I V V V l L r I P I E V 1 l If 'IZA Wf OL, M- l -,f np X' ' Q U 4 443 X! N w ,Y " .K X 1 f V f- Q--Z MARY KOLIBASH "Tieklish" Mary's never silly, She's smart and sensiblel A d 'f ' l k' f 't n 1 youre oomg ori, You'll find she's dependable. RUTH KUECH "Ruthie" Melodies may fit some Deoplci Ruth ls like a lullahy, Sweet and low-voiced, always smiling, Good in all things at first try. Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141 5 Monitor Staff 141 5 Girls' Club 13-415 RO0tEI'S' Club 141: "Don't Park Here" 131 ' North Street Junior High 1115 Commencement Speaker 141. PAUL KULHA "Kulie" With Pete as a nickname He's a well-posted man: If you wish to talk baseball, Here sure is a fan. Class Football 141. A. A. 141. BEATRICE LAVERICK uBee-1 ncurlyu Sweet, demure. with a timely wit. C l h i h b f h lf ury as Even us t e est o erse Z And when she plays. "music hath charms" She's a musical genius, with all else. North Street 1113 Girls' Club 11-3-415 Senior Orchestra 13-415 Latin Senate 13-41g Rooters' Club 141 Monitor Stalf 1415 "Don't Park Here 1315 Athletic Association 13-41. Salutatorian. MARSHALL LEATHER5 "Marsh" Of a happy disposition, Always joking with a lass: He7s just the kind of n fellow Who Hoes honor to his class. YETTA LEBO --Yun Yetta's a commercial student, Knows her subject through and through d h h I ' eed d An wenany eplsn B. She is always there, "true blue". "Don't Park Here" 131. 38 MARTHA LEIVO ..Man.- Martha's supposed to be studious. All the Leivo's are: But in the art of using her eyes, Somehow-sne seems to star. Girls' Club 13-413 A-IA. 141: bclenee Club 111, Valedictorian. FRANCES LEOHNER 4 askipn Skip came up in the mid-year. She did her four yearas in three: We'd like to know who her friend is, But we'll have to wait and see. Rooters' Club 1413 A. A. 1415 North Street 111g Girls' Club 12-3-41g Volley Ball 141. ESTHER D. LERNER usn Esther's hair is black' and curly, And her eyes are wondrous brown: She is 'Quiet but observing. One of tne treasures we have found. "Don't Park Here 131 Q Girls' Club 1413 A. A. 1415 Girls' High, Brooklyn 111. NATHANIEL LEVIN 4-Nun Just a little verse To acquaint you with Nate: He's a praisworthy lad, We feel proud to relate. Adelphic Literary Society 1415 A. A. 12-3-415 Rooters' Club 1415 Latin Senate 12-3-415 Junior Orchestra 111. HARRY LEVINE "Henie" Harry is a chap Who is A number one: Hu rloesn't bother girls, But he sure has his fun. A. A. 141. ' PAUL LEVINE "Levine" Paul, though He's seldom heard. Is always ready To add a word. Latin Senate 13-413 A. A. 141, Rooters' Club 141. I" 0 '6 W +14 SDX' ,lbs f fftfiffeg A-Ef7.3! f X if 1 L SHERMAN LEVINE llshyfl There are sharks in the ocean, And sharks in the bay, But in Algebra. class Shy's the shark of the day. A. A. 11-2-3-415 Junior Literary Society 1115 Rooters' Club 141. FREDA LEWIS ulgriczn When Freda entered High Sch ool She had such long curls, But look what fashiovfs done to Good gracious! such bad girls. Sr. Orchestra 12-3-41: Girls' Ban "Don't Park Here" 1315 Girl Reserves 1415 Junior Literary Society 1115 Routers' Club 141. JOHN LEWIS "Johnny" A little bit of silence And many a clever thought, Has made Johnny famous Among our noble lot. Class Baseball 11-415 Class Football 1415 Hi-Y 1415 A. A. 1415 Rooters' Club 141. I Masai. Lswls IIMIBYY A better sport than Mabel You'lI never want to find: She writes the best of stories, And in her studies shines. Junior Literary Society 111 5 A. A. 11-215 Class Track 11-21. V WILLIAM H. LINTON -'sur' Always willing And ready to do. Anything that Will benefit you. Class Football 141. , WILLIAM LLOYD -.Bmw A business man's dignified look Is found on William's face: But maybe the violin he plays Will bring him success in the Squad Leader 1115 Sr. Orchestra 13-41 5 Rooters' Club5 Jr. Orchestra 11-21. 40 it, d131. T300 ELROY LOCKLEY uEln His fame as an athlete Is known all around: As class donor he became Both famous and renowned. Junior Literary Pres 1115 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Monitor Staff 13-415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 14 Hi-Y 1415 Class Football 141 5 Class Basketball 141 5 Class Volley Ball 1415 Varsity Track 1415 "Daddy Long Legs" 1415 Class Donor 141. SIDNEY LOCKLEY -.sun Ne-Ga-Hi's Nurmi. His nickname is Sid: He's the clown of the school And an all-around kid. Class Track 121 5 Varsity Track 13-41 5 Class Basketball 1415 H1-Y 1415 A. A. 12-3-415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staif 1415 Class Lawyer 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Hooters' Club 141. JUNE LOGAN Logan-berries don't come in June. But here's a combination, Hair golden red. eyes hazel brown, And a sunny disposition. French Club 121 5 Girls' Club 141 5 Dramatic Club 1415 Chorus 1415 Routers' Club 1415 "Daddy Long Legs 141. SARAH A. LOVE "Lovey" With laughing eyes. curly hair, Dimpling cheeks, skin so fair, Sarah is a mighty fine lass, Always ready in any class. "Miss Bob White 1215 Johnstown High School 131 5 A. A. 1415 Girls' Club 141. THELMA LOVE "Levis" Thelma is so small and neat. Always ao bright and gay. She will be to us a friend All through life's pathway. Track 12-3-41 5 Rooters' Club 141 5 Squad Leader 141 5 Valley Ball 12-3-415 Commercial Club 12-315 A. A. 12-3-41 ARTHUR LOWMAN IIAMIP Arthur unknown talent possesses. Not only in music, they say: But also in winning ladies- He has a girl in California. far away. Kiski 1115 Saltsburilliigh 1215 Monitor Staff 1415 e-Ca-Hi Staif 1415 Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 131. 1 Te 1 1 v 1 , 1 1 . l . ' 1 0 , fm--Q---'U I JC!-if dll-lj: f1C,1U""f ,f ,-'L X 5 FLOYD LU SK ul-iuskyn Floyd is a quiet and peaceful chap, And in a corner often will hide: But he seems to have lots of courage When he has Peg by his side. A. A. 11-2-3-415 Routers' Club 141g French Club 141. MURIEL LOUISE -LUTZ ..Murn Muriel is one of the few students Who stick to it dav after day, For she's never without lessons: , Yet always has time for play. "Don't Park Here" 131. HELEN F. LYLE "Socks" There is a young lady named Lyle. Who's blessed with original style: She has lots of Haines. she has lots of spirit, And in plays she's successful by merit. Junior Literary Society 1115 "D0n't Park Here" 131 5 Girls' Club 13-41 "Come Out of the Kitchen 141 3 French Club 1315 Dramatic Club 1413 Rooters' Club 1415 Squad Leader 1415 "Daddy Long Legs" 141. SARAH MAN KER Ilsllll Sarah is quiet. B t h h l u w en s e pays. You feel that the sun'.s Reaching you with its rays. "Don't Park Here 1315 Girls' Club 13-415 Perfect Attendance 121. GEORGE MARSHALL uHenn George goes in for everything. From football to a race: At all the sports he takes a Bing. And makes our heroes earn their place. A. A. 12-415 Class Basketball 13-415 Scrub Football 13-413 Scrub Basketball 1413 Class Volley Ball 141 Q Glass Track 11-2-3-41. . ANTHONY MASTERS u-I-onyn Tony plays a clarinet. His time is always right. And the music he makes with it Is sprightly, gay, and bright. Band 11-2-3-419 Orchestra 1413 Class Football 141 5 Squad Leader 13-413 A. A. 141. 42 IRENE MATHEWS "Rene" Irene is a girl of whom we boast, In four years she's missed not a day: And yet she comes in from the country Near Edenburg, far. far BWHY- Girls' Club 1415 A. A. 1415 Perfect Atttndance 11-2-3-41. IRENE MEERMANS uMeeryn uRe.nien In the first place. Reane's an actress, Second, she's slightly a vamp: And when it comes to wit and humor, Thereis a riot in the camp. Ne-Ca-Hi Staf 1415 Monitor Staff 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 "Daddy Long Legs" 1415 Girls' Club 11-41 5 Dramatic Club 1415 Basketball 111 5 Class Knocker 141 5 A. A. 1215 Rooters' Club 1415 "Come Out of the Kitchen" 141. RUTH MEHARD ulkeyn If Ruth didn't have a steady. She might have broken some hearts? But after she saw Jimmy Broadbent, There was no use for others to start. Girls' Club 11-21 5 Rooters' Club 1415 Commercial Club 1215 "Don't Park Here 1315 '4Miss Bob White" 1215 "Springtime" 111 "Daddy Long Legs 141 5 Junior Literary Society 111. ROSE MENICHINO "Chick" Rose's like the flower she's named for, With a beauty just as rare. Eyes as black as any raven. And a wealth of curly hair. Girls' Club 11-2-315 Junior Literary Society 1115 Commercial Club 1215 "Don't Park Here" 1315 A. A. 11-215 Squad Leader 141. VICTORIA MICK "Mickey" Pretty is Victoria Mick, Although she's not so fair: And very great things we predict For her dark beauty rare. Chorus 11-2-3-415 Girls' Club 1415 Commercial Club 1215 A. A. 1415 Rooters' Club 1415 "Miss Bob White" 121. KATHERINE MILLIKIN Do you hear that noise Coming down the street? It's Katherine's "Studey" As it hits the concrete. .nf-f swf ,X CLARA MILLER "" A cute little girl is Clara, Reserved and sweet and shy, She doesn't care for the male man, In spite of her twinkling eye. Commercial Club 1215 Rooters' Club 141. DOROTHY MILLER ubotn Dorothy is quiet and shy, And she gets all her wnrk done: But just mention Johnny's name,- Then you'll start some fun. Commercial Club 1215 A. A. 1415 Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here 1315 Junior Literary Society 111. WARREN MILLER This fellow's always having fun With the rest of us at school: When on his violin he plays It reminds us of our brighter days. Junior Orchestra 111 5 Sr. Orchestra 12-3-415 Track 131 5 A. A. 1315 Squad Leader 1415 Monitor Staff 1415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141. GRETCHEN MITCHELL Wve have a "Gretchen", But can't find a "Hans'7: This one's a student whn Gets what she demands. Girls' Club 12-415 Jr. Orchestra 11-215 Sr. Orchestra 1315 "Miss Bob White 1215 Rooters' Club 141. ISABEL MITCHELL ulsyn Isabelle has a dignity And poise that's surelv inborng She can discuss any subject. And play music of hardest form. Jr. Orchestra 1415 Girls' Band 13-415 Latin Senate 13-415 Track 1215 Girls' Club 1315 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Rooters' Club 1415 A. A, 1415 Commercial Club 121. IRENE MONTGOMERY "Monty" Irene has a sweetheart Whom she surely likes. , We'll give you one sruess who it is. Your riirht--his name is Mike. Jr. Lit. Society 1115 Girls' Club 12-3-41 Dramatic Club 1415 "Daddy Long Legs" 141 5 Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-41. 44 HARRY MOORE lLHal1 Hnrry's a very pleasant boy. With cheery words for all. To you he gives a welcome smile As he walks about the hall. A. A. 13-41g Hooters' Club 141. IRENE MORRIS "Juelz" Irene has a complexion 'l'hat's the envy of every girl: And when she starts to smile. Well-she sets you all awhirl. Commercial Club 1215 Girls' Club 131 "Don't Park Here" 131g Jr. Lit. Society 111g Rooters' Club 141 Track 13-41 g Rep. Student Council 131. KATHERINE MORROW "Kate" Katherine seems a little fickle, She can't seem to settle down. First it's one away at college. Then it's one in our home town. "Miss Bob White 1213 "Don't Park Here" 131 5 Girls' Club 13-41 5 Chorus 111 5 Orchestra 13-415 Jr. Lit. Society 1115 Rooters' Club 141 DALE MULLEN "Shrimp" Happy as the day is long. Small in stature. with hirrh ideals, He can not help but succeed Since this is the way he feels. Jamestown High 11-2-313 Rooters' Club 141. DONALD McCLEARY UMBC!! Don enjoys life very much. I Not much time in study spending: But to parties. dates. and such His presence oft is lending. A. A. 11-2-3-413 Class Baseball 11-41 Class Football 13-413 Science Club 11 21 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Adelphic 141g Rooters' Club 141. EDWARD Mc CLINTOCK uEdn Ed has eyes of azure blue. And locks of golden blond: . One who is lucky to be his friend Of his company sure is fond. A. A. 13-415 Rooters' Club 1419 Student Rep. 13-41. r 174 K9 V,'1 . 17 7 X 1 as fmaigplsfz 193i -Z. r f .Je xsi' 'Aly . 'fri ,'..f Nz wg f WILBUR McCONAHY "win" Bill has a "Chevie" coupe, He brings it along to school. Handles it very skillfully, And obeys most every rule. Commercial Club 121g Routers' Club 141. LOUIS McCONAHY "Louie" Louie has a head for reason, Quite a shark in Math: Mirth er-rl wit in timely season: For him we predict a flowery path. RONALD McCOY uRonn Ronald's a regular fellow. And he likes to "Skip!' about, His pleasant ways will always win Him many friends, no doubt. Orchestrag Bandg Rooters' Clubg Basketball. GENEVRA McCRE.ARY A "Genev" Gen's a second Jenny Lind, Like s, nisrhtingale: Motto is. "What e'er you're doing- Do it quickly. do it well." Chorus 11-2-3-415 Sr. Orch. 12-3-415 Girls' Band 131: "Springtime" 1119 "All Aboard" 1214 "Miss Bob White" 121 "Daddy Long Legs" 1415 Girls' Club 141 5 A. A, 13-41. LOUIS McFARLAND ul-eww Mac has fun most everywhere, But mostly while at svhnnl- He gets his lessons fairly well And yet has time to "act the fool," A. A. 12-315 Track 121. MARGARET McFATE upegn uAnnero Pegzv's coal black hair and snappy eyes. One glance at them and away time flies! She-'s one of the best pals we've ever known. Many are the friendship seeds she's sown. Athletic Association 12-3-41, Sec. 1413 Girls' Club 12-31g "Don't Park Here" 131g Squad Leader 141 3 Class Hockey Team 131 North Street 111. 46 SARAH McGOUN llsalfl No one found Sally, she found herself L When she learned to play basketball ' A She's been our captain, the best ever had ,Vg 1 And her smiles and pep win her friendship from all. glass Bagketaag S-21,3C:3pt.C111g 4 5 '71 arsity as et a 12- -4 , apt. 4 9 Volley Ball 12-3-41 9 Squad Leader 12-3-'41 5 Monitor Staff 141 g Ne-Ca-Hi Stal? 14.1 g A. A. 12-3-41, Sec. 1315 , Student Council 141 g Class Track 12-31 7 "Don't Park Here" 1313 "Daddy Long Legs" 1413 Girls' Club 11-2-3-41, Vice Pres. 131: Springtime 111 5 All Class Hockey 141 g "Miss Bob White" 1215 Latin Senate 111. MARY M. McGOWAN "Funny" Pack a bushel of your troubles In a basket, and then take Them to "Irish," and they're over: For a friend sheld ne'er forsake. Basketball 111: Jr. Lit, Society 1115 Girls' Club 13-41: "Don't Park Here" 131 : A. A, 13-41 5 Squad Leader 13-41g Monitor Staff 1413 Class Hockey Team 141. JOHN McIVER "Johnny" Johnnie is a jolly lad. But doesn't talk a lot: If you ever have need of a friend He's Johnnie on the spot. A. A. 141: Class Basketball 1413 Class Baseball 141. DOROTHY McKEE ubotn Dorothy with her prettia hair, Dorothy with her smi e, And we know for whom she cares,- Its "Sandy" all the while. Junior Literarv Society 111 Q A. A. 11-2-3-41. ERNEST McKEE "Ernie" In his eye is a sparkling linht l d d ' f l'fe Of knowe ge an Joy o il: . By his marks you can see he is bright, He'll win in any strife. MARY EMMA McLAFFERTY "Marie" Athletics is Mary's hobby. And in it she sure does shine: But when it comes to wit and humor W The ladder of fame she'll climb. Don't Park Here" 1315 Girls' Club 13-419 A. A. 141: Hockey 141. . .617 ywf ,X X ff' ' 1 '17 ef qw? if fi JACK McLURE uJ.ckn Jack doesn't care for the ladies, Oh no! Just watch him awhile As he passes down the hallway- They all look at him and smile. A. A, 11-2-3-415 Monitor Staff 141: Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Adelphic 13-415 Squad Leader 12-3-415 "Daddy Long Legs" 141 5 "All Aboard" 121 5 Class Football 1215 Science Club 111. KATHERINE MCMILLEN uK.yn Now Kate's a maid worthy of study. For she always is dressed up just right: But alas-the young Lntly's quite fickle. When she sees "Gene'? or "Cocky" in sight A. A. 13-415 Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1315 ' "All Aboard" 1215 Squad Leader 43-415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Girls' Club 11-2-31. BELLE NELSON 08.56, Modest, sweet and demure. ' Plus dignity and grace: ' L In our hearts this lasay Takes the first place. Girls' Club 13-4-515 Commercial Club 12-31. DAVID NEWDORFER --mv." Dave sure is a husky lad. From Sharon he hailed: Wise-cracking 'seems to be his fad. In flirting he has never failed. Sr. Class Football 13-41. KATHERINE NEWBERRY uxlyn She is very talented Along musical lines. And its sure to bring her fame At some near future time. Orchestra 12-3-415 Girls' Club 1215 Hockey 1415 A. A. 141. JULIUS IRVING NEWMARK ".v..l." We wish to say this lioy's a shark At everything he undertakes: In Latin he sure pulls the mark Which all the others try to make. Jr. Orchestra 1215 Sr. Orchestra 13-415 A. A, 11-2-3-41' Class Basketball 13-41 5 Latin Senate 12-3-41 5 Debate Club 131. 48 P FLORENCE NICKEL "Floods" Flossle can sing, Flossie can dance. And those black eyes of hers Shoot with one glance. A. A. 11-2-3-413 Chorus 12-415 Girls' Band 13-413 "Don't Park Here" 1313 "Miss Bob White" 1213 "Daddy Long Legs" 1413 Routers' Club 1413 Dramatic Club 141. THOMAS NOLAN "Tucker" Here's a boy who's an athlete. Of that we all are sure: If you've ever seen him in a game You'll know that in llfe he'll endure. Varsiti: Football 13-413 Class ootball 11-213 Varsity Basketball 13-413 Class Baseball 11-2-413 A. A. 11-2-3-41 ELIZABETH N055 "Betty" Libby's been a live wire, - Nothing she csn't dog We see her busy everywhere: Good in athletics too. Girls' Club 13-413 Track 12-3-413 Volley Ball 13-413 Girls' Band 13-413 Routers' Club 1413 A. A. 1413 Hockey 1413 Orchestra 13-41. WILHEMINA NOSS "Bubbles" Wilhemlna runs on cylinders. And they never miss a stroke. Talk about good disxzvositionr- Say, our Billy's not a joke. South Amboy, N. J. 11-213 A. A, 13-41 Girls' Club 13-413 Rooters' Club 1413 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Class Basketball 141. "Daddy Long Legs" 141. MARIE ONASH No matter where you meet Marie. At school. street, or play, She will always greet you In her gracious, happy way. Commercial Club 1213 A. A. 141. FRANCES PALMER . "Fannie" Quiet and retiring, But to everyone fair: We'll remember her By her very light hair. A. A. 11-2-3-41 3 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Chorus 1413 Rooters' Club 141. if gy-L55 fw , THELMA PANKRAT2 Quite a mannequin is Thelma With her clothes of dainty style: And her hair so dark and curly, And her eyes that wear a smile. 1 Commercial Club 121g 1 Routers' Club 141. cAu. PATTERSON '-muy" Gail has a personality That makes her have friends in all: We are sure in the world of service She will readily answer the call. Eastbrook High School 11-2-31. JOSEPH PATTERSON ujoen ukedn Joe is quite a jolly lad, The kind to have around, The following is no mistake- A Joker for some King he'd make. Hi-Y 1413 Adelphic 1415 Sr. Orchestra 12-3-41g Vice Pres. Orchestra 1413 Student Council 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Science Club 1213 A, A. 12-3-41. KENNETH C. PATTERSON uKenn Ken likes a certain girl. And he's a pleasant lad: His brand of friendship, we nxzree Is worth making' into a fad. Slippery Rock High 1113 Harlansburg High 1215 Jr. Orchestra 1313 Band 13-41g A. A. 13-41. MARGARET JANE PATTERSON upezn Twinkling eyes and a dimple Are always sure to attract: Just one look at our Peggy,- Youfll know why she's friends by the 'pack A. A. 13-415 French Club 1215 Girls' Club 13-413 "Don't Park Here" 131. WALLACE PATTERSON ubocn Wallace is so quiet. You'd hardly know he's here: But still he enjoys himself And has a girl, don't fear. A. A. 13-41. -50 HERMAN PATTON "I'Ierm" Herman hails from the R. F. D.. His work comes near the best: You can always see his cheery smile, Or hear his happy jest. A. A. 11-355 French Club 125: Adelphic 145. VIRGINIA A. PERDUE uPerdyn VirL!inia's uuiet, but when you know her You'll find she's lots of fun: She has unusual wit, too. That many a lauzh has won. Girl Reserves 11-255 A. A. 11-2-455 Rooters' Club 1455 "Don't Park Here" 135: Perfect Attendance 11-25. F REDA PINK "Pinlxie" Freda's not pink-she's a blond. With hair so light and curly: She kids the girls and teases the hnys With that smile of hers so jolly. x MARTHA PITNOFF A "Mm," Martha hailed from Boston. And we're certainly glad she came ' For she's helned to unhold the scholarship For which Ne-Ca-Hi has a good name. Girls' High School. Boston, Mass. 1155 Schenlev High Sr-hool, Pitt., Pa. 125. D. A. R. Essay 145. ABRAHAM PLANT UAbel! Abe is a uuiet student Who doesn't make much fuss. But if there's lots of work to do His hair he's willing to muss. A. A. 13-455 Class Baseball 145. ANTHONY PALIDORA llTonyll Tony's quite a question box And likes to argue so, He unties many history knots He wants to understand, you know. Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-45. GORDON POST "Poetic" Cordon has a cheery smile And always at least one date. His valet keeps his dates on file Sn for one or the other. he won't be late. Squad Leader 11-2-3-415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. CARMI GLOVER PRESTON "Gout" Carmi is one of the favored sons Of our high school and of Fritz: And when he dons an actor's 0811 ' The world attentive sits. Class Orator 1415 Pres. Student Council 1415 Student Rep. 1315 Varsity Football 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Adelphic 1415 "Come Out of the Kitchen 141 5 "Don't Park Here 1315 Class Football 11-2-315 Class Baseball 11-2-415 Monitor Staff 1415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Dramatic Club 141: Rooters' Club 1415 Class Basketball 131. HELEN QUEER "Wish I was a little bird A singin' in a tree 5" H l l h ' h een surey got er wis . Sinils sweeter than they, you see. Girls' Club 11-215 A. A. 12-315 Commercial Club 1215 "Springtime" 1115 "Don't Park Here" 1315 "Miss Bob White" 1215 Chorus 11-2-3-41. ALBERT RAMSEY nnudf- Albert is a sunny lad, To know him is a treat: No matter when you meet him He's always sure to speak. Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Senior Orchestra 11-21 5 Science Club 11-2-31. HARRIETTE ELIZABETH RAY "Funny" When "Funny" drops in The rest of us quit: She always will win When it comes to wit. Girl Reserves 11-2-3-41 5 French Club 12-31 Athletic Association 11-21 5 Class Hockey 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Latin Senate 1415 "Springtime" 1115 "All Aboard" 1215 Stadium Drive 141. HARRY D. RAY unallyrs Always haDDY. always gay, You could tell his name is Ray: He helps the drummer in the band. With a cymbal on each hand. Band 11-2-3-415 Athletic Association 1415 Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here 1315 Monitor Staff 131, 52 MARGARET RAY -lpesxyn Always ready for fun This maiden you will mark Always does her work well efore she starts on a lark. Enon Valley High 11-215 Girl Reserves 141. MARGARET REED V "Marge" An Honor Roll student Is our Margaret Reed, Our hats oh' to her When in studies she leads. Prospect High 11-21 5 Butler High 1315 Athletic Association 141g Girl Reserves 141. RAYMOND H. REED nRayn Ray has sandy complexion And quite a boy is he. His ilirtinz's the height of perfection What more can he wish to bc? Piospect High 11-2-315 Athletic Association 141 5 Adelphic Literary Society 141. BETTY RODENBAUGH Betty is so doll-like Always looks just right, And in her chain of lovers "Red" is the favored knizht. Girl Reserves 141 5 Science Club 1115 Athletic Association 12-3-415 Rooters' Club 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Student Representative 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. VIRGINIA W. RHODES upatn nbustyn Virginia is our fashion-plate. With co t ' s ume ever new . She's found with "Chink" early and late And to her friends she's ever true. Girl Reserves 11-2-3-41 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Rooters' Club 1415 Athletic Association 11-2-315 "Springtime" 1115 "Miss Bob White" 1215 "Don't Park Here 131. EDNA S. RIDLEY Has she dashed you a smile. Or have you by chance Been lucky enough To e'er with her dance? Athletic Association 11-2-41' Girl Reserves 1413 Rooters' 'Club 141 Commercial Club 1115 "Miss Bob White 1215 "Don't Park Here 131. 50 0 V. tflflfax' I 7 I .r5f,f! ..--1" ' .,0eAAfL- Wa- f-', f f ,. 1 115, Ti? An-J QNX 'ALJ' ,P 4" AP ' PAUL G. RILEY ucqckeyn Now he does and now he doesn't And then again he will, This "collar-add" boy of Ne-Ca-Hi Gives many fair hearts a thrill. Football Manager 1415 1 Adelphic Literary Society 1413 French Club 141 3 Junior Literary 111 Athletic Association 11-2-3-41 5 Science Club 111. RALPH E. RILEY Blue eyes, curly hair, sunny smile: Courteous. thoughtful and true. A character much worth while. Success awaits you-whate'er you do Dramatic Club 1415 "Daddy Long Legs" 141. THELMA ROBERTS If there's anything you wish to know And you want to be sure that it's right Just step right up and ask our Thelma And she'll put you in the light. Girl Reserves 1415 Junior Literary Society 111. ROBERT ROBSON llsobli Jolly, good natured and carefree loo Laughing talking and never blue. Ready to help at every call Lessons worry "Bob" not at all. Monitor Staff 1413 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141 5 Athletic Association 13-415 Stadium Drive 141, CHARLES RODGERS "Chick" Chuck has quite a hobby 'Into radio he delves. By this hint you're sure to know His brain's not made of dusty shelves. Junior Orchestra 11-2-31g Athletic Association 11-2-3-41 5 Commercial Club 1115 Rooters' Club 141 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-41. CHARLOTTE H. RODGERS "Shorty" This maid has knack ' For getting men at her feet, How she does it isn't queer. Since she is so Petite. Girl Reserves 1419 French Club 121 5 Chorus 13-415 "Spr1ngt1me" 1115 "Don't Park Here" 131. 54 MONTGOMERY RODGE RS "Monty" Monty has a serious case With a certain girl: Back and forth he walks with her His head all in a whirl. Athletic Association 12-3-41. MERCEDES M. ROGAN "Dee-dee" Mercedes so dark. With eyes of jet black: We discover immediately That no charms you lack. Girl Reserves 11-2-3-41 5 - Athletic Association 1115 Rooters' Club 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. LAWRENCE ROSE "Rosie" Lawrence as he walks about Greets everyone he knows, His friends we certainly have no doubt Can be counted by rows and rows. Band 13-4-513 Junior Orchestra 111 g Squad Leader 12-3-4-51. MARTHA ROSE "Marty" With all her charms and clothes, Martha's quite bewitching And when it comes to looks, you sec She's "mighty lak' a rose." Girl Reserves 11-41 g Athletic Association 111 5 "Springtime" 111g "Don't Park Here" 131g "Miss Bob White" 121. JOHN RUBIES John with wisdom is endowed. A "ruby" in this place of learning Making marks of which we're proud A real foundation for life's journey, Athletic Association 12-3-415 Debate Club 131g Squad Leader 1413 Varsity Track 1315 Class Football 13-419 Class Basketball 13-413 Rooters' Club 1419 "The History of the Book" 141. GOLDIE RUSSU Goldie's a basketball player. Who is good in her lessons Loo: We think this quite an achievement Just done by a capable few. Girl Reserves 13-41g Volley Ball 1215 Commercial Club 1213 Junior Literary Society 111: ., Athletic Association 11-215 Class Basketball 11-3-415 "Dc-n't Park Here" 131. 1 x X X K 1 A I 'lj romana Ciao-VV . Zvfiij ...-.i ,, . CLARENCE RUTHRAUFF Clarence walks about the hall And seems to be so shy His brain is far from being small So he is bound to get by. Adelphic Literary Society 13-415 Athletic Association 13-41 5 Rooters' Club 1415 Stadium Drive 1415 Junior Literary Society 1115 Perfect Attendance 141. DANIEL WOLLAM, Jr. uD.lnyn There's a Daniel in a Lion's Den That we've heard of before. But the Dan that comes from Warren Has made many friends galore. Warren, O. High School 11-215 Hi- Y 1415 Cabinet Member 1415 Hooters' Club 1415 Adelphic 1315 Athletic Association 131. AGNES SANKEY Though Agnes is a quiet girl, She has her interests too. Her heart belongs to Willard The ring gave us the clue. Commercial Club 1115 A. A. 1415 Chorus 111. BURDELL SANKEY "Berrlel" Burdell is a regular boy With jokes and smiles sbounding, He plays an oboe in the band With a skill quite astounding. Sr. Orchestra 12-3-41 5 Band 12-3-41 5 Hi-Y 1415 A. A. 1415 Rooters' Club 1415 Latin Senate 1415 Adelphic Literary 1415 Stadium Drive 141 Squad Leader 111. ALICE DOLORZE SCHU Here is a real nice zirl And 'lo a Latin-shark. We know that onward on life's way, Alice will make a goodly mark. Girl Reserves 11-215 Latin Senate 11-2-3-41' A. A. 11-215 Rooters' Club 1415 Squad Leader 1315 "Miss Bob White" 1215 "Don't Park Here" 1312 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-41. CLYDE SHAFFER Here we have a shark In a subject quite well known Electricity II is its name Much knowledge of it he has shown. A. A. 141, 56 GEORGE SHAKLEE "Shack" Railroading: is his hobby at night And school work during the day. We wonder how he gets along On so small an amount of hay. Hi-Y 1415 Latin Senate 13-415 Band 12-3-41 5 Jr. Orchestra 12-31 5 Sr. Orchestra 1415 "Don't Park Here" 131. ANN SHIELDS Ann is one of our fairest Such beauty is rare When it comes to admirers "Joe" is usually there. Girl Reserves 11-2-3-415 Monitor Stat? 11-215 A. A. 12-315 Hooters' Club 141: "Don't Park Here" 1315 "Springtime" 1115 Student Council 131. MINNIE R. SLOVONSKY No matter what the weather Or even yet the time, Minnie is always happy With a smile fora happy sign. SARGENT SMITH "Buck" Buck is of a quiet nature And a girl he much admires: Although of not the tallest stature, To high-jumping he aspires. Hi-Y 13-41, Treasurer 1415 Adelphic Literary 141, Treasurer 141 A. A. 12-3-41: Rooters' Club 1415 Class Football 1315 Class Basketball 1315 Track 13-415 Stadium Drive 1415 "The History of the Book" 141. WILDA SMITH Small. but mixzhty, Gentle, yet firm. When this lady speaks You all will learn. Commercial Club 1215 A. A. 141, MARJORY SNYDER uM-rsen Who holds her ring and heart Everyone should know: This lovely little miss Makes "Ches" her Romeo. Girl Reserves 12-3-415 A. A. 12-3-41 Rooters' Club 1415 Squad Leader 141 Science Club 1115 "Don't Park Here" 131. JC4. 'nv 4, 1 I L ylfa X 1 If yi JOSEPH SOLOMON ujoen uxidn Not so big Yet full of pep, Solomon You know his rep. A. A. 12-415 Class Baseball 141 5 Adelphic Literary 1415 'tEarly Birds" 141. HELEN ELIZABETH SONNEBORN "Sonny" Her brown eyes bright Have captured many, But none have yet Anpealed to "Sonny." Monitor Staff 141 5 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141 5 Dramatic Club 1415 Latin Senate 12-3-4 A. A. 1415 Student Council 13-415 Girl Reserves 11-415 Junior Literary 11-215 USpringtime" 111. DOROTHY STUNKARD Dorothy came to us from Eastbrook That'must be a pretty nice place Since they've sent us such a good sport, With always a smile on her face. Eastbrook H. S. 11-2-31 5 Rooters' Club 141. BESS STREIB Here's a fair maid, Cupid's hit, The lucky man we do not know And yet of course. we know there is one 'Cause her diamond sparkles so. Chorus 11-3-415 Commercial Club 121, ELIZABETH SWINEHART "Touts" As a bascketball player Our "Toots" is just right, We wonder how she acts On a "Sumner" ni:-tht? Girl Reserves 1415 A. A. 1415 Track 12-3-41 5 Varsity Hockey 141 5 Squad Leader 13-41 5 Class Basketball 1215, Captain 1215 Varsity Basketball 13-415 Class Volley Ball 12-315, Captain 1215 "Don't Park Here" 131. CARL TEETS Carl would make a good salesman For an answer he never takes "No" We believe his ability is such He could sell fans to an Esquimo. 58 13 PAUL S. THOMAS u-I-uffyn Short, round, and jolly His brown eyes dancing with glee If I were an unwedded maiden This would be the chap for me. Manual, Training H. S., Indianapolis, I 11 ' Hi-Y 13-415 Adelphic Literary Society 13-41g Monitor Staff 141g Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141' Commercial Club 121g Rooters' Club 1415 Athletic Association 12-3-413 Class Baseball 1415 Class Football 1213 Class Track 1213 Asst. Football Manager 1315 Asst. Basketball Manager 131: "The History of the Book" 141 g "Don't Park Here" 131. EWING THOMPSON llwlngl! A good-humored chap is this lad For the paper he works night and day. We pity the Monitor Staff next year When Ewing has gone away. Monitor Staff 141 g Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141 5 Adelphic Literary Society 1415 Athletic Association 1415 Rooters' Club 141. WALTOR THORN 1.-I-adn I They say actors are made. not born We wonder if this applies to Thorn For though his looks aren't quite the same ' He sure does make a very Hne "Cx-ans." Monitor Staff 141g Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141' Hi-Y 1413 Adelphic Lit. soeietv 12-3-41,5 Dramatic Club 141: Science Club 111g "Come Out of the Kitchen" 1415 "Don't Park Here 1319 Student Council 131 5 Rooters' Club 141 ' "History of the Book" 141 5 Athletic Association 11-2-3-41: Class Basketball 13-419 Cheer Leader 1419 "Daddy Long Legs" 141 5 Stadium Drive 141. SAM TOMASELLO ml-ornn Sam is a star in many things We know not which the best, But we'll put him up for basketball And know he'll stand the test. Athletic Association 11-2-3-415 Class Basketball 11-215 Varsitv Basketball 13-415 Class Baseball 1113 Class Football 1115 Science Club 111, ELEANOR TRAVER5 "Travers" "Ningal-note" Eleanoi-'s good at a hear: of things, And many she does just Fine, But when it comes to basketball She is a player sublime. Girl Reserves 11-2-3-415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Class Basketball 11-215 Varsity Basketball 13-41 5 Volley Ball 11-2-3-41, Captain 121 3 Varsity Hockey 141, Capt. 8: Mgr.g Squad Leader 13-41: Rooters' Club 1413 i'Miss Bob White" 1213 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-41. ' THELMA TRODDEN A tiny picture, pink and white Is our winsome Thelma dear, And you will see that baby smile Especially when "Bugs" is near. Girls' Club 11-2-319 Rooters' Club 141' "All Aboard" 131 3 A. A. 121. r nd. 59 1 of 71 ,tc ag ,- ff Jr!! .jf 51, ,agfcomw V, f X, l PAUL TURNER Paul plays a clarinet very well But that's not all he can do You'll find if you follow him closely His friends arc many: not few. Band 11-2-3-415 Senior Orchestra 11-2-3-41. WILLIAM C. TWADDLE "Hippo" "Tubbl" Bill is a hard and game fighter He says to always be cool You'll find that when he's at work or Dlay He'll ever stick to this rule. Varsity Football 13-41 5 Varsity Track 13-415 Varsity Reserves Basketball 13-415 Class Basketball 11-2-3-41, Captain 1415 All Class Basketball Team 1415 Athletic Association 11-2-3-413 Science Club 1115 Commercial Club 111 Adelphic Literary Society 1415 Student Representative 131 5 Dramatic Club 1413 Stadium Drive 1415 "Don't Park Here" 1313 "Daddy Long Legs" 141 5 Sargeant at Arms 1415 "The History of the Book" 141. CHARLES VAN BROCKLIN V uchuckn uvann He was one of the "Famous Four Horsemen" They called him "Fighting Van" We pity the filly on the other team That tried to stop this man. Varsity Football 13-41 5 Adelphic 1115 Athletic Association 11-2-3-41 5 Varsity Basketball 1315 Track 1319 Science Club 11-2-1 5 Class Football 1115 Latin Senate 1115 Stadium Drive 141. NORMAN VAN BROCKLIN MRedYl With his bright red hair And his strong and sturdy face We all like to go with him Anytime-anywhere-anyplace. Athletic Association 11-2-3-41 5 French Club 12-315 Science Club 11-21. LAWRENCE VATTER Instead of laughing loud and loniz You should smile and show presence of mind Th'.' " l 'h ld ll b is is a rue we s ou a o serve Lawrence follows it close, you'Il find. Rooters' Club 141, ANN WADDINGTON Anna has the nicest eyes, That shine and sparkle brightg And as a member of our class, She surely is just right. Eastbrook H. S. 11-2-31. 60 MARGARET L. WAGELEY uPegn "I came hither from thither and I am going' hence 5" We do not know whither, we do not know whence Peggy is always busy, she is always on the ,eof Just how much she means to us, she will :never know. Soldan High, St. Louis, Mo. 1135 Wilkinsburg High 1235 Monitor Staff 1435 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1435 Associate Editor-in-Chiefg Latin Senate 13-43, Consul 1435 A. A. 13-435 Debate Club 1335 Class Basketball 1335 "Don't Park Here" 133 5 "The History of the Book" 143. CLARA WALDMAN Clara has a little curl Of which she is a trifle vain. This and being a friend to all Has brought her heaps of ringing fame. French Club 12-33. MINNIE WALDMAN Minnie the steadfast, M' ' th b mme e rave Though all others are bohberl. Her tresses she'll save. Commercial Club 123 5 "Don't Park Here" 133. AMY V. WALKER Amy is so gentle And so sweet a little irirl. That we will miss her eyes of blue And hair of golden curl. Girl Reserves 13-435 A. A. 1435 Rooters' Club 1435 "Don't Park Here" 133, SUSAN ELIZABETH WALLACE Susan is a studious girl We wish that we could imitate. She always has her lessons right, A And goes to classes never late. Prospect H. S. 11-235 "Don't Park Here" 133. EDWARD WARD "Eddie" "Wardie" Ed won honors in the football game, And to our school brought glory and fame He's an all 'round man we must admit For he sings a lot and acts a bit. Class President 1235 Class Basketball 11-23, Captain 1235 Adelphic 12-3-43, Vice Pres. 133, Pres. 143 Dramatic Club 1435 "Come Out of the Kitchen 1435 Class Football 113 5 Varsity Football 12-3-43, Captain 1435 A. A. 11-2-3-435 Track 12-335 Rooters' Club 143. 61 Girl Reserves 13-43, Social Chairman 1435 iff., 1 fyjf M15 I 1, .J ,jk A f' fl . MARGARET WARDMAN upesn Margaret is always so cheerful, She chases away any gloom: We like anyone so happy, And she'll sure be a leader soon t'Don't Park Here" 131. MICHAEL WARSO He's a boy we all like to know A friend that's right and true: He's always treated me fair and square. He'll do the same to you. A. A. 111. MARJoRus WATKINS uwlargen See, saw, Margery 1-ah! We can't keep track of her: She keeps the males all on the go And enjoys it too, yes sir! Girl Reserves 11-2-3-415 A. A, 121g Routers' Club 1415 "Springtime" 1113 t'Miss Bob White" 121g "Don't Park Here" 131 g CARL J. WEAVER Although he's small of stature, Carl made the Senior team. And his well earned fame as a tackle:- Like the mornin!! star did gleam. A. A. 11-2-3-415 Class Football 141 9 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-41. CHESTER WEDDELL uchesn This is Ches Weddell, the pride of the school: And when he strolls through the hallways: There is a fair lass named Margery Who is by his side always. Rooters' Club 1419 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Adelphic 13-415 Hi-Y 12-31g Commercial Club 111 3 Squad Leader 13-41 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Science Club 111. RAYMOND M. WESCHLER "Red" "Ray" "Weachler" Red is an excellent student, But his interest is not there, it would seem: For many a game did he pull from the fire, When he played on our basketball team. Class Basketball 13-415 Class Track 11-215 Class Football Manager 141g Class Baseball Manager 1415 ' Squad Leader 13-413 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Routers' Club 141 9 Commercial Club 11-21 Science Club 11-21. 62 WALTER WEYMAN "Buck" Walter is a quiet lad On many things won't offer a peep But there's no saying truer than thisA "Still water always runs deep." A. A. 11-2-3-43 5 Squad Leader 143 5 Rooters' Club 1435 Science Club 1135 Hall Police 1435 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-43, GLADYS WHITE Gladys comes from Princeton Anfl we're very glad she came We need her loyal spirit To help keep our good name. Princeton High 11-2-33. WANDA ADALINE WHITE "Whitey" "Still water runs deep," 'tis truly said For our Wanda's thoughts by few are read. There's something' hid in those deep dark eyes She's a genius of some sort. the wise surmise. Girl Reserves 12-3-435 A. A. 1235 Commercial Club 1235 Debating Club 133 "Don't Park Here" 133 5 "Miss Bob White" 123 5 Science Club 1135 Perfect Attendance 123. BERNICE WILLEY Bernice has fraternity pins Of every kind and script But they all come from lucky Lee, ' Her lover down at Pitt. Girl Reserves 12-335 French Club 1235 A. A. 11-2-3-435 Rooters' Club 1435 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1435 Squad Leader 1435 "Don't Park Here" 133 5 Stadium Drive 143. ENID WILLIAMS Enid is always happy, And looking out for fun: What we like best to see her do. Is to imitate someone. Jr. Literary 1135 Girl Reserves 11-2-435 French Club 133. LOLITA WILLIAMS "Bill" In gym work she's perfect, On the M 't fi e om or n . To find one more capable You'll look a long time. Squad Leader 13-43 5 A. A. 11-2-3-43 5 Class Basketball 11-2-3-43 5 Varsity Basketball Manager 1435 Monitor Staff 13-43 5 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 143 5 Class Volley Ball 11-2-3-435 Varsity Hockey 1435 Dramatic Club 143 ' 'ACome Out of the Kitchen" 1435 "Miss Bob White" 1235 "Don't Park Here" 133 5 'tSpringtime" 113 5 "Taming of the Shrew 1335 Perfect Attendance 11-235 "The History of the Book" 143. 1 63 Girl Reserves 11-2-3-43 5 Rooters' Club 143 5 r""'-Y ,1-. W. 'zfjy MARGARET ELIZABETH WOMER uMid'en This sedate little lady Keeps us all in a jig And as to height She is only "So big." Girl Reserves 11-2-413 A. A. 12-3-41p Junior Literary Society 11-213 Senior Orchestra 1113 "Springtime" 111 t'Miss Bob White" 1213 "Don't Park Here" 1313 Dramatic Club 1413 Stadium Drive 141, Capt, of Team. FLORENCE WORTMAN "Flouy" A quiet maid from the country, With her lessons always fine: And a friendly smile for everyone, She meets along the line. Girl Reserves 141. GEORGE EDWARD WRIGHT llTedYl Ted's album is filled with pictures of belles Who have captured his manly heart F th f ' ' h d f th f t ll F0111 6 BIPIEE W 0 81108 01' 8 TOD l'0W SWE S To the maiden who pushes a cart. Varsity Basketball 13-41 3 Rooters' Club 1413 A. A. 13-413 Adelphic Literary 11-213 1 Stadium Drive 141 3 Perfect Attendance 11-21. CARRIE LOUISE WYRIE Some think Louise is shy, But when you really know her: You'll find in her a jolly friend, And real good sport. yes sir. Science Club 111 3 Girl Reserves 1413 Perfect Attendance 121. JANE YOUNG A lovely disposition, That wins friends everywhere: We're sorry to lose Jane. From our halls so fair. Girl Reserves 1213 A. A. 1313 Rooters' Club 1413 "Don't Park Here" 131. MARGARET L. YOU NG upeln High up on the Honor Roll This fair maid's name's engraved, That is-we think it must be. 'Cause there it's always stayed. Latin Senate 1413 Rooters' Club 1413 A. A. 1413 Commencement Speaker3 "History of the Book" 141. 64 e MARGARET M. YOUNG upegu Margaret Young. the second, Is not unlike the first. At lessons she is very good And yet for fun has thirst. Latin Senate 12-3-415 French Club 1215 A. A, 11-2-3-415 Rooters' Club 1415 Class Basketball 1415 Class Volley Ball 141 5 Class Hockey 1415 Class Track 12-3-415 Perfect Attendance 11-3-41. VIRGINIA YOHO "Ginna" Like Hermia of old With Lysander her lover. Fair Virginia in our halls With "Ches" you discover. Girl Reserves 11-2-3-415 A. A. 1315 Routers' Club 1415 "Don'tV Park Here" 141. MARY YESENSKI A little birdie told us This fair-haired lass could dance. And when we went observing We really were entranceri. Latin Senate 13-415 Commercial Club 1215 Rooters' Club 141. MARY ZARILLA "Baba" Mary's eyes and hair are very clark She is always happy as a lark. To help others she'll ever strive, A staunch supporter of "Twenty Girl Reserves 1315 Commercial Club 1215 "Don't Park Here" 131. STEPHEN ZIDOW Although his name comes last, Last is not least. they say. He has proved this saying's true By his activities every way. Latin Senate 12-3-415 Perfect Attendance 11-2-3-41. FRANCIS BALDAUF The girls all think he is so cute With his curly raven locks, As for us he's quite a sheik He's so manly. so unique. Adelphic 1315 Student Rep. 141. Five." '7 1 '5 731 .32...,. 1,3 5- af-J EVM' YAC DONALD HANCOCK "Don" "Buttercup" Here is the Buttercup, Of our honorable school: Valued asset to our school- He never breaks a rule. Monitor Staff f4j. ll llgilllill itTKlI5" i!'illi'fi ill " 'fi Uhr Nun Siahium "The world is ever moving onward and her children ever forward." So it has always been with Ne-Ca-Hi and her activities. In 1922, she decided to have a winning football team, and scored her first point when she revised her athletic tactics. That season, with the school firmly behind the boys, the team did not lose a game,but unfortunately, tied one. The next season passed without a loss, but the team was doomed to disappointment, when in the elimination game with Turtle Creek, the result proved to be a tie. Nothing daunted, the knights of the gridiron ventured forth on their 1924 schedule, determined to win the championship. The confidence of their supporters aroused a fierce resistance that spelled Victory! The coveted prize, the Syracuse Trophy, was presented to the New Castle football team at the close of its long and victorious campaign. A winning team always excites and invites crowds. Hundreds of fans journeyed from distant fields to watch their own team in coniiict with Ne-Ca-Hi. New Castle in a body backed her boys with everything she had-crowds, cheers, and advertising. The bleachers were filled to capacity, rows of benches were placed along either end of the fieldg nearby trees, roofs, and front porches were utilized-and even then came a demand for more seats. The bleachers although they seated three thousand people, were still inadequate to accomodate the crowds, and hundreds were forced to witness the game while standing. This offered the little god of Winter a glorious oppor- tunity to perform his frosty work and the chill winds and biting blasts detracted much from the interest of the game. And so, the insistent cry for more and better bleaches arose-a cry that echoed throughout the city! But it took the student body of Ne-Ca-Hi to make this hope a realization. Ever onward, with the glory of Ne-Ca-Hi as their Eldorado, the students undertook the complete management of this immense under- lh'uiii" lH-llilfi taking. They first secured the consent of Mr. Graham and the School Board-and then set out to gain the support of New Castle's loyal citizens. In order to insure the building of the stadium, ten thousand dollars had to be raised by the students. Each person who donated ten dollars to this project, was given a season ticket which insured him a reserved seat for the next football season. Under the supervision of the Student Council, competent captains were chosen, who in turn selected from eight to ten student friends, each group forming a team. Each captain was given a certain district and he, with his chosen mates, canvassed this section of the city. All New Castle was given an Op- portunity to show its loyalty to its future citizens in this way. The names of the captains of the canvassing teams were: Francis Sowersby, Margaret Womer, William Kirk, Brendan Hanlon, Edwin Kerr, David Young, Sherman Levine, John Davis, Robert Lamoree, James Chambers, Theodore Costele, Edward Ward, Sarah McGoun, and Wilbur Johnston. The work was carried on with the usual pep and vigor of Ne-Ca-Hi and the work was kindly and patriotically backed by the men and women of New Castle. The team under the management of Francis Sowersby led the sale of tickets with sixty eight sales to their credit. The winning team was banqueted by Mr. Graham at the High Noon Club as a reward for their loyal and enthusiastic labors. The new stadium will cost forty thousand five hundred dollars and has a seating capacity of five thousand. It will be built entirely of cem- ent, with marked and numbered seats. It is being erected on the Cun- ningham Avenue side of the Junior High Athletic field on the natural slope which provides an ideal site for a project of this kind. Ground was broken April seventh, and the stadium will be completed by the 1925 football season. The stadium is merely an expression of theipublic's regard for Ne- Ca-Hi, while the enthusiastic manner in which the sale of tickets was undertaken and the ready response which the students received from the citizens and especially from the Alumni of N. C. H. S., illustrates perfectly the cooperation and spirit of advancement that exists be- tween the High School, and the men and women of New Castle, A May our Ne-Ca-Hi ever have students so loyal and trueg may she always have that bond of friendship that exists today in the hearts of her students! The Class of 1925 has earnestly tried to instill these thoughts in the hearts and minds of the underclassmen. May they con- tinue to follow her lead as '25 has followed that of her predecessors! Ehank 1311111 We, the class of 1925, have at last come to the close of our high school career. Our voyage, though hard at times with the stormy trials of youth, has overiiown with happiness gained through mutual imTmfrj" lB.-iililfi intercourse between the students and advisors. The debt of gratitude w'e feel that we owe to our many helpers and advisors can never be fully recompensed, and our thorough appreciation can be shown best by a word of thanks. Interest is an essential element in the makings of a class. The dutiful attention and sincere interest shown by the school board toward our class is most highly appreciated. The wisdom and discernment of our superintendent, Ben G. Graham, has been an eminent factor in any success we have had. He has always been willing to expend time and effort for any worth-while undertaking, and for this we wish to express our gratitude. "The body cannot exist without the head", and so it is with any high school. Without the firm guidance of a competent principal no school can attain a high standard of efficiency in every branch. We are fortunate in having such a principal, F. L. Orth, and together with his assistant, P. M. Jordan, we are advancing toward our goal. Miss Taylor and Miss Scott have also helped by their co-operation and good-will. Our greatest help and inspiration throughout our entire course has been our supervisor, Sarah M. Dinsmore. In every enterprise at- tempted, she worked untiringly to make it a success. Enthusiasm and pep were always with her. She encouraged us in our dark moments and gave us light with which we might continue our project. Never once did sound advice fail us at a critical period, and it was given cheer- fully and willingly. All we can say is "Thank you,', and that from the depths of our hearts. It is a difficult task to sufficiently thank Miss McClaren. She has helped us in many ways, too numerous to enumerate. With infinite patience she has toiled to make our publication of the "Monitor" suc- cessful. She has always been willing to "give the best" of herself in wholesome advice, in interest in every individual, and in kindly acts. Adding to these attributed her broad sympathy, it can easily be seen that the Class of 1925 owes her unbounded thanks, and there shall always be a warm remembrance of her in our hearts. We cannot think of Miss McClaren without her right-hand helper, Miss Marjorie Rhodes. She has been an efficient advisor to the literary staff of the Monitor and we give her our whole-hearted thanks. Likewise, we wish to extend our deep appreciation to Mr. Joseph B. Hoon for his faithful and energetic management of the business staff of the Monitorg to Mr. Fawcett, for his time and effort expended in our behalf, and to Miss Schweider for her skillful supervision of the art department of the Monitor. "Teaching is causing another to know and feel the right in order to do it." Our teachers have given to us not only intellectual know- ledge. but also a sense of right living and high thinking to carry with us i5'h'Ei" li.:-IIE' in our future life. Our class wishes to thank the instructors of Ne-Ca-Hi for their painstaking effort to give us the foundation of a worthwhile and serviceable life. Every cog is needed to make a machine run smoothly. We wish to thank Mr. Geo. Smith, Mr. Andrew McBride, Mr. Wm. Mitchell, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Jones, and Mrs. Elizabeth Carlon, for their care of our schoolg also, Mrs. Alford, and Mrs. Sarah Stimple for their elforts in dispensing our daily food. What we are today and whaat we will amount to is the sum of what we have wrought in ourselves, what others have wrought in us, and what we have wrought in others. To all who have any way contributed to the honor and success of the class of 1925, again we feel that the best we can say is-"Thank you." , ,ll ui- K' .i 91. 5 YL 1 avg' 1 A , 0" ' 'J 5232 vga A of I9 h N WW Q ,.. 'Q ,u f e , A ' ag, 45,0 E E 'Am ,, , J-'ll ,' . mr,-'X-, H Q Y an .Q iq., .QV zu Q ' i ' MQ v V ,. 359 t fl .4 b e Q . .4-'Q ' 9 In .0 '.? 7 u ,IV , tw' ,K 40: HHH Tl A up wr , 7 1wlii" F1-llllffi 1 fllflmfa" r1,-'zfnf 3 lhlwf f 'fi X 446: -I' 4 ,5535-'H ai-z 2 S-K - A V' ,e'fZ1'eg-',n,:-,.-,- -. -an-.-,J . ,. . . .. - .,g..-J..-,ff 1-,-.--,,,. .1 V.-: , Lv- , , -.,.x- ., - - 1,-- ,K -, ltfizilliiffgitii-3 V :ffigffL15j5':.'3j3i:':1- if--ilflf'-'l V15 ff' -f-Zl'f.:'j1l" E-'51, h fi?f?5L'?,-Ifii-1:I':3f. iftfif -2253? 'T 'fi-53 -- -EZ! '5---5:." jf-ggQ'g.f:11'::--gl-A 1 2513gf-33.91-jijsgZi.q.'q. " ": .:,.,:7 ' " :S '5 ' iziglhl' f :Aff Sys 2: 2-I-1'g'if,t,ef:-qfifbfl: , .:ai'F.1?'Ii:i: 551: Siffff Q-F:5.'.?fi2597."f? T??1fI"?-T525 2 3:55 I-'1f'4'?'f.f 2'-ff-'Z '1- 4' ' -SX 235155 f 'H'-5 ' " "if ' KQV ll 2351-1 E 33:1 if T Q ' :-f.a'g:f5:'1:fi--rf.:-fqS11'.':f.'.r, ' T fu..-f -1 .,. -J i V Q: 4. ifgsm I fiffigffjgzgf it:j'j:?Qi f A mnuww w --'A' Q 5 -1. "E'ff'-lifjfff1j,1zE'p'fi'fi4?,f RUTH DONALDSON My friends and class mates, we, who are before you,, have just reached the terminus of our High School careers, and we who have been so closely united for the past four years of happy school days are about to part at our first cross-roads in life, some to continue their work in higher institutions of learning, and others to enter the business world. Our future is hidden to all human eyes, but our past four years will always bring back fond memories and pleasant recollections. On September sixth, nineteen hundred twenty-one, our class enter- ed the portals of this institution, six hundred and seventy strong, and began our life as the class of '25. We entered into our new world and found our surroundings most novel and interesting. Our introduction to the teachers was tame when compared to our experiences with the upper classmen. They seemed to try to see how unbearable they could make life for the unsophisticated freshmen. According to the proverb- ial custom we were so green, so very verdant that in our childish trust- fulness we were easily made the victim of our upperclassmen's hokum. And several of us spent weary hours seeking here and there for the student entrance to that famed third floor elevator. Ours was the last and largest Freshman class to enter the Senior High School. When we first entered this institution of learning we were indeed tight-closed rose buds which gave only a faint forecast of the life concealed within. Early in the year we had our first class meeting, and under the able direction of Miss Sarah Dinsmore, our class supervisor, we elected our class colors, purple and gold, and chose our President, Brown Zahnizer. The two social successes of the first year were the Senior--Fresh- man reception, when we were given a taste of the social life of the High School, and the Freshman picnic held at Cascade Park, to which came most of the Sophomores as self invited chaperones. Our class football team defeated the Seniors, and this achievement made us quite conspicuous. In basketball talent and ambition were not lacking, as 'was clearly demonstrated by the fact that our team tied for championship in the latter half' of the season. illhd l lfi In our second year, the soft little petals gradually unfolded and the upper classmen began to realize that this rose was really part of the parent bush-the High School. We had come to stay. At our lirst meeting held on October fourteenth, ninteen hundred twenty-two, Edward Ward was chosen as our leader. But early in the season, as he was leaving school, he resigned, and Paul Fahey, Vice President, played the part of our captain. Track, baseball, and football varsities claimed many represent- atives of the Sophomore Slass. Half of the school's members in the re- lay team which ran in the Penn Track meet were Sophomores. A picnic was held as an exit from our Sophomore year, and the success with which it was carried out again proved '25 capabilities. And now as we entered our Junior year, the period when the rose is almost blooming, we made impressions which never can be errased. This year for our leader we wisely selected Joseph Blanning, who skill- fully led the class through its most trying periods. The great financial success of the year was the musical comedy "Don't Park Here". Like every play that has been given in the High School, it was declared the best Junior Play ever presented, but we sincerely believe that it did surpass all previous ones. As it was the last Junior play to be permitted within the portals of the Senior High, we feel happy to realize that we will have no future rivals for that honor. The greatest event of our Junior year was the Junior-Senior Banquet. Three hundred and eighty-five people were seated at tables which were elaborately and tastefully decorated, while overhead was a veritable bower of bright colored iiowers mingled with the purple and gold of the Junior class. The joy derived from the cooperation among class members and the appreciation and compliments that we received from the Seniors well repaid us for our time and expense. Because of the yearly increase in numbers of students in theJunior and Senior classes the Junior-Senior Banquet was to be disposed with thereafter, and because of this the Junior class took special plans to make this banquet live in the hearts of all who participated. The Student Council, which is a government of the students or- ganized for the purpose of making Ne-Ca-Hi a better school, had six of its first twelve representatives from the Junior Class. About the middle of the year we selected our class ring, and placed our order with Mather Brothers, a local dealer. In a chapel program during the latter part of the year we took the students upon a "Trip Around the World". The parts representing each country were so well carried out that both students and faculty agreed that they would not need to spend any money in travel that vacation. The act given in Hawaii was most entrancing. ilTuirs" u-::1i1i'1 This delightful year closed with another informal gathering at Cascade Park. And then in the fall of '24 we entered our last year together. Be- cause of his skill as a leader we re-elected Joseph Blanning as our Senior Class President. With a good staff of officers, an interested and cap- able supervisor, and more enthusasm that we had ever displayed al- together in the three previous years, we started out to make thisterm the best, biggest, most successful, and most far-reaching in the history of Ne-Ca-Hi, in athletics, scholarship, activities, the Monitor, and any new or original enterprise that would benefit the school. As a result, this year the Monitor achieved its greatest success. The Christmas issue was the largest issue ever put out by a Monitor Staff, while the Fun Issue surpassed all sales records in the history of the Monitor, due to the able direction of Margaret Lennig, Editor-in- Chief. In athletics the Seniors have played an important part. To all our members who played on Varsity teams We pay tribute, and we feel especially proud that members of our class played on the Football team that finally brought home the Syracuse Cup. Perhaps the most interesting innovation this year has been the class in Dramatics. We are proud to say that the class of 1925 furnished most of the talent for both the school and class play. A third perform- ance was demanded for Come Out of the Kitchen, while Daddy Long Legs will linger long in the memories of the people. As the money cleared from both of these performances is turned into school use-to the music department and the library from the first, and our class gift from the second-the public is benefited in several ways: the young people receive splendid training, the pople are entertained with high class art, and the funds are turned directly into school properties for further use in the city. , "The rose bud has unfolded and unfolded, Until here we are--a full blown rose Just how our footsteps may be guided, On what our future-no one knows." As the years went by our members kept decreasing until the final list of those who are to receive the honors of graduating is three hun- dred and fourteen. If you will allow me to slightly change the wording of the good book, I will say, "Verily, I say unto you, that broad is the gate and wide is the way that leadeth to the High School, and many there are who go in thereat: but straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leadeth to graduation and few there are who enter it." For twelve years we have eaten of the tree of knowledge and are about to go out into the wide world, and take our place in the ranks of those who are doing the useful things in life. It seems a sadder time than we expected, but we must never forget that tomorrow we will all enter into a renewal of life in a glad, bright, and glorious new spring time- ltl " lI-illiilfi freshmen in life's school-as green and fresh again as when we entered Ne-Ca-Hi. A "Yes We are boys and girls, thank God, So let us upward climb, Up, up, till we are women and men Our last diploma won, When We shall all join hands again, And hear God's great "Well done." 57, X - F Uk Q fff5iQ5fQ5' EQEEQQNF 'fs-:tiff lkgewagfyffgy Q, . -- f m fig we SGW i K ,r N, 91 X Q gig Qbgie ifi Q QM I ' QLAJ1 , l 79 me Ilndf llafiili XT -df aa e t , , K m I 2 lm PROPllECY gl .IllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIlIIllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll llIIIIHIIIllllllllllllllllllllIllIlIIIllIllllIIIlllIIIIlllllllllllllIlli!:MillllllllIIHllllllllllilllllllllllll wlllll llllllnni I BY LEROY DONALDSON QA Prologuej I saw a gray-haired man, small of stature, a figure of ripe old age who was writing by a neat, Wood-hewn desk. He seemed to be in a bright room, somewhere high on a sunny hill top, so that through the open window one gained a glimpse of a pleas- ant valley below, the outline of a happy industrious city, and a vague misty spectacle of prosperous acres of farm land stretching up and out of the city and on and on until the sky seemed to catch up the land in its pleasant embrace. All the appointments of this little room were orderly and beautiful, and in some artful quality, in this peculiar dif- ference and that, new and extraordinary to me. They were of no fash- ion that I could conceive, and the simple dress of the old man suggested neither country nor period. A peculiar sense of strangeness prevailed. And I thought, or perhaps it was that I dreamed-of Utopia. The words of the seer of the New Order came thundering down to me: "The World's Great Age begins anew, The Golden Years return, The Earth does like a Snake renew Her Winter Skin outworn: Heaven smiles, and Faiths, and Empires gleam Like Wrecks of a Dissolving Dream." The man Whom I saw wrote with a strange instrurnentg it suggest- ed neither fountain pen nor plucked quill, and upon still stranger mater- ial did he write-green leaves gathered from neighboring trees. He wrote steadily in an easy Howing hand, and as he finished each leaf he added to a growing pile upon his desk. His last done script lay un- covered before me. At first he was unaware of my presence, and I stood waiting until his strange pen should some to a pause. But now, at length, the writer was leaning back in his chair. He put down his pen, and with a sigh characteristic of the writer who has written to his satisfaction-"Ah! so you are here! I had been expecting you at any time. I always as- sist the prophets each year, sometimes in one way, sometimes in anoth- Not all our class members er. This year I have a novel plan. See those leaves?" He indicated with his hand those upon the desk. "Would you like to look them over?" "Yes", I said, "I would like to." And then with hints of suspicion creeping into my mind at such an oier, I added: "What is this place? And who may you be?" But the old man did not seem to hear. Then suddenly it came to me that the thoughts that arose in my mind were sin- ister and base,.that the queer suspicions, the coarseness of the world was not present in this strange atmosphere. This was Utopia. And so I received the writing from the peculiar, old man who lived on the top of a sunny hill over looking a strange land. And having received the leaves, I did not wait to take further note of my surround- ings. What I read was thus: FASCICLE THE FIRST OF THE BOOK OF LEAVES Such be the cries of our lady Reformers: Dean, Abblett, Davies, and Cain. I sing of brave deeds of heroes, Who, being driven by fate, First have come from their homes To Ne-Ca-Hi and Learning's Hall: Much have they been tossed Both in and out of school By the power of the gods above On account of the lasting wrath Of the cruel Arch-Enemy, Until they might find for them- selves Wisdom, and bring in the essence Of the knowledge of those gone on To higher places: From whence is success and The right happiness of life. lk Sk HF all wk PF O Muse! relate to me the future Of this mighty class of Twenty- Five, Its honor and its glory! Great men will Ne-Ca-Hi As Alma Mater claim Brown and Byers as skilled law- yers In future will win fame. Bailey, the second Disraeli, Along with Paul Blair Will make for stray cats Artificial hair. "O ye sons of toil, remember! 'Twas a lowly oyster that Started the pearl craze!" Will climb the heights of fame, For we shall find V. Mick and Lyle Writing M-r-s before their names. "Since I left the kindergarten And donned shorter skirts-" So says Meermans to her husband When he can't find his- shirts. As end man in a circus show', Dickey will shine. While Ray and Rose as lesser stars Will follow in direct line. egg., ,,, Rubies and Bosak will be professors In Penn Stateg While for the fishermen, Daly will furnish bait. Ward, our football star, Always had dates galore, Dates here and dates there, But still wanted more. So he'll be endeavor'n to make Along with Post and Edmunds, A month with days of fifty-eight. Clarke, J. Patterson, and C. Rodgers The pigmies of the class, Will become great athletes, All others they will surpass. lh1Ii" fi 81 Even B. Sankey and J. Solomon With their mighty brawn Will shudder when they see Such strength displayed by these. In this great age of science Much progress will be seen: The pride of the community, Alford and Dean with a ily'n machine. Baldauf will be a judge Of Wampum Town. O so grand! While Augustyn will own an es- tate And be overseer of much land. Baptiste, Cowmeadow, and J. Davis Mlill journey to Naples to test Out the saying: 'See Naples and die.' And then-they will be at rest. K. Hodge will cast her lotg And having a sailor got: S-he will be quiet and happy on the sea The name of her husband is- McKee. As mayor of New York Mclvor will gain renown, Helping rule the town Will be six good men Who are to him duty-bound: Fahey, Elder, and Joseph, Bratchie and Brelo and Brest. The Senate will house men of fame Some of them, let me name: R. Beadel, C. Kerr, P. Kuhla, J. Callahan, And L. Campbell, Cartwright, Chapman. . - .. T, .Vu A. Dodds will be an evangelist, Traveling the land o'er, Lifting up the fallen, Saving souls by the score. C. Hammill will be a pugilist, Fighting such men as M. Fox And J. Fitzgerald. But little Hancock shall put him on the rocks. A wonderful new discovery Wollam and Zidow will present. A method to straighten out Christopher's curls when bent. Blanning will be president Of the Lennig corporation. His eiicient work being known All o'er the nation. Chapin, Hood, Hunter, and G. Dodds To the country will cling Where they can hear the birds Singing early in the spring. In an African jungle Bishton, Boyd, Gray, and Etter will cast their fate, There using their vocal powers, Teaching parrots to debate. When Woman's cause has triumphed. And man admits his lack of know- ledge We shall find M. Bloom and G. Berry As heads of Women's Colleges. Gillman and Ely attempting to cook A hen egg by hanging it on a hook Will tire of the attempt and call In Brooks, the printer of books. Sid Lockley will be the next M. Twain Such is his wit-bearing fame. As lesser comedians there will be: Carson, DeLillo, Hanlon. and Jan- oski. C. Conover as a style designer Will have many beautiful ladies As models. And what could be finer! G. Mitchell, I. Montgomery, K. Morrow, iN'u.r:s'm'lB511ii'Fi And G. McCreary will be a few of E. Lockley will be manager of the The models of this heroic design- Follies, er. The leading roles being taken By G. Grossman, E. Hamilton, and Away from the haunts of men, W. Noss, Behind the barn, in slumber deep, Beauty has not been forsaken. We find, with their feet in the air, McCleary and L. McConaghy, fast O ye sons of the Inquisition, asleep. Country school teachers ' Being your positions, and Happy Will be the future Punishments we know you freely When Creveling invents Administer: I'I3.Ilk3.l2., Along with Connelly an instru- Kenst, MCCOYY and James Keck- ment That cancels the taxi- meter's rent. Q Here the first fascicle ended. I threw the last leaf aside and looked for another. "How-", said the old man. This is the prophecy? "It is what I have written in verse." I hesitated upon further questions, then seeing the second fascicle at hand, I picked it up. And clearly, it was different. Evidently, it was a story of the future. It read thus :J FASCICLE THE SECOND OF THE BOOK OF LEAVES I have set myself to write of the days that for humans are yet to be, but of which I myself have already surveyed from my little room at the top of the world. Utopia stretches far and Wide under the sum- mit of my hill top, and it is of this land, the city and its wonders that I wish to set forth for those who are about to reside there. The Utopian city is Waldman, the name being taken from two lady reformers who are prominent in political affairs. Here in this city everything is shaped in accordance with the laws of beauty and fine- ness. The streets, having been laid out by Logan, Black, and Johnston, expert architects, are wide and smooth, the smoothness due to their be- ing paved with rubber bricks which were invented by Ewing Thompson and E. Hodgkinson. However, much of the beauty of the city is due to the work of the Public Beauty and Improvement committee which has among its several members such personages as Betty Rodenbaugh, Riley, Walter Thorn, Hitchcock, Isabella, and Kennelly. The city is lighted, not by electricity, but by atomic energy. An atomic lamp has been perfected in the great Lowman-McFarland Lab- oratory through the combined efforts of several hundreds of scientists under the direction of professors, Lamoree, Geiger, Moore, Barnes, Pink, and Grotefend. Many similar discoveries have also been made in the Ruthrauff Institute. For instance, Walter Weyman discovered a remedy for broken heartsg Paul Hodgkinson has produced a chemical that promises to extinquish the roaches from the universeg Dukes has illlmir:i" U invented a combination hair-tooth-clothing brushg Kemper has lately perfected an atomic bomb which destroys everything, when it is set off, within a radius of twenty miles. Rodgers, in the Weaver Rose Daily says that the bomb both of Kamerer and C. Teets will lesson the pos- sibility of war rather than promote it. However, the rival paper, the Gilfillan-Brenner Press, comes out with a signed statement written by Clark and Ferver, which bitterly attacks the bomb-making-scientists, and even M. Jenkins leaves her pulpit to denounce the war lords who work under the name of science. Now, to get back to the wonders of the city, we cannot alford 'to leave out the marvelous buildings which have been constructed for the common welfare. The great Vatter-Wright Library, which has five millions of volumes of standard works upon its shelves, is the finest building in the city. The two multi-millionaire VanBrocklin brothers have lately donated five hundred thousand dollars to this library, At the present time William Twaddle is the librarian. Some of his assist- ants are Reed, Snyder, McFate, White, and A. Schu. The next build- ing of importance for reason of its fine structure and general usefulness to the city is the Marshall Community College of Liberal Arts. Ed McClintock is the presidentg he received the position when Prof. Levin retired to enter the law courts. It is worthy to mention that Math and foreign languages have been abolished from the curriculum. This reform was brought about through the persistent efforts of M. Womer. V. Yoho, and A. Palidoro. The translation of the classics in other lang- uages are read in the English classes. CAlice Moore and E. Ray have translated for school use most of the foreign classics.J Nettie Kline is at the head of the English department in Marshall College. Some of the professors who have aided in moulding the efficiency of the department are Preston, S. Love, Patterson, George Shaklee, V. Perdue, and Ruth Kuech. The other department that gains much consideration in this college is that of History. Margaret Wageley is chief supervisor, and for the different phases of history the professors are: United States History, the learned Lolita Williamsg Ancient History, Prof. Wm. Lin- tong Civil Laws, Prof. W. Lloydg Modern History, Mr. A. Mastersg and Tribal Laws, Sherman Levine with Mr. Abe Plant as assistant instructor. Another building worthy of mention in Waldman is the Onash Museum which contains many relics of antiquity such as: Fox's prim- itive Fordg Trodden's ancient vanity boxg Virginia Rhode's pre-historic bob. Young is the superintendent of this mighty structure, and the other office holders are Travers, Overseer of pre-historic apesg Russu, guardian of the species of the Russian Bolshevikg Dobelek, care-taker of the stuffed hyenas. Some very strange additions have lately been added to the Museum. For example, there is Helen Kerr, and a box of semi-barbaric hair groom, and Ann Shields' husband. No-yes, the museum is a great building. And in this city there is no somber smoke and drifting darkness, no haunting music of wild disorder, no gray-smutted houses, no foul, greasy, defiled, black scum upon every leaf of every shade tree. All has been banished much after the manner in which St. Patrick banished the snakes and toads from Ireland. The notable persons who have been connected with this work are Ruth Donaldson McClure, Helen C illllrlri lliiliiif I Queer, Sarah McGoun, Sowersby, Catherine McMillen, and Bernice Vtfiley. All is clean, all is beautiful. No thundering, smoke and dust breathing engines. An atomic engine has been introduced into the field of industry by the great industrial leaders: Nolan, Kinnon, Miller, Levine, Guinagh, and Franklin. And so great was the success that George Douglass, Esq., and Sam Dominick, A. M., have pursuaded the city to buy engines of this type to take care of excess hot air that issues from the chamber of the General Council. And further, there are no high, jostling, noisy tenements in this city. A Home Builders Association has been formed, which has provid- ed a home for every family in the city. The directors of the company are Leathers, Newmark, Neudorfer, Turner, Dagnon, and Zenesta Floyd. There have been many parks built through the inHuence of Elizabeth Eckles and Betty Hanger. The two large parks of the city are the McCoy-McConahy and the Emery-Hoose. It ought also to be stated here that this Utopian city has a marvel- ous system of stores and business houses. Each company handles some special grades of wares, take for an example the Wyrie-Streib- Smith Company. It handles all the groceries of the city, having a store in each of the six districts of Waldman. The same is true for the McLafferty- Armstrong Corp. which handles hardwares. Ginsburg and Davenport maintain a system of barber shops upon the same order as the stores. Now, this city has a government peculiar in itself. The city is divided into six different districts and each sends a delegate once a month to the General Council. The delegates at present are Alborn, Marian Alexander, Gertrude Johnson, Frances DeBaise, and Thomas. Each dpartment of the government is dependent ol' the other, except that each is responsible to the General Council. The departments and their heads are: Public Safety, Houk, Public Instruction, Bollard, Pub- lic Improvements, Mary Creveling, Public Funds, E. Johns. There was at one time a fire department, but since the days of the Morris-Nickel building materials, there have been no fires. The police department has also been scrapped since the great Wm. Woods has proved it to be of no fundamental use to the community. It has been supplemented by a criminology bureau which tests every individual once every two years, this Work is under the direction of four specialists, E. Noss, Pankratz, Lutz, and Irwin. The public schools are also strikingly different than those used in many of the cities before the New Order. Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Fishkin have arranged the system so as to have all the children of the same age in the same building, and most of the education of the smaller pupils is carried on by motion pictures and illustrated charts. Some of the instructors in the education of the children of the Utopian city are V. Baker, Ph. D., A. Body, M. A., F. Palmer, B. A., and Bessie Hofmeister, M. A. The higher grades are being improved by introduc- ing courses of lecture at various intervals. Some of the recent speakers in the school were Jessie Callahan, expert cartoonist, M. Dickson, the editor of the Henessy-Hunter Times, Sarah Manker, president of the Warso Railroad, and Dorothy McKee, beauty expert. It yet remains to be told what the ultimate glory of this city will be. It can hardly be disputed that a city of such super accomplishments il'u1ri" 1mi1iTFl will in the near future make rapid strides towards the highest goal of endeavor. Already there is some indication of the wonders that are to come. A new flood of highly educational works has just been run off the pressg some of the new writers are Helen Sonneborn, Clyde Shaffer, Beatrice Laverick, Thelma Love, and Susan Wallace. Mike Phillips has issued a book of verse which promises to equal anything ever done by Lord Tennyson. But the most notable work done in the literary line is a Standard Biography of every person of note in the world. The edit- ors of this work are F. Lewis, A. Kendall, M. Rogan, F. Wortman, Yetta Lebo, and M. Patterson. Such are some of the advances in Waldman, the greatest city in the universe. ' There yet remains for me to tell of the Utopian country as a whole. I have hitherto confined myself to the one city of Utopia that I knew best. This country does not have a president. The work of the govern- ment had long ago become too burdensome for one man to handle. So now the executive power is in the hands of a group of capable individ- uals, the Misses Campbell, Ruth Mehard, M. Ray, Gail Patterson, Clara Miller, and A. Walker. The members of the houses of Congress are too numerous to mention all, but some of the outstanding leaders are L. Henry, E. Connelly, T. Roberts, H. Jones, I. Daltorio, and Helen Gibson. The supreme court is no longer the monarch of democratic government that it used to be. K. Milliken and Isabel Mitchell succeeded in passing a law which makes the supreme court one of free arbitration. The present members of the court are R. Weschler, L. Kirker, M. Zarilla, M. Yesenski, E. Williams, E. Lerner, Martha Leivo, Mary Kenehan, and L. Druschel. So much for the mighty government. We now come to the great individuals of Utopia and the fields of endeavor where they found their greatness. M. Hemphill and M. Wat- kins are great oil queens. Their control of oil is equal only to the monopoly on sugar that the Connor-Leohner Corp. possesses. However, it is not to be supposed that such combinations are not objectionable to the public. Two well known orators have lately raised their voices against all big trusts. I refer to Sam Tomasello and Chester Weddell. The most conspicuous figure in the railroad world is that of Thomas Sadler. He has under his direction the Wardman-Waddington Lines and the Great Northern Pacific which was formerly owned by Mary Kolibash and Mabel Lewis. Herman Patton and Robert Robson are Czars in the automobile business, while in the aeroplane manufacturing business the greatest individuals are M. Cooper, A. Pelino, S. Smith, and Alek Metta. And now at last we come to the mighty Kennedy-Newbury Daily Times. J. Lasky is the editor, and the reporters are C. Coulter, Irene Matthews. and Rose Menichino. This is the greatest paper in Utopia, primarily because the greatest people of the country write for it. Rec- ently such were the topics that were treated: The Anatomy Of The Spider by John Lewis, the Advisibility Of Founding A Loose Nut Club In Heathen New Castle by Dorothy Millerg the True Story Of An Animal In A Jungle by B. Nelsong the Most Misquoted and Misused and En- tirely Abused Book In The Universe-Noah Webster's Dictionary by Floyd Luskg Why Welsh Songbirds Excel Those of Any Other Nation by Blodwen Grey. illmgl lmiilfi One looks upon Utopia as one would upon a mansion. The great arches and domes of grass above the airy spaces of the city, the slender beauty of the perfect metal-work far overhead softens the fairy-like atmosphere of Utopi.a. There is no longer filth and impurity. One goes along avenues of architecture that makes one forget the glories of Greece. One notices the gay and swiftly moving people on the public highways, not in the noise and roaring of the gasoline vehicle, but on fleeting walks, and presently one finds himself in a sort of central space, rich with palms and bright flowers and marble statuary. Down the wide avenue of trees, down a beautiful gorge between cliffs of towering marble buildings, one goes in Utopia in the most exquisite enjoyment of the life as it was really planned for human man.- It is with a great deal of respect that the people of Utopia look to their great leaders, those who with fore-sight have made possible a life of splendid pleasures. Such reformers as Agnes Sankey, E. Rid- ley, M. Reed, K. Jones, D. Stunkard, E. Swinehart, and M. Slovonsky. They are the Lincolns and Washingtons of Utopia. And who would deny them the honor? With equal respect are the great scientists who banished diseases held by the people of this marvelous land. The names of Helen Hoffman and Lucille Hutchison will outlast the ages. Nor will the Utopians ever quite cease talking about the statesmen who banished war forever-Pitnoff, Mullen, Myers, McGowan, and Daugh- erty will be the beacon lights forever upon the pages of the history of human kind. KTHE EPILOGUEJ This was as much as the old gentleman had written. I had been absorbed in this most interesting account of the future of the class of Twenty-five, so much so thaat I had forgotten that I was in a strange place. But as I neared the end, the sense of my surroundings returned to me, and, as I finished reading, I looked around with a sudden, startled expression, expecting the old man to be near by. But alas! He was GONE. The leaves were in my hands. illKIlE" lI-:IIT 1925 0112155 Harm WlSDOM'S HIGHWAY ARTHUR LOWMAN A palace great built in fabled c1imes-- Of columns, courts, and pinnacles sublime. Success, this wondrous structure has been named. But one road leads us to its much sought door, Which 'mong the mortals of this Earth is famed As being paved with Knowledge solid o'er. Above this eth'rea1 pile a brilliant star Shines ever as the goal of high idealsg At times it seems so near, then yet so far When Fate from us the star's perfection steals. So we must have Ambition, Faith, and Hope To gain Success or ev'n its halfway slope. This road has beck'd to us with varied calls, And we have answered in no slight degree By work and joy in these, our own fair halls. Each one of us must go our own way, free To win or lose, as we are strong or frail In starting upward on the well-worn trail. The steps which we have taken thus far Along the pathways to the distant spires, Will our whole future help to make or mar. In progress, more than knowledge each requires, For all with Virtue versus Vice must wageg It ne'er shall change-this war of every age. Minerva graciously her spell has cast, Has given each the same chance to attain A great achievement ere our days are past. This e'er is true: the strong great vict'ries gaing The swift, the raceg but to the wise, the world- From time unknown 'till time not yet unfurled. fNTm" lr.Q-:iii Fi CLASS K OCKEPQX IRENE MEERMANS Class Knocker I am chosen, I say it with much glee, I have the chance to slam you all, Both high and low degree. Not everyone is given the opportunity I have just now-a moment when the student body lays a hammer in your palm, and you are allowed to swing it at randomg to disclose the shortcomings of all worthy of its knock. Perhaps you people have come here envying us our golden opportunity. We don't blame you. We felt the same w'ay ourselves four years ago. 'We admit it looks well, but the gold certainly tarnish- es when we realize the truth of the old saying, that things are not what they seem. From the green grass upon which we must not walk, to the seats under which we must not place our gum and the windows through which one daren't peek Without the inevitable avalanche of pink slips. there is a string tied to everything in this place. That the public may not remain in ignorance, it is my duty to give you a glimpse of things as they are. It has been said that success is unattainable without a leader. Per- haps that accounts for our discrepencies, for no one could accuse the Senior class of having a leader. I even blush to name our most prom- inent member, President Joseph Blanning. The only thing of which he is capable is keeping a girl on the string and she isn't of the Senior class. Our treasurer is equally ineificient. If the Seniors had any mon- ey, they certainly wouldn't have entrusted it to Eugene Wallace. Actual- ly he is so fickle that he has Kate keep track of the class dues in a note- book. Lately we all have cause to fear for that notebook. The only 8 I 4 9 i1li,E111i" iB-iflijilfi reason Ruth Donaldson was re-elected as secretary was because in our Junior year she didn't read the minutes loud enough to disturb the sleeping class. - Frankly, the whole thing is a good joke! Why try to educate people anyway? The ignorant are so numerous, it is impossible to list them all. But perhaps it is just as well. Goodness knows the tea.cher's darlings who receive the ninety-five grades have faithfully tried to teach us what school is for. May I just mention here, that I will not tell you why certain of our body receive those grades. That is one of our un- solved problems. In spite of their example, however, most of the Sen- iors think the public maintains the school as a kindergarten, so that our mothers need not be troubed with us during the day. . It is customary in our school to present a banner to the class having the highest attendance average. Even I with all my disillusions was shocked at a little incident which occurred a short time ago. Last week Don McCleary asked me what that red and black flag with "Perfect Attendance" printed on it meant. The Seniors probably con- sidered it beneath their dignity to win it-and consequently every month, an innocent, wide-eyed Sophomore trudges proudly away with it. Perhaps even in spite of our numerous miseries, we might live through all these tortures if we were only permitted to have one or two pleasurable chapel programs during the week! But no-we don't get enough education five days in the week-they must thrust it down our throats in chapel also! It's unbearable. To make bad matters worse we can't even sleep through them. The Sophs on the shelf won't re- main quiet. By the way, speaking of chapel programs, a speaker the other day told us we were a good looking bunch of people-and Joe Patterson as well as Burdell Sankey blushed desperately. Oh yes, we have a Student Council toog our beacon light of be- havior. The best joke of all! A lot of good they do, by propping up some tin cans and sticking advisory signs above them-such as "Throw waste here." One poor unknowing Soph obeyed orders-in Went his waist. 1 In all fairness to my class, I do not believe I would be justified to not mention the 'things we do well. I think the activity in which we excel is that of sleeping, when the unsympathetic faculty will allow us. Were you ever in a study hall with Duke Byers? Oh yes-one other accomplishment, I almost forgot. No one will question the ability of our girls to handle a powder puff, to know the exact shade of rouge most becoming to her natural beauty,-the ability of the boys to wear colleg- iate corduroy and Sing Sing hose, with just a little more grace and simplicity than any underclassmen. But then, one must not be too harsh on the school and the class. When we think of the individuals, we must admit we haven't done so bad at that. Take the Hi-Y president, Red Kennedy, for instance! He sat up one night until two o'clock trying to pat himself on the back, and complained of sunburn next day. It was in the middle of the winter too. Eddie Ward thought the class couldn't progress without 'him so he re- turned, after we had hoped we had succeeded in getting rid of him. The biggest four-Husher in the school is Carmi Preston. He can't even i!Ttnn" m111i Fi take a girl out, unless he charges it. Even a. special delivery letter! Poor girls! Tad Thorn thinks every girl in the school worships him. You'd think Jack McLure and Tuffy Thomas owned the Monitor room, the way they monopolize it. By the way, we have one member, an or- ator of whom we should all be proud. Did you hear Jack Davis's ora- tion the other day? Why he's so good he stopped right in the middle of his speech to admit it. They say music hath power to soothe the savage beast. They' forgot to mention that the savage might not be so savage if he weren't forced to listen to the practice. Since Mr. Paton and his piano have moved into 118, the contest 9th period for supremacy between the music department and the gym is over. The orchestra wins. From the standpoint of individuals, Tom Lewis and Frank Cox admit that our New Castle High School orchestra has already wrought wonderous results from them. I The boys are not the only hopeless ones either! The girls are just as bad, if not worse. Peg Wageley intends to enter a talking contest but we certainly wish she wouldn't practice at High School. Lolita Williams and Helen Lyle spoil every little Freshman's dream of happi- ness! If the rainbow was ever known to have a rival, Elizabeth Hodg- kinson should get first honors. We admit Ann Shields is pretty, but she monopolizes every mirror in the building to accomplish it. The rest of us feel fortunate if we manage to even spy the tip of our shiny nose in one. Peg Lennig has succeeded as an editor. Perhaps it is her literary talent that is to blame for that love-lorn look that appears around her eyes of late. Such foolish girls! As ever Ne-Ca-Hi has served its purpose as a rendezvous for lovers. I know there will be keen disappointment if I do not mention them. However there is nothing either startling or new from Ches and Marge who daily sit at the feet of Minerva, to the like wise famous Ches and Virginia who keep watch over Study I. But the thing that troubles me is how to untangle the motley crew which congregates in our basement halls. I'm afraid Venus herself would consider it quite a task. But there is one burden on my mind that I have waited patiently to disclose to you. That burden is our most honorable faculty, who pre- tend to strive to uphold our standards with their lives. My mind is not clear when I think over all of our faculty-I tremble with fright and fear when I imagine I see daggering glances and hear the sharp heart- less Words. "But I will on with my speech in your praise", said Homer -or was it Eleanor Glyn? To begin with "baer." I refuse-my heart would fail me. His growl would terrify even the most daring! When it comes to precise- ness in lessons and "Henry", Miss T. Elliott surpasses them all. Should- Mrs. Hoon and her husband quarrel, we poor creatures would be con- tent with a D. Then there is Miss Kelley! Another who had missed her calling! She should have been a supervisor in some girls' school, where she is "monarch of all she surveys." Miss McClaren smiles quite sweetly until it arrives near Monitor publication, and then her smiles are a lost art. Mr. Weide and Miss Gilkey in Chemistry Laboratory, or Mr. Weide and Miss T. E. Elliott in the cafeteria forget their positions , - . , . - - . , 'H 'uE" lH-1110 1 blivious to the em- barrassment of the youthful students and to the bad example it sets. Ralph Gardner, as a gardener, would be most happy and successful. h h uld cut and dig to his heart's content without offending any- r T en e co one. I'm sure the cabbages and carrots would not be as hurt as our fai ' ' b d f rulers damsels. So might I rave for hours about this unseemly o y o t Miss Rhodes "Enough is enough" and she might have -but to quo e r r, , added "for one's personal safety." Even now I believe that I perceive ' ' But nsheathed weapon that gleams angrily from Mr. Hoon s eyes. an u fear no more-oh noble audience! My end is nigh, and, as dignified teachers and continue their romances, o Since now my speech is over, I too, say this with gleeg To knock is not an easy task, If loved ones it should be. So let's forget these silly slams, And take them all in fung The best of us have faults, you know- Hurrah! My task is done. ,-1 A ' v, -' , --f ai, .' 13:7 . ,gg ', :ff'.l5':'m.4'2'? J-Le as L, 5' V 5' , 5 0 Q Q- "L"6'WZt'W - 'l"re.ei? 3 ' ' 5' I '-.5 4. i '-.gig aw.: U' .i'f',4.,L v , ' 11- .V V' ' MJ,-'. 4 za. -1- nn' I .6 ,'- ' --- y n 'r-re'.:"'i' .Vt 'I+ Aiwi- . ,-1.1 'em' " F ' f tif 6"" ' of 'EX 5 ' '49 71 ' 7 E, fp, QXA L, Q V Y , . V is vf,f,'XON U,-- X15 :fe-354' -. 2zX ' 1-f 'Q Tiilli-i" HiE'3i , , f , Ll E A X . l alllllf wlilll nllmllli.sllll5 CARMI PRESTON Uhr Qlnming Glitizen Tonight we are at the parting of the ways, by the time the sands have repeated another cycle of twenty-four hours we shall have reach- ed the stage in life we have ben struggling towards for the past twelve years. Even four years ago, how far away this time seemedg just last September we felt that it was a long time until June 3, 1925, yet how swiftly the days of our senior year have sped. Most of us are still dizzy with the swirl of the past months and weeks. Now the question is-"Are we fitted to become worthy citizens of this great commonwealth?" If We are not, it is not because we have not had abundant opportunities to prepare ourselves. Our public school system has placed everything at our disposal, and we should be prepar- ed for any emergency. Disraeli says, "The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. We cannot afford to waste time for life is too short and time is too valuable to waste in idlenessf' The gods sell every thing for that, nothing without it, We will never find success marked down. The door to its temple is never left open. Everyone who enters makes his own door, which closes be- hind him to all others. We must up and on, for, according to Marie Corelli, "If we choose to be no more than clods of clay then we shall be used as clods of clay for greater people to tread on." And so, my friends and classmates,-after four happy, eager, strenuous years, fraught as they were with joy, sorrow, achievement, and regret, we stand at last on the threshold of a great adventure-Life! Life untried stretches out before us, life with its thousand voices calling. Arouse! Gird yourself for the race. We are about to cast aside the iridescent coat of High School days and don the somber garment of one who assumes the serious respons- ibilities of life. Great destinies lie shrouded in swiftly coming years, great opportunities stand in the passages of everyday life, great dang- ers lie hidden in the by-paths of life's busy highway, great uncertainty hangs over our future history. Our bliss or misery in two worlds hangs pivoted in the balance. iiw l illi Our endeavors after leaving High School will follow diverging paths. Some will seek a higher education in college and university, while others will enter the marts of trade, business, or professional life in our cities. What ever our choice, whatever our gain, the chief objec- tive is the building into our character-the principles of noble manhood and womanhood, the supreme essentials of good citizenship. Citizens who will have a strong moving purpose in life and who will sacredly regard both civic and national responsibilities, citizens who will live for something worthwhile in life 3-its capabilities and opportunities, its noble deeds and achievements-citizens who will make the world bet- ter, who will lift it up to higher levels of enjoyment and progress, cit- izens who will devote to their fellow-men their best thoughts, activities, and iniiuences. Citizens who will walk steadfastly, firmly, jubilantly, toward the duties of daily living. All this spells Service Sublime. This is the Age of Service and the highest service We can render, the greatest thing we can ever do is to make ourselves morally and mentally great. Looking well to our foundation that it is absolutely secure under all circumstances, then our citadel can never be taken unless We surrender the keys. Now for action-Service must take some form of expression. Labor either of the head or the hand is the lot of humanity-Theodore Roose- velt has said, "The average man must earn his own livelihood. He should be trained to do so and he should be made to feel that he occu- pies a contemptible position if he does not do so." To determine any occupation, you must View it from two distincs angles, what has it to offer in qualities that interest you, what of its dignity and usefulness? Now take inventory of your qualifications for this occupation-can you met the need, will it require your best and keenest thought, your utmost skill and effort? Make this all-important discovery as early in life as possible, find out who you are, where you are, and what you are. Then, if the position you occupy does not satisfy you, work with all your faculties to change your position. Check up upon yourself, make notes of your conquests, keep the positive gains before you, be diligent, looking for success while the fire of enthusiasm burns the ashes of failure. Make friends of those who are trying to do something worthwhile, to be helpful forces in the world's work, people of high ideals and worthy ambitions. The mingling with people who are climbing upward encourages greater effort and stimulates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the emblem of Youth, the keynote back of the com- ing citizen today. Enthusiasm is the outside evidence of inside belief, it is the full interpretation of individual energy and proves that the back bone of progress is where it ought to be-in the individual. With all our forces properly marshalled, directed wth a faith that is eternal We can say with the grandeur and spirit of Van Dyke, Let me but do my work from day to day, In field or forest, at the desk or loom, In waring market place or tranquil room: Let me but find it in my heart to say, illlmle lhflilif Y When vagrant wishes beckon me astray, This is 'my Workg my blessing, not my doomg Of all who live, I am the one by Whom This work can best be done in the right Way. Then shall I see it not too great nor small To suit my spirit, and to prove my powersg Then I cheerfully greet the laboring hoursg And cheerfully turn when the long shadows fall At eventide, to play and love and rest, Because I know for me my work is best. 'QL 'iI l I Ii' 95 1 Swim' Cllrnnn Blurb 151122 2 I Ir.-.. 'IT'-"" HORIZONTAL A -Something we worry about. A pronoun. ' Dried leaves. -New Castle Block Station. In high degree. -Name of an English teacher. -Something Weide has not done. -A conjunction, A musical note. -A blackboard. -A conjunction. -Part of verb to be. . --Part of verb to take. -Important part of a wedding. -Reason. -Part of football manager's name, -Prefix meaning equal. -Initials of local shoe mer- chant. VERTICAL One person Seniors will miss Our staff supervisor. To repent. Foreign country. A Range. A piece of clothing for men Form of a coat. To scream. Pertaining to astronomy. A gathering. 96 , l!Tlua" 'Fi t A - 5 4. lass 111 l 2 SID LOCKLEY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1925 We, the Class of 1925, of the New Castle High School, of the City of New Castle, County of Lawrence, State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory, considering the uncertainty of our lives and the brief space of time we yet have among you, and being desirous of settling our affairs while we have the capacity, do make, publish, and declare this, our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by us. As to the estate, it has pleased the Fates to give us, we do dispose of the same as follows:- To the Faculty: We bequeath the records of our wonderful achievements, our composure in the class rooms and our art of asking questions. We also leave to this august body, our highly cultivated sense of humor, for, to our misfortune, this is a quality in which they are sadly lacking. To the Juniors: We leave our dignity, conceit, and good behavior. VVe also leave to this class our ability to rise early in the morning, that they may attempt to equal our enviable record. To the Sophomores: We leave the scratches on top of and the chewing gum beneath the desks in Study I. We also leave them the hall steps for the arrangement of various social affairs. To the Student Council: We leave our thanks for an extra school dance. ,To the Hi-Y: We leave, by our president's request, three red hairs from his head, which shall be framed fthe hairs, not the headj and hung in a prominent place in the club room. To the Latin Senate: We leave those exhausted animals we used in our travels through Caesar. Apart from our estate we have a few personal possessions to be distributed among our friends. To Clyde Williams, we leave "Peg Lennig's position as "General Grafter" of the Monitor. iN'u1:i" lr-1111113 To Edna May Shaffer, we leave all the medals that have been won by our track captain, "Red" Kerr. We also give to this fair maiden his Class ring. To Jim Hinish, we leave the balance of "Tuffy" Thomas' hot air. To Dot Davis, we leave our class president. To any seven fellows in the Junior Class we leave our cheerleader's voice. They may try in vain to rival it. To Bill Kirk, we leave Paul Blair's catalogue of Ford supplies. To Coach Bridenbaugh, we leave the right to mourn the graduation of half of his crack football team. To anyone who is in the Chemistry Laboratory on a cold morning, we leave Bill Linton's "hot" sweater. To Ralph H. Gardner, Esq., we leave some of Art Bratchie's surplus hair. We trust he will know what to do with it. To be the executor of our last will and testament, we appoint Min- erva, the guardian angel of our hall, who has watched over us for four eventful years and who has our interests so much at heart, that we know she will attend to our last wishes. In Witness whereof, we have set our hand and seal this 23rd day of May, in the year of our winning the Syracuse Trophy. CLASS OF 1925. Witnessed by: .,-f"'- ' n 552 WQCZXMVM 'IT l I'gl1nTi" has lin MONITOR STAFF Editor-in-Chief ................ Margaret Lennig Business Manager .... Joseph Blanning, Jr. Advertising Manager ...... Francis Sowersby Circulation Manager ........ Robert Lamoree NE-CA-HI STAFF Editor in-Chief ................ Margaret Lennig Business Manager .... Joseph Blanning, Jr. Advertising Manager .... Francis Sowersby Circulation Manager ........ Robert Lamoree Art Editor .................. ..... C laude Conover SENIOR CLASS President .................. Joseph Blanning, Jr. Vice President ..... .............. G erald McCoy Secretary ....... .... R uth Donaldson Treasurer ...... ,.... E ugene Wallace JUNIOR CLASS President .....,.............,.......... William Johns ' ' James Hinish Vice President .....,. ......... Annabel Wright William Wallace Secretary ............ . Treasurer ...... ...... SOPHOMORE CLASS President ...........................,.... David Young Vice President ....... ........... J ohn Melder Secretary .......... ..... T heodore Costelle Treasurer ...... .... C larence Klaber TEAM CAPTAIN5 Boys' Varsity Football ......,. Edward Ward Girls' Varsity Basketball .... Sarah McGoun Boys' Varsity Basketball .. Brendan Hanlon Boys' Varsity Track ................ Edwin Kerr Girls' Varsity Hockey ...... Eleanor Travers in P-Glu-iii HI-Y President ........... ...,...... Clarence Kennedy Vice President ...... ............. W illiam Johns Secretary ........... ....... Treasurer Norman Lockhart Sargeant Smith B GIRLS' CLUB President .......................... Ruth Donaldson Vice President ..... Ruth Lewis Viola Irwin Iva Mayberry Edward Ward Robert Winter James Hinish Francis Sowersby Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... ADELPHIC lst Semester President .............................. Vice President ..... Secretary ....... ........... Treasurer ..... ....... 2nd Semester President .................................. Vice President ..... Secretary ........ Treasurer ....... John Byers John Early Clyde Williams Sargeant Smith LATIN SE Consul ........................,... Pro Consul ..... ...... NATE Margaret Wageley Eleanor McKinley Scriba ...... ............. Nettie Kline Quaestor ....., ...., R obert Perry STUDENT COUNCIL President .............................. Carmi Preston Vice President ..... .... , .... Robert Winter Secretary .......... ....... F rances Wilson Treasurer Elizabeth Eckles , 99 'ETEEQI IQE-njTf' 1 I 1 V Y I I V r I .w',-ww M-' ,J sv N ,N N' sw .-Q' S f N 3.2 ww 'www W NNN 'N'NNSWf'W'WWKW N S iz xymmxm M wmxwwmwwmmmwmhxxwwv ZZ .4-fs'.++",-'N-X"NWNA"NN"N-NNW"-N S'-WF 14 . 9 Z 2 'Wm j Q 2 1 W, 5 ,Z 'QQ If j Q 2 '44 ' 4 Z Z ' 09 ' I Q Z , z Z Z 4 ' Z , 5 f 2 f Q Z f 4 f' f Z A f z 1 , M if , ? elllll j W0 ' L Z I I I W ' 7 1 f Q A 4 W fflll ' ' mmm WWW f Z Q N' N' ,A-uw .-W s" .w -ww P+' wi mi ww ww W N wi ww xg WEN KS 'MA We N m M M N. Xw M. xx. xx. N. Nm Xw M my Xxx N xx www M Q .qv sf F-uw N' w .M NK w ,v ,-Q me S .S 9 i n uh 1 ilfmi-i" 1l:e:111i'Q , 101 lRTKIl13" i!I-Iliff ' HISTORY OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS There were so many of us, the Ben Franklinites, the North- streeters, the mid-years ahead and those that came after, all who were thrown uncerimoniously into the melting pot, Ne-Ca-Hi! Miss VanDivort, our supervisor, stirred vigorously, Mr. Orth sup- ervised, and lo we came out SOPHOMORES, all former difficulties and rivalries forgotten. We chose green and white for our class colors and are very well satisfied with our selection. The harmony and blending of the colors give us a cool, refreshing, and restful feeling. Moreover, the colors green and white make excellent athletic suits, and may also be effectively used in decoration. We have been successful in athletics. For Sophomores we have had a notable place in all types of sports. We trust and believe that we will be even more efficient and betterrepresented during our Junior year. We are a very modest class, but our regular attendance gives us cause to boast. During the whole year we kept the attendance banner in our midst. It is true that one Junior class secured it for the brief period of one month, but they were mid-years and en- rolled as Sophomores. For the first time in the Ne-Ca-Hi history a party was held for the Sophomores only. We had an altogether enjoyable even- ing, with such good eats and entertaining games that we feel we have established a custom which those following will desire to continue. l As we look at the scholastic standing of our members we do not lay stress upon the number of the low students nor the number of the honor students, but we do emphasize the,standing of the average student, a large per cent of whom have done commend- able work. In consideration of our numerous activities we feel that the class as a whole is carrying out the plan and program of the school.- Thus we look back with pride upon our well-spent Sophomore year, and look forward in anticipation of greater victories in 1925- 1926. The officers we have chosen to represent us are: President ............................................................ David Young Vice President ......... ..................... J ohn Melder Secretary .................. .,...... T heodore Costelle Treasurer ............ ....... C larence Klaber f TNlEi" EiiIi' 3 W My mf f'-- IIIIII llllll Q .ij - fi gg? I I I !SX I I9 fix is dx dx C Iii E gl 1. I5 ESX I I IS! g ssl I I Q I E I M N' flN,r,,1N!E-N "WH- , wx, I 'W Anil, X '-mmf - WMWV - 4' 1 23 I l 4 - ff. 7 JL I ' , ,I U "V V if I W W' 7 x' gf? QWWWW W0WWWilWWWWWWWWWWWWYWWWWJWWQJWMM?WfWWW '.f2 7AMZZMWfW?lYj I? ,V f ,J 1667, illuE" rm11i'Fl THE CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY-SIX "Not at the top, but climbing", would be a fine motto for our class as we surely started at the rock bottom last ar, regardless of the fact that each day was begun from our lofftiis ongie third Hoor. 4 X From the first, the class took quite an interest in athletics. The boys held second place the whole year. But the girls, being more successful, were not only well represented on the Varsity basket- ball team, but also won the class basketball hampionship. To show our Scholastic ability, the list of Sophom res on the Honor Roll increased with each report period. The St 'dent Council was organized for the first time and four of our members were elected to take part in the association. The Senior-Sophomore reception was the important social event of the year. Thus We ascended the steepest clilf and became Juniors! What a huge feeling! This year our athletic standing remained about the same, except that the girls exchanged, taking the Volley Ball laurels this time. As soon as field hockey was introduced, the girls formed a team that upheld the class honors in a very credit- able manner. The boys also supported their class well in athletics. Many of the Juniors have been admitted to the various clubs of the High School :-Latin Senate, French Club, Adelphic Literary Society, Girls Club, Hi-Y etc. The prominent social event of this year was the Junior-Senior Soiree. The Class of '26 is steadily climbing from cellar to attic-so to speak. But this is largely due to our splendid Supervisor, Miss Kelley, who has been a wise counselor and a great aid in excavating some of the hidden tfeasurersv of the class. The Juniors extend to her their utmost appreciation. OUR OFFICERS Billy Johns ................................... .... ........................ P r esident Dean Staley ..................,... ........ V ice President Annabel Wright ........... ...............,. S ecretary William Wallace .......... .................... T reasurer Allan Haid .................... .................... C heer Leader Eugene Kirker ............ .......... S argeant-at-Arms 103 m ln-1,-1111146 ihfimll-1'3" TF? ilTma1f:9" lHfn'4i iN'lm1:i" ln-3311 WASHING VINDQWS ,S A DAILY ' ' f 'A P dw W NEVV W igggoiueiir 1 STORM ,. 2 , BREWING A x-5 1 'W ' "Lf A V E- gf 57229 mmnmunn F ' V maria Q 0 Wig 9 ' W X X M ' 0 ' -" F, ' 47 Q' A W x M , Xm X SOME OF owe K Tsjzskg 41 , - Q TSG? WGZKH X 0 ' J Zgvfifv Af S 001- EST 5 PARTY , ag 2 X , Q X Vx f JUST BEFORE THE B'A'l'l'LE TEACHER" R-HACKER! 7 r msf lm-:n11Ili fkfif QQ' fs- a flz 'NA ' f W KZJiJ?.ZC?5?iMlWQxS5?i1 UWSUATPPILQQEM f ,-gdliff f,v ,540 Qi A. . 'mdfmn lkhlb-S ,.. Q ' n l ' ' we-Q ' A ' - --SQQ. IE 5 ft f ? 2 1 ' 7 ! J , f' .QXUJWH J Y f Af Pxfax 9 ff may Rm11,LxeM c sq? I'-ul in Mala is iw' Sl E99 fmwf,-'WY K ? 2.2-:Vim Nannies Sw 3 L E1 Xl N f Ulfvvl J ry.: 31 'K 4 Qu I vi-F11 15117 We Move Furmfure Nfveylhxny wrur LG' Y-' Jwwqi -Lian-" V' NaV'E'Jl"Yr"'Qx'f Q, La CMJ Hong I qv! 14, I' QR Y S 5 Book Str f I v ,J '.,.JJ.-m,Vc . - A J- Wy fw 5 r 31 :Q f QMQ5 5 3 jf? 7 7 'ffxem ffF'J!'Wi7'l H K fl 7 ll 6f.wrra4wfa1m'f1,z,My 31 fwsmuw 7 g my Q9 1 Qwi Vxfvmaf A ffuvrcn IQ? 6-53 'Q M A-w-W -L Repo5fQmlHmA11ke WM" f"" XA wQ" U'4QWj' X f Nglgpv IP? mvx.u1uwf-QA -ss IX 6 ZW I' IDP ' TWM 1 'Q Q 57' 'I if iff A' A.-f Tr! Oh Tom, W gf-5 f' Ha. cms Um 'liiflv' ', '!'f.Ai -' h' ' 3' gg fi, V Vg V V 5 .Jw ' ' V ,V I "V:' ' X gt? .. t 1 1 'V 2 gg-5 Vw X A .sf - gy v e 1 5 126114. '?2 " -9 5' , 1Vf"" ui, V g A' ' " Q" ff' ' vm 25 f S 4 I T12-" ' A,f?1.: h gf - 5 VV ' ' 5 4,2 71 ? Ni? b ' 3 Q V VCE 1 r v 1 x " 1 .adv Af 'iw fslm m-1 :2 'Q V A 1 ' Us W' ' 2171,- Vl f' 375, , m f' 4 V , , J ,Q 'W I ., ' ' .-jf, rpg, , . 1 " " -m 5 1 W 1 ! ,A lj! Don. . MQ! 1 'rp ' '. , 'J " 'i f 45154-sJ41' v f Ng f ffWf'Li6'?: 'W 1 132 Q? gl 13,5 ' V 4 A I U G s .. Z 1 - Vw E VV ,L 'A N' .. . 1 ' , V ' " n V, 1' 5 1 X Vx.. Q ......f .. W.. . .K TI, 52: 5 ,I ,TEM My I My V 5 'Iv' A gff,W4,if' 1 K fV I ' ,,.4-....m.m W,, + 4423 V V ' ...W-MM-VVVVQV w 2,5 4 , V A5 P ? ,' -M Y ' -s gfncfrvzrres-3155 X '5 1 l 5 Z Z 447' 7 Q if Q 4 42 1 f 2 5 Z f 1 f Q Z 5 Z 6 f J 9 5 7 f 4 Z J 6 2 Z 2 Z 5 Z 2 5 Q ff f f g f Z Z Z Z Z if Z ff Z f Z f Z 3 Z x I Z 2 f f 1 K 4 f r- n f Z Z f 4 f Z Z WIS" 'fr Q Z Z 7 f IL 2' 9 f 7 f Z X9 k Z Z Z Q N9 J 4 4 Q 7 Z vm 3 min-j lzi-IETF? illmig-3" ie111i' Uhr illinniinr Under the supervision of the 1924-1925 staff, the Monitor, Ne-Ca-Hi's publication, has reached the highest peak of perfection in it's history. The Christmas issue was the largest ever published while the Fun issue surpassed all previous in the sale of tickets. The staff: Literary Editors ....... Exchange Editors ........ School News Editors ...... Faculty Editor ......... Personals Editors ........ Class Notes Editors ........ Jokes Editors .........,. Alumni Editors .......,.....,. Boys' Athletic Editors ..... . Girls' Athletic Editors Art Editors .................. Editor-in-Chief--MARGARET LENNIG E MARGARET WAGELEY, NETTIE KLINE VIOLA IRWIN, RUTH KUECH LOLITA WILLIAMS, CLARENCE KENNEDY BEATRICE LAVERICK, ARTHUR BRATCHIE HELEN SONNEBORN, CLARENCE KENNEDY DON HANCOCK, ARTHUR LOWMAN RUTH DONALDSON, CARMI PRESTON EWING THOMPSON, CLYDE WILLIAMS ELIZABETH ECKLES, RUTH LEWIS CLAUDE CONOVER, ALTHEA SMITH BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..... ..... J OSEPH BLANNING Advertising Manager .......... ..... F RANCIS SOWERSBY Asst. Advertising Manager .... ...... E LROY LOCKLEY Circulation Manager ........ ...... R OBERT LAMOREE ADVERTISING STAFF WARREN MILLER SARAH McGOUN ROBERT ROBSON PAUL THOMAS LANEY McILVENEY MARY McGOWN EVERETT MCCLAREN JACK MCCLURE WALTER THORN - FACULTY SUPERVISORS MISS McCLAREN MISS RHODES MR. HOON MISS SCHWEIDER MR. FAWCETT , 115 iN'ina" einii'F' THE SENIOR PLAY On May 7, the Senior Class again gave New Castle an opportunity to view the wonderful ability of its dramatists. VVe thought Come Out of the Kitchen was as good as a play could possibly be, but Daddy Long Legs broke the record. Mary Pickford herself couldn't make a better Judy than our Bertie. And who would have thought that haughty and boisterous Mrs. Faulkner could be such a sweet and loving Judy as Irene was? No wonder Miss Hartsuff couldn't decide which was the better, and so gave both the part. Listen, men, you'd better think twice before you marry Billy Noss! Such a sharp tongue as Mrs. Lippet's is safest a mile away. Girls, wouldn't you just love to have Tad propose to you? l? O death, where is thy sting! No wonder every one wanted to try out the last act! Helen Lyle sure is a Jack of all trades. Being an orphan, the mother of a college girl, and a kindly old lady running a farm, all in the course of one night, takes tact that only Helen could have. We advise her to give vocal instructions. We haven't room here to tell ofthe tricks of mischievous young Freddie Perkinsg of the wiles of carefree Julia till she finally captured Jimmyg or of the persuasions of Miss Pritchard to give her Judy a col- lege education, not to speak of the orphans and trustees. If we would once begin, we could never stop. However, taking all in all, we think our class is to be congratulated on its dramatic success. The cast is as follows Judy ................................. .... Jervis Pendleton Julia Pendieton ' Mrs. Lippet ................. ...... Mrs. Pendleton .. Jimmy McBride Sallie McBride Alberta Brenner Irene Meermans Walter Thorn Sarah McGoun Wilhemina Noss Helen Lyle Tom Dickey Wilhemina Noss Mrs. Sample .............. ........................... H elen Lyle Miss Pritchard Cyrus Wykoi ........... ..... Abner Parsons .......,. .... ..... Griggs ......................... ......... Walters ................ Codman ................ Sadie Kate .....,... Gladiola .......... Loretta ............. ..... Bessie Hoffmeister .. William Twaddle Ralph Riley Clarence Kennedy Francis Sowersby Jack McClure June Logan Helen Lyle Irene Montgomery Mamie ............... .............. ............. T h elma Hennesy Freddie Perkins .......... .. ......... Francis Sowersby Carrie .... . ................... Ruth Donaldson Orphans ........................................ .. ..................................................... . Ruth Mehard Bloom. , Anna Cain, Lillian Fishkin, Mamie H 116 H . . , , , , H ' N Y-'iN11a'm'Hi1J' 1 ME OUT OF THE KITCHEN" Y-"CO SCHOOL PLA illhE3" lI:-iliiilfi "COME OUT OF THE KITCHEN" If it were possible to take the words: delightful, entertaining, beautiful, artistic, humorous, and-yes, pathetic, and mix them togeth- er in such a way that they would produce a perfume, the essence of this perfume might succeed in creating an atmosphere, which would approach the atmosphere of the play, Come Out of the Kitchen, present- ed by our own Senior High cast on the evenings, March 19, 20, and 24 in the High School auditorium. Miss Ruth Lewis playing the leading role, Olivia Daingerfield, por- trayed that beautiful character in an almost unsurpassable manner. Her acting alone was one of the great features of the production. Miss Lewis lived her part. When she came onto the stage, the audience did not see Ruth Lewis, they saw Olivia Daingerfield. What greater art than that can be asked of any player? Walter Thorn, or rather Burton Crane, the Yankee millionaire rivaled the professional. His dignity was one of his strongest points. He was indeed the one to play opposite Miss Lewis. Edward Ward, or Solon Tucker, the Washington attorney, if you please, produced a great many of the humorous incidents of the play. His sister, Mrs. Falkner, the haughty dowager, was played by Irene Meermans. Little more can be said of her admirable work than the fact that anyone who saw the play can not help laughing when that part is mentioned. Helen Lyle took the part of Cora, the daughter of Mrs. Falkner. She made a minor part speak for itself. Paul Daingeriield, was played admirably by Carmi Preston, and his actions as the butler added greatly to the zest of the play. Miss Lolita Williams as Bess, the haughty sister, portrayed that character perfectly. She added individuality to her part. Then came Charley, the funny Fred Clemens himself. His every move brought a laugh from the audience, and his actions as Brindy, the all around boy for the boots and errands was one of the most bril- liant character portrayals in the whole play. Tom Dickey excelled in the role of Randolph Weeks, the suave complacent Virginian real estate dealer, who was disappointed in love. As a poet and Statistician who gets into mixups, Allen Haid was supreme in the character part, Tom Lefferts. Then there was Mandy, the colored servant of the Daingerfields. No, Mandy was not permanently black. With her make up off she was none other than Bessie Hoffmaster who made a wonderful success of this difficult role. Her dialect was splendid. No play could reach the height of perfection without those who perform back of the scenes. Very careful attention to detail in the ar- rangement of scenery caused each act to add its part toward making the atmosphere of the play perfect. Those in charge of the stage properties were as follows: Stage Manager ................................................ Charles Jamison Assistants ........................ Donald Young and Griiin Beck Property Manager ............................................. Jack Fulkerson Assistants ............ Harold Leslie and Everett McClaren Lighting ..................................................................... Dave McGown Costumes ............................................................................................. Sarah McGoun, Frances Wilson, and Mary McGoun i9'B1E" EIE'F? 'ini-i" lI:-liiiffi THE DRAMATIC CLUB "To portray on the stage, the true emotions of the soul, is the art of drama." With this quotation uppermost in the minds of its followers, the Dram- atic Club, under the supervision of Clara M. Hartsuff, was organized in the fall of 1924 and passed, most successfully, through it's period of infancy. The purpose of the club is to allow those, gifted with dramatic talent, an opportunity to study drama under capable supervision and to give them occasion to act before an audi.ence. Although just a pre- liminary training, it is an example of work received in an extensive dramatic course in any University and if the student takes up drama for his life-work, he knows curriculum of study before he enters college. Besides reading many plays and studying the characters, books were read on make-up, costumes, properties, lighting and the attrib- utes that a successful actor must have and how he may acquire them. The Dramatic Club also had charge of several chapel programs, and the following one act plays were given: "Lonesomelike," "The Maker of Dreams," "Suppressed Desires," "Why the Chimes Rang," and "Big Sister's Christmas Dreamf' "Suppressed Desires" was given before a large audience on pat- ron's night, also, and "Big Sister's Christman Dream," was enacted be- fore the Neighborhood Kiddies of the Scioto Street Home. Two large plays were undertaken and proved a success both from an artistic and a financial standpoint. "Come Out of the Kitchen," the school play, was given on three nights with capacity houses, while "Daddy Long Legs," the Senior Class play, will be remembered always for the Wonderful character portrayals. The Club has achieved tremendous success for it's first year. Ev- erything undertaken was turned out a finished product. Many gifted dramats were found through the Club this year and it is believed that it will be the source of the discovery of many more. The Club is still in it's infancyg nevertheless great things have been accomplished by it, and under the supervision of it's capable coach, 'the Club has promise of becoming one of the most prominent organizations of Ne-Ca-Hi. The Seniors originated the club, but they are passing on to other fields of labor, and must leave the unfinished task to the Juniors and Sophomores to completeg but the work is left with the experience of the Seniors for background and the "best wishes" of 1925 for the future. ECKLES. SONNEBORN. Toll Row-CLEM ENS. VON. ES NTER, BAKER, PR Front Row--HINISH. WILSON. WI E-3 O O at 2 :w O O Q 2 i O A z C m vi C lil z z I2 M 'S 3 's fa D' 5 Vi Z 4 Q na o V1 I a O as U E IE 2 il'EiE5' QlB-ii1i'fi MR. LaVERNE E. IRVINE Under the capable in- struction of Mr. La- Verne Irvine, the music department of New Castle High School has made rapid progress in the five years that he has been in Ne-Ca-Hi. At his instigation, the Junior Orchestra has been organized for the purpose of training the inexperienced pupil. As a result our Senior Or- chestra is exceptionally fine. It is always ready to lend its services to banquets, concerts, en- tertainments and school plays and also to play for civic organizations at their special meet- ings. Two years ago a music competition was held in New Castle, in which the Ne-Ca-Hi or- chestra and band won Hrst places over Alle- gheny High of Pitts- burgh, Pa., and South High of Youngstown, Ohio. The band under his supervision has appear- ed before the public in football games, parades, and concerts, and has attained national fame through a contest in Chicago, where in competi- tion with High School bands from all parts of United States, it Won fifth place. The music department has been further enlarged by classes in harmony, musical appreciation, and chorus. These are of great value to the student who studies music as an art, as well as to the one who intends to make it his profession. Although Mr. Irvine has very able assistants in Mr. John E. Paton, Mr. Elmer Patterson and Miss Ruth MacEwen, much of the credit of Ne-Ca-Hi's high musical standing and appreciation, is due to his labors and his personal interest in each student. MR. LaVERNE E. IRVINE ihtwlllit lil-Iliff ilTlmfa" lH11i'Fi Y 3Q Ii 1 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES 2 iPTi3jo1:S" Ta-itll' Y ilTEE5" iEiii'3i ihludmlmf LATIN SENATE OFFICERS Consul ............................ ............................... M argaret Wageley Consul Secundus ........ Eleanor McKinley Labraria .. ..................... . .. ................ Nettie Kline Quaestor ...... ........................................ ...... R o bert Perry MEMBERS Frances Beadel Robert Beadel FIRST YEAR HONORS Paul Hudson Lynn Johnson Marietta Daugherty Beatrice Laverick Richard Deverell Clyde Williams Matthew Honkonem Nathaniel Levin SECOND YEAR HONORS Alice Booth Alberta Brenner Pomeroy Chapin Catherine Elder George Douglass David Joseph Elizabeth Eckles V Burdell Sankey Julius Newmark Isabelle Mitchell Helen Sonneborn Mattie Farrow Charlotte Wilson Hazel Bergland Paul Levine Sara McGoun Virginia McMillan Robert Perry Nettie Kline Mary Lauton Laney Mcllvaney Sara Mervis Eleanor McKinley THIRD YEAR HONORS James Fitzgerald CONSCRIPTI MEMBERS Eleanor Hutchinson Margaret L. Young Catherine Frank Sara Lawton Elizabeth Ray FOURTH YEAR HONORS 1925 Margaret L. Young James Fitzgerald Sherman Levine Margaret L. Wafgeley Julius Newmark Nettie Kline George Shaklee Alice Schu Inez Stern Mary Yesenski Richard Bartley Margaret Zimmerly Stephen Zidow Margaret M. Young Helen McBride Margaret Wageley George Kline Leroy Donaldson Helen Sonneborn Albert Dodd! fQ ihfw lmigm' EARYH LJ S 6 OUR BAN KNOWN FAR HND w'Di4Q-HEYQVEN PLAYED AT NAR5 NX QL sa BRWEYHSURE A' '1-E' 1 , Q DID 551 me 1. M5 35 Q STYLE, , u X Q EVERY ONE ff WHO QM. ' ' is HAS one A Now Q gnilgl 0 4' 3 ' SNAPS s sv Qs!! W I 71- THE ANNUAL I I X V ' x J y ' Q , - - THE GUY wuo .T X'Ek:ITI: -5, COINS Jones Fon 5 H,,,.,,,5X , THE ANNvAL 7W .N A aff fs - NX wus E OLD O ovR BOYS wow A NEW HELMET TNS YEAR E' R jg. m m' ANOTHER Tru Tuner WHAT A L TT E BIRD PULLED RT THE FRC TY SAW AT THE FAcuLTY PARTY ' X PA QTY W., ,, V lsfa THAT S WHERE NN 9 J-0 MONEY v Q f ff GOES" x ' 3 ' NX R56 I5 ff " LJ X M x A X, I1 , X I 3 1:2 X X 1--: --'- "MINT" xx S IX Q. PERI O D US TUFF H11-xT'4 Yi C L D A GOOD U FoRn FOR NR. ORN HND umm, Jon DAN nr THE 4 Alf u iQ 'I THE Lowe nun fl X' SHORT OF T 'llifl' if , A 'Q' Af , l' K , f j J "' , - asm f WMM' F:NYlob::Ni,.PSi:xlCis f X nzxacsey' To WY T S Q 'J L gxd . 7 ' ! H 'iiflif fi f f m m Zio-,Q--VE' "TT' T fTTT T X X W ff! , IW, f, X wkifmxxsw KWHATTHEYMANIIN THE Mvvues ASEES WHEN MTE PLASYS Hoorfhg, il'm1s" taai' f 5 tx ff' Q K wf ' 1 " ' N X 1- xKff7' 1:1 x g J' ,T x - 405355 Q C 1 -M 1' W L .WJ 4 Q ,X f A425 ' 1 -1 l WINNERS OF THE SYRACUSE TROPHY WINNERS OF THE SYRACUSE TROPHY The football team which wore the Red and Black during the 1924 season has been heralded as the most successful in the history of the school. After preliminary training at Muddy Creek Falls and at Frank- lin Field, they entered a season of victories. The schedule was made up of the leading high school teams of the W. P. I. A. L. and of the state. In spite of being outweighed, of injuries at critical moments and a series of stiff games, the boys gave all they had and came through the season undefeated. They journeyed across the state to battle with Harrisburg Technical School and came out victorious, despite many odds, by a score of thirteen to nothing. Although this game was out- side the W. P. I. A. L., it greatly increased our team's state-wide rep- utation on the gridiron. Charleroi, by the selection of the W. P. I. A. L. officials, was our opponent in the semi-finals. New Castle led with a score of ten to six. Our only rival for the trophy then was Turtle Creek. The Cup Committee disapproved of another post-season game and in a private session awarded the Syracuse Trophy to New Castle because of her impressive record. The Syracuse Trophy is awarded by the Pitts- Tlme lef-1111411 WINNERS OF THE SYRACUSE TROPHY burgh Alumni of Syracuse University and it is emblematic of the champ- ionship of the Western Pennsylvania Inter-scholastic Athletic League. The results of the games played are as follows: HOME TEAM New Castle 19 New' Castle 25 New Castle 1 New Castle 13 New Castle 34 New Castle 1 New Castle 21 New Castle 73 New Castle 26 New Castle 66 New Castle 10 VISITORS GAME PLAYED Crafton 0 ,. At home Donora 0 At home Greenville 0 ..........., Cancelled by Greenville llarrisburg Tech U ..................... Harrisburg, Pa. .. Butler 0 .. At home Jeannette 0 At home .. Sharon 0 . Sharon .. Beaver Falls 0 At home Ellwood 7 At home Grove City 6 .. At home ELIMINATION GAME . .....,....... Charleroi 6 ..,...,....... ...,.. P ittsburgh USCIIEL. LEYVIS. J, DR N fCapt.. OU McG HAMILTON, M. LOUDEN, DAGNON, LOUDEN. TRAV ERS, ART Z. SWINEHART, S. 15 :Q 4: Q as za Z 2 :a 72 -3 1 2 z O -1 z Q: u: i O U2 z N JJ O Di :S O ft z O 2 A I '2 -1 ,- 3 L C ca - C Q IZ 2 4 E Q BI .. 95 I-1 2 fs .1 o z ai Ei r' z rf 5 6 Q-I .1 no W Q: E o H Q zz :v A U E ai Ii 2 4: A x 6 Baakvt Illall Svuntumrg The basketball teams of Ne-Ca-Hi have done exceptionally well the past season. The boys played with heavy teams and against many oddsg nevertheless the record stands for a good basketball season, and the games lost were never uninteresting because our boys did not Win a victory. The girls may rightfully claim the championship of Western Penn- sylvania, having lost but two games and Won thirteen over the best teams in this section of the state. The impressive records are worthy of highest praise. GIRL S' VARSITY BASKETBALL Jan. Ne-Ca-Hi ..............,....,....... 19 Alumni ............................. 8 Jan. Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... N ew Wilmington ......... Jan. 16-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ ....,. . .. Mars ................................ Jan. 23-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... E llwood City ......... Feb. 7-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ ........ , Sharon ................... Feb. 10-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ ...,...... M ars ..................... Feb. 13-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... S haron ........................ Feb. 14-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .....,.... N ew Brighton ...... Feb. 17-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... E vans City .......... Feb. 20-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... E llwood City ......... Feb. 21-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... F ranklin ................. Feb. 24-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ ....,..... B eaver Falls ........ Feb. 27-Ne-Ca-Hi ........ .......... W ilki.nsburg ............ Mar. -Ne-Ca-Hi ........................... New Brighton ......... BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL N. C. H. S. OPPONENTS N. C . ............................. .......... A lumni .................................. . N. C . ...... Westminster Res. ....... .. N. C . ......................... .......... M ars ................................... N. C . ............................. .......... G rove City .............. . N. C. flforfeitj .......... .......... E llwood ........ N. C . ............................. .......... B utler ................. . N. C . ......................... Grove City ........., . N. C . ....... Evans City .......... . N. C . ...... Mars ......,............. . N. C . ...... Evans City .......... . N.C N.C N.C N.C Sharon ............... Butler ...................... Beaver Falls ........ Sharon ....... ilk-3" E.lf1i1i'fi 138 , 'Q gmlgl ltgijrf' SENIOR GIRLS' BASKETBALL Rear ROWYSCOTT lC0achJ, BOLLARD, M. M. YOUNG. WILLIAMS, CAIN. HODGKINSON, McGOUN CAsst. Coachl. Front ROW-NOSS, KIRKER QCHDLL ECKLES. SENIOR BOYS' BASKETBALL Rear Row-WEIDE CCoach,D, THORN, MARSHALL, FAHEY, S. LOCKLEY, WESCHLER, CONNELLY, McGOY fMgr.J. Front Row--E. LOCKLEY, BLANNING, LAMOREE, TWADDLE KCBPLM KERR. BAPTISTE WIWH L-mira JUNIOR GIRLS' BASKETBALL Rear Row-THOMPSON, MAYBERRY, LEWIS lAsst. Coachb, GILKEY QCOACHH, WETTICH, RODG- ERS, GREGG. Front Row-BOYLES, VVALTENBAUGH, P. WOLFE iCapt.J, MCILVENEY. HURST. JUNIOR BOYS' BASKETBALL Rcnr Row-JENKINS. BROOKOVER, GARDNER iCoachJ. LONG, Di THOMAS Front, Row--SIDLEY, WALLACE. STALEY iCapt..J, NICERO. 'kim-El l rfa SOPHOMORE GIRLS' BASKETBALL Rear Row-McNEES, WHITING, SANKEY. SHAFFER, PATTERSON, PLATNER, A. HAMILTON, VVARNER. Front Row-M. ROUNDS, KERR, G. WOLF lCapt.7, COBAU, THAYER. w L N SOPHOMORE BOYS' BASKETBALL Rear Row-WETTICH, ADDICOTT lCoach5, HAI-IN, CHRISTMAN, COSTELE, HANLON fAsst. Coachj Front Row--DOUGLAS, RANEY, BLANNING lCapt.7, FRANKLIN, YOUNG. F5 A 0-5- BOGDEN. A. HAMILTON, MeCLURG, LACHNER, LEWIS, WILLIAMS, McGOUN, TRIBBEY, E. HAMILTON, ROUND, TRAVERS. ilTlmIi" 1I3-Zlilffi T l IIElIBT!' I-D all 03 LOCKLEY. DEAN. RSON. EARLEY, E. KERR 1CaDf-7 E. DE ATCHIE, McCOY. HHN BR NT ER. S. LOCKLEY. ER, KENST. W ER Front Row-KAMM ai 4 Q :fi A Q Q -1 3 E-1 15 z E z 4: v-I IQ Q as O ll- 3 4 as Q z :c fl Q 2 O A z 4 rs ai sz ld M 2 :E ID Q n-1 ui E O O Q F9 I a D M 2 'G IE s Cl H Di O .: M E -s S 'ii as Q Z Q as -1 ca 6 as c O :E m 4 z Q -2: x 'E bb 5 x o FH i 3 O 9 I!! as Q -s Q Z Q Q Q ea N l a O as D- Q 9 144 , IN THE ATHLETIC REALM Then athletics of our school have been very successful during the past year. The varsity teams have made a creditable record and the class teams have given an opportunity for more boys and girls to partic- ipate in athletics. The football team under the efficient coaching of Mr. P. H. Briden- baugh went through the season without a defeat and was awarded the Syracuse Trophy. The boys showed lots of fight and good sportsman- ship throughout the whole season, The team of 1924 took the longest trip of any football team representing New Castle High when they went to Harrisburg and defeated the far famed Harrisburg Tech team thir- teen to nothing. Their schedule was made up of the strongest teams in the league. Several were picked because they had good prospects of winning the Syracuse Trophy. The past football season, we can safely say, was the most successful our school has ever experienced. The Inter-Class League gave many boys a chance to play football. Members of the Faculty acted as coaches and a good brand of football was displayed. When the season closed the Seniors emerged champions of the Senior High School. This branch of sport proved valuable as good material has been unearthed. The Boys' Basketball Team made a fair record, winning seven of fifteen games played. They finished in third place in the W. P. I. A. L. They made a good fight and were feared by all opponents. Many of the squad will be back next year giving good prospects for the 1926 season. The Boys' Inter-Class Basketball League again enjoyed a success- ful season. A good class of basketball was displayed. The Seniors proved too much for their opponents and finished in first place in the Senior High School. The Girls' Varsity Bisketball team came through the season with a brilliant record. They can Well be named the champions of Western Pennsylvania as their record of thirteen victories and two defeats is the best in this section of the state. There was a good supply of material in the Girls' Inter-Class Basketball loop, making an interesting floor season for the class teams. The Senior Girls set a fast pace and were crowned champions. The girls of the school were introduced to Field Hockey for the first time last fall. The game proved very interesting and required lots of skill and energy. The Senior Girls again brought home the title. Track training got under way in February. The Relay team took second place to Ford City in its heat in The One Hundred Twenty- seventh Field Artillery Meet at Pittsburgh. In the Penn Relays at Philadelphia they won their race with a ten yard margin. The time of the race was 3:38. Much of the credit for the success of the past season can be given to Mr. Bridenbaugh Mr. Kahn, Miss Gilbert and Mr. Gardner. ' ihTm1E" u':111l F? CKE Iu' ' I 6 .4 3 1 Y Z Z AY .YUUHHMMHHUUHMHHUHMHUUHMMHUUHMHUUUHUMMMUUUHMHUUMNMM NNMUUMMMUU UHMNMMHUUUHMMHHUUHHHUHNHHUUUUHHHUUUHHUUNMU 3 'I :Sue aww A-:gms :MBS ME: Z :BSB we hs EO: :MWWOEVOON is :Tram geo: :EO -Eagam A :BBQ A353 v' :mme QE :var Q :OE xmi 0-:CQ 'Q 1 :meow QE 26: :EE 582' H ,Q l :bm U-:EES H: --2655: 1 : wa 533: :ge Smog? ...I :Thaw .go -Y Z :go 554: : zizmm 115143 :oc -go: E? :N is H CQ: :mg hmm? :Begum H EO: U :am E2 GEO: :gms QE :moz :HE om pez: :Eau EU: -ihovsoa M: 35. II,-I: .IEP 22 9-I jd-7 :EE 2.32 :H :Q SEM 3.22 rr? : : wcdm we 5:5 :Z-: REE? 'Ea asm gg 0:24 313 MEM 5:5 BEM 5:5 ago: gsm EOE 320:38 Us sz -.::::: Moog Z ...--.... ' -." ::::: mvm?o2 :::. EQOA mmnmo:':: Z.: as 'O .3 Q my-OB H2 ig 95:3 322 0:55 Eg EE HPEE we eowvm ::.::::. 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Expert business training including Accounting, Business Administration, Banking, Secretarial Studies, etc. jg ll A FACULTY OF TEN EFFICIENT INSTRUCTORS il All lessons private ll A ,special summer course of six weeks tJune 22-Aug. lstj in all departments-special rates. 11 I. O. O. F. Building Neshannock Avenue New Castle, Penna. ll 4l l For Appointment or Further Information Phone 646-J 1: U . U - ll li i --,,--t-:ncv--------1vY--- ---f - I T 150 ft I CA f I uv "....' A-N350 as fam! .I :Egg no rl: MQ L. :OE msg NgOevE0m :l:o3 .D :ASEE Q8 2 WEB: mam W-2955 :EDS :WEEE EEO :MSE :gon Sim :EEN EEN: 0,54 LHR: NAS I. :Sm-8 at ihiwm :gag Q22 :Zi Dim E my M232 im: . :EES 2 Nico :SEAN :co om 5344 . :CMOS H om Bom :MEBC is :agen new :ggi H 535 :NES Egg lags : I :Mg-W no :mmm ' :ma so :IMEIEVO Q: uw ztgagw KEN HOG -DES 'EOM UE mv-SA i ZOEWNKLXH Mhz-054i 1 : 2 : : I : 3 : gum vga GSW umm S855 at :S Wsaomgmw had 3:8 FVEEO ass 'Sing we 'SHED U ..-.-.',,'."' BBW lm Q -4 I. ....'.'.. 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Um-KEDCH bwooyizlz N D1-MOX5 HIP KO mm-PM HIP Zn ':4N-P Evmwom was :Bam is M-E42 i WHEWQQNIIWIIW CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES NE-CA-HI RCDSENTHALIS PENN THEATER BLDG. SUPPORTERS OF ALL SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES CJFFUTT FUNERAL HOME 211 N. MERCER ST. Mother and Dad says- EA UYLA D IS THE ONLY PLACE FOR FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO GO CAG I WEE M A Y 1 Y PM fig: MO OHM-Nb? N Rags -Ho 0155? 0:9 :ZLME :Sew HMEONE MABEEQ Ou as :AT Zszgmvgmgdmm BNP hge ow its :O 355: :lizziiypmw mhpwgzs EE SE H Ngo: -SESS unison HHHIHI.Zzgzzszkrsommmgz E -EOD HJQOQ Egam Ui MO SSEO-HMH Z..ZZ:Z-Z.:-I.::::-::::: QUQNEOMII Z:-:EQNQH wo whats! E:EEEmonH Eid 'swam 2:01-3. 2: Wm UQPOEEW M5 is GEQEFSNEM we gem og? oaowm ::E:mENQm 320 mgggm BEE N33 H .... EOM Eu Op ceueami :N www EBSQ mag? IU lm Q53 ww Egg: Z:-:gzpdg 53-5 N mbmaix :Tgsiogog 23 2 9555: Il....'......-.lawbokow zgwgwwiwz EZEMC EE yiwmw 2905 02-H: YA.A whom is zizzzaosx :QA ag :HH 535: : :S SWS mm tmgsm mme 552: iwgoit EN -gi BE Bacon meow as 2055: :zsiiszrwwcgm aes! 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Bell 3433 : ::::::::::: ::q L J Compliments of Mcliate 81 lockhan Wholesale Confectionery 319 CROTON AVE. Bell Phone 1262 MATHER BROS. CO. Largest Jewelry Establishment in New Castle Invest Your Graduation Money in a Gift That Lasts Our Diamond, Jewelry and Watch departments just received a wonderful selection of the new- est creations. These perfect Blue White diemonds and celebrated tme- - pieces are recognized by all as the most appropriate investment for your graduation gift. MATHER BROS' C0. Jewelers 213 E. Washington St. rr -- Y Y .v....YYf.v......Yfv.......-- -- v -- ll U THE FLUNKERS' CLUB 0 'I ' The officers of the club are: 1, President .................................... ....,.......... T ad Thorn II Vice President ................... ..,.............. B ill Bishton Secretary ........................... .............. ......... C h ester Weddell i Treasurer ..,...............................................,............... Carmi Preston Il Cabinet: Don Gillespie, Edward Ward, Gene Wal- lace, Paul Thomas. n Motto: Always flatter the teachers for high marks, but don't study. 1 Reasons for not studying are: 1 1. They tell us we know too much now. :I 2. The teachers would earn their pay too easy. 3. The hard using of books would raise taxes. 1' 4. Our heads would eventually be too big. H 5. We don't want to graduate because we love our teachers + and our school. 1: Our chapel program will be as follows: :I Song-Make dates with your teachers and get high marks. H ...........................................................................................................,... by John Davis :I Speech-How to use a notebook during exams ...... Jack McLure ll Explanation of-"Loafitis," a tonic for overworked minds .... 1: ......................................... ,.... ................................. . ............................ b y Bob Lamoree H Violin Selection-Lard .......,...............,.....................................................,. ........ ...... ll ............ Rendered by Joe Patterson, Walter DeLillo, Don Young if Musical Number-The Perfect Beat ......,................,... by Tom Lewis Meetings: These are held every 10th period in Study II with any Q: faculty member in charge. ll Membership: Anyone who has received three or more not pleas- H ing slips during the year and who never becomes serious is eligible. QQ Favorite Color: Pink. ll Yours till detention room slips. I .ll I 1: Head Waiter: "How did you find the luncheon, sir?" :I Patron: "Oh, I had a hard job, you little rascal, but I finally 1: discovered it behind the salt cellar." I .E i- ' "John, dear, I am to be in an amateur theatrical. What would 11 folks say if I were to wear tights?" ll ll "They would probably say I married you for your money." il ll ii'- ' if Why are Fords so cheap? "Silence is golden." i5'FNlf5" lI-1111593 L. L. SWAN 81. CO. FURNITURE AND HOME FURNISHINGS Cash or Credit Ci Factory Representatives For NAPANEE DUTCH KITCHENETS DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES MAJESTIC COAL and COMBINATION RANGES and LEONARD REFRIGERATORS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '25 lil THE PALACE CONFECTIONERY WISHES EVERY ONE OF YOU ALL THE SUCCESS IN THE WORLD : : : : ED Palace Confectionery 304 East Washington St. JACK WHITE THE BARBER E Wants to See You- i ....3t.- 408 Highland Avenue D5 o ou E z cb 3' UJ 'U rn .Q P F' -1 '41 P.-- 0 II 0 0 M 0 170 ltINJ1i" lT-iillllfi I I wflfi 2:tZi::::1:tt:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::it "y ll 1 If "My b'y, Oswald, is ailin', sir. Las' week he weighed no mor 'n' 1: QQ twenty pound, and he kept a losin', till yesterday he vveren't over fifteen, jf II an' then the old lady foolishly give him a bath so's now the poor little IQ 11 tot ain't scarcely ten poun'." ll ll .f e-- H Mr. Weide fin chem.J : "Rouge is used for polishing what?" II :I Dodds: "Faces" II U at--- i I I "Jack kissed me last night." ' it 1: "How many times?" I, 1: "I came here to confess not to boast." il U 'I 0 'I il ll If Conductor: "Say young man, you can't go to New York on this Il li ticket. It is marked New York to New Haven." I' 1: Young Man: "That's all right. I'll ride backwards." ' n 4' ll it-11 W 'E THE IDEAL GIRL At last I've found The Girl, H And she is my ideal. in 1: Because she pays the checks Il 1: When we have had a meal. -Puppet. Ei I uAi ::33ii:::5:::3i33:Tii3::5 ffiiiiilii P I I U 1 'I Il U EE EE I: H I: I II Business is the greatest of U 0 El games-but it takes Capital 1: 0 if to play it. ' I H If A Savings Account is the first , U U If move. 1: 0 ll U I, El I 15 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK U - Ii 0 E if IZ RESOURCES S4,000,000.00 , 5? 1' II ' IP ll M ::::: v:::: l , 171 il'1mE" H1n'FI 1 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: W 1 sAM sz BILL 1 NIAN, YOUTH AND BOY 1 T0 1 1 1 POPULAR TAILORS 1 1 The latest styles 1 The largest line to select from 1 Have your measure correctly taken 1 Select your own style 1 1 SAM and BILL will do the rest 1 1 PRICES RIGHT 1 1 Prices and styles the best that can be produced for the quality of 1 materials and workmanship 1 . H 0 HAMILTON 6: HODCIKINSON 11 H "Z:TZ:t::::3:::::::::::::::::if 'IIi323I2ZC:ZZZ3335333333313ii i -1ii:::::::::::2:2f::::ff f::23:f:::::::::::::::::::::::-W 1 U 1 1 11 1I IF YOU LIKE ICE CREAM E SGY5 , 1 I I -' E? 1 , Lf' 5 11 1I ' fs QI 1- 5 II 11 II --,Q 5 1 1I ZZ: 1 1I I . ' " 1 ' 1 1 1I QI' ' ' ' A 1 SAI .vs 1 1 Z 11 1 ' 1 1 1I tu V L 11 The Qualxty Will Make You Smile After you graduate and earn a 1 1 11 little money put at least 25 cents 1 11 11 at interest every week at the 1 1 11 I 1 IIULLAR SAVINGS ASSUIIIATIIIN 1 11 where you get 479 to Aly, W: inter- I 351 E. Washington St. 11 11 est. 1 U U 1' 1' If you are wise you will take 1 PHONE 9196 I 11 U. B's. advice. 1 ::i:::::::: 'tj B::::::::::::::::::::::::I2221 I I i I I I I I I I I I I I ii'n1s" s:.EfnfIW F--------A ------------ ----- ------- ----------A-- I QE Senior: "Say, do you want to crack a joke?" l, Soph: "Sure, what?" 'Q Senior: "Fall on your face." y ll li i Son: "What are epistles?" il Father fscratching his headj : "Well--I think they are the wives li of the apostles." EE -'- H ANUTSUNDAY fi Lay in bed until ten. wi Read the Sunday paper 'till twelve. ii Feed your face until three. il Hop around 'till nine. 51 Nothing doing, nothing done, good night! 1: 4- :L "How did Boggs come out with that fortune he inherited a while ll ago?" . El "After he had finished with the probate fees, the inheritance 1: taxes, the lawyers' fees, traveling expenses, real estate transfers, and L: lost a month's salary looking after it, he bought himself a ham sandwich :L and called it square." i v-f-- ---- -------- -h-- -+A- -- ---- - ------- -------A --A 7,:::::::: ,,,,,, :::::- ,,,, ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -- I U 0 U se Westminster College 0 0 U H U I wwwwwwovv000009Ivvwlww'www'owocovo0QwvvOv049vwvQOOvoO0000o l A COLLEGE DEVOTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT Eg OF CHARACTER, SCHOLARSHIP, AND CULTURE 0 D J U EE Lawrence County' s Only College U 0 le Fall Semester Opens September 17, 1925 J U E' For Catalogue Address I EE President, W. Charles Wallace , New Wilmington, Pa. 11 F , ,,,,L, L, ,,LA,L,,,,,,. ,...... L L If TIINIl:3' III'iIUII'I North Hill Exchange HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS LUNCH Phone Orders Taken I I I I I I I I I I I I I Phone 1361-J 407 Rice sr. II II 1:::::::::: zz -:3::: :zzz .I ngx: I I:::::::::::::13:32:33:'I ' S T A R I I II 1 COMPLIMENTS 1 I Always a good show for I I the money ' El 5 : I R b, H JUNE 4-5-6 I II 3' S at op EI ROMANCE 'I I AND RUSTLERS ' Ei Comnedy I "sms HERE" 'I 211 East Washington St., PATHE NEWS New Castle, Pa- AND sPoTL1cHTs . I Price never changes-25c Tf:ff 3:1ltATi YA1fifAA:::: --::::: :ii:3::::g ?llf " uz:-mf 1 4: IMITATIONS U 11 Jupiter ....... .................................... B ill Cunningham 41 Mercury ......... ............. J oe Blanning 44 Minerva .......... ............ W anda White ll Juno .............. ......... L olita Williams 14 Diana ........... ........... R uth Donaldson 11 Apollo .......... ......... F red Clemens 44 Venus ........... ........... B etty Huston 44 Vulcan ......... .......... R ed Kennedy 1 Ceres ............ ......... P eg Wageley Il Saturnus ........ .......... R alph Day I4 Vesta ............ .....................................,... ........ N e ttie Kline 44 at - 14 Helen Sonneborne: "No, I never allow anyone to embrace me." 'I Bob Lamoree: "You don't? Let's dance then." 4 Helen: "All right." 4 4 4 0 " Housewife: "We're goin to et an electric washer, and so w'e I4 g g 44 won't need you any more." 11 Laundress: "All right lady, but an electric washer don't give out 14 no gossip." ll ....e ee e he C f14:::: 4 4 VERY BEST WISHES 4. I4 for the CLASS OF '25 4 SEAVYS' STUDIO U U U 4 U 4 0 U 4 L, 'Af' -'--ff-- --f Af- if v --v- --v-Qt--- Y, ,,,, ::::::' :: 1'e T1wlE5" fHlii'fi r --AH -ff-- -----H A-fffff-f-.... -1 ...... ---- - --AA ------.. ig "A GOOD BEGINNING" if PROVE YOUR ABILITY TO ADOPT A SAVINGS PLAN AND CONSIST- ENTLY ADHERE TO IT. i By forming the savings habit ' early in life new possibilities are opened to you. , Sain Eepnait 8: Grunt Glnmpzmg I EE OF LAWRENCE COUNTY I lx Il NEW CASTLE PENNSYLVANIA N ::::3:::3l:::::: T 11111:f2:::::::f H ' I I ARCTIC if ff ICE. CREAM if I 'Q il I il ll il -You Can Get it in Cafeteria- ,' 5 Q 11 CLARK 8: MACKIE ' 'E' X. 1 I' bg' 1 New Castle's Best Liked 'if' RE ' .lf ' g WALL PAPER AND CHINA I H ' 5 7 STORE I I ' FOR DELIVERY IE -Call- : ,, , l l E Bell Phone 3454 r U 11112222 222211 I 1132: 176 A , Q Q A P mlm! F::::,::::::e::::::::-:::::-::-::::::::::::::-:::::::::: ll :Q NONSENSE RHYMES U :Q It's a wonderful thing for the women- :Q The popular permanent wave, QQ Now it's up to some struggling inventor, QQ To get out a permanent shave! U 0 eV-'--- U :Q There was a fellow named Tom, :Q Who dropped a big dynamite bombg QQ And now' in Mars, :Q They are saying, "My stars! :Q Where on earth did you ernigrate from?" Il 3-L ll :Q LATEST SONG HITS Somebody Loves Me ............................,................................... ...............,..... J ames Hinish QQ Me and the Boy Friend .....,..,........ ......... B etty Hanger and ? :Q Because They All Love You ..,........ ............................ B ob Patton :Q All Alone .....,...............................,...... .... ........ S a l McGoun :Q Insufficient Sweetie ....... ....... J ohn Dufford QQ My Best Girl .................. ........... C armi Preston QQ Chickie .................... ...... ' 'Fritz" Wilson QQ What'll I Do? ......... ................. ........... ,...... ............... ........ .....................o E l e a n o r Cathers ll:ee:sexeexeeexexxe2:11:13:xxxeeeeexeeeexxeexex: r:::::::::::::-::::::::1:::::::2:::::122::2:::f :::::::::::::g:12 ll , -- :: Q 0 ,, ll nf 4951- 9 ii 1' ll 'oif 1 ff' ' 1 . AF V T ' II ' II ' 'Q f, Il 11 Correct Musical Training :Q Demands a True-Toned Piano :Q Teachers of piano everywhere agree that the pro- w gress of the student depends to a large degree upon the l Q kind of practise piano used. 1: The student's ear must be trained to accurately dis- I' tinguish the fine variations of tone, and in this training QQ a true-toned instrument is most essential. u , :Q KIMBALL-made Pianos QQ Possess a tone both true and beautiful. u QQ Sold only by 'i S Y PIA ll ' Il zo NORTH MERCER ST. ut3:13:3i33i32132322C2:31C:11::::::::::::2::::::::::: -'A'---A '-A' 1:11 5-vii!!! v-'--444vv,, ,,-,,, gggn ,,,... :::,,,,v--:: ::::::::::.ll U 0 1+ x n H U H 0 U 0 U U n H H U 0 0 H U H H ll il H H U U U U U U H n tl U n U u i?'Elir:5" lr1-iiiffi ll. ED. SMITH HARDWARE 00. , 'EXE X 1 ' ' 5222 E5 im- R gmgmwlmzma- 1 ,, -, 3 ,S .,..,.,,... T ...iii .... ily ip Ig 538, 3-Ii ' . "wg " ,., ..,,.. ...- A H W lgliwgiitih X fa- --.N l:E.g.Eu mf N-,Q , ' ' WT ' , , vi ii : E ll 1 W - ' aww - :-..-Zigi: 1 QNINC 5 -,E+1Lf1l,: l NAR Eco T. 1 5BE5:S.7g..C7ii .., Q- 5 1, ,Elm X BANNER AND XXth CENTURY F NACES Over 6000 In Xe In New Castle ACALL PHONE 406 A Complete Line of Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 314 and 316 East Washington Street READ THIS! And Let It Sink In MEN'S and YOUNG MEN'S SUITS and COATS X R f-1 r:-::::::::::::- f-1:2 U H U H '1 :E I I 11 EUWER'S-the oldest store in ll ' if If New Castle-extends sincere n ll I ll I, ,, congratulations and best wish- U 22 If es for continued success to the U 11 Class of 1925. U U TAILORED TO MEASURE L: I my 0 For Only S2 "Everything for the Home" U U 1 u 1 U 1 11 TOD' II II 21-29-31.33 s. MILL s'r. U ll , 0 ll H. N. "TOD" MERSHIMER 183477 ml 4 TI if il I1 333 -3333 33333311 il 3333333 -iil 33333 33223 W EE" WOULD'T IT BE FUNNY TO SEE: A crocodile sleeping in a feather bed in the middle of the Sahara desert. A fat man roll a Boston baked bean across a wire cable over the Grand Canyon. A wild Roquefort Cheese chase a Vienna roll on the top of a Bakery showcase. A rattle-snake juggle a jar of applesauce, a Bermuda Onion, a dill pickle and a fire cracker. A sword swallower swallow all the knives in a cutlery store. Irritable Husband Ito wife driving nailJ: "However do you ex pect to knock a nail in the wall with a clothes brush? For goodness sakes use your head, dear!" "Didn't you promise me to be a good boy?" "Yes, father." "And didn't I promise you a thrashing if you weren't?" "Yes, father, but as I've broken my promise, you needn't keep yours." WONDERFUL MAYTAG Washes a Twice the Wash Tubfull of ing Capacity of clothes in 5 minutes any other family washer SAMPLES SUPER SERVICE Bell 2012-J 107 NORTH MERCER STREET il'im1rs'cEs'nwm'I? THE SAFE BANK 1 atinnal Bank nf Elmurrnrr Glnnnig NEW CASTLE, PA. CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND PROFITS 31,650,000.00 P -111::::::::::1::::::::::: r 1:11- For Your Graduation Gifts 1, , 1 ll S UI T CO Us 3 An Outside Location Means CLOAK G I An Inside Price 'E JUNE lb iii IS DRESS MONTH EVERYTHING NEW BUT THE NAME EA 0 sis U GRADUATES WELCOME A DRESS SALE n 'I EVERY DAY IN JUNE "5XQm 5W5L5Rs 0 AT NEIMAN'S KYB 'I E - 1 ' li y hi U ' if .SX 'I 1 2 E. Lone Ave. 1: Spec1al1sts VERY LITTLE DOWN AND In Women's and Misses' A DOLLAR A WEEK H APPAREL --AhLLLt--tt-LLLL , AOLOOOOOE t TQNIQ-fa" r.wh'lW p-2:1:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 0 If The Shiek: "Through the Sahara's worst sand storm, I have come H to thee, Nellie." ll The Shiekess: t'Aye, Rudolph, surely thou must be a man of grit." ll 0 , ,,,, 0 E E. Cathers: 'tDid Red show you a good time last night?" 11 Betty R.: "Yes, he showed me a very good time, but he didn't take 1: me where it was." ll l ......... II Missionary: "During the three years We were on the island, my ff wife saw only one white face. That was mine." ll u tl Mrs. Guild: "How she must have suffered." ll , .1..T ll QE There is a play in Paris in which all the actors represent statues. at Sort of a plaster of Paris cast, so to speak. it -1- U :Q Edwina: "Our house has a fine new garage." Edwin: "That's nothingg father says our house has the biggest mortgage in town." l . ll lb li tl I ll 1 ll E For chickens: An egg a day keeps the hatchet away. 1:::,:::,:::,::133,22:1:3::::e::::::::xxx:-A I' lr ll I it Holland Furnaces EE MAKE WARM FRIENDS tl if COMPLETE HEATING and VENTILATING SYSTEMS 2 ? ll ll Il COVERED BY A FIVE YEAR INSURANCE BOND 0 tl IE HUMID and RECIRCULATED HEAT ll li 0 lr ll M :Q EVERY HEATING JOB FIGURED BY ll ff BONDED HEATING ENGINEERS nu ll ff ELLWOOD CITY, PA. NEW CASTLE, PA. ff 830 Lawrence Ave. 322-24 Neshannock Ave. 3 PHONE 1037-J PHONE 1817 o 1, ----------. f ---- .... .-..--.-f-. - :o:::: , U TmE" 'fi Compliments Penn Coal 8: Supply Co. Builders' Supplies A ---- ---- --- -------4 Elliot 81 Waddingtun DISTRIBUTORS Automobile Accessories and Genuine Parts Phone the Accessory Numbers 3600 and 4385 19-21-23 N. JEFFERSON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. YOUNG MEN'S TOGGERY SHOP Everything in Furnishings Conservative and Novelties IF ITS NEW WE HAVE IT The Only Exclusive Shop in New Castle Exclusive But Not Expensive lil 22 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEW CASTLE, PA. Open Evenings P. B. GORDON, Prop. 1 ll 1 1 ri: :::'::::::::::::i:::33::3i3:3ii:33::::5:ii333 Q ll P u 11 NE-CA-HI sTuDEN'rs' DICTIONARY ' 0 11 Cafeteria-Reminds us of Jesse James because it is such a holdup. 11 Chivalry-The thing we often read about but never see. 11 11 Car System-There is no such animal. 11 11 Chewing Gum-Related to pink slips. 11 11 Pink Slips--Detention room agents. 1 11 Detention Room-Paradise Lost. 1 11 Books--We never use or miss them until-exams. 11 11 Study Halls-Where Cupid works his will. 1 11 Style-Any foolish invention practised by both sexes. 1 11 Work-We know it not. 11 11 Smiles-Strokes of diplomacy. 11 11 Truth-Something that is not believed. The most abused beast 11 11 around the place. 11 " Friday-We fry until we get out. 11 1 Thursday-Lest we forget-the stolen vacation. 1 11 Intercepted--Notes plus a study hall teacher. 1 " Conversation-Practised diligently. 11 , Kiss-A common diversion. 1 11 Teachers-Nuff said! 1, 11 Bubbles-See Irene Meermans. " 1, Peace--We don't know it. Sounds all right. 11 11 School plays--O Kay! 11 L ,,:,,:::,:,,i,::::,--- 1 3' r ---- 1 1: 3 lb l 1 55 Tl-I E STORE OF TODAY! .. ll li 11 ll ll 11 WI 11 Il 11 11 The store of today does not render a detached 11 11 service. It is an integral part of the city in which 11 1 11 it dwells. Civic happenings have their echoes there 1 11 as well as in the schools, the press, and pulpit. The 11 1 modern store surveys the whole broad field of com- 11 1 munity life and acts as buyer for, rather than seller li 11 to the public. It regards a sale lost as merely an in- if cident-a friend made as a priceless achievement. 11 1' u 1: 1 wa 1 0 ll .. 11 NEW CASTLE DRY GOODS CO. 1: r: 1 1 0 11 1 '1 U':1:::-::: 1 'X 'n1E" m11n'F? We want you to remember us as the best photographic finishers-and at less price than you pay elsewhere. M ETZLER'S NOTHING BUT BEST WISHES -for- THE CLASS OF 1925 n T ARTICLES IN HARDWARE McBride Shannon Co I N S U R A N C E ESQ, f , 1159 if Y N ggi-ja W'f707b X F115 'Qflff' I A Q T Specializing Insurance 238 E. Washington St. NEW CASTLE, PA. BELL PHONE 519 MORE OF THE STUDENTS DICTIONARY Service-Must be pretty good. We hear enough about it. Movies and autos-They're all the same to us. Dreams-Day and Night-ask C. C. '25, Late-A very agreeable person. Makes friends very quickly. Battle Cry-I hate to get up in the morning. Me-All over! Bob: "I used to own a very smart dog-he could even distinguish between a Vagabond and a respectable personf' Sour: "Well, where is he now?" Bob: "Oh, I had to give him away." Sour: "How come?" Bob: "He bit me." Tom Lewis: "I'm faced with a terrible propositionf' Fritz: "Yes, I know you have a terrible face," Disconsolate one: HI wish I were dead V' Consoler: "Why? Can't you marry her--or did you?" JOS. S. RICE CO. 215 E. NORTH ST. NEW CASTLE PA. Ym huniiifi U CI-IAS. I-I. S. DOUGLASS RELIABLE JEWELER 204 E. Long Ave.-State Theater Bldg, WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY When you want better JEWELRY, see us CHARGE ACCOUNTS SOLICITED WATCH, CLOCK AND JEWELRY REPAIRING SPECIAL ORDER WORK DIAMONDS RESET WHILE YOU WAIT -- --,,Q-v-- ,...,.,,.. ,,,,, BOOK'S S H O E STOR E NEWEST STYLES 218 E. Washington St. Next Door to Brown 8: Hamilton AS YOU THINK We take for granted that each one thinks of what their life may be. As you wonder and decide let Franklin be your guide when he says: "Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of them- selves." WWW W. 1. UFFUTT 00. New Castle Butler Jeannette ---spec ..... .... :rc - 186 ikTulIi" HIB'fi NE-CA-HI'S ANNUAL NEWSPAPER 0 U T 0 U R W A Y PRICE-MONEY. WEATHER -FLEXIBLE TIME-ANYTIME LISTEN, SENIORS l Word has just been received that the beautiful American model, Martha Leivo, who has been interesting Paris with her beautiful cos- tumes and daring dances, has just eloped with her manager, Paul Thomas. Both young people are graduates of Ne-Ca-Hi 1925, and are reported very happy. The news is quite a surprise to their friends back home. FAMOUS ATHLETES STAR AGAIN William "Tub" Twaddle, world's fastest swimmer, again brought home the bacon and incidentally broke his own records when he won the Alumni swimming meet that was staged at Wampum the other day. Twaddle, well known in New Castle, swam the required distance 300 yds. in thirty-two and one-half minutes. Other notables who figured closely were Don Gillespie and Melvin Grey. AA- --+--A-- - -v r 1 COLO IAL A15 gg ICE CREAM SHERBETS ll ll ll ll ll ll :l EE SPECIAL 1: THE QUANTITY 3 WINTER CO. PRICES 1: 55 li EE 1: 124 E. NORTH ST. Phone 4253-J ll ll 'l ll -AA------Af----- -------A----1 l.---- .. Tfi . : HE H X If H U xl 0 1 U U U U H ll f If II U Y PU 1: :c :: PU I-1 a H S' 1: Q, fp O I- ., a- M 2 g U 1 A 2 ua Ufrrl " " 1' zz 1 M U 5 P1 ""' "' - :P 529 2- 5 1? H 1 Q3 5 Q e 0: S H H "" 2 m T S' " u 9 3 S M : :I 2 :ff Q I Z' F'-' H 3 E- " H P. U :x "' 5 'U U . eg as D , . -ff o .. fl ' g Q 0 -:-4 'v 2 z 1: If ? se 5 U1 - ? Q If 5' 'f 2: c' :cc-" E I: S 4? 1 1:1 , 1: '+L , n- -31 Acc- 41 ' 1+ A:i::21' 4-:--:- Q 5 5 Q :: :C -::- s +1 fr' Sift? Q I 3 :Q ::::' m 59 Q :r ml Q: 5' gif- gn D, 9 I- 5 3 gs F 2 Q 1: iii Q U Ss: ij 25 5 SE mai 5 Sfsev 3 3 W 1--- "" U1 N3 "' ml -:S 1 n '1' ,,, ,,,,, 5- A- H 3 2 fb 'D 3' O1 O H 4-1 T 2 ..- 'Q '1 O Z w A:-2' , Q- 5- Z1 Wi U2 JT ,QA 3' 1: P' ga 2' 5 Lf' If 2 eb 3 A:-:::l Q -'F 5 2 99 -:-"T Q 2' S' 'J Q -:S -5125- il" 'lH11ii'Fi MARRIAGE LICENCES Claude Conover ...........................,...........,................. Pumpkintown Sophronia Lour ............ .....,...... H ighland Ave. Ralph Day ............,......................,. ......... A thletic Room Elizabeth Eckles ......... .... ......... ..................... M o r avia Clarence Kennedy ................................................... Waldorf Hall Betty Elizabeth Rodenbaugh ....,....... Redstown NOTED AUTHORESS PUBLISHES LATEST BOOK Sara "Sal" McGoun, popular authoress, has just published her lat- est book, "How to Study Math". Some of her other works are, "The Psychology of the Human Ear," and "Puppies". All are both interest- ting and instructive. Elizabeth Swinehart has also made her debut in literary circles with her book, "Why I,Love Summer". The book gained immediale popularity because the author was so delightfully personal. Bren Hanlon and Edith Hamilton are living peacefully in their little cottage in the suburbs of Meadville. Although married for sev- eral years there is no sign of divorce proceedings. w E . .,, ,.,,,.. lifi , Iigl. ZZ. ,W . g CONFECTIONERY DE LUXE 242 E. WASHINGTON ST. LUNCHEONETTE DELICIOUS SODAS ?l'li-e lnamfl ----- -----------'----'----------'-----W-'-'-" """"'ff H ll li Gro e Cit Colle e fl V g ll wi H A Strong Co-Educational College ll ll ll - P ll tl Courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, 'I U Chemistry, Music and Fine Arts ll 0 Beautiful campus and complete equip- ment, including a modern gymnasium and Q1 magnificent dormitories for men and 1: women. 1: Strong faculty, four terms plan, health- ful climate, helpful environment and dem- QQ ocratic spirit. 1 11 FOR INFORMATION WRITE : President, Weir C. Ketler or Registrar, Harold O. White ll GROVE CITY, PA. J 0 ::, -::L- : ::1g:::1:::1:::::: La: :: .I -22221:-:::::::::::::::::1:: r::Q::1::::::-221:222112222222:-v l an se 0 ' 0 H AR L E Y.'S EE :E Colonial Restaurant ,i ' , ll iw BARBER 8a BEAUTY SHOP QI J ll u 0 ll Catering to the High School Student :I 335 E. Washington Sl. X: We Bob Your Hair To Suit Your Face , x x ED MCCLINTOCK, '25. .1 H ll 4+ ll I Personal Service in Hair Bobbing 11 1: lj LATEST SHINGLES I '17 E FRENCH 5' ' 'E NA CLAIRE M SWEETHEART QQ BoY1sH 11 ll ll PONJOLA 11 SHEIK il 1: SPECIAL DINNERS SERVED 1: 2-Expert Hair Bobbers--2 3 3 as EAST sT. Il ii Il NEXT TO HERALD OFFICE 3, AFTER DANCES Marcelling as you like it 5' ' li l APPOINTMENTS 3721 K ,fi 11: tx: ---- - ---- 3 N, w il'us" t-gmf i I 11 Several young ladies of the Senior class have taken to hunting wild 11 game. Some of their catches are very desirable, but quite often their 11 game proves elusive as in the case of ? and ? They have borrowed 11 Cupid's arrow and if some results may be used as proof, are as profic- 11 ient as the little god himself. However time will prove the love to be 11 lasting-or not-for as we said before-the game is quite fickle and elusive. ll 1 H+- 11 Try my medicine. Sure cure for all. How to get thin. Mousie Dickson. U 11 LOST AND FOUND ' 1 '1 Found: A way to be happy despite the loss of a lover. I have 1' used this myself and can vouch for its strength and purity. R. D. I 11 Found: A perfectly good pest. Inquire Monitor Room. P. T. 11 Lost: Five pounds. Person who Hnds please keep as owner has 11 plenty. A. S. 11 Lost: My rompers. Any Sophomore. 11 11-i.. 1 1' Funny Ray and Jerry Boyd have come to the conclusion that two 11 can live as cheap as one. 11 1 xi' - "" ---- i :::::1 Ill--:::::::::::::i:::::::Zt:: 1' 11 11 E About 351 a week will pay 11 11 11 :he premium on an Endow- 11 BOYS and GIRLS 1 11 nent policy for SL000. 0 U 11 11 11 You may say that such a small 11 11 amount isn't worth saving. It 11 11 11 may appear to you like this 1 51 51 51 11 THE 11 Twenty years from now, how- 11 11 11 ever, when the policy matures, 11 11 11 you may need the money, and the 1' 11 11 amount will look like this 1 11 ll 11 11 wb 11 ls The Best Place For Your 11 .1 1 1 1 H 1 1 11 REFRESHMENTS 1 1, THE EQUITABLE 11 1 LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 11 1 11 "Strongest in the World" 1 ' 1 1 M. J. DONNELLY 11 1 .1 sPEc1AL AGENT 11 Cor. Mill Q Washington Sh. 1' 11 30 N- Mercer St- 11 1 1 NEW CASTLE, PA. iff: -::::: -::: 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::1iA ilw lnwzfnfi: 1: II I I --"""""" """"""'"""""""""""n II II II II II I1 I: l: II II I I: II II II II , II -----::::: x:::::3:::,,,::m:, ,, II II II II II II II II 11" ' 1' 1 I I Q: 1 1 1: 1: 4 - 1: II II II I 1 : I 1 II 1: I 'E 1? II II -1 E 1 1:1 1: 1 : Ie.. II Ig 3 I -I f'1' : :W Qzfpcwafzf II II 1. Q i .1 1: . 5535 5: 1: If .1 I' I' .1 THE YOUNGSTOXXNARC gg :I :E ENGRAVING commw .1 .. .. YOUNGSTONNN. OHIO. 1 II f -iw Sl :I 1, I' II II ll I' II II II ::::::::::::::: .::::: 3: -xxxoi H II II II II II II II :I .1 I II I1 II II II II I I I I l 192 If .......,,.,..., -v .rvr - fYY.Y...-.vv..-- -v ll M 1: DELIGHTFUL WEDDING CEREMONY TAKES PLACE ll 1 ,I A lovely wedding ceremony took place in the old stone church H I around the corner Friday at three o'clock, at which time Irene Meer- I Q1 mans became the bride of Eddie Ward after a long and tedious engage- ment. She promised to obey but we know Irene. The only event that marred the nuptials occurred during the most ,, serious part of the ceremony. The bride blew so many bubbles that II the expensive gown worn was ruined and this fact and not because lf Irene was being given away caused her mother to weep. ll The bride and groom will go on a honeymoon as soon as they can ll decide where to go. li I ll ll ll I ll ,.i...,,- ll 1 11 Chester Weddell and Margery Snyder wish to announce their en- ll ,, gagement. They had hoped to keep it a secret but actions speak louder 11 than words. H ll :I For those who are inquisitive, Ches and Virginia are not married- II yet! ll ll ll lu QL She: "And all he did was pour out sweet nothings." 11 He: "Ah! So he carries Life Savers, too !" 1L..,,:s:s,x:,,1:,,E,:s,:::fi, ,,,..:,i :I ssxssxx E rr:-1: :::::::::::::::::::::::::1 r::-:::::::::--:---:::::::::::f ll ll ll gg PROPER ATTIRE jf gg Compliments if Will help every young man in his -of the- jf every day life QQ :Q tw II ll ll ll ll T1 We Are Specialists rr rr STAR SHINE 8: ll ll ll " In fitting the young men with " 1' ll I ll QQ the proper Clothing and Furn- if 1: H ishings and always with the 1: if Q if best prices Obtamable' To the students of Ne-Ca.-Hi ii ' ll ll n in ll ' ll HI I5 ll ll 11 lm 1: - :I :: EE l'flll ill'l'lSllIl EE li II li ll ff Are Always Reliable Also a welcome invitation to ww it ll 1 1 1 ll Men S 'gl Boys Outfitters Patronize our Parlors ll 125 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEW CASTLE Phone 3467 JAMES coENs u:::::3:333333-333 33333333332 H3333-33333222 ""'A""-" "A , 193 iQTE131-'i" ilZa11i'Q HIEL COLLEGE GREENVILLE, PENN'A. 1.0.4 Christian Co-Educational College in a Cultured Community --OZ Liberal Arts, Sciences, Music io... Accredited by best accrediting associations Accessible by four railroads, and hard roads Expenses Reasonable For Illustrated Booklet, Catalogue, or Further Information Address THIEL COLLEGE or President, C. A. Sundberg, D. D. GREENVILLE, PENN'A. 1:1 -::: -::::::::: 1 r -21: ---- --:cl-:t EE :I GRADUATION 1' lu l"1'T 11 tl May end your school days but - we can still supply you with any of the items usually found 1: 'Q in a first class stationery store. ll I C0mPlim0l1fS ll 0 li. P H 0 P . ENGRAVING -Of- FOUNTAIN PENS 1' 1' GREETING CARDS : E l l PENCILS 1: :I RING BOOKS 1: The Store That,Does Not STATIONERY I il I H ' Advertise Noun CUSTOMERS ll . GET THE BARGAINS" ii ll II ll l ilfl ll LA - M. c. LIMBER co. li ,y 24 N. Mercer St. Phone 3356 ' " ll l ::1:1::::::::::::::::::::f:::1 uv -:1::: :ee-:eel 194 f ' ' I T I T ' le IMI? HIE I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -::::-: q 11 II MORE FOOLISHNESS ! Mike Ally was quite absent mindedg One night when he crawled into bed, 1: He laid both his feet on his pillow, 1: And kicked at the sheets with his head. 'I There was a young fellow named Peter, ii Who struck at an active young skeeter. Ii But the skeeter struck first, And slaked his thirst, 1: For the skeeter was fleeter than Peter. 1: I I I I I 1 I ......l-'- 4 4I II Six-year-old Freddy, bred in the city, was on his first visit to his 1: uncle's farm. At breakfast he heard that his uncle's Jersey cow had 1: been stolen during the night. 1: "That's a good joke on the man who stole her," was Freddy's 1: comment. n 1: "Why?" asked his uncle. 1: "Why, just before supper last night the hired man.took all the 1: milk out of her." 1: II I l II lI U The Mary Eilzabeth 1 I: 1 II I II ELIZABETH 0'BRIEN if :I 1: 1 I U II II II II I I HARRY J LUSK I tl II ' II II I 11 PHARMACIST 224 E. washington sf. ' EE NEWCASTLE PENNA. if Smart Apparel for Women :I II 1: I II 0 Hats, Gowns and Wraps II 1: I ll II 324 Neshannock Ave. : :I NEW CASTLE, PA. ff ,g BELL PHONE 424-J A A .............. i 3.61: :x, v H- ffff -nn---fn ug , 4 195 iN'm1:S" lP.n1i' '59 f ,I E E c5466 .mu S X CASCADE P RK New Castle's Own Great Recreation Center PRESENTS FOR THE 1925 SEASON ED. LALLY'S RENDEZVOUS ORCHESTRA ' Radio favorites of many thousands direct from W C A E Pittsburgh A Dance Orchestra Supreme and Every Worth While Amusement BEST FOR PICNICS-BATHING-CANOEING 4 1 I I :::::1l i' A " if W P P . 1' lm" iIi-liiil i l 5 -:::::::::::::::xeexxzxcccxe:e::::::: -----f if 2, ll A young man stood on the corner smoking a cigar. A wild eyed reformer went up to him and said: "My son, how 1: many cigars do you smoke a day?" 1: "Two," was the answer. 1: "How much do they cost you?" 1: "Ten cents eachf' 1: "Young man, do you know if you saved that money, in twenty years 1: you could be the owner of that big building there?" 1: "Do you own that building?" ' 1: "No," replied the reformer, "I don't." 1: "Well," answered the young man, "I do." 1: ll Ti-.-F--Q ll ll STUDENTS, A NEW EXCUSE! A teacher reports that a little Scot in her class had been late sev- eral mornings in succession. When questioned as to the reason he re- 1: plied: 1: 'But, me 'ouse is so cauld, miss, and me bed is so warm!" 1: 1I , i,-ki D , II "We'll be friends to the end." 1: "Lend me ten dollars." 11 'tThat's the end." 1 I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::-A:::::-"':: :::---:::::j 3 ..AA. :::::::,--:::::::::,, C: ------- exe:-e:::::::--12:11 II Il STUDENTS OF NE-CA-H1 ll Dear Friends: H The Lawrence Confectionery Compliments extends a cordial invitation, to 1: . f-- you and yours, to come to their -0 confectionery and fruit parlors. . . arry ot es op 1+ Special patronage is shown 1: to High School students, and 209 E. Washington St. NE all patrons are satisfied with NEW CASTLE, PENNA. 1: the service and fine line of con- 1: fections and fruits. ll WILLIAM KOLUNIE H 0 0 2 DI i?TR1ir3" IL'l-fill' ' I I I II I I I I II I I gi THE MAN WHQ KNOWS I JACK GERSIIN, YOUR JEWELER I WEARS I I I I I I I I Alito VV 1' I y I I 5 Clothes I ' I : I THEY'RE ALL 325.00 I - ' 'Q Specializing If I II DIAMONDS, WATCHES I I I I and JEWELRY II Arrow Clllllles I 18 N. MERCER sT. II , Penn Theater Bldg. I: -ON THE DIAMOND- I I NEW CASTLE, PENNA. :I 0 Cash if you have, charge if you wish I II II MIIJLEIQ, PYLE 85 GRAHfXlVI I v, I I I BOOK AND JOB PRINTERS I I Bell Phone 257 217-219 Sycamore St. I I I PUBLISHERS 'OF 1925 NE-CA-HI I I I I 9 197 fllw lni-fgfnfill Q ---- --- ------- A------ ---- -A---A-- - - ------ - - --A- WISE SAYINGS Early to bed and Early to rise And your girl goes out With the other guys. -Puppet. ,.. Most students think a Sophomore Is cowardly and frailg And yet though he is timid No Senior can make him quail. , Headline: "Insane Man Found in City Hall." The remarkable part about the matter is the fact that he was dis- covered. ,l..l...-.1 Mrs. McGoun CAS Sal concludes a piece on the pianojz "And Sarah never had a lesson in her life." Tad Thorn: "It's sweet of her not to put the blame on any one else." MQiahi.nlnin6d.l SUCCESSORS TO THE RADIO SHOP CLENDENIN BLOCK Lawrence C0unty's First And Only Exclusive RADIO STORE We always have the latest and the best in Radio LUGGAGE We are proud-indeed-for the beautiful numbers in our Luggage Dept. for your ap- proval. Including Boston Bags, Brief Cases, Hat Boxes, Suit Cases, Hand Bags, Overnight Grips, Fitted Cases, Trunks, etc. Should your needs de- mand anything in this line, We would be pleased to have you come in and look them over. THE SPORTING H0008 STORE Cor Mercer 8: Washington Sts.

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