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EX Lllams I- -w--V .. -1--2 -','f-Q' vm-:e 71.1 f',i1r.f-'L1iQ,:.'-2:- 1,-51 --'51 "" A 'f r 1 X .. " Q . ,.-L Q , f Mi' ' +A'- F-if f - if " . A iiliii "1 , ' "' . A ' -'i' 1 it - - - '---4 . V K ?.v:u Page EX-Libris . ....... 1 Dedication . ........ 4-5 Principal's Pages ..... . 6-7 The Faculty ............... . 8-10 The Faculty of 1904-05 .......... 11 Memorial to Benjamin Knina. .. .. 12 The Seniors ................. . . - 13-45 Editorials ....... - - - 46-47 Senior Groups . . . . . . 48-49 Literary . .......... . . . 50-66 Class History ..,.. 50 Class Prophecy .. . . 53 -Class Poem ...... 58 Class Knocker .. 60 Class Oration . . . 64 Class Song .... -- 66 Class Groups .... . - . 67-73 Junior . .... -- 67 Sophomore 71 Freshman ..... 75 Commercials .. . 80 School Board .... 81 VVh0'S Who? . ...... - - - 82 Student Activities .. . . - - - 33-99 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff, . ..... ........ - 84 Monitor Staff ................... 86 Senior Play-"Charley's Aunt" . . . 88 Junior Play-"Sherwood" .... 90 Girls' Club . .............. 92 Hi-Y 'Club ............... 94 Adelphic Literary Society . . . 95 Senior Orchestra ......... 96 Junior Orchestra . ...... 97 Junior Literary Society . . . 98 Freshman Girls' Club . . . 98 Latin Senate ........... 99 Pittsburgh Sight Seers -- 99 Band . ................. - - - 100 Athletics .................. ----- 1 01-115 Jokes and Advertisements ......... ........ ----- 1 1 7450 Baby Pictures of Ne-Ca-Hi Staff ................ 159 FINIS Ebe Tllesdagilcli 1922 N5 fVEfY,fN,y- W, .4 jliew Gastlex Wligb School N EW CASTLE. PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME 10 PUBLISHED BY Ube Senior Glass JUNE. 1922 Q? ik "1 Q f' N' Q Z I I ff HEGQHQH u U 4 MISS CLARA ELLIOTT 183985 WESTWQW U Zlo flbiss Glara Elliott Who, as supervisor, has skillfully piloted the class of twenty-two through high seas and over calm Waters into the harbor of graduation, do We, Ellie Svvninr Qllaza nt' Nun Qlazilv High Srhnnl Alfectionately Dedicate Flhia Annual 1W1ESiK3HiHgHH?:QfE,,3 FRANK L. ORTH 7 flllnneg lHaIur2nf an iihuraiinn It is decidedly unfair to measure the value of an education in dollars and cents. It has a value far greater than can be measured in money. However, many surveys have been made to determine just what is the money value of an education. Here are the results: 1-Ten thousand men with a common school education, earn yearly 5657.00 each. 1,579 men with a high school education, each yearly 81,597 each. The difference, 894000, represents the earning power of a high school education. This is the interest at 5927 on S18,800. Hence a high school education equals the earning power of 5S18,800. 2-Five thousand boys who left school at 14 years of age, eighth grade, were earning per year at the age of 25 years, S661.00. Five thousand boys who left school at 18 years of age, end of high school, were earn- ing per year at the age of 25 years, 31,612.00 The difference, S951.00, represents the money value per year of a high school educa- tion, or the interest at 576 on 319,000 3-Massachusetts gives her citizens seven years of schooling. The United States gives her citizens 4.4 years of schooling. Tennessee gives her citizens three years of schooling. Massachusetts citizens produce, per person, 3260.00 per year. Citizens of the United States produce, per person, 55170.00 per year. Tennessee citizens produce, per person, 3116.00 per year. It pays the state to educate. 4-Uneducated laborers earn on the average 8500.00 per year for forty years, a total of 320,000 High school graduates earn on the average 81,000 per year for forty years, a total of 2B40,000. This education required 12 years of 180 days each, a total of 2161 days in school. If 2160 days at school add 620,000 to the income for life, then each day at school adds 39.02. A boy or girl that stays out of school to earn less than 359.00 a day is losing money, not making money. 5-In the United States, as a whole, the average earning power of college graduates is 52,000 per year. High school graduates is 51,000 per year. Common school graduates is S500 per year. 6-Only one in a hundred of our people is a college graduate, yet 36? of every 100 congressmen have been college graduates, while 5001: of our presidents, 54W of our vice-presidents, 6935 of our Supreme Court judges, and 87W of our attorney- generals have been college graduates. 7-Your chance to become distinguished or to render distinguished service to your State or Country is in direct ratio to the amount of education that you have. With no education or only a rudimentary education, you stand one chance in 150,000 of becoming distinguished. With a common school education, one chance in 4,250. With a high school education, one chance in 1,600. - With a college education, one chance in 180. If you graduate from college with honors, one chance in three. 8--Salaries in the New York Bridge Department are as follows: In positions demanding only reading, writing and arithmetic, 3982. In positions demanding high school graduates, S1,729. In positions requiring high school and college graduates, S2,500. Educated men and women receive good salaries. Educated men and women render efficient service. The educated mind is the greatest producing agency in the world. 9-Education is the greatest factor today in combatting crime. Out of 22,000 prisoners in New York State only four were college graduates. Out of 1,000 prisoners only 7017 were high school graduates. 2592 were common school graduates and more than 65621 had attended only the pri- mary grades. F. L. ORTH V 4 Orth, F. L ...... -Allison, Verna .... -Alter, Helen S .... Baer, C. E ........ -Barker, George M. Birchard, Edith ..... -Bryan, Cleo ....... -Burton, Frank L. . . -Calvin, Elsie F .... Conner, Dwight .... Dinsmore, Sara ..... -Edmunds, Dorothy Elliott, Clara ....... -Elliott, T. E ...... -Ellis, J. L ..... -English, Eva . .. -Faust, Eleanor .... Foley, L. J ........ -Forsberg, Hulda. . . -Frye, Mary ...... -Galbraith, Eleanor --Gardner, Ralph .... -Good, Mary ....... -Hartsuiin, Clara .... Efhv iliarultg . . . ..... .... . ................ P r1nc1pal . . . . . Commercial Law, Salesmanship . . . .Head Science Department, Physics . . . . . . . . . . .Ancient History, 'Civics . . . . . . . . . . .Ancient History, Civics ..................Business English . . . . .Assistant Principal, U. S. History .............Ancient History, Civics ..........................Science . . . .Ancient History, Civics .........'........Spanish ...........................American Literature ................................Business English ....Head of Commercial Department, Bookkeeping ......Bookkeeping, Office Practice ...............Mechanical Drawing . . . . .Business Arithmetic, Typewriting .... ....................Sc1ence . . . . . . . . .Algebra, Solid Geometry . . . .Household -Chemistry, Chemistry .................Publ1c Speaking General Mathematics Herbst, William H .... ................................... -Hillard, Chester. . . -Hoon, Joseph .... -Howell, Irma ..... -Irvine, L. V. E .... -J ordan, Paul .... -Kates, H. F ..... -Kelley, Ethel . . . -Kemm, Beulah . . . -Leonard, John N.. Little, Agnes ....... -Matheny, Elizabeth -McClaren, Frances. -Nelson, Norman .. Pierson, Gertrude ..... -Rhodes, Marjorie . -Riffer, Mary ...... -Sheaffer, O. J ..... -Shelar, Keller ..... -Shorts, Hallie .... Smeltzly, Eleanor ..... -Sproull, Madge .... -Snyder, Josephine. -Stadelhofer, Marie Thompson, Emily .... -Troup, Katherine . VanDivort, Mary E ..... -Weide, Ralph E. . . -Weihe, Elsie .... -Wimer, Alice . . . ...................................Bus1ness Arithmetic Head of Mathematic Dept., Trigonometry, College Algebra .Art . . . Chemistry, Science . . . .Boys' Gymnasium . . . .Business Arithmetic, Commercial Geography ........................Shorthand, Typewriting- . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Plane Geometry, General Mathematics . . . .Head of English Department, English Literature . . . .Business Arithmetic, Typewriting . . . . . . . . . . . . .Industrial History, Economics ....Head History Department, U. S. History .............................Zoology, Botany . . . .Medieval and Modern History, Ancient History . . . . . . . . . . . .Head of French Department, French .....................Penmanship and Spelling .................English ..........................Science .....Head of Latin Department, Latin .........................Chemistry ..................Plane Geometry .........English .Q WEDWQHU Middle Row FACULTY OF 1904-1905 Front Row-Miss Foulk, Miss Pomeroy, Miss Harry -Mr. Miller, Principal G. A. Dickson, Miss Arbuckle, Miss Keast Back Row-Mr. Bar Stauffer, Mr. Henderson Ne-Ca-Hi has not always been an over-crowded school with an appalling number of Freshmen and a large staff of teachers. Today, that is for this school year, 1921-1922, there are enrolled 208 Seniors, 279 Juniors, 500 Sophomores, and 633 Freshmen. The faculty, who rule the classrooms, are 55 in number. However, in the dim past, in the term of 1904-1905, the student body was considerably smaller. The Senior Class had only 28 students and the Juniors 44. The Sophomores no doubt felt proud of their 87 staunch supporters, and the Freshmen were probably overbear- ing beyond endurance because they were all of 110 strong. The number of teachers on the faculty need not be mentioned-they stand forth before you. stud One might suppose that because the teachers and ents were comparatively few, they were all inti- mate friends. However that may have been, a Senior of twenty-two cannot but feel that just now Ne-Ca-Hi is on the crest of the wave, at the summit of her- career, and that no closer friendships have ever been formed within her walls than those of 1921-1922. W g HEGKFUQH u 1ln flbemoriam OF BENJAMIN KNINA A member of the class of '22, a true supporter of his school, and a staunch worker for the Monitor and Ne-Ca-Hi REBER! Q EERE!! 1 we ' is M M NI O ' JOHN D. RAY "Johnnie" Class Pres. 12-3-455 Class Treas. 1155 Basketball, Class 12-355 Track 12-3-455 Baseball, Class 1355 Cross Country 1355 Varsity Basketball 1455 'Class Football 1455 H1-Y 12-45, Vice-Pres. 1355 Science Club 12-355 French Club 1255 A. A. 11-2-45, Vice-Pres. 1355 Student Representatives Board 1255 Student Athletic Council 1455 "Earl and the Girl" 1355 "Springtime" 1455 "Charley's Aunt" 1455 Inner Circle 135. Asfpresidient, Jolhnneafs been just right o gui e us t ree ong years He's one .of our stars and sure shines bright, So to hun we give three hearty cheers. JOSEPH ROBERT McFATE S6J0e!l Class Vice-Pres.1455 "Earl and the Girl"135 "The Light" 1355 Assoc. Editor Monitor 145 Class Orator 1455 Adelphic 12-3-455 Varsity Football Mgr. 1455 Inner Circle 145 Class Basketball 1455 Student Rep. 1455 Student Athletic Council 1455 A. A. 12-3-45 Varsity Tennis 12-3-45 Tennis Club 12-3-45 Hi-Y 12-3-45, Pres. 145. Joe is the orator of the day, An intellect quite keen: So one and all we wish to say He's about the best we've ever seen FRIEDA HALTNORTH "Fritz" "Earl and the Girl" 1355 A. A. 11-2-3-455 Class Basketball 115, Capt. 1255 Varsity Basketball 12-3-455 Volley Ball 145 Girls' Club 11-2-3-455 Science Club 12-355 Tennis Club 1255 Class Secy. 13-45. She has lots of true school spirit, And friends unbounded, too: She is one of the sort that will make good In whatever she may do. JAMES MARION SWISHER "Swish" Class Treas. 13-45, Vice.-Pres. 1255 Adv. Mgr. Monitor and Ne--Ca-Hi 1455 Adv. Staff Monitor and Ne-Ca-I-Ii 1355 Adelphic 12-3-45, Pres. 2d Semester 1455 Science Club 12-355 Hi-Y 12-3-455 "Earl and the Girl" 1355 "Springtime" 1455 French Club 1255 Inner Circle 1355 Class Knocker 1455 A. A. 11-2-3-455 Tennis Club 13-45. Although he seems so bold, Swish has a heart of gold5 If any one were in distress To help them he would do his best. ELINOR AGNES McKEE "Snitz" Monitor Staff Editor-in-Chief 1455 Ne-Ca-Hi StaH Editor-in-Chief 1455 Girls' Club 12-3-455 French Club 1255 Latin Senate 1455 Science Club 1155 Valedictorian. When it comes right down to being bright Elinor is sure the shining light: Four whole years she has led our class, Her ability would surely be hard to surpass. PAUL LAMBERT AIKEN "Pauly" "Deacon" Vice-President 1355 Bus. Mgr. Monitor and Ne-Ca-Hi 1455 Bus. Staff Monitor and Ne-Ca-Hi 1355 Adelphic 12-3-45, Secy. 1355 Hi-Y 13-455 Inner Circle 1355 Science Club 11-35: Commercial Club 12-35 "Earl and the Girl" 1355 "Springtime" 145 Asst. Basketball Mgr. 1355 Class Track 135 Squad Leader 1455 Tennis Mgr. 1455 Photo Club 1355 Tennis Club 13-455 A. A. 11-2-3-455 Asst. C-lass Donor 145. Deacon's what We call this boy, Though quite a fickle lad: Last year "Wilkinsburg" was his joy, Over "Beaver" he's now mad. JAMES P. AGAN l1JaSH Science Club 1113 Adelphic 12-3-413 Student Athletic Committee 1413 Gen'l Interclass Baseball Mgr. 1413 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Squad Leader 13-413 A. A. 11-2-3-413 Tennis Club 1113 Photo Club 131. Although he comes to school each day, His mind from his lessons seems to stray. You'll always find him on the track For once he starts, he never comes back. h CLARE ALBORN Band 1413 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 "Springtime" 1413 Adelphic 12-3-413 Science Club 1113 Orchestra 111. His little car he runs around, The question is, where is he bound? ELLSWORTH SCOTT ALEY Ellsworth says, that every young man Should take as much Chem. as he's able: Then with tea k ttl . t d ld d e e s one. an some o gar en hose He can drink, himself, under the table. MILDRED D. ANDERSON Y c:Midge19 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Girls' Club 141' Commercial Club 121. She is always so good-natured Though she has her troubles, too, But there's not a thing in this wide world For you sho wouldn't do. 7 CHARLES C. ANDREWS HG00k!! Football 1Varsity1 12-3-413 Class Basketball 11-213 Varsity 12-3-413 Baseball Class 1113 Baseball Varsity 12-313 Adelphic 12-3-413 Science Club 12-313 Latin Club 1313 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Chuck is quite an athlete, He's ever ready to compete. This year he simply couldn't fail Because he lives so near the jail. MARY E. ANDREWS K5Andy!7 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Girls Club 11-2-313 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Mary sure likes Westminster, Of all the boys she does know: When it comes to having dates, From there she picks her beau. ,, MILDRED ATKINSON csMidgex9 Girls' Club 1413 Commercial Club 1213 Photo Club 1313 A. A. 11-21. To hear her laugh would do you good, You wouldn't stop her if you could. 1 DOROTHY K. AUBEL llD0t!! Squad Leader 1413 Photo Club 1313 Monitor Stenographer 13-413 Ne-Ca-Hi 13-413 Girls' Club 1413 Class Volley Ball 141. The cheeriest girl you ever met, Her temper never sours. The minutes spent with Dorothy, Grow into golden hours. CLAYTON M. BANNON ssclaytn As round a face you seldom see And cheeks of rosy hue: Though he's as shy as he can be His enemies are very few. FRANCES M. BARNES "Fritz" "Barnsey" "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Girls' -Club 11-2-3-413 Commercial Club 1213 A. A. 121. Frances is most always smiling, V And her smile is quite beguiling. I JOHN W. BARRETT I "Irish" Class Football 1413 Class Basketball 11-31 Adelphic 12-3-413 Science Club 1313 A. A. 11-2-3-41. John has eyes you don't forget, Shiney hair also you can bet. A. HUGHES BARTLETT ttBart!! Track Asst. Mgr. 1313 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 "Springtime" 141 "'Charley's Aunt" 1413 Adelphic 12-313 Sec. 1413 Hi-Y 12-3-413 Science Club 1213 Monitor Bus. Staif 13-413 ' French Club 1213 Band 1413 Squad Leader 1413 A. A. 1-2-3-41. Hughes is a Hulu dancer, That is, when he has timeg But where'er you see his Dot, You'll know he's Johnny on the spot. 116-. "Earl and the Girl" 1313 "Springtime" 1413 PHYLLIS FINDLEY BEAL aphyln Girls' Club 11-21, Vice-Pres. 131, Pres. 1415 Varsity Basketball 12-31, Asst. Mgr. 141 Class 1115 Tennis, Class 11-215 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 Science 1115 Monitor Editorial 1415 Latin 1415 Class Historian 1415 Volley Ball 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Phil is our Historian this year, Her ability to do it, we do not fear: Sh h d' 't' tht' l ' dk'd e as a isposi ion a is ovmg an m , 'Twould do the world good, if more like her we'd find. Y KENNETH BEER "Kenny" "Teck" "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 Basketball Class 1115 Adelphic 1215 Hi-Y 12-3-415 Science Club 1115 Latin 1115 Band 1415 Bus. Mgr. Junior Orchestra 1415 A. A. 11-2-31. Kenny is very, very tall, Light hair and eyes of blue: For many girls he seems to fall, But to Betty he is ever true. GEORGE F. BOLINGER "Georgie" Adelphic 1415 Science Club 1315 A. A. 11-2-3-41. George never says a word Unless he is spoken to: It's a good thing we all aren't talkers, Or what would the teachers do? VERNA B. BOYD "Billie" Class Basketball 1415 Girls' Club 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Class Track 13-415 Volley Ball 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Photo Club 1315 A. A. 11-2-3-41. In athletics Verna always shines, She loves her basketball, That's why she doesn't like "Summer," But much prefers the "Fall." JOHN P. BOYLES SKJBS9 Class Track 13-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Adelphic 13-415 Hi-Y 12-415 Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Science 11-3-415 Monitor Bus. Staff 13-415 Ne-Ca-Hi 1415 Radio Club 13-415 Photo Club 131. Jack has a wireless in his home So nights he does not need to roam: Teasing is his chief delight Just to give some girl a fright. DOROTHY P. BREST S6Dot!! Girls' Club 13-415 Photo Club 1315 A. A. 13-41. Always you see her "spit-curl" Whenever you look at this girl. Quite often she will write in verse, But most of her time is given to "Pere," -17-' ' -4- I i 3 3 l 5 I ...I ' 4 GLENN A. BURCKART ccBurky99 Squad Leader 1413 f'Earl and the Girl" 131 Hi-Y 1415 A. A. 12-3-415 Adelphic 13-41. You'll know him by the wreathe'd smile That's always on his face. We'd recognize him for a mile, His smiles light all the place. SARAH IDAMAE CAMPBELL "Smiles" Science 'Club 1115 Girls' Club 11-2-3-413 Monitor Editorial Staff 13-419 French Club 11-213 Latin Club 11-2-413 Commercial Club 1113 Orchestra 12-41. This maiderfs name is Idamae, Anything wrong she would never say: She's always busy all day through, Her lessons she never forgets to do. MARGARET CARTWRIGHT "Peggist" ' Commercial Club 1315 A. A. 11-2-3-41g Margaret is a tiny lass, She looks to be quiet, but isn't, alas! GERTRUDE CHAPIN "Gertie" Science Club 121. Gertrude is a country maid Who is ever present at school: Her pretty pink cheeks never fade, Nor does she break a single rule. JAMES M. CHIPMAN lKJim!! His little Ford sure can go Al t ad' ong mos any ro . , 1 Henry is usually beside him, you know, Explaining some of the radio code. HAROLD W. COHEN "Barney" "Google" "Horatious" Wampum H. S. 11-2-315 Football Class 1415 Basketball Class 1413 Adelphic 1413 "Charley's Aunt" 1413 A. A. 1415 With big brown eyes, and coal black hair And always a friendly smileg As an actor he is really rare, Y To know him is quite worth while. - -18-f in A. . CLARA ELIZABETH COTTON "Clarisa" "Earl and the Girl" 1315 ' K Commercial Club 1115 Science 111. Q Clara's very independent, Which is a good way to be: For she'll be very capable When she puts out to sea. J. PIERCE CRAFT "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Adelphic 13-415 Hi-Y 1315 Science Club 1115 , A. A. 11-21. , f 1 Pierce will be a Doctor, And go to a foreign land: We know that he will have success, And always lend a helping hand. MARCELLINE CUNNINGHAM "Marce,' Commercial Club 1115 A. A. 121. Marcelline is a maid demure, She also makes good candy: Marcelline works and studies, sure Whenever it comes handy. FLORENCE CATHERINE DAVIS CKFIODH Bellevue H. S. 1115 Girls -Club 12-3-415 Basketball Class 11-215 Varsity Basketball 12-3-41, Captain 131, Mgr. 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 '1Springti1'ne" 1415 C-lass Track 13-415 Volley Ball 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Tennis Club 12-315 A. A. 12-3-41. A basketball fiend is our Flop, Once started she is hard to stop. Her name you'll find on the honor roll, We hope that she may reach her goal. OLIVE RUTH DICKEY -'Dicks "Earl and the Girl" 1315 A. A. 121. Olive knows just how to talk And also how to study: She's just as steady as a clock Her services are ever ready. JOSEPH F. DIFFLEY Class Basketball 1415 Varsit Basketball 3 Class Baseball 4 y 1 15 1 15 A. A. 11.-2-3-415 Tennis 1Class1 1415 Adelphic 13-415 Science Club 1215 Band 141 'Joe's infiuence is wonderful Wherever he takes a stand: And if'you want a thoroughbred, Why Diffley is the man. - rf. . BERTHA WILHELMINA DODDS "Bert" -Commercial Club 1315 "Earl and the Girl" 131g Always around her neck will be A ribbon, and on the end, A fountain pen which you will see She's very willing to lend. CHARLES EDWIN DOUGLAS "Chuck' Wampum H. S. 11-2-31. Fishermen fish in the ocean, And there they catch large sharks, But we know a boy from Wampum i Who comes to Ne-Ca-Hi for marks. DALLIS D. DONZELLA DOUGLAS l6D0n!? "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Science Club 1315 Photo Club 135 Volley Ball 1415 A. A. 141. Donzella lives so very far And just can't seem to make her car She comes to school just on the run, Nevertheless she's full of fun. HELEN V. DUFFORD ISBHS!! Helen has a way so pleasing,- Her eyes are oh, so very teasing. DOROTHY S. ELMER C6D0t77 Orchestra, Jr. 121, Sr. 13-413 Commercial Club 1113 Science Club 12-31. Dorothy the violin does play, A quiet lass, but always gay. CHARLOTTE LENORE EMERY Girls' Club 1319 Orchestra 1115 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Commercial Club Vice-Pres. 1215 A. A. 131. Harlansburg H. S. 11-2-31. Hair just like the raven's wing, Eyes of similar hue: A certain color suits her And that one is blue. cm F-20--o is L km.. HERMAN E. EMERY Quite an English shark is he, Ever read t 't y o reci e: Just as smart we'd like to be, To hear him is sure a delight. KATHERYN MAYNE ENGLISH 66Kay!s "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 141 Science Club 111g Girls' Club 12-3-415 Ne-Ca-Hi Stall' 1419 A. A. 13-41. Kay is a bewitching lass, Both good humored and coy: She has such a beseeching way We hope she'l1 bring Clayton great joy. FREDERIC BURNS ETTER "Fritz" "Earl and the Girl" 133 A. A. 12-3-413 Hi-Y 1415 Science Club 11-315 Photo -Club 1415 Squad Leader 141. Fritz will be a bachelor, Though he has lady friends galore: Always in a terrible hurry, Just speaks, but then no more. HANNAH G. EVANS sslzzyu "Earl and the Girl" 1313 A. A. 1413 Commercial Club 11-2-31. Hannah talks her way through school, It's her chief occupation: But Why it's usually Haug We'd like to have an explanation. HAYDN EVANS 66G0at!! Football, Class 121, Varsity 13-415 Basketball, Class 121, Varsity 13-413 Track, Varsity 131, Class 131, Captain 1413 Baseball, Class 12-315 Student Rep. A. A. 1815 Commercial 11-213 A. A. 12-3-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 141g Adelphic 1315 "-Charley's Aunt" 141. Quite an athelete is Hade, A name for himself he has made: As an act h ' ' or e is very witty, And the girl-oh, yes, her name is Kitty. MARY VIRGINIA FISCHER "Jeanne" Girls' Club 11-2-3-413 Latin Club 1215 French Club 1213 "Earl and the Girl" 131. Virginia never makes much noise Nevertheless she has many Joys. 1. E E 1 ! km. ALICE ELIZABETH FLANSBURG Alice never makes much noise, But just the same she cang She gets disgusted with the boys, And much prefers a real man. RUTH MAE FLAUGHER Science Club 11-2-315 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 11-2-31. This little girlie's name is Ruth, You see her hair is bobbed: But now to really tell the truth From Don he never can be robbed. HERBERT C. FRANCIS Class Football 1415 Class Basketball Mgr. 1415 -Class Baseball 13-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 141 Adelphic 12-3-415 Science Club 11-2-315' Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 13-415 Monitor Editorial 13-415 Monitor Adv. 13-41 "Charley's Aunt" 1415 Latin 1115 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Argument is his middle name, As a lawyer he would sure win fame: Of course he likes the girls a lot, But most of all his little "Dot." SAMUEL MARSTYN FRANK ccsammyaa Adelphic 13-415 Monitor Staff 13-415 Commercial Club 1315 Squad Leader 1415 -Commencement Speaker 1415 School Printer 12-3-415 Science 1315 Associate Editor 1415 Class Baseball 1315 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Sammie has a marcel divine, The freshie girls think he's quite fineg He is an artist of much note, And also Milton he can quote. EVELYN DORIS FRANKLIN "Dorrie" "Dot" "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Girls' Club 1415 Monitor Staff 1415 Latin Senate 1415 Commencement Speaker 1415 Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 141. She's just as bright as she can be, Our Doris never had a D5 So sweet a girl you seldom find With such a mathematical mind. WILLIAM J. FREIDMAN CCBHI!! Football Class 1415 Basketball, Class 11-2-31, Varsity 13-415 Baseball, Class 11-3-415 Adelphic 12-3-415 Photo -Club 1315 Radio Club 1315 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Science Club 12-31. A born athlete is Bill: He has a streak of shyness, too: When made to go against his will, His cheeks just turn a reddish hue. -22.- WTLLIAM E. GENKINGER cnwegeys Football, Class 1415 Basketball 11-2-3-419 Baseball, Varsity 131, Class 13-415 Track, Varsity 141, Class 12-3-41g Adelphic 12-3-415 Hi-Y 121 Q 'Commercial Club 11-2-315 A. A. 11-2-3-41. "Ouigie" cannot understand why, When you've whiled away your time, You're sent to the detention room ' As though it were an awful crime. HARRY DONALD GIBSON Donald is a senior bright, Who studies almost every night. CHARLES REED GILLIUM "Chuck" "Horse" Football, Varsity 1419 Track, Varsity 13-415 Basketball, Class 1415 A. A. 13-415 Commercial Club 111. Chuck ever shines in an athletic way: Sports he'll pursue when he's old and gray. WALTER CLARK GILMORE Sdwaltii Mt. Jackson H. S. 11-2-313 A. A. 141. Very kind-hearted is our Walter, Not even in physics does he falter. DOROTHY LENORE GORM LEY KlD0t!! "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "'Springtime" 141 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1413 Monitor Staff 1419 Girls' Club 12-3-413 French Club 121g ' Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 12-3-415 -Class Track 13-415 Class Basketball 13-41. With age the heavens to Dorothy have sent. The wonderful thing called "temperament 5" And with the passing of time her hair has been turned And instead of red, it's nicely auburned. DOROTHY CLARKE GRAHAM HD0t9! 'Earl and the Girl 3 1 H C A. A. 12-31. - Dot's face is sweet and sweet her smile, And sweet her eyes of blue: You should see her devour bon-bons For she has a sweet-tooth, too. F' l r E l MARGARET MARY GRAHAM l6PegYl Girls' Club 1315 A. A. 11-215 C-ommercial -Club 121 ' "Springtime" 1415 Squad Leader 141. Peg is what we term as bright. Four years she's made in three: She doesn't study all the night, But is always gay and free. MILDRED JEANNE GRESHAM ccMidgey9 Class Basketball 11-2-3-415 A. A. 11-2-315 Class Track 1415 Science Club 111. Midge is a Whiz at basketball, And a player most fair: When she's upon the Hoor We need never have a care. SHIRLEY HILDA GROSSMAN nsB0bbyn "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 141 Science Club 11-2-315 French Club 11-215 Photo Club 1315 Orchestra 1415 Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 11-2-31. Hilda's life is like a song, With her, sorrow never stays long: When from school she's gone away, We hope she'll always happy stay. WALTER GWILYM "Walt" Commercial Club 11-2-315 Monitor Bookkeeper 141. Small of stature, not much noise, But nevertheless, he's one of the boys. JEROME WHIPPO HAMIL uJerl.yn Orchestra 11-215 Adelphic 12-3-415 Science Club 11-215 Hi-Y 12-3-415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Track 11-2-3-41. Jerry is a cheery chap, And we wish to say, That we hope joy and luck Will follow him each day. JAMES EDWARD HAMILTON Track, 'Class 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Latin Club 141. As far as activities go Jim's efforts equal nil5 But when it comes to work He does it with a will. .-2 4- ALEX WILLIAM HANNA Adelphic 12-415 Squad Leader 141g , A. A. 11-2-33. 1 . 1 Ambition is his middle name. .H We feel quite sure 'twill bring him fame. Alex is not afraid of work, His duty he will never shirk. JEAN s. HARRISON A "Harbie" Class Prophet 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1 "Springtime" 141.5 Girls' Club 13-45 Librarian 1415 A. A. 12-31. 1 ' Jean is small and very neat, - From her neatly slippered feet ' To her dark and glossy hair: For one "Rose" she seems to care MIRIAM M. HARPER "Hiram" Basketball 1115 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "The Light" 1315 Science Club 12-31g Girls' Club 1413 Latin Senate 1413 Monitor Editorial Staf 13-415 Commencement Speakerg A. A. 11-2-3-41 When from Miriam we part, We cannot help but shed a tear: For she's been helpful and kind And to us she is very dear. VERNON HASSON 1 EARLE KENNETH HERBERT KID-ukei! Wampum 11-2-315 A. A. 141. From Vlfampum comes to us this lad In all kinds of weather: His case on Doris is quite bad, Quite often they're together. KATHERYN ELLEN HERBERT "Katie" Girls' Club 1313 Commercial Club 131, Though she's 'very meek and shy, Her ambitions reach the sky. 6 , 1 'W' GEORGE HICE 3 CGI-Iicieii , Football, Class 1419 Basketball, Class 11-2-3-419 Baseball, Class 11-313 Track 1315 Tennis, Varsity 1413 Adelphic 12-3-415 Hi-Y 1213 Science Club 1315 Athletic Board 141 Pres. 5 Monitor Staff 141 Class Donor 1413 A. A. 11-2-3-41, Pres. 141 Class Secy. 1213 Student Athletic Committee 141. When Hice a game had won, And left his foes a wreck: Adj. with joy derflowing, W'ould wind her arms around his neck. GLADYS HOCKENBERRY xcHockysn Photo Club 1319 Girls' Club 1215 A. A. 11-2-31. ' Congratulations, here we say, Suppose it will be soon. May happiness be along the way When you are on your honeymoon. BEULAH HOUSEHOLDER 1 SKB!! . Class Basketball 111g Girls' Club 13-415 A. A. 111. Beulah has eyes of black, Which sparkle with a zest: We hope in future days Her luck will be of the best. CATHERINE G. HOWELL ccKittysn Volley Ball 1413 "Springtime" 141g "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "The Light" 1313 Girls' Club 13-413 Science Club 11-213 Commercial Club 131. Our Kitty comes from West Pittsburgh, And a good sport is she: For we feel sure there is no one A better friend could be. LAWRENCE R. HUDSON Latin Club 1213 A. A. 12-3-415 Adelphic 1315 Science Club 111. Everyone resembles something, A victrola and Lawrence are one: When it comes to talking he sure is king, But is ever active and full of fun. JESSIE FRANCES JENKINS "Jess" A. A. 1115 Commercial Club 111. Her hair she wears straight down her back, Quite different from the rest: But in our class you're sure to find 1 Jessie's among the very best. E-2 61 Kt ANNA KATHERYN ' JONES A When we say'we Ilike her ' We do not jestg f ' For in the class of twenty-two Anna's one of the best. ANNA GUNHILD JOHNSON 6CAnnH Girls' Club 12-31. Anna is a shy maid, As you can plainly see: She's known by everybody, No matter who they be. A FLORENCE MARY JOHNSON "Flo-Flo" Comrnereial Club 1113 "Springtime" 1413 Track 141. - Florence is a quiet girl, With hair and eyes so black: But to her class and classmates No spirit does she lack. WILBUR EUGENE JOHNSON Ciwilbii Monitor Editorial and Business 13-415 Ne-Ca-Hi 1413 Hi-Y 12-3-415 Tennis Club 11-2-3115 Mgr. of Tennis 11-2 Class Basketball 11-215 A "Earl and the Girl" 1319 Radio Club 131 Adelphic 12-3-415 Science Club 12-313 C-lass Treasurer 1215 A. A. 12-3-415 Squad Leader 141. "English" is Wilbur's favorite study, No other does he prefer: Always together they are And from her side he'll never stir. EMELIE GRACE JONES O "Gracie" A. A. 11-213 ' ' Class Basketball 141. A maiden both demure and coyf N We wish her happiness and joy. MAY W. KELTY e"Dimples" Junior Literary Society 11-21g Tennis Club 1113 Girls' Club,11-2-315 A. A. 11-213 "Earl and the Girl" 131g "Springtime" 141. This sunny-haired lass Is a joy to all the class. is-A MARGARET MARY KENNEDY Light of hair and blue of eye, A quiet maid who is very shy. WILLIAM A. KERR ' Hsin" Football Class 1413 Track Class 13-415 Varsity 13-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Adelphic 12-3-415 Commercial Club 11-213 Squad Leader 13-415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Bill is always on the track, For pep he surely doesn't lack. CHARLES LESTER KLINGENSMITH This innocent looking lad, You'd never suspect of being bad: Colored handkerchiefs he likes, Just takes them, and then he hikes. FRANK KORZEC Frank sure is a genius, As a poet he's a shark: His name on the honor roll you'll see, For his average is always above the mark. EDWARD H. KRAMER ' KlFat!9 Adelphic 12-3-413 Hi-Y 1215 Science Club 1313 Radio Club 1315 A. A. 11-3-41. Edward is a quiet lad, He never does a thing that's bad: And we must not forget to mention In school he always pays attention. HILMA ELSARIDA LEHTO "Hill" Girls' Club 141. Hilma is shy and reserved, But if you gaze upon her face, A little spark of merriment You can always trace. -28-4 EFFIE RITA LEONARD HEP! Commercial Club Q1-2-375 Science Club ill. As through this world we go We should bear in mind, Always to be like Efie, Agreeable and kind. DAVID ROBERT LEVIN K6Dave!! HDoc3! Class Basketball C219 Science Club Q1-23 Track C215 Junior Literary QZD. Some get all the glory, While others toil and work: And when to David's share The latter falls, he doesn't shirk. EDMUND CHARLES LEWIS ClEd!! "Earl and the Girl" f3J. One of these quiet boys Whom some think are asleep, But always remember that, "Still water runs deep." JAMES HAYDN LEWIS "Jimmie" Glee Club K2-335 Radio Club f3Jg ' Science Club fl-2-3jg A. A. fl-2-3-453 Hi-Y C2-3-415 "Springtime" C4Jg "Earl and the Girl" 131. Jim is quite a singer, But now to tell the truth, 'Twould be a shame to mention him Unless we spoke of Ruth. JOHN LEWIS MICHAEL S. LOMVBARDO Snappy eyes and hair that shines, He's quite proficient along many lines. l l I l l h , , ,, Y ERMA ELIZABETH LOSTETTER scDintyv9 ' "Springtime" 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 131 Science Club 1215 Girls' Club 12-3-415 A. A. 13-41. With golden hair and eyes so blue, Our Erma loves to talkg But to our class she is ever true, As staunch as the Plymouth Rock. ALDEN LLEWELLYN McBRIDE "Whiffet" A. A. 11-2-3-415 Hi-Y 1215 Adelphic 1215 Science Club 12-315 "Earl and the Girl" 131 'Monitor Staff 13-415 "Springtime" 141. Whiiiit doesn't think sophomores a noisy lot, On one, he blows all the cash he's got: She may be young, she maylbe green, But he thinks Ruth's the best he's seen. GLEN E. McBRIDE scMickys9 Varsity Basketball Mgr. 1415 Class Basketball 11-2-315 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Hi-Y 1215 Adelphic Society 12-315 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Monitor Staff 13-415 Science Club 1315 Tennis Club 1215 Squad Leader 141. Mick cannot sing, nor can he play, For music never camel his way: But everywhere you hear folks, say, He sure loves "Ax't." ALICIA MCCAFFREY 'fLish" Schenley High 1115 Butler High 1215 Springtime 1415 "The Light" 1315 A. A. Secy. 1415 Athletic Board 1415 Monitor Staff 1415 Ne-'Ca-Hi Staff 141. This little girl's love affairs N Will surely turn her headg And all that worries us is, .A Is it Mickey, or is it Red? MURRAY1 FREW McC.ASLIN Hi-Y 1415 Adelphic 12-3-415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Monitor Business 141, Science Club 11-315 ' Radio Club 1315 "Springtime" 141. Murray has a Ford "coup," In which he can almost loop the loop: N ed 't b f 'd 0, you ne Il earal , l He's very careful and very stald. WILLIAM WALLACE MCCOMBS "Bill" Adelphic 12-3-415 Hi-Y 12-3-415 Science Club 11-315 Latin Club 11-2-315 Radio Club 1315 Photo Club 1315 Band 141, Pres. 1415 Sr. Orchestra 141, Treas.5 A. A. 11-2-3-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 141 William is quite a songster, And in a future day, Laurels he is sure to win ,. V For he has such a winning way. J ...30- . GLADYS JEVENE McCRACKEN CCGlad9! Girls' Club 1415 Latin Club 121. . Always her lessons she does pursue, Never for t t d ' ge s a one o o , A quiet girl, with a friendly smile, To be her friend is worth your while. ALLA MYRTLE McCULLOUGH If-Melt!! Girls' Club 12-3-415 Science Club 1313 Commercial Club 12-313 A. A. 131. Happy and gay as the birds that sing, With never a frown about anything. DONALD RAUB McFALL l6D0n!! Easton High School 11-215 Class Football 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 131 Adelphic 13-41, Secy. 1419 Ne-Ca-Hi 1415 Squad Leader 1415 A. A. 13-41. Don says he ever looks forward To school days with delight: But they can hardly compare To the time he sees Ruth at night. GERTRUDE CORLISS MCFARLAND "Gert" "Shorty" Girls' Club 12-3-415 Commercial Club 1313 A. A. 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "The Light" 1315 "Springtime" 141. This lassie so small Is very, very niceg She is peppy, she is gay, And boys always look at her twice. JAMES F. McINTOSH llJim!i lCRed!9 CSMac!! Class Cheer Leader 1315 Bessemer H. S. 111, Varsity Football 13-415 Class Basketball 12-3-415 Class Baseball 12-319 Varsity Track 12-3-41, Capt. 1315 A. A. 12-3-413 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Adelphia 12-3-415 Hi-Y 12-3-415 Inner Circle 1413 Jr. Orchestra 1213 Squad Leader 141. "Take me where there's never a book, -- V Or where you n'er write a measley theme 1" ThisiJ" l f ft d s imspea or uure ays I But we're afraid it sounds too much like a dream. MARTHA ELIZABETH McKINLEY "Mick" f'M0ss" Mst. Jackson H. S. 1115 , Girls' Club 1415 X Squad' Leader 141. Maiden with her cheeks so pink, She comes from R. D. Eight: Every day she comes to school ' And never once will you find her late. LA, STELLA LENORE McVAY "Jackie" -'Today' A "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 Science -Club 1315 Girls' Club 12-3-415 Commercial Club 1115 A. A. 13-41. We'll always think of Stella, When backward we will gaze: For she has helped to make Happy these, our high school days. JAMES DONALD McWILLIAMS . CCDOHD ' Class Baseball 1315 "Earl and the Girl" 131 "Springtime" 1415 Adelphic 12-3-415 Hi-Y 1215 Science Club 11-2-315 French Club 11-2-315 Asst. Donor 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Don is a youth most gay, He's in for every kind of fun: But when it comes to girls He says that Leone's "the only one." ELIZABETH I. MACHIN CII-lib!! Class Basketball 1215 "Springtime" 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Charley's Aunt" 1415 Science Club 11-2-31 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Monitor Staff 1415 A. A. 11-21. This laughing, light-haired lass Joy to twenty-two will ever bring: B h ' f t t ut t e praises o wen y, I You can always hear her sing. FULTON R. MAGI LL CCFult!! Football, Class 141, Scrub 1315 - "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Orchestra 11-2-31 Hi-Y 12-3-415 Adelphic 1415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141. Artist, poet, musician, too, ' Is there anything more this boy can do? VIRGINIA MARCEAU "Marse" Science Club 12-315 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 French Club 1215 "Springtime" 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "The Light" 131. When Marse is decked out in her best, P ' ed ' f nd fuzzg I'll'l'lD up ln Ill' 3. Does she crowd all the boys about, Does she? I'll say she does. FLORA ELLEN MARTIN asT0mss asMartyss "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Science Club 11-31 Latin Club 1215 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415, 55 A. A. 131. Always willing to help you, ost any time in the day: Thvngs she can't do are very few, And she's ever happy and gay. ' -32- WILLIAM K. MARTIN "Crazy" "Nutty" "Harvey" Baseball, Class 1215 Football, Varsity 13-41 Track, Class 11-2-3-41, Varsity 12-3-415 Adelphic 12-3-41, Vice-Pres. 1315 -Commercial Club 12-31, Pres. 1315 Latin Club 1215 Varsity Debating Team 131 Science Club 12-315 Hi-Y 1215 Class Cheer Leader 1415 "The Light" 1315 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 "Charley's Aunt" 141. When you ask him for money Bill says it's quite unfair. He must treat the ladies And after that he has none to spare. MARIAN A. MATHIESON Kflyiaeii HMatty!! Class Basketball 11-2-3-415 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 Science Club 1215 Latin Club 121. A bobbed-haired maiden is May, Talking and laughing all the day: She can dance and spin, just like a hoop, But say, have you heard her speak of "Coop Y" ROSE MERVIS ccposyn asMervyxx Commercial Club 11-21. Every day she is prepared Her lessons to recite: Quite different from most people Her answer's always right. RUTH IRENE MEYERS "Billie" Class Basketball 12-415 Science Club 1115 A. A. 11-3-41. Basketball she loves to play, Billy is her nickname: Always a smile the live long day, For anything she sure is game. HOWARD RUSSELL MICHAEL "Russ" Basketball, Class 1415 Baseball, Class 13-41 Adelphic 13-415 Science Club 1315 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Hi-Y Club 12-3-41 Photo Club Secy.-Treas. 1315 A. A. 12-3-41 Radio Club 1415 Squad Leader 141. He towers more than six long feet Away up in the air: But what we want to know is, How he curls his hair? JOE D. MILLER MJD!! Adelphic 13-45 Hi-Y 13-415 Science Club 12-315 Photo Club 1315 A. A. 12-31. Don't tell Joe what is good to read, He knew that long ago: He is our librarian-indeed, All about books he does know. F HELEN MINICK "Curley" Girls' Club 13-413 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 "Springtime" 141. Always in a hurry, And quite often late: Because of such a flurry. Detention room's her fate. PAUL E. MONTGOMERY csM0ntyns Football, Varsity 1413 Baseball, Class 13-41 Track 13-413 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Adelphic 13-413 Hi-Y 13-413 Monitor Staff 1413 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Here's a boy who does not have Among his sayings-can't: But when it comes to affections We think it is all- -Grant. ALICE L. NELSON Commencement Speaker 1413 Orchestra 11-2-3-413 Class Basketball 12-3-413 Winner in Youngstown Musical Contest 131 Girls' Club 13-413 "Earl and the Girl" 1313 "Springtime" 141: Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1413 Monitor Staff 1413 A. A. 12-3-41. Fair Alice you'll notice has bobbed hair: To see her sober is very rare: A b " h m t b orn musician s e see s o e, Sometimes it's Walter, other times Lee. KATHERYNE M. NESSLE csKitty:s Director Jr. Orchestra 1415 Girls' Club 13-413 "Earl and the Girl" 141. Kitty is a tiny maid, A musician of much fame. She seems to he quite fond of Hade Although he's often hard to tame. KENNETH L. NEWTON csKennys9 Muddy Creek Township H. S. 11-2-313 'Class Track 1413 Class Football 1413 A. A. 141. Kenneth has been here but one year, To share with us our many joys. ,-We've learned to know him though he's small, For he's one of our curly headed boys. HERMAN JAMES NOLTE "I-Ierm" "Earl and the Girl" 1313 "Springtime" 1413 Football, Class 12-413 Basketball, Class 11-2-31, Capt. 1413 Varsity Reserves 1313 Baseball, Class 13-41 Adelohic 1413 A. A. 11-2-3-41: Track, Class 11-2-3-41, Varsity 12-3-413 Pres. 2-Yr. Commercial Class 19203 Science Club 1315 Commercial Club 1213 Librarian 1413 Secy. to Athletic Coach 141. You can see Nolte's a fighter And always takes things cool: When .he's on a basketball floor You'll ,find he does not fool. .-34- C. CLIFFORD o'BR1EN scDugan9s Football, Varsity 1415 Basketball, Class 11-21, Varsity 1315 Baseball, Class 111, 'Tarsity 12-315 Adelphic Club 12-315 Science Club 12-315 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141. Dugan is our lightweight champ, In all sports he's a shark: A permanent smile on his face does camp, Whenever he hits his mark. SARA R. 0'DONNELL Scsaln usauyv Commercial Club 11-315 Girls' Club 141. Her laughing eyes and pleasant smile Greet us every day. Most t i t' h b 'l yps ss ecan eatamie, We heard some person say. HAROLD W. ORR "Skinny" Sr. Orchestra 12-3-415 Band 1415 Science Club 1215 A. A. 12-31. Each day in the orchestra he does play The cornet with much skill: Harold is good natured and gay, Though seldom will you find him still. ' 1 ROBERT W. OSBORNE 6CB0b9! A. A. 11-2-315 Hi-Y 1215 Science Club 1315 French Club 131. Raspberry, lemon or cherry? You'll hear him politely askg For slinging sloppy sodas Is our Bobbie's daily task. CARL M. PADEN It really seems to us quite queer, And we wish Carl would explain, Whihiit "Springtime" twice he did appear, And both times had a different "Jane," CHARLES WALTER PARK SSBUZZH Adelphic 13-415 A. A. 12-315 Commercial Club Vice.-Pres. 131. When he pulls into school About an hour after eight: . - You'll always hear his stack excuse, "The Mahoning' car was late." ' , . . , , RICHARD PATTERSON KlDick99 East Brook H. S. 11-2-315 Adelphic 1415 Class Football 1415 "Springtime" 1415 "Ch,rley's Aunt" 1415 Sr. Orchestra 1415 Band 1415 Asst. Conductor Chorus 1415 Glee Club Class Night Music.141. Dick only came to us this year But he's lent a helping hand: We surely like him a lot For his kind are in demand. WILLIAM GLENN PATTERSON uD0yless East Brook H. S. 11-2-315 Chorus 1415 Glee Club 1415 "Springtime" 1415 Adelphic 141. There are things beside alfalfa, That to town the farmers bring: It may be cows, or mules or pigs Or maybe sons, that sing. MARY CAROLYN PITTLER "Pickle" Beaver Falls H. S. 1115 Commercial Club 131. Hair and eyes so very clark, Always happy as a lark. FLORENCE CHENOWETH POLLARD Cochranton H. S. 11-2-31. A one-year senior. late she came, And Florence Pollard is her name: Among us just one year, no more, We wish it might have been all four. MARTHA R. POWELL CKPat9! Girls' Club 12-315 A. A. 11-2-315 French Club 121. A quiet and unassuming lass, But a good supporter of her class. BERTHA SEMBRICH PRICE "Bert" A. A. 11-215 Science Club 1115 "Springtime" 1415 . ' "Charley's Aunt" 1415 Girls' Club 141. Bert is our little fashion plate, Although to school she is usually late. -1 f-36- ... WANDA B. QUIGLEY Hqui gi! "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Girls' Club 11-3-413 A. A. 12-315 Track 141. Wanda surely does have A come hither look in her eye. We might think her quite bold, On the contrary, she's quite shy. HELEN LUCILLE RAE Science Club 11-2-315 Girls' Club 11-213 A. A. 11-21. ' Always happy, always gay, You're sure to know it's Helen Rae. JESSIE TREADWELL RAY "Jess" "Earl and the Girl" 1313 Science Club 12-315 Monitor Staif 13-41g Girls' Club 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Jessie is a friend so true, In all kinds of weather. You ever can perceive Miriam and her together M.ARION A. REEHER A. A. 1313 Science Club 11-315 Latin Senate, Honorary Member 1413 Girls' Club 1415 Monitor Editorial Staff 1415 Commencement Speaker, Salutation 141. Marion is a studious lass. She's second brightest in our class. Her time is always very well spent, Some of her brains We'd like to rent. K. WARD REIMOLD "Wardie" Class Baseball 141g Squad Leader 141. Eyes and hair so very black, And a sweater so green to cover his back. ETHEL RICHARDS "Dick" Basketball, Class 11-21, Capt. 111, Varsity 13-41, Capt. 1413 Tennis, Class 11-21g "Earl and the Girl" 1319 "'Springtime" 1415 Science Club 1315 Girls' Club 11-2-3-41. If gleam of stars and moon and sun Could e'er be blended into one, They would be no brighter than your eyes, Ethel, you surely take the prize. F R- E, l l 1 LESLIE .ROBERTS F 1 lil-les!! Class Baseball 13-415 1 , Science Club 1315 ' "Earl and the Girl" 131. ,g K"' U In history class we always know A K That Leslie's sure to make a showxg He always knows just what to ,say,', Not once a week, but every day. , 5, MARGARET LEARY ROBERTSON CCPeg!! "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1413 "'Charley's Aunt" 1415 Science Club -12-315 Girls' Club 11-215 A. A. 11-215 ' Parllamentarian 141. D Peg will no doubt go on the stage, She makes a hit when in a rage: But just the same she's very sweet: A finer girl you seldom meet. JOHN ROBSON ,u ll" "Jack" i ' "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Adelphic 12-3-415 Science Club 12-31. John is a quiet lad His conduct of the best, But when it comes to fun Johnny's there with the rest. REUBEN P. ROSENBURG ,, ClR'u'b,7 Adelphic 13-41. .1 A Reuben, Reuben, we've been thinking What a sad world this would be, If your laugh would be transported.. Far beyond the Northern Sea. 1' .,, 1 CHARLES VICTOR ROSS "Chuck" -Class Basketball 1115 Class Baseball 11-2 Varsity Basketball 13-41g A . 1 Varsity Baseball 1315 Adelphic Treas. 13-4 Science Club 12-315 Latin Club 11'-215 A. A. 1415 Student Athletic Council 1415 C-lass Trace 1413 Athletic Monitor 141. Many girls for Chuck's love do sigh, But all of them he passes by: And in spite of all their skill He remains unvamped still. IRMA LORENE RUDOLPH in Q Girls Club 11-2-315 . . Science Club 131. A Erma has a voice so sweet, And always looks so clean and neat. -381 ARTHUR ELMER SAMPSON llcyii Football, Class 1415 Baseball, Class 1315 Science Club 1215 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Our Arthur is a quiet boy Who studies hard and longg And when it comes to chemistry He learns it like a song. CLYDE E. A. SCHETTER "Schetter" Class Tech. Detroit 1115 Photo Club Chr. 1315 Spanish Club 12-315 Adelphic 13-415 Radio Club 1315 Hi-Y 121 A. A. 12-3-415 Squad Leader 1415 lst Prize Thrift Essay 1415 2d Prize Monitor Contest 1415 Track 1215 Football 12-315 "The Light" 1315 Electrician "Earl and the Girl" 1315 -Class Football 1415 All Class Football 141. Schetter is a man of fame, And for many girls he does fall: They're really too numerous to name, For he says he loves them all. MARY E. SHAFFER Girls' Club 141. Always full of laughter, Always full of glee: Just look at her picture And you can easily see. DOROTHY SEAVY "Dot" "Seave" Basketball, Class 11-2-31, Capt. 1415 Track 12-3-415 Tennis 11-215 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 Science Club 11-2-315 A. A. 11-2-3-41. . Always we see her in the hall, Everywhere go her rushing feet: Laughing, sunny and gay With a smile every one she does greet. JESSIE VALENTINE SHIPE uJcSSs9 ushipyu Basketball, Class 11-2-3-415 A. A. 11-2-3-41 Science Club 11-2-315 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 "Charley's Aunt" 1415 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 141. Sure our Jessie likes to talk At a dance or for a walk: If there's candy she'll surely try it, But "Pickles" is her weekly diet. EFFIE MILDRED SHIELDS "Milly" Commercial Club 11-215 A. A. 11-215 Science Club 111. Mildred's great for advertisement As long as it's a "sign," If you ask her who she chooses, She'll say "Piersall's in my line." PAUL J. SHRIVER "Dutch" Football, Varsity 141g Baseball, Varsity 131 Baseball, Class 11-41g Basketball, Class 13-415 Adelphic 13-41, A. A. 11-2-3-41. When it comes to popularity This boy's among the first: Though he uses only H20 With which to quench his thirst. MARY THERESA SKUBA Klsisn Girls' Club 12-3-415 Commercial Club 1315 A. A. 13-41. A complexion, oh so very fair, And eyes so large and brown: May her life be smooth, without a care, Her brow ne'er puckered with a frown. FRANCES GERTRUDE SMITH CCRed9! ilsmitty!! "Earl and the Girl" 131g Volley Ball 1415 Class Basketball 12-31, Capt. 1415 Track 13-413 Girls' Club 13-415 Science Club 1215 A. A. 12-3-41. Smity likes to jump and run, Play basketball, you bet. All these she thinks are such fun, Her fill she hasn't had as yet. M. GRACE SMITH "Smitty" Class Track 141. Grace expects to be a nurse, So if by chance you're ill: Just tell her you're of twenty-two And maybe she'll forget the bill. MILDRED ELIZABETH SMITH "Smiles" A. A. 12-3-415 Girls' C-lub 12-3-413 Commercial Club 11-215 Science Club 11-215 ' A "The Light" 1313 French Club 111. . In a sweater very soft and clean. Mildred can usually be seen. ELVIE MIRIAM SNYDER "Shorty" Girls' Club 12-413 A. A. 141. Elvie is a helpful lass And always does her share. We wish that in the future She'll never have a care. -40... MARIE L. SNYDER "Suiter" Girls' Club 1215 French Club 1113 Science Club 1119 Jr. Orchestra 111. Musical ability has Marie, Her fortune she will make you'll see: Sh t' d t h t e prac ices an eac es, oo, More than most of us can do. FRANCES IZOLA SOWASH Science Club 1215 Basketball 1215 Girls' Club 13-415 A. A. 12-31. Frances hankers where there's candy, As a friend she's surely dandy. LEE CLARK STARR Adelphic 12-3-41g Hi-Y 1413 Science Club 12-3-419 Ne-Ca-Hi Staff 1415 Monitor Staif, Editorial and Business 1415 Commercial Club 13-413 A. A. 12-3-413 Orchestra 11-2-3-41, Pres. 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Tennis -Club 1413 "Earl and the Girl" 131, Mgr.g "Charley's Aunt" 141, Mgr. Hush little boy, D , on t you cry: You'll find the right girl Bye and bye. CHARLOTTE B. TAYLOR "Chuck" Girls' Club 1413 Latin Club 141. Music is her chief delight, She sings and also plays. d h t' ni ht S0 hard oes s e prac ice every g We Wish her luck in future days. PAUL D. TAYLOR liP0lly9, A. A. 1119 Commercial Club 1113 "Earl and the Girl" 131. Though our Paul is quiet and shy, In history class you'll find His glances seem to be quite sly I Towards Grace, just down the line. ARTHUR O. THOMAS CCA-Art!! fSLank9l Adelphic 12-31g Sr. Orchestra 11-2-3-41. Arthur surely is a peach, The very best within our reach: And when it comes to a uiolml Fame he certainly will win. +41- I -C J l ia . GLADYS MARGARET THOMAS i6Glad!! Orchestra 11-2-453 Science Club 125g "Springtime" 145g Commercial Club 125. Gladys is a violinist And it's sure as fate That s d h ' o'me ay er music Certainly will make her great. ALBERTA VAUGHAN "Bert" Girls' Club 145. Always on the honor roll, You'll find a certain few. Alb t ' ' th' l er a is in is c ass, To her lt,S nothing new. ROBERT M. VOGAN tsB0bss Sr. Orchestra 12-3-453 Squad Leader 145g A. A. 11-2-3-45. Bob is the third Vogan boy That has graced our fair halls. They're all the same, you'll find them Wherever duty calls. LEO ADALBERT WAJERT "Wajert" "Earl and the Girl" 1355 Adelphic 13-455 Science Club 11-2-355 French Club 12-35 Latin Club 1355 Photo -Club 135. Leo, a druggist some day will bte, For he's always happy in chemistry. VORICE STOWERS WA LTHER ulseanyu Girls' Club 11-2-3-455 "Earl and the Girl" 1355 "Springtime" 145g Science Club 11-2-355 Basketball, Class 1253 A. A. 11-2-3-45. Now, listen, my friends, if you. want tprsee ey Just look at Beanie when she IS surprised. THELMA GRACE VVARNER upinkyv Giris' Club 145. She's just the same .to us every day, Always so sweet and neat. Sometimes serious, other times gay, But never forgets her friends to greet. ..42.. ES CHESTER A. WATKINS "Ches" Adelphic 12-3-415 Science Club 1215 Orchestra 13-415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 Glee Club 11-2-315 Senior Songsters 1415 "Springtime" 1415 "Earl and the Girl" 131 Track 13-415 Scrub Football 11-2-315 Class Football 141. Chester is so slim and tall, But when it comes to girls, he likes them small. GEORGIA E. WEDDELL 6cGe0rges! Girls' Club 1215 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 Science Club 1115 Squad Leader 141. Georgia is a happy lass, Whom she likes she'll never tell. So we guess in vain And say we wish her well. MAUDE M. WETMORE "Maudie" "Annette" Science Club 1115 A. A. 12-3-415 Basketball, Class 13-415 Track 13-415 Volley Ball, Capt. 1415 Squad Leader 1415 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 141 When the best gymnast is asked for We will answer Maude's name: For we know athletics and basketball Will win her world-wide fame. HELEN ELIZABETH WHITE CCHugh!! "Earl and The Girl" 1315 Girls' Club 11-2-3-415 Science Club 1115 Track 1415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Happy and gay all the day through, Sh ' s n t t ll' e worrle o a a , But is always ready her task to do, Wherever may be the call. PAUL N. WHITE "Duck" Hi-Y 12-415 "Earl and the Girl" 131. Through thick and thin you'll ever see A true friend Paul will alwaYS be- AILEEN R. WILKISON "Shorty" "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Basketball, Class 13-415 Track, -Class Volley Ball 1415 Girls' Club 13-415 A. A. 11-2-3-415 "Springtime" 1415 Squad Leader 13-41. Aileen has a sweetheart Who calls her "mine5" And she says to be Jim's Is most certainly fine. 13-4 LYDA E. WILKISON Girls' Club 1215 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 A. A. 131. A smile so sweet, you seldom find, And eyes so very gay: Lyda is lovable and kind And seldom from Clarence does she stray SARAH ELIZABETH WILLIAMS lfLib7! Science Club 1115 Girls' Club 11-415 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 "Springtime" 1415 A. A. 12-31. Lib, your eyes just seem to talk, Words that are unspoken: Whenever down the hall you walk A glance from you is sure a token. HAYDN R. WILLIAMS ffnadev "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Science Club 11-215 Commercial Club 121. If you're looking for information i Along most any line: Just talk a while with Haydn, For his memory is surely fine. MARTHA ALETHA WILSON "Bobbie" Basketball, -Class 1115 "Earl and the Girl" 1315 Girls' Club 12-3-415 A. A. 11-2-3-41. Alethafs a tiny senior But yet she makes things go: With eyebrows puckered in a frown She flutters to and fro. JAMES F. WILSON KCJim7l ClJimmie7! KKLanky,Y Adelphic 12-31, Pres. 1415 Hi-Y 12-3-415 Class Color Bearer 1415 Track Manager 1415 Football, Class 1415 Inner C-ircle 1415 Squad Leader 141. Many burdens will Jim bear And not once will you hear him swear: So we will predict fearlessly A minister some day he'll be. HERBERT W. WINNER The latest thing in neckties, This boy always knows: 4 And all the ladies fall for him, No matter where he goes. l , -44- , . RUTH LUCILLE WALKER A. A. 11-2-31. Although so quiet she may seem, A light so bright in her eye does gleam. ELIZABETH HAYS WIRSING KiLib7l Science Club 1213 ' A. A. 12-313 Girls' Club 11-2-31, Asst. Secy. Latin Club 121. Though she seems so very wee Lib really isn't hard to see. H ' alwa s hear, er vowe you can y Talking and laughing from far and near REVELLA M. WRIGHT HReg9I Butler H. S. 11-2-31. From Butler High to us she came, And Revella is her name. Her eyes are always sparkling bright, We think she surely is all "Wright." JANE PHILLIPS YOUNG "Cheery" "Janette" "Earl and the Girl 1315 A. A. 12-3-419 "Springtime" 1413 Science 1315 Girls' Club 13-41. Jane is surely fond of rings On her fingers and in her ears. She likes to laugh and dance and sing, So few and small are her cares and fears 46 HESYHQHSH U W lx g E - Q0 UU ?::f-1 fA--- , , -, k- . Av -.inf ' ' . 4.-J-,, . HUURS ' . j M 7, F it H if 75 r , r fe-'i 7 ,'is'f,, M I NE. , .-.. V ,N f :Six 5 'IIA 213oA . rw 1 XNQX'-.Q ' 1' 1, Af' ,K E 55 r "X '1N'i0i'i:ii'EXs .HJ 5 M,-ig, PL- '-1' ' A i 4 Qffi' S T -1 SS l i 1 EK :fa .Q : r 5 I 134:15 K T y ., . Awww mhafii In Gimme? Four years, in some ways too long, in others too brief, have come to a close. The summit of our high school career is reached-graduation. Commencement has begun-the commencement of new activities and new experiences, the commencement of a new mode of life. Some of us-most of us, perhaps-will go away to other schools or colleges. The day has come when every high school graduate can attend college if he will. Some of us will go with special privileges because of noteworthy athletic records, some with honorable mention in music or art, and some only with high hopes and great expectations. But each and everyone, whether he goes into the collegiate or commer- cial world, will take with him the ineffaceable imprint, that ideal of fair- ness and sportsmanship, that marks his high school, Ne-Ca-Hi. And this is the important thing: the standard of our high school-is raised or low- ered .by us-not so much when we are students as when we are alumni. Graduates of Ne-Ca-Hi who go to college with a never-may-care attitude and come home at the end of the first semester, give the high school a poor record in scholarship. Many colleges admit students on high school certificate. But this does not hold for every high school-only for those whose graduates maintain the required standard of work. It is ours to say where New Castle High School shall stand. "What's past is prologue," and our school has given us her very best. We have had the advantage of participation in athletics and other student activities as well as well-rounded class-room drill. It is now our turn to show our gratitude. We cannot help by boasting about our high school or by finding fault with any of her methods. We can serve only by doing our own particular share to make the school one that is held in high esteem, not only in its own city and state, but in all circles where a high standard of scholarship is required. Ne-Ca-Hi needs us. We cannot walk out of the doors on Com- mencement night with our diplomas under our arms, a feeling of regret in our hearts, and an unconscious desire to forget it all tomorrow. That is impossible. These four years have been too long and crowded, too full of much that is good, for us to forget. Our high school has been too staunch a friend, and her hopes and ideals for us must be fulfilled. So as we make new ties, let us not break the old ones, and as we meet ur-tn-Huw 47 new friends, let us not forget these others who have become dear through four happy years. Above all as we pledge allegiance to a new school, let us not relinquish our affection for Ne-Ca-Hi, remembering that in pay- ing tribute to the old we honor the new. As we go out to the commence- ment of life's activities let it be with a firm resolve to make Ne-Ca-Hi first and foremost among high schools even as she is iirst and foremost in our hearts. Cfrnmih Did you know that you belong to one of the best high schools in the United States? Its academic work has long been recognized by the leading colleges and universities in the country. Our high school is growing each year-new equipment, scholastic and athletic g improvements in our labora- tories, a new library, and the addition of new subjects to the present curri- culum. Our high school Band is one of the best in Pennsylvania. This speaks of advancement because few high schools have bands that are so well organized and drilled as N ewACastle's band. The band is available for all athletic contests in the gymnasium or in the field. During the past basket- ball season the band was present every game and entertained the specta- tors before the game and between the halves. The orchestra is perhaps our greatest achievement in the past two or three years. It is one of the best in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, and has the record of having defeated a well known Ohio high school in a musical contest in 1921. The orchestra plays for all class plays, chap- els, and other school activities. This year the orchestra has received very favorable criticism from the state inspectors and all visitors. The new state superintendent of public instruction intends to make music compulsory, that is, all high schools must offer music as a subject the same as English and Spanish are offered. He also intends to have three great musical contests, one in the Scranton-Wilkes Barre district, one in the Philadelphia district, and one in the Pittsburgh district. New Castle will probably be entered in the contest for the Pittsburgh district. New Castle should win this contest but we will need more students to enter the musical activities. For example, the Senior members of the orchestra will graduate, heretofore the incoming Freshmen have filled the gaps left by the graduating Seniors, but with the opening of the Junior high the Fresh- men will be eliminated from our musical organization. This means that if New Castle High is to advance and improve the members of the classes of '23, '24 and '25 must enroll in these activities. Perhaps we have talent that has not made itself known. New Castle athletic teams are rated high in scholastic circles. Our football, basketball and track teams all belong to the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League. Exceptional work in music can make us even better known. If New Castle High School is to continue to advance and improve everyone must help. Continue to study but do not forget that extra activities broaden one's experience and help to make better citizens. Enroll the first chance you get in the band, in the orchestra, in the chorus, or in any of the other school activities. Boost your school activ- ities. 25 HEEKHGHSUH Qi, ggi THE SENIORS AFTER ONE YEAR'S SERVITUDE IN NE-CA-HI HEQYFUEUSU H THE SENIORS AS THEY LEAVE 50 ?iE:f:llbllE:YHrH:l! mx 116 to ,foo qu nuns IHI TURYG raw , I - PHYLLIS BEAL SCENE-An old lady dreaming over several packages of letters and papers. ENTER-Two young girls with diplomas. RUTH-Stand them on their heads, Stand them on their feet, The class of '70 has never been beat, Except by-what was your class, Grandma? Oh yes, '22! HELEN-It's over! We're alumnae now. Do you want to see the paper that says so? I wish that I were going back next year. Grandma, do you know we won everything this year-the art contest, the music con- test, and even the inter-class aeroplane race? 1970, rah! GRANDMA-1970! "Time rolls his ceaseless course!" Just forty- eight years ago I graduated! Isn't it strange that I should be looking over these old papers tonight? fSelecting a paperj. "History essay, Finances of the American Revolution, April 10, 1922." We had to read references in twenty-five books to get material for that. RUTH-fPicking up a bundle of papersl. Book reviews! Quo Vadis! Vanity Fair! Ben Hur! Horrors! fDrops themj. HELEN-Latin examination May 30, 1921! I'm glad these things were abolished before my time. RUTH-fReading in a puzzled manner! Sept. 9, 1918. Our first day at high school is over. Our first day at high school is over. Oh! It's a diary, Grandma. Do read it to us. --I do like to hear diaries. GRANDMA-My diary? Well, it'swmy old high school diary. CRead- ingj. SEPT. 9, 1918-Our nrst day at high school is over and what an excit- ing day it has been! Most of us escaped the misfortune of getting lost, for which good luck we may thank our teachers and some of the upper class- men. We felt so much superior and so much older when we passed the Eighth grade building on our way home. Y NOV. 13, 1918-The class of 1922 entered the business world today. At this our first meeting we chose Charles Dart as our class president. He is a stranger to most of us, but we will always be able to identify him be- cause of his exceptional pompadour. ' NOV. 22, 1918-We made our debut in society tonight at the Senior- Freshmen reception. I have a book full of names, my head full of faces g it will take all four years for me to link them together. JAN. 22, 1919-We chose our Class colors today. After a heated argu- Es .., or tllfmiflmlfl HG Q, Fei 51 ment, during which we discovered some new orators in our midst, light blue and gold were selected. MAY 27, 1919-We went to the park today for our Freshmen picnic. Supper was the chief attraction. After eating, such of us as had not fallen into the creek, enjoyed dancing. SEPT. 30, 1919-Today marked our first Sophomore meeting. Johnny Ray is our new president. He is another unforgetable person. He has light hair, and wears a red sweater with a white stripe. We think he will make a good president. NOV. 11, 1919-The school board decided we should celebrate Armis- tice Day by staying in school. Some of our members disagreed and took a holiday. They spent most of the afternoon in the alley between Reis and East streets wondering what to do. The rest of us spent our time wonder- ing what penalty would be imposed upon them. I FEB. 27, 1920-Our class gave a dance in the I. O. O. F. hall this even- ing. The entire school was invited. We had a very pleasant evening, but very few Sophomores were there. MAY 27, 1920-We went to Neshannock Falls for our picnic. A large crowd attended. Every one reported a good time. Baseball and boating were the chief diversions of the afternoon. So much did we enjoy our- selves that we were very reluctant to leave. Some of us prolonged the day by waiting until the automobiles made a second trip. SEPT. 2, 1920-We're J uniors! We had another peppy meeting today. Last meeting we re-elected Johnny Ray as our class president. We decided to sell candy at our Senior-Freshmen reception to make a little money. We are badly in need of funds. MARCH 20, 1921-We beat the Seniors in a game of basketball today. It was as exciting as any varsity game. We have won two games out of three, therefore we are undisputed champions. The gymnasium was well filled with spectators. The excitement was so great toward the end that we all stood up. A APRIL 1, 1921--After three weeks of hard work and many nights of practice, we staged "The Earl and the Girl." Many people say that it was the best play ever given in the high school. The house was filled both evenings. We had fun practicing for it, but feel relieved that it is over. MAY 20, 1921-Our J unior-Senior banquet proved a great success. We hope the Seniors appreciated the clever and artistic decorations. We danced in the first floor lobby until eleven-thirty. - We had our picnic at Muddy Creek Falls last week. As frequently happens on such occasions, some people did not appear. Consequently we had an abundance of pickles and a scarcity of some of the more desirable articles of food such as sandwiches and cake. June 2, 1921-The Seniors forgot their disappointment at meeting defeat in basketball at our hands and gave us a dance at I. O. O. F. hall tonight. School closes next week. In a few months we shall have the delight- ful sensation of being real Seniors. SEPT. 14, 1921-We are Seniors at last. We elected Johnny Ray pres- ident today at our first Senior meeting. 52 as ug NEEYWEHH Q, 50-,S FEB. 1, 1922-We are now wearing our class rings. Everybody is very busy. We are working hard to make the "Monito1"' a success. The school is presenting "Springtime" this month for the benefit of the band. A large number of our class is taking part. MAY 17, 1922-The end draws nigh. The Junior-Senior banquet, the picnic, and our play, "Charley's Aunt," are over. The boys have won the cup again. Only the Senior-Junior party and the examinations remain. We're alumnae. The end was solemn. No tears were shed in our presence. We can't say what happened in their solitude. fThe old lady lays the papers aside and slowly, and for a moment seems lost in dreams of the past, then suddenly starts and looks at her watch.J Mercy! Twelve o'clock. It's time you girls were in bed asleep. Run along quickly now. EXIT-Helen and Ruth with hurried farewells. SFFHEETW Url H We 53 95 U5 - . :J G09 fm G Lass , ,Roraceg By JEAN HARBISON A Wireless Apparatus in Center of Stage Enter the Class Prophet. ' Well, Well, this looks like home once more. Vacations are all right for a time, but I'm mighty glad to get back to civilization again. And here is the old Wireless just as I left it. Good! All in fine condition. tEXamines apparatus, etc., turns to bag and takes out writing ma- terials.J Now then, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening in finding out everything that is going on in this old World. Wonder what the program is 'Z-oh, here are some papers fpicks up daily paper, an old one, and readsl : "Saturday, May 27, l935". Oh, that's an old one-let's see, Monday, Tuesday-here it is-"Wednesday, May 31, i935" Qlooks through paper and discovers radio program-reads from programb "2 :OO p. m.-Music. Alice Nelson, pianist, in final concert before sail- ing for Paris Where she will continue her concert Work. "The Boston Symphony Orchestra with the World famous director, Richard Patterson, with special solo Work by Gladys Thomas." Makes me think of the good old days back in High School When Dick used to direct the band at the games, and when Gladys played the violin in the old Ne-Ca-Hi orchestra. "Iolamae Campbell, who recently made her debut in New York under the direction of Lee Starr, the famous American violinist and composer. "2 :45-Talks on missionary Work in Egypt by the Misses Frieda Halt- north and Frances Smith, who have just returned after a number of years' Work as missionaries there. "Heated argument in full progress at Squedunk-participants Clyde Schetter and Harold Cohen. Question, 'Should Horses Wear Shoes or OX- fords in the Winter 'Z' A "3:15-Lecture, 'Keeping Fit by Proper Exercisesf by Joseph Diffley, director of physical education and athletics at the University of Porters- ville, Portersville, Pa." Well, it is now 3 145, so I have missed that much of the program. How- ever, I can get the remainder of the program. Let's see-4:30-News. CAdjusts instrument and arranges Writing materials. Receives following newsj : "Big bank robbed by Eve heavily-armed bandits. The cashier, Herbert Francis, succeeded in escaping and When last seen was passing through Wampum at such a rate as to indicate contempt of all speed limits. Latest reports indicate that he is still on the run. ur-in-ru n "The bandits, after looting the bank, in attempting their escape, were confronted by Officers James Chipman, Glenn Burckhart and William Genk- inger. A running gun battle ensued in which three of the bandits were captured, the other two making their escape. Those captured gave their names as Bill Friedman, Edward Kramer and Walter Gwilym. "It is estimated that the bank's loss totalled some 323.59 in cash and Slc in one-cent stamps. "Commissioners Murray McCaslin, Fulton Magill and Harold Orr im- mediately offered a reward of 352.75 for the capture of the bandits, dead or alive. "Just following this announcement Sheriff Charles Andrews, with his deputies Charles Gillium and Herman Emery, headed a searching party composed of many prominent citizens of Chewton and neighboring towns, among whom were Mayor James Agan, Squire Earl Herbert, Attorney Ellsworth Aley, Carl Paden, the grocer, Clayton Bannon, the butcher, Post- master John Barrett and Chief of Police Michael Lombardo." Whoever would have thought of these boys being mixed up in such an affair? Still, one never can tell who is going to control the universe. "The famous philosopher, Charles Ross, has recently purchased a farm on the outskirts of Pulaski, with the intention of settling down to lead a quiet life away from the distractions of society. "Hilda Grossman, the talented young American sculptress, has just completed a bust of Margaret Graham, a celebrated poetress. This bust, to- gether with one of Miss Flora Ellen Martin, an aviatrix, will be placed in the Hall of Fame. "Alice Flansburg, May Kelty, Stella McVay, Beulah Householder and Gladys Hockenberry have gone to Tokio to inaugurate an establishment for the purpose of converting the Japanese flowing robes into modern short skirts. "Mary Skuba, Elvie Snyder, Charlotte Taylor, Helen Ray and Martha Powell are touring the middle western states lecturing in the interests of prohibition. "Paul Shriver, James McIntosh, Glenn Patterson and Samuel Frank who, for the past five years have been employed by the German govern- ment to haul truck loads of German marks to pay off the German indem- nity, have just returned to the United States." These old familiar names bring to mind a remarkable incident of my vacation trip. As our sixteen-cylinder plane was tripping lightly over the ether highway we passed over a village which, though small, was right up to date, as all the business houses had large signs painted on their flat roofs. And as we flew we read: "Haydn Evans, D. D.-Blest be the tie that binds. "Joe McFate, Furniture-Today's Special-Cradles. "Paul Aiken, Druggist-Our remedies hurry you along. "Dr. Miriam Harper, Heart Specialist-My patients never kick. "Marion Swisher, Undertaker-They rest in peace who enter here." "Gee," said our pilot as he pressed the gas and a parting glance he gave, "This street must be the main line from the cradle to the grave." And then just the other day when on the train I was surprised when Don McFall, a prominent New York banker, with his wife, whom I remem- bered as Ruth Flaugher, entered the coach. We found seats together and 32,5 .5 WIESQWEHZHH Q, Egg 55 our conversation had just turned to a discussion of old times' when we were pleasantly surprised by the entrance of another old school friend, Russell Michael, now a traveling salesman. During his travels Russell had come in contact with many former members of the class of '22 and was able to tell us many interesting things about them. He had found Kenneth Beer at the head of a home for old ladies in Honolulu. Frederic Etter, captain of a large ocean liner, had just set sail for France the day before. Among the members of his crew were Jack Boyles, Pierce Craft, Charles Douglas, Ward Reimold and John Robson. At Harrisburg he had heard Henry Stone, who had become a celebrated humorist. At Chicago Don and Ruth had attended a lecture by Wilbur Johnson on "The Value of Good English." He was a member of the faculty of the Chicago University. Other members of the teaching staff were Dorothy Graham, head of the foreign language department, Donzella Douglass, a teacher of history, Grace Jones,.of the mathematics department, and Rose Mervis, a teacher of physiology. fRe-adjusts instrumentj Lecture by Bill Martin on "Geese." "Geese is a heavy-set bird with a head on one side and a tail on the other. His feet is set so far back on his running-gear that they nearly missed his body. Some geese is ganders and has a curl on his tail. Gand- ers don't lay or set. They just eat, loaf and go swimming. If I had to be a geese I would rather be a gander. Geese do not give milk, but give eggs, but for me give me liberty or give me death." Another one of my old classmates in the limelight. Strange how one frequently hears of one's old acquaintances. "The newly founded Jessie Jenkins Girls' Academy, located at Coal- town, will open its first year with Marie Snyder as principal, Revella Wright as dean, and Florence Pollard, secretary. On the teaching staff are found the names of many women prominent in educational work-Kathryn Herbert, as head of the Domestic Science Department, Anna Johns and Mary Pittler as Science instructors, Myrtle McCullough, Anna Johnson and Hilma Lehto as language instructors, with Martha McKinley and Ruth Myers as teachers of mathematics. The physical education will be under direction of Grace Smith and Virginia Fisher." 'fGreat interest is being manifested by the public in general over the proposed trip of a group of America's most prominent citizens. "The trip will be purely a pleasure and sight-seeing one and will be made in the largest and most fully-equipped aeroplane ever built. It is the first plane to be fitted up with the newly invented Korzec combustible fuel converter, invented by Frank Korzec, whereby the moisture from the clouds can be converted into combustible fuel during the flight. It is also possible to continue Iiight during the night because of the installment of the Bartlett-Taylor lighting system invented by Hughes Bartlett and Paul Taylor, whereby the moon-beams are made to generate light. The opera- tion of this lighting plant during the voyage will be in charge of Clare Alborn and Jerome Hamil, two of the foremost moon-beamicians in the country. 56 ut-to-Huw "The plane will be piloted by Clifford O'Brien and David Levine, with James Wilson, Robert Vogan and Lester Klingensmith as engineers, Paul White as captain and James Lewis, the famous radio man as radio operator. "During the flight there will be in attendance Dr. Mildred Gresham with two nurses, Mae Kennedy and Florence Johnson. "Entertainment will be provided by Gertrude McFarland, classical dancer, Dorothy Elmer, violinist, Charlotte Emery, reader, Elizabeth Wil- liams, pianist, and a male quartette composed of Bill McCombs, George Bolinger, Hayden Williams and Herbert Winner. "The party will include John Ray, ex-president of the U. S. 5 Senators Glen McBride, Don McWilliams, Alicia McCaffrey and Georgia Weddellg Eflie Leonard, president of Columbia University, Mildred Anderson and Helen Dufford, suffrage leaders, Donald Gibson, governor of Pennsylvania, James Hamilton, poet, Dr. Edmund Lewis, D. D. 5 Kenneth Newton, inven- tor of the Newton plane, Jessie Ray, novelist, Dr. Reuben Rosenberg, of Johns Hopkins University, and Bertha Dodds, Margaret Cartwright, Ger- trude Chapin and Frances Barnes, prominent New York society leaders. "The first stop will be in New York, where they will be entertained at a dinner given by Alex Hanna and Walter Gilmore, prominent financiers of New York. "From here they will journey to London where they will be the guests of the ambassadress, Catherine Howell. Paris will be the next stop where they will attend the fashion shows. Costumes designed by Jane Young, Aletha Wilson, Thelma Warner, Ruth Walker and Alberta Vaughan, will be demonstrated by such prominent models as Kathryn English, Bertha Price, Florence Davis and Mildred Shields. "At Berlin the party will inspect the new Radio University where the educational lectures of Alden McBride, Joe Miller, Chester Watkins and Lyda Wilkison are being broadcasted to millions of students. The presi- dent of this institution is an American, Miss Marion Reeher. "From Berlin the plane will fly to Russia. Here they will investigate the work done by Paul Montgomery,,successor to Trotsky. "In China the stop will be made at Canton. Here they will be taken through the extensive Chop Suey factory owned by Robert Osborne and Lawrence Hudson. They will also visit the recently constructed factory owned and operated by Leo Wajert and Herman Nolte, where Chinamen's queques are being made into cushions for jitney airplanes. "Returning to the United States they will make a prolonged stay at Hollywood. Here they will witness the production of Leslie Roberts' great- est picture in which he stars Helen Minick, Elizabeth Wirsing, Helen White, Aileen Wilkison and Gladys McCracken. They will also see Mary Andrews directing one of her famous comedies in which Clara Cotton and Marcelline Cunningham, the world famous comedians, will appear. "Then the plane will wend its way back to its starting place. It is esti- mated that the trip will occupy some sixty hours." Some more interesting news: "George Hice, the famous archeologist, who for some time has been searching for traces of the pre-historic Ford, is approaching success, as he has unearthed some nuts, a crank and a substance resembling a tin can. "Miss Wanda Quigley has just won the tennis championship for the state of Pennsylvania with Mildred Smith a close second. lh'llEa:THfll:llE 57 "In the state of Ohio, Erma Rudolph won first place with Martha Tay- lor a close second. "The two bandits who escaped from the Chewton bank robbery, have been found hiding behind a hay stack on the farm of Arthur Thomas on the outskirts of Princeton. They have given their names as William Kerr and Arthur Sampson. The reward will probably be divided among the members of the searching party." I My, I'm glad that I got home in time to receive the election returns. They should be coming in soon. I can hardly wait to see whether Jessie Shipe made the race for presidency or not. Of course the greater oiiices are of vast importance, but I think the local oflices are really more interest- ing. If Peg Robertson fails to land the decision for Mayor or if Lib. Machin isn't elected for City Dog Catcher, I'll just know that politics are almost as rotten as when the men used to run things. There is K. D. K. A. calling Honolulu to give them the election returns. Now I shall get the complete report. Well, of all things! if they haven't gone and elected Doris Franklin President and Kathryne Nessle Vice-President. What a team they will make! - Well, what a lineup for Congress! Phyllis Beal leading the crowd with Erma Lostetter and Mary Shaffer only a few votes behind. And goodness sakes! if that little bit of a dignified Dorothy Gormley, the most sedate little dame that ever used a powder puff, didn't go and win out for Governor of Pennsylvania. My,'but this election business is hard on the nerves! A Ah! now I have my revenge, Elinor McKee came out twenty-fourth for Dog Catcher and only two precincts to hear from. Well, just listen to the new lineup for police force: "Chief, Dot Seavy, First Lieutenant, Sara O'Donnell, Second Lieuten- ant, Mae Mathiesong Inspectors, Hanna Evans, Frances Sowash, Verna Boyd and Olive Dickey, Patrolettes, Virginia Marso, Vorice Walther, Maude Wetmore, Dorothy Aubel and Mildred Atkinson." Ethel Richards has won by a large majority the ofiice of Chief Engin- eer in the Department for the Prevention of Further Reduction in Female Attire. How ridiculous! This reduction has gone on steadily since 1922. Why should taxpayers be compelled to support an officer to bother about the scanty remains. fLooks at watchb My, this evening has fairly flown, but I feel that it has been very profit- ably spent. CGathering up materials for exitj The wireless certainly makes the world a small place. T 925 ll Q up 1155 t ' I QD qtl T -Y F 7 -"4- if ,.. ,Y I ff m fy' c ,- - 'I , r ' 5 f ' i J: - ' 5 - f E 'Ag ia' vi- ,5 11 5 5 W f E E E 2 r if a f 3 " 1 ' ,13 ,. "v 3 5 : 1 ,. Ygigg E ll 'E 5 l -E 2 e .' 55- E Q.. 2 5 2 ' - ing we sf f lf! 1 E . f ' Q 1 -- 5 li ,-'lm :w ,haf in f fv- - -Y ' S - E , at -F N' . F em- ,, e 1-fe T el is nz if' 'I'-' ? -:-par 'irfik in T 'E 5 A I- N , I 1 ' '-f:1:'5,:-f- -A .stu ,aff A -- --'-A.: '2 -14' " l.2,'fr-is ' l l... .- , 1, va' , -- f' -- a1.::-f-.f.-L.-A..- FYIB' ..... .-A--ge.-, . . :Ex all : :lv H, , 'I ' ,: ,- val, - .le E X l , 1 - ,g---, 7,.':-I:.'."'l:wlT7-Q51-- . f L'4'i':L-' " ff -'f'-'2:5" - ",7"'3f7 fini:-L" - 1'-'if-. " ' -1' J 1 L3 553'-'sul-fe.zili-sziaffri1?f1fr'1-253' aww- -2 ilfifl .fu W" 'iz ai 3' 4 ' 113: 'jifiiswigkiixwailghs.,-:.:Liw5l2.:.:if::,5f!iG:vE2i:'iivs:- , 'f "?-2" - ' ' :-, ,- v. Fl THE KEY TO HAPPINESS FRANK KORZEC We pick our path in the youth of life, Ambitious to accomplish our aim 5 And to climb the rugged hill of strife To the summit of splendid fame. The future holds great wonders, Its promise illumines the way, And our paths seem strewn with flowers For gladness envelops the day. For we are young and fearlessg Ambition urges us on, And failure to us is nothing For our goal seems as good as won. But yet when many years have gone, And older men are we, The prize we thought of as almost won From our grasping hand may flee. Then we ponder hour by hour Midst the din of the worldly strife, How yet we still may conquer Though weary of all in life. If in life such a curse befalls you, And happiness all seems past, When Greed has snatched pleasure from you, Know that your loss is vast. Pause! See life through the glass of childhood That pictures the fragrant wildwoodg Where in your infancy you did play And far in its depths did stray, On many a clear and beautiful day. Or as you lay under a mighty tree, Close by a murmuring brookg Glorying in life from sadness free Alone, in that verdant nook. Then your heart shall warm within you, And your face shall be wreathed in smiles, As you think of childhood forgotten, When you dream't of fairy isles. But let us look through a glass more clear, Does all bliss belong to yesteryear? Have you buried your treasures of happiest joys Forgetting the time when you once were boys? Buried them in tombs of bygone days And have lost the Key midst worldly frays. 7 gzs llillicffllfltl U Q, Q Yet as you look through the crystal glass Behold! You can see a Key, Glittering in beauty that naught can surpass, Like a vague and unreal fantasy. People come hither and then again go, All pass by this glittering Key. Some come slowly, drooping low, Aiflicted with age, that sad malady. Still others pass at a rapid pace, The Flower of Mankind! Kings of our race! Their footsteps bent tow'rd the same destination To the Temple of Wealth, the soul's damnation. Not lingering a moment to laugh and play, But trudge on wearily day by day. Yet some seem to see it, others pass it by, And they that behold it utter a joyous cry. For to them salvation has come at last, Gone are privations and woes of the past. For by the aid of this wonderful Key The secret of happiness they plainly see. And clear is the folly of the cheerless past That had blighted their lives! Yet held the fast. m But they who blindly pass it by Trudge sadly onward, on through life With many a groan, many a sigh, As madly they plunge to eternal strife. Are you one of these who, not stopping to see, Plunge onward, into life's turbulent sea? Without a prayer or a cheerful smile, No kindly word to make struggling worth while? Oh! are you so blind that you cannot foresee , ' The dire result of your iniquity? For thy end is coming! To thy Maker thou shalt go, Shall it be without prayer from loving hearts? But cursed by Greed, that relentless foe, That damns thy soul, which from life departs? Yea! then shalt thou know what thou didst miss, Peace everlasting and celestial bliss! For he who smiles, and eases the trials Of his fellowmen on Earth, Shall be admitted to heavenly isles For he has shown his true worth. The Vision now to you is clear, Divulging its secret of happiness, And you face the future without a fear While gone are the days of gloominess. For now you know the delight of combat, The glory of the strife, And of the happiness to be gained From the turbulent sea of life. That the Key to Happiness is e'er before thee, Not hidden in the bottomless sea, Nor in the bowels of the earth, or boundless space, But just where you happen to be. By trying to make others happy, Enlightened your heart shall be, And you will delight in the fullness of joy For at last you have found the Key. ,L ESFTU WESKFHGHHW vu He g, Q0 IIT3 E. .................................... ,E If - I nl .......... ........... J. MARION SWISHER It is with a feeling of humiliation that I step before this audience in the guise of a Knocker. All those who know my peaceful disposition will realize it is a jokeg those who do not know me may consider it a disgrace to be selected to fill such a position. This is the explanation: My class- mates chose me because they knew I was too shy and had too little to say to do them, their institution of learning, or their city any great harm. Now, confidentially, friends, this is where I intend to fool them. After having taken several bottles of Nervine and stocking up with a fine supply of natural gas, it is my intention to thoroughly expose this camouflaged bunch of students. Camouflaged, did I say? Yes, listen, haven't they been floating under false colors for four years? To begin with there is Elinor McKee, our so-called honor student. She began by hypnotizing the honor- able faculty with her wise looks and coy ways way back in 1918 and has been at it ever since. Ivory soap is 99f44-100 pure, but who ever heard of a student being IOOWQ perfect? I tell you it can't be done. Then there is Johnny Ray. Just because he has golden hair and baby blue eyes, he went a step further than Elinor-he fooled the students and the faculty both. They trust him with anything and everything. It is more by good luck than good management that he hasn't ship-wrecked this whole outfit. Other members of our class are notorious for other things than brains. Jessie Shipe has the meanest and most disagreeable disposition of any one in our class. She is very sour and likes "Pickles." Powder, rouge, lip-stick and paint hail the approach of Bill Martin. All he lacks to belong to the fairer sex is dresses. Haydn Evans, his only rival, has attained the dresses but can't handle the cosmetics so skillfully. Next, let us review the Bobbed Hair Squad-captained by Dot Seavy, assisted by Lib Machin, Mae Mathie- son, Alice Nelson and Ruth Flaugher. Their duties were to set the styles for Ne-Ca-Hi-on the contrary they have set everything but styles. Hear me, men and women, while I tell you: Bobbed hair, short skirts, paint, powder, lip-stick, rouge and everything but good looks. All they lack is "knickers" to star in a Broadway show. Now we come to the financial sharks. Is it any wonder that Paul Aiken dresses like Croesus? We can't all live off The Monitor and Ne-Ca-Hi, and as for me there is very little left by the time Pauly and C. E. B. get their "rake-offs." Do you know the fire-bugs? Wherever there is a iight or any confusion they are to be found. Dot Gormley and Frances Smith have caused more excitement and confusion than the I. W. W. strike. Let us next take note of the pool HTHESFFUQUEUUW 61 sharks, namely, George Hice, Don McWilliams, Glenn McBride and cousin Al. These boys are coached by Humpt-de-Dumpty Gardner. The failure of this class to make a name for itself lies not wholly in the students, but in a group of people here who call themselves The Faculty. Permit me to explain to you outsiders about this august body. It is com- posed of a group of persons who got through some of the higher institu- tions of learning by accident or bribes. They are here more to annoy than to assist us. They invent all forms of human torture, the worst of which is serving a sentence in the detention room or experiencing cold chills in the outer office. Then they continuously flaunt grades, grades, grades be- fore our eyes. The Angel Girls and Willie Boys they place upon the honor roll 5 the drones, truants, live wires and what-nots they drop into the "seventy and D class." The former are heralded all about the city, the latter are reprimanded, mal-treated and, lastly, sent home to their suffering parents, while the ones of us who are neither very good nor very bad are never heard from at all. Most prominent among this faculty are Mr. Clar- ence Eugene Baer, a well known science shark, who, in reality, knows no more than Dugan O'Brieng and Mr. Oscar J. Sheaffer, professor of History and Financial Arts, who privately explains that the secret of his success lies in a most valued note-book. Miss Mary Elizabeth VanDivort has been valiantly trying to revivify the Latin language, which everybody knows has been dead for years. Then they have an English crew, captained by Miss McClaren-everybody has to take English. That is such a silly notion, for all good Americans begin to talk English before they are a year old-so why bother? And the gym work-if your grandfathers could see how Henry Kates and B. I. Butler chase the boys and girls around, they would suggest some gainful occupation such as chopping kindling or making but- ter with an old-fashioned churn. Did you ever take a peep into our Com- mercial Department? Mr. Ellis and his underlings run a show up there that excels anything ever put on away from a machine gun practice. F. L. Orth, the leader of this squad, was never made for a school principal, but for an Arabian Knight, because of his stately walk. One of Mr. Orth's weaknesses is to entrust his office affairs to a certain auburn-haired maiden whose highest ambition is to vamp the good-looking youths of the school. Then a large part of this faculty is in love, and you know people who are in love are never responsible for anything they do. I could name you two very desperate cases and several budding ones but as I do not get my diploma before tomorrow night, I must not give away any family secrets. Did you ever hear about our efficient janitor force? Don't let them bluff you. Some of us wrote our initials on the windows in our freshmen year and as a parting act we will erase them before we go. The books are dirty, the halls are dirty, the seats are dirty, the walls are dirty, is it any wonder that no rays of light ever penetrate into our solid domes? Council- man Lusk complained that you could not see a newspaper three hundred feet from a curb light while you should be able to read one. Well, council should come up to the High School, we cannot see each other three hun- dred feet from a window. The School Board does like to practice thrift. They buy us the poorest paper and pencils on the market. Some of the books resemble our movies for age. By the time we get the first edition the tenth is on the press. Our High School for size and accommodations may be compared with a 62 FHEZKFHFH Us Q, Kg country General Store. Did any of you good people ever step around back of this building and see the dog houses and chicken coops dotting our back yard 'Z That is where your offspring freeze in cold weather, roast in hot weather and shudder when the wind blows. For a real harangue on this subject start Miss Calvin. I can say much but she out-classes me. This was a model school but it failed to grow with the city. Look at this audi- torium-it has heart failure when it looks at the crowds it is expected to entertain. Had the people on the shelf not been green, unseasoned, under- weight, freshmen, a greater tragedy would have been enacted here than the submerging of the Titantic. It remained for the pompous, well-fed Masons to bring down the house. Let us give thanks that we will escape before a worse calamity befalls us. Modern conveniences did you say? No such thing. No drinking fountains, no hot water, poor gymnasium, no swimming pool, no liberty. Inefiicient school system, heard-hearted teach- ers, cruel principal, simple Senior Class and there are poorer classes coming on. The Junior Class gave a play which was so dry, stale, old-fashioned and out of date that even the orchestra almost passed away. They made a comedy out of a tragedy. The poor Sophomores follow their supervisor's lead as several are reported engaged. Although the Freshmen have taken up all the room and made themselves a general nuisance, they are still too green and unsophisticated to be of any consideration whatever, so we will waste no time on them. Bobby Burns says: "O wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us." That is what you need, not to always view yourselves with a contented complacence but to see yourselves in a mirror held up by a well-meaning friend. Hear me, members of the class of 1922, the knocking I have given you will be a mere pin prick compared to the thrusts you will receive from the citizens of New Castle, if they find they have wasted their good money on you. Never mind, you have bluffed most of the people thus far and maybe you can bluff them farther, you are really made of good material, so buckle down, work hard, be honest, and perhaps you can yet make the Class of 1922 famous. Ai, 'PENN Wonder Why The Qhan Q ? if: :- -- fx s -oo -" ' 1 . . ' -LAST , Fx., ff' f ' gl' X , HK"X,fXKafi fl-Q, K Q 1 "- 'CNN 5 - cso ' 'NPN , A, will ' - leer. 1"'cF 'WF J wv A f ' L 'r'o'n't' F? ogg I E-R5 Hop' 1 , " II V uf' Uv orsuevl X 4 - '- ASTECIAI-fy? V t , E 2 i-ANDASNE5 DANCING" yazgffk as-5 Lookin So 9' 'ru A-rsmus " 5'T'f5T' " - . ag ,Q D f' D 'I -T: A ,Q as ,, Q, czflah fa ' ,Mx , , .O -Q' 'F ,Q '1 J ' 5 Y X f T ff ,,i fm 99 Z' 7 4 , -'XA Y W- .. , ' ' un A I' " " ' 't ' A Q . K Ay 2 S S N S un X 1 A' 3 5:-1 CH M 4 KW 'B " seo q 9 lllqp . dv x S L if 6 f' A' Ghwif , G .. i K9 'lptfg Q T' " X 4faNfvQf13 + Y I - y .....1fAg- m V' 5 J Ia D 7 N ' I f' ': I ASA Mgns X 5066 simon 5.LHfj5gf4El1j'Ajg":i ""'A'-WQNU4, R-Flggfs t -- M u 1.4py n o -P'-F455 M"YF V , TG, IN PGH. ITL n-:Ave No 'rRovBLE GFTTWG .. H n" """"" ' 7v:27l':1'If.'fp:. ' f.-f:.r-- --- - "' k ---v ffl- '- --f o ' A ., ,,,. -..-1.-'.'.'12.1'.? ftwlixgege::::'st':v: vg fg11,-, A F RE, 3 Z 1' M ,,t:.f::g.isgggg::!5g:.7,-I..,.,.5--,- .-. - -,.a--- -f,- .E . . ,.'. . . ,,-1, I: - ,yi A--L1J vi h v ' L VNU' fgfgfswif-:araEemfadf '. Q ,gsssffisafeiullllfuvl fffgfwr' Quia ' " .J 5555, N f f- ---f-- "" , " ""'---- 'A' 4 5,1 nvgm -f l , , , - lv- ""',,l.u' , Af -.::1f" "" -,vel-H : xi. ' ' url: :gi my 4 ' E , 1 :if ' Hip'-5 '.g.qIu ' ' t ' .1 I,-f E iz 4Pv,3'7a,i ' LW Q ' " ng' X' a E: 542' ' 'l all ' "J ' ' E ' . 1 r Nm WS :NSS ' x-.62 .-15, bil :asf rs Q51 H I' ??51'3?EE ' 1-az 9 Q 'la :Q lg, r I 3 sf z : ha 7 UV . E91 -'am 215 G35 Sglw, -4 -51515593 -at L Pri' fl. ? I kffff: ' -fx Trff-X 1 nii w -- Sfiii' -, 55 1 - g-55:1 . .. - Q 2 "bz- f UW I H 13-J 17,-TMIHVKIA f'NIZ?? "" .J . .---..G:'rfwvA'-'ffffh -1 1:-.f..19:::e?71,5.i.i::-I7Zf,::::::':-Qfe-f'f'2gg::Jg"::f'F'5f , , . 5' ' "?-'e'-27 ..,f,T??. I"+'5'E""W ' f':"' . , ,' -". ' L -",::3b.'14.K x .. 1 1 ,.z' ,Jax , ,.,f fm. f . - I I,'fl4 1 " g'f?fA7,7: ""'f",p::42 -QMLQIE.-3' """"l:':-"5 JM4 E X A- ' 1 li., ---:um fziifzfff fzzezff 5 -.:S.e55U-Q?" IWWNA X 1- - f -gf,..,,' .-- -frfsv l......?1 15.21722 -4-11 .,-,nv .---,.1 . 'Wi-1327 ,- . -4277 't5-2":aQ- f Xuan 1 x1f-f 1 x HAI I , f, - X N 'rR'7'r'5fflNny3'uRWef1fzF 5. AJW- "f5'Q'j7 If Q - B51"4'f-'F' -1' 64 c .Q lilfsiffglclall .. .3 THE SOLUTION OF PROBLEMS ORATION BY JOSEPH McFATE Nineteen hundred years ago there walked the dusty highways of Galilee One from whose lips fell such words of wisdom as had never been heard before nor since that time. Such words of wisdom that caused even the doubters and the scoffers to pause in their work and listen with awe and amazement. I see Him as the shades of night are falling, leaving the city and wending His way down the hill, across the brook and up into the cool retreat of the mountains. The multitude has followed Him and as He sees them we hear Him utter the words that have come down to us through the centuries, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you do ye even so to them." Universal application of this simple but stupendous fact would immedi- ately start the trend of industrial and commercial relationship towards financial equilibrium and economic balance. But the law must be recog- nized as natural and universal in its application. The United States cannot apply it successfully if the other nations of the world do not apply it. The employees cannot apply it if the employers will not apply it. Each must apply it in their relationships to one another. It must be universal. The challenge of despotism to democracy caused many liberty-loving men to go to their deaths on the battle-fields of France. By this sacrifice the tyranny of kings, emperors and military despots was ended. We hope that by this gigantic sacrifice war will be no more and peace shall reign. War is a direct breach of the Golden Rule. If nations would put into practice the precepts of the Golden Rule, commercial, political and social relationships would be far stronger and more beneficial to the nations of the world. Our tourists, Y. M. C. A. workers and missionaries all tell us that China, today, has a feeling of goodwill towards the United States. Why? Because at the end of the Boxer Rebellion the United States refused to accept or demand indemnity from the Chinese government. This was an application of the Golden Rule and its result is a better commercial and social relationship between the United States and China. Other examples of this are found on the pages of history. Colonies rebel because of unjust treatment, their mother country does not apply the Golden Rule and as a result she loses her Colonies. How quick the Colonies of Spain revolted the minute they had a chance. Why? Because of the failure of Spain to apply the Golden Rule, and treat her Colonies as she herself would want to be treated. l as ua lblliriflmlsll Q, 3,2 65 We are now in the midst of a most destructive industrial warfare, it is world-wide. If prompt and concerted action is not taken at once the fruits of our recent military victory will be turned to ashes. This wonderful law also applies in the present commercial strife between Capital and Labor. In the modern commercial country the em- ployees and employers are organized into separate and hostile groups. Employees are organized into unions and trades assemblies. Employers are organized under the laws of corporations. They all vote and speak with one voice. Suppose the head of a corporation refuses to meet with his employees and discuss the matter in dispute. The leader of the organization to which his employees belong in retaliation calls a strike. The employees quit work, and by force or intimidation cause others to quit and even prevent new men from going into the plant to work. The corporation then calls upon the State for aid. The constabulary responds and civil war results. Busi- ness is depressed, many lose their lives, much damage is caused to property and economic waste results. Everyone in the community must suffer. After all is ended, no good has been accomplished, only added hatred that may last for years. What a different situation would have resulted had both employer and employee applied the Golden Rule. Selfish men in this world are seeking to enflame the ignorant against the intelligent, the poor against the rich, race against race, and class against class. Civilization is threatened with a disaster that always follows international or internal struggle. If we wish to avert a disaster we must have universal application of the Golden Rule between Capital and Labor, employee and employer. All that applies to nations and capital and labor applies to the indi- vidual. If we do not apply it in our daily lives we cannot expect the nations to apply it. But if we do apply it in our daily lives, in our homes and busi- ness, it must follow as the night the day, that we will apply it as a nation. Good will, peace and happiness must be the result of the application of this eternal law. The shores of history are strewn with wrecks of nations, business firms and individuals which have destroyed themselves through the trans- gression of the most fundamental of all laws, the law of all human relation- ship, the Golden Rule. We are simply at the parting of the ways and it is a bit difficult to find our way and choose our path, but we shall choose the path that leads to reconciliation of capital and labor and of nations. Sooner or later man burned by the iires of hatred must learn the Golden Rule and its applica- tion to life. Even as the butterfly emerges from the slovenly caterpillar, so shall men freed from the ugly crawling worm of selfishness and material- ism emerge into the bright light of understanding and application of the Golden Rule. Let us unite to prove it. Let us make it a reality. "There is a testing that makes of men Brothers, None walks his way aloneg All that we send into the lives of others Comes back into our own." Have we, the citizens of the United States, vision enough to look ahead and see a world where nations, employees, employers and individuals practice the Golden Rule? Are we, as individuals, willing to do what we can to bring about this condition? Will you help to make this country and this World a place Where the ruling sentiment shall be, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you do ye even so to them?" WEQYZFHQH n T, l ? Y I+, "Uhr Sung nf Elwrntg-Emu W CATHERINE HOWELL '22 Ho, the class of the year twentyftwo, twenty-two, Ho, the class we hold dear, twenty-two, twenty-two, Ho, the class of good cheer, twenty-two, twenty-two, Good old New Castle High our Alma Mater, A great school on the hill to the North, With a faculty that functions as it oughter, And treats us according to our worth. CHORUS Zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, Solo We'll sing of twenty-two, The big class of good cheer, Oh, yes, we're all here, And we all are good and true. For here are all the lassies, And here are all the laddies, With our colors, gold and blue, Of old nineteen twenty-two. We'll sing of twenty-two, The big class of good cheer, Oh, yes, we're all here, And we all are good and true. For here are all the lassies, And here are all the laddies, Of old nineteen twenty-two, With our colors, gold and blue, of twenty-two. wa.. YN Ho, the class of the year twenty-two, twenty-two, Ho, the class we hold dear, twenty-two, twenty-two, Ho, the class of good cheer, twenty-two, twenty-two With knowledge our heads are brimming over, And to us in the world there's nothing new, But we iind time to sip sweets from the clover, We're the girls and the boys of twenty-two. Chorus Z " All ,I , JUNIURYS ,W 4 D255 I Q9 53 THE JUNIOR CLASS un E M C-4 O SI! . .ELIZABETH Secretary. . .HOWARD KIRK Presiden t. . Z 4 v-1 Di ffl I cn F11 2 4 'T Treasurer . NDS SA ILLIAM ..W Vice-P resident. lhllilwfllzl U ,Gllaaa nf Gfmrntg-illhrer In that all important year of nineteen hundred and nineteen, we, then bashful lads and lassies, tiptoed into N e-Ca-Hi as Freshmen. Though no great results were achieved during our first year, every Freshman heart was throbbing with determination to win, and our class picnic was the spark that kindled the never-dying spirit of our class. As Sophomores our history begins. We gained confidence, the flame grew brighter, our girls won the basketball championship without losing a game. They also scored the highest points in the track meet. Our boys also gained distinction by winning the baseball championship. We were bubbling over with happiness and seeking an out-let for our joy, we entertained the entire school at an informal party, and near the close of the term gave our Sophomore year a brighter lustre by entertaining ourselves at a picnic. The flame has grown larger and brighter during this, our Junior year. Without losing a game, our girls again won the basketball championship, while our boys carried off the football laurels, and the various varsi- ties are not without a few of our stars. "Sherwood," our class play, was one of the most spectacular and suc- cessful plays ever staged in Ne-Ca-Hi. Another one of our many accomplishments was the sixth issue of the "Monitor," Even the Honor Roll was honored by con- taining the names of myriads of Juniors! Then came our greatest social event, the Junior-Senior Banquet, at which we entertained the Seniors. Before the flame of our high school career flickers, we fervently hope that we will be able to do more for our school. YEA! JUNIORS! , OUR CLASS OFFICERS ARE President ............................ Howard Kirk Vice-President .... ....... W illiam Sands Secretary ..... .... . Elizabeth Hopkins Treasurer .... . . . . . . . .James Harlan 70 FHIESTHEHU Q Uyx-Cf-3 -. Q0 lm 0112155 Aim PUBLIC SALE-Tuesday, May 17, 1937. John Ray, Auctioneer. POULTRY FOR SALE-West View Poul- try Co. Dorothy Brest, Manager. A GOOD JOCKEY who once drove Man-of- War, desires a position. Call phone 3719. Haydn Evans. FOR SALE-U. S. History Book and Note- Book, cheap. Call Mary Shaffer and Mar- tha Taylor. FOR SALE-Old clothing, furniture, etc., at Wajert's Second-Hand Store. WANTED--One species of the "57" Varie- ties. Call Jessie Shipe. COLOR DESIGNING-Miss Clara Cotton, New Castle, Pa. MISS MARGARET CARTWRIGHT-Aqua- tic Instructor. Pittsburgh Y. W. C. A., Pittsburgh, Pa. WESTERN THEATRE-Marcelline Cun- ningham in "The Rider's Prize." WANTED-Pupils for violin lessons. Miss Idamae Campbell, Instructor. TONIGHT-Champion Pool Match-James Chipman vs. Wm. Friedman. Y. M. C. A. 8:00 p. m. INSTRUCTIONS IN U. S. HISTORY- Miss Gertrude Chapin, Understudy of Prof. Shaeffer. REV. PIERCE CRAFT will speak tonight at the Hyberian International Uplift Society. NEW YORK GIANTS LEAVE FOR THE SOUTH!-Joe Diifley, New Castle boy, leaves with the Giants. WANTED--A private secretary, age 35 ' yrs., light hair, good-looking. Apply Ful- ton Magill. DRESSMAKERS OF FINEST QUALITY- Come early. Irma Rudolph Kr W. Quigley. ANNOUNCEMENT-Of the opening of Summer Session of Pinehurst Girls' School. Marion Reeher, Pres., Bertha Price, Dean. ADS! ADS! ADS! MORE ADS!-Reas- onable prices, Specialties of all kinds. Call 8100, J. M. Swisher. EVANGELIST MEETING-210 North St., tonight. Herman Nolte, Evangelist, Clif- ford O'Brien, Pianist and Soloist. NEW CASTLE WATER CO.-Water guar- anteed to be pure fwhen you boil itj. President, Richard Patterson, Vice-Presi- dent, Glenn Patterson, Treasurer, R. Os- borne. MARTIN'S DRUG STORE--"Brewster's Pills a specialty. 2 boxes for 5c. 710 Washington street, New Castle, Pa. RADIO STATION-Radio supplies, appa- ratus and installation. Bell 3185-W. Henry Stone. NOTED SCIENTIST TO SPEAK-Joseph D. Miller. Carnegie Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa. ORR'S BARBER SHOPPE-Hair cut and shave while you wait. Service guaran- teed. Harold Orr, Prop. LIBERTY THEATRE-Featuring Charlotte Taylor, Gert. McFarland. 3-Act Vaude- ville-afternoon and evening. Admission 50c and 51.00. INTRODUCING A NEW TOBACCO-B. D. Tobacco. Bummers Delight Tobacco Co. Herbert Winner, President. GOLD FISH FOR SALE-Call Edmund Lewis, phone 3710. CORRECT WAY TO TEACH A SPARROW TO SING-Call Helen Duiford, City. FOR SALE-Prescription for Home Brew Products, guaranteed. Call Samuel Frank. CORRECT HABITS TO USE IN THE MIDST OF A MOB-Dorothy Elmer. Notice-Extra charge for clubs. NEW COP APPOINTED!-James- McIn- tosh is appointed to a position on the New Castle police force. FARM IMPLEMENTS-All the latest in- ventionsgfor sale by Donald Gibson, Pu- laski, Pa. THE WAY TO SAY LITTLE and still re- ceive a good mark in school. Charlotte Emery. HOW TO RIDE THE MAHONINGTOWN CAR without paying your fare. Doris Franklin. P. S.-Ride with a fellow! s1 11-li.. 3 W L, HEQWZHHW ,Ig TH E SOPHOMORE CLASS Z O rn v-I DG 4 o A on N 4 F 91 L4 46 +2 0 7-4 Q 0 U2 un un P11 F11 BI Z O rn Q D 'B as SI aa 'U ..-. Ill an N Cl-1 N HARRIS . TITUS MONATH o cn as o Q . - ui at-Arm s-4 as 'U N ua ul Sergeant- MAN LLEN 5 W .I O Ee: ic: OBERT . . .HOME .R e-President Sl1I'9I'. . . . Vic Trea ltlfzwflzll .9 ilgiztnrg nf the Snphnmnrr 0112155 In the fall of 1920 the largest class in the history of New Castle High School entered its doors-the class of twenty-four. With our motto, "Biggest, Best, Booster," and an aim to succeed in the greater, better things of life, we have accomplished much. Our first year was unusually successful. Mr. Frank Burton was appointed as class supervisor and to him we owe much of our progressive spirit. In addi- tion to attaining a splendid scholastic standing we have also gained honors in the athletic field, even having members on the boys' varsity football and track teams. During our second year, under the guidance of the same supervisor, we have gone forward to greater things. We have dispensed with parties and dances and have turned to more serious matters. Our class won in the contest in the sale of Christmas Seals and the campaign waged by the Girls' Club for collecting food for the poor. Although the class was beaten in the percentage of the sale of tickets for "Springtime," it turned in more money than the winning class. This year our athletes have sought honors in breader fields. Members of the class were on the boys' varsity foot- ball, basketball and track teams and girls' varsity track and basketball. Our excellent scholastic standing is also to be added to our credit. With these various records we have reason to be- lieve that we have successfully completed our second step in high school. Class officers for Sophomore year: President .... D ................ J udson Heess Vice-President. . . ..... Robert Sherman Treasurer ...... ...... . Homer Allen Secretary ...... . .... Hazel Carlson Cheer Leader ....... .... . Gordon Harris Sergeant-at-Arms .... . . ..Titus Monath ,.J. 74 HE-to-HH .. .2 Gllaaa 1-Xhn BASKETBALL GAME!-Cascade Park, Dec. 24, 1963, between Stars and Bars.- Worthy of mention are: Star Team- Russell Michael, Chas. Parks, Paul Tay- lor. Bar Team-Carl Paden, John Rob- son, Herbert Winner. Admission 25c. WAGNER'S MUSIC SCHOOL-Latest Jazz taught FREE! Teachers, Alice Nelson, Kathryne Nessle. ADVICE !-Given every day, fee 25c today. Pay no attention to women! Arthur Sampson. ENGINEERING - Paul Shriver. Phone 1922. 810 North street, New Castle. FAMOUS ORCHESTRA!-Including Jessie Ray, Directress, Martha Powell, Sara O'Donnell, Elvie Snyder, Gladys Thomas, Frances Sowash, Ruth Meyers, Lyda Wil- kinson, Flora Ellen Martin, Alberta Vaughn, Eliz. Wirsing. PAINT SHOP-Good qualities. Specialty in white paint. Paul White, Prop. WHITE WASHING-Call 1789 for all jobs which require the services of an expert white washer. Hayden Williams. WOMEN PROHIBITION OFFICER AP- POINTED!-Miss Jane Young will see that the law prohibiting 237291, alcoholic beverages is obeyed. MISS VIRGINIA FISHER, noted aviatrix, will visit New Castle next Saturday, and will come in her Handley-Paige machine. LOST-One ticket for' continuous passage between New Castle, Pa., and Springfield, Ohio. Finder return to Miss Dorothy Gormley. MARRIAGE LICENSES Howard Wolford . ............. New Castle Eliz. Machin .... .... N ew Castle Don McFall .... .... N ew Castle Ruth Flaugher .... New Castle Jas. Bechtol .... .... N ew Castle . . . .New Castle New Castle Aileen Wilkison .............. New Castle Virginia Marso .. Jas. Stone ............. . . .. BEAUTY PARLOR-Manicure, Shampoo, Hair Dressing. Phone 640, 210 North St. Props., Dot' Seavy, Alice McCaffrey. TAXI!-Call Green Cab Co., 8681. Ward Reinold, Reuben Rosenberg. CONCERT TONIGHT I-WATKINS HALL Vocal Solo ................. .Erma Lostette Violin Solo ........... . .Myrtle McCullough Reading ...... ........ . Rose Mervis 'Cello Solo .... ......... B ob Vogan Piano Solo ..... .... M ildred Shields Cornet Solo. . . . Piano Solo ..... .... . . .Helen Rae . . . . .Mary Pittler Vocal Solo ................. .Mildred Smith Reading ...................... Mary Skuba Duet ..... Helen Minnick, Paul Montgomery CARD SHOPPE-Hand-Painted Cards- Easter, Xmas, Birthday, Consolation, etc. 846. Prop., Helen White. MANICURE PARLOR AND SODA FOUN- TAIN-Paul L. Aiken, Prop. Twin City, Illinois. EXPERT LEGAL ADVICE-Divorcees a specialty. Charles Ross, Atty. L. S. Sz T. Bldg., New Castle, Pa. DANCING structors, SCHOOL-Every Tuesday. In- McBride, Hice, McWilliams. GOOD EATS-Tumble Inn Cafe. Wilbur Johnson, Prop. HERBERT FRANCIS in "The Third Round." A thrilling drama at the Prize Ring. CAFETERIA-Cheap prices, good food. Open always. M. Anderson and F. Barnes, Props. N. B. GUIDES TO PLACES OF INTER- EST IN NEW CASTLE-Inquire Phyllis Beal. ART EXHIBIT--176 Stone Bldg. Studio X. Kathryn English. INFORMATION FOR YOUNG MEN-How to propose. Harold Cohen, Wampum, Pa. 81,000 REWARD-For the capture of Charles Gillium, dead or alive. Charles "Gook" Andrews, Sheriff. CHEMIST WANTED--Inquire John Bar- rett, Chief Chemist, A. S. Ka T. P. Co. FOLLOW THE ARROW for good clothes. Arrow Clothes Shop. C. Schetter, Prop. BUY YOUR SUPPLY OF APPLES NOW- R. F. D. No. 7. Glenn Burckart. LOST-A pair goolashes, July 4th, Finder please return to Alice Flansburg. w X 'J' . .- .-4':1i,:"1-'If ' ' J .. . - . .-.-'. - l -.,,".,1,.". .gl-gl I, .-Q,'..:f..A::1:'f ' ',3,g?:' 4115- ' ' ' ' ..:,-:ff:: -.4-,--:1-If -1,-3,-.-y -. .:: .3 ,, b, 21,-gg '- ':.3.: -' E if. 51221. if -ff, 121'-,-Lf? 1.212-:li " an 2',31'5Z -fi 1215: iii- " ,fj1.j:'31 .31 '- 3.13 x,.Q:,I5E- F--'J:i?-5,--' - 'f'2'75-'E 151-T-17-':? If iV'l I : ' ' -':'-1-'n'-+64-"-.'5':'r, L::'4, -1 A k . , , X N w ---,5-, .31-3.,4,5'. - f-gl : A.'....3.. '.Q,..: ., ,'-, 1' :.'..-.-.1 - 1 If "' ' X 25?-5'i':"-z , .,.,g2.1-."iLgt1' ., 1 X :iff "7 F3-'lf li l ..::,-Q.:-Tim, . A H-'f'fJ1'fr r x 'I P f ' 1 5-3 5 J Fi , -fl -5' ' -1 ' 1 '-.- 'A . ' s -Q 5 541 2 'fa Ei 5 ' N V ii 52' 9? ff" - 33 . -N ofmmnr ? 47 ii F21 'f'-11,5 'X ' ' 5' f'3+25f?" 'f ' .E 1525" 'L L 'l i 'fi fl f 42 4 1k Y F W '. 2 51' as . Y K X 1 41.4 I J? L! M I ll ' " Q fffu 1u1 x ' Z H A" 'I X f I n ' . L IIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIE IlllIllIlllllIHIIIIIlIM ana gmsamnlulln gm J W? f HN , 7,7 7 , HEWQH u W ,gg THE FRESHMAN CLASS P4 41 Q D? YQHSUYSI' . T ZAHNISER WN ..BRO President . w Lf: cc E1 E4 .AQ 42 w on ALKER W NK . .FRA Cheer Leader 183986 gf? ug WIEEKFMSHZHU Qi, Qm J ch s 23 CLAS FRESHMAN E TH 41 B? Treasurer . SER ZAHNI N ROW ..B t.. Presiden P4 4 Q I D-1 A ARY MCCAFFREY ..M Secretary. . EE MOR LA . .ROBERT nt. Vice-Preside ER WALK . . FRANK Leader . Cheer L. E foo ni Qllaaz nf Ementg-Eliiue On September 6th our class entered the portals of this institution, six hundred eight strong, and began its life as the class of '25. According to the proverbial custom we were green, very green, but we hope we are not so verdant now. We have not done very much socially this year, but next year we expect to blossom out in accordance with our new rank as Sophomores. The Senior-Fresh- man reception given our honor last fall was a great success. It was attended in large numbers, and en- abled us to become acquainted with our upperclassmen. In spite of our inexperience our class athletics have been very good. Last fall our class football team defeated the Seniors, which was quite a victory for a first year class. The boy's basketball team is the best Freshman team there has been in the class for several years, tying for the championship in the second half. Our scholastic achievements have been very high dur- ing the year, and we have had a good number on the Honor Roll each month. At the mid-year our numbers were somewhat de- creased, as two mid-year groups of our class were pro- moted to the Sophomore class. Before the sands of our career at this school have run their course we hope to make the school proud of us, and hope to live up to its motto, "Nothing But the Best." Our class is the largest and probably the last Freshman class to enter Ne-Ca-Hi, as the other pros- pective Freshmen will go to the Junior High. Early in the year we held our first meeting, and under the able direction of Miss Dinsmore, our super- visor, we selected our colors, purple and gold. We chose the following officers: President ....... .... B rown Zahniser Vice-President .... .... R obert Lamoree Treasurer ....... ....... . Ralph Day Secretary ..... . . ..lVIary McCaffrey Cheer Leader. . . .... Frank Walker 9 Qound Hboul -.Q:.. QGQHQS- X, NH - Mm fnfroducmq Op' I mnP,A,kgn OS The Cuuldn'T qeT 'em monahsr Nuff, anq Iarqrzr in S'Nx-. auq - The chner-leader. M! ' SM X XX Machu W Ends Some A "WH" " - 1 O Tacks MgIWT05h and EM fFlS'1T1eRosa PomT Mnlk Masulsl an iv GTHE Jfnuors GET SOWEWITE mule. ,,4: I Illzu' U Vlnlzv K A lv- f m 9. In w3 vi fi? N ii? ' , , -A L 'xg Ii' wx ff ff -N 2 Q H . ff M X 5 - -4:1 1: ' Q r : p 4 fi' ' ' 1 Z? I x.s ': 2 2 X N ' : x f li- . 1 f 'll Jx fi I- if If I Q f m, x if I E' ' . A M -v "X, ,Q GM x C 1 ls.. F0434 on ' 5 l l l l r l I a. , 1 I Mary Lucille Bordonaro. Jessie Mae Calvert ...... Helen M. Daly...,..... Virginia M. Dembroski. . Annie E. Fletcher. . . . Mary Germick ....... Marie Ketcham ..... Madeline G. Lebo ...... Ida Levlne ............. Martha Florence Lloyd .....,... Stenographic Marguerite H. Mack ............ Stenographic Constance Mary Maielli. Mary . . . .... Stenographic Elvera V. Massie ..... . . . Stenographic . . . .Stenographic Margaret Ella Miller. . . . , .Stenographic . . . Stenugraphic Margaret Mottinger .... . . . Stenographic . .... Stenographic Twila McClelland . . . .... Bookkeeping . . . Stenographiii Nevada Pisor . ......... . . . Stenographic . . . .Stenographic Ruth Osabelle Rowe. . . . . . .Stenographic . . . . Stenographic Rose Marie Shaffer. . . . . .Stenographic . . .Stenographic Ina C. Simon ........ . . .Stenographic . . . Stenographic Cora M. Waddingzton .... .... B ookkeeping Mary E. Walsh ........ . . . Stenographic Lola A. Wilson ....... .... B ookkeeping . . . . . . . .Stenograpihc .Martha E. Zahniser. . . . . . . .Stenographlc Florence Zeigler ..... .......... S tenographic R 1 T Up .118 G ' Q9 fm 1 2 S E .J OL BOARD O SCH E TH J: sa 3 rg sf 2 :E D-I C5 EE :Z .Q 5 cr 3 2 Ui 5 Ii 2 .c .20 5 2 5 Lf GJ -2 E S fri C5 QE .ES rn 5 55 l 3 .Q .53 2 4-7 'cs s: 5 O 54 3 4-7 :O-4 .3 5 khart, W. C. OC gby, J. P. L en G. Graham, G. A. Ri Black, W. J. Moffatt, Mrs. Rose M. Noihdurft, B go, Miss 5 Fri Burchfield. . 82 organism u 1HHhn'a wha in NP-mil-Qi SENIOR CLASS President ....................... John Ray Vice-President. .... ....... J oe McFate Secretary. .... .... F rieda Haltnorth Treasurer ..... . . .Marion Swisher Color Bearer .... ........... J ames Wilson JUNIOR CLASS President ................... .Howard Kirk Vice-President .... ........ W illiam Sands Secretary ....... ..... E lizabeth Hopkins Treasurer ..... ........... J ames Harlan SOPHOMORE CLASS President ................... .Judson Heess Vice-President .... .... R obert Sherman Secretary ..... . . .Hazel Carlson Treasurer ..... ........... . Homer Allen FRESHMAN CLASS President ................. .Brown Zahnizer Vice-President .... .... . Robert Lamoree Secretary. . . . . Treasurer. . . . . . . . ..Mary McCai'fery ..............Ralph Day ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President ........ ............ G eorge Hice Vice-President .... ...... W illiam Sands Secretary ....... .... A licia McCaifery Student Rep .... ....... J oe McFate Cheer Leader. ...............Milton Frohm HI-Y CLUB President ..................... Joe McFate Secretary.. . . . Treasurer. . . . . . . . ..James Harlan Vice-President .... .. .... Judson Heess . . . . .Scott Tully ADELPHIC LITERARY SOCIETY FIRST SEMESTER President ................... James Wilson Vice-President .... ..... W alter Wilkison Secretary ...... ........ D on McFall Treasurer ......... . ......... .Charles Ross SECOND SEMESTER President ................. Marion Swisher Vice-President .... .... . Robert Preston Secretary ...... .... H ughes Bartlett Treasurer .... ......... C lifford 0'Brien GIRLS' CLUB President .................... .Phyllis Beal Vice-President. . . ..... .Sara Gordon Secretary .... ........... E velyn Offutt Treasurer. . . . .......... Eleanor Mechem JUNIOR LITERARY SOCIETY President ................... Elroy Lockley Vice-President ..... ....... J ohn Brown Secretary ...... ,... .... . M ary McCaHery Treasurer .... .............. . Maud Sweet ATHLETICS Football Manager. . Basketball Manager ........ Track Manager ........ . . . Tennis Manager ..... . . Faculty Manager .... . . . . . .... William Sands . , . ..... Charles Ross Football Captain. . . Basketball Captain. Track Captain .... '. Tennis Captain ............. ............Joe McFate .Glenn McBride .James Wilson . . ..Paul Aiken .R. H. Gardner .Haydn Evans . . .Joe McFate MONITOR A-ND NE-CA-HI STAFF Editor-in-Chief .............. Elinor McKee Business Manager ............. .Paul Aiken Advertising Manager ...... .Marion Swisher Assoc. Editors.. . .Joe McFate, Samuel Frank ,.,,,I,,,k..,..,,,-,,.. ,, ., A9Ff , , , , , , ff , -'1 3.-3'-'f!"--frfiv-4-s'i7'2:-'NJ1Sri9"- ' ' "ii'f7ivP"- 1",-f-Q?5-z-1,j5?5.- 7:1557-."'I411"I-MZ'-'31'r:.'y17-.'4 312.215-af V:-,.-, 1f.,.:iH" .,'-f3fQ'ncg1-'i'9I,f3f4,-TfIg3'7" 1 W Sify"---"' 5923222aff!Q-m3E':Qz,img1-IIIc,Kf4:-.-Q5115.-q.:g.g1L22.g,f.-if ' " -e . ' ' .qs aI . '- , . .V , I--f:x.5.f5.- 4. ' 4 '- 'fi'-',f:-' yfg.:,f I..'.1g-1 11,51 16-'-".-.-fy-W-. 51.21.-,-iv 351,512-125.-22552 .45:1?.3,'Q'-I',s1'g!-30 -Lqm: ., ,Q f Ig1E',-55.9a?:,'3f:f3ffs,i1-57255 'iii5'-fzigzfsgef,q,5:f'.ff3 'rf -VI. '-.-ur ' -'xi'-H-1' -ff: ' f , ' ff nz' 1-:lc--v:u.H:v :g.'.-"1:--.,z+f.f-':v 'VI -. .1:'-JH'-mr-'-1 rw' -'4w" ' .' V ' f:' ,. 'inf-T " " w.4'- .'-2"- 'rre...t'r 'T-5:-.'v 'fl'"'.-".'1-w-'iii-.21-:.'f. ff'.2'f'-?wW"'fif'97 ' ilm. 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I II I.,IzI.IIgygI I, I T., .I I.II I.II - I, - -- 'fl-'ur"' , . -'fr' ' .I II II,I.II I I II -I I.I.:-YIQIQ , , 'I I - . . I I.I:, 1 .. ' II ' '-.v'-' I .I'I',us T. ...I " ' :. , ' I , .. III' ' tv -. I. II I., I I . , . . . I . " UHF," I 4 V . . . ' I I : .I , I I, - I' '. iff, -. ' : ya' . If .. m ' .. "-- ' I' . Q " . ' I .2 . ' - f .'1 ..,v. 1 -,,' ' ' . I . K .159 r . I . . 0 - V. " :'if:' 4' - - ' II ,I x - I I .. .-:' , .' , . n - N - ."g '- ' ' . 5 I 1- ' I III.-I . II I' ,I1 .. . I . , ' ' -.x-' ' - ' W' 'Z '. ' - I f S . ' ' 'n ' I H ,. .I - ,L I .1 1. - ' 4 ' f" - ,' .- ' 3-' . .- . '1 .' ' ' ' '..' .XI ' f '."' I' f ','.'I ' ' - I- "' 5, I . - f 4 I I. . 1 . I . ' I 'Q . I , . ' . I ' ' . . . ' 1 , . ' -- ., ', '11 1 1 4- . - . . - . I II , . I I , . . , . III . I , ,, I - In-.' 'j ,I . I III .- .I .I . .-' - 1.,3.:. ' . ,I .. . . UI? , - , .. .V . .I -I . - .- EI If I I. II I I . II Q' Q , ' v ' ' , ' ,u I ' I I 1 -. :,.,, . I I , ,. I, ,I .I x - , , - I .,.I,I,I, I . I ., I . I - , . , I .I.I:III I . I I - ,-. I I . . . I - I . , ' .L . - I- I' . I -,' -n ' . ' ' , A , ' . ' . ' ' . I ,I is I . I .I , - I I .. I I I . . . w ' 7 r ' ' .' ' r I 1 , . - -5 , . . . , K f - , " ' .' ' ' V' -".'4, .' ' " .QV ' .' II'- T.. -IIII I II I I' I V I . .I 'l . " ' x --"5-. -7" ' ' V' . .I II ' II I I I 'II . I I , v -L f 3 . I , .., . I . , . . . . I ' f 2- . ' 0' M ' ' x W 9 AI L ' CTIVITIE x. .. 4. E15 ug NEGKHGHH Q9 5055 THE NE-CA-HI STAFF Q55 ug WE':QiW+U:UH Qi, gg 85 Uhr Nr-Gln-Qi Sviaff Editor-in-Chief ...... ..... . ELINOR McKEE Business Manager ..... ........ P AUL L. AIKEN Advertising Manager .... ............ ..... J . MARION SWISHER Jingles ..... Art ........ Class Ads .... Jokes ...... Class Notes .... EDITORIAL STAFF . . . . .KATHRYN ENGLISH, JOHNNY RAY, JESSIE SHIPE . . . . . . . . . . . .-CELICIA McCAFFREY, -FULTON MAGILL . . . . .DOROTHY GORMLEY, CLIFFORD O'BRIEN STARR, ALICE NELSON ...... . . . . . .DOROTHY SEAVY, JACK BOYLES ADVERTISING STAFF WILBUR JOHNSON LEE STARR MURRAY McCASLIN HERBERT FRANCIS DONALD MCFALL me WEEQHDHSHU Q9 ggi THE MONITOR STAFF QYAEZFWEGYWQHUW 87 09.06 A , no fm Efhr iillnnitnr Staff Editor-ln-Chief ...... ................... . . . ..ELINOR McKEE Associate Editors ..... ..... J OSEPH McFATE, SAMUEL FRANK Business Manager. . . . . . . . Advertising Manager ..... ............ BOARD OF EDITORS Literary. .... ...... M ARION REEHER Exchange. ........... MIRIAM HARPER Faculty .......... HELEN MCCONAGHY Class Notes ......... DOROTHY SEAVY .... Personals ...... .WILLIAM MCCAFFREY .... Boys' Athletics .... HERBERT FRANCIS Girls' Athletics. . .DOROTHY GORMLEY. . . . Alumni .......... ELIZABETH MACHIN School News .............. JESSIE RAY Jokes ......... .......... . LEE STARR Art ......... ................ Assistant ........ Assistant Assistant ....... Assistant .... . . Assistant. . . . Assistant Assistant .... . . Assistant. . . . . . Assistant Assistant .... . . . . . . ..PAUL L. AIKEN J. MARION SWISHER . . .DORIS FRANKLIN .IDAMAE CAMPBELL . PAUL MONTGOMERY . . . . ...JACK BOYLES . . . .PHYLLIS BEAL .. . . ..CHARLES ROSS . . .ETHEL RICHARDS ... . . . .GEORGE HICE . .WILBUR JOHNSON . . . . . .ALICE NELSON . . .. ....ALECIA MCCAFFREY ADVERTISING STAFF HERBERT FRANCIS LEROY JOHNSON HERBERT HOYLAND ROBERT HUNTER EDWARD JOHNS HUGHES BARTLETT NATHAN GINSBURG RAYMOND MALLOY THOMAS WHALEN WILBUR JOHNSON ROY EAGAN DOROTHY AUBEL ....... .Stenographer WALTER GWILYM .... .... B ookeeper CLASS REPORTERS I JUNIOR ' SOPHOMORE VVILLIAM BEADEL EVELYN PEARSON MARY WINTER EMILY DICKEY FRESHMEN CLAIRE ANDERSON ANNA SHIELDS FACULTY SUPERVISORS MISS MCCLAREN , MISS ENGLISH MISS HOWELL MR. BAER MR. ELLIS ug WESYHDHU Q9 3 HARLEY'S AUNT" PLAY-"C OR E SENI TH 22,5 ,ai THESKWQHH Q, 35 "Glhar1eg'n Aunt" . Once more the illustrious class of '22 has added to her already well-stocked supply of accomplishments, this time, as in several other cases, the triumph being in the form of a play. Charley's Aunt, as the annual Senior production, has undoubtedly surpassed any attempt made along similar lines for several years, or even in the entire history of Ne-Ca-Hi. The class seems to be exceptionally proficient when it comes to comedies, this was at least quite evident this year. The play was certainly a dispeller of gloom, and it hurt old man Grouch so much to see folks happy that he just natur- ally betook himself to far distant quarters. We know what Hade can do as an athlete and an actor, but who would have thought he could be such a Winsome old lady? His part was portrayed royally, particularly when Kitty and Amy were present. He must be complimented upon his ready wit and resourcefulness in an emergency. Fine, Hade! ' Peg Robertson was just what we expected-exceptiom ally fine. This is Peg's third success. More power, Peg. Amy and Kitty were like springtime and birds-when one appears, so does the other. Oh, such love they had for Charley's Aunt! Now, girls. Jack and Charley were splendid in their parts and well deserving of all the praise they received, while Brassette, the butler, was simply great. That's a wicked eye-brow, Dick. So much for our old stand-bys. Now for the new sur- prise that greeted us this trip. Bertha Price, Hughes Bart- lett and Harold Cohen were new in the game, but performed in an exceptionally fine manner. The only regret we have is that we didn't discover their abilities sooner. Herb, our footman, didn't have a major part, but never- theless we had to have him, and he was a credit to the show. The Senior play of 1922 is something which all Seniors may remember with pride as one of the best productions of Ne-Ca-Hi's career, not a bit amateurish, but a highly pol- ished comedy. E. W. '22 HEEKWQUZH H THE JUNIOR PLAY-"SHERWOOD" ufzfueufnu ,, Eh? fduninr Flag In choosing a serious drama, Sherwood, for their Junior production, the class of '23 departed from a long-established custom, but their venture proved successful. The story of Robin Hood is too well known to need re- telling. But this thrilling version, as dramatized by Alfred Noyes, is full of tragic charm and poetic beauty, and re- ceived an adequate presentation. The poetic fancy of the dramatist peopled the stage not alone with Robin's merry company, but Maid Marian and Blondel rubbed shoulders with Oberon and Titania and the denizens of fairy-land played roles as important as did knights and minstrels, friars and serfs. The members of the cast worked faithfully under the direction of Miss Hartsuff, to whose efficient leadership the success of all dramatic effort at Ne-Ca-Hi is so largely due, and achieved a production of more than amateur quality. Throughout the whole, the effectiveness was greatly augmented by the soft, fairy-like melodies, seeming almost to have been wafted on some breeze from fairy-land, while the mystic spell was in no degree lessened by frequent glimpses of the fairies themselves, participating in their moonlight revels. Such were the effects of these scenes, due entirely to the skillful management of Mr. Irvine Corchestraj, and Miss Butler fdancesj, in co-operation with Miss Howell and Mr. Foley fstage effectsb, that the entire play might be deemed very successful, pleasing alike to actors and audi- ence. Wigwam n THE GIRLS' CLUB E4 P-E Dm Wo mm O: Z p4Di ,JO HZ EE IQ -I4 fel' . y. Secretar Treasu BEAL RDON o 52:5 El: WM E41 MUD nt Preside +2 S'-T e- ca TE m rv F-4 Vic D-4 225 FUIEQKWHSHH Q, Sag Girlz Qlluh A Because of the large increase in the membership of the Girls' Club in the last few years a division into the Freshmen and Senior Club was made. As the object of the club is to assist others, a large part of our time was spent in social service Work. The inter-class contest for collecting food for the poor at Thanksgiving, the scrap books, the dressing of dolls, the Christmas baskets for the poor families, the bureau for lost and found articles and, lastly, the collection of all lost handkerchiefs in the building for the purpose of having them sterilized and laundered and taken to the Margaret Henry Home-all these Were a part of our endeavors this year. We had many interesting discussions and speeches, also some very good times, especially "Boys' Night," Mothers' and Daughters' Banquet, Faculty Reception and the Backward Party. We have Worked hard selling candy to make enough money to balance our budget. We feel that We have had a succcfsful year. We wish to thank our supervisors, Miss McClaren, Miss English, Miss VanDivort, Miss Riffer and Miss Gal- braith for their co-operation during the whole year. The following ofhcers were our leaders: President ..................... .Phyllis Beal Vice-President .... ..... . Sara Gordon Secretary. ...... .... E velyn Offutt Treasurer. .... .... E leanor Mechem 94 22,515 WECKWSHH Q, ggi Uhr Ei-15 Glluh The Ne-Ca-Hi Y Club of 1921-22 has advanced in a manner of which we are very proud. Within a month and a half after the club began its activities last fall, enough new members had been admitted to fill it to the limit, which is fifty. Co-operating with the Girls' Club on last election day we helped to put the library issue through. The next big event on our program was the Alumni Banquet, the Hrst which has ever been held. It was voted at this banquet to organize an Alumni Association and make the banquet an annual affair. This banquet, held during Christmas vacation, was followed by another on January 23d, when we were royally entertained by the Girls' Club. During three days, March 14, 15 and 16, an M. U. F. campaign was carried on and about 150 boys interviewed. The next week marked two events: the Girls' Night Banquet and the Conference at Warren, Pa. D The officers who so ably lead us through the work of this year were: President ............. Joe McFate Secretary. . . . ....... Judson Heess Vice-President ...... .James Harlan Treasurer. .. .... Scott Tully Z1 PHEQTFHEUSH H il LITERARY SOCIETY ADELPHI-C THE W U! Chas. Ross. Y, McFa11g Treasure Don Vice-President, Walter Wi1kisong'Secretary, James Wilsong SEMESTER-President, ST D31 r-4 54 O'Brier1. Hughes Bartlettg Treasurer, Clifford ery Vice-President, Robert Prestong Secretary, Swish arion President, M SEMESTER- ND O U H U1 225 WEGYFUQFUH Q9 5053 THE SENIOR ORCHESTRA L4 C3 H as Q -.-4 'U ,-. CYS L4 cu U if cu E H 5 o L. o Q .-4 v-4 CD ,D GJ E m '75 b-4 II' o as U LD .-4 .54 o H 'U ,-1 E3 C O Q rf? CS E o .S E4 La 5 ,If -J-7 L4 41 Cf CU E L4 as ,S U1 43 L1 cu ,Q o D51 L? L4 EG 4-7 U1 on cu rl L. bidi U LEE 3 -Bw 3 uzgm CQ zagwgg 3 m L4 cu if is C cv 'U N D-1 .-4 51154 EB R3 OJ: so 5 5. gi U1 0Lf moo E H C3 .-. 5-4 L1 I3 2 L 3 -6 s: E as .H 2 LH 5 LT C1 O +1 it 5 D3 O v-4 -v-1 .-1 CD D L. GJ B GS E k LE E2 ,MEI -JJ di Ev eg 35 wi D31 as L 611 me o E 3 Z as H GLM MSEQ CYS,-15,4 O E and 3355 iowa zwds: 0,29 2 NEC v-15:05 3900 QQ U1 GJ U1 5522 wang Ovwo, Egg' GJ O -4-1 rn GJ L4 L4 cd C L4 5 E+ GJ 23-2 C5339-4 wgmv NL.E gm O QM rn,..SCIN 03520 'ECG 172 530.4553 S .Qs CJQZO Awwr-5 E235 OJ EN E 2 B GJ LT L+ Q22 EHQO Saw? mafg .-gs QZEF AQNSF QEQE 5453 ESNE In-W1' A A' C1 O mag! agiw Q .-D :LE O gmac: :G+-10 gage: cog an, D lam derson. .SZ Ea SQ. E5 An La t, Opre , Robert Sankey, ancis wi o"' no 5 EE? 5-4 : cCreery, Fr 4-7 SQMM ai o Q3 BDO-4"'r5 P2 E L4 Wg as 5 Emrdcfnii HEGQHQHH QD W X I STRA ORCHE E JUNIOR TH ash 6 -Cl ell, Albert lie f-C5 ca fi 2 U L.. U u M cd aa F3-1 U: GJ rl LT cv ca CQ uri CD ,S is 4,034 as -4 .-4 .-4 M2 F-4 GS cu 2 .H 2 Hennessey, War 2 3 E :vs E U1 U2 o L. L5 GJ QE .H Em cu J: P4 S N :-4 Fe. P: 2 r-J UE gm ... rw - Q9 'S .. as 5-4 CD N 4-7 ... LH U1 CD E GS vw uf fc S O E -as H E as ... 2 5 uf CD .,-. P as Q Z cv 2 .-n ,.. ,.. .v-4 :F ai o O as bo: 3 as sl 'U S: fl .-4 5 CS U2 Il? sl cv C C as M CTI N If-4 cu .-4 sl G5 2 AE C1 CS s-4 A51 71 L. M as Q-4 5 O V1 E4 rn cv o S1 S-4 GJ 'G Pa C1 U2 5 aa Z' 41 cv S1 cv an :s LTI .af B as J CS 'U cv m is QT o G5 .-4 ,-4 CYS Zi 3? W5 GJ bo 5 61:51 'U o D5 U2 cu Z cd ,S U QS ... .-. Ill cu A 'U .-. o M GI SE da rn E :S D31 -42 rn GJ 54 D3 Kathryn Nessle. 98 E255 ,Ag WEQKWGHU QS, 33 THE JUNIOR LITERARY SOCIETY - FRESHMAN GIRLS' CLUB President ..... ........ M ARY MCCAFFERY Treasurer ........ ..... A NNA SHIELDS Secretary.. ....... RUTH DONALDSON Cheer Leader ..... ...... . MAE DAVIS IDYEGYWSHSUH Qi, EQ 99 THE LATIN SENATE Consul .......,.. ....... W ILLIAM JENKINS Quaestor .... . ........... . . .FRED UBER Pro-Consul ...... ...... M ARTHA MATHEWS Scriba .... . . . HGEORGIANA MCNEES Acdile ........ ..... . ESTHER HAWLEY Censor. ......... DOROTHY RICE PITTSBURG SIGHT SEERS ug HEEYWMHH Q, 505 THE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Clare Alborn, Hughes Bartlett, Leslie Brest, Harold Crooks, Joe Diffley, Harold Leslie, Eugene VVallace, William Hoagland, Francis Anderson, -Charles Cunningham, Warren Johnston, Harold Orr, Richard Patterson, Paul Alford, Kenneth Beer, Ernest Wolff, Harold Philpott, Paul Reynolds, Paul Arow, Tom Lewis, John Weyrick, Harry Massaro, Harry Ray, Hugo Caiazza, Lawrence Rose, Opre McCoy, Thomas Connelley, Robert Irwin, Eugene Allen, Orland Covert, William McCombs, Scott Tully, LeRoy John- son, Carmen Blundi, Donald Gillespie, Tony Master, John Lewis, Gerald Book, James Gordon, Paul Turner, William Wallace. Mr. Orth presenting Haydn Evans with the News Cup-County Meet. TI-IL ' Q Jfzvim 5-go- "i 7,1 Zff ff W m if YK M52 my f?A ' 'x ,xfxlxf i' , 'QVV 'm . ,L f' -A QR V -1 MV 127. I gl X X hill, sf , A M J 1r,. 1 V -'?""" iffy X6 , f'fT:3'?l'Q-:Q FW i f .4 '-'- N rj-I-Q21-fi ,gif QI,-1 .-.' :f-1.. fl at V 157' fn .3 f'-f -I Q 5 " A ,f5q'g-fijjjZfif-.'r1- 1 2, gg'-:sq:f-',11f.,5-',"-,j-'.,fy - " jflf-'-'ilflf' ff :"i-5125 if ffffg 5 gQywfpg,?miwQ54K,, "Lf:-A-f f'Zw':j.'.3 qi '-Hr'2,f',Qlfffi,':fI5'g-1-:Q lj? f ix' ' . -'. ., .,,i, : o It I K ??i3i5?YQiQHEQf . ','-. '1-175, -.Q.' 1:5 -4, --.' . ,. , :I '.-. ff , N .V4,- l. . ! , M ' g '. A.j:,vQ.f '-.V f.jI.'g.4 1.7. '4-.v ji.,-412' 4 T" WN Y , ':Qff.?gj1Q'.jfQ1-1-'if,Q:i..,',jg'f51-Q.,-f "f-'li,:f"'f'- l l 5, 1 '-f'LjQ,5f,I-?LAA.'Q1,T-'ii'-If5'5'f?:',i Q5 F5 ',.-g"'1'f 'HTF'-'ii f W4 f "iii-if-Q-frPr ',A- gf-'.T.QQ7"g Ti '.'. A ff f:'fff'3-f.i5if5f-115'-C515 in E Q '- S 4 "Pf-'i5.?-.:5.f91.fri2 ".'1 2 P75 A V Z5'-':f1z1'lTQ5?f'ff'Q' ffflf 'A'- f' A 3 ' K! 'I f Ng-1 I f Q V .Z v i" :I ' ' x 1 - Q, f ' I - 6 if '-Q-1 x X Q X , f ff f If ' , Y if ' ff 1 HEEQHQH n Sri THE BOYS VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM CCapt.-electy , amill , H , McC1ea1'y -C 5 it cd 2 s, Shriver, Gillium Q cv V LTI I2 :- as E o bil 4-7 Q o 2 QT C: o 4-7 U1 1-A 4-3 ith, March, Sands fCa Haug, Sm Andrews, ,ri U2 o 4-7 C ffl u 2 115' Ill cv aa E fx LI 50 2 V cv 4-w CYS f14 o 2 ,rf 49 N C o 2 5 o J-7 U1 cu H Q-4 .rf M -v-1 QM as ug lBlEtYWtll':ll Q, dipfj 103 ilinnthall The past football season was one of which the supporters of the Ne-Ca-Hi could be proud. New Castle won five out of eight games from some of the best teams in Western Pennsylvania: New Wilmington, Evans City, Butler, New Brighton and McKeesport. The team lost only two games, one to Beaver Falls and the other to Sharon 5 tying with our county rivals, Ellwood City. The team consisted of nine letter men from the preceding year, while many of the other men were new and inexperienced, but through their excellent co-operation with the coaches a wonderful team was rounded into shape. Stone, at quarterback, ran the team like a college veteran g Preston was a speedy ground-gainer, and with Smith and Evans taking care of the aerial work, the backfield was perfect. ' Captain-elect Hamill, Haug, lVIcCleary, Sands, McIntosh, Gillium, Andrews and Heess held line positions, making the work of the backfleld possible. The support of the school and townspeople was excellent, thus enabling the team to have a successful financial season as well as keeping up their spirits with team yells and cheers. . I wish to express my gratitude for the co-operation of students, players and townspeople. W. H. HERBST 5 "Y 7 7 Y ,, 7, Eg U23 Q0 Greig THE BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM eess, McBride fMgr.J reston, Friedman, Ray, H , P Stone, Evans, Andrews, Ross fCapt.D er, Orth Herbst Q-Coachj Hanlon, Sadl ESQ HEEEFHEHH Q9 W GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM is Elizabeth Hopkins. Haltnorth, sopp, Florence Davis, Frieda All cLure, Jennie M -Adelaide Byers, Doris rightj Back Row deft to Gillespie. Gertrud e baugh, Ethel Richards, H1 F11 Beal, Gladys B is Phyu to rightl- ft le Row xy t Frou l -17" YY' Y "f' q 1 I l i 2 l 7,441 minion u 5 THE ATHLETIC BOARD TENNIS TEAM Front Row-Wilkison, McFa.te, Lamoree, Malloy Middle Row-Fleming, Hice, Kirk, Preston Back Row-Aiken, Managerg F. L. Orthg Gardner, Coach ESM WERE:-HH QD 655, Aihlvtir Ignarh H The Athletic Board of New Castle High School is composed of Mr. F. L. Orth, principal, four faculty members, one student representative, presi- dent and secretary of the Athletic Association. The duties of the Athletic Board are to award letters for football, basketball, track and tennis merits, to elect managers for various teams, and to regulate expenditures of the Various seasons. The following students were awarded letters this year: FOOTBALL- TENNIS- ROBERT LAMOREE RAYMOND MALLOY JOE MCFATE WALTER WILKISON PAUL AIKEN CHARLES ANDREWS IIAYDN EVANS CHARLES GILLIUM WALTER HAUG WILLIAM HAMILL THEODORE HEESS HOWARD KIRK TRACK- THOMAS MARCH MCINTOSH WILLIAM MARTIN DAY ODD McCLEARY MARCH JOE MQFATE KERR JAMES McINTOSH GENKINGER TITUS MONATH SHRIVER PAUL MONTGOMERY GEO. BENDER CLIFFORD O'BRIEN GILLIUM ROBERT PRESTON LIONTGOMERY WILLIAM SANDS ROSE PAUL SHRIVER JOSEPH SMITH JAMES STONE BASKETBALL- CHARLES ANDREWS HAYDN EVANS WILLIAM FRIEDMAN CHARLES ROSS JOHN RAY GLEN MCBRIDE JAMES STONE ROBERT PRESTON JUDSON HEESS EVANS, fCaptainj PAUL BENDER WILSON fManagerJ GIRLS BASKETBALL- FLORENCE DAVIS KML: ETHEL RICHARDS PI-IYLLIS BEAL GLADYS BUMBAUGH GERTRUDE GILLESPIE DORIS MCLURE FRIEDA HALTNORTH JENNIE ALLSOPP ELIZABETH HOPKINS ADELAIDE BYERS ral GIRLS TRACK- ADELAIDE NORRIS JENNIE ALLSOPP FRANCES SMITH ELIZABETH HOPKINS I ...A. FHIEEQHGHSH H THE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK TEAM Paul Bender, ose, Evans fCapt.J, Gillium, Montgomery, R Geo. Bender, McIntosh, Day, March, Kerr, Genkinger, Shriver, Herbst, F. L. Orth. D, Kates fCoach J, fMgr. Wilson THE ONLY WAY SoME Evans wfu. LL-'Avi A NAME nv me-cA-H1 131:55 A GLENN Smal ff C'L,?ftTofv x ,n 0 1 m 'V O + 3' u 4, uf ,ff '- CID '42 I WW 1-, I Af You c.AN 4.5AD BUT Yo W U, : -V- 4 ll: I' A ,mlm I.kEEPum SA f I Fmsrymn I i'f1E,'f45:" 1 confer' f" I qu, 'Egg ,f ldlln, , 53659314 ffifzz ' I ' f :y?f'I?4fff'fff I 4 ' ffl l . 4 .":Ff'3f 415455: I 1 . . 45' 5444, 1 l F544 "Ffh VI gf'f'3 Mini: R " .'fe2f"91w , i !f!,n:L,U'5:?E, ' ' fu ' , ' Q4 'vang Q f JJ! W mu 13:1 ' '. I ' " , .'."1 ,,. sou 'Lil 'J x j , X , y Ax iii. S 1 -- gf' Xl W E N ff t, fl if ll I u p 'xl Z o y N , 4, FL X , s - llff s 4? ?. X fn :J Q'3"?5Q? Y A Q x v ij' 4 X N 2 SX L 4, ofplv A055 A M UCA ' ..- VLE TO WATER, NT MAKE 4-NMZD1? wif J 0 2 ' 'N 9'x,,.-- Y I ,rfb , r W ,J I Fl. X ,Q ,,,d"' ' Q' lv wx.: 82 11" 5 I ff tl Y 'WW D S 1 'W I -! ,... ' xx ' ' X! sin ans 4 5 Mm? f , ". Eff:-at f f 1' 'rc Q ii-"""" f "Va KNOW'-ff' . I U "nun, 'Irina N 4 , Q3f:?5?65? Zim, W 12251-.Q ' " ffa, 5722.44 . , - - I a . Mm fnffw ' - -z-- . 5 ,f--'Q , -1 f -4 . 5. - , -.-,,...-1' ,f 'ff :. f-- --fs 511: if - ' ,,,- . fA'R5f' PM lFHE:YFUfH':HH Q9 ii SENIOR BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM CCHAMPSJ Michael. Nolte fCapt.J, Shriver, McFate, Cohen, m Genkinger, H. cTnt0sh, Gilliu Diffley, Hice, M as ...Q WEEQEIGH H Q, Epi, ifnakvihall No one can censure Ne-Ca-Hi when she congratu- lates herself on having such a basketball team as that of the season of 1922. What school would not be proud of the boys who worked and fought-and so very suc- cessfully at that-to bring honor to their high school and to carry her name into the list of athletic glory? The New Castle team came out first in skirmishes with some of the best teams in the Pittsburgh section. Even those haughty champions, the members of the team of South High, bowed to New Castle superiority to the tune of 20-18. Because she has been so success- ful, Ne-Ca-Hi does not feel ashamed to mention her defeat at the hands of the Tech Plebs. It was a mark of distinction for her to contest with such a team-and to keep the score to 22-19. 1 The team as a whole was exceptionally well-bal- anced. Much credit is due Stone, the speedy foreward, and Preston, who ranked third in the league in field goals among the guards. The honor for defensive work goes to Ross, our captain, and the all-round star of the team, while Evans, Friedman and Andrews were de- pendable performers. In hope of an equally successful season next year, we can ask only for an equally good team with the pep and iight of the team of 1922. Rah I team ! The following is the standing of the team in the W. P. I. A. L. League for the whole season: 'W.P.L A.L Played 12, won 8, lost 4. Percent ....... 66 SEASON Played 18, won 12, lost 6. Percent ....... 66 2 lbllimifizilflzll Q, I JUNIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM QCHAMPSJ Rhoda Leslie, Anna Patterson, Myrtle Burnett, Katherine Beighley, Jennie Johnson, Esther Fisher, Mary Beadel, Miss Galbraith fCoachJ. THE GIRLS TRACK TEAM Jennie Allsopp, Elizabeth Hopkins, Frances Smith, Adelaide Norris, Thelma Harkless Dorothy Davenport, Grace Smith, Emily Broadbent. mteiflelgn u F? SENIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Frances Smith, Aileen Wilkinson, Dot Seavy, Dorothy Gormley, Mildred Gresham, Maude Wetmore. - JUNIOR BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM Harlan, Capt., R. Nolte, Kirk, Hammil, Heess, Clarke, Shaffer, Wilkison. 44 YBETTFHE WWW UZSSVUGCS ' QD UTI SOPHOMGRE GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Evelyn Offutt, Eva Smith, Dorothy Stadelhofer, Hazel Leopfer, Sarah Boyles, Evelyn Anderson, Gertrude Gibson, Frances Lockhart. SOPHOMORE BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM Podwell, Capt.5 Hartman, Frye, Smith, Monath, Fox, Kroen, McGuire, Cannon. McGee, Manager D15 me WEGQHBHH Q, ,E FRESHMAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Elizabeth Eckles, Eleanor Travers, Ella Farrell, Sally McG0un, Lolito Williams, Elizabeth Hodgkinson, Margaret Preston, Uray Dagnon, Thelma Harkless, Mary Mc- Caffrey, Maude Sweet, Gertrude Dagnon. FRESHMAN BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM Hood, Capt.g Reese, Tomasella, Day, Ward, Crilly, Fahey, Hitchcock. 41 lgiqltlimilglltlsl H W Un utim 3 -oo gm VIOLIN 'CONCERT-High School Auditor- ium-Miss Hilda Grossman, violinist, Miss Martha McKinley, pianist. FORTUNES TOLD-Miss Jean Harbison will appear at the Penn Theatre for one week and will answer all questions. LOST-A purple dog with green spots, which answers to the name of "Bruno." Miss Dorothy Graham. WHY NATURE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!- Call Margaret Graham. P. S.-It depends upon the nature cosmetics used. WALTER GWILYM will attend the Barrel Stave Makers' Convention at Ocean Beach this week. A FRESH SUPPLY of Home Dressed Meats. James Hamilton Meat Market, City. CONCERT TONIGHT-Clare Alborn. First appearance here in 15 years. WAMPUM BUS now runs on a new sched- ule, by Ellsworth Aley. ' CLAYTON BANNON, Blacksmith fto shoe canary birdsj. Established 1923. PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER-Miss Dorothy Aubel. S. D. 8x T. Co., New Castle, Pa. BASKETBALL-Featuring former New Castle girls-Verna Boyd, Frances Smith, Mildred Gresham, Maude Wetmore. 8:15 p. m., Y. W. C. A. DREADNAUGHT THEATRE - Tonight, Mary Andrews and Mae Mathieson in "Old Wives and Young Men." LOST-A young man named Walter Haug. Anyone knowing of his whereabouts in- form Hannah Evans, Mahoningtown, Pa. CRIMINAL LAWYER-A. Hughes Bart- lett, Ph. B. C. B. S. New York, N. Y. TONIGHT - Wireless Programme. Jack Boyles, Instructor. ICE-Call 1489-J. Bolinger Coal Kz Ice Co. WHY WE SHOULD SLEEP WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN-Miss Beulah House- holder. P. S.--This refers only to sum- mer. TRAFFIC LAWS MUST BE OBEYED!- Burgess Wm. Kerr, of Bingville, says that he will do all in his power to see that the speed limit of 8 miles per day be lived up to. MISS ANNA JOHNSON has accepted the position as head of the English Depart- ment of New Castle High School, her alma mater. FOR SALE-1 Ford motor. The chassis of the car was wrecked when I drove into the Shenango river. Michael Lombardo. EMPTY WATER JUGS FOR SALE-Call Arthur Thomas. P. S.-These are just the things to put your "hootch" in. FOR SALE-1 player piano. I now have learned to play With my hands instead of pumping with my feet. Florence Johnson. ANNOUNCING!-The opening of the grand store, Rose Point Novelty Shop. Mae Kennedy, Prop. MISS HILMA LEHTO has accepted the po- sition as head of the Children's Welfare League, of New Castle. TAXI!--Call Murray McCaslin and he will call in his "Wheelbarrow 8." NOTICE--I have wrecked my car and have the following articles for sale: 1 piston, 2 tires, 1 pump and 1 gallon of gasoline. Call Paul Taylor. CHESTER WATKINS has been appointed overseer for the Liberty Shows Co. He will probably prove a success because he can see over everyone, owing to his great height. OIL STOCK!-Sandy Soil Oil Co. Alex Hanna, agent for this district. HOW TO OVER-COME BASHFULNESSI- Call Kathryn Herbert. BROADWAY THEATRE "Watch Your Wife" The Wife .............. Margaret Robinson The Husband ..... .... . Alden McBride Mrs. No-Little ............. .Ethel Richards Mr. No-Little ............... Leslie Roberts A rib-rocking comedy featuring former Ne-Ca-Hi stars. 117 3..-..-..------:::: :::--:::,::: e:::::-A- -A-AA-----A-- - '---"v -- v---3393333338: U 0 " ' 0 ll . I U 3 I. K . 1 Xl 1 ' ' - jf 0 S ,QQ ug Y J 1 ll E xxg ' lfl n MK' AI' :I 1 1 1 ' Q ll ll 5 If U ' ' il ' f ma if -I 'N 2:: V 1 0 0 0 if "Hooray!" exclaimed Mr. Crosslots. "We're going to have a long, II H hard blizzard." H "Why should that cause you to rejoice ?" inquired his wife. 1: "Cook can't possibly leave till it's over." li 1: - EE II :Q Willie--Is Mr. Smith very ill, doctor '? jg Doctor-Yes, my boy, it will be months before he's about again. H :I Willie-Well, you Won't forget, will you, it was my banana skin he 1: 1: slipped on. 1: 4' -l- 0 0 II Old Lady fabout to leave street carb-"Conductor, what door shall I II get out by?" 1: II Conductor-"Either door, ma'am. The car stops at both ends." 1: U 0 .9--:Qmxxmeme-::::::::::::::::lemme:ecxexmxeeis Aiello, L ................ Andrews, Frank P. 8: Son Bleakley Harness Co ...... Books Shoe Store ......... Brice Bros. ............ . Brindle Printing Co. ..... . Britton Dry Cleaning Co.. Brooks Beauty Shop ...... Butz, Florist . .......... . Campbell, Wyatt R ..... Candyland . ............. Canton Engraving Co.. . . Carson, Terry W. ....... . Chapman's Dairy ,....... Citizens National Bank. . . Cooper Sz Butler ......,.. Cripps Hardware Co ...... Dollar Savings Association. . . . DuShane, Clare P. ....... . Economy Shoe Store ...... Elliott 8: Waddiiigton .... Emery's Studio ........ Euwer, The J. N. Co .... Ewing, Wallace J.. . .. Fountain Inn .......... Frew Furniture Co.. . . . Gilfillan Electric Co.. . . Gilrillan, J. Clyde. ...... . Hainer Drug Co .......... Hamilton Sz Hodgkinson... Haney Furniture Co ..... Hanna, D. W. Co ...... Hay's Lunch ......... Hennon, Florist .... Herald Co. . ........ .. Home, The . ......... .. Kirk, Hutton Sz Co .... Klivans Bros. . ........ .. Knoblock's, M. Sons. ..... . Lawrence Laundry Co.. . . . Liberty Confectionery Co.. Long, David ............. INDEX NE-CA-HI ADVERTISERS Page 126 ....146 141 140 ....139 ....156 157 146 ....145 141 ....118 ....131 ....150 148 149 154 148 ....138 ....135 ....147 ....152 ....139 ....136 ....14T ....139 ....149 ....151 ....158 ....132 ....129 ....150 ....120 ....139 ....132 ....145' ....125 ....142 ....143 ....150 ....126 ....149 ....125 Louis Love Ez Megown .... McGregor Taxicab .. . . McFate Sz Lockhart .... McKinley Sz Frantz ..... Mayberry, C. W. Co ...... Miller, Pyle Sz Graham. ...... .. Morgan Art Shop ................ Morton's, Inc. . ................. .. National Bank of Lawrence Co .... Ne1man's ..................... New Castle Business College. .. New Castle Dry Goods Co ...... New Castle Printing Co ...... Nixon Theat1'e ........... Offutt KL CO. ........... . Offutt, W. J ........ O'Neil, A. M. ........ . Owens Studio . ........ . Paisley's Drug Store .... Penn Sweet Shoppe .......... Physicians Pharmacy ......... Pitzer, M. N .................. Reynolds, Thorn Ez Summers... Rodenbaugh, O. P ............. Rutter's Studio ............. Safe Deposit Sz Trust Co ..... Seavy's Studio .............. Shirk Music Co ................ Smith, C. Ed. Hardware Co .... S Kz M Tire Co .............. Snyder, Clint L. .......... . Spencer Bros. ....... . Stritmater's . ......... . . Sully's Barber Shop ..... Swan, L. L. Co ......... Valis, Louis ............. Walkover Shoe Store. .... . Warner Music Shop. .... . Winter Co. .............. . Withers, R. T. Sons Co .... Y. M. C. A ............... Y. W. C. A ............. Page 124 147 . . . 135 . . . 154 . . . 122 . . . 122 146 155 124 133 146 151 128 145 147 138 . . . 121 . . . 145 . . . 127 . . . 145 . . . 143 . . . 137 . . . 121 .. . 123 ... 140 . .. 154 ... 140 149 157 132 136 144 144 134 120 132 124 137 143 119 135 128 153 l 8 QQQQQQQ: :ooooo: : : : : :o: :o::oo: : : :: coocc Q-::: c : :oooooooooooooq THINGS AIN'T WHAT THEY SEEM You go a-walking down the street And trail a nifty Janeg She trots a pair of high spool heels And floats a hefty name. You double time and hurry upg You plot a clever scheme. But as she turns and looks around Things ain't what they seem.-Froth. "Been hunting today, stranger ?" "Yes I" "Shoot anything ?" "I don't knowg I'm waiting for the rest of the party to get into camp so We can call the roll." "Here's where I prove an artist Without a brush," he cried, And drew a lovely maiden Up closer to his side.-Punch Bowl. -----------,---A ---- -,-----A---,--AAA- ---- -A----A--- :::::::::ooo::::::::ooooo:::::::::o::: ::::ooooo-- - A - - - - HO will get the Fountain Business in 1922? He who serves best profits most. If you will reflect but a minute you will real- ize that We have been serving you the best in our line. ' Our Ice Cream is the product of many years of ex- perience. The fruit flavors used in our Sodas and Sundaes are home-packed and we aim to give you as much fresh fruit as We can in season. Get the habit of coming to Candyland for your afternoon refreshments. We also specialize on "After-Theatre Parties." The Candyland of New Castle THE STORE OF DISTINCTION :::::::::: -:::::v :::::-- ::::::,:::: ::::oo:::o:::: v--,v--,,,, -------- vv---- -v ----- --vv--- ----oQ::::-, oooobaoooe--aooQe-:Qe----aoc-a-,,,,,-,-,,,,,v,,v 9 f -- - -A-A A -- -A-- -- ---A--- -------3 0 F air Enough! Q We want you to examine our clothes without bias-you'll be biased enough when you get through! 1 I he W mter Co. Successors to Winter Bros. 210 E. Washington St. Euwer Building YOUTI-IFUL FROCKS GRADUAT1oN sEAsoN in Styles that express the spirit of youth in all the fascinating new fabrics, and in the season's most successful fashions are being shown on our Second Floor now, at new low prices. We will be honored and delighted to show them to you. The Winter 9 Co. 1 ll 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 ll II 0 0 0 0 b 0 0 0 ll 0 0 ll ll II li li 0 0 0 0 0 li ll nr P 1 ll 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 A 0 lu ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 nu ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 I ll 0 ll ll ll ll li 0 0 0 0 0 0 1+ ll li A : : : - A - -::::: -.:::: : :ooo::: : : :ooooooooooooooooooooogz 120 D. W. HANNA CO. D. W. HANNA CO Men's Wear Men's Wear LOUIS C. HANNA N. C. H. S. 1915 "EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE Elcknowlebgement w AJ We Wish to extend to our advertis- ers our appreciation of their support in enabling us to publish this Annual, and urge our fellow students to recip- rocate with their patronage. THE NE-CA-HI BOARD J. MARION SWISHER Advertising Manager Frank Sullivan's BARBER SHOP IE! 11 Apple Way Just Behind the Star Theatre lil Hair Cut .... . . Shave ..... . . Shampoo ....... . . Massage . ......... .. Boncilla Massage . . . . . Singe ............ . . Olive Oil ....... . . Hair Tonic .. . . . . Hot Towels . . . . . Steams . .... .. gg-::-:::::::::- .. 351' .. 20c .. 25c .. 25c .. 75c .. 25c .. 50c 15-25c .. 5c .. 10c ------v-o-------vvvoovvo--- :::::::osQ-o0::ooo:::ooo-Q::: ::::: Hazel Carlson-"Why did kings tap men on their heads when they knighted them ? Arthur Carlson-"Perhaps the stars made the knights fnightsb more realistic." Wayne Cannon-"I heard something this morning that opened my eyes." Jas. McCombs-"So did I-an alarm clock. Teacher, making up a sentence--"The boy who is talking will receive a detention slip." Freshman-"Please, teacher, I was only reciting my lesson to myself." Mr. Owens, posing group for picture-"You ladies stand in between the middle." "The Shifters' Club" was found among the Senior activities. Teacher, in science-i'What do people use glasses for?" Pupil-"Some people can't see well enough with two eyes and they have to use four." F. Magill-"What are you, "Red," English, Scotch, Irish or Swedish ?" A "Red" Phillpot--"Nope, I am ticklish!" ::::::::::oQ:::::::::::::: : -,------- -A-A----, --------- 21 X3 14 14 O 0 ll ll 0 44 II ll ll ll ll ll ll 0 14 0 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll I4 I4 ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 14 I4 I4 I4 ll ll 44 44 44 ll I4 ll 14 22 W. J. OFFUTT CO. The Store Where You Pay Cash AND BUY Fon LESS lil Dry Goods, Floor Coverings AND Ready-to-Wear lil "Two Live Wire Stores" NEW CASTLE BUTLER ----- -----------,-,---- QVING LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE Goods Handled Very Carefully Nl. N. PI I ZER Bell Phone 86 929 Marshal Ave. NEW CASTLE, PA. :::o:::::::::-- -vvv--------v v----ooooo--- vvvvvv- ---- if I4 I4 I4 ll ll ll 0 ll 4 I 4 44 44 44 44 I4 44 44 ll 44 44 44 44 44 44 I tl ll ll ll ll ll 44 44 44 44 ll 4l ll ll 44 44 44 4l ll 44 ll 23 1 4I 44 QQ.-- v--------vvo---v--vvv--v--v- o Teacher-"James Crilly, how would you punctuate this sentence 'Mary strolled down the street ?' " Jim-"I would make a dash after Mary fMillerJ. F-ight, the Whole class of '25. R-idiculous, "Peg" Morgan. E-nthusiastic, "Joe" Danniels. S-ilent, "Dollar" Walker. H-eavy, "Peg" Womer. ' M-inus, "Slim'Q' Harkless. E-mpty, our treasury. N-eed, "DeWs." Ray Malloy-"I have found the ideal job at last." "Red" Phillpot-"Hugh! Whazzat?" Ray-"Lineman for a Wireless telegraph company." Mary had a little beau, As handsome as can be. And everywhere that Mary goes, You'll find her With Crilly. Proud Soph-"What would you do if you were in my shoes ?" Bright Freshie-"Get 'em shined." QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ - - - v QQQQ """"""""""""""'? fins:::::::':::"::::xxx3: E SE u 0 Particular People .are Pleased with our SODAS AND SUNDAES CLEANING AND PREss1NG ll Il 2 Q EE EE ll ll 60q 1noN,,k FRESH MASTER 3 3 STRAWBERRY SUNDAES 5 vmzsnmv 2 if EE UEIINEF5 EE 1: aw ...Aa :: 1: OUR 11 1: CHOCOLATE SODAS 1: 8' ARE UNEXCELLED ll ll o ll ll 0 MAYBERRY'S it gg 0 0 0 0 371 E. Washington St. 0 " McKinley 8: Frantz ll U 0 U Both Phones 102 E. Washington St. Il :I nu wr " il --AAA ll A AAAAA- AAAAAAAAAAV ::oQoo::::::o::::::::o:::: O 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 ll ll O 0 O 0 0 ll ll ll 0 0 0 ll ll ll 0 0 O O 0 ll ll 0 mr o 0 ll ll 0 O 0 O 0 0 O ll o::o:::::::::::0:: O ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 eu 0 0 ll 0 0 O 0 nu ll lb ll 0 0 0 0 nu ZX 1 RQVIWIGS, Cb l'll 81 Sllllllll YS TRADE WITH THE BOYS ngxs, .f Qiezw Zyl A.,' WE ARE PLAYING FOR THE .11 25.521233g12,g:2g2Ffg5gEg25?z-.Q .... , ---' 'DA' ? .. ,.:i:::Egg1 ....,. ': 4 .,-it - ".. ' TRADE. fl 5' 5 ' : f? , YOU -5 A .,,,, 3 CAN .... '," V 2j3,iEsi5i:i.,..l3?5?ii5?2iE1sIif: 11 S ALWAYS ""' Fai' '12 A A - :. L if-1:53235 'iii 5fi1'51f'1'5' 5 A' 1' i"":"'l THE 'TT" NEWEST THINGS .'f2f2222 .f2f22T 'f2ffz:s:. 'Q.. i w .. A C152ifE25525252525252525252552251222152 -.,' 1IE2E2E2?2iiEiii55?2i5iiiizff2siiiilzgfisiwiis V.V' 22? -N HERE- TA A ,339-',f: 15355 3.3525232525siiiegieiggagigig5532255555555E51gigagigigagagagagsgaggag veggfjlj 'fi'ff?5i5. ,. ' 7' . swfprus - - k4NNNf " ,T,,T -- We know that young fellows like Up-to-Date, Snappy Toggery. Therefore if it's new, we have it. Sport Suits, Gabardines, White Flannel Trousers, Knit Neckwear, Sze. 'lR6Ql10lC5, born X Summers THE LIVE STORE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQ- - A - - A - A --- - - - - A - - - - A - ------,,- .... O-----,---A---,,,,,,,--A---A----- :o::::o::: NEW CASTLE'S NEW STORE FOR YOUNG MEN IZ5 E WASHINGTON sr EW cAs'rLE,pA "YOUNGFELI,OWS7S' CLOTHES" Is Our Strong Point Real .Clothes for the Young Red- Blooded American will come from MORTON'S. "Exclusive But Not Expensive" FRAPPES FINE SODAS PARFAITS and SPECIALTIES "TEST BY TASTE" 17 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE UNEXCELLED BY ANY OTHERS Exclusive WEBERS PARK and TILFORDS ::::::::o::::::::::::::::::-::::::A----------- 000 1-1 NJ U! OQOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOQQOQOOO 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 H. Evans-"Does solitude mean when I'm alone, or when we're alone?" Miss McClaren-"We won't go into that subject too deeply just now." Miss lVIeClaren-"We will have a test tomorrow." J. Agan-"Well, let's rehearse it today." Kirk had a ripping good time at thcilli-Y supper at lVIagi1l's. QA bout eight inchesj. Mr. Leonard, explaining fig on board-"This makes thirty-two revolu- tions per minute." Pupil-"Gee, that is worse than in Russia." Teacher-"Can any one name two kinds of hogs? J. Barret-"A-a-a-a ground-hog and er-a road-hog." lst Girl-"Do you know what I said 2nd Girl-"Yes." lst Girl--"What did I say ?" 37 5777 2nd Girl-"You said, 'Do you know what I said 'V " Ray Malloy-"Irish" Cohen is ill in bed, I hear." "Red" Phillpot-"Yeah, he smoked a cigar from the wrong pocket." -A- - - AA- -0000+--00-A-A0000::000 Wear Good Footwear at Reason- able Prices El DAVID H. LONG'S SHOES have the style and fine quality that keeps them stylish and makes them last. E 000000000000000009o0000000 c 00, - 00 000 00 00900 000 X2 0090000000000 OQQ90000000000000 0000000000009090000oooooo0o04 J , 947325 1 1 4g 1 " i f .4 11 'I You'll Relish a Plate Dinner here without a doubt. Every day we serve ladies with our special luncheon dishes at special prices, and they in- variably express their satisfaction by coming again and again and bringing their friends with them. Try one of these special Plate Dinners the next time you are in this vicinity. You will surely enjoy it. THE HOME 11 11 if U 2 H -1-1 IP 1 2 O S 5' :: gg 9 U :: : "4 z Z, E : 1 E. ' :I 5 rn r' 2 U2 UP' cb E FU :: C-'U 1: :x-.------------ z:---- --..----- O 1 1 1 1 17 S. Mercer St. CHARLES A. MOORE, Prop. - - - -0000000000000000000000090 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 22' 82 00 000 0000 00 0 00 000 00 000 00 0000 SX 1 1 44 QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQ-ooooeecoee -ooo 0000-000-QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ The flame flew high around his neck. A "darky" sat on the burning deck, Hot Chocolate! Senior-"Yes, sirg this book will do half of your Work." Freshie-"Give me two of 'em." A Freshman girl was puzzling over a science experiment. Mr. Shelar-"What are you thinking about, Tootsie ?" Miss Sproull-"Does any one know anything about Ferdinand?" Boy, in rear of room-"He is not here, he's in my locker. Earl Herbert-"I saw something last night I can't get over." Bob H.--"What?" Earl-"The moon." Emlie Lou Dickey-"Scott, every time We go around a bend in this ma- chine, I get closer to you." Scott, stepping on the accelerator-"Gee, Emlie Lou, where is the Horse Shoe Bend?" After a discussion in M. Sz M. History as to Why Harding's cabinet was resigning, Wilbur Johnson said: "I think 'Chink' Lee should apply for a position. He would make a pretty good cabinet member 'Z 'Z ? ? 8 ll II ll I r r r 0 o 0 U O 0 o 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 O E 3.0.4- 22.0.00 Q- 0 0 ll rg r- 1: l aw b F' " U1 F' ' l l as 2. 5 E P 5 2 5- 5' D? pq U 2 2 l LQ Z Q X X ll l 5 U2 U rm l m H, U2 F14 :Ez U W nr l fb H 55 0 Q 2- PI CI5 0 O 4 fn 0 o 5 ga 1: 5 ll E E ---- -N-N------Q --M N------N---0--.M-sz o z o 39 O 2 FU G1 z i 7'm Q on o S gl I-I 5 Q 5 E4 PU O l o O 2 W Q " 'C' tb :Lt 3 3 F2 F4 51 O E H. 0 0 N Q 'U w C? C E- A I-S ! 2 S ew ,1 r-3 14 N B, ,, 3 O Q2 Q 0 0 52 '2 "' 5 e Sf' S V' 92 E E m Q B' U, 0 z 24- 5 .. 5 "f F. 5 ca Q UQ "U D- 1 F r-4 E glg- Q CD 11 Q gg 2. 2 Q cw 3 2' at 2 5 5' z 2 o 0 ooQQoooooooooooo oo oe 'oo QQ---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 22 oooooo o ---:::::::::3 Q: :-: : : :oo 0-0-0000 3 :v4:---- ---AA--- -- --A--- AA--------------A-A Class Mates School Days do not last forever-and when they are past-memories are kept Warm by the photographs of friends and pals of the class room and campus. Your chums should have a "personality por- trait" of you and you will prize theirs in return. And the home folks will always cherish a por- trait of "the turning point" in your life. This studio is headquarters for the best in photographic work and the doors are open to you and your friends. Cwens Studio o ---------- -AAA-----A+----- :v oooooo9 I I I I II I II II I I I I I II - 127 ----Y--v---zz II I I I I II II II II I II II O I II II :I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II 0 0 0 II II II II II II II II I II II I II II II I 0 I II II II II II II II II 83 128 ooooooooooooQQoQQQ...-QQQQQQQQQQA-0- -oo- A -A A- - - -QAAA - - - AAA'- To Our High School Friends and Patrons It is our earnest desire to be of service to you in our efficient Way, whether called upon to supply your school-day needs or to meet your demands after your high school career is over. YOU VVILL ALWAYS FIND THAT IT PAYS TO DEAL AT THE NEW CASTLE STORE NEW CASTLE DRY GOODS COMPANY AAAAOO .... - --A,----A-,,-----,---- - ------- O .... -- ---------- --,----,---- -AA-- Join the " "' SUMMER MEMBERSHIP RATES CFOUR MONTHSD Boys, 10 to 12 Years ............. . . Boys, 12 to 18 Years .... . . Men ................. . . CAN YOU SWIM? WE CAN TEACH I I I I I I,,.,,,,,, I ---------------- ----- ---AA- .s1.oo .s2.oo .s3.oo YOU ::::0000: : : :000:: : :00: :0-QQ0000000000: : : : 2 :::00--: : :--,--: : : : DIFFERENT Father-"What was that racket last night when you came home?" Son-"My coat fell down the stairs." Father-"A coat wouldn't make all that noise." Son--"Well, I was in the coat." Scoots Nelson-"What is the earliest clothing worn by man ?" iAn- swer in science book, "probably the skins of animalsj. Answer given-"A fig leaf." Lonesome Stude-"I don't have a friend in the world." Bill "Nutty" Martin-"He1'e's a chance to make one. Lend me live dollars." Mr. Sheaffer-"What is meant by a summary trial?" C. Bannon-"A warm one." Teacher-"What is a gas meter?" Pupil-"It is a piece of machinery that makes the gas bill high." A short-sihted old lady went into a large curio shop. After pottering about for some time, she asked the assistant: "How much is that Japanese idol worth-the one near the door?" "It is worth a great deal," replied the assistant. "It's the proprietor." 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 : : : : : 3 Q Q : : : : : :0: : :0: : : : v v00- - - -------- - ---- 0 - - - v v ..-. - 000 - - 00 00000000000000000000000 SAM 8: BILL POPULAR TAILORS MAN, YOUTH AND OY The latest styles The largest line to select from Have your measure correctly taken Select your own style SAM AND BILL WILL D0 THE REST PIIICES-3625.00 and up Prices and Styles the best that can be produced for the quality of materials and workmanship HAMILTON 8: HODGKINSON I- ,, NI 603210331 'Q Q9 00000000 : ::::::::::::::::::00 ov oo ---- gg 0000 0000 000000000000000 0 0000 00 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II 8000000 as ,ai lhllicililalsll Q, 50,1531 Gllana Aim WANTED-Someone to successfully answer my many questions. Miss Grace Jones. WAMPUM , ACADEMY-Fall term opens Sept. 3, 1974. -Charles Douglas, President. How TO BE QUIET AT ALL TIMES!- Call Jessie Jenkins. Y. W. C. A. to start drive for funds! Miss Miriam Harper, chairman finance com- mittee. BEST PLACE IN WAMPUM TO EAT!- I-Ierbert's Sanitary Lunch. The only res- taurant in town. NOTICE-Please do not park cars near our home. Miss Gladys Hockenberry. THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE-West Pittsburgh. West Pitts- burgh Realty Co. -Catherine Howell, Agt. STATE THEATRE-Motion Pictures, fea- turing May Kelty in "The Vamp." AJAX SILENC-ERS-For sale by Anna Johns. PUBLIC ORATION-Miss Olive Dickey will speak tonight. Y. W. C. A. No col- lection. MISS FRIEDA R. HALTNORTH is now engaged in painting the picture of Gladys McCracken. It is expected that the work will be a masterpiece. GUIDE!-To point out places of interest in New Castle. Miss Bertha Dodds. BOXING BOUT-For the heavyweight championship, "Weig" Genkinger vs. Her- man Emery. Boyles 30 Acres, Jersey City, N. J. MISS DONZELLA DOUGLAS, noted sculp- tor, will leave this week to visit the ruins of Athens and, Rome. HORSE DOCTOR-Dr. Lawrence R. Hud- son, Ps. B. D. N. O. Bring the infected animals to me for treatment. STARTING NEXT WEEK Miss Stella Mc- Vay will start a Lovelorn Column in 'this paper. Because of her vast experience it will prove popular. JAMES AGAN 3-RING CIRCUS-New Castle, July 3, 1947. NEW ENGLISH COURSE-Installed in Wampum High School. Better English is to be expected. Teacher, Aletha Wilson. NEW STATE GAME WARDEN-Joseph McFate, well known gamester, receives appointment from Governor Edward Kra- mer. MARCEL?-Best service guaranteed at Queen's Palace, 208 Mill street. Props., Georgia Weddell, Grace Smith. TONIGHT -- Tight-Rope Walker-Appears ing at Opera House, 7:30. Admission 75c. Featuring Ruth Walker. WANTED-Expert salesmen to introduce my new Dried-in-the-Mud -Coffee. Call Lee Starr, manager, salesmen Dept. SINGER SEWING MACHINE-10 days' trial. Call 452386710, or come to 82 Wash- ington street. Jas. Wilson. SILVER POLISH--Just the thing for all household silverware. "Easy Shine" Pol- ish. Agent, Eliz. Williams. TEA SHOPPE-208 North street. Phone 860. Props., Vorice Walther and Telma Warner. NOTED POET TO APPEAR--Mr. Frank Korzec, noted American poet, will speak at the High School Auditorium Friday evening. MONUMENTS ENGRAVED--Call Kenneth Beer, phone 1922. LOST-Ten C101 giggles, somewhere in New Castle, last Tuesday. Finder please re- turn to Mildred Atkinson. LA SHOPPE DESIGNE-All the latest fashions designed for Madame. Mlle. .Elinor McKee. SUFFRAGETTE MEETING-Dr. Walter Clarke Gilmore will speak upon "Why Women Are Intelligent?" WILLIAM McCOMBS will act as toastmas- ter at the 3rd annual banquet of the Un- ion Boilermakers of America. WANTED-A job picking apples. I do not have to use a ladder. Lester Klingensmith. JEROME I-IAMIL has been appointed pur- chasing agent for the Cast Tool Kr Ma- chine Co. His friends wish him success in his new position. 131 4 yq'-Qk-'V 4 'EE , . iii EE Q 525 N ia v ve f 5?- lb bk H CANTON ENGRAVING AND ELECHIOTYPE C0 GANTON OHIO 7' 583,13 J QU15iltl95i1Htihg W WX- Plates if N . f J is? , , ft? ! 9.5! QA! u - V gm A' e 3 A 2- ' . ? ' v in ' 4 I , ,V M 'if ' If 7 . o' o . sm wg 5. 1, , :QM-. J . G " a e 0 W ' . 52 aaabf-9453 ' ' ' Waxfsefb 5, V SJ L' 99 . u sd ' - J' H ,g,', s H .L . ' 0 .4 . 0 nm Q 'a. . , 'ft mf ' - A Sz' 5-. Q :::::o:::::::::::::::::: oooo-A-A----oooAA-A--------- C. Ed. Smith Har ware Co. EL For a complete line of GOLDSMITH,S GUARANTEED ATHLETIC GOODS lil First Because They Last vv-vvvovvovvov---oo---------- in i n U' .A-mln Aj X " Vi 'ma '- -1-:' ft' ee WE it WN' A - 'qi 9' A -umuft 33 5:15 A- E - - , The Nappanee Dutch Kitchenet transforms the kitchen into a happy workroom. SEE IT DEMONSTRATED AT L CG- ----,-A------ .... ----------- 3g::::::::::::::::::--:::::::: REMEMBER "Jay it With Flowers", AND SAY IT WITH OURS HENNQNS NEVV CASTLE and ELLWOOD CITY WE GROW OUR OWN Free Delivery :::::::::::::::::::QQ999e1: Graduation Gifts 'Commencement Day is an occasion When parents, friends and schoolmates vie With each other in extending con- gratulations and presenting favors to the sweet girl graduate. PERFUMES, CANDIES, CAMERAS, STATIONERY, IVORY GOODS, FOUNTAIN PENS, CARAFES She'll appreciate your contribution to the joys of the day and will cherish the memory in years to come. The boy may not look upon Gradua- tion Day with the same ecstatic pleas- ure as the young lady, but still he Will appreciate RAZORS, CAMERAS, FOUNTAIN PENS, POCKETBOOKS, ETC. You probably are familiar with his Wishes, so Why not select now? "They Know What Pleasure is for They Have Done Good Work" l-lainer Drug Co. :::::::o:: : :-o::::::::o:::.::: 4 133 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ..------ooo: : : : : : : : : cc : : : : : - A : : The Safe Bank 1 annual Mania nf Emnrvnrr Qin. NEW CASTLE. PA. CAPITAL. SURPLUS AND PROFITS S 1 ,500,000.00 0v--- v---v---------Qooo::oo-QoQ:::::---A----A ---Q-----AA :::o:::::::::::::::::::::::::o:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Insurance Agent-But you surely agree to taking out an insurance policy to cover your burial expenses? Wily Scot-Na, na, now! I micht be lost at sea. N urse-Why, Bobbyg you selfish little boy! Why didn't you give your sister a piece of your apple? Bobby-I gave her the seeds. She can plant 'em and have a whole orchard. "Hello! What's the matter, little boy? Are you lost ?" Little Boy-"Yes I am. I mighta known better'n to come out with gran'ma. She's always losin' something." New office boy-"A man called here to thrash you a few minutes ago." Editor-"What did you say to him ?" New office boy-"I told him I was sorry you weren't in." Little Harold-"Mother, won't you give me five cents for a poor man who is crying out in front?" Mother-"Yes, my song here it is, and you are a good boy to think of it. Poor man! What is he crying about ?" Little Harold-"He's crying 'fresh roasted peanuts, five cents a bagl' " The economic department wishes to call attention to the fact that um- brellas are more expensive on rainy days, because on those days they go up. -oQ:::::-:::::o:::o:::o-::-Q::Q::oo::::::::::::::::::::::--- 14 oooooooooooooqqeggQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ - - A A A A A A A A A A A A POE UP TO DATE When you see a pretty girl, Her powder puff unfurl, For a face that's covered with the kind the druggist sells It's an easy thing to know What was meant by E. A. Poe On the tint-in-nab-ulation of the belles, belles, belles. A peach came Walking down the street 3 She Was more than passing fairg A smile, a nod, a half-closed eye, And the peach became a pair. She-The nerve! That man actually asked me how much father Was Worth. He-How uncalled for. And what answer did you give h1m'? Is her leg broke? Navv, We found 31.49 in her sock. Nippe-That movie director sure is a genius. Tuck-How so? Nippe-After all his stars were jailed he took his camera to the Jail and filmed a big prison scene. ---oovv - - - : : 2 : I : :ooo: : ooo: : AQQQQQQQQQQQQAQQQAQQQQQ : : : :00: :OOOO : : : A Ao--.-A QQQQQQQQAQAQQQQQQAQQ Aooo: : :o:: STRITMATER BROS SUCCESSORS HIGGINS BROS. All H igb Jcbool Girls Who desire to have their dress and appearance individual and a "little different" from the rest are, for the most part, Well acquainted with the Stritmater label and what it represents. As specialists in Wearing apparel for girls and young Women We can, of course, give better ser- vice and more satisfaction than anyone else in the city, quality considered. QQQQAQQQQ0000QQQQQQQAQQQAQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ ...Q 'ifif'vliiEiEEEiE'EmilieIMzfziiirliiiif STEAM HEATING HOT WATER HEATING VENTILATING Exclusive Agents for Humphrey Radiantlires BELL PHONE 159 24 N. MERCER ST. Qoooo-oQoo Qooaooooooooooooooooo-0 ooooooooooooooogo o-Qoeeqgqgooooooeoooaoooooo oo 111-3112-iI61E1E 3140 CITIZENS 4 1 W PHONE 5- Rates Mailed Upon Request WATCH FOR THE GREEN LIGHT McGregor Taxi Co. P. O. BOX 318 We furnish the Correct Time Hourly by the Western Union 135 lb ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll U nr 0 0 n u 0 0 li It 0 O n 41 I 4 0 O o 0 O an u 0 0 ll ll ll n O 0 1+ In nn 0 N of - -zz The DuShane Agency INSURANCE 33 Years' Experience 201 St, Cloud Building DON F. DuSHANE, Mgr. 0 0 0 ll tl 0 0 0 O 0 0 tl 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 5 O 0 0 O 0 I X3 00-00-00QQooooooooooooooeeoqoooooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qoeeeooooeqqoeoogqqooo -0 0000.900-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 6 EUWER'S 88 YEAR UID BUSINESS BREED .-au, eq, pry, '. Q o 7 4 , .0 X . K ,H ,g L .: -ctw" 9P"'-1? ,ei D A ""3 'FJ FQ" ' M9539 . To handle and sell merchandise of only one quality-the best. To maintain complete and varied stocks of the best the market has to offer and to give our customers further protection by offering to them Nationally Advertised Lines. To sell at nominal prolit and to give our customers the benefits of any market changes. On these three fundamentals-QUALITY, SERVICE and VALUE- business of 88 years' standing has been established. Now even more than in 1834 the name EUWER on any article stamps it forever as RIGHT. TI-IE J. N. EUWER COMPANY "GOOD FURNITURE ONLY" South Mill Street At the Bridge QQQQQQQQQQQQQAAQQ--0000 ---- ooo--- -Q-+oo---------A--o------"- NEW TYPE CORDS-FABRICS-TUBES Guaranteed for Unlimited Mileage, Against any Defect A Product New Castle is Justly Proud of CAN YOU FIND A DISSATISFIED USER? s 81 M TIRE co. MILEAGE DISTRIBUTORS Opera House, 19 So. Mercer St. Warehouse, 811-825 Moravia St. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQoqoooooooooooooxqooqooogg .oo Q. -A AA-- A..AA.., A AA--AA-------66 , ---v----vv----v-------------QQ 32 mu 0 nu nu O nu 0 ll II 0 li li Physicians EE ,, Bell Phone 1165 Union Phone 219 Pharmacy If if 119 East Washington Street Sf. Cloud Bldg. O ll 0 ll 0 ll 0 1: I J. B. HALEY, Manager 9 0 0 I' a I X - Walk- Ig I Over ll f Shoes fo. ,. 2, xii tx 6 2 n ll QW... 4, lT ll Everybody needs a Fountain Pen and ll Lead Pencil. We handle the z 1. " 0 Q N PARKER FOUNTAIN AND THE E 2 AIWQYS K I Always of " f - - EVERSHARP PENCIL g E Ulfazg i ' A d' 1 YVE ARE ALso AGENTS FoR 2 2 lse Z WARN Sty es BELLE MEAD SWEETS 3 ' A most .delicious Candy and .one that i HOSIERY will please your best girl IN STATIONERY WE HANDLE Eaton Crane Pike 8: Co.'s Finest . BOX Papers 133 E. Washington Street ::: ::::::::::::::::::::0:::2 22:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: G-I-R-L-S "G" stands for Gentleness, Virtue so rare. If this you are seeking Of females beware! "I" is for Innocence Which damsels possess, In some you rind much, But in most you find less. "R" is for Rights, Be it suffrage or arms, Personally I wish They'd stick to their charms. "L" is for Lips, Which peculiarly grow Upon all our girls In a neat cupid's bow. "S" is for Stockings, Or maybe for Sox, The boys take time out To look at the clox! --------------------------,------ ---v'--v---v-v---vvv-----vvvn t,Qo:::oc::::::vc::po4oe:QQe::::: 3 il A . A li 0 IP 0 5 Both Phones 66 , Xv 2 R R E fi :: ': . Qsifi - R 1 V wu S 5 my 0 4'Z,INlfRE3T4'Z, 2 H C u :: 1: utt ompany qi ll HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS NEED MONEY 3 gg Just Like Everybody Else II If li and the way to get big sums is to " SAVE the SMALL Sums. gg 1: Fu ngfal In our Stfhool Savings Departnient D. you may eposit an s m not ess Q than 5c. Five cents Ilier Elveek for 185 9 Irectors weeks pays you 31000, and for l EVERY 5 cents per week we pay you 0 0 S10.00. 'P 9 IT IS FUN T0 SAVE, S0 2 S "Come on in, the Saving's Fine" z z 0 0 SIGN OF THE DOLLAR 2 ' N- MERCER STREET W NESHANNOCK AVENUE l 3, ......i ii... - -- .ii....i.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q---ooQoooooooQQ.-..,,, SAVED "I thought that you were going to quit going with that girl because she was bowleggedf' "Didn't have to. I took her to a revival meeting and she reformed." Rudolph Valdephorus Marcus Van Deek Was a dumbell in school, And at dances a freak. Just the same with the ladies He sure was a streak, And the reason they say that He looks like "The Sheik." Baggs-I'm worried. My girl is running around with that new doctor in town. Jaggs-Feed her an apple a day. "If a man marries a widow by the name of Elizabeth, who has two children, what does he get ?" "Give up." A second-hand Lizzie and two run-aboutsf' Little boy-"What do you call a man who runs an auto, father?" Father-"Depends on how close he comes to me." Bell 3071 Brice Brothers 38 N. Jefferson St. AUTO ACCESSORIES HAVOLINE OIL and MCGRAW Conn TIRES Service Day and Night ::oooo:::::::::::::::::::: : BGVS l:lIllCl5 ROOIII 341 East Washington Street A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Root and Herb Beer on Draught OPPOSITE UNION DEPOT The Fountain Inn fs X E EUROPEAN PLAN GUS. A. KAMMERER, Manager NEW CASTLE, PA. All rooms have Hot and Cold Running Water and Telephones. 35 Rooms with Bath. Dining Room in connection. ' Special Attention Given to Banquets THE HOTEL FOR COMFORT EMERY Quality Merchandise Gift Novelties Almco Lamps Picture Framing Wall Paper Social Engraving Stationery Gift Cards EIIIQW : SIIIGIO ESTABLISHED 1900 24 North Mill Street 140 0-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ---Q000oooooooooooaeeooooaoeoooooeoeo BOOKS SHOE STORE "THE WIN IC' Q SPORT OXFORDS THE FLAPPER PUMP LOOK AT OUR PRICES 218 E. Washington Street -v----v-----o------ --v---oo E Next Door to Brown 81 Hamilton ::::2:::00oo:::::oQ:::oQ-: :::: FOR A HIGH SCHOOL HAIR- CUT AND BOBBIN G ' GOTO RODDYS 7 N. Mill St. Bell 720-R O. P. RODENBAUGH Rear of Klafter's Cigar Store ::v::::::::::o::: v:::::0o:: gg -----------..--------...... SAFE if DEPOSIT AND TRUST COMPANY 2 OF LAWRENCE COUNTY 0 NEW CASTLE, PA. ll 0 0 O 3 Il No. 14 North Mercer Street :I No. 15 North Liberty Street II 0 0 0 0 an 0 0 0 gg-:::----::::::::::::::--:: 141 ---- --------A AAAA-.. - --AAAAAAA - -3 II WHY SHE BROKE THE ENGAGEMENT "There are six pretty little windows in my room," he meant to Write- but he left the "n" out of "windows" Mrs. N ewlywed-"J ohn, I don't like your stenographerf' Mr. Newlywed-"Now, dear, you have no cause for jealously at allg that gi1'l refused me four times before I met you." . A funny old man told this to me, "I fell in a snowdrift in June," said he, "I Went to a ball game out in the sea, I saw a jellyfish iioat up in a tree, I found some gum in a cup of tea, I stirred my milk With a big brass key, I opened my door on my bended knee, I beg your pardon for this," said he, "But 'tis true when told as it ought to be, 'Tis a puzzle in punctuation, you see." . "Do Englishmen understand American slang?" "Some of them do. Why." '5lVIy daughter is to be married in London, and the earl cabled me to 'come acrossf " -,v--- ...... vvvvvvvooooo -- :::-AA:::-::oo::::::::oo:::: LARGEST STOCK OF Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases IN THE CITY At the Very Lowest Prices A FULL LINE OF HARTMANN WARDROBE TRUNKS AGENTS FOR AUBURN MOTOR CAR AND BROCKWAY MOTOR TRUCKS BLEAKLEY HARNESS COMPANY 19 S. Jefferson St. v--v- --o---oooovvvv---o--- 4 W. ' L, ,,, ..----gg oeoopoqo 0 oo. -oooooo Q. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I N.. 09 09 QQ ----- "'---- - v'-- -----v ----- I Automobiles, Ambulances, Limousines and Funeral Cars PHONES NEW CASTLE. ............. Union 53, Bell 56 NEW WILMINGTON ......... Both Phones 45 Wyatt R. Campbell Fliunmrl Eirntnr 4Successor to Dunn Undertaking COJ 318 and 320 E. North St., New Castle Market St., New Wilmington WYATT R. CAMPBELL Graduate Embalmer LADY ASSISTANT -,------A---------A---------: I -4 142 :::::::::: :::::::::::::::: ::::::::000,,,,,,,,,--- KIRK, HUTTUN 81. GU. IWW? 'ij . . -'4 I XSST.-Amir X'Tr-Wu , I f KI Y wx.. ' XX ,I wx N K' I' k. 4 I lg-,I -- x 22,000 ARTICLES IN HARDWARE "CALL US ON THE PHONE" Bell' 12-13-Union 213 24 EAST WASHINGTON STREET C ::::::::oo0::::--- ----------000--0----99-9999999999999990000 :::::::::::::-::::0::00::99::: ::9::999900000000009999999900990 SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE Lips that touch liquors shall never touch mine," The maiden declared with fervor divineg The youth then answered with devlish glee, Lips that kiss poodles shall never kiss me." "I can't find any old clothes for my scarecrowf' said the farmer. "Use some of the fancy things that boy brought home from college," replied his Wife. "I'm trying to scare crows, not make them laugh.", ll KK Old Mother Hubbard, Went out and rubbered, To see What fashions might be. But when she got there The ladies were bare, Which caused Mother Hubbard to flee. Minister+"Why are you late for Sunday school, Tommy ?" Tommy-"I was goin' fishin', but father Wouldn't let me." Minister--"Oh, how excellent! Did he explain' Why he Wouldn't let you go ?" Tommy-"Yes, sirg he said there Wasn't enough bait for two." :::::::::0::::::::sec::::::::oo0:::00oo::0:::0:::::::::0::::: 0,7 I - 9000900990 D-1 U-Ph 03 0000 00 00 9000000000 000000 0090 0000 gg--- -::3 zf::c::::::::::::::::oo::0::::00::::0:::-::::::,,::!z a:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::n! 44 I4 If 4 0 4 o u gg gg ll 0 g, gg fl 44 so H m " 11 S :: :: 5 . 5 Q 4 4: m F 44 4' H m "' E- 'JU 44 O N Q '11 sa UD gg 44 "4 F4 In o O ra 'I 5 'Q 0 F4 W U1 Q : I : UQ 49 44 0 0 Z H N E gg 44 M 'H Pi 4 44 - P P : 5 H 0 0 E Q H1 0 gl Z r- Q. - E Z Q : Q gg 44 P4 :Es gr n 3 F'H 9 Q U 44 49 E g P o mu 2 C4 Q 'U D' cn Q g, -g W -g g G -Q H 4 M an :s 44 In Z Q m U gg gg 2 G O gl F1 Q 4'4 4 Z 5-1 i gg gg N 5 : gg 2 I-1 ,, Il Q 2 1: 2 F-'2 S H UD E: 2 fn '-U Q 0 4 gg 2 ffl Q. :: 1: E 2 : 2 QQ E , gg nu gg Q :rj gg 44 n 0 U1 F4 v-E M gg gl ga 41 0 zz 8 33:::::::::::::::::"::::::::::11:':::::::::':::::: , 3 '::::::::::-:::::,::-:::,:::: :::-::::,::::::::,,,w 4 v Y 44 g gg 44 nu I gg 44 4' 0 U U 0 0 0 44 Z X o u C11 U Q ,g 0 en ng na O gg Q.: gg 2 r- 53 .. g m Z Q T gg 'U It l ll P Q gg 44 Lg O 1 CD nu o :Ja U 4-4 E 9' Q l'l1 gg 0 W E ll 0 C5 B b'C5 - n can, g 4+ M 2. :IQI 0 0 Ca Q P4 Q o Q :::: 0 0 2 a-4 gg gg r4 M O gg 5 :T : fb O 0 rn Q 2 4 4' - :::: ng 5 U gg g w U V, 5 :cn 3 .. 5 E gm 5 Q- 5 Eg 2. 3 2 'P "1 gg m CE Q It Il Q 31 gd O 5 3 fb 'U CA g .. so O T :J gg gg a Q, -1 5 gf 'U i 4 V143 :U H gg 1 'lj Q rn z 9' 'D -' rn I-,-I 4 14 52 1 2 " '4 3 5 O U Z3 95 I-pl 4 4. Q. ga Il II cn U E 2 QQ Ig S 'FA 1: 2 H 5 fn -' xt 14 4 44 gg 8 ::::: X2 ac: . l , --,--- ---- ------- -- --- -------- Q Q -, , ,,, - - - - - - - oo - - ooooo ..-ooooooooooo ooo IN WITH THE DANCE Robert-"The music is getting pretty fast, don't you think ?" Roberta-"Yes 5 I blushed when they sang that last song." FROSH "Alas! regardless of their doom, The little victims play g No sense have they of ills to come, No care beyond today." Hokus-Think of the days when the restauranter used to give a bottle of Wine with a table d'hote dinner. Pokus-And now he thinks he's being mighty generous if he gives a little food with the jazz. Bobby Cexcitedlyj--"Some liniment and cement, please!" Druggist-"Why both at once?" Bobby-"Pa hit ma with a china cup." He kissed her on the cheek, It seemed a harmless frolicg He's been laid up a week They say, with painter's colic. ---vvvvvvvvv---- -vvvv -----v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,--- NEW CASTLE, PA., oo O O l 0 P1 -1- Z 99 2 45461: M 0 is F Q ang 2 B ie. - 5 .-. "1'w"'-Quill UE ffm? Q Q cz: Q D, z 5 4 rp B3 :Et 1 2. l'l'l :u 5 MN ........ ::--:::::::::--QC: ...-- :azz QS? 95 g it in :U 1 . -Uv--: H m Q no "" H 0 -- f"' P z ' D 9' 4 F g EF g, G 0 g fb 5 Z Q I-11 0 w"1 n-nc U Y' S mf' Q- 2' M 2' s -S Q' 5 3 -cs as W tc, m g 141 -1 U1 0 5' V3 5 as 2 5 F' V' Q g fe Z ' e..w,,, SID 2 ...oo 25 S. Mercer Street I NEW CASTLE, PA. --- ---oo-------ooo----oo-- Z! X3 :::---:-:::::o:::::::oooo::: . A . FLG ERS RWZI UTZ IN NEW CASTLE OVER SEVENTY YEARS QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooqoooeooooogoeqooooeoe When We Get It We Get It Out We realize that it is often necessary for a firm to get printing done quickly. We do not believe that, in case of a rush order, it is necessary to sacrifice GOOD printing for speed. GIVE US A CALL NEW CASTLE PRINTING CO. A. I. DONNAN R. D. McCULLoUGH 224 Sycamore St. Rear L. S. Ka. T. Bldg. Bell 1526-J-Citizens 230-Y ::::::::::::::o: :::::: QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ zz --------..------------------- Open a box and notice how exquisitely fine this powder is. See how smoothly it goes on- what a clear, beautiful look it gives your com- . . , k plexlon. Note how it sticks-doesnt eep brushing off. What's the reason? The un- usual texture. Face Powder Jonteel is differ- ent. And only 50c. Ill 5lEYSPHARMAEYl M 7Y:e Sfore tim WASHINGTON 51,5 Cnorwv Avg., NEW CA 5115, PA. oo oo I -- 5 u nu nu 0 nu nu nu 0 0 0 0 0 in nn nn na in ll nu 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 ll ll nu 0 O 0 O ll 0 O 0 S3 --..----....-----------------gg Clothes for Lasting Satisfaction The custom tailor gets his price for clothes not only for it and material, but because he makes his clothes to give lasting satisfaction. O'NEILL The Tailor 12 S. Mercer St. NEW CASTLE, PA. ::::::ooo::::o::::Qo::ooQ:::: ll ll il tl ll 0 li 0 tl ll 0 li ll 0 ll II lr O ll ll ll ll 0 0 0 0 ll ll ll in nu in ll ll 0 O II oo oo :::::::::::::::::::::::::0:: EBROOKSE BE UTY SHOP Q Scalp Treatments of all kinds Hair Bobbing French Cut, Natural Shade Switches Manicuring Q GET A NESTLE'S PERMANENT WAVE FOR 318.00 Bell Phone 3387-.I for Appointments ::::::::::::::::::00000::000 Miller, Pyle 8. Graham BOOK AND JOB Elgrinivrn HIGH SCHOOL WORK A SPECIALTY 219-221 Sycamore St. Bell Phone 257 NEW CASTLE, PA. 000000000000000000000000000 - v 000000000000000000000000000 FRANK P. ANDREWS GEO. H. ANDREWS Frank P. Andrews gl Son PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACT AND REPAIR WORK PROMPTLY DONE We also handle the Radiantfires, the wonderful gas fireg also a large line of Electrical Appliances. 2? North Mill Street BELL PHONE 261 00000000000000000000000000000 Always the Newest IN LADIES' SUITS COATS DRESSES WAISTS SKIRTS MILLINERY AT LOWEST PRICES NEIlVIAN'S CLOAK AND SUIT CO. OUR NEW LOCATION 203-205 East Washington Street --- --vv ---v----:::::oo0Q15?QQ ----------gg 00 00000000000000 000 0000000 000 0000000000 oo 00 00 0000000000000000 P P O 0 O 0 0 O O O E 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 O I 3------ HOES gn When in need of Re- liable Footwear at Popu- lar Prices, think of EW- ing's Shoe Store. 'fAt the Old Stand" Wallace J. Ewing 127 East Washington St. NEW CASTLE, PA. --,,-- gg::::::::-----::::::::---- ll NXO THEATRE HIGH CLASS PHOTO-PLAYS COMING ATTRACTIONS "SISTERS" From the novel by Kathleen Norris, f e a t u r i n g Seena Owen, Gladys Leslie, Matt Moore and others. WILLIAM FARNUM in 'SHACKLES OF GOLD' From the modern society drama "Sampson," by Henri Bernstein. - - A A --o - - AQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ - A - - A - - -000-9000900000000 HERE'S GOOD LUCK MAY WE ALL PROSPER Love 86 Megown THE DRUGGISTS -----A-------------------xz ECONOMY SHOE AGENTS FOR Florsheim Shoes ::::::::::o::ooo::::f.v9QQ9 148 -oo 3:2::::::::-:::::::::::::::3 U U Spalding Sporting Goods II If QUALITY FIRST ALWAYS I I If II I I V II II I I I II I Il II II II II Cripps Hardware Company II II I II II II I "On the Diamond" I I z:--...-----------o..--..---- SENS Distinctionuv 000000000 oooooooooooogooooogqooo - v v- - - v :c : :eoooooooeoooooegooeoe THE SPECIFICATION ,, :xxx :::::::--::::::-2:--zz I I: IC II II II I II I II II I Il II I CHAPMAN'S DAIRY I II II II Il I I II II II I J R II tI j II II I II I II I II I 0 I II II I LEP z I - I I PASTEURIZED I II MILK AND CREAM I ff Bell Phone 93 II I I I II I Il ' I,,,,,, ,,,.,, ,,.,,,,, ,,... ..--3. 3f"' """"' """ ""' ""' ' I II II II Il II Il II . I E L II I I I J e Ev e I e rs o f II I II II gg...-. -.-...--... M ....-....... I II II Gloria-How do you like Jim? II Marie-"All right, only he's too blame tight? II Gloria-"Oh, I don't think so." l: Marie-"To dance With." I 'I "I gave a girl a ring last night." i "You don't say?" "Yes, but she didn't answer." II Q..-.9QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ I I N QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 09-000000 00 90 U II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I 3 :2000o0..Q,oQoo9..oooQQo-oo'oapo00ooQQQ9ooc QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooeooooggooeeooooeeeoo Q.- QQ.. Q-- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ VERY BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW CASTLE HIGH E . E . S E A V Y 0 41 ll o U n-11 3 gg o I 3 II -1 S 25 5 3 ' 0 0 rv O o o fb : 6: E' 1+ 0 9 o 2 H we 2 :V u S g 4, 5' :' r cn Hy, U - 0 G Q 5' 5 O ' -AJ ' ' 17 I 0 4 , 4 CD 4 1 ' - 0 1: 1 If gl S E' 3 . f ' nu 3 E 5.03 E .H Q gf ,,5ql,sam?tIE rn Nl 3 ' " 2""'44 A GTE.. " ' Q 0 : P4 n-- 0 qu , .12g....5llf 0 0 ' 0 -' H Q 5 ie: If tie vkfasabt fu ' ' Q 0 FP L-P g ,G 5- 2 , . I MQ. O C 3 3 5 Qvwgfr -' 3 2 Q 0 Q "1 ST 5 pg 2 QJ A ' ' ' 2 0 0 Q 0 Q Q '4 U2 U2 'D O 0 3 g . 5. : Q ff 9, l'T'1 3 ' l: 2 Q W E 557 1 :: E E ' U1 ,-. II 2 - 9 a 3 ' S 0 O ll 5 G 0 fg---------- ---- ..... ---- ..... -- 0 9 57 0 0 55 Q 22..- ....... :--: 3 ::-::-----: :----:---- : .... - .... . D, 9 0 9 O n-U 3 3 3 3 m 0 0 0 o m I o o Q " 5 2 n 5 2 O 2 5 E as 3 3 P v-1 Q E 4 5 C ' I r-1 ' ' W 2. an Z 2 E 0 FU nu- 0 o f-4 CD : I' y n-1 I-I ... U1 r . F N I 'H Z S U2 ' ' ' O 2 'Q Q- ff S U S2 z o 3 m 'cs P1 Q -Q D ' FI .. W cu ff Q C 2 3 , . "" M O 99 r-4 . . 2 U2 it F5 S O , Q UQ E. Z 93 U o 9 , o l-1 : Pi ,.s o Q + UQ z z To the Class of '22 THE LIBERTY CONFECTIONERY WISH YOU ALL EVERY SUCCESS IN THE WORLD The Liberty Confectionery 3445 East Washington Street oooooooggeoxooooooooo oo : :Q ::::o oo 0 150 A-------,,----,----,--------------- ----- - - - - ,,v,-,, v--- vvv- v- ,v---v,vvv,,,:pQ4:,v,--:pc,:pQooc-oo4:v1v:::a R 12 ON THE SQUARE 11 11 o tl 0 o ll A N E Y " 0 ll 11 Q ll FUR l I URE C0 if 4 New Castle's Biggest and Best Furniture Store gf ll 0 II EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME 1: 0 0 ll A fair comparison of quality and prices has convinced Il thousands that Haney's is the place to buy your home furnishings-Why Not You? 4 3 0 CASH CREDIT 11 ll 9993339339:-ACCCCC::::::::::::::A-'CCC:C ":: :::::::3:::::':A -222:- Il " II 0 0 Bell Phone 593 Union Phone 486 0 0 QE Terry W. Carson gg 12 TEACHER OF 1: ll ll 0 0 0 1 ii "'152'31i',"d 5 M. nunamcns suns ii QE li WHOLESALE AND E RETAIL DEALERS 3 0 0 If ll Leather and Jhoe STUDIO ' ' " First Methodist Church 4' Flndlngs Corner North and Jefferson Streets EE Ei Iv 0 ii 2 11 0 ll 0 32 S' lMercer St' Ii FOR APPOINTMENTS Il NEW CASTLE, PA. II can Bell Phone 2774 11 0 0 ll 0 Ii II xx::::--xx::::--xx:-::::: ---- --- -------- ---- n 1 o::o::ooo::::::::::::::occ 0: :::::::::-::::::::::::::::::!2 GET YOUR se ff Wi r e I e s s ll if 3 Da d N' ht S ' il J t U y an 1g eSs1onS. 0 he S II A course in business II ll II 0 subjects will great- U AND ly assist you in se- ll cc - 0 0 A ' curing em- ,, WIRELESS MATERIAL E School BUSIIIBSS ployment. 0 of Modern Methods " " FROM ' ' " Q A business education if 0 . . . 0 0 develops business ability 1: E and enables you to secure em- 1: 2 0 ployment. GUMPANY EE EE II Il 15 S. Mercer St. 11 II II ll ll ll ll """"--O-'xx22:2-O-xxx: Z3::::A:::::-------------::::: zz ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, x:::::,,,,:::::,::,,::,::::::::::::: -:xii Mrs. Jones found Mrs. Smith, the aviator's Wife, in tears. "Whatever is the matter, my dear?" she asked anxiously. 0 'Tm worrying about Harold," said Mrs. Smith. "He's been trying for ii a week to kill our cat, and as a last resort he took her up in his plane. He said he would take her up 2000 feet and drop her over the side." 4: "Well, what is there to worry about ?" ii "Lots," exclaimed the frantic Woman, "Harold isn't home yet and the cat is." u li 0 THE DIFFERENCE 1' "You play golf?" "Yes," said Mrs. Grabcoin. I1 "That's a good Way to preserve your health." II "Yes, I'd rather swat a pill than swallow one." II ll -l o "Chollie looks tired, does he Work hard ?" "What, Chollie? He works just about as hard as a Sundial on a rainy ii ll day? 3 ........ ,, "What's the excitement down the street ?" ii "Just another home brew explosion." E: "Much damage done ?" li "Yes, the reputation of a deacon has been blown to smithereensf' o-ooo-v------v------------ooooo--oo-v---,,------v-----vvv-,:p4:- 0 ll 0 n 22 I -REQ Im I I I I I I I I I I I I s I 00-9-0-0 ooooooooqoeoooooooo 0 -oo 0... NO MISSES Father Ito Bobby, Who had just fallen down the stairsj-"Why, Bobby, did you miss your step ?" Bobby-"No, sir, hit every one of them." Cy-Hev ya tried many cases lately, Judge? Judge Brewer-Yes, but the stud in 'em is terrible these days. "My supper's cold!" He swore with vim, And then she made it Hot for him. "They say a rolling stone gathers no moss," quoth she. "Maybe not, but I never saw one yet who didn't need a shave," he replied. It has just about gotten so in some towns that little girls aren't even raising their dolls right. Girlie-"Can you give me a couple of rooms ?" Hotel Clerk-"Yes, suite one." Girlie-"Sir V' -? 3-- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II II II I I II II I I II II II II II II I II II I I I I Q.0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ JOHN E. ELLIOTT JOHN B. WADDINGTON ELLIOTT 8: WADDI GTO A utomobile Accessories Bell Phone 712-R-Union Phone 531-Z A 19-21 N. Jefferson St. NEW CASTLE, PA. gg-------------.......... ..--------- - - ------ ------- ---- - A - - .ooo 000-000-0900 Q9o.o+ ocoQQoQo. QQ, OOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 Y. W. C. A. V .: :-Ei2522552552555555isiii55255515255553252555552523555525522525iisiaifigigi52555555555255255252555555555352222552525555225255iaisisigigizigigigii55225525255525525555525255252Q5552252E25555255sisieiaiaizizifiiigigigigigiiiiigiiiiiiiiiiiQEQEEEQEQQQQQQQQEEQQQE552253555igSgig5555555QE55255555iii5isQsiaisiziiiaiaizizisigia -I:Q13::Qz::3:2:31:13:1:::::5:3:g:g:g2:2:1:I:!:2:I:2:2:2:Is2:2:2:2:.:-:-11:5gg::1:5:ri:zzgpg::5:g:g::2:2:2:1:2:2:I:1:1:1:-:-:1:-g-:-:::::gg::5:3::::z::::5:g:g:g::2g::I:2:21112:1:1:1:I:I:I:I:2:2:2:-:-:-:-:-:gg::::::::3:::g:g:g2gIg1:1:I:I:i:2:25:2:I:1:1z-:-:Z:::1:3:3:::1:3:5:51g1g:g:g1f2:2:!:2:I:f:?:1:-:1 :I:?9:1'T'5'3' 4 " :-:4-:-:-:-:':-:':::5:3:g:g2gIg1:I:I:2:f:?:f:1:f:i:3:513:':5:5:3:vsV:-1-:4:-:-zgzi:5:52523252323252311213:1:15:5:1:2:5135:3:f:5:5:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:1:::gIg!gI:I:1:1:25:f:3:i:5:i:i:1:115:5:I:i:5:i:3:1:-:-:-:-:':-:4:::::5:3:g:gIg212135:I:I:1:i:2:5:75:5:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:Z:3:1:5:::::3:g2g2gI:I:1:1:T s-5.1.,.: ' 2:1 1 25:32:5:5:iiiE221951211:212112211sz11212gg:515.5:35:grg153:51515:iz5:5:1:g:grQrmrrrzr1212:212111515153351515331515:5:5:5:5:5:3:2:2:5:5:ErEr:r:2:r:2:1:r:2:fe11111:1:rs:I:f:g:5:51g:5:5:5:5:3:g:5:5:5:5:3:5:5:1zz::cg:1::::r:215:3:35:5255:5:Q:5:5:5:2:i:5:22:Brix15:2:2:r11:1:1:2:r:1:5:g:2 ' A 1sis2522252522if22E2is2s5252Qs5s53555225522252525251252E55252525252523252525E52aiz255s52555sis5z525252255255QQESESQEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEiEiEeiz2s25Ez2EEsis5532is5sis5252525555222EEEiiiiiSEEEEEEEEEEESESEEF' - .1212 :ff 55352222252222Efififff2555255323E555552222252E252225252222QEQEQEQEQEQEQEQ '-ft :1:11.:.:-1. .55153:513:35151535:iz::1:g:,:g:51111:2:1:iz2:215pg:5:515:gg5:55:515:55:5151:11:55gpg:izins:r:r11:r15:515:g:3:3:515:3gzgggzgzgzg:533:g,:::3:::::::::g.:-- -'- -1-2-r:r:2:3:r' ,.,::5:3:g:,,, , - sg.:.,. . --- ' 1-15:2:g:3:5:5:g:g:5:1:11:g::::,:::::,:,::f- 115135: 'f ffE22252E2E25222325222522525552325252522252522222525132325252E2E252525222525EESESEQSQQQEQEQE525aieisiiisisififiaiei252EQEEQQEEESESEEEEEEEEEEE252525252255222225Siiiieiaiaizisisiaiagsg:gi :?'l'3 3 ' 5252522 :. 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'-,' , fl.5155g:g.5.3.:.g.3.g.g.g -.g.,.g.g.g 5'-:-:-:-az:MSM-gglwcorfdirziihrzS:-14-z5x4h'Ioii4E:.2-5:.:-:4-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-: - -f:-:oc-:4.-:-.5Q.f.Q!:kEswP- EASTBROOK CAMP Come One Come All WHEN? HOW MUCH JUNE 5th T0 SEPTEMBER 5th, 1922 356.50 per week. High School Girls, June 5th to 19th. Grade School Girls, June 19th to 26th. 55125 Per day' Business Girls, Sunday School Groups, 55 .50 per Ineal cpinner or Supper,- Ellwood City Scouts, and Alumnae Girls, June 26th to August 21st. Neighborhood House Children, Aug. 21st to 28th. Week-end Groups much desired and always welcome. 952.25 from Saturday supper to Mon- day breakfast. 52.00 from Saturday supper to Sun- day supper. REGISTER AT Y. W. C. A.. Bell Phone 748. Registration fee of 50 cents will be charged and later deducted from room and board. 3 .....-------...--------..----------..,,,,,,,,,-...------,,,,33 V L...A zz '-'-- --O .,.---- M-Q. ----.--- zz 22 --.--..-- -.Q-BOO...--0-""-ff ll : 5 2 I 8 z COMPLIMENTS OF z Photographs 5 5 I YQ O O W g 5 Mums a LUCKHART S O M z E z 0 O O 5 E I E 0 0 0 z ' ' ' PORTRAITS 3 Q WHOLESALE COMMERCIAL WORK 2 3 AND 2 2 CANDY and TOBACCO I . S SUPERIOR KODAK E 5 E FINISHING Q 2 I ' I . 2 3 2 3 3 3 2 5 5 South Croton Avenue E ' 2 2 NEW CASTLE, PA. 2 5 5 5 zz--ww-M ----... - -.--.---'-. 3: zxw.. .... M-Nu .....----....- zz """ """" "" """"" """"' """ """ ""' """"ff ll 3 3 COOPER Sz BUTLER COOPER Sz BUTLER 3 It O O Clothes for Young EE ll ll ,M e n NEW STYLES-WITH SPRING COLOR 3 AND LIFE YOu'll feel the Spring spirit in these clothes. New energy E and drive. The colors are bright, fresh lookingg models are 0 smart and trim, with many new changes for young men. 2 New ideas for men, too. z Made by Hart, Shaffner 8L Marx and other good makers. Every garment guaranteed. 5 COOPER 6' BUTLER z O 0 2xQQ-ooQQoooo------oooooo -QQQQ0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 22 155 :::Qoooo4::::::: ::::::oo.::::::oc::::::o::o::::::::o::::oo::o::: Seniors So 'tis really true that you're finished and through- Absorbing education! Well, We certainly do congratulate you On your graduation. MORGAN ART SHOP Bell Phone 1847 1209 South Mill St. :::::::::::::::::::::: ::::o::::oc:o::::o::o:::::oo::::oo::::: :::::::::::::::::::::o::::::::oo:::::::oc::oo::::o::o:::::::: E-CONOMICAL Why did you tip your hat to that Waiter? It costs too much to tip him with anything else. TRUE LOVE A glance A dance Entrance Advance Romance Finance. -Juggler Mrs. Worth had just learned that her negro workwoman had, at the age of 70, been married for the fourth time. "Why, Aunt Dinah," she exclaimed, "you surely haven't married again Z" 'iYassum, honey, I has," Was Aunt Dinah's smiling reply. "Jes' as of'en as de Lawd takens 'em, so will I." The Eskimos sleep in bearskins Up in the North, I'm told g Last night I slept in my bare skin And caught a heck of a cold.-Orange Peel. :::::::::o:::::::::::: c::::::o::::as::::::o:::o:::::::oo::::: tt 0 0 0 0 -1' lf A... 156 9 Q... , Q ooogaqqgoogoooooooo ---QQooo000-0000440000000QQQQQQQQQQQQQ THE LIVELY COIN Dollar--Insignificant nickel, I'm just twenty of you. Nickel-I should worry, I go to chapel every Sunday. SEE IT? See the law upon the books? What a pretty law it looks! Benetlts the human race fNinety bucks will buy a easel. O O 0 0 0 In ll 0 ll 0 II 0 0 II :I Among the day's pathetic figures is a local storekeeper Who, locked in II a telephone booth by a holdup man, didn't have a nickel to 'phone the police. il ll -ll il Little drops of Water fl Mixed in With the miik, if Keep the milkman's daughter if Clad in swishing silk. II 0 l. II Clarice-"Have you a date for the Junior prom ?" 11 Mary Cwith scanty dressj-"No, dearie, but I'm going to Wear this 2 dress to school today and trust for luck." 0 o zz X2 0 0 It ' I :I EDWARD BRINDLE A. R. KINGSBURY II 2 . 0 0 It 5 THIS BOOK IS A SPECIMEN OF OUR EE HIGH GRADE PRINTING EE The Brindle Printing Co. EE l 3 Bell Phone 509 St. Cloud Annex aooooooooooooooQQQQ9..QQ....ooooooQQQQQ. 0..oooooooooooQQoQ..-.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ: : : : : :-o: :--QQ: : : : - v vc : : : : QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ- 15 7 ..---------..----..--..--..------- --A - - ----- - - - - -,,,- - - A -23 cj. D. Shirk music Qompanv 'Nei k'. 5.1 L . 1 1 1 gl ,I wx "FIRST ITH ATEST" THE BEST PLACE TO BUY YOUR MUJICAL WANTJ' IN A CENTRAL LOCATION FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE The 3. ED. Ebirk flbusic Glompamg Bell Phone 2607-R 13 North Mill Street QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q-QggoooooooqooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ: : :o----: : : :QQQQQA - - A -ooo- - - -QQ FOR FAULTLESS DRY CLEANING CALL 955 "YELLOW TRUCKS" THE BRITTON DRY CLEANING WORKS OFFICE AND WORKS 108-112 Elm Street Rear P. 81 L. E. Station oooooeoooooo-o--...Q.,o-Q,-Q.oooo oo: : : c :oo : : : : c : oo I 0 0 ll 0 0 ll O 0 ll ll 0 O ll ll H 0 1 ll ll I U I ll 0 I 1 0 ll ll ::o:::: nu 0 0 0 0 0 lb lb 0 ll 0 0 23 OO if 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 ll li 0 0 u ll lb n ll 0 ll nu 0 nu li 0 ll 41 n ll 0 0 0 nu li an 0 0 0 u nn 4 I ll 0 0 0 an 0 0 0 0 22 4 Qoeoooqgoooooo4-000000000900Q ,,-,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, J. Clyde Gilfillan Lumber Company Lumber and Builders' Jupplies NEW LOCATION 901 WILMINGTON AVENUE Bell Phone 849 L CLYDE GILFILLAN Fine Modern Homes North Hill Our Specialty, But We Build Anywhere 0090090099999 000 OQQOQQOQOQQOQQQQCQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 1 i 4 i ! BABY PICTURES OF NE-CA-HI STAFF Top row-Elinor McKee, Jack Boylesg 2d row--Dorothy Gormley, Marion Swisherg 3d row-Joseph McFate, Alice Nelsong 4th row-Lee Starr, Dorothy Seavy, Katheryn Englishg 5th row-Jessie Shipe, Fulton Magillg 6th row-Clifford O'Brien, Alicia McCaHrey5 bottom row- , Paul L. Aiken, John Ray.

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