New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA)

 - Class of 1914

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New Castle High School - Ne Ca Hi Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1914 volume:

ECIAL TO THE PU LIC GUI YOU IF S HouLDR ETlR,E J V YQUIWQULD be up AGAINST PRICES the SAME N ' ? V' as BEFORE-we began Jbgusiness.. .I A IDO N 'T F j RG E T IT 3 I A q WE give you , V ' f AA 'Vq il' you. Want at the LGWEST PRICE., I G V QBIGINATQBS OF CUT "PRICES HERE. li ' oRr1 c3lNQ2xiL. m Q ff , , . , ' hfxxfv 1 - h' D I C I E SAT D T X' "i- . 'W 1 'V JJLCZ ' JJJLCZ ' Jnllcz ' VJJJLEL QJLLQ LIL GJLLQ LL-az Lcz JAJLELU ' QEWAZZ-EUWZEFU wigga-1, ISSN, KMZZZQQ KSMKMZZEKMZZSWJZZ-nf r ' E ? LE PTER FROM YALE Q GRADUATES E E Dear Mr.- , , 5 5 1.'ve been at Yale now since the new Start Your Business Career Right. SQ N tsrm I lihought Ytjlu Yfuld appgeci- Thereis no better way toimpress your future employer, Q 8. 6 8 ine I'Om me an lng YO11 or with your competence, than by being able to show him your A , persuadlng me to Select the models of ability to acquire and determination to keepin force a good im pg YOLII' SL1ggeST,i0I1 of life policy. It trains youin thrift. lt protects you whileyou B save. It creates an everlasting credit basis. md gli CULTURE DON'T PRocRAsTlNATE! ACT! ACT NOW! 5 ' Srlxgn IN xnxx XORIX BX Callor write forinformation ahoulour new0ne Dollar plan forStudents. J ' AMPECK The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company., E El I realize style is largely a mat- Harff0rd,C01m- 39 Q6 ter of Geography after all. If I'd ORIN s,cUNNlNoHAlvl,DisrrierAgenr. KN Own of 207 LAWRENCE SAVlNGS8zTRUST BUILDING Ag Q31 I'd have been a joke here, whereas my W X21 clothes are in keeping with the best ,A M, QQ groomed boys of the East, and are a ggi ' surprise to many of my friends here, E E llly1V! 'T'lq,'W it , il, 5 gil as their clothes coming from the swell f 'lllrfil ll i l ? J Avenue Tailors cost a young fortune " yywjll l l gl 5 and mine in fact are duplicated exac,t- l'lLlll1lll hfi4 l l 5 EQ? ly in style for as you know consider- Greatest Ice Saver on the i W Mlwl1fl!r"n4l'll l Nl ablxlhlaeslcs' agai yo p t me 'n Market' i will A n s n, as u u 1 . . l'lll,l, q ' E right. Show this letter to any of the The Largeststockmthe City L Jibfff RQ QQ Boys coming to an Eastern College, and GET OUR PRICES Vim U mi ' don't let them fall for some of the ,I ily A -QQ 1 0 QE imitation stuff we boys used to con- cu ED- lllwf l E Q! sider style. Regards, Hardware Co. f,M :,,9 6 E5 gy CUKEIRBIRAUIVPS E.w.....:.g2.. 3'4'3'6E-WaSh"'g'0nS" M1 E Zf'ZS E6' Z66Z5 fEL'?ZZZ5 Efengllsn Z3qJ lingnsn EE ZZ'3 EE?ZZ3 E5ZZ'ZCZSl 4 V, 32262271 fQEiZ?KQf'.2m ACZZKZZQ pshmvm 5211.511 ibm QZZKQQQ VQZZQKQZQJJ 5254534 IQ 6mJLL.ZJ7y!a.IJLL42J74a.1JLa.GiJLc1. 36239 mmzmlndgfydmhggf L4 7 E1 In nl EE KlNNEY'S SHQE STQRE Long experience in engraving has Q ON THE DIAMOND made uS the best. vi- SPECIALS 2 LADIES', hIEN,S AND Cf-IILDREN,S N5 'W RUBBER SOLE OXFORDS ggi Blacks, Tans and Whites The me VERY STYUSH Youngstown Arc Engraving Q at 31. 23, 51.49, 51.98 Com an ni Kinney's Red Front Shoe Store p Y' W ON TI-IE DIAMOND S El L W , Q1 Qflowere :Sp-:Peas Your ARTISTS 4 E5 , -.-,- PHOTOGRAPHERS Q .-n- 531811-QS-1 ENGRAVPIRS 215 In the best way for any occasion N W'e handle the highest grade in seasonable flowers ggi ' O ' rv' w'11 lease ou. Q, wIi2T1i:Jes 1511013713 IT.y ii QQ The cuts in this book were made by us. EE FISCHER 81 Mc RATH gg Y'INDICATOR BUILDING ig 1 2 North Mill sr.. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Q5-C:22ZMe1,L.4-f:z2QM1jffS-f22ZM1IifS2s'?F52ZM-?1IUIQNEQQZMQLEMZZSSQZMQJIILAQI v7 KWEQL QZ-332 2'?Z'2'jJfLE4WZf ,mp 1J'1fEC Qf mkgjnb f?k-qLfEf4Qfc6fjfJq?9f'?k1HMf5'1 Q E.. W 23? N S QQ QE ah QQ E U E N DICKSON sl co 35 l-Q5 xii f ' '7 '7' '7 7 ' 'f 'f '7 H7151 vfewieialtgigffigffeigfcig fLt ZZE Lggmwq 3ZZ Lf!gfl1Ewm ZZZi'5JU ZZ-?mJ ZQglf l W 2 l A F El 23 I 93 I: 9 5 I E If 2 I 4 O I H E S E 5 f-1"6 H-I :EQ We Melee Them Fef Men end I E E ,ng Women. Every Garment We f, ex CCY El- Make has Individuality. -:- ln, E9 z 5 T- ..,.. fl . 1: 1 'E ei -' Qkrefl. , ,ifffi.,l.l:g7QfQf3QiE2zaz , My 3 2, VV E-F' l T-T l'l E-H A R D-T O-F' l T 5:1eze.:1z::es::a-g ll ew. 'Mis - smgvx.. .V1, ,g-:,rgg.1f222f 7 SE 23 . 2 - we E S' E Xl Y 5 gf 5 5 A. P. GRANT, , X ,, . 51 ee ff? " 5 TAILOR Fon MEN .na WOMEN "T X ,V I gg zss EAST wAsmNoToN sr. New cllsms, PA. .. 55 u E E MARTHA w samoex-ol! aw E Z ou: 'rims HOME-MADE N l- I-I-I " M I- in fr HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS W LL' S I ' Martha PH 4 N II' .. ll Lu AT Qi CENTS EACH - l E u o 4-J Q, : l If you wish good training for after life. begin the L I m habit of saving a little each week or month with us. 25 0 9 er week or 50 cents er month will accumulate Candles R P U cents p. ' , p ' FQ I Z you'a nice little sum of money, and will also. create a N ... z habit of frugallty Worth many more dollars besides -:- Factory, 505 Twelfth St. N. We M o mi I E 1 TRY IT AND SEE Washington, D. C. 1 I" I FOR SALE BY E e L A AVIIIG A530 IATIOII Q I- "' E no I' R S S c MCKINLEY 81 FRANZ sg w ,V SIGN OF THE DOLLAR pr El 4f"I INTEREST 4X0 INTEREST COR. WASHINGTON AND MERCER STS. M 4 ' ut Q51 - .nltcc QJLCA - mn., LC.. - W big? ?f2Z 5fZf? 2Z fgfmm gjiin ffgigm mjiiyq ILZZZS 5ZZ plfeimdl I I m?EqJ 1?Jq LEEWZZZ 212322663 EZZES E-IESESQJJ 1?J1 ESJESTJJJ 553553 Lf!-Ef22.447?EqMf " 0 EE THE WUMAWS EXCHANGE' HARRY GROSS CO 5 203 E. NORTH STREET, , E6 if t New Castle's Undersellmg Store ig I yOU Wan Qi DELICIOUS.' HOME-MADE OPPOSITE LAWRENCE SAVINGS AND TRUST CO. N CAKES, Plas AND BREADS, D img X5 QE ALL KINDS AND VARIETIES. Z E, EAST WASHINGTON STREET 5 as We Pack BUX IUIICHES f0l PICNICS and MUTUII PARTIES 'TTETTTA 55 SN BOTH PHONES- YOUR MONEY BACK FOR THE ASKING. IQ E - RIVERSIDE - N EE LIVERY 8: TRANSFER JE s I'IARBISON 8 DODDS, Prop's. d E6 , Baggage, Light ann Heavy Hauling QQ Q , 1 ' . N Q A5nE',,,- Plano and l-lousehold Q wa ,10iW45lffNGf0fl5l Nfwf M ovm g Q5 SF AUTOS AND CARRIAGES N? ,EE Baggage to and from all Depots V from any part of City. V -1 dl E5 sl Elf J NEW BARN. 420 CROTON AVENUE. V '77 Z' '77 I' Y 7 ' 7 7 T - - - E 5 Q QEQEMZCQS E426 ES Eff:-ZZRMTJ EMM? EZZMSE-33 fLSi,J E-1? ELEMQEZZSTHKQ WKMQJGQSK JKQKKQQJM JKQKGMQJPSEEWK 4 if -'tajffflhvdnjfnc 462 'Jjftr cf Qf 'UNCC JKQK fzjfvgql Liza Fifi kyric kyfyfz t?E.iJ riZ'?JtfciJu7.A?i72Z:fA 7pZ:fA Lyrflm -3 -5. fee Q ' ' C,- Jg ., Always A Fine Display f , g' EE ' E S 'E' More if if q , 'VXV " M, DRESS GOODS AND SILKS . ' f t 0 u K T EQ! T STYLISH HATS Fon WOMEN C 2 QQ Q. ' :QA Ti J " Mlllmery Department k gs A TM 'W SQ ' ' f. WOMEN'S TAILOREID SUITS, COATS AND DRESSES T ,X , M K N V ,jg Thxrd Floor-Elevator 5? 1 A 5 N JE V - A159 , X 'F f "fi Q is , .fn . Igmxix V 6 ,a2fQS! E Q of ' 4yj4f?f Zito if ,f ' f KV ' Q Q W' MZ'cKf'ml ff ff U50 ff? 501- anmwfl AEAA 1 31 5 W wi, ' . ' A e A E A Xl fog 9 o N QQ agestze SATISFACTION. Straw Hats QQ QE . T D . ' ' ln Full Bloom Q5 J 11gaQI?9 The v1tal feature of your buymg transacuon 1S Satms- In All The Leadlng Styles- 5 faction. It's what you get out of lt. To get more shoe HE I wear for less money, buy UNITED SHOES. Itls Quality Q the shortest road to real satisfaction. Amd Style N l 5 special values at 51.95, 52.48, 52.95 For T' ALWAYS THE BEST PANAMA HATS QQ A UNITED SHOE STORES CO. ARE 54-50 'QE w.tM yM 36.00 to 88.00 values for gk 202 E. WASHINGTON STREET MEN AND WOMEN Ei ke' U W. R. ROGERSK MANAGER 596 We give S. 8: ll- Green Trading Stamps. Ask for them 'O S- MERCER ST. AjJj ZQiAjJjmff?r2Z Lfg5wI5lJm ZZ'EAJiLfggEmLG5'1Jm ZQ-AJjfm'2Z LfC'2Z fLE1Q VWQQZZEJ ff?E?Z6C73-513 fL'E ZZ5 Lfg,SEJ1 -ilq Lfiihwglm ?f2572 1H fL51P'?ZZ755fJ3Lf5f42ZZqMrC SIE JE E15 HH TE 6 LARGEST JEWELRY ESTABLISHNIENT E 5 athrr 4 rua. n. NEW it QQ GRADUATION GIFTS EQ Q We invite you to see our splendid showing of Graduation Gifts. The display Q55 PM is the best we have ever made, and embraces those novelties of merit as well 'N Sl HX' as staple articles. f 4 4 gg El El EI EI El EI gg EAL? DIAMONDS WATERMAN FOUNTAIN PENS BRUSH, COMB AND RR' EQ WATCHES STERLING SILVER BASS M1RRoR SETS SN Qi GOLD AND GERMAN SILVER BAGS IVORY ARTICLES wb, M Sn Bw PLATINUM JEWELRY CORDOVA LEATHER BAGS IMPORTED FANS F EE El El El El EI El W ANU THE HEW HIGH SUHUUI. JEWELRY IH HIHGS, PINS, CUFF BUTTUHS, FUBS ANU SPUUHS. 39 E wx El El E1 El EI El EQ N N QE If you consider quality alone, you will buy HERE. If price also is an object, Q SF you will have Two REASONS for doing SO. 5 - li - E fi 5 J EYVELERS Si SILY'EI2SlVIITHS , 'TB G 7d 5 N 213 E. WN'ASHINGTON ST. 1 H6 N EV H5 02 "Q V '7 7 'D P' Y 7 ' 7 1 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 '7 I 7 q 'EiZcf'7'Z-511 fL Z3 QqJ 25351 Qjiklii 23311 -?Jq ?2Z ?i gZ-5411 535323125526-Si 521554, 2532556251 23111 LEWZZ3 EEWZZZEJJ as 251265 fLE5MZZ3g 52 S2 P Va 55 E5 Q Q N N Qs V 4 ag M 5 EQ R FN N Q QQ QL W5 Q S U Efhia Annual in hervhg hehirntvh in ji Thr Seninr Qllnnz nf 1112 Nun Glnztlv ig? EE Tgigh Srhnul, Nun Glnatle, liennaglnnnia, Q5 Q Bling, ninvtren hnnhrrh sinh fnnrtevn. Q EW 15 V28 '7 '7 7 ' 7 Y '7 '? Y 7 ' 7 7 ' I7 q !fi6g?f6ZZZZ3 25522253 32Z 9g ifLS5?11q LKETZZZZEJU 3552625 Lgi Jq Lf5Sg2Z -HJ ?ZZ 1q?J '54 E3 S 32 5 1 EQ gl Eg 5 if if fa 5 Q T 5 R 9 E M T QS Q E O-5 A E3 55 W E Q My QQ Qi QE gs: if if E! O 51 UT E5 N M K4 Q1 ER Q N PY N QQ Qi 9 E gg THE NEW CASTLE HIGH SCHOOL MONITOR STAFF. 5 ET QQ? ggi E' cZfPZZ3i f ZZIS EE' Z?ZS Shawn 5Z2Zf9 1f5J ESQ 55535255 EEZZKQM QEELZ4 A 4 1 i ' JJLLQ LL?4 Liza- Ln EMC-Z ' mlm 0:5132 LLQ LLQ Di W E'TE,'1m424K mn4?Z mM 6mmw.Zk-,1J5mmmM mZ fTC nl .tis WI E fi S EQ ES Gllmm nf Ninviven Ilinurtmm Grertinga. ES are are Fi R Ni IHE years come and go so swiftly that I can scarcely realize it is time for our second N ii I . ti A N Annual to appear. and make a quiet appeal to friends and patrons. Q sg EI There has been a steady growth and satisfactory progress in our high school, and I Q EE have appreciated the increasing pride taken in our schools good name. EE I must compliment the MONITOR Staff upon their work this year. Through their efforts Wm 55, our school has received flattering recognition both within and without our state. These 5 ii " successes are a challenge. They demand further and better attainments. It is the aim of this school to give to its graduates, in addition to a certain amount of A9 g R RQ positive knowledge, an ability and will-power to do what they should, when they should, joyfully, W Q earnestly, and efficiently, whether they wish to or not. , Sli im Your four years have made you very really a product of this school. May the successes ,Q Kd you have won be the earnest of future achievement. This is my wish for you individually and EE Q2 as a class. 1 K Faithfully, your principal. Ei ' if if Fi R N N Principal's Office, WL May 15, 1914. -KH fix ill? ? Ei Elm F-if Q15 QQ 10 - LZ - Jn' 7 - mutfgiitcz mm fsltcz mug, LZ - mia W bEl E-?iva-Ek,-11lw'iZk1qpmmW.Zk-gf5mW.Ek,-fqmM w,Zk,-,qpMZ4 53331522225355?Z qJ??Zk'-,27JUf5Sf,?,fL55WZZ3fLS?1fLEZZZ3q5L'iZ6!ZZ5 K'Z1?qJ E12 615 HE '12 5 Ek w We 1 11 QQ QQ WP? QF 32 5 H BQ Q w N 1 11 QQ 91 EE Q15 3? E6 15 Q Q2 Q I Q EDW. SARGENTY ha Pi Pr1nc1pal of New Castle H1gh School Ng I? 1912-1913 and 1913-1914 gl? 15 5 W HW Q11-WZ? Hwffifzzd Hwefzid f'53i'?'15?f?KJ?J nfs? UQZZJ U-'TWZJZCZ-'J H-Wfffifzz-1125213 ' Ujftcd 4f":ajfu: 4 .ff-'imc cf 4K-'jjfw uJ1.fz4f 4.71156 unfit cf 4f':jftc 4 4K":s7fcc 4 4f':jUrm.4. ,VQMJLLQ Lg-Q -f 5 N 7 , 7 Y ,7 1 V v1rfcZZZ5JnrrfAKZZZs'7JnLf? ZZZ1T'jg :Zim-3 ESS? amaze RW?-52353 IQL-mgfggfrw 755 FACULTY EQ 51 is TX EQ QQ as W SH 2 QE QL 5 9 E1 25 .gi -54 H p V f-A! 5-5Si'.v32151 pfnrfii-151.143 Q E, xywllf xl U b F, I' A he QS N we Qu Q? iii 5 DN 55 R DN N N if R1 BERTHA STEARNS, B XI E5 Latin. -EJ gi "It is surprising how some people can translate and QE S not know the meaning of the words." 1 E15 fs! W 12631 LCA 'd 7 7 - ' 7 F 7 ' 7' W 7 - 7 Q 7 4 7. ,7 ig, Magma Jim-1? MEM? Dramas, Siam-H gs QZMUJ emffgzzj-fa Lf9CfZZ 1j?J,,fj:-,ggis m:iqJLCf'.?Z ZZgAJjj ZQ?jjJLfC'??E LfgEiU5dJ1 ?fZ Jq Lfghgglwm ZZ5 ??Zf? Eg FACULTY Kg P M L-5 gm 35 F6 NN NN N, N, E N QE QE 5 ? EE 55 36 N N E5 MQ PY Se QE 5 E 35 EQ 35 35 Nw NRI N Ns, M En N N Qu ERNA VON DAGGENHAUSEN, S. G. BALCOM, QE TUE Head of German Dept. Head of Commercial Dept HE gt "Nun bitten" "The very ide-ar!" ix Ei El ag mi V '7 -7 17' r 7 - 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 fx 7 ' 7 '-7 Y 13 Q ftL' ZZ3 fL ZL3 Siem C'p512Z qJ LESS 'VQmJLi.21v Vik K2 I-LQ mcij -, ,7 ,7 '17 H Wg fcr.MQfL5Jq fcf,ZZZ157Jq nigga? rvimvn fL ZfZg Lfg fL ZE pL ZZZ5Jg 5335663 FQ gg' FACULTY .QE Q5 , WE Eg V , Q EQ 55 W A X SF' QQ as EE 5 , ga mg E5 nge 5 W A 3' N N SS Y EFL HE g g ff Q . EI 55 2 M N5 Q DCS' 55 HN 25 LEZELEE? 99 V UYOu,re Ver n hlld g - b P - w ' H ,Head of Mathpimatlcs Dept. 'EE' J gb tie Cdlwlifs-k Outl 521011 re Ceftam1Y Let s explam yon flgure over yonder." gi 5 no 0 ere 1 n w e ge." E 5 was Q53 WE I-Li li: 7 ' 7 W '7 1 L-Leg 7 , 7 7 v , B-,QQ pcc.ZZQ'-Aaql KAZZZZQ ?2Z Lfihmnq ZZZg EFQEQJ1 fufzigizafjq L5?2Z 3ZZ p 1 v 4 1 9f5Ef1J 52233 QQWZZEAJ Myfy f- 4 - 4 CISJIKZ 27- ,VL-My 7 Q 7 , Q Wm J mgsmW.2f?kF1fQsg3smLfC:42Zk5.?4LfWffZz3g5af2Zk1FjLfQ wtf FACULTY If J AL 5 E5 5 W PH Nw Y FQ QQ M Us N1 if SQ 51 E15 EQ if N Ei W QQ V QW N . E, w iff N 5 QE Q rf w FQ ' in EEN Heacgxo L. c?eIf1TjI' e PM 1 "Think a little bit iLSwillSioDyE1E. good to think HE5dOci'GI?is?tEifBgjfyt, Once 'U a W 19-Y' "Bmw f ag V Wh Q1 J LL-Q2 -7 3 fgmmggffmzg 5f2Zk,,?JfLfg,Sj1gf2ZyfmLfLQq3JLt-Z 7 , ,,,MZ , mfgmwjfgmffv YJZMEQ Eefwffzzczg QQ hr S V ESQ? EEZZZZ fiwgym Emacs swag QW, EECWZZZS 5L?.MZZS gg FACULTY EE P 535 5 T 5 51 E if EQ A ME ng fx E W N N QE QQ 5. 9 F5 J A Ei all E5 1 115 QS, Qi Yi 5 H E V V J J 5 3 M5 55 R9 as R N M M, CARL BALDWIN, ELIZABETH PATTERSON, og QQ W 7d E Mathematics and History. History. Z1 E E1 gg Mrhuho bell-has-V-rung," "Books closed and attentionf 5' fd 54 74 Q-QIGQJLLA W 131 J s '7'P 'Y' f 5 V, T' ' ,7 f LLQ , xii , ELL 311 -7 ' 7 - P33211 fff,Z offfkgoqml Show KAZZZZS EQCZZZZE Show EX!!! n We seizzwa Cale-QZMQ efizma fffeeessi, image E553 EZZMQQEQ ig FACULTY gb ? A f AQ N i EM EQ? 55 AN AN N FS if N eg E QA Qi if 5 54 5 E5 55 A LN Q FS R1 N Xi AW QQ SS ? 9 el Sim 5 H 35 AQ Lk We Q Fi ii N cy! Y W QB SARA SANKEY, H. L. CLELAND, 3:3 QE Mathematics and Science. Mathematics. Q5 J "Now, do you get me?,' "Are you in a hurry?" 56 Ei ' Ei 35' H51 W , , , , , A , , - H Q Egg ZZ3g ZZ3 ZZ3 as ZQ-Ali Lf Z62Ajlj ZZ3q gEjJ rVQELILLiT 27' Lg-Q mi 7 ' -7- -7 ,7 7? Www 5:45555 EQLZZZZS WLZZZZ 595mm 32Z qJ ZZg ZZ:g ZZZi'fq E1 B' FA C U LTY .GE '4 5 F BQ N 99 QQ 9 of of Q? 5 5 'g . M5 55 S N to R w Ml QS oe W2 V FF lf if 2 , E1 L5 M X4 M A DN 95 SQ ROY ALLEN, IRENE MILLER, .Q QE Mathematics. Drawingl ' J "Well, that's pretty good." "Not so much noise, walk on your t l 51 if 5 Z 26927111122 QZQPVMCZ ZQPVMWQHLCZ 27 ' WMM SMC-Z 27 - pfmtfw fif LZ - FEL M .Mm 5525446-Q M516-pq vjfdtb-U mmm WZJQMQ.-U KAN, fVQ'Z!? fnmegfceal riikgn PQEQ4 4 Waggaimzzzfs,52462541kfzzkigmwmkyzwigmgmawzzlssyzkiffw ig FACULTY gg 5 L 5 W E5 Nw NN Q Q PY PE 22 22 V -1 V -1 Y ? E FS N Q . PY 'XY EE gh ge Y K ,fr ,' 2 Y ef Q X F if Ji 5 EQ ES 36 N N L Q E5 4 Sd PY EY QE FLORENCE EVANS, WILLIAM C. KNAPP, QE, ry H TypewriLing. my H Y V SCIQUCQ- 7- l Y x J What are you trymg to do now. I ll throw you out. andl m not kxddm you th J 51 5 if-ig? ZKfgAjj SSS QQf2Z Li?fZZ Lf 4 5 P - W 52 T15 , , 3' E! - g 'V WLLQY fy 'G' TP eV f f Lario nvyf -1 -7 K7 ,7 -7 5, f 7 -7 , QE M4245 EW EQMZJZQS 5622426 EES? RWZZG EWZQZQQ gg FACULTY 36 n L A- 5 v if ag Fa ? ' EA A 5 , EF S A M3 ,N A My Q1 is n e QQ ' - Qc . f Q5 5 154 . A A EJ m5 , e 24 Y R9 4 A W gg ' H. A. PACKARD, FRANCES FOULKE . rg' Fgokkeepingy., German. ' E1 E Ng ' yes' slr' "Stand up, please, and everybody sing ig E15 ff W 20 L Qlblqgv 79" ULQZW J7 ff KZ ' 713JfH J '7 LQ- ' v 7 ' 7 7 - W SSW MMQQ H4445 MEM-F1 Hmm swag Reggie? kwin ezzkga wigs swf 'VTEQEZZZQQZQEZZZQZZQ5ZZEQZig 5E?ZZiZ5EZZZQZZ5E5iF W l if nl f EE FACULTY '?E V A i k 5 5 . T RG, l , 35 el lg A i i , SQ E i ii - x EE ' f F? Zia le g gg . all X Be , M. 1 A 'Fd E X L sg M0 ' , K sg gli . f N - 'N Q1 l Q Q, S51 i e l i ai BUHLA MITCHELL, ALONZOA HOAGLAND, -'J W? English. English. f E gi "Talk right to me! Don't pay attention to any "Don't pile up your books until the bell rings." 5 one else." 5 gi my 6 '? '? '? '? '? 'f '? F QESEHEZZZZZEEEZZZZZSEE??ZZZ5EhmmL2?2Z2Z?Ehw FEZZZQZEREZZZZZEEZZZZZZEEEQQ ET ET '31 TU . fl v e e ei QE J ij C E3E31fLZZ6CZ5TJq ZZ'E'Jm EEZZZZQQU Elmglm 52253 Ewan fLEf?ZZZ3'fJg EE' ZZl5fJq fLEf?ZZZ:'fJ1 Ed? FACULTY gf: A 5 5. R9 Fi CS N N N SQ QB SS ill? Q E 5 E fl El Q E5 N LN lil wa Q15 Dv' R9 ll ll R Ck Q W -Q1 MARGARET FINLEY, LOIS MCKINNEY, S EE French, English, English, History. QE 351 "Well, I once knew a man who-" "That's fine. That's very much the best yet tjk sl El all 1 Q 22 7 - a ' ' - l 7 7 7 ' 7' 'f Q l.QQ-S511 52 3ZZ Jq E5-fj?.2Zk53Jq Lfinbwvm L'fgi2Zk2J3J-1 FS.-Q35 Lkjgkijq LfEzWZZCZ5Jq mf'.Ug.ZZ 'Umm 56313511 5f2Z F'?2Z Lf ?QJq Q5gpZ3q Lfgiajg ZZ'Z'3jJ QfpZS ?f2Z f ig FACULTY I6 E1 Q F N W A 1 Nw Q FS JE QL QE F5 J fl A ff 5 aa QQ EQ Rr! Q1 FQ Ri? A33 QQ iii E E Q1 aff gf A? E15 3 ES 55 PY kj S A N QE MARY RIFFER, ROSE STEWART, QQ 5,5 German. Latin. Q Q jx "Deutch klasse, bitte. Reden sie nicht!" "That reminds me of 3 funny St y g in :iw V Q fb Quiz, Lil RQ fLL JfCZ Q51 -7 A7 -7 - WM E-.QSUJKLZZZQJU M1263 m Zgj fifmm p-a.Z qJ Sim, swag ZZfZ6Jq EEZZZZ-531 fL?MZ4 v r EEJgfL ZZIJ'?Jq fLE??Z6CZ5TJq FQEYZZZSUJ LESS?J1q fu5fZZ 1J gig EEa'?ZZ6c'Z3 EE' ZZZJ'?Jq E' ZZ'CZ:'TJq ,gg FACULTY gi: ia EQ A26 R Fi N W 3 Y E Y r .. 2 r BFE 232 W h W 5 2 Fi R N M N f 4 ' Y Q Q 5 5 5 95 ' 5 A SQ E u N SPL ES GRACE FARRELL, MAY LEWIS, QE English. Bookkeeping, Shorthand. QE fm H214 to-night!" "Come here please." I gf 3 D2 24 7 - 7 ' ' 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 '7 ir 7 7 - Q Lf?,2Z ?Jq E9ZZ Jq Lf5:13i2:':i'H 52Z ?Jq Lf'5QS?5lj Lf22Zk33Jq ZQfAjj 32253 1Ef22d472ElLfZZZZa"lfEL'e'?i:y46Zc?725J1EfCZ22ZEilEE'Sl?f2ZKw?Jlif!1bsq5lmLfZZ6CZsJfVC'f4244?Ei nl is I 4 tw Q Q 1 4 Ili Q all le V I ill Q eb lil EFI Q F HIGH SCHOOL SONG. BY Miss KATHERINE FOULKE, Former Assistant Principal I To the praise of our dear High School, Sing we loud and long. Glory, honor and affection, Give we her in song. Hours of gladness, free from sadness, Happy students here, Sing we to our High School friendships, And our High School dear. II All her children sing her praises, With a love most pure. For her aims and inspiration. Changelessly endure. With her beck'ning hand before us, We will do and dare. Live to honor, truth and virtue, In these halls so fair. III Bonds of friendship here we're forming, They can never break, They will last, still true, unwavering, For our High Schoo1's sake. And the mem'ries We will cherish, As life's path we tread. Of the friends we knew and valued, Wearing black and red. IV When our days of school are over, And no more we're here, Still we'll think of her with rev'rence, Alma Mater, dear. Swell the singing, ever ringing, Gladly We'l1recall, When our student days are over, Life in these fair halls. ti S PM IQ '65 R if N QI CJ R Q li file E4 El u r E5 VJ ' -f ' '7 V ' 7 ' 25 W grew,awzzzaemZz:a,1e2Z2M1,f,e2z2Ml,fe2Z,2Ml,,e2zM,L,:,y4egz:ae,,ew f MQ F' MQ , Emilia li 'f 'f vw 1,fffmafzzjfmmejfgeMgfzeafisasmmmmggmxzgsasmamggsmggfw N the third of September, nineteen-ten While in knowledge we gained more and more, ii' A Es SENIOR CLASS, N. c. H. S. 1914. W3 all An important occurrence took place, To the High School-'will ne'er be forgotten- We went with an undignified pace. We were large and small, and thick and thin, But that mattered not one bit, We were all as green as we could have been, Which is not just a saying of wit Professor Dickson met us at the door And in tones of stern command Asked what we had come there for? Did we Latin or Science demand? We shivering Freshies knew not how to demand, But meekly we stepped into line, And stayed where we happened to land No matter whither our bent did incline. Through every pay of that first year We were always afraid we'd be caught By the Sophs whom we looked upon with fear, Yet few were the hazings we got. On the lofty pole we hung our flag, From Which of course pulled it down And tore it to many wee shreds of rag, Which to them were signs of renown. In studies we shone like the heavenly sun, And our teachers will tell you 'tis true That of classes we were the only one Who learned all the books through and through, Thanks to instructors who helped us along Most all of us weathered each test. We left the "Old High" with a sigh and song, But as Sophs we'd still do our best. But brighter yet in our second year Just because of our new High School, We paraded the halls at the point of the spear And breathlessly heeded each rule. We looked on the Freshies with fire in the eye For this was our chance to be brave. Thinking that we could be cautious and sly, And show them how to behave, Then we studied of circles, words, and wars, But faithfully yet we bent to the oars, Ever tossed on the sea of booky lore. At the end of the year our helmsman left For a home in the wild, wooly west, Leaving us of a leader bereft, But without him we'd still do our best. In our Junior year Mr. Sargent came. With his hand he now showed us the way Which leads to the lofty castle, Fame, So we studied our lessons each day. But his teaching we sadly disobeyed, Our ambitions we fastened quite low. To a pole them to tie we next essayed, But all classes wished for the top, you know. So down came the flag and the Hagpole too, A Bringing with it our hopes and our dreams, And this is no fable I'm telling to ou, For they've dubbed us as "grades" forever it seems. Then to com lete our year of misfortune Our own d,ear Miss Foulke her departure took, Leaving a song which just suits our notion. And her teachings we never forsook. In September, thirteenth, we Seniors made way To mr High School on the hill, We answered the summons without delay And went back to our work with a will. We wrestled with Virgil and struggled with Orth, We delved and we dug for more knowledge, And greatly rejoice that this year is our fourth And soon we'll be ready for college. Thus four long years we've made things go And gaine all the knowledge we could, So we know that we know what we know And we ho e that we'll all make good. So here's to the teachers who helped us through, And to students who follow our wake, The class of fourteen wishes to you Success in all that you undertake. -LAVINA A. MCCONAHY. 2 Af LLQ Lcz ' Jul LLL Gil 'f Lua in Q53 7 ' f mfffacffgiifisi KZZZZSJ, p-52223 fsissm RZZZCZS KJZZZS, Saw, pLa ii S it il is Q it TIE l 3 it Q S, f al ta A4 V E11 Lf5f2Z Jq EE ZZ3 fEL' ZZ2Jq Zig-Q fpgfmgjm EZZIZEQQ Smcalm EE ZZE 53225-JE L 6 Q5 Q EN A FXVHNT : W Si-it X 3 JF X 7 7 M Q5 M ' - Xu 5 QQ 7 7-+ f eg R 27 '7 '7' 7-' 17 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 11 7 ' 7 'Q Q51 Q Jq EEEWZZZS E'efZ6ff2?ZZ5Jq figmm 522253313 LEE?-ZZ 3Q 3ZZ q?l LESS? Lf5J.2ZQ4Z9, LpEiZ6C73-53 fL 2 'finial 5212 2725 hav 7 affa 5:7412 27217 Lmixliav Fi? Rav ryf mil fgfav Vyf Life-12 FWF Ll1C7Q" Ej MMQKEZQ 221 fre-ZZQKQASJU 55255111 MMQKQQ fEC'. Q pinball pr,M'f?4fQmj7l KMQKGQ l Q4 El SENIORS gli 5 Q :QQ 5 El . E6 A l 'ku R9 nl FR be N QQ EH as 55 5 ii tl tl ge ge R it M Mt Qi QS Z1 E El E 3' Y E162 elm fa v JOHN SAMUEL POWERS. JOSEPHINE KEAST. HARVEY BUSH, fa , Lx W John, the efiicient president of .our Josephine is an "all-around" splendid Harvey is one of the most popular AQ class, comes from the brush. As Edltor girl and ranks very high in her lessons. fellows in the Senior Class. He has Ad A of the "MONITOR," he has shown untiring Her interest in school affairs has helped Showed remarkable ability in the capacity gi N zeal and unusnal -ability. He displayed to elevate our "il-Hgh." She has served as of feelpball manager. AS 3, baskepball W MN remarkable sklll ln his portrayal Ofithe class secretary in her Sophomore and Sen- player' Harvey has few equals and as a KN N character of "Major Haliday in ' All 10? years, and took the .leading part 1n fA Winner of fair hearts, hg is unsurpassed, N B Tangled Up, ' but this was to be expected VISIOH of Youth." This .year Josephine But unfortunately, he Wm-ships his ideal E from such an oratorical genius, preferring has served in the capacity of asslstant in his heme town, who has not the hgnor QE' to debate rather than to-eat. All through editor of the MONITOR: She also. is noted of being u member of 1914. 32152 the four years of his high school career, for her splendid candles. She will be our H . ,, V he has been One of the great "Powers" Of historian class night and We expect her to Love, and 9' cough' cannot be hid' ef 5 his class. prove that that there never has been a lg B5 finer class than our 1914. Q 28 Q F Qlmav 27227 LtQ'D'f'F'iff Ltav fyf Ltwi.1JLt.Qv 47.917 MESH gfgv ryf' LCZ ' F11 LC-Z ' PLJLQ. M PS1-STU l'K f M-ZKQGQJ U-IAMQQS taiwan nigga? leimm l'K Q YZZZ-n f?-RM E333 5f?Z 3f2 ql 3?Z i i?1i ZZ2fi iiiigiii ZZZ5 Zfli'5j Lk?f2Z L EK QL W? :I E1 A Q 4 4 I Z' E5 Q aka 5 W Ei ii E 352 is iQ I5 E F! E9 SENIORS R its LOUISE TREADWELL. "Tready" is indeed one of our most popular girls. She has served in impor- tant positions galoreffar too many to enumerate here. On our basket ball team she is a star, and showed particularly well recently when we defeated the strong Y. W. C. A. team. We are delighted when Louise entertains us both with her singing and acting. She likes to be called a suf- fragist, but declares she is not a militant suffragette. "The cause of every gallant's sigh." ALBERT TRESER. Albert is one of our honor students. He claims that he sometimes studies until one or two o'clock in the morning, but he has not told how he spends his evenings. He distinguished himself when he first en- tered High School by making a heroic dash down Washington Street to save a Freshman from a much deserved hazing. Albert has been one of the most promi- nent members of the class, having served as the President in 1912, Treasurer '11 and '14 and Athletic Treasurer in '13, On class day, he will be our orator and we ex- pect much from his production. RUTH DUFFORD. "Duflie," the class butterfly and danseuse. During this year, she has played on the Senior team, starring both as. forward and guard. Her "heart af- fairs" have been quite innumerable. However, Ruth has never seriously neg- lected her work. "Were man but constant, He were perfect." 1 Q F? Ei S as F ee ggi it as ? .1 Qi N he ? tl T151 Sm 2-,tn M246 JQSJJ M2462 231 VCCJJKQK 231 P95731 ITAKKQ 231 FEB-31 UZCAQKKQK 231 M246 J 231 fcc24fQKQfA3i gg Lrygyf- ugfyfm uf-yfyf-,AJ as Q1 myrygfmi lm gn Li:?ryZ1..J LL?fyf gg Q 'wwmjfg-fav ryr hav fir' Liege: fir' LLLYQESJLCZ fnjimilir-fav 721' LLQP 721' Lyzv f,F'i!?l D17 sf' wl KMQJEQ MMQKQAM ISESTDDJJ IPEEUH ECAJKTQKESJJ M1245 KAEZQ 221 f .4 sg SENIORS gg 4 F as e A P A s A 1 ' ge 'B , - it l m l We W9 R , N W f r N A l 3 l ETL n QL vas l Q A 4 S El We 55 Rr! s 1 , , Q Eel 1 l f me A l QL s Q ssl Q P' ll J Qs s El ' VESTA SNYDER. HENRY LARsoN. OLIVE BOYD' E , A5 . Vesta has helped to make our class Foot ball IQ14' Olive has always been one of the R9 1fnfn9l'tel- She seenls, always to haVe en' Hen's an admirer Of the ladies Yea, school scholars, even though she has had Re A thuslasm Wherever It 15 needed- We Shall and loves to be called such. Also he is a much trouble with her health. She just FR N always assoclate Vesta Wlth her Wonder- general believer in Carlon. As a surprise absorbs Latin, and gathers in her English N MN ful voice. She was on the Junior brantluet to the Ucriticsyu Hen elbowed his Way themes from inspiring spirits. In gym. N N C0fnnnt'Cee3 tgffk the leading P3I'F1n All into tackle, where he was most noted for Work Olive has been unexcelled. Guard, K N E Tangkiq Upn and one Q? th? prmclpalroles nerve- This is Hen's Specialty- He may forward, center or referee are all equally Q ln the Passing Parade this Year' .Vesta well be called our "jester," for he is will- easy to ber. But then Oliveys Irish. EE fenfesented "Mother Hubbafdy' ln the ing to sacrifice himself or anyone else for ' 'EE "Vision of Youth," and caused niuch rner- the Sake of a joke. He usually gets fer- "Who thinks most, feels the noblest, V 351 grrllenl: by her acting in "A Glimpse in a given, however. acts the best. rj c oo room. Q El Q15 , il f ' 7 - 7 ' 7 ' 1 LCZ ' JJJ RQ LEZ ' M eg? iq ?2Z ?i F-222533-,J Siem 3Z i ESE fVgvZZ ef.ZZ6e"if2sq pf2Z Ql EEN!! d ?f2Z figs? ZZ2j fllfgsqi ZZ5 ZQ:4Jj ql9f2Z f sl is r E SENIORS 4 4 'W MARY ETTER. Quiet and demure, Mary glides about, letting others chafe, while she is busily engaged in making friends. Let it be said also, that Mary has shown her admiration for dark hair and dark eyes. "Love all, trust a few, Do wrong to none." LOYAL CARLON. Loyal is the most versatile fellow in the class. He plays foot-ball, base-ball, and- the violin. He is also a great actor. He makes love like a Sothern-of course, we mean on the stage. In "All Tangled Up" Loyal delighted everyone. We are glad to observe that Loyal is sensible enough to know that the nicest girls are in our "1914." "And when a lady's in the case, You know, all other things give place." FLORENCE WEITZ. Florence just arrived in our midst this year, but everyone likes and admires her already. No one ever saw her look cross, for she wears "the smile that won't come off." She is a very good student and we only regret that she could not have been with us longer. "A bashful little maiden, Who ne'er a word does say, Except when called upon in class, And then she'll talk all day." b I u 4 1 F E .. ld El Q1 Q be ls QQ Q94 W? Fa' U i N Q as la QQ - at E15 E15 tl al ? sl Q Q2 MW 6 '? '? '? '? '? '?' '? - kgl ZQ5Aj EZZZS EEJFGZZKZ lgriglsm FDZZZCZS as l Z6CZ EEZZECIS RZZECS E 4 A s .v fwml Draw rw' hav FW' hav FP? Eagsilmz fmwgjgaw 721' LLQZQ-'D yyf Lg.,-Q ypf' Cmvv X?1 KMQKQS MMQKGS 5955313 QSEEUJJ MMQKQS KMQKLSS f gl c Eg 'EE SENIORS 5 F l i 'jg 5 T it tl ti R9 Ae S N YJ M, lit QE W3 755 all in '55 '55 R Ae Q CQ N N SE Sl EE fy Q - J 5 EVA ENGLISH. 5 'Q . ARTHUR SHIELDS' MAMIE MARLIN. El . MK Undoubtedly, Eva will be an honor Class President '11, Football '13-'14 F h F h M . h A student. How often!! we have siggiled for Track '13-'14. been aiglxye alqeflaggagnlaeZzhOo?ngEairZS an er ability to grasp er essons. e has h' 1 n ' n ' . . ' FQ not, however, neglected outside matters, the Eoiie dist ai, 125153 lieaispiogug, if when a 'lumor She Won applause m.Our gk N - - ' . i 3 e ' play. This year she has been especially N but has always been lf! fm' a good tlme In football his own broad shoulders have ' ' " K N - - . f . , busy. Appreciating her ability, the school tl and a frolic whenever an opportunity r . car led the team to vlctor after v ctor - - i Y 1 Y- elected her to fill two very important R occurs. This year she has served as Girls In I- k- rk n n . . Q , , t ac wo , e put t e town on the .. - . . , oflices Treasurer of the Athletic ASSOC1 Athletlc Editor for the MONITOR, and last map by Wlnnlng a gold medal at pltts, t. d L.t Edt f th M E' year she was a member of the committee but n W a e Ianni ' a lon' an 1 erarv I Of Q .e ONITOR' 5 Td., , g . e r p ng a special room 'Qi . . . . . She always waxes enthusiastic over any -4 v of arrangements for the Junior dance and for h ro hx yn S ln . . Q, nf t. d . Chr. t t. . lit P 95 13 S Pl' g- H15 happy form of athletics, and IS, moreover, one lf J receg lon urmg ls mas Vaca lon' . d1SP0S1t10H and goodmearfted Way? halfe of the stars on our Basket Ball team. cf 5 God bless thee, and put meekness ID endeared to him many friends during his 3 EE- thy breast." four years High School career. 'H E WSZQJLZ - fling - 7111315 f fmmcgitgg f fam time - mm, f Lcd - 1llLQ gn l-51 5722252-pg pf2Zk1q vZZk-iq fslmwq WJZZU LESM WZZMZZU mK QZE-gg EAM! l 54 EV QUE-5-ij 5?Z ZZS ZZS Lr??Z Ll-Sntwgzlnsm 52Z Li-526252511 LVL?:2Z L at its I 4 1 F? aa i fi le l 5 I ll 3 W ls fe 5 Et I af ll N ETTIE REED. Nettie hails from the country, but is well adapted to our "city ways." She is blessed with a head of red hair, but con- trary to tradition, a fiery temper does not accompany it. She has always been willing to help a "brother in distress" for a sisterj, and her sweet disposition and charming ways have gained her many friends. "A friend in need, is a friend indeed." SENIORS A WILLIAM PITTS. Here is the mighty man from Mt. Jackson. He is another of our recent ad- ditions and adds one hundred ninety-five pounds to the sum total of our weights. He certainly proved a weighty proposition in the recent class game. "The smith, a mighty man was he, With strong and sinewy hands." CAROL CHAPMAN. Carol is quite talented, and scarcely a month goes by without her sending in a poem or clever parody to the MONITOR, so, of course, she is our class poet. We are looking forward to the result, and are sure it will make 1914 immortal. Also, she studies, strange to say, for her report cards prove it. Carol would like to attend a conservatory next year. " Divinely tall, and most divinely fair." I 5 ti if sw li W A N at lg FT I 4 ll 232 V if 'H 5 pl ,V 7 Q 4 I Q - f, 33 W g guihglwvmg ZZ3g ZZg EFvfZZ ?'fJZ LES? gf2Z 53324 'V 'nmlufev ,P'.zfz,, 1'f.f.a-11 rw' Law fyf CMZJLLZQ,-v ,riff LLQTU 27217 Lnc51Jkf4'P fix' LLZQJD VW' M17 ff' V wx, K Q4L.E1 TCAZQKKSSJJ taiwan fT Zf KMQKQU taiwan MMQKQQ EEDW tm :U ,l , wg El sEN1oRs iq! , ' aa " f , y 55 gi . iw all Q N Sf N MQ 2 ll Se 9 ly if J E 5 EQ li ill We H9 ld R li ll it Qt E15 ill? V gg J 5 MINNIE EDELSTEIN. HOWARD WYLIE. EDITH GORMAN' 5 N5 Minnie, is like the gentle babbling Baldy is a genuine Hladies' man." -:I just missed the car ,H Yes brook. "Men may come, andmen ma go, We fear he was born that way. What , - - ' ' X4 R9 Y that s Edith Edith has found great VX A but I go on forever." She dearly loves to hair he lacks on top of his head, he tried trouble with the Street cars but She finds A N get off a joke, and refuses to take any- to make up for under his nose. But the solace for it in ractisin and develo in N thin or an bod seriousl . Minnie has public rose "en masse." Baldy is quite a p - g ' p gg Mui g , y Y Y . . . her talent for muslc. Her greatest Joy 1.1 kj gone out for basket ball, and, on the singer. In the Junlor Play thls year he this ear has been her deli htful com- l Whole, islone of ghe lciassfs ilndispensable was equally good as an actor and chorus munigations with Virgil. Buff Edith has x we j5Q::1:::,3Osf....e. efzszisxg mn- made my and no 755 V . - ' "O wud some Power the giftie gie us, U H -1 V Way In this World' To see oursilves as ithers see us." They who labor long Shall rest' V rf "Where in all the shades' abode, Rf Find ye such another." 34 Q it X Q1 LL 7yf Lcz 7 ' pfml Lac LL?,7iCC55.,J 7iZ'a'al lm Gil Liz jZ'DPZ5D.l MZ, Zggypjzg Lagg LQ- U1 755,14 ft: 44 FEED QECJQCKQK 231 154462 271 ISJEEUH 712424 M713 IJ ,J 67 mcg All 54 H5 Mfg? 1' 72 f' ?f'yf1..JLc-arggjfmltm 77 1' v ay' -fgyflfxlvffi afar 35. F ti QQ Elf? ? 4 1 s E5 il 3 iii I i fi E QQ Q15 V ' f' . ' ' ' ' J LL4 LCA ' ef., Eajgk-51 55452453 RZZKQ 233 flask-U fssfss, f tfIg1EEm furagfciaf WZLQIQ lla SENIORS KATHERINE FITZMAURICE. Cots has five characteristics. The first is her beauty and style, and the other four are quietness. She is Peg's "other half," and they form a striking contrast. She has never been susceptible to the charms of our class-men, but they will try to forget their rebuHs in wishing her happiness-or are we too soon? "Is she not passing fair?" GEORGE WALDO STEVEN soN George has startled the whole class by hi prodciency in Writing English them es' His description of a lynching bee from th e stand-point of the victim was par ticularl y vivid and drew words of approval fro m Miss Van Gorder. He is a hard-working student,-was never known to whisper in c ass. "His silence is as deep as eternity. U GRACE JOHNS. Grace is equally popular with both boys and girls. She is very unselfish, and will always help one out in a tight place. Nevertheless, she has a fiery little temper, which is apt to blaze out at the most in- opportune times. This we know from experience. Grace declares she will not teach school, so we feel that a capable teacher has been lost to the school-board. "All we ask is to be let alone." ri ti 2 Q 52 RE 55 li iQ rs gi if il lil is W Us it rl has A 35 , E , W I , R , - , , ,, , Em iii FQLTMZZE Lfiigcfj-53 Rasmus LFQC2-9Z ?qi q? Efilgsifg 32Z -H ?ZZ.3-Si FFN24 'V Qual LLQY Fi? have fyf Lsfdv ryf' lLF .ll.LQ'9 72? LLQU Pif mimlmebv fir LL-av Q72 L11 - grains? Redeem? KAMQQQU KMQLS fsimmj LMQL5 KAQZQQS mmm NAWQA? m,MQfZg J , at SENIORS gli 5 Q A . J . ill! sl E6 Ei N FW W a M ey! l l . E Q EE F5 ? E 5 ae il ll ge get R Q M My ,SEE Sl We Q at J E l t DANIEI1 FIJSHER. . SYLVIA SNYDER. ARTHUR HAYS. ijt I K5 Varsltv Football 12- 13, Cjaptain 14. . lsylgtia, istonglof mar qiglet, unassukmmg t Arthur -C .pt Hays is noted for his RK Ae Dan IS a hard and willing worker gli' S- l e ,le eSSe . W1 3 remar ?- Y brilliant recltatlons ln class. Especially is Ad FQ wherever he has been given the chance. good dlspesltlen alld 15 Indeed Welldlked he wise in German. He gained theatrical FQ He made the foot-ball team in his Sopho- by all- Foul' years She has been 1? OUT fame in our la last ear. Even this P Y Y KN more year and has always been noted for 01355, and Paftlelpetelfl ln OFF g00d times- fame, however, could not surpass his rep- MN his nerve and hard tackling. His tackling but We all find her flulte Fetlfmg about bel' utation as an artist upon the piano. K N alone, has won him fame throughout the OWU affairs- ,. . , b w - - - I am Sir Oracle and when I o e m countryside. This year he captamed the Ushe doeth little kindnesses 1- ' p y 5 team through one of the most successful Th t th 1 d yd ' H IPS' ,y 755 '93 seasons High School has ever known a 0 ers eave un one or esplse' Let no dog bark' yi J When Dan gets up to speak in chapel, we J g all listen attentively,. for he has such a 51 E15 happy way of expressing things. 'H E' 36 . ' k QlLLQW"5'.2fi.Q LLZ5 :af wezal 17.6-v 7217 Kami Laav 217' LmilltL'f..0'D 7217 ' L55 ' VJJJLCZ ' FLJLQ W l fri: 55553 LPEWYJ ftLZQf 4 l r ' JILL-Za ki , Lcz JJMIL e.ll.CZ ' DIME. ellcz ' Jllfdg ' pulls, ' JJJU1 W' QTTQqm,K m.Z m4Z?'?K:r1fimw,Z npSmw ZQ?Q',1q6fZif9k?,1q6fi?Z1q F Sl: O E aa l Q ei 55 E6 N N R 53 K W k ll - E - E E E El! ill! 35 E6 N N 55 55 PM M1 QQ QQ E15 l 56 HARRY BRA-NSTEIN. CLARIBEL BLUCHER. WINSOR MCNALLY. fa ' ES Harlgy .is the futurfii dintist of our marlfgis qglit Zlvgagiegefsrgsgg Football '14. E5 TN illsiarwfe'2fi'lSSfSH0TvabZinQi.folllfieii Virgil-u She seems not to notice the "Mac" arrived here this Year ffoin A ' e his gallants of the 1914 class, but rumor Ashtabula- He IS .very qulet, about hls Q5 2,2322 ?.Cg.iwi.f-signal, Elma f2f11fQ1gf,2gld spreads it abroad that she has .- But past hxstoryn as he IS about hlls present. PM , g ' we will not tell tales out of school. H9 15 Yet Hgllttl? Strange, e5I3e0!anY t0,the N E ll "My tongue's use IS to me no more H . gxrls, but hls frlends speak of hlm ln hlgh- Q w ' li Than an unstringed viol or a harp." V, tue anhhigixlggegv were endowments est terms. His best football work of the ,fl lr ' 5' greater g seasoln was ln our classyigame. A Than nobleness and riches. " A bold, bad man- gk all el Fl li fa ante., - mtg - Jnllcn ang.. - mcg., - mllm QJLC. - mile, - mtg.. - md? l,SQg?J1p-ZEZ-gg P72253 ISEJJVIZZ-11 pf-,ZZZE-U UQBQQJ p-19225-my 5:2511 f-f5,Z7?k51-1 QM!! YQ 7 7 7 6 7 7 7 751 V 7 7 f 7 7 7 7 7 935613 5225131 325-Z Jq giifks- Fengljsm -?,J tfg UJ'j 32Z 1?qJ 52Z -EJ EEZ-,qw 1 b TU Q Q ll QE tl ll Q a E15 Q ll Q li tl ll S at Q15 SENIORS Q GRACE ROHLF. Interested in her lessons and all the school aifairs, Grace is a student worth having. She always has two twinkles in her eyes,and a smile playing over her face. She has learned one great lesson,-how to keep her friends, for no one who knows her can ever wish he didn't. "Be good, sweet maid, And let who will be clever, Do noble things." CARL WEIDE. Carl is a jovial German. He also wants everyone to know that his name is not "Charles" but "Karl." Because he has such a keen sense of humor, some think he must be Irish, but Carl denies this absolutely. Carl has done much noble work in keeping the fair name of the Senior Class from being disgraced in basket-ball. Indeed, he is a general favorite with both instructors and students. 'Tor I am nothing, if not critical." ,Mx ,-.1 LAVINA MCCONAHY. Lavina is our "Kindchen." She captivates all with her sweet and assum- ing manners, and is noted for her unex- pected answers to the teachers' questions. No one is ever cross to her, for she disarms the would-be scolder with a smile. Lavina is especially apt at Physics, and Miss Van Gorder says that she writes charming themes, and advises her to keep on with such work at college. " Wee, modest, crimson-tipped flower." 8 I al P23 Qs nb ug-mug mtg-mmdilczemar-7-7-mtg-mtg ?Jq Z-anm -nm nfimw. ng1SSRJg -nw. nf?AA EE? ZZZS ZZZ34q L5?f2Z ?7J3 MISS? 5f2Z L5??Z L at fs SENIORS -E M " Eli! I I5 li ge E i Q E Eli! EQ 35 P6 N N Q Qi M M X1 P ah i W l W . E . E 5 Qi if r E 5 SALENA E CUNNINGHAM JOHN REGESTER LAURA ALL EQ- . . . ISON. s The girl of many nicknames. She John is our cellar champion for size. There is no girl in the Senior class answers to"Salenie" or "Salem .' She He says he is going to be a minister, and with a more leasing ersonalit than Q Y P P Y Ae always has her lessons and still finds time judging from the length of some of his Laura. We never knew her to become N Q3 to attend all social affairs of the school. speeches, he ought to be a good one. angry or say anything mean. Although N 5:5 In spite of all her efforts, we find that her Last year he won ten dollars in an she has never taken foremost place in M gg iinterests are elgtirely with one of the gn- ogatkoricfldcontelst. He is quite an admirer school events, she has always given 2 Q er c assmen. a ena's one au t is er on t e a ies, ut as yet, at some little Hrm and loyal support to them. Q1 K E ilsgeafficgigggaigfierxgzik5:11 the mov' dlstance' I "To see her is to love her." tg E K u ' G "And still they gazed, and still their QE F "That sweet smile haunts me stillf' wonder grew, 5, tf EQ That! onie small head could carry all xg e new. sy T15 QQ' QJLC-Z ' fmltcz ' VJJJLLQ alma ' fmltcz ' fmlimq cfaltcz ' fmltc-Z ' VLJLCZ ' fmlflnggw b,QgiTjqw,Ek1qw,Z'?kf1fg?simWEknW.ZkyqfSsmfm2ZkffqW.ZZkn ,Zin M24 FV 'fwvllcfz 17 ' QWJJJLGZ 7 ' PVJIJLCZ 27 ' yfmmgnraz Q7 - yfmmm-QULCZ - fmuz - more - mm 1 Sz1p'v2f1?25' an p'21?k 0211. p'2f!? fslhwm givin gl s QQ E sEN1oRs E - 75 5 sl . 5 l ? il ill Fi W N MQ M PM ' li QQ ll 5 if ig 3194 ml QQ A9 N PM Sl ll 9 5 .J fl El ai E F . E R .Earl Frazigglls 5 A132611 young man- "sis" is alsjllnt-up. She is H HARRY FORNEY' .. ,, E5 9 Thxs may be because he is naturally so, or alwa 5 ettih into misch' f t . arty' Otherwlse known as Mutt' M R becaus I - - . Y g g le v H0 even lS an athlete, and a great actor. He plays R9 FQ 9 9V9YY0Y19 .9 S9 IS S0 Very U0l.SY- belng able to keep away from phosphorous - , ' l - . splendld basket ball, and ln base ball he FQ Only on rare occaslons does he allow hlm In lab She la ed th F h h , . . . N S If . . . . . - P Y OU 9 res man as performs llke a professlonal. He IS also a e to lndulge ln mlrth. He does thus ln a k - . . . I et ball team, took the part of Nora, the N d - . . H , member of the track team. In thls he lgnlfied manner as befits a Senlor. Nev mald m All T 1 d U 1' Th . 51 . - ' ang 9. 9' 'S year throws the dlscus and the hammer an h ertheless, Earl IS very good natured and she Served on the S ,F h , . . . N sq h - L . . emor res man recep ummagmable dlstance. As an a c t o r 5 as never been known to complam not tum Commlttee hd h 1 d h t d . 5 even about his assignments Stran ' ' 'a 9 pe muc Owar Harry has H0 peer' In hls character' . - ge as makln the affalr a success. - - H - H 76 4 1 - H 3 lzatlon of Samuel Jmks, he aroused V t may seem, Earl IS an absolute woman , , . . B haterny, ffNut-hr0Wh maldeh, the envy of the faculty. Harry s ldeal IS J' J U . . Thou art so passin fair H not an the class of '14, but m the ranks of tj 51 Up, up, my frlend, and quit your books, g ' the fair Alumnae. El EEN Or surely you'll grow double!" 40 Q7 PPJJJLCZ fmllcz: 7J1llLLQ QSJLCZ fmlht CQSJLCZ 7J1lLC'Z fmllc-Z Valli. I lggm TJLQZ-U va2?.?k1q waZ??M.21-1 BEAM pfakkfq m fw.ZkZ:-q vakk-pq vjik-sq VEMQ4 7 2 W H217 f 2' ff mike fmllmzltcz' gZyyP'J1lL f Lcz 79 fmllmvvi vas? 5 9 l F? F 5 is s ? ti i 2 I l EQ R iii FE QQ. EE V J ir ks 331 fikjdf Eid lfgfmmj IPEEUU f'.72!Z frcgfcf f its N . - E 6 SENIORS HERBERT KIRK. "Mick" is a regular dynamo. He has always been a leading member of 1914. Last year he was our able president, and served on the MONITOR staif. He is a foot-ball hero of great renown. In fact, he is the greatest quarterback N. C. H. S. has ever known. Among other accom- plishments, Mick is an excellent basket- ball player. He scarcely ever gets angry, but if he does his hair turns a fiery red. It is certain that he will never remain on the "ground floor, for he is ever climbing. ESTHER MCCRACKEN. Generally speaking Esther is not. She has won her countless friends by her sunny disposition and kind words, ln the development of her excellent contralto voice We all cry "best wishes." To Schu- man-Heink we extend our sympathy, also, for the laurel will certainly change hands when Esther appears. "A daughter of the gods, divinely small, And most divinely spare." r PERCY MCBRIDE. During the past year "Pere" has filled the office of treasurer for the MONITOR admirably. Since he is pleasant and good looking, he could not be "heart-whole and fancy-free," so considers that his future well-being depends upon his devotion to the goddess of the hearth. "He speaks an infinite deal of nothing." F? gi QE rw ill E15 I l 5 Q5 Q Eli E E I l sf E5 w iii at f HQ 41 , , 71 Q 7 ' ji g f l 7 ' 'a 7 ' jll 1 L55 ' jjj '7 ff , , M b.Qg?1JJ ZlZi LF,27ZZ 3jJ k1q tgirl? WEE-pq fL ZE Ei6lZZ5fL 4 'VQEULLZ 7 ' QDVJJJLCZ 7 ' pfzmltc-Z ' VJIJLLLQ malice ' fmliccq :relic-Z ' fmlicz ' fmltcz ' 7JJli.Il7Y" Wg WLQMZQ.-U WLQZ-iq f"Z lQ megan JEL-iq IESM f'3vZZ p-ZZK-,eq WAZZZL-nf Gm SENIORS gi 5 Qi E JE I if El! sl li l is N Nw N4 S Q PM MN QQ QS 5 F E F EM all gi . is all Q or sa N QQ 9:1 W 5 E 5 5 'QR' ETHEL MCFADDEN' h BERTRAM GILBERT. MARY BIRT gi Eth l is one of the jolliest girls in t e - - - E it classg Bef Sunny We and. meffysgfvgh a1WSZ'lL,e'iS?S b1f0Zuia'ZL3S'3TeTZnged51? whilliaiia XlleusofhaiuiioiniE3k3'E5F5fFa is Q Ereeht usd onttsvery d0iC21S10Y1- me ES and ready to help in an emergency. In 1913 to, and enjoyed the days, when Mary was 5:5 Q5 mg tint W1 y' an e ps grea y 0 he was our treasurer, and served on the booked to sing in Chapel? We extend to N P5 prove a committee for the Junior dance and recep- her our very best wishes for the bright N Xi "Precious goods come in little packages." tion. He won lasting fame by his display future ahead of her. B w of histrionic ability in the Junior Play. HA countenance in which did meet Q me S3q1?t.unpif33?Ji2,i?E5X3u?f1i.23h3251SY2 Sweet as 5 ff Gilbert is quite fond of traveling, and is F J frequently seen touring the country on his .fa El bicycle. ig 35 k Allliiav 7 72 ...Miz DVJRJLCA ' fmlm agile' ' '7'DlL!f fii1'P 7217 57.51 , 7 7'?L1.l f'Qf7AlLQ W A Lcz 7 PJJJLLQKP gal 'glee 7 7 v 7 7 P v if QPLJLQUW af? 5 s .ef EQ E5 W QQ QE 5 ll P 5 ll li gl-lf"J5 Tj ficfgigf 2134262 Zljflg vm f'.JZf fUs:3mLQm 32ZQ q?J its SENIORS ELSIE BUSER. "Buser" has the honor of being one of the smallest girls in the class, but she makes up for it with cheery smiles and giggles, and lively words. Elsie helps the Seniors win the basket-ball games, by pla ing side-center. Her unusual aptness in german prove her to have come "aus dem Vaterland. " "That sweet smile haunts me still." LEAL CALVIN. Leal starred in the Junior Play "All Tangled Up," where his quick way of speaking and ready wit made his parta great success. He has a quiet way of go- ing after marks, which often is surprising in the results. He has a well-fed dispo- sition but is rather touchy on the subject. "His eygen twinkled in his head aright As donna the sterres on a frosty night." ESSEL DRUSCHEL. All the class likes Essel. And how could we help it? She is to take honors, we are sure. Essel enjoys German very much, but has been heard to complain be- cause she always has to read the senti- mental passages in translation. Such things disgust her, you know, for she is quite independent in every way. "Her smile was like a summer morn." 5 I is gi gi fi N R W is Q Q HE A if 12 kg 43 . . Q 7 - 7 ' nj 7 - ml fx kg ' LJ N 7 ' '7 if '7 H ?jJ k-pq EL-n fL i reZkn Lflgiivi fL' ZZQ5?Jq pcu Z5C7Z-Sglfmfill 'rvnmmcz ' fmllcz ' fmllcz ' fmlur allcz ' VJJJLELQ crellcz ' VLJLCZ ' VJJJLCZ ' fmllmvv' sWJg1ffa.f2??k1qf-'a.Z7?k1qw.27Zk-ig QSM WEEK:-1 F5571 va-Ek-Q p-Zik-zq pfZZ5?k:qf sl 16 ei EN RS gg S IO E J 3 Q 51 if an M Y lx l N R24 is is M PY at ig Q f Q F sf P J A sl li ll if is A3 W fs M ey! l l - a fl as 5 5 5 LAURA SEDGWICK. NORMAN HARTMAN. MARGARET FULIQERSON' lg ' E6 Laura's great solemn eyes tell of her He displays the usual symptoms of This is Peg-Hirtatious, frivolous, and A strong friendships and sensible judgments, "girl fever," Norman would really have fickle. She has always been enthusiastic Ad W and lofty ambitions. She will some day nervous prostration if he found his collar in school affairs. This year she is cheer FQ I be known all over the globe for her music, soiled or a hair out of place. Last year leader of the girls. She was a member of W QD if one may judge from present indications. he was a member of the fellow's glee club. the Literary Society, and a fine Woman's PM In the line of hair goods, her taste is all ,, . . , Suffrage debater. After she and her N QQ for ..Titian',, The worst fault you have is to be in love. ' colleague gon thel debate, S261 tOldd'a l ' H frien : "I on't be ieve a wor sai ." HE Oilarafgfigfgg iiegfgntlfyan the depths She was in the cast of our wonderful "All F V ' Tangled Up," last year. O, and her fi tj "case-:s." Well, we all know about those. A 3 Peg expects to swell the crowd at Mar- 'ED-I garet Morrison next year. 0 144 Q fa alias: nffffzajfiz H ' fmllcz ' JJJUL Tad' v 17 'cfgfsilmqav 2 Law ,Vik 'Ltzv ,fwfr LQ C 'fwmltcz ' fnltcz ' fmltcz ' fail Lag eliiav FW' LIL eltcz ' 71:15.52 ' fmltcz fmltmvwf' Wvw,ZZk1q fw.Z7?kn ffjik-U fin fff,M62fLS1'?Jqf1:E,TQLSmw.Zk-pq wZ7?k,-sq 5-'2Zknf 11 Q2 SENICRS 155 55. 5 5 55 55 55 R9 R9 5 5 kt kt 55 55 EE f E 35 5 55 55 1 A9 Av! 5 5 Nt Nt 55 55 EE 95 MAPDALENA PERRINO. SAMUEL EAKIN. EDNA FRAZIER, K K5 Madelenav generally called Maryv is Cgmmonly Called "David, H Edna is 3 dark-haired and bla,Ck'9yed M 55 R9 not very Well known to her classmates OH he is an extraordinary chemistry student maiden, who is PI'inCiPallY kn0Wn by her R9 FX account of .her .reserve and quietness' yet he is still achin' after more knowli Work in Athletics- Last Year She Went FR W But We cave lmagme her best fmepds and edge. With Jonathan, his twin, he de- Ont for track W0l'k, and this Year She N MN her charming and loveable. She IS noted lights in making frequent bicycle tours played guard on the Senior team. She has My Q gggtgigltgflilfglssii irgfclzaisainihiftegieizgygs to neighboring gowns. He also does part a good disposition, and is generally liked. W .355 Madelena expects to be an "at home" girl of df? Coal testing for the School board' Xlvgrtshe ii Wise' if icahn jgdge Ofdher' .55 'EE' next year, Any reason, Mary? A very gentle beast, and of a good n TUB S 6 IS, HS S 9 at PV0VEerself H "My soul today, is far away, C01'lSCi6I1Ce-H ' g' Sa'l'ng th Vesuvian Bay. gg, dreainful eyes my spirit lies, EQ- Under the walls of Paradise." 45 as Qlhtz ' PLJLCZ ' VJJJLCZ ' fmmcsiltcz ' VJJJUL eltcz ' 7311556 ' VJJJLLZ Vlllla. W E-,Q1gE1JW.Zk-xg fm.9ZZ?k?,-1-1 VZZZQZ-U 535331 f-fU.Zk,-pq UQYSM W,24-52k-4-pq VZPZZQK-4-Q fm.Z?2k:-1 53524 'VYMJLCZ ESQ 5VQ'ZZ 3f2Z lfghglwm ??Z lfgblfm lFf2Z 5fZ L QU Es, I SENIORS 9 5 J Q J H 54 H5 F7 ie l l is N M W E1 X P ll lg In W5 lf? Q fi all 'il i TQ? Rl ll 3 tsl N xl El ll lj ill? ' E Q ' i' A Ig ' MARY ELLEN FULLERTON. EDWIN HOYE- FRANCES RICE. N 5 Mary has been with us for this year "Erin laughs more than any other 'iMy Gal' Sh0l1ld C8tCl1 y011I' voice, L 6 A9 only We can only regret that She was fellow in the school. He smiles at every- My eye your eyey A9 FQ not one of us during the other eventful thing and eVeI'Yb0dYg HQ laughs both -S th th ht f f th f ll QQ KN three. Her work has been quite extra- before find after .a Joke IS told- This 1 e - Dug 0 milllllf 0 ,E hel GY? A MN 0l'dlUBl'Y, and her ability for gaining Pliopensity saves him from being a Pessi- Eonceanlng WHCES- h QY Can e Pshf friends most marvelous, U1lSt, and there is Yl0thll'1g "Ed" hal',9S or S e as sue C arming ways' e N X ' was the- F h tt t 1 t S I HM h hh worse than a gmuch' HMLH Hoye has fin , lres man comrau ee o se ec h N erfy as t e Suns mer always worked hard for the honor of the our-C ass co ors' an serve as secretary gl And lazy as the bee, h - - Junloryear. She will be one of the donors QE' A f , f , h , , sc ool and his class. In basket ball he 1 . h 'Wg' V nd filth ul ln t 9 llttle thlflgs, played on the Senior team. Edwin is also C ass mg t' F73 J A golden CFOWU for thee- ahpohe vaulter of nga mleaiill ability, and at J 3 t is e expects to rea t e record. 'Ehhj' "Can we have too much of a good thing?" 46 We QJLCZQ7'P'11lLfZQ7'W'1nJLcZ ' fmllcccurfsllcz - fam .lite - mm., - mme - mia W lggm QQLLQZ-sq wf2?k-sq pfZk:q IEEJSM w.Z??ke-pq lily we.Z.k2,-lg pfff247?i1q mE :q VQNZ4 'N-. M X s 1 l 'V YM! LLTQW riff LL-av fir' hav FW' imzlkdv rife' UL Q1 LL4v 721' LL4 UA? U1 ' i Eq ECAKQKGSJJ KMZQ MAMQKQSJJ fsknpm fE Q ECMZKEZSJJ f mid f 1 u -all sEN1oRs il F1 Us as , . U il G6 55 af l as W ani R it at TESL, iff le ga ii sf sa nl aw tile EFL VET?-7 HE Q5 X EDWARD BRADLEY. MARIAN ANDREWS. EARL BECHTEL- 5 I Ed ishlliet business-like young man, "Mame," boon companion of "Buser" Earl may be folmdin "Sunday SCn001" lx 5, A and admired byall who know him. His not, to be sure, because of any similarity at any., time, Showing the infrieaeiea Of R9 1 N Specialty is exemption from examinations. in size or nationality, but because of their Of Engllsh and drawing- He 15 a Skilled FQ wi In his younger dayr, Ed was a track ath- firm belief in "take no thought for the workman UPON the noel' and Particularly N E5 lete of great renov"', but the infirmities morrow." Marian is always on hand for ln makmg baskets- H15 Well trained P0m' My ,FV gf age are creeping over his frame and any kind of ball game, and she knows how Padeur 15 the envy Of the other members Q N younger children are stepping into the to root, too. She enjoys a frolic, and a Of the rnbbenband quartet- vacancy made by his passing. ' good time whenever it is offered. 4-with all thy faults, I love thee Stiny E 4 "E h t' th ht "A m h art goes all th d , gg Andi saljinrgg wigdlgm with each studious Your jaidyong tires in a mile?" ay ! E. year, V . '35 HE 0 49 Q YF alia, ' DMCA. ' fmltzz JLCZ ' fmllmmssiltcz ' LMC., ' JMC, ' mlb: M li-gd ff an fffikwq w.ZZ? :q fsamm wlgk-n ISEEIU p-2Z2?7 223 ff an ff Q-q 'ici , T23 fr' A Pr bp? G1 Q4 Q ig-Qff Q -lk QQ? f O 95311 - I- 2 xg Z EQ 4597 W? 1 x AL' 'VJ fytfixv ig v , fm -L1 g Ilxllgltfllyzgifn Aff! ' K NJ J7 MF P N if Vff'.,,? my M -1 ' ' :J P7 ff"9nj1,,5El?iigr-,Y -N 4a2jJ W w 2 ff LW? Q3 mg hi- ! 3127 " vi. ' ' , 'F ' Q H I Q33 f JZ? pw 5 6 if x in ffl , 7 ,f,w ,ff CZJEJUK-CA if 4 ifxfjjvn fffff 17 ZZ? Lia , V' I . 1'I,fEi4"m ly 'Kim f fl if pi L 152 f 1 ' V551 gmg wr My -W 5 W , ' A X iyyjj. Digi M 4? , 1 " L 56 h'N'YiQ"' i 6,233 ag I Z 39. -jmm if Eiga! - I- EE-Q 'H ie, 9' '53 Z 1 gl' Q , gg 2 ig' , I f A QQ Q QE 4314- g,Zi9f 1: s B I ELL gs - 'x i ag' U li ' H27 NT' Q ,ff - w uw J?2 s Qi Q ' .."v D- frI,,- if ' 2 A ' f an 'JIEMQQ6 V X ,A-ff mug HPI 'Al ' K7 P F5 Zfgcwwjlzi gg 1' UU 233 075 L ' I f' fi' f2vEELL?,0! gi .ZZEA E 271 Pc ' sling ' JULL4 LL4 Lctcafsillga. ' Jnlfrxcinltcn ' J1lLL.Q LC.. ' fmltmvv' pZ-92725-iq mZ gtC fgEb1Jj fg3E'D1J'J rg:2Z m? fvf25?'?kfqf sg KE HISTORY OF THE JUNIOR CLASS. N. C. H. S., 1915. EQ j , , , 3 F W OWW changed is everything since last the Historian took up this pen. It was then wars E EQ ' and rumors of wars, flunks and rumors of Hunks. Now all is peace. We then had R W Nw the responsibility of training an exceptionally green class of Freshmen, and purging Nw Q5 them of the bright green that enshrouded them so that they were hard to find when Q5 PQ they got on the grass. YQ QW We are now in that peaceful stage where we can sit back and feel content with work so well QW - E done, that we need but give them advice as to how to control 1917. And why should'nt they - E QE look to us for advice? 'QE' V Did we not, even when we first entered N. C. H. S., the first Freshman Class in the new .J . building, bring in the spirit and life that forced 1914 to bow before us in the foot ball game to 5 . . Ei LQ the score 3 to 0. Did we not take from the upper classes the basket ball champion hip? We F QQ had eight men on the foot ball squad, and five men on the base ball team, furnishing in Wads- CQ It . worth and Jevon, two of the best pitchers any high school ever had. A M As Sophomores we again led in all school activities, and made N. C. H. S. famous by raising QB ,RQ our colors to the top of the steel flag pole, and keeping them there until the pole itself came M K Xi down. We celebrated the close of the Sophomore year with a picnic and dance at Cascade BN 435, Park, and feasted and danced as only those can who have a clear conscience and the sense of - kj E' well done. E' When we entered upon our Junior year we at once found it necessary to assist the Seniors gg to make the reception to the Freshmen a success, and allowed them to use our class numerals ' 5 tg? among the decorations. We again furnished the best material for the athletic teams, and are E Ii? now leading in the inter-class basket ball league. In February, with the assistance of 'Q lm Professor Knapp, we produced "The Passing Parade," and made such a remarkable hit with it, N that we were forced to reproduce it twice. ,E We are now looking forward. to the banquet in May which we give the Seniors to show them R QW the friendship and esteem we hold for them. QW ' E Time passes quickly, and it will not be long before we don the cap and gown, and assume ' E FQ' the responsibilities of Seniors. So let us even more earnestly devote ourselves to those pursuits Ei " my which will prepare us to fill the new responsibilities in a worthy manner. if is 'J Q 51 IQ 7 ' eg ' ' 1 La, ' JJJUL alta-Z ' J:ilu..41 L52 M l.Sgf?,i F4-CJg?Zf7? ?Jq E-52Z i Z?J ?JJJ 3225211 ffgigsm w.ZZ1-1 mJ24K m.M f'?S.f4 'V jJ'f 'V '17 'f v 3-7 r 7 -7 7 -rw? '7 vw fb ZZZ5 ?2Z gikifggflg Lfihwm ZZ,'gAjjJ 5355331 Qp?CJg?Z ?ql 3ZZ 1f EE-Z-2Z 33gJ L gtg mi QQ: F A BPL E A ge cw RQ Q Fi CN N V 4 2 ie 2' f 2 MQ MQ A A N N N N E , F L35 5952 n THE JUNIOR CLASS. v s QS? EEa?ZZ.5 EFE2hQ5mS H5 E5 had kd QW! ,Q 5 VFWE1MvLf.2?2K?Mf?MZif-'-Mgyfff M EIMS mm , - A mmf Af 211rfc.f46QfC6?:'qncv'bw,mw2ZknfQg'nJLCwj264?k31JfLE?2if'?Z?pZ75:AqLf5f2572k:JiqJffE '?gJ,,. PM 'Au 'E ajmlr. :"' , - E E V, 41,152 M M E1 5 ,vi :5':7giJi AM' Q V fi :ZA V A Q H l Um.. 3 N -M fffffff H5 M - ' "' NV 'A 1 ' N 735 Alf? , . . al l ,- ' m l s in I, 46 JW, ,. :ii 5 Q pf 1 -QL l g If F5 U? 'W' V 'Z V 5 5 N mm fx R ' I J MJ: .. 11 , i, p'y,4 A u i :, IQ Sw , . " Q9 2-yy f' b N . E A an , : 1 h E J ' 'Q f - 3 ' 9 SQ EE an .W ima EQ, 5 R W I fu Q few ' 141, O S Q 4 11 ' - E5 s - N mb' , -fi, " 'QE ,4 W 45' ' 5 E5 E55 g V WIQUD D-vim. QQ Ei 'ggi fgfwgymm 262271115 f mm elhcz V JE Un ,Af 6nw.?f4f6:nw.?2J?k-nf1S,Cgmra.92Z qJfUSi?1J15f2Z 1q?J Egfmfjgjg Fig-jgggggglrgm JJLCZQ7' fmlfcz ' fmltcz ' 7, lLCZ ' - - - fm' 7 P 27 P 7 P 27 PPJIDLLLQ crsltcz fmlfcz fmltcz fmlmvff' wj f'2J an gsgmrnm f' 5'j rigging f gg fs E HISTORY or THE SOPHOMORE CLASS. N. c. H. s., 1916. M S " . sa 'Q . S our Sophomore year is fast drawing to a close, and we testify as to the supremacy of the class of 1916 over all other fa , lx l lgok backdovfrl the many great things accomplished by 018SS9S- F25 j f...:s,Ws:.fz.1:. 'isis'252.3221as:h::.2.V?,6f..::::,13.e'1'f::g ,,,,ggg1,gggcg,gggefg,gg 3 e?,g1g,2w0g,0f,the that eg N . should have been-ignominiously dealt with by contem- strget and sack g ccaslona y I e a Oc or two up t e ' My poraryihlstorlans. And so lt IS with a profound desire to recom- . ' W N pense, in some small measure, this hitherto neglected class, that Things g0 with 2 FUS11 in that C19-SS, and almost before We N xg the present able writer takes up his pen in historical expatiation. kflewflt the Semester exgmls had been weathered successfully with s ver ewex t' , t' h ' ' h , 5 t bSeptember 2, 1912, dawned Op the World, a day ever afterward Bassifet ball disviog 113:11pioiingasaxefieomuldiirillgixidlt aiidegoeicfummlffr 755 o e remembered, An indescribable clearness permeated the of inter-class games were played. 4 E atmosphere, one's own voice sounded strangely unfamiliar, and the . . 3 Q, birds sang grand opera. Just such a day as this has always been Thls brmgs Us ui to the lest important event of our Freshmen noticed to precede immediately some epoch-making event, thus it Career, namely, trac athletlcsf Where one from our midst' Mr- 5 E . was July 14, 1789, and thus with Miltiades at Marathon, truly, this Russel Shields by name. proved himself the best all-round athlete 'Q . K N September 2, 1912, was a day of momentous portent. On that day in the School, and gained Second Place .for the Freshmen in the L K gs the gicariolus ella? of lg? emerged frorlri gmbrfyo, and debouched mtepelees meet, Whleh was H0 Small thmg- Ae upon e roa. am o nterprise, wit t eir aces set resolutely Th th th t' ll d -dl ' - , FQ W towards the distant Portals of Wisdom and the Halls of Learning. ember etherhidmgfeshnhedaclggsnzodk lutpplthseirpasgudieeld dgagxepafs W 2 And what an army they were! From Napoleon's van to heron: Sophomores' N hi Coxey's "regulars," no regimental display can be found that could Except with a few more so called "hikes" of the girls, and a Q Xi .5 begin to rival the spectacle presented by this army of invading HalloWe'en posting fracas, the fall of the year passed without .Q E' freshmen, as they charged gell-mell up to the gates of knowledge, special incident, and exams came around. These were successfully 'QE and clamored to be adrmtte . After a great deal. of parleying, passed, and the work of the second half was taken up in earnest, 4 finally they were admitted, and. entered. the building with their especially was there studying done for that fourth period geometry at SQA promotion cards clasped tightly in their little hands. This was the classnof Mr. Sturgeon's. And it was here that Austin Smith, Don 5 fa W grand start of the four years struggle for eruditlon. Plnllips, arthur Ecikles and Egrli Quest covered themselves with F Lx K For the first few weeks confusion reigned, but after things E 013' Zchw 1 9 lntmiiqlngiuncolatp. gums for queer proposmonsf We Q Ae had somewhat quieted down, when books were meted out, and an e prize 0 r' Ower ls er' FQ when the seemingly incomprehensiblegschedule had lost its seeming Athletics were now taken up by both sexes with utmost zeal, Nw KN imcomprehensibility, a uniform furious pace was set, and we and the Sophomore girls succeeded in taking an inter-class basket wi KN began to get acquainted with the faculty giants, whose business it ball championship. The boys were not quite so successful along Q5 N was to lead the way through the dangers which beset the paths of this llneualthough they had by far the best team, with such stars PM N the studlous. as Captain Fisher, Nelson, Cohen and Rubenson. Q Nl :EE a Then Hallowe'en came around, as it has a habit of doing, and This year is about to close, with the Sophomores in work up I E n unsuccessful hazing attempt on the part of the haughty upper to their eyes, good prospects for a track team, and with all El 4 classes, ended up in their defeat in a glorious class fight on confidence in their ability to maintain their acknowledged super- 5 Washington Street. That IS Just one of the many incidents which iority over all other classes. EI E V ees LLQZW 72? LLQV Fir Lei,-9 Fil' LLL casltcz gg' yfmlffcq eltcz gZ2yfm ZyZ1fAJLZ ggyyrgsjkg I be 49:17 ftc.-.ggzfgzmgj M4426 ECAMQKKEJU E'j fW.2JJ Nj p'.v.21.J 1'g V144 Af 231 p'.a'Z14f 1j mind Wil? 523265 55352533 MVS? 522522315 ESZWZZE-33 as 5?Z2KZ5?3q 2? 92 n W A mg 55 QL A P P gg ES Q Q N 92 52 J V QQ QQ N all Q FS QL S gf N , THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 5 QJLQZ 'VJJJLCZ ' lzz ' J7 ' mcilf '77 'P'ff'P: Q-S531 fvjikwq fV2Z qJ Egbwm 3222,-2 Lihwnq fL 4 Q Q QQ 755 v 5 E5 N Q33 EE gf N QE 9? 55 an gF?5,JLfffiZZc'C'25fL'E' Z66ZjflqfL' 6f?Z4LfSSg?3SJqfL5 ZZ5LfSE?T?J1Jq ZZSJqfi ZZZ4qfLE'WZZ5fL 1 KIKJMX rf I I r ' P I IJ F MJ Q' - 7 - Q if A is fini . 1 l f 7 N " ' H2 Wi-M I 4,1 ,Q l E5 U i ,V 1 QU- Q 'X 'PA 1 ,L U X ' - 7 , WI' 41 ,35 1 x , 'Q 'Wa I 5, A Q E 3 Q A 7- QQ A X flffi .af f -4.4 ,A 7 '3 ' X xy X JI lf f lv ,a X 1 im ,Q flvlllffifqy' wi! 'LXJXI K aj ' XX E35 333' I ' f N 'f - H WW ' 7777 7 X f N N S I N -iw ,PLL J I' RX " X e fly 43 N1 m f M gg .4 If 5 - N' M "V 1 , 332 L SK. AA ia- 4 0 A lk Av WJ ff Q3 , ,- K ..,u 7,1 W' 4, L " ij If ff J Y, ff ,R4c,l-lp, q?9-,gh-T'-Sdh xii 71 F 56 7 7 7 7 1 7 7 S 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 Q L J1 ?ZZ??Z31J Lf52Z uJ ??Z 1l FS.-q54'ivJa 322k-3331 255533111 Lflrcjikz-J3Ju LCv2Z '5wJ weigh-311 F394 Q?1r'v.Z4f 1jfrv.L4f any Jag aasjfgnm .J QZTUIP mfr: - 271 germs Jwffme faymlkfffgymKessgeaazymmsmllf-Wzfe1,LWZzas:224?2M.1Q Ks 31 I HIS year, the Freshman class contains two hundred and seventy-five members. li HISTORY OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS. N. C. H. S. 1917. Egg Q: l PM 5 W T55 Q n li Out of timid "greenness" they have developed into a surprisingly promising di- jg. EE vision. Particularly are they making a name for themselves in athletics. and 'QE' g before they have obtained the dignity of Seniorship, there is no doubt but what this class 5 is destined to produce some of the best teams that "New Castle High" has ever "yelled" 3 TQ? for. It is only fair that Horner, Rosenblum, Stitzinger, and Deep, receive some mention as E lg stars of hope for the Freshmen, as they have contributed much to the present worth of the S N Q1 class. The freshmen teams show speed, excellent form, willingness and a oneness of spirit Qi S75 that speaks well for their future. But if the boys have achieved success, the girls have Q5 EY not been idle and under the direction of Miss Sankey, they are rapidly being whipped into FY, shape and a fine basket ball team is expected. Socially the Freshmen have little prestige, QE r -.p leaving all the "frills" to upper classmen. 'QE There is no need for a class president on the very good grounds that they do not have E enough business to require the services of one. 55, gil Class spirit is not lacking among the "timid ones," though this has been rumored, but QQ lg this is only second to the loyalty of the class of '17 for the "High" of which we are all so just- Q 'Ri ly proud. .Toin us, "Upper Classmen,"in three rousing cheers for the Freshmen of today. E P it W ji is gr h r SQL 56 dl Ha lk QJLLA UQ 2 LLQHQ minted LAEAJLLZQ L14 lied ' mm h m m,M3ZfZ-fJmm.M pEbmm fg1Ehm m.M mi2d6 mJ2Jf z x. my? 7 Z2 as 711225 sg 1w N , 7 Q RN fwff M: , 'f'7 QL Z2 E S M514 m ?7lJF77j Q , Qkn C5525 TCR. - p7?l m tg 2192 MZYE ,kv W mg Z E4 , E5 v"5ElUW2 i Q SE Q 255 5 W 552 if F6 W 5 PY Q24 QQ ff Pi QE GQWZKQSUJ 54, X fd KA is 5 aff Q VZZJUK Q, 35 Q5 N ASS. SHMAIXLEL mK THE LIQQEZQE E5 'L-fidfffd SQ P25597 S wg Eid A Q MC gh? Q Pyfgijim if -YQ W wifi Q35 if W L6 P .ZF 271 L4 vi? cf 273 LL-6 FEV? ff .Z ZW Z7 ui rig-?J 71 L3 P 4.52233 - UL rigiij LL6 nf? ff . 582 273 LL-A ri? ff . ZW 277 I-Lac fir? ff .Z fd EU rim I? 7: 5' J EQ ul ? 5? Q , S 7 . j WW gg E k 5. fx ,N ...'- 1 X 77 I L 7.47 m ww! 75 5 7 5 7 'ey gg A E 7 J 95 5 W Q5 715 il gg Aa Wiley .1 W 421 .1 2 3jJ 1 2 y cgi - LLL regal D Em 2 y cg ' LLL Digg 5.1 NEW .1 2 y ag . I-Q my lv ff .Z Z-ml 27 L62 .1 2 ? Q 2 . l -41 ' alta. Jnltc., alta., mltaclgaltcg. Jnltagltc., mltzg' ' ml JJJLI1 W QE P-IKQZZH P12725-U QE? Q4 Isbsm 5:2725-:imma VIZMZZU fp-Ek-iqLf4C27Zk1qfQ at its E HISTORY OF THE COMMERCIAL CLASS. N. C. H. S. 1914. ? gi! I S b f d h f yet we realize that we were extremely fortunate in se- - YEAR t t . t - - . - E5 Freshffgn ascattilgeimisrfrofilltn ofa' thioxgigh curing so .strong a trio of Instructors. They have kg Ag . . . . proved their ability and made themselves the friend of use Q I-Ei! School. This IS the material from WhlCh the every Student as 'RN graduating commercial Seniors is drawn from. D . f , 'W The were as green as the proverbial freshman, and urmg t is Secqnd Year' the class. met and.d.eclded N Y - - - 1 11 11 f I 1 N 5 N loitered about the school, forming Into little groups and upon alfdass pm' W 'C IS O S pecu 'ar Y Striking de' Q N, jj apparently, alittle diflident of entering the impressive Slginik any pms were Sub?-Cflbed for by the Students' fi 'QE portals of the majestic new high school. Their green- ann 1 e eVeryd0aherhun'qe"tak'ng of the School, thls Was 'QE g' ness and diiidence is pardonable, for they realized the We Supports 3' t ef ass' Vi Ei importance of the step they were about to takeg that of A C1395 banquet IS to be held 011 the 2f9th Of May- J 3 securing for themselves an education, the success of and We 10014 f0FWa1'd With ,eager SXPCCiHil0I1S to the -Ei which determines the course of their whole life. They UIOSY Pleasant flme Of OUI' High School Career- immediately settled down to work, and the first year The class is well represented in all the athletics of cg RJ was ended with little excitement, for while not much the school, we having always been glad to extend our A N was accomplished in the social line, yet a maximum of support, and we believe in leaving the High School that N1 MN energy was expended in study. , we have been conscientious and faithful in the discharge YI QQ At the beginning of the second year, we found oflpur dluties to the school, to the faculty and to our gm Miss Evans, Miss Lewis and Mr. Packard as new in- e OW C assmen- was structors in the Commercial Department, and while we The oilicers of the class are as follows: President 'HE gk were extremely sorry to see that our former teachers, -Russell Hill, Vice President-Emil Fox, Secretary- g sg Miss Hogue, Miss Beebe and Mr. Morrow had left, Mildred Vandegrift, Treasurer-Bessie Jones. 5 7:1 ' HE I ll 1 l R9 R9 R TO THE MEMORY OF ELIZABETH RANDALL. FCS Mi Her suffering ended with the dayg But when the sun, in all his state, S Yet lived she at its close, Illumed the eastern skies, gl 5 And breathed the long, long night away, She passed through Glory's morning gate, ag E In statue-like repose. And walked IH Paradise! E? se P s 35 H5 60 V - ' Julia., ' Jnltfc alta, ' Jnltrc Qltcz ' mltcz ' Jnltcz ' W kayak-aQQk11QQkagsHQZMZIiIgsWWaM,-,,WMknWMM-?J,.Lz.fm21 Y EFEQ 3912531 EE?ZZ'5:T'lq LESS? fLE ZZZ-53 5jQ-'Jw ?f?Z6fZ5TJq Ehmcium E5f22Z ?JqffC 5 COMMERCIALS QE '55 ,M-. ..--M -...wi --4 W TSS 5 , Si 55 A N Y w 3 QL J F5 E if' ga "SQ, 5 4 LQ 25 EQ RALPH PA'r'r1soN. NAOMI POV ' ALICE EVANS. GEORGE REID- gb? , N P QQ --T ---- gg ,HE EE W Q ,N Q l N 55 S3 fx Q FR 9 N 'QF w E Qi FAY NICYVILLIAMS. 1N'I,umARE'r MCCOMBS. LENA Rxcr-mans. ' F 61 EZQMA ESS Eiwgfm 2:9-fgzzmi EQZMQ 355225-?3u Em!! L3v'Q2aJLcz-f-QZDQDJVJJJLCZ QZEQDPJJJLCZ Qgpyfmmgzilmz QZQQDPLJUL CRJLCZ QQDQPVIIJLCZ gg' yfmlcz QZ'y1'J1JL11G' W1 Q2 COMMERCIALS - ' 9 F QE EE Fi Fi N N 21 w 52 F P 5 fi A W C B 'SSI' .T Q NI D 'D VAWIJFR . W ' - K Q1 ILLIAM OHEN. I1 E ONE, . L IL Rlt A , AL PRR IRKER. QQ - f Ai QQ F QE E3 RN N. M, E N F W S QE W5 H5 V V 3 9? in RUTH McCov. GRACE RUSSELL. ELSIE NIQKUM. 252 W5 V? .H.L ?i LL gf Li 5P LlQ also jay JJJLLLQ QJLQ, 79p MILQXVQKEAJL 72p Julia. Q51 ,..,0mfu4 .Q ZZJKAK if Zmmf - J ZJ'jf 57j WZ!!-Q-pq gif, WILL-2511 fEfi46Qf'.2-pq WIIZQE-nf?A.14 fwkvq f'LJ!Z rmL4f :q fVQ-Eli-n IPBWTJ f'iY2!Z fvl5gmg f-'v.244f.6-,wg f'4'2JZ f'J!Z . KE QRQLQZZZSQ5162531glLZZQffS,i5-WIZQRWZQEQWZQEEQEEEQZE-2Lf Gil COMMERCIALS iq! is I W w W Q N M5 gf Q1 eg Q 5 5 FS R Q ml J. RUSSELL Him.. ELIZABETH ATTENBOROUGH. ALICEBLAND. Rox' YOUNG. S W 5 in A E S Q Q F A 'EE Nx.1.r, VR 1I.msoN. Er!-Im, SIPLIDR. GRACE LIlgGLIf,R, N W, 7 i 7 ,V - Q 4 - 63 Q r-EQEEZZK-133 52.2525-D?-2 ffiigglwm EEZZQZJGQ ESU 5222-E 5325-1? E5-f22Zkq?J'f7-T324 'V '7' ' l 7 ' 7 7 ' F Y 7 ' 7 'N 7 ' 7 Q - 7 W 7 - y yu- QR!-,1kMZ,2Ejk,,ZZ'?kq?3kEkq?ESEQm32ZkQ73UfS33Ekq??Zif2.Jlkf?i3LZQ2.22?13ffD 1 ig COMMERCIALS KE ef g' P Q fl 5 SF, H5 Q iv L5 N Q Q N , 13 . E5 M5 N ILLIAM BALL. DORA CARLSON. BETHEL GRAI4"PON. YVILLIAM Fox. Q , i 3: E El! 55 SS N Q W5 E1 y 9 EEE' LAURA MICRSHIMER- RUTH WHALEY. IRENIC Rmmck. 'F 64 '7 -7 '47 gil 7 ' 7 N 7 ' 7 V7 2'i,"' V 7 ' 7' ,b J,LfL'iZZ'2'3335 ftkigii 322235-333 ELS?-93 32Z H1 ?Z ff?'ZN24 1EE'ZZZZj'?Jq2591232191Qf ZZ3qSmG511m??Zk-?1EmQ5JmLfE?fMZZ3qf5ZZZ3qf5?ZZ3m El COMMERCIALS -65 Em fe- -1-A E E E 55 L5 Ae N4 R R ki N QL EL r E 'gf si SH Fi - H ' 5 L5 A E W ORA ZEHNER. VERNA FULKERSON. GLADYS HAMILL. LENA COLNOT. W N1 N N ADDITIONAL GRADUATES. A WZ iii? W5 EDYTHE BALSER W LFR D BEY A 5 1 IWMl?CH1L1:? 5 , kg RAPHAEL D1 GREGORY R5 Ad EMIL Fox. R9 QS EDNA LESLIE. Q1 gi 1Ei1HS'f5ZZi,i?i' 355 il BLANCHE SMITH. g R1f,iZiiN5.i,i2T55g A E, A , I-'X A g EL HELEN ZEHNER Ll1-e, 1.. E 5 LILLIAN GREGOR. I ESTELLA STEINBRINK. S 59 I W? P 7 7 ' 7 7 ' T 7 ' 1 7 7 4 7 7 7 65 M E-.QD?jJqE?ZZE1fLfQCZZ -q?J ?2ZZ1?SE2EwmF2ZZZ-?JqfL5Ki?2Z qJLf?2d??k?1Mk2Z J1Lp?i?iQf12 i "Walls-f27'P'mJLce.' - mug - mia Lea- - 7 Q 7 - - s... Eglssi VLQM an wfgkfq rikku fig? raZ ii Fggiivi i i -?qJ : J 5 ng gg P ffl - ' 'f P 1 intnr 5 l. 5 Ii Message. as HIGH SCHOOL FINANCES. OUR PRINCIPAL. A ES DURING the past year nearly all the H. S. associa- . . . NN tions and classes have made appeal to the general pub- THE untlrmg efforts of Mr' Sargint fPf the better' N Q5 lic through various entertainments. When an organi- ment of the School have not been In Vain and as' E E, zatiuon found a deficit or was compelled to secure funds Suit N' C' H' S' ranks arming the foremost of fha Hgh Q51 QE? various attractions were used to entice the people to Schoois of the stat? If 'S to be. ffgfeffefl that thls S' :EE support the Organization. The people as a rule grow term is Mr. Sargent s last in our city. During the two weary of continually attendin exhibitions to a for years Mr' Sargent has been here he has Worked falth' 5 I is . g p y . R dlfferent School activities. fully, confidently and hopefully. In his new field we HE? EE In South Bend, Indu on one night in the year they wish him the heartiest success. Meadville is to be con- LB. Q hold one entertainment that provides enough funds for gram ated OH her gam' e en though New Castle keenly A F all school activities. Next year we think it would be regrets herloss' . . W it i wise to hold only one attraction for all school affairs If Seems but a Short mme Smce W? entered OH our My Nw and let that one entertainment be the only one. than Last term of School' yet durmg that brlef penod much Q Q5 to have multitudinous performances and securing little as bgen accomplished and achleved' Space does not gi kj money. permit us to speak of the many advances of the year. '65 PY AN EXPLANATION' It is enough to say that if N. C. H. S. progresses in the yi QE EVERY athlete who has done exceptional Work for future as it has in the past. term we shall have an ideal E, E. N' C. H. S. during the past term' except the atb- school ere long. This rapid advancement and the high 5 'J letic editor himself has received his due meed of praise Standing of the N' S' 'S d,ue largely tothe UU' WH 9 in the MONITOR. flagging zeal and optimistic enthusiasm of our principal. Rui sk During the foot ball season Mr. Shields was one of THE ANNUAL- Fi Q E New Castle's most valuable players. As fullback he REPARING an annual requires no little ex endi- Wil t l . . P Q proved himself the equal Of any 11116 Player IU the COUH- ture of time and effort. It is especially difficult N Q1 try. In thue Butler and Sharon game Mr. 'Shields es- when a vast amount of material has been submitted to gxl M pecially distinguished himself tearing their lines to be compelled to take only a small part of the submitted E PM pieces by terrific plunges. As far as the writer knows matter. The staff found itself in this predicament and fl " QW MF- Slllelds IS the filfst man to Wm H goldfnedi-3.1 for.N. selected that material that was absolutely necessary ' E, C. H. S. Mr. Shields is out. on the field again this spring for our annual. We wish to express our thanks to 5 'QE and we feel confident that in the field meets this year he those who took the time and trouble to prepare articles QE' gi vrgtlfignggillaecle rival schools that New Castle has a ham- folr tha: botokjnd we only regret our inability to publish gi Ei - a su mi te matter. V El if b H5 is fill Rav 721' Law riff Lear FW' lzu J 574 L1 ,SJLL-Q 1,-.79 L,-7, PS-gm KAMQLS fEC f KAMQLS I-sham mZ ISM mM m,Z m,Z P55324 I in L4 F 72 LTA 7 h1fiJLL,y7 p 1fmQ5JLL.2f'iKDAJLL.42 Ka2L. ZffQ i 9535631 VQZZZZ 51553 fphwq WQKQMQQ givin HZZKQQJ 55226221 E24 J J 273 fo wg 1 EE THE ATHLETIC BOARD. N. C. H. S. 6 F f - 7 - Jul 7 - mm ailing' - in - LZ - mug , . Kaz - wma 551-,E19C:g2Zk,.-JE-23 QZZZU 322511 giving VZZKQ,-U cRJj W.Z7?Mf?,-U ELMZZZQS WZZQEQ-UPZMQ4 EE 'V JJ Lcz ' ml LCZ ' 7 Q x 7 ' 7 N 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 wp QE VQZQKSZU P-Jima 3222231 ESQ-73 emma Kgs azzkgl ES52Z ?q3 EQ El QL '4 GIRLS HTHLET Us QE Q I N QE QE Q Aw :E E V .1 if .si N U 51 . X 54 ' 68 , , bg? EEEZZZZS Zf'g'jjq EEQQZZZS fkiigllwm swag fbggiai EiE?ZZZj'?i EQ' ZZZ5 EEQZZZ pL?lQ4 4 EFZSEJJ L5?f2Z L5Cf2Z fgmgljm L?f2Z iggwi L??f2Z Lr?fZaf? Lg2Z ELQ all Es F 394 fl? si it To li F all Qi Fi Q it iii? .l E5 N gi 515 O much has happened for the advancement and enjoyment of athletics for the girls that a summary is entirely in- adequate. From the homeless, unenthusiastic attempts Q of preceding years to organize class teams for basket .. ball and to gain healthy exercise in general work and out-door exercise, there has come forth an excellent gymnasium in which teams of well-trained, happy players have displayed their prowess and exalted their classes. The spirit of fellowship and healthy school life has been increased ahundred fold through the happy associations in the never-to-be-forgotten class meets and interclass games. The victories won and the defeats suffered have been confined to teams chosen from girls in our own school. No outside team has this year been called upon to brave the attack of N. C. H. S. girls, for no 'Varsity team could be selected among the rivals in the different classes. But in the years ahead, the surrounding towns and states will indeed realize that New Castle has wak- ened up. . Open games were delayed somewhat until the teams could get sutiicient practice. The matter of choosing teams was no easy one, for all the girls who played seemed eligible. But ex- perienced players were selected to lead the frays in the new gym. Aside from the regular class games the seniors played two other teamsg one game was against a team picked from the other three classes: the other was the only one played with an outside opponent. In the former, which marked the opening of the public games of the season, the seniors were defeated with a score of 4 to 3. This game w.'s indeed lively and well contested. The sen- ior girls realized that they were up against practically the star players selected from the whole school. In the latter a glorious victory was carried away from the team of the Y. W. C. A. The "girls of '14-" met a team that had practiced together for many seasons and that was considered as well nigh invincible. But with keen eyes, bold hearts and flying colors, our lassies plunged into the conflict with this determination in the heart of each, "For New Castle High-I will!" And they did. The score that marked the fall of the mighty, and that proved the mettle of the "class of 'l4," was 7 to 6. REVIEW OF GIRLS' ATHLETICS 1913-1914. Q5 ii Nt First place in the clsss games was won by the Sophomores. Four open games were staged by them, in three of which they were victorious. Much of the credit is due to Miss Van Wert, the girl on such intimate term.. with the basket. How we have held our breath as Amelia-gazed up so calmly at that formidable goal, and then quietly slipped the ball up over the rim and right down through! Of course there has been fine team work and individ- ual work, too. on the part of every player among the champions. Second place goes to the Seniors. Of the two class games, one against the Juniors, and one against the Sophs they secured one victory and one defeat. The score in the Junior-Senior con- test was 4 to 1, in favor of the latter. The second game decided the championship. Did man ever before see such good, clean playing or such will power, or such courtesy, in any,or in all, games? Who but Mamie Marlin or Louise Treadwell could have played as they played? or who could have played center as Essel Druchel and "Buser" did? or who could have guarded like Ruth Dufford and Edna Frazier? Yet the game was lost? Yes, be- cause ot the courtesy of the "yellow and black!" The game was forfeited by the Sophs, if our girls had so willed. But they played it out, and played it well. The Seniors lost by the score of 13 to 21. The Freshman come in for third place. They played but two open games, losing one of them. Bertha Wallace and Olive Clemens distinguished themselves by their basket-shooting, as did Cleo Brown with her guarding. The Juniors, who hold fourth place, were as we all know, greatly handicapped by not getting out to practice at the begin- ning ofthe season. The class play occupied so much time that the bese results were made impossible. But in the "Picked Team," the Junior girls who played guard, upheld the honor of their class. This was their only share of the victories. FINAL STANDING OF CLASS GAMES. PLAYED. woN. LOST. PCT. Sophomores - - 4 3 1 750 Seniors - - 2 1 1 500 Freshmen - 2 1 1 500 Juniors - - 1 0 l . 000 it i sl 'Qi in it 5' s F 3 P6 Q H QE M it to fly-my-mica-iftstcz -me-7 if 69 I-. iLgfC?42Z 1g 1g WZZ gui.-53553113 w.Z rigid w,fZ pLQA4 ""QmJLL?2!7PZ'n-1llL 27iZ'a.4JfLf227iff',p.1JLm JLczQ7 prmjmg QQJLCZQ7 pf3gJLggQ7?2yfJnJLczjZDy7JnJL11vv -mwfj KJJKQK 231 QKJCKKQK Z2 KJJKQKJZE P55313 fV4v?f? j f'L'Zf? 17 71211553 f 6' Q E1 5 , Q3 '70 THE GIRLS BASKET BALL TEAM. L E F QQ W .QQ 56 Q as ? EQ 55 J '7 R72 LL? W 7 ' 1 7 ' '7 7 ' ,ES-gem KJQKZZQQ KLZKZQQ KJZKZZQ Vim WZQZ-sg gin wkdfkp-pq KJZKQZQ wlligg pr QJLL 7 274ml fffzxlm CIQULCA Q72 LJLLQQQJLCA Q6 y JnJEL. 27.iCfmJLCA QZQQ LIL? if Lf?Q M Z Q gf? RQ 33 EE Z' QQ FC? E Q as 522 Q Q , E512 ig, 2211 E W 2?y I lg 71 7K4 F2 bi in P7 4 j fi EU 'r QL MQ 322 12215 J? ' ,N Q 22-In 5, 7 Z 75 Y Sb EEZ ' MQ ,fi F5 Mn I kv 7 Q mjgfggi Q1 E525 E23 'Z ! 626553 Q Y , 5 Q Jug . F? ' gg '2 k . 5 1? ' gpg FQ ' ' 7 7 7 ' 7 ' X 7 - 7 ' 7 ' mmvv' EQ3E,lkfZk2.l?,l f9C:42?4?n22EQ,l E9'4Z?2M551?l,EL5?li mfL5'.-Zf?,lkZk1,?lkK'2k1,?lk,2Zf2k,,fQ . t'-4 gg FOOT BALL HISTORY. 1913. -fl? sf l 5' It was the second week in last September that Boyles' Field again felt the tread of our High School griders, clad in red and black They E set forth about thirty strong to honor our school. Each was filled with an aspiration to make the first eleven. Indeed they all had a good chance EQ, l , as on y two members of last year's team reported for the following season. There were nine vacancies to be filled, Kirk and Fisher, the only varsity players from '13 played quarter and end respectively. Coach Sturgeon, with the assistance of Mr. H. S. Cleland, a graduate of West- minster in the class of 1913 and a member of the varsity there for four seasons, faced the problem of the development of almost a full team. They took up their work in earnest, and the boys were enthsiastic, as a hard schedule had been mapped out for them. into shape. Some light scrimmage was held which demonstrated the fact that a fast aggregation could be lined up. It was also plainly visible that the team would be the lightest that had ever represented the school. 3 . Soon the squad was rounding si Ei hi gs E tl fi W tl It was fortunate that a strong second team had been worked up in 1913. E ' Nearly all these youths returned and resumed the sport. It was their knowl- Ag edge of the game and a slight increase in weight added to some new material 5 coming into the school that made the season a success. Seven games were fm played and two were lost, these to Lisbon. Butler High was defeated on Boyles' A s Q, Field, this defeat by the score of 6 to 0 was the only defeat handed her during 3 the season. Sharon High was defeated by the score of 13 to 6 on Buhl Field at r H ' Sharon. These games are the features of the season, and these two victories F L W crown the efforts of N. C. H. S. with a large measure of success. h Q R9 The season opened Sept. 27, when New Brighton was met upon Boyles' N FN Field. A fair exhibition was given for so early in the season. The teams were N well matched as to ability. It was only "Mick" Kirk's toe that saved the day N for New Castle. RH 4 On Oct. 4th Beaver Hi . the season and that in this came to New Castle. This game, The first few mm- ' E, E WHStl1e Ollly team which utes of play looked dis- 'HE JF the 10031 b0yS Olltweighed. astrous for New Castle. gf The Playing WHS HU lm' Butler ever neared her oal A Pfevemellt Of the Week be' until upon the 4-yardgine E fa ' fore. It was aclean game. She was forced 10 relin- 5 The fefiillfe Of the game quishthe ball. Just at this kg WHS Alll'S 55-yi'-fd Vlm f0l' point Shields of New Cas- , ca 3- f0UChCl0W11-. Kirk'S edu' tle's backs broke through N ' - cated toe registered three for a 28 yard dash, Carry- - BQ wi MONITOR ATHLETIC EDITOR. Pomfs- Sllfelfls also Scored ing the bHll almost Out Of FOOT BALL CAPTAIN, 1914. E hi Pl t0UChfl0WU- A danger. The entire game D PM W The Butler game at home, Oct. 25, was one of the blg was given Over to line plays by both sides on account of the X J triumphs of the season. Rain fell almost all afternoon, so Condition Oftl1e field and ball. Captain Fisher and Mar- I E x-'E fllefe WHS 3 Vefy Smflll Crowd Of loyal Spectators- When lin on ends could not star on account of the style of play, 'Q " the home team. just bef01'e the game WHS Called, WHS Seen I although they played their positions well. It was the line -Q, Q J to dive and F011 OUCC or twice in the mud and Wafer, the ' which deserves the credit of tlIis game. Carlon and Lar- M J Cl'0WCl kllew they would See 3- fll'SfClHSS game- Butler WHS ' son on tackles tore things up, alwavs making a good open- gy a strong and heavy team which was defeated only once in FOOT BALL CAPT, 1913. ing for the ,-mme,-, It was Ifrank Robinson who made the FJ Q 72 - - I F LLQT if Liz,-iv if LLQv VW' lil 51112 ' FJJJLIL craltcz ' 7131 Law ,fifzaltcz Q7 ' PPELQ Q KMQKQS r m rtr4 f 4 73 Efgiii'-li gZ'gAjJj ZZZ64q Zf3q ?BJg L5?f2Z ZZZ54g fifihzmgllm 5f?Z 52Z L at Es b u 4 F Ei E it Q15 it N it 755 'N T LARSON touchdown at the beginning of the last period. This was his last game with N. C. H. S. He left for Springfield, O., where he made a position on a high school team. This was one of the best games ever played between these schools. The Sharon game, Nov. 1, at Sharon, is a game long to be remembered. As this is always the most popular game of the season, a good crowd was expected, but dreams were broken when the game was called. There were nearly seven hundred spectators upon the field and bleachers. This was undoubt- edly the greatest game ever played between the two schools. It reminded one of a college game, both schools having organized cheering and hundreds of rooters. The playing upon the gridiron was as fierce as any game could be: now one side crashing through and then the other. The black and red heroes could not go down to defeat before so many of their fair admirers. Each warrior was lighting for some fond lady standing upon the bleachers. In every respect it was the greatest exhibition of loyalty ever seen from New Castle High. Every member of the team deserves mention for his work in this game. College men remarked that they had never seen a team work together any better than did New Castle Captain Dan Fisher broke up play after play, Yevon showed the spirit of a true athlete, Aul was there with his speed, Kirk used his head and the line played as one man. This triumph was celebrated by a big street parade when the crowd reached their home town. The Alumni game was one of the most interesting of the season. The grads were sure they could wallop the kids. It was the old story of over confidence. The High School put forth the lightest team of the season against the heaviest opponents. The Alumni had the stars but lacked training. The High team had been well coached, were quick and active and had a number of good plays. Harlan picked a beautiful field goal from the 20 yard line. Horner, for the high school, grabbed a forward pass in the midst of his opponents and dodged several yards for a touchdown. Kirk distinguished himself when he caught a punt and circled the field for a gain of 30 yards. The Senior-Mugwump game was between the Seniors and the other three classes in school. It was a game to be classed with any played upon Boyles' Field during the season. The girls were the hearty supporters for both teams. The Senior girls decorated in black and gold sashes and banners in class colors and cheering with all their might inspired their heroes to grander achievements than all the other girls in the school. Their warriors fought to uphold the dignity of the Senior girl. The one who scored the winning points did so not for his honor, but for the sake of those who faithfully cheered him cn. Score 'Seniors 6, Mugwumps-O. CARLON as Q il FQ N it E ti i ii E ii SUMMARY. 5 New Brighton - 0 N. C. H. s. - 13 Lisbon - - 17 f A 2 . Beaver - - - 0 " " " " - 5 Alumni 3 ' E5 Lisbon fawayl - 13 " " " " 7 - - E gg Butler - - - 0 " " " " - 6 Total - - 39 51 'E Q Sharon Cawayj - - 6 " " " " - 13 Seniors 6-Mugwumps 0. EQ' N The school loses the services of six valuable men by graduation. They were all dependable and fa I each fought with the "never say diei' spirit. Ki E Captain Fisher, who has been on the right end position for the varsity in the last three seasons. M 3 B "Mick" Kirk, the diminutive quarterback of the last two years, who ably judged his opponents A weakness. ' E . Larson, our clownish right tackle, who was always full of pep and usually got the jump first. N NE KIRK McNally, who was a new man in the school this year and was one of the 'most valuable men in the MCNALLY Sip squad. 312 Carlon, "Pete" was a heady and shifty player, a sure tackler, and displayed at all times cool head- ml ED- ed playing. 7:3 an Qjlgz 17- 7J1liM iiCZ 7'yfmltcz7'yfmJLcZ7'y7mlLcz 17' VJJJLLQHU 721' LC-Z 17' 7J1JiNCSi.lLc. W KSUMUTJ IEEE VQMJLCZ j?'Q771JJLC'Zj7'Q77j3JLCg - j7'TIm V ,7 .7 Q 7 7 i 7 vw QQ-1 W22,,MmU WZJQZ-n gsm, MMZZZQ Eglin E ZZ3 32422253 Lsizzfmasw 165 W E E6 E5 Q EXE N N F W? P I 215 1 M H N Ns Q R9 M gl Q 1 RN EQ Eg Q5 N W QW NG li Q X1 QE :E W L 55 ff E any SPL Q2 74 1913 N. C. H. S. FOOT BALL SQUAD. gi QJLCZ Q7 ' 713-If 7 '-f - - 7 Q 7 , 7 X 7 i P, 7 Y x - Q Q-Q, might., figfgzkgj, V2Z 2fL'SS?1J,?2Zkf,.J?2fUgg33g3ZZ q?J Sigma QZZQMQQ bmgfi 1 We-11, gimffyffzai eimzzsa EEPMZZSEQ 23233 5156251151253 EMMA Esfzzfmaaffg 5 S LGS 5 ATHLETIC SNAP SHOTS. - Z 51 I :nm .. . T 1 3 F 2 ' Q1 Pk Q N PY E QT gi 5 SE am EQ E5 S S N S5 2 N 3 is Q T T T N N A S5 SE E E all EQ 59 gain? SS EMM? Eef-ZZZMSQ LFTZZZMS kfzzkw? FQL-imfzffzf, SQZMQ SSQQT El sy ry Qw ?1J3 igii ZZZ3 5327224-hi it .is lj E112 it 3 Qi Us 3 15 A Eli s R ls r BASKET BALL HISTORY. 1913-1914. IHE dreams of New Castle High have been realized in I basket ball. :The school had been struggling in this department of athletic for the lack of a gymnasium. Under the auditorium of our school is one of the finest gyms in the High Schools of Western Pennsylvania. eretofore the school has not been represented by a varsity, and only class games were played at some convenient floor. This, of course, presents the fact that no practice could be held. Having the gym at the High School, it was always open to the students for practice, which was held for two hours after school adjourned for the day, and the fioor was clear for an occasional evening practice. "Practice makes erfect," and the team was almost a top- notcher at the close ofa the season. But this glorious opportunity was not granted to the High School until the first of the new year, or four weeks after practice should have been started. If we conclude that had the team attained the proficiency which it possessed at the close of the season, four weeks earlier in its career, we can hardly estimate the pace at the close. The team lost two valuable games on account of its weakness at shooting foul goals, and this was because there was not suiiicient time to develop a foul goal shooter. A greater interest could scarcely be made manifest in the class and varsity games. When the fact is considered that only two members of the team are lost by graduation, the plrospects are the brightest for a championship team next year. erbert Kirk, whose ability at quick and accurate passing is rarely seen, and Harry Forney, who scarcely is excelled at guarding, are two boys who will be missing in the lineup next season. Wa sworth, who was the star field goal man, will be left for next year. Baer, the giant center, can pass with rare ability, and Horner, an agile guard, is also good at dro ping them into the ring. The team and subs. deserve much credjit for their rapid development. This is shown very markedly by the scores of two games against the same teams. Coaches Sturgeon and Cleland are to be heartily congratulated upon the success of their untiring efforts, and the prospects for next year. The High School won the second game of the season by beat- ing the Alumni. Lisbon was next met on the home fioor, and took home the spoils. Ellwood City came up clamoring for the cham- pionship of Lawrence County, they went home without it. The High School 2nds went over even into Lisbon, where they were ill- fated. The local team went to Fredonia, where they gave that team the closest shave of the seasong score-34 to 30. Another game which refiects upon the valor of the team was the vanquish- ing of Westminster Freshmeng score-41 to 27. The most over- whelming victory of the season here was that over Warreng score-55 to 3. One of the most exciting and fastest games of the season was against the Peerless A. C.g the final score was 34 to 28 in favor of the Peerless quintette. Two games were played with Rayen High School, of Youngstowng the first game was played at home and was an exciting contest, score-22 to 13. The game at Rayen was a marvelous display of team work. Score-Rayen, 21g New Castle, 14. Mercer High was the first team on the schedule here this year. On account of the fact that the gym was late in completion the boys went into the game with only three evenings practice. The game ended in Mercer's favor, with the score 23 to 8. Toward the close of the season the local team journeyed to Mercer, where they defeated that same team by the score of 45 to 8. Surely this shows to a great extent somewhat of the development of the team. It is, with regret, that we consider the fact that the squad was unable to get to practice earlier in the season. SUMMARY: Mercer- - - 23 N. C. 8 Peerless A. C. - 34 N. C. 28 Alumni ---- 17 " 26 Fredonia - - - 341 " 30 Lisbon ---- 24 " 21 Sharon ---- 43 ' ft' " 34 Westminster Fr. 25 " 17 Lisbon- - - 62 Lg " 18 Rayen ---- 22 " 13 Rayen ---- 21 4 " 14 New Brighton - 11 " 38 Mercer - - sl " 45 Westminster Fr. 27 " 41 Z i Ellwood City - - 23 " 58 Totals - - 377 446 Warren - - - 3 " 55 ,1 3 - B I 1 r 1 I S 1 E L 1 it E 9. 4 El 4 1 I 1 1 . 1 F l 1 1 1 1 1 lil a 5. li 41 FR W it Q15 gl H P 76 , L - , v P Y l ZZ5 ZZ'5AJm ZZZg igiimginm ZZZfq 1L ?:J1 Zf'26J1 ZZ:g ZZZSJ1 plan. 1 1 E5 Q ...i QQ LfEgP J 5 E5 5 fl fl 5 sg is R LN? Q A wp N N Y 11 gig 5 ' Q F 7' ES La M N Q QE R W 535 g 25 1. 51 WEP? THE BASKET BALL FIVE. N. C. H. S. 1913-1914. 7 -7 -7 ' 7 'f 217 Lmcilv' , .fLg.Q , 1.x-E25 , Z7 Q5-mffyzfzgsigma5emzz3,fJ.fLfg25..,.,,fLMzZQg...MZ54,J.fmmfgas,-fl,m4 'VQD-ll-i2W Fif' RQ? 721' Rfb? J7ifXa.all.M llCZ ' VJJJLLL altcz ' yfmltc-Z 7 ' pfmltcz 27 P"333U17"' k?fl KAZQK,-231 lsfmm lifssngsm fVJJ? f it is Q BASE BALL 1913 1914. M 4 the season. In the infield we had Robinson, Carlan, Bush and rf J Ig ' ITH the hearty c0.0pel-ation of Mr. Sargent, the ability of Eakin and with this machine working right the spectators were MEF, coach Sturgegn, Albert Grotefend as Student manager, able to see an infield in action second to that of Conme Mack's 9 the strong support of the Student body, and last and Athletics.. Our brilliant spots were in the outfield. We had Allen, 9 A E most important the strength of our team, we had one of Forney and Taggart to Catch OUY' 0PP0Ue1?tS' labeled homefuns LCR N S-IT Xlfehbegt baseball nineg ever put out by New Castle High and tlgee-base limits arid Eheytdidgt with credit due to Cobb or Jack- N c ool. t ough our record only shows a majority of the games SOD- UF PSCOY Spea S 0l'1 Se 5 N won nevernh 1 ' tl 1 ' th n P 1 ' - .. N N N championshig gd: fg?3ebae!::ai.1l:e vsvecpzllged Ehgsirghlgessgghbdlasdd Eelgacelf' hcf- fi, NLC' I 13 glileggfnig-ggh jf 1. I 3 sg college teams 1n this vicinity and teams that were entirely out of u er . lg U pp Y N C 11- E our class, we had one of the hardest schedules ever put out to test XIveigli'n?'tei ' 'S ,, ' 3 Westminster' 'f ' 74 HQ the strength of our High School team. We opened the season :tl Hllfffli on' 0 N C I 2 Totals - - u 40 40 NE with a victory over the Terrace A. C. the strongest amateur team bu er lg ' ' ' ' B 53 pl W h ld la it Q78 in the country. We next traveled to Butler and they started out as if there were nothing to it but Butler, and by the time the bat- tle ended it was found We had a lead of six runs. This was a great victory for us because Butler was our rival school. We were next defeated on our home grounds by Westminster College, they getting a lead of six runs the first inning. In the last seven innings Capt. Forney held them to no-hits. Over-confident and gomgito pieces the first inning we were next defeated by New Wilmington High. This game was a great surprise to us for they could in no way come up to our standard. But we were not dis- couraged and living up to our reputation we again defeated Butler High on our own grounds. We were next defeated by Allegheny High on our home grounds. This was one of the best games of the season and the game was so closely fought it was either teams' game until the last man was out. We next traveled to Slippery ock and there were defeated by the strong Slippery Rock State Normal team by a very close score. Though we were defeated we received compliments from all sides and from the coach at Slip- pery Rock for the good showing we made against his team. If we had been playing on our own grounds we felt confident we could have won that game. Now comes our last and greatest game of the season. We traveled to Westminster and defeated the college team in a eleven-inning contest. Joe Wadsworth, our speedy pitcher, held them to six hits. Let us look over the team of last year. We had Dart, who for four years caught the speedy balls of our pitchers and was the headwork of the team. We also had two pitchers, Capt. Frank Forney and Joe Wadsworth, whose pitching was the feature of Let us look at the prospects of this year's team. We have four veterans, Wadsworth, Taggert, Forney and Bush around whom Sturgeon must build a team. With such material as Fisher, Dunlap, Jevon, Hays, Wallace, Marlin, McAleer, Baer, Horner, Jacobs, Kirker, Cohen and Phillips we should have a team as good as last year's. The boys have been working hard, and will be in shape when the season starts The schedule this year includes ames with such schools as Beaver, Rayen, South High, Slippery Bock, Butler, and Volant athletics. With every man working to- gether and each one doing his part we look for the same class of baseball as last year and we look for nothing but victory. The baseball team loses a valuable assetin the person of Harry Forney, who, for his second season is starring in the center field position. His work was of note during the 1913 season. Not only was he famous for his field work but also his ability as a hitter drew attention. This record places much confidence in the High School fans this year when Harry goes to the plateg and he never disappoints them. His masterful works against Rayen speaks well for his record this season. HARVEY BUSH. EDITOR'S NOTEjfA member of this year's varsity will be lost by graduation, whose position will be hard to fill with one of equal ability. Harvey Bush, who for two successive seasons has played short-stop, has proved himself to be one of the most alert men who have ever played on our High School nine. In base running he is second to none, the best cannot catch him stealing. His stealing work in the Rayen game of this season is an example of his expertness He is some hitter and a better team-mate for Forney could not be found. tl Q PB ll QE tl it Q li e a ,b amazes lE' ZZ-Sl lE' ZZZ3l lgsiial k2gl ESE? Zil EQWZZZ-sl -?lq Jl EQEJKVQZMQHQ fassg, 52223.53 Si'-A Eecizzklsi WEE. LQQZMUPLIQ 32 fs P Q N ' Q FS. N K2 Qs 55 V -Q 2 5' 5494 5 W RS M M 52 ' 'I QE fl if ME Q fx N4 w Q N N 9: 95 V -1 P 55 59 THE BASE BALL NINE. N C. H. S. 1914. 79 '7Q?LlLf?2 Pk U17 if' '77 !7 YC 7 7 1 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 7v'l IIWQW..-2ff6c5fe:L'3i ffadifcc-?3i f5ZZff'AJ,Zqlf1ebssmfL5J.?i'f22kJ3JgfLS37Jg32ZZ?ql E4-C2Z JqLf4fC2ZZ.5i?iLf .ill 5-1. as . JE E THE 1914 TRACK WORK. Q R 5 , I RACK athletics are beginning to take their place endeavor to work out a winning team. There is a much K5 in this school. Last year was the first year of larger squad this spring and when the season gets KK R9 I-Q organized track and field for N. C. H. S., and rightly started here an inter-class meet will be held to RJ A the results of the year were indeed gratifying. ascertain the point winners and those eligible to take Fi N Inter class meets were held in which great rivalry pre- the trips. Perhaps a dual or triangular meet will be W ww vailed andsome good records ehalked up. A meet with arranged in order to give the team some good tests and he N5 Beaver High School track team was held on thelocal experience. Two large meets have been scheduled, E- field. This meet revealed a constellation of real stars. one at Carnegie Tech. and a second at. Westminster E ft In the mile and half mile Leslie Rawle cleaned up both College. The management has made a good proposition ft A tirstsg Hoye easily had the pole vault. In the shot put to the boys, in that if they develop sure point winners fl EQ and hammer and discus the Shields brothers and For- they will be taken to several .large meets. This is avery EQ, 'Eli ney scooped up all the points. The point winners in good proposition and is up to the individual to make N3 this meet were taken to the Carnegie scholastic meet. good. Track is unlike foot ball or base ball for the fact Gi? A None of the boys expected to bring home any points as that if you lose it is your own individual failure and the ENN W tgislisna fait mheetL1AE11l nowdwears tlgeltbrgnzte naiedal folr responasibility can got be thrown upon the team. If you Q5-J ir in e un re yar s. . ie s oo our w1n.t e g ory is a yours. ' N2 place with the shot, while A. Shields brought home the There is an ever increasing demand for track ath- CE? 5 gold medal for throwing the hammer. The next meet letics in place of base ball. For this. the reason is evi- QE ge was at Westminster College. By this time the boys dentg when one is successful in an event. he receives in- E15 fl were in better trim and showed better form in all dividual recognition and is presented with a medal ji ji events.. Track manager Blair pulled out the silver which is proof that he has attained a high degree of J ia medial in the 220 yard dashg R. Suhiellds thhe silver medal efficiency and that he has excelled in athletic achieve- 5 ' in t e s iot put. aw e won t ir in t e mi e and A. ments. There is something fascinating about the K5 Shieldsthirgd the hamnier t1hro1w.dAul vgho had taken spofrti whichkseems to lead one on. After he has won a i ' seconc int e eaver mee an t ir at arneg1e,was me a he oo s orward to the next one, that is almost Sl not able to be at this meet.. Hoye came up well in the within his reach. Q sl pole vault. Baer, ourlhigh Jumper. who took second in Not much can be said of the work this year. but PM W the Beaver meet' was in good form. the prospects are bright for a successful season. Blair K X1 ,-,M The team did some good work last year. but should was the only man lost by graduation. but he was almost QE, 'HE do much better this spring. The track has been re- a sure point getter in the two-twenty yard dash. The 'QE y paireldbanld slonlge nelly appasatlus seciigred. Assistant last year's field men are showing some increase over ty EI Loaci e an as c arge o t e trac team and w1l last year's work. S Ely '55 an so w QILLQHU yftcav yftcav .pf ff -7 W7 -7 'Q-wwf' 67 -7 l A3551 WAMQQQ KMQLS pe,M?.2fQf3i E333 lr'fvZZ EJj f52Z ?27Z2 q?J pL?iMJ..l! 59? THE 1914 TRACK TEIQVI4 R1 fa QJL5, 7 D mlmixlica 7 Q7 JJJLCA 7239 JAJLCA Zip mllzapjgpp LJLLAEPQQZEJLC-Cz 152QDP'JnJlfLf JLfQxQ E-,QQ UVQJQZQ fghwg V-ZYKQZ-U VVIZJQZZU fvivZ1J KZEMJZFE-4-F1 gimif Z1 fvjgfg fw vm pm Yi gZ'2AjJj ZZZ5 ZZZ3 F1353 Lk?f2Z Z'ZZg Lggigglwm ?f?Z l 5, 16 L x if 3 3 ai U EL QE El! R N ? 55, M ga EE A W 52 if Q n l V1 111 4713 JJ 711 JJ if-jvjfwbvmjftc cf .4f'3jfCf1vHvUJjfcc 4 45733 IZA flndfgg-rjfv W EEE? EYWWLW 522339 H5951 LL?ZZ7I"J fff'?'E'J L'???5?I"3 3TZZ??3Z'2?J 3f2f?W'm LQ 51 Q , ,Q A A ,-,..,,E gg F ' I5 A E E15 55 Eg M wa f QE gf Q5 l A SQ 7 5582 A SCENE FROM "THE PASSING PARADE OF 1914." ' F 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 1 7 ' 7 N 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 E- 1"52Z q?J32Z -?Jq3g2Z 1?iESi7Jq3ZZkJ3JqfUSS?71,3ZZ FfLp4CZZ 1?JqLfPC2Z 1?qJfLmQ4 1-.1-1-,, , . - pf LC-cg - yfmtfg altgzw 721' DLE, crgluzav VW' Luz 7'pfmJLcz 7 ' yfmllil'-7"' rt qEEf Z6CZ5JgfeaM f-2ZZ1g f iUjDI Qf fa-QSM DI. Q fV,7.2J? WZJZZ-iq J all gg ? THE "PASSING PARADE" OF 1914. 55- QB N February 20th. 1914, the Junior Class produced, in the High School Auditorium, the "Passing Parade." 5 1 Qi The cast and choruses had been so ably coached by Professor Knapp for several weeks, that in this, their LQ NN first production, there was apparent little or none of that rawness usually seen in an amateur performance. fig S The play was a decided success and there was so much good talent displayed, that to enumerate the successes ml PM of the evening would require the naming of all the soloists. The great success of the play was largely due to Pro- 5 N . . . . . . . B gli fessor Knapp's selection of the songs which ranged from the rollicking ' 2010" with its girl of the future, its wid- E EJ? OWS and belies to the "Gypsy's Lament" with its quiet beautiful cave scene. E g The dances which were intricate ' p QFQM as and beautiful were ably executed. and l 'M ES as the audiences showed their apprecia' lm ' N tion by repeatedly encoring them. E SN Takin the a reciation shown FP Qi g pp K xl Q by the public as the criterion of suc- - E, QE cess, the "Passing Parade" must cer- QF gi tainly have stood very high. The play , 5 was repeated February 21st, and pub- -A I N5 lic demand for a third production QS caused its being brought out on Feb- ESQ N ruary 24th. Mil The thanks of the Junior Class Q QQ are extended to Mr. Knapp and Miss in 5 Lillian Sarver whose able direction F gf of the music made the play so great a P p l, 'E :gg success. gill ag ss gi Q il fi ' flag ' JIJLCA ' mlb:-Z ' Jnltcz ' VJJJLLQT 721' Liz y7'y7JnJlr.wzg5iJLQ lggii Lf-CfZZ -ii Fiimm i-ZZZ-U f7. l"'.L'12 p-ZZZU fK i-.LQZ-iq IEEE QM!! 1 v 'fwmkz 7 ' yfmltcz ' Pmltcz ' 7iJEmQ':SilL:z ' fmmilmz ' fnnllcz ' P'mlLcz ' PJJJLQVWE E1 fsfiwm 55255133 l T sg ls! Tel 's Q THINGS WGRTH REMEMBERING W I l ig CLASS SONG 1914. 4 Air-Lauriger Horatius. ' hr gl 1 Wake ye voices of the hills 2 To our teachers we' would sin 3 Seal of comin ears in store ' , g S' y A , jj Make the echoes carry Praise and thanks in token We must leave unbroken sg , F Our glad song of true good will Of our gratitude and love Friendships formed in days of yore '65, QQ While in school We tarry Ere our ranks are broken Take we as our token " 7 N To our High School is our song To our teachers is our song To our schoolmates is our song Q Ere old ties we sever Ere old ties we sever Ere old ties we sever 1 El Q5 We would swell the chorus strong They have led us all along We would swell the chorus strong ' X1 High School Dear! Forever. We'll revere them ever. Schoolmates dear, forever. E xl 4 While we've learned new friends to love 5 Shall we ever see again R - H As we filled our places These familiar faces A ' , E Yet the dearest, time will prove God alone He knoweth when N L Are our classmates' faces Knoweth times and places My I To our classmates is our song In the present is our song N Ere old ties we sever Ere old ties we sever lj 1 ,E Wiwould swfill the chorus strong We would swell the chorus strong EE' ' P-HI' ' 4, orever. Dear '14, Forever. -1 1 M 5 g' f A THE STEEL INDUSTRY- where the greatest coal fields lie, and therefore this is BQ, W The manufacture of steel is the greatest business the most lmpoftijaggoogggl steel agnilnqon fzentersl Thi' Fig hi of the United States. Its largest centers are in West- Secgou uses h 'lf H .tqns of hemame year Y an T gm' ern Pennsylvania, Ohio. Chicago and Milwaukee. Al- pro ,ities over 3 ft he mg lrgn O t 'F Country' I . , though the most of the ore is mined near Lake Superior, . 'ii coursep t e On? mm mme to Stee is Very 5 'EE it is all brought to these Points for smelting, because lnggrgitlntgt .It ls' Hrsnhmmed by bliss Stlgam Shgvef' it is more easily transported than the coke which is the W 'C 03 1 Info Cars t af trzinsportll tot e ore. oc S EI principal fuel of the industry. along' the wharfs.. Here. ships having a capacity of Nw , . I 13,000 tons are quickly filled and proceed through the Q5 Egg' Q The OFC Qf the L3-ke SUPQUP1' FCEIOUS 'S by far the lakes to the Sault Ste. Marie where they separate, the we N f'1Ch6SI pf all 1I'OIl OFCS. COINHIUQUE 70? DUFC 1I'0U- I It larger part proceeding to ports along Lake Erie while as Q1 IS Ch6111lCHl1Y.kU0VY!1 HS Hqmfiflte. lower gI'HdCS belng the remainder go to Chicago and Milwaukee. SEI Q Magnetlte' Llmomte and Sldemte' Here the ship's cargo is loaded onto cars and car- E, ried to some city in the Pennsylvania section usually to easily secured in the western part of Pennsylvania Youngstown, New Castle or Pittsburg. gl? VY The coke which enters largely in the processvis it W 1 84 El 2 Wil ' 7 7 ' N 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 1 2-Qi Ei:-Qzaeaks as-MMA 225.27123 lessee awake .gs kgggkij? szaiawl garage Emi 5 i, , - 7 - 7 - mmcgimzy pfmum fsJLf:z27'P"J1JLeZ JZDPQMCZ 2ZDP'2?mf55"i l Lf-5:g22Z L5?2Z L5?ZZZ1q S5531 w.92f?ZQ-'n resign F'4'2f? r"22ffAff'1'1 rmigflfdfo Kg nl Q F? QF THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. ' ' ' ile," and the molten iron run into ladles that convey it sg se The first Step of the reductfon 01fi,QhZt'ffI'Qlf,,fif,i eo the "miXer." This is a receptacle in which the 'QE 1 emeltmg In the-blast furnaces- n a ' from several furnaces is mixed to a uniform struc- L :Q each furnace, is loaded ore, limestone and coke. It iron Rs N requires 1200 pounds oflimestone. 2200 of coke and 4000 ture throughmlf- . n d s t 1 dles which bear Qi pounds of ore to produce one ton of ir-in. The fur- . From herse1't13agalQP0UY'e 1? 0 3 rams W 3 ' naces, which are 110 feet high, 22 wide at the broadest it to either-la .pig making machine or an appa y R1 part, and 15 feet at the bottom. are filledwith alternate f01-converting it into steel. n Q14 lg N layers of coke and iron ore. A blast of air at a temper- of these different methods. for making steel the E' ature of 425 to 6500 is then introduced through 8 to 16 Besssmeris probably the most wldely used, its only hm- 'HE' ' g tuyeres, situated at six feet from the bottom. These drance being its failure to remove the phosphorus from are pipes Of from 4 to 7 inches in diameter' prevented the iron. In this process, 10 tons of m,elted pigliron 5 Eli! from melting by H passage Of Water around them: The are poured intoa pear-shaped converter, llnee Viflth 3 'gi air for the blasts isp compressed by50hLLge6gIzE:liilg silicigusfmaterial, tgI1tC:i.g'llS IS lnt:'J42?:gCiihaal:, iilfxla-tllil Ki 1 - r. he com ress 0 to the urnaces. e 1 erence hw degli? every riiinuteeto a pressure of 15.or 30 heated. This ah- is consumed .at the. rate of 25,000 iw pounds to the Square inch- Four 01' eve tons of elf are cubic feet each minute. This air oxidizes the silicon ml ' eg used for every f0Yl Of iron Pmdueedg The SKIPS or and manganese in the iron. l N is Xl boisfs which Simply the furnaces with .meterlag are In this process only ten minutes are required to gl :jg built 00 the lnellne Plan and Carry Sumewnt fma erm convert iron into steel.. This, and the fact that no other f y 5' to the furnace to produce 2000 '0'1S0fP'g"0n or every fuel is used has led to its adoption in many plants. l day m the year' ,, From this converter it is run into fifteen ton ladles 5 ,gk Down the sides ofhthe furnacig afiggggeairezlgs which in turn gil mouldsguf thrieton czpacityi. telixtailhif ,a W p downs" or chimneys I at CHFFY e ,U , . oint tests oft e "cas s are a en. emg a - E time eases to the Stoves, which heat the a1fFhaf.1S used m ieed at the laboratory. When the molds have been run fs A the blast furnaces. lt is heated by passing it through to the s-Stripperwna maclslse that remofyeg the mgulds, A 1g groups of bricks which have been heated by burning they have sufliciently sol1d1tie'd to permit its removal of W 55 the unused SHSCS Of the furnaces- There are fem' their moulds. The red-hot mgots are then carried to N 1 E1 stoves to every. furnace, three of these are heating pits in which they are heated enough for r0ll1.I1g'- Qi QQ while One heats the air for the blast' When they have reached this dlfgree tlxiy Elie carttsggi ' -L 11 ' erhead crane, to t e cars a eave I ee The furnaces are tapped at lliegulirr miidlliygel ixeeytiileetrxeeelliexeig-mill." Here they are rolled into sheets tg for bY it 3 as 315 85 1 , - V Lf ef Liza fif P Q1,sWzze1,2e:22z2M.14ffaWzf3sssessa1,kma2ff3sfee'see'JrfamZz3e1efy4KZ?74:4m,afaaf4a1f'w44 Akai ' iv' BFRIULQ, gl miymgg .QQ 2255? 74 U Q62 K5 In t A oth 7 A er Stform M4255 W me Laseel th -jf-M3 N im of e t' bprodey a ZJWEJ gw pur' qch Ht n uct fe FS?- lt 0 S. S Dm LCA p-Tle Catl Old my - rl h S. S 1 Ca E' S 6 tv. 5 0 - -127 You Cs Wh ls t. ' r TH J? of S O H h Ole an lg Cha if P 3 b ra-the Osp- P1 aliz e Hg G 233 PL Ui1 'lro fb .'fa1 ant ed lab ed ' S W LCZWLLL HE' dingadsulldilfl elesonll asto01-atc into r - J K3 , ' and jgs. tricgsts the ry W ails H R Mig A 3:5 ma BME M1222 N k T A ora nd r ny nta as MB y fl W C He H1 ep - 21 ge am E 4-7273 N t OW 0 O S I al Cr Of. - R 4 LCZ A hr 1- co RN Hr Of 1' S Cs It W I IN - Inj 5-Jw Ch Uug esp rre S E C u th. ho ' and S in fat G lp- 5 ard gf thictiVEF0ndLIGHTR IN Sed it isp: alldcom havekgei Em . Zjfyym F unf Th gfateethy "ents LY M FOO alm net var- - S eerlonlyploy LZWUZ :fa fathogfuiedafS'h0Q,ngt2e bwfofxfiv LS- Ostfxifll ELI- ffpyaS1ee"if5j"S "fig E' J 0110 rofiltelora per erioest e to- ry Y, n eI.e,J0e3 ev yoee h J M5 t yyingtheYtg0?SWers,v, dn, Yay Z Cou Ot oves yo -.Tehr Simi Yesre, Lang? gs Slgeselfyoadvisgthiilhe bo Hd asggry rsixllr adavs e,-, terdgou N aw th ICO unf IHS nresfi O rg fvvttff mus em I t dlb R' 'Ei W h Won fiem 'me Qft Wa 'xedgns ld ln F tS1 ent- ho el' lp V Q 0 h- re 'S ht un S th . fa- an S Ce - nugh 'Cv 3 F: i-I ppe 116 .79 toe fle 3-te un so lthf Or- po W t Cy Il 'E Ei . Vs Ov p en d th U1 U an Yo Ou E a 'T W the et' eSt Ou ers at 13' pre ted u 3 V Wa h as e m th S1 gh tru the' bu mi 1 Wis Q' 5 Sewm be be quafn em the tot, Ck b foni h Ogfd EF A -E arhsf m ly Wh Wit qu' 8 p Y th Q -E c hh Tig Cen Ift X, twi ethoamayo Wa h stlfkesague e x. C :gs l tff-E3 nick Ce a dioflff to ie both aw Elnlaleirfvith N all , ' els y Hn eatin ad: efe Se S O N UJD-fa m d - 9 d tt f my KM? aka a lub Fht ist with he 5 - LA dime d eirgglge th grass ' Q 17 Q 0 S C - P352 es 1' Witm e - jg 44657 lmber h bofilch gngigipci ABRID . Q. Lima, germ 6' eCfiJ1ngentH-GED U37 FK- l7 ake a Po Bi thaguni?1:OVyIiGH Q Q1 -5, Rsed Ska 616 me A 'CHO Q, ' Hr to t Ct H n O ' Zum In el b Bal VOC t' ew I' D PM QL th-Y' h efh 1-b Uri M an ICT my FESSJL Qi Citowefowf ffm- uch d U IONA ' E mvgy- iflj' B", int hurl lnofpqo-d RY- 755 ZQQ Th Seenoab Sh 6 fa ate gm C et pe askaped Vofabmet 545 ZTULCLQ erna rforet m inH le ahod ,- Uggilma 1 que U mingaqe fated nd ec? QQ mp Stio Its Or th bah - LR 15222 H' Suve Pu' Su N poseilliiosgj ' HAZ uty QE EMKZQ7 J 17- H Jifiglgg 4 v -7 'f '7 5 7 Q7 7 7 Ill U17 vmqgiliidjafgffii Lieggifiafi 552462533 Lififggiij Li-CZZQZ-iii 5524655553 igfmm EPCZZZS-iii LCf'gZ T1l'Q 5 E THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. igQ4 Collector-A menacing person whom no one likes Quotient-Result of division, i. e., a divorce. 'Ei - to SCC. but whom all invite to call 333111-" Redskin-Term formerly applied Indians. now a R5 Dance-A pleasant method of physical torture. sequel to rouge. A used in reducing Gordonitis. etc. . Superficial-Adjective applied to brain power of im Foot Ball-Ingenious method of legally pulling off Freshies. MN several prize tights, in one ring. Tactics-Methods of procedure used by the sol' QQ Hammock-A popular contrivance whereby love- diers and coquettes-CNot always successfulj making may be suspended and at the same time en- Unit-The fesult of a marriage licgnge, 'EE C0l1l'aged- Unwary-Adjective- applied to young men in gen- Hug-A hug is-but how should we know? ei-al, El Kiss-Nothing divided by iW0- Vantage-A point to gain e. g. a hammock. H5 Knowledge-What most Of US havelft- Win-A term used in poker games and love affairs. K Lie-A P001' CXCUSC for the ffllfh, but the bCSf Wife-CFrom interview with married manb The N known of. source of all contention who keeps the holes out of your Love-Man's insane desire to divide his earnings pants and in your pants. EST with someone else. Yarn--What someone tries to make you believe is Mitten-Forewarning of cool weather. the truth. gi' Mollusk-Animal with no backbone-several vari- Zero--Predicate adjective referring to a cold shoul- g eties here in N. C. H. S. der--or the result of an absence.-Ex. ' - ' le soaked by carpenters with a hammer, -F-'--A SQ Nail Aftlc. 1 . . HP d b 1, Y , f ,W H I by manicurists in emon Juice. D H at, 0 you e ICYC in ate, I . it i Oar-Instrument used to great advantage in shal- gulf- what would We be Standmg 00 Wlthfmf R4 low water for catching seaweed. thenf:B:"EX' d I d f 11 'd' h bu N W ' Etianist-ine whhca foils her sweetheart and keeps ..C:g,tegLffOff:1rit,,Ff1?e .sagivgr Zroulggg a lt' N nag 01.5 awa e mg S' i . "But, father what am I to do without a riding NN Powder-Small mineral used in military and femi- habit?" 3:5 nine campaigns. i "Get the walking habit."-Ex. Quarter-One who passes the ball and watches the A man will agvays have to keep his word when no lough a furrough with his nose. one will take 1t.-- x. EM, runner p ij - V - il ' tc, mltc., mltca ' JJJLL4 tc., ' mlm ZH. Qiefazfaka ies... iefnzak-H VIZZE-in ...QZQMU ...WMU m9Z .VQZQM-fi .aim 'P' mltc.. Jnltc., ' Jnltcz ' Eta Elma iKY .ll.Li tzfz ' Jnltcz ' JIILELVYVI 6fZ??in VIZZQZ-zq Qmm m.M gslmm m,Z gw,g?i1q WAZQZ-yqfw . .gli Ie M THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. E EQ, First. "Did Barnum go to heaven?" Bob. "Her teeth are like the stars." QQ, L-If Second. "I don't know, he had the greatest show Bob's friend. "Why? Because they are brilliant?" Q -, W on earth."-Ex. Bob. "No, because they come out at nightf'-Ex. A . . M, N T. B. "D0n't Sit on your thumbll' A composition on Webster was turned in the other A ' Ck QB. D. "Why?" day headed "The Scene Seen by a Seer." 'mr SQ T. B. "Because there's,a nail in it." b not the "Oration Orated by the Orator Heard My Xl A. "Hear about the china egg.?" Y t e lstenenn Q B. "No, what about it?" ill' A. "Can't be beat, can't be beat."-Ex. V ..' "Dear teachernwrote Edith's mother, "please ex' gi' -QQ cuse Edith for not coming to school yesterday. She 5 7 faq fell in th,e mudg by doing the same you will oblige her 25, K E1 mother.' -Ex. K gs Horton. "What's this I hear about Rockefeller's RJ' money being tainted?" Q Havighurst. "Well, that's true. You see 'tain't Q mine and 'tain't yours."-Ex. Ed ,Q Arthur. "You loo k like a tombstone today, Alec." 'QE Alec. "Natura1ly." I5 ya Arthur.. "" A 5 Alec. I'm buried in thought." gp! Old Lady. "Conductor, stop the train! Idropped , E my wig out of the window." is Ik Conductor. "Never mind madam, there's a switch M 'R . . . 'N Q1 just this side of the next station."-Ex. Q5 She. "What is meant by a close shave in football?" Ml 'El ' He. "When Colgate meets Williams?-Ex. P21 QE Finkelpearl. "How can I escape flunking in Latin?" QQ. EE' Freed. "On your pony."-Ex. A Senior is a Freshman who has gone to school for gf If a hen should lay an orange, what would the little f0U1' YCHFS and f01'g0fa1l he SVU' kH0W' fl fl E! chicks say? "Oh, look at the orange marmaladef'-Ex. The Freshman class meeting term: Gang green. EE, Ely 115' WW te.. - me-Z - mug - up .sites - Jnltcc any - mtg - Jnltcz - mtg tQ'QIzQk,,..-..2Z.2M-,,W42aei2M,1.gsa,aa2ai.2k-,,.g5., rank-.,W2?k-,,WZ2k.,.m24 I' alta-2: ' mfg ' :Mez ' mlm Qssmltcz VJJJLELQ malice ' fmltcz fnltcz ' VLJLGVQ' QEgw.ZZ2f,nv22? -nw2Z iqf5EwmW. k1gf1-imwigk-nwjgk-ygw,2ZkUfs.:E'?5 'ul EE jf THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. gg ga Senior. "It is reported that a thousand hair dres- "Pd rather be 21 C0uld Be gl! E sers sailed for the south." Ifl Could not be an Are: as EQ, Green Freshie. 'iWhv so many at once?" FOI' fi C0llld Be IS H May Be, L. l NN Senior. "Oh, they got a big job. TheV're to curl With 21 Ch21I1CC of t0l1Ch1f18' Par- CCR! Q' the locks of the Panama Canal."-Ex. I'd Fafhel' bf? H Has Been 'W E7 A successful theatrical manager who died lately ,Than fl Mlght Have Been by fari M ev - . If vt ht H B h b lf gy has on his tombstone ' Thank my stars."--Ex. cg it if ave een its milf-'ii een' W1 " FL Mr. Stevenson. "Miss Simon, have you your mind u a as was Once an re' X' el 5 on the Peace of Paris?" . X 'GE' 'E Voice from rear. "No, on the fashions of Paris."- in ggi Ex. X 5 WHAT Tm: TEACHER TOLD HTM. El - , "I thought they taught you to draw at school. Why, KES your cow has no tail to it." 5:5 Q3 "That's all right. pop. Teacher tells to pay no at- W Q4 , . ,, M td tentlon to de-tails. -Star. N EW When a pretty girl happens to be standing in a QQ ' B doorway during a shower, and a young man happens 5 to be passing with an umbrella. it ,is his cue to start EE Q humming, "Get Out and Get Under."--Ex. gs gg Mrs. Heckt. "You are wanted at the phone. 3 F Carl." H , v HQ . M W Carl. I'm so hoarse I can t talk. ' Lx l NN Mrs. H. "You won't have toy it's Clara."-Ex. fx Q3 Mrs. M. "Translate 'La iille de l'avocat.' " 'W YQ Soph. guessing. "The daughter of the overcoat." RN Xi -Ex. E QE "A watch may have no gender, To l 5 But you really can't efface r .. P The fact that nearly always The cheapest part of a man's anatomy is his nos- gf ga There's a female in the case."-Ex. trils. They are invariably two for a cent. 3 35 T15 We sfo if ' s ' LQ LCA ' JIMIL 'f LCZ ' Jllbli D189 W l,Sg1J1fe,M LflfCZZ LfEK,3fi5JgLfff2Z qm,M yf2Zk-nfgRJqwZZ -nm,M fEM24g r ,Vw Wggyffz 2 WE 4df :, m' Fresh 75337715727 1 ,, - A9 nd. man. ,AT 3, ..N is mm im-55815, -:D0e ' Cv Someth' S W M 175' YI gr N0 Snft yourer mind I . Ing pre ' NN Ound 1 Seve cho- Qltwm ylng REM 4 fmyy- 5 tha - ral 0 11' sin Sta On EM 15? y, K' tlf W f th gat fvef my BER fling 5 Count 'nchla asffri e Pri the p - 0 death ING "aqua-226 A fy, std who Ilcludedspners rlson an ,--99EX . A 111111 in Od for Was 'e , ln th , Objec Y mor ' Th am cvqw EQ, Fi the - . Sev nJ0 ' elfg ted e?" tea eles IT 'H , got a ffflly he Svlplllityeual nilgg his fientencesog the of :Sher hadsohn was WOULD F N5 e elect -ald to to the b Utes rst tr' ' "Ex, sat- C 0Sen In n tSEEM S is LW 4. UC fan fohe farmarn- Watching, fo th Clog NOW . thelmz Ura! hio' E A A 1- I' yo Cr u 3, 1 C hes 1 Child fest Stor N F. IVQIV A Ur ' Gee . afge N puss ren 9, Ing bu yy and 3 BX 'shed ' youn FISH gl"- ' mist 4 0 re 1 y Wea ' Sh t Co fh l 9 fish Hshgffisber USTORY, EX- er' yOu9Ve fighttcomgly' rsy, e said Ht 1 mplex Sjbpew V ull 'th 1'0m ' am an ' Com ' el Ject Q 5 N0 edthe agr' the ed F' Wea . . Swe el" - me 's . 5 In ed lshe Y, Sd I' by Sald What K F dles HoV:ntheY'r Shefma . ge Of a fi 'Q' - A -Des Sh namin She de Soft of NJ C Jon!-il fishingn ln, SSH!-e the Famed e e Wear g ever termin FQ , t ' ' , Fo Xp .fe Yth' Cd ag "Su al- he fissur a"1fy0u'1f row, '?PS10n1fhefs?Jng rhafoexf,-ac ra mark h rely it, CU e for t Hi never Plea Fossed puss the M am: FI-E genf3t':1? funnyP?:? MARK FIShe1'."-L morrovifgry Tdaslfen a sai??a,amtl?'ehfaC6 of y dldn,t Qi Supper jsuhgnaan Ctialfrs- itg'fl1gJthaL wh a- gright Stud er. "We'fL0u'naT askedargftle boy EQ "W .S m' , slat- Ou CUC I b . erlio H Ent- N av ' ying-I My Brigh?f31sthQSS1ng.,,1ng superl-Pal. upld hits ' I'Hl3lS?', r. How Win it 6 an 0,-al Y, gg Q M The Mupill fist law mgum m. hls Lzniot. H long can be Writt review to F , . I ' . . H - , F hsfy S Sak aJ0I' C ever' laof gravit Sltb "Th S lstress I dOn't k 3. per en? Y es - . ey, l'0ck- ugh W' e a arab - "S How. S0n - lx t ' It I 111 , at Hd J ar , h llv Crd IS Su S' N . yo b Hn . ah o e . ay." Very n- PPOSC .elhe uf 0VVn' Mfokenme- '0 Jane Wolda Wlthg Q, Teache lceg but flips is Waist his kniOkeS-y, en. it,l1Sgy-ess ainecg-fum. flglllat hasfg y0u?,, Ut gg: ag Bright r' NWI, , Ode On Y0u1ikef0fAu Te e deducrmlyl 'f e fallen appenedgy, K Y k 90 Student at ,S a C, a real de. Newegg name dacher. Nted fro Wen down th. . E giggxhlg,-, ' "A rolrcley, Onkey ye- A15u0FSit ha HOW mm voug whatever e Stairs 5155 mm45f? L4 7 und line." S- pu' LLTIZQT any feet ahgesjy you have b 5,6 A ' .ln Zi . l'Ok, , gorsihmfn Z-EAKEEPIESAS 4 feet, I S this line and SF, 2715172 Jun' omofe Cass-NARIAN 'U C311 it what R W Jcffgif- S lor C las - C NIVF a Qu N - AKKH-JUL Cnio lHsS-..S "M omed 'RSIT adru angela, rclas As Y Heh A Y 0fE Y- Deaf, Q 7 S-" , Ou - do 'for U Mi WTP-5727 All L Ab S- 4fY?QP7?mJ S Wflllke II." out Not . V: 517233151 Thar E h"'g-" Qui m1 j7 'MS W tif -fffyfffm, eu' g :Li '7 , 0-vu. fT Z?'mJ gm '3EYf-Qfef EQ ' Jtltcz mltcz JJJLL. mlm' Lcz mltcc alta. Juli:-Z Jnltc-z 11.101 ff' W.?Z?2Z1g w,?Zk-nJ2Zk1W'?JmW.Z+2?E2nfrf3,5im5?4V?ki1W.Z9g4?E1qrZknfsYi33 ul is ff THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. YOUNG PEOPLES NEEDS ri J Several of our pupils declared that the most expen- kg il 'Q' sive piece of sculpture in their house is the bust of 'QS the water pipes." lt Nw THE NUMBERED MUSE. O N. 2 lovers sat beneath the shade Fl And 1 un 2 the other.said': i X Have smiled upon this suit of mme. - E How 14 S that you be 9 5 If 5 a heart it palps for you E Your voice is music's melody. :gm 'Tis sweet to be your love 1 2 Say, O nymph, wilt "marry me?" E5 She lisping said, "y l3ly." NN M. E. "Watcher doin'?" Cabout 8:40 A. MQ Q E. E. "Waiting for class." M. E. "What's her narne?,' . Stude. "I have it in my head, but-" Ham. "Exactly,but please define it." First Stude. "Did you know Dutch was canned?" Second Stude. "Dutch who?,' QS is Ham. "Now tell me, just what is a vacuum?" ls QE First Stude. "Dutch cleanser." N, it fffgl' HIS is a store that recognizes the importance of W5 the young person-that sees in the boys and girls now in high school or college future citizens on whose shoulders, in large measure, the world's activities ' will rest in a few years. And so this store has ever borne in mind the spec- ial need of young people and aimed to provide merchan- dise that will appeal to youth. New things to wear for boys and for girls, apparel with dash and style are always here in generous assort- ments. Q it 751 F5 El Q5 Fi HN if MONITOR CLASS NOTES. N H ' r ' g ' ' Q3 'HitQllZ3l5?fff.u2i?fekfva'St New Things the Year Around and A d th h ld fh' t 0 Q: 'it St'lye3Zb8EtJTV1ekTS Prices Very Moderate. my QE, Leslie Rawle Cin florist's.D "How much are those QE E ?H QE fosei,-,mtl 36:00 a l BROWNQHAMILTON Co. E EQ, L. Rawle. "Give me a nickel's worthf' NEW CAS LE P 5 Tflpf T f A" ns O '7 7 ' Y ? ' P' '7 W 7 ' 7 7 7 '7' 91 q Qamazes2e22.4?m?52+C-QZZM-123Ufgssmyarzzatfgsssjzmeljsyzkaatzmzfslfmg i v l Lifb 7 L12 liz, Laritltcg. ' Jnltrr QJLCA Jnltcz ' Jnltcz JJJU17 'T wm,24Ki'6Q1m.6Z KZZKQQ sims rikku gifs SEM' an ,ZW an ,EEE 52551 td its THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. M Miss Finley. "What sixth sense is the coming de- New resident of N. C. "Mr, Fisher, what league gQ, velop1ng?" will you play on this year?" 'Z' .5 Harry B. "Nonsense" Dan. The Epworth League is bidding for me." L Mr. Cribbs. "What are the children of a Czar A young lady, Nell Wilkison, we know. Q' called?" H With these words keeps us all on the go- 'Wi Stude. Czardines, I suppose." "Does myhair look all right? My There is a girl who takes care of a candy booth. OF IS lf Hslght? i H She is six feet tall, forty inches around the waist and And fell me does anything' Show? 3:1 l wears No. A shoes. What does she Weigh? Candy. Why would Beulah Norris make a good lawyer? F573 .The test carrier in the steel mill had just finished Because she always has a case. . UQFIQE 21 fe?-T Piefle, the DiCCe Of metal being Warm f1'0m Miss Finley. "Can you talk this morning.Amelia?" EE fflctlon- Amelia Williams Crecovering from a coldl. "No, . Paul Sweeney. L"When did you say this was cast?" mahmj' g.eSiyE:e11:2ir. "J ii:1iin2lfgcof that fellows, cast a If-ffee glulggslmrfeigiiilit dszifdiead week P120 and S011 hot-" . But their mettle, alas! 1 will Mr. Larson seems to forget that the young ladies Consists mostly of ht-ass, FET in the lecture room are to be three seats from their With fgur years of polish ahead! QE next door nmghbor' McCleeland Cseeing a nickel on stepsl. "By QE? Miss A. '5Why do they have scales on all the sta- cracky! That's my nickel. By cracky!" ' 5011 PlHif0I'mS?" A Mrs. A. B. Street to the Senior class in English. 5 l Tram master- 'Thaf'S easy! S0 YOU CHU get 3 "I want you youngsters to be more respectful of my weigh in a hurry." age," Q? "If Ivanhoed the bonnie bray, Ed Hoye. "That sun is shining in my face." NRM And Friar tucked the food away, Mr. Cribb. "'That's all right. The sun is a good Q3 Athelstonned his tunic new germ killer.', E54 Pray tell us what did Roderick Dhu?" H. Bush. HI know a good way to Catch rabbits' Bill Stewart has a habit of getting slightly twisted, Mr. Orth. Just get behind a fence and make a noise - E' as is shown by his assertion that the area of a circle like a carrot." 'QQ equals "the radius seared by pie,"---also, in discussing Mr. Orth. "I know a better way. Suppose you go V electricity, he began to talk about a "short circus. ' out in a cabbage patch and look natural." gf A P , I H L. I, - - , - tam. mm4Z?? meK mM tifggi i2J fig? MLi?qJ m,Z 31JtLv l ' Jiltiqgv Lea Kaz ' nltcc 431612 LLL QLLQ 7 vw .mf,MZZZ6Jg KMZZQ F2253 Nj KMZZE Qj KMZZDAJ Jg Ly2g9ZZ? at .le omo1"5' O0 S IF YOU WANI 5 Are books with blank pages to paste kodak pictures, pro- ACCURATE PRESCRIPTION WORK 35. grammes, clippings and anything that is associated with THE FINEST CANDIES EE School life' THE MosT DELICIOUS SODA WA'l'1CR -E have a line of Memory Books with NewrCastle High THE NEWEST PERFUMICS its G School Stamped in gold OH from oovof with an DEPENDABLE NIANICURE AND TOILET ARTICLES MN insert for a complete record. These have the school colors VVE CAN SU PPLY YOU R VVANTS Q1 in ribbon and are just what every student wishes. E, L.ovE 84 MEGOWNM THE DRUGGISTS OPEN ALL NIGHT Washington and Mill Street Qi Qi it o - R WL rder Your Decorauon Da i N A , YS T OIVIFSGNS BHKERY QE Stut Now. The Man Who Values His Personal Appearance FOR EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT EQ, Is particulartin the selectiontof tl:ishTailorgthe has no tinie Whglrlen-lg2lSPY KRUST BREAD is made fresh every 'HS' or money o was e on experimen sg e as no xme to was e - in determining by examination if the Cloths are cotton or Fruit Sandwich Boston Brown Bread as wool. ' Odd indeed, must the fancy be, if you cannot be perfect- Nl ly suited in this House of Fabrics. . Nut Bread These Prices- i001 Mince Pie Pumpkin Pie EL Sl7.00, Sl8.50, S20.50, S22.50, S25.00, S28.00, S30.00 ' Dou hnuts E' FOR SUIT OR OVERCOAT MADE T0 YOUR MEASURE g GUTTRIDGE an RAND 23' EA5JpgZQ332?g,Tgy STREET S . pgt ,- F. F. BLEWITT. Manager EXCLUSIVELY custom rmoniuc LE' fm 7 Y 7 ' 7 ' 7 - a - -7 y gg w iQQiLf22J4?MZ2J?JlfsSsG5iY,i4C:g2Zk1?l E52ZZ1i?JE+C2ZK?i E4-C225-Ei ZQAjJj Ee-C225-?i?sE?ii1rQM4y ' ' Etaviltizg - Lnvknltiac - Lac. ' fmltcz ' yfmlluvff' K333R3,J kEJ kEJ ZZ55 fpismq m,M pnsm ffEZ 5-'IZZZQQ-iq fw.92fZf2Mz,-gre-E31 ut Zig! THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. Ik 39, M. Fulkerson. 'Tm a citizen and I can't vote." . LATEST.BOOKS. . I H EQ, L-Ti Cribbs. "There are only a limited number of ca- l-'TFCHUSC OH the MHUIPUIHUOH Of H J1mmY'PlPe' H5 IQ pable citizens." by EF! S0We"S- Q , , as Nw Mr. Allen. "If anyone copies from another during The Evqlutlon ef MHHQFFOIE1 SPIeIHklUg Aeqllalnf' A QB, this examination. they will both be thrown into the ance f0FfaHUCAdm1.faf10H- by ani, unter' W FX? waste basket!" Stringent measures! :True Love and its Rocky Path- .by Joe Geefge' ki Q W Harold Moore Cm shoe clerkl .twhat are Oxfords Essay on Various Acids---Especially Their Effect QA . E 7U on Everyday Clothing, by Paul Sweeney. J' today' -- - H "Th A f fB ' P f r L d " b Norman Q15 U5 Clerk. Low cut shoes, sir. H t ne I' 0 emg 3 er ec a y' y gi' M' V Gd."wh d'dSt ft h- arela- , , 5 er av J... 53.3 g H V Glenn Lemon. ..Right where heis nowy, grail leaglue and wil consen to twlr or u ge E5 K5 Jane Hunter must think that Charles Lamb was an ravest is year' . . . . . h BN at expert butcher, judging from her assertion that he The other evemngv d,eS'rmgft9 comngumcate Wg- Q wrote --The Dissection ofa Hogg' our broker on some business o impor ance, we e KN N I ..Wh t f t k d.d S. W It moved the telephone receiver from the hook, and placed MN E Sc0ttns?S::2'K,bm?,, at SOI. 0 S oc I lr a er to our shell-like ear. The line being busy, the afore- in Stude. ..W0odstock.,, Ut was the first of April., gaigoelalrilvas greeted by the following conglomeration 5 EE The Mystery of the Long Period' Of Whe'1Mf- "Genevieve, do you know You looked just killink' F Sargent Forgot fo Rmg the Bell' last ni ht,--I thou ht Icould die for you!" 2' E 5 Paul Sweeney. "I know that fellow's name, but I "Hay ha! how Witty you are Hai-0ld."4 l EQ, E' can't think---" . , "And that little ring on your finger. how it spark- Q IQ Edna WUSOH- uThi1f'S just Where the trouble hes- , led, radiant as the Northern lights, rivalled only by the K 'MI No, no, Earl, the Angles were not so named be- glittering beams from your matchless eyes. l N1 N Cause they fished with angle Wefms- "Oh, Harold, how can you? I know its a-beautiful M ,Eg Our eminent scientist and philosopher. Doc. Rals- ring, indeed its the prettiest engagement ring I ever PM QW ton, is now busily engaged in photographing hagf hu- had."G . l - 't d ll' ' l d' t th other hal . " enevieve " W ' 'QE manhyrgigvarileoinfttivlciiseeniltpstaiilimsp 2 heireby offered for "Oh, I mean its the prettiest I had ever dreamed of HE' the arrest of the person who started the joke about having. Harold, do you think you care for me as much g' "the race." as ever?" 5 El '55 Q94 fmltcz PJJJLC-Z PJJJLLL fsltcz yfmllm All-CZ 27'P'313LCZ 27'J7"33-M55 J72P'333l-'i5Qm Nj piggm VQLQZ -an mm 4. 1 V EEQEEZZZZSEEZZZSEQZE-?Ju 2335126053 ESEMEZZZSI LE?f2Z Lr9QZ QQ! .HEL .. FOR HER GRADUATING GIFT 9 9 QE Q , J. N. Euwer s Sons Sons Q E LIGGETTS 0ll000l.llT ES BEST SINCE 1834 gg tt lm SPECML DOLLAR BOXES 'N WH'-rE sH'K The School Girls of 80 Years ago bought their S N5 We 0 H Dresses here---The school girls of to-day know Rl! N ORDERS DELIVERED ANYWHERE that this store always has the best assortment Qi l IN THE CITY and best styles---That's why the gxrls of to-day Q E 'gg E ee. e P also do their buying here. -:- -:- ' I E5 'EM S J N 3195 HE . - - 1 35 tx l Cor. Washlngton St. and S. Croton Ave. lt Doe 'NN CX 5 It W QE WIN1'ER BROS. MOKACA CQEFEE II. me 0 Q' LEADERS OF FASHION A Bl d f th f- t 1 t' f QE Q FOR MEN AND BOYS the bglster ogrowc-thsmti? thi ehilgl? gxlaljclle EQ Boys, Suns - , 3 3.00 to 3512.00 coffee producing countries. Iii is M0110 Sluts ' ' 10-00 t0 30-00 PRICE, 35 CENTS PER POUND FIS' l TW'-'T Your Money Back if You Want It. Not Sold in Packages. I 95 AGENTS FOR J. D. LONG at co. lg -MJ. c. NORRIS Q.. QE T Highland Avenue Liberty Street 6 EQ' 203 and 204 E. WASHINGTON STREET SOLE DISTRIBUTORS SE 55 Iimejffij-fi fssitg-SQQZM-III few EQZZMEILAQI And then we hung it up and got the camphor bottle. three tiers." 'fwnltcz JJJLCZ ' Jlitcz ' Etaig-Qiltce - i.LL lJLLZ: - Liz ' Jnltcz ' Jnltilvv' Lqgdseqi-fe.Zff9k1-1 re.ZZf?Z-2-an isgismun W.-M rggbbnm rrreM WLKQE-rg rea-Zi-argl at its 5 THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. EQ ga ::More, even more!" so MUCH Fon THAT. gig E More? Then you didn't care as much for me be- Dynamite playing baseball, Q . W fore? Brute! I m going to cr I" A cigarette Came to bat, i ll e y u Nw Oh. Genevieve, don'tl The sound of your sobs Little spark "One, two, three!" R9 N Wring my aching. hearty: So much for that. So much for that. Fi W "All right, then, Harold." Suffrage meeting A shaky Chair W PN? "Yes" Great big rat A ladv fat ki Ng uh would be O i t 1 . t du- Tablesl Chairs! Combustion rare Q N - I1 NL . it: Ce H 6:3 33311315 You novif an . So much for that. So much for that i 5 0 H ean agams e wan, ear, an use yourimagin T . dt A . d d f E fp......i The.-- 1 Q 0 5.1i...::::E0 32.5, asf. ge 6Harold, I ye tried it, and it 1sn't half as nice!" Tried again Crossed a bridge Q EQ, . ' Oh. Genevieve, you delight me! Genevieve, I'm S0 much for that- S0 much fOr that- Ei 20mg to--3" I i Met a student Midnight dark Exx 5 Don t you silly boy! Someone might hear!" U Busted 531 W Aliuneful Cat A fs 322g'.z2rf1fza.ifzL':s 10:.3E3r'..f51'::::i?iib1: 22221. s Ms, violent combustionj Then---" Miss Von Daggehausen. "Does anyone know the My "Harold!" word for Lent?" .Eg :'Yes."' I L. Calvin Cthe bright little onel. "Yes, Easter." Q 7515: Why. H-H-hr Oh. Harold. d01t again!" Betty Hart. "I'm going to get a new skirt with QF ti it N We We all unite in sincere sympathy for Reed Carpen- ter, whose illness has prevented his attending school for some time. Paul Sweeney says that Edna Wilson gets more like Amanda Tucker every day. Having no asbestos paper. we cannot write what Edna says about Paul. Will someone please prepare for Ruth Fulkerson a mild and harmless antidote for giggling? Franklyn Blanning. being in straightened circum- stances, offers his face for sale cheap. Curio hunters take notice. L. Rudesill. "And I'm going to sit on the third tier." Miss Van Gorder fto Harry Forneyl. "Where was the King's daughter?" Forney. "I knew last night." Cleland Cin algebrab. "You fellows that have watches, get out your clocks." Mr. Orth. "Does the United States raise beet sugar or sugar cane?" Herbert Graham. "The climate of the United A gsgltc-Z7 yfmltcz fmltcz PJJJUL tsltcz States is better adapted to raising cane." A 531 QJZQZQU W.2.!2? r-a2Z??Q2E2-H rits. r-2Z i Lrlfiiscgil, Z?qJ ir-9i?Z q?J ESZZZZQUJ F? 5 ,F d Ee Eff QLJA Aa EE1Mvf27Zk?qLFf2Zf? JJLvCf264?Wl2?lLf5iS1lJLr?f24f2Zq9LfS?1JlLf4-C'?s226V?kJ9iJLf4f?2ZkJSJlLffCf2d4QkJ3JuLf Eg: JAMES A. 1-lolz'roN LAKE s. lvl.cNAB Cooper at Butler Cooper at Butler gi Horton 81 MacNab Co. OUR CLOTHES Frr 5 mi ON THE DIAMOND """' Q .--- With all the nicety of custom Tailored S M Clothes. They're made as well. They'll gm e Hardware, Stoves, Glass wear as long. Tyey cost only a trifle in x . , and Palnts. cornparsion. Better see them. as -'QQ Automobile, Motorcyles, Bicycle Tires and O R 8 B R ES ACCeSS0l'ieS- 114-116 E. WASHTNGTON STREET' li? Q 5 A PM N N it tl I ' 1-.1 ' ' ll its Uhr fEl1'lfEI'EIhLIEIfP Uhr Summer Girl Mdlgf, Pyle 81, Graham Q E Will be proud of their daintiness as expressed .,,,,. W if in a photograhic portrait made by us. W ll RN Expert posing and lighting enable us to produce I Eg wil portraits of merit-pictures that please. -'-'-'- 'N ll QE MAKE AN ,APPOINTMENT TODAY WITH 219-221 SYCAMORE STREET QQ Q5 dl? 2 SEAVY'S STUDIO 'H' El! 5 E2 12 N. MEIQCER STREE1' BOTH PHONES WM l,SgiJg ZZZ54q 5?Z tugging L5??Z ZZ3q 5?Z Lfgsqgiiii Lv??Z Zf3qLpNQ4 I I l ?V'Q7Lli.L?c Pi? Iii gpg' LCZ ,IME , ,7 7 IQQIMJ-234 62fcC2'3J1r::MQfc65sHJ fw.2Z?2kmq 52513 mD? Lfigivi f?'22? SKQZ? 55J ?fP'aqm Lf 'i at Ed -EL 'gg THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING. 5' 5 Paul Sweeney. "Cotton rags are made from cott " T ' .. HE Gracious, isn't that a profound psychological facing" candvsfi aglgieughlimatigiigisvlilelliadoa Elilgiicieofgiansfttlig good 39' A I Miss Van ,Qorden "Pease learn 'Thou art in- fI'0m the SWCCLH but changed her mind Svhiiiieseliz EEE A clmed to sleepg tls a good dullnessf " pulled out an inkwell from the bag. , ik mi proplggkigtlgean. Who of the girls can explain this .lelnnieiv 'l'I couldn't find that word in the glossary." Fig , N ls . ulf , . . QI Toler? I Cany, know WsergI155Qo'H you couldn t find it there, you My E Kelast. "Can you do the hesitation waltz?" NOW' what did She mean? QQ - prney- ,"No, butlknow all the holds. Come Mr. orrhfwh th t I on, and let s practice." U all bodies fall with il?" e emperature of a room fans' SQ, Miss Hoagland. Give 3 Sentence containing an N. B. This probably explains the frequent thuds H6 adverbial conjunction of place." heard 0Ve1'he3d- If is merely the effect of the descend- gm Exe E. McFadden. "The soldier fell where he died." mg mercury- Qi A l u Mr. Orth. "This explanation is simplified because , Nelle Pettibon Cwifh 3 Siehl HI just happened to Ig W 1t1s sent to---" think that we're going to have fish for supper." QI: N Dan Flsher. "Teachers," Did you ever notice that Arthur Hays occupies QE . Esther Levina Creading Caesarb. "One legion con- three Seats In lecture room? PHE ,QF sisted of veterinariesf' t Nir. Orth. l'gDidc-you ever ind that it was harder Mr. Cribbs got excited the other day and forgot t 0 may e yourse un erstoud in Winter than in Sum' E 5, say "Awlawbawma." He simply called it Alabamati meriil Ed 1 t - --I 'H ra How plebean! and Ou.t H e s ein. never stopped long enough to Ei Ki James Crawford. "If two triangles h th ' J " . Egg! sides respectfully proportionate, they are simi:ia7ie'." en. filled .wi?hW1i:yi'," When I look upon you' my heart is iw? N Mr. Orth says when you fall the earth comes up NOW. 'CO Wh0ITl WHS he referring? Ki' Egxewgalyego meet you. No wonder it hurts so much lgrthk 'gV:7lBat kiwi of vapor is the air?'y 55 ESL ' . o ns soty'. " et." Bi im Willia Lauer. "I c 't th d'ff b M . O th t L ' H , xii 5 the statement you madezliid what isaiafience etween rightff r C 0 avma Mcconahyb' You re an QE' Q, you :ff.g.v?rn3thg anylegmtheglmportant difference is, that gglrtmn. H553 g:ll,you a chicken story." H97 ' sl f V 52 F 98d '7 - . 'U : LST L'-25244 L'-2'?fW' D2 fff ur .sing Q7 fmmqgggtg - LJ -7 7 - will 3. Qmmldfz T A E E MAKES THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHS With new buildings-new Gymnasium-new 353532112-CfZZ lLf5f2ZkJ-ilyEEE-255111522-ELTSEZZZ-?JqZZE,?JgQZZ?Lf gl I I I M PH OTC 3 R' 'PHS UIIIVBTSII UF PIttSlJlIl' h El! Making Clear, Refined, Beautiful .... Eg Photographs has won us our sub- iw Stantial reputation' Q S S sAmuEL BLACK mcconmclc Q55 pry plm cl-lANcm.LoR xi ' , QQ May We Have the Pleasugmfwpnglour Next Photographs Twelve Thoroughly Organized Schools M EVERYBODY SAYS Each Completely Equipped SQ E5 N Q ' 113 E. WASHINGTON STREET , . athletic Held--near one of the foremost refer- T kd ence libraries in the world-and the practical QE 1,F ' 5'f applications offered by the Great Pittsburgh Industrial Center-the University of Pitts- b h T r' lf 'rt' f 1 ' -E ,SINCE urg presen s excep 1ona aci 1 ies or aying ga 4 3 ' 1851 the foundation of successful careers. I F A- 'l'lfluir-.iI"f7 A 'sn' ,MTE BQ Ii i i FLEITVAETPS 4 -331 ,fl Q 5 Fon CATALOGUE on OTHER INFORMATION ADDRESS 'l we E ' 9 , A , E S. B. LINHART , T 4- SECRETARY OF THE UNIVERSITX' GRANT BOULEVARD PITTSBURGH, PA :ie ' 'f 7 ' LCZ ' JJJ 31632 LIL alta: ' JJJLCA MILE: lg 5 l,SQg?J1Lff' ZZ5?m 3Jq p-.gkzq Nj KAZZZTJ Nj p-E-ZZZ.-sg ff:2Z 1j me-?Z'ZZZf75M Vwmlug iim5s7f1rrr,Zg22g'a-flf.-, ,, , EIR 44 -Qff-'Uh-9213 - 233 iff, 'HF ETA'CfKQfZmJu'GQ1lLCa ef' 2lfPhwmi,g?29- W 5 If I - rgmgv-iZ??Kmg7J7 - H ' A were 310116 W- ' f - K Q I nd I was Sur lth you, 'J 'N would-,-e that no 0 EMBERI of-WPED1 Fig Miss V '-would yonuiknew. NG. si o . RQ that sentence DR Daggenhause 6. th Mr' Orth. "W EE- Q R0sella. "'I0Sena?H r' Wm YOu 1 e cHHar?,y hy do they l E 5 Miss S CaH'Ha1k.H ranslafe en Larso -L 3 Ways Put th b00k?'v teWHl't " 1 D ' n' For . e C031 in E - ' I4 r - 311161 D . i Conv , s . Blannin .. ankllll. where is rubber holde?,nnlS Cm typeW5n,'enCC ln handlin . H night " g' I mad . Your Lat' Mis on the b ltmg l"00 g lt' ' EQ, ' e H mlstak In D S,Evans. "D Oflom of his m Was fixin L W That Su C and took- Ennis. .. ameii Wh machine., g the RQ Fl - G rely was a - It hOme1a 'VI My leg h at are . ' Q K5 jump :jane Johns ,iwmlstake for Fra ki St Orth, --Gm WhaS come off ,,Y0u do1ng?" W A e to the hen th n yn' er' "O at d0es i S 1244-rMCgC0nai1e5w'9lglie,ll h . at fell- Arthur Hays atm lgllhgrth' qglgfnlvageseo? sssgscgogiriendw as Q will ans.weiI:t3'H "Nobodgf Csndgidlft have far to go H ilrfliss V811 Gord P e haven't teeflftgilli C bg ' U - - ' C " 3 -5 WHAT swer th'5 Question. 1 , Clzcfltlesrgfunter. 'I-lhissglalne one of Lamb, n Q95 F 95- Th WE SEE ON tatlfm o an Gofder ctlon of 21 H 77 S W01'ks " EQ, LM 90. The final State Wh. OUR REPORTS R U Roast Pig ,i expected the Og. - EQ, 85. Thegste beyond vital? fevif may ho- Mosella Popp. QW answer ..Di5Sei. wi Ei 75. Coninllhghest hopexgflfi? IES the 5:5121 attain. Mr' Knapp. "Farihat Puts iron 3 - N ' ' ' . . J f ' 77 n your kgls Zo' Rewardn gondmon of me lgmble' ate Deopl F Sturgeon C' ng nails' system?" R4 Hrsgrxviifsfgl-rigspeouqg' Aeblesliexlgur no0dl2Sg?0metrYl- "Why do i 33 N C Mr. Orrher qfirkness. the Wicked, Wants to be arlivsvollld argue that n t you Yu hapmamu . D0 you Marv E yer, so hei i black is . 'HE- W Ca ' understand Ea 1' tter' nEa S getfmg in W-hlte' He " gi-1 rol, uN0 . , the book I' L0Wei.S ii Fl, Where a UFEICIICQ now 5 .Ml Om, :.S'f- ' ' Carol Mary E -- ' In fe Your Se 71 ' Dlamit Satisfact Then see if B yOu tonight-7, Thenl donit th. als, v Ei Or'1 77 e 1 . ' mk gg' bothizaendlgiflgier Citi get-manb I' ram Gllbert can ex- Side13ixZrIlyI?Bride. ..Wh u I can accomDany , ' I Cm 0 ' i y ' Q np? He was all St- Of Your head S've and It Whig' lt, when you W 1 lrre Ben . iles sta 5 00 d and Mr, Orth HIS to vibrate H Suddenly lid be- E i 7y tends to mak ' . Well, the - i the xnside PM Ullfucr 96?-Jug, N C hghr b - .Sound . i W 45 23 Zfyf 'B- Sur 0d'0S Vlbr 'S S01nten - E N44 Qfgtmjlfffv eh' he di l ate ra id H Se that it 221rff.M5?f-Ju dn t mea p 'Y- E15 g 2 I1 Percyss h . Q Jlfgmirra-t y?,,miLmqxCLgQJ eada gt Wflfgs' I LZ 27 - i si Zvlp-Zfeyfmia ll JAQHf2ELs3,2 1 was Y 9' QW U?'7E6I"J fi-55272629 M WQPZQ KQQF U'?ZfZ'Z"J MQW? U?5yZ'.ZAJ 5759? 21 Lf-3745253 QED wjfcc CCKQK 'sjpzc ff QK vmffgfgfwfmgnmm 4 J "Djf13mftr 4 J 9:3 .1115-q 141 QVWJIC Ell im IT'S NEW IN FOOTWEAR - - - - YOU'LL FIND IT AT lil N li 'QE I. SAM H. cGOUN 5' OF COURSE. 55 Rd R ll STUDENTS g - v NJPW lg Come and get under our two dollar hat with a three dollar look. 21 . Q Watch our window display for the latest in N I Summer lids. Hats that become your personality always at the DERBY HAT SHOP. I I 9 EM HATS AND CAPS ONLY. fo SIR THUMAS LIPTON SAID: "Saving is the first principle of all success. It creates independence, it gives a young man standing, fills him with vigor, it stimulates him with the proper energyg in fact, it brings him to the best part of any success-happiness and con- tentmentf' You are cordially invited to make your start on the road to independence by opening an account with this Bank. - -Q- THE CITIZENS NATIDNAL BANK, comma UF MILL Ann wlsnlusrnu sinners. 5,5 I0 .7 - S553 .7 - -7 - -7 ' mltcz ' JHLLQ Lcz ' J1lLuf lL.2. I-El Lf?,gZ l 253mm ?gZ??E?l EQQZZQZ-ii EEZ-U f-7,5511 KMZZZS WZZQZ-1-1 phsmpg ETS? EEZ? gggkilqi 5ZZ2 EB? 2533566253 Eiga? 52525-3? 52225333 251 1 QE E 8 CO. T R Y i fig- Wall Paper, Hugs, Linoleums, Ilil Glulhs, Window SAL1 SIBXIQN N Shades, 8tc. S ,E PICTURES Ann Plcruma FRAMING. QQ Entnnsme or Au. xmas , QE PAPERHANGERS runnlsm-:n on APPucATion. EQ 7-9 EAST LONG AVENUE l2, E. LONG AVENUE NEW CASTLE? EQ BOTH PHONES. oPPoslTE FISHER BLOCK. Ri Q1 O Bell Phone l30-R TWENTY-FOUTl HOUR SERVICE. Union Phone 5l-W R 35 PENN MOTOR LIVERY COMPANY DEALERS IN Eg 'i GENERAL HARDWARTE TRS Cars Furnished For All Occasions. PAINTS - QI!-S - GLASS S3 Weddings and Parties a Specialty. Cars are Heated by the Baley Heaters. 's"Q"Q"Q' SE E 1207 sou'rH M11.1. STREET. gg T20 SUUTH STHEET NEW CASTLE, Pl. BELL PHONE 110- D 102 . - Q Qgea5:2Z2M4 522523, 52225254 www? ff QE,J5L'2MZZZ641fLE?MZZ:eq95f2Z JffL53SJJ1E9f2Z2kZ?1fL53?,fi?ZZZ:4q??diZ9 1Jl5?ZZ5J 1. gi USE WOOLTEX jg EQ Wallace's Floral Balm EQ RQ LADIES' AND NIISSES' SUITS N FOR CHAPS COATS AND SKIRTS S Q5 ' PREPARED AND SOLD BY COMING IN EVERY DAYAT x Q JOHN C. WALLACE, PHAR. D. R' W' CLENDENIN 35 SUNS EE EK II5 E.,.,..,,. sn... DRY GOODS AND CARPETS EE E A J. HAMILTON Eg Q CASH GROCER lg 3 J EQ? l l l l is OLEOMARGECIEEQE, BUTTER -I-he New castle Sq N gg TEAS, COFFEE Herald ig NE l I I l gg' Both Phones 36 W. Washington Street 7 ' 7 7 P' '71 pi' v 7 7 I 7 7 '7 if' 7 F 103 Q 3P??k2-,?Jk224?2k?l EMQQDEQWZMUJEDQQZM-1FEMQQWZkiJmQ4 5335225911 55225-E EZZQKYZE semi ELEMZZZSUJ EEUU EELEMZZZ 5522533 52222533 E it ' SAM AND BILL gg 5 mums and FUHNISHEHS T0 MEN. I1 THE II S6 """50"E"IEQE'faE'I2?'-5t'IIEG53ZEZ's".52'?E'.E""' JOHN ELECTRIC CO. QQ IM We cater to all classes of trade from 325 to E75 the Suit, FQ I M the twenty-five dollar customer receives the same treatment -1,4-4,-, N1 PM the seventy-five dollars customer does. N QE Special attention to Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits. E Graduating Suits, the latest styles. SEE US 151313 I QF We do not show samples, but the suit pattern or the QI EE p CHANDELIERS.gQa 7:15 HAMILTON 66 HODGEIQINSCJN, 215' N4 HAMILTON BUILDING. NEW CASTLE, PA Nt G W fe HIGH GIIMIE SPORTING GGGIIS gg BRINDLE PRINTING CO. FOR 5 ti S G GOQD:AgPRINTINfl HIGH GRADE STUDENTS. gt ' ALL THE TIME. its 1 . QQ gli BOTH PHONES. 15 N. MILL STREET. NICCANDLESSJ-IANIILTQN CO., 9 gm 20 N. Mercer Street. 104 l,Qg?j,J L5-IZZE-?I QZ-?qJ 5222533 E353 E222-di ESE EQ9fZ.Z2ZlE'I EQCZZZZ-1? LffE2Z q?3 plffigl 5 V .1 I . . ' - s TO GO- SQ A DRINKS T AJSQE q UR,lSods.D1tiinklsLaxzsfsllfleaslrldrinsksl Th'eQsnappy tasty lkinds sQpeayrsnc'e, .V'b a psoinAtmstlt asd oar fountains will Q A' lblad ybu' to believe tl1a'f5'ldi1lvV0uld refeelive- dai1n't'iestfan d gdselieisous gdrinksianld yQu wII.l1 not 'bg '.. 1d isalp'p'dip,t3eldQ..I Tu miss I A, g l fenjioyingblusr ldql.iegiou.3 sgdia-spi-s to miss la fart treats, '- Evexiysdrinlk in' Qur fo1dnta'i' lnvitingl y seifvezd and is as tasty and 'D D U sdelifeiouls aslofnLe.coum wisljg sPusre.fruifti1aYQrS audi-ice 'c1r6alm.f The iin'i:St,p,r0'diuCts used-at all iivmles. con2se'qufenrly .QKIT ,soda lsxunifdrmflifbod. ' H'a-velal-adnlzrlli it Glklif flofuntedn and know re'a1'nefreshm1Gh5fam1 EMG-lbleal1hEAbfingi'ng soda walpsrj 1 THE .WHOLESOME QWV ' ONLY ' s ' I sl ,A . I - . Z I Q. I We say Nwums-n onlyv'bgcdulsefwlsgresliiie that to women is' gem I leralliyg conceded gifeater' refinement, tastes and daeligsacy than to . ,Q A f ' "' I 4 s A' Q ' ggntlsmen: 'We are swu-i+'e t-lilatf leverly vqumlataif wai-ll be particularly l we are' 1e's5xftzi-i,nl'y proquidlof our Gall-d'y HB'D'21.l'tmCif1't- Vflieaised with - A 5923? sCa'?ld-ies 'milf 'je' l CLUT'1'0N'S CREME CASCADE kicmu? rfggs7l an ,A Wde'r'ea:?.if1s amlhy' For the many uses to which sqld grfamiifs put 'Cluttonls Cfrem ei apPet"Zm3jand satllfafl' 1-Giga Ymlllke E90 can "es so W 'Y' Cascade-Will11iIl1esfe'ry fC'QllifFQmg6U,tz liiveryslznlgjle ihgQl1edlfei1t which- U0-t,QCtA3,Jb0.x of l A V. . s 4 , entsrs info: its manufa-ctllulxfe is Qselizcxtegdsfdfrniifls high quality and " A ,, A ' 1 , pQufi'ty. .Cllu1th'on's Crgriile Cascade kegps in'd'efllni1ely. his iine asf-a JohngjtQH'sENL55iligw 'sglloniglf 91- Qulghfg sl'is-n-iugqafteg ex-pgsuilgfe :lo wirid an4dLd'usft., ltjlis ElggHHti?.SE an, appli- s , M , sssgqn .pr lc apps ',,8.Ql'lg ,ia for nts sq tginfllpfg :ms -s1ootV5mgpro .el'- St,eplinto-oufr1swi?e QD YOU1' Way lanme, 'or ilf ying- haygpit vtmesglt nslwlvthoul-t gn equal. lilllhse' XVQIXIHAQ of d.1s'e'ernmlentNwnll not. ,be s .f ' A , , , W 2- V 3 , dame-d. fsulcb a t xlet necessmty as C1,ufft'LQnl's Creme Cascade when mmf' f'mP1Y' can als GH me phone and we Wm s he glad to Qnlcie she has lufsfed it, Pier jar, 25 scents, . swan- s s s s , , s l s s s ss CLI VI .'l'ON'S s l UF "THE CLI ITTON DRI G STORE 1 , 2263 YV ' ' AMW ' Bw PHONE' lfff'-M 396 CASTLE UNION' PHGNE- 226

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