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'UM.4AwMl3 Q Navi QA? Q N L awp Qvhmmyh jlglxfcfyafx ., JW bcvulclmi Jail W Saw x 5 yf . mfr Q. Jmvfi WLM Jgffl Cl JQQLU if fYxfLfxM.fx c3Uwvc7Q ML LFJNLN CZUCTDL QQLmh,gg,Q, JLMML Jxcmoluf Q Maxxum ,Jw QJLOQQQ JJ, fk CCTYYXLQJ ,mu-fmfvx 1, 'JWNi 1Dj,Mawi WQQH3 gf Jwqwa lb JQQUU QJQL CL w3ij i5 Uyffkfilvifiiy ,QW E52 E52 5553? 53 326 Z? lgx - 'Qmfbh fmggl QL, ig iii? 1 X EQQE 2 5333255 Q2 if Si Qwfuftiegypwojflq bm QA yew SIEZQZMQX5- 5!C4Ull10AClfU ygufugvwy 'WQXJQ WMU Qfnjc15Q .M. Ou CW MQ mf ,ffm 71 swimf Mm ah my wffw wwf gp W, QQ WM 75 bww ,MQQH5 .X U? 4 C! wfmq vWfMfQMCfQj QCA Wflpxx Q CQAIQJQJ I ' X! 44 ,H lx WJ- 33414 OW Wai' Xg2eiQuiifffQ,0ne4 if Q, Q Fw iwgwwi Z MQ J few four MQ Cm QVVTIL, fiymdxueg, y JS JCLGZLQSNJLJ 1Ex,Q w,. 15 LJQ- 1 vxguss Qgusdmibi Qmdw i3mg 'i9,Q.Q3fx,ww QJY9-' PNUQUQXQ' , Q9 Kamusi Q. QKDSQSQN T5 Skunk wN. K Qs' KS Qggx,QMQm mi Q- 1- ROSENNIAL 1981 VOLUME 64 New Castle Chrysler High STA STA STA STA STA STA STA STA STAN 'STA STA STA STA STA STA N -- Q- 801 Parkvlew Dr1ve New Castle, Indiana 47362 T REPLAY OPENING ........ 2 T REPLAY T REPLAY STUDENT LIFE. . .8 T REPLAY T REPLAY SPORTS ........ 34 T REPLAY T REPLAY FACULDEMICS . .68 T REPLAY T REPLAY STUDENTS ..... 92 T REPLAY T REPLAY CLUBS . . . . . . .144 T REPLAY T REPLAY ADS ............ 180 T REPLAY T REPLAY CLOSING ...,.. 230 ,K 'il ff 1 5 i 5 Page t Q .5321 B E Ji Ei Nfl? HQ if , ,M x f f , . I 5 3 , .Q R W -5 ' Q sw? -,-my W Ri, Q Mg' Q ai, I W Q. 'T W' 161 ai 4 A M ff? -wr ,Jaw ' N' -'mfr S 'nf gm 'r NSTANT REPLAY I .li A new addition to the cafeteria this year is the Trojan salad bar. It featured various items daily. Spirit bursts through the hoop with the Trojans as they come running onto the field. Going to MSA for concerts is always a favorite pastime for many NCCHS students. A discussion concerning the abuse of alcohol is presented to many students by a panel of experts. . N" "if ,.-- f 'Mi The students defeated the teachers in a game of Tug-a-War last Spring. Reflecting upon his individuality on a quiet summer afternoon is Todd Meyers. Giving it all she's got during a pre- game band performance is senior band member Dixie Dudleston. EV 'far as - o .s Q- 'K' AN Group associations are an exciting and demanding part of our three year high school ex- perience. It is the individualism we cultivate and the individual talents we develop, however, that will serve us best in the future. Through our interaction with the school and the com- munity we discover our talents and abilities. Teammates, friends, and teachers stimulate and influence our individuality. Our identities are challanged while we are actively involved in the complexities of N.C.C.H.S. as a whole. Goals of individuals are real- ized in the accomplishments of groups. Each team, club, or class depends on the aspira- tions of its members. The individualism we find during our high school exper- ience will be essential to our future. Knowledge gained and events past will be recalled as we are faced with decisions that will shape our lives. All that we will be or do will be in part an Instant Replay of what we've been or done. Openingf3 NS ANT "Success is the reward for toil."-Sophocles To be successful in the fu- ture, one must be prepared to take the first major step after graduation. For many students at NCCHS, this was accom- plished through many long hours of dedication to academ- ics as well as extra curricular activities. Through various types of education, such as Academic or Vocation Education, a stu- dent acquired the skills to be successful in today's competi- tive society. One must refrain from abdicating and continue until he or she has reached a long sought goal. Even though the outcome of this dedication may be unknown at the pre- sent, it will be in the future In- stantly Replayed in the hearts and minds of NCCHS students forever. 4fOpen1ng as 35 if to ta. its , ZA - Ui ga 3.-Q ...O WD' D Em is 1491 W-. ai 22 FE 0 H ED 2. O :S O "U KD :T 'J . 'FU c r '-4 P'-4 Z t U1 t-l DP Z f-4 75 U1 'U Students in machine shop obtain the skills needed to operate a variety of machines. Shown here running a sur- face grinder is Chester Wethington. Students in Building Trades not only lay foundations for homes, but for the future as well. Sketching one of nature's beautiful art forms is Kurt VanDam. Practicing her persuasive abilities while giving a speech is Sherry Ream- er. Perfecting his skills in Machine Shop while running a Shaper is Mike Wright. Preparing for the future is one of many goals for which Gary Atkinson is striv- ing. 7 . , U lu In fu , I 3 -' ,Q fs -1 -L , X , im wfwii I W n-self? ig .x in 0pemngf5 .sf '-,wx mis ' ' 7' Rig .K L ,w f 'fi' i'V.,', .1 1 ,mm MH 1wzQwwmQwwwmw ' 2, Z- 'TNrLl -la . ,J 'X ' S 'lkrgzzf-1-. .,'m7'- , 2445 ' f, P'-1 f 1 A, 3 f iam, ' 1 -N, . ' 55 ' ,' Tiff' J- -5' ' 95" w as -MI' ,rg Y. A 1-'sxlli' J. K? P gif? aaa: I5 gffggwquwgm ,vs f ff We ,. 1. 9' Nl F., R je V ,,,,,4qf- 1 -A K sv! ' wa W' 1? 4 M X Q M W w , M W Q lag!" .K I L KM H E5 , Q R , W . P4 Q. ly. 'tif ii: uf. . .4 rv 52 :- P . .1 ,Zi A q -J-- X ' x L 'A -K 'xl .ry I. i fl' gee' .i 5 gl v . Q 'Q 5 ' 7 gh ex -L q , 27 I ,1 K' , E i Wo" 5 3 Q lr a , ,. V, Q 5- an I ,- I 94 . - f -I' U 1 , ll f v I ,,,,,,,.,,,f..,,,. .-.,..,,K..,M. W, ,.-.,..,n, A ' M"" 1+ I 1-""x "-"3" ' 'Amin ,WW , ! f:::,fI'rfL ' , L . W I - qi X- .Q 3 .ft 1 N M ' X .Lal , A MM A 13. W I K v , i lm V . ' A , 'mf A Y V, 32? A555 ,V H A 'B' K if A N nw 3 6 A , ik Q ff' M 'zf i 'Qs ry' tl Q. 11 .Q 'fit . 1 E, The Pre-game show, provided by the Trojan Marching band, livens up and adds spirit to every football game with an added boost from the choir. Memorial park continues to add more beauty and enjoyment to the students as well as the community. Mother Nature has provided us with many beautiful and peaceful aspects of life. - ' ,,,--' -H ,:,ir,,,.. .V vt. The many hours of hard work put into the Rosennial and Phoenix float was well worth it. The two groups captured first place for their independent float entry showing the "Fine Coach, Fine Team." Lewetta Pogue, the former and favor- ite Spanish teacher for many years of our teachers, and Mr. Nead reminisce about bygone days during Homecom- mg. Homecoming weekend was kicked off by a banquet at Mac's Steakhouse. An almost anything goes contest was scheduled, but was cancelled due to bad weather. The cele- bration was highlighted by the parade and game on Saturday, and came to a close with a dance on Saturday night. Homecoming is a time of re- Taking a break outside to discuss the Homecoming issue of the Phoenix are Shelley Burch and Terri Baldock. Student Government members put in many hours on their float also, and won second place with their independent float entry. The Trojan football team tried to carry victory through the Homecoming game but failed by a narrow margin. membering and reminiscing. The memories of yesterday are relived. The laughter and the tears are shed again. The Rosennial staff hopes that this book helps to record the friendships, activities, and memories that we will want to remember and replay the rest of our lives. inni- ANT REPLAY INSTANT REPLAY . , I Q: -.. -J T - gi 5.5 Si ' : in -i ' ' 3 5 , f " w K LI -- , ,wk in . f -'E-5 L. A i I , 1 1' gf 1: ',. ft 'giz -, 'N ' ,Wm g ' ,ll mar , wililt . ,ai . . vs Ll 5. .- 1 1, ,Yu f 5 Openingf7 Wx?" - 1 1 vim 7 . f? , K 1 3 I fm G 7 f N, ff ff' 2 4 If f I v, . , 'N"'K-mx -ax E X R -. V , H . .. QQ X 1 L .a., , W 5 'Ns if A .. 5 .Nt 1 W, AE' 29" kf L 4f we My 22552: if M ik 'flflicw Wi. gilvzd. Z SET X gf ,7 :SF wi W 33556: W x asf WV' Q ii xi E523 N gg 2331:-252:15 N Hifiifziffiwb 3255 Qi 2,1 1521 ' 25:7 EW? w Q sk sssqmw HW' 'fiiwmw W ig: 1,1 rs? View wa fgi fa s , w:.:3?:w,z:e5E Q, T Mm 1 I. kbggzi' R ,i hfzarwwm sw EEE W 5213? 'S Zkffiigggi 521. fw 1 1 as wx my-Q. www viii 3 Q -Q f Q X14 v W T222 EE? M2 zzz V M W an we 153: skid H Q' M184 ww? V Y H I-ITSZM , g 53316 4 Q ef , Qs Q Q 53 QE V TUDE T LIFE TUDE T LIFE I TUDE T LIFE Homecoming 1980 'f J l0fStudent Life The Homecoming parade begins sharply at 10:00 in perfect step with the band leading the way. Queen candidates are Julie Jones, Cin- dy Langston, Kelly Key, Feryl Du- binger, Carrie Rust, Julie Bennett, and Jami Harter. Showing their enthusiasm about home- coming are the Seniors riding their class float. Sharing in the jubilation after the coronation are queen Julie Jones and her escort Alan Broyles. av ,Ja ig Li-3 , fb 'fra 'w , 'h i' 1lQ.,,t J W Homecoming is a time when former students and teachers come back to New Castle and to Chrysler High School to vis- it with old friends. However, if you were enrolled as a student during the homecoming festivi- ties, there were different as- pects. October 3 was the first day of homecoming and the stu- dents planned and attended a variety of events. Homecoming officially began with the annu- al honor day program in the fieldhouse. Later on that day the senior class had planned an "Almost Anything Goes" game with the teachers, but due to the rain it was cancelled. However, the dance for the students was indoors and so this event was held. During the dance Julie Jones was crowned 1980 Homecoming queen. Her escort was Alan Broyles. October 4, the second day of I-'f " ELH5 gm' EE 4' homecoming, was packed full of events for the students. The day started with the parade in downtown New Castle. Many organizations and classes en- tered floats. The seniors, ju- niors, and sophomores all en- tered floats in the parade which showed both their spirit and their pride for New Castle Chrysler High School and for the community. Shortly after the parade end- ed, the Trojan football team went to the field for the Home- coming game against the Ber- ries of Logansport. The Tro- jans played a fine game, but were not victorious. All of the students that par- ticipated in the homecoming festivities enjoyed it immense- ly. They were all glad to have been a big part of the New Castle Chrysler High School 1980 Homecoming. Brightly expressing their feelings for school and homecoming are the Ju- niors as represented by their float. Moving up in both the school and the their Hoat. tension on the field. community is the Sophomore class and The tension on the sidelines reflects the Student Lifefl l Signs of the times att A school. Walking hand in hand, an alumni cou- ple remember when they were in high After the football game Mr. Kovaleski and his son. Mike, talk to Ben Tim- mons and Mr. and Mrs. Muncy about the homecoming parade. .loking with alumns, Larry Meyer smiles for the camera. Former teacher, Juanita Rucker, and one-time student, Lisa Hicks, bring back to memory the good times in her speech class. On October 4, 1980, many of the former students and teachers walked through the halls of New Castle Chrysler High School. Homecoming was an instant replay of the years not so long ago when they were in high school. Teachers appreciated visiting with one-time students. Con- versations were concerned with what had happened after graduation up to the present. The former students listened to their old teachers talk about the things they used to do in class. The alumni reminisced with old classmates and peeked in classrooms they used to go to every day. Everyone seemed to enjoy coming back to high school once again. Student Lifef l 3 l4fStudent Life W-ivfw ,lf W Wi- EMT I l "5 1 ' A mall Q' 5 if V fi , 9 1.5 gg . X E c When the 1979-1980 school year let out most students were thrilled with the thought of three months of warm weather and fun. Swimming has always been a popular sport in the summer but since there were record breaking temperatures, water sports were more popu- lar than ever. Traveling to area lakes for water skiing, boating, and sailing were just some of the other water sports. As usu- al, lying in the sun to get that bronze tan either on a beach in Florida or on the warm con- crete at Baker Pool, the heat from the sun felt good after the cold and gloomy skies of win- ter. Lying in the sun was fun, but summer sports also occupied much of the summer pastime. Besides swimming and water games, tennis, jogging, bicycle hikes, basketball, and football games were played all summer. Baker basketball and tennis courts were in constant use during the summer, and the N.C.C.H.S. sports facilities were fairly busy also. Even when the heat was intense peo- ple were still out in the sun having as much fun as ever, but sweating a bit more. Aside from the summer sports and sun, students en- joyed ignoring their alarm clocks and sleeping in as late as they wanted. There was also more time to be with friends since there was no homework allowing more free time. ff ,W 2 , , ,i IIC Lifeguard Lori Gross cools down with a Coke during her break at Baker pool. Cooling off on the picnic tables, Jane Eade, Jeff Bogue, Scott Goodin, Kathy Veech, Debbie Carter, and Scott Blackburn take advantage of the shade. Canoeing in the summer sun are Jane Sweigart, Jeff Bogue, and Robby Rig- For the active teenager there was summer school, a summer job and marching band. Sum- mer school for some was taken in order to get a class over with so they could get out early when their senior year rolled around. Luckily for them, the teachers were nice and field- trips were taken. The trips help break the monotony of four hours of one class. Summer school ended in the middle of July. When summer school was coming to an end marching band was just starting. For three hours every night except Sunday they practiced their routine. This went on until the day after State Fair Band Day, when the contest of the year was over. Summer jobs, a large part of many students vacation, was almost as important as school for some students. This is where they earned their money for college and general spend- ing money. Most summer jobs were at fast food places such as Macs, Burger Chef and Wendy's. However, other jobs such as mowing lawns or baby- sitting offer a steady supply of money for some. With jobs, summer school, band, vacations and sports ac- tivities summer was busier than the school year. student Lit'efl5 School was not the only thing on the minds of NCCHS students during the school year. They were very much in- terested in having fun and tak- ing a break from lifels every- day pressures. The things stu- dents did were fun, pleasing, and all around enjoyable. It was no secret at NCCHS that rock music was a vital part David Lee Roth rocks many NCCHS students during the Van Halen tour in Indy. fcourtesy of Jeff Robertsj. Ticket stubs are an everlasting remind- er of a great night of rock-n-roll. Fans "roared" when The Cars came to the stage at M.S.A, Qcourtesy of Kevin Muncyj. l6fStudent Life of our daily lives. We woke to music, drove to music, sang to music, studied to music, ate to danced to music, and music, slept to music. One way many students enjoyed music was go- ing to concerts. Everyone attended concerts in M.S.A. in Indianapolis whenever his favorite group or artist came. In order to let ev- eryone know they went to a concert students bought T- shirts. The day after a concert the halls were full of people all wearing the same shirts. Although music and con- certs were a big source of en- tertainment, students did other things for pleasure too. A great way to have a good time con- sisted of just getting a group of friends together and going out for pizza or hamburgers and fries. Cruising Broad Street provided a way to meet new friends, but unfortunately wasted a lot of gas. Golf, bowl- ing, tennis, and roller skating were only a part of the world of entertainment for students at NCCHS. ' gm' 'IW-,4 ,. , v 3 NNN ' 1:13 1'- ISSEMBLY mi, I ugf.1."U1n. lkatz nl. I. ui, u "' ' I 8 3- wanna ina l 4 'N 012 -WI' 4' Jet, 90104 lil., 0 41 ' O ' , 047 "Q Y 'Tozir of ' 9 v 'll' Q7 J . an '4 - ' 4 'fr "f+"ff " lf 4.5.47 00 I1 . 0,1- I1 .w 04' I Z7 K- W 'Q fo, 0q0,'3'47q." .. 1- .99:6'b:45 f ai Q '9 10 gf 151 y 3 ' . 0713181 "4 01,-Q f J '59, 60, 4. 'VO ,N.f 4 a ,lq,'4v,-QsJ,dr"isf l Wearing their super rock-n-roll con- cert T-shirts are many N.C.C.H.S. seniors. Albums and singles are the next best thing to being there. Student L1fefl7 Looking through the eyes of love . , g l8fStudent Life A X , -1 Taking a moment to laugh are Corey Malcom and Susie Edwards. Exiting the Tunnel of Love' are Mark Tarr and Ann Shakun Long hours of hard work made the 1980 prom enjoyable for everyone who attended. Animal figures, balloon trees, and ticket booths decorated the amusement park entrance. The "Tunnel of Love" lead the guests into a park on a spring day. A bridge and a heart shaped entrance opened into a Hawaiian setting. Wall murals and grass huts added color to the evening. The girls gym was decorated with a mirrored ball that reflected light onto the blue plastic that was hung from the ceiling. Some of the parents helped entertain the guests by dressing in costumes of all sorts. Also, students helped by serving and taking tickets at the door. The Queen, Christy Has- tings, was crowned at 10 p.m. 1 ,J Asad.. C ix, it fr' The members of her court were Julie Jones, Amy Harter, Nan- cy Dudley, Kathy Stonerock, Rhonda York, Dixie Dudles- ton, and Terri Baldock. 5 I ig. zz L... f"' .. ...--41. Ju, -..tai , ,M ,.L3:'..j:-"V 4' ,QL- The clowns seem to be having as much fun as the guests. Trying to convince the Keystone Cop to permit her date, Randy Howard, to stay at the dance is Jane Burlton. The queen of the prom, Christy Has- tings, and her court after the corona- tion. Student L1fefl9 "Today is not the end, but the beginning of a new tomor- row." This motto expressed the way the Class of 1980 felt about their graduation and about their futures. On Wednesday, May 28, the first class to graduate from New Castle Chrysler High School, was the Class of 1980. The in- vocation and benediction were given by Dr. Clark Hobby. The speakers of the class were Tona Thalls on "A Triple Threat", Randy Ayers on "Futility Ver- sus Fertility", and special speaker Mr. Don Hutson on "The Determining Factor." The class chose ivory and mint green as their colors and the ivory rose as their flower. Class officers were president Barry Beck, vice president Lin- da Bunton, secretary Sherri Dietz, and treasurer Vanessa Barnes. Shortly after commence- ment, passports to "A Europe- an Holiday" were granted to several hundred 1980 gradu- ates andgtheir guests at the an- nual Senior Night Club party. They were greeted by a flash- ing marquee at the door which invited everyone to a "Gradu- ation Party". After signing in and receiving their passports, grads and their guests em- barked on their trip. Guests first walked down Roman streets and visited a ca- sino equipped with a variety of games. The next stop on the trip was in Great Britain with a park scene and an English pub. The pub had an assortment of foods including roast beef, ham, chicken, potato salad, shrimp, and cheese. After a walk through the Swiss Alps, guests had souvenir photos tak- en in the scenic spanish setting. The Class of 1980 as a class for the last time before graduation. Strolling through Holland, Kathy Farr and Robert Donica make their way to the Swiss Alps. Helping themselves to the English pub buffet are many graduates and their guests. 20fStudent Life The next country was Holland. Windmills decorated the room, and Dutch girls entertained the guests as they offered samples of various cheeses. The last stop in the trip was France. French scenes and street lamps surrounded the grads as well as the music of the band The Late Show and disc jockey, Adam Smasher. After an evening of dancing, dining, and entertainment, grads and their guests were served breakfast at 3:00 am :gore the party ended at 4206 A 1 Admiring the beautiful decorations are Tina Schull and her date. Resting in the Spanish garden are Andy Howard and .lay Ogle. This little monkey entertained and de- lighted everyone at the night club par- ty. Student Lifef2l r Proving how neat and orderly they can be are Tonya Pennicuff and Debbie Carter. Band members pound the pavement on one of the long, hot summer days. Adding a special touch to the band routine are Stove Holloway and the Pom Pons. Band is an activity which takes many talented people, a lot of time, and much hard work. Most of a band mem- ber's summer is spent march- ing and practicing almost ever- yday! They go to contests and compete and spend a week working hard at camp. As a result of their efforts, the New Castle Chrysler High School Marching Band received fifth place in the state band contest. The band played a selection of music which included the in- troduction to Fantasia, Coven- try, Goody-Goody, Rainbow Connection, and Santa Esmer- elda. Although being in band takes a lot of time and work, it is also a lot of fun. The week spent at band camp is probably the hardest week and at the same time the most fun. The band members practice about eight hours a day. To provide a break from all the practices and to initiate new members, one day is set aside which the seniors especially enjoy. To be- come a member, a person must go through a series of messy, smelly, sticky, and sometimes very unappealing activities. An assortment of chicken grease, mud, peanut butter, syrup and cereal, and senior goulosh are smeared all over the body from the top to the bottom, and then covered with cut grass. Hunks of onions must be eaten, and vinegar and soda provide a re- freshing mouth wash. After all this is done, another loyal band member is born. The New Castle Chrysler High School Marching Band is definitely a dedicated one. It shows in their practicing, hard work, music, and perfor- mances, but most of all, it shows in their hearts and in their smiles. ,... Ra 'I 5 ,Z in Q , . R , Y r s ' - ,V by iw w a y 5 .r,.t if . 4 'G eets f s M -T Flashing smiles of joy at the camera Shown loudly expressing her love for are Tracey Coffey, Marsha Jackson, SCTIIOYS IS JUIIC Slmmons- and Jennifer Bowers. Steve Morgan and Scott Goodin dis- cuss their views on the morning prefor- manCC. Student L1fef23 There and back Talking after school about their new experiences are Seiko Tsugehara, Su- sanna Sese, and Sandra McIntyre. 24fStudent Life Two senior students were sponsored by AFS, to spend the summer in another coun- try. These students, Pete Mo- daff and Jan Garvin, were both sent to South America. Pete Modaff, who went to Columbia, returned to New Castle with an idea of life out- side the United States. He lived with the Gaforos family in Bogota, the capital of Co- lumbia. Bogota, a city with a popula- tion of five million people, has many exciting activities. With a city as large as Bogota, Pete found quite a few more things to do than if he had been home in New Castle. Pete toured all over the city seeing museums, San Augusta Archeological Park, and street scenes with American friends. "All of the city was Beautiful," said Pete, "but my favorite part of Bogota was the old sec- tion where the government is centered. Many of the streets there were unpaved, and there was poverty, but it was still beautiful." The size of the city was not the only change for Pete. The family he stayed with had thir- teen members and his real fam- ily has only five. He liked all of the family, but got along best with the older children. He en- joyed his time spent in Colum- bia, but was glad to get back to New Castle. The other AFS summer ex- change student, Jan Garvin, spent her summer in Brazil. She lived with a young couple, Marcello and Giselda Garcia, in Belo Horezonte. They took a two week vacation and visited Victoria and Rio de Janeiro. Jan said the lifestyle was dif- ferent in that they ate rice and beans every meal, and if they went out at night, they did not leave until 10:00 p.m. or later. She also said the society was more relaxed. They only went to school half days, and if you were late to meet someone by a half hour or an hour, it did not matter. Everyone was just more friendly. In Brazil they speak Portugeuse, so Jan learned some Portugeuse quickly in the ten weeks she was in Brazil. For both Pete and Jan, it was a summer filled with new experiences. This school year there ex- ,........f.--- ,,,,,,,...----q ' A A .3 change students were received by New Castle Chrysler High School. AFS, American Field Service, sponsored two foreign students, Susana Sese and San- dra Mclntyre. Youth for Un- derstanding, YFU, sponsored Seiko Tsugehara. Susana Sese, from Argenti- na, stayed with Eileen Deasy and her family. Sandra Mcln- tyre, from New Zealand, lived with Suzette Frazier and her family. Seiko Tsugehara, from Japan stayed with Dr. and Mrs. Babcock. Japan, stayed with Karin Schmitt and her family. All three of the exchange students enjoyed each others company and that of their many friends they made this year. They were grateful for the opportunity to meet people from all over the world through their programs and each other at school. du... I I 1.3 s I 5, 1 v. uk! ', W, t. ,i nf, 0' B "W it ..... We .,.,.,,,. g W' -mw- hara. hisgwgg--M Using her artistic talent in art class is Susana Sese Showing off her Brazilian flag to Pete Modaff is Jan Garvin. Meeting in the library before school are Sandra Mclntyre and Seiko Tsuge- Studcnl Life 25 ashion and trends for 1980-81 Baker courts attract people at all hours of the night. No one forgets to purchase Cheeno's pants and lzod shirts for his wardrobe. zefsmdem Life we , f T - f 7 f , 7'-,:.r,, f iffftfitgpf 'T' ' Q: r s The preppie look arrived with a flash from the past. An instant replay of the early 60's from the Ivy League's could be seen walking down the halls of New Castle Chrysler High. Oxford shirts with their but- ton down collars, topsiders and penny loafers, and tweed blaz- ers, tailored to fit, were a com- mon sight. Let us not forget the Izod shirts and sweaters, along with the designer jeans by Glo- ria, Calvin, and Bill, just to mention a few. This leaves us only to won- der what the fashion will be next year when Gloria's swan takes a dive, Calvin runs out of denim, and the fox eats the alli- gator. Hopefully all the sailors will still have shoes. lt looks like everyone is out getting another pair of Topsiders. Young and old join in the high mileage moped craze. Tweed pants, oxford shoes, button down collar, and wool sweater all go together to give Pete Modaff the preppy look. Showing off the new Marine fashion on another one of his excursions is Jeff lmel, future Marine. . 'x Student Lifef27 Working at various jobs pro- vided many students with valu- able experiences that will greatly aid in their futures. Whether working in grocery stores or hospitals, they learned a lot about life. Many students worked through coo- peration with the school place- ment programs, but others found jobs on their own. The experiences they had contri- buted to their future lives, edu- cation and employment. The money the students earned went for many pur- poses. Some students worked to help support their families, while others saved their money for school, clothes, or a car. Students learned to handle their money and the rules of the banking system, as well as the value of the dollar. Along with a job came a lot of responsibilities. Trying to keep up with homework and a job required a lot of self disci- pline as well as limiting extra- curricular activities. The har- dest part of working was saying to dates parties, get togethers, and television, "No, I have to work!', Although working had its ups and downs, it was a great step into the future for the stu- dents of N.C.C.H.S. Students supported themselves, learned responsibility, and acquired self discipline. All of this helped students to become pre- pared for the real world and its problems. NN Showing off her frisbee talents with a Carrying trays in the hospital kitchen pizza crust is Linda Baker. is only a small part of a days work for zsfstudem Life Jeff Buck. Corey Malcom spends much of his ex- tra time working at a local supermaket. Wiz Working: Wages, experience, fun 'lm 5 .Q 4' ,tg 1194 ,W ,... N my If - L 4, fs, -f I' i' ' ,,-' H Answering the phone is just one of tasks Amy Harter performs while working Ready and waiting patiently for more groceries to sack is Rick Gold. Student Lifef29 'Mg' It was the gray Sunday morning of No- vember 4, 1979, seventy to eighty Islamic students invoking the name of Irans Aya- tollah Ruhollah Khomeini stormed the United States Embassy, overwhelmed its Marine Corps guards and took some 60 Americans as hostages. Their demand: surrender the deposed Shah of Iran, cur- rently under treatment for cancer in Man- hattan, as the price for the release of the American hostages. This began the 444 days of captivity for the hostages. Several days passed after the siege and from what was known the hostages had been humiliated but not harmed. Howev- er, with student demonstrators chanting L I MIM "Death to America", there was no assur- ance that the event would not have a vio- lent ending. Fifteen days after the take over on No- vember 19, Ayatollah Khomeini ordered the students to release the five women and the eight blacks that were being held cap- tive. The release of these thirteen hostages came with mixed blessings to all the fam- ilies affected by the Iranian crisis. The joy and relief of those released was tempered by the fearfully message they brought out about their Iranian captors. It increased the worry of friends and relatives of those Americans still remaining. Meanwhile, the deposed Shah had com- pleted treatment for his cancer in Manhat- tan. During his recovery period, United States officials were searching for a coun- try that would take in the Shah. On De- cember 15, 1979 the Panamanian govern- ment was persuaded to shelter the Shah. The days No real progress was made and the hos- tages spent their first Christmas in captiv- ity. Then in February, with the greatful help of Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor and his staff, 4 United States diplomats and 2 of their wives escaped from Iran. The six Americans had hidden until the Canadians arranged to help them to leave. Also around this time, Kurt Waldheim had gone to Iran to talk to the officials, but due to threats on his life by the Iranian public, he returned to the United States. The United Nations sent a commission to Iran to see the hostages and to check on 4 I them. The commission tried to gain the release of the hostages by attempting to talk to the Iranian officials. This plan was not a successful one. On March 8, 1980, the militant students handed over control of the hostages to the Iranian government. This marked the 126th day of captivity for the American hostages. Two days later, The Shah went to Eygpt because of Panamanian plans to arrest him and return him to Iran. A secret rescue mission named Opera- tion Blue Light was being planned in t Il .A -.-,.-' 'ly ..-F is . ii' . g - 1 w i , ,k, , ..-, ,.,,. K , VK K ,.kV V. ily, W- 4 4 rta ...t .ff-f-N -'1' . . Q . .N-rv -- ,. ' '-'- U?" t iiiiif...-N, 3 ..j,, --I sq? ' u K - ' '15 . . X . v . 6 lf' -re . 3: t F 1 if e Q 1 I - if - ei , In .f . -V1 I g . . . X -:.. Wy.-1 4. A- - r ..f-'--M in - - 'J f gy' -t f " 5 . kg, .4 S, , s x . it Q I1 I E - x, , - Y fl , sf' , ' ' g hsif Q f .. .L .4 f , . l.. my ' S . .riff-Q' f . - . -1 h r vets l I .Q . . A at , . Ng? - A sg A ttf.. g ' in -f 1 'Q' .5 ,.,. . .,a il i-fs 9 - . Ti A-A "N .ur . 'R ,g 1 .,', X 4 'inf' ie 1 I .X 1' K mx ft x' .-'R . 1 X N ACK TO REEDOM America stood still March and early April. On April 25, the mission began and ended. In a desert in Iran, a helicopter and rescue plane col- lided, killing eight servicemen. There bo- dies were returned to America on May 5, 1980. Summer began and the outlook did not seem very hopeful. A yellow ribbon had become the sign of love, hope, and prayers, for the hostages held in Iran. The Ameri- can people had joined together as if tied together by one giant ribbon. Then on July ll, after 251 days in cap- tivity, Richard Queen was released by the Iranian government. Queen had contract- ed Multiple Scherosis and had become ex- tremely ill. ln July the exiled Shah of Iran died of cancer in Egypt. It was believed that this event would bring an end to the hostage ordeal, but it did not because of the com- ELCOME X plexity of the situation. Shortly after the Shah's death, West Germany began inter- mediating between the United States and Iran. These talks continued for a few months until Iran requested that West Germany be replaced. The Algerian gov- ernment took over the talks and were the final negotiatiors in the ordeal. On November 4, 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States. He would be inagurated on January 20, tg f 4 vi-4 1981. Talks were progressing better than ever at the end of December 1980 and begin- ning of January 1981, and many rumors of different wants and demands of the Iran- ian government persisted. Talks became intense and negotiations soon became set- tled: the United States had to unfreeze billions of Iranian assets. Algerian doctors examined the hostages and January 20, 1981, fifty-two ex-hostages headed for .wiwf K ' My AWMMVVXHQ sots .3 sg, , , . home. They stopped in Algeria to refuel and to thank the Algerian government and public for their help. The next stop was in Wiesbaden, West Germany on January 21 at the Wiesbaden Air Force Hospital where the ex-hostages received medical treatment and called their families. On January 25, the freed Americans ar- rived in New York where they met their families and then they all were driven to West Point for two days of reunion and rest. On January 27, the ex-hostages were formally welcomed home in Washington D.C. by President Reagan and then each freed American flew to his own home town for the true welcome home. After 444 days of captivity, the Ameri- can hostages were freed. No one will ever be able to imagine the strife and anguish the hostages felt, or the fear and grief of their families. It was probably very much like that of the Vietnam Veterans. Student Lifef3l Taking time to rest their feet are Mark Price and Kim Bennett. Reigning as queen of the 1981 Winter Dance is Rhonda York. She is escorted by Tom Wright. Many students and guests dance to the music of Stasis. fx l 52fStudent Life just a fantas O y. an L i l . On their way to the gym are Carol Vaughn and escort Max Catron. Conversing in the gym are Michelle Herron, Todd Garner, Lacee Trent, and Ryan Williams. Members of the court are Michelle Futrell, Julie Bennett, Cindy Lang- ston, Kelly Key, Mona Bowman, Carrie Rust, Christie Orr, and Ja- mie Harter. Kirk Horn is emcee. A world filled with fantasy delighted many New Castle High students on January 31, 1981 at the annual Winter Dance. The decorations helped to fulfill the fantasy-like atmo- sphere of the dance. The en- trance and the first hall were decorated with hanging silver metallic fringe, a mural of gi- ant lips, and a black portion of the hall was adorned with mul- ticolored paper flowers. The cafeteria was decorated as an ocean dock at one end and ocean wave murals lined the walls. Refreshments were served and Mike Fleming en- tertained with his guitar. The main hall was disguised as a desert scene complete with real sand and desert plants. As guests neared the end of the hall a large lighted sign invited them to a rock-n-roll party. Next, the guests received sou- venir monogrammed paper dice. Once in the gym, filled with trees covered with tiny white lights and parachutes draped from the ceiling, guests danced to the music played by the band "Statis". Guests had souvenir pictures taken in the sand with an ocean backdrop behind them. Pic- tures were taken by Ron Tower. Senior Rhonda York reigned as queen of the dance and was escorted by Tom Wright. She was crowned by Kirk Horn, co- emcee with Pete Modaff. Winter Dance was made possible by the money and hard work of the NCCHS Student Government. Student L1fef33 Q is M. L, ya -P , RB .. N is as M 4 X -W X . ..,... . J x 3 fx +9 . P Q f X ' X 2 aeaag Y ' , m.N., -N... , ,... W 4-H ,A JW.. A A ..... .-.-.- ,, g Q 5 ,. :,., ,,,:A,: ,.:.A I 3 v . P :::.: :. 1-' J M M51 M 2: , f:f -:-- g g QW M2 Q 25i f 1 gg A3gg,W M SPGRT ev' ya- -12 PCR Q Athletes at NCCHS are very well taken care of thanks to Frank Kovaleski, Athletic Director, and Horace Cook, his assistant. Mr. Kovaleski prepared schedules and bud- gets for all the teams. Mr. Cook took care of tickets and athletic awards. Also helping Mr. Kovaleski in the athletic office was his secretary LeaAnne Broyles. Something new at NCCHS were the three trainers. Kristy Rucker, Amy Bolk, and Amy Popplewell began training last spring in order to get ready for the 1980 season. They worked hard all summer and helped 'Doc' Fraze get the football team ready by wrapping an- kles, knees, etc. The girls really enjoyed training and plan to continue next year also. Amy Popplewell shows the techniques of a trainer. f W, . ,- Preparing our athletes Ht Mr, Kovaleski works hard to make the Letter jackets are handled by Mr, athletic program strong. Cook. 36 f Sports Putt it in its place alyfaiarjllfftl, . L.. ',. The 1980 Trojan golf team headed by coach Jerry Koger, assisted by Larry Myers, had an 8-7 record this season. They received fourth place in the Richmond Sectional with Jeff Roberts placing second indi- vidual, and Team Captain Kris Kollmeyer placing third. Kris received a golf scholarship from Franklin College, and was also most valuable player this year. This years team had high po- tential, ranking fourth in the state at the beginning of the season. The "Linksmen" fin- ished the year in fifth place in the NCC Conference. The 1981 season looks promising with a very young team headed by the only returning lettermen Jeff Roberts and Kirk Horn. up-4 'mg FRONT ROW: R. Brenneman, B. Hoke, M. Adams. SECOND ROW: R. Kirkpatrick, B. Loveless, K. Horn, S. Hart, J. Bunch. BACK ROW: K. Kollmeyer, B. Wilson, D. Patton, J. Roberts, T. Wright, S. Kelley. Successfully putting the ball in the hole with much concentration is Junior Jeff Roberts -n.,uo-440-1-w Concentrating intensely while lining up his next putt, is Junior Kirk Horn. Sportsf37 The 1980 girl's track team had many accomplishments, one of which was an undefeat- ed season. In the conference meet the girls finished fifth out of eight teams. First place fin- ishers were Angle Phelps, Ka- ren Phelps, Cindy fredj Gard, and Lisa Lee in the 800 meter medley relay, and Linda Bun- ton in the discus throw. Second place finishers were A. Phelps, K. Phelps, Kim Jones, and C. Gard in the 400 meter relay, and Lyssa Baranski in the high-jump. The team then went on to place fourth out of twenty teams in the sectional. Two relay teams and two indi- viduals qualified for the re- gional meet. For the first time in New Castle history one relay team and one individual ad- vanced to the state finals. There the 400 meter relay team placed eighth and high- jumper Lyssa Baranski placed sixteenth. The MVP award went to Angle Phelps and the MIP went to Cindy fredj Gard. This year's team worked very hard and their efforts payed off in the end. Highjumper Lyssa Baranski shows the form that took her to the state finals. FRONT ROW: A. Phelps, K. Phelps, L. Trent, C. Gard, C. Langston, L. Grider, S. Buck, A. Bolk, S. Dye. ROW 2: J. Spalding, C. Gard, C. Fan- ning, S. Smith, L. Edwards, Coach Mi- chele Faulstick. ROW 3: L. Lee, L. Baranski, J. Strukel, L. Swindell, T. Rose, Coach Richard Collins. BACK ROW: T. Morgan, K. Jones, A. Hoo- sier, T. Roberts, J. Neal, L. Bunton. 38 f Sports hat a racket The girls tennis team had a rebuilding season during 1980. The team lost four seniors at the end of the 1979 season. Al- though this year's team was younger, all the members had a deep sense of good sportsman- ship. Also, a good communica- tion was evident throughout the year. This year's most valuable player was Kim D. Smith. She had the best record for the year, 9-2. However Laura Huxhold played Reserve last year in 1979, and in the season of 1980 she was moved to Var- sity. Laura played at numbers 2, 3, and 4 positions in 1980. The girls tennis team coach, Mrs. Morris stated, "We ex- pect next years team to have a better season record." 3 s 2 K Y X 4 . 1 1 .2 A Q- ay 2 X 4 ' . fx , . .. - t W' Q Na- .K Q ,K rink J Ps gf., ,xg 7.A-- J' in izllni A .1 , 1 J , 4. ,, .asf 1 fi 1 .. ' -fit' 2-- lasa- 4 4 2, Q . 'x.:Q.Lt.fga'fe5"fh IQJ. Q 5 s A essmxwtmximx- - as L .'ii' t-'1 2 ,,,f4.+44-raise u...L4..i,..-4 1 -1 1 O 1 f J f J avi' 3 Q Q 1 I-td' i is A FRONT ROW: L. Gross, J. Eade, T. York, R. York. BACK ROW: Coach Morris, M. Garner. Kim D. Smith, M. Futrell, T. Frost, L. Huxhold. NOT PICTURED: S. Frazier, J. Ham, J. Jones, J. Pfenninger, J. Roberts, J. Ta- bor, L. Tully. A lot of expression goes into the serves by Tanya Frost. Another successful serve by Laura Huxhold. Sportsf39 The 1980 track team was, according to head coach David Pryor, "the strongest team in New Castle in at least five years." To begin with, the Trojans placed fourth in the NCC, one of the toughest conferences in the state. This was the best fin- ish in the last five years for a Trojan team. Another of the team's out- standing achievements was the fact that they won three invita- tionals-The Noblesville Big Five Meet, The New Castle In- vitational, and The Conners- ville Invitational. They had a 5-3 win-loss record in dual and triangular meets. One of the leading team members was Tom Schuler, who was the NCC champion in the shot put and discus. Schuler also placed sixth in the state in the discus, and set a new regional discus record of 172 feet ll inches. Andy Howard was another major contributer to the team's success, as was junior Gregg Hughes. Gregg was NCC champion, winning the high hurdles in the conference meet. .N i V r " " . ' ' ' ' e, V Ai ' 1 Q iliv -4 Q ., - I a 52 ,.., '.,,,y5 A -62 A M Ander , 44 , :New C 79 . Mun f IT- ' 43 Nucasue Q 90 H ,. I 1 Mario .... 3 . it 58 ,.'. J L ' 1 f ' if c 'Make sure you've got the baton, Wal- ly!" says sophmore Dan Brown. l Straining for the finish is Wally Neal Pushing himself around one final turn Andy Howards strives for a first place 40 f Sports ' 5""""""'Wm- iw.. , . 5232 i 'Vfff 1' af' ,' 4,-N' ' - lf in A ' K' ' ' The high hurdles is a very challenging event. Junior Gregg Hughes demon- strates his determination and skill as he pushes himself over another one and another one . . . and another one! "Smile, Jay!"-Senior .lay Ogle stretch- es across the long jump pit. "l'd just like to rest forever," thinks Ryan Williams and Wally Neel after a long, hard run. Sportsf4l the ball The Trojan baseball team end- ed its 1980 season with a discour- aging 6-l 1 win-loss record, finish- ing seventh in the N.C.C. The year, however, was profitable in many ways. For example, senior Gary Brown had a magnificent year, leading the team in six cata- gories. He had a .468 batting average, 3 doubles, 3 triples, 3 home runs, 17 RBI's, and a 65'Za on base average. As a team, the Trojans hit .264, stole 45 bases, made it to base 4696 of the time, and had a 3.25 earned run average. Another profitable aspect is the experience that next year's team will have. The team will be play- ing with the loss of only four sen- iors: Chris Richey, Jeff Conway, Tim Day, and Gary Brown. Returning lettermen are Dar- ren Clemens, Eric Lee, Tim Pol- ston, Troy Whiteman, Doug Brown, Tim Linville, Doug Allen, Arthur Eli, and Lee Hannon. "Okay, okay, l heard ya already!" thinks Tim Day after a close play. Look out! Jeff Conway and an opponent collide while catcher Lee Hannon looks on. gn - W, ' V . ,A ka K V . ' 9""4 1 - ,,,,4w .. , ' U- ? 4 ' L , , 2.1 1541 V x., '!"W"t -A 3 .. t'la' 5 Muncie "tt South ' :i" Muncie South 1 73 Marion 7 Muncie Central 10 Kokomo 5 Shenandoah I , ,,- , U NC OPP 4. if 'ff'-w4yw,', ,,, ., V I .I ,,+ .V l ,af my 6 15!X5if,fi'l9i' 33 ,W N vs .. ,ig 1, -L 14, 19" i.-mv I 'Yin . 15, ,A ,, A 9 i if fiffiv f f I 'Y'. 'i 'lf pr 2 it ff, ,:, .V ,g pggg ,w s 7 K Q. 7' t zx, ig? Reaching for the tag is Todd Myers. A - A if S-S-S-Slide! Mark Tarr leaves a trail fu C A N of dust behind him as he stretches for the base. gf' A 114 Q Q' ww-A S . .1 L9 .f mag g " 75414, la-. ' lidiigi ,Ha I Hustle is the key to success. ln fact, successful Steve Alford is shown hus- tling. Sportsf43 the run The New Castle Cross Country team started off with a bang. Victorious in their first three meets, they ended the season with a 7-7 win-loss re- cord. This was not bad for a team with such a tough sched- ule. They placed seventh in the conference, fifth in the section- al, and fourth in the regional. Probably the most outstanding achievement of this year's team was that it was the first New Castle team ever to quali- fy for the semi-state. Andy Borders led the team, proving himself an outstanding runner. He set a school record and New Castle Course Re- cord for the 5000 meter, cross- ing the finish line in 16 minutes and 23 seconds. Borders, along with Tom Koons were the only senior team members. The five re- maining runners were under- classmen, led by speedy Dave Herron, along with Wally Neal. Head coach Dave Pryor said, "Next yearls team should be very strong." FRONT ROW: D. Herron, M. Rynes, P. Wills, J. Rogers, T. Byrket, R. Schwinn, T. Shallenbarger, B. Mettert, BACK ROW: Coach D. Pryor, A. Borders, W. Neel, T. Dalton, A. Carter, T. Koons. Q X 3, Q " . x ta T .t GROSS Greenfield Anderson Pendleton Richmond gk Madison Heights Shelbyville L 'Connersvilli jslvfuncie Cestral OPP 38 I9 54 20 16 29 i. 20 2b t '40 is s , t I I , , Q We 1 ' Rushville S K fs- 1 ,N W l. i is t t Syl' Q 1 A 5 1 Q . Q J A-.,"' Lk ., 'fi-4' 775-lgfgl I-Q., 4 ZS. ' .4 Q 6 ve 2f"",' "f.,4,- w' rf A ' " ' 'H' mm -.Q 2- N V 4, gk, I ,, 'i ,f sf, A - iv if fftf . . W ' Y' V V, -.,.,.e V94-W.,,, r ,, M V Q. up ,, f,,m'g.3'1:vifL W 1. M' 'ATffL.f'1r-f 'W' A ' ",, 7 M' 50" 'lfin Pushing himself to the head ol' the f' 4 pack is Senior Andy Borders. 4 willy 94 ,M Q , 1 - "Man, these guys think they are bad." says Tom Koons, stretching ahead. t 7 X Ws2?WM' H if , ,,, it MQ., Sportsf45 The Trojan Boyls Tennis Team suffered disappointment with a 2-10 win-loss record at the season's end. On top of this, they finished sixth in the North Central Conference, tying for this slot with Kokomo and Lo- gansport. Still, one has to have pride in the individual achievements of the Trojan players. Team cap- tain Bob Hobby, for example, was selected as a member of the North Central Conference Tennis Team in only his second year of tennis. According to Coach Walker, the youth and the lack of ex- perience is what hurt the team this year. Next year, on the other hand, should be a differ- ent story. "We were already beginning to get better toward the end of the seasonf' said Walker. Keeping his eye on the ball is Senior Bob Hobby. FRONT ROW: M. Taylor, E. Shakun, K. Pickett, A. Bogue. BACK ROW: Coach Bill Walker, B. Hobby, J. Dick- erson, P. Stawick, E. Brammer, B. Hoke, K. Horn. 46fSports Deep in concentration is Kirk Horn as he gracefully moves into his serve. Putting all of his strength into a strong overhead slam is Adam Bogue. Successfully dropping the ball over the net is Jeff Dickerson. Sportsf47 Late bloomers! The Trojan Girls Softball team began this season with hopes of a repeat of last years nine and one record, and may- be even an undefeated season. Their hopes were destroyed after falling to a three and five record going into the Shenan- doah Invitational. Shenandoah and Knightstown were co-fa- vorites in the tournament with New Castle and Eastern Han- cock falling behind. Surprising to everyone, the team pulled Lisa Phelps tries to put the tag on an opponent. Rhonda Gabbard smiles while the Tro- jans discuss the game. Concentrating on the pitch is Cindy Rains while Tammy Howard looks on. 48 f Sports together and emerged as win- ners of the tournament. Scor- ing fifty-three runs in two games compared to eight oppo- nent runs, the Trojans enjoyed the two best offensive and de- fensive games of the year. Coach Linda Stairs believes next year will be very promis- ing for the Trojans. The team lost only one senior, Lisa Lee, to graduation. The rest of the team was made up of six ju- niors, nine sophomores, and two freshmen. . LJ Scoring a run can be very gratifying as Julie Boyce indicates. FRONT ROW: S. Falck, T. Brown, G. Bottoms, K. Phelps, T. Howard, L. Ziglar. MIDDLE ROW: L. Lee, J. Bottoms, L. Lockeridge, S. Whiles, L. Phelps. BACK ROW: Coach Linda Stairs, C. Gard, L. Hardwick, M. Richardson, M. Gabbard, R. Gabbard, f' Dnbw I nnunn V. ........., .,. ....J--. Sportsf 49 The Trojan Varsity Football Team completed the season with a 3-7 win-loss record. The lack of experience, injuries, and other problems were the stumbling block that kept the team from having a winning re- cord. They began the year with only one offensive player re- turning from the year before, and only three defensive re- turnees. Even though their re- cord was not a winner, the atti- tude remained positive throughout the year, and the players gained valuable exper- ience for the future. Eighteen seniors graduated, but eight starters on offense and eight on defense will return next year. They should be in great shape next fall to turn things around after a trip through "the school of hard knocks" this past year. Congratulations to this year's football team on a fine effort. Quarterback Tim Linville keeps the ball for a short gain. Returning Senior lettermen are: FRONT ROW: G. Hughes, M. Boa- tright, T. Horney, T. Linville, BACK ROW: R. Williams, E. McGrew, J. Kovaleski, M. Jester. 501 Sports FRONT ROW: K. Niles, M. Misner, S. Jones, T. Garner, C. Smith, M. Bates, J. Roberts, R. Williams, E. McGrew, T. Horney, M. Surface, M. Jester, M. Boatwright, T. Linville, J. Kovaleski, G. Hughes, C, Watkins, D. Dudley, D. Clemens, G. Atkinson, J. Burger, T. Jarvis. ROW TWO: T. Dal- ton, R. Hughes, T. Grider, J. Steiner, B. Holt, J. Farley, L. Hannon, D. Smith, S. Hughes, K. Weesner, G. Ar- mour, M. Ashley, B. Loveless, J. Wil- liams, B. Loveless, B. Sills, B. Couch, S. Roberts, T. Stanley, T. Broyles, T. Asberry, J. Bush. ROW THREE: J. Dean, K. Hughes, C. Sadler, S. Kas- ten, D. Allen, T. Tutterow, R. Smith, T. Carter, K. Cox, L. Neal, A. Eli, J. Phelps, B. Stawick, J. Dykhuizen, J. Huddelston, J. Marcum, C, Johnson, D. Meyer, M. Kovaleski, T. Dixon, F. Thurman, C. Burton, M. Adams. BACK ROW: T. Thurman, S. Hart, K. Rucker, A. Bolk, D. Fraze, D. Pea- cock, H. Huffman, M. Surface, R. Peckinpaugh, T. Allen, J. Rains, R. Sharp, J. Pennicuff, E. Helderbrand, D. Gores. Showing his style along with the other football players is Joe Steiner, Meredith Boatright and Todd Garner have a little fun after a touchdown. Touchdowns were not hard to come by for junior Arthur Eli. Four strong Seniors on the Girls' Swim Team will be missed. There will be eighteen returning Freshmen and Soph- omores. The Seniors were Lori Gross, Joni Shadrick, Sandra McIntyre, and Jo Anne Ker- win. These three girls were team captains. Lori Gross and Joni Sha- drick were co-winners of "Most Valuable" award. Soph- omore Kris Kerwin earned "Most Improved" award. Cin- dy Langston was awarded top diver and she also showed com- mendable improvement. The girls did a good job cut- ting their individual times all season. For the 200 yard Med- ley Relay a 2:05.0 record was set by Lori Gross, Joni Sha- drick, Angie Baranski, and Jo Anne Kerwin at the sectional. The 200-yard Individual Medley record 2:34.4, was set by Lori gross at the Yorktown meet. She also set another re- cord in the 100-yard Butterfly of 1106.1 at the sectional. FRONT ROW: A. Thalls, E. Sadler, R. Rinehart, A. Baranski, K. Zander, L. Davis, M. Smith. SECOND ROW: M..l. Crow, L. Hancock, T. Moore, D. O'Rear, S. Ferrel, M, Alley. THIRD ROW: J. Roberts, K. Shadrick, L. Cole, C. Langston, L. Wills, K. Ker- win. FOURTH ROW: Coach D. Brun- oehler, L. Gross, .l. Shadrick, J. Ker- win, S. Mclntyre, B. Bush. The swim team gets ready for another race. 52fSports n the swim of things Shelbyville Blackford ' Pendleton Heights Greenfield Anderson Madison Heights M u HCIQJN orth Ric h m 1 Hagerstown Yorktown Muncie tconfj Connersville Sectional NC :iii . . OPP. 72 :He sse 66 54 ii.: 98 2? . 7 4 A i 63 72 .. 7th . V- 'er' . i . t his 1 s eee ...,n...,. . ..... . s R J .. I vm .1 1' -Kas if Q 2 il i Q ,, , M X1 . Eg. R . K ii"i' i r, S fnfziawi-iii'1sEii'i if if e Mi it i Ni , Q A 5 gigs W M Wi xxxkbggxwue XNXRXQ xOx4QXei2m ki MQ QM wyqkfxl 5 Setting any reco ds th yea L Gross p o es h t th each race Staring into spac hl conce tat g on a dive is Cindy Lang to Sportsf 53 This years Volleyball Team was an excellent one due to tre- mendous talent. Although one Senior, Lori Antic, will be greatly missed next year, there will be eleven other girls re- turning. With more experience and hard work, the coach, Lynn Blevins, is looking for- ward to a better season next year. The team was coached by Miss Lynn Blevins with Miss Colleen Cotrell and Mr. Dave Shondell as assistant coaches. This year's team captain was Lori Antic. She also was awarded "Most Valuable Play- er." The Trojan Spikers won the sectional which was held at Eastern Hancock. The girls re- ceiving honorable mention this year were Kristi Arnold and Lisa Dankovich. Both of these young ladies added the power aspect to the games. The vital improvement of Julie Neal, Krista Antic, and Tanya Frost gave the team the depth and consistency they needed. Coach Blevins discusses some minor mistakes with Cindy Dorn. "l've got it!" says Allison Bunch to Julie Neal. First Row: Julie Higgins, Tina Hens- ley, Chris Steiner, Joy Shaffer, Jackie Lentini, Krista Hannon. Second Row: Kristy Perdew, Trina Baker, Lori An- tic, Jennifer Sahlberg, Cindy Dorn, Lacec Trent, Krista Antic, Allison Bunch. Third Row: Colleen Cottrell, Ass't Coach, Tanya Frost, Lisa Danko- vich, Lisa Baranski, Julie Neal, Janet Tabor. ump, volley, pike 'Qs mg -wtmww L Q -fiiam . , I l I Ei War. W sis? A- 'if itil.: Q-. ml gg 6 'Y 4 Question: What do you get when you cross a fine coach with several young men who are willing to work hard and put forth the extra effort? An- swer: The Trojan Boy's Swim team of course. Coach Brunoehler, only in his second year of coaching at New Castle, was pleased with the team's hard work and ef- fort. The resulting success also aster than a speeding fi h pleased Coach Brunoehler. The swim team swam an average of about 6,000 yards a night, and it showed in their 8- 6 record. After losing their first meet at Yorktown, the Trojan Tankers stroked their way to four consecutive victo- ries, and continued on their red-hot way throughout the season. Next year can be looked upon with even more optimism. One reason for this is that all but three of the swimmers were underclassmen. Lee Heck, Jeff Kovaleski, and Bill Macer will be the only swimmers missed due to graduation. Two outstanding underclass- men were Kyle Kinkade and Todd Meyers. Kinkade set a school record in the 500 yard freestyle, and was sectional champ in this event. He ad- vanced to the state meet. Meyers became a school re- cord holder in the 200 yard in- dividual medley, the 100 yard butterfly, and along with the team of Eric Brown, Kyle Kin- kade, and Bill Macer, broke the freestyle relay record. Meyrs was sectional champ in the butterfly, and went on to compete in the state meet. 56fSports FRONT ROW: T. Leggs, S. Williams, B. Boyd, T. Bays, C. Alfrey, E. Brown, F. Frazier, P. Kinkade, J. Pham. MID- DLE ROW: T. Meyers, J. Williams, K. Van Dam, J. Petry, T. Bays, D. Goares, B. Rummel, R. Gould, G. Cline, S. Benematti, Coach Brun- oehler. BACK ROW: C. Wethington, M. Woolums, K. Basset, L. Heck, B. Macer, J. Kovaleski, K. Kindade, M. Wright, J. Wilson, B. Cox, M. Sum- mCfS. OPP, 94 YORKTOWN 102 - NOBLESVILLE 81 99 PENDLETON HTS GREEN FIELD MADISON 48s 68 77 ,Mkt iv?" -M ' bm , f, A LL.. ww, .-,, ws., S L,V,V fw - Sis, iiigffiit A 'fi 1.4-v.t sw-1 yyyy W , mvriwai L. um . s-'A'-1? :.,w,,:+e ' I s ' it ,. V ..:!h,gl-nm :Z k'L-' ' ' y 'f' - ' FQ? tx t hy , L K M ' t ff . - r, ue, Mgi f V ,N .L :zi V V M 1" A , 2 il P Pm las .fb-: There's not a soul around as Todd Meyers pushes his way to the finish, Off to a flying start is Kurt Van Dam. Stretching gracefully for the water is diver Kenny Basset. Sportsf 57 Experience i the key Experience was the key to success for the 1980-81 Girl's Basketball team. Four return- ing letter winners were mem- bers ofthe starting five during the previous season. The other members had at least one or two years of junior varsity ex- perience. The girl's began the year with a 9-0 record before being defeated by a tough delay game at the hands of Anderson Highland. After their fine start they were ranked 18th in the state by the coaches poll. The Trojans held this position for three weeks before falling to 20th. After Christmas break the Trojans fell to a 10-8 record before sectional competition. Their opponent for the first game was the Union Rockets. The Rockets turned out to be no problem for the Trojans as the girl's won handily 88-15. During the game senior Lyssa Baranski took charge and scored 36 points which broke the old record of 34 for most points scored in one game. Their next opponent was the highly favored Wapahani Raiders. The Raiders went into the sectional with a record of 16-l. The Trojans came through, defeating the Raiders 66-63. The championship game arrived and the opposi- tion was none other than our county foe Blue River Vikings. The Trojans took revenge for an earlier season loss by de- feating them 61-44. Junior Krista Antic keeps her eye on the basket. Putting on a dribbling clinic for those interested are Lyssa Baranski and La- cee Trent. Lacee Trent takes the ball to the hoop. Varsity team members. FRONT ROW: R. Gabbard-Mgr., M. Richard- son-Mgr., S. Alspaugh-Asst. Coach, L. Stairs-Coach, L. Hardwick-Mgr. BACK ROW: K. Antic, L. Lee. L. Dankovich, L. Baranski, S. Sese, J. Neal, B. King, L. Russell, L. Antic, L. Trent. f-qfuqu-, THQ m..-.,, --., ,,. ,, I 1 Junior Varsity team. FRONT ROW: R. Gabbard-Mgr., M. Richardson- Mgr., S. Alspaugh-Asst. Coach, L. Stairs-Coach, L. Hardwick-Mgr. BACK ROW: L. Leo, K. Phelps, C. Ruble, S. Stout, S. Lee, C. Gard, T. Frost, J. Harter, A. Bunch, K. Stout, S. Gosser, D. Staggs. Tanya Frost gets the jump on her op- ponent. Giving it her best shot is sophomore Jamie Hartcr. Senior Co-Captain Lori Antic takes control while teammates Julie Neal and Lisa Dankovich look on. f 55 kk 48N -' 58 ssh? 4 7l 59 Union 88 I5 Wafiahani 66 63 Bhe River 61 V J HN, I Regional Tipton 46 55 60 f Sports The experience of the 1980- 81 squad began during the summer when all the cheer- leaders attended NCA Cheer- leading Camp at Ball State University. Beginning August 11, they practiced everyday until the Marion Jamboree. Then they began practicing two times a week. The varsity cheerleaders held a car wash to raise money for new cheerleading jackets. Also, each cheerleader took one team during each of the three seasons and baked goo- dies for them. Cheerleading took a lot of hard work. Congratulations to this year's squad! Junior Varsity Cheerleaders L. Burgner, L. Grider, K. Orr, and C. Rust show their cheerleading talent. Varsity Cheerleaders M. Bowman, G. Loveless, N. Dudley, D. Baker. and J. Bennett do a difficult mount. Gina Loveless and Nancy Dudley get the crowd rowdy during an exciting game. Letis get ro dy! gun'--'-'W' l L, ii 'wp at E i A Q z rojans ignite! 1 233 ac J" lil 40 W M -lu-.- The 1980-81 Trojan Basket- ball Team finished the season with a fine 13-9 record. They were defeated in the sectional by the Richmond Red Devils 47-45 to end their season. Sen- ior Brian Lee and sophomore Steve Alford led the offensive attack by averaging over 18 points per game. Brian Lee and Tom Dalton led the team in rebounds with 164 and 131 re- spectfully. Brian Lee and Steve Alford led in assists with 102 and 100, while Steve Alford led in recoveries with a new school recordzof 121. Alford had the highest field goal per- centage with a 58'Z1 shooting norm and also led in free throw percentage by connecting on 117 out of 150 for 78721. Seniors ending their career were Brian Lee with 785 points ranking 16th on the all-time scoring list, Tom Dalton with 249 points, Jim Armpriester with 63 points, and'Terry Rob- inson with 27 points. Other senior members were .lay Jack- son, manager, Jim Rainsg stat- istician, and Eric Lee, statisti- cian. The Trojans will have a total of 40 points a game returning next year as nine members of sill 2, 3 y FRONT ROW: J. Jackson, Coach L. Cox. W. Neal. J. Armpriester. B. Lee. Meyer, Coach S. Alford, Coach V. T. Dalton, T. Robinson, M. Brown, D. Meier, D. Evans. BACK ROW: K, Brown, S. Alford, A. Eli. the sectional team will return. Steve Alford had a game high 29 points, Dan Brown had 20, Arthur Eli had 18, Mark Brown had 14, Greg Pinneo had 8, Wally Neal had 7, Ken- ny Cox had 4, and Mike Kova- leski had 3. These young men along with coach Larry Meyers fine reserve players should make up the nucleus of next years squad. Coach Meyers team finished their season with a 13-7 record. Mike Kovaleski, Greg Pinneo, and William Shi- pley led the team in scoring. David Meyer, Tom Dixon, and Mike Atkins paced the team in assists. This years four seniors did an outstanding job contribut- ing to the Trojan success. They were instrumental in becoming the finest shooting team in New Castle history by con- necting on over 50 percent from the field and 72 percent from the free throw line. Tro- jan fans will long associate the names Lee, Dalton, Armpries- ter, and Robinson with excite- ment. Grilling his teeth is Mark Brown as he goes up for a shot. Sportsf6l Reserve Team-FRONT ROW: C. Wright, K. Hicks, M. Atkins, T. Dix- on, D. Meyer, J. Dykhuizen. BACK ROW: C. Saddler, R. Davis, R. Mc- Kinley, G. Pinneo, W. Shipley, M. Ko- valeski, F. Thurman, Coach L. Meyer. "Do it Trojan, .Ve . for me, ball," says first year Senior .lim Armpriester. s K . T .i.i f . , . . , . -',. . 1 ' f. . f . 1 1 K 1 ' A ,Vff f .I - t 2 A ,. . 41' 'ffl . .27 X ' N . S t ..... K . ' . , , ..,- I w . T J . 1 H rria t "'. f 'k.. 1 H 1 2 52 T 'l'e Q 1 , T' E t ., ft, .. P, 3 UTY! ' fn Y 1 ' . 2 ' ' - - 1 f 1 x ' K .kff 9 RW, . - A it T it li" ,,,, .,.., .,,, " H S siir ..... ' . , ' f . H if sg ,..... , aw w w - W1 f f f N .... ...D 2 lolll' ol W ys f Skying high is big man Terry Robin- son. Determined to put this one in the hoop is starting Junior Dan Brown. fw2fSports Being aggressive is one asset of Senior Tom Dalton, shown rebounding here. . . It a hot Franklin ntral 56 80 Sl 58 67 i f ectional . H ' " . 53 tstown ,IAW , 45 Ri . mondm - -A ' .M A A--- -1 f . L . W ,.-, iigiiqi umm -.2 .43 k,f O 'agp -gi -S., E+ in No one can stop him! Sailing through a pair of defenders is Steve Alford. "Here! Catch!" calls Brian Lee to the photographer. One ofthe cooier members of the team is Junior Arthur Eli. Sportsf63 64 f Sports The New Castle Trojan Gymnastic team could be de- scribed in many ways. A few choice words from Coach Be- verly Farnsworth were small, young, and inexperienced. There were only six girls in the Optional level this year and only three of them had any ex- perience in this level. Because of this, there were no team cap- tains. Though the team lost their first three meets, Coach Farns- worth had an optomistic view on the years to come, stressing the importance of experience and versatility. "Next year's team should have the experience needed to do better. It usually takes a year of constant work to really start progressing in the sport of gymnastics." OPTIONAL LEVEL FRONT ROW: C. Shelton, A. Baranski, C. Langston, J. Jones, B. Guinn, K. Whiteman, T. Walls, Coach B. Farnsworth. OPP. 59.46 87.55 6l.0 5 86.75 67 45 73 5l 75 25 Flipping over gymnastics ',.- . e . ..O . ,....--I 1 ,,....-fe ,usSE"' ffm ,N V 1 ,. ,M X ,ww-W H ' H1532 Intermediate Level: FRONT ROW: C. Shelton, E. Hakes, H. Livingston, K. Weaver, J. Sweigart, A. Baranski. BACK ROW: Coach B. Farnsworth, S. Ferrell, L. Gross, C. Pffenniger, J. Taylor, R. Hale, Asst. Coach D. Brunoehler. 78.5 77.00 71.2 57.2 Thejudges lose their heads on this fine move by Kelly Whiteman. Coming in for a perfect landing is Cin- dy Langston. "Nothing feels better than success," says joyous Julie Jones, Cindy Lang- ston and Lori Gross. Sportsf65 66 f Sports This was a rebuilding year since the heaviest returning let- terman was 126 pound Tony Piper. The team finished with a 7-3 record. Todd Jeffries was the Marion Invitational Champi- on, Tony Piper was the Colum- bus East Invitational Champi- on, and the team placed third in the North Central Confer- ence. The first place winners at the Sectional were Todd Jeffries, Rob Jarvis, Chris Young, and Pete Stawick. In addition to the seven Regional first place qualifiers were Gary Williams, second, and Jeff Phelps, third also qualifying for Regionals. In the North Central Con- ference Todd Jeffries was vot- ed Most Outstanding Wrestler in the NCC. Those who placed in the NCC were Todd Jef- fries, first 98 pounds, Tony Piper first, 132 pounds, Gary Williams, second, 145 pounds, Bobby Jarvis, third, 105 pounds, Chris Young, third, 112 pounds, Pete Stawick, third, 119 pounds, Rob Sills, third, 126 pounds, and Tom Koons, forth, 138 pounds. Success is the word, as Todd Jeffries wins another match. akedo n! 'WWMW fl MW K ,, ...W ,we ',.f ,., f. M , . ,,,,. tftz ff-Wm, ,W gs 2 , A V 1 . WM, Vryk W . its gi "." f"' . , J ff . ' 'i" .- ,bf Q FIRST ROW: R. Sills, P. Stawick, M Livingston, B. Jarvis, C. Young, T. Jeffries, E. Hoppes, Mgr. G. Jones. MIDDLE ROW: M. Rigney, R. Din- kins, G. Williams, T. Garner, T. Piper . B. Stawick, T. Koons, B. Coach, B. Hoppes, Coach Mike Morton, Asst. Coach Dave Chastain. BACK ROW: K. Wcesner, D. Pennicuff, M. Smith, J. Burger, R. Smith, J. Steiner, J. Phelps, T. Orr. Tony Piper forces a pin against his op- ponent during a big match. Sportsf67 ww- 3 S' sy 1 N, S ,X f A ,X 'WK 50,1 ' NGK' i V . 4.1.6 A , was Qiwiifw.-..A X via' M Q 4 .f yn . 2 K ., is gi, K s 1 K r 5 1 Q. nv .. 68f Faculdemics V ,QL , 1 ' w 44' 4. . W ki ,, , M 1 I 'fx 'Qs ,DSX K 1 ,, - - 'www M eawwewg , 34 swf M-www' wqggwv 1 xi-f,we.s,?a. '-' hw .N gmw 'wgwgw 1-PC-'awe I-ff ..5.:'iF'mPw-:Q f W 'W K .EET by f 5323 ffxfflb , ff, ,522 A Q H my .g: V gs . Q fzif' wi: ig 5 k :gi 15.255 155: :gg 's f Hhff? mt Q sy ff- -fi: M Jw-1 H 1:2 7 isps-12:15 :MW A ,Q ,ff ,Q Hg ,A :gg 5:5 2253 :gg A 7:5225 fig 313: fm mmf E 3.1 I K W gg? as gm 5:55 .sw ,X J QQ? 155 'f 5',2"N5, :fg- M i S kk wma Sz: W 'im 5, if :M , ' V 4 A, Qs. 4:52. ,Afimh 'immfrw' f .msffyfia ,, Wim. f A fm www Q We , M G- :wi w ,sausage Wg .3 iiwfwg qi gm Sw wggww amy M ggwmhr Mfgszwrw V "'zv4:'3 ,Mgr ' gfwfw ? Q i ggi? wi: 3 wigs ' W?" Jil' ggi? . - -nfl 53533 X552 Sf: if 59 555 if: 35 . .Q ,R ss.: 5521: T-SEQ? fiix W Gs. ,S wi: :M sim Ywffggm ,Q HPZWQY as N6 fm 9 M :Qi lwffwff-fm ww. rf 935 wifi: IWNSK Yew .5 E ,Q Nl QQ ., 22 SLN ,agp ':,:y M 39: A I gh 52:45 5:1 Saw fy M - S21 552: vw ff: fy ' -ws, K ,rfiigiy Wzav, 1593954 akfssxwiv ':?:ws:.g -qjfiiggfwekwf , Sfyifivwww 'fi ulaaiiwf'-wrw V,-436. N Sf' :mf -VwwS:g 4 ,wwflm 6 ww ww wa f Mm wf F.. .5 MM -, sw- Y ? ' 2-if ' F55 X2 fx? 'fssgv , ,gsff . we 1 12.2. ,zfw-2-' JY QM UQ U g pgs, 235, N, in M, 'H 2.2, gp me wsaezm Dams: Q -'E:-2g- Q55 Mg gm. my N wa ww A SSH, 7 xi ws, 'U fflfggm. .. 1 ,vs TP- 5315 7232 're yn 5: A 5 'zgk N- wages. W f ggw,.,M, , ,Q '-'5:i5:' 2252 ff: ,fy ff: W: : Q. 5 HQ: wg A559 Q2 i 7555 22? ' ff i 555 732 Q51 'g 55 - ,, wfsfwf' 'bwsgwgw . Qg:?m:w.:w:sQ , fwefifwk 3 f M msn-U , -Y - M ,yfwfb ACULDEMICS ACULDEMICS Faculdemicsf69 On top of learning, there were a lot of activities in the Foreign Language De- partment. Activities in French, Span- ish, and German aided students in their learning and created a fun atmosphere in which to work. Classed of each lan- guage participated in the Foreign Food sale in the Fall and the many activities during Foreign Language Week. In French classes, expressing yourself in the French language was stressed. Reciting poetry, making a tape, and vis- iting a French restaurant were some ex- tra happenings. Spanish activities included cooking, skits, games, spelling contests, teaching underclassmen, and reading foreign newspapers. A professer from Spain named Emilo de Castro came to speak about his country which was greatly en- joyed. Singing songs, a study of German cities and a trip to Indianapolis all in- volved anxious German students. A new course, second year German, was introduced. The faculty at NCCHS are very proud of the Foreign Language Depart- ment and feel that they gave a knowl- edge that will be used in future occupa- tions. Doris Addington: B.A., M.A. Dwight Fraze: B.A., M.A. Richard Kinnaird: B.A. Agnes Tabares: B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Stephanie Vanderleest: B.A., M.A. Taking notes in French class are Adam Bogue and Jennifer Bowers. Teaching names of familiar objects in Spanish is Mrs. Tabares. 70 f Faculdemics s 0 0 f D ' l This year students were able to take a wide variety of busi- ness classes from one of the fin- est business departments throughout the state. The stu- dents could learn the basics and use classroom training as an advantage in finding a job in the future. The courses available as a two year program were ac- l Y. X. '31 counting, typing, and short- hand. Other classes included rapid writing, office proce- dures, marketing and sales, general business, calculating machines, business math, and business mini-courses. A new teacher was added to the business department this year. Mrs. Debbie Brunoehler taught typing and business law. XX we X 5 D q 1 N..,...a-an 5 Krswts . t ,,1, K Ron Stanley shows how much fun counting can be while combining gers. 5 at t f AQA lr 5 ,s c z fclei- 2. it Rex Brooks: B.S., M.S. Ruth Brooks: B.S. M.A Debbie Brunoehler: B.S. Gloria Castelluccio: B.S., M.A. Paul Chambers: B.S. Dorothy Golliher: M.S. Ruth Jones: B.S., M.A. Nancy Oakes: B.S., M.A.E. Cecil Powell: B.S., M.A. Jean Stellingwref: B.S., M.A. Don't take the eyes off that book! Keep those fingers moving! ,tt f 'X Q rf' The social studies depart- ment offered a wide variety in course offerings this year to give students a choice in classes. Many different activi- ties such as learning how to vote made classes more inter- esting. Juniors who took U.S. His- tory studied the eras from Christopher Columbus to President Reagan. The Revo- lutionary War, the early l800's, the Civil War, the Roaring 20's, and World War II were some of the main areas focused on. Anthropology was a class open to every student. The class was new in that it was offered a full year. Each senior was required to take one semester of govern- ment and one semester of eco- nomics. In government class, a better understanding of our po- litical system and the issues that face our society were gained by students. During Election day, some Seniors spent the day helping at the polls. In economics, students Mr. Tague Takes his classes on a voy- age through the History time machine. Julie Jones and Kathy Hoke really do enjoy their Government class. Harold Huffman: B.A., M.A. Jerry Koger: B.S., M.A. Larry Meyer: M.A., B.S. Roger Miller: A.S., B.S., M.S. Michael Morton: A.A., B.S., M. A, Cecil Tague: B.S., M.A. William Wesseler: B.A., M.S. 72fFaculdemics S Q enjoyed learning about the economy, inflation, and how the world effects our prices. Psychology was a two semes- ter elective course for seniors. Emphasis was based upon child development. Mental health was the important fact stressed during the year. In Sociology, study concen- trated on the family, child abuse, social change, and so- cial class structure. Fieldtrips and activities experienced in class included a visitation to the Richmond State Hospital. Criminology focused on crime in the street, the state institu- tions, and criminology in gen- eral. I A tt 551' - fy i -. F rf' , .,..,.,.M-Wit li 6 ' JH l X if li. WW I E .bi E 1 To Reagan f 1 3 Y 2 xp: 'Ure 40' Q- Lisa McCollough can just visualize the events Mr. Morton is lecturing about. y iiii 21' " H 'f' ,i L,,L, ,, , g Mr. Wesseler walks, talks, and crawls on his belly like a reptile!!! Ha! ff' j3'f-- Wally Neal enjoys participating in his History class. Faculdemicsf73 The Industrial Education Department was well known throughout the state and a source of pride to NCCHS. A wide variety of classes were of- fered to students including Auto Mechanics, Drafting, Electricity, Graphic Arts, Home Maintenance, Machine Shop, Metals, Power and Transportation, Sketching and Design, and Woods. An impor- tant course in the Industrial Education curriculium was the Survey class, which allowed students the opportunity to dis- cover likes and dislikes in the six week survey of industrial topics. Two new members of the faculty, Mr. Marc Westfall and Mr. Jerry Walden en- riched the department. The Area Vocational pro- grams located at NCCHS also had a very successful year. Participating with New Castle students were students from seven other surrounding schools. All vocational pro- grams were designed so a stu- dent could attend their home school half of the day and still meet graduation requirements. The Vocational School made career preparation excit- ing by offering lab and co-op programs. The lab programs were: Barbering, Building Trades, Cosmetol0gY, Dental Assisting, Food Management, Graphic Communications, In- tensive Office Lab, Machine Shop, Radio and T.V., and Welding. The co-op programs offered were Agri-business, Cooperative Office Education, Health Occupations, Home Economics Related Occupa- tions, Industrial Cooperative Training and Marketing and Distributive Education. Assembling a desk in Furniture Con- struction are Monte Jester, Ed Za- chary, and Doug Neal. Explaining the finer points involved with Furniture Construction to Monte Jester is Mr. Collins. 74fFaculdemics A , It o forward Richard Collins: B.S., M.S. .lan Conway: B.S., M.S. Robert Hobbs: B.S. Robert Johnson: B.S., M.A. A . I Q Larry Koby: B.S. Randall Miller: B.S. Jack Renner: B.S. Virgil Rush: B.A. f C if I ,Q X A " Carolyn Sollman: B.S. Ray Vulgan: M.A. A Jerry Walden K f Timothy Wantz: B.S., M.A.E. i t fa' Working with great concentration, Ke- vin Healton carefully executes his tal- Cm.. Faculdemicsf75 Students at NCCHS were able to choose from many math courses. The classes of- fered included consumer math, algebra, analysis, calculus, and geometry. These classes were offered as a normal or a col- lege-bound course. The col- lege-bound courses were for students planning a career in a mathematics or a scientific field. After algegra, in the sopho- more year, most college-bound students signed up for geome- try. Analysis is best described as pre-calculus and was offered to juniors interested in calcu- lus. A few seniors received the honor of taking calculus. This course enriched the already sound mathematical mind. These courses were helpful for the college bound student. Vickie Berfanger tries to grasp the meaning of Pythagorean's theory dur- ing one of Mr. Langford's many lec- tures. Wake up people! This is your favorite analysis class. 76f Faculdemics Prove it! :R l 5 5 A... .- .M ,at ri A., , .W-tk Il. Wayne Akey: B.S. MS. b' '-,- Lf ',l' ku X Horace Cook: M.A. Ron Grimes: B.A., M.S. A , - 5 Larry Langford: B.S., M.A. -f In b Emma Willis: B.S. t ' 'iv 1 y Qi K - V...b pg il' , 'QK K , i . , x . 4 A l Y ,few is-W Q53 t if ab lovers is S Robert Furbee: M.S,, B.S. Nannett Polk: B.S. Chris Renner: B.S., M.S. Roscoe Rogers: BS., M.A. Denise Waters: B.S. William Wilt: B.S., M.A. 4-...-...--4---as jn sf' As a sophomore in biology, students worked on worms, then moved on to frogs. The dissecting in the lab was always a big part of biology. Integrat- ed science studied sciences of everyday life. Students inter- ested in further study of biol- ogy could take advanced biol- ogy. This year, for the first time, chemistry was offered as a two year course. Chemistry and Bi- ology were the only science courses offered with two year programs. Physics was a helpful col- lege-bound course. Physics ob- served the physical aspects of life, including electricity, ssss " Q tsst t .,. 1 jiri I' 3 EY , gf 5- ., 3, forces, structures, and radi- ation. Who says chemistry is all work and no play? Busy at work on a science lab is Melis- sa Futrell. I Faculdemicsf77 Larry Ash: B.S., M.A. David Gilliam: B.S. Robert Shauver: B.S., M.A. The Music Department is very large and well-known throughout the state. During the concert season, students were divided into five different bands. First, Wind Ensemble, which had the top fifty-five players in it, and concert band with ninety-nine players. These two bands met three days a week. Then there was Jazz En- semble, Jazz Lab Band, and Symphonic Band. These bands met twice a week. All of these bands must be auditioned for at the beginning of each semester. During these auditions each student must play two major scales, a chro- matic scale over ninety percent of their instrument, a prepared piece, and something on sight. The band performed at ev- ery home basketball and foot- ball game,pep sessions, some convocations, and the annual Memorial Day parade. Band also participated in the Indiana State Music Association con- cert band, solo, jazz, and en- semble contests in the spring. Melissa Futrell, Susan Scott, and Lisa McCollough read their new music. Keeping the beat are Lori Gross, Kim Hyden, and Lori Estes. 78fFaculdemics 1 N 'sf n tune with the times X. at l' , 1 fx 1' ' . 'IMI Jennifer Davidson practices her song in preparation for an upcoming perfor- mance. Mr. Huff goes over the music for a new song. The other portion of the Mu- sic department was Choir. This year there were two major choirs in school. They were Chorale, which had the top voices in it, and Mixed Choir. There were also three extra choirs. First, Madrigals was a group that sang music from the 16th century. The madrigals held their annual dinner in De- cember. Swing Choir was a group of students who enjoyed singing popular songs. Jazz Choir was a group who per- formed along with the Jazz Band. All of these Choirs must Nancy Caudill: B.S., M.S. s b' it- I David Huff: B.S. 9 "7 Learning new songs can be hard work, as Kevin Sutton and Jim Armpriester discover. be auditioned for at the begin- ning of the year. The Choirs went to Indiana State Music Association con- test this year. In the fall, they went on tour, singing at differ- ent schools throughout Indiana sharing their music with oth- ers. The Choir also performed at all football games, some convocations, and Senior Ves- pers. Miss Caudill was the new as- sistant choir director. She di- rected Mixed Choir and Swing Choir. ff I . L , 1 1.131 I "-' M 5 if The art department encour- aged students to explore their minds, and their environments. Teachers Mrs. Sollman and Mr. Zieglar provided guide- lines and starting points for the students and urged them to go as far beyond it as their skills and knowledge would allow. In order for the students to pro- gress, they were first intro- duced to subjects and encour- aged to explore them. Second, students were encouraged to apply different techniques and media to their art. The final step in the program was per- sonalization by adding imagi- nation. Exploration, motiva- tion, application, and personal- ization were four keys words to the art students. Art projects were evaluated on six important points. The six points included concept, com- position, observation, imagina- tion, skill and neatness. The art works produced were more than just paintings, weavings, and pots, they were part of a persons life. Each work held a special message from the artist to you. Mixing paint for another art project are Mike Thompson and Stephanie Coffelt. William Zieglar: B.A., M.A. Carolyn Sollman: B.S., 80fFaculdemics Examining art slides are Christy Wag ner and Mrs, Sollman. Throwing a clay pot on the wheel is Senior Gena Mark. ri' 0 .40 Makin, it Mildred Garner: B.S., M.A. Muzetta Guymon: B.A., MS. Phyllis Klipsch: B.S. Jeri Rush: B.S., M.A.E. The Home Economics De- partment offered students an opportunity to learn skills and gain experience to use in the future. Home Economics cov- ered a wide range of classes for anybody who was interested. The Department offered classes in various areas includ- ing: Advanced Foods, Singles Living, Housing, Marriage and Family Relations, Home Care of the Sick, Child Care, Tailor- ing, Sophomore Foods and Clothing, Creative Skills, and :""""f "5 1 ffi Ma gi Commercial Foods. Commercial Foods had the responsibility of preparing food for luncheons and the Christmas breakfast, which was attended by approximately 175 guests, andnfor the high school faculty and staff. The students also served refresh- ments during the "Back to School Night." The clothing classes made costumes for the play as a class assignment. The Home Economics De- partment was always involved in many activities. The Depart- ment helped the school in any way possible. Learning to make your own clothes can be fun. Sewing class is Elled with work and laughs. A UW- jwwwv Augie! 0206, ,der a 64Q4,cw0t!waL.fliw46 ,cu-Q01 MQULQLLCMFJZAQML' Q,2,6fyt,a,-vb-7f0f4051f4dv MMO 7l:6cwcJ2,0-L?'6'9f , 0,0-4,6L!lu,0L AMW fmfwb Jfjcaffaoefa fkafmaidawe Cffuflfl XM -fe- ww- Faculdemicsj 81 Shirley Carmony: B.S., M.A Steve Dickens: B.S., M.A. Vonda Horton: B.S., M.S. Richard Hostetler: B.S., M S Phoebe Humbles: MA, John Nead: A.B. Virginia Reedy: A.B., M.A Hobart Risley: A.B., M.A. James Robbins: B.S., M.A Judy Sorrell: A.B., M.A. Richard Willis: BS., M.S. Vickie Willis: B.S. WWW To start M 1 hi , -Moi YG t as A i 99 ..,..,. My '-ALA .N P if K .K f . Y 3. .. an . 1 ,gg 2 , if-'E V 'if-3 re gf- - 74. 9 i ' he Q r .ref jig fi 1 ray English at New Castle played a very big role in the life of every student. Although English was required, each teacher tried to make composi- tion writing fun and literature interesting for their students. Most students planning to further their education in col- lege enrolled in the college- bound class designed both to prepare for college and for later careers. In the phase elec- tive program, students chose six different classes for their school year from a selection of courses from Cars to Ecology. A class that was new this year for Sophomores was a course of how to use the library and its resources more effi- ciently. A new face around the de- partment was Miss Phoebe Humbles. She taught Speech and Journalism in Phase Elec- tive and Sophomore College English. She also was the new Speech coach. The teachers tried their best to make all phases of English fun yet educational. Each teacher wanted to get the stu- dents to understand that read- ing is enjoyable. Mr. Dick Willis helps Brad Winchester on his composition. Randy Carlton and Jeff Bogue actively participate in their class. Mr. Robbins breathes another sigh of relief after another long day. Mr. Nead enjoys teaching English to the Seniors. Faculdemrcs 83 The physical education de- partment of Chrysler High High School conducted twelve classes each day. The programs involved a phase elective selec- tion of classes. Some of the more popular offerings in- clude: bowling, weight train- ing, physical fit ss, archery, tennis, soccer, gol fgymnias- tics, basketball, competitive games, track, volleyball and field hockey. All of the physical education classes were co-educational. Each six weeks "a top ten" was selected based on skill tests and written tests. The "top ten" was then posted in the girl's gym fora six week period. The staff feels they were very fortunate to have some of the finest facilities in the state. Every effort was made to stay outside each year as long as possible. Once the weather turned cold, indoor activities were in order for the day. The staff worked hard to develop carry-over skills that students may use after completing their physical education require- ment. Hopefully, many of the skills will be used for many years to come. Patti Frost is anxious for her shot dur- ing a free-throw contest. Sam Alford: B.A., M.S. Beverly Farnsworth: B.S., M.A. ,,., Vance Meier: B.S., MS. Rela races are an im ortant art of 9 G N Y P P it , V any Physical Education class. fiffi- 84f Faculdemics A place an feelin NCCHS Special Education offered a variety of opportuni- ties to students from New Cas- tle, Tri High, Shenandoah, Union, and Knightstown High Schools. All subjects were studied us- ing a "real life" approach em- phasizing pre-vocational skills and career education. During their Junior and Senior year, students could become in- volved in prevocational and vo- cational programs. Many students were main- streamed in regular NCCHS classes using this class as a re- source room to obtain needed assistance. Although most of the stu- dents in this program were working toward their high school diploma, the primary purpose was to develop inde- pendent living skills. When help is needed, students give their best advice. Listening to the teacher can bring dif- ferent expressions. Beth Hobbs: B.S., M.A. David Chastain: B.S. ri , vga. ., illllllllllllllllllf ll LP . One of the most important jobs in the school was that of a counselor. The purpose of a counselor was to be of help to students. Our Counselors were con- cerned with helping students establish a goal. The goal was not only college, but it also could have been technical school, self-employment, and many others. The counselors also helped students enroll in classes to prepare for this goal. Mrs. West and Mr. Lehr are always happy to help one with problems. Reviewing a student's progress are Miss Rentchler and Mr. Rinehart. 86 f Faculdemics W5 B i iriirr at t A r. Q r, i if if 'W 7 it ' ' ' ireii i . t, N ' if if V lit? , ,, V :'LV Z E I .V,, -1, l' in wh , 'wi V, '11, , 1 ' G ,, 2, ,' ' A 5 'fi lllll 5 ' A i lillfi- i f ii 'gi if liisslfmfi ' l l 1 ' el A it ' " . fQ i M, A , ., A A i V r B , ' F I ,. ,ggxw , Y ,W , ,Mu ,N , , ,?VEerN7 fl - i it i f , up .,' ,V qw' A g ffl L 4 ,.,,V A Vrhrgk , Af ,t. ir. 1 I N ' I KV K I I 4 ,Q W if -L f M, Y? 0 W' , V, A , Q W W Z zz: at , V 1. . V Y i I E 2 5 5 , f ' VVV' f r 'V ' 'i f ' ' ld' , I I W e fffi t A The cafeteria staff here at NCCHS was a very hard work- ing group of ladies who strived to make our lunch a more pleasant experience. The YAC Program continued to help in choice of food, and gave the staff a student opinion. A new choice this year was the salad bar, and it proved to be a big success. Our custodians were a dedi- cated staff who kept busy. It seemed they did all the dirty work, but our school was al- ways kept clean and neat. Custodians: Wilburne Stamper, Mary Jane Loveall, Herb Alton, James Carnes. Cafeteria staff, Front row: Betty As- berry, Betty Stperoe, Katy Wallen, Lottie Hoots, Gay Keith, Betty Bale, Donna Dickerson, Charlene Fowler. Back Row: Carol Stults, Pauline Church, Reba Steele, Lucille Rincsh, Catherine Kadel, Evelyn Conley, Opal Vaught, Shirley Rains, Josena Grib- bons Faculdem1csf87 W and order The Administrative staff here at NCCHS consists of Mrs. Smalley, Mr. Crousore, and Mr. Geozeff. The Superintendent of the New Castle School Corporation is Dr. Borders. The New Castle Schools have continued a reputation of excellence under the leadership of superintendent Dr. Philip Borders. This year three ele- mentary schoolsg Greenstreet, Sunnyside, and Wilbur Wright, added new facilities and completed remodeling they outside of the schools. The Parkview Junior High School Members of this years school board are Mr. Lee, Mr. Kerwin, Mr. Hoover, Dr. Grider, and Dr. Smith. was a source of community pride and was still one of the most modern schools around this area. The high school has been through a number of name changes, but it was still well- known for its pursuit of excel- lence. The administration decided what was best for the New Castle Schools. Administra- tion, along with faculty, were the backbone of our school sys- tem. ehind the scenes 'QQ' K A day in the life of a secre- tary was never ending. The sec- retaries typed schedules, memos, and announcements. They also helped students with jammed lockers, as one could tell that they were always there to help. There were two major classi- lications concerning the aides this year. Corporation aides were paid by the school system, and they assisted with lunches, study halls, guidance, and at- tendance. Each aide was as- signed to a specific depart- ment. Others were paid by the federal government and were assigned to English, Science, and Math departments where they assisted staff members in working with students. Secretaries Front Row: Margaret Bow, Nancy Craig, Edith Ingram, Helen Porter. Back Row: Cheryl Razor, Mar- garet Williams, Joan Hall, Rita Stan- ley, Charlotte Taylor, Chris Jolley, Leann Broyles Aides, Front Row: Ruth Stamper, Nancy Johnson, Darlene Westfelt. Back Row: Phuc Pham, Geneva Smith, Jaen Roberts, Julie Walls, Janet Stockton. Faculdemicsj89 Driving me crazy Some of the most coura- geous teachers this year were the Driver's Education teach- ers. From the classroom to be- 90f Faculdemics Mark Surface: B.S., M.A. Wilbur Veach: B.S., M.A. Lisa Dankovich gets out of the car an- ticipating the coming day of getting a driver's license. hind the wheel, it took a lot of patience to teach a student how to drive. Each student was re- quired to spend at least six hours behind the wheel, and those were some exciting hours! 1179, Coach Surface watches his team! in- tently during a game to see what needs improved upon. Giving his comments on the rehearsal for a First Nighters show is Mr. Willis. si Our real people '.Y AM, ,E -,zz fir A? ai at Our school was very lucky this year to have such talent dashing through the halls. No, not those outstanding students, but those real people who spent the better part of a decade pre- paring to educate them. Our faculty used spare time wisely by pursuing hobbies of all sorts. Most of us did not know we had runners, cake ba- kers, bikers, farmers, directors of all kinds, and even a minis- ter in our midst. Also, it was nice to know while the students personally followed dreams, that the teachers took time to follow them too. Telling the band to lower its volume is Mr. Shauver. "Tasting is part of cooking," says Mr. Koger. FacuIdem1csf9 I .f Q-4 4 'A 3 W f U' 5' Wgqg :ff gf , 4 7 , . a ' v an ,J vf' 4,- , T , F H1 - l ff V , ig 1 in .M W 4 Ex ,Km f:w ' ., ery 4 ,.. mf. +R! 'P 4' fx ,,, - q?g" ,,,:,w ' ," , 1'4. ' " ' wg -zu , 'f Vfkkgwlx l "s'?' ,ff wr I QQ Q. ok , ii A Ama : H4 c 'EZ fi" A xzvgs- Q f ., -aw , fin, f 'Fw A ,'.- ,Am few., 61:42 W Jil Z 2 1 I xf 5 Q Xb s ni, :.,.,A , iii a :,,.,.... E D A 255 .ff ,., Egg ' 5,355 :,,..:,.-. .:, . 5 :,.a ,.,: . 5 .-,.: ,,.,..,.,..h. Z 5 ia, sig E , .,.x.:..:,,:..:.: W? , W Ti' im .www as A W . w ,Bas-Swv U Q 1 ...,. : ..... T? K Ka . Q , ---- AM aeswwsldg vii +5 -W ifmvese fe 4 w W . ww Q- W S M Naam iv . ---- WMM fs by 3? V ? 'E W S 9 A 5 E. .,., , -, M. J E ,., ,.. . ,s5i. SM ST DE TUDE 4-.W dm? I N i Q fin DE T Studentsf93 -xwmy A--AW A A051291 ' ' M 'Q ' M '-:,wMs.w:Avv AA , A AW1AAA1AEAA-A A ,K A A WAAQASN A 'Y' ' 'TV' 'W A In A 12xgAiui-A A TA 2 k .Aix gf: ,gipxzsggz A- A A ,SwExS:'Ew' .fl AA- AA:ww:i1w ,A -g:AAX1e,Aw1g.w A 3 , A. 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Attendant:QgChristmas.'lfifii-iitflifylSpeefiiiliifuincrz Natiouelliivn' Dauce Attendant: FORSCO: Girls' Cheerbloclc: Secret Adrnirer: OEA: Spanish Club: Optimist Honoree: Parkview Review Yearbook. EDWARDS, DAVID LEE: Band, English -Major. ' E EDWARBS, SUSAN ELSZABETH: Flag Corps: Student Government: VICA-ICT. EDWARDS, TAMMI S.: DECA: English Major. FAIRCHILD. DEL RAY: English Major. FAIRCHILD QVITATOEI, REBEC- CA NAOMIA: English Major. FARRIS, LESLIE ANN: English Major: Student Gov't.: Health Occu- pations. FAUROTE, ROBIN LYNN: Home Economics Major: HERO, vice-presi- dent. FLYNN. CHARLES BRIAN: Math. English Major. FOX, DALE WAYNE: History, Math Major: Football: Intramural Basketball: Play Productions. FRAZIER, FAITH SUZETTE: Girls' Tennis: Art Club: FORSCO, treasurer, vice-president: Junior Ush- er: National Honor Society: Play Pro- ductions: La Sociedad, Honoraria: Spanish Club: Certilieate Winner: Crest Winner: Honor Jacket Winner. FROST, SHERRY JEAN: Home Economics Major: Bible. Club. FROSTKVQTAGUEJ. SUSAN MA- RIE: Business Major: Girls' Swimming Asst. Manager: Certificate Winner: Crest Winner. FULTON, TRAC! ELLEN: Band: Prom Committee: Spanish Club. FURROW. WILLIAM LYNN: Bible Club, - president: 'Electronics Club: Bundy Tech. Staff: Television Club: Play' -Productions: Social Studies, Math, English. French Major: Boys' Track. FUTRELL, MICHELLE LYN: Girls? Swimming: Sopliag,Junior,. classy.. presialenii. 'Winter Q Attendant: Band: Cheerleader: Certificate Win- ner: Crest Winner: Honor Jacket Win- ner: DAR Good Citizen Nominee: NFL-1-kttticr Usher: Secret Admirer: Nationaifl-inner Society: Prom Com- mitteegfohairman: Studeni,iGov't.: Op- timist Iilonoree: Girls' State alt.: Math, English,'Music, Science Major. 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GRUBBS, DEENA FRANCES: Band: Health Occupations: Secret Ad- xnirer: Student Gov't.: La Sociedad Honoraria: Matt Maid: VICA-ECT. GUFFY, KATHY ELIZABETH: Business Major: OEA: EOL: Matt Maid. GUFFEY, MELANIE.: English. GWINN, BECKY LYNN: English, Home Economics Major: Girls' Gym- nastics: DECA: FCA. l-I HACKER. DEBORAH PAGE: Eng- lish, A Seience.',Math, Social Q Studies Major: Gigh' Volleyball: Boys' Swim- ming, manager: Cheerleader: Secret Admirer: Play Productions: Prom Committee, Decorations Chairman: Student Gors't.:Thespians: Parkview ,Review Yearbook. . HACKER, LAURA LYNN:.English :Major:Choraie.i T HAGERMAN, DALE EDWARD: English Major. HAGGARD. ,MARCUS DEWANEf 'English' Major: VICA-Building A ' HAM. .lAMlEi3EN EA: Girls' Tennis: 'oats' swimming: Bind: NFL: rea, " Prom Committee Chairman: Student- Gov't.: May Breakfast Usher. ,I-lAMMON9i, K.1MBERi.Yq ANN: Business, Economicsiyfinglish 'Q Major: Chyggg',,Flag Corps:,1DECA. HARDING, EHR. ALLEN? Boys' Tennis: Boys' Track, Manager, Statis- tician: NFL, secretary: FORSCO: German Club: PHOENIX, info. edi- tor: Student Govt.: Thespians: Speech GARNER, DANA MICHELEZ Busi- - ness Maier: Junior UsliehOEA: Span- ii Siam Finaijstjg JV ' HARSHEY, DAVlD LEE: Cross Country: Student Gov't.: Spanish Club: VICA-ICT, loealpresident, state reP0F?eT1 English Major. HAKTy,.TODD JOSEPH: Football. Manager: Student Govt: English Ma- jor: Spanish Club. e HARTER, AMY JO: Band: FCA: Health.Occupations: HOSA, local president: Secret Adntirer: Student Gas?tseH1.CA: "D'f1f:-Brew 1Q1wm or tenrkiiiiz' J, T I HARYEY, SUZANNE: Science, Math, Business, Englisli1Major: Secret Adrriirer: Student Govfr. HASHNGS, CRESTY JO: Prom QuQn:5.FCA: Histoflsinglish. Busi- nessgglbilajorg Secretifktizttirerg Prom Comrrtittee: Student.: Govt.: May Breakfast Usher: Parkview Review Yearbook. A HAWK. RICHARD HOWARD: English, Music Majorzli-and: Chorale. HECK, LEE. RICHARD: Boys' Ten- nis: Boys' Swimming, Captain, State Finalist: Band: Boys' State Delegate: Certificate Winner: Crest Winner: Honor Jacket Winner: Channel ll: NFL: FCA, vice-president: Junior Usher: National Honor Society, presi- dent: Glliay Productions: Thespians: French, English, Science, Math Major. HENDERSON, ROBERT M.: Foot- ball: Wrestling: DECA: English Ma- jor. HERRAN, STEPHANIE RAE: Choir: Flag Corps: FORSCO: Secret Admirer: Spanish Club: Parkview Press: English, Home Economics Ma- jor. HICKS. ANDREW SEAN: Band: Chorale: Spanish Club: Play Produc- tions: Music, English Major. HICKS, THERESA LYNN: English Major. HIGGINS, JOE WILLIAM: English Major: VICA-Welding, State parlia- mentarian.q:HOBBY, ROBERT AN- DREW: Boys' Tennis, captain: Boys' Golf: Band: Jazz Band, Chorale, presi- dent: Arion Award: Jazz Choir: Swing Choir: Madrigals: Guest of Rotary: English, Music, Spanish, Math Major: National Honor Society: Student Gov't.: La Sociedad Honoraria. HODGIN, PAIJLA ANN: Art, Home Economics Major: Art Club: Band: Channel ll: PHOENIX. HOKE, KATHLEEN JOAN: Span- ish, English Major: Certificate Win- ner: ,Crest Winner: Flag Corps: FORSCO: Secret Adxnirer: Pom-Pon Corps: Spanish Club: Parkview Review Yearbook. HOLLOWAY, STEVEN LEE: Band: Jazz Band: Channel? ll: Television Club:,Spanisl1 Club.- HOPPES, EDWABUALLEN: Wres- tisagifaanag Engzassigtajsr. l-IORAN, MICHQELE: Band: FORSCO: Secret Admirer: English, French, Music Major. HORN, KIRK ALLAN: Boys' Ten- nis: Boys' Swimming: g Boys' Golf: NELQFCA: Juniortjjsherg ROSENf' !NtIA1i:igiStudent French, Eng-5' C lislt, Social Studies,:Siiience Major. HORNEY, JOHN TODD: Football. Captain: Wrestling: NFL: Junior Ush- er: ROSENNIAL: FCA: English, French, Math Major., acumen. ALBEKETTA: angina Major: H , ' HOWARD, DEBBIE JEANNE: Girls' Volleyball: Giris' Track: Band: FCA: ROSSENNLALQ Spanish Club. HOWARD, DEE ANN: English Ma- Joff ,',,,, . , HUBER, SUE MARIE: FORSCO: Secret Admirer: Spirit Club: Pep Club: English, Math, Science, Business Ma- jor. . L . HUDELSON, PENNY SANNE: Math, English, Business Major: Span- ish Club. HUGHES, GREGG LEE: Basketball: Football: Boys' Track: VICA-Welding. l-IUGHETT. BEVERLY- .lRlS: -Health 09C993Iions: Junior:-,lUsher: Play Productions: Thespiansg' May :Breakfast Usher: English Major. I-IUNNICUT. JUDITH AN N: COE: Flag Corps, captain: Secret Admirer: DEA: Student Gov't.: Parkview Re- view Yearbuolt:,Who's Who in Ameri- can High School Students. HUTSLAR, ROGER ALLEN: Eng- lish Major. l IMEL, JEFFREY SCOTT: Cross Country: Student Gov't: Worid Affairs Institute. J JACKSON, JAY RICHARD: Bas- ketball Manager: Bible Club: Channel ll: FCA: Bundy Tech. Staff: German Club: Television Club: PHOENIX. JAYNES, KATHY SUE: HERO: English Major. JESTER, MICHAEL MONTGOM- ERY: Basketball: Football: Baseball: Letter Jacket. JOHNSON, ANNETTE LEAH: Sci- ence, English Major: Bible Club: Cho- rale: Health Occupations: Play Pro- ductions: VICA-D. JONES, BRENDA KAY: Spirit Club: Pep Club. JONES, JULIE ANN: Math, Science Major: Girls' Tennis: Girls' Gymnas- tics: Prom Queen Attendant: Home- coming Queen: Band: Cheerleader: Certificate Winner: Secret Admirer: Student Gov't. JONES, LORI SUE: Band: FORSCO: Secret Admirer: ROSEN- NIAL: English, French Major. JONES tREDMANl, SHERRY ANN: English Major. JONES, STEVEN LEE: Drafting, English, Math, Social Studies Major: Footbal: Wrestling: FCA: VICA-Ma- chine Shop. JONES, TAMMY LYNN: Business Major: Girls' Track: DECAz Gym As- sistant. K KADEL, DAVID EUGENE: English Major. KAELBER, JENNlFER KAY: DECA: Girls' Cheefblock: Secret Ad- mirer: Spirit Club: Pep Club: May Breakfast Usher. KARRICKJ, JENNIFER ANN: HERO: HERO-Lab. KENNEDY, SONYA ANN: Busi- ness Major: Mixed Choir: Flag Corps: Secret Admirer: OEA: PHOENIX: Spirit Cluhig, . . KERWINJOANNE MARIE: Eng- lislt, Math, Science, French- Major: Girls' Swimming, captain: Certihcate Winner: Crest Winner: FORSCO: Se- cret Admirer: National Honor Soci- -Cty: Play Productions: Prom Comm., Decoratiottsi Student Govft.: Honor Jacket Winner: Alternate Giris' State. IGLLINGBECK, HELEN MARIE: Coe, I-listorianfReporter: Business Major: OEA: Prom Committee, re- freshments. KLINE. DAVID ALLEN: English Seniors! l I 5 NX Q N SMX,--ZVAWAQA - X 2- Ri lo? AA .fe-. A 'M izgitiiiififiiill-i551 l ,.,.. 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K TLEEQ GARY RYAN: Construc- n m'iG?iii59Kli5hKM1i0r:lPVE- 13 A K A A l,Ki-591214155 ANN? Gifkifrgmikviball. A oihfaisssffssa-za? sofana11.egapssLifw1sffvPa o 'f'K1Ciij?ia???fI?15ankgf Secret .RO- M Optimist' whiff- K K LEEXITAMMYL JO: Certificate Win- ner:-,Crest Winner: Choraleg Flag corpsg Junior Usher: BnsinessLMajorg A f Aclmirerg Natiorxh1HbnorSoci- Scoretgr - Pigfiiifbfl- Play L Productions. lfest gkctrmss Awardaffhos- SlSQQQWSEWWIKU9Y7212Kf,S1?4?51Blf2C?1Hb:, of AtrvnfiSrir:ri1Pf4Mfisa1S1K Swinswmmin pmnsg Kifgpsgffiiubg VICAQ I-LO. iclass Vi95'Pf95ff5'2Qfif5fLL-K, , K ii--4 KMAYFQQQUQQALORY ELIZABEXHZ fMU3i?f?fF???5Qii3TWiniBf mbwfiilkiinl Jazz Cliixiiigffqbcret Aclmirerr, A 'MAZE5 j3g3MESL DUANE: Industrial TradeSQ,lbQlaior: Boys' Traokg Cross Countryg A WCA-!CTgL VICA-Welding, MCCORKLEQ BRENDA LEE:iEng- !iShMoi9i7+n,1gf f L 'MCDPEISQQEIQWTINA MAR1E:Ql8usi-1 MCDONQQLD, LORI JANE:QBiiSi- ness Mzijiori COE: Pep Club. 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A L PEYTON, DANIEL DEAN: Wres- tlingg PHOBNLXJL . ' PEYTON, PNlQKiQlA DEE: French, LK ,English Major, Sgaxignt Govftg Secret Admiror. - l L K A PHELPS,-JOHN AK!-1VlN:Aft Major.- Major: Wrestling: Food Management: K PIERCE, MARK ALLEN: Art,- Drafting Major. L r . j PIERCE, TERESA M.: Home Boo- K nomif-S Major: Snirif Club: HERO- ,.., ,-oAf 'i9f3l?A:?Q?Yi+"0'l ACUYPS- fC9!?H'iH1A,1P"0m F03555Q3Q!?9N2aU EKCHQHBG-S?Q99Hi:K Building Tmigq' A r 1fP0K0RN157fiz5f1!e5!?R5 -A-MAXIM. , r AA K manor! KNKK F0 gggiqnwrrKUshrf:.fo1o51Qfra1AfA araseenslrfafinSeK1fK?KfKl4 -K--nK -rKK if for A, FLEWFZSQ-,Si-:Earn ANNB2g2QUT1Ma- uoaofgfsmoygaoseNN,1AL,.Loqpy N1cnoLAsLrA.LxeN12 Art ,Canby 1-oLs'roN, A fmvgorav SCQTTQ K ''K-4.l6!3Lr15Qi?K5.?lub,Kvico-presirfexygfg edliorg Qiri3fLgState Dolegalej-Honor English Major.-vw , K - . K Basketball: Eoogl.iQif'2Basehallg Crossf, l A Qnsngigiggrs, Timor?-rrgigxexruz Jaqkefjixfsgrsggrilmay srgakfasrgfgglen NILES,KARLlBRADLBYiF0o!bBi1i Country: 1,ajgqggf.daaA nmormgii, ffQ :?Q?EEi?6llgf00!bai1:,BWWRAKFCAQ ge1Tii2kF?!Q2f55?K1nnhir:thCgesi ggrritggiaxiinwgnnerhiresr wnancxg, Kgiiafghjlczigxiizgiii fffyrigzg ,ri K K x1S,jf,lQfS ifQL,Q,L,fL af, Arw6klfg.,fg6Q:,L19I4r1f a - ,K-9pi'os.g -tronics-Clubf LLLL ,A j l LLLL g gisLL,- L5-az? Bundy2?rsch4Swff: ,. A -LLLL 1 KKKKQK -oLL A LLK. if , 2,5-fK,,A oolo- r-r-- ,-gggyzifw , '5 552-WiX5K5':-fm- , 1' K vzigrzzgziiri ,.', K: 4 Af, :V 'L .L , , We iwiiqigzlasa :.trBaSaQA5':B3ffdKKf,SfUd5n! A f ww EA?-rW,?,3A,L,,w.5l,5?A,og r hgg2g 3ig .L.- 4 rzrgrf-5-:Emi-,inf ,,.f.,,,,gg g g ,- . , ph ,,lR4r , .,oW AMAWW--xg-g,gA,QAAAAAQAX,A,WZ ,A AAA.,A,A ,.A, 2 AAAl . DA ox,A zmBggx8 'ff.m ,,,AL?igai53gg,LBgmnmsA,lA5 ..,. rAL' iii K 'K 3 Q AA,AAAA vm Www gggomsw "" J E,?f53'ffWW MJW 4 WW X U Am-rAg3AA.AA-f AS::i.w"QE?lf?2fsfzt1Ai' A mg f risifv gsi:iA.m,:ggQ.' -gr, 1 Awww-4, T!?325S?TZiT,51 Agfa,-. ,5 AA A L' A ,.z,,, ,. vmiiif ZQNQK K . ,QA .,,,rA,. .,.., lr, rariwik- rr. ffwig. r awww, ,4 MAN. A , A ,, ,' QHZZTJ. . V VA,M+fi,Q Aw A , L, ' g7f:A57l5Kf+'f5iK, ' 7551x5335 7 V r Klll ertiiom-Pon Corps: Prom Committee. RAQSOR. JEEFREY WADE: English REERA KELLY .IEAISESW Banda cinte . Winner: Crest- Winner: DECA: Flag Corps: Spanish Club. ROBIN EEf5?e3?Ef18l5S3iM2' '4A"h I T RLGNEY BARBARA JEAN: Busi- ness. Math lvgajorg Junior Usher. I KIEGRNEY.. RQSERT. SAM ESI. . 9831432 ROBBINS: I IRAN SUZAN NE:iCer- tifcnte Winner: Crest Winner: COE: Niliinnsltlriosw Swiss: osuenowf slsiiieffwinssrffe I E -122+ ROBER'l"Sgi3,EFF LEE: Basketball, Statistician: Football: Wrestling: Boys' .Gsl?.Q..C2rfstn2-.- Ccflfilfiitte Wisner: Studenf?Eov't.:'Spsinish Club. I f I I - ROBERTS. TI NA ARMENDA: Enslith Mfiiof- RQPRINSONLX TERRYVLEE: Basket- balhiinglish Major. I ROCHE, PAUL DANIEL: Wres- Englidt Major. I R , KAREN ELIZSABETI-i:QEArt Major. I ROGERS, LISA LYNN: Band: Cer- tifcste Winner: Crest Winner: Junior Usher: Secret'Admirer: National Hon- or Society: Prom Committee: Student Gov-'tg Matt Maid: Girls' State Dele- gate: Honor Jacket Winner: Wrestling: Pep' Club. :R I . ROGERS. RUSSELL THOMAS: Chorale. ROSE, ROBIN LYNN: English Ma- jor. RUST. KATHY LEANN: Chorale: Secret Admirer: Pep Club: May Breakfast Usher. S SANDERSON. DANA: Math, French, English Major: Band: Certifi- cate Winner: Crest Winner: Student Govft.: Parkview Review Yearbook. SARTEN, BILLY EUGENE: Eng- lish, Machine Shop Major: VlCA-Ma- chine Shop, seo.. pres. SCHMEISSER, BARBARA SUE: Choir: FORSCO: Health Occu- SMITH, RETA RAY: Engiish, Busi- ness, Home Economics Major: OEA. SOUTHERLAND.,KATHY.LYNN: -English, ffiflome' e Economicsi' Social Studies, Business Major: Bible Club: Choir: Optimist Honorec, Home Ee.: W . -wnttscs, sA1zNesT.gKEN?r:, Band' CiertilieatoltWinnet'i:ROSEN- N IAL, A photographer: Mufti, s -Historyfi I I Major. . ' 4 , '1 boil: Football: Baseball: Trojan Mas- cot: ViCA-Building Trades. A I -.-- - eeer tqos14.anorgo.s su nz Girls' roi- Si- VeSPsrs.rPvb- Qommiffse-1 f3'..WALi-S5.3'iNAANN1 Glflllfg ,ns-.nom Qseenqniienesesta Wesson iiffESPARKSifGREG Y DEAN1: Eng- gifnssticsg3MV?g.Bxaiiid:f.FrenitgsMajorg3EggQ-. .pagggigiggwngggggzsmgg-1553953 Instr, Mant, monsoon Ami Major: iwAnor.ow.sco'r'r Amon: Mani- pcadsfg trte S ,mcg -As:,,:,e,g umm cuss: vicn-xcr. -STANLEY, ,MICHAEL room: eng- YIRRL Moth?Scieneeg5,lrIajor:'1i?-ootbniljf S-optimist .Honor-ee, Social Studies. STAWICKQ PETER THOMAS: Eng- QSTEGNERQADAMQJAY: fifertificate iwinnerz NFL: National Merit Schol- arship semi-nnaiisi IQPSAT3. 75Q?fEPHElSS, ARQIL LEE:-.English flslajor. K .651 iifi' STEPHENS, GREGORY S.: Power and Tras. Major, English Major. STEUSSY. EDWARD EXEGENE: Boys' Statte:Alt.g Certificate Winner: Crest Winner: NFL. pres.: Guest ol' I Rotary: National Honor Society: Na- . tional Merit Scholar Semi-linsiistg Op- timist Hunioree, Forensics. ji ' 5 STINSON, LLOYD LEE: English, Vocational Welding Major: Wrestling: VICA-Welding, treats. STONEROCK, KATHY MARIE: Jr. Class Treas.: Prom Queen Atten- dant: Winter Dance Queen Attendant: FCAQ Flag Corps: Pom-Pon. Corps: :Prom Committee, Decorations: Stu- dent Gov't: Matt Maid: May Breakfast Usher: YAC. STOTLER, NINA ANET: Building Trades. English Major. STULTS. MELODY JAN E: Cosme- tology. English Major: Girls' Cheerb- lock: Spanish Club. T TAYLOR, DONALD DOUGLAS: English Major: DECA: VlCAvWCld- lfl . TRYLOR, PAMELA GAY: Ac- counting Major: Band: Certificate Winner: Crest Winner: OEA. TEEL, RICHARD ALLEN: VICA- Science.QEnglish, Business ninjas: aol SENNSAL. Co-ssitorz SvsoEish.Ch1i1-,is.-. WARGNY.Wsnesfnhslssrwisssssifs Wrestling Foodiililjanagenknt, presiiif ,vias-oipaenoflssno-ine. I A " HWARNRZSYH, TROY EARL: tEnglisit.iff - -1311 Major: Wrestling: tBoys'flEennis. WATKINS, CLAYTON' MAR-4 i SHALL: Football: Prom Committee: ViCAfBftiidiH23ff2iil2S- 2.2 WWATSGN DANAT:EngllsR?Majorif?. WATT. inersols tcm: Bands? DECA, Membership Chairman: FCA: O intramural Basketball: LA.: vice-press of Personelle: Secret Adrriifcri M3335 i Breakfast Usher: Parkview: Review Yearbook. I WEAVER, LORA DIANE: Girk' K Dasltetbnljlz DECA:illntramuiii.iBasket- ball. R WEBB, JAY BLAlNE: Football: Business-Major: Industrial Arts: Park- view Review Yearbook. R ' ' WEBSTER, BARBARA ALANE: Spanish Club: English Major. WERLENG, MARK EDWARD: English Major. WHILES, STEPHEN DEWAYNE: English Major: Football. WHITE, BRADLEY SCOTT: Eng- lish Major: Wrestling. WHITE, RICHARD WAYNE Il: Math, Science Major: Certilicate Win- ner: NFL: National Honor Societyg Honor Jacket Winner. WHITEMAN, DAVID TROY: FCA, pres.: Guest of Rotary. WHITTLE, VANESSA GAYLE: English Major: Honor Jacket Winner. WILKINSON, Sl-IARRILYN LEE: Science, English Major: Band: Certili- cate Winner: NFL: FORSCO: Health Occupations: Secret Admirer: Nation- al Honor Society: Play Productions: Spanish Club: Honor Jacket Winner: mittee,j,jDec.: ,May Breakfast Usher: , .K . .k.kk :ZAGiin8Y.iHisiiLBY?EE9Wo8hEi messenger Construction. ffl' A llfi T eli. W W groans, cnussrv LERNN: Mu: no Hostess Messs?sHdS..Sss cretgf2IgiQntirer.ifiEfiEi'fj:' fiii2??Yv' 'r A ZORNES, MARY JO: Art: Pep Club: Art Citrix English Major. kj 'W Admirer: Student DIANE: Band: Secret Admirer: RO- Hono- LElGH. Choir, ANN: Home Eco- Y MICH ELE: I I: English Major. Trades, president. CHRISTI LYNN: Major: Certifi- Usher: OEA: Business , LEE ANN: Busi History Major: .IONI LEE: Account- Major: Certificate Win- Gov't V May view Crest Winner Historian. MIC!-IEAL H.: English Ma- VINCENT LERAN BRENT: Math WOOLSEYQ MUSE LEE!" EIIgllSlls' H ' M - t ' History, Science Major. English, istory agor WYATT. WALTER SCOTT: Basket- Honorartz, Seniors! I I7 Cathy Aaron Tony Abshire Robin Adams Tim Adams Larry Adkins Teresa Adkins Tom Alexander Tammy Amonett Krista Antic Charlie Antle Gerald Armour Kristi Arnold Tony Asberry Mike Ashley The Junior class participat- ed in many extra-curricular ac- tivities this year, such as band, choir, and many different sports. They also devoted a lot of time and hard work to their studies. The Junior class made a wise decision in electing class offi- cers. They were fortunate to have Lisa Tully as president, Mona Bowman as vice-presi- dent, Beth Shelton as secre- tary, and Gina Loveless as .reasurer. Three of these four girls held office last year as Sophomores. The class of 1982 found this year filled with many exper- iences and challenges. These helped them to mature and to start making plans for the fu- ture. Junior class officers are G. Loveless, B. Shelton, M. Bow- man, and L. Tully. Deloris Baesman Joy Bailey Danny Baker Dawn Baker Linda Baker Lori Baker Scott Baker Tammy Baker Trina Baker Dawna Ballenger Todd Barnes Deanna Barnett Lisa Baugh Diana Bell Cathy Bennett Kim Bennett Greg Benson Vicki Berfanger Tammy Bertram Barbara Blaydes Teresa Boatman ll8fStudents uniors ,f . 2 AL ,,., . I is look toward the future i.. ay, f .5 Elk 5 is X , Q 5 5 N ..,- t- V .5 H- :fist Y if 4 fb B X! J i XML Adam Bogue Jennifer Bowers Mona Bowman Julie Boyce Kay Braswell Julia Brattain Jim Bratton Cynthia Brenneman Rick Brenneman Dan Brown Jackie Brown .lim Brown Mark Brown Terry Broyles Jo Ann Brumley Phil Brumley Lisa Burke Diane Burris Brenda Bush Roger Butler Scott Calland Many Juniors participated in athletics. Danny Smith was on the football team and is shown here taking a refreshing pause between plays. Studentsfl 19 l20fStudents Brenda Carr Angie Carter Staci Carter Terri Carter Jenny Catey Billy Catron Julie Catron Janice Chalfant Craig Chambers Sonnie Chasteen Vonnie Chasteen Pam Chissel Pam Choate Sheryl Chowning Pat Chriswell Tim Chriswell Tammy Clements Gerald Cline Stephanie Coffelt Matt Coffey Tracy Coffey Lori Cole Larry Conn Tim Conway Laura Coomer William Couch Brent Cox Julie Cox Kenny Cox Eric Craig Katrina Crawford Patti Crawford Wayne Crawford Kim Crider Joe Cronk Bob Cross Tracy Cross Craig Cunningham Tim Dalton James Darling Tricia Davis June Day Jim Dean Debbie DeHart Ailene Dempsey Faith Denney Scott Denny Sheila Dicken Debbie Dietz Lori Dinkins Melinda Dishman Jackie Dobbs David Dock Brad Dorn Lori Drewing Steve Dudley Susan Dudley Tom Duncan Danny Dunn Thad Dutrow Renee Duvall Kim Easter Tim Eaton Juniors 9? , be 3'1 r as 4 ,.-1 'X . get f ,Q . . is K 2. . 'Y X 'fs X -A' 'P iii l XA -r ,. X re 41. six Ag R Rnx 45 , as wr fl I fi. . Q 1 ,. ,- A .. ,l,i..A Over last summer and even since the beginning of school, many students have been work- ing. The majority of these stu- dents worked at fast food res- taurants, although some did work at department stores and small gift shops. It was necessary for a few students who had fathers that were unemployed to work be- cause their families depended upon them for a little financial assistance. However, the majority of the students worked in order to have extra spending money for themselves. A student who was employed benefited in many ways. For example, he or she appreciated the value of money more which led to spending it wisely. The student also learned how to get along with all types of persons. Finally, the student who was employed was a more responsible person as a whole. Making money is an activity which many of us enjoy, including Louise Turnball. Beth Edwards Gary Edwards Glen Edwards Tammy Eggers Arthur Eli Mike Ellson Lori Estes Duane Evans Jim Farley Bobbie Fairchild Don Farr Candy Faucett Lou Fausett Ginger Ferguson Tammy Ferguson Patty Ferree David Fitzpatrick Jeff Flowers Dan Fox Eric Fox LeAnn Fox Angela Frame Ross Frame Benny Fulton Melissa Futrell Rhonda Gabbard Maria Garcis Cindy Gard Studentsfl2l l22fStudents Cindy Gard Richey Gardner Tim Garner Brian Gentry Lynn Gerkin Bill Glover Roger Godby Gary Goodwin Tony Gorman Nora Gregory Trent Grider Kim Guffey Lisa Guffey Cindy Hacker Donnie Haggard Jeannie Hamblin Steve Hamilton Brent Hammond Robin Hammond Cindy Handy Lee Hannon Loralee Hardwick Mike Hartwig Kevin Healton David Herron Charles Hill Tom Hiner Mike Hoff This year, NCCHS students had the opportunity of being entertained by special guests. They were privileged to have guests such as Freedom Jam, a rock group from Florida- and Dick Chaffin who was the em- cee at the Homecoming dance last October. Last fall, Juniors got out of their History class for one day to see Robert Craig, an expert on the Revolutionary War, demonstrate how the early Americans dressed, ate, and lived back in the times of the Revolution. Portraying the daily life of a Revolu- tionary War soldier is Richmond High School teacher Robert Craig. gg, ,M,75?f-if 1 T W 'C Qi uniors 8 1 V K-:W f l it ,J I, m ii 4 ,nw 'N enjoy themselves Kristy Wagner talks it up during a bas- ketball game. t. Q The famous Dickey C., from KISS 99, Dj'd during the Homecoming dance. '-sr N-.27 F 51 asv l ,AVI 4'-6 Q -L 'N SY 3' if X sb --O f f l r 1 X i - Bill Hokc Maggie Holaday Brian Holt Tracy Hoopingarner Kris Hopkins Bob Hoppes Berchie Howard Elaine Howard Shelly Howell Greg Hudson Jenny Hufford Robin Hughes Scott Hughes Trent Hughett Jon Hunt Laura Huxhold Kim Hyden Marsha Jackson Tim Jarvis Allen Johnson Chuck Johnson Perry Jolley Brian Jones David Jones Greg Jones Jenny Jones Mike Jones Valerie Kautz Studentsfl23 As the end of the school year drew closer for Juniors, many students became anxious for summer vacation. Thoughts of sleeping late and having more time to spend with friends crossed the minds of many Juniors. Summer vacation allowed time for students to grow, ma- ture and prepare for another nine months of good ole NCCHS. The memories of this past year will be replayed in the minds of many Juniors for years to come. ,411 iq' 5 ., ,, l24fStudents Lockers are an important asset to all students at NCCHS. Proving this point are Staci Carter and Jeff Wilson. Relaxing after a hard day at school is Julie Sweigart. Working at the concession stand dur- ing a game is Karen Smith. Juniors -w ,.." ' 1 , W f A I """i K ..N --.Mk s "i"" ,,, f if www. N is s f s . "W 1 1 I 1 - v ,"'. - Troy Kendall Kelly Key Dawn King Herbie King Kyle Kinkade Patty Kingsley .lack Kirby Roger Kirkpatrick Monica Kline Tracy Atkins-Klotz Tammy Knight Paula Koger Stacey Kollmeyer Marietta Koledziej Brian Laird Tony Laird Bill Lampkin Cindy Langston Teresa Lao Mike Laer Susan Lee Larry Lewis Tim Lewis Mike Leyes Kim Lockeridge Dana Love Brian Loveless Carla Loveless Dave Loveless Gina Loveless Kecia Lowe Rita Lowe Trenda Lowe Tammy Lundy Mary Lye Tracy Maddy Troy Maddy Scott Main Lisa Maloney Lana Marcum Brad Martin Danny Masters Studentsf I 25 This past year, many Juniors gained new concepts through the many classes offered here at NCCHS. These concepts were learned due to the hard work and dedication of the teachers. The teachers used various methods to keep the student interested in the par- ticular class. Rap sessions as Ron Stanley exercises his fingers on an adding machine during his Business class. lv t, A Kevin Masters .leff Mastin Kim Matthews Scott Matney Alan May Colleen Maze Teresa Maze John McCarty Michelle McCorkhill Lisa McCullough Tim McFalls Theresa McKnight Glen Meadows Brian Mettert Karen Milasheski Courtney Miller Jerry Millikan Tony Milliner Sandy Mitchell Tracy Mitchell Rob Modlin Roger Mogg Shawn Moore Randy Morgan Steve Morgan Tammy Morgan Woody Morgan Randy Murray l76fStudents well as class discussions were common in the classrooms. The many long hours of dedication to one,s homework may not seem greatly signifi- cant at the present, but in the future, this gained knowledge will distinguish the achiever from the failure. Lisa Russell daydreams during an Election unit discussion. aa " af. if i ,, fx " ,,,,, V 4 K I . f Juniors Jackie Meyers Todd Meyers Gary Neal Larry Neal Nancy Neal Tim Neal Tina Neal Wally Neal Alex Nicholas Robert Nicholas Brenda Niles Joe Nold Connie Orcutt Terry Orr Rod Pagent Ruth Pederson Joe Pendergraft Jim Penticuff Kim Pennycuff Joe Perdew Brenda Perdue George Perdue Jon Petry Lisa Phelps Lori Phillips Ken Pickett Marquetta Pierce Patty Pierce Mark Pinney Tony Piper Sherri Polston Jackie Pope Amy Popplewell Peggy Prosser Kevin Qualls Participating in a rap session are Rog er Butler, Glenn Meadows Brenda Niles. Myra Vincent Wally Neel Rick Dinkins, and Karla Razor Studying has played a very important part in the lives of many Juniors. Ever since start- ing school eleven years ago, they have experienced daily as- signments, make-up work, and plenty of tests. All of these have contributed to the building of careers. Plans have been made about what would come next. For many, college was to be the an- swer. The annual Advanced Training Fair was of great as- sistance to many of these stu- dents who planned further training. It helped them make the final decision as to where they would go to finish their education. Giving a touching performance as Anne Sullivan in The Miracle Worker is Lisa Maloney. The Advanced Training Fair gives .lu- niors a chance to look into institutions they would like to attend after high school. Cindy Rains Rick Rains Anna Raglin Susie Raley Cathy Razor Karla Razor Ron Reese Marty Rees Mike Reeves Andrea Renfro Junior Reynolds Curtis Reynolds Deneen Rice Kelly Ridenour Cliff Richards Kevin Richmond Kevin Riggs Mike Rigney Shannon Roberts Barbara Romine Teresa Rose Kelly Roser Kristy Rucker Lisa Russell Lisa Russell Delbert Sanders Mike Sanderson Kelly Sare l28fStudents Juniors J. .,,, W 4 5, , A it ef, irfc ' . Wit? 2? J fa t J TQ! plan for their futures ,Q Q A S N? -Q -at si. ia. -K x ,,.. ,,.. 55, Q s , 9 'ee 5: 3 'Q 1-ij' i S N 132 b .: Q., ,- is 'fl s Melissa Saunders Lori Schetgen Kathy Schmitt Steve Schroder Julie Schwab Susan Scott Hank Shafer Anne Shakun Randy Sharp Gordon Sheffield Beth Shelton Bob Shelton Judy Shears Randy Shipley Bob Sills Julie Simmons Nick Simmons Becky Smith Danny Smith Donna Smith Jenny Smith Karen Smith Kim Smith Kim Smith Merrill Smith Ronnie Smith Saundra Smith Tim Smith Tracy Smith Theresa Smith Casey Spicer Ron Stanley Mike Stegner Tina Stegner Joe Steiner Chris Stemen John Stephens Regina Stephens Terry Stephens Donna Stepp Pam Steproe Bill Stevens Brian Stevens Sam Stockton Mark Summers Kevin Sutton Jane Sweigart Julie Sweigart Lisa Swindell Janet Tabor Paul Taplcy Gail Thornberry Barry Thurman David Thomson Mike Thompson Terry Thompson Lacee Trent Mindy Trout Lisa Tully Louise Turnbull Lora Turpen Debbie Ulmer Cheryl Utt Studentsfl29 Clowning around during half-time of the Knightstown basketball game are Juniors Brad Dorn, Terry Broyles, Bryan Holt, Bill Lampkin, Shanon Roberts, and Merrill Smith. Mike Upchurch Kurt VanDam Bob Vanness David Vaught Myra Vincent Dana Wadman Christy Wagner Lauren Wallace Sheila Watson Cathy Watt Linda Watters Kevin Weesner Chester Wethington Mary Wilkinson Jeff Williams Jesse Williams Kim Williamson Jeff Wilson Rhonda Wilson Sonya Wilson Malcom Wilt Brad Winchester Dan Wolfe Linda Wright Mike Wright Nancy Yockey Connie York Scott York Cindy Young Phil Ziglar l 30fStudents U.I11OI' j' 4 r I Q is f if ff fl f Ji 2 ' 1- W, 4 .wa 6 , V A ,4 7 I 1 . -W if 1 -3 ' Al, tx iff' T E NOT PICTURED: Darrell Agee, Detra Buehanon, Jodi Carrender, Donna Christie, Elizabeth Davis, Debbie Denney, Carol Dishman, Lola Edwards, Kim Gufly, Scott Hill, Lewis Huckaby, Burke Huddleston, Sheila McWiloiams, Jeff Moore, Sharon Owens, Tony West- felt. gaining confidence 'wb' i sf K 4 1 X47 . - ' Q' ' - . JA. ' .f ff' , " , at ,gg M- W, . . .ur Jax: " 1 ,a ' B w QQQQXQ x .1 ,. X' A fa - ' Y --c.. ,-,Q ,t it 11.41 .A vm it . W i, , ..,,.. S .dbh H ' , 1' , , 31 f . X Nl: 1" . The class of 1983 began this school year with mixed feelings about their future years at NCCHS. However, they soon gained confidence and as a whole became more dedicated and involved. As the school year progressed, many Sopho- mores were participating in sports and other extra-curricu- lar activities. Led by class officers Bill Stawick, presidentg Jamie Harter, vice-presidentg Chuck Salder, treasurerg and Patti Frost, secretary, this class made many contributions to the success of the 1980-81 school year at NCCHS. B. Stawick, Presidentg J. Harter, Vice- Presidentg C. Sadler, Treasurerg P. Frost, Secretary. Mike Adams Kevin Acres Leah Akers Tom Alcorn Rick Alderson Steve Alford Brian Allee John Allee Doug Allen Melody Alley Trena Alley Sherry Antle Ray Asberry Mike Atkins Karen Atkinson Cynthia Ballenger Daron Ballanger Mark Ballenger Nick Ballenger Teresa Ballenger Stephanie Baker Brenda Bates Melody Baranham Chris Bassett Kenny Bassett Vanessa Baty Tim Bays Tom Bays Alicia Bell Scott Bennematti Dianna Bergin Jenny Bertram Toni Bittner Cindy Blackburn Curt Blankenship Brian Blevins David Boesman Greg Boggs Glenda Bottoms Don Bow Don Braden Eric Brammer Students! l 3l lie Melody Branham Lori Brinson Becky Brown Charlie Brown Greg Brown Julie Brown Phyllis Brown Tia Brown Sharon Buck Lana Burgner Jerry Bunch Lisa Burris Tammy Burris Jim Bush Gary Byers Tammy Byrd Vickie Caldwell Judi Cannon Larry Carrender Mike Carnes Andy Carter Debbie Carter Randy Carter Tony Carter Kevin Cassady Angie Catron Pam Catron Scott Catron Jerry Chesher Pam Christenson Teresa Christ Dean Clark Donna Clark Bob Clayborn Chris Claywell Brenda Clearwater Brad Coffee Christa Coffee Tina Coffee David Condry Gaye Conner Tammy Cooney Being a YAC member is a special ff, privilege Enjoying t is privilege is build knowledge 'U , A ,-A x 5 .ik Sophomores at NCCHS were involved in many different activities. Tish Zan- der had the lead role as Helen Keller in the fall play. New Castle Chrysler High offered many activities for stu- dents to become involved in an enjoy. Few Students could make the statement that there was nothing to do. Our high school gave stu- dents many occasions to devel- op talents and explore special interests. Some of our enthusi- asm originated in the class- room and found added oppor- tunities in after school and community involvement. eee .S Ro A Si 'it f I If 2 if M ? 3 ,Q I x .Q . Q Q X, fx QT . Q sl-S J ' lf l in L French, German and Spanish clubs were popular examples. The classroom provided the perfect chance for club extra- curricular activities. Clubs such as NFL and Drama Club anxiously awaited the arrival of sophomore spirit and cre- ativity. Art club through Vica gave students not only something to do after school, but also a way to expand their knowledge and imagination. JoAnn Copley Jim Counceller James Crabtree Joy Craft Jesse Creselious Rex Crouch Mary Jo Crow Reba Daffron Lisa Dankovich Tim Davidson Brad Davis Donald Davis Gina Davis Jimmy Davis Lisa Mae Davis Lisa Davis Rick Davis Susan Defibaugh Debra Denncy Lisa Denncy Homer Denny Sandy Denney Sherry Dewees Greg Dicken Jeff Dickerson Terry Dillon Tony Dillon Rick Dinkins Tracy Dinkins Lisa Dishman Terry Ditton Tom Dixon Lora Dolce Dion Donahue Cindy Dorn Jeff Dudelston Bill Duncan Lola Duncan Tina Duncan Staci Dye Joe Dykhuizen Jane Eade Studentsf l 33 Sandy Ehl Russell Elliot Sarah Elliott Beth Ellis Scott Elmore Monte Elson Robin Epperhart Brad Eversole Frances Evans Angie Fairchild Jeff Fielden Chris Ferguson Sandy Ferguson Susan Ferrell Teresa Ferrell Kim Ford Patti Frost Tanya Frost Mona Gabbard Amy Garrett Mark Garrison Kim Getchell Kristy Gibson Tammy Gibson Ricky Gold Danny Gores Sabrina Gosser Rob Gould Bill Graham Jim Greenwood Steve Gregory Lisa Grider Doug Griffen June Groce Mark Groce Jim Gross Terri Gross Lisa Guffey Robert Guffey Tammy Guffey Many Sophomores showed their Spirit by joining the growing ranks of Trojan Spirit Club. l34fStudents Sophomores 9 X f fx 1 'J "vs ,QNX Y '5 'Wa '7' ,' . Q 4? Q i , , Q. , gi! K 90 xv Q 52' .1 4. 1 5 .. . 7' Y r M. yt Q Im show spirit A if '11 t I X a ' -' NCTC X " IP s s ..,, M ei l is fb X'Y F , 4 l A '1 K K KL' fl x T T v as .L vi x , Q - sv Q fs N 1 p r. , . 'Y' 69 ' il fi -J W WE if ,...t,ii Q Qi fi A 1 tx The Spirit Club, which was sponsered by Mrs. Phyllis Klipsch and Miss Gloria Cas- telluccio, contributed very much to the excitement of the high school basketball games. Never did a game go by where there was not a group of Soph- omore, Juniors, and Seniors cheering the team on to victo- ry. The Spirit Club helped to keep Trojan Spirit alive. Hope- fully, the Spirit Club will be- come a permanent part of NCCHS in the years to come. With the help of the Sopho- mores, this group will thrive for years to come. Deanna Barnett and Melody Branham were just two of the many Sophomores to catch the Spirit. Bryan Hall Mark Hall Lisa Hammerlurd Junior Hammond Lisa Hancock Mark Hannon Sheila Harding Paul Hardwick Scott Hart Jamie Harter Jeanette Hawk Billy Haynes Ernie Helderbrand Rod Henderson Jim Henson Tracy Hibbard Kelly Hicks Rhonda Hicks Julie Higgins Ron Hill Tim Hill Risa Hinton Beverly Holbart Francine Holcomb Kim Holsapple April Hoosier Peggy Hoover Fred Hopkins Sherrie Hopkins Gail Hoppes Greg Howard Tammy Howard Greg Hudson Jim Huddleston Kerry Hughes Mike lgo Bob Jarvis Donald Jenkins Chris Johnson Deron Ballenger Kim Johnson Tammy Johnson studemsfi 35 Sophomores at NCCHS chose many places to study. For, example, study hall pro- vided time for the students to finish an assignment or to study for a test. Other students retreated to the library. The Sophomores discovered the library offered a fantastic escape route to other countries as well as cultures. Through books, many Sopho- mores were able to expand their knowledge to the highest level possible. Whether study- ing took place in study hall or in the library, the result of this effort was benefical. Taking advantage of study hall to catch up on their reading are Tony McCorkhill and Scott Simkins. Zabrina Johnson Jerri Jones Sandy Jones Tim Jones Teresa Justice Steve Kasten Scott Kelley Gary Kendell Jim Kendrick Tracy Kenemer Julie Kennedy Raeann Kennedy Stacy Kennedy Scott Kern Kris Kerwin Tony Kidd Tina King Mark Koger Lisa Kovacs Mike Kovaleski Lisa Krakovitz Terry Krakovitz Johnna Lamb Pam Lang Margaret Latham Horstle Lathan Anita Laurie Jenny Lavarnway Tammy Lee Tracy Lee Larry Lewis Jennifer Leyes Mark Livingston Lisa Lockridge Ron Longo Ben Loveless Angie Lowe Roger Lowe Donna Luellen Wendy Madison Joe Marcum Sharon Marcum l36fStudents Sophomores kk N Qs 5 -I t . X Q A' vw I ,-f Q. , Cf N 'Y PP i 5 MQ E k k is .iz .,, i,:g g . s we m at - h sw X 1 'F' I ' A 3 . 'ie . . WN '17 4 ' fe fd 3, X -,N , ,Lx 0 1 4. qi X , 'lr , X J QW 196. , X 1 J, ,. 3 ' J 1 l gi x +4554 r t ,wr CSC3 throu Q- al -Q 'T n , x, 1 'Q X 5 , l S -I Staci Martin Diana Mathews Kelly Mayer Megan McCart Mary McClure Tracy McClure Tony McCorkhill Mary McCormack Betsy McDonald Bill McFalls Rodney McKinley Jeff McQueen Alan Melton Tracy Mercer Cindy Merida Brent Mettert David Meyers Bill Mikel Craig Miller Debbie Miller Jerry Miller Marla Miller Kristie Milliner Beth Modesitt Tracy Morgan Jenny Moore Tammy Moore Sherry Mullins John Nead Jerry Neal Julie Neal Susan Neal Gary New Traci Nichols Robert O'Dear Dean O'Neal Carol Orr Christie Orr Dawn O'Rear Don Paschal Dru Pennington Jeff Pennington Searching for needed information in thc library are Casey Kuhn and Steve Kasten. Sludentsf l 37 Tanya Pennycuff Dale Penticufl' Kristy Perdew Brent Perdue Terrilynn Perry Paula Peyton Christa Pfenninger Jeff Phelps Karen Phelps Fred Pierce Jeff Piercy Aaron Pierson Greg Pinneo Brenda Polansky Carl Pollock Regina Pointer Becky Price Ruth Prosser Tammy Prince Thomas Pruit Mark Rains Julie Razor Sherry Reamer Valerie Reece Sonya Rich Melinda Richardson Becky Richey Archelle Rickcrt Julie Roberts Jason Robertson Melinda Rogers Jackie Ross Susan Roth Brian Rummel Lora Russell Carrie Rust Chuck Sadler Jennifer Sahlberg Kelly Salyers Karen Sanderson Margie Sarvay Melody Sayre Taking time out to discuss the days activities are Mike Atkins, Scott Hart and Steve Alford. l38fStudcnts 'f i , .. 'Q a 1. if Z ,. . Xstti i A N AQ, Sophomores 3 N Q2- x Q vs if X W ,:- I C R Ett N , 5 f Q J A Q Q .N f N a 4 ,. y, - c,,A 2 md 'wr WN is-.OF x fm 1 , v N take a break ,yf . . H r ,.,A nj ' 'wa M-..,,,,.! It .mf ZSm5..,,rf,,:w,.. 1 HW' Q' int .J rfyx Fifty-five minutes can be a long time to sit for some Soph- omores. Fortunately, students have five minutes between classes to stretch their muscles and relax their minds. The students at NCCHS uti- lized this small break in many ways. For example, some stu- dents hurried to their lockers to get books for their next class. Still, others used this five-minute break to catch up on the latest gossip. The water fountains were a favorite place to receive a refreshing drink of water. They were also a popu- lar meeting spot for friends. Relaxing a bit before his next class is Randy Smith. ' 'rf , "" fr '2 . .. ff - T ' '. S , fs if X ein- 1 'A if A as gc Ki .ew K. U A , K Ti 4 x X 5 , X J AX f .. . M. K ,. ' 4- R fi . , is SN wh I iff A 'Z W U? - ,. A.. If if ,ki f, ,5 . X 'X Glen Schmeisser Gretchen Schmitt Kathy Shadrick Joy Shaffer Todd Schallenbarger Julie Shelton Louis Shelton William Shipley Donald Showalter Scott Simpkins Shane Smiley .l.E. Smith .loe Smith Randy Smith Rodney Smith Tom Smith Denise Snyder Sonya South Paul Staggs Bill Stawick Cliff Stigall Lisa Stockton Nancy Stotler Dawn Stout Matt Stricker Ron Stults Bill Sutherland David Swails Mike Sweet Richard Swim Della Teel Louie Thomas Debbie Thompson Donna Thompson Randy Thrasher Fred Thurman Patrick Trese Steve Trese Beth Thurman Tony Thurman Steve Thurston Studcntsf l 39 dvi WWA E45 Q Many students expand their artistic talents. Sketching the intricate designs ofa pinecone through a microscope is Scott Kelly. Using his artistic talents to sketch a design is Brian Rummell. Everyone has a special talent which adds something to their life. Some have the gift to play music, write poems or tell sto- ries. However, some people ex- ess themselves by the use of a 1Q'i'ntbrush or pen. J off Qu GJD' At NCCHS, the An De- V GA ment provided many ways ,XX fo a student to expand his or Jliojd e imagination. Not only pens -X J and paintbrushes were used ,QCD CAMO' - but also rn, metal and M - used to create dif A W effects. ob Cath: Veach O1 Chris Vol? Mary Vrobel Sheryl Waddell Darin Wallace Joe Wallen Troy Watson James Weaver Wayne Weaver Doug Weesner Gilda Wendell Karen Wethington Tony West Troy West Tony Westfelt Stephanie Whiles Greg Wilhelm Earl Wilkinson Michelle Wilkinson Gary Williams Jeff Williams .loy Williams Liz Wills Fonza Wilson Jackie Wilson Amy Winstead Merrill Woods Karen Worthington Curtis Wright Margie Wright Pam Wyatt Lisa York Rick York if J Megs are expanding their talent Y Tzimmi York Angie Young Chris Young Don Young Lori Younts Tish Zander Lisa Ziglar ax Skctching one of Mother Natures beautiful creations is Dawn O'Rczir xp ..,-2' 4 . A M i . ,Q 4 Chris Burton, Brenda Cecil, Steve Cole, Debbie Collins, Preparing .i block of clay for her next project is Cindy Dorn. Jack Elmore' Homer HAIL Bm Kuhn. Lisa Latham. Ruth Prossur. Dehronda Smith, Curia Wultcrs. Studentsf 141 X Sophomores i 4 Working on school activities in the li- brary urc Mark Hannah and Eric Moore. Hamming it up during gym class is Kenny Bassett. l42fStudents are becoming involved Preparing for lunch in the cafeteria are Melody Sare, Ben Loveless and Mia Troxcll. Capturing the hearts of the audience with his talent in thc fall play The Mir- acle Worker is Darren Wallace. Studenlsfl43 v W-1 W, ,, ..,,, uv of , Krfznrfw R , f 5 mf is t,,n""" ww. 1 . 'O' 7' K b 5, 1 W 'Sf ,Q-2 7 , ,, Q Q QP' ti ,. Us Q wg- I , Y, X Q .- X . T? W? A iii? .,..:.,.,, naznlnzzanzn 1 ,:,. E-.:.-: ...,: X3 Egg , , I, K, :.v,. ., , W g Mggyixt. 4.:.: .,,,:. 7 l .:,,: I :,.... :,. P.A.: H ':":':'k::Eff: "'Q Eifl' E .,:,:,, , i-3'r2"'pEg M ..AA '-"":' 1 .?,.-M-,sis .,.. , 33.35, V .mg C CLUBS CL BS CLUBS Clubsfl45 IIIOVIH PEP CLUB For the first time in eight years a spirit club was formally organized. Mrs. Klipsch was responsible for the organiza- tion of this club. The members of the Trojan Spirit Club provided spirit and enthusiasm for all athletic events. The club painted signs to achieve school spirit. The spirit hoop used at basketball games was also painted by the club for every home game. The spirit and success of the club was great. FRONT ROW: L. Burgner, C. Orr, L. Grider, C. Rust, B. King, G. Loveless, D. Barnett, J, Myers, D. Baker, M. Bowman. ROW 2: J. Bratton, A. Lowe, B. McDonald, D, Stout, T. Fer- rell, M. Pierce, C. Merida, B. Bush, T. Cross. ROW 3: D. King, M. Lye, J. Cox, A. Rickert, S. Roth, C. Bartels, G. Pointer S. Antic. ROW 4: S. ,----z xx f Q1 Hoppes, C. Utt. BACK ROW: S. Ken' nedy, N. Neal, A. Raglin, T. Koontz, S. Howell, J. Williams. Pep Club gets fired up at the first pep session ofthe year. Covering the spirit hoop and making signs, is Jack Kirby who enjoys pep club activities. Mrs. Klipsch helps .lack Kirby, Lisa Davis, Karen Smith, and Shelly Howell think ofan original idea for the spirit hoop. 1 1 Uk! l46fClubs --Xfalt QMMM tire il litter golden Secret admirers Twas the night before the game and all through the halls the S A s were decorating the lockers and walls Suspicion was in the minds of all the guys as they tried to an was The glitter secret notes and goodies made the mystery even greater There were also nine guys who were secret admirers for the cheerleaders On the day of the last athle tic event the S A s served as their secret sweeties slave O i 9 , . discover who their secret wom- ' v 7 ' 9 FIRST ROW: M. Kline, G. Loveless, M. Bowman, A. Shakun, J. Bennett, C. Langston, D. Dudelston, C. Hastings, D. McQueen, L. Rogers, P. Kingsley. ROW 2: J. Sweigart, L. Bumbalough, C. Mercer, A. Rickert, S. Harding, L. Edmondson, D. Perdew, S. Polston, B. Shelton, S. Kollmeyer, T. Lee. ROW 3: A. Bolk, K. Rucker, D. Love, P. Crawford, A. Lowe, A. Raglin, N. Neal, B. Thurman, K. Stonerock, M. Miller, N. Dudley, S. Harvey, P. Pey- ton. ROW 4: B. Gwinn, M. Rains, D. Smith, L. Swindell, C. Watt, C. Dorn, J. Shafer, T. Moore, G. Wendell, P. Peyton, L. Turnbull, L. Gerken, L. Lee. ROW 5: C. Archey, B. Niles, M. Millikan, C. Marcum, S. Huber, S. Dewees, J. Brattain, C. Chowning, J. Tabor, J. Simmons, L. Burgner, T. Lee, D. Burgan. ROW 6: J. Moore, S. Defibaugh, J. Eade, S. Dudley, J. Day, K. Crider, J. Williams, L. Russell, M. Futrell, B. Watt, M. Jackson, T. Cof- fey, J. Kennedy, S. Reamer. Michelle Raines flashes a smile as she proudly escourts Todd Garner at the Secret Admirer pep session. Secret Admirer Archelle Rickert works on the finishing touches for Mike Atkin's locker. Trent Grider, Mike Kovaleski, Lisa Tully, and Mark Bates at the pep ses- sion. T e best of both worlds F ORSCO FORSCO was a club provrd mg soclal lnteractron between the forelgn exchange students and our own NCCHS students Thrs was accomplrshed through club meetmgs socral act1v1t1es and group projects The club partrclpated termg a float rn the parade Also there were holrday par tres for Halloween Chrrstmas and Valentme s Day as well as an end of the year party and moneymakmg projects Besldes exchangmg cultural mformatlon FORSCO helped the forelgn exchange students wrth thelr school expenses Membership to FORSCO was open to anyone regardless of whether or not they were takrng a forelgn language Sponsormg FORSCO was Mr Drcken and officers were Karm Schmltt Erleen Deasy Laura Huxhold and Suzette Frazrer The exchange students for the past year were Sandra Mc Intyre from New Zealand who stayed wtth the Frazrers Serko Tsugahara from Japan who stayed wrth Dr and Mrs Bab cock and Susana Sese of Ar gentrna who l1ved w1th e Deasys NCCHS also sent three stu dents overseas last summer Jan Garvm went to Brazll Pete Modaff went to Colum bra and Sharrlyn Wrlkmson also went to South Amerrca Forsco FRONT ROW K Schmltt, S Tsugehara, S Mclntyre, D Smlth, Mr Dlcken MIDDLE ROW L Hux hold, M McKee,J Moore,S Sese, L Hardwick, B Dalton BACK ROW C Archy, B Perdue, E Deasy, J Leyes, K Razor, P Harding, D Wln stead, G Schmelsser ' W' R L 5' LQ , - clil A .. ' t '- -:Q LQ, .n ' K 71- ffl , .. 2 . . K 19 - is-1. is I 1 35 are I W'LL :Q 0" D f 1- 'Y - N Y B ' c'l ' f " is K Q. N :,E W ., .. p - P a H .B r , V ., F, 1: rn ' 'W -xy., ' N ' a was --. Q A -- . ' 'Y . ,Q . 1- Pickin' and grinnin' is Mr. Dicken, FORSCO sponsor. The FORSCO Homecomingtloutsnti- Susanna Sese and Sandra Mclntyre rifcs thc Logansport Bcrrics as posion- flnd Halloween to be a fun and excit- bcrry jam. ing Holiday in America as they cele- , , . txs T , - he . . . . In A WB L E 1 E- Homecommg fCStlVlIlCS by en- ' , ' ' , . - I .. h a , Q 9 I 5 Q 4 - - - ilu W . - , ,A ' f 3 L A l . , so Y 9 9 . . S . 1 I 3 - 1- i . . . th ' ft 3 . 9 . . . , . A W . I l48fClubs brate at a FORSCO party, if Y T0 n 5 .f uv..-4 ii 44 Spanish Club-FRONT ROW: N Neal, A. Raglin, K. Masters. MID- DLE ROW: Mr. Frazier, M. Garces. J. Chalfant, B. Thurman, D. Thomp- son, C. Archey. BACK ROW: J Raines, L. Grider, G. Travino, T. Lee D. Wolfe, S. Kern. Spanish Honor Society members made stockings filled with candy to give to the senior citizens attending the Christmas buffet, during the buffet Mr. Geozeff chats with a senior citi- zen. Q air ',, .,,, , fa ' ,HE 3, . H Spanish Honor Society-FRONT ROW: S. Frazier, T. Paul, C. Tower. BACK ROW: Mrs. Tabares, S. Sese, P. Modlin, S. Eade, D. Wooldridge. Latertulia SPANISH Though small in number La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica had an enormous schedule of activities for this past year Not only did the group func tion as a social club but also as a community service This years events began with a homecoming reception for past Spanish students A Christmas dinner was held at La Hacienda in Muncie to honor Susana Sese the ex change student from Argenti na Other community services performed by the club included visiting nursing homes teach ing Spanish to elementary stu dents preparing table favors for the Senior Citizen Christ mas Banquet and hosting a re ception honoring the Professor Emilio de Castro a lecturer from Spam teaching at Indiana University The final activity of the year was a farewell party for the three foreign exchange students Spanish Honor Society IS a national organization to recog nize excellence in the study of the Spanish language and pro mote the continuity in an inter est in the Spanish culture To be a member one must have maintained an average in Spanish of at least 3 5 for three consecutive semesters The Spanish Club members learned about the Spanish soc1 eties in a more relaxed atmo sphere rather than in a class room The club changed 1n a few ways such as more enthusiasm about fund raising and also by being more interested in learn ing about Spanish origins Spanish Club participated in many activities such as selling hats and scarves and partici patmg in the Foreign Food Sale This years sponsor was Dwight Fraze and officers were Nancy Neal president Anna Raglm vice president Barb Romine secretary and Kim Masters treasurer , - , - 7 - - . , ' 1 ' 9 Clubsfl-19 Rea winners FORENSICS No ribbon or trophy IS as important as the ability to learn to accept victories and defeat as well states the N C C H S Forensic Coaching Philosophy Al though the speech and de bate teams did not win every tournament they competed in they were never losers These team members gained much personal pride and self satisfaction through lots of hard work and practice Speech and debate prac trees were held almost every night after school The meets took place from Octo ber through the end of April Although a great deal of time was spent practicing and competing N F L was not all work and no play The annual get acquaint ed picnic was held in Sep tember Also the club had a Christmas party in De cember and a banquet in April to initiate new mem- bers to the National Foren- sic League. Membership was ob- tained by earning points through service speaking and competition ratings. In addition to this candy was sold during September to earn money for travel ex- penses. A new member to the school faculty this past year Miss Humbles acted as the new speech coach. Miss Waters another new faculty member served as her assis- tant. Coaching original ora- tors was Mr. Hostetler and Mr. Robbins again coached debate and extemp. Several outstanding de- baters and speakers, Ed Stuessy, .Ian Garvin, Phil Harding, Lee Heck, Amy Winstead, and Don Bow, earned their degree of spe- cial distinction, the highest possible forensic award. The degree of special distinction was won by earning over 500 points in both debate and s eech. l50fClubs 44 gang HS is is S The competition now ended, and the Heck, Melinda Garner, and Lisa Ma- awards presentation about to Com- loncy relax and awaitfor the final deci- mence. Amy Bolk, Jan Garvin. Lee Siong, Master of ceremonies, Mr. Robbins, Miss Humbles, and Miss Waters an- nounce the results of the day's events and present the awards to the many winners. -44-9122-H 2, K 5 it , i 9 ' M pf k l, , , . A , 3, liA.f,,, lnformation please! Susan Roth and Amy Bolk work at the N.C.C.H.S. tournament giving instruction, direc- tions, and any needed information to the visiting schools. Proudly holding her trophy is .lan Gar- vin. first place winner of girl's extemp at the Cincinnati-Princeton speech and debate tournament. Ten states partici- pated in this tournament and over one hundred speakers competed in this event. Applauding fellow teammate, Todd Myers, winner in radio and broadcast- ing. is Darrin Wallace. Congregating in the cafeteria between rounds, the participants in the N.C,C.H.S. tournament take a break from the competition. Giving his humorous interpretation. Jim Penticuff pantomimes an old, aged man. and on the run BAND Band was busy this year tak mg part in many activities among them two marching contests durmg the summer These were the Winchester Old Timers Band Festival and the Indiana State Fair March ing Contest In order to pre pare for the State Fair march mg band spent five days at FFA Leadership Center 1n Trafalgar practicing their rou tine Band boosters had planned the Ramtree County Band Festival but it was can celled due to ram Although the festival was cancelled the band kept busy by partlcipat ing in the Homecoming Pa rade Indiana School Music Association Fteldshow Con test and the IS MA Field show State Finals This year there were five bands in existence Concert band directed by Mr Ash and Mr Gilliam and Wind Ensem ble which was directed by Mr Shauver Concert band and Wind Ensemble met on Mon day Wednesday and Friday s While on Tuesday and Thurs days the members met for Symphomc band which was directed by Mr Shauver Jazz band directed by Mr Gilliam and Jazz Lab band directed by Mr Ash spent many long hours to achleve their main goal perfection Z - . . , , - , - 9 9 test, Ben Davis Fieldshow Con- , . . . . ' . 3 ' , . . , - 9 9 ' S 3 , . . .. , 7 ' 9 cs ' as , , . .Iazz Band-FRONT ROW: D. Wallace, R. Hawk, B. Beck, D. Wadman, D. Donahue. MIDDLE ROW: K. Hyden, A. Bogue, T. Morgan, S. Morgan, T. Thompson, M. Dickerson, K. Wallace. BACK ROW: A. Bolk, B. Dicken, C. Veach, Mr. Gilliam, S. Holloway. Whether rain, hail, slcet, or snow the band is always on the go. l52fCIubs 5 gi' , Jazz Lab Band-Top to bottom K. Pickett, J. Perdew, P. Tapley, A. Carter, R. Smith, B. Thurman, D. Ballenger, D. Bow, M. Rigney, C. Chambers, D. Ballinger, M. lgo, A. Popplewell, D. Thompson, M. Gar- ner, M. Lockhart, J. Williams, J. Mastin, Mr. Ash, C. Veach, T. Bittner, B. Modesitt. Playing to an enthusiastic crowd during pre-game is Mike Dicker- son. Concert Band-FRONT ROW: J Schwab, M. McCartt, M. Battoe, B. Price, T. King, L. Manthei, C. Aaron, D. Carter, K. Milliner, C. Faucett, T. Fulton. ROW 2: K. Milasheski, J Burlton, P. Modlin, T. Zander, P. Hodgin, M. Holaday, M. Latham, D. Woodwind Ensemble-FRONT ROW: J. Eade, S. Oney, M. Horan, L. Din- kins, S. Scott. ROW 2: T. Lao, C Veach, S. Burton, J. Ham, J. Leyes, R Hawk, L. Rogers, T. Coffee, J. Bow- ers, J. Moore, K. Schmitt, L. Baugh, S Ferrell. ROW 3: J. Sweigart, B. Mode- Herron, A. Bolk, S. Dudley, D. Davis, D. Grubbs, G. Schmitt, P. Wyatt, D. Sanderson. ROW 3: B. Shelton, C Maze, B. Bales, C. Ziglar, K. Salyers J. Wilson, C. Tower, T. Shafer, T. Bo- gue, J. Razor, R. Rigney, D. Ballenger D. Bow, E. Brammer, D. Ballinger, M sitt, K. Razor, M. Jackson, D. Wad- man, B. Beck, M. Garner, D. Duddles- ton, D. Wallace, D. Donahue, J. Wil- liams, T. Bittner, S. Smith, B. Hoke N. Simmons, M. Lockhart. ROW 4 K. Wallace, T. Morgan, S. Holloway B. Dicken, J. Dudleston, P. Tapley, S Livingston, C. Chambers, J. Mastin, M. Saunderson, P. Ledbetter, D. Thompson, J. Pope, A. Popplewell BACK ROW: L. Younts, T. Penny- cuff, G. Conner, T. Bays, D. Luellen K. Bassett, K. Hicks, B. Stawick, S Goodin, T. Davidson, S. Wilson, L Blackburn, M. Ashley, S. Morgan, A Bogue, M. Dickerson, T. Thompson M. lgo. BACK ROW: J. Cronk, K Pickett, J. Sweigart, L. Gross, K. Hy- den. v Ziglar, L. Estes, D. Smith, L. Bumba- lough, D. McQueen, M. Sanders, M Hanna, C. Gard, T. Baker, B. Van- hoose, M. Rigney, C. VanDam, A Carter, J. Perdew, E. Wilkinson. Clubsfl53 FCA PTL FCA oped Christian ways through athletics. Members met one night each week from 7:30 p.m. till 9:30 p.m. in one of the members homes. This years co-presidents were Troy Whiteman and Monica Lockhart. Treasurers were Julie Simmons and Aurthur Eli. At the meetings the mem- bers talked about business or had lessons about a problem that might occur with an ath- lete. After they discussed their problems they broke up into huddle groups led by a huddle leader to discuss scriptures. Also at the meetings the mem- bers sang along with Mr. Mark Cronk and had refreshments. F.C.A. also took part in many activities such as prepar- ing a basket for a needy family at Christmas time helping raise money for Lucretia Pea- cock and having a bake sale. They also had a banquet. Advisors for F.C.A. this year were Vance Meier and Sam Alford and they felt the club was a good group of young people that got along very well with one another. I I O I I I F.C.A. was a club that devel- The "Great Thinker", Mr. Meier con- centrates hard as he plans a F.C.A. meeting. Mellisa Futrell tells everyone whats on her mind while in her huddle group. F.C.A. huddle groups give members a chance to express their thoughts as Jeff Burger shares his ideas with Monica Lockheart. l 54fClubs i as FRONT ROW: T. Whiteman, R. Wil- liams, J. Simmons, L. Tully, A. Eli. ROW 2: T. Garner, J. Tabor. G. Loveless, J. Burger, T. Linville, B. Gwinn, B. Watt, R. Kirkpartrick. ROW 3: K. Perdew, J. Rob- erts, T. Frost, J. Neal, B. Stawick, S. Pol- ston, C. Sadler, K. Rucker, K. Schmitt, M. Atkins. ROW 4: D. Love, C. Langston, J. Sahlberg, L. Grider, K. Niles, T. Grider, D. Fox, S. Kern, M. Jackson, D. Smith. ROW 5: J. Dykhuizen, S. Alford, M. Ko- valeski, G. Wright, S. Jones, J. Ham, A. Borders, C. Vandam, J. Armpriester, Mr. Alford, Mr. Meier. X 2, ' bw 1 hu... fi ,fi DECA-FRONT ROW: S. Carter, C. Black, B. Watt, K. Key, K. Bennett, T. Koon, M. Boatright, M. Bates, T. Bal- dock, C. Hacker, J. Smith, M. Kline. ROW 2: B. Bush, R. Pederson, M. Garces, L.D. Russell, K. Bennett, M. Stegner, R. Godby, S. Deney, R. Van- Ness, M. Wilkinson. ROW 3: D. Weaver, S. McWilliamson, D. Burris, T. Maze, M. Raines. S. Matheney, K. Hammond, T. Carter, K. Smith, C. Langston, K. Arnold, D. Dock, J. Brat- ton, ROW 4: P. Chriswell, J. Bailey, S. Dicken, A. Shakum, J. Simmons. J. Tabor, J. Chesher, S. Hughes, B. Hammond, T. Rose, E. McGrew, B. Gwinn, ROW 5: Mr. Chambers, T. Jones, T. Pennycuff, T. Dinkins, C. Brenneman, T. Edwards, R. Rose, J. Kaelber, M. Knowling, T. Goodman, T. Lewis, B. Brown, B. Henderson, K. Reed. There's time for joking and time for business, but in DECA it's mostly busi- ness. rowing with success DECA Growth and success were two major achievements of DECA this year The clubs purpose was to develop future leaders in the field of market mg distribution The club took on a new look they increased membership by 4291 and had better relations with the school Members took part in candy fund raising a program work project the DECA Courtesy Court wexner roast and a Christmas party Some members participated in the DECA Competitive Leadership at Ball State Um versity Workshop In April members attended State DECA Competitive Events State Officers in March and National DECA Competitive Events in June The club was well organlzed and had outstanding leader ship and they accomplished a lot for the school and commu mt This years officers were Mark Bates President Mer edith Boatright and Cindy Hacker Vice President Scott Midkiff and Kelly Key Secre tary Terri Baldock Represen tatlve Tammy Koontz Parlia mentarian and Diane Perdue State Treasurer 7 9 9 Y 7 ' 9 along with Screening Tests for U 9 . y. I 1 - . , - - . . , , - - , - Students work to build success in class and on the job. Clubtfiss Showing dedication and talent POM PONXFLAG CORPS The Pom Pon and Flag Corps added color and variety to the band and provided en tertainment for the school The corps changed its size this year becoming smaller in order to make it more precise Meetings were held only when a performance was near At the meetings members would discuss techniques and new show material and also would practice long hours to seek perfection was Tammy Lee and Flag Captains were Sherry Polston and Diane Perdue The Pom Pon Corps attend ed camp at Vincennes Univer sity and spent long hours learning new dances and skills The skills acquired for the corps were used at perfor mances at football and basket ball games This years advisors for the corps were Flag Corps Mr Da vid Huff and Pom Pon Corps Mrs Chris Jolley This years Pom-Pon Captain Performing another half-time routine before fans at a basketball game are the Pom Pon and Flag Corp. w. Q. 5-4 FRONT ROW: M. Rains. R. Dolin, T. Lee. K. Stonerock, F. Dubinger, C. Mont- gomery. BACK ROW: M. McCorkhill, C. Hacker, S. Carter, P, Kingsley, D. Love. Tammy Lee and Kathy Stonerock keep in step. Pom pon and Flag Corp. present the flag during the pre-game show. 9?-V ,,.,,, .Q ,s . a RWM! that wefciubs ' R' "" R' ws L hw, ., VJgHw,f,,,,m ,...Qs1. ... ii- Dana Love and Patty Kingsley present the American flag at a basketball game. Sherry Reamer puts lots ot' concentra- tion in the pre-game performance. FRONT ROW: J. Smith, C. Chown ing, S. Polston, D. Perdue, R. York, K. Reed, .l. Kennedy. BACK ROW: S. Kollmeyer, J. Simmons, M. Kline, S. Reamer. D. Bergin, T. Lee, K. Guffey K. Lockeridge. Clubsfl57 OEA-FRONT ROW: J. Hunnicutt, K. Gilbert. B. Edwards, J. Robbins. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Powell, J. Meyers, L. Dick, H. Killingbeck, C. Montgomery, S. Schafer. BACK ROW: V. Whittle, T. Price, C. Hou- chins. B. Albertson, J. Thurman, L. McDonald. Tina Catron lets her fingers do the walking on thc typewriter. A. ' " hx I! in N L " in Bagging her office supplies at the end of the school day is Terri Dean. IOL-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Brooks, T. Lowe, T. Dean, K. Guffcy. MIDDLE ROW: A. Gilstrap, G. Travino, D. Garner, K. Barr, S. Ward. BACK ROW: M. Ber- ry, T. Catron, L. Gregory, C. Thomason, R. Waltz, P. Ledbetter. INK Clubs 'EEE ai I l 1 . ., A V 1 ,I r ' si PE L ' I . . l f I V- as N 'Nj , W , t we 'Q ' tv ! , , K H ' - I I ,V ,V I' .fri fr Associate OEA-FRONT ROW: B. Niles, K. Roser, T. Ferguson, P. Choate, T. Johnson, K. Milasheski, T. Koontz. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Powell. D. Stout, M. Saunders, D. Love, TA Neal, R. Wilson, L. Gerken, K. Mat thews, A, Raglin. BACK ROW: C. Or cutt. S. Polston, L. Hancock, P. Kings ly, M. Vincent, J. Carrender, N. Greg- ory. Mary Berry works hard at the type- writer in the l.O.L. office. Down to business OEA This year marked O EA s fourteenth year with a charter in the New Castle Area Voca tional Schools O E A was subdivided into three groups Intensive Office Laboratory Cooperative Office Education and Associate Office Educa tion Mrs Brooks acted as the new sponsor of I O L this past year Students in IO L took part in an in school assimila tion of on the Job trammg The sponsor of C O E was Mr Powell COE functioned on a vocational triangle con sisting of a training station re lated class and O E A activi ties Members of C O E were the community in afternoon positions This provided them with job experience high school credit and pay Both Mrs Brooks and Mr Powell co sponsored Associate O E A This group was Sopho mores and Juniors preparing forCOE and IOL Some members of OEA participated in various com petltive events such as Job In tervlew Typing Shorthand and Accounting at the district contests in February Those who won advanced to state level competition held at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapo l1s From there winners ad vanced to the nationals in San Antonio Texas Civic and school services performed by O EA were counting wrapping and deli vermg money collected during the United Way dr1ve and typ mg bus cards and lists O ' 1 9 placed in training stations in 1 S 9 9 9 9 ' , - Clubsfl59 l60fClubs Mixed Choir-FRONT ROW: D. Smith, A. Bell, M. Rogers, M, Troxell, B. Loveless, R. York, T. Gibson. ROW 2: V. Caldwell, S. Carter, D. Clark, J. Meyers, D. Bell, K. Smith, S. Howell, M. Sarvax. ROW 3: D. King, R. Gab- bard, D. Buchanon, C. Hacker, S. McWilliams, A. Kovacs, J. Cox, M. Alley, M. Hall. BACK ROW: T. Dit- ton, J. Hamblin, T. Maze, T. Stegner, L. Moore, B. Jackson, J. Davis, L. Coomer, T. Beck, M. Jones, T. Ken- dall. Madrigals-FRONT ROW: L. May- field, L. Clampitt. ROW 2: V. Reese, J. Hawk, A. Troxell. ROW 3: S. Greg- ory, R. Hawk, K. Sutton. BACK ROW: D. Wolfe, S. Rich, B. Hobby, B. Perdue, T. Conway. ,....,--.wwwwwsww The tenor voice of Kevin Sutton is put to practice as he rehearses with the Chorale. Chorale-FRONT ROW: S. Koll- meyer, L. Mayfield, T. Baldock, A. Troxell, R. Hawk, R. Blevins, L. Clam- pitt, S, Tsugehara, V, Reese, C. Mont- gomery, J. Davidson. ROW 2: J. Ken- nedy, B. Smith, T, Atkins, K. Bell, T. Conway, T. Rogers, D. Wolfe, K. Win- chester, T. Lee, J. Hawk, B. Niles, B. Carr. ROW 3: C, Coffey, A. Rickert, D. DeHart, S. Roth, A. Hicks, B. Ste- phens, E, Deasy, L. Hacker, J. Huf- ford, J. Shelton, N. Gregory. BACK ROW: S. Reamer, S. Rich, B. Perdue, L. Huxhold, D. Sutton, J. Armpriester, M. Atkins, J. Penticuff, B, Hobby, S. Winchester, C. Archy, A. Bailey, S. Watson. " U . yr ""f'0-4-.. Swing Choir-FRONT ROW: B. Ste- phens, L. Mayfield, V. Reese, L. Clam- pitt, T. Conway. MIDDLE ROW: S. Kollmeyer, M. Atkins, A. Troxell, B. Hobby, K. Sutton. BACK ROW: D. Wolfe, J. Hufford, B. Perdue, J. Arm- priester, J. Hawk, E. Deasy, J. Penti- cuff. i gf' Looking over the music, Mr. Huff pre- JHZZ Choir-T. COHWHY. L- Clampitt, B- pares to direct one of the vocal music Hobby, J- HUff0fd, D- Wolfe. T- Bal- groups. dock, K. Sutton, L. Mayfield. ailin' CHOIR Bigger and better than ever said director Dave Huff of th1s year s choirs However being good did not come easy as the members of the various choirs spent many hours re hearsing to perfect their music The five hard working groups which composed the Vocal Music Department were Mixed Choir Chorale Swing Choir Jazz Choir and Madri gals The aim of the students involved in these groups was to learn to perform varied styles of music as professionally as possible and to learn to work together as a team Mixed Choir and Chorale met daily as a class to rehearse for their many performances and learn the fundamentals of vocal music In addition to their performances at all home football games several con certs convocations and con the elementary schools durlng the Christmas season and toured other high schools in southern Indiana and Ohio during the spring Swing Choir Jazz Choir and Madrigals were extra cur rlcular groups of students showing special interest and skill in performing This year s new assistant di rector Nancy Caudill also dl rected Swing Choir in choreo graphed popular and show mu Jazz Choir a new popular area of vocal music performed during the second semester with the Jazz Band The most active of all the groups was the Madrigals During the month of De cember the Madrigals had twenty five performances scheduled in twenty one days O lt. 66 ' 79 ' ' 7 . , . ' 5 . . , , . 9 9 ' , - 1 1 ' tests, the Chorale also toured 5 9 . , . . 1 s ' sic. 7 9 3 The soprano's open wide to nail those high A's as the bass' wait for their cue to come in. Clubsfl6l Fun with food FMLXHERO The members of Food Management Lab part1c1 pated 1n the club as well as the class Partlclpants organlzed and prepared food 1n the basement of the old Parker School bulldrng They also served luncheons and brunches nn the blllldlllg Through the club the members learned leader shxp how to prepare food 1n quamty and samtatlon procedures State competency sk1lls contests were offered to the lnterested members Club members ralsed mon ey by partlclpatlng 1n the area vocatlonal candy sale and by having a snack bar 1n the cafeterla The members of H E R O worked hard thls year to attam voca tlonal tralnmg needed for gamful employment Stu dents flrst spent t1me1n the classroom learmng baslc sk1lls After then they went out 1nto the commu n1ty for on the job tram 1n Members of the club were also responslble for gettlng certlfxcates ready for achlevement day Sponsormg the club agam th1s year was Mrss Muzetta Guymon Offr cers were Sara Dlckerson presrdent and Robm Faurote vrce presrdent FRONT ROW J Karrlck M Glb son D Brown ROW2 Mass Guymon K Wllkmson S Davls ROW 3 R Faurote R Thomas S Dlckerson T Muller M Hancock BACK ROW J Pentlcuff K Terrell B Denney J Barksdale D Davls W Wargny r if ' ,..,, m.,.,ww, 'V ""' f 'w or W .,,. t, 5? 'fy ' -2 FRONT ROW K Lockerldge R. Kim Lickeridge and Susan Rayley pre- These students get the cafeteria to en Hammond S Rayley M Trout. Parc 3 bfefikfasl- tertam fhelf guests' ' 1 . g' . ' , 1 . 3 :.:1 BACK ROW:.T. Shafer, MES. Alley, l62fClubs D. Nelson, C. Lorren, Mrs. Shuler. . 'lu-, 'Y Working for the communit VICA HOSA Chairing the Great American Smoke Out ringing bells for the Salva tion Army and a Christ mas party for the state hospital were a few of the activities of the V IC A H O S A members In the club the mem bers accepted responsibil ity in the community through service related projects All the members played an active part in two organizations both Officers for the club were Amy Harter presi dent Teresa McClellan Vice President Candy Dean secretary Robin Reno treasurer Gretchen Bales historian and Diana O Neal parliamentarian State V I C A president was Robin Reno and State H O S A parl1amen tarian was Diana O Neal l ' , K Q . . - v.1.C.A. and H.O.S.A. Tina Roberts, Leslie Farris, and Shar- rilyn Wilkinson put together a wagon for patients at the state hospital during an H.O. Christmas party. Robin Reno and Diana O'Neal served as state officers for the H.O. program. Lori Shafer working on a blood analy- sis machine at Henry County Memori- al Hospital. FRONT ROW: C. Dean, L. Farris, L. Shafer, D. Grubbs, A. Harter, T. Rob- erts, D. Howard, R. Reno. ROW 2: L. Alcorn, M. Neal, B. Hughett, D. O'N- eal, A. Stephens, D. Allen, J. Jones, N. Hickman. ROW 3: A. Johnson, T. McClelland, L. Gould, G. Mayes, S. Wilkinson, B. Schmeisser, G. Bales, T. Butler, J. lngerman. NOT PIC- TURED: P. Herbert. Clubsfl63 asters of art t Art Club The creative Art Club members gained a lot by working on various pro jects together Involve ment in the club grew this year as membership rose Each member had a spe cific artistic talent which they shared with the group Throughout the year club members always seemed to be learning something from which they could benefit In order to F3186 money the members sold their art work at an art sale held at school The hard working offi cers were Lou Fausset presldent Dan Smith vice president Stephanie Cof felt secretary and Paula Hodgin treasurer The sponsor and advisor of the Art Club was Mr Zeiglar and Mrs Sollomon FRONT ROW: T. Roberts, S. Coffelt, C. Wagner, P. Hodgin, L. Fausset. ROW 2: B. Price, K. Easter, K. Smith, B. Huddleston, S. Howell. ROW 3: F. Denney, D. Smith, K. Arnold, M. Zornes, R. Lowe. Dan Smith concentrates hard on mold- ing his clay to perfection. Kristi Arnold shows her skill on the wheel making a clay pot for the Christ- mas Art Sale. Stephanie Coffelt and Christy Wagner work on their art projects together. l64fClubs NN i. Small u might BIBLE CLUB Even though Bible Club celebrated its twenty ninth an mversary participation was still small They were small in number but large ln dedlca tion The club helped the students to become more familiar with religious based occupations They also held programs based on literature of the Bible The members of the club had picnics a candle lighting catlons and cookie sales Mr Risley and Mrs Gol liher were sponsors for the club Officers were Mark Col gan president Donna Smith vice president Dawn King secretary Cmdy Handy trea surer Carol Orr historian Amy Garrett librarian and Debbie Parmley publicity manager C , . s , - . . , . . CCI'ClTlOl'1y, COIIVOCHUOTIS, IHVO' , . n ' , l - - , - 1 . ' ' a ' 9 ' 9 FRONT ROW: Miss Golliher, Mr. Risley, M. Hall, C. Merida, C. Handy. MIDDLE ROW: C. Orr, D. Parmley, A. Garrett, D. Neal. BACK ROW: M. Colgan, K. Southerland, D. Smith, D. King. Some members get together with Mr. Risley to discuss a passage from the Bible. Dead 1116 IIIHHIH PHOENIX Deadline mania spread like wildfire among the industrious members of the Phoenix staff. Publishing a paper approxi- mately every two weeks was no easy job. Putting out a paper such as the Phoenix meant work and lots of it. Everyday during fifth hour the staff worked at selling ads conduct- ing interviews writing and re- writing stories getting pic- tures and then putting it all together in layouts. Deadline pressure created frustration state of high energy among the staff. Phoenix advisor Mrs. Vickie Willis encouraged staff' members to dig for answers. The seventeen member staff worked about a week in ad- vance to send stories to the New Republican to be printed. Stories and pictures were then pasted on a dummy and sent to Richmond Graphic for the fi- nal printing. On the Friday morning of distribution the staff met in the Phoenix room at 7:00a.m. The papers were distributed in the teacher s mailboxes to be passed out in their first hour class. The staff then breakfast- ed and entertained a guest dur- ing a critique session. Phoenix activities included: working on a first place float for Homecoming with the Ro- sennial staff a Christmas party at Noble Romans a rock-a- thon and the annual spring banquet. - 1 O o 9 9 9 9 I 1 ' , exhilaration, and a general 1 l 9 l 9 9 Y 9 9 Assisting Tammi York with the distri- bution of Phoenix is Joy Sharffer. Phil Harding grins as Mrs. Willis of- fers just one more suggestion for a headline. iesfclubs l r vs... WA""ii 9' i f .f.. ,. K, ss.. 5 fig if . -,I 1: . I 1 i 3 E. "-- L . ' ? 'SS L'W' Q. .gw w 1' -. . Q' .xx i Phoenix Staff-FIRST ROW: T. Bal- dock, S. Burch, T. Bittner, T. York. ROW 2: B. Dicken. D. Peyton, P. Har- ding, L. Maloney, M. McCormack. ROW 3: J. Shafer, R. Rigney, K. Ra- zor. ROW 4: J. Mastin, Mrs. Willis. BACK ROW: K. Pickett. Assisting Toni Bittner is C0-Editor and Business Manager Tcri Baldock. After a diligent week of reporting and writing, Mary McCormack rests. Interviewing Mrs. Smalley, Mr. Emilio de Castro, a cultural ambassador from Spain, and Mrs. Tabares, is Bill Dicken, Clubsfl67 ublish or perish Rosennial Long hours hard work and loads of stress were put upon all staff members as they worked to produce a yearbook A few changes were made in Rosenmal such as their mam objectives to be a class bus1 ness club and publishing of fice They also had a new advi sor for the staff Mrs Vickie Willis Co edltors Scott Ward low and Susie Eade and Copy Editor Megan McKee attend the summer to get future ideas for the book book themes new designs and just overall new ideas for a better book Staff members picked up trash all over town on Splce land Pike and downtown at early hours of the morning in order to raise money for the yearbook 1250 books were ordered at the close of this years subscrlp tion drive The staff members survived the many long hard deadlmes durmg the wmter months to Replay the school year F1 nally m mid May the 1981 Rosennlals arrived and made all the headaches seem worth GG ' 3 9 O 5 3 9 1 . , ed Hanover University over . 9 9 5 , - 9 G6 19 '- s ' 1 it. ROSEY STAFF: FRONT ROW: L. Tull M. Holada P. Ko er. MID yi yi g ' DLE ROW: K. Wallace, M. Bowman, J. Perdew, B. Edwards, L. Lee, S. Eade, S. Oney. BACK ROW: Mrs. Willis, T. Thompson, R. Gardener, K. Guffey, K. Schmitt, M. McKee, B. Dalton, C. Tower, L. Jones. ROSEY STAFF: J. Cronk, G. Pinneo, T. Davidson, T. Kennemer, B. Perdue, L. Drewing, S. Wardlow, K. Rucker. P' Q ns' if-an " X' W4 I iI!'?!?4 S , ,,a.,af't1fi'f5t. E -iiwwwn . T t .L ,J K S t Z' El Y' 'dunk aars A 'V , , ' QQ W 'T n "80'Zt of my time is spcnt looking for thc wire snipsf' mumblcs Joe Cronk to Mrs. Willis. Sick, tired, cold but proud, Co-editors Susie Eade, Scott Wardlow and Phoe- nix staff member .lay Jackson tCenterJ accept the first place Independent Tro- phy at Homecoming '80, Brenda Dalton and Karla Razor add the finishing touches to the first place float. Q 1 Clubsfl69 Lights camera, action T V CLUB In Television Club students had an opportunity to develop broadcasting skills The club met every other Thursday to announce upcoming activities This years officers were Karl Niles president Tonya Penny cuff vice president and Lori Estes secretary and treasurer The club participated in such activities as N C C H S Achievement Day Convoca tion P J H S Christmas Con vocation the March of Dimes Mediathon Commencement N C C H S Recognition Con vocation P J H S Honor Day a field trip to a TV station and a State Wide Media Fair Membership was composed of students in grades eight through twelve This years club sponsor was Mr Oliver This years Technical Staff took care of activities occuring in the auditorium They also ran the P A system for all the athletic events over the year Mr Robert Johnson was sponsor for the staff Co Presi dents for the year were Lynn Furrow and Scott Brown The staff also ran a conces sion stand at basketball and football games to earn money for a banquet at the end of the year . . . 1 - , - ' s , . . . . ' a 7 7 , . . . . , 9 , - - FRONT ROW: C. Young, G. Wil- helm. BACK ROW: D. O'Neal, L. Es- tes, T. Hiner, K. Niles, T. Pennycuff, D. Carter. FRONT ROW: P. Trese, D. Carter, L. Estes, C. Young, E. Fox, E. Moore. MIDDLE ROW: R. Sharp, T. Hiner, M, Woods, D. O'Neal, K. Niles, T. Pennycuff. BACK ROW: Mr. Oliver, M. Rigney, G. Wilhelm. FRONT ROW: T. Jarvis, L. Estes, L. Furrow. MIDDLE ROW: S. Brown, K. Pickett, K. Niles. BACK ROW: Mr. Johnson. l70fClubs 5 xg? High Achievers NHS The purpose of the National Honor Society is to promote scholarship develop character and leadership and provide service to the school and com- munity. Meetings were held the sec- ond and fourth Thursday of ev- ery month at 7:45 a.m. During these meetings various activi- ties of the club were planned such as the alumni tea for Homecoming to honor gra- duate National Honor Society members and the annual toy N.H.S. is the high school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa and is the highest scholastic honor a student can receive. Membership was based on scholastic attainment charac- ter service and leadership. Members were selected by a faculty committee. Club sponsors were Mrs. Reedy and Mrs. Sorrell. First semester officers were Lee Heck Jan Garvin Barbara Beck and Pete Modaff. 1 9 drive at Christmas. 7 9 9 7 7 7 1 f -,., llllll milieu ,..... ,...., ,...a. ,...... ll .3 U fi r 4 f 5.1 National Honor Society-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Reedy, V. Whittle, L. Rogers, M. Garner. ROW 2: J. Ker- win, S. Wilkinson, S, Frazier, T. Lee. ROW 3: E. Lee, E. Steussy, R. White, M. Colgan, M. Futrell, P. Modlin. BACK ROW: L. Heck, P. Modaff, J. Kovaleski, J. Garvin, B. Beck. Discussing plans for the annual toy drive are Meagan McKee and Lee Heck. Heck adds to the Cliristinus spirit as hc dccorutcs the Christmas tree in the front lobby QM... at x-YW-. -,sexi 5. U- Making it happen Student Government Student Government started its successftil year when their float received a second place award in the homecoming pa- rade. The officers and members worked together with the ad- ministration to try to get more students involved in school ac- tivities. The club s main activity for the year was the sponsoring of Winter Dance. Many members devoted several hours of hard work to make the dance a suc- cess. They were also responsible for the Donkey Basketball game. Co-sponsors were Mr. Chambers and Miss Waters. This years officers were Pete Stawick-President Mari Anna Miller-Vice-president Dixie Dudleston-Secretary and Nancy Dudley-Treasurer. Jenea Ham, Amy Harter, and Todd Garner concentrate on staying on their donkies. FRONT ROW: L. Rogers, B. Denney, J. Jones, K. Stonerock, D. McQueen, C. Montgomery, M. Miller, N. Dud- ley, S. Harvey. ROW 2: P. Peyton, D. Dudelston, L. Gross, C, Hastings, D. Bryant, L. Trent, J. Tabor, J. Sim- mons, A. Shakun, J. Smith, P. Ledbet- ter. ROW 3: J. Ham, L. Clampitt, S. Kollmeyer, B. Edwards, D. Smith, T. Koontz, C. Archey, S. Burch, J. Hun- nicutt, K. Hoke, M. Kline. ROW 4: T. Lao, S. Wilson, S. Mclntyre, P. Har- ding, D. Winstead, J. Kirby, S. Ream- er, T. Dean, F. Dubinger, M. Rains, G. Poynter. ROW 5: S. Scott, S. Dudley, L. Gerken, L. Baker, G. Loveless, M. Bowman, L. Swindell, G. Armour, R. Kirkpatrick, J. Roberts, B. Dalton. ROW 6: M. Holaday, G. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, B. Shelton, L. Tully, K. Crider, J. Day, T. Lee, K. Perdew, J. Harter, D. Baker, L. Russell, B. Macer, J. Shadrick. BACK ROW: M. Garner, M. Futrell, M. Lockhart, D. Ballinger, A. Borders, T. Dalton, S. Alford, M. Atkins, P. Stawick, J. lmel, B. Schmeiser, S. Wardlow. President Pete Stawick conducts a meeting. Mari Anna Miller gives up on trying to ride her stubborn donkey, and decides to pull it, Clubsjl72 I fnmrmr nnlnqsv i 2 3 5 5 s l i 1 l ' urs! sa . ol 5 li Better Youth Advisory Council The Youth Advisory Coun- cil was composed of specially selected students interested in health nutrition and the school food service program. Several of the members at- tended the Regional conven- tion representing lndiana at Pokagen State Park in De- cember. There they met with other Y.A.C. members and shared ideas about school food programs. Y.A.C. also helped with the Christmas Buffet for Senior Citizens. This was the first year the members were involved in organizing the buffet. Mrs. Gay Keith, Y.A.C. ad- visor, stated that the school lunch has benefitted from this group. Officers were Eric Lee- President, Gary Goodwin- Vice-president, Sharon Buck- Secretary, and Beth Shelton- Treasurer, Gretchen Schmitt served as a state chairman. food for us Ryan Williams takes a few minutes to talk to Nancy Dudley and Dixie Du- delston at the Christmas buffet. Y.A.C. member Kathy Stonerock tells Jenea Ham about the good food at the Christmas buffet. FRONT ROW: M. Bates, G. Good- win, Mrs. Keith, R. Williams, K. Bas- sett, BACK ROW: C. Wright, G. Schmitt, K. Stonerock, B. Shelton, S. Burch, P. Worthington, E. Lee. NOT PICTURED: T, Meyers. Clubsfl73 i A Gaining skrlls VICA ICT Members ofVICA ICT gained skrlls and knowledge of the particular rndustrral area in which they were rnterested Through study programs and on the job trammg the par trcipants were rewarded by re cervxng pay and gaming exper rence The 27 members had candle and candy sales several hol1 day parties and skrlls contests They also held an employer employee banquet Officers were Dave Har shey president Susie Edwards vice president Tami Hoodle brmk secretary Jerry Martrn treasurer Lisa Catron hrstor ian f reporter Greg Sparks par llamentarian and Dave Lo whorn as Sergeant of Arms Dave Harshey also served as state reporter whlle Susie Ed wards served as state secretary - - - , - 7 - , . - y - , - - , - , - - , - - , - , - Tami Hoodlcbrink, Susie Edwards, Dave Harshcy, Jerry Martin, Greg Sparks, Lisa Catron, and Dave Lowe- horn served as officers for V.l.C.A.- I.C.T. FRONT ROW: J. Perkins, H. Barton, P. Orcutt, L. Catron, T. Hoodlebrink, M. Garrard, S. Edwards. ROW 2: Mr. Sollman, G. Sparks, B. Cooper, J. Maze, D. Fairchild, J. Pope. ROW 3: J. Martin, D. Lowehorn, B. Bledsoe, T. Neal, D. Brown, J. Davis, D. Harshey. BACK ROW: P. Butler, C. Smith, J. Morton, T. Robinson, P. Baker, J. Clapp. NOT PICTURED: P. Clapp, B. Bingham. l74fClubs 1. Showing his skill during classtime is Terry Robinson. Build the Way TRADES V.I.C.A. Building Trades provided recognition of voca- tional skills opportunities for leadership and personal devel- opment to those involved. Members of the group com- peted in skills contests. In or- der to raise money the group sold candy. Mr. Randy Miller and Mr. Larry Koby sponsored the group which consisted of 32 members. VICA-BUILDING Hard work and concentration in the mind ol Kevin Healton. Junior Building Trades-FRONT ROW: M. Ashley, M. Wilkinson, K. Healton, R. Padgett. BACK ROW: Mr. Koby, T. Broyles, T. Milliner, T. Neal, R. Murray, G. Perdew. Senior Building Trades-FRONT ROW: R. Teel, D. Neal, D. Kracko- vitz, B. Little. BACK ROW: N. Stotler, J. Huddelston, M. Haggard, R. Neal, C. Tinch. Clubsfl75 Makmg It work VICA V IC A IS potentlally the largest orgamzatron 1n the world The mam purpose of V I C A WELDING was to develop leadershlp through part1c1pat1on 1n educatlonal vocatlonal c1v1c recreatlonal and soctal HCIIVIIICS They also worked to foster a deep respect for the d1gn1ty of work to as SISI students rn estabhshmg re al1st1c vocatlonal goals and to promote hrgh standards rn trade ethlcs workmanshlp scholarshlp and safety V I C A WELDING has the state v1ce presxdent and the state parlramentarran V I C A WELDING part1c1 pated 1n several HCIIVIIICS such as the state offrcer electrons officer trammg workshops Re Weldmg Competrtlon and a sprrng p1cn1c The V I C A WELDING department was recognrzed as bemg very successful and very actxve In V I C A Machme Shop the students learned to develop performed sk1ll levels 1n ma chme shop that were saleable on today s competrtrve Job market Another purpose of the club was to develop accept able competencles 1n related machme shop areas such as blueprlnt readmg symbol rn terpretatron specrfrcatron wrrt mg and layout Th1s years officers were B111 Sarten presldent Greg Neal vrce presrdent and Doug Brown treasurer and secretary The students drd a project for the Pease Company to earn money for the club and also partrcrpated 1n V I C A State electrons rn October V I C A Reglonal and State Contest a Machrne Shop contest 1n Terre Haute and they also had a plc n1c at the end of the year O O gional, State, and National l76fCHubs Him CE if 9 Mmmll ti.. -V ii fhuy' Q. 4' Q1 Q15- '-l f 1 or - 5, W .Ax , 4 -'22 I l'fJP' tvs Left to right: Mrs. Bradburn, W. For- ney, Greg Jones, Lisa Krakovitz, Lola Edwards, Steve Schroeder, Rhonda Blackburn. VlCA Welding-FRONT ROW: T. Gorman, J. McCarty, J. Burton, L. Stinson, K. Conner. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Conway, D. Barrett, J. Brown, J. Higgins, B. Millis. BACK ROW: M. Asberry, L. Davis, L. Huckaby, D. Flowers, R. Sharp, T. Warmoth, J. Robbinson, G. Atkinson. VICA Machine Shop-FRONT ROW: D. Haggard. W. Morgan, M. Reeves, M. Leyes, K. Qualls, S. Stockton. BACK ROW: L. Conn, D. Jones, S. Baker, B. Thurman, G. Hudson, A. Nicholas, Mr. Virgil Rush. ahead PVE The Pre-Vocational Educa- tional or P.V.E. Lab was in- volved in various activities dur- ing the year. Members made crafts to sell in order to raise money for the club. Field trips were paid for with the money raised. A mock marriage was performed in the spring to give students a chance to learn the responsibilities involved in be- ing married. P.V.E. Club participated in many activities and projects that were also fun and exciting. Education and fun were com- bined at meetings and skill contests. Field trips fun rais- ing, and Christmas luncheon kept members very busy. Mrs. Bradburn explains the assign- ment on the ovcrhcud projector. PVE Mrs. Bradburn, LeAnn Fox, Jenni Jones, Patty Pierce, Kim Penny- cuff, Larry Lewis, David Hagerman, Teresa Smith, Tracy Smith. NOT PICTURED: Charles Hill VICA Machine Shop-Top: Mr. Virgil Rush, D. Brown, B. Sarten, G. Cline, M. Wright. MIDDLE: B. Shelton, S. Gribbons, J. Roberts, D. Lair, J. Dar- ling. BOTTOM: D. Miers, B. Couch, G. Neal, C. Wethington. VICA Welding-FRONT ROW: S. McMillan, D. Crawford, D. Baker, K. Masters, MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Con- way, D. Dunn, D. Masters, R. Lann, T Chriswell, T. Westfelt. BACK ROW M. Maddox, M. Walker, J. White, S Matney, C. Antle, B. Mooreland, A Johnson. ciubsfm Drama Club-FRONT ROW: D. Wal- " ll the World's a stagen DRAMA All the world s a stage and the men and women are merely players wrote William Shakespeare The Drama Club learned quite a bit about the stage and playing parts through their involvement with the production of the fall play The Miracle Worker and the spring play Hello Dolly The Miracle Worker was a touching story of Annie Sulll van s miraculous work with the bl1nd deaf and dumb Helen Keller The play written by William Gibson was set during the 1880s in and around the Keller Homestead in Tuscum bla Alabama The spring play Hello Dol ly was a lighter fictional play written by Micheal Stewart Miss Humbles was the spon sor of Drama Club She also directed both plays and orga nized their productions Her goals were to restore a Thesp1 an troupe get more students interested and active 1n the atre and build enthusiasm in the club Although Drama Club was new to our school last year it These members worked to clean Bundy s backstage helped with the plays and also had a number of parties during the year The year was con cluded with an awards banquet in the spring A most touching moment of the Mir acle Worker is when Helen as played by Tish Zander finally responds to Annie played by Lisa Maloney and embraces her lovingly A patron of our school pl iys Gordon Sheffield not only played a leading role in this years plays but also in list years spring play the Grlmmcrcy Ghost G5 3 79 1 as ' 4 vs ' 55 55 S5 ' 93 . 9 9 ' 7 9 , . ' CG - as ' ' 7 7 7 had a fairly large membership. 7 5 7 l78fLlubs 'E 5 A A all 'fev , The blind girls bid Annie farewell as she leaves for Tuscumbia: A. Win- Slcad, L. Maloney, K. Crider, M. Troxell, C. Watt, D. Smith, and D. Wallace. lace, A. Rickert, P. Hodgin, A. Win- stead, M. McCartt. ROW 2: D. Dona- hue, S. Burch, M. Garner, J. Schwabb, P. Hacker, P. Frost, D. Thompson. ROW 3: T. Zander, B. Modesitt, D. Davis, G. Mayze, J. Leyes, J. Moore, M. Branhan. ROW 4: M. Jackson, L. Maloney, D. Smith, K. Crider, C. Watt, G. Sheffield, M. Troxell, J. Can- non, L. Phillips. BACK ROW: T. Morgan, E. Deasy, J. Penticuff, K. Hughes, G. Edwards, Miss Humbles. Deutcher Klub GERMAN German Club provided stu dents with an opportunity to experience many many activi ties having a German flavor The second Monday of every month the club met under the direction of sponsor Mr Kin naird and president Dewey Wmstead The fifteen members of the club participated in several ac tivities These included an Ok toberfest a Halloween party a Christmas party and they vis ited the Heidelberg Cafe in In dianapolis a German pastry and gift shop In addition to this the club also sold advent calendars par ticipated in the foreign foods sale and had a car wash T e money earned was used to pay for the club s activities and to supply a scholarship to send a student to Germany This was the German Club s second year as an active orga nization at N C C H S Mem bership was open to all Ger man students with an interest covered in the classroom , - , - 7 7 7 , - , . h , . . . ' 1 in German exceeding materials Listening attentively as Mr. Kinnaird makes plans for German Club is Cathy Watt and Dewey Winstead. German Club-FRONT ROW: Mr. Kinnaird, D. Winstead, C. Watt, L. Swindell, L. Bumbalough. BACK ROW: J. Hamblin, C. Langston, C. Arnold, D. Rice, D. Clark, C. Sha- drick. The Stratton Mountain Boys entertain German classes with music. and dance at North Central High School. President of German Club, Dewey Winstead, finds the meetings very re- laxing. is Q 'X E lfzx. . xxx GEM .. 5 lm I i ,1 L -- ,.,f,, ,Y f- .sy 'gk ef 2 Nun, ' ' Biff X 3 6' A fx af Ai 'wr 1 8Ofv L EW l. 'cikilf J.-wb 4 CQESYSLE R ,:ff,,,1. , , 'wa A Q , 5 f s L ,skwsig is R i 5 ii x 2 V W 45 3, 'ws 1 WA Wi? 3 gk .:., . fm-:,.... A ' WWW' ff- ? ' W Q mx M-41? x SP milk v 9 -, Wim? X 'HEX Q5 ,.,.. 4 :. Fggkwmwggig' """" ,.., .2 Wim :-Q.. Skfixzmwfhgin 51 E E 2 Q S U00 L I J 41154 tofffw MWZLWWTO ,WJ ! H QM ,mf 10 X 2 1 ' 51317331 'xii ,mfffmw . . , 'X 'F g 5 ifffjiw 3 1 :A 1 fx, 'Mbna f' Adsfl8l TYTWWTTWWWWTWTT 'b?.'b.4N4N'?.'b.'b.4'.'b.4N'?.4N'?.Q15'7S5S9X'7N'7N'5X'75'75 wi NCC EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Now Serving New Castle And Henry County Areas. 1515 So. 21st St. Open 9-5 Daily Drive Up Window 7-5 Closed Saturdays. A Variety Of Services Available That Will Make It Easy For You To Take Care Of All Your Financial Matters At One Stop Under One Roof. "Where Your Savings Make More Cents." Your Member Account Is Insured To Sl00,000. Lisa M. Davis, Monte Bottoms, i' Mark Ballenger, Glenda Bottoms y 1 ' C OAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAQAOAOA ornniunlty Plfltlng IIIQ PRINTERS! LITHOGRAPHERS 1617 Broad Street 521-0000 Dara Bryant Michael Horan EC BYE if E f , , it ,0,0000000000 0 K'YxWxWxWxWx A A A A A A A A A AWxWxWsWxWxWxWx Where The Price Is Right, Quick And Courteous Service. RAY'S DRIVE-IN 1701 South Main St. Phone: 529-7701 umers fUF'5'fza5U7.1 ,f . fi 542 N. 12th St. New Castle Ind. Phone: Kim D. Smith Jeff Buck Kevin Muncy Terri Carter 1 "' J fee' A rf - fine Q w. af' K "Fresh Fruits And Vegetablesf, BUD AYERS MARKET. 1883 S. 14th St. New Castle, Ind. Phone 529-4388 Becky Brown, Angie Young N PARTY M DWISION Of CUINCQ Bums Inc S TTWTTTTWTTW 2 ' 5 f ir' .... ' ff 1. .F LOPERTY MANAGER' RENTALS LSIDENTIAL SALES FARMS BUSINESS IOMMERCUXL REALTORS . .'b.4N'b.4 BROOKS FOODS A Division Of Curtice-Burns, Inc Mt. Summit, Ind Phone: 836-4801 Ed Battoe, Purch Mgr. Father Of Senior Michele Battoe N Q 3 A N A H LADAH' WESTMENT LPPRAISA 2I'2599 v v'O'O'xff'6'OW!ON?'wff'x9'6'x9'Q1'6'x9'Qr's7'x?'s7'6 vvvvv A'2.A.A A A A A Q.Q.?.A.A.A.A.A.A.41.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q WEATHERIM w,,w..,..- im"'im3 wi' HW :ff 'W wg , 1 -7fagj"1wL' ,.A.1,,,,-va: wx, ,vw-'U' if -ft: .Hb 4 A e i , P5 ,":?:r li FIRST NATIONAL BANK 4 Convenient Locations "A Full Service Bank" Kim Johnson Richey Gardner Mike Cook VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAYA 3 'M Eg T' T T T T T T T oe.Q.4.fa.4.o.q.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.f:.o.e.o.4.o.o 9""'5 lo eless PR OFESSI ON A L B U I LDER AND DE VEL OPER THE LANDING 1 722 H S. MEMORIAL DR. PH. 529-5520 Dawn Baker, Mr. Loveless, Gina Loveless, Mona Bowman f-CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC.3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAA HONDA VILLAGE MOTORCYCLES 218 S. 15th Street New Castle, Ind. Phone: 529-8188 Charlie Brown, Barry Cooper, Dan Brown. s.: Q.: . 'Y-"""'m .. 235 South Main Phone 529-2911 The Friendly Furniture Store Eric Brammer. ,0,9.9.0,0,9,0,0,0,0-0-9.0-0- 0 I9 ' V V T V WWYTTTTYTTTWTWTW V V i 2'AvQQ2Q2o2'2+2Q2QQ+Qo2QQoQ+Qo2+2.26+'?Q'?Q'?+'3N'i TH Q . , . 5 lllhl 1 G' - A 1 h M, y l X Euginincm .. f 5 at ll fl lil l. lab ll' 8 Y it Qlxil ll 1- at ll lst:-Llt:rf.ite.e5rwtcE ThallsfGivens Inc. MIKE THALLS INSURANCE 1817 Bundy Ave. of "' "' ' Phone. 529-5049 Pete Modaff, Susie Eade, I Corey Malcom, Brenda Dalton Realty Company -. 'fe l500 Grand Ave. 'Q lg? P., 529- tfwoa' -8889 I, rf, P New Castle. O, When You List With Jones Realty, Start Packin'! Norma, Brian, Willard Jones Scl-luFFMAN's Your Triple S Furniture Store! Selection, Satisfaction, Service. ,gig ew. i. 1500 Broad Street as'.Qt 0 Tammy Knight Tracy A. Klotz el' .Q rl TWTTTTTTTTTTT TT T T TTT? QQQQQQQQ04QQQQQQQQ0Col?QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQSQQQQQQ ,- I gy ,I ROSEBOWL at NEW I gi I CASTLE LANES. St. Rd 3 South Western Road. ti Phone: 529-4633 Sandi Cook, Lisa Russell, Doug Gibson, Beth Edwards. HINSEY ELECTRONICS Q I gi. 512 s. 22nd st. U A, U V I 0 iff- New Castle, Ind. Phone 529-3381 Complete Line Of Home And Car Stereo Equip- ment, Acces- sories, Electronic Parts And Componets. P.A. Equipment T.V. And Stereo Sales And Service. Jim Groce. 5 , ' I Q Li' Q19 PROPERTIES T UNLIMITED, l 1111 INC. as "" I Listed f Traded f Appraised , .R , ,. Complete Real Estate Service I N I ' The Landing 1. , 1722 B. 'I , A Q S. Memorial Drive. N ' 1 I C Phone: 529-6464 . x Mona Bowman, Gina t mg Loveless, Dawn Baker ' 5 A . .,, O, 1 0000000 0000000000 0000000000 00000000000 00 b0vvvQf'vvvvvwfrvvvvv'vvvvvvxv ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ' "-Hivhlluunii i2 sw? AF 5 Q5 -ve. 'Q 'Y li ' 'W gy? sl 'EgM " AH? .-SZ 3' I VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV :QS ro ,Q 97 ,Q 97 ,Q V7 ,Q V7 ,Q by 1 89 f Ad ...-Q 0.'?.9.'b.'b f 4- Q' STEVE'S BARBER 8: STYLE SHOP Call Steve Or Rosie For Your Haircare Needs. Perms By Appointment Phone: 529-5677 Rosie, Steve 8a Brenda Clearwater, 8: Debbie Carter Q 3. Q. A Y T W T W T T W T T 3 'if2+2+2+2'2f2'2'2+2+2+2+2'2+2Q2f2 Employees At Famous Recipe I mio CHOCH4 0111008 for good taste 0f1520l!8z86'4?6 21 st AND GRAND AVENUE PHONE 529-6278 Faith Denny Susan Lee Cheri Tower Paul R0-21Ch F' if f REDELMAN,S STORE Jr. Department Store, Hardware, Gifts, Lingerie 1900 A. Ave. Phone: 529-0401 Cheri Tower Lori Jones Brian Jones Kim Williamson QQQQQQQQobQQWQQ0000060QOQOQOQOQOOOQOQOQOOOQV 'IV'YYWIVWYWIV1YWIV1Y'IV1Y'IV1YWIVYYWUVYYWUVWYWIHUVYYWIV1Y'UP' 2bQ+2+2+2+2+QoQQ2+QQ2oQ+2+QQQ+A'2fSQ?+'?+'5o4N9 P P b b r b r C4 sQ '4 Q4 ri' ,4 SOI E31 44 S 4 34 UQ fa G4 v 1 r 1 w I4 3 fr- 4 F14 IQ! O Q1 IQ' 'I In '4 In '4 In '4 lg K" 'I Ig: lg. 4 Ig: IW FENNELLS Cake Decorating, Supplies, Trophies 84 Engraving 1815 Riley Rd Phone: 529-1705 Faith Denny Linda Waters Brenda Perdue Debbie DeHart ILDVES We're In The Hardware Business' POLK REALTY 2000 S. Memorial Phone: 529-0400 St. Rd. 3 North Phone: 836-4831 Building And Cabinet Hardware Plumbing And Electrical Supplies All At Lowe's Low Prices -0.-...ic Fil VV? WVWVWWWVWWWWWWWVTVWoooooooooooooooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwO AN New QQQQQQQQ0040QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ A Step In The Right Direction B 8a B 'i SHOES 1326 Broad St. Phone: 529-3004 Meridith Boatright Scott Wyatt Jenny Smith 8L Monica Kline Q See The New Car Of The Year The K-Car DAVIS 8L BATES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 2541 Broad St. Phone: 529-1505 Cynthia Marcum gli! I Mark Bates 8a 5 I Randy Sharp QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ000960Qooooooo6oooQo,o,o,o,os, K s, T ' V W V W V WVWWWWWWWTWTWWVVV 593.g.g.g.gAX'b.45.'b.45.'b.45.'b.4u'b.45.45.45.'b.41.g.g.g S JACOBS .5 3 ACE bell HARDWARE """"' 1318 Broad St. Phone 529-5303 Darren Clemens 9 4 szq 9.4 5 4 9 9.4 5 4 0 9.4 5 4 0 9.4 5 4 0 9.4 5 4 9.4 Duke Dudley BEALL'S For The Finest In Apparel For Women And Men 133 Broad St. Phone 529-4302 :QQ o P Todd Barnes 0, Tanya Cole Steve Whiles P :fr ,Q 99 be 99 be 99 ,Q 'You Are ,ry Never Too IO, Q Young To Q, Q Need Insurance' ARLIE L. HARP 34 94 o 9 4 34 o 9 4 Q4 g INSURANCE 9:4 54 Michelle And Meuisa Futrell 54 5 4 Q4 N b'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVWV . . WOOD,S SURVEYING CO, INC. 1116 Broad Street 529-7117 Wood's Surveying Would Like To Congratulate The Class Of 1981. Merril Woods Dean O'Neal Mr. And Mrs. Woods X. ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NT , 3 CONVENIENT ONE 1 HOUR CLEANERS , 403 South Main And 15th And Broad St. fb New Castle Nw Phone: 529-6660 Doris McQueen Dixie Duddleston 0 Julie Jones Christy Hastings ' 3 4491 1559 Broad St. Phone: 529-8350 Rob Guffy, Mark Koger, Beth Edwards EEJCPenney ,f 1404 Broad St. Phone: 529-6820 Karen Milasheski Julie Schwab Michelle McCorkhill 'o'o'o"o'o'o'o'o'o'o'ooQooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV Ads 484845 YO u R ndependenf Insurance AGENT SERVES YOU FIRSY gr. BOB D. WHITE INSURANCE 1201 Race St. New Castle, Inc. Phone: 529-2020 Mike Atkins, Steve Alford, Greg Pinneo l REt5QlPTioN:j5 's?'fff's? QQQSQQQA - EDWARDS J EWELERY Ear Piercing Stainless Steel Earrings 1334 Broad St. Phone: 529-2203 Kim Guffy Kathy Guffy Michelle Rains Todd Hart DENTON'S APOTHECARY For Your Pharmaceutical Needs 1824 Bundy Ave Phone: 529-2456 Brenda Dalton Susie Eade Pete Modaff Corey Malcom V V V V V V V x?'s?'6's?'s?'QsV 5. ko 0, M JEWELERS fig 4.4 3 94 CQ P 94 SQ P 94 4.4 P 94 C94 P 94 C94 I O 61 P 94 C94 or f 0 OI P 94 C94 I Q C01 I 0 C01 X 0 co' I 0 I0 I0 C. Portraits k 0 WT? 'b.4N4N'b.'b.'b.'1h4'.'b.4N'b.4N'b.'bAN4X'b.4X'b.4hQ.Q HARMGN H. HOY For All Your Fine Jewelery Needs 200 S. 14th St. Phone: 529-5932 Christy Orr Mary Jo Crow Carie Rust Julie Grider ' llwilwisuors , I ,-3, Fashion For The 9 J W 9 ll 'J ff ln 5 Age li Types For The 'T 9' Occasion P 0 Greg 8L CO Gaye Conners Prestige REID,S STUDIOS P Portraits, School, 5 Commercial, 84 Weddings as Y 200 N. 12th St. MW, Phone: 529-5009 ef Randy Morgan ,iff Sherri Maple Kletis Morgan r J 01 k 04 C94 F O4 5:4 New Castle 91 P O4 C94 F 94 C94 VVVVVVVVVVVVVY s?'sV'0's?f's?'6'Qf'O's?'s?'s?'x?'sfr'Qf'Qf'0'O's?'s?'x?'0'6'6O I yvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv .Q.QA.QOQQQQQAOoOQOQOQOQOQOQOQQQAQAQAAQ K Henry County Savings: I The best frlend V .' . ' JJ' "'Fa, wa s your money could have 1 s- 'Q -'-,i"vl"l-,xg X -Ps fx: .'.' 1 I 1 .ix :S x ' fx? Your money makes more l is money at Henry Com PIE., I 2 Savmgs-whether 1l,S i an' 7 placed in a Regular . 2 g 5 Savin s Ac t ' 1 X, cbgt by .Ng I. qhl. Q, g coun ,or 1n f" --QY -. "fi one of our high-yield Cer- '- ' -v.. , - . , K. x 'r-N x . Wulf.. . " """ ,L ib t1Hcates.It's protected, too... ' TQ uc? to 540,000 by an agency of the 4 '--- -- Fe eral Government. Do yourself- and your money-a big favor. Put it to work at Henry County Savings. It's time Henry County Savings and Loan Association NEW CASTLE, KNIGHTSTOWN, MIDDLETOWN, GREENFIELD INDIANA we got together! - - - - W- ------, N, N.. . 1 6'0'Q's7'0'0'O'x?'s?'0'6'x9'x9'Qr'x9'?1's?'s?'x9'?z'x9'Qf N QQ ua-E O 4.9.0 GENERAL CONTRACTOR ENGINEERED BUILDING .4 FACILITIES, INC. 129 N. 26th St. Phone: 521-0416 Mike Lauer Kelly Sare. VVVV QQQQQQQQQ INDIANA ERECTGRS, INC Our Specialty -Steel Erection -Field Fabrication -Rigging -Machinery Moving 129 North 26th St. Phone: 529-3476 Mike Lauer Kelly Sare. 0'x?'S!f'x9'Qr 'b'?.4X9.'?.'b.'?.'b.0.4.4845.'b.'?.4.4.'b.?.'b.4N9.4N'b.4 P.K New Castle. 432 Broad St. Phone: 529-5110 Building For The Future Or Just Fixing Up Today Come To PK Mark Brown, Rodger Kirkpatrick, Todd Garner, Todd Horney M.: X 3 0000000000009000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO umm K PAW Z-5 M-XYERS ffmirruiucss sm: non 3 AT sunnv Av: NEW CASTLE, INDIANA 47362 One Of New Castleas Finest Displays Of Quality Furniture And Appliances. Phone: 529-2780 St. Rd 3. South. Robin Faurote. HAIR PORT HAIR DESIGN Teresa G. Nuger Scott McWhorter Connie Hill Joe White. Maggie Holaday Kristy Rucker Susan Scott Janet Tabor V1 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV Q2.Q.Q.Q.2.f?.9.4N'b.'?.4N'b.'5.'b.'b.9.4N'b.'b.4.4.0.QQ A Hamfgge K t : New Castles if KW Professionals In g Styling And Hair Care. if 169oBmadst. : Phone: 529-3436 3 3 : 3 Scott Wardlow t Terri Baldock it .. XX ,f litter MLEEEIEHEQEY 2016 S. Memorial Dr. Phone: 529-0703 r U 0 Dean Love-Manager . V ,1 it Martha Sneed-Sec. t Lee Heck, Pete Modaff Corey Malcolm 3 tt LGGSTON'S AUTO SUPPLY Everything For Your Car's Needs 2904 Broad fs 4, Phone: 529-6608 Beth Edwards Lisa Lee Lisa Tully v0v0v0v0v6vOvOvOv6v0vO00000006000006000OOOOOQQOQOOOOOOOOOA VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV QAAAAAA .A.A,4.A.4.4.A. N Rseerws 1, 4? 1930 S. Memorial Dr. Special Party Desserts Cakes Made To Order Open Year 'Round Susie Matheney Jenny Kaelber Tina Catron Becky Gwinn TROJ AN DRIVE-IN Fast Service Specialties Hamburgers Tenderloins 2100 Broad St. Phone: 529-9447 Reba Daffron Lisa S. Davis 0 'fo'0'o'o'o'o'o'o'o"o'o'o'o"o'o'o VQfQ7QA7AVAVAVAVANV4 lg s is r-fn-Y Q'A.Q.Q.Q.Q.4N'b.465.4.9.'b.'b.'b.'b.'b.'b.'b.'b.4h'?.'b.'b MEEK FLORIST For Beautiful Floral Arrangements FTD 490 Indiana Ave Phone: 529-2560 Mona Bowman Jenny Catey THE CLOSET 'From Our Closet To Your Closet' 1325 Broad St. ' 'aww lttt Phone 529-0306 2 Jenea Hamm Amy Harter It's Jans For . . . Party Goods Candles Posters Gifts 8a Wedding Invitations One Step Card And Gift Shop Ciwxdba- Julie Bennet Nancy Dudley WWWWWVVVTTQooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 40' X is f 04 I 9 T3 4' X uuztmut '4 94 '4 in O 4" 'I Q0 'I 4:4 4:1 61 '4 W4 V" 4NNaNlNlNlSlsisfsfsfsfsishshshshshsAsAsAsAsAsA. simnnsntsutxs ,mh ' ,xxi 5 gl It I Tull s 102S SOUTH 12TH STREET NEVV CASTLE, INDIANA 47362 ILKll!Pll7Yl for Qlialiiyll smcrz V940 "New Castle's Oldest Family Owned Heating :SL Cooling Business' Independent Your Dealer Lisa Tully And Dad VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 090000OOOOOOO0900900000660090000OOOOOOOOOOOOOO VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV AN A A A A A A A AOA0AOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAQAQAQAQ I tea S RECORDN if S9359 MAKEA fear 5 .mg rpuacmxcg t . , AND as Rims Nh DA, e' BRADLEY SCOTT SHOPS State Rd 38 West New Castle. Dixie Dudelston Brad Davis .W i1:f?ififsAY QQW QQQCES 25.2 pmzf CHECK US GU? t Smart CHS'ers Buy Records And Tapes At: RECYCLED SOUFHD 1213 Race St. Albums 0 Tapes 0 New And Used Imports 0 Buttons And Posters Melodic Alley, Tammi York, Tony, Thurman X,- -v A A A A A A 9' AWxWxWxWxWsWxWsWxWxWxWxWxWxWsWsWsWx A A A OAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOA040AOAOAOA6AOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAO Q 09-yew isz,2g5sz': q O. 55,5 Niiidiifcl Coke adds life. MARY WCODBURY APPAREL 110 South Mam Kelly Key IlllL NGBLE ROMAN'S Come In And See How We Toss Your Dough Around. 2015 S. Memorial Dr. Phone 529 3500 K rk Horn Llnda Baker Scarlet And Scott Benemattm QOOOQOQOQOQOVQO 9 VOQOQOQOQOQOQO 9 969666060 V iv 45?.'b.4N4N'b.'?.45.'b.'b.4N'b.'?.4X'b.'b.4N'b!b.4N'l1.Q.'b.Q Zawz OLDS-CADILLAC 25th and Broad Street NEW CASTLE, INDIANA 47362 Phone: 529-4230 Right On The Corner Right On The Price! Kim Bell, Kelly Roser, Kathy Hoke. ff' 1 if if? V. MACER FUNERAL M W, . HoME 600 S, Main St. Congratulations Seniors! B111 Macer, Todd Horney, Kirk Horn 5? 2013 S. Memorial Dr. Phone: 529-1105 Complete Line Of Records Tapes 8a Accessories. See Tony Or Gary For All Your Listening Needs. Rosey Staff. 'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o o 0 o o o 4 o Q o Q o o o o 4 o'o'o'o'o o o o o o 0 o o o o Q o Q 0 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNV X PON """"""'FUO-wa Q Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQoaoaoaoaoaoaoao2030302026 AA af' 44" DUDLEY'S SERVICE STATION State Road 3 North Phone: 529-9903 Hardware, Auto Parts, Car Wash, And Minature Golf Course. Susan And Nancy Dudley SQA . 5.1 . 5.1 . 5.1 O 5.1 . 5.1 . 5.1 0 5.1 . 5,1 . 5.1 . 5,1 5.1, 5.1, 5.1 5.1, 5.1 9 Qogogo 943' - Sears ARS. ROEBUCK AND CO. Where America Shops 1416 Broad St. Newcastle Phone: 529-1340 Lori Jones Cheri Tower Sue Oney Kathy Southerland " "T" ' ' ' "'T Like a good fl ' 1 neighbor, i 1 State Farm I 4 IS there. , ,pd ,ff U51 gf" f5 5: i ma X 5 a ,, W ff HNQVAWW: -7. 1 rl' 1 RTT! Q ii 1 1 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Gene Land 318 Parkview Dr. Phone: 529-8755 Joann Kerwin Joni Shadrick Lori Cole VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV7 O"31'Qr's?f'Qr's7'6's7's7'Q1'0 v v v v 0 O O 0 Peti Tbsies Z ." .-rz,1,4-Q 3177529170 01'i8ina1's,'9"" if 421 B1nzdyA1'e'. , Neu Cas e n 7362 Lucretia Peacock Susan Keepsakes, Silk Flowers For All Occasions. Jackie Myers, Paula Koger Lori Cole, Deanna Barnett Gf".E,W1 529-8155 N,.Nfl.eI.0.el O O Tvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv QAAQA A A A A AAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQA A A A A A A A Q A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. CAOAQAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAO 34 xQ L0 5Q :Q r ,Q y Q s' Q I PX, ' f s' . A : 0 I. in 'rf L t . F, A 5 CQ ' y ' 1 ,Q ,O 1 r Q 1 ! ,Q yQ 5Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 9. i s. H ' ,9 or sQ 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q 5Q 'Q ,Q ,Q THE 'I COURIER It TIMES :Q Q New Castle, Ind. 'Q ', 201 S. 14th st. f Phone: 529-1111 Jeff Razor ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q 'Q ,Q ,Q VV? V77 - r Don't Horse 4 f Around Call DIETZ ' ELECTRIC St. Rd. 38 New Castle Phone: 529-2659 Commercial-Residential Industrial Mark Brown Kathy Schmitt Amy Popewell Kristy Rucker L6's7'O'5'0'5'3'U'1?'0'x?'0's?'x?'0'x9'x?'0'0'0's?'s?'Q0 IA: 8'o'3'o'3'o'3'o'X'o'3'o' Y q'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o Q o 7 'fTf41?D,UN'F1,Nf1 ANI, HE DUN.. AWVW. VFW gferg Wed! 7415, ,Fr ' 'gl-JF 1925 S. 18th St New Castle, Ind. Phone: 529-0917 Lisa Lee Chuck Sadler 5 t d 9 f 24,35 ff, if IC +L.. QZWMQWM Aenoss :nov mfs radar Kaus: Kirk Horn Todd Horney 9331-v v v v v wv 1XA.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A A A A A A CHAPIN INSURANCE AGENCY, Phone. f3l7J 529-0002 201 N. 12th St. New Castle, Ind. 47362 Lisa Bell, ' Steve Alford Q SERVING Y Wunw RAINTREE 500 MUFFLER SHOP "Have Your Car Diagnosed." Rod Hannon x',,z M AS WE lAtC2ULD BE SERVED , s HOSTETLER W ' FUNERAL FUNERAL HOME 700 S. 14th ST. 700 S. 14th St oooooo V V s?'s?'0 C01 r 04 Cn r 44 Cn z Q4 C04 r Q4 Cu r Q4 in r Q4 in 23' r 4' 5 r r r r r 1 n n v 1 v u t 'Nt.'b.4N'b.'b.4X4N'?.'b.4N'b.'b.4X4N'b.'b.4N'b.'?.'b 0.935 4.4 WEILAN,D FLOWERS Wedding, Birthdays Or Any Other Special Occasion Send Flowers 407 S. Main St Phone: 529-6308 Becky Smith Tracy A. Klotz Sheila Watson THE Property, Business ill Fire, Auto. Established 1901 1220 Broad St. Phone: 529-6400 Mark Garrison Darren Ballenger WALDEN,S STUDIO 1210 Vine St. New Castle Phone: 529-8666 Pictures Of Your Life. Od!! Bill Walden k 4 V4 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 0's?'x?'s7'O'O's7'x?'x9'ON?'O'0'x?'s?'s7'0's7'Qr'Qf'O'O'C!r AA PFENNINGER AGENCY INC. 4AN4NlNlNlSlxfsAsAsAsAsAnAsAshshsfshshnhshshshs AQAOAOAOAQAOAOAOAOAO GAO Q Q o o oi! o o no Q o o 4 0 Q o OAG OAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAQAQA M4 Elway, '51 mls 4 Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv oooosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Nfwfw'N'N'v'v'V'v'V'V'V'v'v'V'V'v'v'V'v'v'V'VV Q v v v v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv A?QAQAQAQA.AQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQQ A A A A A 'I 41" DIAMOND CGNTAINERS INC. 1132 S. 14th St. Phone: 529-0890 Containers To Fit The Customer's Needs Kathy 8a Gretchen Schmitt V VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVX 6 63.626,28,26,28,2628,28, 1 QAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQAQ uo1s3ue'1 Aputg SLUBHIEAA !Pnf uosuppv A1129 plouxv Msilyl I1S8'6ZS 39U0l1cI apsng MQN UFEW 'S 1091 'SQUIUA IDEM umoq apisdfl 'ONI GSCIOOD DNIlHOdS ALISHVA 'Wu-uv, ?k.I9k.I9k.I,k Awwnmnnwwwvyyyyyyymv A A L BARR,S SUZUKI 534 N. Memorial Dr Phone: 529-7200 Motorcycles Bicycles Used Cars Mopeds Karts .A.A.A.A,A,A.A.A,2 P 5 401 '4 401 '4 401 4 40: 401 4 40: 401 4:1 4 401 43' .4 401 40' 4 43' ,4 Cathy Barr Susan F. Teague TOP HAT, INC. Sandwiches And Pizza At Budget Prices You Can Afford Anyday 2502 Broad St. Phone: 529-1129 Bill Dicken ' Gary Porter 4f'sV'4r'4f'O'?f'0'6'4?'4f'w!f'x?'6'x9'6'x7's7'x?'s7'x?'v v xx: ,Q V7 ,Q rf ,Q V5 ,Q V7 ,Q V5 ,Q vb ,Q wb ,Q V7 ,Q no ,Q vb 7.3 :fa AxAAAAAAAAAAAA,4x,Q,4x,4,4x,4x,4sAAA CEHARSQQ A CAR FOR Y'J1lG0oawf CR Ufsnv RAIN TREE A U TO SALES, INC. ST. RD. 3 AT BUNDY AVE. NEW CASTLE PHONE: 529-2113 Mike Goodwinv BEN FRANKLIN For The Variety Of Your Needs Payne Village Shopping Center Phone: 521-0376 Roger Godby MAC'S FAMOUS I HAMBURGERS AND STEAK HOUSE St. Rd 3. Christy Hastings, Beth Davis Terri Dean Y V V V V V V V V 7 V 0'0'6'O'x?'6's?'s?'6'O'!r'O'x9'6's?'x?'s7'?f'0'6'Q1'4f'xTs7A 0.4.9 XR MMM if l L 3 5 J if M CATRON'S PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO Portraits! WeddingsfSchools Commercial 2602 S. 14th St. Phone: 529-6877 A A A A A A A JOHN,S HOME J CENTER 1' 400 N. 14th st. A Phone: 529-4990 Julie Boyce Marsha Jackson Colleen Maze 0'x9's7 Q Q ? l x GIBSON ARENA 406 N. Memorial Dr Phone: 529-8181 Lori Phillips, April Baily Jackie Ross Jenny Lavarway s9'x?'x9' 'O o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'Q'o'o'oAoAoAoAoAoAoAoAoAoA A A 39 Payne Village Shopping Center Phone: 529-4678 uw 5 HANTY ' logists Have Been Using Them For Many, Many Years To Treat Psoriasis And Acne." INGERSOLL IOHNS ON Stainless Steel Plate VVe've recently acquired a new name. Don't let that confuse you. VVe've been a part of the New Castle, Indiana. industrial community for nearly 100 years. And, the reason is-our customers know we do our specialty better than any other source-large or small. VVe're expanding. We are the only fully integrated specialty steel mill in the middle west. In addition to stainless and carbon steels. we make soft center tri-ply steels for plows and moldboards: saw steels for circular saws to 72-in. dia- meter. cross-rolled: and tool steels. We are specialists in producing stainless and carbon steel plate from 3l16-in. up to 3-in. thickness: widths to 96-in. and lengths to 300ein. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv7 Q 000009999000 00090000 O'x?'s?'x?'O'O'Qr'x?'Qf x9'x?"?f v v v v v v'v v v v wv FUTERISTIC BOUTIQUE "Doctors And Dermato- vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Us ,, ei "P-Q -ni I , ' I -:X 5 S SERVING EDUCATION THROUGH SPACE DIVISION PRODUCTS Operable Walls Folding Doors Folding Partitions Coiling Partitions Modernfold An American-Standard Company New Castle, ln 47362 0 6'6's?'x9's7'x9'0'!f'Qf's7'Q'0'x9'?z'6'x?'O'6's?'O's?f 6 g 5 1-., I I I 0 1 I ,Q O V7 ,Q V7 ,Q V7 ,Q no ,Q V, ,Q V, ,Q vo ,Q V7 ,Q V7 ,Q P9 ,Q V7 ,Q .37 I9 Q ' P Q '66 Ballinger, Calland, Scott jr. 119 ndex Aaa Bbb Baesman. Davis so. Baesrnan, Delores jr. 118 Bailey, April sr. 94, 160, 218 Bailey, .loy jr. 118, 155 Baker, Danny jr. 118, 177 Baker, Dawn jr. 118, 146, 172, 136, 188 Bertram, Jennifer so. 131 Bertram, Tammy jr. 118 BIBLE CLUB Bingham, Billy sr. 95, 174 ' Bittner, Toniso,131.152,152.167 Black, Charles sr. 95, 155 Blackburn. Alan sr. 95, 153 Blackburn. Cindy so. 131 Blackburn, Deborah so. Blackburn. Rhonda sr. 166 Brunoehler. Debbie Mrs, 64, 71, 52 Brunoehler, Phil Mr. 56 Bruton, Sheila sr, 95, 97 Bryant, Dara 94, 95, 172 Buchanan, Detra jr, 160, Buck, Jeffrey sr. 23, 95,1183 Buck, Sharon so. 38, 132, 173 BUD AYERS MARKET 183 Bumbalough. Lisa 95, 147, 153, 179 Bunch, Jerry so. 37, 132 Aaron. Cathy jr, 118,153 Abshirc, Tony jr. 118 , Abshirc, Anthony jr. 118 Acres, Kevin so. 131 Adams, Michael so. 37, 131, 51 Adams, Robin jr. 118 Adams. Timothy jr. 118 Addington, Doris Mrs. 70 Adkins Adkins , James sr. 941 , Larry jr. 118 Adkins, Teresa jr. 118- Adkins, Tommy jr. Adkins-Klotz, Tracy 125. 232 Agee, Bradley so. Agee, Darrell jr. Akers. Kevin so, Akers, Leah so. 131 Akey, Wayne Mr. 76 Alberson, Lynda sr. 94 Albcrson, Ricky so. Alcorn. Lisa sr. 94, 163 Alcorn, Thomas so. 131 Aldcrson, Rick so. 131 Alexander, Thomas jr. 118 AL-PRO-FAB 214 Alford. Sam Mr. 84, 154 Baker, Howard jr. Baker, Katrina jr. 153, 54 , Baker, Linda jr. 28, 118, 172, 206 Baker, Lori jr. 118, 60 Baker, Philip sf. 94, 174 Baker, Scott jr. 118. 177 Baker, Stephanie so. 131 Baker, Tamhre jr, 118 Baldock, Theresa sr. 7, 19, 94, 155, 160, 161, 167,201 Bale, Betty Ms. 87 Bales, Brenda so. 153 Balcs, G. 163 Blackburn. Scott 15 Blankenship, Curtis so. 131 , Blaydes,7Barbara jr. 118 1 Bledsoe. Bryan sr. 95, 174 Bledsoe, Cathy sr. 95 Blevins, Brian so. 131 Blevins, Lynn 51 Blevins, Rick sr. 95, 160, 220 Boatman, Teresa jr. 118 Boatright, Meredith sr. 50. 51, 95, 155, 192 Boesrnan, David so, 131 Boggs, Gregory so. 131 Ballcnger Cynthia so. 131 Ballenger, David Ballenger. Dawna jr. 18, 152, 153, 172, 231 Ballenger, Mark so. 131 Ballcnger. Deron so. 131, 152, 153 Ballcnger Karen sr. Ballcnger, Mark so. 182 Ballenger, Nick so. 131 Ballenger, Teresa so. 131 Ballcnger. William sr, 111 Ballinger. Dawna jr. 118 Nick so. Alford, Steve so, 43, 62, 63, 131, 138, I 172, 196, 212 Alfray, Chuck fr. 56 ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL BAND 152, 153 Baranski, Lyssa sr. 38. 58, 94, 113. 51, 54 Barksdale, Jennifer sr. 94. 162 Bogue. Adam jr, 46, 47, 70, 119, 152, 153 Boguc. Jeffrey sr. 15, 82. 95. 83 Bolk, Amy sr. 36, 38, 95. 97. 105. 107,147,150,15l.152,153, 51 Booher, Mark sr. 111 Borders, Philip sr, 44, 45, 88, 95, 154, 172 Bottoms, Glenda so, 49, 131, 182 Bottoms, Monte sr, 95, 182 Bow. Donald so. 131, 150, 152, 153 Bow, Margaret Mrs. 89 Bowers, Jennifer jr. 23, 70, 119, 153 Bowers, Teresa so. Bowman, Mona jr, 33, 60, 118, 119. 146, 147, 168, 172, 186. 188. 203, 232 BUNDY TECHNKIAL STAFF Benton, Linda 20, 38 , Btirizh, Shelley sr, 7, 954167, 172, 173, 178 BURGER CHEF 15 Burger, Jeffrey sr. 95, 97, 154 Burgner, Lana so. 60, 132, 146, 147 Burke, Lisa jr. 119 Burlton. .lane sr. 19, 95, 153 Burris, Diane jr. 119, 155 Burris, Jennifer sr. , V ' Burris. Linda jr. Burris, Lisa so. 132 Burris, Tammy so. 132 Burton, Chris so. 51 Burton, Joseph sr, 95, 106, 107, 177 Bush, Brenda jr. 52, 119. 146, 155 Bush, James so. 132, 51 Butier. P. 174 Butler, Rodger jr. 119, 127 Butler, T. 163 Byers, Gary so. Byrd, Tamara so. 132 Coe Boyce, Julie jr. 49, 119, 218 Caldwel 1, Vicky so. 132, mo Calland, Shane sr. 95. 214 iiiiiiizpialiii so 131 Barnes' Todd 5' HB' '93 ggi? gyxviil1Erlitiis1Acils6msr62' 63 Cannon' Judith 50' 132' '78 I ' r ' Barnes, Vanessa 20 , ' Carlton, Randy sr. 82, 83, 95 Alloc, John so. 131 1 BOYS TENNIS 46. 47 I , Q Barnett, Deanna jr. 118. 146 . Carmony, Shirley Mrs. 32 Ancni S518 we ' ' BARR'S suzuki 216 Bud 1' bon oy m' Carnes, Mate 10, in en' crrlso' Barrett, Donaid sr. 94, 177 fa en' S ' can-, Brenda jr, 120, 15,0 Alley, Melodic so. 131, 160, 52. 205 Barton Hel-ben Sr H1 174 BRADLEY SCOTT SHOPS 205 Cancndcr Jodi jr Ancy, Mrs. 162 BASEQALL 42 4, ' BRAMMERS iss Cmendcr- Lan ' I . . , y so. 132 Alley- Trend 501 131 Bnskm noeams 202 B'am"'c" Em 50' 56' U" 253' '86 cami, Andrew so. 44, 132. 152. 153 Alspaugh, Susan Miss 58, 59 Bassett. Chris 50. 13, Branham. Melody so. 132, I 8 Cana Angela jr, '20 '53 ilmn' Mr' 81 H8 Bassett, Kenny so. 56, 57. 131, 153, Ejfngrjrhg Cafgcfj Anthgny 50, 132 Am?'mK'.fmlmYijS 54 58 173 B it .n'J ffl! H9 147 Carter, Debbie so. 15.22,133,153, mic' L"?'1U'54 53 53 55 59 Bates, Brenda sn. 131 Bm 3' -jf"UT1 H5 ,SS 170,190 ciigrigs jr 'mi :rr i Bam' Mm' S5 Sl' '47' '55' '73' 192 Biziilxrnniimariinaa jf 119 155 Cam" Randy SO' '32 ' ' ' Battoe. Michele sr. 94, 97, 153 ' . . ' ' Carter, Rick sr. 95 Qnljf' Slgrfz so' lij',j?6,4., M8 Baly. Vanessa So. 131 gfgncffaf' g'Clf1ey fyfg' H9 Cartcr,S1ac1jr. 120. 124. 155. 156, I Ig fab 31721 Sf' - i - ' aaugh, Lisa jf. its, isa B1 gc HL' .112 iso ARLIE HARP INS I93 Bays, Donald Mr. Bglgglks 184 Carxer, Terri jr. 120, 155, 183, 51 I . ' Bays, Thomas so. 56, 153 v Cassudy, Kevin so. 132, ' Armour. Gerald jr. 51, 118, 172 Bays Timothy so 56 U' Brooks, Rex Mr. 71 Caswuuccig Gloria Miss .H Armpricster, James sr. 63, 79, 111, B 8c'B SHOES 152 ' Brooks, Ruth Mrs, 71. 158 Castro Emiiiode Mr ,30 f'Xlri0lc?,4lCi'g?ij1r.?lll8, iss. 164. 179. B?fiiELgsIl?1Slieg 313:21 me gale? Jim 1321113303 215. 54 ' Brown, Danse: jr. ao, ez, 63, 119, iss won' 11559 5 ' ART CLUB Beck, Barbara sr. 94, 96, 104, 152, Brown Dixie Sr '62 Catron. Billy jr. 120 . 171 ' ' C ,J l' A . 120 Alfberry' Bibi Sr'b4 Bcclcner. Lincoln D. sr. 94 Bgown' Grcyor S0 '32 - f Canon, Max sr. 33, 951. I Azbirry' Hamm ' Bell, Alicia so. 131. 160 Bmwn' jade: lr' U9 Catron, Pam so. 132 Asbciiyl Ra so 131 Ben' Diana jri 118' '60 Brown, James ir' 119 177 CATRONS PHOTOGRAPHY ASDCYYZ1 Totilyi 118, 177, 51 ggi' gigs tif' 160' 207 Brownl Julie sri.ll32 1 Se'igg1Kgc2J::'S53i32 51 Ash, Larry Mr. vs, 152 Ben' Sumtrb 95 Brown, Mark' jr. 63, 119, 200, 210 Canon- Sham SQL 95' Afhby- T011 S184 75 BEN FRANKUN 217 Blown' P"Yll'5f"' '32, canon, Tina sr. 95, iss, zoz Ashley, Michael jr. 51, 118, 153, 1 Benemam, Scarleu 206 Brown, Rebecca so. 1 2. 183 Caudm, Kathy SL 95 V K QEqH'7EgllCh,Dflg?n' ff, Us I 54 Bertemat1i,iScottso. 56, 131. zoa g'0:"' f.'fj'iOS'j3 51330 1 Canaan, Nancy Ms, '19, mr m0"'fgl EZWI96' ' ' ' Bennett, Juiie sf. io, 3195, 147, 203 Blawg' Wmiajn sg 95 9, coca, Brenda nl. 132 A ki y '. 125 160 2,3 232 Bennett, Kalhyrn jr, 118. 155 Bm ,el Alan ld ' ' Chaifant, Janice jr. 120, 149 Atkfnf' 'fy 1" 41,4 Q77 5,5 aennea, Kim jf, 32, tis, 155 Emile! Leann Mm 36 S9 chambers. Paul Mr, va. 155. 172 Kiiinsib 'ist' ' Benson' G'eg0'Y 3" '18 Broiler Terry ll9M130' 115 51 Chambm' Pm' 5" '20, 152' '53 ' ' ' ' Berfanger, Vicki jr. 76, 118 Bmmigg Joann jr' I 19' ' CHAPIN INSURANCE AGENCY Bergin, Dianna so. 131, 147. 157 Bmmley' Phmip jj H9 212 S 1 2 1 1 - 222flndex I I 3- 3,3 ll lil Ulu! 1 uu Chapman, Patricia so. 132 Chastain, David Mr. 85 Chasteen. Lavonna jr. 120 Chasteen, Sanya jr. 120 CHEERLEADERS 60 Chesher, Jerry so. 132, 155 Chisscl. Pam jr. 120 Choate. Pam jr. 120, 157 CHORALE 166 Chowning. Cheryl jr. 120. 147, 157 Christ. Teresa so. 132 Christie, Donna sr. 111 Christensen. Pamela so. 132 Christie, Donna sr. 111 Christopher, Laura sr. 96 Chriswell, Patty jr. 120, 155 Chriswell, Tim jr. 120, 177 Church. Pauiene Ms. 87 CITIZEN FEDERAL BANK 211 CITIZENS FEDERAL BANK 211 C1T1ZEN'S STATE BANK 214 Clampitt, Lisa sr. 96, 100. IO1, 160. 172, 161 Clapp, Jeff sr. 96, 174 Clapp, Karen so. Clapp, Patrick sr. 96, 174 Clark. Dean so. 132 Clark, Donna so. 132, 160, 179 Clayborn, Robert so. 132 Clayborn, Robin sr. 96 Claywell, Chris so. 132 Clearwater, Brenda so. 132, 190 Clemens. Darren sr. 42, 96, 193 Clements. Tammy jr. 120 Cline. Gerald jr. 56. 120. 177 THE CLOSET 203 Contreras, Marilyn Ms. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 206 Coffeit, Stephanie jr. 80. 120. 164 Coffey. Angela jr. Coffey, Bradley so. 132 Coffey. Christa so. 132. 160 Coffey. Matt jr. 120 Coffey. Tina so. 132 Coffey, Tracy jr. 23, 120. 147, 153 Cole David sr. 96 Cole. Debbie sr. 96 Cole Lori jr. 120. 209, 52 Cole, Stephen so, Cole , Tanya so. 193 Colgan. Mark sr. 96, 98, 104, 106 107, 165 Collins, Richard Mr. 38, 74, 75 Condry, David so. 132 Conley, Evelyn Mrs. 87 Conn, Larry jr. 120, 177 Conner. Gaye jr. 132, 153, 197 Conner, Greg sr. 96, 177, 197 CONSUMERS ICE 84 FUEL 183 CONVENIENT ONE HOUR CLEANERS 195 Conway, .Ian Mr. 75, 177 Conway. Jeff 42 Conway. Tim jr. 120. 160, 161 Cook, Horace Mr. 36, 76 Cook. Michael sr. 96, 185, 230 Coorner. Laura jr. 120, 160 Cooney. Tamara so. 132 Cooper, Barry sr. 96, 174, 186 Copley, Jo Ann so. COPLANDS APPLIANCES 195 Cotrell. Coleen Miss 54 Couch, William jr. 120, 177, 51 COUDEN-HOSTETLER FUNERAL HOME 212 Counccllcf, Jimmy so. 133 THE COURIER TIMES 210, 229 Cox. Brent jr. 56, 120 Cox, Juiie jr. 120, 146, 160 Cox. Kenny jr. 63, 120, 51 Coy, Darren sr. 96 Crabtree. Jim so. 133 Craft. Joy so. 133 Delibaugh, Susan so. 133, 147 Dehart, Debra jr. 120, 160. 191 Dempsey. Ailene jr. 120 Dempsey. Debra sr. 97 Dempsey, Sara jr. Denny. Arnold sr. 97 Denney, Beth sr. 97, 162. 172 Craig, Erie jr .120 Craig, Nancy Mrs. B9 Craig. Robert 122 Crawford, David jr. 177 Denney Denney Debbie jr. Debra so. 133 Faith jr. 120, 164, 190, 191 Dcnney Dcnney Homer so. 133 Dcnney Mark sr. 97 Denney Sandra so, Denney. Scott jr. 120 Dickcn, Sheila jr. 120 Dietz, Sheri 20 Denney. Sondra sr. 97, 155 Denney. Wanda so. Crawford. Katrina jr. 120 Crawford, Patty jr. 120, 147 Crawford, Wayne jr. 120 Creech, Ruth Mrs. Creselious, Jessie so. 133 Crider. Kim jr. 120, 147, 172, 178 Cronk, Joe jr. 120, 153, 168. 169, 232 Cronk. Mark Mr. 154 CROSS COUNTRY 44, 45 Cross. Robert jr. 120 Cross, Tracy jr. 120, 146 Crouch. Rex so. 133 Crousore, Paul Mr. 88. 106, 112, 232 Crow, Mary .lo so. 133, 197, 52 CULLIGAN SOFT WATER 220 Cunningham, Craig jr. 120 Curnutt, Teresa sr. 96 Ddd Daffron. Reba so. 133 Daffron, Sharon Ms. Dalton, Brenda sr. 96. 97. 148. 168. 172, 187, 189, 196. 232 Dalton, David 38 Dalton, Thomas sr. 44, 62, 63, 96, 172 Dalton, Timothy jr. 120 Daniel, Kathleen Ms. Dankovich. Lisa so. 54, 58, 59. 133 Darling. James jr. 120. 177 Davidson, Jennifer sr. 79, 96, 160 Davidson, Timothy so. 133, 153, 168. DENTONS APOTHECARY 196 Dewees, Sherry so. 133. 147 DeWitt, Daniel sr. 97 DIAMOND CONTMNERS. INC. 215 Dick. Lynn sr. 97, 158 Dickcn, Gregory so. 133 Dicken, Sheila jr. 155 Dickcn. Stcvc Mr. 82. 148 Dicken, William sr. 97. 152, 153. 167, 216 Dickerson, Donna Ms. 87 Dickerson, Jeffery so. 46, 47, 133 Dickerson, Michael sr. 97, 152, 153 Dickerson, Sara sr. 97, 162 Dietz, Debbie jr. 120 DIETZ ELECTRIC 210 Dillon. Anthony so. 133 Dinkins, Lori jr. 120, 153 Dinkins, Rickey so. 127. 133 Dinkins. Tracy so, 133, 155 Dishman. Carolyn jr. Dishman, Lisa so. 133 Dishman, Crystal sr. 97 Dishmun. Melinda jr. 120 Ditton, Terry so. 133. 160 232 DAVIS 8: BATES 192 Davis, Bradley so. 133, 205 Davis, Dana so. Davis. Donald so. 133, 153. 178 Davis, Dorthea sr. 96, 162 Davis, Elizabeth jr. Davis, Elizabeth Ann sr. 96. 217 Davis, Gary so. Davis. James so. 133. 160 Davis Katherine sr, 96 Davis Larry sr. 97, 177 Davis Lisa so. 133. 182, 52 Davis, Lisa S. so. 202 Davis Patricia jr. 120 Davis, Regina so. Davis, Richard so. 133 Davis, Sherry sr. 97, 162 Davis, Tanya sr. 111 Day, June jr. 120, 147, 172 Day, Tim 42 Dixon, Thomas so. 61. 133, 51 Dobbs. Jackie jr. 120 Dock. Davis jr. 120, 155 Dock, Diana Ms. Dolce, Lora so. 133 Dolin, Tina sr. 97, 156 Donica, Robert 20 Donahue, Dion so. 133, 152, 153, 178 Dorn, Bradley jr. 120, 130 Dorn. Cynthia so. 133, 147 Douglas, Derek sr. 97 DRAMA CLUB 178 Drewing, Lori jr. 120, 168, 184. 232 Dubingcr, Feryl sr. 10, 97. 156. 172 Dudelston. Deborah sr. 3, 19, 94, 97, 113.147, 153, 172, 173, 195. 205 Dudelston, Jeff so. 133 DUDLEYS 208 Dudley. Duke sr. 98, 193 Dudley, Nancy sr. 19, 60, 98, 147. 172. 173, 203. 208 Dudley, Steve jr. 120. 172 Dudley, Susan jr. 120, 47, 153, 208 Du nca n Brian sr. 98 Duncan, Bill so. 133 Duncan. James M. so. Duncan, Lola so. 133 Duncan, Lowell jr. Duncan, Tina so. 133 Duncan, Tom jr. 120 Dean. Candy sr. 97, 163 Dean, James jr. 120, 51 217 Deasy. Eileen sr. 25.97, 148, 160. 161, 178 DECA DeCastro, Emilio Mr. 167 Dean. Terri sr. 97, 106. 107, 158. 172. I Dunn, Harold jr. 120, 177 Dutrow, Thad jr. 120 Duvall. Renee jr. 120 Duvall, Teresa so. Dye, Staci so. 38, 133 Dykltuizcn, Joe so. 51, 61, 133, 154 1ndcx7223 Eee Eade. .lane so. 15, 39, 133, t47, 248, 153 L - ,. aaaegjigggn sf. 91, es, ms, 'l'iQ9,'j.IQ8,V 1 69 g2 23-zg 31187. l96 . I liastgigiliirri jr. 120, 164 ' V' Ealdhibonaid jr. Eaxong -Pam sr. 98 Eaton, Timmy jr. 120 . Edmonson, Linda sr. 98 Edwards, Beth jr. 121. 168, l72!A!88. 195, 39121232 1 Eaiyxgdjzgisfg. David sf, 95, 174 , fl g : hEdfyafdeg Qafy jr. 121, I78'iQkvL-jgil Edw5fi36wqi4G1ann jf. fl 21 1g1 15 EDWXYRDS J EWELERY I96' Edwards. Lola jr. 38, IT! m Edwards. Susan sr. I8, 98. 174 Edwards- Tamela sr. 98. 155 .- Eggcrs. Tamara jr. 121 Ehi. Sandra so. I34 - ' Eli, Aflhur jf. 42. 51. ea. 121, f 54 Elliqtgffiifah so. 134 5 1 ffg 11 1 fE1l'isfgiijQ1fzi:y'so, 134 Wfifvlglfgl' El!'sdri'jTg.MiQhcal jr. 121 Elisof1QfMonte so. Elmoren Jack so. Elmore, John so, Epperhan, Robin so. 134 sms. Lcari jf. 78. l2l. 153. wo Evansg'Duann jr. IZ! Evans, Ftunccs so. 134 Evcrs9iei,Bmd su. 134 Fff Fairchiid, Angela so. B4 Fairchiid. Bobbie jr, Fairchi1dQ4DelRay sr. 98 I Faifcghiidyg Rebecca sr. 98..l,2gi FNMGKBJRECIPE wo 2 Fa5hiAtgg,QCindy 38 ' Farlcygfgiamcs jr. SI. !2l - Farnsworth. Beverly Mrs. 64, 84 Farr, Don jr. 121 Farr, Kathy 20 Farrisg Leslie sr. 98, !63 Faiiisticifi, Michele 38 . Fzzuiccft,-Candy jr. 121. 153, ' FautGfifg 3RQbin' sr. 98. 1624 Eaggggiggif,gpnAnn jr. 121, 164 Fzfljkykfffg .'L- ' ' ,FENNELLS 191 - Ferguson, Christina so. 134 Ferguson, Ginger jr. 121 Ferguson. Jenny jr. Y Fcrgusnn. Sandra so, l34 . . Fcigg5Qif,.Tamc1a jr. 121, 557. fFrg151jtggjgfZ?gi21ficia jr. 121 f ,,.- ' ,LiQ5i-.QQ so. 64. I344',Lhii3i3f,f75igifjl3. -A Fcfriiii g'-htcsa 50, 134. 1,46 if4ff5 p FiifkiiZflQ.'QlEffrcy so. 134 , FIRST NATIONAL BANK 185 Fitzpatrick. David jr. 121 - Flowcrgb. Fiuwers, Jeff jr. IZ! Flyng1,:,C21fat,les sr, 98 x Foodifldmiagement Lab , 50.51 Qi fFo'qx25qiiQQir51bgflyA,So. 134, ff -if Fo?1ilijfgkjQ?f6Vayne sr. 98, 177 , 148 Fowlrf.-Charlene Ms. 87 Fox. Dale sr, 98 Fox, Dan jr. I21. 154 Fox, Eric jr. IZI, V70 Fox, Greg jf. Fox, Leann jr, 121, 177 Frame. Angeia jr. 121, 189 Frame,,Ross jr. 121, 189 Frazc, 'Dvqighi,Mr. 36. 70, I49, ' j--., gy Ffazi ef,g 5gm qe sf. 25, 39. 96, ggg lyi r i7 I48, E495 ' Fms1.'?atricia so. 84. 134, 178 Frost. Sherry sr. 98 - Frost Susan sr. 97, 98, 2l6 Frost. Tanya so. 39, 54. 59, 134, 154 Fulton. Traci sr. 98, 153 Fuiton. Benny jr. 121 Furbec.'Rqlj:erl Mr. ' Furfqwqiwilllihm sr, 99, 170' w ,Qggilgl 'FUTERAIYSII-CL BOUTlQUEf2l'9fi-g?lf3 7'-f T Fulrbll,,"-Mblissa jf, 31, 76, 77, 147. !54.' 172. !80, !93 Q Fuirell, Michelle sr. 33. 39, 96. 99, IO4. I06, 106, 393 11r 1 gg , Gabbzgtfl, kyj' so. 49, 134 ' V 1'kk. Gabbafdg Rhonda jr. 49, 58. 121.160 Garces. Marta jr. 121, I49, ISS Gard. Cindy jr. 38, 49. 121 Gard, Cynthia: jr. 38, 59. 122, 153 Gardner. Richey jr. 122, i68, 185, K 202, 232 ' Garner, Dand sf. 99. D58 Garneit,,.'Is?lS2iglred Mrs. 81 V ' , - , Garnezd Mkriinda sr. 97, 99, ISO, 'if52,' I53, 272,178 K Gamer, Tim jr. 122 Garner, Tadd sr. 33, 51, 99, 147, 154, 172, 200 Gzxrrard, Marc sr. 99, 174 Garrett, Amy so. I34. 165 A Garrison. Mark so. I34. 213 Gm-vin,Jan sr. 96. 25. 99. 148, A!5O2 ,gm V 24. l'7i" 7-mA3 3 1"' ' ' 'i:T,'?12i ' Gcn1ry,A8iyan jr. 122 ' - Gcozeff. .Don Mr. 88, 229 A Gcrkcn, Lynn jr. 122, 147, 157, 172 GERMAN CLUB 179 Garth, Charles sr. Gctchcii. Kim so. 134 GIBSON ARENA 218 Gibson, Kriszina so. 134 Gibson,'fif51g,162 ,, , , , Gib5onL.ffEiipiara'so, 134, 160 J Gii'liHm4f lZ3LiwidL Mr. 78, 152 Giiszrajx-Aijgelene sr.99, 158 - CJRLS' BASKETBALL 58, 59 V- GIRLS' SOFTBALL 48. 49 GIRLS' SWIMMING 52. 53 GIRLS' TENNIS 39 GIRLS' TRACK 38 GIRLS YOLLEYBALL 54, ss GIoygri,'L3YQZIlf?m.Jr, 122 V V Gbaf'-T3'5f1f?5i'A,5"?3 h ' Vfffff' Gm1by . Rug1ef jrg 122. 155. 211 1351 Gold, Rickie SO. 29, 534 L GOLF 37 Golliher, Dorothy Ms. 71, 165 Goodwin, Gary jr. 122. 173. 202 G0odwin,w,Michcai jr. Goodin,SckJf1sf, 23, 99, moe, m7, 15 'I531'52-i4fgiLlJ'i5-Jw, . f I - '- ffflifz-fl" GooiimifhiQgfEi2if:7521"sr. 99 L "T-Q5 k'-LL Gores,iDapi61,fsa. 51, 56. 134 Gorman,',T6py-jr. 122, 177 Gasser, Sabrina so. 59. 134 Gould, L. Gould. Robert so. 56. I34 , , Graham, Wiiliam so. 134 Greenwah. Teri sf. 99 Greenwood, Jimmy so. I34 Gregory, Lena sr. 99, 158 Gregory, Nqgg jr. l22. 157, 160 , , . Gregory, Sigig!ggfn,so.VI34, 160 ,,',' Gribbons!I'JUii?qiiAv'Ms'. 87 ' 'jiyl Gribb0nS,gT6h1"3t, 99, V77 A ' Gridcr, Lisa-LSU.-38, 134. 146, l49g' Q I54. I97, 60 - Gridcr. Df. 88 Gridcr, Trent jr. 122, 51, 147, 154 Griffey, Melanie ss. 99 Griffin, Douglas so, 134 Grimes. RQq1AMr, 76 203, 220 . Hatter, Jamie 50.10. 33. 59, 135, 172 Harvey. Suzanne sf, 99, 147, 172. 217 Haruvig, Mike jrg jl22 V Hastings, Cris1y,,ssiQj,-18g 19, 99, 147, 112, 195i myf 5 ,g, A1g33g3Lf5 445, .V,.1 'Ejlawkg Jeanefrelfibffiizsim450. 1261 Hawk. RieHarq,h,gf1j'i99Qf1 152, 153.214 Haynes, WiIIiamT55g'Q1'35 W HEALTH OCCUPATIONS Heahon, Kevin jr. 75, 122 Heck, Lee sr, 56, 96, 99, 104, 150, 171, zon Hciderbrand, LEgQ1q5g,5sQ.L5l, 35 Henderson, fRohgyggg3gg4g441.VVtv1,, '1 55 Q V Hendersbn,fRhQQ2PgiQy3lj515gQQQi3,5g'f I I ' Henson: .Iirpdmy,,QIiiiQi35 ITT 14'1' Herbert. P, l63Q 'Vjr YEQ 1'V.'1. ' f ' H.E.R.O. k H.E.R.O. LAB 'ffiij-A Herron, Stcphanicjiy. 99 Herron, David jr. 32.2, L53 Herron, Michelin jfffliis' 33 Hibbrad. QGb9fa5!ii 1 kj V A Hibhard, g ,- ,Hicki An4rew:gQgggQQgg215Q g41 g Enscks, m1xy Wsqgq5fggyg12az.51isa Hicks, Lisa 13 '-'1 ,-j1V1 " ' Hicks, Rhondaks55L?T35' L ' Hicks, Theresa sri . Higgins, Joseph srL-300. 177 Groce. J'QftfeSll?QQ VJI34, 188 li , Grace. J,ignejQLS5Q1L -1534 ' Grocc. MarICiVsLb,"134 ' L Gross, Terrising i34 1 ' Gross, Lori sr. 55. 39. 52. 53. 64, 65, 78. 97, 99, F53, V72 Grubbs, Dena sr. 99, 113, l53, i63 Guffy, Kathy sr. 99, 158, l96 A , curry. Ksmgsgf 122, 151. me Guffy, LiS4j'i2fQjg2,2. X34 I ,, V Guff'y,jLisz15gSgiT ,f.V 45553 f ' If, fx "'1'1j1 K Guffy,'R0hgtfjSbL'A'fi'34, 295 7- Guffy. 'Pa'ri1aif1i'S0. , Guffy, Tamzfiy jrg Guffy. Kim jfg 168, 196, 232 Guyman. Muzetta Ms. 81. l62 Gwinn, Becky sr. 64, 99, I47. I54, ISS. 202 A . GYMNASTXCS 64-65 Hacker, Cynthia jr. 122. ISS. 156, !60 Hacker, Hacker, Deborah sr. 99, 178 Laura sr. 99, ISO Hagerman, Dale sr. 99 Hagerman, David sr. 99. 177 Haggard, Dorgtjigjr. l22. 177 Ha ard 'fMhr5iiS"-12499, 275 I -, gg ,.,, A ,.j, HAIRtTAGBwL1j,'jI' ff HAIRPORT Halbcrsdt., Frances Miss 232 Half, Bryan soq 135 Hall, Homer so. Hall, Mark -so.k135, 160, 165 Hali, Joan Ms.f89 Ham. .lenea srg,3Q, 99, 153, 254, I72,k , W A 173, 203 Vf-fi .V 1.,. I 1 f Hamblin, J ega5i4Q: 5f , g1 zz. mo, 119 Hamiho n, SxeS15j3g. Q12z i f Hammerlundg-'QE:iSa'Lso. 135 Hammonxi, Brdni jr. IZZ, I55 Hammond, Gefaid so. 135 Hammond, Geyald so. l35 Hammond, Kimhsr. 99. 155 Hammond. Rqhip jr. l22, 162 Hancock, LQSQKVQQ, 52, 135, 15? ' 'L Handyg cynrhipmi i 22. aes Hamm 'M3pkispQii3!'53"fL' f ' fi il '111 i 1111 14 as-ver Many Hannon.AKri5g4fgiflIs?.f'54"'I ' 1"i 5 .,., i ,5.5 Hannon. Marlgifspg 135 ' f Hannon, Lee-jr,,42, Si, 122, I25, 220' Hannon. Ron 2:2 - v Y i7 HogSking Higgins. Julie sd, 54g 135 Hill, Charles jr. LIT? Hill, Ron sa. 1.3.5515 17,' 3 5' I Hill. Scmt jr. -1 ,xg , H51-f.,TiII1 'V 1',, f V Pliner. Tom jivP1Z2Q"lff71Y 7 V V HINSLEY ELECTRQNKZS 188 Hinsley, Tina 54 Hinton, Ron so. 135 ' Hinton, Risa so, K Hobbs. Beth Ms. 85 L Hobbs. Robert 'Mr.jf75 Hobby- Cfvfk: DrffgZ0fg g1 , Hubby- R0bwPsS5fi?im1ifkQQQ 7.11 1 9h 9'14 gf: ,15O.' l'6' 1..,1 M ' 1 ,,,. .,..,, 1111 :f A "" 7 j1V' oeigin, Pau1sf si:g3gfQBZ 1fs53. te4, am, V1,1 Us . Hoff. Micheal jrL ,122 7 Hokc, Bill jr. 37. 46. X21 153 Hoke, Kathy sr.-YSZQ 91300, 207 Hoiaday, Margate?-jn, 123, 153. 168, 184. 200. 232, V vwannun HQgAiQfgy ga ,ASSQf I84 Hivlbefl- Holiiomb. LFrai'diii:1ii-i1J52gigQhivibf35f591' ' in Tv? 5- VT - Holloway. 52. 1 ss I-Toisapple. KimTgf5Q55iQ?gQ5fYg ,Z f " Huh. Bryan jr. 5fg ff23. 1 3o HONDA VILLIQXGE-186 Hwdrebrink, 'famf1fyg 174 Hoopingarnef. Trgqfjlrif 123 -Hoosier, ' V- I H90w. tonicilY54SQ4Q?5 f+5q 1.1. egg Hsnoveng , fQfz1i3f?i:4:4f 1 . Fred KsGgiTfjiS"7,- - Hnpkins, Kristi, jf,:jf23f - . Hopkins, Jackie M ' Hopkins. Sherrie? sos' I 35 Harding. Phillip sf, 99. l48. 150, 166, Hoppcs Bob if 123, l67, 172 . i ' . .V.. . Hafdwm- hI99if?i?? ,3r. 49, 53, 59, 4rHbrdn fmihch6iE fiQ3i3fGfJ5fiZ7i'h2,1513 143 '5l"5ififik?7Zil.lf5A5Vgfjf ' 'I-g':1"'71Q5j?5:Q5?i15iifjfffi H ii1i1 A F7 ff' Hardwick.R5g1:3p , i 1z5 ,.,1V HARM0N H :g1H0Y 'EWELERS' ff 11i1j11 14 zsmey.1ohnVTfsaqrfii35iH.QL55og51, IBO, Harnshey, Davxdsr, 99, 174 K 200 ,207 ZH , ,j 55,-,j.. Hart, Scott so. 37, Sl, 138, 138 V Hart. Todd sr. 99, 196. Hamer, Amy Sr, 19, 29, 99, 163, l72, Horton, Vonda MrS2821 Hosicr. Kenny srQ K Hpsietlcr, Richar4g5QI?1g32, 101, 150 Howard, Greg so. 135 Howard, Alberetta sr, 100 Howard, Andy 21, 40 Howard . Debra sr. 100 Howard, Dceann sr. 100. 163 Howard . Elaine jr. 123 Howard, Randy 19 Howard, Tina 49 F for 1 Howell. Shelly jr. 164 Huber, Lisa sr. 100 Howard. Shelby jr, 123 Howard, Tamara so. 48, 135 NEAL SUPPLY 211 Huber, Sue sr. 100, 147 Huckaby, Lewis jr. 177 Huddleston, Burke jr. 164 BONNIE HUDDLESTON INS. AGENCY 220 Huddleston, Jimmie so. 51. 135, 220 Huddleston, Joey so. 220 Hudelson, Penny sr. 100 Hudson, Greg jr, 123, 177 Hudson, Greg so. 135 Huff, Davis Mr, 79, 156, 161 Huffman, Harold Mr. 51, 72 Hufford, Jenny jr, 123. 160, 161 Hughes. Greg sr. 40, 41, 50, 51, 100 Hughes, Kerry so, 51, 135. 178 Hughes, Robin jr. 123 Hughes, Scott jr, 123, 155 Hughett, Beverly sr. 111, 163 Hughett, Trent jr. 123 Humbles, Phoebe Miss 82. 83, 150. 178 Hunnicutt, Judy sr, 100, 158 Hunt, Jonathan jr. 123 Hutslar, Roger sr. 100 Hutson, Don Mr. 20 Hoxhold, Laura jr. 39, 123, 148, 160 Hyden. Kim jr. 78, 123, 152. 153 Il O 1.C.T, v lgo. Michael so. 135, 152. 153 lmel, Jeffrey sr. 27, 101 INDIANA ERECTORS 199 Ingram, Edith Mrs. 89 lngerman, J. 163 l.0,L. J a o JACOBS HARDWARE 193 Jackson. Beth sr. 101. 160 Jackson, Jay sr. 101 Jackson, Marsha jr. 23, 123, 147, 153, 154. 178, 218 JANS HALLMARK 203 Jasper, Stanley sr. Jarvis, Bobby so. 66, 135 Jarvis, Tim jr, 123, 170, 202 Jaynes, Kathy sr. 101 JAZZ CHOIR 161 J.C. PENNEY 195 Jefferies, Todd so. 66 Jenkins, Donald so. 135 Jester. Michael sr. 50, 51. 74, 101 JOHNS HOME CENTER 218 Johnson, Annette sr. 101, 163, 177 1 1- 1 8 1 K . E3 s n z l . . 5 5 . , lil t . . 1 3? ' ikff 5 , 93: ' , ,.f',LQ,'vt l if? 31.355 3 . , C510 . 7 1 gr 4 V, . ' ,D Lil" gg I -ve Johnson, Tamcra so. 135, 157 Johnson, Zabrina so. 136 Kendrick, Jim so. 136 Kenemer. Tracy so. 136, 168, 232 Kennedy, Julie so. 136, 147, 157. 160 Kennedy, Sonya sr. 102 Kennedy, Rae Ann so. 136 Kennedy, Stacy so. 136 Kern. Scott so. 136, 149. 154 Kerwin, Joanne sr. 52. 96. 102, 104, Lee, Lisa Ann sr. 38, 48, 49. 58. 102. 106, 107, 147, 201, 211, 232 Lee. Tamara .lo sr. 97. 102, 147 Lee, Tammie so. 136 Lee, Tracy so. 136, 147, 149. 157, 150 Legg, Tony fr. 56 Lehr, William Mr. 86 Lentini, Jackie fr. 54 209 Kerwin. Kris so. 136 Kerwin, Mr. 88 Key. Kelly jr. 10, 33. 125, 155, 206 Kidd, Tony so. 136 Lewis, Larry jr. 125, 177 Lewis, Larry so. 136 Lewis. Sheila Anne sr. 102 Lewis, Tim jr. 125, 155 Leyes. Jennifer so, 136, 148, 153. 178 Jolley. Chris Mrs. 89 Joiley, Perry jr. 123 Jones. Brenda sr, 101 Jones, Brian jr. 123, 190 Jones, David jr. 123. 177 Jones. Gregory jr, 123, 177 Jones, J. 163 Jones, Jennifer jr. 123. 177 Jones, Jerri so. 136 Jones, Julie sr. 10, ll, 19, 39, 64. 65 72. 101. 195 Jones, K. 38 Jones. Lori sr. 101, 190, 209, 232 Jones, Kim 38 Jones. Mike jr. 123. 160 JONES REALTY 187 Jones, Ruth Mrs, 71 Jones, Sandra so. Jones, Sherry sr. 101 Jones, Sandy so. 136 Jones, Steven sr. 50, 101, 154 Jones, Jones, Tammy sr. 101, 155 Timothy so. 136 Justice, Teresa so. 136 Johnson, Charles jr. 123 Johnson, Christopher so. 51, 135 Johnson. David jr. Johnson, Kimberly so. 135. 185 Johnson. Nancy Mrs. 89 Johnson, Robert Mr. 75. 170 Kkk Kadel, Catherine Ms. 87 Kadel, David sr. 101 Kaelbcr, Jenny sr. 101. 155. 202 Karrick. Jennifer sr. 101, 162 Kasten, Steven so, 136 Kautz, Valerie jr, 123 Keith. Gay Mrs. 87 Kelley, Scott so. 37, 136 Kendall, Gary so. 136 Kendall, Troy jr. 125, 160 Killingbeck, Helen sr. 102. 158 KlNG'S ABSTRAC- 189 King, Dawn jr. 125, 160 King. Rebecca jr, 58. 125 King, Tina so. 136. 153 Kingsley, Patricia jr. 125, 147, 157 Kinkade, Kyle jr. 56. 125 Kinnaird, Richard Mr, 70, 179 Kirby, Jack jr. 125 Kirkpatrick. Rodger jr. 37, 125, 154, 200 Kline, David sr. 102 Kline, Monica jr, 125, 147, 155, 157, 291 Klipsch. Phyllis Miss 81 Klotz, Ernest Mr. 232 Knight, Tamara jr. 125, 187 Knowling, Melinda sr. 102, 155 Koger. Jerry Mr. 37, 72, 91 Koby, Larry Mr. 75 Koger. Jerry 37 Koger. Mark so. 136, 195 Koger. Paula jr. 125, 209, 232 Kollmeyer, Kris 37 Kollmeyer, Stacey jr. 125, 147, 157, 160, 161 Kolodziej, Marietta jr, 125 Koons, Tom sr. 44, 45, 66, 102, 155 Koontz. Tammy sr, 102, 155, 157 Kovacs, Alissa so. 136. 160 Kovaleski, Frank Mr. 13, 36 Kovaleski. Jeffrey sr. 97, 36. 102, S0- 51, 56,106,107 Kovaleski, Michael so. 13, 51, 61, 62, 136. 147, 154 Krakovitz, Dwight sr. 102 Krakovitz. Lisa so. 136, 177 Krakovitz. Terry so. 136 Kuhn. William so. L11 Laird, Brian jr, 125. 187 Laird. Tony jr, 125 Lamb, Johnna so. 136 Lamkin. Bill jr. 125, 130 GENE LAND INS, 209 Lang, Pamela so. 136 Langford, Larry Mr. 76 Langston, Cynthia jr. 10, 33. 38, 64, 65, 125, 147, 154, 155. 179. 52, 53 Lantz. Leann sr. 102 Lao, Teresa jr. 59. 125, 153 Larrison, Teresa Lynn sr. 111 Lathtam, Lisa so. Latham, Margaret so. 136, 153 Lathan, Horstle 136 Lauier, Michael jr, 125, 199 Laurie, Anita so. 136 Lavarnway, Jenny so. 136, 218 Ledbetter. Paula sr. 102, 153, 158 Leyes. Michael jr. 125, 177 Linville, Timothy Keith sr, 50, 51, 42. 102. 154 Little, Billy sr. 102, 110 Littrell, Merry jr. Livingston, Mark so. 136. 153. 213 Lockhart, Monica Jo sr. 101, 102, 152, 153, 154 Lockridge, Kim jr, 125, 157, 162 Lockridge. Lisa so. 49, 136 LOGSTON'S ATUO SUPPLY Longo, Ronald so. 136 Love. Dana jr. 135, 147, 154, 157 Loveall, Mary Jane Ms. 89 Loveless, Ben so. 136, 160 Loveless. Bryan jr. 37, 51, 125 Loveless, Carla jr. 125 LOVELESS CONSTRUCTION 186 Loveless. Dave jr. 125 Loveless, Gina jr. 60, 118. 125, 147. 154, 186, 188, 194 LOWES 191 Lowe, Angela so. 136, 147 Lowe, Jeffery sr, 111 Lowe, Kecia jr. 125 Lowe. Rita jr. 125 Lowe, Roger so. 136 Lowe, Trenda jr. 125, 158 Lowehorn, Dave 174 Luellen. Donna so, 136. 153 Lundy. Tamara jr. 125 Lutz, Mark so. Lutz, Richard Lee sr, 102 Lyall, Anthony Wayne sr. 102 Lye, Mary jr. 125 Mmm MACER FUNERAL HOME 207 Macer, William Stuart sr. 56, 97, 102, 207 ' MACS HAMBURGERS 81 STEAKHOUSE 15. 217 Madden. Timothy Wayne sr. 97. 102 Maddy, Tracy jr. 125 Madison, Wendy so. 136 Maddox, M, 177 Madrigals 169 Maher, John Casey sr. 102 Maher. Kelly so. 137 MAIN 8: FRAME FUNERAL HOME INC. 189 Main, Scott jr. 125 Malcolm. Corey sr. 18, 28. 94, 102, 102, 187, 196, 201 Maloney, Lisa jr, 125. 128. 167. 178 Maloney. Steve Daniel sr, 102 Mantgei, Linda Kay sr. 102, 153 Maple, Sherry sr. 102. 197 Marcum, Cynthia Wayne 113, 102, Lee Lee Brian Thomas sr. 62, 63, 102 Donna jr. Eric Randall sr. 42, 97, 102 Lee Lee Lee, , Gary Ryan sr. 102 . Susuan jr. 125. 190 113. 147, 192 Marcum. Gary J. so. Marcum. Joe so. 51, 136 Marcum, Lana jr. 125 Marcum, Ricky Donnie' sr. 102 Marcum, Sharon so. 136 lndexfzzs Mark. Gcna Marie sr. 80. 102 Martin. Bradford jrr 125 Martin, J. 174 'I ' Martin, Staci so. 1371-Lv wliflhftin, Tania Ann'sr.k102 'MARY WOODBURY 206 Masters, Danny jr. 125, 177 Mastersf Kevin jr. 74, 126, 177 Masters. Kim jr. 149 Mastin. Faron Kentsr. 103 Masyin, Jeff jr, 126.552, 153. 167. , ,Egan ., . ififfixihey. Suzanne Rzijfsr. 102, 155, 5717, 202 Mathews, Diana so. 137 Maxhews. Kim jr, 126. 157 Matacy. Saou jr. 126- Maygman jr. 126 1 A ff1g?Q.y,,'fony Scott , 11Mayes..G1enna Mgskg 103, 163, 178 Mayfield, Lnri Bellisr. 103. 160. 161, 220 Maze. Colleen jr. 126, 153, 218 Maze, James Duane sr. 103, 174 Maze, Teresa jr. 126. 155, 169 MQCaArtt. Megan so. 137, 153, 178 ,M1:Carty. Jo1mjr..1'26.Ai77 226 flndex Miiiiemmd. T. E63-A". 1 McClure, Mary so. 137 McC1ure, Tracy so. 137 MCCC-rkle. Brenda sr. 103 ML'C0rkhill, Michelle jr. 126. 195 McC0rkhi11, Tony so, 137 McCormack. Mary so. 137, 167 i.:1wscr:u11ongh, Lisa jf, 172. 79, 126 M'cDamiu1, Tina sr. 103 McDonald. Betsy so.'137 McDonald, Lori sr. 103. 158 McFa11S. Tim jr. MCFalls, Billy so. E37 McFa11s. Tim jr. 126 McGraw, Evan sr. 50. 51, 103. 155 Mclntyre. Sandra:-xr. 24. 25, 52, 103, .IAS , . McKee, Megan sr. 96, 103, 104. 148, 232 McKinley, Rodney so, 61, 137 McKnight. Teresa jr. 126 McMillan, Julie sr, 103 A 'f?vicMi1Ian 177 , , Wiifffurray, Brian s:L Q McMurray. Joseph ijr. McQueen. Doris sr. 103, 147, 153, 172, 195 McQueen, Jeff so. 137 ,MCRobefLs, Tonda sr. 103 .MCSHIRLEYNS SHOES 197 i1'idr2Williams, Deborah' sr. 103, I 1 E . --Lyliiiwiiliams,Sheifig.EjrQ'1'55, iso 1 Meadows. Glenn jr. 126, 127 MEEICS FLORIST 203 Meier, Vance Mr. 154 Mahon, Alan su. 137 'Mchom Tony jr. QQYHSSGCT, Cindy jr. 155, iMciggcer, Mark sr, 103g :1fv1grC6r, Tracie 50.11137 ' ik5MCfid8, Cindy so. 146, 165 fvfettert, Brent sn. 137 Meitcrt. Brian jr. 44, 126 -Meyer, David so. 51. 61, 137 Meyer, Larry Mr. 13, 39. 72, 84 . ,-Meyers. Jackie jr, 1231, 156. 160 wad jf.g3,g4z, ss. sv, nzv.. 7 'T,S1.'173 i . ' Midkiff. Scott 155 ' Miers. Don sf. , Mikel, Billy sn. 137 -Milashcski, Karen jr. 126. 153, 157, 1195 . Mi11er. Courtney jr, 126 Mi11er, Craig so. 137 Miller. Debra 5:5137 Miller. Jerry gSoLf1,37: l,f.g: Milier, Mari Amin sr. 105, 147, 172' Miiler, Maria sa. 137 Miller. Randall Mr. 75, 175 Mi11er, Roger Mr. 72 Miller. Tammy sr. 105, 162 MILLE R WEARLY MONUMENTS Miilikan, Jerry1r.,126 if Millikan, Mmgmf sf. 97, 105, 14?1,f 214 Millincr, Kristi ss. 137, 153 Mi11incr, Tony jr. 126. 175 Miliis, Burke sr. 105. 177 Misner, Mike sr. 51, 97, 104, 105 A , W Mi1che11,Tracy-jrr..i27 V A 1 MIXED C1'1OZ1R.i160 ., f L- Mudarf, Pewhkfza, zs. 27, 33, sang? 96, 105, 106, nov, 148, m, 181. 196, 201. Mousamforo 221 Mudesm. Esimbefh So. m, 152, ass, 178 Median. Pamrsme, ms, 149, rss f 1 madman. Rouefpgff 126 1 Mdgg. R0gB1'jfi .", 126 Montgomery, Christy sr. 105. 158, 160. 172 Moore. Moore. Moore. Eric so. 170 Jeff' jr. Jennifer so. 137, 147. 147, 153. 178. , Moore. Moore. Moore, Kevinrir. ill Leslie sr. 111, 160 Shawn jr. 126 Moore. Tamela so. 52, 137, 147 Morgan Morgan , Bobby sr. 105 . Mona so, Morgan, Randy jr. 126, 197 Morgan, Steve jr. 23. 126, 152. 153, Morgan 178 ,Tammy jr. 38, 126, 152, 11-53. Morgan, Tracy su. 137 Morgan, Woody jr. 126. 177 MORRIS CHEVROLET 202 Morris, Mrs. 39 Morton, J. 174 Morton. Mike Mr. 72. 73 Mullen. Virginiirsr. 105 Mullins, Sherry so. 137 Muncy, Kevinfsr. 16. 105. 193 Murphy, Johnnie Mr. Murphy, B111 sr, 195 Murphy, Gordon jr. 126 MUSIC STATION 207 MYERS FiJQ?j11flf7URE zoo . Nnn NAT1ONAL HONOR SOCIETY 171 . N,-:.c, EMPRQYEES FEDERAL 311 CREDITLUNIGN 182 1 2 Nead, John Mr.-31, 82, 83 - Nead, John so. 137 Neal. Danny sr. 105 Neal. Debby sr, 105, 165. 175 Neal. Doug sr, 74. 105 Neal, G Neal. G ary' jr. 1.27, I 77 regnry Ear, . 2 05 Neal, Jerry 'sdg Q I Neal, John sr. -105 Neal, Julie su. 38, 54, 58, 59, 13'?, 154 Neal, Larry jr. 51, 127 Neak, Nancy jr. 127, 146, 147, 149 Neal, Randy sr. 111, 175 Neal, 'Sheryl sr, 111 Neal, Stevg jr. Neal, Susqrgiso. 137 1- 4 Neal, Tetryiso. 137 ' Neal, Terry Lee sr. 105, 174 Neal, Tim jr. 127, 175 Neal. Tina jr, 127, 157 Neel, wany jr. 40, 41, 44, 63, 73, 127 Nelson, 15. 162 1. NEW CASTLE LANES ISSQQ V V, NEW CASTLE TIRE INC, ' , New, Gsryi-Bo. 137 ' ' N.F.L. 150,151 Nichoias, Mex jr. 127 Nichoias, D. 177 Nicholas. Robert jr. 127 Nichdas. Kent sr. 105 A Nicho1s, Traci so. 137 . Qi . - Niles, iirdmiaijr. 127. 147,'I57,fj160 Niles, Kailisr. Sl, 97, 105. 154, 170 NOBLE ROMANS 206 Nold, Joe jr. 127 . OOO Oakes. Nancy Miss 71 OCCUPATXONAL READINESS O'Dcar. Robert so. 137 CEA 158, 159 Ogle, Jay 21. 41 . Oliver, Alan Mr. 170 . O'Nca1, Dean so. 137, 170. 194 ' O'Neil. Diane sr, 105. 106, 107, 163 Oney, Lori sr. 97. 105 Oney, Sue sr. 97. 105, 106, 1031, 153, 168, 189, 209. 232 Orcutt, Connie jr. 127. 157 Orcutt. Penny sr. 105, 174 O'Rear. ilawn so. 137, 141 . 1 Orr, Cami so. 137, 165 Orr, Christie so. 33, 60. 137, 146, 197. Orr. Terry jr. 127 Osborne, Robin sr. Ppp Padgeti. Rodney jr. 127, 175 PET1-POSHES 209 PFENN1GER AGENCY INC. 213 Parmlcy, Deborah sr. 105, 165 Parrish, Ronald sr. Paschal, Dbhald so. 137 Pattersongfjfghfx sr. 105 , Pau1,Tim0thy sr. 105. 149 ' Payne. Michael sr. 105 Peacock, Dong Mr. 51 Peacock, Lucretia 155 Peavie, Debra sr. 105 Pederson. Ruth jr. 127. 155 Peckinpnigh., Rex Mr. 51 N Pendergrpfdjoc jr. 127 I A Pennicufilbaie so. 138 Pennicuff, Tonya so. 22, 138. 153, 170 Pcnningicm. Dru so, 137 Pennington, James so. Pennington, Jeff so. 137 m Pennycuff, Kim jr. 127. 177 jw V Pennycq1Tfi'fI'ammy sr. 105. Penticixf12V5JiTI1'.sr. 105. 51 1 Penticuff. .iirh jr. 127. 151. 160.-161. 162, ITE ' PEP CLUB Perdcw, foe jr. 127, 152, 153, 168. 232 , Perdew, Kristy so. 54, 138, 154, 172 Perdew, Rodney sr. E05 Pergigxc, Brenda jr. 127, 148, 160, 161 1k6Sl.1ig1', 232 2-if Perdue, Brent so. 138 . 1 Perdue, Diane sr. 105, 147, 155, 157 Perdue, George jr. 127, 175 Perdue, John so. Perdue, Rick sr. 106 Perkins, Jerome sr. 106, 174 Pefkinsg Becky sr. 105 l i...1e 1PC?V5'L3'1'errilynn so. 1,3857 Pelrjjgjon jrr 56, 127 Petry.i Run sr. 106 A Peyion. Danny sr, 106, 187 Peyton, Patty sr. 106, 147 Peyton, Paula so. 138. 147, 172 Pfcnniger, Christa su. 39164, 138 P-Eegnnigizr, Julie 89 . .'3Q., ' Phaifiif 33111112 Mr. ' Phelpi Angra! 38 1' Phelps. Jeff so. 138, 51. 66 Pbeips, John sr. 106 PhefpS. Karen so. 38, 49, 59, 138 PhcEps.f1.isa jr. 48, 49, 127 Phillips. Laura jr. 127, 178, 218 P1vif3E1'w1iX166.l67- Pickbxt. Ken jr. 46. 1272 152, 153, 167, 170, 232 Pierce, Char1cs sr. 106 Pierce, Mark sr. Pierce, Marquitia jr, 1277, 146 Pierce, Patricia jr. 127, 177 Pierce, Teresa sr. 106 Pierce. ,Fred so, 138 1 Piercy, Jeff' so, 138 A Pierson, Aaron so. 138 Pirmeo. Greg so. 61, 138, 168, 196, 232 Pinncy, Mark jr. 127 Piper, Tony jr. 66, 67. 127 PJQVLUMBER 200 Pogzie. Lnwcita 7 Pokoi-ney. Laura sr. 1061 Polansky, Brenda so. 138 Polk. Nannett 77 FOLK REALTY 191 ' Pollock, Carol so. 138 Poiston, Sherri jr. 127, 147. 154, 157 Polszon. Tim sr. 42. 106 P04161 Jackie jr. 127. 1,53 ' Pepsi john sr. 106. 174 ' Poppiewell, Amy jr. 36, 121 152, 153. 210 Porter, Gary sr. 106. 216 Porter, Helen Mrs, 89 Potts, Wiliiam jr. PnweiiL.fCcci1 Mr. 71, 157i .158 nlvdyliiargfoina sr. ioegatbzni Poynter, Regina so. 138. -146 PRES'i'1GE PORTRAITS 197. 232 Price, Brian sr. 106 1 Price. Rebecca so. 138, 264 Prince, Tammy so. 138 PRQ-GREEN 220 A PRQFERTIES UNLEMQTLED ras Pl'05S5i141Ca'rQl sr. 106 Prossdrg Peggy jr. 1270 ' Prdsscr, Ruth so. 138 Pruitt, Thomas so. 138 Pryor, David Mr. 39, 40. 44 P.V.E. Qug11S. Kevin jr. 127.1177 Raglin, 157 Anna jr. 128, 146, 1117, 149, Raines, Rick jr, 128 Rains, Cindy jr. 48, 49. 128 Rains, Elizabeth sr. 106 Rains. James sr. 51, 106. 149 Rains, Mark so. 138 Rains. Michele sr. 106, 147, 155, 156. 172. 196 Rains, Shirley 87 RMNTREE AUTO SALES 217 RAINTREE 500 MUFFLER SHOP 212 Raley, Susan jr. 128, 162 RAYS DRIVE IN 183 Razor, Cathy jr. 127. 128 Razor, Cheryl Mrs, 89 Razor, Jeff sr, 107. 210 Razor, Julie so. 138, 153 Razor, Karla jr. 128, 134, 148, 167 Reamer, Sherry so. 4, 138, 147, 157. 160. 172 RECYLED SOUND 205 REDELMAN'S 190 Reece, Ronald jr. 128 Reed, Kelly sr. 97, 107, 155, 157 Rcedy. Virginia Mrs. 82, 171 Rees. Martin jr, 128 Reese, Valerie so. 138, 160, 161 Reeves, Michael jr. 128, 177 Rcnfro, Andrea jr. 128 Renner, Chris Mr. 77 Rcnner. Jack Mr. 75 Reno, Robin sr. 107, 163 Rentchler. Evelyn Miss 86 Reynolds. Curtis jr. 128 Reynolds, Junior jr. 128 Rice, Dencen jr. 128. 179 Rich, Sonya so. 138, 150 Richards, Clifford jr. 128 Richardson. Melinda so. 49, 58, 138 Richey. Becky so. 138 Richey, Chris 42, 59 Rickert, Archelle so. 138, 146, 147, 160, 178 Riggs, Kevin jr. 128 Rigney, Barbara sr. 107 Rigney, Mike jr. 128. 152, 170 Rigncy, Robert sr. 15. 107, 153, 167 Rinehart, Robert Mr. 86 Rinehart, Renada 52 Risley, Hobart Mr. 82, 165 Roach, Paul sr. 190 Robbins, James Mr. 82, 83, 150 Robbins, Jean sr. 96, 107, 158 Robinson, J. 177 Roberts, Jane Mrs. 89 Roberts, Jeff sr. 16. 37. 51, 97, 107, 112, 172, 177 Roberts. Julie so. 39, 138, 154 Roberts, Robert jr. 51, 128, 130, 164 Roberts, Tina sr. 38, 107, 163 Robertson, Jason so. 138 Robinson, Terry Lee sr, 63, 107, 174 Roche, Paul sr. 107 Roe, Karen sr. 111 Rogers, Janice jr. Rogers, Lisa sr. 104, 107, 147, 153, 172 Rogers, Melinda so. 138. 160 Rogers, Roscoe Mr. 77 Rogers, Russell sr. 107, 160 Romine, Barbara jr. 128, 149 ROSE BOWL 188 Rose, Robin sr. 107, 155 Rose, Teresa jr. 38, 128, 155 ROSENNIAL 207 w .xc Ni 1 ,. ,' ROSER OLDSMOBILE AND CADILLAC 207 Roser, Kelly jr. 128, 157, 207 Ross. .lacklyn so. 138, 218 Roth, Susan so, 138, 146. 151, 160 Rucker, Juanita 13 Rucker. Kristy jr. 36. 81, 128. 147, 154, 168, 200, 210, 51. 56, 232 Rummel, Brian so. 138, 189 Rush, Jeri Mrs. 81 Rush, Virgil Mr. 75. 177 Russell, Lisa A. jr, 58, 126. 128, 147. 172, 188 Russell, Lisa D, jr. 128, 155 Russell, Lora so. 138 Rust, Carrie so. 10. 33, 138. 146, 197 Rust, Kathy sr. 107, 220 Sss Sadler, Charles so. 51, 61, 138, 154, 21 1 Sadler, Elizabeth fr. 52 Sahlberg, Jennifer so. 54, 55, 138, 154 Salyers, Kelly so. 138. 153 Sanders, Delbert jr. 128 Sanderson. Dana sr. 97, 107, 153 Sanderson, Karen so. E38 Sanderson, Mike jr. 128, 153, 230 Sare, Kelly jr. 128, 199 Sarten, Bill sr. 107, 177 Sarvay, Margaret so. 138, 160 Saunders. Melissa jr. 157 Sayre. Melody so. 138 Schenkel, Lisa so. 131 Schetgen, Lauree jr. Schmeisser, Barbara sr. 107, 163, 172 Schmeisser, Glen so. 139, 148 Schmitt, Gretchen so. 139, 153, 172, 215 Schmitt, Karin sr. 107, 148, 168. 215. 232 Schmitt, Kathy jr. 154, 172, 210 Schroeder. Steve jr. 177 Schuler, Tom 40 Schuler, Viola Mrs. 162 Schull, Tina 20 Schwab, Julie jr. 153, 178, 195 Scott, Susan jr. 78, 172, 200 SEARS 209 Scse. Susanna sr. 24, 25, 58, 107, 148, 149 Sexton, Donald sr. Shadrick, Joni sr. 52, 97. 107, 209, 232 Shadrick, Kath1een 50, 52, 139, 179 Shafer, Howard jr. Shafer, Joy so. 53, 139, 147, 167 Shafer, Lori sr. 108, 163, 214 Shaffer, Tim sr. 108, 153. 162 Shakun. Ann jr. 18, 147, 155, 172 Shakun, Eddie lr. 46 Shallenbarger, Todd so. 44, 139 Sharp, Randy jr. 51. 172. 192, 202, 204 Shaver. Robert Mr. 78, 90. 152 Shears. Judy jr, Sheffield. Gordon jr. 178 Shelton. Beth jr. 118, 147, 153, 172. 177 Shelton, Candy 64 Sheiton. Julie so, 139, 154. 160 Shelton. Louis so. 139 Shelton, Robert jr. Shipley, Randy jr. Shipley, William so. 61. 139 Shondell, Dave Mr. 54 SHUFFMANS FURNITURE STORE 187 Sidwell, Scott sr. 108 Sills. Robert jr. 51, 66 Simmons, Julie jr. 23, 147, 154. 155, 157, 172 Simmons, Nick jr. 153 Simpkins, Scott so. 139 Smalley, Shiriey Mrs. 88, 167 Smiley, Shane so. 139 Smith, Charles sr. 51. 108, 174 Smith, Daniel jr. 51, 119, 154, 164 Smith, Debra sr. 107, 108, 153 Smith, Dehronda so. 139 Smith, Diane sr. 106, 108 Smith, Dr. 88 Smith, Donna jr. 147, 148, 160, 165. 172. 178 Smith, Geneva Mrs. 89 Smith, J.E. so. 139 SMlTH'S JEWELRY 194 Smith, Jenny jr. 155. 157. 172. 192 Smith, Joseph so. 139 Smith Julie sr. 108 Smith Karen jr. 124. 146, 160 Smith Kim A. jr. Smith Kim D.jr. 39, 155, 164, 183 Smith Kim sr, 108 Smith, Merrill jr. 130, 155 Smith Michael sr. 111 Smith, Randall so. 139, 152 Smith Rebecca jr. 160. 213 Smith, Rota sr. 108 Smith Richard jr. 155 Smith Smith - Rodney so. S1, 139 Ronnie jr. 155 Smith, Saundra jf. 38 Smith, Thomas so. Smith, Tiena sf. Smith, Teresa jr. 177 Smith, Tim jr. Smith, Tracy jr.. 177 Snyder, Denise so. 139 Sollman, Carolyn Mrs. 75, 80 Sollman, John Mr. 174 Sorrell, Judy Mrs. 82. 171 South. Sonya so. 139 Southerland. Kathy sr. 106, 107, 108. 165. 209 Spaiding, Ji1l 37 SPANESH CLUB SPAN1SH HONOR SOCIETY 149 Sparks, Gregory sr. 108, 174 Spicer, Casey jr. 75 Staggs, Paul so. 59. 139 Stairs, Linda 47, 48, 49, 58, 59 Staley. Rita Mrs. 89 Stamper. Ruth Mrs. 89 Stamper, William Mr. 87 Stanley, Mike sr. 106. 108 Stanley, Rita Mrs. Stanley, Ron jr. 51, 71, 126 Stawick, Peter sr. 46, 56. 108, 172 Stawick, Williamso. 51, 139, 153, 154 Steele, Reba Mrs. 87 Stegner, Adam sr. 108, 109, 111. 230 Stegner, Tina jr. 160 Stegner, William jr. 155 Steiner, Christina fr. 54, 214 Steiner. Joe jr. 51, 214 Stellingwerf, Jean Miss 71 Stemen. Chris jr. Stephens, April sr. 108, 163 Stephens, Bill jr, 160. 161 Stephens, Gregory sr. 108 Stephens, john jr, Stephens, Regina jr. Stephens, Terry jr. Stepp, Donna jr. Stcproe, Betty Mrs. 87 Steproe, Pam jr. Steusey, Ed sr. 97, 104. 106, 107, 109. 150 STEVES BARBER 8: STYLE SHOP 190 Stevens, Brian jr, 128, 129 Stigall, Cliff so. 139 Stinson, Lloyd sr. 109, 177 Stockton. Janet Mrs. 89 Stockton, Lisa so. 139 Stockton, Sam jr. 177 Stonerock, Kathy sr. 19, 109. 147, 156 Stotler, Nancy so. 139 Stotler, Nina sr. 109, 175 Stout, Dawn so. 139, 146, 157 Stricker, Matthew so. 139 Stricker, Karen 38 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Stults, Carol Mrs. 87 Stults. Ronald so. 139 Stults, Melody sr, 109 Summers, Mark jr. 56 Surface, Mark Mr. 51, 90, 231 Sutherland, Bill so. 139 Sutton. Kevin jr. 79. 160. 161 Swails, David so. 139 Sweet, Michael so, 139 Sweigart, .lane jr. 15, 153, 231 Sweigart, Jill fr. 64 Sweigart, Julie jr. 124, 147, 153 Swim, Richard so. 139 Swindell, Lisa jr. 38, 147, 179 SWING CHOIR 161 Ttt Tabares, Agnes Mrs. 70. 149. 167 Tabor, Janet ir. 39, 147, 154, 155, 200 Tague, Cecil Mr. 72 Tapiey, Beth so. Tapiey, Pant jr. 152, 153 Tarr, Mark 18, 43 lndexf 227 443,44 3154444444431 4444244 41 4441 4444 45 Mun P44 5444 -444444Q.44-1-444E444g,4. 44 444212 ZMSZ4444 12314 4443541124444 42534444 Y 334444414444g4444f4f44f4z244 44 444444444445 1 44 44351 WEE 411421 4 b,,5g 4 Qi ' 'MNT 'WW' 4 1121442425454 Wz414444w4444 3351? 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There were tax- forms, elections, equations, ex- periments, and conjugations for students to ponder. Daily practices and final perfor- mances required the diligent efforts of athletes. After our concentrated efforts paid off, it was time to celebrate! We cele- brated everything from the ar- rival of the weekend to the homecoming of the former hostages. It was this combina- tion of concentration and cele- bration which made 1980-81 a year to be replayed. Fireworks go off over the Lincoln Me- morial in Washington, and 52 spot- lights beam into the sky as part of the welcoming home ceremonies for our 52 former hostages. CCourtesy of AP and Courier Times.J nstant iff Y i One of the most mysterious creations ofthe universe are the brilliant stars in the sky. tCourtesy of Kurt VunDamj Receiving a surprise from the unknown Trojan during a pep session are Mr, Geozeff and Mr. Crousorc. The key to victory and success lies in deep concentration as shown by .loni Shadrick during a swim meet. Re Closingf229 As the year comes to a close the students of NCCHS take time to reflect about the 1980- 81 school year. Throughout the year, students and faculty worked together to make the year an educational and pleas- ant experience. The Seniors of '83 became acquainted with daily student life at NCCHS for the first time. During their first year, the Sophomores realized the many duties and responsibil- ities they would face during their life in high school. The Junior class took advantage of their past experiences to make the school year an exciting one. The Seniors of '82 were one step closer to their final high school experiences. For the Seniors of '81 it had been a year of new leadership and ideas. After graduation, the Seniors were prepared to leave high school and start a new way of life. In the future, the 1981 Rosennial will serve as an "Instant Replay" of the many memories which came together to form the high school exper- ience. L, STANT REPLAY NSTANT REPL i l . Expressing their individualism in this complex society are .lay Corey, Mike Cook, Adam Stegner and Rick White. NCCHS is fortunate to'be visited by Emilio de Castro, a cultural ambassa- dor from Spain. Remaining hesitant, Kirk Horn con- templates his future. 230 Closing Z4 sl'- ..- , aw -.Q 255-ei ye N 53, to f, .Ai Ynrlhbxd Y I STANT REPL Finding the halls of NCCHS a quiet place to concentrate, a student studies intently. The Vocational Welding classes pro! vide a sound background for future success. Collecting toys for Westminster House Lire Danna Ballinger. Mike Sanderson. and Julie Swcigart. face. Livening up the student body with a pep talk is Football Coach Mark Sur- PSNT REPLAY as K, W Z ,Sl ,1 S .ji Closingf23l X X t.t4 Wf' . ff .K f 'B tg, X 5+ L y fgx P xi' X- I. it , I1 N g, 4 All members ofthe 1980-81 Rosennial staff would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who made this book possible. We appreciated the patience and understanding from the administration. We would also like to thank our representative from American Yearbook Co., Mr. Kim Ash. A sincere thanks goes out to Miss Halberstat, who helped us out in the spring. Most of all, we appreciate the help of our new advisor, Vickie Willis. After the second annual Litter-a-thon, the tired but happy members of the Rosey staff stand in front of 200 bags pol' trash. A job well done! Co-Editors ....... Susie Eade Scott Warlow Copy Editor .Megan McKee Business Manager .... Kristy Rucker Secretary ......... Sue Oney Photography Editor ..... Joe Perdew Photographers ,... Joe Cronk Tim Davidson Greg Pimneo Kent Wallace Photo Editor ..... Lisa Tully Seniors .......... Lori Jones Cheri Tower Student Life ..Brenda Dalton Karin Schmitt Faculdemics ..Beth Edwards Richey Gardner Lisa Tully ,M N .,,i.s.,... 1, -Mstfstmfffi -W was ts.. ,N .. -,.,,m...,m Sports ......... Kim Guffey Lisa Lee Terry Thompson Organizations Mona Bowman Margaret Holaday Brenda Perdut Underclassmen .Lori Drewing Tracy Kenemei Ads ,.... Tracy Adkins-Kloti Paula Kogei Senior photographers Catron'f Studi: Reidis Studf Walden's Studi Courier Times photographer .Ernest Klotsi Local photographers . . ,Ron Towe. Bill Walden Phoenix photographers .Ker Pickett Jeff Mastin ...,..f,s . , . , .. . 232fAcknowledgements L tr 7 WM, GMM iwffm Q-QM N Max MQQQFM MW www ,421 KLM WM XQ Q W M4114 Gd' MM Q W A . ! Xgfkmggd EMQQ LWQYM AOMMQ Wy Q Yvqbag fuoekxgx XA ff wx -vw U0 l Xwl D300 202301 5fZ,'fwXC , Xbio Pivpii BOVXAQETW CON my ma P02666 - U We - 6fgX,,,iW ray TT TS Bild '?A0+erz gf xc' ' Q 00 F01 QFHUO1-. A ., X ,QCXH Yyegalniivg ro, x fqbi Yvwbet, f1:fAKN3i1 e,,- R , we been UBSYUM, L57 1'6fzNr11-!!rNc'???Az,nJ t x ff f C' TEVE Q . ffilll , fx!! IqaC1ff.Lv1fY' 6r'0le3! lp Lrfopb , . 3 I iftfx fkewjiw I Hdlfkd 4lya51,fC,n5Cwvfmv5 . RON y Sem 6 Ar .6 .fff0fl Jfjffyafmfggawo XV JL MHQK5 fag 56. 0 ' 5 ff 0 M... A-'V ' W7 ' A W V rf- nj 5 WM gm" yy 22 aux-Ywdn Q Ks .mf Qfgy Q J My ff' fp Q U X, Cf wif xp Aff wif P53 SMR X K Q jjfjvxjig 3737

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