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- " +.viZ'i'-1Tc?X!eW9f4+'5a1 2Eih"M-iM 1bkk A 0 Srefmw 5227596906227 Q s 5 I' CASTLE Sefzmz 1v'c5fLSGlwoL2, R 112,194-9 i This is our school. Yes, this is the place where We've spent four exciting years, and now here we are, the class of '49, It seems impossible that those four wonderful years have come to an end, and that we, at last, are dedicating our year- book. Dedicating it to you, and you, and you . . . you, the student who has Walked through those three halls to those 40 some classrooms Where you spent 55 minutes a day, five days a week. And now, all those steps have come to a halt . . . it's true, they will go on to bigger and better things in life . . -. but that Worn path you've walked for four years can never be traveled again. Through the years you'll look back on your high school days in N H S with a few sighs and a lot of happy memories. Bear in mind, though, that if you keep your footsteps toward the sunshine, the shadows will surely fall behind. 1fy3?Wi?W-W 2 ff. M N7 iw V' , . swf 'Y'-'W :ki , 'f Wei? , H , , ,.f -,1-,,,pmmmn1ww-f.,. . , V, ...4..a,..l,, K k.mMr-.wmuL,,,,,2,.v,,.Mf,.,. A '-v t , ,, K A 5 , ,..:g Z ' , ' I 3, 1- f"2f':z1eeiy'if'f:1Wgg, M I f i feajylikjg-hgw,????w2. sm-ffm! , 1: ,. Y, V A I .QQV 3 A YZFVZ ,g Mg' 'aw 1.'-',-M2 VI :"'ifLl 5 ,Q 1, ' : , WL ' e X - -5' i1'4?fwL- ZW' '1 , .f , ,Q ,.., awww . ,fx 7,5 Junta, dbouf. Uma, Srlwvl Page four Now to take you to some more familiar places around N H S. Between classes and after school you'll find shoes of every kind, color, and descrip- tion in the Cozy Corner. We'll always associate the C. C. with our high school days when we look back. No matter how many steps we have to take each day, We always have to be burdened with our ever-present companions . . . books! These books could certainly tell a lot if only they could speak . . . hmmmmm? Well, welll Looks like two more have taken what is commonly known as that "fatal step". We all know that many more happy steps lie ahead for Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bickley. Congratulations! Also, best wishes to Mrs. Dean Parsons, the former Miss Barbara Clark. Here's another shot of "ye ole" hall. People, people. Everywhere you look, you can see our 1,052 students milling around . . . gossiping about this and that . . . dates, assignments, ball games, dances, and the million other things going on. EQVCARVHTB? Z 'Tai :fu ,, ,..4 ? V " ' ff 129 m if 5 f .f K ii" 'y y l x. fb J 40 I X Vx, .V Alvl 7 K if . E 1 . 1 1' FF am ,' "F' A 1 4 ' I ,M in VM 441' Q VK,kAV 5 v as i 2 - 5 ' ' 'L' ' .V 4 5 ,Y .. V Ja Q 1 ,L, K S V V ' i, uh Mi I W 1 5 ' 4 ,TQ ,. Q L ,Hn M-' -' lf 'ax W, W . ,..,... M A . ? , 1. Fw Wi V fl'-3 , V if W. a an -7. I I , . ' 4 f V swf..-I f wan V .Jaw if wrwwf 1-W f , A fi W ,ww QQ' Z -Q, 5,,,,,LX5,,,f " I gfhnfwfgwv .4 W, , . , l ifLif?SJW'1 I 1 ' -HW' In , ,. , .. ,, ,,,., 5 fa ' Twowsmw TRQDING POST W ,Wy Page six in F541 cm moo graph at 'l'I..3L..S,. ymzude pw, Just look at those seniors! They're really studying hard on their lines. Yes, this is the class play cast for 1949. Here we see more of our high school's students. They seem to be having a wonderful and exciting time at this season's tourneys and the pep sessions. Those ball games were really something to get excited about this year. Will We ever forget that Semi-Final game? Yes, it really should have been "Trojan Time in !49.7! wif Those fannhar haHs again! VVonder how' many hundred miles We've walked up and down the stairs, and through those halls, peering into every nook and cranny of the building looking for this and that. And look! There are all those familiar faces again,too. VVe get together in the haHs with our friends to talk over the day's events. Sorne of these students vvon't be around N H S after this year - but others vvHl foHowv in their footsteps. They, too, will then walk their "1,000 steps through New Castle Senior High School." and, gfizwzzi, ya-JD Page seven m, -WLM jfzojafuf There's the long and the short of it! Yes, it's two of our students, George Small, Jr., a member of the senior class, and Paul Benson, a sophomore. We have fellows here at N H S of every size, shape, or description you could possibly want. Short, fat, tall, skinny, blond, brunet, or redhead-you name it, and we've got it! Page eight Here are some more of the brigade, Martha Grayson, Neel Davis, Pat Bee- man, and Herb Prizeman. They're just showing you that they haven't worn their shoes out yet. They will be, though, by the time they've tramped around school, back and forth to the canteen, gym, and all the other hangouts around Trojan Town. ' ' Ffrwmla. in, '7L.3L.5.. More familiar people! One thing nice about New Castle High School is that no matter where you are-in the classroom, in the halls, in the oflices-you see people you know. This is what makes our school such a friendly place. This is one of the reasons for New Castleis fine sports- manship which has been shown throughout the years. This is why our school has such a high percentage of honor students and other out- standing students. This atmosphere of friendliness, understanding, and unity all help make the school that we know so well. Our "Alma Matern- New Castle High School. Top left picture Jim Dailey receives a word of praise from Coach Stuckey at a convocation for the team. Top right picture Three men whom we appreciate very much are our janitors-Mr. Brum- field, Mr. French, and Mr. Pickering. Bottom left picture Filling out the tardy and absence passes is Miss Harrington, dean of girls. Bottom right picture Mrs. Shephard, school nurse, treats one of her 1,000 patients. Page nine Jaculfq, Here We see some of our faculty and parents attending a P. T. A. meeting. They're listening to a panel discussion sponsored by the S t u d e n t Council. You will find the faculty section on page 12. gmiom, Mr. Reed and his senior his- tory class. This is just a peek into one of the many and varied classes that goes on in NHS during the school day. Page 24 will give you more about the seniors. Movies are also a part of our school life. These have proven to be both educational and interesting. These are all underclassmen that are at- tending this one particular movie. More pictures of un- derclassmen are shovvn on page 40. Page ten 25. .E. On page 52, you will find our Activities Section. Here We see our band in formation. This is another of our high school's many activities. Some of the others are the choir, orchestra, Rosennial, Phoenix, and many more. 6114.64 Now we see a picture of our Student Council in action. This club, plus many, many others, renders numerous services to our school and community. Gur Club Section starts on page 70. The last section of our book is the Athletic Section. It be- gins on page 86. This is, how- ever, by no means the least important. We have one of the most varied sports pro- grams in the state. Page eleven O O 0 0 V QB R ,. 1 1- UM Wah fi f EQ 5' Bowan . any w x u, .44 . WI A , 69 G0 09 09 GW 00 00 ,fffifdwea may 'wx fo s'-. . f,f "' ,'- - . - .' 7lf!""-,VsL"M ,J .3 ,.,f Vf .4 " 2' f XX 0 'Q ' ' , 'f..,1fi'i' " ,Q ia F- ' -g ! if? ,, J. - ' ' Q f, ' ef -X1 , H 1,1 .Q-jgi K V 7 ,..,,5A,,, U fl S .bi X.. gE,qy,1r':k F' fl TQ ' 'X 'life'-Q? . f ' "fi " . X lx S A, Qi 1 VK H, Ae' Y. A ' ' , J f , V- -. Wm cf u E? Z maxaman wmv l MR. JOE R. CRAW Superintendent A.B., M.A. Butler University The Class of 1949, which has made this yearbook possible, has contributed no little share in the carrying on of worthwhile school experiences. Throughout its four years, it has contributed much that is fine and con- structive in this high school. As the mem- bers of this class grew in experiences, their contributions became more important and in their final year, their goals have been reached. Our school should be a better place because of the work of this class. Now, at the end of your high school career, may we wish for each of you of the Class of 1949, the best of everything that the future holds for you. May you find that your work in this school helps you in making future life adjustments that Will be happy, wholesome, and satisfying. May you remember that the rest is up to you. Your life will be what you make it. Page fourteen MR. E. S. CASTOR Principal A.B., M.A. Ball State Teachers College Graduate Work, University of Chicago God give us men. A time like this demands Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands! Men whom the lust of office does not kill, Men whom the spoils of ofiice cannot buy, Men who possess opinions and a will, Men who have honor, men who will not lie. PF P14 Ulf Tall men, sun crowned, who live above the fog In public ditty and in private thinking. -Josiah Gilbert Holland. You have done it! The days have passed and four years have been spent in study and recreation, with friends and classmates and now you are graduates. The future is filled with opportunity for those who aspire and work. Your own separate case depends on how you have viewed and accepted opportun- ity up to the present. Every day you have had your chance. Every day you have set your pattern. Every day you could have suc- ceeded. We hope and trust that every grad- uate sees a bright road ahead based on a vision of serving his fellow men. Jim .. . SCHOOL BOARD The School Board is con- stantly alert for new ideas, constantly encouraging our initiative and school spi1'it, and always ready to counsel and advise the members of the faculty as well as the stu- dent body. They are pictured here with Mr. Craw, our su- perintendent. Dr. William Heilmang Mr. Joseph Burris, presidentg Mr. Joe R. Craw, superintendent of schoolsg Mr. Eugene H. Yergin, at- torneyg Mr. Russell Fleming, treasurer. MISS ELIZABETH HARRINGTON Dean of Girlsg A.B. Western Teachers' College, Bowling Green, Kentucky. MR. EARL F. LEMME Dean of Boysg A.B. Indiana Central Col- lege, M.A. Butler University. Page fifteen Jfwllfll- -JW 5 Row 1. MISS FERN HODSON Head of Mathematics Depart- ment, Algebra, Geometry, Trig- onometry, A.B. Earlham College, M.A. Columbia University. MR. CHARLES STUCKEY Head of Athletic Department, Basketball Coach, Safety, B.S. Hanover College. MISS LEWELTA POGUE Head of Language Department, Spanish, A.B. Indiana Univer- sity, M.A. University of Mich- igan. MR. C. S. KINDER Head of Industrial Arts Depart- ment, Drafting, Sponsor of Drafting Club, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College and Purdue University. MR. WALTER HARKER Speech and Hearing Director, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. Row 2. MR. PHILLIP GATES Head of Music Department, "A" Band and Orchestra, "B" Band and Orchestra, A.B. Cincinnati Conservatory, M.M. Capital Col- lege. MISS MARY MANIFOLD Head of Art Department, Art, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. MRS. JUANITA BISHOP Head of Commerce Department, Bookkeeping, Typing, Business Arithmetic, Commercial Law, A.B. Bowling Green College of Commerce, M.C.S. Indiana Uni- versity. MR. MAURICE FESSLER Book Store Director, A.B. Cen- tral Normal College. MRS. LOUISE DEYOE Speech, Dramatics, A.B. Indiana Central College, M.A. Northwest- ern University. Row 3. MR. MAX FORSYTH Head of Biology Department, Bi- ology, Sponsor of Biology Club, B.S. Indiana State Teachers' Col- lege, M.A. Purdue University. MISS ELIZABETH RONEY Head of Home Economics De- partment, Clothing, Special Problems, Sponsor of F.H.A., A.B. Manchester College. MISS BERNIECE MCCORD Head of English Department, English, A.B., M.A. Indiana Uni- versity. MISS MARTHA NUTT Librarian, A.B. Butler Univer- sity, B.S. in L.S. University of Illinois. MRS. HELEN ROGERS English, A.B. DePauw Univer- sity. Page sixteen Row 1. MISS FRANCES HALBERSTADT Newswriting, Phoenix, Rosennial Adviser, A.B. Indiana State Teachers' College. MRS. BARBARA PARSONS English, French, Sponsor of Fi Del, Sponsor of French Club, A.B. Ball State Teachers' Col- lege. MRS. MARY RICKERT English, Remedial Reading, A.B. Ball State Teachers' College. MISS EUNICE CLEO ORR Math. Refresher, Algebra, Ge- ometry, A.B. Ball State Teach- ers' College, M.A. Indiana Uni- versity. MR. FRANCIS REED History, Economics, Sponsor of Hi-Y, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. Um jun A, Row 2. MR. ALVIN LAKE English, B.S., M.A. Ball State Teachers' College. MR. CHARLES ERIC BICKLEY English, B.S. Indiana State Teachers' College. MISS JUANITA RUCKER Speech, Radio, Psychology, A.B. DePauw University and North- western University. MR. JOSEPH GREENSTREET General Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, A.B. Ball State Teachers' College. MRS. MARY WAYMAN History, A.B. Miami University, M.A. Ball State Teachers' Col- lege. Blau-an-7 Row 3. MISS CATHERINE RATCLIFFE English, Latin, Sponsor of Senior Class, Sponsor of National Honor Society, A.B. Western College, M.A. Indiana University. MISS MARGARET LEAKEY English, A.B. Ball State Teach- ers' College, M.A. Indiana Uni- versity. MISS MABEL HODSON Latin,,Algebra, Sponsor of Latin Club, A.B. Earlham College, M.A. Columbia University. MISS MARY JEAN HARTMAN General Mathematics, Algebra, A.B. Indiana University. MISS HELEN RUPLEY Social Studies, Sponsor of Tri- Hig B.S. Purdue University. Page seventeen Row 1. MISS RUTH E. ANDREWS History, B.S. Ball State Teach- ers' College. MR. WALTER E. HASSFURDER "B" Team Coach, Health 8z Safe- tyg B.S. Hanover College. MISS SARAH HALL Typing, Shorthand, Stenog- raphyg A.B. Butler University. MRS. FYLIOUS FISHER Foods, Sponsor of SunShine So- ciety, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. MR. DEAN LENON General Shop, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. Jawlfy- Row 2. MR. IVAN HODSON Physics, Algebrag A.B. Earlham College, M.A. Columbia Univer- sity. MR. ROBERT RINEHART Biology, Co-Sponsor of Biology Clubg B.S. Indiana University. MRS. MARTHA BICKLEY General Business, Business Eng- lish, Office Machines, Retailing, Co-Sponsor of Fi Del, A.B. Ball State Teachers' College. MRS. MARY SMITH Home Nursing, Home Manage- ment, Foodsg B.S. Purdue Uni- versity. MR. BERNHARDT A. BEGUHN Printingg B.S., M.S. Stout In- stitute. Row 3. MR. GEORGE C. BRONSON Chemistryg A.B. Wabash College. MISS DORIS JONES Home Nursing, Clothing. Biology, Health Sz Safetyg B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. MRS. MILDRED FLEET Typing, Business Arithmetic, Business English, Sponsor of the Junior Classg B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. MR. GEORGE SMALL Choir, Chorusg M.S. Indiana Uni- versity, B.M. Indiana College of Music, M.M. Jordan Conserva- tory. MR. JOHN LEE Machine Trades, Sponsor of Ma- chinists' Club, B.S. Ball State Teachers' College. Page eighteen Row 1. MR. MORRIS E. WEEKLY Agriculture, Sponsor of F.F.A.g B.S., M.S., Purdue University. MR. LANGAN HAY Football, Boxing, Golf, Boys' Physical Educationg A.B. Uni- versity of Kentucky. MISS ELIZABETH HARRINGTON Dean of Girlsg A.B. Western State Teachers' College. MRS. LOVELLA FORSYTH Girls' Physical Education, Spon- sor of G.A.A.g B.S. Indiana State Teachers' College. MISS MARIAN WEISHEIT Secretary, Superintendent's Of- fice. Jfwdfyf Row 2. MRS. ROBERTA HILL Girls' Physical Educationg A.B. Hanover College, M.A. Univer- sity of Iowa. MR. DAILY F. HILL Baseball, Freshman Basketball, Boys' Physical Educationg B.S. Hanover College. MISS HELEN HOWARD Secretary, Industrial Education Ofiice. MISS BETTY KIRK Receptionist, Superintendent's Office. MISS PEARL DUNN Grade School Supervisor, Cadet Teaching, B.S. Ball State Teach- ers' College, M.A. Columbia Uni- versity. Row 3. MRS. JANET LEE Secretary, Principal's Oiiice. MR. EARL LEMME Electronics, Dean of Boysg A.B. Indiana Central College, M.A. Butler University. MISS MAXINE RAINS Bookkeeper, Principal's Office. MRS. RUTH BEST B o o k k e e p e r, Superintendent's Oiiice. IP'-' if was may xii? Page nineteen HIM- Hw- Two years' physical education is required of all students graduating from high school unless they are otherwise ex- cused. The girls here are taking tumbling while another part of their class is playing Volley- ball. In line with the modern trend of educa- tion, it is just as import- ant to train the body as the mind. Page twenty 602. Kadef, lcarlwm, Cadet Teachers assist teachers in grade schools and junior high. They take charge of reading, spell- ing, and numerous other classes. These cadet teachers are learning while teaching. Row one: Nancy Iterrnan, Barbara Pate. Row two: Mary Garrard, Marjorie Tapscott, Gail Modlin. Row three: Bob Davis, Donna Greig. Uwzifzcl Klaaam, Enelllfh A Rosennial would not be complete without a picture of Mrs. Rogers' senior English class. ln this class, advanced English is taught in prep- aration for college work. It is a must if you are planning on going to college. otlibllblfllj, In the center of all the hub-buh of high school life there is one place where the more industrious students may go to study. This is the library where Miss Martha Nutt is always ready to lend a helping hand. HAL Is it an art school? No, this is the art room where, under the able direc- tion of Miss Mary Manifold, students are taught to develop their natural talent. Posters, decorations for dances, and many other artistic Works are created here. Page twenty-one l Page twenty-two Hnnmai Shop This is a picture of the general shop class in action. Boys taking this course learn how to run different types of machines such as Sebastian Lathes and Monarch Lathes. They make lamps and many other useful ornaments. Here We see Mr. Lee helping a boy adjust his machine. Jww Clickety-clack, clickety-clack. This is what you will hear if you venture past Room 115 any period of the day. Three semesters of typing and one semester of transcription are offered in our school. We have several stu- dent teachers from Ball State helping teach these classes. 5' WMM The unknown is X. This is the basis of algebra-to find the un- known. Mr. Ivan Hodson is seen here illustrating a problem on the board to his freshman algebra class. Suziomm These lively looking students are studying to be famous actors and actresses. They helped produce a pro- gram of skits and short plays this fall called Curtain Call. During the holidays they produced several other short plays, all carrying out the Christmas theme. pw. Our high school print shop does all the printing for the school besides much of the Parent-Teachers' Associ- ation printing. They also put out our school paper, the Phoenix. Radio For the last several years in high school there has been a radio class. This class gives announcements every day over the public address system and once every Week gives a Bible program. They have made announce- ment period an enjoyable part of school life. Page twenty-three 06 o Q0 Os x5 R, W H105 E H WW 'HW Eg Q 411 Mm' m.fEg4 H ' W HL' 'FULL' f 11 "1 -,NFHW - ..,fM! w ww 1.1 G, 09 69 09 w. 3. 1 " ww' ..-m J - , 9 -1 ' ,f V if -I - 'TW ,'!-5 FE I. h . .f -Q- ar- QX xx A 1f,f-fag -5e....4 3: A v WN-,J.ig:TYl K . .9 '4l ' mv Our footsteps are now echoes in the halls of dear old NHS. For four years, we traveled the polished fioors and climbed the crowded stairways. These things are now tucked neatly away in our memory book along with our first day in high school, our exciting sophomore year when we began to feel just a little older, our glorious junior year when We were sixteen, and finally our senior year filled with- so many marvelous events. The first two years in high school we built a strong foundation for our class and by the time our junior year rolled around we were well prepared to elect our officers and plan an outstanding Prom. We elected Jim Dailey as our president, Bill Palm- blade as our vice-president, June Wadman as our secretary, and Eldora Ankrom as our treasurer. One of the first important events of our senior year was Senior Vespers. This was the first time that we marched in as a class, the class of 1949-the largest ever to be graduated from NHS. 5i2P9f1fvflw3 During the second half of our junior year, some of the members of our class were elected to National Honor Society and some were appointed to the Rosennial staff. Highlighting the last month of our junior year was our Prom. Those who attended will never forget the beautiful decorations and the wonderful time they had. On September 13, 1948, we came back to school determined to be the best class as well as the largest class that ever graduated from NHS. We re- elected the same class ofiicers and got off to a successful start on our senior year. We chose Twilight Blue and Burgundy as our class colors, and ordered our invitations and enclosure cards for Commencement. We chose "Knowledge is the treas- ure, but practice is the Key" for our motto. Before we realized, it was time for Senior Vespersg then all too soon came Class Day, Baccalaureate, and finally Commencement which ended our won- drous school years. ' Q Page twenty-six BOB ADKINS i JACK ALEXANDER Football, Baseball. BARBARA ANDIS SunShine Society, Prom Publicity Committee. ELDORA ANKROM Fi Del, President of SunShine Society, Na- tional Honor Society, Treasurer of Senior Class, Prom Queen Attendant. MARGARET ANTLE "A",Orchestra, Fi Del. GERALD NEWTON ARCHEY Football, Machinists' Club, Track, Boxing, Drafting Club. DELANO ATKINSON DONN FRITZ BAILEY Treasurer of Student Council, Hi-Y, "A Band, Senior Motto Committee, Latin Club. EUGENE M. BAILEY Hi-Y, "A" Band, Boxing, Choir, Senior Song Committee. H JAMES L. BARRY Rosennial Staff, Golf, Prom Invitation Committee. RICHARD EDGAR BAVENDER Hi-Y, F.F.A. LUTHER BAYS VERNNON HEROLD BECK Chaplain of Hi-Y, Prom Refreshment Com- mittee, Purdue Student Assembly. XNx.:y"01,ut.J-- VIRGIL BELL Prom Refreshment Committee, Hi-Y. NANCY ANN BEGEMAN Fi Del, Phoenix Staff, SunShine So- ciety, Rosennial,S,taf'f, Latin Club. EVA MAY BLACKBURN Fi Del, Rosennial Staff, SunShine Society, Senior Motto Committee, Prom Refreshment Committee. RUTH ELLEN BLUNK F.B.L.A. FAREL JUNE BON0 Fi Del, SunShine Society, Prom Or- chestra Committee, Phoenix Staff. Page twenty-seven Page twenty-eight H. R. BRAMMER T l-'N ... A-1' ' " Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Boxing. BETTY BROOKS SunShine Society, Tri-Hi-Y, F. H. A., Prom Refreshment Committee, Choir. JAMES A. BROWN Drafting Club, Questers' Hi-Y. HILDA BROYLES Fi Del, Prom Orchestra Committee. THOMAS E. BURK Drafting Club, Prom Decoration Committee. V , BETTY CALDWELL' 3 "- "'i ' BILLIE CALDWELL Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Flower Committee, Prom Entertainment Committee, Dramatics Club, Curtain Call '47. MURL EUGENE CARNES Choir, Trojan Male Chorus, Madrigal Singers. JEANNIEN CARTER ' ' " 'L "' Senior Flower Committee. NINA CARTER- ' Tri-Hi-Y. PAULINE CARTER Tri-Hi-Y. DON CASSADY Basketball, Hi-Y, Phoenix Staff, Rosennial Staff. DONNA CLARY Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Flower Committee, Latin Club, Prom Decoration Committee. ED CLEVENGER Football. HAROLD CLINE Vice-President of Drafting Club, Senior Colors Committee DALTON CONNER DOROTHY COCHRAN Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.H.A. EDRA CONWAY SunShine Society, F.B.L.A. 2 - .iff - .. DORIS cowAN ' Lf "' C SunShine Society, Prom Decoration Commit- tee, Latin Club. KNOXIE CRABTREE GENE CRAIG - vLXa.Q.- H1-Y, Prom Entertainment Commit- tee, Prom Decoration Committee, Senior Motto Committee. GLEN CRANE Dramatics Club, Football, Vice-President of Hi-Y, Prom Entertainment Committee, Choir. DAVE CRUM Yell Leader. EVELYN DAFFRON Tri-Hi-Y. JIM DAILEY ' W A ' - 'N- President of Senior Class, Basketball, Foot- ball, National Honor Society, Junior Rotarian. PAT DALY Majorette. MARY DAVIDSON Phoenix Staff, Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLES H. DAVIS, JR. Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Prom Entertainment Committee, Radio. WILLIAM CLYDE DAVIS JAMES R. DAVIS Dramatics Club, Prom Reception Committee, Radio. JAMES N. DAVIS Vice-President of Machinists' Club, Choir. NEEL D. DAVIS Hi-Y, Rosennial Staff, Drafting Club, Prom Program Committee. ROBERT G. DAVIS Vice-President of French Club, Hi-Y, Phoenix Staff Rosennial Staff, Prom Publicity Committee. JEAN DENNY Tri-Hi-Y, F.B.L.A. LOUISE DICKEN Vice-President of Tri-Hi-Y, President of F.B.L.A., Prom Decoration Committee, Senior Motto Committee, Choir. HAROLD DICKEY Page twenty-nine Page thirty DONALD EASTHAM "A" Band, Hi-Y, Prom Refreshment Committee. JOHN G. ELROD Football. ' NANCY EPPERSON Choir. DON EVERMAN President of Machinists' Club.- ' JACK FAVORS I' J. ALAN FISHER Machinists' Club, Drafting Club, Ushers' Club. HAROLD FRANKLIN W- Hi-Y, "A" Band, "A" Orchestra, Dramatics Club. JACK FRAZIER Hi-Y, Phoenix Staif, Machinists' Club. MARY LOU GARRARD Fi Del, Prom Entertainment Com- mittee, Senior Colors Committee, SunShine Society, Latin Club. DONNA GAUCHAT Fi Del, Prom Reception Committee, Phoenix Staff HENRIETTA GOAR Secretary of Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, SunShine Society. JAMES E. GOFF Baseball, Rosennial StaH, Hi-Y. CHARLES E. GOOCH- BARBARA M. GORMAN Tri-Hi-Y. WIL-MA GORMAN Secretary of National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club. JIMMY PHILIP GRAY Football, Baseball, Trojan Male Chorus. LEON M. GREAR , Yell Leader. GERALDINE GREEN Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.H.A. kb' - N DONNA GREIG Vw'-f'-"-'--4 Fi Del, Senior Song Committee, Prom Decora- tion Committee, Concert Choir, "A" Orchestra BETTY JOAN GRIFFIN National Honor Society, Chaplain of Tri- Hi-Y, Latin Club, SunShine Society. PATRICIA GRIMES Tri-Hi-Y, Prom Ticket Committee, G.A.A. ' JACK L. GROSE ' Basketball, Baseball, Phoenix Staif, Student Council, Prom Entertainment Committee. CHARLES FREADUS GRUBBS Student Council, Hi-Y, Treasurer of Can- teen Council, Prom Entertainment Com- mittee. NANCY HARDING President of Tri-Hi-Y, SunShine So- ciety, Prom Entertainment Commit- tee, G.A.A., Tumbling Team. 3 LINDA HARRISON Rosennial Staff, Fi Del, Treasurer of National Honor Society, Vice-President of SunShine Society, Prom Queen Attendant. PHYLLIS HARRY Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Prom Ticket Committee, Latin Club. BARBARA HARTER Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y, Choir. Prom Reception Committee, F.B.L.A., Ma- , drigal Singers. s 54' JEANNE HARVEY Rosennial Staff, Phoenix Staff, Vice-President of Fi Del, Prom Entertainment Committee, Corres. Secretary of SunShine Society. LOIS JEAN HARVEY Senior Invitation Committee, F.B.L.A. RAYMOND WARREN HAWKINS Student Council, Rosennial Staff, Hi- Y, Basketball, Dramatics Club. JACK HAYNES ' Printing Staff. BOB HEDRICK Basketball, F.F.A. EARL HICKS Hi-Y, Prom Entertainment Committee. BETTY LOU HIGGINS Reporter of F.B.L.A., Tri-Hi-Y, SunShine Society, F.H.A. ERMA HILL . Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Invitation Committee. uw,-1..Ml -KEITH HINSHAW Treasurer of Hi-Y, Junior Rotarian, Student Council, Drafting Club, Prom Ticket Committee. Page thirty-one Page thirty-two 6. .-If ,. I, KEITH EDWARD HODGIN Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. DARRELL HOLLOWAY Hi-Y, Phoenix Staff, Prom Entertainment Committee, Printing Staff. MILFORD HOLMES DONALD HOOPINGARNER - ' nxL"""""A Machinists' Club. PAUL HOOPINGARNER Machinists' Club. NORMA JEAN HOOSIER Choir. DAVID HUFFORD Machinists' Club, Drafting Club. GLORIA IRWIN Treasurer of F.B.L.A., Latin Club, Senior Motto Committee, SunShine Society, F.H.A. '.7NANCY ITERMAN J Fi Del, SunShine Society, Prom En- 3 tertainment Committee, Dramatics Club, Cadet Teacher. FRED JOHNSON F.F.A. JO ANN JOHNSON Treasurer of National Honor Society, Senator of Purdue Leffislfture, Eflitor of Roscnnial, Fi Del, SunShine Society. TOIYTAFZIZIYEA JOHNSON Tri-Hi-Y, Choir. CAROLINE BUNNY JONES Rosenniil Staff, Prom Queen, Secretary of Studewt Council, State Vice-President of SunShine Society, Fi Del. CHARLFS VV. JONES, JR. Football. JOHN M. JORDAN President of National Honor Society, President on Student Council, Presi- dent of Latin Club, Secretary of Hi-Y, Rosennial Staf. ROBERT J. JUSTICE Football. VVILLIAM D. KENNEDY Hi-Y, Phoenix Staff, Prom Publicity Committee, Senior Colors Committee, Latin Club. HELEN LACY Tri-Hi-Y. DWIGHT LAWSON JOYCE LAWSON PAUL LAWSON Drafting Club, Boxing. ROBERT LEDGERWOOD Machinists' Club. HERBERT LEWIS Hi-Y, Prom Reception Committee, UA' Band, "A" Orchestra, String Ensemble. MX ,MJ-HAROLD J. LONGWORTH Junior Rotarian, Hi-Y, "A" Band Choir, "A" Orchestra. EDWARD LOWE Machinists' Club. MARILYN LOWERY SunShine Society. JACQUELINE MARTIN SARA LOU MASENGALE S Latin Club, F.H.A. GEORGE ROBERT MATTOX, JR. Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Choir. BETTY LOU MCCLAIN . rw MQAL- "A" Band, "A" Orchestra, Latin Club, G.A.A., Altrusa Girl. RONALD MCCARTHY JAMES F. MCCORMACK Basketball, Questers' Hi-Y, Football, Track. LOIS AVALINE MCFARLAND Drarntics Club, Prom Entertainment Committee, F.B.L.A., Senior Colors Committee, SunShine Society. KATIE MAE MCGAHA F B L.A., Choir. GEORGIA MCGILL F.H.A., Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLES MCGINNIS Hi-Y, Phoenix Staff, Rosennial Staff, Machinists' Club, I.H.S.P.A. Press Convention. 1 Page thirty-four KATHERINE McGINNIS Tri-Hi-Y. HELEN MCSHERRY Tri-Hi-Y, F.B.L.A. STANLEY MEEK - 3Nf"U"-if L' Wm Football, National i'Honor Society, Junior Rotarian, Hi-Y. JOSEPH MINYARD GAIL MODLIN ' ' "' "A" Orchestra, String Ensemble, Tri- Hi-Y, F.B.L.A. DAVID MOORE Boxing, F.F.A. TOM MOORE President of F.F.A., Hi-Y. BETTY LOU MORRIS Tri-Hi-Y. BONNELL MORROW Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Prom Decora- tion Committee, Dramatics Club. LEVI MUNCY Machinists' Club. CYNTHIA JANE NEFF Treasurer of Fi Del, SunShine Society, Prom Entertainment Committee. VIVIAN NICHOLS F.H.A. CHARLES E. NILES Reporter of F.F.A. DONALD E. OSBORNE Yell Leader, Printing Staff. PATRICIA LOU PAHMIER Fi Del, SunShine Society, G.A.A., Choir. WILLIAM LAWRENCE PALMBLADE 4 X Baseball, Vice-President of Junior Class, Vice-President of Senior Class, Student Coun- cii, Hi-Y. PEGGY PARIS x 'px ,J Tri-Hi-Y, Choir. BARBARA PATE ' Fi Del, sunshine Cadet Teacher. ., ,th Society, Choir, new WILLIAM T. PAUL Hi-Y, Dramatics Club. ADA MARALYN PFENNINGER ' "'N'U"v"""'9" Tri-Hi-Y, Choir. DORIS POORE Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. DAVID L. POPPLEWELL Choir, Trojan Male Chorus, Hi-Y, French Club. X . ROBERT PRITCHETT 1- wi. .4 --' ' "qw" Latin Club. ' HERBERT PRIZEMAN ' Dramatics Club, Curtain Call '48, II' -'l Phoenix Staff. :LULA LEE REAVIS "7 "A" Orchestra, Choir, Fi Del, Prom Queen I' Attendant, Prom Invitation Committee. RUSSELL REESE, JR. Phoenix Staff. KATHERINE LOUISE RICKERT Tri-Hi-Y, Prom Ticket Committee Choir, Senior Invitation Committee GENE RIGNEY Machinists' Club, Drafting Club, Football. BETTY LEE RITTER Rosennial Staff, President of Fi Del, Sec- retary of National Honor Societ Sun- , Y, P Shine Society, Senior Song Committee. I l PAUL ROBINSON-' ' , if Chairman of Senior Song Commit- , tee, Hi-Y, Football Manager, Track GENE ROBINSON President of Hi-Y, Choir, Trojan Male Chorus Drafting Club, Junior Rotarian. FORREST ROBERTS Projectionists' Club, Trojan Male Chorus. KEITH E. ROBERTS Drafting Club. ROBERT ROSEBERRY ' Senior Invitation Committee, "A" Band, Student Council, Phoenix Staff. BARBARA ALICE SEARS rf ru ' '- ----1 Prom Ticket Committee. . JAMES SCHETGEN - wx--' 'WJ- Hi-Y, F.F.A., Football. 9 Page thirty-six HELEN IRENE SHAFFER Phoenix Staff, Senior Flower Committee, Prom Reception Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. JANE SHAUL Fi Del, SunShine Society, Senior Invita- tion Committee, F.H.A. RAYMOND SINGLETON - 5 Hi-Y. f GEORGE M. SMALL, JR. Vice-President of National Honor Society. Hi-Y, Student Council, Canteen Council, Choir. ANNA MARIE SMITH Phoenix Staff, Senior Flower Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Prom Committee, G.A.A. U BERNICE SMITH - Nw-tv -A uni Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatics Club. BILL B. SMITH Machinists' Club, Canteen Council. NANCY SMITH Fi Del, SunShine Society, Phoenix Staff, Senior Invitation Committee, Chairman of Prom Invitation Committee. NORMA JEAN SMITH Phoenix Staif, Tri - Hi - Y, Senior Flower Committee, Prom Refresh- ment Committee. RONALD SMITH NORA SNEDIGAR JAMES SPIGGLE Hi-Y, Prom Courtesy Committee. BEVERLY SPRINKLE Choir. LOYCE STAILEY F.B.L.A., Senior Flower Committee. JERRY STANLEY Transfer from Howe of Indianapolis. ROBERT D. STEGNER Football, Basketball, Junior Rotarian, Hi-Y, Drafting Club. JOETTA ANN STEGNER , Tri-Hi-Y, SunShine Society, Choir. 1 NORMA JEAN STEWART Fi Del, Altrusa Girl, SunShine T Society. as X' ,J I EDNA STOKES President of Tri-Hi-Y, Rosennial Staff, Dra- matics Club, Prom Entertainment Committee, SunShine Society. n. SIBYL sToUT-- ---1 f-lK4w' Student Councif Fi Del, SunShine So- ciety, Rosennial Staff, Dramatics Club. y NEWTON STRONG , Machinists' Club. JOAN LOUISE SUMMERS Fi Del, SunShine Society, Prom Queen At- tendant, Prom Decoration Committee, Dra- matics Club. PHYLLIS SURBER SunShine Society, Prom Decoration Committee. MADELINE SUTHERLAND DOYLE SUTTON French Club, Prom Orchestra Committee, Purdue Student Assembly. PAUL LEON TABOR Ushers' Club, Biology Club. JAMES STEPHEN TAYLOR Football, Baseball, Editor of Phoe- nix, Rosennial Staff, Hi-Y. ROSEMARY THOMPSON KEITH THURMAN Track. JERALDINE TINKLE Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatics Club. MARY ALICE TODD -. A 1- ci-.EL Fi Del, Dramatics Club, SunShine Society, Prom Entertainment Committee. DELORIS TURNER Choir. MARY TURPIN SunShine Society, Tri-Hi-Y. JUNE WADMAN Secretary of Senior Class, Secretary of Junior -,'Class, Prom Queen Attendant, Secretary of -K Fi Del, SunShine Society. ' N GENE WAKE Sergeant-of-Arms of Hi-Y, Prom Deco- ration Committee, Senior Colors Commit- tee, Dramatics Club, Drafting Club. CHARLES WALLACE F.F.A. 1 Page thirty-seven Rage thirty-eight DON WALLEN BETTY WANTZ Tri-Hi-Y, SunShine Society, Choir, Dra- matics Club, Senior Colors Committee. MARGERY WARNOCK Harvest Hop Queen, Fi Del, Prom Reception Committee. LLOYD WATT Drafting Club. ALTON WATTS Trojan Male Chorus. VIRGINIA WHEELER "A" Orchestra, Fi Del, SunShine So- ciety, Prom Decoration Committee. BARBARA WILEY SunShine Society, G.A.A., F.H.A., Dramatics Club, Prom Entertainment Committee. ALBERT WILLIAMS F.F.A. ELLEN JANE WILKINSON Fi Del, SunShine Society, Prom Dec- oration Committee, Senior Colors Committee. BOBBIE R. WINNINGHAM F.B.L.A., Prom Invitation Committee. BETTY JEAN WITHAM BETTY E. WOOD F.B.L.A., Senior Invitation Commit- tee, Spanish Club. COLENE YORK F.B.L.A. DON YORK DON YOUNG "A" Band, Choir, Hi-Y, Prom Dec- oration Committee, Trojan Male Chorus. Three smiling seniors, Betty Lou McClain, Raymond Single- ton, and Charley Davis, are ex- changing enclosure cards. After we exchanged cards, we spent the rest of the day signing Mem- ory Books. This was truly a memorable day in our lives as seniors. Each senior class chooses class colors and the class of 1949 was no exception. Mary T u r p i n , Katherine Rickert, Doyle Sutton, and Paul Amonett pondered over their choices, but they finally decided on Twilight Blue and Burgundy. The majority of the class also voted for these and they became our colors. Thus, We laid another stepping stone to the big day-Com- mencement. Page thirty-nine O 0009 0 O0 QA x5 1,5 l .mfl'g15ffi 995 N MIK! It H JA' Bi IHHEBB III 0-e on 69 U3 X Q52 fxfi l Mig-gi. mbsf,-.yi B: Jw NA V '5f'f'?+hLfw,,:vp.. K . ,L A? ' 'N if , 'za X 'fi "Q wif' 1" j ,fl ' f .5 ZF, -f I T f H 4 ' S a I z 5 5' ax In Lf X J s if , za, WW, ,Farr ' , ' 'flaw' 1-. J it , ' 4 ,453 . ... .7 e Q Q' Bn, , J, ' ' " .F f, . ,V W f r7.",2iy - ,WI K , ., I y ' -' W -'iL,,1'eem f r' w e , W i' A , ly k K' K, sh T,Q gm ,,..,.. A It 37 K Wag .V I 'V 5:5 z' 1, ' f W- . fi t Q F ' H . .oar f lfhfli. Page forty-two :L .wr V VF View ,Q wr. ci. 4-,, me Q IL' ff 5 vii? 0 mal' X' MRT jlmq, Hollow Sharon Aaron, Jane Adams, Patty Ammerman, Nina An- derson, Virginia Andrews, Birl Appleby, Marilyn Arma- cost. Jim Ashton, Ida Atkinson, Gene Ballenger, Bonnie Bak- er, Delonda Bartuska, Ken- neth Bassett, Marilyn Beckett. Pat Beeman, Deloris Bewley, Janet Bishop, Lola Bittner, Bill Bledsoe, Dale Bond, Thomas Bowers. Jim Brizentine, Hollie Browning, Jr., Herbert Bunch, Marceline B u r c h , David B u r k , J o e Carter, Donna Catron. David Clark, Windle Clark, M a r j o r i e Clevenger, Sally Clift, Pat Clift, Bill Cluggish, Virginia Collins. C a l vi n Cooper, Marcheta Cory, Jo Anne Courtney, Marilyn Craw, James Crow, Maybelle Crumrine, Verna Dalton. Doria Dann, Bob Davis, Doris Davis, Ruth Davis, Delores DeWerpe, Robert DeWeese, Jack DeWitt. Jeannette Dobbs, Gene Downing, Ronald Dungan, Harold Dye, Jack Elam, Jerry Ellis, Jack Elmore. Phillip Evans, Dale Fadely, Edith Favors, Donald Fen- nell, Jerry Fennell, Nancy Fisher, Doris Fleming. James Flowers, Bob Frank- lin, Eunice Furbee, Les Ginn, Richard Goar, Peggy Graham, Elmer Gray. 0101, Jan Helen Gray, Jackie Greig, Gene H a g e r t y , Wyladene Halfacre, M a rj 0 r i e Hall, Skippy Hamlin, Betty Hard- ing. Roberta Harris, Janet Harri- son, Fred Harvey, Barbara LE , f 1 , , ll k at o "Z- K 'L s Q.. rw' ,V 1 x 4 is V '13 'f .l,"if :, 1f'Z+'5?'v,Q?feI. ' 1. . -J ,Z 25,3 z ,:f V f ffitk .2 f'V . my ik i 1:22 , ,S ,, , . , l F ix!!! my ,Q V . .. .. ,,wfg,g wf J I 'WS 5 Hatfield, Phyllis Hendricks, Richard Hicks, Ruth Hiner. 4 'S . Paul Ingerman, Gene Ivey, ' i Q its Donna Jacobs, Dee Ann Jes- ' L sup, Martha Johnson, Mary Johnson, Bob Jones. K Q5 fm ' -' ff 'Q if DonJordan,Jackie Juday, 7 F3 ,ge Juanita Kissick, W al t e r Pali? Kluse, Robert Lee, Dick Land, f. f 'Y I Gene Land. , . , "" f. -- fl Am Q, ' 'H '5'-'V in- "' ii Marguerite Lee, John Logan, , 4 W p AV M ' " , V ,V P Phyllis Lorton, Jimmy Logs- Af 3 -'fs' G" I ' f ' 7' if ton, Judy Marshall, Charlotte " 1, V 'jp gvj V Mathews, Bercie Maynard. if I VL VV ,' ,L , V ,,V, ,Vi V ' rw nl.. . Vf, Tommy McFarland, Dorothy ,U V V 'ii -9 if 4, V 1 A, if M c M il la n , Sue Meadows, Q- f l aw -it A J , Mary Taylor, Virgie Mogg, 'N - A ,rf V VVVVVVVVKV VV ,, , ". Jim Moody, Joann Moody. , if , 1 , 5 g f fffgj '19 1 9 V f A ill? Thornton M u r p h y , Edythe JH J' V Y M A ii ':" Nigh, Myra Niles, Betty l ,Q as , f , .,,, , V VVVL A V , Orr, Dick Parker, Helen Par- " ' J 1 ' 4 ,ye ker, Glenna Perdue. :'-,V 1 , ., ,. I , SV " 'S .,,,, J fi Ar d ,QVH John Phelps, Ralph Pierce, g ,W , Lewis Poindexter, Phyllis W V ,AV ,, at ,R WV ,-: :NV . Vi., Pollard, Chris Porter, Charles Lg, ' V il Preble, Mary Purvis. J' ' 'I Q if f i J, 9' ,,,, Rosetta Rector, Junior Reich- , ,' V M.. , H , , art, Virginia Riggle, Martha f. - f ' "' , A f . 1 V sa il Q' I Rinard, Leatha Roberts, For- . rf. if mf A, hafs -f rest Roberts, Joyce Robinson. ' , - ii" -.fa F a r ri s Rogers, Barbara .- V V , VV , T, i Roots, Gloria Royce, Barbara ,. L ', I ' fffjficf V V i Sanders, Betty Gaile Scott, r,V V ,V A ,U J' M Don Scott, Louise Sharp. ,W . , V, V, . V V , U - n J J J .L , L Wei iv Lf!-1 A ' Page forty-three -if R if iam wslabr '- ,.,,,.f -. -1- r ,K + - . if i is . . 'lf - , ' ' 2HL:f,' 1 V ,S 4 V B Johnny Shepperrl, Larry ,L uiqgw ie ga ,F 5, at . , 9 ' 1 M if ,,.A it as f 1- M , Qi 4 k VL 'V . , S., r 5 W v, W ' fa 1 all Qi if j 5 rw el . ke, ' qv, nfl Z K 2 Q H M' 45-' If 4, Q .4 -f .-. .. .1 v A N . :K ,. " fi A we H, ffl, , I an Sherry, Cynthia Shirk, Don Smith, Junior Smith, Mar- garet Smitherman, Hazel Snedigrar. Margaret Snedigar, Dona Sowder, Ruth Sprunger, Bill Stinson, Patricia Summers, Marjorie Tapscott, L. B. Tay- lor. Betty Mettert, Joan Thomp- son, Harmon Thrasher, Don Tower, Ruby Turpin, Phyllis Upchurch, Marian Waldrop. Sonny Wallace, Jeannette Wallen, Merrill Wantz, Dick Whalen, Charles White, Mar- tha Wicker, Noble Wickliff. Mahlon Wiles, Katherine Williams, Virginia Wilson, Junior Wood, Leah Wood, Jackie Wright, Betty Zach- ary. Here are the Junior Class oflicers. They are: Donna Jacobs, treasurerg Pat Summers, secre- taryg Marjorie Hall, vice-president, Mrs. Fleet, junior class sponsor, and Don Scott, president. Page forty-four Svllfw J. C. Addison, Doris Agee, .lunior Anderson, Ray Antle, Stewart Archey, Julia Arm- strong, David Ashley, Gloria Ashton, Billy Ast, Max Ballard. Glenda Ballenger, Nathalee Bailey, Jean Banta, Bob Benson, Paul Benson, Forrest Blan- sette, J o h n n y Black, Carol Bledsoe, Sara Blunk, Erma Boling. Dwain Booher, Donald Boram, Arthur Bran- ham, Lillian Branham, Keith Brenneman, Dar- lene Brown, Betty Browning, Jack Brown, R a y m o n d Brumfield, Morris Brown. Barbara Buckels, Bob Frank, Roger Burke, Thomas Caldwell, Jack Cannon, Joan Carnes, Betty Carter, Bill Car- ter, Ermon Carter, John- ny Cassidy. Hobby Cater, Mary Roy Catt, Rebecca Cattron, Marylee Chamberlin, John Chesiek, .loe Cla- horn, Reba Clark, Junior Clary, Rir-hard Cochran, Phyllis Coffman. Orlin Coleman, Arnold Cooper, Joan Dee Coop- er, Omer Cooney, Mari- lyn Copeland, Hilda Cox, Dean Cox. Christine Crabtree, Bonnie Craig, Jerry Crim. Jo Ann Crim. Melba Cross, Donald Crusan, Barbara Curlett, Delbert Dabney, Tom Dailey, Carl Davis, Robert Davis. Bob D. Davis, Paul Davis. Mary Davis, Sara Dickerson, James Dixon, Tom Durman, Mal Ed- wards, Paul Elkins, Nel- lie England, Martha Estes, Norma Favors, Mary Ann Fennell. Bob Fernander, Judy Fine, Rosalyn Fields, Richard Flowers. Rod- ney Ford, Dale Frazier, Gay Frost, .loan Fulton, Juanita Gallimore, Ca- milla Gann. Bob George, Lo u i s e Gephart. Roy Goar, Tom Gray, Martha Grayson, Deloris Green, Anita Greiner, Joe Griggs, Betty Grogg, Bobby Grose. Harold Hankenhoff, Bill Harlen, Henry Hard- grove, Eugene Harmon, Donnis Harshey, Bar- bara Higfgins, Betty Hill. P h y l I i s Hill, Phyllis Hines, Jimmie Houser. .loan Hurlelson, Donna Huffman, Marlin Hut- son, Glenn Jarvis, Jane Jennings, Joan Jones, Vorma Jones. Joyce Jor- dan, Norma Kautz, Har- old Kendall. , . ,f 2 G s . W 9 , N I , 1 Q W M M. . A ti ..., ,, ,.'- . -H,-V-, v---1: V.,,, .. ,.,,f,7.,j.i I 5 ,,,4mexrggif' 4 ,M fr V 1 , ,xl 4' .V .... . ' 55 ' " 9 ix " . ' 'fa ax' f is Q ' K' f' fl , 2 fa mf 5 V,,, M 1 .ryky Q.. ,.V7 L ,fo , I- W, , A ' K ' 4' ' t 3' 'P' , ii ..'- 2 .es 4 Q ' i 'A' any 5 " 'f ' V , , A . ' . it-'Sf 'i ,fa ' - ., ' A . . . 5 ' .Q ,. ' ff' 'ld H A 'WVU ' 'ii' , C' A ' 1 E ,., it mg, I .4 v- 551 A .. I - -f R -I , . V. ,,.,, , , W . 'H L. Y Q i i AL f -If 1, 5 , lffkk A , .VK . ,QT . ,, ...,, .3 , . , ,- . J , -W ff . , Y I J, in Q, J fi L . am W ' . - ' - ' V- H I ,W - V' A :iii'Wf 'fs.1..f . , ,,,,,,,W ' ' ' ' 1 D .. ...wa 4' f . , , - fr W ,,+,. ,.' I , . . f , . ,I .g "M 3, n ii , ,, . , ' .,"' i ""' ff F j z" , 'safer 6 K ,L .. , . Arf ,W ' 3 4 A , -' ,f ' A fi , H ' f A f at ' . Q 1 ' 132,-3 ' M in , A4 ' ,.'. f wi V Z - 6- C " J ' , f - 42 K ' ,, I , 43,7 . , , -5. 1,5 A 3, . A I . - . + . af, -- 1 . - Q ' 33 ' 5 M T I v - 'i' - ff., . 1 gflfyfm. . Page forty-five -Q Q., 3 ,, 1:29 5 , I ,..,..,,.m,,.,L,,,. It ,,,.: , YD A ' . -.L . , 1 -M' . ' Z I 3 . kcxfi' , '- 'A x :P-' - i Q af' Vi, 1:1?'5aiis'II":g:::: ' :ww ' " "A" W' ,. ,M f if 5? 'T , 1,11 .. 'V' "H , " - ,... .M A . ,, , M 4 m, - Y H , , W I I ,. 1 ' lvl, JW-Y . -, V -,'lQ1fii"7 "ff'. ?i ?WTi.??Z2 73' , ,J V ff , ., ,, , ,35,,.,,.l ,,,,,,,, -,,, , I , ,V K ,W ,,,, ,M gg y ---ff .. -, ,l ww .. f , W' , fig... i t ' ', :Q fi ., 1 1,41 .' F' 1152, ,,f.,,p ,. K? J. ' WT -,L 5 -f ' 35 M0 ' ' 'I f -aff T2 W do -si 1 e, Q " if .A - , ',,. I .,... I H- .ar ff' J- we 1, -J ., " if , , f I W 2 f J f . .f J f, . H 'L,- 5 . ..,,,.,t,N,. , y ,.-.- , ' . ' " , ,,, , K, -v Q ' A x -- , f 732 tr, H-if 1' , V ag' , I, , LA, .Aj I f . , ,.f J x 1 il H s VV t I ,I A gy .E .lem A - If 'h ' 2 u' Q V' g,. , ' '-H , , ta - . if . Z ,H ' ' . R ' 4 , it 'VA " ii pm., J' , N, I , 51. ' 3 . , , 'A' A 7 . " ' " -f ,L , 1, -' ,r, V ff, 5 U .gigglf I . ' XM! in . I Q QV XAIIAR -1:92 1' ,g - i Y"' vff- I , 'f-rw' ' f wiv-uf, I 131 'V f it :nr 1 1 .52 V V - V 'Kill' .: rx y J :C- I 53' 5 'J "' .5 , X WH iff. K fi J. 11' J . W P , -J y Page forty-six ,ziggy ,P M ,,l .nf ,G "fx M 4, , .W 5 , 'iw Svlffw Florance Kennedy, Vela Kidd, Patricia Kil- ley, Leroy Kissiek, Jean Koon, Deloris Kuhn, Robert Laboyteaux, Kenneth Lawson, Glenn Lee, Joe Leakey. Fern Littrell, Judith Lovett, Arnold Lowe, Barbara lluttrell, Bar- bara Macer, Laberta Mahaffey, Robert Mal- com, Richard McCall, Beverly McClain, Kath- ryn MeCorkhill. Bill Mt-Elhaney, Melba McLane, Mary McLaugh- lin, Barbara McMillan, Doris MoNew, Betty Medalen, Lonnie Mes- sick, Roddy Miller, Jo- anne Mitchell, Elsie Mit- chner. Deloris Moore, Kay Morris, Patty Morris, Barbara Moystner, George New, Logan Niles, Susan Niles, Rar- bara O'IJell, Don Over, Elaine Packard. Barbara Parker, Bill Parker, Beverly Partain, Joyce Perdew, Richard Pickett, Jim Pierce, Don Platt, Carmeleta Pleas- ant, Ruth Popplewell, J. R. Poynter. Betty Prizeman, Rich- ard Pruett, Kenneth Ra- zor, Tom Rea, Junior Reagan, Naomi Ref-her, Barbara Rodiek, Clifford Rhea, Jeannette Richey, Bob Riley. Charles Rinehart, Jackie Ritchie, Carolyn Robinson, Abe Roth, Dale Rouse. Jim Ryan, Joan Sandlin, Norella Sehwenk, Nova Sell, Jean Sharp. Oma Shelton, Barbara Shoop, Joanne Sidwell, Dorothy Slettvet,, Mary Smith, David E. Smith, Ralnh Smith, Rosalie Smith. VVilliam Snedigar, Phyllis Sneed. Idabelle Sorrell, Max Southerland, Norma Snizgle, JoAnne Still- well, Roh Stohler, Junior Stokes, Don Stonerock, Doug Stonerock, Lela Stults, Letha Stults, Mary Sumoter, Sara Sutherland, VValter Sut- ton, Barbara Tabor, Al- den 'I'arr, Junior Taylor, Ralnh Taylor. VVanda Taylor, Mary Thompson, Beverly Thorne, Duane Tiehenor, Paul llnehurvh. Donna Lee Van Buskirk. Emma Rose Van Dyke, Fred Van Hoose, Hilda Vin- rent, Stanley Wadman, Paula lvalker, Jean VVallen, .Tack VVarmouth Evelyn VVelsh. Charles Vlfilliarns, Judith Wil- liams. Marilyn Williams, Ronald Williams. Don Vvilliamson. Ed Wilson, Freda Wilt, Kenneth VVinchester, Kelly Wise. Porter Poindex- ter, Lena Smith, fwf r ' - .. ifm f?f7' . - 1 P a t r i 0 i a S h a W , - l fs- g:v-M lj., ,. -V Marilyn Shoop, .Q 1 X Q ' -fi " ' " In , J Billy Spicer, Paula af af - if, Q ' 1 'J .1 'xfh i 'SH 51 Sterns, Nancy 'Z 3 Jw - F " 5-4. y ' ,xli- srof-kmn, Mary , A ,af V. i "1 ' i Arla Stoops, Paul i 'J . l X ' 2 a Stoops. .. l 5 .is :I : ' I Y K ' Ronnie Thomas, ' W G. lf. Thompson, ' if Phyllis Thorn- wa., . - - g- V M5 y K 'film' Anna X LY 1 1 ' 'K f WH " " rasher, James J" '7 ' .. V . 2:1 'S 'L 'ft' if? walls, im trio i 11 ' ,qbv 2 in E, 'ff ..,,-+1 gf 1, Wlhittington, Leah I ,Qggf . ' :L ' 4 W 0 0 dv R a I D h , , .4 ,..., mga , Q Worthington, Dale York. It seems that all Trojan fans are really putting their hearts into this yell. Jean Morris and Patty Adkins, yell leaders for the Junior High section, are doing their share to help win this game, While the team gets a few instructions from Coach Stuckey. Of course, that is Don Osborne Walking on his hands. Junior Wood seems to be put- ting up a good fight for that old basketball as he blocks a Frankfort player, While Tom- my McFarland and Jerry Ellis stand by, ready for anything. Page forty-seven Vi 4 EA. V A A A :V L" ,,, V V' ' Fa i 5. 3 ,M V..-ai V QA 1- ,gl xg: -g -, V . A- " " 'f V ' sgjfr w A ' ' VV V A f l iryi-, AV A Mg" yi fy x . r.A wx MQ, V ,X K R: . " AA WA. - MA AM VA -V A 43 . V Ag. ,AA V -AA VV VV. AA .A A VA V A VV A ,AA .1 llvll VA A A. I- if ,A t A K ,gg A '. :-gf-E: V .' rr - ,. V A . 7-V ' 'A ifgfj-VAA : ' ' - f ' V - 3Ea.affEsiPE3?fVfi1t4sl ,,V V , . E ,A , V ' AV ' A ,, -A JA ax. : A A ' A A ' Ar, V 'f i A , , Af .5 - . I 3' ,K K gin., - -M I 7 J ,V L Al' A 'V Y A V - ' ' A V . I , T WV' . .A ewffli A . .. V A , if :QV 'V A 1 iz ii- V AA V i?" T 551 Qi is X - V V z ' WAAQQ' A 'L 'WV i AV A A A AA ' ' A ,Vg Z V A .4 Vi , A Q gf . V , V ...Q -' fl aw' --115 5.53 .1 -. ' ' - A F ill.. 2 V A- 1 V VVVV ' w ,A f ' 'A f V wg, 1 A ' AA 1 A V7 5 kj fi!-v ,' 1 V g, - V g 1,E,,g,fV1 I V VV-V if 5" A. S if ' J A A ff 'f " if 'H 2:4 'Q A wa- Ti S f A ' :A A ' i '17- fx V 'A V A .Vw A V in "" f ' ' ' W A- . if S A V I L ' I ' V V' we . V .. .,.. .A , A ' W ' A ' U . -A 'ffiafilzf V .1 K2 5 A,,, I 355531 A N ew A - Q ' ' V' E V xiVA:iy1V g ' Vf A -, : ze A H V .A . " V A AfiVf'Vz4 - . wg 92, A " :gg 'X v 1' A. - ' - Q lifw Ali- f Y -'ff A ..,V- . A, ,Q V g 4 V 1-ll::::-Exif , I jim. . If X. I ' A m A 'M 'W.1ml,5f' M gt? ,A,,,, ,V - At, , A, A A I 'W3 '- V' A V AA V Mw i .iF AAV ,if 'A Agflfii '7 1 - A A f ? ig fffcr ig, M - .LZ:iQVA 352 V f -' I ' VV 'V Ak V , A I. A K krkr AV I 4, J 1 " N A A e1,jV,AVfVVa .. ,VA. - 'lf f 'N i ' V "" 's A V ' f'Eg,,,:.1'v. A Vslgru U '-- - ., ,.. ,,, A. .-v.A 4 V VV V .A ,A H H V A A A - V V A ' " EV 2-bfi 'I K " ' if It i' if if! ' ' ' ' Af 'J iii A A' . iii? . 'V 1 , " 1, VA K ,4Vf,f:'jgm V' I I V7 KV . V31-if "" ' 3 WW- V s. .A .v A ' i A A A. ' 13 , f'-'65 - 31,534 A of . ' VL A V 'YHA X r f' 5515" V. -E H l z A 'V it X ' ' A. Q- Eia-.2e:1.gsf.V, .G-,..: V, ' w i-gvV V 5 .-A. .A V .A A. ,.. A A .A .AAAA H ,Y XA A. ' ii i A. :' IV V- A' V fue . A V V A ,- A V V. A V+ A g ,S ZW- V - 'xii D ' A . 1 '13 i V i 'Hifi ifii gsg -Z A A. 1 V 3V A Z .A " AV S" ' gags 1 . EV V A 'M "M . ,AA A .A AA 55, mf if A ii' P" All A V .VV,,V iw, A A-A V A - 5 g Vw V355 , V V 12 A 'V'. .2 fV.tAV1 " ' .f. V V V ,A ' V' " ia Ya - ' A- Q 1' ' .A Av .. A. Q PA, .A --VV 1- A.A. ' A . . ' ' ' QVA"7ia. .44 ii V' "" V '- ' ff ---- A . W "V, ,An .H A " Igiig gfi -' ' 3, A ' A ju - il A V if A VL Q VAI, Mqw " Jw, - . EE ' A. if i V A V Page forty-eight FRESHMEN Barbara Akers, Bob Allen, Joyce Ammer- man, Keith Anderson, Benny Archey, Eugene Atkinson, Joyce Atkinson, Mary Back. Nellie Back. Keith Bailey, Herbert Baldock, Wanita Baldock, Peggy Baldock, Emma Baney, Melbina Barnett, Joe Bath. Aleen Bays, Shirley Beck, Denver Bell, Donald Bell, Joan Bennett, Patty Berry, Bob Bertram, Naomi Bewley. Jerry Bowman, Dan Boyd, Monte Brammer Norma Branham, Paul Bray, Beverly Bren- ner, Sylvia Brinson, Jimmy Brown. 9 Kenneth Brown, Otis Brown, Cedric Bryant, Keith Bunch, Elvin Burchett, Marjorie Burns, Jack Burnside, Steve Burris. Jill Byard, Dean Byers, Lydia Cain, Betty Caldwell, Dale Caldwell, Justine Caldwell, Pat Calland, Janice Campbell. Jake Campbell, Don Carbon, Mary Carroll, Ada Carender, Cordell Carnes, Logan Car- ner, Bernie Carter, Billy Carter. Janet Carter, Phyllis Cartwright, Albert Cashdollar, Earl Cassady, Harold Catron, Jane Cheshire, Peggy Childers, Marcella Christy. Dorothy Cristwell, Mary Claborn, Marion Clark, Millie Clark, Janice Clarey, Jerry Dann, James Cline, Doris Coers. Bill Cochran, Dale Cole, Virginia Couch, Jane Courtney, Herbert Cox, Phyllis Craig, Robert Crandell, Gene Crow. Don Crawley, Mary Culp, Rex Dabney, Ed- win Dalfron, June Daifron, Horace Dalton, Judith Dalzell, G. H. Clay. Everett Davis, Gola Davis, Keith Davis, Nanette Davis, Shirley Davis, Davey Davis- son, Jerry Deal, Edna DeHart. Ernest DeHart, Harold Devine, Michael De- Witt, Cledeth Dobbs, Dewitt Dobbs, Carol Dudley, Richard Dungan, Jeannette Eastham. Max Edwards, Morris Edwards, Randall El- wood, Billy Elkins, Clyde Burden, James Evans, Jackie Fadely, Glenna Fine. FRESHMEN Jean Fi11e, Kay Fine, Randall Fisher, Yvonne Fisher, Tom Fletcher, Bobby Foster, Martha Foyst, Bob Fox. Robert Fox, Gene Harding, Alice Freland, Barbara Frost, Alice Furbee, Joyce Gar- rard, Carl Gideon, Elizabeth Ginn. Marilyn Goar, Phyllis Gooch, Phyllis Gos- sage, Barbara Gray, Beverly Gregory, Lor- ene Gregory, Preston Griiiis, Jackie Griggs. Patty Grogg, Geraldine Habegger, Kenneth Hagerty, Joyce Hamilton, Beverly Hanning, Jerry Hardgrove, Gene Harding, Pat Harlen. Bruce Harris, Terry Harris, Marcia Har- wood, Nila Harrold, Don Harry, Gail Har- vey, Frederick Hawk, Jimmie Higgins. Clenton Hill, Thelma Hill, Virginia Hinton, Lois Hodson, Lynn Holaday, Daniel Hol- bert, Russel Hollingsworth, Charles Holtzel. Gerald H o o p i n g a r n e r , Gloria Hoosier, Sandra Hoover, Betty Horak, James House, Delores Houser, Donny Sanders, Tony Huff- man. Carolyn Hughes, Miron Hutson, Howard Jarvis, Martha Jenkins, Bruce Johnson, Doloris Johnson, Betty Jones, Bill Jones. Marvin Jones, Keith Johnson, Jackie John- son, Ruth Johnson, Bobby Koger, Doris Koughn, Betty Langdon, Annie Laurie. Billy Lawson. Estabelle Lawson, James Law- son, Lester Lee, Ronnie Lightfoot, Shirley Locker, David Lucas, Nancy Luke. Susanne Lynam, Ruth Lyons, Myra Malott, Kenneth Marcum, Annis Marks, Elizabeth Mark, Mary Marks, Barbara Marshall. Thelma Martin, Bette Mattox, Mary May- field, Ronald McCormack, Lorene McFar- land, Jim McGuire, Arthur McKnight, Mari- lyn McMillen. Jane McWhorter. Jay Meidor, Frieda Mere- dith, Donna Miller, Billie Mitchell, Don Mitchell, Paul Moore, Lucille Moran. Barbara Morehouse, Hester Morgan, Jeanne Morris, Shirley Morris, Billy Morrow, De- lana Morrow, Robert Maynard, Robert Mundy. Page forty-nine H'-"'f'1'3" -Hs? 1:-E-?:::E:f:..::"1' 'iii ' ,i . 3 M-I' 12-f, ' :,::.Qj"' 'i F:-" f .51 ix' .- 2 . I A ' W' I, , A,., f - : :- ai .. . .s . ' 'A f ' -p ' Lf' g l it . '. Jw -2. V . ' , - V N' S wi' " M' , ii , . 1 J gf - M V --f :..::,g.1s'!f:-'ZZ ' - , ., .,., .. 1 1 - : - V . 1 4 ' " 5' ' ' ' 'R' ' ' i .K mt ' - ' . ,:. , H - , . w i 1: M ., . ' gil ra.. rf., V., . 1-Y .' A -:V, , f ,I - , in 5 - imizir I V , ,IL Q I so in I .f 5. Y A V V. VI 1 ,. I A H W W - ' at iwzsfi fi 1 I - -'-- ' ,. . ,K .:. ff Effliil , fs, ,. -, ,gt , W, is .- -, A Lin I ' fl ' if P V ' V 'Q E f ' fl" fi J , , sf., .i . . , - -h av' V -.ef-,.:jg. 'J 1-..:,.,, 'i ' 'XP 1,25 - 1 V " . 2 51 V '4' Mfg 57 4. .. ww w , A. f Ly! ,ff . :rs if Q ' M541 ' 'Web " 'W A ' ' ' . , .. .. .. ..... ..... .....,. , . w, ' if zex"::::': - S., ::.2E:"-:'-"-- 'll , . fgzagg ' ,: , ' ,: : 275- . 3. E . . , l - P V- sl fiff, , ,, f ' - . 1 W' if H f, V ., ' ,1 ' -L,V , ,::V,.,, .. VVVVV ,, ,, ., .... M V -- i tfaf gi,2ii" ',li8rij 1 .Qi 'ii ' if X ,, -. H l 3 , f H.. ' A .. 41' S A W' f V T 5, , Q ,V in ,,m, ,, ,m, ., ,, 2 " ax'-LV ,,,,,f.,, H wg, - ,. , J ,,. ' L l ff , 3 -Qt: ' f.1:. -' ' ' V ff 'Ei Q :Ei fa, , 5 7 f ee, 1 ,-,, , I n .11 ..X,,.V ,,V,,, Z,V, , , , , q ' . .. Y W : . 1 we.. ' uf ig, .. 13, sae, ,fy 1-,,: 5, . .. -f , :x ,. ': "tl: ' 1 U If'-5 -. P 3 ' 5 ' , ' '13 - be ,w . - 7 , 'J ,. .. 'fi-V J it H 4 , ,,. '- . 'Y " , ,J lat , ,, 11 , ls . ' E' 'i V -Z My O , .V. .. 1 . , ,V ,mf -f - f 'W' A ,ma , 4- X K H . Q 5, . -. - I :ff n. f I f te, ' ' 4 ,, 4 get l ., .. .. ""' . l 1 ,:Q2Yf7?f..,f,f t' . 4' "' X- ' ik' ' ' ' ' .E1',r-.lab f f ,ssxihzf J -22 . K X ,, Q ., , .,a. E g,g:,. f VV , so -. 1 3 ,fe . ,Q-V, ., ' ' V . , . QMS, M,,,,,, ,VA lik. . ,,,, - f. :Eff 2255!-fi' ' if 'V Page fi tty FRESHMEN Julia Mundy, Helen Neal, William Neal, Joan Neeriemer, Jerry Newby, Charline Nicholas, Donald Olds, Mary Osborne. Norma Over, Coleen Owens, Don Owens, Jimmy Owens, Gloria Patterson, Tom Payne, Georgie Perdue, Don Perkins. Patricia Peters, Jimmie Phares, Gordon Pierce, Marvin Turner, Clinton Poore, Rob- ert Pruett, Donnie Puckett, Joan Purvis. Jerry Rains, Joyce Raines, Barbara Ramsey, Barbara Ray, John Ray, Eula Reagan, Jesse Reagan, Marcha Redick. Joan Rees, Marvonne Reno, Raymond Reno, Michael Reuter, Wilma Rickard, Marilyn Ritenour, Bob Roach, Jackie Roberts. Lloyd Roberts, Louise Robinson, Tom Romine, Peggy Roseberry, Billy Royce, Franklin Sampley. Roberts, Howard Saathoff, Marilyn Buddy Sanders, Monte Saunders, Phyllis Scott, Gwendalene Sell, Magdalene Sell, Norma Sexton. Sanders, Jimmy Sewell, Stanley Betty Shafer, Willie Mae Sheffield, Franklin Shelton, Della Smith, Josephine Smith, Sally Smith, Juanita Smith, Janet Smither- man'KlW5W3 Agnes Snapp, Annella Snodgrass, Susan Snedigar, Donald Solomon, Lloyd Sparks, JoAnn Stephen, Richard Stephens, Betty Stohler. Eugene Surber, James Surber, Ronald Sutherland, Letitia Swindell, Alton Taylor, Irvin Taylor, Joyce Thomas, Donald Thompson. Robert Tichenor, Tommy Tinkle, Jackie Troxell, Billy Tyree, Robert Usher, Shirley VanNatta, Ed Walden, Joan Waldrop. Carlos Wallace, Deloris Walls, Joan Wer- ling, Russel Weston, Betty White, Mary White, John White, Jayne White. Marilyn Whiteman, Jearldine Wilhelm, Duane Wilkinson, Marie Williams, Helen Wills, Ronnie Wilson, Lois Winslow. Dean Winchester, Sylvia 'Wister, Anna Wright, Patsy Young. Witham, Tommy Hayiides! Oh how we enjoy them. at least Charles Rinehart, Maybelle Crumrine, Martha Lou Johnson, Joe Carter, and the rest seem to be enjoying this one. Waiting for the noon bell to ring are Barbara Macer, Lena Smith, Mary Ada Stoops, Nancy Stockton, and the others chatting: among themselves. There must be something interesting over the1'e. At least Herb Bunch and David Popplewell seem to think so. Posing for the camera are Junior Stokes, Tom Dailey, and Don Platts. Pledge time! Here we find a SunShine pledge proposing 'to Junior Anderson. Glenn Lee and Keith Hinshaw are just watehing: and waiting for the bell to ring. Smile for the little birdie'-well, Skippy Hamlin, Verna Dalton, Kathern Williams, and Dona Sowder are smiling anyway. Page Hfty-one Go O O yN .1 -x W J li' Wg ! I JM, fbi f EQEEE 5 4 -.,, 'p s I S, 4, -uf, 0609 A 7 -Q Fi 1 1 . 09 09 GG 50 A if H w w' 3 ii I ' , 1' n f mx "-+ eg , - M ,. - V, I ru 7 Qi .' N. -h f Af ' V, 3 , , , L1 4' A 4' ef 5 Y QQ. 'Minn ff' , .ff 3 W, ,W jg, St if M? 1 Jw at , .1 W I' . 'lf'-f., VW? 1 - 3 up ff A ' Q ,, ., A, ,, ' W.,EVk I 35,, tj ,. ,, ,,A,5iE, . Q Q ,Q 5 Agia ,LV K I. M, A ,.M,:?!,jH.ZZJ V Mgfwk '- sw Q I -ff ff' jilwffgff A' w ajdffik ajax Wg,f:y ' Af 4 l Q. , 'I ' MAYQHW 1.,- . wfwfff'-as , f V My I gi'iVlWfi3: i ifsfigfisg if ' W? f fjigyrisif gfggyl 2, ME 'CS'-' V! , ,.,,, Q 4 AA 0' J i ,s s 8 wiki fp N , , ' -wmfgzf 'Q X' 5 fi ix 1: 1 fi QS' A- 4 v..g.,ikQE:' V i k K2 QQ is M ff ., .V .,A,Q.f1 mn: W , 'sf 11 Q W' - 3 W xg K V,-J. ' 'www QW 344359 Q, N Page fifty-four Uufz, manned, Margery Warnock, queen of Harvest Hop, led the Grand March with her es- cort, Jim Reno. Margery carried a bouquet of red roses given her by the Hi-Y Club. The Sun Shine Society gave their annual dance, the "Snow Ball" during Christmas vacation. Sibyl Stout was crowned queen. Attracting th e largest crowd of the year was the Junior Prom with dancing, entertainment, and refresh- ments. It looks like the refreshments were a mighty important part of the fun to Bob Stegner. Udlaqc fumn, ia, Pfwm, Jlmme On the village green, politicians Glenn Crane fcandidate for the Democranesj and Charlie Davis Ccandidate of the Repelican Partyj stressed the importance of a new and glamorous type of entertainment. Each man introduced versatile entertainers representing his respective party. The first to highlight the program was Mary Alice Todd, who tapped to the tune of the "Dickey Bird Song." Impersonating Al Jolson was the animated, blackfaced Jack Grose. Jack sang "Mammy" and "California, Here I Come." Nancy Epperson sang "Blue Moon" in the artistic style that is all her own. Jeanne Harvey, dressed in an oversized nightgown and hat with a bird cage, sang "Hooray! Hooray! I'm Going Away." Also a success was the duet of Gene Robinson and Lula Reavis, who sang "The Stars Will Remember." Jim Dailey, senior class president, is placing a crown of white carnations on the queen, Bunny Jones, in the upper left picture. Page fifty-five Page fifty-six jim, 7943 Plwm, Queen, BUNNY JONES She was meant for us To reign most glorious, Nature patterned her And when she was done, She was then our Prom Queen, and the only one. She's like a plaintive melody, that never sets us free. We're content, the angel must have sent her And we made her our Prorr Queen. and Kauai, "I crown you, Bunny Jones, Queen of the 1948 Junior Prom"-These Words by Jim lfailey climaxed the biggest social event of the year-our wondrous and unprecedented Junior Prom. The queen's six attendants were Audrey Adams, Eldora Ankrom, Linda Harrison, Joan Summers, June Wadman, and Lula Reavis. A White satin banner with "Prom Attendant '48" in silver lettering was placed across each girl's formal as she was brought to the stage by escorts from the junior dra- matics class. Top Row: Audrey Adams, Eldora Ankrom, Linda Harrison. Typifying the theme-The Village Green -large, Willowly trees arrayed with all shades of green leaves overshaded the gym. On the dance floor was a White picket fence enclosing the orchestra of Bob Armstrong. Above the orchestra hung a large multi- colored canopy. Adorning the stage to re- semble a public square were banners, bal- loons, and streamers. The seniors of 1949 will never forget the Wonderful time they had at the Village Green-the 1943 Junior Prom. Bottom Row: Joan Summers, June Wadman, Lula Reavis. Page fifty-seven Um Band. fnco Stepping high for NHS in the field of music is our band under the excellent supervision of Mr. Phil Gates. A vital part of NHS school spi1'it, the band is led down the field by John Logan and the seven majorettes with flags Waving and plumes flying. Playing both popular and classical music, they gave every fan a thrill between halves at the home-football games. At basketball games, they were all there above the south basket to add pep and enjoyment to the whole atmosphere throughout the game. The band gave everything they had to make the pep sessions a success by playing such songs as "Oh, You Basketballf, and ever faithful '4On New Castle." The band is always ready to aid the community with such exhibitions as the one presented during the half of one of the football games for the Community Fund's Red Feather Drive. Row 1. Susan Niles, Rosalyn Fields, Nancy Fisher, Pat Daly, Donna Jacobs, Mary Roy Catt, Nina Jane Anderson. Row 2. Gail Modlin, Juanita Baldock, Louis Poindexter, Ronnie Lightfoot, G. C. Thompson, Don Young, Harold Longworth, Kelly Wise, Bob DeWeese, Roberta Harris, Don Carbon, Roberta Meeks, Betty McClain, Joyce Thomas. Row 3. Joanne Mitchell, Otis Brown, Phyllis Scott, Joanne Bennett, Marilyn Beckett, Fred Hawk, Marilyn Copeland, Gene Harding, Jane Adams, Eldora Ankrom, Patty Stinson, Charles Preble, Jack Cannon, Keith Conley, Sally Clift, Jim Ashton, Bob Roseberry. Row 4. Mr. Phil Gates, director, Bob Tichenor, Jackie Ritchie, Keith Brenneman, Dale Frazier, Jack Reese, Don Eastham, Jack De Witt, Letha Stults, Robert Mundy, Duane Tichenor, J. C. Addi- son, Harold Dye, Tommy Romaine, Porter Poindexter, John Logan. Row 5. Herbert Lewis, Lois Brookshire, Doris Koughn, David Warfllow, Gene Bailey, Charles Rine- hart, Dale Rouse, G. H. Clay, Benny Archie, Jim McGuire. - Page fifty-eight ,sawn Spbult The Brass Choir was organized last year by Mr. Gates for the State PTA Convention at Indianapolis. Ever since then this group has played for many occasions. The iniinbcrs of the Brass Choir are Harold Longworth, Louis Poindex- tar, EC-b DeWeese, John Logan, David Wardlow, Charles Rhine- hart, J. C. Addison, Porter Poin- dexter, and Jim McQuire. Page fifty-nine amor 5 ' ROW 1 Gail Modlin, Herbert Lewis, Martha Rinard, Joanne Courtney, Delonda Bartuska, Freda Wilt, Marilyn DeWeese, Joyce Thomas, Nancy Fisher, Lula Reavis, Walter Kluse. ROW 2 Roberta Harris, Beverly Thorne, Patty Berry, Marilyn Goar, Bob Tichenor, David Wardlow, John Logan, Albert Cashdollar, Joanne Bennett, Juanita Baldock, Tom Bowers, Harold Franklin, Louie Poindexter, Mary Tatum, Lois Winslow. ' ROW 3 Rosalyn Fields, Natha Lee Bailey, Dale Rouse, Mr. Phil Gates, Directorg Porter Poindexter, Joanne Mitchell, J. C. Addison, Charles Rinehart, Gene Harding, Morris Brown, Sally Clift, Marjorie Hall, Marilyn Ritenour, John Chesick, Marilyn Copeland. Besides the band, NHS is proud of its orchestra which is also directed by Mr. Gates. The orchestra plays in full dress at Commencement, Baccalaureate, Crescendo Varieties, and the class play, in addition to two complete concerts. Their guest artists have been Mr. George Newton, baritone, and Mary Spaulding, harpist, from the Indianapolis Symphony. Page sixty Hf-0 The string ensemble is just about the busiest musical group in school. They play for banquets, church and fraternal groups, and neighboring commence- ments as well as the Business and Pro- fessional Wcmen's annual May Break- fast. The members of the ensemble are Gail Modlin, Herbert Lewis, Lula Reavis, John Chesick, and Marilyn Copeland. Page sixty-one Um, Kham, Wfzovwlca, 43aclcqJwwwL for The choir, under the direction of Mr. George Small, is a vital part of the music department cf NHS. At Baccalaureate, Senior Vespers, Commenciment, the concerts and many other school ac- tivities, the choir is always there in its familiar blue and white robes to entertain us with old and new music, both classical and popular. Those members of the choir elected to attenil the State Choral Festival at Indianapolis were Glenn Crane, Bob Mattox, John Logan, Harold Longwcrth. Gene Robinson, Lula Reavis, Keith Hinshaw, Eldora Ankrom, Sue Meadows, Barbara Curlott, and Barbara Harter. ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 Katie McGahn Norma Jean Hoosier Betty Wantz Lula Reavis Harold Longworth David Popplewell Leon Grear Forrest Roberts Don Young Keith Hinshaw Bob Mattox Glenn Crane George Small Eugene Bailey Eldora Ankrom Peggy Paris Deloris Turner Donna Greig Joan Thompson Pat Beeman Ada Pfenniger Pat Pahmier Phyllis Harry Helen Parker Betty Brooks Katherine Rickert Doris Poore Beverly Sprinkle Barbara Harter Dorothy Cochran Nancy Epperson Marjorie Tapscott Sue Meadows Betty Harding Maybelle Crunrine Lola Bittner Eunici lfurbee Davy Clark Gene Ballenger John Logan Kenny Bassett Ray Antle Stewart Archey Bob George Harold Dye Doug Stonerock Sonny Wallace Nina Jane Anderson Louise Sharp Leatha Roberts Carmeleta Pleasant Lillian Branham Susan Niles Barbara Curlett Joan Jones Betty Gaile Scott Sally Clift Jackie Greig Betty Medalen Mary Osborne Christine Crabtree Page sixty-two 'umm ROW 1 David Popplewell, Forrest Roberts, Alton Watts, Leon Grear, Don Young, Bob Mattox, Keith Hinshaw, George Small. ROW 2 John Logan, Terry Harris, Stewart Archey, Gene Robinson, Cynthia Neff, pianistg Harold Longworth, Kenny Bas- sett, Logan Carnes, Robert Davis. ROW 3 Harold Dye, Benny Archey, Marvin Turner, Louis Poindexter, Morris Brown, Dean Cox, Jimmy Brown, Jerry Raines, Davy Davidson, Bill Jones. I Y' 1 Page sixty-three "Um, Uma, young, and Hay," The 1948 class play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," Was a delightful comedy based on the book by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough and adapted for the stage by Jean Kerr. The plot concerns the escapades of Cor- nelia, played by Pat Armstrong, and Emily, played by Marilyn Payne, Who were de- termined to prove how "mature and cos- mopolitan" they could be on an uproarious trip to Europe. On the boat they met two handsome medi- cal students, played by Frankie Lawson and Emily, Marilyn Payne, plans and schemes to meet Dick Winters, a young medical student, Frankie Law- son, on the boat to Europe. Jim Collum, who provided the romantic interest. Barbara Beall, as Mrs. Skinner, and Bill Thompson, as Otis Skinner the famous actor, also added to the enjoyment and hilarity of the play. Others in the cast were Ruth Ellen Cline, Mary Ann Foyst, Armilda Romine, J oycele Scott, Patty Ellis, Bob Mat- tox, Scott Lindley, Joyce Crider, Sue Hilbert, Phyllis Bunch, Bob Spencer, Arzella Thomp- son, Gene Hastings, Bob Bavender, and Jerry Charles. Leo McEvoy, Jim Collum, pleads with Cornelia, Pat Armstrong, in a scene from the '48 class play. Page sixty-four 6' '6fflL6'fww CURTAIN CALL, the dramatics fall variety show under the direction of Mrs. Louise Deyoe, played three nights at the high school gym. Four one-act plays and two skits were given by the junior and senior dramatics classes. In "The Three-Timer" pictured in the upper left corner, Mary Garrard, with the gun, gets her way as Linda Harrison, Mary Alice Todd, Edna Stokes, Nancy Harding, and Jeanne Har- vey look on horrified. Bud Hawkins is swept off his feet as he talks to his one and only in the play, "The Great Allowance Battle." Jo Ann Johnson, as sister, and Jeff Davis, as the kid brother, think it's very silly, while Harold Franklin, as Father, and Lois McFarland, as Mother, wonder what the younger generation is coming to. Below, Don Scott, as the toreador, conquers the bull, played by Janet Harrison and Rosie Rector, in the play, presented by the juniors- "El Toreadorf' The senoritas were, from left to right, Pat Beeman, Jackie Greig, Doria Dann, Joan Thompson, Pat Clift, Ruth Davis, Verna Dalton, and Myra Niles. The other plays presented were Smoky Rides Again", by the senior boys, 'Tm a Fool", by the 1un1or class and A Modern Wedding a skit presented by the senior girls. Page sixty-five Members of the first semester staff were first row: left to right, Jack Grose, Charles McGinnis, Virginia Andrews, Don Osborne, Donna Greig, Darrell Holloway, Russell Reese, Richard McCall. Second row: Anna Marie Smith, Helen Shaffer, Norma Smith, Mary David on. Third row: Jack Haynes, Jerry Ellis, Jerry Fennell, Joe Carter, Bob Davis, Jack Frazier, and Gene Ballenger. 67lumm3c in, dctzbn, Upper Picture-Editors Donna Greig and Jack Grose re-check the Phoenix for errors while Charlie McGinnis and Bob Davis, business managers, look on. Bottom Picture-Mr. Beguhn and mem- bers of the printing class are busy trying to meet the deadline. Second semester staff was composed of first row: left to right, Donna Greig, Nancy Smith, Pat Daly, Jeannette Dobbs, Jeannette Wallen, Charles McGinnis, Jerry Ellis, Jack Grose. Second row: Pat Beeman, Virginia Andrews, Anna Marie Smith, Helen Shaffer, Jerry Fennell, Herbert Prizeman. Third row: Joe Carter, Bill Kennedy, Gene Ballcnger, Larry Sherry, Bob Davis, Bob Roseberry. Miss Frances Halberstadt is the editorial ad- visor for the paper, and Mr. Bernhardt Beguhn is the printing advisor. Page sixty-six jnmofuwwl, frlgum, wuz, g'lw.w1, JUNIOR ROTARIANS Eight senior boys are chosen each year by the National Honor Society to be Junior Ro- tarians. Each boy attends Rotary Club meet- ings for one month. It is the club's purpose to acquaint the boys with men of the com- munity and with the civic problems that will face them in later life. Chosen for outstanding activity in such fields as music and athletics, the Junior Ro- tarians for the year were Jim Dailey, Octo- ber, Keith Hinshaw, November, Harold Longworth, December, Stanley Meek, Janu- ary, Gene Robinson, F e b r u a r y Q George Small, March, Bob Stegner, April, and John Jordan, May. ' ALTRUSA GIRLS A committee of faculty members elected ten senior girls to attend the meetings of the Altrusa Club, a civic club for the busi- nesswomen and teachers of New Castle. These girls, who have a definite vocation in mind, are chosen on the basis of probability to succeed, leadership, service, and dependa- bility. Altrusa Girls for the year were Bunny Jones, Norma Jean Stewart, Betty Lou Mc- Clain, Katherine Rickert, Eldora Ankrom, Patty Grimes, Edra Conway, Betty Griffin, Mary Turpin, and Donna Greig. ,gmznfzvfwuzm ROW 1-Left to right John Jordan Bob Stegner Harold Longworth Keith Hinshaw ROW 2-Left to right Gene Robinson Stanley Meek Jim Dailey George Small dlfzuma, Hula, ROW 1--Left to right Edra Conway Patty Grimes Eldora Ankrom Betty Grifiin Mary Turpin Donna Greig ROW 2-Left to right Bunny Jones Katherine Rickert Betty Lou McClain Norma Jean Stewart Page sixty-seven Once a year, whatever the weather, the yearbook appears in NHS, and with it goes the strain and worry of the staff. The members of the staff have dashed wildly from place to place on some important business, as they so proudly called it. They have faithfully endeavored to snap every member of the school, from the Superin- tendent to the janitor's dog tif there is onej, and, at the risk of the photographerls camera, there has been an individual picture taken of every teacher, senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman. In this illustrious and famous book, also appears in detail the accomplishments of the athletes, orators, and dramatists of the school. In short, the sole purpose of the book is to pieserve in print and pictures the gay high school life oi New Castle High School. Although the staH has had to face many difficulties, they have tried to the best of their ability to produce a year book for the enjoyment of everyone. This year the staff was completely new, all the way from the staff to the advisor, Miss Frances Halber- stadt, who has given some wonderful help and ideas. The hard working staf members have tried to come up to the expectations of the student body by making the year book snappy and full of pep. We've tried to make this a record That is pleasing for all to read, And portray our high school history, Both the doer and the deed. There's lots of room for improvement, It is far from perfect We know, But we offer the best of our effort, Not thinking of pomp and show. FIRST ROW-Betty Ritter, Bunny Jones, Jeanne Harvey, Jo Ann Johnson, Nancy Begeman, Nancy Hard- ing, Eva Blackburn, Edna Stokes, Frances Halberstadt, advisor. SECOND ROW-Bud Hawkins, Johnny Jordan, Bob Davis, Sibyl Stout, Neel Davis, Charles McGinnis, Larry Barry, Jim Goff, Linda Harrison. Page sixty-eight Pubs, BML 3001. Jnuualmi 2 Upper left-Neel, Larry, Bud and Nancy, staff artists, look over art layouts for our book. Art work on the opening section and division pages was done by Neel and N . B d the opening section. ancy u and Larry were in charge of Upper right-Jo Ann, editor, and Jim, business visor. The dummy, first sample of the 1949 Rosennial, was always in demand. manager, discuss the dummy with Miss Halberstadt, ad- Lower left-Sibyl, faculty editor, discusses pictures in her section with Miss Halberstadt, While Nan, activity editor, helps Edna, underclassman editor w'th th A ' ' ' ' club pictures for last-minute corrections. , 1 e copy. Charles McGinnis, club editor, checks Lower right-Linda and Betty, senior editors, look over the dummy. Bunny, activity editor, discusses picture schedules with Jeanne, the picture editor. Page sixty-nine Uv 0 O xB V fr 09 00 06' 09 Lu, E Eagan I .I VU ' 1 Mya W1 fig: E4 E M fungi! 'H' , til' l ' V 1 if . Hg h ' 85 " Q 06 00 A , ,T 0, --n -- ' Q -' ww .,, T ,gg Ag ' 1 5- 'V QQQ. 1155 iff j"fTL"7Tl " 5- - '1 ' "ig '1. -, ' ' '- ' 'M W M f, - 3. , Iy XQL ' 5 XM '43 sf M' Q-.5 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STUDENT COUNCIL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1. Jo Ann Johnson, Eldora Ankrom, Linda Harrison, John Jordan. Row 2. Jim Dailey, Betty Griffin, Wilma Gorman, Betty Ritter. Row 3. Stanley Meek, George Small, Miss Ratclilfe. Pagge seventy-two STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1. Randell Fisher, Donn Bailey, Jerry Ellis, Albert Cashdollar, Gail Harvey, Mr. Castor. Row 2. Abe Roth, John Black, Bud Haw- kins, Eldora Ankrom, Marjorie Tapscott, Pat Summers. Row 3. Charles Grubbs, Bunny Jones, Rob- erta Harris, Nanette Davis. Row 4. Barbara Ray, Bob George, Duane Tichenor, Barbara Curlett. Row 1. Joan Thompson, Mary Alice Todd, June Wadman, Cynthia Neff, Jeanne Harvey, Betty Ritter, Bunny Jones, Linda Harrison, Eva Black- burn, Donna Greig. Row 2. Donna Jacobs, Eldora Ankrom, Nancy Iter- man, Jo Ann Johnson. Barbara Pate, Jfan Sum- mers, Lula Reavis, Norma Stewart, Ellen Jane Wilkinson, Nancy Smith, Nancy Begeman. Row 3. Pat Beeman, Delonda Bartuska, Jane Shaul, Marjorie Hall, Katherine Williams, Joyce Robin- son, Dona Sowder, Janet Harrison, Pat Pahmier, Dee Ann Jessup. Row 4. Myra Niles, Jeannette Wallen, Margaret Antle, Verna Dalton, Lola Bittner, Marilyn Craw, Jackie Greig, Delores DeWerpe, Pat Summers. Row 5. Marjorie Warnock, Joan Moody, Skip Ham- lin, Doria Dann, Virginia Andrews, Donna Gau- chat, Hilda Broyles, Mary Garrard, Sharon Aaron. Row 1. Phyllis Craig, Jackie Ritchie, Eunice Furbee, Sylvia Wister, Marilyn McMillen, Pat Clift, Joan Courtney, Leah Wood Dorothy McMil1 R , an, osetta Rector, Janet Carter, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Forsyth. Row 2. Ch' t' '- 11S ine Ciabtree, Donna Huffman, Glenna Fine, Barbara Tabor, Barbara Wiley, Peggy Chil- ders, Joan Jones, Glenna Perdew, Elaine Packard, Jeannette Dobbs, Nancy Smith, Marilyn Waldrop. Row 3. Beverly Partain, Kay Fine, Dorothy Coch- ran, Barbara McMillan, Helen Shaffer, Beverly McClain Barbara Reddick N th - , , a a Lee Bailey, Bar- bara Higgins. Row 4. Barbara Hatfield, Phyllis Thornburg, Joan Carnes, Wilma Rickard, Barbara Sanders, Joan Moody, Joyce Hamilton, Alice rurbee. Row 5. Helen Parker, Tresa Martin, Chris Porter, Patty Peters, Barbara Moystner Delores K h , U nv Marilyn Bach. Row 6. Dorothy Sletvett, Patty Morris, Barbara Horack, Joan White, Joyce Sanlin. Row 7. Phyllis Cartwright, Judy Dalzell Martha Snapp, Christine Crabtree, Mary Claborn, Kay Vores, Ruby Vincent. Page seventy-three Fl-DEL G.A.A. Page seventy-four Senior Hi-Y Club Row 1. J. Spiggle, B. Haw- kins, S. Taylor, D. Young, G. Small, V. Beck, C. Grubbs, K. Hinshaw, G. Wake, J. Jordan, G. Crane, G. Robinson. Row 2. H. Longworth, J. Dailey, P. Robinson, B. George, S. Meek, J. Leakey, R. Singleton, H. Dye, T. Moore, B. Jones, B. Ken- nedy, J. Schetgen. Row 3. B. Stegner, B. Paul, D. Land, C. McGinnis, B. Brammer, B. Franklin, D. Bailey, E. Bailey, R. Ba- vender. B. Mattox. Row 4. G. Craig, J. Golf, B. Davis, H. Lewis, J. Crow, D. Flowers, D. Popplewell, L. Poindexter. Row 5. K. Hodgin, N. Davis, J. Carter, H. Bunch, L. Sherry, C. Davis, J. Ellis, T. McFarland, D. Scott, B. Lee, D. Eastham. Row 6. B. Palmblade, C. Cooper, W. Kluse, J. Logan, B. DeWeese, V. Bell. Questers' Hi-Y Club Row 1. M. Sanders, T. Huff- man, D. Harry, A. Cooper, R. Fisher, S. Burris, C. Preble, J. C. Addison. Row 2. B. Archey, T. Rea, T. Payne, P. Stoops, B. Ast, M. Edwards, J. Chesick, D. L u C a s, D. Caldwell, H. Caldwell, G. Crow, J. Rouse, J. Newby, J. Crim, O. Brown, C. Rinehart. Row 3. P. Poindexter, T. Harris, B. Tichenor, D. Wilkinson, M. Brammer, J. Ray. Row 4. K. Anderson, D. Cald- well, D. Byers, G. H. Clay. Row 5. B. Fox, C. Bryant, A. McKnight, Mr. Bickley. Tri Hi-Y Club Row 1. J. Tinkle, B. Scott, C. Mathews, E. Stokes, L. Dicken, H. Goar, B. Harter, B. Griffin, P. Lorton, Miss Rupley. Row 2. J. Denny, D. Cochran, H. Shaffer, R. Rector, N. Smith, J. Stegner, B. Brooks, N. Harding. Row 3. H. Lacy, B. Hatfield, B. Harding, B. Higgins, B. B a k e r, B. Caldwell, B. A Morrow. Row 4. E. Daffron, G. Green, B. Gorman, L. Wood, G Modlin, H. McSherry, W Halfacre, J. Bishop, A Pfenninger, T. Johnson, K Rickert, D. Poore, M. Da- vidson. Future Homemakers Row 1. Evelyn Hamlin, Pat Clift, Joyce Robinson, Doris Davis, Wanda Taylor, Janet Carter, Evelyn Johnson. Row 2. Helen Parker, Glenna Fine, Ruth Hiner, Phyllis Sneed, Eunice Furbee, Jane Shaul, Miss Jones, Miss Roney, Mrs. Smith. Row 3. Sara Masengale, Mar- jorie Clevenger, P e g g y Roseberry, Phyllis Coffman, Joyce Perdew. Row 4. Jane Adams, Mary Rose Marks, Emma Rose Van Dyke, Eldora Ankrom, Carmelita Pleasant. Machinist Club Row 1. Jim Moody, Dwight Reichert, Thornton Mur- phy, Jim Davis, Don Ever- man. Row 2. Mr. Lee, Paul Hoop- ingarner, Bob Ledgerwood, Don Tower, Bill Smith. Row 3. Gene Rigney, Alan Fisher, Bill Bledsoe, Don Hoopingarner, Don Smith, L. B. Taylor. Row 4. Mahlin Wiles, Johnny Shepperd, Jack Juday, Paul Ingerman, John Phelps. Row 5. Newton Strong, Bob Adkins. Absent. Ed Lowe, Levi Muncy. The couples shown here are all set for a good time on the Hi-Y Hayride. It is an annual event that is held in the early part of September. Page seventy-five Page seventy-six Latin Club Row 1. Donna Miller, Phyllis Hines, Barbara Buckles, B a r b a r a Macer, Susan Niles, Cynthia Shirk, Betty Prizeman, Joan Dee Coop- er, Virginia Wilson, Pat Clift, John Jordan, Bob George, Kay Morris, Miss Mable Hodson. Row 2. Jeanne Harvey, Linda Harrison, Bonnell Morrow, Mary Garrard, Gloria Ash- ton, Beverly Brenner, Bar- bara Curlett, Martha Jen- kins, Gail Harvey. Row 3. Sibyl Stout, Donna Clary, J a n et H a rrison, Eunice Furbee, Marceline Burch, Marjorie Tapscott, Naomi Recher, Donna Van Buskirk, Barbara Akers, Joan Jones. Row 4. Donn Bailey, Joe Leakey, Charles Preble, Sonny Wallace, Tom Gray, N o bl e Wickliff, Randall Fisher, Monte Brammer, Macy Taylor, Jr. French Club Row 1. Nancy Fisher, Joan Moody, Deloris DeWerpe, D el o n d a Bartuska, Jane Ann Jennings, F 0 r r e s t Blansette, Bob Davis, Mrs. Parsons. Row 2. Don Scott, Stan Wad- man, Yvonne Fisher, Mari- lyn Goar, Joyce Perdew, Emma Rose Van Dyke, Abe Roth. Row 3. Walter Sutton, Duane Tichenor, Bob Riley, Doyle Sutton, David Popplewell, Steve Burris. Future Business Leaders Row 1. J. Adams, M. Taylor, F. Kennedy, L. Dicken, L. McFarland, M. Snedigar, G. Irwin, B. Higgins, B. Win- ningham, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Bickley. Row 2. L. Stults, E. Furbee, L. J. Harvey, B. Harding, L. Wood, L. Stailey, C. York, K. McGaha. Row 3. R. E. Blunk, B. Har- ter, H. McSherry, G. Mod- lin, J. Robinson, J. Harri- son, J. Tinkle, J. Denny. Row 4. B. Kennedy, B. Par- tain, L. Stults, B. Wood, R. Rector, E. Conway. Row 5. C. White, G. Sharp, R. Dungan, D. Jordan, S. Wallace. Row 6. P. Evans, J. Elmore, J. Crim. Future Farmers Row 1. Albert Williams, Ber- nard Carter, Paul Moore, Charles Niles, Dale Bond, Charles Wallace, Tom Moore, Mr. Weekly. Row 2. Richard Cochrane, Gene Crow, Bobby Grose, Bobby Huse, Jackie Fadely, Irvin Taylor, Dale Fadely, Jim Schetgen. Row 3. Bill Tyree, Jim Wages, Carlos Wallace, Bob Malcom, Logan Niles, Don Wallace, Fred Johnson. Row 4. David Moore, Tom McFarland, Bob Benson, Myron Hutson, Dick Bav- ender. Row 5. David Ashley, Dick Flowers. Biology Club Row 1. Sue Meadows, Alice Furbee, Marjorie Tapscott, Eunice Furbee, Paul Ben- son, Marilyn Beckett, Kelly Wise, Phillip Evans, Mr. Rinehart. Row 2. Jim Crow, Randall Fisher, Nina Jane Ander- son, Barbara Sanders, Le- titia Swindell, Frieda Wilt, Jane Ann Jennings, Bar- bara Higgins. Row 3. Herbert Cox, James Brizentine, Carl Davis , Mary Culp, Barbara Gor- man, Lois Winslow. Row 4. Louis Poindexter, Lloyd Clayborn, Arthur B r a n h a m, Jack Brown, Morris Edwards. Insert. Mr. Max Forsyth, sponsor. It looks like fun for mem- bers of SunShine and their dates at their annual hay- ride held in October. After the hayiide, it was "swing your partner" at an old-fash- ioncd barn dance. Page seventy-seven Page seventy-eight ow 1 K Roberts J Brown, H Cline D Land L. Watt, G. Robinson, J. Frazier. ow 2. D. Crum, J. Elam, K. Hinshaw, J. Juday, T. Mur- phy, D. Clark, D. Fennell. Row 3. J. Cannon, H. Ken- dall, B. Harlan, P. Elkins, G. New. Row 4. G. Land, J. Flowers, R. La Boyteaux. Sunshine Society 1 Row 1. J. Jennings, M. Low- ery, J. Harvey, J. Fine, P. Craig, B. Akers, B. Buckles, P. Clift, B. Higgins, D. Cowan, E. S t o k e s, E. Blackburn, F. Bono, M. Hall, M. Grayson. Row 2. M. Johnson, S. Stout, R. Fields, N. Fisher, P. Gooch, S. Locker, B. Cur- lett, L. Gephart, J. Crim, J. Cooper, M. Fennell, M. Burch, J. Moody, S. Hoov- er, V. Wheeler, M. Jenkins, G. Harvey. Row 3. D. Jessup, M. Catt, R. Turpin, M. Copeland, M. Rinard, L. Bittner, N. Da- vis, B. Brenner, C. Robin- son, D. Greig, F. Kennedy. Row 4. D. DeWerpe, B. Ma- cer, M. Craw, N. Anderson, M. Beckett, J. Adams, E. Conway, N. Begeman, Mrs. Fisher. Row 5. S. Aaron, N. Bailey, E. Ankrom, N. Kautz, M. Cross, B. Craig, A. Griner, J. Huddleson, N. Iterman. Row 6. J. Greig, J. Carter, J. Fine, K. Fine, M. Goar, S. Hamlin, D. Johnson, P. Summers. Sunshine Society 11 Row 1. J. Werling, P. Win- ningham, J. Troxall, M. Hall, J. Robinson. K. Wil- liams, N. Smith, D. Miller, L. Swindell, B. Ritter, J. Ritchie, B. Wiley. Row 2. J. Shaul, P. Pahmier, M. Todd, B. Pate, C. Neff, J. Summers, L. Smith, M. Stoops, N. Stockton, P. Stearns, L. Harrison, B. Drafting Club R .' . , . R Jones, B. Moystner, P. Peters, M. Osborne. Row M. McMillen, J. Reece, B. Stohler, B. Ram- sey, S. Morris, M. Sumpter, N. Recher, B. Thorne, D. McNew, S. Wister, D Kuhn. Row 4. D. Sowder, V. Wilson B. Wantz, N. Spiggle, B Medalen, B. Shafer, M Whiteman, P. Walker. Row 5. J. Harrison, C. Math- ews, B. Mitchell, B. Scott I. Sorrow, J. Sidwell, S Niles, P. Summers. Row 6. A. Snodgrass, J Hamilton. S. Snedigar, L Hodson, B. Sanders. Spanish Club Row 1. Tom Durman, Junior Stokes, Betty Medalen, Bev- erly Partain, Kelly Wise, Barbara Sanders, Martha Lou Johnson, Martha Gray- son, Miss Pogue. Row 2. Paul Benson, Mary Ann Fennell, Dee Ann Jes- sup, Sharon Aaron, Delores DeWerpe, Nancy Fisher, Betty M e t t e rt, Jackie Ritchie. Row 3. Bob Jones, Marilyn Craw, Jean Banta, Doris McNew, Jo Ann Crim, Vir- ginia Andrews, Melba Mc- Lane. Row 4. Mal Edwards, Jackie Greig, Doria Dann, Patty Berry, Sylvia Wister, Pa- tricia Kelly, Betty Wood. Row 5. Arthur Branham, Max Ballard, Morris Ed- wards. Tri Hi-Y Initiation Row 1. Margaret Snedigar, Erma Hill, Patty Grimes, Dorothy Cochran, Kather- ine Richert, Betty Wantz, Ruth Davis. Row 2. Evelyn Daffron, Betty Morris, Charlotte Mathews, Betty Gail Scott, Phyllis Harry, Thomasena John- son, Ada Pfenninger, Jerry Tinkle, Jean Denny. Row 3. Leah Wood, Helen McSherry, Barbara Gor- man, Betty Harding, Nina Carter, Bonnie Baker, Ro- setta Rector, Barbara Hat- field, Mary Taylor. Standing. Barbara Harter, Henrietta G o a r , Louise D i c k e n, Phyllis Lorton, Edna Stokes, Nancy Hard- ing, Gail Modlin, Betty Griffin, Joetta Stegner, Miss Rupley. Fi-Del Formal Initiation Row 1. Jo Ann Johnson, Joan Summers, Marjorie W a r n o c k, Betty Ritter, Cynthia Neff, B a r b a r a Pate, June Wadman. Row 2. J e a n n e Harvey, Nancy Iterman, Mary Alice Todd. Row 3. N a n c y Begeman, Linda Harrison, N o r m a Stewart, Ellen Jane Wilkin- son, Hilda Broyles, Nancy Smith, D o n n a Gauchat, Bunny Jones, Lula Reavis, Farel Bono, Eldora Ank- rom, Donna Greig, Mrs. Parsons. Page seventy-nine jluz. Kantccn, Kamal The canteen council of "Club Troy" has accomplished many things this past year. The boys on the csuncil painted the walls a light green and the ceiling an off shade of white, while the girls cleaned the rooms. A coke dance was held'along with several parties and swims. The officers of "Club Troy" are Bunny Jones, president, Joe Carter, vice-president, Pat Clift, secretary, and Charles Grubbs, treasurer. The club sponsors are M. Howard Bramrner, Mrs. Max Forsyth, and Mrs. Mar- garet Mackey. The council is made up of members of the various clubs and organizations. It makes rules and regulations, sees that they are en- forced, and takes charge of "Club Troy" in general. "Club Troy" is open three nights a week to its members-Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Memberships were sold by members of the council. Swims are held every Wednesday at 7:00 P. M. Row 1. Linda Harrison, Betty Ritter, Barbara Sanders, Nina Jane Anderson, Randall Fisher, Johnny Jordan, Bunny Jones, Bill Smith, Bud Hawkins. Row 2. Marilyn Armacost, Pat Clift, Skip Hamlin, Charles Grubbs, Sylvia Wister, Doris McNew, Joe Carter. Row 3. Mr. Parsons, Donn Bailey, George Small, Louie Poindexter, Jim Crow. Page eighty Hmmm, Klub Jfwy. Every Wednesday evening the Canteen Council holds a swimming party. Members usually swim from 7:00 to 9:00. Here you get a glimpse of them in action. The C 0 ca C ola Bottling Company held a "Coke" party for the students of N. H. S. Everyone is gurgling coke and enjoying it. One of the Hrst bonnres that N. H. S. had had in a long time was after the mighty "Trojans" had tied Muncie Central. The entire city celebrated that night. Page eighty-one I r I QTopJ Tom Moore looks on while Miss Ratcliffe measures Bar- bara Gorman for her cap and gown. fBottomJ Abe Roth crowns Sibyl Stout queen of the "Snow Ball" dance. Page eighty-two jlwm, SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER September 16 G.A.A. Freshman Party September 21 Senior Class Organization September 24 SunShine Rough Initiation September 26 SunShine Formal Initiation September 29 Fi Del New Member Banquet September 30 Machinist Club Hayride October 1 Fi Del Rough Initiation October 13 Fi Del Formal Initiation October 22 SunShine Hayride and Barn Dance October 27 Fi Del Hayride Jlavn, NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER November 7-12 American Education Week November 11 Curtain Call November 18 Hi-Y District Conference November 23 SunShine Thanksgiving Tea November 25 Thanksgiving Vacation November 26 HARVEST HOP December 8 Senior Vespers December 10 SunShine "Snow Ball" Dance December 17 Christmas Vacation Began December 30 Fi Del Reunion ", New Castle fans are tense as the Trojans battle on their home floor. Some of the energetic N.H.S. students enjoy a romp in the snow. Cokcs were free and food was plentiful at the big fourth birth- clay party of Club Troy, our canteen. Page eighty-three 0wz,'Mnm,0 JANUARY AND FEBRUARY MARCH AND APRIL January 1 March 5 New Year's Tourney Regional Tourney January 11 March 12 College Guidance Conference Semi-Final Tourney January 24 March 16 SunShine Party Fi Del Mother and Daughter Banquet January 25 March 26 Exams State SunShine Convention February 12 March 29 Fi Del Hearts Hop Hi-Y Best Girl Banquet February 15 April 7, 8, 9 Hi-Y Father and Son Banquet Senior Class Play February 24 April 15 Sectional Tourney Spring Vacation February 26 April 28 Phoenix Tourney Trot SunShine Ideal Lady Party MAY AND JUNE May 6 Fi Del Lettermen's Banquet Athletic Award Day May 9 SunShine Senior Party May 10 G.A.A. Senior Banquet May 13 National Honor Society Banquet May 17 Hi-Y Mother and Son Banquet May 20 JU NIOR PROM L May 25 HONOR DAY May 27 CLASS DAY May 29 Baccalaureate June 3 COMMENCEMENT P.T.A. Commencement Dance Page eighty-four Go O 6' XXX NQB .pl . .I Eagan' al A ' mm 1 HF' 'J i H-:1w1 Mf v 119 mfiifvfiia. E Ff, LQWWMNW , di f 1 , EUEHB UI ., jjl'qJMIITgu4 , n in-3--2,. aw 5,132 UL ' 'Mimi , , ' -I 1" QQOQ - Wfxwivw 'Q . . X Uv 00 CDO O O9 0 .V f ,. A' , .-1.131 ' fic M' E M X wg -A. A- if 1 x . x - 4 I .6 ,Q - V- , '. ,. 4 .ar A- N:f'l"C11lI A. if :S-'fl lf: if 52 f 'QL 1 'XX :Q r'f ' : 4 Q -1 1147! XV '- ' mwfH. wwA my . v . , n , , . ,J ,. K . , ,f ,, V . Y ,I nff L' r jlwjand. 'L Jnnfball. dwmd Standing: Assistant Coach Bobby Lee, Coach Langan Hay, B Team Coach Walter Hassfurder, Don Smith, Jerry Ellis, Herbert Bunch. Row 1. Jim Schetgen, Bob Stegner. Row 2. Keith Hodgin, Stanley Meek. Row 3. Jim Dailey, Jack Warmouth, Gerald Archey. Row 4. Jack Alexander, Tom Dailey, Charles Jones, Dick Whalen, Jack Wright. Row 5. Bob Justice, John Cassidy, Don Tower, Tom McFarland, Steve Taylor. 'To the victors belong the spoils." That is the old saying which was put to use by this year's football team. The trophy you see in the picture above is just one of the "spoils," Each of the first twenty men on the varsity received a little bronze medal and a green jacket with a white C6 7? C6 77 N saying, N. C. C. Champs. ln addition to the awards, the boys were f eted at many banquets. it was a happy bunch of boys that took showers after the Marion game. They had just finished an undefeated season. If you think that is an easy job, ask Coach Hay. the ' New New New New New New New New New Page Not much more can be said that hasn't already been said, except, we will never forget '48,' football team. THE TROJANS' TRAIL N. C. C. STANDING Castle 25 ........,,,...,... Hartford City 13 . Castle 26 . . .,.. Columbus 7 New Castle Wim Lgst Tied Castle 13. . , ..., Richmond 12 Lafayette A ' ' 4 0, 1 Castle 37. . , . . Connersville 2 Franlifort A Q A 1 3 1 0 Castle 32. , . . . . Anderson 20 Tech .... . . . . 3 2 0 Castle 7 ..... .,.....,. T ech 0 M,ari0n '-4' - A 3 3 0 Castle 34 ...,. . , . Huntington 13 gfllgggsgld ' ' ' ' 3 3 3 Castle 20. . . ..... Muncie 20 Anderson ' I I r 0 6 0 Castle 19. . . . . . Marion 14 Logansport , . . . . 0 4 0 eighty-eight Walter Hassfurder, assistant coach, L a n g a n Hay, football coach, and Bobby Lee, track coach, all pitched in to make a successful season. Pow 1. Cassidy, Schetgen, Jones, Crane, Alexander G. Ar h H d , c ey, o gin, Justice, J. Dailey, Taylor, Meek S ' ' tegnei, T. Dailey, Hay. Row 2. Hassfurder, McFarland, Smith, Whalen, Ginn, Bunch, DeWitt, Tower, Ellis, Wright, Wiles, Down ing, Bassett, Moody. Row 3. Lee, Turner, Sweigart, Stokes, Edwards, Burke Platts Stohler Ford Williamson S Arche Sc tt 7 ! ! 7 7 ' yi 0 Sutherland, Warmouth, L. B. Taylor, Simmons. f i, 5 E ,, ..,,.'. ,. Page eighty-nine Page ninety Jim Dailey and Jerry Ellis, co- captains, talk over the experiences they and the team have had throughout the season with Head Coach Langan Hay. Jim, a senior, gained 772 yards on the ground for an 8 yard per try average, while Jerry led the Trojan backs with 930 yards for a 10 yard try aver- age. Don Crawley and Junior Anderson, the ever present managers, did most of the work and sweating when it came to taking care of the uniforms and lock- er room. "Meet the Challenge." That was the battle cry of head football coach, Langan Hay. "His Boys" did meet the challenge. The Mighty Trojan team came through their season undefeated in nine starts. The record: eight wins against one tie. Under the guidance of Coach Hay and assistant coaches, Lee and Hassfurder, the team now sports a proud record. As the season opened the Trojans entertained the Hartford City Airdales. The Haymen didn't lose any time in getting down to business, and when the Airdales left their heads were still ringing to a sweet little tune that said, New Castle 25-Hart- ford City 13. Pointing our binoculars south, we focused our sights on a town called Columbus. It was a sad Friday night as the Columbians watched their team being drubbed into the ground by a fast and charg- ing New Castle team. The next day the Columbus paper said, "New Castle has one of the best lines we have ever seen." But that thought was passed to one side when we thought of the score, New Castle 26-Columbus 7. Now at long last we were getting back some of the prestige that we lost last year and becoming a little "cocky." Richmond almost took the wind out of our sails, but we managed to squeeze past them. It was a hard-fought game with Jim Dailey dropping that much talked about touchdown pass. That pass was overshadowed by only one thing, the score, New Castle 13-Richmond 12. Not to be misled any more by the reports on how weak a team is, we settled down and sent Conners- ville reeling the next Friday. They never knew what hit them, and we were still looking for Trojan backs after the game had ended. The score, New Castle 37-Connersville 2. During football season, Anderson, New Castle, and rain seemed to go together. We paid a visit to the Anderson war grounds and left the Indians scalpless. This game, one of the roughest games for the Troy Men throughout their whole campaign, marked our fifth victory, New Castle 32-Ander- son 20. With five victories behind us, we donned our traveling outfits and headed for the Tech of Indian- apolis stadium. It was a hot Friday afternoon and we weren't at our best. Fancy stuff wouldn't work so the ball was fed to "Big" Tom Dailey and he plowed for our only marker, New Castle 7-Tech 0. The last home game of the season was now on hand with Huntington paying us a visit. We made up our minds to give the fans a good show. The line displayed good blocking while the backs fur- nished the Urazzle-dazzle." Not once were we obliged to punt, New Castle 34-Huntington 13. Our game with the Muncie Bearcats almost knocked us out of the conference race. The Trojans went into the game a little shaky and played Mun- cie the first half with the Cats ahead 13 to nothing. In the second half we played football and made one of the best comebacks ever accomplished by a high school team, New Castle 20-Muncie 20. It was now time for our last game of the season and it had to be a win in order for us to tie with Lafayette. In the Marion game we made another spectacular comeback and this time we were 2 points behind with 35 seconds to go when they kicked off to us. There were 11 Trojan savages out there on the Held and four plays later "The Mighty Trojans" were on top as the game ended, New Castle 19-Marion 14. Row 1. J. Schetgen, G. Archey, R. Justice, and J. Alexander, row 2. J. Dailey, S. Taylor, and G. Crane, row 3. R. Stegner, C. Jones, and S. Meek. Page ninety-one Left to Right, Row 1. Don Smith-Ei'10"-175 lbs.f'tSmitty" was one of the best tackles on the line this year and was outstand- ing on defense. Don, a junior, will be back next year and is expected to have a wonderful time in the opponents' baekiields. Steve Taylorf5'l0"-150 lbs.-lmported from New Jer- sey, Steve finished his third year of varsity ball. "Joisey," center for the past two years, will be missed next year when the call goes out to start football practice. Jim Daileyf5'll"-1655 lhs.-Jim, another senior, had the eyes of a few college coaches and he kept those eyes open with his spectacular runs. .lim made the fourth all-state team. Many of the boys have played their last game, but not this athlete. VVatch for him in the future. Dick WVhalen-6'2"-170 lbs.-"Hands" was our quarter- back and passer. Passerfdoes that sound familiar when his name is mentioned? lf it doesn't. just look at the newspaper statistics and you will see why this junior was the top quarterback of the team. Row 2 Rodney Ford-5'11"-160 lbs.-Rod, our sophomore end, didn't see too much action this year but look for him in the future to be out there giving it all he's got. Jack VVright46'-155 lbs.-"Rabbit" was our defensive halfback. Defensive halfback is exactly right too. Page ninety-two lieeaiise he was tops in that league. Knocking down enemy passes was his specialty. .lohn Cassidyf5'l0"il70 lbs.-John was one of the best guards on defense and offense. Only a sopho- more this year, he can be expected in the lineup for the next two years. .Iavk Alexander--5'9"-145 lbs.4"Alex" was underrated at the start of the season, but you can't keep a good man down. .lack played his last year at halfback and saw most of his action on defense. Row 3 Jim Sc-hetgen-5'10"-160 lbs.4'l'he position of right p.:'uard was held by this senior who was one of the hardest iisrhters and cleanest men on the team. When this boy ran interference, he was a welcome sight for the backs. Stanley Meek-6'1"-170 lbs.-Stan starred in his senior year at tackle and received honorable mention on the all-state team. NVith Stan out of that line there will be a hole to fill next year. Jim Mooc'y-5'7"-130 lbs.-James was one of the small- est men on the varsity. If .lim listens to Hay, he will more than likely be a frreat quarterback. Tom McFarland--5'l1"-165 lbs.-"Mach was what We called an all-around player. He could play almost any position ou the team, but the position in which he starred was end. This boy, only a junior, will be back next year to see what he can do about having a winning team. Left to Right, Row 1: .lack VVarmouth-5'10"-165 lbs.QJack, the new mayor of Oak Grove, played his sophomore year at end and didn't see too much ac-tion. NVith two more years to go, he will more than likely prove that he belongs on the tirst eleven. Keith Hodgin-6'-160 lbs.-Keith was one of the best ends in the conference and was a tough boy to get around. Finishing his high school career at end, he received honorable mention on the all-state team- a fitting end for a great athlete. Toni Dailey-6'-180 lbs.-"Big" Tom was one of the biggest and roughest men on the squad this year. YVhen it came to the point where we absolutely needed the yardage, the ball was given to Tom. Just a sophomore, he has two more years of football at his reserved position, fullback. Bob Justice-5'9"-140 lbs.-Bob, a senior, finished his high school career at Center and he will always be remembered by his teammates for his never-say-die attitude. Row 2 I Gerald Archey-5'11"-160 lbs.-Speed and this boy went together. He was the fastest man on the squad when he wanted to be. Gerald, playing his last year at guard, turned in his best game during the Ander- son fracas. U Roger Burke-5'7"-140 lbs.-"Bog," who is just a sophomore, seemed to get along in the guard spot and in the future you can look for this boy to be in there plugging. lion Tower-6'-150 lbs.-Don, or as his teammates call him. "VVong," never heard of the terms "die" or "quit," A junior, he will be back next year to try to take over the quarter-backing of the team. Herbert liunt-hgti'1"-170 lbs.-Herb, an end, turned in one of the finest performances of the season in the Munrie game. He also caught the tying touchdown. He will be back next year to show the old-timers how it is done. He is a junior. llow 3 Bob Stegner-6'-160 lbsf-"Preacher" was a mild man when he wasn't in uniform. Get that, when not in uniform. Bob finished his last year of football at tackle. Glen Crane-5'9"-150 lbs.-Glen played his first vear of football this year, which also was his last year. Playing halfback, he received the credit that was due to him. Jerry Ellis.-5'10"-160 lbs.-Jerry was the leading ground gainer for the Trojans this year and made the fourth team all-state. Since he's just a junior, you can look for this flashy back next year. Charles Jones-5'11"-225 lbs.-"Tink" completed his gridiron career at NHS with a bang and the Marion Giants are still looking for the bomb that hit them that fateful Friday night. Not to be forgotten was his election to the second team all-state. Page ninety-three I Coach Hay gives co- captains Dailey 135 and Ellis 1155 last minute instructions before the last half starts. Tay- lor 145 is listening on one side of Hay, while from left to right, Bunch, Stokes, Up- church, Bassett an d Ginn follow suit. Page ninety-four Jerry Ellis with the ball is scooting around end for a 40 yard gain. On the ground is Dick Whalen, after throwing a beautiful block into aHuntingtonman. Forming Ellis' interfer- ence is Jim Schetgen 1175, Tom Dailey 1165, and Herb Bunch 165. 3 -1 as Row 1. Jerry Ellis, Jack Wright, Keith Hodging ro 'J 2. Calvin Cooper, Paul Robinson, Dick Whalen, row 3. Don Scott, Mal Edwards, Tom Dailey, Roger Burke, standing. Jim Moody, Bobby Lee, coach, Junior Anderson, Herbert Bunch, Jim Dailey, Gerald Archey, Don Smith. THE TROJAN TRACK TEAM Track is one of the sports in which N H S par- ticipates that nobcdy seems to know much about. Al- though the success of the Trojans on the cinders has been rather mediocre, the boys have been out work- ing hard each spring. Jim Dailey, one of the best middle distance runners in the state, won state-wide acclaim for his ability in track. Jerry Ellis received honors for his high jumping record. Ellis, an all- round Trojan athlete, also ran the 100 yd. dash and the 200 yd. low hurdles. Calvin Cooper excelled in the 880 yd. run while Tom Dailey developed into an expert shot putter. Jack Wright ran the mile and Kenney Bassett was the boy in the pole vault. Among others who played an important role in the Trojan campaign a year ago were Keith Thurman, Mal Edwards, Keith Hodgin, Gerald Archey, Dick Whalen, Herb Bunch, Roger Burke, Paul Robinson, John Cassidy, and Stewart Archey. Following is the 1948 Trojan track team record: New Castle 45 Connersville 65 New Castle 75 Knightstown 44Vg, Spiceland 385 New Castle 59 Rushville 73, Middletown 15 New Castle 56 Hartford City 74 Besides these meets the Trojan tracksters Hnished last in the Muncie relays and also Hnished tenth in the North Central Conference meet. Page ninety-five jfwjam, J1ww.eL to Sami- Mala, Row 1. Don Cassady, Bob Hedrick, Jim Dailey, Keith Hodging row 2. Junior Wood, Dick Whalen, Herbert Bunch, Don Tower, row 3. Calvin Cooper, Jack Wright, Coach Stuckey, Tom McFarland, Jerry Ellis. THE TROJANS' TRAIL Although the season's record of the '49 Trojans was not what the sportswriters of the state said it would be, the boys enjoyed a highly successful sea- son. Including tourney games they compiled a 17 wan and 11 lost record. Mirli k'Jack Rabbit" Wright and Jerry "Buck" Ellis powering the offense and Jim Dailey and "Pete" Whalen leading the defense, the terrific Trojans fought their way to the finals of the semi-finals, before succumbing to an inspired Auburn team. Connersville was the first team to feel the Trojans' power, when the Troymen came home on the long end of a 50-31 score. Anderson's Indians and Tech of Indianapolis tripped the Stuckymen, before Burris of Muncie was defeated, 49-45, as Jack Wright poured in 31 points. Next, was an overtime defeat at the hands of Greensburg, 53-51. The boys in green edged out Richmond, 48-47, but the following week they took it on the chin from the Muncie Bearcats, 44-42. The Trojan warriors removed the roar from the Rushville Lions, 49-35, but took A Page ninety-six a beating at the hands of Jefersonville, 51-41. New Castle walloped the Bulldogs from Columbus, 63-41, during the holidays. The Green and White broke even in two games at the annual Big Four Tourney. Defeated by Kokomo, 46-45, in the afternoon, the Stuckeymen overwhelmed Logansport, 51-36. It was Kokomo on top, 36-345 but the Trojan team took the measure of Frankfort, 39-35. After being defeated by Richmond, the Trojans ran up three straight wins-over Marion 41-303 over Logansport, 49-433 and over Muncie Central, 32-29. The Troy- men completed their regular season play by losing to Lafayette and Anderson. The Trojans experienced little difficulty in rolling over sectional opposition, taking the final game from Straughn, 61-34. In the regional New Castle tripped Winchester, 54-44, and upset highly-regarded Mun- cie Central, 30-28. After defeating little Jeierson in the afternoon, our team arrived at the end of the Trojan Trail when a red-hot Auburn team won from our Trojans in the final game of the semi-finals. Stuckey's first line assist- ants, Johnny Black, Don Scott, and Junior Anderson. The best-that's the Tro- jan yell leaders, Leon Greer Skippy Hamlin, David Crum, Martha Grayson, and Don Osborne. Dailey shoots a one handed push shot against the Richmond Red Devils. Page ninety-seven Left to right 2 Row 1. Herbert Bunch-6' 2"-175 lbs.-Long loop- ing one handers were Herb's specialty. A valuable man, he will be back next year. Bob Hedrick-6' 1"-165 lbs.-This senior's past experience made him an asset to the team. He has played center for two years. Dick Whalen-6' 2"-170 lbs.-This is the boy with the big hands. Pete was an ace rebounder and an all-around player. Page ninety-eight Row 2. Jack Wright-5' 11"-155 lbs.-Jack is one of the best shooters in N. H. S. history. He is a sure two points. Calvin Cooper-5' 10"-155 lbs.-Great things are expected from this lad next year. When it comes to longs, this junior can hit. Keith Hodgin - 6' 1" - 160 lbs. - Another senior, Keith was also a top rebounder and defensive star. He was a real ball hawk and deadly on one handers. 5 Left to right: Row 1. Jerry Ellis-5' 10"-155 lbs.-Speed mer- chant deluxe, a top scorer, and a good athlete is Jerry Ellis, one of the best all- around players the Trojans had. Junior Wood-6' 1"-160 lbs.-"Woody" was a sure thing on lay-ups under the basket. He is one of the best pivot men in the con- ference. Don Cassidy-6'-170 lbs.-His humor re- lieved many a tense moment for the Trojan basketeers. Salute a senior. Row Q. A Don Tower-6' 2"-155 lbs.kAn ace on as- surance, "Honesty" was tough in the clutch and could connect with those longs. Jim Dailey-5' 11"-160 lbs.-Setting up plays and defensive work was this senior's specialty. He always came through in the clutch. Tom McFarland-5' 9"-170 lbs.-Fancy footwork and the ability to fake a man clear to the sky, gave this junior much varsity work to do. Page ninety-nine ,7!l0l2lI'L fnlta. pll2pLUlQ, lm. Jutwm TROJAN COLTS' RECORD Colts 36 Connersville 12 Colts 29 Anderson 33 Colts 21 Tech 28 Colts 34 Burris 20 Colts 32 Greensburg 20 Colts 27 Richmond 11 Colts 21 Muncie Central 24 Colts 49 Rushville 24 Colts 39 Columbus 25 Colts 37 Kokomo 31 Colts 33 Frankfort 32 Colts 35 Richmond 34 Colts 28 Marion 22 Little Four Tourney Anderson 24 New Castle 21 Richmond 42 New Castle 32 CConsolationJ Colts 22 Muncie Central 28 Colts 31 Lafayette 46 LColts 21 Anderson 32 Row 1. Roger Burke, Junior Taylor, Bob Stohler, Kelly Wiseg row 2. Walter Hassfurder, coach, Paul Upchurch, Ed Wilson, Orlan Coleman, Tom Dailey, John Cassidy, Howard Brandyberry, assistant coachg row 3. Tom Gray, Mal Edwards, Bill Harlan, Bob George, Bill Cluggish, Don Williamson, Cinsetj Junior Stokes. vw' Page one hundred Left to Right: Junior Stokes, Dale Fadely, Jerry Charles, and Joe Burris. Bnxuzq, Spmta, dim. Pnpulan, 50154 Golf is another sport that comes along when spring rolls in. This sport takes a lot of skill and practice. The team has meets with Muncie, Richmond, Anderson, and the finals over at Indianapolis. This activity is also under the guidance of Langan Hay. This man, who spends the majority of his time with the boys, de- serves a lot of credit for his hard work. Pug noses, cauliflower ears, and strong arms make up the famous 'iCauliHower Clan" of N. H. S. Under the direction of Langan Hay, the boys always make a fine showing in the Golden Gloves. Some of the best boys in boxing have come out of New Castle and here are a few of them: Rusty Cleek, Jack DeWitt, Gerald Archey, and little Jim Moody. These boys have at one time or another won the Golden Gloves in their class over at Muncie. The boys that box for Coach Hay always live up to the saying, "Ya gotta be rough". Left to Right, First Row: Paul Moore, Bernard Carter, Richard McCall, Jack DeWitt, Bill Park- er, James Owens. Second Row. David Smith, Stew- art Archey, Kenny Bassett, Ger- ald Archey, Don Platt, Ralph Taylor, Rusty Cleek. Third Row. George New, Joe Sweigart, 'Fred Johnson, Robert Maynard, Michael Reuter, Bonny Wilson, Marlin Hudson, Duane Blessenger. Fourth Row. Don Scott, James House, Delbert Dabney, Eugene Atkinson, J. C. Meader, John Black, Bob Brammer. Coach Langan Hay. Page one hundred one A3a.m6alL f April April April April April April 1 2 2 5 6 8 4 0 2 7949 z6'a.4,cbalL Steve Taylor and Keith Hodgin, co- pare for the 1949 Baseball season. Cadiz . . . T April 28 Lafayette .... . . . T May Spiceland . . . , . . , Cadiz . , . H April 29 Logansport T May Richmond , . . . . , . , Spiceland H May 2 Muncie .,.., T May Connersville ,. . Richmond H May 5 Frankfort . . , . . H May Hartford City . Anderson T May 10 Tech .,,....., . . . H May Marion .,,..... . . . Kokomo T May 12 Knightstown H Row 1. Bill Palmblade, Jim Moody, Gene Downing, Don Pickard, Gene Haynes, Jack Keith, Steve Taylor, Jack Alexander. Row 2. Dailey Hill, coachg Jack Grose, Jack Juday, Herbert Bunch, Don Tower, Jim Golf, Jerry Ellis, Leslie Ginn, Keith Hodgin, Junior Wood. O 99 'U FV' 90 -. :s In sw 5 sa. O O S9 O :- U sw 1: CD 24 E : 'cf "S 'P Hmmvifi Page one hundred two W 1 Q V With spring in the air, a young man's fancy usually turns to love, but the boys of N. H. S. turn their fancy to baseball. The "48" baseball team had a rough time weathering the storm. The record they compiled wasn't anything to brag about, but there were only two games in which they were beaten by more than five runs. The rest were close and two were extra innings. The good part about it was that only two boys were lost through graduation, Jack Keith, third baseman, and Gene Haynes, shortstop. These posi- tions have been worked out and it looks as if there will be some able replacements. Coach Hill will be missing sev- eral boys next year when he sends out the first call for base- ball. They are Keith Hodgin, first baseman and co-captain, Jack Alexander, left fielder, Jim Goff, shortstopg Bill Palmblade, second basemang Jack Grose, center fielder 3 and Steve Taylor, catcher and co-captain. The "49" baseball nine is go- ing to try to complete the scope of a successful sports year for New Castle Senior High. SPWI4-f5P0"f4f Row 1-J ack Juday, Jim Goff Row 2-Junior Wood, Steve Taylor Row 3-Don Pickard, Jack Grose Page one hundred three MGM GJ.. mmm md? V E69 BML lm, iw JJEP GOOD 1 l 'Q I1 ' 7'-7 vpv, , 4 5 Q19 L 6 1151? l '59, ciufvflmrfw i , nQ?i:Ia.EGZf'Y4iLi'.?5ip1, awww JILEOQJILZIZIIA. r 'I N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS . .. L ......... .......... .I SIE? I Q70 WT TTTT7 SNSQ gigs? igX5?Eg'Ns gi QE S 'ig Eg 4? Fifi? Y Eg E Sm A IU Ewa ws? NQ Q S RX Eg? 52 E323 Sw N gf? V QQ Sw Qs Q 15. I0 1 7, IX. !9 li ff1f f7aff?f5f?1f?f'ff'4J4?9Wb4f QW? 52:4 3 fkim, f Uv! W7 f

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