New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN)

 - Class of 1947

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Q Q rf f'31N . swf li sf X X 1 A 34' 11 fu L ak' , . if mf .."f!!!f'If'f' ff' ' ' ' "1'A""' "' "'1m1wr ,, u.-f - k,!,Q"g. Q -, 5. .. V 1 .1f' f -' I I 1, 1,5 .,,,. I ,. 5 1 I 'si x 3 4. A I l -. , . . 1 'fu B.-,--1 ,IQ ' 'A ' - v It E I F, X 52-.llQlQai U 2083643 For I947 was our big year, Mr. Haydn, a big year for every person connecfed wiI'h New Cas+Ie High School. For Ihe wonderful people who helped 'ro make if so, 'Ihe FACULTY, see PAGE 8. Then Ihe SENIORS, on PAGE 26, were a swell group of kids anyone will agree. This was a year fhey will long remember and cherish in 'rheir scrapbooks. The UNDERCLASSMEN, +he maiorily of Ihe sludenl' body, make a line showing on PAGE 42. From iunior +o freshman each will +eII you i+'s been a record year for all fheir evenls, including Ihe delighlful prom. ACTIVITIES around 'rhis old school were really buzz- ing fhis year as you can see from 'Ihe picfures on PAGE 52. There were Ihe dances, convocafions, iunior Rolarians, Alfrusa girls, fhe all-imporfanl yearbook, and lasl' bu+ noi Ieasl 'rhe school paper. As you know, Mr. Haydn, all schools have fheir clubs and social gafheringsg and New Casfle High School is cer- +ainly no? an exceplion. From clubs ranked na+ionaIIy fo Ihose slarled here fhey all play an imporlanl par'I in our school life wifh 'Iheir various plans and func+ions. For piclures of 'fhese CLUBS and 'rheir acfivifies, please nolice PAGE 66. Oh, yes, Mr. Haydn, if you fhink Ihal ATHLETICS don'+ play a large parl in any Indiana high school, you iusl don'+ know Indiana. We have a well-rounded sporls program including fha? ever-popular baskefball, foo+baIl, golf, and oh, we could go on forever, bul for some swell aclion shols SEE PAGE 78. Now iusl si? back and relax for you are aboul Io gel an all-round view of New Casfle High School by simply Turning fhe page and- 5' KAW. QSM .X leaairlg f i i CLASSES AND FACULTY You menlioned how nice ihe leachers were and you are correc+. Of course, fhere are TIMES when we sfuclenis doulol 'rhal s'ia+emen+ buf 'rhen Our school curriculum has grown somewl1a+ during 'lhe pasl' 'rhree or four years-yes, even +his year. Wilh our eleven cleparlmenrs and wilh each depar+men1' lhinlxing up some new course, we soon won'+ be able lo choose which courses we wanl mosf. For inslance, we have induslrial ar+s, home economics, and commercial arls for lhose inleresied in voca+ional lraining. For 'lhe basics we have English, social s+udies, and maihemalics. Then for 'lhose inleresled in ofher languages we have French, La+in, and Spanish. For lhose in+eres+ed in becoming chemisls, physicisls, and biologisls we have 'rhe sciences. Then fhere are music, arf, and physical ecluca+ion which should never be omiH'ed from any well-balanced curriculum. Some of fhe newer classes are Elecfronics 4I, a boys' cooking class, and a driving insfruc+ion class. ln our driving ins'rruc+ion course we have a car in which 'rhe siudenis can gel pracfical experience as well as ins+ruc+ion. So you see, Mr. Haydn, we have plen'ry going on +o keep us busy during school. Page .X ml' y MR. E. S. CASTOR, Principal A.B., M.A. Ball Sfafe Graduafes of fhis year are faced wifh many problems and many opporfunifies. Solving fhese problems and meefing fhese opporfunifies will con- sfifufe a life's work. A cifizen's life can be a brillianf success or a miserable failure. The choice is wifhin fhe grasp of each graduafe of I947. Armed wifh fhe defer- minafion fo share in fhe responsibilify of making fhis a beffer world and secure in 'fhe belief fhaf a high sfandard of characfer, folerance, and sym- pafhy for ofhers are necessary for each individual, each of fhis year's graduafes cannof fail fo achieve fhe goal of successful cifizenship. Educafion is buf one of a series of learning ex- periences which comes fo an individual. Ofhers will be even more challenging. All 'rhese experi- ences can confribufe much fo every individual if faced wifh courage, faifh, and enfhusiasm. To each member of 'rhe I947 graduafing class, I wish fhe finesf fhaf life has fo offer. E. S. CASTOR Principal MR. JOE R. CRAW, Superinfendenf A.B., M.A. Bufler Universify Congrafulafions fo you of fhe graduafing class of I947. Many of you have found a challenge for addifional preparafion. Ofhers of you have had sufficienf social and work experience confacfs which you feel qualify you fo cease your school sojourn. All of you have surely found and solved, some of you have also found and leff unsolved, problems of maior imporfance in social, physical, menfal, and moral relafionship. Our biggesf fask is fo be genu- ine, ever-undersfanding of human weaknesses and sfrengfhs. The greaf single need for mankind is service. Lef us perpefually work fogefher in fhe realms of beffer cifizenship so fhaf we can confinue fo see fhe realifies of our Democracy and reach goals fo which our own manhood and womanhood aspire. i JOE R. CRAW Superinfendenf Cify Schools Mr- A- Dale Allen- VlCe'P"l"'ClP5lv D35" Ol BOYS' Miss Elizabefh Harringlon, Dean of Girls. A. B. DePauw Universi+y, M. S. Indiana Universiiy. A. B. Wesfern Kenmcky Ungversgiy. SCHOOL BOARD Leff 'ro righiz Mr. Russell Fleming, president Mr. Karl Vogel, secrefaryg Mr. Harold Meadows, frees- urerq Mr. Eugene Yergin, afforney for flie board. Miss Mary RiH'er, B. S. Purdue Universily English, Rosennial Adviser Miss Ca+herine Ra+cIiffe, A. B. Wes+ern College, M. A. Indiana Universify English, Lalin, Sponsor of Senior Class Mr. Horace Burr, Jr., A. B. DePauw Universily, M. A. Universify of Soulhern California, Cer+ifica+e from Universi+y of London English, Dramafics Mrs. Louise Deyoe, A. B. Indiana Cenfral College, M. A. Nor+hwes+ern Universify Speech, Radio, English, Head of +I1e English Depar+men+ Miss Margarel' Lealcey, A. B. Ball S+a+e, M. A. Indiana Universify English, Remedial Reading, Social Sfudies Miss Berniece McCord, A. B., M. A. Indiana Universify English Miss Marfha Shelley, A. B. Ball Sfafe English, Spanish, Sponsor of Alpha Chaprer of Tri-Ralio Miss Marlha NuH', A. B. Bu+Ier Universily, B. S. in L. S. Universiry of Illinois Librarian Mrs. Helen Rogers, nof pic+ured, A. B. DePauw Universi+y English Sfanding, Ief+ fo righ+: Miss Riffer, Mr. Burr, Miss Lealrey, Miss McCord, Miss Shelley, and Miss Nu'H Siffingz Miss Ra+cIiHe and Mrs. Deyoe. Mrs. Rogers gives a les- son in correcf wrifing in English 4I G class. S+uclen+s are busy wrii- ing headlines for iour- nalism. The dramaiics class is frying ouf early for a parf in a play. Radio class gives you your early morning an- nouncemenfs. g?3YT,l3.-x . ,K N N Y .,.f"" ' , I .Q Qi H5 S A71 , 'Q 9 ? 5 x 5b N Sfudenis learn fhe es- senfials of good driv' ing in safefy class. Sfudying fhe birds and fine bees land 'fhe snaicesi is our iheme. Physics class is making an experimeni on fide laws of nafure. The sfudenfs make Cae- sar live again in our Laiin classes. Anoiher Einsfein is ai work on somefhing far greafer 'fhan Hue afomic bomb. 1 1 1 ,pf eff fo righi: Miss Pogue, Mr. Lake, and Lefl io righ+: Mr. Bronson, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Reed, Mr. Lemme, and Mr. Hodson, Miss Mable Hodson. Miss Lewelra Pogue, A. B. Indiana Universi+y, M. A. Universiiy of Michigan Spanish, Head of +he Language Depar+men+ Mr. Alvin Lake, B. S., M. A. Ball S+a1'e French, English, Sponsor of French Club Miss Mable Hodson, A. B. Earlham College, M. A. Columbia Universi+y Larin, Algebra, Sponsor of Lalin Club Mr. George C. Bronson, A. B. Wabash College Chemisfry, Healfh, Sponsor of Science Socie+y, Head of +he Science Depar'I'men+ Mr. Marvin Snyder, B. S. Evansville College Biology Mr. F. Francis Reed, B. S. Ball S+a+e Hisfory, Economics, Sponsor of Hi-Y Mr. Earl Lemme, A. B. Indiana Cen+ral College Biology, Elecfronics Mr. lvan Hodson, A. B. Earlham College, M. A. Columbia Universiiy Physics, Algebra Si++ing: Mr. Greensfreef and Miss Fern Hodson. Leif 'ro righf: Mrs. Wayman, Mrs. Harfzell, and Miss Rupley Sfanding: Miss Orr and Miss Harlman. Mr. Josepl1 Greenslreel, A. B. Ball Slafe General Malhemalics, Algebra, Geomefry Miss Eunice Cleo Orr, A. B. Ball S+a+e, M. A. Indiana Universify Ma+h Refresher, Algebra, Geomefry Miss Fern Hoclson, A. B. Earllrlam College, M. A. Columbia Universily General Mafhemafics, Algebra, Trigonomelry, Head of +l1e Ma+l1ema+ics Deparlmeni' Miss Mary Jean Har+man, A. B. Indiana Universily General Ma+l'1ema+ics, Algebra Mrs. Mary S. Wayman, A. B. Miami Universily, M. A. Ball S+a+e Hislory, Sponsor of +l'1e Junior Class, Head of +l1e Social Sfudies Deparimenf Mrs. Wilma Harlzell, B. S. Ball Sfaleg A. B., M. A. lndiana Universify His+ory, Sponsor of Fi Del Miss Helen Rupley, B. S. Purdue Universily Hisfory, Sponsor of Tri Bela Della Sfudenls learn abou? cily planning in govern- menf classes. We learn +l1e flwings we missed, in mafh re- fresher. In economics +he sfudy of money becomes an imporlanl llning. In geomefry class prov- ing +riangles congruenl is a hard iob. Sines and cosines make frigonomefry a snap course for flue wizards in school. M KN s x br ...Q Wwmmwuw - rrrvvyv-7 M .V . Q V 1. "... 1 iw as 5.1 1 I lg Fil Home nursing feaches essaniials for good lwealfh. "Good +ypis+s malce 'Few errors" say Yhe sfu- denls in flnis class. l r Girls learn all ine new slifclnes in clolhing class. An indusfrious siudeni is learning fo run a posling machine. Running office machin- ery is pari of line iob of our machine opera- fions class. Lefi fo right Mr. Ervin, Mrs. Bishop, Miss Hall, and Mr. Roclchill. Lefi fo righ+: Miss Roney, Mrs. Fisher, and Miss Janney. Mr. Ben Ervin, B. S. Ball Siafe Business Ariihmeiic, News Wriling, Journalism, General Business, Phoenix Adviser, Head of ihe Commerce Depar+men+ Mrs. Juani+a Bishop, A. B. Bowling Green College of Commerce Bookkeeping, Typing, Business Ariihmeiic Miss Sarah Hall, A. B. Builer Universify Typing, Shorlhand, Sfenography Mr. Howard Roclchill, A. B. Indiana S+a1'e Teachers' College Typing, Machine Operaiions, Commercial Law, Business English Miss Elizabeih Roney, A. B. Manches+er College Clofhing, Special Problems, Head of The Home Economics Deparfmeni, Sponsor of F. H. A. Mrs. Fylious Fisher, B. S. Ball S'l'a+e Foods, Sponsor of SunShine Socieiy Miss Ca+herine Janney, B. S. Ball Sfafe Home Nursing, Clofhing, Foods, Family Relaiions 1 i 1 E i i i i I I i i Miss Manifold Mr. Chenowefh and Mr. Small 'I ii C239 'A Lef+ fo right Mr. Malrowsiry, Mr. Hay, Mr. Sfuckey, Mr. Janzarulc, and Mr. Hassfurder Miss Andrews and Miss Rapp 'I Beefhoven has nofhing on our masier musicians when I+ comes fo symphonies. Miss Mary M. Manifold, B. S. Ball Srale Ar'l', Head of fhe Ari' Deparlmeni' Mr. Gene Chenowe+h, B. M., M. M. Jordan Conservafory, Bufler Universify "A" Band and Orchesfra, "B" Band and Orches+ra, lnsfrumenfal Classes, Head of Music Deparfmen+ Mr. George Small, M. S. Indiana Universify, M. M. Jordan Conservafory Choir, Chorus Miss Suzanne Rapp, B. S. Ball S+a+e Girls' Physical Educa+ion, Co-sponsor of G. A. A. Miss Ru+h E. Andrews, B. S. Ball Sfafe Girls' Physical Educaiion, Co-sponsor of G. A. A. Can you do one of +hese 'rriple-ferror-back flips boys do in gym class? L-gn ,xmibg we QE 1 The arf class produces painiings and drawings fo keep our halls clecorafed. William Malrowslxy, B. S, Hanover College Boys' Physical Educaiion, Coach of Baslreiball "B" Team, Assisfani' Foofball Coach Langan Hay, A. B. Universiiy of Kenfuclcy Boys' Physical Educaiion, Boxing lnsirucior Charles Sfuclxey, B. S. Hanover College Baskefball Coach, Safefy, Head of The A+hle+ic Deparf- meni John Janzarulr, B. S. Indiana Universify Foofball Coach, Healfh Walfer E. Hassfurder, B. S. Hanover College Track Coach Soccer is fhe new, inieresfing game enioyed by ihe girls in gym class. Q ' vu 'fi an ' A F"r1 gf I These boys in clraffing class are drawing up imporfanf plans. The prinling class lceeps busy prinfing pamph- lefs and fhe school pe- per. The boys in shop are furning ou? mass pro- ducfion. B y l I 1' h o s earn "'us ow The land lies" in agri- culiure class. Learning machine irades for fuiure vocafions is an imporlanf class. James S. Anlierner, B. S. Indiana Teachers' College Drafring Dean Lenon, B. S. Ball S+a+e Shop C. S. Kinder, B. S. Ball Sfare, Purdue Universiry Machine Trades, Sponsor oi Maclxinisrs' Club Kei+l1 Painler, B. S. Purdue Universify Agriculhlre, Farm Shop, Biology, Sponsor of F. F. A. Bernlwardf A. Beguhn, B. S., M. S. S+ou+ lns+i'l'u+e Prinfing Leif 'io righf: Mr. Anliefner, Mr. Lenon, Mr. Kinder, Mr. Painler, and Mr. Beguhn Top lef+: Mr. Maurice Fessler, A. B. Canlral Normal College, Book Sfore Direc+or. Top righf: Mrs, Dorolhy E. Shepherd, R. N. Meihodisl Hospiial, School Nurse. BoHom, leff 'ro right Office Help: Miss Maxine Rains, Miss Alma Amburgey, Mrs. Helen Howard E Miss Marion Weishelf, Mrs. Roseanne Higham, and Mrs. Ru+l'1 Best 'I' MOM, ai il " ,gg A Four'rh row: BeHy Riley, Dolores Davis, Charlene Pale. Third row: Sylvia Van Hoose, Phyllis Brewer, Gilberl' Riley, Richard Miles. Second row: Roberf Elkins, Basil Coleman, Dorofhy Raines, Vera Lee Turpin, Phyllis Smi+h, David Smifh. Firsf row: Jack Van Hoose, Mary Tambucos, Mary Rinard, Janice Wadman. Cadel' reachers have assisfed reachers in bo'l'h grade schools and iunior high school. They 'rake charge of reading, spelling, and numerous o+her classes while 'lhe feacher gives more 'lime +o sfudenrs who need special aHen+ion. These cadel' 'leachers have also learned while reaching. Among orher Things, 'lhey have learned +he ar'l' of pafience. Many of rhem will go ro college and become ieachers, bu+ Those who do noi' will have gained an experience fhai' fhey shall never forget Boifom leff: David Smifh. Boffom righf: Mary Rinard. 1 A 34' 11 fu L ak' , . if mf .."f!!!f'If'f' ff' ' ' ' "1'A""' "' "'1m1wr ,, u.-f - k,!,Q"g. Q -, 5. .. V 1 .1f' f -' I I 1, 1,5 .,,,. I ,. 5 1 I 'si x 3 4. A I l -. , . . 1 'fu B.-,--1 ,IQ ' 'A ' - v It M "NK he-nh.-Q 'S SENIORS N Q ,rf fx fs J f' 1, 3 A qi I, fkf f ffl ffl, who ill s Hello, Mr. Haydn. Weren'+ you 'I'he fellow who wrofe 'lhe arricle for COLLlER'S en+i+led "The Kids Come Firs+"7 You were? Well, we would like fo iell you aboui' a few 'ihings you failed +o men+ion in your arficle. Firsi of all we wani you 'ro mee+ our senior class. This is +he class +ha1' sponsors and publishes ihe yearbook, The Rosennial. Also we, like senior classes of oiher high schools, produce a class play. We are usually busy doing some'l'hing-eifher exchanging class name cards or small billiold size piciures, exchanging commenis on whal we'll wear +o senior vespers, making plans for Class Day, Honor Day, and Commence- men'l'-all +hese 'rhings concern +he "big" senior. Being a senior affecis each one of us differenily. To +hose who will be going +o college i+ is 'I'he lasf chance To gel' fhe iundamenials well in mind on which 'rhey will base iheir college educaiion. To ihose who don'+ plan fo aHend college if is 'lhe lasi' year of formal educaiion. Some leave wifh a smile, some wi+l1 a iear. Wi+h a spirii' like ours and a mo'Ho like "The elevafor io success is noi running-fake fhe s+airs," how can we go wrong? l'in1u Truclify-sirz' II SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Buf Mr. Haydn- You 'iorgof us seniors! Here's whai you forgo? +o men+ion in your s'I'ory. We firsi' began +o realize +ha+ we were becoming imporianf when we enferiained 'lhe seniors a+ +he I946 Junior Prom-The Mardi Gras. The Senior Vespers was 'Phe firs+ big even+ of our 'Final year in N. H. S. Anoiher senior class eveni' was +he honoring of us seniors a+ fhe I947 Junior Prom. Ofher main evenis were Class Day when our innermosl' secreis were revealed, and Baccalaurea+e-our mos+ religious service. Finally +he day arrived when we received diplomas signifying lhe end of iwelve years of school life. And Mr. Haydn- You forgof our class colors which are Teal blue and silver. Oiher +l1ings you missed were our moH'o: "The eleva+or 'io success is noi' running-fake 'ihe s+airs"g and our class flower, +he American Beaufy rose. Baclc in '43 when we were mere freshmen, we didn'+ realize +ha+ our las'r year would be highligh+ed by fhe faci' +ha'l' our high school was rafed as fhe model school in fhe Uniied S'ra'res. surer. Whalen, vice-president Sfanding: Tom Cashdollar presndeni' Seafed af fhe righf of fable Phyllis Sid well, secreiaryg John Kinslnger +rea Sealed a+ fhe lefi' of iabe o n Top left Sea+ed leff fo righf: Virginia Wright Dorofhy Raines, Prom Queen: and Irene Davis. S+anding leff fo right Doforis Davis, Judy Capshaw, Beverly Cox, Jaclrie Paul-aifendanfs 'ro Hue Queen. Top right Prom Enferfainmeni-lei? 'ro righ+: Joyce Durman, Gene Frazier, Beverly Cox, and Jamie Cunningham. Lower leff: D:ro+Hy Raines was crowned queen by Judy Capshaw, Prom Queen of '45. Lower right Senior Vcspcrs, December IO, I946. I K 1 I I BOB ARCHEY EDDIE ARNOLD ROY ATWATER, Jr. LAVONNE BAILEY Foo'rbaII,AgricuIfure Science Sociely, Hi- La'I'in Club, Boxing. Club, Hi-Y. JOHN G. BARRY Hi-Y, Boxing, Prom Enlerlainmenf Com- miffee, Agriculfure Club, Dramafics Club. Y, Golf, Dramafics, Prom Enlerlainmenl Commiflee. WILMA BASSETT JEAN BECKETT ALVENA BERGIN French Club, G. A. A., Hall Palrol. Dramalics Club. BETTIE BUCKNER JIMMIE BURNS HELEN BUSH CLARENCE CALDWELL Choir, Science So- Hi-Y, Boxing, Dra- SunShine Sociely, Tri ciely, Senior Morfo malics Club, Wresf- Bela Del+a, G.A. A., Machinisls' Club, Hi- CommiHee,Crescen- ling. Dramafics Club. Y, Tracli. do Club. KENNETH CARTER Machinisls' Club, Hi- Y. EARL DAVIS Boxing, Prom Com- rnillee, Track. PATTY MORRIS Fi Del, Dramalics Club. GENE CARTWRIGHT H i-Y, Machinisls' Club, Wreslling, Dralling Club. MARY COON EY Home Economics Club, Tri Bela Della, Senior Invifalion Commiflee. DAYTON CROSS TOM CASHDOLLAR Senior and Junior Class Presidenl, Ma- chinisfs' Club Pres- iden'r, Jr. Rolarian, Sludenl Council Treasurer, Purdue As- sembly. RUTH COON EY Dramalics Club, Tri Bela Della, French Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Senior lnvi'ra'l'ion Commir- Iee, G. A. A. JEAN CROSS Dramarics Club, Sun- Shine Sociely, Tri Bela Della, Prom Commilfee, Senior Flower Commillee. JOAN CASTER SunShine Sociely, Girls' Glee Club, Four Arls, Choir, P r o m Commilfee, Senior Inviialion Commiflee. JUANITA CORY Tri Bela Della Pres- idenl, Phoenix Slaff, Senior Color Com- rnillee. JAMIE CUNNINGHAM Hi-Y, Boxing, Dra- malics Club, Prom Enlerfainmenl Com- millee, Choir. ROSEMARY BAILEY Senior Molfo Com- miflee, Choir, Prom lnvilafion Commil- Iee, Crescendo Club, Science Sociely. FRANCES BOYLES SunSl'1ine Sociely, G. A. A. BETTY CARTER Senior Flower Com- millee, Choir, Cres- cendo Club, Lalin Club. ELSIE CATRON Lalin Club, SunShine Sociely, G. A, A. ROG ER COV ERT Nalional Honor So- ciefy, Hi-Y, Srudenl Council Vice-Presi- denf, Jr, Rolarian, Rosennial Slaif. BONNIE DABNEY Tri Bela Della. DALE BALDOCK Dramalics Club, Draffing Club, Pur- due Assembly, Prom Commillee. PHYLLIS BREWER Dramalics Club, Sun- Shine Socieiy, Tri Bela Della. BILL CARTER H i- Y, Agricullure Club, Dramalics Club. CHARLES CHANCE Navy - I8 Monlhs, Foofball. BEVERLY COX Fi Del Secrelary, Dramalics Club, Prom Queen Allen- danl, Prom Enfer- 'fainmenI'CommiHee, Senior Moflo Com- millee. PHYLLIS DALTON Fi Del, Dramafics Club, Prom Enler- fainmenf Commillee, Senior Moflo Com- miflee. K I 1 i I I i 1 1 1 I N BASIL COLI-:MAN Draffing Club, Ma- chinisfs' Club, Fore- man's Club of New Casfle, Hall Pafrol. PAT DEVINE SunSI1ine Sociely Secrefary, Ph o e n ix Slaff. JACK DAVIS MARVIN L. GERNSTEIN Foolball, Golf, Hi- Y, Rosennial Slaff. Science Sociely, Var- sily Club. DOROTHY HIGGS Band, Orcheslra, Fi Del, Crescendo Club Secrelary-Treasurer, Sludenl Council, Prom Orcheslra Commillee. JOHN KINSINGER Junior and Senior Class Treasurer. Ma- clwinisls' Club, Track, Cross-Counlry, Base- ball, "A" Band ROBERT ELKINS LEON DAVIS JUNE DEGE EVELYN DENNEY FREIDA DICKERSON Rosennial Slafli, Tri Bela Della, Lafin Club Presidenf, Sun- Shine Sociefy, Sen- ior Color Commif- lee. MARY JANE EPPERSON Senior Mollo Com- milfee, Crescendo Club, Chorus, Sci- ence Sociely. BILL GREER Yell Leader, Prom Commillee, Class Play '46, Speakers' Bureau, Dramalics Club, Hi-Y. ELIZABETH WILKINSON HOLLOWAY ERNEST "BUD" KLOTSCH Maclwinisfs' Club, Hi- Y, Dramalics Club. Older Boys' Confer- ence. Choir. Home Economics Choir, Crescendo KENNETH DITTON Sfudenl Council, Ma- cliinisls' Club, Wresl- Iing, Prom Commil- lee, Purdue Assem- bly. LENA BELLE FAINE Club. RUBY DOBBS Tri-Ralio Treasurer, G. A. A. Secrelary, Science Sociefy Prom Commillee. MARTHA FINE G. A. A. Club, Lalin Club. BOB DUDLEY Navy. NOBLE FORD Foolball Manager, Baske+baII Manager. TOMMY G-ROOMS RALPH GUFFEY IRENE HARMON, l'Ii-Y, Senior Mollo H o m e Economic' Commilfee, Science Club, SunShine So' Sociely. ciefy. ' DONALD HUSE PAUL ROBERT KOGER Speakers' Bureau, Band, Four Arls, Crescendo Varielies. GENNELL JARVIS Tri Bela Della, Sen- ior Invi+a+ion Com- millee. IVA JEAN KUHN ROSEMARY JUDKINS Science Sociely, Ro- sennial Slaff, Tri Bela Della. HARRIETT LEE SunSI'1ine Sociely, Lalin Club, Science JOAN DEVENING Co-Edilor of Rosen- nial, Secrelary Na- fional Honor Soci- ely, Fi Del Presi- denl, Sludenl Coun- cil Presidenf, Secre- fary SunShine Soci- ely, Dramafics Club. BARBARA DUNGAN GENE FRAZIER I'Ii-Y, Dramalics Club, Prom Enler- 'fainmenl Commilfee, Speakers' Bureau. HELEN SANDERSON G. A. A. BETTY KENNEDY Tri Bela Della Vice- Presidenl, Phoenix Slafl, Senior Color Commillee. BETTY LINDLEY "A" Band, "A" Or- clweslra, Sludenr Sociely, Color Com- Council, SunSI'iine mi'I+ee. Sociely. C N I il 4 lu 1, w I 9 1 4 i 41 x l U 9 W l 1 1 1 1 1 RICHARD RAYMOND LOCKRIDGE MCCONNELL BOB NILES Science Sociely, Laf- in Club, Dramalics Club. BETTY MENDENHALL SunShine Sociely, Tri- Ralio, Prom Com- millee, Dramalics Club. CECELIA RIFNER G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Sun- Shine Sociely. SALLY SAUTER G. A. A., Alpha Tri- Ralio, Science Soci- ely Secrelary, Sen- ior lnvilafion Com- millee, Prom Enler- lainmenl Cor.1miHee, Dramafics Club, Lal- in Club. PHYLLIS SIDWELL Rosennial Slaif, Na- Iional Honor Soci- ely, Junior and Sen- ior Class Secrelary, Science Sociely. Safely Club, Ma- chinisls' Club. VIVIAN OVER DORIS PLEASANT Nalional Honor So- ciely, Choir, Cres- cendo Club. WILLIAM SANDERS Agricullure Club, Farm Shop Club. CLARENCE SCHOFIELD Baslcelball, Traclc, Cross Counlry, Hi- Y. BETTY JANE SMITH G. A. A., Hall Pa- Irol. NANCY ELLEN McGAHAN Alpha Tri-Ralio, Choir, SunShine So- ciely, Science Soci- ely, Lalin Club, Prom Commillee. STANLEY NILES Dralling Club, Choir, Machinisls' Club. MARY RINARD Rosennial Slalf, Fi Del, SunShine Soci- JAMESON HELEN MARTIN JOHN MASTIN MCGREW Tri-Ralio Vice-PresI- denl. MAC PARKER DONALD W. POER PHYLLIS POPEJOY Baslrelball, Traclr Eoolball, Junior Ro- larian, Sluclenl Coun- cil, Hi-Y, Baseball. JOHN RIGGS Hi-Y, Baseball, Golf, Drafling Club Sec- Wreslling, Hi-Y. BETTY RILEY Roserlnial Slaff, Choir, Crescendo Tri Bela Della Treas- urer, Dramalics Club, Prom Com- millee, Class Play. CHARLES RILEY ely, Allrusa Repre- relary. Club, Girls' Glee senIaIive,ScienceSo- Club. ciely, Senior Flower Commillee. GILBERT RILEY VVANDA PEGGY LOU HELEN I 1 ROBINSON RAMSEY SANDERSON Boxing, Graphic Arls. Tri Bela Della, Dra- Fi Del, SunShine So- G. A. A. malics Club, Fool- ciery, Prom Enler- lighls. 'rainmenl Commillee, Senior Mollo Com- mi'H'ee, Dramalics Club. EVELYN SCOTT JIM SHERMAN MARCELLA BETTY JEAN Dramalics Club, Tri Hi-Y Treasurer, Jun- SI-IELQI-ON SIMPKINS Bela Della. ior Rolarian, Science Tri Bela Della, Prom Sociely. Publicily Commilfee, Four Arls. DAVID SMITH LOIS SMITH PATTY LOU SMITH PHYLLIS M. SMITH Cross Counlry, Var- Senior lnvilalion .ny Club, I-n.Y sec. Commillee, Drama- relary, Rosennial 'tics Club, Tri-Ralio. Slalf, Science Soci- ely. Nalional Honor So- ciely, Lalin Club, Home Economics Club. E, 1 1 i 5 1 I N i A N I V 1 1 1 I , 1 U 1 13 5 v v Y H I I I I Q I CHARLES ASHTON Lalin Club, Hi-Y, Ro- sennial Sfaff, Prom Enferfainmenl Com- miffee, Cross Coun- fry, Dramalics Club. ROBERT CAIG G. DAVID DAY Sfudenl' Council, Track, Baseball, Jr. Rolarian, Hi-Y, Var- sily Club, Dramafics Club, Science Soci- ely, Lalin Club, Choir. DONALD BAKER Science Sociely, Foofball, Varsify Club, Agricullure Club. LEWIS E. CARNES Choir, Crescendo Club, Ari, Four Arls, Slafe Choral Fesli- val. JO ANN ELROD Prom Commiffee, Dramafics Club, Sun- Shine Sociefy. MARVIN BROYLES JOHN H. BUDD KENNETH BURKE DOROTHY BURRIS Hi-Y, Baseball, Box- Navy, Hi-Y. Drafling Club, Prinl- ing. ing Club. BOBBETTE RALPH CLEMONS MARY ALICE IRENE DAVIS CARROLL CRAWFORD Foolball, Baseball, Prom Queen Allend- Hi-Y, Phoenix Edi- Tri Bela Del+a,Choir, anl,DramalicsClub, lor, Varsify Club. "A" Band, Senior SunShine Sociely. Moflo Commillee, Dramalics Club, Class Play. GWENDOLYN LOUISE FINE ARCHIE FROST MARTHA GARVEY FELLERS Home Economics Club, SunShine So- ciely, Fi Del, Senior Ac'rivi'fy Usher Com- millee, Four Arls. Machinisls' Club, Boxing. JOYCE PHlLLlP JEAN ANN ANNETTA HOWARD E. BOB KEESLING HENDRICKS DOUGLAS HOWREN HUDSON JOYNER HQOVER Baslrelball, Foolball, Fi Del, Rosennial Lalin Club, Sluclenl SunShine Sociely. Hi-Y. Track, Baseball, Hi- Sfalif, Dramalics Council, Phoenix Y, Rosennial Sfaff, Club, Prom Refresh- Slaff. Dramalics Club,Var- menls Commillee, sily Club. Senior Mollo Com- mi+lee, Science So- cie+y. SunShine So- cie+y. WILLARD LOU ANN KLUS WILLIAM LEE JEAN LITTRELL MARY LOU LOIS MAPLE KENNEDY LUNSFORD Tri-Rafio, Prom Com- Senior Flower Com- millee. milfee, Lalin Club. MARK OCKER CHARLENE FATE GENE PAVEY BETTY J. PAYNE DOROTHY PIERCE RUBY PUCKETT Rosennial Sfaff, Hi- Fi Del. Draflinq Club, Prom Choir, Foollighls, Lafin Club-Presiclenl, Y, Machinisls' Club, Commilfee, Machin- SunShine Sociely, Science Sociely, Tri Lafin Club. isis' Club. Crescendo Club Bela Della Vice- Prom Commillee Class Play. President 1 4 4 I k I Q 4 W ll JANICE REES Tri Bela Della, Dra- malics Club, Fool- IigI'1'rs of '46. RICHARD SMITH MARY TAM BUCOS Rosennial Sfaff, Fi Del, SunSI'1ine Soci- efy, Allrusa Repre- senfaiive, Senior Flower Commilfee. BARBARA TOUT FooIIigl1Is of '46, JIM RENO Foofball, Boxing, Ag- riculfure Club, Var- sify Club, Prom Dec- orafions Commillee. IMOGENE SPARKS Lafin Club, Plnoenix S+aff, Prom Com- miflee, Fi Del Vice- Presiclenl, Queen of Holiday Dance '45, ROBERT THOMAS Science Socieiy Vice- Presiclenl '46-'47. FREDERICK TRIESCHMAN GILFORD ROBERTS BETTY SAMPLEY J. G. SHOOPMAN Machinisls' Club. Prom Enlerlainmeni Machinisis' Club. Commifiee, Senior Color Commiffee, Dramafics Club. ROBERT SMALL Na+ionaI Honor So- ciely, Hi-Y Presi- denf, Track, Science Sociefy, Basl-zelball, Band, Orchesfra, American Legion Cililensbip Award '46, ERMA SULLIVAN BETTY BETTY SWEIGART MARGARET SUTHERLAND SUTTON Prom Invilalion Com- miffee, Senior Flow- Tri Bela Delia. Prom Couriesy Com- er Commiliee, Dra- mafics Club, Alpha Tri-Raiio. miffee, Tri Bela Del- fa Secrefary '45, Vice - Presidenf '46, Girls' Glee Club. WAUNITA NORMA JEAN VIRGINIA YETTIVA THOMAS THOMPSON THOMPSON JUANITA THOMPSON Prom Publicify Com- miifee. Senior Color Com- Wreslling, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y. milfee, Tri - Rafio, Lafin Club, Class Play '46. THELMA UPCHURCH Tri Bela Della, Four AVIS '44-'45. JANICE WADMAN Cadel Teaching. JOAN UTT Phoenix Sfaff, Tri- Rafio Vice-Presideni, Prom Commiffee, Tumbling Team. JEAN WARD Home Economics Club, Senior Inviia- Iion Commilfee, Prom Decoraiion Commiffee. JOHN WHALEN VERA LEE TURPIN BARBARA EDITH MAE TURPIN Foofball, Baslxelball, Science Sociely, Sun- TUTTERROW Shine SOCI1-Bly. AI- SunShineSocie+y, Tri plna Tri-Ralio, Ari' Be+a Delia' Home Deparlmenf of Four Economics Club, Arfs, Prom Ari' Com- Tumbling Team, G. mifiee. A, A, JACK VAN HOOSE SYLVIA VAN ERNA JUNE PATRICIA VORES HOOSE VESTER Nafional Honor So- ciely Presidenf, Base- ball, Jr. Rofarian, Hi-Y Vice-Presidenf, Dramafics Club, Foolliqhfs of '46, EDITH TUNGATE BILLIE LOU WHITE Prom Decoralion Home Economics Commiffee, Senior Club. BETTY WHITTON RICHARD WHITTON Tri-Rafio, Home Eco- nomics Club, Can- Machinisfs' Clu b Inviiafion Commil- fee. Ieen Council, Prom Vice-Presidenl. Decorafion Commil- fee, Senior Invila- Iion Commilfee. Q gs xxx '2 N R fs ROBERT BAKER Machinisls' Club, P r o m Commillee, Usher. DOROTHY LOU RAINES Fi Del, Dramalics Club, Junior Prom Queen, G. A. A., Science Sociely, Prom Enlerlainmenl Commillee. BONITA WRIGHT Fi Del, "A" Band, Prom Comrnillee, Phoenix Slall, Cres- cendo Club. LOIS ANN BURNETTE Fi Del, Phoenix Slall, DramalicsCIub,Prom Enlerlainmenl Com- millee, Senior Mol- lo Commillee. BILL WILLIAMS VIRGINIA WRIGHT Tri-Ralio Presiclenl, Prom Queen Allend- anl, Dramalics Club, Prom lnvilalion Com- rnillee, Foollighls. DOLORES JEAN DAVIS Fi Del, Nalional Honor Sociely Vice- Presidenl, Senior Al- lrusa Girl, Prom Queen Allendanl, Rosennial Slall, Class Play. THELMA LOU WILSON SunShine Sociely Secrelary, Tri-Ralio Secrelary, Invilalion Commillee, Prom Commillee, Drama- lics Club, Foollighls. CURTIS L. YEAGER Baskelball, Agricul- lure Club, Traclr, Baseball. BILL DONNELLA Dramalics Club, Prom Invilalion Com- millee, Rosennial Slall, Machinisls' Club. ROBERT WILT Science Sociely. ALAN E. YERGIN SpeaIier's Bureau, Lalin Club Secrelary, Science Sociely Pres- idenl, Invilalion Commillee. MARTHA MENDENHALL Nalional Honor So- ciely, Fi Del Treas- urer, Co-Edilor Ro- sennial, SunShine So- ciely Presidenl, Slu- denl Council, Dra- malics Club, Prom Enlerlainmenl Com- millee, Phoenix Edi- lor. BEVERLY WINNING Fi Del, Orcheslra, Band. MARJORIE ANNE YOUNG Fi Del, Sludenl Coun- cil Vice - Presidenl, Rosennial Slall, Sen- ior Invilalion Com- millee, Senior Mol- lo Commillee, Dra- malics Club, Science Sociely, SunShine So- ciely. JOHN RICHARD MILES Nalional Honor So- ciely Presidenl, French Club Presi- denl, Jr. Rolarian, Business Manager ol Rosennial, Hi-Y Cab- inel Member, Dra- malics Club, Prom Enlerlainmenl Com- millee. GENE WORTHINGTON Band, Hi-Y, Cres- cendo Club, Science Sociely, Pep Band. MARY SUE HUNNICUTT Fi Del, Foollighls, SunShine Sociely, Lalin Club, Prom Invilalion Commil- lee. 2089643 :QE lmmmwf tif 5 Il f f ' 1 X I r Q ,, , ,A nm , iI ummm: i mlm "1 W f W 211 Ml., CIHSSOF K F9 LJ L07 mf-5'-1 X ij X J 5355 X X a Li ii, if UNDERCLASSMEN And by 'lhe way, Mr. Haydn, New Casrle High does puf 'fhe kids firsf bu'l' you forgo? 'ro menlion who all fhe kids were. We have already infroduced +he seniors, now we wan+ you io meei +he underclassmen-juniors, sophomores, and 'Freshmen-who are fhe whole reason for our school. They are 'rhe reason +ha'r we need well-paid feachers, well-balanced curriculum, a good varieiy of convocaiions, all lines of sporls, and well-rounded school acfivifies. Every school day wilh i+s parlicular problems and fun is planned wifh lhese siudenfs in mind. These are 'rhe kids who keep 'rhings moving a+ 'rhe building on Walnui S+ree+. They are 'lhe ones who organize ihe clubs and aHend +he meefings, s+udy hard lo gel a good educalion, cheer +he Teams on when going gefs rough, and gripe abou'r 'rhe liHle ihings. These are +he underclassmen of New Casile Senior High, +he people for whom fhe adminis+ra+ion has been working ou+ a more adequale school sys+em. Follow us lhrough fhe nexf few pages so we can infroduce fhem 'ro you. Look +hem over and you will understand why we are proud of our underclassmen. l'm1r l'im'l,x'-lflzn' JUNIOR HISTORY Here are fhe iuniors of New Casfle Senior High School. Whaf do fhey do? Well, fhey have fwo of fhe four yell leaders, and fhey are represenfed in every field of sporfs. Ofhers enfer speech confesfs, and essay confesfs, and fhe senafor fo fhe Fourfh Annual Sfudenf Congress af Purdue was a member of fhe junior class. This is fhe only group of underclassmen fhaf is organized. During fhe second semesfer fhey meef and elecf class officers. This year's officers are Bill Thompson, presidenfg Bob Breckenridge, vice-presidenfg Marilyn Payne, secrefaryg and Gene Hasf- ings, freasurer. Once fhe elecfion is over fhings sfarf rolling. They pick ouf fhe class iewelry and everybody orders fheirs before school closes in June. By Sepfember of fhe nexf school year, when fhese kids are ex-juniors, fhey have fheir iewelry fo wear during fheir senior year. Commiffees are appoinfed and fhey sfarf planning and working and firsf fhing you know-if's fime for Junior Prom. Yes, fhis is fhe iunior class, fheir picfures and names. Look fhem over. Fourfh row: Fred Thrasher, Paul Thornhill, Bill Van Beb- ber, Courflan Turner, Ber- nal Vincenf. Third row: Roberf Wilf, Rich- ard Teagar, Bill Thompson, Charles Thompson, Ed Trieschman, James Wrighf. Second row: Norma Van Naffa, Neffie Thrasher, Dainfy Tungafe, Evelyn Waff, Marilyn Webb, Arzella Thompson. Firsf row: Jean Tarr, Frances Frosf, Beffy Williams, Joan Van Mafre, Frances Thomp- son, Joyce Tully, Janef Tee- for. Fourfh row: Archie Frosf, Rex Bailey, Dale Hanning, Dick Rafclifie, Jim Garvin, Havy Carender, Kirby Pierce. Third row: Cicero Mukes, Ed- ward Collier, Earl Hicks, Gene Haynes, David Coafes, Paul Lorfon, Dale Mogle. Jack lngerman, Gene Hasi- ings. Second row: Thelma Owens, Beffy Osflund, Peggy Miles, Marfha Mafney, Deloris Rey- nolds, Doris Perdew, Doro- fhy Moffiff, Rosalind Mc- Kinsey, June Razor. Firsf row: Jackie Paul, Grace McKechnie, Mariorie Ma- her, Marilyn Payne, Sue Morris, Jean Meadows, Vi- vian Prosser, Charmaine Murray. Four'I'h row: Lewis Carnes, Don Afkinson, David Elwood, Sfanley Duncan, Jim Ban- crofi, Paul Amoneff. Third row: Bob Breckenridge, Joe Burris, Mor+ Dann, Rob- erf Bavender, Jack Bailey, Jim Aikinson, Donald Davis, Keith Davis. Second row: Dona Amme,r- man, Barbara Cronk, Earline Caier, Alice Black, Juanifa Carfer, Joan Andis, Joyce Crider, Barbara Beall, Paifie Ellis, Pa? Armsfrong, Phyllis Bunch. Firsf row: Frances Lowe, Bar- bara Young, Delores Royce, Wanda England, Donna Brookshire, Norma Fisher, Wanda Lea Esfes, Rufh El- len Cline, Jo Ann Crawford, Luella Crauder, Jane Dill- man. Fourih row: Edward Smi+h, Fred Garnefi, Bud Hiner, John Fadely, Jack Favors, Lloyd Sioffer, Mearl Rogers, Jim Hubbard. Third row: Eugene Malone, Gilford Roberfs, Bob Apple- man, Kennefh Jones, Dale Madison, John Porfer, Charles Rouse, James Rea- vis, OHS New. Second row: Dick Swindell, Herman S+ewarf, Harold Maple, Richard Swincher, Jim Dismore, Carl Shelley, Fred Rains, Roberf Spen- cer, Russell Shelfon. Firsf row: Jean Robinson, Joycele Scoif, Billie Sparks, Pai Scoif, Judy Shepherd, Sarah Sheppard, Joyce Smi+h, Mary Jane Snedigar, Gladys Sosby, Lorelei Siin- son. Fourfh row: Bill Lawson, Frank Lawson, Tom Griffifh, Charles Chance, Bruce De WiH, George Hagerman, Bob Harding, Kennefh Beam. Third row: Scoff Lindlev, Ken- ney Jarvis, George Gruler, Bob Johnson, Jack Joyner, Richard Lockridge, Don By- ers, Jim Collom. Second row: Doris Lufher, Le- la Denny, Barbara Lindley, Mariorie Lewis, Lois Line- back, Be'H'y Lewellen, BeHy Hicks, Mary Lea Hufson, Joyce Hood, Juani+a Kern, Judy Hudson, Mary Ann Foysf. Firsf row: Mariha Burden, Joann Gold, Mariorie Brown, Mildred Halberi, Befiy June Gregory, Anna Evans, Bar- bara Evans, Iva Jean Kuhn, Donna Jenkins, Lou Ann Kluse, Margaref Franklin, Marilyn Graham. V J 'YI K, f . I .IRA .I J-:lv a.,7,., 6 4 , 311.54 , .M RL ' ff 3 iff 5' THE KIDS IIIIME FIRST BY HIRAM HAYD . . . AND RIGI-IT VCU WERE, MR. I-IAYDN, WEIEN VCU TQLD CGLLIERS MAGAZINE READERS ABCUT TI-IE "NEW" IN NEW CASTLE I-IIGI-I SCI-ICDCDL. WE ARE RRQUD OE VCUR RRAISES AS WE ARE GE CDUR SCHCDQL, ITS STUDENTS AND TEACI-IERS. BUT ....... X SOPHOMORE HISTORY Once acquainfed wifh fhese sophomores you wouldn'+ fail fo include fhem when wrifing abouf New Cas+Ie High School. Why nof? Whaf does fhis class do +ha+'s so oufsfanding? ln answer fo 'rhose fwo quesfions we wanf fo say fhaf fhis class has many ouf- sfanding members in sporfs, music, speech, home economics, business, and shop lindusfrial arfsl. l+'s frue fhaf fhe class does very liffle foward school life as fo sponsor- ing school proiecfs, buf have you ever 'fried looking fhrough a felescope whose second lens is missing? Likewise, wifhouf fhe sophomore year our high school career would be disforfed. So, you see, fhey are very imporfanf and you mus+n'+ fail +o meef fhem. They are very proud fo be affending N. H. S. where 'rhe kids come firsf. Eighfh row: Smifh, Rigney, Waff. Sevenfh row: Sfegner, Lowery, Smifh, Sfrong. Sixfh row: Prizeman, Wake. liams, Wallen. Fiffh row: Suffon, Spiegel, Wil- kinson, Williams, Robinson, Roberfs, Prifcheff, Welsh. Fourfh row: Clevenger, Shef- field, Niles, Wrighf, Wa+'f, Swim, Osborne, Thurman, Wefhingfon. Third row: Sfailey, Nichols, land, Shaffer, Shaul, Olds. Second row: Smifh, Sears, Van Boven, Sfegner, Wheeler, pin, Nichols, Sfockfon, f- - --- - ..r Thompson. -'Md ' Firsf row: Wanfz, Sfewarf, Sfokes, Smifh, Smifh, Surn- mers, Pafe, Riffer, Wifham, Smifh, Sfulfs, Shaul, Sprinkle, York, Todd. Sevenfh row: Maffox, Meek, Jarvis, Miller. Sixfh row: Everman, Edwards, Davis, Denny. Jones, Elrod. Fiffh row: Hufson, Hoopin- garner, King, Hawkins, Greer, Leavell, McWhorfer. Fourfh row: Lowe, Haynes, Fox, Gruhlos, Lewis, Lorfon, Gross, Mark. Third row: Gray, Bailey, Buck- son, Hole, Muncy, Moore. Second row: Myers, Johnson, Herman, Jones, Modlin, Lewis, Mendenhall, Marfin, Roseberry, Neff. Clain, Lacy, McGill, Jeffries. Irwin, Mendenhall, McGinnis, McCall, Tidrow, Wilkinson. ' Wakefield, Waffs, Taylor, Schefgen, Young, Smifh, Ledgerwood, Waffers, Wil- Turner, Basseff, Smifh, Rofh' rock, Wood, Smifh, Sufher- Wadman, Wiley, Paris, Tur- ner, Easfham. Lawson, Law- Firsf row: Reavis, Sfoops. Mc- Sevenfh row: Tower, Cassady, Brammer, Carnes, Gordon. Sixlh row: Hoopingarner Owens, Cline, Alexander Ashley. Fiffh row: Bavender, Robin- son, Roseberrv, Baldock Golf, Holloway. Fourfh row: Longworlh Charles, Barry, Crane, Craig, Beck, Palmlolade. Third row: Cox, Couch, Cow- an, Koger, Lewis, Hill Thompson. Second row: Ankrom, Brooks, Allen, Carler, Carler, Black- burn, Surlaer, Bono, Franklin, Crawford. Firsl' row: Brown, Andis, Broy- les, Webber, Crablree, Pros- ser, Beoeman, Harvey, Con- way. Sixfh row: Hawkins. Conner, Wallen, Hall, Davis, Griffin. Fifih row: Collins, Afkinson, Rorllein, Hinshaw, Hufford, Singlelon. Fourlh row: Davis, Cooper, Archey, Dailey, Hodgin, lvlinyard, Dickey. Third row: Brown, Weaver, Franklin, Frazier, Fisher, Holmes, Paul, Burk, Davis, Chance. Second row: Gray, Groce, Grimes, Harfer, Daffron, Dinkins, Franklin, Groqq. Higgins, Goar, Harvey, Fur- bee. Firsl row: Harding, De Harl, Dazey, Harrison, Hinshaw, Greig, Hoosier, Epperson, Fears, Dicken, Gorman, Grif- fin, Dallon. l ,gm i-,Ja - Y, I 'icuii 14.34-5 ,aff 7.4, f"' I 1 10 FRESHMAN HISTORY The lasl group of underclassmen is lhe freshman class. The kids in lhis class really gel plenly of kicking around. "Greenie" is a lypical name given 'lo all 'Freshmen here al New Caslle High School as il' is in all schools. We have many pranks which we pull on fhe freshmen: and no ma'H'er whal' lhey do, +hey are vicfims of some sorl of joke. During 'lhe freshman year of high school lhe sludenls learn +o gel' along wilh o'l'her sludenls. Yes, we know +ha+ +hey have been going 'ro schocl wilh olher kids since lhey were six and seven, bul ius'l'l'l1e same 'ihey have fo learn how +o gel' along in high school during fheir freshman year. They have a differenl schedule +o follow from +ha'r which +hey followed in grade school or junior high. Highlighls are placed on new ilems. Plans are made for an enlire four-year program. Convocalions are scheduled for lheir en+er+ainmenl' and educarion, and new emphasis is placed on vocalional lraining, sporls, and exfra cur- ricular aclivilies. Here are lhe freshmen, all 29l of lhem. Fourfh row: Kelley Wise, Donald Jones, David Smilh, Waller Ray, Joe Lealrey, Donald Wallace, Charles Preble, Don Slonerock. Third row: Bob Van Bebber. Logan Niles, Fred Van Hoose, Billy McElhaney, Glenn Jarvis, Paul Sells, Richard Pruell, Larry Myer. Second row: Beverly McGee. Freda Vaugh, Deloris Kuhn, lrene Smilh, Laberfa Mae haffey, Barbara Moyslner, Rulh Popplewell, Mary Mc- Laughlin, Virgie Mogg, Bar- bara Rools, Louise Sharp, Joyce Perdew. Firsfr row: Marian Waldrop, Jeannefle Wallen, Judifh LoviH, Phyllis Upchurch, Florence Kennedy, Sue Mea- dows, Barbara Sanders, Mar- lha Lou Johnson, Cynfhia Shirk, Joyce Robinson, Don- na Sowder, Freda Will. Fourlh row: Junior Clary, Sle- phen Davis, Eugene Har- mon, Roger Burke, Richard Flowers, Henry Hardgrove, ' Mal Edwards, Bobby George. Third row: Kennefh Lawson, John Cassidy, Billy Clug- gish, Jack Cannon, Arlhur Branham, Delberl Dabney, Phillip Evans, Harold Han- kenholi. Second row: Pearl Cheek. Doris Devine, Dennis Har- shey, Geraldine Brown, Mar- iorie Clevenger, Marilyn Hale, Pearl Allred, March- ela Cory, Lola Biflner, Joan Courlney, Jeannelle Dobbs. Firsl row: Margarel Brummill, Doris Davis, Clara Hall, De- loris Green, Dorolhy Hen- dricks, Joan Fullon, Marlha Grayson, Nancy Fisher, Ro- salyn Fields, Marceline Burch, Eunice Ann Furbee, Nina Jane Anderson, Mari- lyn Beclrell. t... 13' iii' a 'H Sevenih row: L. Taber, C. Mc- Ginnis, T. Moore, J. McCor mack, M. Tower, J. Moody Sixfh row: B. Kirby, J. Wharp J. DeWiH', M. Wanfz, G. Downing, J. Sanders, D Towers, D. Popplewell. Fiffh row: W. Ballenger, F. Rogers, K. Basse'H, D. Jor- dan, R. Pierce, N. Thrasher J. Phelps, E. Sneed. Fourfh row: J. Jackson, J. Wy- mer, L. Poindexler, F. Rob- erfs, J. Reicharf, D. Scoff, D. Whalen. Third row: J. Vores, S. May- E nard, D. Clary, M. Warnock B. Zachary. Second row: M. Baumgarfner M. Lee, M. Purvis, S. Masen- gale, M. Garrard, K. Mc- Gaha, F. Coffman, J. Win- chesfer, J. Denny, P. Lor+on. Firsf row: B. Morris, N. Carier J. Hinfon, J. Taylor, L. Rob- erfs, D. DeWerpe, P. Sum mers, R. Neal, P. Pahmier, M Wallace, H. York, M. TuHle Sixfh row: A. Parrof, R. Shelion G. Small, J. Logan, D. Baies N. Davis, T. McFarland. Fiffh row: K. Ramsey, J. Juday R. Wilf, J. Shepperd, W Smifh, B. Jones, L. V. Taylor Fourfh row: J. Marshall, J Rains, R. Davis, S. S1'ou+, Andrews, M. Tapscoff, Moody. Third row: H. Robinson, D McMillan, C. Maihews, B Scoff, B. Morrow, D. Samp- ley, R. Turpin, F. Snapp. Second row: M. Smifherman C. Porfer, P. McGaviH, L McFarland, A. Pfenninger J. Tinkle, M. Snedigar, P. Pol- lard, L. Wood, K. Williams Firsr row: B. MeHer+, H. Park- er, A. Smi+h, N. Snedigar, N Thompson, V. Wilson, S. Cliff M. Rinard, D. Jessup, J Thompson, B. Orr, V. Collins Sixih row: W. Kluse, F. Har- vey, B. Kennedy, G. Hag- Mr' erfy, L. Ginn, J. Ellis, D Bailey, B. Franklin. Fif+h row: D. Ellison, D. Fade- ly, E. Grey, R. Dungan, E Land, J. Fennell, B. Jusiice J. Carfer. Fourfh row: R. Goar, C. Frosl' O. Griflis, C. Jones, R Hicks, H. Dye, J. Flowers G. Ivey, H. Dalzell. Third row: B. Fine, M. Dela- ware, W. Fannin, W. Hicks B. Fields, G. Green, B. Cald- well, J. Lawson, E. Favors. Second row: G. Hahn, B Harding, V. Dalfon, E. Ham lin, M. Hall, R. Harris, B Gorman, D. Jacobs, W Halfacre, B. Dobbs. Firs+ row: W. Dishman, P. Dickey, L. Lyons, J. Greig, A. Adams P. Hendricks, D. Fleming, P Graham, J. Harrison, T. John- son, R. Hiner, J. Laurie. .gwfqpv Xlish,-M vi, - E ,N ...L .f . 'UI J "'-.M -Y ee- .W 1 , X J m li f"-l " Fiffh row: Bill Bledsoe, Her- berl Bunch, Windall Clark, Dale Bone. Fourfh row: Eugene Ballenger, Calvin Cooper, Jim Crow, Bob Anlic, David Burke. Third row: Clelus Berfram, Richard Ballenger, Curliss Carnes, Ray Chriswell, Bob Adkins, Junior Browning, Carl Burke, Davey Clark. Second row: Donna Calron, Marceline Bell, Deloris Bew- ley, Palsy Clay, Ida Afkin- son, Dorofhy Cochran, Jac- queline Campbell, Bonnie Baker. irsl' row: Lola Claborn, Ja- nice Burlon, Marilyn Arma- cosl, Margarel Manlle, May- belle Crumrine, Roberfa Clark, Pal Cliff, Pal' Bee- man, Palsy Collins. Four+h row: Sonny Wallace, Carl Mahaffey, Jackie Mar- cum Henry Neal, Ronald Guffey, Willis Leoman, Rich- ard Lord. Third row: Fred Touf, Paul lngerman, Harmon Thrasher, Tfiorlon Murphey, Maylon NViIes, Dick Parker, Perry Lockridge, Richard Nichol- son. Second row: Junior Wood, Bob De Wese, Bill Sfinson, Jackie Wrighf, Larry Sherry, Roberl While, Roger Wrighl. Tirsl row: Ruby Faine, Jane? Bishop, Hazel Snedigar, Cor- nelia Van Boven, Roseffa Reclor, Marilyn Craw, Myra Niles, Sharon Aaron, Jane Adams, Bercie Maynard. ...- i 'T 'I l l s is u' Thai musl be a good sfory fhaf Riffer is iellingl They've go? fhe pep and 'the sfeam-wha? a feaml If you invesfed 3l'7,, of your +o+aI income af a rafe of 32, how much inieresf will you collecf wifhin . , Oh! fhose dear junior maih iesis. Open The door, Rich-oops! if's Bill Th 1ime! Thank you, Mr. Crew. Now, le+'s see. Turn on fi-ne igni+ion, push in on fhe clufch, shifi io firsi . . . 'z l I v 1 . I I 1 I 5 3 4 Q I 1 1 I 1 Y w 1 1 1 1 I X 1 l 1 ACTIVITIES Q59 I I If ' If Mr. Haydn, we menfioned +ha'r Ihe kids always manage 'Io keep plen+y busy. And in Ihe following secfion of our yearbook we will show you how i'r's done. Affer school fhose +ha'I don'+ have iobs go down fo 'rhe drugslore or 'I'he canI'een fo eal' and falk over Ihe day's mishaps. And wha'I aboul' 'those kids who do work af+er school? Well, Ihere are always af'I'er working hours, you know! During 'Ihe school year +he school pu'I's on several dances each of which is sponsored by some school club. Some of 'Ihese annual ones are Harvesf Hop, Snow Ball, Holiday Dance, Hear+'s Hop, Class Day Dance, and we can never fail 'ro menfion Junior Prom and Commencemenf dances! As 'For school shows we can chalk up for I946-I947 four band and orches'I'ra concerfs, Foo+ligh+s of '46, Crescendo Varielies, and several olhers. During fhe school day we had many in+eres+ing convoca+ions. These are a few of fhe Ihings we do 'Io keep busy, so leaf Ihrough 'Ihe nex'I' seciion and you may 'find oul' more. P11518 fifffj'-!11I'CL' ,, PHOENIX STAFF If you really wan+ +0 ge+ fhe low-down on +he weekly gossip and news of our high school, jusl' pick up a PHOENIX. In Ihis paper you'll find Ihe Iafesl' in sporls, fashions, and general news. This year Ihe PHOENIX s+aff sen'I' represenlalives 'ro 'Ihe Press Convenlion a+ Franklin College. The paper is also a member of Ihe Indiana High School Press Associalion and The Nalional ScIwoIas+ic Press. Here is Ihe PHOENIX slaff of I'he Iirsf semesler- 3rd row-Scof' Lindley, Rosalind McKinsey, Mr. Ben Ervin, faculfy ad- viser. ' 2nd row-Gene Jarvis, John Whalen, Don Cassady, Joe Burris, Ralph Clem- ons. Isl row-Imogene Sparks, Belly Kennedy, Pal De- vine, Juanifa Cory, Lois Burnelle. Second semes+er- 4+h row-Richard Swincher, Scofl Lindley, Kennefh Jones, Mr. Ervin, Earl Davis, Willard Kennedy, John Whalen. 3rd row-Gene Sheffield, Frank Lawson, Jean Ann Howren, Bob Johnson, Jamie Cunningham, 2nd row-Rosalind McKin- sey, Rosemary Judkins, Mary Rinard, Mary Tam- bucos, Bonnie Wrighl, Janel' Teefor, Gene Jar- VIS. Isl row-Marilyn Payne, Phyllis Bunch, Pal De- vine, Wanda Esfes, Don- na Brookshire, Joe Burris. ALTRUSA GIRLS Business clubs appreciale us, foo, Mr. Haydn. The Alirusa Club, a local professional women's club, elecfed a group of six girls fo represeni +he high school af +he meefings. These girls were chosen on +he basis of personali+y, leadership, and 'lhe voca+ion which rhey plan io follow afier finishing Their college educafion. One girl is chosen fo a'H'end each monlh. They afiend one meefing ai' which +hey are infroduced fo 'fhe members and aslzed To +ell why +hey have chosen fhe vocafion fhaf fhey have. The Alfrusa girls 'lor This year are Mary Rinard, November: Dolores Davis, January: Sally Sau+er, February: Mary Tambusco, March: Vera Lee Turpin, April: Thelma Wilson, May. JUNIOR ROTARIANS The Junior Rofarians are members of The senior class elecfed by members of The Nafional Honor Sociefy fo affend The regular weelcly luncheons of The local Roiary Club. The basis for iheir selecfion is leadership, personaliiy, general worfhiness, and accomplishmenfs for fhe benefif of +he school. The senior class presidenf, and male members of The Honor Sociely are aulomafically members, while The remainder are vofed on. The class presidenl aH'ends ihe firsf mon+h. A+ The end of fhe monfh he iniroduces The nexf Junior Rolarian fo fhe members of The club. They conlinue in ihis fashion Through The year. The members and 'fhe monfhs fhey affended are Tom Cashdollar, Ocfober: Bob Small, November: Jim Sher- man, December: Mac Parker, January: David Day, February: Roger Coverf, March: Richard Miles, April: Jaclc Van Hoose, May. Lefl io righfz Thelma Wilson, Dolores Davis, Mary Tambucos, Vera Lee Turpin, Mary Rin- ard, and Sally Sau+er. Leif fo righi: Jim Sher- man, Tom Cashdollar, Bob Small, Mac Parker, Jack Van Hoose, David Day, and Richard Miles. Sealed a+ The desk is Roger Coverf. THE KIIIS IIIIME FIRST BY HIRAM HAYDN . . AND WE TI-IINK OUR RRCGRAIVI, ABOUT QUR CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES TI-IAT GIVE ACQIVIRLETE RICTURE CDF NEW CASTLE I-IIGI-I 0' i -fs., , A1 1 ROSENNIAL STAFF Here we are, Mr. Haydn, 'ihe gang fha? slaved nighl' and day-and inciden'l'ally enioyed i'I', 'foo-+he gals and boys responsible for fhis, +he ROSENNIAL of I947. We had fun, we admif 'l'ha+, bu+ we learned a greaf deal aboul' puHing ouf an annual. H"s our sincere wish 'rha+ you enioy reading 'l'his, +he finished produci, as much as we did making it because, na+urally, we're ra+her proud of our effor+s. You really gel pepped up over somefhing when il' occupies your sevenfh period every day for a year as fhe ROSENNIAL has. Every member of +he s+a'ff-bo'l'h business and edi'rorial-had his hand in on fhis, our "brain child." Here we are, +alcing our affernoon sies+a on fhe s+airs-in'rro- ducing- 4'fh row-Bob Keesling, Bill Don- nella, Roger Covert Marvin Gernsiein, David Smifh. 3rd row-Richard Miles, Mark Ocker, Be++y Riley, Charles Ash- lon, Marfha Mendenhall. 2nd row-Bill Thompson, Mariorie Young, Rosemary Judkins, Frieda Dickerson. Isl row-Dolores Davis, Joan De- vening, Phyllis Sidwell, Joyce Hendricks. Mary Rinard, Mary Tambucos. A usual 7'rh period hall scene oufside of room 309-Bob Keesling explains his la+as+ play, as Rog Coveri, Miss Rifier, Dick Miles, and Cookie Gern- sfein sland around and look rafher-shall we say- uninleresied. Somefhing seems fo be terribly wrong-Yhe sun is s+ill dreaming info +he Rosennial office-and by ihe smiles of Rosemary Judkins, Mary Rinard, and Frieda Dickerson-+hey're complefing the las? panel of +he day. They musi be speed demons. l?'s hard fo believe fha? fhese fhree grinning fools could help sleer fha Rosennial fo complefion-bui they did-and here fhey are-as usual +rudging fheir weary way io fhe Rosennial office-fhe co- edifors and fhe business manager-Mari, Dick, and Joan. fi M-" A QT?-. - -, . '..'V5 I!! e-N x xJ' ORCHEURA Mr. Chenowelh, in addilion lo direcling lhe band, is lhe direclor ol the concerl orcheslra. Their mosl successlul series ol programs lhis year has been lhe concerl series. The programs lor lhese vary. The lirsl lealured a piano solo'- isl:-lhe second, a piano leam: ll-ie lhird, a barilone soloisl: lhe lourlh, a woodwind quinlel. ln spile ol lhe lacl lhal lhis is ils lirsl year, lhe concerl series has been successlul. Our orcheslra is always called upon lo help,wilh dramalics deparlmenl programs. Being willing lo help, lhe orcheslra has aided in keeping many an audience inleresled while lhe scenes are being changed. We lmow, Mr. Haydn, lhal you would express your approval ol lhe concerl orcheslra. Violins: Mariorie Lewis, Herberl Lewis, Gail Modlin, Jackie Greig, Cynlhia Shirk, Rosalyn Fields, Marlha Rinard, Jo Anne Courlney, Roberl Harris, Beverly Thorne, Lois Sloops. Violas: Charles Rouse, Freida Will. Cellos: Donna Greig, Lois Daley, Lula Reavis, Nancy Fisher, Waller Kluse, John Van Boven. B asse s: Jean Meadows, Pal Allen, Sally Cliff, Marilyn Craw. Piano: Jaclrie Paul. Flules: Belly McClain, Paul Slearns. Oboe: Jim Collom. Clarinels: Dorolhy Higgs, Donna Jacobs, Belly Lindley, Dee Ann Jessup. Saxophone: Delores Reynolds. Bassoon: Mary Van Boven. Bass Clarinel: Alberl Cashdollar. Trumpels: Lewis Poindexler, Harold Longworlh, Bob De Wese. Horns: Bob Van Bebber, George Small. Trombones: Porler Poindexler, J. C. Addison, Charles Rine- harl. Tuba: Dale Rouse. Percussion: Jim Ashlon, Ed Marshall, Gene Harding, Joan Mitchell. s BAND Mr. Haydn, we're very proud ol our high school band, which you didn'l gel lo see. They gave enlerlainmenls al lhe halves ol our loolball games. Their various lormalions and excellenl playing, in addilion lo lheir llashy Troian green and while unilorms, malre a very prelly piclure oul- lined againsl lhe gridiron. Bul lhal isn'l all. They play al lhe baslcelball games and help lo lreep up school spiril, even lhough lhe leam mighl be behind. Many ol our hall- lime programs would enioy very Ii++Ie success wilhoul lhe aid ol lhe band, lor during lhe year many ol lhese programs require music. The band is again called upon lo help and il slands always ready, always willing lo help. Yes, we believe we are iuslilied in being proud ol our band. B Flal Clarinels: Dorolhy Higgs, Mariorie Lewis, Belly Osl- lund, Bonnie Wrighl, Donna 'Jacobs, Belly Lindley, Jane Dillman, Dee Ann Jessup, Eldora Anlrrom, Charles Preble, Jacl: Cannon, Jane Adams, Marilyn Beclzell, Deloris De Werpe, Marilyn Copeland. Allo Clarinel: Jean Meadows. Barilones: Johnnie Black, Charles Rineharl, Don Williamson. Oboe: Jim Collom. Saxophones: Delores Reynolds, Jaclc De Will, Billy Cluggish, Harold Dye, Alberl Cashdollar. Flules: Paula Slearns, Belly McClain. Cornels: Lewis Poindexler, Harold Longworlh, Bob De Wese. Harold Franklin, Rex Bailey, Don Young, Jackie Rilchie, Dale Cable. Horns: John Logan, Gene Worlhinglon, Herberl Lewis. French Horn: Bobby Tichenor. Trombones: Porler Poindexler, Don Bailey, Duane Tichenor, J. C. Addison, Dale Frazier, Don Easlham. Basses: Charles Rouse, Eugene Bailey, Dale Rouse, Benny Archey, Jim Milchell. Bassoon: Mary Van Boven. Percussion: Gene Jarvis, Jim Ashlon, Bob Roseberry, Junior Anderson, Joan Milchell. CHOR Our choir, under lhe direclion ol Mr. Small and accom- panied by Janel Teelor, has laken parl in many programs lhis year. They have sung al several ol our convocalions. Our concerl series has been deeply enriched by lheir line singing. ln December lhe choir presenled lhe music lor lhe senior vesper service. Al Chrislmas lime lhey made records which were played over a public address syslem in lhe down- lown area. They wenl lo Muncie and appeared on a radio program lhere. So you see, Mr. Haydn, our choir is iusl as busy as any olher deparlmenl. No wonder we're proud ol lheml V Firsl Semesler: Virginia Andrews, Eldora Ankrom, Rose- mary Bailey, Bellie Buckner, Curlis Carnes, Gene Carnes, Lewis Carnes, Belly Carler, Palsy Collins, Leon Davis, David Day, Evelyn Denny, Joan Devening, Nora Dinkins, Helen 5 Franklin, Barbara Harler, Keilh Hinshaw, Joyce Hood, Kenny Jones Willard Kennedy, Lou Ann Kluse, Barbara Lindley, Nancy McGahan, Herberl McWhorler, Slanley Niles, Belly Payne, Doris Pleasaaxl, Jim Reavis, Belly Riley, Belly Scoll, Joycele Scoll, Helen Shaller, Gladys Sosby, Norma Slewarl, Mary Van Boven, Norma Van Nalla, Belly Wanlz, Allon Walls, Belly Williams, Lewis Diclzens. Second Semesler: Nina Anderson, George Borllein, Mary Alice Crandall, Jamie Cunningham, Jim Davis, Slanley Dun- can, Nancy Epperson, Henriella Goar, Paul Grillin, Belly Harding, Belly Higgins, Tomasenea Johnson, Dwighl Lawson, Fred Leavell, Tony Lowery, Rosemary Neal, Charles Owens, Peggy Paris, Barbara Pale, Doris Poore, Barbara Sears, Bev- erly Sprinlzle, Joella Slegner, Janel Teelor, Joan Tidrow, Jack Whilalzer, Lola Billner, Dorolhy Cochran, Miriam Baum- garlner, Jacqueline George, Joan Thompson, Maybelle Crum- rine, Sharon Aaron, Jackie Campbell. eF5"'f'W I F 5' PW' -'? 'J V'-0 ":, ESE K Tai A I1 "f'1 1 w I Wi+h +he ligh+s dimmed, +oi-chy-voiced Be++y Sampley sings "Coax Me A Li++le Bi+." Looking a+ +hose gorgeous gals- we'd like +o know who'd have +o be coaxed! ir "Onward, onward, swords againsf +he foe"-so sings +he Vagabond King, Jack Van Hoose, and his loyal followers as fhey plan +o over+hrow Burgundy. ir l+'s raining ca+s and dogs as Peg Ram- sey, Joan Devening, Phyllis Dal+on, Pa+ Arms+rong, Pa++y Morris, and Bev Cox huddle under umbrellas +o lis+en +o Pa+ Ellis' singing of "A Garden In The Rain." FOOTLIGHTS One of our very impor+an+ ac+ivi+ies has been dramafics. This year we pu+ on +he firs+ all-dramafic review en+i+led "The Fooflighfs of '46." Every member of +he +wo dramafics classes had some par+ in +he show-which mean+ +ha+ 75 people worked and played +o- gefher. We feel, Mr. Haydn, +ha+ +he friends we made, +he abilify +o work +oge+her +ha+ was gained during rehearsals, and +he acfual performance were a vifal par+ of our high school fraining. Many fypes of music were used in +he seven acfs. A+ +he open- ing of +he curfains "Candy," wi+h her dancing eyes, s+ar+ed +he audi- ence off on an evening of en+er+ainmen+. Everyone on s+age sounded super and looked good enough +o ea+. Do you know, Mr. Haydn, some folks go+ +o worrying abouf whe+her +hey'd closed +he windows during +he "Rain" number? I+ was +ha+ realisfic in facf fhey even sold umbrellas on +he sfage and such lush rain coa+s haven'+ been seen for many a day. "By +he Sea" broughf for+h loud laugh+er and long low whisfles. Those lovely, lovely gals in +he bafhing beaufy confesf .. fhose gay ninefies creafures and +he life guards wheee! ! ! "Carmen" was quife exo+ic-+he audience enioyed +he cosfuming and solos. Some of +he so-called "fac+ory workers" mingled wi+h +he audience. The "Varie+ies" confained many popular songs-such as "Shan+y Town," "Every Day is Ladies Day"-and more pre++y girls-especially in "lf You Were The Only Girl." Everyone was dressed in whi+e for +he "Colors" number in which colored spo+ lighfs were used. Some of +he solos were "Blue Skies," "Deep Purple," "Tangerine," and "Black Magic." A+ +he raising of +he cur+ain disclosing a chapel inferior wi+h several kneeling figures- +he audience fell silenf. "Ave Maria" wi+h i+s severe simplicify len? a no+e of reverence +o +he performance. Wi+h +he ancesfral Chinese porfraifs gazing down on +he smoofh fap dancing-"China+own" was really a +op-nofch ac+. The audience was pu+ in +he proper mood by +he rick-shaw procession down +he cenfer aisle. For +he finale we presenfed "The Vagabond King"- wi+h mosf of +he cas+ surging for+h from +he rear of +he gym. All +he banners and forches were really effecfive as +he "scum of Paris" joined fheir friends on +he sfage. Rehearsals were always filled wi+h laughfer and general cuffing up. Then +here was +he +ime +he chairs fell down under +he bleach- ers-+ha+ fime +he rick-shaw ran in+o a pos+-+he panic on opening nigh+ when +he sea back-drop flew +o +he ceiling-+he parfy a+ Klo+sch's af+er +he las+ performance, wi+h everyone imi+a+ing every- one else's acf. All +ha+ food-+he scavenger hunf-rough-housing in +he barn-playing fackle in +he barn-yard. , We counf +he re- hearsals, fhe acfual performance, and +he af+er as high-lighfs of our memory book. L V ,. rw I J I I N l Confeffi . . . serpenfine . . . a liffle baby New Year Q2 in facfl . . . Fafher Time . . . huge champagne glasses wifh large vari-colored bubbles lon fhe wall -of coursel . . . hundreds of liffle pink elephanfs along wifh misflefoe composed fhe gay and fesfive afmosphere of fhe Holiday Dance . . . everyone furned ouf -dressed in his besf. ir We musf have won fhe game fhaf fhis mixer followed 'cause look af 'fhe big, happy crowd . . . if musf be a fasf number because iusf a few are dancing. 'k The Harvesf Hop . . . everyone has on his besf "bib and fucker" . . . fhe music was mellow . . . everyone had a simply wonderful fime . . . we'll always remem- ber fhe firsf gala dance of fhe year . . . some of fhe freshmen had fheir firsf chance fo go fo a big dance. DANCES Whaf do all N. H. S. sfudenfs look forward fo? You guessed if, Mr. Haydn, if's fhe dances! ! Affer every home baskefball game some club sponsors a mixer fo which everyone is invifed, including fhose from fhe visifing school. Usually a school band or orchesfra plays and everyone has a super fime. l+'s fhe place fo see all fhe gang-gef fo dance wifh fhe cufe liH'le bruneffe you've seen in fhe halls-or falk fo fhaf super lefferman who made fhe winning baskef. Some club dances are annual affairs. The SunShine Snow Ball is always a winfer wonderland wifh enough Chrisfmas frees around fo remind you of a foresf. This year Sanfa Claus crowned Peggy Ram- sey as Snow Queen. Anofher evenf we look forward fo is fhe Phoenix sfaff dance affer fhe secfional fourney. This year fhey called if fhe Tourney Trample. In fhe fall we're all a-fluffer abouf fhe annual Harvesf Hop, 'lhe dance puf on by fhe Hi-Y. Virginia Wrighf was crowned queen 'fhis year, and she and her dafe, Bud Klofsch, led fhe grand march. During fhe Chrisfmas vacafion fhe Hi-Y and Fi Del hold fheir Holiday Dance, a very fesfive occasion. This fime fhe baby New Year was even presenf. Every girl has her chance in February. Some schools have a Sadie Hawkins day-buf fhe Fi Del has fhe Hearfs Hop. Every girl asks her dream man fo go dancing, and everyone has his besf foof forward. This year Beffy Lindley and John Whalen were crowned Queen and King of Hearfs and fhey led fhe grand march. Teeny Swain's music was really somefhing fo dream abouf. And fhaf gym-wifh sfreamers making an aisle fo walk fhrough-hearfs and cupids all over-fables around fhe floor-if cerfainly didn"i look lilce our liffle old gym. The iuniors had fheir day, foo. Yes, Mr. Haydn, fhey enfer- fained fhe seniors af fhe Junior Prom, one of fhe mosf lavish affairs given during fhe school year. Prom always has superb enferfainmenf, wonderful cosfumes-and an air of gaiefy always seems fo be around when fhe iuniors say farewell, geffing ready fo fill fhe saddles of fhe mighfy seniors. And fhen-fhere's fhe long, long-awaifed occasion, filled wifh fears and laughfer-somefhing fo be long remembered-The Commencemenf Dance, our Commencemenf, fhe lasf fime we gef fo dance in our gym while we're s+iII in high school. Oh, yes, Mr. Haydn, we consider all of our dances a very, very vifal parf of our school acfivifies. We'll remember fhem long affer we lay away our childish dreams, and fake our righfful place in fhese fimes of a changing world. CANTEEN The music is soi+ or fasl-according +o who pu? 'Phe nickel in. The "bar" a+ fhe canleen is always busily supplying s+u- denls wi+h soil' drinks, candy, and pop-corn-fhe checker boards are in conslanl use-as are +he ping-pong fables in fhe basemenl'-lhe dance floor is crowded wi+h +he high school gang. You can find all ihis and more, loo-a+ 'the "Troian Trading Posl"'-fhe local canfeen localed af fhe Y. M. C. A. Yes, Mr. Haydn, lhis is our hang-oul-+he place +o congre- gale aiier school-lhe spo+ +o meel 'rhe gang-lis+en +o music from fhe iuke box-sludy a liHle and have a good lime in gen- eral. Early in I943 +he fownspeople began 'io realize +ha+ 'I'heir kids needed a place 'ro knock around in-a place where 'ihey needn'+ worry aboul' breaking bric-a-brac, scra+ching up 'lhe floor, or ruining fhe rug by dancing or spilling cokes on i+. Wi+h a li'r+le remodeling a porfion of +he main floor of 'lhe "Y" proved 'ro be fhe perfecf spo+. The siudenls have proved +ha'l', wi+h fhe assisfance of Mr. C. A. Wi++enbraker and Mr. Maurice Parsons, 'I'he can+een is a grea+ success. I+'s +he regular hang-oul' of +he high school crowd-af'I'er ball games-club meefings-a place +o meef before and af'I'er +he show. You can ca'I'ch up on your lalesl' mafh assignmenf- or iusl' lislen +o fhe la+es+ gossip. Some fowns have ye+ fo gel' 'lheir can'I'een. We're cer+ainly very proud and happy +o have ours-and do we use if? Well-lhe chairs and 'fables are usually crowded wi+h people-and lhere are even kids si++ing on +he radialors and leaning on lhe iuke box. Come back again, Mr. Haydn, and see how our gang fhrives al fhe canleen. You can always find someone +here. l+'s fhe one place you're bound 'ro meef all of your old friends, and ge+ +o know some of ihe o+her kids much beHer. Cookie pufs a nickel in 'l'he iuke box while onlookers gaze in amazemeni. Devening in one of her .. .H .. , Sl y momenis. Peg and Jamie, Mari and Mac, Cookie and Margie. and ofhers "hip ihe lighf fanfaslicf' X sf 1. , W5 , 2 'BQ M 1 gsm y any-M W Qffy X . ska + :M -Q -' f V. :ffm 1 ' " X' xx 1 .SA if ul ,, -e -z 5'!izc-ms nf this Indiana town decided to put the-ir schools in order, they learned lllc power of conccrtud community action. Here is a plan wllicll any town Can follow. An article in ffnlliI:r's vrlllcatinllal scrivs PHOTOGRAPHS FOR COLLIXKS BY HAFIRIIT ARNOLD-FIX ,mums I:IInIm Im: MII: li.-IVIIII I-'I vu Ixux .III cxcxtlng .uIx:III -II II'IIiIg -,IIuII.:III II.II I-I II I-.I-IIII' -II Ihr III. - III-I' -I'Ig II '- XI-I-II' --' :I . Im: new III' QIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIILIII-n,Irx :I II1,:IIgc -II-Is ,I +IIIII III rI.IIIIIII, .II gIIhI-IIII III f I-' I 'I--II II.,I -,I .4.' -II-,I IIIIIIIII IIII IIII. :I III-pII II. If. .'I,-I- I- IIIIIIIL I 4-,-- ,If,,II In tim. IIIgc I II -IIII. I-I.II'II .IIIII -IIIIQI xf.- I ML- IIIJIIIII IA XIIII I.IIIII IZIIIIIII I'--Iv .III I:'.I QII--IIII: I ' :I uc. ",' I -:I'IX-,I1.,IIfIIIII-.I II. .I I I. ,g .I .II .-I -II '---II.-I: I'-,I'I:IIII .I .III -I I: z .IJ 'zu II IIII- II:I-I,-III X, If ,I-III .In- III-IIIII:II III.II 'II-:I III IIIQII II I-. IIII I II,II: -,II,II:I. I -I II II .II :I-.III ..IIII.,,. l!::I IMI- . I, ,I " uv I' I.I.-III m-Irma ,I.I- . ' : , II. y.II:-, I-no "I-I II I, U, II, QI' II' II,- IIII- Na- I .I - I,I ...I ,II IIIII-II! IMI-I I I- I, I' 'I' ' ,IJVIII 1-- " .Ira .II IJIII I ' Z: ---i H I I . - ' -I In I'-I ---i :I :II I II,I-, X.I lx .1 IIE... IxI,IIIIII rim, may IIrxI clcqtud II- IIic I'Iw:IrII I-V III. IIIIII II.-I1-. III I'-4' IIII: III. Ic- IIIHI-C41 in I cr.IIII' I.IIuI1I:Il ILII. II.II.f I... I-I.I.I.. ,I Krlu Ilan- xIIIiI NIIIIII II, L- .II ,I IIIIIIIIIIg ,III-M wlllu: In I"-I-1 by LI IDQIIIII- 1" In Yncaiinnal Home Fcrvnonmiu, Eirls learn how lo frm: for lxnlvics-uitlw IIII- live nrlirlc proxidvd by nldvr lrruilxcrs .md Gialcrs or lriunrlx of Llu- sIlII..Il II-Iu IIrIIcIIIIIn pI IIII- I ot sIIIbIII-rn II.IIIdf'IIIImI xpIII .Iymrl 'DIII"N1cIIIIIII I II II ScrIIIh:IlII III,In A fIIrIhI:I Fw-JI Ilmu wIIgf,II'II -I.IIIII .I III-II-:IfIII.III-I:-.UI I'IIIIgc III IIIIIIIIIIg III Im -,IImIng CIQJIIIIII II -.IIIII xlmlp I'-IIA cw- Hu IIIIII. Ihc In If-I-J 'IIQ IIIIIII IM-I'II I1.IIl IIIIII The cIcI:IIIIII --I XIIycI, .I I III',IIuI XII-.IIIIIIII I'IIIInI.I.'I I'rIIIII Ihr I-III- rI-IIIIIIIIII- IIw uII-.IIII-I -I: II'I.I. I:IIIpIIIII:I, uw IIIc IIIII -Imp I.I,I,I..I -III III- II4I.I,IIuIl WE xc IIIII.-II IIIIIIII- -ui! III-IIIIIIE XIII.:. EI- I-II'-I . IIII Iwu or-,IU Ing pcIIIIIm .md lcIIIIIg our LII!! QI-rIIf-II-qc.: I II IIIIII ltI,I IIII I II' NI' Xugfl 'II I-I I II--z..-I-'III I-I'I-I III-I-I gc: IIIIIg IIII' For :I IIIIIIJ I Iv- II- IQI'-,I 'Ig--I: I,I'I:Ir I-I IIIIQI IIIII,- III I'-JI. II,IIII IIQIIQ IIII III gmng III IIC .IIIIIgI- IIIIIIIIII I III.,I 'III-I. I,I.1'II -,-,III-II III' III--I I-IIII,- I I'-II',.I IIII. "I UIII ln IIII LIIIII II: -.JIIII-I II,:I:III, IIII II.I.. .IIIIIQ IIII.. II I-I.-I. II III -II I I II,-Q III II IIIII ,QIIIII I- .,, III II-II:,- I-III IIIIIR II-III. III -I, IIII- II- I.hI:r. IIQI. IIIII IIII- -II-II. III II III:I 'IIE III. .I III, III.-. I' I,I I,II,I II.-I I I I IIIIII-:IIIIIIQII II, IIIIII .IIIII Ihu ICI.: III IIIIQIII' IIII: I, as -.III.1'I,I.g :IIIIII.I IIIII II- II.- I -II:I'III ,-- I-X.II,I I' I I III xII .I 'I- .I .I -I , II,-III VIIII ,II ILIIIIII III IIII- l'.II IIIIIQ III-mm I I II SIIIIII VI II I I' III :I-III'-II-.I III IIIQ ,. ,IIIIIIIIQ II.. I IIIII I I IIIINIII IGI-I-III I-II qIII.III I-,-I: The uxph--,II-II IIIIIIIIIQII IIIIIIIII :I Iv- .. III I.g .I I1 III III I I,-I-II I Iuka I'II IIcI'.1 I I III IIIuc..IcIl NIIIIIIIE II--.I IIIIIIIIII- In III-IIIIIIIQI, IIMI. IIIu ANU IIII III X.II I.II1II I,II IIIIIIII1-.IIII IIII II-III III IIII'I.'Lf II I-I-II-1I-IIIIQII' I- IS -II.-,II:IIf.I I'--I I-Ic III' .II' I I,IIf.I Q ,III I-II -II ,I,I- ,I ,I VIIIILII .:I,II- -I III. IIIIIIIIC- R 4I,III, IIIII III IIII wg-IIII: -.I-II I- rIIII -II III-II' I II-.I,.I . E-1'-.II--III I- I-II II 'III' I.II ,,,. IS IIIIIIII III IIII' -UIIIIII II gf, -IIIIII-I XI I,Ir I.I .I I I' . I' I- I, IIII III I.I --:III hm, III-I-.I-III III: -,mc IIIIIQ 'Iw IIQIII II-r .III III- II-II-IIIIII .:LIIII QI ,, II-III I -I II., IIIIIIIII IIQIIQI IIII- I. ,-I-I.I III -III IIIg.III III QIIIIIIII II Ev: III ,Ig I- .III I .. III,II- ,IIIII II' IIIIIIIIIII:-.I I-III II III IIIIIIIIIQII III SI If III: III: I.-IIIII-I II.III.III I I:I.II.-I I:I- II I IIIII- III- -'IIII'II- n II I I I ,III-I 3 'III IIIII,-If -I ,I III V114-Ji II IIII-Ip.-II II- II If IIIIII'---JI I , II: . Ig II 4 -I IIII I.III IIIQ I-rp I- .IIII-III: ..1 III- III -III---III ,N-IIIIIIII II: XI' III-, II A III- 'I II. I I. I- -I '-:I ,IIIII III. I-,.. III III.: II- 'I-,1I.IIIIII III- I-- II :II .III I-,I IIIIIIII I IIII I I-I, , -III I 'II :I I. r.I III. FII- I' III-. 'Q I- III -1' ,JIU N.-I I p-IIIIIIIEII I"II-- IsIIIIII,,.-zz. '- I.-,II I- '- IIII-., :IIIII II,--I 'IIII I IL.-IIII'I, .IIIII I 4-Inn! II:-.I III I.IIIc IIIIIIII II-I If ., X IIIIIIII I I I III III-IIIIIIII .I IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII- IIIIII-Igr,IIIuI-I pm' 'TLIIII-I III IIIIIII LIIIII- II-.IIIIIIQ I I.I-I -.IIIIII p.III- .I IIIIIIIII-I IIIIIII, IIIIII IIILIIIQ .IIIII p.IiIIIud IIIIIII .IIIII wry rc:III.II IIIILIIIIIIII IIIIQI IIIIIIIIIIIIJI IIIIII-. Q I' 'L-A 'A .' I -N XJ' 0 I , A -' '..a' ' A - . , ' PR 0 II f I . -n jx 'lj'-I-'SLT A . I I I.! lr. . ,xx I Yi-' YOU MISSED MANY POINTS ABOUT OUR PEOPLE AND ABOUT OUR BIO EVENTS AND LITTLE EVENTS .POINTS SCI-IOOI. IN 1947. SO, WITI-I WORDS AND PICTURES l V L L CLUBS bf 3 9 ,T ' u ,s . "AHen+ion all club members: There will be an imporianl' meeiing in room " Remember hearing someihing like +ha+ 'rhe +hircl period? The P. A. syslem keeps all club members well informed as 'fo wha+ goes on and when. We have approximaiely fiffeen clubs here a+ New Cas+le High School. Plen'l'y of varie'l'y, foo. For example? Well, l'he scieniisls have ihe Science Sociefyg fhe musicians have +he Crescendo Club: +he poliricians have 'ihe Sfudenfs Council: French s'ruden+s have French Club, and +he Laiin s+uden+s have Lafin Club. "S+ill o'rhers7" you ask, Mr. Haydn? Yes. There's 'rhe Naiional Honor Socieiy for 'l'he "brains", +he Machinisis' Club for fhe machinis+sg Girls' A+hle+ic Associaiion for +he a+hle+ic-minded girls, +he F. H. A. for +he 'fuiure homemakers of America, ihe F. F. A. for 'lhe fuiure farmers of America: and lhe Tri-Ra+io, Tri Beia Del'l'a, SunShine Sociefy, Fi Del, Hi-Y, and Ques+or's Hi-y for all +he socialiiesl Enough you say? You bef, and we have loads of fun gefling experience al' leadership, service, and lahemll parliameniary exercise. fill-all' .N1',1'lvx''Z'V 1 STUDENT COUNCIL Third row: Mr. Caslor, T. Cash- clollar, K. Dillon. G. Small J. Grose, B. Breckenridge M. Parker. Second row: P. Summers, J Harvey, J. Devening, J. Kern M. Young, M. Payne, M Webb, K. Williams, S. Sloul Firs+ row: B. Hawkins, P. Lor- fon, K. Hinshaw, B. Palm- blade, J. McCormack. F. H. A. Fourlh row: E. Ankrom, J Smiih, B. Whifion, Miss Jan- ney. E. Walker. Third row: Miss Roney, J Vores, Y. Thompson, G Green, D. Cochran, P. Gra- ham, N. Carler, W. Half- acfe. Second row: J. Robinson, D Fleming, F. Bono, P. Vores N. Furbee, V. Nichols, B Wiley, M. Armacosf. Firsl row: N. Smilh, B. Hicks D. Poore, B. Brooks, B. Hig- gins, J. Shaul, N. Thompson S. Shaul. MACHINISTS' CLUB Third row: Mr. Kinder, J. Fa- vors, J. Wrighl, B. Brecken- ridge, E. Chasfain, G. Ar- chey, D. Coales, R. Shellon F. Garnell, C. Thompson. Second row: D. Judkins, A Frosl, P. Amoneif, K. Dillon K. Carfer, R. Swindell, Ei Klolsch, E. Clevenger. Firsl row: R. Elkins, J. G Shoopman, R. Whilion, T Cashdollar, J. Kinsinger, B Coleman, C. Caldwell. LATIN CLUB Sevenih row: W. Kennedy, D Bales, R. Spencer, M. Gerni siein, J. Charles. Sixih row: R. Teager, H. Lew- is, D. Hole, C. Ashlon, B. Niles, A. Yergin, C. Rouse G. Hagerman, G. Crane, Ji Reavis, B. Keesling, D. Cas- sady, B. Prilchefl. Fiffh row: Miss Hodson, D Greig, J. Crider, B. Beall s. saver, s. s+ou+. J. Pauli D. Reynolds, M. Lewis, D. Day. Fourfh row: D. Cowan, M. Tapscoil, E. Walker, G. lr- vin, D. Clary, P. Harry, B. Morrow. Third row: E. Sfokes, L. Dazey, N. Begeman, J. Meadows B. Jones, P. Miles, L. Harri: son, N. Smilh, D. Mofiili, J. Dillrnan, C. Pale. Second row: N. Slewarf, J. A. Johnson, B. Griffin, W. Gor- man, P. Vores, F. Dickerson, J. A. Howren, E. Cafron, H. Lee, B. J. Sparks, D. Davis, B. Harding, B. Cox. Firsf row: M. Niles, N. McGa- han, L. Sloons, J. Teelor, M. Payne, M. Webb, B. Mc- Clain, L. Maple, D. Lulher, R. Harris, M. S. Hunniculfl. STUDENT COUNCIL Wifh Mr. E. S. Casfor as ifs sponsor, fhe Sfudenf Council has collecfed passes af convocafions, ap- poinfed Hall Pafrol Monifors, and worked on a beffer plan fo purchase baskefball fickefs. Anofher imporfanf acfivify on fhe council's calendar is fhe Class Day Dance, which is given each year. The members have been making plans so fhaf N. H. S. may have a block cheering secfion nexf year. The officers were Joan Devening, presidenfg Marjorie Young, vice presidenfg Jeanne Harvey, secrefary: Tom Cashdollar, freasurer. F. H. A. Fufure Homemakers of America is open fo any girl in high school who has had homemaking in iunior or senior high. The main purpose of fhe local chapfer is fo pro- mofe an appreciafion of fhe joys and safisfacfions of homemaking and fo work for a good home and family life for all. The girls senf giffs fo needy families all over fhe world and kniffed squares and shoes for fhe Red Cross. The officers were Eldora Ankrom, presidenfg Eileen Walker, vice presidenf: Farel Bono, secrefaryg Peggy Graham, freasurer: Beffy Higgins, hisforiang Beffy Whiffon, parliamenfariang Miss Roney and Miss Janney are club sponsors. MACHINISTS' CLUB Any boy who is faking machine shop work in high school is aufomafically a member of Machin- isfs' Club. This club meefs once a week af fhe K. of P. Hall, under fhe sponsorship of Mr. C. S. Kinder. During fhe year fhis club sponsored a dance affer one of fhe baskefball games. An annual picnic and a rabbif supper for fafhers and sons were held. The members elecfed fhe following officers for fhis year: Tom Cashdollar, presidenfg Richard Whiffon, vice presidenfg John Kinsinger, freasurerg Basil Cole- man, social chairman. LATIN CLUB Lafin Club, under fhe sponsorship of Miss Mable Hodson, is open fo any sfudenf in N. H. S. One of fhe high lighfs of fhe club was an imaginary frip fo fhe Delphic Oracle. To his joy or fo his sorrow everyone received an answer in rhyme, in words of fhe priesfesses inspired by fhe god, Apollo. A re- cepfion for beginning Lafin sfuclenfs was held in order fo gel' acquainfed. Climaxing fhe year, fhe club held ifs annual Roman Banquef. The officers were Marilyn Payne, presidenfg Richard Teager, vice presidenfg Janef Teefor, sec- refaryg Charles Ashfon, freasurer. Members of fhe Fufure Homemakers Club are fall:- The young Caesars and Lucrefias are having a recepfion af fhe Y fo enferfain ing abouf Old Sainf Nick af a parfy where 'they fhe new members of fhe Lafin Club. exchanged giffs. , OUESTORS HI-Y Fiffh row: Bob Brammer, Jimmy Brown, Don Young. Bill Kennedy, Don Bafes, John Logan, George Small, Charles McGinnis, Sfanley Meek. Four+h row: Gene Sheffield, Jim Ashfon, Harold Long- wor'rh, Bud Hawkins, Donald Cassady, George Borilein, Jerry Charles, Eugene Bal- linger. Third row: Joe Carier, Her- berf Lewis, Fred Harvey, Jim McCormack, Tom Moore, Glen Crane, Jack Grose, Jim Sanders. Second row: Eugene Craig, Keifh Hodgin, Kei'rh Hin- shaw, Jim Crow, Bill Palm- blade, Bob Pri+cheH, Dick Bavender, Gene Downey. Firs+ row: Merrill Wanfz, Charles Grubbs, Walfer Kluse, Harold Dye, Bob Jones, Bob Lee, Donald Jordan, Fred Leavell. F. F. A. Third row: Mr. Painier, Henry Lorion, Bernard Ashley, Tom Moore, Dale Hanning, Bud Hiner, Curfis Yeager, Roberf Hedrick, Peie Scheigen, Dal- ion Conner, Bill Hill. Second row: Tom McFarland, Joe Daffron, Delano Afkin- son, Louis Hall, Bill Sanders, Dale Fadely, Jack Wymer, Jim Reno, Charles Wallace, Jim Schefgen. Firsf row: Roberi Williams, Dale Bond, Merrill Wanh, Dick Bavender, Paul Lorfon, Charles Niles, Sandy Barry, Stanley Rasner, Bob Archey, David Moore. HIVY Fif+h row: Rex Bailey, Jim Garvin, Charles Ashion, Mac Parker, Roger Coverf, John Whalen, Jim Burns, Clarence Caldwell, Gene Carfwrighi. Fourih row: Roberl' Bavender, Gene Frazier, Bill Greer, ScoH Lindley, Joe Burris, Keifh Davis, Howard Joyner. Third row: Bob Small, Havy Carender, Jack Joyner, Ro- berf Spencer, Sfanley Dun- can, Sandy Barry, Earl Hicks. Second row: Kenneih Carfer, Mark Ocker, Marvin Gern- siein, Bob Keesling, Ralph Clemons, James Cunning- ham, Ernesf Kloisch, Bob Breckenridge. Firsi row: Mr. Reed, Don Poer, Jim Sherman. Darrell Jud- kins, Tom Grooms, Gene Worfhingfon, Gene Hasi- ings, David Day, David Smith, Richard Miles, John Riggs, Jack Van Hoose. QUESTERS' Hi-Y Any freshman or sophomore boy is eligible +o be- come a member of Quesfers' Hi-Y. This group of boys are +he younger Hi-Y's. During ihe holidays, 'Phe boys, accompanied by +heir sponsors, Mark Clay and Howard McKnigh+, 'look Chrisimas 1'rea+s 'ro +he Coun'l'y Farm and made disiriburions io all. During March +hey sponsored +heir annual school dance, The Shamrock Swing. These were 'rhe main ac+ivi+ies. The officers for fhe year were Charles Grubbs, presidenig Larry Barry, vice presidenrg Keiih Hin- shaw, secrefaryg Keiih Hodgin, ireasurer. F. F. A. Any boy who is faking an agriculiural course is aufomaiically a member of The Fuiure Farmers of America. This organizaiion is one of ihe newesl' in fhe school. During fhe year ouiside of regular meeiings fhis club sponsored a dance, which is pic- fured below, and held a par'I'y for +he members. Mr. Painier, one of New Cas+le's new ieachers, is ihe sponsor of 'lhe club. The officers for 'I'he year have been Jim Reno, president Jim Scheigen, vice presidenfg John Barry, secreiaryg Bob Archey, rreasurer. HI-Y The Hi-Y Club is open ro any iunior or senior boy who is willing io aHemp+ work on a given project If +his proiecf has been accep+ed, he may become a permanenf member. Along wi+h +heir annual Harvesi Hop, Hi-Y also sponsors oiher ou'l's+anding even'rs such as 'Phe Hi-Y hayride, piciured below: Holiday Dance, Farher and Son Banquei, and Besi' Girl Banquef. The sponsor is Mr. Francis Reed. The officers were Bob Small, presidenig Jack Van Hoose, vice president David Smiih, secrefaryg Jim Sherman, freasurer. DRAFTING CLUB A new organizaiion in New Casrle High School, which is nor picfured, is +he DraHing Club. This club is under ihe sponsorship of Mr. James S. Anliei- ner. Membership fo fhis club is limiied. To become a member, one musf be a drawing sfudenf. The boys work on various problems such as designing and drawing proiecfs. This club mee'I's once every ofher week and is a non-social organiza'l'ion. The officers for +he year were Keifh Davis, presi- denig Carl Shelley, vice president Charles Riley, chaplain, John Riggs, secrefaryg Bob Elkins, 'l'reas- urer. The Hi-Y formal inifiafion services-some oi fhe pledges down on 'lheir knees af fhe command of 'Their superiors--al' fhe annual Hi-Y hayride ihe pledges rode on fhe sideless wagons-Bob Small crowns Virginia Wright queen of 'fhe Hi-Y Harvesi' Hop-Dave and Marge a+ one of fhe affer- game mixers. i 2 Wg. li.. A. QLLI' .gif fly! R' - my ..-- ... 'Q , HONOR SOCIETY Slanding: Marlha Menden- hall, Phyllis Sidwell, Doris Pleasanl, Miss Ralclifle, Roberl Small, Joan Deven- ing, Richard Miles. Firsl row: Dolores Davis, Jaclx Van Hoose, Roger Cover+. FRENCH CLUB Third row: Dick Whalen, Rob- erl Davis, Dick Horseman, Jim Dailey, George Borllein, Mr. Lake. Second row: Doris Perdew, Mary Van Boven, Mariorie Brown, Jean Beclrelf, Lou Ann Klus, Charlene Pale, Phyllis Sidwell. Firsl row: Doyle Sullon, El- mer New, Larry Sherry, Don Scoll, Jim Sanders, Eu- gene Wallers, Richard Miles. Fl DEL Fifth row: Mrs, Harlzell Bob- belle Carroll, Mary Rinard, Mary Tambucos. Fourlh row: Judy Hudson Bar- bara Beall, Joyce Crider, Gwendolyn Fellers, Pal Mor- ris, Pally Ellis Mariorie lewis Jaclcie Paul, Luella Crauder, Arzella Thompson. Third row: Marilyn Webb, Juanila Kern, Mary Ann Foysl, Marilyn Payne, Phyl- lis Bunch. Second row: Dorolhy Hiqgs, Bonnie Wrighl, Phyllis Dal- lon lmoqene Sparlzs, Bever- ly Cox, Dorolhy Raines Lois Burnelle, Mary Sue Hunni- cull, Beverly Winning. Firsl row: Marlha Mendenhall, Joan Devening, Joyce Hen- driclrs, Peggy Ramsey, Mar- iorie Young, Dolores Davis, Charlene Pale. l 1 l l l l l I l l l l l l l l 4 l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Probably fhe mosf exclusive organizafion in our school is fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy, which consisfs of iuniors and seniors who are chosen by fhe faculfy. The choice is based on leadership, scholarship, char- acfer, and service. Fiffeen per cenf of fhe senior class and five per cenf of fhe junior class are eligible. Among fheir acfivifies are faking care of fhe honor roll and ushering af fhe convocafions. This year fhey have faken on a new dufy, ushering af fhe music deparfmenf concerfs. The officers for fhe firsf semesfer were Jack Van I-loose, presidenfg Dolores Davis, vice presidenfg Joan Devening, secrefaryg Bob Small, freasurerg Miss Rafcliffe, sponsor. Second semesfer fhe following officers were elecfed: Richard Miles, presidenfg Marfha Mendenhall, vice presi- denfg Doris Pleasanf, secrefaryg Phyllis Sidwell, freas- urer. FRENCH CLUB A new club in school fhis year is fhe La Sociefe Francaise, ofherwise known fo mosf of us as fhe French Club. Wifh Mr. Alvin Lake as sponsor, fhe members have fried fo spread fhe French language in our school and cify. The formal banquef, picfured below, and a dance affer one of fhe baskefball games were fhe main acfivifies of fhis organizafion. The officers were Richard Miles, presidenfg Jim Dailey, vice presidenfg Phyllis Sidwell, secrefary: Mary Van Boven, freasurer. FI DEL The Fi Del Club was formerly a closed club under fhe name of Tri-Hi. During fhe school year if was changed fo an open club wifh fhe new name of Fi Del. The girls mef every flwo weeks fo discuss and carry ouf fheir program, which included Holiday Dance, Tri-Hi Reunion, pifch-in supper, and fhe annual Hearfs Hop. These are only parf of fhe fhings fhaf Fi Del was responsible for having. Among fheir ofher imporfanf acfivifies were sell- ing refreshmenfs af each baskefball game, selling Tuberculosis seals af Chrisfmas, and passing blankefs during fhe half of fhe baskefball games in order fo help wifh fhe March of Dimes collecfion. This year's officers were Joan Devening, presi- denfg Imogene Sparks, vice presidenfg Beverly Cox, secrefaryg Marfha Mendenhall, freasurer: and Mrs. Wilma Harfzell, sponsor. The Honor Sociefy in a formal mood, ushering af one of fhe concerfs-fhe same gang working on fhe scrap book fhey keep of school acfivifies-Fi Dels selling T. B. seals af fhe posf office- French club members af fheir banquef. H E E iff SUNSHINE SOCIETY Fourfh row: D. Cowan, L. Da- zey, L. Denny, B. Lindley, B. Lindley, L. Crauder, F. Bono, I. Ailuinson, E. Ankrom, M. Craw, B. Higgins, D. Greig, B. Griffin, R. Turpin. Third row: A. Hudson, B. Brooks, S. Aaron, D. Jessup, B. Jones, D. Dann, J. Har- vey, M. Crumrine, J. Adams, A. Adams, N. Herman, V. Wheeler, J. Wadman. Second row: M. Crandall, D. Lufher, E. Denny, R. Harris, M. Hall, S. Clif+, B. Hard- ing, M. Garrard, H. Lee, V. Andrews, J. Carfer, P. Pah- mier, A. Smifh. Firsl' row: N. Harding, E. Blackburn, B. Andis, P. Col- lins, N. Begeman, J. Greig, P. CIif+, M. Hunnicufi, G. Fellers, J. Crider, L. Klus. Four'fh row: E. Willcinson, J. Devening, P. Ramsey, B. Beall, M. Payne, M. Men- denhall, L. Harrison, J. John- son, M. Foysf, J. Teefor, M. Rinard, M. Niles, S. Shaul. Third row: L. McFarland, P. Pollard, M. TapscoH', S. S+ou'r, J. Razor, J. Tinlxle, A. Pfenninger, J. Shaul, M. Tambucos, B. Payne, J. Van Malre, N. Smifh. Second row: M. Todd, J. Thompson, R. Neal, K. Wil- liams, D. Perdew: P. Sum- mers, M. Webb, J. Mea- dows, W. Mendenhall, J. Moody, T. Mendenhall, B. ScoH. Firsl' row: M. Turpin. N. Mc- Gahan, E. Sfolzes, N. S+ew- ar+ L. Reavis L. Sfoops, J. Tidrow B Rifier, .l. Surn- mers, B. Pale, C. Neff, C. Mafhews, B. Wanlz. G. A. A. T Third row: P. Grimes, P. Al- len D DeWeroe, M. Rinard, P. Cliff, R. Hiner, R. Faine, Miss Andrews. D. Fleming. D. Poore, Miss Rapp, J. Hinion, R Dobbs. N. Hard- ing G. McKechnie, S. Sau- fer, B. Harfer. Second row: J. Moodv B. Baker, B. Zacharv. E. Hollo- way C. Rifner P. Scoff, P. Lorfon, L. Lineback, D. Cochran, W. Halfacre. G. Green, J. Shepherd. B. Swei- gari, R. McKinsey, E. Smifh, L. Wood. Firsi row: l. Ailrinson, R. Har- ris, E. Hamlin, P.'Pahmier, B. Fields, B. Wiley, M. Fine. SUNSHINE SOCIETY The SunShine Sociely, having nearly one hundred members, is Ihe Iargesl organizalion in our school. This club is open 'Io all girls in high school. In order Io become a member you musl earn a number of poin'I's made by giving service in cerI'ain suggesled ways. Under 'I'he sponsorship of Mrs. Fylious Fisher fhis group of girls has done many Ihings for Ihe good of Iheir school and communily. A'I' Thanksgiving I'he girls 'Fixed 'fruil pIaI'es lor 'Ihe sick and shu+-ins. A+ Chris+mas 'rime Ihey gave baskels 'Io Ihe needy. As a social ac'Iivi+y Ihey sponsored one of 'lhe oulslanding evenls of +he year-I'ha+ all-impor+an'I dance, The Snow Ball. Piclured below is a scene from 'Ihe dance showing Peggy Ramsey, who was elecled Snow Queen. Each year in +he spring fhis club collecls money for 'I'he Riley Fund, which is used al James Whi+comb Riley Hospilal in Indianapolis, Indiana. A+ Easier, I'he girls conducl' a sunrise service for 'Ihe facully and sI'uden'I's, and serve breakfas+ +o I'he gues'I's following fhe ceremony. The officers were Marlha Mendenhall, presidenlg The SunShine Sociefy performs one of ifs Peg Ramsey reigns over eeds al a baskefball game when Ihe "The Snow Ball," spon- Linda Harrison, vice-presidenlg Marilyn Payne, re- cording secrelaryp Joan Devening, corresponding secrelaryg Mary Ann Foysl, Ireasurer. G. A. A. AI' Ihe Armory every Thursday alifernoon a+ 3:30 p. m. you'II find a group of girls playing soccer, volley ball, baskelball, baseball, and nearly every alhlelic game you could +hink of. The purpose of 'Ihe league is 'ro slimulale inleresls in girls' a+hIe'Iics and Io slandardize and promole ideals of heallh and sporlsmanship. By playing each Thursday Ihe girls gain skill in all sporls. Under 'rhe sponsorship of Miss Rulh Andrews and Miss Suzanne Rapp 'rhe members of +he Girls' Alhlelic Associalion sold pennan+s, sponsored a dance eller one of 'fhe baskelball games, sold green and while Trojan haI's, and played soccer al Ihe hall ol' I'l1e Burris-New Caslle Ioaskelrball game. Piclured below is a scene from I'he soccer game. The officers for I'he year were Cecilia Rilner, president Phyllis Sidwell, vice-president Ruby Dobbs, secrelaryg and Judilh Shepherd, Ireasurer. members fake a colleclion for lhe Infan- sored by 'rhe SunShine The G. A. A. girls enlerlain belween halves af one of Ihe 'lile Paralysis Fund. group. r ' , A will-21QIll'I'l' ' baskeiball games. -L1 THIS IS UUH STUHY ...THE BEHIND THE SCENES STORY, IF YOU RLEASE,OF OUR EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURINC3 IN FORTY-SEVEN WITHOUT THRILLS AND FRIENDS, THAT MADE OUR YEAR SO WORTH RECORDING ALPHA TRI-RATIO Fourfh row: Miss Shelley, J. Hood, D. Moffiif. Third row: M. Brown, J. Tarr, V. Turpin, S. Sauier, V. Wrighf. Second row: L. Lineback, B. Hicks, J. Shepherd, R. Dobbs, M. Hufson. Firsf row: P. Scoff, T. Wilson, H. Mariin, J. Robinson, E. Wall. TRI BETA DELTA Fourfh row: M. Holfzel, J. Smiih, B. Whiffon, J. Cory. Third row: R. Cooney, Miss Rupley, E. Tufforrow, M. Cooney, C. Murray, J. Rees, R. Judkins. Second row: M. SuHon, G. Jarvis, F. Dickerson, H. Bush, T. Upchurch, W. Rob- inson, B. Kennedy. Firsf row: V. Thompson, B. Dabney, B. Sufherland, E. Scoff, D. Burris, P. Brewer, B. Simpkins. SCIENCE SOCIETY Fiffh row: M. Mendenhall, J. Whalen, M. Gernsfein, R. Small, M. Niles, Mr. Hod- son, Mr. Bronson. Fourlh row: R. Teager, J. Van Mafre, D. Smifh, B. Niles, L, Dazey, B. Cox, R. Judkins. Third row: R. Wilt, E. Arnold, J. Riggs, R. Dobbs, R, Har- ris, N. Sfewarl, S. Saufer, B. Buckner, R. Bailey. Second row: T. Grooms, D. Day, B. Keesling, B. Thomas, J. Bancroff, J. Tidrow, T. Wilson, H. Dye, B. Harding, M. Rinard, P. Sidwell. Firsf Row: R. Coverf, R. Clem- ons, G. Worfhingfon, J. Sherman, A. Yergin, T. Wilt, M. Hunnicuff, L. Burneffo, P. Beeman, D. Raines, M. Armacosf. ALPHA TRI-RATIO Any junior or senior girl in N. H. S. is eligible lo become a member ol Alpha Tri-Ralio. Lilce Tri Bela Della, lhis club is also a branch ol lhe slale Tri-Hi-Y organizalion. In addilion lo regular meelings, one of which is piclured below, lhe girls gave a Molher and Daughler banquel, and in lhe spring gave a lea lor lheir molhers. They also sponsored a dance during lhe year. This club conlribuled lo lhe March ol Dimes. The ollicers lor lhe year were Virginia Wrighl, presidenlg Helen Marlin, vice-presidenl: Thelma Wilson, secrelary: Ruby Dobbs, lreasurer. The sponsor is Miss Marlha Shelley. TRI BETA DELTA A comparalively new club in lhis high school is lhe Tri Bela Della, which was organized in I945. So many girls aslred lo ioin lhe Tri-Ralio chapler lhal il soon became necessary lo form lwo groups. Since lhis was againsl lhe club's conslilulion, il was decided lo malce lwo separale clubs. The second became Tri Bela Della. Bolh clubs are branches ol lhe Slale Tri-Hi-Y organizalion. During lhe year lhe girls held a lormal inilialion which is piclured below and also sponsored a dance aller one ol lhe baslxelball games. The ollicers lor lhe year were Thelma Upchurch, presidenlg Margarel Sullon, vice-presidenlg Virginia Thompson, secrelaryg Phyllis Popeioy, lreasurer, and Miss Helen Rupley, sponsor. SCIENCE SOCIETY Science Sociely is lhe oldesl organizalion in New Caslle High School. lls purpose is lo "delve lurlher inlo lhe phenomena ol science." An organizalion such as lhis lends lo inlroduce science lo more and more sludenls. Any sludenl in high school may be- come a member ol Science Sociely if he is inleresled in science. As in previous years lhis club has man- aged lo have some very inleresling programs during lhe year. This year some programs which proved lo be oulslanding were one in which a magician was presenl and a liquid air demonslralion. The ollicers lor lhe year were Alan Yergin, presi- denl: Bob Thomas, vice-presidenlq Sally Sauler, secrelaryg Jim Bancroll, lreasurer. The sponsor is Mr. George Bronson. The girls ol Tri Bela Della are dressed in lormals lo iniliale The Alpha Tri-Ralio members are holding one ol lheir regular lheir new members al a dinner al lhe Y. meelings in lhe canleen. 1. X .w - ' 4 ' A + Q W ,' 'xx 'w L -rr' ' 4, '-. . Q, 4 q 0 ' a' Vs Q -A,-,, J.- v .4 x A w ,- -1 L+ zz' ' 'Q wr! xii,-1,,L, , , Q - .Q f Q-.v M .vu 1 1 m S.. s . u -K :tx 'L N-im' mf-1Qz Jwfafj-.. X.. GH" , J- 'v.2'?+ 3 gf., wx x SPQRTS 0 4 X 3 X ..... l 1llll" W illllxa -y lull ll? , Q. ,, Al if EQ' Who are fhose guys fhaf are wearing fhose green sweafers wifh fhe big whife "N" across fhe fron+'? You guessed if! They are fhe guys who have played in one of fhe many fields of sporfs offered af New Casfle High School. They are fhe ones we sif fhrough rain and shine fo see carry a foofball across fhe goal, fhe ones whom we cheer on fo malce anofher baslcef, fo run a liffle harder, fo pifch or baf fhaf baseball a liffle beffer fhan fhe ofher feam. Buf, Mr. Haydn, when you visifed our school, you didn'+ wifness one of our sporfing evenfs. You didn'+ see fhe Trojans work affer school in order fo play a conference foe. You didn'+ see our afhlefes sfay home from dances and refuse chocolafe candy bars in order fo be in beffer physical condifion when fhey played Muncie Cenfral or any ofher feam fhaf challenged fhem. So, Mr. Haydn, as you leaf fhrough fhe sporfs secfion of our book, you can see for yourself fhe Trudgers in acfion and in play. And you can see why our school is rafed among fhe besf when if comes 'io sporfs. We lcnow fhaf as you read fhese pages, you will admif fhaf N. H. S. has many fine afhlefes, and whefher our win and loss record is good or bad, fhaf you will agree wifh us fhaf fhe following quofafion is frue: "When fhe one greaf score is marked againsf your name, He cares nof if you won or losf, buf how you played fhe game." l'i1ffc Nurwflf-N'-Ai1'ili A CLOSE-UP OF THE COACHES Ne Lefl fo Righf: Langan Hay, John Janzaruk, and William Malcowsky. Cas+le Crispus Affuc lfe Casile Seymour Ne Caslle Richmond Ne Casfle Rushville Ne Casfle Marion Ne Caslle Gersfmeyer Ne Casile Andersof He Casfle Shorfridge lle Casfle Muncie Behind each 'ream is fhe coaching sfaff and here are Langan Hay, John Janzaruk, and Bill Malcowsky, who are +he fooiball menfors for +he Green. Langan was +he assis'r- an'r coach and ins+ruc+ed 'rhe iunior varsily who were credi+ed wi'rh several viciories. He gave considerable 'rime 'ro 'the varsi+y squad, was +he main baclcfield ins+ruc+or, and developed his boys info hard runners and blockers. "Jan" is 'rhe head foo+ball coach and hails from Indiana Universily. Through his D6Si' records, he has proved +o be one of lhe besl in his field. A valuable assel fo lhe curly-haired genileman is his personali'ry which, in +urn, enables him 'ro have closer relafions wilh his players. Since his arrival a+ our high school, he has made a record of I8 wins and I I losses. And 'rhere is Bill Malcowslcy, who is belfer known as "Doc." He principally dealf wi+h fhe fresh- man squads and his iob included +raining +he beginners in rhe fundamenials of fhe game. New Cas+le's Troians should benefif from lhis well-balanced slaff and improve +heir records in fhe fulure. FACTS ABOUT FOOTBALL AlThough The Trojans gained a ToTal of II95 yards by rushing and 525 yards passing in nine games, They came ouT of The T946 fooTball season winning Three games and losing six. LasT Augusf 20, Coach John Janzaruk greefed 40 eager players, and ouT of This group There were only four players wiTh any previous experience. AfTer Three weeks of pracfice, The Trojans were TirsT TesTed by The Crispus ATTucks Team from Indianapolis, which was raTed aT The end of The season eighTeenTh in The sTaTe. The Trudgers aT Times displayed The form of a winning Team, buT aT oTher Times They showed lack of experience and The need for improvemenf. The final ouTcome was I8-6 in favor of New CasTle. The nexT game was wiTh The Seymour Owls, who definiTely Thumped The Trojans by a score of 20-6. There jusT wasn'T Too much To Tell abouT This game as The Trojans displayed boTh a poor offense and a poor defense. The nexT game was wiTh The Richmond Red Devils: buf, alThough The Trojans were beaTen by score 20-0, They played one of Their besT game of The season. The Trojans played heads-up ball The enTire game, and gained a ToTal of l86 yards rushing and l28 yards passing. The Trojans meT The Rushville Lions and deTeaTed Them I4-I3 in Their nexT game. The Trojans displayed a bad TirsT half offense and a very poor defense, buT came ouT in The lasT half To puT over Two Touchdowns and Two exTra poinTs To win The game. The Trojans Then wenT To Marion where They played The besT game of The season. Led by Bob Keesling, who scored Two Touchdowns, They won Their Third game of The season by a score of I9-6. AfTer winning Two games in a row, The Trojans Then prepared Tor The Gersfmeyer Team from Terre Haufe, who were raTed as one of The ToughesT Teams in The sTaTe. AlThough The Terre HauTe Team won The game by a 39-7 margin, The Trojans ouTplayed Them in every phase of The game, and ran up I2 firsT downs To GersTmeyer's five. GersTmeyer scored Three Touchdowns on Three inTercepTed passes and one on a reTurn kick-off To give Them The breaks of The game. The Trojans now became desperaTe for anofher win and Tried To Take iT ouT on The Shorfridge Blue Devils. AlThough The Trojans played a good game for Three quarfers and were on Top I3-I2 aT ThaT Time, They jusT didn'T have The reserves To help Them and came ouT on The shorT end of a 3l-I3 score. Then came The final game of The season wiTh The Trojans' oldesf rival, The Muncie Bearcafs. The BearcaTs were favored To win by aT leasT six To seven Touchdowns. The Trojans puT on The power, aided by a muddy field, To sTop The Muncie Bearcafs and Their all-sTaTe back, Dooley: buT The BearcaTs won by a 20-0 margin. Third row: leTT To righf-Gruler, G. Archey, Afkinson, Wallen, Garvin, Meek, STegner, ChasTain, DeWiTT, F. Chance. Second row: Baker, Whalen, Lawless, Reno, Keesling, Clemons, Gernsfein, Clevenger, C. Chance, B. Archey. FronT row: Taylor, LorTon, Johnson, Ellis. ' L., l FACTS ABOUT THE TEAM CLEMONS: 5'8" I52 lbs. Senior. Playing his fhird year as a regular, "CioIIi" was nofed for his abilify fo block and Iackle. He caughf I2 passes for a fofal gain of 89 yards. He played 'rwo years af guard and in his senior year af quarferback. WHALEN: 6'IIf2" I78 lbs. Senior. "Fish" was fhe besf punfer on fhe feam. He caughf 39 passes which is proof enough of his abilify. You can also Iisf him as one of 'rhe besf when if came fo blocking from 'rhe end posifion. GERNSTEIN: 6'IIf2" I90 lbs. Senior. "Cookie" made if hard on fhe opposifion by his abilify 'Io fill up holes. Because of his experience he could play eifher guard or fackle. He complefed his second year on fhe varsify. KEESLING: 5'I I" I70 lbs. Senior. "Ears" was fhe leading ground gainer on fhe feam, gaining 497 yards. He also complefed 69 passes for 525 yards. Bob finished his fhird year as a regular and received all-sfafe menfion af halfback. BAKER: 5'I I" I85 lbs. Senior. Don developed fasf as his firsf year progressed. Because of his speed and ruggedness Don played fullback, gaining 378 yards. CHANCE: 6'I" I6O lbs. Senior. Coming back from fhe Navy, "Chick" fully earned his posifion because of his defensive abilify. He caughf I2 passes from his end posifion for a fofal of 96 yards. RENO: 5'9" I45 lbs. Senior. Jim played cenfer and made up for his lack of size wifh fighf and deferminafion. Alfhough having no previous experience, he sfarfed every game and played halfback on defense. LAWLESS: 5'I0" 200 lbs. Senior. Fred, back from fhe service, played in every game. "Burrhead" was big and a hard boy 'ro move ouf. He was The running guard of fhe feam. WALLEN: 5'I I" I70 lbs. Sophomore. Edgar played guard and moved fo fhe firsf feam because of his all-round play. Wi+h his abilify he oughf fo be a greaf guard in fhe fufure. ARCHEY: 5'lO" I75 lbs. Senior. Bob moved fo fhe firsf feam because of his defensive abilify and played as a regular fackle every game. He played his besf game againsf Seymour. ELLIS: 5'I0" I55 lbs. Freshman. Jerry played his besf game againsf Rushville and played in every game afferward. Wifh his experience he should be a valuable halfback in 'rhe fufure. He gained 203 yards and caughf six passes. TAYLOR: 5'8" I45 lbs. Sophomore. "Jersey" played his firsf year of foofball as a sophomore. He lacked experience buf earned his posifion by his speed. He should be a regular af guard in fhe nexf fwo years. GRULER: 5'8" I45 lbs. Junior. George played cenfer and should be a mainsfay nexf year. He was besf af defensive halfback because of his abilify 'Io infercepf passes. ATKINSON: 5'I I" I60 lbs. Junior. Playing his firsf year on fhe varsify, James fook parf in every game. He was known especially for down field blocking and defense from his fackle posifion. GARVIN: 6'IIf2" I70 lbs. Junior. Alfhough handicapped by a knee iniury which bofhered him confinually fhrough fhe season, Jim puf his weighf behind fhe feam af every opporfunify. He will be back af fackle nexf year. BOB KEESLING JOHN WHALEN CHARLES CHANCE Leff Halfback Right End Leff End ' 555 X1 x A g,,. f y S BWI The Yell Leaders for fhe year were lfrom leff fo righfl Don Os- borne, Leon Greer, Paf SCOl'l', and Lois Linebaclr. Paul Robinson, Havey Carender, and Earl Hicks were fhe managers for fhe I946 foofball squad. JIM ATKINSON EDGAR WALLEN RALPH CLEMONS STEVE TAYLOR Tackle Guard Quarlerbaclr Guard ,filo . 'g If 3 l -f-.f 1 ' l Iii Q. ' ,' I . A A " ff ' - ..r., in 5 f I ia? ff Bob Keesling, num- ber 65, carries flue ball for a shorl' gain againsi Shorfriclge. The mighfy Trojans fake 'ro fhe field 'lo begin flue second half of +l1e Shorf- ridge-New Casfle game. FRED LAWLESS JIM RENO JIM GARVIN GEORGE GRULER Righl Guard Cenfer Lefi Tackle Cenfer X .- Z g .5 ill , i . H. V -. 1 lz1-l . N- . f 'V 5, , SS. JERRY ELLIS Rigl-1+ Halfbaclr If ,milf J 5 ff-4. is MARVIN GERNSTEIN BOB ARCHEY Leff Guard Righf Guard X , The firsf eleven changed many limes during +he season, buf 'l'his is The line- up which siar+ed mosf of fhe games. Here are fhe seniors of fhe I946 season Le-H fo righ+: Sec- ond row: B. Archey, D. Baller, J. Whalen, C. Chance, F. Law- less. Firsf row: J. Reno, M. Gernsfein, B. Keesling, R. Clem- ons, E. Clevenger. DON BAKER Fullbaclc Y ,W ..- rl' .K Q4 4,4 X I' FGRGETTING THE BIG MCDMENTS, AND LITTLE MOMENTS INTHE 1947 ROSENNIAL if if Weisse fails fo bloclz Kees- ling's pass 'ro Yeager, who scored for fhe Trojans againsl Burris. Roger Cov- er+, number 7, is ready for fhe Owls' fasl break. Againsf a background of en+husias+ic Troian fans, Reverend Paul Spurgeon lzeeps 'fab on shofs made and missed, while ofhers af The scorelceepers' bench are engaged in various inform- al acfivilies. Coaches Malrowsky, Sfuc- lcey lfhe Bossl, and Hass- furdzr lalce lime ou? from a regular evening praciice lo pose for our phofog- raphcr. Gap' THE TROJANS' TRAIL Af fhe beginning of fhe baskefball season, Mac Parker had an injury so Bob Keesling was fhe only refurning regular. Affer losing fhe firsf five games-Connery ville, Greensburg, Anderson, Tech, and Burris-fhe men of Troy won from a highly favored Richmond feam. Affer a loss fo Muncie, fhey showed a greaf offense fo win from Rushville 53-24. Wifh a revamped line-up, fhe Trojans showed fhey were 'ro be feared. They losf fo Columbus and Anderson before winning from Logansporf in fhe Big 4 fournamenf on New Year's Day. Lafayeffe, 3rd in sfafe, beaf fhe Trojans by a margin of only 5 poinfs, 37-32, before fhey won from Kokomo and Frankforf. Affer a revenge defeaf by Richmond, fhey won from Marion and Logansporf. ln a hard- foughf game Muncie beaf fhe Trudgers 37-35. They were fhen rafed as fhe mosf improved ball club in fhe sfafe. The Trojans were ouf for revenge againsf Anderson, who had won fwo Previous encounfers, and beaf fhem 43-26. The Trojans reached fheir peak by giving Lebanon fheir worsf defeaf of fhe season 46-29. The Greenmen won 6 games and losf 6 in fhe Norfh Cenfral conference. This puf fhe Trudgers in 5fh place in fhe conference. When fhe fip-off for fhe firsf game of fhe secfional came, fhe Trudgers had fhree regulars ouf and losf a very hard-foughf game fo Mooreland 33-32. They scored a fofal of 602 poinfs for an average of 34 poinfs. The Trudgers' foes score 580 for an average of 32 poinfs. The fhree seniors-Yeager, Parker, and Keesling- will be missed buf fhe Trojan squad has 7 refurning leffermen nexf year including 5 sophomores. Third row: Leff fo righf-Manager Hasfings, Coach Sfuckey. Second row: Van Bebber, Haynes, Sfegner, Ellis, Grose. Firsf row: Dailey, Parker, Yeager, Keesling, Hedrick. Q . r,Z1., El ,Q ,..,, T l2T6TTlil.7L'z-ls . - I i o- 22 :1 "kr" 1191 nr 14' 5 . zu xr-f FACTS ABOUT THE FIRST TEAM KEESLING: 6' I75 lbs. Sr. Guard. Bob held I'he Ieam fogefher all year by his experience and quick Ihinking. He was +he main cog in rebounding. He was 3rd in 'Ihe conference in scoring wilh l25 poinls. HEDRICK, 6' I60 lbs. Soph. Forward. Bob moved +o 'Ihe firsl' 'ream in mid-season because of his drive and abili+y +o hiI'. He scored 26 poinls and slarled 8 games. He will be back for 'Iwo more years of play. YEAGER: 6'5" I95 lbs. Sr. Cenfer. Curl, by Ihe end of 'rhe season, was one of 'lhe bes+ cenlers in conference because of his improvemen'I'. He was +he "handy man" under +he baskel and scored II8 poin'I's Io be second high scorer for 'Ihe Trojans. PARKER: 6' I60 lbs. Sr. Guard. Allhough hindered by an ankle injury for 'I'he firsl' 8 games, Mac relurned 'Io help Ihe Trojans win 6 ou'I of I0 games. He scored 80 poin+s. VAN BEBBER: 6' l6O lbs. Jr. Forward. Bill began hi++ing during 'Ihe las+ parl' of 'rhe season and made 82 poinls. His drive sparked 'rhe Trojans in 'Ihe pinches. WiI'h his experience he will go places in Ihe fulure. HAYNES: 5'8" I25 lbs. Jr. Forward. Wha+ "Microbe" lacked in heighl he made up for in cleverness and de+ermina+ion. Because of his abilily 'Io fake he sfarled 7 games. He scored 36 poinls. ELLIS: 5'l0" I50 lbs. Fr. Guard. Jerry came 'ro The firsl +eam in mid-season and s'I'ar'Ied 6 games. Wilh his abilify +o jump and lacking only experience, he shows promise of being a real Trojan. STEGNER: 6'2" I75 lbs. Soph. CenI'er. "Red" made fhe I'eam because of his heigh'I' and rebounding abili+y. Wifh more speed he should be a regular for 'Ihe nexl Iwo seasons. DAILEY: 5'l I" l6O lbs. Soph. Guard. Jim sI'arI'ed 5 games and scored I9 poin'rs. WiI'h his ball handling and speed he made Ihe varsily and will be back for Iwo more seasons. GROSE: 5'9" l6O lbs. Soph. Guard. "Gums" made 'I'he Iourney feam by his sfeady improvement His one-handed sho'Is were deadly and couldn'+ be sfopped. Reserve Jack a place on Ihe Ieam for 'rhe nex'I' 'Iwo years. BOB KEESLING CURTIS YEAGER MAC PARKER BOB HEDRICK BILL VAN BEBBER 1? Guard Cenfer Guard Forward 9b L x ,X . ,, if me X -uf X, M, P Ili ,X ss. Aidr ' ' 'fa' U jf . I K, ? 7 ,Q I AX-l L 1 . -iff, tfrsxjf I . :V IW ' 5 N V It j jf " ' . lx I 'I j j a I Forward X '-g,'. 5 I GEN E HAYN ES Forward S-sr 'ie 24 E 5 S, s, X , N L.. if BOB STEGN ER Cenfer f 1. 2 , 4 K E. ng ll f J n JIM DAILEY Guard .-P KEN ah 1 IB XJ A Keesling earns a free ioss af The ex- pense of Hue Burris Owls. Yeager and Van Bebber sfand ready fo ouiwi? fhe Muncie lads. JACK GROSE JERRY ELLIS Guard Forward Y '22 r r lu , J ' S r W Q: fi X74 U. f, J QL A r,,, V, 5 me E., .' 'E I af i' New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New THE TROJAN TRAIL Cas+le Connersville Casfle Greensburg Casfle Anderson Casfle Tech Casfle Burris Casfle Richmond Casfie Muncie Cenirai Casfle Rushviile Casfle Columbus Casfle Lafayefie Casile Kokomo Casile Frankforf Casile Richmond Casfle Marion Casfle Loganspor+ - Cuff Yeager, number 5, fries one of his 'favorire shofs, a cuf-back. Brecken- ridge, number I0, and Whalen. number 8, play fhe forward posifion ready for a 'Pip-in 'fo score againsf +he Muncie Bearcafs. Whalen's defense againsi' Newfon of Muncie Cenfral prevenfs a sho? as Keesling and Yeager sfay back for ihe rebound. New Casfle 35 Muncie Cenfral 37 New Casfle 43 Anderson New Casfle 46 Lebanon NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE Lafayeffe Muncie Richmond Marion New Cas'fle Frankforf Tech Kokomo Logansporf Anderson Colfs Colls Colls Colfs Colls Colfs Colls Colls Colfs Colfs Colls Colfs CoI'Is Colfs Colls Colfs Colls Colls THE COLT TRAIL HOW THEY RANK 24 Connersville I6 GP FG FT TP I3 Greensburg 9 Jack Grose I6 3I 24 86 23 Ando,-Son 2l Bob Hedrick 9 23 I5 6l I5 Tech I7 Bud Hawkins I3 22 I2 56 28 Bur,-is I6 Bob Slegner 9 I5 I2 42 22 Richmond 2l Jim Dailey 8 I2 I2 36 2I Muncie Cenh-al no Sfdnlev Meek I2 8 ll 27 22 Rushville 36 Harold Cline 6 7 9 23 IQ Columbus I0 Keilh Hodgin 6 5 8 I8 I3 Lofayofho 24 Jim Garvin 6 6 3 I5 3 Kokomo 3' Don Young 4 3 3 9 29 Fronkforg 2' Glenn Crane I 2 0 4 I8 Richmond 28 - "' L l 35 Marion 33 Tolals I8 I34 I09 377 24 Loganspon 29 COLTS CCMPARED WITH OPPONENTS I8 Muncie Cenlral 27 FG FT TP 20 Anderson I9 New Caslle I34 IO9 377 23 Lebanon 6 Opponenfs l54 66 374 Eleven wins and seven defeals was Ihe record rung up by "Doc" Makowsky and his Trojan Colls in 'Iheir I946-47 season. And in I'he Norlh Cenlral conference play, 'rhe Trudgers slruclc fhe "happy medium" by ending wilh a six and six counI'. The all-sophomore squad displayed Iheir slrenglh by ending Ihe half-way mark wifh seven viclories oul' of nine slarls. Then wifh Ihe beginning of 'rhe second half, Coach Sluclcey rearranged his "A" Ieam and elevaled Bob Hedrick, Bob Sfegner, and Jim Dailey Io Ihe varsily Ieam. Wilh The absence of Ihese sfarlers, Coach Makowsky drilled his remaining eighl' boys and discovered some real compelilors. In 'rhe remaining nine encounlers, The Green quinlel was crediled wilh four. The fu'I'ure Trojans are piclured below. Third row: Lefl Io righl-Coach Makowsky, Manager Scoll. Second row: Crane, Hodgin, Cassady, Young. Firsl row: Grose, Sfegner, Meek, Cline, Hawkins. BASEBALL Despife fhe difficulfies of rainy weafher, fhe I'-746 Trojan baseball feam enjoyed a very successful season, winning fen games and losing four. The Trojans, under fhe able guidance of Doc Malcowslxy, opened fhe I946 winning sfrealc by defeafing Spiceland 2l-0, and fhen confinued as follows: New Casfle 6, Knighfsfown 23 New Casfle I5, Spiceland 6: New Casfle 20, Knighfsfown 2: New Casfle IO, Connersville 6. New Casfle fhen played a refurn game wifh Connersville and were beafen 7-5, 'ro end fheir five-game winning sfrealc. Nexf fhey played Rich- mond and losf by a score of I8-3, and fhen +o Muncie I3-2, and Anderson 4-0, before fhey refurned fheir full glory by beafing Richmond 3-2, Muncie 8-3, Kokomo IO-8, Marion 6-5, and Franlcforf 5-2. The Troians played fheir games during a very rainy season, in which games wifh Anderson, Shelbyville, Tech, and Lafayeffe were cancelled. Alfhough fhis couldn'f be proved fhey sfill were rafed as one of fhe foughesf sluggers in fhe business. Refurning fo +he I947 squad will be Mac Parker, Bob Keesling, Jack Van Hoose, Ralph Clemons, John Kinsinger, Jack Keifh, and Tom Cashdollar. Fourfh row: Coach Makowsky. Third row: Bob Preble, leff field: Tom Cashdollar, ouffieldg Jay Gray, 3rd base. Second row: Ed Harfer, lsf base: Jim Spera, Isf base: Bob Keesling, 2nd base: Roscoe Keesling, leff field: Rual Vincenf, pifcher. Firsf row: Keifh Hodgin, manager: Sherman Caff, pifcherg Mac Parker, cenfer field: Jaclr Keifh, shorfsfopg Ralph Clemens, righf field: Jack Van Hoose, pifcherg Jim Neal, cafcher: Clarence Schofield, manager. TRACK AND CROSS-COUNTRY During 'Phe fall of I946 cross-coun+ry, ano'l'her new spor+, was added 'io 'Phe long lisi of Troian ac+ivi+ies. The feam had a fair season wifh 2 wins and 2 losses. The five runners who were chosen for fhe 'Team were Clarence Schofield, David Smi'rh, John Kinsinger, Eugene Haynes, and Jack Wrighf. Alfhough 'lhis is a new spor+, if siill 'lends 'ro build fhe boys' form and endurance for o'rher sporfs and by 'lhe 'lime fhe season rolls around again, fhe Troians will lake +o 'rheir usual winning form. During ihe spring 'ihe regular 'iraclx season s+ar+s. Alihough lasf season's 'iraclc feam wasn'+ 'loo good, 'lhis year fhey will have a lol' 'ro loolr forward +o. Reiurning +o 'Phe Trojans Thinlies will be Bob Keesling, who ran 'ihe 220 and 440-yard dashes: Mac Parlcer in i'he pole vauli' and 220: John Whalen in 'ihe mile and half mile: and Jim Dailey in 'I'he half mile and 220-yard dash. Rerurning for fhe mile relays, which was a s+rong poin'l' of lasi' year's feam, will be Jim Dailey, Bob Keesling, Bob Small, and David Day. This relay feam lasr year placed second in 'lhe secrional. Mac Parlcer placed second in ihe pole vaulfing, and Jim Dailey placed second in The 880-yard dash. Coach WaH'er "Du+ch" Hassfurder will have a group of experienced men fhis season and we can loolx forward fo new Troian glory. Second row: Roger Coveri, Clarence Caldwell, Harold Cline, Charles Ashfon, Bud Hiner. Firsi row: Jack Wrighf, John Kinsinger, Gene Haynes, Clarence Schofield, David Smiih. a B 1 . , gn ' fr -' gi," A . QM 3 I GOLF The golfers of Troy opened fheir I946 golf season on April 3rd wifh a win over Richmond by a score 4-3. Then on May I7fh we played a refurn mafch wifh Richmond and Iosf by a score of I I-4. The Trojans fhen enfered a conference meef af Kolcomo and placed fourfh wifh a fofal of 369 poinfs. In fhe mid-affernoon of May I4fh, fhe Trojan golfers beaf fhe Anderson Indians by a score I I-blfz. Playing a refurn mafch on May 20+h, we beaf Anderson again I6-8. The Trojans were nexf fo be enferfained for fhe affernoon af fhe exclusive Meridian Hills Golf Course af Indianapolis in com- pefifion wifh Tech and Anderson. We placed fhird. To wind up fhe season fhe Trojans fool: parf in an invifafional meef af Tech where fhey placed fhird. This was a fairly successful season for fhe green and whife golfers since if was fhe firsf fime fhey had falcen parf in infer-scholasfic compefifion in fhree years. Refurning for fhe I947 campaign will be Jerry Charles, Marvin Gernsfein, Elberf Chasfain, Larry Barry, and Mac Parlcer. The schedule for fhe '47 season consisfs of dual meefs wifh Muncie, Richmond, and Anderson, and conference meefs wifh Kokomo and Tech of Indianapolis. Sfanding jleff fo righflz Bob Neff, Marvin Gernsfein, Mr. Jantaruk, Elberf Chasfain, Wiley Jay. Kneeling jleff fo righfj: Leland Macer, Jerry Charles, Russell Coers. WW

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