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55 no 1946 ff: ,hx X .l L V ll v 5 6 655 mug. S New Castle High School - New Castle, Indiana ge One ,, ,,,,..,,N . fAM l' ' More tlmn ai building of brick and mortar, more than ll sclioolliuusc . . Ll trczisurc liousc nf Llrcanns, idculs, and action . . our school builds Cl1QiI'ilCtCY, prnvidcs skills, ciicnurugcs liopcs . for Il fuller, hzippicr life. Pugc 'T 1 -1 -146 " l ,f ' f f, .H , x 4 Y . 1 nj 1 0, M, 1 if f . Ex fi: A 'Three , . ,,,...'-I L Dedication The last minute rush to classes before the bell rings, sitting in the rain watching the football games, studying and worrying over exams, getting ready for a big dance, Prom and Commencement, basketball tourneys-fthese are the things we will remember from high school. But these are behind us. And now that our school days are over, we turn to what lies ahead of us-to the future that lies ahead of us. We look toward the planning of the peace. And as we look into the future, we can only partially realize the tremendous task before us. It is to this task that we dedicate our yearbook. We know that we must complete the finishing touches for the task that was so very well begun in years between 1941 and 1947. We also know that we must go ahead with much foresight and planning. We realize that we can only insure the peace as we plan and build and create for the future. The task ahead may be long and difficult, but it is our duty, our privilege, our job to carry out the ideas and aims for which the war was fought. We dedicate our book to that which lies ahead. Page F om Final tribute to a class member i...m........c....... ,N .. . This tree planting service was held November 12, 1945, in memory of Pvt. James Capshaw who gave his life n the service of his country on February 11, 1945, in Olzheim, Germany He was Graduated from the N C le . f b 1 . c ew ast -Iigh School and was the first member of the class to give his life. The tree was presented to the school by jimmy's class, the class of 1944. Mr. E. S. Castor, principal, accepted he tree on behalf of the school. Mr. J. R. Craw, superintendent of schools, read a poem entitled "Trees" Miss oath' 3 R1 'lttf ' " ' ' ' crinc itei c, sponsor of Jimmy s class, was in charge of the service. Following are the names of N' Cz lt H'fh Ens. julia Antie Pfc. Gordon C. Barrat Sgt. Charles T. Brown Pvt. James D. Capshaw Sgt. Glenn Cowan Sgt. Ralph Darling Lt. Robert Erickson ge Five ew ist e ig, School graduates who gave their lives during Wor Pfc. Owen L. Griffin Pfc. Orrin A. Grubbs Capt. NVarrcn G. Hornaday Lt. Elisabeth Howren Capt. Robert E. Hubbard Pvt. James Kennedy SfSgt. Charles Loer Lt. Elmer Pfenninger ld Wtlr II: Pvt. Elmo Reese Lt. Roy Ruddell Pfe. Emmitt Solomon Cpl. Lewis Townsend Lt. Claude Van Zant SfSgt. Wztrreii Younee Lt. Arvid P. Zetterburg, Jr. '.ki,. I fc' Z. PNGYSILN 1 1 7X "H" '.',' x X Nj "H l ?!9.E5f1iZ"ff:1:i'n- wi 5 HQ ,-EIU if GAR? 9 xg X ki V X N751 L f ,nC'o1JEfnlE- ' I Sffmmf:-. . .. Af sm A A Qfmzj cj. W! 0. X 77 W UTFT: C .... . X Q 49 ? tif Xb X XX n 'x , L A3 ' X 2.991 f fi ,. y'YgV J, X ' ' - Ss-': f K we '90 Q f nnnnnnmxm - 1 Wmnw nf wwf musing- ww 3 mg 8 aiu! 44' 4- Mai? 1? ' ' 1nsf AW' " . , ..: 'X , ., M, . in-1, Good schools need good management Mr. Joe R. Craw, Superintendent Mr. E. S. Castor, Principal A, B., M. A. Butler University The future of any community lies in the stalwartness of its youthsfin the visions, in the dreams, in the determinations of to' morrow's builders. Lives of many of our youth have been strangled because the educzif tional diet was not seasoned for their par' ticular mental capacities or their intellectual desires. How necessary it is, then, that all youth, every child, have adequate educational opportunity. The challenge to the school administration and the community is always vibrant to broaden the curriculum, to increase the personnel, and to build more extensive buildings for a program for all youth. To you who are graduating, continue to build on the foundation which your short educational sojourn has given you. Education, itself, is a continuous process-fyou are always enroute, Education is all of living, and life is always constant as the ships at sea. They come over the horizon, they meet and hail each other, and sail on into the deep. May your pathway be strewn with urivile Yes of service to 'our fellowmen. l E "The Gold of any Community flows through the doors of the Public Schools." Qi!-1-.f. 4132 A. B., lvl. A. Ball State Now that the war is over, people every' where are planning for the futurefa peace' time future which will see great developments in the fields of labor, industry, business, and government. To do this job well, we must plan with as resolute and unselfish an effort as that which we directed toward winning the war. All of our planning for the future and all of our efforts to redirect our activities from war to peace will fail if we do not have capable people to carry out such plans. That is why it is essential that we provide adequate educational opportunity for every citizen. The welfare of people must always be the most important objective in our demo' cratic way of life. To safeguard the welfare of our people, we'll need to develop our human resources. The development of human ref sources will solve all of America's problems. Education is one of the great factors in the development of human resources. Now as never before, education must become real' istie. The best type of education will be that which provides our young people with a workable understanding of the world and its peoples, of the qualities of good citizenship, of the tremendous strides yet to be made in the field of science and invention, and of the tools which are now at our disposal for a sue' cessful peacetime future. Page Eigl Mainstay of our entire school system Mr. A. Dale Allen, Viccfprincipnl Miss Elizabeth Harrington, Dean of Girls A. B, DePauw U., M. S, Indiana U. A. B. WC5fCfI1 Kentucky University The School Board Harold I.. Mc-aflows, President: Karl C. Vogel, Secretary: and Russell L. Fleming, 'Treasurer Page Nine They supervised courses MR. Gnoaue C. BRoNsoN Head of the Science Department A. B. Wabasli College Having a class under Mr. Bronson has become almost a tradition in Trojan High. He not only instructs students in health and safety, and explains the mysteries of chemistry and astronomy, but he tosses in a few of life's lessons gratis. Besides being head of the science department, Mr. Bronson also champions that Eiensteinish group of high schoolfthe Science Society. Hats off and hearts out to George Bronson. Miss FERN Hobson Head of the Mathematics Department A. B. Eurlliam College, M. A. Columbia University Miss Fern Hodson has mastered the higher mathef matics and spends her day at school drilling students on the intricacies of plane geometry, solid geometry, algebra, advanced algebra, college algebra, and trigonometry. She is also in charge of the college guidance program for seniors. As a member of that famous Hodson clan, she's one of the teachers whom we'll always remember. Miss LEWELTA Pouuh Head of the Language Department A. B. Indiana University, M. A. University of Michigan Wheii former students come back to visit N.H.S., one of the first persons they inevitably wish to see is Miss Pogues-- she's that kind. Whait she might lack in stature, she more than compensates for in heart. After she has finished a long school day, she hustles off to the hospital where she tirelessly serves as Nurse Aid. We admire Miss Pogue for her help' ful nature and her sympathetic and practical outlook. Miss ELIZABETH RoNEY Head of the Home Economics Department A. B. Manchester College Whexi Miss Roncy first came to N.H.S., students who didn't know her name referred to her as "that blond with the wonderful smile fand she still holds that reputation. Under her supervision, the Home Economics department has grown and prospered. Here's to that "ray of sunshine" who lives on the basement floor. Mapped plans of study . . . 'age Eleven MR. CHARLES STUCREY Head of the Physical Education Department B. S. Hanover College Although a freshman in N.H.S., "Chuck" Stuckey hecamc one of the notalwles of our school. Besides his duties as head of the physical education program, Mr. Stuckey championed the mighty Trojan team through a highly success' ful season. Here's a low how to the kingpin of the New Castle haskethall team. Miss Louise ARroRn Head of the English Department A. B. Indiana Central College, M. A. Northwestern University Leaving in early Novemher to fill a vacancy at Purdue University, Miss Arford missed many of the year's activities. She was off to a good start when she left, however, for she was head of the English department, president of the Teachers Federation, director of the speech department's portion of the Four Arts Show, and was in charge of convocations. Should Miss Arford decide to come hack, all N.H.S. will welcome her. MRS. MARY S. WAYM.fxN Head of the Social Studies Department A. B. Miami University Mrs. VVayman, who teaches knowledge of government, democracy, and the sort, heads our illustrious social studies department. Her joh is that of suggesting courses of study for all the various histories. If you should ever have need of material ahout government or history of any sort, go sec Mrs. Vv'aymanfVher personal file is that complete. Hers is a position requiring much responsibility and she fills itfhut neatly. She also sponsors the junior class. MR. GENE CHENOXVETH Head of the Music Department B. M., M. M. jordan Conservatory and Butler University Mr. Chenoweth, one of the most talented musicians ever to grace the halls of N.H.S., is the leader of those two nohle Trojan organizationsfthe hand and orchestra. In ad' dition to his regular school duties, Mr. Chenoweth wrote a music column for The Com'ierfTimes this year. Our thanks go to Mr. Chenoweth for his conducting two of the most important organs of school publicity. These teachers instructed . . advised . Raw Une Row Two Miss Sinfxii l-i.1xL1., A. B. Butler University Sliiirtligiiid, Typing, and Busincss English Mias. lVl.Xl5lil.INli U. KNLQQHT, A. B., A, M. liidif Ll71d Uiiiticiwitj' lliolugy mind jnurnzilisin Mus. Fiiinirs F. Fisiiiis, B. S. Bull Sttitc Funds Miss M.'XRY Ri'i"1'ER, B. S. Purdue Lliiitiamity English and Roscnnizil Adviser Miss M.-nw ji2,xN HARTMAN, A. B. Imlituiti University Ucncrzil Mzttliciimtics and Algclirzl ,I 1 Vlvlixs. I-I.nzRi1i'r C. Ennis, A. B. Imlitniti Uiiitiersity English, French. and Social Studies Miss Biiizniumzs Mc:CnRn, A. B., M. A. lmlitmii University English MISS M.fxR'I'H.+x H. NUTT, A. B. Butler Univc'rsitx', B. S. iii L. S. University of lllivwis Lll71'2lI'lill1 Miss HELEN RUPLEY, B. S. Pm-tlue University History, English, and Mzltlicmzitics MRs. ji.i.xNiT.x Bisiinif, A. B. Bowling Green College of Commerce Busincss Arithmutic, Bookkccpiiig, Typing X Miss M.lxRTi1,x SHELLEY, A. B. Ball State English Pave :Twelve . guided as we prepared for the future Row Une MR. F. FRANCIS REED, B. S. Ball State Biology and Health Miss CATHERINE RATQLIFEE, A. B. Westcrii College, IW. A. Indiana University Latin and English Miss MAREL I-IonsoN, A. B. Earllzam College, Nl. A. Columbia University Latin and Mathematics MR. HARRY SNIDER, A. B. Ball State, IW. A. University of Texas Aeronautics, Spanish, Mathematics, and Social Studies MR. 1osEPH GR1eENs'rREET, A. B. Ball State Mathematics Row Two MR. JOHN JANZARUR, B. S. Indiana Universiiv Health and Athletics Miss lVl.'XRC.XR1iT LEAREY, A. B. Ball State Social Studies and Remedial Reading Miss EUNRLE CLEO ORR, A. B. Ball State, M. A. Indiana University Mathematics MR, HoR.xczE BURR, JR., A. B. DePauw Univer- sity, Certificate from University of London, M. A. University of Southern California English and Dramatics Miss W1i,M.bx Love, B. S. Ball State, A. B. Indi- ana University History ge Tliirteen They developed our faith and talents Row One MR. IVAN Ho1JsoN, A. B. Earlliam College, M. A. Columbia University Physics :md Mzitliciiizitics MR. UEORILIL SMALL, M. S. Indiana University, M. M. jordan Conservatory Choir and Chorus MR. C. S. KINDER, B. S. Ball State and Purdue University Machine Trades MR. PHILLIP G. Nimou.-xM, B. S. Indiana Stale 'Teachers College Wmvimdworkiiig and Shcct Mctzll MR. jfxiviiis S. ANi.iis'rNieR, B. S. Indiana State Teachers College Drafting Row Two Miss MARY M. MANwo1.D, B. S. Ball State Art MR. RAY E. BROOKS, B. S., M. S. Purdue University Agriculture and Farm Shop MR. W1LL1fxM MAROWSRY, B. S. Hanover College Social Studies and Athlctics MR. BERNHARDT A. BEUUHN, B. S., M. S. Stout Institute llrintiiig MR. I-lowARD RUCR1-IILL, A. B. Indiana State Teachers College Typing, Shorthzmd, amd Busiucss Law MRS. junmi H. URICQSBY, B. S. Purdue University l-louse, Biology, Home Nursing, and Foods w I L Page Fourte They executed a tough jolo . . beautifully Row One Row Two MRS. lVl,-XRY ToRr:R1MsoN Bookkccpcr in PrmCipil1'S Qfficc Physical Education and Athletics MRS. HELEN A. HOWARI, MRS. JANE Fm:H, B. S. Bull State Secretary in Industrial and Practical Arts Girls, Physical Education Edt 'Q i Off'- Mton lm MR. MAURICE FESSLER, A. B. Central Normal College M s. M. Vv' , . R XRITMYN , IFLIFMQ Book Store Director Clerlc in Principals Office r MR. BEN ERVIN, B. S. Bull State MIMVRDFH E' ANDREWS' B' S' Bull State Speech, Radio, News Writiiig, and Phoenix Girls' Physical Education Q Adviser MRs. HELIQN Rooms, A. B. DePauw University MRS. RUTH BEST Englisli Bookkeeper in Superintentlcnts Office Miss EL1z.x1suTH MELVILLE MISS MARIAN VVEISHEIT Schml Hcllth Nursc Secretary in Supcrintendenfs Office Miss RKJS.-XNNE PosToN Receptionist in Superintenclents Office e Fifteen MR. LANGAN HAY, A. B. University of Kentucky his Wziitiiig for classes to lwegin . . . Look ut the birdie, Eddie . . . Millis, why the frowns? . Qui' clrzunutics teacher, jr. Burr . . . Posing for a picture . . . Fine specimens of young woxnzlnhood . . . Chummy, z1ren't they? . . Can't you find a better place to sit? . . . D0n't shove, there's room for all. Page Sixtc A' I if ff f '8 f .0 V 1 1 Hn. if Za K in ,. ,1l,A. 526 Flag ,ffn ' Lf? U 'fan-W I 'fwfr 5' 42 K5 X. 5 ie 2 L ,, "'K'Wf'v-M., 1, -:,, 2, Y a z 4-5,4 L "" V., .--gb .-:,.' , . , . svn' , 'gn' ,. . ,. .. . ., 3-F. .1 , , ,' . ' xv 4 , x f Q R .- Q f . 3 t,-.-' . O H' M ,. 'Z' I A5 4 0 , 4 L F Q 2 1 WWW , . ..,,. jf J , 4 , H My' 3 1 , 4 wi L A Y ? M Y Q ,M 51,2 5 ? w A I YW .935 KS vw 1' A 2 ff f l 2 f rw M . A, A K 45 1' X P . .vw if E fix , TE df , M H ' Q ,f, AZ 4 W 3 'Q Q y? at A e 4. L X? ij? M, W, M11 - . f UQ , 1 bf A 2 , f la kffg ff M 1 - V V , ,,,1. , . v M, ,, lt as ff, Q f Q fa ,Q - 1 25 4 -L-....,,, .Aw -" 5 . 1 . ' Q rv? . 1 J K als Q , Q, .QQ o , .Q n 1 t' p 4' 'a a 2 ' 9 '.'-9-4 - -' Ulla, 'v J. n'e!'r . .. 0 'ju' ', ' i'afa," . ,H 1 9. 0 f ., ffm, 0' ". ' "'g?':f'! . .. 'Q' ,fgfefzi Q- ' ' I I i 24 " V 221' ,X Seniors of1946 . . . Pacesetters of 1956 T i President VicefPresident Secretary Treasurer Robert M. Mathews james Marion Lee Judith Ann Capshaw Maurice Jack Peckinpaugh President -of junior Class, President of Hi-Y, Class Junior Prom Queen, Drum Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Class :fi VQLIYZHNI-F'Y'l Essen' Play, Baseball, Ir. Ro' Majorette, TrifHi, Class Play 3, 4, Rosennial Staff, ia c': a m 1 . . , . , . Society isrcsicigg Ilonjlrr tarian, Dramatlcs Club, Play, Sunshine Society, Ir. Rotarian, H1fY, Bas' Romriimu prom Emcrmm, Secretary of junior Class Rosennial Staff ketball Manager 4 ment Committee FLOWERJWhite Rose COLORS-Raspberry and White MOTTO-With the rope of the past we will ring the bell of the future We'11 never forget: That first day in high school, peeping behind the doors . . . Those strenuous calisthenics in gym . . . Thinking up excuses for being tardy and absent . . . Defeating the two No. 1 teams of the state . . . All the formal dances with a new formal and a man . . . The gay times in Rosen' nial . . . At last Commencement fwalking down the aisle breathing a sigh of relief when handed our diploma, and then the big Commencement dancef--our last school dance. Thus end the happiest and yet the most difficult times in our lives. We have prepared ourselves for some of the experiences that we may meet in the years ahead. Yet new situations will arise each day to which we must make an ever' constant adjustment. The curriculum which we have followed and the activities in which we have participated during the past four years have esf tablished a foundation upon which to build .i future in the newlyfwon peace of our modern world. We leave with a sense of work well done and a keen appreciation of the opportunities for a modern education. Page Eighte Gene Allen HifY, Boxing Norma Lee Andrews President of Student Council, Viccfprcsident of Junior Class, 'Treasurer of National Honor Society, TrifHi, Rosennial Janelle Bailey ViCcfPrcsidcnt of TrifR:1tio Melvin Baker Phoenix Stull Carolyn Ballinger TrifHi, Roscnnizil Stull, Cla:-s Play, Di-uniutics Club, "A" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Howard Dale Batt Delmar Baldock Box i n g no lxiin rp Eugena Bertram TrifRatio, Dramatics Club Sunshine Society Merle Bertram Machinists Club O Geneva Allene Bishop TrifRatio, Sunshine Dramatics Club Donald Bittner Boxing, Wrestlirig john D. Bland Hi-Y Ethel M. Boatright G. A. A. Norma June Bowman Tri-Ratio, Class Play, Dramatics Club Society RaCli0, Doris Lee Brenneman Choir, Crescendo Club, Span' ish Club, Glee Club Dorothy Lou Brenneman Choir, Crescendo Club, Span' ish Club, Glcc Club Don M. Brown Eugene Brown Agriculture Club, F, li. A. Mildred Louise Broyles Sunshine Society, G. A. A. Elizabeth M. Bruton Sunshine Society, TrifRutio, Invitation Committee Fred Buckels Donald M. Burk HifY, Boxing, Track Barbara Anne Byers G. A. A., D. A. R. Awaril, Science Society Mary Carman Crescendo Club, Tri-Ratio, Drum Majorette, Choir, Dram' matics Club Norma Jean Carnes Maxine Carter Sunshine Society, G. A. A. Allie Catron G. A. A., TrifRutio, Flower Committee Sherman Catt, Ir. Phoenix Staff, HifY, But bull T3 CT' . Mildred Chesher Science Society, Latin Club, Home Ee Club Donald Clark Boxing, Basketball I Helen Clemons Jeanette Click Sunshine Society, Girls Sports Club, TrifRatio Russell Coers Football 3, 4, HifY, Basket' ball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club, Dramaties Club Phyllis Jacqueline Copeland MA" Band, HA" Orchestra, Tri-Hi, Crescendo Club Max Cory Football 2, 3, 4, W1'estli:1g 3, 4, Varsity Club ge TwentyfOne Mary Louise Cowan TrifRatio, Sunshine Society Home Ee Club Iames R. Crane Drum lvlajor, 'LAN Band, Class Play, HifY, Rosennial Staff Melba Cross TrifHi, Dramatics Club, Prom Queen Attendant Elizabeth Davis TrifRatio, Latin Club Patricia J. Deal Beulah Alice Denny Sunshine Society, Home Ee Club, Alphaffri-Ratio Richard Dicken Rosennial Staff, Latin Club, Wrestling 2, Prom Dccoraf tion Committee Eugene Dickerson Rosennial Staff, Latin Club, Prom Decoration Committee Charles Dressler Martha Dunaway ff Trifl-Ii, Rosennial Staff, Prom Entertainment Committee, Class Play Lela Ann Ellington Raymond Elwood Machinists Club Eleanor Farmer Yell Leader 4, Phoenix Staff, President of TrifRatio 3, C. A, A, Tumbling Team l, 2,14 Marjorie Maxine Franklin Secretary of Ti'i'Ratio. Prom Entertainment Committee 1 Anna Rose Frary Rosennial Staff, TrifRatio, Clee Club, Sunshine Society Mary Nancy French TrifRatio, Prom Entertain' ment Committee Ralph C. Garner Crescendo Club, Choir Barbara Gauchat ' TrifHi, Class Play, Prom Entertainment Committee kf Richard W. George Student Council, Class Play, Rosennial Staff. Vicefpresif dent ol l0tl1 District HifY, jr. Rotarian Mary Glynn Maxine Gordon Phoenix Staff, Prom Com mittee, 'TrifRatio Page Twenty-'I Jay W. Gray Football 1, 2, 3, 4, HifY, Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4, Base' ball 3, -4, Jr. Rotarian, Class Play Charles M. Green HifY, Dramatics Club, Class Play, Invitation Committee, Student Manager of Basket' ball 2 Mary Griffin Daniel B. Grunden Mzlchinists Club, Dramaties Club Richard M. I'-Iackleman VicefPresident of Agriculture Club, Student Council, HifY, Canteen Council Margaret Rose Hall Treasurer of National Honor Society II, Secretary of Tri' Hi, Rosennial Staff, Class Play, Prom Entertainment Committee Stanley Harding, Jr. Boxing 3, 4, Wrestliiig 3, 4, Varsity Club Lge 'I'wcntyfTlwee Maurice Edward Hatter, Jr. Baseball 3, 4, HifY, Class Play, Basketball 3, 4, Rosen' nial Staff, Varsity Club June M. Harvey Invitation Committee, Tri' Ratio Anna Charline Hastings National Honor Society, VicefPresident of TrifHi, Class Play, Rosennial Staff, Prom Queen Attendant Rozetta Haynes G. A. A. Bob Helms Football, HifY, Wrestliiig 3, 4, Varsity Club John T. Hiner Virginia L. Hiner VicefPresident of National Honor Society I, TrifHi, Class Plav, Student Council 3, Rosennial Staff Doris M. Hodgin 'l'rifRatio Alice Hole Trifllatiu, Band, Latin Club Barbara Jean Holloway TrifHi, Class Play, Rosennial Staff, Dramatics Club, Prom Entertainment Committee, ln' vitation Committee Wiley Jay Basketball l, Z, 3, 4, Varsity Club, Gull' 3, 4 Phyllis Anne Holtzel Class Play, Science Society, lfrainatics Club, Phoenix Stall Prom Entertainment Peggy Hudson Hall Patrol, C.A.A., Latin Club Paul F. Huse P.F.A., Agriculture Club l James W. Hutchcns "A" Band, Science Society, Choir Virginia Ann Hutchens Class Play, Rosennial Stall, 'llrifl-li, "A" Band, Entertain' ment Committee Dorothy Ivcy Home Ee Club Donna Holt Richard N. johnson Prerfelent nf Science Society, Band, Student Council, HifY, Crescendo Club Mary Jolley Tina Frieda Jones G. A. A., Clwir, Home li. Club, Glen Club Page 'l'wcnty'Fm Ruth Ann Jordan Secretary of National Honor Society I, Tri'Hi, Rosennial Stall, Class Play, "A" Orcli- estra Mary Kalk Prom Queen Attendant, Class Play, Student Council 1, Trif Ratio, Yell Leader 2, 3, 4 Viola G. Kendall Janet Kennedy HA" Band, "A" Orclicstrzi, Prom Committee, Crescendo Club Roscoe James Keesling, Jr. Football, Baseball 3, 4, Var- sity Club, Wrcstlilig 3, 4, HifY William E. Kirby Football 1, 2, 3, 4, HifY Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club Boxing and Wrestling 1 y Keith B. Klipsch HifY, Class Play, Latin Clulw, Dramatics Club ,ge TwentyfFive Clara Laughlin Treasurer of TrifHi, Rosen' nial Staff, Class Play, Draf matics Club, Prom Committee Max Lee Anita Leonard Sunshine Society, Glee Club Phillip Jay Lindley HifY Patricia Lines Tri-Ratio Betty Jean Lister TrifHi, "A" Band, Crescendo Club Ladonna Lockridge Sunshine Society, Home Ee Club Martha Lorton Hume EC Club Betty Luellen Vicefprcsident of National Honor Society, President of T1'ifHi, Prnin Queen Attenf dant, Rosennial Staff, Class Play Essie Faye Lynch Sunshine Society, TrifRatin, Home EQ Club Maxine Marie McClain Home Ee Club, Clec Club, Prom Committee Marcell 'arland 'Ti'i'R Suciety, Icssie Opal McGahan Trifllzitiu. Sunshine Society, President of Home Ee Club, Invitation Committee, Prom Committee Max Gordon McGee Football, Science Society Deloris Marilyn Mcginnis Glce Club, Home EC Cluw Prom Decorating Coininittet Jean McKechnie TrifHi, G. A. A., Pruni Coin mittee, Color Committee Mary Eloise McKinsey Sunshine Society Hars'ey MCMatl1 Rosamond McQuerrey Choir, Home EC Club Leland E. Macer, jr. Vice-President of HifY Pits iclent of National Hanoi So ciety 1, Rosennial Staff Busi ness lvianagcr, junior Rnt arian, Business Manager f Class Play Margaret Ruth Marks Home Ee Club, Tl'1Rll1lJ Sunshine Society Page Twenty 51 Patricia Miller TrifHi, Class Play, Phoenix Staff, Prom Entertainment Committee, Science Society Mary Louise Millikan Latin Club, Home EC Club Howard Millis Hi'Y, Prom Committee Lorena Maxine Morris James Neal Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Boxing, Varsity Club Robert Eugene Neff, Jr. "A" Band, PA" Orchestra, Hi-Y Robert Richard Nichols Hi-Y, Football Manager, Box' ing and Wrestling Manager age TwentyfSeven William Niles HifY, Dramatics Cluh Alice Osborne TrifRatio, Phoenix Staff, Dm matics Club, Class Play Martha Jane Overman TrifRatio, Latin Cluh James Owens T. Frank Oxley Iris Hodgin Paul Sunshine Society, Glec Club, Spanish Club, Nature Club Bill Peacock Gloria Pearson Choir, HA" Crchestra, Class Play, Science Society, Prom Coin mittee Christine Phipps Treasurer of G. A. A., Na' tional Honor Society Betty Ann Polk TrifHi, Phoenix Staff, Latin Club Truman G. Pope Raymond Porter Robert Preble Rosennial Staff, Basehall 3, 4, Prom Entertainment Coni mittee, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, joseph Conner Ramsey National Honor Society, UA" Band, Crescendo Cluh, Hin' Eugene Ratcliff President of Machinists Clulw, Baseball 3, 4 Mary Lou Richter G. A. A., TrifRatio, Drain' atics Club Emerson Robins Football joan Roberts TrifHi, Class Play, Class Day, Dramatics Club, Invitation Committee Christine Robinson TrifRatio, Sunshine Society Nathan Roth HifY, Class Play, Roscnnial Staff, Dramaties Cluh, Foot' ball Manager Irene Rouse Trifllatio Page Twentyflfig Donna Jean Ryan TrifHi, Class Play, Class Day, Dramatics Club Chester Keith Sanders Science Society, Prom Com' mittee Morton Shapiro HifY, Varsity Club, Basket- ball Manager, Football Man' ager, Track Manager Dorothy May Shaw 'TrifRatio Geneva C. Shuemak G. A. A., Glce Club Genera Smith TrifHi, Drum Majorettc, Class Play, Science Society, Prom Entertainm ent Com' mittee Philip Solomon HifY, Agriculture Club ige TwcntyfNine Annabelle Spannuth Glee Club, TrifRatio, Class Play, Home Ec Club Jim Spera HifY Harry W. Stearns H ifY Dollie Stillwell TrifRatiO Martha Stinson G. A, A., Treasurer of Tri' Ratio, Dramatics Club, Class Play Robert Stokes Melcliinists Club George C. Sweigart, Jr. Dramatics Club, Class Play Martha Tarr Lucille Thompson Patricia Ann Todd Latin Club, Tri'l'li Dick Tully HifY, Invitation Committcc Edna Tungate Ethel Turner Gloria L. Turpin Tri-Hi, Class Play, Drxunatics Club Thomas J. Underwood Football Manager, NA" Band, Class Play, Rosennial Stall, Crescendo Club Howard Rual Vincent Baseball 3, 4 Thomas H. Waggoner Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, HifY, Student Council, Rosen' nial Staff Joan Wainscott TrifRatio Betty Jane Walker Betty Wallen G. A. A., TrifRatio, Phoenix Stuff, Prom Committcc Madonna Waln TrifRatio Page Tim III 115' 1: 1 111 12 5 ff' I 1 511 ,I- 115 L1 1115 -11. 1' -r, .rv 2 1. I F11 1. .IW 2111 11? , 1. 1-Y 13' 11? 1161! ., L., .li 'HL1 5- 1: 1 1 E151 1.1-Q. 1.-Lf 11f if .111 .it -ii 5:11. :jf-,1 111-11 111 .L 171:-11 .UE 111 l::i UTI 1111 11121 --Q 1 1 . 113' .1111 11111 211' N 11 L1?f'1 11' .1 11 .111 155 2111 111111 11111 .5114 11.11 .-11 .. 1' 4191 IH! 1111111 1111 1-111 11. ,. 1-J 1. 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Q1. 1115-1 11151 1111 1: 1 11111 11111 1 1 Em 1 11111 1 :J 1. 1 1111 1 1111 11111' 11. 1 111 111 1111 1 11 W . 1.11. 11 11 '1 151 5.1. 1 11' 1,1 .1 11. 11 1. 11--1 1 E11 L 4 .11 111: E111 11 11 15 -11 111 11 1 11 1 E1 1 1111 1 :1. 111' I 4,1 11 3 .1 1 11 1 11 13' .H g . 1 Ei' 1 11 liii i 51 .11-1 1 -1, 1 11 1111 1 1 111 111 111 - 551' ,113 1111 1 i .11 112. .11 11 11. 1.11 1 1 ii, 1 121 111- 14. .11 131 1? 1111-1 7111 .fi 1 11' 1 51 T11 u1 1 1 11 A an 1 1 111 1 11 1 1511 1.1 1111 1 1 1 '1 1x- Eg. 211 151 11 I 1 111 1Q11N 111 .1 1 1 111 ! 3 5. 111 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 11 f.. 175: 11111 1:15 511 1 151: 1 131 11 I 11 15 ,1 11 1,51 115 1 1.1. 1111511 2 'fa 1 1 1- 1:1 1141 1- 'ill '11 3 171 1 11121 315 1.1lY 11111 1 1151 111 1 1 1- 11. 2-11? 11. i S1 .5115 1. 1 11531: '1-1 11111 1. 2.1111 111131 155 111- 1 1 1111 M 7 N- 21111 11 1115 11111 11 1551 111117 F 1, 1511 ljfv' il 41-11 -115 12 111 .1 X 11 111 1111112 ' 121 111- 11 11211 111 1 fi- 11111 1711 115 5111 1 ' 111-1 11 1 1 2 ' lf! Qf WW 4 3 5'm W W .11 Y 4 1 1 'a ,N 'N 1 1.3 14 .l 5 1 .u ,E ,,f3 -s ,J wi Y fx I ,W 1 w , ,W M , 1,5 X W xl w l, W J. M M x pu w M UN N hw ,N 3 1 W 3 W A . 2 L45 ,, .1 , , 7' Iumors . . next in line for the future Class of '47 This year we appear in the Rosennial as juniors. We have enjoyed our high school days as underclassnien, starting out as fresh' men, then sophomores, and now juniors. During this year we have enjoyed social life to the fullest extent, attending the football games, haskethall games, and dances. Some of the highlights of the year have been elecf tion of junior officers, being host and hostess for one of the higgest dances of the year, Prom, being ushers at the senior activities, Left to Right: Phyllis Sidwell, secretary John Whalen, vicvpresident Tom Cashdollar, president John Kinsinger, treasurer and selecting the jewelry for the junior class. Outstanding in our class this year are Imogene Sparks, who made a lovely queen at the Holiday Dance, Bob Keesling, Mac Parker, and Curt Yeager, who have proved themselves as remarkable haskethall players on the starting five. We are looking forward to next year when we will he seniors, and we look to 1947 as one of the outstanding years of our lives. Page Thwty Fc They set precedents of their own Row 1-Annetta Hudson, Joyce Hend' ricks, Mary Lou Cawein, Joyce Durman, Dorothy Higgs, Bonnie Dabney, Ruby Dobbs, Frances Boyles, Martha Fine, June Dege, Cpal Bell. Row 2-Phyllis Dal' ion, Beverly Cox, Lois Burnette, Delores Davis, Patsy Delaware, Joan Devening, Barbara Dungan, Rosemary Bailey, Bettie Buckner, Ruth Cooney, Helen Bush, Louise Fine, Jean Couch. Row 3- 3etty Carter, Juanita Cory, Margaret Dalton, Martha Garvey, Mary Alyce Craw' ord, Irene Harmon, Georgia Axel, Gwen' lolyn Fellers, Virginia Dickerson, Dayton Iross. Row 4-Charles Bowers, Ted Davis, Noble Ford, Bud Furbee, Ralph flemons, David Day, Bill Greer, Eddie Xrnold, Bill Carter. Row 5-Gene 'razier, Jamie Cunningham, Roger Covert, Dick Fleming, Robert Caig, Sandy Barry, lob Archey, John Gwinn. Row 6- lene Ellis John Fadely, Marvin Gern' zein, Ralpli Guffy, Bill Donnella, Doug' is Hoover, Donald Huse. Row 7- lm Sherman, Marvin Clark, Leon Davis, .oy Atwater, Bill Hill, John House, ,ichard Smith. ow 1-Marcelle McFarland, Nancy Mc' ahan, Janice Rees, Adeline Neff, Mary unsford, Willoudene Mercer. Row 2 -Irene Davis, Jo Ann Elrod, Dixie Neal, ecelia Rifner, Doris Pleasant, Dorothy ierce, Lena Southwood, Rosemary Jud' ns, Betty Payne, Vivian Over, Betty ennedy, Jane Mastin. Row 3-Martha fendenhall, Charlene Pate, Dorothy lines, Peggy Ramsey, Annabelle Neff, iyllis Popejoy, Wanda Robinson, Helen artin, Glenna McGee, Gennell Jarvis, an Littrell, Betty Mendenhall. Row 4 -John Riggs, Mae Parker, Roy Mc' xha, Howard Joyner, Bob Niles, Don mer, Charles Rhodehamel, Mark Ocker, lbert Riley. Row 5-John Kinsinger, meson McGrew, Paul Koger, Raymond eConnell, William Lee, Richard Miles, nb Keesling, John Mastin. Row 6- llph Gooding, Tom Grooms, Robert ker, Kenneth Carter, Jim Burns, Don ker, Walter Cochran. Row 7-Ken- th Ditton, Robert Elkins, Basil Coleman im Cashdollar, Gene Cartwright, Gene vey, Dale Baldock. rw 1- Beverly Vv'ools, Erma Sullivan, Jendolyn Fellers, Nadine Taylor, Vera rpin. Row 2-Jean Cross, Lois Smith, len Sanderson, Betty Smith, Sally iter, Phyllis Sidwell, Jean Ann Howren, 'ginia Thompson, Virginia Wright, ith Tutterrow, Betty Sweigart. Row -Marcella Shelton, Betty Whitton, ttiva Thompson, Barbara Tout, Pa' ia Vores, Marjorie Young, Evelyn att, Betty Siinpkins, Beverly Winning. w 4-Elizabeth Wilkinson, Lenox-a ompson, Waunita Thomas, Erna Vester n Utt, Thelma Vv'ilson, Phyllis Smith. rv 5-Alan Yergin, G. Shoopman, ward Rust, Doug Young, Gene Wor' lgton, Jim Reno, John Gwinn, Row Bill Sanders, Jack VanHoose, Curtis ger, Willard Kennedy, David Smith. : Tlzirtyfive Sophomores .. . .... ...f wh: i.. h cl hikes Pat Davey leaves school happily Larry watches the eamera while Breek gets roug an e Q ' . . . . . , . . . Whateha lookin' at . . . Why the smirk, Ruth Ellen? . . . Wish I eould smile like Leon! . . . Meggs puts on a scarf for luneh . . . It must he love . . . Don't shove! I was here first . . ' ' 'l Tull 7 l . . . Three eute kids of N.H.S .... Whos your pa, y All dressed up and no p aee to go . . . Hey there, Russell-not you, Lillian. Class of '48 Last year we were freshmen: this year, sophomores. We're nearing the final step of heeoming memhers of the senior elass. We are sorry to have lost one of our elass memhers, diminutive Donna Meese, who died on Fehruary 28, hefore eompleting her sophomore year. This year we didn't have to look at the room numhers to find our way around the halls of N.l-LS. We are hoping that the new gymnasium will he huilt for the nfuture Trof jams," who are now sophomores. Speaking of our 'kfuture Trojans," we had several hoys that went out for sports this year: Bill VanBehher for haskethall, Ed Triesehman for foothall, Bill White and Luther Bays for hoxing. There were several students from the elass of '43 that tried out for eheer leader. One of them, Seott Lindley, was eleeted. A great many of the girls helong to the Sunshine Soeiety and the G.A.A. All in all, we've a pretty good elass-- don't you think? Page 'Tlmty They have their eyes to the future Row 1-Doris Luther, Harriett Lee, Mar' tha lwiatney, Lou Ann Kluse, Betty Lind' ley, Marjorie Lewis, Donna Meese, jean Meadows, Marjorie Maher, Sue Morris, Pat Mcarris, Charmaine Murray, Donna jenkins. Row 2-Barbara Miller, Lois lflaple, Rosalind McKinsey, Grace Mc' Kechnie, Peggy Miles, Dorothy Moffitt, Iva .lean Kuhn, Freida Marshall, Delores Mitchener, Frances Lowe, Lois Lineback. Row 3-Luella Crauder, Pauline Clark, ,Io Ann Crawford, Phyllis Bunch, Pat Armstrong, Joyce Crider, Mary Ann Foyst, judith Hudson, Juanita Kern, Patt Ellis. Row 4-George Hagerman, Daviil BTG!-ood, ,lack Howe, ,lack Keith, Gene Hastings, Row 5-Richard Lockridge, Don Loveless, Kenny Jarvis, Donald At' kinson, Donald Davis, Paul Lorton, Bob johnson. Row 6-jim Dismore, Archie Frost, Stanley Duncan, Kenneth Beam, Delbert Free, Bud Hiner. Row 7- George Antic, Dale Hanning, Don Clay, George Gruler, Elbert Chastain, .lim Atf kinson, James Garvin. Row 1-jean Roosa, Delores Royce, june Razor, Doris Perdew, Patty Lou Smith, Row 2-Sarah Sheppard. Betty Ostlund, jackie Paul, Marilyn Payne, Delores Reynolds, Mary Belle Sutherland, Billie lane Sparks, Sarah Siders, Ruby Puckett, Gladys Sosby. Row 3-Pat Scott, Judy Shepherd, ,loyce Scott, Betty Riley, jean Robinson, Mary jane Snedigar, Thelma Owens, Audrey Rains, Naomi Shrout, Mary Rinard. Row 4-Gilford Roberts, Richard Swindell, jack lngerman, Charles Riley, james McLaughlin, Cicero Mukes, Paul Taylor, Nelson Saunders. Row 5- Iames Reavis, Charles Rouse, jack -loyner, Frankie Lawson, Robert Spencer, Richard Ratcliff, Harold Maple, Carrol Mitchell. Row 6-Clarence Smith, Eugene Mar' owe, Lloyd Stoifer, Fred Raines, Dale Vlogle, Otto Neal, Carl Shelly, David VlcSherry. Row 7-Bob Breckenridge, fiene Haynes, low 1--loyce Smith, Vvlilma XVicklil'l', Billie Lou Vvlhite, Dainty Tungate, Mary Nallen, Evelyn W'att, Nettie Thrasher, Qorma VanNatta, joan VanMatre, Lois Tarr, Betty Hicks, Barbara Young. Row E-Janice Wzidiiiziii, Barbara Turpin, Vlary Tambucos, Sylvia VanHoose, Mari' yn Vxfebb, Bonnie Vwfriglit, janet Teetor, oyce Tully, Mary Thompson, Arzella Thompson, Mary Ellen Shaw. Row 3 -Kirby Pierce, Keith Davis, jim Bancroft, Dick Teager, Jim Mastin, Havey Carf nder, Herman Stewart. Row 4-Bernal fincent, Paul Thornhill, Richard Whittmmii, Scott Lindley, Russell Shelton, james 5gle, Edward Collier. Row 5-Charles l'hompson, Bob Thomas, Robert Wilt, lourtlan Turner, Fredrick Thrasher, Otis Nlcw. Row 6-Charles West, Don leece, Bill VanBebber, Dale Madison, iill Thompson, jim Vifright. age ThirtyfSeuen Sophomores Class of '49 We freshmen are the ones to carry on the many traditions of our school. We are to keep the prominence of our school. Yes, ours is a mighty taskg but we are fit and ready for it. Although we went to English class when we were supposed to go to biology class at first, we are learning fast. Row 1-Joyce Hood, Dorothia Barnes, June Davis, Virginia Ellington, Lois Elkins Joyce Farmer, Norma Fisher, Treva Har' din, Mary Jane Epperson, Patty Devine, Frances Frost, Evelyn Denny. Row 2- Barbara Cronk, Donna Ammerman, Elsie Gatron, Glenda Cole, Doris Bell, Frieda Dickerson, lvlarilyn Graihani, Lela Denny, Velma Chesher, Mary Sue Hunnicutt, Jane Dillman, Jacque Clary, Jean Ann Howren, Alvena Bergin. Row 3- Lorene Clark, Lavonne Bailey, Marilyn Couch, Joanne Gold, Frances Baker, Ruth Ellen Cline, Marjorie Holtzel, Joan Andis, Juanita Carter, Martha Burden, Mary Lea Hutson. Row 4-Joan Caster, Donna Brookshire, Betty June Gregory, Phyllis Gordon, Betty Dishman, Mildred Halbert, Joan Davis, Marjorie Brown, Sue Burchett, NVanda Estes. Row 5-David Coats, Don Byers, Jim Collom, Jack Favors, Fred Garnett, Earl Hicks, Jack Bailey, Luther Bays. Row 6--Robert Bavender, Rex Bailey, Keith Foster, C. L, Fernander, Robert Harding, Bruce DeWitt, Tom Griffin. Row 7-Jim Hubbard, Clarence Joe Burris, We have five members of our class on the Student Council, and several girls in the Sunshine Society. We have members in the Latin Club, Science Society, and Questers HifY. We have several members of our class on the Trojan Colts. We also have a teazn of our own with our own coach. Price Thirty Ewh Caldwell, Charles Ashton, Morton Dann, Forty-niners to Row 1-Christine Cable, Betty Baldock, Mary Alice Crandall, Doris Cowan, Knoxie Crabtree, Marie Billings, Georgia Clcek, Vida Brown. Row 2-Betty Brooks, Betty Caldwell, Hilda Broyles, Eva Blackburn, Arvilla Cox, Vernice Clem, Edra Conway. Row 3-Lucille Collier, Nancy Begeinan, Barbara Andis, Patty Allen, Barbara Carter, Kathleen Cargile, Pauline Carter. Row 4-Richard Bav- ender, Eugene Baldoek, George Bortlein, Jerry Charles, Glenn Crane, Jack Alex' ander, Virgil Bell. Row 5-Harold Cline, Gerald Archey, Don Cassady. Fred Chance, 'lic-min Bug , Rohert Clark, Dalton Conner, Bernard shley. low 1-Lois Dazey, Helen Franklin, ,inda Harrison, Patty Hinshaw, Donna Sauchat, lvlargaret Franklin, Nancy Hard- ng, Patty Grimes. Row 2-Barbara Har! sr, Barbara Groce, Ruth Dillinger, Mary Dillinger, Mary Howard, Arnetta Grogu, Jorma jean Hoosier, Nancy Epperson, Xlfreda Fears. Row 3-Lois Harvey, flarilyn Harth, Evelyn Dallfron, Betty Iiggins, Nina Furbee, joan Hendricks, flary Davidson, Louise Dicken, Wlllllil lorman, Row 4QDale Hole, Robert Iedrick, Darrell Holloway, David Huff Jrd, Russell Hutson, Phillip Dennv, ruce Dudley. Row 5-Delmar Corder, imes Barry, Dick Horseman, Norman ostcr, Gene Craig, jim Dailey, Charles Pavis, -lack Elrod. aw 1-Betty McClain, Georgia McGill, elen Lacy, Helen MeSherry, Thelma endenhall, Margaret MeCaslin, Katheryn cGinnis, Jacqueline Martin. Row 2 -Nora Dinkins, jean Dalton, jo Ann hnson, Jeanne Harvey, Donna Greig, arilyn Kennedy, Wanda McCall, Wilinzl endenhall, Virginia Lewis. Row 3- anda Jefferies, Carolyn Hall, Henrietta Jar, Caroline jones, Eldora Ankrom, ithleen Goar, Gloria lrwin, Alice Kissiek iw 4-jack Frazier, Luther Collins, ward Qlle-vegn gr, Monte Edwards, Keith J gin, Max King, Keith Hinshaw, Paul iffin. Row 5-Bob Brammer, Bob vis, Charles Jones, Gene jarvis, Don Jopingarner, Wilsoii Gordon, Arnold ld, jack Grose. Z Ti1iTtvfNi1iP We expect much from this group , 1 ws ,N f' Row 1-lrene DeHart, Anna Thompson, Bohhie Vvlinningham, june Vvlaelman, Virginia Vwfheeler, Sara Vxfeston, Betty Vvlooel. Row 2-Rosemary Thompson, Mary Turpin, Barhara Vvliley, Vivian Vsfilliams, Laura Gray, Arelenia Groee, Rosetta Vv'oll, ,loan Davis, Mary Van Boven, Edna Ferrell, Margaret Greenwood Betty Grillen, Colene York, Rosemary Franklin, Row 3-Eileen Wztlkei-, Ar' vella Vwlelwher, Delores Turner, Ellen Willciristmii, Peggy Pierce, Delores Titlrow, Mary Alice lotlel, Farel june Bono, Betty Vwfantz, Erma Lou Hill, juelith Lewis. Row 4--Marion Phillips, Don Smith, Bill Smith, Roy Smith, Davitl Moore, .loe Minyartl, Cortland MeCorl4hill Don ELlSIlNllll,XlVY1l1Klkll Ballenger, Row 5 -Bill Palmhlatle, blames Sehetgen, Tommy Rice, Max Slnnpter, Charles Niles, Ray' mond Singleton, Delano Atkinson. Row6 -Fred Leavell, jim Davis, james Roberts, Ray Rhodes, Eugene Vxfatters, Herhcrt Lewis, Doyle Sutton, Donald Ushorne. Row 7-Gene Shelliield, Herliert Prize' man, james Golil, Paul Rohinson, Clarence Smith, Boh Roselaerry. Row I-Chester Vv'ethmgton, Alan Fishf er, George Moran, Ray Dalzell. Row 2 -Bob Weatx'er, jr. Vvlinehester, Edward Lowe, Charles Gooeh, Paul Lawson, Donald Everman, George Bnekner, Dock, Willirtiii Vv'ilkinson, Millord Holmes Harold Diekey, Row 5-Lewis Hall, Charles Vifallaee, Paul Hoopingarner, Albert NVilliams, Lloytl XVatt, -lim Brown, Alhert Cooper, Don Fox, Vernon Beek, joe Dallron. Row 4-Andy Snedigai, jimmy Vvlright, Charles Gruhhs, Leon Grear, Keith Thurman, jack Haynes, Clyde Davis. Row 5-Gene Vsfalas, Boh Ledgerwooel, lr. Vvlelsh, Theron Lowry, Bernartl Vaughn, Dale Tower, Bola Deljorel. Row 1-Mary Stanley, Silvia Smith, Rosemary Smith, Berniee Smith, Reheeea Shortritlge, Freiela Rothroelc, lwlarjoric Olds, Beverly Sprinkle. Row 2-Edna Stokes, Charlotte New, Vivian Prosser, Ester Neal, Anna Mae Sitlwell, Thelma Mendenhall, Phyllis Surher, 'loetta Stegner Norma 'lean Smith, Virginia Rogers, Lena May Nelly, Ethel Stnlts, Row 3- Cyn' thia Nell., Betty Ritter, Helen Copeland. Doris Poore, Barhara Pate, -loan Summers Barlaara Sears, Patricia Prosser, bloat Nevels, Helen Shaller, Vivian Nichols Margaret Meggs, Fannie Stockton, Row A -Vvlilma Myers, Naney Smith, 'lam Roseherry, Norma ,lean Stewart, Loi: Anne Stoops, Lola Reavis, Loyee Stailey Vena Southwooel, lvlaeleline Sntherlantl Row 5-Gene liolrinson, Charles Owens Gene Smith, Iames U'Keele, Keith Ro l'werts, Charles l'oston, Davitl Mark Row 6'Henry Lorton, XVilliam Pau' james Ditton, Newton Strong, Philli' Mark, Melvin Miller. Row 7-Bo Mattox, Herhert lNleXVhorter, Stanle Meek, Dieli Masters, Gene Rigney, Bi Miller. Pimp For N. H. S. traditions are left 11'l thelr care Row 1-Norma Thompson, .lean Hinton, Imogene Wages, Juanita Taylor, Vera Ford. Row 2-Hazel Kendall, Wiliiiri Allcire, ,lerrie Laurie, Phyllis Lorton, lvlary -lane Smith, Helen Parker, Sarah lvlasenf gale, Frances Coffman, .lean Denny, Betty Campbell, Row 3-Sihyl Stout, Geralf dine Green, Dorothy Cochran, lvlarjorie Tapscott, Joanne Nichols, Jacqueline Camphell, Norma McClain, Leon Taber, Wiiwdel Clark, Forrest Roherts. Row 4 -Neel Davis, jack Maze, Boh Adkins, Fay Ramsey, jeff Davis, jack DeWitt, joe Carter. Row 5-DOILBQQ, Eugene Qeed, ,lerry Ellis, Geri-ige Small, 'Bold joimf Don Bailey, jim McCormick, Tom Moore. Row 1-Lois McFarland, Geraldine Tin' kle, Mary Garrard, Ada Pfenninger, Audrey Adams, Bonnell Morrow, Doris Sampley, Donna Clary, Row 2-Bar' hara Green, Anna Smith, Joyce Lawson. Row 3-Nora Sncdigar, Kay Ramsey, Richard Ballinger, Wirilrcd Ballinger, Russell Reese, james Flowers, Charles lones, Boh Antic, Leslie Ginn. Row 4 -Beverly Brown, Phyllis Hendricks, Katie Vlcljaha, Betty Scott, Virginia Andrews, Billie Caldwell, Phyllis Harry, Row 5+ Gene Vaught, Harold Barkdull, Boh lustice, Harold Neal, Dale Christ, Charles !IcGinnis, jerry Feimell, David Popplewell. fe Fo-rtyfOne Manuva , Y f I R54 by Vx 4'-" f'- f i " "" B , 2 . ' k S '1 R 5 Q if , im J' f ' ,yr L 2 if Q W X Maw if vw QM Q x s HWY' wsew 4 na'-" 7 Q . W iifseiff .. I, ...- .- .X 'zu if ,3 , . 'Q ,. M 1 0 L ' 1 ",- 1Yz!fM5:1f sf firzis Sjgivig ? ' ..-ii -K H A M. .A., I A 'V X .sf Q I 4 as , -. h .X.k . . - . . ,gp g , Eff ,tw A Q 5 's Xvl ki A I 9 E2 Y , 2 251' , lf .X gg? K is ' .i B ,xg . V , A, .,,,M,,,f. Q f Q , ,L . Y V A A' gy 1 ' 25 Q,f'Yg'55w.x1555.-i'Q'2ill, :A H! , .- L ,, ' L I K, lf ig . --.rv 'AY :Q ffifi-,--:Sf 3112- ' 5. m K " " f-r .ws .:.'g,.'.. 'f :s,fs??W1.2bs,: .,' .JHSJWT .WAHM ' X5 , 1 ,E MW MTB f ,gg M - Af-' f if Q7 U X Q - - Y Vg ',,. ' , ls ? X X Q W.. The field . . . Perforining for many cluhs and organizations, the two dra' matics classes are fast hccomingg widelyiknown. This year's class play, 'kSorority House," was made possihle hy the comhincd efforts of the dramatics classes, Some of the dramatics students participated in a television hroadcast from the P. R. Nlallory Company of lndianaf polis. The evidence of the possif hilities in the line of dramatics is shown hy Miss Shirlee Turner, who at the present time is under contract to Paramount Studios. Classes in speech, radio, art, and dramatics prepare students for many types of careers. ln the field of speech and radio, there are opportunities for puhlic speaking, such as lecturing, hook reviewing, and radio announcing. Une of our former students who was active in radio and speech is Stanley Bock, who is a radio announcer at a Fort Vxfayne station. Nlany former students have gone on to art schools in different parts of the country. The art def partment makes many of the signs and much of the scenery used in school productions. There are night classes tor the adults. Dis' plays of the students work are continually on exhihit in the upper hall. Page Form F of action We have several classes of printing, beginning and advanced. The advanced classes do job printf ing for the various organizations of the school such as dance adverf tiscments, and tickets for the school activities. They also print the Phoenix, the weekly school paper. Pictured are Richard Miles, who is a linotype operator for the Co1wie'rfTimes, the cityls daily paper, and Bill Kirby, who is en' rolled in printing. From this ex' perience students can ohtain posif tions on newspapers or for printing companies. Girls get practical expcrf ience in home nursing, sewing, and cooking. These classes prepare a foundation for the future of many girlsfnot only in homefmaking, hut in nursing, interior decorating, cooking, and many other jobs as well. Under the direction of Mrs. Fisher, Miss Roney, and Mrs. Grigshy, our high school girls apply the schoolroom learning, ge Fo1'LyfFi1fe f Q I +1 Q .v Q ., . iii mx W Q . , F N- WHIP ar S 1 39" "4 f ""'-- ks i s ' gg H. N, L, 3 L5 wwf. V A , . 3 jx Nfqm Z - 'I aa 'Q X P g , 1 F h,, ' Q , 1 , shi ERS P gs O, . 'E' R X Sis S Y: .. ,. W . -Q 1 - xii QM AN , , ma? . H- X .m.,. -m y A k ' V F M um, u. ' ' ' -:pl-W ii ER 0 - a . 3 6 . . . fi mr M ., m A ya as v Nx 'f -ng ., 4 f ffili' Al. 'E A "' Q gf ,fi - hY" V"hL A ' " 'F X 1 JW ' Z: w ,n H SM ' 1 S 'F . 5 , 1 wr, f ,M A-1 .ggi . k . , ,T 6 A x ,, R M- ' '--"' ,, .gf ' 6. QE? k f " A A , ' ' MA- ' N. f ,J V , ' I V,', 5 A 3' V If ' 5 lg- wwf 5 ,A -31,2 .i N q -'f-M., fm. 1 .. ,m-' 1 xg, ,. . f . . miilk' M we - ? ' ' gli' ' Qgiff . K ".'. V K ...., . ffm. Br X ' -' -fr ' ' P' , M151-7-- A.,, gfg4,1,2lW,g?viEg -.Ml W I . fgx - li. -'1!25fw2f'5ifYf A M.: J,-fu: .1- W5 W K -eff-1vf1:,, -:.1L.:T.f:Ny gf - sg I K A we fi M Q EMM ' 2iiffv!":a5:f3z5fW his . A ,-.-. . . Q. L 'SQ 45 f'- Pf Y . ? Sf' W. ig ww mv' K' gn - H S v 1' V-MM I -ug ,- wasilfgsg '-.. X 1. D..,, ,SA ,3 3. ik SAMS 14 W 3 ,Qu a -.MVA 3 f 5, wp. v hr- -na. I Antm ft:-'Q ? ea, fx .WS A Vx V 'EL A A A 465 I f I x ML L V ff. A f. xr' J' "" in 3 A Nf3i 1 wi 5 Q 454.-141' Q iam Q 4 WWW' A A 'Q Parents of the 1946 Rosennial In the fall of 1945 the Rosennial staff of this years book began work. The work was new to us, as it is to every group of seniors starting to create their book of higli school memories. Each year the seniors want their book to be just a little better than any before or after it. That's why we've tried to make our book the way we've wanted it all during our four years in high school. The work was new and hard for us. There have been times when we've felt like giving up and not trying to have a Rosennial, but we stuck to it and had a lot of fun along with it. Now that the books are finished, we're all proud to have been on the staff. Dorothy Waddell, editorfinfchief, Lef land Maeer, Jr., business manager, Ruth Ann jordan, advertising manager: Dick Ceorge, sales manager, Richard Dicken and Ann Frary, art editors, Judy Capshaw, senior editor, Barbara Holloway and Virginia Hutehens, underclassmen editors, Norma Lee Andrews and Bob Mathews, classroom editors, Betty Luellen, activities editor, Torn Underwood, music, James Crane, dramaticsg Virginia Hiner, art, Charline Hastings, features, Clara Laughlin and Martha Dunaway, clubs, Tom Waggoiier, sports editor, jack Peckinpaugh and Bob Preble, football, Nathan Roth and Eddie Harter, basketball, Eugene Dickerson, baseball, Carolyn Ballinger, girls' sports, Margaret Rose Hall, snapshot editor, Miss Mary Ritter, adviser. Page Fzf We're proud of our baby! Reading down Row 1i'MiS5 Rittcr Nllpcrxiacs wliilc B1ll'i'ULlI'Ll Holloway, Virginia Hutclicus, Ruth A1111 kIm'dun, :uid juni '-,' Cztpxhuxv wurk fur tlic caulsc . . . Ed Hzi1'tcl'lrmksu1i whilu Eugene Diukcmm llClvlll5T.5 lm light mctci '... Ruth "2 Q Ann lurtluii and Iliclc Gcorvc leaf tlimufli Q f L lumiy tm NN n Lyl . h L L thc L Ilq' whit' ilu' au't1.'tf, An Fr: 1' and - E b x Riclizird Dickcu, fruits. Row 2+Dc,1mtliy Vfuddull, our dignified lflfjl cl' ' l ' K I I c itorfinfciici, vvt,n'cs cncrgcticzilly at tic page FiftyfOne typewriter amd Lclzuid M2lk'CI', business mam' tiger, btrziiglwtuus wut thc finauicizil situzition . . . Bulw Muthcws, Virginia Hincr, and Clinrliuc Hziftiugs put the finishing K17llL'hC5 tcm at pzuicl wlwilc -Izuucs Cmnc, Bctty Lucllcu, amd hillflhil Dunztwzxy study thc dummy. Ed Hzutcr conccntreitcs nm snap shuts .... Nathan Roth, Tum WZlgg41I1Cl'. amd Richurd Didacn work on the boxing panel. Jack Pcrkinpztugli and Bob Matthews study some sport snnpslwts. Staff of the famed . . and fine . . Phoenix Top picture Standing-Phyllis Holtzel, Betty Polk, Alice Osborne, Mary Kalk, Melvin Baker, Dorothy Weddell. Sitting-Martha Mendenhall, Lois Burnette, Betty Wallen, Eleanor Farmer, jean McKechnie, Maxine Gordon. If you want to know all the secrets of the students of New Castle High School, just look in The Phoenix. The Phoenix staff has done a splendid job editing our weekly paper. Bottom picture Row 1-Betty Polk, Alice Osborne, Phyllis Holtzel. Mary Kalk, Lois Burnctte. Row 2-Betty WilllCll, Eleanor Farmer, Martha Mendenhall. Row 3- joycc Farmer, Maxine Gordon, Row 4- Mel- vin Baker, junior Catt. The editorial staff consists of associate editors, Melvin Baker and Martha Mendenhall, assistant editors, Maxine Gordon and Alice Ushorneg news editor, Dorothy Weddellg feaf ture editor, Mary Kalkg society editor, Phyllis Holtzel, sports editor, Sherman Catt, Jr., assisf tant sports editor, Eleanor Farmer, copy editors, Christine Phipps, Betty Polk, Lois Burnette, and Betty Walleiig advertising man' ager, Dick Georgeg hookkeeper, Jean McKechfV nie. Mr. Ben Ervin is adviser to the staff. Page Fifty T Convocations All learning does not come from books. The mind can also be improved by things we see and hear from talented and learned people. Therefore we have our school convocations. This year we had many interesting and enter' taining convocations. The Rotary Club again sponsored four speakers from different parts of the country and the world. These speakers were Cleo Dawson, who talked of the future of airplane travel, Simon M. Davidian, who spoke on making international organization cffectiveg Albert Parry, who gave us his ideas on maintaining world trade and a high stand' ard of living, Leon Godshall, who talked of international security in the Pacific. Together with these speakers we were entertained and enlightened by Slim Williams, an Alaskan traveler, Mrs. Olive Tinder, who reviewed the book, HA Yankee from Clympusvg C-eorge Campbell, the nationally famous song leader, who led us in group singing, and Mrs. Rosa Page Welch, who talked on race relations and sang several negro spirituals. We students give the school a vote of thanks for these fine convocations. age Fzftv Three Fhe Four Arts Show proved N. I-I. S. talent - - - This year the cognhinecl departments of dramatics, speech, music, - J, - ' .md art came forth with a Four Arts Show which we proclaimed to be ' the hest yet. The receipts from the show go into the general fund for I ' - the school. Pictures on these two pages tell part of the story. Below . . . What at show! All this and a harem, too . . . Ma Peasley and her three offsprings from the hill country . . . Nate and Pork arc shown downing during one of the high spots of the show . . . Pat and "Flea" give out in the "Southern Customs" number. among best in entertainment field The masterful music of the orchestra and choir, the gaiety and wit of the speech department's drama fantasy, the sophistication of thc dramatics' department's Broadway show, and the cleverly manipulated puppets of the art department proved to he marvelous entertainment for young and old alike. We salute those students who worked hard and long to bring us this delightful performance. Below . . . We gaze in awe at the heautiful costumes . . . glamour, glamour every- where . . . Our little topfhatters . . . they look like they're having fun . . , yes, Nathan swept the floor between the second and third act . . . so that's who pulled Little Black Sambo's string . . . I une Mad "june Mad," the 1945 class play, was acclaimed a success by everyone who saw it. The play was a comedy portraying the entanglements of young love. It symbolized the problems of many high The cast Penny Wtxcmd Chuck Harris Miry Lee Edwirls ack Peelcinpiugh Mrs. Wcwiid ..... .......,,.. M artha Ashby Q ' Elmer Tuttle ,.... ,....... I Ohn Wallen 5 A Dr, Wood .,,,. ............ B ill Ingersoll Effie ........,.... Charlene Cohee .5 G. Mervyii Roberts Roger Van Vleck ....,. Mr. Harris ...........,, Shirley Green ......... Bob Kendall jim Stonerock ,lack Burnett Wanda Phillips Ralph Wentxvorth ................. ............ T om Ireland julie Harris ...........,,............,,..,...,.. school eovle. Un the o osite are are scenes from " une Mad." P l P ..... Y..... 1 5 4 Q i ' Q - . ' L , T7 Milly Lou .. jean Morgan - Sorority House jean Lineback Extras .... Marjorie Miller, Dale Stoops, and Charles Green . "Sorority House" is the story of Lew Wyskoff, smallftown, flashilyfdressed pool room ownerg his daughter, Alice, and what happened to them during one brief period of rush week. Secondly, it is a picture of rush week hysteria and Greek Letter Star Chamber sessions at a western university town. This year, for the first time, the play was presented three nights. The double leads were Phyllis Holtzel and jack Peckinpaugh, Virginia Hutchens and Dick George, who played the parts of Alice and Bud. Lew was played by Nathan Roth. Below'-fA scene from the Gmicron Chi House. The girls are discussing the rushees for the last time before they issue the bids. Pictured from left to right are: Clara Laughlin, Phyllis Copeland. Gloria Pearson, Genera Smith, Virginia Hiner, Geneva Bishop, Betty Luellen, Pat Miller, Mary Kalk. Seated on the floor is Gerry Wilson. Page FiftyfSi qt . H i , s ri K, f . f- 2- jj?-5 ,"f ' Eiwlif Vi -f ,. Z - "" in M .. x,,. , , M1 I K 'xr . ' . ,aifflf Q, . .Q V Q sk qw . A , will 'Q ' W 1 ,- - k .. .:. ,. ,,, V . , sy Z Qi K IW, E Our Prom was truly a gala affair 1, is , a"' j aaa: ff , "Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to welcome you to the Junior Prom of 1945. We present to you this evening a 'Tropical Luauf We take you to an unf charted island in the South Seas." So hegan last year's prom. All the guests were fascinated by the colorful sarongs, the tropical songs and dances, and the gay, lively skits. It was an island scene complete with natives, dancers, warriors, medicine man, and a king. The entertainment was climaxed by a village dance. During the intermission, cokes and potato chips in pineapple containers were served. Dick Powell's orchese tra played. Judy Capshaw was crowned queen hy the class president, Boh Mathews. Her crown was of pink car' nations. judy's attendants were Betty Luellen, Melba Cross, Charline Hastings, Maxine Gordon, and Mary Kalls Page Fifty Dances "Come on, chillun"f-yez dance"-the theme of the high school "gang" every Friday night. School dances make a school year memorahle and we had some dances this year to fill our memory books. The dances were sponsored hy the various cluhs of the high school. Each eluh is allowed to sponsor one dance every year to ref plenish its treasury. The music was super, the lights were dim, and everyhody was there. We'll never forget those high school dances. of or J 1 ' l .. Qwjg, . Below . . . This looks like a Pepsodent ad . . Poindextefs "hot seven" give out . . . The floor's crowded. Must have heen a slow one. i'j"ll , L Q. 1 fx 'mm .Y ,fi 1 ' fqxl' ,4E.,f'f-gl,5'i' ,N . '1 4 i'i3,'Q? ' .B . T' r'7f74 T... 'ff , S. - 'f 1 'ff' ' gfxgffjz gi 1 'ggi' S V., lag, as 18,1 ,.g.,4 A 1 6,41 Lge FifLj,'fNi11e gs, The canteen . . favorite Trojan hangout The favorite hangout of the younger set of New Castle is the Trojan Trading Postgour high school canteen. To satisfy the need for a youth recreational center, the pingfpong room and the lounge of the Y.M.C.A. were redecorated three years ago and christened the Trojan Trading Post. Since then Mr. C. A. Witteiilwralrerfcir Witt, as we all call himf---has taken time from his duties as director of the "Y" to he responsible for the upfkeep of the canteen. The canteen council which governs the activities of the canteen consists of a rnemher from each of the high school clubs. The council is under the direction of Mr. Maurice Parsons. Unlike most canteens of other towns the Post is open every night with the exception of Sundays and holidays. A minority of our dignified seniors relax The "hot spot" on El Friday night. Page . . . A good view of the draperies . . . Cur g olden-throated group Hats off to this year's choir and their keen director, Mr. George Small. Mr. Small, who hails from Shelhyville, taught at Williziiii and Mary College, Virginia. He directed our choir in many fine performances. Among these were Senior Vespers, Baccalaureate, Class Day, and many afternoon performances. The choir also gave two performances on the Muncie radio for the New Castle P.T.A. We especially liked their contrihution to the Four Arts Show, "Cavalcacle of America." Row 1-Nanc y McCahan, Edra Conway, Lou Ann Kluse, Imogene Patton, Helen Shaffer, Patty Hinshaw, Joan Devenin g. jeanne Harvey, Betty Riley, Charlotte New, Evelyn Denny, Norma Lee Andrews, ,loycele Scott. Row 2-Christine White, Delores Reynolds, Dorothy Higgs, Gloria Pearson, Betty Carter, Betty Payne, Doris Brenneman, Dorothy Brenneman, .loan Tidrow, Norma Stewart, Doris Pleasant, Barhara Lindley. Row 3-Joyce Hood, Alton Wzltts, Stanley Niles, Leon Davis, Herhert lVlLiX,V,l1Ul'ICl'. Lewis Carnes, jim Hntchens, Stanley Duncan, jim Reayis, Keith Hinshaw, Ralph Garner. Page SixtyfOne The musicminds of our school HAH We are justly proud of our marching band-- one of the finest in the state. Due to the lack of transportation facilities, out of town performances were limited to one at the Muncief-Y New Castle football game this year. Activities included Sunday concerts and light, spiritfinspiring music at the football and basketball games. We say the members of the hand deserve a lot of credit for a lot of hard work. Orchestra This year our orchestra provided us with def lightful and appropriate music at Sunday concerts, Four Arts show, Crescendo Varieties, Baccalaureate, and Commencement exercises. Under the capable direction of Mr. Chenoweth, who is also our band director, the orchestra progressed rapidly during the year. We'd like them to know that we appreciate their participation in the school activities. Row 1-Marjorie Lewis, Gloria Pearson, Stanley Duncan, Freda Wilt, Phyllis Copeland, Marilyn Payne, Ruth Ann jordan. Row 24Charles Rouse, Herbert Lewis, Cynthia Shirk, jackie Greig, Betty McClain, Emily Gilreath. Dorothy D. Higgs, Betty Ostlund, Donna Jacobs, Betty Lindley, Virginia Hutchens, Donna Greig, janet Teetor. .. Row 3-Luella Crauder, jo Ann johnson, Rosalyn Fields, Martha Rinard, Bob Neff, Lewis Poindexter, Harold Longworth, Bob Small, Bob VanBebber, john Logan, Dale Rouse, Charles Rinehart, C. Addison, Porter Poindexter, Pat Armstrong, Lula Lee Reavis, Lois Dazey. Row 4-,Ioan Mitchell, Edward Marshall, jack Vogel, jimmy Ashton, jackie Paul, Mary Ann Foyst, Director Gene Chenoweth, Marilyn Craw, Sally Clilit, Patty Allen. "Au Band Row 1-Judith Capshaw, 'lack DeWitt, Tom Underwood, George Small, jr., Charles Rinehart, Gene Vxforthington, Herbert Lewis, Charles Preble, johnny Black, Emily Gilreath, Betty M3Clain, Harold Dye, Jack Cannon, Geneta Smith. Row 2- Gerry Wilson, jerry Ellis, joe Ramsey, ,lane Dillinan, Marjorie Lewis, Dorothy D. Higgs, Virginia Hutchens, Betty Lindley, Bonnie Wright, ,Iewell Wriglit, joyce Crider, Donna Jacobs, Dee Ann Jessup, James Crane. Row 3-Gene Jarvis, Beverly NVinning, Buddy Williams, Carolyn Ballinger, Betty Lister, Phyllis Copeland, C, Addison, Marilyn W'ebb, Eldora Ankrom, ,lean Meadows, Delores Reynolds. Row 4-Paul Wright, Eugene Bailey, Dale Rouse, Harold Longworth, jim Collom, Keith Davis, ,lim Hutchens, Charles Rouse. Row 5-Rex Bailey, Bob DeWeese, Richard johnson, Don Bailey, john Logan. C Q age Sixtyffhree Those old faithfuls of our school Tri Row 1-Dorothy Higgs, Peggy Ramsey, Marjorie Young, Betty Luellen, Clara Laughlin, Charline Hastings, Margaret Rose Hall, Norma Lee Andrews, Patricia Miller. Row 2-Ioan Devening, Mary Lou Cawein, Barbara Gauehat, Gerry Wilson, Gloria Turpin, Donna Ryan, Joan Roberts, Geneta Smith, Melba Cross, Charlene Pate, Ioyce Hendricks. Row 3-Patricia Todd, Beverly Winning, Beverly Cox, Imogene Sparks, Dorothy Rains, lean McKechnie, Ruth Ann jordan. Row 4-Dorothy Weddell, Betty Lister, Virginia Hutchens, Phyllis Dalton, Betty Polk, Delores Davis, Martha Dunaway. Row 5-Phyllis Copeland, Miss Wilma Love, sponsorg Carolyn Ballinger, Barbara Holloway, Judith Capshaw, Virginia Hiner, Martha Mendenhall. Hi Club The TrifHi Club met every Wednesday evening to discuss plans for a pledge banquet, hayfride, Holiday Dance, Heart's Hop, TrifHi Reunion, Mother and Daughter Banquet, Lettermen's Banquet, and the annual Senior Party. One of the most important aims of the club is community service. The girls conf tributed to the Doll Fund to make war orphans happy, passed blankets at a basketball game to help with the March of Dimes, and sold Tuberculosis stamps at Christmas. The Tri- Hi Club presents the school with a gift each year. Miss Wilma Love is the club sponsor. Club officers for the year were Betty Luellen, president, Charline Hastings, vicefpresiclentg Margaret Rose Hall, secretary, Clara Laughlin, treasurer. Page Sixty Fou A dandy bunch of Trojan High boys HI The meeting will now come to order. All old business having been taken care of, we will now discuss plans for the hayride, Harvest Hop, Holiday Dance, Father and Son Banquet, Best Girl Banquet, and the sponsor' ing of a school dance. Arrangements must be made for entertainment at the half of ra -Y ball game and the outfitting of a needy student. Before the new members are formally initiated, their complete projects must be handed to our sponsor, Mr. Francis Reed. Cfficers for the year are James Lee, president, Leland Macer, vicefpresidentg Bob Mathews, secretary, joe Ramsey, treasurer. Row 1-james Spera, James Crane, Nathan Roth, Leland Macer, Tom Waggoner, James Lee, Russell Coers, Bob Mathews, Dick George, ,loc Ramsey, James Sherman. Row 2--John Barry, David Day, Bob Nichols, Bob Helms, Roscoe Keesling, jay Gray, Bill Kirby, Mac Parker, jack Peckinpaugh, Bob Keesling, Howard Millis. Row 3-Bob Neff, Richard Miles, Buddy Hackleman, Donald Poer, Philip Solomon, Gene Allen, Roger Covert, Morton Shapiro, john Riggs, Dick Tully. Row 4-Bob Small, Sherman Catt, David Smith, Jack VanHoose, Emerson Robbins, Bill Carter, Charles Green. Row 5-Ed Harter, john Bland, Don Burk, Ed Arnold, Richard Johnson, Marvin Gernstein, Geng Elis, Ralph Gooding. .nn Q.'v+M. FJ.-A The girls who think of others The Sunshine Society is open to all girls in high school. To become a member you must earn a number of points by serving your school and community. The motto is "Others" At Christmas time the Society sends fruit baskets to shutfins. One of the highlights this year is that each girl has selected an ideal lady. This girl is kept unknown to the person chosen until the end of the year. A party is held and the lady chosen then knows the girl who has chosen her. The Society has charge of the pencil machines in the niain hall, and selling and popping popcorn at all basketball games. This organization is responsible for the Riley Hosf pital Fund held each year in the spring. They end their year's activities with the beautiful Easter sunrise service followed by a breakfast. The officers this year were Martha Mendenhall, president, Mary Ann Eoyst, vice- presidentg Thelma Wilsciii, recording secretaryg Patty Devine, corresponding secretaryg Jo Ann Johnson, treasurer. Row 1-Sylvia VanHoose, Janir Vsfadinan, Barbara Pate, Sara Vsfeston, June Wzidiiiliii, Marth Mendenhall, Mary Ann Eoys Peggy Ramsey, Jo Ann Johnsoi Patty Devine, Nancy McGaha1 Joan Devening. Row 2-Nanc Harding, Phyllis Harry, Arveli Webber, Mary Alice Todd, Bett Wziiatz, Doris Perdew, Doris Luthc Row 3-Charmaine Murray, Ma iorie Holtzel, Edna Stokes, Joa VanMatre, Delores Royce, Lo Stoops, Lula Lee Reavis, Marily Webb, Joyce Tully, Phyllis Buncl Vera Lee Turpin. Row 4- Gwendolyn Eellers, Wzliida Este, Virginia Dickerson, Betty Mende hall, Edith Tutterrow, June Razo Jean Meadows, Mary Tainbuc Row 5-Betty Payne, Margar Meggs, Joetta Stegner, Maril Payne, Marjorie Maher, Jan Teetor, Barbara Beall, Mary Rinar Row 1-Frances Frost, Eval Denny, Betty Higgins, Jean Harvey, Patty Hinshaw, Lin Harrison, Nancy Begeinan, L Ann Kluse, Cynthia Jane Ne Betty Ritter, Joan Summa Row 2-Eileen Wzilker, Alve Bergin, Ann Frary, Henrietta Go Bunny Jones, Patty Allen, Be Brooks, Lela Denny, Harriet L Mary Sue Hunnicutt, Juanita Ke Joyce Crider. Row 3-Annab Spannuth, Farel Bono, N Dinkins, Hilda Broyles, Joan Cas Barbara Andis, Elizabeth Larrim lvlary Cowan, Patty Ellis, J Hudson. Row 4-Nancy Sm Ellen Jane Wilkinscnri, Arvilla C Judith Capshaw, Barbara Lind Gloria Irwin, Eva Blackburn, Be Denny, Luella Crauder. R0 -Martha Burden, Mrs. Fyli Fisher, sponsor: Charlotte N Donna Greig, Lois Dazy, Ge Bishop, Doris Cowan. TI- K". P The newest Tri-Hi-Y organization The TrifRatio Cluh was organized last year. There are two chapters, the Alpha and the Tri Beta Delta. The cluh is a hranch of the TrifHifY. During the year the cluh has taken part in various school activities. Among them were formal initiation, Mother and Daughter vw 1-Geneva Bishop, Erma llivan, Janelle Bailey, Martha nson, Eleanor Farmer, Marjorie mklin, Nancy McGahan, Ruhy mhbs, Thelma Wilsiiii. Row 2 Christine Robinson, Ann Frary, tty Wzilker, Martha Overman, :donna Waln, Norma Bowman, iris Hoclgin, Allie Catron, Jessie :Gahan. Row 3--Betty Walleii. rbara Tout, Dorothy Shaw, Joan ainscott, Maxine Gordon, Jean trell, Nancy French, Joan Utt. iw 4-Dollie Stilwell, Mary Lou :hter, Eugena Bertram, Virginia right, Elizabeth Bruton, Marv wan, Mary Carman, Marcelle :Farland. Row 5-Patricia ies, Margaret Marks, Jeannette ck, Alice Osborne, Darlene llkinson, Annahelle Spannuth, ulah Denny, Essie Faye Lynch. w 1-Evelyn Scott, Phyllis zwer, WHIId2l Rohinson, Irene vis, Joan Elrod, Mary Alyce xwford, Louise Fine, Helen Bush, is Smith. Row 2-Betty Simpf s, Janice Rees, Betty Sutherland, ielle Jarvis, Juanita Cory, Phyllis well, Betty Mendenhall, Thelma ichureh. Row 3-Dorothy ree, Opal Bell, Betty Whittoii, ie Harvey, Sally Sauter, Phyllis pejoy, Jean Cross. Row 4- ne Rouse, Miss Helen Rupley l Miss Martha Shelley, sponsors, .ty Kennedy. 'age Six1:yfSeven Banquet, pep session, hayfride, Mother and Daughter Tea, and their annual Senior Party. These girls also eontrihuted generously to the March of Dimes. Miss Martha Shelley and Miss Helen Rupley are the two sponsors of the eluh. The sporty gals and the younger Hi-Y's The Girls' Athletic Association meets every Thursday night in the Armory. Under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth E. Andrews, the girls gain skill in such sports as basketball, volleyball, hitfpin, and tumbling. The club strives for healthier bodies and cleaner living. Each year the club sponsors a school dance. Club officers for the year are Hazel Vkfilkinson, president, Betty Walleii, vicefpres' ident: Cecelia Rifner, secretaryg Christine Phipps, treasurer. Row 1-Nancy Harding, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Jane Mastin, Grace Mc' Kechnie, Christine Phipps, Hazel Wilkinson, Betty Wallen, Cynthia Neff, Betty McClain. Row 2- Martha Pine, Joan Crawford, Edra Conway, Frances Baker, Barbara Wiley, Mary VanBoven, Patricia Prosser, Barbara Sears, Linda Harrison, Marilyn Payne, Marjorie Maher, Patricia Scott. Row 3- Donna Ammerman, Erma Lou Hill, Billie Jean Sparks, Virginia Whecf ler, Phyllis Sidwell, Sally Sauter, Janet Teetor, Joyce Crider, Marilyn Webb, Helen Shaffer. Row 4- Dainty Tungate, Arvella Webber, Judith Shepherd, Luclla Crauder, Lois Lineback, Mz1i'y Ann Foyst, Mrs. Pitch and Miss Ruth Andrews, sponsors. Row 5- Velma Chesher, Ruby Puckett, Eileen Walker, Dorthia Barnes, Rosalind McKinsey. The purpose in organizing the Questers' HifY Club was for adventure in service, fair play, clean thinking, and Christlike living at home, at school, and throughout the com' munity. Any freshman or sophomore boy is eligible for membership. This year the club sent representatives to the District HifY Conf ference at Anderson, the Older Boys' Conf ference at Terre Haute, and the District HifY Conference at Muiicie. In March they sponf sored a school dance, The Shamrock Swing. Mr. Maurice Parsons is the club sponf sor. Officers for the year were Tom Burk, president, James Dailey, vicefpresidentg Davisbsecretaryg Edward Clevenger, treasurer. Row 1-Vv'illiani Smith, Stanley Duncan, Vxfilliain Palmblade, Larry Barry, Richard Bavender. Row 2 -Glen Crane, Keith Hodgin, Bob Bavendcr, Gene Sheffield, Edward Clevenger, Richard Horseman, Charles Davis. Row 3-Harold Longworth, Richard Young, Toni Burk, Charles Cassady, James Dailey, Stanley Meek, Row 4- Havcy Carender, Gene Jarvis, Theron Lowery, Joseph Burris, George Bortlein, Jerry Charles. The Romans Row 1-Jane Dillman, Joan Craw' ford, Evelyn Denny, Freida Dicker' son, Peggy Miles, Dorothy Moffit, Jane Roseberry, Joyce Crider, Mari' lyn Payne, Harriett Lee, Mary Sue Hunnicutt, Delores Reynolds, Nancy McCahan, Marjorie Lewis, Row 2--Lois Maple, Mary Mill'- kan. Patricia Todd, Nettie Thrasher Judith Capshaw, Charlene Pate, Beverly Cox, Sally Sauter, Jean Meadows, Patricia Hinshaw, Linda Harrison, Nancy Begeman, Jean Howren, Phyllis Smith, Jackie Paul. Row 3-Marvin Clark, Richard Teager. Betty Carter, Miss Mabel Hodson, sponsor: Patricia Vores, Dorothy Rains, Phyllis Sidwell. Barbara Beall, Janet Teetor, Marilyii Weblw, Caroline Jones, Betty Mc' Clain, Lois Dazey, Norma Stewart, Nina Furhee. Row 4-Charles Rouse. James Reavis, Carolyn Ballinger, Alan Yergin, David Day, Marvin Gernstein, Bob Niles, Row 5-Eugene Dickerson, Bob Neff, Mac Parker, John Riggs, Bob Kecsling, Mzirk Ucker, Morton Shapiro, Jay Gray, Charles Ashton. The Latin Club met once each month. The membership was made up of students enrolled in Latin classes. The most important event of the year was the Roman Banquet, where all the first year students acted as slaves and served the second and third year Latins. These members participated in mytholf ogy contests, sponsored a dance, and gave Roman playlets for each other. At the end of the year pins were awarded to all third year Latin students. Miss Mabel Hodson is the club sponsor. Club officers for the year were Frieda Dickerf son, president, Marilyn Payne, vicefpresidentg Mary Millikan, secretary: Joyce Crider, treasf urer. ' and the homemakers The members of the Home Economics Club are known to all of us as the Future Homemakers of America. The club has forty' five members this year. Their motto, "Toward New Horizons," expresses the purposes of the organization-- learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. The colors of the club, are symbolic of youth. The flower, is symbolic of vibrant, -a necessary attribute for efficiency. The club sponsors are Roney and Mrs. Judith Grigsb for the year are Eldora Ank Betty Vxfhitton, vieefpresidentg secretary, Essie Faye Lynch, red and white, red rose, their glowing health happiness and Miss Elizabeth y. The officers rom, president, Beulah Denney, treasurer. Row 1-Doris Poore, Sylvia Smith, Frances Frost, Beulah Denny, Nancy McGahan, Eldora Ankrom, Georgia McGill, Anna Thompson. Row 2-Vivian Nichols, Esther Neal, Nina Furbee, Yettiva Thompf son, Patricia Vores, Betty Brooks, Beverly Sprinkle. Row 3-Doro' thy Ivy, Barbara Vifiley, Joyce Smith Martha XVhitton, Adonna Wliite Laura Gray, Fannie Stockton Row 4-Mrs. Cvrigsby, sponsor: Margaret Marks, Annabelle Span' nuth, Mary Millikan, Margaret Dalton, Miss Elizabeth Roney, sponsor. s a The machinists andthe musicians The Machinists Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. C. S. Kinder, has enjoyed the facilities of the K. of P. recreational hall on Thursday nights. The K. of P. awards free membership to the outstanding Machine Trades student of the year. Other activities of the club include fall and spring picnics, a rabbit supper for fathers and sons, and the sponsorship of a pep session and school dance. Club officers for the year are Eugene Ratcliff, presidentg Raymond Porter, vicefpresidentg Tom Cashdollar, secretaryftreasurerg and Robert Stokes, social chairman. The Crescendo Club has a membership of seventyffive. It meets once every month. Honorary members are friends who participate in the club's activities but are not allowed to be officers or to vote. The purpose of this organization is to develop a keener knowledge of music and of its composers. This club is responsible for one of the gayest, most colorful events of the year, Crescendo Varieties. The sponsors are Mr. Gene Chenoweth and Mr. George Small. Officers for the year were james Crane. presidentg Phyllis Copeland, vicefpresidentg Dorothy Higgs, secretaryftreasurer. The scientists and the athletes Anyone interested in science may become a member of the Science Society. You need not he a science student to belong. The purpose in organizing a club of this sort is to introduce science to more students. The club managed to secure a number of important speakers for their meetings. Among these speakerq were Dr. B. L. Harrison, Robert Thompson, P. R, M.1llory, Scott Chambers, Dr. Parker, and others. The Club sponsors are Mr. George Bronson and Mr. Ivan Hodson. Qfficers for the year were Richard johnson, presidentg Chester Sanders, yiccfpresidentg James Hutchens, treasurerg Joyce Hendricks, secretary. MCllllVCfSlllP to the Varsity Club symbolizes the dream of every N,H.S, boy, for to become a member he must first earn a letter in some sport. The club was organized by former coaches for the purpose of bettering athletics and has been carried on by those now teaching, Each year the TrifHi Club gives a banquet in honor ol' the lettermen. l The cream of our crop Not over 15' per cent of the seniors and 5 per cent of the juniors are eligible to belong to the National Honor Society. Meinf bers are selected and approved by the faculty on the following qualifications: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Activities of the year are selling Christmas cards, usher' ing at convocations, sponsoring of the Victory Clothing Drive, keeping a scrapbook history of the school, and compilation of the honor roll. The main social event is a formal ban' Nat1ona1 Honor Society quet at which new members are inducted into the society. Officers are elected each semester Those members holding offices the first sem' ester were Leland Macer, president, Virginia Hiner, vice-president, Ruth Ann Jordan, sec' retaryg Norma Lee Andrews, treasurer. The officers for the second semester were Bob Mathews, president, Betty Luellen, vicefpresil dent, Dorothy Weddell, secretary, Margaret Rose Hall, treasurer. Row 1-Dorothy Wcddell, Virginia Hiner, Margaret Rose Hall, Ruth Ann jordan, Norma Lee Andrews. Row 2--Christine Phipps, Leland Macer, Betty Luellcn, Charline Hastings. Row 3-.loc Ramsey, Miss Catherine Ratcliffe, Bob Mathews. Page Seventy Tw We stand for student government Student government is the primary ohjeet if the Student Council Other objectives are to develop student responsibility initiitive leadership school pride md to promote worthy citizenship training. The cluh, under the sponsorship of our pr1ne1p1l Mr E S Castor sponsors a school dance and a Class Day dance Officers for the year were Norma Lee And f d R Covert, vieefpresidentg joan Devening secretary Eugene Hastings treasurer Row 1-Dorothy Higgs. Betty Lind' ley, Marilyn NVebh, Marjorie Franklin, Virginia Hiner, Eugene Hastings, Row 2-Phyllis Bunch, Juanita Kern, Dorothy Weddell, Delores Davis, Mr. E. S. Castor, sponsor. Row 3- vlean Howren, Martha Mendenhall, Roger Covert, David Day, Richard johnson. Row 1iCl1l11'lCS Gruhhs, Boh Rose' ucrry, Eugene Hastings. Row 2- Vlarilyn Wehh, loan Devening, Linda l'Iarrison, Phyllis Bunch, Norma Lee indrexvs, june Vv'adman. Row 3- 3ctty Lindley, Lois Dazey, Martha Vlendcnhall, Dorothy Weddell, Juanita fern. Row 4-Tom Cashdollar, Vlac Parker, Tom Vxfaggoner, Dick George, Roger Covert, Richard john' on, Mr. E. S. Castor, sponsor, Lge Seventyf'Tlwee These people may teach our children Row 1-Alice Osborne, Jessie MeGahan, Maxine Gordon, Row 2-joan Roberts, Mary Millikan, Patty Lines, Doris Brennerrian. Row 3--Richard Dicken, Annabelle Spannutli, Marcelle McFarland, Row 4-Bill Kirby, Emerson Robbins, Howard Millis. Row 5-Tom Yxfaggoner, Leland Maeer, Eddie Harter. "Lct's get quiet, please. Recess is over," says one of the cadet teachers to his class. Almost every period of the day you see one of the above people getting his coat on to go to a teaching job at the Hernly, Bundy, Holland, or junior l-ligh Building. What is cadet teaching? lt is an ex' periinent to give practical, firsthand experience to those interested in teaching as a profession. The 28 seniors enrolled are assigned by Miss Pearl Dunn, grade school supervisor, to rooms where help will be most valuable. ln this way cadet teaching helps to relieve the crowded conditions and shortage of teachers existing in the elementary grades. Cadet teachers not present in the picture are as follows: Virginia Hutehens, Carolyn Ballinger, Maxine McClain, Mildred Chesher, Patricia Miller, Barbara Holloway, Rozetta Haynes, Tom Underwood, Bill Peacock, Bob Preble, james Crane, Dick George. pn rw .Qf1m'nfv Foil l I I I Q Q Q ige SeventyfFi'ue The gridiron gang of 1945 wi.. l Row 1-John Whzileii, james Neal, Bob Helms, Ralph Clemons, jack Peckinpaugh, John Mastiii, Bob Keesling. Row 2--Tom Wziggoner, Emerson Robbins, Max Cory, Roscoe Keesling, Bill Kirby, blames Garvin, Ed Harter, Russell Coors, Row 3-,lay Gray, Bill VanBel3ber, Robert Archey, George Gruler, James Reno, Russell Eurbce, Edward Triescliman. Row 4-Mac Parker, Stanley Harding, Max McGee, Donald Baker, jim Dailey, Gerald Arcliey, Edgar Wailleii, Paul Lorton. Row 5-john D. Ianzaruk, coach, Noble Ford, manager, Morton Shapiro, manager, Lungan Hay, assistant coach, 1 lvlortou Slmpiro, Bolu Nichols, Nxitlizm Rotli. and Noble Ford served as student iuanzigers. l l l l Page SeventyfSi .,,..,.... ...W .,.- . Our Trojans left a trail of victims Our Trojans opened their 1945 season on September 14th with a very convincing 40+ffZ victory over the Seymour Owls. Then on September 21st, donning their traveling clothes, they went to meet a dangerous Rich' mond eleven. They came out of this scuffle with a ZOAO victory. At Rushville on Sep' tember 28th they fought their way through mud and rain to overcome the Rushville Lions 35-13. October ith they came upon one of the state's toughest gridiron teams-Marion. After scoring two touchdowns the first half, they held the Marion team scoreless to go on to win 13-O. Playing October 12th on a strange gridiron, they met a tough and deter, mined Broad Ripple team, which held the Trojans to a scoreless tie. October 19th they met the Anderson Indians and subdued them to the tune of '7-6. On October 24th they met a very smart and brilliantly coached Shortridge team. The Trojan eleven slipped to a 13-12 victory over the Blue Devils., They met the fast Southport eleven on Octof ber 29th. The Trojans came from behind a 6-O score and defeated the Southport Oar' dinals 13-6. Then on November 2nd was the game of the season between the old conference rivals, Muncie and New Castle. This game was to determine the conference championship. The eyes of the state were upon these two teams. But the mighty Trojans, after playing aggressive, spirited, headsfup ball all the way, still found themselves on the short end of the score 27-7. The Trojans played a real game that night, a game that was a credit to every member of the team and to the coaches. To these three men goes the main credit for having a successful football season. John "Jan" janzaruk, head football coach, kept the boys in good spirit all the time by that "friendly" person' ality. "jan" ranks among the best coaches of Indiana. Langan "Pretty Boy" Hay and William "Doc" Makowsky are the best assistants a coach can have. These two fellows, who were always ready to help the boys, were the backfbone of that mighty Trojan spirit-WIN! 1ge SeventyfSeven .4 Q . ! ,st Smashing, driving, tackling . . Bill Kirby-qiiarterfhaek, senior. No' hody could lead interliercnce like "Blackie", who was a natural at eatehf ing flat passes. Bob Keeslingdend, junior. uEars" is a inighty good player, Witli his ex' perience and ability, helll go places next year. Emerson Robbins-hallfhaek, senior "Sonny" is noted as the scooterflwug ol' New Castle. He is little, but has the drive!!! Jay Gray-hallfhaek, senior. i'W:ilt" was one of thc best kiclccrs in thc state and was chosen on the third team of the state. Tom Waggoner-fiillfhziek, senior Porlc's drive and determination weiv an inspiration to his teammates. John Whalen-eiid, junior. "Fish never said much, hnt in his cas action speaks louder than words, an he had plenty of action, Pn an Seiientvf Ffiolu ggi! a- 'Z X2 gl? . ff :ur team drove on . . and on n Mastin-trickle, senior, johnny much improved over last year. er returning from thc lvlerchaiit inc, he gave all hc had to loothall. sell Cocrs-lialffhack. senior. "Flea" ft play inuch, but won the admif Jn of players and coaches with spirit. ge Seventyflline Jack Peckinpaughhcciiter, senior, u,lI'OI1'!Tl1111v played evcry iiiinute ol' every ball game. Hc wasn't big, hut determined. Robert Helnis-guzird, senior 'lPuttcrf haughu was the biggest man on the team and could shift that 220 lbs. to where it hurt, james Nealstucklc, senior, 'lBecch' mit" loved football and was the life ol' thc team. A mighty tough boy with lots of spirit. Ralph Clciuunskguard, junior, "Ciolli" was the smallest man on the team, hut made up for it by his aggressive' ness. Rugged boy, bl, ..,. Q W, Q, . WX... 2 I KY. ,ff i, , v Y., - . ,,'A 1 5 , + n Q - V f W nf ' A K wa p kim - f i im 'rf-'nywaugmf-"f'wf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M " K wifi 3 f nf Qi 45 ar? b,,fV,g5 Q eq 41 H ' fy 47 ,144 " 'f f 4 ' ' A 9 f -9,31 ' ,f - i Q- " A ' df 5 ,. 4 1 rw 7 E kg I , L 4 Q 1 f 24 W4 if I' 'ur ur 5 m a A, ,yL, ' Typical scenes in afternoon practice There is always more to football than just playing the game. It takes weeks and weeks of hard preparation for the boys to get in shape and for them to learn their plays. After the season starts, there is night after night of hard grueling practice, where the boys are taught to tackle, block, and run. Also on these practice nights the boys take part in 'kskull" practice, which consists of a mental review of plays so they can be called to mind at once in the huddle. All of the boys were strict in their training rules and did without their favorite foods. To these boys a great deal of credit is due for helping to make this year a very successful one in N.H.S. athletics New Castle is truly proud of them. Here are a few pictures of a typicil practice session. Row 1-The senior boys of the N,H.S. football squad Theirs is the job finished and well done . A warm-up scrimmage for the first twentyftwo, Row 2-Whalen and Keesling practicing a little blocking technique , . . The mighty "Cookie in full flight . . . Part of next year's returning veterans. Row 3-This is a part of the equipment used to build up thc inusclcs and thc drive that is needed for a back to charge through the line or for a lincinan to set up a fast interferenct This is what they call a mixfup in plays. A behind-the-scenes glimpse l --Halrler, Gray, un Take il look at our three terrors of the town. These boys are the trio of seniors which gave the scoring punch to the team. Hzmrter was an expert at onefhanded flingsg Jay was a killer at hook- shots, and when Gray zlinied on zi set shot-fthafs all, brother! "Chuck" and the hoyx talk things over at hail- time. Left to right- flULlCll lvlnkowsky, Kees ling, Gray, Parker, Juv. Harrier, Couch uChnek" Stuekey. Ry if A iff. . 5553. eu, w E I s sg if A Q? -1-if W 5. . ,air . 5' YS f , 2? i K Bu 5 me is fi? if ,L vs F n ' . .3 if wi Q 5 as 2. if 'V The "Mighty Trojansu of N. H. S. Row 1-Kccsliiig, Gray, Hatter, Jay, Parker. Row 2-Cocrs, Covert, VariH Yeager, Wlizilcii. Our leather-lunged demons oosc, VanBebber. Row 3-Small, Vvfith il htmiig larynx atml plenty xml pup, thcgc lwys amd girls lcd the Flniwvjiiiis tu halttlc. Unit' doing thcmsclycs, thcsc kids had to push thc studciits to yell sometimes. Hats Ulf tu lour mighty Tiwijuiis, --Bill Greer, Matty Kzilk, Elczmoi' Furiiiur, :md Scott Lindley. Page EightyfFo1 "Doon and his second stringers Row 1-VanBebber, Tnrner, Schofield, Haynes, Pierce, Gruler. Row 2-VanHoose, Covert, Small, Coach Makowsky, Garvm, Dailey, Dann. Fhe boys behind the team 2 Eiglztyfive 2 5 Always ready at the instant hid of thc coach, Gene Hastings und Jack Pcckinpangh turned in li vcry capable record. Gene was the hzackhornc ol' the supply department While "Peck" wus Stuckcy's right hand man. fy U . .Q ' X55 .shwrs if Sf " Q- 5 f , l H i9 33 s F! RM 4 , - ,, g Y 3' if . i g I i. ig . W as F A 6 AA K . A It i " ,, k.,,, Q W 1' V S, 3:3 1 A' 51 'eg YXI 4' '4 'iRf'4rv A85 , 129, fi NV I .2 4 s F' F 3 -2- ,l 1 ,lg-..-A M T if' 2 L , V M ' Q ' 4 8 3 'eg 5 9 53' '1 f 5 4? A S 2 9 Q A A ,W f , ,,,,,,Wm Q! mi E, Q: 5 i ,N Q Jr? 5 ..,tl?iz , ' ' g. M K V 'V ,, fn? l K , f, 1 L V2 3 . 35 , Q' 2 ez E 'E W: S QQ? W W0 , gnf Q7 W Y! i i Baseball K Top Row-Lee, Ritenour, Burkhart, Keesling, Spera, Catt . .. Green, Gray, Our boys brought home victory in many ninefinning thrillers. Under the guide ance of Coach Vickers our boys slugged out 10 victories. First to fall beneath the Trojan on- slaught was Spiceland. Then in rapid succesf sion came Lewisville, Knightstown ftwo gamesj, Spiceland in a return game, and Connersville. In another thriller with Conf nersville we were defeated by a score of 10 to 7. Undaunted our boys plunged ahead to defeat the Muncie Bearcats, only to be downed in the following game by Oxford. Goff, Vogel, Harter . . . Green. Bottom Row-Clemons, Neal, Burkhart, Harter . . . Vincent, Vogel, Heck, Catt . . . Coach Vickers. In a night game we snatched a victory from mighty Lafayette. Lady Luck then turned her hack on the men of Troy, for the next four games were hard lost, but hard fought games. In a final spurt of effort the Trudgers flattened Kokomo by a score of 8 to 2. In our last game, as a return match, the rugged men from Muncie were defeated by a score of 18 to 1. Thus ended the 1945 baseball season. This sport ended in fine shape for the second year of its existence. The boys have set quite a record for next year's team to beat. ,,. 5.-3.g,g,pdifi+53,gens?u,5j 'Tf'.'E"i'.'!".T,.if5fJL1iff'a1,:.2'ig,, -4, YY Track Row 1-David Day, Russell Coers, Bob Keesling, Jay Gray, Mac Parker, Clarence Schofielgl. Row 2-Nathan Roth, jim Wrightsman, Roger Covert, John Whalen, -V ,, Bill Kir y. Although they sustained a few losses, the Trojan Tracksters downed their opponents time and time again. Some of the high point men were Mac Parker with 26 W6 points, Bill Kirby with 11, David Day with IU, and Jay Gray with ll points, which he scored in Date April 10 ....... April 13 .... April 17 ....... April 26 ....... May 1 ..,. May 4 ..... May 11 ..... May 19 ..... e E1 ahtvfNine ,il il -- 17. one meet. Other boys on the team were Clarence Schofield, Bob Keesling, Russell Coers, jim Wrightsilian, and Nathan Roth. Most of these boys took part in the Big Ten Conference, Sectional, and State Meets. Opponent Rushville Anderson Southport Connersville Richmond Big Ten Conference Sectional State The famed muscle men of N. H. S. 5 0 x N-X 0 Row 1-Noble Foul . . . Team-Jfop row: Chambers, Lee, Cushdollur, Cham-c. Carter, Burkdall, student manzxger: Bottom row: Poet, johnson, Burns, Sonny Davis, Row 2-Carter and Southport opponent . . . Buys and opponent, Row 3-Carter and Poer . . . Burns, Davis, Lee, Chance, johnson, and Chambers. 9 i H, . iz 4 who fopght two. Fast and mighty are these men Row 1-Langan Hay Don Bittner James Neal, .lim Burns john Gwinn, Bob Thomas John . , , , ,.La.n.zan.a.ka sitting Gene Ailen, Raymond Hawkins, Fred Chance, Luther Bays, Don Pickard, Uarrel Judk1ns.fPete Clark and Bill Vv'hite. Row 2-Harold Franklin, Langan Hay, Bob Thomas.+Luther Bays, Bob Thomas, Langan Hay. ---james Neal. This year the Trojan boxers slugged their way to victory in almost every meet. The boys who went to the Golden Gloves were Bill White, who also knocked out three of his opponentsg jim Burns, Bob Nichols, ,lim Neal, Darrel Judkins, and Ed Glevenger. The runnersfup were Luther Bays, Bob Tho' mas, Tom Reagan, Gene Allen, john Gwinn, Don Bittner, and Fred Chance, who went to the Golden Gloves semi-finals. Other boxers were Charles Hawkins, showed good form, Delmar Baldock, who says was robbed, Pete Clark, who won four and lost one, Pete Schetgen, who K.O.'d Anderson's bestg Don Burk, who won his one and only fight, Tom Gashdollar, who won twog jim Hubbard, who fought three, Don Reece, 1-M' Dec. 7 .,....,. . tKokomo A. C. .,. ...... There K Dec. 18 ...... .,... K okomo A. G. ......,...... Herc Dec. 28. ., ,....... High School Tourney jan. '21 ...,.. ........ A nderson .,....,.......,.... U Here jan. 22 ...... ........, G olden Gloves .,.... Muncie r w jan. 29 ...... ....., G olden Gloves ...... Muncie To i! Feb. 5 ....,,., ...,.. G olden Gloves i...... Muncjc 1 Feb. ll. A, ........ Anderson .....,,..,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, , Thcfc 4 l Feb. 13..... ..... Golden Gloves Finals ,Q ...,,,,, ,,,,, M ungfg L -i, - rge NinetyfO11e 'Xl .1111 sports take time out to pose Should you happen to visit the Armory any Wednesday or Thursday of a school week, you would at once be impressed by the busif nessflike way in which members of the Girls' Athletics Association are participating in the various sports. The coaches, Miss Ruth Andrews and Mrs. Jane Fitch, whose place was later taken by Miss Suzanne Rapp, divided the school year into seasons, thus enabling the girls to do work in several sports. Mrs. Fitch coached tumbling and gym' nastics every Wediiesday evening. Miss Andrews took over on Thursday when the girls played volleyball, hitfpin, basketball, or softball, depending upon the season. Nearly all the girls in school took gym one period every day in the week. Classes were divided into two groupsgone worked in the basement on the mats, while the others were upstairs playing volleyball, basketball, etc. The members of G.A.A. are looking forward to years of increased membership and more adequate facilities. Gerry smiles in a new upsidefdown fashion . . . Now, girls, that isn't the proper equipment for a ball game Miss Andrews and Mrs. Fitch pause to perch on the wall and smile . . . Don't tell me, let me guess!-must be a chorus me . . Well, if you are tired enough, you'll sit anyplace! ,Kwai Kb' , 9 , 3 w if xr T ,Marissa Our last birclls-eye View of school Getting the dope on a transit . . . Musclefman Neal . . . Dinner time . . . Pledges, praise Allah . . . Staff zkl' ' r ff' ' ' ' 1 ti, es time out . . . Marbie .ind Dick pose for their picture . . . Troians on the z oh Smile, please. e NinetyfTh'ree J e mire . . . Good afternoon, Mrs. Eden . . . HORNEY'S MUSIC MODELS APPLIANCES --92513R523OSEQSQGEQEQNSEQNQZQISZSA923L5f3?-- --52Z31?E39?fgQ34?g6?29-- SHAPIRCYS FOODS and BEVERAGES sa Q7 ev Q-2 S3,3NSE6ISE3A32Q?L5si-- -3fSl319ZG92E34SE?69E3-- CONGRATULATIONS to che 1 9 4 6 Graduating Class COFFIN'S Page NinetyfFc FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN New Castle, Indiana '99' 569' 'K'9' 'N9' 69' Cf? V9 K9 K 7 'Q95 495, 5693, 'UPA -2S,f11vgv9Qgv4Qg3+62f2,4- W. T. GRANT Co. Self Service Supply Store 2 Broad Street Ne ...,. ,.,. W. ...,. .W .Q,. .W .q.,. ..,. --QQQRQSQ09398352ES?GN92GN92GIQ96AE9Q 6 we W 0,9 62, za Q A 'A ' 4, ra 'iwfki 1 Q2s9ESv4f23v6Q2w-- VOGUE SHOP Smart Feminine Apparel ge Ninetyfive w Castle, Ind. 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WOOLWORTH COMPANY TI-IE P L A Z A NIXON-PFENNINGER E Y AG NC MEN'S STORE INSURANCE and BONDS ---SEGNQEQHQESSQEQ-333RSZSOSEQSQEQESEGN55.3N?:?Z3I?Z?A5f5Z3L?g3--52,313g?9?E34?E36?E31-f- incoln 12 Mercury 8 Ford Cars 86 Trucks L CROW SALES COMPANY 1124 Broad Sn-ee: Telephones 28 and 29 NEW CASTLE, INDIANA ---QZQNQZQHQXQSSEQ-QEQRQEQOQEQS523EQEQNQEZQNQZQIQFQAQZQLQZL-23?1Q2Q99ZQ4QZ462242-- COMPLIMENTS OF 1.1. NEWBERRY COMPANY 5 - 10 - 25c Store 1326-1328 BROAD STREET "In New Castle it's Newberry's for Values" Page One Hundred Tv B A N K I N G ? fComplete Servicej Save Re ularl i Borrow Wisel g 7 9' SINCE 1873 MEMBER FD N 1 FOR THE BEST CLOTHES Q ALL THE TIME ---GEGNQBZSHQQBSQSSQQQS ge One Hundred 'Three GOODWIN POPE THE MAN'S STORE 0230110.20OSESSZQESEQNQEQNSZSIQZQAQZQLSZQ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 MORRIS Sc 10c 51.00 .I.C 9g?15.?395E3?4?g?5693i-- .L ved HV 5: x -1 5, . 1. HRV 1 4991 E "9 -Ti., V , V. , ' J' ' . V- 1 ' 'V " 1- V ' ff' 7 ' ' VVV..VV , V JV V. 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Suggestions in the New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) collection:

New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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