New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN)

 - Class of 1944

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New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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..-3 ,r ' fn t I U 4 ' . , - . is .W P x 1 5 . . A I 0 .N '- .- .fu 11 'HL YE QT 9 1 we' .J by . .-,- . ,. -, . F ,411 ,, , I -.F -:Vi ,,. E-J.. nw 1. mm... .Q . 1 :Q . ,yy -.,-Q . K 5 , V :'. r THE SCIITH PACIFIC . . ISLANDS CF ADVENTURE AND CHALLENGE WE SERVED IN THE CLASS AND UN THE HUME FRUNT OUR YEAR WAS FILLED WITH SERVICE ON THE HOME FRONT AS WE WORKED TO HELP WIN THE WAR AND INSURE THE PEACE TO FOLLOW. OUR TRAINING AT NEW CASTLE WILL FIT US INTO THE POSTfWAR WORLD TO BE ABLE TO WORK AND TO PERPETUATE THE IDEAS AND IDEALS FOR WHICH WE ARE NOW FIGHTING. mm .,.- , - HQ Q X 5, , aw-,,i gg 1. l N Fi wr , Q 14: Af. F ix . as . M j Q p. - K ' -4' 9 A 'Q rgjgflrww s A i , xx E R . Y-Nr" A X Sv' N 'ff' 4 i 'QA I Z - bt fkgaf li'-li P Xi- Sea I S af Fi QM--, WWE, ., 51 , I S- f 1 Q 7:-. , A , ,W , E wg 5 M . E-s iii L- vii ' -i x N, , fs, It -es? LS ww fx 5 QS., s awww? . is L N w :1 'T if ' mi? -X 1: W X an M N :...- 15: is ,J i-se-., , -..........,.-w,..- .. . . -,..,.-,.v-..'v,..,.,...,xN 'x Q . .. TR Rx Q . f e 4 - 1 A n R -x X. X 3 , Q .. . QE-- .ANS ws- X , f if .z . 1' hz, X it -W' shi ,. ' K '.s'if aw, . . xl, Wi? . . -- 215- f BT fn 'I' "fin:-1 fo. A , V -. - -- N -Q Q 1 v ... ...,v.-M 1. i an 59 as . . A if --fr. '- ...' i,,QW,, . Q, WF Yi xx I! 'vIi3,,,nv ,QW ,ggi .. A W 04 a L1 . Q www MA.. fffi FUR ACTIUN W'HILE OUR ARMED FORCES CONQUER THE ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC AS STEPPINC STONES TO SUCCESS, NVE STUDENTS AT NENV CASTLE ENCACE IN THE ISLANDS OF ACTIVITY PICTURED IN THIS BOOK AS STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL CAREERS AT HOME AND IN THE ARMED SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY. Spanish under Miss Poguc Iiclps us to Lliidcrstzliid our GOOD NEICHBORS. Our QIFIIICLI foitcs and industry nccd pcoplc with ll Imckgmiiiid iii math amd physics. DEDICA TION if il ,U LT. Cjgj HERBERT L. I-IELLER Navy 140 cjo Fleet Post CfHce San Francisco, California CPL. C. H. COPELAND lst U. S. Inf. Div. Arty. Band R. P. C. 1 cfo Postmaster New York, N. Y. ENSIGN J. R. Rooms Naval Net Depot Terminal Island QSan Pedroj, California l'. F. C. VJILLIAM D. KLEYLA 9th A. G. F. Band HZCZ CAMA A. P. O. 180 Los Angeles, Cal. 5 . M.- A. AROLINE I. I E N I S inns - ' -. . an f'LovALTY I. 1, , ATHLETICS 4,51 AA.fxAA, 'f ' W X: A444 ' 2 .J B-OUNT . 3, AAAA' A foun may I C J . TIMOR I. M1 - 'ff' W ' UNDERCLASSMEN AA-AA! -'mr ,.-rj.. 'X 'twin 'IM' t 1- JC-+ :,, w Q' ' 1, ' ffm-1,IRLu'm u ! M ' Bmw soLoM0N I. Um1,l3ukb semons Q J rw AAA., I Y h 51, C PHOENIX l. ,, 1 " A "' FACULTY c' C " TVX +. X MARSHALL I. ll MEN an .senvncs I C-J 'N 'W' g. o Ql hPai ifi ?I?l21T:l?'a 'M Y O Lg, BICYCLE CUURT Page Seven FUREWURD HOPINC TO MAKE THIS ROSENNIAL MORE THAN A DECORATION IN THE FAMILY BOOKCASE, THE MEMBERS OF THE 1944 ANNUAL STAFF IIAVE ENDEAVORED TO CAPTURE THE MEMORIES OF EXPERIENCES IN THIS EVENTFUL YEAR AND TO KEEP FOR YOU THE THINGS YOU WANT TO REMEMBER. ARMURY And thc bell rings . . . . Girls holding hgmd57 Diguificd seniors putting on thc olc' charm . . . Dfilft got too rough, fcllzlhs . . l'cckfz1flwoo . . . . . Boys gossiping? Supcrmcu in N. H. S., tlmfs il lung way down . . . . Hi yourself! TIME UUT MEN IN SERVICE M N NN F Sw X we A4 49' jk I 4,2921 I Y 1 I H Q X Zigi AA, M. r g. g- --:- ' ll . Ali I r",1fHf ' ' 'I Wim: fl M, 'Viv' IDN' - 11, 'V 1. M v 1 "" 7, ' r ' - , 'N-'9 f . ,W I :U ly I - ffvffhlgzi' 1-Q ,E. f ff F f f 15 f i IK , ' ,. fi . 3- xx Y ' Mwxgxxvfx. ug ng ffyi N yy fltf- I K Lorenzo Thompson, -lr. Stanley Bock Wuyiic Bettner Fcrrel Weesiicie Don Padgett IN THE SERVICE ramen N. H. s. sruoslvrs on rue rnaur Wlien ii star appears before ci name, that person lids been reported killed or missing in action. WOMEN MEN Antic, julia Brown, Pauline Eilar Burns, Edith Caldwell, Mary Helen Dowd, Sally Edwards, Theda :l'Howren, Betty Mahoney, Helen Mathes, Alice Reece, Ruth Shortridge, Dorothy Taekett, Dorothy Buck Youngs, Jessie Page Nine A Acker, Charles Adams, Cecil Adams, Robert Aitchison, William Alexander, Alhert Alexander, Fred Allen, Cleon Apple, Richard Anders, Chester Anderson, Glen Archey, Donald, Jr. Arford, Alva Armstrong, john Ashley, Charles Askin, Byron Atkinson, Ralph Atwood, Harvey Axon, Gordon B Baase, Ray Bailey, Bill Bailey, Dale Bailey, Gene Bailey, Richard Baker, Thornton Bales, Fred Bud Cooley Harold Dcnni Ivan Turner NVilhnr Stairs Don Sidwcll Ballard, john Ballinger, Norman Barnard, Bill Bart, Herman Beam, Frank Beck, George Becker, Albert Bell, Harry Bender, Don Bender, Rolwert Bennett, Rolver' Berg, Rohert Bergin, Don Bettner, Roy WE WILL FIGHT Bland, Joe Bland, Ward Bolinger, Charles Bond, Jack Bond, Keith Bonge, Robert Bouslog, Scott Bouslog, Wayne Branson, Bob Breckenridge, Albert Breckenridge, Alfred Brenneman, Evest Brenneman, Robert Bressler, Kenneth Brooks, Paul Brookshire, Bill Brookshire, William 'kBrown, Charles Brown, Fred Brown, Miles Brown, Robert Browning, Carl Browning, Russell Brumfield, Clarence Bryson, Ernest Bryson, John Buggle, Charles Bunch, Levi Burk, Bill Burns, Howard Burns, Paul Burris, Denzil Burris, James Burris, Joseph C Cable, Earl Cable, Duane Cable, Ivan Cable, Paul Caldwell, James Caldwell, Lloyd Canaday, Robert Cannon, James Carender, Edward Carey, Hershel Carithers, Harold Carmichael, Eugene Carpenter, Courtland Carpenter, Darryl Cartwright, Hershell Cassidy, Charles Cassidy, Mitchell Chadwick, Rex Chambers, Cvid G., Jr. Chambers, Walter S. Chandler, Earl Circle, Robert Click, Dan Clift, Bill Clift, L. Edward Cline, Leon Cofield, Frank Cofield, Kenneth Conn, Luther Connerly, Bob Cooley, Bud Cooper, Duane Cooper, Lowell Copeland, Carroll Copeland, Richard Copeland, Walter Cory, Junior Cory, Paul Cory, Robert Couse, Jack Cowan, Glen Cramer, John Cramer, Max Crandall, Ralph Crane, Joe Crim, Paul Creek, Alfred Culross, Eldon Culross, Melvin Curry, Chester D Dakins, Philip Daly, Robert Darling, Ralph Davenport, Claude Davis, David Arch Davis, James Davis, James Marquis Davis, Mark Davis, Ray Davis, Willard DeArmond, Harold Dempsey, Richard Dennis, Harold Denton, George DeWitt, Dennis DeWitt, Robert Dickens, David Diehl, George Dominick, George Dominick, Henry Downey, James Duckworth, Paul Dudley, Maurice Dugan, Walter, Jr. Duncan, Kenneth Dunlap, Herman Durham, James Durrell, Jack E Eden, Edward Eden, Harold Eilar, Norman Ellis, Paul Ellis, Richard Englehardt, Fred Erickson, Bernard Erickson, Robert Erickson, Walter Erp, Waltice Evans, Floyd Evans, Jimmy F Fant, Karl Farmer, Lowell Fisher, James Fletcher, Bob Fletcher, Richard Ford, James james Foster, 'Bernard Foster, Bill Frampton, Paul Freeland, Bill Fulton, Robert Furbee, Don Furbee, Robert G Gallivan, James Ganger, John Gann, Jack Gann, Robert Garner, Byron Garner, Glen Garvey, James Geisler, John Gephart, Bill Gibson, Charles Glancy, George Gold, Edward Goodwin, George E. Gordnier, William Gordon, Gale Graves, Charles Cray, Robert Gray, Walter Green, Gene Gregory, Gale Gregory, Willard Griflis, Levi Griffith, Harold Griffith, William Gross, Bill Gross, Herman Groves, Raymond Grubbs, Clay Grubbs, Orrin Guffey, Ross Guyer, Bill Guyer, John P. H Hackett, Sammy Hagerman, Cornelius Hagerman, Frank Hall, George Hall, Ted Hall, Wilbur Hamilton, Robert Hammer, Clarence Hardesty, Robert Harrell, Glenn, Jr. Harrell, Max Harp, Arlie Harp, Charles Hawks, Bill Hawks, Bob Hayes, Charles Hayes, David Heck, Paul Heckman, Jack Heller, Herbert L. Heilman, Bill Heilman, George Hiner, Jack Hobadier, Bob Hogue, Robert Holwager, Joseph 'l'Hornaday, Warren Hosea, Bill Hoy, Bill Hubbard, Robert Hudson, James Hudson, John Huffman, Gilbert Huffman, Vernon Hunnicutt, Archie Hunnicutt, Bill Hunt, Merle Hutson, Everett Hutson, Paul J Jarrett, Eugene Jeifires, Bob Jeffries, Bob Jeffries, J. Denny Jeffries, William Page Ten Jenkins, Richard Jennings, David Jennings, Richard John, Pobert Jones, Herman Jones, James K Kalk, Robert Keith, John Kellam, James Kendall, Neal Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Harold ":Kennedy, James Kern, Joel Kern, Lloyd Kessel, George Kessel, John Kessel, William Kessler, Richard Keys, James R. Kirk, Gordon Klipsch, Donald Kneidel. John Knollman, Elmer Knotts, Junior Koger, Ray Koontz. Marshall L Lake, Alvin, Jr. Lake, Warren Lamb, Raymond Lawson, Junior Lawson, Lowell Leakey, Bruce Lewis, Paul Lewis, Warren Lines, Arthur Livezey, John Locker, Clarence Lockhart, Cecil Lockhart, John lkLoer, Charles Long, Faye Long, Robert Lorton, Loring Lorton, Lowell Lorton, Ralph Lough, Jake Lovelace, Cecil Luke, Danny Lynch, Joseph FUR THE RIGHT M Mann, George Martin, Burtis Martin, Kenneth Martindale, Bob Martindale, Paul Martindale, Cecil Mastin, Don Mathes, Charles Matney, Robert Matney, William lvlatthews, Bennett May, Howard May, Wayne Maze, Malcomb McCorckle, Harold McCormack, Don McCormack, Robert McCormick, William McDaniel, John McDonnell, Richard McGrady, James McGrady, John McKnight, Harold McNabb, Philip Means, Harvey Meggs, Glen Meggs, Orville Meeks, Sloan Mercer, Wayne Michael, Richard Miers, Russel Miller, Keith Miller, Walter Mitchell, Harold Modlin, Robert Mogle, Cienn Moore, Donald Morgan, John Morris, Charles M. Morris, Joe Morris, Mark Morris, Philip Morris, Tim Moystner, Kenneth Mukes, Estil Munson, lvan Murnan, Chalmer Murray, Alva Murray, Warren lvlyers, Charles N Nead, Albert Nemeth, Oscar Neihaus, Harold Norrick, Stanley Norris, Don O Oberdorfer, Richard Cgborn, John Clehy, Harold Osborne, Charles P Padgett, Don Padgett, William Paris, Glen Patterson, Phil Payne, Joe Pettiford, Edward Pfenninger, Alvis Pfenninger, Bob Pfenninger, Byron Pfenninger, John Pfenninger, Paul Pickering, James Platts, Bob Poer, Melvin Poling, Gene Pollitt, Francis Popplewell, Charles Potter, Everett Poynter, Howard Preble, William R Ratclifi, Joseph Rector, Earl Rees, Bill Reese, Elmo Reeves, Norman Reichart, Charles Rhodes, Gene Richey, James Ricks, David Ridout, Richard Rifner, John Robinson, Charles Roth, Manuel Roth, Richard Rothrock, Howard Ruby, Walter 'l'Ruddell, Roy Russell, Homer Rust, Norman Ryan, Glenn S Sanders, Charles XV Schell, Carroll Schetgen, Joseph Selke, Cortis III. Shaffer, Lloyd Shader, Robert Sheppard, Charles Sherry, Edward Shinn, Short, Edward James Shultz, George Shultz, Laddie Shultz, Richard Simerly, Howard Simerly, Paul Sipple, Merle Smith, Calvin Smith, Elmer Smith, Emmett Smith, Harold Smith, McKendrick Smith, Randall Smith, Richard Smith, Richard J. Smith, Robert Smith, Wilfred M. Snider, Marvin, Jr. Solomon, Emmett Spannuth, Bob Springer, Norman Stairs, Wilbur Staley, James Starbuck, Wendell Stearns, Eugene Stephenson, Marcus Stevens, Robert Stilwell, James Stonerock, John Stotlemyer, Charles Strother, Donald Supinger, Joe Sutton, James Swales, Robert Sweigart, Robert Sweigart, Charles Sweigart, Harold Symons, Bill T Tapscott, Joseph Teal, Donald Thomas, Ivan Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Wa1'ren Thompson, Ernest Thompson, Francis Toppin, Bruce Torrence, Henry Torrence, R. C. Townsend, Louis Page 'Twelve f'hr't, 4 "M E . k T A Page Row Une: Harold Eden, Edward Eden, Richard Evans, Orville Stewart, Junior Blessinger, john Kennedy. Row Two: R, Daly, Timmy Morris, Harry Bell, Gene Williams. Row Three: Billy Brown, David Ricks, lvan Turner, -lean Smith, Randall Smith, Earl Ca Turgi, Boh Turner, Arthur Turner, Jimmy U Underwood, Victor Upchurch, Eugene V VanCamp, Lewis VanDeventer, Gene VanHoose, Arlie Vanl-loose, Dale VanMatre, George VanMetre, Richard Vannatta, Charles Van'Zant, Claude Veach, Wilhur Vivian, Don Tliirreen Vivian, Rohcrt Vogel, Anthony W Wake, Maurice Wzikeiie ld, Farris XVallace, Eugene Wzillzice Waters, , joe Russell Watkins, Rohert Vvfatters, Thurston NVeesner, Ferrell Wehrly, Floyd Weintraut, George White, James White, Wliite, W' hi te, Vtlhitehf Paul Rohert D. Richard W iuse, joseph Wiley, Don , Wilkiiisiiii, Dale Wilkiiisiiii, Rex Williams, Eugene Williams, George Williams, Nlarshall Williams, Reece Williams, Russell Willis, George Wills, Cliff Wilson, Gerald Wilt, Charles Wilt, Homer Wise, J, Edgar Wisehart, Norris Wittenheck, George WittCl1lWF1lkCf, Dick Woods, Don XVoods, George, Jr. hle, jimmy W'hite. Wiiiids, Jack Wood, Mark Wcmcdd, Pha Woodward, Leroy Woolf, Harry Woolf, Lawrence Worthington, Williziiii Wright, james Wright, Rohert Y York, Gene Yost, john Youngs, Richard Younce, Warren Z Zetterhurg, Pierre Zornes, Charles WE ALSO SERVE THESE GIRLS HELPED CAN TOMATOES THIS GROUP HELPED OUR COMMUN TO SAVE VICTORY CROP ITY BY ISSUING RATION BOOKS. PAULA REVERES. THEY CARRIED MESSAGES ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS HELI' AND ACTED AS OFFICE AIDES. MISS NUTT. Page Fourteen 1 ,, ..' A -'Lf rm, .,.:-. W t A ' j My 41. z A .A 'Y w 1 , I L.'1.""l'U!? . i M, M,Ji1l, n 1 ia QA in fr , fag Ei Milan ! ' ,, wr A " 'igpff Q ' 1 ,,. , hs, ' " I. a ' W V ., f 1 W. ' , ' If Q 1 . ...,, , i X f - ' ,, Q if -- 4 X ,,. 1 f W N .-'A A X ' N 'YJ 1:4 1 Q, Wm 3 -H , il I, , Q J fw- f ' wf ig KK A W x I . x I 9 Wi 'L Rf ' 5 P ' 50 WFRG HAPPY Hens WG. K FACULTY X , "H .Nl ff I Why' 'I V' 'H !!f,lWw ,fy ,W MM! fx V W 1 K I .nf 'W' K A GEUIM! W!! ' IQ ff Q ,ji ,,, l Ll' 1 S ij A ok, I 'W J 2 gets I N2 ,' 'WUI 'vi ff ff 9 QI!" 5- f'7'!v , . , . ' ! , f Q ' M X '0 jul x, dv, 5 v" -k f f f 1 f , If 4,5 . , f .Azkzxi-I , ' , N V' . ,Q Q ff 4 n uivfisgiiamx f- ,A-W,4.,ff',f 'I"H,q,i:x JRJLAL, . 'Z V22 "ff ' .f . :fag 1 unifiifk '-Sis ww T--Q-:Irfan-L: 1- ff' l X A- -f? -1- iff ' ' 'lfo K, ,maj ,X ? MM n X AAN f iffy Y V' Wjllb-,gjx . waz -,f Q MNA Z ' Z Q 'X 41 f f S xf .- ff V52 . I I MAA' .fKfLA.A- ff IJ ADMINISTRA Tl0N age Seventeen A CHILD-CENTERED S6H00l. The tezlehers, inspired hy Mr. Crziw and memhers of the sehool hoard, have endeavored to center :ill activity in the development of us students. Vv'e sulwmit to ai series of tests to determine our athilities and then are guided in our studies and important deeisions. lt is hy their help that we realize what possilwilities lie :iliend and how we earn lwest prepare for them. They show us how to master eaieh task us we confront it and to lit ourselves for il successful future. Joe R. CRAW Acting Supevintenclenl of Schools High School Principal T0 THE STUDENTS 0F NEW CASTLE SENIOR HIGH SCHUOI.: We're living in a strange but challenging world. On every hand there are temptations to do our work carelessly and to live our lives recklessly. But there is a right way and it alone prevaileth. Let us do the right and let us unite as one to do that action. There is nothing so costly in any community as clivisf ion and dissension concerning progress. Let us be positive thinkers. Let us be constructive workers. Let us Let us he humhle servants. he orderly planners. Let us be democratic citizens. Let us he Godffearing believers. Let our every move he done with vision, fore sight, and intelligence. You have so much for which to live. Choose your ways in life with wisdom. JOE R. CRAW. Page Eighteen MEMBERS 0F THE SL'H00l. BWIRD H.XRK5LI5 L. ME,xIwows GEORGE FIELD KARL C. Vrxsm Treasurer Secretary President IIIIAN OI I IRLS Miss ELI xm III HXRRINUIO VIC I, PRINCIPAL: A ID,xL1a AI,I.IiN IMMURTA UTY IS MISS fiLENN.X O'RE.IxR Clerk, Principals Office MRS. DANIEL H. TORGRIMSON Bookkeeper, Principalls Office MISS MAIRINNA YAURY Secretary, Superintendent's Office MRS. CHARLES BEST Bookkeeper, Sitperintenclenfs Office MRS. EVERETT NEW Secretary, Weir Production Training MISS MARY RITTER, B. S. English HIIRACE BURR, JR., A. B., M. A. English, Drarnatics, Geography, Senior Class Play MISS LOUISE .ARFURI1 A. B., M. A. English, Speech, Rosennial, Convocations MISS CATHERINE RATCLIIIEE, A. B., M. A. English, Honor Society, Senior Adviser C. SHIRLEY KINDER, B. S. Vocational Machine Shop ALFRED O. BAKER, B. S. General Shop JOSEPH A. CRIzENSTREIaT, A. B. Printing, Phoenix LESTER XUCKERS, B. S. Drafting, Activities Page Twenty R.fxNm1.1. LAXVSON, B. S. Physical Education, Track, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach S'I'lil'HliN M. BMQFR, Vocational and Civic Guidance, Football W1I.1sliR N. ALLIiN, A. B. History, Basketball, Baseball Miss MARY M. MANIFOLD, B. S Art Miss M.-xy Doksmg B. M., M. M. Choir, Crescendo Club Girls' Glee Club UIzNli Cm5Nowf5TH, M. M. HA" Band, "A" Orchestra, Musicianship fr. High Band MRS. Cr-1.fmL1as E. W.sxm:1:4JN15R, A. B Business Education M.wR1cz1s Fnssuin, A. B. Business Education Hmvml: RUCZKHILL, A. B Business Education Page TwentyfOne T0 LIVE 0N IN THE LIVES RAY BROOKS, B. S., M. S. Agriculture, Safety, Farm Shop GEORGE C. BRoNSoN, A. B. Chernistry, Safety, Biology A. D. ALLEN, A. B. journalism, Phoenx, Attendance Vice Principal H JOHN D. LESLIE, A. B History MISS JESSIE L. WIzII:I'IT, B. S Home Economics, Home Nursing MISS ELIZABETH HARRINGTON Physical Education, TrifHi Girls Sports Club, Attendance MRS. FYLIIILIS S. FISHER, B. S. Horne Economics, Sunshine Society MISS ELIZABETH MELVILLE, R. N, School Nurse IVAN I-IoIJSoN, M. A. Physics GARRETT H. GROSS, A. B. Biology, Health MISS ATH.tX A. PINNICK, A. B., M. A. Botany, Health, Safety MISS FLIIRENCE SMITH, B. S., M. A. Biology, Safety Page Twentyffuio 0F UTHERS H.'XRRY SNIDIQR, B. A., M. A. Spanish, Algebra, Aermwutie.s, Historv Miss FISRN Hmus1uN, A. B., M. A. Mathematics Miss ELJNIUIQ C1110 Uma, A. B., M. A. Nfatllematzes, Student Council Llcw.s I7lc.xluvo1uf1f, B. S., See. Ed. General MLlll1C7I1LlllL'.S, Hismry, Algelmx Mus. FRICIW C. W.xx'x1.xN, A. B., M. Ed. llislory, Englislz .InHN Emrsksux, B. Hiulrmgy Miss M.xRm:.uui'l' LIi.XKl'.Y, A. B. English, Hlslory, Re. Hauling' w , 1 hmkfzrf 5UDliRBIiRl?, B. Algelvm, Rel. 1VIaLlze1m1Lics, General NIe1Llze1rmticx, Rel. Science Miss Emm Huczlfli, A. B. Pllysicul Educutifm Miss M.-xlxl.r-1, A. B., M. A. Latin, AMLllllC7V1LlllLk.S Miss Glsxlws CLIIfI"HRI5, A. B. Latin, English Miss M.xR'm.x H. Nll'I"I', A. B B S. in L. S. W ' I.il1mry Mus. L. 1111.1-'main Emix, A. B. Frenelz, E71gllSl1, History MRs. IDUNALID R. Rmzms, A. B. English Page 'I'we11LyfTl1ree - CLASSES UVER i "NVz1teh the hirdief' advises Tommy as Miss Afford grins agreement , . . Miss Ritter and Mrs. Rogers pose for the camera while Mr. Leslie looks on . . . "We're sold out," says ticket man, Mr. Vickers . . . Miss Rucker 'oins the ranks . . . "Chivalr is not dead " sa fs Mr. Leslie . . . Our l . , . . y . . 7 5 . . prmeipnl smiles and advises . . . enjoying nature . . . going home? . . . waiting lor bl good snap . . . the "ole' maestro" . . . we think she's pretty too . . . after business hours . . . our money's on Miss Arlord to win the argument . . . what brought on that frown? Page TwentyfFruw v - Y I I 1 , f Y V w X ,1 . v X szmons M , " 'Hn J 1 N MW fp "lljA,v1feG7'f1l ,J W E "ff, 4 ,V 'milf Ib S. f' 'LA, MEN- ., ,, xl ,f 2 fi ff a 9 N 5 f 1-2 " 61 fd Q 1 - Z If f ff' 'lf , ff MNW Q' f' ff Q 0,01-E3tn4S1En fkzkzuauag, SENIURS 0F 1944 CLASS OFFICERS OVID CHAMBERS, JR President JEAN HICKS Secretary BETTE BRQJWNING Treasurer GENE WITT Vue President Page Twentyfive Miss CATHERINE RATCLIEE, Sponsor Tien Thbzga H4 .giaff pememht September 8, 1943 . . September 28, 1943 . . December 9, 1943 . . April 20, 21, 1944 . . May May May' May May May May May 1944 1944 1944 1944 1944 1944 1944 1944 june 1, 1944 Registration Election of class oflicers Career day and college guidance Senior class play B. P. W. breakfast for senior girls . . TrifHi party for senior girls Rotary luncheon for senior boys Senior P. T, A. Vespers junior 'senior prom . . Senior class day . . Honor day . . Baccalaureate . . COMMENCEMENT LEADING ir OVID CHAMBERS, JR. Senior Class President MARJORIE STEWART Most Dependable JACK PAYNE Outstanding Musician EDYTHE S Editovfinfchief ir HAPIRO of Annual l NORMA JEAN SCOTT Beading Vocalist Page 'Twenty-Su if ISLANDERS CHARLES MCMILLAN Hfglzeffe 124955522 Sfvfif in North Central Conference t RUDOLF JOLLEY Football Captain GLENNA O'REAR -President of National Honor Society BOB COX Valedictorian MARY ALICE TOWNSEND President of Tri-Hi Page Twenty-Seven CHARLES W1LL1s DoRsET'1' 1925 f 1944 Band, Orchestra, Choir IN MEMURIAM BILLY MAX HOLLOWAY 1926 f 1944 HWY, Phoenix Staff Page Twenty-Eight jfxmres Amms Football ALllIiR'T ALIiX.fXNDliR THOMAS ANTIC IDUNALD ARc:u1iY, AIR. GLN15 AUTEN M,fxR1E'r'r,x ASHLEY Ulm B,x1L1aY BILL D. B.xL1is HWY, Spanisll Club, Basketball GmRc:12 B.'xRN,xRn Baslqetball, HWY, Varsity Club HliI.l'1N BIQAM Student Council, Ru.-Qeamial, Trilll MYRTLL BLN N1f'1"1' BliRNri'I'ilA Bomb Sports Club, Latin Club, Crescendo Club IVl.XRQ3.'XRli'I' Bow Class Play, Rnseunial, TrifHi, Punlue Selmla-rslzip RALPH BR.XlJl"URl1 Class Play, Yell Leader, HVY ANNA Loulsli BROWN SlL7lSlll716 Socz'etx', Clee Club BIiVIlRI.Y B1wwN Izmim' Pram Committee, Bowling, Clee Club B1i'1'lI'11 BRuwN1Nc: Class Treasurer, 'TrifH1, Student Council Page 'l'wev1ty'fNi11e 2-Q JAMES BULLARD HifT BARBARA BUNCH TrifHi, National Honor Society BILL BURR Football, Safety Club DORIS BURKHART Girls' Sports Club JAMES CAPSHAW MARY CARNES M.AX1NE CARTER Safety Club, Girls Sports Club BARBARA CARTWRIGHT TrifH i DWAYNE CARTWRIGHT , Rosermial Senior Motto Committee, Spanish Club JAMES CASHDOLLAR QVID CHAMBERS Seriiorffuriior Class Presiclerit, Hif'Y President, Drum Major VIRCIINIA CLARK Sports Club, Safety Club MARK CLAY Hif'Y, Band, Orchestra TIIELMA CLINE Latin Club, Secretary of Safer XVAYNE COERS Football, Track, Rose-rmial ADELLA CULLINSXVORTH Surisbiiie Society, Sports Club JAMA LEE COUCH Drarnatics Club, Spanisli Club y Club Page 'Tliirty BERNADINE COVALT Spanish Club, Sunshine Society HENRY COVERT Basketball, HWY, Rosennial RIJEERT Cox National Honor Society, Business Mari' ager Rosennial, Hif'Y, Purdue Scholarship jfxmlfs CRAIG Class Play, Science Society, Basketball Manager j.fxc:IQ CROW Hif'Y, Band, Orchestra Emu J. DAVIS Rosennial, Ball State Scholarship joy DAVIS Secretary 'I'rifHi, Class Play Lead, Rosennial D,'XVID DIEHL Hif'Y, Spanish Club HliLEN ELIZABETH DUCKWORTH 'TrifHi, Spanish Club, Glee Club PI IIL DU N AXVAY EVELENA DUVALL Sunshine Society, Girl Reserve MAX ELLIOTT ANN ERIIIIQSIIN Sunshine Society BETTY EVERMAN Sports Club, Tumbling Team LIiWIS FARMER Football, Varsity Club, Phoenix joIIN FI.owERs IVIIXRVIN FII,-IRY Page 'I'hirtyfOne Y 3 BILL HARDI NG Music Makers CECIL HARMON WILMA FIELDS CAROLINE FISHER Prom Committee, Sunshine Society MARGARET EVA FLINN Sunshine Society, Prom Committee BERNIECE FONVLER RUTH FROS Safety Club, Sports Club, Sunshine Society T Nature Club, Safety Club MARY ELLEN GAIICHAT Drum Majorette, Clioir, C'lee Club CYLADYS CILBREAGH JANIS GOAR Safety Club, Sunshine Society Rosennial, Band, Class Play KATHERINE CIORDON DOROTHY GREEN Glee Club MARY GREEN Glee Club NEVADA HALFACIRE Suns M lrine Society, Bowling ILDRED FAYE HAMPTON Band, Latin Club HELEN LOUISE HANNING ALBEII1' HE Football, Council INZ National Honor Society, Student Page Tlzirtyffwin Roy HIQLMS Treasurer Hif'Y, Roaennial, Class Play Lead Alli.-KN Hicxs Secretary of Senior Class, Hi, junior Prorn Queen Romim I-Ilcscss Hif'Y Vuuaimx Hoxvfxlum .I.xM1fs HowRI5N Latin Club, Spanish Club, torical Society Bla'rTY P.XULINl'l HlII-I. Treasurer of Tr unior His' "A" Band, Orchestra, Rosennzal jmmiis HUNN1c:Lf'l"i' HifT, Science Society, Golf Dlcziq INc:15P.soLL Nalicrnal Honor Society VlIlliINI.'X -IoHNsoN TrifHi, French Club RllIlUl.l'll .loL1.iiY Football Fiuala JUNICS French Club JAMES K1Ns1Nc:1iR Nfachinixt Club, Band l5.xR1s.xR.x .IoR1m,xN cT'I'I"lll, VlL'C'IJ7'C.9lvLlC71f blationu Band V1oLli'1' Mfxxm li Kurvwifm' l Honor Society Sunshine Society, Rosennial, Girls Sbovls Club Cliiolusl-1 Romiizr KIRHY Football, HifT, Track Elrwm Lula HVY, Phoenix, Safety MARY Loulsii KNHLHT Choir, Clee Club, Cr Page Tlzirlyfflzree escenclo Club RUTH KNOLLMAN TrifHi, Rosennial, Flower Committee ELEANOR LAWSON BETTY 'LEEELER JACQUE LEFFLER Dramatics THOMAS LESTER Football, Rosen-nial, Hifi' JUNE LOCKRIDGE TrifHi, Sunshine Society, Home Economics Club LEATHA LURTUN EclitorfinfChief Phoenix, Prom Committee, Crescendo JAMES LUNSFORD CHARLES MUMILLAN Hif'1', Varsity Club, Basketball RUTH MATTOX Sunshine Society, Bowling, Safety Club MARY MCELHANEY Home Economics Club, Safety Club, Sunshine Society NIL.AX MCGARY HIIWARIJ MCTKNILLHT PAUL MILLER MARY MITCHELL Sports Club, Trifl-Ii ROSEMARY MITCHELL Sunshine Society, Bowling, Tumbling TWILA LOUISE MCBDLIN Sports Club Page TliirtyfFoui GLEN Moc:LE Phoenix, Printing IVLXRIE MlJLES BARBAR.-X LLL Moomi Class Play, Choir, Color Committee BETTY JANE Muses Sports Club CHALMLR MURN.-XN Dfxlsy NEAL Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Nature Club Rll'fH NEUM1KN TrifHi, National Honor Society, Bowling C. W. NIf1l'IlJLS DAWNA OlRE.'XR TrifHi, Dramaties GLENNA UREAR VicefPresident Trifl-Ii, President National Honor Society, Rosennial, Typical girl of U. S. I'.uiL.iNE CUSBURNE Sunshine Society, Bowling, Sports Club JOHN PAUL Hifi' JACK PAYN Il National Honor Society, VicefPresident Hif'Y, President Crescendo Club, I. U. Scholarship PAULINL PELFREY Sports Club, Tumbling Team Ro1xLRT FOLK Safety Club, Football 13UlxN15o.fx POPPLliXX'EI.L Clee Club, Safety Rosmx NE PosToN Sunshine Society MARY Aleliiii Pun! MILDRLD RAINS '1'rifHi, Sunshine Society BILL R,-xwL1N4:s MERLE Rfxzoa BILLY RAZOR Rosennial, Science Society BONNIE REECF Safety Club, Sunshine Society, Clee Club CLARCIE RENEAU Spanish Club DORIS REYNOLDS Horne Economics Club, Safety Club, Sunshine Society LEO RHODEHAMEL Machinists Club FAITH RINARD Safety Club TED ROACH ELIZABETH ROUSE Orchestra, Rosennial, Sunshine Societg MARYANN ROIISE Safety Club SHERWOOD RYAN HA" Band, HRT, UA" Orchestru RALPH SANDERSON Band, Orchestra DOROTHY SAATHOFF Phoenix, Rosennial, Drarnatics MARKIORIE C. SANDERS JEANNE SCHELL AGNES SCHETOEN Latin Club JIMMY SCOTT Hif'Y, Rosennial, Assistant Editor Phoenix NORMA JEAN SCOTT National Honor Society, Rosennial, TrifHz ROBERT EDWARD SHAFFER Choir, Science Society, Civil Air Patrol EDYTHE ELEANOR SHI-XPIRO EclitorfinfChief Rosennial, 'TrifHi, Invitation Committee MARTHA SHARP Treasurer National Honor Society, TrifH: Rosennial MARY SHARP National Honor Society, Trifllz, Rosennial BILL SlIliLl.liY Btislqetbtill HliRl3liRT SIIIiI.LIiY Clloir, lQOSC7'L7ll'cll, Projection Club RUBVRT SHERRY Hif'Y, Class Play, Prexiclcnt Ivitlimui Higli School Prexs Association VlRKIlNl.'X SIIIIIIMAIQII Pliocuix BIcvIiI1LY Smcsfss Rosemiiul, Sfvoiftx Club, Latin Club Bli'I"I'Y -lo SMIIII ERLINI41 SMITH Drum Mujcirette, Ro.seiIiIial, Plzoeuix EVIQLYN SMITH Sports Club, Sunshine Society N.'XI7INIi SMITII Plioeiiix, Prom Committee, SlLHSl1l71C Committee TIIIILLMA SMITII Plioeuix, Prom Committee, Drtimtttics lVl."XRY E. S'I'IifxRN cTrifHi, Phoenix, Prom Committee I'.xIr1. S'I'IivI5Ns Hif'Y, Sptmisli Club MAR.IoRIIi STliXV.XR'I' Nutlomzl Honor Society, 'l'i'ifHi' lioxeiiuzul GIaNI5 STRoNu Latin Club, Science Society HI-xuiw SoUTIIuRL,xND .IIIIIN S'I'IIII.wIcLI, Basketball BI5.fxTI1Ir:Ig Srooifs Dmuitltics, EelitorfiufCliief Plioeiiix VII-INNA TODD Sunsliine Society, Prom Committee 1RIiNli TQMPIQINS Dmmatics, Sportx Club BUDDY TIIoMI'soN Orcliextm, Btmci, Hifi' FIa.xNc:Is THoM1'soN Macliiiiist Club DONN.rX TOWER Rosennial, Prom Cornrnittee, Bowling MARY ALICE TOXVNSFND President TrifHi, Phoenix, Sales Rosennial HARRIE'F 'TURPIN Sunshine Society, Latin ClI Safety Club EVELYN VAN GORDON Sunshine Society, Rosennial PRISCILLA VAN HOOSE BOB VAN ZANT Macltinist Club, Latin Club, BILL VAUOIIT GEORGE WARNER HifT, 'Yell Leader, Class Play DON WARNOCK H if'Y LENA WATT Sunshine Society, Sports Club GRACE WELLS Mariagcr tb, Girl Reserve, S. D. Club, Rosennial Division Pages JUNIOR WII -ILEN Band, Safety Club, Orchestra BESSIE WIORLIEF Rosennial RUTH WILLIAMS Phoenix, Rosennial, junior Class MARILYN WINNING Band, Orchestra, Rosennial DARRELL WINTER Military Training GENE L. WITT Student Council, Varsity Club, VicefPresident Senior Class ROBERT WOOD GEORGE WRIOI-IT Phoenix JOAN YOUNG Dramatics, Girls Glee Club DOROTHY ZIRIQLE Sunshine Society, Girls Gle TrifHi Secretar x e Club Bowling ISLAND UNGO Tram :FGLAMOUR GAL KQBRAWNY BRUTE "'HANDSOME HARRY WFEATHER MERCHANT :FANY OLD JOE :FCUTE CHICKEN lffoted 7-rom My ehumd Page Forty UNDERCLASSMEN W E AAA? fg,fgA,, ff! 1' 1, H. .,,, ' . M '1,fn'F'. AU! . 1 ff ,f ,- , A ,f A, W ffl, f5' . '-gf 2 O 0 1 . QQ 3-N.. Wa.. 4 I V W 3d AAAAJ f' ' 1' ' Afvvx, F, ,7' AMAA! ' wv- -Q.: 1 J ' ' X, YL ' .X 'I 'q M, ' Q' f 47511 QW ' f'am': v,lJumal.iHai1. M- ,f , W 1 "' M Z ,, 1, A 4 x C D ' , I Q ' K 1 . , ' if ga T' I 1- 9, I -gf" l Ill! . - - IN-'XJLZ , f I F rf . I f' h . fkfgykdk, l -s X - Xl, ,ct-" L.. iEmF5,.lH.STQ-QGL JUNIURS O F F I C E R S l7RIiSIDIiNT jimmy Lee TREASURER Harry Burkhart VICiIi'l7RESII7ENT . Richard Archey SECRETARY 'Toby Roth SPONSOR Miss Fern Hodson JUNIUR PROM The class of '45 entertained the class of '44 at an original Junior-Senior Prom. The gymnasium was decorated as a skating rink and the entertainment followed the theme of a skating revue. Juniors sang forth with tunes such as "My Ideal" and "The Man On the Flying Trapeze." A circus, a wild west show, and a Hawaiian act were the numbers on the program. L'Shoe Shine Boy" by Richard Archey on skates was a specialty. Lovely costumes were worn in the grand linale of "Stardust" The music for the dance were the strains from Lew Tolles orchestra. Page For1yfOne JUNIURS Row Une: Martha Ashhy, Riehaiti Arehey, Lois Arnold, Mary Lon Andrew, Olga Barnes, june Bran' ham, Ernest Baker, -lohn Blaekhurn. Row Two: Rohert Brumlield, George Burden, Charles Bryan, Patsy Bunch, Helen Ball, Betty Arm' strong, Carol Buck, Harry Burkhart Row Three: Don Adams, ,Iuanita Burgess, Mary Brown, Paul Beard, Betty Lou Bailey, Nila ,lane Baile, Dick Bancroft. Row One: Lois -lean lilowers, Nida Garner, Mary Lee Edwards, Beth Emry, Irma Gruhhs, Ruth Maxine Gulfey, Dorothy liurhee, Donn.. Cordon. Row Two: Fred Fine, Dorothy Green, Louise Eden, Phyliss Fessler, Evelyn Gooch, Charles Green, Gerald Gernstein, David Diehl. Row Three: Marshall Davis, Verland Groves, james Frampton, Donna Griffin, Joe Coil, Ernest Davis, Row Four: Hohert Fuller, Virgil Ellis, Ernest Dagley, john Doyle. Row One: Charles Caldwell, Robert Conwell, Bonnie Lou Conn, Nelma Corder, Dale Cahle, Mark Clay, Floyd Davis, Merle Chappell, Bill Cartwright. Row Two: Lucille Conn, Coris Cronk, Wztlidli Cairnes, Maxeline Catron, Maxine Catron, Maxine Carter, ,lean DeArmond, Boyden Dudley. Row Three: Allred Davison, Betty Chenault, Lois Cahle, Betty .Io Dalton, Virginia Clark, Conna Dudf ley, Waiyiie Coleman. Row Four: Dorothy Devening, Martha Crandall, .lane Durrell, Russell Cleek, Richard Cline, Row One: Rosemary -laekson, Virf ginia Harter, Martha Hudson, Helena Harshhurger, Martha Higgs, Iris Hodgin, Alice klessup, Betty Hendricks. Row Two: Mary Hogue, Beulah Hagerman, Louise Harris, Cae Iones, Nancy Hudson, Margaret Hickman, Ruth Howard. Row Three: Fred Hiner, Bill Inger' soll, Bill Heck, john Howren, Ralph Holcomh, Row Four: Frank Hves, Phillip Heil' man, Buddy Hackleman. Page FortyfTwo I- eif it ,, fi-F 3 M Q P , Exp sf ws G 0 55 fx! i ff Q A YEA 3 , M X I GN - Q 5 is if . . ,P , A J ' ,f,?5?2,f mu 1- f , LN A K -V Q N . I K- -.v.4kf.,. Y :.g, , d1:?9A E 'Q A M C Xi' 2 Y 31 Il, I a g 5. , Sk E Q' , Q Y N L. if v Y 5 YI S' i 'S' ix in E gl W gkiifg JW x' x W4 gi Y W an y 81 X I if G- Y X' 5:3953 'lx ' ,X is , Salk 1 i xjyfgk I .Mn ,Q ,fi f, f, 5 gh 1 L sk 1 fy, 4, W: '4 'V A g k h k ., b q 1 l . Q f ff? gd M Q ' 4 L 5 f E Q 'fv 1' f 5 ffTg'fi if ' ' , 173 e""' 7 Iv' ,. 'K-"' f "1V y ":9o-J','W'M L" - HL' 5 2 Q 6 , . w El J' ,Ag 4 AW In 3, 8 5 ,, , V I it A x 7, A I x 1 . . 2' 'Q 4 . , ' 3? H , xv ,, Q rf .Q .1 H. , . -QQKWK -- my 1, 1 5 , .f f L fn ,f F' F' 94 Q I gf Ili ,GL k S. . M? Ae 'if 4 fx Fi, 51. 4 sk N ff.-, . iv., Q, wi -N 2 , gy fm- Xi. , X .,.f. 5 fi, is ,313 'G 3 5 fi! 1. n Xu S 'Egifts u Q. , .1 In . xx ' 'X I 5 i ! I K fi' , 5 7"' 1: i Yo A K , i, E sf: F V f Q W6 e ii Z R 3 -5 fb . fy 5 . fx. L V ,nf ,, ,rv N .MV 'Q fps' 1, ' ,. ,.,V 4,' WF' 5 4,5 E J" , wa- QI ws. i . GW' if!! ffl: ' , 4 , ' X xfski I 9 A wgtk :M I K ,rp ff iJ Q ,g..Wi 5 'fi' f 'xg if :ff ik' lg P W -5 , igf yvg Mg, ggi Q? if nf I ,f 5 1 1 ., , ., vyw Q5 V 4 Q fd Q AA I -non ! tl -.,' 5. . as . Q. 5? L. If 3 4 iQ ff fy i ' ' st- x ' , 5 ' fy ,Q .. N -Q M nf X A55 If R Q 'si' xiii: gg: 3 A- -,gf ,, - Q we W N K. 2 4 f, f . 4 5 ff Q x 2 5 gr , f as .- Av . i K, . 'jx ci 'ggi , to .kri E . A 1 h f My no X mfg Q7 f , 11 . Q Y if K g , , 1 'fx N A x ff x ng - : ,A .i , x F mwgw QQ gens f, .W 4 X f f ff 5 f w ' ' W W A A an A ,, I , A L5 . gg i . Q fi P 1, ,Mat g ' v - VN mN3? we , .. . 2 Z' ' X ., 'xfw 'L I 2 55: - A F-Q--ff Y L ' 5 "'- K L "i W 3? 4' - f M I N iff x X. ii 5 JM ff' gi i . . K 3, M. i f :im X 5 i w 5, 2 ISE? ggi 5 ,QMS K . 3. ,g ff. 5 .gif gifs? , ' K 5243 52 i A -H W ..-,h ixggk, WW P4 ' I M fd? , zfslw in , F pksfame 7 A F' A ,ff 05" -fu" I . 7. L ' - ii i P'-if ff, i f 'S,Wf5Ff 4S, 1' K ' YA, fi 1 'K a ff 4 5. W s Wg V I ff , M f ' X i 1 if .g , f sf" X Q ' N 3. ' ,I A ,- N' 'W' ,yn ' -I fig f A AV'l Q' ff s M . f ff? ' ' f"x rf, V, rr I4 7 WA M Q 7 ,rw rt, J Zhi H K' K .X ,lv gm YQ ,Mitzi Rh f L vc' 0 6 x ff L g 1 f W if fi up 'gl .3 .Q W, 1 ZV 1 ii. ni A q T f' , ,, i 'f , . A Til, V, Mrk .5 'V N W 'f ' "', i 2 -5 - -' gil Y' ii: A1- 1 W E2 , .L . . . ,1 2, 3, W at . W .-I in ,. W ., gg YY- ,J , -Nil A W S -f V- .L V- ,. .V . 0. , ,y 1, 5 A I , 7 5 f, 'n ,"' 1. X Q 5 - 1 'x x , . f. , i f , , f- 11- J, , f .. . W I r - ef was A. 'sg 5 1 K5 , .K wi f ' 1 ST ss I 1 If Qfegk 5 X tb , at ig, ,WE E ,, , S it A A2 15 5 S 1 if -t si A I :if R mr li p ., f ' Q 3 . X L E? 5 .Q . i' i V 1 K ' X " '. , . ,, ix 5 fg ff Q' f f Z? 1 AK, ' tr 1. i ixy ft! . Q V n ' , Q' N.?b.x1 pif W QM' ,-f 'v, Qkelf '1 Q .K . 3 Q . ., A.-:fr ., .- Q ' by 1 +P .W 1 Q gg? .A 1 ' . 'L -Q' ' , .. . '34 .4 , YQ -4 X as 5 QV A " W 'ha , Ak 1.- 157 mf I 1 . gy, ,W sw- it : iff 2 f 5 . I ,. . Q 3 mi . gf' 'f .1 gk 1-IW? if S ,Cl 7 . . , fL,ffV" gfiiw '-V, f, , f , D gp f1'5w Q. . K Q WY- ,, ,jf?i,ii,ffg.g filxri . Vjz, I . g, .wff , mfp XE X. I f 2' Af - L X I fp Lg, ,, IQ M, , S- ' 'A ' "'--' xi , W 5 ' jg .. I R af., V if 9 - 'TF . 'iff V f e V ' 3 E i 1 W u L, ' KA gh il .il X if 5 L 3, ,ilf-J! 5i4,f H f Q ff AV YQ 671, K YQ ,Ag 3 , g i S"l 12 ww 'dzk . . A- --- , .. ' A ' is ffl? . . . L- wp? 4 . M -QA! gm 'J I gi fx f gg, fu.. . 5 . 'av 3 - . 'S fa P2 Q ff if 4 LA .2 K :HP s A A Y - H 4 A .'+. Q 5 ij-, J -43.52 JP' f ' ws " . 4 ,ri A ,, ,fl gg-2 - , " M 1.2 '5. T ' JE ' " Q: 8 Ht I g , U xv W K sk 4, 'K me Q Q 5 V Pg, . 5 fx . r. f E sh : ' 5 'nr U Sl' 5 . K - , af In fr g 5 ,r A L L I . it Tm? 5 M 3 I I A - ., I 1 ' f , XJ 3 . 1 W , y X ' ' mf. 1 Q- 4 . L L - f-4 , ,K -a ,.--. x X ' K7 '- ix ,fx ,Q i .QR , at kk 5 A .K L I K V N -SQL -V 'X V x 'ik - ' 1 Q V ,L N" 1 g 5 ,Lf . sw ,, ,g A.., 'YE x .5 , feel QQ , f L 5 - 5 f- , ,, .L . , L ,,.1 L , L .1 ,J K K my F LL J J L 5 V : F I, - -ffl ' A 1 .A '- is I " L K A Sf" -35 fi? if E' L Q N L - 5 'if zz- L L f- ' . +5 , Q Q . ' ' ' - . in ' k :Ei-.. F Li s 5 f s - R K A ' 1 ! ' ' ' x Q :S QL ig Yii 4 'filer- ff-iseg Q 1 1.' 1 At A 'Y' f 5 x H Q- fd v x l 4w LL J X5 uf . I R 5 sm' '4 L L ' . gm L Q X -' f fu Q mL J L. LL ,S - 2 -R em ay ' Ai - H z ---- as 'L-52551, -. L 52 is if L ggi, A L Q L Q 5 , L. Q gi I x' Q a Q' 'f 3 SJ ' -lgls.. M R, k f. A as s 95 Y fj FUUR ARTS 'PL H Nj k "lj 1" bf f15'7l"f if W . E 1 zf 1 yffyfmfv Ifj.-f R X' Y'l ni.. , 'X L- V1 . M 1 , qi X W f lg X - V I v Ah, , QSM W f 1, I ' inf", f 9 NX' W, LE'3333 V - -1 C ' ',x I A .Af-AJ Z, Cf I EL "l"' !Z"-MET' I A - ' ff' fo ' IMI XXX C '1!i fai,fFf,1,5,w 5 A C ,if.J,.M,? wa 'H Q 3' ffiiigzifiif I 'Q' , , , we if P 1 M 5 Iii?-f i xx 1 ,xgyg-, 93 u A X1 JL .X ff Q ,H M J Q W . A 1 ,kr Zh E . ' 1 qi W ef ART DEPART- MENT CREA TES Ihmitrxlits, pgimrings, :md skctchcs. Stage decorations for Crescendo Varieties. Fg1vo1's lim' thc Rcd Cruss. Tzilvlc dccoruticms for Big Tm Victory PJIIHLILIUY llvstcrs lim' Clliiim rclicf show. l,rog11uns for prmn amd cuinincncclncimt dniiccs. Puppct Act for Four Arts show. A ff M1', Nm-th AYVYAV Beatrice Stoots ALI. PASSES Mrs. Noi th ,7,,7 M1'S. Buano ..,,,,,, .....,. Louis Berex ,....,., DRAMA TIES CLUB George Vxfarner, lvlary Stearn Barbara Moore, Pauline Osborne, Rosemary Mitcliell, Beatrice Stoois, Donna Davis, Evelyn Van Cordon ,Iacque Lelller, Boh Sherry, Lov. Moore, Ruth Williziiiis, Dorothy joy Davis, Rose Marie Samplefs Herbert Snider, Horace P. Burr -lr. "MR. AND MRS. NORTH" Roy Helms Joy Davis Barhara Ivloore M21 rgaret Boyd Claire Brent .. Boh Sherry Mrs. Brooks ,...,.,. ...,.. Saathofl, Grace Wells, janis Goar, Richard Cline, Norma Jean Seott, ,lane Wilsiiii ....,,. ......,....... J anis Coar Ben Wilsinii ....,,,,... .,.,,,. R alph Bradford Clinton Edwards ..... ......,.,,., B oh Cox Cooper ,,,,.., ,.,,,,,,,, .,... J a mes Craig Mi'. Brooks .. ,,,, Bud Klotch "CHINESE RED" The China Relief show called "Chinese Red" opened with a gala New Years procession adapted from actual scenes. Inspired hy ancf ient legends and modern realities this proved to he a novel show. Lt. Weigzriid ........... Detective Miilliiis .... Jenkins .............,..........,......... .. .... .. Assistant Mediczil Examiner Ross, Fingerprint man .......... . ..... Fuller Brush Man .......... Inspector O'Malley .... Timothy Barnes ...... George W.rriier .. George Cline Mzlrk Clay Ruth Willizriiis Walter French Herbert Snider Wziyiie Coers Jack Payne 4 ART ALUNE ENDURGA' 01.5 UKLAHUMA Grace Wells plays the guitar as the rest of the cast join in on "Cowboy Joel' in the Four Arts show. MERRY WIDUW Dramatics clulw presented a scene from the MERRY Vxfinow. It is twilight in a garden pavillion of Cafe de le Paix in Paris. Mary Carmen dances as the ladies in costume furnish lovely hackground. Norma jean Scott sang "The Merry Widf ow" waltz. YUUNG APRIL A decided success was the senior play of '43, Youmz APRIL, a former Broadway hit. The play centered around the glorious misery of the love life of the young Mc' lntyre's and their friends. The story was set heforc a hackground representing colorf lul Southern California. lil t fiftyfflwie The students in the speech and radio classes receive valuahle foundation training for whatever plaess of leadership they will eventually acquire. Not only in civilian life, hut also especially in the armed service is this training essential. Army and Navy men of rank have stated that men training for officers need first and foremost to he ahle to address other men in a clear, understandahle, and commanding manf ner. EFFECTIVE A SPEECH BEFORE THE CLASS "WHAT BIG EYES YOU HAVE, CRANDMAV' HERE ARE YOUR MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS We served the community in various ways this year. For hook week we told stories, old and new, to all the grade rooms in the city. We promoted the Red Cross Drive and collected S731 from the sehoo's. Miss Arford was chairman of the committee for the Christmas pageant in which we appeared as angels and took the speaking parts. For the "Four Arts' Show" we presented "Alahama Fables." At the April meeting of the parents and teachers, we pref Page Fiftyf'Two .SPEECH WHAVE YOU TRIED 'BASCUMT' "COME IN, HONEY CHILE" FLOVJERS COME TO LIFE '1 al ind memorifed pieces. sented a program of origi 1' 1 M George Wzxriier was the winner of the local Rotary ' ' W ences of the Allied speech contest on the confcrc Nations. di ed many The classes in Radio wrote and pro i c stories to advertise special events of the school. They boosted the basketball teams and other athletics with ' 'H ' sh thf serial original skits and announcements, sue as e Page Fiftyf'I'h1ee "Jack Trojan, the AllfArn yr 4' F. Ni NU f A erican Boy." They also presented a Bible program every Monday morning and other programs on special days. At all of the basketball games Herbert Shelley and Gerald Gernf stein announced the lineups on the public address system. We've had a profitable and enjoyable year. "0 SING YUUR SUNG!" The call for glee club was answered hy thirtyffour girls. These practiced one period a week for experience and fun. This is in part a training course for choir memhership, hecause every mem' her of the choir must have glee cluh training. During the Hrst semester the girls appeared at the "Four Arts Show" and the Christmas Pageant. At 'LCres- cendo" they appeared in gay calico and ginglrnns with starched white pinafores to sing folk tunes of America. Any girl in high school has opportunity through this organization to gain experience in reading choral selections or to just have fun by singing good music with a group. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB l S' xl K v 1 ,-x Q l J f Juanita Burgess, Helen Beam, Betty Armstrong, Janice Coar, Catherine Caron, Rosemary Jackson, Martha Ashhy, Jane Chapman, Beverly Brown, Virginia Hiner, Norma Lee Andrews, Phyllis Copeland, Beverly Keller, Mary Lunsford, Sattre Huffman, Ruth Tapscott, Sarah Ludy, Lois Cable, Jessie MeCahan, Mary Carmen, Nancy Mc Gahan, Mary Alice Crawford, Gerry Wilson, Betty Jane Walker, Mary Kalk, Barbara Holloway, Rose Sampley, Dolores McGinnis, Dorothy Shaw, Virginia Hutchens, Norma Larrimore, Betty Yost, Cay Jones, Bonnie Swine dell, Dorothy Fnrhee, Francis Meggs, Joan Devening, Charlotte Supinger, Donna Tower, Norma Jean Cairnes, Betty Hendricks, Mary Lou Andrews, Miss May Dorsey, Ethel Reavis, lwlarjorie Stewart, Judy Capshaw, Dorothy Znkle, Mary Louise Knight, Vxfaunita Willizrins. " ND SING THEM STRONG" l3ottoin Row: Mary Aliee Crawford, Mary Carmen, Mar' jorie Stewart, Beverly Keller, Miss May Dorsey, Mary Lou Andrews, Dorothy Ftirhee, Vsfaunita Williztiiif, Norma Andrews, joan Devening. Seeond Row: Wziiidzt Cairnes, Ruth Pharif, Norma .lean Stott, Martha Ann Crandall, Gene Allen, jimmy Hntehem, George Vwlarner, Dorothy Devening, Mary Roy Kirkwood, Betty Hendriekf. Top Row: Ethel Reavie, Mary Louise Knight, Gloril l'eai'4on, Betty Arnntrong, Herhert Shelly, George Reavis, Don jonef, Gerald Gernstein, Phillip Heilman, Bonnie Swindell, judy Capshaw, Aliee Ann Wise, Charlotte Stipinger. -fi, tk. gi, vr:"i fi lvvlzl XX. lltgc Fift'x'fFit'e CHUIR Every day the seventh period musie floated down lrom the south room ol' the new musie department. Thirtyftwo memhers of the ehoir sang selections ol' all types, from earols lor the annual Christmas pageant to folk tunes for "Creseendo Varieties." They helped liref qtiently with the P. A. prograins and appeared hefore many eivie organizaf tions, "Creseendoi' gave them a ehanee to shine in eolorful eostnmes with nnisie to match. Une ol the luglilighis ol the year was their leaving sehool lor a day to partieipate in the Spring Festival at Anderson. They pertormeel at senior vespers and on Honor Day. Alter the last song at llaeealaureate, they loeked the rohe eahinet for another summer, THAT THUSE WHO HEAR Flutes: Janis Goar Suzanne Teetor Carolyn Henderson E Clarinet: Patsy Thompson B Clarinet: Bonnie Lou Conn Dorothy Higgs Lonclla Stephens Helen Ast .lane Chapman june Branhain Frieda Mendenhall Phyllis Copeland Mabel Sanderson Ladonna Holloway ,lewell Wright Marjorie Lewis lane Dillman -loyce Crider Betty Ostland lean Meadow, Bonny Wriglit Marv Alice Crawford Alto Saxophone: Buddy Thompson Billy Harding Phvllis Fessler Virginia Hutchens George Reayis Berneatha Bond Marilyn Vv'ebb Tenor Saxophone: Sherwood Ryan Bette Browning Sattre Hullinan Richard Johnson George Sweigart Baritone Saxophone: Phyllis Morris Horns: Ruth Williams Betty Hull Loya Mae Moore Betty Zeller Baritones: James Crane Carolyn Ballenger lean Linebaek john Kinsinger Trum pets: Charles Dorsett Bill Lake Robert Nell: .loc Ramsey janet Kennedy Wilbilr Will4:11ns Harold Franklin Rex Bailey Harold Longworth Trombones: Bobbv Allen loe Foyst Richard Lineberry Timmy Hutehens Keith Davis Basses: lack Payne Mark Clay Ralph Sanderson Eugene Bailey Percussion: Frank Stout Marilyn Winning Paul Wright Paul Koger Tom Underwood lunior Whalen Beverly Winning CUNCERT BAND- Part of the band rehearsal time every morning is devoted to concert numbers. One of these that the students will ref iiiemher is "Caribbean Fantasy," played at the South American Convo. In crisp green and white uniforms with instruf ments gleaming under the footlights, they played a popular concert for the community bond premiere. "Stardust" and "Uncle Tonfs Cabin" won instant favor with their large audience. For "Crescendo Varieties" they played a Slavonic rhapsody and accompanied the second act of the show. Class day ended their year's program and the green and white uniforms were put away again. Page Fifty-Six MAY KEEP THUSE SUNG! 'HA' lm the viulins. l'lt-tm! Is cvcryf um' lumxlf' l'laly thc scsllc of U IHJJOI' ClJllCL'l'l. l'1lth purlml IWYACUCC xml gm vxlm lllllll' strctclm on Wtrdlmt-stlgty' Zllvfkfl' mmuns has kt-pt thu llI'ClXL'SU'Al rcauly tu VIUIIHNI lmltlf' ll4"'l , . 1, , . play im' thru' many CIIQLIQCIIICIKS. Eillghl 'lgll,:dk.,.wH Phylliw Cwpt-land Cllilllll l'cz11'xul1 Erma Lou Vwfuml Beth Entry Lrmucllgl clTllllLlCl' Charles Rmlw lVlill'lllI'lk' Lewi- Uzul E, Mullin Hcrhcrt Lawns Luxe stumps Marry Lou Andrews Bcrnicc Smith Nvttic Tl1I'ilSllk'l' Rmcnmry Smith Iugm Vlulmnm All tht- sclmuul sluvws ull thc ycur lmvc lwrn v11l141m'rnl hy tht' z1cuump.mi1m'l1t 4-ml lwrwl-vu sucnc nllmhvrs nl flllfi Qlllllp. Twu un1u'r'ts, civic l3CY'l:U1'lUQlI1CCS, rin- Nurth Cfuntml Clltlll-L'l'L'IlCC hamquct, .mtl Lhvil' slmru in the Ncrcsccmlo Va1r1cl1ss" lmvc kupt the rest of thcil' tum' xwll tillt-tl. Tlw string scctlmm stood un 1h own lhscl for tht- first timc amd plgtyvtl strung urflmt-srm numhcrs. At thu ,V yluw nl' tht ycgu' thfy plnyntl whilc the Xlxliljgiwlic Stvwmt 5L'lll4lI'S m.uLlv lhcir fuml how. Eliggllwtll llmtxt- fmllus: Ruth Ann ,lurtlaum BUIIHIL' Luu Conn Betty .lczm Zullvr Marilyn Ann l'.lym' -Izmct Tcctczr Busscs: Dorothy Dvvvnllmg Dm'utl1y l:urhCc clL'I'illLllHL' Zcllur -llfllll Mt-ntlllvw Phyllls Murrix ,Q Pizxmms: Q Lms Armflal lvlzlry Ann lfuyq Illutvsz Izmis Gunn' Slllllllllk' 'll-cum Clamrixwlsx Ibmmlmy Hnggh Lucllu Slcplwlws HL'lK'l1 ANI Alum' fflmpllmn Salxuywlmmw: Buddy Tlmmpson Billy Hill'LllI1gl Sultrc HllllVlll.lI1 lfrvnrlx Hmm: l.uv.n Malt' lVlmm' Rllth Xlvlllllllllli lictly Hull 'l.lllVi1I Mark Clay 'l1llIIHPCl5I Clmaulw llmwlt Blah Nvll' Alma RillllM'V Tmrmulmxxwz liuhhy Allow Riclmnrnl Lilwlwllv 'Inc lwuyst l,L'l'L'll54lUHI Paul Vv"r1gl1t HllI'X'k'Y ML'M.lIll Mxlrllyn mllllllllltf Bvvcrly Xxlllllllllg l'.l11l Kngm' REMEMBERING THEM Rsusaksu Under the capable direction of Miss May Dorsey and Mr. Gene Chenoweth, the music department has had a memorable season. A shining new music depart' ment on the third floor with separate choral and instrument rooms, convenient instrument lockers, and an oHice, complete with bright hlue draperies, greeted us the opening day of school. From the first notes of "Un New Castlei' at the opening foothall game to the last strains of the commencement reeessional some musical organization has performed at every major school activity. Our inf structors worked hard to perfect our musicianship for two spring concerts. All was not work however. During the Christmas holidays, a lighted tree and decorations cheered our rooms. After the holiday party, we waded snow to serenade the teachers with carols. We reviewed our accomplishments at our annual dinner in May. Page FiftyfEight FRUM Y AR T0 Y AR Mnkcuuvc anno A vital part of N, H. S. sehool spirit is the march' ing hand. Bud Chamhers and the six majorettes led down the field in true marching fashion with flags waving, plumes flying while they played spine tickling music to give every fan a thrill hetween halves at the home foothall games. At hasketlwall games only the twirlers marched, hut the others were there every game ahove the south hasket to add pep Page FiftyfNine and color to the whole scene. The pep hand, which was eomposed of hoys from this organization, lived up to its name at every cheer session. No one will soon forget the way they swung out on their theme song, lAMrs. Murphys Chowder." This hand may well he proud of its record of playing at every major athletic event of the 194344 season. AND SPOILS. THE MAN THAT HATH NO MUSIC IN HIMSELF, NOR IS NOT MOVED WITH CONCORD OF SWEET SOUNDS, IS FIT FOR TREASONS, STRATAGEMS, SHAKESPEAI E P g S y ACTIVITIES N ., ,-A W I I I Nj I afvvv I AA. I I S 'W III MW I ' 'S "W AVri!l5i'u AN 1 -7-,-jf, dz..-y six ' f , "4-7 JN ' ' ,fp IIWIIIN II I ,I 1 I ny, 'IIN ,J U 3 1 x Q4 J 2 ff if AAA! 'ir- .A-A-AJ AAA, ,v.A.A.A, X ff CICIZ-IRQ-'SIG AA.zu.J PHUENIX FINDS THE NEWS Trojans Host Arts. cz. 2 Vofmxxz United Youth FIRST STAFF Bottom llow: Thelma Smith, lvlarf iff: joric Stewart, Leatha Lorton, qxiiwh joy Davis, lvlary Alice Pugh, mf' Boh Sherry. M Second Row: Erline Smith, Gerry Wilsmmii, Mary Alice Townsend Mit, A. D. Allen, Bill Holloway, Edwin Lee, Nancy Hudson, and limi George Wriglit. an SECOND STAFF Bottom Row: Marietta Ashley, Helen Beam, Ruth Howard, lvlaryanna Sweigart, Paul Stev' ens. sqm Second Row: Beatrice Stoots, Nt' "l' vada Hallaere, Marjorie Sanders, ,fm Bernadine Covalt, Thelma Smith, Q Mary Stern. Top Row: George W1'iglit, Donna 1:31-we Dudley, Mr. Allen, junior Wlizrf MEM len, jim Capshaw. Dmmhy Wlbuai i... nm... "Have you read the Phoenix this week?" That's a familiar question in the halls of N. H. S. Two staffs served each semester. Leatha Lorton and Marjorie Stewart were editors the first half of the yearg and Beatrice Stoots and Donna Dudley the last half. The faculty adviser for the Phoenix was A. D. Allen and the printing instructor was Joseph A. Ureenstreet. Page SixtyfOne ."!hvalq.lkahl.XiU Bl. an YP mm It in bam' re lull In ldq ulc- mmg :hm w uma in bug up The exchange editor was swamped with correspondf ence to the hoys in the service. Special issues were printed at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sectional Tourf ney, Easter and Commencement. Five memhers from all the staffs represented the Phoenix at the Indiana High School Press Assof ciation at Franklin College. Boh Sherry, president, was in charge of all the meetings at the convention. First Row: Glenna O'Rear, Mary Alice Townsend, joy Davis. Second Row: Norina jean Scott, jean Hicks, Charlotte Supinger, Helen Beam. Third Row: Lois Arnold, Mary Sharp, Mary Lee Edwards, Martha Sharp, Dorothy Zirkle. Fourth Row: Mary Roy Kirkwood, Marjorie Stewart, Eelytlze Shapiro, Alice Ann Wise, Helen Duckworth, Barhara jordan. liilth Row: Mary Lou Andrews, Mary Stearn, Katherine Chesick, Ruth Neuman, Wanda Cairnes, Mary Mitchell, Alice Jessup. Sixth Row: jean Long, jane Durrell, Patsy Bunch, Phyllis Fessler, Marjorie Miller, Toby Roth, Virginia johnson, lwiildred Rains Trip Row: Beth Einry, Bette Browning, Catharine Caron, Margaret Boyd, Martha Ann Crandall, Dorothy Devening, Nancy Hudson, Ruth Knollman, Barhara Bunch, Barbara Cartwright, Miss Elizabeth Harrington, june Loekridgc. TRI-HI The TrifHi cluh's calendar was full of events. Pledge dinner and formal initiation were in honor ot the new memhers. TrifHi hay ride was full of fun. The Holiday dance and college girls' tea filled Christmas vacation. Hearts Hop was the usual success, We sold cokes and spilled them at the games. All memhers went to work as volunteer aids at the Clinic. Our mothers were honored at the Mother and Daughter Banquet. We dined the Trojan team at the annual Lettermen's hanquet. Finally and fondly the senior mem' hers were hid good hye at the senior party. Page Sixtyffwo Page Sixtyffliree H I ' Y The HifY met on Tuesdays, They sponsored the best hayride of the year with weiners and fun for all. Their Harvest Hop was one of our favorite dances. Kay McNaughton was elected district chairman. During the winter they entertained at a dinner honoring their fathers. The members wrote hundreds of letters to former HifY's now in the service. The HifY always works for a better place in which to live. First Row: jack Payne, Mzirk Clay, Mr. Lewis Deardorf, Roy Helms. Second Row: Don Vifarnock, Ovid Chambers, jr., jimmy Scott. Third Row: jimmy Stoneroek, jim Hunnicutt, Richard Archey, Ralph Bradford. Fourth Row: Edwin Lee, Boyden Dudley. Bill Lake, Bob Kendall, Bob Sherry, Albert Heinz. Fifth Row: jimmy Lee, David Diehl, Bob Kirby, Wzlyiie Coers. Sixth Row: john Blackburn, Bob Higgs, Mala Nleshirley, George W1iri1ei', Gerald Germ' stein, Vv'ilford Brosey. fop Row: Howard McKnight, Kay McNaughton, Bill Bales, Dwayne Cartwright, Richard Cline, Gene Witt, Charles McMillan, George Barnard. l We pon't Want To get the Wotfd On 7212! HI LITES MC4lSl1I'C, UWT. illld paste .... Good News? A letter from Boh Hope . . . . Our poster gal . . . Take a letter, please .... Url to pay the hills . . . Ready to frame. Alter we had sold our subscriptions for 55150. as usual, we discovered that prices are higher - f much higher. And so wc did some iigurinf Wti sponsored the Tatterman Ivlarionettes to increase our hudf get, We sold pictures and padded covers, sponsored a dance, and held a pretty girl contest. We lmvq ing-Cglggcl fhg gigq of the book lwy ten pages and douhled the numher of pictures. The result is the lwest wartime record of our school that we could accumulate. Page SiXl5"F01lT We gust Want To get TAB nnuaf Out On 7512! STAFF FOR 1944 RUSENNIAI. BARIIARA BUNCH, convocationsg MISS MANIEOLD, art adviser, HELEN I. BEAM, armed forces, MARY ALICE TOWNSEND, circulation manager, MISS ARFIJRIU, staff adviser, NORMA JEAN SCOTT, art editorg M'xR'I'IIA SHARP, senior class editor, ELIZABETH ROUSE, sales, EDYTHE SHAPIRO, editorfinfcbief, MARf ,IORIE STEWART, music, EVELYN VAN GORDON, sales, EDRA DAVIS, secretary, JEAN HICIKS, sales, MARY SHARP, sales, VIOLET KENNEDY, sales, GLENNA OHREAR, administration, RUTH KNOLLMANQ BOD SH ERRY, BARBARA JORDAN, underclassmcn, JOY DAVIS, clubsg MARGARET BOYD, girls editor, BOR COX, business manager, HERBERT SHELLEY, snapshots, DOROTHY SAATHOFF, sales, JANIS GOAR, senior feaf tures, DONNA TOWERS, sales cliairniang -JIM SCOTT, layout, BETTY HULL, underclassrnen, MARILYN WINNINQI, secretary, RUTH WILLI,AMs, clubs, ERLINE SMITH, sales, ROY HELMS, art layout, BILL RAZOR, snapshots, TOMMY LESTER, sales, GEORCE W'ARNER, basketball, HENRY COVERT, .valesg W.'xYNI5 COERS, football, track. THE SUNSHINE SUCIETY As in the previous years, the Sunshine Society memhers scattered their rays ol' sunshine in the halls of N. H. S. and outside of high school. Early in the year they presented each teacher with a desk hlotter. On Valentines Day they honf ored the faculty with a Valentine party at which Mr. Chenoweth and Mrs. Vkfayman were crowned King and Queen of Hearts. Among the patriotic ac' tivities of the cluh was the dance they sponsored for the sale of war stamps. This year the Sunshine Society gave fruit haskets to aged and sick and presented their annual money gift to the Riley Fund. The society held two meetings a month. Otlicers of the Sunshine Society VVCYCZ Ruth Williziiiis, President Dorothy Zirele, Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Van Gordon, Vicefljresident Agnus Rifner, Recording Secretary Mrs. Fisher, Sponsor ludy Capshaw. Treasurer UUESTORS HI- Y This cluh which is composed of the younger hoys seeks a hetter way of living. The Questors attend the HifY Older Boys' Conference at Indianapolis . . sponsor the Mistlef toe Swing and the Trojan Trot . . entertain with a chili supper at the ' Y. M. C. A. . . are cofsponsors of 1 HifY Father and Son hanquet. E Mr. Maurice Parsons, Cluh Sponsor. Bottom Row: -Ioe Ramsey. Davis Smith. john Bland. Tom Underwood, Boh Niles, Leland Maeei Second Row: Nathan Roth. Marvin Gernstein, Roscoe Keesling. Boh Helms. Tlmd Row: Eddie Arnold. Boh Prehle, .lim M. Lee. Tom lreland, Bill Vv'hite. Top Row: jack Peekinpaugh, Dick George, Tom Vsfaggoner. Russell Coers. N x Pagefbixiyfbix iyne Glad, 11111 Shelly, 11 Rl1UllL'lll12llllk'1, l'1'z111f KI Tl1o111No11, li1ed jones, 111111 l,l1k'l1lllg.lI', Rudolf 1111115 l5o11.1ld Arel1e3', I5 Xlilllzillll. Mr, Kiirdf tl Mr. Myerx, Wilyllc ftblklllilli. Roy MilIAA'llIVl, 111 l:l'illIlPl1!Il, A111121 Ill 11.111 rl-l'11bl11PSH!1, 111 1111 Dudley, Max Mt' ll V, l'lLll1li Hays, Ho' 15111 lfnllei, B111 Cant' 1 111, M111'sl1z1ll 171111-, oh flonwell, George 1111111 1, Ernest Dugleif, 1 111 S1.111's 11111 ,lL'LlII Scott, Glenf 111 U lie.11, M11 rgorie iw 111, l1llI'lWill'2l Alo1'dz1v1, ltlx l'z1y11e, 111111 Cox, ll 1 NL'lIIIlilI1, M :1 r v ll 11 Alhert Heinz, 1 Wllil l1lll1Cl1, M111tl11 3 ll 1 Miw Raltclillic, xl lI11,fc1's11ll. MACHINIST CLUB The lVl11c11i11fst Clnh l1L'lL1 weekly I'CCI'L'21t1Ul1il1 meetf ings III the K. ol' l'. lodge 112111 to promote hetter lit-llowsl1i11 znnong the lwoys 11nd te11cl1er. They were represeiited in the lIlfl'i1IHLlI'ill teams with QL good season. The president was Wlly'IlC Ulrid until he lelit lor the service. Then the office was taken over hy Leo lil14lL1L'IlllLlINCl. The secretary 2lllL1 treasurer was 13111 Shelley. Mr. Kinder acted 415 supervisor, NA TIGNJII. HGNUR S 0015 TY lvleinlverfi of t11e Na1tionz1l Honor Society are selected hy the faculty on lvzisis of SC11Ul2ll'Sll1P, lCllL1Cl'Sll1l5, service and chiiracter. Five percent of the junior class Illlly he admitted to this cluh LIIM1 fifteen per' cent of the senior class may he zldmitted. Some of the activities of the society have heen: Compiling the honor roll, sponsoring t11e clothing drive for Allied Nations, promoting t11e "l'igfs11i11 PfQll1OIn after foothall gaunes and their clnh hun' quet which was held Fehr11:1ry 10th. Officers for the first semester were: President, Glenna QYRCQLFL Vicef1'resident, B2lI'lWilfil .lilfklillll Secretary, Ruth Neu111z1ng 'TI'CllSLll'CI', MQll'fl1il Sharp. Uflicers for the second semester were: President, jack Puyncg Vicefl'resident, Bolw Coxg Seereta1ry, Marjorie Stewzlrtg Treasurer, Dick Ingersollg Sponf sor, Catherine Rntcliffe. 1 1 1 11 1- '11 1 --1 1- dr fl 11-11-11-- 00N VUCA TIUNS Convoeations are a sort of a painless process of edueation. We are highly entertained, and at the same time we gain visions ol' other worlds to eonf quer. Our eonvoeations are held in the gymnasium with students from the speeeh department as ehairf men on eaeh oeeasion, One of the heautiful features was the Christmas program presented hy Miss Arford, Mr. Chenowethi Miss Dorsey, Miss Manifold, and their departments. Vxfe were reminded to he ever watchful hy the pointed play, "NVings Over Amerieaf' Dr, Liddle, pictured lower right, was an inspiration to the stud' ents hy helping them to solve their problems. Other eonvoeations we enioyed: Mr. Sigmund Spaeth, song deeteetorg the Buhhles Coneertog Mr. Ralph Holland, speaking for the National Youth Couneilg Mr. Paul Harris talking ahout South Amerieag Mr. John Sloan and his amazing experif ments with liquid air: Dr. Roy Smith, editor of the Christian Advocate, and Mr. Arthur McKee, a song leader from Vv'inona Lake. Then there were Senior Vespers, Class Day and Honor Day to round out a colorful year. Student Chairmen for these eonvoeations include: Edythe Shapiro, "Sunny" Boyd, Charlotte Supin' ger, Marjorie Miller, Beth Emry, Waiidzx Cairnes, Mary Lou Andrews, and Virginia Harter. 1 R ATHLETICS f' TL R 'W E -fXfk!LJg, 'K S M P l 'g x 4 b X Loqcnlfq lslqp, N. H. S. CELEBRATES BASKETBALL CUNFERENCE CHAMPIUNSHIP AT VICTURY DINNER . t 2 "r W if 1' wf':"' X ,f"NwXX ri X i A i it X . , ,,,., , 'mf 5' ' -Q.. Q... ,J M I ex. ' wwe , . " ,Q e- , .. if Top picture: Scene at lwanquet. Introduction of Guests Those sitting at the speakeris tahle were: Special Guests: lvliddle picture: Mr, Fields, Mr. Vogel, Mr. Representatives from Pittshurgli Pirates Mwdnws, MV- Hlllci Mr- CNW- Presenting of Awards .,,,,, Lyman H. Lylwoult, Bottom picture: Mr. lleisel, Mr. Trester, Coach Conference Secretary Allcllf Mr' Wffcfi Mr' Lylwult' Acceptance and Presentation of Boys and PROGRANI llarents ,,,,...,.,,,, .,,, Coach Willwiii' N. Allen Ivlasonic Temple, New Castle, Indiana 3511001 Acccpmncc VVVKVK K-pV VY V w-VVrVV M I -' CNW Milrill 28, N744 Speaker' .,,,,,,,.:,,.,,,,A,, ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,A,,,, Harry Kleigel, Toastmaster ,,,,.:, ,, Principal Joe R. Craw Dean of Umpires Welcmaiiie ....,.., ..... M ayor Sidney Baker Mesic hy the high school orchestra WE'RE THE MIGHTY YEU. LEADERS RALPH BR,xDFoRD MARY KALK ROY HELMS TOBY ROTH GEORGE VJARNER VARSITY CLUB The varsity is purcly am lmonorury OI'g2ll1iZ2lti0l1 sponsored by the athletic coaches. Any lmy who cnrns gm "N" zultomzttically becomes 11 member of the Varsity Club. This club has developed the good sportsmanship of the mighty Trojans. fl I Page Seventy TRUJANS 0F N. H. S. LETTERMEN AND CUACHES Lriwls FARMER Dum CRHNK TUMMY L1s'r1iR W.AxYNu Clams C. W. Nlr:Hn1.s I3xI,BIiR'I' HINUS Llriwri W114T RlmmLm 1 JOLLY HIQRSHEHI. Nliw jun N MASTIN ERNEST D.xc:c:LEY ALBIQRT A1-1fx.fxNmzR Nf5RN1.XN VINCENT Cmxxczrl RANIMLI, L,xwswN Truck, assistant buxlqcllmll assistant fuotlmll Ccuczrl STIiI'HliN M. Buglim Football Cmczn W11.raL1R N. AI-I,l'1N Basketball, lmselmll Llmmczrf B.xRN,x1uw Luo BEATTY ,IIMMY Lula CH.x11L1fs Mr1M1L1.l.xN PHILIP Wfi1'I'15 HENIKY Covnm' w l 1 Page S6l'6Hlj"OH6 THE VARSITY Cl. UB AND WE'l.l. WIN Ncw N cw N cw N Q w N Q w N c w N 0 w N Q w N cw N U w N cw N 0 w N rw Ncxx New 5 Q 5 Q srl li ill llc flv rlv rl.- Llf llC llt llc llC tlc llc rlu L, llU C THE TRO-IAN TRAIL Hugcrftmvn Chmnm-willc Muncic lffculrglll C:I'L'k'l1SlWLII' Y k :Xmlcxw an Tuflmmcul BLHTIS Qlvlmmcicl Riclwumxwd Ruslwmlln Lnlzlycttc Kukmmm l':l'1lHlil,Ul'f lKlCl1IN4lI'li.l lvlzxrimm Lcmg.xnNpm'l 'sn ,A 31 Bfx 37 ,,.. .um N -1 23' 315 -1 if 32 19 7-I 10 24 -3 New Ncv' New Ncw New New Ncw New Ncw Ncw New Ca ,ll w Q1 C1 Alf' X ul w ,ll lstlC lstlc tlv BI lftlc Lstlc file tlc Qtlc Fnlc . tlc Lau Llc 67 Mlmrzc fclt,'I!Il'Allj '33 C,1x'cQ:1llclLl 42 .'XIlLlC!'SUI1 G FOUR TOURNEY 3l Kcwkmmx 44 Lugglmuspmmrl SECTIONAL 37 Kniglmtstuwm 43 New l.,lhlV11l 61 Spicvlalml 64 Mum-Qlzmd REGIONAL 49 flL'!liC!'N'1llC SU Bllffli llVllIIiI1Cl Cmrzri ALLEN RECEIVES A TRWHY THIS GAME 1944 BASKETBALL TEAM BROUGHT NEW CASTLE HIGH SCHOOL ITS FIRST NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL CONFERENCE STANDING Vxfun Lust Ncw Galstlc .,,, .,.I,,, 1 U 2 I 0 IAXIILILTSOII 2 9 E Muncie ..7, ,,,,,.. . w .. ....,,, 6 4 Lafayette .. Kokomo ,,,,,, ,,II,,, 7 5 Logzmsport ,,,,, ,,,.,,, 5 6 Frz1nkfo1't ,,,,,,, 7 7 Tech. ,,,,,,, 2 7 Marion ,7,,. , ,,,Y,,, 'Z 9 RICIIIIIKJIILI ..,,,, ,.I,,,, I I 11 ITL S33 S33 750 600 733 456 410 222 ISI 000 NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE TROPHY WINNERS IF WE D0 THE SEASUN When Wilhur QStringsj Allen announced that has' ketlwall practiee would start for the 194344 season, he had high hopes for a very successful year. These hopes were certainly fulfilled. From the team of last year four regulars were ref turning. They were George Barnard, john Stillwell, Henry Covert, and Charles IVIcMillan. The reserves returning were: Phil White, and Gene Witt. With other fellows from out of town and Allen's own son, a freshman, "Strings" started fashioning his team. By the time the first game rolled around every Trof jan was anxious to see the results of the previous weeks of practice. After witnessing impressive vicf tories over Hagerstown and Connersville, everyone was juhilant. The Mighty Trojans suffered their first defeat at the hands of Muncie Central hy a score of 31 to 32. But this loss was soon forgotten and the warriors rolled on and on over strong and weak foes. When january first and the Big Four Tourney came the Trojans were rated iirst in the state for weeks hy the Associated Press writers. Losing to Kokomo in the Big Four Tourney hy a margin of points, the Trojans came hack with every liirst Row: Eddie Arnold, student manager: Philip White, guard: john Haynes, guard: Charles Green, student I11l1Il2lgCf. Second Row: Bill Shelly, center: Dick Cronk, forward: jimmy Lee, guard: john Stilwell, forward: Glen Crandall, center: joe Goff, forward. Third Row: Gene Covert, guard. Witt, forward: David Allen, guard: Charles Ivielvlillan, center: George Barnard, forward: Henry Page Seventyfoui Like Father Like Son UUR BEST! thing they had and won nine straight victories. The Creen and Vsfhite rolled over Frankfort, avengf ed their loss to Kokomo with a 13 point victory, defeated Lafayette, mauled Richmond and Nlarion and kept harreling right down the line of victories. Then came the climax. The Trojans, still rated numher one haskethall team in the state, came to grips with Central of lvfuneie. Our warriors ahsorhf ed their first defeat hy these Bearcats. With the greatest showing of speed, power, and shooting ahility ever displayed at the Church street gym, the Trojans eame out on top 67 to 36. This victory won them their share of the first North Central Conference title ever to he won hy a New Castle haskethall team. After this most successful season, the Trojans were pieked to win the state championship hy Bill Fox, veteran sports writer of the Indianapolis News. The men of Troy came through the hard hraeket of the sectional. The next Saturday at the Regional at Muncie after winning over a tough Vxfinchester quintet, the Trojans gallantly lost to a giant Burris, Mtliicie team hy a score of 31 to 30. The hoys on the team can well he proud ol' their hrilliant season record of 17 wins and 3 defeats. gf WC' 4,-f Y 1 ' E17 , www: ' 5- L g A, ., ,. . ,- H --" ffm-.2:fe:afN Z L fx '5 4 10 ms W S 1, 1 M ,K gf mi X f lx W M YP .h,, ,. -Y W V ,aw w g.,9r?E 'V 'T-if 1, 1? EFT' - piif sffff A gp.: Q- Q K - 'A I 535 ivgggxikif K kg, I 'k it 143- .W K Iggy K ,w M,5 . A lv. LL? ' A " " 'V ' S kf ff fr , 'elim ,,-- M-V .Q H- , P-ff -,.-f ,, , .K ' .1 ig, ,Q ,, - " 2N:..j L-"- xi. ' LL? '-,. , LL if L. L, 1, LLL L L- if wiv-M 1 ' 2' if 'Vi ,gg ':-7' I!.E,. , L M Q s ' lIfilfi45'1Ef11e1.4fL, L wi ,W - 'V - frm s ,L fgiafwxiz if 25-2 'TWW - rrp. wr 72195 LL 52 I ii L as K ww 'V-111 " Q 'viii , , xx ff K , 5, X .?,:I' 3 ' N 1 JE: ' Q 3 j YL . LX , 5 , - 'val-2' Q S if 5 V- f, 9 I an V L 4 W , 5 1 1 4 '14 fn g f il " ' 21.3" L 1 'L mf , X , - K W, , U N J 'E K lm if ' A M , ' 9 Q ' F Y' Y W -'41 ,- f W X L W' Lai' .gg L, ff - .L -fefgjff -' Q g ff fi' L 1, :W 'L -...Zi ' E5 LLf .' , ,Y - A 4 A sf' , M 55-,E f - w g: ,Q Q, X v' L K , mf, f . 7- 5'1.lzfZQQi R. :www 'mms . -1 N .,. . ,Q -5. f' X: 7. L' 1. V ,w E Q5 , Wm iw Li ' T A I K , V L . sgfffrw in f 'fQ,g'f if-k,,,g, : , V , ,:, 'ai wi, .Q f':.-F" L SL-- ,, , -'M , L E ,H M., , A . ,,,, X, gy ...ig 53. Qgrggiw b will i n Aw ,gi KA, . H ' . mfr-W"-iifwi: -A . 1 ', ff : g ff, V 'fb ' . Q fi " E 'L' 1.4. '- A ,, , H K kg, 0 W-W H , gg '11 L4 LL , s ' .,: 55.'i , 44:1 f :f . - TRUJA These freshmen and sophomores constitute the "B" team. The "B" team had a very successful year under the guiding hands of Coach Randall Lawson. Wrmrkiiig hard and with determination, they won a majority of their games. In the "B" team Big Four Tourney our future Trof jans came out on top to hring home a victory over Muncie and Richmond. The Colts lost a close game .N CULT! to Hagerstown in their Hrst match, but came hack with a decisive victory over Connersville. Followf ing defeats at the hands of Muncie and Anderson, the Colts won games from Burris, Tech, and Rush' ville. Splitting games with Richmond, the Colts gathered momentum and heat Frankfort. After los' ing to Marion, Lawson's Charges were in the win till the end of the season. They beat Mulucie, Creenf field and Anderson in succession. First Row: Nohle Ford, student manager: Clarence Schofield, forward: Russel Coers, forward: Boh Kirby, guard: Jay Gray, forward: Ralph Clemmens, guard: Morton Shapiro, student manager. Second Row: Tom lrelan, forward: Clarence Fannin, guard: Wiley Jay, forward: Boh Keesling, forward: Dick George, center: Harry Burchart, guard: James Vogel, guard. Third Row: john Whalleri, forward: Roger Covert, forward: Charles Chance, center: Charles Caldwell, center, Edward Sumpter, forward, Ray New, center: jack Van Hoose, guard. Page SeventyfEiglzL IN TRAM URAL CHAMPIUNS MUSIC MAKERS Front Row- Boh Allen, George Vv'arner. -laelq Crow, Back Row: 'Iaeli Payne, Pmoh Cox, Roy Helms. INTRAMURAI. BASKETBALL This year "Uriz" Baker took over the responsibilities of Intramural Baslcetlwall. The teams were organized and put into two groups. Games were played Weel' neselay nights on a regular schedule. Two tournaments were played, one for the "shriinps," then one for the ulwie lellovvs N Some hotly eontmted Hunes wer' wl. "el ' l l ' . . hz 5 ' L I 'rye will tie Miisie Nfakers and Pistol Packers coming out ol the seramlwle without a Scratch. PISTOL PACKERS lironi Row: Coaeli George W1'igl1t, Nlorion Dann, -lolin Kinsinger, Paul Vviiglil, liolw Longw Back Row: Paul Koger, Wilfred Broscy, Nathan Roili, Bill Van Bihheip FUUTBALI. IN '43 THE TEAM Bottom Row: jr. Neal, Edward Wzills, John Doyle, Dick Fleming, Henry Saul, Bob Keesling, james Vaughn, Ralph Hodgins, Marvin Gernstein, Robert For., Second Row: uAggie" Rifner, Bob Kirby, Albert Heinz., Rudolph Jolley, Lewis Farmer, Tom Lester, Wayne Coers, Herschel New, Albert Alexander, Donald Archey, Harold Stanley. Third Row: Carl Marcum, Richard Archey, Gerald Gernstein, jim Lee, Russell Cleek, Mark justice, Dick Cronk, Ernest Dagley, Norman Vincent, Charles Hudson, Jack Ingersoll. Fourth Row: Asst. Coach Randall Lawson, Dick George, Tommy Vxfaggoner, Jack Peckinpaugh, Bob Helms, Leo Beaty, johnny Mastin, Roscoe Keesling, Iames Neal, Jay Gray, Bill Kirby, Jr. Cory, Danny Grunden. Top Row: Coach "Griz" Baker, Robert Gates, Kenneth Llemons, Herman Hill, Charles Chance, John Whaleim. Clarence Fannin, Ray New, Fred Lawless, Ralph Clemons, Sonny Robins. SCRIMMAGE JUNIUR VARS I TY The Trojan "B" team enjoyed a very successful season, considering that they used only freshmen and sophomores. They lost the first game to Muncie, won the next one from Richmond, and then battled Muncie to a tie in their last game. Record: Wtnii one, lost one, tied one. I THE SCUREBGARD New Castle 6 Miliicie fCentralJ 31 New Castle Yi Knightstown CJ New Castle 6 Richmond O New Castle U Rushville 0 New Castle 6 Ivlarion 7 New Castle 21 Anderson 12 New Castle 12 Knightstown O New Castle 27 Elwood 27 VVON 4, LOST 2, -ith in the conference. MUNCIE The Trojans initiated the '43 grid season against powerful Central of Tvfuncie. The greenelads were excited and a hit shaky at lirst and allowed three Bearcat scores and an extra point in the initial per' iod. Then followed three quarters of hard fought foothall with Central scoring twice and the local hoys marking up one tally. KNIGHTSTU WN M URTON MEMURIAI. Smarting from a game that should have heen a lot closer in score, the Trudgers went out the same week and hattered Morton Ivfemorial clear off the held to the tune of 290. It was during this game that "Aggie" Rifner, "Grin" Bakers girl drop' kicker, made her dehut. RICHMGND One week later the Trojans traveled to Richmond to engage the Red Devils. This was the Trudgers Hrst appearance away from home. The game was a close hattle throughout, most of the action taking place hetween the SO yard markers. The half ended with the score deadlocked WO. In the fading minutes of the 3rd stanza, Leo Beaty, linefhusting fulThack, carried the oval over from the Gfyard stripe. The fourth quarter was all New Castle, hut they could not again hit payfdirt. The game ended with the Bakerfhoys on the long end of a 6-O score. SCRIMMAGE Rudolph slolley, right end: Harold Stanley, left end, Tom Lester, left half back, Albert Heinz, quarterback: Russel Cleck, gui d Fred Lawless, right tackle: jack Peckinpaugh, center: Charles Chance, right endg Carl Marcum, guard: Gerald Gernstein, left e d Roscoe Keesling, tailbackg Ernest Dagley, left end. RUSHVILLE' The next game found our Trojans on foreign soil again, this time at Rushville tangling with the unf defeated Lions. The game was a hard fought affair hut was uninteresting to the crowd, because when Student Managers. Harvey Mclvlath, Noble Ford, Tommy Underwood, Robert Preble the final gun sounded the two teams had fought to a scoreless tie. The Rushville lads had made two hids for scores and the greenies smelled payfdirt three times. MARIUN We next found our boys at home engaging the Marioii Giants. The upstaters had lost four straight games and the home forces expected an easy touch. For the first few minutes it looked like New Castle all the way. Beaty scored from the four after only four minutes of play. Then came the Hreworks. In the opening minutes of the second quarter Marion started a drive that ended in joy, lvlarion fullback, going over. Dessing plunged the point and the score read 7f6, Maritun. The rest of the quarter and the whole last half was a change of plays with neither team able to score. The game ended with the Trof jans. passing toward a touchdown, hut the score ref mained '7f6, Marion. Page Eiglityfftto .44 Ditk Cronk, left half hackg Bob Kirby, quarterback: Lewis Farmer, right tackleg Herschel New, fullback: Alhert Alexander, guno Donild Archey, tailhackg Wzlyrie Coers, left end: Ray New fullhackg john Mastin, right tackle: Charles Hudson, quarterhackg jimmy Lee center: Bob Helms, guarclg Leo Beaty, fullback: Norman Vincent, tailbackg Mark Justice, left tackle. JINDERSUN The wet game followed against Anderson Indians. It rained during the entire game. In the first quarter however, the Trojans showed they were good mudf ders hy driving 'ii yards to hit pay-dirt. After Anderson had passed the Trojans, New Castle ral- lied at the start of the last quarter and pushed the water logged Indians all over the field. The final score: New Castle 21, Anderson 12. KNIGHTSTO WN MURTON MEMURIAI. Une hot, stuffy afternoon the greenclads again took the field against Morton Memorial. Again the Mor' ton lads found the Baker hoys too powerful and they found very little to stop them with. The final score: New Castle 12, Morton Memorial O. Page Eigl1tyf'I'lwec EL WOUD The final game of the season matched the greenf clads against twice heaten Elwood. The game was a fitting finish to a fine Trojan football season, even though it ended in a 27f2'7 tie. COACH L'GRIZ" BAKER TRA CK TALK Row One: Klotch, Doyle, Keesling, Stoops, Keith, Lester, Coach Randall Lawson, Cocis, Nichols, Kirby, Manager Shapiro. Row Two: Stairs, Clay, New, Dagley, Harmon, Payne, Thompson, Wriglitsiiizlii. Row Three: Covert, Ireland, Vvlaggoner, Roth, Youngs, Fleming. Row Four: Sweigart, Gray, Poer, Chance, Cannor, Gates, Ingersoll. Row Five: Vincent, Burns, Peckinpaugh, Lawless, Clevenger, Clemens, Billings. Inset: Waiyiie Coers, Captain. Witli nearly forty boys reporting for Track in Feb' ruary, Coach Lawson got an early start in the "oval sport" this spring. The hoys who reported for Track were willing to work hard for they all wanted to win and very few hoys quit this spring. The veterans such as Captain Coers, C. W. Nichols, jr. Keith, Tom Lester, Phil White, Ernest Dagley, john Doyle, xl. H. Payne and Boh Kirlwy, along with a large group of willing youngsters rounded out into one of the finest track teams to represent New Castle in the past five years. New Castle High School is inf cleetl proud of Coach Lawson and this ine '44 team. THE SCHEDULE: April 14nfAnclerson April 22W fMuncie relays April 2 8f-fRushville April 29WfKokomo relays May Nfay Mary May 2--'fRichmond 5 f f- 'Big Ten meet l3-Sectional at Ivlarion ZOM-State meet Page Eigl1tyfFoa1 GIRLS fN wx - pg X IAI! 'J 8 MM fees W my MMM UVM, ge ' C wx AAA P RQ 52 , IZ' fr MW, fxyxjxvgrx ' ff c1r6I'if6f lik: GIRLS A THLETICS Row One: Alice Hole, Edith Tutterow, Christine Phipps, jean Mekecknie, Cecelia Rilner, Betty Rose Wzulleii, Elizabeth Harrington, Sponsor, Betty jane Smith, Phyllis Sidwell, Sally Sauter, Dorothy Raines, Helen Sanderson. Row Two: Janice Wzidiiiziii, Dorothy Weddell, Marry Alice Crawford, Anna Rose Frary, Bonnie Dahney, Norma Sidwell, Mziry Mitchell, lwiary Lee Hamlin, Virginia Thompson, Elizabeth Vxfilkinson, Betty Wailker'. Row Three: Pauline Pelirey, Hazel Wilkiiiscnri, Betty Everman, Mzlrjorie Saunders, Maihel Sanderson, Eleanor Farmer Delores can Sanderson enalee Harris Bett Zeller Geraldine Zeller. s w Q Y i Aggie is our celehrity. Some schools have their Eleanor Holmses, some have their Alice Mairlwles, hut New Castle has its Agnes Rilner. Her picture has heen featured in newspapers from coast to coast hecause she is the only girl to have played on a high school foothall team. Aggie is a ine example of the thorough training and conditioning that is developed through our athletic program. directed hy Miss Harrington. Cood sportsmanship and AGNES RIFNER team work are stressed in the regular Thursday night meetings of V q Drop kicker for N. H. S the Girls Sports Cluh, where they play haskethall, hasehall, and Footbm other sports. For three years the tumhling team has given exhif hitions hetween halves of haskethall games and at pep sessions. Page Eiglztyfive QC 4.x 803 HUPE CHUUSES BEAUTY QUEEN QVQ QV' '!'7 0 O 1.5 The eleven lovelies on this page were chosen by the students of N. H. S. in an allfschool contest to have their pictures sent to Bob Hope. We asked Mr. Hope to choose the girl he thought had the most attractive picture. He selected Alice Jessup as the most beautiful, with Wanda Phillips "a close sec' ond." sf: gi, 0 0 s ,Q 'fx 1.5 9.Hixl Aliced assume ' At the Annual May Morning Breakfast - Queen: Beatrice Stoots given for the senior girls the queen was Attendants: Mary Ellen Gauchat, Glenna crowned. This senior and her attendants O'Rear, Ruth Knollman, Grace Wells were chosen by a vote of all senior girls. Helen Beam, jean Hicks. Standing: Jean Lineback, Mzirjorie Saunders, Ruth Ann Jordan, Joan McFarland, Genita Smith, Barbara Jordan. Seated: Ivlary Gauchat, Wanda Phillips, Alice Jessup, Edythc Shapiro, Eileen Jenkins. Q-mf! W' ' i K 1 4 . ol K - S V f .lx 'z ' 1 A , 5, 2 : . Y. J J 9 , M.. A KI ffgsau' 4 N .A Ykoxx A i 'if "3 Q, 32 'L' Ns 3' 2' Vg, A Q 9 Wanda Plx'H'p 1 aa, f if was 'MQ 1 Nl Agfa! Jenlf,-ng O Si: K x,"'S'w' Q Edqthe Shapiro 0 AQ ffm. wk new ehvba N 4 if ,QW 2 X s 4 'T 'x av, ,. si .. Smfthio 4 gf 3 .1 QQ-x x 1 0 Qhh Jordan 0 Ls ' , If W M x, web IN a-:L+ 9 X' 2 if gf 'M W ' f xl A ji 5 4 i .gil ,n 7 Q Q okfoah . X MCP V X 6 'arfah -1 I ....'g', as do 's 'ajf .slr U ' K ,SQN iv :QL Q I Twp Q AUTGGRAPHS Printing by The Century Press Covers by Kovercraft Binding by National Library Bindery Engravings by Indianapolis Engraving Company Official Photographers, Hurdle Studio and Thomas Petty Qxqxmi serious, ma y ffussouny Page EightyfEight "1 -Zi, . -,, EET 1 -A s -pn, '-.-. ' L. . -:-1 .r..I was - r n.: EI Ig ,QT II Uqx, - .- 5... - '- I - 1 '91, 1 N .' 2- F-',.1LI, . . '-T-- , . I .I ,I ' Zz, -, .ff-'i' 1 . f' I ,Q .-f -1 L- 'F ' ...-L..-1,3 .I .-'gg . . .:' ' ' ... v V - - -. -V? '-' " '-': -..'.E. .-.-, .. ' 1: ' ,' '5--, ff 'LL . ,I . Q-H - --MI . ' -- I -rg ' ,' -gf, . ..I - .. . .I .- . . ,IQ QQ - I I I1 , 'x '5'-1' . Q , . - .-T f"'1.3"' -,.f.N? ' f' ,-1. " Fig, I ,IA ..- .. ' -1,--'V-- -- .- ' "ri,g'-.I.II- ' .-5 .3 I II-YI I I. I I i- II. I1-l'. .5 , III..-, .- - .jjI.'.,3.,Iv , ':7- f'-- ' . -. -i. I - 21'-. . ' A . '- 'QM '-' :SEL -' 1' ' f"1i.' . 1"'f" 1,55 ' ' ' ,12 -3'f-:f .:5', . II I JIII. - ' . -5 .I,I . II II II - II II II I 1 .-,- ..:. , ' .. N- s,.2- I. -I I , I I. ..I., MI . ---- .-.- .,,, .. ,. .,.. .' 'L 1.6 ' .. .- . T"" - 4 -':Z'7.! ' - 7" .'-i".'!x?"' 1 III. . I, I Q ,III.,Ig IIIIIIIII I III I A III II II?II::Iij- . 1 . pu' - ..4- .Lf 'lfi If-'I",2, 1 ' - ""f:--- -- '-,f. 1 -'HI -'f .fI I I . LI rr. - .Y I -1 ' " f rr - : ' ' . - '. pu- .1 1 -. . - wifi - I I I II ' 1 I,1.- II 4"III-I II .15gI:,I,.iI..IL... - -1 It n , ':" '-'- 'XII .M-Lg-. ' gq'QIgII.l,- r , I Epi, '.+ I I I ' .-.-II , I I .2 - IIfII, .I . . i- - ' . --1 "1 . . 1-, 1- .1'7:'A7 . ' 92" 5. 1 .- ff ' ' T .He 2- --:Y'f"'b,'.'Fv'5i-7 - -' - --ff . '- T:-5.5. - -. .. .. - - nf-.f .- - .C . . i J-1.-. .. 1- . . .. "' - ', ,, .ff - Is?-.j5' vgm-f'Yf .I AI Q-QQI - ,V -In-. .1 Ig .IIAI 7.50: I . 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Suggestions in the New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) collection:

New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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