New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN)

 - Class of 1940

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New Castle Chrysler High School - Rosennial Yearbook (New Castle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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. . 1 1 x"rs, .,..1,x, ww, .,4+,. ,. ,. ,,,, .,,, N ,L " ' ,g Hi. fr- :ff .., , , 1 .f,.- X53 ,Ju L.,-. ,. . ' N"'i"- . sri , - , wil "Qc-L: 4 I . w. w 1 Z X 1 ,, Z3 f 4 5z'iQ-'-:FF f?1j" 1 . ,V .1 'V .' '.',l,'g.,jZ :'-1-jf: , 51-1 311 . V Jw,-.3 ff. V: -' I-1 , ' ,N 4 A -' , r A. 3, V W 1-1,15 553: ',:,,.'ul'.Q"5T5 -r -rl - 5i.1?'f: ' 'pf-N.. " 'Q-1. 'An F.,- 33:2 , ' V .5 -1, r ' .J I Q-I ,:- A In A. fkffif-. lf' f'f5 .JJ-if - xr Q-' -1' 4 . . ' 'T ' .N . ' X f j.- - . -. , . , Q ,Qs :E 741. ,iz , ,A,- n 52.11 ff jf A TN:-7flA ' 'ii - wah'--11' ' vw?Q- A ' "-452 ' ,. ." fl, gu,1.,- x V , . X 7'-.x-1.1: 1 11114, fir.,-f' F' 1" 'I . ,V ,,, . .- 544. .-if 2 .Qyf1,g.:iffs-'i"iS': ,ba F' -' sf? " f. ,E 5" 1 vgifitfsi n i 3- K. ,f vu vm: AF .unen- x gr - -' N, -v -- L H '-"' I . i s " 15 1 .5 5fg'QfL.Qj1i.V-,BA ' U V ' " " ' "x' "f i rv. A . " K , ' . Et 'ii lg 'lg 'i l At one tune the Tro1ans had one fifty 1 li , of the most perfect runnlng machlnes C' l4la'.1l'?5, 1' 1, f . . 51. gtg. ll 5, Q mi of government. They laxd out rules of V5 l A E li 'm iff. Zi 5 - ' , H establrshed order, regulahons, .and gg - ff yi j 35 counclls. The Anc1entTro1ans abxded 1 QQ? 3 fi ff j il by these regulations and councils. I-5 i' Wi .. rf Zyl ftilftvl fi 2 " - lgtni 53 r lg . . . In thls Way, they created one of 21 , .L 'I Y :ZZ H: Ji f fp 3, 5' . lf y 1 5-gtg it ,2 the earhest forms of democracy .... .Q V 'i v vt tiff 4 5 ' . . z, Not only d1d they leave us the1r dem- x ocratic form of government, but also 5 f T. til gli W ga? '1 Y W . ' . . :N Q55 't 55+ 5222 3 l p a prrceless cultural her1tage and an iii? lla' 'Q L apprec1at1on of physrcal grace and 1.3 ,Q "1 3: :gg 1525 1- , , l s if if Q, if htness .... It 1S probable that many l of our present day democracies Q.. ' Ia 5- ,g 3 jg. -.5 Q, ! QE, 5, M, . 55 gi X5 lit ,E l 2 were founded upon these Troyan -133 ' 5 'Q' gi 'Q' f- A 2 - Q53 if as 5,55 I E f-' ldecls- - - - -in up Tj. "r Qi E55 Lg i' if Z . tail' li 25 ttf- si lil ff V 5' " HJ . .-, H. , ,. ,. Qg:si. ,,at if sails' 1 if- Ny l :gv f 5- 23 122- ttf XZ' ff. t N ,Eil ?, ls ar iff. , sie 9 " It 1:1 ltr .s tg .Q f gl 'QI gr itg .' N pil A : L ,Q " 15, Jxx' : .. Q t EV: 543 ' lv? Ht. ly- :tif 5 Ill? l XE' 1 1 , it 3-155 iii ' lf .ll l F T Eg. 22 222 li -- ii? 1 egg Q 'lg ti 32. - ,ff " y z .- - it lf 1 -Q5 l ,Z '. -.P-M-NQQI,--- " ll ' 1'W z 1 lk Mg 't 'iw' .ff ' 'il m e fi' , we-4-s'.-f lf ,- f E5 ,Q - 53.14, -- .9..,,sf,q.: vs, , .. f s ,' xii .r L' tlr ls-r Page one jim, 79410 ' Presents the Modern Trojans .... Today our lite at New Castle High School reverts to the old Trojan form of Civic government .... In accordance, of representative torm of student government lays out rules of order and regu- lations, and We Modern Trojans abide by the established law of this Student Council .... Above all, our spirit and pride in our community is no less than that ot the Ancient Trojan .... Since a Well-rounded life depends upon the development ot body, mind, and spirit, our school provides Within its realm the playing field, the classroom, and the club room .... In the ADMINISTRATION the CLASSES the ACTIVITIES the ATHLETICS of this Modern Troy We Iind embodied the ideals of those Ancient Citizens ..,. 1 A v1q:'e9"an-v-5:--gepgfm:-vwf:1'.:+-'fe-vwfgwf-X:-ff5-'wwwwf ' Q Q 1 1 , I: Y I Qi fi Y 1 ! if r...,E-a, 1 f 'J' www' E 'S-INR ,ff J.-1-A M .f JGPU' ws. M f- A 43..- - ' gm- ,ff N- fxx ., N 11 ., .- f 14.19 ..wfY --N., ' K - .4 3 ' .LH -L ,Y.,:,-,N 1 AA MQ- ff -f f Ll . .,,:-arg-S:--N . --' f' ,ffm rf L.. --,-. - - -' A fi' .sf ' 'LA 1. -- '1'f'w:y.f4w- 1' I . ' w I- -5. fhrzgr. .SF-'J ff. , - ---A, --,I ---r - ,,-- .-,- ,,,,..x -Mgfwi. N .K Q., . 1 . , df' 7 we - - My-' ' NT:-QQJ1, . --M V 0,,,,' - , I ,x,.vf-'i',,,,-ew , x ,, -X,---X-.31-Q., , Q, ' Y . A RX-N X ., -' f A ' ' 1 " 1 -Q . ' 2 ' V . 'I E f,.r',g:g,1' f lb: ' 1g,:,f- Ag .ni-+P. , '1.fj9Lfg,4i- 'iam 12 ,r ga 5- f :..Q:5gaL .1-J' -Y 1:14 1 '51 - ' ' - ' "HAM '-"1 V A Lb., - 5 Q2 - 2 Q 1 '- ' ' 1 iff " 2- 4 . -N-WT'-12'-F4 5 --U----.--4 i ' 51 Q 73" . '5 w ff T lf i iqtbiiv 1.2 5 ure. R - f -'If 1 ',' ,Q -Ig -5'3,f',z.-7, I 5 Q ' ffVff'15x i V- 3' 5 i11"5FEG' Y T ' --'af L. -J f-I2-1' ' .' ' 5 N' if ' 2 .Q - 1 fi?-E153 L U flffgxiilf 9 ' 'A " '4' 31 "" 2 'i'15l'Ef-:fi I arf:-TFfrj,., -' 1 1' iss gk ' I -' . .Q,w:'i ' -. f , 1 U 5 -143 2 5 if ' ' jedi' 4 -A 'izfsffifni ?'if Ph 3,15 5' ' X 1-45: .L f ,,,:."..' 1 , fa .r r ..lIg.g?,5 mv gfvmi A- a::"i'W-mi Q. -' , 1 EYE . 1 5 5i1""f1 31 Vs 3 "gg lizwff. -1 'viii 1' ' lkfff, 1 1 " ., A A, --" . 5 ' ' R P Lf gi . . t 5 l ' ff -1, 1' ' R 4' iL sf' K pfyx' .. 1 1 - fi- f'ffi,,x .. , ' - ::f.5E'3,5J f sf N -1- . ' I X A. .- .. aw-'f' '- -f Fkxg' b J 1 " v W ' 15 2- " ' ' ' ' ' ' , - f -'1-'3'i:l1.-,g IE' W ai IQ3-j' " ' . -- - ' ,K 43135 fl . nf ""' -- 'ff""""""-"M-Ff' " A ---Qw--w---- I fafl- ' E? if --, , L41..:,Lg,,g,,Q ifllQ4?if.Qf2fQ1 5 .,.l1'fqizY' f' 'Q ""f"TT' WNY'-A"'n 'T' ' 'si f,f7:A'77"""1'Tf'T'f"TT""'T'TTLl ' . f " Q-.ff ' .4 .f,..'f' jj, . ig. - .ffiTl K.. .,,.M,,.M,N,.,,,,.,.- ,..,.,, A,,1.,,V-.,,T5ii,-l.-,,-.k s U I I 1 5 ! ! i 3 E s Page five "Hello, 'Bud' "-the Trojan who has not at some time heard this familiar greeting is, indeed, rare, for Mr. Valentine, our superintendent of schools, is never too busy to stop to talk to us, collectively or individually. Each of us has either experi- enced or observed an example of his re- markable sympathy and understanding. His advice and opinions are sought after and heeded by the entire student body. Not the least of his accomplishments, is his deft and efficient management of our school affairs, instituting new ideas, methods, and improvements, Whenever and wherever they are needed. Were we seeking one who typified the true Trojan spirit, we should need to look no further. jkmoi Bnalzaf Behind the scenes in our "Mod- ern llium" there are three ener- getic, progressive persons: the members of the school board. Mrs. W. H. Boyer, Mr. Ray Davis, and Mr. George Fields manifest their interest in us in every possible way. They are constantly alert for new ideas, constantly encourag- ing our initiative and school spirit, and always ready to counsel and advise the members of the faculty as Well as the student body. . ., Last Fall, we had a new leader in our Trojan City. Mr. I. R. Mitchell arrived to become chief "Trojan Citizen". The ex- pression, "Trojan Citizens", incidently, was originated by Mr. Mitchell and has become a familiar phrase in our daily lives. He at once set about inaugurating new methods and plans for the improvement of our building. Mr. Mitchell is intensely interested in all the student activities of our school. In his work, he tries at all times to provide each student with a Well- rounded social and academic life. In this endeavor, he has been most successful. Our principal spent his boyhood on a farm east of Salem, Indiana. He still owns that farm, and hopes that sometime in the future he may retire to it. Mr. Mitchell attended the schools in Salem, and was graduated from the Salem High School. After his graduation, he spent one year at the Indiana State Teachers' College in Terre Haute, Indiana. From this school, he transferred to Indiana University where he received both his B. S. and M. S. de- grees. He taught in the rural schools of Wash- ington County, Indiana, after doing some graduate Work at the University of Colo- rado. For two years he was an instructor in the Montpelier High School, Montpelier, Indiana. He then accepted the position of basketball coach in Seymour, Indiana. In a short time, he was advanced to the prin- cipalship of the school. From Seymour, he came to New Castle, relieving Mr. Valentine of a part of the burden he Was bearing in his dual ca- pacity of principal and superintendent. Here, in New Castle, he has made many warm friends and an indelible impression upon our life within the Walls of N, H. S. Page seven Our dignified, yet always friendly, deans-Mr. Bronson, Miss Fern Hodson, Miss Westhafer, and Mr. Greenstreet. 3 What would we do without grammar and literature? Ask Miss Stoddart, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. l Burr, Mr. Baughrnan, or Miss Westhafer Cwho was unable to be in this picturel. I The journalist supreme, Mr. Green- street. Station N. H. S., your Trojan station. Signed, Miss Rucker. Here they are-x, y, z. Miss Orr, Mr. Harrell, and Miss Fern Hoclson. History around the world: Miss Woody and Mr. Leslie. Our new History pilot: Mr. Rogers. History -ls Basketball I Mr. Allen. Page 'nine The physicist knows C111-tells all. Mr. Hodson. Chemistry-H20 or just plain water. Mr. Bronson. We cc1n't mention Biology without mentioning Mr. Gross. Biology to the nth degree. Miss Smith. Botany-or Health, she is always there. Miss Pinnick. The book worm? Miss Nutt. JHU'-ff'lf Bookkeeping and Retailing, present- ed by Mr. Fessler. Careers ahead piloted by Mr Ihne. The jigsaw isn't a puzzle to Mr. Pitcher, Mr. West, or Mr. Rarick. Underwood and Royal. Mr Rockhill and Mr. Van Hook Art by an artist: Miss Manifold. Round up the cattle, boys. Mr Catron. Page eleven Do, re, mi. Miss Dorsey. The maestro. Mr. Copeland. Parlez-vous French, Latin or Spanish? "We do," say Mrs. Eden, Miss Clif- ford, Miss Hodson, and Miss Pogue. Cut, haste, stitch. Miss Wright. History on the 50 yard line. Mr. Baker. One cup sugar, two cups flour, etc. Mrs. Fisher. . To get ct pcxss see-Mrs. Himes or Miss Moore. Our nurse, Miss Melville. Mr. Vc1lenlir1e's helpers: Mrs. Swclzy and Mrs. Kendall. The mom who turns out the lumblers. Mr. Goczr. Don't forget your gym suitl Miss Harrington. Page thirteen I I Q1 H 1 A 4 1 I L Page fifteen Pl-IYLLIS RAY, Secretary Uglicaxm, To some of our senior "Trojan Citizens" this year has been one of brilliant finality, to others, it has been one of finality, but not of brilliance. We have had fun, we have made lasting friendships, and We have learned a great deal, if not from books, from our teachers and fellow students. Many of us look upon our years in Modern, Troy as stepping-stones to future achievement, While, unfortunately, many of us look back regretfully upon Wasted time. No matter what our attitude toward our high school life, We are unanimous in the belief that they are years that will not be forgotten. Years in which We were imbued with the spirit, ideals, and virtues of our predecessors, the ancient "Trojan Citizens". As officers to represent us during the last few months of our life in N. H. S., we chose Reese Williams, president, Martha Schuffman, vice-president, Phyllis Ray, secretary, and William Saint, treasurer. Their ability to lead the senior class in upholding the ideals of ancient Troy has been great, and they have performed the difficult task to the best of that ability. Page sixteen REECE WILLIAMS, President MARTHA SCHUFFMAN, Vice Presiden WILLIAM SAINT, Treasurer ROBERT M. ADAMS Hi-Y, Track, Science Society WILLIAM AITCHISON Student Council, Rosennial, Treas., Science Society CLEON ALLEN Leather Lungs DOROTHY ALLEN National Honor Society, Student Council, Tri-Hi MARY ELIZABETH ALTING Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Phoenix ELSIE .ASHBY Dramatics Club, Girls' Glee Club, Phoenix CHARLES ASHLEY BYRON E. ASKIN Football, Track, Varsity Club ROBERT ATTERSON Science Society RUTH MARIAN ATWATER Class Play, Rosennial Staff, Tri-Hi GORDON AXON Leather Lungs, Phoenix, Printing Staff MARGIE BALDOCK Sec. Nat'l Honor Society, Rosennial, Student Council IEAN E. BAVENDER Prom Committee, Boosters, Sunshine Society CHARLOTTE BEAM Science Society, Flower Committee, Prom Committee ROBERT BONGE W. WAYNE BOUSLOG Pres., Dramatics Club, "A" Band, Orchestra ANN BOYER Sec.-Treas., Crescendo Club, Class Play, Tri-Hi ALBERT BRECKENRIDGE KENNETH BRESSLER CHARLES BROWN Leather Lungs, Football, Track BARBARA BRUCE Nat'l Honor Society, Rosennial, Tri-Hi FRED BURK Football, Varsity Club, Track MARY CURRIER BURKE Tri-Hi, Class Play, Dress Committee 'uuvnzs Bumus Football, Track, Golf WILLIAM B. BYRKET Science Society, Prom Committee EARL CABLE Football Manager, Track, Varsity Club LLOYD CALDWELL Football, Golf, Leather Lungs MARY ALICE CAMPBELL HAROLD A. CARITHERS Hi-Y, Leather Lungs, Agriculture Club WALTER S. CHAMBERS PHYLLIS CHANCE Sunshine Society, Boosters, Prom Committee EARL CHANDLER Hi-Y, Track, Science Society RUTH CLORE Choral Club, Nat'l Honor Society, Pres., Sun- shine Society ROBERT CONN Hi-Y, Band, Choir LUTHER CONN BERNICE CONNERLY Sunshine Society, Prom Committee BOB CONNERLY Live Stock Iudging Team, Agriculture Club, Leather Lungs MARY LOU CONWAY Class Play, Tri-Hi, Sec., Science Society WILMA CONWELL Sunshine Society, Glee Club MILDRED COOK Orchestra, Girls' Glee Club, Sunshine Society DUANE COOPER Hi-Y, Student Council, Phoenix MARY CORDER Student Council, Tri-Hi, Sunshine Society MARTHA CORUM Nat'l Honor Society, Sunshine Society, Girls' Basketball ROBERT E. CORY Leather Lungs, Science Society IOSEPH RICHARD DALY Leather Lungs, Science Society, Student Usher CLAUDE DAVENPORT Football JAMES B. DAVIS Hi-Y, Student Manager MARY OLIVE DAVIS Orchestra, Dress Committee, Dramatics 2 BETTY LOYD DIEHL Tri-Hi, Sunshine Society, Dramatics RUTH DINKINS Sunshine Society, Prom Committee DOROTHY DEARMOND Sunshine Society, Prom Committee S PAUL DUCKWORTH IR I. . . . Choir, Minstrel Show, Leather Lungs MAURICE DUDLEY Track, Student Council, Hi-Y IAMES DURHAM Leather Lungs, Football ROBERT CARL ELLIS Leather Lungs, Science Society CLEO EDWARDS Prom Committee, Girls' Sport Club DOROTHY ELY Prom Committee DURAD FEARS DAVID FELIX Football, Basketball, Track DORIS ELLEN FIELD Sunshine Society, Tri-Hi, Nat'I Honor Society IAMES B. FISHER Phoenix, Leather Lungs, Science Society PAUL E. FRAMPTON Phoenix, Drarnatics Club, Leather Lungs ILENE FRAZIER Sunshine Society, Prom Committee IACK GANN. IR. Nat'l Honor Society, Phoenix, Rosenniat GLEN GARNER MARGARET IEAN GARVEY Sunshine Society, Science Society, Phoenix WILLIAM L. GEPHART Leather Lungs, Science Society THELMA BERNICE GERNSTEIN Student Council, Glee Club, Choir EDWARD L. GOLD l Hi-Y, Rosennial Staff, Prom Committee VERA MARIE GRAHAM Phoenix, Sunshine Society MARTHA GRAY Tri-Hi, Sunshine Society, Bowling Club RUTH GRAY Tri-Hi, Sunshine Society, Prom Committee MARIAN L. GROSS Basketball, Phoenix, Booster Club IOI-IN PHILLIP GUYER Rosennicxl Staff, Prom Committee, Hi-Y GEORGE HALL Hi-Y GLENN HARRELL. IR. "N" Men Club, Football IOHN D. HARTER Live Stock Iudging, 4-H Club, Leather Lungs PAUL BRESEE HAWKS Leather Lungs, Science Society CLAIR BELLE HAYES Phoenix, Sunshine Society, Glee Club DAVID HAYES Student Council, Hi-Y, Varsity Club IACK W. HECKMAN Football, Track VIRGINIA HENDRIX Phoenix, Class Play, Band IRA LOUVEN HIBBARD Spanish Club HELEN HICKS Tri-Hi, Speakers' Bureau, Sunshine Society MARY HINER Tri-Hi, Class Play, Dramatics Club EULA HINSHAW English 4 1 A WILLENA HIXSON ' Rosennial, Choral Club, Book Club Pres. MILDRED GREER Sunshine Society, Prom Committee, Dramatics Club BETTY LOUISE HOY Tri-Hi, Vice Pres., Nat'1 Honor Society, Pres., Rosen nial IUANITA HUFFMAN Sunshine Society, Glee Club MARY IEANNE HUI-'FMAN Tri-Hi, Pres., Choral Club, Phoenix, Ed. RICHARD HUFFORD Leather Lungs, Golf, Flower Committee IOHN HUDSON Tennis, Student Council, Basketball ANITA HUNLEY IOE IOHNSON Ag Club, Leather Lungs, 4-H Club ROBIN H. IONES Live Stock Iudging. Student Council, Hi-Y ROBERT IUNIOR KALK Football, Varsity Club, Gift Committee ADA KENDALL Sunshine Society, Science Society LLOYD KERN Hi-Y, Student Council, Leather Lungs GEORGE KESSEL Football, Track, Diploma Committee WILLIAM KESSEL ROBERT S. KEYS Class Play, Track, Hi-Y HELEN KINSEY Science Society, Girls' Glee Club, Sunshine Society DONALD M. KLIPSCH Phoenix, Hi-Y, Leather Lungs MARY GERTRUDE KNAPMEYER Prom Committee, Hall Patrol ALICE EVELYN LARMORE Sunshine Society, Science Society, Glee Club JUNIOR LAWSON Track, Drum Major WARREN LEWIS Basketball, Track, Orchestra MARIORIE LISCOMB Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Glee Club DAVID LOCKER Hi-Y, Leather Lungs CHARLES R. LOER Track, Phoenix, Leather Lungs WARREN YOUNCE Football, Leather Lungs DANIEL c. LUKE ' Diploma Committee, Prom Committee, Leather Lungs MARTHA LUKE Prom Committee, Sunshine Society SYLVIA MARIE MCCORMICK Rosennial, Speakers' Bureau VIRGINIA LEE MACDONALD Rosennial Editor, Nat'l Honor Society, Phoenix BOBBY MAI-IIN Basketball Student Mgr. KATHRYN MALES Nat'l Honor Society, Glee Club, Motto Committee WILLIAM MARTIN Phoenix, Football Mgr., Leather Lungs KENNETH MARTIN AGNES E. WOOD Glee Club, -Prom Committee, Flower Committee WILLIAM MATNEY Varsity Club, Track, Leather Lungs HEILMAN MATTHEWS Q Rosennial, Bus.Mgr. Handbook, Student Council DANIEL MCPHERSON Baseball, Track, Leather Lungs HELENE McSHURI.EY Archery Club, Dramatics Club, Glee Club MARIELLEN McWILLIAMS Phoenix, Prom Committee, Invitation Committee BARBARA MEEK Rosennial Bus Mgr., Tri-Hi, Speakers' Bureau PIERRE ZETTERBERG Class Play, Tennis, Student Council MARY IEANETTE MOFFITT Phoenix, Dramatics Club, Glee Club GEMMA MOLES Nat'l Honor Society, Rosennial, Phoenix RITA ANNE MOORE Girls' Sport Club, Phoenix THELMA MOORE Girls' Sport Club ESTA BELLE MORRIS Phoenix, Girls' Sport Club, Student Council PHILIP MORRIS Phoenix, Leather Lungs MARIORIE MARIE MURNAN Choral Club, Choir, Prom Committee IESSIE E. NEWCOM Sunshine Society, Glee Club, Science Society WILLIAM SEGRIST MARY IANE NICHOLSON Phoenix, Girls' Sport Club, Dramatic Club MARIOHIE NIELANDER Phoenix Ed., Tri-Hi Sec., Rosennial FRED ODOM Phoenix, Student Council, Color Committee IOHN OGBORN HAROLD OLEHY OPAL LUCILE PARNELL Prom Committee BARBARA PARR RUTH PAULSON Glee Club, Science Society, Sunshine Society DOROTHY PATRICK Nat'l Honor Society, Tri-Hi, Motto Committee DELLA MAE PHELPS MELVIN POER Phoenix Bus. Mgr., Rosennial, Hi-Y DONALD GENE POLING Football, Varsity Club EVELYN POYNTER Glee Club, Spanish Club, Science Society MELISSIA POYNTER Choir, Science Society, Phoenix V CHARLES PURVIS Leather Lungs ROSANNE RAWLINGS Rosennial, Student Council, Tri-Hi PI-IYLLIS RAY Senior Class Sec., Student Council, Tri-Hi MARY REES Prom Committee, Sunshine Society HARRY RIDOUT Football, Basketball, Leather Lungs DORIS RILEY Sunshine Society, Girls' Sport Club VIOLET LOUISE RINARD Prom Committee, Hall Patrol DALE ROSS Crescendo Club, Dramatic Club, Latin Club RUTH ROTH Rosennial, Sunshine Society Treas., Girls' Sport Club Pres, HOMER RUSSELL Hi-Y, Track, Leather Lungs WILLIAM KIRKLIN SAINT Senior Class Treas., Nat'l Honor Society, Hi-Y ROSE ELEANOR SCHETGEN Prom Committee, Latin Club MARTHA SCHUFFMAN Senior Class Vice-Pres., Tri-Hi, Student Council MYLACLAIRE SCOTT Class Play, Phoenix, Prom Committee SAMMY SELKE ELLEN MARIE SHELLEY Glee Club, Sunshine Society, Prom Committee THEDA IACQUELINE SHERRY , Prom Committee, Hall Patrol, Dramatics Club LILLIE EILEEN SHORTRIDGE Prom Committee, Girls' Glee Club, Boosters IOSEPHINE SI-IULTZ Phoenix, Prom Committee RICHARD E. SHULTZ Leather Lungs, Invitation Committee LE VARA SMITH Choral Club, Choir, Sunshine Society ROXIE SMITH Sunshine Society, Science Society, Prom Committee ALICE SPILLMAN Tri-Hi, Student Council, Sunshine Society NORMAN SPRINGER Track, "A" Band, Orchestra IAMES STALEY Football, Basketball, Track EDNA STEARNS OVADINE STEARNS French Club, Diploma Committee, Book Club FRANCES STOKES Dramatic Club CHARLES STOTELMYER Prom Committee, Leather Lungs, Science ciety QONALD G. STROTHER tudent Council, Leather Lungs, Bowling Club IAMES SUTTON Student Council, Dramatic Club, Leather Lungs BILL SYMONS "A" Band, Orchestra, Crescendo Club IUNE THORNBURG Bowling Club, Phoenix, Prom Committee ANNA TURNER Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Basketball, Bowling ARTHUR TURNER ' Football, Basketball, Varsity Club PAULINE TURNER Dramatic Club, Sunshine Society,'Book Club , THURSTON WATTERS Leather Lungs, Student Council DOROTHY IEAN WEBB Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Choral Club lANE WHITE 1 Honor Society, Student Council, Tri-Hi REESE M. WILLIAMS Senior Class President, Speakers' Bureau, ELIZABETH WILLS Phoenix, Sunshine Society Nat' Hi-Y Clu GERALD WILSON Football, Leather Lungs, Varsity Club NORRIS E. WISEHART "A" Band, Orchestra, Dress Committee MARTHA IANE WITT Choir, Prom Committee, Class Color Committee RICHARD WITTENBRAKER Basketball, Tennis, Hi-Y ANN WRIGHT Phoenix, Sunshine Society, Girls' Sport Club IESSIE YOUNGS Hall Patrol, Prom Committee MARY RICHEY August 10, 1920-October 27, 1939 Mary Richey was a loyal and eflicient student oi New Castle High School. Always dependable and kind in every respect, she had gained the friendship and admiration of her teachers and fellow students. She would have graduated along with the other seniors of 1940. Page twenty-five ' I lf The year is 1922. T bells are ringing out, born to mothers and f of years, these childr It is the "roaring twen ure. Americans are they are striving to world, a democracy t another rapidly, show solid rock. When the dation unsupported Wall Street, that o universe, topples to trouble-all rear the plunges his poisonou into Manchukuo, deli no one to protest. Thi name of civilization. enumerating. TI Eventually 1936 arrives. These children are almost m are entering the doors of high school throughout the c have they tasted of prosperity, but they have drunk de remains an ever-bright and permanent factor in our uni' these boys and girls, "What is my place in this puzzlin Today, the year is 1940 and those boys and girls-we Still that same question is with us, l'What is our place answer it. True, as seniors of this year's graduating cl handful of the thousands of children, who after eighte But the time has now come for us to find our solution t Fellow classmates, we must wake up to the fact that t with every clock tick. It we are going to live useful liv greed, distrust, hatre G. T Q ON OUR WAY te great War is behindp ahead is prosperity. The for in this year thousands of children are being thers all over the United States. ln a short span daft are entering school, and still prosperity reigns. ties." Everywhere is optimism, luxury, and pleas- uilding schools, roads, factories, in every way uild a country that is to be safe in a puzzling :hat will stand. But events, as they follow one that much of this building has not been on the 'forms have come, the ugly waters of selfishness, have sucked away the sands, leaving the foun- d tottering dangerously. .ce-thought impregnable fortress of the financial the depths. Depression, unemployment, labor ugly heads, as does the serpent before he fangs into his careless victim. Iapan marches erately asserting her ownership, and there is is followed by a series of such atrocities in the hey are still too fresh in your memory to need agured and yet they are only freshmen. They now I untry. They are serious-minded youth, not only eply of the wine of depression. lust as the sun verse. so does one question burn in the minds of world?" now have become seniors ready for graduation. in this world?" As yet, we have been unable to ss of New Castle High School, we are merely a n such years are confronted with this question. he show is on, that our span of life is shortening es and find our places in this world, we must be o this problem. lt at our fathers' business, for the tragedies of life are w has begun. For them the curtain never rises. As senior environment and hel ful uidance which have rovid th those who drift. They never discover that life of 1940, we have enjoyed twelve years of fine d us with a background that will enable us to D Q P meet this complicated question. Only initiative, patienie, and perseverance will carry us on our way. You, our friends, teachers and parents-have led us tli demic activity. You have directed our play on field and home, and perhaps for further study. Thus it now beco sibility, to see to it that your ideals are maintained, to arfi brought to the year 1940 despite all obstacles. On behalf of the members of the class of 1940, I do n and pledge you our efforts to carry on this torch of "lea We do learn to live by living, but living together su degree of success attained is the measure of civilization. Democracies are being tested, religion is being questi izedp the economic structure of the entire world is in a pr a crucial point. What era will follow this present one aissance in the "art of living"? The answer to these questions is the answer to that as once again another class pledges you its affection again-and alone, may we inscribe our names and sa she stands alonw-alone and beset by snares without a proud, confident-confident because democracy is righ building on this foundation of youth which today we l carry on this flaming torch which today you hand us. l Page twenty-six ,Pc ,is far. You have nurtured us in the ways of aca- floor. You have prepared us for business, for the es our task to lighten your load of civic respon- vance this civilization which you have so nobly iw pledge you our appreciation of your affection ing to live." ccessfully is the task of this modern world. The Today, this modern world is in a state of chaos. zgnedp our educational systems are being scrutin- carious state. ln fact, all civilization has reached Will it be a Dark Age? Will there be a Ren- uestion which we seniors now face. So today, nd loyalty, as this class finishes only to begin tv, "You made this America what she is. Today, d traitors withing but she stands-stands alone, So, we shall find our places in this world, by ave. We shall learn to live by living. We will 'es, we, too, are on our way. Claim, WE'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER We'll always remember How could we forget, This class-our class The best one yet. Our future awaits us Our journey begins But We'll never forget Our teachers and friends. We'll never forget our most glorious Prom, The cramming for exams which sometimes made us glum The planning of parties and thrills of our dates Victorious athletics and stirring debates Our rushing to meetings-our roaming the hallways We'll take these memories along with us always To you underclassmen our motto we're giving "We learn to live-by living." With a catch in our voices And a tear and a sigh We'll always remember This last goodbye. -Words and music by MARGIE BALDOCK RUTH CLORE S E I EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ........ ........ V irginia Lee MacDo ald Assistant Editor ...................................... Margie Baldlnck Features Editor .................................. Heilman Math ws Willena Hixson, Marjorie Nielan er Activities Editor ...........,..,.,....................... Barbara Br ce Edward Gold, Gemma M les Athletics Editor ,............................................... Iack G Ruth Roth, William Aitchi on BUSINESS STAFF Business Manger ......... Barbara Meek Secretary .................... ...................,.. B etty Hoy Stenographer ......... .............. t .......... R osanne Rawlings PICTURE STAFF Picture Manager ............ ..,,.,.... M elvin Peer Chief Pnotographer ,..,,....,. .,...,,,,i.,.,.,, T om Petty ASSlSlGJl1t Photographer .....,., ,,,,,,,,, K enneth Duncan Chief X " ' Guyer Arti st .......... ......... S ylvia McCormick That industrious looking group in the upper left-hand corner is the Editorial Stall of the annual. Margie is helping lack hold his letter while she goes over dummy plans with our editor and advisor. The Barbaras, one and two, are looking over an old annual. The Business Staff is out for a breath of air. Don't let it tool you though. They were a very diligent crew. "Bokie" Rawlings seems to have said some- thing tunny. Anyhow, "Bobbie" Meek, our Business Manager, and Betty and Pierre are amused. The Art and Picture Staffs look as if they were working hard. lack is finishing up one ol his drawings while Kenny cuts the pictures to the size Melvin wants them. Notice that carefully placed picture under Melvin's thumb. Could lack Gann have had anything to do with that? Torn Petty, our ace photographer, is putting something away in that ever present camera bag of his. The group around the table in the lower right hand corner put out the copy that the editorial stall started howling for last December. There they are: Ruth Atwater, Eddie Gold, Gemma Moles, Marjorie Nielander, Willena Hixon, and Ruth Roth. Page twenty nme TIME: PRESENT 6144-'L 09 SPRING D C E tw T By Phillip Barry Staged and Directed by Horace Burr, Ir. SYNOPSIS ACT I-The living room ot a girls' dormitory in an exclusive eastern college. The stair landing upstage center leads to the hall. Late Friday aiternoon. ACT Il-The same. Scene I-Midnight. Scene ll-Saturday afternoon. 1 ACT Ill-The same. Saturday night. CAST Mildred .............. ............., M ary Lou Conway Iohn Hatton .......,. ........,. P ierre Zetterberg The Lippincott .....i.., ....c...,.....,... B ob Conn Doc Boyd ................, ,........ W ayne Bouslog Buck Buchanan .......... ,....,.,............ R obin Iones Mady Platt .,...,,.,,..... Mary lean Huffman Frances Penn ....c...,. ............... M ary Hiner Alex Benson .,...,rc ..,.,..,,...r R uth Atwater Kate McKim ....,r.,. ...,.,.,.,. R uth Clore Walter Beckett ........ ..,.... D avid Hayes Sally Prescott ...,,..... ........,....,, A nn Boyer Sam Thatcher .......... .,.....,..,.,.,,,,,.,, B ob Keyes Miss Ritchie .........,,.,.................,,.....,..,....,...,.,,.,.,.,.,.,........................... Thelma Gernstein PRODUCTION Stage Manager ,,,,,,,, ,,.x,,,a,....,.,.,.,...,..........,..R.,,......,.,,,,....... W illicim Siegrist Assistants ,,,.,,,,,,,. ........ ......,........... Ll o yd Caldwell, Fred Burke Manager ,,,,.,,,,. .,.............,..............................,,......... M ildred Greer Light ,,,t.,,,,,,,., ,.,.,,t.,........,,,.,..,..,t,,............,....,.,.,.,........ M acy Teetor Costumes ...,.,,.. .,....... C lara Belle Hayes, Mariellen McWilliams, Esta Belle Morris, Virginia Hendrix n Color ...,,,,., ................,.,......,...............,.,.,...,............,, M ary Mofitt Settings .,.t.... ,,....,.,. Helen Hicks, Iohn Hudson, Paul Duckworth Properties ........ ' Make-up .......... ......... M ary Olive Davis, Mary Burk, Theda Sherry Diehl, Iohn Harter COMMITTEES Publicity Manager ......... ....,,,.................,... ............. I a ck Gann Posters ........................... ................ I ane White Public Address .v.,,.... .......,. D oris Ellen Field Phoenix .......,...,,..,.....,.......................,.................,.....................................,.. Theda Sherry Form Letters ....,........................................,,.......o,............,.....,......,...........,........ Ann Boyer Printing ...... Melvin Poer, Fred Burke, Thurston Watters, David Felix, Charles Loer Art Committee .............................,..,..r,,.....,.,...... Clara Belle Hayes, Virginia Hendrix Ticket Sale .,......,....,............ Thelma Gernstein, Kathryn Males, Martha Schuffman Seating ................ .........................................................,.....,..... H eilrnan Matthews Promptress .....v.... ...............,........................... ............i. E l sie ' Ashby Pa-ge tlzviirty-one Amid all the gaiety of a Spanish fiesta, the annual Iunior-Senior Prom was held in the high school gymnasium on May 20, 1939. A Ferdinand-the-Bull theme was used and a lively bull fight was staged as part of the entertainment. Brightly dressed senors and senoritas served re- freshments in the Cafe Rambla. ' The gymnasium was decorated with bright streamers above the dance floor and large pictures of Ferdinand in various places. The climax of the evening was reached when Miss Virginia Lee MacDonald was crowned prom queen. Her attendants were Miss Barbara Meek, Miss Rosanne Rawl- ings, Miss Mary Ieanne Huffman, Miss Alice Spillman, Miss Theda Sherry, and Miss Betty Lloyd Diehl. Page thirty-two IUNIOR PROM '39 MAY FESTIVAL of the most enjoyable of our senior activities for girls lvas the annual May Breakfast, given on Sunday mornilng, May 5, 1940, by The Business and Professional s Club of New Castle, at the Masonic Temple. and mothers of the girls, the honored guests, wer privileged to attend. a very festive occasion with the traditional May dancers displaying colorful costumes among the of floral decorations. musical program was given followed address by the guest speaker, Mrs. R. Melvin from Bushville. general chairman for the breakfast was Miss Blount. The chairmen of the committees were: Miss Stewart, foodg Mrs. Capitola Harper, and Mrs. Lulu Beavers, program. ueen of the May this year was Martha Schuff- mcm her attendants were Phyllis Ray, Rosanne -.....-- .,-, Esta Belle Morris, Virginia Lee McDonald, Barbdra Meek, and Betty Lloyd Diehl. "The Eyes and Ears of N. H. Sl" caught by "Snoopin' " Tom, our candid cameraman. Look closely and you will see "The Three Musketeers." Those steady couples are headed for Denton's--where that Well-known soda jerker is waiting. After surveying those Tri--I-li girls you probably wonder which are the rag dolls and which are the girls. Thats right you're Wrong-it's Pierre and not a gorilla. Page l l l thirty-three I Page thirty-five Bewildered freshmen in 1938, silly so 1940. We have been modern Trojans f and downs. The seniors have snubbe up to us. We are ready to take our place amon task is before us and We are Willing to a As the seniors of 1941, We are proud f our record during these three years Within the portals of our beloved schoi The junior Class of 1940 Was organize CHESTER CURRY, President THOMAS WALL, Vice-President IANE MILLER, Secretary ALICE PAYNE, Treasurer homores in 1939, and just juniors in li three years, and have had our ups d us and the freshmen have looked g the modern Trojans of N. H. S. Our riswer the calls of our future school life. l, yet We are not so proud that We on Thursday, February 15, 1940. We could not do better. We have resolved td be the best juniors and better seniors. ii chose as our leaders the following off' president, Thomas Wall, secretary, lane Under the able leadership of Miss Fe objective, the annual Iunior-Senior Prom of success. We are the third Iunior Class to be augurated in 1938, and we strive to be from N. H. S. Page thirty-six ers: President, Chester Curry, vice- Millerg treasurer, Alice Payne. rn Hodson, and Mr. Fred Goar, our , was carried out to a high degree organized since this practice Was in- the finest class ever to be graduated Betty Jane Adams, Rosabelle Andrew, Richard Apple, Margaret Archibald, Alva Arford. Lee Aughinbaugh, Gene Bailey, Ralph. Baker, Helen Baldock, Fred Bales. Norman Ballinger, Carl Batchfield. Wanda Beatty, Robert Bennett, Dale Biddinger Jr., Deith Bond. Rebecca Bavemler, Joy Branson, Paul Brooks. Elva Brosey, John Browning, Mal- colm Bruce, Winifred Bullard. Bertha Burden, Einogene Cadwallader, Freder- ick Carmichael, Courtland Carpenter. Myrtle Carter. Betty Cashclollar, Mary Chance. Mar- nie Chard, Alta Mae Clark, Josephine Clark, Martin Clow, Elaine Conrad, Dick Copeland, Walter Copeland. Jean Cox, Marilyn Craig, Marguerite Crandall, Joe Crane, Norma Cross, Chester Curry, Rieta Dagley, Bob Danley, Bobby Dann. Gloria Davis, Walter Dugan Jr., Ken- neth Duncan, Bernice Ellis, Martha Emry, Martha Fatzin,-zer, Jean Anne Felix, Rodney Ferguson, Idella Fields. Margaret Field, Joseph Fisher, Mar- tha Fisk, Esther Frampton, Bill Free- land, .lim Gallivan, John Granger. James Garvey, Gloria George. Ruthann Gephart, Joanna Gold, Gale Gordon, Gladys Greer, Owen Griffin. Doris Ellen Grose, Olay Grubbs, Orrin Grubbs, Margaret Guiling. Wilhur Hall, Alan Harding, Vlfaldo Harding, Methel Harris, Bill Hawks. Fred Hellmer, Mary Lou Himes, Mary Helen Hinshaw, Bob Hobadier. Betty Holloway, Billy Hosea, Martha Ann Hudson, Richard Jenkins, Ken- neth Jones, Barbara Kemerly, James Kennedy, Joel Kern, Elmer Knollman. Junior Knotts, Pauline Koger. Mar- shall Koontz, Dorothy LaBoyteaux. Emma Jane LaMar, Sammy Gene Lau- rie, Marcia Leakey, YVarren Lee, Helen Lewis. Page thirty-seven Page thirty-eight Francis Livezey, Helen Lortou, Ever- ett Lucas, Dorothy Luedor, Margie Lunsford. Mary Luu Macy, Martini Maddy, Rr-tty .loan lllasters, Helen Masters, Boh Mathes. Bennett Mathews, Katherine Mattox. Helen Maze, Lois McCormack, Erla M1-Math, Vivian Menus, Eugene Moesv. Orville llI0iI6!S. Suvadn Mc-pgs. .lane Miller, Harold Mitchell. Pauline Morgan, Dc-an Morrell, Fannie Myers, Fred Nmncth, Richard Olwrdorfvr, Junior O'doll, Morrilve' Olohy. Joan Palmhladv. Mario Patterson. Alive Payne, Thomas Petty, Betty Peyton. Paul Pfanniuger, Eleanor Phelps, Dorothy Pollard, Zora Luc Rawlings. Emma Rouse, Gladys Ritlout, Ilarnld Rotltrork, .loan Scully, Bessie Sharls oan, Navy Shelley, Ella Shnetnak, Nurs ma Singleton, Archie Slettvet. Earl Smith, Eva Smith, Mary Alivo Smith. Mrlienflrick Smith. Marvin Snider. Bob Snumnith, .loan Spears. June Spencer, Lois Stamper. Wendell Starhuck, Betty Lou Stoelr. Batty Sti,L'p:lvn1un, Dorothea Stotol- inyc-r, Maryanna Sutton, Martha Swartz. Dorothy Swvigart, Delores Swindoll, Virginia Taylor. Ivan Thomas. R. C. Terrence, Mnric Tucker, Pauline Turner, Gone Van Deventer, Richard Van Matro, Virginia Veach, David Vogel, Maurice V. Wake. Farris Xvakefiold, Thomas lVall, Mary Elizabeth lValn, James Nllasson, Paul XYatkins, Beverly Sue lVebster, Fm'- roll VVeesnvr, Gone Whalen, Donald Wiley. Botty NVilkinson. Dale llilkiuson, lllarria Wilkinson, Juno Williams. Le-nnra Williams, Jacque Wilson. Louise Wolf, Donald Woods. George Ylloods. Harry Nvoolf, Bill lVorthinpzt0n, Ruth Wright, Gene York, John Yost. Wil- mer Yost, Nerva Young, Richard Youngs, Violet Louise Zeller. What d'ya see? That's right, stuclentsl Yell leader Stanley Bock looks very dignilied. For once in his lite "Slats" Gallivan is Workingg watch him scoop that snow. Gloria Ann resembles the "Cat that swallowed the canary." That could.n't be Cluggish and Starbuck? But they look sorta' familiar. "Crutch" Bruce comes hopping to school. Page thirty-nine , X, B r . m . , rvml- Ii' G ' W ,L 4 A if . J' 'f 'V ' -A R iv - -. F. "ii . Q T' . . 1 . , ' . it . llii A ' i 'ff .. ., :QV A I' . an ' i J J i , i VV---: 4: . ., t ' 'i'. si Q 2" 1-. i , KL if 1. 1 i , ' iq ? ' Aa wi ' V "'k ' if-L -. Ea ez.-. 1 bfi' W f. if R R ' J 4 sa., -':'. Y' ' . - Ni' . ' m1.W A' V " i K ii-,Aix-ni Y' as! an ' 'f . ' . f f eff. 1 , if . A . i EJ H ,, 'ii' f ' J 9 it y is 'H . ii i 2' H ' . ii. at . ' irr A . his 'Q e ' r l R 'N 152 .. : . 5 v T ' - if , . 5 i . , . ..... -f J . , ' f- lis N' o I f '1- t ',Q ' , an . H 'lie -' f i' J , agi ng. R , 1, ,, ' ,, 1 :2 T 1 9 , 2' .,.':V, - A 1 'VPV Q ' t S "hJ li- ,rf :': ff? M, fi . Iii- Q' li W w i i ' zi, 5 f ,... . ly' i 5 W I G ' , .il g , ijx Z lv S Z I I - ggi .,',f I I 1 " rr- " H.. ' - l.... Q 7'Z?:r " ' fi? M 4' ki.. V- I -Vi 'f a H V - . Q .i.. ' f x . - i ias.. 2 T i 33 i Betty Lou Adams, Buddy Allen, Ches- ter Anders, John Andrews, Marcella Askin, Dale Baily, Henrietta Baldock, Marilyn Ballinger, Henry Barnes, Johnnie Barnes. Mildred Batchfield. Marjorie Baxter. Alice Jane Beam. Peggy Beaty, Em- mitt Bell, Don Bender, Robert Berg, Don Bm-gin, Betty Ann Blacksten, Stanley Bock. ' Ralph Bowers. Jane Boyd, R-uth Brammel, llllizabetli Breckenridge. iVil- fred Brewer, Bill Brookshire, Ernest Bryson, Mary Buck, Marilyn Burnett. Howard Burns. Denzil Burris. Barbara Byers, June Byers, Paul Cable, Dorothy Cairnes, XVinifred Caldwell, Anna Mae Camp- bell, James Cannon, Bessie Carnes, Mary Adina Caren. Barbara Carpenter, Darryl Carpenter. Gladys Carter. June Cartwright. Betty Lon Cashner, Marguerite Cafsidy, Nm-- ma Cluunbers, Ruth Clemons, Leon Cline, YValter Cline. Edna Conway, Iris Cooper. Kathryn Conelaud. Betty Cord, Junior Cory, llill Counts. Glenn Cowan. Hilden Cox. Dorothy Cramer. Robert. Crauder. Paul Grim, Elsie Crisp, Bob Cronk, Wanda Cronk, Howard Cross, Eldon Cult-oss, Melvin Culross, Jeanette Cum- mins, Paul Cunningham, Ruby Daffron. Peggy Dalton, Yvonne Dameron. Earl Darling, Georgeann Davis, Ray Davis, Robert Day, Aileen Dennis. Richard Dudley. Harriet Dunaway. Shirley Dnnaway. Edward Eden, Lois Edwards, Mildred Eilar, Irene Ellis, Ruby Erskine, Amy Estelle, Rosalyn Evans, Raymond Evans. Rebecca Fade-ly, Edna Mae Faine. Lowell Farmer, Dorothea Fletcher, Helen Ford, Bill Foster, Don Furbee, Bobby Gunn, Bette Sue Garr, Betty Gates, Pauline Gibson, Berneice Gil- breath. Bet-ty Goar, Kathryn Goar. Mary J. Goar. Edith Mae Gold. Phyllis Gold, Charles Goodpaster, Billy Gordnier, Bet-ty Jean Graves, Flora Gray, Mar- tha Green. Edward Greer, Sammy Hat-laet, Donna Hamilton, Mary Ellen Hall, Marcus Hart., William Harter. Geneva J. Har- shey, John M. Harvey. Phyllis Heck. Frances Hill. llharlotte Holtzel, Marion Hozek, Ida Mae Hudson, George Hull, J. Denny Jefferis. ltlildred Jester, Boyd John- son, Herman NV. Jones. Johnnie Keith, Evelyn Kennedy, XVan- da Kenner, Eileen Kern, Gone King, Elizabeth Ann Kinnett, Janet Louise Kizer, Raymond Knight. Gladys Koger, Ray Roger, Clarence E. LaBoyteaux, Howard Lannard. Low- ell Lawson, Myra Jane Lawson, Thomas Lawson, l'ollie Ann Lee, Vir- ginia Lee, Betty Leffler. Paul R. Lewis. Bobbie Liscoxnb. Betty Loer. Susan Long, Mary Ellen Lucas. Dorothy Maddy, Glen Madix, Edythe Main. David Marshall, Janet Martin. Cecil Martindale, Gene Mathes, Joseph McCormack, Louise McCnbbins. John ML-Grady, Mary McDowell, Barbara Mclilhany, Phillip McNabb, Odell Mc- Whorter, Elberta BICXVllll2llllS. Bonnie Meese, Glenn Meggs, Paul Mers, Sally Messick, Paul Mills, Betty Mitchell, Maxine Moles, Byron Moore, Elsa Moore, John P. Morgan. Dorothy Morris, Joe Morris. Lois Morrison, .Estille Makes, Robert Muney, Ada Mae Mundy, Earl Nash, Oscar Nexneth, Sarah Newman, Betty Jane Nichols. Richard Nicholson, Phyllis Norriek. Geneva Oliphant, Dolly O'Rear. De- ilores Osborne. Juanita Osborne. Anna- belle Owens, Richard Oyler, Don Pad- Wgett, James Poynter. Charlotte Priest, Cleo Purvis, Eunice Purvice, Eleanor Ramsey, Betty Mao Rees, Gene Rhoades, Betty Rice, Charles Richey, Mary Rifner, Hen- rietta Robinson. Edna Rohrer, Theresa Schetgon, Jean Seheiber, Betty Schuhardt. Ruby Shadoan, Lloyd Shaffer, Dorothy Shelley, Mildred Shelley, Charles Sheppard, Paul Sherry, Jr. Edward Shinn, Laddie Shultz, Archie Slettvet, Randall Smith, Russell Snell, 'Patricia Sorrell, Hazel Sparks, Gwen- dolyn Stanley, Howard Stanley, George Robert Steffy. Paul Stinson, Helen Strother. Edward Stutsman, Charles Sweigart. Maryellen Syxnons, Palestine Tabor. John Tay- lor, Donald Teal, Harley Teal, Macy 0. Teetor. Suzanne Thiery. Ernest Thompson, Marilyn Thompson, Betty Todd. Louis Townsend, Berniece Turner. Dale Tur- ner, Ellen Turner, Jean Vance. Ray- mond D. Van Camp. NVanita Van Gordon, Mary Vannatta, Maxine Vaught, Dale Van Hoose, Mary Van Matre, Barbara Wall. Ruth Irene lValtz, Junior XVeintraut. Bill Wells. Bill llfhitesel, Marie Xvhitesel. NVaync Xliillelce, Eugene VVilliams, Gerald Williams, Glenn Williams. Janice iVill- ialnson, Doloris Wilsoli. Charles Wilt. Jack L. Vlloods. George Ylfooten, Betty .lean Wright, Celia Wright, Sarah L. Vtfrigllt. Madonna lanky, Doris Yeoman. .,, My ,. --N I Y - .. ,3 -1 , ali . in 'Jil -e K 1 f ss, by S ,M ,.., . ' 1 si Q il . 1 me e ' e In . 5 -:ff V.. . 1 -1 Q.-t 1 ' nk If .:. eg, -- '71 , t .4k"'g , Q- H. 2 t - J IJ is! jg 1 2' rr K Z, ,leg ' sm .4 .1 'ii if -.F B ' ' ' .5557-rs. -'W . 6. ,ip . Q.Qi 1 J ee we .. L l A ,., , ., , . ,,,. , 1 1 l , J B M- 1 'Fzwi gig.: - Q , " Lvk I n L 5 ' ' fx if :Qt , t r 1 l L if V- B 5 T? fb- g Z ' iiio J t ' ,-1" -7 J , :2 ji '-'i g 'T' " ' i, ,,, 'il 'mL., -J so B 11 1 i i- t B' . 2' : A . 1 " Vf, : ' -i:E.ff7 ""' 2215: . ,. ' X- ,. 5- L' L". gy f 5 f ' ,F f , A li V ,WL. ,-,,,, ,,,- I t N Y K ., ,,i I j ,111 .f 4. 55 ' ,W::V, 52 . Y -.., ' V 4 -'ff A 2 in if wwf K I . ,fs IVV1- . - wie J l ,. ' . J J .1 ., - 1-f.5'i ..,, , 1-' f .ve at ., ' ' D' ff' EW ,A .1.,, ig iii V ' 'B , R ,, . if 11 is i 1 t Q f- Let 4 - 1 .M ' , ' 'A , " -'-r'- , ' W Q riil , '. ' si J P ' , Q A ' .,,, , -- ' J . B . J for . X J i i .,.. .. ' - ltltl W Q V A J ' 1., li l' EV. rr' 'ib fiii X' 1: . iii-. J ' 3' 517 7 i .,'. A ' " 9 . Y' i er .1 K' , -- 1 Q ' Q.. I J . 1, Ig' i A , ,, 1 r if Q f 2. 5 ,1 Q e ,J - Q: . , W. ,Nw e -- .4-g - . 1 " " ..,. , 1, .Q1 r , f r LLL--'f'l- 4 My A . ... f, 1 A , , 'LA , 1 " . f 'Q B B r 7 W " . . . J ' to . M - t ' 'l .- . r' 1 ' . , ew il " ' 2 - ' ' My , 'Yi ff. A ii i? H 'i ' ' 'f' i a It J ',.,,-L . gg X- . J f ,. 9 .. I ,V ..,g V ii - . i as . .... - f . V 1..- L.',, P V.. k..V 4,55 M , .4 1, , ,riim w fiift 4, kkzllk il . ku My .57 V , " -it LIKLA 'hi ..,. :sg ' if .. -' . 'i Eh? ' 151 9 . ' AQ is ' ..l - .. . I 1 . it ..--' - , ' ' V V, , G ' ,., - 'v at , y ' ' B' 1 . i': L ' ' . 2 by , b 1 ,- bb , so ' " . J m"A J ' - 3 ' r .: Y -1 ,,.f . ' . .. ' if V . "A-' J if' . is - if , 1 . .. . B' ff-' e Qi" W ' 45- ' -, itiff"f'i519'i:l'7i W ' d 2: a. Tfffii Carl Adams, Florine Allred, Thomas Antie, Dorothy Ashley, Eugene Au- ten, Mary Bailey, Otto Bailey, Elaine Baldock, Richard Baldock, Norma Ballard. Mary Banta, Eddie Batehfield, Stella Bntchfield, Martha Lee Baughan, Al- fred Beam. Harry Bell, Harold Ben- nett, Jack Blum, Bernetha. Bond, Bryant Bonslog. Janet Ruth Bovender, William Brook- shire, Bill Brown, Jr. Brown, Betty Browning, Harry D. Budd, James Bul- lard, Doris Burkhart, Jane Byrd, Doris Byrket. Dorothy Ellen Caldwell, James Cald- well, Mary Jean Cannon, Virginialee Carmack, Kenneth Carnes, Lois Carnes. Dwayne C1ll'UVl'iEllt, Ovid Chambers, Jr., Thelma Chandler, Betty Chappell, Beverly Jane Christ, Dan Glick, Thel- ma Cline, Annetta Coates. Adella Col- linsworgh, Phyllis Conrad. Dorothy Conwell, Lois Conwell. Betty Rose Cook, Bette Lou Couch. Olly Crabtree, Louise Darling, Jean- nette Darris, David Davis, Dorothy Davis, James M. Davis, Joy Davis, Dollie De Arinond, Opal Dinkins, Ray- mond Dinkins. Charles Dorsett, Bobby Dugan, Elma Durham, Jack Durrell, Paul Duvall. James Estes, Richard Evans, Georgia Hannon, Dnrad Fears, Paul Felix. Kay Felkins, Scott Fletcher, James Fowler, Marvin E. Firary, Dorothy Frazier, Ruth Frost, Robert Fulton, Mary Gard, Rosemary Garvey, Norma Corbett. Edwin Grallain, Dorothy Green, YVill- ard Gregory, Betty Griffin, Bob Grif- fin, Margaret E. Guffey. Ernest Guil- ing, Frank Hagerman, Ted Hall, Helen Louise Hanning. Bernard Hardin, Martini Harlan, Charles Harp, Roy Leo Helms, Betty Lou Himes, Martha Lee Hogue, Billy Holloway, VVilma Huckelby, Dean Hunley, Everett M. Hutson. Ruth Ivey, Junior Jackson, Betty Jacoby, Betty Mae Johnson. Jane John- son, Virginia Johnson, Rudolph Jolley, Mary Justice, Mary King, James Kin' singer. Margaret Kissick, Mary Louise Knight, Eugene Koger, Margaret La.Porte, XValter E. Larson, Charles Latham, lneta Alistie Lawe, Jack Laws, Bruce Leakey, Edwin Lee. Betty Lines, Bonnie Liscomb, lllartha E. Littrell, Robert Luellen. Jayne Luke, George Lynam, Rody MacDon ald, Martha Mahoney, Barbara Main, John Malloy. Mary Lou Mann, Bernadine Mar- shall, Elva Martin, Floyd Lee Mastin, Phyllis McCormack, Arelene McFar- land, Nila. McGary, James McGrady, Nina MuKechnie, Max Meek. Robert Meese, Elsie Meggs, Robert Messick, Chester Miller, Betty Millis, George Misener, Charles Modlin, De- loris Mogle, Glen Mogle, Timmy Morris, Chalmer lilurnan, James Myers, David Louis Nicholson, Martha Niel' ender, Donald Norris, Margaret E. Norman, Phyllis Nutty, Helen Ober- dorfer, Henriettn Ogston, Donnn O'Renr. Glenna 0'Roar. Clarence Orr. Charles Osborn, Patsy Patterson, John R. Paul, Junior Pickle, Hazel Pierce, Bob Platts. Francis Pollitt, Burneda Pop- plewell. Alice Porter, Kenneth Prater, Ardella Prosser, Mildred Lorraine Ruins, Louise Rntcliff, Bill Rawlings, Ira Rhodes, Charles Robinson, Elizabeth Rouse, Palmer Rust. Mnry Snmpley. Ralph H. Snnderson. Jenn Schell, Betty Sears, Rachel Sears. Gladys E. Selvy, Harold Selvy, Lois J. Shultz, Helen Smith, Phil Smith, Vontelln Smith, Earl Sveurs. Wilbur Stairs, John Stearns, Artie June Steph- ens, Mary Ellen Stephenson. Mnriorie Stewart, Rosemary Stickler, Eliza' beth Stilwell, Ivan Stover. James Sumpter, Jr.. Mary Alice Sur- ber, Catherine Tnmhucos. Arnold Thornhill. Mm-3' Alice Townsend. John Troxell. Genera Tucker. Jenn Turner, Ruth Tutterroxv, Joe Tyler. Eugene Upchurch, James Upchurch, Evelyn Von Gordon, Priscilla, Van Hoose, Junior lvilllgllt. Bob Vivian. Kntheryn Mae lVnln. Norma Ylfantz, Enzie Lnvena XVurd, Dorothy Ylfebb. Paul Webster, Bernice VViles, Elvin Vlitliixipzton, Melvin YVilkinson, Rich- ard VVilkinson, Donald Worllow, Perry Lee Wolf, Anna June Wolfe. Page- forty-three 1 1 1 l i 1 l V i l 1 1 1 F I 4 : I I 1 H H I i H E 5 E n 5 i f F E E 1 I 5 L 'i i f i F F I 5 Y V. - if 1 i H I I E 11 I I W w 25... Page fav-ty-fz W V LEADIN TRO DAVI HAYES Stu ent Council President II ., it . My 1 REECE WILLIAMS Senior Class President ARTHUR TURNER Outstanding Athlete Y ROBERT YS Class Pl Lead VIRGINIA LEE MACDON BLD National Honor S o ci e President Rosennicxl Editor MARIORIE NIELANDER Phoenix Editor I AN CITIZENS i P e C S LJ lg V E Q , i,, if A, f I .zo Siudenl Cou1gcilfrPreASi,l:lQril' . T U ll i do P S if 73 if 5316 l- I trl A g Y , I I V- gk QM? VK H ,V . i . W . ' 'iii- ' 5 P J ' ii 1 V LVLLL 'VV l li S ' ' Iunior Class President TTY HOY S S icnional Honor Sociieiy President II MARY IEANNE HUFFMAN Phoenix Editor Il A r Class Play Lead i ' 5 TDORISSELLEN HELD I i ' A State President Sunshine Society WAYNE BETTNER - Crescendo Club President Drum Maier- ' Qllonrn, Fifteen students were rivile ed to wear the l ' First Semester Virginia MacDonald President ' William Saint Vice-President Doris Ellen Field Second Semester Betty Hoy President lack Gunn Vice-President Margie Baldoclc Secretary Barbara Bruce Treasurer Malcolm Bruce President lane Miller Vice-President Doris Ellen Field Secretary Thelma Gernstein Treasurer Svfifiy- bld pin of the National Honor Society this P Q g year in N. H. S. In the picture above, they are-:first row: Margie Baldock, Richard Witten- braker, Doris Ellen Field, Virginia MacDonald, 'William Saint, Ruth Clore, Miss Westhafer, Kathryn Males. Second row: lack Gann, Martha Allen, Barbara Bruce, Dorothy Patrick, lane White. hater, Dean of Girls, this honorary group sponsco with the Student Council, gave a school dance. The National Honor Societ has more th y an 230 the United States. It was founded in 1921 to honla outstanding in scholarship, leadership, character, lished in 1933. To be chosen a member of this organization, a s Corum, Betty Hoy, Gemma Moles, Dorothy Under the leadership of Miss Clara West- red the Hall Patrol system and, together O chapters in various schools throughout r students in secondary schools for being :md service. The local chapter was estab- tudent must rank in the upper 25 per cent scholastically. Final selection is made by the prirlcipal, the deans, and the faculty. cd. 6loun The Student Council-the Senate of the Sthdeint Body-Thirty members elected by the students of N. H. S. represent their voice in the s Modern Trojans has accomplished worthy ends in Its many activities included sponsoring all pep mas, having convocations with such remembered Mrs. Michejda, the Polish refugee: Mr. McKoWn, During the second semester, it financed more Coit tickets published a 1940 Handbook sold basketb sentatives to the State Student Council Conventioiql N hool government This dignified group of c . ' the busy year of 1939 and 1940. meetings, decorating the school at Christ- lecturers as Victor Griffin from Australiag and several enjoyable musical programs. vocations by the Student Program Series 11 tourney tickets, and sent several repre- at Muncie. Secretary Richard Wittenbrakcr Treasurer lm, Whnnnir, New Castle High School has reason to be proud of its Iournalisrn and Printing Departments. This year we have been able to produce our school paper, The Phoenix, entirely by ourselves. At the beginning of the year, a linotype machine was purchased by the print shop, making it possible for students to set all the copy for the paper. In October the first semester staff sent six representatives to the Indiana High School Press Association, held at Franklin College. Editor Marjorie Nielander, Associate Editor Barbara Bruce, Business Manager Melvin Poer, and Rosanne Rawlings, Esta Belle Morris, and Reese Williams of the staff attended the convention for three days. They exchanged much interesting information with other delegates to the I. H. S. P. A., and brought back many new ideas. One of the highlights of the first semester work was the beautiful ten-page Christmas issue of The Phoenix. The second semester staff, under the able leadership of Editor Mary leanne Huffman, Asso- ciate Editor Ann Wright, and Business Manager Fred Odom, continued to set a high journalistic standard. Many worthy papers were issued, including a special tournament issue in March: This staff's work was characterized by fine sportswriting, following our victorious basketball team. The Printing Department, which is closely related to. the literary staff, has done l'Trojan" work for four semesters. lack Gann, Melvin Poer, and Thurston Watters are the boys who have helped put out the paper each week during those four semesters. Mr. Ioseph Greenstreet, head of the Iournalism and Printing Departments, deserves much credit for his great help and kindly advice. I SEMESTER ll SEMESTER Page forty-nine jul.. The Tri-Hi Club is a social and service organizati, on of the high school. This year, thirty-nine girls had pledge initiation, went on skating parties, and College Girls' Tea, had lots of fun at a winter of N. H. S. The annual Tri-Hi Heart's Hop was in unusually successful. The club' conceived the idea of sponsoring socia Whole school. These "mixers" were given at the Arifn times during the year. The Tri-Hi's also helped l Community Fund, and sold candy at the basketbc: "Clean speech, clean living,'and clean sch boys in New Castle High School. All boy membership, are eligible to join this Hi-Y Cl Mary leanne Huffman President Betty Hoy Vice-President Marjorie Nielancler Secretary Rosanne Rawlings Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Herring ton, Mrs. l-larry Ioyiiei Sponsors OFFICERS David Hayes President Iohn Yost Vicelpresident Robert Danley Secretary Robert Conn Treasiirer Mr. T. M. Van Hook, Mr, C. A. Vtfitteribralcer Sponsors gave their annual Founders' Day Dinner party, and banqueted the senior lettermen the form of a Leap Year Dance. lt was l hours, with games and dancing, for the ory, with the help of the Hi-Y boys, several n the Red Cross Drive, contributed to the ll games. larship" is the code of sixty Hi-Y of good character, who desire 3 ub. ti During the year the club enjoyed a hay-rid games, helped the Tri-Hi girls give their 'lm with a fine new bulletin board for the main the custom of presenting a rose to members These presentations were made over the greatly appreciated. Mr. Thomas Van Hook, of the faculty, and tary of the local Y. M. C. A., are the sponsors , sold candy and pop at football ixers," and furnished the school all. The Hi-Y's also inaugurated o pu lt h O fir. Clarence Wittenbra f the faculty on their birthdays. blic address system and were ker, Secre- f the group. ' . jlorieigl Sunshinel Sunshine! Sunshine! Again this year the Sunshine Society scattered its pene- trating rays throughout the high school and community, proving their worth as Trojan citizens of New Castle High School. . Everyone has been conscious of the presence of the Sunshine members this year. They have helped to promote the success of the various school functions and programs and have helped with the school projects. Starting the first of the year with a reception for new students in senior high school, and ending it with a party honoring senior members of the society, the Sunshine Girls wrote finis to a successful year of accomplishments. Among their many and diversified activities through- out the school year were included the County Convention, the Sunshine Christmas Party, the Valentine Faculty Party, and the Sunrise Easter Services. The Sunshine Girls, through their Worthwhile sales drives of pins, banners, and cookies, have made themselves a self-supporting group. Mrs. Fisher, Home Economics teacher, is the sponsor, and because of her captivating per- sonality and intense interest in girls, makes an excellent Sunshine leader. We are proud to have as the State Sunshine President this year one of our own girls, Doris Ellen Field. She is a girl who is liked by everyone and performs her Work with the gracious- ness and dignity that befits her office. Ruth Clore President lane Miller Vice-President Martha Swartz Corresponding Sec'y lane Vxlliite Recording Secretary Ruth Roth 'llreasurer Mrs. Fisher Sports' l , CTT A l President Macy Teetor ViceAPresident Mary Lou Conway Secretary Bill Aitchison Treasurer Mr. Bronson and M11 Hodson Sponsor Bill Iones President Gene Bailey Vice-President Iohn Harter S-ec1'etaryfTreasi Mr. Catron Spar i sox' The Science Society is an organization compr visualize, as well as read about, the various achie This club is rated as one of the most active orga student, regardless of class identification, who is int ed of about forty students who wish to ements so necessary to the scientific mind. tizations in New Castle High School. Any erested in science, is eligible to membershi r p. At sessions of the group, moving pictures, or development, are explained through the medium o This year many instructive and interesting feature tides showing various phases of scientific lectures given by experts in special fields. were presented. S. One of the highlights of this season was the le to the student body. The exhibit had been on dis last summer and fall. Ci :ure and exhibit presented by Mr. Strauss play at the New York World's Fair durin Q iiumflub The Agriculture Club has upheld the 'lTrojan" s P b. irit and prestige in the agricultural world, by participating and cooperating With the 4-H Clu This club has "backed" all the farm activities Contest was held on the Wayne Moore farm, so favorites. The event was Won by Byron Moore. 'f O u. N. H. S. Last fall a Iunior Corn-Husking :h oi town. A large crowd followed their Mr. Damon Catron organized the club and is the able instructor in our agricultural course. Mary Helen Caldwell IFS! Klub On October l3, 1939, the Latin Club sponsor, Miss Mable Hod- son, called the first meeting of the school year. This club was organized by a group of Latin students who felt that such a club would fur- nish its members an opportunity to enrich their course in Latin and to interest others in the Latin department. The last meeting of this club was in the form of a Roman ban- quet. Thus terminated a very successful year. Merrillee Olehy President Randall Smith Vice-President Dale Biddinger Secretary-Treasurer Miss Mable Hodson Sponsor Q . Actors - Actresses - Stage hands-all combine to make the Dramatic Club one of the largest clubs in high school. This Club, newly organized this year, is under the guidance of Mr. Burr and has as its main object, en- tertainment for dramatically-iw clined students. The Club is handicapped somewhat, however, because it has no theatre or suitable place in which to give plays. The Dramatic Club has backed all dramatic undertak- ings in the city and the mem- bers have ushered for several occasions. This is truly a fine club in which students can de- velop their dramatic abilities. Wayne Bouszlog President Pierre Zetterberg Vice-President Ruth Clore Secretary Bob Conn Q Treasurer Mr. Burr Sponsor h?lLQl'LCh, Club This organization is better known as the French Club. The "Frenchmen" are some of our best Trojan boosters, 'although the purpose of this club is to stimulate interest among pupils for continued work in French. Informal meetings are held in which all students who have studied French for at least one year may participate. These "Trojans" have gained a great deal of valuable in- formation through this club by listening to outside speakers and learning about French cus- toms and background. Ruth Atwater President Phyllis Ray Vice-President Marguerite Crandall Secretary-'l'rcasurer Mrs. Harriet l'f-slr-in Sponsor L71 l o1t1s'l'ov.vnse:1d Prcsideni arles l,.oo1' Vice-Prosidcm bbw' Gann "icc1'ota1 V- lqream 1 . Los o at LL wir David l-lay Pr0sid'111t CS . F .f'X1'tl1111' 'll1,11'ne1' ViCof'P1'o-' z" .sidstlt Bob Kalli Set.. . lim hill Baker Hpoitfnot' lxlr l1 1 l M . Fenster PIWOITSOV' f 2 J This i'Trojan" club, organized in 1926, is compo school who are striving toward helping N. H. S. play manship in the school's intramural activities. In addition to their annual banquet, at which they an ushers' corps in order to assist the Trojan specta in handling capacity crowds proved them a great as wma, The Varsity Club, organized by the different coa S l . ed of about four hundred boys ot this better athletics and display more sports- honor the lettermen, they have organized t 1 ors at the home games. Their efficiency Set. 1 5 l cs portant organization to the "N" men, those boys who hardwood, the gridiron,tand the Cinder-path. This club has brought about a more friendly and sp Trojans". Last November our victorious football men were by the "N" men graduates of N. H. S. Page fifty-four Q hes of N. H. S. in 1937, has been an im- have really earned their "letters" on the ortsmanlike attitude among our "Modern uests at a banquet given in their honor iw'-'T1'if1o 1 1 Last fall a "Trojan" Club of a different sort was introduced in N. H. S., a Ski Club. Mark- ing its beginning with just a few, it now has twenty members. u The weather being very mild last fall with hardly any snow until December, these stu- dents, like real Trojans, were faithful to their club, and prayed for snow. Their prayer was answered by a multi- tude of snow which lasted longer, we think, than their desire to ski. They elected the following officers: Robert Berg, president, Mary Lou Himes, vice-pres- ident, and Rodney Fergeson, secretary- treasurer. Mr. Heller sponsors the club. How Last fall, "Balls", "Strikes", "Pins" was the language which prevailed in our "Trojan" halls. The Bowling Club of N. I-l. S. was received with great enthusiasm by the student body. These "Trojan Citizens", much like profes- sionals, became acquainted to the nth de- gree with the art of bowling. Maybe you would like to know that they have always had control of the ball, so far. This club is under the able sponsorship of Mr. Van Hook and Mr. Fessler. LU2.Q6llfL jpnalmfibu B The purpose of the two-year old Speakers' Bureau is to provide student speakers with practical experience. Students who are mem- bers appear in programs for community organizations, and this year, in addition, have planned and presented daily school broadcasts. At the present time there are ten active members and seventy-six eligible students who have not yet made their quali- fying speeches. For their officers this year, they elected Reece Williams, president, and Virginia Lee MacDonald, secretary. Miss Iuanita lane Rucker is the club's sponsor. Wlafrwnlub The Nature Club is another progressive club of N. H. S. to which students interested in nature may belong. The members with their sponsor, Miss Smith, go on hikes and trips for the purpose of studying trees and birds. One of their most worthwhile trips was a visit to the Museum of Natural History. The Club also had the pleasure this year of presenting Mr. Nelson, of the State Con- servation Department, who spoke on nature and showed several bird films. The officers of the club are Iohn Morgan, president, Barbara Main, vice-president, Betty Lou Cashner, secretary, and Betty jane Nichols, treasurer. - !!5Z'I! The "A" Band, directed by Mr. Carroll Copelan and from the Music Department of N. H. S. During l9t director, and Louis Townsend was librarian. With Wayne Bettner as Drum Major, assisted by and four Drum Majorettes, the newly uniformed bl at our football games. The girl twirlers were Pats and Sarah Wright. Doris Ellen Field and Margi impressive presentation of colors before the baske athletic contests and made two appearances at ou' This talented organization gave its own conce on March 31, and also provided accompaniment fo WI This Iunior organization provides training for st Band and the Orchestra. Nearly fifty students fro it. Students who have had two semesters of instruf I e t :o 9. T a b t f SH This year, for the first time, the Music Departm t has been able to maintain a "B" Band. are then graduated to the more advanced musical The UB" Band inherited the old uniforms of the two preliminary games during the basketball functions throughout the year. This group, under to grow and to make large contributions to the Or id I CDG O "A li G a he is composed of fifty-eight boys and girls and 1940, Robert Conn served as assistant wirlers Iunior Lawson and Dick Copeland d executed colorful marching 'formations n Patterson, Dorothy Sweigart, Martha Fisk, Baldock appeared as flag bearers in an all games. Our band played for all home f town games. at the last of the Popular Concert Series he Crescendo Varieties. ents who are "understudies" to the "A" unior and Senior High Schools comprise ntal music are eligible for this band, and rganizations. " Band and appeared in them at one or son. It has also performed at various e direction of Mr. Copeland, will continue stra and the "A" Band. 6fl,.CfL2ctA i has The New Castle High School Orchestra has completed its second year under the direction of Mr. Copeland. This fine musical organization of fifty-three pieces has grown rapidly and in another year or so, a membership of seventy-five is expected, this number is approaching a full symphony orchestra. During the past year, Randall Smith has been concert master of the orchestrag Warren Lewis, assistant directory and I. Denny Iefferies, librarian. In the first of the Popular Concert Series, on March 3, the orchestra gave its own concert. lt was received with great enthusiasm. The orchestra also played for the Minstrel Show, several lectures, the Christmas Program, and Commencement. lt formed the musical back- ground for the Crescendo Varieties and attended the Ball State Music Festival this spring. 6 The Crescendo Club, living up to its famous and descriptive name, gradually increased its membership this year and became one of the most popular organizations in school. Its biggest exploit was the presentation of the second annual "Crescendo Varieties", which was attended by a capacity crowd, even surpassing last year's attendance. The "Land O' Cotton" minstrel, presented at the first of the year by this club, was another successful venture. The club is open to all students who appreciate music. The meetings are devoted to the study of famous composers and conductors and to different types of music. To our ever growing lnusic department, this organization has become a most interesting and worthwhile addition. The sponsors are Miss Dorsey and Mr. Copeland. The officers were Wayne Bettner, presidentg Chester Curry, vice-president, Ann Boyer, secretary-treasurer. C fhmal jmgmn, Twelve ot the best blue-robed singers in high They are a group of girls tried-out and chosen form of representation of our now famous Music The girls sing for many civic clubs as Well as to for the Popular Concert Series, "Crescendo Vc student body suchas convocations and holida the State Choral Festival in Indianapolis. The members of this exclusive club are: First Mary Ieanne Huffman, Ruth Cloreg Alto Voices: L Field, and Alice Payne. They are accompanied on the piano by Mary The outstanding musical organization in the l the end oi the school year, the Choir had a me and twenty-six girls chosen from their respective These singers, who Wear blue and white robes' earnestly all year. Consequently, they have bec The popularity of the Choir has been shown the convocations, vesper services, and l'Crescen this year was the Easter Cantata which they ga Miss Dorsey is the director and Dorothy Allen is school are the members of the Choral Club. from the Choir by Miss Dorsey as another ,Department r school programs. This last year they sang rieties", and for several gatherings of the y observances. They also sing annually at Soprano Voices: Ruthann Gephart, Dorothy oprano Voices: Willena Hixson, Ann Boyer, Webb, Dorothy Allen, Marjorie Murnan, Second S avera Smith, Emma lane LaMar, Doris Ellen Helen Hinshaw. vlusic Department this year is the Choir. At rilnbership of forty-tive students: nineteen boys 'Glee Clubs. when they appear in public, have practiced me skilled singers ot Whom We are all proud. Clay the fact that they were asked to sing at o Varieties " Their outstanding achievement tile on March 17 at the First Methodist Church. piano accompanist. ' I gm gre gum Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do-these were the familiar sounds we heard coming from the music room each Wednesday after school. The Girls' Glee Club seriously vocalizing to get the right tones and sounds and singing familiar old melodies, have created a musical atmosphere which enshrouds our entire school. This year it was the largest musical group in high school with a membership totaling eighty-five. One special occasion to which the girls all look forward is their annual trip to Muncie where they sing in the Spring Music Festival at Ball State Teachers' College. The annual appearances of the Girls' Glee Club were the Baccalaureate Services, "Cres- cendo Varieties", and the Honor Day Program. Miss Dorsey is their efficient director and Mary Helen Hinshaw and Dorothy Allen their ' lea, lub Eval 5 U Twenty-three ambitious boys, earnestly practicing and hopefully striving for future vocal careers as Lawrence Tibbett's or Bing Crosby's, compose the Boys' Glee Club. These boys are still more or less pioneers, as the club has been organized only two years. The public musical ventures of this group for this year were for "Crescendo Varieties" and civic clubs. The following are members of the Boys' Glee Club: Bob Conn, Eldon Ashabraner, Wendell Starbuck, Bob Danley, Farrell Weesner, Dick Copeland, Gene Rhoades, Alan Harding, Wayne Bettner, Eldon Culross, Melvin Culross, Melvin Wilkinson, Chester Curry, Orville Meggs, Richard Oberdorfer, Pierre Zetterberg, Louis Townsend, Harold Sweigart, Paul Duckworth, Ioel Kern, Argil Iohnson, l. Denny Ieffries, and Lowell Farmer. Miss Dorsey is the director and Dorothy Allen is their piano accompanist. talented pianists. I 1 x I r Page sixty-three I n E S N A P S jnoilnall. Under the dependable leadership of Coach l'Griz" Baker and his assistants, Donel Smith, and Ralph Renegar, the Trojans concluded another successful football season. On August 24, the squad reported for practice under the flood lights at Baker Park. As a result of many nights of constant practice, the Men of Troy developed into a very formidable team. Out of the nine games played, the green won eight, piling up a total of 242 points to the opponents' 83. The team finished second in the North Central Conference. A loss to Muncie broke our perfect record. Lil' Art Turner, the line smashing full back with a southern accent, was voted most valuable player on the Trojan squad by members of the 1939-40 football squad. As a reward for his' never- miss-practice-attitude, Bob was elected honorary captain of the 1939-40 football squad by his teammates at the close of the , season. Page sixty-five Y QQ, Wk . R ,, .... , Q, -M . Q M . M f E-fl-fi ' ,iqiwiiw mf' 4 ns , K. N W.:k 3 FI .Q xi' if iz, X- .lkwkwpkg A , f S555-Q1 Y-, .g QQ Vex Q x ' .QQ Q Qww 1-1 ww. x if X 2 Hi K2 ,, .R A .-we L " .. az 9 Q , .3 Y . fi ,yang - Yllilx --if-QP 'awk ,A - lkaw, if-1 vm 1 in . ' 'Q - E55 , x 1 we -5 S Q, Q mygig -gg... X i 1,54 Q I -rg 3 Qu Q A 3. s M M ' I X X - f W I 8. Q 5 .---5 , X --,W Q.. 1 Simi + , ,fx , I ww ., E? " - ' , X Q - af' .K 1 L1 f. . 'Q 4 Fr pf-A Q Xi Y " vkia 1 IN 5 IW WV, Q, " 'H , 'K , W M3-. . f fl- ' --1 A ff' by ,K A 'X wfmfk 112 , Aj 5 'gf' ' f"f 'I .. -Q. f ' . W. .-1 A , - . .. f ., 1 X., '-rf . . , fg-f"g', K : 'YF q 5 as 'il X . 55? 'lf 1 x V543 'Pm-, X . X. M. :wa-1 pf rg . . -.mms .fx 4 x x ,w.f.Qw:f-: Q . X.,k , Q in Alf QQ 2 MN! ew X wg + x -PN X A 1- .v fu. N H W y Q 521 1 Q :Q W v fry, fu , maxi wk if Kyiv H . , P5 4 , Egg Xsgm . 2 W K Q5 N1 133' ws M f Q. QW ' Q 'F t 4 Nl . X awgwx if ,E Q ,:, K: ZIA 5 ff if ' ,.-- X ','Q ga g , -4, ,y 2' . 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Q ' 1 wig. -.F ass" . .. wwf? 1: xx :Wy S .aww ,Ei w .. wk. v 47 V 35, 3. - " . N' 2 ' Z.. A A+. "Y 1 Q. .V Y: ,Y K 5. -- f K - Q1 Q., Y - ' i-if ' M 5 -. ,gl ini? , .1 J :ga l ' . N . X v - ' H ., 'f , if .W-.' ' 4 S15 Y ' , . ,. Sf' f ' W 5, K Q . , . , R . A - - Nhmq wig-.gL.iYl.Y S1 ,Q-Yififg 1.5 .1 W . " 1'-cs.. . . if' , ' N . X x wg. s-fy.. 'rr 34. U 1' v.. Q. ff . , X K. . H -f f' . ' ,1.hPQg,iyiAia5gg. f f 1. 253 f' 'ex 1'5" A ' M. g-,.,f ' Ai-my - . f . ' -Q-.. we 'K 1 L -f 1 .. ffff 5- mx .5,1?Sf:1f"f'4gg5.g.w.:4j:L l ig 'fx 1,f.'i,g5.-,: ,..'." f. .wiv . C. , -f . , ' pf' rx " . , .. ' fff if 'wi-'X' ' M . 2 ., 5:35 iii' Qg3f5,i:'i,g W' MK fv .- - ?'f3J'f-. - 1 QW- if. . . . fi 4 'f?f'.f2!14f-Q 2-' ' 1 -, W lf- wwf. N, .. .Q Ax , , .L ., . ... .. . , 31.51 H xnxx .fx gg. M nw.. , -3- N - . . :W myfvm. .A ., . J.. vm . f- - ff' , . Mggg. ,Q xA,,i5.Lf7Qr.... . , 3 x ' :W gi, hw- , .2 .v .,.f..Q,"??g,g..5.fQ JZ.. .b,,.3P.. :.x,. Xug, x - Q H - - - Q. if u.., 4 Q... g.,q"- 2-1, - -- -wa x .-,W K 5' . . i- .Q Q- :vw 'W W . is A -Q - ' - 'F x A ' Q 1 g . -A ... N... img. my fn '- . .V ...Ag-,.:. .. HQ- il- , . 1 ,, . L. gg gg. k . .6 L Qgr ' ' . , f ' gan... , -Ni: , ' - ,., ,,, . . . 1. . - ,, - a if i ' L' 'S by TL A". .. '- .. - K- M . Y x f A ' -. Mani . was G-+ M - , r Q -1: - Le - W A ' 1 f-mix - Q .,, f K " Q 1- fi' Q , . l : ' . H- X K mr' . .. 5 A , ' .1 ie Qwijf. . Wjfirev, . A ,Y V. K 'Msg ,.. ' - . 9 A w . , iw b K , ,RQ V Q ' . .. -, . .Q v 1 .. H . 5 , k qQ.if,,,:g,f ' ,b ,Q-lifgf. 1. . Qgg . .. - ff' 11. ' Le., ' N X Q ' A '. ' ' . - . -.M ?.3'1g.i,, JF ' 5' Q in S ' gfgjvf..-I k '- if 'L in Ev W w .. X - lf' 'fl A ' Tis. H +51 I M 11 gf' 1-Mx 4- ,A ' 4 -k wa' 5 M .V P Q L4 4.-. wx -sf -ag. 'gf , ASQ.. .. uma, fig, On September ll our team opened the 1939-40 season by scalping the Anderson Indians 35-O. The Trojans then journeyed to Muncie in a tropical heat wave and were overcome 24-7. Avenging themselves, the men of Troy subdued Morton Memorial 49-13. Being defeated 27-6, the Richmond Red Devils were our second conference victims. The team made its second trip, venturing to Southport and emerged from a hard fought battle with a 14-8 triumph. The gridders rose to great heights by outplaying Marion, 21-7. A 42-6 triumph over the Connersville Spartans revealed the strength of the reserves. With fire in their eyes the men of Troy avenged last year's mishap by a 14-6 margin over Sheridan. The team climaxed a brilliant season with a gallant 33-13 victory over the Noblesville Millers. Coach "Griz" Baker maneuv- 1 ered his collection of Trojan followers through another suc- cessful season. He has truly demonstrated his powers as a proficient coach. Griz instills in his proteges a lively spirit of persistence. The boy who seldom receives the full credit due him is the student manager. As the game ends, his work begins: check- ing, caring for equipment and uniforms, praising in victory, consoling in defeat. Billy Martin Page sixty-nine Quiz, 93 9-510 jmfjwzoc Our Trojans rode home with the bacon on 16 occasions While they bit the dust at the hands of the enemy on but six of them. The Trojans corlnected for the runner-up spot in the North Central Conference standing and succeeded in copping the Big F our Tourney crown for N. H. S. They journeyed to the Muncie Regional, after h title and indulged in friendly combat With the P fashion to subdue them. The final score was 52-27 Trojans outclassed, outplayed, and outfought the O They again journeyed to Muncie to artici ate i i ing defeated Middletown for the Sectional rker Panthers and proceeded in leisurely :in favor of the Greenclads. With "revenge" as the motive, the Trudgers engaged a highly falvored Burris quintet in the nightcap. The wls and plastered them with a 59-31 licking. fhe Semi-finals with South Side Ft. Wayne, P P T1 Garrett, and Kokomo. They kept that "ole dope bucket" wobbling by upsetting another favorite, the Kokomo Wildcats, to the tune of 40-38 1 but met with disaster and bad luck in the "blackout" in the final encounter. Our Trojans Wefre defeated by the "number l" team of the state, the South Side Ft. Wayne Archers, 39-37. Hats off to Coach Allen and the boys. ' Our most beloved Two Trojan with high hope, the best ball cl Page seventy j coaches, 3 "Strings" and "Smitty' who ' played the game for what there was in it and never squ lched on having to "take the shunt." led their comrades into battles lishing their te rn as among Faithfuls, who icled in estab- s in the state. jfwgkzn, vita, Although the win and loss column may not prove to be the best, our Trojan Colts conquered very much in the field of fundamentals. The squad was composed of freshmen and sopho- mores, each having two years or more in which to prove their ability. Working from the ground up, these young warriors learned the game along with its important fundamentals. Working from the idea, "if you have a well drilled second team, the first team will have to be up to par all the time to cope with the yearlingsf' our first record speaks for the aggressive- ness of the second team. All these boys will be back in there next year, pitching for a regular berth on the starting quintet and from all indications they will follow in the footsteps Where our 1940 Warriors left off. "After the battle is over,' ' was the time when our "Stoog- l es" began their work. To praise l in victory and console in defeat was the job that they upheld. ..ROdy.. ..BObby.. UPUZZY.. Stanley and Wendell, No. 1 Trojan boosters, gave all they had for our Trojans in order to , back them 1000 per cent. Page seventy-one X e 1 iz 6 S55 sf' iw? ji Q S eff 1 13 'lp' 'Mx .,zi ' A VV tl 2 Y 3 .fg- 16 Ti? ,...-,-YQ, ! ,fa xk ,T Mkiymm - L GLXX F A v h -,:7m:.-,,fAL-15f----,r- --N-.5..-..-mg" 1 u qV':,, + ff,-ff114f,. fp,-,ff'gg,2..,.2u-rf---'z .V vw- r.5f44.,,,,-' A. , w -. if E. -Q: . fpfi. .-A 'W 1 .,.L' .Ml ' L, f, f- C? 'fl . Y 3 1 J 1 '30 X v -: O. z Q shun Q1 G 0 cud T53 in 3 v MH G '35 Q! 3 QQ 4 7.5m Qmfvgof' 'BB Km-amx '35 ,, iff , '30 -'fa GE' - ROXHO Jukhrx xsXwXXXf? ,uvimx ,OC1Cl'U.:1!QLYfK , . 4 KQQH? ' 'W , X-,,f,2Tff?Y+'-'-AQ'f.fT2ff':u: I KT1iYj,?b.oYx:XA-'I ' -. ,yy .- 'ff ' 'K , 'AV' 'ffmdcvaon , 4 Q-f '.4, '- im 5 XIXXL , ,, - -.ii X K ,314 V 'Aj Jw N wyly :'1C5ifK1c"Y:x WHXA , qawgggqwy ,Xl fj Q, 9 YK Sou NIMJ D 'Yroyci Gnu 3 xv, Q. . - Vmvkm 1 N EA 'Tim u n fx x AN K ,XS HK 'ik 'f'37x-211. ji-zqr ,.,-ua. wit 1-,X 5 ti 5555?-5ff"M -Sf? 'K J " i-431' l '34 Q QE ..!. 5 ., - MMG 1,93 X. fx 1 , r-pf.. gi, x :af-4... .f'f3rL:au. ., KO 7 A 312, Q, 1 - - 'YF ' QQ ,7gXQ',f.j:5.lOKfLoy, Q, . . , ,- 11-' - -' 4:1 ' L" Q V: 1 --1: y ' 1 'I Nl, , V .X - fiffrfgfsfaifzi 1 Q ' ' H ' 155644: fi,iS2i',z.,f5f:1i ' H , 5,-.'fH'rl1?f5?i 1 4 ' I ii-.flaliflli-iifaiif ' , 'S A . ' zfgfaff -, ' f -:aff ' ' N' if1:iQ.,5i if-FI ,54gf3,:111535.-ig.LIfll6fF K f ' 'Sf " :ij.'..g,.gf,'g:?ix:f, Q-f!i,l1:,5'?.,fgi,I-gf gel --- mf r: 'i ' A'-, K. x if x ff 3'-,-4.?"g5 gt 0. -F '.X --.A-QA eff., sh 2 5.- f . ?q, I 5 ' '? Ns 1 his . ex N: 2 qi -N if err: , During his second year as trackrcoach, "Griz" Ba er had a very promising squad. About fifty boys answered the first call for training. Meets were held with Batesville, Morton Memo ial, Anderson, Pendleton, Muncie, and Richmond. The main event of the season was the "Rose Rel ys"-the first time any night track meet was ever held in New Castle. Representatives from any state schools participated. The high light of the meet was the Relay Queen' presentation of the awards to winners. The presentation was accompanied by a fanfare from the band. With this team sporting such stars as Felix, Hay s, Lewis, Russel, Chandler, Askin, Keys, Garner, Dudley, and Matney, we had one of the g -eatest track and field aggregations ever to represent the Green and White. -'1 The boys who are responsible tor our team's being in tip-top condition are the faithful Student managers. The task ol loosening up the muscles and getting the players in champion- ship form falls on these boys. "Dick" "Bill" Page seventy-fozn' Jmuub, With tennis on the up and up more than ever in New Castle High School, a tennis team proved its ability on the clay courts by Winning two and losing two of their matches in the fall. Coach Allen has four sparkling racquet wielders back for spring activity in Dick Witten- braker, Warren Lewis, Pierre Zetterberg, and Iohn Yost. Congratulations on a very successful .9015 "ln Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." His Wandering dreams also drift to the great outdoors, to the Wide open spaces, especially to thegolf links Where the most familiar sounds one hears are "Fore," "A birdie," and "Putt" season. You played like champs. The young men of N. H. S. are no different. They too go out forthe sport of champions, namely golf. When the call for golf was made many boys turned out and from them a golf team was selected, consisting of these boys: Marshall Koontz, Dick Hufford, Dale Biddinger, Dean Morrell, and Glen Mattox. They participated in several meets held throughout the state. These were Central of Muncie, Burris of Muncie, Marion, Richmond, Anderson, Tech- nical of Indianapolis, and the State Meet, also held at Indianapolis. Page seventy-f-ive g s , h t l Jyfg QB-L4 ,V V V 4 itat! V ZE' e f RJ,4jr 1 '1'x55'l'm l fl gyli i' We present the intramural champs ot 1940, Roorin 203. Mr. Goar's colleagues do some high class tumbling. Here's our intramural runner-ups from ll7. Esta Belle, 'lThe Queen ot the Gridiron" and attendants, pose tor a picture. Eveirett tries his luck at a "strike" by throwing a "hook" We now see Coach Allen, not on the basketball floor but in the class room. "Percy" Lawson looks over his Iunior High prospects. Iodl Kern displays his technique on skis. Page seventy-six ' 1 if -. ,- y 1 M' I, - .Q - -ev -fe::3faswu,Hww1 X. .vm .. -4, , 'A W 1,522.4 ' , ,vi'f?'-ffw'1-.11-mag fm'-. . 4.5fsf9.?2g wQww5.4PesaggF5s4I- 1 V. , - 1 A - FQ, Q,la.g:,.Lg5va -fxhcg':w3mx?A12f -.wr +f3.f3,f. - , I H 1. S' , - -wh' wa., 'f'..:,:2.g y. ","aAg,,.,.-,i .7 'gi.Q'fg-. fsiflif.-. Big. vgsfw, Y H 1 .QS..5.,x.r5,,,x,.J rw 1 fill! 'IK 'wi' ' , 'ffzi 13-xfiaf,-,-fm-'1I1f. Q- f-'Zi SF' Lzi , .j'y45f'E.Q' 1 ws' ' X ji' 25?-:v5?!155v'-,-gqli -,gg-.if--tgfi'-ali -3-24:95,-T:'-f QQJk+ffai?w 3 '3k 5 X' ,.f'!,NZi'CK'E?f'E"5 m ' V xiii? -'51,-i.s5???m'3f" xiiqzlfiiaxvai . F 'Q , M -A f-' 1, Y' 1-fiiiw-I :-f"?f--Cg:.:.?,Q-,- ,7SB'HQ1. '- -' '?fffi'."-'T - ICJ.. iaifif? fwgymj, -f 1 - R. , 51-sf: sy ,Q-,-6 -' -'M-12fs-vs-fin-ggeifv - Hx. ,' H' J 1'- an -1. '.,4v,f- is--Q lim-f' -, f . 4 X ..f ' 1 f-ff-5.21 ':'Q?'..wL 1.2 9 fiiiwf n - 9 ,Q ' ,,. fi?''LQQZQ52Af.'r9--f..:'?5f?i5's5 QSM? R - 6-' -we-":3.1:aQ Yf.,:f3-i-a"'fr-52541611 'hav-. .A ...s T?-3:--eyJ1.:..4.1i?,r '. E. - ,q -1 :Q4.Lwee.fiv.f'f' .ga+m:,w- sr X - ,H + 1' Q :--- ,gl " -5 J-I x':'4:r:'gfn,Qsgf413.:w-713.534 "5 - ' fi r...-f W " A n o ' xl g ff fy Hg. 5-Q wggg. ' - " iff 4' U 54 yy --. :FX af.. , .,. , .xx .. , ..., ,fx Y nt , atv? of ,P-.,. ,-fl?- ' W-...Q M 1 ffv 2' - f QA., -' - in vw. K . ' 1 y i-Lf.. jf!! 5 '- 11 1 X f 'Mei' gi .455 'ifxliff -- --2' "1 - . fam' -,..e2.,. ' ..-ft, l . 1 fr fn- ,V - 'S . ga,-5955213164-2-v 1: - , 5 1 .i1,f,.,, .. X 1-v ,. " . Yifmm-'z ,ffm -. 'ILS V .-4-:H 1, 41 - . K, , -- 155: - .. in ' ' .539 'Hn ...wpgag-,, g3:, wx, . sh.. 'z . .5 ,iw f - Q , - 5 21 , f . , '-fqfz Q !.. . . .. :wk - ' 'Ji 4 ?1e,.:i-Q - V ,My -g v- 'N' -- '5' . 5, - " 1 ' ' - . , F 532 y , . ,I . , 1 A .1 O fax A . ,. . J.. iadtw M:!T'?.'u,gg: . ,ix - 'Fifi M- p g. 4g. 1,,i, ff-w fiv lg, f:1:ifQ-akavffvrvb- 'f-2 az.-sig -:J a-H . -HW 1 .hfzifvf , -L .Sf-:S Y . f i:. : ,f ef' -,qm rff fm... :, ,.t. ir , , ' . ' ,A . -N-gg f-' ,.:.ekgQ:'5f4',,'?2wv-f- tgp .."ff . ?:,.,,,g','-wxgggh F S. + 1 11.:5:w2F.. .4 2 Lim ., ...QR Fifa: .0 Page seventy-seven A 1 Q X MISS HARRINGTON Girls! Girls! Girls! Comely! Beauteous! Lovely feminine view, and a very eye-fetching view at t of the popular and Well-known Booster Club, and Meeting one Thursday afternoon at the Armo group of the fairer sex brought to reality their After considerable consternation and serious con and a brand new set of officers to start the club o: Confrorited at first with rnany obstacles which they were somewhat hindered at first, but once about their business with renewed enthusiasm. most variety-spiced, likeable clubs in the school. Ruth Roth President Wanda Kepner Vice-President Iean Palmblade Secretary Mary Caron Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Harrington Sponsor Page seventy-eiglzt Klub ! Fair! Pretty! All display sports from the hat! This is the Girls' Sports Club, a revival more recently, the G. A. A. now the scene of most girls' activities a WI I ream of a club for all sports-minded girls. entration, they emerged with the new name If right. prevented them from meeting every week, everything was straightened out, they went As a result they have become one of the Above you see examples of their skill: lune makes a strike with all the dexterity of a champion. Teacher has to help the poor little girls stand up. l guess they need a little more practice, before they can be left alone. Those girls playing ping pong look like real pro- fessionals. One never can tell, can one? Two fine golfers take time out for an informal pose. Watch the birdie, girlsl There's Cupid in feminine clothes aiming her bow and arrow. Watch out everybodyl You might be the one who's caught. Come on you tennis players, turn your beautiful brown orbs this way. Whatever the attraction is, it can wait. Page seventy-nine WW INDIANAPOLIS ENGHAVING C-OMPANY, INC. 1NDIANAP0LIs, INDIANA Qmgwmwdh9mmyQMMqmJSJw5 435513135 ' 11: 1 . 'f21'!l'?jI ' ' 1515-'EYZIHE-I"i',ANL32i . till!!! IALf93Xl'2 ' " THEM- V' 4 uf.: .. 45. r . ' - If-, -, --..-, .V r ...+V-qw-,-v , . Mg. f '-:J X ,5- 'f7oi?a4:fl' 2' "L :Y W S41 iff-f-,.. ' x - .ws ,.,'.,i-+., 1, 4-.- .gg mg' fi- A ' . ., , VM .. Q." 'E s 1 WN' ' K I-"CJ JJ, . ftgv ai, ,5 512 - '1. 'SIL 'fi' ' :x.',l'K'1- V? 1 ' 1 rf. ' 5.5. , 'ij'fm:..i- . -'Q ' .N F-2-17. 57 lv..-X -X Avy-. 1-'14 f .f..-f .. ,, ffm .. ,,-13. Q..-'1 5 . .3 ".jY1.1' , --fr:.f...f .. v . , . .5 .V .. V ..-.5 , J.. .-., . 11.34. .i - p... MA, , 1 . .. . . W . .., , i", .1 -xy, - ,-ww. :, .. ,.n', J' 'il .Y 1 . ,. ,. .5554-.U -, ,N- 17 - . -Yu... ,V-z . - Q i 'i , JT, .V-xx. , ' ii.-7, ,g Q xgqjbf. -4 ..4.2? W tn. 'SF' V, ' .'.,,i ' ' " . .' L .. ,.-1 . V- . , 1 J A-:S Q- . 4, K " Q .Nl--A212-125' 5' ' . . -Y 1 -,f -1' "f--v vu.-.41-2 - M fn . ..,,A: . .f-2 A L . -. . .:. q- ,, .,:v. f Hx - - 7 . 1 -, -...L -k 'P' 1 M- - . .-Jw -24'2?-.a----'-.- . ' 2: 7 Q, ' 1 N -. . J:-,-i,i"5f gf.:--'erf1.'-.wt - 5 1 -Y -- . . . 1 . 1-' -f , -1 Q--L 3- "-4 -1-.vw . uv vim Y - -- -N - 'N--5-ff J., -A 'V X 5314 Q 'EJ 'Q R ' f'V:. 343,525 s, ,1..1f',f arf' Eff . .. 5- .P .1 ,. , . 31 131 , S' 2. . 'JS- M iz'- 717'lf':'. f--3" :Ei-5' .-S, -- ,.,.N.- I Ll, 5,..,f..:x-, A-A Y- :gs 4 J . . ,, ,. ,- ' " t-.2 Q4 ?g4::-gtg' ..jrj,1V-.p.1wL.:,Vg ' f. .- .,q--.:. ,VE : 4 L. 1-11- , v.1j-.',,- ' ,Q - , L v: -.,1..'- ., 'fa w,-. , . , ,.,+. 1 .-,. ,- , fi.- .. . ,Q 'Ar ,-v Q .A . , , -6 - M .- -N -fa ' U-5 ,- . .g,:v.4,,.--l. lx: 3. ,A , 3, y-.x,.,63:, , V 5 f yr- . .' f .Hx A J, , Y . lf.-:. 5 , .' vi-' ' S. F, -'31,g3k .Q f. . .- K' 1' fr'-17. I W - . ,- '- , ,.' -'-:Q 57.1 .434-t K 1 r . .. -1 Y i, Z .5 ,.,,,F-..-.-. .. .-if: - Y. ' '5f- LIQl:2:"'n ' v- , ., . 4 ,I K ' ' 1' Wi -'Fi x L . ' X " Ex' :LI -1 I 1, Y 4, . E A. -'if .. " .. .-...Q ' -, ' f .N u' .- . ..4 7+-ww ., w A 4 ,,, , ! .N3,?g?i. . . .L 1 2 ff... 'XA . '- . ,- . . - V L .rf Q21 ff' 5 f..f1i7'.': 1... 7 ' ,rr .V - Qxg. wf .1-. - . ,..,x...cv3'?--,.:, --if-.' :L 1.9. I. ,L X 4. , i 1. .--1+-. 1: . 1 , 5 f'-'P'-L-AZ IM . .. . . Q., .51-N. u .,, .g 1 '.,11'.,"'71.'J.qiA:1 :law -He. ,w,.,1 ' 1' '5 , ' ' WC' Y xt J 1- J. - 1 gi '11 3-Q'ijgQ5f?4 :gl-lbw Um ,,j.,1i-2, ' -, 1 .rw .14 4'-za w .,,-,. -. -, . .x..

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