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:.-M-ij ' - r ' ' .: ' ' - ' ;A ' 0 " I i;. ??■•• 2 (j) THE OLIVE BRANCH NEW CARLISLE HIGH SCHOOL NEW CARLISLE, INDIANA VOL. XX As time goes by, many people fail to con- tribute their most to the world around them; however, one man, through the course of his life, has dedicated himself to prepar- ing others for the future which they face. Through his many years of teaching, Mr. Pfeiffer has earned the deepest respect of his students. Mr. Pfeiffer seems to realize there is oppor- tunity in each passing moment. He has taken advantage of this knowledge and has ac- complished much for the world around him. The people who have come in contact with him appreciate his sincerity and devotion for tackling the tasks before him. He accepts his responsibilities and carries them out whole- heartedly. For this very reason each of his students has benefited from his teaching. As he faces the future, we can be sure he still has the enthusiastic outlook on life; and, although this is his lost year of teaching, it will not be his lost year of helping those around him. He will continue to have the respect of those who know him. Therefore, with our deepest gratitude we dedicate the 1967 Olive Branch to Mr. Darle Pfeiffer. As Mr. Pfeiffer well knows, the time seems to rush by without our even realizing it. Soon this year will be over, and the events will become fond memories. The 1967 staff will try to capture the important happen- ings in this short phase of our lives. Many events occur each day, and out of these we hope to record the prominent ones. Therefore, in the years to come, this book will help students to recall the year of 1967. ACTIVITY Time flies and draws us with it. The moment in which I cm speaking is already far from me. — Boileau DOORS OPEN AT 6.30 THEN PRACTICES Throughout the year sev- eral early practices were held to achieve the perfec- tion needed. PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES Whether walking or riding, most students arrived by 8:00 a.m. Activities before the first bell caused hustle among faculty and students. . FIND MUCH CONFUSION EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY 10 " Attention please, " starts a day filled with discovery, whether it be in health, foreign language, or physical education. Dan Engel ' s discovery was that there is another means of escape from study hall, besides the doors. PROVIDES . FAMILIAR . . . 12 Mental cultivation produces rewards —or in some coses exhaustion. COMICAL . . . 13 Many classes required careful thought, concentration, and technical accuracy. However, at times we became too involved In our thoughts,- and as a result, accidents occurred. THOUGHTFUL . . . 14 MOMENTS. 15 Some students prefer a nourishing lunch while others choose sweet snacks. 16 HUNGRY TEEN-AGERS GO FOR FOOD 17 " Afternoon Monotony " was temporarily cured at times by dose of fresh air, exercise, pranks, and programs. Even Mr. Miller takes time out from his busy schedule to be honored by the Latin Club. AFTERNOON HOURS COMBINE ORDINARY 18 WITH UNUSUAL 19 ASSEMBLIES . . PROJECTS . . . 20 The successful all-school ploy, the in- duction of new NHS members, and the Hi-Y Christmas program provided in- terest for students. Enthusiasm was displayed by the Hi-Y food basket collection, yearbook sales, ring purchases and other projects. INTERESTS FOR ALL 21 SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS 22 FOR STUDENTS During Christmas vacation a new brand of wax was put on the floors,- therefore, some students found it hard to walk. Nevertheless, they made their way to as- semblies to hear special speakers, participate in special events, and cheer Tigers to victory. ' f PLLCK ; ! urn! ;i ■ HP « rii aB " ' i» ' «? m-d ■ m ' w rm if ' ' T " i ' " i ' ' BL ' JWri. ' " f Fil 1. 1 g 23 Although most students were anx- ious to leave school at 3:15, many stayed to participate in numerous activities. Athletics and GAA provided an out- let for the active, while yearbook and FTA worked long hours to ben- efit other students. E- ' .■m: - mr CLASSES END AND 24 me9—i ACTIVITIES BEGIN 25 CLUBS PROVIDE A VARIETY OF INTERESTS A new and interesting project was the dedication to the Servicemen by the FTA. The FFA entered several contests, and the FHA hod their annual cookbook sales. The Tigerettes performed at half-time during games. 26 FOR STUDENTS 27 NEVER A DULL « ! MOMENT Students entertained and were en- tertained by participating in a num- ber of activities. Concerts, plays and class parties were among the many that kept students on the go. 29 HOMECOMING BONFIRE Homecoming highlighted the football season— Ringing of the Victory Bell, Snake Dancing, and a blazing Bonfire became a new port of the Homecoming festivities. Football was the center of interest on the action scene, as fans turned out to cheer the team on to victory. 30 KINDLES SPARK OF ENTHUSIASM 31 SCORE TIGERS SCORE . ' 0 ■ 6 " ' ' . 1 f W IH tes . il z, m, mmmm b i 32 Everyone ' s enthusiasm created exciting games this season. 33 Throughout " Cupid ' s Turnabout Week, " the girls cheerfully catered to the boys ' wishes. On Fri- day the candidates for " Prince and Princess of Hearts " were presented to the students. The climax of the week was the dance when Steve Smith and Claudia Carr were crowned Prince and Princess. CUPID ' S 34 TURNABOUT WEEK CREATES EXCITEMENT 35 DAY IS FINALLY DONE 36 The hour is late. Everyone is gone. New Carlisle High Schoo will be quiet until a new day starts. 37 PEOPLE Variety ' s the very spice of life. — Cowper FOOTBALL HOMECOMING QUEEN-Cathy Dodd FRESHMEN J O .llil J . KNEELING: Dave Dodd, Chris Wykoff, FIRST ROW: Bryan Flora, Phil Miller, Tom Cserpes, Vince Neal, Greg Kulwicki, SECOND ROW: Mr. Frank Zielinski, Wayne Martensen, Rich Dodd, Steve Kulwicki, Gene Bates, THIRD ROW; Bill Cauffman, Bill DeNeve, Ron Rowe, Ed Cenkush, John Seibert, Gregg Andrysiok. VARSITY BOTTOM ROW: Dan Akin, Scott Shuey, Dan Engel, Jim Niespoziany, Chris Cook, Rex Toelle, Tim Miller, Glen Hennen, Jim Kulwicki, Doug Clark, Mike Anderson, Greg Williams, SECOND ROW: Randy Nlcker- son, Wayne King, Rich Krause, Dennis Hancz, Gene VanLue, Devon Borders, Rich Galvas, Tom Wrobleski, Ken Brassiur, Bob Hooten, Mike VanLue, THIRD ROW: Greg Andrysiak, Bill Cauffmon, Ed Cenkuah, John Smith, Jack Szilagyi, Clay Miller, Rick Hensell, Ron Rowe, Wayne Martensen, Craig McDonald, Gene Bates, Bill DeNeve, FOURTH ROW: Mr. Bill Lynch, Vincent Neal, Greg Kulwicki, Tom Cserpes, Rich Dodd, Bryan Flora, Steve Kulv icki, Dove Dodd, Phil Miller, Mr. Harry Tolman, Mr. Charles Barnum. JUNIOR HIGH BOTTOM ROW: Dave Keck, Scotf Joslin, Mike Engel, Doug Dodd, Bob Corlfon, Kenny Strope, James Banaszak, Steve Tolmen, Bob Hennen, Jock Hording, Jim Borntroger, SECOND ROW: Fred Miller, John Antonucci, Dove Anderson, Paul Scales, Roger Teska, Ed Beach, Terry Garoute, Rich Wroblewski, Gene Cserpes, Terry Stock- ton, THIRD ROW: Craig Brown, Drew Gilpin, Mark Schnurle, Dennis Nolepinski, Fred Kaminski, Pete Kominski, Carl Keller, Bob Deer, Bobby Cenkush, FOURTH ROW: Mr. George Olson, Gary Wordinger, Don Feare, Dove Brosseur, Bill Kopkowski, Mr. Rex Thomas. 41 BASKETBALL BASKETBALL QUEEN: Carolyn Teska B-TEAM BOTTOM ROW: Doug Clark, Ken Brasseur, Tom Wrobleski, TOP ROW: Mr. Charles Barnum, Chris Wykoff, Brant Brewer, Don Nebelung, Dennis Higgins, Don Akin, Don Stoneburner, Mike Anderson, Randy Schoff, Rich Dodd, Don Vermillian. 42 VARSITY BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Plumbeck, Stan Noel, Jim Niespodziany, Don Nebelung, Ernie Laureys, Bob Palm. TOP ROW: Mr. George Olson, Scott Shuey, Bruce Cohen, Tom Wrobleski, Jim Noel, Dan Jorve, Mike Anderson. FRESHMEN 3l. ' -1 BOTTOM ROW: Doug Miller, Andy Hahn, Rich Dodd, Chris Wykoff, Gordon Smith, Dan Vermillion, Tim Marker, Mr. Loyal Marker, Steve Morton, Don Stoneburner, Dennis Higgins, Wayne Mortensen, Steve Rzepko, Gene Meyers. 43 BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Frank Zielinski, Jim Cooremen, Sfeve Thomas, Bob Keck, Tom Roesner, Doug Dodd, Scott Joslin, Bob Deer. TOP ROW: Roger Tesko, Paul Scales, Dave Brasseur, Bill Kopkowski, Steve Tolmen, Bob Carlton, Jim Banaszok, Drew Gilpin. EIGHTH GRADE JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SEVENTH GRADE BOTTOM ROW: Louis Zebsko, Jim Kovas, Greg Ness, Mike Borntrager, Ken Strope, John Antonucci, Tom Kemph, Richard Wrobleski, Pot Logon. TOP ROW: Mr. Frank Zeilinski, Bill Mortensen, Joy Gilpin, Ron King, Steve Mann, Tim Marker, Jim Borntrager, Mike Engel, Mike Bennett, 44 Harvey King, Dave Skaggs, Ron Higgins, Bruce Clendenen, Mike Anderson, Brant Brewer, Randy SchofF, Lee Hope, Bill Miller, George Schnurle. CROSS COUNTRY WRESTLING BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Doba, Mike Hahn, Dave Dodd, Greg Kulwicki, Greg Von Arx, Vince Neal. TOP ROW: Mr. Don Kane, Mike Smith, Rex Toelle, Devon Borders, Craig McDonald, Don Engel, Pot Miller. 45 CHEERLEADERS VARSITY Ardie Kleine, Cyndi Moffitt, Carolyn Tesko, Brenda Cox. B-TEA STANDING: Rose Kulwicki; KNEELING: Barb Kulwicki, Diane Rzepko, Donna Kern. NINTH GRADE Marsha Belt, Barb Miller, Judy Thompson, Nan Harding. EIGHTH GRADE Diane Vermillion, Karen Kaufman, Peggy Miller, Lee Ann Lynch. SEVENTH GRADE Potty Miller, Debbie Stone, Becky Blackston, Marcie Kern. LETTERMEN Hl-Y .-. FIRST ROW: Dennis Hughes, Mike Gilpin, Brant Brewer, Gene Bates, Dave Price, Mark Miller, John Smith, Mike Anderson, Doug Clark, Roger Clark. SECOND ROW: Rich Krause, Mike VanLue, Ron Higgins, Scott Shuey, Ken Brosseur, Randy ShofF, Rex Toelle, Bob Palm, Dave Skaggs. THIRD ROW: Dan Engel, Tom Wrobleski, Doug Moore, Don Nebelung, Dan Akin, Lynn Plumback, Joe Bealor, Bruce Clendenen, Craig McDonald. FOURTH ROW: Chris Cook, Greg Williams, Mike Smith, George Schnurle, Mark Belsaas, Stan Noel. 48 FIRST ROW: Roger Clark, Dennis Honcz, Mike Anderson, John Smith, Wayne King, Tim Miller, Ron Higgins, Clay Miller, Mike Anderson, Brant Brewer, Rich Hooten, Greg Kulwicki. SECOND ROW; Dan Engel, Bruce Cohen, Scott Shjey, Doug Clark, Glen Hennen, Bob Palm, Harvey King, Dave Skaggs, Craig McDonald, Bob Hooten, Mike VanLue. THIRD ROW: Devon Borders, Rich Krause, Dan Akin, Rex Toelle, Randy Shoff, Gene VanLue, Stan Noel, Merle Carl- ton, Lynn Plumbock, Joe Beolor, Chris Cook, Bruce Clendenen. FOURTH ROW: Mike Hohn, Ken Brasseur, Jock Szilagyi, Tom Wrobleski, Don Nebelung, Rick Galvos, Jim Neispodziany, Greg Williams, Jim Kulv icki, Ernie Laureys, Ron Rov e. TIGERETTES FIRST ROW: Karen Dopieralski, Cindy Hardacker, Beth Harding, Kay Vollmer, Joyce Vollmer. SECOND ROW: Cindy Johnson, Becky Gaddey, Bev Poschen, Marilyn Mortz, Sue Nowacki, Georgianne Kulwicki. THIRD ROW: Jackie Mortz, Mary Hahn, Sandy Gaul, Kothy Danielson, Lynell Clark, Judy Zielewski, Judy Clark. FOURTH ROW: Christine Gadacz, Pam Hensell, Cindy Fernald, Karen Jones, Pom Bowker, Judy Scott. FLUTES: Sue Robinson, Rose Kulwicki, Cyndi Moffitf, Brenda Cen- kush, John Cuson, Brenda Cox, Dianne Roesner, Pom Wiltfong, Barb Miller, Diana McDonnough, Agnes Anderson; CLARINETS: Eileen Bladecki, Doug Moore, Jenny Engle, Sandy Roabe, Wayne Truex, Malinda Morris, Jackie Kooch, Sue Horvoth, Roy Winy, Vickie Kominski, Bev Zarembko, Bonnie Merley, Connie Merley, Cathy Dodd, Dan Wotkins, Sharon Tesko, Linda Thompson, Yvonne Zolman, Karia Main, Greg Andrysiak, Mike Miller, Tom Andrysiak, Rich Hooton, Mollis Toth, John Dovis; OBOES; Chris Cooremon, Judy Thompson; SAXOPHONES: Charlotte Morris, Barb Kulwicki, Marsha Belt, Chris Bladecki, Bonnie Paul, Roxie Runnels, Carol Heodley, Mark Belsaos, Chris Wykoff, Mark Miller. DIRECTOR: Mr. Lynch; DRUM MAJORS: Mark Belsaos, Rich Hooton. SENIOR PEP BAND BOTTOM ROW: Morgo Smith, Kathy Mock, Bryan Flora, Agnes Anderson, Brenda Cenkush, Susan Robinson, Pam Wiltfong, Chris Bladecki, Charlette Morris, Neil Thompson, George Schnurle, Randy Clark. MIDDLE ROW; Kitt Thompson, Kevin Surma, George Moffett, Jenny Engel, Sue Horvoth, Eileen Bladecki, Bev Zarembko, Cathy Dodd, Doug Moore, Glen Hennen, Mark Balsoos, Brett Wolff. TOP ROW: Roger Grove, Doug Paul, Lee Hope, Steve Fisher, Jock Szilogyi. 50 FRENCH HORNS: Judy Gilpin, Greg Von Arx, Marsha Belsaas, George Wojcik, Stephanie Mann, Bruce Clendenen; TRUMPETS: Kothy Mock, Ernie Laureys, Randy Clark, Nick Graborek, Morgo Smith, Jim Graborek, Jim Kuspa, Bill Miller, Bryan Flora, Neil Thompson, Wilbert Strefling, George Schnurle, Jim Corr, Robert Davis; TROMBONES: Kevin Surma, Brett Wolff, Don Akin, Scott Amen, Kitt Thompson, Dewey Dolph, Jim McGuire; BARITONES: Glen Hennen, George Moffett, Dove Wordinger, Jerry Walker; BASSES: Roger Grove, Jack Sczylagyi, Ed Cenkush, Albert Von- Wonzeele, Mike Zarembko; PERCUSSION: Cindy Botes, Nan Harding, Rich Galvas, Lee Hope, Steve Fisher, Don Rozworski, Sharon Kaufman, Doug Paul, Randy Shoff. MAJORETTES: Eileen Blodecki, Linda Thompson, Cathy Dodd, Chris Cooremon, Judy Stevens, Barb Miller, Sharon Kaufman. BAND DANCE BAND Jenny Engle, Mark Miller, Charlotte Morris, Rich Hooten, Doug Moore, Mark Belsaas, Chris Wykoff, Jock Sczylagyi, Lee Hope, Brett Wolff, Randy Clark, Kevin Surma, Kothy Mack, Kitt Thompson, Ernie Laureys, Scott Amen, Nick Graborek. 51 FIRST ROW: Linda Nagy, Julie Morrie, Robbin Eckert, Susie Wiltfong, Marie Bartmess, Juanito Green, Kathy Akin. SEC- OND ROW: Shirley Jean Gamble, Jane Cooreman, Pom Fernald, Dale Watkins, Greg Hordacker, Diana Thompson, George Miller, Paul Scales, Leslie Dolph, Debbie Miller, Curtis Thompson, Joe Cuson, Lewis Oldham, Peggy Miller, Karen Surma, Lynn Walker. THIRD ROW: Sharon Davis, Nora Lou, Fred Kaminski, Alice Jones, Dan Davis, Mike Weeden, Debbie Main, Bruce Wordinger, Bob Watkins, Larry Noris, Mike Schnurle, Ken Sikorski, Tim Walz. FOURTH ROW: Earl Schim- mel, Richard Altine, Ernie Truex, Doug Hammond, Debbie Merley, Suzanne Winey, Tom Roesner, Jay Gilpin, Debbie Vollmer, Robert Hennen, Gory Wordinger, Jeff Tuholski, Bob Deer. JUNIOR BAND CHORUS BOTTOM ROW: Pam Steed, Sue Nowacki, Judy Stevens, Bonnie Merley, Pat Jones, Becky Lawson, Cindy Wrobleski, Cassie Mauser, Cindy Fernald, Marilyn Mortz, Ann Geddes, Jackie Martz, VIcki Tolman, Donna Kern, Nancy Bloke. SECOND ROW: Nodine Martin, Barb Nagy, Vickie Steed, Kathy Lanf, Mary Carlton, Jean Burnett, Bonnie Shoue, Gordon Boer, lla Mae Wiltfong, Norvo Couffmon, Sandy Gaul, Ann Minix, Jeanie Wood. THIRD ROW: Laurel Ward, Mary Vermillion, Karen Jones, Connie Merley, Lynell Clark, Bob Davis, Roger Grove, Gordon Smith, Bill Bartmess, Mike Gilpin, Ralph Grove, Beth Mauser, Jon Beach, Jonell Argabright, Becky Goddy, Kathy Mock. TOP ROW: Doris Smith, Maxine Rowe, Janet Rainey, Richard DeMoven, Devon Borders, Glen Hennen, Doug Moore, Mark Belsaas, Tim Miller, Beth Hording, Sharon Blackston, Gloria Wordinger, Vicki Gilpin, Betty Brown. 52 BOTTOM ROW: Donna Kern, Judy Stevens, Connie Merley, Lynell Clark, Cassie Ho user, Becky Lowson, Pat Jones, Beth Ha user. MIDDLE ROW: Tim Miller, Jon Beach, Sharon Blackston, Beth SWING CHOIR Harding, Kathy Mack, Cyndi Moffitt, Nancy Blake. TOP ROW: Dan Rozwarski, Mark Belsaas, Roger Grove, Doug Moore, Devon Borders, Ralph Grove, Gordon Smith, Rich Hooten. DRAMA CLUB BOTTOM ROW: Barb Kulwicki, Diane Rzepka, Carolyn Teska, Vicki Tolman, Sue Nowocki, Cyndi Moffitt, Sue Kulwicki, Cassie Hauser, Gene Bates, Dave Price, Becky Runnels, Louis Vermilyer, Gene Myers, Lorry Neal. SECOND ROW: Becky Goddey, Connie Merley, Karen Jones, Bonnie Merley, Bonnie Deer, Cindy Wrobleski, Jody Wagner, Jan Beach, Linda Thompson, Linda Kulwicki, Pat Golubski, Charlotte Morris, Joan Ginfer. THIRD ROW: Judy Zielewski, Emily Tuszynski, Chris Cooremon, Ron Higgins, Mike VanLue, Ken Brcsseur, Randy Shoff, Doug Clark, Don Engel, Dennis Honcz, Rich Hooten, Virginia Meyers. TOP ROW: Kay Vollmer, Jenny Engel, Jill Skoggs, Jenny Hompshire, Nan Harding, Bruce Clendenen, Croig McDonald, Chris Cook, Doug Moore, Dan Akin, Don Neblung, Suzette Landyut. 53 BOTTOM ROW: Vicki Hughes, Dianne Roesner, Marilyn Martz, Deanna Hughes, Stephanie Monn, Jackie Martz, Ann Geddes. MIDDLE ROW; Connie Merley, Melinda Morris, Pat Anderson, Ilia May Wiltfong, Bonnie Merley, Kathy Lant. TOP ROW: Brenda Cenkush, Pat Danielson, Beth Harding, Janet Rainey, Bev Paschen, Henri Dzialak, Susan Robinson. SEN OR GAA JUNIOR GAA A « 1 BOTTOM ROW: Patty Miller, Mary Lewis, Charlie Jo Hansen, Paula Dodge, Kothy Martz, Dianne Brewer, Vicki Poskey, Barbara Borntra- ger, Debbie Stone, Kathy Hahn, Potty Corny, Suzanne Winey, Becky Blackston. SECOND ROW: Diane Vermillion, Kathy Lant, Anne Wawrzynski, Cookie Lynch, Shirley Jean Gamble, Pam Keen, Peggy Miller, Kathy Akin, Marsha Belt, Diana McDonnough, Roxy Runnels, Debbie Dove. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hayter, Marie Bartmess, Debbie Merley, Barb Miller, Vickie Godacz, Debbie Main, Linda Scott, Agnes Anderson, Juonita Green, Penny Geddes, Debbie Cowhom. FOURTH ROW; Cynthia Fernald, Chris Gadacz, Judy Gilpin, Judy Thompson, Nan Harding, Janice Calhoun, Yvonne Zolman, Mazine Rowe, Cathy Zahl, Marsha Belsoas, Diana Ander- son, Sonia Dzialak. 54 FFA BOTTOM ROW: Linda Thompson, Leonard Wawyzynski, Steve Kulwlcki, Gene VanLue, Joe Sipotz, Jim Kulwicki, Jim Niespodziony, Steve Smith, Bob Hooten, Mike Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Asche, Lewis Vermiiyer, Brant Brewer, Bill Bartmess, Jock Szllagyi, Dove Millar, Jim McGuire, Terry Brewer, Mike Anderson, Wayne Truex. THIRD ROW: Steve Rzepka, Dale Ross, Bill DeNeve, George Zdonkus, Harold Hahn, Bill CaufFmon, Don Zadrzewski, Jerry Walker. ' FOURTH ROW: Bob Gamble, Wayne Martensen, Jerry King, Mike Smith, Rick Galvos, Dan Rozwarski, Forest Minix, Ron Szczypiorski. YEARBOOK BOTTOM ROW: Roxanne Runnels, Barb Kulwicki, Cindy Bates, Nancy Bloke, Connie Borkowski, Carolyn Teska, Brenda Cox. MIDDLE ROW: Beth Houser, Sharon KaufFman, Chris Cooremon, Pat Golubski, Claudia Carr, Margo Smith. TOP ROW: Mary Folk, Barb Wood, Mike Shields, Mark Belsaas, Virginia Meyers. 55 ■w ' ' « w 5M ifci 3 TOP ROW: Debbie Bealor, Karen Jones, Charlotte Morris, Pat Golubski, BOTTOM ROW: Deono Hughes, Pom McCarty, Judy Hostetier, Vickie Steed, Roxie Runnels. HEALTH CAREERS LATIN CLUB TOP ROW: Debbie O ' Loughlin, Bret Wolff, Dennis Higgins, Walter Kopolo, George Schnurle, Betty Brown, Nan Harding, Kothy Zohl, Judy Clark, Judy Gilpin, SECOND ROW: Vickie Kaminski, Doug Miller, Scott Arren, Ross Rogers, Rich Dodd, Don Stoneburner, Rich DeHaven, Christine GadaC7, ■ Debbie Bealor, Rosemary Rogers, Cindy Fernald, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Helen Heeter, Woyne Heminger, Sharon Tipton, Judy Zielewski, Lynell Clark, Gene Botes, Nancy Hayter, Susie Kulwicki, Barb Miller, Marsha Belt, Roy Winey, FOURTH ROW: Vickie Poskey, David Dodd, Gordon Smith, Daniel Vermillion, Chris Wykoff, Eugenia Wood, Connie Borkowski, Chris Bladecki, Pam Steed, Roxie Runnels, Marsha Watkins. 56 TOP ROW: Scott Amen, George Schnurle, Randy Shoff, Mr. James Woolsey; MIDDLE ROW; Chris Wykoff, Rich Hooten, Virginia Meyers, Vicl ie Steed, Tom Andrysiok; BOTTOM ROW: Larry Neal, Ray Winey, Barb Kulwicki, Deana Hughes, Gene Meyers, David Neal. SCIENCE CLUB AVA •S ii j£- J , r niMPm : »»: TOP ROW: Carol Headley, Henry Meyers, Jerry Miller, Dan Rozwarski, Larry Murray, Rich McGowan, Dave Wordinger, Rich Moore, Rich DeHoven; MIDDLE ROW: Mr. LeRoy Stutsman, Wayne Heminger, Lewis Vermilyer, Wayne Truex, Nick Graborek, Dave Price, Greg Andrysiok, Ray Denby; BOTTOM ROW: David Neal, Lorry Neol, Ray Winey, Roger Shreve. 57 BOTTOM ROW: Beth Robinson, Stephanie Mann, Georgianne Kul- wicki. Laurel Ward, Yvonne Miller, Sherrie Goodman, Thelma Ward, Becky Runnels. SECOND ROW: Linda Smith, Linda Kennedy, Sandy Gall, Vicki Hughes, Mary McCollum, Pam Bowker, Mary Hahn. THIRD ROW: Becky Gaddey, Joyce Vollmer, Martha Smith, Yvonne Zolman, Joan Ginter, Wilma Kenney, Janice Whittenburg, Nancy Hahn. FOURTH ROW: Janell . Argabright, Coral Headly, Nancy Brown, Gloria Wordinger, Suzette Landuyt, Kay Vollmer, Bev Paschen. FHA FTA i :- .. H V BOTTOM ROW: Vicki Poskey, Stephanie Mann, Chris Bladecki, Charlene Havlik, Barb Miller, Borb Kulwicki, Cindy Botes. MIDDLE ROW: Chris Gadocz, Becky Lawson, Rose Kulwicki, Sharon Kouffmon, Joyce Vollmer, Marsha Beisaos. TOP ROW: Kothy Donielson, Jon Dovis, Tom Wrobieski, Dean Nowocki, Bob Davis, Linda Truex. 58 OFFICE GIRLS BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Hayter, Jean Burnett, Kathy Simpson, Diane Roesner, Becky Runnels. TOP ROW: Bev Paschen, Key Vollmer, Martha Smith. LIBRARY CLUB BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Stettbacher, Dave Price, Virginia Meyers, Richard DeHaven, Wilma Kennedy, Barb Ross, TOP ROW: Charlotte Morris, Alice Jones, Janet Rainey, George MofFett, Carol Heodley. CADET TEACHERS BOTTOM ROW: John Davis, Dean Nowocki, Chorlene Havlil , Becky Lawson, Beth Hauser, Beth Harding. 59 FIRST ROW: Cindy Bates, Diane Rzepko, Kathy Mack, Claudia Carr, Pat Golubski, Judy Hostetler, Carolyn Teska, Brenda Cox, SECOND ROW: Linda Truex, Kothy Simpson, Charlotte Morris, Sue Hovath, Barb Wood, Virginia Meyers, Morgo Smith. THIRD ROW: Devon Borders, Bob Palm, Jenny Engel, Beth Harding, Steve Smith, Dan Akin. FOURTH ROW: Mark Belsaos, Lee Hope, Tom Wrobleski, Mike Shields. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STUDENT COUNCIL BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Botes, Barb Miller, Mike Anderson, Eileen Bladecki, Rose Kulwicki. TOP ROW: Don Stoneburner, Lee Hope, Ernie Loureys. 60 c f Steve Smith, Bob Palm, Barb Wood, Virginia Meyers, Charlotte Morris, Claudia Corr. HONOR SWEATERS DAR— Claudia Carr Betty Crocker Award— Rosie Mauer 61 TOP TEN SENIORS Salutatorion— Claudia Corr 62 Barbara Wood Charlotte Morris Robert Palm Ralph Smith Michael Shields fc: , -j ' - ■ : _ H Nancy Bloke Morgo Smith Charlene Havlik 63 Once again the administration guided the school through another successful year. One of their impor- tant duties has been overseeing the design of the new school. Superintendent— Mr. Leo Arvin SCHOOL BOARD PLANS FUTURE HIGH SCHOOL New Prairie United School Corporation ' s school board; Mr. Ben Houseknecht, Mr. John Hoffer, Mr. Walter Bjss, Mrs. Lyie Hording, and Mr. Asa Kitchen. 64 Assistant Principal— Mr. Orrin Shaw Principal— Mr. Amzie Miller ADMINISTRATION GOVERNS PRESENT ONE Treasurer— Mrs. Virginia Dodd Secretary— Mrs. Helen Runnels 65 Mr. Wayne Asche Mr. Charles Barnum Mrs. Mary Brummitt FACULTY STIMULATES Mr. Jack Calhoun Mrs. Ruth Crouch Mrs. Barbara Deer Mrs. Margret Ekstrom Mr. Blaine Gamble Mr. Dimitri Gloss ' 7 Uui r « 17 1 Mr, Max Haag Mr. John Hans Mr. William Haselton LEADERSHIP Mrs. Helen Heeter Mrs. Hilda Hernandez Mrs. Lilly Huffman Mr. James Lynch Mrs. Pot Lynch Mr. William Lynch Mr. Loyal Marker Mr. David Mathews Mr. Robert Noel PROMOTES Mr. George Olson Mr. Stanley Overmeyer Mr. Darle Pfeiffer Mr. Neil Robinson Mr. Walter Sholtenbrand Mr. Fred Stettbacher 1 t ' »rs |M j Mr. Leroy Stutsman Mr. Millard Taylor Mr. Rex Thomas SCHOLARSHIP Mr. Horry Tolman Mr. Paul Weaver Mr. James Woolsey Mrs. Marianne Woolsey Mr. Frank Zielinski Seniors were excited, yet filled with a touch of sorrow throughout the entire year. This year ' s graduates participated actively in school functions, knowing that this would be their last year together. Now as the students go their separate ways, they realize that this year is not the end, but only the beginning. Senior officers are; Carolyn Teska, secretary; Linda Thompson, vice-president; Glen Hennen, president,- Steve Smith, treasurer. CLASS OF ' 67 Sharon Blockston Joseph Bealor Eileen Bladecki 70 Roberta Burnett Nancy Blake Mary Carlton Claudia Carr Norva CaufFman Randall Clark i HHr ■jajB£[?. ' - 1 uhI mI ff v l J B f Bruce Clendenen Roger Clark 71 Jon Davis Diane DeNeve Catherine Dodd Shoron Dolph Henrietta Dzialak " That doesn ' t Daniel Engei Mary Folk Donnie Goertner Vicki Gilpin Patricia Golubski Roger Grove Beth Harding Elizabeth Mauser r . — ™— Charlene Havlik look like me! " Carol Headley Glen Hennen Ronald Higgins Linda Hinshaw Robert Hooten Susan Horvoth Judy Hostetler Dean Hughes Deana Hughes Dennis Hughes Helen Jedrzeiewski Patricia Jones Wilma Kennedy Harvey King 74 Jerry King Ardith Kleine James Kulwicki Linda Kulwicki ,■- ' ; ' ' ' ; ' " Suzette Londuyt Seniors ore skeptical of the coming year. Ernest Loureys Rebecca Lawson 75 Charles Lewis Kathy Mack Bonita Mackowski Rosie Mauer Virginia Meyers Chris still can ' t get to class on time. Bob Middlebrook Cloy Miller 76 Jerry Miller Janet Moore Sharon Murnane . M I Craig McDonald James McGuire James Niespodziany Dean Nowacki Robert Palm 77 Douglas Paul Lynn Plumback Diane Roesner Sandra Raabe Lucia Ramirez Daniel Rozworski Michael Shields Ronald Shoue Kathryn Simpson 78 Joseph Sipotz David Skaggs Margo Smith Steve Smith Class of ' 67 exercises voting privilege. Vickie Steed Ronald Svtrank Carolyn Teska 79 Linda Thompson Seniors back the team. Mollis Toth Gerald Tuholski Floyd VanLue Raymond VonLue Sharon Vansloger 80 Albert VanWanzeele Kay Vollmer Jerry Walker Myron Ward Wesley Ward Gregory Williams Barbara Wood Would you believe . . . Beverly Zarembko 81 Following the established tradition of pre- vious Juniors, the class of ' 68 ordered their class rings. The class chose the " Classic " , a design never seen on the ring market before. Among the many other Junior activities, planning the annual prom v as one of the most outstanding. The days before the prom were hectic, but all worries were in vain, for the prom was a glorious success. The Juniors are preparing for their final year at NCHS, and anticipating a great one. Junior Officers, STANDING: Dan Akin, president. SITTING: Brendo Cox, secretary; Wayne Dobo, treasurer; Mark Belsaas, vice president. CLASS OF ' 68 Dan Akin v - Janell Argabright Cyndy Botes Jon Beach r Mark Belsaas Devon Borders ' Glendole Brammer Ken Brosseur Brant Brewer Nancy Brown 82 Merle Carlton Brenda Cenkush i Bruce Cohen i Brent Cook Howard CookV Chris Cooremon f Brendo Cox Kathy Davis Wayne Dobo Karen Dopleralsjd fC Jenny Engel Dionno Fields X Steve Fisher pv, Becky Gaddey Richard Galvas t( Mike Gilpin Joan Ginter i- ' Nick Grobarek Ralph Grove i - Harold Hahn - Mike Hahn Cynthia Hordacker Bob Hensell Richard Hooten t Lee Hope Vicki Hughes v( Don Jorvie ., Cindy Johnson Vicki Kaminski f Sharon Kaufman Tom Keen Linda Kennedy Woye King Roger King Rich Krause f— 83 dskmmk i Barb Kulwicki ■ ' Georgia nne Kulwicki Tom Laureys Susan Leason Robert Lewis Arlie Lutes Nadine Martin Marylin Martz " Dave Millar Tim Miller; Forrest Minix y George Moffett Doug Moore- Malinda Morris " Jerry Mulligan Pot Murphy Lorry Murray Rich McGowon ' Stone McPherson Barb Nagy Larry Neal Randy Nickerson K Ronnie Nix Susan Nowocki Bev Paschen " Dave Price Kenneth Proud Janet Roiney f Sue Robinson Barb Ross Diane Rzepka John Schuler Denny Sebasty - Randy Shoffy 84 Bonnie Shoue ' Scott Shuey Barb Smith X John Smith f(. Linda Smith Martha Smith Mike Smith ' Nancy Smith rK George Stocl :ton ' Wilbert Strefling Kevin Surma Don Szczodrowski Jack Szilagyi C Ron SzczypiorskiK Kitt Thompson ( Neil Thompson K Rex Toelle Linda Tolmen Linda Truex ' Dove Tuszynski Lewis Vermilyer Joyce VollmerX Greg Von Arx Laurel Ward V; Peggy Watkins lla May Wiltfong George Wojcik a Gloria Wordinger, Cindy Wrobleski Tom Wroblewski ■- ' 85 CLASS OF ' 69 Sophomore Officers: Stan Noel, president; Bonnie Deer, vice president; Lynell Clark, treasurer; Sue Shoff, secretary. Sophomores began the school year with the annual magazine sales. They achieved and went over the top of their goal. After class meetings and a lot of discussion, the class selected black jackets with orange lettering. They arrived at the end of the first semester. Being of strong school spirit, the sophomores won the " spirit stick " several times. They added members to all the school ' s clubs and organizations, including sports in which they contributed players to all Varsity squads. As their high school careers reached the halfway mark, the Class of ' 69 await their Junior year in which they will order class rings and take part in Prom planning. 86 D. M. Anderson M. D. Anderson Pot Anderson Greg Andrysiok Bill Bortmess Gene Bates Debbie Beolor Connie Borkowski Terry Brewer Colleen Buell Jim Carr Bill CoufTmon DoL g Clark Judy Clark Lynell Clark Ed Cololillo John Cuson Kathy Danlelson Rife Davis Bob Davis Bonnie Deer Bill DeNeve Dewey Dolph Dick Fisher Sandy Gall Ann Geddes Sherrie Goodman Mary Hahn Nancy Hahn Jennifer Hampshire Dennis Hancz Cossy Hauser Wayne Heminger Karen Jones Dave Keck 87 Gerry Keck Shirley Keller Donna Kern Jackie Kooch Walt Kopcla Greg Kulwicki Rosemary Kulwicki Steve Kulwicki Susan Kulwicki Jim Kuspa Kathy Lant Stephanie Mann Terry Marchand Jackie Martz Bonnie Merley Connie Merley Linda Miller Mark Miller Mike Miller Yvonne Miller Anna Minix Mike Mitchell Cindy Moffitt Dick Moore Bob Murnone Pamela McCorty Don Nebelung Gary Nickerson Stan Noel Debbie O ' Loughlin Bob Rea Ken Rhoten Beth Robinson Rosemary Rodgers Dale Ross 88 Ron Rowe Becky Runnels George Schnurle Bob Scott Susan Shoff Roger Shreve Jill Skaggs Doris Smith Judy Stevens Sharon Teska Vicki Tolmen Wayne Truex Amily Tuszynski Mary Vermilyer Jody Wagner Dan Watkins Leonard Wawrzynski Pom Wiltfong Ray Winey Brett Wolff Jeonie Wood Dove Wordinger Dan Zakrzewski George Zdankus Judy Aielewski 89 Eagerly awaiting the beginning of school, the new class of freshmen anticipated the beginning days of high school— with the problems of lockers, chums, classes and books. The day arrived and the class had their first closs-ofRcer election. From then on they were busy accepting the responsibility of high school studies and homework. As the year progressed the freshmen began anticipating the next year when they will get their class jackets, and sell magazines for their treasury. freshman officers: Dennis Higgins, vice president; Rich Dodd, presi- dent; Diana McDonnough, treasurer; Marsha Watkins, secretary. CLASS OF ' 70 Scott Amen Agnes Anderson Diana Anderson Tom Andrysiak Gordon Baer Eugene Bartoszewicz Marsha Belsoas Marsha Belt Chris Bladecki Joyce Boutin 90 4lM Pam Bowker Paul Broda Betty Brown Mike Brugh Ed Cenkush RLfth Coates Diane Codmon Dwight Cohen Morcell Cooreman Terry Cserpes Richard DeHoven Dave Dodd Rich Dodd Cyndia Fernald Steve Fields Bryan Flora Chris Gadacz Marsha Gamble Don Garmon Judy Gilpin Jim Grabarek Andy Hohn Nan Harding Nancy Hoyter Pam Hensell Dennis Higgins Mike Johnson Sharon Johnson Kristie Klinedinst Jeanne Lant Terry Magley Karla Main Wayne Martensen Debbie Martin Tom Mortz 91 Mary McCollum Diana McDonnough Fred McGowon Gene Meyers Barb Miller Doug Miller Jim Miller Phil Miller Steve Morton Vince Neol Rick Ness Jim Noel John Nowak Lloyd Orcutt Bonnie Paul Debbie Parry Vicki Poskey Linda Quirk Bob Ramirez Ross Rodgers Rich Ross Maxine Rowe Roxie Runnels Steve Rzepka Charles Schwark Judy Scott John Seibert Ramona Seibert Jim Sikorski Dick Simpson Gordon Smith Pam Steed Don Stoneburner Jim Strope Francis Swank 92 Jim Thompson Judy Thompson Sharon Tipton Leslie Vargo Don Vermillion Thelma Word Marsha Watkins Jon Whittenburg Albert Wines Leonard Wojciechowski Chris Wykoff Cathleen Zahl Mike Zarembka Yvonne Zolmcn 93 EIGHTH GRADE Kathy Akin Lynn Anderson Dan Artist Randy Bailey Jim Banoszok Marie Bartmess Cindy Bartoszewicz Laura Beyer Kathy Bilinski John Borkowaski Barbara Borntrager Charles Bowker David Brosseur Diane Brewer Rick Brugh Janice Calhoun Steve Cannon Bob Carlton Roger Carlton Dove Carr Jim Cooremon Jane Cooreman Joe Cuson Dan Davis Lois Davis Sharon Davis Bob Deer Doug Dodd Leslie Dolph Robin Eckert Marsha Elkstrom Dan Feare Pamela Fernold Joni Gaddey Nick Galvas 94 Shirley Gamble Penny Geddes Drew Gilpin John Ginter Barbara Golubski Jaunita Green Charlie Hansen Robert Hennen Joe Jemiolo Alice Jones Guy Jones Scott Joslin Peter Kaminski Karen Kaufman Robert Keck Bill KopkowskI Judy Kulwicki Gary Lange Mary Lewis Jim Lutes Lee Ann Lynch Debby Main Donna Marchand Mary Martensen Kathy Martz Hinry Meyers Carl Miller Peggy Miller Dan Mitchell Wilmo Moore Suzanne Murphy Darrell Myers Linda Nagy Dennis Nalepinski David Neol 95 Janet Neispodziany Larry Norris Lewis Oldham Holly Peck Dennis Poirier Glen Quirk Tom Roesner Paul Scales Theresa Scolt Rose Seibert Judy Sipotz Patty Skaggs Mike Skaggs Jim Smith Karen Surmo Bill Sutton Roger Teska Steve Thomas Curtis Thompson Diana Thompson Steve Tolman Lester Toothman Patty Truex Jeff Tuholski Diane Vermillion Frances Vermilyer Debby Vollmer Jim Walbert Lynn Walker Jim Warren Dale Watkins Linda Wowrzynski Sandy Wowrzynski Mike Weeden Thomas Welton 96 Donna Wilkinson Susie Wiltfong Judy Wines Gary Wordinger Ray Zakrzewski Christine Zelasko Patricio Zlozo SEVENTH GRADE Marsha Adams Richard Altine John Antonucci Greg Arendt Michael Bennitt Becky Blackston Karen Blackston Jim Borntroger Mike Borntroger Cecelia Brooks Melody Buell Karen Burrow David Calhoun Dale Corr Vernon Clark Debra Cowhan Bill Craig Ted Czanderna Lon Dec Bob DeNeve 31 9 m A 97 Debbie Dove Paula Dodge Sonia Dziolok Mike Engel Morcio Feltz Jan Fisher Arthur Flick Vicki Godacz Karen Gaddey Tom Gaiko Jock Gilpin Debora Goodman Marie Goverinski Patty Gorny Carol Great house Kothy Hohn Doug Hammond Terri Honsen Gregory Hardacker Rose Harrington Rondy Hensell Kathy Hinshaw Judy Horvath Frank Hostetler Diane Jankowski Vicki Jeniolo Fred Kaminski Pamela Keen Carl Keller Tom Kempf Marcia Kern Roland King Jim Kovas Jeff Kulwicki Nora Lau 98 Ricky Lawson Mary Livelsberger Pat Logan Bernard Macias Diane Major Stephen Mann Timothy Marker Bill Mortensen Robert Martin Debbie Merley Jay Merrill Linda Meyers Fred Miller George Miller Patricia Miller Julie Morrie Stanley Morton Debbie Murnane Robert Murray John McCarty Greg Ness Down Nickerson Debbie Nickerson Shirley O ' Laughlin Mary Pletrowski David Ross Earl Schimmel Mark Schnurle Zona Seidler Susan Shields Fred Sikorski Ken Sikorski Jackie Skoggs Lester Smith Merry Smith 99 Beverly Stevens Debbie Stone Norman Strefling Kenneth Strope James Sv onk Charles Szilogyi Ricky Thompson Ernie Truex Denise Unrue Milroy VanDusen Carol Wagner Timothy Walz Karin Watkins Robert Watkins Suzanne Winey Bruce Wordinger Diane Wrobleski Richard Wrobleski Debra Zakrzewski Louis Zelasko 100 ADVERTISING INDIANA DAIRY Quality Dairy Products 729 North Brookfield South Bend, Indiana Phone 234-4351 LEN ' S DAIRY SUPPLY, INC. 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BRUMMITT SONS INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE SUPER MARKET New Carlisle, Indiana New Carlisle Indiana Phone 654-331 1 GEORGE ' S FOOD MARKET OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK — Free Delivery 234-9961 Lincolnway West South Bend Patron: Miner ' s Hardware, New Carlisle, Indiana SENIOR ACTIVITIES Bealor, Joseph C. Major: Science Activities: Baseball, Golf, Hi-Y, Lettermen Blackston, Sharon L. Major: Business Activities: Swing Choir, Pep Club Bladecki, Eileen S. Major: Home Ec. Activities: Vice-President of Student Council, Treasurer of Band, Pep Bond Blake, Nancy J. Major: English Activities: Swing Choir, Pep Club, Yearbook, Chorus Burnett, Roberta J. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club, Chorus Carlton, Mary J. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club, Chorus Carr, Claudia L. Major: Math Activities: Editor of Yearbook, President of NHS, Pep Club, DAR Cauffman, Norva M. Major: English Activities: Pep Club, Chorus Clark, Randall J. Major: Band Activities: Pep Band, Dance Band Clark, Roger L. Major: English Activities; Hi-Y, Lettermen, Drama Club Clendenen, Bruce C. Major: English Activities: Cross-country, Track, Secretary of Hi-Y, Treasurer of Lettermen Cook, Christopher A. Major: Science Activities: Football, Hi-Y, Lettermen, Drama Club Davis, Jon C. Major: History Activities: Band, FTA, Pep Club DeNeve, Diane C. Major: Art Activities: Pep Club Dobb, Catherine A. Major: English Activities: Treasurer of Pep Club, Band Dolph, Sharon D. Major: Art Dzialak, Henrietta J. Major: Business Activities: GAA Engel, Daniel J. Major: Science Activities: Co-Captain of Football, Wrestling, Track, Hi-Y Folk, Mary L. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club, Yearbook Gaertner, Donnie R. Major: Math Gilpin, Vicki L. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club, Chorus Golubski, Patricia A. Major: Science Activities: NHS, President of Health Careers, Yearbook, Drama Club Grove, Roger L. Major: History Activities: Band, Swing Choir, Pep Band, President of Chorus Harding, Beth Ann Major: Social Studies Activities: President of Pep Club, Secretary of GAA, NHS, Majorette of Tigerettes Hauser, Elizabeth A. Major: Social Studies Activities: Pep Club, Yearbook, Swing Choir, South Bend Tribune Writer Havlik, Charlene F. Major: Social Studies Activities: Pep Club, President of FTA, Cadet Teacher Headley, Carol A. Major: Home Ec. Activities: AVA, Band, President of Library Club, Vice-President of FHA Hennen, Glen W. Major: Band Activities: Pep Band, Chorus, Secretary of Lettermen, President of Senior Class Hensell, Ricki L. Major: History Activities: Football, Baseball, Wrestling Higgins, Ronald Major: Social Studies Activities: Track, Co-Captain of Cross Country, Vice-President of Hi-Y, Lettermen Hinshaw, Linda Major: Business Activities: Pep Club Hooten, Robert L. Major: Math Activities: Football, Track, Lettermen, Secretary of FFA Horvath, Susan K. Major: Science Activities: Secretary of NHS, Secretary of Bond, Girls ' State, TB League Hostetler, Judy A. Major: English Activities: NHS, Health Careers, Pep Club 111 Hughes, Dean J. Major: Math Hughes, Deona F. Major: Business Activities: GAA, Science Club, Health Careers, Pep Club Hughes, Dennis G. Major; Business Activities: Hi-Y Jedrzejewski, Helen J. Major: Business Jones, Patricia J. Major: English Activities: Swing Choir, Pep Club, Chorus Keller, Mary L. Major: English Kennedy, Wilma A. Major: Music Activities: Library, FHA, Chorus King, Harvey L. Major: Industrial Arts Activities: Cross-Country, Track, Hi-Y, President of Lettermen King, Jerry L. Major: Shop Activities: FFA Kleine, Ardith K. Major: Home Ec. Activities: Cheerleader, Pep Club Kulwicki, James E. Major: Math Activities: Football, Lettermen, Reporter for FFA Kulwicki, Linda A. Major: Science Activities: Drama Club Londuyt, Suzette M. Major: Math Activities: Pep Club, Projects Chairman for FHA Laureys, Ernest J. Major: Science Activities: President of Student Council, Basketball, Lettermen, Dance Band Lawson, Rebecca J. Major: English Activities: Pep Club, Swing Choir, FTA, Chorus Lewis, Charles E. Major: Shop Mack, Kathy J, Major: Band Activities: Honor Society, President of Band, Chorus Mackowski, Bonita A. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club Mauer, Rosie F. Major: Home Ec. Activities: Betty Crocker Award Meyers, Virginia M. Major: Science Activities: President of Science Club, Bus. Manager of Yearbook, Notional Honor Society, Library Club Middlebrook, Robert H. Major: Business Miller, Clay B. Major: Agriculture Activities: Football, FFA, Lettermen Miller, Jerry M. Major: Math Activities: AVA Moore, Janet M. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club Morris, Charlotte A. Major: Science Activities: Secretory-Treasurer of Health Careers, Treasurer of National Honor Society, Band, AVA Murnane, Sharon Major: Business Activities: Pep Club McDonald, Craig A. Major: English Activities: Hi-Y, Lettermen, Football, Wrestling McGuire, James L. Major: Agriculture Niespodziony, James A. Major: Agriculture Activities: Football, Basketball, Vice-President of FFA, Lettermen Nowacki, Dean T. Major: Social Studies Activities: FTA, Cadet Teacher Palm, Robert D. Major: Math Activities: NHS, Basketball, President of Hi-Y, Vice- President of Lettermen Paul, Douglas C. Major: Moth Activities: Pep Band, Band Phillips, Garry G. Major: Industrial Arts Plumbock, Lynn E. Major: Business Activities: Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Lettermen Raobe, Sandra S. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club, Band Ramirez, Maria L. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club Roesner, Dionne R. Major: Business Activities: GAA, Pep Club, Band Rozwarski, Daniel J. Major: Shop Activities: FFA, Swing Choir, Pep, Band, Band Shields, Michael R. Major: Math Activities: Yearbook Shoue, Ronald L. Major: Shop Simpson, Kathryn A. Major: Business Activities: NHS, Pep Club, Bond Sipotz, Joseph A., Jr. Major: Ag Activities: President of FFA Skaggs, David E. Major: English Activities: Cross Country, Track, Hi-Y, Lettermen Smith, Margo L. Major: Business Activities: NHS, Pep Bond, Yearbook, Pep Club 112 Smith, R. Steve Major: Ag Activities: Treasurer of FFA, NHS, Treasurer of tfie Senior Class Steed, Vickie K. Major: English Activities: Vice-President of Science Club, Health Careers, Pep Club, Choir Swank, Ronald L. Major: Agriculture Activities: FFA, Lettermen Teska, Carolyn S. Major: Math Activities: NHS, Yearbook, Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders, Secretary of the Senior Class Thompson, Linda L. Major: English Activities: Vice-President of Pep Club, FFA Sv eet- heart. Drama Club, Vice-President of Senior Class Toth, Hollis G. Major: Science Activities: Band Tuholski, Gerald A. Major: Science VanLue, Floyd E. Major: Ag Activities: FFA Sentinel, Football, Lettermen VanLue, Raymond K. Major: English Activities: Football, Hi-Y, Lettermen Vanslager, Sharon E. Major: Business Activities: Pep Club VanWanzeele, Albert B. Major: Industrial Arts Vollmer, Kay F. Major: Business Activities: President of FHA, Tigerettes, Pep Club Walker, Jerry C. Major: Ag Activities: FFA Ward, Myron R. Major: Ag Activities: FFA Ward, Wesley W. Major: Ag Activities: FFA Williams, Gregory D. Major: Social Studies Activities: Football, Track, Hi-Y, Lettermen Wood, Barbara J. Major: Math Activities: Vice-President of NHS, Assistant Editor of Yearbook, Girl ' s State Zarembka, Beverly A. Major: Home Ec Activities: Pep Club, Band 113 Farewell When graduation day approaches And our eyes slowly fill with tears. We realize with sudden sadness That our parting time is near. The rooms once so familiar Become a treasure to behold, For hidden within these ordinary rooms Are our memories of precious gold. Memories fond and cherished Of good times shared with friends, Memories full of laughter and gladness. Memories that will never end. But our years weren ' t easy-going; We hod our share of falls. Yet patience and determination Enabled us to overcome them all. At last our task has been accomplished. Our first goal has been reached. And now we ' d like to advise you With words so often preached: Study hard, but stay healthy; Be careful in anything you do. Always be considerate of your teachers. Now good luck and may God bless you. 114 I INDEX ORGANIZATIONS Audio-Visual Aids 57 Band 50-52 Basketboll 42-44 Cadet Teachers 59 Cheerleaders 46,47 Choir 53 Chorus 52 Cross Country 45 Drama Club 53 Football 40,41 Future Farmers of America 55 Future Homemakers of America 58 Future Teachers of America 58 Girls ' Athletic Association 54 Health Careers 56 Hi-Y 48 Honor Sweaters 61 Latin Club 56 Lettermen 48,49 Library 59 National Honor Society 60 Office Girls 59 Science Club 57 Student Council 60 Tigerettes 49 Top Ten Seniors 62,63 Wrestling 45 Yearbook 55 ADMINISTRATION Asche, Wayne 66 Barnum, Charles 41,42,66 Brummitt, Mary (Mrs.) 66 Calhoun, Jack 66 Crouch, Ruth (Mrs.) 66 Deer, Barbara (Mrs.) 66 Dodd, Virginia (Mrs.) 65 Ekstrom, Margret (Mrs.) 66 Gamble, Blaine 66 Gloss, Dimitri 66 Haog, Max 67 Hans, John 67 Haselton, William 67 Heeter, Helen (Mrs.) 56,67 Hernandez, Hilda (Mrs.) 67 Huffman, Lily (Mrs.) 67 Lynch, James 50,67 Lynch, William 41,67 Lynch, Patricio (Mrs.) 67 Marker, Loyal 43,68 Mathews, David 68 Miller, Amzle 65 Noel, Robert 68 Olson, George 41,43,68 Overmyer, Stanley 68 Pfelffer, Darle 2,3,68 Robinson, Neil 68 Runnels, Helen (Mrs.) 65 Schaltenbrand, Walter 68 Shaw, Orrin 65 Stettbacher, Fred 68 Stutsman, Leroy 57,69 Taylor, Millard 69 Thomas, Rex 41,69 Tolmen, Harry 41,69 Weaver, Paul 69 Woolsey, James 57,69 Woolsey, Marianne (Mrs.) 69 Zielinski, Frank 40,44,48,69 CLASS OF ' 67 Beoior, Joseph 48,49,70 Blockston, Sharon 52,53,70 Bladeckl, Eileen 50,51,60,70 Blake, Nancy 52,53,55,71 Burnett, Roberta 52,59,71 Carlton, Mary 52,71 Carr, Claudia 55,60,61,71 Couffman, Norva 52,71 Clark, Randall 50,51,71 Clark, Roger 48,49,71 Clendenen, Bruce 45,48,49,51,53,71 Cook, Christopher 41,48,49,53 Davis, Jon 50,58,59,72 DeNeve, Diane 72 Dodd, Catherine 40,50,51,72 Dolph, Sharon 72 Dzlalak, Henrietta 54,72 Engel, Daniel 41,45,48,49,53,72 Folk, Mary 55,72 Goertner, Donnie 72 Gilpin, Vicki 52,72 GolubskI, Patricia 53,55,56,60,72 Grove, Roger 50,51,52,53,73 Harding, Beth 49,52,53,54,59,60,73 Housep, Elizabeth 52,53,55,59,73 Havlik, Charlene 58,59,73 Heodley, Carol 50,57,58,59,73 Hennen, Glen 41,49,50,51,52,70,73 Hensell, Ricki 41 Higgins, Ronald 45,48,49,53,73 Hinshaw, Linda 73 Hooten, Robert 41,49,55,73 Horvoth, Susan 50,60,73 Hostetler, Judy 56,60,74 Hughes, Dean 74 Hughes, Deana 54,56,57,74 Hughes, Dennis 48,74 Jearzejewski, Helen 74 Jones, Patricio 52,53,74 Kennedy, Wilma 58,59,74 King, Harvey 45,49,74 King, Jerry 55,74 Klelne, Ardith 46,75 Kulwicki, James 41,49,55,75 Kulwicki, Linda 53,75 Londuyt, Suzette 53,58,75 Laureys, Ernest 43,49,51,60,75 Lowson, Rebecca 52,53,58,59,75 Lewis, Charles 75 Mack, Kathy 50,51,52,53,60,61,76 Mackowski, Bonito 76 Mauer, Rosie 61,76 Meyers, Virginia 53,55,57,59,60,61, 76 Middlebrook, Robert 76 Miller, Cloy 41,49,76 Miller, Jerry 57,76 Moore, Janet 77 Morris, Charlotte 50,51,53,56,59,60, 61,77 Murnane, Sharon 77 McDonald, Crolg 41,45,48,49,53,77 McGuire, James 41,49,53,55,77 Niespodzlany, James 41,49,53,55,77 Nowacki, Dean 58,59,77 Palm, Robert 48,49,53,60,61,77 Paul, Douglas 50,51,77 Plumback, Lynn 43,48,49,78 Raabe, Sandra 50,78 Ramirez, Marie 78 Roesner, Dionne 50,54,59,78 Rozwarski, Daniel 51,53,55,57,78 Shields, Michael 55,60,78 Shoue, Ronald 78 Simpson, Kathryn 59,60,78 SIpotz, Joseph 55,79 Skaggs, David 45,48,49,79 Smith, Margo 50,51,55,60,79 Smith, Ralph 55,60,61,70,79 Steed, Vickie 52,56,57,79 Swank, Ronald 79 Teska, Carolyn 42,46,53,55,60,70,79 Thompson, Linda 50,53,55,57,70,80 Tuholski, Gerald 80 VanLue, Floyd 41,49,55,80 VanLue, Raymond 41,53,80 Vonslager, Sharon 80 VanWonzeele, Albert 51,80 Vollmer, Kay 49,53,58,59,81 Walker, Jerry 51,55,81 Ward, Myron 81 Ward, Wesley 81 Williams, Gregory 41,48,49,81 Wood, Barbara 55,60,61,81 Zarembka, Beverly 50,81 CL SS OF ' 68 Akin, Daniel 41,42,48,49,51,53,60, 82 Argobright, Jonell 52,58,82 Bates, Cynthia 51,55,58,60,82 Beach, Jonette 52,53,82 Belsaas, Mark 48,50,51,52,53,55,60, 82 Borders, Devon 41,45,49,52,53,60,82 Brosseur, Kenneth 41,42,48,49,53,82 Brammer, Glendale 82 Brewer, Brant 42,45,48,49,55,82 Brown, Nancy 58,82 Carlton, Merle 49,83 Cenkush, Brenda Jo 50,54,83 Cohen, Bruce 43,49,83 Cook, Brent 83 Cook, Howard 83 Cooremon, Christine 50,51,53,55,83 Cox, Brenda 46,50,55,60,82,83 Davis, Kathy 83 Doba, Wayne 45,82,83 Dopieralski, Karen 49,83 Engel, Jennifer 49,50,51,53,60,83 Fields, Dionna 83 Fisher, Steven 50,51,83 Gaddey, Rebecca 49,52,53,58,83 Galvas, Richard 41,49,51,55,83 Gilpin, Michael 48,52,83 Ginter, Joan 53,58,83 Grabarek, Nicholas 51,57,83 Grove, Ralph 52,53,83 Hahn, Harold 55,83 Hahn, Michael 45,49,83 Hardacker, Cynthia 49,83 Hensell, Robert 83 Hooten, Richard 49,50,51,53,56,83 Hope, Lee 45,50,51,60,83 Hughes, VIcki 54,58,83 Jarvie, Daniel 43,83 Johnson, Cynthia 49,83 Kominski, Victoria 50,56,83 Kaufman, Sharon 51,55,58,83 Keen, Thomas 83 Kennedy, Linda 58,83 King, Robert 41,49,83 King, Roger 83 Krause, Richard 41,48,49,83 Kulwicki, Barbara 46,50,53,55,58,84 Kulwicki, Georgianne 49,58,84 Leason, Susan 84 Lewis, Robert 84 Lutes, Arlle 84 Laureys, Tom 84 Martin, Nadlne 52,84 Martz, Marylln 49,52,54,84 Millar, David 55,84 Miller, Timothy 41,49,52,53,84 Miller, William 45,51,84 MInIx, Forrest 55,84 Moffett, George 50,51,59,84 Moore, Douglas 48,50,51,52,53,84 Morris, Mallnda 50,54,84 Mulligan, Jerry 84 Murphy, Patrick 84 115 Murray, Larry 57,84 McGowan, Richard 57,84 McPherson, William 84 Nagy, Barbara 52,84 Neal, Lawrence 53,57,84 Nicl erson, Randall 41,84 Nix, Ronnie 84 Nowacki, Susan 49,52,53,84 Paschen, Beverly 49,54,58,59,84 Price, David 48,53,57,59,84 Proud, Kenneth 84 Rainey, Janet 52,54,59,84 Robinson, Susan 50,54,84 Ross, Barbara 59,84 Rzepl a, Diane 46,53,60,84 Sebasty, Dennis 84 Schuler, John 84 Shoff, Rondy 42,45,48,49,51,53,57, 84 Shoue, Bonnie 52,85 Shuey, Scott 22,41,43,48,49,85 Smith, Barbara 85 Smith, John 41,48,49,85 Smith, Linda 58,85 Smith, Martha 58,59,85 Smith, Mike 45,48,55,85 Smith, Nancy 85 Stockton, George 85 Strefling, Wilbert 51,85 Surma, Kevin 50,51,85 Szczodrowski, Donald 85 Szilagyi, Jack 41,49,50,51,55,85 Szczypiorski, Ron 55,85 Thompson, Kitt 50,51,85 Thompson, Neil 50,51,85 Toelle, Lowell 41,45,48,49,85 Tolmen, Linda 85 Truex, Linda 58,60,85 Tuszynski, David 85 Vermilyer, Lewis 53,55,57,85 Vollmer, Joyce 49,58,85 Ward, Laure 52,58,85 Watkins, Margaret 85 Wiltfong, lla May 52,54,85 Wojcik, George 51,85 Wordinger, Gloria 52,58,85 Wrobleski, Cynthia 52,53,85 Wrobleski, Thomas 41,42,43,48,49, 58,60,85 Zook, Lawrence 85 VonArx, Greg 45,51,85 CLASS OF ' 69 Anderson, David 41,49,87 Anderson, Michael 42,43,45,48,49, 55,60,87 Anderson, Patricia 54,87 Adnrysiak, Gregory 40,41,50,57,87 Bartmess, William 52,55,87 Bates, Gene 40,41,48,53,56,87 Bealor, Debra 56,87 Borkowski, Constance 55,56,87 Brewer, Terry 55,87 Buell, Colleen 87 Carr, James 51,87 Cauffman, William 40,41,55,87 Clark, Douglas 41,42,48,49,53,87 Clark, Judy 49,56,87 Clark, Lynell 49,52,53,56,86,87 Colalillo, Edward 87 Cuson, John 50,87 Danielson, Kathy 49,54,58,87 Davis, Rita 87 Davis, Robert 51,52,58,87 Deer, Bonnie 53,86,87 DeNeve, William 40,41,55,87 Dolph, Dewey 51,87 Fisher, Richard 87 Gall, Sandra 49,52,58,87 Geddes, Ann 52,54,87 Goodman, Sherrie 58,87 Hahn, Mary 49,58,87 Hahn, Nancy 58,87 Hampshire, Jennifer 53,87 Hancz, Dennis 41,49,53,87 Hauser, Cassandra 52,53,87 Heminger, Wayne 56,57,87 Jones, Karen 49,52,56,87 Keck, David 87 Keck, Gerald 88 Keller, Shirley 88 Kern, Donna 46,52,53,88 Koach, Jacqueline 50,88 Kopala, Walter 56,88 Kulwicki, Gregory 40,41,45,49,88 Kulwicki, Rosemary 46,50,58,60,88 Kulwicki, Stephen 40,41,55,88 Kulwicki, Susan 53,56,88 Kuspo, James 51 ,88 Lant, Kathleen 52,54,88 Mann, Stephanie 51,54,58,88 Marchond, Terry 88 Martz, Jacqueline 49,52,54,88 Merley, Bonnie 50,52,53,54,88 Merley, Connie 50,52,53,54,88 Miller, Linda 88 Miller, Mark 48,50,51,88 Miller, Michael 50,88 Miller, Yvonne 58,88 Minix, Anna 52,88 Mitchell, Michael 88 Moffitt, Cynthia 46,50,53,88 Moore, Richard 57,88 Murnane, Robert 88 McCarty, Pamela 56,88 Nebelung, Donald 42,43,48,49,53,88 Nickerson, Gory 88 Noel, Stan 43,48,49,86,88 O ' Laughlin, Deborah, 56,88 Rea, Robert 88 Rhoten, Kenneth 88 Robinson, Mary 58,88 Rodgers, Rosemary 56,88 Ross, Dale 55,88 Rowe, Ronald 40,41,49,89 Runnels, Rebecca 53,58,59,89 Schnurle, George 45,48,50,51,56,57, 89 Scott, Robert 89 Shoff, Susan 86,89 Skaggs, Jill 53,89 Smith, Doris 52,89 Stevens, Judith 51,52,53,89 Teska, Sharon 50,89 Tolmen, Vickl 52,53,89 Truex, Wayne 50,55,57,89 Tuszynski, Amily 53,89 Vermilyer, Mary 52,89 Wagner, Mary 53,89 Watkins, Daniel 50,89 WawrzynskI, Leonard 55,89 Wiltfong, Pamela 50,89 WIney, Ray 56,57,89 Wolff, Brett 50,51,56,89 Wood, Eugenia 52,56,S9 Wordinger, David 51,57,89 ZakrzewskI, Daniel 55,89 Zdankus, George 55,89 ZlelewskI, Judith 49,53,56,89 CLASS OF " 70 Amen, Robert 51,56,57,90 Anderson, Agnes 50,54,90 Anderson, Diana 54,90 Andryslak, Thomas 50,57,90 Baer, Gordon 52,90 Bartoszewicz, Eugene 90 Beisaas, Marsha 51,54,58,90 Belt, Marsha 47,50,54,56,90 Bladecki, Christine 50,56,58,90 Boutin, Joyce 90 Bowker, Pamela 49,58,91 Broda, Paul 91 Brown, Betty 52,56,91 Brugh, Michael 91 Cenkush, Edward 40,41,51,91 Coates, Ruth Ann 91 Codman, Diana 91 Cohen, Dwight 91 Cooremon, Marcell 91 Cserpes, Terry 40,41,91 DeHaven, Richard 52,56,57,59,91 Dodd, David 40,41,45,56,91 Dodd, Richard 40,41,42,43,56,91 Fernald, Cynthia 49,52,54,56,91 Fields, Steve 91 Flora, Bryan 40,41,50,51,91 Gadacz, Christine 49,54,56,58,91 Gamble, Marsha 91 Garmon, Daniel 91 Gilpin, Judith 51,54,56,91 Graberek, James 51,91 Hahn, Andrew 43,91 Harding, Nan 47,51,53,54,56,91 Hayter, Nancy 54,56,59,91 Hensell, Pamala 49,91 Higglns, Dennis 42,43,56,91 Johnson, Michael 55,91 Johnson, Sharon 91 Klinedinst, Kristie 91 Lant, Jeanne 91 Mag ley, Terry 91 Main, Karia 50,91 Martensen, Wayne 40,41,43,55,91 Martin, Debbie 91 Martz, Tom 91 Meyers, Gene 43,53,57,92 Miller, Barbara 47,50,51,54,56,60, 58,92 Miller, Douglas 43,56,92 Miller, James 92 Miller, Pat 45,92 Miller, Phillip 40,41,92 Morton, Stephen 43,92 McCollum, Mary 58,92 McDonnough, Diana 50,54,92 McGowan, Frederick 92 Neal, Vincent 40,41,45,92 Ness, Rickey 92 Noel, James 43,92 Nowak, John 92 Orcutt, Lloyd 92 Paul, Bonnie 50,92 Parry, Deborah 92 Poskey, Vicki 54,56,58,92 Quirk, Linda 92 Ramirez, Ismail 92 Rodgers, Ross 56,92 Ross, Richard 92 Rowe, Moxlne 52,54,92 Runnels, Roxanna 50,54,55,56,92 Rzepka, Steven 43,55,92 Schwark, Charles 92 Scott, Judy 49,92 Selbert, John 40,92 Seibert, Romona 92 Shreve, Roger 57 SIkorskI, James 92 Simpson, Richard 92 Smith, Rex Gordon 43,53,56,92 Steed, Pamela 52,56,92 Stoneburner, Donald 42,43,56,60,92 Strope, James 92 Swank, Francis 92 Thompson, James 93 Thompson, Judy 47,50,54,93 Tipton, Sharon 56,93 Vargo, Leslie 93 Vermillion, Daniel 42,43,56,93 Ward, Thelma 58,93 Watkins, Marsha 56,93 Whittenburg, Janice 58,93 116 Wines, Albert 93 WojciechowskI, Leonard 55,93 Wykoff, Christopher 40,42,43,50,51, 56,57,93 Zahl, Cathleen 54,56,93 Zarembka, Michael 51,93 Zolman, Yvonne 50,54,58,93,95 EIGHTH GRADE Akin, Kathleen 52,54,94 Anderson, Lynn 94 Artist, Daniel 94 Bailey, Randy 94 Banaszak, James 41,44,94 Bartmess, Marie 52,54,94 Bartoszewicz, Cynthia 94 Beyer, Laura 94 Billnski, Kathleen 94 Borkowski, John 94 Borntrager, Barbara 54,94 Bowker, Charles 94 Brasseur, David 41,44,94 Brewer, Diane 54,94 Brugh, Rick 94 Calhoun, Janice 54,94 Cannon, Steve 94 Carlton, Robert 41,44,94 Carlton, Roger 94 Carr, David 94 Cooreman, James 44,94 Cooreman, Jane 52,94 Cuson, Joe 52,94 Davis, Daniel 52,94 Davis, Lois 94 Davis, Sharon 52,94 Deer, Robert 41,44,52,94 Dodd, Douglas 41,44,94 Dolph, Leslie 52,94 Eckert, Robin 52,94 Ekstrom, Marsha 94 Feare, Don 41,94 Fernald, Pamela 52,94 Gaddey, Joni 94 Galvas, Nicholas 94 Gamble, Shirley 52,54,95 Geddes, Penny 54,95 Gilpin, Drew 41,44,95 Ginter, John 95 Golubski, Barbara 95 Green, Juanita 52,54,95 Hansen, Charlie Jo 54,94 Hennen, Robert 41,52,95 Jemlolo, Joseph 95 Jones, Alice 52,59,95 Jones, Guy 95 Joslin, Scott 41,44,95 Kaminski, Pater 41,95 Kaufman, Karen 47,95 Keck, Robert 41,44,95 Kopkowski, William 41,44,95 Kulwicki, Judith 95 Lange, Gary 95 Lewis, Mary 54,95 Lutes, James 95 Lynch, Lee Ann 47,54,95 Main, Debra 52,54,95 Marchand, Donna 95 Martensen, Mary 95 Martz, Kathy 54,95 Meyers, Henry 57,95 Mifler, Carl 95 Miller, Peggy 47,52,54,95 Mitchell, Dan 95 Moore, Wilma 95 Murphy, Suzanne 95 Myers, Darrell 95 Nagy, Linda 52,95 Nalepinski, Dennis 41,95 Neal, David 57,95 Niespodziany, Janet 96 Norris, Lawrence 52,96 Oldham, Lewis 52,96 Peck, Holly 96 Polrier, Dennis 96 Quirk, Glen 96 Roesner, Thomas 44,52,96 Scales, Paul 41,44,52,96 Scott, Theresa 54,96 Seibert, Rosemorie 96 Sipotz, Judy 96 Skoggs, Patricia 96 Skaggs, Michael 96 Smith, Chester 96 Surma, Karen 52,96 Sutton, William 96 Teska, Roger 41,44,96 Thomas, Steven 44,96 Thompson, Curtis 52,96 Thompson, Diano 52,96 Tolmen, Steven 41,44,96 Toothman, Lester 96 Truex, Patricio 96 Tuholski, Jeffrey 52,96 Vermillion, Diane 47,54,96 Verm i Iyer, Frances 96 Vollmer, Deborah 52,96 Wolbert, James 96 Walker, Lynn 52,96 Warren, James 96 Watkins, Dale 52,96 Wawrzynski, Linda 54,96 Wawrzynski, Sandra 96 Weeden, Michael 52,96 We I ton, Thomas 96 Wilkinson, Donna 97 Wiltfong, Gladys 52,97 Wines, Judith 97 Wordlnger, Gary 41,52,97 ZakrzewskI, Raymond 97 Zelasko, Christine 97 Zloza, Patricia 97 SEVENTH GRADE Adams, Marsha 97 Altine, Richard 44,97 Antonucci, John 97 Arendt, Gregory 97 Bennitt, Michael 44,97 Blockston, Karen 97 Blackston, Rebecca 47,54,97 Borntrager, James 41,44,97 Borntrager, Michael 44,97 Brooks, Cecelia 97 Buell, Melody 97 Burrow, Karen 97 Calhoun, David 97 Carr, Dale 97 Clark, Vernon 97 Cowham, Debra 54,97 Craig, William 97 Czanderno, Ted 97 Dec, Lon 97 DeNeve, Robert 97 Dove, Debra 54,98 Dodge, Paula 54,98 Dzialok, Sonio 54,98 Engel, Michael 41,44,98 Feltz, Marcio 98 Fisher, Jan 98 Flick, Arthur 98 Gadacz, Vicki 54,98 Gaddey, Karen 98 Galko, Thomas 98 Gilpin, Jack 44,52,98 Goodman, Debora 98 Gorny, Patricia 54,98 Greathouse, Carol 98 Hahn, Kathleen 54,98 Hammond, Douglas 52,98 Hansen, Terri 98 Hardacker, Gregory 52,98 Harrington, Rose 98 Hansel 1, Randy 98 Hinshaw, Kathy 98 Horvoth, Judith 98 Hostetler, Franklin 98 Jankowski, Diane 98 Jemiolo, Victoria 98 Keen, Pamela 54,98 Keller, Carl 41,98 Kempf, Thomas 44,98 Kern, Marcio 47,98 King, Roland 44,98 Kovas, James 44,98 Kulwicki, Jeffrey 98 Lou, Nora 52,98 Lawson, Frederick 99 Uivelsberger, Mary 99 Logan, Pat 44,99 Macios, Bernard 99 Major, Diane 99 Mann, Stephen 44,99 Marker, Timothy 43,44,99 Martensen, William 44,99 Martin, Robert 99 Merley, Debra 52,54,99 Merrill, Joy 99 Meyers, Linda 99 Miller, George 52,99 Miller, Fred 41,99 Miller, Patricia 47,54,99 Morrie, Julie 52,99 Morton, Stanley 99 Murnone, Deborah 99 Murray, Robert 99 McCarty, John 99 Ness, Gregory 44,99 Nickerson, Down 99 Nickerson, Debra 99 O ' Laughlln, Shirley 99 Pietrowski, Mary Ann 99 Ross, David 99 Schimmel, Earl 52,99 Schnurle, Mark 41,52,99 Seidler, Zona 99 Shields, Susan 99 Sikorski, Fred 99 Sikorski, Kenneth 52,99 Skaggs, Jacqueline 99 Smith, Lester 99 Smith, Merry 99 Stevens, Beverly 100 Stone, Deborah 47,54,100 Strefling, Norman 100 Strope, Kenneth 41,44,100 Swank, James 100 Szilogyi, Charles 100 Thompson, Ricky 100 Truex, Earnest 52,100 Unrue, Denise 100 VonDusen, Milroy 100 Wagner, Carol 100 Walz, Timothy 52,100 Watkins, Karin 100 Watkins, Robert 52,100 Winey, Suzanne 52,54,100 Wordinger, Bruce 52,100 Wrobleski, Diane 100 Wrobleski, Richard 41,44,100 Zakrzewski, Debra 100 Zelasko, Louis 44,100 117 " ' ki i-,-. ■ .w- ' ' mi;I«.. lwS »i. " ' . e: There is a time for some things. And a time for all things; A time for great things And a time for small things. Soon another stafF will be publishing an- other book. We hope that through this year our staff has captured the memorable events. Many have given of their precious owe our thanks. As another year approaches, let us all face it with the enthusiasm and faith that is so essential in this complex world. Claudia Carr, Editor Barbara Wood, Assistant Editor .ST - ' ■ Jinr- " ,. 119 vjjjjJSBMJJSgfc , ' ::■:. _ 7-■ JW i .iml w «g: ™ ' 120 J I I w r mmm mm Wwfm- .1 i.i 7 ' ?ir ' B NJiik • : ' ■X . ■

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