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 - Class of 1947

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THE TROIAN 1947 Prepared by the students of New Cambria High School Editor -In-Chief Wynona Henry Assistant Editor Neola Her r in DICATI KW P H fs fi J L DEDICATION To you, the students who will enjoy this book in the years to come--to you we dedicate this book NEW CAMBRIA HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION Ola Lawson, Pres. Aubrey Chrisman, Sec ' Y Berno Billeter , Treas. Albert Dunharn, Jr. .Toe Mitch Dale Rowland Homer Burk Leslie Davis FACULTY I -f ulv Y w3,g .- 1. V- V ,N . Ziff . " if" ' A ., " - .Ffa .' -, ', ' V' , " ,y a 4 A n . L f '. v,:"""1 -, 1 . '-A? Y 1' x Lis?-I-Q. Q, 1 H 4 , ' N Q f vw . ...v- ,-.:, -,. fa -' ie. v Ae . 4212 L31 14123. 3. . -'Gif V fisgffa in ' Ygiiiqff- 1 -A 'JW . ,.rf,r149. -ff? , L ga ,:, ,mu , A V---ifwfi, ' ..f ..., L- . . 2' 'X 1' In J:!,,j,:'!""'3,g 41 15,5-i 'A 591 e.jfi,3'1+:f:5-A-V.: 4- 5 ,ez w54f',' .ids 1'-i,'-!'f:3.Q's'-' , 4 .Wm :V - K. ' ,,L+15Lg+'f 4"",17-1-53+ - ' . li Lim' . -113 ,SJ , r dvi.. +1-, A4 ' gg' 5, 5, wi, jg: -I ' . .- , . 1, x - . D 'f 32512,-:IA-4. -- ' 1 . . z6r,:1fvf -3 ,'.l,f, 1' --I '- I gg- JA' ' gf' .,,I- a g'-Sh. VA , ivh, J 'hiis' 47? is " mb, rf- If 1. 'mfg " ' 'J .. 1 . 4 ... :1-Uf . .-v -f rj N-.-., 1...n:..e 'u " - .-' --,- ,Q .Ll-gg,.s 34,-L., gif . I ,gf , . fm. 1'.1p'f4,1aA .wr 11. - .V 1. .T - Pe -gvw-L f-5-rx.:-!. --:fum V 1 1 fjlef. f".iQvfQiE4.g, l l .I-' v- G" 1 41423116 -w..v1d-52623-'liqf - ' H ff if E' .31' .'Bq3?':f , 5. ' "1 35"-, ':-.w ,I-W, -' -"wi-L Q :fix ',.g"1'- ' 'TJ " 'vgw . .e1..Z-fn! 'E" 1I4"'ULa"5i 391' - R' T W! " sf1:'T"he. ' 'Il-f i..-1.- ' :f1.-QV 1-2-miw.,f . f ' ,' gf, jjwhj 5 rgi' , 4, , ln ji I-Skff 'in-QL" f .34 - ,im fn-, '. ,. --ffm H .4233 '. ' , - 5' , -f X ,,l":.'f5111L Lg: 'fqvg' QQ!-5'-1-v .fy -: ' - x .1 .J .5 ' - .45g4:., A 5,1 'q , 5 .A 1 , ,. .1-.. -'-, ' , ' 7711.5 'Wvwgnw - . . 1 L A 4' -.sig r - ' K, . ,.::'11r.Q :TV 1.-al R, .E 4,15 132'-o-2 .., . .. .N -' --'wr I I F,-V 'V 2.33 . . P, iq., , sq-LJ 4-au.. Paul Wickles s , Super intendenn Helen R ae Lawr enc e Mildred jones, Music Ig Math, English tg Commerce Vivian Bennett Marjorie Moore Seventh 81 Eighth Grades ' ' Fifth 81 Sixth Grades Ruth Chris:-nan Pearl Rowland First Ig Second Grades Third Er Fourth Grades J, 44 , Nm-Q E. . 'TE x---Q , --. L., fn. .fr .v r -,, . jg. 1 ' ,,+ , ' ,fvf-' 5164- . , Efgfr-2 - fi -l--QQ T. -, - , .4.5,.-1'-., M ,-:ff-'ff 1- ' ' . 1- , f"11'.'-,j. 1' . , . -.1 SI.-gju .. . Mig- ,Nj :Lv . 5 .. 1- Q . - " -' -"1 , -L1 .,.,g,f.y, Y -'- P h ' J ,Q.,f:-N I , , ur? ,--'-f- , 'Wg 51. .34-f:,A . 4 V 'If F .1.I.'5"',"U-.w A . V . ikigffg' - - ' ,l if ' .g, .i, :Y-.1 ,f-YJ , M ' .4-I . 'A-."rf1 A., In . f-...fp .V-17, - '- ,u .. ,h -1-I t-,A U.--'L p','-. jisgfl, 'gg QS .,151!'fQE4:iv." -'f A .,' ' Ah12-159-?'2s,r1T5'mQCaQ:Z ' 2u"l-":37'lHT'?"i " " - ' in '- ii- Y' 1 ' - - J 15wf5?Q3g,35'Qf.iTjjI+':,,, :V 13 ' 'f'-sw, wr.. 4,551 L V fn- , 1 1., 5 X . .in 5 fi' - f 9 m ' 1 P ' in 4,4 . , W c , '--'-f:f",,i1f-- f .. ' -1-:Ivb ,Jif"--.'i1!:.'i' . - if ' I ,g1,fj, ' ' , .I 1 wwf' '11 .I 1' ,. I - ,I -- .gc D I -ll I 'WI,lV:4.4I. I... V 1' -fl - . f ,, E f,...k f c f,II:2I4 :EI ' if ' il, ' A' - ' .,'ELff"i1. '- 4 : :iQ7TfUA:QfI?RF 1'-1Q"fr.-:I,bIi'3 . --- - :...v: ww pp- "-- 'ima' 3' ' 'I gr.-1,GIf,fL3'F'Zfi. . IQ, ' '- - 'Q-11, 1 I, 11y.':', ' UII' . .I III43' , QQ, .II I.!Iv,:5'g 2.11-F7 -XII Nf xlgfhf' -'f ' I ' 5 I, 'Qqiq' df ' ',I ,f : P f.3Q5-mf-I1 A J I ' N ' v YK-,'L.jj-55,v', jfdq-,Ig IIQI . - II.-I- I ---I I ' I, " ' 'f . EI.-lf' ivi. ' .K . VL- 1 f J -.f Q ., . 11: fn . '- - - -iw 1'-9 ',:z.,rq,.,ig"P1i+'-,aff X-If I Y Qin' ww P - 1 ,..,1- ,Ir I . . I . -.-..aT-:5jv!Iix,41IFI,n,i:'? -:If ll, ws-III Q I,?iI,w.L I k,f,f-3335-fan' ' ' 7, 1 Y '47, ggi! -. , . , '- .f,.. w hips" ,- Q, -' 1' fs gg?-Ig ,.Igm-5. -I I ' V , '51 fi 4 ., uv ,Q I- ,IMQ ig I . I ' N 'lvy In 1P,f.'uL' 'r' " f ' " ' I l I" Q .-,.'....s3g ,-.51-QI. lu ,rf ,. I , 5-+rIIg,I ff-,1-I . -'M 4 , '.I I NH., V I I W ., my f, ' . I I .V If X I X J 4' mm- 4-H ' "'-ai . 1, '-Q , I.-mix P- v -., g p' 1' 5- -. 434 - f r, '-1: .' "',1'fL Tha' W b . . " 3-'AAP FZJSH G-gf, 1' v . , '- f A -gl ,gf . ,J -fI.I1:.- I- 1 wh 1- 'If 1, . , 1I,2.g1 I 4E ., J ,few g V- . -:gi-ai-fy-9 ff ar,I:f.'1..,3 si A Q 'g!g2f,5.1f'- - .X-in, Q ,:3'41l-'i3g':.!L 4"Ij:4g ,QF '-L tfjf - 1gf17i..:pf T""1.f1,fg,g?Q'4iZiY l,"E ik," A: '7 " '-if.5gQeff:fjxq.,1 ' I-,LQQQEWSQ -" IlQ'9.,:fF-'- . - , -fqfg. ,.- LJI 'gg Q3 w,1y -15Q,f-97,34 I Y I .y,- ' ' int? +'.',ifi.iA? P3931 'viii' -rw ' f -"- fl" A' ' V A . pf. . VFIQJH . ' L - ,-, - -,",4.r "-'Lb 5 . '1'i"i,. "Fixing film- 'fh ggz taff .1-AI'-3. -y -V .Na III 1-gf ,.u-4 r,m'??ff, . ,, - - f 1 Q -Q 0. f- - -J:-1 N. -r,.1'. uv . 1, -f , .-., .,P. ': . fq5'ii"J"'4--11-i?F1fif-:if a ' -fiq.1555l:5y,1 ' ' -is IQ. -' f f 4' Y. "-C'i'f" 1515- f 1' " -"f'k2?'I1FIft?Q13' K-" .' A ' ' . vf1f,.4,7II - 1 . --uI:,x I U ' A ' -77 -if I ,L LI 1 , I I :- n-I I.I ' " ,+A , 1 5 I rg, x , .1 VIL n- SENIORS Bertha Shatto Harold Peterson Sarah Marie Blair Walter Levet Elnora York R' -I' Bevan 4 1 Eileen Hayes F 'o Violctte Webster CLASS HIS TOR Y The senior class of 1947 entered the New Cambria High School in 1943, with an enrollment of twenty-one. In our second week of high school life we were initiated by the sophomores. In November our school building was destroyed by fire. We finished our freshman year up overthe post office. We embarked on our sophomore year with Violette Webster as a new member. We used the town hall as our school building. The pleasure of initiating the fresh- men was ours--although we did nothing desperate. School began in our third year and we had only seven members. However, in December we had an addition to our small number, Sarah Marie Blair. This year we presented our first high school play, "When A Woman Decides." Of course, the high light of the year was our .Tunior and Senior Banquet. This was held at the Travel- ier in Macon. This year is the last and most precious of them all. We can look back and then recall the many swell times we have had. Our play for this year was entitled, "Here comes Charlie." LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1947 OF NEW CAMBRIA HIGH SCHOOL Be it remembered that we, the class of 1947 of New Cambria High School, situated in the town of New Cambria, the County of Macon, the state of Missouri, being in our usual unsound state of mind and memory but mindful of our approaching dismemberment, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. After the payment of all our debts, funeral charges, grudges and expenses of administration, we dispose of our estate as follows: To the Freshmen: Just a little sound advice--follow in our foot- steps to become great men and women. To the Sophomores: The privilege of using our typewriters next year. To the Class of '48: Our discarded title of Seniors. We hope you won't discard these as Lt they were mere trifles, but will make good use of them as we can no longer use them. To our sponsor, Mr. Paul Wickless, we bequeath our friendship, on a personal as well as educational basis. Eileen Hayes wills Lloyd Long to Marie Burk--here's hoping she uses as good a technique as Eileen did. Sarah Marie Blair wills her beautiful hair to Dorothy Jones. Der- wood will be calling her his "little glamour girl." Elnora York wills Leonard Beale to Evelyn Thompson, and her typing ability to Anna Merle Croy. Violette Webster. wills .Terry Jones her other half of the typing bookg her ability to ice skate to Leonard Beale. R. J'. Bevan wills his tall, dark and handsome features to Junior Muncy. Although Junior doesn't need much help with a certain Junior girl. Harold Peterson wills his saxaphone to Neola Herrin. Wishing her lots of luck with it. Bertha Shatto wills her studiousness to Darlene Whisenand' and her geometry aptness to Marilyn Fox. Walter Levett leaves his bubble gum to Wynona Henry: his height to Charles Hulett. The Seniors of the New Cambria High School Present "HERE COMES CHARLIE" A Play in Three Acts CAST Nora Malone, cook at the Elliott home . . . Tim McGril1, Nora's sweetheart ..... Larry Elliott, young businessman. . . Ted Hartley, Larry's college pal . . . Mrs. Fanny Farnham, Larry's aunt by marriage. . . Vivian Smythe -Kersey, Larry's fiancee . . Uncle Aleck Twiggs, in charge of Charlie. . . Charlie Hopps, Larry's ward ............. Mrs. Caroline Smythe-Kersey, Vivian's mother. . . Mortimer Smythe -Kersey, Vivian's brother .... Time--The Present . . Elnora York . .Jesse Webster . . . .R. J. Bevan . Harold Peterson Sarah Marie Blair . . Bertha Shatto . . Walter Levett . Violette Webster . . . Eileen Hayes . . . Bobby Muncy Place--Larry Elliott's home in a suburb of St. Louis, Mo. SYNOPSIS OF ACTS Act I. Living room of Larry Elliott's suburban home, about three o'clock of an afternoon in late summer. During the act the curtain is lowered for a few moments to indicate the lapse of one hour. Act II. Same as in Act I. Two weeks later at about 4:30 P. M. Act III. Same as in the previous acts. Late afternoon in June, eleven months later. OTHER SENIOR ACTIVITIES Most of the juniors and seniors went on a Weiner roast in September. An en joyable time was spent finding sticks on which to roast the weiners, and material with which to build a fire. The senior girls and one junior girl got their first lesson in salesmanship. We ventured to Macon, where four girls remained to campaign the town for ads The other two girls motored to Ethel, Bevier, Callao and New Cambria. In January we went to Brookfield to have our pictures taken. Gress Studio did the work. A good time was had by all. CLASS PROPHECY ,Last night my subconscious mind took me ten years hence: these are the, memories on the morning after: I was traveling across the United States. My first stop was in New York City at the Stork Club. To my surprise, whom should I see but R. J. Bevan playing his clarinet as the leader of the orchestra. I never dreamed that back in 1947 I'd ever see R. I. in New York. Being in a hurry, I traveled on to Washington D. C. I arrived there on the day of the election. Imagine my surprise when I found Walter Levett running for President! The Re- publicans will be in for good when Walter gets in. Feeling my welcome was worn out with Walter, I traveled on to Kansas City, Missouri. E Going to an address Walter had given me I found Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Mulnix and Junior. The Mrs., formerly Miss Sarah Marie Blair, seemed well satisfied. Moving on toward Nevada, I stopped temporarily in Reno. At the El Dorado Night Spot who do you think I saw? The former Violette Webster. After inquiring how she happened to be there, I learned she had just received a divorce from-Monsieur Beaucaire, the notea French actor. Now she was shopping for her fifth spouse. Traveling on to California, I wanted to see all the movie stars. Looking for a good movie I found that HERE COMES CHARLIE, the senior play back in 1947, had become famous as a moving picture. Starred in the movie was my old schoolmate, Elnora York. She had gone far since I last saw her in New Cambria High. Stopping off in Phoenix, Arizona, I looked up my old friend, Harold Peterson, who was preaching the Gospel in a little church out in the sticks. I stayed with Harold a few days -- I couldn't help but notice the change in him since the last time I saw him in '47, On my way nome.1 tnought of all the old friends I had seen. Wanting to see them all I drove to Wein, Missouri. I heard the former Bertha Shatto lived there with her husband, Elmo Gladback, and the little Gladbacks. Finding them all happy, I drove on to New Cambria. When I arrived home I learned Mother was to have guests for dinner. --- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Long. Mrs. Long was the former Eileen Hayes, her husband, Lloyd, is now mayor of the town. With this last experience I heard someone calling me from down stairs. My dream was ended --- But who knows, my dream may come true within the next ten years. 4- X. f iii- . , UNDER GRA n v u JUNICRS Marie Burk Marilyn Fox Wy-nona Henry Daflene Whisenand Y junior Muncy Anna Merle Croy Neola Herrin Lloyd Lonl, Evelyn 'Thompson I jerry jones Leonard Beale Dorothy Jongg Q JUNIOR ACTIVITIES The J'unior Class met and was organized on September 8, 1946. The of- ficers elected were, Sponsor --- ---- ---Mrs. Jones President ------- ---Marilyn Fox Vice President --------- ---- N eola Herrin Secretary and Treasurer ------ -Dorothy Jones Among the many activities was a weiner roast on the Edwin Jones farm north of town. The Juniors also took part in the box supper. "BUSY AS A BEAVER" A play in three acts Presented by the Junior Class Directed by Mrs. Mildred Jones CAST Gaylord Clayton - - --------------------------- - - Donna Clayton -- Iudy Clayton -- Prescott Clayton Tillie ------- Polly Clayton - - - Agatha Cornwall fin the real estate business, fhis frivolous wife, ftheir pretty young daughter, Qtheir studious young son, fthe Clayton' s maid, fGay1ord' s wealthy sister, - - - Lloyd Long -- Marilyn Fox - - - Neola Herrin ------Jerry .Tones Evelyn Thompson Anna Merle Croy - - - Wynona Henry fwho has her eyes cast in Prescott's direction, Phelps Webb ---------------- ---- ------------------------- Leonard Beale fwho is always busy as a beaver, Bedelia Shannon -------------------------- ------------ D elora McE1haney ffrom the Emeral Isle, Miriam Day ------------ ----------------------------------- D orothy Jones fwho embarks on a new adviture, Mrs. Josephine Ripley ------------------------------- - --- Marie Burk fwho wants to buy a house, Lynn Fuller --------------- f -------------------------- Darlene Whisenand fAunt Pol1y's efficient secretary, Herbert HOWSOI1 ----------------------------- f- ------- ---- J' unior- Muncy Q a wealthy business man, ,,. SOPHOMORES john Hall Shuley Peterson Grace Hayes Leland Litr ell Helen Refiett e sz., .eff - Veldena Fletcher X XF 5 W N' 3' 1 N 3, S 4 S 'Ee 1? ' 'Q A gw f a1 "ihy4'.E X", if WW if A' ,Q ,Q Mises 5 My :Ag , 1 V . A 321-1 f -Qggfffif gg 5 . Ii." KX ,'4.:Eg5 ,gg fn , kv q7 v1JA 91? Bobby Muncy Herman D01-r jesse Webster Wanda Thompsor if .1 -Pr-"4 s .:- 1. , , . 1,12 L.,'lT'1 ,M ,- "JA V ' " ifzryx 5 953 3" 1, .,fb-- YL! "' 11,11-1 HH '.a,1Q5'2 :cf A V? ' r X " J 5-i--5f.'n-'M EW" -' ,4-. dp. N, 3 sq. Asn. ,mg I f. ' as-'g', :+. ,i -ln. LV vu- N -- J ,,.Q:.1r- ,nr- f Q 1 -Ev, 17913-i'f if "see A411 - 12. P- w-:naw 1, '- 4' 1 ' -2'LjvrgQ. '- ,. - ,faf-fgsii. - ,z Q i -".g.- 4' , Sz " , -1-., 1g'i'- ' Y '?" ji.. 1' i - y l - . , 'jf H - ' . Q -'?,wQJ'Q L- ' I V A A , ,. -, 1 ,.,-femrf-4,-,:1.21,g, X 1 s V215- E I ,wg -,,,.xs-V1-,JA ,.-1 15 322- - cv -v ,Q 4, , ,f.:- V,6f.i13 r " , ,' 'g ' I . 'fy'-Sim ,Y - . . .,v ,.,. Q lr. - 'g.'jz4:v.J'f- ,fi-7 M' .u 1:-L 4 Q.. ef- ' .- Q lfjl . 191.1112 "--xfff2:ff' . n-ffa?:':1- : , --Wmgfidef we?-wil: 2 fi ',v'f'i5 Y' my--.Auf . ,, Dig: " '. L IT-57.4 .- ' 2 " ' -D , 9 ' - fgf ' - 1 Q 5 v ' . 2 4 .Qi-h. H 41. ff .',,.,',:'13' I 255 5 . ai' L., s , .s AJ. V. .A :A- . ' .' ' 4' i - J .. i ' ' ' ' " . - rif:..' ' " A'-ff-5,,r W .,s- 1 in "f.?l- JJ! I gray., ' 'A - J -Q. .v- -,FS ' .T 4 l 1 1 -3f5?g'jft1x,:6' nga? 1 " 5555 ' ' S'2.4f. k f " K 1-1 ' , gf- if-1-A. :'. A4 JP. Ku' , V Q 42' SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES 1 'r second year with election The sophomore class sailed into t1e1 of the following officers: Sponsor President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer ' ' itiation party for our new friend Miss Lawrence Veldena Fletcher Bobby Muncy Wanda Thonipsor s, the Our first activity was an in . ' ' ' en by the freshmen. hmen Later we were invited to fres . ' einer roast. Both classes enjoyed a w a party g1v FRESHME BACK ROW, left to right: joe Mitchg Donald Frasierp Kenneth Haung Buddy Skinnerg Dale Lawsong Billy Gatesg Daniel Shoemakerg Norma Mulnixg Warren Yorkg Miss Lawrence, Sponsor. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bobby Beale: Charles Hulettg Lawrence Levett Billy Evansg Cleo Siemensg Edward Refeirtg David jamesg Nettie Shatto, FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES Officers elected by the freshman class are, Miss Lawrence Sponsor President Bobby Beale Vice President Daniel Shoemaker Cleo Mae Siemens Secretary and Treasurer A few weeks after school begun we were invited to an initiation W party given by the ,sophomores -- the fun was at our expense. e entertained the sophomores with a party in October. Later in Oct ober both classes went on a Weiner roast. T X A IVITIES -fn 1, ' - ' .rf-1,3 Nt' 14' EM. ' N' fi,-M215 Q 1? -ffl- 1,!EL F ,:f,-,fxjf "iw .JA-J? "C-."-:tw 'infui-sf Hy- ':'4L-JET .17 ' , , 53, 1'.?f'2?"ii -ff if -T' ' AH- rf , . ..,., 1 " ' fiffip J'.':?.29-ng.'52.'f , . f we 52. 1 p .' -1 . .gEz2:.e S9E1':'1H51" , 2. 7 ':- - ' " ' ' -2 Wi. ' M , 4-. 5 .1771 V -z.: :xg 1 1' gzfziwmlmi an 2 S if N. , . -ffif' ff' f'?'L4?:f ' L , A v 1 4 .yu any L V '. A I n 4, K, , ij? Ag ,-cu' cr av-0' I ' 3,2 Z. we ! I .. i,3:A' 4 zu 1 1 A f w. ., 6.1.4,-,K u, nf. M-e r -L The English classes did some original work in poetry. The following are some of the poems written by the students: THE FARMER by Bobby Beale The farmer is a jolly man, Feeds the chickens in their pan He also has to slop and feed the hog, And stop and pet and feed the dog. The farmer has to fence and put up hay, Some times this goes on all day, He has to chase and shoo, And all the other chores to do. Then there's the milking to be done, And the separator to be run, Then th'ere's the cats to feed And also the big black steed. And when he goes to bed, Puts a pillow neath his head, Then'he goes to sleep that way And when he wakes it's another day. OUR TEACHERS by Norma Mulnix Sometimes our teachers are kind, And sometimes we really won't mind, But when they give us a hard look, We know they mean to study a book. They hardly ever call us down, But gee! They really have a frown. I don't think they are so bad, ' Even if our English teacher says, "You, make me mad. " Or when our 'math teacher says, "Have you worked those fractions ? " Believe me, we really go into some actions. And the professor says, "Answer the roll cal1."L Many students are out in the hall, But they usually get there in time. To keep from paying the fine. BASKETBALL by R. J. Bevan The centers jump! The people squallf ' It's the dear old game of basketball. Time passes on. Game's in a heat! And neither team has known defeat. The quarter bell rings, The men flop down Like a worn out fighter who has gone a round A sub goes in. The game is tough. And one of the players has gotten too rough. The last nell rings. The game is done. A And you hear the shouts of those who wonf Lithbinphed I Bound by WALBIOITH BROTHERS Kucolino. lo.. U. B. A. Q . riginal CD 4 "XiOf44, ons rom QB elrnner 5 Flnaam 4 en ds gk --- fSfQ 4 Off? if , FIST? ' 7255 'Ll7UlIJDTJ 1 gf? , f ' rw- J 'FEM 1 ,feng Ei S - ffjHf5MlIT7P+, v-o'x"'Hf?7 J: 'pp Q22 1PEIFg gWE7Q1 1Qi?i,MMffW2 F g ggi Maggy ? if ff fm 5 gfwjf W Mifgzgffff W my TCDGRAPH , . . -- 2 L' 5 in-v1f4! . ' 13' UU 'VLCZMJ m : I 4 ,- ,fqfzagzzavihw 15? ' Q. Wf MZ! nf, 921' A 5!f9vw?+.,9LgJ,H JYULMV Z! f,,wBaQ Cu? f 4 UvQfM5Q'V"H , Q pg ffawwltaf QQLWVVW oft. Z! ja QR:afvcafL0f2'J06 0 11' f QI V .27 A I ,09.,. 2? 'UMW LQQ,1+3 ff,Owwf W fijj K F571 W 155' nkkevg' . '24 37 wddbviq iw-M25' ii in, ,MQ Efwwd ' ZRQKJMZ: g5h',q2J" . ,1- VERTISI Bob Chasteen 011 Co. FUELS - DISTILLATES - GASOLIN E - KEROSENE FARM TANKS FURNISHED PHONE 1 BEVIER, MISSOURI Bank of New Cambria I. W. Updyke Motor Co. DODGE - PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE JUNCTION HI-WAY 63 AND 36 MACON, MISSOURI ARROW SHIRTS KNOX HATS RYTHER'S MYRON RYTHER --- DICK WRIGHT MEN '.S WEAR MACON SOCIETY 'BRAND CLOTHES - OSH-KOSH B'GOZSH OVERALLS BUICK - OLDSMOBILE - CHEVROLET SALES ' GENERAL MOTORS SUPER SERVICE OFFICIAL A A A GARAGE OPEN 24 HOURS WE NEVER CLOSE A. I. Noll Chevrolet Co. acorn Motor Parts, In WHOLESALE REPLACEMENT PARTS AN D SHOP EQUIPMENT 219 VINE STREET MACON, MISSOURI 2154 --PHONES-- 2155 acon - Atlanta State Bank MACON, MISSOURI CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 35135000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lampe Drug Store CHARLES D. LAMPE, REGISTERED PHARMACIST PHONE 61 NEW CAMBRIA, MISSOURI KINGS CAFE HOME COOKED MEALS FAVORITE BEVERAGES CANDY -- CIGARETT ES -- CIGARS PHONE 74 NEW CAMBRIA, MISSOURI Compliments of Thomas Bros. Garage PARTS AND ACCESSORIES PHONE 65-W NEW CAMBRIA, MISSOURI Farmers Exchange NO. 49 BUYERS OF' EGGS - POULTRY - CREAM - WOOL - HIDES WE SELL FEED - SEED - GROCERIES - YVIREI CUSTOM GRINDING LIVESTOCK HAULING WE BUY HOGS ON MONDAYS, THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS PHONE 75 NEVV CAMBRIA, MISSOURI Lawson Implement Co. DEALER IN ALLIS-CHALMERS TRACTORS AND FARM MACHINERY A REPAIR SERVICE PHONE 40-W NEW CAMBRIA, MISSOURI New Cambria Lumber Co. WE HANDLE LUMBER - SHINGLES - PAINT CEMENT - LIME PHONE 99 NEW CAMBRIA, MISSOURI J. E. Oilleland 84 Son SINCE 1882 FURNITURE - UNDERTAKIN G - JEWELRY PHONE 66-W NEW CAMBRIA, MISSOURI A. Verne Baker Abstract Co. GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY "INSURANCE OF ALL KINDSH "THE ORIGINAL ABSTRACT BOOKS OF MACON COUNTY" ARSTRACTS -- LOANS -- INSURANCE LICENSED REAL ESTATE 'BROKER JEFFERSON HOTEL BUILDING IVIACON, MISSOURI Marche I-I. G. F. Grocery GRQGERIES AND MEAT5 U PHONE 81 DECI4ER'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE -- QUALITY FOODS FOOD LOCKERS -- HARDWARE -- BOTTLE GAS JUNE POWELL SHOPPE Ladies' Ready-to-Wear - Hosiery - Lingerie - Costume Jewelry Infants' and Children's Wear Macon, Missouri Your Friendly Store BEN FRANKLIN STORE Macon, Missouri Butler Brothers Distributor Rooms Cafe Gas - Oil - Wrecker Service COLVILLE STANDARD STATION Ross Colville, Prop. Junction 36 and 63 Phone 2367 Macon, Missouri TRAVELIER CAFE Junction 36 and 63 J. B. Morris, Prop. Steaks and Fried Chicken Conoco Gas Best Wishes to the Class of 1947 NEW YO-RK STORE Macon, Missouri Dry Goods -- Shoes -- Ready-to-W ear BUCKLEY SHELL SERVICE Complete Shellubrication -- Battery Charging -- Tires Tubes -- Batteries Dial 2012 Macon, Missouri WRIGHT AUTO SUPPLY Parts for All Cars - Trucks - Tractors 209 Ruloey Street Phone 2101 Macon, Missouri 106 E. Illinois Street Phone 96 'Kirksville, Missouri McAFEES' PLAYMORE POOL PARLOR Macon, Missouri RICHMON DS TIRE SHOP I Grant Batteries - New Tires Sz Tubes - Recapping Phone 2495 Macon, Missouri CASINO BAR Macon, Missouri International Trucks - McCormick-Deering Farm Machines Farmall Tractors Sales and Service LAMB IMPLEMENT COMPANY A Oren J. Uimmiej Lamb Phone 2612 A Macon, Missouri RICHARDSON TRACTOR SALES Ernest Richardson -- E. E. Sanford Parts - Tractors - Implements 206 N. Rubey Street Telephone 2245 Macon, Missouri STANFIELD SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products Minor Repairs - Fan Belts - Etc. Phone 84 Ethel, Missouri STALEYS STORE We Specialize in H. G. F. and Jack Sprat Foods Meats - Wolverine Shoes - General Merchandise Phone 32 Ethel, Missouri MATLICK'S CAFE Drinks --- Lunches Phone 38 Ethel, Missouri CHRISMAN AND GREEN Hardware and Appliances Phone 23 New Cambria, Missouri BURNAMS SUPER MARKET The Store of Better Quality Groceries - Meats and Vegetables Also Dealers in Cargill Feeds Our Aim is to Market Farm Products at the Highest Prices the Legitimate.Market Affords, and to sell other Supplies at the Lowest Possible Prices Phone 78 Ethel, Missouri RAY BUSTER'S SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Tire Repair New Cambria, Missouri BAUER AND HORN PRODUCE COMPANY Cash 'Buyers of Poultry - Eggs - Cream Pillsburys Best Feeds Phone 43 New Cambria, Missouri Compliments of A FRIEND A. L. KRUEGER, Optometrist Macon, Missouri Your Eyes Are Your Greatest Asset FALSTAFF TAVERN Karl Pfister Macon, Missouri See R. Z. CASON Macon, Missouri For Insurance of All Kinds Farm and Automobile Insurance a Specialty Reliable Protection at a Saving DR. E. P. KEITH Telephone 2337 Macon, Missouri PHOTOCRAFT STUDIO Portraits - Commercial - Photo Supplies - Photo Finishing 109 E. Bourke Street Macon, Missouri Best Wishes ROMET G. BRADSHAW, County Clerk Macon County "The Common School is the Greatest Discovery Made 'By Man." Horace Mann. MARY F. GRAVES, Macon County Superintendent of Schools COOKS CLEANERS Macon, Missouri For the Finest in Dry Cleaning All Woolens Moth Proofed ---- No Extra Cost 3rd Door North Jefferson Hotel Phone 2065 BOOSTERS LEWIES SWEET SHOP MACON TEA 8: COFFEE STORE MOORE'S SHOE SHOP LUCILLE BEAUTY SHOPPE SEWELL'S MACON COUNTY MOTOR CO. Macon, Macon Macon Macon, Macon 3 Q 1 Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri MACON LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING PLANT HARRY MILLIRON, The Barber New Cambria, Missouri WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE

Suggestions in the New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) collection:

New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 80

1947, pg 80

New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 69

1947, pg 69

New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 60

1947, pg 60

New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 33

1947, pg 33

New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 34

1947, pg 34

New Cambria High School - Trojan Yearbook (New Cambria, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 62

1947, pg 62

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