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.- x 4 A . guffafofan xii' 1959 Zaffalo, M ff 5 4 5 4? This past year will probably stand out in history as being an important step in the Age of Space. Everyone is interested and concerned with rockets, missiles, and sputniks. In this yearbook you will meet "Little Sput," our contribution to space, who will introduce to you and bring back memories of the past year and its activities. This annual will be especially important to the Seniors. It will cover the ac- tivities all through the year, even graduation. We hope the following pages will include all your fond memories and exciting events which will never be forgotten. X MJ ate N pw mee of Page Dedication . . . 3 Faculty... ........ .. .. 4 Administration and School Board . . . . 6 Seniors ...... . . 9 Underclassmen ......... . .23 Organizations and Activities . . . . 37 Athletics ............. . . 69 Advertisements . . . 84 t . ,H 1 -' Q Q' U gl Q 0 0 J , Q Q Q 9 L-f 'x .-H 1 fi E 'V KX TWH . ' X I , Q p,, J in M 'K 'Wh-g "4ig? ,tW if is f n 'Q X .15 .. lf' ' Q ' 'Jil X , X Y s, ' '. , 5 ' .M51 H ,gf . tn W" ,A F . N , , Q ww f'fQf , ,5 ,e 5' . ,Wg ,,1Q- ,:' 1.81521 ,U af, 56 1? .' ?MrgQf,'.'5v'1 ,LQ yiNl f q I H?-' .lffk - gf? fb M? Ig - Q 3 Q fM55I'5w2f-l 'mag - , ig , hx X 3 .4,. -mfw di fs: -. gi. .,:yEii1 Q . 9 , f 'sci f NK 1 1 M 1 1 T f 'M 'z u 2 Ei ' L Q iii 253 X fi X E X sf gt -5 Q P '54 , 'I' Q3 Q 1. Q, -- A W ,fx fx nk. Q ,S x af Q .Q if z , Zflf, 5 g 3, 5 3 vii M , Q .,...f ,l .ff 1 xr fi' 4 sniff -f 1. f f, XFX, Q M Y, Mi' V 1 f 4 1 1-fin, mx ,gjdfex gf. ww V ,N shi f - 2 E in: is , Vi? if L' J ,ty Vw X gi , 1 y 5 VSV 4 Q , 1. Q. Ag, " 15 1 fi, 5 LLM gs M I 1 'F x ,.,:' , , 1 , 1 Q 9 , lm ia' my 31- X Gus., K -R - -f . we SJ ,, ,.,.,-.. 4 . , . f ,En ,:., . ,Sh . re ,a Kr Sh if Y N? N M' a. 4454 I 2, Y N an, LiQa,k.:, ,H 3 'v if 1 ,,-Iwi 4 ,, , . . . , U 1 . . . , ' J 5 J, f. f l f ' 8 . ws - . 1 -z , f, 1, , K I ,via I I Rib' 35' ' if Q1 W, 3 QE? SQ' '91 'laws If Q5 .0 kqwi, fs .psig if ff? HF, sd600lgddfZd4ltdf4 " ' Joseph Balsanek, Trusteeg Nan Trepany, Trusteeg Helen Durlin, Treasurerg Robert Russell, Presidentg Charles Kelderhouse, Secretary. Superintendent Wayne Meeker PI'if1CiPa1 Stan 505-flouski 1? .gzniord sf- Wann Rolland Oselka VALEDICTORIAN Judith Knaute SALUTAT OR IAN I Cynthia Caudill, Secretaryg Ron Oselka, Vice Presidentg Jim Blazek, Presi dentg Fred Krautstrunk, Sergeant at Arms: Rollie Oselka, Treasurer. Marlene Becker Class Officer 2,4 Play 3,4 Student Council 4 James Blazek Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball l,3,4 Football l,Z,3,4 Student Council l,Z Homecoming King 4 Class President 4 Veronica Barragree Homecoming Representa tive Richard Bartley Football 3,4 Track 3 Baseball 4 Richard Brychta Basketball 1,2 Track 3,4 Joan Burns Band l,2,3,4 Class President 1,2 Annual Staff 3 Senior Play 4 Homecoming Nominee 4 Cynthia Caudill Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 1 Annual Staff 3,4 Play 3,4 Office Girl 3,4 Class Secretary 4 Homecoming Nominee 4 Roberta Creekbaum Glee Club 1,2 F. H. A. 1,z,3,4 Play 3,4 David Furst Band 1,2,3 National Honor Society 3,4 Barbara Glossinger Library Club 1,2 Pepper Dohner Harold Fellows Football 4 Sharon Cflos singer Girls' Basketball 1,2 Band 3,4 Majorette 3,4 Play 3,4 G. A. A. 4 Lynda Crr e en William Hull National Honor Society 3,4 Class Officer 1,2 Track 3 Play 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Tony Jachim Student Council 3,4 Play 4 Susan Gross F. H. A. 1 Glee Club 1 Class Officer Band 3,4 Hazel I-Iardaway Judy Kollock Klis s Band 1,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Ed Kliss Student Council 1 Shop Award 1 Track 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Football 1,3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Homecoming Nominee 4 Joe Jachim Patricia Kay Girls' Basketball 2 Band 2,3,4 Judy Knaute Student Council 1,2 Girls' Basketball 2 Play 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader l,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 G. A. A. 4 Carol Konvalinka Girls' Basketball 1,2 Class Officer 2,3 Homecoming Representa- tive 3 Play 3,4 Band 3,4 Majorette 3,4 G. A. A. 4 Student Council 2 Annual Staff 4 Homecoming Queen 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Ov Phillip K ro ening J. V. Basketball 1 Glee Club 1,2 Track I,2,3,4 Football 1,4 Student Council 3 Play 3,4 Fred Krautstrunk Enrolled from Portage High School--JuniorYear National Honor Society 3,4 4 Wilma Kopp Glee Club 1,2,3 F. H. A. 1,2,3,4 Class President 3 Play 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Carolyn Kottsick Band l,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 4 Play 4 Richard Krol Linda Krueger Band l,2,3,4 Class Officer 1,2 Homecoming Representa- tive 4 J Student Council 1 Annual Staff 3 Play 3,4 Fred Krycka National Honor Society Linda Lipscomb Library Club 1 F. H. A. 1,2,3,4 Darrell Murray Band 1,Z,3,4 Football 1,Z,4 Baseball 2 Basketball 1 Frank Nekvasil Carol Mankowski Play 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Patricia Moffitt Patricia Ondrus Band l,Z,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Play 4 John Nicksic Steve Palen John Reed Football l,3,4 Basketball 1,2 ,3 ,4 Play 3,4 Ro Ro nald Os elka Football l,2,3,4 Basketball l,Z,3,4 Track 3 Baseball 3,4 Class Officer 3,4 Student Council 1,2 Play 3,4 National Honor Soc lland Oselka Football 1,2,3,4 Student Council 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track Z,3,4 Class Officer 3,4 National Honor Soc Play 3,4 iety iety 3 4 Diane Skalecki Library Club Gloria Stanage Diane Russ Band 1,Z,3,4 Robert Shermak Patricia Sulek F. H. A. I Yvonne Taskey F. H. A. 1,Z,3 Play 3 Class Officer 3 Annual Staff 4 Harold Webb Annual Staff 4 Football 1,2 William White Band 1,2,3 Richard Wilkes Band 1,2,3,4 Now, just a minute Easy as pie We practice Three Little Hams 7 'NP On the school bus On the boat In Chinatown In the room On the train Back home Working ? Stop Singing and clean up! Just Waiting Busy aren't they Please? Doesn't anyone have number 166? Chief cook a n Then d Bottle washer 'Q' Q Now we can eat! Eeeek, a mouse! a n d NOW Smile pretty 'The Champs" AW shucks BQ f si Escapee "The Eight" W .a "The Studious Ones , ' 7' , e. , '71 Tut, Tut Help! Cha Cha Cha Alway s eating Don't just stand there, help me up! Ml'l6!eI"Cf6l66Iflfl el? at 4 Cf-"' ...X f' NW 4 I A Micki Barragree Judy Bu rtley Jeff Blomgren Al Blomgren Carolyn Boven John Brandon Sue Campbell Sharon Carlson Al Cesany Donna Charvat Dock Craig Cvorson Drake Danny Fellows Carolyn Fisher Pat Forrester Joanne Frye Howard Cflossinger Ann Greenway Allen Gropp Danny Hardaway Gloria Huntsman Diane Hutton Saundra Ingle Sandra Jensen Rose Jewell Paul Jones Cecelia Kaminski Carl Keefer Sue Kelovas Clarence Kerous Betty Konopas ek Duane Krueger Dennis Long Joe Magro Judy Maguire Bruce Marcucci Judy McConnell Betty Merritt Carole Motycka Peter Mrozek Kathy Orloff Carrol Otto John Peirick Fred Price Virginia Price Jay Prusa Barbara Pyle Donna Robinson Douglas Robinson Ed Schroeder Therese Schubert Carol Siebenrnark Edward Sips Ellen Sips Judy Siuda Barbara Skopek Danny Springer Jerry Statkus Marge Sulek Bill Taylor Bob Toffelrnire Mike Williams Jim Yech Ray Zeman P 1 it file 'E pr L 4 .ei,, . ,beg 4 , Y 5. 608604 CLASS OFFICERS: Howard Glossinger, Treasurerg Paul Jones, Presidentg Mrs. Baney, Advisorg Judy Maguire, Vice Presidentg Sandra Ingle, Secretaryg Mr. Keefer, Advisor. Guess who? Barb" Makmg money! Intramural Basketball Sally Baker Carol Barragree Ronald Bond Forrest Buckingham John Erhart 'Terry Drake Oliver Dohner Diane Diezi Martha Diamond 'Wilma Carpenter Bob Glossinger Evelyn Furst Barbara Forrester Bryan Foley Steve Ferguson Irene Elliot Bob ,Helfer Jackie Hawley Judy Hartley Kathy Hamilton Alice Gowdy Faith Gooch Glen Keefer Marge Kaufman Jim lnnis Donna Ingle Judy Hunter Kenneth Hillman Bonnie Lipscomb Ann Lindsey Jerry Krycka Ronnald Krautstrunk Marge King Jim Kehoe ,S l yu- - ga? ski an .giflaf ., it - I in ' 'f ly V H52 Ke 3 1- 'F .. if 'H 3: v I RW qv W' X17 sell r dl . :L' A i" ny 7 n 7 K V ,T . mv W Q 1 f1 W Q 1 . Q ' as. , 1. --V R X I ,. , . A fr' .. i In ,- ' ,g " 3 .5 'J' - f .rs .J ,, K H N ,. - -is N ig ., f x g ..,, Af .1 M fa few .Un a VW? F3 xx ffl , gfwh A. Mildred Morrow Glenn Murray Frank Nichols Sandy Nimtz Joe Novacek Dick Novacek Roberta Nystrom Sandy O'COnnOr Judy O'Leary Douglas Patience Dick Peters Leo Price Pat Mann Phil Pries Ellen Purtha Mary Qualls Mike Rogers Leonard Russell Ray Sandera Virginia Schroder Henry Scissom Melanie Smith Jill Sosnouski Donna Stanage Jim Starha Danny Stick .Terry Stick Vernice Stowe Vickie Swank Roger Taskey Ronald Tulacz Judy Wade Dwane Wallace Joan Weishaupt Donna Wells Norma Wesoloski Carol West Peter White David Wilkes Nancy Williamson Walter Yasko Karen Yech 0 . r I 3 , I KW, w Wilbur Bice, Presidentg Roger Taskey, Vice Presidentg Sandy Nimtz, Secretary Alice Gowdy, Treasurerg Pete White and Donna Ingles, Sergeant at Arms. The Gang: Summer Same Gang: Winter Ring Around the Rosy Sophomore Skit Fred Arnold Tom Balsenek Dennis Basham Delores Bicker Jerry Brandon Linda Cesany Jirn Clark Duane Conlin Jim Corwin Jim Conlin Steve Dohner Mabel Dwan LeRoy Eubanks Marcella Fellows Ron Ferguson Mary Ann Fry Dennis Garr Bill Hamann Jean Hansen John Hansen Cheryl Henderson Bonnie Hudson Bill Hunter Judy James Steve Javaras Euell Jenner Kathy Jilek Jack Jones Tim Jones Jack Kanger Jim Karagan Bob Keefer Janet Kissman Nancy Krueger Theresa Krycka Jim Kucera Bob Kucera Barbara Karcharski Bill Lewis Sandra Magro Patty Maguire Kathy McCotter Penny Mercier Bob Moffitt Itylene Morrow Irene Olsen Frank Patejdl John Ponegalek Pat Schrader Dennis Shubert Frances Smart Jean Smith Barbara Taylor Betty Thomason Nancy Toffelmire Bob Topinka Judy Verzal Bill Weybright Joy Wilgus Donald Wilkes Jim Zepik Helen Wilkie We I .ri :--. 1 " : J 'ft , A t..u 64 N' U 5 Q Y 1 ,4- STANDING: Mabel Dwan, Vice Presidentg Jim Karrigan and Robert Keefer, Sergeant at Arms: Jim Corwin, Presidentg Janet Kissman, Secretaryg Cathy Jilek, Treasurer. Cvues s Who ? Freshman Skit Trick or Treat lljanll Two's Company, Three's a Crowd. 1 32 'Sw -1,1 1 1. ' 6 x 9 . 2 4904 'WX ,XMI , ,A V H. wh .,:: 'xv ws if f .E Y hz. K .. - . , ,,k, E, .. 2 , . ' 'V . 'wi - Y., 45552 7, gg: -..'4:,s , H' ' ' ' ' ia " 1" ff- 'WWW Q l , , ..,.',... , 'Y , 1 2 4 . ' 2 ml? E W 9 N .X we L 5 K P , ..,,., J I . 1 1 ,rf X fl ix 'K K 5 fi um Q Av i a A 4, ml ll ek 71" I Mgxs 1 l lm , 1 9 ll ll' Nix ji' V , ' K :'5i I KI' f' K . JK 5 bk nn- L ,, M l is Y wr, Y ,B ' X 6' W .my Q ... . 'fry gg Ia 1 N. .1 ' K1 - Ballew Bartos Barney Beach B raden Clark Eubanks Fabis Glos singer Green Gooch Gowdy Hammon Harrold Helbig Hyska Ingle James Jewel Jones Jones Kahn Kay Keller Kissman Krueger LaLone Lowe Mankowski Mayer McCarty Nicksic Nicksic Paloucek Purtha Rogers Rus sell Sexton Shermak Shreve Stanage Standley Stick Thomas Vorel Wheeler Yasko Joseph Balsanek Sharron Basham LaVerne Blazek Roger Bond Delores Brandon Robert Bucks Norma Bullard Carol Carpenter Steven Carson Judy Congdon Mary Conlin Marlene Dabbs Brenda Davis Marianne DeRop Joseph Baker Lynette Baker Kathy Ehrdardt Fred Forrester Cvary Fyre Jim Fyre Nancy Fur st Edna Green Richard Guhl Sandra Hall Ted Hamilton Lauren Hansen David Hart Bill Hogan Russel Holm Frank Holub Jack Hubert Richard James Stephanie Kaufman lmogene Jones Larry Krueger Donald McDougal Kay Kucera March LaBerge Sherian Lawson David Lubke Charles McConnell Mary Jo, Kulka . ., -Mu , r , ..,,. 3.3 K mi- -L, S l X 951354 L fgS,,,,,S, , WW ., 552 if Hi Q if vs' My A 125: is all : i f M ft if , 4- , " MQW' Qi o r , s A 'W i f 1 xl.. 53 nur., V, '. 1' G MQF We' ,ai .fi iff, W if " 1 it Ni fx w . ,. X it XE. v' J gif --f', wt , 3" E , X I diy' ,A HR a in E ' f- 4. A ,.t,,v in nl gg i , s f ,fx 3 C' K' W . ,X iw ' . 'Qi Vx ' 2. 'S A , 1 W l "M tile ' a it lk it A - ya tg v .7 . ' lAh gi 'A . 3 ,g il 'k'V V ,u: ' . ?:l It I ex lJfl.3ff . v,r - W in h A . , ...1 , N - - Kc S it Q tiki Sandra Diamon Gerald McLell Lilly Macune Donald Mayer Lawernce Nlayer Lauren Yech .lay Medela Allan lvliller Jack Motllik Stanley Mrozek Suzanne Oselka Richard Ott Velda Partenberry Virgil Partenberry Dale Patience Marilyn Pavur Clarence Price Kathy Price Ronald Price Thomas Pries David Rench Michael Revord Robert Rosenbaum Virginia Shermak Brent Sherman Janet Siuda George Smith James Sosnouski Sandra Stanage Sally Stewart Bonnie Stowe Jim Svejda Troy Strickland Allan Swank Dennis Thompson Loretta Tibbett Douglas Trepany Robert Trepany Chester Webb Carl We-st Martha West Barbara Weybright Pamela Wilkie Brian Wilkie Eileen Williams Jack Williams Marion Wolf Carol Yasko egdzd 0 ' Melvin Vorel, Presidentg Sharyn Shreve, Secretaryg Karol Clark, Treasurerg Mrs. Turner, Sponsorg Ruth Ann Shermak, Vice President. SKIT 0 ' Sally Stewart, Vice President9Mare1yn Pavur, Treasurerg Marlene Dabbs, Sec retaryg Lax er-nv Blazek, Sergeant at Armsg Jim Sosnouski, President. Urganizafionri of ww! .xdcfiuified ,- 5 J N2 P1 The first day of school. The band plays while high school and grade school students, teachers and parents watch the flag being raised. W 1 King Jim Blazek and Queen Carol Konvalinka STANDING- -Kathy Jilek, Judy O'Lea.ry, Joanne Frye, Ruth Ann Shermak SIT TING--Carol Knovalinka. A' Junior Float, First Place Senior Float, Second Place Seventh Grade Float Sophomore Float Freshman F1oaL Eighth Grade Float ,,,4oll"""' Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Eighth Grade Seventh Grade L TOP ROW--Marlene Becker, John Peirick, John Han- sen. FIFTH ROW--Stephanie Kaufman, Jack Rogers, Bob McCarty. FOURTH ROW--John Reed, Delores Brandon, Evelyn Furst, Joan Weishaupt. THIRD ROW-- Bob Glossinger, Tony Jachim, George Gooch. SECOND ROW--Ray Zeman, Kathy McCotter, Patty Maguire. FIRST ROW--Paul Jones, Pat Ondrus, Carolyn Kottsick OFFICERS Mr. Craze, Sponsorg Carolyn Kottsick, Secretaryg Pat Ondrus, Presidentg Paul Jone, Vice Presidentg George Gooch, Treasurer. 7121. , THIRD ROW--Miss Klinker, Teacher, Pat Schrader, Nancy Toffelmire, RoseJewel Cecelia Kominski, Marianne Frye, Nancy Krueger, Jean Smith, Therese Krycka. SECOND ROW--Sandra Magro, Bonnie Lipscomb, Melody Medek. Linda Lipscomb, Wilma Kopp, Roberta Creekbaum, Carol Barragree, Kathy Hamilton. KNEELING-- Vicki Swank, Linda Cesany, Bonnie Hudson, Melanie Smith. I I Historian, Vicki Swankg Treasurer, Wilma Koppg President, Linda Lipscombg Sec- retary, Bonnie Lipscomb. King Fred and Queen Terry S Za!! gr SX!- 'Q xi xii Double Date This is the gym? '5ru., STANDING: Mr. Dalkowski--Director, Cynthia Caudill, Carolyn Kottsick, Rollie Oselka, Pat Ondrus, Carol Konvalinka, John Reed, Carol Mankow- ski, Sharon Glossinger, Joan Burns, Roberta Creekbaum. Tony Jachim. SITTING: Wilma Kopp. Ronnie Oselka, Linda Krueger, Phil Kroening, Marlene Becker, Bill Hull, Judy Knaute, Jim Blazek. The time has come ' Break it up you two! 1 A happy little gathering l I don't have a party dress Oh YSS YOU are! Q. ff. 14, TOP--Nancy Toffelmire, Barbara Pyle, Sandy O'Conner, Ginger Schroder, Judy O'Leary. THIRD ROW--Nancy Krueger, Jean Smith, Cathy Jilek, Cheryl Henderson, Dolores Bicker, Pat Mann, Evelyn Furst, Jill Sosnouski, Alice Gowdy, Ellen Purtha, Barbara Forrester, Carol Konvalinka, Mrs. Turner, Teacher, SECOND ROW--Mary Qualls, Penny Mercier, Judy Wade, Terry Drake, Donna Ingle, Vicki Swank, Melanie Smith, Mabel Dwan, Sandy Magro. FIRST ROW--Bonnie Hudson, Therese Krycka, Linda Cesany, Bette Thomason, Judy Verzal, Janet Kissman, Sharon Crlossinger, Judy Knaute. Judy Wade, Secretaryg Donna Ingle, President, Mrs. Turner, Adviser, Terry Drake, Point Secretary, Evelyn Furst, Vice President. NOT SHOWN--Jill Sosnouski, Treasurer. 4066 FV ' Wana ' STANDING: Dave Furst, Bill Hull: Treasurer, Fred Krautstrunkg President, Ron Oselka, Rollie Oselka. SITTING: Judy Maguire: Secretary, Pat Ondrus, Judy Knaute, Mr. Smith: Adviser, Carol Konvalinka. STANDING: Mr. Smithg Adviser, Faith Gooch, Joan Weishaupt, Jackie Hawley Carol West, Mr. Meeker. SITTING: Karen Yech, Mary Qualls, Evelyn Furst, Jill Sosnouski, Alice Gowdy. Wonus '7 ' ' Mr. President Candle Lighting Ceremony I The Line-Up The Sponsor Speaks We A11 Promise we sm! Pam, STANDING: Nancy Williamson, Rollie Oselka, Frank Nichols, Ed Sips, Ronnie Oselka, Dick Novacek, Glen Murray, Bill Hull, Director Mrs. Turner, Vicki Swank. SITTING: Kathy Jilek, Ellen Purtha, Judy Maguire, Diane Hutton, Jill Sosnowski, Judy Suida. The l959 All-School Play was presented on Friday, April 24. "Class Ring," a three-act comedy, centered around a high school girl named Tobey who was enjoying the thrills of "going steady" for the first time. Tobey was portrayed by Judy Maguire. Bill Hull played her steady boyfriend, Brose. The parts of Mr. and Mrs. Heydony Tobey's parents, were interpreted by Judy Siuda and Ron Oselka. Nancy Williamson, little sister Midge in the play, is "horse crazy" and finds TObey's flights into the lovey dovey World genuinely disgusting. Many other characters brightened the scene to make the play lively and amusing. Dad, you're just in time to help! Don't worry, I'm leaving The floor brush is missin ! 'M as Last minute makeup w g Gab Fest Bu ' 1 S e f t Dad, ev6YY gn asteslf gun oes steady ' Th ahve 55 pun Let's all dance Chow time Music Men A11 quiet on the home front 0 ,f Uuutalwzadcu I hope he won't see me! What are you all looking at? Anyone for a swim? Let's bug this place. 0000 3, X ww. MA X 'N 1 . R, cum ganna! .. ala A TOP ROW--Glen Murray, Jim Kucera, Jim Kehoe, Ed Sips, Stan Kanger, Bob Kucera, Itylene Morrow, Kathy Hamilton, Robert Toffelmire, Pat Kay, Arnold Lesser. FOURTH ROW--Peter White, Ed Kliss, Bill Hamann, Ron Ferguson, Joan Weishaupt, Tom Balsanek, Roger Taskey, Dick Novacek, Jackie Hawley, Sue Kela- vos, Ray Zeman, Jay Prusa. THIRD ROW--Mildred Morrow, Karen Yech, Joan Burns, Carolyn Kottsick, Delores Bicker, Ellen Sips, Judy Kliss, Cynthia Caudill, Sally Baker, Steve Ferguson, Sue Gross, Marcella Fellows, Cheryl Henderson, Diane Rus. SECOND ROW--Roberta Nystrorn,Faith Gooch, Linda. Krueger, Glen Keefer, Allen Gropp, Bruce Marcucci, Richard Wilkes, Norma Wesoloski, Darryl Murray, Ron Tulatz, Marge Kaufman, Jirn Yech, Betty Konopasek. FIRST ROW-- Sharon Glossinger, Carol Konvalinka, Mabel Dwan, Bill Sestak, Jerry Stick, Ron Wolnik, Mike Rogers, Bob Keefer, Pat Ondrus, Judy Maguire. Mabel Dwan, Carol Konvalinka, Captain, and Sharon Glossinger Zami 0 ' Glenn Murray, Librarian, Pat Kay, Librarian, Richard Wilkes, First Lieu tenant, Ed Kliss, Second Lieutenant, Carol Konvalinka, and Stan Kanger, Captain, 'Zami lst ROW: Maxine Kahn. Louis Nicksic, Karol Clark, Sandra Hall. Jim Svedja, Sue Oselka, Judy Congdon, Kay Kucera, Janet Siuda, Ruth Ann Shermak, Nancy Furst. 2nd ROW: Lauren Hansen, Lynette Baker. Marianne DeRop, Dave Hart, Bob McCarty, Eileen Williams, Larry Krueger, Richard Kay, Jim Hamann, Joe Balsanek, Dave Lubke, Glen Mankowski, Kathy Hawley. Jay Medek, 3rd ROW: M1-.Lesser.Me1x'in Vorel, Don McDougal, Russell Holm, Mike Revord, Jack Moulik. Zan! lst ROW: Paul Sosnouski, Pat Handley, Marcia Pokorny, Sandra Qualls, Linda Meeker, Judy Kucera, Linda Braden, Kathy Kehoe. Znd ROW: Shirley Hall, Linda Hudson. Bill Kucera, Cindy Josehans, Danny Schroeder, Jim Stineback, Jim Woolridge, George Branden. Bob Krueger, Richard Ghareeb, Richard Toffelmire, Karl Krueger, Carol Starha. 3rd ROW: Mary Maguire, Jim Carlson, Linda Durlin, Barbara Krycka, Danny Keller, Kay Kelderhouse, Jerry Hardaway, Nancy Hillman, Kay Gowdy, Dennis Smith, Nick Cardi. Sharon Yech. David Grayson. 4th ROW: Mr, Lesser, Ed Putzlce. Richard Mitchell. Jenean Russell, Bob Conway, Steve Hart, Jim McNeill. "gazed lst ROW: David Kelsey, Jim Murray. John Meeker, Connie Ott, Janet Herrbach, Jean Mast, Charlynn Covert, Sharon Walk, Merry McCort. Jon Putzke. Jean Sulek, Pat Melgin Znd ROW: Carol Baker, Jetta Elliot, Diane Huntsman, Sue Kremske, Lona Fannon. Kathleen Keller, Connie Brychta, Bob Hartley, Ron Hurlbert, David Stromer, Bill Diet- rich. Richadr Price, Pat Braden, Judith Anetsberger, Linda Krycka, Marsha Williamson Elise Behner, James Sharpe. 3rd ROW: David Prybella, Ellis Williams, Bruce Maly, Bob Krieger, Edmund Gorbonosenko, Ted Ramsby. 4th ROW: Jim Handley, Margaret McNeill, Charlotte Spaulding, Mr. Lesser. yu A' fix- if iff 'Y fag ' l ' Ls. 'W Hi ,gif y 'wh 4 Wh-QQ 4 mg saw my ff! 4 . 4 i S -4 U' 6 h f 5 ' if . sl 0 A M Y L SW! SITTING: Pat Ondrus, Lay-Out Manager: Judy Knaute, Editorg Cynthia Caudill, Business Managerg Bill Hull, Photographer. STANDING: Herald Webb, Frances Smart, Kathy McCotter, Faith Gooch, Judy Maguire, and Carol Konvalinka. I didn't do it! Shoot ! But, we can't work ALL the time! 44 . A Homecoming Pep -meeting Something doesn't look right Let go! ! ! King and Queen Varsity Club Biology Class '? The beginning The students voice Heave Ho! ! Expert Notice that this yardstick is exactly one yard long. And little boy, what did you learn in chemistry? Potential drivers '? This is no three minute egg! Nothing can split us up! The "Lineup" Splish splash I was taking a bath Too many cooks spoil the soup It isn't cooked yet, Stupid! Now what will we do? Ouch! My finger is caught A11 together, now . . . I wonder what this is for Who stole my eraser? What now, Coach? ,- s Our National Anthem Bisons Beat Oakers Half Time Show Paid Assembly ggl I Judy O'I..eary, Marge Sulek, Carol Konvalinka, Cynthia Caudill, and Princi- pal, Mr. Sosnouski. Sedan! Wea MTS. King, Secretary Miss Zander, Secretary Mrs. Farina, School Nurse Mr. Asch, Custodian Mr. Rosenbaum, Custodian The bus drivers Mr. Herrbach, Head bus driver Mr. Ingle, Custodian 2 f y . b in-n ff' ,ff 7446!-all TOP ROW--Ed Kliss, Phil Kroening, Harold Fellows, John Reed, Jim Blazek, Ron Oselka, Dick Bartley, Rollie Oselka, Duane Krueger, Al Gropp. SECOND ROW--Roger Taskey, Paul Jones, Dan Fellows, Joe Magro, Doug Robinson, Dan Springer, Dan Hardaway, John Brandon, Jack Jones. BOTTOM--Steve Javaras, Ray Sandera, John Peirick, Jim Conlin, Leroy Eubanks, Jerry Krycka, Steve Ferguson, Darrell Murray, Ron Krautstrunk, Jim Starha, Assistant Coach Morrison. The Bison's football squad fulfilled their early season promise by having their best record in the school's history by winning seven and losing only two. The defensive record was outstanding as they allowed only one touchdown by running and four by passing during the nine game schedule. Nine fine seniors contributed greatly to the success of the team such as regulars Ron and Rollie Oselka, Jim Blazek, John Reed, Ed Kliss, and Dick Bartley, as well as Phil Kroening, Harold Fellows, and Darrell Murray. Co-captains elected by the squad were Rollie Oselka, Ronald Oselka, and Jim Blazek. Other individual honors were: Big 8 CAll-conferencel lst team: Ron Oselka.--halfback Jim Blazek- -tackle Doug Robinson--center Dan Springer--guard 2nd team: Rollie Oselka--halfback Bruce Marcucci--tackle Honorable mention: Paul Jones--end All-Southwest Michigan: lst team:Dan Springer--guard Znd team! Ron Oselka- -halfback Jerry Krycka--tackle All-State Honorable mention: Jim Blazek--tackle Ron Oselka--halfback Dan Springer--guard Doug Robinson--center ?ooz?da!Z STANDING: Sandy O'Conner, Nancy Williamson. KNEELING: Therese Schu- bert, Judy Knaute, Captain, Mabel Dwan, NOT SHOWN Sue Kelavos. Ou,-zeam Lawrence New Troy Eau Claire Edwardsburg Bridgrnan Three Oaks Lakeshore Galien Bloomingdale FOOTBALL RECORD 1958 N.B Won 13 6 12 20 38 13 14 0 44 7 . Opponents Where Played 0 T 7 H 0 T 0 H 7 T 0 T 13 H 6 H 0 T Lost 2 f 2 Coach Craze, Jim Blazek, Paul Jones, Bob Glossinger, Jerry Krycka, Roger Taskey, Bruce Marcucci, Doug Robinson, Dick Bartley, Ron Oselka, Fred Price, John Reed, Al Gropp. The Varsity basketball team improved their record during the 1958- 59 season winning 8 while losing the same number. One of the highlights of the year was a decisive victory over league champion Three Oaks. This year's squad- was dominated by juniors although seniors Ron and Rollie Oselda, John Reed, Jim Blazek, and Dick Bartley greatly helped in the modest successes of this year's team. The seven won, seven losses in league competition were good for a fourth place tie in Big Eight Conference competition. Major award winners were seniors Ron Oselka and Rollie Oselkag juniors Duane Krueger, Paul Jones, Doug Robinson, Bruce Marcucci, and sophomore Roger Taskey. Dec Bloomingdale Home Won Dec Eau Claire Home Won Dec Edwardsburg Away Lost Dec New Troy Home Won Jan. Three Oaks Away Lost Jan. Galien Home Lost Jan. Bridgman Away Won Jan. Lakeshore Home Lost Jan. Edwardsburg Home Won Jan. Eau Claire Away Won Feb New Troy Away Lost Feb Three Oaks Home Won Feb Galien Away Lost Feb Bridgman Home Won Feb. Lakeshore Away Lost fa. Wwwdtq? Jim Karagan, LeRoy Eubanks, Bob Topinka, Coach Morrison Jim Corwm John Hansen, Tom Balsanek. Jack Jones, Oliver Dohner, Fred Price, Bob Glossinger, A1 Blomgren Jim Starha, Jerry Krycka. The Junior Bisons played hot and cold this year, mostly cold and ended with a 5-10 record. Bob Glossinger gained honors by being elected captain and placing on the first all conference J. V. team. N.B. WHERE OPPONENTS 44 H Bloomingdale 49 H Eau Claire 31 T Edwardsburg 47 H New Troy 35 T Three Oaks 42 H Galien 49 H Lakeshore 53 I-I Edwardsburg 40 T Bridgeman 27 T Eau Claire 36 T New Troy 63 H Three Oaks 41 T Galien 32 H Bridgeman 32 T Lakeshore Scoring Crlossinger 132 Jones lOl Prlce 51 Krycka 120 Blomgren 79 Dick" "Butch" New Buffalo Three Oaks Game "Bruce" NRO ll 3 ,. VlJimll NRO N HDoug "Al lljohnli HJerry HBobH Judy Knaute, Captain, Sandy O'Conner, Nancy Williamson, Therese Schubert man dddllq 0 W 0 Sue Kelavos, Jean Smith fgmqwzea' Mike Fabis, Jim Glossinger, Bob McCarty, George Gooch, Bill Gowdy, Jerry Kissman, Coach Scott. QNOT SHOWN Jack Rogersl The seventh and eighth grade teams enjoyed another successful season under the direction of Coach L. R. Scott. The eighth grade Bisons finished in sec- ond place in the conference winning nine and losing three games, a season average of .750. The eighth grade was defeated by Lakeshore in the tourna- ments played at Galien. The seventh grade team won five and lost three games. EIGHTH GRADE CONFERENCE Eau Claire Edwardsburg New Troy Three Oaks Galien Bridgrnan Lakeshore SEVENTH GRADE 17-25 10st Springfield Twp. 45-19 won Edwardsburg 51-11 won New Troy 46-33 won Springfield Twp 29-20 won Three Oaks 42-29 won Galien 41-16 won Bridgman Lakeshore TOURNAMENT Lakeshore 25-26 lost POINTS 1. Jim Glossinger 2. George Gooch 3. Bill Gowdy 4. Jerry Kissrnan 5. Bob McCarty WON won WOTI won lost won lost lost was BACK ROW--David Rench, Joe Balsanek, Charles McConnell, Coach Scott, James Sosnouski, Roger Bond, Frank Holub. FRONT ROW--Jay Medek, Mike Revord, Clarence Price, Douglas Trepany, Don McDougal. STANDING--Sharon Shreve and Carol Eubanks. KNEELING--Tony Ingle and Laverne Blazek. KNOT SHOWN Pat Lewisj. 'fuuck 5 1, ls ,bg Y 3 W ,six ,i m BACK ROW: Dan Fellows, Jack Jones, Bob Glossinger, Jim Conlin, Ronnie Krautstrunk, Coach Mor rison. MIDDLE ROW: John Brandon, Ronnie Ferguson, Ronnie Oselka,Rol1ie Oselka. Phil Kroening, Joe Magro. FIRST ROW: Oliver Dohner, Steve Ferguson, LeRoy Eubanks, Jim Karagen, Jim Corwin, Steve Dohner. gacelall BACK ROW: Coach Craze, Jim Karagen, Roger Taskey, Jerry Krycka. Ist ROW: Doc Craig, Joe Magro, Fred Price, Jim Blazek, Jay Prusa,A1Cvropp, Paul Jones. . -Q-v 5....,f'g--1 5-dx' 5 ,i-,Lua 4' -.. , ----Q AS fx-4-s -5- JL. Aw yn-4' Schrader Lumber 8. Cool Company 125 North Whittaker Street D cffrrt' RoY's Service Dealer in SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Phone 48 Lubrication-Washing-Tires New Buffalo Michigan Batteries Phone 9117 New Buffalo Michigan RAY GOOCH-PROP. ,Q f,- f -fi 1 c . j Compliments R' of , .Z Compliments Of To Press PP Top Hot Restaurant A1 81 Dallas Loring Phone 484 New Buffalo Michigan Best Wishes Seniors Hildebrand's Standard Service Chas. Pokorny Plumbing 8. Heating Phone 162 Box 121 New Buffalo Michigan Electric 62 Gas Appliances Atlas Tires, Batteries, and Accessories New Buffalo Michigan Phone 9100 Congratulations to the Seniors of '59 Josenhans Drug Store Karl V. ,Iosenhans Registered Pharmacist Phone 158 Best Wishes to the Graduates C00d Luck to Class of '59 FRANK a MILLIE Bl.Az.-EK FLAMINGO HOUSE OF FLOWERS M92 Phone 9136 'L Cr, New Buffalo Michigan Bill 8. Frieda X J Rossman K 2' Q Compliments CALNIN S Of DARI-CASTLE 0 Dr. FURST 1 Congratulations to the Class of '59 Petite Beauty Salon Air-Conditioned Dryers Figurama Slenderizing Machine Open six days Mon. 8. Sat. - 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Tues. 8. Wed. - 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Thurs. 8. Fri. - 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Phone 777 28 South Whittaker St. New Buffalo, Michigan Ange Rizzo Bette Kincaid Pat Wittenburg Best Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Rayvan Builders BUILDERS OF NATIONAL HOMES Phone 757 Q Compliments Best Wishes to Class of '59 of If ,I I igfl , FARlNA's BARBER sHoP 9 5'EKMAN 5 STANDARD SERVICE New Buffalo Michigan Russ and Joe Farina U'S' 12 81 M-60 C 1. Air Conditioned Dining Room Omp ments and Banquet Hall of Telephone 85 ITEBA ef!-fi x wElsHAuPT's Fuel Oil Service - ' 28 North Smith Street Restaurant New Buffalo Michigan "Where Particular People Dine" Phone 54 Jimmie ,Ianota New Buffalo Michigan Q5 to the Best Wishes Class of '59 The Golden Door "Suburban dining with a city flair" l 'Delectable appetizer buffet "'0pen hearth charcoal broiler 'Waterfall all water wheel 'Caesar salad X' naming dessert Junction of M60 81 U.S. 12 1 mile north of New Buffalo Phone 377 Compliments Of Don's D-X Service The Sign of Friendly Service light repair Phone 9116 New Buffalo at Stoplight Eggerl's Service Phone 236 General Auto Repair Wheel Balancing Eddie 6? Els ie AAA ,..,.... Compliments Of Barlley's US-12 sfrop AND suop 404, ew? Mwuqas At the Grand Beach Entrance Open Daily 11:00 P.M. Grand Beach Michigan Best Wishes dl Good Luck from the SNAC-ETTE Bertha Kissman Ruth Reitz Compliments of Krueger's Phillips 66 hillips Cod Bless Each One DAVE'S PRINT SHOP LOG CABIN DAVID FURST ln New Buffalo Small fob Printing K c, N X 1 Telephone 706 Riviera Road - . VQ1 New Buffalo, Michigan Nj ' rl" A I A21 CONGRA TULA TIONS AND BEST WISHES T0 THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 Dr. and Mrs. John A. Valantieius Compliments of Magro's DRY CLEANING and WASHERETTE 'We operate our own cleaning plant.' 'ln by 10, Out by 5' PICKUP 81 DELIVERY SERVICE Phone New Buffalo 783 New Buffalo Michigan Frank's I. G. A. Foodliner Beszwishes to Classof 1959 From Phone 9150 GREENLEE SERVICE New Buffalo Michigan FQ Gulf Products 97" I .- I gland I 2 ' ' I Compliments of , . nl V 3' .A 'A Best wishes to me Class J' Mrs. STELLA and FAMILY of 1959 T h 0 z e Ili' I Graduates of 1959 QI, Wg CALVI GRILLE CHICKEN DINNERS SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN-STEAKS-CHOPS-SEAFOOD D Open All Year Around from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. Except Mondays Call New Buffalo 73 23 E, Buffalo New Buffalo, Mich. Compliments Of Best Wishes from Attorney and Mrs. STEPHEN T. ROUMELL Scott's Steak House and Roller Bowl l. Comp 'rents Still Serving the Best in Food 0 Al.l.EN'S SPORT SHOP Phone 135 New Buffalo Michigan New Buffalo, Michigan "' Michigan City, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana "' Midland, Michigan Transporters of Petroleum 'l' Liquified Petroleum Gas 4' Chemicals 4' Acids 4 Producers Transport, Inc. ff- Ceneral Office and Terminal New Buffalo, Michigan Compliments Of l Lf' 1 1 Gregg's Grille Congratulations To the Class of 1959 "Always a Friendly Welcome" at Murobito's Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Meats-Frozen Foods Italian Delicacies OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS 15 N. Whittaker Phone 28 New Buffalo, Michigan BEST WISHES Don's Body Shop 207 North Whittaker AND New Buffalo Michigan CONGRA TULA TIONS Phone 21 T0 THE CLASS OF 1959 Painting-Class Work-Towing Service FROM Dr. Freidmon, M. D. 208 "E" Street Michigan City Indiana Phone Triangle 9-9191 DAN NOLE Compliments Congratulations of and Best Wishes Cook's Radio 8. Television New Buffalo T.V.-RADIO-PHONOGRAPH Healing 81 Air Condilioning AUTO RADIO 137 N. Whittaker 'Finest in T. V. Service CHARLES RAMSBY Proprietor Phone 646 New Buffalo FOOD THAT MAKES Compliments YOUR TUMMY SMILE of A Hepler's Royal Blue Store "The Friendly Spot" WE DELIVER BEST HAMBURCERS YOU EVER ATE HOT LUNCHEONS DELICHUS CHICKEN Phone 93 Phone 766 New Buffalo Michigan On U.S.-12 at NEW BUFFALO, MICHIGAN Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Best Wishes to the Class Class of 1959 of1959 From B 8- E TRUCK STOP Kopackls variety Store "Good Food and Friendly Service is our motto Leona Sm Stan Sulaba M-60 81 U'S' 12 Phone 171 "Serving the Home 49 Family Over 25 years" Compliments Of NEW BUFFALO HARDWARE S00 Ronald H. Smith FUNERAL DIRECTOR C555 J fo 7196 C24 S5 OF I9 59 Compliments Best Wishes Of L0 GRAND BEACH BAKERY Class of '59 Gateway Dairy Proprietor, G. R. Smith ""- Kr' Distributors of United Dairy Products Bud and Barbara Bean Best Wishes from the GRAND BEACH MOTEL Mr. 8. Mrs. Earl Berry New Buffalo Michigan CONCRA TULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1959 C and K Service and C and K Transport BEST WISHES BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1959 T0 THE Kahovec's Standard Service CLASS UF 1959 Atlas Tires, Batteries, Accessories , ,' D and Towing Service 'Q-Ei 966 Union Pier Michi an BORDEWS S S 14N S Phone Lakeside 9681 Milk 8' Cream Distributor C. J. 0'Grady Lakeside Michigan Phone Lakeside 4222 Best Wishes to the Class of1959 Kuceru Brothers Box 197 Union Pier, Michigan l Best Wishes Best Wishes and from Congratulations To the Bud Marx Chevrolet Class of 1959 ws: Mr. 81 Mrs. JOE BALSANEK U.S. 12 Joy Bee,S Bridgman Michigan Dining Room HE 5-3349 Rusrlc VILLAGE MOTEL Tom's Body Shop Enjoy Indoor-Outdoor Dining AUTO GLASS INSTAI-LED Swimming-Comfortable Sleeping BODY 81 FENDER REPAIR CUSTOMIZING SPECIALTY Phone Lakeside 8268 Lakeside Michigan Highway U.S. 12 Best Wishes to Class of '59 LONGAR ROW RESTAURANT Lakeside 9711 "Delicious Hamburgers, Bar-B-Q, and Short Orders' Lakeside Michigan Phone Three Oaks 3702 Highway U.S. 12 Three Oaks Mich Congratulations Seniors of 1959 GOLDEN SANDS MOBIL SERVICE Karagan's Grille Junction U.S. 12-212 On U.S. 12 Steak-Fish-Chicken Dinners Michigan City Phone Trian Open 24 Hours gle 9-900 DRI FTWOOD MOTEL "The Worst in the Midwest" Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Valvoda Health Department Approved BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Courtesy of O'Donnahue's :Phillips L Harbert Phone Lakeside 9481 PINE RESTAURANT Ponegalek's Specialize in Kosher Com Beef and Delicious Hamburgers Phone Lakeside 9161 U.S. 12 at stoplight Union Pier Michigan Dot Ed TOWN FOOD MART Union Pier Michigan Meats 4' Produce 'I' Dairy Products Frozen Foods Michigan Best Wishes Phone 2021 Congratulations K Best Wishes to the Class of '59 Chas. M. Konvulinko Agency Konvalinka Insurance Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 Union Pier Recreation Union Pier on U.S. 12 just South of Stoplight Air Conditioned Year 'round Bowling 8-ABC Sanctioned Alleys For reservations Call Lakeside 2861 -x 1-5 .. , Union Pier Michigan f':" M ! "1ifff ,rf',' ,at,h,4 fi J R, "2-1: j' .15 You 1rbP':rIur -4 7 A LF - -Y IIIIIIIII IAGENT yf, 3' " " iruvn vnu run- 'ivi , ,. C - Best Wishes and Congratulations To the Class of 1959 Compliments of Oselka Construction Company Union Pier Michigan Hunerioger's Three Oaks Dept. Store Family Clothing Compliments W HARBERT SWEDISH BAKERY 'Bakery Goods That Are just A Little Bit Different.' Prop.: L. C. Jensen, Sr. Telephone Lakeside 4126 Harbert Michigan Compliments Of SWE DISH COFFEE POT Famous Brands Fabulous Styles Phone Lakeside 4-511 Harbert U.S. 12 Michigan CONGRA TULA TIONS C0"'Pli"'e"'S o f CLASS OF 1959 The BANK who knows YOU ls Interested in YOU and Is Ready to help YOU! 'Serving MORE People MORE Ways' ig, .- , W ' Y 5: ye e t1zens , Jia BANK Of Michigan City, Indiana Michigan City-LaCrosse-Rolling Prairie OUR '7Ist ANNIVERSARY' 1888-1959 Haismon Electric Authorized General Electric Dealer 7 N. Whittaker New Buffalo Michigan Phone 18-W Member THREE OAKS AUTO SUPPLY Federal Reserve System Auto Supplies Sporting Goods 4 Toys Phone 6041 102 North Elm Street Three Oaks Michigan National Bank, , of Michigan City Compliments Of SINCE 1873 SURF AND SAND SUPPER CLUB Meeting the Financial Needs of a Ted and Georgia Lavedas Growing Community Through Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations and Good Luck Griegefs Store Cl I9 9 ass of 5 in our 68th year Serving the "Male" Since 1890 ' ly 'WW . 7-T , 519, 7? A165 5199 ,gs I ' - x -S ' K il f X M - K A. -A e-efe asf Corner 8th and Franklin Michigan City's Largest Store for Men and Boys Michigan City Indiana CHARLIE'S PIZZA 110 E. Ripley Street Triangle 2-6816 Michigan City Ind. W' . . Spaghetti Ravioli Chicken Best 'shes Steak Shrimp Dinners fmm Sandwiches Music Shop BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK 512 Franklin Dial TR 4-6900 TO THE CLASS OF 1959 HIRSCWS Michigan City DEPT. STORE Indiana Michigan City Indiana Tonn and Blank, Inc. 104 N. Franklin Street Michigan City, Indiana GENERAL CONTRACTORS LUMBER MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS LENOX FURNACES RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION REMODELING REAL ESTATE Phone Triangle 4-6261 'See Us Before You Build' CONGRATULATIONS BLACKMOND'S JEWELRY STORE T0 THE CLASS OF 1959 Michigan City, Indiana Russell H. Kramer Spaulding Shop Congratulations and Best Wishes to the INEXPENSIVELY Class of 1959 EXCLUSIVE , FRED STERN YOUNG MEN S STORE TR +5710 609 Franklin Street Michigan City Indiana Michigan City Indiana IH 12222: 22213 212222222517 ':'::::::::::i XII!! l illlll erchanls National Bank Michigan City, Ind. Edgewood Office Main Office 3235 Franklin 6th 81 Franklin Complete banking service ,, Ci uf, fn. X . ', , , , , A. 1 J'::?'," MH-'l'F' w ' ,- w,,,,, 1, , , 11, :',f3"1':ff w , wif. 3. QU! '.1',,',p,"gI'!.f!s's! wu1'.u ' 'J' , 1 Q x .. ,fx ,. 1 Mklg 'MSE fe, L, :-gf 1 'J, . 4, ,m?:T?"'?f' ' ew itz! . , . f ,N J , .if , .wiv-Q :W Q. xi"-M ,f X --

Suggestions in the New Buffalo High School - Buffalodian Yearbook (New Buffalo, MI) collection:

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