New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ)

 - Class of 1978

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This book is dedicated to all of us who have endured and matured during the past four years. May the memories that this book will bring continue to help us grow, persevere and learn. J osephine Marchetta 1A-1n :1 g-gI I 41,311,111 ASS HISTORY a' .I feel so short. .Where is the cafeteria?. . . Its beeInwee .How many studies do you have? . .The students are getting rowdydwpi,I I mlf en minute break. .There goes the last of .the candy machines . . .Durank $1 1- 1.0113 cards . .Objectives!? . .No one likeS them . .BanChick is blaped. x . ear .Its getting kind of cold in here! . . . Don 1; they even turn 13a airK-t 'vluay is skip day! . . . So is tomorrow! .11'. Teachers are ready to leavettT 14 last day . . . YEA! 0! at all those lost Freshmen . 3gone forever . .Hey I go? 9? aht perggds . . . .What kind of reportaf I t 3.7. i 1, re...T00 bad k '43 fk: a ey there are underclassmen in my homeroom . Todx really startintho move . .They 1110ved in- housem .TTT . : , school . . . They are detectives .i. TheyTound what they were I . c-tative . . . Volleyball competition . . . :1 rs Win! . Seniors prepag ER, 1.. mmuvmu mw m w .A guidance office$for each a x? us; CLASS OF 78 STUDENT 4 COUNCIL Donna Ward, Secretary; Lonnie Taylor, President; Sharon Stephenson, Vice-President; Charles Wells, Treasurer SENIOR h CLASS jJ COUNCH; 1; Sitting: Glenn Ford, Brenda Edwards, President; Joyce Daniels, Secretary; Standing: Bonnie Havrilla, V Charyln Sims, Marcella Benjamin, Ms. . X? Mohamed Class Adviser, Ms. Liss 111' Senior Adviser Vr- y Kin I 45$ 1 ' REPRE E I , Maria Miroulis, Angie Green, Sharon Stephenson, Philip Ridder, Lonnie Taylor, Joshua Galbreath, Donna Ward, Judy Conger wkgAtI! ,u-awv- nal-gAVWIH-a. -: z, ..,,, :,-,,., a. L , 7. , , , . , . , , ,. m ... ,, ,, , , ,, L, A,., JAwAA- . . Row 1: Michelle Pronio, Maria Miroulis, Judy Conger, J0 Marchetta, Jane Doolittle, Ann Shamansky. Row 2: Stephanie Sellars, Sharon Stephenson, Donna Ward, Zak Lawryk, Charles Wells, Verna Cooper, Dawn VanDuersen, Barbara Shepherd YEARBOOK AD SELLERS Sitting: Donna Ward, Barbara Shepherd Standing: Maria Miroulis, Jane Smith, Sharon Stephenson, Brenda Edwards, Carla Hermann, Judy Conger, Rita Gardner, Dawn VanDeursen Anne Koops Gwendolyn Carter J onathan Berry Griffin wry y, W , Dawn Van Deursen '? 25m; ' ', :1. W27? ,? w??? i KHZiZW zm, , Z 5;, Z2, 1, y Xi? , a? ,7? r W727, , ,iyx, , xxi fo; M, W" H , Car01 Cindy Lugo 402; ,Va Milagros, Aurora Medina Russell J ordan Donna War d Ch in GOrdOn Marv Phyllis MOrris Stehpanie Sellers .. ; . Nu m. w M m- m- mu..." Michele Braxton V V2. , 12,wawa Jr??? . xxxx . a a , vxx fx kw? , 2a 2?? Bonnie Havrilla Bertha Monk .S W e L IO. r. a C iana Varga Margaret Ward D 8.... J osephine Marchetta Philip Sanders y, g 1M 0W 7 W Kathy Howard Todd Belnavis Raul Carballido Carmen Bonilla Susan Szobo Rita Gardner Linda Smith Kneeling: Raul Carballido. Standing: Joyce Daniels, Brenda Edwards, Charlyne Sims, John Bailey, Advisor Sheila Mahamed, Carla Hermann. Missing: Bonnie Havrilla, Glenn Ford, Marcella Benjamin " fig Q7kig g y, Sitting: Cindy Lugo, Elton Cromedy, Patricia Perry, Carol Leurs, Paul Gorrell. Standing: Judith Shamy, Suzan Szabo, Miklos Kiraly, Barbara Shepherd, Richard Garcia, Dawn Van Deursen, Dawn Milton, Kent Carter, Joseph Rawls Row 1: Jon Berry, Dennis Thompson. Row 2: Diana Varga, Elizabeth Polaski, Ann Koops, Delroy Atkins, Patty Syers Row 1: Bobby Bormaninshinov, Christine Baker, Bill Velmahos, Marvin Gordon, Nilda Garcia, Clarence Walker ,, . ;. l. xigizszsisiikgsx 2Q? Mary Ann Washington, Joan Williams, Elise Batzof, Joshua Galbreath Jr., Verna Cooper, Alonzo Taylor Sitting: Donna Ward, Cynthia Banks, Miariam Horton, Cecilia Sutherland, Debbie Lane. Standing: Leonard R. Luckey, Harry Benimon, Johnny Willard, Charles Wells, Walter Tonn 14 3m: , MM W WMW,MW wwwlu M W-Wm4 Q KW ,. 7-Wf g 1Q -. Sandra Washington, Debbie Frankle, Gene Harris, Teri Bolyog, Zachary Lawryk Linda Duncanson, Richard Holder, Alice Cardona, Sandra Washington, Mark Richardson, Gene Harris, Debbie Frankle, Teri Bolyog, Cye McLoud 15 16 Sheila Alexander Fats Rosalyn Amador Roz F0r realW Sarah Alford J ohn Bailey Maria del Carmen Alvarez Maria He that does not listen to advice, will not get to be old and wise? C.S.C., Radio Club, P.R.C.C., Afrikan Club Christine L. Baker Chris 1 11 be backW V4, WJWVVW. m: , NV . 1M ,gwmmnrn 4. erlthu" :H -A u. 71w 5n; W!" .. "rm? 1... Patricia Baker Tric mic, tight!" Marcella Benjamin Cynthia G. Banks Sugar Play the game of life and succeed? Jonathan Berry J .B. uEvery man has a place." Swisford Barnett Varsity Soccer Teri Lynn Bolyog Drummer Girl Am I right? Hey man? Track, Basketball, Jazz, Concert, Pit 8L Marching Bands Band Pres., Drum Capt. 17 Dawn Renee Bradley Dawn Never so great as 78, we wonuc be late to graduateP, Softball, H.R. Rep. Patricia Darlene Bryant Pat qmagination is the first step into a f001,s paradise? Girls, Track Man., V. Basketball Man., Booster Club Donna Beatrice Brown Browne Lady Sagittarius? Softball, Booster Club Clare Cain J ames Brunson Raymond G. Cappella Ray uI will kill you if you don,t cool it? -81-th ! 9 ' v V - V u. "A Gwendolyn Kay Carter Kay-Kay Having pride is the key to success? Jr. Council, Stu. Council, J.V. Basketball Raul Carballido Nonin Hey, how is it going there? Jr. 8z Sr. Stu. Council, Boys Delegate, Track Alice Cardona Weeble Y0u got'to keep laughing to make it through the school year? Elaine Catis Elaine A1ways strive for perfection? ADVOCATE, Nat. Honor Society Kent Carter Judith Conger Judy Hey, Pm happyV Verna Cooper Got any gumiw Yearbook Staff, F.B.L.A., HIGHLIGHTS Margaret A. Marie Curry Margie F.B.L.A., Nat. Honor Society Emilia Crespo Milly q hear you cool? P.R.C.C. Cecelia Daly Nini Girl J.V. 8; V. Basketball, Softball Elton Cromedy Tookie Goodbye and peaceP, Joyce Annette Daniels J .D. Pm telling you? qut"Mv '1'. i zhH '"f-"ft'k: x t'vg. A h. p. '- - wanes; 2mm:- A rm :- ea-yv 11,5.- ;- : j:tw7v3,i3+w , vcww vxw-ffau .. i a Phyllis Dolphin Dudley Engram Chorus, Drama, Jazz Band Lynda Duncanson Friday ssO.K. babe? Glenn E. Ford President Ford 6sWe11,, Senior Class Council, Pub. Relations, Ed. Paper Brenda Edwards B.J. ssYou dream dreams of today as I see visions for tomorrow." Pres. Sr. Class, Student Council, Afrikan S.U., Jr. Council, Basketball Score Keeper Deborah Clara Frankel Deb ssThe greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it? Twirling, V. Girls Basketball, Spring 8L Cross Country Track, N.H.S., Stage Crew, HIGHLIGHTS Joshua Galbreath Jr. Stub Football, Wrestling, Track Rita M. Girdner Ritz 810ndes d0n t have all the funV Marching 8: Concert Bands, Jazz Ensemble, Drum Majorette, J.V. 8: V. Soccer Manag., N.H.S., V. Softball Richard Garcia Nilda Garcia C0me on you can do it! All you got to do is try? Yearbook, ADVOCATE, Pres. P.R.C.C. Selywenne Geeston Julio Gonzalez Wt looks nice today. Baseball H Vt .M. .....-;-.L,...,..; . . Marvin Gordon The Nabe uNothing to it but to do it? Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football Jose I. Guernica Inaky Looks like we made itV Paul Gorrell Brother Brock Basketball, Football Mary Guinyard Angie Green Chamie Sybrina Hall 23 24 Ricky Harris Donna Hawkins Bonnie Lee Havrilla Bon Pinchy Cheeks, Car?, Flag Squad Capt., B.A.C. Rep., Senior Council, Junior Council Jamelle Hill Rabbit That,s funny? Miriam Patricia Horton Tricia F.B.L.A. Carla Herman Car Tuand flowered bathing trunks, BonP Twirling Capt., Jr. Council, Sr. Council, A.F.S., Girls, Track, N.H.S., Girls Basketball Manag. ,. ,. .1- M 31?. . 1, . 93-2 i x .LM ...'-. .; .. .-.....-: 'a i i ; 'l Kathy Howard K.C. Track, National Teen Organization Chairperson Valerie James Red There,s only one of me - willing, ready, able 8L qualified. J.V. 8; V. Cheerleading, V.P. Soph. Student Council, African Student Union Carol Jackson Huthie F reshmen Girls Track Michele Hyman Darrell J ohnson Miklos Kiraly Evil Weed My Volvo is undefeated? 25 wlrh Ann Koops Annie Da-Da-Da-Dum Da-Da-Da-Dum Dum-Dum-DumW Flag Squad Capt, Mathletes, Nat. Honor Society, Band Deborah Lane Dimples Y0u won,t give it to me? Student Council Rep. Tony Lajewski Tony V. Football, Winter Track Carol Lewis Linda Liepins Linda Let S cut? Zachary J . Lawryk Zack Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Yearbook, Tennis, Nat. Honor Society 26 vmh, -.4, , , V NH , . N 5mm, . A ,.,- ,3:, .- ,Higghk 4;;3Wh Cindy Marie Lugo Steam Heat Cindy love? Drama, Chorus E ! I T ' I I ,A l : ; I 1 1 A Michael Lovio ; . Lowve ; Hey Vic, S.A.D.V ' Soccer, Jazz Band, Nat. Honor Society Leonard Ray Luckey a - Sinbad 9,; - 1 Uust to be close to you DorciaW ' 3 Basketball ? "1: Luis Malave ' ; Brenda Faye Majette f i Shoe-Shoe ' Aquariusf Madeline Marcano Peanut I,m serious? Puerto Rican Culture Club ...'.-- - x Josephine Marchetta Jo There s no reason for that? Tennis, ADVOCATE Editor, Nat. Honor Society, Mathletes, Yearbook, Twirler Diane Mason Look, I finally made Roman Martinez Jo Ann McCalla Beryl Mason Jan Well, what can I say!" Girls Track Reginald McCargo u v.?n " n-w . MM, V's.- k kcw-sr awn: ,5J'"$W'tw'rx'$b" "' s. 9: 7-5.2.- wv'kAv-cN :- aiw '3 1n u. .x -,-.-.,...- Shirley Medina Praise God, Jesus is coming: soon and very soon we are to see the Lord? F.B.L.A. ; lm i f XI 1 x I Aurora Medina Guzman Lolly Val1a, Whafs Happening? Puerto Rican Culture Club, Yearbook Milagros Medina Guzman Shorty I m telling you? Puerto Rican Culture Club, Yearbook Dawn Milton Tee Cee H0w ya doing? Herbert Middleton Jr. Health Club Herb . Fresh. and V. Baseball, Football, Treasurer Varsity Club, All-Conference Baseball . NW v, X m Ester Eugenia Miranda Puerto Rican Culture Club, Track 30 Maria Miroulis Sargent Oh manW Pres. Radio Club, Drama, Yearbook, HIGHLIGHTS Staff, N at. Honor Society Rosalie Parker John Moetz Moetz What s for lunch?" Tennis, Gymnastics, Nat. Honor Society, Band Vanessa Peterson Patrick Murray Patt Coo1 out? P.R.C.C. Arnette Phipps Net Net Alright now, ain t nothing? J.V. 8: V. Basketball, Track g 2 z Vanessa Purnell Anita Pitman '77 gAll right now Elizabeth Polaski Beth We11 gang what,s newiw Loralisa Ratliff Cynthia Ratliff J oseph Rawls $$ 31 Maria Rivas Mery P.R.C.C. Terry Robinson Bobo Marta Santiago F.B.L.A. Philip M. Sanders ; Phil j Can t win em all, but I sure would like to win a few? 1 Capt. Golf Team Student Council, Nat. Honor Society ,, 32 Minnie Rodgers Stephanie Sellars Stef Here goes one of the best? H.R. V. Pres., Honor Roll, F.B.L.A. . H. 7.5.. . 9:565; g..- 5pr xx , 5311 u a a yinv'xrprwa :5:me ruwmv -.$' tsv. Jr , . I rw .m A Charlyn Sims Little Bit 22AM good things come in small packages? Soph., Jr. Council, Senior Council gfiJ Barbara Ann Shephard 1 J 42$? Barb C, x gag??? 22Such a nice personV, xx 2 r A Girls2 Club, Twirling, Yearbook Craig Simonson Jeff Snyder Jeff 22A wise man never makes the same mistake twiceW Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track W o . 2 .a. - Linda D. Smith Lulu 22Time is moving onw .93. 5. TV v x 2 . . 7" V i" 2. fa. V 2.: . A L, 2- .1 , , '4 . Aiab. WP; v! 3E L. 2 $23 1.. 5'; 4 V.. 13:3,. , 1.2a .' wm so A Sharon Stephenson 2Tm telling you22 Soph. Jr. Sr. Council, Sr. Class V. Pres. Softball, Booster Club Pres. 33 :9 Patricia Strickland Suzanne Szabo Sue Mathletes, National Honor Society Cecelia Sutherland Celia CVirgOH Alonzo James Taylor III Lonnie, Cornbread A sincere man with great talent? Student Body President, Captain Varsity Basketball, Track, Honor Roll Patty Syers Peppermint Patty Cheryl Taylor Knowledge is the key to success? Girls Track, Girls, Basketball, Hr. 2.2;:qu . Patricia Thomas Dawn Van Deursen uLooks like we$ve made itV Co-Capt. Twirlers, Stu. Council, Nat. Honor Society, Yearbook Eddie Van Anglen , r: K, aW' Judith Thurmond Judy $Z00m! into the future, class of $78.3, Diana Varga Di $Right, tell me about it? Capt. Color Guard $ Bill Velmahos $That$s a shame? .1. l, 5 . . . waferi z, ur in H? 5.1!: 5h9xsiu 3.. 4L . ,zuur .5 ,!;:.P.rt!. Inzanr. .. ',7 1; tell me that s Who Among American High School Students, Donna Ward Student Council, Yearbook Double You is dumeBaseball ???ZZZ? 53 8., Staff Erskine Lavaughn Williams Oh come on, don Who N.H 29,?zm , Yvonne Vestal Sandra Washington Vic Hey Miky 0 g .H V y d a L k C a r T ictor Veltre Varsity Soccer, F .F.A. V n O t g .m h S a W n n A y r a M 4W stat t6 7'"i n-W ha - -.?Eik;gm - u s ;3 'lsf; Joan P. Williams Jamaica Keep holding on to what youNe gotV Tennis Team, Rec. Sec. Student Council Roger Wilson Jr. Doshie What is it? Basketball :00" '! 0.4111 Beverly Youngue Isn t it wonderful? 37 tannin. 1!.x4vL-0fd'0uhu. . L ,ivn '.. v 4 . . 3.. , . . . r: 33? .Y.blwrl.x.-xat1mx 4: 5234,, 4M ' W V . Xv. v x .. w V W R xx M Kim Xi 2 ,x , . Michele Leniece Braxton Shelly uLike time is the essence of life, love is the essence of people? Track, C.S.C. Pres. Gibbons, Society of Dist. Am. High School Stu. Carmen Belen Bonilla Negrita ttLove has the power to alter the - hour that has the time to William Todd Belnavis determine our destiny? Dino P.R.C.C., V-Pres. Gibbons, ESSA ttHave no fear the kid is hereW Advisory Comm. Track, C.S.C., Human Relations Russell B. Jordan Ed Bertha Helena Monk ttAin,t going for it? C180 Basketball, Baseball, Football ttTO love another through onets self, first begins by finding oneis self? Winter 8L Cross Country Track, C.S.C. Darryl Eugene Griffin ' ' , 't' Bones " ttHold fast to dreams for if dreams , ,.,' a Q i. '.' . fie, life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly? C.S.C., Winter 8L Cross Country Track, A.F.S., Society of Distinguished Am. Students 1 V4.3- Phyllis Morris Cheeks ttA true companion is loving all the time, and is a brother that is born, for when there is distressW C.S.C., Soc. for Distinguished Am. High School Students Margaret Ward Ward ttWhat a jerkW C.S.C., Whois Who among American Students, Society of Distinguished Am. Students Carolyn Quinn Quinn ttYou dummyft Society of Distinguished Am. High School Students, Whois Who Am. High School Students Carol Diane Williams Stalk ttBut the meek one themselve will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace? C.S.C., C.A. Pres. Roxanne Daveen Ramos Rocky D HBetter is a dish of vegetables where there is love, than a manger fed bull and hatred along with it." C.S.C., Senior Seminar GIBBONSW: AN END TO A NEW BEGINNING Gibbonst, what can be said about such a great school It was the place where fine young adults grew . We learned fundamentals for our future days The teachers cared about our learning and not about pay We all got a feel for a college atmosphere There was always something challenging and fullfilling each year Gibbonsi was a small school that meant alot to us We have beautiful memories no one can touch Theyire taking away a beautiful design Gibbonsi accomplished so much in such a short time We all left the school with a feeling of winning Gibbonst is just an end to a new beginning. The Gibbonsi Seniors 41 hds hdamjn Stand' Seated 1mg 8 m xN e h C a e T; d a 6 Nu am .m C S .m r a h C 0.0 .m Hm e B m. MW 3 r nu Administration 8 Faculty 1 NEW BRUNSWICK BOARD OF EDUCATION 1;; ii: . , !!. x .. . . . . . fulfilii3$k 3$s$k$yx$x ia Brady. Standing lC , C. Roy Epps, Dr. Patr' 1er . Ba' I'JOI'le Ma Ms. Dino Zarrella 7 Mrs. Blanca Gonzalez August Bonanne, Edward Boylan ing: Sitt , 44 L 31.10 a L .. 45 MR. J. ANDERSON TRANSPORTATION COORDINATOR MR. J. DONAHUE BOARD SECRETARY N m T mnA RR TT NFL EN CI M D A $$$$ 8L GROUNDS .. iSixrzxxiiiL MR. A. ROTUNDO SUPERVISOR OF BUILDINGS REEN F BORNHOLM E PROJECTS MR. . SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS MR. S. FARKAS COORDINATOR FOR SPECIAL FOR PERSON N EL L y? ?f MM??? L L Lg g??? Z MR. ASST SUPERINTENDENT L i??, g L LLxLxLLLxL L L L L L LE .X xix L L L LL LL L L L x LLLLxLxxwaRxxL LL xxx xx LLL L L L . xi xXxLLxLLxxL x xL. ; Lg? L 2L , L LLILMLHuni:f!9J L L .. .iili, iii-LIL.L:,.L.-LL,L:L...LLL..LLL? L . L . L w Robert J. Boyler Principal To the graduating Seniors: the faculty, staff, student body, administration and I congratulate you for successfully completing all requirements for graduation. It is our sincere hope that we have contributed to your education the things that are Vital for integrating you into a complex society. Our major task over the past four years was to instill the skills that would enable you to become community leaders, professionals, workers and parents. To this end, it is felt that you have accomplished what was expected. Through your participation and dedication we sincerely hope that you are prepared to meet the challenges of an ever changing world. The total school population wishes you well, good health and prosperit in your future. VZ X ?Zg g a Z? ?????? Z J W Student AdeCate ice-Principal Ruth Horn V i J oseph HomOk Vice-Principa1 e m y C a O m 1m r m m n m h d :00 m S Joan M. Bornheimer Patricia Daly Mauro Grosso Bilingual Education Supervisor HealtMPhysical Ed. Coordinator Athletic Director Betty Hodges C. Donald Kahrmann George Krauss Home Economics Dept. Head Art Coordinator Music Coordinator E 3 v4 xv Robert Kuchinski Business Education Dept. Head M -,.. "s. -.- A.A;; .';;..-u;..s;...;w.,. George F. Meyer Jr. Industrial Arts Coordinator David Kutliroff Scienchath Dept. Head Frank Mumber For. LangJSoc. Studies Dept. Head Charlotte Lynn Food Services Supervisor Nathan Segal Language Arts Supervisor 49 .a. vw - . 4L5: Far 2:, .. Hui rsirvftmuturl, raw??? XsstXs f , Z , meX , g x, r sg? , , Zxk Doris Bryant Business Education Ronald Case Art Margaret Bertalan Science Fred Brown Roy Carter Victor Bartkus Science Mathematics Y T L U C A F J ohn Agins in Industrial Arts Social Studies Karl Burnste Robert Bornstein Guidance Jag was sgs, 7???? Henry Doswell Guidance $4 Current ie nne Mar English A Helen Couphos English ish J oanne F Klem Figulski 1n Peggy Dul Business Education Language Guidance tun. I1. .. .. ixusnnz , . 53:14? , Lill ian Gray Mathematics orka G English Kathy isher J ennie F Librarian 51 ics igley i- ingual Mathemat Mariella H B Mathematics V 0 k r u G 1 e u m a S tz ics Arlene Guellni Home Econom Edmund J ones Herbert Huff Charlotte Hobson ial Arts Industr lC Mus Guidance Harriet Kern English J3 David Karan Language Robert J ones Industrial Arts gss L X E xx xx: x N; x xxx x Xx Xx N x ka xxx x $Xx Joan Kuchinski Home Economics Don Macy Mathematics Sheila M0118lmed Special Education Arlene LiSS Social Studies Irene MatuleWiCh English Frank MuniZ GuidanCe Michael LysenkO Music Gerald Melech English John Nelson ScienCe 53 xx L NKX XXQTWL x: M Wk .X K . V L x N Xxx x - Xx Xxx xxxxxxi Xx , xxx Xx g Charles Noren Janet Obrzut Michael Onuska Special Education Reading BUSineSS Education Oscar Overby John Parker Juan Perdomo Physical Education Industrial Arts Jules Perlstein Raymond Presnal Paul Prusinski Agriculture English Social Studies 54 w hww-r av vv'e";;wc.n-m Gloria Rahn English s xxxxw WW w L xxx? W V w s . x VOWWQ x s XXX Xxxxxx'xx xxx kw xxx: xxW WNW XXX X xx Margaret Rivera Bi-Lingual Business Ed. Walt Skelding Special Education Mary Reilly Reading Daniel Robinovitz Mathematics Ed Skladany Guidance Peter Retzlaff Student Activities Emma Silber Language Don Sprout Career Information 55 ida Business Education idler Industrial Arts Margaret V Larry Ze Yolan Varga English Walter Wilson Social Studies Jacqueline Wajcs Home Economics 0 C g n .mw Tn o.w uuc IS E L D .. :iIIwK A .r ,3 lag; ,.,..... ,. M'npl .mp3; v . sauna -v. w." -5. . . ..- -..s4.,--........V-t 3 i ! x VW Ks SECRETARIES 8L AIDES Wm MWNS Viola Christopher Queen Frost Secretary Clerk Dorothy Dixon Rosalie Manfre Reading Aide Career Information Clerk N9; N Jose Ortiz Alcides Vere Bilingual Aide Bilingual Aide Ed Goldberg Computer Room Technician Juan Martinez Bilingual Aide Lydia Zakrewski Bilingual Aide Y H R U C E S Butler Truant Officer Mrs. Edward Selby CHEIF OF SECURITY d Stanley Echols Leon Broadwater Bill Jordan Mrs. Liotta Curt Gladden D. Wilcox, mg . Zelehoski, J. Burres, J. Q? ,h 1 Wu, F F A T S m R E T E F A C M. Regan, G. Drager, A. Engert, M. Mupo, E. Mueller. Stand wz ,7 m 1; 2? ?f Sitting E. McCawley, J. Shelley, M. Bergamaco, M. Garamvolgyi, Conway, G. LeVay, M. Callaway ixxkxxi Afxxkxx $ Ki$x , WWI y , Z x L L I XXV x, V NxVXxxMxxxxXxxXXxxxxXX V x x Vxka xxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXWMAXWMAVWNNVVMKXXXXXXXXvN : xxxxx$ XXXXXX X , xxxxxxx VE$ xx. K XX xxxxxxxxx x . x xxxx XXX XXXXXXXXX XX x x X Y X x LxxxxXXx $$$$Ki X XXXNXNX .XXXXXXXX x xxx x; XX NX x xxx ? Ms stC Q ,,$ w Xv? $ Ag , mu! ,. x Jdlqitl 4 tr; I1 E . m w n m 2.. ! Harwkg kisxxigxx $1 , ??ny p 59 $ $ Ex$$i Qxxx !!..1-: .!. 10:11E.W4mt!lla . ll; Lxrxtzi..inlr....l.l.: . . .. J1 . . ,I , , . . , . . LKKRMWTI Jay .. L5 llu$ 1f bnme ? a . S C u m h t A Row 1: Coach Burnstein, M. Faust, 0. Johnson, M. Rodgers, K. Carter, M. Gordon, D. Weiss, G. Irving, J. Berry. Row '1 2: Coach Selby, E. Taylor, T. Roundtree, F. Burton, A. Peoples, K. Brown, C. Ingram, N. Daniels, M. Dixon, E. Kinsey, S. J Scott. Row 3: Coach Parker, S. Foy, K. Downs, S. Mitrou, K. Ford, D. Walker, M. Henry, R. McGee, L. Walker, S. Raynel Row 4: Head Coach Ed Jones, T. Virgil, R. Merrit, R. Smith, D. Galbreath, R. McCoy, W. Gillus, L. Voorhees, 0. Bush, Z Irving . I ' L rat .g'arav wad.- k x .r. '1' M, ? Captain Jonathan Berry RB Coach Burnstein, Coach White, Head Coach Ed Jones 66 Mike Rodgers E in Gordon T Marv Dave Weiss P E Ken Carter DHB :1 .f I J l! . IHlIHLhi,l..$Iln'1I.r ,l1 1.. , $3 I 554 .sI. I', v v, 4 l - I I .J.vxl..vJW!l.t. lilittlzg .....1 .1!: 1:; I. Coach Kern 1ams, Katrena 9 S m m .111 W , n a 0 J a, Hug e h C r a M 0 J lpps Carol Lewis, Olivia Will . - : Cynthia Ph Kneeling Medea Butler. Standing Lockhart, Nilda Garcia Carol Lewis 1a Nilda Gare . x .1; . .. . 1i: x .7154... lily?! 13 .l : villidgurl. u 3.1?1742. 4.542,. :ri a:hg'v...v.n.YJu!Jl in? 1ams 0 Joan Will ine Marchetta J oseph R SOQCE Kneeling: Washington Styles, Tim Aamland, Garfield Frances. Standing: Coach Packard, Ricardo Linn, Steven Webb, Frank Velmahos, John Myrik, Ash Rateb. Captain Tim Aamland 3.3., 71 .x , , x 2.; Coach Moody Darryl Griffin ,MWM,W .mn I Vzlxllziz $331111, , n , 0J.m V ,n ,nn hrue me arn mGh elg Dyu Ha mav mug km S an , enm L.mS mfm aumc Nam ,hR . C .anb med Mm ,W .ler mSpu i .Mh m1 mwan aOMA mmoun, IOMGa gh01m .mmrmo IwOJIVoJ nC,n,m Kwkccu nYO ooe JBG uiA1W.'iNIL , Russell Jordon, Joe Blackshear Kneeling: Zack Earvin, Rudy Kirkpatrick, Derek Gatling, Angel Gonzalez, Wilbur Godfrey. Standing: Roger Wilson, Joe Schenck, Lonnie Taylor COACH Tom Forrest 72 .v zL,3...4.m..:.7h .........; .. ?.AW. 2 ,7 , J oseph Schneck Russell J ordan Wilbur Godfrey ilson Roger W CAPTAIN Lonnie Taylor Row 1: Coach Daly, Kim James, Joyce Daniels, Cynthia Brown, Row 2: Mgr. Cecelia Daly, Arnette Phipps, Luwanda Jefferson, Doris Hill, Roshellia Ross, Carol Harris, Mgr. Novlette Morgan. Row 3: Debbie Frankel, Michelle Kinsey, Shirley Purnell, Teri Brathwaite, Pam Ponder, Cynthia Phipps, Diane Faust. Missing: Scorekeeper Sandra Petterson f V Coach Daly 74 . NA I, Q ,4 i 15 c 4 i n . 4- I a ; - l i! g 1i. . ! . I ! 5 K Q . Y ' 9 1 xx: . mwwqml m : . . -;.$..n-,;. . . x .-. . - Debble Frankel $ , . ; ? : Z ; xx . x: - ,. ' x . , , Viilgvagxk :?xxxxwxx$wmwmwwxx A i , , .3 x N R$Wxxi w Arnette Phipps xwxw.wmwun Kim J ames WINTER TRACK Kneeling: Joyce Rzucek, Darryl Sessions, Charmaine Merrich, Dennis Thompson, Olga Solomos. 5 -' Standing: Anthony Lajewski, Claude Jordan, Jeff Synder, Arthur Wallace, Geoffry Jordan, Charles Howard 76 77 J eff Snyder Tony Lajewski Dennis Thompson lOI'lS Darryl Sess A 1 I L 51 1 ii, wit. fiIIIIxY. . Y:l 0:31 .511; ,. A b nulr vli..'w.u!! I WRESTLING Kneeling: Howard Taylor, Dwayne Galbreath, Joshua Galbreath, Lester Voorhees. Standing: Kevin Haney, Keith Brown, Norman Daniels, John Willard, Sam Foy, O Neal Johnson, Head Coach Oscar D. Overby. Ju'lf'stf . 7 I A- ' C, ..A;- .. .'-+ . 1X. Head Coach Oscar D. Overby Wr;$ Num?$ viSJ-N :v: l $5 N fSKQNNQ illard J ohnny W h t a e r m a G a u h S 0 J i133, 631$?! VARSITY BASEBALL .4 Sitting: C. Ramos, R. Martinez, A. Fuqua, E. Ellis, J. Guadalupe, J. Bruno, M. Rodgers. Kneeling: J. Schenck, C. Allende, A. Gonzalez, W. Sullen, M. Gordon, E. Williams, G. Baker, J. Snyder, H. Middleton. Standing: Coach Retzlaff, Head Coach Miller, Coach Shirley, Coach Doherty, D. Weiss, D. Walker, E. Zayas, Z. Earvin, G. Earvin, W. Godfrey ' .. . giIc-LA .'. at . A tf. r... .5 . xv Coach Doherty, Head Coach Miller, Coach Shirley, Coach Retzlaff 6 W ,M Wilbur Godfrey Mike Rodgers WWW - Marvin Gordon anw. J 0e Schenck WWWW Herb Middleton Jeff Snyder 81 Erskin Williams Dave Weiss S R m N E S 'x $ l. 2 v 4 I , ! L E ,1; 1 1 u 1 El 1 3V 2 g $ r J , Q , .' r i S i 7 i w ,. N, am -A. .- . - .LHLaggwqi 5:1" ' J.V. BASEBALL Sitting: R. Lim, T. Virgil, A. Walker, J. Martinez, M. Brown, W. Thompson, F. Azcona. Kneeling: G. Brown, L. Bormanshinov, D. Gray, M. Lockhart, B. Walker, B. Bormanshinov, R. Howard, J. Hood. Standing: E. Bormanshinov, M. Faust, C. Sanders, F. Young, K. Tinley, D. Hawkins, G. Brokow, Coach Retzlaff 83 84 GIRLS SOFTBALL Row 1: Connie Johnson, Julie Claudio, Sandra Lockhart, Cynthia Phipps, Lawanda Jefferson, Kim James, Yolanda Arriaga, Debbie Frankel. Row 2: Desiree Slacum, Monica Alexander, Lorie Lajewski, Darleen Lajewski, Bonnie Lugo, Doris Hill, Nilda Garcia, Coach Parker. Row 3: Pam Ponder, Laura Rivera, Gina Bowser, Diane Faust, Carol Harris, Michelle Kinsey, Shirley Purnell, Marcella Moore. Missing: Head Coach P. Forbes 77 . g----u..'. A im J ames K ilda Garcia N Debbie Frankel 85 ,....,,A.L... '. u. 86 GIRLS SPRING TRACK Row 1: Joyce Rzueck, Charmine Merrick, Gina Bowser, Robyn Lane, Celeyne Haggins, Belinda Ratliff, Sandra Session, Shelia Virgil. Row 2: Amy Lens, Denise McGhee, Chris Howard, Althea Kinsey, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Trotman, Regina Ross, Felicia Booker. Row 3: Doreen Petterson, Colleen Hudgins, Cassandra Cherry, Alfreda Young, Denise Pollard, Wilma Sullen. Row 4: Stephannie Johnson, Gwen Howard, Vonnie Jones, Pam Wiggins, Bertha Brown, Cheryl Caldwell. Row 5: Teri Braithwaite, Beverly Taylor, Coach Moody, Laura Fenn, Laviana Hendricks, Luthelia Jackson, Eva Claudio .g A 5.3..J... . A ' x . 3.. JVSVK arupaa a . .. o D 7 Coach J ones Standing: . Rayner S J ordan, Roundtree. C , T. ajette, M A. Peoples , L. Ford, ion K tting: M. Henry, Thompson, V. Walker, D. Sess i S ERIN. a..i6.IIeI vvali !. . 5,, Dennis Thompson Coach Jones 8z Captain Thompson Darryl Session ' . . . .J . H . . . . . I y 00r n g u. f , f 1, , , v i . , . .Ili'tk . . . . . ; x. V r V . I . x P bl: . i ! . L . . h. . . I I. i .I 1v ! il r 1. V a v .. I I ditJIUliwi tn? , JWI,K J 4W . . n , ,. A. z , . . - a L . , i v t I .; n I 7 I ' I '1 V b viy Ir; 3!.l: 1 1 v . , 2, , ,W?, Philip Sanders 5 , ? , James Kemp, Kevin Jackson, Kermit Anderson. ixon 1nD Mart Coach Brown, Ernest Kinsey, Philip Sanders, Bill Marguccio, Mike Vann Coach Brown 8; Captain Sanders Kneeling Standing 88 ,wVa J ohn Moetz 34$ $3$ QAW , x xx $Vwexxr 7,3,2 4;wa Coach Melech 8; Captain Moetz BOYS TENNIS n h 0 J h, C b m h C a O C 2 w 0 R k. y r w a L k a Z .m, m r G k C .n r a D S, e g m r B y r r a L o a Row 1 Moetz Dean Sutton, Nick Lawryk. Row 8. Brian Caldwell, Rodney Robinson, Ash Rateb, Steve Webb GIRLS? J.V. BASKETBALL ; a . ' imam . n" ' Imus! ii i 4:: W h .14K 15: Row 1: Carolyn McCillian, Desiree Slacum, Claudio Julio, Gina Bowser, Althea Kinsey, Shelia Pollard, Janice Washington. Row 2: COACH Moody, Jennifer Harrison, Belinda Mitchell, Robin Johnson, Denise McGhee, Francine Sims J .V. WRESTLING . W', .. , .. N ',V 6,. 1, 5w . 1.1!, r . iif. 1,3" . l ! 3. , , m. i .41? Hi ' D1! r : V i 1 3,. . , . rV'rul gig. I, . .gi n. 1.. 17149 i y. ,y -..i ",fuhi' 'vzx- 1' S r. a , C1 i ? irI Row 1: Randy Booker, Morris Brown, Tim Foster. Row 2: Alvin Felton, Dwayne Galbreath, Alfred Garcia, Eugene Brown, Charles Jackson. Row 3: Howard Taylor, Norman Daniels, Julio Guadalupe, Rodney Merritt, Mitcher Newsome, Ernest Kinsey, Anthony 90 Howard, Garland Wever, Coach Doherty :TgNWENNN Row 1: Freddy Burton, Byron Reid, Chris Engram. Row 2: Vernal Newson, Dell Walker, Tony McCargo, Glenn Irving BOYS, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Row 1: Herb Sanders, Alston Walker, Tony Robinson, James Rice, William Gillus, Lawrence Majette, Zola Finney, Johnny George, Darron Baity. Row 2: Toby Virgil, Vaughn Jennings, Richard Luster, Glenn Brokaw, Sam Sessions, Marvin Lockhart, Robert McCoy, Jimmie Davis. Missing: Ray Smith, Timothy Matchett, Glen Coleman, Mgr. Brian Byrom, Coach Bigos 91 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS v Nxxxww. M Row 1: Candy McCargo, Darlene Lajewski, Bonnie Lugo, Robyn Lane. Row 2: Nancy Lens, Donna Snyder, Valerie James, Sandra Ratliff. J,:,V- CHELEEERADR Row 1: Cylene Haggins, Teresa Booker, Robyn Lane, Bonnie Lugo. Row 2: Candy 92 McCargo, Cassandra Jones, Donna Snyder I ,1 x. a j ' 4., a , 75 ' .N 3 .' ,...- ,.. -7-..-m "'-mmum.. nanny..- 0.....qu- Advisor Bunny Liss ; .oh..-QII!.II . .u-unp' Valerie J ames ,- k; .......A;'..u,, .. 2 .i IVI ies d A 96 .1. ,3.. 76.; Kneeling: Jesse Crawford, Lawrence Bridges, Fred Foy, Ken Weeks, Pam Wiggins Standing: Mr. Lyssenko, Lisa Kulihin, Janine Paskosky, Teri Bolyog, Bill Marguccio, Nancy Lens, Joyce Rzucek, Rita Gardner Standing: Olga Solomos, Darlene Lajewski, Sharon Augustine, Tyrone Emmons, William Daly, Kevin Brown, Zachary Lawryk, Nicholas Lawryk, Missing: Baiba Bachs, Darron Baity, Al Felton, Vaugn Jennings, Claude Jordan, Anibal Martinez, Philip Ridder, Dean Sutton, Alston Walker as k y r w a L y r a h C a Z Rita Gardner w A ,7 x iz 7km", 7 tor lrec Lyssenko D Teri Bolyog Mr . -1 3!.vti ilnlxtu . due..- ll. .wA. :wr, .ww 98 .w W LE SQUAD Karen Thompson, Cheryl Smith, Susan Trotman, Cheryl Cardwell, Hazel Moore, Diana Wright, Chris Howard, Patricia Veltre, Diana Varga. Missing: Marcella Brown, Debbie McLaughlin, Rose Pickett, Jackie Timko Diana Varga Captain fwd: , W533; -, A i-zxk'm r , K ? a, $4 ,, g A 4,, . w 15' "MN, W; WWWWM Bonnie Havrilla, Christine Baker, Linda Havrilla, Bunni Beaver, Peggy Toreky, Doreen Petterson, Ann Koops. Missing: Sharon Madden m 3mm mam vacuom-A; g. 1: A i E l ! $1 A Christine Baker WMm-memw Ann Koops mwmrw 2H Sitting: Debbie Frankel, Dawn VanDeursen. Standing: Donna Mock, Josephine Marchetta, Carla Hermann, Judy Conger, Pearl Harada. Missing: Jessy Burgos, Evelyn Hernandez, Irma Rivera Miss Wajcs 102 ngy: 31x Captain Carla Hermann Josephine Marchetta Dawn VanDeursen Co-captain Dawn VanDeursen Co-captain Debbie Frankel 103 W J min Eukuiii .Xm 33.38. .s? l . J osephine Marchetta J udy Conger J UNIOR CLASS COUNCIL Sitting 8L Kneeling: Cynthia Armour, Sandra Lockhart, Olga Solomos, Carol Adamskik, Mark Henry, Arthur Haney. Standing: Tywayne Ross, Hope McCormick, Sandra Petterson, Douglas Hawkins, Michael Hueston, Angellette Hush, Mrs. Goldberg-Advisor, Amy Lens I : a .. 1 l. I V . . L . , . ..nyir .17! 3.... mwawr ,lw..ll,,i.2 Uri wnrub, , Keith Brown. Row 2: Jennifer Harris, Cynthia Phipps, Monica Alexander Mr. d r a Wn em a$ Paw mya am r gn nu E94 .m 1 mm Cm MR 3 ad u.m Bdm .mBkU FLAW ..e IWAm mom R30 310 .mm DP SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL 106 L w u c s H m H K w W s N u a 8 W E n I963 'r BOARD OF Donna Bowl' Pr ! Sandra Johnson-Treasurer, Katrina Lockhart-V-President President, Dawn P Advisor lng- 18; mcipa ice- ttman-Secretary, Mr. Joseph Homoki-V i PUERTO RICAN CULTURE CLUB 0.2; I , . 2y? , , , W Row 1: Tony Vega, Margarita Matias, Maria Alvarez, Madeline Marcano, Esther Miranda, Jessamine '. Burgos. Row 2: Nydia Santiago, Bernadette Lugo, Irma Rivera, Nilda Garcia, Alfred Garcia. Row 3: Ruben VJ: Martinez, Sandra Allende, Gilbert Trindad, Carols Allende, Jose Bruno. Row 4: Mr. Garcia, Eddie Phitts, Mr. , v; ' Muniz, Mr. Bonilla, Nelson Irizarry. Missing: Marcella Benjamin, Carmen Bonilla, Evelyn Hernandez, Aurora , Medina, Milagros Medina, Patrick Murray, Emilia Crespo, Nereida Ramos, Rafael Ramos, Angel Gonzalez, Marcelino Perez ' y. ' ' I ,t ; t K Wk ,,. 108 A . OFFICERS 8L ADVISORS C.C R P awkwmwmmmmmw u! . furanuv ....... l 1!. .v1 595141, 1.3m -V-Pres., iranda 1a-Pres., Esther M Gilbert Trindad Garc . Nilda Garc Alfred Garcia Row 1 Publicity , Treasurer ISOI', Muniz-Adv' la-Advisor, Mr. Mr Mr. Bonilla-Advisor Q - Chairman. Row 2 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Kneeling: Mike Heuston, Verna Cooper, Denise Hawes, Dennis Thompson, Santa Papotto. Standing: Stephanie Sellers, Mr. Kuchinski-Advisor, Marlina Papotto, Lorraine Tresch, Joanne Landolfi, Marcella Benjamin, Patricia Horton Row 1: Patricia Horton, Shirley Medina, Joanne Landolfi, Marlina Papotto. Row 2: f Maida Feliciano, Nereida Ramos, Virgin Malave, Darrell King, Stephanie Sellers, Verna 1 E Cooper. Row 3: Mr. Kuchinski-Advisor, Denise Hawes, Margaret Curry, Phyllis Dolphin, n Judy Larriu, Santa Papotto FUTURE 1 , , , FARMERS Kneeling: Claude Williams, Norman Daniels, Elliot Hagood, Kevin Haney, Edward VanEnglin, 1 Carlos Ramos, Victor Veltre. Standing: Joseph Schenk, Dudley Engram, Pedro Malave, Dennis Lowry, Jose Guerniea, Tony Lajewski, Dell Walker, John 11POPS,1 Wilson, Don L. Boatman, Wilbur Godfrey, Mark Lovio, Advisor Jules Perlstein "XV ,,w ix 1! f: do WW 1 F.F.A. OFFICERS 8z ADVISOR Advisor Jules Perlstein, President Mark Lovio, Vice-President Victor Veltre, Secretary Dennis Lowry 111 ' Josephine Marchetta, Editor. Standing: Nilda Garcia, Anne Adv1sor, Shamanski, Sandra Petterson, Jonathan Berry, Elaine Catiz ADVOCATE STAFF , Seated: Yolan Varga 112 Row 1: Earl Jenkins, Toby Golden, Cindy Lugo, Howard Taylor, Joann Berry, Nilda Garcia, Jeronny Edmonds. Row 2: Dudley Engram, Sue Szabo, Ernestine Muldrow, Angelo Ford, Carol McMilIian, Patricia Summers, Mr. Huff Advisor. Row 3: Douglas Hawkins, Alicia Tyler, Antwon Young, Christine Baker, Alvin Felton, Sabrina Hall, Richard Garcia SENIOR CHORUS MEMBERS Row 1: Nilda Garcia, Sue Szabo. Row 2: Dudley Engram, Cindy Lugo, Richard Garcia. Row 3: Christine Baker, Sabrina Hall. Row 4: Mr. H. Huff, Advisor 113 114 . .H.S. RADIO CLUB Seated: Robert McGee, Jeff Saunders, Glen Ford, Derek Gatling. Solomos, Eddie Borberly Standing: Lisa Kulihin, Olga 4:..1ncawan. ' -. ,xi;z : QM KQMSM aw -i. --'- -.;a.'.:.-..u; . I wwmuw-V Awgungsvar u.- Jawd ' ma. vmw- mww aw, giggly miaaxw, l lxxxxzzzl Sitting: Josephine Marchetta, John Moetz, Christine Baker, Mrs. Horn, Advisor. Standing: Susan Szabo, Dawn Van Deursen, Debbie Frankel, Philip Sanders, Ann Koops, Margaret Curry, Vanessa Peterson N .H.S. OFFICERS 8L ADVISOR Josephine Marchetta, President; John Moetz, Vice-President; Mrs. Ruth Horn, Advisor 115 1978 NATIONL HONOR SOCIETY a I muwur - fwl HA; ,..;.4..yag .r: lum- . garb; ' taxman- 3'- :1; Row 1: B. Velmahos, P. Sanders, J. Moetz, L. Taylor, B. Havrilla, B. Edwards, J. Berry, ' 4 R. Ramos, A. Doolittle. Row 2: C. Baker, D. Frankel, A. Shamanski, C. Hermann, A. Koops, ' ' E. Catis, M. Miroulis, E. Batrof, T. Kinsey, L. Kulihin, L. Tresch, Mrs. Horn Advisor. Row 3: D. Ward, A. Lens, M. LOVi0, S. Szabo, V. Peterson, Z. Lawryk, J. Conger, C. Adamski, B. v Bachs, S. Petterson, N. Garcia. MISSING: S. Barnett, C. Quinn, S. Papotte, R. Ramdass, A. ; t Hush, M. Curry, R. Gardner, J. Marchetta, D. Van Deursen ; ' GIRLS, CLUB , 421' - l , . wd' tr x V x 1w Sitting: Charylane Gillus, Barbara Stokes, Gina Bowser, Alicia Tyler, Dian Bowser, 116 Gerinda Wilson. Standing: Barbara Shephard, Cindy Jones, Betty L. Hodges Advisor L" CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS "W884, ., .. v - 7 . ..4.. 3.1.- .7 n, 7. f '7 -. 8.4.. . "NAN 2;; A TiVWTEnwW'T 5L 2:;453'53' GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1978 WHANK YOU FOR BEING, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1978 k" 1 5"": FROM J.V. AND VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM HODGE .47. m 3:? ! e 7 :7 ' u. 'f D g. .g. .83, ;-.:7 .':-i . 7 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 378 + MR. EDWARD SELBY CHIEF OF SECURITY JOE HARRIS . SCOTT BILL JORDAN . VAN LIEW LEON BROADWATER . FAMA STANLEY ECHOLS . LIOTTA CURTIS GLADDEN . BUSH WILLIAM SHIRLEY . BRUZZESE 4 . .7 wh8mwagk Ag, gammgtws 5,; 717762827 .. m7. :8 . A; 7' v . , , , w . ,A 1.. ,8. . Congratulations, Best Wishes and Lots of Luck to The Class of 1978 From: The CO-WORKERS AT SUNSHINE BISCUTIS Bordentown Avenue 8: Jernee Mill Road Sayreville, New Jersey 08872 Congratulations And Best Wishes T0 the Class of 1978 From These members of the New Brunswick Marching Zebras: BAND Director: Mike Lysenko EXECUTIVE BOARD President- Teri Bolyog 6m Drum Majorette- Rita Gardner 6m Vice-President- Lisa Kulihin Um Secretary- Bill Marguccio $ophJ , 3 '1 Treasurer- Janine Paskosky UrJ ' SENIORS SOPHOMORES Nick Lawryk Jesse Crawford Phillip Ridder i Zachary Lawryk J oyce Rzucek Dean Sutton Ken Weeks . . REDSHAW 8TH ' 3 JUNIORS FRESHMEN GRADERS :' f Sharon Augustine Lawrence Bridges Jeff Alexander Gerard Locke - Biaba Bachs Kevin Brown Hector Araya Paul Robinson ' -'i Darlene Lajewski Fred Foy Sue Gardner Arnesto Roman Nancy Lens Claude Jordan Frank Hopps Darlene Thompson Ronald Howard Olga Solomos Lamont Lampert Two Anonynmous Donators TWIRLERS Advisor: Miss Jacqueline Wajcs Captain- Carla Hermann 6m Co-Captain- Debbie Frankel Sm Co-Captain- Dawn Van Deursen $rJ SENIOR SQUAD MEMBERS Judy Conger Josephine Marchetta COLOR GUARD Captain- Diana Varga $rJ Co-Captain- Karen Thompson GM SQUAD MEMBERS Big Cheryl Cheryl Smith Chirs Howard Susan Trotman Hazel Moore Trisha Veltre Diana Wright . 4 i ' k I - ' ' ' ' ,, - ' 3V;M;I:525 sejhggq; .gw 3.3393453 ' - , . 119 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1978 MILLTOWN BOARD OF EDUCATION C 8z M Electrical Contracting C0., Inc. oEngineering 8L Installatioanew Facilities 8: Renovation Work 0 High Voltage 2 Site Lighting 2 Maintenance 0 New Installations Hndustrial 8L CommerciaD o Trencher 0 Aerial Trucks 0 Digger 8; Boom Truck oJobbing Trucks License $4205 0 Jobbing 8; Equipment Trailers 2086 US. Route 130, North Brunswick, NJ. 08902 Member 2New Brunswick Tomorrow,, . 201-297-0400 Best Wishes T0 The Class Of 1978 New Brunswick Education Association 177 Delevan Street New Brunswick, New Jersey John Sincaglia President Elliot White lst Vice President Janet Obrzut 2nd Vice President Laura Rosenfeld Recording Secretary Nancy Antos Corresponding Secretary J erri Jurrens Treasurer GUMINA BUILDING 8z CONSTRUCTION CO. New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS CREAM - O - LAND DAIRY On your mark. Get set. , Go Marines. Are you ready to get out of the rut youTre in and into one of the hundreds of exciting, good-paying, meaningful Marine career jobs? Get set. Go Marines. Call SSgt SAWYER at 238-5810 The Few. The Proud. The Marines. BEST WISHES FROM IRVING VEROSLOFF N 0 Appointment 420D 247-0494 BEAUTY WORLD STANDARD ACADEMY The Complete Beauty Salon The Complete Beauty School New Brunswick 122 Albany Street N. J. 08901 BEST WISHES BOB BOYLER SUPER SHOP GROCERY 797 Somerset Street Somerset, New Jersey 08873 545-5212 The Store which serves the entire community Edward L. Orders Proprietors Woodrow H. Stanley BODNAR,S LIQUOR STORE 41 Georges Road New Brunswick, NJ. 249-4200 Telephone: 249-6602 CRYSTAL PRODUCTS CORP. Wholesale Food Distributors 9 High Street Somerset, New Jersey CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 178 Compliments of PETE1S DAIRY STORE 160 French Street Congratulations And Best Wishes FRANK M. REGNAULT H. W. BROWN, HARDWARE, INC. Free Parking Free Delivery HOUSE FURNISHINGS ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES SAPOLIN PAINTS 22 Georges Road New Brunswick, N.J. 08902 545-3253 Tel. 846-2244 8WINES FROM ALL NATIONS3 O4LEARY4S LIQUORS DELIVERY SERVICE VINCENT O4LEARY 160 Louis Street Corner of Central Ave. New Brunswick, N.J. HARRY A. AGIN AND SON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS P.O. BOX 1896 North Brunswick, N.J. 08902 PHONE 249-5186 BEST WISHES ROTOR CLIP CO., INC. 930mm i! Annie Captains LITTLE WILLIE BAR 117 REMSEN AVENUE NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. 08901 GOOD LUCK PETER RETZLAFF O.B. AND FOX EGG CORP. SOUTH BOUND BROOK Call 5 356-8440 ??wwmdwa-a '. . . 4 r' -.:- .4: Jaf- a z. s. 4a,, Congratulations And Good Fortune T0 The Class Of 1978 The New Brunswick Board Of Education And Central Administrative Staff C. Roy Epps President of the Board Patricia Brady Vice-President of the Board Marjorie Baier ' August Bonanne Edward Boylan Blanca Gonzalez Dino Zarrella Terrill M. Brenner Attorney for the Board John F. Donahue Secretary to the Board Frank G. Reen Superintendent Earl G. Bornholm Assistant Superintendent Stephen Farkas Coordinator of Special Projects Alfred Rotundo Supervisor of Building 8: Grounds John F. Anderson Transportation Coordinator A PRODUCTIVE AND HAPPY FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF "78 N.B.H.S. PTA Gooo Luck CLASS Or- "18" CARLH HERMHNN DEBBIE FRANKEL CO-CAPTAI N EVELYN HERNANDEZ IRMA RIVERA CO-CAPTRIN JESSY BUPGOS DON NA MOCK JOSEPHINE CONGER MARCHETrA OUR ADVISIOR , Imss wmcs Best Wishes From Your AIR FORCE RECRUITER SSGT. GREG CARROLL American Office Mall 275 State Highway No. 18 East Brunswick, N.J. 08816 Phone: 238-5841 THANK YOU New Brunswick High School for educating our children. MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH MARCHETTA Anthony 166 Frances 172 Russell 169 Josephine 178 FROM A PATRON .- - BEST WISHES SENIORS BOYLER,S OK SERVICE 282 George Street New Brunswick, NJ. 08901 CONGRATULATIONS 19.78 SENIORS WALSWORTH Maroeline, Mo., U.S.A. Am. ?I..,. iyhmgng z, I i. 1H WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. Inches 1 2 Centimetres ,; r , , ' , v 1", 3;" Qii K MP??? QTheTiffen Company, 2007 Blue Cyan Green Yellow Magenta White 3lCoIor

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