New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ)

 - Class of 1976

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CONTENT 3'1" 53333333113 - 3W . WA, 3:" ,3 Irrizo'fff .1 rmlf 37 Sitting: Mr. William Amann, Mr. Donald B. Fraser, Presi- dent, Mr. Robert Reagan. Standing: Mr. John Orlick, Mr. Eugene Fabiny, Mr. Donald Skistimas, Mr.James Strimple, Mr. James Beacham. BOARDS OF EDUCATION New Brunswick Board Of Education Sitting: Mrs. Horace Garvin, Dr. Hugh Koops, President, Mr. Edward Lane, MissMar- garet Baier. Standing: Mr. Terrell Bren- ner, Mr. Carlos Pineiro, Dr. Bradly, Mr. Eli Saltz. NA vruii x'? ? z .. , .- 1 x.., CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION Frank Reen Acting Superintendent of Schools Earl G. Bornholm ' Elli G. Spack Ass't. to Superintendent for Ass't. to Superintendent for Personnel Administration John Anderson Alfred Rotunda John Donahue Transportation Coordinator Supervisor of Building 84 Ass't. to Ass't. Superinten- 4 Grounds dent for Business 840perations 4 ??? Patricia Da ly Robert Bornstein Director Of Elem. gt Sec. Mauro Grosso . Supervisor of Career Education Health Director of Athletics DIRECTORS C. Donald Kahrmann George Krauss Director of Fine Arts Director of Music Apna Lopez . . George F. Meyer Jr. Nathan Segal Directoy of Bl lmgual Director Of CareerEducation Director of Mu lti Media Service Education 8: Special Programs 5 Mr. Robert J. Boyler PRINCIPAL PRINCIPALlS MESSAGE To the outside world, 1975-1976 will mean noth- ing more than inflation, unemployment, world problems, and changes in dress style; it's another year closer to death, another year to hope that something better will come along. To us, however, 1975-76 means some- thing more than that. It's a beginning, and as such it symbolizes the pain, struggle, and work that has gone on to make N.B.H.S . what it is now, and the future trials in the effort to make it better. If these halls could talk, they would have a lot to say: they have seen riots, unrest, horseplay, dedica- tion, heartaches both great and small. But mainly during this year they have witnessed the growth of new atti- tudes. As such we have no great tradition; indeed, our school has only been stabilized for one year. Thus We find ourselves in a transition period, one in which ideas for the future must be worked out, one in which the foun- dations for the further growth of understanding and ac- ceptance will be laid. Today's plans for tomorrow's greatness must be car- ried out in the same spirit that yesterday's were, how- ever, we must review the ups and downs that have been witnessed and continue to develop the spirit manifested by you. We must carry on the spirit and work in hope of leaving this school a better place than we found. In the spirit that you have given we must get on with it now, and see N.B.H.S. today and tomorrow. Per- haps, with enough courage and dedication, future grad- uating classes will make your intimations correct. ............... Kelley Bowser ViCe-Principal QQ - V V xi ipxx Wk ' y, xx Raymond Presnal 131 Assistant John F erriday Vice-Principal Mae Butler Truant Officer Betty Hodges Joseph Homoki Robert Kuchinski Home Economics Social Studies Business Education DEPARTMENT HEADS MWMM x $ $ $ x 31 x $ S R $ $ David Kutliroff Frank Mumber Sol Whitman Science English, Language Mathematics QMQQXQQQQQ. QX, Q Q Q QQQQ Ixon ide Reading A ion Clerk ine Zyskowski Dorothy D Rosalie Manfre Career lnformat Made! C lerk ,QQx, Q Q, QQQQQQQQ . Q QCQQ C Q Q QQ Q QQQ QQQHQ g n a L n a G J k r b C Louise Zangara C lerk x Q QQQQ istopher Queen Frost Ann Nestor Viola Chr Secretary SECURITY AIDS Edward Selby Chief of Security A. Rivera,ltr,W. Jordan, L. Bykoadwater, M. Jackson, B. Bush, S. Echols, J. Liotto, J. Neal. Don Bowling X Community Relations Agent 'n Front Row: Marguerito Bergamasco, Gertrude Drager, Ann Engent, Erika Mueller, Josephine Shelley, Mary Mupo, Mildred Regan. Back Row: Claire McCawley, Florence Dori, Phyllis Zelehoski, Janet Burns, Grace LeVay, Rosetta Siarro, Margaret Garamnolgyi. w W Mm. ,,, , WW ,,W. WWWWIWW i i John Agins Victor Bartkus Elizabeth Barton Industrial Arts Science Business Education 2,1 Margaret Bertalan Joan Bornheimer F red Brown Science Language Mathematics W dA; -s lx'Gr' s a: l, Barbara Bruennig Karl Burnstein Roy Carter Language, English Social Studies Science Margaret Chang Helen Couphos English English, Language Joseph Crawford Henry Doswell Peggy Dulin Guidance Guidance Business Education Klem Figulski Joanne Fish Portia Forbes Guidance Language Physical Education 13 Thomas Forrest Miguel Gracia Samuel Gioe Physical Education Bi-Lingual Social Studies MM K a? 3 ,l , Myrl .Goldberg . Kathy Gorka Arlene Guellnitz PhySIcal Education English Home Economics Ann Marie; Harding Betsy Ann Harvey Charlotte Hobson Mathematics Physical Education Guidance a 7 ' . A 9 I , y, , 1 ' ' : X '9 7y ; , M 7 v ' . 1 x . g Sr 7 7 ,4 , I X z , l y, , p , f ; i , ; 1 Robert Hooper Ruth Horn Herbert Huff Physical Education Social Studies Music ny Adele Jacob Ronald Johns Edmund Jones Language Drama Industrial Arts Robert Jones David Karanja Mary Kardos Industrial Arts Language Mathematics 15 Kathryn Keating Harriet Kern Kalla Knight Special Education English Mathematics Peter Korey Joan Kuchinski Suzanne Layton- Music Home Economics PhySIcal Education Patrick Leone Arlene Liss 16 Industrial Arts Social Studies English Gerald lVlelech ;, y, 7 Norman Messeroll Sheila Mohammed Sarah Moody Physical Education Special Education Physical: Education Frank Muniz John Nelson Charles Noren Guidance Science Business Education Janet Obrzut Michael Onuska Kathy Oram Reading Business Education Home Economics 17 Oscar Overby Jack Pace John Parker Physical Education Reading, English Industrial Arts Jules Perlstein Paul Prunsinski Gloria Rahn Agriculture Social Studies English Mary Reilly Peter Retzlaff Daniel Robinovitz 18 Reading, English English, Human Relations Mathematics i a. ,- Bf ,e g M0 m , ,B ,, i Charlie Mae Sharp Emma Silber Walter Skelding Business Education Language Special Education ; w w g u A Thomas Smith Milton Teich Elito Tiangco Industrial Arts Science Science Margaret Vida Mittie Waddell Jacqueline Wajcs Business Education Business Education Home Economics ,, M ,, ,MMMMZVM MM MMMM MM, 2 M M M M. M. MM, M , 4 MM. , 2 m7 Mm .MMMMM Main MMMMNM MM Maia? MMMMM MM MM MMMMAMMM MM. MMM MMM M MMM M M Nelda Wright English Industrial Arts Larry Zeidler W .MMMMMRN ina Zano Social Studies Nurse Angel illlilliunnniml Walter Wi lson M l0n x Q s Xxx N X s x x W s s ,M IIIII 8M x Xx Ann Zakanycz Edward Wa scavage Business Educat Guidance wi, "Bert" , H . R . Aquarius Pisces "Suzie ilmer Ave I ick School Store ights Rep. Susan Akar 147 Joyce K New Brunsw Roberta Marlene Allan ighl 137 Redmond St. Pres H ,2, , 722x a e227 llvalll Stage ius "Ricky" itarrius Sag 27x Chorus, Aquar ic.kl. I F lag Un Manager. 8 dt OS mm eW .H b5 301 V1 New Brunsw Richard Alford 117 Remsen Ave New Brunswick Football Aries Leo "Noonie'I 12391 225 Talmadge St., New Brunswick. "Big OH is Alexander 371 Remsen Ave. , New Brunswick. Elaine Abode Bowling Club, Highlights, Senior H . R . Pres Ot Ingrid Allicock "Ingrid" 310 Redmond St., New Brunswick. Film Club, Yearbook Taurus Timothy D. Astor "Tim" 198 E. Lawrence St., Milltown. Baseball, Football, GolfClub Caridad A lvarez "Caridad" 65 Lee Ave. , New Brunswick. Fi lm Club Capricorn Wi lfredo Ayes "Freddy" 154 Comstock St., New Brunswick. Taurus Kevin Anderson "Kevin" 20 Bergen Court., New Brunswick. Leo Elizabeth Bacorn "Liz" 143 Suydam St., New Brunswick. Girls Cross-Country, Girls Spring Track, Yearbook Comm. Scorpio WWW 1W X , V 1' NH "M, w kg "Brian" Brian Baldini 180 Lawrence St., New' Brunswick Track, Cross-Country, Band Cancer Bradford Bell "Gorilla" 12 Straford Pl., Football, Baseball, Basketball Manager Leo 1n. W ,, exx 1e i1 Grace Balogh "Grace" 87 Plum St., New Brunswick Drill Team, Flag Unit Sagittarius Patrick Billups 81 Throop Ave., New Brunswick J.V. Basketball ll Patll Aquarius Claire Becker 16 Garden Pl., New Brunswick Flag Unit, Student Council Ora Jean Blount "Claire" Cancer "Jean" 1 76 Mem orial Pkway . , New Brunswick Aquarius Barbara Ann Booker Kathleen Borbely "Kathy" "Barbara" 54 Handy St., 25 Henry St., New Brunswick. Cancer New Brunswick. Track, Bowling Virgo Margaret Bongiovi 205 Redmond St., New Brunswick. Sagittarius Jerry Boykin "Dynamite" Jackie Brady "Jackie" Thomas Brew "Tom" 33 Commercial Ave. , 17 Clay St., 220 Powers St. , New Brunswick. F.F.A. Milltown. Sagittarius New Brunswick. Taurus Varsity Baseball, Football ,, ?XXX V h ' B ' 5 "Bones" Ellen Brownstein Frank Bruzzese "Cheech" g9ngJvlvggend St., 268 Ellen St., 201 French.St., New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswnck Drill Team Scorpio Yearbook Staff Capricorn Band, Yearbook, Student Council, Drama Club Leo Sandra Buckelew "Sandy" Robert Byrom "BOObY" Thomas Cappella "Tom" 167 80. Main St., 39 Talmadge St., 76? Booream Ave., lVIilltown Cancer New Brunswick Capricorn lVllHtown Photography Club y 0 ?f Cynthia R. Carter "Cindy" Leslie Karen Carter "Les" William Catchings "Bill" 26 Voorhees Rd., 26 Regency Manor Drive, 314 Brook Dr., New Brunswick. New Brunswick. lVIilltown. Marching Band, F.F.A., Tennis, Advocate, Yearbook Mathletes Capricorn Concert Band, Drama,Year- Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., book Comm . , CSC Scorpio Cheerleader Aries Bill Cathcart "Pump" Barry Christopher Terrence A. Clark "Terry" 78 Quentin Ave., 57 Wilcox Rd., 15 Henry St., New Brunswick. Libra New Brunswick. New Brunswick. National Honor Society,Year- Winter 8L Spring Track, Bowl- book Comm ., Matheletes ing Team Pisces Capricorn Scorpio Taurus New Brunswick , Spring Basketball Myra Echols 9O Redmond St., Track 17 Jefferson Ave New Brunswick John Doherty Football IIBObII Gemini Virgo e. V A n 0 t S g n .N L IO 5 .l. k .m W S n U r B W e N Robert Deinzer Joseph Dorsey 91 Wright Pl., New Brunswick Scorpio usugaru Sagittarius Kevin DeGroff Alice Donovan 282 Delavan St., New Brunswmk 8 Main St., Mllltown Kim Gano 115 North Talmadge St., 47 Wright Pl., New Brunswick. Scorpio New Brunswick Deborah Gaul 255 Baldwin St., New Brunswick. Marching Band , Concert Band, lVlajorette, National HonorSo- ciety,Yearbook Comm. "Debbie" Paul Gerhart lVlilltown. Varsity Basket Boys State Gemini Loretta Ga skin 5 62 South Main St., Honor Society, Delegate To K , .-9 . NON , I V .1 a 3.1. 9.33, 9' " 231 $2 a l 3' Brenda Gatlin 107 First St., Mi lltown . Twirling Co-Cap. , National Honor Society, Girls State Delegate Leo h Sagittarius Venus A. Goddard 192 Rutgers St., New Brunswick. Cheerleading, Track, Girls X-Country Libra "Black" ball, National Taurus W V, 2w 4 y; X222222 xxx.xxxK xxxi 2 'xxx2x 22 2x22 xx 2 2 Mary Lou Gomez Rand Guise "Randy" Michael Guyader "Mike" 124 Joyce Kilmer Ave., 357 No. Main St., 102 J.F. Kennedy Dr., New Brunswick. Virgo lVlilltown. Milltown. Bowling Club Scorpio Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball, Key Club, Drama Taurus Serafin Guzaman "Pito" Patti Haefner Richard E. Hahn "Don" 123 Sommerset St., 252 Highland Drive, 50 Duke St, New Brunswick. Libra lVlilltown. Scorpio New Brunswick. Football, Track And Field Leo NWwaW I X Deborah Hammann "Debbie" Cheryl Haney Sheila Denise Hardy 60 South Main Street, 105 Remsen Avenue, "SheShe" Milltown. New Brunswick. Sagittarius 51 May Street, National Honor Society, New Brunswmk. Varsity Basketball, Varsity nghllghtS, Yearbook, Prom Track Leo Comm., Trip Comm., Fund Raising Comm. , H .R . V.- Pres. Sagittarius Cheryl LynnHarper "Lynn" Jeanette Harper Jennifer Harper 119 Bayard Street, 129 Throop Avenue, 129 Throop Avenue, New Brunswick. Aries New Brunswick. Leo New Brunswick. Cancer Cindy Harris Pamela Harris 22 Regency Manor 58 Wright Place New Brunswick Aquarius New Brunswick S.A.C., Softball, Basketball Ronald Harris 16 Georges Road New Brunswick Vanessa Harris 16 Georges Road New Brunswick Gemini New Brunswick Wrestling Eugene Hawkins 182 Redmond Street Taurus Vernetta Mae Hill "Bootsie" 47 Baldwin Street New Brunswick Yearbook, Prom Committee, Fund Raising Aquarius Beverly J. Hillman "Bev" Brian Holton Duke James 319 Brook Drive 103 South Street 135 Suydam Street Milltown Milltown New Brunswick Gemini Sec. Nat'l Honor Highlights, Yearbook Pices Society Oksana Janusz "Janis" Gail Jasmin Anita Johnson 19 Hardeanrg Street 176 Memorial Pkwy. 185 New Street New Brunswuck Aquarius New Brunswick Taurus New Brunswick Aquarius Brenda Johnson 176 Memorial Pkwy. New Brunswick Capricorn Darlene Kendricks 12 Reed Street New Brunswick Aquarius John Johnson "J.J." Greg Kelly "T.J." 23 DeBonis Dr. 98 Sanford Street Milltown New Brunswick Band, H.R. Pres., Jazz Football Leo Club Scorpio w Nathan Koops "Nate" Thomas Lang "Tom" 6 Bishop Place 253 Hale Street New Brunswick Cancer New Brunswick Band, ADVOCATE, Bowling Club, Jazz, Drama Gemini :5 evwgesy Susan C. Lawryk Edward T. Leppert Cheryl Locha "Cer" 216 Rutgers St., 176 Memorial Pkwy., 23 Violet Terrace, New Brunswick. New Brunswick. Pices Milltown. Twirler Captain, Tennis Yearbook Comm. . - Team, Chorus, Yearbook Sagittarius Comm., Drama Aries e? C$ Roseann Elizabeth LoCicero Carole Lombardo Phylils Long "Phil" "Rose" 36 Herbert Ave., 122 Joyce Kilmer Ave., 120 Cleveland Ave., Milltown. New Brunwsick Leo Milltown. Leo Prom Comm., Class Trip Comm., Fund Raising Comm., Aquarius Daniel Lynch "Danny" David Lyon "Dave" James Lyons "Jim" 36 North Main St. 14 Stockton Rd., 81 lVlorrell St., IVIilltown New Brunswick New Brunswick Football, Winter Track, Soccer Soccer Cancer Spring Track, National Wrestling Aquarius Honor Society Scorpio Josephine A. Maimone "Jo" Peter Maimone "Pete" Mable Mallard 55 Louis St., 12 Oak St., 102 Howard St., New Brunswick New Brunswick Sagittarius New Brunswick Virgo Yearbook, Track, Prom Comm. Fund Raising Pisces Yolanda Malone "Gail" Joseph P. Marguccio III Elenor Marshall 159 Wright Pl ., 56 So. Pennigton Rd., 130 Handy St., New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswick FBLA Libra Marching Band wDrummeH SAC Jazz Enzample, GoIfTeam mam Leo w ,w ' NKKNXK RM ' Mew John Martin Jesus Martinez Daisy Medina "Daisy" 34 Bruce Ct., 36 Abeel St., 213 George St., Milltown New Brunswick New Brunswick Tennis Team ' Baseball, Winter Track Softball PRCC, Highlights, Bowling Co-Captain Scorpio Team Capricorn y , , WWw yw w , W I eXX Victor Luis Medina "Vitin" Mary Michalski e Wanda Jean Middleton 47 Drift St., 239 Washington Ave., 239 Talmadge St., New Brunswick lVlilltown New Brunswick Libra Baseball, PRCC Virgo Twirlwer, Chorus Yearbook Taurus - x NW ,x XX X e u. Karen "Tealy Dynamite" Cynthia Mitchell Joann Moore "Go Go" Milton 20 Welton St., Basketball, Basketball Club, 33 Commercial Ave., New Brunswick Capricorn Student Council Rep. New Brunswick Rugters Rep. Sagittarius Daisy Morera Robert Morgan "Snake" Alan Mulvaney "Al" 103 Senior St., 71 Jersey Ave., 341 Tunison Rd., New Brunswick New Brunswick Saggitarrius New Brunswick Secretarial Club Capricorn Soccer Libra is. K yaw Desireem A. Scott Nemes Robert Newman Muscolino 111 Central Ave., 48 Columbia Ave., 622 Sommerset St., New Brunswick Milltown Aquarius New Brunswick Shirley Newson Jean O'Brien Denise Oldham 172 Suydam St., 16 Stone St., 4 Bowser Rd., New Brunswick Picses New Brunswick Taurus New Brunswick Girls Softball Cancer Kenneth Palombi "Ken" Robert Parillo "Magilla" Desirea Phifer "Dee Dee" 105 May St., 9 Roberts Rd., 9 Bergen Ct., New Brunswick Taurus New Brunswick New Brunswick Pisces Track Aquarius Megale Pollard "Braniac" 33 Commercial Ave. , Chours, Yearbook Newspaper, Drama, Tennis Shot Put Gemini Denzel Rankins 31 Gatlin Ct., New Brunswick Scorpio Stephen Prekop "Steve" 40 Kulthau Ave., Milltown Key Club Pres., Main Office Ass., Concession Stand Aquarius Patricia Rayner "Pattie" 53 Tunison Rd., New Brunswick Girls Softball, Honor Society, Yearbook Comm. Prom Comm., Fund Raising, Senior Trip Phoebe Pringle 35 Jennings Ct., New Brunswick Charlotte Michele Reed 44 Tunison Rd., New Brunswick "M ouse" Pisces "Chele" Virgo " Horse" Gemini Bruce Robertson 110 Howard St., New Brunswick "Kelley IX 8 V A .m r t n e C k .m W S n u r B W e N Kelley R .108 IIAII Capricorn RJgsby New Brunswiek Lynnette 5 Carter R , Flag Drill Team Un Aquarius .. zliliiolillilS..:1!.rafl!f "Julie" Virgo Drill Team, ior Prom Comm., ick I Sen irlwers Club Julia Ann Romek 197 French St., New Brunsw Flagg Un Chorus, "Cookie" Scorpio Tw Iguez 'I Maribel Rodr 205 Handy St New Brunswick Aquarius Linwood Rodgers 30 Notrth Talmadge St., New Brunswick Football Track g Christine Rood "Chris" 314 Crestwood Dr., Milltown Human Relations, Yearbook Comm., FBLA Gemini Alvin Russel "Bongo" 285 Nichol Ave., New Brunswick Basketball, Bowling, Highlights, Yearbook, Vice- President Senior Class Leo "Shell" Mark Ross "Smash" Linda Ross 23 Remsen Ave., New Brunswick Cancer Deborah Russel "Debbie" 247 Joyce Kilmer Ave., New Brunswick Basketball Aquarius 105 Howard St., New Brunswick Football, Basketball Scorpio Joanne Rzucek 266 Hale St., New Brunswick NHS, Girls X-Country, Girls Spring Track, Prom Comm., Yearbook Comm . Pisces Barbara Saitta Sonia Salgado Charles Salvi 41 Comstock St., 94 Welton St., 263 Delavan St., New Brunswick Taurus New Brunswick Scorpio New Brunswick Football Virgo Yvonne Concepcion "Vonnie" Abigal Santiago Emilio Santos Sanchez 90 Wright Pl., 300 Hoffman Blvd. 92 Juliet St., New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswick Secretarial Club Scorpio Radio Club Spring Track, Drill Team, Highlights Representative, Radio Club, Senior Class Secretary, Cross Country Scorpio Scorpio Rosenda Sardinas Dennis Scanlon Tony Schenck 54 Welton Street, 24 Quentin Avenue, 176 Memorial Pkwy., New Brunswick Aries New Brunswick ' New Brunswick Baseball, Singing, Basketball, Football , Aquarius Robert Schmidt "Bob" George Seamon 85 Senior Street, 97 Commercial Avenue, 7 Violet Terrace, New Brunswick Leo New Brunswick lVlilltown Baseball, FFA Soccer Scorpi0 Joyce Servon Capricorn Steve Sgro "Steve" Jill Shaffer Bruce Simmons "Jug" 134 Jones Avenue, 22 Hartwell Street, I76 Memorial Pkwy., New Brunswick Aquarius New Brunswick New Brunswick Virgo Drama Club Capricorn Rosalind Simmons "Ros" Agnes Sipos "Aggie" Dorothy Lyn Smith 176 Memorial Pkwy., 31 Delafield Street, 43 Bartlett Street, New Brunswick Gemini New Brunswick Scorpio New Brunswick Tennis, Yearbook, Nat'l Honor Society Aries John Smith Kevin Smith Susan Sofranko "Sue" 37 Jennings Ct., 191 So. Moetz Dr., 41Rlchter Aveu . . New Brunswick Taurus IVlilltown MllltOWn Gemlm Gymnastics, Radio Paul Sotak Marsha Strauss Clinton Sutherland 66 Kulthau Ave., 34 Woodmere Rd., 118 Joyce Kilmer Ave., Milltown North Brunswick New Brunswick Libra Key Club Tennis Team, Cheerleading, Golf Club Saggitarius Prom Comm., Senior Trip Comm. Fund Raising, Yearbook Comm . Aquarius x f X N ,ww M w,, II 8.8." Aquarius 'I ick Vivian Thomas 18 Lee Ave New Brunsw "Nessa" ial Ave., ick Student Counc r O y a T h t e b a 2 C H .H E e a m $ 0 e C n a 3 V 3 New Brunsw Pres Spr IIBObII Leo Football illtown 149 Washington Ave., Baseball Robert Szabo M SAC, using I il Ions, Cancer Fund Ra Comm., Human Relat' I in.g Track Senior Prom Comm I ,W xx w, yew , w . Xx ,2 37?! 4a llBudll Capricorn James Townsend Main St., 160 N. Milltown Aquarius ilden St., New Brunswick BLOA T heresa T 0th 103 Gu "Bev ick ., ill Team, Flag Beverly Toreky 290 Delavan St Un New Brunsw Dr l0 Scorp l0 Scorp U ick 12 Bergen Ct NeW Brunsw Greg T YUS BaSketball I HROSCOII Club e r 0 m h Imp HS .m I b mu Drbl mm e CD a W0. .IS W e N Lynnette Trosko 60 Townsend St., IVHHtOWn Cheerleader, Sec Vars "Cathy" VWgo Traficante 63 Juliet St., Girls X-Country New BrunSWick YGarbook Catheri ne ISCes P igh'ights H N , w r ?? e?e?;Q 2M7? x ,e7 we 12 z e??? we? ww X x xx "Tree" mg Prom IS Fund Ra Theresa A. Vitale 186 Ward St,, New BrunSWick Student COUHCH, Comm AquaHus Baron M. Van Liew 101 Howard St., H.R. Pres, toll 'l IICaesar ick Puerto Rican Culture VaHdo 145 SOITImerSet St Pedro Jose New Brunsw Ari Comm. Aleda Voorhees "Dee" 145 West Church St., lVlilltown Varsity Cheerleading, Highlights, Prom Comm ., NHS Aquarius k X , ,, Michael Wardlow "Mike" 8 Roberts Rd., New Brunswick Soccer, Mathletes Gemini 9, Robert Wade "Bobby" Regina Ward "Reg" 297 Townsend St., 37 Prosper St., New Brunswick New Brunswick Baseball Scorpio Prom Comm., G. Tennis Team, Yearbook Comm. Capricorn ,M z Robert E. Warren "Smokey" Robert Weeks "Bob" 98 Baldwin St., 4 Lake St., New Brunswick Capricorn New Brunswick Aries " Steve" Outdoor Track, Key Mathletes, Honor Society I I X X-Country Capt . , Indoor 1 Seminary PL., Steven Wissink New Brunswick Track Club TL , xx x Capricorn 'I r nu d 0 O W LL S e ul Pu 0 IO 7. n O S n W w y 0 g t g H e II D. MM Capricorn Nancy Wilson 260 Crestwood Dr., lVIthown Virgo New Brunswick Cheryl Wright 51 Jones Ave., ll Patll Taurus 'I Student Act N.B.H.S. Gospel Choir Softball I Worley 384 Comstock St Pricsilla Chontel New Brunswick Chorus ll Spoon" Girls PROM Virgo , s'Ac, ., Senior Trip Janet Witherspoon 222 Talmadge St New Brunswick Girls X-Countr Spring Track COMM Comm Barry Garrard "Byrd" Howard Fish Michael Jordan 82 Hassart Street, 23 Simplex Avenue, 152 Seaman Street, New Brunswick New Brunswick Taurus New Brunswick Sr. President, Basketball MEMORIAM Beverly Lucretia Fields Nov. 10, l958-Sept. 17, 1975 i R W , mww W9 W ' ask m.F X H? 3313'; if; f 1 m. 1v. 1w; W- "4' H ? iv ie calrter Les; Va ne sSa Ta YIO r $$ $$ xxxxxxxxx xx X x $x$ N g xxxxxw xx $$, xqu $Q$X Xx xxxxkxxx XXX x xxx N M xL xxxxxxxxxxxxy szw W wk XX xx xxxxx $$$$ $$$x Q x xxx xxx x. xxx xxxxxxxxxxx $$$ x $$$$ xxx x s x xx Wxx xxxe xx Rx xx x x$s$$ $$$x wk xx xx sxxxxxx K aren Gab 0r xx w W :m m D ire Becker C Ila WV ?x . ,, ZMMf ,7 Xy z, ,w 2 B , , Ot- ls Alexa"d er D ot Smith Cin d y Carter g L g ? 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Report cards in the mail ...... Hope the mailman comes late . . . 10 minute break ....... Comes and goes ...... S.A.C ...... Pick - a - club ...... Whistles, cops, ........ Could it be a riot? .......... Underclassmen; We've only just begun. SOPHOMORES Back to school ..... Still underclassmen ...... Where did all these kids come from? ..... North Brunswick . . . . . . .Clicks . . . . . . . . . Candy machines . . . . . .I Lost my dime ...... Can I have a pass, please! ..... Tryouts, Tryouts, Tryouts ........ Did you make the squad . . . . . . First time for girls' cross country and gym- nastics teams ........ Who is going to be our new band director? ...... Another year coming to an end ..... Will North Brunswick go to their own school? . . . Hope so! . . . . Good-bye North Brunswick ..... Good-bye Sophomore year! JUNIORS We finally made it . . . . We're upperclassmen . . . One session, what is that? . . . . Cold nights at band practice . . . Football team 0-8 . . . . Can we do it with one game left? . . . We sure can . . . South River 0, New Brunswick 7 ..... First crack at S.A.T.'s . . . . Did you make the National Honor Society? . . . Poor driver's ed. cars . . . Co-ed health . . . Going out for the play? . . . M.A.S.H. . . Auditorium burns . . . Durant takes over . . . Boycotts . . . Pupil Progress Reports . . . Trouble, trouble, trouble . . . Fire drills . . . Classes inthe stadium . . . Referrals . . . ln-house suspension . . . Mr. Banchik leaves . . . Can we take another year of this? SENIORS Getting up with the birds . . . Late at 7:40 . . . Good morning, this is Mr. Boyler speak- ing . . . Our new Principal . . . Senior homerooms . . . . Buses late again . . . Hey, you took my parking space . . . S.A.T.'s for the second time . . . Last chance . . . College ap- plications . . . . Class ranks . . . Who will be tops? . . . Football team is getting better everyday . . . New flag unit to join other marchers . . . Senior officers . . . . Basketball Team hits a winning streak . . . . Senior raffles . . . . Co-ed gym . . . Team participation for the last time . . . Where will we go for our Senior trip? . . . . Senior skip out day ..... To the beach . . . . Computerized report cards . . . . How do you read them? . . . Prom set for May at MacAteers . . . Fittinlg's for caps 84 gowns . . . . Graduation rehersals . . . . Bicentennial graduation ...... We , we did it! . . . . We reached our goal at N.B.H.S ..... ButWH Where to NOW???????????????? GIBBONS The Senior class of the Gibbons School is striving forward. However, many diffiuclties were experienced in reaching this level. Our experience at the Gib- bons School has been a truly unique one, as is each man's walk through life. As we begin this walk we look back at our high school experience with a joy- ful sorrow. We leave this thought with our fellow classmates: "If man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however mea- sured, however far away," Henry David Thoreau gxxxx : xx; XXXXV X L 8 xxx: x8 8 $8 XX , $ ; N. XXX, g X x e x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkkx xxx "Pat" Aquarius C.S.C., I 81 Throop Avenue, New Brunswick Drill Team College Research Patricia Billups Prog "Beas" Libra IOY New Brunswick . C. , College Research Prog., Sen Sem Beasley C , C.S. mar A I t e e r LL S d . ul 0 f n a S 7 Karen F S. Taurus C.S.C., S. College Research Prog. , - I ick N.H Senior Seminar, .5. E 2 82 Powers Street , A Susan Bagner New Brunsw C. N X "Puddin" IS Dav ick Drill Team Capt., Senior Seminar, College A. ityAlley, o I Research Program Sagitarius Edna V 56A C New Brunsw C.S.C. S.C., Aries ior Sem., C College Res. Prog Annette Brown 81 Carman Street, New Brunswick Softball, Upward Bound, Sen "Jackie" Leo I .A.S.E., ine Brokaw , C Human Relations C Cheerleading, S.A. C. Exec 4 7 Powers Street P .A New Brunswick Jacquel David Grier Patricia Griffin "Tricia" Altonnette D, Hawkins"Toni" 81 Welton Street, 123 Wright Place, 348 Delavan Street, New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswick C.S.C.,Basketball, S.A.C.,DrillTeam,LT., S.A.C. Exec.,N.H.S., Football, SeniorSem., C,S.C.,N.H.S.,College C,S,C,,DrillTeam,College COH. Research Prog. Pisces Research Program Scorpio Research Prog. Libra lanthiny Henry "lani" Jerome Johnson "J.J. " Catherine Kamau "Cathy" 21 Richmond Street, 176 Memorial Pkwy, Bldg. 222 Fulton Street, New Brunswick 1-8D, New Brunswick C.S.C. , Senior Seminar, New Brunswick C. S.C. , A.F.S. , Cross College Research C.S.C. , Senior Seminar, Country, Track, Prog. Libra Football, Basketball Virgo Tennis Cancer Valerie Lane "Val" 199 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, New Brunswick C. S.C. , Basketball, Senior Seminar, College Research Prog. Gemini Wayne Williams "Sky" 100 Memorial Pkwy. 2R, New Brunswick C.S.C., Senior Sem., Basketball Capt. , Football Pisces vex xxx 5.x Sandra Middleton "Sandy" Wren Vessel 238 Talmadge Street, 33 Prospect Street, New Brunswick New Brunswick C.S.C.,Cheerleading P.A.C.,C.S.C., Co-Capt., Senior Sem., Basketball, Track, College College Research Research Prog. Gemini Prog. Scorpio WW , A, 1,! WWW Gibbons' Faculty: Seated: Alrita Smith, Joanne Fish Standing: Dan Cilo, Carmella Madison,Ann Zakanycz, Princi- pal P. Lattimer-Kuykendall, Ed Belding ?Z . 4 wiftitsn 3361.4 Y us. 3.4 $1: 3.! . M 4 w, 4r, ML 33,1? 2514?th xx w4. 4 f 4 ,1 4w w 4 K K , 4 4W, m, X :4 g x W 1x0 x L ch$ ks 3 $1? V wwwz, ,9; X . i5x A$gi $3! L xxx Vx. KN 4 KL Herman Adams "L.A. " 313 Powers St., New Brunswick. Scorpio Daniel J. Allen "Ebba" 4 Buccluech Pl., New Brunswick. Baseball, Scorpio Gloria Barnosky 29 Robinson St., New Brunswick. Pisces Thomas Boswell "Pee Wee" 220 Commercial Ave. , New Brunswick. Football, Baseball, Basketball. Aries Errol Boyer 33 Commercial Ave . , New Brunswick. Footba l l . Cancer 1976 SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY 1 For Those Not Pictured1 Cecilia Brooks "CeCe" 126 French St., New Brunswick Cheerleading, Bowling, Softball, Human Relations Aquarius Manuel Cano "Kip" 345 Townsend St., New Brunswick. Basketball, Baseball, PRCC. Pisces Nathaniel Carpenter "Bucky" 29 Loretta St., New Brunswick. Leo Claude Carter 23 Jennings Ct. , New Brunswick. Aries Wiliam Cladd "Willie" 222 Handy St., New Brunswick. Capricorn Niel Harry Cohan 123 Little Albany St., New Brunswick. Taurus Patrick Corrigan "G. l. " 218 Ward St. , New Brunswick. Spring 84 Winter Track, Cross Country Taurus Willaim B. Cromedy "Weasle" 14 Wright FL, New Brunswick. Aries Irvin Foat "Sonny" 213 Seamen St., New Brunswick. Football, Baseball, H.R. Rep. Leo Thomas Frkovich "Tom" 58 Easton Ave. , New Brunswick. Aries Steve Jones 414 Livingston Ave. , New Brunswick. Gemini John Kenny 29 Bruce Ct. , Edward Gardner "Weed" MllltOWh. Track, Puerto Rican 195 E. Lawrence St., Culture Club Scorpio Milltown. Gemini Thomas Kovar 61 Brook Dr., M' h IR k' "C C ,. Sid Gilliam Milltown. Capricorn lllf aeh Aan ms ' ' 15 Brook Dru . Newagrunsvwir'cie M'Htown' scorp'o Jose L. Martinez Jr- Basketball, Hr. Pres. Virgo , 36 Abeel Street Zalda Gonzalez New Brunswick 392 Delavan St., Puerto Rican Club Leo Richard Sion New Brunswick. Cancer 116 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick Derek Harris Otoniel Martinez "Artie" Track, Photography 271 Delevan St., 214 Handy Street Club Leo New Brunswick. Libra New Brunswick I uerto Rican Cu ture, . - Steve Horvath Bowling Gemini 11gng?J;hStreet 258 Handy St . , N w Br nsw'ck a 'tar'us New Brunswick. Aquarius e u ' S 9' I R hona MCG hee Jeffery Jefferson "Bodien" 1-76 Memorial Pkwy. . Shirley Wiggins "Buns" 386 Comstock St., New Brunswwk Aquarius 33 South Ward Street New Brunswick. Taurus New Brunswick Taurus Lester McKenzie Bodir 282 Comstock Street W? New Brunswick Cancer Lucy Plaza "Peaches" 285 Lee Avenue New Brunswick wa WNW mtww. FOOTBALL J" v Row 1: C. Flemming, T. Scott, j. Galbreath, J. Doherty, L. Rodgers, D. Vickers, S. Foat, D. Session, K. Jones, R. Hahn Row 2: B. Banks, T. Stopa, D. Cooper,K. Hood, J. Lockhart, A. Coleman, R. Middleton, B. Ciancia, J. Howard, M. Paskovich, D. Booker Row 3: Coach Miller, B. Bell, S. Shalyada, D. Lynch, L. Robinson, R. Williams, K. Jones, M. Kosko, T. Brew, M. Kohlhepp, B. Deinzer, R. Alford, R. Jordon, D. Weiss, B. Szabo, F. Dallenback, Coach Jones Coach Jones, Coach Miller mtxwwx , x wmxxww $wsm wmxwxx f? w WA 17W AW" ;7 ,:W ,1. wwwongWW W . 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Frankel Row 4: Coach Moody Coach Moody itherspoon Ja net W u a m a K Cm .h t a C Liz Bacorn VARSITY SOCCER 4? W W W N Wm-r Mi WWWWW WWX WW , W W W WWWWWW ; WWQOW 7W W x W W W' WW W W xWW W W W kW WW WWWxW W ZWWWxWWW WWgWW WW G. Seamon, J. Lyons, D. Lyon, A. Mulvaney, lVl. Wardlow W. Hardee, S. Lombardo, C. Palmer, P. Prina, J. Paskosky manager Coach Packard, J. Schickley, R. Zimmerman, L. Mariano, J1 Scimone Captains: Mike Wardlow, Alan Mulvaney N Xxx . xx XXXXXXXXX $ xxxxxx w R $$ X xxxxxxx Jim Lyons F ,NX k, x , JNW A $6 Mike Wardlow Seniors: G. Seamon, A. Mulvaney, M. Wardlow, Coach Pack- ard, J. Lyons, D. Lyon 79 g . Carasso K I d n Ia M H In C O K , K. Smith, C. "15 J. Moetz, G. Stewart, C. T. Hawk C. Holland Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Kevin Smith .wm$ X? X x x 4 wk : Xi Coach Figulski, J. Holland, L. Walker, D. James, G. Kearse, Coach Smith J. Saunders, K. Dawns, S. Renda, M. Bardowski, Coach Selby J. Downs, C. Ross, M. Henry, K. Ford, D. Gatling xxxxxxxxxxxxw - WK J V S O C C E R M. Lovis, V. Veltre, R. McCarty, L. Ward, L. Gonczy T. Aamaland, C. Yool Paek, M. Lovio, M. Jordan Coach Butler, managers R. Gardner 8c C. Veltre, G. Jordan vwwxxmmm, , ww. WV x XX J Al len, S . Purnell itherspoon W gr u wwxwaxxxixxh . Hawkins, J. W S; 1 M . Echols math, R . sey, T RES: . . Moore, , M. Kin J $$$s$ I iels A. Wells L. ill, D. Faust IL. IL A B T E K S A. B.. V: .Il..u S R A v 3 . IL nln. G. Dan Coach Daly, Captain Echols Coach Daly, D. Hammann, D. H ,1:; 39$ 2 Row 3 o o o I o o ? xv Row 1 Row $ ixwxoxt x: Debbie Hammann Andrea Wells k. m .mn 0 mm M p e aa n y w M J lnS Roberta Allen Toni Hawk II.- I. A B T E K S A B J.V GlRLS, g $ kxxxxxx $ 5: L L E I xxxxxxxxxk I $ V xxxxxxk yx p L K V a $ K N m x XX N x. I I NW gm P . Ponder! MC- Hermann, C . Kelton, C. Taylor, S. R0581 D I R ipps' lpps . Daniels ph ph J James, C ' A I 0 Morgan, K HaWes B o I Alford T . Brathwaite, . Carter' D I G . Frankel J golden, Coach Moody, S L E. JoHeS' D Kenzie Mgr ROW 1 ROW 2 $a$ NRA I xsxxxIExx z$kk:,x$$ xxxV C oach M OOdy xxx: xxiNNK x, xxxxxxxx $oku WRESTLING : :7 xx , x x , xN 5 X Row 1: J. Willard, D. Cooper, J. Galbreath, R. Harris, A. Ford, A. Johnson, S. Ingram, G. Boswell Row 2: Coach Doherty, Coach Packard, S. Foy, B. Ciancia, H. Webb, M. Young, K. Downs, A. Davis, J. Downs, A. Simmons, M. Lige, M. Sinclair, A. Coleman, M. Behcheff, J. Clark, R. Leppert, Coach Overby K Maw, WINTER TRACK Row 1: L. Bacorn, T. Clark, F. Bacorn, D. Lynch, D. Thompson Row 2: Coach Jones, R. Williams, C. Palmer, D. Paone, D. Cooper, L. Taylor, M. Kohl- hepp, B. Baldini, 0. Alexander, Ass't. Coach Prusinski M 6x 6 6$6W J 6 ?W xWQ ykg6g6 6y6$y V :4 fnyszigy66 26 x M 6; WV, f661 6661 6 66fwge Coach Jones Ass't Coach Prusinski Otis Alexander ,MVMW Liz Bacorn Baldini Terry Clark Danny Lynch Reggie Williams Steve Wissink :WM Row 1: Coach Bernstein, A. Russell, W. Williams, B. Garrard, P. Gerhart, Ass't Godsey Row 2: B. Morgan, S. Price, H. Grier Row 3: J. Johnson, M . Mahoney Row 4: D. Grier Coach Bornstein, Capt. Williams J1 xx Paul Gerhart M ike Mahoney yMJH$; .11 .ul VI 8 .H G e V a D xx x i x xx Q S $ L x Xxxxx xx xx$ xxkxxxk x $ x$$$$$$$ $$ xx x xx ix x n x x NW W 7 W W W WWWWW W WWW W W WWWWWW W i WWVW W MMNW ng? agi? W , , mm b MAW , Wayne Williams Captain WWENNWM , E xx N E:- XXV QNVWW E x l-l-Dw-II'HXMDW Row 1: W. Godfrey, K. Hood Row 2: C. Young, D. Vick- ers, R. Jordan, Coach Forrest Wm. E wmxwmw ZWXKWW Wasmwzw xM Row 1: C. McCloud, L. Middleton, A. Young, V. Newsom, R. Blount, D. James, B. Caldwell Row 2: Coach Bigos, T. Wilson, E. Boswell, D. Gatling, D. Frances, J. Rowls EMng Row 3: J. Matchett, M . Henry, K. Ford, J. Blackshear, K. Harper F R E S H M E N B A S K E T B A L L GIRLS, TENNIS WNWNWwwM Mwm-MMWNWWWNHaw MW $2M WIZ- WWWWWWV ' ' 4X XXX Row 1: S. Lawryk, E. Fischer, J. Marchetta, K. Kamau, C. Lewis Row 2: S. Witt, M. Strauss, C. Liotta, J. McKenzie, R. Ward, Coach Kern V g Ax . x $ k W- xx xx x $$ $ $ $ Q Q 7 Wngzw7 w W iw Ww X W inW? ? 5 1 $ ?' i i ? mm a 7w Marsha Strauss Regina Ward BOYS, TENNIS A w V QM muwmw I .. L '-: WIN 6 Row 1: 0. Alexander, J. Moetz, R. Zimmerman, Z. Lawryk Row 2: Coach Melech, L. Csernak, A. Rateb, L. Ward, R. McCarty, W. Parker, Thornton Row 3: J. Martin W117 v w Co-captain J. Martin, Coach Melech, Co-captain Alexander Megale Pollard 93 BOY? VARSITY BASEBALL w. MM Wm, WM. - ' ,, ,IWMWW Row 1: J. Allen, Coach Retzlaff, Coach Miller, Coach Hoop- er, P. Griffth manager, J. Martinez, J. Rosario Row 2: R. Carvallido, G. Seamon, T. Doherty, J. Oakley, J.C. Doherty, R. Brown Row 3: H. Middleton, D. Allen, T. Astor, .K. Jones, S. Foat, V. Medina Row 4: J. Martinez, R. Jordan, T. Brew, R. Williams, D. Weiss, M. Kohlhepp WWWWWWWW wmmwmwwwww W av V: A K kmmxmwwirrm Ww x wmeme WM,,...W ,1 wwmm".. ,r mm mwwm WW, fammw x VMMkA..MWr Wm: - , s WWW WNW , , m www.xw wwx ewww - "WW P. W.,. quw , I' ,ww WW4 .... "WWWWWWW VW WW W M MN Wm Wm.- WM WWWMMW , WM, .. WMW0 .4 Coach Hooper, Head Coach Miller, J.V. Coach Retzlaff Tom Brew Wm WNW w WW1 w 9.,mew" FWMWWWW M f .M,' ; X g Reggie Williams J.V. BASEBALL Row 1: C. Cruz, M. Rodgers, J. East, E. Brooks, W. Chetrancolo, Coach Retzlaff Row 2: M. Gordon, C. Atkinson, E. Zay- as, H. Webb, G. Garvin Row 3: R. Hagood, L. Shine, E. Wil- liams, N. Carpenter, S. Holoman, E. Gomez GIRLS, SOFTBALL W x : x . V ' Ww N 7 M ? M W Row 1: J. Burgos, L. Rivera, J. Claudio, S. Lige, V. Boykin, T. Handy, H. Kuiper, A. Cardona, R. Gardner, M. Rivera Row 2: Coach Parker, D. Jiminez, P. Long, E. Pearsons, D. Bradley, D. Faust, G. Elliott, V. Showell, C. Steph- enson, Head Coach Forbes Row 3: T. Vitale, E. Mosley, N. Garcia, M. Kinsey, P. Rayner, D. Medina, S. McKenzie, S. Veltre manager XXXxng Phyllis Long Daisy MGdina Earnestine Mosley Eula PearSOn Patti Rayner Theresa Vitale GIRLS' SPRING TRACK A Row 1: Coach Moody, G. Hendricks, C. Gillus, B. Booker, D. Hill, Coach Overby Row 2: B. Mason, K. Howard, L. Alford, J. Timko, M. Daniels, M. Banjamin, A. Lens Row 3: F. Bacorn, J. Rzucek, L. Bacorn, N. Lens, D. Frankel, D. Hammann, R. Ross Row 4: C. Herman, A. Niedermeier, H. Fischer, J. Witherspoon, B. Mitchell Liz Bacorn Barbara Booker Venus Goddard Debbie Hammann Joann Rzucek Janet Witherspoon In WWW, Jerry Boyk ink, D. Lynch, R. Hahn . Paone, D.C. Cooper, J. Oldham nson, A. Davis, D. Thompson, Head Coach ISS WWWWWWW W W W. WWWWM W W, WWWWWWW WW, Igan, c G. N . Ne w DI 8. SW S YH W? x 4f WWWWWW, WWWWWWVWWW Head Coach Forrest l, J. Boykin, P. Corr D. Cooper, M. Watson, B. Parillo, D Coach Prusinski, T. Clark, L. Rob insk ,W W, 6W, ,WW WW, , . . , W W WWW W ,7 WW AIWW ZW, WXWW WWWWWWW WWWW W W WW W W XW WW WW W WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 1X. WWW A.L Row 3 Forrest Coach Prus Row 1 Row 2 , W WW X W W WWWWX W W WXWX W ink ISS $77k Rich Hahn Q7 wv $$ Steve W illo 77777777 77 7k 77777777777777777777777777 77777M7777 77 777 77 7 777 77 x777 7 777 77,7 7777.77 77 777, 7? 7777 N777777777777777777 77777777777777 7 77 77777777 Bob Par 7 477 i7 77 n a g .H r 0 C k .w vl LL a D: 7 7777 ,7 7 77 777 C7 7 77777777 777777 777777 777777 7777777, 7777 77 77 777777 77, 7 ? Terry Clark Danny Lynch ' XWNxx Brian Holton Q K x f M Row 1: R. Barbely, S. Shalayda, Coach Brown, S. Philip, J P. Sotak, N. Koops, Marguccio Row 2: B. Holton, P. Sanders, F. LaPlant, F. Dallenbach Captain Marguccio 8L Coach Brown K as: Paul Sotak Row 1: R. Gardner, J. Shamy, J. Fiamingo, J. Csernak, R. Medina, E. Fischer, J. Claudio, B. Bachs, W. Parker, D. Lajewski, A. Lens, N. Lens, D. Gaul Row 2: Mr. Korey Adviser, L. Miscik, S. Augustine, E. Gomez, A. Martinez, C. Carter, L. Kulihin, Z. Lawryk, L. Csernak, S. Lowry, O. Solomos Row 3: J. Marguccio, F. Gardner, G. Salters, J. Paskosky, A. Barnowsky, T. Bolyog, J. Saunders, S. Galea, J. Pasquale Row 4: T. Lang, J. Johnson, W. Hardy, H. Ritter, M. Jordan, J. Brunson, S. Phillips 3x Mk... Peter Korey Adviser John Johnson COLOR GUARD C. Shine, C. Velt e, K. Thompson, K. Frank, A. Beacham, K. Nixon, F. Bacorn, D. Salada, J. Tim- ko, D. Va ga, B. Ch isto- pher, J. DeFreitas Judith Cse nak President Debbie Gaul Majorette DRILL TEAM mw ...M Nwm WV w Wyww Row 1: K. McCargo, P. Griffin Row 2: T. Woods, S. Briggs, P. Billups, E. Davis, T. Wx: Nx $x mmww Patricia Billups Shari Briggs Edna Davis Patricia Griffin Toni Hawkins Karen McCargo W N U G m F Exxi ixxxx x zig as . gisxsggL xx 1 $$37$$$S$ xx$x$ SELL LL xkkl x $ LE3? Lsxx L xxkxvxx $L $ sxxx L i g $Ls xx ?L ws L L x xxx Lx $$$$ng Q: is: L L G . xxxxxxxxxxx L 7L LX kaLLV XX x xxXxxxSU $ka KEKK xxx A XXX? xxL SXx XL ix i333 y: xxxxxxxxxx x $.KxxxF ltkg ;! xxiiv xxxxxxx. G. Balogh, K. Gabor IX, K.R' J . 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Lang, M. Pollard, B. Gatlin, S. Lawryk s; krlAXxxxN$w , J. Brokaw Scott Synder, . Ward, L. Carter, 3. Lane D. -cath, P. HaefneHCath, S. MiddletoMCo-cath M . Parsons, R. Braxton S. Middleton C. Golden, D. Scott, R S R E D A E L R E E H c . McCarthy, Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 C . Braxton, D . Brokaw mo xx $ Lugo, :xxXx xxx xxxxs; ; xxx $$$ xxxxxxxXxxxxxxx XXXXXxx xx wa xxx x . 3 .XXVN R R J xx , Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 xx I L xxx xxxxxxxxxx X .R vl e LL ul a C 6 Les! Jackie Brokaw Regina Ward Marsha Strauss Sandra M iddleton Co-captain D . Synder, V Row 1 James ",me III B l: K. Michalsk Row 2 Lugo G. Hendricks Mascot Row 3 1 XXw W?Wrw $ Wa ix x w KR . xxxxxx x$$x$ xxx x xxx W L R X xxxr . o ,, KW, x MMW m WW wawy w x W am; ? 7 : , 77a 7 4 7 4 w " W , XWX g72: 5 ? ? WI ,. W. W W m u . $Xx xx xx x x Q a g Q x : xxxxxwx YNNF xxxxs xxx N: .exxkx $ 8 mwwwmnw . x .4 WW VWW W , 02w 1A ,2 . ,, 9 44,4; 5 y $$$$I 33$ ?Xg. Sixi k V ,X W ,2? g, mm, Whmxxwymwxxxxx SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Y. Sanchezmorr. SecJ, B. 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Smith M A T H L E T E 8 Row 1: L. Csernak, B. Catchings, M . Wardlow, S. Wissink, N. Koops Row 2: Mr. Gurkov Adviser, R. Rennyk, K. Voorhees, S. Miller V. Firdaus, Mr. Robinowitz Adviser, Mr. Whitman Adviser xxx xxx x XXX xxx $$$$NN XXXQ VfWA Row 1: P. Sotak SecJ, J. Martin, M. Guyader UreasJ, S. Prekop WresJ Row 2: B. Holton, N. Koops, S. Wissink, B. Catchings, O.Alexander PC Row 1: J. Martinez, S. Perez, H. Bonilla Adviser, F. Muniz Adviser, S. Salgado, S. Rosa, W. Ayes, C. Bonilla Row 2: V. Feliciano, A. Medina, M. Cano, P. Vega, V. Montanez U E R T 0 R C A N :Www W10 m:nrnczamr- :an-zamgza Row 1: M. Donovan, M. Watson, A. Donovan, C. Cunnius, S. Foy Scott, C. Bowser, D. Hilton, M. Echols Row 2: D. Morera, E. Brownstein, L. Trosko, A. Ray, P. Pringle, C. Wright, V. Purnell, V. Revinski, C. Golden Row 3: T. Toth, M. Bongiovi, J. DeFreitas, V. Goddard, V. Davila, D. Jefferson, W. Mid- dleton, R. Allen, P. Harris, S. Briggs, Y. Malone, E. Mosely Row 4: J. Brady, C. Cain, J. Johnson, S. Bucklew, C. Rood, R. LoCicero, P. Wilson, C. Liotta, A. Santiago mmwwmw Mrs. C . M . Sharp I C L , ,, Mrs. M . Waddel Adviser :4 , ., Adviser Maw; , Row 1. E. Hagood, J. Csernak, N. Wilson, C. Carter, M . Searight Row 2: R. Guise, W. Vargas, M. Mahony, K. Daniels, M. Kohlhepp, K. Smith, Mr. Perlstein Adviser Row 3: G. Seamon, D. Scanlon L ' L . , ' 7 ' , Qw m:nc-Icm w xxxxw x wxxiww 3. W; X ? $ 2 w V Wxx WV 330-3ng X; Row 1: C. Simpkins Row 2: M. Martinex, C. Smith, S. Lowry Row 3: Mrs. Kuzen Adviser, R. Gomez, N. Garcia, P. Ayres, J. Timko, K. Wormuth mmwwcz 129 ADVOCATE $ E $ $ K x x g g: $; R: W S. Barlow, V. Firdaus, R. Bacorn, Miss Varga Adviser, L. Car- ter, S. Wissink, L. Bacorn, L. Hillman, K. Walher mmt-Icn xoowzuzam- Row 1: M. Michalski Row 2: J. Rzucek, J L. Carter, D. Gaul, S. Lawryk, C. Carter, , K. Gabor, M. Pollard, S. Hardy . Maimone, C. Traficante, D. Smith, L. Bacorn, M . Strauss, Mrs. Reilly Adviser 130 109$ vyingim Obrzut Ad- , B. Bell, Mrs. , J. Rawls Buck Doolittle A. Alexander Grayton, G. Kearse, B. Morgan, D. James, J. Downs, A. ki, J. Gordon, Young, S. Purnell C , G. Ford JGWS Ins Brown, A Pace Adviser, O. J. La' , G. Salter, L. Sanders, A o I xxxxxxxx $11kx B Mr. ine M A E T I- II... R D L A T N E m T N 0 c E H T 111 $$ 5 . Q1111 1151111111 x, xxx Immons K. Ford, G. Jenk T. Wilson, T. Lang, S. August B. S vnser, $$$x Byrom math W. Lockhart Row 1 Row 2 Row 1 Row 2 E R 0 TI 8 I.. 0 0 H c S 3 H. B. N XXX xxxxx v f X :KXXXXXXXXXR X $R:$x x $$$x$$xxka ! XxN x Haefner, R. Allen, S. Sofranko, R. P . Russell, ish, D IS H . F Harr M oore, user: J. Allen Noreen, R Store Officers 8: Adv Mr.C. L. J. iams, user, Marchetta Rayner, A. Will J Mr. Bowling Adv . Synder P. D Witherspoon, Row 1 Row 2 Carter illups X x is, P. B Dav E. I ith iff D. Hood, R. Braxton, P. Gr 8 N m TI A L E R VI TII N U M M 0 C ww WITH THE HOPE THAT YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCES AS MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1976 WILL BRING ABOUT POSITIVE SELF-GROWTH AND A COMMITMENT T0 RESOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF MODERN-DAY SOCIETY THE NEW BRUNSWICK BOARD OF EDUCATION AND THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAF F Dr. Hugh Koops President of the Board of Education Edward Lane Vice-President Terrill M. Brenner Attorney for the Board of Education Eli Saltz Mrs. Margaret Garvin Carlos Pineiro Marjorie Baier Patricia Brady John Donahue Acting Board Secretary Frank G. Reen Acting Superintendent Earl G. Bornholm Assistant Superintendent Eliot G. Sp'ack Assistant to the Superintendent John Anderson Transportation Coordinator Good LUCK Class :4 W kwmimzs Susan BrenJa , Mara , Judg Cdrla' "G J G h D I 0:53. 'A waging wzjcsawn BEAUTY SCHOOL 8L SALON 247-0494 122 Albany Street New Brunswick Congratulations T0 RETAILERS Ann WHOLESALERS or The Class Of 476 Lima a 1m ST. PETERS GENERAL HOSPITAL 392 atone: STREET Nzw Bnuuswmx, N. J. 1:201: 246-2422 , w ,4! ,1f7f L ??VWW Mr ,A ,2? xx , MWwwa 1w. WWMWW w l? ?iJoU mm? x X, L? 0 Rx Q? ,gxkz; !? ? ,. a gm ?QJM x $ Z x , K ., , , V 7, ; W. X????? XX . W2 ggwagywymwM W2 . Q X? g ? 2 , ? 4 ? xVx ? 0 7 7 A a gf . , $6 a f X V a7 xxwy . ? z .! . Z? xx. x7? ? z? , 2 xxxx , 9 VWB $wa m OX X MM; .mmwxcw xd'w xxw 4v Xxx MWMWM JMQIMWMW kxxxxsxxx: Wmm 2Mmm,, UMMM WWW ,, WKZZZW NKNN WW ; WWW; 7W m W MWW, ??filffiiitzg am, Wm W wxmy WM - g X , wgw ' ngmw WW ' , WWW, WWW,,WWw WWWWWM W, W . 432 WWI W2 W :4 W W M WWW, ,, W, .. WWW, WWW WW3, W, m WM WW, W ! WJViI. WWW, Mm I'm W Wmm WMM W W mwmwmvmvmwvv , v9 , aviwdmmum,wa , o ' , I ' 61mm"; ,, ""h-' -wx';:.;....$ W W." Q , WW WW WWWWWWMWW'F mwmmmmu Wi $WWMW$MMMV J . W : a.w.m.u-u.v va-rw our w mwr W WmAwWWW'WQ , w "4W VMWW $W$, W W mm... W m? a ,wmwgthviwmwmegw. $ WMVAWAWA v -vmwavu u u w W W w .3 W. , W W W -- m M w n... 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