New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ)

 - Class of 1975

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Mn wwwlwwzga BOARDS OF EDUCATION NEW BRUNSWICK BOARD OF EDUCATIO L " f 1 1 g , f ? :r ' t 1 SITTING: MRS. HORACE CARVIN, DR. HUGH 1 1 1 i , i ' KOOPS, MR. EDWARD LANE, MISS MARGA- ' V 1 ' RET BAIER STANDING: MR. TERRELL BRENNER, MR. CARLOS PINEICO, DR. BRADLY, MR. ELI SALTZ, MR. CHARLES H. DURANT Ill MILLTOWN BOARD OF EDUCATION SITTING: MR. JOHN ORLICK, MS. JANE SMITH, MR. DONALD APPLEBY, MR. JAMES BEACHAM, MR. ROBERT REACAN STANDING: MR. EUGENE FABINY, MR. JAMES STRIMPLE, MR. DONALD SKISMAS MISSING: MS. PATRICIA MCAULIFFE, MR. DONALD FRASER ADMINISTRATION CHARLES H. DURANT Ill SUPERINTENDENT FRANK REEN EARL c. BORNHOLM ELIOT G. SPACK ASST.SUPERINTENDENT ASST.SUPERINTENDENT ASST. TO THE SUPERINTENDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION JOHN ANDERSON JOHN DONAHUE ALFRED ROTUNDA TRANSPORTATION COORD. ASST. TO THE ASST. SUPT. FOR BUSINESS 8t SUPERVISOR OF BUILDING 8x GROUNDS OPERATIONS DIRECTOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION C. DONALD KAHRMANN FINE ARTS BILINGUAL EDUCATION JOSEPH HOMOKI MRS. ANNA LOPEZ S R O T. C E R D ROBERT BORNSTEIN SUPERVISOR OF CAREER EDUCATION DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS ELEM. 8x SEC. GIRLS HEALTH JOHN RACONE PATRICIA DALY GEORGE F. MEYER, JR. DIRECTOR OF CAREER EDUCATION DIRECTOR OF MULTI MEDIA SERVICE 81 SPECIAL PROG. NATHAN SECAL GEORGE KRAUSS PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE To the graduating Class of Nineteen Hundred and Sev- enty-five, the faculty and I extend our sincerest con- gratulations and best wishes for success and happiness. You have just completed one of the first milestones in a life of many events to come. The past was one of confusion, adjustment, experiment, discouragement, failure, dis- illusionment, enlightment and success. You have had diffi- cult problems and decisions to make but you have come through and now are ready for the next undertaking. There will be more of the same discouragement in the fu- ture but there will also be progress, success and satis- factions beyond your greatest dreams. You will be a major factor in almost all of the future achievements of the world. May your desire for learning, for understanding others, for making this world better because you are a part of it-may these concepts ever motivate your actions and decisions. We at N.B.H.S. sincerely hope that we have contributed to the necessary knowledge, understanding and maturity that will carry you successfully through the years to come. Good luck and God speed to you all. M ROBERT BOYLER VICE PRINCIPAL KELLY BOWSER ADMINISTRATIVE ASST ADMINISTRATORS JOHN FERRIDAY VICE PRINCIPAL JOAN BORNHEIMER ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. H EADS OF DEPARTMENTS ROBERT KUCHINSKI DR. JAMES SCOTT BUSINESS EDUCATION ENGLISH . 0 .0 . ..... . .. ........ ELEANOR HAWK BETTY HODCES GUIDANCE ' HOME ECONOMICS SOL WHITMAN MATHEMATICS WALTER WILSON SOCIAL STUDIES F F O R u T U K m v A D E C N rl.... C S FRANK MUMBER LANGUAGES 4 7X4 944 40. 4 444444444 4 4 , 44 Madeline Zyskowski Secondary Ed. Clerk Clerk Mrs. Carl Marazo 4 x4 4 4 Queen Frost Clerk 444, M Louise Zangara Career Information Clerk Clerk Rosalie Manfre Dorothy Dixon Teacher Aide F F A T S L A K R E L C 4WM4WM44WM44MMW4W 7 4444 , Ann Nestor Viola Christopher Clerk Secretary Jean Lang Clerk , 74H 4;, VMVVVWVVMV$ 1975 N.B.H.S. John Agins Franka Alberte Dorothy Alderfer Industrial Arts Business Education Physical Education Bill Balogh . Victor Bartkus Elizabeth Barton Physical Education Science Business Education Harriet Barton Margaret Bertalan Mark Bogdany Science Science Social Studies Fred Brown Barbara Bruennig Doris Bryant Mathematics Language Business Education Karl Burnstein Roy Carter Ronald Case Social Studies Science An Margaret Chang Helen Couphos Jeanette Cox English Language Business Education Joseph Crawford Henry Doswell Donald Dougherty Guidance Guidance Social Studies Peggy Dulin Mary Egan Reilly Arthur Fenster Business Education English Science Mary Ferriday Klem Figulski Joanne Fish Science Guidance Language Roland Fog Thomas Forrest Miguel Garcia Mathematics Physical Education Bi-Lingual Samuel Gioe Myrl Goldberg Katherine Corka Social Studies Physical Education English Mauro Grosso Arlene Cuellnitz Physical Education Home Economics Ann Marie Harding Betsyanne Harvey Christine Hess Mathematics Physical Education English Pat Hirsch Charlotte Hobson Robert Hooper English Guidance Physical EdIJcation Ea; Ruth Horn Herbert Huff Social Studies Music Adele Jacob Ronald Johns Edmund Jones Language English Industrial Arts Robert Jones David Karanja Mary Kardos Industrial Arts Swahili Mathematics Kathryn Keating Harriet Kem Special Education English H S W 0 k a S 0 K a H H... a M Physical Education John Lawryk Suzanne Layton Physical Education Science Peter Korey Lucy Kulminski Business Education Music Patrick Leone Industrial Arts Kent Kollmer Mathematics Joan Kuchinski Home Economics Arlene Liss Social Studies Marie Martin Esther McCracken Gerald Melech Language Special Education English Norman Meseroll Robert Miller Sarah Moody Physical Education PhysicaTEducation Physical Education Frank Muniz John Nelson Charles Noren Guidance Science Business Education Janet Obrzut Reading Xiifyw; v Jack Pace English Michael Onuska Business Education James Ostroski Human Relations John Parker Industrial Arts Kathryn Oram Home Economics Oscar Overby Physical Education 6 1 SQQQQ gag eb 96' W639 6'9 K? Gas $3690 ' who: James Paterson Industrial Arts Raymond Presnal Paul Prusinski Gloria Rahn English Social Studies English Peter Retzlaff Daniel Robinovitz English Mathematics Virginia Rojas Sudarshan Sharma Charlie Mae Sharp Bi-Lingual Science Business Education Emma Silber Thomas Simonson Walter Skelding Language Physical Education Special Education Edward Skladany George Smith Thomas Smith Guidance English Industrial Arts Albert Swentko Milton Teich Business Education Science Elito Tiangco David Trabilsy Margaret Vida Science Social Studies Business Education Mittie Waddel Jacqueline Wajcs Edward Wascavage Business Education Home Economics Business Education Karl Wolfe Her.bert Wright Job Placement Coordinator AngCUlture Nelda Wright Ann Zakanycz Lorraine Zamorski Guidance Social Studies Lawrence Zeidler Angelina Zano Industrial Arts Nurse BBONS' SCHOOL STAFF Seated: Diane Lanier, Mary Wild, Penelope L. Kuykendall Principal Standing: Daniel Cilo, Ann Zakanycz, Alrita Smith, Ed gelding, Ellen Katehorton, Lynda Leone EDWARD SELBY CHIEF OF SECURITY S E m A m R U C E S . Bush, B. Jordon, Resto, B 1. Neil I J. Delgado, R. L. Broadwater Mae Butler John Ball Don Bowling Attendance Officer Community Agents Community Relations Advisor $ : '$..2va 2' mm mamamamvmvm Tom Aamland June Applegate Maija Applegate 22 Longfield Rd. 300 Hamilton St. 15 Prospect St. Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, College Brain surgeon Gymnastics College , 13"? '17 '1 Way gs? r fag 'jF' r .2550 3.1! I 1 - 2.. H. 1 Jean Artz Jill Arakawa 111 Van Liew Ave. 1185 Stockton Pl. Yearbook Jeffrey Auls California Middlesex County College 282 Powers St. Mary Bacorn 143 Suydam St. Girls' Spring Track, Cross Country, Yearbook Undecided Diane Belfi 34 Juliet St. College Petra Bacey 324 Somerset St. Legal Secretary Kevin E. Belnavis 165 Throop Ave. Basketball, Football University of Dayton Rose Barnes 15 Camer Ave. Basketball, Bowling Club, Track Middlesex County College Bob Berg 39 Wyckoff St. Football, Baseball College Beatrice Berry 313 Townsend St. S.A.C., Newspaper, Yearbook Comm. Middlesex County College Sally Best 15 JFK Drive Cheerleading, JV Captain, Nursing Club Nursing Stephen Billups 81 Throop Ave. S.A.C., Highlights Rep., Yearbook Comm., Football College Suzanne Black SUE 1092 Newton St. National Honor Society, Yearbook, Prom Comm., S.A.C., Float Comm., Mathletes, Advocate Staff, Human Relations, C.S.C. Rutgers University Diane Blocker 12 Welton St. Middlesex County College Robin Bongiovi 204 Redmond St. Sandra Boogdanian 190 College Ave. Youth Teaching, Youth Tutorial Pro- gram, Student Recruiting Comm., Clean-up Comm., Senior Seminar Wagner College E. John Botfa 1321 Seneca Rd. Football, S.A.C., Golf, Pres. 0f Austra- lian Culture Club Melbourne University Grainne Brady 17 Clay St. Yearbook Middlesex County College Tanya Narrel Branham LITTLE T 12 Reed St. Softball Seamstress Tom Brantley Jr. 100 Howard St. Varsity Football College Janice Bratus 322 Livingston Avenue Ocean County College JoAnne Bratus 322 Livingston Avenue Ocean County College Frank Buday 300 Hamilton St. Varsity Baseball Work Kim Braxton 3 Loretta St. Co-ordinator of freshman Orienta- tion, P.A.C. College Ed Bu2er 290 Howard Street Judy Brown 252 Powers St. Mark Butler 77 South Ward St. Florida Junior College JL. Au LJXM F JQWL 6Q Eloise Byrd Weasel 5 Reservoir Ave. Betty Anne Cadmus Harold Cain Cheerleader, S.A.C. 123 Somerset St- 31 Van Liew Ave. Nancy Taylor Business School College Work Elaine Calabrese 40 So. Pennington St. Robin E. Capers Pete Capone Color Guard, Float Committee, Base- 8 Mason Ave. 46 Brook Dr. ball Stat. Cross Country, JV Basketball Football, Track Middlesex County College Nursing College College Deborah Catalano DEBBIE 13 Seventh St. S.A.C. Executive Comm., Drill team, C.S.C., Outdoor club Undecided Christine Chambers 176 Memorial Parkway Missionary Verdine Chiles 98 Commercial Ave. Patricia Clayton 108 Booream Ave. Soccer Stat, Yearbook, Prom Comm. College Cathy Coffaro 29 Wilcox Rd. Girl's Track College Lois Compton 10 Maple Ave. Undecided Phyliss Cook 289 Powers St. Yearbook, S.A.C. Newark State College Charles T.E. Covin 85 Albany St. College Vinnie Covino 1346 Huron Rd. Football, Baseball Rutgers University Brenda Crawley 40 May Street College Pam Crews 104 Manor Crescent Carol Cromedy 14 Wright Pl. Sharon Cromedy 14 Wright Pl. S.A.C. Berkley Business School Paul H. Daniels 1 Henry St. Human Relations, Regional and All State Chorus, Band, Soph. and Jr. Ex- ecutive S.A.C., Drama Yearbook, Key Club College William Cruz 261 Handy St. S.A.C. Rutgers University Glenn Davis M00 M00 176 Memorial Parkway Yearbook, Art, Chorus Drawing School Kenneth Daniels 93 Comstock St. John Deinzer 114 Cleveland Ave. Hilda Delgado 4 Railroad Ave. Marcia Dirkson 49 Hazelhurst St. Track, Drill team Air Force Katherine E. Derqu 79 Wyckoff St. Yearbook, Float Comm., National Honor Society Hood College Reggie Ducane Duke 59 Brook Dr. Football, Basketball Middlesex County College Barbara Didick 70 Easton Ave. Drum Majorette, Band Pres., National Honor Society, S.A.C., Giil's Citizen- ship Institute, Senior Editor HIGH- LIGHTS, Kismet, Music Man College Colleen Duncanson Karimu 139 Commercial Ave. Douglass College Dana Duncanson Kevin Eato Beverly Edly 139 Commercial Ave. 35 B Phelps Ave. 687 Willow Ave. Drill Team Lieut., National Honor Undecided Undecided Society Trenton State College Eileen Fialka Susan Fischer Michele Fish 17 50. Wilson Ave. 26 Wilcox Rd. 23 C Simplex Ave. Cheerleader, Soccer Manager, Track Cross Country, Girl's Spring Track, Stat, Senior Prom Comm., Yearbook Marching Band, Concert Band, Fashion Model College Booster Club College Theresa Ford Sheryl Fleming 143 Joyce Kilmer Ave. Luther Foy, Jr. 269 Towsend St. Colorguard Co-Captain, Yearbook, JV 284 Comstock St. HIGHLIGHTS Rep. Basketball Manager, Prom comm. Spring Track, Winter Track Undecided College College Ihullllltmk w 7 Laurie Ellen Frey Paulett Francis Nat Frankel 796 Curie Rd. 117 Throop Ave. 186 Manor Crescent HIGHLIGHTS Art Editor, Advocate Nursing Club Stage Crew Art Staff, Yearbook, Float Comm. Middlesex County College Oral Roberts University Highlights Rep., Senior Prom Comm. Anne Fries 91 College Ave. Drama, Chorus, National Honor So- ciety, Girl's Track College Patricia Galbreath LITTLE BIT 7 Camner Ave. Cheerleader Fashion Model Nanette P. Geeston FALAMI 84 Remsen Ave. Yearbook, Color Guard, African dent Union, HIGHLIGHTS Rep; Glassboro State College Todd J. Gelb 206 Albert Ave. Key Club Vice-Pres., Yearbook Rutugers Univ. Clavin Gibson CAGE 980 Cranbury Cross Rd. Black Youth of New Brunswick Fashion Designing Pam Teri Glantz 955 Grissom Ave. Yearbook, HIGHLIGHTS Staff, Float Comm, Prom Comm., HIGHLIGHTS Rep. College Dorothy Claudia Godfrey 96 Remsen Ave. Basketball, Track William Paterson State College Christina Goerner 45 Bartlett St. Barnard College Angela LaDell Gordon 19A Simplex Ave. Pep Club, S.A.C., Now Music Glassboro State College Cathy Ann Gordon 2 Pine St. Now Music, Track Middlesex County College Gail Gorrell 38 Bergen Court Yearbook Comm. College Carol Gray 19 Langley Pl. College Stacey Grinley 316 Clay St. Yearbook Staff Cittone School Terri Hankins 1656 Holly Rd. Reporter, Junior Editor 8 Editor-in- Chief HIGHLIGHTS, National Honor Society, Twirling Co-Captain and Treasurer, Yearbook, Float, Jr. Prom Comm. Indiana Univ. Mark Haefner 252 Highland Dr. Undecided Alan Grossman 64 Suydam St. F.F.A. Industrial School Deborah Hansbrough 103 Towsend St. Cheerleader, Jr. Prom Comm., Mas- cot, S.A.C. Executive Comm., Human Relations, Afro-lntellect Club Middlesex County College Kathryn Hanson 49 Delevan St. College Jeffrey Harris 174 Delevan St. College Vera Harris , ., ' . Viola Hardy 320 Sanford St. , 56 Mitchell Ave. Undecided . Middlesex County College . . ,. , Barbara Heinrich Margery Heiken V . 67 Pennington Rd. 280 Fulton St. , Varsity Cheerleading, Chorus, Drama, Advocate ' . Yearbook College .- 1. , L . ; College Gregory Hawkins 17 Carter Rd. Art Club, Chess Club, Baseball Club Undecided John Hinton 114 Baldwin St. Basketball, Cross Country Track, Key Club Rutgers Univ. Denise Hopkins 213 Seaman St. Work Doryce Holcli 233 Howard St. President of DE. Class Middlesex County College Carol Holz 710 Laurel PI Girl's Spring Track, Drill Team Lieut., Girl's Cross Country, Winter Track, Drama, Stage Crew, Yearbook Undecided Deborah Hodge 310 George St. Middlesex County College Patricia Howard 72 Remsen Ave. S.A.C., Highlights Rep. Detroit State College Sarah Howard TINA 56 Roosevelt Ave. Girl's Basketball, Girl's Softball Middlesex County College Deborah Hunter 8 Powers St. Undecided Rochelle James 135 Suydam St. Prom Comm. Beautician Robert Jackson 97 Baldwin St. S.A.C., Winter Track, Spring Track College Henry James lrl 192 50. Main St. Football, Spring Track, Baseball Cook College Cathy Jasmin 176 Memorial Parkway Sisterhood Club, Twirling Club, Color Guard, Banner Carrier Middlesex County College Vera Yvonne Johnson 52 Lee Ave. Band, Drum Majorette, IV and Varsity Gifl's Basketball, Senior Editor HIGH- LIGHTS, Boy's Track Manager, S.A.C., Yearbook, Human Relations, Band Sec. College Tom Jones 181 Redmond St. Puerto Rican Culture Club, S.A.C., Af- rican Student Union, Baseball, Human Relations, Actuality Inc. College Marvin E. Johnson 153 Handy St. Training School Joyce Jordon 138 Seamer St. Undecided Patricia Jeter 21 Richmond St. Undecided Helmut Kaiser 9 Bartlett St. Winter Track, Spring Track Rutgers Univ. Kathy Keegan 1616 Axel Ave. Advocate Staff Business Cynthia Kesely 123 W. Church St. Twirler Captain, Gi'rls' Varsity Basketball Undecided Matt Kaiser 9 Bartlett St. Chess Club, Spring Track, Soccer, Cross Country College George Kish Jr. 1321 Seneca Rd. National Honor Society, Key Club Treas., Mathletes, Football Stat. Michigan State University Denise Kelton 217 Redmond St. U ndecided Rosemary Kinsey 146 Delavan St. Undecided 5 1AM 1 15: Rose Klopsis 36 Towsend St. Undecided Joseph C. Knox 949 Newton St. Trenton State College Linda Kolibabzuk 205 New St. HIGHLIGHTS Rep. Secretary Laurel Koops 6 Bishop Pl. Drill Team Capt., National Honor So- ciety, Mathletes, Chorus Highlights, Drama, Outdoor Club College John Kovar 61 Brook Dr. Drama Carpenter Jean Kozak 146 Broad St. Prom. Comm. College Sonja Kuiper 11 Pennington Rd. Softball Trade School Willem Kuiper 11 Pennington Rd. Cross Country, Winter 81 Spring Track College Donna Labos 76 Plum St. Yearbook, Gifls' Cross Country Middlesex County College Simone LeGoff 96 Van Liew Ave. Fashion Design Christine Lembo 20 N. Pennington Rd. S.A.C., Yearbook Undecided Laura Lens 53 Mitchell Ave. Band, Gifls' Track, Freshman Class Treas., Giils' Basketball Stat, Pep Club, Oldies But Gdodies Club, Jr. Prom Comm. Grace Mary LeVay 3 Oak St. Secretary Rhonda Lige 262 Towsend St. Nancy Taylor Business Institute Les Levine 76 S. Pennington Rd. Varsity Track College Patricia Ann Little 18 Lee Ave. Undecided Lisa Lidderdale 314 Clay St. Undecided Mary Jane Loehr 183 No. Main St. Freshman Basketball Manager, Year- book, Prom Comm., National Honor Society College , 1 , William J. Lynch Zenko Peter Lucyk " ' '1' , V 36 N. Main St. 21 Beechwood Pl. . ' Varsity Football, Spring Track, Band, Video Club, Radio Club , 7, L 1 Highlights Engineering L H x 'L; College Anna Lukacs 291 Baldwin St. Drama Secretary Elizabeth Mary Madraszek 17 Roberts Rd. Undecided Sharon Lundy ' a , 5' Thomas Mahon 299 Lawrence St. '1 , 60 Commercial Ave. 1 Football Club, Oldies But Goodies Undecided V, Club, Golf Club "1 ' College Doreen Maldonado 265 Suydam St. Girl's Basketball, Puerto Rican Culture Club, Drama College Darlene C. Matthews 256 Seaman St. Softball College Russell J. Maloney 230 Powers St. S.A.C. College Kenny Level Matchett 176 Memorial Parkway Basketball Undecided Peter Mannino 23 Woodbridge St. Yearbook Rutgers Univ. Patricia Marold 49 Wilcox Rd. Yearbook, Twirling College Deborah Jean McCalla 79 Hassart St. Kathleen McElarney MAC Girl's Track, Girl's Basketball Sherry Estelle McDuffy 270 Suydam St. S.A.C. 202 Talmadge St. Drill Team, S.A.C. Fashion Design Girl's Varsity Basketball, Band Undecided Carole McNeil Goldie Patricia McLaughlin 100 Memorial Parkway JoAnn Messeroll 92 Easton Ave. Prom Comm. 171 N. Main St. Undecided I.B.M. Computer Programmer Office Work Eliut Miranda 82 Welton St. JV Football, Puerto Rican Culture Club, Track, Key Club College Kathy Miller . I Yvonne Mitchell 100 Memorial Parkway ;j 55 Wright Place Twirler ' Yearbook Undecided . ' . College George Moetz 502 Woodnor Ct. . Band, Baseball, Winter Track, v I Joe Molnar Cross Country, Outdoor Club , 9 Weber Rd. Mechanic John Molnar 59 Pennington Rd. Key Club, Winter Track, Spring Track Middlesex County College . Ernest Nagy Michael Montanez : ' 81 Wyckoff St. 23 Loretta St. ? Film Club, Golf Club College ' L Middlesex County College Floyd Morrison 23 Loretta St. Middlesex County College Anthony H. Norman 82 Wright Pl. MiddIesex County College Peter Nastasi . - ' Irene Oakley 5 Beverly Ave. ' a 210 Lawrence St. Key Club ' : ' Yearbook, S.A.C., Cheerleader, College , x 7 Prom Comm, Highlights Rep. L Bennett College Joe Opitz 74 Louis St. Middlesex County College Steve Ohmott ' ' , L Jennifer Parker JENNY 34 W. Joffre Ave. 1 L . 14 Bowser Rd. Industrial Trade , . Band Treas., Dance Band, Spring Track, National Honor Society College Joseph Parker ; , . 36 Jennings Ct. f ' Jackle Peoples Band V , v 938 Somerset St. College V, '- Airline Stewardess Jonette Paige Paskosky 11 Cogswell Pl. Drum Majorette, Booster Club, Cifl's Track, Prom Comm., Concert Band, Pit Band, Drama Middlesex County College Wendy Poulsen 111 First St. Joseph Perkosky Drama, Chorus, Woodshop Club, 141 Tunison Rd. . Rug-hooking Club Industrial School Middlesex County College Barbara Plevetsky 47 South St. Yearbook, Prom Comm. I 8x J Gilbert Pringle 35 Jennings Ct. Undecided Patricia Prina . - Mohammed Rateb 318 Brook Dr. - ' . ' 159 Rutgers St. Yearbook . z . ' Rutgers Univ. Rutgers Univ. 1 V I Christine Ratliff Robert C. Rawls Roy L. Rice 89 Towsend St. 77 BiShOp 5t. Memorial Parkway Undecided S-ACV Prom Comm. Baseball Communications Undecided i? Diane Richardson Kim Richardson Todd 3. Richardson 2 Railroad Ave. 146 Hale St. 154 Towsend St. Undecided S.A.C. Sec, Cheerleader, Gier Track Football Baseball College College Pam Riczu 287 Crestwood Dr. Girl's Track, Girl's Basketball S.A.C., Girl's Softball, Color Guard Co-cap- tain, Pep Club, Oldies But Goodies Club, Booster Club, Jr. Prom Comm. Rutgers Univ. Michael Roesler 8 Voorhees Rd. Band, National Honor Society, Key Club, Outdoors Club College Edwin Rivera 374 Delevan St. Yearbook, Puerto Rican Culture Club, Upward Bound Rutgers Univ. Eligio Roman 100 French St. Undecided Bob Rizk 88 JFK Drive Varsity Football College Gary Russell 95 So. Pennington Rd. Undecided Akida Sababu 285 Nichol Ave. Human Relations, African Student Union, Drama, Puerto Rican Culture Club University of California Gilbert A. Salter, Jr. SALT 28 Wright Pl. Football, Band Yearbook, S.A.C., Hu- man Relations, African Student Union, Highlights Undecided Steve Sadowski 25 Wilcox Rd. Track Undecided Francis Santalucia 216 Powers St. Cross Country Manager, Basketball US Air Force John M. Salato Ill 32 Sherman Ave. Football, Baseball Trade School Vincent Santoro 916 Cranbury Cross Rd. Marching Band, Dance Band, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, JV Baseball, Pit Band College Agustin Sardinas 54 Welton St. Trenton State College Judy Lynne Scott 107 No. Ward St. Gist Track, Football Stat. Fisk Univ. Olga Schornick Ce'rmany Human Relations Undecided I . . , 15?. air 1a K Kim Michelle Scott 34 May St. Handbook Editor, Staffwriter Gibbons News, Pep Club, Librarian, Social Comm. College Mark Schultz 90 First St. Key Club, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball College Woodrow Scott 40 Reservoir Ave. Football, Baseball College Gregory E. Scupp Eddie Selby Debby Shine 127 Tunison Rd. 37 Tunison Rd. 13 Bowser Rd. College Varsity Soccer, S.A.C, Twirling, Float Comm, Baseball Stat College Middlesex County College Patricia Shorter Bill Shulas Freddie Simonson KADICE 7 Stockton Rd. 41 Mitchell Ave. 32 Wright Place Art School Band, Jazz Ensemble, Drama Band, Yearbook Rutgers Univ. College Peter Sisco 66 Morrell St. Undecided Judith Vernaif Smith 209 Seaman St. Yearbook, Cheerleader Saint Paul's College Debbie Smith 14 Sherman Ave. Twirling Business School Laveta Smith 37 Jennings Ct. Middlesex County College Dorothy Smith 37 Jennings Ct. Prom C0mm., Yearbook, Community Service, S.A.C. Tuskegee Institute Scott J. Smith 191 So. Moetz Dr. Football Mercer County College Patricia Stewart 314 Suydam St. Undecided Odell E. Sullen 127 Throop Ave. Undecided Vernon Stolte 32 Janet Ct. Football College Odessa Sullen 127 Throop Ave. Varsity Cheerleader, S.A.C. Secretary 1, Bonnie Sudler 789 Cranbury Cross Rd. Cheerleader, Mathletes, Advocate Statistician Rutgers Univ. Pauline Sutherland 118 Joyce Kilmer Ave. Rutgers Univ. Robert Sweeney 26 E. Church St. Varsity Track, Football Trenton State College Lynn Suydam Jean Sznicer 50 Van Liew Ave. . L 42 Loretta St. Senior Prom Comm., Float Comm, , ,r x . Middlesex County College Soccer Manager, Track Manager, ' A Freshman Basketball Manager College Edmund G. Terrio 321 Brook Dr. Drama, Key Club See, Football, Bas- Walter Szubiak ' ketball, Baseball, Winter Track, Spring 21 Guilden St. ' Track Middlesex College Ritgers Univ. Odette Tardif 28 Regency Manor Dr. Undecided Lorna Thomas 4 Roosevelt Ave. Softball Work Robert Joseph Thomas 1 Wilcox Rd. Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer Middlesex County College Barnett Thompson 274 Powers St. Wrestling, Track, S.A.C. College Lawanda Thurman 174 Suydam St. Girls Club US. Air Force Wendall Thurmond 215 Seaman St. W.N.B.Z. US. Air Force Thomas Timko 104 Louis St. Myron Tkaczuk 192 So. Moetz Dr. Work Hector Toledo 296 Commercial Ave. S.A.C., W.N.B.Z. Undecided Janis Torok 56 E. Foch Cr. Yearbook Spectrum Institute Maria Torres 89 Remsen Ave. Puerto Rican Culture Club Marriage Debby Traficante 63 Juliet St. Softball Manager Middlesex County College John Tsakon 65 Hiram St. Chorus College LiZ Vamos Charles W. Van Deursen Marcy Van Laan 31 High St. 177 Albert Ave. 246 Delevan St. College JV Baseball ADVOCATE Editor, Highlights Writer Middlesex County College College Dorothy Vaughn Richard Van Liew Dorothea Vaughn 60 Seaman St. 101 Howard St. 60 Seaman St. Basketball Undecided Typing School Computer Programming Minerva Vega MINNIE Donnia Virgil VIRG 204 Howard St. Jaime Villanaeva 21 Hiram St. Yearbook 131 Commercial St. Gifl's Track, Gifl's Basketball, S.A.C. Secretary Diesel Mechanic Livingston College Lori Ann Volk Elaine Walker Fabianne Justine Walker 12 Sherman Ave. 55 Throop Ave. 26 So. Talmadge St. Skating, Oldies, Pinball Cheerleader, S.A.C., Miss N.B.H.S. S.A.C., Prom Comm. Giils Club, Mod- Fashion Designer Contestant ern Music College Modeling Irma Walker 213 Seaman St. Skating, Bowling, Volleyball Hairdresser Richard Warn 283 Crestwood Dr. Undecided Freddie Walker 176 Memorial Parkway Undecided Jaquelyn Denise White 186 Delevan St. S.A.C. Work ': ' 3 College Emery Weakland 393 Sanford St. Winter Track, Spring Track Patricia Marie Webb 22 Harvey St. Choir, Drama, Highlights Rep. Airline Career Craig Williams , , 65 Jersey Ave. , Michael Witt Football, Spring Track - 8 Royal Ct. Computer Programming . ' Undecided Paul Wilson 236 New York Ave. College Geoffrey Wooding 1 Goodale Circle Key Club, N.J. Boys' State Delegate, S.A.C., Key Club Pre5., Yearbook, Soccer, National Honor Society, Highlights Rutgers Univ. Nancy Witt ' , ' - a . Charlene Yaznnsm 8 Royal Ct. , ,. . 94 JFK Dr. Secretarial , . . ' College '-1.DetheI:311C3Me - 2 61111311 531113 1': . 3. Am Fmies 1 4. Camle' McNeil1 - 5. Doreen Maldonado 1'6: mm Highandfsdni ' 7.101111 0611b ' 8.. Rochelle lamesm 9. Chnis Chambers . j'Jo Pam 0131112 ' '11. Tom 1313111131! .. . 12. 103nm 8. 13111513131115" , - 5:13. P3111133me15 ' 23- Vailohnscn ' EugeheT'13Mes ' 13 tee Ave. Undectded u -4. 1 V 1130mm, waists; 71 Jamey Aye. Uhdeciidedi 7" ' , . "' n, 1. .--. ' ' .." 1: -y b1 r 11 . g. - ' 14.13-DOrqthy'Slhi1h ' . 151 M31 Frankel '1 ' 16 Woodrow Sco11- . 17. Tera H3nkins . 18. 101i Frey 7 19. Debbie McCalI3 .- 20-D13ne18el11 .. ' 2-1 Minerva Vega 22. Eloise Byrd 23 1.3u'ne Koops .- 24. Bea1ric'e Ben'y .' j 25.111111! Scott '26." EdTemn .... 1.27.9311: Riczui 3; $w.-M.3 +.n. , , 3,5,, V w $39,;- xvyg Mu FOOTBALL ,. FRONT ROW: J. BOTFA, G. SALTER, J. IRL, V. STOLTE, B. LYNCH, B. BERG, T. BRANTLEY, W. SCOTT, E. SCANLON, V. COVINO, C. BAT- TAGLIA, P..CAPONE, SECOND ROW: R. HAHN, T. RICHARDSON, B. RIZK, T. DOHERTY, T. MANFREDI, T. ASTOR, M. MAHONEY, E. TER- RIO, M. HAEFNER, J. HOLCLI, 5. SMITH, THIRD ROW: B. BELL, D. LYNCH, B. SZABO, R. WHITEHILL, K. VORHEES, C. KELLY, D. GREIR, L. ROGERS, D. VICKERS, L. ROBINSON, FOURTH ROW: M. CUYADER, R. WILLIAMS, 8. WEBER, J. HOLZAPFEL, R. FEICKERT, T. BREW, B. DEINZER, J. DOHERTY, E. BOYLER, BACK ROW: K. SALTER, B. JONES, COACH PETE LYNCH, COACH TOM SIMONSON, COACH BOB MILLER, COACH DALE BEATTYS, COACH CHET WILHEM COACH WILLHEM, COACH BETTYS, COACH MILLER, LCOACH SIMONSON, COACH LYNCH CO-CAPTAIN BOB BERG DE CO-CAPTAIN TOM BRANTLEY MLB HONORABLE MENTION ALL COUNTY GUY BATTAGLIA SE JOHN BOTFA P PETE CAPONE HB VINNIE COVINO QB "MOOSE" HAEFNER T JIMMY IRL S ALL STATE GRP .Ill BILL LYNCH SE TONY MANFREDI HB TODD RICHARDSON T BOB RIZK DE ad"? . $ng 9'33, 19 LE7? im V won i$iQ g$ ; ' 3-star luu mu: bin n: $1$ GILBERT SALTER AWARDS NIGHT: FRONT ROW: T. BRANTLEY, B. BERG, V. COVINO BACK ROW: J. BOTFA, B. RIZK, G. SALTER ED SCANLON T WOODROW SCOTT FB SCOTT SMITH C VERN STOLTE TE ED TERRIO LB HONORABLE MENTION ALL COUNTY GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY COACH MOODY FRONT ROW: E. MIRANDA, S. WITT, SECOND ROW: M. BACORN, COACH MOODY, F. BACORN BACK ROW: C. HOLZ, J. RZUECK, C. TRAFICANTE, E. BACORN AWARDS NIGHT: M. BACORN, J. RZUEC BACORN, C. HOLZ, E. BACORN MARY BACORN l COACH RAGONE GYMNASTICS .xx AWARDS NIGHT: J. MOETZ, K. CARRASO, M. REED, P. HAEFNER, K. SMITH, C. KOCH gilt; .. 11 I. I COACH RAGONE, C. KOCH, K. CARRASO, K. SMITH, J. MOETZ BOB THOMAS BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY -. xa I , h A . x -',, - -e K. ,3 , ,, N ., FRONT ROW: 5. WISSINK, M. KAISER, W. KUIPER, F. SANTALUCIA, J. HINTON, N. KOOPS SECOND ROW: ASST. COACH FORREST, B. DANIELS, J. TROKAVICH, 8. BROWN, 8. BALDINI, D. PAONE, T. CALABRESE, COACH CROSSO BACK ROW: T. BUCNESE, J. WALSH, C. ATKINSON, L. SHINE, MR. RACONE, MANAGER V. JOHNSON ASSISTANT COACH FORREST, COACH CROSSO BILL KUIPER R E C A N A M N O S N H D A R E V MAT KEISER z. JOHN HINTON BOYS' BASKETBALL KNEELINC: K. MATCHETT, P. GERHART, V. COLE, D. CREER, M. MAHONY STANDING: COACH BORNSTEIN, L. CLADD, J. HINTON, W. WILLIAMS, J. JOHNSON, B. BELL COACH BORNSTEIN, CAPTAIN WAYNE WILLIAMS LARRY CLADD N O T m H N H D WILBUR COLE KEN MATCHET GIRLS' BASKETBALL QFRONT ROW: M. ECHOLS, A. WELLS, T. HOWARD CAPTAIN, R. CHILDS, R. FORTSON SECOND ROW: D. VIRCIL, V. JOHNSON, C. KESELY, D. GODFREY, D. HAMMAND, M. BLAKELY THIRD ROW: COACH DALY, D. MCCALLA MANAGER COACH DALY TINA HOWARD, CAPTAIN MARGARET BLAKELY ' DOT GODFREY VERA JOHNSON CINDY KESELY SHERRY MCDUFFY DONNIA VIRCIL KNEELINC: L. FOY, M. KAISER, E. MIRANDA, A. SARDINAS, H. KAISER, D. GESICKI, J. MOLNAR, R. JACKSON SITTING: D. VICKERS, D. BOOKER, K. JONES, J. MARTINEX, D. LYNCH, B. BALDINI, P. CORRICAN, ASSISTANT COACH PRUSINSKI STANDING: T. CLARK, R. BROWN, L. RODGERS, A. ARCE, S. WISSINK, R. WILLIAMS, D. COOPER, COACH JONES BOYS' WINTER TRACK COACH JONES ASSISTANT COACH PRUSINSKI LUTHER FOY MATT KAISER EMERY WEAKLAND W ,X ,. ? , x 2M4 7 L WWW 7w V 7 x? , ? 772 xwi yMCongwax MM? ?i ,, x? , . ? 0 Zr A: , M x 4 ??7 2? 67f!4 mew 2 iffw V km, zUz , , ? ,57, ,y x .f, f.., 1." '42., 04g vVV 4i 2.712,; 4!. , 4,! 1 60V i z 4i 9 $1 xX 4lx, . z, , I. HELMUT KAISER ELIUT MIRANDA DON CESICKI DINAL AUGUSTUS SAR ROBERT JACKSON JOHN MOLNAR BASEBALL FRONT ROW: K. JONES, B. BELL, B. SZABO, C. KELLY, T. DOUCHERTY, A. MULVANEY, S. NEMIAS SECOND ROW: J. HOLCLI, J. MARTINEZ, L. MARIANO, R. ZIMMERMAN, D. HAYDEN, T. JONES, C. SEAMON, J. DOUGHERTY THIRD ROW: COACH SKLADANY, K. JONES, B. WEBER, T. RICHARDSON, P. SISCO, F. BUDAY, T. BREW FOURTH ROW: COACH SHIRLEY, M. MONTANEZ, T. ASTOR, B. BERG, J. MARTINEZ, COACH MILLER, COACH HOOPER BACK ROW: R. WILLIAMS, S. FOAT SENIORS: COACH HOOPER, F. BUDAY, COACH SHIRLEY, B. BERG, COACH SKLADANY, BACK ROW: D. HAYDEN, M. MONTA- NEZ, T. JONES, P. SISCO, T. RICHARDSON BOB BERG DOUG HAYDEN TOM JONES MIKE MONTANEZ TODD RICHARDSON PETE SISCO GIRLS' SOFTBALL FRONT ROW: COACH FORBES, N. MARTINEZ, M. BLAKEY, C. ELLIOT, S. MCKENZIE, D. MEDINA, ASSISTANT COACH PARKER SECOND ROW: C. DALY, D. JIMENEZ, J. CONCER, L. THOMAS, N. GARCIA, M. BENJAMIN, A. PHIPPS THIRD ROW: F. CERTO, L. DUNCANSON, D. VARCA, D. Van DEURSEN, l. KUIPER, Y. THOMAS, R. GARDNER BACK ROW: P. RAYNOR, K. MOLNAR, A. BROWN, T. HOWARD, K. JAMES, T. CIANCIA, M. GUINYARD COACH FORBES, CO-CAPTAIN TINA HOW- ARD, CO-CAPTAIN DAISY MEDINA, COACH PARKER 98 V: E K A L B T F. R A C R A M LORNA THOMAS TINA HOWARD YVONNE THOMAS GIRLS' SPRING TRACK FRONT ROW: C. TAYLOR, J. WILSON, D. VIRCIL, L. LIEPINS, B. BOOKER, M. ECHOLS, COACH MOODY SECOND ROW: M. BACORN, F. BACORN, D. RICHARDSON, C. HOLZ, J. RZUCEK, L. BACORN, D. HAMMON, ASSISTANT COACH OVERBY THIRD ROW: J. WITHERSPOON, V. TAYLOR, C. HERMANN, M. WASHINGTON, E. LUKACS, L. DANIELS, B. EDWARDS MANACER BACK ROW: J. PARKER, S. FISCHER, J. SCOTT, F. GREGORY, D. WARD, L. ALFRED, D. FRANKEL LIZ BACORN SUSAN FISCHER CAROL HOLZ JENNY PARKER DIANE RICHARDSON KIM SCOTT DONNIA VIRCIL BOYS' SPRING TRACK FRONT ROW: COACH CROSSO, COACH FORREST, H. KAISER, B. SWEENY, V. JOHNSON MANACER SECOND ROW: M. KAISER, J. KNOX, D. GESICKI, J. MOLNAR THIRD ROW: T. CLARK, L. RODGERS, R. ALFRED, S. WISSINK, T. FROKVICH, R. HAHN, D. LYNCH, P. CORRIGAN FOURTH ROW: M. WATSON, D. COOPER, B. BALDINI, D. COOPER, T. PARILLO, J. MCLOUD, L. RANKINS, D. PAONE, L. ROBINSON BACK ROW: J. WILLIARD, T. STOPPA, B. BROWN, E. RON SENIORS: COACH CROSSO, COACH FORREST, H. KAISER, B. SWEENY, V. JOHNSON MANAGERL M. KAISER, J. KNOX, D. CESICKI, J. MOLNAR GESICKI HELMUT KAISER JOSEPH KNOX JOHN MOLNAR BOB SWEENY FRONT ROW: L. CARTER, T. HANKINS, A. KARVELAS, D. SMITH SECOND ROW: T. WILLIAMS, S. LAWRYK, M. STRAUSS, R. WARD BACK ROW: J. MARCHETTA, S. WITT, C. LIOTTA, S. BROOKS TERRI HANKINS COACH MELECH EUGENE JAMES l. , WW? WUVvy k FRONT ROW: TWIRLERS; P. MAROLD, T. HANKINS, D. SMITH, D. SHINE SECOND ROW: COLOR GUARD; P. RICZU, C. SHINE, Y. GODFREY, K. FRANK, C. KESLEY TWIRLINC CAPT., B. CHRISTOPHER, E. CALA- BRESSE, N. GEESTON, T. FORD THIRD ROW: BAND; J. CSERNAK, R. GARDNER, C. CARTER, V. JOHNSON, B. DIDICK, J. PARKER, D. CAUL, J. SHAMY FOURTH ROW: E. MISCIK, V. SANTORO, S. GALEZ, J. PASQUALE, H. RIDDER, J. PASKOSKY, S. FISCHER, AL BARNOSKY, J. MARCUCCIO BACK ROW: L. LENS, M. ROESLER, F. SIMONSON, S. PHILLIPS, J. PARKER, G. MOETZ, M. JORDAN, W. SHULAS, L. CSERNAK AWARDS NIGHT: FRONT ROW: F. SIMONSON, J. PARKER, J. PASKOSKY, S. MCDUFFY BACK ROW: V. JOHNSON, L. LENS PETER KOREY BAND DIRECTOR BARB DIDICK LAURALENS N O S N H D A R E V xvf4 L Zzggg SU E FISCH ER JOE PARKER JONETTE PASKOSKY MIKE ROESLER f i VINNY SANTORO BILL SHU A FRED SIMONSON w w II I B. CHRISTOPHER, E. CALABRESE, N. CEESTON, K. FRANK, C. SHINE D R A U C R 0 IL 0 C T. FORD, P. RICZU KNEELINC STANDING ELAINE CALABRESE $$$$il?!li.iiii THERESA FORD NANETTE GEESTON PAM RICZU U Z W R R E S E R B A .L A C E I N. CEESTON GODFREY CHRISTOPHER ,Y. VARCA , B FRONT ROW FRANK 15 K YVONNE GODFREY AWARDS NIGHT SECOND ROW BACK ROW CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: E. WALKER, CO-CAPTAIN, K. BRAXTON, CO-CAPTAIN SECOND ROW: L. RIROKSO, A. VOORHEES, S. LANE, D. HOWARD THIRD ROW: 8. HEINRICH, S. BROOKS, O. SULLEN FOURTH ROW: L. SUTHERLAND, P. HAEFNER, J. BROKAW, M. REED, S. MIDDLETON, C. BROOKS J. COX ADVISOR BARB HEINRICH KIM BRAXTON ELAINE WALKER ODESSA SULLEN TWIRLERS KNEELING: D. SMITH, T. HANKINS mO-CAPTAINS BACK ROW: ADVISOR J. WAJCS, J. CATLIN, D. VANDEURSEN, D. SHINE, C. HERMANN, C. KESELY CAPTAlNL D. FRANKEL, P. MAROLD, B. CATLIN, S. LAWYRK ADVISOR J. WAJCS AWARD NIGHT: FRONT ROW: D. SMITH, T. HANKINS, C. KESELY BACK ROW: P. MAROLD, D. SHINE TERI HANKINS CO-CAPTAIN DEBBY SMITH CO-CAPTAIN CINDY KESLEY CAPTAI N PATTY MAROLD DEBBY SHINE DRILL TEAM BOTTOM ROW: B. EDLY, L. KOOPS, C. HOLZ CENTER ROW: P. GRIFFIN, TONI WOODS, B. TOREKY, B. HOOD, O. SCHORNICK TOP ROW: G. BALOGH, K. RIX, E. DAVIS, A. KOOPS, J. RONEK, K. CABOR $rM gs; xnwk - c a turn I a ADVISOR LUCY KULMINSKI SENIOR AWARD NIGHT: O. SCHORNICK, B. EDLY, L. KOOPS, C. HOLZ CAROL HOLZ-LIEUTENANT W. A T P A C Q: P O O K W. R U A L BEV EDLY-LIEUTENANT w 1777.7 7,7 7 7.77. 4;; 1.2.: ,9: 5131221 :ttaaltitia 77 17 717.12 a 7, 7,7 l ,1 .7; 7 Mawwnwfmwy 7 7,7 7M7; 7.7 I . 3757; 72?; w 747 ,w '7 "77 Wax VI 7 OLGA SCHORNICK ff??? , y, l 4 4 ..t .n: n. n f V?mziar WWWWWNM ngmewmmwmm meJVnw m ,w M w; MATH LETES ,L .Qtw:;.mg;' : ,ww ?42 W; ,. I . , ?mW- M. WARD OW, G. KISH, B. CHRISTOPHER, A. FRIES, L. KOOPS NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALIST FAMILY LEADER OF TOMORROW GEORGE KISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY KNEELINC: B. EDLY, TL HA KINS, M.J. LOEHR STANDING: B. DIDIC , K. ERCQU, G. KISH, A. FRIES, L. KOOPS NEW MEMBERS ERONT ROW: 0. ; , HORNlCK, T. CELB, J. FIALKA, D. CAUL, A. VOORHEES, A. DONOVAN, P. PRINA SECOND ROW: P RAYNER, D. HAMMANN, W POU EN, T. RZUCEK, P HILLMAN, B. HILLMAN, B BERG, D. QMITH BACK ROW: P. QERHART, M. WARDLAW, B. CHR , OPHER, W CATCHINCS, P. DANIELS, S. VVLSINK, D. L NASTASI KEY CLUB 639 169 i SITTING: J. HINTON, M. SCHULTZ, G. KISH, C. WOODING STANDING: S. PREKOP, M. ROESLER, B. JONES, T. CELB, T. FRO- KAVICH, S. WISSINK, M. WARDLOW, J. MOLNAR, E. TERRIO, D. LYNCH T. CELB, G. KISH ADDITIONAL KEY CLUB MEMBERS: KNEELING: M. WARDLOW, T. FROKAVICH, P. NAS- TASE STANDING: E. TERRIO, E. MIRANDA, P. DANIELS, J. HINTON, G. KISH, T. CEB 124 B K A N O S T M SANTOS, E LUCYK, Z. I TRABILSY L. THOMAS, MR. FRANKEL D. I MR. FOG, P. DANIELS N. FRANKEL, AFRIKIAN STUDENT UNION FRON ROW: C. RATLIFF, MS. WBIGHT ADVISOR, D. HANSBOROUGH BACK ROW: K. DANIELS, M. RUSSELL, C. SALTER S. BROOKS, B. CHRISTOPHER, S. BILLUPS, V4 JOHNSON, D. HOOD SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE SITTING: L. SUYDAM, J. FIALKA, P. CLAYTON STANDING: M.J. LOEHR, P. GLANTZ, V. JOHNSON, L. FREY, T. FORD TTEE C. HOLZ, B. EDLY, P. CLANTZ, K. DERCQUE, T. HANKINS YEARBOOK STAF F SITTING: T. FORD, C. HOLZ, P. DANIELS, L. FREY, T. HANKINS STANDING: B. EDLY, L. SUYDAM, M.J. LOEHR, J. FIALKA, P. CLAYTON, MRS. REILLY ADVISOR, BACK ROW: G. SALTER, V. JOHNSON, B. CHRISTOPHER, P. GLANTZ, K. DERCQUE, T. CELB MISSING: C. CORRELL T. HANKINS EDI- L. FREY, B. CHRIS- I I -CHIEF, S. BROOKS P. CLANTZ KNEELINC: V. JOHNSON TOR-IN STANDING D FRANKEL TOPHER, B DlDlCK, M VAN LAAN, M HEIKEN S T H Flu L H m H ,1 iywxia. CHORUS K. CABOR, C. LEWIS, L. KOOPS, B. CATLIN, T. LANG, M.A. KINSEY, P. DANIELS, F. BOUNOCORE, A. FRIES, S. LAWRYK, A. BASSEL, D. ENC- RAM, F. GARNENER, MR. HUFF PAUL DANIELS, STATE 1974 SENIORS: L. KOOPS, P. DANIELS, A. FRIES, NOT PICTURED: C. DAVIS, O. SCHORNICK, J. TSAKON MR. HERBURT HUFF, CHORUS DIRECTOR MR. KOREY, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC DIRECTOR MRS. MITCHELL, CHORIOCRAPHER MR. HUFF, VOCAL DIRECTOR RIGHT: MR. JOHNS, DIRECTOR FAR RIGHT: THE CAST 712.??? iiingij 2???? .B.H.S. DRAMA T N W5 Tm ME RB Dm THE N 42 m. Ch 15:05. 9,4? film" 3, W ,Quliln 'onifan 33 ayufiwf 4 .24 f1! WV F7 Wajif '09.? W W m m, w ; 3:32.,395 ,0 ?.??$ka ,Qaimi .3 , 962.215le z; N 3 m... l mm M a W, Werva I m N .W m g ".7125? V 3.. :ma. . ?..lzer, 744?, . 7 , CIBBONS' UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS SOPHOMORE BOTTOM ROW: D. SCOTT, R. BRAXTON, R. CHILDS, P. PERRY MIDDLE ROW: S. SIMS, S. LANE, C. KELLY TOP ROW: S. SIMS, S. LANE, C. KELLY TOP ROW: A. WOODS, L. WRIGHT, T. SCHENCK, C. RICHARDSON SITTING: J. STEFAN, P. BILLUPS, E. DAVIS, S. BACNER, V. LANE, J. BROKAW STANDING: P. GRIFFIN, K. MCCARCO, K. BEASLEY FRESHMEN BOTTOM ROW: P. MORRIS, M. WARD, R. WATSON, T. BELNAVIS MIDDLE ROW: A.M. WILLIAMS, CZ. QUINN, T. MUSTAKAS, E. WILLIAMS TOP ROW: C. WILLIAMS, B. MONK, M. BRAX- TON, D. GRIFFIN, R. RAMOS, J. BERRY 145 FRONT ROW: J. MCLEOD, T. CLARK, L. ROGERS, C. NAY, S. HAYNES, B. ROBERTSON, M. WILLIAMS BACK ROW: 5. HARDY, R. FRANZ, C. ROOD, D. FOCUE, L. ROSS, S. NEWSOM, B. BOOKER, L. RATLIFF S. HOLZAPFEL, T. KOVAK, M. POLLARD, T. SINCLAIR, D. HARRIS g; m KNEELING: D. CRIER, D. LANGLEY, J. SMITH STANDING: C. HARPER, A. SIPOS, W. MIDDLETON, G. JASMIN, C. HANEY, C. BECHER SITTING: J. TOWNSEND, K. SMITH, J. KENNY, B. SZABO MIDDLE ROW: B. VAN LIEW, 5. SMITH, M. MITCHELL, J. CSERNAK, B, GATLIN, S. LAWYRK BACK ROW: B. BALDINI, M. WARDLOW, D. LYNCH, D. HAMMANN, B. HILLMAN, C. CARTER SITTING: T. SCHENCK, T. LANG, F. BROWN, J. ROGERS, STANDING: E. WIL- LIAMS, M. RECINE, K. CABOR, F. BRUZZESE, N. WILSON, W. CIP- SON, J. WILSON, l. WALKER, C. HARRIS SITTING: E. HAWKINS, T. BOSWELL, H. FISH, R. WHITE, C. TYUS MIDDLE ROW: R. WARREN, G. KELLEY, C. CARTER, C. LOMBARDO, M. REED, J. MAR- TIN, D. MUSCOLINO BACK ROW: E. WADE, C. SALVI, S. JONES, W. CROMEDY, M.ICANO, E. LEPPERT SITTING: j. SHAFFER, J. JANUSZ, E. GARDNER, l. FOAT, s. BRIGGS STANDING: M. SIRO- TOWITZ, E. LARKINS, D. WIGCINS, J. MOORE, C. SUTHER- LAND, R. McGHEE, c. WILLIAMS, T. CAP- PELLA, P. WILSON SITTING: B. BELL, T. FRKOVICH, K. ANDERSON STANDING: l. ALLICOCH, B. JOHNSON SITTING: D. LYON, AL MULVANEY, C. ECKERT, J. LYONS, O. ALEXANDER STANDING: P. CORRICAN, L. CARTER, A. SZUCS, A. KARVELAS, C. LOCHA, D. SMITH, P. CER- HART, D. CAUL, S. PREKOP, A. BASSEL, P. SOTAK KNEELINC: J. DOHERTY, R. MORGAN, T. JOHNSON, J. TROKWCH, M. ROSS STANDING: N. JONES, C. WRIGHT, J. MAIM- ONE, B. SIATIA KNEELING: S. CUZ- MAN, R. SARDINAS, J. REYES, E. REYES, STANDING: M. GO- MEZ, D. MORERA, Z. DIAZ, M. RODRI- QUEZ, L. PLAZA SEATED: M. MARRLAR, V. ABODE, L. BA- CORN, C. BROOKS, K. THOMPSON, D. ENGRAM SECOND ROW: R. GUISE, K. MILTON, A. WELLS, M. RECUERIN, C. HOWARD, D. RANKINS BACK ROW: B. PARILLO, R. FEIKERT, R. WIL- LIAMS, J. MARTINEZ, M. MAHONY KNEELINC: j. BOTFA, S. WISSINK, J. PRICE, J. MARCUCCIO, R. WHITEHILL STANDING: V. TAYLOR, J. JOHNSON, M. ECHOLS, P. RAYNER, R. WARD, M. STRAUSS, C. TRAFICANTE, A. DONOVAN, A. VORHEES, C. CUNNIUS, W. CLADD, J. WITHERSPOON FRONT ROW: A. SAN- TIAGO, H. DELCADO, E. ROMAN, S. SAL- CADO, Z. GONZALEZ BACK ROW: L. FELI- CIANO, W. AYES, L. CSINOS, V. MEDINA, J. MARTINEZ, J. TSAKON KNEELING: S. JENKINS, E. HAWKINS, V. FELI- CANO, S. TACKAS, E. LEPPERT, C. SALVIE STANDING: W. CROMEDY, G. KELLY, M. REED, C. CARTER, M. CANO, R. WADE KNEELINC: K. VOORHEES, S. CALEA, A. AKAR STANDING: R. WEVER, Y. KEEN, C. MAHONEY, F. BACORN, M. DONOVAN, J. JACOB, R. ZIMMERMAN SITTING: J. JOHNSON, M. MARTINEZ, S. MCKENZIE STANDING: J. MCCLOUD, W. MARSHALL, S. MONTGOMERY, L. RIVERA, F. DALTENBACK SITTING: J. DEFREITAS, C. LIOTTA, J. THOMAS STANDING: M. WATSON, D. PAONE, J. RIV- ERA, S. MILLER, K. WALKER STANDING: E. VARCAS, V. BOYKIN SITTING: A. SIMMONS, A. COOK, B. RAD- LAND, D. JIMINEZ, F. JONES SITTING: H. RIDDER, D. VICKERS, L. MAR- IANO, Y. PITTMAN, L. CSERNAK, R. KIRSCH STANDING: B. BANKS, F. La PLANTE, J. PAS- QUALE, D. CHAPMAN, J. KUNTAR, A. BEA- CHAM, B. CHRISTOPHER, F. CULOTTO, R. RINNYK, L. CONCZY KNEELING: D. CRUZ, J. BAILEY, M. BROWN, J, WASHINGTON, B. MCNAIR, D. CANDY STANDING: K. JONES, H. CRIER, D. STEW- ART, 5. ROSA, F. BUONOCORE, C. GIBSON, A. RAY, P. PERKISKY, N. KNIGHT SITTING: C. CORDEN, L., CIOGLIO, R. AMA- DOR, K. HOLLAND, W. IRIZARRY STANDING: J. MILLER, M. TROTMAN, N. VIL- LANUEVA, L. ROBINSON, J. LOCKHART SITTING: R. MIDDLETON, K. LANE, T. CIANCIA, A. TORRES, STANDING: E. JETER, A. CIORCIANNI STANDING: C. ADAMS, G. MCBRIDE, A. FLEMING, C. DALY, J. MYRACK SITTING: A. SMITH STANDING: K. THOMPSON, MR. MELECH, H. STAMPS SITTING: B. MELCHIORRE, M. MARTINEZ, R. RAMOS, R. RIVAS STANDING: N. HERNANDEZ, S. CALARZA, A. GONZALEZ, V. CONCEPCION, S. SALCADO, A. AL- VAREZ, C. AYES SITTING: H. WEBB, R. MYERS, C. WILLIAMS, J. HOWARD STANDING: M. JORDAN, J. LOVETT, E. WARREN, L. FLORENCE, B. BAKER .warwm A N O W B E U, C L O H T, S A E G. W D N M S S m K R A L E Y, R E M O G T N O M M SITTING K. BAILEY, C. DAVIS, M. CURRY, G. CIPPOLONE, C. JACKSON FRESHMEN SITTING: A. HANEY, P. DOLPHIN, S. WASH- INGTON, M. HYMAN, P. GORRELL STANDING: C. ALSTON, C. SZUCS SITTING: M. BENJAMIN, R. COVINO, G. CARTER STANDING: F. PERAZA, J. BAILEY, M. KOSKO, C. WELLS, D. BUTLER, B. CRUSE, M. COR- DON, K. VIRCIL STANDING: D. THOM PSON KNEELINC: E. BROOKS, D. BRADLEY, J. HAY- DEN, A. BYROM STANDING: L. RESTO, S. STEPHENSON, D. MASON ,4: wwmwupwh -w-u.-N.Mw . . SITTING: M. ALVAREZ, S. ALFRED, C. BALY, R. PARKER STANDING: Z. BALLA, T. LAJERSKY, D. JOHN- SON, V. COOPER, W. GODFREY, C. FRED, E. VANANGLAN, S. BARNETT SITTING: C. SALAS, A. NIEVES, C, CANCEL, J. MARTINEZ, M. NIEVES, M. SANTIAGO STANDING: A. LOMBARDO, C. HERNANDEZ, M. RIVAS, M. PACAN SITTING: K. HOOD, J. MARTINEZ STANDING: M. HOLMES, S. LOMBARDI SITTING: H. BENIMON, P. PENSON, M. MAR- CAND, M. HAWK STANDING: T. CALABRES, C. HERMANN, A. SUMMERS, S. CEESTON, M. PASKOVITCH, K. BEASLEY SITTING: J. HACOOD STANDING: M. GUINYARD, C. SUTHERLAND KNEELINC: C. DUNLAP, J. WILLARD, W. DOYLE, M. SINCLAIR SITTING: E. MEDINA, J. BURGOS, C. SIMS, D. ENCRAM, R. MCCARGO KNEELINC: G. LOCKHART, R. DORCON, C. BANKS, L. KELLY, M. ROGERS, R. CAPELLA STANDING: R. ROSIARO, J. THOMPSON, J. ARENT, W. JOHNSON, T. ROYALL SITTING: J..CATLIN, E. POLASKI, J. MARCHETTA STANDING: C. BAKER, M. TSOUNAKIS, M. LOVIO, D. KASPER, R. CARDENER, C. SHOOK, B. BORMANHINB SITTING: A.N. MEDINA, D. HAWKINS, J. FIUCKWA STANDING: A. MEDINA, C. LUCO, C. SIM- MONSON, J. RAWLS, P. SYERS, S. INGRUMS SITTING: P. BRYANT, B. KOZAK, B. MASON, C. FLEMING, J. COLBREATH STANDING: L. RATLIFF, G. PEOPLES, D. VAN DEURSEN, D. WEISS, L. LIEPINS, J. SCHENCK, C. KOCH mm g NQ $ SITTING: S. BENDER, C. MCCORKIE, A. DA- VILA, C. SOUTHERLAND STANDING: D. SANDERS, R. BOYD, D. THOMPSON, J. HACOOD, M. CUINYARD SITTING: E. MIRANDA, E. EMILIA, B. MAYO STANDING: W. TONN, R. CABALLIDO, M. CHINCHILLA SITTING: Z. LAWRYK, T. STOPA, M. MCKNIGHT, H. MIDDLETON, V. VELTRE STANDING: J. OLDHAM, S. SZABO, J. CON- CER, C. ATKINSON, B. NELSON, B. BAILEY, N. TAYLOR, J. DANIELS, G. WILLIAMS, D. FRANKEL, D. WARD, V. PETERSON, E. LUCKAS W. TONN, R. C. LEWIS, A. GREEN, P. THOMAS, B. CIANCIA, D. LANE SITTING: R. GEESTON, H. BENIMON, D. WALKER, K. HOWARD STANDING: C. HERMAN, A. SUMMERS, J. -SCHICKLEY, D. KOSKO, T. CALABRES, K. NIXON, P. PENSON, M. MAREANO WITH THE HOPE THAT YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCES AS MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF1975 WILL BRING ABOUT POSITIVE SELF-CROWTH AND A COMMITMENT TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF MODERN-DAY SOCIETY Dr. Hugh Koops Edward Lane Frank G. 'Reen Terrill M. Brenner Eli Saltz Mrs. Margaret Garvin Carlos Pineiro Marjorie Baier Patricia Brady Charles H. Durant, Ill Earl C. 'Bornholm Frank G. 'Reen Eliot G. 'Spack John Donahue John Anderson THE NEW BRUNSWICK BOARD OF EDUCATION AND THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF President of the Board of Education Vice-President Secretary to the Board of Education Attorney for the Board of Education Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Assistant to the Superintendent Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent Transportation Coordinator PHONE 545-8674 SLYE9S GARDENS Flowery For All Occajz'om PECK SLYE, PROP. 1181 LIVINGSTON AVE. NORTH BRUNSWICK, N. J. 08902 SUBURBAN TRANSIT CORPORATION CHARTER BUSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS LINDY'S CHEESE CAKE AND STRUDEL ARTISTIC CAKES-ELEGANT PASTRY 800 Livingston Ave. North Brunswick, NJ. 08902 C ZiWQEL ICE CREAM SUPERMARKET N0. 1385 Catering Fresh Ice Cream for Parties, Clubs, Churches, Etc. No. Brunswick Shopping Center, Milltown Road North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902 Phone: Michael W. Antice 00H 828 - 5255 "Congratulation Graduates" New Brunswick Trust Company 352 George Street 439 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick, New Jersey ' 247-5800 Member of FDIC North Brunswick EXXON 940 Livingston Avenue North Brunswick, NJ. Weekdays: 7 a.m.-9 pm. Sat. 8 Sun.: 8 a.m.-9 pm. Phone: 246-8545 246-8736 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1975 MILLTOWN BOARD OF EDUCATION COMPLIMENTS OF STADIUM LUNCHIONETTE 908 LIVINGSTON AVENUE 246-6496 MAY THE N.B.H.S. SENIORS 65 CHURCH STREET KIMBEH BUSINESS MACHINE! COMPANY HAVE NEW GROWTH A GARDEN IN NEW BRUNSWICK OFFICE MACHINES ' OFFICE FURNITURE.' CASH REGISTERS ' DUPLICATING MACHINES 514 GEORGES ROAD. NORTH BRUNSWICK. N.J. 08902 ' TELEPHONE !2011247 '2222 THE CA TA L YS T 246-0560 11-84:, WE WISH THE BEST TO THE CLASS OF 1975 SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS REILLY-VIDA Vkik ll: Inn. V'.H'

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