New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ)

 - Class of 1949

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New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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THE DVOCATE New Brunswick Senior High School .N- X .-a " n. ' 1 "-" f 7' Y Z" .- I XXX, A' ' ,l"f' ,' ,L 'I' Y" . ., ' fs' k'aa's.afMaesf:Q-f .ff A ,lf i.eXzmo -m:Q.f1"219v2'9'm Q V ' 1' N! if 4 ,-35 'L' no Q f -, sal:-5 f '16-iff2f?z2y 'ff 4?12miW5rw"'2f4 +1 '-if , -k R fg- M kxgwo . -,A ' ' ff - xv, .. - mm NQWL' 'alms i f ' SN 7-my ,igi f f H, Qi u , Q, ' x2Ef..-55' f ,Q L,52!1Fi.3s B- Hfuili :Six --H2-o W i!-913522: :v mai , mlfil -I if 4Z'5 ' --l 1'?1Kfi5Jo',wgf ff -f-i Fin - lg- Eg IW' 1'll1ll' TM .llsiitiifwfy 1E1IEE!iiso 52115 Hilgiwd' -12-53: 2552 H -:,3'gQ,Ei1l1 w .:' Q,'IIi-gllltI:1 film' lPhP4"'f-:risk "i'- i "4 ' 1 i I 1: fail- 1. ' w ' 'I' ., 1. .' xr! :"f -L -- E -F ' .1- ffi-:'i": +, i if :V fy ff l4lfg.:Z-gllllx 53:4 Af? J-E , "iI5wyilIFE!,EIU? llldg E1-IIJM H, E5 ?l,L,, - 1, 1-- -71:31 - :- lllmlfglplj 5 ?2Eil,uL1.,.Zgg- . . iziqfrq-V .N gl -Y 4--L, 5, A ..,1'-.J 5 I , -2 ' af.--..', 575 E- ixefil? " '71 ??f?3PE12'?'?i'i2:I-?I-1,5149flli flffff - ' -f5:l?i'92'Y4? i 1-.i " 'tig,. 1 ' 1 ' ll " :LF-:- L MT 42 "' I si-" -UL' v 'Ml Nfl'-Q " .l.- :T- - -.-- V' N 21 --2: ' Nj . , -' ftif- -g r 4, I EL? -f':,:"',-,rf-f-' f - gg fzfri?-JF' -5 , i figgjjgli Gloria Abeln Jean Hidenheim Richard Sackman - The Advocate CLASS DIRECTCRY Edgar Wood ,, Harry Voorhees .. .. Charlotte Rule Richard Yatauro , Anita Barry Robert Boehm Elihu Boldt Frank Boudinot Betty Caspers Marian Dannhauser Lillian Dardik Mary Ellis Peggy Fleming Louis Helmetzi Executive Edgar Wood Betty Ann Casper: Gloria Abeln Matthew Arouh Alan Zar Helen Ruff Mary Lynn Fixler Class Will Mary Ellis Albert Arouh Pat Fesler Helen Ruff Prophecy Rosanna Starr Claire Quinn Ribert Filep Gloria Sabb Marjorie Meyer Janice Luttman Bertha Auerback Ernest Haydu Betty Best Ellen Fuchs Ruth Colegrove - Typist Rita Drnuchowski - " JUNE, 1949 CLASS OFFICERS President e..t Vive-President . t,,,,,,,,,, .Secretary T1 easwer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Gladus Mayland Mary Lou Hart Pat Jenkins Barbara Kane Barbara Kiser Henry Knobil Dorothy Levay Janice Luttman Diane Macom Irma Marks George Matyus SENIOR COMMITTEES Pictures Richard Sackman Alex Belsky Lillian Carncross Arlene Lopatkin Vilma Phillips Leonard Mager Dorothy Wachowitz Peggy Fleming Anna Lou White Advertising Ruth Hoddessen Richard Sackman Selma Mendelson History Charlotte Rule Wally Parlapinedes Diane Macom Richard Racz Class Night Mary Lynn Fixler Ruth Hoddeson Selma Mendelson Joan O'Grady Charlotte Rule Rosanna Starr Selma Mendelson Marjorie Meyer Joan O'Grady Mary Micale Catherine Previte Lillian Schmidt Lillian Traski Marilyn Vliet Richard Yatauro Sayings Norma Bauer Rosemary Richardson John Osworth Barbara Kiser Agnes Applegate Linda Christ Selma Mendelson Catherine Previte Catherine O'Brien Jian Wagner Vinrent Loftus Student Opinion Elaine Clark Margaret Lengyel Mary Lou Hart Angie Mula Eleanor Orlick Senior Prom Claire Potter - Decoration Doris Sullivan - " Mary Lynn Fixler -- Music Diane Macom - Publicity Anna Sudia - Ticket Mary Raym - Reception Clara Freedman-Program Mary Ellis Photographer une, 1949 i DEDICATICN We, the Class ot Nineteen Hundred and Forty- Nine dedicate our Yearbook to MR. FREDERICK J. SICKLES Superintendent ot New Brunswick Public School, in appreciation of all he has done for us. His guidance, cooperation, and sincere understanding of our problems have aided us to become a better class as well as better individual citizens. K-aff-a.,,'u .1 A M ww... ff -M W- ax ,Q ulte. llllll 5 PRINClPAL'S V MESSAGE 'l'o the flrzuluzlles ol the Class ol' lllllll. l wish to extend eonvrutulzitions zunl hesl " F1 XVishes ol' the lfzuctilty :intl inysell. You ure about to enter ll new phase ol lile :intl one lor which we hope you have sozne very tlelnnte plains, zuul to wlneh the sehool hus niutle some eontrilnition. The world you are entering upon is passing through an nlost eriliezil period ol et'o:io1nic' :Intl soriall upheuyznl. 'lihe lleinorrzuy upon which our country is lountletl is heing ul- tzuketl on :ull sitles. Our stzuesnien :ire lully aiwure ol our tlunger :tual :ire inuking every possible ellort to upholtl our lDex1ioc'i'au'x' :intl to :nuke it work. Our school ohseryecl H.xlllCl'l4'2lll llerituge Wieck", zlntl inost ol' you haul the opportunity to view the lfreetloni Train. lts niznin purpose was to tezurh you the principles ol sell' government :incl to show you why it is so necessary to preserve our wzly ol' lile. l,L'IllOl'l'Zll'y nlust he inutle to work. lleniocrzuy is the rule ol' the people: it nauturzllly lollows that, being' sovereign, the S. people must he lllli0l'lIlCil on public uliluirs- lorzil, state, nutionzul and international. You. :ns luture Citizens, IllllSl tzlke ll personal in- terest in shaping policies :intl in guiding the cleeisions ol' your eleetecl servants. You inust he ohservzint ol' conditions that need attention, conditions which il' negleftetl will threaten soc'iety's szllety :intl general wel- lzire. You rnust vote. These :ire some ol' the routine clay by tluy cleiiunrzitic' chores re- quired ol' ai sovereign people in order to :nuke lleinoerzuy work. Those who wrote our Constitution knew lull well that "eternal vigilance is the priee ol' liberty". 'I'hey knew that liberty, like money, can he inherited: :incl like any other heritzrge, liberty earn he lritteretl aiwziy. Anierieun Citizenship is your heritage. Preserve it. guznrcl it with your life il ne- cessary, work lizard ut the job ol' sell'-rule - Illlll4C lJenux'r1u'y work. Then the future ol' our Country, its present and future citizens will be secure. IQOBICRT C. CAR1.soN The Advocate MISS BLANCHE E. RIGGS who has so ably served as Head of the English Department for many years. Her guidance and encouragement have been greately appreciated by the staff of the Advocate. We speak also for previous graduating classes when we say "Thank you for a job well done." Vlmtc, H149 7 MISS MARTHA V. POOR A gay true spirit is the source of all that is noble and good. Whatever is accomplished of the greatest and noblest sort flows from such a disposition. Val: MISS B. LOUISE SHELDON A full rich nature, free to trust Truthful and almost sternly iust, impulsive, earnest, prompt to act And make her generous thought a fact, Keeping with many a light disguise The secret of self-sacrifice. l MISS CLARA E. WORMUTH She has a world of ready wealth Our minds and hearts to bless Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health Truth breathed by cheerfulness. 8 The Advoc in ns 'HN S1 A n a I 22" 'IN rx :wif 'Y' 'QQ 1 ,-,X ' ' .4- 'wha ww CIS .490 'MN XY' ...Q fa, .fr unc, IEH9 Y S.--' '42 vw "9s gg W1 L, , .J A N ,Ei '3 3-' x lf' 'QQ'-f. C" The Advocate ROSA SCALLY Senior Adviser MILDRED G. RYON Class Adviser 0, HMT J ll JOHN C. ENK ROBERT C. CARLSON Vice Principal Principal MRS. ROSE C. MOORE School Nurse lm 33 U Il'C""""'1 Guidance Office JOHN H. HUMMEL ELEANOR HAWK The Advocate ANN ABATI "Arm" 4 Nelson Ave., Lake Nelson College Prep. "A violet hidden by a mossy stone." Point 8: Award Comm., Intercultural Club, French Club, Chemistry Club. Future: College. THEODORE ABBATE "Ted" Brookhill Avenue General "Why worry Q- tomorrow is tomorrow" S. C. Treasurer, Highlights Rep., Boy's Sports. Future: Undecided. JAMES ADOCHIO "Spike" 73 South Street Commercial "There's a Twinkle in his eye and ioy in his heart." Future: Undecided. JUNE AHRENS "Junie" Middlebush General "There's determination hidden in her quiet way." Alpha Nu Gamma, Checkroom Comm., Knitting Club, Nurses Club, P.A.P. Comm., Advocate Rep., Social Dancing, Hospitality 8a Publicity Comm., Political Club. Future: Nursing. MADELINE ALBANESE "Mad" 9 Ellen Street College Prep. "Manner, the final and perfect flower of noble character." Asst. Editor of Advocate, Chemistry Club, Alpha Nu Gamma, Jr. Teen Age Comm., Square Dancing, Home Economics Club, Liter- ary Staff of Advocate. Future: Undecided. ROSE MARIE ALBERT "Rosie" '7 Talmadge Street Bookkeeping "Still achieving 4 still pursuing." Checkroom Comm., Band, Orchestra, Advocate Rep., Highlights Rep., Girl's A.A. Future: Office Work. HELEN ALEXANDER "Hel" 425 Ralph Street Secretarial "Dependability is the real key to success." S. C. Treasurer, Lunchroom Comm., Boosters Club, H.R. Secretary, Square Dancing, H.R. President, Teen Canteen, Chairman of P.T.A. Membership Drive, Sec'y to Mrs. Marden. Future: Secretary. JACK AMARINO "Yocko" 212 Stevens Street College Prep. "Never do today what you can put off till tomarrow." J-V Football, H.R. President, Bridge Club, Sportsman's Club, Track Team. Future: Radio. AGNES APPLEGATE 'tAggie" 74 South Street Secretarial "Quality but no quantity." H.R. Secretary, Traffic Squad, Highlights Rep., Press Comm., Variety Show, Home Economics Club, Modern Dancing, Soph-Junior Basket- ball Team. Future: Dress Designer. HAROLD APPLEGATE "Hal" R.F.D. No. 4, Box 400 Distributive Ed. "Do unto others as you would they would unto you." Choir, Firedrill Comm., Boys Glee Club. Future: Navy. june, lEl1l9 NORMAN ARKY "Ark" 198 Rutgers Street College Prep. "A moral, sensible, and well-bred man." Boy's Sports, Bridge Club, Chess 8: Checkers Club, Advocate Rep. Future: College. BERTHA AUERBACH "Betty" 200 Commercial Avenue College Prep. "The power of gentleness is irresistible." Lunchroom Comm., Knitting Club, Home Econ- omics Club, Phophecy Comm., Office Assistant, Shoe Comm. Future: Office Work. ALBERT AROUH "Al" 297 Lawrence Street College Prep. "A friend to meet, a pal to greet." H.R. Treasurer, Sportsman's Club, Chemistry Club, Yearbook Comm. Future: College. MATTHEW AROUH "Matt 223 Livingston Avenue College Prep "Success comes from well directed effort." H.R. Vice President, Sportsman's Club, Chem- istry Club, Yearbook Comm., Tennis. Future: College. ROGER AUSTIN "Rug" R.F.D. No. 4 College Prep. "l have never seen anything worth getting angry about." Art Club, Chemistry Club, Classical Recording Club, Band, Advocate Staff, Lunchroom Comm. Future: College. LORRAINE AYERS "Lorrie" 8 Edgewood Place Secretarial "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." Knitting Club, Girl's A.A. Future: Typist. FRANCIS AZZARITA "Azzie" Franklin Park College Prep. "There's no necessity to tell it all - you say more by saying less." Football, Baseball, J.V. Basketball, H.R. Pre- sident, Boy's Sports, Bridge Club, Art Club. Future: Business. MARGARET BACH "Margie" Lakeview Blvd. Rt. No. 19 General "The best in life is laughter." Knitting Club, Traffic Squad. Future: Undecided. CATHERINE BARATTA "Kate" 184 Myra Place Secretarial "Nothing distresses Me." Hospitality dz Publicity Comm., Chorus, Sun- shine Comm. Future: Undecided. ANITA BARRY "Neel," 159 Codwise Avenue College Prep. "l always come in late to class because of the looking glass." Latin Club, Girl's Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Radio Comm., Orientation Comm., Classical Recording Club. Future: College. tail N. The Advocate MARY BARTOLONE "Bubbles" 168 Throop Avenue Commercial "l have room in my heart for everyone." Knitting Club, Girl's A.A., Bowling, Swimming. Future: Office Work. GERTRUDE BASS "Gert" 91 Church Street Commercial "She seems very quiet and keeps to her books. Square Dancing, Girl's A.A. Future: Secretarial School. NORMA BAUER "Norm" '77 South Street, Milltown General "She is noble in every thought, nobler still in deed." Highlights Staff, Press Comm., Yearbook Comm. Chairman, Chemistry Club, Caney Creek Comm., Basketball Team, Bowling, French Club, H.R. Sec'y., H.R. President, Sunshine Comm. Future 1 Undecided. JOHN BELKA "Sonny 13 Loretta Street General "He who composes himself is wiser than he who composes books" Baseball, Projectionist Club, Boy's Sports Sportsman's Club, Advocate Rep., Recording Club. Future: Military Service. ALEX BELSKY "Al" 258 Burnet Street General "Pack up your trsubles in your old kit bag and smile."' S. C. Treasurer, Square Dancing Club. Future: Cabinet Maker. ROSE BENANTI Box 483-D R,.F.D. No. 2 Secretarial "They can conquer who believe they can Lunchroom Comm., Square Dancing, Booster Club, Girl's Sports, H. R. Treasurer, Office Assistant. Future: Secretary. GEORGE BERRUE "George" 55 Washington Street Commercial "He is sincere in his way." Sportsma.n's Club, Boy's Sports Club, Jr. Re- tailers Club, Traffic Squad, H. R.. Vice Pre- sident. Future: Business. ELIZABETH BEST "Pestie" '72 Welton Street General "Give me a peppy time or give me death." Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Sunshine Comm. Future: Undecided. ROSE MARIE BILLINGS "Booty" Matilda Avenue Secretarial "She brightens all things about her." Art Club, Boosters Club, Square Dancing, Teen Canteen, Advocate Rep., Modern Dancing, Chairman of Poster Comm., Basketball, Sec'y to Mr. Compher. Future: Secretary. 4 ANGELINA BIANCA 'Angie 143 Handy Street Commercial "A friendly person, smiling and gay." Hospitality dz Publicity Comm., Economics Club, Office Assistant. Future: Secretary. unc, 1949 NANCY BISOGNO "Nan" 424 Livingston Ave. Bookkeeping "Mirth and modesty make good companions." Girls' A. A., Square Dancing. Future: Undecided. JOANNE BLAIR "Joan" 53 Mitchell Ave. General "Virtue is Beauty" Future: Undecided. ROBERT BOEHM "Mouse" Route No. 9 College Prep. "Success is what you do with what you have." Chemistry Club, President of Honor Society, German Club, Bridge Club, H. R. President, H. R. Treasurer. Future: College. ELIHU BOLDT "El" 266 Powers Street College Prep. "Study is my hobby." Orchestra, Band, Feature Editor of Highlights, Treas., of German Club, Vice Pres. of Intercul- tural Club, Chemistry Club, Honor Society. Baseball Manager. Future: College. ALEX BODNAR "Al" 377 Delevan St. College Prep. "My opinion is seldom voiced." Social Dancing, Sportsmens Club. Future: College. HERMAN BOLLMAN "Jr." 120 Guilden Street College Prep. "Always a good fellow." S. C. Treasurer, Asst. Student Court Recorder, Sportsmen's Club, Classical Recording Club, Social Dancing. Future: Undecided. VIVIAN BONNER "Vi" R.D. No. 3, Box 356 College Prep. "A little tucked in smile." Nurses Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Nurse. FRANK BOUDINOT "Bud" Route No. 9 College Prep. " 'Girls' is a most distasteful subiectf' Choir, German Club, Boys Glee Club, Honor Society, Baseball. Basketball. Future: College. DOROTHY BRIGHT "Dottie" 200 Easton Avenue Home Economics "Thought is deeper than speech." Home Economics Club. Future: Undecided. JOHN BRUNS "Jack" 48 Richter Avenue College Prep. "To be good rather than to be conspicuous." Boys Sport Club, H. R. Treasurer, J. V. Base- ball, J. V. Basketball. Future: College. N. 1 K ig it Sv The Advocate LEO BUNKER "Lee" 264 Drift Street General I have sense enough, but it always comes too late." Boys Glee Club, Choir, All State Chorus. Future: Armed Service. NICHOLAS BURKE "Nick" R.F.D. No. 3 College Prep. "Quiet in manner, reserved in spirit." Biology Club, German Club, Classical Record- ing Club, Boys Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Cross Country Track, Varsity Track, Indoor Track. Future: College. JACK BURLEW "Jack" 107 South St., Milltown Practical Arts "What delight a quiet life affords." J V Baseball, Basketball, Varsity Baseball, H R Treas. Future: U. S. Army. HENRY BUSHHORN "Hank" 98 Jefferson Street College Prep. "Gentlemen are serene." Sportsmens Club, Boys Sports Club, High- lights Rep. Future: Mechanic. WALTER BUSER "Walt" RF.D. No. 4, Box 165 Industrial Arts A good natured man is one to be desired." Traffic Squad, Chess da Checkers Club, Boys Sports. Future: Navy. JAMES CAIN "Killer" 87 Redmond Street Commercial "Good naiure is one of his greatest assets." President of Jr. Retailers Club, Dramatics, Sportsmens Club. Future: Salesman. MARY CALICIOTTI "Collie" 47 Powers Street Secretarial She's in and out like a fiddler's elbow." Knitting Club, Home Economics Club, Hos- pitality and Public Comm. Future: Secretary. LYDIA CANONICO "Lyd" R.F.D. No. 14 Bookkeeping "Nature made her what she is and never made another." Secretarial Club, Social Dancing. Future: Undecided. LILLIAN CARNCROSS "Lil" Olcott Ave., Middlebush College Prep. "A lovely girl is above all rank." Chemistry Club, Orientation Cimm., N. J. All State Chorus, Intercultural Club, Glee Club. President of Latin Club, H. R. Treasurer, Square Dancing, Alpha Nu Gamma, A Capella Choir Senior Trio, Advocate Staff. Future: College. ELSIE CARNEY "Cookie" 519 Lewis Street General "Good work she does in a quiet way." Hospitality 8: Publicity Comm., Projectionist Club, Social Dancing, Square Dancing, Leaders Club, Point 85 Award Comm. Future: Beautician. Iunc, 1949 EDWARD CARR "Ed" Rt. No. 3, Box 522 General "We live to enioy life." Boys Sports, Bridge Club. Future: Undecided. DONALD CARRON "Don" 131 Codwise Avenue General "His modesty is equal to his achievements." Sportsmens Club, Basketball. Future: Undecided. BETTY ANN CASPERS "Betty" 702 Livingston Avenue Academic "Her work a noble masterpiece that Iives." Latin Club Treasurer, Advocate Staff, H. R. Treasurer, Chemistry Club, Political Club, In- tercultural Club, Honor Society, Vice Pres- ident, Orientation Comm. Future: College. TILLIE CATANESE "Til" 240 Commercial Avenue General "S1e'Il live on sugar and cream and sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam." Home Economics Club, Lunchroom Comm., Hospitality 8a Publicity Comm., Chorus. Future: Undecided. NORMA CHASE "Norm" 76 Livingston Avenue College Prep. "I am a part of all l have met." Spanish Club, Latin Club, Bridge Club, Orien- tation Comm. Future: Modeling. DOLORES CHERRY "Cherry" 208 Franklin Blvd. General "Beauty lives with kindness." Traffic Squad, Boosters Club, Office Assistant, Knitting Club, Girls A. A. Future: Secretary. LINDA CHRIST "Lin" Lenox Ave., Box 331, Milltown College Prep. "Born with a gift of laughier and a sense that the world is mad." Latin Club, Orientation Comm., Girls A. A.. Tumblers, Lunchroom Comm., A Cappella Choir, Square Dancing, Jr. Teen Age Comm., Highlights Staff. Future: Nurse. NANCY CHRIST "Musky" Lenox Ave., Box 331, Milltown College Prep "lt is a luxury to see people happy." A Cappella Choir, Girls A. A., Girls Glee Club, S. C. Treasurer, Vice Pres. of Nurses Club, Latin Club, Tumblers, H. R. Secretary. Future: Nurse. ELAINE CLARK "Hotch" 9 Parkway, Rt. No. 14 General "Her eyes are rliapsodies in blue." H. R. Secy., Secretarial Club, Jr. Teen Age Comm., Social Comm., Assembly Comm., Year- book Comm., Hospitality Comm., Office Asst., Junior Prom Comm. Future: Receptionist. . JOHN CLARK "Jack" 111 Baldwin Street Agriculture "Labor is the law of happiness." F. F. A., Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. The Advocate -md! if J at i1f it 'ta ..,.:, ,:: , W -f f 44' 'f H- . al RUTH COLEGROVE "Cugie" 1302 Livingston Avenue Secretarial "Paradise is open to all kind hearts." Sec'y to Miss Scally, Classical Recording, Home Economics Club, Girls A. A., Sec'y to Mr. Compher. Future: Secretary. LAWRENCE COLLIER "Babe" R.D. No. 16, Box 22-B General "For he is a iolly good fellow." Baseball, Football, Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, H. R. President. Future: Undecided. NICHOLAS COMPARATO "Nick" 54 Cleremont Ave., No. Brunswick Industrial Arts "And therefore, let's be merry." Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, .J V. Track, J. V. Football, S. C. Treasurer. Future: State Trooper. DOROTHY CONOVER "Dot" 3 Easy Street, Rt. No. 19 General "The true and good resemble gold." Home Economics Club, Checkroom Comm., So- cial Dancing, Square Dancing, Traffic Squad, Jr. Retailers Club, Advocate Rep. Future: Office Work. LOUISE COURY "Lou" R.F.D. No. 1, Box 284, Bound Brook Secretarial "A voice as soft as the glow of an altar candle." Business Club, Hand Book Comm., Square Dancing, Social Dancing, Lunchroom Comm.. Knitting Club. Future: Typist. MILDRED COYNE "Mill" 2 New York Avenue College Prep. "Efficiency is excellence." Art Club, Home Economics Club, Advocate Staff, H. R. Vice President, Advocate Rep. Future: College. RALPH CRANDALL "Bo Bo" 57 Chestnut Ave., Piscataway Agriculture "Better late than never." J. V. Football, J. V. Basketball, J. V. Baseball. Varsity Baseball, Sportsmens Club, F. F. A. Future: Undecided. RICHARD CROWL "Bernie" Russell Avenue, Rt. No. 19 College Prep. "Beware! l'll make good." Football, Baseball, J. V. Track, Basketball, Sports Club. Future: Undecided. CALVIN CUNNIUS "Cal" Newell Avenue "Mum is his motto." Boys Sports, Chess 8z Checkers Club, High- College Prep. lights Rep. Future: College. WILLIAM DAILEY "Dale" 40 Throop Avenue College Prep. "Wisdom is only found in truth." J. V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, Varsity Basketball. Future: Engineer. Aluiic, lllllil RICHARD DALLAS "Dal" 31 Codwise Avenue General "Genial and iovial and always a sm'le." J. V. Basketball, Baseball, H. R. President. Future: Contracting. IXIARIANNE DANNHAUSER "Mal'i0l'1" Franklin Park College Prep. "B:und to shine - a perfect lady all the time." Finance Comm. Chairman, V. Pres. of German Club, Sec'y of Radio Club, Intercultural Club, Girls A. A., Chemistry Club, Alpha Nu Gamma, Pres. of French Club, Caney Creek Comm., Lunchroom Comm. Future: College. LAURETTA DAVISON "Dixie" R.F.D. No. 3, Box 423 General "Her spirits are going up stairs, t'iree steps at a time." Knitting Club, Square Dancing, Caney Creek Comm., Volley Ball. Future: Nurse. MAURICE D'ARIA l'Brother" 38 Rose Street College Prep. "One day he was caught studying." Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. HENRY DE GROFF "Hank" R.F.D. No. 1, Monmouth Junction General "A qu'et, unassuming chap who will go far." Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track. F. F. A. Sportsmens Club, Boys Sports, Capt. of Cross Country. Future: Undecided. GLORIA DELHAGEN "Gugie" 154 Neilson Street Secretarial "She is a chain talker - lights each sentence from the spark of the last one." Variety Club, Assembly Comm., Knitting Club, Hospitality 8: Publicity Comm. Future: Private Secretary. ELAINE DIEHL "L3,l1E" 745 Hamilton Street General "Infinite riches in a little room." Social Dancing. Future: Undecided. THOMAS DIFEDE "Def" 72 Remsen Avenue General "A fellow feeling makes one wondrous kind." H. R. President, Recording Club, Sportsmens Club Treas. Future: Salesman. LOUIS DILALO "Dill" 48 Wyckoff Street General "lime tells on a man, especially a good time." H. R. Secy., H. R. Treas., I-I. R. President. Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, Projectionists Club. Future: Business. CLYDE DIXON "Dick" 174 Handy Street Industrial Arts "His iob is well done and recognition won." Basketball, Track, Football, Class Treas.,Youth Week Rep., Soph. Vice Pres., Choir. Future: College. S' HR: The Advocate RITA DMUCHOWSKI "Fluffy" R.F.D. No. 3, Box 389 Secretarial "Her mind is like a sundialg it records only pleasantnessf' Advocate Staff, Leaders Club, Boosters Club, Knitting Club, Girls Glee Club, Social Dancing, Lunchroom Comm., Advocate Rep. Future: Bookkeeper. JAMES DOOLITTLE "Doolie" 142 Church St. General "Order gave everything view." Social Dancing. Future: Business. KATHRYN DUNN "Ki'tl3y" 24 Dix Street General "You'll never develop eye trouble by looking at the bright side." Knitting Club, Art Club. Future: Beautician. VIRGINIA DUNN "Ginny" 114 Howard Street General "A girl with homefire in her eyes." Nurses Club, Checkroom Comm., Home Eco- nomics Club. Future: Undecided. KENNETH EARLS "Monk" 15 Bartlett Street General "Silence is the perfect herald of joy." Future: Undecided. ROBERT EASTON "Bob" 104 Franklin Avenue General "Good temper is an estate of life." Boys Sports Club, J. V. Basketball, J. V. Base- ball, Highlights Rep. Future: Undecided. JOYCE EDENBAUM "Joy" 264 Livingston Ave. College Prep. "Good nature is a charming virtue." Advocate Staff, Highlights Staff, Treasurer of Alpha Nu Gamma, Art Club, Recording Club, Assembly Comm., Knitting Club, Sr. Prom Committee. Future: College. DONALD EDEN "Pete" 45 Nassau Street Industrial Arts "He is truly a good sport." Future: Shipping Business. IRENE EDLY "Ike" Rt. No. 1, Box 486 Distributive Ed. "Tl'1ere's a sparkle in her eye." Art Club, Knitting Club. Future: Undecided. CLARA EGRESI "Smiles" 176 Jefferson St. College Prep. "Merrily, merrily shall l live." I-I. R. Treasurer, Knitting Club. Latin Club. Cheerleader, Hos, 8a Pub. Comm., Junior Prom Comm. Secretary, Square Dancing. Future: Nurses' Training. lil 2l june, ISL? LILLIAN ELLIS "Lil" R.F.D. No. 2, Box 126-A Home Economics "A quiet maid with winning charm." Traffic Comm., Home Ec. Club, A Cappella Choir, Knitting, Girls Glee Club. Future: Sewing School. MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS "Merri" 501 Metlar's Lane College Prep. "Her fun sparkles like champagne." Managing Ed. of Highlights, Chairman of Orientation Comm., Honor Society, Advocate Staff, Jr. Red Cross. Library Club Pres., Journalism Club, Radio Comm., Gym Leaders. Future: College. JOEL ENSANA "Joel" Q Fulton Apts. B-13, Fulton St. General "A Lad with possibilities." Highlights Rep., Advocate Rep., Chess 8a Checkers Club, Classical Recording Club. Future: Designer. ROSE JOYCE ERICKSEN "Joy" 31 Lufberry Avenue College Prep. "She that was fair and never proud, had tongue at will, but never loud." Boosters Club, Classical Recording Club, Social Comm., Radio Comm. Future: College. MARIE FATE "Rosie" Milltown Rd., Rt. No. 14 Distributive Ed. "A sweet nature is her asset." Junior Retailers Club. Future: Nurse. PAUL EVANS "Paul" R.D. No. 4, Box 383 Distributive Ed. "lt was I who put the salt in the ocean." Future: Undecided. PATRICIA FESLER "Patty" 53 Drift Street General "How nice to know such pleasantryf' P. A. P. Comm., S. C. Secretary, Office Asst., Red Cross Rep., Cheerleader. Future: Dietician. ROBERT FILEP 'Flip" 232 Easton Avenue College Prep. "Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others." Student Council President, Political Club, Boys Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, H. R. Pres., Pro- jectionist Club, Manager of Baseball 8: Foot- ball, Hi-Y Pres., Prophecy Comm., 10-B Party Comm., Boys Sports, J. V. Football. Future: College. MARY LYNN FIXLER "Fix" 258 Livingston Avenue College Prep. "The two noblest things are sweetness and light." P. A. P. Comm., Chairman of Caney Creek Comm.. Nurses Club, Courtesy Club, Chemistry Club, Executive Comm. of Yearbook, Variety Show, Prom Comm., Highlights Staff, Latin Club, Orientation Comm., 10-B Party Comm., Chairman of Prom Comm. Future: College. MARGARET FLEMING "Peggy" 16 Lafayette Street College Prep. "Eloquent of tongue - charming of manner." Art Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Social Comm., Courtesy Club, P. A. P. Comm., Sec'y of Spanish Club, Highlights Staff, Yearbook Comm., Honor Society, Advocate Staff, Orien- tation Committee. Future: College. The Advocate DOROTHY FLOREK i'Dottie" River Rd., R.D. No. 2, Box 160 Commercial "Do all you can and let the rest go by." Krlittlng Club. Future: Undecided. ELAINE FRANKEL "Sh0I'ty" 204 Hamilton St. General "Independent - that's me all over," Choir, Girls Glee Club, Knitting Club, Classi- cal Recording Club. Future: Undecided. OLIVER FISHER "Ollie" 28 Dennis Street College Prep. "A man of few cares has no regrets." A Cappella Choir, Boys Glee Club, Boys Sports, Classical Recording, J. V. Baseball, Football, Basketball. Future: Undecided. JOAN FREEDBERG "Joanie" 290 Lee Avenue Home Economizs "Secret and self-contained." Knitting Club, Girls Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Square Dancing. Future: Business. JANET FREY "Jan" 28 Lloyd Avenue Bookkeeping "All tongues speak well of her." Knitting Club, Square Dancing, Business Club. Assembly Comm. Future: Business. CLARA FRIEDMAN "Clarissa" R.F.D. No. 5, Box 450 General "Education is like gold, valued in every place." Lunchroom Comm., Caney Creek Comm., French Club, Square Dancing, Finance Comm., Highlights Staff, Research Comm. Future: Business School. LILLIAN FUCHS "Lili" Maple Meade Estates, Rt. No. 4, Box 200 Commercial "I'm always in haste but never in a hurry." Business Club, Variety Show, A Cappella Choir, Girls Glee Club, Girls A. A., Square Dancing. Future: Undecided. ELLEN FUCHS "El" Hoes Lane, R.F.D. No. 2, Box 80 College Prep. "Don't forget you only have two hands." Alpha Nu Gamma Pres., French Club Treas., Caney Creek Comm., Square Dancing, Classi- cal Recording Club, Lunchroom Comm., Pro- phecy Comm., Chemistry Club. Future: College. FRANCES GENCO "Fran" 51 Throop Avenue Home Economics "To be rich in friends is to be poor in nothing." Highlights Rep., Leaders Club, Social Comm., Girls A. A. Future: Beautician. ARTHUR GANDEK "Art" 6 Thomas Street General "Silence is a true friend who never betrays." Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. dlurc, Illilil JOSEPH GENZANTO "Buck" 130 Handy Street General "He has cultivated slowness." Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, Track Classi- cal Recording Club. Future: State Police. MARJORIE GETTY "Margie" Franklin Park, Box 82 Distributive Ed. "Loyalty guides one toward a steady character." Knitting Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Undecided. JOSEPH GIZZI "Giz" 8 First Street, Raritan Twp. Agriculture "I could say something - I think I will." Varsity Baseball, Football, J. V. Baseball, Basketball, Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, H. R. President, S. C. Treas.. F. F. A. Future: Undecided. LAURA GOLDSMITH "Laurie" Water St., Stelton College Prep. "She possesses the formula of happiness, understanding and friendship." President of French Club, Journalism Club, Nurses Club, Highlights Staff, Finance Comm., Chemistry Club, Point 8a Award Comm. Future: Nurse. SOP!-IIE GRIVAS "Betsy" '7 Church Street Secretarial "Politeness is the chief sign of culture." Knitting Club, Business Club, Glee Club. Square Dancing. Future: Undecided. KENNETH GRAFF "Ken" 7 Columbus Ave., Raritan Twp. General "It is a plague to be a handsome man." F. F. A., Sportsmens Club, Boys Sports. Future: Undecided. LUCILLE GROSSER "Lou" Middlebush, N. J. Bookkeeping "She doesn't have much to say, but we like her any way." Traffic Squad, Boosters Club, Knitting Club, Square Dancing. Future: Undecided. LEWIS GREEN "Pat" 10 Howard Street Industrial Arts "Of all the things I like best I much prefer to sit and rest." Boys Sports Club, Sportsmens Club, Social Dancing, Classical Recording Club, Football. Future: Marines. HELEN GUSHY "Gush" 212 Commercial Ave. General "Politics fill me with doubt and dizziness." Art Club, Traffic Squad. Social Comm., Inter- cultural Club, H. R. Sec'y., Highlights Staff, Political Club Pres., Chess 8: Checkers Club, Assembly Comm., A Cappella Croir, Tennis, Basketball, Dramatic Plays. Future: College. ROBERT G. HAGUE f'Bob" 40 May Street College Prep. "Good nature is a precious gift." Chess 8a Checkers Club, Sportsmens' Club, Boys Club. Future: Undecided. R. - 3' fl. The Advocate HELEN B. HALAS "Halas" 9V2 Condict Street Home Economics "She's kept the 'Sweet Shop' running for three years." Square Dancing, Lunchroom Comm., Social Dancing. Future: Undecided. MARY LOU HART "Lou" R.F.D. No. 4, N. B., N. J. College Prep. "Quiet, ever so quiet, but not unattractively so." Knitting Club, Choir, Senior Trio, Girls Glee Club, Orientation Comm., Square Dancing. H. R. Treasurer. Future: College. MIRA HATHAWAY "Midge" 30 Thomas Street College Prep. "l beg to differ with thee." Political Club, Research Comm., Variety Club, Bridge Club, Social Dancing, Fire Drill Comm., Advocate Rep., Highlights Rep. Future: College. ERNEST HAYDU "Red" 40 Central Ave. College Prep. "God help those that help themselves." H. R. Trasurer, Colts Basketball, Basketball Manager, Sportsmens Club, Classical Record- ing Club, Football Manager, Fire Drill Comm. Future: College. WILLIAM JAMES HEALEY "Bill" R.F.D. No. 3, Box 485 College Prep. "A penny for your thoughts." Boys Sports, Chess dz Checkers Club, F. F. A. Future: Undecided. HAROLD HEINS "Biff" R.F.D. No. 1., Belle meade College Prep. "The glory of a firm capacious mind." Boys Sports, Bridge Club, Teen Canteen, Square Dancing, Social Dancing, French Club, H. R. President, Varsity Tennis. Future: College. NANCY HEINZELMAN "Nan" 43 South Drive, Lawrence Brook Manor College Prep. "Joy in life is the test of balanced living." Assembly Comm., Classical Recordings, Latin Club, Student Council Treasurer. Future: College. ADELAIDE HEKSCH "Queenie" 382 Livingston Ave. College Prep. "The true and fgood resemble gold." Home Economics Club, Nurses Club, Business Club, Alpha Nu Gamma, Classical Recording Club. Future: Business. LOUIS HELMECZI "Lou' 14 Robinson Street College Prep. "He's all sail and no anchor." J. V. Football, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, H R. Treas., Nominating Comm., Social Comm., Honor Society Treas. Future: Engineer. PHYLLIS HENNESSY "Phil" 5 Elmwood Place General "The hand that made you fair made you good." H. R. President, A Cappella Choir, Orienta- tion Comm., Girls Glee Club, Senior Trio. Future: Undecided. june, 1919 JOSEPH HERBST "Joe" 70 Guilden Street College Prep. "A great man's made up of qualities that meet or make great occasions." H. R. President, Honor Society, Key Club, Sportsmens Club, Fire Drill Comm., H. R. Vice President. Future: College. HELEN HERMAN "H9l'm" Park Avenue, Rt. No. 19 General "She has a humor all her own." Social Comm., Girls A. A., Knitting Club. Future: Undecided. ELIZABETH HETTICH "Betty" 33 Ellen Street General "Achievement is the crown of effort, the diadem of thought." Nurses Club, Girls Glee Club, Courtesy Club, A Cappella Choir. Future: Undecided. ARLISS HEUKELEKEN "Ar" 52 George Street College Prep. "There's busfness in his manner." Spanish Club, German Club, Chess 8a Checkers Club, Chemistry Club, Classical Recording Club. Future: College. JEAN HIDENHEIM "Jean" R.F.D. No. l, Box 43-J General "Sweet and very neat." Honor Society, Knitting Club, Journalism Club. Political Club. Future: Undecided. RUTH HODDESON "Ruthie" 204 Ward Street Commercial "A classmate, honest and true, and furthermore, a worker too." Knitting Club, Library Club, Highlights Busi- ness Staff. Fire Drill Comm., Teen Age Comm., Research Comm.. Chairman of Teen Canteen Comm., Yearbook Comm., Point dz Award Comm., Intercultural Club, Advocate Rep., Advertising Manager. Future: Medical Secretary. JAMES HOOVER "Jimmy" 292 Delevan Street Agriculture "A man's happiness, to do the things proper to man." F. F. A. Treasurer. Sportsmens Club, Square Dancing, H. R. President, F. F. A. President. Future: Undecided. JOHN HOLDSWORTH "Little John" R.D. No. 2 College Prep. "He is unconscious of his humor." Boys Sports Club, Sportsmens Club, Social Dancing, Business Club, Track, Square Dancing. Future: College. ANITA HOROWITZ "Nitie" 300 Hamilton Street General "ln her quietness there is charm." Lunchroom Comm., Girls A. A., Library Club, Advocate Rep., Nurses Club, Assembly Comm. Chemistry Club, Modern Dancing. Future: Nurse. FREDERICK HORMANN "Fritz" 306 Townsend Street College Prep. "He tossed a yeasty word into the conversational dough." Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club. Future: Business. Q The Advocate JOAN HRYC "Rickie" Rt. 2., Box 157 Secretarial "She knows the bliss, of the scholar on report card day." H. R. Sec'y, S. C. Treasurer, Square Dancing, Sec'y to Miss Waring, Office Asst. Future: Office Work. GEORGE HOWARTH "Little G" 4 Beechwood Place, North Brunswick Industrial Arts "Wake up, the bell rang." Sportsmens Club. Future: Business. RAY HUNT "Ray" 272 Easton Avenue College Prep. "Usefulness is the great aim of human life." Spanish Club, Fire Drill Comm., H. R. Pres- ident, Key Club, J. V. Basketball, J. V. Base- ball, Varsity Baseball, H. R. Vice President. Future: College. '- MARIE INZANA "Babe" 275 Somerset Street Secretarial "A light heart lives long." Social Dancing, Social Committee. Future: Secretary. CLARENCE EDGAR JENKINS "Bubs" R.F.D. No. 4, Box 62 General "Never a moment without some duty." F. Fl A., Boosters Club, Boys Sports, Sports- mens Club, Square Dance Club. Future: Steamship Line. PATRICIA JENKINS "Pat" Hamilton Road College Prep. "Good sense is not a common thing." Advocate Business Manager, Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Sec'y Honor Society, Industrial Club, Political Club Vice President, H. R. Vice President. Future: Teacher. WILLIAM JENEY "Bill" 28 Dix Street College Prep. "He only is a well made man who is determined." Press Comm., Highlights Sports Editor, Sports- mens Club, J. V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball, J. V. Football, H. R. President, Boys Sports Club, Varsity Baseball, Indoor Track. Future: College. BURTON JOHNSON "R.J." R. No. 4, Box 606 General "Necessity has no law." Art Club. Future: Art School. IRENE KADY "Katy" Route No. 9, Melbourne St. Secretarial "Her voice was ever soft and low, an excellent thing in woman." S. C. Treas., Girls Sports Club, Social Comm., Courtesy Club, Social Dancing. Future: Secretary. JOHN KALLI "Johnny" 67 Lee Avenue General "His face is an index of a good disposition." Sportsmens Club, Advocate, Square Dance, H. R. Vice President. Future: Business. june, 1949 27 JEANNE MARIE KANE "Jeanne" 120 Huntington St. College Prep. .- , "A cheerful nature and a winning smile." Soph. Party Committee, Bridge Club, Knitting Club, Spanish Club. Future: College. BARBARA KANE "Barby" 205 Handy St. College Prep. "Devoted, Anxious, Generous, Void of guile, And with her whole heart's welcome in her smile." Advocate Staff, Highlights Staff, Sec'y of German Club, Bridge Club, Chairman of Pupil Activity, Delegate to Plainsfield High, Hos. 85 Pub. Comm., Point 8a Award Comm., Radio Committee. Future: Secretary. NANCY KANSTEDER "Nan" 290 Commercial Ave. General ,. "Be kind to her virtues and blind to her faults." A Cappella Choir, Art Club, Knitting Club, Jr. Reailers Club. Future: Undecided. LOUIS KAPLAN "Luige" 30 Welton Street Commercial "A blithe heart makes many friends." Sportsmens Club, Boys Sports, Jr. Retailers Club. H. R. President. Future: Salesman. MARJORIE M. KARISTER "Chub" K' H 26 Haig Avenue General "Variety is the very spice of life." Chairman Social Comm., H. R. Secretary, Captain Tumbling Squad, Variety Show, Booster Comm., Social Dancing Instructor, Advocate Staff, Highlights Staff, Variety Show. 5 Future: Phys. Ed. Teacher. J. JOHN KARL "Johnny" R.F.D. No. 2, Box 176 Industrial Arts "A source of heart trouble - too bad he isn't double." H. R. Sec'y., Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, J. V. Baseball, J. V. Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football. Future: Undecided. BERNARD KASIAN "Kas" 277 Burnet Street Distributive Ed. "It's not what you know but what you can get away with." Projectionist Club. Future: Electrician in the Navy. EVERETT C. KELLER "Kell" 351 Handy Street Bookkeeping "Labor is the law of happiness." Boosters Club, Square Dancing Club, F. F. A., Boys Sports Club. Future: World Travel. SHIRLEY KERN "Shirl" 21 Maple Avenue College Prep. "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn Sweet as a primrose peeps beneath the thorn." Teen Canteen Comm., Chemistry Club, A Cap- pella Choir, Girls Glee Club, Advocate Rep. Future: Nurse. BARBARA KISER "Babsf' 10 Hubert Ave., Milltown College Prep. "A loving heart is the truest wisdom." H. R. Sec'y., Knitting Club, Finance Comm., Jr. Teen Age Comm., Orientation Comm., P. A. P. Comm., Chemistry Club. Future: College. The Advocate EVELYN KELTON "Eve" 184 Hale Street General "May every charm which now appears, increase and brighten with the years." Intercultural Club, Square Dancing, Social Dancing. Future: Social Worker. JOHN KISKURNO "Russian" R.F.D. No. 4, General "His hand will never lose its touch." Sportsmens Club, Art Club, Advocate Staff, Boys Sports, Square Dancing. Future: Business. HAROLD KNELLE "Neil" 54 Pershing Ave., Milltown Practical Arts "He who invented work should have finished it." Track, Advocate Rep., Boys Sports, Sports- mens Club. Future: Electrician. BETTY KRAUSEWALL "Betty" 13 Dover Avenue Home Economics "Who is it can read a woman." Future: Undecided. HENRY KNOBIL "Hank" R.D. No. l, Box 309, Bound Brook College Prep. "Strong reasons make strong actions." Jr. Teen Age Comm., Bridge Club, Political Club, H. R. Vice President. Future: Undecided. MICHAEL KOBLOS "Mitchell" 2760 Livingston Ave. College Prep. "lt were best to know thyself." H. R. Vice Pres.,-S. C. Treas., Highlights Staff, A Cappella Choir, J. V. Track, Indoor Track, Sportsmens Club, President Chemistry Club, Boys Sports. Future: College. ANITA KRACKE "Aneet" Clifton Avenue Home Economics "Life is a passing fancy, why worry?" Social Comm., Girls A. A. Future: Undecided. SAMUEL KRAUSE "Sam" R.F.D. No. 1, Box 306, Bound Brook . Agriculture "The slower you go the longer you last." Classical Recording, Boys Sports Club, Projec- tionist Club, Square Dancing, F. F. A., Egg Grading Contest, Intercultural Club, Sports- mens Club. Future: Undecided. IRENE KUNSEVICH "Da Dan 264 Burnet Street Secretarial "Humor, warm and all embracing as the sunshine." Future: Business. MILDRED LAWRENCE "Millie" 28 Easy Street College Prep. "Dependability is the key to success." Traffic Comm., Latin Club, Alpha Nu Gamma, Courtesy Club, Spanish Club, Business Club, Square Dancing. Future: Business. ulunc, lllllil CARMELA LETO "Mel" 200 Handy Street Secretarial "Simplicity is the essence of happiness." Library Club, Knitting Club. Future: Secretary. MORTON LAKIN "Mort" 106 Seaman Street General "Humor is the harmony of the heart." German Club, Courtesy Club, Social Comm., Sportsmens Club, J. V. Footbal. Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Lost and Found Comm. Future: College. EDWARD LEWIS "Ed" 64 Commercial Ave. General "He is gifted with kindness." Boys Sports Club, S. C. Treasurer, Track, Jr. Retailers Club. Future: Salesman. RICHARD LEWIS "Dick" Clifton Avenue Industrial A1'ts "Hard work is a kind of patriotism." Vice President of Student Council, Sports Club, Rep. to S. C. Convention, Track, Boy Com- missioner, Sec'y. to Hi-Y Club. Future: Undecided. VINCENT LOFTUS "Vinnie" 11 Wellington Place College Prep. "Life's a lest and all things show it." Boys Sports Club, Sportsmens Club, S. C. Treas., Fire Drill Comm., Business Club, Ger- man Club, Square Dancing, Social Dancing, Yearbook Comm. Future: College. ELIZABETH LONG "Betty" 24 Maple Ave., North Brunswick Secretarial "The radiance of her sunny smile brightens many a gloomy day." H. R. Treas., A Cappella Choir, Girls Glee Club, Knitting Club, Teen Age Comm., Busi- ness Club. Future: Secretary. DOROTHY LOTZ "Dottie" 3 Fifth Street Commercial "She paves the way with her personality." Research Comm., Jr. Teen Age Comm., S. C. Treas., Point 8a Award Comm. Future: Secretary. "I DIANE MACOM "Di" '7 Edgeworth Place College Prep. "There are not many more like me." Jr. Teen Age Comm., Orientation Comm., Knitting Club, H. R. Sec'y., Advocate Rep., Bridge Club, Spanish Club, Yearbook Comm. Future: College. JOSEPH MALONEY "Do Do" 230 Powers Street General "A comfortable humor that tickles without scratchingf Future: Military Service. CARMELLA MANTARRO "Carm" 92 Comstock Street Secretarial "What care I how tall I am if the world looks up to me." Advocate Staff, Journalism Club, Business Club, Radio, Press Comm., Advocate Rep., Office Asst. Future: Business. The Advocate JOSEPH MARGUCCIO "Joe" 179 Remsen Ave. General "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves." President of Band, Advocate Staff. Future: Undecided. ELIZABETH MARCO "Andy" 43 Ovington Ave. Secretarial "Her favorite literature is the fashion book." Business Club, Spanish Club, Radio Comm., Knitting Club, Advocate Staff, Art Club. Future: College. RAYMOND MAROON "Ray" 127 Townsend Street Bookkeeping "Calm - whatever storms may shake the world." Varsity Footbal, A Cappella Choir, Advocate Rep., Boys Glee Club, Business Club. Future: Undecided. IRMA MARKS "Irm" 28 Hale Street College Prep. "A blushing bud of innocence." Lunchroom Comm., Research Comm., Chem- istry Club, Finance Comm., Fire Drill Comm., Spanish Club, Point 85 Award Comm., High- lights Rep., Highlights Staff, Honor Society. Future: College. FRANK MASTROCOLA "Banjie" Fifth Street General "His talent will take him far." Art Club, Advocate Rep., Baseball. Future: Display. ROBERT MARRONE "Bob" 158 Comstock Street Agriculture "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." J. V. Football, Track, F. F. A., Fire Drill Comm., Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, Boys Glee Club, Highlights Rep. Future: Navy. GEORGE MANIKAS "Greek" 21 Richmond Street General "Awake, awake, my little boy." Classical Recording Club. Future: X-Ray. JOHN MANDEVILLE "Muttie" 10 South Ward St. College Prep. "Pleasant and friendly and clever." Projectionist Club, Boys Sports. Future: Undecided. MELVIN MAGER "Len" 185 Lawrence Street General "Perfect reason avoids all extremes." Radio Comm., Bridge Club, Baseball, Football. Future: Television School. MARGARET MAYER "Marge" R.F.D. No. 5, Box 411 College Prep. "Silently she accomplishes great things." Alpha Nu Gamma, Advocate Staff, Library Club, German Club, Nurses Club. Chemistry Club. Future: Nurse. -lunc, I9-19 CHARLES MATTHEWS "Charlie" R.F.D. No. 5, Box 17, Piscataway General "No soul as merry as he." Sportsmens Club, Boys Sports. Future: Undecided. GEORGE MATYUS "King" R.F.D. No. 1, Box 193-A College Prep. "The mighty hopes that make us men." H. R. President. H. R. Treasurer, Sportsmens Club, Political Club, Boys Sports, J. V. Foot- ball, Baseball. Future: College. GLADYS MAYLAND "Glad" Old Post Rd.. Piscataway College Prep. "Like sugar, sweet and refined." latin Club. Nurses Club, S. C. Treasurer, Caney Creek Comm.. Booster Club, Honor Society. Future: Nurse. KATHLEEN MCCARTHY "Kittie" 8 Talmadge Street Home Economics "Blushes are the rainbow of modesty." Lunchroom Comm., Square Dancing, President of Home Economics Club. Future: Undecided. JOSEPH MCCARTHY "Monk" 8 Talmadge Street Agriculture "I love the game above the prize." J. V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball, F. F. A., Var- sity Baseball. Future: Undecided. EDWARD MCGRORY "Eddie" 128 Bayard St. General "He never says a foolish thing - He never does a wise one." Bridge Club, Boys Sports. Social Dancing, Advocate Rep. Future: Undecided. IRVING MEDELL "Brownie" 60 Suydam Street Industrial Arts "Words of truth and soberness spoke he." Classical Recording Club, Research Comm., A Cappella Choir. Future: Radio Technician. SELMA MENDELSON "Sel" 181 Lawrence St. College Prep. "StudIous, sedate and sweet is she, Well liked by students and faculty." Knitting Club, Honor Society, Library Club, Library Assist., Teen Canteen, Research Comm., Highlights Staff, Fire Drill Comm., Caney Creek Comm., Spanish Club, Finance Comm., Yearbook Comm., Highlights Club. Future: Medical Assistant. EVELYN MESSORES "Eve" 29 Oak Street General "A shy face is better than a forward heart." Caney Creek Comm., Girls Glee Club, Library Club, Radio Comm. Future: Nurse. HELEN MESKA "Brown Nose" 290 Codwise Ave. Distributive Ed. "She brings laughter wherever she goes." Junior Retailers, Checkroom Committee. Future: Undecided. The Advocate ERIC MESSER "Don Ricardo" 484 Easton Avenue General "They don't understand genius." Spanish Club, Business Club, Chemistry Club. Future: Science. FRANK METZ "Frank" R.F.D. N0. 3, BOX 346 General "They say best men are molded out of faults." Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. MARY MICALE "Mary" 141 Paterson Street Home Economics "A kindness is never lost." Future: Dressmaker. MARJORIE MEYER "Margie" 280 George Street College Prep. "A kindly word and smile for all." Fire Drill, Point dz Award Comm., Research Comm., Caney Creek Comm., Girls Glee Club, Square Dancing Club, H. R. Student Council Treasurer, Girls A. A. Future: College. ROGER MICALE "R0ck0" 715 Lee Ave. College Prep. "Never a trouble, never a frown." H. R. Treas., Projectionists Club, Boys Sports Club, Sportsmens Club, J. V. dz Varsity Track. Future: Travel. NICHOLAS MICALE "Nick', 215 Rutgers St. General "Doing nothing is the most tiresome iob in the world because you can't stop and rest." Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club. Future: Musician. ROBERT MILLEMAN "Bob" 206 Ward St. Commercial "A regular fellow and a truly great friend." Sportsmens Club, Hi-Y, Boys Sports, Track Team. Future: College. JOAN MISCHNE "Red" 12 Llewllyn Place College Prep "l chatter, chatter as l go and I go on forever." Knitting Club, H. R. Treasurer. Future: Dietician. PEGGY MONAGHAN "Peg" Rt. No. 5, Plainfield, N. J. Merchandising "Ready for every bit of fun - always a friend to everyone." S. C. Treasurer, Home Economics Club, Lunchroom Comm., Book Room Comm.. Of- fice Assistant. Future: Buyer. PATRICIA MONAGHAN "Pat" Rt. No. 5, Plainfield, N. J. Commercial "There is a cheery face without, and a gentle heart within." Chairman of Lunchroom Comm., Square Danc- ing, Home Economics Club, Book Room Comm., Office Asst., H. R. Treasurer. Future: Buyer. llll'C, llllll CAROLINE MOLINARI "Carol" R.F.D. No. 3 College Prep. "Quiet and demure she is at school, but what is she away from rule." Knitting Club, Assembly, Secretary H. R., Sec'y of French Club, Boosters Club. Future: College. WALTER MOODY "Moody" 183 Hale Street General "What's in a name?" J. V. Track, Varsity Track. J. V. Basketball, Boys Sports, Choir, Glee Club. Traffic Squad. Future: Undecided. HERMAN MORRIS "Himey" 137 Neilson Street College Prep. "A manner unaffected and sincere." Chess 8a Checkers Club. Dramatics. Future: College. VIRGINIA MOSS "Ginny" 115 Rodney Avenue College Prep. "Best things come in small packages." Social Comm., Girls A. A., Teen Canteen Comm., Highlights Staff, French Club, H. R. Secretary. Future: College. ANGIE MULA "Angel" 8 Harvey Street Commercial "The tone of her voice brings forth laughter." H. R. Pres., Jr. Retailers Treas., Entertainment Comm., Knitting Club, S. C. Treas., Yearbook Comm.. Highlights Rep. Future: Undecided. SOPHIE MUSTAKAS "T8l'I'y" 341 George Street General "Manners she hath and pleasing, too." Future: Undecided. DONALD NAPOLITANO "Ducky" 1 Franklin Blvd. General "Enioying life as it comes his way." Traffic Squad, Boys Sports, Bridge Club. Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. EMERICK NAGY UM' 193 Somerset St. College Prep "Only a rnan's motives and missions make him great." Band. H. R. President, Press Committee. Future: Minister. GERTRUDE NATBONY "Gertie" 36 No, Main St., Milltown General "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." Cueckroom Comm., Political Club, Office Asst. Future: College. FRANCIS NEAL "Fran" 23 Schureman Street College Prep. "A youth, light-hearted and content." Traffic Squad, German Club, Boys Sports Club, Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. iii x ...Lag .3 The Advocate IRENE NEMETH "Renee" 29 Hartwell Street Secretarial "She is not tall, in fact she's small, a sincere girl, a friend to all." Classical Recording Club. Future: Secretary. RTCHARD NEYRANOWSKI "Dick" 114 Seaman Street General "So much to do in so little time." A Cappella Choir, Art Club, Classical Record- ing, Press Comm., Highlights Staff, "Memories" Jr. Retailers Club, Decoration Comm. for 10-B Party. Future: Undecided. CATHERINE O'BRIEN "Obie" Distributive Ed. 86 No. Main St., Milltown "A true friend is forever a friend." Leaders Club, H. R. Vice Pres., Traffic Squad, Square Dancing, Highlights Reporter, Jr. Re- tailer Club, Yearbook Comm. Future: Secretary. JOAN O'GRADY "Loreli" 56 Redmond Street College Prep. "To have a friend is to be a friend." H. R. Pres., Latin Club, Spanish Club, Caney Creek Comm., Highlights Editor, Assembly Comm., Advocate Rep., Leaders Club, Square Dancing, Jr. Prom Comm., Knitting Club. Future: College. ELEANOR ORLICK "Elly" 14 Louis Street Secretarial "E'en though vanquished s'1e would argue still." Checkroom Comm.. H. R. Secretary, Assembly Comm., Business Club President. Future: Office Work. NANCY OLSEN "Nan" 1 Third St., Lindeneau General "Very solemn does she look, but you'd be surprised." Twirlers, A Cappella Choir, School Stores Com- mittee. Future: Business. JOHN OSWORTH "Ozzie" 104 Easton Avenue College Prep. "While we live, let us enioy life." Honor Society, Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Teen Age Comm., Band, Sports- mens Club. Future: College. EMMA OROSZ "Em" 15 First St., Rt. No. 19 Secretarial "Humility, that low sweet root from which all heavenly virtues shoot." Girls Glee Club, Sec'y. of School Stores. Future: Business. MILDRED OTT "Milleott" 11 Florence Street General "Oh! such a prim and timid manner." H. R. Sec'y., Girls Glee Club, Chemistry Club. Future: Nurse. MICHAEL PALAZZOLO "Mike" 10 Irving Street General "lf you wish to be loved, love." H. R, President, Sportsmens Club, Boys Sports, J. V. Football, Varsity Football. Future: Business College. -lunc, ISM!! ALCEO PAOLINI "Al" Rt. No. 19, Woodbridge Ave. General "Time is but the stream I go fishing in." Future: Undecided. GLORIA PALOMBI "Glo" 5 Elmer Pl., No. Brunswick Secretarial "Good humor is always a success." Library Asst., Traffic Squad, Glee Club, Advo- cate Rep., Office Asst., Miss Lotz's Secretary. Future: Undecided. ANNA PARINELLI "Ann" 136 Baldwin Street Secretarial "The laborer is worthy of his hire." Nurses Asst., Traffic Squad, Hospitality 8a Publicity Comm., Home Economics Club. Office assistant. Future: Secretary. WALLACE PARLAPANIDES "Flop" 209 Commercial Ave. General "From the crown of his head to the sole of his feet he is all mirth." Football. Track,Basketball,Student Court, Teen Age Comm., Social Dancing, Chorus, Boys Glee Club. Future: Business. JOHN PELLICHERO "Johnny" 69 Louis Street General "Slow and easy going, but he gets there." Student Council Treas., Vice Pres. of Jr. Class. H. R. Vice President, Finance Comm., Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Future: College. IRENE PERDUK "I" 5 Church St., R.F.D. No. 19 Secretarial "Gentle and quiet of speech." Advocate Rep. Future: Undecided. HARRIET PERRY "Baby" 207 Howard Street Commercial "Song is a persuasive thing." Research Comm., Variety Show. Courtesy Club, Point dz Award Comm.. Social Comm., Finance Comm., Office Asst. Future: Office Worker. JOHN PERNICE "Brooklyn" R.F.D. No. l, Box 265-0 General "He would know the map of Brooklyn if he met it in the dark." Boys Sports, J. V. Baseball, Classical Record- ing, Social Dancing, Highlights Rep. Future: Undecided. VILMA PHILLIPS "Villian" 24 Division Stx'eet College Prep. "Her cunning smile, her dimples light, her lovely eyes so clear and bright," Knitting Club, Chemistry Club, Bridge Club. Highlights Staff, Yearbook Comm., Office Asst. Future: Undecided. BETTY ANN PHILIPP "Sniz" 8 Berry St., Rt. No. 3, Box 190 General "Cute and clever, naughty never, Well hardly ever." Bridge Club, H. R. President, Soph. Party Committee, Leaders Club, Glee Club, Girls Basketball. Future: Nurse. The Advoca tc MICHEL PILLOTTA "Mimi'y 170 Baldwin Street College Prep. "What! They out-talked thee!" Chemistry Club, Alpha Nu Gamma, Spanish Club. Future: College. ANTHONY PINTAONE "Tony" 223 Talmadge Street College Prep. "A good natured fellow with a smile for all." H. R.. Treas., Chess 8z Checkers Club, Bridge Club, Boys Sports, Social Comm., Classical Recording, Teen Age Comm. Future: College. LILLIE POPE "Lil" 218 Burnet Street General "Quiet, alert and full of fun." Home Economics Club, Teen Canteen, Girls A. A., Square Dancing, Lunchroom Comm., Volley Ball. Future: Business School. DOLORES POLLOCK "Dorrie" 14 Welton Street Merchandising "Her smile brightens the lives of others." Home Economics Club, Square Dancing, Lunchroom Comm., Art Club. Future: Florist. CLAIRE POTTER "Claire" 357 George St. General "Good natured and always willing to do her best." Art Club. Future: Undecided. MARJORIE PORSOLT "Margie" 23 Mitchell Ave. General "Somewhat shy and somewhat quiet." Art Club, Advocate Rep. Flltfllfel Aft. RUTH PRESLEY "Ruthie" R.F.D. No. 2, Box 110 General "Order is heaven's first law." Nurses Club, Checkroom Comm., Home Eco- nomics Club, Girls A. A., Library Club, Knitt- ing Club. Future: Seamstress. CATHERINE PREVITE "Cathy" 469 Somerset St. Secretarial "With a wish to do and a will to try." Knitting Club, Social Dancing, S. C. Treas., H. R. Secretary. A Future: Secretary. RAYMOND J. PREZLOCK "Humpty" 91 Matilda Avenue Commercial "Men of few words are the best men." Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. CLAIRE QUINN 5 Stratford Place General "Beauty is the bloom of youth." H. R. Secretary, H. R. Vice President, Teen Canteen Comm., P. A. P. Comm., Orientation Comm., Knitting Club, Jr. and Sr. Prom Comm., Yearbook Comm., Spanish Club. Future: Undecided. llunc. ltiflii RICHARD RACZ "Dick" 22 Hardenbergh St. College Prep. "One who's not afraid to say his say." H. R. President, Hi-Y Club, Key Club, Track Team, Choir, Glee Club, Chemistry Club, Ger- man Club, Point 85 Award Comm., Lunchroom Comm., Junior Teen Age Comm. Future: College. WESLEY RANDALL "Wes" 215 Lawrence Street General "Handsome is that handsome does." Football. Classical Recordings, Projectionist. Future: Undecided. MARY RAYM "Mink" Old Mill Lane College Prep. "Personality conquers all." Knitting Club, Art Club, Booster Comm., Caney Creek, Nurses Club. H. R. Treas., H. R. Secre- tary, Gym Leader, Office Assistant. Future: Undecided. JEAN RASMUSSEN "Jeanie" 367 Woodbridge Ave. College Prep. "When trouble comes along she meets it stauch and strong." Teen Canteen, Social Comm., Spanish Club, Advocate Business Staff. Future: College. JOANNE REED "Joan" 5 Richardson St. College Prep. "She can talk! Oh! how she can talk." Highlights Staff, P. A. P. Comm., Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Chemistry Club. Future: College. GRACE MARION REDMAN "Gracie" Lloyd Ave., Rt. No. 19 Merchandising "A friend not in need is a friend indeed." Junior Retailers, Home Economics, Social Dancing, Square Dancing. Future: Undecided. EUGENE REILLY "Gene" 811 Livingston Ave. General "The world is blessed most by men who do things." Vice P1'es. F. F. A., H. R. Vice Pres., Social Dancing, Record Club, Advocate Rep. Future: College. ROSEMARY RICHARDSON "Rhody" 173 Livingston Ave. College Prep. "Nothing ill can dwell in such a temple." Radio Comm., P. A. P. Comm., Spanish Club, H. R. Secretary. H. R. Treasurer, Highlights, Yearbook. Comm., Junior Prom Comm. Future: College. SELMA RICHMAN "Sel" 280 Fulton St. Secretarial "A friendly person, smiling and gay." Booszti-rs Club. Nurses Club, Caney Creek Comm., Girls Glee Club. Office Assistant. Highlights Rep. Future: Undecided. STANLEY RICHARDSON "Stan" 121 Hollywood St. College Prep. "He believes in letting nature take her course." Sportsmens Club. Boys Sports Club, Projection- ist Club, Outdoor and Indoor Track J. V. and Varsity. Future: College. The Advocate CONRAD RICHTER "Rick" 32 Richter Ave., Milltown College Prep. "His thoughts are his own." German Club. Future: Undecided. CHESTER R. ROTH "Chet" Box 300 New Brunswick Rd. General "Why worry about tomorrow." Bridge Club, Boys Sports. Future: Fur Farmer. LUCILLE ROTH "Lucy" New Brunswick Rd. Commercial "A girl, ioyful, sincere and happy." Knitting Club, Girls A. A., Social Dancing. Future: Secretary. HELEN RUFF 'iTuffy" 8 Codwise Avenue College Prep. "Her's is a cheerful gleaming spirit." Square Dancing, Classical Recording Club, Boosters Club, Courtesy Club, Spanish Club. Future: Undecided. CHARLOTTE RULE "Charm 81 Easton Avenue College Prep "A modest maid, demure and shy." H. R. President, Jr. and Sr. Class Secretary, A Cappella Choir, Jr. Prom Comm., Executive Comm. of Yearbook, Social Comm., Cheer- leader. Future: Undecided. EMIL RUSZINKO "Russ" 312 Redmond Street College Prep. "A sincere young fellow wortw knowing." Social Dancing, Sportsmens Club. Future: College. GLORIA SABB "Nane' 12 Elmwood Place College Prep. "Always seen and always heard." Knitting Club, Square Dancing, Spanish Club Latin Club, Teen Canteen Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., H. R. Sec'y., Highlights Staff, Year- book Comm. Future: Lab. Technician. JOSEPH SABELLA "Joe" Box 150 General "W1y rus'1 when you can go slowly lust as quickly." Sportsmens Club, Square Dancing. Future: Air Conditioning. RICHARD SACKMAN "Zack" 229 Powers Street College Prep. "DignIty is the boast of mankind." Chess 8a Checkers Club, Chemistry Club, As- sembly Comm., Bridge Club, Highlights Staff. Senior Photographer. Future: Navy. STEVE SABO "Stitchy" 36 Division Street General "A companion worth his weight in gold." J. V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball, Varsity Base- Ball, H. R. Treas., Highlights Rep.. Classical Recording Club, Sportsmens Club, Varsity Basketball. Future Undecided. lulrc, lfltlfl ALEXANDER SANISLO "San" 162 Easton Avenue General "Strict punctuality is a cheap virtue." Advocate Rep., Sportsmens Club, Social Danc- ing, Football, H. R. Treas. Future: Undecided. JOAN SAHN "Joan" Woodbridge Ave. General "Thank heaven I have a heart that quails not at the thought of meeting men." H. R. Vice Pres., Knitting Club, Spanish Club, Social Comm. Future: College. CANSTANDENA SARANTOS "Dena" 176 Baldwin Street Bookkeeping "She is full of good intentions." Art Club, Advocate Rep. Future: Music Teacher. ISABELLE SANTISI "Izzy" 197 Ward Street General "Small and sweet, winsome and cute." Spanish Club, Social Comm. Future: Private Secretary. MATILDA SAUL "Smitty" 298 Burnet St. Commercial "Her eyes twinkle as brilliant stars." Boosters Club, Nurses Club, Girls Glee Club, Classical Recording Club. Future: Undecided. MARGARET SCHATKOWSKI "Marge" R.D. No. 3, Box 279 Secretarial "She lives in a world of her own." Boosters Club, Library Club, Lunchroom Com- mittee. Future: Secretary. LILLIAN SCHMIDT "Lili" 712 Lee Ave., N. Brunswick College Prep. "The usefulness of the postage stamp lies in its ability to stick until it gets there." Orientation Comm., Bridge Club, Lunchroom Comm., Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Girls Glee Club, Advocate Rep., Girls Basketball. Future: College. LEONARD SARIS "Greek" R.F.D. No. 4, Box 62 Commercial "So little meaning to so many words." S. C. Treas., President of Jr. Retailers Club. Future: Undecided. HAROLD SALTER. "Dizzy" R.F.D. No. 4, Box 547 Industrial Arts "Curiosity is the thirst of the soul." Boys Sports, Classical Recording Club, Political Club, Social Dancing, Band, Chess :Sz Checkers Club. Future: Musician. MARIO SAIENNI "S9.l'I1" Martin St., R.F.D. No. 19 General "The reason firm, the temporate will." Future: Aviation. The Advocate ANNE SAUNDERS "Ann" 111 Bayard St. Coco "Of all the gifts she does possess, the best of these is friendliness." Future: Undecided. MARIE SCHUSTER "Mary" College Prep. 94 West Church St., Milltown "A maiden sweet, demure and Coy, and when she smiles, Oh! boy." H. R. Treasurer, H. R. Vice President, High lights Staff, Cheerleader, Social Committee, Prom Committee. Future: Undecided. CARL SCHWARZ "Cal" Industrial Arts 394 South Main St., Milltown "Fearless minds climb soonest into crowns." H. R. Vice President. Future: U. S. Navy. DORIS SCHWENDEMAN "Dorry" 42 Foch Ave., Secretarial "I have a heart with room for every ioy." Knitting Club, Girls A. A., Prom Comm. Future: Housewife. JOSEPH SCUDERI "Scudd" 185 Baldwin Street College Prep. "Oh! that I were as great a man as I would have them think I am." Hi-Y Club, Varsity Track, Choir, Boys Glee Club. Future: College. FRANK SEEBURG "See" 2 Eighth St1'eet General "'Wl1y be serious when there is so much to laugh about." J. V. Football. J. V. Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, A Cappella Choir, Boys Glee Club. Future: Undecided. MARY SERNYIK "Mary" Park Ave., Rt. No. 19 General "Blessings fall llglilly, like dew on roses." Future: Undecided. LUDWIG SELIKOWITZ "Lou" 2 Jelin Street General "Silence is gain to many of mankind." Classical Recording Club. Future: Undecided. DONALD SESSLER "Doc" R.F.D. No. 2, Box 218 College Prep. "So much is a man worth as he esteems himself." Boys Sports, Chess iz Checkers Club, Chemistry Club, Spanish Club, Sportsmens Club, Cross Country Track, S. C. Treas. Future: Undecided. GLORIA SETTLE "Glow" 58 Booream Ave.. Milltown College Prep. "Laugh and be gay, drive all dull care away." S. C. Treas., Highlights Rep., Research Comm., Secty. of Point 85 Award Comm., Sec'y. Fi nance Comm., Intercultural Club. Jr. Prom Comm., Social Comm., Spanish Club. Future: Undecided. lime, ISH9 NANCY SILZER "Nan" 169 New Street Home Economics "A quiet lass, there are but few who know the treasures hid in you." Knitting Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Secretarial School. JUNE SHEPPARD "Dimp1esl' 14 Player Ave., Rt. No. 19 Secretarial "A pleasing disposition points to happiness." Knitting Club, Girls A. A., Social Dancing, Office Asst. Future: News Reporter. WILLIAM SLAGADA "Slug" 43 Hiram Street College Prep. "He is one who owned no common soul." Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Teen Can- teen Committee. Future: College. MYRA SIMPSON "Miki" 47 Courtland St., Milltown General "Music hath Charm." H. R. Sec'y., Variety Show, Drama Club. Girls Glee Club, A Cappelle Choir, Classical Re- cording Club, All State Chorus. Future: Dramatics. VIRGIL SLYE "Peck" 157 So. Main St., Milltown Agriculture "They also serve who only stand and wait." Track, H. R. Treas., Vice Pres of F. F. A., Sportsmens Club. Boys Sports. Future: Navy. RAMONA SLYE "Monie" 157 So. Main St., Milltown Home Economics "Why waste words." Girls A. A., Square Dancing. Future: Undecided. HENRY SPRITZER "Hank" 214 Howard Street College Prep. "Intellect is stronger than emotions." Key Club, Highlights Staff, H. R. Vice Pres., Orientation Comm., Chess Ba Checkers Club, Political Club. Spanish Club. Future: College. ORVILLE SMITH "Ore" 41 W. Lakewood Ave., Milltown College Prep. "Wise men say nothing in dangerous times." Chess 8.4 Checkers Club, Advocate Rep. Future: Radio Technician. GERTRUDE STEWART "Gert" Deans, N. J. Commercial "A winderness of sweet." Cheerleader, P. A. P. Comm., Advovcate Rep., H. R. Secretary, Choir. Future: Undecided. ROSANNA STARR "Ro Ro" 157 College Avenue General "Faithful, gentle, good and kind to aII." P. A. P. Comm.. Lunchroom Comm.. Bridge Club, Chairman of Prophecy Comm., H. R. Treasurer. Future: College. The Advocate ANNA SUDIA mmyf R.F.D. No. 3, Box 428 Secretarial "As reassuring as sun'up." Knitting Club, Social Dancing, Square Dancing, Caney Creek Comm., Boosters Club, Sec'y. of Business Club, Handbook Comm., Sec'y. to Miss Buckley, Gym. Assistant. Future: Secretary. MARY SUDILLO "Mary" Davidson Ave., B. B. Secretarial "A smile will always win." Leaders Club, Knitting Club, Social Dancing. Girls A. A. Future: Undecided. DORIS SULLIVAN "Dar" 122 Hamilton Street General "Genuine as a thumb print." Girls A. A., Basketball, German Club, Sec'y. of Art Club, Classical Recording. Future: Chiropodist. JOHN SUYDAM "Jack" R.F.D. No. 3, Box 379 College Prep. "To be rich in friends is to be poor in nothing." H. R. Vice Pres., Sportsmens Club, H. R. Pres., Refreshment Comm., 10th Grade Party. Future: Farming. RUTH TAMASY "Ruthie" 20 Edmond St., Lindeneau General "With a smile that is childlike and bland." Knitting Club, Home Economics, Nurses Club. Future: Secretarial School. BETTY ELLA TOTH "Skeets" 28 Harvey Street Commercial "ln each cheek appears a pretty dirnple." Knitting Club, Home Economics Club, Teen Age Committee, Nurses Club, Business Club. Caney Creek Committee. Future: Business. MABEL TROTMAN "Mabel" R. 2, Box 127 Home Economics "Her's is a bright spirit." Knitting Club, Home Economics Club, Girls Glee Club. Future: Nurse. LILLIAN TRASKI "Lil" 245 Hamilton Street College Prep. "Laugh dull care away." Girls A. A., German Club, Latin Club, Knitting Club, Orientation Committee, Chemistry Club, Yearbook, H. R. President, Honor Society. Future: College. ROBERT VANDERHOEF "Vandy" 54 Courtland Street General "All mankind loves a lover." Boys Sports, Basketball, Baseball, Football Captain, H. R. President, H. R. Treasurer, Check room for Freshmen Dance. Future: Undecided. ALICE UHL "Alice' 182 Townsend Street College Prep. "ln quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Research Committee, Nurses Club. Future: Nurse. r june, I9-I9 LEON VAN DYKE "Van" Agriculture Lake Nelson, South Lake Side Drive - "I know everything except myself." F. F. A. President, Sportsmens Club, Home Room Secretary, Square Dancing Club. Future: Farmer. RUSSELL VAN LIEW "Vanco" 17 Schureman Street Industrial Arts "Merrily, merrily, shall I live." Future: Interior Decorator. FRANCES VEALE "Fran" 2 Hercules Village, Sayerville General "Ideals are never out-of-date." Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Teen Canteen, Latin Club. Future: Undecided. RICHARD VARGA "Varga" 291 Sanford Street Preparatory "A good natured fellow with 'U'-"'11!'rlb'46n all." Sportsmens Club, Dramatic Club. Future: Undecided. MARILYN VLIET "Ace" Lawrence Brook Manor College Prep. "Mental growth is rooted in affection." Variety Show, Spanish Club, Finance Comm., Intercultural Club, Social Comm. Future: College. MARGARET VERGANO "Margaret" Academic Box 342 R.F.D. No. 1, Bound Brook "Quiet, yet alert and full of fun." H. R. Secretary, Highlights Rep., Teen Age Comm., Chemistry Club, Classical Recording Club, Political Club, Latin Club, Secretarys Club. Future: Medicine. JEAN VOORHEES "Jeannie" 120 Hamilton Street Home Economics "A good sport is ever in demand." Cheerleader, Courtesy Club, Square Dance Club, Home Room Secretary, Home Room Treasurer. P. A. P. Committee. Future: Undecided. HARRY VOORHEES "Harryl' 120 Hamilton Street General "His limbs are cast in manly mold For hardy sports or contests bold." Vice Pres.. Sr. Class Vice Pres., J. V. Basket- ball, Varsity Basketball, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Football Manager, H. R. Pres., H. R. Vice Pres., H. R. Treas., Highlights, Yearbook Comm., Boys Sports Club, Fire Drill Comm., Sportsmens Club. Future: Salesman. EDWARD VON SPRECKELSON "Spreck" 68 Guilden Street Industrial Arts "As the wind, he blows when he listens, But no man listens when he blows." Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, Square Dance Club, Varsity Track, Indoor Track, Cross Country. Future: Navy. JOANNE WAGNEH "Pug" 196 Easton Avenue Commercial "lf silence were golden I'd be poor all my life." Square Dancing, Chorus, Classical Recording Club, Social Comm., Knitting Club. Future: Drakes. The Advocate FRANCIS WARD "Brother" 18 Richardson Street College Prep. "Speech is silver, silence is golden." Sportsmens Club, Classical Recording Club. Future: College. EDGAR WARD "Big Ed" Colonial Gardens College Prep. "With graceful steps he walks the streets and smiles at all the girls he meets." Bridge Club, Hi-Y Secretary. Future: College. JOHN WEBER "Jack" 96 West Church St. College Prep. "This is the thing I was born to do." J. V. Football, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, H. R. Vice Pres., Basketball Manager. Future: Rutgers Prep. LOIS WELCHMAN "Loie" 257 Powers Street General "Delay always brings disaster." Pres. of Classical Recording Club, Boosters Club, Home Economics Club, Art Club. Future: Undecided. PAULA WHEELER "P8,ll1le" Distributive Ed. 301 No. Main St., Mi11t0WI1 "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Girls Glee Club, Advocate Club, Highlights Staff. Future: Undecided. ANNA LOUISE WHITE "Lou" 201 Livingston Ave. College Prep. "Nightingales and bluebirds are company for our songbirdf' Bridge Club Checkroom Comm., Latin Club. A Cappella Choir, Girls A. A., Bowling, Girls Basketball. Future: Physical Ed. Teacher. KATHERINE WILLIAMS "Kat" 212 Burnet Street Home Economics "A good sport in work and play." Caney Creek Comm., Girls Sports Club, Social Dancing, Girls Basketball. Future: Seamstress. JAMES WILLIAMS "Jim" 36 Railroad Ave. General "All things come round to him who will but wait." Advocate Rep. Future: Music. MARY WILLIAMS "Mary" 175 Redmond Street General "All nature is but art." Spanish Club, Art Club, Knitting Club, Cour- tesy Club, Social Dancing, Girls A.A., Check- room Committee. Future: Designer. MACK WILLIAMS "Max" 53 Commercial Ave. College Prep. "Now, before l start I want to say something." Track, Football, Vice Pres. of Home Room, H. R. President. Future: Undecided. u ne, 1949 45 MARILYN WITTE "Lyn" 231 Powers Street College Prep. "Better be out of the world than out of style." Cheerleader, P. A. P. Comm., Social Comm., H. R. Sec'y., Knitting Club, Highlight Staff. Future: College. ESTHER WINES "Haster" 105 Seaman Street Home Economics "Cheerful whenever you meet her." Nurses Club, Girls A. A., Social Dancing, Girls Glee Club, Girls Basketball, Tennis. Future: Medical Missionary. HERBERT WRIGHT "Herb" Rt. 16, Box 633-A Industrial Arts "l take things as they come - easy." Classical Recording, Sportsmens Club. Future: Army. EDGAR WOOD "Woody" 4 Easton Avenue College Prep. "He has done in one year more than most do in two." Class President for three years, S. C. Sgt. at Arms, Hi-Y Treas., Varsity Track, German Club, Caney Creek Comm., Classical Recording, H. R. President. Future: College. RICHARD YATAURO "Yat" R.F.D. No. 3, Hamilton Rd. College Prep. "A good natured boy always ready for fun and icy." Bridge Club, Football, Baseball, Basketball. Future: College. JOHN YANCSEK "John" 80 Player Ave., Raritan General "A nicer guy is hard to find." Boys Sports, Sargent at Arms, H. R. Vice President, H. R. Treasurer. Future: Undecided. ANNA MARIE ZABCZYK "Ann" R.F.D. No. 2, Box 186 Secretarial "I hear, yet say not much, but think the mare." Secretary of Knitting Club, Social Dancing. Future: Secretary. GEORGE ZAABADICK "Spook" 49 Cleremont Ave. Agriculture "A quiet chap, but one of worth." Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, Square Danc- ing, F. F. A. Future: Army. JOHN ZINEVICH "Spin" 14 Plum Street General "What's the hurry? Rome wasn't built in a day." J. V. Football, J. V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball. Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Sportsmens Club, Classical Recordings, Chess 8z Checkers. Future: Rutgers Prep. ALAN NATHAN ZAR "Alan" 9 Stratford Place College Prep. "A man of many words." Finance Committee, Research, Bridge Club. Future: College. fi- 0 , - KN sax, QW... The Advocate . V L' 3-I ,, .1 E,," at -2 Mfg., 41 W , 1 1 x ..,. ...: . -,Z Q ., is-.,.?2Q. . Q i MJ- i ifgi- swf., -'ff , . ,giff : git, , .... . A .I S 'l e l it 6 fl 1 gl - 4 i --L 't .ft 5 i 'I - ' '-v .get 1 zzz: f:4i.":s.' -Q.: ---'leaf-.1 --ft K Q. fit is lylt ye X Tiff: t 5 l , q is Q52 ra 5 5 Jtafvl 5 1 V QQ Q Aga, xy M X Q 1, xy .5 l 5 .Tw " V . . qs Q GLORIA ABELN "Glo" 41 Comstock Street College Prep. "All that she doeth, she doeth weIl." Editor-in-chief of Advocate, Advocate Literary Staff, Alpha Nu Gamma Secy., Square Danc- ing, Chemistry Club, H.R. Treasurer, Executive Comm. of Yearbook. Future: College, DOLORES BERG "Dusty" 34 Handy Street Secretarial "Neat and well-groomed always." S. C. Treasurer, H. R. Secretary, Choir, Girl's Glee Club, Knitting Club, Variety Show, Home Economics Club, Square Dancing, Varsity Club, Decoration Comm. Future: Advertising. EUGENE BONO "Gene" R.D. No. 4, Box 512 General "Faithful to duty to the end, a perfect sport and loyal friend." F. F. A., Square Dancing. Future: Agriculture. IRENE BIRO "Ik6Y" 244 Somerset Street Secretarial "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." Knitting Club, Girls A. A., Art Club, Sunshine Comm. Future: Undecided. BARBARA BRYANT "Parker" 31 Hassart Street Bookkeeping "The silence that is in the starry night." Future: Undecided. MAURICE BROWN "Brownie" 8 Morris Street Distributive Ed. "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Boys Sports, Boys Glee Club, H. R. Treasurer, Sportsmens Club, Jr. Retailers Club, Basketball. Future: Business. HELEN DIMITROFF "Helen" 5th Street, Rt. No. 19 Secretarial "Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much." Drawing. Future: Undecided. LILLIAN DARDIK "Lee" '77 Neilson Street Academic "The greatest happiness comes from the greatest activity," Latin Club, Lunchroom Comm., Alpha Nu Gamma, Spanish Club, Classical Recording Club, Finance Comm., Sr. Prom Comm., Or- chestra, Variety Show. Future: College. WOLFGANG HEIDELBERG "Wolf" Franklin Park, N. J. College Prep. "I have been so great a lover," Boys Sports Club, Sportsmens Club, Social Dancing Club, Square Dancing Club, Pres. of Business Club, Pres. German Club, H. R. Vice Pres., J. V. Football, Varsity Track, Hi-Y. Future: College. JEWEL JOHNSON "Julie" Box 502, Franklin Twp. Home Economics "Our content is our best having." Future: Undecided. -lunc, l9fl9 DON JUDD "Mert" 26 Maple Avenue Agriculture "lndividuality is the salt of common life." Cross Country, Varsity Track, F. F. A. Treas- urer, Booster Club, Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club. Square Dance Club. Future: Air Forces. ANITA MAE JUDD "Jug" 26 Maple Avenue Home Economics "A happy souI." Hospitality dz Publicity Committee. Future: Undecided. DOLORES KLINGER "Bunny" 413 Hillcrest, Avenue General "A cheery smile is well worth-while." Teen Age Club, Home Economics Club, Lunch- room Comm., Square Dancing. Future: Nurse. IRVIN KNUDSON "Irv" R.F.D. No. 1, Box 107 College Prep. "I will be lord of myself." H. R. Pres., All State Choir, Highlights Bus. Mgr., Sr. Prom Comm., Cross Country Team, Hi-Y Club, A Cappella Choir, Boosters Club, Alpha Nu Gamma, French Club, Boys Glee Club, Business Club. Future: College. ANN KURLONOK "Misty" 11 Laurel Place Bookkeeping "Her sunny hair is wondrous fair and wavy in its flow." Future: Undecided. THERESA KURAK "Terry" R.F.D. No. 1, Box 508-A General "She's witty and lively and full of fun." Checkroom Comm., Social Comm., Caney Creek Comm., P. A. P. Comm., Choir, Girls Glee Club, Highlights Staff, Chm. Press Comm., Treasurer of Nurses Club. Future: Nurse. JOAN LA TERRE "Joanie' 47 Riva Ave., Milltown College Prep. "ln a great soul everything is great." Girls A. A., Gym. Asst., Teen Canteen Comm., Radio Comm., Political Club, Classical Re- cording Club, Chess 8z Checkers Club, Basketball. v Future: Undecided. RICHARD LA PLANTE "Dick" 6 Elmwood Place General "My ambition will keep my brain at work." Future: Undecided. DOROTHY LEVAY -'Dow 50 Mitchell Avenue College Prep. "As the bright sun glorifies the day, so is her face illumined with her eye." S. C. Sec'y., H. R. Vice Pres., Research Comm., Point 8z Award Comm., Girls Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Square Dancing, Girls A. A., H. PX. President. Future: Undecided. VIOLET LEVAY "Eb0y" 43 Delafield Street College Prep. "lt is hearts that make friends." Knitting Club, Spanish Club, Girls A. A. Future: Undecided. The Advocate ANITA LICAUSI "Neet" 123 Louis Street Home Economics "Delays have dangerous ends." Traffic Squad, Girls A. A., Highlights Rep., Jr. Varsity Basketball. Future: Undecided. MARGARET LENGYEL "Marge" 304 Jersey Ave. Secretarial "She rises to any situation." Knitting Club, Library Club. Future: College. ARLENE LOPATKIN "Ar" 19 Bayard Street General "The secret of success is constant work." Variety Club, Social Comm., Girls Glee Club. Intercultural Club, Assembly Comm., Social Dancing. Future: College. STANLEY LOMASH "Stan" 381 Sanford Street College Prep. "An honest man is the noblest work of God." Classical Recording Club, Political Club. Future: Undecided. ROSE OLIVER "Rosie" R.F.D. No. 3, Box 524 General "Her hair, her manner, all who saw admired." Twirlers Traffic Squad, Knitting Club. Future: Undecided. JANICE LUTTMAN "Jan" 101 Van Liew Ave. College Prep. "Silence is more eloquent than words." Knitting Club, Honor Society. Future: Secretary. NORMAN MACKINNON "Mac" R.D. No. 3, Box 449 College Prep. "l'm the happy go lucky kind." Political Club, Chemistry Club, Track. Future: College. ETHEL MAGYARI "Etush" 135 Easton Avenue Commercial "A girl foyful, sincere and happy." H. R. Treasurer, Classical Recording Club. S. C. Treasurer. Future: Secretary. MARIE MARENDINO "Mare" 240 Woodbridge Ave.. Bookkeeping "A pleasant personality is her splendor." Hospitality 8aPublicity Comm., Business Club. Social Dancing, A Cappella Choir. Future: Secretary HELEN PRESSLER "PI'eSS" 89 Codwise Avenue General "Beauty, charm, personality - an all American girl." Square Dancing, Boosters Club, Courtesy Club, H. R. Sec'y., Servicemens Comm. Future: Undecided. Iurv. lililll JEANNE SIMILWITCH "Love" 38 Laurel Place Distributive Ed. " 'T is not good that man should be alone." S. C. Treas., Sec'y. of Jr. Retailers Club, Girls A. A., Tennis, Basketball. Future: Designer. NUNZIO SPINA "Nunz" 135 Seaman Street General "Pleasure and action makes the hours seem short." Recording Club, Sportsmens Club. Future: Navy. EILEEN STACK "Butch" International Ave., Stelton Commercial "The trul reat are always s'mple and sincere" g . . Drill Squad, Usher, Classical Recording Club, Gym. Leader. Future: Stenographer. DOROTHY WACHOWICZ "Kitten" 321 Somerset Street Home Economics "Oh! teach me that giggle." Point dz Award Comm., Classical Recording Club, Basketball, Social Dancing, H. R. Sec'y. Future: Dietician. ELEANORE CHATO "Ellie" 2 Dix Street General "Upright as an exclamation point." Knitting Club, Boosters Club, Advocate Staff, Highlights Rep. Future: Undecided. JANET COOPER "Jane" 5 Elm Row College Prep. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." A Cappella Choir, Girls Glee Club, Lunchroom Comm., Advocate Rep., Intercultural Club, French Club, Girls A. A., Bridge Club, Orien- tation Comm. Future: College. MILDRED SCOTT "Millie" 10 Talmadge Street General "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Political Club, Knitting Club, Girls A. A., So- cial Dancing, Highlights Rep., Checkroom Committee. Future: Typist. PHILIP FURNARI "Fish" 42 Powers Street Industrial Arts "A conscience as Clear as good flying weather." Future: Undecided. ODELL ALLEN "Al" 182 Handy St. General "No one can afford to fail himseIf." Future: Undecided. JOAN LUERY "Twinkle" 195 NO. Main St. General "Friendship is love without its wings." Assembly Comm., Caney Creek Comm., Leaders Club, Boosters Club, Social Comm., S. C. Treas., Radio Comm., Advocate Rep., Variety Show. Future: Nurse. 'BUY 50 EUGENE CHANGARY "Moose" 10 Plum Street General "Magnificent spectable of human contentment." Sportsmens Club, Basketball. Future: Undecided. THEODORE FIRSING "Ted" Elm Street, Rt. No. 19 General "He is a short fellow who walks tall." Future: Undecided. WILLIAM KIRIAKIS "Nick" College Prep. 28 Codwise Avenue "Study should never interfere with one's education." Political Club. Future: College. JEANNE KLAUSE Old Post Rd. R.D. No. 5 Bookkeeping "Friendship above all ties bind the heart And faith in friendship is the noblest part." Knitting Club, Social Dancing. Future: Photography. JOHN LEWENEC "Tiny" R.F.D. No. 1, Box 142 General "Labor is the law of happiness." Camera Club, Boys Sports, Sportsmen, J. V. Football, J. V. Baseball Manager, Varsity Baseball Manager. Future: Own Business. OLGA MARCHO "Oggie" Home Economics "Snooks" Rt. No. 3, Box 229 "True happiness is found in making others happy." Knitting Clllb, Girls A. A. Future: Model. PHILIP PALLONE "Phil" 239 Talmadge Street General "My ioy of life is hard to kill." Boys Sports, Sportsmens Club, Bridge Club, Social Dancing, H. R. Treas. Future: Undecided. EILEEN REILLY "Irish" 211 French St. College Prep. "She hides her light under a bushel." Girls A. A., Lunchroom Comm., Advocate, As- sembly Comm., Variety Club, Modern Dance, Spanish Club, Orientation Comm., Radio Com- mittee. Future: Undecided. SARAH SCHOR "Sally" Georges Rd., R.F.D. No. 4 General "B::oks! 'Tis a dull and endless strife." Girls A. A., Checkroom Comm., Bridge Club. Future: Business School. ROBERT SMITH "Bobby" R.F.D. No. 2, Box 244-B Industrial Arts "Nothing is impossible to diligence and skill." Varsity Track, Cross Country. Future: Undecided. FRANCIS VETRECIN "Sonny" 17 Morris Street College Prep. "To know him is to like him." Sportsmens Club, Cross Country. Future: Navy. JAMES WRIGHT "Jim" 212 George St. General "lt is good to lengthen to the end a sunny mood." Sportsmens Club. Future: Navy. The Advocate PRESlDENT'S MESSAGE Parents, friends and fellow students: Welcome to the class night of '49. Three years ago our class entered this high school and now we are on the brink of leaving it. Those three years were a happy experience. In a few days we will be scat- tered. Some of us will go on with our edu- cation: others will enter different fields. For us, high school will be something to look back upon that we have enjoyed. When you become a senior it seems you appreciate school more. You remember the football, basketball, baseball games and the track meets, the dances and field days in- stead of the homework and other proverbial "thorns in the flesh." However, in a few years you will attend some of these events only to find something is lost, never to be replaced. Perhaps, a track medal, a cham- pionship jacket, a letter or stub from the Teen Canteen will bring you back to those happy days. Save those Il1OlIl6Ilt0S, they are your only link to the best years of your life. So we are experiencing mixed emotions tonight. We are happy, we are sad, we wel- come and regret the end of our school days. But because we know this is the end, we reflect upon these three years of learn- ing. We gratefully acknowledge the patience and guidance our teachers have shown us: we are thankful for the great and wonder- ful privilege it has been to attend a public school: we are indebted to the school system for its opportunities in the many and varied courses that were open to us. We have gained the friendship of our classmates that can never be dissolved. This is the end of all our years of guid- ance. Within the next few years we will assume self-reliance, and gradually leader- ship, which we would be without, but foi our high school experience. We hope you will enjoy our program tonight and that each of you will re-live your own classnight program again. june. I9-I9 51 I it D Fi- - X N. F I r . N S ,S F f Q Q if gf, I 6 X i ' ,IW CLASS HISTORY On the morning of September 7, llllti we found ourselves in the vast gym ol' ILS. waiting to be assigned to our home- rooms. X'Ve spent our first day making new friends and adjusting ourselves to the title of "llll3 Babies." 'I'hen it came. Initiation! XVe crept along the halls trying to be unnoticed. The boys were "requested" to wear two ties, one for the lront and one for the back. 'l'hey really looked sharp with their pants rolled up to their knees, too! 'l'he girls sure were attractive in their five pig-tails and pale faces. XVe really struggled carrying our books in sacks and wearing one blue and one white sock. NVhen we finally settled down, our year went something like this: For our class officers we elected Ed XVood, President: Clyde Dixon, Vice-President: Lois XVelchman, Secretary: and Betty Best. Treasurer. Along came our class party, and we noble Sophmores set a precedent for the future lllth grades to follow. XVC decorated the gym is Hallowe'en fashion-witches, corn stalks, and huge wagon wheels. .Xnna Lou XVhite, Rosemary Richardson, and Marge Karister were a few who displayed their talent. Football season was upon us with VVally Parlapanides, Bob Vander Hoef, lid lVood, Clyde Dixon, and -lohn Pellichero doing their part to end the season with a record of four wins, four losses, and one tie. Add- ing to the color at the football games were our Tumblers - never to be seen again during our high school life. Representing our class were: Marge Karister, captain: Nancy and Linda Christ, and Edna lfercho. 'I'hat year, by being selected for Mein- bership in the All State Chorus. Nlyra Simp- son and -lohn Pellichero added to our list of honors. Ihe,h. lrack leam won the County meet with the help of some mem- bers from our class. Clara ligresi, Charlotte Rule, Marie Schus- ter, and Lyn Wlitte were chosen as the new Cheerleaders for the next two years. Baseball season opened and closed with a bang as the Zebras won the Central ylersey Championship. Their record was: twenty- one wins, and only eight losses. Our con- tribution to the team was: Harry Voorhees, llohn Pellichero, Richie Yatauro, Bob Van- der lloef. Stitchy Sabo, -loe fillll, and Frank Mastrocola. Our first year in N.l:l.H.S. ended with a successful Field Day at .Iohnson's Park. A student-faculty game held the spotlight on that occassion. In our junior Year we elected the follow- ing class ollieers: Ed XVood, President: llohn Pellichero, Vice-President: Charlotte Rule, Secretary: and Clyde Dixon, Treasurer. Football season ended with a record of two wins, two ties, and five losses. But, nevertheless, the season was considered a success because the Zebras beat South River with a score of seven to nothing, breaking their three year undefeated streak. Helping the under dogs on to victory were: john Pellichero, Richie Yaturo, Bob Vander Hoef, and -Ioe Cixi. The Advocate Basketball season came along with the inital Color Day, when the whole school came forth decked in Blue and White. Twelve members of our junior Class learned that they had been elected to the National Honor Society. On january 22, 1948, came the high spot in our social life. Our Junior Prom was held on this date in the gym and we danced to Charles Barrows Band. "Star Dust" was the theme for the dance and there was lots of star dust in the eyes of many who attended, including our class president and his lady who came to the "prom" very late, having been held up by the snow and ice. Our Basketball team came through with flying colors. They won the County Cham- pionship. Many of our boys helped make this record which was twenty-one victories, and six defeats. The A Cappella Choir gave their delight- ful Spring Concert in May. The Track team won the State Confer- ence. Members who aided in this feat were: Mack Williams, Henry De Groff, Nick Burke, John Zinevich, Ed Wood, Ed Von Spreckelson, and Clyde Dixon. Dick Lewis set a school record for the sixty yard high hurdles, and Clyde Dixon started on his long career of setting records. Clyde tallied eight and one half points for the Zebras at the Newark Meet. Surely a fine way to end our Junior Year! For our final year at dear old N.B.H.S. we elected for our class officers: Ed "Third Term" Wood, Presidentg Harry Voorhees, Vice-Presidentg Charlotte Rule, "Second Term" Secretaryg and Richie Yatauro, Treasurer. In September we began a Teen Canteen with the help of Ruth Hoddeson as Chair- man. Canteens were held December 18, February ll, March 25, and May 6. Our Teen Canteen was the hrst to invite other schools to participate in our activities. In October, -Ioan O'Grady was elected editor of the High Lights and Gloria Abeln editor of the Advocate with Madeline Alba- nese associate editor Those from our class were elected, Bob Filep, President, Pat Fesler, Secretary: and john Pellichero, Treasurer to carry the heavy duties of the Student Council on their shoulders during that year. Early in the year a dance was held to raise funds for our year book. Emerick Nagy and his band donated their services for the cause. Many attended. Football season passed with a record of four wins, four losses, and one tie. john Pellichero, and Bob Vander Hoef made the All State team and Joe Gizzi, Bill Sla- gada, and Wally Parlapanides received honorable mention. The Seniors traveled to Princeton to see a Macbeth Play on January 10. This proved very helpful for as a result of this trip, many Seniors did not have to read the play. january was set aside as School Spirit Month during which a homeroom basket- ball tournament took place. Homeroom 220 took the championship for the boysg while Room Ill received the honor for the girls. The faculty chose Pat Jenkins to repre- sent our school at the D.A.R. Pilgrimage at Trenton in the Spring. Elihu Boldt received a one hundred dol- lar scholarship for his achievements in the Science Talent Search. The Dramatic classes presented a bill of three one-act plays which were successful under the student directions of Rosemary Richardson and Eileen Reilly. Petitions for youth week were taken out by forty students. Basketball season ended with Richard Dallas representing the Zebras on the All County team, while John Zinevich received honorable mention. The Track team became the New jersey State Indoor Champions. Henry De Groff and Clyde Dixon set new school records. The Columbia Scholastic Press Confer- ence 'was attended by .loan O'Grady, Bill june, I9-19 53 hleney, Irving Knudson, Gloria Abeln, Mild- red Coyne, and Madeline Albanese. The Advocate and Highlights took first and se- cond places respectively. The Political Club presented an assembly on Socialiled Medicine. Campaign for Youth Week was strong and vigorous. The lucky candidates took over the city's government for a week. Baseball season got under way with the Zebras facing Curtis. Our social season was climaxed with the much awaited Senior Prom at the end of May. We danced to the music of Lou -Iacobs and his orchestra in the Gym which was de- corated with Gsh, bubbles, sea shells, nets and Davy -Iones' locker to signify an "Un- derwater Scene." The last month of our life at N.B.H.S. was headed by another Field Day at John- son's Park on Friday, Iune 3. Class Night and our Class Dinner came all too soon and we suddenly realized we were leaving N.B.H.S. VVe began making solemn vows to visit our dear Alma Mater often and to write every week, at least, to our close friends of the last three years. VVC even began to like our teachers. It had been very nice in N.B.H.S. after all. l' if f',f-- 4. I ff fffbfifj 4- l EXd1z ,,.. 1. We, the students of the Class ol Nine- teen Hundred and Forty-Nine of New Brunswick High School, of the City of New Brunswick, County of Middlesex, and State of New llersey, being of sound mind and good intentions, do make, and declare this, our last will and testament. We hereby bequeath to the following: To the junior Class-the nuggets cas yet undiscoveredj in our forty niner's gold mine to help pay your way through an expensive senior year. To the Sophomore Class-All of our blue and white bannersg streamers and outfits along with plenty of good ole' school spirit. Mr. flf!'Cl'I1lC671-.A forty-eight hour day. Mrs. Cox-At least one class of genius' who can write at a moment's notice any literary masterpiece. Mr. Papp-The patent for "Mechanical Janes." Mrs. Ryoiz-Our recordings of the "Dilly Dilly Song" QLavender Bluej. N111 Hngmmzn-A scrapbook for the pic- tures and souvenirs of his pet skunks. Miss Carlson-The formula fwhich we couldn't solvej for turning out A's in Algebra. Mr. Liniern-A ballroom in which to de- monstrate his technique. Illiss Illrig-The right to re-decorate all class rooms in N. B. H. S. like the Distri- gutive Education room. lldiss Tisclzler-That new Chevrolet Club Coupe. Mr. Gioe-"His l1onor's royal robes." Mrs. Ryan-A book on "Mediation" to be used in Classroom I'.A.D. disputes. Mr. Nichols-All our, now discarded, al- bums of Van -Iohnson pictures. Miss Grossman-Another pair of eyes, to keep track of the Highlights staff. Miss Wormutli-A room with good Acous- tics. Miss Smith-A quilt, consisting of all the knitting done in her class. Miss Scully-The appreciation of the whole Senior Class for her understanding and patience. Mr. Carlson-An electric money counting machine. Miss O'Neil1-A class that does not chew gum. Mr. Redshaw-A pair of dark glasses so The Advocate he can't see with whom the members of the team are. Mr. jenkins-Someone to remember things for him. Miss Riggs-Enough money to finance the Advocate. A Miss Burkholder-A class that hates to disagree. Mr. Compher-A group of banking stu- dents who never make mistakes. Mrs. Katz-A perfect Modern Dancing Class. Miss McCarthy-Longer periods that she can assign her homework. Miss Sheldon-A homeroom that keeps quiet and appreciates her humor. Mr. Gordon-A Finance Committee that does its work. Miss Harkins-A ball and chain for her glasses so she won't lose them. Mrs. Donohue-A class that doesn't erase in Bookkeeping. Mrs. Brown-Another homeroom just like the one that is leaving. Miss Hawk-A pair of roller skates so she can get where she wants to, fast. In witness whereof, we the graduating "fourty-niners" do set our name to this, our last will and testament on this fourteenth day of June in the year of our Lord, Nine- teen Hundred and Forty-Nine. THE COMMITTEE OF FORTY-NINERS. PROPHECIES ANN ABATI is teaching P.A.D. at New Brunswick High School. THEODORE ABBATE is buyer for John Wanamaker in Philadelphia. GLORIA ABELN is publishing her own magazine and working on it as hard as she did in High School. JAMES ADOCHIO is president of Hockenjos 8c Company. JUNE AHRENS has finished her training and is a nurse at Medical Center. MADELINE ALBANESE is a lab-techni- cian at Medical Center, in Jersey City. ROSE MARIE ALBERT is head book- keeper for Sears, Roebuck in Chicago. HELEN ALEXANDER is private secretary to the Mayor of New York City. JACK AMARINO is head of the Police Department in North Brunswick. AGNES APPLEGATE is dress designer for Ingrid Bergman. HAROD APPLEGATE has opened his own jewelry store in Newark. NORMAN ARKY is the big boss of the Army Store on Albany Street. ALBERT and MATTHEW AROUH are proprietors of a chain of grocery stores. BERTHA AUERBACH is in Washington, D. C. where she is head of Civil Service. ROGER AUSTIN is an expert chemist for Atomic Research. LORRAINE AYERS is a lieutenant in the Waves. She will soon become Captain. FRANK AZZARITA and JOHN BRUNS are playing with the New York Yankees. MARGARET BACH has bought a share in the Bell Telephone Company. CATHERINE BARATTA is secretary to the editor of Vogue Magazine. ANITA BARRY has now received her col- lege degree from State Teachers College and is teaching in the Trenton High School. MARY BARTOLONE is bookkeeper for F. NV. Woolworth 8: Company in New York. GERTRUDE BASS is writing a book en- titled "How to Overcome Quietnessf' JOHN BELKA has furthered his baseball career by signing a contract with the Newark Bears of the International League. NORMA BAUER has just published her new novel entitled "Marriage to Eddie." ALEX BELSKY is co-starring in that new film "A Smile for P" ROSE BENANTI is private secretary to Dr. Kler. DOLORES BERG is head of the Account ll ne, 1949 55 ing Department of the Brunswick Center. GEORGE BERRUE is a famous designer of women's hats. ELIZABETH BEST is a very charming model at Lord 8: Taylors, New York. ROSE MARIE BILLINGS is secretary to the president of Best 8c Company. IRENE BIRO is busy with pencil and note- book in hand taking dictation from the General at Camp Kilmer. NANCY BISOGNO is chief statistician in Washintgon. ALEX BODNAR is Sport's Editor of the Newark Evening News. ROBERT BOEHM has just been awarded the "Young Man of the Year" award for his fine service to New Brunswick. ELIHU BOLDT is physics professor at Rutgers. HERMAN BOLLMAN is now known as the "man about campus". He's a college professor at Harvard. VIVIAN BONNER is one of the nurses who is working with Eva Curie. EUGENE BONO is a taxi driver - now he gets paid for giving people rides. FRANK BOUDINOT is an industrial en- gineer at Westinghouse in Bloomfield. DOROTHY BRIGHT is head bookkeper for Industrial Tape. MORRIS BROWN has a tailoring shop on George Street. BARBARA BRYANT has an iznportant typing job at the Home News. LEO BUNKER has taken his place as a member of the Metropolitan Opera Com- pany. His fine tenor voice is being put to good use. NICHOLAS BURKE is a concert pianist at Carnegie Hall. .IACK BURLEW is game warden for the State of New jersey. HENRY BUSCHHORN is a mechanic at General Electric in Schenectady. XVALTER BUSER is a clerk in the U. S. Navy. 'IAMES CAIN is the manager of Sears, Roebuck in Newark. MARY CALICIOTTI is delivering bulletins in Congress. LYDIA CANONICO has just won a bath- ing beauty contest at Point Pleasant. LILLIAN CARNCROSS is the only woman in the executive branch of the automotive industry. She is on the board of directors of the General Motors. ELIZABETH CARNEY is manager of New- berry's in Asbury Park. EDWARD CARR has opened his own grocery store in Milltown. DONALD CARRON has been elected All- American half-back. ELIZABETH ANN CASPERS has discov- ered a new solar system. TILLIE CATANESE is dress designer for the South American styles at Lord Sc Taylors. EUGENE CHANGARY is playing baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. NORMA CHASE is leaving with the Olym- pic team to compete in the swimming events for world honors. ELEANORE CHATO is working as secre- tary to the Hungarian Ambassador. DOLORES CHERRY is modelling for Harry Conover as well as being his sec- retary. LINDA and NANCY CHRIST have estab- lished themselves as the nation's leading tumblers of stage, screen, and television. ELAINE CLARK is working in the U.S. Mint. Ah! Money at last. JOHN CLARK is in charge of sports at the Neighborhood House in Boston. RUTH COLEGROVE is Bob Hope's secre- tary and sees the world for nothing, ac- companying him on all his tours. LAWRENCE COLLIER is entering the business world - more likely to be mon- key business than any other. DOROTHY CONOVER has developed a system of office work all her own. JANET COOPER is a chemist in the Bakelite research laboratory. LOUISE COURY is typist at the world's leading surgical factory, 8cJ. MILDRED COYNE is a laboratory tech- nician at Squibbs. RALPH CRANDALL has been selected "Pitcher of the Year" by the N. Y. Yankees and will receive a free vacation to Flo- rida. Have a good time. RICHARD CROWL has found his Utopia which he has looked for a long time. CALVIN CUNNIUS is Mr. Hagmann's as- sistant. He is teaching physics. WILLIAM DAILEY has just completed a successful basketball season with the New York Knickerbockers. RICHARD DALLAS is posing for the May- belle ads. The art of eye make-up MARIANNE DANNHAUSER is Station WOR's leading radio official. LILLIAN DARDIK is co-starring with Nick Burke in a duo-piano recital at Carnegie Hall. MAURICE D'ARIA is developing his own five hundred acres of farm land. LAURETTA DAVISON is head superviser at Belleview Hospital. HENRY DeGROFF and JOE GIZZI were voted the best hunters of the year. GLORIA DELHAGEN has become head of the finance department of the Acme Food Company. FLORENCE DENNISTON is appearing nightly at the Astor Roof with Vaughn Monroe. ELAINE DIEHL has just announced the opening of her exclusive beauty salon. THOMAS DIFEDE is working at Miles in Trenton. LOUIS DILALO has opened Dilalo Motors, Inc. Selling line cars to fine people. HELEN DIMITROFF is in charge of the main passenger oflice at American Airlines. CLYDE DIXON is still gaining honors for track. RITA DMUCHOWSKI is bookkeeper for the great chain of Davison Bros., Inc. KATHERINE DUNN is on WAVT's new The Advocate television show, featuring a musical revue called, "Kitty and Her Kats." VIRGINIA DUNN is directing the foreign office of the nationl French Steamship Company. KENNETH EARLS is teaching Economics at Rutgers. ROBERT EASTON pilots a DC-3 for Eastern Air Lines. DONALD EDEN is swimming instructor at the Y. M. LILLIAN ELLIS is dress designer for Vogue. JOYCE EDENBAUM is head of the Sweater Department at P. J. Young's. IRENE EDLY is hostess at Howard Johnson's. CLARA EGRESI is happily married and taking care of all her little "Hoefs". MARY ELLIS has replaced Bob Bell at WCTC as sports announcer ffirst woman announcer of sports.j NORMAN ELLISON is still complaining about the price of chocolate milk. JOEL ENSANA is a designer of Paris fashions. JOYCE ERICKSEN is purchasing agent for R. H. Macy 8: Company. PAUL EVANS is in Chicago. He is presi- dent of Sears, Roebuck. ROSE FATE ,has opened her own dress shop in St. Louis. ABRAHAM FEINBERG is a designer of ships for the New York Shipping Co. EDNA FERCHO is raising horses out on the Western Plains. PATRICIA FESLER is keeping the home fires burning for a certain "-John". ROBERT FILEP is running for U. S. Senator from New Jersey on the Demo- cratic ticket. THEODORE FIRSING operates a super- market on the corner of George and Albany Streets. OLIVER FISHER is now owner of the business started by his father. MARY LYNN FIXLER is an outstanding ll ne, 1949 57 social worker in the South. To be exact at Caney Creek. MARGARET FLEMING has a special ex- hibit of her paintings in the Museum of Modern Art. MARY FLEMING is the number one home- maker of New Brunswick. DOROTHY FLOREK is the chief comp- tometer operator for Bell Telephone Co. ELAINE FRANKEL is had of the Personnel Department of johnson Sc johnson. jOAN FREEDBERG is an-expert dress de- signer with R. H. Macy 8: Company. jANET FREY is the proprietor of "Frey Flower Shop" on French Street. CLARA FRIEDMAN, finally is manager of M. H. Fishn1an's. ELLEN FUCHS is teaching kindergarten in the Washington School. LILLIAN FUCHS is married and residing in Maple Meade. PHILIP FURNARI designs all covers for Time Magazine. ARTHUR GANDEK is in Europe serving with the U. S. Army. He has just received his Sgt. stripes. FRANCES GENCO has her own beauty shop in Trenton. jOSEPH GENZANTO is manufacturing a "stick fast" hair tonic. MARjORIE GETTY is secretary at the U. N. LAURA GOLDSMITH is a nurse at Med- ical Center. ROBERT GOLDWORM is interviewing girls for jolm Robert Powers. KENNETH GRAFF has a hard time de- ciding what fashion he likes. LEWIS GREEN is traffic director at the corner of George and Albany Streets. SOPHIE GRIVAS is secretary to the pub- lisher of the Daily Home News. LUCILLE GROSSER is an accountant for the Bakelite Company, in Bound Brook. HELEN GUSHY is the artist for the New Yorker. ROBERT HAGUE is the outstanding en- gineer in New jersey. HELEN HALAS has just finished knitting a bag to keep her subscription money in. Don't lose it! MARY LOU HART has been honored by the president of the United States for her outstanding missionary work in China. MIRA HATHAWAY has combined her career as medical technician with mar- riage. ERNEST HAYDU is a well known surgeon at johns Hopkins. WVILLIAM HEALEY is the most prosperous farmer in Somerset County. WOLFGANG HEIDELBERG is still thrill- ing the girls with that blond wave. HAROLD HEINS is the Amateur Tennis Champion of the world NANCY HEINZELMAN is teaching Eng- lish at good old N. B. H. S. ADELAIDE HEKSCH is buyer for the Bon Ton. LOUIS HELMECZI has taken over the left tackle shot for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is kept busy in the summer pitching for the New York Yankees. PHYLLIS HENNESSY is teaching at the Westminister School of Music. jOSEPH I-IERBST is a professor at Rut- gers, and is well known as the "Engineer of the Future". HELEN HERMAN and jEAN HIDEN- HEIM are both secretaries at j. 8: j. ELIZABETH HETTICK has opened a mu- seum honoring William Shakespeare. ARLISS HEUKELEKIN is director of the Boston Pops. RUTH HODDESON is medical assistant at johns Hopkins. jOHN HOLDSWORTH has succeeded jolm W. Schneider as treasurer of the United States. Good work, john. jAMES HOOVER is mayor of jersey City. FRED HORMANN manages the ultra- modern 'Opera House. ANITA HOROWITZ has finally learned to play a good game of ball. ' The Advocate GEORGE HOXVARTH is still visiting Mr. Enk. ' JOAN HRYC is still knitting socks for sonny. RAY HUNT is president of the New Bruns- wick Kiwanis Club. MARIE INZANA is the fastest typist in Middlesex County. WILLIAM JENEY is editor of the new magazine "Jeney's Sports News." EDGAR JENKINS has his own steamship line. PATRICIA JENKINS has become a noted chemist. BURTON JOHNSON is an outstanding Spanish interpreter. ANITA JUDD is a blues singer over WCTC. MERRITT JUDD is living in Glassboro after retiring from the Navy. IRENE KADY is posing for tooth paste ads. JOHN KALLI is an architect designing sky scrapers. BARBARA KANE is one of the top secre- taries at City Hall. DONALD KANE is the successful operator of Kane's Kandy Kitchen. JEANNE KANE is house mother at Rut- gers Prep. NANCY KANSTEDER has a knitting shop and is teaching others how to .make green socks. LOUIS KAPLAN is the captain of the Seton Hall basketball team. MARJORIE KARISTER has a well estab- lished dancing school in New York. JOHN KARL is all American football guard. ' BERNARD KASIAN is still traveling for the Western Union. ' EVERETT KELLER is teaching people to play cards and win. ' EVELYN KELTON is a well-known fashion designer. ' ' ' SHIRLEY KERN is feeling pulses and tak- ing temperatures at Middlesex Hospital. WILLIAM KIRIAKIS spends his time thinking of ways to get out of work. BARBARA KISER is the new manager of Newberry's. JOHN KISKURNO has just developed a new cartoon "Krisp Kaven1en". Watch out Kiddies. JEANNE KLAUSE has opened a photogra- phy studfo on Fifth Avenue. DOLORES KLINGER is on her way to Hollywood to be Ingrid Bergman's de- signer. HAROLD KNELLE is still trying to fix the bell system in dear old N.B.H.S. HENRY KNOBIL is in the Biology Re- search Department of E. R. Squibb 84 Sons. He has written a book on his ex- periments. IRVIN KNUDSON is managing editor of the Daily Home News. MICHAEL KOBLOS is Flight Commander of the United States Air Force. SAMUEL KRAUSE is the outstanding chicken farmer of the State. He has 500 acres in Sognerset County. IRENE KUNCEVICH has won the contest for the most popular secretary at John- son's. THERESA KURAK is head of the English Department at N.B.H.S. ANN KURLONOK has just been signed by M.G.M. she is starring in their forth- coming picture MORTON LAKIN is playing second string for the Giants football team. RICHARD LaPLANTE is still building houses at the shore. JOAN LA TERRE is the telephone operat- or at Milltown. MILDRED LAWRENCE owns "Millie's" book store on George Street. MARGARET LENGYEL has gone to Cali- fornia and become a secretary to her dream man. CARMELA LETO started out as a secre- tary but soon became a housewife. DOROTHY LEVAY is supervisor of the nurses at St. Peters Hospital. ll nc, I9-I9 5? VIOLET LEVAY has finally mastered her studies at Rutgers. UIOHN LEWENEC has set up in a busi- ness of his own. EDWARD LEWIS is appearing in a new comedy on Broadway. RICHARD LEWIS is an auto salesman and specializes in roadsters. ANITA LICAUSI is trying very hard to take Aludy Conova's place. VINCENT LOFTUS is professor of mathe- matics at Rutgers - especially geometry. STANLEY LOMASH has just published a book of poetry. ELIZABETH LONG is in charge of the Nursery School. ARLENE LOPATKIN is manager of an ocean resort in Miami. DOROTHY LOTZ is secretary to the pres- ident of Industrial Tape. AIOAN LUERY is an expert at making those "super duper" sundaes. QIANICE LUTTMAN is secretary to the president of the Philadelphia Athletics. EDDIELEE MACKEY is one of our well- known social workers. NORMAN MACKINNON is the county tax collector. DIANE MACOM is head buyer for Lord 8: Taylor. LEONARD MAGER has opened his own Sporting Goods Store in town. ETHEL MAGYARI runs the "Famous Fashion Shop" in New York. JOSEPH MALONEY is a successful Used Car salesman. GEORGE MANIKAS has completed the diflicult task of agreeing with someone. CARMELA MANTARRO has attained her life ambition. She is a private secretary. OLGA MARCHO is playing professional basketball. ELIZABETH MARCO is working in the Foreign Relations Ollice in Washing- ton, D. C. MARIE MARENDINO is the "Thinkers" secretary and jots down all his great ideas. JOSEPH MARGUCCIO is the star drum- mer of the famous Goldman Band. IRMA MARKS is making up dieting menus for the rolly-polly society women. RAYMOND MAROON is building a bridge across the Atlantic so that he can drive that car of his over it. ROBERT MARRONE is in the work-house. He is the new warden. FRANK MASTROCOLA has won a medal for his famous paintings. CHARLES MATTHEWS is teaching geo- ntetry at Princeton. GEORGE MATYUS is president of Indust- rial Tape. MARGARET MAYER has just married one of those wealthy patients whom she has nursed back to health. GLADYS MAYLAND has been voted the cutest nurse at Medical Center. AIOSEPH McCARTHY has his own sports program on WCTC. KATHLEEN McCARTHY is an excellent secretary -to Mr. Carlson. She just had to come iback. EDWARD MCGRORY is a famous basket- ball star. IRVING MEDELL is a member of the de- bating team at Washington 8: Lee. SELMA MENDELSON is Dr. Kildar's number one assistant. HELEN MESKA is working in Washington at the International Building. ERIC MESSER has gone to South America to be with his Spanish friends. EVELYN MESSORES has realized her life ambition and became a nurse. FRANK METZ is teaching algebra at the Highland Park High School. MAROIORIE MEYER is secretary for the United Airlines. MARY MICALE is dressmaker for Holly- wood's favorite actresses. NICHOLAS MICALE'S band plays at the Astor Roof every night. ROGER MICALE is president of the Micale Construction Company. ROBERT MILLEMAN still likes to play The Advocate jokes on his colleagues. I JOAN MISCHNE has achieved her ambi- tion. She is a dietician. CAROLINE MOLINARI is an X-ray tech- nician and checks the school for T. B. victims. . PATRICIA MONAGHAN is so sweet she is constantly be used for "Honey" ads. PEGGY MONAGHAN is now a successful teacher of the three "R's". VVALTER MOODY is a great traveler. He has crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific. HERMAN MORRIS is manager of the State Theater. VIRGINIA MOSS is making wads of money. She had her laugh patented. ANGIE MULA is touring South America Advertising Johnson 8: Johnson products. SOPHIE MUSTAKAS is now a special agent for the F.B.I. EMERICK NAGY is appearing at all the big night spots with his band. DONALD NAPOLITANO is working for Industrial Tape as a traveling salesman. GERTRUDE NATBONY is teaching steno- graphy at the VVashington School for Secretaries. FRANCIS NEAL is giving lectures on promptness. IRENE NEMETH is private secretary to Robert Johnson. RICHARD NEYRANOWSKI is a delegate to the United Nations. CATHERINE O'BRIEN is manager of Sears Roebuck at Philadelphia. JOAN o'oRADY is editor? of the New York Times. ROSE OLIVER and NANCY OLSEN are leading all the local parades as twirlers. ELEANOR ORLICK is busy scheduling appearances at the Capital 'in New York. EMMA OROSZ is doing the interior de- corating for all the members of the upper crust. JOHN OSWORTH is assistant to Prof. Herbst at Rutgers. MILDRED OTT is known as the lady with the big beautiful eyes. MICHAEL PALAZZOLO is seen on all the "Men of Distinction" ads. PHILIP PALLONE is the star basketball player of the "Atomic Five." GLORIA PALOMBI is secretary to the Mayor of North Brunswick. ALCEO PAOLINI is fishing off the coast of Cuba for the largest tuna of the year. ANNA PARINELLI is back in High School as Mr. Enks' secretary. VVALLACE PARLAPANIDES is coaching N. B. H. S. football team. JOHN PELLICHERO is the star football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. JOHN PERNICE is featured in the new Broadway hit 551,111 Finally Dancing". HARRIET PERRY is the well-known singer of the club "You Name it". BETTY PHILIPP is comfortably settled with "Heinz Varieties". VILMA PHILLIPS has forced J. J. New- burry out of business by setting up her own "Five 8a Ten". MICHEL PIRROTTA is pursuing her career of medical technologist. ANTHONY PINTAONE is an executive at the M.G.M. Studios. DORIS POLLACK claims she has the larg- est orchid ever grown, and right in her own greenhouse. LILLIE POPE has followed a career of secretarial work. MARJORIE PORSOLT is teaching square dancing to the students of N. B. H. S. CLAIRE POTTER has opened a very fashionable hat shop on Fifth Avenue. RUTH PRESLEY is in Hollywood keep- ing Jeanne Crain's wardrobe in order. HELEN PRESSLER is Miss America of 1950. CATHERINE PREVITE and IRENE PER- DUK are successful secretaries to DON SESSLER who has become such a prom- inent business man that he needs two. RAYMOND PREZLOCK is in Mexico throwing the bull. He has improved his Iune, 1949 61 technique since high school days. CLAIRE QUINN is covered with material and scissors in hand decorating Mr. Tru- man's summer home. RICHARD RACZ is trying to become a second Paderewski. WESLEY RANDALL is working for the New York Times. JEAN RASMUSSEN is giving the Spanards a hard time with her Spanish lingo. She is in South America studying fashions. MARY RAYM is the motion picture operator at Radio City. QIOANNE REED has just been appointed the new high school coach. EILEEN REILLY has landed a job where she can come into work once a week. EUGENE REILLY is the manager of the French Street A8cP. ROSEMARY RICHARDSON made out so well in college that they kept her there. She is the new Dean. STANLEY RICHARDSON is giving hints on "How to Keep Your Hair Blonde." SELMA RICHMAN and GRACE RED- MAN are both working lor R. H. Macy. Selma has just been appointed buyer. CONRAD RICHTER is now walking - he's a mail man. CHESTER ROTH is a prosperous farmer after having completed his agricultural studies at Rutgers. LUCILLE ROTH is secretary to the pres- ident of E. R. Squibb 8: Son. HELEN RUFF and -IEAN VOORHEES are in a Broadway comedy. CHARLOTTE RULE is advertising "Blonde Wave Sets." EMIL RUSZINKO is president of United Parcel Service. GLORIA SABB is working at Squibb 8: Sons as a Laboratory Technician. JOSEPH SABELLA has taken over Fred Allen's show in the radio. STEVE SABO is manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. RICHARD SACKMAN is still trying to sneak in on all the events to get those much sought after pictures. -IOAN SAHN is teaching Spanish at Newark High School. MARIO SAIENNI is a big-time operator in New Brunswick. That is a used car operator. ISABELLE SANTISI has just moved to South America so she can study Spanish. DENA SARANTOS is giving music lessons and is very well known in the musical world. LEONARD SARIS has become a noted chemist. MATILDA SAUL is studying to be an opera singer. HAROLD SALTER has his own band and is playing at the Senior Proms at N. B. H. S. ALEXANDER SANISLO is still arriving late to work. MARGARET SCHATKOWSKI is secretary to the president of Industrial Tape. LILLIAN SCHMIDT is teaching higher mathematics, and at night she makes socks for Johnny. SARAH SCHOR has her own business school in New York. MARIE SCHUSTER is getting up in the world. She is an Airline Hostess. CARL SCHWARZ and VIRGIL SLYE have a hunting lodge in Canada. DORIS SCHWENDEMAN is in Paris buy- ing the latest fashions for Macy 8: Co. The fleet's in and here comes Captain NICK COMPARATO with the ship's doctor JOE SCUDERI. FRANK SEEBURG is trying to take the place of the "Thinker" in class, of course. LUDWIG SELIKOWITZ is the the coach of the Red Riders of Trenton. I-Ie is known for his famous "Hook Shot." GLORIA SETTLE couldn't seem to settle. She's now a traveling saleswoman. MARY SERNYAK certainly makes a very charming housewife. JUNE SHEPPARD and ANGIE BIANCIA 62 The Advocate are both successful in the business world. NANCY SILZER is doing well with her job at J.8cJ. She's the head bookkeeper. JEANNE SIMILWITCH is secretary to the Governor of New Jersey. MYRA SIMPSON is seeking a career in dramatics. INILLIAM SLAGADA has become one of the country's top engineers. RAMONA SLYE took a buggy ride down Caney Creek way to learn more hillbilly songs and dances. ORVILLE SMITH has invented the latest thing i11 radio, assisted by JAMES DOO- LITTLE who did the electrical part. ROBERT SMITH and RUSSELL VAN LIEW are still raising the best race horses. NUNZIO SPINA is a well known florist and runs his own shop. HENRY SPITZER defeated in the last Presidential election has returned to Me- dical School. EILEEN STACK is New Brunswick's busiest secretary. She is working for the president of Squibbs. ROSANNA STARR is buyer for Hahne 8c Company in Newark. GERTRUDE STEWART is secretary to her tall, dark and handsome "Richie". ANNA SUDIA is secretary to the president of Calco Chemical Company. MARY SUDILLO has just made a contract with Harry Conover to be a model. DORIS SULLIVAN is guard on the All- American basketball team. JACK SUYDAM and JOHN MANDEVIL- LE are teaching the Rutgers Aggies a thing or two. RUTH TAMASY is the dietician at Mid- dlesex Hospital. BETTY TOTH is head of the payroll de- partment of R. H. Macy Xa Company. LILLIAN TRASKI has formulated a new type of "Schmoo" in her research labora- tory. MABEL TROTMAN is married and' con- tent with life. ALICE UHL is a nurse at Harvard Medical School. ROBERT VANDERHOEF is still receiving offers from the sports world. LEON VAN DYKE has a beautiful farm in the Vermont Hills. RICHARD VARGA is the owner of a large department store in town. FRANCES VEALE is the President's "Man Friday." MARGARET VERGANO is doing her in- ternship at Johns Hopkins. FRANCIS VETRECIN is an admiral in the United States Navy. MARILYN VLIET is a photogentic model for Tarza Studios in New York. JOHN VON SPRECKELSEN is Admiral in the Dutch Navy. HARRY VOORHEES is manager of the New York A8cP stores. DOROTHY WACHOWICZ and JOAN WAGNER are interior decorators and have their own studio in New York. ELIZABETH WALL has combined a career as secretary with marriage. EDGAR WARD is candidate for mayor of New Brunswick. FRANCIS WARD is posing for Hollywood Ads. JOHN WEBER is working on a project to enlarge Milltown. We hope it can be done but are doubtful. LOIS WELCHMAN is working for Varga as a poster girls. PAULA WHEELER and her husband have opened an Ice Cream store in Denver. ANNA WHITE is teaching physical educa- tion in a Chicago High School. JAMES WILLIAMS is a famous musician. KATHERINE WILLIAMS is a seamstress at Lord Sc Taylors. MACK WILLIAMS gained a position as a quarter miler on the Olympic team. MARY WILLIAMS has Paris "wondering" with her latest fashion designs. MARILYN WITTE is a model in Sak's, Fifth Avenue. Iune, ISM9 EDGAR TVOOD has just been appointed head of the Republican Party. HERBERT WRIGHT is drawing illustra- tions for all the leading magazines. JAMES WRIGHT is the manager of the R. K. O. Theaters. -IOHN YANCSEK is manager of the Acme Super Market in New Brunswick. RICHARD YATAURO is now a Big League Ball Player. GEORGE ZAABADICK is the Olympic Ice Skater. ANNA MARIE ZABCZYK is a secretary at the' People's Bank in New Brunswick. ALAN ZAR has just won the Pulitzer Prize for talking. JOHN ZINEVICH is coaching the Yale Basketball team. ANGELO FARELLA and CHESTER NAWROCKI are operating a fishing schooner off the coast of Alaska. PHONE N. B. 2-2231 " THE STORE l'lf'I'l'H HONEST DEALINGSU THE POUND STORE Dress Goods By The Yard By The Pound 71-73 CHURCH STREET Meet Your Friends at the NEW BRUNSWICK Y.M.C.A. Crmgmtulaliofzs and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF '49 MYRTLE, NANCY and OSMER BIRDSALI. PATRONS Dr. and Mrs. J. MORGAN MACOM Mr. and Mrs. RODNEY LUERY Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM SLAGADA Miss MARY L. McCARTHY Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs . Mrs Mrs . Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. STANLEY RICHARDSON PETER LETO CHARLES MEYER SAM MOLINARI STANLEY DMUCHOWSKI HERMAN HODDESON JAMES FESLER ERNEST VOORHEES NATHAN MENDELSON HERBERT FIXLER Mr. Mrs. HAROLD C. BROWN Miss RUTH KASTELANSKY Miss ROSA SCALLY Mrs. PETER DUDICH Mrs. GEORGE KATZ and Mrs. ANTON WEISS . and Mrs. HARRY H. MARKS Mr. and Mrs. JOHN MCCARTHY Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. LINDE RYON Miss CORALEE LINS Mr. Mr Mr. GEORGE J. MATYUS The ,'Xc1voc'aLc ii. Lf E .IJ Lx JM. SX lc, ISHS? " I ha N. B. H. S. BAND - Mr. Pecker, Leader DRAMATIC CLASS - Mr. McCracken, Adviser The Advofa LC FRENCH CLUB Adviser: Miss Poor ART CLUB Adviser: Miss Clark LATIN CLUB Adviser: Miss Lee um-, IEIIII IH ADVOCATE STAFF Adviser: Miss Riggs STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Adviser: Mrs, Marden LIBRARY CLUB Adviser: Miss Buckley TYW Adwnaw 3 EQgE. N KEY CLUB HOKE 380102133 CLUB Mr. Hummel, Adviser Kiss AlliQon, Adviser SCHOOL STORE CGEYITTEE h.n.?. QLQLITTJL Mrs. Hart, Adviser adviser Mrs. Hardex , , TEEN cmrzzm comuwmx H1 Y JLUB Mrs. nudicn unc. 19119 09 A ff, , gf. CB?-Q' 5 fix! 'T' ALPHA NU GAMMA ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Adviser: Miss Carhart ADVISER: Mrs. Marden GERMAN CLUB HOSPITALITY AND PUBLICITY Adviser: Miss Lotze Adviser: Mrs. Marden CANEY CREEK COMMITTEE CHEMISTRY CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Marden Adviser: Miss Lutz III The Advocate l V 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Adviser: Miss Rickenbrode SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FACULTY on Page 8 and 9 - Elinor Allison, Walter Ambler, Eddie Blumberg, Geraldine Brown, Ruth Brown, Dorothy Buckley, Lilian Clark, Clinton Compher, Catherine Cox, Anne Donohue, Elizabeth Dudich, Myrtle Dumont, John Enk, Faustina Freeman, Dorothy Galinsky, Eve Grossman, Vernon Hagmann, Robert Harding, Margaret Harkins, Roberta Hart, Eleanor Hawk, Mildred Iffrig, Ralph Jenkins, Ruth Kastelansky, Myron Kistler, Linette Lee, George Lin- tern, Erna Lotze, Mary Lutz, Frieda Marden. Wycliff McCracken, Rose Moore, Josephine O'Neill, Gilbert Papp, Martha Poor, John Ragone, Francyl Rickenbrode, Blanche Riggs, Louise Rust, Mildred Ryan, Mildred Ryon, Rosa Scally, Louise Sheldon, Crawford Sinclair, Elizabeth Steichen, Sally Tischler, Yolanda Varga, Charlotte Whiteford, Sol Whitman, Herbert Wright. 1-, I'r'l'I 71 POLITICAL CLUB POINT AND AWARD COMM. Adviser: Mrs. Brown Adviser: Mrs. Marden KNITTING CLUB COURTESY CLUB Advier: Miss Kastelansky Adviser: Mrs. Cox PRESS COMMITTEE BOOSTERS Advise1': Miss Grossman Adviser: Miss Lee The Advocta te RADIO CLUB SOCIAL COMMITTEE Adviser: Miss Varga Adviser: Mrs. Marden RESEARCH COMMITTEE BRIDGE CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Cox Adviser: Mrs. Reid HIGHLIGHTS STAFF NURSES CLUB Adviser: Miss Grossman Adviser: Mrs. Moore , E1 C K lun IHJ 14 vie. ,Ax lx-- Fi' 1 fx A-. CA.. Ll .J A all 'W rn J. Iii L3-fix . lull IU-19 H CLASS BABY PICTURES ON PAGES 74, 75, 76, 77. Page 74--Tillie Cantanese, Joan O'Grady, Helen Alexander, Dolores Cherry, Anita Judd, Rose Fate, Leonard Mager, Jean Klause, Katherine Dunn, Louise Coury, Lillian Schmidt, Mar- jorie Karister, Mildred Coyne frightl, Joan Sahn, Peggy and Pat Monaghan, Madeline Albanese, Ann Louise White, Gertrude Stewart, Donald Sessler, Rita Dmurhowski. Page '75-Joanne Reed, Margaret Lengyel, Helen Gushy, Lois Welchman, Shirley Kern, Linda and Nancy Christ, Ann Abati, Richard Sackman, Ruth Hoddeson, Lillian Carncross, Norma Chase, Rose Oliver, Ann Sudia, Betty Long, Joyce Edenbaum, Dolores Klinger, Ruth Colegrove, Selma Mendelson. Page 76-Peggy Fleming, Francis Neal, Margaret Schatkowski, Barbara Kane, Mary Eli- zabeth Ellis, Irma Marks, Gloria Delhagen, Harry and Jean Voorhees, Myra Simpson, Patricia Jenkins, Betty Hettich, Jean Rasmussen, Barbara Kiser, Angie Mula, Ellen Fuchs, Janice Luttman, Gloria Abeln, Elaine Frankel, Patty Fesler, Betty Ann Caspers. Page 77-Nancy Olsen, Michel Pirrotta, Helen Ruff, Esther Wines, Anita Krache, Janet Cooper, Florence Denniston. Margaret Vergano, Joanne Hyrc, Mary Lynn Fixler, Joan Michne, Rose Marie Billings, Virginia Moss, Elizabeth Marco, Mary Lynn Fixler, Nancy Heinzelman. Nancy Heinzelman. yu--C, ls:-19 77 Charlotte Rule 73 ' The Advocate STUDENT OP'INION Bob VanderHoef Patricia Fesler M055 PODUISJY Bob Filep Charlotte Rule , Bob VanderHoef Helen Pressler Best Lookmg John Pellichero Diane Macom B b V d H f . - . BGSU Athlete Jojhn lggliizrhegg Cnnst Twms Bob VanderHoef Clara Egresi Class Lovers Jggn Pellichero Patricia FBSIGI' Richard Sackman J0an Reed Class Pest Joseph Gizzi Eleanor Orlick . B b Fil Betty Ann C Most Likely to Succeed Egger Vigod Mary Ellis aspers F Vincent Loftus J0a1'1 Reed C1945-f Clown Bernard C1-owl Anita Licausi . . D. Most Conceited Joe Glzzl Jdgge Rnelgdgom Nicest Personality Bo3f's-Girl's Ideal Heart Breaker Bookworm Best Politician Most Frequent Off Best Dresser Nicest Smile Quietest Cutest Best Actor-Actress Most Courteous Biggest Bluffer Playboy-Girl Bossiest Did Most for the Most Dependable Best Artist Best Musician Favorite Teacher ice Guest School John Zinevich Frank Azzarita Mike Koblos Bob VanderHoef William Slagada John Zinevich Al. Sanislo Elihu Boldt Joel Ensana Henry Spitzer Alan Zar Harold Applegate Jack Cantalupo Mike Koblos John Zinevich John Pellichero Frank Azzarita John Bruns Frank Boudinot John Pellichero Bill Slagada Robert Shipman Edward McGrory Clyde Dixon Bob Filep Joe Gizzi Alan Zar Dick Lewis Mike Koblos Richard Sackman Frank Azzarita Edgar Wood Bob Filep Bob Filep Edgar Wood John Kiskurno Frank Mastrocola Jack Suydam Nicholas Burke Mr. Lintern Mr. Gioe Patricia Fesler Charlotte Rule Helen Pressler Norma Chase Lyn Witte Betty Ann Caspers Margaret Fleming Helen Gushy Joan O'Grady Helen Herman Gloria Settle Diane Macom Helen Pressler Marie Schuster Diane Macom Janice Luttman Dorothy Bright Myra Simpson Charlotte Rule Rosemary Richardson Myra Simpson Adeladie Heksch Charlotte Rule Helen Gushy Joan Reed Joan Reed Claire Quinn Eleanor Orlick Helen Gushy Mary Ellis Barbara Kane Mary Ellis Barbara Kane Helen Gushy Dena Sarantos Rosemary Richardson Lillian Dardik Miss Tischler Mrs. Brown The Arlvoralc luw 81 WO' L-J' ,M Lexvvl. I --...Q . ,X .,.. X .L fgwqiii. ' J mx. V XS OO .elf The Advocate 311110, ISHIJ 85 1 1 1 N J 85 5 . 4 I Q? . D nfl"-.mig,s' I X M b X I+ h ,I 1 xl X! s "'lyf-""f A E MV, , 'm 'en 1 a E :,, A Q QV ' E if G ffm Q Lx S G tx I 5 1 1 if X Qin, 1- V-.A v ff !.f X ff 4 X 1 X X M gk XXX X I on X. X 3 :nl f X 5 I I 1.19 lb 0-I': h If 87 V i XX X W N mx ' .5 Nr- .gh W. M gXxWxxxNxx,Mx E , ,l5'mg' ,OVW q anim' CW 2 if ESQ' -,P N x X X 6 EN aww G 5 ' ' 7 xl ' --I w - x 7 "FAI 'V I SA 'S y K 'J 22 J gg J' ' ' N210 ff I ' -.QQAZ N0 RQ vm' J q ffm A : J Q 11 W NL J - -gf IP xx xy., wg-'x - 'Qi ' - , ' vi i! Q Q soJ g : 'N ' L Z 5 bmi 2- ,i,1 um' Iii , 1 - ' 5 L 0 T-IL X.. x ff 53 ., , 01 E w ' 0 0 .F I 'Q i' L - 1 hernia-lt Q N - -, ips X 04010 giybaibm Q - hx ? Jig dk I 'i Wg ws afzw xr- is ', A., V2 1. ,I 'Q 'a, , " .J Q JM 1155, -f yig",AyI 6. J. 'N f ' LL ' , P9 QV Q -QB on 1-Q. e Z3 bww: LQ I ,axxs Q M? J, The Adv ocang fafbgo Q U , Q. 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Q' .lifes gf- X A 4, u , I. 1 ,O , L W ws Q.. + IJ 4 ev " I Nz N Q + X 53.0 .M 'U The Advocate Marge Getty Joan Hryc Jean Hidenheim Morton Lakin Nancy Heinzelman Wallace Parlapanides Richard Jay Weiss Ruth Hoddeson Irving Medell Arliss Heukelekin Edna Fercho Rosanna Starr George Matyus Helen Ruff Lewis Green Phyllis Hennessy Frank Metz Helen Pressler Ray Hunt Helen Gushy Charles Matthews Joan Voorhees Joe Genzanto Frances Genco Robert Ericksen Willie Slagada Marge Lengyel Zack Sackman Cam Mantarro Neet Licausi Di Macom Eric Messer Dick Racz Pegge Monaghan Pat Monaghan Eve Messores Stan Richardson Kitte McCarthy Carmela Leto Margie Meyer Carol Molinari Millie Ott Harold Salter Irma Marks Joan Luery Gladys Mayland Harriet Perry Getrude Stewart Alice Uhl Harriet Silverman Ernest Haydu Joseph Herbst John Osworth Ethel Magyari Dorothy Lotz BOOSTERS Theresa Kurak Edward McGrory June Ahrens Dot Conover James Doolittle John Lewenec Betty Phillips Vilma Phillips Doris Pollock Claire Potter Catherine Previte Claire Quinn Gertrude Natbony Mary Raym Grace Redman Anne Saunders Alan Sanislo Donald Sessler Orville Smith Henry Spritzer Jack Suydam Robert VanderHoef Selma Richman Selma Mendelson Barb and Jimmie Janet Cooper Bob Easton Joe Maloney Lou Dilalo Fred Hormann Musky Christ Lou Helmeczi Art Gandek Bob Fllep Ann Sudia Louise Coury Lin Christ Lil Carncross Kitty Dunn Betty Hettich Vivianne Bonner Gloria Delhagen Rita Dmuchowski Marianne Dannhauser Mary Caliciotti Doris Lins John Belka Donald Kane Don Eden Sandy Finerman Bob Hague Sam Krause Harold Heins Joan Freedberg Clara Egresi Dot Florek Lillian Ellis Calvin Cunnius Clara Friedman Mary Sudillo Mary Lynn Fixler Peggy Fleming Tamara Kracin Elsie Orlick Ruth Karabin Mickey Siegel Marian DeBaylo Martha Poor Doris MacManis Doris Sabo Dick Kahler Harry Stilwell Robert Paulus Louis Morell Keith Hertz Emma Carr Peggy Koye Evelyn Hamlin Joan Hartkern Russell Henry Helen Alferis Dorothy Amar Lois Aaroe Marie Adevai Carmela Bongiovi Rosemarie Calamia Joanne Elias Steve Melchiskey John Previte Carl Pensak Stephen Nagy Jack Nason Rosemarie Gargano John Szabo Phillys Sarantos Rose Maimone Audrey Sheiry Lorna Weinstein Seymour Yasbin Ronald Dunham Robert Nellas George VanLiew Anthony Toth Toni Mary Rose Joy Dunn Cornelia Penn Mary C. Micale y L H19 94 DICHAIQDSUN ENIEINEEIDINIE CC. Plumbing - Heating Industrial Piping Contractors 301 BURNET ST. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J A Nice P14106 To Work CONGRATULATIONS and 731-35 T WISHES to the Qmduating Class of 1949 9: , 5 -'34 ACADE-MY PHOTOGR The Ad Complimems of P. J. YOUNG DRY GOODS CO. Compliments of DAVIDSON BROS. 358 GEORGE ST. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. we uh? Photo-Engraving Corp. NEWARK - 207 MARKET STREET - MITCHELL 2-4088 NEW BRUNSWICK - 290 GEORGE ST. - New Brunswick 2-3800 Ium, IIH9 97 I7 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, ' N, J, J A C K S FOR A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS COURSE 124 French St. New Brunswick, N. J. SPECIAL COURSE FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES For Bargains in - Visit Our Fine School - wooLENs, COTTONS, and RAYONS W. c. coPE, President VIRGINIA BAXTER, Mgr. Tel. N. B. 2-0347 124 ALBANY ST. N. B. 2-9464 FIX I- E R'S The Best In Music At The MEN's CLOTHES FOR STAR ALL OCCASIONS MUSIC CENTER SID ADOFF 343 GEORGE STREET, NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Records --- Radios - Phonographs - COLONIAL FARMS Amwell Road MIDDLEBUSH, N. J. Tel. East Middlebush 8-7892 MRS. JOHN VAN MIDDLESWORTH Rivoli Music Shop 402 George Street Compliments of STANDARD PRESS Printers of i949 Yearbook 21 GUILDEN ST., NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Phone: N. B. 2-3543 98 The Advocate Compliments of THE DREIER COMPANY ATHLETIC OUTHTTERS i-3-5 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick, New Jersey L UKE 'S HABERDASHERY 31 Easton Avenue N. B. 2-4009 Office Equipment Co. EVERYTHING FOR SCHOOL and OFFICE 17 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick, N. J. LET US FILL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS- Zaiac's Pharmacy John B. Zajac, Ph. D., Reg. Pharm. The "FRENCH STREET" SCHWARTZ FURNITURE COMPANY 79 French Street New Brunswick 3 Phone: N. B. 2-6385 229 GEORGE STREET PHONE 2-0582 Telephone 2-0663 Louis Levine, Prop. h d . a , a . The Yardage Shop RN r S F bncs WQQLENS ALL KINDS OF DRESS GOODS SILKS and TRIMMINGS 67 CHURCH STREET N. B. 2-1093 209 Neilson Street New Brunswick, N. J. Compliments of A Friend Tisch Jewelers 8. Camera Exchange 91 NEW ST. - ONE DOOR BELOW GEORGE ST. 25'Z2 discount on any nationaly advertised jewelry to all High School Students. Watch and Jewelry Repairs N. B. 2-3600 unc, 111119 00 PHONE: N. 15. 2-596-1 DALE STUDIO, Inc. Photographers Next to R. K. O. Rivoli Theatre 490 George St., New Brunswick, N. J. Special "Zebra" Insignia Photo Albums exclusively at J. J. FISCH Photographic Supplies 24 Hour Developing and Printing Service 46 PATERSON ST. TEL. NE. 2-6620 NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Phone N. B. 2-3340 Work Guaranteed 420 Geo N. VAN HEUVEL Radio Service Television Sales 8: Service rge St., New Bruriswic k, BRUNSWICK SPORT AND CAMERA SUPPLY CENTER, Inc. BRUNSWICK CENTER Sporting Goods - Photo Supplies Model Supplies - Personal Leather Goods Cine Equipment - Movie Rental Library 300 GEORGE ST., NEW BRUNSWICK, N. Phone: NE. 2-2811 i REED'S BOOK STORE ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES 391 George Street NEW BRUNSWICK 2-3804 M I L A Z Z O ' S Hairdressers 335 GEORGE STREET NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. The Advocate THE AuLus DAIRY ESTABLISHED 1890 PHONE N. B. 2-2400 'So Mud: For So Little" P Drink PAULUS' HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN-D MILK 168-172 NEW STREET t NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 BO D CLOTH ES FACTORY Remsen Avenue and Howard Street 'E 5

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