New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ)

 - Class of 1948

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New Brunswick High School - Advocate Yearbook (New Brunswick, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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V ,. . ,. VV: .ww-,V V ,mf-2'.. V V ,gpm , -93+ 74:'f"Lf'i5gilIn , we-V . , ,VR 1 V 1, h Xu. .QV . .V ,M ,Ii V Q M I .wffra 'VVVV VVVVV Mt,.q,, 'nik My.,-M.-f.,,.5 v5V,.1:w 51,5 . ,gn 4VfL.',, .Q V...1- V,vt.51..4.f,-AA V ., V 1, .- I-gg ,M 1, V V - ,N , V, ., , .. - V' V V1 Vs, V1-V1 VV.:-1. V Vp. V V -V V nm VV 11'-1 'vw -V V- Vx.-Vg V .J Var. . V ' .V .L,,i.:g VV ,, ' V Vf 'V . , ., f43f7:".'gfj,T-ggi V'fiVrVz'3,?2V?P'm. 'kiiriiff 4? LQFVM 1, V 'f3 "ViV " f " .V V"'J ' , I , -'JM in V ' ,.w'1 '4f.::-' JA - V 16' fdf: XV?" "" "V "". +17 Vw-.lf-2" . '-wk: -' , Fgj,"V'V"AV'L: VVS' '."'3nV.VqtN- . -.V-'V,Vg',:2V,1l? gQ1'.gV ' . V, in ,,,V. , -.ffm-, ' "Va ' K ip, ,,..V,431,L V V ' V' . ' ff? L-2 V.-V'writVgVV V-Ve' A - ' fm gV1V:f-.-'V-.H -,Q V N 3 h, :gg ,, v.. A A . 51,9 V.. 1AyiV.' V, 214: , V- . V A - , ' , V V- V , V' V -' , V 1 ,1 . . , , -, , ' Q 1 ' . I , ,f V , . , . ,I I . 40 11? ! , X fu 71" i ' ' , 9- :gli - 1 Eid, ,:::vV,V V V ' 5, ,,.A, , V Viv? 1 .A 5 , x 5 a. .K '- fa - , ifiini' . L V . , VF, 1 .- ii ,A V ' - - 1 aw. V 9 fl Q 1 A V ' V V: K x N ,. I V , 'V' fig, , V , v ' N 5 if ' , , riw- . ' , 5 ' ' "V: ' A SV-G.V ,gpg V V, 1 , V . V x ' ,I.11Q"-f . . V I 311. Vf3l,.VV. ' .fig V. . . V V' 1 yn L V, V xf.iQi"" . ' , V ' ' X n ,751 - 455' 'S71 ,ww V Q . 5. VV at A , . ' ' V ' .fra '- ga VV V ll ' c' V 71 J , rl, I '- ,jt 6V w - :V , , . ' it 5? , .V .I if. V . - ,Nu W:-N if ff., " V1 1 V 'V ,.: ' . 'v5""' M' . . ""r'. 4 ' .r V ' LV " 3,4 .' W -,135 ' A 4 , . , , L f. . 5V-fl' . -4-5 . gy, , - lx V: 455 ' - : x P 4 , . V 23 ' V W V , i ii , V V F V . A V . V' N , H K ,.,4.,V ,K K, .t V N Q V V , mfg: -V X V ,L X,-J , N A , , . V. te, .- r.'V. VV.VJ.,1V ,Z-ff'-V ,IVV 4g54'zg'Q',: .V . .. " 'V ' fu . , , ' V- " ' 3, V 4 ' ' . 'V . 1 VV 1'm,.,J' 1., .. S -' Wfzf-V V:- I N ,i f vV3J5.VgV.,1V4Vp',A:4 VF ' .G 5f3Q'vJ 5efg3gg32:N31:fV ,.,5,xg? qw.-V5'V f V :vm VV- W ff 5 ' V.. ' ' VVu.V VH' VV - ' . '?"V.f,Va."H V", 1 V' 4 V 'HV V:V1V,. -1. i:,?,,?-f- . ' 3 .-V ' 'f Vuff: 'U + ' 'Vf - ,V ., .. V V ": V Vg 1A,V55V.fg ?Q?f,f4V 3'--:guy j'jq,'rff.,:-Y,jmg1','gVA1',aWEfVgE, 5' VZ: - I rig," 'QV V-3 HVV fV.v ,,Qg 5 ,5153 .1VVj'V4VVQf4v-lf' V.,f,2gYh, ,ww, 3, F53-'w,',, ,H L3 7-'51 14 5, A, ' T . 4-N , 4 O. ,iffy . XS Q . .1 1 I X, P5 iii . ' f.1'f5' , Ag, , ,S .N W ,, x X, in x .1 U52 .Se - rm 7 X J 2 r E I , gf 2' ' :Y I. ,sf , Q ". ' 1 .42 W ' lit' 49 K-. 'x-U1 JFK' , . V fizifi - ' 'kiwi FH . . -1 Af 'f 5' 7' lah.. laik. ,ffl ,vb i-.5225 , - , i 1 Am. N K ' 'fm '.'5.'5+w,!'g,fS.,,, .UU r'gr,S5f,'-,jig ': -9 .A A 1' if ' SR! :E V: 'ML' -Y51W"'-f?-- ' .-mf' , fm,,: ' ":iIH.T3" -. T' 4 -. A' :wwf W. LM" .9 H, L1 . f ,,,, - iw WL, vj 3, Av:hf9'1f5-- ' .- :A ' 'Nav' fy, ',-v. ff .Ax gb, ff.: A 9 , " wr.-' ,ff -N.. I -. -' 4 nr' 915 - 1- 'fn 1'l,i?4.1':-Z 1' m K Al- .fpgfi -I , .puf- X , ,un '-9 X .img THE VOCAT E NEW BRUNSWICK SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 5 1- . , --:f 4 L "-- , , f:'4,' f f Y'xXk,,.4,,- fffglxi ef . K 14 1' . ff , 'X I 5"'!H'f-" M?5jiin'5?,' A 4, " ' 2 -' 'Z' 5 1 M-' We f f- f N . .I 4 1,1 f ,J gl , D " -.- , ' ' -J Rb' U 3-Fr. 1 aj ' 7, 5',""f ' 'f a 3 X 1 - ' X- v w if , -4 " - ,fp H, f ., - ,. Y --.X""X-7.1 x' fri"'.L-Qirk ' ' 531 zgii'-X..,':rgsxi -A figsv:--fLE,.,. 'r 'fs fr Qu , -'- rf4'5'2rf3x"'i" I' I"H'!HWl3H'V5 Q' :fm A-ur : , .Q wi NGN .25-. P-ill.. su n 1,.A .ip ff dll MINI :limi-AN'! H,M sm mlwhfs ainif 2.,: gwln ...1:.i,:Q',ETg Y 'vii-' -":, 'fljcq ' 'Q jf S fl ff I. :s ' , SQxgfgfF!,lY'5fQegiW H '14 4212, 1 4 V i 1' 1 I'Il',i2" 5.i1 H . iilll'li i'5i?-i H .iii ' fm 5- + iFF'E2QlU53-"1 .m L - xfka--11 ,.'-P'-'H' f-vf' ww ' H' IQ!!!-liW5ll:l x lv --L 4 EWU EL- ,1!ll,- fggzgw Q wx my-r ,g g,g--,gr-11.1115-,., A X , W if L ag - 1 M" U LW" Y f ffflx H SP' """f' Hf' ' f O H Q-4,111.14 ' Y .., f1,, , "- as 194 lil: -itll HK CLASS DIRECTORY Oscar Sistrunk 7 Doris Gillhuly , A.,w ,. Richard McMullen Albert Arouh Alice Aust Betsy Barich Henry Beckvvitt Margaret Byars Hannah DeVries Margaret Farkas Harvey Fireside Frederick Freedman Robert Freese Faye Friedman Hyman Gelbard Elsie Hansen Mary Happas Margery Inman Elizabeth Johnson Doris Kovach Executive Mary Happas-Chm. Margo Rauch .Albert Arouh Robert Freeze Helen Molnar Harvey Fireside Oscar Sistrunk Student Opinion Helen Haszinecz-Chin. Mary Francis Dorothy Sipos Dolores Weissenburgel Coralee Lins Angie Principato George DeBaylo Evelyn Sabo Julie Rossetto Rosemary Pontella XATIOXAT, HONOR JUNE, 1948 CLASS Ol-l"lL'liRS Frank Kulfinski Anita Leary Janet- Leilerts Arthur Libourel Joan Marino Elvera Marinucci Joan Mark Eleanor Massing Joan Melchiskey Shirley Moore Pauline Okulich Phyllis Outcalt Anita Parillo Anna Pastush Eleanor Portash Francis Prlbula Nina Pusch Gertrude Zwiebel SENIOR COMMI'l'TEliS Sayings Gertrude Zwiebel-Chm. James Beacham Elsie Ivan Emily Allegra Dorothy Sullivan Audrey Nachamkis Joan Mark Lois Goldstein Ruth Perrine Janet Buist Claire Eden Picture Nina Pusch-Chm. Millicent Brunson Anna Dorofachuk Jean Hubbard Pat Grote Helen Sabo Roberta Matlack Pauline Okulich Typist Florence Schork elJ1'r.v1'fizflnt Swr'1'ffa'1f'y , , A !f'mf11f'l 1' Si JCI IQTY Jean Rainbow Margo Rauch Jack Rubin Florence Schork David Schwartz Fareeda Shalhoub Dorothy Silano Andrew Sivak David Stowe Marianna Szasz Rose Torok Evelyn Toth Margaret Vadas Kenneth Van Slaars Nicholas Vlachos Richard Walker Robert Yager Prophecy Betsy Sullivan-Chm. Robert Garback Diana Herschkowitz Marilyn Tamaroff Joan Marino Emma June Matthews Madeline Teneralli Minnie Rizzo Sarah Pollard Connie Rusciauo Will Hannah DeVries-Chin. Faye Friedman David Stowf Alice Aust Leonard Rico Dorothy Voorhees Historian Dorothy Silano une, 1948 DEDICATION We, the Class of Nineteen Forty-eight, dedicate this, our yearbook, to MISS ROSA SCALLY whose sympathetic understanding ot our problems has won for her our admiration and esteem. Her tire- less energy and wise counsel helped make our class activities a success. Y ,f M Q 1 - X W.-.,, nigga..-My N. KH Q 1 X , , , unc, 1948 PRINCIPAIJS MESSAGE 'ln tlic mcmlmurs ol' the grzirluziting clziss of 1948, thc Fzictilty :incl l cxtcncl our sincurc fgrmgrzitulatifwns :incl best wishes for your suc- CCSS lll VVl1f1l'CVCl' CIIVCCY yfjll Hlily Cl1OOSlI, ln xi worlcl unclcciclt-cl hctwccn IHLKZICXI zmtl xxzii' you muy' lull that thu opportunities Ol yt-urs glint: hy nic missing, llllf l can zissuru ymi that thc worlcl ol tmiim'i'ow will ht: inort: isxcitingf, ntrmrc importzint :mrl lilllllllx ul' upprwt- flllllfj' than xxzis thc xml-lil nl' ycsttcrcltiy. ln tht' xxorlcl ziliuicl :my mzin niziy play :is lull Il pziitl :is his Czipzicitics, his :imhition :intl his um-i'gics permit, .-Ks tht: ti-rm ul lilkt- is lim- itcil, L'YL'l'y'UIlL' shuulcl mzxlet' up ll plzm ul iilt- lrxi' himstilf :is curly :is possihlc. A pl:m will not only scrvu :is xi guiclc lor his rlziy-lay-tiny .icticms :incl ilL'l'lSl!ll1F,l7lll x-,ill gin: him xi liixctl purpust-. Xlirh time at our flispiiszil all things art pussihlcl witliout it nothing is pfmssihltr. 'limt is the must vgiltuiblc posscssion in tht worlcl lxccziusc it is thc only thing which Cannot im ikplzicvfl. lim-n-iziinin l"i'zinl4lin onfts sziitl, "ll you love lilv, thcn flu not squzinclci- time, lm . .... , that is tht' htllll lilc is mziclte off' WL :irc clvct-ivccl by tht: sccniin,Q zihiinclzmct ul' timc :incl postprmt- the cluing ol' things lloxw-vc:i', tht: rcsulting loss of time is less scri- mis than is tht- habit which is lirmnt-al. l'ronipt :icrimi lurms thu ligiliir ol' Ilfming :intl hiiilclinggg pi'm'i':istinzitiun lornis tht: hzihit fwl iillcncss :intl c,'gm-ltfssiit-ss. 'lil1t:rcliwi't', :is you gn mit milf: ,xwiiir clwscn czirccrs rcggzircl timt :is niorc mlimlmlc than nimicyg usif it :incl Con- st-rvc it, lui tiinc lust is gonu ii'1'cvrrczilmly. lioisiam' C. CARLSON The Advocat A ' Q 'Wx -uf, mx. GILBERT PAPP Class Adviser ww is .M unc, 1945 al- 4-ik + Wi", ,Q-wild: 1,-n-.. is 9, Yr N PM :sig wg X K 34 in 'S k x .Wi 5 , U1 MI .l 'Q '99 9 ..-W Q- 4-., na .r -WN ,wma "Q" Ar .QW I' ' fr- if 49' ,z,.....,,, ir., 'fi A 13? ,fm fu 'Eel 'f- 'imp ,J Ax. ..,. .- 'Nw 4-'W " 5. IQ? 'An-uwxb if C15 1 ,vo-' -fx ax wk., ,. fd 2' M.. Y fix 13? FE' if-L+-1 95' I unc, 1948 ' 4 . Mkt if , gm! fax 'fm 2 -19" Q -' N..N A 'Dx A E '7v!'5R- yl? , 4 A+ -ai, pm vpn,- .ef ,, f 2 3 .- f we f iz QW., gf -. nr Q w Pi clk 1-' an Q ,...--A Lxibk fyxcx lilie .'XLlY0Cll!'i5 FLORENCE ADOCHIO "Blondie" 73 South Street, Milltown General "'l'f1i'r'i".x' KI Z'i'1',v IIIIYIHNXI Iliff-V, fluff Juv' xmzlr' ir :'l'fQv 7'linlu'." H. R. Secretary, Social Dancing Club. Knitting. Future: Undecided. JUNE AHRENS "Junie" Middlebush General ",N'r'fum'r' Lv Hn' flcfzzrfll lvl! z.'f'11'i'f'1 '!Vf'lIf lf11'fiff.v fl1.rf11'u11 !f1i'l11.n'l:'r'.v." Alpha Nu Gama Club, Checkroom Committee Knitting Club, Nurses Club, P. A. P. Comm.. Social Dancing Club. Hos. 85 Pub. Comm. Future: Nursing. EMILY ALLEGRA "Em" 1309 Livingston Avenue Secretarial "lh1rk in i'w111ji.'r.i'iu11, .vzvml in i1,0'iw'!11uz." Checkroom Comm., Hos. dc Pub. Comm., Swim- ming, Point 85 Award Comm., H. R. Treasurer, Prophecy Comm., Usher Comm., Highlights Rep., Caney Creek Comm. Future: Undecided. ANGELA ARMAO "Angie" 89 Jefferson Street Distributive Education Ill uulnrc -m'ur.v our zzllz'-:'l'r.rul .wzziluf Art Club. Future: Undecided. ALBERT AROUH "Al" 223 Livingston Ave. College Preparatory "'l'l1vw'.s' lmfzrxly. rmiulmnd, and gum! fwllfu-mvflijv in tlz4'f'." Chemistry Club, Bridge Club, H. R. Vice Pres., Political Club, J. V. Football, Varsity Tennis, Highlights Reporter, National Honor Society. Future: College. ALICE AUST "Alice,' R.F.D. No. 3, Box 263 College Preparatory Hi'.rll7rll'flljl lmvurfl til..Yfl1Iif uimx .vclx flu' mind in 41 lzigllrr levy, and finfx HX ul our limi." Orientation Comm., Knitting Club, German Club, Research Comm., School Store, Honor Society, Library Club, Advocate and Highlights Staff, A Cappella Choir, All-State Chorus, Jr. Red Cross Chairman, Teen Age Comm. Future: College. CALVIN AUTEN "Seat" 141 Redmond Street General "llc rufrx high illlllllljfl Ihr lu'.v!."' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. HANNAH ALKON "Henny" 11 Commercial Avenue General 'fllnxil' hall: r11m'r11." Traffic Squad, Social Comm., Modern Dance Club, Girls' A. A., Glee Club, Assembly Comm., Dramatics Club. Future: Singing. BETSY BARICH "Bets" Woodbridge Avenue, Nixon College Preparatory I-l'f1'IlffA'lIlAf7 In 'ZVUM' tl llllli' fur." Yearbook Comm., Girls' A. A., Lunchroom Comm., Latin Club, Research Comm., Knitting Club, Home Economics Club, Honor Society Servicemenfs Comm. Future: College. DOLORES BARTHOLOME "Dolores" 222 Rutgers Street Secretarial ".S'il4'11lly xiii' UivfllllIf'lI,.Y1ll'.X' yflwlf lf11'11g.s'." Home Economics Club, Traffic Squad, Girls' A. A., Social Comm. Future: Business School. 1 vl unc, 1945 JAMES BEACHAM "Jimmie" 105 Guilden Street General "ll'r1l'r iff'-V--llli' lwll mlm." H. R. Pres., H. R. Treas., H. R. Secretary. Chess and Checkers Club. Political Club. Boys' Sports Club. Vice Pi'es. of Hi-Y. Future: Draftsman. HENRY BECKWITT "Hank" R. F. D. No. 1. Bound Brook College Prep "lr1li'lli1fi'1m' una' illlllllllllll lmnl lf' tl jim' infill." Chess :Sz Checkers Club, Orientation Comm.. Assembly Comm., Color Guard, Political Club. Advocate, Honor Society, Highlights. Future: Medicine. THEODORE BELSKY "Ted" 258 Burnet Street General "li'lm lm'i'.v im! funznwi. 'ZVIFIIL' and mug, 1et'll1411.lIX 0 foul his iulmli' lift' llllllljl Art Club, P. A. P. Comm., Art Sta-ff of Advocate. Future: Hermit. JOSEPH BENDAVID 'tShoulders" 19 Bayard Street College Prep "Gund hunmr is flu' livalflr of tlzir .muff .vizdzimlr is ity 1'oi.wn." J. V. Football, Assembly Comm., Social Comm.. Variety Shows, Co-Director of "Memories". Spanish Club, Variety Club, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Highlights. Future: Comedy Acting. BETTY BENSON "Betty" 171 Little Albany Street General "lfr'tir1' ix u lmnclful zuifli i11r1'4'tm's.r. tlmu lmflz flu' liarirlx full rulllz trutuil u11a'i'r.1'ut1'ou of .vfiritf Assembly Comm., Library Comm., Checkroom Comm., Home Economics Club, Camera Club. Future: Undecided. KENNETH BERGEN "Scatback" 20 Reservoir Avenue General "Hr lm.: 0 good word fm' r'z'i'ryn11rf' Sports Club, Football, Captain of Basketball Team, Baseball, Track Team, Sportsmen's Club, Dancing Club, H. R. Vice Pres., School Store Comm., Football Mgr., Basketball Mgr. Future: College. VIOLA BERTA "Vi" R. F. D. No. 5, Box 198A Secretarial "fl rl1m'1'f1ll mifum' mul tl frhlnlly .vmilr ,1l'Ix'tI-l'.Y lllllkl' ll f1'ir'11zl 'Zk'1Il'lll'Zx'lllli',U Art Club, Bridge Club, Social Comm. Future: Beauty Culture School. FRANK BETZA "BetZ" 117 W. Church St., Milltown Agriculture ".l qllirl frnfli lmtll lil' mid i"z'i'1'rll1il1g l111ml.wn1l' alum! film." Sportsmen's Club, Sports Club, H. R. Treas. Future: Undecided. RICHARD BETZLER, "Rich" 161 So. Main Street, Milltown Agriculture "ll'orl'-l lofi' in xi! mul look af if." Sportsmen's Club, Boys' Sports Club, Vice Pres. of F. F. A. Future: Undecided. FRANK BILLINGS "Bud" 15B Matilda Avenue, R. F. D. No. 3, Franklin Township , General Mylllll-X' ulxo xi'l'7'i' wlm .Vfllllfl mm' 'mrlff' Firedrill Comm., Spo1'tsmen's Club F'uture: Store Owner. 'rx Ku 1 ,. 3 gl The Advocate JOSEPH BIONDO "Joe" 302 Suydam Street College Prep "His zrmduxly ix uqzzul In hir nulliv-r'i'1l1u11fs." Projectionist Club. Future: Undecided. ROSE BIONDO "Rosie" 179 Remsen Avenue Bookkeeping ".S'-rival iz.: firmly and fzzxl izx 4lirm1'y." S. C. Treas., H. R. Sec., Home Economics Club, Social Club, Journalism Club. Future: Bookkeeper. CARL BITTO "Bits" 77 Guilden Street College Prep " "l7zi'l'1'u livxt In kzw-rv 1r1y.n'!f."' Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club, J. V. Foot- ball, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball. Future: Engineer. RICHARD BLACKWELL "Dick'l R. F. D. No. 19, Meadow Rd., Piscataway College Agriculture ".S'i'r.'f1c mm' fulfill us on !lllfl'UIlI711'Ai Jay." F. F. A., S. C. Treasurer. Future: Undecided. JOHN BODNAR 1'Yonchie" 290 Townsend Street General "H'l1o lliiuk loo lilili' und lulkx foo 111m'l1." Future: Undecided. IRENE BODO "Ii" 255 Baldwin Street Commercial "'lIur llluzfiflifx cm' XIII' lr-zt'1z."" Social Dancing Club, Girls' A. A., Gym Assistant, Office Assistant. Future: Office Work. NANCY BOEHM "Nancy" R. F. D. No. 5 College Prep "Ulu firunliflll is fwozzly SUUII' stiff: N13 1 L'-l'l' of flu' .w1lI.J' YJ! , '- Latin Club. Boosters Club, P. A. P. Comm., W al Bridge Club, .Point and Award Comm.. German -Q , Club, Chemistry Club. ,J A Future: College. I if , A . . JOSEPHINE OELHCQI-Ng ' , 142 Hamilton Street J ' etarial - "Ulf, rnukv us lnzfify and you nmyr i1o.z4I." sf' J I Social Club, Who'5 Blue Club, Girl' . A.' A Poiiucai club, Advocate, Nurses, Cl , . A. Pf .R Future: Business School. It JERRY BONANNO 'iJerry" 103 Remsen Avenue Commercial "lf.'H.'1' lull' 1111111 11i'r'i'1'." J. V. and Varsity Football. Baseball Mgr. Future: Business School. WILLIAM BOOREAM "BillU 89 No. Main Street, Milltown College Prep "'ll111u' is his Jfmffnf' 1 Football, Track Team, Boys' Sports Club, Sports- men's Club, H. R. Secretary, H. R. Vice Pres., A fi X, Key lub, P. A. P. Comm. i f re: Undecided. fp P ffm, june, 19-LS JOAN BRINSTEIN "Joanne" 28 Welton Street Secretarial "I111l1'1'd to lu' .ri111jile is I0 bc great." Point dc Award Comm., Finance Comm., Cour- tesy Club, Checkroom Comm., Lunchroom Comm. Future: Secretary. WILLIAM BRITTINGHAM "Willie" 21 Ashland Place Agriculture "fl11'1'4"s 11I114f11f.v.9 1111 1113 lzcurf for y1111." Sportsmen's Club, Art Club, Football Team. Future: Mechanic. NIILLICENT BRUNSON "Bunch" RFD No. 2, Box 104 Home Economics "l'o11fIL 1'11H.s' for fiIv11s11rc." Intercultural Activity Comm., Home Economics Club. Assembly Comm., Yearbook Comm. Future: Sewing School. ROBERT BRUSSO "Curly" 39 Codwise Avenue Industrial Arts "I l111'r'c Ivvmzi .vo yrvat L1 l11z'1'1"' J. V. Basketball, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Track, Boys' Sports Club, Sports- men's Club, H. R. P1'es. Future: Business. CATHERINE BRYANT "KayH 31 Hassart Street Home Economics 'ZSAI11' juz-:vs luv' 'ICU-X' 'Zi'l.ffl lm' 1n'1'so11aIity." Intercultural Comm., Home Economics Club. Future: Dressmaker. JANET BUIST inches" 272 Seaman Street General "l.11115,111 'zv111'1'c I 11111. iw rmzdid zvI1r1'c I lIl1ISf.U Servicemens Comm., H. R. Pres., Bulletin Board Chairman, Jr. Teen Age Program, Sr. Teen Age Comm. Future: College, Modeling. ISABEL BURKE "Issie" 178 Delavan Street Home Economics 'T1111111 71111111v1', lfzr .91111s711'.11c of llzr Illl'lId.J' Nurses' Club, Home Economics Club, Spanish Club. Modern Dancing Club. Future: 'Fashion Designer. MARGARET BYARS i'Peg" 34 Maplewood Place I Secretarial Lzkv 11 1'11y of 511115111116 .vlzc IS 11lm1yl 1111 the I7l'LIIIl.U Cheerleader, Social Comm., Hos. 85 Pub. Comm., Honor Society, Advocate Rep., Office Assistant. Future: Secretary. CHARLES BYRON RFD No. 2, Box 500 ':Tl1,-,-,- Ivllds flu' fi1'11111is1f of rr'I1'.vlf11I ic'01't11." Baseball, Football, Boys' Pres., Jr. Class Treasurer. Future: Business. :'Charlie" College Prep. Sports Club, H. R. ELEANOR CALAMIA 'KEl6E1IlOl"' 98 Welton Street College PWD "'l'l14'1'v's ll- f'zvi11H1r 1.11 711'1' cya." Advocate Rep., Camera Club, Art Club, Bridge Club, Highlights Rep. Future: Business. ies.. .,- ,X ., X 9 - if sf -ffmyg' " Y' f W it 551 .,,, Fi R ki ,ta ,Q . is sf- ' .ii ' ,Q Q fs. YN. y '.'. f . ,fxx 'X f X L f Lay I Avo I O D Il I x k f JJ' x ll ,lf . ll 'J 5, " ff Xb fl li fl U Lf .' -I V1 V' '1 "I V' :fy A ,ff ,KV f ,- 'A wp fait 4 My f' rf lr .ff-L A-A , 1 1 l f -' Ihe Advocazl 1 74-3 l 7 48" 3, K ,fi Aff' VY l 'I 5 ,J kj 'f ly JEANNE CALAMONERI HJC" 34 Chestnut Avenue General Ufivod lIf!fIH'4' ix ll jv'l'l'1'llrlx lfz',!l." Hos. 85 Pub. Comm., Girls' Glee Club. Twirlers Club. Future: Undecided. GEORGE CAMAMIS "George" 273 Burnet Street Scientific "lx'110tvIl'd51l' ix fwzlu'1'." Pres. of Chemistry Club, Advocate, Campaign Mgr., Political Club, Spo1'tsmen's Club. Future: Chemistry. THERESA CAMASTRA 'fTerry" 38 May Street Secretarial "fl flwwfzzl .vfvirif in CI r114'4'rf11l Izumi." Caney Creek Comm., Assembly Comm., Hos. dz Pub. Comm., Girls' A. A., S. C. Treasurer, Journalism Club, Highlights, Bridge Club. Future: Stenographer. JOHN CANTALUPO "Abe" 616 Somerset Street College Prep "Thr p1'rf1lri of tl t'lIl'4'fl'l'4' jfllllli fullrmf' Colt Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Future: College. JULIA CARNEY 'KGiDg81"f 519 Lewis Street General "ll f7ll'll.YI'IIfl Itllllfllhllllflllll of cl1l11'111 and .v:l'vl't11r.v.v." Hos. 8: Pub. Comm., H. R. Highlight Rep., Knit- ting Club, Projectionist Club. Future: Photographer. HILARY CICHOWSKI "Hillbilly" RFD No. 3, Box 247 General "HU ix 41 gum! IIIUII and fzlxlf' Future: Auto Parts Salesman. ELIZABETH CLARK f'BettY" 22 Maple Street Secretarial , "Joy in lift' ix flu' lvxf of Imlrllzrml Ii'z'fr1g1." V Girls' A. A., Social Dancing Club, H. R. T1'eas- urer, Knitting Club, H. R. Pres., Varsity Club. Future: Secretary. KATHLEEN COGHLAN 'fKitty" RFD No. 4, Box 17'7C, Maple Mead Estates Secretarial ".Yf111l1'w mm in mrzzvsi TUZIUH .vlzr zrzadl' a 'zuou1u11." Secretary o-f Checkroom Comm., Social Comm., Variety Shows, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club. BERNARD COHEN "Bernie" 5 Morris Street General "Xu our kmmfs rulml Ill' mn do :mill flu lf'fu.v." Sportsmen's Club. Futu1'e: Salesman. SAUL COHEN 'Baldy' 5 Morris Street Distributive Ed. ".S'ilfr1t 1lll'll likv tvu1'r1', rlurfi mm' zfl111lfl'1'o1l.v." Boys' Sports Club, Retailers Club. Future: Electrician. ,I unc, 19-LS WILLIAM COLLINS 'tBill" 227 Talmadge Street College Prep. " l lfjtlllli 11111:11' 1.9 1'111l11'1' I11 111' 5111131111 1111111 ,f11'1'11f 1'1'1'l11'.s'." Boys' Sports Club, Bridge Club, J. V. Baseball. Future: College. JOHN COPPA "Chubbyf' 147 May Street General 'll fl'111111' 511 1111111.11 -z1'1'lf1 111111112 .111 .vz1'1'1'I." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmenks Club, Knitting Club, H. R. Pres., Track Team, Football Team. Future: Auto Mechanic. CATHERINE COREY "Kay" 17 Ward'Street I 1 ' General I I ",N!11r 11' 1111! 11111, 111 fllhf .1!11's .1'11111!1. .l .s'1'111'1'1'1' ,111'1'l, ll j1'1'1'1111' 111 11l!." H. R. Secretary, Social Club. Future: Undecided. IRENE COSTAS 1 of 151 Church Street en "Q111'1'! 111111 .Y'Ik'L'L'f 111111, 4IfZn'lIj'.l' 111'11l." Library Club, Journalism Club, Research ComQ Library Assistant, Girls' A. A. ig Future: Undecided. 4 DAVID CRABIEL t'Dave'l 358 No. Main Street, Milltown College Prep HIIQIIE 1111l1l1'xl 1111111111'1'.y 111111 N11' l'l'1IT'L'Sf IIlllIll'.U Varsity Tennis, Spanish Club, P. A. P. Comm., Band, Boys' Sports Club, Booster Club, Chess and Checkers Club. Future: Law or Business. ROY CROSS "Roy" Commonwealth Avenue, No. Stelton Agriculture "l711ly is II11' 1l1'11111111I' of H11' l111111'." F. F. A. Secretary and Reporter, Chairman of Fire Drill Comm., Boys' Sports Club, Teen Can- teen Comm. Future: Landscape Architect. LOUIS CROUCH "LOU" 348 Comstock Street Agriculture "fu zcl111f l111f11y 111'1'i1I1'11I 1.1 if 1111111 -we 111c'0 .vo 11111'.1'f'1'1f1'd ll :'1.v11." Future: Fixing Office Machines. DONALD DAVIS 86 Paterson Street College Prep. A-lflnft' lfll-l1fl.S' are 1111p11.fs111I1: 111 1f1l1111'111'c 111111, .vL'1'lI."' Assembly Comm., Projectionist Club, High- lights, Camera Club, T. A. P. Comm. Future: Photography. "DOn'y MARIE DAVIS "DiXie', '44, 1 10 Drift Street Bookkeeping -1 1 "l?1'11111-1' ':'11111'.v111'.v, ':'11'i111' Ill' 1'z'1'1'l11.x'ii1111." 1' Nurses' Club, Social Dancing Club, Social Comm. Future: Private Secretary. GEORGE DEBAYLO 'tGeorge'i RFD No. 2, Box 360 College Prep ".l :111111 1.v11'! f11111' 11 711' l'1IlI 51111 I111111l1." Class Vice Pres., H. R. Treas., Boys' Sports Club, Baseball. Fu ture: Plumber. r :Ei J 1' O' G6 M Tha Acivoczm . X 5 a Cgi Q . A 1 P' 1. 15. tml S' 1, ' -f . LOUISE DECANDIA 'tWeezie" 2 Simplex Avenue General ".S'l1c 111111 ix of 1111'1'1:y 1101111 1111111 ll 1'111111'r111c11 fr11.v!" Highlights Staff, Library Assistant. Firedrill Comm., School Store Comm., Assembly Comm.. A Cappella Choir, Highlights Reporter. Boost- er's Comm., Office Assistant. Future: Undecided. JOAN DECKER 'Chick' 293 Sandford Street College Prep Axsvfll' of 1l11' .Y1.l'f'1'l' 1111111111' 11111 tll'Ix'tll'.x' 111 i11111'11." Fire Drill Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Social Club, Art Club, Girls' A. A., Library Club Treasurer. Future: Undecided. RODMAN DE HART "Rod" 350 No. Main Street, Milltown "So wry M1111, yr! .vil1'111." College Prep Band, 'Tennis Team, Projectionist Club, Boys' Sports Club. Future: Photographer. CHARLES DEINZER "Charlie" 17 East Lawrence Street. Milltown General Ufilll' W1111 11l11.vl11'.v ix 11111 111'1'1'.fx111'i1-x' 1'11.t'111111." J, V. Football, Varsity Football. Boys' Sport Club. Future: Undecided. EDWARD DELANOY 'tEcl" 50 Hale Street Commercial "l1'.v 1111 f11'.v,111'111'1' 111 111' s111111l. 11111 1111I11l11j' 1'111'1111z'1'111'1'111."' Boys' Sports Club, Fire Drill Comm., H. R. Presi- dent, All-State Band, S. C. Treasurer. Band. Orchestra, Jr. Prom. Comm. Future: Undecided. RALPH DELLAPA , "LoVer" 348 Delevan Street Industrial "l'1111 111'1' 11111 f111' 1l'Et'I1.l'.' 1'11111u 1'l11.v1'r." Boys' Sports Club, Firedrill Comm., Sportsmen's Club, Dance Club. Future: Undecided. PHILLIP DELLASALLA "Phil'i RFD No. 4, Box 507 Distributive Ed. "'l'111'1'1' is 1111 5111111 flllllitf 11x 11 1111111 11141111 1011 f'I'1J111f 111 111'11111'." Dance Club, Firemen's Comm., Bridge Club. Future: Salesman. JOSEPH DELUCA "JV0f"' Mill Lane Distributire Ed, "ll'111'11'1 1111.'l'1'.v IFJ1' 1111111." Junior Retailers, Lunchroom Comm.. Boys' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. SARAH DE NICOLA "P6DS5"' Edmund Street, Rt. No. 19 Bookkeeping "'l'l11' I11'.Vf 1.11 l1'f1' 1'.f 11111111111'1'." Home Economics Club. Checkroom Comm.. Knit- ting Club. Future: Ollice Work. EDNA DE SHAY "Eddi1"' 38 Chestnut Arenut Distributiw E11 'W111' 1111: N11' .-11111111' 1'1.w1'r 111111 1fw1.'.'1111' 1111111 11f 1 11111 v1'11:.1'11" H. R. "'i e res.. ec, oi' Art Club, H, li. Scam Future: Window Displayer. une, 1948 HANNAH DE VRIES 'tBreezy" 375 Rcmsen Avenue Secretarial "Full nf sfiril, full of frm. 171111 of fwfr-llzaf gvlx l1lillflA'lflll14'.u Bridge Club, Honor Society, Social Dancing Club. A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Girls' A. A.. Serv- icemeirs Comm., P. A. P. Comm.. Orientation Comm., OfIice Assistant, Modern Dance Club Future. Secretarial field. JOSEPH DICARA "Joe" 387 Suydam Street College Prep '1l'auif,v of 7'fllIl'f1'C.V . . . all -ix 7'lI!ll'fj'.'u Social Comm., Boys' Sports Club, J. V. Football. Varsity Football. E Future: College. MARY DIPANO "Mary" 133 Sandford Street Distributive Ed. HCQOIIII' ivlmz' 1IltIj',. f071IOI'I'U'ZC' ix iu111m'l'n-rf." Social Dancing Club, Home Room Treasurer. Future: Buyer of clothes. VIVIAN DOBOS "Vivo RFD No. 5, Box 187 Secretarial " 'Tix 0111-x' fmllll' in lu' omni." Girls' A. A., Camera Club, Bridge Club. Social Club. Future: Secretary. CHARLES DONOVAN "Charles" 21 John Street General "1 ll1"Z'f'l'ff71Hll'l Il ti0llIf'I7flll7ll limi 'mix .wi lnzzlpniziiwlizlili' as .rnliizldlru Boys' Sports Club Future: Undecided. ANN DOROFACHUK "K21tlIlkH" 16 Oliver Street, Rt. 16 Secretarial "IIT rmnzni lllllfllfllfll rfyliis rvillmrzl l1l'l'l'f'I1'r151 d1r1il'.v," Social Dancing Club, Advocate Rep.. H. R. Sec- retary, Miss Lutz's SEC1'9lZ3.1'y. Future: Secretary. FERDINAND DUIGON "Twiggs" 25 Riva Avenue, Milltown 'Industrial Arts "Thr Ulfllfl' of ll firm LTlf9Ul'1'l7ll.S' 1uimi." Projectionists Club, H. R. Pilot, Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Undecided. THOMAS DUNN "Tour 52 Cleremont Avenue General ".l ffllllllj' for ylllll' Il1ulrg11i.v." Proiectionist Club, Boys' Sports Club. Future: Navy. JUNE DUNSTER "Ju11ie" 112 Bayard Street College Prep "Ilu1'dfum'k is Nic rmul In ,'v'u.vjn'1'iIy." Alpha Nu Gama Club, H. R. Secretary, H. R. Vice Pres., Lunchroom Comm., Girls' A. A., Social Dancing Club, H. R. Treasurer, Variety Club. Sr. Teen Age Club. Future: Psychiatrist. CLAIRE EDEN "Claire" 236 New York Avenue General ".lr11irf'l'n1m1i ix Ihr r1'n'zl'n nj lji?'ur1. Ihr lfltlllytflll of !lmuyI1I." Knitting Club, Traific Squad, Social Dancing Club. Future: Undecided. The Xllvocates V is may L I. 5 fix lil 2, i Q.: RALPH EICHENS "Curly" RFD NO. 3, Box 217 General ' A l' ' rkllxv cr job lu' luvklwx il 'z'fyul'" Art Club, Advocate Art St-aff, Key Club Future: Art School. JACK ELINS "Wood" 75 Neilson Street V AAg1'iCUltU1'P .I gum! lfl.YfVU.l'lfIUII rx L1 ILIIT hlfljt. Sportsmen's Club. Future: Business. ALBERT ELLIS "Al" Rt. 19, 14 Columbus Avenue General "Hr is llIIl'l7ll.Vt'il7IlX of his :lIIIIlllII'.n Bnmrl. Orchestra. Future: Undecided. NORMAN ELLISON "Elly" 620 Somerset Street General ".l1l1Ivit1'n11.v,, vj?'iuiu11f.' 'I'l1a!'s .v11fi'ivil'r1f," ' Future: Navy. . PHILIP ERICKSEN -'Flin' J 31 Lufberry Avenue . Colle ' "I lmll' lfll'l'l.l',' llzwy irrffulu rm I lm' I irr rf ' Future. Unclecid d. 1 ' Eder HELEN SMA , - if 253 D1 f ' 'CCL S6 'S "Xml: :dl .v fm' 1 1 jiml' iff." Bridge Cl ' ' e s .. ' A., Alpha N G H. R. re . Future: c ec' ANGELO FA ' ing'- RFD NO. B 9 ' utive Ed. "l mu !1ul'lm'.vr -. ,JI 14" fm and Kwok." Boys' Sports Cl , ri l . Future: Singer. FARKAS "Margie" 13 Haitwell Street Commercial ".l pmrl of 3111111 p1'im'." R. Secretary, Lunch Room Comm., Office As- Servicemeirs Comm., Social Dancing Undecided. FARMER "Farmer" 71 Clay Snreet, Milltown Distributive Ed. "All: lu' rirfz fu f1'1'l'ml.v Lv fu In' pour in IllJffIfllf!.H H. R. 'I'reasurer, S. C. Treasurer, F .F. A. Fu LLll'CZ Undecided. EITHEL FASCH "Ethel 2:2 So. Tulmadge Street College Prep ' llnxil' ix .wifi lo ln' lin' 'zwirl' of llzl' 41u,l1r1.r." Lunchroom Comm., German Club, Girls' A. A.. Girls' Varsity Basketball, Girls' Glee Club, A. Cappella Choir. Fuiurei: College. func, i948 PATRICIA FEASTER "Pat" 44 Remsen Avenue Distributive Ed. "tfllwf'-fffl1f1'.v.v li-:mv 'ivlbflllll .'f.'f1" Clieckroom Comm.. Camera Club. Dancing Club QlT'ulure' Buyer. EDNA FERCHO "E'e1'c'i'V 322 Somerset Street Geiwrzl "l.i1Al' fluff lff-Ix' fzfv ffl! ll lff'.ff.f.f. ' Social Comm., Teen Age Comm.. Bilililllllllq Team, Jr. Prom Comm. Future: Physical Ed. Instructor. CLARA FINKELSTEIN Cluiic' 22 John Street Scrretarizil ".S'1fl' ftlklkl' lfll' lfrrfllfz ffl :fluff ffzi'lf.r.'! Lunc-liroom Comm.. Checkroom Comm. Point and Award Comm., Finance Comm. Future: Beauty Specialist. JOSEPH FIORINO "Joe 5 Oak Street Genera. "lx'l'ffffy nf llrlf ffl tl IIltllIl1'IIf'.Y full." Vice-Chairman of Traffic Squad, Projvctionisl. Club. Boys' Sports Club, School Store Comm.. H. R. Pres., H. R. Vice Pres.. Key Club. Teen Canteen Comm. Future: Undecided. VIRGINIA FIORINO "DollS"' 5 Oak Street General 41511171111 f'ff fflzyslijzfv, but .vl1i".r flff' frfffff fffl'l't'." Social Dancing Club, Knitting Club, Girls' Social Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Undecided. HARVEY FIRESIDE ' 22 French Street lxlllllllfltlll fum ffff f'u.vf." H. R. Presicicnt, "Memories," Advocate Reporter. Advocate Literary Editor, High-Lilllits' Editor. Booster Comm., Student Council President. Ori- entation Comm., Political Club, Key Club Sec'y.. National Honor Society, Senior Executive Comm.. Vice. Pres. of School Store. Future: College. AUGUST FITZ 'iFit7'A 5 Ellen Street General "llfffffifff ifffjvfwf-:'ufm'f1l ix jfvffff -:.'1'llffff-fffflf' Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmens Club Future: Motion Picture Projectionlst MARY FRANCIS "Bridget 307 Powers Streii Comnif-1 wi-1 ".l tgirl Vfffxrjlff. .vfff.'l'f'i' illlff fuqlfrf. War Stamp Rep.. Traffic Squzulf 'Hllilit F. nomics Club, Advocate Rep.. Girls' A. A. Future: Bookkeeper Q FAYE FRANKEL 'ilikiy A 207 Coflwise Avenue Home bmoiioiiii-'f. ll fffzflllvzi' fzlff fum' lwfflf -Zvi' l17zi'. full fffmi aiu' f'f':l" Ivlodern Dance Club, Cvlee Club. Knitting Club Future: Biological Technician. FRED FREEDMAN 'Fil l Poplar Grove. Stelton Ctlllllgll 11. .llllifi lfffff llmrfff ifff lfffff ffl lfffff. Chess and Checkers Club. Boys' Glee Club, Cappella Choir, Class Rep., Trailit Suu., Lunchroizm Comm.. Variety Show, Social Comm, Handbook Comm., Point and Axvarci Comm. Future: Julliard School of Music. K wigs H27 lil . V I ll--b', jp C-LJ. wa, If The Advocate ,f- ROBERT FREESE HB0b" 15 Third Avenue, Rt. 17 College Prep "Hr irfrd Hn' lIl.'l'IH'j' of d17I.IIfl glmu'." Key Club, Honor Society, H. R. Pres., Point and Award Comm., Finance Comm., Alpha Nu Gama Club, Advocate Rep., Sr. Executive Comm. Future' Statistician. FAYE FRIEDMAN "Fayzee' 214 Rutgers Street Academic "lfnmlinn. not Nllllljlflfv, ix llzu .vfllrm of IIlIIXf1',' Jim Nlllrlflzlll. quill' us nflwz 17n'l'r4il'x lm' ,l'ullu-aus Nlcllllrlllff Secretary of Intercultural Club, Who's Blue: Club, Orchestra, Band, All-State Orchestra, Ad- vocate Staif, Variety Show, 'Boosters Club, Hos- pitalily and Publicity Comm.. Honor Society. Future: Concert Violinist. MARCELINO FUENTES "Martin" 13:5 Handy Street II1dUSi1'i2l1 Kllfmf us llnlffd' kz'1llfx."' Boys' Sports Club. , Future: Undecided. ROBERT GARBACK t'HumDhrey' 15 Home Street College Prep "lIu'.i' 41 .VIIVLT c11ll'll.U Sportsmeirs Club, Boys' Sports Club, H. R. Treasurer, Track Team, J. V. Football, Varsity Football. Future: College. ANNA GAZIRE "Torchy" 114 Seaman Street Commercial fuxl II luxx .vu full' and .VIIVXHU Dancing Club, Nursing Club, Knitting Club. Future. Buyer. RUTH GEBHARDT f'Geb" 1-12 Boorcam Avenue, Milltoiyn U General llrr' -mlyx fm' so qzzzrf. llvr 'Z'u1m.' IX Sn .mjffj Home Economics Club, Bridge Club, Point and Award Comm. Future: Undecided. HYMAN GELBARD RFD No. 1, Box 363, Bound Brook College Prep "l'i1lz'f'1frl' is .1 l1l'r.'.v.vi1ry fvurf af jfl'IIiI1.V.U H. R. Pres., German Club, Key Club. Journalism Club, Assembly Comm., Chemistry Club, Honor Socieiy. Flllflll'Pf College. SHIRLEY GENSLER t'Shirley" 59 Remsen Avenue Merchandizing "ffm ,ffnwll .vi'l'm'f uf lllllkllljl lift' um'-V is In flu u'z'ul'j' dufj' fl1m'r'f1zlly." Social Dancing Club. Future: Undecided. FRANCES GERICKONT "Fran" RFD No. 2, Box 247 Academic "l'r1n' ,fr'1l'f1c1.s'111'fv is like .wrlml l1m1Ill1,' Nu' izwlm' uf if is svldnnz kim-:vu fulfil if is ln.vl."' Knitting Club, Alpha Nu Gama Club, Latin Club, Traffic Squad, Nurses Club, Boosters Club, Lunchroom Comm. Future: Undecided. GRACE GERICKONT f'Grey' r RFQ No. 2, Box 246 College Prep "lily I1llllIl'.l'l fr'1u11zl.vl1ip zuzlxf l1l'm1,x's Miz! Hx In ilu' llfgfllvst fvlm1.v1m'." Latin Club, Nurses Club, Alpha Nu Gama Club, Traific Comm., Knitting Club, Boosters Club. Future: Undecided. : Q 2' hw, . , K LAT: lime, 1948 if Vu- 4 .. w 11 ELEANOR GESICKI "Elli" 19 Broad Street, Milltown Secretarial "Nc la Iwi' 'Z'!.I'fllC.Y wry kind fflll In lim' fulfils 0 little Iililldf' Cheerleaders, Home Economics Club, H. R. Sec- retary, Knitting Club, A Cappella Choir, Girls, A. A. Future: Undecided. DOROTHY GI-IILINO "Dot" Orange Street, Rt. 19 General 'Xl 'zvnllzllllli flllllljlflfd' rim before' luv' llL'fl0Il5.M Future: Undecided. DORIS GILLHULY "Doris" RFD No. 5, Box 322 College Prep "il flfmll mzllfiliuilnz JIILIATS youu' fozzzjiuazyf' A Cappella Choir, Who's Blue Treasurer, P1'eS. of Nurses Club, Co-Captain of Cheerleaders, Knitting Club, Latin Club. Future: Nursing. LOIS GOLDSTEIN 140 Redmond Street Commercial ".S':ul'l'f and kind and a fl'l'4'lltl' tn ull." Vice Pres. of Servicemen's Comm., Bridge Club. Social Dancing Club, Girls' A. A. Future: Undecided. DOROTHY GOODWIN HDOU, 167 So. Main Street, Milltown Home Economics "Hill xirlgf. xflzlf, for Hn' -:vul'lll, fm' yozll' -z'uil'c fx fllllf of lm l1ugfl'l." A Cappella Choir, Home Economics Club, H. R. Treasurer, Knitting Club. Future: Dressmaker. GLORIA GORDON "Glo" 62 Harvey Street College Prep 'Il l1'l'pl'l1l1'lII'IC 'zml'kl'1', LlIZL'Ll-VS -zt'1'll1'i1g." Social Comm., Assembly Comm., Spanish Club. Exchange Editor of High-Lights, Advocate, Po- litical Club, Caney Creek Comm. Future: Writer. SAMUEL GORDON 222 Burnet Street "Hu xlmll zlmlu' 111l'1'r'j.' 2i'71l'1'l'-Iwi' he g7uv.i." Future: Auto Salesman. JOAN GRAULICH 33 West Lakewood Ave., Milltown General "lf ,VHII Fllllllllf lmikl' light of yum' l1'n11lvIl'.v, kvvfv lllvm dark." French Club, Knitting' Club, High-Lights Re- "Smiling Irishman" General "Joan" porter. Future: Undecided. MARY GREALIS "Mary" 95 Commercial Avenue General .. . . ,, "I sim!! lvl? rlillhvlf fi'1'1'f1 Iljl' ur If lx. Knitting Club. Future: Undecided. HELEN GRINLEY 27 Allen Avenue "l'l1fiv1lCe is Ilia km' lo l'm1fl'11t111l'l1l." A Cappella Choir, Home Economics Club. Future: Secretary. :'Bridge" Secretarial The .1XllX'fJCLITs .l 9 JOHN GROSS "Y0ne1"' 23 Miller Avenue, Franklin Twnp. General Boys' Sports Club, J. V. Baseball. "l7i'fvr1111'r1lvili1'y is flu' Wu! kvy to .YllLll'.XA'.n Future: Navy. PATRICIA GROTE "Pat" RFD No. 5, Box 72 College Prep "Yilff1rf' holds thi' dom' tlfltlilwf flu' sfrffu of luuifn. and all ffm iIIIf7L'I'ft1lf'llLAl'.S' nf idlv uo114zw'rl1riu11." Art Club, Latin Club, School Store, Boosters. Advocate, Chemistry Club, Yearbook Comm. Future: College HENRY GROW "Hank" 292 Lee Avenue General "lf's flu' spirit, not flu' .vi,:'v, rlml fulfills." Boys' Sports Club. lfuture: Cake Bake1'. JOHN GYUMOLCS 'llohnny' 146 French Street Commercial "Tl11'Cv izlljvnrmrli C".v,' 01111111011 .S'c'11.rc'. t'f1l.f,'u'z'i1Iff'u' C.Ulll'fl'.Y'V.H Band, Orchestra, All-State Band, H. R. 8a S. C. Treas.. Boys' Sports Club, Key Club. Futuer: Business. RUTH HABEDANK "Weasel' RFD No. 4, Box 419 College Prep "'l'ln' rays of liflfvpillzxrs, likv Ilznxl' of Iigfhf, arf mlorlvss ivliru 11nlvmkv11." Traffic Squad, Cheerleaders Club, Nurses Club, P. A. P. Comm., School Store Comm. Future: Laboratory Technician. GLORIA HABERMAN "Glo" 1023 Georges Road Distributive Ed. "Cr1fvid's rlrrfm' lzatlz ffl.L'I'L'L'tf lim' lzmrif' Social Comm., Hospitality and Publicity Comm. Future: Housewife. JACK HAMER Hack" 1012 Georges Road General "H'l14'11 you lzuw klzaiun him ax lmzif ax 'iw' !1tl'Z'!', you will think as Illvjjlllj' of him lm' 'lvl' du." J. V. Football, J. V. Baseball, Boys' Sports Club, Sportsnien's Club. Art Club, Chess and Checkers V : Electrician. ROBERT HAMER "Beans" 155 Throop Avenue College Prop ' "His lzfiglzf will ln' thi' lllL'lI.YIH'U of his s1li'rv.v.v." Boys' Sports Club, Hi-Y Club, Sportsmen's Club. Art Club. Chorus, Football, Basketball, Track Future: Business. ELSIE HANSEN "Imp'f 86 Meadow Road, Rt. 19 College Prep "Ulf g11'vi1li'sf frnflzs, im ffm' gf1'i'u1v.vf nzvn, uw' ffm .Yllllf7It'51'.H lluncliroom Comm., Research Comm., Secretary ol Serviceinens Comm.. IH, R. Treas.. P. T. A. Chairman, Orchestra, Knitting Club. Boosters Club, Memories, Honor Society. Future: Chemist. MARY HAPPAS "Happy RFD No. 5, Box 427 College Prey, H 4 lvltllltl , P. A. P. Comm., Vice Pres. of Political Club Whcfs Blue Club, H. R. Secretary, S. C. Treas, urer, Editor and Reporter of High-Lights, Nomi- nation Convention, Sec'y of Booster Club, A Cappella Choir, Usher Comm., National Honoi Society, Student Court Comm., Caney Creek Comm., Chairman of Senior Executive Comm. Future: College. 25 "fl TUUIIIKIIIVX 'zvm'lU, flI'lIT't' .S'I'l'.l'. is l1l"I't'7' dI1IIL'.U vluutf, 1948 t FRANK HART :'Butch" RFD No. 4, New Brunswick Agriculture "Hn is ax quirf ax 11 lauzlff' A SDO1'tSI11F31'1?S Club, Boys' Sports Club. ,z,' A Future: Automobile Mechanic. ge 1 5 HELFN HASZINECZ "Bues,f 'F , f A 281 Hamilton Street Secretarial .,..... A fy t .., High-Lights Rep., Checkroom Comm., Social Dancing Club, Office Assistant, Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Yearbook Comm. Future. Secretary. ELFANOR HAYDUK 'Honey' 46 Juliet Avenue Distributive Ed. ".S'iIw1.'r is tl frm' fr1'v11d who lzmw' f7CfI'lYj'S.H Art Club, Social Dancing Club, Gym Oifice As- sistant, H. R. Treas., Jr. Teen Age Program, Senior Teen Age Program. Future: Advertising. DIANA HERSHKOWITZ 'fDi" 227 Powers Street Bookkeeping ".-I Iilflf !lII.S!7I1I'l7f, Imrdx of fun, If you :med Iwlfv, .TIIUZY HIC n11r'."' Assembly Comm., Intercultural Club, Point and Award Comm., Delegate to Jr. Class Convention. "Suafu," Courtesy Club, Financce Comm. .ff K uture: College. Q SMARGARET HEYSE f'Bubbles" J - 20 Duke Street General Q If H10 .mznuf of lm' .v1'lzw'y zmtrs, the song lu'rd X + 17lIlJ,lI'.f 'zuiflz lTII'Z'wV.U F All1State Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Tumblers, lm Bridge Club, Girls' A. A., Modern Dance Club, H. R. 'ecretary, High-Lights Rep., Social Danc- i . b " Undecided. X -P NEWTON HICKMAN 4'Newt" 24 Lufberry Avenue College Prep 'fx "Quint in nzmmcr, rfxfr'-z'rd in spirit." Chess and Checkers Club, Sports Club. Future: Undecided. BARBARA HIDENHEIM 'tBobbie" RFD No. 1, Box 43-J, Perth Amboy Secretarial Hlfvr' uriimzs url' all .viyzzs of kir1zI'l1L'ss."' Service1nen's Comm., Knitting Club, Mrs. Moores Secretary, Mr. Humme1's Secretary. Future: Secrectary. GLENN HIGHT "Chad" 96 Ford Avenue, Milltown Distributive Ed. "if'!mf xlmzzla' mm do lun' iw llIL'I'!',l'f7" Boys' Sports Club, Fire Drill Comm., F. F. A. Future. Undecided. JAMES HOLM "Jimmy'f RFD No. 3 College Prep "His .vilflzrv fur ffzrtrlmxv flu' .vfnwrll nf uf!u'f'.v." Assembly Comm., Sportsmen's Club. Future: Doctor. KENNETH HOLZ "Ken" 33 Cedar Avenue Agricultural "Qm'rl. .WI alvrf limi full nf fuzz." Boys' Sports Club, F. F. A., Track Team. Future: Undecided. W tgp.. WP' , v m . 1 h,,. . V YW ,Y l F- -- f QI U gt 'Q The fxdYOC5l ll .hae 1 ? I f QI: "Q" L JANE HORAN "Pee Wee' 49 Broad Street, Milltown Commercial "Easy to look af, 7Il.L'C' to fi'JIU'Zx'.v" Yxflflfxf wily pvnfllf Iikl' lllv' .mf Social Dancing Club, S1'. Yearbook Comm., Girls' A. A., Sr. Teen Age Comm. Future: Business. VIOLA HORNYAK "Boots 203 New Street Distributive Ed 'Sill' lilll'.v1l'f XHITT lllllull tl: Sfly. lull tw' Iilcl' IIFI' all,vivlly.' " Checkroom Comm., Knitting Club. Future: Food Manager. JEAN HUBBARD "Jeanne" 108 Richardson Street College Prep "Al1ll0sI to all things could .thc iIH'Il- llfr l1ana'."" High-Lights Rep., H. R. Vice Pres., Chairman of Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Seccretary of Finance Comm., Secretary of Social Comm.. Teen Age Program, Point and Award Comm.. Future: College. JAMES HUDSON "Jim" Linden Avenue, Oak Tree Academic 'Cl 'IllUI'lIl, Xt'll.l'I'17It' and rwll-llr'fll DVHIIIIQ' llllluf' H. R. Pres., Kcy Club, Spanish Club, Political Club, Chairman of Social Comm., Sr. Teen Age Program, School Plays, Jr. Teen Age. Comm. Future: Law. MARGERY INMAN 4'Mz1rg5"' 24 Hale Street College Prep "Y'1ll'l'l' is lm .YllI'5flfItf:' for lllllullf' School Store Comm., Assembly Comm., Chem- istry Club, Library Club, Latin Club, Political Club, Girls' Basketball, Honor Society. Future: College. ALICE ISTVAN 'tSunsliiuc" RFD No. 5, Box 322 Home Economics Hflft'K'lII1Jl" is ll Ti'47II1UPI'.V llllx-:.'rr." Social Club, Girls' A. A., Art Club, Knitting Club, Caney Creek Comm., Home Economics Club. High-Lights Rep., Advocate Rep., Yearbook Comm., Home Economics Club, High-Lights. Future: Costume Designing. ELSIE IVAN "Cookie" 30 Duke Street General "rl fvlellsillg disjiosiffon Izfllds in Illlflflirlcssf' H. R. Pres., S. C. T1'eas., Tumblers, Assembly Comm., Social Comm., School Sto1'e Comm., A Cappella Choir, Yearbook Comm., Who's Blue Future: College. WILIAM JANOVSKY "Janovsk" 393 Somerset Street General "Good .ffllsr lx at till' Iloflllul of l":'l'l'-vilzillgl.' zwifqv, fjfllllli, wil, falvlll, and fll.vll'."' Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. S. C. Treasur ' Future: raftsman. SAM JELIN E. '-sam" wvou' greet College Prep lc ' 'of 1 ond 'll lxllllrlgs llllll ':.'l'.v1lillg7s." Cam ' b, J. Football. , Fu et aw Sc ol. AREA JOHNSON "B0bby" .2127 ilson Street College Prep . ','f'I7iIi'rlll'l' is fill' 7lI01llL'I' of youd fm'llrllr." Qgv. 1' ffic' quad, Nurses Club. Spanish Club. Home E on ics Club. 2,5 tu . Nursing. It une, 1948 25 ELIZABETH JOHNSON "Betty" Highwood, RFD No. 3 College Prep "CI1'1'11t l111111g11f.r mlm' fl'Ulll the 11mrt.'J Editor of Advocate, Advocate Business Mgr., Vice Pres. of French Club, Honor Society, Re- search Comm., Handbook Comm., Boosters Club. Camera Club, Servicemen's Club. Future: College. JANET JOHNSON "Johnnie" 9 Columbus Avenue, Rt. 19 General ".ll1111'1111'.t.r ryrxv 'zu11i1'11 joy 111 ,x'1111l11 111111 111111111 11i.fp111,V.v." Art Club, Nurses' Club. Future: Nurse's Training. EDWARDA KALLIS "Eddie" Commonwealth Avenue, Stelton General "Thu youd 11'1111 11111'1't 11'f'v.v." Lunchroom Comm., Nurses Club, Who's Blue Comm., Girls' Glee Club. Future: Nurse. ROBERT KALMAN "Coke" 20 Maple Street Industrial Arts " lly lmirt ix 1I'11F as .s'lm'1." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Mechanic. SEYMOUR KAMP "Kamp" 100 Lee Avenue College Prep "1'111' .v111111111'11 ix I111' only fur! of 1111'11 f1'111'1'11 Fl-FII 111' f1111-V Xt111.Yfl'r'f1." Socical Comm. Chairman, Finance Comm., Ger- man Club, Variety Club, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Assembly Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Variety Show, "Memories". Future: College. DORIS KAMPF "Dee" 9 Elmwood Place General ".S'111".v .vtwll-1 run ful! you H11 zzmrr if I p1'1'111'11 ll t1'11f1l1' ,v1'111'1" Knitting Club. High-Lights Reporter, Journal- ism Club, Courtesy Club, Caney Creek Comm., Who's Blue Comm., Traffic Squad, Resear h Comm. Future: Business College. A 1. 4 KENNETH KAPLER ' 'A giyv' ,- 132 Bayard Street Col g 1 repggf. "111' i.v111111' 11f'c1111.v1' 111' 111171 'V 19' ir '."i Q is 1 High-Lights Photographer, V' ffl?-res. of . H. R. Pres. , Future: Photographic Engi er. Q , . RICHARD KAPOLKA wp x.mfJ'1cll" 65 Middlesex Avenue, Rt. 19 1 cientific ".-I IIH'!'1'j' 11Ua1'f 11111k1'l11 11 1'11v1'1'f111 m1111f1'11111n'." Chess and Checkers Club. I Future: College. LILLIAN KARA t'Lil" 266 Easton Avenue General 01111111 1111jvf1y 1'1111111 1 111' 1ci111 1'i111m'. 1c'1'1'1' I'111111'1' 111'111' 1:11111'1111'1' 11111ay."' Girls' Glee Club, Knitting Club, Nurses Club. H. R.. Vice Pres., H. R. Treas., Girls' A. A., Social Comm., Home Economics Club. Future: Marry. WILLIAM KARVELAS 67 Burnet Street College Prep "1 1.111 luv 1111' f11P'I1'Il 111 fu'111'1' 111111 slrffff' Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmezrs Club, German Club, Advocate Rep. Future: Undecided. We 5 1 121 '+P .. i t L 'L , .gi 1 Z 1 at ' 3 lF'F'h if!! The Advocate HOLLAND KELTON "Ke1t" 184 Hale Street General "He hath music in his soul." Boys' Sports Club, Social Dancing Comm., Pro- jectionist Club, Sportsmen's Club, Variety Club. Future: Musician. JACK KESTENBAUM "Yankee" 7 Prospect Street Practical Arts "lily vlflj' of liff' is lmrrl to kill." Knitting Club, Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmens Club. Future: Undecided. RAYMOND KIMBER "Ray', 221 South Main St., Milltown Agriculture "Tho pofver of llt'IIllL'Jlt'.Y.Y is 1'rrl'.ri.rt1'lvll'." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, High-Lights Rep. Future: Undecided. PAUL KISKURNO "Russian" RFD No. 4 General "Groot .wills viicliirf .vilz'ntly." Football, Baseball. Future: Undecided. J OHANNA KLAESSIG 103 Senior Street College Prep "rl merry heart goes all the day." Alpha Nu Gama Club, Dance Club, Hospitality and Publicity Comm. Future: College. ELIZABETH KLINE "Betty" Middlebush College Prep "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Who's Blue Club, Girls' A. A., Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Social Comm., Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, Advocate Rep. Futureiz College. DONALD KOLB t'Don" 5 Richardson Street College Prep "Politeness is to do and .ray the leindest things in the kindest way." Cross-Country Track, Boys' Sports Club, Pro- jectionist Club, High-Lights Rep., Advocate Business Staff, Chess and Checkers Club, Boys' Glee Club, German Club, Research Comm., Hi-Y NJOU Comm. Future: College. WILLIAM KOSMIDES "Bald" 529 Richmond Street College Prep "A man of strife and a mon of contention." H. R. Pres., Track Team, Key Club, News Editor of H. R. Paper, Boys' Sports Club. Future: ROSALYN "Ronnie" Box 594 General i'.l'!1t'llj' what we fmt in if." Comm., Knitting Club. .,DOtty,, 1, Box 40B, Perth Amboy College Prep "'S'port that wrinkled fore dcrides, .find Inuglzter holding both his sides." HighHLights Rep., Latin Club, Spanish Club, Social Comm., Political Club, Girls' A. A., Honor Society, Bridge Club. Future: Business College. ne, 1948 7, JOHN KOVACH "Wis" 85 Lafayette Street, Milltown Distributive Ed. "l"z'i' tizlccu my fm: tu11l'r'.' l't'v found if." H. R. S. C. Treas., T. A. P. Comm.. Vice Pres. ol Jr. Retailers. Future: Retailing. ZOLTON KOVACS 'KOakie" 31 Division Street General "l lnrrv :muff lznixv mmngffz in flu' 'zuurld ull'rmIy," Boysl Sports Club, Track Team, Football Team. Future: Carpenter. MILDRED KOVATCH MMU " 57 Delevan Street Bookkeeping 0 "Full of .v'zl'1'v!r1r.v. yum and gig1gle.v." St. Teen Age Comm., Assembly Comm., Bridge Club, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Girls' A. A., Social Comm., School Store Comm., H. R. Treas., S. C. Treas. Future: Model. ARNOLD KRAUSS 'tK1'allS6Y" 148 French Street College Prep "llc that l!ll.Yl'1ll4'f liulrlivflz, 11z1'.vi'l1ivf ruIrl1rtl1." Chemistry Club, Assembly Comm., Social Comm., Camera Club, Band, Flag Bearer, J. V. Football, Bridge Club, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Boosters ub. Futi lege. X . ' JEANRQ ER, Cf N HK1-sig" 6 Suycl treets ' ,General " uflilrr of! V -fful an ur " A CappMhoir, Giflls' Glee CSJ4s'Fire Drill Comm., Nursebvglhb, 'rls' 0 A., Yearbook Comm. Q, Future: Undecidedb. , RITA KRULL "ReeL" 34 Laurel Place General "PuIil'm'l' und g1l':1lIv1zr.v.v rm' jwfvi'1'." Knitting Club. Future: Nurse. MARILYN KUDERLE "Midge" Box 52, Franklin Park Genera ".S'lu' is full of youd ir1fw1timz.r." Advocate Rep., Caney Creek Comm., Home Economics Club, Knitting Club, Bridge Club, Advocate. Future: Undecided. PHYLLIS KUHLTHAU "Phyl" 34 Foch Avenue, Milltown College Prep "Good mxluw ix ll1IUllj'.Y u fur! of IIN." Vice Pres. of Latin Club, Chairman of Boosters Comm., Point and Award Comm., Traffic Squad, Orientation Comm., Lunchroom Comm., Girls' A. A., A Cappella Choir, Social Comm. Future: State Teachers College. FRANK KULFINSKI "Frank" Middlesex Ave., Rt. 19 College Agriculture W H.llIlXlt'IAU7I.l' mu' .vrzzxili-:'l' .m1rlx." F. F. A., Honor Society. Future: Rutgers College of Agriculture. KATHERINE KYRIMES t'CatS" 297 Seaman Street General l '1S'ilw1u' ix umm' xluqrrurxl flmu 'zmrn'.i'." Dance Club, Advocate. Future' Undecided. The Advocate STEVE LAKATOS "Muscles" 112 Easton Avenue G9ne1'2-1 "lX'f1tl1i11y rommon will lu' tuortll-x' of you." Future: Undecided. GEORGE LAPCZYNSKI "George" RFD No. 2, Box 232-A College Prep "lla is om' who U'ZUHL'll no mnzzuon soul." Boys' Sports Club, Bridge Club, Sportsmenls Club, Cross- Country Track, Projectionist Club, J. V. Baseball. Future: College. JOSEPHINE LA SALLA "Babe" 342 Suydam Street Distributive Ed. "lo lwm-Iv lmru lo llllljjll is In know lion' to reign." H. R. Treas., S. C. Treas., Home Economics Club. Future: Drake's. IRVING LATHAM "Crow" 13 Chestnut Ave., Lindeneau Agricultural "I know u triple zvurtli Iwo of thot." Band, F. F. A., Boys Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Milkman. VIRGINIA LATHAM "Ginny" 3 Meeker Avenue Secretarial "A f7lr'U.YlII1l ,berrorzulily ir liar .ffilvndorf Knitting Club, Checkroom Comm., Drill Squad. tjyure: Secretary. ,Q . J ANITA LEARY "Nita" JJ I, 34 Serviss Avenue College Prep ,J n Pj 'Bind mid'.vt the stairs ifwcribc -A1nita's name." H Latin Club, Boosters Club, Bridge Club, Point xy! and Award Comm., Lunchroom Comm., Orien- tation Comm., Honor Society. Future: College. ARTHUR LEARY "Art" 34 Serviss Avenue College Prep ".I rlmvr' Ihouglzl, 11. ready wit." Assembly Comm., High-Lights Rep., Sports Club. Future: Veterinarian. JANET LEFFERTS "Jan" 44 Huntington Street College Prep 'Tfvntlc' of .rfvcm'l1,' lJC'I1t'flt'1.PIll of mind." H. R. Treas., Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Knitting Club, German Club, Office Assistant, Social Comm., Girls' A. A., Lunchroom Comm., Library Club, Honor Society. Future: College. WALTER LEONIY "Lee" 378 Comstock Street Industrial "Norm lm! the lfrutr zlvsurffc flu' fair." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmexrs Club, Varsity Track Team, Varsity Football Team. Future: Service. ARTHUR. LIBOUREL "Art" Cortelyou Lane, RFD No. 3 College Prep ".S'ilrully hr trzirrls on thc mad to sm'rr'.Y.r." Assembly Comm., Sportsmerrs Club, Track Team, Key Club, Honor Society. Future: Navy. june, 1948 29 LEONARD LINDER "Lenny" RFD No. 1, Box 501 Agriculture "llc uznlecs a good fricndf' Sportsmen's Club, Boys' Sports Club, F. F. A. Future: Undecided. CORALEE LINS "C01'ki6" 27 Ford Avenue, Milltown College Prep H.5.l'l', ham' .rho leans hui' vlrfck upon hw' l1cmz1'.' Oh, that I iuulv cl glow' upolzl flzut fmud, fllaf I -uzight fnzzrh ffm! vlzcvkfu A Cappella Choir, P. A. P. Comm., Point and Award Comm., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Bridge Club, Boosters Club. Future: Undecided. ROBERT LIVEYNSPIRE "Bob" 154 French Street Distributive Ed. "IVit, rm-zu and thru .vlrnck snmrlly, .slzoius ll .Vflllfkv J. V. Football. Future: Western Union Music. DOROTHEA LUTZ "DOI-'y 300 Hamilton Street College Prep 'flu q1li0!m'.r.v and colzfidcmfc .vfmll bc your .YfI'l'IIgIffl.U Social Dancing Club, French Club, Chemistry Club, Boosters Club, Courtesy Club. Future: Nursing School. DONALD MacPHERSON "McTavish'l 208 Oakland Avenue, Lindeneau General "He worries 1101, he lmrries not, His mlm is 1II1dlSflH'IJUd.U Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Sales Engineer. Scientific FRANK MADAMA "Brownie" Hillcrest Avenue, RFD No. 3, Box 503 "l'c1'y likmlilc and z1'4'ridcdIy lza11d.vm11c." Art Club. Future: Undecided. MALTA MALTESE "Malt" 173 Su dam Street Distributive Ed. Y "Silence is rm a11.v7c'cr of a wise 1lId1if.U Home Economics Club, Modern Dancing Club, Future: Undecided. STANLEY MALUCHNIK 'tStan" '73 Davidson Avenue Agriculture "Il'.v nire to be a grfat atlilvlvf' F. F. A., Boys' Sports Club, Bridge Club, S. C. Treas., H. R. Pres., H. R. VicePres, Colts Basket- ball Team, Varsity Basketball, J. V. Baseball. Varsity Baseball, J. V. Football, Varsity Football. Future: Undecided. WILLIAM MANUEL "Bill" 21 Richmond Street College Prep "If is zc'm'1 for mir fn know mnrr' than he says." Future: Undecided. MARVIN MARANTZ "Marv" 139 Commercial Avenue Commercial "Cond urrllm' is .vfrungfr than f0111aI1cm'kx." Boys' Sports Club, Sp'ortfsmen's Club, H. R.. Trasurer. Future: Undecided. The Advocate 1 . I fi -an-al ,Q-.M as JUSTINE MARINELLI 'iCookie" RFD No. 4, Box 524 Bookkeeping ".l lfllllllf-Y lilflv 1111s.v with 11 'I'i'I'Vl' f1r1'lfy 111111111v1'." H. R. Treas., S. C. Treas., Nurses Club, Camera Club, Modern Dancing Club, Lunchroom Comm., Knitting Club, Bridge Club, Home Economics. Future: Bookkeeper. JOAN MARINO "Joan" 90 Commercial Avenue College Prep "l1'1'.vfm't ix the 1'u'zv111'1I of 1151111 iltiflf7lI Lllllf 1111111 Ii'r'i11g1." Spanish Club, Traffic Squad, Nurses Club, Usher Comm., Bridge Club, Point and Award Comm., Social Comm., Honor Society. Future: College. VERA MARINUCCI 'tZip" 6 Woodland Avenue Secretarial 11 j1f11'11f1'ly lzvurl tcfflz plwzfy of fI'lL'lId.Y.', Assistant, Girls 'A. A., Social Dancing H. R. Secretary, German Club, Honor Jr. Basketball Team, Bridge Club. Future: Secretarial Field. JOAN MARK "Joanie" First Avenue, Georges Road College Prep " 'T'm1.s' lim' fl11'111fi1111 of u1l11'1'.v flllll 111111111 you fllfllk of limi" Latin Club, Social Club, Point and Award Comm., Bridge Club, All-State Choir, A Cappella Choir, H. R. Treas., Social Comm. Chairman, Make-up Editor of Highlights, Jr. Class Secre- tary, Vice Pres. of Latin Club, Honor Society. Future: College. RONALD MARSHALL "Ron" 283 Townsend Street General "rl 1111111 w1'11pf11'1Y up 111 l1i111.v1'lf 1m1k1'.v 11 .v11111II f7lI4'ktIfln'.H Boys' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. GUS MARTINOWICH i'Gus" 18 Bethany Street General HHIIZAX' Sflllfwl' IIIVSHJI'-V.I 1f111111l1' if." Football Team, Basketball Team, J. V. Track Team, H. R. Treas., Fire Drill Comm., Boys' Sports Club, Chess and Checkers Club, Lunch- room Comm., Chairman of School Store Comm. Future: Undecided. ELEANOR MASSING 'fEllie" 443 Riva Avenue, Milltown College Prep. ".ll1'r1'il-1', llIl'l'I'i1j' shall I l1":'1'." Spanish Club, Who's Blue Club, Home Economics Club, Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Honor Society. Future: Merchandising. ROBERTA MATLACK t'Bert" 22 Broad Street, Milltown General 'll f1l1'11.f1'11.1f m111l1i1111l1'r111 of 1'l1111'111 and 5tv1'vf11v.vr,' Advocate Rep., S. C. Treas., H. R. Sec., Home Economics Club. Future: Undecided. AMELIA MATSEUR "Millie" RFD No. 4, BOX 166 Distributive Ed. "L.1z'c is .1'1111.vl1i11f, lzatc is sI1r1d1m'. III lift' flzvrc am' l111fl1," Future: Beautician. EMMA MATTHEWS HE. G." Woodbridge Avenue, RFD No. 5 General "Hur fun .v11111'kl1'.v like 1'l111111fn1.11111'." Nurses Club, Assembly Comm., Highlights Staff, Knitting Club, A Cappella Choir, Spanish Club. Future: Undecided. 1 3. june, I94S OLGA MATYAS 'tHoney', 602 Riverview Avenue Distributive Ed. ".l 11111111 11111111 7111111 IU11-11111111 1'1l0l'1Il.H Art Club. Future: Travel. MARLENE MAURER "Marlene" RFD No. 3 General "T111'1'1' ix 17611111-l' 111 11 111'111l1' T'1111'C 111111 ll A'1II11 111'111'f." Girls' Glee Club, Courtesy Club. Future: College. EUNICE MAYO "Unie" 207 Townsend Street College Prep "C'11111'111'11'1' 15 1II.f11IL'1' 1111111 111111111111 . . . .I 1111111 511111 N111 11f 511771111 111 11"1'1'. 11x -M111 11x 11I1IIk.H Choir, Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Girls' Var- s'ity, Office Assistant. .. Future: College. MARY JANE MCCARTHY "Red" 12 Throop Avenue Distributive Ed. ",l1i1'11y.v q1111'1, 11fI'11r 1z111111. .511 fm' 1111'e 11 11111.90 1111111.11 , Home Economics Club, Lunchroom Comm., Who's Blue Club. Future: Undecided. FLORENCE McCARTY 9 Maple A Co Tiaf u Tie Hos- 8111116 Firedrill Club, Future Chapel Street, Rat. 19 HI.1ll1f11l 111111 111' gary. Boys' Sports Club, ,Sportsman's Club, Football. J. V. Basketball. Future: Motion Picture Operator. RICHARD MCMULLEN "Dick" 18 Haig Avenue, Milltown General "l.111' is 11111 I111' 111111111111 .vf1111'1.v." F. F. A.. Boys' Sports Club, H. R. Pres., Bridge Club, H. R. Treas., Colt Basketball, Varsity Basketball, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, J. V. Football, Varsity Football. Future: Undecided. BENJAMIN MCNALLY "Mac" 8 W. Coleman Street, Lindeneau General "il f1111l't'1' 1111111111 111115511111 111111111111 .v1111.v111'111', 111111 ll 1111111 1111111111 111'11 1011110111 l11'f'1'.U Varsity Football.. J. V. Football, Track Team, Vice Pres. of Key Club, Chairman of Teen Canteen Comm., Sportsmen's Club. Future: College. 1111: The Ad Vocutv JOAN MELCHISKEY "Joan" 11 James Street College Prep "ll'lmlJ You ,my I um .n1n'r1.s't1A4:.f" Orientation Comm., Finance Comm. Secretary, H. R. Vice Pres., Teen-Age Program Comm., Re- search Comm., School Store Treas., German Club, Political Club, Bridge Club, Honor Society. Future: Undecided. CAMILLE MIRACHI "Camille" 4 Lufberry Avenue Distributive Ed. "I'ur1'1'l,x 'efe etlzy IIUIIH' ill' 'ziwmznf' Art Club. Future: Dress Designing. HELEN MOLNAR "Pat" 41 Brookside Avenue General "Our for all ami' all for nut" Bridge Club, Assembly Comm., A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' A. A., Social Comm., Youth Week Board of Education, Nomination Comm., S. C. Treas., Highlights Rep., Advocate Rep., Lunchroom Comm., Vice-Chairman Youth Forum. Future: Laboratory Work. ANGELO MONTANA t'Slim" 26 Serviss Avenue College Prep "ll fx -zvlmt iw' ilzink mid 'zvluzl tw do Ilml HIAIATX Hx flu' mm 'nu' 'El't1Hf In lux" P. A. P. Comm., Alpha Nu Gama Club, Chess 8: Checkers Club, National Honor Society. Future: College. SHIRLEY MOORE 'tShirl" Franklin Park College P1'ep ".llI Iwunfbv ix Iwniztifzll, but Izmmm lwlxzzfy-il' ilu' lupvf nf ull." Chemistry Club, Boosters Club, Spanish Club, Bridge Club, Nurses Club, A Cappella Choir, Courtesy Club, Honor Society. Future: College. FRANK MORRA t'Boo Boo" 131 Codwise Avenue General "li'if mm' rl'i.m'm11 n'rri' lmrn in ilzix man." Boys' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. MARIE MORRIS t'Ma1ie" 88 Clay Street, Milltown General '21 111m'r'y lmrrl ix 'ZUl'lf't7lll1' f1r1,x"zvl1rrr." Orientation Comm., Yearbook Comm. Future: College. VERNELL MORRIS "A" 24 Talmadge Street Secretarial 'Cl .m'ruf lfffrl 'Ivitlz iz Ilfllff nf gold." Servicmen's Comm., Highlights Rep., Advocate Rep., Knitting Club, Girls' A. A. Future: Secretary. JOHN MUELLER "Johnny" 36 Herbert Avenue, Milltown College Prep ".S'1lr'rp.v.l' ix ofvtfzfllml flzrwllgzffz Ulllljfllllf rj2'u1't." Sportsmen's Club, Traffic Squad, Assembly Comm. Future: Ocean Navigation. ANTHONY MUSCARELLA "Sonny" 195 Commercial Avenue General ".l rwlfllluf' fwlfnflf mul ll frlzfy youll' ff'1'l'11J." Boys' Sport Club. Future: Radio Technician. June, 1946 J 33 AUDREY NACHAMKIS 'fAud" 75 Welton Street College Prep "She looked down to blush, and she Ioolcvd up Io sigh. ll"illz a smile on lzcr lips and a tear in Izvr rycf' Orientation Comm., Spanish Club, Hos. 8: Pub. Comm., Point :Sc Award Comm., Nu1'ses' Club. Lunchroom Comm., Caney Creek Comm. Future: Undecided. IRENE NAGY "I" 314 Seaman Street General "Still tmlrr flaunt rlwfif' Art Club, Knitting Club, Modern Dance Club, Future: Fashion Designer. CHESTER NAWROCKI 'tChet" 40 Throop Avenue Distributive Ed. "l11f1'Ui'i'l, 41 rmrtlzy gvirflcniunf Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club, H. R. Vice President. Future: Undecided. ELSIE NEMES 'tSlim" 40 Railroad Avenue Commercial "fl Good disposition is a rare gift." Knitting Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Dentist Receptionist. ROSEMARY NEWMAN 'tRosemary" 17 Jefferson Avenue Commercial "f.0r'r'ly to look al, zlvllglzfful to know." H. R. President, H. R. Vice President, Bond 85 Stamp Comm., Advocate Rep. Girls A. A., School Future: Undecided. ANDREW NIGRO 'fAndY" 219 Commercial Avenue General "Circ 1'lI4' fmurzollizxx. I will rli'.vi'1'f'i' il." H. R. Secy., Lunchroom Comm., Traffic Squad. Boys' Sports Club, Spanish Club, Political Club, Algroj -tionist Club, Boys' Glee Club, Home Ec. ' ' Lawyer. Q ., . I yJ A NIGRO "Linda" fc 'X' 219 Commercial Avenue Secretarial ' 5 f,,U"l'41fic11i'i' will ge1zflu11i'.vx ix fm'1t'l'r." syyvllfvocate Rep., Hos. 85 Pub. Comm., Service- qien'.g!Qomm., Girls A. A., Social Dancing Club, ji ,r,,ylAfss-embly Comm., Teenage Comm., Traffic: A ji 'wwf' quad, Caney Creek Comm., Yearbook Comm.. fl", . 53555 Comm., Office Asst., Journalism Club, - 1,.f ture: Secretary. 5 ,Vg AUDREY OAKLEY f'Aud" Y 32 Hassart Street College Prep "Tn ll yomzq lzmrf 4'T'L'I'j'llll713f is fzzuj Alpha Nu Gamma Club, Girls' A. A., Check- room Comm., Intercultural Club, Knitting Club, Modern Dancing Club. Girls' Glee Club, Variety Club. Future: College. PAULINE OKULICK "Polly" 54 Commercial Avenue Secretarial Hlfvrztlf' tlzoizyflifs and mlm fl4'.f1'1'i'.v." National Honor Society, H. R. Secretary. Orien- tation Comm., Highlights, Point and Award Comm.. Modern Dancing Club, Girls' J. V. Basketball. Tennis, Social Dancing Club. Miss Steichen's Secretary, Sr. Advocate Comm. Future: Secretary. GOLDIE OLCSVARY "GO1dl6" Rt. 19, Park Avenue Secretarial "GaicIy is one of the .S'lll'L'.S'f marlex of the aristocratf' Girls' A. A., Chairman of Badge Comm., Hospi- tality and Publicity Comm., Knitting Club, Traffic Squad, P. A. P. Comm., Highlights Rep. Future: Secretary. 15" 'Q' ,Q . 5 I, The Ad vocate MARIE ORSO "Marie" RFD No. 4, Cozzen's Lane General "A q11irt..v1'r1'nr girl, lvuf ll fllftljllft' I11 k1111z11." Checkro-om Comm., Knitting Club, Home Econ- omics Club, Nurses Club. Future: Drake's College. PHYLLIS OUTCALT 'tPhil" 144 Jones Avenue College Prep "llc 1f111Nl, .viu1'1'l lllflllll, 111:1l l1'l zulzo 1:1111 lu' 1'l1'I'1'1'."' H. R. Sec., Political Club, National Hionor Society, Girls' A. A., Orientation Comm., Latin Club, Highlights Reporter, Highlights Page Editor, Boosters Club, Library Assistant, Usher Comm., Social Comm., Nominating Convention. Future: College. ADAM PAITAKES "Adam" 273 George Street General 'Illhv fl1111111l1t.r 111'1' my .wlc 1'11111f11111l1u1x." Boys' Sports Club, Art Club. Future: Business. ANITA PARILLO 'lNeat" RFD No. 4, Box 123 College Prep "l11f1'111t1' i11'.'11lit-v, i1111111'11.r111'11l1l1' 1'1'11lii,v, ilzjifzllv p1'I'.r111111l1'fy." S. C. Sec., School Store Comm., P. A. P. Comm., Cheerleader, Honor Society, Vice Pres. of Sopho- more Class, H. R. Pres., Research Comm., Traf- fic Squad, Girls' A. A. Future: College. ANNA PASTUSH RFD No. 3, Box 404 Secretarial "gl 1111i1'f girl, lllll um' uf Tx'll?'lll.-' Caney Creek Comm., Knitting Club, National Honor Society, Booster Club, Advocate, Mr. Herd's Future 11Annu 11Di U 11vr1l Y Club, Boys' Sports ,.--44. PENN 'tKate" Street, Rt. 19 Generali i l'I1'llfllX' tlllll 1111-v, .vl11' lllli ll 1111111111111 'IU1lj'.n -N s A. A., Traffic Squad, Hospitality and ' icity Comm., Advocate Rep. Q, ,.:9'utri' '- Undecided. 1' 'Til-Q., TH PERRINE HCELI'l'0ttS,, ' River Road, RFD No. 2, Box 149 General r Q' "JI flflllll fri1'n1l, ll r1'11l f11?11rI, 3-J WL' To .fum if up-11 .vrvrll girl." Chairman of Servicemen's Comm., Chairman of P. T. A. Comm., H. R. S. C. Treas., H. R. Sec., Yearbook Comm., Vice Pres. of Boosters' Club. Future: College. VIVIAN PETERSON "Bibby" 51 Morrell Street College Prep. ".fl11, flwu 1111.11 11111 fllllll off! nf l11'1111ty." H. R. Vice Pres., Girls' A. A., Intercultural Club, Social Dancing Club, Twirlers Club, A Cap- pella Choir, Knitting Club, H. R. Treas. Future: Librarian. CHARLES PIPARO "Pip" 137 Commercial Avenue Commercial "To all '1lf70I1f my way, Day after Day, Let me IPI' joy, 111: llopf, l.1'i my life silly." Boys' Sports Club, H. R. S. C. Treas. Future: Plumber. June, 1948 EVANGELINE PLAGANES "Evangeline" 83 Paterson Street General uPl'tlL't'fIll mul qzziclf' Home Economics Club, Nurses' Club. Future: Homemaking. SARAH POLLARD "Gene" 30 Conger Avenue General "pls lll:'I'l'j' ax flu' flu-v ix long." Art Club, Intercultural Club, Highlights Rep.. Girls' A. A., S. C. Treas., Lunchroom Comm.. Home Economics Club. Future: Artist. ROSEMARY PONTELLA "Rosie" 28 Juliet Street Secretary "XIII that is fozu'll'u1l,r at all will ln' l't7III'fUOIl,S' lu ull." Girls' A. A., Servicemen's Comm., H. R. Sec.. H. R. Treas., Advocate, Sr. Teen Age Comm. Future: Secretary. ELEANOR PORTASH K'Dimples" 114 French Street Secretarial "Tl1vl'r'.v dL'fL'1'llII-llllfltlll lziflflvn in lim' qiliuf -zvay.v." Lunchroom Comm., Girls' A. A., Home Econ- omics Club, Camera Club, Pilot, Modern Dance Club, Highlights, Girls, J. V. Basketball Team, Basketball, Bowling, Volley Ball, Miss Buckley's Secretary, Honor Society. Future: Secretary. JAMES PRESCOTT "Jimmy" 2 Commercial Avenue General "'l'l1rrv's lzmwsfyy, nzmzlmlul mul flood' frllnmvlziff fu flu'i'." Vice Pres. of H. R. Future: Gas Station Owner. DANIEL PRESLEY "Dan" Agricultural RFD No. 2, Box 140 "lIl1frpi11r.vx ix 11r1f'rfn'11ll'd pll'l1s1m'." F. F. A. Future: Undecided. FRANCIS PRIBULA "Frank" 2125 Park Avenue, Plainfield College Prep ".S'ain1s will aid if men will fall: For tlzf' lflzzv sky Irfndx MW' all!" H. R. Pres., News Editor of Highlights, Vice Pres. of Jr. Red Cross, Boosters Club, Political Club, Research Comm., Honor Society. Future: College. HILIP PRICE "Phil" ' 50 Cleremont Avenue Agricultural "1l11Hzor is lItlI'llIUI1PV of Ilzc l1mr!." s Sports Club, Fire Drill Comm., Projec- i ' Clu -5 F. F. ., Tr Team, S. C, Treas. F 1 n ' ed. g Q A l' ' 2 9 0 "Bal ' , l X lg QQ . '.,- 5 X o me l J A, 1 i .vu vr It . is 4 - 1- l as. - - X-h w ., ' l an ' C I l A., '1- '0 ' S1 1 , 4 P ' P3 W- Ai . ll S ' ' - it -5 P IE . . Pugy' 230 S dfoid Stree ' - Secretarial "l1l' lzrf' q1lll'lm's.v llzrn' l.r,i'l1l1Hl1." Research Comm., Servicemen's Comm., Jr. Re- tailers Club, Knitting Club, Bridge Club, Social Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Court Stenographer. 1 mis.,-' 'GIS' 3, if il' ll 1. 2, fi , 'fr- . If 4. 'ho 0, 36 The Advocate HERBERT PURITZ "Herb" 34 John Street Agricultural "To liffe in a friendly world one must be fr-1'cr11lly." Future: Undecided. NINA PUSCH ':'1'ags:' 261 Sandford Street College Prep "Old frleu11'.v. lllsv old ivizzf, are flu' lint." Yearbook Comm., Chairman of P. A. P. Comm., Orientation Comm., Honor Society. Future: College. JOSEPH RADO "Earl Brown" 144 Hale Street General Hl'14lI'lllflLl to duty 10 ilu' end-a perfect sport and a loyal friend." H. R. President, F. F. A., Boys' Sports Club, H. R. Vice President. Future: Business. JEAN RAINBOW "Stretch" clo Dr. Reynolds, RFD No. 3 General "Great works arf' f'L'7'f07'1I1C'd not by swexzgflz but lry jver.vevc'ram'c." Advocate Staff, Assembly Comm., Chess 85 Checkers Club, H. R. Vice President, Highlights Staff, Honor Society. Future: Undecided. ga N, ROBERT RAMIREZ Q D -Gb". 3 Dennis Street Coirmne ial " e go inven d w ' l if-1 n fi ' ' . wh . ww- - V mm., 're Drill Co 1. - :f1, ht 'aa , ,Trees - Sec 'f 2. Yo sQ'P'l' ,Ii- A f, c H Uc i - ' ' , Q " s not T1 ' to ram 1 Fut 6 'LIYC I 4-W, S0 ,2 te Sta , High g ff, olitical Club, ' embly Comm., Sna"u", K tting Club, Orien- t on Comm., Asst. Editor of Advocate, Year- k Comm. Executive Comm., Honor Society. f Future: College. -' 7 JEAN REARDON 'tJen" 53 Delevan Street General "It is the tranquil people who accomplish much." S. C. Treasurer, H. R. Treasurer, Advocate Rep., Political Science Club, Bridge Club, Handbook Comm. Future: Undecided. ANNA RECINE 'tTangerine" 144 Delevan Street Commercial ".S'l1l"ll stifle to ilf' Girls' A. A., Nurses Club, Point 85 Award Comm., Social Dancing Club. Future: Undecided. VIOLET RECTOR "Dimples" 305 Seaman Street Home Economics "The fzm 11415 jus! llf'fjllJl.H Art Club, Home Economics Club, Hos. 8: Pub. Comm. Future: Dietician. STEPHEN REID "Cob" Box 1, Middlebush, N. J. College Prep "rin lfomxvl .wzfl-Us ever l1rolw lm'azl." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsman's Club, Home Economics Club. Future: School Teacher. Colleg P e . l wlllnc. 1948 57 LIONEL REYNOLDS HPitl' R. F. D. No. 3, Box 471 Agriculture "HI: kmm' lililf of tlml. but tvlml wc know is good." Projectionist Club, Boys' Sports, Sp'ortsman's Club. Future: Undecided. JACK RICHTER 'AJaCk'l RFD No. 1, Davidson Avenue General l "Our fjllllllffllfi and our rorlrllrrf rm' our vim." Reporter for Ag. Class, Political Club, Sports- man's Club. Future: Undecided. LEONARD RICO "RiCf' R.31". D. No. 5 College Prep I , . fk "lVlzaf! Tllcy out-ialkcd Uwe?" :Sports club, Chemistry Club, Social ., y m.. S. C. Treasurer, Assembly Comm.. Fire- ' by congnzi J. V. are Val-sity Baseball. , jp.1ltll'6I o ege. , ' rl DA RITTMAN elder" 1 ' I " J, 30 Vanderbilt Ave., Milltown Secretarial ,f , 5' "Nile fw.v.vl'.f.vr.v Ihr fUI'IHllfLI of flClf7f7ll11'.l'.V, 11l1dvf'.v!rl111l1'11f1 ' Ml' if and fril'ml.vI1ijJ." -' V 1 Library Club, A Cappella Choir, Girls' A. A , LX Future: Secretary. H, DOMENICA RIZZO "Baby" l RFD No. 2, Box 447 College Pl-ep ".Yoll11'ugf ix so fvoflzzlllr' or 1ci1zd1zv.r.f." S. C. Treas., H. R. Vice Pres., Library Assistant, Courtesy Club, Lunchroom Comm., Social Danc- ing Club, Spanish Club, Secretary of P. A. P. Comm., Assembly Comm., Research Comm. Future: Teacher. DOROTHEA ROBERTS 'iDottle 270 Powers Street College Prep "Good humor is Ilfr .slack in- Wade." Nurses' Club, Gi-rls' A. A., Highlights, Traffic Squad, H. R. Secretary, Social Comm. Future: Nursing. ALMA ROBINSON "Alu 31 New Street Home Economics "A quit! but .fim'vr'c friend." Checkroom Comm., Intercultural Comm., Hand- book Comm., Social Dancing Club, Knitting Club, Home Economics Club, Modern Dance Club. L Future: Seamstress. ANNE ROST JULIA ROSSETTO "Cookie" RFD No. 2, Box 507 College Prep ".S'!1l".r L1 zriflxozllc :vm Illifmf' Art Club, Camera Club, French Club Treasurer. Research Comm., Servicemen's Comm., Jr. Re- tailers' Club. Home Economics Club. Future: Undecided. '4Rusty" 240 Washington Avenue, Milltown General ".N'fl'l1i.' 1ozlf1'm'. mx' zirrlrq nm' Axllllvf hrllr Tull." Research Comm.. Advocate. Office Assistant, French Club, Highlights, Social Comm., As- sembly Comm. Future: Business College. JACK RUBIN "Jack" 130 Bayard Street College Prep "Our nf lllr 1ll'.vI-klzllfwl ily ull. German Club, Boys' Sports Club, Chemistry Club, Highlights Reporter, National Honor Society, Varsity Tennis, Bridge Club, Political Club, Social Club. Band. Future: College. 'SJ Q. 3 Q . 0 . ' ' . A ' s uw . . Q l X--r - Q 'mx . Q , 0 Y ,V 0 'Q , 11 38 s Kg Q' X: ' The Advocate 4-M,-.fs CONSTANCE RUSCIANO 'tConnie" 200 Powers Street General Q6 ,Q-f its Llkr 41 flmgffzvl, slzc c1lt1'ai'lx." H. R. Secretary, Nurses Club, Girls' A. A., Social Dancing Club, Tennis, Choir, Girls' Glee Club. Yearbook Comm., Home Economics Club. Future: Nurse. EVELYN SABO "Evie" 8 Condict Street Bookkeeping ",S'lzl"ll lIlTx'll,X'.l' ITIISZQTI' fo f1'z'ur:zl.vl1ifv's cull." H. R. Treasurer, Checkroom Comm., Girls' A. A.. 1 , yy Social Comm., Knitting club. Av' Future: Undecided. N. , , ' HELEN SABO 'tSzabo" LV fly I 399 Somerset Street Distributive fyvvvl J ".5'l14' lmflz llllllljl fr11'11r1'.v lvurazzsv .vlzu lmulr lll'I'.S" ' ill if by fl'l.i'lIlll,V-U ' bf Twirlers' Club, Yearbook Comm., Sr. Prom ' X 55 Comm., Assistant Editor of H. R. Paper. Future: Undecided. THERESA SAFNER "Terry" 72 West Church St., Milltown Secretarial 'Il quiet, fz'1l'l1llly girl." Home Economics Club, Hospitality and Pub- licity Comm., Mr. Jenkins' Secretary. e Future: Secretary. xg MARY JANE SALMON . 206 Stevens Street I College Prep llir gurl fvzflz flu' jolly fn'r.wm1l1't,x'." X H. R. Treas., S. C. Treas., A Cappella Choir. Home Economics Club, Girls' A. A., Nurses' Club, Social Dancing Club. ' 9 JOHN sALov1cH "Sonny" ' Future: Undecided. 4 Alexander Street College Prep "I wan! fu ln' nuzzqlily and .vtfll lu' 1zz'i'r." Spanish Club, Chorus, Track Team. Boys' Glee Club. Future: Coastguard Academy. ANGELINA SANTISI "Abbe" 161 Throop Avenue Commercial "Thr .vwvefmt slfufw is affvr the alarm rlnrk rings." Checkroom Comm., Servicemen's Comm., Jr. Retailers' Club, Research Comm., Assembly Comm., Social Comm., Firedrill Comm., High- lights Rep., A Cappella Choir. Future: Receptionist. SARANTIS SARANTOS "Randy" 176 Baldwin Street College Prep H.ll'Zx'lI-V5 .i'l'4'Il anal ill-mrwvx l1i'u1'rl." Assembly Comm., Boys, Sports Club. Future: Undecided. FREDERICK SCHEERLE t'Murph" 3 36 Prospect Street General Q 'fllhr rwzll lx ll xl!-x' fwlrflf' oys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club, J. V. Base- ll and Basketball, Varsity Basketball. ture: Draftsman. 1 JAMES SCHENCK 'iJimmy" 189 Handy Street E V General 3 .Ill lfllljllllii Jfmllf fuull url lzim. 1 Track Team, Boys' Sports Club, Inter-racial l Club, A Cappella Choir. Boys' Glee Club, Art Club. Future: Musician. june. 1948 JOYCE SCHOR 'fJoy" RFD No. 4, Georges Road Distributive Ed. 'His jim' as falling siiarv, ami just as quid." Research Comm., French Club, Spanish Club, Girls' A. A., Home Economics Club, H. R. Banker. Future: Business. FLORENCE SCHORK "Peanuts" 19 Pershing Avenue, Milltown Secretarial "Of all Ilia gifts slzc docs possess, Tlzv lwsf of Ilivsc is fricizdliizessf' Home Economics Club, H. R. Treasurer, Knitting Club, Miss Scally's Secretary, Honor Society. Future: Secretary. KARL SCHREEFER i'ColY" RFD No. 2, Box 161 College Prep ".l qziivf, 1H1l1.YS1llllll1fI fliap, ivlm will go far." Boys' Sports Club, Bridge Club, H. R. Treasurer, Varsity Football, Track Team, F. F. A. Future: Work or College. LOUISE SCHUNK 'Louise' 51 Bishop Street Bookkeeping lik ian fla' lmal lwzmd to lease" "Q U a ' ' 1 r, p . Girls' A. A., Modern Dancing Club, Knitting Club, Home Economics Club, Bowling, Who's Blue Club, High-Lights Staff, After-School Gym Activities. Future: Office work. , DAVID SCHWARTZ "Davel' 67 Nichol Avenue College Prep "C'lzaram'i' is ffm liiggfsl assvl any uma ran possess." High-Lights Business Manager, Political Club, A Cappella Choir, Tennis Team, Finance Comm., Honor Society, H. R. Vice Pres., Bridge Club. Future: Dentistry. JULIUS SCHWARTZ "Yank" School Street, Stelton College Prep "Hr lias bran a frivizfl in szmsliiiir' and iii slzaa'c.i' Boys' Sports Club. Future: Engineer. JOHN SCIBILIA "John" 189 Hamilton Street Agriculture M.S'llt'l1lT is dvvfi as a'if'r1iify, sfu'm'lz as slzallaw as livin." F. F. A. Future: Undecided. LORETTA SCIORTINO t'Loret" 236 Baldwin Street Secretarial "sl maid su fair as slit' will 7I4"Z'L'I' loiivly luv." H. R. Secretary, Assembly Comm., Knitting Club, Bridge Club, Traffic Squad. Future: Secretary. ROBERT SECKRETTAR "Barrel, Jr." 92 Burnet Street General A "l.ifv is a. jvsf, and all fliiizgs slime' ii: If I tlmnylzf so mira, and now I know if." I A H. R. Vice Pres., Social Dancing Club, Bo Sports Club. ifgv N ff Future: Carpenter and Cabinet Maker. ty" GEORGE SEDLAZEK "Haunchyl' 188 Ward Street General "Ile seems shy, lm! all in all a regular gzzyf' Boys' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. ,I fl L is 5 f will 1 3 f ,X Ja , rlhe Advocate 4.4 A 'Si' FZXREEDA SHALHOUB '-Friday" 393 Sandford Street College Prep "AJ fine a .l'f1ldFlIf as a .vkafi'r."' High-Lights Rep., Latin Club, Nurses Club, Hon- or Society, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club. Business Manager of Advocate, Girls' J. V. Bas- ketball. Future: Undecided. LOUISE SHERROD t'Shrewd" 92 Redmond Street General "Born with u gffff of lr111,f1!1tw'a11l1' uzirffzf' Checkroom Comm., Camera Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Variety Club. Future: Secretary. ROBERT SHIPMAN 'fBob" Rt. 19, Meadow 'Road Industrial Arts 'fl leuort' cz.'e1'yf1zi11g1 v.1'rvfvf 111y.n'lf." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Undecided. MARILYN SHURILLA 'iLyn" 78 French Street Home Economics "K1'nd1ze.r.v ix zaf1'.vdouz." Home Economics Club, Tennis, Red Cross Rep., Girls' A. A., Dance Club, Knitting Club. Future: Undecided. HELEN SIEGEL f'Helen" 62 Seaman Street College Prep "How Hia' to kzmfc' 511511 pIUc1.vt1r1ft1'y." Advocate Business Staff, Camera Club, Latin Club, Nurses' Club, Knitting Club, Spanish Club. Future: Undecided. DOROTHY SILANO "Pearl" 194 Rutgers Street Scientific "The 2111110 of cdufation, like that of gold. 'Z'!71IlL7d in 0-z'vry Marr." German Club, S. C. Treas., H. R. Treas., Girls' A. A., Honor Society, Social Dancing Club, Bas- ketball, Yearbook Comm. Future: College. , HARRIET EILVERMAN 'fl-Iappy" 296 Lee Avenue General 'fl good disfvnxifimi ix KI ruff gift." Art C11 , Knitting Club. L ' by Nurse. DO TH POS i'Cype'l - rford Street College Prep iQ11lfl.Clf, frimzdly, and rulzliiwlu. toog Is the c azzyflzirzg slzv rammf dn?" P Comm., A Cappella Choir, Latin g Lobby, Red Cross Comm., H. R. Secre a , Art Club, Finance Comm., Spanish Club, Variety Comm., Youth Forum Comm.. As'- sembly Comm., Firedrill Comm. Future: Interior Decorator. OSCAR SISTRUNK "Oscar" RFD No. 4, Box 610 College Prep v "Er1r11f.9f11rx.v is fin' .mit of vIm11wr1cv." P. A. P. Comm., Boys' Sports Club, H. R. Pres.. Sr. Class Pres., Alpha Nu Gama Club, Point and Award Comm., Key Club Pres., Intercultural Club. Student Court Comm., Courtesy Club. Yearbook Comm. Future: College. ANDREW SIVAK 'fAndy'l 158 Louis Street College Prep "flI:11l1101',v an' .vfrm1,f1i'r' than lu-ws." Chess and Checkers Club, Boys' Sports Club, A Cappella Choir, H. R. Vice Pres., Camera Club Pres., Firedrill Comm., Chemistry Club Vice Pres., Honor Society, H. R. Pres. Future: College. U ne, 1948 I SHIRLEY SMITH "Pick" RFD No. 2, Box 128 Home Economics "1I11f1f1i111'.r.v is ll 1'111'r 1'11s1111,ti1:." Girls' A. A., Art Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Beautician. FRANK SOBEL "Frank" 64 Suydam Street General txsxflldj' 5111111111 1zm'1'1' 111f1'1'f1'1'1' 11'ill1 1111195 Pd111'11ii1111." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Electrical Contractor. CHARLES SOKAN "Punch" 222 Somerset Street General "The l111s1111'.r.v of i11f1'lIi111'111'1' ix 111 1111i1l1' 111't11111." Boys' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. DORIS SPILATORE "Doris" RFD No. 4 General liz! The si1'1'1'l .r1111'l! 11f1f111'1i1'111'115." Latin Club, Spanish Club, Nurses' Club, Lunch- room Comm., Caney Creek Comm., Trallic Comm., Checkroom Comm., Girls' A. A. Future: Nursing. GEORGE STAMM i'Squeekie" RFD No. 3, Box 193. Hamilton Road Bookkeeping .Is LI 1111111 .l'f7t'1Ik.l' 511 111' ix." H. R. Vice Pres., Advocate Rep., Projectionist Club, Traffic Squad, Lunchroom Comm., Boys' Glee Club, Social Comm. Future: College. 1. JOSEPH STANLEY "Joe" Y.M.C.A., New Brunswick General "1I1' is as p0p11l111' 11x 11111 .v111111111'1' '1'111'11t1'n11." Sports Editor of High-Lights, Yearbook Comm.. F. F. A. Future: Undecided. THOMAS STEINFELD "Stutts" 6 Cleremont Avenue College Prep "To be ll well-bred young 111011 is 11 gift of f0rt1111e." Spanish Club, Boys' Sports Club, Chess and Checkers Club. Future: College. DAVID STOWE "Stowe" 184 College Avenue College Prep "The z1'i.v1'st 1111111 is gfvrlerfally 111' 1111111 1111111121 l11111.f1'If INXS so." Key Club, T. A. P. Chairman, Finance Comm., Research Comm., 'Poltical Club, Advocate, Ori- entation Comm., National Honor Society. Future: College. ELIZABETH SULLIVAN "Bets" V 122 Hamilton Street I College Prep "rl I'I11.vl1 15 !11'1111f1f111, but .v111111't11111'.v 1llt'01lT'c'l1ZPlIf. Hcretary of Sophomore Class, Camera Club, ' me Economics Club Secretary and President, . R. Vice Pres., Lunchroon Comm., Editor-in- hief of High-Lights, Knitting Club, Yearbook Comm., Sr. Prom Comm., P. T. A. Comm., Edi- tor-in-Chicf of H. R. Newspaper. Future: College. DOROTHY SULLIVAN "Dot May" Lawrence Brook Manor College Prep "R1'.vf11111.r1'l11'l1,t-v TVKIIAKV 11111111 ill 11111111' with 1'11f1111'1!j' 1111117 flu' f'11'h'1'1' tu du." Pilot. S. C. Treas., H. R. Pres., Jr, Prom Comm.. Cheerleadersl Club, Variety Club, Student Court, Bridge Club, Finance Comm., Swing Lobby, Youth Forum Comm. Future: College. 'i as . 1 9x 'fv- lf ..i f,,f,,,, V ,V.' Y" : ' J lies-"S, 17 ' 2 A-A-.. Ee, a .lac- ol- Luc. D01 IVIQ er' ' 'e 42 2 V N A The Aiclvoczitc bac: Ya imdb? 45: M, ... fbi , I ' A NNA SZASZ "Sassy" 61 Sandford Street College Prep mlflllllllfl l1rr11i.vl1rx us will: flu' 1m1ti'riul.v nf kIlUTx'll'tl.tll'.H Checkroom Comm., Assembly Comm., Honor So- ciety. Future: Commercial Artist. MARILYN TAMAROFF "Ackie" 257 Delevan Street College Prep .I thing of lwlzlliy fx ll joy fm'm'm'." Latin Club, French Club, Tumblers' Club, Advo- cate, High-Lights, Social Comm., Assembly Comm., Variety Club. Future: Dramatics. LIILLIAN TANENZAPF "Fitty" RFD No. 1, Bound Brook General 'llly lzvurl is fi.ri'fl." Art Club, Advocate Art Ctaff, Co-Art Editor of Advocate, Knitting Club, H. R. Rep. of Advocate. Future: Commercial Illustrator. ELLIOTT TAUBENSLAG - " byv RFD No. 2, Bo 3 C ge re ".S'nrl1 l1ll7ll0 ' mot rmwl.. i .Q 0 A if HI " . I Variety Is, Dire to of " orie search Co ., sseinb omm., cial C High- ' ts, Inter tural C , V ty Cl res., amati s. ,' Future: Act - WILLI L "Bill" l"Z'l'r flu ly wliril you i fl ' 1111u'1'1m'." 0 s' Sp '. Club,,Sports Club, Football earn, eball Team. A CE TENERALLI "C0bina" 326 So. Main Street, Milltown College Prep I 'fl mural .w11.w of llllllllll' lx llIlll'l' -zulmllili' ,QQ llzlm lll1Illl'wV-H .gp Yearbook Comm. X Future: College. j ADELINE TENERALLI "Stripes" . 326 So. Main Street, Milltown Commercial .Slzr uruur lu' lzttlv, lint, nlz, my! irls' A. A., Traffic Squad, Sr, Teen Age Comm., Social Dancing Club, Sr. Yearbook Comm., H. R. Advocate Rep., Checkroom Comm., Servicemen's Comm., Lunchroom Comm. Future: Business. l', GWENDOLYN THEURICH 'tLezzie" ' 'J 100 Van Liew Avenue, Milltown General ".Ymw' .tw'i0z1.r, rzeiw' 41 fl'U'Zt'lI, llllllllll-if in lift' NIH gf! lim' rluzwzf' Girls' A. A., Girls' Varsity Basketball, Social Dancing Club, Home Economics Club, Nurses' X Club, Knitting Club. Future' Undecided. GLORIA TIERNEY 'tGlo" 221 Rutgers Street General "Ihr flf1.rl'u lzuir .YIZIVIZFS and fllllll.Y lilu' run' gold in .rzzr1.sl1im'." Advocate, Art Club, Library Treas., Library As- sistant, Modern Dance Club, School Store Comm., Bulletin Board Comm. Future: Undecided. ROSE TOROK "Rosie" 93 Brookline Avenue College Prep ullvlilllllll is 1fl't'4llw' llmu ull .vlU'l'i'l1." French Club, Art Club, Honor Society. Future: Undecided. unc, 1948 l4'f.,,11?" EVELYN TOTH "Eve" RFD No. 5, BOX 217 S6C1'6'f,a1'13.1 "l'nlilv11i'.r.v is flu' rlzivf 31.1111 of g'1l1fIll't'." Girls' A. A., Camera Club, Honor Society, Bridge Club, Social Comm. Future: Secretary. MARY TOTH "Honey" 206 Hamilton Street "Q1111'I, r-For .vo qzziuf, lull not zzmlflrmlifwly xo." Knitting Club, Social Comm., A Cappella Choir. Future: Undecided. EUGENE TRAVERS "Gene" 58 Delafield Street College Prep 49 ".S'i1vr1w is my pu.t.vim1." 5 A Cappella Choir, All-State Chorus, Boys' Glee ' 5 Club. Tumbler, I-I. R. Treas. 'if ,Lg Future: College. 2' MARY TUCKER "Mary"Q 1 A Middlebush College Prep il "lim: 'I'Ul'4'1' ix i"z'rr soft um! fllvlflr. ,vl1u'.v .vlzy mul 7!IUlfA'A'f in all luv' truy.v." Latin Club, Nurses' Club. Future: Nursing. ETHEL VACULA Martin Street, Rt. 19, Piscataway Secretarial Hl.I'kx' ufzgrls' -z'i.vil.v-.vlzorf and Iu'ig1l1l." Office Assistant. Future: Secretarial Work. MARGARET VADAS i'Marge" 349 Seamen Street College Prep "lh'fn'udul1ilily is flu' ki'-v in .v1u'n'.v.v." Who's Blue Club, Girls' A. A., Assembly Comm.. Hospitality and Publicity Comm., High-Lights' Business Staff, Honor Society, Oifice Assistan . Future' College. GEORGE VAILLENCOURT "Bli ' 40 High Street al ".'Irt ix his flll'll.YIlV' ' Future: Artist Art Club Treas., Pres. of Art Club, H . ., Boys' Sports Club. ' DOLORES VAN BUSKIRK " O101'ES" 16 School Street, Milltown retarial "IIN Fllflllfllfl xnzilc, lzvr d1'mfvlv.v lfgflzl: IIN' lofrlx' cvitv .nf rlvur ami' Ifrif111f." Cheerleader, H. R. Secretary, Girls' Varsity, Girls' A, A., Mr. McCracken's Secretary. Future: Undecided. ADELLA VAN DERVEER "Della" 83 Burnet Street General H.Yl'7'l'IlA and mlm ox 1111 1IlIH'HII1'I1'!f 1111-V." Future: Undecided. MAE VAN DERVEER "Mae" 83 Burnet Street Merchandising "Shy fI1!.lIk.Y 1H1H't' than shi' .vflyxf Nurses' Club, Knitting Club, Future: Business School. H.- , n ,. L.: ' 1 ,X n ,pf 'Q 'Wm- li? , K fx Nxt 'Z-H --.4 .0 v.-.ff ','--...f . Q. e fm. 'Q Q 'El The Advocate lggeimsiif' ' .. fi . OWEN VAN DYKE "Chink" Lakeside Drive, So, Lake Neilson General "Cowl nalurc is an a.v.rr'I In aizyomf' Future? Undecided. FRED VAN LIEWV "Fred" 17 Schureman Street Industrial ".l lizzmlz wits no zrzmiry, .vu Ivflvl' .vlmulu'i1'1 I Illllgllfyl Future: Undecided. JOYCE VAN SICKLE "Pickles" Washington Avenue, RFD No. 5 College Prep "fl diilrgflztrf' of flu' Und is .vlzv and umsz' dZ.'Z'f7Il'Ij' fair." H. R. Secretary, Nurses' Club, Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Variety Club, Spanish Club, Social Dancing Club. Future: Nursing. KENNETH VAN SLAARS "Ken Van" 618 Livingston Avenue College Prep "l?vzUr1rf.' I may yr! bc' j'aum11.v." Boys' Sports Club, Firedrill Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., J. V. Baseball, Honor Society. Future: Undecided. MIRANDA VAROUDAKIS "Randi" 156 Easton Ave. College Prep ".S'l1r is kind and r'm1.vidfra!r, ilu' ,flnrvfr of m1n'fv.ry." Art Club, Home Economics Club, Knitting Club. Future: College. JOSEPH VAVRA 'iDillenger" 58 Lee Avenue Practical Arts "find ri IIIUVVJ' .mul has llrf' Boys' Sports Club, Projectionist Club. Future: Businessman. ETHEL VEIZER "Vicki" Middlesex Avenue, Rt. 19 Secretarial "Perf, fwtilv, but with ll willful 11l1.lld.u Lunchroom Comm., Knitting Club, Miss Car- hart's Secretary, Editor of H. R. Paper, Office Assistant. Future: Secretary. HERESA VELLA "Terry" 218 Haverford Street General jx "HM: rnhfzlwilifv is in lim' 7'z'1'.v41iilil,v." YJ Cheerleader, H. R. Pres., H. R. Secretary, H. R. wi Q' High-Lights Rep.. Assembly Comm., Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Social Comm., Youth For- um Comm., Knitting Club, Office Assistant, Sr. Teen Age Comm., Sr. Yearbook Comm. , Future: Secretary. RITA VETRECIN "Reet" 17 Morris Street College Prep "Thr way fn mailer' fl'il'1llf.l' is in be ont." Checkroom Comm., Lunchroom Comm., Girls' A. A., Assembly Comm., High-Lights. Future: Undecided. HELEN VISOKAY 'fHe1en" 38 So. Main Street, Milltown Secretarial "I have a hmrf 'zcfifli room for rzivry joyf' girls' A. A. Knitting Club, Mr. Compher's Secre- ary. ' Future: Secretary. Iunc, 1948 NICHOLAS VLACHOS "Nick" 208 Suydam Street College Prep 'C-llways smiling, ncfcr lrluc, .-I lzclfwing lzand hc'Il give to youf' S. C. Treas., Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club, Honor Society. Futllfel NEIVY. ELVIRA VOGT t'Elli8" 201 Fulton Street College Prep r' YH 5 unc 's lrzvfau i o za L " ll: ."1'cf of 1l"'.. 1 C7 . rj fl' 'POKE Nurses' Club, Research Comm., Girls' A. A., Firedrill Comm., Bridge Club, Social Comm.. Courtesy Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Usher Comm., Highlights Rep. Future: College. DOROTHY VOORHEES "Dot" 96 Van Lie-W Avenue, Milltown College Prep "Books affallzfllzlvli 11ziral'lr.r." H. R. Vice Pres., Social Dancing Club, Gym Assistant, Girls' A. A., Checkroom Comm., Decoration Comm., Home Economics Club, Class Will Comm., Sr. Teen Age Problems Comm., Teen Canteen Comm. Future: Nursing. MARY WAIDELICH "Pudgie" 10 Woodland Avenue ".l rlzcvrful di.vp0si!1'01z. sprcads likv flarwi, all vapors disjzcrsc before if." Home Economics Club, Camera Club, Social Club, Knitting Club, Yearbook Comm., Usher Comm., Sr. Prom Comm. Future: Business College. GILBERT WALKER "Beezer" 78 Railroad Avenue Commercial "If .vilmrrc is galdru, I am r1'ulz." Future: Radio and Television. RICHARD WALKER "Richie" 259 Powers Street College Prep HJIIISIV1' lx llw zlrlztwzral lllllflllilflt' of Jlltlllklllllfu Assembly Comm., Chess and Checkers Club, Firedrill Comm., Bridge Club, Highlights Busi- ness Staff, Orchestra, Band, Boys' Sports Club, Honor Society. Future: College. STANLEY WATKER "Stan" RFD No. 2, Box 199 Agriculture hflflfll .vrrzz lurf 11r't'm' l1f'ar'4l." F' F. A. Future: Undecided. FLORENCE WEBSTER "Flo" 7 Hazelhurst Street Bookkeeping "pl good rvjuztcifiari is more fnliralflc flmzz gold." Knitting Club, Social Club, Girls' A. A. Future: Stenographer. DOLORES WEISSENBURGER "Dee Dee" 450 Woodbridge Ave., Piscataway ".-I nzfrry sjmrl with a contagious S7lZllf'.H Girls' A. A., Traffic Squad, Highlights, Ca era Club, Art Club. Future: Undecided. BETTY WHALEN uck " 159 Albany Street ecret ial "Truly a lraffjij' .mul is slr Girls' A. A., Assembly Com ., Che room Comm., Assembly Comm., H. R. ecy. Future: Undecided. Secretarial asc, tllllljw fi The Advocate ELIZABETH WIESNER "Betty" 118 Guilden Street General "If"l1al sturfct dvliglli u qufrl lift' i1ji'u1'clx." Library Club, Courtesy Club. Future: Undecided. GERALD WILCOX "Jazz" 40 Ellen Street Dist. Ed. 'L-I Iiiflc folly is dvs1'1'i1If1p -in him -zvfm -will not lu' guilty of xfzipiciif-i'." Highlights Rep., Chess 8: Checkers Club. Future: Grocer. STANLEY WILCZYNSKI "Doc" 27 Neilson 'Street College Prep "I'ar1'uiy is fha .vfvzlzv of Iifr, .vu FII try 0-z'w'y!l11'11i1."' Boys' Sports Club, Sportsman's Club, Traffic Squad. Future: Undecided. JOHN RALPH WILLIAMS "Jack" 116 W. Church St., Milltown Agriculture ".llauurr zrmiffcrfvd and .s'1'l1i'm'l'." F. F. A. Future: Marine Engineer. ISIAH WILLIAMS "Ike" 464 Remsen Ave. General "fl good .vjmrl-cl ffm' f7'l.t'llt!'. Track Team, Library Club. Future: Cabinet Maker. ROBERT WILLIAMS 'tWillie" 6 Beechwood Place College Prep m5101110 du-i I 5114111 fast firmly' my lwyixlz firunky mm' be ll IIILULU Sportsman's Club, Boys' Sports Club, Track. Future: College. WINES "Beers" Searnen Street General ' "Speak up my 1114111, ,S'fH'C!1x' HP!" Club, Social Dancing Club, Glee Club. LORRAINE WITKOWSKI "Link" 999 Livingston Ave. Secretarial NSf1t'!!L'L' is 1110 g1n1ti!1m'i' uf frzzi' uf?'l'rtim1." Future: Secretary and Wife. DOROTHY WRIGHT "Dor" 30 Maplewood Place Secretarial "l'fmfl1 ix fmt ll time of lifrf il is ii stall' of lIIl.HlI.U Social Comm., Hos. 85 Pub. Comm., Office As- sistant, Knitting Club, Girls A. A., Girls' Glee Club. Future: Secretary. MARY WRIGHT 'tDuchess" '76 So. Ward St. General "Life is cr .v11ri'fssim1 of lussuzir ivlzirlz mils! lu' Izfwi rn lm ll!Ztfi'I'.ffUUlf.'Y Girl's A. A., Home Ec. Club, Inter-racial Club. Future: Dress Designer. June, 1948 ROBERT YAGER "Bob" 37 Robinson St. College Prep "fl little azmzsmzsc now and than - ls rrlzlvlzrd by the best of many." Boys' Sport Club, Sportsman's Club, Projection- ist Club, H. R. Rep., Track Team, Indoor Track Team. German Club, Honor Society. Future: College. MINNIE YATAURO "Min" RFD No. 3, Box 205, Hamilton Rid. General Hcwllllll- was she and gmzfle as Ilzc night." Knitting Club, Home Ec. Club. Future: Office Clerk. ELEANOR YATES 'tCherry" 1-- Railroad Ave. General "lI'lza1 IICI' lmlri !lz1'11k.r, lzc langue .my.r." Who's Blue Club, Girls' A. A., Intercultural Club, Modern Dancing Club, Checkroom Comm., Girls' Glee Club, Bridge Club, Varsity Club. Future: Marriage. MILTON YATVIN "Milty" 164 Baldwin St. Agriculture ".S'f'ri01l.v .S'HlIlCfl.llIPS, lzrrumrozzs 5o111vii1m'.v, likculilr z1lu'ny.r." Boys' Sports Club, Football, F. F. A. Future: Undecided. RICHARD YUCHNOVITZ "Itchy" Davidson Ave., Bound Brook General H7ll1f'7'I7'S no fun in lifr' wiflzozlf moist." Future: Business. CHESTER ZALINSKY "Chuck, 107 Franklin Ave. Commercial "Thu lll!lXlt' of flu' lvruul' .vilclzfztr all rm11I'm'5afl0r1." Boys' Sports Club, Sportsmen's Club. Future: Undecided. RALPH ZIMMERMAN "Zimmy" 7 Florence St. Bookkeeping ''.Sl'l,l-1'vf'vz'c11N, self-kn10n'lr4lf1v, s0lf-m11f1'ol- Tlzfsv ilzrrr alone lead life fo .wzrreigrz fvnfcw'rf' Sophomore Class Treas., Chairman of Traffic Squad, Lunchro-om Comm., Projectionist Club, Boys' Sports Club, S. C. H. R. Treas., H. R. Pres., A Capella Choir, Color Guard, Boys' Glee Club. Future: Undecided. GERTRUDE ZWIEBEL "Gertief" 238 Livingston Ave. College Prep ".Ynfl1i11gf lull l1L'U7'Cll ilsvlf is llctfw' flzrm 11 frffml fvlm is rmzlly 11 fl'1'L'lIll." Social Comm., Sec. of Assembly Comm., Orien- tation Comm., Highlights Reporter, Highlights Managing Editor, Girls' A. A., Spanish Club, Honor Society, 1947 Class Night Usher, Gym Office Assistant, Office Comm., Variety Show, Year Book Comm., Modern Dance Club, Dramatic Plays. Future: College. EVELYN BELNAVIS "Eve" 286 Commercial Avenue Home Economics ".l l1l'1'tll7lU lass iviilz a lzuxf of frivlldsf' Knitting Club, Political Club. Future: Seamstress. WILLIAM BOOTH 'tBoots" 15 Silver Lake Avenue, Piscataway Agricultural "lf -zmrlc and jvlvasun' dmff mix, drop work." F. F. A. Future: Undecided. xg-wvm' .4 xg :O y bf' 'A 'J- .-1 I .- . f-.Y K C 4. q4,. tw.. x so? rr, , ii 4 Nb. A U The Advocate ,fy MARGARET GROSS HMargie" 77 Dennis Street Commercial ".S'Tvl'4'ir1r.vs was lH'T'1.'l' arqzlirvd by eating randy." Hospitality and Publicity Comm., Assembly Comm., H. R, Vice Pres. Future: Undecided. MATILDA GUTOWSKA Matilda R. F. D. No. 3, Box 108 College Prep "Si111fw1ic1'Iy is tl mpfiffalfillg grave' in 'ZU0IIllHI.U Future: Government Clerk. RITA TIZZANO "Reet" 6 Eighth Street General "She has cz mind so zvftty, and a lmzrt so jlI'lIt'1'0ll.Y.', H. R. Secretary, Nurses' Club, Camera Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Nurse. ANITA PHILLIPS "Neet" 8 Berry Street General "Gmini and jo'z'ic1l, ami' LI1'ZUL1'V,S' LI .w1zfIe." H. R. Secretary, Nurses' Club, Home Economics Club. Future: Nurse. BARNETT "Mary" R. F. D. No. 4, N. B. General ".'l girl of noble qm11itic.r." Latin! Club, Traffic Comm., Knitting Club, Lunchroom Comm. Future: Nurse. . CHARLES DOERR 'fChas" Merchandising 89 Seaman Street "If yuzfre flzero bvforl' ifs urn' vu1z'r't' ml Z'iHIt'.J' Sports Club. Future: Undecided. THEODORE L. PAUL ':Ace" College P1'ep 5 Langley Place '14 willing hand and tl loyal heart." H. R. President, F. F. A., Baseball Manager, Traffic Comm., Hall Comm. Future: College. ELIZABETH SUNDERLAND ':Betty" 43 Cleremont Avenue College Prep "Wisdom, knowledge, po-zuvr-all in our." Orientation Comm., Caney Creek Comm., Lunch- room Comm., Girls' A. A., French Club, Spanish Club, P. A. P. Comm., Art Club, Tennis. Future: College. ALRT CLUB Adviser-Miss Lilian Clark President- George Vaillencourt Theodore Belsky June, 1948 HONOR SOCIETY Adviser: Miss Richenbrode President: Robert Freeze KNITTING CLUB Advisers: Miss Kastelansky Miss Riley HOME ECONOMICS Adviser: Miss Allison President: Betsy Sullivan I 4' fi MM -7'5!.V"' maui' 0 The Advocate 39 Ke? i it 'L 5 el? CLASS HISTORY Sophomore Year We four hundred and some few students cast a sheepish grin at the halls on our first experience at N.B.H.S. Those big seniors of l-16 looked domineer- ingly at us and sneered, "Ha, IOB babies!" As we cringed and moved on, we came face to face with several members of the faculty. 'lihey welcomed us into the auditorium and we learned of our homeroom members for the first time. We were forced to become acquainted with the school by some persons known as the Uri- entation Committee. "Know Your School," they called it and after that we really "knowed". Then came initiation. That was really itl The boys graced the halls in one white sock and one blue one, two ties, one in back, the other in front. They hugged their books in a sack and rolled their trousers to the knee. We gals suffered with three pigtails, no makeup, one dangling earring that made us look like gypsies, and our books in a sack. When we finally settled down, our year went something like this: For our class officers we elected Donald Suydam, President: Anita Parillo, Vice Presi- dent, Betsy Sullivan, Secretary, and Ralph Zimmerman, 'l'reasurer. 'lihe annual 10B part5 was held in the gym and we produced such talent as Anita Leary, lilsie Korman, -loan lVlark, Betsy Sullivan, Fareeda Shalhoub, Shirley Nloore, lfthel lfasch, and lfunice Mayo. Vke also had our share of stars on the foot- ball squad which finished the season with five victories, three defeats, and one tie, Stan Mal- uchnik, John Coppa, Dick Nlchlullen, Gus Xlartinowich, and Bill Kosmides spread glory for our noble sophomore class. After football, basketball, season opened with a bang with Kenny Bergen, Stan Nlaluch- nik, and Dick Xlchlullen helping to win twelve contests. Harvey Fireside was among those attend- ing the Columbia Press Conference in which the High-Lights took second place. 'l'he variety show of the year was held in Xlarch and Elliot laubenslag, Sarah Pollard, Jeanne Hubbard, jack Williams, and james Schenck kept us rolling in the aisles. Harvey Fireside and Phyllis Outcalt represented us at the Latin Contest in New York. Among our artists Marianna Szasz was awarded a certificate of merit in an art exhibit at Bamberger's in Newark. A Newark liven- ing News award went to Bob Freese for a poem he wrote. Faye Friedman attended the Teachers' Con- vention concert in Atlantic City as a member of the All-State Orchestra. James Schenck, Alice Aust, and Joan Mark sang in the All- State Chorus that year. The baseball team won twelve games with Dick McMullen, Stan Maluchnik, Charlie By- ron, and George DeBaylo starring. Frank Betza pitched a one-hitter game against As- bury Park. Our track squad included Zoltan Kovacs, Gus Martinowich, Jack Williams, and lsaiah VVilliams topped off the season by win- ning the county track meet. Albert Arouh, ,lack Rubin, David Crabiel, une, 1948 51 David Schwartz, and Rodman DeHart were all on the sophomore tennis team. For the successful hit, "Snafu," put on by the dramatics classes under the direction of Miss Laura St. Anne Keller, the whole school turned out. The all star cast included Margo Rauch and jim Hudson. Members of the A Cappella Choir had an enjoyable time at the Music Festival in Tren- IOII. The year was topped off with a bang-up Field day in which a student-faculty game held the spotlight. junior Year Our newly-elected junior class ofhcers ln- cluded: President, Donald Suydam, Vice-Pres- ident, George DeBaylog Secretary, Joan Mark, Treasurer, Charles Byron, and Sergeant-at- Arms, Dick lVlcMullen. VValter Leoniy, Cscar Sistrunk, Stan Ma- luchnik, Dick lVlclVlullen, Frank Betza, Charles Byron, Gus Martinowich, and Karl Schreefer cavorted on the gridiron for our class as mem- bers of the varsity football team. , In January we danced to the lilting music of Bob FHUCl1,S Orchestra in a blue and white streamer-bedecked gym at our junior Prom. Faye Friedman, member of the All-State Orchestra, acted as concert master at the Na- tional Convention of School Superintendents in March. Betsy Jane Sullivan was awarded a prize for her essay on Thomas A. Edison by the Thomas Edison Centennial Commission. Twenty-three members of our junior class learned that they had been elected to the Na- tional Honor Society. They were initiated with impressive and awe-inspiring ceremony during a senior assembly in May. Harvey Fireside won an award in the New- ark Evening News Contest. David Schwartz and Oscar Sistrunk were chosen as representatives of N.B.H.S. to the American Legion Boys' Convention. Members of the All-State Chorus of 1947 included Eugene Travers, Alice Aust, Mar- garet Heyse. It seems that many m-ore honors were be- stowed upon members of the junior class. Alice Aust, Hyman Gelbard, and Harvey Fireside helped win a cup as first prize in the German Poetry Reading Contest at Rutgers. Eunice Mayo ran away with first prize in an essay contest sponsored by the Dutch Set:- tlement Foundation and earned a six week's, trip to Europe. i Alice Aust went sight-seeing for a week in Cleveland at the Red Cross Convention. A s1f3N1o1z CALENDAR. ' September: School opened on September 4yfwli'th the usual clash of temperaments-thexlast year for us seniors. , , 1 We welcomed two new achers to our fac- ulty-J. VVycliffe Mg 'r ken, dramatic, and Eleanor Hawk, gui ance. Youth Forums were started on New Bruns- wick's own radjo, station, VVCTC C1450 on your radio dialj,-wlth many seniors participat- i. - V4 dei M241 -Card' Whnfamm for ' sei ior class officers we elected Os- car Sitrung resident, Doris Gilhuly, Secre- tarygfand pick lVlclVlullen, Treasurer. Jeanne Hubbard came back from the junior Achievement Convention at Glenwild, N. bl., in August. In the first football game of the season the New Brunswick Zebras defeated St. Peter's. Ucloberi ' At the beginning ofithe month all officers for the year 19-17-19-18 were installed during a general assembly. ' I " Out o'f a mass of excellent material, appli- cams were selected for the various yearbook committees. Low and failing slips foretold of events to come. Many of our classmates were frightened no end. For the first time in the history of our school a driving course for both boys and girls was begun. The Rutgers Chevrolet Company donated the automobile for practice. 52 The Advocate Columbus Day-a vacation at last, how- ever brief! The Red Cross Twins, Alice Aust and Fran- cis Pribula, represented us on the Red Cross Council as President and Vice Persident, re- spectively. Witches and sprites ruled for a night at the gala Hallowefen Dance sponsored by the Social Committee. The first issue of High-Lights celebrated its liiliteenth year. November: The A Cappella Choir held its first concert of the new term. Election Day-no school again, thanks to the politicians. VVhen we had our pictures taken for the yearbook, we felt that all we needed was IO have our fingerprints taken and We would be ready for the Rogues' Gallery. Members of the All-State Band, Chorus, and Orchestra from N.B.H.S. went to Atlantic City to give a concert for the New jersey Teach- ers Convention. The Key Club sent represen- tatives to the State Convention. The Pepsi Cola Scholarship examination were given under the direction of the guid- ance department. They proved to be a dis- appointment-no Pepsi Cola! On the same day members of our Stu- dent Council attended the State Student Council Convention at Princeton. A hilarious pep rally in the gym on the day before the Thanksgiving game was climaxed by a parade of students down Livingston Ave- nue, The Zebras met and upset South River, 7-0, the next day. Thanksgiving Day-Turkey, more turkey, pumpkin pie, more pumpkin pie--castor oill A drive was held to collect food for the Friendship Train. The Agriculture classes attended the State Fair and enjoyed the exhibits of cattle raising and swine herding. The .fiderhowf weren't bad either. ,Nuff said. Last, but certainly not least, our misdeeds caught up with us, as we were handed a graphic record in the form of a report card. December: Albert Arouh was chosen by the executive committee to act as Chief Recorder of the new Student Court, with Anna Pastush and livelyn Toth as clerks and Oscar Sistrunk as student member on the Board of Appeals. Many of us took the College Aptitude Tests under Mrs. Cleo Scott Findley's direction. The first basketball game featured the Zebras versus Pennington School--a home game. A press committee was organized to handle the lfigh School Notes in the Daily Home News. Anna Marie Rost served as chairman. The foreign language clubs had a most suc- cessful Christmas party, which to any out- sider must have sounded like the Tower of Babel. E New members were elected to the Honor Society. Frank Kulfinski, and Frank Hart, members of the Future Farmers of America, took a trip to Long Island. The A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mrs. Helen Robinson presented an enjoy- able Christmas assembly. A Christmas con- cert was also given in the evening. Mr. W. McCracken narrated the Christmas story. Some of our parents received special Christ- mas cards in the mail-low and failing slips. Finally our sixteen-day Christmas vaca- tion came and went, but the snow lingered on well into spring. january: The faculty chose .loan Melchiskey to rep- resent our school at the D.A.R. pilgrimage at Trenton in the spring. Seniors were measured for caps and gowns. George Camamis learned that he was one of the forty winners of the national Science Talent Search. Lucky George earned a free trip to Washingtoii, D. C., for a week. Andrew Sivak came through with flying colors as an honorable mention in the same contest. The Junior Prom was attended by many members of the senior class. une, 1948 53 The Dramatic classes under the direction of Mr. McCracken, presented two plays-a comedy, "How to Proposef, and a melodrama, "A Night at an Inn." Margo Rauch represented our school in the Poetry Reading Contest held in Newark. Report cards came out again and we waved good-bye to thilty-two 12A's from the mid- year class. Feb ruary: Yearbook orders were turned in and we saw the beginning of a new term-at last. The much-discussed Student Court finally went into effect. The Political Club presented a 'forum in assembly on the Marshall Plan. Members of the panel were Faye Friedman, Harvey lfire- side, Henry Beckwitt, David Schwartz, joan Melchiskey, Mary Happas, and Francis Pri- bula. A delightful Variety Show, bursting with new talent and old was presented and enjoyed by everyone. We wound up the basketball season with a home game against South River. No school on Lincoln's and Washi11gton's Birthdays. Oh, happy days! lllarchi A dance was sponsored by the Student Council and the Art Club. The P.T.A. held a luncheon. Those low and failings againl Students representing the High-Lights and Advocate attended the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference in New York City. Easter vacation started on March 25. April: Our wonderful vacation came to an end- back to school! The track season started with a meet, natch. Baseballs here again-the Zebras versus I Curtis. Those familiar yellow cards called report cards were issued. rliay: Another Student Council Dance was held and enjoyed. Low and failings made their final appear- ance for us. The annual Youth 'Week campaigning get under way and elections were held for five student commissioners. Our social season was climaxed with the much-awaited Senior Ball at the end of the month. A Nlemorial Day Program was given in general assembly. fume: The last month of our all-too-short stay at N.B.H.S. started with fun on Field Day. The first week of June also saw four long days of final examinations. lVe really felt commencement closing in on us at the Class Dinner and on Class Night. YVe all enjoyed giving the program on that eventful evening. Almost before we knew it, commencement night was here. VVith tear-dimmed eyes we entered upon our last adventure in good old N. B. H. S. All of us received our hard- earned diplomas and some of us were awarded special merits of various kinds. Amidst all the handshaking of congratu- lations and the playing of the band, we took out a few moments to think about how sorry we are to leave such a grand school. .... Oil - -1 l. if 1 4 VVe, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Porty-eight of the City of New Brunswick, County of Middlesex, and State of New jer- sey, being of sound mind and of good inten- tions, do make, publish and declare this docu- ment to be our last will and testament. We hereby give and bequeath: ., W 4 54 The Advocate To the junior Class-A young gold mine to help you pay the expenses of your senior year. To the Sophomore Class-A lot of school spirit and determination to succeed in what- ever you undertake. To N.B.H.S.-Our deep thanks for the years of fun, friendships, and education along with memories that will never be forgotten. To Mrs. Ryon-A lavender classroom with students who wear lavender clothes and have lavender school supplies. To Miss Freeman-A class that is all seated by the first bell and listens attentively to the bulletin. To Mr. Ambler-For variety, a class-room of pretty girls. Mrs. Wlhiteford-A mask to put on to hide the humor in her face when she tries to look angry. To Miss Hadley-A few new menus so we can have a change once in a while-not three starches on one plate. To the Study Hail Classes-All our old marbles and paper airplanes. To Mrs. Marden-Another Harvey. To Miss Lutz-A sedative to use when she has another Science Talent Search winner. To Mr. Papp-A wheelbarrow to carry stu- dent out of class instead of throwing them out. To Mr. Pccker-A band of 75 members who know their left feet from their right. To Miss Lee-A home-room as good as the one that's leaving. To Mr. Mirsky-A P. A. D. class that wonqt eat, talk, or knit while a problem is being pre- sented. To Mr. Gottlieb-Someone to sit and play the piano for him all day. To Mrs. Brown tl-listory Dept.j--A politi- cal club that will be orderly and quiet. To Miss Scally-A yearbook committee that gets its assignments in on time. To Mrs. COX-A class full of geniuses who will appreciate her. To Mrs. Robinson-A supply of muzzlcs to keep her class full of squirrels quiet. To Mr. Kistler-Bicarbonate of soda to take on his ucaloryll expeditions. To Mrs. Hart-A couple of hundred reams of bookkeeping paper to keep her classes well supplied. To Miss Rust-Latin students who are crazy about Latin. To Miss Tousley-Another helper like Richard. ' To Miss Clark-A willing volunteer who will gladly wash the sink each day. To Miss McCarty-A scooter to get to her classes on time with a compartment attached to put all her papers in. To Mr. Nichols-A half-hour radio program to tell his jokes on. To Mr. Enk-An extra sharp set of teeth so his bite will be as bad as his bark. To Mr. Hagmann-A mail slot in his home- room door for the morning bulletin. In witness thereof we have hereunto set our name to this our last will and testament in this day of June, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-eight. -. ..l..0i... PROP H ECIES FLORENCE ADOCHIO has opened a knit- ting shop on Church Street. She gives free lessons to all purchasers. JUNE AHRENS, ELVIRA VOGT and BAR- BARA JOHNSON are feeling pulses at Medical Center. They have all realized their ambition. HANNAH ALKON, noted orator, is express- ing her opinion on how to read a poem. ANGELINA ARMAO has just opened her own book store. ALBERT AROUH is popular with high school students. He's a tutor in Spanish. ALICE AUST is head of the local Red Cross Chapter. CALVIN AUTEN has just completed his lat- est 'football song entitled, "Tackle Me Back to Old High School." BETSY BARICH is manager of the F. W. Vlfoolworth store in New York. MARY BARNETT now owns her own de- partment store in New York City. une, 1948 55 DOLORES BARTHOLOME is Mr. Carlson's most able assistant. JAMES BEACFIAM is the leading boat de- signer in the United States. HENRY BECKVVITH and ANITA PARIL- LO are running for Commissioners in New Brunswick. THEODORE BELSKY is the new manager of the R.K.O. Rivoli in the city. JOSEPH BENDAVID and ELLIOTT TAU- BENSLAG have opened a club in Florida called "The Lopatkin Gardensf, BETTY JOHNSON is head hat-check girl at the Waldorf Astoria. KENNETH BERGEN has been named the "Young Man of the Year" by the Chamber of Commerce. VIOLA BERTA and THERESA CAMAS- TRA are both working in the office at John- son 8: Johnson. FRANK BETZA is pitcher for the New York Yankees' baseball team. RICHARD BETZLER is editor of the "Su- permann comic book. FRANK BILLINGS has opened the first de- partment store in Milltown. JOSEPH BIONDO is an expert chemist at Squibbs. ROSE BIONDO is secretary to the Mayor of New Brunswick. CARL BITTO is playing first base for the Brooklyn 'fBums.,' RICHARD BLACKWELL stars during the pause for station identification on the ABC network. JOHN BODNAR operates a fishing schooner in the North Atlantic. IRIENE BODO is buyer 'for F. VV. Woolworth. NANCY BOEHM is now one of the "Upper Burnet Street Kids." JOSEPHINE BOELHOUWER is an expert hairdresser. She uses Bob Morris as a model. VVILLIAM BOOREAM'S picture can be seen in the "men of distinction" ad. VVILLIAM BOOTH is honorary chairman of the F.F.A. JOAN BRINSTEIN is a dietician helping people learn how to put on weight. VVILLIAM BRI ITINGHAM is chief me- chanic at General Motors Company. MILLICENT BRUNSON is principal ol' the New Brunswick Sewing School for Woinen. ROBERT BRUSSO is posing for Calvert's distinguished men's pictures. CATHERINE BRYANT is hairdresser at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. JANET BUIST has been named the bc-st guard ever to play on a Womenls profession- al basketball team. ISABEL BURKE is a clown in Ringling Brothers Circus. JERRY BONANNO, while running for State Senator, wears his audiences out with his long speeches. MARGARET BYARS is corresponding secre- tary for actor Seymour Kamp. She answers all his fan mail and sends pictures out to his admirers. CHARLES BYRON and GEORGE DE BAY- LO have taken to the woods of Maine. They are skilled trappers, ELEANOR CALAMIA is a dress designer for Vogue Magazine. JEANNIE CALAMONERI and J OA N DECKER are blushing brides. EMILY ALLEGRA is secretary to GEORGE CAMAMIS, who is head chemist at the Merck Chemical plant in Rahway. JOHN CANTALUPO plays baseball for the New York Yankees. JULIA CARNEY is truant officer for the New Brunswick Schools. HILARY CICHOWSKI is still buying old cars and 'fixing them up so they will run. ELIZABETH CLARK has finally become Mr. B.'s private secretary at Rose-lle's. KATHLEEN COGHLAN warbles "My Wild Irish Rosef' with Spike Jones' racket mak- ers. BERNARD COHEN is still on the road as a salesman for the New Brunswick Sport Equipment Company. SAUL COHEN is top electrician at the Johns- Manville Corporation in Manville. VVILLIAM COLLINS has introduced the "Bloop-Bleep-Ball" to the National League. 56 The Advocate JOHN COPPA is building motor boats in Lincoln Gardens. CATHERINE COREY has moved down South and is happily married. She is kept busy looking after three little editions of herself. IRENE COSTA is still keeping up with the latest styles. DAVID CRABIEL is leading the daily re- vival meetings at Caney Creek. ROY CROSS has made use of the firedrill practice. He is now chief of the fire depart- ment. WILLIAM KARVELAS has handed down the title of "Laziest Man of the Year" to LOUIS CR-OUCH. DONALD DAVIS is trying to get permission to have school lessons taught over the radio so that students can stay in bed while study- ing. MARIE DAVIS is a cosmetician in Gimbels, New York. LOUISE DE CANDIA and MARGAREI VADAS are school marms in a kindergarten school where they can display their wisdom. RODMAN DE HART is on a lecture tour of the United States. He is trying to make up 'for all those silent years. CHARLES DEINZER has opened up 3 super meat market which takes in a whole block. A lot of ham. EDWARD DELANOY is being 'featured at the Paramount with his band. RALPH DELLAPA is playing fullback on the Chicago Bears team and is tearing the opposing line to shreds. PHILIP DELLASALA sells electric iceboxes to the Eskimos. JOSEPH DE LUCA is manager of Field's Shoe Store. SARAH DE NICOLA is walking around on air enjoying married life. EDNA DE SHAY is supervisor of the window display at P. Youngls store. HANNAH DE VRIES has just been chosen as the outstanding woman lawyer of her time. JOSEPH DICARA has at last had his dream come true. He's water-boy for the New York Giants. MARY DIPANO is in Paris buying the latest styles for Saks-Fifth Avenue. VIVIAN DOBOS is secretary to the Gov- ernor of New Jersey. CHARLES DOERR knows everyones busi- ness. He is a mail clerk at the local post office. CHARLES DONOVAN is a radio announcer and his deep voice frightens the children but thrills the spinsters. ANNA DOROFACHUK is still secretary to Miss Lutz at good ol' N.B.H.S. FERDINAND DUIGON is a prominent citi- zen of Milltown. THOMAS DUNN is still the quietest boy in New Brunswick. JUNE DUNSTER is a psychiatrist in the State Hospital for the Mentally Diseased. CLAIRE EDEN is teaching journalism at Rutgers. RALPH EICHENS is giving a series of lec- tures on Art to polite high school audiences. JACK ELINS read somewhere that many great men have started their careers by peddling shoe strings. Jack has taken his first step to fame. ALBERT ELLIS, that movie idol, is basking in the California sunshine. NORMAN ELLISON is building those new battleships that have been designed by WILLIAM JANOUSKY. HENRY ERICKSON is manager of the Thomas Studios in Trenton. PHILIP ERICKSEN has gone to Hollywood. He has a screen test coming up. HELEN ESSMAN is raising her children to be good students of N.B.H.S. ANGELO FARELLA is New Brunswickls singing undertaker. MARGIE FARKAS has left her position as floorlady in Newberry's and has her own business now, a flourishing knitting shop. GEORGE FARMER is teaching history in une, 1948 57 the Milltown High School. Itis new Cthat is the schoolj. ETHEL FASCH is playing the piano at Car- negie Hall. PATRICIA FEASTER has gone to Paris to buy dresses for L. Bamberger Sz Company. CLARA FINKIQLSTEIN is just Waking up. She caught up on lost sleep, missed by stay- ing up nights doing homework. JOSEPH FIORINO has just shined his mil- lionth pair of shoes. VIRGINIA FIORINO is the head typis: at the Wliite House and is typing all the Presidentis speeches. HARVEY FIRIQSIDE is editor-in-chief of his own paper, "The Daily Scientific Re- view." He is being assisted by none other than JEAN RAINBOW who writes the 4'Laughs On You"' column. Just for the fun of it. AUGUST FITZ is still a buck priva e in the Nlarines. MARY FRANCIS invented a new bookkeep- i ing system. PAY FRANKEL and FLORENCE Mc- CARTHY are ideal wives. They never talk back. FRED FREEDMAN is star pianist in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. ROBERT FREESE is working in Washing- ton as chief statistician for the government. FAYE FRIEDMAN is the well-known violin- ist at Carnegie Hall. WVatch out Jack Benny. NIARCELINO EUENTES is now Wearing a bell around his neck. We would never be able to hear him otherwise. ADMIRAL NICK VLACHOS is Chief Naval Officer to President ROBERT GARBACK. ANNA GAZIRR has taken Mr. Hartz's place as manager of Newberryis. RUTH GEBHARDT teaches bridge to the idle rich. HYMAN GELBARD is 'proprietor of Gel- bard's Undertaking Establishment. Just a wee step further than he originally intended. FRANCES and GRACE GERICKONT are doing partnership commercials for "Mad- man" hluntz, who is none other than that famous car-expert, BILL BRITTINGHAM. SHIRLEY GENSLER is singing popular tunes at the Stork Club in New York. lfl.l'QANOR GESICKI is still cheering-now she is cheering her children on. DOROTHY GHILINO is in charge of the Tiny Tots' Department in Lobel's. DORIS GILLHULY has finally given up nursing to settle down and raist little iiGrameQ crackers. LOIS GOLDSTEIN has signed a contract with the Palm Olive Company to pose for their 'KKecp That School Girl Complexionv ads. DOROTHY GOODVVIN is designing Ida Lu- pinois dresses. GLORIA GORDON has just published her first novel. SAMUEL GORDON is the new "Smiling Irishman." JOAN GRAUl.lCll is an accountant for the Henry Ford plant in Chicago. MARY GRISALIS works 'for the State, the State Theatre that is. HELEN GRINLEY is corresponding secre- tary for Robert NV. Johnson. JOHN GROSS, better known as '6Dimples," is enticing all the customers to spend their money at the Pound Store. PATRICIA GRPOTE has a cartoon strip in ali the Sunday papers called the "Lee lWonsters." HENRY GROW is stand-in for Mickey Rooney. MATILDA GUTOWSKA has just published a "History of Modern Europef, JOHN GYUMOLCS is sole owner of the Gyumolcs Coal and Oil Company. His pleas- ing personality has helped build a thriving business. RUTH HABEDANK, a recent graduate of N.J.C., is doing research for Squibb's in bacteriology. GLORIA HABERMAN, an efficient private secretary, has married her boss so she could be boss. 38 The Advocate JACK HAMER and FRANK HART own a hunting lodge in the Canadian Rockies. ROBERT QBeansD HAMER is still playing basketball under the direction of A. C. Red- Shaw. ELSIE HANSEN, noted pianist, is featured at the Paramount Theatre. LEONARD RICO is acting Mayor ol' the burg of Stelton, with MARY HAPPAS as his most efficient assistant. HELEN HASZINECS is letting her secit tarial position run her ragged. ELEANOR HAYDUK is advertising man ager of the Daily Home News. DIANA HERSHKOWITZ is chief account- ant for Macy's Department Store in New York. MARGARET HEYSE has reached the height of opera fame. She made her debut last year in New Brunswick. NEWTON HICKMAN has taken Sherlock Holmes' place as the "Solve-'em-ally de- tective. BARBARA HIDENHEIM is serving her country as the presidentls general assistant. GLENN HIGHT is still a "Future Farmer of Americaf, RUTH HOFFER has completed her nurses training and is practicing in St. Peters Hospital. JAMES HOLM adn ARTHUR LIBOUREL are directors of 'their ownrshow which tours the country and plays before high school assemblies. KENNETH HOLZ is loafing around and read- ing all the newspapers he can get his hands one. JANE HORAN is tripping merrily through life as a dancer along the Great Wliite Way. VIOLA HORN'YAK is manager of the N.B. H.S. cafeteria-now we get something to eat. JEAN HUBBARD is one of the adult ad- visers for the Junior Achievement compan- ies in the State. JAMES HUDSON is busy winning cases s the outstanding lawyer of the year. MARGERY INMAN is starring in a broad- way production, '6My Memories of Mar- geryv at the Schubert Theatre. ALICE ISTVAN designs clothes for the lead-- ing Hollywood stars. ELSIE IVAN has a squad of 'her own little "tumblers". SAIVIUEL ,IELIN is giving a line to everyone he meets. ICLIZABETH JOHNSON has just completed a philosophic treatise on "The Futility of Lifefl JANET JOHNSTON is a nurse at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. EDVVARDA KALLIS is teaching in the school at Stelton. ROBERT KALMAN is in Detroit as Henry Ford's head mechanic. DORIS KAMPF is attending Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School in New York. KENNETH KAPLAR is stand-in for Alan Ladd. RICHARD KAPOLKA is trying to get more orders for the Daily Home News in Piscata- waytown. LILLIAN KARA is still waiting for her "Beely', Leach. HOLLAND KPILTON is entertaining at the Jazz Club of America. JACK KESTENBAUIVI is retired and taking it easy on his yacht at Miami. RAYMOND KIIVIBER is captain of the Knickerbockt-r's basketball team. PAUL KISKURNO has taken Van Johnson s place as the idol of the "bobby soxers". JOHANNA KLOESSIG has settled down 2. an influential housewife in North Bruns- wick. ELIZABETH KLINE is the efficient secre tary to the former Mayor of New York. DONALD KOLB is president of the New Jersey branch of the l'Boy Scouts of Amer- ICHII VVILLIAM KOSMIDES is a teacher at N.B. H.S. where he keeps them smiling as he always did. ROSALYN KOSOFFSKY is teaching her une, 1948 v children how to be sophisticated. ANNA PASTUSH is private secretary to DORIS KOVACH who has just started her own business. JOHN KOVACS is 'buyer for john Wana- inaker in New York. ZOLTON KOVACS and ROBERT SECK- RETTAR are the contractors who built the Brunswick Village. MILDRED KOVATCI-I is writing a book en- titled "HOW to Get Through High School Withotit Workiiig.', ARNOLD KRAUSS is a cymbal player with Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra. JEAN KREIGER and RITA VETRECIN are noted mathematicians who are working for General Motors. RITA KRULL has finished her training at Middlesex Hospital. MARILYN KUDERLE and EDNA FER- CHO are operating a Dude Ranch in Wy- oming. PHYLLIS KUI-ILTHAU is the first lady mayor of Milltown. FRANK KULFINSKI and his orchestra are now playing on Broadway. KATHERINE KYRIMES is a saleslady for the Silent Automatic Company. STEVE LAKATOS is Sports Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle. GEORGE LAPCZYNSKI has just been pro- moted 'from Seaman 3rd Class in the Navy to Rear Admiral. JOSEPHINE LA SALLA is a comedy jitter- bugger touring the country. IRVING LATHAM is fire chief of Raritan Township. VIRGINIA LATHAM, once head of the N.B. H.S. twirlers, has given up twirling the ba- ton. Now she throws the rolling pin at her lon! and matter. ANITA LEARY is teaching sociology at N.J.C. ARTHUR LEARY has learned to lead a dog's life. He is a veterinarian. JANET LEFFERTS is manager of Wool- worth's "Department" store in Chicago. XVALTER LEONIY is still an ardent visitor to Milltown. LEONARD LINDER has his own potato farm, but he's worried-not enough rain. CORALI-QE LINS is traveling the world over with the famous "C Trio". ROBERT LIVENSPIRE is playing profes- sional hockey-we mean pawn shop. DOROTI-IEA LUTZ is leading the blood- thirsty life of a nurse. DONALD MAC PHERSON is m o d e l i n g men's clothes in New York. FRANK MADAMA may be heard witlh his quartet at the Paramount in New York. STANLEY MALUCHNIK is president of the Yellow Cab Company. MALTA MALTESE is now buying the "sweets" for Young's candy counter. XVILLIAM MANUEL is head electrician for General Electric. JUSTINE MARINELLI is still keeping her future a secret. JOAN MARINO, still hopeful, nurses the everlasting crush on a certain history teacher. ELVERA INIARINUCCI has become a model for hats--especially high hats. Since JOAN MARK is working on the clas- sified ads. column for the Daily Home News, she is running a lost ad., trying to locate the decorations from dances. RONALD MARSHALL has been voted pres- ident of the N.B.I-l.S. Booster Cyour mor- alsj Club. GUS NIARTINOVVICH is suffering from a peculiar malady. Every night while sleep- walking he performs imaginary football tricks. ELEANOR MASSING is still dancing at St. Mary's S. R. ROBERTA MATLACK is 'happily married to her 6'Bud" who is now president of the Public Service. AMELIA MATSEUR has completed her course in Beauty Culture and is teaching other women how to become beautiful. MARVIN MARANTZ is the prosperous pro- 99 60 The Advocate prietor of a sporting-goods palace on George Street. ANTHONY MUSCIARELLA accepted the presidency of the carpenter's union. EMMA JUNE MATTHEWS is posing for "Typical American Girl" posters for Con- over. OLGA MATYAS is painting the murals in the New City Hall. MARLENE MAURER is teaching Sunday School. EUNICE MAYO is teaching modern dancing in her own studio down town. MARY JANE INICCARTHY is the new man- ager of Wioolworthis. ANN MCGOVERN, as everyone suspected, is the champion woman swimmer of the world. HELEN Mc KENDRICK and ADELLA VAN DERVEER have opened a dancing stu- dio in Philadelphia. RICHARD MCMULLEN is playing left-end on the Notre Dame 'football team. BENJAMIN MCNALLY is attending prep school, preparing for his future, "women". JOAN MELCHISKEY is modeling mud packs at Saks Fifth Avenue. CAMILLE MIRACHI is in Paris designing dresses for the French misses-there she displays her temper and gets away with it. PAT MOLNAR is still debating. ANGELO MONTANO is the great mathema- tician who teaches at Rutgers. One of the easier problems he gives is: Prove that if a man had placed two bits out at com- pound interest at the time of Solomon, he would now have ,l947,998,64-5.20. SHIRLEY MOORE is representing the U. S. in a South American Conference. MARIE MOR'RIS is receptionist in the ol- fices of the Rand-McNally Corporation. VERNELL MORRIS is a shorthand expert at Drake Business College. JOHN MUELLER is a weather forecaster, specializing in fogs. AUDREY NACHAMKIS is happily married and residing in Chicago. ROSRMARY NEWMAN is trying to be elected first woman Mayor of New Bruns- wick. IRENE NAGY recently won a contest 'for re- maining quiet for the longest time. CHESTER NAWRfOCKI is the manager of the Ace Chain Grocery Stores. ELSIE NEMIES is receptionist for Mr. john- son at the local plant. ANDREW NIGRO, as usual, is giving a help- ing hand. CARMIELINDA NIGRO'S smile is seen on all Ipana tooth paste ads. AUDREY OAKLEY is working in the labor- atory at Squibbb's as a technician. PAULINE OKULICK is the new World's VVomen's Tennis Champ, taking the place held by Pauline Betz. GOLDIE OLCSVARY has a permanent job at Tiska's in Piscataway. MARIE ORSO is an accountant in the lfirst National Bank in New Brunswick. PHYLLIS OUTCALT is head of the language department at N.B.H.S. Poor Phyllis. ADAM PAITAKES is part owner of jayls Drug Compony. RICHARD PAULUS has opened his own haberdashery on George Street. He is a very good ad. for his Wares. CATHERINE PENN is manager of "Mus- sels" Department Store. TED PAUL is an aviator for TWA. He is earning so much money he will be able to retire soon. RUTH PERRINE is president of the New Jersey Parent-Teachers Association. VIVIAN PETERSON is librarian at Virginia State College, her alma mater. ANITA PHILLIPS and RITA TIZZANO are technicians at Medical Center. CHARLES PIPARO has been appointed upresidentn of the pipefitters at Squibbs. EVANGELINE PLAGANES is still just a quiet little miss. SARAH POLLARD is keeping everybody happy dancing her way to fame. June, 1948 61 ROSEMARY PONTELLA, the slim miss, is modeling clothes for Saks Fifth Avenue. ELEANOR PORTASH is s e C r e t a r y to THOMAS STEINFELD who is special agent for the F.B.I. JAMES PRESCOTT is running a diamond mine in the jungles of Brazil. DANIEL PRESLEY is late again! FRANCIS PRIBULA has decided to become a bus driver, even after his college cour e He claims he has more experience on buses. Y PHILIP PRICE is loafing around taking life, any easy. 1- V ANGELINA PRINCIPATO is writing a book on "How to Sleep in English Class and Get Away VVith It." INIARY PUGLIESE is the same sweet girl she was way back in '48, HERBERT PURITZ has just flown ISUU miles per hour for the new world's record. NINA PUSCH, a happily-married seamstress, is worrying about her many little "stitches" JOSEPH RADO is floor walker at Bamber- ger's. He still flatters all the girls. ROBERT RAMIREZ liked the Six-Year Plan at high school so decided to Work it again at college. MARGO RAUCH and her partner for lile have a radio program on WCTC entitled "The Mr. and Mrs. Breakfast Table." JEANNE REARDON, according to latest re- ports, is the world'-s richest woman-"Si- lence is Goldenf, ANNA RECINE has illustrated to the world that in the art of conversation silence has its charm. VIOLET RECTOR is still holding the bet money on the "baseball champs" 'for Home- room 212. STEPHEN REID has replaced Mr. Hag- mann as police recorder in Franklin Town- ship. LIONEL REYNOLDS is head usher at the State Theatre. JACK RICHTER is still trying to find some- body else's book to read. IDA RITTMAN is co-owner of George's Soda Fountain in Milltown. DOMENICA RIZZO has taken Miss De- wald's place in the Spanish Department. She always did love Spanish. DOROTHEA ROBERTS is the Florence Nightingale of St. Peter's Hospital. ALMA ROBINSON and EVELYN BEL- NAVIS have their own dressmaking estab- lishment in town and make the smart clothes worn by N.J.C. girlsp JULIA ROSETTO is manager of the Byron Candy Store in Stelton. ANNE MARIE ROST is manufacturing alarm clocks. Wlonder if she uses one. JACK RUBIN has taken Max Peckerls place at N.B.H.S.-ah, what a band. CONSTANCE RUSCIANO is doubling lor Gail Russell in Hollywood, and has become quite famous. EVELYN SABO is accountant at Squibbs in New Brunswick. HELEN SABO is modeling her own fashion- able clothes in Hearn's Teen Shop. THERESA SAFNER is secretary to Sonya Henie. MARY JANE SALMON is a kindergarten teacher at Livingston School. JOHN SALOVICH and ANDREW SIVAK are noted chemists who are working on a formula so that students may become intel- ligent over-night. ANGELINA SANTISI is the receptionist at Calco Chemical Company, Bound Brook. SARANTIS SARANTOS and DOLORES VVEISSENBERGER are raising "ponies" in Kentucky. FREDERICK SCHEERLE has risen to great heights as elevator operator in the Empire State Building. JANIES SCHENCK is featured at Cafe So- ciety with 'his trio. JOYCE SCHOR is a lab. technician for John- son K Johnson. FLORENCE SCHORK, MARY WAIDE- LICH and MINNIE YATAURO are secre- taries to officials of the Calco Chemical Company. 62 The Advocate KARL SCHREEFER is the "Peaches,' on the Army team. LOUISE SCHUNK is keeping her husbands books in her spare time. DAVID SCHWARTZ, a noted dentist of New Brunswick, has an appropriate hobby- 'fteeth collecting". .IULUIS SCHVVARTZ plays baseball with the Yankees. JOHN SCIBILIA is New Jerseys best sci- entific farmer. He is showing the Ag. Col- lege how to do things. LORETTA SCIORTINO is playing opposite Glen Ford. FAREEDA SHALHOUB roller-skates to work. That's the Way she gets some of her practice. ROBERT SHIPBIAN is doubling for Charlie McCarthy. LOUISE SHI-QRROD is checkroom girl at the Pennsylvania Hotel. MARILYN SHURILLA is making her long visit to Hollywood. HELEN SIEGEL is now working in Washing- ton as a Spanish interpreter. HARRIET SILVERMAN is working in the Childrenys Hospital in Newark. DOROTHY SIPOS is designing those lovely dresses being worn by the Duchess of WllldSOl'. OSCAR SISTRUNK is star tackler on the 'IAII American Football Teamf' SHIRLEY SMITH has bought the Gay Beauty Shop and enlarged the business. DOROTHY SILANO, the noted scientist, is working with the Rockefeller Foundation. FRANK SOBI-LL is on trial before the U. S. Supreme Court for his ruthless murder of the English language. CHARLES SOKAN is in Germany spreading good-Will. DORIS SPILATORE, now managing the Brooklyn Dodgers, hopes they'll win the Wo1'ld's Series this year. GEORGE STAMM is reading the Bible every Sunday morning over WCTC. He is using his homeroom experience to good advan- tage. JOSEPH STANLEY is Sports Editor of the Daily Home News. DAVID STOWE is having a tough time try- ing to get the present mayor of New Bruns- wick out of ofiice. DOROTHY SULLIVAN is president of the Lawrence Brook Civic Club. ELIZABETH SULLIVAN is happily married and raising a family in the sixth ward. ELIZABETH SUNDERLAND is a fashion designer for R. H. Macy in New York. MARIANNA SZASZ is a well-known dress designer in Paris. MARILYN TAMAROFF is still knitting ar- gyles. Now HE has all colors. LILLIAN TANENZAPF has just opened her one-man art exhibit down in Greenwich Village. XVILLIAM TEAL has run Quackenboss out of business with a prosperous mortuary ol his own. ALICE TENERALLI is a nurse at Medical Center. MADELINE TENERALLI is part owner ol Brooks in New Brunswick. GWENDOLYN THEURICH coaches a jun- ior basketball league in Milltown. GLORIA TIERNEY is warbling lullabies to a little track Star. ROSE TOROK is one of Esquire's talented artists. EVELYN TOTH and ETHEL VACULA are public stenographers. They have their own oflice in the Bank Building and are kept very busy. MARY TOTH is secretary to Mr. Enk back at good old N.B.H.S. EUGENE TRAVERS surprisingly enough is a traveling salesman for the Fuller Brush Company. MARY TUCKER is supervisor of nurses at Medical Center. GEORGE VAILLENCOURT is writing on three subjects on which he is an authorityg me, myself, and I. DOLORES VAN BUSKIRK is a show girl at Radio City. une, 1948 63 MAE VAN DERVEER is manager of Sears- Roebuck Store. OWEN VAN DYKE and STANLEY WAT- KER have a hunting lodge in Canada. Many New Brunswickers visit them every winter. FRED VAN LIEVV is a commercial artist in London. JOYCE VAN SICKLE models hats for Gim- ble's in New York. KENNETH VAN SLAARS is the owner of the Ten Bar Ranch in Montana. MIRANDA VAROUDAKIS is teaching American Democracy to the children of Athens. JOSEPH VAVRA owns a chain of service stations and drives 'from one to the other in a jeep. ETHIZL VIEIZER is secretary to the Ijresident of W'all Street. THERESA VELLA is giving a series of lec- tures on "What to Do and How to Do lt." HELEN VISOKAY is the fastest typist in the country. DOROTHY VOORHEES has an important political positon in the town council of Milltown. GILBERT YVALKER is a radio technician for VVOR. RICHARD VVALKER is in New Orleans with his own band. I-Ie's trying to find out about a new type of music that they say will be a second jazz. FLORENCE WEBSTER is a bookkeeper for john Wanamaker in New York City. ELIZABETH WIESNER is the dietician at St. Peter's Hospital. ELIZABETH WHALEN has organized a girls' basketball team of her own. GERALD YVILCOX has replaced Bob Hope on the radio as comedian. STANLEY WILCZYNSKI has just won the international motorboat race at Havana. ISAIAH WILLIAMS has just Won the Red- shaw'medal for hurdling. ROBERT WILLIAMS is floor-walker at Macy's Department Store. MELVIN WINES is working for the Gen- eral Electric in Bloomfield---an expert elec- trician. LORRAINE VVITKOWSKI is teaching typ- ing at Drake's Secretarial School. DOROTHY YVRIGHT has acquired stock in the Perth Amboy Roller Skating Rink. NIARY WRIGHT is traveling all over the country as secretary to Paul Robeson. ROBERT YAGER is head usher at the Rivoli Theatre. ELEANOR YATES has settled down in her own home and is raising her family to be good students of N.B.H.S. MILTON YATVIN is a laboratory techni- cian of dairy products at the college farm. ITCHY YUCHNOVITZ drives a huge inter- state trailer truck. CHESTER ZALINSKY is head soda jerk at the Moderne. RALPH ZIMNIERMAN is the ubusiness man of the year." GERTRUDE ZWIEBEL is a highly-paid statistician in Washington. PATRONS I Mr. and Mrs. joseph Bartholome Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vogt, Sr. Mrs. Freda Marden Miss Linette E. Lee Miss Rosa Scally Mr. Stephan Melchiskey Mr. David Crabiel Mr. and hlrs. Portash Mr. and Mrs. W. Simpson Mrs. Georgiana Theurich Mr. and Mrs. William F. Latham Mr. and Mrs. F. Linde Ryon Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Essman 64 The Advocate STUDENT COUNCIL CHEERLEADERS Adviser:: Mrs. Marden Adviser: Mrs. Brown President: Harvey Fireside Chairmen: Doris Gillhuly, Pat Fessler FRENCH CLUB ALPHA NU GAMMA Adviser: Miss Poor Adviser: Miss Carhart President: Laura Goldsmit President: Ellen Fuchs FACULTY BABIES on Page '7-Elinor Allison, Walter Amber, Clara Beasley, Dorothy Buck- ley, Lilian Clark, Anne Donohue, John Enk, Cleo Findley, Faustina Freeman, Vernon Hagmann, Margaret Harkins, Mildred Iffrig, Myron Kistler, Linette Lee, Mary Lutz, Gilbert Pfapp, Eugenia Reed, Blanche Riggs, Helen Robinson, Louise Rust, Mildred G. Ryon, Rosa Scally, Louise Sheldon, Helen Tousley, Charlotte Whiteford. A FACULTY on Page 8 and 9 - Elinor Allison, Walter Amber, Eddie Blumberg, Geral- dine Brown, Ruth Brown, Dorothy Bucklef, Lilian Clark, Clinton Cornpher, Catherine Cox, Anne Donohue, Elizabeth Dudich, Myrtle Dumont, John Enk, Fausftina Freeman, Dorothy Galinsky, Eva Grossman, Vernon Hagemann, Robert Harding, Margaret Harkins, Roberta Hart, Eleanor Hawk, Mildred Iffrig, Ralph Jenkins, Ruth Kastelansky, Myron Kistler, Linette Lee, George Lintern, Erna Lotze, Mary Lutz, Frieda Marden, Wycliff McCracken, Rose Moore, Josephine O'Neill, Gilbert Papp, Martha Poor, John Raigone, Francyl Richenbrode, Blanche Riggs, Louise Rust, Mildred Rlyon, Rosa Scally, Louise Sheldon, Crawford Sinclair, Elizabeth Steichen, Scaliy Tischler, Yolanda Valrga, Charlotte Whiteford, Sol Whitman, Herbert Wright. June, 1948 HIGHLIGHTS ADVOCATE Adviser: Miss Grossman Adviser: Miss Riggs Editor: Betsy Sullivan Editor: Elizabeth Johnson GERMAN CLUB LIBRARY CLUB Adviser: Miss Lotze Adviser: Miss Buckley President: Alice Aust President: Mary Elizalbeth Ellis POLITICAL CLUB LATIN CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Brown Adviser: Miss Lee President: David Schwartz Chairman: Lillian Carncross tf lh Xi cr SCENES AROUND SCHOOL 948 SCEN ES AROUN D SCHOOL 68 The Advocate ASSEMBLY Adviser: Mrs. Marden Chairman: Jean Rainbow SOCIAL Adviser: Mrs. Marden Chairman: Joan Mark HOSPITALITY AND PUBLICITY Adidser: Mrs. Marden Chairman: Jean Hubbard POINT AWARD Adviser: Mrs. Marden Chairman: Anita Leary PresicIent's Messoge It gives me great pleasure to extend our warmest welcome to you, :honored guests, members of the faculty, parents, and friends of the Class of 1948. Tonight we have invited you to share one of the final experiences in our high school careers, for with your guidance and affection We have reached the first rung on our ladder of success. From here we shall carry on in the various fields of endeavor. l know it will be our am- bition to make you and our school proud of us, whether we continue our education in institutions of higher learning or become work- ing citizens in our community. Whatex'er the choice, all of us will be Working with fellow citizens of all nationalities and creeds for the betterment of our nation. We are presenting a program tonight which we hope will remain in your memory. While the play was written and produced by Stl!- dents, members of the faculty generously gave of their time, edort, knowledge and experience to make it a success. OSCAR SISTRUNK unc, 1948 The Advocate une, 1948 ,xx WH MQ E i Class Baby Pictures on Pages 69-70-7l-72 Page 69-Carmelinda Nigro, Melvin Wines, Elyse Ivan, Marilyn Kuderle, Len-ore Theurich, Faye Friedman, Rosemary Newman, Newton Hickman, Eunice Mayo, Helen McKen'dricl:, Dolores Bartholome, Betty Sunderland, Doris Gillhuly, Gertrude Zwiebel, Doris Kampf, John Coppa, Arthur Leary, Jean Kreiger, Henry Beckwitt, Jean Cfalamoneri. Page 70-Richard Betzler, Rita Vetrecin, Janet Lefferts, Phyllis Outcalt, Pauline Okulich, Joan Marino, Lorraine Witkowski, Marianna Szasz, Harvey Fireside, Joan Mark, Florence McCarthy, Nancy Boehm, Mary Ella Tucker, Doris Kovach, Anita Parillo, Vera Marinucci. Page 71-Marie Morris, Alice Aust, Catherine Corey, Edwardia Kallis, Gloria Haberman, James Hudson, Eleanor Massing, Doris Spilatore, Margo Rauch, Rose Biondo, Florence Adochio, Anita Leary, Catherine Penn, Robert Livenspire, John Sialovich, William Janousky, Joan Melchiskey, Hyman Gelloard, John Goumolcs, Richard Yuchnovitz, Isiah Williams, Ann Saunders, Gus Martino- vich, Ralph Dellapa, Coralee Lins, Dorothy Voorhees, Margaret Vadas, Stanley Wilczynski, Dolores Weissenburger. Page 72-Alice Istvan, Evangeline Palganes, Helen Haszinecz, Hannah Alkon, Louise De Candia, Viola Berta, Ethel Vacula, Millicent Brunson, Diana Hershkowitz, Janet Buist, Louise Shunk, Robert Williams. A 72 The Advocate une, 1948 Best Looking Most Popular Nicest Smile Did Most for School Seen But Not Heard Most Conceited Class Flirt Most Likely to Succeed Bachelor - Maiden Most Respected Best Blusher Most Thoughtful Bookworm Most Sarcastic Chatterbox Most Original Lazybones Faulty Torment Most Sophisticated Talks Most, Says Least Everybody's Pal Best Politician Nicest All American Boy - Girl Best Dressed Class Lovers Frankest Best Athlete Musically Minded Favorite Teacher STUDENT OPINION Robert Brusso Paul Kiskurno Richard McMullen Ben McNally William Kosmides Ben McNally Harvey Fireside Oscar Sistrunk Frank Betza Donald Kolb Stanley Maluchnik David Stowe Ben McNally Gus Martinowich Harvey Fireside Marvin Marantz Harvey Fireside Robert Ramirez Oscar Sistrunk Harvey Fireside Charles Deinzer William Kosinides Oscar Sistrunk Ben McNally Harvey Fireside Hyman Gelbard Richard Paulus David Stowe Elliott Taubenslag Joe Bendavid Elliott Taubenslag Joe Bendavid William Karvelas Frank Betza Seymour Kamp Robert Seckrettar James Hudson Richard Paulus Robert Ramirez John Cantlupo Kenneth Bergen Oscar Sistrunk David Stowe David Schwartz Oscar Sistrunk Karl Schreefer Richard McMullen Oscar Sistrunk Ralph Zimmerman Robert Brusso Charles Byron Stanley Maluchnik Richard Paulus David Stowe Richard McMullen Stanley Maluchnik Fred Freedman James Schenck Mr. Mirsky Mr. Lintern Doris Gillhuly Marilyn Tamaroff Doris Gillhuly Anita Parillo Rita. Vetrecin Alice Istvan Anita Parillo Nina Pusch Florence Sehork Rose Torok Pat Molnar Eleanor Gesicki Alice Istvan Kathleen Coghlan Alice Aust Anita Parillo Alice Aust Hannah Alkon Anita Parillo Virginia Latham Betsy Sullivan Mary Francis Vivian Peterson Dorothy Sipos Alice Aust Margery Inman Pat Molnar Dorothy Sullivan Josephine LaSalla. Catherine Penn Dorothy Sipos Eunice Mayo Dorothy Voorhee Angie Principato Madeline Teneralli Mildred Kovatch Joan Melchisky Pat Molnar Pat Molnar Josephine LaSalla Rosemary Pontella Evelyn Sabo Dorothy Sullivan Mary Happas Virginia Latham Doris Gillhuly Doris Gillhuly Virginia Latham Dorothy Silano Loretta Sciortino Julia Rosette Rosemary Newman Dorothy Sullivan Emma June Matthews Edna Fercho Doris Kovaeh Faye Friedman Elsie Hansen Mrs. Whiteford Miss Tischler The X I N E32 95 -' -4 4 V 1 I' fh an 2 init KU N... xi? une, 1948 1 ' uixuyvhn Q' , " Z 'VVP L'1 " f ,mix 435 s v- ' -1 '- ,J + ' N-fi :H35f'?':'3cx fx v 95.5 :QQ V . -. m ' A' " H91-' ma Ng, .,,, -- ' - , Q MQ - ' ' dr'-Q. ia' - A. it 5 3 - . 'aff ff fb '37 h E ' ts ' .a 110 I X: N M ', t '4, iii - I xjh X 4 -A X A X ' A 'il 3 I i . x T? ., 1, V ' X , A , my ----' U. -. E " in ' L ' f-'wg --X ., 5 Q '31, - . ' R H Q" s 42.4, X' ' V .X Is: Q W'-rv.. 1 K. ,rn .N , K AX 4 A . fs--"Q ' ,, NSX Q " X4 'ATI P11-P M , X Hey ' af ' 2 ,P ' jg nf , " .. 1 fn 1 . ' f- A . V, 3 X 3. ' W N 4 '- gag, Q . A ' ' 'A N B 34 Y w h V V' ' 25 4 .2 P ,f 2,32 . ,Ji Q V -W 1... V Q 4. , . A , ,if , :AN P: Y - Eli' if ' 11 ' xx f for - wx K3 Q ,Ev ' A A S X I - vt' I 4 . f K : .M . : is Cvx A K. ' 5, f f I, .1-a..,. ,, ., M1 "Sl kg E -. - ,,.,g,,.: N -- . , K . 76 Th Q Aclvoczztc XX A x K ' VMC-J .- P by NX r J I- " C W Nr ,X , f w f V frf mv-- X2 ' ...f , A , X X. X, h-. X X , f f 5 wb ,ufmgz X g VW W- -1 .. 11, ' ' W x f Q ,VV x L Q A w A f- f . 'Q 2 , x 4 . ii X Q " ' , r'fx ,X QEFQ E1 'Q x if ' ' 131 ji hp ff-. Q " Fiqfser-ff .wo 'WY' fwx Y LL : , ,, 'L Q! Q qv' Q ar 1 N Jn Q, 4 'M ,.:': f N 'iq Dy bv Af Q' 03" ' N - ,A Ef f? fc ' A We .fn ,- N- fx' . . gf 3 , L P ogkf ng t b , 00, , . . 3 Q5 W E- B .M .gl -Q I . g a s gx':-N f , . 4 ' 1 x . N L Q 'iux'N f x. X , nw "-A A i , 'Wu 1 -24 Y TPB K Q KI Q F Y , thu'-Jog my-gtg Q , v V Y kd fp 'f gi" I yy y .1 ' ' O- , ' C' 0 , I J Z 5? ' l J ww, 1948 77 1 'S 1 7' Wx- Q " 1 X 0 f X ,gf- 7 W 53 X , L. yy' I 'X . X - . V X ji - , , X . 5 5? ,f NN 34 1 ,,' , 9 A 1 . I , , L X, ' ? ' QN X 1 if ' ' 'f XXX .-.A r N i ff: Q gg f , . Q - k X. X , , Q 45 in J S? 'Wfap x , A , ,f 'Q ' ! I, ' 3" I, 1 'Mx ,Q ffm X Q 3, ' X R' N ,L rx V N,,, '-'. I .551 N X 1 - A ff ,-N N 5 I x ij x 1 f 1 , '. lnj, b X V, , X' I R, . ,4 ,f SX 'f' X.N' B Q . X 1 A A Fa QX. 1 ' Aftv- 'I ' W KL -x '-iiiifii X Sv QA ,wav X X R 1' Y xw I , I ,W ' ' f i . A S ' W , 3 X JN X Aix .. A , PM "LJ W 6' av XV X V59 if x A - A' f P X 2 ' 3 ' igifz rf ,X ,X Q E :LQ 1,3 W P KR , ' ,Q ' N , 1' A f' 5, , f J , S xx 3 , 4 .- . " ' f V aux! . xr U X 5 ,Z ' Q :TQ I , Q Sk ff 1 A 4 it , it Q X Q fi f, I , ' n ' ' ' A-H E ax - ' Y gf xx V 1 : 4 . .1 A A J, 1 t , ' A I ', , .7 J 78 The ,mm , i ,, 1.2 p 25 A U Q !. :'. 3 iwxxt ' 7 'fllffitf X' 'Lf 137' 1 7 QL fi W 1 ff! N 'f E5 5 ix' 1 UU , SWWS W Q, 5? .ag E :fi ,A 1 F' N E k W " gk ifjvf ig 'if' ii , f?QQ ' in Q" ' W K ' E fam-., J' ': N 5 Q 4 fs ' W - , J , wiffy lf f ....,., Ria 'Kg' ' rf, -I 'W T I 0 4 iw K X W 0 Oo V' X :ij x -'Q'-X A, - Q. X - Q D ' 4 Xia' '- 26 LS XX .xxx g f W. ' ti 9 ' Y Q 13 U ll U J ,Q I X ax Z ETP DPDHU HD u ff W ag Q 5 3 N f W' ' N49' me ' O s X M ,x rm: wx 53: 31 ll! ' Y I K' " Tx .Q iq j v w ' l' , 4 Y :qi 5 L ix! XX ' 5 , I F ' :xr A X , Z N .,A Xp ' ,. '7 . ., . xi , , .H ,up if wt' N ASR I -1 I RXWVAZ, :4 Q: 'Q XX Nb .A K X xx lx W M. ..- , W E 21, X ,s xxx 3 -R. --fx WN XX ' 11 V Q yn - - xy , w .hx X. June, 1948 y , I ,,,. K 1 , f, so a 5 rg-2 ., , Q 2 , Q4 P155 wlswgf M 4x . 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A Q X X77 If XX in X A 44 A I B Z f" X' 'x XX A K V! . 5 N ' ,Y K .i Q xx , , Y, X , 7-"5 ng-pi-4 gg f if if ml .4 iff?-f'LfQ?:3S2 ' ,I ff ' V i " vm 45, Q f 1-5, 5 5 is-ing! ' ff , y . Y ,.f ' . ,s . - f. A Q E 2 - L 'f 5,9 9 2 , .f,' X , ,f X at f' -- '3 4315" .. ' ' A' ,ffffjafkglis XT" yi :JA tj jj! Ku 522 ,V If if "'f2',:fYf!,ii?, Ii, . I li! . - 'lf' f 'ff 4' ,Q , ' Y, ff f W ' H-1 4 Af af' 11 ,' , ,W .7 ' N QAM, ff' +L 1 1- V an NN wh I A JL iff Z nl. G - lv" 'Jw jlfif 'T 1 Q , S-if f Hn ig fiy Q-dm . K f f Y f ,f, " 3 ,L I '--T ' 4 -. J' fx' 'f ! p QQ gi -'?Q'f'3--1, ' .Ill 'f 4 . 'Z 13:3 rv' X. 1' -If 'i' ' "' 5 - M Kfffr ,QV I 'Q 4 ? Ml 1 A 1 f-,,.f'-f- W Q5 Q 4,5559-f. , ,f, Y. W, , nf X 2 f ff fmugff P -" Q. "'f'7',4L 1 , 1 3, . ' ' Qi. 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Iv , Nu f VAQHP ul . gg-'CSD ZZ ifjg Z1 N LDCF3 411611 ILE mi 5 gd! cz' Q95 g ,W f W The Advocate Alice Aust Bill Collins Arnold Krauss Lillian Kara Lorraine Witkowski Linda Nigro Helen Grinley Dolores Bartholome Elvira Vogt Joan Melchiskey Lynn Fazee Irvin Knudson Joan Mark Robert Freeze Betsy Sullivan Phyllis Outcalt Doris Kovach Frances Gerickont David Crabiel Coralee Lins Margo Phyllis Kuhlthau Helen Visokay Hyman Gelbard Leonard Rico Frank Pribula Gus Martinowich Oscar Sistrunk, Jr. jimmy Weissenburger Pauline Okulich BOOSTERS Eleanor Portash Nick Vlachos Hilary Cichowski Matilda Gutowska Marge Vadas Bob Livenspire Zimmy Arthur Leary Claire Finkelstein Charles Piparo Marfin Marantz Joe Fiorino Joanne Reed Myra and Bill Hilda, Tom and Lois McGov. and Kreig Rose Torok Minerva Baby Pat Grote Diana Hershkowitz Gertie Norm and Eddie Wlm. Kosmides 81 Son Step Joe and Mert Lezie Jean Rasmussen Blossom A Chuib Bernard Cohen Connie Rusciano Loret Sciortino Mary Waidelich Dolores Van Buskirk Marie Davis Milton Yatvin Helen Sabo Ida and George Millicent Brunson Alyce M. A. Istvan Babe LaSalla Marilyn Kuderle Rose Biondo Sam Gordon Jack Kestenbaum Dot Goodwin Elsye E. Ivan Saul Cohen Holland Kelton Iohn Coppa Catherine Bryant Mary Francis Andrew Nigro M. Kistler Phil Dellasala Mary Happas Audrey Nachamkis Evelyn Toth Vivian Dobos Louise DeCandia Helen Essman Ellie Massing une, 1948 Art Gottlieb , Jghn Raggne Chet Rfedshaw Ed. Blumberg Nick Hummel Th Ad ZEBRAS IN ACTION June, 1948 John Coppa Gus Martinowich Co-Capt. I Dick McMullen Oscar Sistrunk Co-Capt. r a Stan Maluehnik Ezf-in ,:,-. . , ,.... -A ' A Walt Leoniy Q. 'f' ff Seymour Kamp Frank Betza Dick Lewis Robert Yager 4CaDt.J Walt. Leoniy fhe Advocate fr lg? Very 1mpOTL5nt 'Person s .ll L e A telephone operator, we mean. From the transoceanic call that affects world affairs to the social call that brings friends together, she plays an im- portant part in the activities of the community and the nation. No wonder girls like to work for the telephone company. NEW JERSEY BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY une, 1948 F. John Coppa Gus Martinowich Co-Capt. OR Dick McMullen Oscar Sistrunk Co-Capt. ig , ,.: 1 Seymour Kamp Stan Maluchnik Walt Leoniy Frank Betza Dick Lewis Robert Yager KCRDLJ Walt. Leoniy JS The Advocate 1948 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BOB HAMER lCapt. 1947-19485 WTA, , .Lx CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the Graduating Class of 1948 A Xia? ' a1E14WT ask-ada - ACADEMY PHOTGGRAP 239 HOLLYWOOD AVEN UE The Advocate - i Fw 'very 1ynpOI'i5nt Person e A 1, r A telephone operator, we mean. From the transoceanic call that affects world affairs to the social call that brings friends together, she plays an im- portant part in the activities of the community and the nation. No wonder girls like to work for the telephone company. NEW JERSEY BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY une, 1948 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 BON D CLOTHES FACTORY REMSEN AVENUE ond HOWARD STREET for the finest . . . in Sporting Goods. . . VISIT New Brunswick's Newest X And Friendliest Sport Store Sport Spot Exctlusive Sporting Goods 417 GEORGE STREET N. B. 2-9613 Two Doors Above Rivoli Theatre Vi- f A - 22 The Advocate Compliments ot THE DREIER COMPANY ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS I-3-5 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick, New Jersey 1 1 PISCH Q : EE 2 I 46 Poterson Street, New Brunswick, TEL. NE 2-6620 T. P. LYONS G SON -Men's Outfitters I I3 ALBANY STREET New Brunswick, N. J. FLORISTS We Hove the "Know How" ot Arronging Flowers -FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE- I WO STORES: BUELL ond REPPERT ' 226 GEORGE ST. T I. 7-I 49 .CAMERA SHOP ff 5 306 George St. New Brunswick, N. J. J22 CHURCH ST' Tel' 2-8408 EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING une, 1948 Phone N. B. 2-9097-W ERIC SCH U LER PHOTOGRAPHY 300 HAMILTON ST., NEW BRUNSWICK Telephone 2-2062 I-I. W. CLAPP 3I3 George St., New Brunswick, N. Headquarters For 0 HAMILTON WATCHES O GORHAM SILVER O BLUE-WHITE DIAMONDS O EXPERT REPAIRING J. Compliments of P. J. YOUNG DRY GOODS CO 358 GEORGE ST. NEW BRUNSWICK, N CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The GRADUATING CLASS OF I948 STATE LUMBER COMPANY I32 VAN LIEW AVENUE MILLTOWN, N. J. ANTHONY DE MATTIA, Pres. 94 The Advocat DRAKE COLLEGE I7 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J. FOR A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS COURSE SPECIAL COURSE FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES - Visit Our Fine School - W. C. COPE, President VIRGINIA BAXTER, Mgr. Tel. N. B. 2-0347 SALES -- SERVICE -- SUPPLIES AND RENTALS F. W. Eib Typewriter Co. Representative ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO., INC. Formerly Prior Typewriter Exchange TEL. N. B. 2-1724 25 LIVINGSTON AVE. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Office Equipment Co. Everything For School ond Office 17 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick. N- J- Telephone 2-0663 Louis Levine, Prop. THE YARDAGE SHOP WOOLENS SILKS and TRIMMINGS 209 Neilson Street New Brunswick, N. J- FIXLER'S Mews cLo'Ti-:Es FoR "FOR MUSICAL RELIANCE IT'S HOME APPLIANCE" Come In ond Hecir All the Records You Should Own-Todoy ..... AT THE ALL OCCASIONS Home Appl ionce Record 343 GEORGE STREET, NEW BRUNSWICK. N. J. ' I39-D Albany St. New Brunswick, N. J. CHRISTIE PRESS Printing of Every Description II PEACE STREET Tel. 3900 New Brunswick, N. J. 2 HARRIS GIFTS Greeting Cords Lending Librory Leother Goods Fountoin Pens 47 BAYARD STREET Phone N. B, 2-0549 unc, 1949 THE HOUSE OF FASHION SWEATER HEADQUARTERS New Brunswick, N. J. A SPORTSWEAR Compliments of THE Y. M. C. A. 56 BAYARD STREET, NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY 355 George Street Speciolists In School Sweoters M. FRISCH ond SONS HARDWARE 48-50 HIRAM STREET NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. MU ELLER 6' NEW JEWELERS Estoblished i888 New Brunswick, New Jersey Phone N. B. 5964 DALE STUDIO, inc. PHOTOGRAPHERS Next to R. K. O. Rivoli Theatre 409 George St., New Brunswick, N. J. COLONIAL FARMS Amwell Rood MIDDLEBUSH, N. J. Tel. East Middlebush 8-7892 MRS, JOHN VAN MIDDLESWORTH New Brunswick Spokesman Published Every Fridoy ll-l 5 PEACE STREET Subscription Rote, S150 Per Yeor NEW BRUNSWICK, N J The Advocate HE PAULUS D IRY Established I 890 Phone N. B. 2400 "SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE" K Drink PAULUS' HOMOGENIZED' VITAMIN-D MIL 168-172 NEW STREET ' NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Phone New Brunswick 2-31 12 -For Nearly 60 Years- JOHN'S BUSY CORNER GEORGE KESSLER, Prop. At Hiram ond Burnet Streets LEADERS IN SPORTING GOODS AND SPORTSWEAR Special Prices To All Clubs and Organizations FINE QUALITY LETTERING IN NEW BRUNSWICK, IT'S N A T H A N ' S 375 George Street I Phone 2700 Reed's Book Store ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES 391 George Street SWALES BROTHERS COAL CO. REMSEN AVE. AND HOWARD STREET Phone 2231 '4The Store With Honest Dealings" NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. DRESS GOODS BY THE YARD BY THE POUND - '11-73 CHURCH STREET E E N. VAN HEUVEI. TH I RWOS MEN s sHoP ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT BILL SCHNEIDER Tel. 3383 420 George St., New Brunswick, N. J. 49 PATERSON ST. IJuSt -PATRONIZE OU R-ADVERTISERS- 90 Steps Above Georg J 'T ,M X 'XL ,wax V 4 -f' sf Inky, ,fl L 'f V . Aff wi . r 1 I 1 4,1 luv Ml 7 V QC' ,f . fyf 'if vi' ,X " , f 4 ff "X 1 If 14 L D Nay ily bf' js MIL AW fy if '12 05 L ff SML. :lk D K A . 3 :S S QoM'QJ"f' W B . yvjfwjygi Qyyp , J w f W ffvffiiwf Lf ' My V931 X if wif 4 X JM X0 CJ 1,7 "li V X I WWL fi VI i fwhj . gl ff V,,, 47 M GQ? W 'V VM X mf PSP Q NX S.,-fb' X - Y f5i ff WH ff K ' I r . 'ii My 2 fy f ,X V W' ,X A r-3 7 ,N , V! H SL Rf ,ff N LA X X f warp!! x 1 I I . t 1 V LN X L XY I' xX I V T R L YY 1 if N 1

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