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I 43 .4 ,IL 4- 479-nr fl 1 e -...Q ,,.,r-.,-o- ""l'R' ul NW WNL MM MN mn S 4 a New Efulfain, eannecfabuf THE BEEHIVE 1950 Industry fills the hive and enioys the honey -Elihu Burritt l 1 1 mf , ,3- ERTH x- 1"' . ,vu-, 'yer 5 1. r at gg ff ' a J'- ..,.1,. .i" 2lL?' fxzyj- 5? . ffvQ'E,f,ig .,,.z, ,L I - f- . IW'-.g,--J.. . 2 ae: fig 2 A F tl! Monsieur Charles Drapeau J' rp f' x ,ly x' if 15V rf l A -r l DEDICATION With profound respect and admiration, with af- fection and gratitude, we herewith dedicate our centennial Beehive to Monsieur Charles Drapeau. lt is entirely fitting that the commemoration of one hundred years of advancement in education should be dedicated to a man who himself exemplifies intellectual and cultural accomplishment. For the last quarter century Monsieur Drapeau has been the head of New Britain High Schoo1's French department. However, it is not merely his administration and instruction in French which move us to offer this token of appreciation. We wish to thank him also for the rich background of history and philosophy which, with patience and candor. he has unselfishly imparted. C'est la Rochefouccruld qui a dit: "L'accent du pays ou l'on est ne demeure dans 1'esprit et dans le coeur, dans le language." Bon voyage et tout le bonheur possible. ,,4aF'?' U-'t f""n 'BAC JOHN II PICK PRINCIPAL 1865 I896 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 'V s I . ,, I '5-vs., Q. 'f I sy' U M.. E 4 I R . I l "6 K C 1 f V I my .aw 5' I .X J r,,a1?!"'-2 -'- Yi. I . SS- K 1 BOARD OF EDUCATION Standm Mr Ernest T Bramard Mr Patrick S McMahon Mr Phxllxp H Pelletxer Ir Dr Robert 9 Stadler Mr Henry Pelton Mr Edmund T Klenske Mr Edward H Cnst Seated Mr Marlon Dxmmock Mrs Grace AdGmOWlCZ Mr Ernest F Forbes Supermtendent of Schools Mr Edward OBrxen Chaxrman Mr Davxd Nan Absent Iudge Elxas T Rmgrose VINCENT SALA Pnnclpal of I, I 4 1-. I 'Q lic MR. ERNEST FORBES Superintendent Implementing the plan are Mr. Frank Iames . . . who acts as Assistant Principal and counsellor for post-graduation plans, to say nothing of meeting personal problems of the boys, and as Director of the guidance program for all schools . . . and Miss Winifred F. Reynolds, who, as Dean of Women, performs for the young women duties similar to those of Mr. Iames. Director of the Girls' League and the Senior Advisers, she has endeared herself as an in- exhaustible source of information and wise counsel . . . if t 1 J . v 5 J ., MISS WINIFRED F. REYNOLDS Assistant Principal THE STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL OFFICERS President ......... ........... R obert Peck Secretary ............ ....... B arbara Brainard Vice-President .................. Patricia Corrigan Treasurer ............ ....... T heodore Iohnson MH. FRANK A. IAMES Vice-Principal and the Student Faculty Council, who speak in behalf of the students and manage to draw the faculty and the student body into a closer understanding. Working co-operatively, this group assists in all school campaigns, pre- pares occasional assemblies ,and works for the improvement of the Commonwealth. 'fi Y if . " 9 42 3, 4. ' I , H if 1 , ,., Q , TW ' ,-.. 7 'v ,A , , ,. W f '1 wt iw X D, 5 x new Ml' 4 4' , gif' X' fa NE' ge, Y' I Af W M W W .f.,,,-. ,, K I 0 Il, 'L- W f 'K I5 'V Q? 4? 1 Q gg ---1. I W 'Y -fi 'ze- '-.W fa iii in it ' aw , ag J nm , Q f ,, A 1 M ,L f F 3 4 V ,. -, at H' xi ff Q' Q J ' af K+ if 1 F11 aili " i . ,1 if Q' T ' es 5.1 - , -if , If V 1 Q., I ,vyglg Q' ae 5 ff U i 51.9 55' 1, I ' x ' ,V xy Qi-,,,. ff' Q 5 YQ. 1' Qi, ,gg ' 1, 4 - A eq 'rr Q .z -ft., . . ,gif-1 f' 'D ,' -f -257' ,frisyf ' :asf -iz Q 1 wa X QIQ V pf s , ' , 33 H 1 ,Q FP .ifiwf E r V? 'M I sg ,Xi N 1 Q yi B CLASS DP 88 5 And the hope ofthe century, the SENIORS . . Senior Officers ROGER PEGOLO President PATRICIA GRAY Secretary MOLLY LUGLI Vice President LOUIS MAGNOLI Treasurer THERESA VIRGINIA HELEN MICHAELINE RAYMOND IOSEPH ADACHOWSKI ADAMOSIY ADAMS!! Business In Terry we hnd a neat dress er and a well-groomed gtrl She prefers bowlmg to tenms and can gxve Robin Hood and his band a mn for theu' money with a longbow Popular and semr-classical rnusxc are t her lxkmq Her future is un decided Gtrls League Athletic Asso cxatxon College Preparatory Helen has made hersell known at NBHS by her many services to the graduat mg class She will be long re membered tor her superb per formance ot Mother rn the Iunxor Class play Reading knitting and drarnatrcs are her mam rnterests Her ambr tron is to be a dretxtxan Senior Girl Adviser Nurses Aide Amphron Club Iunxor Class Play Beehive Repre sentattve Grrls League Acadernxc Ray lists sports at the head of hrs outside actrvrtres He spends much ol hrs tune play mg baseball and basketball and occasxonally goes hunt mg and frshmg Ray preters music wrth a Latin American kick by Xavrer Cugat He plans to attend a business school after graduatxon ! I 3 I . . . 0 . ' ,I .. . . -1 . ' ' I . : ' : ' : ' - . . LAWRENCE AGNELLO ANTHONY IOSEPH Academic Larry 18 a quxet unassummg young man who rs interested tn woodworkxng and sports especzally football and base ball After graduation he wxll enter lnto busmess wxth hxs father tn producing soft drxnks Well all bless Larry on those scorchtng summer days ALBANESE Acadennc Gumpy s laughmg brown eyes and keen wut make hxs com pany very pleasant Hts fa vonte pastunes are dancmg and sports especrally basket ball Hxs ambxtxon 18 to start a grocery busxness that wxll eventually prosper and ex pand mto a natlonwxde cham Athlehc Assocxatxon IOS!-IPI-UNE MARY AMENTA General What ns the use of hving tf you dont en1oy xt? Thats Glqes phxlosophy Her mter pretatxon of lwmg 18 fun fro- hc and fnendlmess and she certamly puts' her heart mto her belleis That rs why we are so wlllmg to wager that whatever Giga decndes for her future wxll be enyoyahle work CONSTANCE IUNE ANDERSON Busmess After the ball means among other thmgs a party to Connie but xt also sug gests football baseball and basketball among whlch her seasonal mterests are dlvlded She beheves ln safeguardmg the welfare of the pubhc and plans to do 1ust this by work mg U1 an xnsurance ofhce Guls League Representatwe Athletxc Assoclatxon MARY BARBARA ALBRECHT General Bobble s favorite pastimes are dancmg and roller skatxng She also enjoys popular bal lads sung by Gordon McRae The vast complentxes of a comptometer machme fascm ate Bobbie who plans to have an extremely mterestmg career as an expert operator of one Guls League Representatxve NORMAN RALPH ALLARD General Norm xs another of our stud ents who has heard the call of the wxld hxs favonte rec reatlonal actlvxtles bemg hunt mg and ftshlng Nevertheless he has a natural knack of gettmg acquamted wlth peo- ple-and a real sense of hu mor As yet he has not txxed the course of his future Cross Country . , . I . .,,r ,Il-, I . . , . . . - , 1 ' l . : ' - : Nx,?x ,, ALVIRA ANN APRUZZESE BETTYANNE ARRINGTON Bustness Alvrra known to fnends as Al has both humor cmd mrtra tlve and can usually be iound m the center of a group of laughrng guls She enyoys swxmmmg bowlrng dancrng and lrght musrc Al after furtherxng her educatron t busmess college mtends to become a secretary Guls League Athletrc Asso cratron Acadernxc Bettyanne has a passxon for redecoratmg rooms rn whrch she shows an experts taste Nrcknamed Tommy by her irrends she occupies her spare trme wrth xce skatmg reaclmg dancmg and eatmg Her arm for the luture rs to be a medlcal secretary or a nurse Fore1gn Aitalrs Club Gxrls League Athletrc Assocxatxon IOSEPH CARL ANGELO FLORENCE ANN Academrc Ioe ns an athletrc mmded boy who lnkes to be out there catchmg those baseballs rn the mheld Baseball rs hrs lavorrte but he also enyoys football and basketball I years to come hell probably be makrng up prescnptrons lor us as a pharmacxst Press Representatxve Athletxc Assocratron APOSTALON College Preparatory l-'lo rs school spurt and co op eratxon persomhed She has baffled students and faculty ahke for three years wxth her enormous appetrte for extra curncular actrvrtxes Despxte all thxs she manages to keep up her studres Her rmmedrate dream 18 to become a dra matrc teacher or an actress Student Faculty Counctl Cheer Leader Press Repre sentatrve Amphron Club Gxrls Sports Club Iunror Class Play Gxrls League Athletlc Assocratxon .gill CHARLOTTE ETHEI. ANDREW AUGUSTINE ASHWORTH Busmess Reds arnbltron LS to be a model She rs preparmg lor rt now by her polse burldmg actrvxtxes of swrmmxng bowl mg smgmg and dancmg She also enjoys football games and the musrc of Cole Porter To study at some mo- delmg school as her rmme dlate plan Gxrls League Athletxc Asso clatlon Academic Andy loves the great out doors Come Saturday he can be found at the local hshmg pond or rn the suburban woods wrth hrs trusty Wm chester Hrs future rs unde cxded but he would hke to go on a bxg game hunt alter graduatlon Happy huntmg Andy! .n ' - : ' - 5 . .: . I: i . , . ,Xxx C-'VK X f V Xx ' .gt xv vt , K I , 14 A S I - . - . 1 I .I .I .I . U . , Y . . 4. 5 41 : . - . . :-1 .' i l ' w. . . . , . . - , l , I8 MARY BADRIGIAN Academic Mary is a lively miss who came to our fair city from Cuba. the land of exotic rhythms and storybook ro- mances. Her outside interests include sewing, music, and sports, especially N. B. H. S. football. In the future she plans to work in an office. Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ciation ' x . L, J- new K , f V, 3 in rl. JJ .L 2' QA! 3,-fn' . . t' fbli llmcs MAE BAILEY Business I 1, " Ianice is interested in follow- ing through her business course at N.B.H.S. by becom- ing a secretary after she graduates. In her spare time she enjoys popular ballads by Billy Eckstine and jazz by Harry Iames. She should make some executive a very valuable aid. Girls' League: Athletic Asso ciation 4 fi ,V f J if 541,411 ef weft 'Q f noruun ssunsus XML V W' V: MARY INES BARON! General "Short and sweet can't be beat" is Shorty's motto. Her hobbies are collecting pop- ular and jazz records and compiling a pictorial bio- graphy of herself with snap- shots. Besides this. she is a dancing and sports lover. Short1's secret desire is a career in feature modeling. Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ciation ROBERT HARRY BARTLEY Business Bob is a quiet fellow who prefers actions to words. Stamp collecting and sports, especially baseball, occupy his spare time. He enjoys popular music and is active in church work. Not the big- gest fellow, he has the heart and courage to attain his goal: to be a business man. 19 College Preparatory "It is better to wear out than to rust out," thinks Don, the enthusiastic manager of the varsity baseball and basket- ball teams. From that job he gets his "Sidelights on Sports" for the Red and Gold. He hopes to be a baseball um- pire, some day. Football: Manager, Baseball and Basketball: Sports Edi- tor, Red and Gold: Foreign Affairs Club. . 2 -3 WILLIAM JOHN BANDZES Academic Bill is one of the unsung he- roes of the varsity football squad. As manager. he does uncomplainingly a good many unpleasant jobs for the group. Besides sports, he has a great interest in photog,- raphy, which he plans to make his career. Baseball: Manager, Football: Camera Club . I 1' ,,, !7.7,.-" -V.. M ROBERT LEONARD B555 PETER ROBERT BELLIVEAU College Preparatory A natrve of Massachusetts Bob attended Framrngham Hrgh School untrl he came to New Brrtarn to frnrsh hrs se nror year He plans to spend hrs next four years gorng to college Hrs favorrte pastrmes are rce skatrng and roller skatrng huntrng and frshrng and collectmg yazz records Academrc Pete rs that tall lrkable young actor who won prarse rn Years Ago and Rrsrng of the Moon Hrs dramatrc success however has not tumed hrs head from his fore most love art In this freld he has a srncere rnterest and rn tends to contrnue wrth rt rn college Amphron Club Art Staff Bee hrve Athletrc Assocratron THEHESA MAGDALINE BARTOSIEWICZ Busmess The three vs vrm vrtalrty and vrgor descrrbe thrs ambr trous mrss After church chorr practrce she rndulges dancrng swrmmrng or bas ketball for recreatron Vaughn Monroe supplres her wrth her favorrte musrc For the f ture she plans to be an of frce worker Grrls League Hepresentatrve Athletrc Assocratron ROBERT BOGDAN BASINE College Preparatory Bob has made many frrends rn hrs three years at hrgh school because he rs always a good sport He rs one of the fellows who understudy the football and basketball teams Hrs chref rnterest rs rn follow mg the plans to enter college Detrort Trgers Bob Football 17 1 will ,-5 fylfff' u BENNY IACOB BENIBMIN NANCY IOAN BENKE Busmess Ben rs an agreeable fellow wrth an eye for busrness He wants to do some krnd of store work an occupatron rn whrch he has had some ex perrence Lrke most boys he rs ball mmded whether grrd rrons courts or frelds are concerned College Preparatory A cheerful heart maketh a merry countenance rs what Nan preaches and practrces whether she rs horsebackrrd rn swrmrnrng or dancrng to old Glenn Mrller band Her chref ambrtrorr lres rn ra ro drrectron for whrch she hopes to prepare by study at the Unrversrty of Connectrcut Senror Grrl Advrser Iunror College Club Archery Grrls League Athletrc Assocratron l ' , - ' in . ' ' . u- . t . . . I I , . . , . ' ,,-JI! A I 4, ' 1-I . ' f JA ,nd V fe '-Lf 1' Y .Q 'X l r X! . ly, yy . : .' .' . C . " ' Drama Festival t 1 L 1 lr 'V X , ,i X L I. 4 1 H- L l QA ,je V VXA rf' ' jx al TM? ffl l' X A Wy! 7 ,si is J 1' f 1 ,Ks J I! ,, ' :if I -. . the ' . I I I l . d, , , , ' 20 DIANE IOYCE BENOIT Business Though Dee spends most of her spare time at her favorite sport. roller-skating, she usual- ly takes a few hours off to attend football games or to listen to the ever popular Vaughn Monroe. After grad- uation in Iune, Dee will earn her l..'ing at the typewriter. Athletic Association: Girls' League IOSEPI-I GEORGE BBRGOMI College Preparatory Ioe's fine scholastic average and interest in school clubs caused him to be selected as a delegate to Nutmeg Boys' State in his junior year. His spare time is taken up by photography, stamp collect- ing, and model plane build- ing. He begins preparation for a career in aeronautical engineering. National Honor Society: Am- phion Club: Secretary-Treas- urer, Camera Club: Men's College Club: Nutmeg Boys' State Delegate: Athletic Asso- ciation IANE SOPHIE BLAZUK IRENE GOODISON BLINN Academic Those who fondly beg Back Tune m thy flight may con sult lame who intends to be come a timekeeper after grad uation Meanwhile she will fill as many hours as possible with the pleasant diversions of dancing hiking and bas ketball Girls League Athletic Assa ciation Academic Boats is the NBHS proto graceful swimming and her skill in small crafts have twice Q48 493 won her the Red Cross scholarship to the National Small Crafts Aquatic School She plans to become an instructor in small crafts and swimming Girls League Athletic Asscr ciatron VIRGINIA ANN BERLONI RENO JOHN BERNARDI Bus ness Being born on the traditional ly unlucky 13th of the month hasnt seemed to bother Gin ny She goes about her nor mal activities bowling danc ing and roller skatmg with out more than the normal mishaps and after gradua tion she will look for a job as bookkeeper or secretary Girls League General Taking life easily as it comes Ricky rs not too greatly con cerned about his future be cause he is as sure as Mr Micawber that something will turn up Basketball is number one on his sports list parade and after that his taste tums to Latm America for the rhumba ,yi I ward, turn backward. oh, type of Esther Williams. Her .-rl 21 I , FLORENCE MARY HASMIG BOGHOSIAN BOCHENEK Academic One of our times! girls Fudqle looks on the bright slde of hte Her pastime plea sures are reading and knit ting dancing and movies are a must Her mam ambition IS to follow in the footsteps ol Florence Nightingale Semor Gul Adviser Girls College Preparatory Hoppy has been a busy miss smce she entered hlgh school three years ago Her actrvi ties have been many and varied Dunng alter school hours she knxts and listens to semiclassical music Her lu ture plans include a career as a kmdergarten teacher Amphxon Club Foreign Al vrser Library Page Iumor College Club Girls League Athletic Assocration f R RICHARD IOSEPH BOBROWSKI Academic Dick is a line example ol a typical high school student Hrs interests run to golf swimming bowling tennis and last but not least putter ing around cars Hrs blue eyes are envred by many His luture program is stlll un decided Athletic Association Repre sentatxve ANGELO MICHAEL BOCCIA Academrc Ange as he is called by his lnends is the quiet type who doesnt care if the world were to collapse Hrs lavonte pas time is tinkering with cars es pecially with his dad s Buick Anqe hopes in the tuture to do anything in the line of engineering Band DONALD IOHN BOHMAN HQBER1' 1- BORAWSKI Academe Considerate of others and or derly in his habits Don hopes to become a master drafts man bemg talented in the use oi his hands Besides possessmg superior abrlity rn art he plays the piano skill tully from the classics to the very latest tunes College Preparatory It you have ever heard a deaienmg roar and seen a black and red flash passmg you on the road you might have said H1 Bob for he probably lust passed in his combination tmck and car When he Joins the service hell doubtless be in the transportatxon dxvlsxon Athletic Assoclation . . . 1 l- . . .. .- Y League: Athletic Association fails Club: Segxiol- Girl Ad: V . J J , Vi X . N X 9 xp ' , .1 . Q XV , J s IX K ! . . - ., . A Q 1 1 v ' 22 DONALD LEE BORG SALLY ANN BOSCO Academrc Possessor of good looks Don IS popular wlth both sexes Huntmg rs hrs favonte pas tune though he enyoys nearly all other sports too Hrs was the rmsfortune to be bom the day before Chnstmas Dons rnterests are so vaned that he hesrtates to choose a career Busrness Sal: the gal who IS com pletely satxshed just to st down and lrsten to a good Bop sessron If she rsnt domg thrs she IS elther dancmg skatmg or tryrng out her new tenms strokes Sal wrll soon be dorng rhythmrc typewrrt mg for a lrvxng BARBARA ALTHEA BRAINARD Busmess Numerous actxvxtxes keep Bob by busy but rn the few spare hours her many clubs allow she kmts skates and bowls or practxces her twrrlmg rou trnes to add her brt to our colorful Mayorettes Her future tools rn lxfe wrll mclude a stenographers pad and type wnter Natxonal Honor Socrety Se retary Student Faculty Coun crl Senior Gul Advrser Sec retary and Treasurer Twul ers Club Forexgn Affarrs Club Gxrls League Repre sentatxve Typrng Staff Bee hive Athletxc Assocxatxon Grrls Sport Club MARY HURLBUT BRAINARD Academxc Come on' Lets That famrllar rnvxtatron to NBHS assemblxes to swell therr lungs marks Mary Her own exuberance makes her a real leader and her energy has camed her to many frelds Mary xs too busy at present to thrnk of the future A Cappella Semor Choxr Iu mor College Club Semor Grrl Advrser Vxce presxdent Ath letxc Assn Grrls League DORIS RITA BOUTIN Busmess Wxth the mtentron of bemg a court stenographer Dons has taken a busmess course but her CCLIVILXSB do not always have that sober and realrstrc obyectrve For relaxatron she prefers the popular musxc of Sammy Kaye or Brlly Eckstlne and modern lxterature to the heavrer classlcs Senxor Grrl Adviser Grrls League Athletrc Assocxatron BARTON WINCHELL BOVEE College Preparatory Cars and everythmg about them-are Barts chxef enthu srasm Hrs tune not devoted to dnvrng sports or musrc goes mto a paper route and servrce jobs A dxsarrmng smrle that starts rn hrs eyes should be a passport rn col lege and whatever follows Photography Edltor Beehrve Athletxc ASSOCICLIOD 0 X . 1- - . I I . . K A - 'V 19 L J so C M r "ff M v C2 x. f ' r A if l" Ik L 'f 'FMA ft ,jg l 'JY' val' L L L L," 'mv' ,iw If L L' lwxxff I u A ' . . " .... ' . . .!" . . . 2 C- . . : .' - I. .I I nl A MICHAEL ROBERT BROWN Academic Bop as Michael is known has shown his strong liking for music by playing the trumpet in the school orches tra He participates in sports consisting of basketball base ball and pocket billiards He hopes to further his music education in the Hartford School of Music Orchestra Press Representa tive RAYMOND PETER BROWNSTEIN Academic Ray is the possessor of an unusual hobby that of col lectmg coms from foreign countries For outdoor fun fishing and hunting rank first in his favor with football as a sidehne The future will find Ray working at the 1ob of a Diesel mechanic GEORGE TRAUT BRIERLEY College Preparatory George's interest in mechanic- al and chemical engineering has led him to pursue a col- lege course in preparation for further study at Wesleyan or Princeton. During the winter loo keeps his skiis waxed and ready for use. How about that build-girls! Ski Club: Athletic Association 101-IN IOSEPH BROUSSEAU Academic Bruce is an active fellow who likes people, the out-of-doors, and all kinds of sports. Scout- ing helps to satisfy his taste for hiking. hunting. and fish- ing. Perry Como strikes his musical fancy. To own a shoe repair shop is his present intention. GLEN MARGARET! BUBIER Business Tiny who is but 52 has hopefully chosen Tall trees from little acoms grow as her favorite quotation She has a wide scope of interests which include baseball bas ketball dancing ice skatmg and popular and semi-classic al music She plans to work in an office Alternate Girls League Rep resentatlve Athletic Associa tion ROBERT EUGENE BUCHIERE Academic Bob s interest in life is music He plays the accordion ex tremely well with the skill of a master musician His favor ite subject in school is gym and he spends much of his tune at the local public rec reatxon centers He plans to contmue his music studies . 1 . - 1 l . 1 - 1 ' . . .n , . . . . . 1 , . n . . ,, . . 1 1 I . 1 1 ' 1 ' X . .- . l . 1 ' . IO!-IN MATTHEW BUCZEK Academic Iohnny is that little speed de' mon who has raced down the football field carrying the pig- skin for many a touchdown. Although he was sidelined for a leg injury in the middle of the season, we shall long re- member "38" who spirited the team to victory. Iohnny will train as a physical education instructor. Football IRENE MILDRED BUKOWSKI Business Bucky is one of those more fortunate girls with a heavy social program. Dancing to her large collection of records and making like Esther Wil- liams in the water are her favorite pastimes. If anyone has a secretarial job open requiring efficiency, intelli- gence. and ability. we recom- mend Bucky. National Honor Society: Girls' Sports Club: Senior Girl Ad- viser: Girls' League: Athletic Association DORIS ELLEN BU'l'l'ON NORMA IEAN CACCHILLO Busmeu Academic Despite the fact that she has a part tune lob at the Mem orial Hospital after school Buttons has maintained a high scholastic average and a fxrrn footmg in high school activities Naturally cunous her favorite pastime is sr ht secretary Foreign Affairs Club Girls League Athletic Association Norm is one of our inventive artists who can take ideas out of the au' and put them on paper in a few sure swift strokes Her ability to draw and create was recognized when she won a prize in the Poppy Poster Contest in 1948 develop this skill that she possesses Chairman of Publicity Girls Sports Club Senior Girl Ad viser Iunior College Club Art Staff Beehive Girls League Athletic Association sl! r' ' -,-ss ANNE MARIE BULBACH College Preparatory Anne has an apparently in different manner yet has a very warm personality Her first love is poetry besides which she plays the piano and paints Although her fu ture plans include prepara tions for becoming a lawyer she is undecided as to her choice of college Nurses Aide Girls League Athletic Association CARMELO IOSEPH BUTERA Academic It takes pretty quick running to keep up with Ioe who is captain of cross country Many a time he has taken first place in both track and cross-country Heres to a fu ture physical educator who ll run those boys ragged Captain Cross country Track Athletic Association Repre sentative . . . .g Q . I seeing. Doris hopes to be a Norm will attend T.C.C. to 1 A i ' . '. ' I ' 3 an 25 MARIANN PATRICIA ANN DOLORES CALVO CALLAI-IAN Busmess Cal the lolly has looks and personalrty plus She excels m all sports but favors swrm mmg and xce skatmg Many an evenmg IS spent by Cal and her Irxends lxstenmg to record collections This sweet gxrl should have no dxfllculty hndmg a ,ob as a secretary Iumor College Club Semor Gxrl Advrser Guls League Athletrc ASSOCIQLIOD College Preparatory A httmg quotatlon Ior Dolores rs Trouble rs only opportun 1ty rn work clothes for she IS a hard workmg grrl who plans to enter nurses trcnnrng rn the fall Dolores ernoys readlng dunng her spare txme and llkes all krnds of musxc She has a ready hand at sewmg too Glrls League FANNIE ANN CALABRO LONAH IUNE CALDWELL Academrc Fannles hobby rs collectmg pxctures ol the New York Yankees baseball stars of whom she ns a tan She also enloys readmg dancmg and popular musrc Her tavonte and best sublect rs typrng She plans to take advantage of her typmg slull by bemg an ofhce worker Gxrls League Athletxc Asso cxatxon Buslness Lonah quxet but cheerful llkes nothmg better than to go dancing and rn the summer to take a swxm Her taste rn mus1c runs decrdedly toward the popular slow and smooth When she graduates from hrgh school Lonah mtends to apply for a secretanal posx ron Grrls League Athletxc Asso cxatxon tw J L LUCY SALVATRICA SARAH MARY CARLOZZI CARDELLA Academxc Lou has hardly a lexsure mo ment rn her lrle for when she rsnt studyrng her hngers are flymg wlth knxttmg needles or crochet hook Lous abxhty to get along wrth people wrll prove an asset to her lor she mtends to Iollow the mspmng path ol Florence Nrghtxngale alter graduatron Beehrve Representatwe I mor College Club Guls League Athletxc Assocratxon Busmess Sarah IS a gxrl born m Italy who rs makmg out well rn the New World She enyoys sports especrally baseball and basketball and lrkes to dance For hstemng pleasure she prefers popular and some classrcal musxc Her ambrtxon rs to work xn an oflrce Guls League Athletxc Asso cnatron ' . l' . I.. I .. -Q. jf . , . fqffh ly ,K Q ' 'iue 26 ' IOANN ELIZABETH CARLSON College Preparatory Iocund Io rs delrberate u sure Interested rn all te world she balances study and reading with vigorous sports like archery skrmg and swrmmmg Her tavorrte occu patron rs crursrng on her ia rnrlys yacht The finger ol fortune points toward teach rng m elementary school Grrls League Representative Skr Club Archery Club For ergn Aftarrs Club Athletic Assocratron VIRGINIA EILEEN CARLSON Business Here rs another one ol our grrls who has secretarial as prratrons Shorthands pot hooks and typewrrter shrlts do not drsconcert her at all Grqe looks back at hrgh school as three years of lun actrvrty and accomplrshment Tops among her pastimes are dancrng swrmmrng and skat m Grrls League Athletrc Asso cratron DOMINIC WILLIAM CASILLI College Preparatory Diclr wrth hrs cordral and nerghborly attrtude toward others rs as oblrgmg a tellow as one could hope to trnd Outsrde of school he rs inter ested marnly rn baseball and hrs stamp collection Dick hopes to be a designer of ultra modern homes or ot the sleek smooth runnrng cars ot tomorrow A Cappella Athletrc Assocra tron of ,fy of wwf A ARLENE ROSE CASLEN College Preparatory Cass for Bunny as she rs known to some? rs a happy combination ot abrlrty and socrabrlrty Gravely decorous on occasron she grggles con tagrously at other trmes She is equally capable rn a text book examination or a rhum ba test Her college emphasis wrll be on medrcme Natronal Honor Society Se mor Gul Adviser Literary Edrtor Beehive Student Pac ulty Council Senror Class Play Senror Chou' A Cap pella Grrls League Athletic Assocratron SAN TINA LUCY CARPINTERI College Preparatory Mmmm good' For home cooking at rts best you cant beat Santa Not only do her pres and cakes srmply melt rn your mouth but anything she prepares rs delectable to the palate Sewmg just seems to come natural to thrs dom estrc lass also However Santa hopes to wear the crrsp whrte uniform ol a nurse cratron WW ark' IACQUELYN ANN CARTIER College Preparatory Iaclne rs a sweet petrte httle miss who rs rust too busy to arrrve anywhere ahead f trme In addrtron to berng ac trve rn vanous socral clubs she also has talent for play rng the prano and enthusrasm for stamp collecting Although her appearance may not sug gest rt Iackre plans to be a dentist Representatrve Student Facul Athletrc Assocratron . . I b I , . , . . . . qu '. ' , ,' 1 .' .' ' ' ' l : l 1 . . . , , O Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ty Council: Cirls' Leaguef , ,W -K K QP'-' fl Lf , . J Airy, . - gm use Xxx . - T, , Y t .q- J.. 27 GEORGE EDWARD IEAN CHARAMUT CEFARATTI Academic If you cant play a sport be one rs Cells phrlosophy of conduct He IS a lxkeable tel physics to prepare for a fu ture as a navrgator and oth cer rn the Navy However Celt rs stxll tom between thrs practlcal vocatlon and hrs dream of becomxnq a protes sronal golfer A Cappella Semor Chou Manager Football Basket ball Student Faculty Councrl Bepresentatrve Busrness Ieanme rs one of those dazz Img twrrlerettes that make our football and basketball games somethmg to see Be at school aftarrs she also twrrls with a local drum corp :ce skatxng and dancmg keep her rn tnm lean has taken a busmess course to prepare her for a posxtxon rn the sec retarral held Vrce presrdent T wrrlerette Gxrls League Athletic Asso cratron RICHARD MARK CATALINA Academrc A carefree young lellow who seems never to take anythmg too serrously Rrck always manages to keep up tn hrs work Hes a smooth dancer and also passes trme playmg bxllrards Lxke many other fellows Rack hopes to wear the umiorm of the Umted States Au Force and scul rn to the wlld blue yonder IEANNE MARIE CATTEY College Preparatory Ieannxe rs Torrmgtons contn butron to New Bntam Hrgh The young narad excels not only rn swxmmmg but also rn other vzgorous sports such as basketball hockey and base ball Dancmg lrkewrse keeps her rn tnm and rn crrculatlon Wrth her keen sense ot humor and wrllmgness to help others Ieanme should make a frne arr hostess Treasurer Gxrls Sports Club Senror Glrl Advxser Girls League Athletic Assocxatron CECILE MALVINA CHARES1' Academxc Cele rs one of the quret glrls of our class but nevertheless well known for the helpmg hand whlch she grves t school functxons She spends much ol her spare trme photo graphxng scenes and people to add to her collectron ol plctures After the completxon of hrgh school Cole hopes to enter the held of nursmg Sports Club Representative Lrbrary Page Grrls League Representatrve Athletrc As socratron AUDREY ANN CHIAPPINI College Preparatory Full of lun and good iellow shxp Audrey seems to keep herself well up todate both an and out of school actrvrtxes Whether the water 18 hquxd or solrd she makes the most of rt swrmmrng and skatrng She too rntends to reverse the program and ask her class for the answers Iunror College Club Grrls League Representatrve Ath letrc Assocxatxon if - - u- ' . . 4' ' ar i . . . P. , X g - ' x " - 1 ' I K Ak I , 1 I I : -- I 1 low, majoring in math and sides twirling a clever baton ' ' O - - - . . . J ' , l Q- V , ' : ' - f . . 28 I-'RED EDWARD CHOINICKI Academxc Chuck rs one of those shy and quxet xndwrduals who closely observe the passmg scene Expendmg no energy rn rdle chatter he saves has stamma for playmg nxgged football Sometxme Ln the near future Uncle Sams Navy or Army wxll have a new recruit for Chick wlll enter the servxce Football IOSEPH PAUL CIANCI Academxc One can hardly help notxcrng Lnttle Ioe as he hurnes to get to class before the bell nngs Though he appears shy and conservatlve hrs fnends bear witness to hrs good nature After graduatlon Ioe hopes to enter law school or take up busmess admuustratxon t help hxm run hrs Dads groc ery busmess Football stump Club gum ANTHONY IOHN CICCOLELLA Academxc Chuck rs that pleasant chap who enjoys nothmg better than a good day of huntmg and fxshmg He 1s an all around outdoor sportsman who can handle a gun wxth some prohcrency In the fu ture-when he mtends to don the umform of Uncle Sams Army he ought to make a marksmans body E -Ll S! ELENORE MARY CLAFFEY College Preparatory Senous mmded and conscxen tlous Ele has been ldentlfxed with many school actrvmes ranging from the Forexgn Af faxrs Club to sports She nev er mxsses a tnck-and back of her srlence IB much sense Her hobbies golf playrng the pxano and sewmg may not suggest xt but her next step LS contrnurng her educa txon Nattonal Honor Socrety Gxrls Sports Club Foreign Affairs Semor Gul Advlser Lxbrary Page New England Music Festival Mayorette Lxterary Edrtor Beehive Gxrls League Representatxve Press Repre sentatrve Athletxc Assocla txon Amphxon Club fvflwf MW X PAULINE MARY COADY VINCENT IOSEPH ja? ,pvffl College Preparatory Paulme 18 an outdoor gxrl who enyoys nothmg better than a game of golf on a pleasant summer day She as also known for the helpmg hand she gxves rn dxflerent clubs and actrvmes rn the school to keep them running smoothly Paulme plans on entenng Umversxty of Con nectrcut School of Home Eco- nomxcs Secretary Guls Sports Club Vnce presxdent Amphxon Club Senxor Gul Advrser Lzbrary Page Iumor College Club Gxrls League Athletxc Asso cxatron Chaxrman Senror Class Nxght COLANGELO Academtc Vmny has made hrs presence known to most of us rn NBHS by hrs partrclpatxon rn sports and his trumpet playmg m the band Iudgxng from hrs accomplxshments m both orgamzatxons he seems to have done pretty well No matter what fxeld he may choose to work rn he has the best wrshes of hrs class Band Baseball Basketball . ,I . . . . 0 Y jf, 'JJ P Q' Club: Iunior College Club: 1 ' 1 " X . . - -"' W Q BARBARA ANN CONTARAS Academic Bobbie is one of the quietest members of our class though many can vouch for her sense of humor Her musical membership in the A Cap pella for three years and by her piano playing It seems as if Bobble s career is going to require a lot of pull for she plans to be a dentist A Cappella Semor Chou Girls League Athletic Asso ciation GEORGE MAURICE COON Academic With an mgratxatmg smile George is inclined to play down hrs own good points However thats not his attr free time is occupied by an out ot school yob Believing that this is not the best ol all possible worlds George has political inclinations Athleic Associaron lOAN SHIRLEY COLELLA College Preparatory loame has one of those but er wont met in my mouth expressions but after work she is ready for a good time and certainly makes the most ol one After graduation she plans to apply herself to the task of being a competent secretary and being loan she will do it Press Club IUHIOI College Club Girls League Athletic Association Representative IOAN ARLINE CONNERY Business Sophistication and poise per sonxixed thats our Ioan There is also no doubt m anyone s mind as to her abil rty in acting and the terpsi chorean art as she has ap peared rn Repertory Theater performances as well as in numerous dance recitals With her experience inxtra tive and figure she should have no trouble embarking on a career in the theater or modeling Amphion Club Semor Class Play Girls League Athletic Association PATRICIA ANN CORRIGAN College Preparaory Intelligence combines with personality and dependability to lorm Pat Her capacity as a leader and her willingness to serve in different clubs and activities are tar above the average With her sweet smile and twinkling Irish eyes Pat is sure to excite the pulses of her patients instead of calming them when she becomes a nurse Vice president Student Facul ty Council Girls Sports Club Assistant Social Chairman Iunior College Club Semor Girl Adviser Literary Editor Beehive Girls League Repre sentative Foreign Affairs Club Athletic Association I-5 BARBARA ANGELA COSCINA College Preparatory Barb is that pretty dark eyed girl well known by all for her skill in dancing Progres sive lazz and bebop are tops with her although she can do some pretty smooth steps to almost any type of music Her plans for the future in clude a career in nursing at a local hospital Girls League Representative Athletic Association t - ' - l - ' - - " , - ' . 'I ability is illustrated by her tude towards his friends. His J- N' L' K X X if Z' J L v DOMINICK ANTHONY COSTANZO Academic Dom is best known to his many followers as having his own orchestra under the name ol Sonny Lane. He not only lends his mellow varia- tions on the trombone to this organization, but to other lo cal bands also. His interest in music lies beyond the pres- ent, lor Dom plans to attend the New England Conserva- tory ot Music. Band: Orchestra: Pretzel Benders: Civic Forum nosnnr mms Cori: Technical Bob, who is practical mind- ed, is a person who appears 'to have his course laid out belore him. He will continue to study plumbing at the E. C. Goodwin Technical School. He is a most ardent ian of baseball and always has up- to-date information ready at hand. Detour on the road home V EDMUND GEORGE COVALESKI Technical Spotlight's dominant interest after school is sports, whether he be a participant or a spec- tator. However, there is no subject on which he cannot express his views. After com- pleting high school, he plans to don bell-bottomed trousers and take his place in the service ot Uncle Sam. FRANKLIN ALBERT CROWLEY Academic Frank is a kind-hearted, gen- erous person with a love for animals that prompts him to choose to be a veterinarian as his life-work. Besides the usual interest in athletics, Frank is an ardent music- lover. Obviously, he is plan- ning on college. th-Dlllrval X ffl IOHN WILLIAM DABKOWSKI Techmcal Catchmg fast motxon on a hlm ts one of Iohnnys hobbtes which also mclude huntmg and classrcal muslc Iohnny has chosen to make hrs mark xn the stzll mfant held I electronlcs Come next Sep tember he hopes to be ac cepted mto the CRL School of Electronxcs Camera Club IULIE MARIE DABKOWSKI Acadenuc Iulxe known as Debby to her more mtlmate frrends is a danclng and roller skatmg en IhUS1USl She also enyoys sports and prelers classlcal musrc Another one ot our gxrls who have heard the urgent plea of the sick and atthcted Iulre plans to be a nurse Gxrls League THOMAS ALEN EDWARD ALBERT CUMMISKVY DABKOWSKI Techmcal Tom IS a brg lad toppmg sxx feet and hke most brg lads hrs mam mterest ts sports Subordmate to sports places classical musrc He wxll follow through his mter est tn sports by studyxng physrcal educatxon at Sprmg held College after wh1ch he hopes to teach physxcal edu catlon Academtc Hls manner rs hxs asset hls temper rs hrs llabxlxty When at home he enyoys lxstemng to sport programs mystery stones and popular rnusxc He also likes to sketch Out doors huntmg and fxshmg oc cupy hls txme He plans to become an auto mechanic f 0 ELEANOR MARIE ANN ROSE MARIE DADDABBO DABROWSKI Academxc A smrlmg lace a carefree heart 18 an apt motto for Ellie who occupres her spare t1me wxth dancmg readmg popular musxc and bowlmg To make Amerxca strong vta the route of the stomach IS her ambxtxon for she plans to attend college where she wxll study dxetetzcs Gtrls League Athletrc Asso c1at1on Busmess The roar of the mrdget racmg cars as they come around the track iascmates Rosie who spends much of her tlme wxtnessmg thu thnllmg sport In the future she wxll attend college or follow her love of thrrlls by becommg an au' hostess Guls League Athletic Asso- cuatxon Representatrve dl C A0 5 32 DOLORES VICTORIA WILLIAM ROBERT DALEY DAGATA Academic Dee's favorite pastimes are dancing. swimming, and bowling. At the E. C. Good- win Technical School she studied hairdressing. She hopes to be a beautician. thus making the world more pleasant to live in, by mak- ing our women more lovely to look at. Student-Faculty Council Technical Bill claims almost any sport as his favorite. He applies himself conscientiously to his hobby of woodworking on which he spends much time. Assembling and painting mo- del boats is another spare time occupation for Bill. His plans for the future are in- definite. PATRICIA RUTH DAVIES IOSEPHINE LENA College Preparatory Patty is a good natured en thusiastxc girl with the ability to act and tell stones Her musical talents were also re- cognized when she was chos en as a delegate to the Lau rel Music Camp last summer She has chosen the University of Connecticut as the msutu tion of higher learnmg where she plans to prepare for a career of teaching A Cappella Senior Choir Oxemble Starlettes Iunror College Club Foreign Affairs Club Gxrls League DE GRANDI College Preparatory shone in her mathematics and French classes these two be mg her favonte sublects As hobbies she plays the piano and collects recxpes She en yoys all music lo plans to enter TCC where she will study to be a mathematics teacher Girls League Athletic Asso- cxatron GLORIA MARIE DANGELO GEORGE DAVID IR Academic Glory spends her spare time in dancing sewing drawing and watching football She also likes modern and semi classical music The spool and thimble hold a particular fascination for her for she plans to make a name for herself in the field of dress making Girls League Athletic Asso ciatron College Preparatory George the dependable per forms his tasks well and has a great deal of interest in school and cars His favorite hobbies are baseball and stamp collecting Believing that life is what we make t George hopes to contrib ute to public health in the profession of dentistry Stamp Club ij' ' . I ' ' ' ' I' ' Io's scholastic ability has I . ' E' . . -A 1' : . I 33 IEAN MARIE DE SENA ROSE MARIE MADELINE Academxc lean says Be merry but be wlse and she ts In her lex sure txme she ts usually iound at the ptano Although lean rs xndefmxte about her future plans she has a good schol astxc ratmg and IS ready for anythmg Forexgn Aftaxrs Club Gtrls League DE SOLE Academxc Rose Mane lzves up to her motto Art IS hfe by spend mg countless hours on her hobby of drawxng Her am bxtlon IS to become a tashron desxgner We may salely an txclpate that tn the near fu ture the latest fashxonable dresses wxll be labeled B De Sole CIVIC Forum Gtrls League Athletxc Assocxatxon rl' 34 HENRIETTA RACHEL ARLENE DOROTHY DEMORAT DENSHICK Academic Shes quxet shes shy but a plenty good guy Much of her tlme IS spent hs tenmg to the platters of the latest popular recordtng art xsts I-Iennys ambxtton IS to go to TCC where she wrll tram ux sclence to become a laboratory assmstant Athletxc Assocratxon Glrls League Academxc Lettys hobby IS collectmg popular and semuclassxcal records She has chanty rn her heart lor she xs plannxng to become an Angel of Mercy Her expenence as a nurses arde wall be valuable to her as she contmues her educa hon rn a nursmg school Nurses Alde Gtrls Sports Club Gxrls League Athletxc Assocxatlon IEROME FRANCIS DETOTTO College Preparatory Ierry us a happy-go-lucky per son who takes thmgs as they come He enyoys all types ot music and holds you spell bound whxle playmg hrs vxo- lm Ierry excels m French and xsotttoagoodstartasa language mayor m college Musxcal club Mens College Club Cross Country ANTHONY ALEX DI CARLO Busmess Here IS one fellow that we wont forget for a long txme Whxle a member of the Pretz el Benders Baldy was the spark oi many an act that had the audlence rollmg m the axsles Well remember the portrayal of Santa Claus and the New Years babe that Baldy played so well Band Pretzel Benders Ath lettc Assoczatzon 11 1 . 1 1 . . , . 1 .. . . 1 ..., . . . l . 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 . . 1 , . 1 1 t 'I . '- . 11 1 . 11 . . . , 1 . - . . 11 . . 11 1 I ' , . : - f . 11y 11 .. I . 1 , 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 - 1 . . 11 11 11 1 ,, . ' 1 1 I K . l n1,' 1 1- - . 1 1 , - F . . . " w ,f - ju k"1. M L .4 Wh . ARTHUR PAUL DI CESARE Technical Art, who came to N.B.H.S. from the Brass City, finds building model airplanes very interesting f- a hobby which calls for patience and exact- ness. Vaughn Monroe is rated as tops on his list of record- ing artists. The future will find him in the United States Navy. DONALD HENRY DILORETO Academic People are surprised when they learn that Don. better known to his class mates as Don Iuan, devotes the greater part of his spare time to the writing of song lyrics. Some day he would like to become the Gilbert end of a writing- composing team. Foreign Affairs Club vrvv rr ff"-fr' A , ll 1 I7 0 IOSEPH DIPINTO. IR. Academic loo is about five feet nine. with dark wavy hair. His fa- vorite pastime is roller-skat- ing, with swimming and baseball coming second. He patronizes the bowling alleys frequently, too. Until he be- comes a full-fledged electri- cian, he is employed part-time in a local drugstore. CESIDIO DIVALENTINO Academic As Italy's contribution to our high school. Danny displays a characteristic interest in mu- sic-operatic, classical, and popular. He also likes bowl- ing, swimming, and wood- working, enjoys 'l'cxrkington's and Poe's stories. After grad- uation, Danny plans to open a shoe repair shop of his own. Athletic Association SALVATORE THOMAS DI MAURO College Preparatory Behind a cover of sleepy in- difference, Sal hides an eager enthusiasm for a remarkably varied field of interests. Though he works part time after school, evenings often find this ardent bop fan at sessions in the Bushnell Mem- orial Theater. After college. Sal intends to teach English. Literary Editor, Beehive: Lab- oratory assistant. Chemistry SALVATORE EDWARD DIPIETRO Technical Sal who is a cooperative student at the E. C. Goodwin Technical School, has taken a tool-and die-making course and hopes to make this work his future. Sal's a rabid New York Yankee fan, and he also is a Bill Stem admirer. vw-Jiffy ., J JV BARBARA IEAN DOOMAN ALLEN DO AN Academrc Barb s mterest m musrc rs ex emphfled rn her devotron to the Musrcal Club She lrkes everythmg from Beethoven to Bop as long as xt has rhythm Shed lxke a muslcal career but would content herself with 1ust good lrstenmg-or may be bemg a secretary Student Facutly Representa txve A Cappella Semor Chou College Preparatory By ably mampulattng the clannet Al makes a valuable contnbutxon to school musrc hfe When not busy practxc mg or performmg he occu ples hrs txme by swxmmmg playxng baseball or other wrse developmg hrs muscles Hrs fondness for muslc may xnfluence hrs chotce of career Band Orchestra IENNIE DOBROWOLSKI MARGARET MARY Academ1c Versatile Iennxe hasnt decxd ed on a career but she keeps herself busy outsxde of school by dancmq attendmg football games or readmg mystery stones She rs fond of sewmg and wrxtmg and showed her talent for actmg by wmnmg a role 1n the Semor Class Play Athletxc Assocxatxon Gxrls League Representatrve Press Club Semor Class Play DONNELLY College Preparatory Maggre s name ts a synonym for mernment and good sense as well She has a tranquxl nature behmd whlch lxes a wealth of fnendshxp She reads much and enloys swunmmq and golf Magqxe hopes to enter a lumor col lege tn preparatxon for a ca reer m advertxsrng Chatrman of Personal Bela txons Student Faculty Coun c1l Secretary Skx Club Iumor College Club Gxrls League Athletxc Assocxatxon LUCY THERESA DORIO IEANETTE L DOUCETTE Bustness Very actxve for a gul so small rn stature Lucy often goes hlklllg or blcycle rxdmg plays table tenms and chess She llkes the semxclassxcal works of Kern and Gershwm and the weud tales of Edgar Al lan Poe After graduatxon Lucy wxll become a secretary Forexgn Affatrs Club Lxbrary Page Guls League Repre sentatlve Busmess Wm or lose Frencbxe ts a loy al rooter for her chosen team Actwe m guls sports she ts especxally fond of baseball and swtmmmg but also hkes to dance and qo to the mov res Frenchxe mtends to do ofixce work and eventually to become a housewxfe Gxrls Sports Club Grrls League Athletlc Assocxatlon 4 '- ' ': , ' : ' rl P p P . n-' ' l -A 4, Y pl A -l,' . ., V. l Nvt, Ib rv I, ly l fu' If I RJ! L 36 fd DONALD ANDREW DOWIAT Technrcal Clrmb trll the goal rs reach ed Don belreves and proves that dependabrlrty and hon esty helps a person to get along wrth hrs fellow man Don spends hrs after school hours as a baker s helper and hopes to become a busrness manager rn the future Athletrc Assocratron J, ff' f ff MARY ELLEN DRISCOLL College Preparatory Skelly rs a pretty colleen wrth the leprechauns love for dancrng Also agrle rn the water she rs on the hrgh school swrrnmrng team When her busy schedule allows trme she works on her stamp collectron After graduatron Skelly rs hoprng to take up nursrng Swrrrrmrng Grrls League Rep resentatrve Athletrc Assocra ron WALLACE JOSEPH DRZALA College Preparatory Wally who has cr good vorce and srngs much rs partral to Beethoven rn literature he chooses the work of Ioseph Conrad Three years f trammg on the crnder track have condrtroned lrrm for the gnnd of malonng rn physrcs rn college Cross Country Track A Cap pella PHYLLIS MARY DRZYMALSKI Academrc Philly rs the lrttle brunette be hrnd the counter rn the Log Cabrn She loves horses and collects prctures and statues of them rn her spare hme Belrevrng that womans place rs rn the home Plullys plan for the future centers on be rng a competent housewxfe. Archery Guls League Ath letrc Assocratron THOMAS A DRISCOLL RICHARD IOHN DROBOT Academrc Though fond of musrc brg Drll spends most of hrs trme and energy on hrs pet hobby photography whrch he plans to make hrs career When not clrckmg the shutter h goes to basketball or football games After graduatron Dru plans to go to TCC A Cappella Academrc Drck rs gorng to be an en grneer but rrght now hes concentratrng on burldurg the foundatron of hrs educatron Havrng polrshed hrs Honor Socrety prn he may be found rn the stands at football games lrstenrng to Strauss waltzes or burred rn the leaves of Krplrngs books Natronal Honor Socrety Ath letrc Assocratron . t. N 1 ' ' "it, I , ' l fo f' ', for r I . . . , e . . , . . o ' 37 , I , L. K ,J fl' tix ll, X0 0'V5,!l LJ L jboflc-jj RONALD GEORGE EDMAN MARILYN AGNES EGAN Academic Ron rs a quiet boy with a taste for Zane Grays stones of the wild West Though also fond of music his mam inter est hes in fishing and such popular sports as baseball and basketball For this rea son Ron hopes to be a sports announcer Foreign Affairs Club Business Marilyn who has a wander lust would love to travel but being a practical girl she in tends to enter business school after graduation In her spare time she likes to swim dance or attend football games Fond of music Marilyn en yoys listening to semi classr cal recordings Girls League Athletic Asso cxatron RWM IOAN DUFFY PAUL MAURICE DUMAIS College Preparatory Almost any Saturday after- noon during the football season Duff may be found triumph- alntly leading the Twirlerettes. Always cheerful. she has earned an enviable reputation for achievement both in schol- arship and in the many extracurricular activities to which she devotes her spare time. Duff hopes to teach history. Senior Girl Adviser: Iunior College Club President For eign Affairs Club President Twirlerette Girls Sports Club Representative Leader Twrrlerette Girls League College-Academic Paul hides a versatile disposi- tion behind a shy but friendly smile. His interests run the gamut from prominent partici- pation in track and cross country to reading. stamp col- lecting, and a hearty appe- tite for classical music. pre- ferably Gounod's. Paul hopes to study dentistry at college. Track: Cross Country V U rl bfb THEODORE G ENGWALL BARBARA LOUISE Technical Teddy like Benjamin Frank l1n finds electricity exciting but not alarming At the E C Goodwin Technical School he has done very well Not only is he interested in his trade but he is also a great sports man hunting and fishing be mg his specialties Athletic Association ERICKSON College Business Barbara successfully com bmes business with pleasure and enloys even what must be done Active and popular both in and out of school she likes movies popular music and reading She hasnt de cided on her future but her interest in social problems and politics may affect it Senior Gul Adviser Business Editor Beehive Secretary Foreign Affairs Club Girls Sports Club Senior Class Play Girls League Represen tatrve l 4 I' . . . X . I . I 'I . , ' I . . . I . , . M Q 1 , . I I ' , . . ' I I ' 1 . , : , , . ROBERT HENRY ESSEL General Ease has distinguished him- self for two years as the var- sity tackle who gets in there and does his job with the skill of a master. His idea of heaven is a shady spot by a lake where he can fish to his heart's content. Future-unde- cided. Football NANCY MARY EUMENIDI Business Nancy will be long remem- bered as the girl who car- ried the disappearing lunch. Especially fond of dancing. she prefers to do her stepping to Vaughn Monroe's band. After graduation, Nan, armed with pencil and dictation pad. will take her place in the business world. Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ciation SALLY JANE F ARQUHARSON College Preparatory Sal is the vital moving spirit behind a number of school activities Tolerant and yet discriminating in iudgment she is an able but modest leader Among her personal interests are Canasta swim ming knitting and ice skat ing Her path leads to col lege and science as a labora tory technician A Cappella Senior Chou Archery Club Literary Ed tor Beehive Senior Girl Ad viser Foreign Affairs Club Girls League Athletic Asso ciation RICHARD IOHN FEARNLEY College Preparatory Engineering a field which calls for accuracy and preci sion is what Dick aspires to study at Yale or MIT Dick works hard but during his leisure time he enloys fishing and hiking After school he is often seen riding around New Britain in his 48 Dodge National Honor Society Men s College Club Athletic Asscr ciation Representative Press Representative IOSEPH LOUIS FALLETTI LOUELLA MAY FANION College Preparatory loo is a scientific minded young man with a keen sense of humor After school he works in his father s store camps with the Boy Scouts or enjoys himself swimming Every sixth period he labors in the chem lab Some day he may have his own Student Faculty Council Men s College Club Football Lab- oratory assistant Athletic As sociatxon Business Cupids arrows arent the only ones zmgmg by these days Louella has taken up archery Whom she will sting with her trusty arrows only time will tell but right now she s concentrating on becom mg a good stenographer ln quieter moods Lou likes to embroider and listen to music Girls Sports Club Girls League Athletic Association Jug! , pw ,gf -fia- I . . ' I . ' ' A l. I .:. . 5 i ., :., i l : . .. t , I w . . I I I . ' - . . I I .. : ' I 2' i- . : ' ' - .. : . - 39 PAULINE HELEN FIIALEK Academrc Polly rs a quret mrss whose wxde range of mterests rn cludes sewmg skatmg danc mg slngmg drawing and 11s tenrng to the radro Musrcally she prefers popular pxeces especzally ptano Thrs versa trle mxss wrll soon take needle and thread ln hand and become a dressmaker Grrls League STANLEY CHESTER FIIALEK General Fennwxck rs our modem count erbart of Danrel Boone H spends countless hours m the woods capturing hrs preywrth rod gun and trap After a long day at thts he comes home and reads Freld and to Sprke lanes Ambrtron to be a wnter ol sports stones fx NATHALIE ALVINA FENGLER College Preparatory Nlckey ts an attractxve brown ette wxth many talents two of whrch are art and story wntxng Sxnce her lavonte au thor rs Edgar Allan Poe most of her stones are mystenes She likes all types of musrc but favors classrcal After graduation she xntends to go to college Guls League ISABEL FLORENCE FENSTER College Preparatory L11 rs known to most students as the gul who played the lead ln the lumor Class Play Her versattlxty IS revealed by her many extracurrxcular ac llVlll9S One of Isabels out standrng qualrtres IS her abrl rty to wrlte and she plans to ma1or rn 1ournal1sm rn col ege Natronal Honor Socrety Lrter ary Edrtor Beeluve Semor Gul Advrser Iunxor College Club Press Club Foreign At taxrs Club Guls League 1 fff LOWELL PINK ELEANOR LOIS Business Lowells rdea of a perfect hte rs to stt rn some shady spot on the bank ot a nver and do some trshrng But on the domestxc srde he lrkes to lrsten to Frankte Lame and read excrtrng tales of the West' After hrgh school Low ell plans to enter the Coast Guard Cross Country Athletrc Asso cratron FITZGERALD College Preparatory Ellxes lrrendly drsposxtxon rs as refreshmg as a coke She goes tn for the tmer arts and en1oys classlcal musrc best Some day shell be tak mg shorthand and dotng sten ography for she hopes to be come someone s secretary Grrls League Athletxc Asso cratron . I I ' . . . i Q . 1 e . - . . 1 I 1 f ' ' ' Stream Magazine" or listens x. I fl X C A D , ! 5 . 4 I I' l ' I lk ffrfr lj, ,. , ' ,N , . ' . I , - 1 - 9 . - 1 ' ' i. A l 40 HELEN IRENE FLINT DONALD PETER FLISS Busrness Wrth a twrnkle rn her eyes and a smrle upon her lxps Helen can often be found dancrng to the latest popular records or carefully arrnrng a ball at a set of bowlrrrg prns Helen has no plans for the future but she will probably enter the business world Grrls League Athletrc Asso- cxatron College Preparatory Personalxty and perseverance are the characterrstrcs whrch drstrngursh Flrss to hrs class mates He was actrve sports untrl a back rnlury rn terfered but Don strll cames the sprnt wrth hun Don s am brtron rs to be a hrstory teach er He wxll enter Teachers College rn the fall Crvxc Forum Football LEO ROBERT FOURNIER NANCY IANE FRISK General Belrevurg that Your future depends on you Leo has planned hrs carefully Hrs chorce would be to manage a large store otherwrse he wrll entrust hrs affarrs to the U S Army Roller slratrng and good movres are hrs reg ular recreatron wrth sym phonres for specral occasrons College Preparatory Musrcally rnclrrred Frlskey blends her contralto volce wrth the harrnonrous Strains of the A Cappella Senror Chorr and Starlettes Because of her abrlrty and valuable contrrbutrons to the Musrc Club she was deservrngly chosen as a delegate to the All State Chorus The nursurg professron wrll certaxnly wel come the charm and pahence of Fnskey Executrve Secretary Semor Chou Starlette Senror Grrl Advrser Grrls League Ath letrc Assocratron DOROTHY NELLEEN FOBERG Busmess An ardent patron of mustc and the arts Dot lrkes to draw and to lrsten to semr classrcal musrc After her busy hrgh school hours she enjoys swrmmrng occasron ally drawurg When school lets out m Iune Dot hopes to earn her lrvrng rn the fas Student Faculty Councrl Grrls League Representatrve Ath letrc Assocratron V pix Qi' ALFRED ANTONIO FORTIER General Al the mechanrc thoroughly enjoys tmlrermg wrth a radro or televrsron set He also spends some of hrs lersure trme roller skatmg rce skatrng and dancrng After gradua tron Al plans to make use of hrs hobby and become a ra dro and televrsron engmeer resentatrve Radro Club ij' 4 " I ,rx l,,:.Jl . . . kg l 'J' ,, 'U cinming field of qdvenisingtn Student-Faculty Council Rep- , .f ' 4 O Ll N ,gn Jw A Ajvi' ' L,-, v 41 fin' K ARMAND ALBERT FUSCO THERESA PIEDWIG GAIDA College Preparatory Sonny xs certamly a drftxcult student to overlook at school wrth hrs sunny dxsposrtxon and ready smrle Although he rates as an ldealxst he rs rn terested rn busmess Luck go wrth you and when you be come a nch capxtalxst remem ber we knew you when Academxc Belxevmg that fnendlmess rs an asset Terry iollows the proverb Be a fnend and all wrll be your fnends She 18 an enthusxastxc attendant at all the drum corp meets She rs deft m the settmg of a hot or cold wave for here we have another future harr dresser Glrls League Athletxc Asso cxatlon GEORGE LOUIS FROEBA Academic George ts a small but hvely lad whose ordmanly quret manner may be nusleadmg An accomphshed musrcran he has played three driterent mstruments durmg hrs three years servxce rn the band and orchestra We dont know hrs plans for the future so all we can say 18 Gluck auf' Cross Country Band Orches ra RONALD ANTHONY FUSARO Academrc Known to trxends as Fuzzy he has a smxle and a hello for everyone He gets hrs hunttng Incense early and hkes to follow up sports Quahtymg hu statement on no dehnxte plans for alter graduatron he adds that he expects to get a yob ALBERT GALANTE Busmess Bemg born on the thrrteenth of the month hasnt bothered Al who never seems pressed for tune or luck A guard on the lootball team he also llkes the baseball dxamond wrth movxes lor relaxatton Alter graduatxon he will ac cept what the fates offer Football Athletxc Assoczatron Representatrve MARGARET GASHGORIAN Busmess Laughter makes the world go round so Magqle I8 a soclable person who has a poke lor everyone Danctng toppxng her lxst of enyoyments rs followed by bowlmg skat mg and popular music She hopes to be a secretary or spread her wrngs and be come an mr hostess Foreign Affarrs Club Bowl mg Gxrls Sports Club Repre sentauve Volleyball Gxrls League Athletrc Assocratxon GERALDINE GASPER LOIS ANITA GASS Academic Gerry, willing and able to serve, is conscientious about her school work. Sailing over the water with the help of a good breeze is only one of her favorite sports. Gerry will enter the nursing field and train at the St. Francis Hos- pital in Hartford. Girls' League: Athletic Asso ciation Business Lois is always ready to be of help to those who need it. She has served on many corn- mittees for Girls' League dances. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, bowling. roller- skating. and swimming. After graduation she plans to make her career as a medical sec- retary. Bowling: Girls' League Rep- resentative INEZ SUSANN GERINGHELLI Academic lnez got some preparation for her future career in the nurs mg field when she served as an aide to Miss OBnen For excitement she plays with a local fife and drum corps for recreation she goes in for swimming and dancing for no reason at all she eats ham and pickle sandwiches Press Representative Nurses Aide Girls League Athletic Association FRANK JOSEPH GETZEWICH College Preparatory Transmitters amplifiers and all the other instruments that are connected with radio are spends many hours trying to build parts fo his set Frankie has completed a col lege course and plans to con tmue the study of radio in the future Radio Club , 'ff- 45' ' f , ' T, tl IRENE MARY GAZDA Technical Watch those calories when Honey is around' Irene will make sure to keep you posted on how to attain a lovely figure She has been study ing nutrition t the E C Goodwin Technical School for the last three years Heres a future specialist in the field of dietetics Athletic Association , ffffu '1- J ,gf flffbn MARSHALL GEISINGEB College Preparatory Marshall believes that to be successful one must give his best efforts to todays tasks and he is a faithful worker Swimming crowns his list of favorite sports but any one will do He plans on college to study busmess admimstra tion Mens College Club Athletic Association .4 fl f' W' J f . b'f J n ' a . ' , O ' ' ' ' , Frank's favorite hobby. He ' , ' : . I . ' . ' . . u f . I ' ' ' . i 1 X ' :I I ' :I ' t ff A N A 43 NANCY MARIE GLEBA EDNA IANE GLIDDEN Busmess Nance whose good nature has made her a popular mem ber of teen-age clubs claims to be just an average g1rl Vaughn Monroes records rank hrghest m her collec tron but she lxkes most pop ular music She wrll apply for a Job as a secretary Student Faculty Counctl Bee hive Representatrve Grrls League Athletic Assoctatxon Acaderruc Shy about takrng the lead lame loyally supports many causes not least among whrch are those of basketball and football She rs a reg ular movre fan lt 18 her hope to attend a secretanal school after leavmg NBHS and then to take drctatron Grrls League ALGIMANTAS RICHARDAS GIEDRAITIS College Preparatory In the fxne rnanuscnpt hand that marks education m hrs natrve Lxthuama and m a German Drsplaced Persons Camp untrl a year ago Al states truly that he rs one of mdrvrdual type For quret recreatron he chooses chess for actxve sport table tenms He wrll attend college DONALD ANTHONY GIZA College Preparatory One of our honor students Don rs well known to every one He rs well chosen as an Athletrc Assocratron Represen tatrve for among hrs many hobbles are skung swim mmg archery frshrng and the everyday sports He rs a Iunror Assxstant Scoutmaster Don plans to become a me chamcal engmeer Skr Club Audro-Vrsual Ards Athletxc Assocratron Repre sentatrve RICHARD IOHN GLOWNIA CATHERINE GODZYK Techmcal Dick rs a gemal fellow of mrld and easy-gomg manner On th golf course m summer and the rce rn wmter he rs well known for hrs prowess He has pursued an mdustrxal arts course and a defmrte aptltude for mechanics leads htm toward that held Go Busmess College Her efforts toward scholastxc achxevement havmg been re warded by electron to the Natrona! Honor Society Kay after furthenng her educatxon at Teachers College wrll help others to acqurre know! edge by teachmg a comme! clal subject For recreatton and relaxatron Kay reads and attends basketball games rn season Natmonal Honor Socmety Se' mor Grrl Advrser Grrls League Athleuc Assocratxon 5 FF u Q ' 44 FRANCES CAROLINE IANE BEATRICE GORDON GOMBOTZ Busrness Frannle charmmg rn manner sweet rn nature and neat and thorough rn her tasks has made herself one of the dxstxngurshed personalrtres here She rs not only studxous and level headed but fun lovmg as well May your fu ture days as a secretary be as promtsmg and brxght as those spent at your Alma Ma ter Frannie Natxonal Honor Socrety Lxter ary Edxtor Beehive Grrls League Athletxc Assocratxon Busrness lanle has a sense of humor that IS hers alone Sports such as football she enpoys watch mg rn basketball and tennrs she wants to be rn the game lane s mterests run along the commercxal lme and she rn tends to contrnue rn thrs freld Basketball Table Tenms Gxrls League Athletrc Asso cxatxon SANTO IOSEPH GOZZO WILLIAM RAYMOND College Preparatory Sammy has been busy dunng hu three years at NBHS mamtamrng an A record and playmg m both the band and orchestra Burldrng model planes and cars rate hxgh on his hobby hst After gradua hon Sammy mtends to enter MIT to become a crvxl en gmeer Band Orchestra Mens QI lege Club AudxoVxsual Ard Club GRANQUIS1' College Preparatory Bill rs a soft spoken fellow who doesnt take hrmself too senously He enyoys oxl pamt mg baseball basketball track and tce skatmg Be srdes these mterests he also fmds trme to play the guxtar and harmomca Hrs hobbxes huntmg and fxslung have been good preparatxon for hrs future rn forestry after the Unxversxty of Connectxcut Track Athletlc Assocratxon PATRICIA BRIDGEI' GORMAN College Preparatory No matter what the trrals rt wont be dull rf Pat fulfrlls her ambmon to be a lawyer after frmshrng at Duke Umver srty Busrer than two average people she has energy for a dozen actrvrtxes wrth some left for dancmg skatrng nd Press Representatxve Iumor College Club Twxrlerette Se mor Grrl Adviser Guls League Athletxc Assocratlon ARLBNE IOAN GOTOWALA Academtc Arlene known to all friends as I rs a cheerful grrl wrth a wxde rrnagxnatron In school she seems shy but on home ground she rs qulte drfferent Her mam rnterest rn sports IS basketball In whrch she rs an able partlclpant She hopes to become a secretary Grrls League 1 ing, and what not. ' I S C , x. 'x 1 ' - i, 45 MILDRED GRIGAS Academxc P Y Mlllxe One of our most ath lettc gxrls she partmcrpates m 1ust about every sport Whether xt be bowling roller skatxng or basketball you tmd Mlllle ln the center of rt After graduatron Millie plans to become a secretary Grrls Sports Representatxve Manager Bowlmg Team Gxrls League Athletxc Asso cxatron 4,436 7? -ff, ,,,,f,1,,4z 4,-dj VIOLEI' LUCY GRIGORIAN Academxc P 9 whose hghtnmg servxce and wxde awake play won her the NBHS pmg pong cham ptonshrp rn her yunxor year Besides sports she enjoys hstemng to popular and class zcal musxc She hopes some day to be an axrlme hostess Grrls Sports Club Iunxor Col lege Club Gxrls League Athletic Assoctatlon PATRICIA ANNE GRAY LORRAINE ANNETTE Busmess Pat rs a cute httle armful who lust about makes her chalk mark on the wall at hve feet Although small m sxze her xntellectual content L8 large She fmds enjoyment rn watch mg football games sewn-rg and dancmg Pat ls gettmg plenty of expenence tor her secretanal career by being one ot our busy typtsts on the Beehwe Start National Honor Socrety Se mor Gul Advrser Gtrls League Athletrc Assocratton Typmg Stall Beehive Secre tary Semor Class GRESH Academxc Everyone wrll remember Lor rame for her bnght H1 A txvely assoctated wrth many school orgamzatxons she rs most proud ot her Honor So cxety rnembershxp and her award as Rankmg Iunxor Gxrl Lon-ie en1oys all sports danc mg and hstenmg to popular records She plans to attend Boston Umversxty where she wrll study to become a sec retary Secretary Natronal Honor So- crety Vrce presxdent Press Club SocralCha1rman Gxrls League Semor Gxrl Adviser Athletrc Assocratxon EDWARD IOHN ANNE SHEILA GUTMAN GRUDZINSKI Academxc Tex lrsts sports at the head ot hrs many mterests outsrde of school He spends much of his trme playrng baseball and basketball and attendmg school games Although Tex rs st111 mdehnrte about the future he would hke to be a busmess executrve College Preparatory Torchr rs that brown-eyed red head who lends her contralto voice to all musxcal produc txons Her mterests are wxde rangmg from the purely so cral to the very serxous Her goal m the future rs to study radro through Journalism Starlettes Semor Chou A Cappella Press Club For ergn Afiaxrs Club Iumor Col lege Club Grrls League Ath leuc Assoctatron I I-V v r V If W if . . . . . - ,L ' Wherever a s ort. ou'll find Vl is a s orts-minded irl 46 DOROTHY THERESA GUZAUCKAS Academic Always cheerful and ready to help. Terry aspires to con- tinue this practice as a nurse. Her main interest is music. and she cherishes the mem- ory of the Musical Club con- certs. Song renditions by Fred Waring are "tops" with her. ln addition, she likes basket- ball and tennis. A Cappella: Senior Choir: Girls' League ELEANOR BARBARA HAI-IN Business "Sweet and Lovely," Ellie greatly enjoys the part she plays in the girls' sports pro- gram. She also has a mean swing . . . at a baseball of course! With her knowledge of shorthand and with the principle, "Think what you like: say what you ought," Eleanor should go far as a secretary. Archery: Senior Girl Adviser: Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ciation Where levity is king s-13 .WW W , IOAN LORRAINE HAMILTON Business "Care will kill a cat." but not Ioanie who finds the world a a happy place. Her lovely voice enriches a church choir. Playing on a softball or bas- ketball team she finds excit- ing. For special fun she chooses roller - skating or dancing. She will do secretar- ial work. Girls' League: Girls' Sports Club: Athletic Association WW' 4 1 Vl' ,N Aj hgv' l I " L... DL... ,lk I-ws X .X I ,XKVXB x1lx'xLkj.1 X-xfvfii .1 Vebv., 'T ARTHUR HOLCOMB HARRIS College Preparatory When you see a boy with a gleam of mischief in his eyes -it's probably Archie. He en- joys swinging that club around a golf course and can be found rough and ready for a football game. Archie plans to take up busi- ness administration in the fall. Athletic Association CAROLYN IOAN HAYWARD Business Ah I just made xt' might be heard escaping from Ca rol s lips after she has rushed to her class and put one foot in the doorway as the in many sports especially basketball Office work is her intended vocation Girls League Athletic Asso ciation dw WV Afrgjgi IOHN IOSEPH HAZE Academic Iohn IS a quiet and indus trious fellow His honesty and his ability to get along with others make him a well liked companion His activities in and playing the harmonica He also participates in tumb ling and parallel bar work He is considering being an architect or a draltsman 48 ROBERT HARRY HART ROBERT LANTRY Technical Harp: an E C Goodwin Technical School student s a handy man to know for he is studying the automobile trade He plays football with a local team and claims that its a great game His mam ambition which he hopes to realize is to travel and see the world Athletic Association HAUGHIAN College Preparatory After a year at St Thomas Seminary Bob 1o1ned us in eleventh grade Particularly interested in current affaus he is preparing to enter Notre Dame College where he hopes to mayor for four years in busmess administration He will continue to root for the Dodgers Foreign Affairs Club HELEN ANN HERMANN NORMA IUNE HESS Academic Quiet and reserved Helens ambition in life is to be a nurse Her time outside of school is devoted to the Girl Scout movement to reading poetry to swimming and to listening to good music f which she likes both popular and classical College Preparatory With the blessing of Terpsi chore Norma has gained considerable recognition in the musical field Her ability in the field of art as well was demonstrated by the winning of a Scholastic Art Award She looks hopefully toward a successful future rn the ad vertismq world Starlettes Oxemble Senior Choir A Cappella Musical Club Foreign Affairs Club Gxrls League Athletic Asso- ciation . . , t i l ,W Vf 41 If , ' ff . ,fl f " ' if J A 1 0 g ,, .J 7 , bell rings. Carol participates clude hunting. fishing, hiking, ' ' ' je ' 'I , ' , 0 ' . MARY ELSIE HILLGROVE BETTY IANE HINTZ Busmess Mary a versatxle g1.rl has for her hobbres such dxversrfxed arts as makmg rugs and playmg the accordlon She also bowls goes swrmmmg and roller slratmg Especxally fond of poetry she has tned wntmg some of her own After graduation Mary wlll be a secretary Athletrc Assocratron Bowl mg Glrls League College Preparatory What Hmtxie does she does well Therefore she was elected to the Natronal Honor Socxety rn her jumor year and to executwe posxtxons xn both school and local organ xzatxons Music and sports provrde her recreatron The nursxng profession ns her next goal Natfonal I-'onor Socxety Pres :dent Iunxor College Club Semor Gal Advxser Guls League Representatwe Cappella Athletxc Assocxa txon Student Faculty Repre sentatxve ROBERT JOHN HOFFMAN Academrc Bob rs an enthusxastxc mem ber of both band and orches tra muslc IS hxs frrst love When he xsnt busy pracucmg wxth hrs drumstxclrs Bob may be found m the mxdst of a mystery thnller He mtends to become cl draftsman after attendmg Hartford Technical Instrtute Band Orchestra Athletrc As socxatxon RICHARD ALAN HOFFMANN Academlc Duck 18 an easygomg fellow who wxll quxclrly and convmc xngly handle any argument Besides hrs abxhty as peace maker he has a hne vorce and partrcrpates m many of the Musxcal Club groups Hrs ambxtmon rs to be come an accountant and to that end he xs pursumg an academxc course A Cappella Senxor Chou' IZORRAINE LEE MAHLENE BLANCHE Hocnsrnsrz Homvmn College Preparatory Music has played a large part m Hoch s lxfe both xn and out of school and she has a pleasxng voxce Her favonte readxng 15 Lord Byron for recreation rt 18 dancmg and roller slratmg Her future plans mclude workxng with her brother ln the fleld of den trstry A Cappella Semor Chou Gals League Athlehc Asso cxatxon College Preparatory Kmt two pearl two that s what you re apt to hear from Marlene She takes pnde rn her knxtted sweaters and socks Other mterests of hers mclude sports and hstemng to the Red Sox games Wxth test tube rn hand Marlene wxll prepare to do sclentxfxc re search at Duke Umversxty Senior Chou A Cappella Semor Gal Advxser Iunxor College Club Camera Club Archery Club Gals League Athletxc Assoclatxon If '. : A Q 1 A ., 5 . Q ,. f J 'I X of 7 , lv , , fi.- j aft, N, f X 1, , ,,,,,,e!4 49 SARAH HOVHANESSIAN Academtc Sarah IS a happy go lucky glrl wlth an amaztng capacxty for frtendshxp She can b seen darly wendxng her way through the corrxdors chattmg Good thxngs come mn small packages frt her to a T Sarahs plans for the future are mdeftntte but her ftne personahty wxll be an asset to her tn whatever she un dertakes Gtrls League Athletrc Asso cxatxon NORMAN HOWELL College Preparatory Norm ts the boy of a hundred odd lobs A good student and an Eagle Scout he belongs to many orgamzattons He IS keen on photography and ten works prepanng for that course tn buslness admmts tratmon he plans to take at the Umversxty of Connectxcut Sentor Chotr A Cappella Beehrve Representatlve Ath letxc Assocratxon NANCY IEAN HOLCOMB RICHARD MARTIN Academxc an tt may be satd Thou lest sweetly and art st1ll evertheless she has been very acttve throughout hrgh school espectally tn Commun 1ty organtzatxons She clatms tennxs and baseball as actrve hobbles Classmates attest to her xmtrattve and ambxtton She plans a nursmg career lumor College Club Girls League Athletrc Assoctatlon HOLLFELDER Busmess Dxck ts a lrttle on the quxet srde whtle tn school but after school tts a drfferent story Netther the wee lxttle wah bxts nor the one that got away IS safe when Dxck takes hrs trusty nfle or rod He plans to enter hrs fathers grocery busmess Student Faculty Counctl Ath letxc Assocxatxon Representa tlve GEORGE IOSEPH HUCK ROSE THERESA HULL General Stxll undecided what h wants to do after graduatxon Shotgun 18 sure that he rs gomg to get 1ob and work at rt Whtle he strll has ttme he rs enloymg all the basket ball baseball and football he can 111 addxtxon to movies Busmess When not hstentng to Perry Como or dreammg to the tune of Body and Soul Ro en yoys roller slratmg dancing or cheermg for the home team at basketball games What does she dream about? Perhaps her future tn the bug wrde wonderful world after bustness school' A Cappella Athletrc Assocxa tron Gxrls League i . X . ' ' . e - . to everyone. The old maxim, nis. Outside of school he K . . e . . 50 IOSEPHINE IACINO IENNIE VIRGINIA ISKRA Busxness Io who was hom rn the Bronx enyoys the umversal pleasures of dancmg and roller skatmg When lt comes to rnusrc she IB defmltely a Bop fan Her plans are un formed for the most part but lo does want to be a good housewrfe Glrls League Busmess Among the champrons of the grrls basketball and volley ball teams Gmks rs n acknowledged star Her lex sure trme rs spent playrng rn a local drum corps rn prac txclng shootxng baskets and on the dance floor For her future occupatron Gmks has chosen the held of secretar ral work Grrls Sports Club Grrls League Athletrc Assocxatxon ALLEN EMORY IOHNSON AUDREY LOIS IOHNSON Academrc Al rs a resourceful young fel low who has many friends as a result of hrs pleasant drspo- smon As a lover of the great outdoors he spends hrs free txme huntrng hshmg and trappmg Hrs membershxp m the Athlehc Assocxatxon helps to gratrfy lus mterests sports Al: plans for the fu ture as yet are undecrded Athleuc Assocxatxon Academxc You may have seen Lxttle Audrey workxng rn the school offxce-maybe she got you out of class once As a hobby she collects souvemrs and records After school she works at the New Bntam General Hosprtal where she mtends to wear the whlte umform for keeps Gxrls League Bepresentatrve Athletxc Assoclatlon IOHN BUIOHN IACOB General lake small m stature but large rn spxnt wrll be re membered as a manager of the football team In hrs spare tune he IS interested ln numrs matrcs Football basketball and tenms are hrs favonte C0188 CI bllSln6SSl'DGD Manager Football Athletic Assocratxon RENEE ADELE IOBERT College Preparatory Ren rs an outstandmg grrl who partxcrpates rn many school functtons and stxll stands hrgh m her class A delegate to the Summer Mu src Camp she srngs rn the All State Chorus She fxnds after conttnumg her study Ren plans to teach muslc Vrce presrdent Musxcal Club Starlette Leader A Cappella Secretary Iumor Class For exgn Affarrs Club Chalrman of Welfare Commxttee Gxrls League . l I I . U sports. His ambition is to be- music her favorite. hobby. and . ' , . l . . . . in . . 51 l if NORMAN CARI. IOHNSON PHILIP ARTHUR IOHNSON College Preparatory Iolly Ixqqs is a master with flash bulb and lens-and likes to turn both on the sports field Servmg as president of a youth group is just one of many outside activities Hell develop further his interest m photography or turn to engm eenng Chairman of School Improve ment Student Faculty Coun cl Student Faculty Council Representative Athletic As socration Representative Key Club Business Phll is a person with more thoughts than words Behind his solemn expression hes a great sense of humor He is interested in all sports and spends much of his spare time hshmg and hunting Phil has taken a business course and hopes to become a commercial tycoon fl DAVID ALVIN IOHNSON HELEN LILLIAN IOHNSON College Preparatory Where you find a camera. you will find Dave. asking questions or giving advice. He enjoys all sports. espe- cially football. He plans to go to college, but has no defi- nite field in mind, though he argues, "All work and no play makes lack." President, Photography Club: Ski Club: Athletic Associa- tion: Beehive Representative College Preparatory Reliable Helen, although she remains in the background, doesn't fail to make her pres- ence felt, as her long list of school clubs and offices proves. Her participation in Girl Scout work occupies some of her spare time. She plans to fill a place in the nursing profession. National Honor Society: Se- nior Girl Adviser: Circulation Editor, Red and Gold: Press Club: Treasurer, Iunior Col- lege Club Girls League Representative 4 THEODORE HERBERT CONSTANCE LEE IONES IOHNSON College Preparatory isnt pickmg up sports troph ies or hoarding essay contest prizes Ted is engaged in one of his seven Musical Club ac tivrties Hrs versatility and m dustry have been identified with every major school ac tivity Hrs eyes are fixed on Harvard and becoming a doc or Treasurer Student Faculty Council National Honor Socx ety Musical Club Director Mens Chorus Mens College Club Key Club Press Hep resentatrve College Preparatory Pert and full of pep Connie s her to Laurel Girls State and made her marshal for gradu ation in her junior year Be longing to many orgamza tions she is credited with several offices Connie plans to go on to college next fall Advertising Editor Red and Gold Secretary and Vice pres dent Girls League Senior Choir A Cappella Foreign Affairs Club lunxor College Club Ski Club V . fi f Ji! .1 Q .17 ff' ' i I I - I '- W Ted the terrific . . . when he seemingly endless vitality led 1 . P 1 , .' , ' 52 CURTIS ANDREW IONES IOHN IOSEPH General I-larling from Arkansas Avail able is an active member of the senior class in the field of sports Playing on the Iu mor Varsity football team is h particular interest H plans to enter the Army and although he is undecided what one he will take up a trade Athletic Association Academic lohnny who plans to go into the fruit business 18 gainmg valuable experience by work ing in a local store after school ln his spare hours he likes to pitch baseballs and to listen to the current popular tunes Will we be hearing Iolmny saying Yes we have no bananas today? i MARY ANTOINETTE IURCZAK College Preparatory The fair-haired girl chatting so gaily with everyone in the halls is Mary. Her friends are numerous because of her ef- fervescent personality. She likes music and enjoys danc- ing. Mary plans to enter the field of nursing. We congrat- ulate her patients. Iunior College Club: Girls' League: Athletic Association FRED HBRMANN KALBACH College-Academic As a member of the Naval Reserve Fritsie is laying the foundation to become a naval officer. When the season is open, he takes gun or rod and heads for woods or stream. When these avenues of recreation are closed. he turns to basketball. Af MARIANNE KATHLEEN I OYCE College Preparatory To an exclusive few she is Sunshine but to all she IS sweet Marianne enyoys danc ing popular music and play ing the piano Her scholastic record and her voice of glad ness will help in either the business or teaching career between which she is unde cided Iunior College Club Girls Sport Club Foreign Affairs Club' Girls League' Athletic Association RICHARD CHARLES IUDD Technical Iud will be remembered by Goodwin Tech for which he put every one of his seventy three inches t good use while he played on the has ketball quintet He is inter ested in all sports although in baseball he is particularly a fightmg Phillies fan Iud in tends to become die maker DOROTHY ROSE KAMINSKI Academxc Do unto others as you would have them do unto you a motto to which Dot adheres Partxcxpatmg m many QCIIVI tres she strll hnds txme to dance and collect popular records In the future Dot ex pects to walk the srlent halls of a hosprtal as a nurse Grrls League Athletrc Asso clatlon LAUREL KAPLAN College Preparatory To the dxstmctton ol wmnxng the New Brrtam Womens Tennrs Champronshxp Laurel has added many high school honors and a brrllxant schol astrc record In her spare tune she reads collects records and of course plays tennrs Plannmg to study medrcme Laurel hopes to attend Cor nell next tall Vxce president Natronal Hon or Socrety Semor Grrl Ad vrser A Cappella Sernor Chou Iunxor College Club Grrls League Representatrve Athletrc Assoclatxon 1 t DOROTHY IEANETTE FRED WILLIAM KALINOWSKI KALINOWSKI Busmess Dottxe who helped usher rn the year 1933 very satrsfac tonly merely by bemg hom manages to get satrsiactory grades despxte the tact that shed sooner be dancrng or bowlmg than studymg Though she mtends to be come a secretary alter grad uatron Dottles ultrmate goal rs mamaqe Grrls League Athletic Asscr CIGIIOD Busmess It you want Freddy go to hrs radro and there hell be The Army football games are hrs chorce ot good lrstenmg when the season Ls here He enloys dorng just the ordm ary He would do clencal work for some establrshed rrm Athlettc Assocratlon IOHN KAPUSTINSKI DOROTHY ANNE Techmcal Kappies xmportance as mamstay of the trumpet sec tron m the school s band and orchestra 18 no secret In sports held the thnlls of snowy slopes aftord hun ec reatxon Kapple plans to ther hrs musrc study at th lullxard School of Musxc for radro work ahead Treasurer Musxcal Club Band Orchestra A Cappella Sla Club KARBOWSKI College Preparatory Behevmg that music exalts each joy Dot takes trme from bemg a Twrrlerette to smg dance play the piano and enloy the musrcal talents of others When her school work rs done she swlms and wntes letters Versatrle Dot hopes to study home econorn rcs at the Umversrty of Con nectxcut A Cappella Gxrls Sports Club Representatlve Twxrler ette Iumor College Club Gxrls League K A .5 . I . . . is . . . ' ' ' - I I . . . . G ' . the ' ' . I E . . ' . fur- . - . . e . I . 54 FRED STANLEY KAHKOWSKI Technical Fred the Red Sox defender at all times likes to play baseball but sometimes his time ll taken up by building model airplanes He dreams of flying around the world in a Jet propelled fighter on a non stop trip His plan to be an airplane mechanic may be profitable Athletic Association DOLORES MARILYN KELLY Academic Personality goes a long way with the dernure ap pearmg Dolores who is the essence of serenity Dancmg riding skating and yazz she approves She has served the class of 50 well by her ac twmes on the advertising committee for the Iumor Class Play Future-undecided Oil Pamlmg Club Advertis mg Committee Iumor Class Play Girls League Athletic Association ,I f-Lifftf 4-cf 1,4401 'uf-1.1641 ROBERT IAMES KILDUFF IOAN AUDREY XIMBALL Technical The way to a man s heart is through his stomach but Bob will be doing all the cooking for his family we thmk Be sides batters and seasonings hes interested rn history and current affairs He intends to enter the U S Navy Cooking School Athletic Association Academic Basically a home lovmg girl planning to enter the held of Home Economics Klmmie nevertheless has enough out side activity to stagger a less hardy soul Fond of music especially Guy Lombardo she plays the piano well draws marches with he Twirlerettes and collects dxf ferent things Press Representative Iunxor College Club Girls League Representative Athletic Asso cxatxon IOSEPH BERNARD RUTH KERN KERELEIZA College Preparatory Should versatile popular Ioe decide against being a doc tor we might expect to fmd him in a concert hall Hts years in high school have been highlighted by an ac tive part in its musical life and handling notes of an other color as treasurer of the National Honor Society Student Faculty Council Trea surer National Honor Socr ety President Musical Club Key Club Senior Choir A Cappella Octet Business The professed desire of the entire male world is a woman without chatter If this be so men may fmd their ideal in pretty quiet Ruthie She likes to dance skate and watch ball games After grad uation she intends to let her typewriter chatter for her League ,E - ' - ' Senior Girl Adviser: Girls' f Aa , , -6 .Z V 7"L JJ2 A ' fgyflf. . 1 s I I I I t 1 55 A YD HENRIETTA HEDWIG KONCEWICZ Busmess Henry has a wanderlust would love to spend her days travelmg but wxll probably be content to settle for an 0fflCe posrtron In her spare txme she lxkes to go dancmg and skatmg she rs an enthu sxastxc supporter of the school football and basketball teams Athletlc Assocxatxon Grrls League STANLEY PAUL KOWALESKI College Preparatory Stan the engmeer can be found any fourth penod ur the audrtonum playmg records lor the enyoyrnent of dmers rn the cafeteria When not employed rn operatmg a vlc trola he acts rn Amphron Club productlons plays chess or mdulges rn hrs pet hobby photography Amphxon Club Men s College Club Sk: Club Press Club Iunxor 6 Semor Class Plays Stage Crew Iumor and Se mor Class Plays Drama Fes trve Athlettc Assocratxon Rep resentatlve Audro-VrsualA1d Club X .JY ,WL ANDREW KOCHANOWSKY Acadennc Koch: mam extracumcular rnterest rs basketball Bemg among the N B HS hoopsters he keeps hrs eye rn shape at the local YMCA Second to basketball he enjoys hs temng to muslc from Bach to bop Although he has no dehmte plans he hopes to further hrs education else where Basketball FLORENCE MARY KONCEWICZ Academxc Outsxde school I-'udqxo as she rs known to her inends e yoys swrmmmg dancmg and skatzng She rs one ot our Trade School Cooperatrve Students At E C Goodwm Tech she studied haurdressmg Followmg through she hopes to be a harrstyhst rib. THERESA DOROTHY REGINA IUDITH KOWALEWSKI KOZLOWSKI Busmess Tessle practrces the rule Never leave tlll tomonow that which can be done to- day She 18 hep to all the new swlmrnmg strokes and practrces her tenms strokes taxthtully Alter graduatron some busmess man will have an eftxcxent secretary Grrls League Athletic Asso cxatxon Busrness Dlvrnely tall most dxvxnely larr descnbes our Rsqqlo Whether the munc be Jazz bebop or lust a plam lox trot she can execute some mlghty smooth and rhythmxc steps to xt If mmble lootwork helps you to dance toward success as a stenographer Reggae then more power to you Semor Glrl Advrser Grrls League Representatwe Ath letxc Assoclatlon . . .. l , ' ' I , n- : ' I .' - :. I . f .' . ' Q I tlval: Press Club Representa- 1 1 lv "4 V -W ,sl V ML be t A -X 56 VERA KOZYRA College Preparatory Today one may see Vera struttmg down the football fxeld tn faxlle regalxa baton m hand In the near future the baton will be replaced by a hxstory book and Vera wxll take her place ut the adult world as a teacher of hxstory Athletxc Assocratxon Forergn Affatrs Club Gxrls League Iumor College Club Semor Gul Advxser Twulerettes RUTH EVELYN KRAKAUSKE Academrc Ruthrs the artxst spends much txme retouchmg photo graphs and drawxng fxgures But she also fmds txme to swmg a bat and to run down the basketball court Her ca reer ts mdefxmte but how about one rn photography Ruthie? Press Club Representatrve Guls Sports Club Gxrls League Athletic Assocratxon IOHN EDWARD IRAWCZYK Techmcal More mterested rn sports than m any other outsrde recrea hon Iohnrue spends much trme at football or baseball games and occasronally goes frshmg He also lrkes jazz and mdustnal arts After gradua t1on Iohnnie wrll put out to sea as a recrurt m the Umted States Navy DANIEL FRANCIS KREIDLER Academxc A rather quxet boy Danny prefers to let hrs huntmg nfle make noxse for htm Also fond of hshmg he often takes to the woods to drop lus lme rn water on whxch he hopes to sarl when he Joms the Navy after graduatlon MARION IULIA KRAUS Academxc Lrke the gtrl in Andersons Glass Menagerie Slsty too has a menagene-of mmm valxd gtrl however she rs very fond of and consequent ly quite actxve rn most out door sports she also enyoys lxstemng to records After graduatron Srsty wrll enter the busmess world Gtrls League Athletrc Asso- cratxon DOROTHY ANN KRAWCZYK Business Fun lovmg but xndustrxous Dot lxkes to spend her spare trme on her feet dancmg fers her actrvrty to the water and swtmmmg Fond of popu lar musrc she enloys lrs tening to Perry Como After graduatlon she plans to be a secretary Natxonal Honor Socrety Grrls Sports Club Grrls League ture horses. Unlike that in- During the summer she trans: 57 Y',e,7I,J ffwj Q" .ff V, , ,AJ 1 , I ., 1 A! . I - HELEN ROSALIE KUBALA IRENE RUTH KULPA Academxc Helen who has a character ot smcenty and resourcetul ness has completed a course whrch she hopes wrll help her rn the freld of nursmg rn the future She spends much trme on sports and rn lxstemng to both popular and classxcal musxc Semor Grrl Advrser Grrls League Athletrc Assocratron Acadernrc Irene has not dectded on a career but she has a most unusual hobby whrch may some day become her protes sron that of soap sculpture and clay modehng When her hands are not thus arhst rcally employed she lrkes to tce skate or rndulge rn other sports Grrls League Athletrc Asso cratron , uhm IOHN KRIKORIAN Academrc Iohnnxe planning a busy schedule utter graduation tends to go to busrness ad mrmstratron school and then to enter the service He has been kept occupred durxnq hrs school years wlth sports baseball basketball football or frshrng musxc preferably bop and a strmulatmq xnter est rn stamps Athletrc Assocratxon HENRY ROBERT KRYSTOPA Academxc Kns rs that well known lelt guard who has spent hrs Sat urday afternoons durmq the last three years openmg up the way for the team Hrs rdea of recreatton rs attend mg th vanous dances around town Alter gradua txon Kris plans to enter prep school before heading for college Athlehc Assoczatxon Represen tatrve Football FLORENCE LUCILLE KUNDA Business Flos favonte pastrmes are dancrng and roller skatrng She prefers new sounds musrc by way of bop and she en1oys readrng the work ot Frank Yerby Her ambrtxon pornts to bemg a secretary to an executrve xn some mtl hon dollar concern Press Club Representatrve Guls League JOHN XUSZIK IR Busrness Dunng the baseball season loyal Iack hangs on the words oi Yankee announcer Mel Allen In more normal hours he works on hrs stamp collectron keepmg m touch wlth baseball by collecting the ballplayers plctures Hes gorng an for radro Now how about that' 'fr If ' K' l v ' I in- ' I - . . I 1 e 1 - . 1 f : . 1 ' ij. J X : ' ' ' Girls' Sports Club: Ski Club: V 1 A 1 V I r A l. x t A , xl W ob Xl M J, kt X A I 58 YVETTE MARIE LACASSE DONALD LACK Busrness Thrs year Vaughn Monroe came rn on a newly found wave of popularrty whrch car rred Yvette enthusrastrcally along Whe not dancrng to hrs musrc she goes bowlrng or sees a movre After gradua tron Yvette plans to go to busrness school and even tually to become a secretary Grrls Sports Club Grrls League Athletrc Assocratron College Preparatory Grvrng generously of hrs trme to a varrety of rnterests Don plays football looks forward to studyrng pharmacy An ardent shutterbug he reluc tantly puts down hrs camera to do homework play on the football team or occasronally to wart on trade rn hrs fath er s grocery store Senror Class Play Vrce presr dent Camera Club Football Athletrc Assocratron Repre sentatrve DORIS HARRIET LAMAR BEVERLY IUNE LAMBERT Bu srness Dor whrch suggests sleeps doesnt frt Dorrs a wrde awake young lady who uses trme prolrtably Practrcrng the prrncrple of Lrve and let lrve she goes quretly about her busrness takrng an occa sronal hour for sports or danc rng She hopes to work rn an offrce Student Faculty Councrl Se nror Grrls Advrser Lrbrary Page Grrls League Athletrc Assocratron College Preparatory Bev whose flamrng red harr rs a vrrtual stop lrght to those enterrng the mam offrce has quretly establrshed herself as a promrnent member of our musrc lovrng hrgh school She srngs wrth varrous groups hoprng eventually to use her vorce as a nurse rn soothrng her patrents Recordrng Secretary Musrcal Club Oxemble Senror Chorr A Cappella Starlettes Iunror College Club Forergn Affarrs Club Athletrc Assocratron wwf tmwpwf GLORIA MARGARET LAFONTAINE Busrness Glorne whose tastes rn mu src are semrclassrcal popular and defrnrtely Vaughn Mon roe srngs rn many school groups spends her free trme horseback rrdmg playrng ten nrs and earnrnq sports awards Glorrre hopes to at tend a yunror college and then to become a prrvate sec retary Senror Grrl Advrser Presrdent Grrls Sports Club Basket ball Volleyball Softball Bowlmg Grrls League Ath Ietrc Assoclatron IRENE MARIE LALIBERTE Academrc A frrendly French mademor selle Irene rs apprecrated by those who seek ard rn the nurses offrce Interested rn dramatrcs she made Anna a part to remember rn Years Ago Irene also lrkes to read or knrt while lrstenrng to clas srcal musrc She rntends to be a dretrcran Senror Grrl Advrser Nurses League Representatrve Ath letrc Assocratron if - ' 1 . ' Aide: Amphion Club: Girls' 59 EDNA MAY LAWYER LAWRENCE B LEBRUN Academlc Edge hves ln a world where athletxcs come fxrst and last She especxally lxkes swrm mmg and dancmg and her bowlmg scores are hard to beat She was gxven a sports award for achrevement rn that held Alter graduatxon Edge expects to work wxth handxcapped chxldren Semor Gxrl Advrser Gxrls League Athletrc Assocxatxon Techmcal Happy all the day long that s Larry Those who know hmm say hes most welcome at soclal gatherxngs for hrs sense of humor rs reireshxng Larry has taken a techmcal course dunng hrs hrgh school year for he wants to be an electnclan Student Faculty Councxl ANGELINE MARIE LARCO ROBERT ALVIN LASER Academxc More mterested 1n sports than m anythrng else Angle hlces to dance go lce skatrng or play tenms However remem berxng that one can rarely earn a hvelrhood at such pleasantrxes she IS studyrng bookkeeprng rn hopes that the luture will allow her time for athletncs also Semor Gul Advlser Grrls League Athletxc Assocratxon etc X Academxc Bob may often be found quret ly engrossed m the mtncacxes of a crossword puzzle I more athletxc moods however he often emerges from the maze of black and whrte boxes to go swxmmmg or play baseball After gradua tlon Bob plans to enter some branch of the servrce Athletxc Assocratlon EMIL EDWARD LEPKE Academlc Let the muskrats and rabbxts beware' Here comes Emxl wrth nfle rn hand In the wee hours of the mormnq he en yoys nothmg better than to hunt game Prshmg rs no no velty to htm erther lor he also rs handy with a rod Hes undeczded about the fu ture but how about gomg to Afrxca lor wrld game? 60 HERBERT SIDNEY LEVINSON College Preparatory Herby wxll probably b NBHS s contrrbutlon to that group whrch opens a drug store only to fmd that they re runmng a hxgh school hang out Hrs lavonte ways to have fun are baseball and basket ball He has taken a college course to prepare for hrs career Mens College Club Athletxc Assoclatxon n 7f A mr li ff toll ogg J' AO! FYJVVJ, rv' M , lf DONALD LIEBLEH IRMA ELSIE LINDELOF Academic Don is a long six-footer. a little on the lean side. iden- tified by his snappy Western shirts. Good in all sports. he is a basketball star. He is studying to be an electrician at the E. C, Goodwin Tech- nical school, where he has had many "shocking" experi- ences. Academic Lindy is a high-spirited per- son who loves to dance or simply to relax and listen to the music. Her interests. mostly domestic, are sewing. cooking, and knitting. Work- ing at an unusual hobby. Lindy may be a stylist lor tcmorrow's costume jewelry. Girls' League :uct-uinn STANLEY Lis FLORENCE CECEI-IA Academic Dick quiet and casual in student as well as an actlve one His interests in sports vary but he excels in tennis Smging in the Mens Chorus is one ol his special school activities Dicks ambition s to become an airplane pilot A Cappella Athletic Associa tion LODZINSKI Business one of our most ardent basket ball and football fans Her spare moments are spent roll ing the ball for a strike or dancing to popular tunes She intends either to go further in school or to work in some office as a private secretary Beehive Representative Se nior Girl Adviser Girls League Athletic Association EVELYN JANE LINK Business Well known in school through her skill with the bowling ball Eve spends much of her spare time at the bowling alley She plays the piano occasionally likes Vaughn Monroe the latest movie and high school ball games Evo hopes to be a dress desrgner Athletic Association Girls League Girls Sports Club Senior Girl Adviser RICHARD STANLEY LIPKA Academic Dick who plans to build a business of his own seeks the open spaces lor recrea tion Is setting a trap or car rying a gun worthwhile when the results are brought tor ward Dick' It he changes his mind about business he may turn to chemistry Athletic Assoclation ' i K 'L4,,L1l-I -. 1 I .' N K I manner, is a conscientious F10 is C hUPPY4J0'lUCkY Qifl- . - v ' u I - Q i ' ' I ' ' ' : ' ' ' . ,fl A I . . . af .K 6l MOLLY MARGARET LUGLI Busmess Molly ts one ol the most pop ular and well lrked members of our class because of her sweet demure drsposxtron and eftervescent personalrty Her hobbres Include dancmg bowlrng and kmttrng Il Choochas success rn offrce holdmg rs any mdrcatron of what the future holds rn store for her she should be quxte a successiul secretary Vrce prestdent Iumor Class Semor Gul Advrser Presr dent G1rls League Secre tary Athletxc Assocratron Vzce presrdent Senxor Class LEOKADIA TERESIA LUKOSEVICIUTE College Preparatory Removed trom her natrve Lrth uanra by the war Lrllre hved m a Drsplaced Persons Camp until she came to Arnenca last year Adaptxng herself qulckly to Irie m these Urnted States she enjoys sports weavrnq and musrc She rs planmng to attend college tn the tall Gxrls League IOHN EDWARD LOUGHERY Academrc Iack s practr al motto I s better to recerve than to grve rs a contradrctron of hrs everyday way ol hte Hrs rdea of fun IS lxstemng to the records of Sprke Iones or sports especxally basketball tootball and baseball Hrs tu ture wxll be rn the Navy Press Representatxve Athletrc Assocratron JOHN IOSEPH LOUGHERY Busmess We lmd Jack often lookmg to the lrghter srde of lxie In sea son he enjoys baseball out ol season he warts for lt lack has completed a bust ness course and plans to en ter the held ol accountmg a world of hnancral transac trons banks and lrgures Athletrc Assocratron FREDERICK DOUGLAS VIVIAN MARGAREI' LUMPKIN College Preparatory Hopxng to study cnmrnology rn college Lumpy works part trme tryrng to grow the nec essary mch needed lor polrce mans hexght He manages however to hnd plenty I ttme to get good grades to referee basketball games and to hold frrst base agamst the teachers rn student faculty games Student Faculty Councrl Rep resentatrve Musxcal Club LUPPINO Busmess Despxte a part trme Job that ixlls a good many alter school hours Dot keeps her work up to date and smxles at hte The three Bs basketball baseball and books provrde a balance ot fun She hopes to work tn an ofhce after graduatxon Grrls League Athletic Asso- ctatlon C .I I I . , . f . - ' . . , . , . . , . . . , l, . , . . . I . - .. I I , . .. , I I ' . I I f ,. t,- , lv f Q , . ' 1 I - 1 l . . . . , 0 , . , . , , I I FOSTER MILLER LYLES College Preparatory Foster came to N.B.H.S. from Madison High School and got into the spirit oi things by joining both the basketball and track teams. His speed is wholly legal, but later he may be before a judge: how- ever, he'll plead someone else's case, for he will be a lawyer. Track: Basketball: Athletic Association COHNELIUS DENNIS LYNCH Academic Iust try Corny on that spark- ling sax or clarinet of his and you'll readily acknowledge that music is his favorite pas- time. Corny. however, has a practical nature and has planned to make his living as an accountant after he tin- ishes at Teacher's College ol Connecticut. Band: Foreign Affairs Club: Press Club Representative: Athletic Association "Arch of Triumph" tm J, cfm fn to will g,l,llm" Iwi '11 fllfulu WL' ANL, 'l fs "f:'t',tfx t KATHLEEN ANN LYNCH Academic Kay is as good-natured as they come, able to take a joke, as well as tell one. Her cheeriulness has added to her popularity. For sports she enjoys ice-skating. and swim- ming: she is active in the Iunior College Club. This fall, she is going into nurse's training class. Iunior College Club: Girls' League: Girls' Sports Club: Office Worker ELIZABETH MILLER MacVlCAR College Preparatory Rating high among Betty's in- terests are swimming. bowl- ing. and reading. Her taste in music covers the popular and semi-classical field. Bet- ty's aim is to major in busi- ness administration at the University of Connecticut and then to make another trip abroad similar to last year's. Swimming: Iunior College Club: Girls' League: Athletic Association YR? IEAN MARY MAGRI MARIE ANTOINETTE Business leanne although small in sta ture has big plans for the future In school she prefers moving her fingers quickly over the keys of a typewriter to the requirements of other sublects Her outside interests include dancing sewing and baseball To be an office worker is her ambition Civic Forum Girls League Athletic Association MAIETTA College Preparatory Marie is one of the most loyal rooters that any N B H S foot ball or basketball team has ever had The rest of her aft er school hours are spent studying in preparation for a career as an X ray technician Beehive Representative Girls League Athletic Association DOROTHY IANE MADRAK LOUIS GEORGE MAGNOLI College Preparatory During the basketball season Dot roots faithfully for the Red and Gold. The rest of the year she devotes her spare time to tennis or swim- ming she swims on the high school team. After graduae tion Dot plans to further her education at Teachers' Col- lege. Girls' League: Iunior College Club: Senior Girl Adviser: Swimming: Athletic Associa- tion Academic Lou is our stellar quarterback on the varsity football team. His remarkable passing abil- ity and brilliant playing have made him a star of the sea- son. Mag also enjoys playing golf. baseball, and bowling. With his experience and sportsmanlike attitude, Lou should become a top ranking coach. President, Athletic Associa- tion: Treasurer. Senior Class ,J UW' ALDO GEORGE MAINO IRENE ELIZABETH Academic Al is another sports enthu in hunting fishing and bowl ing and may often be seen tensely watching the local au tomobile races The complex ities of machines challenge him and he hopes to conquer them by becoming a mechan ical engineer MAIEWSKI General friends as Do-Do is a girl who enyoys all sports espe cially bowling tennis and baseball The inspiring strains of classical music call her at tention in quiet hours to the more serious side of life Her plans for the future are as yet undecided Girls League Athletic Asso- clatlon I 1 X- . 'f' ' X . 0 l J 1. f N I siast. He is interested mainly Irene, better known to hey sr A Q .MQ YT, . - : 64 ROBERT THOMAS MALLEY Technrcal Bob born wtth the gift of be mg able to create almost any thmg out of wood mtends to utxhze hrs talent after grad uatron by becoming a carpen ter When not busy wlth a hammer and saw Bob goes huntmg or hshmg or works on hrs stamp collectxon CONSTANCE BARBARA MALODZIEIKO Academxc Conmes rnterest m costume desrgnmg has led her to plan to enter the Rhode Island School of Desrgn Her other mterests and actxvrtxes clude kmttmg baby srttmg and a local fxfe and drum corps She also en1oys lxsten mg to lxght classxcal and pop ular musrc Foreign Affaus Club Gxrls Sports Club Representatxve Guls League Athletrc Asso cratlon NORBERT C MARCIILLA HELEN AGNES MARCH College Preparatory Norb rs a quiet oonscrenuous fellow who spends a great deal of hrs tzme carrymg Cl nfle or wmdmg a rod Be- cause he works after school he doesnt have as much spare time as he would hke to have for mterests Maybe our chxldren will recite then' lesson to thls future lustory teacher Athletxc Assocxatmon Forexgn Affaxrs Club Academxc Butch who came from Berlm H S 18 an easy-gomg person whose slogan IS Better late than never However she admxts shes ready for dance any kmd or for a ses sron at the roller nnk She hopes to become a tramed attendant Gu'l.s League Athletxc Asso crauon JAMES STEPHAN MANCINI College-Acadenuc The crowd yells Make xt good' and hm kicks the pig skm over the goalposts for that extra pomt He rs quxte a football fan but hkes to sat down to a tough puzzle and home He ns undecrded about has future Football Athleuc Assocratxon ANN MARY MANGANARO Busmess Ann s mam mterest rs sports and a high school game would not be complete wrth out her ln the cheenng sec txon In her spare ume she plays tennxs hstens to pop to the movtes After gradua tion Ann hopes to work for the C1v11 Servrce Athletrc Assocxauon Girls League spend a few quiet hours at ular music, occasionally goes M z . ' . ' ' I . l I Q 65 lANE FLORENCE MARLENE IANICE MARTINELLI MARTOHUE Academic The thmgs of which we speak the least are often those of which we think the most admits lame in gentle voice Tall slender auburn haired she has a distinctive air Football and basketball vie with tennis tor her ap proval Her goal is that of medical secretary Press Representative Girls League Representative Ath letrc Association Academic Business Iollrness is one trait Marlene possesses abundance Every so often she threatens to explode out of sheer hap prness Whether shes on a dance floor attending a game or bowling for a spare she rs fun She would like to be an airline hostess Foreign Affairs Club Bowl ing Swimming Girls League IANE MARIE MARGELOT WALTER RICHARD Business You can see Ianie at any drum meet, beating away on those drums for a local church corps. Perhaps that's why she prefers military mu- sic to the rest. After gradua- tion Ianie will make use of her business course and pro- vide a businessman with a fine secretary. Girls' League Representative: Athletic Association MARGELOT Technical Walt is a quiet sort of fellow who doesn't say much. His hobbies are hunting and fish- ing, and in the winter he enjoys skiing. He also likes cr good movie. Although he has no definite plans, he ex- pects to join some branch of the service. ROSEMARIE ANN MASCOLA College Preparatory That underclassmen should be seen not heard was a convic tion of Roe: until this year when she became a cheer leader Now shes working to disprove it Her idea of rec reation is tennis swimming and dancmg She wants to be an elementary school teacher Library Page Cheer Leader Bowling Girls League MARGUERITE MAZURICK Business 'I'he words of the popular song Margie have fr quently been applied to this green eyed miss who flrts through the corridors just in time Between music-and more music her program scarcely leaves room for the sports she likes Her goal is to be a pnvate secretary Beehive Representative Se mor Choir Girls League A Cappella ' .U in . xt tl' P ,I P as f ' ri ' ' P, s 66 CONSTANCE MARY MAZZARELLA Busxness Do unto others as you would have others do unto you Conmes phrlosophy of hfe She lS always wrllmg to do someone a favor and makes a smcere and true frlend Dancrng drawrng and read mg take up most of her spare moments We can look ahead to see Conme as a stenog rapher Forexgn Affaus Club Grrls Sports Club Guls League Athletxc Assocxatxon EDWARD I OSEPH MCCLOSKEY Technrcal Sometrmes we call hlm the gallopmg ghost but more oft en 1ust plaxn Eddie Unttl an appendrx stopped hun he was actwe rn sports wlth partxcular stress on football Humor trdes hlm over bad sxt uatxons and wxll help tn what ever he decldes to do Football Athletrc Assocxatron IOSEPH THOMAS MEZZIO College Academxc Ioe rs a tall cooperatrve fel low obhgmg rn school or rn hrs part ume yob m a pharm acy Hrs hobby 18 construct mg arrplane models that fly Whxle worlnng on these h hkes to lxsten to musxc the regular kmd or that of the wmnmg Yankees Athletrc Assoctatron Represen tatrve ELVEHA ESTELLE MIGLIZZI Acadernrc Vee believes that Varrety rs the spxce of lxfe and she seeks xt rn busmess and so- cral actrvrtres Barn danctng 18 one of the chxef drversrons but she ltkes all kmds-espe crally to popular musxc After graduatron she expects to tram as an attendant Press Bepresentatrve Guls League Athletxc Assocxatxon ff!! ,iw fl M ANNE THERESE McGRATl-I Busmess Anne known to her fnends as Lefty IS a very cheerful gul Her lavonte quotatron rs charms strtke the sxght but ment wms the soul One of her lavorxte hobbres rs danc mg especlally to the music of Gordon Ienkrns Anne plans to go mto secretarlal work after graduatxon CIVIC Forum Gxrls League Athletrc Assocxatron MARILYN IEAN McGUlRE Bustness A great lover of sports thrs well liked student known famxharly as Mare She dxs plays her athletlc abxlxty on the champxonshrp bowlmg softball basketball and fxeld hockey teams For somethmg a lrttle less strenuous she takes txme out now and then to read a good book Marr lyn s ambxtron hes m the busr ness freld Vxce presxdent Grrls Sports Club Socral chaxrman Iunror College Club Grrls League Athletnc Assocxatxon 5 13 ww 4 !u I L! ': J qw , A C" V7 . His ' I ' . 1 A f' ,, . l ' is v,.. :.. : '- f . . . . IJVO R ' -I Jflu I ' I 'wi L' , 09 Je' - ,v 6 S 'L lt V Q A . . I A . . 1 67 MAE LAMONT MILLER Busrness Mae has shown her versatrl rty by her many and vaned extracumcular actxvrtres In the way of hobbres she plays the prano and srngs Her pub- lrc spurt rs brought out by her mernbershrp rn the Communr ty Servrce Councrl She plans to enter the freld of rnsurance Secretary Iunxor College Club Semor Gul Advrser Guls League Representatrve Commumty Servrce Councxl Athletic Assocratron Qi MARILYN HOSE MILLER Busmess Lynn 18 of the opmron that Lrfe rs what you make rt and she rs determmed to make xt good Already she has lard the foundatron for a future m OHICB work She en loys skatmg dancmq and swrmmmg when she xsnt poundmg a typewnter Guls League W LEWIS HEDLEY MILK!-ZY College Preparatory Moe our man-about town partrcrpates enthusxastxcally rn a number of actrvmes Hrs rnusxcal abtlrty earned hrm to the All State Chorus Outsxde of school sports are Moe: mam dxverslons Woe to the legal counsel who must out argue hlm when he takes to aw Student Faculty Councrl All State Music Festrval Chorus Octet Semor Chou A Cap pella Press Club Key Club Men s College Club CARL WILLIAM MILLER Academxc Carlre has frlled the posrtlon of nght guard on the varsrty squad for the past two years He spends many an aftemoon prachcmg football or trymg for those homeruns But soon Carlre wrll take saw rn hand and narls m pocket to work at the carpenters trade Football PAUL ALBERT MIRMINA RICHARD ROBERT MITERA General Paulle ts almost always rn a good humor whrch seems to be contagrous to those around hrm Hrs mam mterest sports namely baseball football and basketball and he xs also a member of the newly formed boys cookmg class Wrth trammg such as that Paulle rs bound to be come a master chef one of these days Boeluvo Representatrve Ath letxc Assocxatxon Academtc Duck who plays the sax and clarxnet devotes much of hrs trme to music but knowrng that varrety rs the sprce of lrfe he also enjoys frshmg baseball and basketball He rates Glen Mrller tops rn pop ular music and Brahms rn the long hau vanety Future- undecrded Band Orchestra Athletrc As socratxon 1 . 1 I ' of KM cl 5 JN A0 'X 68 VIVIAN ELIZABETH BEATRICE ANN MONNA MOFI-'ITT Business With typically feminine logic Vee argues, "Leave silence to the gods: I am but hu- man": but she really takes life a bit seriously. Religion is an important factor with her. and she is active in church affairs. For recreation. she dances. After graduation, what? Senior Girl Adviser: Girls' League Academic Bea with her beautiful voice is an active member of the senior class. She has worked industriously on the typing staff of the Beehive. Bea says "I count my friends like pearls." and she has won many by her gracious man- ner. Her future . . . a secre- tary. A Cappella: Civic Fonun: Typing Staff, Beehive: Girls' League: Athletic Association HUDSON THROCK MORTON College Preparatory taxn from Ann Arbor Mxchr gan rs a sports enthusiast who is particularly interested in basketball in which he stars football swimming and speed boating H spends much of his spare time at the Y M C A perfecting his sports abilities Hrs future is unde cided Basketball UW' THOMAS DOMINIC MOTTO Technical whose favorite quotation is Play not for gain u sport He took part m the 49 State Basketball Tourna ment and had the honor of playing in the Boston Garden during the New England Bas ketball Tournament After graduation he plans to 1om the Navy Basketball Baseball Athletic Association PETER EMILIO MONTANA IR Technical Pete may be found either hs temng to the latest discs of Vaughn Monroe or reading stones by his favorite author Bill Stern Although his plans for the future are not decided as yet he will probably en ter the mechanical field in which he has had some ex penence Athletic Association DONALD FRANCIS MORRIS Technical When Don purchases that dream farm after graduation you can depend upon it that his barns and sheds will be well kept as a result of his training in the E C Goodwin carpentry department Horses and wood working weigh about equally in his interests and he handles both well . ,, F. . ' I . L , 0 Huddy, who came to New Bri- MON! i-5 C QPOYU enufuiiaff I - ' - A " ' - b 1 '- ' I. e I .' ' 69 CATHERINE THERESA MULLEN College Preparatory Kays a pocket edrtron of sweetness whose gentle man ner rs no proot agamst her sense of mrschrel A good worker she knows a share ot tun too Her currosrty rs wrde-and so rs her mlorma tron A good scholastic record mcreases her assets as a fu ture good teacher Semor Grrl Advrser Beehive Representatxve Photography Edrtor Beehrve Iumor Col lege Club Forergn Aftarrs Club Softball Bowlmg Swrmmrng Grrls League Athletxc Assocratxon STANLEY IOSEPH MURACH Technrcal Stan who strxves to follow the saymg Lxve to learn but learn to lrve rs a senror of quret character Hrs rnterests he xn the great outdoors es pecrally when the hunting and IISIIIIIQ seasons arnve Hrs plans for the future are rndelrnlte at present Athletxc Assocratron ff'-f1"1f W4 MARGARET ANN MOTTOLA Busxness Peggy who was a hbrary page has been promment on the gurls bowlmg team dur mg her senxor year In her spare trme she works on her mternatxonal postal card col lectron goes dancxng or skat mg and of course bowls Peggy wrll become an ac countant after graduatron Bowlmg Lrbrary Page Grrls League Athletrc Assocratron ELIZABETH HELEN MOYNAHAN Academxc Betty has an Irrsh srmle all her own and doesnt hrde rt An eventful day rn Bettys Irie at our hxgh school was that day she recexved a vol leyball emblem at assembly She plans to further her edu canon at Boston Umversrty Volleyball Fleld Hockey Athletrc Assocratron Grrls League l MAUREEN ELLEN MURPHY Business Thmk up all the nouns that rndrcate fun dxg up all the adlectlves that portray fnend lrness and you wrll have an rdea of the type ot person Reenre IS Not only rs she rn terested rn sports but she IS also an enthusrastrc stamp collector After graduatxon Reeme plans to make secre tarxal work her career Grrls Sports Club Forergn Aftaus Club Gxrls League Athletxc Assocratron DONALD EDWARD MYERS Academxc Don whose motto IS Never underestrmate the powers of a fool rs probably the na tron s number one Yankee Ian Ioe DrMagg1o and Mel Allen represent for hrm examples of real greatness In the luture he hopes to succeed Mel Al len or the Yankee baseball announcer-or 1ust to be an announcer A Cappella Senror Chou t' F ke Us l - Y l X ' ' Q ' g. . . , Z .I :' .I . i . l LA- I f rl 70 IOHN LUCIEN NACHILLY DONALD IOSEPH NADEAU Academic Nach rs a neat tnendly per son well hked by all h classmates He 13 mterested rn wmter sports mamly swul mg those hlckorxes down pre canous hxlls Photography tops hrs lxst of hobbxes whxch mclude collectmg cowboy rec ords and flshmg As for hrs future Nach rs yet undecxded Skx Club Academrc Donald better known as Pea Soup 15 a great devotee oi football as he shows playmg halfback on the second strmg team Basketball ns another favonte Don belongs to the Natxonal Guard umt of thxs cxty He plans to become a garage mechamc Student Faculty Councll Rep resentatlve Football Athletlc Assocxatxon IOHN NEILL Techmcal The love of sports especxally baseball comes hrst U1 the eyes oi Iohnny although dancmg and skatmg rate a close second He rs also known throughout school ior hls quxck wit and mlectxous personahty Iohnny rs des tmed to ily mto the wxld blue yonder for he mtends to Jom the Arr Force alter gradua non Athletrc Assocrauon NORMA CAROLINE NELSON Academxc Spendmg much ol her txme wrth outsxde acnvmes espe crally church orgamzatxons Norm IS a senxor wxth a va ned schedule She enloys partrcrpatxng LD sports and watchxng them Sewmg neat seam IS a hobby of hers Norm hopes to become whxte capped nurse m the fu ture Semor Gul Advrser Guls Sport Club Gxrls League Athletlc Assoclatxon SHIRLEY ANNEITE NADEAU Academlc Mu: together a laugh a gxg gle a gxlt lor gab and there you have Shirl She 18 cheeriul and carefree just the person to help you chase away the blues Shxrley hkes to dance and play basketball She plans to be a beautxcxan Gxrls Sports Club Athletxc Assocxatxon Gxrls League MARTHA ROSE NAVARRO Busmess Marty IS a cheerful dark eyed brownette who lmds that xt rs wrse to Gwe to the world the best you have and the best wrll come back to you All kmds of musrc dancxng and skatmg appeal to thls potentxal secretary Senxor Gxrl Advxser Gxrls League Athletxc Association ' I . ' I . is I . I . , 1 , I v ilk: K W - ' . . : . . : . . . ,T " 'elif ' . V WSJ ' ,K 4, !'7?2'l' , k'lfc"l1'L, "4 ily' ,I .,,- A .'!...,j f H - 4 I 1 1 I ' I . G I lo a G 71 EDWARD FRANCIS Nos M531-5 ANN NOU- Business Eddy is a quiet friendly fel low with a smile all his own except when he is burning up a track Swimming and div ing are tops on his list and ice skatmg is up there too Ed wants to sail the ocean blue with the Navy after graduation Athletic Association Track College Preparatory In her after school hours Merle keeps busy as a Ward Aide in the hospital work which will greatly aid her in her future career nursing She finds relaxation on the golf green when she isnt busy with her 1ob or her schoolwork Foreign Affairs Club Iumor College Club Girls League DOROTHY RUTH NETU PSKI Business Dot's main outside interest is dancing. She knows all the latest steps and can even do the tango, a very difficult rou- tine to master. She listens to classical and popular music, especially rumbas, Her goal for the future is to become a secretary or a bookkeeper. Girls' League Representative A oy ALDONA ELEANOR NEWFIELD College Preparatory Elsie, a potential nurse. pre- scribes a smile as the best cure-all in life. Outside of school, she maintains a well- rounded social life. But this does not interefere with her studies nor in her participa- tion in school activities. Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Frau- lein? National Honor Society: lun- ior College Club: Camera Club: Senior Girl Adviser: Foreign Affairs Club: Typing Staff Beehive- Athletic Asso ciation Girls League Press Representative Girls Sport Club FLORENCE JULIA FRANCIS IAMES O BRIHN NOWOSIELSKI Business and words Flo is a lover of all sports and also enloys music and dancing In school she is inclmed to pick short hand as her favorite sublect Her ambition lies in the field of secretarial work Girls League Athletic Asso ciation College Preparatory ln all honesty Francis can be scholar The recipient of the Mellrns Award Greek Pin and as ranking lumor boy the Harvard Book Prize h will undoubtedly contribute as much to his chosen profession law-as he has to his high school President National Honor So- ciety Associate Editor Red and Gold Review Student Council Secretary Key Club President Arnphton Club Press Club "Often a silent face has voice culled HUG gentleman and . . . ' . . ' ' I e 1 . - .T I . Tl. : 1. ' : , : H , 1 72 FRANCIS ROBERT O'BRIEN Business 0. B. claims to be an avid Yankee fan. and friends hesi- tate to argue with him on this particular subject. When he isn't engrossed in sports, you'll find him tinkering with machines. After graduation. he plans to enter a technical school and be a mechanic. CATHERINE ANN O'KI-:BFE Business Things are never dull for Kay, who believes that "Life is not life at all without fun." Fun for her is dancing, ice- skating, and baseball. Des- pite all this seeming frivolity. she is concentrating on stud- ies to prepare her to work in an office. Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ciation fb MARIE MARGARET MICHAEL s'rr:v1: orssu OLENCHALK College Preparatory Ret is sincere in all she does be it work or play She con verts the pleasure of leisure time activities into profit with knitting crochetmg and em brordery Music she enjoys but to stretch she likes active sports Her purpose rs to be- come a nurse Iunror College Club Girls League Athletic Association General Mike who is plannmg to yotn the Navy and see the world has a gift of dry humor that keeps hrs friends guessing He en1oys playing Mr Furt and Ines his technique at re pairing cars Dancing quiet popular music is a pleasant pastime to him He ll be a sailor on the brmy deep PATRICIA ANNE O KEEFE IACK OLC011' Business Pat is the blue eyed colleen with the Irish sense of humor Her recreational activities in clude dancing bowling and skating Whenever she is around there is never a dull moment Already working in an office part tune she intends to continue with secretarial work Girls League Athletic Asso ciatxon College Preparatory Chrppy is a popular member of the 1949 football team After three years of football he has developed into a fine p a s s 1 n g quarterback Hts other main interest is base ball which suggests a very sports minded individual Clnppy plans to enter a pre paratory school after gradua tion Football Baseball Athletic Association Grzmzvrsvr: FRANCES DONALD GEORGE mms PARCIAK Busrness Iennre berng one of the lucky ones has a rrng on the thrrd trnger of her left hand At the E C Goodwrn Technrcal School she has been learnrng the technrque ol harrdress 9 the decrsron as to whether rt wrll be long or short bobs Grrls League College Preparatory Don well known to all hrs classmates through hrs partrc rpatron rn sports rs somethrrrg ol a socralrte He was hon ored by electron to the presr dency of the class hrs runror year Besrdes berng a crack ball player he enroys musrc golf or frshrng Hrs arm rs to become a coach Presrdent Iunror Class Bas ketball Baseball Golf HENRY DANIEL OLIS EMIL OSTROWSKI Acaclemrc Hank rs an alumnus of Nathan Hale Iunror Hrgh Throughout hrs three years at N,B H S Sports have been hrs mam rn terest Hrs favorrte hobby be srdes playrng baseball rs mak mg model arrplanes He plans to enter some held of aeronau trcs or to play baseball Basketball Baseball Athletrc Assocratron College Preparator Wrth lrght brown harr gray es and 5 10 of good looks Emrl rs a popular se nror He rs another of those crdmrrable students who works after school but nev ertheless carrres college sub lects After graduatron he rr tends to take an rnsura e course at the Unrversr' f Connectrcut Men s College Club Press Representatrve Athletrc As socratron 1545. IRENE MARY PARTYKA RUTH HEI-HN PARZYCH Busrness Good humor preserves frrerrdshrp and that rs where Sport shrnes Her nrckname was earned by her tremen dous lrkrng lor all sports wrth bowlrng and basketball topprng the lrst lncrdentally she plays both well She rs sure that tomorrow wrll take care of rtsell Grrls League Representatrve Grrls Sports Club Grrls League Athletrc Assocratrorr Academrc Optrmrstrc Ruth who takes a brrght outlook on Irie can frnd sunshine rn the bluest Monday Her rdea of relaxa tron takes the form ot long walks or a good book or per haps lrstenrng to an Enghsh operetta For the future Ruth has no defrnrte plans A Cappella Grrls League Athletrc Assocratron - . . U ey ' g ', ,, . . U - A 1' in 5 some day hefs may bg erjaek baseball and basket- V . , ' I xr " ' ' 6"-. C, - I 1 74 WANDA MARY PAWLICKI NANCY CAROLYN PECK Academxc Qutet and lnendly Wanda has underneath her appear ance ol calmness a lrvely per sonahty Even though she IS an ettrcxent worker she con stantly worrres about th quahty ot her work Her hrgh standards and wxllmgness to do favors make Wanda good tnend G1.rls League Athletic Asso- ctatron College Preparatory Although Nans lust love as muslc never let xt be sa1d that rt domxnates her mterest for she has proved herself versatrle m many capacrttes Some day alter Teachers College Nan wtll become a teacher Student Director Womens Chonxs Starlettes Oxemble Semor Chou A Cappella Iuntor College Club Laurel Glrls State Delegate Trea surer Gtrls League Purchas mg charrman Grrls League Athletrc Assoclatton CARMELA MARY PELLECCHIA Academxc Canme 18 an actrve young lady who rates dancxng and swrmmtng as tavonte recrea txonal acttvmes wtth base ball skatmg and bowlmg as extras Carmxe though stxll uncertam thxnks that a type wrxter wlll be her way to economrc secunty Semor Gxrl Advrser Gtrls Sports Club Representatxve Gxrls League Athlettc Asso- cxanon CHARLES ALFRED PELLEIIER College Preparatory Charlie steers mrddle course through hte never could our easy-gomg Charhe be an extremrst Hrs outsxde actxvmes range from Eagle Scout work to partlctpatxon on the cross-country team and stamp collectmg as a pet hobby He plans to attend Rensselaer to study engmeer rn Cross Country Men s College Club Skt Club Athletlc Asso- clauon ROBERT CLARK PECK ROGER PEGOLO College Preparatory Long and vaned rs the hst ot Bobs acttvmes Havmg qualmes ot leadershrp that make for popularity he has achieved prestige as an ottxce older n several frelds ol ac who sets hrs goal lfhrg d goes alter xt has cted medxcme for hrs Presrdent Student Faculty Councxl Nahonal Honor So cxety A Cappella Octet Ox emble Sentor Chou Vlce presrdent Key Club Mens College Club Boys State De legate Press Club Red G Gold Staff Athletxc Assocxa uon Representatrve Treasur er Iumor Class Busmess Peg 18 our star haltback rn actron exploslve as dyna mrte Many txmes Roger has spnnted through the lme for a touchdown at the crucral moment He also excels rn basketball wxth mmble toot work and hawk eyes Thls tralmng wrll be mvaluable to President Senior Class Foot ball Basketball Athletxc As socratron 75 . ' e I I U I - 1 r ity. . ' . . - J- , . . ' . . . . . ' 'I chosen field. him as a coach. . . . . G . IEANEITE FAYTHE PETERS College Preparatory For Ieanette days just arent long enough she has a zest lor hvmg Nicely poxsed when crrcumstances requue xt she can go oft on a tangent ot enthusrasm Her admrrable scholastxc record mcludxng evenxng college rs mcely bal anced by a full socxal pro- gram College beckons Treasurer Foreign Aflaxrs Club Semor Grrl Advxser Twtrlerette Lrterary Edxtor Beehive Bowhng Iunror Col leg Club Iunxor Class Play A Cappella Grrls League Athletxc Assocxatton BETTY LOU PETERSON Business Iust by bemg herself Betty manages to radrate a good deal oi pleasure an the hxgh school world She ts one who LS always on hand to lend support where xt rs needed wtthout any fanfare After graduatxon she expects to yoln the ranks ot elhcxent sec retanes Semor Gul Advlser Gtrls League Athletxc Assoclatxon MM f"f3WM IEANINE MARY PELLETIER Busrness How Blue Thme Eyes mrght well be dedxcated to Ierry who goes through hte wnth zest Dancxng be xt yrtterbug or the smooth waltz especlal ly to the musxc ot Bxlly Eck stme rates tops xn her lun lxst She plans to become a secre tary Gtrls League Representatxve Athlettc Assocxatxon ANTHONY PAUL PERRY Academlc Armed wtth blueprmts and other archltectural parapher naha Chxco hopes to hght hrs way to a top posmon tn the archrtectural held H partxcxpates qurte enthusxastmc ally rn all sorts ol sports alter school or ln hrs more qulet moments relaxes to a sym phony COURTNEY ERLAND LOUIS RICHARD PETROKA PETERSON College Preparatory Corky rs as well known around the school as he rs tacklmg on the football held Although many school actrv mes take up rnuch ol hrs tune he manages to mam tam a well rounded social hte Tomonow Corky plans to make a place tor hrmselt m the held ot dentrstry Student Faculty Councrl A Cappella Football Track Vroe presxdent Skt Club Technrcal Break my arms but dont muss my harr ns a by word wrth Salty Although he ts dehberate rn speech and ac t1on he ts well known tor hrs prowess on the football held He wxelds a tenrus racket as well as a football Salty wxll go to TC C Football C hx A I s T I Hillvr' I M ffffmj W! R MAURICE IOSEPH PICARD RAYMOND IOSEPH PIHIEL College ACddEmlC Morne who came irom St Thomas Semmary has been wrth us the last two years during whrch he has been a valued member of the cross country and track teams All other sports rate hrgh rn hrs lavor as does photography Hrs dehmte purpose rs strll undetermmed Cross Country Track Athletrc Assocratxon College Preparatory Ray who rs tall and solemn untrl he grins uses pen and mk more skxlltully than most as hxs clever sketches prove However drawrng IS a hob by sports and popular musxc provxde hrs relaxatron H plans to take a premedxcal course rn college Mens College Club Athletic Assocxatron IOSEPH VINCENT PISTRITTO College Preparatory Ioe rs a well known fxgure rn many hugh school actxvrtxes He takes an avrd rnterest xn musrc and photography I the fall Ioe plans to enter the Carnegxe Insutute ot Technol ogy where he wxll mayor rn sclence and prepare lor a vo- cahon rn chemrcal engmeer m Band Press Club Men s Col lege Club BLANCHE ANN PODHAISKI Busmess Though Blanche moves quret ly and blushes very readrly she always enyoys a 1oke wrth the rest of us Holly wood s contnbutron to our crv rlxzahon readmg and sewmg provrde a change from study outoi school actxvrtres After graduatxon she plans to yom the ranks of dependable secretanes Grrls League Athletrc Asso cxatlon SHIRLEY IANET PIGNATELLI College Preparatory Shirl rs that quret dark hatred grrl who unobtmsrvely wms the tnendshxp of all who are assocxated with her After school she keeps busy wxth a part tame job and popular rhythms on her pxano An to become a schoolteacher Semor Gul Advrser Iumor College Club Guls League Representatxve Athletxc As socrahon LORRAINE IRENE PILKONIS Busmess Wxth a stenographers pad and a typewrlter Laurie wrll go from her alma mater rn hopes of wmnmg a posrtxon as a pnvate secretary In her lexsure hours she lrlres to dance to popular and bop mu shell settle down wxth a good novel Student Faculty Councxl Rep resentahve Grrls League Athletxc Assocxatxon . . . . . . . - ' e . , . 1'- ,Af I, l avid football tan. she intends sic: in more quiet moments, l I . . . as . . .. ' ' g. ' . 77 ROSE MARIE PONS ANITA LOUISE PORTER Busmess Though dxmmutrve rn hexght Rose rs by no means small rn energy or ambrtxon Actlve rn school she spends her study perxods helpmg out rn the mam ofhce her free trme the shutter of a camera Alter graduatxon Rome wxll be a bookkeeper Senxor Grrl Advxser Gxrls League Athletlc Assocxatxon College Preparatory Butch came to NBHS from Fremont Hxgh rn Sunnyvale Calxforma and made an rn stant h1t here Her spare txme rs taken up wxth readmg sew mg sketchmg and church lege where she will study to be a hrgh school hlstory teacher Foreign Altarrs Club Grrls League Iumor College Club Athletrc Assocratron ELEANOR HILDA RAYMOND PONS IR POGLITSCH Busmess Ele IS a dependable person determxned m her actlons She spent most of her trme pre panng for her secretanal ca reer roller skatxnq We dont quxte understand the connec tron but xl wheels help Ele to roll to success the more power to her Gxrls League Athletlc Asso clatxon Academrc Ray has won esteem on the football held as well as m muslcal achvrtxes To htm skl mg means more than 1ust falhng down and rn some of hrs lersure moments he put ters around the darkroom He looks toward a iloury iuture lollowmg tn hrs baker father s footsteps Octet A Cappella Semor Chou Football RUSSELL WADSWORTH IACK LAWRENCE PYLE PRAY College Preparatory Russ: mam extracurncular mterest IS musrc Besldes playmg the trumpet he en joys hstenmg to bop and classxcal musxc In the future Russ wants to burld towermg and mxghty skyscrapers for he mtends to be an engrneer He plans to enter Massachu setts lnstrtute ol Technology Orchestra Pretzel Benders Band Mens College Club Press Club Beehive Repre sentatrve Staff Member Red and Gold College Preparatory lack has been a member of many school CCllVltl6S rn ad drtron to the Scouts rn whlch he attamed Eagle the hlghest possxble rank He rates sports musrc cars and gxrls as tops Next on the agenda for lack ts a career m medx cme Photography Edltor Beehzve Key Club Nauonal Honor So- cxety Skx Club Mens Col lege Club reading, sewing. or clicking work. She plans to attend col- 78 EDWARD FRANK PYZYNSKI College Preparatory Eddie is a quiet student whose favorite hobbies in- clude painting, stamp collect- ing. and sports. Besides these, he enjoys classical and pop- ular music and the works ot Poe. His ambition is to make the world a brighter place for mankind by becoming an op- tometrist. Track: Athletic Association Term paper terminal ROBERT C. QUINLAN College Preparatory Bob's ready wit and keen mind, plus an interest in everybody and everything. have made a popular leader. As correspondent to the Her- ald, he has broadened his school service. Painting. sports, music, books, living are his pleasures. A career in medicine is his goal. Honorable Mention, News and Column Writing State Contest: Editor-in-Chief, Red and Gold: President, Quill and Scroll: National Honor Society: Fi- nancial Secretary and Public- ity Chairman, Key Club: Ski Club: Secretary, Men's Col- lege Club IOHN IOSEPH QUINN Technical Adept with a rifle, Ioe de- lights in spending his tree time hunting or brushing up on his aim and technique through target practice. When he graduates from high school, Ioe plans to go oft "into the wild blue yonder" with the Army Air Corps. DOMINIC FRANK RAGAGLIA Technical Don the good natured is liked by all who know him A flash of light a big roar and thats Don going by on his motorcycle which hap pens to be his favorite pas time After graduation from E C Goodwm Technical School he intends to enter the mechanical held LAWRENCE FRANK RAMSDELL Academic Rams has spent most of his time after two oclock during the last three years as a hard working member of the track and cross country team His ambition is to enter the trucking business and per hops to own a firm in the distant future Track Cross Country IOSEPH SAMUEL RACHLIN College Preparatory Almost everyone has sen Ioe around the school. taking pic- tures for the Red and Gold. Besides liking photography. he has a flair for the stage. which he proved as the father in "Years Ago." He intends to donate his abilities finally to the profession of law. A Cappella: Men's College Club: Photography Editor, Red and Gold: Camera Club: Key Club MARILYN ELIZABETH RADII. College Preparatory Quiet and dignified, Marilyn makes her way through life without ostentation. She finds recreation at the piano or for more active pleasure in ten- nis, swimming, and dancing. She plans to go to a iunior college to train as a medical secretary. Senior Girl Adviser: Iunior College Club: Girls' League: Athletic Association VICTORIA DOROTHY DOROTHY ANN RAVAGLI RAMUS Business Vickie is a petite soft spok en blonde who is sincere and unassuming in her ways She spends most of her spare time participating in sports preferably base ball or bowling or reading the latest popular novel Vickie plans to become a secretary Bowling Girls League Academic Dotty pleasant and friendly has in her years of high school gained many friends as well as an education One day she hopes to bring her sunny disposition to use as an Angel of Mercy by the sick bed Student Faculty Council Cappella Girls League Athletic Association ' I '. . . . . . . I ' - , : Jig' . . I" I . . I . . . -- - :A ." . I I . MILDRED E RAYMOND MARTIN C HEMBISZ College Preparatory Tall and graceful Millie is lookmg toward a bright fu ture under the photograph ers lights But until then she keeps busy with many school activities Her more strenuous pastimes include swimming tennis and danc mg Immediately after grad uation Millie will go to a 1un1or college Senior Girl Adviser Library Page Senior Choir Nurses Aid A Cappella Foreign Af fairs Club Iunior College Club Archery Club Girls League Athletic Association Academic Rarely behind the eight ball Marty likes billiards and handles his cue well Any form of sport interests him but he hands the palm to football For dancing hell take polkas please H hopes to further his educa tion toward a business ca reer Athletic Association .' . '1,',:f, CARL PETER RESTELLI GEORGENE LOLA RIENDEI. College Preparatory Pete is a quiet. modest indi- vidual who talks little. but manages to carry his point. Tall and swift, he gets over a basketball court or base- ball field creditably. His scholastic rating does not suffer from his many outside activities. He plans to be- come an optician. Basketball: Baseball: Athletic Association College Pretty little Gene was born to dance, laugh, be merry. and have many friends. She has fulfilled this purpose. Her interests are wide. with reading, swimming, and mu- sic her favorites. Gene plans to continue her education and hopes to become a kin- dergarten teacher. Senior Girl Adviser: Foreign Affairs Club: Iunior College Club: Girls' League Represen- tative: Athletic Association KATHRYN IUNE RENEY RICHARD C RENSHAW Business Full of cheer and full of pep Kay can be found in the middle of many activities She is a cheering section herself at the football games Kay plans to be a secretary after she finishes high school for a while at least Athletic Association Girls League Girls Sports Club , ,ry Business Restless as a river Dick is rarely happy unless hes somewhere else The little situation m Mother Was a Freshman was apple pie for him Although his photog raphy grants the worth of pictures his tongue is not inactive Hell use it in the business world Amphxon Club Beehive Rep resentative Senior Class Play Student Faculty Coun cil Representative Athletic Association DOROTHY ROMERIO RITA LOUISE ROTH General On wheels or runners skates appeal to Dot who chooses the nnk for recreatron Bowl rng and swrmmrng are also pet pleasures of hers Sports of any kmd she lrkes wrth popular musrc on the srde At present she rs too busy to worry about the future Grrls League Athletrc Asso cratron Busrness You must be able to take a yoke as well as grve one and Ri does just thrs She has qurte a sense of humor In crdentally she rs grateful to the creator of the movres How about your future Ri' Grrls League BARBARA ANN REVOIR WILLIAM IAMES RING Academrc Bar rs justly proud of the successful tramrng shown by her dog at the Dog Trarners Assembly From Pekmese to Great Dane she loves dogs Not especrally a bookworm she lrkes Albert Payson Ter hunes dog stones Profes sronally she hopes to be a medrcal secretary Grrls Sports Club Skr Club Grrls League Athletrc Asso cratron Academrc A quret fnendly person Brll enloys sports socral aifarrs and school wrth no home work He rs a member of the NBHS football squad and rs actrve on the courts of varrous local basketball crr cults Softball also rates hrgh on hrs lrst Although hrs post graduate plans are mdefmrte he hopes to attend college to further hrs educatron Football Athletrc Assocratron WALTER ARTHUR ROGER RUBINOW ROTHERFORTH Academrc Walt rs a quret person who has some skrll rn clrckrng hrs camera shutter at the rrght second 'I'he speed of skung the rhythm of swrm mrng and the accuracy of baseball appeal to hrm Hrs motto Onward and p ward pornts lnm to college Skr Club Camera Club Ath lenc Assocratron Academe Rhythm could well be hrs mrddle name Not the tallest not the smallest he has a stout heart wrth courage enough for two Somewhere rn the realm of musrc hrs contrrbutron as a performer or as a composer may reflect those happy hours at NBI-IS Band Orchestra 1 ' A . , . 1 a ' ' I .. ' . ' . : . I I . . . . - . . . ,z - 9 ' .1 -I - 'QV . I -,. , - . . I ' -I l N .I .. 1 ll- : : - : IAMBS PETER RUGENS Technrcal Jimmy enjoys huntrng what ever happens to be rn sea son cmd he lrlres to argue about anythrng from pohtrcs to baseball After school he works as a theater usher Hrs lavonte sayrng rs A open enemy rs better than a false irrend Hrs trarnrng prepares hrrn for a bakers career Federal Bakers Instrtutron IAMES ELVIN RUMSEY College Preparatory lim rs our talented actor srl ver tongued orator and top notch student Hrs contrrhu trons to our class have been mvaluable Besrdes berng presrdent of two outstandrng school clubs he rs also a wrnner oi numerous oratorrc al awards Accordrngly lim plans a future m dramatrcs or radro No goal rs beyond hrs reach Natronal Honor Socrety Crv rc Forum Presrdent Key Club Presrdent Mens Col lege Club Amphron Club Athletic Assocratron Repro sentatrve Drama Festrval DOLOR DANIEL RYBA BARBARA BETTY RYIZ Academrc Dolor means sorrow but thats nothmg to Danny who rs amrabrhty and good na ture Outsrde oi school hrs rnterests revolve mostly about sports and popular musrc After graduatron Danny hopes to contmue hrs educa hon at Kmgs Pornt Merchant Marme Academy and then to become amanne engmeer Busrness Bobbrel good nature rs her outstandrng characterrstic She has reserved the seat rn the top bleacher next to the band and has even arranged to hll buses to rnsure a cheer mg sectron for away games Bobble hopes to curb her eiiervescent sprnts rn the quret role of secretary Grrls Sports Club Grrls League Athletrc Assocranon VERNA IEAN RUSTAD Academrc Rusty gets a lot ot fun out ol Irie and conscrentrously gets her work done too In classrcal rn sports she pre fers skatxng and swrmmrng rn readmg she chooses nov ls Alter graduatron she plans to work in an ofhce Grrls League Athletrc Asso- cratron RAYMOND ALEXANDER RUTA Academrc Bay rs a lrkeable fellow and a good sport Whatever he carry rt through to the irnrsh whether rt be on the base ball dramond or rn the class room Ray hopes to make a place for hrrnseli as an ac countant rn the freld ol busr ness admrnrstratron Athletrc Assocratron I ' ' I ' ' . . . . I ,. n I . 1 1 - I : ' A music her taste runs to the undertakes, he is sure to e . ' . ' ' - ' . . . l . . , B3 IOHN STANLEY SADOWSKI Technical lash who finds snapping a camera shutter and working in a darkroom interesting does a great deal in that field Printing however is most important to lash as the position as advertising manager of the school paper shows He will continue to study printing rn the future BARBARA LOUISE SAIPAL Business Barb believes that every cloud has a silver lining and shell strive her hardest to find it Youll often find Barb roller skating around the rink trying out those ice skates or trying for a strike in a bowling alley Barb will do secretarial work in the future Girls Sport Club Girls League Athletic Association FELICIA LEOCADIA RZEWNICKI Business Phyllis enjoys listening to popular music, has a parti- cular fondness for the latest thing in music-bop. She likes to dance, go ice-skating or hiking. and watch most popular sports. After she is graduated from high school, Phyllis plans to earn her liv- ing as a bookkeeper. Girls' League: Athletic Asso- ciation WALTER GEORGE SACHOK Academic Another of our domestic- minded seniors is Wally. who has finished a course in baking and foods at the State Trade School. His other chief interest. proved by his being a member of the orch- estra, is writing and playing music, which he hopes to study further. Orchestra GEORGE VINCENT SALA THOMAS RICHARD College Preparatory Faithful and friendly George manages to know about everybody and to be in on most school activities His chief pleasure is driving and workmg about cars-a plea sure he has made profitable after school Music and sports are recreation Its probably Boston University next Student Faculty Council Mens College Club Foreign Affairs Club Stam u Athletic Asqociation AX'N SALONIA Academic College Tom is probably one of the easiest persons in school to get along with He is friend ly and reliable Topping his list of interests are airplane models and boat building with hunting and fishing a close second Hell be striv mg for a Registered Pharma cists License Athletic Association Beehive Representative Press Repre sentative '. :, . :C Vlubz - u : ' i 'A 84 'yy I RITA ANN SAMOII-A Academxc Reet a sports enthusrast partrcrpates m any game whenever she can Watchmg her collectron of Vaughn Monroe records grow rs one of her favorrte hobbres Beet rs plannmg to enter a col lege to further her educatron rn order to become a dental hygrenrst Guls League Athletrc Asso- cratron PHILIP IOSEPH SAMSEI. Technxcal Wrth saw and hammer Phil works wonders rn the carpen try class where he has been studymg for three years Most of hrs own trme rs spent swunmmg or carryrng th prgslrm Perhaps we ll be hu mg Phrl later to buxld our dream houses IACQUELINE IEANEITE SAN SONE College Preparatory Iackie rs another potentral schoolteacher-or maybe a nurse-or maybe- Rrght now she hasnt decxded However thxs tnm petrte mxss has the nght phrlosophy for anythmg I am ot atrard of tomorrow tor I have seen yesterday and love to- day Grrls League Athletrc Asso- cxauon HENRY RICHARD SARDILLI Academxc Nin rs a carefree fellow who says Let each day worry tor rtseli but nevertheless plans carefully for the tomor row when he may own a grocery store Every varrety oi sport and modern rhythm rs hrs chlet enthusrasm at present Athlenc Assocratron A STEPHEN RALPH SANADA Acadermc Steve has truly learned the meanrng ol the word respon srbrlrty durrng hrs three a commendable stayrng qualxty Because of hrs art istic talent he has won rec ognrtron on many occasxons recognrtron whrch promises well for hrs future career m commerclal art Art Drrector Pretzel Benders Art Staff Beehive Athletrc Assocration IANE MARGARET SANEWSKY Academrc Luke many other young peo ple lame asks Who knows ever she 18 not worned as long as today rs lull of pleas antness lrke the social groups to whrch she belongs She may choose to do ottxce work Grrls League Athletrc Asso- clatxon M ' ' . ' ' ' e + . A Q . . H - 4 3 , 1 I ' : . 'S V' t V , . . 3 years at high school. He has whht the future holds?" How- ' . P . l i " I . z ,, n . . . . C .. 85 MARY CONCETTA AMIRIGO CARMELO SCALORA SCARPA Busrness Although she rs an actrve member of our class Mary always has trme to attend so- cral functrons She plans to enter some held oi ofhce work after graduatron and she has already had some experrence rn that krnd of work Dancrng and skatrng clarm much ot her lersure trme Grrls League Athletrc Asso cratron College Preparatory Humor rs hrs trart sports hrs recreatron and Rigo rs hrs name He has been actrve rn representrng hrs home room rn vanous clubs After graduatron Rrqo plans t study mathematrcs at Brown Unrversrty rn preparatron for a teachrng career Student Faculty Councrl Treasurer Mens College Club Press Representatrve Athletrc Assocratron 09 1 FRANK SATALINE IR General Frank rnterested rn all krnds ot sports rs especrally keen on football and baseball havrng been wrth each team three years He hopes to play professronal baseball alter graduatron should that not materralrze he may start a career m the held of Navy mechanrcs Football Baseball Athletrc Assocratron DONALD IOHN SCAGLIOLA General From a prrvate school rn Mystrc Don came toNBHS where hrs chret enthusrasm has been rn woodworkrng and shop Alter school hours he lrkes to work on cars When he has been grad uated Don plans to become an automobrle mechanrc Hrs rdea of real toy rs to travel 'MV VIRGINIA LOUISE SCHUMACHER Academrc Vrrqie rs one oi our most cheerful grrls Dunng her 1u mor year she recerved an award from the Grrls Sports Club for her outstandrrrg ath letrc abrlrty Dogs and horses are her specral enthusiasm Vrrqrol ambrtron rs to be come a model housewrie Grrls League Bowlrng Baseball Athletrc Assocra tron LAWRENCE HENRY SEI!-'EL General Larry rs a popular member of the semor class and a relrable second strrng man rn football Hrs goal rn lrle rs to be a gardener or a land scaper I school rates mdustrral arts as hrs favorrte subjects wrth scr ence next Larry Football - , -QI .I 1' . .v . 0 If X D t ' . . n , - so EVELYN ROSE SERAVALLI Busxness Reds senxor questronnaue tells us that her hobbies are sewmg and cookmg and yet she plans to do offxce work --she says When she ts not busy wtth domestxc dunes Red may be found on a bas ketball court or a baseball held Gufls League Athletxc Asso cxatton IOHN PAUL SILK College Preparatory lack 18 a personable young fellow very sports mrnded wrth the emphasxs on swxm mxng basketball and foot ball He always has a help mg hand for those tn need 'l'he future wxll fmd lack tn a rangers tower protectmg the pubhc from forest fxres Athletxc Assocxatxon Repre sentatxve ELEANOR ANN SKINGER ROBERT FRANK SKINNER Busxness Ellie obtams dtversron through readmg roller skat mg lce skatmg and lxstenmg to serm-classlcal musxc Her favonte quotahon taken from a popular ballad rs Fools Rush m Where Angels Fear to Tread Followmg through her busmess course NBHS she plans to be a secretary Forexgn Affaxrs Club Gxrls League Athletrc Assocxatxon Academlc When Bob ts perfectly hap py he may be found m the woods or on the shores of a lake for hrs hobbles are huntmg and fxshrng He rs also mterested rn baseball football basketball and cur rent world affarrs Bob plans to become a hxstory teacher EDWARD C SILKOWSKI BRUNO BERNARD SIWIK Academrc Silky the outdoor man and sports enthusiast loves frsh mg and trampmg through the woods gun tn hand He also enloys worktng rn hrs darkroom and txnkennq wrth jects are chemlstry and phys rcs He looks toward th future wxth ambxtron and an open mmd Academrc Bunny rs one of those boys who never seem to have anythxng to worry about lf he does he conceals lt Hrs mam mterests are football basketball swlmmmg and ny plans to yom a branch of the U S Armed Servxce Athletlc Assocmatxon . . ' . u w Q . l test tubes. His favorite sub- fishing. After graduation Bun- ' . e . . ' . ' at ' 1 . 87 gal' 6 LADISLAUS IOSEPH EILEEN SHIRLEY SMITH SMIALOWSKI Academrc Ladtslaus ts a quret grave mannered young man who takes a serrous lnterest tn whatever he does He rs par trcularly proud of hrs toretgn stamp collectron and hrs hle of newspaper clxppmgs Ten ms provrdes hrs actwe rec reatron He hopes to become an embalmer Busrness Elleens favonte pasttmes whrch are the hrghly domes ttc arts of cookmg and sew mg seem to belle her ambr t1on to be a bookkeeper Her spare time IS taken up wxth studymg and musrc especral ly playmg the prano Further she even has an athlettc rn clmatron playmg tenms Gxrls League A.. EDWARD ZIGMUND ARLENE HELEN SLAPSKI SKWIOT Techntcal You may hear Chtet before you see htm as he rs the person who hums cowboy tunes at almost every hour oi the day He has been a member of the Goodwrn var stty basketball team for two years Hrs carpentry course wrll provrde hrs lob College Preparatory Although detrmtely not a bookworm Arlene spends more than the requlred amount oi ttme on studtes rn preparatron for a career rn nursmg Thxs pursuxt of edu Catton however does not prevent her from parttcxpatxng rn vartous actrvmes She rs partrcularly fond of swrm mmg and dancmg Semor Gul Advrser Alter nate Beehrve Representatrve Grrls League Athletnc Asso ctatron MAUBEEN ANN SMITH IOAN HARRIET SNOW Busmess Maureen has spectalxzed tn representrng her homeroom rn vartous groups for the past three years When she rs not busy wxth these dunes Mau reen spends her trme danc mg swrmmmg and attend mg football games After graduatxon she plans to study tn preparation for a career as a medrcal secre tary Student Faculty Councrl I mor College Club Semor Gul Advxser Grrls League Athletxc Assocxatton Busmess Io 18 a grrl who goes after what she wants and gets rt As a result she has been elected to represent her homeroom rn vanous groups los plans to become a hau dresser frt rn well wlth her hobby dressrng her own hau and that of her fnends Press Representatwe Bee luve Representatxve Glrls League MARILYN LOUISE DOROTHY SOKOLOWSKI SODERLING College Preparatory A dunplxng smrle and a fme character account for Mlmis charm Because she 18 such a wxllrng worker she was elected to be the Publxcrty Charrman f th Grrls League She plans to enter nurses tramzng rn the fall Athletrc Assocratron Pubhcrty Chaxrman Representatrve Grrls League Iumor College Club Busrness Cheerful and energetrc Dot he takes her schoolwork senously but manages t frnd plenty of trme for danc rrg bowlrng and swrmmrng She also lrkes to sew and lrsten t popular musrc When she rs graduated from hrgh school Dottie mtends to become a prrvate secretary Semor Gul Advxser Grrls League Athletrc Assocratxon CATHERINE MARY SOLTIS College Preparatory Salty a young lady wxth a fondness for the Brooklyn Dodgers as well as for knowledge has earned an envrable scholastrc ratrng She rs employed after school m a nearby hosprtal where she 18 recervmg excellent ex penence rn the field which will be her lxfes work nursrng National Honor Socrety For exgn Affaxrs Club Iunxor Col lege Club Semor Gul Ad vrser Gxrls League CONRAD WILLIAM SPARMER Academrc Connie rs a good natured chap who takes hfe phrlo- sophlcally He serves a sw1.ft tennxs ball but at frshmg he doesnt care too much wheth er they brte Besxdes berng a Iumor Scoutmaster he lxkes photography For the senous Job he has selected draftmg Camera Club Forelgn Af farrs Club Athletrc Assocra tron Representatxve A LEONARD STANLEY RAYMOND WALTER SOKOLOWSKI SOLIWODA Techmcal Lenny I8 a qulet fellow well holds a part time lob rn a grocery store After school hours he xs an ardent sports lan After he has attended a busrness school he hopes to own a store of hrs own some day Civtc Forum College Preparatory Fnendly helpful cheerful work and an after school 1ob at a local store Rays time IS pretty well taken up Nev ertheless he manages to keep hrs skrs waxed and to follow the sports world Al though hrs goal rs vague Ray hopes to attend college Student Faculty Councrl Skt Club Track Athletrc Assocxanon . . I O ' o e ' ' ' o '. 0' - ' fl ' J. ' my 1 4 ,L I - A 0 .J . ' 1 L.. lx I I 2 W . ' ,E Q liked by his classmates. He that's llay. Between hom? Q "AD 89 IOHNSON T STALK Academxc Hawk rs the co captam f our NBHS football team and ts an all out athlete He has not only played fust strmg football wxth the War nors but he has also been swmgmg a bat What xs your future Hawk' Pro foot ball-or travel to Ubangx land? B e e h t v e Representatrve Football Baseball GLORIA BARBARA STATCHEN Academxc Iory s artlsttc tnclmatxons wxll probably carry her far rn her chosen fxeld dress de stgnmg Who knows? She may achteve a newer look Although she ts kept busy wxth a sketchbook and the fashton plates she rs an avrd sports fan she enloys the rhythms of skatmg and danc tn Fxeld Hockey Guls League Athletxc Assoclatxon SANTO ANGELO SPERAZZA Techmcal Santo a mxld mannered fel low ts Jack of many trades Hts mterests mclude photog raphy football and basket ball Shorty also enloys strummmg hrs gultar whlch he IS a star performer havmg played wxth profes sional bands Santo hopes to become an avxatton machmtst tn the Navy Camera Club DOLORES ANTOINETTE SPILKA Academxc Heres another gurl who goes rn for collecting records but not popular ones Dolly en loys the classxcal type of mu src If she tsnt hstenmg to records she IS swtmmmg playmg tenms or dancxng Soon Dolly wxll be offenng assrstance to a doctor as a medxcal secretary Guls League Athlettc Assa cxatxon DOROTHY ANN STAVINSKY Mxxed Dotue en1oys readtng mustc dancmg and has a flau for dramatxcs whxch makes her wxsh to see many Broadway plays tn the future Her hobby IS collecttng dolls and souvemxs Her plans for the future poxnt to her becommg a home executwe A Cappella Gtrls League Representatrve Athletxc As socxatlon EDWARD LOUIS STAWARZ Academlc You saw htm every Saturday out on the football fxeld wear mg number 44 Strangely enough he prefers classtcal musxc to the more favored popular type After gradua txon Ed wants to contmue hrs educatxon but as undectd ed about hrs cholce of a ca reer Athletxc Assocxatton Repre sentatlve Football xi All . I . 0 ' f: .: .g' ' - M my 5 . . 90 MARLENE BARBARA CHARLES HOWARD STEMPLE STEVENS Academxc Lyn an attractxve member of our Twxrlerettes has a zest for lxvmg Not ready to try the Englrsh channel she IS nevertheless a fme swunmer To occupy spare moments she hkes to dance and to draw Lyn hopes to become a model Press Club Forerqn Aflarrs Club Bowlmg Swrmxnmg Twrrlerette Grrls League Technxcal Howre whose sparklrng blue eyes talk hrm out ol or Into anythrng rs an Eagle Scout He hkes dancxng and socxal gathermgs and he rs also an ardent sports lan Hrs hobbres xnclude wood work mg and photography He plans to have a prmtmg busmess of hrs own some day Student Councrl Representa trve GEORGE HARVEY STUART General Wxth all etemrty ahead Red sees no need of hurrymg When he doesnt succeed at hrst he rs always ready to try agam and agarn He has been employed out of school rn a factory but wrll not commxt hrmseli about the future-bemg content to take hrs chances wrth des tm Athletrc Assocratron ROBERT IOSEPH SULICK College Preparatory Calmness rs an advantage says Bob who adopts thrs as hrs phrlosophy He takes hrs studres senously and lends much of hrs abxlxty to the rnusxc department Alter graduatxon he plans to go to college then to a school of dentrstry Student Band Leader Orch estra Mens College Club Key Club WILLIAM ARTHUR STEVENS Academrc Brll rs another of our rugged txc about huntmg wrth gun or bow He also ndes swrms and hrkes Hrs lrkrng for sports extends to hrs Iavorxte wrrter Bxll Stern Bllls am bxtxon rs to become as true a sportsman as hrs rdol va, IULIA CATHERINE STROHECKER Busrness sonahty has made many frxends Her mam mterest outsrde ol school rs a local drum corps youll see her marchmg wrth them regular ly Dancmg and football also play an Important part m her recreatlon She plans to be come a secretary Girls Sports Club Guls League Athletxc Assocratron f X-f Z7 Da I r. aww' L U th Lv ' Av- .V B my Q 1 J' l. '- ' ' ZX. M v I , , Y 5 J I I .- 'A xt outdoor men. very enthusias- Tiny. with her Umiuble Pe!- N : . . . I u J K V. 9? 12 I 1 f I . f .. ' Y- . . ' f 91 DAVID ALDEN SWANSON HOWARD SWANSON Academtc Swede rs fond of all sports but parttcularly of skung and hunttng He expects to con tmue hrs studres at Htllyer College mayonng rn archrtec wxth hrs musxc Hrs saxo- phone was apprecrated the band for three years and for one year tn the orchestra Band Orchestra if M General Gnve Swede a shotgun or a ftshmg rod and you re sure to make htm happy for he en1oys nothrng so much as huntmg and frshtng After a sports he hkes to relax at a good movxe Hts future plans are tndeftmte DOROTHY CAROL SULIK CAROLYN LOUISE Busxness Dancmg and Dot are almost synonymous her favonte pastlme IS pohshmg off the latest steps or just hstemng to one of her many records After school she holds a part txme yob rn an offxce whrch offers her splendtd preparatton for her future vo catxon stenography Semor Gul Adviser Gxrls Sports Club Representatrve Grrls League Representahve Athletrc Assoctatxon SWANSON College Preparatory Krm rs a true Red Sox fan even after they let her down When baseball and school actrvmes arent occupymg her tune youll hnd her wxth the Rxchland Fxgure Skatmg Club or dress de- stgntng She hopes for a col lege educatton and a mer chandtsmg career rn the fu ture Semor Gul Advrser Lrbrary Page Amphxon Club Make up Commxttee m Class Plays Semor Class Play Archery Club Iumor College Club Grrls League Athlettc Asso clahon RUSSELL ALBERT MONICA HAUGHEY SWANSON SWEARS Academxc Russ wtth hrs slow smtle and soft voxce gets along equally well wxth fellows and grrls After school he hunts or ftshes and names tce skatmg hrs favorxte sport Although post graduate plans are not qutte sure he ts mterested m hsh and game conservatxon Bustness Momque takes a teasmg from her numerous fnends for she sttll retatns her Mame ac cent even after a few years tn Connectxcut Wtth her swxrnmmg and dancmg rate tops as recreatton Her fxrst goalmhferstobeagood wrfe and mother but her tm medxate plans mclude bust ness college Guls League Athletlc Asso ctatfon ture, and also to keep on strenuous day at one of these ' in '. ' fe " X A XC, I . ' 5' l . - I: - My f A r K on ' Q 92 RONALD FRANCIS SWIDER Academic Ron is the 6' 1" senior who is seldom "overlooked" in the halls. This former football end. side-lined this year by an ankle injury. enioys par- ticipating in athletic and so cial activities. A thorough- going Yankee fan, he fol- lows all sports. He plans to attend college. Football RUSSELL SYKES General Tall, blond Russ returned to N.B.H.S. after being away awhile, to take his diploma with the Class of 1950. An average American boy. he has a wide range of inter- ests. He works at the Em- bassy Theater after school, saving for the day he can go to college to study law. WILIJAM ROBERT IOHN WILLIAM THOMA TEDESCHI Academic Bill says that he is melan choly but satisfied This hard to believe of one who has made such a hit with the opposite sex Once in a while Bill enyoys swirling that pamtbrush on a canvas He says he has no plans for the future College Preparatory lack is an energetic fellow who not only does his school work well but also does of fice work after schotl H spends most of his spare tune expenmentmg with pho- tography On Yankee scores he is an authonty After graduation lack plans to study iournalxsm Athletic Association ,l lx N J MZ L l HITA MARY TAMBUTTO Business Rita may appear quiet but like a book the cover means httle She has a lively per sonalrty and a sunny drspo sxtion Rita enioys being be hind a racquet and also swimming Of her commer cial subyects she favors shorthand After graduation Rita plans to do clerical work Girls League Athletic Asso- ciatxon ANNE THERESE TANGUAY Business The time she marched with the Twirlerettes m the Boston Garden at the New England Tournament was a real letter day rn Trsas life Besides twrrlmg a clever baton she is also quite adept at swim mmg and dancing Tisa ex pects to make her debut as a secretary xn the near future A Cappella Twulerette Iu mor College Club Guls League Athletic Aspoalatron sgdc L I A"V'x' . . G . is I I ' ' 1. e , 93 A , - unsung TODOLI mmf: MAY ronzm Busmess Kxln to many classmates rs a hvely httle grrl 1ust chock full ol spxrtt She IS pretty handy wrth a bow and ar mxght have another Rohm Hood? Alter graduatron Ur sula plans to enter a secre tanal school Manager Archery Iumor College Athletrc Assoctatton Grrls League 5551531 Technxcal Todqes mam mterests are drawmg pamtmg dancmg and swtmmmg Bop march es and popular are her ta pet dances are the rumba and Jrtterbug By openmg cr dress shop she plans to keep our women suphed w1th the latest creahons from the ia shxon world Gxrls League .44 ,, .5-5-9499? l 1 BERTRAND IOHN THOMPSON Academe Bert who has a drsposrtron whrch some people should try to copy ts another out door fellow In sports hunt mg claxms hrs favor You wrll probably remember Bert s asklng Have you pur chased your Beehive yet? He plans to study engmeer mg rn a hxgher mstrtutxon Beehrve Representattve Stu dent Council Representatxve Athlettc Assocratlon SHIRLEY ANN THOMPSON College Preparatory Can you thmk of anyone sweeter or more soothmg than Shirl to hold your hand whlle you have an enameled tooth yanked from your un suspectmg Jaw? Wxth her ra dxant personalxty and cheer ful nature she rs sure to m troduce 1oy to the dental hy gxemc professxon We re countxng on you Shlrl so stay just the way that you are Iumor College Club Semor Gxrl Advrser Grrls League Athletxc Assocratron ARTHUR DARRELL TOLIS Academtc Arclne IS that 6 B center on our varsrty basketball team who plays such a ter nhc game No one wrll ever forget those two memorable ioul shots that he pu through the hoop to ue the score at the New England Tournament Archre plans to go on to college to prepare for a career as an FBI agent Captam Basketball 49 50 Treasurer Athletic Assocla hon PETER TOLIS College Preparatory Stem wrll mevxtably re ue one oi these days and ur choxce for his successor IS Pete our walkmg sports story book He has astound ed hrs Englxsh teachers for three years wxth hrs superb sports wrxtmg Before launch mg hts chosen career he plans to attend college Athletxc Assocratnon Repre sentahve ww and who kngwg , , , we vorite iorms oi music. Her S- f -. Q s - A n ' ' ' . . t- I 5 0 . . ' 1 - . H . u , - 1 Lffv f 94 FRANCIS SALVATOR TRANCHIDA Technical Cheech is a iriendly fellow and a sports enthusiast. pre- ferring football and basket- ball. His hobby, at which he is quite adept. is building model ships. He has often astounded his friends with amazingly minute specimens ot his handicratt. He plans to go in business with his father. Athletic Association A cup of coffee, a donut and you." MARY PAULINE TROMBONI Academic Ah! Here is a real artist who enjoys dancing, drawing. and writing poetry. Mary spends many an hour writing down her thoughts. She hopes to travel to Hollywood to open a hair styling salon. Hope you see those movie stars, Mary! DELORES ROSE 'l'RO1'I'A Business Though probably not to the tune of "High-ho-Silver." Do likes to go horseback riding. When not busy "posting," she spends spare time swim- ming. dancing. or listening to bop. When she graduates from high school. Do intends to earn her living as a steno- grapher. Girls' League: Athletic As- sociation CARLTON WILBUR ULBRICH Academic Buster who wants the feel of rolling waves beneath hun and salt spray on his face has his course charted for Kmgspomt Academy and a future in maritime education His high school years have been years of accomplish ment and fun with stress on musical activities Orchestra Band Baseball ROSE MARY VALENTE Business Rosie is that compound that doctors have been hunting for to pack in bottles and prescribe to all those in low spirits Her vivaciousness and hvely manner are known to all as well as her fond ness for sports and dancing Rosxes future tools will in clude a typewriter and a shorthand pad Girls Sports Club Represen tatxve Foreign Affairs Club Girls League Athletic Asso cxatxon IANE NANCY TRUSCIO DANIEL FRANCIS TUREK Academic lanie has rendered many services to our high school with her talent for drawing. which she hopes to develop further in some art school. She is inclined to be quiet. but this has not hindered her popularity a bit. Her interests are handicraft. bowling. and swimming. Senior Girl Adviser: Iunior College Club: Foreign Af- fairs Club: Athletic Associa- tion: Girls' League Represen- tative Technical A confirmed woman hater and sports enthusiast is Turk. He is definitely a man's man with interests in stock cars. baseball. and es- pecially football. To make a place for himself in life, Turk is training for a profession as a printer at the E. C. Goodwin Technical School. Department Representative DONALD EDMOND VALLIERE Academic Though it may be said that this characteristic worthwhile as he works with his collec tion of stamps and coins His liking for bicycle riding and hxkmg offers an opportunity to travel short distances when time permits His am brtion is to become a lour nahst 96 NORMA EMILY VANCE College Preparatory Norma doesnt hesitate t take part in meetings f Beehive Staff For recreation she knits swims dances and collects the inevitable records With her patience understanding and sunny disposition Norma will do well m nursing Chairman of Public Rela tions Student Faculty Coun cil Business Staff Beehive Iunior College Club Senior Girl Adviser Girls League Athletic Association li . . O . . . . 0 Don is quiet, he must find many school clubs. and the BRUNO MATTHEW PHILIP IOSEPH VELEY VARASCONI Busmess 'l'hrough Brunos mterest tn the Muslcal Club he has won the positron of concert mas ter Dunng hrs three years at NBHS he has attended both the AllState and All New England Muslc Festrv als Though hrs future 18 un decided we feel rt should deal wxth muslc Orchestra Academtc Phrl ts an all round athlete who enjoys just about every sport especrally basketball baseball and swlmmmg He plays basketball wrth sev eral outsrde teams After graduatlon Phd mtends t take up Physrcal Educatton at Amold College wxth a goal of professxonal coach tn Red and Gold Representa ttve Athletxc Assocxatlon EDA CATHERINE VI'l'EI.I.I MAE HOPE VOGEI. Techmcal Edie yust seems to bubble wtth personalxty and frxend hness She can be seen at all sports events and also hrts her mark when tt comes to archery and volleyball Eda rs a neat dresser who wxll be an asset when she becomes a receptxomst tn the future Gtrls Sports Club Girls League Athletxc Assocxatron Busmess Moxie can be found on the football fxeld Saturday after noons between halves pa radmg wrth the other Twrrl erettes For relaxatron she lxkes to go roller skatmg or to Cherry Park Speedway to see the stock car races After graduatton Maxxe tntends to be a secretary Twulerettes Gtrls League Athletrc Assocxatron CONSTANCE MARTINFITE VICTOR Acadermc To become a stenographer rs Connie: goal tn the 1m rnedxate future As dlverslons she prefers popular and sem:-classrcal musxc and en joys dancmg bowlxng and xce skatmg She has contnb uted much to our hlgh school dunng her three years here Student Faculty Councxl Se mor Gtrl Advxser Iunxor Col lege Club Beehxve Repre sentatlve Guls League Rep resentattve National Honor Socxety Athletic Assoctatxon VINCENT IOSEPH VITAL!-I Academxc Vinnie ts the small redhead whom you see m the mrdst of all the color and splash of half ttme at the football games faxthfully beatxng out the march tempo of the band on hrs drum Hts mterests mg Hts future ts undeclded Band Manager Football .. . . . . D l . 0 . . 0 . g. .VX ljjnlj , I A -I v J V 'V W 'fe ,J v J ' I , ' - ' , ' ' - are sports. music. and danc- , I , . . . . 5 " . l 97 CARTER E WALLEN IOHN THOMAS WALLEN Acadermc Buds motto practrce makes perfect applres to hrs play mg the saxophone He was selected for the All State Mu src Festxval rn 1948 In hrs spare trme you wrll fmd hrm at the golf course Hts motto may also come rn handy when he becomes an archr ec Band A Cappella Academxc Iohnny rs an mdustrxous young man who spends most of hrs spare tune at hrs 1ob after school For relaxation he enyoys lrstenrng to pop ular musrc Iohnny IS szck of the drudgery of crty lrfe and hopes to frnd adventure on the hrgh seas wrth the U S Navy DONALD WAGNER RONALD WAGNER College Preparatory Don edrtorm chxef of he Beeluve spends most hours on schoolwork erther study or actrvrty In hrs 1unror year he made the Natronal Honor Socrety When h fmds txme he en1oys oll pamtrng wrth hrs brother Ron He cant do everythrng but the medrcal professnon lures htm Natronal Honor Socrety Edr tor m chxef Beehwe chairman Key Club Project Commxttee Red and Gold Mens College Club Amph ron Club Key Club Proper ty Commxttee Iumor and Semor Class Plays Stage Crew Iumor and Semor Class Plays Athletrc Assocxatron Drama Festrval Stage Man ager Semor Class Play College Preparatory Where theres Don theres Ron Yes this IS the other Wagner twm Ron has d tmguxshed hlmself as an of freer of many clubs and by Iumor electron to the Natron al Honor Socrety He also won a natxonal poster prrze that year Ron plans to be come a mechamcal engmeer Natronal Honor Socrety Busl ness Staff Beehrve Mens College Club Property Com mrttee Iumor and Semor Class Plays Key Club Co charrman Key Club Prolect Commrttee Treasurer Am phxon Club Press Represen tatrve Athletic Assocratron Drama Festrval Stage Man ager Iumor Class Play VIVIAN RUTH WARNER ELEANOR ROSE Techmcal Vw occupres her spare tlme wxth sewmg and dancmg She enyoys popular musrc and the works of Edgar Al lan Poe lce skatmg tops her hst oi sports actrvxtres Her future rs, as yet. undecrded but she rs thmkmg of enter mg the busxness world as a secretary Guls' League, Athletrc Asso- cratxon WASILEWSKI College Preparatory All year Elo solves her Chnstmas grft problem wrth her knrttmg needles She has chosen a very rmportant fu ture rn plannmg to be a teacher, and we feel sure that she wrll establlsh the tradrtron of gwmg people an outlook on lrfe that can't be gamed from books Forergn Affaus Club, Iumor College Club, Grrls' League, Athletrc Assocxatlon I . . h i- . I e . . . . . -' - ' . ' : Co- , ' : ' 1 1. . 98 PATRICIA ANN VIELCH IRENE SOPHIE WELNA Academxc Smxle and the world smiles wrth you Thats our Pat who claxms math as her fa vonte subject Pat loves to dance and shes mxghty proud of those kmtted socks she wears she made them herself too She 18 sure to hght up many a hospltal ward tn the future Girls Sports Club Iunxor College Club Gxrls League Athletxc Assoczatxon Nga, FL...M+n.A l Q-l416Xv-AA-LJ? CL' a'K7 Vex willi- adm Phu College Preparatory Irene who takes her school work senously chooses Ger man as her favonte subject Behevuxg that hte xs what we make tt she makes the most of hers She belongs to several school orgamzcmons Irene who has no defxnxte fxeld rn mmd hopes to attend Samt Iosephs College Iumor College Club Forexgn Affaxrs Club Guls League Athletrc Assocxatxon Press Club Semor Gtrl Adviser IAMES IOHN WHITE Academxc The pxctuxe of lim standmg before the hlgh school band skxllfully malnng his baton talk will long hve m our memories of N.BHS We can all be lustly proud of our New England and state champion baton twrrler Iim hopes to study commercral Band Iumor State Twuhng Champxon 47 VFW Champlon 49 New England Senxor Hxgh School Champxon 49 GILBERT MORTON WILLIAMS Busmess Gll xs one fellow who doesnt beheve rn that ancxent manm about golden sllence Hrs hObb1eS are sports rangrng from boxmg to baseball and musxc rcmgxng from yester days pops to todays bop G11 would lrke the Navy as a career some day HERBERT DAVID WELTE Academxc To own a large collectxon of guns rs an ambxtxon of our huntmg and fxshxng He feels that somethmg should b done about the cntlcal world food sxtuatxon so he plans to study agnculture at some higher xnstrtuuon THORSTEN LEOPOUL WENNBERG IR Technxcal Another fellow wlth a yearn joxn the Navy after gradua txen For the time berng he 18 busy workmg wxth wood and varmsh m hm mdustnal arts classes Dancing of whlch he does a good deal 18 one of hls recreatxons Athletxc Assoclatnon '. - J fX Bud, a quiet lad who enjoys ing for the sea. Turk Will . . e - . . I art. . " . ' . '48, '49: 99 MARY LOU WITTE MARY CATHERINE Academrc A precxse and exactmg mmd rs one of Mary Lous admxr able quahtxes Wxtte rs an tdealxst whose favonte quo- tatxon IS Set your aftectron on thmgs above not o thmgs on the earth Write rs very actlve ln sports lxk mg pmg pong and volleyball the best Girls League Representa trve Gxrls Sports Club Rep resentatlve WIZOREK Academrc Mary says A laugh rs worth a hundred groans rn any market and proceeds to prove xt Because of a part txme 1ob Mary has been hmlted ln her school actrv mes Some day she w1ll be wearing the crxsp whrte umform of a nurse Student Councrl Representa txve Athletxc Assocratxon Gxrls League IAMES HENRY WILLIS ANDREW VINCENT Academlc Wrlhe the wellknown let powered reserve halfback of the 49 eleven has spread hrs athletic prowess over four sports wmmng letters ln football and baseball Out snde of sports collectmg bop records rs his hobby He hopes to enter Lrvmgstone College to study physical educatxon Football Baseball Basket ball Track WINTERS Busmess Soft spoken Red planmng a busmess career hkes all mu src and many types of lxter ature but gets more enyoy ment from sports than from any other actlvxty For two years a promment member of the school baseball team Red rates baseball and bas ketball hrs favonte sports Baseball IOHN WILLIAM WOLF RICHARD STEVEN WOLK Techmcal lack spends much of his txme huntmg hshmg or rrdxng horses Hrs favonte hobby 18 rxdxng or carmg for horses He 18 an avnd fan of all sports tends all New Brltam bas ketball and football games Hls plans for the future are stxll undectded and he always at Athletlc Assoclatxon Technrcal Duck rs fond of fxshmg and huntmg but takes tlme out from these pleasant pursuxts to play m our htgh school band Modem rn taste he enyoys Erme Pyle s books on World War II and most pop ular music Duck has not de cxded on a career Band ' vii I' M " ' ' IJ ' . n - ' ' , . v ' - . ' . ' k K . 9 - . 1 - - . J, - . 100 DORIS ANN WOOD WILLIAM GEORGE College Preparatory Dons spends her lersure txme hstenmg to classical records wrth Lxezts Second Hungar ran Rhapsody a favonte readmg especxally De Mau passant takrng vocal les sons and partrcxpatmg many sports She pursues a college course rn preparatron for tratmng a a physio- therapxst Iumor College Club Semor Gtrl Advnser Gxrls League Athletxc Assocxatxon WOODWARD Acadenuc Bxll otherwrse known as Woody can be xdentrfred rn a flash by hrs year round crew cut and tumed up col lar Playxng varsxty center on the football squad has paid returns H1 fame Woody plans to get marrred but hasnt dectded how he wrll support hrs lady Football HELEN THERESA WYSOCXI Acadernxc Because Helen rs a wrllmg worker and pleasant com pamon she has been a good cltrzen of the NBHS Com monwealth Most of her free trme rs spent at a swrmmmg pool or on a dance floor Helen has chosen nursrng as her future career Altemate Beehive Represen tatxve Gxrls League Ath letxc Assocxatnon ROBERT PATRICK YAGLOWSKI College Preparatory DeDe as he rs called by hrs fnends LS a great sports en thusrast He has followed all hxgh school basketball and football games and looks for ward to a nngsrde seat at a boxmg match As for hob- bxes he IS qurte elhcxent rn hxmg motors and buxldrng thmgs Hrs future ts a nddle A ELEANOR WOSZCZYNA CAROL LOUISE WUNSCH Busmess To be or not to be what? that rs the questron Hoople has the problem of not knowrng what she wants to do She enloys swxmmmg and bowlxng very much and rs a member of the Swun mmg Club Eleanor rs a con scxentxous worker here t the hrqh school Guls League Athletrc Asso Ctatlon Busmess Karen enloys musrc tennxs and swlrnmxng durxng her free tlme After school hours she has a part tzme lob She plans to attend college where she wxll ma1or m relrgxous education Here rs one gxrl who sees lrfe rn tts true value Senxor Gxrl Advrser Basket ball Glrls League Athletxc ABSOCIGUOD 101 . . . .I . . . . ,. . .. . ' 1 . ,. . . I . I . . . I . U 1 . . I . . in . . . I .. A . . . . . . I . 1' , . . .x s t tit ,kN- -R" f -.1Qu1 -. H Atkeu ' ., ., . . . 1 ' I I -.. . . ., . . . ' ' a . . 1 U . ' . 1 ' .- . - . : A I . . . I I . . . . . 1 . ' ' I I ' BETTY LOUISE YOUNG College Preparatory Havrng recetved a Poppy Poster Contest award Betty Lou rs recogmzed for her ex ceptxonally good artrstxc abtl tty rn NBHS For outsrde mterests she plays a few sets ot tenms and does some swrmmmg She plans to con txnue her art study ut col ege Press Representatrve Skr Staff Beeluve Semor Grrl Advxser Girls League Ath letrc Assocxatron RUTH GLORIA YOUNG Techmcal Ruthxe who takes prano and voxce lessons asprres to be come a professronal srnger after she has been rnstructed further m the held Ghdmg over the floor on skates rs another of her Iavonte pas trmes She hopes to attend the Iuhus Hart School of Musrc Gxrls League Athletrc Asso WALTER IOHN YANCHAK Technrcal Wal though supposedly quxet and shy shows a good deal of vrgorous enthusrasm as a spectator of basketball and football Other sports whtch occupy hrs trme are huntmg and fxshmg After graduatton he plans to saxl the seven seas wrth the U S Navy Athletnc Assocxatron ERNEST ISAAC YOHANAN Academzc A pamstakmg person mter ested rn both schoolwork and sports IS Errue Pondermg over a tough problem rn math rs rust somethmg that makes hrs classes mterest1ng Stxll a good movre always attracts hxm He plans to be come a watchmaker and jeweler ELAINE RUTH ZAGER ALEX IOSEPH ZANIEWSKI College Preparatory Wrth tastes rangmg from semrclasszcal musrc to knxt tmg and readrng Elame pur sues an actrve balanced lzte Her mterest rn acadeuuc ai tarrs rs tempered by a full socnal program Thrs happy cornbmatxon she hopes t mamtaxn at a school ot 11b eral arts Natronal Honor Socxety For ergn Attaxrs Club Iumor Col lege Club Semor Gul Ad vtser Grrls League Athletic Assocratron Academrc Al IS a typrcal modern young Amencan sports rmnded and a jazz Ian Hrs Iavonte ball teams are the Red Sox and the St Lours Cardmals In hrs quxeter moments he rs a stamp collector Hrs plans for the future are for a career rn the Navy 1 . ' -, Club: College Club? An Ciqtion ' ' ,P 'f '- ' lv-.' , .. J LJ . . - 0 . :oz IOAN PATRICIA ZAWIERUCHA Business Ioan, who prefers classical music spends much of her spare time playing e piano. When not "tickling the ivories' she plays ten- nis swims and likes t watch a baseball game. Be- lieving that quiet confidence is the key to success Ioan will apply it to teaching business subjects. Foreign Affairs Club' Girls League RUTH ESTELLA ZERING College Preparatory The three L's-living laugh- ing. and loving - make up Ruthy's character. Always willing to help, besides her school work she finds time for working after school with dancing and bowling for rec- reation. Ruthy will wear a nurse's cap becomingly. Senior Girl Adviser: Bee- hive Representative' Girls League' Athletic Association WALTER IOSEPH ZIELINSKI Academic Playmg the drums with a lo cal dance band Wally getting much experience for his future of doing 1ust that In his leisure moments he may be found listening to his large collection of records or playing basketball Wallys our choice for another Gene Krupa in the making IOAN PATRICIA ZINK College Preparatory Beauty brains and charm make up our Ioan Known to many through various school activities she is respected and admired In her free time Ioan enloys dancing lrstenmg to music or 1ust trampxng through the woods Her goal for the future is to be a laboratory technician Student Faculty Representa tive National Honor Society Senior Girl Adviser Iunior College Club Girls League Athletic Association BARBARA ANN 2535 GUY GEOFFREY ZIEGLER Business Dancing bowling and foot ball games keep Bobble busy after school hours but she finds time for playing th piano and dreaming Youre Breaking My Heart After attending the Moody Secretarial School for further training Bobbie will take her place in society as a busy young secretary Athletic Association Girls League College Preparatory Guy rs New Britain Highs version of a teen age Black stone so well known is he for his tricks of magic When he isnt busy pulling rabbits out of hats he fills an im portant place in that select group the Octet His inten tion is to be a dentist A Cappella Senior Choir ' th I I 0 I Y . . to ., . . ' Octet ' , . .. : . , l , is ' ' . 10:4 ELEANOR LOUISE ZUP Business Ellie's part-time job limits her activities somewhat. but she still finds time to enjoy knit- ting. basketball. and listen- ing to popular music. She has been prepared well at N.B.H.S. for her chosen fu- ture as an office worker. Girls' League ROBERT MATTHEW ZUREK Academic Vitality, pep. and vigor de- scribe Bob. His quick an- swers and ready wit have set him apart. Besides being a member of the football squad and the Athletic Asso- ciation. Bob's interests lie in the fields of radio work. sports. and music. His fu- ture plans are indefinite. Football: Athletic Associa- tion EDWARD STANLEY ZISK Academic Stretch has a laugh for everything. He likes sports of all kinds and belongs to several local groups. When the fishing season opens, he has his bait all ready. Music is a part of every program. His plans include enlistment in the Navy. Athletic Association ROBERT PAUL ZUCCHI Technical Bob is a sports lover, both as observer and participant. He shines like cr star on the bas- ketball court and also knows the difference between an iron and a putter when it comes to golf. Though quiet and unassuming, he is well liked. His future plans are indefinite. Athletic Association 1 " I V X J J 1 "Al1's right with the world' sl I 5 A ,Ax at ' fi fi . T? ' 91 , Q 1 I s,l',5icA IEA ,fig 5 .xxx .V r , f "+C , - - 1, 1 fri.-fifj. S if 5 if agi- ' A . Ni 7T','v 1. 8.-nf--s.. A. Tinsmith to metal-crafier B. Feverish? C. Planning a party? D. To labor is to baste. E. Accuracy counts. F. Rapt attention! 'L 'F' Ac'rxvI 'r1n , ww L W ' Y .rj uv! I Q 5: W' it ,Yi 'frswx-, ' ,1 fx x Jn! . " Q 1 V 45-4 , 4 . Af X, 927.43 ' u nw 1- 5 22 llfr ,w?1.5iK L , .. ,lvir 535 fi LQ. ,. 3 1 iaiff 4: Ubin was 5 u o 'W , A F ' Kb'-I kk , , A. ,., 1 i K. ,K ,, . .,,, f ' ff' gf X X ' 2 if If' a 3 K ' lk--.x.......g, 'WW' ' ight! -v ..,,,,,, gs? is .,,f 's Jr X, N. 4 in '4 Xl 2' elk 93 H if ,. ,, W -- 2' 4, y '4.hggj.,, A. ' Q " ' ' 'seg' 5 'Q Q, 1 ..,, ,,,.. J! A if X S7 ff 'F 5 A 7 ' A v ., , - A i W Q ill s , 'li ' j, 1 L 6' fi . z a "vi I , .f 55 Q-f U Q , K .X X N- 13" in if 5-5- , .' fl 1' 0511- 4 l NEIL 1:- N. ' -,f,x li. . L11 Riff, Msg, iv Q li ?c As the century clock ticked oft the years, emphasis focused on school as part of life rather than as preparation for it. Hence, to the program were added: BEEHIVE REPRESENTATIVES In the beginning of the school year, each section room elects Beehive Rep- resentatives, responsible for promoting sales of the yearbook, and distribu- tion. lst row: Iacqueline Sansone, Kay Mullen, Eleanor Hahn, Florence Lodzinski, Lucy Car- della, Vera Kozyra. 2nd row: Ioan Snow, Connie Victor, Nancy Gleba, Ruth Zerring. Marie Maietta. 3rd row: Norman Howell, David Iohnson, Francis I. O'Brien, Leo Fournier, Iames White. Bertrand Thompson, Donald Lack, Russell Pray, Richard Renshaw. FOREIGN AFFAIRS CLUB One hundred years ago, foreign news aroused only casual public interest: today. improved world relationships are imperative for peace, as youth particularly realizes. Hence, a study club exclusive oi the classroom was provided in 1938 by Mr. Henry Recano through the Pan-American League and continued as the Pan-American Club, directed by Miss Pearl Snow. In 1948, the group extended its study beyond the western hemisphere and was re- organized as the Foreign Affairs Club, under the dual sponsorship oi Miss Snow and Miss Dorothy Quigley. Apart from the regular campaigns and pro- grams, this year spotlighted a day's visit with the world's great at the United Nations sessions and the lecture of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt in October. lst row: Virginia Fay, Io Ann Carlson, leanette Peters, Treasurer: Edward Sadkowski, Vice- president: Ioan Dufty. President: Barbara Erickson. Secretary: Isabel Fenster, Sally Farquharson. 2nd row: Kay Mullen, Helen Iohnson, Hasmig Boghosian, lean DeSena, Elaine Zager, Irene Welna, Georgene Reindel, Vera Kozyra, Ioan Zawierucha, Rose Valente, Connie Mazzarella, Doris Button. 3rd row: Patricia Corrigan, Merle Noll, Norma Hess, Constance Iones, Dieila Cohen, Aldona New- field, Patricia Davies, Rene Iobert, Iane Truscio. 4th row: Margaret Gashgarian. Maureen Murphy, Eleanor Skinger, Marianne Ioyce, Eleanor Wasilewslci, Barbara Brainard, Catherine Soltis, BettyAnne Arrington. Sth row: Anita Porter, Constance Malodziexjko, Mildred Raymond, Beverly Lambert, Anne Gutman, Mildred Regalis, Elaine Nyquist, Ioan Grajewski. 6th row: Ioseph Wesoly, George Sala, Robert Houghian ,Donald Balinskas, Norbert Marcella, Ronald Edman. loe Placzynski, William Stevens, Conrad Sparmer, Ioseph Rachlin, Robert Skinner, Norman Howell. GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS Officers of the Girls' League sponsor the Senior Girl Adviser group, are responsible for many as- semblies, and general wel- fare of the school. Standing: Lorraine Gresh. Nancy Peck, Miss Reynolds, Marilyn Sodreling, Geraldine Chudzik. Seated: Roxy Yessian, Constance Iones. Molly Lugli, Christine Davin. .'A. P 4: SENIOR GI The 70 Senior Girl Advisers are the Gir1's League public relations committee, chosen jointly by the students and faculty for their dependability, leadership, and willingness to serve. During the year they assist in the orien- tation of freshman girls at the Welcome Tea and serve as ushers at school and civic func- RL ADVISERS tions. For them the outstanding events of this year were the lectures of Eleanor Roosevelt and Cornelia Otis Skinner. President, Con- stance Iones: Vice-president, Dorothy Sulick: Secretary, Hasmig Boghosian: Treasurer, Betty Lou Peterson: Adviser, Miss Saunders. lst row: Dorothy Sulilr, Connie Jones, Hasmig Boghosian, Betty Lou Peterson. 2nd row: Doris Wood, Irene Welna, Lorraine Gresh, Kay Mullen, Mary Brainard, laurel Kaplan, Gloria l.aFontaine, Maureen Smith, Eleanor Hahn, Patricia Corrigan, Sally Farquharson, Georgene Reindel, Vera Koxyra, Martha Navarro, Rose Pons, Patricia Gray, Molly Lugli, Helen Johnson. 3rd row: Norma Hess, Elaine Zager, Evelyn Link, Barbara Brainard, Dorothy Sokolowski, Florence lodzinslxi, Patricia Gorman, Marionn Callanan, Shirley Thompson, Marilyn McGuire, Pauline Coady, Carolyn Swanson, Doris leMar, Norma Cacchillo, Edna Lawyer, Jane Truscio, Rene Jobert, Shirley Pignatelli, Doris Boutin. 4th row: Barbara Erickson, Marianne Joyce, Mae Miller, Marilyn Radil, Regina Kollowski, Jeanne Cattey, Connie Victor, Isabel Fenster, Catherine Soltis, Catherine Godzyk, Alclona Newtield, Marlene Hoiman, Nancy Peck, Nancy Frisk, Anne Gutman, Helen Kubala. 5th row: Arlene Slopski, Irene Bukowski, Dorothy Madrak, Joan link, Carol Wunsch, Vivian Momtt, Mildred Raymond, Norma Nelson, Joan Duff , Jeanette Peters, Ruth Kern, Ruth Zering, Marilyn Sodlerling, Patricia Davies. Carmelo Pellecchia, Nancy Benke, Betty Lou Young, lst raw Robert Peck Vice presudent Robert Quinlan Secretary James Rumsey President Donald Swanson Treasurer Joseph Rachlm Sergeant at Arms 2nd row Richard Boyke Robert Seraphun Charles Mazadoornan John Davenport Salvatore Mnano Peter Bauer Paul Belomyzy Donald Zopatlra 3rd row Raymond Pnhuel George Sala Kenneth Ullasz Lorne Hall Jerome Detotta Floyd Wyatt Edward Sadkawsln Robert Sulluck Kenneth Olson 4th row Stanley Kowaleslu Jack Pyle John Fitzgerald George Tolls Donald Ziegler Thomas Boyle Donald Giza Carl Vendntto Donald Schmitt Kavant Bagdasarlan 5th row John Ahearne Murray Zmman Francns J OBrien Charles Pelletier Amengo Scarpa MENS COLLEGE CLUB NBHS has grown in the past century and to promote friendship among the ever increasing number of boys and give them more individual help in their choice of careers Daniel Apostolon formed the Mens College Club in 1944. During the year the club s thirty-four mem- bers have been able to visit various Connect1 cut colleges They have had opportunities to hear addresses from college alumni and pro fessional men Each spring outstanding boys of the Iunlor High School graduating classes are given a reception according to club tradition. IUNIOR COLLEGE CLUB Seated: Elaine Nyquist Vice-president: Helen Iohnson Treasurer' Mae Miller, Secretary: Marilyn McQuire Social Chairman: Iva Modeen Assistant Social Chairman. lst row: Marilyn Sablotsky Dolores Malinowski Marie Carenya, Patricia Greene Marie Olenchalk. Doba I-'. Sokol Georgene Reindel Connie Iones Rhea Iane Chaney Geraldine Chudzik lane Martiney. Kathleen Lynch Marilyn Munson. Wanda Radziewicz, Mary Yes- sian Roxie Yessian Maxine Goodwin. Irene Welna Iane Truscio Doris Wood Mary Brainard. 2nd row: Elizabeth Olenchalk Eleanor Pretto Marie Vilardi. Lucy Cardella. Shirley Pignatelli, Paula Rachlin, Iris Berkowitz, Iennie Culton. Evelyn Ghezzi Elaine Fumiatti. Margaret Donnelly, Dorothy Finkelstein Ruth L. Gorlain. Claire Cunningham. Shirley Thompson, Hasmig Bogho sian, Lorraine Aiudi, Maureen Smith, Patricia Corrigan. Maria Maietta. 3rd row: Laurel Kaplan, Elaine Zager Sheila Cohen, Au- drey Chiappini Isabel Fenster Laurel Freedell Nancy Olson. Mary Stacklin Margaret Miller Merle Noll. Al- dona Newlield. Ann Marie Faselle Beverly I. Iohnson Germaine Barretta Barbara Drezek, Faye Zitzkat, Hen- rietta Iakubiak. lean Frangione Wanda Perzan. Virginia Coggins. 4th row: Betty Lou Young Dorothy Karbowski. Carol Wunsch lean Peplaw Rosien Berzanskis Ioan Zink. Elizabeth MacVicar Nancy Benke Carole De Mard. Marilyn Soderling, Mariann Callahan. Patricia Gorman Io Ann Carlson, Ioan Gustavson Bette Christ. Maureen Fagan Marjorie Bube Nancy Hornkohl Susan Fightlin. Therese Donnelly Carolyn DiMaio Peggy Lynch. 5th row: Carol Kulak lane Giedraitis. Betty-lane Hamilton. Mildred Raymond Ioan Kimball. Carole Keough. Mildred Regalis, Ioan Duffy Ieanette Peters, Anne Gutman. Connie Martin, Lois Iohnson. Dolores Podhajski. Marlene Hoffman. Barbara Schroedel. Marlene Schultz. Rita Gryguc. Barbara Carlson, Sandra Gustafson, loan Don' nelly. Ioan Grajewski, Carole Gensburg. HOMEECONOMKB CLUB Although the club has been rn ex1stence only s1nce the begmnmg of th1s year 1t has become popular wrth a large num ber of grrls The purpose of the club IS to famrlxarrze the grrls w1th such arts as cookrng entertamment and SGWIHQ The grrls have attended fashron shows bakenes and hotels throughout Connectrcut to become acquaxnted w1th therr organrzatlon equxpment and admmrstratron Presr dent Dorothy Karbowskr Vrce presrdent Shrrley Na deau Secretary Ioan K1m ball Treasurer Lors Za kowsla Standing Mary Braxnard Cecrle Charest Ruth Young Sally Bosco Momca Swears Vera Mlglrzzx Iane Marglot Mary Bator Mrss lustme Bosquet Seated Mxss Lourse Cotter Do- lores Pmcerver Eleanor Frtz qerald Ioan Kunball Secre tary Loxs Zakowskx Treasurer Shrrley Nadeau Vrce presr dent Mary Boron: Dorothy Karbowskx Presrdent THE KEY CLUB Dunng the two years of 1lS exrstence as the Key Club Internatronal under the local KIWGDIS Club Charter the Key Club has become accus tomed to bemg entertamed Th1s year they rec1procated by entertammg the Ottawa Can ada football team dunng therr V1S1l for the 1nter scholasuc football tournament Among the many CIVIC and socral servlce campaxgns oi the year 1n whrch the club contr1buted thexr servrces perhaps the largest was the prepa ratlon of 6 000 envelopes to be sent out 1n the Easter Seal dnve It IS a pomt of prrde that the1r success 11'1 therr own organlzatlon has led them to sponsor a new club at the Wmsted Hrgh School lst row Robert Quxnlan Fmancral Secretary Lewrs Mrlkey Treasurer James Rumsey Presxdent Francis I OBnen Secretary Robert Peck Vrce presxdent 2nd row Ioseph G Bergomr Ir Charles Hyerpe Karl Horst Ted Iohnson Lorne Hall Peter Bauer Donald Zapatlra 3rd row lack Pyle Douglas Wnqht Danme Stepeck Donald McCusker Murray Zmman Floyd Wyatt Donald Swanson Deane Olson Robert Suhclr 4th row Ronald Wagner Donald Wagner Thomas Boyle Mason Andrews 5th row Charles Wrllram Ioseph Rachlm Donald Gxza Ioseph Kereleyza Norman Iohnson tv - is ' A' 4' - , ..I 1 r I I ' ' " I . I r'f ' , Q -4 1 1 1 l , , 1 . . I I . 1 l 1 1 . . it I I C I I . I . I . n - I I 1 I ' ' . . . I I - , . . . 1 1 1 I ' . ' ' . - 1 1 1 ' I ' - 1 I I ' I 1 I I . . I 1 1 . I - I - I I - I , I 1 I 1 I 1 1 I 1 ' - 5 - 1 -1 1 1 1 1 , . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 . Back row: Mr. Drapeau. Faculty Sponsor: William Niport. Leo Bxbeau, David Iohnson, Henry Colby. Front row: Donald Zita. Barbara McNamara, Virginia Fay, Aldona Newtield. Marlene Hoffman, Donald Lack, Richard Lasch. Standing: Ronald Curtis, Richard Pashka, Milton Koobyar- ian Peter Kosak. Arthur Krause. Seated Ioseph Kunda, George David, Ir., Secretary- Treasurer: Ioseph Cianci, Program Chairman: G. Davis Chase Faculty Sponsor: Edward Sadkowski. President: Robert Gaudian. V RADIO CLUB When N.B.H.S.'s first class graduated, the invention of the wireless was still dormant in the great Marconi's mind. Since then, the world has come to rely on radio as a power of progress. In 1935, Ken Nichols and Ted Zuk under the guid- ance of Mr. William Hurley acknowledged the growing im- portance of this remarkable instrument by forming the radio club of N.B.H.S. with the pur- pose of stimulating and satisfy- ing interest in amateur radio. Ten years ago, Mr. Thomas Elder became club "Trustee." The first transmitter the club made was on five meters: a new one, just completed, is on ten meters. This year the six members of the club achieved the amateur's delight - they made their first verified Contact outside the country when Puerto Rico answered the CQ. CAMERA CLUB Photography has come a long way since the days of 1850. In that year, having one's pho- tograph taken was an ordeal involving steel braces lto hold one immobilel and much pa- tience. Today, cz camera is a common object and no longer restricted to a studio, has been a source of pleasure for many. To offer those interested in photography an opportunity to improve their techniques, Mr. Iames Beach formed the Pho- tography Club. In 1944 Mr. Charles Drapeau took over, and the club has continued since under his spon- sorship. As in preceding years, the twenty-four members have continued their demonstrations of enlarging, printing, and de- veloping. This year, in addi- tion, they have had monthly illustrated lectures from the Eastman Kodak Company. STAMP CLUB Philately lstamp - collectingl has .grown in popularity during the last thirty years as the num- ber and variety of stamps has been increased in every coun- try. Prior to the twentieth cen- tury, the mail was not the highly organized business that it is today. In 1930, Mr. Davis Chase, still the sponsor, organized the Stamp Club to enable members to build collections and to acquire further knowledge of covers, cancellation, plate- blocks, and new issues. The present club boasts member- ship of thirteen earnest collec- tors who have enjoyed speak- ers and quizzes on their hobby. Standing: Richard Brzowski, Iohn Fitzgerald, Salvatore Fanciullo. Seated: Mr. Elder, Raymond Drazata. Barton Whitehouse President: Henry Lazar, Vice-president: Mr. Hurley Sponsor. lst row: Donald Weir, Ronald Bahnskas Ioseph Elder Iennie Dobrowolsln Irene Welna Helen Iohnson Lorrarne Gresh Robert C Qurnlm Francrs I O'Brien, Ioseph Rachlm. 2nd row: Ronald DiConti. Barbara Carlson Barbara Clark Rita Grygus Zoa Toflolon Mxss Eva M Coates Staff Advrsor Marxann Buscemx Natalie Levandowskx Phyllrs A brecht Dons Beaudet Eugene Stauft 3rd row: James S. Beach, Advisor Busrness Board Donald Rosensweig A May Sulxck Dorothy Kratka nna Paula Rachlm Dorothy Fxnkelstem lacqualme Gresh Clarence Rosen swexg Earl French PRESS CLUB of Gemus was Although the l1ttle Bud d fter one bnef year 11854 5? there mppe a now tlounshes The Red and Gold Revlew a on that has taken honors 1n natlonal school pubhcauons contests The Press Club representrng the Fourth Estate IS responsxble for produclng th1s school h paper a modern newspaper contrastmg s arp- ly wlth the hterary gem of a century ago The esent paper started 1n 1938 by M1ss Lxlhan pr Koplowltz now llV11'lg ln Venezuela contarns pubhcau news features ed1tonals columns sports and tdblts advertlsmg mstead of merely hterary 1 The staff that demands prctures student op1n1ons and advance mformauon smlles at lxttle essays on pet cananes and plnchxng such as The Bud of Gemus formed They take td nde ln belongxng to Qulll and warran e p Scroll the honor socmety that rewards rndx c talent and to both state and natxonal press school assoclatrons vldual Journallstr RED AND GOLD STAFF her Don Rosenswexg Assxstant Sports Ed rtor Don Standmg Eugene Stauft Staff Photoqrap Bahnskas Sports Edxtor Clarence Rosensweng Assrstant Sports Edrtor Don Werr Advertxsrnq Mana er Mana er Bob Ouxnlan 9 Seated Ioe Racklm Staff Photographer Helen Iohnson Crrculatton q A na May Sulxck Exchange Edrtor Ronald D1Conte Editor Francxsl 0Bnen Assocxate Edxtor n Advertxsmg Manager Irene Welna Stal-t Typxst 115 X, 1 MISS AGATHA BENZ CHEERLEADERS Comparatively recent as a collective body, though by no means new to school life, the cheerleaders were organized last year by Miss Agatha Benz. Founded for the express purpose of develop- ing school spirit and good sportsmanship, the little girls in maroon and white have worked to fulfill that object. In New Haven last year, during the heated contest for the state basketball championship, the cheerleaders stood between the packed stands and the tired players,liason officers of good will and courage. When we emerged victorious, Connecticut State Champions, they followed the team to Boston, where, even in the huge Boston Gardens, their maroon and white uniforms stood out as a symbol of New Britain High School's spirit and enthusiasm. This season these uniforms were supplanted by new maroon and gold costumes Sponsor with emblems showing a megaphone and our N. B. letter. This year, with the addition of a Iunior Varsity, the cheerleaders complete another chapter of service. Betty Christ. 'W MAIORETTES "Better than ever" is the phrase that has resounded at every appearance of these pert misses who keep the band in line- and the band are not the only followers of this bit of glamour and color. lst row: Margaret Lostumbo, Anne Duke, Helen Kurasinski. Vera Kozyra. Znd row: Ioan Duffy, lean Charamut, Iames White. 3rd row: Anne Tang- uay, Rita Grygue, Barbara Aparo. Barbara Carlson. 4th row: Barbara Brainard, Marie Gustin, Helen Grevvais, Phyl- lis Albrecht. L Constance Mangiafico, Lois Lugli, Chris tine Davin .Nancy May, Rose Marie Mascola, Mary Brainard, Captain Beverly Ahearn, Florence Apostalon Esther Barberini, Barbara Iakubowicz lst row: Sarah DiMaio, Ianet Ramsdell, Louise Berritta, Rosalie Veneziano, Marion Kasprow. 2nd row: Dolores Carlone, Kathleen Timko, Dolores Duran, Ianet Gasper, Doris Dalburg. 3rd row: Lorraine Kelly. Marjorie Anderson, Nancy Hornkohl, Barbara Bernachi, Carol Raineault, May Vogel. 4th row: Henrietta Iakubiar, Iune Kendzior, Florence Sawyer, Diane Lundell, Ioan Duffy, Grace Woodward. Ioan Matthews, Shirley Abrahamson, Betty Raymond. TWIRLERETTES Getting up to practice at seven I-LM. and giving up an afternoon a week are only two of the sacrifices made by the Twirlerettes since they have added baton twirling to their rou- tine. The girls put on exhibitions at all of the games and did NB.H.S. proud. Although the group was formed only four years ago as a drill-marching team, they have become a tradition and it's hard to imagine a football game without the forty-two snappy figures directed by Miss Marjorie Harrowell. 117 MISS MARIORIE HARROWELL Sponsor sa QE' M V 5 5 S L. Q' ' I x , 3313, U Nu'-ebb!! 13, 9 wa "This must be Camden- Iourney's End" and reunion AMPHION CLUB The American stage ofiered a very thin fare a hundred years ago. However, in the late nineteenth century there was a resurgence of interest. Not until 1921 was the stage represented officially in school by the present Amphion Club. From 1923 to 1947, Mrs. Amy Guilford took over the club, the original purpose of which was to interest students in dramatics and elo- cution, to present iitney shows Cten cents per personl, to provide monthly assem- blies and programs for the P. T. A. Its first year, the club gave two plays as assembly programs. This year, as members of the Connec- lst row: Ronald Wagner, Treasurer: Pauline Coady, Vice-President: Francis I. O'Brien, President: Lor- raine Auidi. Secretary. 2nd row: Lois Murphy. Doba F. Sokol. Iris Berkowitz, Gerry Garro, Florence Apostalon, Hasmig Boqho- sian, Carolyn Swanson. 3rd row: Iune Kendzior, Colleen Andrews, Ioan A. Connery, Carol Wunsch, Doris Wood. 4th row: Richard Boyker, Robert Seraphin, Lorne Hall, Frances Boyle, Charles Cremnieinski, Ronald Coleman, George Church, Ioseph G. Bergomi, Ir. Sth row: Richard Renshaw, Earl French, Donald Wagner, Ioseph Elder, Miss Raymond, Faculty Supervisor: Peter Belliveau, Ioseph Rachlin, Rich- ard Skrupski, Iames Rumsey, Stanley Kowaleski. Th C1 e Snage ,econ e Browning m t1cut Drama ASSOC1Gf1OD the club pre sented three one act plays The Hentage of Wlmpole Street A N1ght of the Trojan War and The Happy Iourney Th1s last play whlch won 1n an evenlng COIIIPGU tzon was presented at several schools and at a Klwanls Club meetmq before bemg entered ln the State contest at W1111 mantlc 1n Aprll 'ff Grv e me fha t f1Ote They' re beautmtut those tems undef the stars xn Cotnpigitq es ho d T.-item' an e W uh '-I V C7 ..--s- 'fisif' ' f A 4 -g l.. sf., OFFICERS Standing: Iohn Kapustinski, Treasurer: Bev- erly Lambert. Recording Secretary: Nancy Frisk, Executive Secretary: Renee Iobert, Vice-president. Seated: Ioseph Kerelejza, President. EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated: Renee Iobert, Ioseph Kerelejza, Beverly Lambert. Standing: Iohn Kapustinski, Theodore Iohnson, Eleanor Giontriddo, Lorraine Semimoski. Nancy Peck. Robert Sulick, Nancy Frisk. STUDENT LEADERS Robert Sulick, band: Nancy Peck, chorus: Renee lobert, starlettes: Theodore Iohnson, chorus. MUSICAL CLUB It's a far cry from yester- year's Singing Society to today's complex Musical Club with its many vocal and instrumental groups. Organized by Mr. Fred- erick Mirliani in 1935, the Musical Club combines all of the musical activities of the school under one con- trol, provides entertain- ment for school programs, and advances musical knowledge. It is divided into two groups, member- ship in which depends on individual abilities. Throughout the years, its existence has been marked by continuous success in its annual con- certs, state-wide and New England competitions, and community services. E , I . g : ' 2 SENIOR CHOIR This exclusively Senior organization, formed in 1938, is a group of fifty specialized voices which blend harmoniously and do a great deal of outside singing at various schools and clubs. In the past few years the Senior Choir has spent a good many pre-Christmas nights as well as days caroling at hospitals, children's homes, and old peoples' homes to bring a glow of cheer. The Christmas of 1949 was highlighted by the fact that recordings were made of their singing and played over the radio at a later date. The members of the Senior Choir are also eligible for post-graduate music study. m ,M K,,. ,J f 7 , 'QL n 'eh Q M17 1. ,gf f' Kgffflgg,-m,'Q.::' RZ"'5"' Ybmzwdn .WA A 1 :a 'gf-. .4 .l ' ' W f Ei: f' Q Ql lg , Of ,- -ski M, I' n , M gf-QQ-?,.xf , D - X' li f Y . .lf 5 fy 413. .. 4 ., 5 ', A , . .1445 '3 , J 11 I 233 X 2 , "x 'V5'g'2 ,, y Y Cl an G 2 aff ::: ?5 ?f " WJ 'Q' p My X 3 ar 6 Y' 'if' 1 1 S. 3 , ,,gf' ' .Q- .w.- ff. , , 1 K, . 1, A . p 1 fe-.V '- I Ek MUG' s 6,1 9 N 3 4 5 - ' ,, 4 , X . l x 17X N V K I, A- ,f I v- X ,LA ' ' , v .f ,Q ,, . - , A ,Q mv 15-un' vw Q .Fx v ,ff gk ,gy M' LM 1 .. ., sf B4 f' 1 rv Mak, N v Q - - f E wwf ' 4 'J fm ,,a.. an- ? . gay ., -2?-' fi. 3 - , ., ,,, I-. .. wh, 1 M 2 " if .T-11 ' . I , . u , , :Ag 5 -L 3? u Q -. , ,4m.,X3 gs .F -vim ' fir , :- 3332.5 51 ,A ,Y , fx-:A 5. ai- ,'Pf5',:w""' , ,V K Wahl, 5 . :,. h an-gi yt ff.. A 7 n 1 ., ... X 'Q' 2555, 1 ,i 1.1 4: 4-A, ,- - ,, L, W ., -Y 5 . . I 5 If " f 2f1..v-.545-,gnnlns'P'r i Ir' It ,WK ,.l . . .. 4 W1 .x, ., . xx Vx. J, sw w .: 1 Xi ,mwef L I Q s' V t ll ' 'Q 'I ' 24- ' U ' 2 Xa 1155: x -..-L . Y - 1 s - . . K. V, r ,ug .Nui QQ-IQ fa. L ' P ll L., ' ,Il , 1 14? ku 'ex 'Q ll S nu! X. I, a 5. nun' H ff-I Q 41 iffy: ,'f,f .2 5 f 7? , 4' A 1 52? ', Nu -il 'mls .I I . f 'f:,a,f3.,, ,NAM x 1 V' Y' .5 .f"""' ' 5-H N Wa, .Fr 1- it 4- "1 f ff ' 1 , X 55,65 . . Q2 1 R iv if mlm I z.,a gn 519 ,a ' .W 9 if , 5 5. x, 6 A . ,. 'X 1 , 5 Haw' F' 2 w, my .L I' I -no J, . ' w 4' 1 5 M is A 5 4 5 mv N II 6 X' ve P Qin H ASSEMBLIES "Mr, Sala, guests, faculty. and candidates for mem- bership in The National Honor Societyln E Sweet Kate, my loving Kate?" Sqtltli! W., we-. "Around the World for a Song---" Originally assemblies were limited to religious devotions. Gradually, declarnation and, finally, music were added. After cr hundred years, a weekly get-together is held, sometimes for the presentation of student talent and, more often, of professional. The big occasions are always the Honors Day sessions in which new candidates are pledged and awards are made, amounting to thousands of dollars. High in the popularity list this year have been the Cob- leighs' offerings from Shakes- peare, the demonstration of the power of liquid air, the Russian singer, Ida Moten, star of Porgy and Bess, and Mr. Reynard, American artist. Thus, entertainment combined with cultural value has made this a memorable assembly year. "-if it shall be granted that in some small measure I may lead my fellow-man, it shall be upward." Reynard puts America on CCHVGS. , ay E - -. '- gy ".zfa', I MQW- 3'3" 5 1 3 M. hi . H1 -- la ,! rx' x ,x jwx f e TK' I l 'r l .9 99 'i if I 5 I 'x A 59. 3 wif .gi qi? 1 4' ve Q5 Cl ' 'Q Q. 1 u ,X . 'R C J' 'S ,Z ,443- 5 1-Q ,fy 1, fb:-W X , Q7 ,A'., . 'Wi f5wM hx -, l 5 :ggi , -ffm X 4 1' ff, hd Q 'wo 4 ww 50x ARCHER YOUNG 4, CAPTAIN SP 799' A CENTURY OF FOOTBALL AT N. B. H. S. For nearly half a century the matter of sports was disassociated with school affairs. In 1891 there was formed in New Britain an All-City team on which students of N.B.H.S. played: in 1892 the first all-high-school team was organized mainly through the efforts of three avid football fans and alumni of N.B.H.S.: William H. Hart, Andrew Sloper, and Philip Corbin. These three men went about raising money for equipment for the team and did everything in their power to bring about its establishment, The team played most of its games at a baseball park located between New Britain and Plainville. The games with Hart- ford were played on the Trinity Field. It did not take the team long to start rolling, for in the next year 118931 they won the state cham- pionship. During the preceding period much opposi- tion was raised against the team on the grounds that football was too dangerous a sport for high school boys to participate in. The argu- ment was finally settled in 1894 by William Camp who made a survey to determine the true number of injuries incurred in the game. These being found to be few, and the advan- tages in character building being found great, New Britain High was well on its way to be- coming one of the great high school football powers in the country. Yale also influenced the growth of football at N.B.H.S., and about this time a School League was formed in Connecticut. Since football helmets were not used at this time, the players used to let their hair grow long to protect their heads. When better suits couldn't be had, they used bicycle pants. The New Britain Herald did not keep athletic rec- ords at this time and most of what we know about the old teams comes from men who remember them and from the old high school publication, "The Reflector". In one of the 1895 "Reflectors" there is an account of a hotly contested game with the Waterbury Y.M.C.A. team which New Britain won 24-0. According to "The Reflector" P. McDonough scored in the first five minutes of the game. Other touch- downs were made by Cheney, Hart fthe Hart boys were always stars on the teaml, and Buckley. The lineup for the game was: ravi? OFFICERS Y P Tolis, Treasurer. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Louis Mognoli, President: Molly Lugli, Secre tar : Mary Brainard, Vice- resident: Arthur The Fall gladiators-Q L.E.-Buckley R.T.-Alling L.T.-W. Flannery R.E.-Porter L.G.-T. Flannery Q.B.-Martin lcaptainl C.-Towers R.H.-Fitch FLG.-Corbin L.H.-McDonough F.G.-O'Donne11 Mr. Hart and Mr. Sloper were so elated over this victory that they gave a banquet for the team at the Scoville House. Also on the 1895 schedule were Bristol topenerl, Hillhouse. Hartford Public, Norwich and Holyoke, all familiar to us. In 1904 New Britain defeated Hartford for the first time since 1896 and considered the season successful. At that time the Hartford game was always the "grudge game." From 1908 to 1912 New Britain High was state cham- pion, and in 1918, 1912, 1919 it was Triangular League Champion. The Burns Memorial was established in 1917. Mr. George Cassidy was appointed as first full time coach in 1921. New Britain High began to receive out-of-state recog- nition for its great teams in 1924 when the team went to Poultney, Vermont, to play the Hail, Alma Mater" Troy Conference Academy. That year interest in the Hartford game ran so high that the spectacle drew 10,000 spectators. Two com- panies of militia were required to patrol the field and preserve order. In 1925 the team was again undefeated, and again in 1927, 1929. 1934-36 they were Triangular League Champs. The event that established N.B.H.S. as a great high school football power was the game played in Miami, Florida, on Christmas day, 1936, against Miami High. The team received a great send-off from the people of New Britain and an equally great reception when they re- turned. In 1938 the team won the state cham- pionship. claimed the Waskowitz Trophy, and played Dupont Manual. High of Louisville. Kentucky in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Decem- ber 31. Again, the team was honored on their departure and arrival as in 1938 by the towns- people. From 1938 to the present there have been many outstanding teams, the 1947 eleven being one of the best. The New Britain High teams of the future have a great heritage of football glory to up- hold. "The band played on-" 5 as a ,,1 A55 A , ,ns 5? 5' QT? ' 'S E? ' gk ,b Q- F04-sf lf' 5 'H 1 f 5,7 i .rg ". Q ai, if H! , - W 6- rn 7' A if s Q x Q 55 113 , "Q .' -JMAJA Q i.. - Ig, . Q , 'QQ 41 mf, fx V, :s I 9v:,,AgfrM: is Q . Mira. ,PX . Y , v A , Q 'K ' .W , ,. ' ' W V' ' khaki' tx ig ' I A 4 PM A k ' ' ml A 1 A W' ' , L.,. 2, , W ' '-B V? 'L 5 ,aw A: - ,ggww f- , . ' 'mfg ., 2 . 'x W 5 fi .,..4,m4..,, ' Q4 . rf 'f 4 M., ' ' is V, ,. ' 'J , Si " N, QQ., ,N .- ag ff n? PM Q, 'H 2' ' 4' L+ N 6-ff rf, - - .1-" " Q' F L, .,f'lfn- wi, ' .' 'f', '.' 'X,'.'.'f' M 157345493-q:i::4h"'1 ff5T"f'f -'5r-vfu arf," iZ",f':1 i1..4: : " -. K 1, A 5' rff"i5ir w1f , f- ff v- sg Lf, W , -if 45411 gh' 'IL' -W." 'H '3 K ',,,,,,4. I 4'V. , 5. N If . . - A-. W 4 . ,J 1 W g 4 Ni J ' ' V lf . f" -if f,-4 . M f- ."A 5 J 5, ' fm-'Q' K Pi ' 'Z ' 'EA . -'!,f 4 1? ff V I AW! f ' ,' ' A? 'SL 1-' v 5 G 'Y E' , v Q X n .,g, 11 if 1949 FOOTBALL SEASON Last season was one of the most colorful in the history of N.B.H.S. football. Though not a big team, our boys had what it takes to have a winning ball club and gave an excellent account of themselves on the playing field. The season started out as usual with N.B. smothering Bristol High. The next game with Chapman Tech was also a push over, but then came Stamford which greatly outweighed N.B.H.S. The Red and Gold Warriors put up a scrappy fight, but dropped a heart breaker 7 to 0 fno demonstrations in Stamfordl. The next game was an international affair. New Britain beating Ottawa, Canada. New London Bulkeley fell before the onslaught of our gal- lant workhorse. Norwich did. too, but this time the price was high. Iohn Buczek, one of our key backfield men, suffered a broken leg and was sidelined for the rest of the season. Ansonia was no match for our boys. The Hill- house game was by far the most exciting game of the season. A riot almost developed because of the quick ending of the game. The next week Hartford Public defeated a dis- heartened but furious New Britain team. Again the teams almost ended the game with a riot. The closing of the season was no more spec- tacular than the opening. N.B.H.S. again beat Hartford Bulkeley in the Turkey Day game. The features of the team were Buczek's and Peg6lo's fast stepping, the Magnoli-to-Holfellder combination and hard play by the line sparked by "Hawk" Stalk. SCHEDULE Sept. 17-Bristol .................... 2-N.B.H.S Sept. 24-Chapman Tech .... O-N.B.H.S Oct. l-Stamford .............. 7-N.B.H.S Oct. 8-Ottawa .................. 7-N.B.H.S Oct. 15-N. London B ......... O-N.B.H.S Oct. 22-Norwich ................ O-N.B.H.S Oct. 29-Ansonia ................ 6-N.B.H.S Nov. 5-N.H. Hillhouse ...... 19-N.B.H.S Nov. 12--Hartford Public .... 26-N.B.H.S Nov. 24-Hart. Bulkeley ...... 13-N.B.H.S Al 117 ATUL GV' 4 77 BASKET 1Bl5LL tr X QW O 6 wx 100 YEARS OF BASKETBALL Evidently N.B.H.S. played its first basketball game in 1895, the year that the New Britain "Y" became world champions, the game being played only in Northeastern United States. At the outset, teams were composed of nine, seven, or five men, N.B.H.S. used seven: two "side" centers and one regular, two forwards, and two guards. The Red and Gold soon switched to a five-man team, winning its first game by a score of 9-6. The low score was not unusual: in fact, no school ever went over the 20-point mark. In 1908, the team became state champions with a record of twenty-six wins and five losses. Again in 1916, they were the winners in the Tri- angular League. ln 1923, the locals won ALL the Triangu- lar League games and tied with Wilby High School, Waterbury, for state championship. The 1924 team traveled to Passaic, New lersey, to play the "wonder team" of that city. The Passaic Daily Herald said, "The Nutmeg team was the only team to hold Passaic without a field goal in a quarter of play." In 1927, it looked as though New Britain High was in for another good season but on the eve of the Hartford game, sixteen of the best players were declared ineligible for participating in games outside of school. ln 1934-1935, New Britain again won the Triangular League title and made a new record by winning seven- teen straight games, the highest rank of any team entered in the Yale Tournament. These many years were climaxed in 1949 when as "state champs", the team went on to the New England Championsip, losing by 1 point. lvl . 5 ' Aw IP 1. , 'Q "Z f, nn,-.25 5 Y- ? iz ' Y , lj l IRE .l c W F , qfqw -M: 1 S . . 1' Y V., f 'QQ A . ig r 5 4, .EV ' Q w Z ,fl,kg 'lim ' V v - N 5,5 4 3 ig, 2 In R, , , -W- 'Q' sf 'E MW - V N, ki . Q , Q? igqgl. kwa i ' "EV W? !?,' My ' as 45, P if 465 fm! 'L , 1 j x J-ie. 3 1 1 V it m J, E 45 . f 1 Y, 1. M' 'N -. u. .,. --vs .. 'll 3 we . 5 Et' xywa .I Sig 19 W X f fm.. :'A if f 1 'ai 2- - '. :K N H -txt, I ,Xi X,-I L , . f Yi I- ' Ikltgg, 4 'U .rr X 4 X s.,J If A Z K? 1 mf.-f'Y9 .Cg eg: 4 4 X E 5,7 gs! ' "SW" . 'iii Q V 'fa lr. ,. Q? l ,- , ,lvh ,fr .4 WZ is gig ,fin W 5 M "" '. ' A 399 f ' 6 -5,,.k, P 9' 2 "fi I 'fzifls f ' ' , 5 I' . ' WSL f 4 L fir -Z Q FH . Yr I , K ., , an Q W V . 1 A 4 ? ' 5' - I 01 'QV I., 4 - ' J 15 5. . 25327 ' 1' ' .f "'- , A T A+ -rg, P Q. 1 in ' - A , I M au. 12-Q' f nga, .ff .3 W, 11 sw- :Ar Q, 1 , 1x v - M52 17 PQ, ,pw ' ,. A ,ff .M ' :1, -' ., 'X ' M 2 f ' . ' ., W' ., - 51, il f ' ,if sm fig: .- ff .. -.., . ,' a,"" ' ' X A, 'fwf Q' 1 -5 3' 1 'V ' 1 ff '21 I 3 ,241 Lf WL . 'f' ar wi, ff' .dl Q' 'fr i 3,613-.V " Y' ' Z 'f ,x'2"' W - - -fp? ,, ,I gf X45 A' :ff ' LF' Kg- 1 V -Q R v ' ' A : riff 5 fc ,,' S ' KN - If . A ' f , 'ans . .W ' ' W- NE? ' 'Fi 1 " -- H25 J, my 'ef f Q- 4 1 ' - 'K ' 4 R I -W, 5' P 1 a " ' xi? we 5? 'iff ! A 'Q' .BQ ' Q 25 I X 47 Ax ' e is . Q . 'sf T 145 J f B' " . ', I ji 'Eff An ,. 2 W , - A -1 V- ,L . --- , ,i 1 - rw'-ff, V rr f" . u M. i:,avsm::1.,.,r- f . . -a ia Af . Q' " , ,.. 'x,.r' 'V :.. ,. .V ., . .7 15525 ,545 A H' :1-my '.1v'g3f-" 1fA'1v.,',.'v5,... Q ,:,3,,..g 57+ cf J.- ,.,.1,,1.' v"f 'V ' . , wg I ' ' ,. , v Y, ., fl ,. f' V, e i K . . M, ,,,Qg,,r,,,R Q .. , - , ff f. ,af .1 ' I 4. I' . ' 4-X -1' A ll i. -ll Q,-an 'bf ' HB5 A, gf F5 " V " ,gf , 1 I .. V .Q , f, , - , ' . Q M. 9 ' ' 4 - ' 33-'-fig-'f22:-fi' , f First row: Franzo, Mucciaro, Zapatka, Amenta, Oddi, Bruzik, Williamson, W. Sea mon. Second row: Pegolo, Fink Boyle, DeTotto, F. Searnon Peterson, Stepeck, Smith Seraphin, Mgr. Third row: Wade, Cianci Essel, Scarpa, Barszcz. TRACK Very few lettermen returned to this year's track squad, but they and a batch of newcomers are working hard to make the team. Prospects for a successful season on the cinder track depend greatly on the development of these new arrivals. As the opening of the season approached, these fellows sprinting faith- fully down the lower corridor were really picking up time. CROSS COUNTRY With only five returning veterans to form a nucleus for the team. prospects for a winning season were doubtful. A squad of about thirty-five boys reported for prac- tice: about twenty remained in training throughout the season. The squad gained in experience and ability as the season progressed. The boys saved their best effort for the final meet, in which they defeated Weaver. The stalwarts of the team were Ioe Butera and Paul Dumais. First row: Malespini, I. Williams. Mucciaro, Amenta, Zapatka, Coon. Second row: Seraphin, Mgr., Boyle, Cianci, Bucchi. Kolpak, Dumais. Third row: DeTotto, Fink, Oddi, Tolis. Ranaldi, C. Williams. CERS cms' s9onTS Cl-UB Om . chairman' A ' ins. Games CGC' Standinql V'xqmE:gC51tlqChaiImCm7 Noimu HY. man. . Q- xgqn Du . - Chau . -P esyden I chill0' Pubhjlu: MCGUHS' gcfxginb CoGdY' . Y - t: Se',?:,i,,L'2S2w:Pezi:23? . lednn SGCIQIGIY' FIELD HOCKEY TEAM GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Standing: Elsie Dixon, Iane Giedraitis. loan Duffy, Irene Kulpa, Charlotte Ashworth, Manager. Kneeling: Gloria LaFontaine. Captain: Marilyn McGuire, Edna Lawyer, Violet Grigorian. GIRLS' SPORTS GIRLS' ATHLETIC PROGRAM In addition to the regular two periods a week of physical education, the girls now have an interscholastic tournament schedule involving archery, swimming, basketball, badminton, ping-pong, volley- ball, bowling, and field hockey. Although this is the first season the girls have shot? they won every tournament and entered the national archery competition. Virginia Grigorian starred in ping-pong, being finalist in every match. Only one loss occurred for the group. Playing in class teams rather than school teams to afford greater participa- tion, each basketball group was a con- sistent winner, with no more than two losses recorded for any in the whole period. Although the swimming team yielded to William Hall High, they took every other meet. The field hockey and volleyball teams had not completed the season when the Beehive went to press. Already recognized by the C.I.A.C., the girls have established a finn basis for further laurels. 1 " N 5. 4 :ff - s 1 0 f ff if " 1 N, I We J ,I 'Q , li 1 9 'v ff' xx 1 X Q mx V-X fn. f 5 23" 9 1 , Q 'TY - M QQ? 2'-3' ' M . M s 1 ' M , 1 L f ' v my W f y 34 'ff ' Hit Q ' A- T Q5 9 'E if if ' 'K D X .4' , ia, Z -4 X S swag ll L , LX HC. .- nm H V ' A m M QA - v ' CN AVL k - ' fu Q ' L M' Wm mv w ww ' ' ' 1 4 C mf mb 'D UNULKY? DE HPXVXLAND AND WE ARE IN THE Moms SWFET SX X1 EN AND WHAT 5 QT TO YOU? - 4 HONORS DAYN IB CJTX-SERS AND ME SABEL WAS vvoNDx1?fcPuL l . Horn 'nw Young. in yr-:-l'.....,.... SHUW-GRAM . .Y-"IJ-' .v.. ... , ..x ,-.- .. .v.!.'. -Y.... .4 .. ... Q ... .... -.....A-.- . n..A-..4.. .-...-.. -1 1 . .....-,.. ...-.. .A ........ ,.--Q-... .. ......A.....-....,, . . ...... ..,- . ., .4. ... .' ..-..-. - -..-.-- ...--4. .-W., -..x.. .......A ,..- .., ..,.. ..-.-..a-.. .....A.., .,.,.....-.-.... .s.x....v-...,... ...i,... .,..y.1.. '. .-.. V4 ...swme YOUR PAXZYN . WAS BIG- - - COLUMBXA ' ' . . "..'..'.' YEAH mea- YEAM . so wpxsw Dmmsa Q Q gx. , 1 x s --11 . x , .,..-nw X 'rf 1 - um-v.Y,,...1nn .-M533 .gf .O 1? ' .,. I.. Ai' N . ' ff B ' 'Q' ll .lawn GOODWIN TECH Since the Goodwin Technical School be- came affiliated with N.B.H.S. in a co-operative program in 1919-20, a number of students have taken advantage of the opportunity to combine an academic course with intensive training in a vocation. At first, all graduates from the program, then called Plan-A, even from surrounding towns, received N.B.H.S. diplomas, following affix, it--c 5,400 shop hours and 600 academic. This year, twenty-eight members of the Class of '50, in addition to their half-time academic study, are completing work in nine different departments, ranging from hairdress- ing and dressmaking to automotive repair and tool-making. Many of these students, who re- ceive N.B.H.S. diplomas, will continue their technical study after graduation. ug, , . neva ...t snxk ixat W, .vw- ,, wif? I , Q JU D ,1 I s 441 " K I-fx, , 1 V' ,i ' I , 553 YQQW' Yi., xnf' V' ,ll .N- N:x?. I. ' '01 W: "1 n n I ,, .I ' 1 ' 'W' Q- S 'Q ,? 4 '- w V, 3 f n Q , - - -I V! W st? -P v 7f,,,.' R' 'sf , 0 , mugs -.. A':" , R+-:E 49 1 sw, v,,.f- wn 94-.v U WU, . ,QU .X w ff f ills. jx .annul-4 f ' Aiffiiu ,1""" :Q MV, 'gf V ea. s 1 N A g ,H x 177' D . I-Q N fm I l xrl I!! .im x1 1 '4 Q I I wg fx 1" six 1185511 ..3 . ix , 1-5 Abi Rm CHARM. STEELE 867 TIPS U' IDIC OMAN NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ,F X A-ll . '. .. "3 I H P 1' va 6 vi ij u U K Ziff, f O O T fi ff N r i We f QA-T-AORN 5 NATIGNAL HCDNGR SGCIETY After a hundred years honor is still accorded to those who have wisely employed rich endowments ot intellect, of character, of service, and of leader- ship. Such reward is afforded by The National Honor Society, the demands of which reach beyond the classroom into the community at large. "Noblesse Oblige," the ancient motto of the civic guard .an, makes membership a respon- sibility as well as an honor. Approximately a thousand members have been accepted since the estab- lishment of the chapter in New Britain High School in 1938: about a fifth of these achieved the ninety-per-cent rating required for Iuniors, the rest being admitted in their Senior year. Many names outstanding in the world if science, of art, of economics, of engineering, and of language shine in this -ist. To this honored company the Class of 1950 is proud to add its complement of 56 members whose records bear promise of rich contribution to the common good. New Britain watches with proud hope the fulfillment of the Society's beautiful oath: "I do solemnly vow that I will endeavor always to live my life with honor, to pursue knowledge with diligence, to serve mankind and God with humility-and if it may be granted that in some small measure I shall lead my fellow-man-it shall be upward." 154 Nutionatl Baum' M c i tt rn tolwlc 5-1-c 'llwligc Row l: Patricia Gray, Roxie Yessian, Helen Iohnson, Shirley Piqnatelli, Theresa Mieczkowski, Ioseph Kerelejza, Collector, Lorraine Gresh, Secretary, Laurel Kaplan, Vice president, Francis I. O'Brien, President, Renee Iobert, Claire Galka, Eleanor Claffey, Geraldine Chudzik, Dolores Malinowski. Row 2: Carolyn Swanson, Betty lane Hintz, Kathryn Soltis, Aldona Newfield, Catherine Godzyk, Isabel Fenster, Ioan Gustavson, Evelyn Link, Arlene Caslen, Iosephine DeGrandi, Norma Cacchillo, Dorothy Krawczyk, Elaine Zager. Row 3: Ioseph Bergomi, Theodore Iohnson, Ronald DeConti, Barbara Brainard, Dorothy Sokolowska, Barbara Schroedel, Mae Miller, Arlene Slapski, Kath- leen Bryson, Frances Gornbotz, Irene Bukowski, Ioan Zink, Constance Victor, Lewis Milkey, Peter Bauer, Arthur Glaeser. Row 4: lack Pyle, Robert Quinlan, Ronald Wagner, Donald Giza, Robert Peck, Donald Balinskas, Robert Merrill, Herbert Levinson, Ioseph Elder, Richard Drobot, Richard Fearnley, Iames Rurnsey, Donald Wagner. 155 Standmg Robert Qumlan Francxs I OBr1en Ronald D1 Conh Seated Lorrarne Gresh Helen Iohnson QUILL AND SCROLL The Qu11l and Scroll hlgh school Journahsts mternatlonal Honor Soclety 1S not too well known outslde of school pubhcatlons staffs However member shlp there1n 1S a def1n1te d1st1nct1on and The Red and Gold Revlew po1nts w1th pnde to 1ts f1V6 year old chapter Chang1ng trends establlshmq polxcxes and promotmg the effectlveness of school pubhcatrons are the mayor serv1ces of the orgamzauon Further a cntxcal cl1n1cal serv1ce 1S furmshed and contests are sponsored Wllh awards for hterary dlstxnctxon Accordmg to the constltutlon members of Qulll and Scroll are selected on competltxve bas1s the terms for wh1ch are lll at least Junlor class standxng l2l scholarshxp ratmg among the upper th1rd of thexr class for the current year C33 supenor lournahstxc endeavor 145 recommendatxon by the advxser and 45? approval by the execunve secretary Robert Qumlan ed1tor1n Chlef of The Red and Gold achleved th1s d1st1nc t1on last year and f1Ve others of the staff have atta1ned 1t l.l'l1S year a proud record for the paper and for the school 156 . 1 . . . . , . . . . . 1 . . . l I . . . . , . 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . . I . 1 1 GENERAL HONCDRS Donald Balmskas Ioseph George Bergorru lr Donald Iohn Bohman Barbara Althea Brarnard George Traut Bnerley Irene Mrldred Bukowskx Dons Ellen Button Norma lean Cacchrllo Arlene Rose Caslen Elenore Mary Claftey Iosephlne Lena DeGrand1 Iean Mar1e DeSena Salvatore Thomas D1Mauro Ieanette L Doucette Rrchard Iohn Drobot Barbara Lourse Errckson Sara lane Farquharson Rrchard Iohn Fearnley Isabel Florence Fenster Donald Anthony Grza Nancy Mar1e Gleba Catherlne Godzyk Frances Carohne Gombotz Santo Ioseph Gozzo Patrrcra Anne Gray Lorralne Annette Gresh Vxolet Lucy Grrgorlan Anne Sherla Gutman Betty lane Hrntz Marlene Blanche Hoffman Renee Adele Iobert Helen L1ll1an Iohnson Theodore Herbert Iohnson Marranne Kathleen loyce Laurel Kaplan Ioseph Bernard Kerelejza Stanley Paul Kowaleskr Regma Iudrth Kozlowskl Dorothy Ann Krawczyk Damel Francls Kreldler Herbert Srdney Levrnson Evelyn lane Lrnk Florence Cec1l1a Lodzrnskr Kathleen Ann Lynch Marrlyn Iean McGu1re Lewrs Hedley Mrlkey Mae Lamont Mrller Aldona Eleanor Newfreld Francxs Iames O Brren Ruth Helen Parzych Robert Clark Peck Ieanette Faythe Peters Betty Lou Peterson Blanche Ann Podhalskl Rose Mar1e Pons lack Lawrence Pyle Robert Conrad Qulnlan Ioseph Samuel Rachhn Iames Elv1n Rumsey Stephen Ralph Sanada Iacquehne Ieanette Sansone Arlene Helen Slapskl Dorothy Sokolowskr Catherme Mary Soltls Dorothy Carol Suhk Carolvn Lourse Swanson Iane Nancy Truscro Rose Mary Valente Constance Martmette Vxctor Donald Wagner Ronald Wagner Elarne Ruth Zager Ioan Patrrcra Zawrerucha Ioan Patncra Zrnk Ioseph Louis Falletti Shirley Ianet Pignatelli 157 ART Norma Iean Cacchrllo Rose Mane Madehne DeSole Dorothy Nelleen Foberg Norma Iune Hess Ruth Evelyn Krakauske SPECIAL HONORS ENGLISH Ioseph George Bergomt Ir Donald Iohn Bohman Barbara Althea Bramard Irene Mlldred Bukowskl Arlene Rose Caslen Constance Barbara Malodz1e1koElenore Mary Claffey Stephen Ralph Sanada Glona Barbara Statchen lane Nancy Truscro Iames Iohn Wh1te BOOKKEEPIN G Barbara Althea Bramard Glen Margaret Bubrer Irene Mxldred Bukowskr Iennle Dobrowolskr Ieanette L Doucette Nancy Mane Gleba Cathenne Godzyk Frances Carolme Gombotz Patncra Anne Gray Rose Theresa Hull Iennre VIIQIIIICI Iskra Henrretta Hedwrg Koncewrcz Dorothy Ann Krawczyk Evelyn Iane Lmk Iohn Ioseph Loughery Manlyn lean McGu1re lane Florence Mart1nell1 Mae Lamont Mlller Dorothy Ruth Netupskl Roger Pegolo Betty Lou Peterson Blanche Ann Podhajskr Rose Mane Pons Fehcra Leocadra Rzewmcln Dorothy Sokolowskr Dorothy Carol Su11k Carlton Wrlbur Ulbnch Rose Mary Valente Andrew Vmcent Wrnters Eleanor Mary Woszczyna DRAFTING Donald Iohn Bohman Rxchard Iohn Drobot Patncla Ann Corr1gan lean Mane DeSena Rlchard Iohn Drobot Ioseph Lou1s Fallettr Rxchard Iohn Fearnley Isabel Florence Fenster Cathenne Godzyk Frances Carolme Gombotz Arlene Ioan Gotowala Patr1c1a Anne Gray Lorraine Annette Gresh Anne Sherla Gutman Betty lane Hmtz Marlene Blanche Hoffman Renee Adele Iobert Helen L1ll1an Iohnson Theodore Herbert Iohnson Laurel Kaplan Ioseph Bernard Kerelejza Stanley Paul Kowaleskr Regma Iud1th Kozlowskl Evelyn lane L1nk Florence Cec1l1a Lodz1nsk1 Lew1s Hedley Mtlkey Mae Lamont M1ller Francrs Iames O Bnen Ruth Helen Parzych Robert Clark Peck Ieanette Faythe Peters Iack Lawrence Pyle Robert Conrad Qurnlan Ioseph Samuel Rachlm James Elvm Rumsey Arlene Helen Slapskr Dorothy Sokolowskr Cathenne Mary Solt1s lane Nancy Trusclo Constance Martrnette Donald Wagner Ronald Wagner Elarne Ruth Zager Ioan Patncra Zmk V1cto 1 58 1' FRENCH Renee Adele Iobert Nancy Carolyn Peck GERMAN Ioseph George Bergom1 Ir George Traut Bnerley Sara Iane Farguharson Rrchard Iohn Fearnley Norman Carl Iohnson Aldona Eleanor Newfreld Francls Iames OBr1en Robert Conrad Qumlan Norma Emlly Vance Donald Wagner Ronald Wagner HISTORY Florence Ann Apostalon Alvrra Ann Apruzzese Donald Balrnskas Rrchard Ioseph Bobrowskl Dons R1ta Boutln Barbara Althea Bramard Mary Hurlbut Brarnard Irene Mlldred Bukowskl Dor1s Ellen Button Arlene Rose Caslen Audrey Ann Chrappmr Patr1c1a Ann Corr1gan Jeanette L Doucette Mary Ellen Theresa Dnscoll Rrchard Iohn Drobot loan Duffy Barbara Lourse Enckson Sara Iane Farguharson Isabel Florence Fenster Armand Albert Fusco Nancy Mane Gleba Cathenne Godzyk Frances Carolme Gombotz Arlene Ioan Gotowala Patr1c1a Anne Gray Vlolet Lucy Gngonan Anne Sherla Gutman Robert Lantry Haughran Betty lane Hmtz Nancy lean Holcomb Renee Adele Iobert Regina Iudith Kozlowski - . l I Helen L1ll1an Iohnson Mananne Kathleen Ioyce Reglna Iudrth Kozlowskl Vera Kozyra Dorothy Ann Krawczyk Evelyn Iane Lxnk Florence Cecllxa Lodzlnskr Marlene Iarus Martohue Elvera Estella MIQIIZZI Mae Lamont Mrller Peter Emxho Montana Ir Cathenne Theresa Muller Norma Carol1ne Nelson Aldona Eleanor Newheld Mane Margaret Olenchalk Donald George Pans Ruth Helen Parzych Ieanette Faythe Peters Blanche Ann Podhajskr Rose Mane Pons An1ta Lou1se Porter Raymond Alexander Ruta Iacquehne Ieanette Sansone Eleanor Ann Sklnger Arlene Helen Slapskz Ladrslaus Ioseph Smxalowskr Manlyn Lou1se Soderlmg Dorothy Sokolowsk1 Cathenne Mary Soltrs Dorothy Carol Suhk Edward Lou1s Staward Shlrley Ann Thompson Norma Emrly Vance Constance Marunette V1ctor Eleanor Rose Wasxlewskx Carol Lou1se Wunsch Andrew Vmcent Wlnters Betty Lou1se Young Ioan Patncra Zawrerucha HOME ECONOMICS Mary Badngran Irene Goodlson Bhnn Phylhs Mary Drzymalskr Pauhne Helen Fxjalek Dorothy Anne Karbowsla Ioan Audrey Krmball Helen Rosal1e Kubala Angehne Mane Larco Irma Elsle Lmdelof Ruth Helen Parzych Wanda Mary Pawhckl INDUSTRIAL ARTS Anthony Ioseph Albanese Anthony Iohn Clccolella Ronald George Edman Alfred Antonlo Fortrer Rrchard Martm Hollfelder Robert Iames Kxlduff Dan1el Francls Krerdler Peter Emrlxo Montana Ir Francrs Robert O Brxen Mrchael Steve Olesak Martm Casmxer Remblsz Bruno Bernard S1W1k Francls Salvator Tranch1da Thorsten Leopold Wennberg Ir Ernest Isaac Yohanan LATIN Donald Balrnskas Anne Sherla Gutman Helen L1ll1an Iohnson Laurel Kaplan Cathenne Mary Soltrs Carolyn Lou1se Swanson MATHEMATICS Ioseph George Bergomr Ir George Edward Cefarattl Elenore Mary Claffey Iohn Wrlham Dabkowskr Iosephxne Lena DeGrand1 Salvatore Thomas D1Mauro Rrchard Iohn Drobot Ioseph Lou1s Fallettl Rrchard Iohn Fearnle Donald Anthony G1za Santo Ioseph Gozzo Marlene Blanche Hoffman Norman Carl Iohnson Theodore Herbert Iohnson Fred Hermann Kalbach Stanley Paul Kowa1esk1 Dan1el Francls Krerdler Aldo George Marno Roger Pegolo Iack Lawrence Pyle Robert Conrad Qumlan Amer1go Carmelo Scarpa Robert Ioseph Sulrck Iohn Wxlham Thoma Bertrand Iohn Thompson 159 Donald Wagner Ronald Wagner SCIENCE loseph George Bergomx Florence Mary Bochenek George Traut Bnerley Arlene Rose Caslen Audrey Ann Ch1app1n1 Iosephme Lena DeGrand1 Arlene Dorothy Denschlck Iean Mane DeSena Salvatore Thomas D1Mauro Rlchard Iohn Drobot Ioan Duffy Ioseph Lou1s Fallett1 Sara Iane Farguharson Eleanor Lo1s Frtzgerald Santo Ioseph Gozzo Betty Iane H1ntz Norman Carl Iohnson Ph1l1p Arthur Iohnson Theodore Herbert Iohnson Laurel Kaplan Stanley Paul Kowaleskr Aldo George Marno Lew1s Hedley Mrlkey Elrzabeth Helen Moynahan Iohn Lucien Nachrlly Aldona Eleanor Newheld Franc1s Iames OBr1en Iack Lawrence Pyle Robert Conrad Qumlan Ioseph Samuel Rachlm Lawrence Frank Ramsdell Carl Peter Restellr Iames Elvrn Rumsey Amer1go Carmelo Scarpa Arlene Helen Slapskr Cathenne Mary Soltrs Dolores Anto1nette Spllka Russell Albert Swanson Donald Wagner Ronald Wagner Elame Ruth Zager Ioan Patncla Zrnk STENOGRAPHY Barbara Althea Bramard Irene Mrldred Bukowskr . U . .I It ' ' ' Joseph Bernard Kerelejza . . . Y Dons Ellen Button Ioan Arhne Connery Nancy Mane Gleba Cathenne Godzyk Frances Carohne Gombotz Patncla Anne Gray Lorrame Annette Gresh Regma Iudrth Kozlowskr Dorothy Ann Krawczyk Evelyn lane L1nk Florence Cec1l1a Lodz1nsk1 Anna Mary Manganaro Marguente Mazunck Martha Rose Navarro Dorothy Ruth Netupskr Florence Iuha Nowosrelskl Betty Lou Peterson Blanche Ann Podhajskr Dorothy Sokolowsk1 Dolores Rose Trotta Rose Mary Valente Constance Mamnette V1ctor Ioan Patncra Zaw1erucha TYPEWRITING Mary Badr1g1an Barbara Althea Bramard Irene Mlldred Bukowskr Dons Ellen Button Fann1e Ann Calabro Pauhne Mary Coady Ioan Shlrley Colella Ioan Arhne Connery Glona Mane D Angelo Manlyn Agnes Egan Barbara Lourse Er1ckson Nancy Mane Gleba Cathenne Godzyk Frances Carohne Gombotz Patncra Anne Gray Lorra1ne Annette Gresh Louella May Holbrook Ienme VHQIHIG Iskra Dorothy Ieanette Kalrnowskr Regma Iudlth Kozlowskr Dorothy Ann Krawczyk RESPICE PRCSPICE Thls noble structure here whlch stands A mark of vrsron 1n a learned land Has s1fted the years w1th parns and care That have proved 1t worthler for the wear The frults of the wlse sure labor slow We re11sh from a hundred years ago A fount of knowledge for us and ours In the mrdst of weeds a garden of flowers Much cher1shed wealth rests 1n 1ts walls Such tender moments echo the halls A tr1bute to every w1se th1ng done Symbol of hght dark overcome For certam many a year from now To the wrsdom of our fathers they w11l bow The school wxth tlme keeps progress movrng For so many decades agrng 1mprov1ng Laurels Alma Mater-a crown to you pearled Your very belng has made a better world Anne Mane Bulbach 160 Evelyn lane L1nk Florence Cec1l1a Lodzmskr V1v1an Margaret Luppmo Anne Therese McGrath Elrzabeth Mxller MCCVICGI Mae Lamont Mxller Martha Rose Navarro Aldona Eleanor Newfreld Florence Iulxa Nowoslelskr Betty Lou Peterson Eleanor I-Irlda Poghtsch Georgene Lola Remdel Felrcra Leocadra Rzewmckr E1leen Shrrley Smlth Dorothy Sokolowsk1 Marlene Barbara Stemple Iuha Katherme Strohecker Dorothy Carol Sulrk Rose Mary Valente Constance Martmette V1ctor Ioan Patr1c1a Zaw1erucha . . . . ' ' ' I I ' Dolores Rose Trotta I

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