New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT)

 - Class of 1943

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New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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.f ' h i f. 1J,'f.v l"l.iJ2'.f-L :nv C..-iwfb-awf :if hs .4 fi: 'lz'-f711'.,1e?1w4-rf., 'S 1' i9"?'T9435f1?kff-ff?'f if?'W15'fr32i,'3:-Erifi 36"-f'miv3f'a.-iw-P' Sf, , gf , 4, , nv 1s"1,fe,iv . ,lf ,4 , -, R ,aa M -v 'g':- ' . wg .ff w-iwzwf YA., -2, 'fxw'-v z, , ,ww--11f'Y2i ' lv - ' Wafer.-r 1 r r" f-asf, as , ,. ,-,W ,M M ' wx- . A, , wa, ,, ,., , M , . , W J, V . J, -mr wf,fw..,., F ., . .. ,.4. 4+ .v -11's--ww Hf f r w ' 1 .. . A Qu -Q 459 fv..'fh:f1 ,'a'-1'7'- I 1 t rg..-'QW51 .ref '. -'A DI f-ii, . F 'AP '.v't':'4 191 .wx ,ivivfff I fe V' ,.'1v,., . . .gfvg f s '. H3-AI-,., 55' ,".. 3 -' , 15 'ff +- V: 'm1.,,11'1, 'W' . gg Y , 5 343.13 -- H., Hx 12, ffm .. 1, ,-wig. - I-,fh A iff W TL if- ' ' ' ' ' A , yd," .f'.' ' Kr'--Q -'Q j - -zI'3'1. ij, 3.j ,Q - .A.. , 1 ., - , '-' , - . H 1- .5 f,jp, ,,' .- T wx f., , . . g , - .f.,g, . 451 4 . ' 1 ,,, 4 2,3 XL 2135, ws 'lf ' "nh .I . :A :,.V',S', . , . Ani- h, Q K., ,e . E, ,,,, A . S E . 1, R ' " P I X, ' we-1 A wxsfg. E.. J' L. Q ,G A , 4 45 . Hu- 2 u 384 ' 3595? xi ffff . ' ' 5 T1 3 .S rx.-A65 I . li -. 4553? ' ' :V ' V52 3. A3 V 'L 1 r v ' 1 J. ,'v'QrSfi 3 :Uwe -fi f . ' A - , f 5 5 4' .. , J' Q 5 Jyg.: Q i ,f-ANS? , .. A .. , - N . , ' .:. UL 2 I A V 1 A ' V -1 -,"?".w',1,-Az, -1 ' - " A ::fQf:L4.: as X, f,: ,e ,,y "1.: -, -ff.yn.Jf f- ,qi ' -1"l'Ql?5.W,1., ,zap ,a 5 gm'-9'avT .'1?'Q':?tQ1,+ 1.' -I : -fi g ,, 1, ,., :-,. ,--, hz : - , IQ g V , -- , , 'f 1 ,I J . 4 lm, - 1, .M i - ' ,s qm -.,'- V- ' "Y" J iz . "I 'sc I-iJffggg'w: 1 3-Edu f- ff -V il k,s 1 : ff Fi . - 2 13' , -N! 'Y' " f . 'k LQ - . - - ,mv W Mg : , , a. me .sw I A A..- Q' 'H H ltl itil H ll V N545 pubfiiieaf Ly Me .Ecard of fgubfication of the Senior ffm: New Britain Senior High School New Britain, Connecticut 'K f fZX NEW BRITAIN if -A' Board of Publication Literary Editors Samuel Martin George Neumann Virginia Stowell Kathryn Casale Business Managers joseph Belkin Michael Scanlon Francis Fliss William Whaleii Photograph Editors Robert Spooner Barbara Hart THE BEEHIVE -Af if iv y HIGH SCHOOL'-f ir 5 'W' Foreword Here, as on a wide stretch of heach sand, are the indelilwle tracks of geniusv genius sometimes sleeping and sometimes awake. Printed here are the memoirs of your classfthe class of '43, In other words, your record of high school events, as visioned in a rose colored mirror, designed to reflect only your happiest moments, and few or none of the sadder ones. You will lind no account of tests, hut the record of stories, parties, plays, concerts, and sports. Only the editors know just how much usweatu was shed in the attempt to make this hook as you would like it. Only the editors have experienced the sleepless nights, the days of weary toil, and the hourflike minutes fleeting into dayflong hours. Therefore, criticize justly the work herein, for too severe criticism may prove fatal to the complete enjoyment of this hook. Uthers have also suffered for this puhlication, and to them we extend warm appreciation: First, to the Commercial Department for their generous supply of nimhle Nkcyfpickersuz secondly, to the English Department for their kind cooperation and guidanceg lastly, to those students who have given willingly of their time and effort, and without whom this hook might never have been puhlished. Having now deciphered the signiicant markings on the sands of time, we let a wave of relief wash higher and ohliterate our markings, so that only the memory is lett ---only your memories and this "Beehive". Plmlo fzj folfrlcij nf Brzcrnjffe Bre:4er'iui', 1111. NINETEEN -A' FOHTY-THR 'K a K i1X NEW BRITAI Evhimtinn To Miss Millie Gordon McAully In appreciation of her sympathetic understanding and wise counsel THE BEEHIVE -k -k it HIGH SCHOOL -'k School Faculty K' ir 5 VINCENT SALA JAMES P. GILBERT CLARA A. POWELL Principal Commercial Arithmetic Bookkeeping FRANK A. JAMES ROSE C. GLOVER IONE D. PROCTOR Vice-Principal Phyxical Education American Hixtory Director, Guidance MILLIE G. MCAULEY Principal? Afxixtant NEWELL S. AMES Chairman, Commerce law THOMAS P. ELDER Director, Art JAMES H. GINNS HENRY R. GOODWIN W'orld Con. Hixtory Problenu of Democracy JOYCE GOSS American Hixtory World Hiftory CARMELO GRECO Induxtrial Arif AMY C. GUILFORD Modern Hirtory, Guidance DORA PROTASS Bookkeeping DOROTHY QUIGLEY American Hictory, Guidance Con. Hixtory, Plane Geometry ROBERT S. QUIMBY Problemi of Democracy ADRIENNE M. RABY Director, Ind. Art: German, Guidance French FREDERICK S, MIRLIANI MARY E. HEHIR MILDRED M. RAYMOND Director, Muric Typewriting Englixh EDITH A. ADAMS CLAIRE E. HERRICK EDWARD RECANOT English Typewriting Hinory EDITH BAER EUNICE H. HILDEBRANDT HENRY H. RECANO' Bookkeeping, Typewriting Englixh American Hiitory JAMES S. BEACH Biology, Science MABEL HIPELIUS American Hiftory Latin-American Hixtory RHODA REILLY Guidance Guidance Englixh ABESHAG BENJAMIN MARION L. HOAR WINIFRED F. REYNOLDS' Lain American Hictory Phyrical Education AGATHA BENZ Modern Hiftory, Guidance MARY E. RINGROSE Typewriting PALMER P. HOWARD Englixh WALTER BLAISDELL' Chairman, HiJtory FRANCIS J. RIO Algebra Modern Hictory Phyxicf, Aeronauticc General MathematizoJ Plane Geometry RICHARD W. BURNS' Biology Science WILLIAM T. BYSTROWSKIT Chemiftry. Science GUSTAVE E. CARLSONA CECELIA HUGHES Typewriting ELIZABETH L. HUNGERFORD Director, Home EconomicJ WILLIAINI J. HURLEY Cherrzinry ISABEL JACKSON American Hixtory OWEN T. RUMSEY Science LAURA SALERNI Filing, Stenography Typewriting JESSE D. SALLEE Chairman, Englixh MARY SAUNDERST Phymx EDWARD J. JOHNSON Science, Biology RACHEL S. CARPENTER Pbyfifal Education LEONARD J. SCHMITT Algebra BERTHA 'M. JONES Algebra, Guidance Plane Geometry Bookkeeping Geometry CONSTANCE CARRIER FRANCIS M. KELLY' DOROTHY L. SHAPLEIGH Latin Indlutrial Artr Englith WINTON I. CATLIN American Hixtory KATHERINE A. KENNEY Englixh. Remedial Reading CHARLES A. SHEA' Pbytical Education Guidance EDXWARD KIESEWETTER WILFRED J. SHEEHAN G. DAVIS CHASE, JR. Art Biology. Chemiftry Chairman, Science EILEEN R. KING FREDERIC SIBLEY Chernixtry Englirh Bookkeeping, Commercial ELIZABETH C. CHUTTER LILLIAN KOPLOWITZ Law, Office Practice Home Economicf Englixh OLGA SIPOLIN KATHERINE H. CLARK HELEN MCDONOUGH Stenograbhy American Hixtory Englixh DORIS SMART Guidance J. IRENE MCI-IUGH Home Econornicx ALEXANDER CLEBOWICZT Typewriting PERRY E, SMART-f Algebra KATHERINE A. MCINTYRE Induytrial ArtJ Plane Geometry Librarian PEARL M. SNOW EVA M. COATES Englixh C. HERBERT COCHRANE LORRETTO M. MCKEON World Hiytory, Guidance ARTHUR E. MAHAN Problemx of Democracy American History BORIS SROGI 2212241 RAQIQZSISD Mews A15?6i'S???i STEEHENSON GIEZSEMJE' COHOLAN E. MAY V.,i':fca'g10'.,L"c,i.'ff.'1.".s HDEILZQAJNA CONNOR Esigilig MOI-ANDER FLCJRZIEISECE TORMAY we-21,51 . ' FRANCES CREAN? JA12ff,ik2QEgHTON BEfiE1gcX'HEf,j2fY .Phyxical Education MARY CURRAN MARION E. NAUGHTON Office Practice Problem: of Democracy Engliyh GLADYS I NICKERSON SARA J' WALKER . Algebra, Plane Geometry LIQTZEQ CUTTING French HELEN G. WASKELEWICZ WILLARD H. DAVIS1 LEONARD R, NIXON Stenography, Typewfiiirtg Induxtrial Art! Aleehm MILDRED G- WELD JOHN B. DEPOT' American Hixtory Modern Hixtory LIONEL M. DEPOT Chairman, Phyxical Edacatio 71 CLARENCE J. NORDSTROM Biology, Science NELLE T. O'BRIEN School Nurfe ETHEL E. ODIN Chairman, Mathernatiu Solid Geometry, Trignometry Plane Geometry DOROTHY VVESKER Typewriting FRED DRABBLE Eflslifb ANTOINETTE J. WHITE Imimyfial Aft, JENNIE H. OLSSON Stenography, Typewriting CHARLES J, DRAPEAU Af' FLORENCE WINTER Chairman, French WALTER G. DROGUE' American Hiftory AGNES M. FINNEGAN Chairman, Latin 'On leave for military Jervice. HATTIE OSTEN World Hinory Problem! of Democracy FRANCES A. F. PEASET Latin TDoration appointment. American Hixtory CHESTER M. YAHN American Hiftory World Hittory Buxineu Economicf NINETEEN if FORTY THR 'k f ivNNEw BRITAIN wk if THE BEEHIVE f if 6 'A' ir H I GH SCHOOL f3ti3CPi3 Stuolexd' AcHvu'1'u'es 1n?...,S-W 53350, L- NINETEEN -Af FGHTY-THREE ir THE BEEH f f1D NEW BRITAI Honors In Scholarship Honors in scholarship are awarded to those who maintain average rank of eightyffive or over. Ethel Alverde ?"Marion Ruth Anderson Roberta Elsie Atwater Shirley Ruth Atwater ":Lorraine Anne Balocki Shirley Alberta Barrows Uoseph William Belkin ,kNorma Louise Berry David Elmer Borthwick :klsabel Mary Bosch 'klrene Lorraine Buden Janet Rose Busker "4Antonio Cardona :kAgnes Loretta Carlin 1'Thomas Richard Carlin 'kliathryn Anne Casale Elizabeth Patricia Castellani i4Clifton Cherpack Albert Irving Church Mary Civetta xFaye Rhoda Clark Priscilla Graham Cochrane 'kAngelin Ann Colapinto William Vincent Conlin William James Conlon Hilda Joan Crenella Loretta Frances Czak Verna Eileen Davidson Oronzo John DeNigris Johanna Deutsch Evelyn Louise Dewey Bernadine Marion DiBiagio :'4Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan "'Helen Margaret Dzielenski Stanley Walter Dziob Margaret Ericson Paul Gerhardt Eschner :':Clara Evanauskas General Honors for Three Tears XGladys Elizabeth Feeney :l'Shirley Ruth Feinberg 'l'Francis Ronald Fliss i'Elizabeth Mary Forgione XBernice Anna Froeba Mary Rose Gionfriddo 'kRita Waltraut Goldstein 'l'Gloria Florene Golin 'gAlgert George Grimaila iHelen Lorraine Gwosdow XBetty Gloria Halco kAnna Marie Hansek :kMary Miriam Hartunian :kMerton Seymour Honeyman x'Shirley Lenore Horn Florence Mary Humai Elisabeth Ann Hunter Margaret Paula Inturrisi Helen Rachael Isaac Patricia Anne Johnson Mark Jones Helen Marion Kaminski Helen Kapustinski XBernard John Kawecki 'l4Frances Anne Keinz Edward John Kisluk Joseph Knapik :kEleanor Carol Kopczyk Florence Pauline Kowalski 'gClara Mary Kozikowski Frederick Martin Krawiec gRolande Yvette Laliberte Jeanne Marie Lambert Therese Mary LeBrun XBernard Levy Genevieve Eleanor Liss gMarian Doris Ludko Clara Louise Luzietti gGladys Elsie Magnuson Florence Maryann Makarewicz gFlorence Sarah Maksimczyk Frank Richard Mandl gSamuel John Martin i:Frances Elizabeth Martinez 'gNatalie Jane Mattarocci :kMarilyn Cynthia Maurer iJoseph Meltzer Justin Alvin Menus Helen Gertrude Michaelis Jean Theresa, Misiorski Josephine Carmen Mut :kRobert Charles Nelson gFlorence Elizabeth Neumann XGeorge Clark Neumann :kRuth Marie Neumann Margaret Mary Nicholas :kElsic Alexandra Novick :l'Frances Catherine O'Dea :kMargaret Janet Olson :i:Virginia Isabelle Olson Eleanor Pacyna SFAnastasia Pauline Paskowski Norma Elaine Peterson Sophie Ann Petkavich :kMarie Adeline Petoff Doris Rita Petow 'fHenry Edward Plocharczyk Florence Constance Popielarczyk 3Janet Prager iJoseph Prestash lrfhomas Edward Pustell xVincent Anthony Rich Frances Louise Richardson 'kHarold Charles Richman Robert Allan Richter 'kRuth Viola Rochette IVE -k if 6 N 'A' 'lr -Af -pf HIGH scHooL'--i' 'k Shirley Ann Roderick Loretta Margaret Roggero Margaret Frances Romeo 'FLillian Isabelle Root 9SBarbara Anne Rose Veronica Frances Rybczynski Rose Marie Salvio julia Sargis Dorothy Netty Savitt Anita Delores Scapellati Xjoseph Frederick Scheyd Eleanor Vivian Schussler 'FEdward Chistopher Shahrigia "cTheresa Joann Skoronski Albert Carlton Smith Florence Mary Sokolowski Florence Margaret Solek XElizabeth Marie Splettstoeszer :'5Robert James Spooner 9fRuth Margaret Statchen :kLaura Stepeck Eunice Arlene Stevens Shirley Ruth Stohl :kVirginia Leslie Stowell 'kRuth PaulinefMartha Suess June Lois Sullivan n 5'Leonard Irving Swetchnick Catherine Swift :kAdele Elizabeth Sylvester Rudolph William Smith, Jr. XNellie Rose Sylvester Pk Member of National Honor Society of Secondary Schools. Anthony Tercyak ,k I Clga Mary Torchio Irene Mary Tully 'kAlbert Frederick Turner Barbara Jane Tuttle Ann Frances Valukevich :kEvelyn Katherine Vaninetty igAnne Mary Walincius Patricia Ann Walsh iklrmgard Margaret Welz 'kWilliam Anthony Whalen, J xFlorence Carrie Wojtusik Barbara Lucretia Zakolska Lillian Rose Zavez :gNina Zuk Honors In Trade Courses Beauty Culture Electrical Mathematics Florence Theresa Orzechowski Paul Gerhardt Eschner Carpentry Stanley Walter Dziob Drafting Stanley Walter Dziob Paul Gerhardt Eschner Edward John Kisluk Joseph Knapik Frederick Martin Krawiec joseph Knapik Albert Carlton Smith English Bernadine Marion DiBiagio Stanley Walter Dziob Paul Gerhardt Eschner Edward john Kisluk Joseph Knapik Frederick Martin Krawiec Edward Andrew Lewczyk Bernadine Marion DiBiagio Stanley Walter Dziob Paul Gerhardt Eschner Henry Joseph Filipek Edward John Kisluk Eugene Kmetyk Joseph Knapik Frederick Martin Krawiec Edward Andrew Lewczyk Albert Carlton Smith Rudolph William Smith, jr. Sarge Anthony 'Trotsky Rudolph William Smith, jr. Plumbing 1' 3 Edward Andrew LQWCZYIY Sarge Anthony Trotsky H h .l. Albert Carlton Smith Anthony Bernard Witkewicz ESSVZ-dJc?SlI?n ik Dressmaking Machine Printing Bernadine Marion DiBiagio Rudolph William Smith, jr. Frederick Martin Krawiec 7 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THREE THE BEEH f iv' NEW BRITAIN -pf Art Marion Ruth Anderson Agnes Ann Andrews joseph William Belkin William Vincent Conlin Francis Ronald Fliss John Ivan Grib Marjorie Lois Hart Bookkeeping Roberta Elsie Atwater Shirley Ruth Atwater Shirley Alberta Barrows David Elmer Borthwick Elizabeth jean Castellani Florence Rose Chudzik Albert Irving Church Angelin Ann Colapinto Hilda Joan Crenella Evelyn Louise Dewey Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan Lena Agnes Faria Elizabeth Mary Forgione Bernice Anna Froeba Rita Waltraut Goldstein Gloria Florene Golin Rita Margaret Goulet Mary Miriam Hartunian Shirley Lenore Horn Beatrice Isaac Helen Rachael Isaac Norman Carl Johnson Helen Marion Kaminski Jean Anne Kane Frances Anne Keinz Jean Beverly Kilbourne Clara Mary Kozikowski Rolande Yvette Laliberte Shirley Adrianne Lehrer Special Honors Genevieve Eleanor Liss Drafting Clara Louise Luzietti Gladys Elsie Magnuson Florence Sarah Maksimczyk Helen Gertrude Michaelis Alexander John Morozow Mary Marianthy Morris Josephine Carmen Mut Robert Charles Nelson Pearl Pauline Netupsky Florence Elizabeth Neumann Ruth Marie Neumann Elsie Alexandra Novick Anastasia Pauline Paskowski Mary Theresa Pasquale Norma Elaine Peterson Raymond Gunnar Peterson Lorraine Gloria Plocher Ruth Viola Rochette Loretta Margaret Roggero Rose Marie Salvio Florence Patricia Saplikoski Eleanor Vivian Schussler Shirlee Carol Seaburg Edward Christopher Shahrigian Theresa Joann Skoronski John William Sladeck Ruth Margaret Statchen Eunice Arlene Stevens Ruth PaulinefMartha Suess june Lois Sullivan Catherine Swift Olga Mary Torchio I Ann Catherine Valenta Irmgard Margaret Welz Florence Mary Wichrowski Barbara Lois Wolfe Nina Zuk Herbert George Bock Robert Charles Keehner English Marion Ruth Anderson Roberta Elsie Atwater Shirley Ruth Atwater Aurora Dolores Bahamonde Shirley Alberta Barrows Joseph William Belkin Eileen Virginia Bennett Norma Louise Berry David Elmer Borthwick Isabel Mary Bosch Irene Lorraine Buden Janet Rose Busker Agnes Loretta Carlin Thomas Richard Carlin Kathryn Anne Casale Clifton Cherpack Albert Irving Church Mary Civetta Faye Rhoda Clark Priscilla Graham Cochrane Angelin Ann Colapinto William Vincent Conlin William james Conlon Hilda joan Crenella Loretta Frances Czak Veronica Mary Danko Verna Eileen Davidson Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan Helen Margaret Dzielenski Margaret Ericson Clara Evanauskas Gladys Elizabeth Feeney Shirley Ruth Feinberg 1vEf+ 8 fx if -J, HIGH SCHOOL -fi' English Elizabeth Mary Forgione Rita Waltraut Goldstein Gloria Florene Golin Phyllis Emma Gooding Algert George Grimaila Helen Lorraine Gwosdow Betty Gloria Halco Anna Marie Hansek Mary Miriam Hartunian Merton Seymour Honeyman Shirley Lenore Horn Elisabeth Ann Hunter Margaret Paula Inturrisi Beatrice Isaac Solomon Joseph Karam Frances Anne Keinz Eleanor Carol Kopczyk Florence Pauline Kowalski Clara Mary Kozikowski Rolande Yvette Laliberte Jeanne Marie Lambert Shirley Adrianne Lehrer Bernard Levy Genevieve Eleanor Liss Clara Louise Luzietti Gladys Elsie Magnuson Florence Maryann Makarewicz Florence Sarah Maksimczyk Marion Katherine Makula Samuel John Martin Frances Elizabeth Martinez Natalie Jane Mattarocci Marilyn Cynthia Maurer Robert Charles Nelson Florence Elizabeth Neumann George Clark Neumann Ruth Marie Neumann Frances Mary Nicomede Elsie Alexandra Novick Frances Catherine O'Dea Margaret Janet Olson Virginia Isabelle Clson Eleanor Pacyna Anastasia Pauline Paskowski Marie Adeline Petoif Doris Rita Petow Henry Edward Plocharczyk Janet Prager Joseph Prestash Stephen Prigodich Thomas Edward Pustell Vincent Anthony Rich Frances Louise Richardson Ruth Viola Rochette Loretta Margaret Roggero Margaret Frances Romeo Lillian Isabelle Root Barbara Anne Rose Veronica Frances Rybczynski Rose Marie Salvio Monica Barbara Samojla Rita Agnes Samsel Florence Patricia Saplikoski Julia Sargis Dorothy Netty Savitt Anita Delores Scapellati Salvador Joseph Scapellati Edward Christopher Shahrigian Theresa Joann Skoronski Florence Mary Sokolowski June Lois Sullivan Leonard Irving Swetchnick Catherine Swift Adele Elizabeth Sylvester Nellie Rose Sylvester Anthony J. Tercyak Jean Frances Thorsen Olga Mary Torchio Albert Frederick Turner Barbara Jane Tuttle Ann Frances Valukevich Evelyn Katherine Vaninetty Anne Mary Walincius Irmgard Margaret Welz William Anthony Whalen, Jr Florence Carrie Wojtusik Mabel Yeterian Barbara Lucretia Zakolska Lillian Rose Zavez Nina Zuk French Clifton Cherpack Elisabeth Ann Hunter Frances Louise Richardson Lydia I. Robino Virginia Leslie Stowell Adele Elizabeth Sylvester Nellie Rose Sylvester Anne Mary Walincius Florence Margaret Solek Genmm Elizabeth Marie Splettstoeszer William Dudack Robert James Spooner Anna Marie Hansek George Joseph Starzyk History Ruth Margaret Statchen Laura Stepeck Eunice Arlene Stevens Shirley Ruth Stohl Virginia Leslie Stowell Ruth Pauline'Martha Suess Betty Geraldine Sullivan Marion Ruth Anderson Walter Peter Anop Judith Gloria Arena Roberta Elsie Atwater Shirley Ruth Atwater Shirley Alberta Barrows Natalie Ruth Berkowitz NINETEEN if FOHTY-T'HR 'k 5 ai Klfibit? NEW Norma Louise Berry Frances Elizabeth Bocskay David Elmer Borthwick Isabel Mary Bosch Gloria Jean Bradley Irene Lorraine Buden Janet Rose Busker Agnes Loretta Carlin Albert Irving Church Mary Civetta Eleanor Lois Clough Angelin Ann Colapinto Hilda Joan Crenella Helen Czapla Stephan DerMargosian Johanna Deutsch Chester John DiPietro Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan Gladys Elizabeth Feeney Shirley Ruth Feinberg Elizabeth Mary Forgione Theodore John Frederick Bernice Anna Froeba Rita Anna Giorgini Sidney David Goldberg Gloria Florene Golin Helen Lorraine Gwosdow Mary Miriam Hartunian Barbara Rosemary Hoffman Mark Jones Solomon Joseph Karam Bernard John Kawecki Arthur Robert Kaytor Frances Anne Keinz Eleanor Carol Kopczyk Florence Pauline Kowalski Helen Labas Genevieve Frances Lada Rolancle Yvette Laliberte Therese Mary LeBrun Bernard Levy THE BEEI-I Genevieve Eleanor Liss Arlene Theresa McNamara Gladys Elsie Magnuson BRITAIN -k -k Ruth Margaret Statchen Eunice Arlene Stevens Shirley Ruth Stohl Florence Maryann Makarewicz Jennie Mary Sudol Florence Sarah Maksimczyk' Frank Richard Mandl Frances Elizabeth Martinez Marilyn Cynthia Maurer Helen Gertrude Michaelis Jean Theresa Misiorski Mary Marianthy Morris Lillian Virginia Morse Kenneth Theodore Mortimer Josephine Carmen Mut Robert Charles Nelson Florence Elizabeth Neumann Ruth Marie Neumann Frances Mary Nicomede Elsie Alexandra Novick Robert C. Nygren Frances Catherine O'Dea Margaret Janet Olson Virginia Isabelle Olson Anastasia Pauline Paskowski Raymond Gunnar Peterson Sophie Ann Petkavich Henry Edward Plocharczyk Janet Prager Joseph Prestash Stephen Prigodich Ruth Viola Rochette Shirley Ann Roderick Margaret Frances Romeo Albert Dudley Root Dorothy Netty Savitt Marguerite June Scalise Joseph Frederick Scheyd Betty Geraldine Sullivan Leonard Irving Swetchnick Catherine Swift Adele Elizabeth Sylvester Nellie Rose Sylvester Anthony J. Tercyak Olga Mary Torchio Albert Frederick Turner John Vardanian Angeline A. Virgadula Robert Walter Wagner Anne Mary Walincius Patricia Ann Walsh Oel Ernest Wardner, Jr. Irmgard Margaret Welz History William Anthony Whalen Jr Florence Carrie Wojtusik Russell John Wright Margaret Mary Yurko Benjamin Zeldes Carl Michael Ziolkowski Nina Zuk Home Economics Grace Mary Claffey Lucy Barbara Czerwinski Sophie Cecile Formica Pauline Mary Kobus . Clara Justine Maciag Rena Catherine Mirabelli Louise Ann Pelegrino Edward Christopher Shahrigian Angelina Mary Scamoni Theresa Joann Skoronski Florence Mary Sokolowski Elizabeth Marie Splettstoeszer Lore O. Schulz Iva June Thiede Mary Marion Tyropolis IVE i' 'A' io ir ik H Industrial Arts Burton Albert Kellerstedt Elmer Russell Peterson joseph Frederick Scheyd Albert Frederick Turner Henry Theodore Warchol Latin Lorraine Anne Balocki Kathryn Anne Casale Faye Rhoda Clark Loretta Frances Czak Margaret Ericson Anna Marie Hansek Merton Seymour Honeyman Patricia Anne johnson Jeanne Marie Lambert Arlene Theresa McNamara Samuel John Martin Frances Catherine O'Dea janet Prager Frances Louise Richardson Marguerite june Scalise Faith Schupack IGH scHooL f:i 5 Elizabeth Marie Splettstoeszer Laura Stepeck Mathematics Walter Peter Anop joseph William Belkin Charles Robert Burgher Antonio Cardona Thomas Richard Carlin Kathryn Anne Casale Clifton Cherpack William james Conlon Karl B. Erickson Margaret Ericson Algert George Grimaila Helen Lorraine Gwosdow Anna Marie Hansek Merton Seymour Honeyman Patricia Anne johnson Jeanne Marie Lambert Bernard Levy Samuel John Martin Justin Alvin Menus George Clark Neumann Margaret Janet Olson Thomas Edward Pustell Vincent Anthony Rich Frances Louise Richardson Harold Charles Richman Robert Allan Richter Lillian Isabelle Root Barbara Anne Rose Robert James Spooner Laura Stepeck Virginia Leslie Stowell Leonard Irving Swetchnick William Anthony Whalen, J Science Allan Roger Beaudoin Isabel Mary Bosch Gloria Jean Bradley Irene Lorraine Buden Thomas Richard Carlin Clifton Cherpack Faye Rhoda Clark Henry Richard Dabkowski Helen Margaret Dzielenski Clara Evanauskas Helen Lorraine Gwosdow Betty Gloria Halco Merton Seymour Honeyman Bernard John Kawecki Eleanor Carol Kopczyk Florence Pauline Kowalski Dolores Ann Lass Bernard Levy Samuel john Martin Natalie jane Mattarocci Marilyn Cynthia Maurer ll NI joseph Meltzer Rose Lillian Michlin jean Theresa Misiorski George Clark Neumann Margaret Janet Olson Virginia Isabelle Olson Henry Edward Plocharczyk Thomas Edward Pustell Vincent Anthony Rich Harold Charles Richman Margaret Frances Romeo Lillian Isabelle Root Barbara Anne Rose Marguerite june Scalise Laura Stepeck Virginia Leslie Stowell Leonard Irving Swetchnick Adele Elizabeth Sylvester Nellie Rose Sylvester Thomas Timothy Tomaszewski Anne Mary Walincius Patricia Ann Walsh William Anthony Whalen, Jr. Florence Carrie Wojtusik Barbara Lucretia Zakolska Stenography Ethel Alverde Lillian Baba Shirley Alberta Barrows janet Rose Busker Elizabeth Patricia Castellani Verna Eileen Davidson Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan Elizabeth Mary Forgione Mary Rose Gionfriddo Gloria Florene Golin Mary Miriam Hartunian Shirley Lenore Horn Florence Mary Humai Margaret Paula Inturrisi Helen Rachael Isaac NETEEN -A' FORTY-THR THE BEEHI f ivs NEW BRITAIN -pf -k Frances Anne Keinz Caroline Gertrude Kratzke Marian Doris Ludko Frances Elizabeth Martinez Helen Gertrude Michaelis Dorothy Alma Neumann Florence Elizabeth Neumann Norma Elizabeth Nevin Anastasia Pauline Paskowski Marie Adeline Petoff Florence Constance Popielarczyk Irene Barbara Pracalo Rose Marie Salvio Anita Delores Scapellati Eleanor Vivian Schussler Theresa Joann Skoronski Mary Slomski i Florence Mary Sokolowski Florence Margaret Solek Ruth Margaret Statchen Eunice Arlene Stevens Shirley Ruth Stohl Ruth PaulinefMartha Suess Catherine Swift Olga Mary Torchio Irmgard Margaret Welz Lillian Rose Zavez Nina Zuk Typewriting Ethel Alverde ' Marion Ruth Anderson Roberta Elsie Atwater Shirley Ruth Atwater Constance Mary Badolato Shirley Alberta Barrows Lillian Augusta Blair David Elmer Borthwick Irene Lorraine Buden Janet Rose Busker Agnes Loretta Carlin Elizabeth Patricia Castellani Florence Rose Ghudzik Angelin Ann Colapinto ' VE Elizabeth Ellen Collins Hilda Joan Crenella Verna Eileen Davidson Evelyn Louise Dewey Louise Evelyn Diemente Libbie Ella Dunn Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan Elizabeth Mary Forgione Bernice Anna Froeba Mary Rose Gionfriddo Gloria Florene Golin Phyllis Emma Gooding Mary Miriam Hartunian Rita Mary Heslin Shirley Lenore Horn Helen Rachael Isaac Margaret Christine Johnson Norman Carl Johnson Helen Marion Kaminski Helen Kapustinski Frances Anne Keinz Jean Beverly Kilbourne Pauline Mary Kobus Irene Theresa Kozlowski Caroline Gertrude Kratzke Sophie Agnes Kulas Elizabeth Aldona Kumetis Rolande Yvette Laliberte Elizabeth Antoinette Lazzaro Therese Mary LeBrun Genevieve Eleanor Liss Marian Doris Ludko Mary Carmin Ludwigo Clara Louise Luzietti Velma Alice McKean Gladys Elsie Magnuson Frances Elizabeth Martinez Helen Gertrude Michaelis Irene Molchan Alexander John Morozow Robert Charles Nelson Pearl Pauline Netupsky Dorothy Alma Neumann Florence Elizabeth Neumann Ruth Marie Neumann Norma Elizabeth Nevin Margaret Veronica Nevulis Margaret Mary Nicholas Robert Charles Nelson Anastasia Pauline Paskowski Norma Elaine Peterson Marie Adeline Petoff Florence Constance Popielarc Irene Barbara Pracalo Edith Carolyn Prentice Donald Raymond Ross Janice Ann Ryder Florence Patricia Saplikoski Dorothy Netty Savitt Anita Delores Scapellati Eleanor Vivian Schussler Walter Herbert Schwanke Shirlee Carol Seaburg Theresa Joann Skoronski Mary Slomski Florence Mary Sokolowski Florence Margaret Solek Ruth Margaret Statchen Eunice Arlene Stevens Joseph Leonard Storey Ruth PaulinefMartha Suess June Lois Sullivan Catherine Swift Adele Elizabeth Sylvester Olga Mary Torchio Leokadia Stella Tyskiewicz Evelyn Katherine Vaninetty Margaret Ruth Villiez Hanna Elizabeth Webber Irmgard Margaret Well Anne Elizabeth Wierbicka Helen Ann fWilczek Barbara Lois Wolfe Marie Yeterian Alice Mae Zambori Lillian Rose Zavez 'Nina Zuk 71 -3 'ir i' I2 HIG H SC k HooL f:i 51 Graduation Program A CAPPELLA CHORUS "Star Spangled Banner" Smith INVOCATION Reverend Elmer L. Olsen A CAPPELLA CHORUS a. "Then Round About The Starry Throne" .... Handel Student Conductor, Anthony j. Tercyak, Class of 1943 h. "The Lord's Prayer" ....... Malotte Soprano Soloists Memhers of the Class of 1943 SOPRANO SOLO "Roses of Picardy" ....... Wood Edith Cavell johert, Class of 1943 Accompanied hy the String Quartet BARITONE SOLO "Travelin' " ......... . Enders james Edward McKinney, Class of 1943 A CAPPELLA CHORUS a. "Pledge To The Flag" . . Malotte h. 'Tm Proud To Be An American" . Gibb ORCHESTRA "Valse des Fleurs" Tschailqowsky PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mrs Mary S. Baker Of the Board of Education "ALMA MATERM ....... Mirliani V Class, Orchestra, and Glee Cluhs RECESSIONAL "Eestal Procession" Cross Senior High School Orchestra 13 NIINETEEN ir FORTY-THREE I 'A' f-'NNEW BRITAIN -pf GLORIA ANTOINETTE ALFIERI New Britain, Conn. HAI" June 27, 1925 "Light is the task when many share the foil" 'LWhat answer did you get for the second one?" The periodflnd, the timefevery day, the actressauour Al". Don't misunderstand, Al has the work done-she just wants to make sure of the answer. Along with her peppery personality and healthy humor, Gloria is planning to bombard some technical school with all the knowledge she has succeeded to accumulate in her three years at N.B.H.S. Her eye is on an interesting career-that of laho' ratory technician. May all life's technicalities unravel for you as easily as they have in the past, Al. Girls' League. New Britain, Conn. ulohnnyi' is one of our silent students although he is known to his teachers as a reliable scholar. Feeling right at home on the diamond, his ability to stop the "horsehide" at second has won him a place on our local ball squad. Witli an eye towards the professionals, he is an ardent Yankee fan. Here's hoping that you hit many over the fence in years ahead, Johnny. Young lVlen's League: Baseball Team, E BEE JOHN ABDALLA "Deeds, not Words" johnny December 7.8, 1925 ETHEL ALVERDE Perth Amboy, New Jersey "Et" Septemher 2, 1925 "Thy modestgfs a candle to the merit" Ethel is the attractive, modest president of the Pan American League. Here's a miss who may act quite bashful, but don't let her fool you. Her wit and humor, plus her very pleasing personality, makes a good combination for sucf cess in the business world. XYe all wish you the best of luck, "EL" President of Student PanfAmerican League: Historian of Civic Forum: Girls' League. PAUL ABRAHAMIAN New Britain, Conn. "Al7ie" Mzirch 5, 1925 'Alf you are wise, laugh" A cheerful smile and a spontaneous joke. This optimistic young man is beguiling to all fespecially the feminine classmatesj because of a radiant person' ality. His future lies in the navy, so anchors awcigh, me hearty, and may you sail to the port of success. Radio Club: Young Men's League. EILEEN ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. L'Swede" August 17, 1925 "To have the greatest blessing a true friend" The world would he a much pleasanter place to live in if more people folf lowed Eileen's Maximf"To have a friend is to be a friend." It would also be a more logical sphere if more "homo sapiens" had the foresight of this petite blonde. Herels one girl who acquired a permanent office position before gradua- tion. That's not all, however, for under the headings of her many diversiied in' terests comes figure roller skating. May we wish you luck, Eileen. in your capers .on the skating arena as well as those on the typewriter. Girls' League. E if if 14 KD HIGH scHooL v 5 MARION ANDERSON New Britain, Conn, August 30, 1925 "Sweetness, Goodness, In Her Person Shinedu Emily Post's delight-Henry Ford's admirationfEinstein's praise-these would all be bestowed upon Marion if these famed people knew her. For this unassuming young lady has all the manners, ambition, cofoperativeness and intel- igence that could possibly be incorporated in one person. During her three years interlude, Marion has proved herself one of the most outstanding aspirers of the parchment, Her main interest lies in art and we are sure she will continue her line record in the art school of her choice. See you in a museum, Marion. Musical Club: Sec. of Nat'l. Honor Society: President of Girls' League. EDWIN AHLQUIST Portland, Conn, "Ed" December 28, 1924 'iSpeecl1 is great, but silence greater" Ed is the big fellow that you always see but seldom hear, Despite this fact he has many close friends. He is a good worker in school and out. Although his plans for the future are indefinite we know he will succeed in whatever he underf takes. Young Men's League. VIRGINIA C. ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Ginny" January 25, 1924 "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart" "Ginny" is a quiet and reserved young lady. All her friends appreciate her gentle manner. It is usually these quiet people who make the nicest friends and "Ginny's" proof of this statement. She has completed a business course and is sure to hnd success in the near future. Girls' League. WILLIAM RICHARD ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. 'iSwede" june 5, 1926 "A happy heart is better than wealth" k'Bill" is that happyfgoflucky individual who takes things as they come. But don't be fooled by his slowness in the corridors, he can think fast judging by his marks. He excels in knowledge of the big leagues-just ask him to quote some batting averages. At present it looks as if he will go to hat for our army. Best of luck "Swede," Young Men's Leagueg Basketball. AGNES ANN ANDREWS New Britain, Conn. "Aggiel' March 29, 1925 "lt is not strength, but art, obtains the prize" In "Aggie" we have our ambitious, energetic artist. For she has always been interested in costume design and has done a great deal of work in that Held. She expects to continue with this work and if her past work is a sign of her ability, and of course it is, we know her ambition will be fulfilled. Girls' League: Red Cross. is NINETEEN -k FORTY THR 'k t+2 NEW 'BRITAIN ,Q PATRICIA GLORIA ANDREWS New Britain, Conn, 'lPatn "Silence is the mother of Truth" june 24, 1925 "Quiet hut queenlyu, that's "Pat", "Pat" doesn't enjoy a noisy kind of popularity hut this doesn't mean that she has no friends. She has many, and they all think a great deal of "Pat." She is taking a college course next semester entering the Russell Sage College. You have our hest wishes, "Pat," Girls' League: Bowling Cluh. ROBERT WILLIAM ANGELO New Britain, Conn. HBobH july 23, 1925 "He flies by his own wings" When you see a tall, lanky fellow with an everfpresent smile, you'll know thatls 'LBoh." His quick wit and alertness make him an always popular chap. Add to this his studious hlahits and you have the reason why "Bob" is so well liked. He plans to join the Air Corps where we think he will he a great success. Young Men's League. ROSE MARIE GERTRUDE ANDRUSS New Britain. Conn. "Snookie" june 5, 1925 "I love the life I leadl' "Snookie" is a cute little armful with reddishfhlonde hair who reaches the yardstick at five feet, two inches. The Irish in her provides the sparkle in her eye and a good sense of humor. 'LSnookie" enjoys sports, especially howling, movies, and writing letters. Her friends are many, and of hoth sexes. Though she has taken a secretary's course. "Snookie" would like to he a husinees woman. Hcre's to your success, always! Girls' League: junior College Club. WALTER PETER ANOP New Britain, Conn. L'Walt" january 1, 1926 "Ambition has no rest" An allflround good fellow, "Walt" is one with ambition and an eye towards the top. His winning personality and friendly smile should aid in reaching this goal. At present he has his mind set on the Naval Air Corps. Co to it, "Walt," and "Keep 'em Flying." Young Men's League. JOSEPHINE ARCIDIACONO New Britain, Conn. "Archie" April 8, 1926 "As funny as I am" One might judge 'lArchie" shy upon first meeting her hut her lively humor would soon he discovered. She is always the "life of the party" and the idol of her friends. k'Archie" has followed a secretarial course in school with an eye toward becoming someone's private secretary. If her past record is a guide, her success is assured. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE sk f 16 L.. IGH scHooL 'V 5 JUDITH GLORIA ARENA New Britain, Conn, Hfudyn january 26, 1926 L'Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety" Shshsh--T '-'- quiet --Tujudym is making an important decision! Will it be roller skating? the movies? a good book? a jam session? In addition to school work and these various hobbies this patriotic miss has been doing defense work after school hours. "Glo" has literally glowed in History and Typing and plans to make history with her typing after graduation. The future of this young lady certainly looks bright. Girls' League. WILLIAM FRANCIS BARRETT New Britain, Conn. "Bill" August 14, 1925 'The 'virtue lies in the struggle" i No matter what path 'LBill" chooses to follow during his life, we think hell make a go of it. His shining personality will undoubtedly light the way toward all future successors as it has in the past. Young Men's League. . ROBERTA ATWATER New Britain, Conn. 'Bobbyl' August 22, 1925 "Nothing great is achieved without enthusiasmn Une of the well known Atwater twins, 'kBobby" is well liked by her many friends. An allfround good student, she has a high scholastic average as well as a yen for dancing and piano playing. As a football enthusiast she may be seen at the field every Saturday during the season. She hopes to become a stenogf rapher in the near future so take this note of our wish for continued success. Girls' League. WILLIAM CARL BAUER New Britain, Conn. 'LBilly" June 21, 1925 "An allfround good guy" g'Bill" is that goodflooking fellow whose ambitions were to be an electrical engineer but who now hopes to enter the Army. He is a studious boy who has made a good record in his studies at New Britain High. "Bill' leaves our school with our sincere wish that he will succeed. Young Men's League Representative 3 years. SHIRLEY ATWATER New Britain, Conn. August 22, 1925 'LFo'r one of us was born a twin and not a soul knew which" Shirley is a girl you must always look at twice. Once, because she is an outstanding willowy blonde-twice, because she is one half of the Atwater Twin combination, Shirley has been quite active with her tricky piano fingering and also with her speedy typewriter fingering. With all this hnger training Shirley will prove a sure bet as a secretary to some lucky employer. Girls' League. 17 NINETEEN f FORTY-THB EE fv' NEW BHITAI LILLIAN ALICE BABA New Britain, Conn. "Lily" November 27, 1925 "Success awaits at Labofs gates" "Lil" is a young woman who hopes to go far in this world. One of her ambitions, to be a secretary, has already been fulfilled. She also hopes to become an opera singer. If "Lil'i can achieve her secretarial success in so short a time her other ambition should soon be realized. Personality plus talent make a formula for success, as "Lil" has already discovered. Girls' Leagueg Red Cross. ALLAN ROGER BEAUDOIN New Britain, Conn. "Al" August 25, 1927 'KGooCl clothes open all doors" Allan is a student with a winning smile and a good word for everyone. A snappy dresser, even the darkest days are brightened up when he appears in one of his many sport jackets. "Al" hopes to become a member of the medical profession. judging by his work in High School we know he will attain his goal even though there are many years of study ahead. Young Men's Leagueg Track. THE BEEH I-VE CONN IE BADOLATO New Britain, Conn. April 3. 1923 "They are never alone that are accompanied by noble thoughtsu A small, slender, cheerful maiden is "Connie" Although most of her time at the high school is occupied by her many activities, she always manages to take time to help a friend. She is always full of fun and her jolly, jestful disposition has managed to acquire a good number of friends for her, Her future plans are to work in an office, and if we know L'Connie" she'll probably be manager of the same office before long. Girls' League: Y.W.C.A. JOSEPH WILLIAM BELKIN New Britain, Conn. "joe" March 10, 1926 "Thou living ray of intellectual fren ujoen is a versatile chap who calmly takes life as it comes and just as calmly lets it go, He takes quite an interest in dramatics, tennis, and art and also tries his hand at writing poetry, which accounts for his dreamy expression in class. Rumors have it that 'ijoen intends donning the khaki suit after graduation. Heres hoping you top MacArthur! Student Councilg Amphion Club, Civic Forum: National Honor Societyg Young Men's League. PHYLLIS BAILEY New Britain, Conn. "Phyl" April 9, 1925 "Spread the slow smile through all company, That cheery, happyfgoflucky, always laughing person is none other than Phyllis Bailey. With a smile for everyone, everyday she has made herself one of the best liked girls of her class. "Phyl" must have her Wheaties every morning for she is also full of pep and ready to go. Stay just the way you are, 'APhyl," and you'll have no trouble succeeding in life. Girls' League. f f 18 1- if HIGH SCHOOL vi ? KT MARY ELIZABETH BAKER New Haven, Conn' "Polly" August 22, 1925 "To know her is to love lief' "Polly" is one of the most popular and funfloving girls graduating this year. Her line character and gracious charm shines through her loving face. She has friends galore but is always ready to welcome more. We're sure she will be a success in whatever road she chooses to travel. Girls' Leagueg Glee Club. MORRIS PETER BELLANTUONO New Britain, Conn. K'Bell" March 15, 1925 "Vkf'l1o come late, come right" Morris is the student whom you see each morning rushing to his section room just before the final bell. Despite these hurried arrivals, he is lots of fun and always willing to do a favor. For the last three years his spare time has L , been taken up in a steady outside job. We give him our best wishes for success ' in whatever field he chooses. . Young Men's League. . , Q, .. . L n ,3k.,.,N:,, Y Q- is 3i'f,?'3'fl LORRAINE BALOCKI New Britain, Conn. "Lorrie" january 31, 1927 "A little bit of heaven" "Lorrie" is that pert little miss who can brighten up the dullest classroom on the darkest Monday. Her sparkling personality and bright smile have a way of making people happy. No matter what she chooses to do, we know she will be a tremendous success. Girls' League: Amphion Club: Student Faculty Council. JOSEPH BELLOMO New Britain, Conn. 'floen May 21, 1926 L"The man of the hour" Here is a boy with a happy smile and a personality pleasing to all. His fu' ture with the Coast Guard is undoubtedly bright, if his high school record is any indication of this. His classmates wish him all the luck in the world. Young Men's League, Baseball. BETTY JANE BARBOUR Cromwell, Conn. "Betts" june 24, 1925 "You will know her by her smile" Think up all the nouns that indicate fun, dig up all the adjectives that ref semble vivacious, and excavate all verbs that portray friendliness and you will have an inkling of what knowing "Betts" will add to your existence. She believes that being a friend requires all one's time and so has her life's work been decreed. Temporarily, however, Betty has postponed all future ambitions to join the WAVES Qas soon as the age limit is loweredj. You see "Eddie" is in the Navy. Well, Betts, may you ride on the crest of the waves as well as be one! Glee Club, Girls, League. 19 NINETEEN -A' FORTY-THREE I 'A' iz.-NNEW BRITAIN SHIRLEY ALBERTA BARROWS New Britain, Conn. "Blondie" April 24, 1925 "No rosebud is nigh. to reflect back her blushes, or give sigh for sigh" We really can't discover Shirley's reason for deciding to be a secretary as she would look much better in a toothpaste ad than behind a desk. It might be that the speed she has attained in her shorthand and typing have spurred her on. Success to you. Bowling. HOWARD RAYMOND BENNETT New Britain, Conn. "Howie" September 6, 1925 "Such a man need not fear the future" "Howie" may be small, but he makes up for it in determination and all' 'round ability. In scouting he has reached a high rank. An expert swimmer, he is as much at home in the water as on the land. In the future he hopes to be' come a pilot, so we offer our advice to continue climbing and "keep your nose up." Young Mens League. past three seasons. Girls' League: Bowling. roam the seas instead of the corridors. Girls' League: Red Cross: First Aid. THE BEEHIVE -pf -if 20 MARGARET E. BASILE New Britain, Conn. Upeggyl' iiry 74 "Beauty is the lovers gift Peg's Beauty Salon, Miss Basile, owner Ah to haxe such a sign on her door is "Peggy's" greatest dream. Throughout her days in N B H S Peggy has always found time to be an active member of both the Girls League ind Bowling Club, and to participate in her pet sport, Skating She has been an avid football fan and was an enthusiastic cheerer at any and all pigskin performinces of the RICHARD ALBERT BERTRAND New Britain, Conn. "Bert" Mlrcli 'V 1976 "A life on the rolling waves "Bert" is an easy happyfgoflucky fellow who is disturbed by nothing If you haven't seen him roaming these corridors you couldn t haxe missed him in the Fair Store fhis hauntj. "Bert" plans to join the Navy after graduation and Young Men's League: Pan American League MARY BENJAMIN New Britain, Conn. '31 l "A quiet mind is richer than a crown It might be that Mary overheard Aeschylus say that silence is prohtable and decided to try it. However, she has not only tried it but has proven its worth For through her 'kgoldenu silence she has won many friends and capably under taken all school assignments. As Mary allows only her actions to indicate her value we shall expect great strides in the secretarial world ,iv -A' HIGH SCHOOL,Qt 5 EILEEN VIRGINIA BENNETT New Britain, Conn. .. "Elee" .. january 7, 1926 "To know her is to love her" Eileen has always been and still is--one popular girl. Her pleasing disposi- tion makes her welcome in any circle. She is honest, sincere and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who might need it. "Elee's" ambition is to be' come an office worker. We know she'll be a valuable asset as well as an attracf tive personality in any oihce. Girls' League Representative: Pan American League: Press Representative. FRANK VINCENT BESSONI New Britain, Conn. "Hott," January 25, 1924 Frank may be known to many of you as our local "Tarzan" Though not too interested in school subjects, he is always reading to discuss hunting and the army. He may be slow but he is a good worker and should set a hne record in the year ahead. DOROTHY E. BENSON New Britain, Conn. 'fD0t" September 3, 1925 "Friendship, esteem, and fair regard" "Dot" is one of New Britain High School's, 'ifavorite brunettes." She has many friends but at present her main interest is in the United States Marines. VW: hope she will succeed in her work and wish her the best of luck in whatever she plans to do. Girls' League. WARREN GEORGE BILLIN GS New Britain, Conn. "Ace" November 2, 1924 "This was a mann The fellow with the smile for everyone is Warren Billings, true student and true man. Among his favorite sports can be listed skating, skiing, and dancing. Warren has worked industriously these last four years and truly deserves the forthcoming diploma. Good luck in your future endeavors, Warren. Young Men's League: Baseball. ELEANOR BERKOWITZ New Britain, Conn. "Berkv" june 22, 1925 "She greets you with a smile" "Berky" is the girl you have seen racing down the halls to her classes, stopping only for a few seconds to say hello to everyone and to exchange hits of news. It is a natural gift for her to radiate joy and laughter at the opportune time. But when the time for serious thinking comes, she will always be there help' ing. Eleanor is a leader among friends and in the classroom. Her ambition is to be a secretary. We're sure that whatever she may do she will come through with flying colors, Girls' League: Press Representative: Civic Forum. ' 21 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THREE i 4 -Y-NNEW BRITAIN ,ir -pf NATALIE RUTH BERKOWITZ New Britain, Conn. "Nat" October 7, 1925 "Let such teach others who themselves excel" The majority of graduates burn with the ambition to make historyg How' ever, L'Nat" is different she simply wants to teach it. If we might gage her future on the habits she has already formed, little children will love history. With her intelligence, ambition and charm, how can history be anything but romantic, Girls' League. SAMUEL EDWARD BIONDI New Britain, Conn. "Sam" November 27, 1924 "Sam" is one of those fellows that everybody likes to have around. His common sense and fine sense of humor make him a willing addition to any group. We all know he will be a success in his chosen Held of business and wish him good luck and happiness. Cross Country Manager, Ticket and Usher Chairman of Young lvlen's League, DOROTHY BERNIER New Britain, Conn. 'AD0tty" November 27, 1925 "Live to learn and learn to live" Dorothy's quiet charm has won her many friends in her three years at high school. Nursing, yes, that's her goal. Go to it, "Dotty." Your sweet manner and charm will go well in such a profession. Girls' League: Red Cross. HERBERT GEORGE BOCK New Britain, Conn. june 11, 1925 'Silent as the moonll Here is a quiet bashful boy, one of the star trumpeters in the high school band. With people like Herbert in the high school band, it is with little wonder that N. B. H. S. has turned out a championship band. His immediate future is without a doubt in music if Uncle Sam doesn't interfere first. Wherever he goes he will reach new heights in his chosen career, Young Men's League, Band. NORMA LOUISE BERRY New Britain, Conn. "Norm" May 18, 1925 L'Sobe'r, steadfast and demtwen Can you think of anyone sweeter or more soothing than Norma to hold your hand while you gently have an enamel eyetooth i'Yanked" from your unsuspectf ing jaw? We're so glad that "Norm" has taken a liking to being a dental assist' ant for she is just the person to introduce joy to a profession so devoid of it. "Norm" has done so much so quietly that we really haven't appreciated her as we should have. Keep them yanking, Norma. junior College Club: Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -k f 22 HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 MARJORIE ELIZABETH BERTZ New Britain, Conn. "Margie, September 9, 1925 "Full of cheer and full of pep, Making friends with every step." When you hear a giggle and turn around, whom do you see but "Margie," She loves fun and is always in the midst of it. "Marge" is a fine girl and a so' ciable, goodfnatured one. Her ambition is to be a secretary. Everyone who knows "Marge" knows that she won't have a hard time finding a job, for she will easily adapt herself to the secretarial world after graduation. Girls' League. PAUL STEPHEN BONAZINCA New Britain, Conn. "Bonney" DeCe "The race, by vigor, is won" mber 23, 1924 "Bonney" is that smiling chap you've seen around so much. His stu-dious habits will carry him far along the road toward engineering. Add to this his marvelous personality and you have the formula for success, Football: Young Men's League Representative, Band. ELEANOR BIELERT New Britain, Conn. "Ele" April 15, 1925 "A cheerful smile is worth its whilew Eleanor is a tall lively girl who has won herself many friends during her years at our Alma Mater. Every opening period you can find her doing her homework, with one eye on the clock. Her plans for the future are uncertain hut we understand that she has an interest in Uncle Sam's Navy. Girls' League. DAVID ELMER BORTHWICK Hartford, Conn. "Porky, August 15, 1925 "All around good felloww "Porky" is a very energetic fellow and when confronted with a diflicult situation, he does his utmost to hnish the job thoroughly and with flying colors. Although the name "Porky" was thrust upon him because of his chubbiness as a child, he has now outgrown that stage but his nickname still remains. Whether business school or the draft get you uPorkie", we're with you one hundred per cent. Young Men's League: Student Council. LOIS NORMA BIGELOW Meriden, Conn. "Loey'l December 3, 1925 "A friend in need is a friend indeed" Pretty and popular, Lois has many friends and will go far in the field of nursing and hospital laboratory work. She's a girl who will stand by you when you need help, and will always be ready to share what she has. She enjoys sports, games, and parties, and wherever there's gay laughter, there you will End Lois. Press Club, Camera Club: Musical Club. Q3 NINETEEN f FO HREE 236565 -A' 'kv NEW BRITAIN iv EDYTH GERALDINE BISHOFF W' ' Hartford, Conn. 'lDeedie" February 2, 1926 l'Spo1t that Wrinlqled care deridesn "Deedie" is a lover of swimming and is a Senior Life Saver. She wishes to continue with her water activities for enjoyment, but for her profession she has chosen to become a physiotherapist. As Miss O'Briens' helper, she is able to Hx a 'icocktailn for anyone with an upset stomach. As "Deedie" is a lover of camp life, don't be surprised to see her in njeansn and plaid sport shirts. In whatever you may do, 'kDeedie," best of luck. Girls' League: Swimming: Nurses Helper. GEORGE FRANK BRADLAU New Britain, Conn. March 26, 1926 "A man's reach should exceed his grasp" George is that tall, blond boy with a pleasing personality that has won him many friends. In the gym many admire his ability on the apparatus and tennis and skiing are some of his interests. Ah! you should see his grace on those courts. Sound health is an asset in any field, so George, you should be bound for success. Young Men's League Representative. LILLIAN AUGUSTA BLAIR New Britain, Conn. "Blair" September 10, 1925 "Silence is golden" k'Lil", a quiet and studious girl, is liked by everyone. Because she studies hard, she has accomplished much in her school work. We all admire "Lil" for her honesty and keen sense of humor. She is fond of sports, including skating, bowling, and baseball. Her ambition is to become a secretary in an insurance company, and we know she will succeed. Girls' League: Bowling Club: Intermediate Games. ARTHUR ANTHONY BRANDOLINE New Britain, Conn. 'LGabby'l January 2, 1925 'LA11 eye for the future" L'Gabby" is a student who is popular with all his classmates. He has spent much time on the football field. "Gabby" plans to join the Navy and everyone knows that his fine qualities will make him a great success. Baseball: Football: Young Men's League. GLORIA BLOOMQUIST New Britain, Conn. "GloryfBe" July 16, 1925 "Silence is golden" 'iGlory-Be" is a girl who doesn't have much to say and is very serious in her studies. She is a grand friend to have and we know that, whatever her intentions are in life, she will be a great success. Girls' League. T H E B E E H I V E -k f 24 if -if HIGH scHooI. vi ffl "" 1 MARGARET BOHIGIAN ,,,.. ,. ,.:,, 1 -..-v ",, Y New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" August 8, 197.5 'I p, in 4'Let us .start ll new religion with one commandment, .4 .3 K 'A 'Enjoy thyself' B "Peggy's formula for happiness reads "work when necessary, enjoy your' :..,A. ' ,ai self the rest of the time," Although "Peg" isn't so very large, we all have ggi ii been made aware of her presence through her liveliness. With so many people , enjoying your friendship Peg, we are sure you'll continue to revel in living, 5: :" ji Girls' League. 1. X QX 2 w. HARVEY JOSEPH CADORET Bristol, Conn. "Buddy, October 16, 1923 "Industry is fortunes right hand" In "Bud" we have six feet of an allfaround good student. An industrious worker, he has made many friends while in school. As an outdoor enthusiast he is interested in many sports with aviation heading the list. He has already soloed and has several hours of flying time to his credit. Because of this ex' perience, Bud plans to join the air corps. With pilots of this caliber the cock' pits should continue to he ably Hlled. FRANCES ELIZABETH BOCSKAY New Britain, Conn. "Fran" September 20, 1915 "Be still. sad heart! and cease repiningg Behind the clouds is the sun still shining." Frances is a jolly sort of person who never seems to have a care in the world. She is always ready with a pleasant look and a friendly word for every' one. Her chief interest in life is in having a good time, although she likes to play the piano and to "jitterbug." We wish her the best of luck after grad' uation. Representative of Girls' League. SOFEO VINCENT CAMARATA Berlin, Conn. l'Sarn" October 5, 1914 'KDon't judge 41 book by its cover" This young gentleman is not as quiet as one would expect him to be from his appearance. Always ready to do someone else a good turn, there is some' thing line about this young man, something real, something that attracts you to him. It is this very something that makes Mr. Camarata a well liked personage of N. B. H. S. LAURA PRAXEDA BORYS New Britain, Conn. "Polqie" October 26, 1923 "1 knew the tearful glimmer of the languid dawn." Laura is a girl who will try anything once. One can depend upon Laura, for she is a diligent and faithful worker. She likes the outdoor life, as her friends have discovered, and as she intends to become a nurse, the Visiting Nurse Association is just up her alley. We wish her the best of luck in her new undertaking. Basketball Club. 25 NINETEEN f FORTY-THREE P it l I l l. . 'K ,3NEW BR TH ISABEL BOSCH New Britain, Conn. "ky" August 14, 1926 'LTout vient a point qui sait attendrew f"Eve1ything comes to him who waitswj Patience and consideration are Isabel's outstanding virtues. These charac' teristics, along with cooperation, have been portrayed in the fulfilling of her duties as a Girls' League Officer. Although she takes her studies seriously, Isabel has an amazing capacity for fun and frolic. ln the near future Isabel plans to enter Teacher's College to prepare for that long planned career of a Npeda' goguef' Well, "lzzie," they say that ambition has no bounds, so weire betting on you. Girls' League: Publicity Chairman junior College Club: Press Club. ANTONIO CARDONA New Britain, Conn. "Tony" April 14, 1925 "Few things are impossible to intelligence and sleillf L'Tony" is one of the very few students who appreciates higher math as an entertaining and enjoyable subject. This taste does not, in any sense, make him abnormal, but just a little peculiar. He has been to Spain where no doubt he acquired his liking for Spanish senoritas. With his personal characteristics and ambition, "Tony" will surely make the grade in whatever he attempts in the future Pan American League: Press Club: Young Men's League: Student Council Representative. ANN MARY BOSCO ITAIN -A' -k it , . 'Ne 5715211 mm If New Britain, Conn. December '16 19'4 Girls' League. chosen work. Girls' League: Bowling. "Virtue is its own reward Press Club: Young Men's Representative. A small, quiet, likeable, and friendly girl is Ann, who, incidentally loses skating. She is an orderly, neat girl and will undoubtedly acquire the secretarial position which she desires. Because she is studious, she has accomplished much in her school work. We know Ann will succeed in whatever she doe THOMAS RICHARD CARLIN New Britain, Conn. "'I'om'l April 10 1976 mln ourselves our fortune lies." Until his senior year, "Tom" was an individual who was seldom heard from Then he became very active in school affairs and a familiar Hgure to most of us Also our silent hero has made a Hne record in his studies and his friends will vouch that as a friend he is tops. Good luck, "Tom"fmay you succeed in your LUCILLE VIOLA BOSCO New Britain, Conn. "Lulu'l October 5 191 "A good book is the best of friends." "Lou" seems quiet but you need only to speak to her to find out differently She says that she stays home evenings and studies, but she might be fooling us Anyhow, "Lou's" a grand girl and we wish her luck in her endeaxors E BEEHIVE -pf f 26 KA HIGH scHooL vi 5 FRANCES DOROTHY BOTHE New Britain, Conn. "Franl' April 12, 1925 "Speak little, but speak the truth." H A cute little girl with brown hair and a pug nose-this is "Fran". She is a rather shy girl who doesn't talk very much, but once she gets started, Ohl, Oh! "Fran" wants to be a private secretary and with her training and dependability she should have no difficulty whatsoever. Good luck, "Fran", and may your fixture be bright and prosperous. Girls' League. SALVATORE LOUIS CARUSO Brooklyn, New York L'Sal,' October 31, 1925 "Calmness is the medicine for disasterf' Here is a local "Brooklynite" in our midst, but we don't hold this against him. Salvatore is a quiet, well mannered student. His outside time is mostly taken up with basketball and other sports. At present his future is undecided between College and the Navy. He has our best wishes for success in whichever he chooses. Tennis Team: Young Men's League. ROSAIRE BOUCHARD Frenchville, Maine L'Butch" Ianuary 30, 1925 'LWhy' do today what you can put off itil tomorrow?" "Butch" is one of the high school's best allfaround students. He has a winning personality and gets along well with all the fellows. No need to say he will make a go of whatever he may undertake. ROBERT LOUIS CASLEN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" July 10, 1925 "A young man will be wiser by and by." Robert has occupied his place as one of our class favorites because of his real worth as a student and good fellow. His straight forward and energetic way of tackling given tasks marks him as a great lad. We all admire "Bob" and know that he will be listed on the cadet list in the parachute troops and on the honor roll of life. Civic Forum: Young Men's Leagueg Cheerleader. GLORIA JEAN BRADLEY New Britain, Conn. "Boots, November 1, 1926 "The deed is evrything, the glory naught." "Glory" is a charming young lady who always has her work done on time but never ceases worrying, Although school work claims a great deal of "Glory's" spare time, we know she always manages to Gnd time for a certain young gentle- man by the name of Whatex'er aim in life you choose, 'iGlory," we know you'll attain your goal. Girls' League: First Aid Staff. 27 NINETEEN' ar FORTY-THREE vt NEW BRI DOROTHY MAE BRAXTON New Britain, Conn. i'Red" january 13, 197-6 "'l'hei'e'x a time and place for everything." "Dot's" red hair and smiling eyes are assets that will carry her a long way in life. That Navy Insignia she is wearing doesn't seem to interfere with her school work in the least. Her ambition at present is to make use of that well earned diploma. Girls' League: Red Cross, VINCENT CHARLES CAZZETTA New Britain, Conn. "Vinny" September 24, 1925 "Work has its own gratification." "Vinny" is that tall, dark and very popular lad, well known to all his class' mates. Although he has a quiet nature, his school work is always up to date. Outside time is occupied by playing in a local dance band. In addition, he has done well in athletics. He plans to enter college and we know that he will be TAI N 'Ir ik JOSEPH RUSSELL CEFARATTI a success in whatever field he chooses. Football: Basketbalh Baseball: Young Men's League. MURIEL BRYAN New Britain, Conn. january 29, 1926 "A stitch in time saves nine." Muriel Bryan, "Gabby" to her friends, is a girl with a great deal of charm. Her ambition at present is to be an exterior decorator. If we know Muriel, she'll be tops in her chosen profession, When she's on top of the ladder of success, she'll look down and one of the steps on the ladder will be N.B.H.S. Girls' League, New Britain, Conn. "Cefy" "Play to win, but play fair, in sports L'joe" is one of those ardent football lovers on Only by his faithful attendance at practice and hard sition on the squad. Upon graduation he plans to "joe", liked by all who came in contact with him Good luck in your future career, L'-loef' Q july 13, 1925 and in life." the high school grid team. work did 'K-loen earn a po' join the Army Air Corps. has a smile for everyone. ,e r IRENE LORRAINE BUDEN I in New Britain, Conn. August 2, 1925 A .-'- "" r 'li jgfig u "W'it is the salt of conversation, not the foodf' ,V Virtue verified--industry animatedfpunctuality personified. All this is " V wrapped in blond, lithesome Irene. She understands what one needs to be . 'f' Q t.. 'V,. . : successful in the field of business, as proven by her work in a local factory ofliceg ' X " . H. what it takes to make a Hne showing in school, as confirmed by her high grades r. ,.: . ' - , J fand what requisites must be met for a social life, as indicated by a host of ef . Y friends. We're willing to wait and see the mark you make in American annals. V I ' Irene, as we know we won't have to wait too long, Girls' League: Junior College Club. FA Q "-' , HE BEEH I V E i i Zu -if HIGH SCHOOL 'vi B FLORENCE BUDNIK New Britain, Conn. "Flo" September 25, 1925 A'Dark hair, smiling eyes Slie's not a flirt But youd be surprised!" "Flo" is that pretty brunette who is always smiling and laughing. She is noted for her hearty laugh, which is certainly contagiousfespecially in the most unexpected places. Dancing is one of "Flo's" favorite diversions and we some' times wonder whether it is because of her countless number of attractive escorts. Confidentially, her plans for the future are unsettled, but with her sense of hu' mor and charming personality, she is certain to be liked wherever she goes. .D Girls' League. ROBERT PAUL CHAGNON New Britain, Conn. "Tyrone" july 22. 1924 "On the sunny side of lifefl Dark and handsome, the answer to every girl's prayer, the name "Tyrone" certainly fits "Boh." He was one of our best football players and is well known for his hearty chuckle and optimistic views on life. "Bobs" cheerfulness is standing him in good stead, for a broken neck is unpleasant, to say the least. But f'Tyrone" just keeps smiling and makes the best of his trouble. Good luck! Baseball: Basketball: Football: Young Men's League: Head Manager, Foot' ball 'k42". . . CELIA L. BULMAHN - N H -V New Britain, Conn. "Cele" November 16, 1923 UNO friends a friend till he proves a friend." "Cele" is a slender blonde, with a pleasing personality, well liked and always willing to help others. Her friendship is valued by all who know her. A'Cele" is quiet and lady like but does not go about unnoticed. She spends much of her time corresponding with pen pals, and who wouldn't want a pen pal like "Cele." Her plans for the future are unknown, but we do know that her pleasant disposition will make her a success in anything she undertakes. All our wishes for a quiet but happy future. Girls' League: Civic Forum. CLIFTON CHERPACK New Britain, Conn. "Chew" November 4, 1925 "Silence is golden." One of the silent type, k'Cherp" can usually be found in the musical club room. His everfincreasing popularity is due to his likeable personality. His success in the classroom is always an asset and he plans to continue his studies. We know that 'iCherp" will make his mark in life. Glee Club: Young Men's League: All New England Chorus: National Honor Society. JANET BUSKER New Britain, Conn. "-lay" May 3, 1915 "She greets you with a smile." She's a true friend and a grand girl to know, for she is honest and loads of fun. Janetls future career lies in the educational life for she wants to be- come a teacher. If we know janet, she'll be on top of the ladder of success hefore long. Here's wishing you luck, Janet. Girls' League. 29 NINETEEN -Af FOHTY-THREE 'k GLORIA JUNE CAMPBELL New Britain, Conn. Here is without a doubt one of N. B. H. S. finest personalities. She has an ability for acquiring friends and will undoubtedly end up at the top of the ladder of success. If your future in nursing is as bright as it was in High School, it will be free of bumps, Gloria. Girls' League. ALBERT IRVING CHURCH New Britain, Conn. "Happy am Ig from care l'm freelu "Al" is one who rarely takes things seriously. His humor and personality are appealing to all Qespecially the girlsl. Despite this lack of pessimism, he receives good marks in his studies. His wish is to attend college and become an accountant. Continue on, "Al", 'til success is yours. Young Mens League. THE BEEH 'LNeat as a pinu I V ivN NEW BRITAIN -if December 5, 1924 'KAlbie" August 30, 1926 VIRGINIA JEAN CAMPBELL .lamica Plans, Mass. "Ginnie" April 11, 1925 "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." . Who claims that she has never missed a N. B. H. S. football game? Who claims that she has never spent a vacation in New Britain. Who is just Hveffeet four with blue eyes? Why, "Ginnie," of course. While she has never broken any .school records, you have to admit that she gets around. She plans to be an interior decorator. Some decoration! Girls' League. JOSEPH ROBERT CIMINO New Britain, Conn. Aloe" October 26, 1924 "He who has virtue has all good things." A scholar and a gentleman--"joe" is high ranking in both sports and school. He is always striving to get ahead and increase his fine reputation. "Joes" future plans are to enter the Navy and we hope all his ambitions will be fulhlled. Football, '4O"41f'42g Basketball, '41-'42: Track, '4l: Young Men's League. GRACE LORRAYNE CANZONETTI New Britain, Conn. "Dimples May 25, 1925 "The light of love, the puritv of "Grace", The mind, the music breathing from her face." Need more be said? It might be added howeger, that Grace has accom' plished all that was required of her without the least flurry. Her cool efficiency would make her an excellent woman in white, but we can't suppress the hope that Grace will follow the beckoning of her voice. For as she is "God's gift to the men" her voice is God's gift to all. Keep 'em chirpin'. "Chippie". Glee Clubg Girls' League. E 'Ir 'k 30 HIGH scHooL 'vi 5 AGNES LORETTA THERESA CARLIN New Britain, Conn. "Sandyl' June 24, 1925 "You can't get to heaven ori roller skates, 'Youll roll right by those pearly gatesfi "Sandy" has spent most of her time preparing for her secretarial career, roller skating. We're not able to grasp the connection, but if wheels help "Sandy" to roll toward success, more power to this 'imate of the skates." Girls' League. KENNETH FARNHAM CLARK Meriden, Conn. "Ken" June 4, 1925 "Marla the perfect mar: and behold the upright." "Ken" is one of our quieter lads, but in his eyes burn the light of enthu- siasm. He may have had other plans, but the war has changed them. He now wants to join the Army ground crew, where he will, undoubtedly, go far. Best of luck to a grand fellow. Young Men's League. KATHRYN ANN CASALE New Britain, Conn. 'LKay" May 22, 1925 "The virtue lies in the struggle, riot the prize," Who can resist those big brown "come hither" eyesa-that flashing smile? Kay seems to have an excess of personality, for she's always bubbling over with fun and good humor. A leader in class and an honor student, Kay has accom' plished much. Her logical mind will help her in her work, for Kay wants to fill Portia's shoes. Secretary of the Debating Clubg Vice President of Girls' League: Secretary of InterfSchool Council. JAMES HENRY CLINTON New Britain, Conn. "jim" November 20, 1924 "Better late than never." What shall we say about "jim" that is not already known by his class' mates? Perhaps "Jim" has been a little late in handing in his papers, but as long as he continues to make the grade as he has always done, he has the right to deserve all the success that may come his way. Why stop at chance, because if we know "jim" he'll have made his future success a reality while many will still be dreaming of it as only a dream. Young Men's League. BETTY JANE CASTELLANI Springfield. Mass. "Betty" October 26, 1924 "Every cloud must have a silver linirigf' i'Betty's" cheerful nature and nice personality make it very easy for her to gain new friends, not to mention keeping her old ones. She enjoys reading, knitting, and good music. "Betty" intends to go in training as a nurse, and we wish her all the luck in the world. Girls' League: Red Cross. sr NINETEEN iv FO THR 'K v' NEW BHITAI ELIZABETH PATRICIA CASTELLANI New Britain, Conn. "Betty" December 2, 1925 "A friend in need is a friend indeed." "Bett " is that smilin irl with the blue e es and leasin ersonality Y g g Y P g P - Her smile and other characteristics have made many friends for her through her high school days. She is a studious and a dependable person. K'Betty's" plans for the future are not quite certain, but a secretary is first choice, Lucky boss! We wish you a lot of success and we know you will succeed in your goals, "Betty." Girls' League. SAMUEL COHEN New Britain, Conn. "Be merry if you are wise." "Sam" is a carefree young fellow whose hearty laughter and broad grin have made many friends for him. doesn't let pleasure mix with business. He plans to study pharmacy at which field we know he will succeed. Glee Club: Young Men's League. THE BEEHIV 'LProf" june 9, 1923 Although he enjoys dancing quite a bit, he ALICE BEVERLY CI-IAMKO New Britain, Conn. HAI" july 18, 1925 "Some ladies now rnalge pretty songs and some make pretty nurses." Alice possesses every grade that might be required of a nurse. The calm, efficient manner, with which she has tackled her assignments confirms this state' ment. Still Alice can utussle the bustle" when it comes time for laughter. Lucky are the internes who have this miss assisting them. Girls' League. WILLIAM JAMES CONLON New Britain, Conn. "Bill" September 17, 1925 "He is never less alone than when alone." "Bill" is a regular fellow who goes about in his own quiet way, rather than following the crowd. Despite this, he is always willing to give a helping hand to his friends. He is a good student and gets a great deal of pleasure out of life. We wish him more progress in the years ahead. Young Men's League. MARY JOSEPHINE CHROSTOWSKI New Britain, Conn. january 22, 1926 "The end crowns the work." Mary is that quiet girl we've all seen around the school. On the day report cards are given out, she gets all "A's". She is very good at mathematics and science. If Mary does as well in her college days as she probably will, she's sure to come out on top. Girls' Leagueg junior College Club. E i i' 32 N 'k 'I 1' 'A' HIGH scHooL 'vi 5 FLORENCE CHUDZIK New Britain, Conn. "Blondie" April 10, 1924 "Her golden locks are truly neat." "Blondie!" Who's that calling? Is it Dagwood? No. Is it Baby Dumpling7 No. Is it? No? Yes? Yes! It's the Senior Class coming to claim its new prize possession. "Blondie" is a sweet goldenfhaired girl, whom the pupils and teachers prefer. The teachers like her because of her initiative and dependability: the pupils because of her sociability and gracefulness. If ever there should be a contest for the ideal high school girl, we are sure "Blondie" would Ht the part. On the whole, we wish her the best of luck in starting on the road to success as a competent secretary. Girls' League. WILLIAM VINCENT CONLIN New Britain, Conn. "Gui" july 22, 1925 "All passes, Art alone enduring stays to us." "Bill' is another of our potential "Rembrandts" His artistic ability and pleasing personality have gained him a great number of friends. We'll be hear' ing about this chap in the near future, so keep him in mind. Keep up the good work, 'LBill!" Your class is behind you 10053. Young Men's League. NANCY MARGARET -CIANCI New Britain. Conn. "Nan" June 29, 1926 "Music enlightens sorrow." Full of life and vitality, running errands, and singing as she works is Nancy, the songbird of our class. Singing isn't her only musical accomplishment, however, for she is quite at home at the keyboard and attempts a little composing on the side. Although 'kNan" claims that her future plans are uncertain, we are certain that she will continue singing through life and eventually hit a high note. Girls' League: Civic Forum: Pan American League: Glee Club. FRED HENRY COPEMAN West Hartford, Conn. "Freddy" May 25, 1925 "He who cheers others, will be cheered by others." Fred is one of our happy-goflucky, carefree, classmates who can be serious when he wants to. He is the congenial sort of fellow who is welcome in any circle. We know that his outstanding personality will make him a welcome addition to the campus at the University of Connecticut. We add our best wishes for your success, Fred. MARY CIVETTA Italy "Civet" September 23, 1924 K'Few are born with talents that excel But all are capable of living well." After all, what is the use of living if you don't enjoy it? 'l'hat's Mary's philosophy. Her interpretation of living is fun, frolic, and friendliness, and she certainly puts her heart into her beliefs. That is why we are so willing to wager that whatever Mary decides for her future will be enjoyable work. Girls' League. 33 NINETEEN 1 FO YTHR E iv5 NEW BRITAI GRACE MARY CLAFFEY New Britain, Conn. November 4, 1925 "A friend is a second self." If Grace were of the stronger sex we're sure she would be a second Tom' my Harmon, Buster Crabbe, or Irving Jaffe. However, being a likeable sort of girls with the ability of making friends and getting her work done, we're sure Grace will succeed in her chosen field. At present, however, she is keeping that choice a big, dark, secret until she reaches the top. We won't reveal it, GYHCC. Girls' League. ROBERT DWIGHT CAPEN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" july 19, 1925 "lf at first you don't succeed, ivy, try again." "Bob" is a likeable chap who always seems happy and has many friends. He never seems to worry about anything. No matter what field he may choose to work, he has the best wishes of his class. Young Men's League. THE BEEH FAYE RI-IODA CLARK New Britain, Conn. Septemher 26, 1926 "Vv'itl1 a twinkle in lier eyefl Faye is one of those wonderful people who manage to get excellent marks and still is not a bookworm. Bluefeyed, witty, and pretty, are adjectives which fit this allfaround girl. We know you will attain success and happiness in your chosen profession, Faye. National Honor Society, Secretary, Hospitality Committee: junior College Club. WALDON RAMSAY CORBETT New Britain, Conn. "Wall" May 19, 1925 Big and dark, "Wally" has won many friends with his cheerful person' ality. He is always happy and even manages to draw a few smiles on Mondays. "VJally" is planning to take up the ministry in the future. We all hope that he continues to preach the sermon of success. Young Mens League. ELEANOR LOIS CLOUGH Bluehill, Maine "Ellie" February 25, 1926 "Laugh and the Wlorld laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." L'Ellie" is a jolly, fun-loving girl, well liked by all, both teachers and friends. Although she came from Maine, "Ellie" gives the impression of being a typical New Britainite. Although we are in the dark as for her future, we know she will be a success in her chosen career. Girls' League Representative. IVE if ir 34 4, -Af HIGH SCHOOL'Qt 3 PRISCILLA GRAHAM COCHRANE Hartford, Conn. "Prix" july 22, 1925 "Worlq while you worlig play while you play," Here is another of God's gifts to the world. "Pris" is a born leader-A independent, loyal, persistent, ambitious and possessing a great initiative. She is perhaps one of the bestfknown and best-liked girls of the graduating class -both in and out of school. She is very busy, with Student Council, meetings, dancf ing and sports, and weekend visits occupying most of her time. "Prism is planning to enter college in the fall, but as yet has not decided her future alma mater. Because of her versatility and engaging personality, she is among those few who will succeed at an early stage. Golf Clubg Girls' League: junior Collegeg Secretary of Student Council. FRANK JERRY CASCINA New Britain, Conn, November 4, 1925 "All work and no play makes jack a dull boyfl nhll, Good looking, friendly, and versatile, this is Frank. Always looking on i ' -:-'e the bright side of a subject, Frank is forever gaining popularity. Although his "7 .55 future career is as yet unknown. we know that Frank will make his ambition A come true. A fx, ' . g, 5 :-:g ag ,f K ANGELIN ANN COLAPINTO Northampton, Mass. "Lin" February 14. 1916 'Aln order to have a friend, be one," i'Lin" is a likeable dark haired girl who is willing to help all her class' mates and is always amiable and cheerful. Her willingness to assume any ref sponsibility has made her an all around sport. Although she says she scorns the younger generation, she certainly doesn't scorn men. "Lin" would become a good secretary if she wasn't comtemplating a business of her own. Good luck "Lin." - Girls' League: College Club: Red and Gold Representative. WALTER WILLIAM COWPERTHWAITE Hartford, Conn. "Carp" April 8, 1926 "Tell it to the Marinesf' Walter is one of the many reserved students in our class. Despite this retiring nature, he can always take an active part in a conversation. Walter has hopes to join the Marines. He possesses the qualities that spell success and we will be proud to have a classmate in the Marine Corps. Young Men's League. ELIZABETH ELLEN COLLINS New Britain, Conn. "Betty" june 24, 1925 "The sweet little, green little, .Shamrock of Ireland." You'd thing the Blarney stone were to be found in "Betty's" back yard hy the Irish that simply oozes from k'Betty". Not only in the looks but also in the traditional Blarney talk does "Betty" live up to her birthright. This ability accounts for her successful disposal of so many bonds and stamps in her home' room class. May it also prove an asset to you in Ending the right employer for your secretarial prowess, "Betty", . Girls' League. 35 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THREE f 'A' 'A'-,NNEW BRITAIN -Af ADA BARBARA CONTI New Britain, Conn. "Countess" September 22, 1924 "Hence, Loathed Melancholy." Ada is one of the most unusual and charming girls you will ever meet. She is quiet and reserved to all. That combination is hard to beat. Although Ada's plans after graduation are uncertain, we know she will succeed in any' thing she undertakes. Best of luck to you, Ada. Girls' League. DORIS MAE BOWRY New Britain. Conn. Nlarch 26. 1925 'AO11 with the dance" Soft lights and sweet music seem to welcome Doris at every dance, for she loves this graceful sport and enjoys it whenever she gets the chance. Her funfloving nature doesn't interfere with her work, however, for Doris never neglects her homework to dance or play. Future years will Hnd Doris working in an ollice, as this is what she wants to do. We're sure you'll reach your goal. Doris, so good luck to you. PAULINE CHRISTINA COTY New Britain, Conn. 'lPaul" January 8, 1925 "Neat not gaudy." Pauline is a merry person with a willing and friendly nature. Her brilf liant mind, ready wit, and hig ideas have been recognized by her fellow stu' dents and, in turn, won her the position of Vice President of the Civic Forum. Pauline's plans for the future are uncertain, hut with the sterling qualities she possesses she is sure to succeed in any Held she chooses, Ind Vice President Civic Forum: Press Representative. JOSEPH WILLIAM CROWLEY New Britain, Conn. "joe" july 11, 1925 "Sincerity and faithfulness are the two noblest things." "joe" is a nice looking chap with a pleasing smile and gracious person' ality. Besides these two excellent traits, he is a stylish dresser and every inch a gentleman. His future plans are to he a doctor. Here's hoping in time he will hang up his shingle in our fair city. Football: Young Men's League. HILDA JOAN CRENELLA New Britain, Conn. 'lune 29, 1925 'fAnd where are you going with your love-locks flowing?" . . . especially since the dimfout has been in effect. Well we won't press Hilda to divulge all her secrets. But it is no secret that a certain "Lochinvar" is a leading "stockholder" in Hilda's heart and its "Bond" to interfere with her plans for that secretarial career. Girls' League. E BEEHIVE sk if se i' 1- ar HIGH scHooL5ft 5 LORETTA FRANCES CZAK A Southington, Conn. "Laurel" October 10, 1925 "Whate'er my fate is, 'tis my fate to write." Loretta is hitching her wagon to a star. The star of Calliope. Since Loretta is willing to do all the sweating that hitching involes, we are qualified to put great faith in "Laurel". Throughout high school she has managed to breeze through diflicult subjects with enough leisure time to spend in writing. She intends to further develop her adepmess to the pen by spending a few years at St. Josephs College. Well Loretta we'll be looking forward to seeing a picture of you and the Pulitzer Prize. Library Page: Civic Forum: Girls' League: junior College Club. HENRY RICHARD DABKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Dall Dah." April 16, 1925 'ANQ place like school." 'LDab Dah" is an industrious student who would rather study the classics and read Shakespeare than eat. He is like many of the great artists in that he eats and sleeps only occasionally. He is bound to succeed and over' come his one great obstacle-spelling, HELEN CZAPLA New Britain, Conn. "Cliap'l April 10, 1925 "Laugh and the world laughs with you." "Chap" is a well liked person, and one who can make friends readily. Her pleasing personality and good nature will be of great assistance in her future endeavors. May your future in office work he as bright as it has been at your old Alma Mater, "Chap" Girls' League. WILLIAM JAMES DAILEY Hartford, Conn. "Red" October 21, 1925 K'Riglitvthat will do for the Marines." "Red" is a jolly fellow and one who has made life at high school a merry place to be. His future in the Marines will probably have a great deal to offer for a lad of such ability as 'kRed's". i'Sighted Sub, sank same". We hope you have the same experience, 'kRed". Good luck to you from the whole class. Baseball Team: Young Men's League. LUCY BARBARA CZERWINSKI New Britain, Conn. "Lodz" August 23, 1924 "Five feet five, eyes of blue. blond hair, well4just woo-woo." l'Lodz" is one of the quiet types of girls that make the world able to be lived in. Sliding smoothly through three years of intellectual endeavor, "Lodz" hopes to prepare herself to the "nth" degree in secretarial school for the envi' able employer who will enjoy the work of this efficient miss. Girls' League: Ping Pong: Bowling. 37 NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE 'K 34,56 - N 1: W B H 1 T A I MORIAN ESTHER DALEY 4-X N ir 'A' New Britain, Conn. May 15, 1925 "Eyes that 'rain influencefl She's a cheerful miss with beautiful blue eyes and answers to the name of Marion. Roller skating and dancing occupy much of her leisure time and her future tools will include a typewriter and shorthand pad. Sure enough, it's Marion Daley. Girls' League. MARIO JOHN De LORENZO New Britain, Conn. "Flash" September 28, 1923 "The wise one learns now." Meet one of the best natured fellows in our class. Mario is one of our studious boys and his grades show it, The case you see him coming to school with, has his violin in it. He is just a musician at heart. We hope he will Hnd success in the future, just as he has in the past. THE' BEEH VERONICA MARY DANKO New Britain, Conn. "Ronnie" September 20. 1925 'AA sunny disposition is a gift of Godf, Tall, graceful and beautiful are all adjectives describing this witty niiss. You have probably seen her scurrying to her next class or ice skating with her many friends. Her chosen profession is that of an aviatrix but for safety's sake she has decided to come down to earth and populate a local office. Avia' tion's loss is business's gain. Girls' League. JOHN CALVIN KITSON New Britain, Conn. Hjackn April 29, 1925 Ml must go down to the sea again, To the roving, gypsy lifef' "Here comes the Navy"-"Anchors aweigh"f"Ship Ahoy"f'I'he fleet's in. We mean A'-lack," of course. His lively spirit has made him known around the school and in the most active organizations. Many a feminine heart has fluttered when blonde, wavyfhaired "jack" strutted by. His career has begun sooner than that of his classmates, for "jack" has already completed his basic training and is now serving on an aircraft carrier. That's typical of 'ijack", always one jump ahead of the other fellow and several jumps nearer to success. Young Men's League. VERNA EILEEN DAVIDSON New Britain, Conn. "Vern'l july 13, 1925 "Variety is the mother of enjoyment." A crisp day and a frozen pond usually claim "Vern" as their own. For this young miss is quite a connoisseur of the blades. Besides being capable of doing Egure skating with exceptional ability. She has also sailed straight through her subjects with ease. She is one of few girls, who believes in having her work on time. We are sure she will be a success in whatever field she undertakes. Girls' League. IVE iv -A' 38 it ,ir HIGH sc luck to you, "Armie." Young Men's League. ELIZABETH MARY DAWIDOWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Betty", july 4, 1924 "Slowly but safely." Elizabeth, better known as 'iBetty," is a well liked girl in the Senior High School because of her friendliness and cooperation. She has a nice personality and is not timid, even in her classes. "Betty" has been the treasurer of the Civic Forum for one year and a member of the Girls' League for three. She, like many of the other students, expects to secure a good position after grad' uation, and we wish her much luck. Civic Forum: Girls' League. STEPHAN DER MARGOSIAN New Britain, Conn. "Steve" March 16, 1926 "Labor conquers all things." Athletegstudent-well liked fellow, this is "Steve" It is very seldom that you find a person that can combine athletic ability and the desire of knowlf edge all in one, but "Steve" has done this very thing with ease. His persever- ing attitude and ambitious nature will further aid him in his life's career. What' ever career "Steve" may pursue, we're sure that he will pursue it diligently and efficiently. Young Men's League: Cross Country: Track: Varsity Club. ANTOINETTE DE FAZIO New Britain, Conn. "Tony" May 10, 1926 "Little but to the point." Antoinette, a dark haired little miss who stands only Hve feet two, is blessed with a fascinating personality: plus. She loves to dance, skate, and bowl: however, this doesn't mean she neglects her work. The contagion of her smiles is strong. It will help her in the profession of beautician, which she has chosen for her future job. Good luck, Antoinette, and may your life be full of joys. Girls' League: Red Cross. 3, N 1 N E T E E N ,if Girls' League: Girl Reserves: Junior Air Raid Warden. 'K' Hoof. f:i 5 ARAMENTHIA DAVIS Pittsburgh, Penna. "Annie" April 19, 1925 "Keep on smiling." 'LArmie" is what her friends call her for short. When you see her walking through the halls, you can't help recognizing her by the big smile which she has for everyone. For five years "Armie" has been a worker in the Girl Ref serves of the Y. W. G. A. Her main activities are dancing, club work, and singing. "Armie's" great ambition after graduation is to become a nurse, and she has planned to train in Lincoln Training School in New York. Good GIVEN DER HOOSIGIAN New Britain, Conn. "Teddy" September 11, 1925 'i'I'l1e birds can fly, so why can't l?'l Although he is known as "Teddy" to his friends, his real name, Given, is unknown to most of his class. "Teddy" is a friendly chap and one who is bound to make a success of whatever he undertakes. At present he is con- templating a career in the Naval Air Corp. Keep 'em flying, "Teddy." TY-THREE tVN NEW BRITAIN -A' ROSE DELLDONNA New Britain, Conn. April 18, 197.5 "Hitch your wagon to a star." We seem to see signs all along this road saying, "Visit any of Rose's Rural Restaurants, pleasant escape for tired city dwellers." I wonder? Could this be the Rose whom we knew in N. B. H. S., who wanted to own just one rural tearoom? Yes, that's right. This is the same young lady who couldn't make up her mind whether to graduate from Newington High or N. B. H. S. This happy go lucky girl will make a name for herself, we know, if she works as hard in the future as she has in the past. Girls' League. JOSEPH HENRY DEUTSCH New Britain, Conn. "joe" December 21, 1913 HA stitch in time saves nine" Where would our baseball and basketball team he without Joe? His pitching has won fame both in and out of school. One of joe's ambitions is to pitch for the Boston Red Sox. His future plans include the United States Marines. Best of luck for the future, loc, and we know you will succeed. Football: Basketball: Baseball: Young Men's League, GERTRUDE ELIZABETH DE MAY New Britain, Conn. "Gert" May 7, 1924 "Ambition is ci wonderful thing" Tiny but wisdom galore is "Gert." She is full of energetic spirit that bubbles over every hour of the day, She loves to dance and enjoys all types of sports. She is a grand sport and a true pal to all whether it be in or out of school. As yet, she has not decided what she is going to doAmaybe join the WAVES. Whatever her future may be, we know she will succeed. if ROLAND JOSEPH DI FRONZO av ,, Q New Britain, Conn. 'LRoland" August 10, 1923 51,5 I 1 "The strength of ten" Roland is an athlete of extraordinary strength. His ambition is to be a 127 ' V gymnastic teacher. On the side he takes trumpet lessons and may some day Q A become another Harry James. Good luck to you Joe, and keep up the good ' "" . , work. You can't help getting to the top that way. Q ' 1:12:52 LUCILLE MARION DEPTULA New Britain, Conn. "Cvemo" June 17, 1925 "A pleasant maid of mirth and wit" When one thinks of "Cremo" one thinks of humor, wit, and laughter, for she is seldom serious. Her bubbling spirit is so infectious, that even the most solemn minded person has to laugh. No social affair is complete without "Cremo", for when she starts things off, they keep on going for hours. If she joins the WAVES, as she considers doing, we can rest assured, that she'll keep the enemy on pins and needles. So keep 'em running, "Cremo." Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -A' if 40 HIGH SCHOOL'-ft 'k 5 JOHANNA DEUTCH New Britain, Conn. "jg" April 1, 1925 'iffliey also serve, who only stand and wait." "Jo" is one young lady with plenty of potential power. When she begins to perpetrate her ability and personality it will be far reaching. Throughout her in- ternc at N. B. H. she has maintained scholastic records in such a quiet way that we cant help admiring her. She is quite capable of gliding quietly down a hospif tal corridor as she has succeeded so well in moving quietly in school. Girls' League. JOSEPH ANTHONY DIORIO New Britain, Conn. "Joel January 21, 1926 "Hope to the end." "Joe" is a rather quiet boy, but there is a light of hre and enthusiasm in his dark eyes. Through his three years at high school he gained many friends and will undoubtedly continue to do so in later life. Keep up your gay and lively disposition, "Joe," and life will bear its fruits. Young Men's League. EVELYN DEWEY New Britain, Conn. "Dewey" October 19, 1925 "Like a bivd in the air." x won ered who the t ical American Girl is2 XVhy Have you efer d ' yp ' ' H7 A'Dewey". of course. She is athletic, full of fun and frolic, and always ready to lend a helping hand. Although roller skating takes up most of her time, she enjoys involving herself in a few bookkeeping problems. After graduation. she plans to become a bookkeeper or a clerk. We know that whatever she un dertakes, she will do it to the best of her ability. Girls' League: Civic Forum Representative: Student Council: Defense Cluh. CHESTER JOHN DI PIETRO New Britain, Conn. Hchetn July 27, 1925 " 'Tix no marvel he is so humorous." "Chefs" sense of humor is apparent at all times. His talents have been displayed behind the grocery counter and if you're ever in need of a pound of butter, L'Chet's" the one to look up. His first love is aviation hut a pretty face runs a close second. "Chet2' plans to enter some school of aeronautics. so "Keep 'em flying" fella! Young Men's League. LOUISE EVELYN DIEMENTE New Britain, Conn. "Lou" March 17. 1925 "On the Sunnyside of life." Five feet two, eyes of blue, blond hair, and you have x'Lou." She is iust chockffull of pep, especially when she's out having fun. "Lou" is a graceful dancer, and consequently has scores of friends, particularly among the male sex, She is contemplating on entering into the held of business. No doubt. with her hne qualities. she will climb very high onto the ladder to success. Girls' League. ii NINETEEN sk FO YTHR L 'A' I I . THE BEEHIV EVA CECELIA DIZZIA New Britain, Conn. "Eve" July 10, 1925 "With lovely eyes to taunt you, With cheerfulness to flaunt you, So if she ever haunts you Then you know it is our Eve." You've heard that saying about good things and small packages. Well Eve's one reason for its being said. The school walls will feel lonely without "Eve's" laughter to resound from them. However, while the institute accusf toms itself to its lonely existence, "Eve" will be spreading her soul warming sunshine into some husiness office. "Eve" shall always be busy for there is plenty of gloom to be chased and she is just the one to do it. Girls' League. WILLIAM DUDACK New Britain, Conn. "Bill" September 16, 1926 "lf you can jill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, yours is the earth and everything thats in it andgwhich is rnoref youll be a man, my sonf' 'iBill" comes through the halls with a cheery smile and a friendly word for all. Both of these things and his broad sense of humor have gained innumerf able friends for him, Being a sports enthusiast he has taken an active part in football, baseball, and baskethall. His one and only ambition is to join the Marines. When Lieutenant Dudack comes marching home, we'll know that the Marines have landed and have the situation well in hand. Young Men's League. Girls' League. best wishes. Young Men's League. in the history books. Girls' League. 'K k3 NEW BBITA1 SARAH JUNE DOHERTY New Britain, Conn. 'LSally" i 1 7 "lndustry is fortunes right hand Whether it is the aspect of the hoss's soft lap payday or loye of the typewriter that made Sally decide to be a secretary we dont know However she has, and we're sure she'll enjoy all three phases EUGENE EDWARD DUDZINSKI New Britain, Conn. "Duda" August 18 19"W 'iKeep 'em flying "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder' yes Gene is destined to fly for he expects to attend an aviation school after graduation His pleasant smile and unusual personality will help him to succeed and we send him off with MARY DOMANELIS New Britain, Conn. October 30 19'-4 "Laugh and the world laughs with you Who can think of Mary, without recalling her sparkling smile and ami cable manner? Who can remember her, without recollecting her humorous and witty sayings? But don't get her wrong because in time of study she pushes aside all thoughts of gaiety. Her favorite subject 15 history about which she can talk every hour of the day. Here's hoping that she might some day appear Eff 42 uk 'A' Girls' League. ALICE CORNELIA DONNELLY Waterbtlry, Conn. April 2, 1925 "Peace and calm and quiet." Yes, that tall blond is Alice. She goes about her work quietly and calmly in school: but at a party or some amusement center, she's the belle of attraction and gaiety. She has a fine sense of humor, and because of her loyalty is a great friend. She is planning to be either a nurse or a dietitian, Alice will make great headway in either, because she has always liked Home Economics. So. here's luck to her in the work she likes best. Girls' League: junior College Club. VERNON JOSEPH DUL New Britain, Conn. October 31, 1925 "Happy am Ig from care I'm free." Here is a likeable fellow who usually accomplishes what he sets out to do. As a sports' cheerleader his fine personality has won for him many friends. His cheerful traits will certainly help him to succeed when he goes out into the world. Young Meii's League: Cheerleader. ELIZABETH DORIA New Britain, Conn. July 16, 1925 "To knotu her is to love her." Attention boys! If you haven't met "Betty" yet, you better get in line and await your chance. For here's a girl who has everythingfbeauty plus ability. in equilibrium with mirth plus bliss. She enjoys all sportsfespecially swimming and bowling. Wliy with all these attributes, her ladder will end on the step marked 'iSecretary." We wish her the best in success in her future life. Girls' League. 43 NINETEEN -k Captain of '42 Football Team: Baseball. HIGH sci-loot '--4i ANN DOMBLAUSKAS New Britain, Conn, july 29, 1925 "Good things come in small packages." If a cheerful little gal has been giving you a friendly smile and a pleasant 'kHello", and you don't know just who she is, take a good look at this miss and don't be surprised if she is familiar. "Annie's" pleasant disposition and appearance have been noticed by all who have ever met her. This petite pack' age of personality has an unique hobbyftaking down in shorthand popular songs that she hears via Marconi's invention. "Annie" plans to put this habit to good use in the future when she becomes a full fledged secretary. CHARLES ANDREW DUGGAN Malone, New York i'Cap" January 2, 1925 "O Captain my Captain." The love of sports, especially football, is first in the eyes of "Cap" Great heights were to be attained in football by the 1942 Captain Duggan ,but they were abruptly altered in the fourth game of the season when "Cap" accidental' ly broke his ankle. Thus ended his high school football career. Hoping to attain his education at Boston College fand also get in a little footballj we are sure that he will succeed in any career he may choose. FOHTY-THR i1D NEW MARY DREZEK New Britain, Conn. November 13, 1925 "It is a poor heart that never rejoicesf, Here is a girl whom everyone can admire for her sweet smile and pleasing company. Mary has been an active member of the Girls' League for three years. She is the type of girl who will be a credit to her school in later life, when she has completed her training to be a nurse. Girls' League. WILLIAM CARL DUNKEL New Britain, Conn. "Gentleman Bill" October 6, 1925 "There is nothing like fun, is there7'l Until something better comes along, says "Dunk," a world full of women is my "Shangri La." But don't take "Bill" wrong, although women are his prime concern he maintains many private interests and abilities which are well presented. He possesses a pleasant personality which is difficult to resist and is indeed an authority on etiquette, which only helps to explain his nickname "Gentleman Bill." A tall, dark, handsome lad, well poised, dependable and in possession of a sense of humor is N. B. H. S. own "Gentleman Bill." Young Men's League: Golf Team. BRITAIN sk THE BEEH , . . MARY ANN DUDACK New Britain, Conn. July 1, 1925 "Sweet are her LUdj'S.H If you are in a quest of a cute little miss, you can end your hunt when you meet Mary. You can see her at almost any time, breezing through the hallways and down the stairs: you can hear her just as often. greeting everyone with a cheery 'iHi, there!" Her friendly attitude makes her well known and well liked by all. A nurse's career is Mary's intention. She'll make a wonderful nurse to fevered brows, but watch out for the male patients--especially one. We all hope shc'll be a nurse, even though it is only to show everyone how pretty she'll look in white. Girls' League: Archery Club. DONALD FRANCIS EGAN New Britain, Conn. HDon" March 17, 1926 "Opportunity Knocks." "Don" is small but seems to move about the school with the speed of lightning. No matter where you look, "Don" is almost certain to be there. He has gained quite a reputation for himself in both basketball and baseball. "Don" has the underlying qualities for success and we know that he will prove true to them. Young Men's League. LIBBY ELLA DUNN New Britain, Conn. "Ish" December 14, 1925 "And her dark eyesf, how eloquent Ask what they would 'twas granted." Some have "it," some have Mpingf' some have "oomph," but "Ish" has eyes. She aspires to take down some boss's dictation, that is some em' ployer who can look at those overpowering orbs, and still give dictation. Folf low your eyes, "Ish." Girls' League. IVE i 'k 44 ,qv ,qv HIGH sc BARBARA JANE DYSON New Britain, Conn. "Barb" September 3, 1925 "Busy here and there." uBarb's" no ravishing beauty, but boy, oh boy, what a gal! First, you see her here, then you see her there: one moment she's doing this, next moment she's doing that. For her country, she's helping out by working after school: for her own interests, she keeps her mind on Mac: for her future, she plans to become a Woman in White. With such high aims and hopes, we wish her great success in the field of nursing. Girls' League. IRVING EISENBAUM Bayonne, New Jersey "Eis" September 15, 1923 "A wolf in sheep's clothing." Well "Eis", your stretch at N. B. H. S. has hnally come to an end. "Eis" is the boy who seems always to be in the center of a group of girls. He is a good student when he puts his mind to it, and can get good marks. Maybe that's because he promises ten Jap helmets to all teachers who will give him an So long, "Eis," whether it's the University of Florida or Uncle Sam we know your personality will pull you through. HOOL Cfsgpilx Young Men's League: Basketball. y a p X Us H . .., 1 ..,..,., .. . . ,,..,,. if E 'W l sas GERTRUDE DZIEKAN New Britain, Conn. "T'ruddy" August 26, 1926 A'Knowledge is a treasuref' Everyone knows "Truddy," the demure and poised lady of the class. But 'kTruddy" also has a delightful personality, her friendliness and gaiety charm us all. With her talent, future success is guaranteed. We will be watching your progress, "Truddy." Girls' League: Defense Club. GEORGE EPSTEIN New Britain, Conn. "Eppie" june 27, 1925 "A true scholar and gentleman." 'kEppie" is a born dancer and loves everything about it. In school he is smart, as you would know if you saw his report card. Although 'iEppie" did plan to go to college, the war changed all that. He now desires to join the Navy Air Corps. All who know George agree that he will make a success of himself and will probably knock down plenty of -laps and Germans. We hope so anyhow. Young Men's League: Civic Forum. HELEN DZIELENSKI New Britain, Conn. "Ginger" June 26, 1925 "Divinely tall and so divinely fair." This red headed Juno is a walking disprovement of the supposition that red hair and temperament are synonymous. Her infectious good humor is her special attribute, or so say her legion of friends. The nursing profession is soon to be favored by "Ginger's" membership. Lucky patients. Girls' League: Progressive Chemistry Club: National Honor Society. 4, NINETEEN 1- FO Y THR it fv' NEW BHITAI LILLIAN EARLE New Britain, Conn. "Lil" November 19, 1925 i'Be true to your work and your work will be true to you," "Lil" as she is affffectionately called by her friends, is the funfloving type of person we all enjoy knowing. She's a favorite with teachers as her work is always kept up to date. In her spare time she is a librarian at the East Street Branch Library, where both boys and girls like her. 'kLil's" favorite sports are dancing and ice skating. Her future plans are indefinite as yet, but we know she will succeed in whatever she plans to do. Q Girls' League. KARL BERTIL ERICKSON New Britain, Conn. "Red" May 30, 1925 TH HA quiet mind is riclier than a crown." "Red" is one of those shy and quiet individuals who believes in the adage i'Silence is Golden." Unlike most of his classmates, he takes care of no one's business but his own. Perhaps that is the reason he has made so many lasting friends. However, k'Red" has high hopes of becoming an aeronautical engif neer. In the future "Red" will be one of the boys who will "keep 'em flying." Young Men's League Representative. E EH LILLIAN ANN ELIA New Britain, Conn. "Lil" May 17, 1925 "Silent as tlie moon." "Lil" is one of the many students in high school who are anxious to join the WAVES and help her country. She is very small and quiet, and never bothers anyone. We are sure she will succeed and wish her the best of luck in whatever she does as a profession. Girls' League. MICHAEL JOHN ERREDE New Britain, Conn. "Mickey" October 28, 1919 "Industry conquers all." "Mickey" is among the most diligent students of our Senior class. Through' out high school he has carried a math and science course and has done admir- ably well. His sincerity and dependability have gained him many friends among fellow classmates and faculty alike. After graduation he wants to enter M.1.'1'. where he will train to be a civil engineer. May success be yours, "Mickey." MARGARET ERICSON New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" April 29, 1926 "Her fair liair my heart ericliaineclf' There is no doubt in anyone's mind as to why Peggy is sometimes referred to as the Prettiest girl in N. B. H. S. But beauty isn't Peggy's only claim to fame, for she is a gentle and reiined person, admired by all. Her friends, which include many of the opposite sex, recognize her sincerity and like her better for it. The Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School will welcome Peggy as one of their students where we know she will click. Music Club: Junior College Club: Ski Club: Girls' League Representative. E t t 46 N i' ir -A' HIGH scHooL "L-i 5 CLARA EVANAUSKAS New Britain, Conn. September 8, 1925 "Ever smiling, mischievous daughter of Satan." Clara, just plain Clara, but oh, what a wealth of personality she has. She fits in anywhere and with anyoneg although she seems shy, polite, and reserved, that is only before you know her. Then you Gnd that Clara has an amazing capacity for making and keeping friendships, a grand sense of humor, to say nothing of scholastic ability. Here's hoping you fare as well at Duke and in future years as you have with us, Clara, Amphion Club: junior College Club: Girls' League. JAMES LEWIS FAGAN Hartford, Conn. "jim" November 1, 1925 "He who is firm in will, molds the world to himself." Hailing to us from our state capitol, jim is a real all around good student. His brilliant smile has won him many friends both in and out of school. His immediate future lies with the army. Lot's of luck "jim". Keep up the good work. Bandg Orchestra: Glee Club: Young Men's League. LENA FARIA New Bedford. Mass. "Lee" March 31. 1925 LMYUILT wit makes others witty." Humorous in all situations, "Lee" always has a smile for everyone, espef cially the opposite sex. She has a pleasing personality and a happy disposition which are sure to help her in the future. "Lee's" favorite hobbies are howling and dancing, as well as the rather bad one of dayfdreamingfusually at the wrong time. She plans to be a bookkeeper, and as she is dependable, we all know she will succeed. Girls' League: Baseball: Y.W.C.A. STEPHEN ROBERT FAUREAU New Britain, Conn. "Steve" February 6, 1925 "Loclzinuar in the making." He is a shy, good natured boy with a ready smile for everyone, His looks and personality have won him many friends, especially among the ufair sex." His ability to make interesting conversation gives him the reputation of being good company. He makes a warm friend and one who would help you out if you were in trouble. Young Men's League. CAROL LOUISE FEENEY Rockledge, Vermont "Shorty" Marcli 3. 1926 'LWitl1 a smile on her lips." Her bright smile and laughing eyes together with her determination to help others make Carol one of our most popular students. A good sport, she en' joys roller skating and swimming, Nursing is her intended career, and we know she will make good. Best of luck to a grand girl. Girls' League: Roller Skating: Swimming, 47 NINETEEN iv FoHTY-:rHH EE it iv'NEW BRITAIN -A' -if GLADYS ELIZABETH FEENEY New Britain, Conn. "Gladie" Fehruary 8, 1926 "I hasten to laugh at everytliingf' "Gladie," pert and witty, has a great many friends at high school. When there's the slightest occasion for humor, she has a joke on the tip of her tongue. If you don't know her, you may meet her some day at the hospital, for she plans to enter training to be a nurse. Best of luck, Gladys, we're sure you'll make good. Civic Forum: Girls' League. FENMORE FRED FEIGENBAUM New Britain, Conn. "Fen" August 1, 1915 "Be wise ---- have a good time all the time." l'Fen" is a popular "allfaround" student and has made a host of friends. He helieves that you are only young once and carries through his convictions. His future lies with the United States Navy. Best of luck to you, Fen. Young Men's League. SHIRLEY FEINBERG New Britain, Conn. "Shiv'l" Nlarch 26. 1926 "Conversation is the image of the mind: as the man xo is his speeclifi Sophistication personified -poise exalted-that's our "Butch" Shirley has betwitched many a masculine heart with her rendition of the lovely bride in last year's Amphion presentation of the i'The Bride." But "Shirl's'l real am' hition is to act from the podium. She plans to prepare for her career as an English teacher at T. C. G. Shakespeare will he greatly enhanced when stu' dents see his lines through this young lady's interpretation. I H Girls' League: Vice President of Debating Cluh: junior College Cluh. ROBERT MC CANCE FERGUSON New Britain, Conn. A'Bol7" Octoher 25, 1925 "Gods gift to the women." "Fergie" is an industrious young man who is doing his hest for national "' defense. "Bob" is very popular with all the girls in his classes and most ol them will he broken-hearted when he is gone. We wish you the hest ol luck .fy 1, in whatever you undertake, "Bohn ,Q A V:.,,g5g:Qaf5:2-ii? Young Meii's League, if If . EDITH ELIZABETH FEINGOLD West Haven, Conn. "Edie" Qctoher 25, 1923 'K'I'he 'voice so sweet. the words so fair." Do you know "Edie"7 Well youlre certainly missing something. Shel a grand girl and very friendly. Her smile is cheerful and her personality bright. Being a patriotic miss, i'F.die" plans to join the NV.A.A.C.S. after graduation and we wish her much luck in this new career. Civic Forum: Defense Cluh: Girls' League: Red Cross. THE BEEHIVE -if if it HIGH Hoot v 5 -Av -k SC Girls' League. vouch for his sense of humor. His musical if he didn't, God speed you on to success, Young Men's League: Band, JOAN PATRICIA FLANAGAN Hartford, Conn. "Carrotftop" March 17, 1925 'Tresses like the morn." The sun rises when joan walks down "la rue". Well at least it has that appearance for Joan is blessed with that certain shade of golden and red hair. joan is really an individualist. Besides being quite a divot digger her gifted lingers are adept at the key board. Beethoven and boogielwoogie are this young lady's main claim to fame. junior College Club: Girls' League: Glec Club: Golf Club. FRANCIS RONALD FLISS New Britain, Conn. "Sonny" May 25, 1925 "The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize." Mr. Fliss is an able leader in no matter what field he chooses. He dem' onstrated this while performing for the Red and Gold football team in the sea- son of '42, "Fran" also has shown us that he can direct school activities as well, for at present he is one of the reasons why the Civic Forum has been doing so well. He is a quiet and capable boy and can be depended upon in an emerf gency. lf' Mr. Fliss goes to college, the institution that gets him can be sure of a star pupil, both in studies and athletics. President of Civic Forum: Student Council: Football: Basketball: Baseball. MARTHA EVE FLORAS New Britain, Conn. "Mart" March 1, 1926 'ASileiice is the mother of truth." Martha, or "Mart," as her friends call her, is one of our more quiet girls. Perhaps you donlt know her, but if you do you'll never forget her, for she has a nice personality and a winning smile. Her future plans are a secret, but we wish her success in whatever she may do. o Girls' League. 49 N I N E T E E N f LEATRICE FENDEL New Britain, Conn. "Lendy" February 10, 1926 "Beware of her fair hair." Blonde hair, bright wit, a friendly smile, yes, that's our "Lendy." She likes to do many things and is easy to get acquainted with. After graduation she plans to study commercial teaching at the University of Connecticut, where she'll surely be a success. Best of luck, "Lendy", we'll miss you, JOSEPH WILLIAM FITZGERALD New Britain, Conn. "Fitz" April 1, 1925 A'Music is the universal language of manlqindf' "Fitz" is one of the quietest members of our class though his friends will ability is illustrated by his presence in the band. The Navy claimed "Fitz" early in the year. Did the admiral place you on the committee for the reception of the mermaids, "Fit:?" Even FORTY-THR 'K kve NEW BRITAIN -if ELIZABETH MARY FORGIONE New Britain, Conn. 'ABetty'l October 1, 1925 "She's pleasant to walk with, Sl1e's witty to talk with." Maybe it's her twinkling eyes, maybe it's her flashing smile, and then it might be her unpredictable suggestions. Whatever is the answer, "Betty" has drawn friends, both male and female by this mysterious something. True sucf cess in life is being well liked. Therefore "Betty" has no aspirations concern' ing her success, as it has already been made. Girls' League: Civic Forum: Defense Club. GEORGE WILLIAM FORSYTH New Britain, Conn. 'iBeans" August 15, 1924 "An all around good fellow." George is a likeable fellow and a good sport. Whatever he undertakes he is sure to carry it through to the finish, whether it be on the baseball diamond or in the classroom. George is one of those fellows who can take a good joke as well as give one. Whatever your ultimate goal in life may be, George, we're sure that you'll come out on top. Young Men's League. SOPHIE FORMICA "Let thy knowledge grow from more to more." ing the next days lessons. Sophie has a lively sense of humor and many friends come a nurse will soon be realized. ' Girls' League Representative: Civic Forum: Red Cross. CARMEN FRANCESCHELLI New Britain, Conn. june 3, 1914 'iLife is an uncurable disease." Here is one lad that has never been heard of much during his years at high school, Although he has been active in the musical field, he plans to make drafting his future career. May you draft your way right to success, Carmen. Young lMen's League. MARION CHARLOTTE EZZO ucurlyll UTO be or not to be" Marion is known to her friends as Curly, because of the mass of brown curls that cover her head. She has a wonderful sense of humor, but takes her school work very seriously. i'Curly" has worked hard here, and we're sure she'll continue to do so after graduation. Here's luck to you, i'Curly." THE BEEHIVE f if 50 New Britain, Conn. "Sopl1" july 11, 1916 Sophie is one of our more reserved, serious minded young women. She is an outstanding student and in school spends every spare moment busily preparf With studious qualities such as she possesses, we know that her desire to bef -pf ,rf HIGH SCHOOL'Qt KATHERINE ANNE FRANK Middletown, Conn. "Kay" November 9, 1925 "To lqnow her is to love her" Sincerity and a pleasant personality are the winning traits of "Kay," who is a member of the Girls' League and the Civic Forum. She is taking a secre- tarial course and will surely make her way in this world, for she is charming and friendly to everyone. Lots of luck and happiness, "Kay", in your ad' venture in life. Civic Forumg Girls' League. LAWRENCE TIMCHISZIN New Britain, Conn. September 26, 1926 "Fly as a bird on the wings of night" He is known to all his many friends as "Timmy". His hobby is building airplanes. His one ambition is to fly, but his one handicap is wearing glasses. Let's all hope he can overcome this handicap and is able to fly, and help win the war. We wish you all the luck in the world l'Timmy," and dont forget to try to 'LKeep them flying." Boys' League. BERNICE FROEBA New Britain, Conn. "Bert" September 27, 1925 'lFor the love of laughter hinder not the humor of her designs." A good sport in every sense of the word, Bernice finds it easy to acquire new friends. Along with more strenuous activities she is considered to be more than a mediocre pianist. It is the opinion of those who know her that she will succeed in any Held she chooses to enter. Girls' League: Civic Forum: Defense Club. THEODORE JOHN FREDERICK New Britain, Conn. "Ted" july 17, 1925 "'I'om0v'row is another day." "Ted" is a good fellow, although he is rather shy, but once he gets in a . crowd he is lots of fun. He does well in his studies and also plays the piano quite well. 'kTed" intends to further his education by attending Teachers' College after graduation. Best of luck "Ted" and keep up the good work. Young Men's League. ROSE ELIZABETH FRUGALE New Britain, Conn. "Sis" May 25, 1926 "A cheerful look makes a dish of feast," '- - "Sis", bright and happy, cheerful and peppy, has many friends who all up ii .'-v .H ,'.". Q ,gi agree that she is an unusually interesting girl with a Hne personality. We'll miss f her, but we know she'll make a Hne nurse. Best of luck to you, Rose. ' ,.,A l Girls' League. Q ,.,, 5, 5, NINETEEN f FORTY-THREE 'K t.XNEw BRITAIN -pf if MARGARET GAFFNEY New Britain, Conn. K'Peggy" june 7, 1926 "A jg for care." "Peggy" is the attractive, happyfgo-lucky girl who always greets her friends fand she has a great many, because of her striking personalityj with a cheery "Hi, kid!" If all of a sudden you should think there's an earthquake, don't worry, it isn't, it's just "Peggy" losing her temper again, for when she gets angry, her right foot uncontrollably starts stamping. She expects to attend a secretarial college in the near future, and we know she will graduate with flying colors, as she did from high school. Girls' League: Glee Club. ROBERT JOSEPH FUCINI New Britain. Conn. 'ASneezie" May 31, 1926 "One cannot know everything." "Bob" has just had a taste of N. B. H. S., coming to us in his senior year from New York. Although he was only here for one year, "Bob" has left his mark in the high school. His activities during his year at school are many, the Chemistry Club and the Newspaper Club occupying most of his time. "Bob" has certainly left a memory of his hne spirited personality with those that knew him. VELMA MARIE GAGNON Lowell, Mass. "Val" March 13, 1925 "A light heart and carefree mannerf' "Val" is a sweet girl whom you see tripping about the halls of N. B. H. S. She is a dark pert lass with a mind of her own. Among her favorite pastimes are dancing, swimming, and bike riding. Her present ambition is to become a secretary. May 'kLady Luck" ride by your side, "Val." Girls' League. i"-- . GERARD GAGNON 1 'Q--Q V' ,B Main "jerry" January 19, 1924 fd-,X V A "A wise man says nothing." , "Jerry's" been in New Britain for about a year although he originally 5 comes from Maine. He's the quiet sort of a person who knows when to laugh I "" and when to have fun. Although he is now doing defense work, "Ierry's" i . f I .E - serious attitude and scholastic ability will carry him thru any task his true am' ,Au I , , . bition calls for. :Z "-., , v ' 7 :iff 3 . p . . IDA GALANTE Italy "Shorty" January 30, 1926 "Let a smile be your giudef' Remember the cute little lass who won recognition in our school for her beautiful eyes. Well, that was Ida, the girl with the alwaysfpresent smile on her face. She has two interests in life: the first, a certain young man, the second a nursing career. At present she is pursuing the latter. Good luck in your future endeavors, Ida. Civic Forum: Glee Club: Girls' League. THE' BEEHIVE if if 52 ir HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 TANIA ANN GARLEWSKI Russia "'l"a-rmy" May 13, 1926 "Personality Plus." Here's another girl who is planning to become a nurse, and we know she'll make a good one, too, because she has such a Hne personality. Her win' ning ways and cheerful smile will do much to aid her patients, as well as mak' ing new friends for her. So long, "Tanny", it was nice knowing you. Girls' League. EDWARD FRANCIS GEETERSLOH Hartford, Conn. "Geete1"' August 11, 1923 L'Loolg at the bright side." 'iGeeter" is one of our exclusive "never worries." Even when there are always several units of Math due, he never loses his happy grin. His singing ability has made him a valuable member of the glee club, 'kGeeter" plans to join the Air Corps soon and he has our best wish for good luck. President, Hackers Club: Golf Team: Young Men's League: Glee Club. DOROTHY ANNE GASPARINI New Britain, Conn. "Dot" June 20, 1926 'iGood things come in small packages." "Dot" is a goodfhuniored, likeable girl. Her personality is outstanding becauses of her ability to meet and understand people. She enjoys reading and finds much pleasure in dancing. In the future "Dot" will be a nurse and we know she will make a Hne one. Girls' League: Red Cross. VINCENT JOHN GIEDRAITIS New Britain. Conn. "Vinny" june 15, 1925 "I feel in every smile a chain." "Vinny" is that everfsmiling chap who is well liked wherever he may be. At present, he plans to enter engineering school although he has shown great interest in horticulture and music. We're not worried about his being suc- cessful for cheerful fellows like "Vinny" are welcomed everywhere. So we, his friends, wish him the best of luck, Treasurer of Hackers Club: Glee Club: Archery Club: Young Men's League: Bowling Club: Musical Club. HELEN BARBARA GAYDOS New Britain. Conn. "Babe" July 20, 1925 "Smile awhile." A neat girl with a bright smile and a sense of humor is Helen. Her in' tellectual ability is above average, but, her popularity is "super". Her fa' vorite after work pastime is dancing, and she can really "Cutfa'rug". Her only interest, at present, is a certain branch of the service. Good luck, Helen, in whatever Held you choose. Girls' League. 53 NINETEEN -A' FORTY-THREE ir 'K v NEW BRITAIN 4-X IRENE THERESA GENONI Berlin, Conn, "Dolly" February 9, 1926 "He that climbs the tall tree has won the right to the fruit." "Messenger of Peace", that Hts Irene, for she is always willing to settleua dispute by peaceful means. She is a naturally quiet girl, but there's laughterin her eyes which give away her true identity. lt seems that the field of nursing is lrene's destination. When you're a nurse Irene, treat your patients kindly. Remember, they may be your former school mates. Girls' League. ARTHUR GERARD GAUDETTE New Britain, Conn. "Gaudie', November 24, 1925 'Experience is 9972 of success" "Gaudie," as his friends call him, is widely known because of the position he holds as Assistant Manager in one of our local theaters. We seldom see "Gaudie" as he spends most of his time there, but when we do see him it's worth the while. 10h those jokes!j Someday he may manage a theater of his own, and of course he'll let all his friends in free Qwe hopelj Good luck. "Gaudie." Young Men's League. ANGELINE GERMAN O New Britain, Conn. "Angie" August 6, 1923 MVv'l1y think of the past when there is a future." "Angie" is one of the best pals a person could ask for and is always cheer' ful and happy. Although personal interests occupy a great deal of her time, she always manages to make time to help a friend. Her favorite pastime is roller skating. You can End her at Doyles Skating rink at almost any time of the week. I wonder if it is just the skating she's interested in? "Angie" inf tends to enter an ollice after graduation. Success should come easily with her ' diligence and helpfulness. Girls' League. MARVIN GINSBURG New Britain, Conn. "Marv" February 8, 1926 "Music is the poetry of the air." Marvin is a rather jolly fellow to be with at any time. All his friends know his fine characteristics and enjoy his company. He is one boy that finds enjoyment in all his classes. Cne in a million, eh? At present Marvin has been leading a dual life, playing in a band and attending N. B. H. S. He's that sort of fellow that backs away when girls "come a callin' With all kidding aside, Marvin, life should hold nothing but the best for you. Young Men's League. VIVIAN MARY GENOTTI New Britain, Conn. "Duke" September 14, 1926 "It takes two for a kiss, only one for a sigh." Although Vivian is not a "Shining Star" in her studies, she is a pleasant companion and friend. She is always ready to help and do her part. The gen' eral trend of her conversation after a weekend out of school goes thus: "Well, Viv, how did you enjoy your weekend?" "Oh, it was wonderful!" This is all you can get out of her for days afterwards.. All kidding aside, Vivian, we're sure success is just around the corner for you. Girls' League. T H E B E E H I V E f i 54 'A' ir if -Af HIGH SCHOOL -fi' 'k 5 AURORA BAHAMONDE New Bfifiiin, Conn, Hcltickn February 18, 1926 f'Nu'rse, friend of my lifel' Shelly, Keats, Milton, and other poetic geniuses seem to cast a spell about our 'LChicqua". The beauty of their work constantly lives in her romantic brain: however, this does not explain her aspiration toward a nursing career. Her pleasing personality, cheerful air, and ability to instill confidence in everyone she meets, is sure to be an asset in her chosen field. We have faith that her desire to reach the summit of Parnassus will one day be attained. Girls' League: Bowling Club. SIDNEY DAVID GOLDBERG Brooklyn, New York "Hap" August 9, 1925 "XVl1at's the use of worrying?" Sydney, better known as "Hap" is well liked by his friends. who are many. His marks are very commendable and in the near future. if Uncle Sam permits, he will enter the University of Connecticut to studv business adminis' tration and industrial management. Here's wishing you luck. g'Hap." Young Men's League: Civic Forum, MARY ROSE GIONFRIDDO New Britain, Conn, 'lGeegee" Mareli 28, 1926 "Those laughing eyes." UGecgee" that friendly girl with the nice smile will long be remembered by all who know her. After graduation she plans to obtain a position as a stef nographer. and we're sure shelll do as well in her new job as she has in school. So long. "Geegee". it was nice knowing you. Girls' League. MICHAEL LUCAS GRABOWSKI Plainville, Conn. 'fMilqe" May Zi, 1924 "Dont put of till tomorrow what you can do todayf, "Mike" has lived up to his adage and will probably make his way to sue' cess rapidly and efficiently. Well, "Mike", if you continue to be as good a pal in the future as you have been in the past, life should contain nothing but the brightest revelations. 'L E . si f - z " z ,..,,,,...,, Young Men's League. RITA ANN GIORGINI New Britain, Conn. June 11, 1915 "MiTtl1 admit me to thy crew." Though full of fun, and laughter, Rita seems to get her work done and done very well, too. She's rather a mischievous person and likes to keep you Q in suspense. She is also a loyal student, full of pep and school spirit. She likes to go to all the football games and shout for the team. Rita plans to enter St. Francis Hospital to train for nursing. Vv'ith all her line traits, Rita should be a success. Girls' League: Junior College Club. 55 NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE l iv'NEW BRITAIN -if New Britain, Conn. f'Still to be neat, still to be dressed neat." Perhaps you have seen "Betty" sitting in her class with her auburn hair and her hands and facial countenance diligently working at her studies. i'Betty" is a quiet girl with a pleasing personality and a very sweet disposition. She is always dressed in very neat attire and by means of her very pleasing at' titude toward things in general, she has gained a host of friends. May sucf cess be just ahead, "Betty." Junior College Club: Girls' League. STANLEY HENRY GRECKI New Britain, Conn. "How does your patient, Doctor?" Here is one of our greatest future surgeons. This is Mr. Grecki, the N.B.H.S. lad who is going to put Einstein's theory of relativity in common every day language. Quite a job, what? When the feminine sex gets a look at Dr. Grecki's curly locks they will probably be his patients whether he wants them or not. Keep up the good work, "Stan", and that ambition of yours will be soon attained. VicefPresident of Civic Forumg Young Men's League. THE BEEH ELIZABETH GITLITZ "Betty", May 28. 1926 "Greek" April IO, 1914 ROSE GOLDBERG New Britain, Conn. January 18. 1924 "You hardly ever hear her." Here is one of our more quiet lassies: she doesn't have much to say, but when she does talk she's worth listening to. Her wit is ready and she can alf ways take a joke. With these useful characteristics, she'll surely be a success in the business world. Good luck to you, Rose. Girls' League, JOHN IVAN GRIB New Britain, Conn. "Grip" One who smiles perseveresf' Cctober 31, 1924 "Grip" is a sports enthusiast who indulges in every type, his favorite being football. He gets along favorably with his lessons and is always looking for' ward to holidays. His work on the gridiron was great, so the Army should profit with this lad's great performance. Footballg Baseball. RITA WALTRAUT GOLDSTEIN Germany p "Beaming smile and personality." A ril 14, 1924 Rita is small but, oh! She's as bright and full of zip as a Hrecrackers, and much nicer. Her ready wit makes a joke of almost everything, but she can be serious and thoughtful when the need arises. These excellent traits should make her a good and popular secretary. Here's hoping you'll succeed, Rita. Glee Clubg Student Council Representative, Defense Club: Girls' League: Swim ming: First Aid E 'K' i' 56 IGH scHooL f:i 5 RITA GOLDSTEIN Hartford, Conn. November 19, 1925 "Shell go to heaven on dancing feet," Every inch of Rita beams with friendliness, consideration, and helpfulness. Whether the teacher wants someone to help with rationing at the Draft Board, or just to help in the homeroom, Rita is the iirst to volunteer. She needs only to be introduced to you once and a life long friendship has been made. Rita can be found at all the dances, either demonstrating or originating a new step. Her aim in life is to achieve a high position in the business world. Loads of Luck. "Reef Girls' League: First Aid Club ALGERT GEORGE GRIMAILA New Britain, Conn. "Al" April 25, 1925 "Where there's a will theres a wayf, Although quiet and retiring, "Al" continually maintains a high grade in his studies. We hear that his spare time is spent in mastering photography. Wlieii you hear that familiar shutter click, you turn and End "Al" behind one of his cameras. His hope is to become a draftsman. The class knows that you will come through, "Al," Camera Club: Young Men's League. Student Council GLORIA GOLIN New Britain, Conn. "Goldie, July 27, 1925 "One thing is forever goodg that one thing is success." "Goldie" is that wellfliked, smart, friendly girl tripping about High School. Along with her studious attitudes she has a good sense of humor to back her pleasant personality. After leaving her old Alma Mater she plans to enter a higher institution of learning. Aside from school activities, she is an excellent swimmer. Not only does she excel in this sport, but she is one swell gal in a bathing suit. Bicycle Club: Tennis Club: Girls' League Representative LEO JOSEPH GRYK New Britain, Conn. "Greek" July 9, 1926 "A quiet mind is richer." Leo is one of those quiet chaps who says little but gets things done. He gets good marks in school, though we sometimes wonder how, for he never seems to study. Girls do not bother Leo, for he doesn't care a bit about them iso he saysj. His experience as a machinist will be of value to him when he realizes his ambition to be an airplane pilot. Keep 'em flying, Leo. PHYLLIS GOODING Bristol, Conn. "Ph5'li' lvlarch 29, 1924 UA friend in need is a friend indeed." Phyllis is a swell girl, She always has a smile for everybody and is ready at any time to have a lot of fun. If something is to be done in class she is sure to cooperate fully. She doesn't know yet what she wants to do when she gets out of school, but no matter what it will be. she will succeed. Girls' League: Defense Club 57 NINETEEN if FORTY THR ivt NEW BRITAIN New Britain, Conn. Art is one of the highlights in Norma's life. She draws very well, probably because she loves to. She has a pleasing personality and a friendly smile which explains why she has friends galore. We know that whatever she strives for she will attain. Girls' League: Bowlingz Roller Skating Willaiiiaiitic, Con n. "A smile which cheered like the breaking day." Alma is a happy'goflucky type who always has a smile for whomever she meets. You will always Gnd her loitering in the lobby talking with her many friends of both sexes. She has a good sense of humor but also a serious side in life. She is interested in sports, such as rollerfskating, dancing. icefskating and attends the basketball and foothall games often. She has no definite plans for the future, but whatever she may do we wish her the best of luck. Girls' League. THE BEEH NORMA GORMAN A'The heart of an artist." ALMA McQUILLAN "Sharpy" March 23, 1925 4'Irish" june 5, 1924 RITA GOULET New Britain, Conn. "Reef january 9, 1926 "By sports like these are all their cares beguiledf' She is the girl with that happy disposition and peppy personality. Her en' thusiasm for sports overwhelms most of her friends. Rita can be found on almost any tennis court playing a top game. Another of her interests is in baseball and here too she seems to know her game very well. As a student she manages to get by with her usual high record. She intends to become a secretary upon grad' uation and with her ability shelll be one of the best. Girls' League: Tennis Club: Bicycle Club. EDWARD FRANCIS HARTNEY ' New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" October 5. 1924 L'A11d certainly he was a good fellow." No douht the sign will read: "Dr, E. F. Hartney, Dentistfone flight up." This is our future dentist in the making. Take some brains, skill and real ability, mix them well and the formula will balance with 'iEddie." His good traits and line character are hound to spell out success for him. Young lV1en's League HAROLD ROTHSTEIN New Britain, Conn, 'flggeyn July -4. 1925 'live and let live" One of those polite, cheerful fellows, lggey has had quite a time in the High School. He is a pleasant chap to talk with and he has many friends. Snappy, energetic and jovial is Iggey. His wit and humor make him popular. Unlike many of us he has found High School and High School life quite pleasurable. Vvlhat with driving around in that car of his and making himself agreeable to the ladies. Mziy life be as pleasant to you lggey in the Army. Young MCITNF League. E 'K' 'A' 58 'lr 'lr HIGH scHooL 'Vi 5 HELEN JOAN GREGORY New Britain, Conn. "Folly" September 12, 197-5 "The gods sell all things for hard work." If ever you need a definition for any word, just ask Helen. Although she has made words and their definitions a hobby, she does not talk above our heads. Her patience, friendliness and cheerful disposition will make her an ideal nurse. New Britain Hospitals' gain is New Britain High School's loss. Girls' League: Swimming: Bowling. ERNEST RICHARD HARTZ New Britain, Conn. "Carpenter" June 7-8, 1925 i'Gone with the wind, but not forgotten." "Ernie" is the bluefeyed lad who towers above everything else. With his clean cut appearance and gentle manners he was able to make many friends around the school. k'Ernie" is the active cheerleader who gave support and kept up the spirit at the New Britain High football games. His future is not certain as yet, but we can be pretty sure that he will end up at T. C. C. or in the Marines. Whatever field you choose, "Ernie" N. B. H. S. is behind you one hundred per cent. Young Men's League: Referee's Club: Captain of Cheerleaders JEWE LL GROMAN New Britain, Conn. August 3, 1925 "lf a body meet a body going to the fair, If a body kiss a body need a body care?" Jewell is a pert little blonde with laughing blue eyes and a friendly smile. She has succeeded in school and in her outside interests. This is due to her persevcrence which is one of her most outstanding characteristics. To jewel, we wish the best of luck and happiness through the years to come. FREDERICK CONRAD HEDENBERG New Britain. Conn. January 18, 1926 "For hes a jolly good fellow." "Fred" has made his mark in his old Alma Mater. He is a cheery person and has a cheery greeting for everyone at any time. Although his future ambition is yet unknown, we know that he will succeed, for 'iFred" is the type of boy that will make his way through life. Young Men's League FLORENCE GRYZENIA New Britain, Conn. "Brooklyn" December 7.0, 1925 "My heart is ever at your service." That blonde who can be seen each morning with a yawning spell is none other than our own L'Brooklyn." Although her activities in school are limited mostly to school work, outside school they increase tenffold. Among them first aid, Red Cross, and Volunteer War Work can be included. Florence will long remain in the memories of her many friends as one who was always willing and ready to lend a helping hand, Girls' League 59 NINETEEN f FOHTY THR iv' NEW BHITA MARY GUBBINS New Britain, Conn. "Gulf March 26, 1925 "A modem girl with big blue eyes and personality twice her sizef, A cute blonde with blue eyes and an ever present smile on her face-this is Mary Gubbins. Mary is the type of girl that can keep a conversation going, and yet not be a bore or a garrulous person. When you add everything up, Mary is just an all around sport and a person anyone would be glad to call a friend. Girls' League WILLIAM ERNEST HILL Worcester, Mass. "Bill" June 9, 1926 "Bill" is that fine lad who always has a smille for everyone. He is a con' tradiction to the old adage that good looks and brains never go handfinfhand. His studious habits have well equipped him for his future Coast Guard career. Bon voyage, "Bill," Young Men's League I N -A' 'A' THE BEEH HELEN LORRAINE GWASDOW Newark, N. I. "Lo11yl' December 11. 1925 "Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf." Little vivacious Helen is one of these so called optimists. She always looks on the sunny side of things and is forever a gay, happy "all around" girl. Listen for a buzzfbuzz then a giggle and you're sure to see little Helen comnig up the cor- ridor surrounded by a group of amused boys. Oh yes, she can be serious when she wants to, and during these spells wondrous and intelligent facts unearth them' selves from her brain. We're sure that when Helen becomes a nurse, none of her patients will ever want to become well, especially the males. Amphion Clubg Civic Forumg Girls' League: Junior College Club LAWRENCE JOSEPH HINCHCLIFFE New Britain, Conn. "Larry" September 26, 1925 "He has such a wonderful way." In the field of basketball, "Hinchy" has excelled. Although he is a quiet person, he has shown his alacrity in the field of basketball as well as in the more studious subjects. The Coast Guard seems to be in hrst place in Larry's mind and he will no doubt be one of its future heroes. Basketball. REGINA ELIZABETH HABERMANN New Haven, Conn, "jea'rmie" September 21, 1924 "VVith a smile on lier lips." Jeannie, a pleasant girl with a pleasant smile, and an even more pleasant disposition. Now, better than ever, can her smile be appreciated, for it covers a sad heart caused by a young man's recent enlistment. Her friends of which there are many, unanimously agree that she will succeed, for she is climbing a ladder whose rungs are composed of smiles, each one brighter than the other. Girls' League IVE if 'A' so if 1' HIGH SC FRANCES BARBARA HACKETT New Britain, Conn. january 6, 1926 "The situation is well in handfl Never say no to a soldier, sailor, or a marine. Frances doesnt She writes to all three, but as yet we don't know which is more important. She is undef cided about her future plans, but we have a few of our own ideas. A lot of success, Frances, in whatever you do. Girls' League. Hoot f3i 5 FREDERICK WILLIAM HOLDEN mm New Britain, Conn. "Fred" December 14, 1924 Sf "I am content with what I havef' Hooray! Here he is, that good looking, deep voiced, happyfgoflucky lad. Eg, . 5 This is none other than our L'Fred" Holden. This quiet lad takes his time about mil ".' everything and anything he has to do physically. His keen sense of humor makes it possible for him to get along with everybody. May the road of success be free of bumps for you, Fred. Young Men's League. BETTY GLORIA I-IALCO New Britain, Conn. March 2, 1926 "Silence is a virtuef' 'kBetty" is the girl with the pleasant smile, whom you may have met in the corridors about N. B. H. S. She's a quiet little miss, but those who know her say she's friendly and has a keen sense of humor. Good luck in your nursing career, "Betty" Girls' League. JOHN FRED HOLLFELDER Hartford, Conn. 'AHollq" December 7, 1924 ' ' n as 'LMr Bi " is a ood scholar ahd a grand fellow "jack" better know . . g, g . He is also one of the best athletes in the school, helping to steer the football teams to victory in the '42 season. With his outstanding personality and capable ability we feel sure that "Jack" will go forward in his chosen field. Football: Baseball: Basketballg Young Men's League: Pan American League. RUTH HALL New Britain, Conn. "Miclgie" Iuly 22, 1926 "Better late than never." Who is the girl you see coming in just a little late? You know, the one who passes all her papers in the day after. Ahahfnone other than Ruth Hall. The secret is, however, that she always succeeds. Ruth will be successful in probably anything she undertakes: for, though she is often last, she is never least. Girls' League. ei NINETEEN f FORTY THR THE vN NEW BHITAI ELEANOR MARY HALLINAN New Britain, Conn. "To have a friend is to be a friend." This is another of our small quiet girls. Although she is short in stature, she has a personality twice her size. Throughout her years at high school she has made and kept a host of friends. Eleanor is now climbing a ladder of sucf cess, the top being not far off. Girls' League: junior College Club. JOSEPH STANLEY HOLYST April 17, 1925 New Britain, Conn. "foe" May 9, 1925 A tramp in the woods, a Hshing rod, or a gun seem to occupy most of "Joes" time. Although he is one of those quiet people in the class room, he I K manages to keep the 80's and 90's in his studies. "joe" can take a practical joke "22., ,":'S '.s. fl. as well as, if not better than, most fellows. A good sport as long as he's not crossed, "joe" will go far in his future career. ":: 5 ., .,..:f' Young Men's League. V I, Q-, i ANN HANSEK New Britain, Conn. November 20, 1925 BEEH "A still, small voice." Slight of build and small of voice, it is impossible when scanning a room for a familiar face, to overlook Ann Hansek. Ann's intelligence, however, compen- sates for her small stature. She possesses a great deal of nervous energy which finds an outlet in her studies. While naturally shy, she has no difficulty in acquirf ing friends. Unpretentious in manner and action, Ann is the type of girl who is a pleasure to associate with. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Hansek have every reason to be proud of their daughter, Ann. junior College Clubg Girls' League. JOHN Hoivuco New Britain, Conn. September 11, 1925 'lfluietness is Best." -lohn is a laborious student who wants only an education from school. During his three years at high school he has gained many friends. His outside work tends to keep a good athlete from the school teams. His hobby is building model airplanes. He hopes to be an aviator and help clear up the "zero" situa' tion. Best of luck, John. Football . BARBARA MARY HART New Britian, Conn. "Bobby" February 4, 1925 " ,Tis good will makes intellige-ncefl If you are as successful in the future as you have been in N. B. H. S., you have a bright destiny. Your keen intelligence and charming personality should aid you in your ambition to be an efficient secretary. We hope that in the en' suing years, you will find naught but happiness written in large letters over your pad each morning. Girls' League, Bowling. IVE if -Af GZ N ir 'k HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 MORJORIE LOIS HART New Britain, Conn. "Marnie" March 27, 1925 "Do not care how many but whom you please." 'LMarnie" as her friends call her is well worth knowing, for she is intelligent and pleasant. As for humor, well, she can always take a joke, even if it is on her. Good luck, in your office work, "Marnie," Bowling: Girls' League. MERTON SEYMOUR HONEYMAN Hartford, Conn. "Honey" September 27, 1925 A'Success, the reward of lioriest effort." 'LHoney" is one of the few students who looks awake and wears a smile the Hrst thing in the morning. Also he has a set determination to finish anything once begun. This ability of his has helped many school organizations in carrying out their activities. To a student of this caliber success is sure, so we say- keep up the good work "Honey." Chairman of Constitution Committee on Young Men's League: Track Team: Secretary of Progressive Chemistry Club: Press Representative. MARY MARIAM HARTUNIAN New Britain, Conn. "Mimi" April 22, 1925 "Eyes that rain irifluericefy Did you ever see 'LMimi's" big brown eyes sparkle? If you haven't you have missed a thing of beauty. She is that dark tressed lass with the glowing personality who is always bubbling over with enthusiasm. Fortunate will be the executive who receives her services for where humor is joined with ability you will find success. Girls' League: Defense Club. MICHAEL STEVEN HORBAL New Britain, Conn. 'KMilqe" May 28, 1925 "Opportunity knocks but once." "Mike" is a quiet fellow with great ambitions. They seem to be centered about big league baseball. Although he seldom speaks out of turn, he is a fa' miliar figure in school activities. We know he is bound to make a mark in life and so we wish him the best of luck. Student Council: Young Men's League: Baseball. MARY MADELINE HAYES New Britain, Conn. "Babe" March 14, 1925 "Ready in heart and ready in hand." Shy but very nice, this is Mary. Known as "Babe" to her friends, she is the type of girl that is always ready and willing to help a friend in need. Let us hope that she will help serve her community as well as she has served her school in the past. Mary's future plans are to enter the business world. If she is as helpful in her future field of work as she was in school, Mary will be a profitable addition to the community. Girlsf League Representative: Student Council. 63 NINETEEN ,qv THB Dfaccftr NEW IRENE FRANCES HELSTOWSKI Pittston, Penna. "Reneel' September 30, 1925 HA cheerful life is what the nurses love." Here we have another future Lady in White. We know "Renee" would end up at a career of this type because she has always had the trait of helpfulness toward others. She is forever lookin on the bri ht side of life and has alwa g g YS made her acquaintances feel the same way. Her cheerfulness and jollity are a few traits that will make her well liked by her future patients. Girls' League. ALBERT BERNARD HUDAK New Britain, Conn. "Bull" December 27, 1924 "He seems a good fellow." HAI" is known to his friends as 'LBull." A regular fellow, he is quite a popular lad around the school. In his studies he has also done well. The Army Air Corps are pictured in his future so "good flying," "Bull" and lots of luck. Young Men's League. going astray, and your goal will be attained. Girls' League. be foreover alive in. her old Alma Mater. College Club, Girls' League: Glee Club. RITA MARY HESLIN "A willing heart adds feather to the heel." ISAAC BABA ISAAC NANCY STANLEY HIBBARD "In each cheek appears a pretty dimplef' BRITAIN -A' :'."W"1 ah' 1 RA. Wi' New Britain, Conn. "Reet" September 21, 1924 "Reet" has gained many friends by her willingness to help and her desire to be forever friendly. A great deal of her time is spent at Doyles skating rink. Wonder what the attraction can be? Rita has enjoyed her typewriting class since she first started the subject and it will undoubtedly ind a major place in her future career at office work. Look straight ahead at the future, Rita, never once New Britain, Conn. "Ike" january 31, 1927 "Fine character is not always found in big people." They say good things come in small packages, so "Ike" is apparently not troubled. Where such a small individual can store so much inexhaustible energy sure is a mystery, but he is one person you'll never Hnd empty handed. If you're looking for someone who knows all the answersfstop-i'Ike's" the fellow you want, if you keep on getting all the answers "Ike", this world will never keep you down. Good luck and good journeying. Young Men's Leagueg Amphion Club, Student'Faculty Council. New Britain, Conn. june 4, 1925 Nancy's pleasing personality and sunny disposition have made her one of our most popular girls. She is known for her blonde tresses and vivacious dimples. "Hibby" when in school, works diligently, but when outside she is ready for fun of all forms. After graduation she expects to enter Katherine Gibbs school. Nancy and her infectious giggle will certainly be missed, but her lively spirit shall THE BEEHIVE -if ,qv 64 GH SCHOOL'-fix- ir X EDITH LYDIA HINTON Charleston, Vermont 'iffdiey' Mary 18, 1926 "Burning the midnight oil." "Edie" is Vermontfs addition to our school. She is a quiet reserved young lady whom everyone likes. Her popularity extends to both sexes, and she is for' ever adding to her host of friends. She hopes to further her education by going to college in her home state. Vermont has something to be proud of in "Edie" Girls' League. RICHARD LESTER BAILEY New Britain, Conn. July 12, 1925 "A thoughtful man" Here is one of our strong, silent lads, always thinking, and saying little. He may not he the top man in his class, but he is by no means the bottom one. just an average fellow who realizes that size of the job to be done. His future plans? To serve in some branch of the armed forces. Best of luck to you, Richard, and may you stop many -laps and Nazis in your righting career. Cross Countryg Young Men's League. MABEL ANNIE HINTON Vermont "Mae" December 21, 1924 "Wl1at ix there given by the gods more desireable than a happy hour?" Her name is Mabe, but her friends call her "Mae." She is sweet and cheer' ful and always has a smile for everyone. In class, however, she's fairly quiet. Vv'e know she'll he a success in her chosen Held, which is office work. Good luck to you, "Mae." Girls' League. JOHN JOSEPH JAKUPCO New Britain, Conn, "Cupcake" June 20, 1926 'LA rolling stone gathers no moss." Not knowing whether it is safe to call John "Cupcake" or not is a prohlem. It seems as if john's goal is in the tool and die making field. He can be seen at almost any time roaming to his next class at N. B. H. S. Why shouldn't sucf cess be written in capital letters for john when he has well earned any that comes his way. Young Men's League. BARBARA ROSEMARY HOFFMAN New Britain, Conn. "Bobbie" january 26, 1925 A' 'Tis good to be merry and wisefl "Bobbie" is one of our most active girls. She's into everything7Girls' League. Red and Gold Review, and many Civic Forum affairs, to mention only a few things. Her teachers like her because she is quiet and does her work well: her classmates like her for her friendly good humor. So long "Bobbie", good luck to you in the future. Civic Forum: Girls' League: Business Manager of Red and Gold Review. 65 NINETEEN f T Y- T H R 'k vN NEW BRITAI BETTY JANE HOLMBERG New Britain, Conn. September 18, 1926 "One worthy to be called, Friend." Here is a girl that needs no introduction. 1t's none other than "Bee Jay." Her smile is her own introduction. Another characteristic of "Bee Jay" is that she has acquired a popularity with teachers and students alike. If we're a judge of the success a person will achieve in life, Betty will certainly be in the upper brackets of the winners. Luther Leagueg Pan American League, Girls' League. GORDON JOHNSON Providence, Rhode Island "Swede" is the cheerful, earnest blonde who has gained many friends be' cause of his personality and other good traits. He is that quiet fellow who doesn't bother anyone for favors and was never really interested in girls. Watch out for "Swede". They say the quiet ones are the dangerous ones. We all know that he will make good in the future and we are behind him one hundred per cent. Young Men's League. if , A , HAAI 1 -J .. .: ' if . ,fi .fir THE' BEEI-I "Silence is golden." "Swede" October 12, 1924 EVELYN HOPKINS New Britain, Conn. "Hoppy" May 31, 1925 "A happy heart is better than wealthf' Evelyn, or "Hoppy", as she is called by her friends, is liked by everyone for her pleasing disposition. She always has a smile and a friendly word ready. Evelyn has already had some experience in the hospital which will guide her in her life's work, We wish you success in your career of nursing, "Hoppy", Bowling: Skating: Girls' League. NORMAN CARL JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Swede" March 1, 1926 "Each man must 'rely upon himself." Tall, light and handsome, Norman is an active boy in many of the school's activities. Whenever a game is played you'll End "Normie" in there playing and winning for his Alma Mater. But whether the game is lost or won "Normie" is never one to quarrel. He plays for the fun and sport that he may get from the game, Upon graduation "Normie" plans to join the Navy or Army, Good luck, "Normie". Young Men's League. SHIRLEY HORN New Britain, Conn. "Corwin" fLatin for HornJ August 26, 1926 'LMusic hath charms to soothe the savage breast," Who is that pert young miss underneath that huge hair ribbon? For those who don't know, it's Shirley Horn. She is one of our musical lassies, the piano being her favorite instrument. She also sings in the glee club. Her ambition is to be a secretary and we know she will succeed. Glee Club: Girls' League. IVE if if 66 N 'A' ir HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 FLORENCE MARY HUMAI New Britain, Conn. "Flow Apfil 7-5, 1924 'AShe greets you kindly one and all." "Flo" is that tall, attractive, redfhaired girl destined to be somebody's pri' vate secretary. What makes her such a popular girl with all who come in con- tact with her? Couldn't be that red hair and those smiling eyes? Well whatever it is, "Flo's" got it. With her good qualities, she will find no difficulty in making her life a success. Girls' League. MARK JONES New Britain, Conn. "jonsey" February 5, 1926 "His friendship is the sunshine of the class" A person's first impression of Mark may be very different from his next, because Mark appears to be a quiet, studious, worker. When one get to know him better, however, he is somewhat different, although his lessons are always prepared. Mark is really a cheerful, carefree, fellow and at times is even a little noisy. Mark does a great deal of horseback riding and has his own horse. At present his chief ambition is to take over his father's store, if he isn't taken by the army Hrst. Young Men's League. Q ELIZABETH ANN HUNTER Springfield, Mass. 'KBetty,' March 1, 1926 "jest an youthful jollityfl 'LBetty" is as refreshing as a cake. Qne never tires of her breezy personality and sense of humor. Although she has been in New Britain High School for only two years, Betty has made many friends and has maintained a high scholf astic record. The University of Connecticut can expect a cute little vivacious freshman next semester, because this is where Betty intends completing her educa- tion. She hasn't decided which field of teaching she will enter but you can be sure that she will be successful in whatever she does. Amphion Club: Girls' League: Iunior College Club. HENRY EDWARD JUENGST New Britain, Conn. "linac" May 14, 1926 "The meek shall inherit the earthfl Shy and retiring, you have to look twice before you are sure he is present. "Jinx" gets around, nevertheless, and has many friends. Many are still trying to figure out how he got the extraordinary 105 on his trigonometry test. Henry plans to become an engineer in coming years. Good luck, Henry, and may you build the bridge to success. Young Men's League Representative. MARGARET PAULA INTURRISI New Britain, Conn. "Marge" February 27, 1926 "An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrowf' "Marge's" brown eyes are just a picture of the mischievous nature that lies under her somewhat serious exterior. She enjoys dancing, especially barn dances, and is always full of pranks. Although she's no book worm, she manages to overcome the stumbling blocks of study with flying colors. "Marge" plans to be a private secretary Qlucky bossl. Oh yes, her favorite song is "Anchors Aweighw. We wonder why? Girls' League. 67 NINETEEN -Af FORTY THREE 'K f f1X NEW BRITAIN if -A' BEATRICE ISAAC Havana, Cuba 'fBee' December 24, 1925 "A diligent worker in all thingsf' Wl1enev'er you see "Bea", she is standing in front of Room 20. Can it be by any chance she is waiting for someone with pants on? How's about a hint, "Bee!" Like most of the girls, "Bee" has a busy day4going to school in the mornings, working in the afternoons, and usually a meeting scheduled for the evenings. After graduation, she is planning to enter the business world as a secretary. Best of luck, "Bee". Girls' League: Treasurer of Girls' Bowling Club. GERALD WILLIAM KANE New Britain, Conn. "Gerry" June 4, 1925 "A friend--modest, trustworthy and cheerful." "Gerry" is a boy who will succeed in any Held he chooses. One can tell by looking at the smile on his face and also his nature that he is a good friend to have. To him, baseball and football are the only sports fit for a man. Besides this, he is interested in mechanical and architectural drawing. Young MCIIYS League. HELEN ISAAC New Britain. Conn. L'Rachee" September 3, 1925 "W'hat should a person be but merry." If you turn the corridor of N. B. H. S., someday at a hurried pace and happen to collide with someone, don't look up, look down. There you will see little Rachel gazing directly up at you. Despite her height and her shyness she has accomplished a great deal more than many twice her stature. Her most prized accomplishment at High School is that of becoming attendance monitor. A secretarial position should be easily attained by one of so many talents. Good luck to you, Helen. Girls' League. KAPREAL CHARLES KAPREALIAN New Britain, Conn. L'Kappy" March 29, 1925 L'Modesty' is a virtue." L'Kappy" is an ambitious young man. He is an active participant in all sports. We sometimes think that he will become another Einstein because of his interest in mathematics. His amibition is to become a Navy pilot. Good luck to you "Kappy". Happy landings. Young Men's League Representative, 3 years. JEAN ANN ISKRA New Britain, Conn. "Minky" july 28, 1925 "The firrnest friend." lf you're ever in need of a friend, you're sure to find one in -lean. With her calm but pleasant way, she is an ideal companion and makes everyone feel at ease with her. If there is a job to be done, she is always ready to do it: even before she is asked. With her willingness to work and her admirable ability to make friends, we are sure she'll be successful in climbing to great heights-espe- cially as she plans to become an aviatrix. Press Representative. THE BEEHIVE 4, -k 63 ir 'A' fx New Britain, Conn. "Dot" a good sport. Girls' Leagueg Bowling. New Britain, Conn. "Sam" DOROTHY MARIE JABLONSKI May 28, 1925 'Smile and the world smiles with youf' When you hear someone laughing heartily, look and you are sure to see "Dot". Her jolly smile and wonderful sense of humor have won her many warm friends. Though fond of sports and dancing, she doesn't let her schoolwork slip by, but how she keeps up is a military secret. Best of luck to a fine scholar and SAMMY JOSEPH KARAM April 17, 1925 "His perserverance is great." 'kSam" is the class politician. From all reports, "Sam" has never yielded to ir HIGH scHooL vi 5 anyone in a political argument. From this we would surmise that he will be a Senator, but his ambition is to become a pilot in the Army Air Corps. He ranks high in the classroom and with his friends. All the luck in the world to you, "Sam". Young Men's League. IRENE RITA JAKEL New Britain, Conn. September 21, 1925 "How much lies in laughter." lrene has a pleasing personality which has won her many friends during her stay at high school. She is, however, strictly a "one man girl" flucky guyl. With her happy and carefree way, we know she will succeed at anything she tries. Best of luck, Irene. Girls' League. RICHARD KARANIAN New Britain, Conn. 'LWings" April 10, 1924 "The load becomes light when cheerfully bournef' Richard's ever ready smile and happy hello are always welcomed by all. He has the set determination to finish all tasks once begun. "Dick's" plans for the future include the Army Air Corps. Best of luck, "Dick", and may you make the field of success with a smooth landing. Football: Track Team. HELEN MARY JANKOSKI Bristol, Conn. "Gus" October Z, 1925 "As merry as the day is long." "Gus", friendly and pleasant, will be missed when she leaves high school! and who wouldn't miss a girl like "Gusf"' Although her future plans are indefif nite, she's sure to be successful in whatever she does. Good luck to you, Helen. Girls' League. 69 NINETEEN -if FOHTY-THREE I k i F , BECDCG 'A' V NEW BRITAIN Manchester, Conn. Everyone acquainted with Cavell knows that she is full of that good old French and English humor. When you're down and feeling blue, you can be sure "Cubby's" there to cheer you up. This comely young miss has been singing her way through school and hopes to sing right on to fame. So here's luck to you. We'll be seeing you at the Metropolitain, Cavell. Girls' League, Musical Club. New Britain, Conn. This is another future bird of the air. "Iggy" has had a yen to be a pilot and it seems as if his long awaited career is not far off. Upon graduation he plans to enter the Army Air Corps. Keep up the good work, "Iggy" and success will be yours. Footballg Track THE BEEH EDITH CAVELL JOBERT "Music hath its appeal." CHARLES KARANIAN "Wings of the eagle." "Cuhhy,' November 11, 1926 Hlggyi' june 4, 1925 DOROTHY AMANDA JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. ' "Dotty" September 13, 1925 "Beyond that calm exterior a world of treasure may he found." "Dottv" is that tall blonde seen constantly about the south wing. She is very sweet in manner and has a charming smile for everyone. Although she is very studious, Dotty is indeed a joyful person, as you'll realize when you look into her mischievous blue eyes. We're pretty sure "Dotty" will succeed in what' ever she chooses to do, for she has all the qualifications for success. Civic Forumg Girls' League. GEORGE EDWARD KASSEY New Britain, Conn. i'Casey" May 10, 1924 "The fruit of performance is satisfaction." George is always ready and willing to come to the aid of a friend. Although football is his favorite sport, he never quite made the team. Besides this, he is very fond of skiing and skating. He gives all a fair trial and is willing to try anything once. We know nothing of his plans for the future, but we are sure anything he does will be done well. Young Men's League. LOIS JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Bloridiel' April 18, 1925 "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax, her cheeks like the dawn of day." Ready smile, pleasing laugh, and bridght blonde curls will always remind us of Lois. Her quiet friendliness is her best asset, and when there are friends to be had, Lois will never be without. So good luck, Godfspeed, and keep them smiling. Girls' League. IVE f wk 70 'lr 'Ir HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 MARGARET JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" March 3, 1926 "Blushing is virtues color." Have you ever seen a girl who has all the fun she can manage, and still get her work done? Well, just take a look at "Peggy", who is capable of doing that very thing. Her ambitious nature is the secret of it all, for she is full of zip from dawn to dusk. We're sure everything about "Peggy" will carry her into a happy future. Girls' League. BERNARD JOHN KAWECKI New Britain, Conn. May 13, 1925 "For knowledge, too, is itself a power." Bernard's a "whizz" in all his classes, but, strange to say, he never "grinds". His knowledge seems to be natural and not acquired by much study. Bernard has fond hopes of becoming an aeronautical engineer, if Uncle Sam doesn't call him to be a Naval Air Cadet fiirst. Civic Forumg Chemistry Club, Young Men's League. PATRICIA JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Pat" May 30, 1925 'LStro'ngest minds are often those of whom the 'noisy world hears least." "Pat" is one of the very few young ladies in the Senior class, who can find as much enjoyment in solving a solid geometry problem, as in watching a football game. Besides being an industrious worker in school, she has been a faithful sec' ond soprano in the Glee Club for two years. On the surface, "Pat" seems like a quiet individual, but when one really knows her she's more of a chatterbox than a squirrel. "Pats" after graduation plans hint that she will spend three years majoring in math at T.C.C. Whatever Pat does decide to do, there will be no obstacle too great for her to overcome. Girls' League: Glee Club. ARTHUR ROBERT KAYTOR New Britain, Conn. "Art" September 27, 1925 "Tell it to the Marinesfl "Art" is a lover of pranks and a practical joker. His friends never seem to mind when he fools them for a smile and a bit of lau hter clear u an hard , g P Y feelings. After graduation "Art" plans to travel "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli" as a United States Marine. Good luck, "Art," Young Men's League. RUTH JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. HJOl1'Y'L'V1j',l June 21, 1925 LiMlTll1, admit me to thy crewfi Oh, how surprised you are when you find out that "Johnny" is a very lively and merry girl, for she acts quietfalmost shy-when at school. But her smile is warm and her glance friendly, and perhaps that explains why so many people like her. "Johnny" is studying fashion design and with her winsome manners and skillful hands, she'll probably design quite a fine career for herself. Glee Clubg Girls' Leagueg College Club. vi NINETEEN f FORTY THR 'K fvN NEW BRITAIN TH JOAN JoNEs New Britain, Conn. November 27, 1925 'LA pleasant person is always a desired personf' "Ionsey's" two greatest assets are her wonderful sense of humor and her bright disposition. Her gay attitude and pleasing conversation makes her an all around friend. Besides maintaining a high average in her studies, she is one of the many students working in a defense industry. Keep 'em rolling, 'flonseyf' Girls' League. 33, A A E :' . r ROBERT CHARLES KEEHNER New Britain, Conn. "Bob" January 14, 1926 l'Pain is not evil, unless it conquers youf, uBob" is a young man who is carefree and easy and will take things as they come. His main interest is mechanical drawing. His future plans are to be a draftsman. Best of luck to you, "Bob," and may every task you undertake be completed with success. Baseballg Basketball, Young Men's League. RUTH JUCHNEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Ul1ey" October 7, 1925 "Life and love are all a dream." Ruth is a quick-witted, charming young lady. She has a delightful sense of humor which has aided her in making friends. Although she doesn't spend all of her time studying, Ruth stands high in her classes. She is uncertain as to her future plans, but no matter what Held she may choose: we know she will succeed. Girls' League. BURTON ALBERT KELLERSTEDT New Britain, Conn. "Kelly" August 2, 1925 "Variety is the spice of lifef' Although "Burt" is very quiet in school, he has many activities outside of school. His chief hobby is collecting guns. His plans after graduation are to join the Army Air Corps, if a certain somebody doesn't stop him. Keep up the good work, "Burt," and your future is bound to be successful. JULIA ELIZABETH JURKEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "julie" December 3, 1925 "Silence is a virtuef' NVe haven't heard much from "Julie," but we may yet, for she is bound to succeed in her work, which will be secretarial. She has a smile ready even when things are going wrong. Best of luck to you, "Julie," Girls' League. E BEEHIVE -if ,gr 72 ak 'A' IGH scHooL f3i 5 PAULINE KALINOWSKI So. Deerfield, Mass. "Paulie" August 7, 1925 i'Work before play." Pauline is a dark haired girl who is always stuyding in order to pass a test. She has won many friends during her stay at school, for she is always willing to lend a helping hand to her class mates. Paulie does not go in much for social affairs but prefers to enjoy herself in her own way. Pauline has chosen a secre' tarial career for herself, and we hope she will be very successful. Girls' League. JAMES FRANCIS KELLY New Britain, Conn. "Jimmie, - November 28, 1925 "God's gift to the women." A tall, good looking chap, "Jimmie" is active in sports, for he is a member of both football and track teams. Besides this, he has found time to continue his good work in class and serve as chairman for a committee on the Student Faculty Council. He'll look even more handsome in the Marine uniform or as a state policeman, which are his amibitions. Football: Baseball, Student Faculty Council: Young Men's League. HELEN KAMINSKI New Britain, Conn. 'iKiller" July 13, 1925 L'Let a smile be your umlzrellaf, A familiar face around the school is that of Helen Kaminski, who has a smile for everyone. Although she isn't too fond of her school work, we know that Helen will, someday, achieve a good position in business, because of the line qualities she possesses. Best of luck to you, Helen. Girls' League. WALTER KERLEYZA New Britain, Conn. "Tige" November 24, 1926 "Silence is a virtue." Walter has been a shy boy during his years at N. B. H. S. He does his daily work conscientiously but rarely says a word unless obliged to do so. There' fore, his plans for the future are a mystery to us so all we can say isggood luck, Walt! Young Men's Leagueg Basketball. JEAN KANE New Britain, Conn. January 23, 1927 'Silence is goldenf, Jean is that cute little brunette you see most any day walking along the corridors of N. B. H. S. She is rather quiet but has a pleasing personality which accounts for her many friends, Jean plans to be a secretary and we're sure she will succeed in her chosen field. Girls' League. .4 Q 73 NINETEEN -A' FORTY-THR 'k ivN NEW BRITAIN if HELEN KAPUSTINSKI New Britain, Conn. "Kappie" February 22, 1926 K'Silence is golden." "Kappie" is a grand person and a true pal to all her friends. She is am' bitious, willing, and intelligent. Everyone likes "Kappie" because she is so un' derstanding and willing to face anything with a smile. She has great plans for being a secretary and we wish her success. Girls' League. LARRY EDWARD KEARNEY October 16, 1924 Meriden, Conn. "A man that hath friends must show himself friendly." Larry possesses the talents of which great men are made, but he loves to take it easy. He makes a fine appearance and is quite an athlete. He will be well remembered for his outstanding playing on the football field. With an Af1 disposition it is easy to see Larry will get along. Football: Trackg Radio Club. JOAN KAPINSTYNSKI Kensington, Conn. july 12, 1926 "She greets you with a smile." A friendly smile makes many friends, as you can see when you meet Ioan. Her habit of making light of trouble is a great asset, for she never seems to be worried. Ioan plans to be a secretary and oh, don't we envy the boss who gets her. Girls' League. HERBERT IRA KIRSHNIT New Britain, Conn. "Kirsh" january 9, 1927 "A pleasant fellow of mirth and wit." "Herb" has a great sense of humor and the ability to appreciate it. This makes him a jovial companion. He has a great interest in social activities with a degree of artistic talent. If he can find something he really likes to do he'll prob' ably go places. Young Men's Leagueg Glee Clubg Hackers' Club. FRANCES KEINZ New Britain, Conn. "Franny, September 3, 1925 "The glory of a frm capacious mind." "Franny" is one of the most popular members of the senior class. Her con' scientious work and brilliant mind have led to excellence in her studies. She has taken a commercial course and is planning to enter the secretarial field. Her graduation will indeed be a great loss to us, but a great gain to some future em' ployer. National Honor Societyg Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE 'A' i 74 ,ir 1' HIGH SCHOOL'-it 'k 5 , EVELYN LOUISE KENYON Old Mystic, Conn. "Kenny!' February 22, 1927 'KI am merry and I do beguilef, Here is a peppy girl whom we're all glad to know. Her jokes are witty, her eyes merry, and her personality sparkling. "Kenny" sometimes is the Judge in club activities, but how can such a lively girl be sober enough for that? She'll make a grand nurse and will surely be popular at the Lawrence School of Nurs' ing, in New London, where she will enter training after graduation. Good luck, "Kenny." Civic Forumg Girls' League, Bowling Club, Press Representative: News To' day History Tomorrow Club. HENRY ADAM KOLODZIEJ New Britain, Conn. "Kolodgee" April 22, 1925 "Nothing succeeds like success." "Kolodgee" is a fellow that is going far in his future endeavor, that of being a civil engineer! His interest in this has been so great that we do not doubt in the least that success will be his. Good luck in your future career, Henry. Civic Forum: Young Men's League. MARION KEVORKIAN New Britain, Conn. "Army" july 8, 1925 "Ur1extiriguished, laughter shake the skiesf' "Army" will be long remembered, for she is always full of pep, never gets angry, and has a friendly word for everyone, although she is more often seen than heard. However, she does have a cute giggle. "Army" plans to enter the business world after graduation and we wish her luck in her new career. Girls' League. RAYMOND MICHAEL KORBABICZ New Britain, Conn. 'fRayi' September 11, 1925 "I should worryf, "Ray" is a jolly fellow and always the Hrst one to say "hello" to you on the street. He is interested in sports, his favorites being basketball, baseball and billiards. Besides going to school, "Ray" is doing his bit for the war effort by working in one of our local defense plants. "Ray's" ambition is to join the Navy. In the near future he undoubtedly will attain his desire. Young Men's League. JEAN KILBOURNE New Britain, Conn. May 20, 1925 "Quiet arid Queenlyf' .lean is an attractive girl whom you may first notice because of her pretty smile and nice disposition, and then for her sense of humor and her magnetic personality. Her favorite sports are bowling, skating, and swimming. Although she has no ambition as yet, we're sure she'll be successful in whatever she decides to do. Girls' League. 75 NINETEEN -A' FORTY THR THE iv' NEW BRITAIN if New Britain, Conn. "Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness." 4 Nowfafdays we are thankful for girls like L'Lil," who is working at the New Britain Hospital as a start to entering training after graduation. Although we find "Lil" humorous at times, she can be very serious. Good luck in your nursf ing career, "Lil." Girls' League. CHARLES JOHN KUCKELL New Britain, Conn. "Oh happiness! our beings end and aim!" A cheery disposition, a jolly fellow, and an all around sport, this is "Char- leyf' He had made his mark in high school and his future career is his for the conquering. Although he has kept this a secret thus far, we know that it will slip out before graduation. Good luck, anyway, "Charley" Young Men's League. B E E H LILLIAN KILDUFF "Lil" August 10, 1924 "Charley" March 18, 1925 DORIS MAE KING New Britain, Conn. April 6. 1925 "Go then merrily to Heaven." Peppy--yes, that certainly describes Doris. She's cute and she's witty, she's lively and she's popular. Perhaps that explains why she gets around a lot. But underneath this bright surface Doris is a levelfheaded, thoughtful girl who has many friends. She says she wants to be a nun, but we wonder. Girls' League: Pan American League. CLAUDE FRANCIS LEVESQUE Unoer Frenchville, Maine 'ilirenchy March 8, 1925 "Seek and ye shall find." "Frenchy" entered the N. B. H. S. in September 1942. He is a quiet boy. Each morning during the opening period you'll find him studying his lessons. Even though he is a new member of the school, he has won many friends. Keep up the good work "Frenchy." PAULINE KOBUS New Britain, Conn. August 28, 1925 "Mirth admit me of thy crewfi Pauline possesses a pleasing personality which has made many friends for her. She is that cute dark haired girl whom you may have seen in the corridors. She is majoring in typing and we're sure that in the future she will he a success' ful typist. Girls' League. E f f 76 fN'bi5i.t .iv if HIGH SCHOOL s-fi' 'A' X ELEANOR CAROL KOPCZYK New Britain, Conn. "Ellie" March 10, 1926 "Bred to sing, to dance, to dress, and roll the eyefl Eye-appealing Eleanor, has much that is good in her character. She is friendly in nature, kind of heart and very thoughtful of others. Besides this, her marks in school are irreproachable. She finds time to study as well as to play. Her chief interest is to help in the New Britain Hospital, although the Navy is also an interest which takes up some of her time. Good luck to you, Eleanor. Student Council and Girls' League Representative. STANLEY FRANCIS LACHOWICZ Hartford, Conn. "Stan" july S, 1925 'AA friend in need is a friend indeed," 'LStan" is a sort of demure looking fellow with a good sense of humor. He , is a good sport and is popular with all his friends. Stan's ambition is to become a navy pilot and we know that he will do well in a cockpit. Young Men's League, Cross Country. ALICE SANDRA KORBOBICZ New Britain, Conn. "Al" February 13, 1914 "Speech is silver, but silence is golden," "Al" is a quiet lassie who's kept her future plans a secret. Her friends say she is pleasant mannered and cheerful, and her calm smile proves that they are right. She'1l be a success in her chosen field, so good luck to you, "Al." Girls' League. NICHOLAS PETER LAMPROS Southington, Conn. "Hot Dogsu November 8, 1925 "Plan not for gain but for sport." "Nick" is one of many whose great love is sports. Because of this he has no particular love for studies. His Hrst ambition is to join the Navy Air Corps. Success is assured with continued good sportsmanship. Young Men's League. ANNA THERESE KORDEK New Britain, Conn. October 13, 1925 l'God save me from my friends, I can protect myself from my enemies." Anna, kind and cheerful, has many friends because she has such a pleasant personality. Her smile is bright and her eyes sparkling. Anna wants to get a job as a stenographer, and we know she'll succeed. Best of luck to you. Square Dancing Club, Girls' League. 77 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THREE 'k iv'NEw BRITAIN if a HELEN THERESA KOSAKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. i'Curly" November 21, 1924 'Tliose curious locks so aptly twineclf, Why do we call her "Curly?" Well, just look at her hair and you'll see, and besides this, she's got a friendly smile. No wonder so many people like her. "Curlyi' plans to be a secretary, and we know she will reach her goal. So long, 'LCurly," and good luck. Girls' League. FRANK ANTHONY LAYMAN New Britain, Conn. "Moolqie" November 14, 1924 hgluiet, tlie most profitable of all things." Mix a bit of slyness and a bit of quiet, and presto, "Mookie" emerges. "Mookie" is truly an investigator of his studies, forging ahead in a slow but sure manner. He is already quite a business man, and we congratulate him for keep' ing the women out of his business. Smart boy, "Mookie." Young Meii's League. FLORENCE PAULINE KOWALSKI New Britain, Conn. A'Kilowatt' November 28, 1925 "Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are." "Flo" is a girl who never lacks the company of the opposite sex. She is full of gay laughter and is a lover of all sports, but particularly roller skating. At school we find her looking for a scoop for the Red and Gold Review. After graduation, the New Britain General Hospital will welcome "Kilowatt" as a fu' ture nurse. junior College Clubg Press Club: Girls' League. ARTHUR LESTER LAW New Britain, Conn. "Smoocl1" April 2, 1925 "I love the life I lead." "Art" is just one of those regular fellows who doesn't always like to spend all of his time on study. He doesn't let things bother him to the extent of worrying over them. His jolly wit has won him many friends. Best of all his heart lies in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, and swimming. These hobbies together with his studies are sure to help him in his career with one of the branches of our armed forces. Good luck, "Art." CLARA KOZIKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. December 9, 1924 "Friendship is love without wings." Clara is one of our more quiet young ladies, but that doesn't mean she isn't any fun. She is a good student and is liked by both teachers and classmates. Although she hasn't yet chosen a career, we feel sure that she will succeed when she does. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -A' if 78 ir al' H IGH SCHOOL f3i 5 New Britain, Conn. June 1, 1925 Irene will always be remembered for being heard and not seen. She is one of St. Agnes Fife and Drum Corps' bass drum players outside of school. She is also one of our future nurses. Her keeness and her wonderful sense of humor will help her succeed. Keep up the good work, Irene. Girls' League. New Britain, Conn. "Ky" October 50, 1924 In addition to carrying on studies in the high school, "Ky" is a worker in one of our local war plants. Although shy to outsiders, he has many true friends. Keep up the good work, "Ky," we are all proud of you Young Men's League. , "Carrie" is a girl who takes great pride in stenographical work and hopes some day to become the ideal stenographer. Her hobby and talent is in playing the rife. Here's wishing her lots of luck, for she certainly deserves it. Girls' League. 79 New Britain, Conn. "Carrie" April 21, 1925 "Happiness seems made to be sharedf' KATHRYN ANNA KOZLAK New Britain, Conn. ay "No profit grows where no pleasure is taken." M 23, 1925 Kathryn, gay and friendly, cheerful and pleasant mannered, will be missed at school. Her teachers, like her classmates, like her. Kathryn has been a loyal member of the Girls' League for several years. Although her future plans are indeiinite, we know she will succeed in her work. Girls' League. DUNCAN KEITH LAW New Britain, Conn. 'fDunc" May 22, 1925 "Always laugh when you can, it's cheap rnedicinef' His flighty humorous actions are well known to most of us. Between periods "Dune" is invariably found in the central vestibule with one of his many close companions. He seems to be headed for the Army Air Corps. Keep climbing and you may some day sport a "Pair of Silver Wings," "Dune," Cross Country: Young Men's League. IRENE KOZLOWSKI "A girl of all hours." .1-fs W. its CASIMER JOSEPH LAZICKI "A true and loyal friend." CAROLINE GERTRUDE KRATZKE NINETEEN -Af FOHTY-THR ll' EE 'k 4-A-X v NEW BRITAIN -4- if JENNIE KRAWITZ New Britain, Conn. "Shorty" November 10, 1924 "Suit your manner to the man," Jennie is a quiet sort of girl who makes friends easily, for she has a very 2 ma. pleasing personality. Jennie is an all'around good sport and can't wait to get a ' score of three hundred in bowling. We wish her luck in whatever she may choose to do. ' I Girls' League. . ' ,, AQHA ,iii i t 55 . r Hff.'imwWZ,.a. - Ifiiiriglfizifizifs ., , LEO LEHRER New Britain, Conn. "Skinny Dugann March 23, 1926 "Of manners gentle, of afectio-ns mildf' Leo is the type of boy everyone likes to know. Despite this, his good nature does not interfere with his school work for he is really a conscientious student. With a constant determination for success, you should add more laurels to the class of "43," Leo. JOSEPHINE KUBALA New Britain, Conn. "Josie" March 19, 1925 "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax." This blonde, blue eyed miss is liked by all who meet her, for she has a cheery word and a smile ready for everyone. "Josie" enjoys reading and almost every week one can see her with a different book. Josephine's ambition is to teach music, and we wish her much luck and many pupils. STANLEY JOSEPH LEJKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Stan" November 9, 1925 "Silence is more eloquent than words." Quiet and softspoken, "Stan" seems to possess much selffassurance in any undertaking. This characteristic should prove invaluable in later life. Accord' ing to "Stan," he wants to become an officer in the Navy Air Corps. With con' tinued persistence, he should attain this honor. Young Men's League. SOPHIE AGNES KULAS New Britain, Conn. "Butch" February 2, 1925 "Wl1at should one do but be merry!" 'LButch" is what her friends commonly call her. Why? We don't know. But anyhow, she has a nice personality and a pleasant smile. A member of the Girls' League, Sophie plans to do office work after graduation. Good luck, "Butch," Girls' League. T H E' B E E H I V E 'A' f 80 ir HIGH scHooL 'vi 5 ELIZABETH ALDONA KUMETIS Bristol, Conn. "Betty" February 14, 1926 MSO ,fair a face, such angel gracef' "Betty" is one of our prettiest girls-hair, eyes, nose, yes, everything. She has many friends fand no wonderj and is a Girls' League member. "Betty" says she's going to be a secretary fLucky bossj and we wish her success in her new job. Girls' League. ROGER EARL LEMIRE New Bedford, Mass. June 30, 1924 'Parting is not sorrow." Roger's attractive personality is admired by many. According to what we hear, his outside social activities are strictly "Af1," The draft board thinks so too. As a result, our hero will probably be a "buck private" soon. Remember, Roger, don't stopgkeep climbing. Young Men's League. HELEN LABAS New Britain, Conn. February 16, 1927 "Still water runs deepestf' Helen is quiet but cheerful, and she does her work well. She is rather small, but quite cute, as several people have found out already. Helen does her work well, which makes her well liked by teachers, and yet she is witty, which makes her popular with her classmates. T. C. C. looks like her best bet, so good luck, Helen. Girls' League: Orchestrag Junior College Club, Student Council. BERNARD LEVY Waterbury, Conn. "Ben" October 30, 1926 "Good advice is beyond pricef' "Ben" is known by his classmates and friends for his sage comments and careful observation of events. Like the hilosopher, "Ben" seeks constantly to P extend his knowledge. Because of this, he is an excellent studentfthe delight of his teachers. Good luck, "Ben"-keep up the good work. Young Men's League, Amphion Club. MARY LABAS New Britain, Conn. "Blondiel' Iune 13, 1924 "Green eyes, those cool and limpid green eyesf' Blonde hair, flashing green eyes-yes, that's our Mary. Cute, isn't she? Furthermore, she's pleasant and friendly, as you would soon detect from her smile. Mary is going to be a secretary and we wish her luck in this Held. Girls' League. si NINETEEN f FOHTY-THREE nl' ir iv'NEw BRITAIN -pf -if HELEN MARGARET LABUTIS So. Windsor, Conn. February 1, 1925 "Merrily we 'roll along." Helen appears to be quiet, and she is-fmore or less, but she is also lots of fun-, In her spare time, Helen likes rollerfskating, and she is quite a whiz. at it, too. After graduation she plans to go into businessfoflice work to be exact. Best of luck to you, Helen. Girls' League. NINA ZUK Poland l'SweetiefPiel' August 24, 1925 "Faith in beauty will not fail." When you hear someone laughing heartily, look up, and most likely it will be our little blonde, Nina. Her years in high school have won her many friends, as well as success in her studies. Whatever you plan for the future, Nina, we know you will succeed, just as you have in the past. National Honor Society, Girls' League Representative, GENEVIEVE FRANCES LADA New Britain, Conn. "lean" May 18, 1924 "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing." Genevieve, or Jean, as her friends call her, is wellfliked at high school. for her smile is friendly and her ways charming. These fine characteristics should stand her in good stead when she enters her job as a nurse. Good luck, Iean. Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum. EDWARD PETER MALINA New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" April 7, 1925 "Onward and upward." Quiet, studious, and shy of girls is a litting description of "Eddie" That big car he drives looks lonesome without a pretty girl in it. eh "Ed?" With all kidding aside, this is one person that deserves all the praise he receives. He has made his high mark in school and may he make many more in later life. Young Men's League. ROLANDE LALIBERTE Biddeford, Maine "Rolly" May 1, 1925 "A sunny disposition is the gift of the godsf' "Rolly's" sunny disposition enables her to make and keep friends very easily. She is an industrious girl, now helping Uncle Sam by doing her part in a defense factory after school hours. Vsfith her eagerness and willingness to learn and work, we feel sure that there is a place in the world for "Rolly." Girls' League, Senior Girl Scouts. THE BEEHIVE ,gf -if 8, ll' 4, 1' HIGH scHooL's,- 5 JEANNE MARIE LAMBERT Hartford, Conn. 'ALemon" February 27, 1926 L'Time wasted is existence, used is life." Jeanne, whose ambition is to be a Latin teacher, is not the school teacher type. She is all around good fun, always ready with a new and original idea, and a real friend to all who know her. Although the nickname "Lemon" may sound had it is not at all appropriate. She is an honor student and very active in club affairs. Best of luck to a real pal and a ine friend. Girls' League, Musical Club, Editor-infChief of Red and Gold Review, High School Reporter for Herald. Q: 2 1 ' FRANK RICHARD MANDL 'E New Britain, Conn. August 22, 1925 ., k "Never an idle moment" A diligent student, Frank sets a Hne example for his classmates. His ',., -2 ' K personality has helped him win many friends. Frank is well known as the war 'QQ - stamp salesman in 307. He has chosen a naval career for the future. Smooth 52- :qp so Z sailing, Frank! V . - A Young Men's League. JULIA MARY LANGIN Plainville, Conn. "Judy" October 31, 1925 "I count life just the stuff to try the souls strength on" 'fIudy's" dark hair is the envy of all who know her. She is a cute girl, neither tall nor short, but very friendly and easy to get along with. After graduation she plans to train for nursing at St. Francis Hospital, Good luck, "Judy", you'l1 make a fine nurse. Girls' League. JAMES ANGELO MARENZANA New Britain, Conn. "jimmy, February 5, 1926 "Little but to the point" "jimmy" is a small lad but one who is full of life when caught in the right spirit. Ordinarily he is a quiet person, but don't judge his personality by his appearance. He has played in the high school band and has made his mark for posterity. May yours be a happy and fruitful career, "jim." Band1 Young Men's League. LUCILLE ANN LARSON New Britain, Conn, "Lou" January 3, 1926 "Mer1ily we roll alongu For want of a better name we shall call this pert miss 1'Lulu." Although she claims that the name is not becoming to her, there must be some young man that can call her it without the slightest objection on her part. All kidding aside, Lucille is a quiet studious girl with an undying ambition to be a nurse. From uncovering facts about this maiden we find that ice skating is her favorite sport. May you skate yourself right to success, Lucille. Girls' League. 8, NINETEEN -Af POHTY-THREE DOLORES ANN LASS New Britain, Conn. "Danny" june 13, 1926 'LIt's all Greek to me" If you don't know "Danny" you're missing something, for she's certainly worth knowing. Cute, witty. smart, and populargthese are adjectives describ' ing Dolores. Once she was a winner in a Greek contest in Miss Benjamin's room, which certainly proves she's intelligent. Danny plans to enter nursing school soon. Best of luck to a grand girl. Girls' League: Civic Forum, Red and Gold Representative. SAMUEL JOHN MARTIN New Britain, Conn. "Sam" August 23, 1925 "Born for success. he seemed, with grace to win, with heart to hold" "Sam" has intelligence, good looks, personality, leadership, and a sense of humor. Those who know him well always remember him, if not for his friendliness, then for his steady blue eyes topped by a shock of strawberry' blond hair. His leisure time activities include writing and acting and the more common pleasures of dancing and reading. "Sam's" smile has won him many friendsAhis wit put life into many a classroom. If this is a fair indication of the future, "Sam" will be a hit at college and a favorite in his work, which will beYShhhh!fteaching. President of the Amphion Club: Secretary Young Men's League: Harvard Book Prize Winner: National Honor Society: Student-Faculty Council: Literary Editor of Beehive. fvN NEW BRITAI THE BEEH ELIZABETH ANTOINETTE LAZZARO New Britain, Conn. 'LBetty" August 1, 1925 "lf you wish to reach the highest begin at the lowest" "Betty" is a conscientious girl who is always worrying about her classes. Her after school work has not interfered with her popularity in school for she is always that gay, laughing, happy person that will always attract a host of friends. We know her future hopes of becoming a typist will be fulhlled. Keep hitting those keys, Betty and before you know it they'll be spelling out SUCCESS in capital letters. Girls' League. DANIEL PATRICK MARTINOK New Britain, Conn. "Danny" january 6, 1926 "Even the gods love a joker" "Sarge" is a regular fellow if there ever was one. He is everybody's friend and always keeps his companions in a jolly mood with his humorous quips. We find that "Danny" has a fine habit of keeping up in his studies. To a popular boy we say-so long and good luck. . Young Men's League Representative: President of Archery Club. THERESE LeBRUN Lawrence, Mass. "Bobby, July 16, 1925 'lvtfhat is more blissful than cares set at rest" Therese, better known as "Bobby", is popular because of her good sports' manship and friendliness toward everyone. She is very fond of dancing and skating. Right now, however, Bobby is waiting for a certain lucky man in the Army to come home. After graduation, Therese plans to obtain a good position, and we wish her much luck as she leaves Senior High. Girls' League Representative: Civic Forum. E i' ir 84 H SCHOOL 'v X SHIRLEY ADRIANNE LEHRER New Britain, Conn. "Sliirl', January 15, 1926 "Her eye was large and dark" Let us in on your secret, "Shir1", what is it you have that attracts people? It could be your brown eyes. It could be your wonderful sense of humor, too. But it seems to us that it goes even deeper than that. Your future, which includes a stretch at college, gleams brightly but no brighter than your personality. C Girls' League: junior College Clubg Secretary of Knitting Clubg Student ouncil. ROBERT JOSEPH McCAHILL New Britain, Conn. "Bob" June 10, 1924 "Time flies and draws us with it" Tall, fleet of foot, and witty, "Bob" is a familiar student to all of us. His ability to win friends will undoubtedly prove to be a great asset in his future career. "Bob" hopes to become an architect. Let's hope that many of our future public buildings will be designed by this former classmate. Trackg Cross Country. LOUISE FRANCES LEONARD New Britain, Conn. "Lou" February 26, 1925 'AAU who joy would win must share itvhappiness was born a twinu Louise is one who studies only when necessary and enjoys herself in a happyfgoflucky spirit the rest of the time. Good comradeship is always first with Louise, and her recompense is scores of friends. "Lou's" next Alma Mater will be an art institution and she has our sincerest wishes for success in the field of her choice. Girls' League. THOMAS JOSEPH McCARTHY New Britain, Conn. "Mac" September 4, 1925 L'One of those stout hearted men" An ardent lover of sports, a carefree manner and an irresistible appeal are "Mac's" outstanding traits. His ambition-to be one of the Big League's Future Baseball players-will be achieved by him if he continues with the same rate at which he has been going at high school. His neverfworry attitude has made him well liked. It is this same attitude that brings him out on top when testing periods roll around. Stay the way you are, "Mac", and you should have no trouble in reaching your goal. Young Men's League. MILDRED RUTH LEVINE New Britain, Conn. "lN1illie" October 29, 1925 "Her books will be intact for Millie is always exact." "Millie" has been a good pal for three years and when the end nears the whole class will realize what a marvelous person she was. So it's the bookkeeping field you're going to enter, eh, "Millie7" Well, keep up the good work and the future should hold nothing but the bright and cheery things in store for you. Girls' League. 85 NINETEEN if FO 125 THE BE vt NEW BRITAIN if GENEVIEVE ELEANOR LISS New Britain, Conn. "jean" March 16, 1925 MOM threefold girl-always ready to laugh, love, and live." Dependable, music lover, well-liked, amiable, this is lean., Here is one lass who has learned to cultivate a love of music, both modern and classical. She is also very sportsminded, her favorite sport being basketball. Her pleasing personality and disposition are just a few characteristics that will bring -lean out on the top. Bowling Club, Girls' League. JOHN MICHAEL MCENANEY Hartford, Conn. "Mac,' April 2, 1925 "Tonight let us be gay" If you see sixffeet-two inches of hefman, topped with a crop of wavy red hair, walking leisurely through the halls of N. B. H. S. you'll know it is "Red" He is quite popular with the girls as well as with boys and many friends. As his red hair would indicate, he has a quick temper, his charming personality always wins. "Red" plans to enter the medical has but world, and we wish him the best of luck. Baseball, Basketballg Young Men's League. JEAN CHARLOTTE LOGAN New Britain, Conn. "Pi'nlqie" October 17, 1925 "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast' loan is one of our more musical girls, for she is an active member of the Glee Club, as well as Girls' League. Although she is undecided as to her career, she'll undoubtedly be a success in whatever she does. Glee Club: Girls' League. EDWARD RICHARD MCGUINESS New Britain, Conn. "Mack" January 10, 1925 "ln company a very pleasant fellow" "Mack" is a familiar figure in the halls of N.B.H.S.-fso much so that he seems a veritable part of the school. Because of it he has many friends. "Mack's" future is unknown, so we wish him success in whatever field he chooses. Young Men's League. MARIAN DORIS LUDKO Forestville, Conn. "Luddy" February 24, 1926 "Keep on smiling" Always smiling, never looking on the pessimistic side of a subject, and elfervescent jollity mark "Luddy". She is forever helping those in distress in their subjects and is always adding to her large host of friends. Keep on this path in the future, Marian, and the road to success may be free of obstacles. Girls' League, Pan American Club. EHIVE if -if ,S ir li' ,rv ,ti HIGH SCHOOL f:i 5 MARJORIE LUND - Newark, N. "Marge" February 3, 1925 "Sport that wrinkled care devidesn You would need a large vocabulary to describe "Marge". She is inter' estedlin sports of all kinds and is thought of highly by both teachers and students. "Marge" is that same miss who has an undying smile on her face. The future might hold a great deal for this lass, but "Marge" is destined to be a secretary. New Britain High School can be proud of this young lady. Girls' League Representative. JAMES EDWARD McKINNEY Hartford, Conn. "Mac" February 23, 1923 "Born to singw Where there's music there's "Mac". Intelligent, humorous and a clear ,L thinker, "Mac" is a lad who gets along with everybody. He plans to 4 Q "" -"' ' " enter the musical Held where, with a few breaks, we know he'll hit the top. Glee Clubg Young Men's Leagueg Trackffeam. + . 3. CLARA LUZIETTI New Britain, Conn. April 3, 1926 "Smile awhile and while you smile another smiles and soon there are miles and miles of smilesu Here is a happyfgoflucky girl who always has a cheery word for every' one-especially the opposite sex. Her friends look to her for advice, which she is always ready to give. Her greatst ambition is to work in an office. All in all, whatever field Clara specializes in, we're sure she'll be tops. Girls' League. WILLIAM MILTON HOFFMAN New Britain, Conn. "Wild Bill" March 3, 1926 i'Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food." "We'll use your car." Why the idea! Oh, that's just L'Bill" Hoffman again. Although he is said to be as fleet of foot as Mercury, he evidently doesn't like to show it. "Wild Bill" has a way with the womengthey just can't seem to resist him. "Bill's" ambition is to go to Boston College and he hopes to take their football team to the Rosebowl in 1945. Maybe he will- who knows? Track, '41, '42, '43g Cross Countryg Young Men's Leagueg Student Council Representative. CLAIRE JUSTINE MACIAG New Britain, Conn. June 8, 1925 "Not in my eyes alone is paradise" Claire is a vibrant and a very lively young lady who can make friends easily wherever she goes. She is usually seen with a broad smile across her face, and always seems to be happy and cheerful. You can easily notice her by the light brown hair and green winking eyes. Claire hopes to be a nurse and with her pleasing personality she will surely be a success. Girls' League. 87 NINETEEN if FOBTY-THREE vNNEW BRITAIN ,of ,rv GLADYS ELSIE MAGNUSON New Britain, Conn. March 9, 1926 " 'Tis good will makes intelligence" Gladys is a tall miss who is not as quiet and shy as she looks. In fact, she has a personality that blossoms when she is among friends. She is an eager football enthusiast and can be seen rooting for her Alma Mater when Saturday rolls around. Gladys excells in her studies, as is proven by her membership in the National Honor Society. Good luck in your future endeavors, Gladys. Girls' League. ANTHONY GERALD D'ANGELO New Britain. Conn. uffonyl' April 24, 1925 'fGive me wings" "Tony" is a lad whose pleasing personality has carried him far in N.B.H.S.. and will undoubtedly carry him farther in the future. He plans his career in Naval Aviation, or in the Held of business. Vvlork is but the steppinglstone of success, "Tony", and if we know you, you'll be on the top of its ladder before very long. Young Men's League Representative. IEAN MAINELLO New Britain, Conn. "ClizclUe" December 27. 1925 "Domestic happiness, the only bliss" "Chickie" is one of those very rare persons who don't let anything or anyone bother them. She takes things in her stride with only one interest in life, that interest being a person named "Red". Having no share in sports, she spends most of her time in the movies. After graduation she expects to get married and she may be sure that we wish her happiness. JOSEPH MELTZER New Britain, Conn. "joe" June 20, 1925 "Gabriel, blow your horn" "Joey" is a young man who is going places with his trumpetfbut fast! He is climbing to the very top of the musical ladder. "joe" leads the high school band and is an outstanding player. In class he is always ready with an answer, if he can get it out between smiles. just give "joe" a trumpet and some music and he will be in his glory. Oh, yes, we must mention that he has to have gum to be completely happy. Young Men's League: Student Band Leader. FLORENCE MAKAREWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Flo" December 9, 1924 "Her cheeks like the dawn of day" "Flo" certainly is one girl in a million, with her swell disposition, quiet manner, and exceedingly good looks. Yes, she's a girl with a peachesfand' cream complexion. "Flo's" winning smile and pleasing ways will not be forgotten by either classmates or teachers. She plans to be a woman in white and we're sure even the sickest man will be helped by her smile, Girls' League: Civic Forum: Red and Gold Review. THE BEEHIVE -Af 4, 8, GH scHooL f3i 5 FLORENCE MAKSIMCZYK New Britain, Conn. "Blondie" january 23, 1925 "The spirit indeed is willing" Florence is a very industrious and quiet young miss who is always willing to help a friend requiring aid. Among other traits she is an under' standing girl and one who has learned to control her temper. Her plans to enter the business world will most assuredly be carried out, and she will undoubtedly be a very eihcient office worker. Jewels such as Florence are hard to find but when they are, they are greatly appreciated. Girls' League, GEORGE THOMAS MENOUSEK New Britain, Conn. Ffbfllafy 3, 197-5 "Dont judge a book by it's Cover" In the eyes of the high school students, George is known as "the shy smiling boy." To his friends his slow businessflike appearance is not decep' tive, for George is privately known as "the ladies' man". Perhaps it's his trumpet playing that charms them. George's hrst intentions were those of becoming a teacher, but now he says he'll settle down as a simple corporal in the United States Army. And if we know George, he'll make a good corporal. Musical Club: Band: Orchestra: Glee Club. MARION KATHERINE MAKULA New Britain, Conn. "Mac" April 8, 1925 "Even a single hair casts its shadowl' If you have heard of the Civic Forum, you've heard of Marion. Her address? Room 223. As membership secretary of the Forum, she has gained unexcelled popularity. What have you got that get's them, Marion? Could it be that laughing smile and those long blonde tressesf' Although Marion is talented at acting and knows all about what the good secretary should know, she dreams of a little white house and a certain someone. Where is it going to be Marion? Down in Virginia? Membership Secretary of Civic Forum: Girls' League. JUSTIN ALVIN MENUS New Britain, Conn. March 24, 1927 "Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it" No doubt everyone has seen this lad traveling through the corridors of N. B. H. S. He is a leader, a conscientious student and an uallfroundn fellow. His good nature and friendly personality further aids him to gain many friends. If a person could be molded to represent Justin, he would have to have the jolly disposition, the quick wit and the things that have made him so well liked in school. Many bright and promising hopes are just beyond the horizon, Justin. StudentfFaculty Council: Amphion Club: Press Club: Glee Club: Young Men's League. ALDA RITA NICOLINI New Britain, Conn. "Niche" April 12, 1925 "Live and think" "Nickie" is certainly a remarkable girl! How any girl can be so quiet and serene all day and then be soooofofo gay on the dance floor is beyond us. Her friends all insist that this is the one time when she really shows her light side. Another of her pet hobbies is sewing, and like most N.B.H.S. girls, she hopes to make good use of her talents. Girls' League. 89 NINETEEN -Av FORTY THREE fv' NEW BRITAI RUTH MARIE MANGONE Berlin, Conn. March 2, 1926 "Kindness is wisdoml' Well mannered, willing, kind, friendly, cheerful, and reserved describe Ruth. No matter what you do, wherever you may be, you will always see Ruth with a smile on her face and a song on her lips. Whatever field Ruth undertakes, her willingness to help, her poise and understanding, will bring her out on top. May your future be as bright and cheerful as it was in N. B. H. S., Ruth. Girls' League. MILDRED ROSE ZINKY St. Louis, Ivlontana "Milly" September 5, 1924 "Heir eyes in flood with laughter." k'Milly" is an ambitious, hardfworking girl. One of her most pleasing characteristics is her kindness toward others. Children are particularly fond of her, for she always seems to have something for them. "Milly" is the kind of person one likes to be with when spirits are low, for everything she says and does has a bit of humor behind it. Her friends appreciate this, for she helps build morale and cheerful thoughts. Here's wishing success to a fine girl. Girls' League. JANE MARY MARCHLEWSKI Greenpoint, Brooklyn "jamie" November 14, 1925 "Ambition has no restll 'L-Ianie", whom we all know and like, is quite an unusual girl. Her ambitions are high, but she may become what she wants to be-a concert pianist or a costume illustrator. Her friendly smile will surely help her in whatever she does become, so here's luck to you, "Janie", Girls' League. EUGENE HARRY MIRON New Britain, Conn. HGene" August 1, 1923 l'.Quietness is the most projtable of all things" Here we have a quiet and bashful boy. His favorite subjects are arts and crafts, industrial arts and applied science. On the whole, he is a fine young man, kind hearted and able to take a joke. He doesn't get angry often and is a pleasant person to be with. Best of luck always, Gene. RITA MARIE MARCOUX New Britain, Conn. "Slqeezix" April 14, 1925 "Her laughter tinkles like silver bells" A bright glance lets you know that "Skeezix" is near and a cheerful laugh makes you certain. Rita has a great ability to make friends easily, and this characteristic should come in handy in the business college she expects to attend. Good luck, 'lSkeezix", we'll miss you. Girls' League. IVE -pf -pf 90 L l HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 FRANCES MARTINEZ New Britain, Conn. May 2, 1926 Frances is rather a quiet girl, but she seems to have many friends. Perhaps this is because of her attractive personality. In the future Frances will be a secretary, and we wish her success in her work. Best of luck to you, ulrrann. Girls' Leagueg Girls' Friendly Society. JOSEPH FRANCIS MITCHEL New Britain, Conn. "joe" january 13, 1926 "Tour name and lzonor will always remain" The two outstanding characteristics of "joe" are his loyalty and integrity. He is admired by his fellow classmates because of his humor and his untiring desire to help others. "Joe" is an excellent athlete and an all-round good fellow. We are sure that his desire to be an engineer will be achieved in the greatest manner possible. Young Men's League. MARY CLAIRE MASSI New Britain, Conn. November 10, 1925 'iMalQe short the miles with talk and smiles' jigger! Jigger! It's Mary coming down the hall with her big green eyes laughing and shining. Someday she'll be a secretary and smile her way to fame. She's bubbling over with personality, especially when the Air Corp's home on leave. Someday you might find her walking in the rain thinking over some simple poem that she has just readg or perhaps you'll see her playing basketball or cheering our football team. No matter what you do, Mary, may success be with you. Girls' League. JOHN ROGER PELTO Detroit, Mich. Hjaclql' January 31, 1925 "A man whose blood is very snowfbrothu. A flashing figure and a swirl of powdered snow against a blue sky-yes. "jack" is out on skis again. His great love for this sport has in no way inf terfered with his schoolfwork, for "jack" stands high in all his classes. In the near future Uncle Sam's skiftroops will have a new recruit, for it is "Jacks" desire to enter this branch of service. Steady, "Jack", we're sure you'll reach your goal. Ski Club: Young Men's League. NATALIE JANE MATTAROCCI New Britain, Conn. "Nat" December 25, 1925 MDO it with a smilel' "Nat", charming in manner, sweet in nature, and neat and thorough in her tasks. There are few people who aren't acquainted with her lovely smile and she has made herself one of the distinguished personalities here. Studious and levelfheaded, yet fun loving, she is an allfaround girl. May your future days be as promising and bright as those spent at your old Alma Mater. Girls' League Social Directorg Library Page: Junior College Clubg Am' phion Club. 91 NINETEEN f THR i 4-X v NEW BRITAIN sk MARILYN CYNTHIA MAURER Stamford, Conn. When you see a stack of books run past you, don't be frightened for it's only Marilyn running to her next class. She is a studious and sincere person and a well liked friend of her fellow classmates. Marilyn's next stop will be some nurses' training school. We wish her loads of luck for she will be a wonderful "angel in white". Glee Club, Girls' League. New Britain, Conn. As an example of the power of personality, let's take "Hy", whose skill in the art of conversation makes him an interesting friend. Sincere conscienf tiousness, if not evidenced in his attention in class, is shown, nevertheless, in his relations with others. If "Hy" does not carve his initials in the hallways of life fno doubt he willl he will be fully remembered for having done so much with the woodwork around N. B. H. S. Young Men's League, Press Representative. THE BEEH "Deep ve1's'd in books" HYMAN LOUIS MOORE Wfalking comes by nature" March 13, 1926 june 20, 1925 NANCY DOROTHY MAZZATTO New Britain, Conn. "Nan" August 1, 1924 "Beauty draws us with a single hairw "Nan", that pretty dark'haired lass with a pleasing personality, can be seen roaming the hall of N. B. High. Her future plans? Vv'ho knows, but she may follow the position she held in school, as press representative and end up in a newspaper career, We're sure she will make a place for herself in the world no matter what she decides to do. Her personality alone should he ahle to comprise a formula of success for her. Girls' League, Red and Gold Representative. ALEX JOHN MOROZOW New York, New York "Al" April 27, 1925 "The poets fate is here in emblem shown" Here is N. B. H. S.'s own creative genius. Poetry and short stories are this boy's specialty, although he is mute about these subjects. Another accomplish' ment of his is that he has an excellent singing voice. Some college will be proud to have such a potential artist in their student body. New Britain High is proud to say it has turned out such a student as "Al". Young Men's League. VELMA ALICE McKEAN New Britain, Conn, "Vel" February 7, 1926 "Seek, and ye shall fnd' Who is that soldier and sailor you've been writing to lately, Velma? Oh! Pardon us! We completely forgot that we're not supposed to know about that little incident. If success is judged by past achievements, worry can be com' pletely banished from your mind, "Velm." Life is yours for the conquering. Girls' League. H if af 92 'k if -pf HIGH SCHOOLIQH 'k 5 ARLENE MCNAMARA New Britain. Conn. A'Mac" january 18. 1926 4'N1usic extllts eacli joy, allayx eiicli grief' Sincerity and loyalty are two of Arlene's Hncst qualities. She is a girl who is very devoted to music and is a prominent member of the Milsical Club. She has a very friendly disposition as all who know her are aware. Her smiling lace is to be seen almost everywhere. We are sure that she will succeed in any lield she may choose. Vv'ith such admirable qualities who could help but succeed? Viccfldresident of the lvlosical Club: lvlember of Junior College Club: Girls' Leagueg and Representative to the Student Faculty Council. . KENNETH THEODORE MORTIMER Bluelnll. lvlaine "Ken" October 11. 1914 "Life is nothing without friendsliipw 'AKen" has been in New Britain for only two years but he Hts in well and has rapidly become popular. If you ever chance to go to the Palace The-ater you will see him taking tickets. He will make a great career for himsell in the theater business. You'll never see Alien" without a grin on his lace. Keep smiling "Ken" and you'll go far, Young IV1en's League. HELEN GERTRUDE MICHAELIS New Britain. Conn. llM1L'kKj'.i December 27. 1925 'LSlie's pretty' to walk with. witty to talk with. and pleasant to tliinlg The only time Helen is quiet is when she is day dreaming. Football games. dancing. and parties occupy most of her leisure time. Shall 1 also include study at the end of the list? All kidding aside, we End 'llvlickeyu to be a friendly and good natured classmate. VCC will kid you. though. about your susceptibility to football players. Good luck to you in the future. Helen. Girls' League. Bowling. Bicycle Club. WILLIAM THOMAS MOTTO New Britain, Conn. "Bill" February 19, 192-1 "At the games end we sllall see who gains' This young chap has a persistent temperament which usually gains for him that which he has set out to do. His football career speaks well for him and his training will prove valuable to him. He is lillcd with ambition to get ahead which, is a main factor of succeess. Football: Young lV1en's League. ROSALIE MICHLIN New Britain. Conn. October 19. 1925 l'G1'eat tliouglzts, like great deeds, need no tricmpetii No doubt all of you have seen pretty Rosalie as she goes to and from her nurses' training classes. This demure miss has shown an active interest in school affairs and still manages to have a good time. Her studious side is augmented by a pleasant personality and an artistic nature. Rosalieis success as a 'kLady in white" is inevitable. Girls' League: ,lunior College Club. 93 NINETEEN ir FCRTY-THREE , f 'A' if-tNEw BRITAIN 1' -p RENA MIRABELLI New Britain. Conn. july 25, 1926 "Maid of N. B. H. S. 'ere you part, Give. oh, give me back my heart" Rena is the attractive young miss who has won many friends, not to mention the heart of an outstanding football player. She is a carefree sort of girl who hasn't yet made definite plans for the future. NVe are sure she will succeed. Girls' League: Red Cross, ELTON HAROLD NAIER New York. N. Y. lvlarch 9, 1927 "Malqe haste to live. and consider each day a life" It would be quite hard to pass by this young man. His jovial character and hearty laugh are things that you just can't miss. His excellent study habits are sure to benefit him as he plans to enter the held of medicine. Best of luck to you, Fellow. Band. HELEN MISIORSKI New Britain, Conn. "Curly" March 9, 1925 'LSlie flies like a bird" "Curly", a most vivacious and hilarious blonde, needs no introduction, for her friendliness and generosity have made her known to many. ln the future she plans to become a flyer, and is well on her way there already for she can identify and distinguish any plane she sees. Here's wishing you luck. "Curly". Girls' League: Chemistry Club. LEONARD ROBERT NARCUM Plymouth, Penn. "Lennie" December 27, 1915 'NVlzosoe1.'er lives, loses, but he also wins" "Lennie" comes from Plymouth, Penn., the Quaker state. Coming to this school at the beginning of his junior year, he has made himself popular with the boys as well as the--ahemegirls. Having a studious nature as well as an athletic standing, "Lennie" will undoubtedly End his place in the world. JENNIE THERESA MISIORSKI New Britain, Conn. December 30. 1924 HGolde1i SIM1 kissed her tressesll Blonde, bluefeyed, jean has a charming personality and a pleasing smile. Always carefree and jolly, she is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need of it. jean is an enjoyable companion because of her vim, vigor, and vitally. Another reason for her popularity is her dancing. jean's present interest is in a tall handsome lad. Name? Who knows? Her scholastic record is excellent and as a nurse she will be an asset to the community. E BEEHIVE -Av f 94 ,qv if HIGH scHooL'vi 3 IRENE MOLCHAN New Britain, Conn. "Boots" April 12, 1926 "Brightly smile and sweetly singn XVbo can think of Irene without visualizing that lovely smile and twinkling eyes that help to make her such a charming person? "Boots" usually enters her second period class a few seconds before the bell rings, having attempted to catch a glimpse of a certain young man who might be. by chance, passing through the corridors. Can't fool us, "Boots" we all wish you the best of luck in the business world. Girls' League: Glec Club. JUDSON HOWARD NELSON New Britain, Conn. Ujuddyu January 9. 197.6 "An athlete at heart" 'xluddyu is one of the quieter members of the student body. He is well liked by his classmates and is one of the outstanding members of the varsity track squad. He has worked his way up to the top rank of the ladder in his three years at his old Alma Mater. "Jud" has attained his greatest ambition as captain of cross-country during his stay at high school. His plans for being an engineer in the future will no doubt be soon achieved by "-Iuddyn. Captain CrossfCountryz Track: Civic Forum: Varsity Club: Swimming Club: Young Men's League. GLORIA CAROLINE MONTANA New Britain, Conn. "Glory" June 17, 1925 "Slow and steady wins the race" Vsfalking slowly, never hurrying, taking life easy, all this is typical of Gloria. who nevertheless loves movies and fun. Stubborn, she will never give in without a long argument. Drawing pictures and fashioning clothes are Gloria's big hobbies. She is an average high school pupil whose ambition is to be a success. Girls' League. ROBERT CHARLES NELSON New Britain, Conn. "Bob" ' February 15, 1926 'lMusic is well said to be the speech of angelsu Robert is one of the few young men who have been studying shorthand for two years. He is an ambitious musician who loves music. lpreferably swingj and hopes that someday he will become an orchestra leader. We are taking your achievement for granted, 'kBob". y Young Men's League. MARIANTHY MORRIS New Britain, Conn. "1Wary" ' November 13. 1915 "Care to our cofin iiclclx a nail no doubt. And every grin, so merry, draws one out." Mary's that girl you see rushing around the halls of good old N. B. H. S. greeting everyone with a cheery "hello". She has a bright smile for everyone she meets fbut more for the opposite sexj. Mary has been studying stenography for two years and is sure to be a success in her work. Girls' League. Q5 NINETEEN -A' FOHTY-THREE i iv' NEW BRITAIN -if 4, 'A' LILLIAN MORSE New Britain, Conn. "Lill,, July 10, 1925 "Love Virtue she alone is freeil Lillian is an honest, sincere, and very industrious type of girl. She does her work well, enjoys a good time, and likes reading. She is also a very athletic person. Lillian's ambition is to become a nurse. We know she has the ability to do this and we wish her the best of luck for her future. Girls' League: Bowling Club: Pan American Club. GEORGE CLARK NEUMANN New Britain, Conn. ' March 29, 1916 H0716 who works a little harder, will always go a little higher" Quiet, ambitious, good natured, and well liked. This is George Neumann. W'ell versed in Mathematics and Science, George has kept his scholastic and extra curricular actisities in well balanced proportions. His scholarship, char' aeter, leadership and service have gained him a rightful place in the Honor Society. If George's future in Wesleyan is as outstanding as it was in N. B. H. S., Wesleyan can be proud to have George as a student. 1Band: National Honor Society: President of Young Men's League: Chairman of School Organizations Committee: Student Faculty Council: Literary Editor of Beehive. ELEANOR JEAN MUNCH New Britain, Conn. "Munchie" June 17, 1925 "Happy is she born or taught" "Munchie" is a girl who has a cheerful disposition, a friendly smile, and a good sense of humor. Her future plans are indefinite but with her fine qualities we know she'll succeed in whatever Held she decides to enter. Here's luck to you, '.MLlI1ChiCl'. JOHN JOSEPH NOLAN New Britain, Conn. "Jack" April 1, 1925 Hiiuiet, calm, and ambitious" "Jack" is that quiet lad that bristles about to his classes in a cheerful mood. His ambition lies in politics. Whenever an election is being held, "Jack" is always ready to work for his party, and usually does. If your future is in politics, "Jack", your class will be in there plugging for you one hundred per cent. Young M6I1'S League. JOSEPHINE CARMEN MUT New Britain, Conn. "Joi, August 7, 1925 "Sweet and lovahlen A real friend and a good student, "Jo" has the respect and admiration of all who know her. Although she appears to be quiet, we don't believe she really is. Josephine is bright in all her subjects and is always willing to help her friends. Vvlith traits like these "Jo" will surely succeed, and we wish her all the luck which she so honestly deserves. Girls' League. THE Bi-Ji-:Hive if -A' 96 -Af if HIGH SCHOOL'-ft DOROTHY BARBARA NAPLES New Britain, Conn. 4'Dotty" September 5, 1924 "Comb down his liairn Hold that curl. uDotty", and how about a pin over here? Yes, from this one would gather that "Dotty", as she is known to her friends. has her future wrapped up in hair tonic and spitcurls. As her friends will tell you, she has done well at high school and the chances are one hundred to one she'll succeed. Girls' League, ROBERT JAMES NOONAN New Britain. Conn. August 29. 1925 "Life is what we make it" Life's uncertain path may hold much in store for Robert. ln spite of giving most of his time to sports, Robert has always been known to be an efficient student. Vv'e don't know just what he has planned for the future. but with a world full of opportunities we are sure that Robert will and some path and proceed with a batting average of 1000, Young lVien's League: Baseball. 4 ip., LILLIAN FRANCES NIEDERER i New Britain. Conn. 'ALil" February 27, 1926 "Reproof on her lip, but a smile in her eve" "Lil" is the girl whose cheerful smile and pleasant disposition are admired by all. Rain or shine, she never looks sad. Lillian plans to go to Teachers' College alter graduation and become a great educator. You can be sure that students will love her 'no one can help it when they know her. Best wishes for success. "Lil", Girls' League. DONALD LOUIS NORDGREN New Britain, Conn. "Norge" September 16. 1925 A'Obxervatiori more than books, experience more than person, are the prime educators." "Don" is a typical N. B. H. S. boy. He never worries about his studies but always comes out on top anyhow. His plans for after graduation have been kept a secret, but we know that with his ability and our good wishes he will make a success ol' himself in the business world. Good luck, 'kNorf1e." Young Men's League. PEARL NETUPSKY Hartford, Conn. "Pearly" April 26. 1925 L'Striving to better," Somewhere in the city there'll soon be a very pleased boss the one who hires "Pearly" as secretary. Her winning personality seems to find no barriers to friendship. and she surely does have many friends, So long. "Pearly," Be nice to your boss and your boss will be nice to you. Girls' League, 97 NINETEEN f FOHTY-THR ir 3 THE BEEHIV 4-X v NEW BRITAI DOROTHY ALMA NEUMANN New Britain, Conn. "Dot" March 4, 1926 "Personality and brainsg a fine combination." "Dot" has a lot of personality, which accounts for her many friends. She is very studious and does her work well, but she still finds time to indulge in a little pleasure which usually means playing the piano or going to the movies. "Dot" intends to get an oflice job after graduation, and if she continues to work well, she'll be a success. Girls' League. HENRY EFREM NOVECK New Britain, Conn. "Cam" March 25, 1926 "Little but to the paint." Henry is that small but pleasant chap you may chance to meet in any little nook or corner of N. B. H. S. His five feet six inch stature seems to be in all the fun making that goes on at high school. We've heard that Henry is in' terested in fur trapping, and that his wish is to hunt, Hsh and trap for the rest of his life. Who knows, if the draft doesn't get him first, the "call of the wild" might. Happy hunting, Henry! it's a safe guess that she will go far. Girls' League. the ladder of success. Young Men's League. ness college. Girls' League: National Honor Society. FLORENCE ELIZABETH NEUMANN New Britain, Conn. "Flo" February 8 19 6 Ml have often regretted my speech but never mx silence "Flo" always does things on the spur of the moment but thi ha not harmed her good record in school. Her willingness to help has made her liked by everyone. In her spare time "Flo" bowls ice skates swims and yes there is still time for that certain someone. Although her future plans are indefinite ROBERT CLIFFORD NYGREN New Britain, Conn. "Bohm 'via 'W 197W "Play up, Play up, and plax the game "Bob," as he is known to most of his friends is a regular fellow and a per son who isn't afraid of doing his share of work This has been hown by his willingness to work outside of school and still maintain a high scholastic record He has a great interest in sports which is usually brought out in a conversation His admirable character and good fellowship are certain to lead him to the top of RUTH MARIE NEUMANN New Britain, Conn. "Rutliy' u 77 1 ' 'laugh and the world laughs with xou Ruth is one of those people you are sorry that you haxent met sooner She is quiet, intelligent, and an accomplished piinist In the worst cal unity she is able to retain her selffcontrol. VGC know that regardless of which am bition she follows, she will make an excellent ofhcc worker or student in a busi E if ir 96 f -pf Hit: SCHOOL'Qt 9 NORMA ELIZABETH NEVIN Meriden, Conn. "Mitzi', Octobcr 19, 1926 "She greets you with a smile." Norma is one of our cute little brunettes, and a very intelligent one at that. Her favorite pastime is roller skatingg you must have noticed her on the skating rinks here in town, for she really cuts quite a figure. Norma excells in short' hand and plans to be a secretary. If her work here is any indication of the future, we know she'll get along all right. Girls' League. EDWARD HAROLD O'DAY New Britain, Conn. "Bullhead, january 12, 1926 "Live a little, laugh a little." If you've been in the class of '43, you couldn't have missed "Bullhead" His jolly jokes and good nature have made their appearance in practically every nook and corner of the High School. "Ed" hasn't said which college he will attend, but we're sure that he is slated for success. So long, "Bullhead," we'll be hearing from you. MARGARET VERONICA NEVULIS New Britain, Conn. "Marge" june 25, 1925 A'Ha'rd work brings on Success." i'Marge" comcs to school each day with a big smile and a cheery, for everyone, and that's quite an accomplishment, for she is a defense worker nights. Although "MargeA' docs not do honor work in her studies, she tries hard, and we know that this trait of will power will help her in the business world. Hap' py landings throughout life, "Marge" Girls' League. JAMES HENRY O'DONNELL Lowell, Mass "jim-rnien june 24, 1926 "How troublesome is day, it calls us from our sleep away." "Jimmy" is one person liked by everyone. His untiring sense of humor and his fair play have made him one of the outstanding allfaround fellows of his classes. "jimmy" is one boy that we will all miss, but who will never be for' gotten. His jokes, pleasant company, and good sportsmanship will live in the memory of all who knew him at N. B. H. S. Business Manager, Red and Gold Review: Young Mcn's League Represcn tative. MARGARET MARY NICHOLAS Plainville, Conn. 'iMaggie" March 30, 1925 L'Friends more divine than di'uinities." L'Maggie" is that little brunette who has plenty of "OOMPH"for so the boys say. And she really is kept pretty busy entertaining them all, for they just can't seem to resist her. In her spare moments "Marge" likes to bowl or skate. She will probably keep the position she now has in a local doctor's ofhce. Good luck, "Marge" Girls' League. 99 NINETEEN if FORTY THREE I 'A' 'k--NNEW BRITAIN -A' FRANCES NICOMEDE New Britain, Conn. 'iNilqkie" May 18, 1916 'ANCPLLV my task is smoothly done." "Nikkie," as she is known to her friends, is an all around girl. Easy to make friends with, she is jolly and can take a jokefeven if it's on her. She would like to have a secretarial position, and we all hope she will succeed in her chosen career. Girls' League: Civic Forum. RUSSELL NORMAN OUELLETTE New Britain, Conn. "Flash" December 31. 1925 "The conscious utterance of thought, by speech or action, to any end, is att." L'Russ" is that husky, blondfhaired fellow who has a perpetual disarming smile. He has outstanding artistic ability and may become a professional artist. His winning personality enables him to make friends easily in the class rooms and on the sporting held. Future plans seem to indicate the Mariiie Air Corps. Good luck, "Flash" Young Men's League. ELSIE ALEXANDRA NOVICK Gardner, Maiss, Nlay 16. 1925 "The march of intellect." Although small in size, Elsie's intellectual content is large. She has proven her capability by her scholastic standing and membership in the National Honor Society. Credit should also be given this outstanding student for outside activ' ities. Elsie is an expert in household efhciency but her career is teaching. National Honor Society: Press Representative: Girls' League Representative. FRANK WILLIAM PALUMBO New Britain, Conn. A'Fmnkie" October 11, 1915 uffie tucwk goes bravely on." Frank is that tall, dark, and happy lad you see strolling about the school. He does well in his studies and by his charming personality, he has won the admiration of many of his fellow classmates. He is an ardent lover of such sports as tennis and football, His ambition is to become a draftsman and we are sure that Frank will attain his goal and be a success in life. Young Men's League: Student Council Representative. MAE PEARL NYQUIST New Britain, Conn. "Damien July 12, 1925 "joking decides great things," Mae's keen sense of humor and good looks have won her many friends-- both male and female. She is the happyfgoflucky type, who can smile at any' thing. Music and sports, especially horseback riding, roller skating. and ice skating, take up Mae's leisure time. Best of luck, Mae! Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -A' ir wo if -A' HIGH SCHOOL'vt 9 FRANCES CATHERINE O'DEA New Britain, Conn. 'Stuffyq November 16, 1925 "If you be a lover of instruction, you will he well instructed." Frances is the type of girl that never has enemies, for her pleasant per' sonalty wins her many friends. She spends a good deal of time studying and the fine results of this are shown in her consistently high marks. 'hStuffy" plans to go to college and become a Latin teacher. Judging from her abilities shown at school, 'iStui'fy" will be a fine "magistra." Vale, Frances! Girls' League: Junior College Club: Bowling Club. HOWARD JOHN PARSONS New Britain, Conn. "Gate" April 16, 1923 "if music be the food of love, play on." Another of our musical minded students is "Gate" Ready and willing are two adjectives that best describe him. With an undying ambition to enter some musical school, 'kGate" has the spirit of Orpheus wrapped in his very soul. Keep swinging, "Gate," Young Men's League. MARGARET JANET OLSON New Britain, Conn. "Bunny" August 4, 1926 "Ambition has no rest," Unassuming manner, intelligent initiative, and a definite decision of what she wants to try in this world. Who's she? Why she's the girl whom you see at Student Faculty Council meetings, she's the girl with all the A's and also the one who became one of our Hrst Western Union "Hermes" If you're still in doubt as to who this modern "Mercuress" is, well it's "Bunny." Chemistry Club: Girls' League: Student Faculty Council: Bowling Club: junior College Club. LOUIS FRANCIS PASSAMANO "if 9' New Britain, Conn, "Lou" October 25, 1925 'ifflze physician heals, nature makes well." "Lou" is a very popular fellow in school. Through his humor and friendly attitude he has acquired many friends, and in his various activities at high school he has shown himself to be a leader, student and friend. Because "Lou" makes friends easily, he will be a nne doctor. While we don't like to be sick, it might be worth it to be attended by him! Pan American League: StudentfFaculty Council: Young Men's League. VIRGINIA ISABELLE OLSON New Britain, Conn. "Ginny" May 11, 1925 "Make short tlie miles with tallq and smiles." The three L'sfLiving. Laughing, and Lovingfmake up "Ginny's" char' acter. But this is only the beginning, for she is a grand sport and always willing to help everyone. She has talents in different fields, the most important is writing, which she has developed by her contribtion to the Press Club. Besides her school work, she has found time for sports. We wonder why she goes roller skating regularly? She plans to enter Teacher's College to be a pedant. Best of luck, "Ginny!" Girls' League: junior College Club: Bowling Club: Red and Gold Repre' sentative. ml NINETEEN iv FORTY-THREE ',XNEW BRITAIN if -pf JANE MARY FORD O'MEARA New Britain, Conn. "Janie" Iune 3, 1924 "Silence is Golden." Studious-quiet at timesgand tactful, is the girl with the wavy brown hair. "Janie" is silent most of the time, and that is the time she moves fastest, Her cooperative manner and friendliness have won her many friendsfespecially from the opposite sex. 1 see in the Crystal Ball that our "Janie" is to become a nurse. May success never leave her. Girls' Leagueg Camera Club. HENRY DAVID PELLETIER New Britain, Conn. "Dink" December 29, 1925 "The love of adventure." "Dink" is a true pal, an ambitious fellow, and a man's man, Having a bubbling enthusiasm for sports and being an all around athlete have made "Dink" destined for a life of adventure. Could it be his French birth that has given him this spirit? Well if it's a life on the open seas you want "Dink," your class is behind you all the way. Baseball: Radio Clubg Young Men's League. FLORENCE THERESA ORZECI-IOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Flo" August 28, 1914 L"1'resses like the Movnfl All the boys whistle-all the girls stare. At whom? Why here comes "Flo!" She's the cute diminutive blond, who captures everyone's heart with one of her radiant smiles or one look from her big blue eyes. She has pride and glory in her hair. When it comes to hairdos she seems to excel everyone else. As yet, she has not decided her future. Whatever her plans may be, "Flo" will suc' ceed. u. WALDEMAR OTTO PELTZER New Britain, Conn. january 31, 1925 "Speech is great, but silence is greater." Here we have one of the more sober students of our class. His steadfast will has brought him quite a way since he hrst entered high school. His initif ative will no doubt Carry him a long way in the business field, where we, his fellow classmates, know he will succeed. Young Men's League. LILLIAN MARGARET PAC New Britain, Conn. "Lil" April 12, 19-3 5 '4He1 heart is filled with mankind." Lillian is two persons in one. One side portrays a girl who enjoys a hearty good time Qfor instance a 95 bowling scorej. The other side reveals a serious minded young lady who hopes to alleviate suffering with her bedside manner. Here's wishing you luck, "Lil," in your uniform of white, not only for your own success but for the many who will beneht by it. Girls' League: Civic Forum. THE BEEHIVE if -Av 102 ' 'lr ,iv ,tv HIGH SCHOOLf:t 9 MARGARET PACINDA New Britain, Conn. "Margie" October 2, 1925 "The most completely lost of all days is that on which one has not laughedfl "Margie" can always be seen, Laughing joyously on Freshman Green. Or when the air contains a nip, Skating on ice minus the slips. However, typing is her aim, We wish her luck, success to her name! Girls' League. ELMER RUSSELL PETERSON New Britain, Conn. L'Elm" December 23, 1926 "Some love to 'roam o'e1 the dark seals foam." "Pete" is an energetic young lad who seems to "get around" quite a bit. He has many admirers, including members of the opposite sex. We know he's just the right type of material for the Navy. So its "anchors aweighn fellow, we're all pulling for you. Young Men's League. ELEANOR CEIL PACYNA New Britain, Conn. November 26, 1925 'Between the small and the great." Eleanor is the typical high school girl. Her schoolwork average, her per' sonality may not have "oomph" but it has nit." She devotes much of her spare time to cooking home meals fthe way mother used toj. Eleanor's chosen ca reer? Nursing. Best of luck to a greater gal than we've gazed on in an aeon. Girls' League. RAYMOND GUNNAR PETERSON New Britain, Conn. "Ray" February 20, 1926 'l'l'he man who seeks one thing in life, and but one, may hope to achieve it before life is clonef, "Swede" is a fine chap and an ardent sports fan in both baseball and hockey. His future plans are to make organized professional baseball a career that will L'Bring home the bacon." May Lady Luck follow you through life, "Swede," and may fortune favor your every undertaking. Young Men's League, 1ntrafMural Basketball League. JANET GRACE PALMER East Hampton. Conn. 'ljani' July 25, 1925 "Intelligence is mother of good fortune." Intelligence in equilibrium combines with dependability to form Alan." She has a talent for making friends and an attraction to the opposite sex. She must be a natural genius because she claims she doesn't have to study for 21 test but always manages to get a good mark. ",lan's" planning to be a secref tary. With all these qualities the future looks bright for "jan," We all want to wish her good luck in the world. Girls' League. 103 NINETEEN f FOHTY-THREE I 'A' -NNEW BRITAIN if ,qv JEAN BARBARA PALYS New Britain, Conn. September 11, 1925 "Good clothes open all doors." "But, niadarne, the lines in that garment are so slenderizinglu Such conf versation might ensue from the neon illuminated sign reading "jeanne's Dress Salon." Her natural smile and soft brown hair will serve as an asset to her fashions. Nor is .leans school training to be overlooked, for if Jean derives from her school work all that she has devoted to it--well, 1'll want a new dress! Girls' League. ROBERT ALBIN PETERSON H3I'ffOfd, CONN. "Pete" December 18. 1925 'fHousex are built to live in." "Pete" seems to be liked by everyone who knows him, for he is a pretty good fellow. He has been a good student and hasn't caused his teachers much trouble. k'Pete" seems to have the gift of gab. for he can talk extemporaneously on many subjects, although his greatest interest is in cars. "Pete's" interest in art will lead the hopesj to a Joh as an architect. Young Menls League. MARY PARASHELIE New Britain, Conn. june 26, 1925 'AFM discofdx make the sweetest airs." k'Mary, Mary quite contrary, How do your musical notes grow?" "With trips and frills and quips and trills, And encores all in a row." Mary, Mary so unwary, What are your plans for life?" First l'm off to a college far, And then 1 will become a wife." Girls' League: Musical Club. ROGER GEORGE PETERSON New Britain, Conn, "Pete" f'Life is but thought." December 18, 192 5 Roger is an inquisitive fellow and one who likes to make up his own forf mula for solving problems. During class he is a quiet fellow, but when called upon, he is always prepared with a more than efficient answer. He is constantly joking and has a broad smile on his face, thus promoting a cheerful atmosphere. His ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian. We know that with his disf tinguished qualities he will surely reach his goal. Young Men's League Representative: Red and Gold Representative: Camf era Club: Civic Forum: Section Room Basktball Manager. NANTHEA JAYNE PARKS New Britain, Conn. "Nan" january 21, 19-6 'V "A rolling stone gathers no moss." "Nan" is a successful graduate from the "gentlemen prefer blondes" school of thought. Between going to school, working in a local factory and keeping an eye on Main Street, "Nan's" minutes are always running away from her. She is one of those treasured few who make life lively and livable. Whether she retains her present job or carries through her intention to become a WAAC, her enthusiasm will carry her over the top. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE sk -Af ia if -A' HIGH SCHOOL s-'k 'Ir 5 MARION ANNE PARZYCH New Britain, Conn. August 24. 1925 "Such angel gracef' Mario1i's shyness and gracious manner win the respect of teachers and friends alike. To her most intimate friends she is the epitome of good humor and sociability. lvlarioifs future plans are still vague, but welre sure she'll he successful in whatever she decides to do. Girls' League. FRANK ALLEN PIERCE Providence, Rhode Island October 6, 1925 "A true friend is priceless." Frank is our average high school student. He is a very amiable person and one that is not easily deceived. His own problems occupy most of his time and therefore he has none for the feminine society. As yet his plans for the future are uncertain, although to be an electrician stands deep in his mind, but the class of '43 has confidence that his goal will he attained. Young Men's League, ANASTASIA PAULINE PASKOWSKI New Britain, Conn, "Arm" june 17, 1925 "The certainty to please." A studious worker, helpful and considerate of her classmates is "Ann." She was a loyal contributor to the "Red and Gold Review" for two years. k'Ann's" ambition? W'ell, so far Teachers College will welcome this young miss with open portals. Some day soon "Ann" will be revealing the mysteries of the typewriter, calculator and adding machines to wide eyed aspirants of knowlf edge, Girls' League: Glee Club: Press Clubg Civic Forum. p' WILLIAM JOSEPH PIETROWICZ -,., Syracuse, New York "Will5"' February 27, 1925 W i "All l ask is a tall ship arid a star to steer her by." ' mu "Willy," as his friends call him, is not one of our noisier lads. In fact, H he's rather on the quiet side, but that's only when he is at school, for "Bill" is -- always ready for a good time. Sometime in the near future Uncle Sain's Navy L for maybe the Army, will have a new recruit. for kiWilly" will enter the serv' ice soon. . ,AH '11 V, i.' I MARY TI-IERESA PASQUALE New Britain, Conn. April 18, 1925 f'She greets you with a smile." "A smile to all and a helping hand to whoever needs it" only partly def I scribes Mary. Her other traits are the three C's---conscientious, courteous, and calm. As one becomes better acquainted with her, one sees that she's a grand person who makes friends at every turn. She also uses her physical abilities to acquire high scores in bowling, Her future plans are centered about her ainhif tion to hecome a bookkeeper and she appears to be headed for her goal. J af I rg I .1 ,.. - . ::fa:"' f i A I'- Girls' League. ,E . X.. ins NINETEEN -k FORTY-THREE FLORENCE PAWLICKI New Britain, Conn. "Florze" February 1, 1926 "Her cheerful look makes a dish of feast." A great lover of sportsf-ever helpful to classmatesfeasy going-and cheer' ful is this well liked student known familiarly as "Florie." From all appear' ances she is the perfect typical high school girl, at least as far as the Nchippie- chasers" are concerned. k'Florie" hopes someday to be a nurse, and she has the best wishes of all her fellow students in her future plans. Girls' League: Basketball. HENRY EDWARD PLOCHARCZYK New Britain, Conn. "XVl1itey" june 5, 1925 L'Let the mind be joined in equal degrees with skill." "Whitey" is a scholar in the true sense of the word. All through high school he has maintained a high scholastic rating and will continue with an even more eminent rating in one of Uncle Sam's armed forces. He is an active member of most sports and is envied as well as liked by his host of friends. If past achievement is a sign of success, yours is on the way. "Whitey." Progressive Chemistry Club: Young Men's League. Hollywood, "Lou"? how could anything ever be cold? Girls' League: Bowling Club. THE BEEHIVE -pr -if M, v' NEW BRITA1 LOUISE ANN PELEGRINO Meriden, Conn. "Lou" u 6 1 W "Observe the opportunity True modesty, it seems, is a virtue possessed by those who have somethin to boast about. Louise's capacity as a leader in diffe ent clubs is far above the average, but to hear her talk about her achievements well have to assume that she's the black sheep of the club, and is only to be seen and not heard. Louise has served her Alma Mater well on the Executive Board of the Girls' League and also by capably handling all the feminine Costello roles that the Amphion Club could produce. Her spirit of co ope ation and modesty will carry Louise successfully to wherever her heart leads her Could it be Girls' League: Amphion Club: Chemistry Club LAWRENCE WILLIAM POMERLEAU New Britain, Conn. A'Larry" lvay 17 19'-4 "All I ask is the heavens above me and the road below me "Larry" is a quiet likeable chap who has won many friends with his keen sense of humor. There is, however, a little shyness when with the opposite sex. "Larry" is not an "A" student, but he is a hard and willing worker and one deserving all the success that may come his way Good luck Chap Civic Forum: Constitution Committee: Young Mens League GEORGETTE ALMA PERSHKEN New Britain, Conn. A'Georgie' 1 W "A tough customer in anv argument Debates, arguments, and discussions are quite familia to scholars f t N. B. H. S., but none of these is quite complete without the presence of a vi vacious miss, named Georgette, since these ' hashing over events are Georgies favorite activity. After graduation "Georgies plans include 1 business school and then---out into the cruel, cold, business world But with Georgie around if 1- HIGH scHooL 'wi MYRTIS EMMA PETERSON New Britain, Conn. L'My1t" February 15, 1926 "Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why can't they all be contented like me?" Myrtis, commonly know as "Myrt," is a happyfgoflucky girl who is usually seen in front of room 120 or in the main lobby. She plans to enter New Britain General Hospital in the near future and become a nurse on the third floor, which is the children's ward. We know that her patients will like her, for she is cheerful and friendly. So long, "Myrt," and good luck! Girls' League. FRANK JOSEPH POTETZ New Britain, Conn. July 24, 1926 'iHe who owns the soil owns up to the slqyf, Frank is just a quiet independent boy who enjoys living in the pleasure of his own presence. Although he has many friends who appreciate his company, he prefers to live by himself, Frank likes the outdoor sports, fishing, hunting and outdoor athletics being his favorite pastimes. His love of nature has led him to choose an agricultural college as his next stop. Clear fields to you, Frank. Young Men's League. NORMA ELAINE PETERSON New Britain, Conn. "Lynn" January 30, 1926 L'The air is also mans dominion." Brrrrfrfr! Hear those plane motors warming up? "Lynn" is on the job againfthe job being anything and everything to do with aeronautics. "Pete's" future is definitely on the up and up, but no wonder. With her effervescent personality and witty good humor she's bound to rise. "Keep 'em flying, 'kLynn." Bowling: Girls' League: Ping'Pong: Softball. ROBERT DES CHAMPS POWERS Hartford, Conn. "Bohn December 23, 1925 "He did fly upon the wings of the wind." Quiet, cheerful, and always ready to help his friends is "Bob." He al' ways-well, practically always, has his studying done. His future in the Naval Air Corps is a promising one indeed and we need have no fears about his success. Young Men's League. SOPHIE ANN PETKAVICH New Britain, Conn. "Zuzu" july 7, 1925 'They used to say 'Oui, oui, Marie' But now it's heard 'Woo-woo Zuzuff' Sophie is that compound that doctors have been hunting for to pack in bottles and prescribe to all those in low spirits. But Sophie's pleasantness can't be stored away. The halls of the High School have received daily doses and have greatly benefited. With all her many merryfmaking minutes, "Zuzu" has also managed to prepare herself to help those doctors out by preparing for nursing with all the intentions of becoming a Navy nurse upon graduation. Could it be that sailor boy's influence, "Zuzu7" Girls' League. - 107 NINETEEN i FORTY-THREE I 'A' MARIE ADELINE PETOFF New Britain, Conn. A'Re" August 3, 1925 "The heavenly rhetoric of thine eyef' What lies deep behind those smiling eyes only "Re" knows. Studious though she may be, "Re" always finds plenty of time for fun. She is a good sport and well liked by all her school friends. Her cheerful disposition and great patience are only two of her many virtues that will pave the way of her future. Girls' League Representative. JOSEPH PRESTASH New Britain, Conn. 'ijoell June 5, 1926 "Sweet are the uses of adversity," A studious and hard working person- this is flue." Probably the main reason he maintains his high standards in his studies is that he always has his work done thoroughly, but he insists that he didnlt look at a book all night. Mziybe we should have more uhloeu Prestashes around high school! Lots of smooth sailing, "joe" Young Men's League. 'lr-f NEW BRITA E BEEH DORIS RITA PETOW New Britain, Conn. December 9, 1925 "Speech is great but silence ix greater." Doris is one of our girls who believes in devoting more time to smiling than talking. She competently completes her assigned work and then is right there when the fun begins. Her plans have been kept a big, obscure secret but Doris has so developed her personality that she is ready for any and all that might appear. May he be just the big, strong man youlve dreamed of! Girls' League. STEPHEN ECIDOR PRIGODICH New Britain, Conn. "Steven July 26, 1925 "For he was xtucliousfl i'Steve" is the happy looking fellow who is always glad to tell you how late he stayed up doing homework the night before. Besides being an up and coming third baseman on the baseball team he also managed to work part time in a drug store. Perhaps someday he will be known as the drug store magnate of America. No matter what. we know "Steve" will keep smiling. Young MCIIHS League: Bowling Club: Chemistry Club: Baseball. LILLIAN EVELYN PILARSKI New Britain. Conn. 'ALil" December 9. 1925 "I hasten to giggle at everything." "Lil" is that cute blonde with those blue. flirtatious eyes and that gurgling giggle. She seems to be doing quite a bit of needle work lately-- eould it be shels preparing her hope chest before that sailor boy comes home again? uLil'sl' future plans are undecided but we're quite sure that a certain gob will be the master of her fate. Girls' League. E ir f me wk -if HIGH SCHOOL'Qt 3 HELEN PISARSKY New Britain, Conn. November 1, 1915 "ls there a heart that music cannot melt?" Helen is that cute little gal with blonde hair and snapping green eyes. She's the little miss you often see followed by her devoted-no, not boy friend, but dog! There's never a dull moment when Helen's around, for her cheery singing and carefree manner dispel all clouds of gloom. Keep up the good work, Helen, and keep 'em singing. Girls' League. THOMAS EDWARD PUSTELL New Britain, Conn. "Pusty" July 17, 1925 "He shall have music wherever he goes." Tall, blonde, and quietfthis, in addition to a rather worried facial ex- pression, briefly describes one of our school's most active students. Then. too, one is attracted by a low smooth drawl with an occasional chuckle. A slow am' bling gate and an arm full of books complete the 'every day picture. Participaf tion in local school affairs has certainly not been neglected by "Tom," To elif max his almost complete day, his afterfschool time is spent in directing and managing his own dance band. At present our friend's future aspiration is an aeronautical engineering course at Rensselaer, Judging from the past, his sue' cess will make him a credit to our school and class. Band: Orchestra: Young Men's League: Second VicefPresident of Camera Club: Chairman of Personal Relations Committee of Student Council: National Honor Society, LORRAINE GLORIA PLOCHER New Britain, Conn. "VJay'11e" December 17, 1925 "She glides 'cross the floor with the greatest of ease." Vv'ho looks so slink on the rink? So sore from the floor? Why it's "Lorrie" who inhabits our local skating salons more weeks than there are days. Although Lorraine has attempted to keep her future plans to her "lonesome" we surmise they will lead to some rink or else behind some sink! Girls' League. A EDWARD JOSEPH PYTEL New Britain, Conn. "Petey, October 26, 1924 "Dare to be truef' He will always be remembered by his football playing and his ability to capture the female heart. He can be quite a student even though he is the class comedian in English. He will undoubtedly become triumphant in his chosen field. Pan American League: Young Men's League: Football Team. FLORENCE CONSTANCE POPIELARCZYK New Britain, Conn. "Poppy" February 12, 1925 f'Better comes after the bitter," How can anyone resist her mischievous look? Vwlho doesn't give in at a flash of her pleasant smile, at a glance from her pretty blue eyes? "Poppy" is an intelligent student and does well in her work. Playing the life and drum in a local drum corps has taken up much of her time after school fand so have certain members of that category commonly referred to as "men"j. We wish her all the luck that her personality deserves, Girls' League. 109 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THREE fvN NEW BRITAIN ,iv HELEN THERESA POPIELARCZYK New Britain, Conn. "Poplar" january 15, 1924 HA pretty woman is a welcome guest." Helen is that pert and pretty blonde miss who has so many friends, She is rather quiet and shy, yet she is friendly. Helen is an active and ambitious girl whose dream is to be a nurse. Her strong determination may help her to reach another goal she has-f-that of being chosen "Miss America". She loves music and has studied it for many years. Perhaps that is the reason for her graceful movements and sentimental moods. Girls' League. ROBERT WALLACE RAMSDELL Hartford, Conn. 'iBob'l june 17, 1924 "Meri are most apt to believe what they least understaridf, "Bob's" chief interests to date have consisted in the fine art of music, in athletics, and in the "fairer sex". Although equally at home in any of these fields, his plans for the future are in helping to defeat the enemy by joining some branch of the service. Following this, "Bob" plans to further his educaf tion for life in the business field, May your troubles he few and your achievements many, 'kBob." Young Men's League: Civic Forum. IRENE BARBARA PRACATO New Britain, Conn. "Shorty" October 23, 1925 'iSlzort and sweet" Don't let "Shorty" fool you. You may have to look down to see her, hut you'll soon End yourself looking up to her for her good judgment and cute giggle. "Shorty's" future lies in the hands of her country, for she wants to hefyes, a WAVE. Smooth sailing to you, Irene. Girls' League. EDMUND JOHN RAPPONOTTI New Britain, Conn. i'Rapp" june 23, 1924 'tHe who strives, may conquer." If you see a good looking, wavy-haired fellow dashing about the halls of the high school, you'll know instantly that it is none other than "Ed" Rapponotti. 'LEd" has many future plans, but since Uncle Sam wants more fellows in the service, "Ed" signed up with the U. S. Air Corp and will be called to duty after graduation. With fellows like "Ed" in the service, how can we lose this war? We wouldn't he surprised if in the near future we'll hnd "Ed" another air hero. Keep 'em flying, Young Men's League: Hackers' Clubg School Air Raid Warden. JANET PRAGER Cincinnati, Ghio October 2, 1925 "Humour which gains force by unusualnessf' One glance at janet will tell you that she's just the type of friend one de- sires. What she lacks in size is compensated hy her personality and intelligence. In high school she's certainly proven herself a good student as well as a friend with a wonderful sense of humor. Janet's future plans aren't definite but once she decides--watch her speed! Pan American Club: junior College Club: Girls' League. HE BEEHIVE -4- it im as ,if HIGH SCHOOL'Wt 5 AUDREY EMMA PREISSER New Britain, Conn. L'Audie" September 23, 1925 'kAlas the love of men? lt is lqnown To be a lovely and fearful thing." "Audie" is that popular miss whom you see in the main lobby after every period. Her attractive smile and winning personality have secured for her a warm place in the hearts of her classmates. "Audie" plans to become a brisk, busy woman of the "whitefcollar" world. If Audrey's past record is any indicaf tion of her future, it will always be gay and furious! Girls' League. JOHN KENNETH RAPPANOTTI New Britain, Conn. l'JaclQ" June 24. 1925 'LTlze deed is everything, the glory naught." "Calling Dr. Rappanotti, Dr. Rappanotti, Surgery." It may seem rather un' believable to most who know him, but "Jack's" future is wrapped up in scalpels and sutures. Medicine, yes, thatls Mr, Rappanottfs ultimate goal in life. Life should hold nothing but the Enest for "Jack," Vv'e'll be hearing from this lad soon. Young Meiils League. EDITH CAROLYN PRENTICE New Britain. Conn. "Edie" July 22. 19-5 1 "A sweet. attractive kind of grace." Is there anyone at s:hool who hasn't met "Edie"f' We don't think so. She is a tall, attractive girl with many friends. You can always trust 'iEdie" to do a Job and do it well. She is preparing for a nursing career with a 'stitlv' college course. Uncle Sam will certainly appreciate a nurse like you, "Edie" But don't be too nice to the sick lads. "Edie," remember. high blood pressure is dangerous, too! 1, Girls' League Representative: Glee Club. JOSEPH RENALDI New Britain, Conn. "Joe" March 7, 1926 'Smiles from reason flow." Lo and behold, another of N. B. H. Sfs contribution to the world of smiles and friendliness. Although his ambition is a dark mystery at present, we know there's something in the back of "Joe's" mind. Could it be a position in the armed forces? Who knows, but before long, we'll be hearing about this young fellow gaining his end by leaps and bounds. Young Merils League. JUDITH RABINOW New Britain. Conn. H-Judy" April 23, 1926 "Her sweetness and good nature attract." Judy is one of the bright personalities in New Britain Senior High, Alf though she is always ready for fun and frolic, there is also a serious side to her character. She lends a sympathetic ear to all, and her friends are many, Her ambition is to be a nurse. We all know she will succeed. Girls' League Representative: Junior College Club. 111 NINETEEN f FOHTY-THREE 'K lfibit? NEW BR BEATRICE RACHER New Britain, Conn. "Bea" December 20, 1925 Attention! Forward March! Yes, that's our "Bea," now an auxiliary First Class, in the WAACs. "Bea's" ambition is to be just that, although she is also interested in a business school. You can recognize her anywhere by her cheery smile and by the troop of friends who are always with her. Best of luck, "Bea." Girls' League. VINCENT ANTHONY RICH New Britain, Conn. "Vinny" May 21, 1925 "Surer to prosper than prosperity could, have assufd us." This june graduation will be the cause of losing a regular fellow who did a 'LSwell" job throughout his school years. Ranking high among his classmates and friends and upholding school honor and tradition, he has made a permanf nent mark in high school, Applying himself to work has paid dividends by making him a member of the National Honor Society. His sincere attitude will insure his success in the Naval Air Corps. Happy flying, 'LVinny." Young Men's League: Golf Club. JANE JULIA RADUNE New Britain, Conn. "Bunny" Mzirch 24. 1926 "Patience is a virtue." "Bunny" is the girl that always has a smile for everyone. She is always willing to take part in any activity, especially when it comes to sports. She has won many friends because of her fine personality and good disposition. ,lane's ambition is to see the world, Bon Voyage, Jane. Girls' League. HAROLD CHARLES RICHMAN New Britain, Conn. "Hal" March 2, 1926 "Busy doing many things." "Hal" is an all around fellow with everyone. An outstanding star on the tennis team, he has shown ability in many activities. "Hal" makes his work seem a pleasure and is always wearing a big smile. He does well in his studies and is liked by his classmates. NVe feel sure that 'LHal" will go far in the future. Musical Club: Tennis Team: Young Men's League: Chess Club. CECELIA EILEEN REDZIKOSKI New Britain, Conn. A'Ceil" October 21, 1925 "Are you lqiddingfw 'LCeil" is that very pleasant person who is friendly with everyone she meets. Although she is very quiet, she is very studious. Her hobby is roller skating. uCeil" hasn't decided on her future career yet, but we are sure she will be outstanding in any iield she chooses. Girls' League. T H E B E E H I V E f if 112 ITAIN if -k if HIGH scHooL 'v ANN BARBARA RAPHAEL New Britain, Conn. "Bobby" February 5. 1926 I Appearance: a. Tall, quiet, slender, brunette. b. Brown eyes that have been known to fascinate and amaze certain people. II Habits: a. Never eats more than one meal a day. III Interests: a. Young men who drive shiny convertibles. b, Army camp in West Virginia. IV Dislikes: a. Windy weather that upsets one's curls. Girls' League. ROBERT ALLAN RICHTER New Britain, Conn. UBOIJI' uly 11, 1926 .1 N 1 K'Great works rewarded. Q .5 'xBob'l is a studious and quiet scholar. His courtesy has won him respect "1 1- - from both teachers and companions. He is a diligent pupil, besides having out' side employment. We give "Bob" our backing for crowning success in his chosen work. 5.. . Young Men's League. Q? l . J 3 ELIZABETH LUCY RAWA New Britain, Conn. 'ibettvi November 13. 1924 "Good nature above all." "Betty," as she is known to her many friends, expects to join our ever inf creasing group of secretaries. Her attractive manner and pleasing personality are sure to send her far along the way to her goal. Good luck to you. 'iBetty." Civic Forum: Girls' League. JOHN EDWARD RIKTERAITIS New Britain, Conn. "Ricky" July 24, 1925 "Without music life would be a mistaken We tip our hats to a great fellow and sportsman who leaves behind a job well done. His good nature and sincerity have made him a popular student. As a trumpeter in the school band, he has set a fine record. May he sound a new and high note in Uncle Sam's mighty "Air armadaf' Band. FRANCES LOUISE RICHARDSON Denver, Colorado "Frannie" December 7. 1925 "Life is good and joy rims high." Vivaciousness verified-V -pep personihed-gaiety glamorized. With all this who wants heaven, too? We know of one certain Lochinvar who heartily agrees! "Fran" has been the mainstay of the HE" Clubs, "Ski" and "Glee." Vwlith days full and nights 'kPhilled" she still manages to get those marks which will enable her to enter Radcliffe next fall. Oh, to be a Harvard man! Red and Gold Representative: Musical Club: Ski Club: junior College Club: Girls' League. ' I E. ns NINETEEN sk FORTY-THREE exNEW BRITAIN -pf if MARION HELAINE RICHTER New Britain, Conn. "Skates" August 21, 1925 "Feet are light where the will is ready." Marion is called 'iSkates" because her favorite hobby lat which she ex' celsj. is roller skating. She comes to school regularly and does not neglect her studies. Marion has a commercial course and her ambition is to become a sec' retary. Vvle know she will make a good one, so herels wishing you great success. Girls' League. ELIAS THOMAS RINGROSE New Britain, Conn. A'Red" january 31, 1925 "The pink of perfection," Elias to the teachers, but k'Red" to the boys. He has a retiring nature but many close friends. In addition to school activities, he has won many honors in scouting. According to present indication, he should set a high standard in the years ahead. Gross Country: Young lVIen's League. 5 MURIEL EVELYN RING New Britain, Conn. 'Smiling Eyes" May 6, 1915 'lllluslimg is virtuelx color." Muriel is that charming girl with the smiling Irish green eyes. Although she has been with us for only two years, it didnlt take her long to win our hearts, She can he very good natured, but look out when she loses her temper! Muriells heart interest is a sergeant in the U. S. army. Her plans for the fu' ture are vague, but we know she'll be "tops" Girls' League: Y. Vw". G. A. EUGENE WALTER EHRLICH Brooklyn, New York Ulalgeu january 20, 1926 "Slifer to prosper than prosperity could have L1SSllT.Cl HSE. "Jake" has always been a studious fellow for the amount of time he has been present in school. Although his interests are many in number. the one that is prominent in his eyes is that of sports. "jake" plans to enter college this fall and from there he will probably have an eye on the army. Good luck to you in your future, U-lake." Young Menls League. HARRIET ELIZABETH ROBERTSON New Britain, Conn. "Slim" June 17, 1923 f'Her stature tall." "Sli1n'A is a very interesting girl, for she makes friends easily and what's more, she keeps them, Her greatest joy is roller skating. As for her studies. she's always on top of the list. 'iSliin's" ambition is to he a nurse after grad' uation, and we're sure she will make a fine one. Good luck and best wishes. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE if wk in ir -A' HIGH SCHOOL'Qt 9 LYDIA ROBINO New Britain, Conn. "Lyd" November 18, 1925 'iSl1e speaks a various language." Parlezfvous francais? Arma virumque canoflch lieber dichfYes, you've guessed it. k'Lyd" is aiming for a career as a linguist. She is one of those rare girls who has many friends and yet is equally devoted to all. One can recog' nize her by that well known grin and hearty laugh. One of her major interests is music, but French is "tops" with her. Here's wishing you luck and success. Vale, Lydia. Junior College Club, First Aid. FELIX ROMAN New Britain, Conn. May 30, 1925 "Physicians, of all men, are most happy." Felix is that popular treasurer of the Young Men's League who is definitely "tops" with his classmates. At present he is working afternoons at New Britain Hospital. Who knows-we may be calling him Doctor Roman yet, if the Air Corps doesn't get him first. Whatever his career may be we are sure that his ability to make many friends will carry him on to success. Treasurer of Young Men's League: Civic Forum: Student Council Repref sentative. RUTH VIOLA ROCHETTE East Long Meadow, Mass. liRlLll1j'ii February 13, 1915 "XVhere theres a will, theres a wayf' It is purely luck that N. B. H. S. has the honor to graduate this young itinerant. Nine other schools have seen Ruth come and go. Probably the rovf ing spirit has been indelibly imprinted upon Ruth for she persistently upholds her secret desire to own and operate her own plane. Maybe she's planning to solo to that Private First Class who causes so much of her time to be spent in day dreaming. Girls' League. ' gi ALBERT DUDLEY ROOT New Britain, Conn. "Dad" December 31, 1925 ,,,, ik, K ii 'Speaks little but speaks the trutlif' . "Dud" is a quiet chap who is liked by all. He is an active member of the , ,L Camera Club, and strongly advocates the advantages of the miniature camera. " Since "Dud's" technical qualities equal his photographic ability, he will surely ,,,. succeed in the future. VAHVQ, V,'. Young Men's League Representative, Camera Club. -"' SHIRLEY ANN RODERICK New Britain, Conn. "Short Lalan February 7, 1926 i'VJl1e1e theres a will tlierefs a wav' "Lala" has a personality which makes her outstanding. She's both conf siderate and thoughtful of others. Like most girls, she loves to go dancing, bowl' ing or to the corner drug store for a soda. She plans to go to college where she'll surely make a place for herself. Here's wishing her success for every step she takes. Girls' League. 115 NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE I at MARGARET FRANCES ROMEO New Britain, Conn. "Miggie" july 3, 1925 "One vast substantial smile." A pleasant "Hello" from "Miggie" is enough to start any clay right. She sews many of those clothes which give her that envied, neat appearance. An' other great asset is "Miggie's" natural curly hair. Even though she works after school "Miggie" remains outstanding in her school work. She is planning to train for nursing and we know that she'll keep on doing first rate work! C bGirls' League Representative: junior College Club: Progressive Chemistry lu . WALTER FRED ROSENSWEIG New Britain, Conn. "Rosev' October 15, 1925 MTo have tlie greatest blessing, a friend." Yvhere there is noise, laughter, and iollity in B, H. S., there may be found Vv'alter. To all who know him, he is called a professional emulator of Terczyak. Vv'alter has contributed a great deal to the Musical Club as an ollif cer. active member. singer, and musician. His future ambition is to become a priest. and we are sure that he has all the qualihcations with which to attain his goal. As a leader he has the power to gain many followers which will only aid him further in his career. Band: Orchestra: Clee Club: Nlusical Club. 'k--N NEW BHITAI THE BEEH LORETTA MARGARET ROGGERS New Britain. Conn. "Nina" june 25, 1926 "All the wovld loves a good sport." Everyone knows 'iNina," the girl with the laughing eyes and winning smile. This dark haired miss has one chief interest in life -sports. Her charm' ing manner has gained many friends for her, uNina" is already employed as a prooffreader and expects to go on in this held after graduation. Girls' League Representative. DONALD RAYMOND ROSS New Britain, Conn. "Duck" june 15, 1925 "Play each game hardfeven in the held of life." 'kDon" is well known around the school for his many achievements, mainly on the gridiron. During his stay at N. B. H. S., he has won many friends and is well liked by everyone. "Don's" ambition is to become an officer of the law. Possibly another "Sherlock Holmes" in the making. We expect to see him meet life's obstacles as successfully as we saw him go over the goal line. Football Team: Young Men's League: Baseball: Tennis: Track. LILLIAN ISABELLE ROOT Hartford, Conn. "Lil" july 9, 1926 "Oli gracious! If I had only been born old and ugly!" Although active in skiing and other sports, "Lil" also enjoys mathematics. her pet hobby. And incidentally, that flare for "Math" has helped her to count the many boys who occupy her time. Wlien uLil" is angry you may notice an accent that's suspiciously Bostonian, but it certainly adds spice to any argument. However, "Lil" always knows when it's time to be serious. Keep up the "Math," Lillian. and don't let anything get you down. Girls' League: Chemistry Club: Civic Forum: junior College Club. E i' f 116 a- 1 HIGH SCHOOL'vt 3 BARBARA ANNE ROSE New Britain, Conn. "Bobby" March 5, 1925 "To know her is to love her." Five feet three, eyes of blue, that's our "Bobby." She has a winning per' sonality and is a witty companion as well as a willing worker. Studies aren't her chief worries, for "Bobby" is capable of doing them wellfif she wants to. She is a true friend and can he humorous or serious as the situation demands. Barbara's future plans are vague, but we are counting on her personality to make her a success in whatever she may undertake. Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum: junior College Club. WILLIAM STEPHEN RUDGE New Britain, Conn. 'LBill" February 18, 1925 "To know, to esteem, to lovefl "Bill" is a quiet fellow, but has many hidden qualities. During his stay at N. B. H. S., he has acquired many friends through his thoughtfulness and his friendly attitude toward others. We are sure that "Bill" will make a great suc' cess of himself later in life. He will he a person that we shall also he proud of, so good luck, "Bill." HELEN FRANCELIA ROSE Syracuse, New York "Red" October 6. 1924 "Her hair is like ri glorious cloud." i'Red," as we call her, is a very popular girl, for she has a smile for every' one and a fine sense of humor. One of the things she likes best to do is dance. and she also loves roller skating. Although she has not yet decided what she plans after graduation, we know that she will succeed at whatever she chooses to do. Girls' League. ORLANDO JOHN RUSSO New Britain, Conn. "Russ" September 27, 1925 "He goes from stvengtli to strengthfl What! Another Atlas? Oh, just Orlando Russo. Here is that strong hunk-offman person that strutted through the halls of N. B. H. S. His strength and manly body combined with his effervescent personality has made him one of the well liked persons of his classmates. He is an honest, sincere, and hard working fellow and one who should succeed in any field of life. ELEANOR ANN RUCHINSKAS New Britain, Conn. Ellyl' February 21, 1926 "Aft -not without ambition." "Elly," she of the flashing smile, will surely be an asset in whatever she does, but particularly in an office, for this miss plans to be a secretary. Although you may not know her, perhaps this is because she has not been very active in clubs. But with her traits of perseverance, "Elly" is hound to conquer all oh- stacles. Girls' League: Civic Forum. wh. nv NINETEEN if FOBTY-THREE 'K iv' NEW BRITAIN if VERONICA ELEANOR RUTKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Babe" January 26, 1926 "Plenty of smile and not a trace of a frown." "Babe" is a girl with a heart warming smile. She is quiet, polite, and al' ways ready with a 'Lhi" or "hello" wherever she goes. Her lessons are always prepared and she never fails to help anyone in need. May you be successful in whatever field you may choose, i'Babe." Girls' League. ALOYSIUS PETER RYDEL New Britain, Conn. 'LAl'l August 6, 1925 "Silence is more eloquent than words." Mute, and reserved, always ready with the right answer, and forever willing to help a friend, this is "Alf He has made his stay at high school a pleasant and a worthwhile one. Ambition? Maybe you don't want it known, "Al," but we're going to tell that it lies in the Held of teaching. Keep up the good work, "Al," and before you know it you'll probably have a position in your old Alma Mater, N. B. H. S. Young Men's League. VERONICA FRANCES RYBCZYNSKI Shefheld, Conn. "Ronnie" February 24, 1925 "To know liev is to love lierfl "Ronnie" is a quiet reserved girl who is rarely seen but will soon be heard of. She is planning to enter Nurse's Training after graduation and we know 2- -. that she will be a success in this Held and a credit to her "Alma Mater." Girls' League Representativeg Musical Clubg Glee Club. is JosEPH JAMES SALAFIA L g Southington, Conn. March 23, 1925 "7 ' "The mildest manners, with the bravest mind." " N 9 u.l.I.", the man with businessflike nickname, is one person destined for a . , bright and sunny future. Things that are operated mechanically seem to hold il M facination for Maybe that's why he has planned his future in the Electric Motor works. May your future hold many bright and cheery tidings for you, Young Men's League. JANICE ANN RYDER New Britain, Conn. Ujanu january 30, 1925 "She moves a goddess and she looks a queen." Janice is a sweet girl with a certain amount of sweet appeal that attracts everybody. We know that this neatly dressed miss. with her pleasing nature. will become a fine dental hygienist and that nothing will interfere with her studies at Forsythe. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -if -if 118 -if HIGH SCHOOL 'vi 5 HELENA BARBARA SALAMON New Britain, Conn. "Honey" january 22, 1925 UNO season now for calm, familiar talk." A pert, talkative miss, never at a loss for words, and never without a gathering about herfl-Ielena is just this! She always seems to have work done on time and her secretarial career will no doubt bring laurels to her and her old Alma Mater. Good luck, Helena. Girls' League. JOSEPH PAUL SARGIS New Britain, Conn. "Ringy" October 12, 1926 "A small package of TNT," Don't be fooled by the fact that Joe is a small fellow. He is full of en- ergy and always on the go. A personality well liked by the boys and girls, he continually keeps the classrooms cheerful. We expect big things from joe in whichever Held he enters. Young Men's League, Press Representative. ROSE MARIE SALVIO New Britain, Conn. "Sal" February 9, 1926 L'Be merry and be wise." "Sal" is a great example of friendliness, good looks, intelligence, and grand personality. Her charming smile and cooperative attitude have won for her the hearts of many classmates. "Sal" is lots of fun to talk with and her witty comments liven up many gatherings. She gives serious attention to her studies and has acquired high marks in her work. "Sal" has chosen the sec' retarial field as her life work, so best wishes to her for success, Girls' League. HERBERT JAMES SAUTER New Britain, Conn. "Herb" February 1, 1926 "I am a part of all that I have metfl "Herb" has a quiet, friendly, unassuming air about him. Gifted with a pleasing personality, he naturally makes many friends. An intelligent and inf dustrious boy, he is a cooperative worker. We wish him the success we know he will have, no matter what field he may enter. Young Men's League. MONICA BARBARA SAMOJLA New Britain, Conn. l'M0ntei' November 5, 1925 "With a twinkle in lier eye and a smile on lier lipsfl 'LMonte" is a mischievous and happyfgoflucky miss with a charming smile and twinkling eyes. Her vivacious disposition and sparkling personality have won her many friends. She is the typical N, B, H. S. girl who studies when necessary and enjoys herself the rest of the time. i'Monte" will excite the pulses of her patients instead of calming them when she becomes a nurse. The best of luck to you, "Monte" Girls' League: First Aid Club: Red Cross. ns NINETEEN -Af FOHTY-THREE I 'A' RITA SAMPSON Manchast, N. H. K'Shorty" April 5, 1925 "Something attempted, something donef, "Shorty" is popular because she's friendly with everyone. She is doing her part to aid the war effort, for she works in one of the large factories outside of school. Her hobbies are roller skating and bowling, but she doesn't play all the while, for she usually does all her homework. Although we're not quite sure what she plans to do after graduating, we are sure that she'll do her hest to help win the war. "Shorty" will always be successful in whatever she does. MICHAEL JOHN SCANLON New Britain, Conn. "Mike" March 27, 1926 ".Quips and cranks and wanton wilesf' "Mike," the wit of his classes, the lover of sports, the all around good felf low, is one of the few students who makes pleasure out of work. Combining his quick wit and intelligence, "Mike" hopes to enter upon the Held of medicine, and will most likely be one of the up and coming doctors of the future. He has an interest in reading, especially the newspaper during his chemistry class. With the pleasant disposition, quick wit. and his intelligence, "Mike" should he a huge success in later life. Young Men's League. 'kv NEW BRITAIN +.i RITA AGNES SAMSEL New Britain, Conn. April 26, 1915 'Tier talent is to serve." Rita is a well dressed girl who wears her clothes neatly and attracts many second glances. Her ready smile and good nature have made her a favorite with many of her classmates, Rita's ability to get along with people will prove an asset to her, for she intends to follow the inspiring path of Florence Nightingale' Her constant smile will surely put similar expressions on the faces of her pa' tients, and she will be a popular and muchfloved nurse. Girls' Leagueg Secretary of Personal Relations Committee of Student Faculty Council. JOSEPH SCAPELLATI New Britain, Conn. "Scappy" january 13, 1926 "Oh, well for him whose will is strong," Determination and unselfishness can easily be seen in "Scappy's" character. While keeping a high scholastic standing, he has acquired many friends during his high school years. Besides his school curriculum he devotes much of his time to outside activities. But in or out of school he always strives to surpass his own high mark. Best of luck to you, "Scappy." Young Men's League. GRACE MARGARET SANDERS New Britain, Conn. December 5. 1924 "Minh makes the banquet sweet." Grace is that happy, blue eyed girl whose sunny smile has won her many friends. Her willingness to help others has made her very much admired and respected. Grace has taken part in many school activities including the Civic Forum. We know that she will continue her good work always, and that her future boss will be very proud of his secretary. Reporter for Civic Forum: Girls' League Representative: Glee Club. THE BEEHIVE wk sk 120 -,ir HIGH SCHOOL 'si' New Britain, Conn. Girls' League. Young Men's League. JULIA sARG1s "hikes" August Z, 1925 "Friendly words and smiles for everyone." New Britain, Conn. julia is one of those wise persons for she says little but " ives ., ., s. . g ' Q everyone her ear." She is a very generous girl and is always willing to help a person out. julia has a pleasing personality and is always smiling or laughing at something She att ds h r r ' ' ' ' ' en to e. work in a leisurely manner and takes things as they come. May your future be as hright as your smile, julia. Girls' League: junior College Cluh. SALVATORE ANTHONY SCAPELLATI New Britain, Conn. 'fScap" November 13, 1924 "Tomorrou' and tomorrow and to-morrow creep in this petty pace." 'kScap" is a boy who easily makes friends and keeps them. During his spare time he has become a familiar Hgure at the Bowl-OfRink. An automobile mechanic is "Scap's'l dream for later life. Vv'e extend our heartiest hacking for suceess to a grand fellow. Young Men's League. DOROTHY NETTY SAVITT Bridgeport, Conn. "Dottie" December 30 19W i'Slie ix pretty to walk with. witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think I1 you haven't met k'Dottie" you are missing a lot for she is th t h ' . t . a c arming, laughing miss with the twinkling brown eyes. She is a very sociahle young lady, extremely popular with her classmates, and instantly liked hy all who meet her, "Dottie" possesses a keen sense of humor and a ready stock of witticisms. She is one of those amazing persons who can have a good time and still manage to keep her marks on a high level. uDottie's'l amhition is to hecome a hookkeeper and we hope that the roads she travels will have many successful turnings. Civic Forum: Girls' League. 121 NINETEEN -Av RTY THR FLORENCE PATRICIA SAPLIKOSKI "Flon Deeeiiher 74 1974 "Full of cheer and ill 0 p p This happy, good natured young lady ha become a popul1r student during high school years. "Flo" has added many to her list of friends b f h eeause o er cheery disposition and good humor. She plans to enter the bu ine s world and f we eel sure that whatever she does will he a credit to our school NICHOLAS DANIEL SCAPELLATI cle' May 5 1923 New Britain, Conn. 'AAn ounce of wit is worth a pound o sorrow Here is a chap who needs little introduction His quick vvit and euep tionally hne character are "Nick's" trademarks He hopes to enter the Air Corps after graduation and we his classmit s h l ll . I , , .,.. 1 e wis nm a the success in the world. 'k v' NEW BRITAIN -if MARGUERITE JUNE SCALISE New Britain, Conn. iAMd7g6'l May 21, 1925 "Heir smile is sweetened by ber seriousness." Attractive, did you say? Ch, but definitely! "Marge" is one of those girls whose attractiveness and pleasing appearance ought to make her go a long way in life. ulvlargef' who is thoughtful of her fellow students and conscienf tious about her work, has proved to be a particularly popular lassie and a hne student. We sincerely believe that the world will not fail to recognize such a deserving personage, Girls' League: Pan American League: Archery Club. JOSEPH ANGELO SCAVILLA New Britain, Conn. "A11d5"' July 12, 1 Hjoy delights in joy." 925 To most people "Andy" seems to be the quiet, shy type of fellow, but to all of his friends, he is the boy with the pleasing personality and an ever ready smile. He is the happyfgo-lucky chap with hardly a worry in the world. At present, he plans to enter the business world, so loads of luck to you, k'Andy." Vvfe know you're slated for success. Young Men's League: Basketball. ANGELINA MARY SCAMONI New Britain, Conn. "Angel" September 22, 1925 "'1'ou're in the Army noun" Attention! Right about, face! Forward, Mzircbl No doubt this is what f'Angel" will be hearing in the near future. Her plans to join the NV.A.A.C. will certainly hold many thrilling experiences for this N. B, H, miss. Good luck in your future endeavor. "Angel." Girls' League. X JOSEPH FREDERICK SCHEYD New Britain, Conn. "Shood" September 16. 1925 "Favors clone, friend or foe." XVhen you meet 'kShood" you will immediately be impressed by his quick wit and amiable personality. His present ambition lies with the Navy, where we are sure he will make all of his hidden desires come true. May Lady Luck ride by your side, "Shood," Young Men's League. ANITA DELORES SCAPELLATI New Britain, Conn. December 22. 1925 A'See where slie comes, apparelled like the Springfl Anita is a trim, well dressed girl who is a familiar figure to everyone. She has made herself a valuable member of the Glee Club. Anita has future aspira' tions of becoming a secretary. She has made a good beginning and we are certain that she will succeed in her chosen work. Girls' League: Musical Club. THE BEEHIVE sk -k 122 if av HIGH SCHOOL"ft ir 5 LORE O. SCHULZ New Britain, Conn. May 31, 1923 "Shell go to heaven on dancing feetfl Dancing feet, pleasant manners and neatness, plus wisdom and a pretty face are all the qualifications of this little miss. Lore is the one who is always worrying about this thing or that. She is a great roller skating fan and is very graceful on her feet. We wish her success in her career of dancing and we know that she'll be tops. So long, Lore, welll see you with Fred Astaire! Girls' League Representative. WALTER HERBERT SCHWANKE New Britain, Conn. 'iBundy" November 11, 1925 "Every man should measure himself by his own standard." "Bundy" is a happy fellow never worrying about what tomorrow will or will not hold in store for him. He has made his mark in high school and we will no doubt find his vestige on the sands of time. Young Men's League. FAITH SCHUPACK New Britain, Conn. "Faithv' December 23, 1925 'LNothing great is achieved without enthusiasm." Faith is a girl who rates high in scholastic standing and knows how to get the most out of life. Because of her interest in photography, she has been an active member in the Camera Club. Faith plans to change to campus life at the University of Connecticut soon, and we wish her the best of luck. Girls' League Secretary: junior College Club: Secretary-Treasurer of Cam' era Club. JOHN PETER SCRABULIS New Britain, Conn. "Scrubby" August 27, 1925 "Music hath charms to sooth the savage breastfi "Scrubby" is one of those silent men who is held in high esteem by all of his friends. including those of the weaker sex. He is known not only for his excellence in the classroom but also for his accomplishment as a pianist. john plans to study music and we predict a glorious future for him. Young Men's League Representative: Musical Club: Cheer Leader: Press Representative. ELEANOR VIVIAN SCHUSSLER New Britain, Conn. L'Elly" Marcli 1, 1926 'iHonesty and intelligence will conquer all. "Elly" as her friends call her, has made a lasting impression on all her friends because of her quiet and understanding manner toward them. i'Elly" will make a very competent stenographer, although she is the type of girl who would succeed at anything she attempted. Girls' League. 123 NINETEEN f FORTY-THR vtNEW BRITAIN -4- ,Q FLORENCE MICHALINA SCZERBINSKI NCW Bfiiliilh Conn. "Ginger" january 17, 1925 f'Sweet and fair she seems to be." Fond of reading, and yet no book worm, peppy, and yet conservative, happyfgofluvcky, and yet not careless, yes, this is "Ginger." Perhaps Florence's popularity is due to her amazing zest and vitality. May life bring all the joy and pleasures that belong to you so much, "Ginger." Girls' League. K. MORGAN SEARLE New York, New York November 5, 1925 'AMan is rmm, and master of his fate." Don't look now but here is that man again. Yes, this is K. Morgan Searle. XVonder what "K" stands for? Is it a secret, "Morgan7" Well were not one to kid you so we'll drop the subject. Keep up the good work, "Morgan" and youre sure to reach the top of the ladder of success. Young Men's League. SHIRLEE CAROL SEABURG New Britain, Conn. "Sliirl" May 18. 1925 'AHer bright smile haunts me still." There is never a dull moment when Shirlee is around, for she is a combi' nation of pep, fun, and laughter, in short, entertainment itself, However. in her case it is not all fun and no work, for it is a well know fact that Shirlee is one of our champion typists. Some manufacturing concern is in for a treat when "Shirl" makes her debut as a stenographer. Representative of Girls' League: Civic Forum. EUGENE WILLIAM SERAPHIN New Britain, Conn. 'AGene" October 5. 1915 "Happy as the day is long," Eugene centers most of his attention on outside attractions. He is fond of singing, drawing and has quite a collection of stamps. In school his witty per' sonality has won him many followers. Success should be assured in any fu' ture endeavors. Something tells us that the Naval Air Corps has a fascination for "Gene" Vviho knows but the future may find "Gene ' a Naval Cadet. Young Men's League. BARBARA MURIEL SENESAC Bristol, Conn. "Bobbie" November 27, 1915 "The charm and playfiilness of tailifx "Bobbie" is a wellfmannered girl and shows a great deal of interest in her studies. She is preparing to enter a nurse's training school when her high school days are over. Cute and witty, she seems to have a group of boys with her wherever she goes. Keep up the pep and you ll be a favorite nurse, A'Bobbie." Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -,rv -if ,M wk ir HIGH SCHOOL'Qt 5 ANNA AGNES SKIOTIS New Britain, Conn. May 30, 1925 A'My heart's in the Highlands afchasing the deer." A jaunt in the woods, a cool plunge into some lake, or the crunch of the crisp leaves beneath her feet, ah yes, this is the life for "Anne" Vim, vigor, and vitality are just three mere adjectives that describe her. Certainly this young miss is destined for a bright and pleasant future. CLAIRE MARIE KELLY New Haven, Conn, "Kel" October 22, 1925 "Virtue is its own reward" Although Claire has only been in our city since Qctober, she has made many friends and is a favorite with both teachers and classmates. She is follow' ing a nurses course and in September will enter St. Raphaels Hospital in New Haven. One look at Claire will prove to you that she will be a favorite with all her patients. THERESA JOANN SKORONSKI New Britain, Conn. "Tern" February 12, 1925 "Virtue is like a 'rich stone -best plain set." "Terry" is the fair young maiden liked by one and all. Her winning smile and personality have won her many friends. Who's that certain Marine you've been sending letters to, "Terry?" Secret, eh? Business school should be just a milestone on your road to success, L'Terry." Girls' League: Press Representative. JOHN WILLIAM SLADECK New Britain, Conn. "johnny, September 20, 1926 "Life is nothing without friendship." An all around good fellow, John is known for his devotion to studies and popularity among fellow students. Although quiet in classroom he continually sets a high standard on test. With the favorite sport of hunting, John may prove to be another "Frank Buck." Iudging by his work in our Alma Mater, he should end up near the top. Young Men's League. VERA IRENE HALL New Britain, Conn. March 23, 1926 "Mine own familiar friend" Alas, alack, and aday! Who have we here? Why this is none other than our own Vera Hall. What is the interest that attracts Vera to the main lobby between classes? Deepfdark secret, eh Vera? This is the girl found at ' all the dances and football games with a pleasant smile for everyone. Stick to your guns, Vera and you'll be a secretary before you know it. 125 NINETEEN -k FORTY-THREE 'K K i1X NEW BRITA New Britain, Conn. HI.ife is not life without delight." When everything is dull and you just can't stand it anymore, out comes Mae with a "bang" and a smile and you forget about the dull moments. She is well known and popular in the world of jitterbugs and attends as many dances as she has time for. She has even acquired an interesting type of jitterbug slang which adds a dash of spice to her many jokes. Mae wants to be a secre' tary and we know she'll make good. JACK SMITH New Britain, Conn. ' "Smitty, August 19, 1925 "XVhat! sigh for the toothache?" A very ambitious student of the Senior High School is Jack. Although it is yet unsettled in his mind as to what college he plans to attend, he will, never' theless, follow a dentist's course. Another of jack's ambitions is in the Marines or Air Corps. If we know Jack, he'll be a success in whatever field he may choose. Track Team: Young Men's League. THE BEEH MARY SLOMSKI "Mae" September 8, 1925 REGINA ANNE SMITH New Britain, Conn. "Smitty" September 19, 1925 L'She's pleasant to walk with, She's witty to talk with." "Smitty" is that brownfhaired young lady with the everlasting smile. A charming personality and a witty brand of humor have endeared her in the hearts of her many classmates. In spite of her perpetual gaiety she manages to keep her mind on her studies while in class. "Smitty" is planning to become a nurse so here's wishing her success as a lady in white. Girls' League: Musical Club: junior College Club. RALPH WILLIAM SPENCER New Britain, Conn. "Red" May 23, 1925 "Here I am and here I stayf' Ralph is a character who is endowed with many personal attributes. He is that appealing young man with the blue eyes and curly red hair. His depend' ability and selffreliance are his most conspicuous features. One of his pastimes is working with firearms. Upon graduation, Ralph anticipates doing Ordnance work. We are certain that he will be a success in life, for his commendable qualities and ambition will never cease. Young Men's League. FLORENCE THERESA SOBIERAJ New Britain, Conn. "Soby" December 17, 1924 l'Studies nourish youth." One of the most interesting girls around school is Florence. She has a Hne character and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. Her favorite pastime is dancing, although she has other hobbies too. In future years "Soby" hopes to become a secretary--a private one at that. With her keen judgment and out' standing personality she has gained many friends. We know she will be a suc' cess in her chosen career. Girls' League. IVE -A' f 126 I N 'lr 'A' 'A' ir New Britain, Conn. 'fFlo" "There is much to enjoyfl and can be found almost any night at a skating rink with Girls' League. Detroit, Michigan "Eddie'l f'An easy going soulf' and making them seem interesting. In a serious mood scholastic record and served many organizations with ability. We are sure that such fine qualities will not be side world. Chief Justice of the Civic Forum: National Honor Gavel Club: Young Men's League Representative. FLORENCE MARGARET SOLEK New Britain, Conn. "Red" December 4, 1925 "Simple in her elegance." Flash! Have you seen that redfheaded miss known to her friends as "Red7" Well, if you've been in the class of '43 you couldn't have missed "Flo" Her dazzling crop of lustrous hair has shown itself and made Florence known in every corner of high school. Her secretarial career will no doubt be just one of the many gains "Red" will make in life. Girls' League. ROBERT JAMES SPOONER New Britain, Conn. "Bob" May 25, 1925 'Busy little bee, a'ren't I?" Robert "Bob" Spooner has gained his widespread popularity by his pleas- ing personality and his numerous extra curricular activities. As president of the Camera Club and staff photographer for the Beehive one can well see where "Bob's" future lies. His constant high average in school is a typical result of his willingness to work. There is undoubtedly a bright future in store for this intelligent and energetic young man. President of Camera Club: Young Men's League: Beehive Photographer. EVELYN ROSE SOLENSKE Hazleton, Penna. May 30, 1925 "The Popular Breeze." Pennsylvania's contribution to N. B. H. S., is Evelyn. She is a pretty bruf nette with a love of sports and dancing. A position in the WAVES is Evclyn's future hope. Evelyn has only been in New Britain for a year but if she gains as much popularity in the future as she has in the past, we'll be hear' ing more of this miss. Girls' League. HIGH scHooL 'vi 3 FLORENCE MARY SOKOLOWSKI December 22, 1924 Florence or "Flo," as she is better known, is one of many girls who are today holding a defense job, for she is employed at a local factory after school. She is pleasant and friendly and has a pleasing personality. "Flo" loves skating her new skates. "Flo" hopes someday to become a professional skater and we all wish her luck. EDWARD CHRISTOPHER SHAHRIGIAN December 24, 1925 "Eddie" is the happy-goflucky boy continually seen strolling nonchalantly down the school corridors. He has the rare gift of enlivening class discussions "Eddie" has set a line his efficient executive unheeded by the out' Society: Rostrum and 127 NINETEEN if FOBTY-THR l emi f 'A' 'kv NEW BRITAIN -pf iv DOROTHY ANN KOWALESKI New Britain, Conn. "Dotty" October 17, 1925 "Genius, wit, and spirit" Yes, that brightly smiling brunette is our "Dotty", who's just as bright as she looks. Her friendly ways make her a pleasant companion and her quick wit a popular one. 1n class, you'll Hnd that Dotty is usually tops, as her marks can prove. Although she likes interior decorating, Dotty plans her future in the field of curls and lotions-in short, she plans to be a hairdresser. Best of luck to you, Dotty. JOSEPH GEORGE STALK Vfaterbury, Conn. 'AWliite5"' January 15, 1926 UNO man can tell what the future will bring forth." A real sport and a fine gentlemen is a concise picture of "Joe", Here is a boy who manages to get along well with everyone. As a football enthusiast, he has helped cheer our team to many a victory. Don't be surprised if someday you pick the newspaper and see uhloes' name displaying a determined role. Young Mcn's League: Football. ELIZABETH MARIE SPLETTSTOESZER New Britain, Conn. A'Betty" November 23. 1925 "Her ditrlg eyes lwu' eloquent." "Betty" is a combination of fair skin, dark eyes and jetfblack hair, Her lively personality is reHected in her neat appearance and laughing eyes, An unbeatable combination of intelligence and beauty, "Betty" is going places in this world. Being an honor student. this young miss is slated for success, Girls' Leagueg Amphion Club: Treasurer of junior College Club: President ' of Knitting Club: National Honor Society. GEORGE JOSEPH STARZYK Zi' New Britain, Conn. UVic" january 6, 1926 W E Q J i "Lets get down to Bicsmessf' . George is a rare example of an individual who considers business before i ..,.. - pleasure. This is an admirable quality which is overlooked by many other ' -Vg students. Because of this attitude, he is seldom heard from in conversation. Although quiet, George looks like a sure bet for success in the days to come. Young Men's League. BARBARA LUCRETIA ZAHOLSKA "Bains" V "Every joy is gain and gain is gain lioweter small" Here's the living proof that you get as much out of a thing as you put into it. But 'ABabs'l has managed to get twice as much. Besides gaining all the knowledge necessary for entering nurses training. she can always be seen enjoying her varid school activities. THE BEEHIVE -pf if 128 sk HIGH scHooL 'vi 5 RITA MABLE STANTON New Britain, Conn. "Rest" Fehruary 17, 1926 "Little bodies have great souls." Rita is that cute little Irish colleen, who answers to the description of uliveffeet two and eyes of blue". She has a merry giggle that is associated with her by all who know her. With Rita work comes hefore pleasure, and she seems to have an abundance of both. At present her plans for the future are those of a stenographer. Keep those Irish eyes twinkling, Rita. Girls' League, Bicycle Club. VICTOR JOSEPH STASKAVICI-I New Britain, Conn. "Vic" Septemher 16, 1924 "The birds can fly, an' whv cant Ili' UVic". the lover of planes and all things pertaining to the air. is one destined for success. His ambition to become a pilot will no doubt make him one of our future Sky heroes. If success is measured by past achieve' ment, yours is on the way. UVic". Young Men's League. IRENE SERENE STASSEL Shenandoah, Penn. "Janie" lviarch 27. 1926 "She greets you kindly, one and all," "'lanie's" our Pennsylvania miss, and are we glad she came to N. B. H. S instead of staying down there where we'd never have known her! Pert and graceful, she's a cure for the blues and spark to the torch of good fun. It's on to college for "Janie", so good luck and goodbye. Girls' League. GEORGE FRANK STEPHENSON New Britain. Conn. "Stevel' july 9. 1925 "Witlio1tt a parallel" Georfe is far from beinf a dull bo . His admirable ualities have hrouifht . 5' . . la. Y Cl E-i him many friends during his school years. George always seems to hnd time to do his studying. His favorite suhjects are science and the study of machines. Ambition? To become a member of the United States Signal Cor s. Kee climhing, George, and ma ou sometime soon receive the messa e P P is as Y Y g of success. Young Ivlenis League. RUTH MARGARET STATCHEN New Britain, Conn. June 29, 1925 'Tis the will of the soul that decides its goalfi Ruth is always blithe and gay. Bright and cheery, come what may, Happy, carefree, never blue, May luck be yours in what you do. Girls' League: Student Council: Honor Society. 129 NINETEEN FOHTY-THREE f 'A' 'k--NNEW BRITAIN -4- -A- MARION AGNES STEELE New Britain, Conn. July 31, 1925 "A quiet mind is richer than a crownf' Marion's ambition is to join the WAAC'S. She is shy and quiet when you are first introduced, but this only lasts until you get to know her better, for she will soon be talking and joking in a lively fashion. Vv'e wish you luck in the future, Mzirion. Girls' League. DONALD DAVID STOHL New Britain, Conn. "Don" Marcli 11, 1927 E 'AGO away and let me dream." :E "Don" is not a fellow that will go out of his way to find work, although ff E W he is one that will not shrink away if it is presented to him. Somebody once "" said that his favorite pastime is,4hold on to your seats,-V--sleeping. Is this fi' true, k'Don"7 Well. whatever you do in life, we're with you IOWZ. Young lV1en's League. as -. ui xx -- LAURA STEPECK East Haven, Conn. December 17. 1916 "Personality and braing an lmhrealiable comfnmationfl If anyone needs a real pal just call on "Laura", for she is ready, willing, and able to he friendly to all on all occasions. Through her natural ability and studious habits she has been elected to the National Honor Society. "Laura's" unending work for the junior College Club has brought her near to the hearts of all its members and advisers. Her friendly smile and witty humor will some day brighten the halls of some college. May good fortune and happiness ever he your attendants, Laura. President of junior College Club: Girls' League Representative. WALTER JOHN STOLBA New Britain, Conn. 'iWally"' September 13, 1925 "He who works succeeds." i'Vv'ally" is a silent individual who shows a great deal of interest in his work. This habit is a fine preparation for later life, yet it has not hindered him from making many friends among his classmates. To one with a serious nature and a fine outlook we leave our hope for continued success. Young lvIen's League. HELEN MARY STEPENSKY New Britain, Conn. July 16, 1915 "On with the dancef' Fond of dancing and modern music, Helen is a constant attendant at all dances. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and matchless energy are a combination which has won her much popularity. With nary a worry for studies, she faces all problems with her usual carefree mood. Such qualifications spell certain success in the years ahead. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -k if iso i' if ,qv HIGH SCHOOLf:i 5 GEORGIANNA HELEN STEPHENSON New Britain, Conn. 'LSte1Je" July 9, 1925 A' A merry heart doeth good like medicine." Who's the dimpled blonde walking so pertly down the corridor? "Stevie", of course. Who but she could attract so much favorable attention? As a nurse, "Stevie" will surely go far, for all who meet her, love her, and all who know her confess that she's one girl in a million. Here's luck to you, "Stevie". Girls' League. i JOSEPH LEONARD STOREY New Britain, Conn. "Joe" March 18, 1925 "ln quietness and conhdence shall be strength." "Joe" is a fellow with a more reserved nature. The teachers don't mind this, however, for he receives good marks. Sports occupy most of his outside time. This training should prove valuable because he expects to join the army soon. We all know that "Joe" will come through with flying colors. Baseball, Football Team. JULIA ANN STEPONATIS New Britain, Conn. "Steppy" October 28, 1924 A'Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm." When there's a lull in the conversation as a blonde walks by, you know that it must be L'Steppy," for she is a blonde and very cute too. 'LSteppy" has a cheery smile and a for everyone. She is well liked by those who know her for she has a pleasant disposition and a good sense of humor. 'kSteppy" can't decide on her career, but whatever she chooses, she'll surely succeed. JOHN HARVEY SUNBURN New Britain, Conn. "Jack" December 28, 1925 "Intelligence and personality are unconquerablef' "Jack" is one of those quiet, yet ambitious students who makes friends easily. As he is filled with a deep desire to study theology, he intends to make that his life work. His hobbies include music and seamanship at which he is very adept. We know that this lad will be successful in his chosen Held. Musical Club, Orchestra, Archery Club, Young Men's League. EUNICE ARLENE STEVENS New Britain, Conn. "Jinx" November 12, 1925 "Laugh and he well." No, it isn't a windmill whirling in a gale, it's only Eunice rushing along at her usual pace. Always laughing and joking, she seems to pass joy around wholesale, and the best art of it is that soon ever one is lau hin P Y g X with her. If anyone has a job open requiring efficiency, intelligence and ability-we recommend Eunice! Girls' League, Bowling Club. 131 NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE I at According to the Proverb "Silence is golden", and here the gold is well kept. Quiet, but friendly, Shirley has made many friends in the three years she has been with us. We wish her well in all that life has to offer, and know that she will make her mark in the world. Girls' League. LEONARD IRVING SWETCHNICK New Britain, Conn. i'Le1i'ny" January 50, 1926 To "Lenny" knowledge is the supreme consideration of life. His high rank in scholarship is proof of his record of achievements. "Lenny" has proved to be a diligent and systematic young student. His fine sense of humor is appreciated by all who come in contact with him. "Lenny's" desired occupation is some form of medical work. Good luck to you, "Doc". Here's wishing you smooth operating, Chairman of Publicity Committee of Young Men's League, Civic Forum: Representative of Student Faculty Council. E BE -kv NEW BRITAI SHIRLEY RUTH STOHL New Britain, Conn, May 24, 1925 "Denture, steadfast, and quiet." 'Eager in studies and wofkf' VIRGINIA LESLIE STOWELL New Britain, Conn. 'ijivinyn july 9, 1926 "She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless chimes and starry nights." Intelligence supreme, conventionalities moderate, individuality sublimee This is our njinnyu. Her all around good fellowship is complemented by a sparkling smile which augments her schoolfwide popularity. Figuratively speak' ing, "jinny" has captured the true cooperative spirit of her class. This is evidenced by her membership in so many of the school organizations. Like the scent of a fragrant flower permeating the air with its sweetness, "jinny" is the same sweetness in the class of '43. Unlike the ordinary lass, Hjinnyn has planned her career in Pathogenic Bacteriology. Quite a handle, what? Well, "jinny" we're with you all the way. News Editor of Red and Gold: Press Club, Student Council Representative: Girls' League: Ski Club: junior College Club: Secretary of Amphion Club: National Honor Society: Literary Editor of Beehive. GEORGE WALTER TALBOT New Britain, Conn. "Georgie" january 19, 1926 "Variety is the spice of life." Energetic, determined, and jovial are the adjectives that describe "Georgie" best, His outfoffschool activities have been so many that "Georgie" has been too busy to join as many clubs as he has wanted. During his stay at high school he has made many lasting contacts. The future will hold many pleasant surprises for a tactful, energetic young man such as George. Young Men's League, I-IELENE LORETTA STUDZINSKI New Britain, Conn. February 3, 1925 "Black is she worth." When you see an elegant little green eyed miss, you can be sure it is our Helene. Her flare for clothes and her vivacious disposition make her an individual. The fact that she is never still long enough to say "hello" indicates high ambition. You may often Hnd her writing, chiefly poetry, in her spare moments. Helene plans to enter T. C. C. where she will be a complete success, for a personality such as hers has never yet failed. Press Club Secretary: Iunior College Club: Bicycle Club Secretary: Library Page: Civic Forum: Press Representative: Girls' League. E 'lr 'A' 132 N 'lr 'A' if -if HIGH scHooL --'k 'k 5 RUTH PAULINE SUESS New Britain, Conn. "Ruthie" July 27, 1925 "Nothing succeeds like success." When you hear someone laughing heartily, look down, and if you see a small, blondeftressed maiden, that's "Ruthie". Studious as they come, her chosen career in the business world will no doubt bring laurels to her. Success is yours for the conquering, "Ruthie". Girls' League. JOSEPH JOHN TANASI New Britain, Conn. 'Joel' February 26, 1926 "Let -music sound while he doth make his choice." Joe is a good natured individual who is popular with everyone. He has no troubles to worry over, at least his gay conversation would lead one to believe thus. Joe's many friends wish him the best of luck in the days to come. Baseball: Young Men's League. ELAINE AGNES SULLIMAN New Britain. Conn. "Sully", February 28. 1925 "Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable." XVords, words, words. You'd need plenty of them to describe our "Sully". Humorous, agreeable, and overflowing with jollity, "Sully" is the center of fun making at N, B. H. S. Mr. Rio had better advertise for another test tube washer when "Sully" leaves. Duke can expect a future Florence Nightingale arriving very shortly, The class of '43 is with you all the way, "Sully". Girls' League, Junior College Club, Chemistry Club. JOSEPH JOHN TANGUAY New Britain, Conn. "Joe" December 7, 1924 "Such a man need not fear the future." "Joe" is the bashful type but one who always has an answer ready to any question. Dependable and energetic, his future plans are at present a secret. There's no need to worry in "Joe's" case, for if his future is anything like his past, it will be "chuck" full of the creative positions that can make life worth living. Young Men's League. BETTY GERALDINE SULLIVAN Hartford, Conn. L'Bedgie" March 6. 1925 "We would be always pleasing." Outstanding in both the scholastic and the social Held, this is Betty. Although sometimes a hard person to convince, she has made her outstanding personality well known throughout high school. Hard work and perseverance have and will make Betty one of our future stars in lights. Rewarded by hard work in the past, the future can hold nothing but the best for Betty. Girls' League. 13? NINETEEN f FOHTY-THREE 'k JUNE LOIS SULLIVAN New Britain, Conn. "The-re is a time for speaking and a time for being still." "Sully" is one girl who can always be relied on, and that is an admirable train in any person. She makes friends very easily and more important, she keeps them. She never has to worry about her homework because of her scholastic ability. Good luck to you, June in your future office work. Girls' League. ANTHONY JOHN TERCY AK New Britain, Conn. "He shall have music wherever he goes." Violinist-debunker-Aconductor-music in his soul-humoristfa man. "Toney's" career here has been one of brilliant achievement and high attainment. Taking part in almost every functioning organization at our institution he has earned a wellfdeserved reputation for his sincerity, ideals and musical abilities. A gentleman of the world and a responsible office holder, Tony leaves an ineff faceable mark on the pages of N. B. H. S., history. Boston University seems like his best bet. 'AAU revoir," Tony, we'll be hearing of you. President of Miisiczil Club: Member of Orchestra and Glee Club: Student Council Representative: Clerk of School Improvements Commission: Member of InterfSchool Council: Young Men's League. . 1 THE BEEH fvt NEW BHITA "Sully, June 20, 1926 "Tony" February 26, 1925 CATHERINE SWIITT New Britain, CORD. uK'lIIy'n Jginuary 1926 '4One worthy to be called a friend." I Catherine, better known to her friends and classmates as "Kitty," is the fortunate posscssor of laughing eyes, dimples, and a sweet disposition. Although she gives serious attention to her studies, she is by no means the dull studious type. 011 the contrary, ber charming personality and wonderful sense of humor have made many friends for her. Her future in the bookkeeping held will un' doubtedly bring laurels to her and her school. Girls' League. ALBERT JULIUS TIEDE New Britain, Conn. "'l'iede" August 7, 1925 "O'er the glad waters and the dark blue sea." A person would need a large vocabulary to describe "Al." He's not ex' actly what we'd call a uladies' man" and yet outside of school he is all together different. A "whiz" at basketball and a Naval Air Corps enthusiast, "Al" is bound to make a go of his life. Energetic and cool tempered, he has the whole class of '43 behind himni all the way. Young Men's League. ADELE ELIZABETH SYLVESTER New Britain, Conn. "Twinnie" June 16, 1925 "A cheerful temper Joined with innocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit good-natuverlf' When you first see Adele you get the impression that she is a very quiet girl, but when you really get to know her, you find that she's "full of fun." She is a good sport and it takes a lot to make her lose her temper. With her pleasing personality and rare gift of patience, Adele will surely succeed in what- ever her chosen held may be. Junior College Club: Social Committee: Girls' League: Camera Club. IVE f i 134 I N ir if -k if HIGH SCHOOL'-A-A 'A' 5 NELLIE ROSE SYLVESTER New Britain, Conn. "Twivmie" june 16, 1925 "We would be always pleasing." Vvlho thinks of bread without thinking of butter? Who dreams of ham without dreaming also of eggs? And who can imagine Adele without Nellie? The answer is no one. But in spite of this, Nellie is a very definite individual, for she is very different from her "other half" in many ways, one of them being that she doesn't even look exactly like her sister. Active in clubs and an honor student, Nellie is certainly a credit to N. B. H. S. Here's luck to you in your future, "Twinnie." Secretary of Camera Club: Social Committee of junior College Club: Girls' League. JOHN H. TIMKO New Britain, Conn. "Tim" November 4, 1925 "He who strives, may conquer." Here is a student who boasts the fine qualities of courtesy and ambition. His unfailing diligence has aided him in estahlishing a reputation for achieve- ment. Such a comhination of qualities should give john little difficulty in at' taining a high goal. Young Men's League. FLORENCE CATHERINE TEKLINSKI New Britain. Conn. uFlo" August 28, 1925 "Humor is often of great utility." On first glance, Florence looks like a quiet maiden, but on close inspection we find a young lady laden with a sense of humor. All her friends agree that she is a grand person. .We wish her luck in whatever she chooses to do. Girls' League. MICHAEL TIMURA Portage, Penna. "Mickey" September 21, 19-4 5 'lHercules Conqueredf' "Mickey's" ambition is to be a Pennsylvania trooper. His scholastic achieve' ment has proved that he is more than mentally suited to any requirement in this Held, Possessing a manly bodily strength and Herculean power, 'AMike" should Find little difficulty in keeping the roads of Pennsylvania open and the traliic well managed. Football. IVA JUNE THIEDE New Britain, Conn. "H0mer,' -lune 16, 19-5 "Homer," as she is called by her friends, plans to become a dietitian. Witli that smile she is always flashing at us and her experience as a "soda jerk," we're sure she'll succeed. When Iva isn't singing, she spends her time dancing and attending club meetings. Good luck to you in your diet planning, uHomer." Girls' League. 135 N I "A cheerful look makes a dish a feast." 7 NETEEN if FORTY-THR f 'A' 'Ir-it NEW BRITAIN y EVELYN MARIE THOMPSON Patterson, New jersey "Tommie" July 19, 1925 "Laugh if you are wise." Maybe 'LTommie" isn't an honor student, and maybe she does play a little. but L'Tommie" does have serious plans for her career. You may see "Tommie" someday when you are at the dentist, for she expects to attend a dental school in the near future. Happy drilling, "Tommie" Girls' League. THOMAS TIMOTHY TOMASZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. November 18, 1923 "Eager in studies and labors." Here is a student who seems to possess undying ambition. 'ATom" is never satisfied until he has reached the top. His diligent work in studies is easy proof of this. Nevertheless, '2Tom" is always popular in his classes. In closing, we extend our best wishes to a fine fellow. Chemistry Club. JEAN FRANCES THORSEN Hartford, Conn August 25, 1925 110- "Patience is a virtue." Gifted with a sense of responsibility and genuine earnestness, Jean is an important member of our class. Her friendship is highly valued by her com- panions. 'lean hopes to become a nurse in the future. Judging by her present record, 'lean should find little difliculty in attaining this goal. Girls' League. A I I " HELENE CELIA DAVICH V 1 New Britain, Conn. i'HelCia" November 9, 1925 :V ..: .,.. . if .. . . . , . -. 6, f Q Silence is the genius of fools and one of the virtues of the wise. ' '- in A quiet girl with a pleasing personality, Helene has won many friends . I i t ' by her charming manner and cheerful smile. A good mixer and a good typist, 5- E' she should have no trouble achieving success in any held. Best of everything, r r 3 Helene. z Girls' League. s i OLGA MARY TORCHIO New Britain, Conn. Hforchyl' June 23, 1925 "Its not the prize, its the spirit." A most intelligent, attractive girl, filled with the spice of living, is Olga. Her wonderful sense of humor makes her indispensable to those fortunate enough to be her friends. Olga's winning personality will carry her far into any Held she may enter. May the future bring you all the success and happiness you so richly deserve, Olga. Girls' League: Glee Club. l THE' BEEHIVE' if f iss -A' iv HIGH scHooL'-g4i 5 MILDRED MICHELE TONENE New Britain, Conn, "Milly,' April 6, 1925 "The best of me is diligencef, "Milly" is one of the many girls we know who is a truly loyal friend. She has a very pleasing personality, and is an excellent cook and dressmaker. Her lovely blue eyes and naturally curly blonde hair make her a very attractive girl. Good luck to you, and may you be a good secretary. Girls' League. SPENCER PHILIP TORELL New Britain, Conn. "Speny" March 27, 1926 "Reading maketh a full man." Perhaps you don't know Spencer because of his quiet manner and unless you've been in one of his classes, he has probably been just another student at N. B. H. S. This is the case, however, for Spencer, although small in stature, has a mind, literally, of a giant. What strange facts pour forth from his brain at occasional times! Quiet and studious, yet not a dull person, "Speny" is bound for the shore marked success. Young Men's League. BERNICE ELIZABETH TRACY New Britain, Conn. 'iBet" October 8, 1925 "Laugh and be wellf, A pleasant smile, a yen for making friends. and a pleasant personality de' scribe Bernice to a NT." Her hobby is roller skating and she spends her leisure time at the BowlfO'Rink. As yet her future plans are vague. but our wishes for success go with her. Civic Forum: Girls' League. MARGARET MARY ZINK New Britain, Conn. "Marge" Qctober 8, 1925 'Be happy if you are wise." "Marge," as she is known to all her friends, has a pleasant hello and a smile for all, which explains why she has won so many friends. "Marge" likes to dance- in fact, wherever there is an orchestra, there one may End her. To be a secretary is "Marge's" ambition, and we wish her luck in her work. Girls' League. IRENE MARY TULLY New Britain, Conn. "IU October 28, 1925 i'Happiness belongs to those who are contentedf' Irene is a quiet, friendly young lady with a pleasant personality, which ex' plains her many friends. Her favorite pastimes are horseback riding and roller skating. She intends to become a nurse and we know she will make a very good one. Girls' League. mv NINETEEN -k FORTY-THREE .4 fx ir iv NEW BRITAIN -pf TH IRENE MARY TUREK New Britain, Conn. H51-Ll,Tli6yU june 8, 1925 'lffresses like the morn." Yes, that cheerful blonde is Irene herself. Although she appears quiet to the outside world, her friends know her to be full of fun and ideas. Irene is planning to enter the business world and we all know that she has a bright future ahead of her. Girls' League. ALBERT FREDRICK TURNER New Britain, Conn. 'LAl" September 9, 1925 "Tl1ougl1t is deeper than all speech." Attention! Present arms! These are probably just a few orders "Al" will be hearing in the future. His destined career in the army is one that will no doubt bring glory to N. B. H. S. Good luck, "Al" and may yours be a bright and merry future. Young Men's League. BARBARA JANE TUTTLE New Britain, Conn. "Balm" October 24, 1925 "Gay dancing youth of mirth and ease." Who's that lassie strutting down the corridor? Why it's none other than i'Babs." Her charming smile and cooperative attitude have won for her the hearts of all her classmates. She is one of those amazing persons who can en' joy her self and still maintain a high scholastic average. "Bahs" plans to he a Dental Hygienist, so here's all the luck in the world to a wonderful person. Girls' League Representative: Glee Club. EDWARD JOSEPH TYSKO New Britain, Conn. "Cisco'i April 8, 1925 "Patience is the heap of content." "Ed's" quiet and peaceful disposition has won him many loyal friends in school. His genial sense of humor is contagious. The future should have no fears for "Ed," who is sure to find success. I Young Men's League. MARY MARION TYROPOLIS New Britain, Conn. April 7-0, 1925 "Spo1t that wrinkled care deridesf' Mary is a friendly girl with a bright smile and a kind word for everyone. is no bookworm, but she always has her work completed on time. Mary person who likes sports. W'e know that whatever path of life she chooses will be marked by success and hapiness. Good luck, Mary. She is a Girls' League. E' BEEHIVE fk -A' 138 HIGH scHooL '-fi' LEOCADIA STELLA TYSKIEWICZ New Britain, Conn. 'iLucy" July ZZ, 1925 ",Quietness is not always what it means to us." 'kLucy" is a very quiet girl with brown hair and brown eyes. You will al' ways find her on time for class and always, at the last possible minute, doing homework. One of her favorite sports is dancing and you can almost always find her wherever there's a floor and an orchestra. Although she has no ambif tion as yet, we all wish her success in the future. Girls' League. JOHN ULISSE New Britain, Conn. 'LYOHROH February 9, 1926 "Upon the wings of the wind." John is a young man that is destined to be one of our future airplane me' chanics. His love of sports offers an outlet from the tedious work at school and together with his weight lifting. "Yonko" has managed to make himself a well known person around N. B. H. S. 1t looks as if his future career is just aronud the corner. Young Men's League. 'k 3 GLADYS ESTELLE VAHLSTROM New Britain, Conn, "Gladie" September 6, 1925 "Tour hearts desires be with you." Gladys's good looks and personality are known throughout school, for she is usually seen with more boys than books on her arm. You must have noticed her in the alto section of the Glee Club, but even while she sings, she dreams of playing "boogie woogief' W'e expect the best from Gladys in the future. so heres luck to her. Girls' League: Glee Club. BERNARD JOSEPH VALLERIANO New Britain, Conn. "Benny" February 5, 1926 "Little people can do great things." For a little fellow, "Benny" really gets around. His flashing smile and glowing personality make him well liked by all of his classmates. After grad' uation he hopes to enter the automotive field. Here's to a little boy who wc're sure will do big things. Young Men's League. ANN CATHERINE VALENTA New Britain, Conn. August 12, 1925 "She touches nothing but she adds a charmfi Ann is a very quiet girl who is liked by everyone she knows. She is good natured, studious and always ready to help when she is called upon. Ann's fu' ture plans are to be a secretary. We wish her luck in her chosen profession, for we know that she will go far. Girls' League. 139 NINETEEN -k OHTY-THR . THE BEEHIVE fvN NEW BRITAI ANN FRANCES VALUKEVICH New Britain, Conn. 'AValulqe" March 29, 1925 "It is better to be loved. than honoredfl Ann is blessed with the combination of both intelligence and attractiveness. She is also known for her sense of humor, her neatness and her fine scholastic average. Ann hopes to become a secretary soon. We know that she will help raise production in whatever office takes her. Girls' League. JOHN VARDARNIAN New Britain, Conn. Hjohnnyu September 24, 1924 'AMen should be what they seem." John is a very quiet lad, but is very sincere and industrious in his work and is an asset to the Musical Club because of his excellent tenor voice. Outside of school john has managed to raise himself to a Corporal in the C. M. T. C. With a background of this sort, John will no doubt make his mark in the United States Marine Corps. Young Men's League. Young Men's League. Girls' League: Bowling Club. EVELYN CATHERINE VANINETTY New Britain, Conn. "Van', 1 'lv "Divinely tall and most dnmelx fair Evelyn is that pretty, vivacious redfhead around the hall of N B H S She is a likeable, happy girl, willing to help you in any way she tm She has been an MA" student throughout her years at high school proxing her intelli gence by her membership in the National Honor Society Dmcing i rut one of her many pastimes. We know that the future will hold something bit and promising for a girl of Evelyn's ability. Good luck Red WALTER S. VERRIER New Bedford, Mass. "Walt" e ll 1 'W "I delight in these things Although one does not see too much of Walt in classes nevertheless he manages to keep his marks far above average He is 1 friendly chap with dark hair and matching dark eyes. He is seen at most of the dances with a certain little blonde, but he claims that it's not serious Leaving out the fairer sex "Walt" has his mind set on a position in the Naval Air Co ps DOLORES MARGARET VERONESI New Britain, Conn. "Blossom September 7: 1979 "The gentle mind by deeds is nown i'Blossom" is a cute, unassuming miss. She is a ready listener to anyone troubles, she is studious, and she keeps up to date in her work Blossom f ture is uncertain except for a certain person's name no we won t tell She will go far because of her helpful and mild disposition Best of luck Dolo e ' 'A' 'lr 140 -pf f HIGH scHooL'-g-i 5 CHRISTINE SOFIE VICK Avesta, Sweden "Vickie" April 8. 1926 "Calm in her voice and calm within her eye." Blonde hair and blue eyesAAthat's "Vickie," Her favorite hobby is singing, as most of us know, and there's always laughter in her voice. We hope she fulfills her ambition to be a secretary, although we can't help feeling that "Chris would also be a great success as a singer. Good luck to you, 'xVickie." Glee Clubg Girls' League. ANTHONY VETRE Plainville, Conn. "Tony" june 24, 1926 "Keep 'em smilingfl Although small, k'Tony's" admirable qualities have won him a host of friends ln addition, he has a habit of breaking out into song during class. His unbroken string of good stories helps to keep everyone in high spirits. uTony" should prove a success in any of his future endeavors. Young Men's League: Basketball. ' MARGARET RUTH VILLIEZ New Britain, Conn. "Margie" June 10, 1925 'love many, trust feiuf' Friendship and good fellowship are two of the many qualities lvlargarct possesses. "Margie's" willingness to learn and her ability to help will send her far on the road to success, Girls' League: Bicycle Club: Civoc Forum. DAVID LUTHER VOGEL New Britain, Conn. November 10, 1925 UVv'liat can I say better than silence is?" 'kDave," as he is called, is a quiet and well liked person. He is a follower of sports and is well informed in both baseball and horse racing. Although he says he is antagonized by noisy girls, we know that he doesn't mind it as much as he claims. As yet his vocation is not definitely decided, but it will undoubt' edly be one in which he can put his many talents to practical use. Young Men's League. ANGELINE VIRGADULA New Britain, Conn. "Ann' March 1, 1926 "A quiet mind is richer than a crownf' "Ann" is a girl who is more often seen than heard. Although quiet. she has won many friends by her appealing personality and good taste. Vv'e all know that "Ann" will make a success in whatever she attempts. Girls' League. 141 NINETEEN if FORTY-THHE QBNEW BRITAIN -if -A- JOSEPHINE MARY WALENSKI Forestville, Conn. jo "Always a true friend." October 7, 1924 'K-Io" may be small in size, but her friendly attitude and manner take the place of those missing inches. She is always ready to help and to listen to your troubles, especially those concerning shorthand, her favorite subject. "jo's" plans for the future are indefinite, but she wants to live a happy and a useful life, and with these in mind we say, "So long and good luck." Girls' League. ROBERT WALTER WAGNER New Britain, Conn. K'Bob" March 14, 1926 "We are paid the worth of our work." "Bob" is a hard working lad both in and outside of school. In high school he has chosen subjects which will do the most good for him after graduation. The harderi they subject the harder "Bob" studies. After high school, college, and if his work in college is anything like his work in high school. success will be his for the asking. Young Men's League. ANNE MARY WALINCIUS New Britain, Conn. "Jinx" September 14, 1915 'LLigl1t is the taslq when many shave the toil." Anne is that charming little blonde who is usually helping freshmen with their Latin and Algebra exams. "Jinx" is a real sport and a sincere friend who, with her winning smile and ready sympathy, can truly be called one of those sweet things that are said to come in small packages. Girls' League Representativeg Junior College Club: Press Representativeg National Honor Society. JAMES AVERY WALSH New Britain, Conn. "1immer" September 6, 1925 "Silence never makes any blunders." Ujimmeru has throughout his high school career been a conscientious worker. His sincere character has won him many friends among the student body as well as the faculty. H-l1lT1IT16I'u plans on making his next goal college and from there to success. Student Council: Press Representative: Young Men's League. EVELYN MAE WALLS Newcastle, Delaware "Shorty" january 4, 1925 Ufhe spirit of a youth begins betimesfl Blonde hair and brown eyes blended with wit and laughter are molded into a compact bundle of zest, meaning Evelyn. Where will she be several years from now? It might be in an olhce, working as a secretary or a typist. Do as Well there as you have here, "Shorty," and you'll soon be indispensable. Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -if -Af 142 ,tv -if HIGH SCHOOL'vt 9 PATRICIA ANN WALSH New Britain, Conn. "Pat" September 1, 1925 "Attired to please herselffl "Pat" has a rare combination of brains and beauty, usually lacking in many girls. Her blonde hair and undisputable ability to wear clothes smartly have made her a well known figure at High School. "Pat's" frank Irish wit proved an asset to her and a joy to others during her three years here. Although her plans are indefinite, we are sure "Pat" will be a success in any undertaking. Recording Secretary of Glee Club: junior College Club: Publicity Chairman of Girls' League. HENRY THEODORE WARCHOL New Britain, Conn. "SChwartz'l October 15, 1915 "Law is king of all." "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, 144-- ," this is probably what "Schwartz" will be doing not long after graduation. Throughout high school Henry has planned for his future and has applied himself to his work diligently. Future days will probably find this N. B. H. S., lad one of the foremost lawyers of our time. Baseballg Young Men's League. HANNA ELIZABETH WEBBER New Britain, Conn. "Heppy" November 10, 1925 "And when she clancedfoh. heaven, her dancing." Hanna is the girl you are bound to see each time you go dancing. Nothf ing can keep her away from a dance, and that nothing includes homework. She has not yet chosen her career, but her excellent typing ability will surely be useful to her. Here's hoping you succeed in whatever you do, "Heppy." Girls' League. OEL ERNEST WARDNER Bristol, Conn, "Ole" July 28, 1925 "Whose games were empires." is his pen name, 'kErnie" constitutes his calling card. "Ernie," a happy'go-lucky sort of a fellow with a great personality, has been a hard worker throughout his three years at high school. An ardent sports lover, "Ernie" folf lows baseball and boxing as if they were his own livelihood. All we can say to g'Ernic" is that no matter what he attempts, he will be nothing but successf ul in it. Young Men's League. ELIZABETH MARY WEBER Housatonic, Mass. "Betty" September 12, 1925 'l'Youth holds no society with grief." Vvlho is that sweet young miss with the tiny voice? Oh yes, itls none other than "Betty" She is small not only in voice but also in size. All of her class- mates like her, in fact, everyone does who knows her. Because of "Betty's" sweet disposition we are certain she will be a great success in anything she at' tempts. Best of luck, "Betty." Girls' League. 143 NINETEEN wk FORTY-THREE it tQ NEW BRITAI MARILYN RUTH WIENER Worcester, Mass. July 19, 1925 "Mine own familiar friend." Whenever you are in need of a good friend, you are sure to End one in f-X N 'A' ul' Marilyn. You really have to get acquainted with Marilyn before you know what a fine girl she is, but when you do know her you'll consider yourself fortunate. Marilyn expects to enter the business world in the future. We all wish her the very best of luck after graduation. Girlsi League. ERWIN WESSELS, JR. New Britain, Conn. "VVess" March 6, 1924 "The day is short, the work is much." Yes, 'LWess" is one of our N. B. H. S., students. Strutting along the cor' ridors, humming a tune, he has lived his high school days merrily and has made those around him feel the same way. 'xWess's" next stop is in the line of conf struction work and if we know "Wess" this work will be a "push over" for him. Young Men's League. 0 ' . it. V MARION GERTRUDE WEISS - 1,3 f New Britain, Conn. 'LGert" May 17, 1926 . 93 "Within the midnight of her hair." E I J 3 Dark hair and big eyes are "Gert's" trademarks. By these, as well as by ' her gay smile, will you know her. Her afterfgraduation plans? Why, to enter g,,,,g?5f ' ' the business world, of course, although she'd rise to the top in any career. Peo' 'fiif , i ple with as Hne characteristics as "Gert's" just can't he kept down. :s:.1iiffGii' ' ' - - f Girls League. THE BEEH ROBERT CARL WESTMAN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" January 2. 1926 "Silence is Wisdom." "Bob" is a rather quiet sort of a person. Although his quiet and retiring na' ture may seem to make him shy, he is a lot of fun when you get to know him. He is helpful, intelligent, and always has a cheery welcome for everyone. His promising future as a draftsman should make "Bob" one of the communities best workers. With his personality, fine character, and ambition to work, he is sure to succeed. May you draft your way right to success, "Boll" IRMGARD MARGARET WELZ Germany Ulrmau May 3, 1926 "Not much taik4a great sweet silencefx During her stay at High School Irmgard has made many friends, and we don't wonder, for she is the sort of person you like to know, She is very shy and quiet, hut this doesn't affect her studies at all, for she is a good student. "Irma" plans to be a bookkeeper, and we wish her lots of luck. Girls' League. IVE t t 144 HIGH scHooL 'vi 5 RUTH WENTLAND New Britain, Conn. "Ruthie, May 4, 1925 "The mind is hopefulfl "Ruthie" has a pleasing personality and a conliding smile. You can al' ways depend on her for her full cooperation in any activity. After graduation she expects to do her bit in an office. We know she will succeed because of her excellent preparation and fine character. Girls' League. WILLIAM ANTHONY WHALEN New Britain, Conn. f'Willie" july 1, 1925 "A man upright and energetic." Who is that handsome young man we see so often in the corridors with a broad smile on his face? Why, it is none other than our popular "Willie" Whalen. "Willie" is one of the most likeable students, especially among the fairer sex, that has ever hit N. B. H. S. Although he spends much time on his countless activities, he still manages to be one of the top ranking students of his class. Planning to major in medicine at some college, yet unknown, we feel sure that his future can be nothing but rosy, for 'LWillie" is one lad who has a way of making things come out as he wishes. President of National Honor Society: President of Student Council: Am- phion Club: Civic Forum: Golf Team: Young Men's League Representative: Red and Gold Representative: Business editor of Beehive. SHIRLEY AGNES WHITNEY New Britain, Conn. "Shay" July 29, 1925 A'Such eyes as those were never madefy Have you ever noticed that cute blonde running in or out of room 303? She's just Hve feet two with eyes of blue and a smile for everyone. And oh! Has she a way with the stronger sex! Shirley is a lover of music and sports. Her life's work will be hairdressing, and she's sure to go far with that brilliant head on her shoulders. L'Shay" will always be tops with her classmates. Girls' League. JOSEPH FRANK WIECZOREK New Britain, Conn. "jojo" May 24, 1924 f'He doth bestride the world like a Colossus." just a wee boy about six feet tall, this is "Joe" Wieczorek. He has a pleasant sense of humor and he tackles his school work conscienciously and diligently. After school he does his bit to help the war effort by working in one of the local defense factories. His hobby is baseball and with his experi- ence he should be able to be a professional. He has the qualities of a good soldier and no doubt he will be one of our top sergeants in Uncle Sam's Army. FLORENCE MARY WICHROWSKI New Britain, Conn. A'Flo" November 24, 1925 'Silence is ll virtuefl i'Flo," with her cheery smile and sunny disposition, certainly has a great many friends. She loves to dance and enjoys this sport every Saturday night. Her future? She plans to become someones secretary. May you be rewarded with the good fortune you deserve, "Flo" Girls' League. 145 NINETEEN if FO YTHB fw' NEW BRITAIN -A- ANNE ELIZABETH WIERBICKA New Britain, Conn. "Becky" july 3, 1925 "The shortest answer is doing." ln "Becky" we have a very active person, for in her company there is never a dull moment. She has won friends with both the girls and the young men, especially one. To "Becky" we wish success and future fame in the business world. Girls' League. RUSSELL KINGSLEY WILLIAMS Hartford, Conn. "Russ,' April 21, 1926 "If you mean to profit, learn to please." "Russ" is a reserved likeable person and very easy to get along with, if you understand him. He has a pleasing personality but a rather shy one when it comes to girls. His rank in scholarship has always been above average and his reputation for character matches it. Whatex'er your future plans may be, "Russ," we're taking your success for granted. Young Men's League. HELEN ANN WILCZEK New Britain, Conn. 'iHolly" September 5, 1925 "Where theres a will theres a wav." Helen is a great lover of outdoor sports, ice skating being her favorite. She is said to have a great sense of humor and a pleasing disposition. Her one am' bition is to become a private secretary, and we can assure you that she will suc- ceed. because once she sets her mind on a thing, she usually gets it. Girls' League. ROBERT EARNEST WRASKO New Britain, Conn. 'Bohm February 8, 1916 "Silence is Golden." Herels one in a million, a person that can talk about someone else besides himself, uTlii'snisf'Bob." Of his many hobbies, Hshing and hunting occupy most of Bob s time. Although these hobbies take up most of his leisure hours, his homework always manages to get done. Good hunting to you, HBob." JEANETTE ABBIE WILLAMETZ New Britain, Conn. "-leannie" December 16, 1915 'lfldhe only way to have a friend is to be one." leanettels friendly smile and personality have gained her many friends. She has a great deal of witty good humor and is loved by all her many companions, who in the years to come will look back with pleasure on their associations with her. Good luck in all that you do, "Jeannie" Girls' League. THE BEEHIVE -pr -if 146 K" -k -pf HIGH SCHOOL s-'A' ir 5 MAXINE JEANETTE WILLIAMS Millinoeket, Mziine "Maxie" September 10, 1926 "Wh5i worry? Tomorrow may never come," "Maxie" is a happyfgo-lucky girl who is interested in all sports, although her favorites are roller skating and dancing. L'Maxie" has many friends, for she has a gay manner and a witty tongue. Her plans for the future are not yet made, but we wish the best of luck to her anyhow. Girls' League. RUSSELL JOHN WRIGHT New Britain, Conn. URusty" June Z, 1925 flight is the task when many share the toilfl Russell Wright, better know as "Rusty," is an energetic and cooperative fellow in both work and play. Among his accomplishments "Rusty" has man' aged to make a permanent place for his name in the hearts of all who knew him. Future plans? "Russ" says that they're in the tool designing held. Keep up the good, work, "Rusty," and yours will be a bright and merry future. Young Men's League. RHODA PAULA WILLIAMS New York November ZZ, 1925 S A'She knows which way the wind blows." Rhoda's love of music, art, and other beautiful things keeps her quite busy. Her many activities and her homework also seem to keep her working all the rest of the time. XVe've discovered that Rhoda has a grand sense of humor as well as a keen, practical mind. Bon voyage, "Red" Glee Club: Girls' League. if 4 a 'gf STANLEY JOHN WYSOCKI Lowell, Mass. "Stashl' August 6, 1924 "lf you are wise, laugh." "Stash" excels in basketball. His sunny disposition and the bright smile which never seems to leave his countenance make him a friend of all who come in contact with him. Wluen he's not with a certain somebody, "Stash" is usually a quiet fellow. Uncle Sam's armed forces are beckoning him. Vv'ith N.B.H.S,'s star basketball player in there pitching, how can we lose this war? Good gun' ning, "Stash" Basketball Team. FLORENCE CARRIE WOJTUSIK New Britain. Conn. i'Babe" April 24, 1915 "She is a 'rare compound of many uirtues.H Florence seems to possess everything one could possibly desire. She is a topfranking scholar, a good vocalist, and a loyal companion. Her popularity, good looks, and sparkling sense of humor are known to us all. One of her best traits is her dependability, for you can trust not only her word but also her per' sonality. Everyone has recognized her as that talented majorette who twirls such a swift baton. 'iFlo's" next stop is T.C.C., and then on to teaching. Keep climbing, "Flo" Girls' League: National Honor Society: Pan American League: Junior Col' lege Club: Bowling Club: Student Council Representative. lr.. 147 NINETEEN -A' FORTY-THREE f.N NEW BRITAIN ,Q BARBARA LOIS ANN WOLFE New Britain. Conn. "Bobbie" july 15, 1925 "Let not grass grow on the path of friendship." "Bobbie" has been very successful in making friends. Her smile can be seen even in the dimmest moments. "Bobbie's" ambition is to be a secretary. She has taken a business course and has been very successful in it. "Bobbie" is the musical type and can sit for hours just listening to popular music. Her lively, lovable spirit will surely help her to reach her goal. ALBIN JOHN YANCHAK New Britain, Conn. "Al" April 7, 1915 "A chasing the wild deer and following the doe." Hunting and all forms of sports are Albin's chief interests. Give him a good gun and a beautiful stretch of woods to hunt in and he would be the hap- piest man in the world. Besides being a lover of sports, he has maintained a high scholastic average during his high school days. Loving thrills and excite' ment. "Al" should be able to find both of these in his career in the Navy. Young Men's League. VIRGINIA JOAN YESKOVICH New Britain, Conn. "Ginny" February 13, 1926 "As cheerful as the day is long." Three years at our Institute of Knowledge has shown us one thing. It has taught us by example the meaning of mirth, friendliness, and helpfulness. The example? Why, k'Ginny," of course. Many a cold room in the North Wing has been warmed by her smile, and we are safe in saying many more hearts fmostly malej. Swimming occupies many of her leisure hours. But all is not play for "Ginny," because it's on to college for her in the fall. Best of luck to you! Girls' League: Glee Club. HARRY YETERIAN, JR. New Britain, Conn. "'l'weet', April 23, 1925 HA pleasant fellow with mirth and witf' Harry is a genial fellow with every inch of him good fun. He keeps this happy frame of mind under almost all circumstances. Harry's personality has won him many friends with nary an enemy. May the future hold more success for you, Harry. MABEL YETERIAN New Britain, Conn. 'LMolly" August 5, 1925 "The pen wherewith thou dost so heavenly sing." i'Hey, Mabel, wait for me" is a very appropriate phrase by which to ade dress this busy young miss. When she is not talking or studying, "Molly" an' swers the call of the Muses and dashes off a few short stories. VJe'll be seeing you at the publishers, Mabel! Girls' League Representative: Pan American League. THE BEEHIVE f if 148 X XE ,qv ,iv HIGH scHooL vi 5 " im if M MARY YETERIAN New Britain, Conn. April 23, 1925 "Music walks hand in hand with her." All the silence and demureness that envelop Mary's character most of the time are compensated for by the noise and fury she displays on the keyboard. The black ebony and white ivory seem to serve as outlets for this young lady, who can prove to you that she possesses a bit of wit and humor. We know that Mary will soothe many savage breasts fwhich of course means all the menj by her gliding fingers. Whether it's Rachmaninoff or boogiefwoogie, we'll be clap' ping for you, Mary. Girl's League. CHARLES RICHARD YOUNG New Britain, Conn. "Charlie" June 6, 1925 "Let me live and let me laugh." "Charlie" possesses a sense of humor which makes him popular with all of his classmates. Although his outward appearance is that of a studious person, he has disapproved this by his zest for dancing and skiing. Upon graduation "Charlie" plans to join the Ski Troops. A man with "Charlie's" ability should go far in this field. Ski Club: Young Men's League. HANNAH YONAN New Britain, Conn. April 8, 1925 "Silence is the virtue of the wise," Here is a young miss who has improved upon an old maxim. According to Hannah, it goes "Do unto others more than you would expect them to do unto you." She seems to do much, but in an inconspicuous way. If you continue your industry, Hannah, you will be a credit to your old Alma Mater. Girls' League. JAMES RAYMOND ZINK New Britain, Conn. "jimmy" November 29, 1925 "Thy 'modesty's a candle to thy merit." Everybody who knows k'Big jim" recognizes his quiet manner and modesty. He is always willing to do a favor for a person without asking for one in ref turn. This young man is anxiously waiting for his name to be pulled out of the hat for Uncle Sam's Army. Good luck, 'ilirnmyf' Young Men's League. MARGARET MARY YURKO New Britain, Conn. clMdTgCC,l September 24, 1926 "To render the deeds of mevcyf' "Margee" possesses a personality that is irresistable to both boys and girls. She is quiet and studious but she also enjoys dancing and skating. "Margee" plans to enter a school of nursing. We believe that she will divert many pa' tients' minds from misery to mirth with her soothing ways. Girls' League: Red and Gold Representative. 149 NINETEEN if FO YTHR 4-X 'K iv NEW BRITAI JULIA ANNA YUSCIEWITZ Danielson, Conn. "Daisy" February 4, 1926 "Always look on the cheerful side of life." This has been Daisy's motto for sixteen years and we know it will continue to be. She loves to go on long hikes and is a regular outdoor girl. Her charm and personality have acquired many friends for her. "Daisy" plans to become a typist and we know this ambition will be realized. RAYMOND MATHEW ZAPATKA New Britain, Conn. "Buddy, January 31, 1925 "Everything handsome about him." "Buddy" is the good looking chap with a generous following, Always popular, he has many companions. His one ambition is to seek a position in the Navy. If you should see a sailor passing by you in the near future, take a good look. It may be your old school chum, "Buddy" Basketball, Baseball. THE BEEH ALICE MAE ZAMBORI New Britain, Conn. "Blondie, May 31, 1926 'Sweetness and goodness in her person shined." A pretty smile and a cheerful word--these are what greet you when you're passing through the corridors and meet Alice. Her chief love is music, fthe sec' ond is a certain tall blondel and she is quite a pianist, as well as being an asset to the Glee Club. "Blondie" has made a place for herself in many a heart, so we are sure she will succeed in her chosen career, which is office work. Girls' League: Musical Club. BENJAMIN ZELDES New Britain, Conn. "Ben" October 23, 1924 'Ll am in search of a woman." "Ben" is that handsome young chap who is forever causing sighs of delight when he winks at one of our beautiful Coeds. He has always been a hard worker and has great ambitions, but at present he has put aside these, and is doing more than his bit for the war effort. Who knows hut after graduation we may Hnd uBen" in our armed forces. Young Men's League: President of Chess Club. LILLIAN ROSE ZAVEZ New Britain, Conn. 111116 4, 1924 "Theres music in the airf' HLill' and a piano! What a combination, as you'd know if you heard her playing in that orchestra that takes up so much of her time. We hope some big band notices her before she begins her secretarial career seriously. How about Harry james? Good luck to you in whatever you iinally decide to do, "Lil." Girl's League: Study Club. H ir nk HIGH SCHOOL 'vi X SOPHIE THERESA ZDANUK New Britain, Conn. 'AMidgeN May 18, 1925 A'To love the game beyond the prize." Strictly an outdoor girl, Sophie excels in all sports, being especially fond of tennis and ping pong, not to mention a little jitterbugging now and then. School' work isn't her chicf worry, she certainly has shown that she is capable of doing it. Rumor has it that a certain red head occupies much of her time. How about it? As a nurse we expect "Midge" will add a little zest to the hospital with her sense of humor. Good luck from your classmates, Sophie. Girls' League. MITCHELL JAKOWENKO New Britain, Conn. "Mitch" June 17, 1925 "Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends." Mitchell is a carefree sort of person, well liked by all who know him. His willingness to work and his cheerful disposition has given him many appreciative friends. Although his future plans are undecided, we are sure he will succeed in any field of work he may enter, including the armed forces. We know that "Mitch" is headed straight for the shore of success, JAMES RODERICK New Britain, Conn. "Jimmy" December 31, 1924 Jimmy, another of our outstanding Red E? Gold football stars, deserves the caption of "Most likely to Succeed". Having accomplished most of the things he has set out to do fespecially in football, we are sure Jimmy's life will be one of everlasting success. Football, Basketball, Baseball. EDWARD ALBERT ZIGAS New Britain, Conn. "Ed" March 19, 1925 "His smile is the offspring of a merry heart." "Ed" is a lad that needs no introduction. He is known by his cheery 'xHello" and his pleasant conversation. His three years at N.B.H.S. have been just a mile stone in his career in some technical held. Mix a little seriousness with humor, shake well with friendliness, and sprinkle with smiles, and we have a formula for "Ed's" popularity. Keep climbing, 'hEd": we're behind you all the way. Radio Club, Young Men's League. JEANNE SUDOL New Britain, Conn. "Hitch your wagon to a staff, Jeanne is one of those persons often seen but seldom heard. Although glibness is not one of her traits, nevertheless, Jeanne has managed to gct around N.B.H.S, This, your Alma Mater, has been but a milestone in your career, Jeanne. The class of '43 will be watching for your star to appear in the heavens, so keep shooting high. Girls' League. isi NINETEEN f FORTY THR 'K 534-Ebitix NEW THE BEEHIVE if 4, 'k -pf -A' HIGH SCHOOLCt 8 Class Night Program 1. Music ........... Orchestra 2. Greetings ...... George Neumann, Class President 3. Class Play-"Girl Shy" ........ Act I By members of the 1943 class 4. Song Parade, read by ....... Margaret Romeo 5. "If", read by ....... . Sam Biondi 6. Class Directory, read by . . Fred Copeman 7. Class Play . . . . . . Act ll S. Class Prophecy, read by . Virginia Stowell 9. Class Will, read by . . Leonard Svvetchnick 10. Class Play . . . . . . Act Ill 1 1. Music .......... Orchestra Music by the Senior High School Orchestra Under Mr. Frederick Mirliani Director of Music Class Night Committee Chairman Samuel Martin Sam Biondi Edith Prentice Fred Copeman Margaret Romeo Natalie Mattarocci Virginia Stowell Ruth Neumann Leonard Swetchnick William Whalen Gfoifi shy" Clwracters Tom Arsdale, who is girlfshy . . . joseph Belkin Oke Stimson, who isn't . . . Sam Martin Caroline, Tom's Aunt . . Natalie Mattarocci Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father . . jack Smith Sylvia Webster, Tom's pet aversion . Shirley Feinberg Dean Marlow, dean of the college . . justin Menus Peaches Carter, Oke's present weakness . Kathryn Casale Asma, a "wash lady" . . . . Isabel Bosch Birdie LaVerne, a movie aspirant . . Jeanne Lambert Barbara Sanford QBabsj, herself . . Ruth Johnson Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, the college poet . Bernard Levy Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity ..... William Hoffman Time: The present. Graduation time. Place: Livingfroom in the bachelor apartment of Tom and Oke in college town, Synopsis Act I: A day in june Act ll: The- next afternoon Act Ill: Evening of the same day 53 NINETEEN -k FORTY-THREE ic f i1D NEW HFESTAL PROCESSIONP by Cross SCRIPTURE READING WELCOME Scholarship Character Service . Leadership ADMINISTERING OATH OF N.H.S. PRESENTATION OF N.H.S. CERTIFICATES . Honors Day Program APRIL 14, 1943 Orchestra Mr. Sala William Whalen . Kathryn Casale Leonard Swetchnick Marion Anderson . George Neumann President Whalen . Mr. Sala Honorary Certificate to Dr. Ring PARKER PRIZES . . . Dr. Welte Scholarship . . Sam Martin, Kathryn Casale Citizenship William Whalen, Marioii Anderson Reading . . . Virginia Stowell SLADE AWARDS . George Neumann, Virginia Stowell D.A.R. AWARD - Mrs. Raymond - to Marion Anderson COLLEGE CLUB SCHOLARSHIP . . , Laura Stepeck Mrs, David Malmfedt UNICO CLUB TO Kathryn Casale RECESSIONAL "Alma Mater" THE BEEHI V E -A' if 154 BRITAIN wk 'A' 'k i' HI 155 NI Citations The bequests of Charles Parker provide that S20 scholarship prizes are to be given each year to the highest ranking boy and girl of the senior class. SAMUEL MARTIN The award to the top-ranking young man goes to one of those rare students who study not for credit but for pleasure. In his junior year, he was awarded the coveted Harvard Book Prize and was elected to the National Honor Society. The following year he became Literary Editor of the Beehive, Secretary of the Young Men's League, and president of the Amphion Club. All of you know his prominent roles in Amphion Club plays, and his contribution to the StudentfFaculty Council. This actor, this editor, this gentleman, this scholar with an average of 93.1 is Sam Martin. KATHRYN CASALE To Kathryn Casale falls the prize for the ranking senior girl. Her average is 92.66. Quite as notable as her scholastic ability has been her zestful interest in worthwhile high school activities. She is a member of the Musical Club, Literary Editor of the Beehive, VicefPresident of the Girls' League, Secretary of the Debating Club, Secretary of the Studentffiaculty Council, and Secretary of the Inter-School Advisory Council. In her spare time she writes feature articles for the Hartford Courant. CITIZENSHIP PRIZES The Parker Citizenship Prizes are awarded to the seniors who "have made the largest contribution to the school as judged by the service rendered, the spirit of co' operation shown, and the unseliish regard for others". The citizenship prize for boys goes to William Whaleli who has served his school well in many capacities. He is President both of the StudentfFaculty Council and of the National Honor Society. He has been an efficient Manager of the Beehive. He has been Captain of the Golf Club for three consecutive years. He is a member of the Civic Forum, a Representative of the Red and Cold and a Representative for the Boys' League. All services he dis' charges with gaiety and gracious courtesy. fi l i' GH scHooL fft 5 NETEEN if FORTY-THR f i3 NEW Citations MARION ANDERSON Marion Anderson, the young woman who has been chosen for the Parker prize this year. She has given freely of her time and artistic talent to many of the school clubs. Her activities have included: StudentfEaculty Council, Musical Club for three years, and President of the Girls' League. In spite of all her activities in the interest of the school, she is a high ranking member and Secretary of the Honor Society. The Parker Reading Prize is awarded to the senior who shows a knowledge of literature, both old and new, a high standard of taste, and a balanced judgment as revealed in a competitive examination supervised by the head of the English department. This award falls to Virginia Stowell. THE SLADE AWARDS The Slade Awards are presented in remembrance of Louis P. Slade who, for a quarter of a century, was Principal of the Senior High School. Mr. Slade is a great gentleman and a man of quality who greatly exemplifies the old motto: Noblesse oblige. The senior boy honored for possessing something of the spirit of Mr. Slade is George Neumann. His classfmates made him President of the Boys' League, and Presi- dent of the Senior Class. He is an Eagle Scout, a Scoutmaster, Quartermaster, and Editor of his troup newspaper. He is Literary Editor of the Beehive, belongs to the Civic Forum, is a Red Cross messenger and has an unfailing courtesy, and a modest demeanor. ' The girl recipient of the Slade award is Virginia Stowell. She has been outf standing in personality, character, citizenship, contributions, and achievements. She has been Secretary of the Amphion Club, President of the Press Club, News Editor of the Red and Gold Review, literary editor of the Beehive, member ofthe National Honor Society, and Secretary of the graduating class. The prizes given today are awards to students who have known how to keep the balanced life. Their scholastic records reveal three years well spent. Their extrafcurricula activities have broadened their personalities, and developed their capacities for service and leadership. THE BEEHIVE if -k 156 BRITAIN 1' i 157 N I GH SCH 613496 5 NETEEN if FORTY-THREE Ji' 'k f i1X NEW , ar 1 4 ll' ll- S BCIETY xl L HONOR TIONA NA -z UZ! m cu m rn -'II 1: rf: ll' ll' f" ,gr -Af HIGH scHooL Qt National Honor Society First row, left to right: Frances O'Dea, Lorraine Balocki, Barbara Rose, Norma Berry, Rita Goldstein, Genevieve Kulesik, Cecelia Kostus, Clara Kozikowski, Gladys Feeney, Mary Hartunian, Angeline Colopinto, Natalie Mattarocci, William Whalen, Joseph Belkin, Marion Anderson, Helen Gwosdovv, Anastasia Paskovvski, Ruth Neuman, Vera Uryga, Ruth Suess, Anna Kratka, Lillian Root, Bessie Veleas, Ruth Statchen, Nina Zuk. Second row, left to right: janet Prager, Marilyn Maurer, Florence Neuman, Evelyn Narcum, Cecelia Dul, Irene Stanislavvczyk, Marie Petoif, Agnes Carlin, Betty Halco, Virginia Olson, Roserita McCue, Anna Rosys, Gertrude Dziekan, Florence Maksimf czyk, Helen Hayes, Florence Wojtusik, Ruth Rochette, Barbara Tuttle, Elizabeth Splettstoeszer, Kathryn Casale, Anna Hansek. Third row, left to right: Tessie Skoronska, Clara Evanauskas, Marion Ludke, Shirley Feinberg, Olga Torchio, Avis Greenough, Anna Kovvalczyk, Jean Stephenson, Frances Martinez, Irmgard Welz, Frances Keinz, Eleanor Kopczyk, Margaret Olson, Virginia Stovvell. Fourth row, left to right: Sam Martin, Antonio Cardona, joseph Meltzer, Thomas Carlin, Adele Sylvester, Nellie Sylvester, Irene Buden, Gloria Golin, Helen Dzielinski, Gladys Magnuson, Selma Haddad, Laura Stepeck, Bernice Froeba, Faye Clark, Isabel Bosch, Elizabeth Forgione, joseph Prestash, Robert Nelson. Fifth row, left to right: Vincent Rich, Henry Plocharczyk, Edward Sharigian, Mertin Honeyman, Alfeo Marzi, joseph Scheyd, Bernard Kawecki, Bernard Levy, Francis Fliss, Thomas Pustell, Clifton Cherpak, Harold Richman, Leonard Swetchnick, George Neuman, Albert Turner, William Clynes, Albert Gramaila, Robert Spooner. Matilda Lenk, Rolande Laliberte, Shirley Horn, Evelyn Vaninetty, Elsie Noveck and Anne Walencius are also members of the chapter but do not appear in this photograph. OFFICERS President . . . William Clymes VicefPresiderLt Anna Kovvalczyk Secretary . Roserita McCue Treasurer . Alfeo Marzi NINETEEN f FOHTY-THB ir 5 EE 'K f f1D NEW BRITAIN -A' 1, THE Class Will We the Class of '43, To Safeguard our passing from memory, Carve our cognomen in Britania's tree, By presenting this will and humble decree. That we may insure our everlasting fame, We attempt to prove that we have "came", Therefore, being in full possession of a learned mind? ? ?, We regretfully leave the following behind: General Bequests: 1. 2 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Person l l. 12. 13 14. 15. BE To our principal, Mr. Sala, and our faculty we wish to express our sincerest appreciation for having advised and guided us through our high school years. We leave all slacks, dear to the feminine fashion world, to the Salvage Drive. Miss Clark and Mr. Howard are conidently left to administer their ever ready advice to future inquisitors. To solve the traiiic situation, we leave more power to the reformers. Present day history students are given encouragement in order that they might keep pace with ever changing world events. We bestow to the Studentffiaculty Council, our "petfproject", hearty wishes for future success in the solving of school problems. To the Chemistry Department, we leave an ounce of rubber with which pros' pective Chem. students may experiment in Hnding new synthetic rubber prof cesses. We leave the gas we couldn't get to all those who may wish to attend future school events. We leave vitamin pills to all future Latin students for their daily fourfstory climb. ' To rationfweary Miss Stephenson and her staff, we grant a plot of land wherein she may raise all necessary foodfstuffs. al Bequests: Betty Hunter leaves her desire for fame to Vivian Nelson. Louise Pelegrino leaves her vivacity to the Marines as she knows it will help to knock the i'heil" out of Hitler. Bill Dunkel leaves his irreproachable innocence on wooing, winning, and wounding of women to all potential wolves. Clifton Cherpack leaves his superfhuman piece of protoplasm to be divided between Alfeo Marzi and William Clymes. To Russell O'Day, Joe Cimino leaves his standard of love, quote: "I swear to love the woman, the whole woman, and nothing but the womann! EHIVE if wk i' if if HIGH SCHOOLCt 5 Class Will 16. To Tommy Kilduff, Charles Duggan leaves his football finesse. 17. Ruth Stachen leaves her vampishness to Rita Dillon. 18. We leave A. J. Tercyak's "Toscaninic" tendencies to any wouldfbe "Mirlif anic" stooge. 19. Bill Conlin leaves his palette and brush as inspiration to all aspiring artists. 20. Isaac Isaac is left to anyone who can find him. 21. The following books are left to the school library by their authors: 1. Draggin' Weeds ..................................... John Pelto 2. They were Suspendable ...... .... M arion Weiss and Doris King 3. How Poor Was My Volley. . . ................ Betty Hunter 4. Mission to the Office ........ ..... K eith Law 5. Fun is my Undoing .... ..... L ois Bigelow 6. My Friend, Jean ..... ....... J ohn Grib 7. Starvin' Woman .......... ..... M arion Ludko 8. Gum in the Fountain ......... ..... J oseph Meltzer 9. Victory through Hair Power .... Grace Ganzonetti 10. What vice, Glory? .......... .... G loria Montana 11. See here, Seaman Kitson .... ......... J ohn Kitson 12. Frenchman's Squeak ...... ................. C laude Levesque 13. Pretty "Goil" ............. .................... J ewel Groman 14. Our Marks were Never "A" ...... Joseph Diorio and Herbert Kirshnit 15. The Wrong he can't Forget .......................... Anonymous 22. Alma McQuillan leaves her ability for getting out of "scrapes" to Dick Nixon. 23. To Marge Dagata, Lois Johnson leaves her nkeyfpickingu ability. 24. Gloria Golin leaves her masterful penmanship to better the scrawl of Jane Peterson. 25. John McEnaney leaves his smooth drawl to Marion McAvay to aid her in giving a right answer once in a while. 26. Keith Law and Gavell Jobert leave their well known rendezvous spot to any wouldfbe lovers. 27. To dim the brightness of Harvey Edelstein's ties, Mike Scanlon leaves his conservative style in clothing. 28. Don Ross leaves his speed and grace on the football field to John Castellani. 29. Finally, we hope that we shall prove worthy of those members of our Class who have joined the forces of our country. Signed : Witnesses : Kathryn Casale Joe the Moron William Whalen Superman Virginia Stowell Joe Blow . Sam Martin NINETEEN -A' FORTY-THREE 353431 f 'A' 'kv NEW BRITAIN if -A' Class Prophecy The ominous hour of midnight struck, and through the cemetery the low tone of a bell slowly faded into a dead silence. This year of 2013 seemed to lose all signs of the Zlst. century, and seemed to move backward into the days of yesteryear . . . the days of 1963. In the cem' etery a transparent figure, wearing a luminous robe, was floating from grave to grave, from tomb to tomb, calling each spirit within by name. At last the face of the floating figure began to take on signs of an earthly being, and soon came to be distinguished as that of George Neumann. I recognized George and, being curious ffor I was from another cemetery myselfj I called him over for an explanation of the evening's happenings, and what he meant by disturbing the graves of these peaceful dead and arousing their spirits. I sat on a small piece of grass and George sat down beside meg the story he told was thus: Tonight is the night of reunion, the night of the resurrection of those spirits who . . . shfshfshf sh graduated from New Britain Senior High School in 1943. Tonight is the night that they will reckon for their lives and their ambitions. Tonight . . . but, oh . . . I see the first of them moving this way. "Oh spirit, pray tell, who might you be"? Lifting her hand, she majestic' ally pointed to the epitaph on a nearby grave stone, and bade us read: KATHRYN CASALE A Lawyer was she, Class Afl, She lies here now, Her arguing done. As we raised our heads after reading the epitaph, we saw that Kay's spirit had disapf peared, and on the stone marking the grave where she had been standing was written: JOSEPH SCAPELLATI GONE! At this point George started his tour of the cemetery, pausing at a few stones to execute a "Shuffle off to Buffalo", and sang: Tap, tap, number one, Louise Diemente, She's had her fun. Tap, tap, number two, Caslen's gone, Forgotten too. Tap, tap, number three, Ellie Kopczyk, A nurse was she. Tap, tap, here's number four, William Whalen, The man girls adore. Tap, tap, number five, Ruthie Statcheri, Always hep to the jive. And now we come to number six, Who merits a place in this ghastly list, Felix J. Roman, Whose name you know, Who'd have thought this was the place he'd go. And now we come to number seven, Helen Labas, Enough said, she's gone to heaven. I've sung enough of this silly ditty, I'll have to admit, it's corny, not witty, I stamp my foot and end this song, Hurry, ghosts, let's move along. I did want to read other epitaphs, but pre' ferred to make my own explorations, so I parted from my cemetery guide. And behold! There before me lay a plot of scorched earth. At Hrst I hestitated to approach, but then, noticing a stone on this blackened ground, I cautiously step' ped closer to read: N. B. H. S. TEACHERS Nor wind, nor rain, nor hurricane, Can move us from this plot. We've turned this once fair grassy lane, Into a blackened blot. Wandering, I came into a black section of the cemetery, and I had to grope my way in the darkness. At last this blackness gave way to light as a procession of luminous figures came into view. Each carried his own epitaph, and I recognized them as old classmates. First was the fairftressed maiden, Gloria Golin, carrying her epitaph: ' E My life was devoted to shorthand, A stenographer was I, I was always very good to my boss, It's a pity I had to die. E BEEHIVE -k wk 152 ir uk H IGH scHooL f-Tfbcbilx Class Prophecy The next was a white haired person: THOMAS PUSTELL He engineered his way to fame. Following Tom, came an endless line of spirits, short, tall, big, small, men and women. Among them were a few familiar faces, and I associated the following names and epitaphs with them: JOSEPH PRESTASH Life fashioned him a sailor. MARY DREZEK She wore the cap of a nurse. JOHN SCRABULIS His occupation? Why manager of the "Follies Bergeresu, of course. ANN VALUKEVICH She sat on her boss's lap. You guess her occupation. JOHN GRIB Here lies the hulk of Sergeant Grib. MILDRED ZINKY She finally got her man. EDWARD MALINA He tinkled with radios until finally One tinkled back a little too hard. MARGARET NEVULIS She insured her position by working in an Insurance oliice. DONALD ROSS He was a man of justice, commonly called a amp... 163 NINETE ROSE FRUGALE She's traded her nurse's garb for this ghastly shroud. I The procession went on and on, and when the end came into view we saw Bill Conlin, painting on his white tombstone these cryptic words: Tread ye lightly o'er this grassy mound, And hush your idle chatter, Here lies a fine artist of great renown, The Raphael of his old Alma Mater. So painting, he vanished, and again I was left alone. Floating along a lane of graves, I noticed many names of people I once knewg Julia Sargis, Teacher, Henry Juengst, Engineer, Gloria Bradley, Dieticiang Karl Erickson, Avif ator, Clara Evanauskas, Laboratory Technician, Joseph Salafia, Electrician. Expecting to find another small stone, I was amazed to find myself confronted by a huge brownstone memorial with a granite fiddle gracing its summit. "Just like Tcrcyakv, I muttered, and hastened on. I soon found that there were others in the cemetery besides myself, and hearing eerie shieks and the flutter of wings, I looked up to see . . . I'll admit even I was a bit startled . . . Vampires! ll Yes, there were three, the ref modeled type of vampire, complete with bony wings and long yellow fangs. One bore the re' scmblence to our own Betty Jane Barber, and alas, to my amazement, two other familiar faces, those of Evelyn Thompson, and . . . oh no! It couldn't be true . . . a male vampire . . . and who should it be but Francis Fliss. To get away from this cackling trio, I turned and fled, my glowing robe trailing behind me. Quite a dis' tance from this scene, I sat on the tombstone of Robert Spooner, once one of the outstanding photographers of his day, to recuperate from the previous visage, and while there I read some of the epitaphs on the nearby stones: JOAN FLANAGAN Golden haired and wordly wise, Adventure gleaming in her eyes. EN -k FORTY-THREE THE BEEH f f1N NEW Class Prophecy PATSY JOHNSON This is where Patsy is resting her head, Her days at TCC are over and dead, We loved her because she was sweet and demure, As for people like Patsy, we hope there are more. ROBERT NYGREN Here lies the corpse, Of the famous Bob N., Friendly and honest, A man among men. JEANNE LAMBERT Here lies a girl named Jeanne Lambert, The greatest of journalists yet, ' And when she is joined in the ranks of the dead She'll be running St, Peter's Gazette. SOPHIE FORMICA Here lies Sophie, small in size, A person proven much too wise, But she never more will rise, To show the smallness of her size. CLIFTON CHERPACK The first three years he went to school, He'd never cut classes and never fool, Later on old Cliff got wise, And answered the call of two laughing eyes. A AURORA BAHAMONDE Never more the earth to rove, Her humor was too subtle, She gave the world her broadened views And now with Keats doth huddle. 9 HELEN PISARSKY Erected in loving memory by her boss, Waldemar Peltzer, He mourned her loss. JOHN RAPPANOTTI He cured their ills, A With all his pills, But his patients died, When they saw his bills. At this point I felt a quivering beneath me, and Spooner's muffled voice came from below: "Get the . . . I mean get off my stone". Not wanting to encounter the wrath of my fellow spirit, I quickly moved, only to come upon two distilled spirits, John McEnaney and Walter Schwanke, partaking of their early morning snack. I joined them, and was about to eat a delicious bowl of "Ghost Toastiesu and "Evap- orated Milk", when I was beseiged by a host of my former classmates who had made their mark in the world. Among them was Henry Plochf arczyk, an eminent physician who was outstand- ing for his development of the formula for milk of amnesia, a sure cure for Ghostraitis or inf flamation of the Ghostric Glands. Another, Henry Warchol, one of the foremost lawyers of his day, was very eager to tell the case he had won for Donald Stohl, who claimed his hair had been scorched and frizzled by a permanent at Antoinette DeFazio's Beauty Parlor. As the chilly air began to seep through my wispy body, I shivered, pulled tighter the muffler from Mark Jones' International Clothing Corp., and wished these braggarts would find some other victim to inflict their woes upon. I grew more and more tired of hearing the din of my boasting classmates, but what could I do? The noise was making my head whirl. I was dizzy, and wanted to run. Then I heard the piercing cry of a rooster, heralding the spirits to their graves. Perhaps I could visit these friends again sometime, but they were fast going and so was I. As my pale Hgure began to disintegrate, I could see George, floating through the cemetery before me, shooing the spirits into their graves. In my last glimpse of the cemetery, I saw, silf houetted against the sunrise, a lonely leafless tree, marking the spot of my ghostly rendezvous. Sam Martin Virginia Stowell Justin Menus IVE f f 164 BRITAIN -A' i' ll' f if HIGH SCHOOL'vt 8 QRmgi 2 JUNIOR COLLEGE CLUB Laura Stepcck . . President Faye Clarke . . Secretary Sylvia Gordon . . VicefPresiClent Betty Splcttstocszer . Treasurer Miss Benjamin . Faculty Adviser ies NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE 'K iv'NEW BRITAIN -4- ,gr L .44 'F' .LC 3 2 5 2 di N I 'J Q w IC hc wjwl .fm EAGUE UPF Pub HU. L IH ilu T E : ,Q ': Q ,. 7 .. -9: 6 E 5 1 Q fd .- Z 2 E I ' Z Cr T3 1 2, .x :I 1 ,N E 6 Q LJ.: .. Z. A H... is -T 4 --4 L, -If , I Q 14 7 2 5 2552 2 THE BEEHIVE -A' if 166 Q ,C 3 - 4 'i I x, ' w 1.1 5 'IS uf Lf 'J 31 A ... D ,- ' Lbmlv- 167 N I YOUNG MENS' LEAGUE E i 5 II! Z I O O c J I? .J George Neumann ..- 2 u TU if M 2- D- .Ac .2 : ,.: U .. U B cl: 'O X- N E S U v-I I TS E s- 's .-E U 7 LJ 3 QI N .2 3 O J: 2 ,-I 5- U -4 C 41 u cn iceAPresident V 5 -F 5 : U L5 : o .M CQ E rs UU S U 4.1 ua 'E' ii C e-1 L-4 Samuel Ma :- U 1: o 31 z: N E Merton 5171 irm ns E O D6 Secretary Z m 'NJ m m Z ll' -u O :nu H -4 "J III :nu m ru on Cha .4 3 Q Q VS E C3 C ix Fel Trea wer va 5 'A' t'-'xNEW BRITAIN -A' Lwgssz 3 " 0 AES?-2 N353 Eamon C 'H ?s1D U -S5562 eww na ? m :J-if Q . 2 QF .. 5552 1- S fu E- .Lyn S.-gs gP0-M52 M5502 -D ESQQP w w 8 w ,, M EIEJSQZ A .iClPx?wC N 'H 5 'SSN goo? if-' -C :ESE EEQW D ami? 5 L5 U: 1 , LI-I .. .., ss Mus' 7912 WU D ici Z X 4-i mga? .2--RS 353 -235' . N V - 3:5-5 -.NVJU m M GJ Sand Grace h M +4 s O Rep Elizabeth Rawa GSUTCT 'i :II U1 W 7-"1 U1 I v-. 1 7-"'J If as Tre IGH scHooL f:i 5 'E , PM .., - E 169 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THREE ir 'k I 'A' tix NEW l THE BEEH BRITAIN if 'k 1 ., A Fr 2 JKSQZ IVE 'lr 'lr lm GH SCHOOL 5 , fn S533 X 'C Z F' :ft Ll-I Z1 E 'gl Q is w-rbi' as 171 NINETEEN iv POHTQHTHREE if 'k K t1N NEW I BRITAIN THE BEEH I V OFFICERS CF MUSIC CLUB Director . Frederick Mirliani President , . Anthony Tercyak VicefPresider1t . . Arlene McNamara Secretary . . .loan Flanagan Treasurer . . Walter Rosensweig Recording Secretary . . Patsy Walsh E f if 172 IGH scHooL f:i 5 SQ vi si I Q, kia fi I Y fz s s Qi 2 , 'P 5 I '11, rf W w wi ze NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE if it f i1X NEW THE BEEHIVE -k if ,M 175 N I -pf -A' HIGH SCHOOL,9t Amphion Dramatic Club Again the Amphion Club finishes its season with a feeling of satisfaction at having had an interesting and enjoyable year. December 11, 1942 saw the successful production of the comedy 'flobyna Steps Out", with Virginia Burr as Jobyna, a young innocent girl who had an eventful evening when she stepped out for a little gayety. On March 19, 1943 "They All Want Something" was produced. This was a comedy of the "new-rich" and the uplift movement. The plot was thickened by the arrival of a tramp, skillfully portrayed by William Whalen. What he wanted and how he got it added humor to the situation. This year the club purchased some much needed furniture with the proceeds from several previous plays. It also celebrated the twentyffifth anniversary of its founding. On April 14, 1943, Mrs. Guilford and a group of club members went to Hart' ford to see Ethel Barrymore in the play "The Corn is Green." We paused three times in our work of the year for a little merryfmaking, and the initiation of new candidates. The last party for these new members was held on April 23, 1943, when sundry bangs, whacks, and howls attested to the skill and strength of those who did the initiating. Everyone survived, however, which was rather surprising in view of the stunts played. The following ofiicers have served for the year: Samuel Martin ..... President Joseph Belkin and Richard Peters . Treasurers Virginia Stowell . . . . Secretary To Mr. Mirliani and the High School Orchestra we extend our thanks for the music they have furnished, to Miss Olsson and the Art Department, our appreciation for the fine posters, and all others who helped us make this a successful year. We leave the place of honor . . . the end . . .Q to thank one who has done more than anyone else for the club, who has given more advice, patience, and work in producing our plays than any other . . . our friend and director, Mrs. Amy C. Guilford. Virginia Stowell, Secretary NETEEN if FORTY-THR if 5 EE it NEW BRITAIN -pf if NN v--1 AN CU ERIC AM PAN THE BEEHIVE -k .k 176 if -pf HIGH SCHOOL'-fix 'A' 5 Pan-American League A little less than four years ago, Mr. Henry Recano, a member of the faculty. approached several of his students with the idea of forming a club to study South America, its customs, and its people. A small group of ten young people enrolled to learn more about their LatinfAmerican neighbors and to have a grand time socially. The group wrote to Washiiigtmiii and got a charter to become one of the first chapters of the Student PanfAmerican League in the country. Members of the club have a brief course in elementary Spanish, hear speakers from distant countries, and see a score of movies. The League is a National Organigaf tion, sponsored by such notables as Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Soon after the organization of the league a National Convention was held in Richmond, Virginia. Our delegate to the convention was Fred Bickerton, who was elected treasurer of all the chapters in the eastern states. The following vear. Emma Willianis of New Britain, also, won a trip to Washiiugtciii, sponsored by the National PanfAmerican Society. When Mr. Henry Recano was called to the army, his brother, Edward Recano. become our advisor. He has been very active in leadership. For the past few weeks student speakers have visited the various New Britain junior High Schools and revealed the wonders of toreadors, and golden cities to their awed audiences. Doris King, Ann Rudge, Margaret Pampuro, Florence Wojtusik, and Ethel Alverde participated. The chapter was congratulated on expanding its program to other schools by Mrs. Parke Stearns, president of the PanfAmerican Inter' national League. Two dances have been sponsored. The proceeds of one went to the USO. At Christmas time, the members collected games for the Childrens Home, and ended the holiday season with a party. The club closed its year with a spring picnic in Westheld. Cur sincere thanks are extended to Mr. Howard for handling our ticket sale, to Mr. Recano for his neverffailing enthusiasm and support. We cannot be too grateful. President . . Ethel Alverde Secretary Irene Schrodel VicefPresident Hedwig Bialobrzeski Treasurer . Louis Passamo Sponsor . Mr. E. Recano 177 NINETEEN if FOHTY-THB Q? i1N NEW BRITAIN -k wk DECEMBER HONOR SOCIETY ir ak 'lr THE BEEH IVE if f 178 HIGH scHooL 'vi 5 CONCERT COMMITTEE Back Tow fszandingj: Fred Copeman, Thomas Pustell, jack XVitkin, Fred Dermuicr. Seated: Marion Anderson, Cavell Iobert, Clifton Chcrpack, Shirley Horn, Lois Rosensweig. NINETEEN iv FOHTY-THREE nl' 'k THE BEEH K ivN NEW BRIT Z., . .3-if-2, ,..,,. ig -l 3 , ,... 4 1 f ' IVE -k if 180 GH SCHOOL 5fi 5 'Ir 8 NINETEEN -A' FOHTY-THREE + 1 ff 'K f i1X NEW on :u -1 Ib- Z AM ll' ll' FOOTBALL TE NJ III m m ru m II. Q: ru 11' ll' KX x Q E ZZ III O O c 1 ,E J SQUAD FOOTBALL 2 2 m '53 m m Z 11' '-fu O :vu fe "4 -1 I :u m ru ir 'K f i1X NEW BRITAIN if if BASKETBALL TEAM Left to rlghtz Pete Pytel, Stanley Wysocki, joseph Deutclm. Lawrence Hinchcliffe Majewski, THE BEEHIVE if if 184 GH SCHOOL 5Ti 5 BASKETBALL SQUAD 'Ir 'Ir 'A' 185 NINETEEN -A' FOHTY-THREE ir 'K f i1X NEW N- TENNIS TEAM Seated: Salvatore Caruso. Stan THE BEEH ding: Joseph Belkin, Bill Conlin, Harold IVE' f if 186 L l HIGH SCHOOL'-ft ir 5 E5 H S miie SKI CLUB Standing: Clizirles Young. Edward Sandell. Nlr. Nordstrom. Robert Rrmlc. -lnlin Palm. Seated: Lillian Root, Alice Donnelly, Lois Bigelow, Frances Ricldrirclson. 137 NINETEEN iv FORTY-THR i Kfbfribdxtix NEW BRITAIN THE BEEHI CHEERLEADERS Standmg' Ernest Hartz, Vernon D I K 1 g Qlchard Hartz, jack Lent V E f X88 if if HIGH SCHOOLIQt Song Parade Don't Get Around Much Any More . . You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To . . . Don't Cry ........ For Me and My Gal .... Jimmy I'm Geeting Tired So I Can Sleep . That Soldier of Mine . . I Had the Craziest Dream . Slender, Tender, and Tall . Moonlight Becomes You . . Ain't Got a Dime to My Name Can't Get Out of This Mood . Dearly Beloved . . . Happy Go Lucky . . Hey, Good Looking . I Don't Believe in Rumors I Get the Neck of the Chicken Let's Get Lost . . , . "Murder", He Says . My Confession . Rosie the Riveter . Savin' Myself for Bill . Sharp as a Tack . . . A String of Pearls . . . There Will Never Be Another You . Time and Time Again . . . Walking the Floor Over You . Why Don't You Do Right . You Were Never Lovelier I Want Somebody . I'm Doing it for Defense Memories of You, Dear . . I'm Old Fashioned . . . I've Heard that Song Before . . . Life Without You Won't Be the Same . No One Ever Comes Around to My House A Cornstalk Fiddle and a Shoestring Bow . Could it Be You ..... He's a Right Guy .... Sing a Tropical Song . . When I Marry, I'll Marry for Love Everything I've Got . . . Tangerine .... Can It Be Wrong . . . She'll Always Remember . . . Seeing You Again Did Me No Good It Makes No Difference Now . . The Memory of This Dance . . White Christmas . . This Is Worth Fighting For Old Glory .... . Vinny Giedraitis . Lorraine Bolocki . . Nonfgraduates Kelly and Mary Dudack . Michael Scanlon . Ruth Mangone "A" in Chemistry . Helen Dzielenski . Peggy Ericson . . Joe Belkin . Betty jane Barber . Shirley Stohl . . Bob Burgher . N. B. H. S. Wolf . . Graduation . . Elias Ringrose Duggan and "Pokey" . Louise Pelegrino Forged Graph Card . Defense Worker . Whalen's Sue . Charlie Young Any Gal's Wish Jeanne Lambert . Kay Casale . Alice Donnelly justin Menus . Cavell jobert Louise Leonard . Rita Marcoux . . N. B. H. S. Aurora Bahamonde . Alma Mater . Gus Carlson . Vera Hall A. LI. Tercyak Pauline Coty . "Doc" . Glee Club .. Spcncer Torell . Natalie Mattarocci Unrationed Commodity . Answers on Cuffs . Marion Anderson , joan Flanagan Atwater Twins . The Prom . . Oh Yeah! . . . Diploma Our Boys in Service Signed 1 Rosie and jake NINETEEN if FORTY-THR t 5 EE 'K f f1X NEW THE BEEH If: snr Had a figure like that of Edith Prentice, And hair like Margaret Ericson's, Lips like Ann Wali1icius's, Eyes like Florence Wojtusik's, Complexion as smooth as that of the Sylvester twins, Teeth as gleaming as Betty Splettstoeszefs, A nose like Loretta CZak's, Hands as fair as Angeline Virgadula's, Feet as petite as Lillian Roofs, A smile as radiant as Natalie Mattarocci's, A personality as pleasing as Kay Casale's, Intelligence as sublime as janet Olson's, The voice of Cavell Jobert, The vigor of Louise Pelegrino, And to top it off, the wit of Pat Walsh, Oh Boy, Some Babe! .' ' If: HE Had the physique of Larry Kearny, And hair like joe Cimino's, Eyes like Mike Errede's, Complexion as ruddy as Francis Fliss', Teeth as gleaming as Frank Palumbds, A nose as straight as Mark jones', Hands as strong as John Grib's, A smile like Richard Karanian's, A personality as pleasing as Bill Whalen's, Intelligence as sublime as Edward Kisluk's, The voice of James McKinny, The vigor and vitality of A. J. Tercyak, And to top it off, the vvit of Vinny Giedraitis . . . XVe regret to announce that this species is nowextinct! Sam Martin Virginia Stovvell Justin Menus IVE-ky BRITAIN GH SCHOOL 5fi 5 NINETEEN if FORTY-THREE' ir ,, . 'K f i1X NEW BRIT THE BEEH Ode To A Bit of Amber Thou bit of gleaming rosin, Crystalled in the sea, Thou slow formed drop of agefold sap, The lifefblood of some pine, Glowing gold with inner fire, Warm and smooth to touch, Aeons past thou caught the feet Of ants, the wings of flies, And held them in thy sticky trap Through summer, winter, spring, and fall, For centuries of Time. The pine from whence you issued, Fell crashing to the dust, And other giants of the wood. Gave in, and sank to earth. The mountains leveled into plains, The salt seas rose up high, All huge and mighty works were gone, But thoufthou lingered on. Tiny, insignificant, still holding in thy grasp The ants, the flies, and insects that, Attracted by thy spicy scent, Touched thee, and were caught. The grand, the great, and wonderful All crumble into dust, Are scattered to the winds and skies, And disappear from sight, From all the face of all the earth, Frov ev'n the memories of men, Till, longfforgotten, weak, and dim, They pass on into Time. The little things alone remain, Held here by some force which, Seeming faint and dying, Proves relentless through the years. So thou hast lived the ages, In sun, in swamp, and sea, And living there within thy breast, Still as they were in life, Are the flies and ants and insects Thou caught so long ago. Virginia Leslie Stowell IVE -pf -Af AIN A S Eclel IELTS on The Learnfrg Pr-ace ss 'k K tvXNEW BRITAIN -if if Class Directory Most Talented Most Frivolous . Most Talkative . Most Versatile Most Aggressive Class Orator Class Actor Class Actress Class Wit . Class Sphinx . Most Studious . Most Athletic Boy . Most Most Athletic Girl . Conceited . Best Dancer . Handsomest Boy . . . Prettiest Girl . . . Boy Most Likely To Succeed Girl Most Likely To Succeed Class Midget . . . Class Giant . . . Last Minute Hard Worker . Class Pessimist . . Class Bluff . . . Best Dresser . Class Class Most Class Most Giggler . . Comedian . . Pleasing Personality Wolf . . Sophisticated . God's Gift To Women Class Class Class Poetess . . Lawyer . . Rubinoff . Woman Hater Man Class Hater , Calamity Laziest Person . Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Most Most THE BEEH Gossip Crooner . Songbird . Artist . . Mathematician Businessman . Scientist . Musical Boy . Musical Girl Signed: William Whalen Franny Richardson Louise Leonard . Tom Pustell Jeanne Lambert Shirley Feinberg . Sam Martin Virginia Stowell . Bob Burgher . Patsy johnson Florence Wojtusik . joe Cimino Helen Misiorski . Loretta Czak Sebby Melluzzo Larry Kearney . Peggy Ericson George Neumann Marion Anderson . Isaac Isaac . Bob Richter jimmer Walsh . Donald Stohl Larry Hinchcliffe . Edith Prentice Clara Evanauskas . Bill Hoffman Natalie Mattarocci . Bill Dunkel Betty Hunter . Jimmy Kelly Virginia Stowell . Kay Casale . Jack Sunburn Clifton Cherpack Are there any? Antonio Cardona . jack Hollfelder Lydia Robino james McKinny . Cavell jobert . Bill Conlin Bernard Kawecki Leonard Swetchnick Merton Honeyman . joe Meltzer Arlene McNamara Olly Snacklestrom Hoagy Schmaltz IVE if i 194 at 'A' TD Carmine Joseph Abate . John Abdalla .... Paul Abrahamian . . . Edwin Leland Ahlquist . William Richard Anderson Robert William Angelo . Walter Peter Anop . , . Richard Lester Bailey . William Francis Barrett . William Carl Bauer . . Allan Roger Beaudoin Joseph William Belkin . Morris Peter Bellantuono . Joseph Frank Bellomo . Richard Albert Bertrand . Frank Vincent Bessoni . Sam Edward Biondi . Herbert George Bock . . Frank Joseph Bokan , Paul Stephen Bonazinca . f"'bC5Cl HIGH scHooL -wk 'ir 3 Directory 'Young Men . . 76 Lorraine St. 28 Wallace Street . 53 Sexton Street . . 90 Harding St. . . 99 Broad St. . . 417 East St. . 180 Broad St. . . 90 Belden St. . 114 Cleveland St. . . 263 Linwood St. . 39 Brooklawn St. 218 Roxbury Road . . 98 Talcott St. . 45 Union St. . 104 Daly Ave. . 274 Lawton St. . 123 North St. . 132 Griswold . . 394 Park St. . . 21 Park Dr. David Elmer Borthwick . 140 Fairview St. Rosaire Bouchard . . . 225 So. Main St. George Frank Bradlau . . 220 Maple St. Arthur Anthony Brandoline . 219 Oak Charles Robert Burgher . . . 104 Camp Seymour Byer .... Harvey Joseph Cadoret . Sofeo Vincent Camarata . Robert Dwight Capen . Antonio Cardona . . Thomas Richard Carlin . Salvatore Louis Caruso . Robert Louis Caslen . . Vincent Charles Cazzetta . . . . 116 Carlton . 235 Whiting Sr. . . 40 Beaver St. . 94 Hamilton St. . 347 High St. . 189 Beaver St. . 17 Woodbluff Ct. 226 Farmington Ave. . . 101 Hatch St. Joseph Russell Cefaratti . Robert Paul Chagnon . Clifton Cherpack . . . Albert Irving Church . Joseph Robert Cimino . Kenneth Farnham Clark . . 27 Oak St. . 125 Clark St. . 32 Dwight St. . 518 Church St. . . 30 Clark St. 57 Ridgewood St. . . 66 Smalley St. James Henry Clinton . . William Vincent Conlin . . 405 Lincoln St. William James Conlon . . 155 Stratford Rd. Fred Henry Copeman . . . 51 Henry St. Waldon Ramsay Corbett . . 37 Wakefield Ct. Frank Jerome Coscina . . . 150 Roxbury Rd. Walter William Cowperthwaite . 395 LaSalle St. Joseph William Crowley . . 101 Stewart St. Richard Clifton Curtis Henry Richard Dabkowski . . . 34 Oak St. 3'Anthony Gerald D'Angelo . . 40 Conn. Ave. Mario John DeLorenzo . . 158 Gold St. 195 N I CT? YTD 5. Oronzo John DeNigris . '1'Given DerHoosigian Stephan DerMargosian . Roland Joseph DiFronzo . Joseph Anthony Diorio . Chester John DiPietro . William Dudack . . . Eugene Edward Dudzinski . 114 Daly Ave. . 90 Talcott St. . 55 Spring St. . 116 Belden St. . 25 Carlton St. . 102 Putnam St. . 109 Miller St. Charles Andrew Duggan 100 East St., Plainville Vernon Joseph Dul .... 176 Cherry St. William Carl Dunkel .... 767 Arch St. Stanley Walter Dziob . . 343 Willard Ave., Newington Donald Francis Egan . . , 170 Richard St. Eugene Walter Ehrlich 354 Commonwealth Ave. Karl B. Erickson . . . Michael John Errede . James Louis Fagan . . Stephen Robert Favreau . Fenmore Fred Feigenbaum Robert McCance Ferguson Henry Joseph Filipek . Francis Ronald Fliss . George William Forsyth . Carmen Franceschelli . . Theodore John Frederick Robert Joseph Fucini . Gerard Gagnon . . . Arthur Gerard Gaudette . Edward Francis Geetersloh Vincent John Giedraitis . Marvin Ginsburg . . 398 Sidney David Goldberg . Michael Lucas Grabowski Stanley Henry Grecki . Ivan Lloyd Greeunough . John lvan Grib ..,. Algert George Grimaila . Leo Gryk .... . 50 Collins St. . , 444 Allen St. . 27 Williams St. . 148 Cherry St. 178 Winthrop St. . . 136 Smith St. . . 71 Curtis St. . 177 Burrit St. . 386 Stanley St. . 145 Maple St. . 23 Madison St. . 22 Seymour St. . 249 East St. . . . 73 Ellis St. . 322 Chestnut . 1173 Stanley St. Commonwealth Ave. . 74 Monroe St. . 398 Burritt St. , 121 Broad St. . 103 Glen St. . 218 North St. . 39 Austin St. . . 503 High sr. "Edward Francis Hartney . . 41 Newfield Ave. Ernest Richard Hartz . . . 197 Richard St. Frederick Conrad Hedenberg . 655 Myrtle St. William Ernest Hill .... 50 Lorraine St. Lawrence Joseph Hinchcliffe . 234 Chestnut St. John Fred Hollfelder . "'William Milton Hoffman . , 25 Highland Ter. . 60 Sypuan Rd. Joseph Stanley Holyst .... 169 Gold St. "John Homko Merton S. Honeyman . 507 Commonwealth Ave. Michael Steven Horbal . . . 45 Market St. Isaac Baba Isaac ..... 91 S. Buritt St. Mitchell Jakowenka . . 1215 Hartford Ave. NETEEN -Av FORTY-THR St. 1-X 'k k. NEW BRITAIN iv -A' Pk VU KT? QT? THE P11 as John Joseph Jakupco . Gordon Johnson . . Norman Carl Johnson lvlark Jones .... Henry Edward Juengst . Walter Paul Kaczynski Gerald William Kane . . Kapreal Charles Kaprealian Solomon Joseph Karam . Charles Karanian Richard Dickren Karanian George Edward Kassey . Bernard John Kawecki Arthur Robert Kaytor . Larry Edward Kearney . Robert Charles Keehner Burton Albert Kellerstedt James Francis Kelly, Jr. . Walter Kerleyza . . . Thomas William Kildull . Herbert Ira Kirshnit . Edward John Kisluk . Eugene Kmetyk .... Joseph Knapik .... Raymond Michael Korbabicz Michael Kraczkowsky Charles John Kuckell . . Stanley Francis Lachowicz Joseph Lamprecht . . . Nicholas Peter Lampros . Arthur Lester Law . . Duncan Keith Law . Frank Anthony Layman Casimer Joseph Lazicki . Leo Lehrer ..... Stanley Joseph Lejkowski . . Roger Earl Lemire . . . Claude Francis Levesque . Directory . 45 Sexton . 370 Linwood . 340 So. Main St. Sc. St. . . 38 Forest St. . 205 Buell St. . 38 Hawley St. . 27 Thorniley St. . 155 Linewood St. 113 Commonwealth Ave. . 84 Lawlor St. . 280 Glen St. . . 22 May St, . 697 East St. . 139 Maple St. . 152 West St. . 24 Market St. . 122 Lyons St. . 37 Horace St. . . 90 Winter St. . 65 Magnolia St. . . 74 Spring St. . . 159 Kelsey St. 276 Eddy Glover Blvd. . . 170 Arch St. . . 15 Union St. . . 473 Park St. . 88 Tenacre Rd. . . 463 Church . . 59 Broad St. . 70 Talcott St. . 89 Broad St. . . 33 Conn. Ave. . 196 So. Main St. Bernard Levy .... 114 EddyfGlover Blvd. Verne Elwin Lougee . . Thomas Joseph McCarthy . . 51 Governor John Michael McEnaney . Edward Peter Malina . . Frank Richard Mandl . . James Angelo Marenzana . Samuel John Martin . . Daniel Patrick Martinook Sebby Michael Melluzzo . Joseph Meltzer .... George Thomas Menousek St. St. St. St. Sc, Sr. St. 20 Rocky Hill Ave. . . 71 Smalley St. . . 3 Seymour St. . 414 La Salle St. 41 Homestead Ave. . . 28 Gilber St. . . 126 Lyons . 260 Chestnut Edward Richard McGuiness . 584 Stanley James Edward McKinney . . 37 Shefheld . . 6 Talcott . . 38 Dewey Justin Alvin Menus .... 38 Coolidge St. BEEH IVE4,-A' QT! 5. Eugene Harry Miron . . Joseph Francis Mitchell . . . 177 La Salle St. . 11 Fairview St. William Joseph Montanile, Jr. . 154 Daly Ave. Hyman Moore ..... 89 Hartford Ave. Alexander John Morozow . Kenneth Theodore Mortimer William Thomas Motto . Eugene Mussman . . Elton Harold Naier . . Leonard Robert Narcum . Judson Howard Nelson . Robert Charles Nelson . George Clark Neumann . John Joseph Nolan . . . Robert James Noonan . Donald Louis Nordgren . Henry Efrem Noveck . . Robert C. Nygren . . . Edward Harold O'Day . . James Francis O'Donnell . Russell Norman Ouellette . Frank William Palumbo . Howard John Parsons . Louis Francis Passamano Henry David Pelletier . John Roger Pelto . . Waldemar Otto Peltzer . Elmer Russell Peterson Raymond Gunnar Peterson Robert Albin Peterson Roger George Peterson Frank Allen Pierce . . . Henry Edward Plocharczyk Stanley W. Plocharczyk . Lawrence William Pomerleau Frank Joseph Potetz Robert DesChamps Powers Joseph Prestash .... Stephen Prigodich . . . Thomas Edward Pustell . . Edward Joseph Pytel . . Robert Wallace Ramsdell . Joseph Ranaldi .... Edmund John Rapponotti . John Kenneth Rappanotti . Vincent Anthony Rich . Harold Charles Richman . Robert Allan Richter . . John Edward Rikteraitis Elias Thomas Ringrose . James Paul Roderick . Felix John Roman . . Albert Dudley Root . . Walter Fred Rosensweig . 2 20 Hartford Ave. . 204 W. Main St. . 334 High Sr. 213 North St. . . 467 Glen St. . 420 La Salle St. . 600 Arch St. . 161 Jubilee St. . 93 Harrison St. 267 Washington St. . 558 Church St. . . 41 Buell St. 31M Hurlburt St. 46 Newington Ave. . . 44 Wilna St. . 82 Monroe St. . . 86 Maple St. 495 So. Main St. . . 157 Lake St. . . 72 Maple St. . 56 Cabot St. . 29 Dover Rd. . 94 Bassett St. . . 48 Brown St, . . 150 Gold St. . 1650 Stanley St. . . 163 Qak St. . 47 Williow St. 560 East Main St. , . 182 Broad St. . 12 Wallace St. . 265 Monroe St. . 292 Stanley St. . 903 East St. . 167 North St. . 293 Linwood St. . 216 Bassett St. 18 Connerton St. . 74 Grove Hill . . 43 Cherry St. . 317 Clinton St. . . 21 Vega St. . 515 Burritr St. 196 ar 1' HIGH SCHOOLlQt 0 Donald Raymond Ross . William Stephen Rudge . Orlando John Russo . . . Aloysius Peter Rydel . . Joseph James Salafia . . Joseph Paul Sargis . . . Herbert James Sauter Michael John Scanlon Nicholas Daniel Scapellati . Salvador Joseph Scapellati . Salvatore Anthony Scapellati Joseph Angelo Scavilla . . Joseph Frederick Scheyd . . Fred Walter Schribert , Walter Herbert Schwanke . 1'John Peter Scrabulis . . . Kenneth Morgan Searle . . 'l:Eugene William Seraphin . Edward Christopher Shahrigian 4:Raymond Allan Sirota . . John William Sladeck . . Kenneth Winfield Sloan TJ Albert Carlton Smith . CTD TJ Jack Smith ...... Rudolph William Smith, Jr. . Ralph William Spencer . . Robert James Spooner . Joseph George Stalk . . George Joseph Starzyk . . Victor Joseph Staskavich . George Frank Stephenson . Donald David Stohl . . Walter John Stolba . Joseph Leonard Storey John Harvey Sunburn . . Directory . 13 Peace Court 443 West Main St. . 60 Booth St. . 90 La Salle St. . 355 Arch St. 73 Brooklawn St. . . 46 Black Rock Ave. . . 94 Camp St. . 94 Beaver St. 1592 Corbin Ave. . 112 Grand St. . 101 Monroe St. 33 Wakefield Ct. . 67 Lyman St. 591 West Main St. . 25 City Ave. 42 Hamilton St. . 128 North Sc. . 100 Broad St. 24 McClintock St. . 7 Webster Hill . 24 Market St. 100 Chestnut St. Bristol, Conn. 158 Hartford Ave. 100 Chestnut St. Bristol, Conn. 537 East Main St. . 347 Stanley St. 63 Richmond Ave. . 145 Francis St. 605 East Main St. . 78 Richard St. . 205 Maple St. . 75 Linden St. 270 Carleton St. . 159 Vance St. Leonard Irving Swetchnick . . 21 Lyons St. George Walter Talbot . . Joseph John Tanasi . , . . 58 Trinity St. . 756 Stanley St. Joseph John Tanguay . 5 Commonwealth Ave. Anthony Tercyak . . . Lawrence Timchiszin . . John H. Timko Michael Thomas Timura, Jr. Thomas Timothy Tomazewski Spencer Philip Torell :liEdward Edmond Trela . Sarge Anthony Trotsky . Albert Frederick Turner Edward Joseph Tysko . 200 South St. . 193 North St. . 23 Cabot St. . . 4 Union St. . 123 Market St. . 20 Horace St. 1 197 N I John Peter Ulisse Bernard Joseph Valleriano John Vardanian Walter S. Verrier, Jr. . Anthony Vetre . . . . David Luther Vogel . . Robert Walter Wagner . . James Avery Walsh . . . Henry Theodore Warchol . Oel Ernest Wardner, Jr. . . Erwin Wessels, Jr. . . ., Robert Carl Westman William Anthony Whalen, Jr., Joseph Francis Wieczorek . . Russell Kingsley Williams . Robert Ernest Wraske . . Russell John Wright . . Stanley John Wysocki . . Albin John Yanchak . Harry Yeterian, Jr. . . Charles Richard Young . Walter John Yudysky . . Benjamin Zeldes . . . . Edward Albert Zigas . . James Raymond Zink . . . Carl Michael Ziolkowski . . Stanley Edward Zyskowski . Members of the Armed Forces: Frank Andrulewicz Howard Raymond Bennett . Warren Billings Samuel Cohen William James Dailey Joseph Henry Deutsch Irving Eisenbaum George Epstein Joseph William Fitzgerald .' William Joseph Gingras Edward Gzyl Fred William Holden Albert Bernard Hudak John Calvin Kitson Henry Adam Kolodziej Henry Stanley Kulis Robert Joseph McCahill . 29 Joseph Moisuk William Joseph Pietrowicz Harold Rothstein Albert Julius Tiede Raymond Matthew Zapatka . 367 Park St. . 119 North Sr. 102 Wooster St. 43 Winthrop St. . 80 Grove Hill . 55 Willow St. . 889 East St. 110 Columbia St. 27 Brooklawn St. . 90 Blake Rd. . 91 Bassett St. . 30 Nordin St. 532 Church St. 206 Richard St. . 181 Lester St. . 192 Glen St. . . 17 Anise St. 42 Carleton St. 115 Belden St. 23 Williams St. . 1412 East St. . 322 High St. . 44 Smith St. . 291 High Sr. 17 Audobon St. Farmington Ave. NETEEN -k FOHTY-THR .-5 i iv NEW BRITAIN if f Directory 'Young Women Gloria Antoinette Alfieri . 1449 Corbin Ave. Ethel Alverde .... 156 Washington St. Eileen Anderson .... Marion Ruth Anderson . Virginia Caroline Anderson Agnes Ann Andrews . . Patricia Gloria Andrews . RosefMarie Gertrude Andruss Josephine Janet Arcidiacono Judith Gloria Arena . Roberta Elsie Atwater . Shirley Ruth Atwater . Lillian Baba ...... Constance Mary Badolato . Aurora Dolores Bahamonde Phyllis Idella Bailey . . . Polly Elizabeth Baker . . Lorraine Anne Balocki . Betty Jane Barber . . Shirley Alberta Barrows . Margaret Eclipse Basile . Mary Benjamin . . . Eileen Virginia Bennett . Dorothy E. Benson . . . Eleanor Frances Berkowitz Natalie Ruth Berkowitz . Dorothy Irene Bernier . . Norma Louise Berry . . . Marjorie Elizabeth Bertz . Eleanor Ruth Bielert . . . Lois Norma Bigelow . . Edythe Geraldine Bishoff , Lillian Augusta Blair , . . Gloria Mae Bloomquist . . Frances Elizabeth Bocskay Margaret Bohigian . . . Laura Praxeda Borys . . Isabel Mary Bosch . . . Ann Mary Bosco . . 319 Lucille Viola Bosco Frances Dorothy Bothe . . Doris Mae Bowry . . Gloria Jean Bradley Dorothy Mae Braxton . . Murielann Bryan , . Irene Lorraine Buden . Florence Ann Budnick . Celia Louise Bulmahn . Janet Rose Busker . . . Gloria Ralphina Campbell . Virginia Jean Campbell 372 Grace Lorrayne Canzonetti . 510 Church St. . 125 Harding St. . . 242 Bassett St . . 45 Cherry St. . 16 Elton Pl. . 72 Grand St. . . 53 Beaver St. . 35 Chestnut St. . 68 Trinity St. . 68 Trinity St. . 157 Oak St. . 15 Berlin Ave. . 123 Putnam St. . . 55 City Ave. 215 Stratford Rd. 235 So. Main St. . 63 Seneca St. . 56 Maple St. . 159 Kelsey St. . 199 Linwood St. . 56 Highland St. . 296 Stanley St. . . 708 Arch St. . . 614 Main St. . . 24 Cabot St. 12 Wellington St. . 107 Roxbury Rd. 174 Sefton Drive , . 343 Hart St. . 88 Coolidge St. 42 Connerton St. . 289 Maple St. . 94 Hartford Ave. . 171 Richard St. . . 334 High st. Commonwealth Ave. . 21 Hulburt St. . . 46 Olive St. . 52 Park Drive 538 East Main St. . 11 Madison St. . . 213 East St. . 34 Smith St. . 88 Jubilee St. . 128 Pleasant St. . 36 Bradley St. Commonwealth Ave. . . 38 Queen St. Agnes Loretta Carlin Kathryn Anne Casale . Elizabeth Jean Castellani . Elizabeth Patricia Castellani Alice Beverly Chamko . Mary Josephine Chrostowski Florence Rose Chudzik . . Nancy Margaret Cianci . Mary Civetta . . . Grace Mary Clafiey . Faye Rhoda Clark . . , Eleanor Lois Clough . , Priscilla Graham Cochrane . Angelin Ann Colapinto . Elizabeth Ellen Collins Ada Barbara Conti . . Pauline Marie Coty . . Hilda Joan Crenella . Loretta Frances Czak . Helen Czapla .,.. Lucy Barbara Czerwinski . Marian Esther Daley . . Veronica Mary Danko . Helene Celia Davich . Verna Eileen Davidson . Aramenthia Mordenea Davis Elizabeth Mary Dawidowicz Antoinette Susan DeFazio Rose Delldonna .... Gertrude Elizabeth DeMay Lucille Marion Deptula . Johanna Deutsch . . . Evelyn Louise Dewey . Louise Evelyn Diemente . Eva Cecelia Dizzia . Sarah Jane Doherty . . Mary Domanelis .... Ann Veronica Domblauskas Alice Cornelia Donnelly . Elizabeth Carmella Doria Mary Dorothy Drezek . . Mary Ann Dudack . . . . 5 Amherst St. Stanley St. . 237 Bassett St. . 146 Greenwood . 143 Beatty St. 296 Chapman St. . 64 Albany Ave. . 282 High St. . . 625 East St. . 70 Sexton St. 199 Linwood St. 18 Connerton St. . . 21 Lenox Pl. . 47 Erwin Place . 174 Maple St. . . 211 Oak St. 1327 Corbin Ave. . . 130 East St. . 13 Lyman St. . 594 Burritt St. . 43 Orange St. . . 567 Ellis St. . 30 Florence St. . 244 Clinton St. 64 Hillcrest Ave. . 37 Keanny Ave. . . 24 Gold St. . 214 Lawlor St. 182 Hartford Ave. 55 Mill St. . 124 Miller St. . R. F. D. No. 2 . 28 Barnard Rd. . 166 Maple St. . 232 Arch St. . . 76 Clark St. . 14M Spring St. . . 55 Market St. 174 So. Mt. Rd. . 287 Lawlor St. . 24 Mairmont St. . 102 Putnam St. Libbie Ella Dunn . . 44 No. Wellington St. Barbara Jane Dyson . . . Worthington Ridge Gertrude Eleanor Dziekan . . 158 North St. Helen Margaret Dzielenski . . 80 La Salle St. Lillian Marie Earle . . Lillian Ann Elia . Margaret Ericson . Clara Evanauskas . . . iiMarion Charlotte Ezzo . Lena Agnes Faria . . . . 667 East St. . 19 Carlton St. . 10 Sefton Drive . . 38 Derby St. 62 Woodland St. . 120 Beaver St. THE BEEHIVE -k i 198 99' -Af HIGH SCHOOL 'vi B Carol Louise Feeney . Gladys Elizabeth Feeney Shirley Ruth Feinberg . Edith Elizabeth Feingold Leatrice Fendel . . . Joan Patricia Flanagan . Martha Eve Floros . . Elizabeth Mary Forgione Sophie Cecile Formica . Helena Lorraine Foss . Katherine Anne Frank . Bernice Anna Froeba . Rose Elizabeth Frugale . Margaret Mary Gaffney . Velma Marie Gagnon . Ida Carmella Galante . Tania Anne Garlewski . Dorothy Ann Gasparini Helen Barbara Gaydos . Irene Theresa Genoni . Vivian Mary Genotti . Angeline Ida Germano . Mary Rose Gionfriddo . Rita Anna Giorgini . . Betty Gitlitz .... Rose Goldberg . . 239 Rita Goldstein .... Goldstein Rita Waltraut Gloria Florene Golin . Phyllis Emma Gooding . Norma Louise Gorman . Goulet . Rita Margaret Phyllis Anna Grant . . Helen Joan Gregorczyk Jewel Harriet Groman . Florence Barbara Gryzenia Mary Elizabeth Gubbins Helen Lorraine Gwosdow Directory . 80 Grove Hill . 331 So. Main St. 79 Brooklawn St. . 107 Bassett St. . 356 La Salle St. . . 4 Forest St. 131 Hartford Ave. . 983 Stanley St. 193 Tremont St. . . 37 State St. 273 Chestnut St. . . 36 Buell St. . 56 Smalley St. 105 Hillcrest Ave. . . 74 City Ave. 1417 Corbin Ave. . 163 Alden St. . 49 Union St. . 33 West St. . 236 So. Main St. . 1929 Stanley St. Barbara Rosemary Hoffman Betty Jane Holmberg . . Evelyn May Hopkins . Shirley Lenore Horn . Florence Mary Humai . Elisabeth Ann Hunter . Margaret Paula Beatrice Isaac Helen Rachael Inturrisi Isaac . 14 W. Pearl . . 24 Vege . 127 North . 24 Talcott . . 30 Gold . 201 Belden 188 So. Main . 69 Roberts 134 Monroe 418 Burritt St. . 32 Beaver St. 442 Stanley St. 79 Brooklawn St. Shuttle Meadow Ave. 138 North St. 193 Main St. . 156 East Main St. 466 Arch St. 127 Smalley St. . 389 West Main St. 422 Main St. 38 Pleasant St. . 61 Grove St. 415 South St. . 19 Black Rock Ave. Regina Elizabeth Habermann . 636 W. Main St. Frances Barbara Hackett . . . 4 Union St. Betty Gloria Halco .... 1106 Stanley St. Ruth Arline Hall . . . . 206 Buell St. Vera Irene Hall . . . 225 Buell St. Eleanor Mary Hallinan , . 441 Park St. Anna Marie Hansek . . . 62 Prospect St. Barbara Mary Hart . . . 122 Osgood Ave. Marjorie Lois Hart .... 46 Pleasant St. Mary Miriam Hartunian . . . 6 Erwin Place Mary Madeline Hayes . 674 Farmington Ave. lrene Frances Helstowski Rita Mary Heslin . . . Nancy Stanley Hibbard Edith Lydia Hinton . Mabel Annie Hinton . 311 Church St. 196 Cherry St. 22 Mason Dr. . 12 Ash St. . 12 Ash St. NINE Jean Ann Iskra .... Dorothy Marie Jablonski . Irene Rita Jakel . . . Helen Mary Jankoski . . Edith Cavell Jobert . . Dorothy Amanda Johnson Lois Norma Johnson . . Margaret Christine Johnson Patricia Anne Johnson . Ruth Vivian Johnson . . Joan Marion Jones Ruth Marjorie Juchnewicz Julie Elizabeth Jurkiewicz Pauline Ann Kalinowski Helen Marion Kaminski Jean Anne Kane Helen Kapustinski Joan Kapustynski Frances Anne Keinz Claire Marie Kelly . . . Evelyn Louise Kenyon Armeni Marian Kevorkian Jean Beverly Kilbourne - :l:Lillian Gertrude Kilduil' . :?Doris Mae King . . Pauline Mary Kobus . Eleanor Carol Kopczyk . Alice Sandra Korbabicz . Anna Theresa Kordek . . Helen Theresa Kosakowski Florence Pauline Kowalski . 11 Beatty . 40 Governor St. . 226 High St. . 204 Glen St. 49 Francis St. 40 Roberts St. 151 Cherry St. . 180 Ellis St. '77 Sefton Dr. . 745 Arch St. 478 Arch St. 160 Lincoln St. 24 Market St. 66 So. Mt. Drive . 85 Booth St. 24 Crown St. 74 Spring St. . 98 Grove St. 14 Pulaski St. 290 High St. Clara Mary Kozikowski . 198 McClintock Rd. Kathryn Anna Kozlak . . 2483 Corbin Ave. Irene Theresa Kozlowski . 333 Washington St. Caroline Gertrude Kratzke Jennie Margaret Krawitz Josephine Constance Kubala Sophie Agnes Kulas . . Elizabeth Aldona Kumetis . Helen Labas .... Mary Labas ,... Helen Margaret Labutis . Genevieve Frances Lada . Rolande Yvette Laliberte . 532 Church St. .28 Church St. . 120 Commercial St. 18 Gold St. 38 Whitman St. . 426 Allen St. . 79 Brook St. 20 Bingham St, . 77 Booth St. 232 Curtis St. Jeanne Marie Lambert . 180 Black Rock Ave. TEEN if FORTY-THR 'K iv NEW BRITAIN THE d Directory uk ir Julia Mary Langin . Lucille Ann Larson Dolores Ann Lass . . . Elizabeth Antoinette Lazzaro . . Therese Mary LeBrun . Shirley Adrianne Lehrer . Louise Frances Leonard Mildred Ruth Levine . . Genevieve Eleanor Liss . . 65 Cleveland St. . 215 Buell St. . . 121 Clark St. 46 Camp St. . 54 Harlburt St. . 65 Mason Drive . . 41 Wilson St. . . 139 Nuller St. Jean Charlotte Logan . 48 Shuttle Meadow Ave. Marian Doris Ludko . . Mary Carmin Ludwigo . Marjorie Lund . . . Clara Louise Luzietti . Margaret McEvoy Velma Alice McKean . . Arlene Theresa McNamara Alma Tourney McQuillan Clara Justine Maciag . Gladys Elsie Magnuson . Jean Marion Mainello . , . 90 Talcott St. 95 Daly Ave. . 370 Linwood St. . 54 Belmont St. . . 183 Daly Ave. 342 Washington St. 15 Silver St. 617 West Main St. . . 25 Rhodes St. Florence Maryann Makarewicz . 374 Broad St. Florence Sarah Maksimczyk . 50 Erwin Place Marion Katherine Makula Ruth Marie Mangone . Jane Mary Marchlewski . Rita Marie Marcoux . . Frances Elizabeth Martinez Mary Claire Massi . . . Natalie Jane Mattarocci Marilyn Cynthia Maurer Nancy Dorothy Mazzatto Helen Gertrude Michaelis Rose Lillian Mihclin . . Rena Catherine Mirabelli Helen Rose Misiorski . Jean Theresa Misiorski . Irene Molchan .... Gloria Candida Montana . Mary Marianthy Morris Lillian Virginia Morse . Eleanor Jean Munch . Josephine Carmen Mut . Pearl Pauline Netupsl-ry . Dorothy Alma Neumann Florence Elizabeth Neumann Ruth Marie Neumann . Norma Elizabeth Nevin . Margaret Veronica Nevulis Margaret Mary Nicholas . Alda Rita Nicolini . . Frances Mary Nicomede . Lillian Frances Niederer . 325 Church St. . 882 Slater Rd. . 19 Hawley St. . . 10 Broad St. . 1059 Stanley St. . . 24 Talcott St. . 25 Brighton St. . 9 Sherman Ct. . 112 Beaver St. . . 47 Olive St. . . 521 Stanley St. . 122 Sexton St, . 326 High st. . 43 Fairmont St. . 144 Tremont St. . 1019 Stanley St. . . 42 Broad St. . Children's Home . 193 Lawlor St, . . 39 Long St. . 97 Hartford Ave. . . 31 Lyons St. . 84 Collins St. . . 151 Henry St. . 208 Glen St. . 37 Franklin St. . 40 Talcott St. . 253 Elm St. . . 140 North St. . 44 Seymour St. Mae Pearl Nyquist . . 429 Osgood Ave. BEEH Frances Catherine O'Dea Margaret Janet Olson . Virginia Isabelle Olson Jane Mary Ford O'Meara Lillian Margaret Pac . Margaret Pacinda . . Eleanor Pacyna . . . Janet Grace Palmer . Jean Barbara Palys . Mary Parashelie . . Nanthea Jayne Parks . Marion Ann Parzych , 81 Stewart St. . 1 Amherst St, 1 Amherst St. . 86 Cleveland St. . . 271 High st. . 124 Tremont St. 55 McClintock Road , 370 Linwood St. . 137 Queen St. . 24 Beatty St. . . 60 Collins St. . . 123 Kelsey St. Anastasia Pauline Paskowski . 104 Daly Ave. Mary Theresa Pasquale . Florence Pawlicki . . . Louise Ann Pelegrino . Georgette Alma Pershken Myrtis Emma Peterson Norma Elaine Peterson Sophie Ann Petkavich Marie Adeline Petoff Doris Rita Petow Lillian Evelyn Pilarski Helen Pisarsky . . 325 Church St. 459 Farmington Ave. . . 321 Clinton St. . . 54 Pleasant St. Florence Constance Popielarczyk Helen Theresa Popielarczyk Irene Barbara Pracalo . Janet Prager . . . Audrey Emma Preisser Edith Carolyn Prentice . Judith Rabinow . . Beatrice Racher . . Jane Julia Radune . . Cecelia Eileen Radzikoski Ann Barbara Raphael . Elizabeth Lucy Rawa . Frances Louise Richardson Marion Helaine Richter Muriel Evelyn Ring . . . . 62 Concord St. . 166 Glen St. . 624 Arch St. . 31 Amherst St. . 80 Monroe St. . 54 Willow St. . . . 16 Bond St. . . 29 Armistice St. 359 West Main St. . . . 49 Noble St. . . 28 Mason Drive 92 Jubilee St. . 74 Greenwood St. Harriet Elizabeth Robertson . 117 Jubilee St. Lydia I. Robino . . . Ruth Viola Rochette . Shirley Ann Roderick , Loretta Margaret Roggers Margaret Frances Romeo Lillian Isabelle Root . Barbara Anne Rose . Helen Francelia Rose. . Eleanor Ann Ruchinskas Veronica Eleanor Rutkowski Veronica Frances Ryhczynski Janice Ann Ryder . . Helena Barbara Salamon Rose Marie Salvio . . . 14 Prospect St. . . 310 Maple St. 108 Commercial St. . 182 So. Main St. 45 Locust St. . . 65 Garden St. . 287 So. Main St. . 36 Whiting St. . 66 Dwight St. . 477 No. Burritt . 216 Broad St. . 71 Bassett St. . . 60 Biruta St. 55 Clinton St. IVE 'A' 'Ir 200 -,iv HIGH scz-loot 'vi 3 Monica Barbara Samojla . Directory . . 72 Clinton St. Rita Simonne Sampson . 119 Rocky Hill Ave. Rita Agnes Samsel . . Grace Margaret Sanders . Florence Patricia Saplikoski Julia Sargis ..... Dorothy Netty Savitt . . Marguerite June Scalise . Angelina Mary Scamoni Anita Delores Scapellati . Lore O. Schulz . . . Faith Schupack .... Eleanor Vivian Schussler Florence Michalina Sczerbinski Shirlee Carol Seaburg . . Barbara Muriel Senesac . Anna Agnes Skiotis . . Theresa Joann Skoronski Cecile Barbara Skorupski Mary Slomski .... Regina Anne Smith . . Florence Theresa Sobieraj Florence Mary Sokolowski Florence Margaret Solek . Evelyn Rose Solenske . . . . 127 Lawlor St. . . 211 High sr. 428 Ed. Glover Blvd. . 73 Brooklawn St. 134 Hartford Ave. . . 263 Allen St. . 286 Lawlor St. . 112 Grand St. . 345 Arch St. . . 24 Talcott St. . 274 Slater Rd. . 138 Booth St. . 288 Whiting sr. . . 417 East St. . 155 Kelsey St. . 591 Burritt St. . 594 Burritt St. . . 99 Gold St. . 50 Roberts St. . . 28 Horace St. . . 28 Short St. . 77 Lawlor St. . 387 La Salle St. Elizabeth Marie Splettstoeszer 272 Corbin Ave. Mildred Mary Stankewich Rita Mabel Stanton . . Jane Staslavage .... Ruth Margaret Statchen . Marion Agnes Steele . . Laura Stepeck .... . . 78 Rhodes St. . . 61 Garden St. . . 161 Broad St. 106 Hartford Ave. . 28 Gladiola St. . . 248 Maple St. Helen Mary Stepensky 304 Eddy Glover Blvd. Georgianna Helen Stephenson . 78 Richard St. Julia Ann Steponaitis . Eunice Arlene Stevens . . Shirley Ruth Stohl . . Virginia Leslie Stowell . . . Helene Loretta Studzinski Jennie Mary Sudol . . . Ruth Pauline'Martha Suess Elaine Agnes Sulliman 265 Betty Geraldine Sullivan . June Lois Sullivan . . . Catherine Swift . . . Veronica Ann Swift . . Adele Elizabeth Sylvester . . Nellie Rose Sylvester . . Yola Dorothy Tanzi . . Florence Catherine Teklinski Iva June Thiede . . . . . 55 Market St. . 11 Foxom Place , 205 Maple St. 565 Lincoln St. . . 101 Hayes St. . . 73 Grove St. . . . 69 Arch St. Commonwealth Ave. . 63 Brooklawn St. . . 40 Gilbert St. . 103 Smalley St. . 103 Smalley St. 423 Stanley St. . 423 Stanley St. . . 52 Gladiola St. . . 18 Derby St. . . 9 Meadow St. Evelyn Marie Thompson . Jean Frances Thorsen . Mildred Michele Tonene . Olga Mary Torchio . . Bernice Elizabeth Tracy . Irene Mary Tully . . . Irene Mary Turek . . Barbara Jane Tuttle . . Mary Marion Tyropolis . Leocadia Stella Tyskiewicz Gladys Estelle Vahlstrom Ann Catherine Valenta Ann Frances Valukevich Evelyn Katherine Vaninetty Dolores Margaret Veronesi Christine Sofie Vick . . Margaret Ruth Villiez . Angeline A. Virgadula . Josephine Mary Walenski Anne Mary Walincius . Evelyn Mae Walls Patricia Ann Walsh . . Hanna Elizabeth Webber Elizabeth Mary Weber . Marion Gertrude Weiss . lrmgard Margaret Welz . Ruth Hedwig Wentland . Shirley Agnes Whitney . 315 Florence Mary Wichrowski Marilyn Ruth Wiener . . Anne Elizabeth Wierbicka Helen Ann Wilczek . . Jeannette Abbie Willametz Maxine Jeannette Williams Rhoda Paula Williams . Florence Carrie Wojtusik Barbara Lois Wolfe . . Virginia Joan Yeskovich . Mabel Yeterian .... Marie Yeterian . . Hannah Yonan Margaret Mary Yurko Julia Anna Yusciewitz Barbara Lucretia Zakolska Alice Mae Zambori Lillian Rose Zavez . . '?Sophie Theresa Zdanuk . Margaret Mary Zink . . Mildred Rose Zinky . Nina Zuk .... . 384 Allen St. . . 243 Elm St. 34 Cranston Ter. . 317 North St. . 84 Belden St. . 186 East St. . . 73 Cabot St. . 73 Harrison St. . . . 87 Spring . 11 Broad St. . 29 Millard St. 38 Cambridge St. . 96 Whiting sf. . 136 West St. . . 11 Oak St. . 535 Stanley St. 61 Columbia St. . 238 North St. 51 Woodland St. . 54 Talcott St. 27 Webster Hill . 314 Allen St. . . 44 Short St. . 28 Wilcox St. . 24 Lyons St. . 86 Bassett St. 40 Magnolia St. . 20 Jubilee St. . 153 Arch St. . . 9 Camp St. 9 Sherman Court . 461 Church St. 102 Hartford Ave. . . 192 Glen St. . 192 Glen St. . . 105 Hayes St. . 519 Arch St. . 5 Lyman St. . 42 Dewey St. . 18 Kelsey St. . 180 Broad St. NINETEEN i FORTY-THR 'K f f1X NEW BR Autographs THE BEEHIVE -Af if IGH SCHOOL'-ft ir 5 Autographs 203 NINETEEN -k FOHTY-THR 'k LM f iv'NEW BRITAIN if if THE PLEDGE T0 THE FLAG "I pleclge allegiance to the Flag of the Unitecl States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with lilyeity and justice for all." THE BEEHIVE -k -pf HAMMERSMITH -KORTMEYER CO Erigraierf and Primeri Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin L iii.. VL- ei-, 545 ., , :gif iz, ' '1 .i g ' 'f . 5 ' L. L Q ,. 'J- ef- mf 9,, .,f 3, f 1

Suggestions in the New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) collection:

New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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