New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT)

 - Class of 1941

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New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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' 5 ' '-'1 "'., wi? - ' 2 Sig! . ff ' , .::.,.:LgL 14. h' "-"f'11- " i 1"-2 ' - x' ' A-4-'.-:Lrg-,-" ' '- .nf ' . 1 - - , V 1 lZ'1...'.4lI.T' . w f .qsgit .3 I: 1 -i f ' -.hfffl 1 I f7i:::::1-.. . .4 , QL f - 5.15. . 5 --A-wwf:-faf ' if . ' -.4 . 3. V, - 4.. , , I W -N ,',.'4:,'1' ... -I, 1 .ggi . A - 5 ' Lg ' Hg' ' ' 'Q-T ' ' . 'aL'.-- " v - , .4 . .V " f' ' 5' '- . ' .EHQ--14. 151- .4 . . V 4 . . , ... ,.. J.. . fp, ,ma , . 4 ,-5 , .. 4 ,.,C-,,h. t. xt. uf . : l .www - - wi. ' 'gms ' f' 15 ' - i... 1 ' aw :fn .. '- . 1 r Y -'fl gzmr 'N 1 7' 4- 1744.91 4 443. - - .4 1 4. 1 1 . . 1- . '.f,,:f44 . H .,,.4Q1: .f ' X .E 1 Y , sl-: 'J' ,V I Z ' 1.35 Q - , , . 1 V I ' 4. M,x3'. gg.. 4, V Ay.. 5 H I l 4 Z: S 4 1 mph ' 5 1-1. ' , U N, ' ' ' , 1, '7 -' "' . 'W-L'4f'g - ' . . " i ' f "3 1115.1 217 11 "FAQ ' 225 5 X' iff- ' Vi' -. "l'.-.557 . fi ' 43-' '- , ' -1 ' - -ff ff' ' ' ' ' ' it +fM""- N ' S ' - ' ' , Qi.-Zif .- 'QM '. - - Q L - ' 19" 4 'J' ' ' .f:??'7fl " ' ' ff . 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A I---Z ..-f-s-.fluww-1.-..'-3.-. glib- " , I ,gy nf-1' 1- L.. , af' , - ' 5, ...Im w . - i'-.-Lv., '. ,fu --'. - '.:. --,' .--1--.d..:-.I -- 3,I -IIIIQLI fy-II III. II 'TI y III I " . II . -, II f'I.'.I ,1.xI2,I IME II.I-, AI I,'.'.-- II-I .. .WI - I If' I I 'If I ..- -:Ipit-I-I, J I I- 4 ' 1,145.3 . ,II. v I I,IL.E'III.I RIMM - -' 3.5, ' ' -.c - C I sw- .I -1 ' .- " "F-45 -4' .g. x 1---. -. 'B r . I--1,-I...-', '. . -..IIII . 1--'IIMIII' II II '-L I I IIIII-AfI,I I . x.. ? v' ' - .- - X ci". .II A' ' ...-' I- -. .1 a - . J -' "iff I 7 'Kg x. - - .- L.. 'r .I Iz.. f-H.. '2. 1' 1 1 ...wen 1. ..-: If .I I -,L A -' - + wf.. : . .,'- . ' I- gn bg, .I -- :.:f- 1 - -. -...-...-1. ff w e M- - -. . Qj C. ugg.U3',,gIg1'- ?fQ..giT',,ff?-l.f5L,1'3g.Q'?-rJffif.-. IL. '- .gf JSM - 'N . "I", '.,... - -- ' Qu ' --- -. -.. '. fm - - ,,."1'-, 5-:-J .,- 'I III'I:--- - - r 'I - :.4. .,I' '- J- x :'--.- 1. 2 J ' ' Jili-1f ?Ek!?'wi4.3'Nf+1.57151-1-a':?'n.f.aEfifuA-1' Nl- 'X '1--Af' 'ii . i4'3E?'5f.N-.1:1.-'-- - - " xl ,IX af fl: , fy S ,ij I I in . ' ' WAN 1 9 , H E VOLUME XXVIII MID-YEAR: "Ambition Leads To Success" IUNE: '4Not At The Top, But Climbing" Published by the BOARD OF PUBLICATION of the SENIOR CLASS of the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT img- im f is ia fel ii s iff s falls R Q Board of Publication Mid- Year Class june Class Literary Editors Walter Leavitt Angelo Buccini Gladys Ely Margery Van Valkenlourgh Ann Morrissey Business Managers Raymond Lanza Robert Rackliffe William Naughton Donald Richter Art Editor lolrxn Kwasowslii Alex Noveli PM 4 - pne- :fa q '3- , i ' ,,'- ij , I, s Xia J U. A , 1 .V 4 . ,f . ' X- XI rf N ia is ii s ef we A -1 - N MUIWX , Greetings MODERN HIGH SCHOOL may well be considered a stage where everyone plays his part, We have our entrances and our exits, our successes and our failuresg our heartaches and our exultationsg our moments of absent-mindedness and alertness: our fears, our hopes,--and each one in his time while acting, often reveals himself as he is. ln following out this idea, we have improvised this XXVIII edition of the Beehive. Those who have had a peek behind the backdrop of this "drama-in-print" realize to some minute degree the quantities of aspirin and other headache remedies which have been consumed by the Board of Publication. Yet, even they have not known the times when we have lain sleepless. uidea-less" and utterly fatigued. However, thinking of you, and your expectations of us, we have aroused ourselves and picked up our quills, written a few lines of immortal prose, then quietly returned to the land of Somnus. One might think we had composed a work of the size and strength of Polyphemusg one with the immortality of Shakespeare, the style of lflaubert, and the volcanic descriptive qualities of Thomas Wolfe. But to be very truthful, fellow classmates, we have sought only to be honest: if there were those among you destined to write their names in sidereal brightness, we have said sog if there were those who will fill a small but indispensable part of our world, we have dwelt upon personality, not greatness. ln short, we have tried to bring to light all the best-loved and most easily recognized traits in each of you. We hope we have done you justice.f'l'he Editors. 7- -3 My ne. page, I A 0 . , f I, n V w N H H W x x.,.' X txfqgf fs EH Qlll Q Page 6 7 - FQ 211. ff QW f if N B 51 " Q eg H S if :Ll X ff For his interest in the things which interest us This Twenty-eighth Edition of The Beehive Is Dedicated To CUSTAVE ERIC CARLSON in-ZZ? 5744 Page 7 VINCENT SALA Principal FRANK A. JAMES Vice-Principal Director, Guidance MILLIE G. McAULEY Principals Assistant NEWELL S. AMES Chairman, Commerce Commercial Law THOMAS P. ELDER Director. Art FREDERICK S. MIRLIANI Director. Music EDITH A. ADAMS English ALFRED M. ANDERSON lndustrial Arts EDITH BAER Bookkeepini JAMES S. B ACH Biology Science ABESHAG BENJAMIN Latin AGATHA BENZ Tyqewriting WA ER BLAISDELL Algebra General Mathematics Plane Geometr RICHARD W. EURNS Biology Science CHARLES J. CAMPBELL Study Hall GUSTAVE E. CARLSON Science Phvsics RACHEL S. CARPENTER Algebra Plane Geometry CONSTANCE CARRIER Latin WINTON I. CATLIN American History World History Guidance G. DAVIS CHASE. JR. Chairman, Science Chemistr ELIZABETYH C. CHUTTER Home Economics KATHERINE H. CLARK American History Guidance GRACE E. COHOLAN Enpgish H. R GINA CONNOR English LOUISE R. COTTER Home Economics JOSEPHINE CRAWLEY Stenography Xiyipewriting M Y CURRAN English Guidance MANOLA CUTTING English JOHN B. DEPOT American History Guidance Modern Histor LIONEL M. DEyPOT Chairman, Phlysical Education CHARLES J. RAPEAU Chairman, French WALTER G. DROGUE American Histor AGNES M. FINNIEGAN Chairman. Latin ESTHER FREEMAN Ty writing JAMES P. GILBERT Commercial Arithmetic ROSE C. GLOVER Physical Education HENRY R. GOODWIN World Con History Problems of Democracy JOYCE GOSS American History World History is if Q H5 si Ze ni Y' A y., X I fy AMW J Faculty CARMELO GRECO industrial Arts AMY C. GUILFORD GermaniGuidance MARIE HAHN English MARY E. HEHIR Office Practice CLAIRE E. HERRICK Home Economics Typewriting EUNICE H. HILDEBRANDT English MABEL HIPELIUS Modern History World History MARION L. HOAR American History Modern History Guidance PALMER P. HOWARD Chairman, History Problems of Democracy CECELIA HUGHES Tvpewriting ELIZABETH L. HUNGERFORD Director, Home Economics WILLIAM J. HURLEY Chemistry ISABEL JACKSON American History World History EDWARD J. JOHNSON Physical Education BERT!-IA M. JONES Bookkeepgng KATHARI A. KENNEY English EDAWARD KIESEWETTER rt EILEEN R. KING English LILLIAN KOPLOWITZ English NELLIE LeWITT Retailing Guidance HELEN McDONOUGH English GENEVIEVE McGRAIL Home Economics J. IRENE McHUGH Tvpewriting KATHERINE A. MCINTYRE Librarian LORETTO M. MCKEON American History World History ARTHUR E. MAHAN Drafting RAYMOND MATULIS Latin MARIE E. MAY English ESAFELLE MOLANDER FC JAMES NAUGHTON Commercial Arithmetic Retail Tapewriting MA ION E. NAUGHTON OfHce Practice GLADYS I. NICKERSON French LEONARD R. NIXON Algebra General Mathematics CLARENCE J. NORDSTROM Biology Science NELLE T. O'BRIEN School Nurse ETHEL E. ODIN English JEXINIE H. OLSSON rt HATTIE OSTEN American History-World History CLARA A. POWELL Bookkeeping IONE D. PROCTOR American History Modern History DORA PROTASS Bookkeegng DOROTH QUIGLEY American History Modern History World History Guidance ROBERT S. QUIMBY Commercial Law Problems of Democracy Guidance ADRIENNE M. RABY French MILDRED M. RAYMOND En lish HENRY H. RECANO Modern History American History World History RHODA REILLY English WINIFRED F. REYNOLDS Physical Education MARY E. RINGROSE English FRANCIS J. RIO Biology Chemistr LAURA SXLERNI Stenography Typewriting JESSE D. SALLEE Chairman. En lish LEONARD J. SCI-IMITT Algebra General Mathematics Geometry FREDERICK M. SENF Problems of Democracy Guidance CHARLES A. SHEA Physical Education WIL RED J. SHEEHAN Biology Science FREDER IC SIBLEY Bookkeeping Commercial Law OLGA F. SIPOLIN Stenography Typewritin PEARL M. SNOW American History Problems of Democracy BORIS SROGI Bookkeeping VIRGINIA H. TALLARD English FLORENCE M. TORMAY English SARA J. WALKER Algebra General Mathematics Plane Geometry HELEN G. WASKELEWICZ Stenography Typewriting MILDRED G. WELD Chairman, Mathematics Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry DOROTHY WESKER Typewriting CECELIA WESOLY Bookkeeping ANTOINETTE J. WHITE Stenography Typewriting FLORENCE WINTER American History Modern History HELEN N. WOLSKI English CHESTER M. YAHN American History Business Economics World History ROBERT V. YOUNG French HENRY J. ZIEGLER Industrial Arts 7-faq 0241- YS , M :Qu ff Q? X xr N ,imfilfgg iff: ,pf H S 4 I 4omfixQiF W wi? N B 4 . X f C 's ', X, J! ss ,I ' T V K AMW Mid -Year Graduation Exercises PROCESSIONAL "Pomp and Circumstancen . . . . Senior High School Orchestra INVOCATION Reverend Barton Bovee MUSIC "Pilgrims Chorus" CTannhauserJ . . Combined Glee Clubs "Tales of the Vienna Woods" . . Womens Glee Club "Quartet Number II" . . . Four-Clarinet Ensemble "Dance, My Comradesn . . . Men's Glee Club "Lullaby" .... . . Soprano Solo, Miss Virginia Scripture, Class of l94l "I-lospodee Pomeelooyu . . . . ' CRussian-Lord, Have Mercyj Combined Glee Clubs PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr. Mark C. Allen Qf the Board of Education "ALMA MATERH . . . . . Class, Orchestra and Glee Clubs "STAR SPANGLED BANNER" . . Entire Assembly RECESSIONAL img- S ik Elgar Wagner Strauss Endresen Bennett Brahms Lvovsky Mirliani Smith Page 1 1 Hx, Q I f 2, . If . Q 'iff N IB ll'll S if? gl-4 Mid-Year Honors In Scholarship june Claire Allen 'Margaret Mason Bailey Stanle Peter Baylock ' j ean Glarolyn Burckhardt 'john Robert Carlin, jr. George Henry Colwick 'Antonio Augustine Croft Ferne Ernestine Dammling Alex john Dobosz Edgar L. Eden 'Gladys Reynolds Ely 'Sophie Beatrice Gianninoto 'Angeline jeanne Giattina 'june Agnes Goodrich Rita Mary Gregory A nes Irene Halloran 'Nirma Henrietta Herwig 'Member of the National Honor Iohn A. Kwasowski john Naple Badolato Margaret Mason Bailey Albina Bokan William Francis Carlin Emily Rita Clebowicz june Agnes Goodrich Rita Mary Gregory Norma Henrietta Herwig joseph john Carino june Claire Allen Margaret Mason Bailey Marguerite Boyajian jean Carolyn Burckhardt john Robert Carlin, jr. Roland Casperson Florence Cherniak Antonio Augustine Croft Helen Elizabeth Crum Barbara Hulda Crusberg Gladys Reynolds Ely Angeline jeanne Giattina june Agnes Goodrich Margaret Dorothy Grobstein Agnes Irene Halloran Norma Henrietta Herwig jean Carolyn Burckhardt john Robert Carlin, jr. Gladys Reynolds Ely Margaret Mason Bailey Louise Elizabeth Berry William Francis Carlin Roland Casperson Florence Cherniak Antonio Augustine Croft Helen Elizabeth Crum Theresa Galle Olga Alexandria Gardauckas Rudolph Domenic Ghezzi Irene Constance Gierymski Honors in scholarship are awarded to those who maintain average rank of eighty-Jive or over GENERAL HONORS FOR THREE YEARS 'Carl Norman Holmberg 'Leona Faye Horwitz 'Walter William jabs 'Robert john jurgen 'Margaret Helen Kern 'Arnold Emil Klukas 'Walter Kowalchuk 'john A. Kwasowski 'Gloria Helen Lanza 'Raymond Robert Lanza 'Walter David Leavitt 'Doroth Alma Lindberg 'john AI,vin McCarthy 'Helen Elizabeth Magnuson 'Esther Kathleen Mangone 'Concetta Irene Masciotra 'Helen Mihalyo Society of Secondary Schools SPECIAL HONORS ART john Stanley Rozanski john Stofan BOOKKEEPING Elizabeth Karlames Margaret Helen Kern Arnold Emil Klukas john A. Kwasowski Gloria Helen Lanza Dorothy Alma Lindberg Helen Elizabeth Magnuson Concetta Irene Masciotra DRAFTING Bertrand Lee Thompson, jr. ENGLISH Carl Norman Holmberg Leona Faye Horwitz Laura Louise Hotchkiss Grace Elizabeth Humphreys Margery jones Robert john jurgen Elizabeth Karlames Margaret Helen Kem Arnold Emil Klukas john A. Kwasowski Gloria Helen Lanza Raymond Robert Lanza Walter David Leavitt Eunice Shaye Levine Doroth Alma Lindberg john AI,vin McCarthy FRENCH Sophie Beatrice Gianninoto Carl Norman Holmberg Leona Faye Horwitz HISTORY Raymond Albert Gingras Norma Henrietta Herwig Carl Norman Holmberg Walter William jabs Arnold Emil Klukas Walter Kowalchuk john A. Kwasowski john Edward Lukens Concetta Irene Masciotra Helen Mihalyo Barbara Helen Natzke 'Barbara Helen Natzke 'Martin joseph Peshka, jr. 'Sanam Nancy Peters 'Richard Leo Rabinowitz 'Frieda Dorothy Rogers 'Florence Clara Schena Helen Mary Schiaffi 'Barbara jean Shurberg Walter joseph Smuda joseph Rudy Sowa 'Geneva Marie Staniewitz 'Elsie Anna Stein Matthew Stanley Taranowicz 'Mary Phyllis Vasquez Celia Agnes Waskowicz William W. Wilson Herbert john Witzke Rosalie Catherine Trapaso Martin joseph Peshka, jr. Florence Clara Schena Helen Mary Schiaffi joseph john Sideranko Walter joseph Smuda john Stofan Mary Phyllis Vasquez Helen Elizabeth Magnuson Esther Kathleen Mangone Concetta Irene Masciotra Helen Mihalyo Barbara Helen Natzke Sanam Nancy Peters Shirley Frances Petroski Richard Leo Rabinowitz Frieda Doroth Rogers Shirley Helen Rush Florence Clara Schena Barbara jean Shurberg Walter joseph Smuda Geneva Marie Staniewitz Bertrand Lee Thompson, jr. Walter David Leavitt Esther Kathleen Mangone Barbara jean Shurberg Martin joseph Peshka, jr. Sanam Nancy Peters Shirley Frances Petroski Frieda Dorothy Rogers Florence Clara Schena Edward Shorek Walter joseph Smuda Geneva Marie Staniewitz Margaret Rose Wiecek Henry Yeskovich 1 49 017- ne.. Page I2 AWARD OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC sir N B Dorothy jakobowski Alphonse Peter Cekanavich june Claire Allen Gladys Reynolds Ely Agnes Irene Halloran Stanle Peter Baylock jean Glarolyn Burckharclt joseph john Carino john Robert Carlin, jr. Gladys Reynolds Ely Sophie Beatrice Gianninoto Andre Ashby Arcand, jr. Francis William Cook, j r. Ferne Emestine Dammling Edward Philip Diemente Margaret Mason Bailey Louise Elizabeth Berry Albina Bokan Mary Catherine Capp William Francis Carlin Olga Alexandria Gardauckas Margaret Helen Kern Margaret Mason Bailey Arpenig DiLanjian lj-oyce Evelyn Ehrler aige john Garabedian Rita Mary Gregory Margaret Dorothy Grobstein Norma Henrietta Herwig Margaret Helen Kern Arnold Emil Klukas CARPENTRY Edgar L. Eden Herbert john Witzke DRAWING Edgar L. Eden Herbert john Witzke MACHINE George Henry Colwick Alex john Dobosz George Kasper PRINTING William W Wilson im f N 1' X- ff? YI C41 Six :fs X W KS ,I j I 1111 HOME ECONOMICS jean Elizabeth jobert INDUSTRIAL ARTS julian Caesar Poncini LATIN Leona Faye Horwitz Walter David Leavitt Esther Kathleen Mangone MATHEMATICS Raymond Giedraitis Irene Constance Gierymski Carl Nom-ian Holmberg Walter William jabs Margery jones Robert john jurgen SCIENCE Irene Constance Gierymski Leona Faye Horwitz Margery jones Eunice Shaye Levine STENOGRAPHY Gloria Helen Lanza Eleanor Virginia Larson Dorothg Alma Lindberg Helen lizabeth Magnuson Helen Mihalyo Doroth Edna Reiriholdt Frieda Dorothy Rogers Florence Clara Schena TYPEWRITING Walter Kowalchuk Doroth Alma Lindberg Helen Elizabeth Magnuson Concetta Irene Masciotra Michael Stanley Michaels Helen Mihalyo Frank Philip Raimondo Florence Clara Schena Helen Mary Schiaffl TRADE COURSES ELECTRICAL joseph Rudy Sowa Matthew Stanley Taranowicz ENGLISH Fred Ashworth, jr. Chester S. Bartnikowski Thaddeus Stanley Boryczki Alex john Dobosz Edgar L. Eden Dominic David Marenna Ted john Poniatowski Stan ey Edward Pozniak Edward joseph Ruta Casimer joseph Suchcicki Stanley Anthony Tomusiak OTHER AWARDS INSTITUTE For excellence in mathematics and science CMedaD jOHN ALVINIMCCARTHY 1 -9 ll-ll S if Sanam Nancy Peters Barbara jean Shurberg Raymond Robert Lanza Walter David Leavitt john Alvin McCarthy Sanam Nano Peters Richard Leo Rabinowitz Barbara jean Shurberg Virginia Ruth Luebeck john Alvin McCarthy Esther Kathleen Mangone Richard Leo Rabinowitz Helen Mar Schiaffi Doroth Elizabeth Schussler Helen Stella Solek Geneva Marie Staniewitz Elsie Anna Stein Ruth Irene Thoma Mary Phyllis Vasquez Katherine Sirick Helen Stella Solek Geneva Marie Staniewitz Elsie Anna Stein Mary Stofan Ruth Irene Thoma Mary Phyllis Vasquez Celia A nes Waskowicz Anne Eizabeth Zysk MATHEMATICS Fred Ashworth, jr. Chester S. Bartnikowski Stanley Francis Berk George Henry Colwick Alex john Dobosz Edgar L. Eden joseph Edward Erha George Kasper Dominic David Marenna Anthony Piergrossi Ted john Poniatowski Stanley Edward Pozniak Leo Benedict Tamosaitis Matthew Stanley Taranowicz Frank joseph Veneziano Herbert john Witzke Stanley A. Zukowski 0-ig ne. P age 13 Andre Ashby Arcand, Jr. Arthur Bernhardt Herman Arendt Fred Ashworth, Jr. Jack Peter Baba Anthony John Badolato John Nagle Badolato Chester . Bartnikowski Stanley Peter Baylock Leopold Paul Belina Frederick Hallenbeck Bickerton Earl Hilmer Bjorklund Thaddeus Stanley Boryczki Robert Albert Cadrain Joseph John Carino John Robert Carlin, Jr. William Francis Carlin Roland Casperson Alphonse Peter Cekanavich George Henry Colwick John Clemente Compili lgohn Conlin, Jr. rank Leo Conlon Francis William Cook, Jr. Antonio Augustine Croft Michael P. D'Addabho Vladimir Joseph Dankevich John Bernard Dekurowski Josephdlohn DelCegno Edwar Philip Diemente Adolph Al. DiMinno Alex John Dobosz Orlando Dominic Dolce Harold Edward Dufini Casimir Raymond Dygus Edgar L. Eden Manuel Elia Jgseph Edward Erha ilo Mario Fachini Joseph Alex Falconeri Le? Joseph Fanizzie Ya e Monroe Fendell Joseph William Field Walter Ray Fletcher, Jr. George Stanley Gadzik l laige John Garabedian Rosario Salvatore Garofalo Williamcloseph George Walter ferent Marion Dorothy Abrams June Claire Allen Elizabeth Andrews Margaret Mason Bailey Mabel Louise Balch Louise Elizabeth Berry Albina Bokan Agnes Claire Borawski Marguerite Boyaj ian Ceil Bozarnick Jane Anne Brady Lean CBFCUH Burckhardt lorence ary Callahan Mary Catherine Capp Shirley Jane Carr Florence Cherniak Emily Rita Clebowicz Beverly Edith Conn Alonda Rose Costa Helen Elizabeth Crum Barbara Hulda Crusberg Ferne Ernestine Damm ing Lucy Mae Davis Margaret Melissa DeLoy Arpenig DiLanjian Doris Irene Doty Lillie Droheim Joyce Evelyn Ehrler Gladys Reynolds Ely Gloria Helen Fazzina Vivian Mildred Frisk A atha Fritz Flirence Eleanor Fusaro Theresa Galle Olga Alexandria Gardauckas Sophie Beatrice Gianninoto Angeline Jeanne Giattina Irene Constance Gierymski Lucy Doris Giramonti Norma Ellen Glasle Jrune Agnes Goodrich rancine Barbara Greenstein Rita Mary Gregory Margaret Dorothy Grobstein Mary Alice Guilmette as sw 1' 12 X f ff Jw ?f3 JT IL t failtt F Graduates YOUNG MEN Rudolph Domenic Ghezzi Raymond Giedraitis Raymond Albert Gingras Albert Giulietti Sidne Robert Gordon John oseph Gubbins Josep A. Hatala Carl Norman Holmberg Walter William Jabs Paul Carl Jakowenko John Harry ohnson Paul David ohnson Robert llghn Jurgen George asper Howard Matthew Kiely Howard Kinkade jkrnolld Emil Klukas osep opy Walter Kowalchuk John Francis Kurpiewski Illohn A. Kwasowski aymond Robert Lanza Fred Joseph Larese Joseph Thomas Latina Walter David Leavitt Hnhn Edward Leckowicz aymond Edward Leonard John Bennett Lindsay John Loseph Loomis John dward Lukens gmhn Alvin McCarthy ominic David Marenna Michael Stanley Michaels Joseph Stanley Michalowski Victor E. Nahunchik Russell R. Naughton William Joseph Naughton John Francis Nesta Angelo Ara Ohannessian Frederick S. Okula Michael A. Olenik Richard Peter Pajewski Emer William Patterson Carl Jloscph Pe e MartindJoseph Peshl-ca, Jr. Howar Leopold Pfeiffer Anthon Piergrossi Julian Caesar Poncini YOUNG WOMEN Ruth Elaine Gustafson Shirley June Hall Agnes Irene Halloran ,llsnnie Margaret Hawrylik orothy Arline Henninger Norma Henrietta Herwig Mary Sarah I-lormis Leona Faye Horwitz Laura Louise Hotchkiss Grace Elizabeth Humphreys Dorothy Jakobowski Jian Elizabeth Jobert argery Jones Alice B anche Kalasky Elizabeth Karlames Nell B. Karosis Margaret Helen Kern Marion Olga King Florence Anna Kohanik Stella Dorothy Kolodziej Lucille B. Kuzinevich Elizabeth Loretta Lamprecht Gloria Helen Lanza Eleanor Virginia Larson Eunice Shaye Levine Mae Ann Liberatore Dorotehgr Alma Lindberg Mildr A. Litke Helen Marie Loughery Virginia Ruth Luebeck J-une Dorothy Lyons elen Elizabeth Magnuson Laverne Erma Mahaley Esther Kathleen Mangone Dorothy Mae Manz Anne C. Maratta Celia Martinelli Concetta Irene Masciotra Helen Mihalyo Ruth Mussman Elsie Natalie Mut Barbara Helen Natzke Theresa E. Nicolini Anne Lucy Nicomede Jennie Theresa Orzechowski Clelia Eleanor! Palazzo 0 0 Egg Jollgn Poniatowski nc owers, r. Stanley Edwarcfljozniak Steve retash, Jr. Charles Pruzansky Leo Stanley, Pulek Eugene Ro ert Puskars Richard Leo Rabinowitz Frank Philip Raimondo Elmer Ernest Rhode William J. Rikteraitis gohiim gragcis Rivers au ot Lohn Stanley Rozanski dward Joseph Ruta Alfred William Sarra Francis Schupack lfglgrolddfgrbertseifel , war ore J-oseph John Sideranko arold William Slater Howard F. Smith Walter Aoseph Smuda Aoseph udy Sowa obert Sgurgeon William dward Stacey. Jr. Algert Albin Steponaitis yglteg Biarcklay Stevens o n to an Casimir Joseph Suchcicki Andrew Joseph Symecko Leo Benedict Tamosaitis Matthew Stanl? Taranowicz Frank Thomas erzak Bertrand Lee Thompson, Jr. Stanley Anthony Tomusiak CWallageEW-alter Travers era . ryon Frank Joseph Veneziano Robert George Vile Merwin Roger Wenz Russell Westergren William W. Wilson Herberg,John Witzke Henry eskovich Stanley A. Zukowski Chester Frank Zyjewski Mary Teresa Pampuro Clara M. Peruzzi Sanam Nancy Peters Shirley Frances Petroski Mary Elsie Popovich Ruth W. Porter Frances Ratner Bernice Rebillard Dorothy Edna Reinholdt Helen Estelle Renock Frieda Dorothy Rogers Marion Elizabeth Rollins Lorraine Catherine Rouskie Elva Elly Rund Shirley Helen Rush Helen Rymsa Lucy Katherine Sargis Florence Clara Schena Helen Marv Schiaffi Elaine Evelyn Schmidt Dorothy Elizabeth Schussler Virginia Scripture geanette Shimansky arbara Jean Shur erg Katherine Sirick . Marie Marilyne Sitz Helen Stella Solek Geneva Marie Staniewitz Isabelle Virgnia Statchen Elsie Anna tein Mary Stofan Barbara Rose Suess Florence Jane Sufnarowski Ilfan Mary Talbot uth Irene Thoma Florence Anna Tomczewski Rosalie Catherine Trapaso Mary Phyllis Vasquez Celia Agnes Waskowicz Anne Barbara Wenskowiez Cora May Whipwle Margaret Rose iececk Celia Irene Wojtera Celia Mary Wosczycna Ann Elizabeth Zys 7- 0 RL Page I4 X i . s Q s i if it N B s yt ll if - f X. will I X JOHN EDWARD LUKENS New Britain, Conn. "Lukey" November 7, 1922 ' "A man elect of men" "Lukey" is very ambitious, and one of the most popular boys in his class. He is a very hard worker, for instance, he will claim he knows nothing of the daily work, but he always manages to come through with a good mark. "Luke" has held several offices in his three years at N. B. H. S. At present he is president of the Amphion Club, president of his class, and a captain of one of the Bowling teams. So good luck to a fine fellow! President of the Mid-Year Class of 1941, President of Amphion Club, Young Men's League, Bowling Club, DeMolay VIRGINIA SCRIPTURE Hartford, Conn. "Ginnie" June 7, 1922 "The light of love, the purity of grace, The mind. the music breathing from her face." "Ginnie" is that good looking dark-haired girl with the glowing personality who is seen rushing through the halls. She is always bub- bling over with enthusiasm, usually about a Yale week-end or a Winter Carnival. Her lovely soprano voice, which is the result of five years of study, proves her life has not been all play. She plans on entering the Julius Hart School of Music upon graduation. Musical Club, Amphion Club, Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, Usher, junior College Club, Vice-President of Class: Prom Committee GLADYS REYNOLDS ELY New Britain, Conn. "Gladdy" january 31, 1923 "Laugh, if you're wise" "Gladdy" is one of our rare personalities. She is zz diligent worker, a lover ol studies, and therefore, a reaper of honors. "Gladdy" has an unusual Hair for Latin and for writing poetry. Not to go unmentioned is her extraordinary sense of humor which she displays at all times. Her immediate plan for the future is to attend Smith College. lt is needless to say that "Gladdy" will succeed in the field of her choice. Secretary of the Mid-Year Class of 1941, Ski Club: Poetry Club, Girls' League, Amphion Club, Banquet Committee: Junior College Cltlgae, National Honor Society, Senior Girl Adviser, Press Club: Editor of ehive. WALTER RAY FLETCHER, JR. New Britain, Conn. "Tabby" May 11, 1922 "Men of light and leading" "Tubby's" exuberance must come from a never-ending source, for we've yet to see this good-looking chap without his smile and vitality. Can you imagine such a happy man as a dentist? Well, that's been his ambition for a long time. No doubt his pleasantness will make us forget any aching teeth. We hope so! "Tubby" has been one of the most active students in high school. His performance in the Class Night Play will always be remembered by our class, and so will his performances on the gridiron. We can only predict success in capital letters for this congenial young man. Treasurer of the Mid-Year Class of 1941: Football '38, '39, '40, Young Men's League, Class Night Play, Prom Committee MARION DOROTHY ABRAMS New Britain, Conn. "Dot" August 9, 1922 "Music is well said to be the speech of angels" Shyness and efficiency are qualities that one notices Hrst in Marion. Silence is ever golden, Marion, and your efficiency will bring you success in your future work as a stenographer. Music, especially the piano, is her chief hobby and relaxation. Success in everything, Girls' League in-Z? 9722. Page U if Q iff lil? 4 rf, Q 'ff T S V-Z ? if :L- v t. J A hi V imiiss JUNE CLAIRE ALLEN New Britain, Conn Qcmbgf 25, 1923 "For gowns, and gloves, and caps and lippets, Are beaulyly sauces, spice and sippelsf' .Iune's many interests in both scholastic and extra-curricular activities have helped her dip deep into the pool of friendship and scoop up many pearls. The choicest one, of course, is Agnes Halloran and the harmony of their friendship rivals that of two people approach- ing their golden wedding anniversary. Clothes seem to be her dominant interest, proved by the fact that she always appears in the latest style. May you always keep your pleasant nature. junior College Club, Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviser, Banquet Committee, Secretary of Class X2, Xl? ANDRE ASHBY ARCAND, JR. Waterbury, Conn. "Andy" December 2, 1922 "A man is known by his friends" That tall lanky personage one sees ambling through the halls of our noble institution, seemingly without a care in the world and who answers to that movie star-like name of Andre Arcand, is recognized by eminent authorities as an expert on that difficult theory of how to accomplish the most with the least effort. This appearance is completely deceiving. Under this nonchalant devil-may-care attitude, one uncovers intelligence, ability, ambition and savoir faire, with which we feel "Andy" can't help but succeed in his chosen held of chemistry. Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry Club, Chairman of Photo Com- mittee MARGARET MASON BAILEY New Britain, Conn. April 25, 1923 "Mode.sty sister Lo justice" "Maggie" or Margaret means a worker skilled in accuracy and a woman steeped in gentleness. But wait! Her red hair gives indication of a spirit of fun lurking there too! Studies are ever hrst in her mind, but sports and other activities fill her "in between hours." 'l hey must be well spent too, for we know her excellent sense of thrift. Best luck for the future. National Honor Society, Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League Rep- resentative ARTHUR HERMAN ARENDT New Britain, Conn. 'ACurly" November l3, 1922 "O, Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou, Romeo?" "Curly's" been labeled a ladies' man and we hear that when he casts those eyes toward the opposite sex and adds a smile, they're completely under his power. "Curly" makes a good "pal" and we'll certainly miss his little fingers which do such big things on the piano. The business field is to claim him. All his friends join with us in wishing him great success for those years to come. Glee Club, Civic Forum MABEL LOUISE BALCH Bristol, Conn. "Mabe" August 15, 1922 "I hasten to laugh al everything" If you hear "say now" or a joyous burst of laughter you can be sure it's "Mabe" coming. Because of her entrancing ways, she has had everybody from bell hops to football players trailing her footsteps. Although she is active in extra-curricular activities, she never neglects her studies. Her favorite subject? Art. Her ambition? "Say now." Girls' League PM I6 1047- pne- .,i?fxj A if N is aa ti S :f ' JL' .Y if ' i i . . Q " X V, x ,X 61211 llillk 4 FRED ASHWORTH, JR. Chadclerton, England "Freddie" February 22, l92l "Laughter holding both his sides" i'l:reddie," the crooning tool and die maker, is always singing his troubles away. His friends seldom see him with a frown, for his philo- sophy is that there is something always worthwhile in all life's under- takings. One of his pet ambitions is to be a celebrity, whether he be a thespian or an interpreter of the terpsichorean art' , 'Lil n'y a pas de quoif' May he realize his ambitions. Baseball l939, Softball 19403 N. B. S. T. S. A, A. LOUISE ELIZABETH BERRY Hartford, Conn. "Louie" December 23, l922 "A quiet spirit" "Looie's" soul must be tinged with modesty and thus her keen wit has not been given its due by all. However, those who know her have appreciated her sense of humor to the fullest extent. This excellent quality should help bring success. Girls' League, Vice-President of Bowling Club, Senior League Adviser JOHN PETER BABA New Britain, Conn. Hack" September 6, 1922 'A Nou' Hercules be thy speed, young man" "Jack" while here at our noble institution has lent his prowess to the track team and you ought to see his smoke when traveling around that dirt ring! We're going to be hearing more of him, were thinking, so we offer every kind of success in his industrial future. Track Team: Young Mens League ALBINA BOKAN New Britain, Conn. "Minnie" October 5, 1922 "To business we love we rise betime And go In 't with delight," Fortunate will be the businessman who receives Albina's services as a bookkeeper. She has proved herself quite able in this held by receiving general honors in the subject. We are certain that wherever her talents may lead her she will be successful. Girls' League JOHN NAPLE BADOLATO New Britain, Conn. 'ljohnnyn November 8, 1921 "At the games end we shall see who gains" "Johnny" is one of those rare persons who is able to indulge in almost every sport yet manage to Gnd time to excel in his studies. A quiet individual, he is somewhat shy when it comes to "wimmen," but this, we know, will not hinder him in his chosen field of business. Baseball, Basketball g Football MQ? na. Page I , fr f X . aff N ii ,, ii S it will AGNES CLAIRE BORAWSKI New Britain, Conn. February 2l, 1920 "The eye of intellect sees all objects" We know Agnes must be one of the friendliest girls in school for she is always with several of her many comrades. Keep it up, A nes! However, Agnes is not merely an extrovert, but loves to study. Som- bined with intelligence, the combination can't be defeated, Girls' League STANLEY PETER BAYLOCK New Britain, Conn. "Stan" August 4, 1922 A' He was leader of leaders" "Stan," as he's known to his friends, is quiet and a bit shy, perhaps. To enter the teaching profession and with his quick thinking and alert mind we can mark him as one who will go far. So here's success to you for the future, "Stan." Young Men's League MARGUERITE BOYAJIAN Hartford, Conn. "Margy" September 17, 1922 "ln friendship I early was taught to believe" We all know and like Marguerite because of her friendliness which is characterized by her ever-present, cheery "Hello" She is a good student and a grand sport every minute of the day. Although we know nothing of her future plans, we are sure she has what it takes to be happy and successful. Glee Club, Girls' League, Musical Club ROBERT ALBERT CADRAIN Plainville, Conn. "Bob" january 5, 1922 "join the Army and see the world" lf you didn't know "Bob" you could easily recognize him by the army coat he always wears, and there are alwavs two or three girls listening to his experiences. He is a corporal now, but someday we hope to see where Captain Cadrain captured twenty of the enemy single handed. Track CEIL BOZARNICK New Britain, Conn. "Cell" December 20, 1922 "All the charm of all the muses" "Ceil" is a charming, dependable girl with a cheerful personality and a host of friends. She is quite an authority on what or what not to use in the line of cosmetics, being an employee of a cutfrate store. Whatever "Ceil" may endeavor, we're sure her pleasing smile will pull her through. Page ,8 - xx yt 1? A N ii s 2 iii s .xl , KA A-ff MN f A JANE ANNE BRADY New Britain, Conn. September 27, 1923 "I am modesty personified " Jane is a very cheerful person possessing a great sense of humor. Perhaps her most outstanding characteristic is her sense of modesty. This trait hasn't proved a handicap, however, as she has acquired many friends and is particularly interested in a certain boy. We are confident that she will succeed in the field of her choice. Girls' League JOSEPH JOHN CARINO New Britain, Conn. "joe" December 17, 1922 "Like the Bee around the hive" After crossing our fair threshold, at once threw his shoulder to the wheel. Besides shining in "Math," "Joe" has found time to participate in football and has seen action in several games. Whatever he attempts in the future, we wish "Joe" loads of luck! Football Team, Young Men's League, Camera Club, Radio Club JEAN CAROLYN BURCKHARDT New Britain, Conn. jean" December 15, 1923 "Let all things be done decently and in order" Well, whom have we here? None other than the personality chemists perfect compoundfJean Burckhardt. Studies are first and receive their due f-ff a kings ransom in marks will bear out this statement- and then, good times and good friends. Her excellent sense of tidiness shows in everything and will stand high in her profession as an ac- countant. Skidmore holds Jean's immediate future, and after that her personality will bring her whatever she desires. Girls' League, gunior College Club, National Honor Society, Motto Committee, lass Night Play, Senior Girl Adviser JOHN ROBERT CARLIN., JR. New Britain, Conn. "Bob" February 26, 1923 "A friend to man and work" "Bobs" amiability and quick wit have endeared him to his fellow classmates. A member of many organizations here in school, he never- theless finds time to star in his courses, and shines particularly in his English classes, although "Math" is his favorite subject. With aspira- tions in the business field we give you, with all our wishes for a successful future. National Honor Society, Astronomy Club, Young Mens League, Red and Gold Representative, Chairman of Banquet Committee MARY CATHERINE CAPP New Britain, Conn. "Cappy" January 27. l923 "A cheerful temper will make beauty attractive" "Hence loathed Melancholy" for here is "Cappy" with a special brand of cheerfulness that sends you skamperipgi Her blue EYES form the basis for this genial attitude that keeps r. Melanchoy in his proper place "under low browed rocks," and so whenever we see "Cap- py," we see jollity and fun! Stenography will be "Cappy's" career. Good luck in the business world! Girls' League in-6? 3741. Page N , N ff l ...,f1 1 .X ii N is H s i ff p S A Wifi? WILLIAM FRANCIS CARLIN New Britain, Conn. "Bill" August 23, 1923 "The only way to have a friend is lo be one" "Bill" is a happy-go-lucky person and always has a smile in all kinds of weather. Some day he will make a good secretary for someone. Who is the lucky one? Who knows, he may be the President of the United States. We wish him success and happiness in all that he under- takes, and we hope he gets a position with a chief executive. Young Mens League, Glee Club SHIRLEY JANE CARR New Britain, Conn. "Lee" September 27, 1923 "All who would win Must share it,fHappiriess was born a twin" "Lee" is the girl whose jollity has put even old Saint Nick to shame. More like you are needed "Lee," we hope you keep your cheerful outlook always, We don't know what "Lee's" future plans are, but we wish her luck always! Girls' League, Glee Club Page zo ROLAND CARL CASPERSON New Britain, Conn. "Rally" December 30, 1921 "A sportsman complete" Roland is a great sportsman in more than one sense of the word. His love of sport has made him adept at skiing, skating, swimming, hunting, and fishing, and speaking man to man, he is a good sport "Rolly" is well liked by his friends, who are many. He also rates high with his teachers, because of his frankness. His marks are very com- mendable, and in the near future he plans on entering college to pursue a scientihc career, namely metallurgy. Here's wishing you luck, Roland. Class Night Play, Track Team FLORENCE CI-IERNIAK Hartford. Conn. "Flo" january 31, l923 "We are charmed by neatness of person" Everyone will remember Florence as the girl who was always willing to help anyone who might need it. Florence's winning smile and good nature have won her many friends both in and out of school. She has chosen the field of nursing as the next step in her life. Good luck Flor- ence! We know you will make the grade. Girls' League, Junior College Club ALPHONSE PETER CEKANAVICH 'C New Britain, Conn. "Zeck" December l9, l922 "By his noise ye shall know him" "Al" is a good natured person but inclined to be loud and boister- ous at times. He always has a wise crack ready and enjoys his own gags-a good sign. ln spite of this, "Al" has many a good friend. So here's hoping! Young Men's League ini? ana iff N B t 'L-1' Sf ki' X i 4 2 iii s if F A i gllym, EMILY RITA CLEBOWICZ New Britain, Conn. September 22, l922 "Her honor is as broad as her xmileu Emily's charming personality and friendly spirit have endeared her to many classmates. Her conduct and mannerisms break the ever increasing monotony of formality. She is the dependable type, and her teachers can always be sure that she will be prepared for the next day's work. Her main ambition is to become a successful stenographer and with her fine record, we need not wish her luck, because we know she will have it. Girls' Leagueg Bowling Team JOHN CLEMENTE COMPILI New Britain, Conn, September 28, l9l9 "Art above all" Although slow in subjects other than art, John has concentrated so well on this, that his success is secure. John could be termed an "all-round" art man for he's taken most the art course offered by our school. Are you going to start another type of art, John, combining the best features of all kinds? Good luck, whatever you do. Y. M. C.A. 'Qi BEVERLY EDITH CONN New Britain, Conn. "Bev" April 17, 1923 "Minh, with thee I mean to live" "Bev" is a happy-go-lucky girl. During her high school days, studies were never an actual source of worry to her, but she managed to pull through with ease. We hear that she plans to enter college in the fall. Right now her interests are up in Vermont, and we know it isn't the school, but a certain young man who goes there. But what- ever college the fall finds you in, the best of luck to you, "Bev." Girls' League, Amphion Club, Girls' Glee Club, Junior College Club, Girls' League Representative JOHN CONLIN, JR. New Britain, Conn. 'Jacku April 26, 1923 " He will be ajoyful man who can say 'I have lived' " John is better known as "Jack" or "Luke." He is interested in base- ball and tennis as sports and is a member of the Young Men's League as well as manager of the N. B. H. S. band. Whatever "Jack" has planned for the future, he's keeping it well up his sleeve. Manager of the Band HELEN ELIZABETH CRUM ,New Britain, Conn. "Betty" December 2, 1922 "Wit is the salt of conversation" "Betty," a spirited young lady, has won the friendship of her fellow students and teachers. Class rooms are made bright by her quick and witty answers. The Junior College Club knows "Crummie" to be an efficient reader and determined worker. Class night play Ends her a most vivacious member of the cast as "Betty" There is a "Dick" on her trail, but we know that she won't end up in jail. Best of luck to you "Betty." at Skidmore. Girls' League, Musical Club, Junior College Club, Class Night Play: Glee Club, Banquet Committee L7-mi?-pne- P l l i 5 age 2 XX N x S x Ex 'fi iss gif as wir N B 2 4 il fl M m ,pf ' 1 V alibi' X Mil BARBARA HULDA CRUSBERG New Britain, Conn, "Balm" May 30, 1923 . .The tresses of her hair of gold, That flowed and floated like the stream" Who is that vivacious blond in our midst? Yes, it is one of our most popular girls-f "Babs!" She has gained this popularity by accomplish- ing the difhcult feat of being friendly and witty at the same time. To concoct a bit of alliteration for "Bains," "a pleasing personality promises plenty of pleasures," Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser FRANK LEO CONLON New Britain, Conn. "Frankie" january 4, 1921 "What a dull place this world would be without thesejolly-minded citizens" Because of his fondness for good times and his exceptional sense of humor, Frank is a popular member of our class. He is continually heard whistling 'iMargie" as he walks about the corridors. His interests tend in directions other than his studies, and abound most in the fields of electricity and radio. However, upon graduation his immediate plans concern a job as a tool and die maker in one of our local factories. Whether he remains in this Field or later ventures into another, we hope he takes his geniality with him. FERNE ERNESTINE DAMMLING New Britain, Conn. "Snooks" july 18, 1923 'Exhausting thought, And hiving wisdom with each studious year" Ferne's distinction at high school has been in her conscientious study habits. We always need students, Ferne, and especially if they are as excellent as you. "The proof of the pudding" shows in the fact that Ferne has completed the high school course in two and one-half years. Such perseverance will be rewarded. Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum, Press Representative, Red Cross Clubg New Britain Forum Usher, National Representative to Wash- ington - ANTONIO AUGUSTINE CROFT Keegan, Maine "Tony" October 7 , 1920 'AA Book is a friend that never deceivesn "Tony," a quiet book-loving young chap, ranks high in scholarship, deserving Commendation for his fine record as a student. He puts studies before pleasures and sports, in his effort to widen his knowledge. Although his future plans are unknown, we feel sure he will gain profits from this world of ours. Young lVlen's League, National Honor Society LUCY MAE DAVIS Lumbercity, Georgia "Lou" March 15, 1923 " Her delicate feet in the dance twinkle round" "Lou's" likeable qualities have brought her many friends, and we are sure the circle will widen even more after graduation. joy, joy, her liveliness is shown in her love for dancing! Maybe this is the reason she stays so slim. Her after-graduation plans are unknown to us, but success to her now and always. Girls' League page - 9711. S . Sw 1 b s ll ' 1 -c .V ff N B Ji fp: if 11-11 S Q? 1 X f' Q, x. V X '42l1l1'DX ' KI MICHAEL DADDABBO Windsor Locks, Conn. "Mike" january 8, 1921 "Words are sweet as honey from his lips diAlill'd" "Mike," "The Merchant of Venice," Daddabbo, intends to retire from the commercial field and enter the industrial field as a tool and die maker. You can always Gnd "Mike," the vendor of sweets, fir forests, and nature's "black gold," etc., crying out his wares. ln spite of his preponderant vernacular abilities, pertaining to this avocation, he is a very amiable fellow. N. B. S. T. S. A. A,, Treasurer of A. A. MARGARET MELISSA DeLOY Bristol, Conn. "Margie" july 11, 1921 " ..... We are paid The worth of our work" Diligence, blue eyes and brown hair mixed together give us Mar- garet, and likewise a young lady pleasing to look at, and pleasant to know. Although studies are not first in her interests, she has with her diligence, always completed her courses. We feel sure this same in- dustry will bring her happiness. Girls' League VLADMIR JOSEPH DANKEVICH New Britain, Conn. "Duke" january 23, 1922 "All triumphant art" "Duke" is a dark-haired chap whose interests are mainly in art and music. What about poetry, "Duke?" Then you would be courting all the Muses! Besides his interest in these things, "Duke" is a very aimiable young man. His plans for the future are not yet decided, but we feel sure he'll be successful, Young Men's League ARPENIG PEGGY DILANJIAN New Britain, Conn. "Arppy" April 14, 1921 A'Speech always with grace" "Arppy" seems to be a girl bent on improving herself. She is not talkative, and yet she has enrolled in a speech class. Perhaps "Arppy" will talk so well, she'1l be campaigning with the next presidential candidate! What about it Arpenig? Business, however, holds "Arp- py's" future. Girls' League JOSEPH JOHN DEL CEGNO New Britain, Conn. "joe" May 10, 1923 "Gc1yly the troubadorn "Aloe" is tall, dark. and handsome. He has always something in- teresting to talk about, and he has a pleasing personality. He is also a very good trumpet player. 'Joes' ambition is to play with a 'ibig time" band. Band, Orchestra QW- ne. nge X E F if 'iff N B gf' f 1' J Mig, 4111 118 JOYCE EVELYN EHRLER Hartford, Conn. February 27, 1923 "W'holesame as air and quiet as the evening" Although in the "class of the quiet and demuref' Joyce is often discovered as a delightful and interesting companion. Joyce plans to hnd a place for herself in the business world, and we know whether it be a secretary or a stenographer, she will be a success. Girls' League EDWARD PHILIP DIEMENTE Providence, Rhode lsland "Eddie" February 27, 1923 "Music hath charms" A thorough student of music, both classical and popular, Edward Diemente, is also distinguished for his wit and good fellowship, His past has been spent in the appreciation of music and the pursuit of accomplishment at the piano. At present, in addition to his labor in school, he is an arranger, a composer, and a musician. The future will prove him great, not only in music, but also in the art of living. Edward truly is a titan, in fact, a diminutive Oscar Levant. Men's and Mixed Glee Clubs, Musical Club, Class Night Com- mittee VIVIAN MILDRED FRISK New Britain, Conn. A'Friskie" April 4, 1923 "1 have drunken deep ofjoyn "Friskie's" exuberance has been the touchstone to her host of friends. Her vivacious laughter and genial personality prove the suit- ability of her nickname. During the time spent in high school she has been one of Miss Naughton's machine manipulators and an expert typist, With her many abilities, she ought to succeed. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviserg Square Dancing Club ADOLPH JOHN DiMINNO New Britain, Conn. "Rudy" May 28, 1922 "The nectar Qf good wits" 'lRudy," as you can see, is very good looking. His wavy black hair is very beautiful in the eyes of some, He may be rather short in stature, but he is very athletic. Tumbling and softball are his specialities. "Rudy" always seems to be in a hurry. l wonder where he goes. Could it be that some fair one is waiting for him? How about it, "Rudy7" Track, Musical Club AGATHA FRITZ Bristol, Conn. "Gathie" July 8, 1922 "High erected thoughts .seated in a heart of courtesy" "Gathie," with the pleasing disposition, courteous manner and very neat appearance always has a gay "hello" and cheerful smile. After graduation she plans to enter the business world, and with all her fine ability we know she'll succeed. Girls' League vig- ne.- Page 74 - fl . , ,., Aff N is r a.a . is llnl S if .f, ' Q Xilljilh f THERESA GALLE New Britain, Conn. "Terry" April 4. 1922 "Charms strike the sight, merit wins the soul" Theresa is double in her fortune. She has two nicknames "Terry" and "Tess" and two ideas-in-nucleus for the future-f business or teaching. Like "Richard Cory" in the poem, she is always "quietly arrayed" and "human when she talks" which is another "double" for Theresa. We'll follow up that with "double" wishes for success in her career! junior College Clubg Girls' League ORLANDO DOMINIC DOLCE Saint Catherine, Italy 'iCurly" August 4. N22 "Oh for a living man lo lead" Whenever there appears a smiling face neatly crowned by a lot of "honest-to-goodness" black curls, that do something to certain people, we can be sure it's "Curly." Virility is one of his earmarks. for "Curly" has lent a helping foot to the Cross-Country squad as well as to a basket-ball team. We hear he's a whiz at Commercial Law, too, "Curly" hasn't as yet picked any vocation, but whatever it is, we're sure he'll excel in it. Varsity Track and Cross Countryg Basketball f OLGA ALEXANDRIA GARDAUKAS Waterbury, Conn. "Auggie" April 22, N23 "I see you have a singing face" "Auggie's" devotion to her studies leaves us all amazed. She is a true disciple of the Muses. Music, singing and dancing are included in her interests. Besides that we're told "Auggie" is a competitor of Kathleen Norris in short story writing. With so many fields of en- deavor, "Auggie" should gain permanent success. Girls' League CASIMIR RAYMOND DYGUS New Britain. Conn. "Red" August 22, V923 "The red-gold hair" Dygus is the tall, handsome red head. Whenever you meet him, he always has a big grin. Perhaps that is the reason he's so popular. Besides excelling in his studies, he also starred on our baseball team last season. We all expect "Red" to go far in life, but we wouldn't be surprised to see him in the "big leagues" some clay. Baseball: Basketball SOFIA BEATRICE GIANNINOTO New Britain, Conn. january 22, l923 'AFor the wander-thirst is on me And my soul is in Cathay." Soha is a well known young lady with dark wavy hair, whom you see a good deal of in the library lending a helping hand as an assistant. Her chief ambition is to travel. Sofia p ans to enter T. C. C. in the fall and whatever she is planning to do afterwards you can be sure she will do well. Girls' Leagueg junior College Club: National Honor Societyg Library Page: Red Cross Club: Senior Girl Adviser: Officials Club Vice-president img- ine. Page 2 5 is ff 1 ms xx Z N B H S 'ir wil ANGELINE .IEANNE GIATTINA New Britain, Conn. 'iTillie" May 15, 1923 . . When ill, we call them to attend us" "Tillie" has a great ambition to be a nurse. It was because of this ambition she followed the nurses training course in high school. lt's ii noble undertaking, " lSiIlie," and we have no doubt that you'll suc- ceetl. National Honor Society, Girls' League NILO MARIO FACHINI Plainville, Conn. "Lefty" April 10, 1922 "A versatile man always has a place in the world" His leadership on the gridiron this past year is one of the many achievements "Lefty" has accomplished in his career in school. I-le scored equally well on the Basketball and Baseball teams. "Lefty's" sportsmanship and popularity have endeared him to his many friends. Future plans include college and a government position. 1-lere's luck to a man's man. Football, Baseball, Basketball IRENE CONSTANCE GIERYMSKI New Britain, Conn. "Renie" November 8, 1922 "She comes, apparell'd like the spring" 1rene's clothes have always been a source of envy to her classmates. She is very sincere, harboring no traces of affectation. She enjoys ice skating and playing the piano. Whatever she has accomplished during her time at high school is due to her individual endeavor. She aspires to the honorable profession of teaching business subjects. The best that the future can hold is wished for her by all her acquaintances. Girls' League, junior College Club, Red and Gold Review Repre- Sentative LEO JOSEPH FANIZZIE New Britain, Conn. 'iFuzzy" March ll, 1922 "Mighty to inspire new hopes" Leo's nickname made him famous. just how he came by it seems to be one of the biological mysteries. Anyway, "Fuzzy" is a short, dark he-man who likes school, but likes out-door sports better. For the last three or four months he has been pushing the pins around in the bowling alleys. We hope one of those balls doesn't catch him un- aware one of these days. LUCY DORIS GIRAMONTI New Britain, Conn. "Lu" September 24, 1922 "Discourse, the sweeter banquet of the mind" Outwardly, "Lu" is a quiet, serious girl, but those who know her better, find her a delightful companion, and an amusing conversa- tionalist. Let opportunity show itself, and Lucy will not let it go. Her favorite pastimes are skating and dancing. "Lu" plans to enter lVloody's Secretarial School upon graduation. Her efnciency will prove an asset to any employer. Girls' League 1 0 vig- ne. Page 26 f. X f i t we li, f 117.9 1111 S if? " his ff NORMA ELLEN GLASLE New Britain, Conn. " Norm" -Iuly 8, 1921 "Art alone Enduring stays Io us" Art is Norma's main interest both in and out of school, for she is a member of the Art Club and intends to go to Art School alter gradua' tion. Her blond locks and cheery smile will always make her popular with all! Badminton and tennis rank high with her. With so many interests. her success is secure. Girls' League: junior College Club. Camera Club YALE MONROE FENDELL Brooklyn, N. Y. 'Fondoolei' August 8, 1923 "Wfinged words" Yale Monroe Fendell is undoubtedly one of the schools leading exponents of vibrating personality. At the present moment, it is lvfr. Fendells burning desire to enter the United States Coast Guard Academy. To those who doubt his ability, it may be said that despite his occasional laxity, he is capable of attaining his desire. Vice-President of Rostrum and Gavel Club JUNE AGNES GOODRICH New Britain, Conn. "Richy" February 4, 1923 "Friendship . . . The nohle minds delight and pride" June has an unlimited number of friends, which is the result of her pleasing personality and her ability to get along well with everyone. Friends aren't junes only asset, however. Schoolwork and other taks which confront June are taken care of easily and with good judgment. gl une is planning on entering the business world after graduation. and we are sure that success will be hers. National Honor Society1 Senior Girl Adviser: Girls' League: Usher JOSEPH WILLIAM FIELD Middletown, Conn. "Medow.s" December 25, 1923 " His interests are like the wind, always changing" ls there a hunter in the audience? Yes sir, and here he is! A fellow well trained in gun tricks. Much of "Medows" time, however, is spent pushing loaves of bread around in a bakery. We're in the dark as to his future ambitions, but heres hoping they're successful! Young Mens League FRANCINE BARBARA GREENSTEIN New Britain. Conn. "Fran" February 19, 1924 "And 'tis joy that moves the pinion When the wheel of time goes round." "Fran" is that girl whom we see running through the corridors with a fraternity pin and ring. Although she never took her studies too seriously, we know that when she is clown in Brenau College, Ga.. she will come through with Hying colors. Girls' League: Past Treasurer of the Girls' League, Amphion Club, Girls' League Representative loilfg- ine. Page P N N 1.9 f S sf K F X is dfllitlh 1 RITA MARY GREGORY New Britain, Conn. March 17, 1922 " 'Tis toilfs reward that .sweelent industry" h Rita is very conscientious about her work but also leaves time for lun. During her three years at high school, she has made many friends. Upon graduation from Senior High, Rita is considering an ofhce job. Girls' League HAIGE JOHN GARABEDIAN New Britain, Conn. "Haig" October 15, 1922 "Frugalily is Fortunes Left Hand" "Haig" is one of the few good musicians in the high school. ln fact he's an all-round music man, singing in the Glee Club, playing a violin in the orchestra, and the cymbols in the band. MHaig," although not a pinch-penny, manages to keep his money where he can see it and have it for future use. Success to whatever you take up as your life work, uHaig." Glee Clubg Orchestrag Band MARGARET DOROTHY GROBSTEIN New Britain, Conn. "Peg" October 13, 1923 "Shes pleasant to walk with, -Shels witty to talk with." "Pegs" gentle eyes and soft brown hair give proof of her sym- pathic nature and friendly ways. Good comradeship is always Grst with "Peggy" and her recompense is scores of friends. "Pegs" next "Alma Mater" will be T. C. C., and we wish her happiness always. junior College Club, Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser ROSARIO SALVATORE GAROFALO Middletown, Conn, 'ARosie" October 11, 1921 " He who leads must succeed" "Rosie" is the well-known curly-haired boy from the college town of Middletown. He has been with the New Britain High football team for two years. He has plenty of spark and zip on the held, but during the fall he must have been day-dreaming about Mill uCalifornia," when he collided with one of his team mates, and was out of condition for a while, He has a way with the opposite sex, probably because he looks like Clark Gable. "Rosie" is well-liked by his school members and his teachers too. He has now entered Fafnir University. Good- luck, brother. Football '39, '40g Young Men's League MARY ALICE GUILMETTE Canada 'iGilly" june 5, 1921 "Those locks as aptly twin'd Whose every hair a soul doth bind." Some may think of "Gilly" as a "pensive Nun" but her friends know her better as a "goddess, fair and free." Which is your true character, "Gil1y," the extrovert or the introvert7 Probably you are one of those fortunate creatures with the right amount of each! When you have started on your career of hair dressing, you can use either depending on your customer! Best of friends and best of luck! 37- 9 vig- ne. Pune X 57 rf A 1. , N 1 V e xi 1 f .1 i l ii S X -V .- .g i X. x r' y .,..,.. .- XM vi Mlllhl' RUTH ELAINE GUSTAFSON Struthers, Ohio "Gusty" April 3, 1922 "Sincerity pervades the whale being" Due to Ruth's pleasing personality and sincerity, she is always surrounded by several of her many friends. An ardent football fan, she goes to all the games and does more than her share of cheering. Ruth has followed a Commercial Course in School and we wish her success in the business world. Girls' League WILLIAM JOSEPH GEORGE New Britain, Conn. .july 13, 1922 "Play up, and play the game" William is one of our most consistent athletes. He has been out for football three years, and baseball two years. Heres some proof that N. B. H. S. is living up to its athletic inheritance! What will it be in the future, William, professional sports or amateur sports? Good play- ing through all your life. , Football '38, '39, '40: Baseball '39, '40 SHIRLEY JUNE HALL New Britain, Conn. June 17, 1923 "And the waves bound beneath me as a sleed Tha! knows his rider" Shirley feels most at home when she's hoisting the sails of her trusty craft in anticipation of a day on the water. This sport has brought out her patience and persistence, which will prove a valuable asset in any field which she may choose to enter. Girls' Lcagueg Amphion Club, Badminton Club WALTER PAUL GERENT lvlorochow, Germany "lWally" lvlarch 22, 1922 "Silence is golden" "Wally" is a very quiet and shy fellow, who has very little interest in the opposite sex. He is a very studious person and we're sure he will make good in any held he enters. His ambition to be an engineer will surely be fulfilled. With such foresight and ambition prevailing in "Wa ly" we are sure of his success. Stamp Clubg Chemistry Club: Glee Club, Young Mens League AGNES IRENE HALLORAN New Britain, Conn. "Ag" April 19, 1923 "How the wit brightens" What will high school do without Agnes's wit and genial ways? We are sure that her charming manners will gain her as many friends and successes in the future as they have in the past. Agnes loves to day-dream much to the consternation of her teachers. Orchids to you Agnes, for your excellent performance in the Class Night Play. We wish you every happiness in the future. ' Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviser, junior College Club, Banquet Committee, Class Night Play Bidi?-ang Page zo X aw ,Z at N IB :it 1 X ,if xy N Ili. N lib- Nkx f N 41 JEAN MARGARET HAWRYLIK New Britain, Conn. "Gam" May 25, 1922 "joy to the Tollern Jean plans to be a nurse and her qualities seem to be "tailor cut" for that profession. She is thoughtful and industrious. "Industry fills the hive and reaps the honey," -jean, and we know you will have your share of the harvest. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser RUDOLPH DOMENIC GHEZZI New Britain. Conn. "Nickey" March I, 1924 "Music and menfmy total world" Rudolph might turn out to be a second Fletcher Christian and visit some of the Polynesian isles. Well, at least he plays the guitar if that's any indication! Rudolph has had an excellent scholastic rating, especially in history and this proves music isn't his whole life. Aloha, Rudolph, and future happiness. Young Men's League ll-ll S v DOROTHY ARLINE HENNINGER New Britain, Conn. "Dottie" .june 27, l923 "For surely they're sincerest Wfhc are strongly acted on by what i.x nearextu When social affairs are mentioned we notice "Dottie" hecomcs interested and alert. Are you planning a career as a receptionist, or is it just your popularity in the "socia whirl?" Good times await you ahead, "Dottie," with your interest in people! Girls' League RAYMOND CHARLES GIEDRAITIS New Britain, Conn. "Ray" january 23, 1923 " He doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus" "Ray" has been a Titan all through high school. Not only in height but in his accomplishments-mostly in mathematics. How does it feel up there, "Ray7" In the future "Ray" will be designing homes for our graduates. To increase his dexterity, he is taking a course at Hart- ford Art School, Saturdays. "Ambition knows no bounds." Chairman Prom Committee, Class Night Playg Photography Clubg Young Mens Leagueg Golf Club NORMA HENRIETTA HERWIG New Britain, Conn. " Norm" October 25, 1922 "Thy modestylv a candle to thy merit" "Norms" friendly good-natured ways have won her numerous friends both in and out of school. She is always up-to-date in her work and deserves the good marks she has received. We are certain that "Norm" will find happiness in her future life. Girls' League, National Honor Society Page zo X f -n .Q ,IH X , Alililil 0 LEONA FAYE HORWITZ New Britain, Conn. "I ee" lfebruary Zo, N23 M Her glossy hair is cluslerlf o'er a brou' Bright with intelligence" Three years of high school have proven very prohtable not only for "Lee" but also for all who have made her acquaintance. She not only has maintained a very excellent scholastic record during this time. but has proven to be a very valuable friend, and her read wit and willingness to be of assistance have made days brighter flor many. Besides leading her class scholastically, she has been very active in club work, and we are confident she will continue to be a leader in college and her community. The best of luck "Lee," and may all your aspirations be fulfilled, Amphion Club Secretary, junior College Club Treasurer, Girls' League, Class Night Committee Chairman, National Honor Society: Class Night Play RAYMOND ALBERT GINGRAS New Britain, Conn. "Ray" .I une 9, 1023 "0 Cousin. what a handsome lad" Some people claim Raymonds nickname is "Ray" but we think it's "Energy" Where did you accumulate all that active electricity. "Ray7" We would like to know the formula! Perhaps the formula has something to do with getting homework in on time. Do you know "Ray7" At any rate, this vitality should help you in the future. Young Mens League LAURA LOUISE HOTCHKISS New Britain, Conn. November lo, i922 A'The way to a manlv hearI!" Hurrah! Laura is going back to womans original and best kingdom the kitchen. Nothing delights her more than to bake and sew. Another joy which is also connected with the so-called "womens world" is Laura's love of taking care of children. Good luck for your future, Laura. CARL NORMAN HOLMBERG New Britain, Conn. "Norm" -lune I2, l923 "Silently he makes his way" Entering the halls of this illustrious institution, "Norm" gained the reputation of being an all round good fellow. "Norm" always finishes everything that he starts and does it well, so teachers and fellow students alike have found that he's dependable. Although he is a quiet person, he has a good sense of humor. With such qualities, he should be a successful person in later life. National Honor Society, Golf Club: Young Mens League GRACE ELIZABETH HUMPHREYS New Britain, Conn. "Betty" lvlay 9, IQZ3 "A cheeqful life is what lhe Muses love" lf you're looking for a ready smile, a cheerful worker. or a friendly disposition, "Betty" is the girl. "Betty's" pleasing personality and overwhelming popularity have placed her as a favorite among the students. She is one of those students who can be seen at every social function and still maintain the high marks. i'Betty" plans to enter lvlary Washington College in September. We hope that her success will be as continuing as it was in N. B. H, S. Senior Adviser President, Girls' League, Junior College Club Qwuffa- QM. Page 3 1 tif? , - t 1. ,J i . . f . . i 0 X X,- X-x Ar N B I l'll S ff f is DOROTHY JAKOBOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Dottie" January 7, l923 "Small service is true service" Theres never a dull moment in "Dottie's" life. Her services to the school have proved valuable and numerous. This willingness to serve unselhshly coupled with her many other accomplishments will be the stepping stones to her future success and happiness. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser, Y. W. C. A. WALTER WILLIAM JABS New Britain, Conn. "Wally" january 24, 1923 "In sports and journeys men are known" Swish! Forehand drive by jabs! Walter's favorite game as one might have surmised is that of tennis. His talent in the sport is by no means limited and Walter has made the most of it. A familiar sight at the ball courts is Walters smile when he is playing with several chums. Don Budge and Fred Perry, here comes your match! Tennis Team: Young Mens League JEANNE ELIZABETH JOBERT Manchester, Conn. "jeanne" April Zo, 1923 "A soaring spirit is the Muses' prime delight" Jeanne is one who studies only when necessary and enjoys herself in a happy-go-lucky spirit the rest of the time. Her future plans are unknown to us, but with such an outstanding personality cannot help but come out on top. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser PAUL CARL JAKOWENKO Lawrence, Mass. "Shadow" September 12, 1922 "A man of parts" "Shadows" unfailing good humor has won him a long list of friends, in both sexes. During his stay at high school, he has concentrated on art. Good marks have been his reward. Outside of school, "Shadows" passion is pool. We hope you stay clear of the notorious "8" ball, "Shadow." Young Men's League MARGERY VAN PATTEN JONES New Britain, Conn. "Midge" February 8, 1923 "The gypsy eyes of a caged frivoiityn Because of her glowing personality, "Midge" needs no introduction to most of us. With a smile on her face she has Hitted through her high school days as one of our most popular girls. "Midge's" dry humor is amazing, and when coupled with her sudden spurts in classwork, which show how really well she can do. We are sure of her success both at Katherine Gibbs and afterwards. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser: Class Night Committee: junior College Club PM 32 Zciig- piece. fl f , 1 4'4'x rj, Mitt I PAUL DAVID JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. March 2, l923 "A quiet mind and deep" Although Pauls reticence has prevented his becoming well known, his advancement has been steady and secure. Indeed as someone once remarked, "It takes a great deal more electricity to make a light than to make a noise." Noise to the agressive, eh Paul? Paul has been in the Glee Club since tenth grade, and his talents run along that field. Glee Club, Young Men's League ALICE BLANCHE KALASKY New Britain, Conn. "Allie" July b, l923 'Beholding the bright countenance of truth in delightful .stua'ie.i" Alice is both serious and full of lun---serious about her studies and future ambitions, and full ol fun during her leisure time. With such a balanced personality, there is no doubt that she will be most successful. Girls' League ROBERT JOHN JURGEN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" january 15, l924 "Speed furthers ambition" "Bob" is known by his golden curly locks, which can be seen almost anywhere in school. He is always cracking "corny" jokes and is for- ever laughing at them by himself. We hear he is to start Morse Business College immediately. Well, heres hoping for your success in the busi- ness world, 'iBob!" Amphion Clubp Golf Clubg Bowling Club, National Honor Society: Young Mens League, DeMolay ELIZABETH KARLAMES New Britain, Conn. "Betty" February 12, l922 "Great is journalism" "Betty" is a small girl who doesn't have much to say, but is serious in her studies. She is a lover of sports, especially ice skating. Although she has received special honors in bookkeeping, her ambition lies in another field-that of journalism. With "Betty's" ability and our sincere good wishes, we know she will attain success as a journalist. Girls' League: Pan-American Society HOWARD MATTHEW KIELY New Britain, Conn. "Butch" june 5, 1923 "Be jocundu "Butch" is not big, but his pleasant personality makes up for this. He ,is an ardent lover of sports, and every summer Ends him a player of basketball or, in the fall, a player of football. To our big little athlete, we give the best luck! Young Men's League ai? ML C1633 if N B HOWARD CHARLES KINKADE New Britain, Conn. "Howie" November 12, 1922 ' "Subtle wit betokens intelligence" Behold the oracle speaks! No, not with the slow, didactic tone, but with an ambiguous meaning. "We seek all day ere we find" the second meaning, and lo! gentle satire comes to light. Howard's humor is dr : one doesnt "guffaw" at his witticisms, but enjoys them immensely just the same. Howard has always been well liked by both students and teachers, and this double edged sword should help him in the uture. Young lVlen's League MARGARET HELEN KERN New Britain, Conn. "Kernie" April 28, 1923 'AAnd with unwearied fingers drawing out The lines of life from living knowledge hid." Margaret is the perfect secretarial typestall, blonde and efficient. I-ler record at school is one of the best, being a member of the National Honor Society and having a host of friends and admirers. We know that she will succeed in her chosen field. Glee Club, National Honor Society, Representative of Girls' Glee Club Page 34 ibK,Z ' 1 g., af , s f 54 if ll S iii I ARNOLD EMIL KLUKAS New Britain, Conn. September 15, 1922 "Man progresses through learning" Arnold Klukas is one of the outstanding members of our class. He has received honorable mention in several subjects, and is a member of the National Honor Society. Before he graduated, Arnold was working part time, and the pros- pects are that he'll continue, so here's luck to you! Young lVlen's League, National Honor Society MARION OLGA KING New Britain, Conn. "King" January 30, 1923 "Reason is the mistress and queen of things" "Kings" silence on the subject of her merits is amazing! "King" should make a good reporter for she always has the correct facts in class. This facility will serve you well in any field, Marion. Another help in fields too-numerous-to-mention is "Kings" handwriting. lt is clear and distinct-and we hope your spelling sets this "jewel" in the right setting, Girls' League WALTER WILLIAM KOWALSKI New Britain, Conn. "Red" February 13, l922 "Theres dignity in labor" "Red" is the fellow with the merry countenance and friendly ways. We'll always remember "Red" as a true student, and therefore, one who receives high marks. He has been exceptionally active in extra- curricular interests during his allotted years in high school. 'iRed" hopes to be a salesman for one of our ocal factories, and we'd say "Red" will do well in a position of this kind. Young Men's Leagueg Civic Forum, National Honor Society, N. S. T. . 1027- ine. fl X .WXMF 'gi x Af N B 'ijfff S if T 'Vg' X fn drills JOHN A. KWASOWSKI Poland "jamie" -lune 25, 1022 "Thou shinest in my eyes, oh figure of might" "jonsie" is of fairly short stature, and loves to drape his frame with a green sport jacket. He is a scholar, but is better known for his imper- sonations ofjerry Colona. He likes to do sleight of hand tricks and play around with his old Ford. "jonsie" received his nickname from Coach Shea, because he got tired of tryin to pronounce his full name. "jon- sie" is easily identified by his checked green sport jacket and his Ger- man haircut. He was a member of the varsity football team for two years. Footballg Art Clubg Prom Committeeg National Honor Societyg Art Editor of Beehive FLORENCE ANNA KOHANIK New Britain, Conn. "Flo" july 15, 1923 "I am a great friend to amusemenlsu "Flo" is one of our more quiet young ladies, but nevertheless she has made a wide circle of friends during her time in high school. She is interested in many different sports, perhaps ice skating more than any other. She has held her own as a business student, and this should prove helpful in her future life as a secretary, Girls' League RAYMOND ROBERT LANZA New Britain, Conn. "Ray" june 15, 1924 "A table talker rich in sense And witty without wit's pretense" Oh, ho! lf it isn't the Beehive's Business Manager! Besides working on this publication, "Ray" has been active in numerous clubs. Not written or recorded, however, are the far more important things of wit and popularity. "Ray" has never been turned into a "bundle of worries" by his studies but has gone joyfully through high school and emerged a worthy member of the National Honor Society. He is with- out doubt a fine example of the "golden mean"-and we do "mean golden"Afor that's his disposition. Amphion Club, National Honor Society, Member of Band: Bowling Clubi Young Men's League: Business Manager of 1941 Bee-Hive STELLA DOROTHY KOLODZIEJ New Britain, Conn. " Klodgu February 6, 1923 "To lieal, and nursesthat is my life" 'iK1odg" wants to be a nurse! Not only that, but a good, keen. thorough, "A-1" nurse! Her sympathetic nature may have influenced her choice of a career. We hope you have lots of business, "Klodg," as long as we aren't part of it, Girls' League FRED JOSEPH LARESE Meriden, Conn. "Private" June 23, 1922 A'There's something about a soldier" Known as "Private" Fred Larese to his schoolmates, we're sure he'll be a Captain in Uncle Sam's Army yet. Enlisting in the National Guard before graduation he has shown his true Americanism. Master of wit and humor, "Romeo" to the girls and active in extra curricular activities, his whimsical attitude has often amused his teachers. So good luck "soldier". Treasurer Civic Forum, Young Men's League, Camera Clubg Reporter of Civic Forum img- rf. Page 35 N I Wi X ,Z if N B Rib , Nil X11 LUCILLE KUZINEVICH New Britain, Conn. january 6, 1923 MAmbili0n has no rest" As an example of ambition and someone who knows what she Wants, heres Lucille! During her days at high school shes made a head start on her career and she is now almost a full fledged hairdresser. A'New coiffures for old," for any who wish! Congratulations to a fledg- ling who has taken to wings early! JOSEPH THOMAS LATINA Sicily, Italy "Slim" September 9, 1920 "Work, the curer of all ills" "Slim" is a quiet fellow but this hides his true self. Being a plugger, his ambitions are sure to be fulfilled. His star in life is the position of a mechanical engineer in the coast guard service. His popularity among the members of the student body is shown by the fact that he is the treasurer of the Young Men's League. Lots of luck. "Slim." Young lVlen's League ELIZABETH LORETTA LAMPRECHT New Britain, Conn. "Betty" October 13, 1922 "Music and Gaietyg Friendship and Loyalty" ln the midst of any gathering you will surely find "Betty" listening to someones problems and lending a helping hand. Among her many admirers is a certain handsome fellow, her constant escort about town. "Betty" loves music and she spends much time at her piano composing and making new arrangements. With her artistic ability she plans to manage her own Hknicknacku shop. Good luck "Betty" in all your ventures. Girls' League, Chorus WALTER DAVID LEAVITT New Britain, Conn. "Wally" July 14, 1923 "To one so noble" Among the famed to appear in the lime light of the future will be Walter Leavitt. As one gazes in the crystal ball, and looks upon this distinguished member of the National Honor Society, he sees that "Wallys" future is filled with the appreciation of music and literature. Will he be greeting pupils with a "Bonjour, mes amis" each day in a class room, or will he be ordering a secretary around in a business ofhce? No one knows, but one may say that for this lad there will be no downfall. He is energetic, generous and ambitious. Yes, one may truly say tharitiour class motto, "Ambition leads to success" fits "Wally" to 3 . Amphion Club, Speakers Club, Class Night Play, National Honor Society, Library Page, Chairman of Motto Committee, Editor-in- chief of Beehive, Young Men's League GLORIA HELEN LANZA New Britain, Conn. "Glo" lvlay 14, 1923 "Modesty gives merit strength" Gloria is a quiet, unassuming person, whose membership in the National Honor Society proves that she has not been idle during her high school career. Those who have Gloria's friendship amon their prize possessions are many. Her climb to success in business wii start immediately after graduation, as she has a job waiting for her at Stanley Rule and Level Company. National Honor Society, Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League, Usher Page 36 Z - 74 . il , ff N B alll Tian? if xx ,. N Qllllilx ELEANOR VIRGINIA LARSON New Britain, Conn. 'AEllie" August 4, 1923 "A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage" Eleanor is the blithe sort of person whom everyone enjoys being with. She manages to keep all her work up to date and still have time to be popular, especially among those of the opposite sex. Eleanor hopes to become a model and those who know her will agree with us that she should find success in this Held, Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League RAYMOND EDWARD LEONARD New Britain, Conn. "Ray" December 29, 1922 "A Diamond in the Rough" "Ray" is not outstanding in scholarship but he is great in his own way. While here he has made a great many friends of the other sex and just as many among the boys. His good nature and mannerisms are placed far ahead of his personality which in its own way is unique. He has a heart of gold and shows it when anyone is in need. Young Mens League EUNICE SHAYE LEVINE New Britain, Conn. "Euny" October 3, 1922 "Art alone is eternal" "Euny's" artistic tastes aren't limited to the classroom, but are carried out in her clothing and general good looks. Although she is rather quiet, she has many friends both in and out of school. We are sure that if she does go into art as a career, she will surely be a success. Girls' Leaguez junior College Club: Senior Girl Adviser, Usher JOHN BENNETT LINDSAY New Britain, Conn. "Cham" June 27, 1922 "Pens and pencils everywhere, but not a one for john" We read about Vachel Lindsay in our English books, but we prefer ,John the' penless. Our class is prepared, our test is prepared, and our teacher is prepared. Up goes a hand. Yes, it's john, penless again. Can it be that a certain young red haired girl at the other end of the room has such power as to make john forget such trivial matters as pens and finals. in the period of dreams? Oh, well, we all have trying times! Glee Club MAE ANN LIBERATORE Meriden, Conn "Libby" August ll, 1923 "All the joy that you can wish" "Libby" is a petite Miss who makes up for her hei ht by being a full o feet tall in jollity and pep! While in high school she has been active in the Girls' League. She intends to put all her energy into office worlli and any employer will be fortunate in securing so industrious a WOT 'Cl Girls' League we Wa ageg f f N B ef i l-l S if EXE 75 fl s f 5? I f bgxsyglgf if liz ' wi! " ' ,rf Sssaf' -X A alillkix JOHN ALVIN McCARTHY New Britain, Conn. "jack" August 31, 1922 "While bright-eyed Science watches round" jack is often known as the "mad chemist" for he likes nothing better than to experiment with all those mysterious substances of the chemical world. Well, jack, the borderline between genius and mad- ness is supposed to be a narrow one. We think you incline towards the former because of your accomplishments. By the way, could you con- coct a tablet so that we might learn French irregular verbs more easily' Your fortune would be made! However, as far as high school days go jacks fortune is made, for he is the winner of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute award for excellence in mathematics and science, National Honor Society: President of Chemistry Club, Chess Club: Bowling Clubg Banquet Committee: Young Men's League DOROTHY ALMA LINDBERG New Britain, Conn. "Dot" May 30, 1923 'AThe voice so sweet, the words so fair" lf it's true that a Usoft answer turneth away wrath" there should be no troubles in "Dots" life. ln her serene unassuming way, she has studied to such an advantage that she has become a member of the National Honor Society, "Dot" plans a career as a secretary. With her accuracy, intelligence and neatness, she should be very successful. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviserg National Honor Society MICHAEL STANLEY MICHAELS New Britain, Conn. "Mickey" july 25, 1921 "Love on through all ills" "Mickey" is an aimiable chap who has established a record in high school as a Don Juan. Why wouldn't he, with all that blond curly hair! But, wait! "Micke " is a "mans man" too, You seem to have an all-round education, "lVlick!" Good luck in your future as a machinist. MILDRED AUGUSTA LITKE New Britain, Conn. "Millie" February 13, 1922 "A quiet spirit" A quiet spirit indeed! Mildred has always been known as demure! However despite this silence, friends flock to Mildred. Silence is helpful for who of us hasn't been talked to death! Much happiness always. Mildred. Girls' League VICTOR E. NAHUNCHIK Hartford, Conn. "Vic" December 9, 1922 "Sports above everything" Victor is a king of sports and sports reigns king with Victor. This combination should make "Vic" one of the city's best athletes. Victor, through his high school days, has paid scant attention to the proverbial "fairer sex," but he may change his mind some day. Meanwhile, his humor and good fellowship have won him a high place with the students. Secretary of Young Mens League I 7 mg- na. FILL 35 fl lg 79? N B sl 1 XY 'yi ll'll S if? , . if M- 1. ,c , X ., , , , sa 1 Willis HELEN MARIE LOUGHEREY New Britain, Conn. October 2, 1923 "Silence is the perfeclest herald ofjoyu Helen is quiet. To be sure, when she is with a group of girls, no one can match her pep and wit--but to the outside world she retains her title of a perfect lady. Her classmates have found her a most sym- pathetic friend-always ready with a smile and encouraging word. We're sure she will be a success on whatever road she chooses to travel Director of Social Activities, Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, junior Red Cross Club, Class Night Play WILLIAM JOSEPH NAUGHTON New Britain, Conn. "Bill" February 4, 1923 A' His talk is like a stream" "Bill" is the kind of a boy who is destined to be a great journalist or debator. His "gift of gabu is above the ordinary, and without a doubt he could talk an Eskimo into buying a refrigerator. "Bill is a conscientious student, a hard worker, and well liked with a nature thoroughly crammed with humor and wit galore. We'1l be watching for you, "Bill," Young Mens League, Camera Club, Red and Gold Review, As- sistant Editorg Civic Forum, High School Reporter for the New Britain Herald, Business Manager of '41 Beehive. VIRGINIA RUTH LUEBECK New Britain, Conn, "Ginny" October 1. 1923 M Her personality oulshines the brightesl star" Virginia is that very popular girl with a captivating personality. Morse Business College is her goal at present. She has always done well in her school work, and if her future depends upon her success here, she has no need to worry. Right now her interest lies in Hamden, especially in one of its citizens. We wish you success, Virginia, in whatever you do. junior College Club, Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser ANGELO ARA OHANNESSIAN Watertown, Mass. "Angus" October 12, 1922 "A penny saved is a penny earned" Did you ever hear of "Thrifty Angus?" Well, here's "Angus," but that's not saying how thrifty. With great facility he makes all the ladies comfortable, and it only takes him 30 seconds to do so. 1 hear the gentlemen gasp with admiration: "How does he do it7" To such inquiries we disclose the secret. "Angus" is an usher in the Embassy Theatre. He has completed three years of work in the business course, and someday hopes to use this knowledge to great advantage. So in passing by. let's say 'iGood luck to you, "Angus," HELEN ELIZABETH MAGNUSON Waterbury, Conn. "Maggie" january 26, 1923 " 'Tis good-will makes intelligence" During her stay at high school, "Maggie" made an excellent record, and her unassuming attitude concerning it, only makes it shine brighter. The National Honor Society recognized her worth and made her a member, "Maggie" is very active in church affairs as well as school. We're sure you'l1 win out in your career of secretarial work! National Honor Society, Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser f fm Page 3 . Q- A Xi ffllilsx D J LAVERNE ERMA MAHALEY New Britain, Conn. November 30, 1922 " No nobler feeling than this, of admiration for one higher than himself" This athletic looking young lady leaves us rather breathless with her liveliness. Are you a friend of i'Diana," goddess of the moon and of hunting, Laverne? You are both admired and have a pleasant out- door look. Laverne, however, is coming into the hustle and bustle of the city in the future, for she plans office work after graduation. Senior Girl Adviser RICHARD PETER PAJEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Dick" September 22, 1923 "1 sing ofthe man and arms" ln the tenth grade 'iDick" had trouble getting a start, when he discovered he was "a man with arms," he used them to such an ad- vantage that his latest marks are resplendent with high numbers. While in high school, "Dick" has taken and given enjoyment by playing the violin in the orchestra. After graduation "Dick" intends to take a post graduate course, and, incidentally finish i'Latin S." Future plans are not quite certain for "Dick" but for the present "Vale!" Orchestra, Young Mens League ESTHER KATHLEEN MANGONE Cromwell, Conn. October 24, l923 "Silence is the mother of Truth" No one has ever seen Esther idle. Her intelligence is remarkable, but not half as remarkable as her modesty concerning it. Her report card is always a row of "A's." We all know that the height of her ambition is to become a teacher and we can't think of anyone better equipped to find success in this field. National Honor Societyg Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League, Of- hcials Club President, Rostrum and Gavel, junior College Club, Usher STANLEY A. ZUKOWSKI Bristol, Conn. "Zuke" March 20, l920 "Kindness in marble" Stanley, better know as "Zuke," has been an outstanding student in the trade school, where he studied the tool and die trade. His pop- ularity with fellow students is shown by the fact that he was elected by a "write-in" vote, president of the Athletic Association. "Zuke," who s hobby is photography, spends most of his spare time working at it. Anyone feeling down-hearted would surely cheer up after being waited-upon by Zukowski at the candy booth. He will be missed. DOROTHY MAE MANZ New Britain, Conn. "Dot" ,Iune 25, 1922 "Buy joy while thy purse yet swells with golden Youth" We know "Dot" as a lively person. Yes, and more than that, A'Dot" fills the description of ujest and youthful jollity!" Friends? Of course! Her group is ever growing larger and we know it shall in the future. Girls' League .. .lefgg WM- 'ix . rf N ii H. si H S sf , ffl 'if , r JN Zjltli X 4 ANN C. MARRATTA New Britain, Conn, "Ru.sty" May 2, 1022 "A cheerful temper will make wil goo.l-naturetf' "Rusty" has gone through high school days sowing seeds of friend- ship by her carefree ways. Cheerfulness, too, has won her many friends. We know youll be flagged in a winner, "Rusty" Girls' League CARL JOSEPH PEPE New Britain, Conn. "Pep" ,June 2. 1022 " He loves to taste all flt1i'0r.v" "Pep" has had a few difficulties in deciding his course, so he tasted them all. Which do you like best, "Pep," commercial, general or college? A'Pep" is not exactly what his cognomen implies, for he is in- clined to takes things casually and in a matter-of-fact way. We need a few quiet chaps like you, Carl, in this radical world. Young Men's League CELIA SUE MARTINELLI Torrington, Conn, A'Babe" january 23, 1023 "ln each cheek appears a pretty dimpleu "Babe" is short and dimpled, and the possessor of a clever wit which is a source of amusement for her many friends. "Babe" is un- certain as to her future plans, but she has our best wishes for success in whatever Field she may chose. Girls' League MARTIN JOSEPH PESHKA New Britain, Conn. 'AMarty" October l, 1022 " He goes far who never turns back" Although Martin has been ill for nearly a year, he came back to school full of vim, and received some very high ratings. Were the nurses an inspiration, "Marty7" No doubt they were, Martin is one of our "shy-but-friendly" chaps, and we like people like that im- mensely. Much success to a grand fellow! Secretary of Stamp Club, Chemistry Club, Treasurer of Rostrum and Gavel Club, Young Men's League CONCETTA IRENE MASCIOTRA New Britain, Conn. ulreneu February l7, 1923 'The hand that follows intellect can achieve" Irene is a small, dark girl with an everlasting twinkle in her eyes. Her spare time is spent on broadening her intellect by reading, and her name may be found on the roll of the National Honor Society. Upon graduation she plans to venture into the Held of business where we know she will find success, Cirls' League, National Honor Society, Officials Club f - 97234 I H E- . f , A fr N B 'ai it H S ,r X Yi fulfil? fi HELEN MIHALYO New Britain, Conn. February 18, 1923 'K Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty" Helens shyness in the classroom is misleading to those who don't know her well, for her friends know that outside she is a lively person in any group. Her studious habits have placed her name among the members of the National Honor Society. Helen is destined to find success and happiness in her future life. National Honor Society, Girls' Leagueg Bowling HOWARD LEOPOLD PFEIFFER New Britain, Conn. i'Fife" August lo, 1922 "A quiet man and a master at his art" "Fife's" theme songs ring with fellowship and genial fun, for "Fife" is a "bachelor-at-heart." Therell come a da , "Fife!" His first love is basketball and he plays often at the Boys Club. "Fife" loves to take his time. Whoever got anything by rushing about, eh "Fife7" Business holds Howards future. May you be a tycoon! Young lVlen's League ELSIE NATALIE MUT New Britain, Conn. "Zeke" january 10, 1923 "The glorious need of popular applause" Perhaps the reason for Elsie's great popularity, is her wonderful ability to lend a helping hand. Of course, one must not overlook her charming personality which makes it easy for her to mix with any group. She does her work willingly and having this attitude toward life, she will surely succeed in whatever enterprise she may undertake. Home Economics Clubg Girls' League JULIAN CAESAR PONCINI New Britain, Conn, ,july 4, 1923 i"1'wo flowers upon a single stalk, two hearts that beat as one" Caesar, a fellow with ideas, has won for himself many friends in both students and teachers with his happy-go-lucky manner. He is an active member of the Civic Forum and the Bowling,Club, but his main interests lie in aeronautics. Caesar's another fellow who wonders why homework was invented but nevertheless he gets along all right. We sincerely hope to see him succeed in his chosen field. Civic Forum, Bowling Club BARBARA HELEN NATZKE New Britain, Conn. "Bob" january 27, 1923 "The nurse's tongue is privileged to speak" One might say that "Bob" is an answer to a teachers prayer be- cause of the fact that she always has her work in on time, She is a girl on whom one can rely. This probably accounts for her being a worthy member of the National Honor Society. "Bob" doesn't believe in wasting any time, for she has decided to become a nurse, and has already been accepted by the Bridgeport Hospital, We have no reason to doubt that "Bob" will succeed in her chosen profession. National Honor Societyg Girls' Leagueg Bowling Club , H x ,A ' 'rl iii' fl fx M . NT. ' N 1 X' it H S ff h ' -l K. ,gal V JN .lylmx 4 ANNE LUCILE NICOMEDE New Britain, Conn. "Nicky" September 13, 1922 " Humor hasjuslly been regarded as the .hnesl perfection" Here we have a pleasant personality compounded with neatness and a sense of humor. Anne is fond of interior decorating and from what we hear of her ability we are sure that she ll succeed in this chosen career, Girls' League CEDRIC POWERS, JR. New Britain, Conn. "Ceedsy" May ll. 1923 HA student and a friend" 'iCeedsy" is a tall, lanky fellow with a rather serious attitude toward his work. But that doesn't make him somber indeed not! for "Ceedsy's" geniality is well known. His serious side though, has brought him good marks-especially in mathematics. Good fellowship ranks high with Cedric, and his friends consider him a "good fellow." With this trait we know you'll make the grade. Young Mens League JENNIE THERESA ORZECKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. lvfay 21, 1922 HA woman needs a stronger mind than her own for counsel- .the should marry" -lennie. it seems has the perfect career all planned, She is engaged to be married--the first in the February Class of 1941. jennie seems very wise in selecting now the ultimate future of most of us. You have a head start, blennie, and best of everything. Girls' League CHARLES PRUZANSKY Brooklyn, New York "Charlie" january 10, 1023 "Thou hast seen nothing yet!" "Charlie" was born in the big city that is where his heart lies. His ideas are big, his heart is big, and his future is bigger. As a friend, 'Charlie' is the best, and his driving personality endears him to all those with whom he comes in contact. He loves to travel and knows how to handle himself on such occasions. We can't help but feel that "Charlie" will come out on top. Civic Forum: Radio Club: Young Mens League MARY TERESA PAMPURO New Britain. Conn. "Lenny" October 20, 1923 "ll"'isdom and goodness are twin-born" lvlary is one of the wise for she says little but Ugives everyone her ear." She is a person who attracts friends with little effort for her quiet and reserved habits make her a most likeable girl. She strikes a happy medium for she is not shy and neither is she boisterous. We wish you success and happiness. Mary. Girls' League f - UML lhigu 43 ,,,,,, lil S x q f N B K if iff . by I V ktxk TQ L t 5, P M it CLELIA ELEANOR PALAzzo New Britain, Conn. "Clara" September 18, l922 " You will swim without help" i'Clara" should be a member of the Defense Program. Her co- operation would be a good example to these who strike when working on government orders. "Clara's" cooperation is not empty, however, for she is helpful and manages to accomplish much. An employer will welcome you, "Clara!" Girls' League LEO STANLEY PULEK New Britain, Conn. "Lee" September 29, 1922 'ATime is my estate" "Lee" is one of those boys who liked High School so well that he stayed for five years, instead of the usual three. He is famous for the various stories he can tell, but don't worry, they weren't always true. He had a pastime of visiting Mr. Gilbert's commercial Arithmetic class the second period every day to see a certain brunette. We don't exactly know "Lees" plans for the future, but we wish him luck any- way. Track '38, '39 CLARA MARY PERUZZI New Britain, Conn. "Clare" January l0, 1922 "And .she hath smiles lo earth unknown" 'iClare" is the attractive young miss seldom seen without a smile. Page 44 She is an ardent lover of sports, and especially football. As for the future, "Clare" expects to enter Teachers College in September. Good luck in whatever field you choose, "Clare." Secretary and Treasurer of the Archery Club, Girls' League, .Junior College Club EUGENE ROBERT PUSKARS Hartford, Gonn. "Gene" May 29, 1922 "A friend both wise and true shines like fire upon a rocks high top." Although born in our rival city, "Gene" is a Hardware Cityite through and through. He is tall, good-looking, and clean cut. A real American boy. "Genes" record of work in the Art Department has been outstandin . He is a person who one can't help taking a liking to. This quality will help him go forward in the troubled world of today. One summers training in the C. M. T. C. has helped discipline him tczg the modern world. Your fellow graduates expect big things of you ene. SANAM NANCY PETERS New Britain, Conn. 'A Nan" April 29, 1922 "For smiles from reason flow" Sanam is that small diligent worker we've all seen in the Library. Her scholastic efforts have been rewarded by membership in the National Honor Society. She is one of our many prospective Teachers College students. junior College Club, Secretary of the Rostrum and Gavel, Girls' League, Library Page img- ina f JP' fi xxx- f f C- 1 V' c ii N 1- I , ii s sf his SHIRLEY FRANCES PETROSKI New Britain, Conn. "Pei" February 4, 1923 "Women of light and leading" Ah, here is an alert member of the Archery Club! She shoots other things besides arrows in a straight line, for her geniality has hit the bull's eye in the target of many friendships. "Pets" arrows also leacl the class-fi uratively, ofcourse. She is well liked and deserves respect so many hold for her. "Pet" plans to be a nurse-perhaps she may think one of her shafts will slip and wants to be prepared! Seriously, Shirley, we hope you always "shoot straight" and gain warranted success, Girls' League, Archery Club RICHARD LEO RABINOWITZ New Britain, Conn. lvlay 2, 1923 "A dark exterior shone through with inner light" Richards low voice and dark hair are misleading. With these one expects a Byronic nature and a "spoiled brat" attitude toward life. Richard is just the opposite-unassuming and quietg and it's this reticence concerning his merits that makes them seem greater. His grades are all excellent as proved by membership in the National Honor Society, and his Chemistry marks are best. This must be "your field," Richard, and we wish you the best of everything. Progressive Chemistry Clubg National Honor Society MARY ELSIE POPOVICH New Britain, Conn. "Poppy" October 29, 1923 "Happiness seems made to be shared" This happy?-lucky senior is as popular with the boys as she is with the girls, henever you feel depressed you can always find the silver lining after a chat with her. "Poppy" plans to attend Business College where she will major in her "beloved" subject, stenography. We wish you luck in everything. Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum FRANK PHILIP RAIMGNDO New Britain, Conn. "Doc" july 17, 1922 "ln crafts lexcelu Frank is known to all as a "whiz" at typewritin , and naturally his marks in that subject are excellent. However, isn't going to "pound" a typewriter for a livelihood, but plans a future as a tool and die maker. Music and sports have occupied spare time at school, outside of a good "bit" of study. Trackg Cross Countryg Varsity Clubg Glee Club RUTH WELLS PORTER New Britain, Conn. "Ruthie" December 28, 1922 "Cookery is become an art" "Ruthie" has been a source of envy to many of us because of her unusual clothes. The most remarkable part of this, is the fact that she makes these clothes herself. Added to her ability at sewing is that of cooking and the other domestic arts which she has mastered. However, her ambition lies in an entirely different field-that of secretarial work. The cleverness which she has already shown in one field should prove a guarantee for success in the other Field. Girls' League imasfw ., Ex -, ' Lf' S. I T 3, 'N 3 ws.. -lf H S if 1 fm 31 Ml i Wi? FRANCES RATNER New Britain, Conn, A'Faye" November 18, 1922 'AA lender smile, our sorrows' only balm" "Faye" is our class red head. When one sees a comely Miss with flaming tresses and a load of books one can at once recognize "Faye" Although people with red hair are supposed to be tempermental our "Faye" is an exception to the rule, She has chosen teaching as a pro- fession, she will undoubtedly succeed. Girls' League Representative: -lunior College Club ELMER ERNEST RHODE New Britain, Conn. March 20, 1922 " He was so generally civil" Elmer is the chap who "whips" back and forth to Barnesdale in nothing flat. Which is the shorter way, Elmer, to or from school? Out- side of school hours, Elmer is active in many sports, and especially skating, Also. he is a movie "fiend" Oscar Lavant and you, eh Elmer? Future success in everything. Page 46 BERNICE REBILLARD New Britain. Conn, "Bernie" December 31, 1921 "All the worlds a stage" Drama is the end and aim of "Bernie's" existence, The fact that the stage means more to her than her school work, does not dull her zeal in having it in on time. The perfect part for "Bernie" would be lively. lovely Rosalind in the Bards MAS You Like lt" because she is just that herself. May you continue playing leads throughout your life! Glee Clubg Girls' League JOHN FRANCIS RIVERS New Britain, Conn. "jack" September o, 1923 "I enjoy every moment" Wa-a-l. if it isn't Hijack!" l-1e's the fellow whos so good natured! His lanky form tends to bear out his easy-going ways. We're told "jack" drives a lot and does an excellent job as a chauffeur His career, however, has little to do with cars, as he plans to enter the held of business, Young Mens League DOROTHY EDNA REINHOLT New Britain. Conn, "Def" December 30, 1922 "An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow" Oh, is this a convention? No sir! 1t's just "Dots" friends who are eager for more of her vivacity and wit! She applies this liveliness to both her studies and clothesfand emerges with high marks and chic apparel. Social activities take up much of "Dots" time outside of school. Good times and good fortune always, "Dot!" Girls' League img- pne- it N ia i ii s ff 411159 HELEN ESTELLE RENOCK New Britain, Conn. "Renny" December 15, 1022 "1 count only the hours that are serene" Helens sunny disposition and vivid personality have caused many to seek her friendship She is studious, and her work is always done completely and promptly, which entitles her to have the best results. She spends her leisure time attending the movies and skating. Her future interest is to become a buyer in a department store and with her intelligence she will reach her goal. Best of luck, "Renny." Girls' League SAUL ROTH New Britain, Conn. "Rui" October l2, l92l "Better late than never" Saul is very much interested in pharmacy and will probably be one of our up-and-coming future pharmacists. He really is a plugger and lets nothing stop him from accomplishing his ultimate goal. He is quite the man in the social world. Ask the ladies. He loves to read, especially the newspapers during the English Class. His many in- future days. FRIEDA DOROTHY ROGERS Granby, Conn. "F'rilzie" February 25, i023 "The march of intellect" Intellectual, popular and very studious is Frieda. Her classmates admire her for her Hne sportsmanship, Membership in the National Honor Society is but one of the many distinctions she has thus far achieved. With personality envied by all, we know that she will suc- ceed in the business world. Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviser, National Honor Societv JOHN STANLEY ROZANSKI New Britain, Conn. "Stan" May 5, 1922 "Who mixed reason with pleasure" "Stan" will always be remembered for his interests in music and art, These interests were furthered by "Stan's" active participation in both the Glee Club and the Art Club. "Stan" used his school hours to a great advantage and received excellent scholastic ratings as a result. Good luck to a fine fellow! Glee Club, Young lVlen's League, Art Club MARION ELIZABETH ROLLINS New Britain, Conn. January lb, 1923 "Trouble is small, fun is great" Marion is the girl with a worried expression. Now, let's see, Marion, is that money in the bank or are you unprepared for school work? lf your worries are about the fate of the world, Marion, be calm,- we're sure you'll come out on top. Girls' League ini? pne- terests will probably make him a grand community worker in the Page 47 x x c i fa : l 2 fr N B H J ll ll'll S el? X- i Q 'ff llsij ' I 'Y k '- " mllllltx LORRAINE CATHERINE ROUSKIE New Britain, Conn. "Larry" August 2, 1922 i'TI1e smile of her is like the dawn. Oh, see where wide the golden sunlightflowsln Hurrah, here's Lorraine! Did someone ask whv we were so exu- berant? Well, Lorraine has instilled in us such a love of fun through her devotion to jollity, that we just can't help it! We might term Lorraine the Mfrolic wind that breathes the spring" for she is always so merry. Keep up your genial wa s and cheery appearance, Lorraine! This deep founded sense of good Fellowship and humor will be an aid always! Girls' League ALFRED WILLIAM SARRA New Britain, Conn "Fred" November 18, 1922 'Arr is my life" "Fred" seems to have found the place where his talents and in- terests combine, and he must have found out early. The reason is he has been taking Industrial Art all through high school. Such perse- verence must mean interest, and "Fred" has that. Will it be Industrial Art in the future. "Fred," or another field? Success in everything. ELVA ELLY RUND New Britain, Conn. MEIN" February 20, lQ22 "Good nature is afull purse" HEI" is a good natured type of person wherever she may be. Among her many interests, ice skating seems to rank first place, uEl's" mind at present is being distracted by the attentions of a certain ambitious gentleman from Hamden, Conn. Carloads of happiness to guide her through life. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser FRANCIS SCHUPACK New Britain, Conn. "Doe" july 2-1, l922 "Mix me a strong portion" "Doe" is a swell fellow but to hear his voice one would think he was as big as his good heart. He plans to enter a Pharmaceutical School which means we shall soon have music with our pills. "Doe" no doubt plans to open a super drug-store where you can get everything from soup to nuts except medicine. "Doe" has a good line, but no hook or sinkersg nevertheless, he seems to catch many fish. We'll be seeing him in the hopeful future. Musical Club, Glee Club, Young lvlen's League SHIRLEY HELEN RUSH New Britain, Conn. "Rushie" August 5, i923 "ln the dance Her steps are of light, her home is the air" "Rushie" as her name implies is usually found flying around the school. She has accomplished much during her three high school years. She is a good scholar, loves to dance and also plays the piano well. "Rushie" plans to work after her graduation and she has our sincerest wishes that she will find success in the Held of her choice. Girls' League Page .8 - 0726. iff N B X X Y dr lldll S rf sw S 12 fi A XV XJ! MN HELEN RYMSA New Britain, Conn. "Winnie" May 7, l922 " Humilily, that low, sweet root, From which all heavenly virtues shoot" Helen is one of the quieter girls of the school. However she always has a smile on her face and a cheerylgreeting for every one. She is fond of dancing and sports of all kinds. elen wi l undoubtedly be a success in the business world. HAROLD ALBERT SEIFEL New Britain, Conn. " Har" August 12, i922 " Happy is the man who is carefree" "Har" is a happy-go-lucky fellow who has acquired a taste for music recently land also for girlsj. He is very sociable and is willing to help a friend in trouble, "I-lar's" not very tal ative, but once he starts a conversation, you're in for a good recital. His ambitions are buried 'way down in his pocket some- where, but we'll see them soon. Glee Club LUCY KATHERINE SARGIS New Britain, Conn. August 27, 1922 " 'Tis !oil's reward that sweetens industry" Accuracy is a minor passion with Lucy, and as may be imagined, the work is a joy! In other things, Lucy ' wears well" and long. "The friends thou hast," no doubt, are Hgrappled to your soul," Lucy. Your capacity for work will have its reward in the future. EDWARD SHOREK New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" August 6, l92l "More work, less play" "Eddie" is a good reliable friend if you understand him. To dis- agree with him would just about start a temporary war until he cools off and then says, "Well! No two people have the same ideas about things." He is unmoved bv the other sex, appreciates good movies, classical music and books. He is always up-to-date on the daily happen- ings of the world. We're not positive what field "Eddie'lI" enter but the best wishes of his friends go with him. FLORENCE CLARA SCHENA l New Britain, Conn. "Shena" june 28, l922 " .... That to know Things hid and barr'd you mean, from common sense, Ay, that is study's god-like recompense." Florence is a natural born scholar. She is tall, dark and the possessor of a contagious laugh. She is a student and secretary of the National Honor Society. In her leisure hours you can usually find her in the movies. Her ambition is to become a private secretary and we know she is very capable in the Field, She will be greatly missed as she is the life of our c ass. Secretary of National Honor Societyg Girls' League Representative '-7-veit? fm Page 49 x so 1 " i X s 1 -it N B it li S iff ftlllllk ELAINE EVELYN SCHMIDT New Britain, Conn. "Smitty" August 19, 1922 "God hath sworn to life on high Who .sinks himself hy true humility" "Smitty" is outwardly quiet but those who know her best find her an extremely pleasant person to know. Her kindness and thoughtful- ness have won her a wide circle of friends. She is also a lover of sports and excels in many of them. Her grand personality insures her a happy and successful future. Girls' League HAROLD WILLIAM SLATER New Britain, Conn. "Hal" May 15, 1922 "Give me the sound of the merry -Eddle and a floor to stamp my feet on" "Hal," as most of his friends call him, is a quiet, tall, good looking fellow, over which many a girl has lost her heart. A man of very few words but, with an urge to get ahead, "Hal" works in the First National Store. "Hal" is another one of those fellows who collects "canned" music, mostly on the line of swing, his favorite band being "Artie Shaw." 1-lis future plans are definite and we know he will be very suc- cessful in his later business ventures. Young lVlen's League DOROTHY ELIZABETH SCHUSSLER New Britain, Conn. "Dot" February 3, 1923 "0 lovely eyes of azure, Clear as the waters of a brook that run Limpid and laughing in the summer sun!" 'l'all, blond and brown eyed is a concise physical description of "Dot." She is the kind of person every one would like to have as a friend. She is dependable, sincere and would do anything for a friend. lce skating, bicycling and the theatre occupy most of her spare time. "Dots" ambition is to enter and conquer the business world. Best of luck, "Dot." Girls' League HOWARD FRANCIS SMITH New Britain, Conn. "Smitty" September 13, 1922 "What nicer things than women?" A nice clean cut fellow who didn't do much all the way through school but worry. "Smitty" could be seen coming down the hall lugging seven well-fed books, on his way to meet a little Miss whose name everyone knows. We have no information about his furthering his scholastic activities, but we're sure if he does attend an institution of higher learning, he could worry his way just as easily there, as he did here. A very likeable person, this "Smitty" JEANNETTE ANN SHIMANSKY New Britain, Conn. "Shimmy" February 27, 1923 "Work goes bravely on" "Shimmy" is the good-natured young lady who has gained many friends through her witticisms. She has an ambition to be a private secretary in a large office. If she keeps up her splendid work in years to come, we are sure that she will attain success in her chosen field. Girls' League Page 50 - pne- XXX, , ,ff tis, Q. ,Vg tiki ' I A . N Q .-" 'E 1 X if N B xi VS9 .'i.'24-'BQ lv SN lzilfllih BARBARA JEAN SHURBERG New Britain, Conn. "Betty" August 24, N23 "One that loves and laughs must sure do well" Barbara is the girl whose gay laughter you hear above the others, She can also be identified b her inability to remain still when there is music around her, especially swin . But don't get the idea "Betty" isn't a serious girl, for she is, The Fact that she graduates with honors is evidence of this and of her scholastic ability. She intends to go to Smith College. Although Barbara isn't certain about the profession she wishes to enter, we all know that she will be successful in whatever she attempts. National Honor Society, Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser: Press Club, junior College Club, Usher: Banquet Committee ALGERT ALBIN STEPONAITIS New Britain, Conn "S!eppy" December 18, IQZZ "Let us follow our own lighlxn "Steppy" seems to have had some difhculty making up his mind what his chosen field would be. He switched from a Commercial Course to a General Course while in eleventh grade. Did you decide that business held no charms, "Steppy?" Lately he has been getting good marks in Commercial Law. Perhaps this is what "Steppy" will do in the future. At any rate, much success! KATHERINE SIRICK New Britain, Conn. "Kate" November 28, 1922 " .... Whose bright eyes Rain influence" "Kate," the little girl with the large brown eyes and brunette curls, walks into the classroom always prepared, even though "Jimmy" does occupy a great deal of her time. "Kate's" future plans are to Gnd an ofhce position wherc we know she will succeed, Girls' League MARIE MARILYNE SITZ New Britain, Conn. August l2, l9Z2 "The good must associate" Marie is a fine example of what a good citizen should be. During her high school days she has been an active member of the Civic Forum and in it she proved her ability. So you wish to be a Senator, Marie, or will you be satisfied as a member of the House of Representatives? Good luck in any field, Marie! Girls' League, Civic Forum HELEN STELLA SOLEK New Britain, Conn. December 9, i921 "Such joy ambition Ends" Besides having a pleasant disposition, Helen is industrious, and has proved this by holding three different positions and devoting her time to work, while most of us were thinking of play. During her years at school, Helen has acquired a large number of friends, who consider themselves fortunate to have known her. Girls' League MZ W- fl af N 1121 .M 1 141 s sf . xx, ,gg tp I 1, QQ! , 1 if Wills GENEVA MARIE STANIEWITZ Wethersfield, Conn. "Gene" November 10, 1922 "Vaulting ambition" Although Geneva is short, she is known to be very popular among her friends. A typical high school girl, she is interested in many acti- vities. During her high school years she has made many friends and we know she will continue to make more during her lifetime. "Gene's" ambition is to be a success in the business world and we all hope she will achieve this aim. National Honor Society, Girls' League WALTER BARCKLAY STEVENS New London, Conn. November 21, 1922 "A wit, an actor, and a man" Although off stage, "Wally" is often playing his favorite role of the "Melancholyjacques," he sometimes allows his wit to shine through those heavy clouds that cling to Atlas's stormy brow. Walter is at his best then and nobody can stop his humor. His ability as an actor, which first showed signs of future promise in junior high school, has continued throughout his high school days as he has played numerous parts in plays in the community. Walter also has moments when he dabbles in poetry and literature. Who knows, perhaps "Wally" is an Orson Welles in-the-making. Whether it be the stage or not, may you have the best roles-especially "sunshiny" ones! Trackg Poetry Club ELSIE ANNA STEIN New Britain, Conn. "Allie" july 29, 1923 "Our usual manager of mirth" The description of a model high school girl would fit "Allie" Her interest and ability in sports is above the average. She wears ideal clothes and her natural wavy hair is always well groomed. Although you can constantly hear her laughter, she is serious about her studies. Elsie's nne qualities will give her success in her ambition as a typist. National Honor Society, Girls' Leagueg Motto Committee, Senior Girl Adviser JOHN STOFAN New Britain, Conn. "Tour" September 25, 1922 "Friendship is constant" "Toar" likes the movies, his hobbies are the camera, and the radio. He is shy, but not quiet. He only has one ambition, and that is to own a Buick Convertible Coupe. At present, he is helping his father, who has a grocery business, but "Toar" doesn't intend to stay with him- he plans to start some sort of business of his own. Good luck, -Iohn. Young IVlen's League MARY STOFAN New Britain, Conn. july 17, 1921 A"The glass of fashion" Nail, nails, nails! We don't mean doornails but Chinese mandarin nails! Mary is an authority on them and sports them in well painted glee! She is alert in other things besides this gentle feminine art and popular with all. Good luck, long nails. and anything else you desire! Girls' League Page 52 - pne- X , A D. 525 , T ' uf N i, Rigs ii s at if 0 L' MY' 'flfll-A" JEAN MARY TALBOT New Britain, Conn. "jeanie" November 25, l922 t WV., "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business" "Jeanie" is a lively specimen here. there and everywhere, and her sparkling personality has won her many friends. Though studies play an important part in her school life, "jeanie" still finds time for fun. One of her chief ambitions is to become a piano teacher, and with her Hne abilities we know she'll be successful. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser BERTRAND LEE THOMPSON, JR. Mt. Vernon, N, Y. "Bert" january lb, i924 "By his prowess, ye shall know him" "Bert" is a fellow with personality, and is well liked by young women as well as young men. He is good for a laugh at all times. "Bert" is well known as a football player as he was a member of the "40" football squad. Out of school he is a member of a few basketball teams and a lover of sports. Football '39, '40 RUTH IRENE THOMA New Britain, Conn. "Ruthie" June 24. 1923 "The midnight of her hair" Oh envy of envies! "Ruthie" is the possessor of dark curly hair! More than that her sweet nature makes us feel she's worth this gift all the feminine world desires. Petite "Ruthie" plans to be a typist. All happiness, Ruth. Girls' League WALLACE WALTER TRAVERS Bridgeport, Conn. "Wally" .january 2l, l923 "O star-eyed Science" Whenever vou see a well-dressed man with a serious look on his face walking down the hall, you will know it's "Wally." Being serious and ambitious he spends most of his time at his studies, but when he starts batting a ball around on the baseball diamond, look out!! He's casting his eyes on T. C. C. now, and some day, he may be telling the yimunger generation how to fill test tubes, so here's luck to a future ience teacher! Baseball l. 2, 3, Basketball l, 2 FLORENCE ANNA TOMCZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Flo" january 22, lQ23 "The sense of honor is a jine and delicate nature" i'Flo" is the possessor of an unusual sense of humor which is a source of amusement for her host of friends. She shows amazing ability in solving problems, Her main ambition in life is to get married. We hope this ambition will be fulfilled. Girls' League Qaeg- QM. RN A ,. , , K X' 'f . t t sf ii 'B 1 . ii S ix lk KD Xl ROSALIE CATHERINE TRAPASO New Britain, Conn. "Russ" November 9, 1922 H Kindness is wisdom" Rosalie is a quiet and serious minded person who hopes to go to Hawaii some time in the near future. Right now she spends her time listening to Hawaiian music and plucking her mandolin. We wish you luck as a bookkeeper. Girls' League MERWIN ROGER WENZ New Britain, Conn. 'iSquee" August 10, 1922 "A man's profession is his own" Merwin is otherwise known to his friends as "Squee," why or how he acquired a nickname like that we'll never know. In his classes he is always well prepared and able to enter into any discussion. Outside of school he is good-natured and fun loving and a l in all is one grand guy. His present ambition is to go away to school and learn the job of undertaking. Why he would want so morbid a job is beyond us, but we're sure he will be a success in whatever profession he follows after leaving high school. Young Men's League, Press Representative, Pan-American Club MARY PHYLLIS VASQUEZ New Britain, Conn. 'AMair" October 19, l922 flustice is truth in action" Mary has derived the full benefit of her school studies as is proven by her membership in the National Honor Society. Her future success in life is guaranteed by her willingness to work and capability of se- curing results. Girls' League, National Honor Society ROBERT GEORGE VILE New Britain, Conn. "Red" January l5, 1923 'AA woman is a woman, but a good cigar is a good smoke" "Whats the story?" is the trademark of our virtuoso of baton swinging. "Red" gives the impression of being quite in the dark about studies, but with a baton he sees the light. As head man of the school band, "Red" has acquired no mean reputation as a baton twirler. His forwardness of speech, especially where money is concerned, and his propensity for joking and wisecracking, make "Red" one who will remain in our memory. Track, Major of Band '38, '39, '40g Musical Club, Young Men's League CECELIA AGNES WASKOWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Ceil" March 24, l922 "Let those who will, be clever" Here's "Ceil" and likewise a fun loving tomboyl This genial trait of being a disciple of laughter has accumulated many companions. i'Ceil" is also clever in school work. Blond hair and a sunny disposition will keep you always on success's side of the fence, "Ceil." Girls' League Representative 1065? 9716. N no ,f N is is ii s if ,Z an L 1 with f CORA MAE WHIPPLE New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" May 20, 1923 "May you have congenial friends" "Pe gy" wouldn't be "Peg y" if she didn't have a sweater to knit. She will be long remembered ir her cheery disposition and Gne sense of sportsmanship. 1-lere's luck to you "Peggy" and when you begin to knit your life's pattern, may you never drop a stitch or have to unravel your work. Senior Girl Adviser: Girls' League: Civic Forum RUSSELL WESTERGREN New Britain, Conn. "Russ" May 10, 1923 "The mildest manners with the bravest mind" "Russ" is a good natured, well mannered lad, whose chief ambition is to amass a small fortune and retire. He makes a "swell" friend but seems to 'shy off" the girls. Why? just one of lifes mysteries. We'll probably be hearing more of you later, so good luck until then! Young Men's League MARGARET ROSE WIECEK New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" September 11, 1922 "A jokes a very serious thing" What a perfect personification of "pep appeal" we have here! "Peggy" is alert and will fit in with her career as telephone operator! Outside of passing on to others the spirit of her genial ways, she spends her time in sports4especially ice skating. 1-low're the bumps and bruises, "Peggy7" Good skating all through life! Girls' League Representative, Red and Gold Review CELIA IRENE WOJTERA New Britain, Conn. "Wedgie" january 17, 1923 "Seeing only what is fair, Sipping what is sweet" "Geil" is a person who has a smile for everyone. Because of this, she has made many friends here in school, and we know she'll make more in the remainder of her life. Her ambition is to join the ranks of such stars as "Lily Ponsu and "Grace Moore." We'll be seeing you at the "Met" someday, "Celia," Girls' League CELIA MARY WOSCZYNA New Britain, Conn. "Ceil" january 5, 1923 "The noblest mind the best contentment has" "Ceil" appears to be the quiet type, but those who know her be- lieve differently. She is a good sport, full of fun and wit, and makes her friendship valued by all who know her. "Cei1's" favorite pastime is dancing. Her ready laugh is very contagious. We sincerely wish her every bit of success in carrying on the work she will undertake. Girls' League img- ana. asm xlt X ii A. iff" ,V ., . f ' XX Q A l i - i A of N is H S ,f NL! I Y 'lll l ART' V' fs'T MATTHEW STANLEY TARNANOWICZ Buffalo, New York December 30, 1921 "Steadily he climbs the mount" Matthew has taken his place among us as a chap well prepared. This preparation is his fine start in life by having both good marks and a pleasing personality. Matthews chief ability lies in mathematics and science, and he's proved himself a good student in the Field of elec- tricity. Don't get too close to the protons and electrons, Matthew! 1Give You My Word Dark Eyes . Mac Narnaras Band Little Girl . You Think of Everything Where Was I . You Made A Touchdown In M Ohljohnnyl . Tales of Vienna Woods I Hear a Rhapsody . 1'm a Bad Boy . The Lady With Red Hair You Made Me Care . Trarnping Of To Camp My Tapestry of Memories Our Last Night Together Therell Be Some Changes Made Make Yourselves at Home Liberty Bell . lt's Only a Year My Ideal . My Greatest Mistake . Chatter Box . You're Lovely to Look At Song Hit Heart . To Mother on From Night Celia Martinelli High School Band Rosalie Trapaso Teachers Giving Exams National Honor Society . 1940 Football Squad . Terry Nicolini Willow Brook Park at Night Graduates Singing Alma Mater . joe DaQuilla Francis Ratner Ann Maratta Draftees The Beehive Graduation Night Mr. Shears Line Up Freshmen Dismissal Bell Sophomores Miss McGrail Non Graduates Girls in Mr. Sallee's English Glass . . Girls on Prom Night By Theresa Nicolini Section 326 Grade XI I2 1 5 Pagrfifi 7 T22- ef N B I it . X 5 -,L 4 I e A, 4? : Ut lI'lI S X I ' I W XX L' ffllllili Mid-Year Class Night Exercises l. Overture 2. Greetings . ,.., john Lukens, President 3. "Happy Days" Act I ..... by Members of Class a Comedy in three acts 4. Music 5, "Happy Days" Act II 6. Music 7. Presentation of the School Banner 8. "Happy Days" Act III 9. Music Music by the Senior High School Orchestra under the direction of Frederick Mirliani, Director Overture In a Chinese Temple Garden Womens Trio a. I Surrender, Dear b. I Give You My Word Orchest ra Arrangements by Miss Tilley Trio: Marion Davies, janice McCarthy, jean Tilley Piano Solos a. "In a Mist" . . b. "Sophisticated Lady" . Edward P. Diemente, of the Graduating Class Medley of Waltzes . . Edward Clark, a real-estate promoter Edith Clark, his wife . . Lucile, their elder daughter . Betty, their younger daughter . Paul Patterson, a young architect Mrs. Ida Fuller, a social leader . Orchest ra "HAPPY DAYS" Characters Lawrence fLarryj Day, Mrs. Fullerls nephew, a wealthy young New Yorker Geneva, the Clark's maid . Herman Brown, in search of a wife Rosemary Smith, a romantic .Spinster Kelelbey Popular Songs Beiderbecke Duke Ellington Irving Berlin Walter Leavitt Helen Loughery Leona Horwitz Elizabeth Crum Raymond Giedraitis Agnes Halloran Walter Fletcher, jr. Virginia Scripture Roland Casperson jean Burckhardt CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE Leona Horwitz, Chairman Roland Casperson Margery jones Edward Diemente john Lukens Celia Waskowicz CLASS OFFICERS john Lukens, President Virginia Scripture, Vice-President Gladys Ely, Secretary Walter Fletcher, Treasurer 1 49 Page 58 5 Q it f H l fi V N ll T , f ll S Sli. if im, 1 ., .-,f, ,CI x4 M i P T W T in t X X Fkllc X if- . f - Sig A!-Ax' lllllfilj, , t yi, tlll 1 iQQV,Nfi. . ll I XXX , 335 ---- saasiiiiiaii.. i filgisv , MENU Fruit Cup CeleryfOlives--Pickles Roast Turkey with Dressing and Gravy ANQUET Mashed Potatoes Buttered Peas Cranberry Sauce Rolls Coffee lce Cream Cookies TOASTS Xl' 'elcome The T he The The The "Employees "Clerks" "Managers" "Board of Directors" "President" . i'Our Files" "Prospects " , "Stock Disposal" . klohn Carlin, Toastmaster Roland Casperson Edward Diementc Barbara Shurherg john Lukens Mr. Vincent Sala john McCarthy june Allen, Agnes Halloran, Eunice Levine . . Gladys Ely, Margery jones, Virginia Scripture GUESTS OF HONOR Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sala Miss Marion Hoar Mr. and lwlrs. Frank James Miss Edith Adams Miss Millie McAuley Mr. Gustave Carlson lvlrs. Amy C. Guilford Mr. and Mrs. G. Davis Chase Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mirliani BANQUET COMMITTEE -john Carlin, Chairman xl une Allen Elizabeth Crum Gladys Ely Agnes Halloran Nl oh n McCa rt hy CLASS OFFICERS xlohn Lukens, President Virginia Scripture. Vice President Gladys Ely, Secretary Walter Fletcher, jr., Treasurer ' W 4 L4tZJf2c2,5fL'fL,- f7'ZLf.f4'Q! ' L! JZLLE P f Ll 1 7 17 4, R. il' N B ,Ml ll-ll S iff X "Vg K' fflflllk Mid-Year Class Will HE MANAGEMENT of this store, in reviewing the assets and liabilities for the last three fiscal years, and after taking due inventory thereof, hereby bequeath these bonuses and gifts upon those worthy. Be it known also, that all taxes, city. state or federal, will be exempted, and we therefore leave the whole of these benefits to those following: 1. To room 47 we leave such laboratory equipment that hasn't been tampered with "by our predecessors." 2. We are having cushions put on the chairs in the auditorium so that studious study pupils may recline with greater comfort. 3. To Miss O'Brien, the school nurse, we leave sufficient serum to combat any future epidemics. 4. To the Administration, we leave a track team to catch the class cutters fif there are any left on our departurej. 5. We extend to Erwin Parlow a five year lease as business manager of athletics. 6. With regret, that we must leave the gifted lady in room 21, we take with us a portion of her humor for future reference. 7. We leave a tablet inscribed with famous friendships, such as Damon and Pythias, and add to it the noteworthy names of Agnes l-lalloran and june Allen. 8. To room 35, a drape from the art room for "Oscar" and a bottle of "Evening ln Paris" to offset the formaldehyde. 9. We take Edward Diemente and his witticisms with us and leave the teachers to look forward to a drab future without him. 10. The Cafeteria will be equipped with a revolving track where empty dishes and bottles may be put to be deposited directly in the Kitchen. 1 1. We leave sound proof walls to the science rooms so that the students in other classes may study subjects other than biology. 12. The beauty of Eleanor Larson and Agatha Fritz is given to such capable custodians as Betty Ann Brierley and joan Flanagan. 13. Thirty minutes will be given for the students to rest after lunch before going to class. 14. Norman Holmberg leaves his noisy studious habits to that very quiet Robert Rackliffe. 15. The girls of the class leave their discarded rompers to the next years football squad with the hope that their equipment will not be stolen. 16. We leave to our successors, the last Mid-Year Graduating Class, a promise from the Board of Health to let no epidemic interfere with their class activities. 17. The corridors wou1dn't be the same without the "Rustic" of Naugh- ton, thus we take pity on the faculty and leave without him. 18. Frank Conlon and Margie jones leave their meeting places in the various nooks and corners to the next qualified couple. 19. Margaret Bailey leaves her red hair to Marjorie Van Valkenburgh to develop her temper. 20. Walter Fletcher's unfailing exuberance and good fellowship is left to Omar Contois. 21. Ray Lanza's ability to extract money from the seniors for the Bee- hive is left to the june business manager. fPoor dearij 22. Nilo Fachini's ability to speak is bequeathed to the coming football Page 60 - ana. captains. -.f FW Q , X . -' 7 ff N is sf H s f x . bllxw rf 23. Now that Betty Humphreys is graduating she leaves the girls of the school greater peace of mind concerning their young men. 24. William Naughtons ability as a reporter goes to Siegburt Kaufman of the "Red and Gold Review." 25. Leona Horwitz has consented to leave her studious habits and high average to those struggling to make the National Honor Society. 26. Peggy Grobstein leaves her curled bangs to Frances Phipps. 27. Robert Jurgen leaves his way-with-the-women to Charles Hickey. 28. John Kwasowski's talent and cooperation as an art student is left to the chairman of the next year's Prom committee. 29. Betty Crum mournfully gives over her standing invitation to study fso she saysj in room 328 to Julia Nemrod. 30. John Luken's popularity is to be distributed among any young men of the school who desire to be leaders. 31. Howard Smith's ability to "get by" is to be left to those in the June class who made need it. 32. Gladys Ely leaves her enthusiasm for Burns and Browning to those who enjoy "Western Thrillers." 33. And, we hope to take Bickerton with us. To the Library the following books are left by their respective authors? Famous Tackles-Football and Fish . . . Joe Sideranko Hookey vs. Hockey . . . Russell Naughton Leisure Hours Well Spent . . Fred Bickerton The Art of Make- Up . . . Agnes Halloran A Bit of Nonsense Now and Then Edward Deimente A Hero I Have Met . . . Betty Crum Loves Old Sweet Song . . . . Margery Jones - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Ifonder . Francine Greenstein When Do We Eat? . . . Robert Jurgen Listen, The Answers . Beverly Conn Medals Won . Jack McCarthy Essay in French Walter Leavitt Wearying For You' . Walter Stevens Money Talks Ray Lanza We Live to Die . . Merwin Wenz Diary of ajitterbug . . . . Isabel Statchen How to Have Audience Contact .... John Carlin Six Lessons Not By Madam LaZonga CBut byj . . John Lukens To the Administration and Faculty who have so wisely guided us through our three years we express our thanks. Mrs. Guilford and Miss Hoar have been especially patient and kind in making all our activities successful. Finally, we bequeath to all those connected with our store from the President down to the smallest customer, our sincere thanks for the help, friendship and loyalty they have shown us. Given this day, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-one. Signed, Witnesses: GLADYS ELY The Thief of Bagdad MARGERY JONES Rochester VIRGINIA SCRIPTURE Superman img- png Page 6, . ge it X 1 m . QD K 'T gil f' . 4.1, v , r N lu qi if .l H S f X if -. QQ iilwiiis Mid-Year Class Prophecy TREAMING through the venetian blind on the window, the sun plays on the papers on the desk where Cedric Powers, jr., president of the "Elite Starling Department Store," is sitting. Raising his voice he calls to his office boy Walter Leavitt, who is reading Virgil in the corner, Leavitt is then asked to summon the other executives. They file in-Vice-president Russell Naughton, treasurer Howard Smith, and secretary Raymond Leonard, who all fervently believe in the five year plan. Cora May Whipple, Mr. Power's secretary, automatically takes her place and begins taking notes. The president calls for order and starts to take up the business at hand. lt seems that plans for some big ball or other are under way. Before he has an opportunity to really begin he hears the buzzer from his outer office in which are seated his three gum chewing telephone operators, Beverly Conn, Ruth Porter, and Isabelle Statchen. Miss Conn in a sing-song voice announces that the three goldfish pond salesmen, Merwin Wenz, Frank Raimondi, and Robert Cadrain have just arrived. With an authoritative twist of the little finger Mr. Powers asks them to wait and commences with his plans. First of all there is to be a banquet. This will be under the direction of the famous French Chef, Andre Arcand. He is coming with his entire staff from his chief cook and bottle washer, Raymond Lanza to his attractive cigarette girl, Gladys Ely. He is also bringing along his four singing waitresses, Laura Hotchkiss, Virginia Scripture, Betty Crum and Barbara Shurburg. The buzzer is heard again and Miss Statchen announces that there is a great deal of confusion in the outer office, for the first vice-president in charge of sweeping, ,lack McCarthy, and the second vice-president, .Ioe Garino, are having a terrific argument over the scientific problem as to whether they should sweep first and dust afterward or dust first and sweep afterward. Mr. Powers dismisses this annoyance with, "Have them see Jurgen, my lawyer." He continues. "Now let me see, where were we before we were inter- rupted. Oh, yes! For music at our Starling Ball we are really out doing our- selves. We are to have not one but two bands. One at each end of the room. There will be Eddie Diementes 'all girl orchestraf featuring Agnes Halloran and june Allen at the twin pianos, and Leona Horwitz as the Vocalist. Among the famous women in his band are Celia Martinelli at the tuba, Florence Schena with her singing flute and Florence Cherniak at the harp. The other band will be 'Uncle Happy' Giedraitis' Rumba Band with Francine Green- stein as the famous 'Bumps-a-Daisy' girl. His band includes no less famous people than Rudolph Ghezzi and his swinging guitar, Walter Smuda with his bass viol and john Lukens who Hips the castenetsf' Before his associates have an opportunity to say a word, in rush three decorators, Walter jabs, Arnold Klukas and Robert Vile. All three with cigars in mouths begin to talk at once, and after much confusion they finally sub- mit their plans and as hurriedly as they arrived, they leave. After this bit of turmoil Mr. Powers and his other executives adjust them- selves in their chairs and the president resumes his plans. Of course no ball is complete without a floorshow so Mr. Powers has chosen the versatile master of ceremonies, Howard Kinkade and his able assistant, Stanley Baylock, to be in charge of the show. For the first number Mr. Kinkade is importing Zulu Norman Holmberg, the famous magician, who with his companion june Lyons, the snake charmer, have traveled the four corners of the earth. After this bit of mysticism jean Burckhardt and her acrobatic quintet have been hired to display a bit of feminine pulchritude. Her quintet includes Sanam Peters, Sophie Gianninoto, Gloria Lanza, Helen Mahalio and Esther Man- N X I I I 1 71 l 'iff N B ll-ll S it D' wilixii ff gone. After the acrobats have finished Mr. Baylock will humorously announce the next act which can be classified as a Novelty Dance. It will be a foursome doing a jitterbug number on roller skates. The foursome will consist of Louise Berry, Roland Casperson, Irene Gierymski and john Carlin. To conclude the program and end it with a certain smooth quality Mr. Kinkade has secured with some difficulty, the waltz team of Margery jones and Frank Conlon. However the team has of late changed its name from "jones and Conlon" to "Conlon and Conlon." Dismissing his committee Mr. Powers starts on his daily tour of the Store. He is greeted everywhere by cheery smiles and nods. Beginning in the stock room he meets his stock boys, jack Rivers, john Conlin and joe Field, who are busy checking and opening the new merchandise. Getting into the elevator he explains the new bonus to Eleanor Larson, very charming in her maroon and gold uniform. She had been under the impression that the bonus was a new dish in the cafeteria. Reaching the main floor he goes to the stationery department and converses momentarily with the two clerks, Ruth Gustafson and Margaret Kern. From there he travels on to the sporting department where he discusses the sudden demand for the new "Fool Proof Skis," designed by Richard Rabinowitz with Richard Pajewski. Mr. Powers is now summoned to the Leather Goods Dept. to watch Walter Stevens applying his well known oil to the boots and saddles. Piercing cries attract his attention to the nursery where Nilo Fachini, Walter Fletcher, john Kwasowski and joe Sideranko are trying to quiet some babies while their mothers are shopping elsewhere in the store. As he wanders through the gift department, he chats with jean jobert and Dorothy jakobowski who are excitedly examining a new automatic lipstick applier produced by that well known make-up artist Shirley Hall. As he sits in the shoe black chair to have his shine restored, Mr. Powers re- laxes as he listens to the singing shoe black Rosario Garafalo. He stops at the cashier's office to get the financial statement of the previous day and Finds Peggy Grobstein excitedly reading a letter from a publisher saying that they have accepted her book "How to Change Bashful Boys" dedicated to her husband john McCabe. Cn the opposite side of the store Mr. Powers spends quite a bit of time examining the display in the beauty salon. His attention is attracted by a burst of laughter and as he turns to investigate he sees the head of the dept. Barbara Crusberg bearing down on him with a beaming smile and with her, the three gaily laughing globe trotters, Betty Humphreys, Barbara Suess and Agatha Fritz. Anxious to hear about their recent travels, he escorts them to his office. There comfortably seated they chat about their experiences. In London they ran across john Lindsay who is war correspondent for the "Red and Gold Review." Eunice Levine is exchange professor of Latin at Eton, At the famous Covent Gardens the girls saw Bernice Rebillard in her famous play "The Tragedy of the Footlightsf' In Madrid the girls were lucky to get front seats at a bull fight where they saw those famous matadors Yale Fendell and Charlie Pruzansky still throwing the bull, ln Switzerland they were fortunate to see Harold Slater break the world's record for distance jumping on skis. They also reported having seen Wally Travers, the third baseman, bring in the winning run for the Yankees. This pleasant chat however is brought to a close when the girls suddenly remembered a dinner engagement with no lesser celebrity than jimmy Stewart. As the doors close behind them, Mr. Powers leisurely lifts his eyes to the top of the desk, leans back comfortably in his chair, closes his eyes and once more in memory is back in those well remembered halls with his classmates one and all. j UNE ALLEN AGNES HALLORAN EUNICE LEVINE QQHZZ- ,- .71-. . W X by si, as 1 Sf N llfl 'ai g url ll'll S if 4 f illy u Katherine Cornell Class Orator Class Chemist Class Barrymore Class Cyclops Class Lilliputian All-American Boy All-American Girl Glamour Girl Glamour Boy Problem Child Class Musician Class Student String Bean Krazy Kat Mata Hari Sailor Legs Shakespearean F iguratively Speaking Smiling jack Class Mechanic Society Queen Football Hero Winsome Merry Mad-cap Personality Plus Mind Over Matter Class Adonis AAA Social Register Betty Crum Yale Fendell jack McCarthy Walter Leavitt Cedric Powers Rosalie Trapazzo Walter Fletcher Virginia Scripture june Lyons Robert ,Iurgens Robert 'lRed" Vile Edward Diementa Leona Horwitz Raymond Giedraitis joseph Fields Francine Greenstein Burt Thompson Robert Pustell Beverly Conn Andre Arcand joseph Carino Agnes l-Ialloran Nilo Fachini Peggy Grobstein Roland Casperson Richard Rabinowitz jean Burkhardt Howard Kinkade QMQZQ- ana ' P I '1 f ' r 1 x X ., 4 ' f K1 4 4 Ny E I K I n Pane'o0 . +--- - 7 f' 'I .ffm 7 w mf rf-f 1. 'A, V' f ff 1 71. 'g.4,.44f'f4' - '1' Mfnf l IL4 ff K N, , I - ,El ., NL X Z, , N KA I A , Fx, ,E f , 4 x,4 .. X, - . . N - - , . U, w. , - 5 N H3 " ' '- S Q X. ' x f '4' ., ,1 ,Y , . N gf' 'Unix f - NIL PM 6 Er ir N' IB X xv fn si is 2 . 1:4 was ff if ,Of 'sf firms l I une Graduation Exercises INVOCATION Reverend Barton Bovee COMBINED GLEE CLUBS "Adorarnus Te" . Palestrina MEN'S GLEE CLUB "Dedication" . Franz WOMENS CLEE CLUB "Fly, Singing Bird" . Elgar COMBINED GLEE CLUBS a. "My Lovely Celia" . Munro-Luvaas b, "Carol of The Bells" Ukrainian PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr. Ellis J. Hatch Of the Board of Education UALMA MATERN ...... Mirliani Class, Orchestra and Glee Clubs "STAR SPANCLED BANNER" . . . Smith Entire Assembly RECESSIONAL "Pomp and Circumstanceu . . . . Senior High School Or chestra Elgar Pace 62? img- pne- x if f N is is J, ii 1. CI , . A , h x . f i V ' Mlm lune Class Honors in Scholarship Honors in scholarship are awarded to those who maintain average rank of eighty-five or over GENERAL HONORS FOR THREE YEARS Penna Abraham Irene Carole Achenbach Marilyn Patricia Anderson Florence Irene Arshevits Herman Henry Backiel Stasia Banasek Elisabeth Ann Brierley Rita Rosemary Bruzas Angelo Raphael Buccini Constance Calvo ll-loseph Carlone elen Theresa Chanko Elinor Marion China James Joseph Clerkin Donald M ron Cohen Margaret Helen Conner Palmyra Bernice DePalma Cecelia B. Dobek Francis Joseph Dorsey Anne Mary E ri Ruth Rachel Epstein Elizabeth Frances Eshia Ann Mary Fazzina Cecilia Felsoh Catherine Esther Forcash Martha Anne Fox Pasqualine Ann Gagliardi Louise Elizabeth Galiano Herbert Charles Gimpl Maude Elizabeth Gritzmac Chester Joseph Grunwald Irene F. Hanford Shirley Tucker Hibbard Charles John Hickey Clifford Marshall Anderson Dorothy Mae Bishop William Joseph Choma Irene Carole Achenbach Mary Theresa Cabrera Ann Mary Fazzina Catherine Esther Forcash Martha Anne Fox Chester Joseph Grunwald Veronica Joan Gryzenia Beatrice Lillian Johnson Norma Ruth Kenney Herbert Charles Gimpl Elisabeth Ann Brierly Angelo Raphael Buccini Edward Greenblatt her Mary Horbal Maurice Janazzo Lucy Ann Jankowski Beatrice Lillian Johnson Mary Kasbauer John Edward Kawecki Norma Ruth Kenney Kathleen Marie Kenure Robert Joseph Kerin Venizelos Eustratios Kondonellis Mary Josephine Krulak Konstanti Lecko Jeannie Theresa Lejkowski Sophie Marian Lemanski Alice Ann Lombardi Janet Elizabeth McGuiness Edith Louise McKean Clara Marcia Miklos Ruth Arlene Minatizi ian Mildred Theresa Moniiewicz Edna Alma Mooshegian Linda Morelli Ann Elizabeth Morrissey Julia Mae Nemrod Alexander Novick Edward Joseph O'Brien John Joseph Palermo Florence Eugenia Pearson Rose Elizabeth Penna Sophie Barbara Perzan Aldona Cecilia Pinkevich Leonard Anthony Plocharczyk Virginia Elizabeth Pola SPECIAL HONORS ART Dino Peter Muratori Alexander Novick BOOKKEEPING Albert Edwin Larson, Jr. Sophie Marian Lemanski Alice Ann Lombardi llfinet Elizabeth McGuiness uth Arline Meehan Ruth Arlene Minatzigian Florence Eugenia Pearson Sophie Barbara Perzan Stephen Platosh Jean Theresa Rosinski DRAFTING FRENCH Donald Myron Cohen Kathleen Marie Kenure Mary Josephine Krulak GERMAN FEZMZ- png Donald Paul Richter Sophie Jean Rio Anne Romanchuk Jean Theresa Rosinski Simone Frances Roy Jean Barbara Samul Josephine Elizabeth Savocca Anna Katherine Schaefer Lois Elaine Schroedel Frank Bradley Schrump Alma Eleanore Schultz Eileen Diana Segal Edward William Shepanski Marjorie Jane Skene Helen Skorupski Mary Catherine Soltis Margaret Elizabeth Street Marita F. Sullivan Mary Jean Sutton Helen Theresa Slyskowski Mildred Vilma aucher Mildred Bertha Tiede Hedwi Josephine Tyburski gjnnieiflartha Tyburski argery Ruth Van Valkenburgh Anna Catherine Visnia Jane Elizabeth Walsh Genevieve Barbara Was Eleanor T. Wojtusik Eleanor Doroth Zapatka Jessie Lorraine Zdanuk Vincent Stanley Zimnewicz Helen Frances Zmijewski Elizabeth Catherine Zuk Frank Bradley Schrump Mary Elizabeth Stifel Lucy Dorothy Wieliczko Anna Katherine Schaefer Lois Elaine Schroedel Alma Eleanore Schultz Helen Mar aret Simonides Mildred Vilma Taucher Mildred Bertha Tiede Hedwig Josephine Tyburski Jennie Martha Tyburski Elizabeth Catherine Zuk William Cletus Jensen Arline Erma Menus Julia Mae Nemrod John Edward Kawecki n S of yr N B i Irene Carole Achenbach Marilyn Patricia Anderson Florence Irene Arshevits Stasia Banasek Elisabeth Ann Brierley Rita Rosemary Bruzas Angelo Raphael Buccini Constance Calvo Helen Catherine Ceskavich Jane Etudienne M. Charland Doris Holton Clapp Donald Myron Cohen Mary Rose Connors Edna Adrian Conti Palmyra Bernice DePalma Francis Joseph Dorsey Anne Mary Egri Ruth Rachel Epstein Elizabeth Frances Eshia Helen Elizabeth Fagan Charles Lan don Faulkner Ann Mary Fgazzina Lena Celestine Fazzina , Mary Rita Flynn Catherine Esther Forcash Martha Anne Fox Louise Elizabeth Galiano Florence Josephine Garczewski Herbert Charles C-impl Lucy Theresa Colon Maude Elizabeth Gritzmacher Barbara Lee Hancock Irene Carole Achenbach Marie Allegretti Marilyn Patricia Anderson Florence Irene Arshevits Julia Margaret Balinski Stasia Banasek Donald William Brause Rita Rosemar Bruzas Constance Calvo Jane Etudienne M. Charland Elinor Marion China Doris Holton Clapp Edna Adrian Conti Richard James Crowley William J. Donahue Francis Joseph Dorsey Bernice Theresa Drag Ruth Rachel Epstein Louis Errede Helen Elizabeth Fagan Charles Lan don Faulkner Ann Mary Fgazzina Lena Celestine Fazzina Cecilia Flesch Catherine Esther Forcash Martha Anne Fox Herbert Charles Gimpl Ruth Eleanor Anderson William Cletus'Jensen Elisabeth Ann Brierly Helen Frances Flanagan Mary Rita Flynn Maude Elizabeth Gritzmacher Shirley Tucker Hibbard -. A ICN fi ,G If 55 ' V T I lx flfllxllx F ENGLISH Irene F. Hanford Charles John Hickey Mary Horbal Lucy Ann Jankowski Sophie Jean Juliano Mary Kasbauer John Edward Kawecki Norma Ruth Kenney Kathleen Marie Kenure Robert Joseph Kerin Venizelos Eustratios Kondonellis Mary Josephine Krulak Noreene Mary Lawson Sophie Marian Lemanski Alice Ann Lombardi Janet Elizabeth McGuiness Edith Louise McKean Clara Marcia Miklos Ruth Arlene Minatzigian Edna Alma Mooshegian Linda Morelli Ann Elizabeth Morrissey Antoinette Eva Nadeau Julia Mae Nemrod Alexander Novick Grace Elaine Orticiari Delia Malvina Palleschi John Joseph Palermo Lucile Sherman Paulsen Florence Eugenia Pearson Rose Elizabeth Penna Sophie Barbara Perzan HISTORY Maude Elizabeth Gritzmacher Irene F. Hanford Marie Catherine Hilbie Mary Horbal Lucy Ann Jankowski Beatrice Lillian Johnson Mary Kasbauer Norma Ruth Kenney Sophie Marian Lemanski Janet Elizabeth McGuiness Edith Louise McKean Arline Erma Menus Leocadia Emily Mickiewicz Ruth Arlene Minatzigian Edna Alma Mooshegian Linda Morelli William Alfred Nygren Edward 'Joseph O'Brien Grace E aine Orticari Mary Veronica Passamano Florence Eugenia Pearson Sophie Barbara Perzan Robert Algerd Pustell Elsie Mary Renzoni Donald Paul Richter James Francis Riley Sophie Jean Rio HOME ECONOMICS Cecelia B. Dobek Mildred Dorothy Lojewski INDUSTRIAL ARTS Lucian Peter Kiejko LATIN Charles John Hickey Marie Veronica Keegan Kathleen Marie Kenure Robert Joseph Kerin Mary Josephine Krulak Noreene Mary Lawson 7 . Frances Lucille Phipps Virginia Elizabeth Pola Donald Paul Richter Sophie Jean Rio Anne Romanchuk Jean Theresa Rosinski Simone Frances Roy Doris Mar Samsel Josephine Elizabeth Savoca Anna Katherine Schaefer Lois Elaine Schroedel Frank Bradley Schrump Alma Eleanore Schultz Eileen Diana Segal Edward William Shepanski Marjorie Jane Skene Helen Skorupski Mary Catherine Soltis Marita F. Sullivan Mary Jean Sutton Mildred Vilma Taucher Mildred Bertha Tiede Hedwig Josephine Tyburski Jennie Martha Tyburski Margery Ruth Van Valkenburgh Anna Catherine Visnia Jane Elizabeth Walsh Eleanor T. Wojtusik Elizabeth Frances Zaleski Jessie Lorraine Zdanuk Rena Paula Zuccaroni Elizabeth Catherine Zuk Jean Theresa Rosinski Doris Mary Samsel Jean Barbara Samul Josephine Elizabeth Savoca Ned Judd Schade Anna Katherine Schaefer Lois Elaine Schroedel Alma Eleanore Schultz Eileen Diana Segal Edward William Shepanski Frederick William Sherman Marjorie Jane Skene Helen Skorupski Mary Catherine Soltis Henry Straceski Marita F. Sullivan Mary Jean Sutton Henry Albert Szczepanik Mildred Vilma Taucher Hedwig Josephine Tyburski . Jennie Martha Tyburski Margery Ruth Van Valkenburgh Anna Catherine Visnia Eleanor T. Wojtusik Jessie Lorraine Zdanuk Rena Paula Zuccaroni Elizabeth Catherine Zuk Bernadine Ann O'Sullivan Edward John Kulesza Ann Elizabeth Morrissey Julia Mae Nemrod Eileen Diana Segal Leo Weston Sullivan Jane Elizabeth Walsh in-ii?-png. ss 1 fr N H3 s 5' AE I ft, ll'll S if Helen Florence Biel Robert Fred Bock john joseph Brennan Angelo Raphael Buccini james joseph Clerkin Donald Myron Cohen Lena Celestine Fazzina Herbert Charles Gimpl Maude Elizabeth Gritzmacher Charles john Hickey Helen Florence Biel john joseph Brennan Angelo Raphael Buccini Doris Holton Clapp james joseph Clerkin Margaret Helen Conner Francis joseph Dorsey Bernice Theresa Drag Anne Mary Egri Lena Celestine Fazzina Ellen Virginia Abrahamson lrene Carole Achenbach Rosalie Anne Albanese Marilyn Patricia Anderson Florence lrene Arshevits Anna Marian Bally Rita Rosemar Bruzas Constance CHKIO Helen Theresa Chanko Leocadia Charlotte Dylewski Ruth Rachel Epstein Ann Mary Fazzina Cecilia Flesch Catherine Esther Forcash Lucy Theresa Golon Lucy Ann jankowski lrene Carole Achenbach Rosalie Anne Albanese Florence lrene Arshevits Florence Madeline Bajek Stasia Banasek Francis joseph Barrett Glad s Mary Belfiore Rita Ilosemar Bruzas Constance Calvo Doris Elizabeth Carlson Doroth Ruth Castellani Cecilia Flesch Pasqualine Ann Gagliardi ganet Eliza Hartman lizabeth Hovhanessian Beatrice Lillian johnson Sophie jean juliano Molly Virginia Karlon Norma Ruth Kenney AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE Casimer F. Zyla DRAFTING joseph Carlone Konstanti Lecko Vincent S. Zimnewicz ELECTRICAL Herman Henry Backiel Vincent S. Zimnewicz - f -f 1 J, by I 7 ,. X. I .,1 - l 4111 MW 7 MATHEMATICS Marie Catherine Hilbie Mary Horbal john Edward Kawecki Kathleen Marie Kenure Robert joseph Kerin Warren Elliott Kin sbury Edward j. Klimuszio Venizelos Eustratios Kondonellis Mary josephine Krulak Ann Elizabeth Morrissey SCIENCE Maude Elizabeth Gritzmacher Chester joseph Grunwald Irene F . Hanford Mary Horbal Warren Elliott Kingsbury Anna Barbara Koczta Venizelos Eustratios Kondonellis Eugene Anthony Kowalczyk Mary josephine Krulak STENOGRAPHY Beatrice Lillian johnson Sophie jean juliano Norma Ruth Kenney Sophie Marian Lemanski Doris Marie Leone Alice Ann Lombardi janet Elizabeth McGuiness Edith Louise McKean Helen Mary Malawka Mildred Theresa Monkiewicz Edna Alma Mooshe ian Florence Barbara lvlirgiewicz Antoinette Eva Nadeau Sophie Barbara Perzan Celia josephine Perzanowski Sophie jean Rio TYPEWRITING Helen Kochanowski Leocadia Louise Kulak Roberta Mae Lathrop Nellie Lazar jeannie Theresa Lej kowski Sophie Marian Lemanski Harry Walter Litke Mildred Dorothy Lo'ewski janet Elizabeth McGuiness Edith Louise McKean Carmela Rachel Mallia Pauline Mariotti Elsie Alice Massi Leocadia Emily Mickewicz Genevieve Barbara Mierzejewski Clara Marcia Miklos Stanley E. Mogielnicki Mildred Theresa Monkiewicz Edna Alma Mooshegian TRADE COURSES ENGLISH Herman Henry Backiel joseph William Dinda Konstanti Lecko john William Ramanoskas Vincent S. Zimnewicz Casimer F. Zyla CARPENTRY Konstanti Lecko MACHINE Dante M. Allegretti Bldg- pne- William Alfred Ny ren Leonard Anthony Plocharczyk Virginia Elizabeth Poal Edward Peter Pozniak Robert Algerd Pustell Donald Paul Richter Eileen Diana Segal Marygean Sutton jane lizabeth Walsh Edward james Zavalick john joseph Palermo Aldona Cecilia Pinkevich Virginia Elizabeth Pola Robert Algerd Pustell Anne Romanchuk Marjorie jane Skene Marita F. Sullivan Mary jean Sutton Margery Ruth Van Valkenburgh jane Elizabeth Walsh jean Theresa Rosinski Simone Frances Roy Alice Salak jean Barbara Samul Olivia Mag Sarkesian Ildosephine lizabeth Savoca ois Elaine Schroedel Alma Eleanor Schultz Virginia joyce Simonian Helen Skorupski Margaret Elizabeth Street Helen Theresa S skowski Mildred Vilma Tllaucher Mildred Bertha Tiede Elsa Beatrice Tillman Anna Catherine Visnia Linda Morelli Edward joseph O'Brien Rose Elizabeth Penna Angelo Peter Peruzzi Sophie Barbara Perzan Sophie jean Rio jean Theresa Rosinski Simone Frances Roy ,Ijdean Barbara Samul ois Elaine Schroedel Alma Eleanore Schultz Esther Spector Margaret Elizabeth Street Marita F. Sullivan Helen Theresa S skowski jennie Martha 'lyyburski Anna Catherine Visnia Eleanor Doroth Zapatka jessie Lorraine Zdanuk MATHEMATICS Herman Henry Backiel joseph Carlone Maurice janazzo , , Konstanti Lecko Stanley joseph Paczkowski Vincent S. Zimnewicz METAL PATTERN joseph Carlone PRINTING Maurice janazzo Dnff H N H l , H S ff , 4 I ,. i X31 Q "4 -4. 'I 2 i N l I fi, lil 5,5 l S ,lf i X 4 ANGELO RAPHAEL BUCCINI New Britain, Conn. "Butch" November 12, l922 "Plato is my 'friend, but truth is slill more a friend to me" We admire "Butch's" pleasing personality and his keen intellect, His ability to rate highest in all his classes along with his capacity to make friends is reason enough for our choice of class president. Al- though study is his passport to success, amicability is his master-key to happiness. His intentions for the future include the pursuance of an aeronautical engineers course. President of Honor Society: Editor of Beehive: Civic Forum: Chemistry Clubg Young Men's League Representativeg President of j une Class MARGERY RUTH VAN VALKENBURGH Putnam, Conn. "Marge" ,luly 7, 1023 "Virtue is its own reward" A ready smile, a cheery "hello" and sweetness itself have helped make our vice-president one of the best liked girls in school. "Mar e" makes friends easily and more important, keeps them. Many ljew Britain fellows have tried to make an impression on her, but her in- terest centers in Manchester and Hartford. Although "Marge" has been adorning the desk at the East Street Branch Library for the past two years, she intends to go into nursing. You can be looking for a revival of the old song hit-"I don't want to get wellf l'm in love with a beautiful nurse!" National Honor Society: Amphion Club, Girls' League: Girls' League Representative: Beehive Editor: Vice-President of june Class ANN ELIZABETH MORRISSEY New Britain, Conn. March 26, l924 "A friend in need is afriend indeed" As her standing in our class shows, Ann has come out on top both in scholarship and leadership. Our charming young secretary has been popular and energetic during her three years at High School. Although she takes her studies quite seriously, Ann has an amazing capacity for fun, and always joins into the spirit of things. lf her past record is any indication of the future, we know she'll come out one of the tops ofthe top. President of Junior College Club, Senior Adviser1 Girls' League Representative, Ski Clubg New Britain Forumg Library Page: Honor Society, Editor of Beehive: Secretary ofjune Class ROBERT JOSEPH KERIN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" january IZ, IQZ4 "A fresh, a free, afriendly man" currently known as "Rube" by his friends, is our esteemed treasurer. He has had the difficult task of extracting class dues from his fellow students. "Bob" takes his studies and women seriously- which deserves the preference? Well, ask the "boys" At any rate he seems to be able to manage both these with considerable ease. His election as a class officer is ample proof of his popularity. Young Men's League: Ski Club, Treasurer ofjune Class ANNA ABRAHAM New Britain. Conn. August lb, IQZ3 "Success awaits the one who works" Patience and consideration for other people are Anna's outstanding virtues. l-hese characteristics, along with smartness, have made her shine among the New Britain Senior High students. If you are not a friend of Anna's you're missing the best friend a person could' have. Anna's favorite sport is ice skating, and we understand that she s quite an expert in that line. Her aim is Retailing work and we think that she is well suited for it. Lots of luck, Anna. Girls' League fl Mee fgl1UiZ!, - diyzzlg '-....l sf N 1' , tg, . X 1 X fr A . YT--, 1 ' 'KSC with JULIA SARAH ABRAHAM New Britain, Conn. "julie" March 14, 1922 "Quietness is best" Big bright eyes and flashing smile, that's "julie" Always willing and able to make you for et your sorrows. She is liked very much in her classes and always wilIing to laugh at a joke. Well liked as she is, her eyes are on Meriden. Whats his name i'julie7" Girls' League ELLEN VIRGINIA ABRAHAMSON New Britain, Conn. "El" August 3, 1923 "Oh, that red hair!" "El" is liked by everyone as a sincere friend. But those who would value her friendship have learned that "Red" is not a name to her liking. She loves to walk, but with whom? A "little birdie" told us thft she point of Ellen's compass points perpetually toward Rhode s an , Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, Civic Forum 1 i llll S it CLIFFORD MARSHALL ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. i'Bud" March 28, 1923 "Sketches or studies, which shall I do?" This tall easy going fellow is rather shy and retiring. He spends quite a bit of his time drawing cartoons and whatever else comes to his mind. At least one History class will remember his daily drawings of a certain student-once as a Mexican bandit, next as Superman, etc. But Cliff isn't limited to cartoons, for his artistic ability ranges to all subjects. Because of this talent his classmates have elected him associate art editor of our Beehive, Baseball, Young Men's League, Beehive Art Editor IRENE CAROLE ACHENBACK New Britain, Conn. "1" December 25, 1923 "A blush is the color of virtue" But even a blush doesnt hide "l's" most annoying aspect-her freckles. We think they're pretty cute though, and according to lrene's high scholastic rating for the past three years, surely will not stand in the way of her success. An office girl at present, she has already trodden the path upward. Integrity, Reliability and Excellence, plus Naive- ness, and Exuberance spell i'lrene" through and through. No wonder her friends are innumerous, and will continue to be as long as she re- mains the same sweet, brown-haired, blue-eyed lassie that she is. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviserg National Honor Society, Prom Committee CAROLYN MAY ADAMS Syracuse, New York i'Carol" February 9, 1924 "Patience is its own reward" "Carol" is the girl you see hurrying along, minding her own business, but always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Football players seem to have a special enchantment for her-at least red and gold, when applied to sweaters, are her favorite colors, so we've heard. Her blue eyes, blonde hair and sweet voice would go far in any occupa- tion, but at the present her ambition leans toward dental hygiene. Lots of luck "Carol" and we're sure toothaches won't be such an or- deal in the future! Girls' League, Red Cross Club, Senior Girl Adviser, Nurse's Aid, in-iq ana. Publicity Committee xx T 5? 1 lil Q r. Q- ' I 5 . s i K l - ! ,, X N lil U i 'lll S if XI t '4 -' .' .i X , , , x lr 1 , tml! , ,.,, ,X MX4 ROSALIE ANNE ALBANESE New Britain, Conn. "Roe" .june 23, 1923 "Speed further.: ambition" This speedy typist has been the envy of many a faltering stutlent. "Roe" gives the impression of being a sedate person, but her willing smile takes the first feeling of seriousness from her looks. A talent for sewing her own clothes shoultl help a hard-working young steno- grapher beyond words. Girls' League CHARLES ALFRED ANDREWS, JR. New Britain, Conn. "Charlie" September 23, 1923 "Silence is wisdom" Quietness isn't usually associated with greatness of stature but "Charlie" is an exception. Although six feet in height he is as quiet as the proverbial mouse. Actions however speak louder than words antl we expect great things from "Charlie" when he enters Rensselaer to take up Aeronautical Engineering next fall. Young Men's League1 Civic Forum: Football '393 Red and Coltl JOSEPHINE PATRICIA ALCINA New Britain, Conn. 'jon May 2l, l922 "A beautiful face is a silent commendationin Masculine hearts beat faster when this petite brunette with the dark eyes passes by. flow has a charming personality that has won her many friends here in high school. Contrary to the old adage she is "pretty and smart." She is always ready to lend a helping hand and with such credentials she can expect good fortune. Best of luck. i'jo!" Girls' League, Press Clubg Senior Girl Adviserg Civic Forum, Library Page ROBERT DONALD APELGREN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" July 27, 1923 "Genius invents, wit only discovers" "Bob" is a tall, slim fellow whose keen wit and humor have at- tracted many people to him. Though by no means immune to the wiles of the opposite sex, Cwho is?J he may usually be found in the company of the "boys," Neither his subjects in High School or other difhculties have fazed him, so we are confident that he will go on to success in his chosen Held. Young Men's League: Tennis Team MARIE FRANCES ALLEGRETTI New Britain, Conn. March 29, l923 "There is nothing so kindly as kindness" Marie is always ready and eager to please. This is probably one of the reasons for her many friends. Her brown eyes are just pictures of the mischievous nature that lies under that somewhat serious exterior that is hers during class time. It is then that Maries sense of restraint and good breeding make her outstanding. Cvirls' Leagueg Senior Girl Aclviserg Secretary Civic Forum, Motto Committee me ea-' .. 2,2 E0 Jef f Q I ff 'Q new X 1 N li it ll S ff rf - - ' ,Qs 5 fl 1-X f HELEN FAYE ALPRESS New Britain, Conn. "Het" March 12, 1923 'AA vivacious blond" A splash of color, a blond topknot whizzing by, accompanied by a giggle and we know it's Helen! Besides a flair for clothes, she is noted chiefly by the fact that she's not still long enough to say "Hello," Despite that fact, Helen has been a worthy member of the Glee Club and has lent her time and assistance to the Senior Girl Advisers. Helen plans to enter Syracuse in the fall and finally into the field of commercial art. Junior College Club, Ski Club, Glee Club, Girls' League: Secretary of the Senior Girl Advisers GEORGE PETER AVITABILE New Britain, Conn. "Doc" April 15, 1923 "Little by little, one goes far" as George is called by his friends, is an example of the un- ethical maxim: no homework and good marks. He has chosen for his life work the noblest of professions, the healing of the sick, He can usually be seen talking to some future medics in the school about operative and therapevtic techniques. "Doc" with medicine on his mind and Helen in his heart will go far. He is the one who by his antics and expressions keeps Miss Adams' English class in good humor. The sky is the limit, Young lvlen's League Representative MARILYN PATRICIA ANDERSON Lafayette, R. l. "Pat" November 9, 1923 "She relished ajoke, and rejoiced in a pun" "Pat" is the sweet, Scotch-Irish, young lady with the Rhode Island accent, which causes her to have to take a lot of kidding. Her per- sonality is in a class of its own. She can be bashful fif necessaryj, but usually her Irish sense of humor seems to play the prominent part. "Pat's" usually present in the class room, but the teacher never knows it until the last bell rings. Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviser, Civic lfroum, National Honor Society ROBERT ERNEST BALINSKAS New Britain, Conn. "Bob" September 25, 1923 "Play up, play up, and play the game" "Bob" is a good sport who is also good "at" sports. He likes every- thing about Senior High School, including the girls and even some of his teachers. Being naturally a happy person, he long ago decided not to let the preponderance of faculty members and homework worry him too much. Young Mens League RUTH ELEANOR ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. 'ARuthie" March 14, 1923 "A little more laugh" "Ruthie" is that tall, slim, blonde who is always seen dashing through the hall in an effort to reach her classes on time. Wherever she is or wherever she goes "Ruthie" is the life of the party. You may be sure there will never be a dull moment when she's around. ln her more serious vein, 'ARuthie" plans to enter training at New Britain General Hospital. Best of luck Ruth as a woman in white. Girls' League, Bowling Team, Home Economics Club, Senior Adviser, Secretary of Civic Forum: Vice-President of Civic Forum Xxx 1 ' B?-Xt Q, . if X51 N I i V4 1 it f 5 f' , Q si' Q-Rf -'Q V X t- i . ll S , El, ,E .. , 1 'X , f7 TI-IERESA MARIE RITA ANDRINI New Britain. Conn. "Terry" November 8, N22 'AA wonderful sense of humor" What a girl to have around when there is a lot of laughs. She has the makings of a good comedian. She could imitate anything that has laughs in it. Even when she is not in a mood to imitate you will always find her to be a jolly chap. She is about 5 feet 3 inches, dark black hair, brown eyes, her actions very emotional, hopes to become a great comedian in years to come. Girls' League -4 WILLIAM GEORGE BARNES New Britain, Conn. "Red" july I8, IQZ3 "Work while you work, ploy while you play" When 'iRed" came into school three years ago he had high am- bitions of being a football star. But time has changed that a little and besides being a gridman he has become the Apple of a certain young lady's eye. He plans to make "a comfortable living" in later life but whether this is for one or two is not specified. But no matter, we know that if "Billy" sets his mind to a thing, he'll do it, Young Men's Leagueg Football, Civic Forum FLORENCE IRENE ARSHEVITS New Britain, Conn. "Fluffy" October I4, l923 "A light hearl, and carefree manner" "Fluffy" is quite a person! Her blue eyes, and lovely brown hair, make her an exceptional young lady. She can often be found dancing and when most people sit out the fast numbers, 'iFluffy's" in full "Swing," She has many admirers, but one is uppermost in her mind. This speed demon via typewriter should make an efficient secretary. Girls' League: Senior Adviser: Honor Society FRANCIS JOSEPH BARRETT New Britain, Conn. "Fran" lvfarch 24, l923 " Hold that pose!" This handsome fellow with the wavy locks, the envy of many a damsel, is quite the shy one. His record throughout High School has been that of a model student. ln spite of his interest towards the op- posite sex, he never neglects his studies. "Fran" is an ardent photo- grapher and has hopes of becoming a professional, Perhaps he will be a second Murray Korman. GERTRUDE COLETTE AUBIN Canada "Trudy" December 8, l92l "Il's the Silent type that gets them" "Trudy" is a tiny little girl who doesn't talk very much, but gets around very well. lt holds true in "Trudy's" case the silent type gets them, for Miss Aubin is setting her course in the direction of matri- mony and will become a june bride. We hope the change to Rhode lsland will favor her as much as it did here, Girls' League, Senior Girl Advisersg Civic Forum 1 Y. . yy 5 . sea ,K gr?-A 'fp 1 t . , ., ,, .1.. 'M ' '7 ' .1 'X 1, 4. - ,, 5- f i 1 0, ,. A ,ft 2. f Q N 12 if I if S if f S A Qi!! ,,, C. , . W fy., l My fs HARRIET CHRISTINE SCOFIELD AUGUSTUS Bristol, Conn. April 3, 1923 'The way to a mans heart is thru his stomach" I-larriet is quiet among strangers, but when she's on home ground, she s the center of activity. She always prepares her lessons thoroughly, and you can count on Harriet to have an answer to the teachers question. Most of her leisure time is spent in trying the newest cake recipe, judging by the delicious ones we have eaten, we believe her cooking will come in handy in the future. Girls' League, Civic Forum: Senior Girl Adviser ALEXANDER ELI BAYER New Britain, Conn. "Doc" June 19, 1923 "Woman is the great appetite of my soul" 'Bayer for Mayor, we want free milk" was a favorite expression of "Docs" friends during the last city elections. His popularity is due for a great part to his ability to take a ribbing. It's almost impossible to get him mad. Orchestra and Glee Club rehearsals and of course girls, take up much of his time, but he manages to get marks above average. "Doc" plans to be another Dr. Kildaire and is already taking the pulse of a certain young lady in Meriden. Practice makes perfect, "Doc" Orchestra: Glee Glubg Musical Club: Young Men's League LOUISE AVERSO New Britain, Conn. "Lou" November 18. 1922 " Her worth is well-known" Louise is the happy sort of person who is always willing to take part in the fun. She always adds to the merriment ol any occasion. She dresses smartly and looks like a fashion plate from Mademoiselle. XVC wish you great success in the commercial field, Louise. Girls' League LEONARD MICHAEL BAXER New Britain, Gonn. "Lenny" September 10, 1923 "Play each game hard-even in the field of life" "Lenny" is a lad with generally quiet and bashful ways, but he belies these ways on the football Held. fThey call him a "terror," so we hearlj Girls certainly don't hold the upper hand with "Lenny," for he is scarcely ever seen with the members of the weaker sex. His plans for the future are not known as yet, but with his personal character- istics and ambition, "Lenny" will surely make the grade. Young Men's League, Football VIRGINIA MAY BACON New Britain, Conn. A'Virgie" April 25, 1922 "Five feet two with eyes of blue" Virginia is one of those girls whose interest in life centers around dancing and dates, Her future career will undoubtedly be that of a dancing instructor unless dame Fortune intervenes, May your dancing feet bring you far up the ladder of success. joey- ina ff N 13 it H s x I v Qlfllfh FLORENCE BAJECK New Britain, Conn. "Fluff" November 3. 1022 "I love lo dance!" When Spring comes 'round, Lake Compounce seems to hold a certain foundation for Florence, because she loves to dance. But. hairdressing is one establishment that doesn't get her patronage. Her naturally wavy hair has been the envy of us all. We hope you'll continue to have fun, FlorencefBristol and everything! Cvirls' League JOSEPH EDWARD BERGERON New Britain, Conn. "Bergie" August 28, 1923 " He lives the easiest way" "Energie" is a tall quiet chap whose greatest interest lies in sports. Though he follows all of them closely he is probably most active in ping-pong. joe has not definitely decided as to future work, but he is thinking of Accountancy and Civil Service employment. Good luck! Representative Young lVlen's League: Civic Forum JENNIE JOSEPHINE BAKANAS New Britain, Conn. 'Jenn july 31, 1922 i'Silence is Best" You seldom hear "jen," She is usually minding her own business. but il you ever get her starte.l'-beware! There is a certain something about the ribbon that she never fails to wear in her blond hair, jennie wants to be a telephone operator but remember "jen," no silence there. FRANCIS JOSEPH BERNABUCCI New Britain, Conn. "Frenchie" December 28, 1921 "A flash of color beneath the sky Hats OH! The flag is passing by!" His pleasing personality has brought him many friends. He gets along with everybody, especially with a little brown-haired girl. "Fren- chie' is a soldier as well as a student and is a Captain in the local C. M. T. C., which is always marching. Francis's ambition is to become a Roller Skater Instructor, and he is noted for his wonderful fancy steps. lf you wish to learn these steps, don't forget "Frenchie" Chorus: Young 1Vfen's League, C. M. T. C. ANNA MARIAN BALLY Flint, Michigan 'iAnnie" March 17, 1923 "Studies serve for delight" When an English teacher volunteers the information that Anna is as willing and helpful as they come, it must be the truth, Shes studious and very agreeable in her contacts with all. Earnest work in her church has taken a lot of her time, for which loads of credit is due. Continue, Anna, and you'll be all set! Girls' League, Civic Foruii g Library Page QMQ- 5224 Y- . Y t V. X , V l X r 'iw fs 1 f gf k A A Pl .lil me ll S ff . Q l 1.1, Ni... f STASIA BANASEK Europe "Sunshine" September 21, l923 "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance" Stasia is a girl who always does what she thinks best, no matter what others do. She always has an answer to a question even though it isn't correct. Her interests lie in outdoor sports, especially ice skating. Something seems to be on her mind. Can it be that certain someone at N. Y. U.7 "Sunshine" has true simplicity of manner and her sunny disposition will carry her high on the ladder of success. Girls' Leaguep Bowling Team, Honor Society ADOLPH JOHN BETTERINI New Britain, Conn. February 8, 1923 "Science marches on" Adolph is a scientihc fellow whose ambition is to mix chemicals. His hobby is taking and developing pictures. By taking photographs of airplanes he combines his interest in planes with photography. As a result of these interests, Adolph has spent many a day at the air- ports in Hartford and vicinity. Model Aircraft, Chemistry Club, Amateur Photographer TINA M. BATTELLI New Britain, Conn. "Palfhey" Cctober IO, IQ23 "Su'eet. jolly and alwayx ready to do something whenever she is needed" Tina is that little girl who always has a smile for e serybody. During the days at N. B. H. S. she has ma .le many friends---both boys and girls. Tina is interested in sports especially swimming, diving, and tumbling. Lately, she has been an ardent wrestling fan. We do not know exactly what Tina has in mind for the future, but we feel conhdent she will be both happy and successful. Girls' League Representative, Rel Cross Club HENRY JOSEPH BLEJEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "B- Ner" March 22, 1922 "Little man, you're quite a noise" A glamour boy of high school, as he is called, "Hemi" has a way of making everyone, fespecially the girlsj a friend. Besides his bent to- wards the movies, "Hem" participates in and enjoys sports of all types. He plans to enter the Army Air Corps. Young Men's League GLORIA CELESTE BAVIELLO Torrington, Conn. "Glo" May 23, l923 "Petite Mademoiselle" Gloria is a small and likeable person, with the gift of attracting friends and a firm loyalty which holds them. Her sparkling chatter and her ability to "make a short story long," keeps her the center of attraction of her friends. Her future plans are unknown but if she stays the way she is now we know that she will achieve success. Girls' League: Civic Forum DMM me L.'7ff'?,6 - ML si T if t if 2' ,X Zilflllfm V MADELINE ELIZABETH BEHLING Bethlehem, Penn. "Maggie" April 8, 1024 "A blue eye is a true eye" Full of vim and vigor is Madeline, chided by a select few as "Mag- gie," Give her a high seat to sit on, and she is content. fDesks seem to be her specialtyj Although she is an earnest student, she always has time for other activities. Her ambition is to be a doctors assistant. Now, could it be just any doctor, Madeline? Girls' League Representative, Officials Club, Senior Adviser HENRY CHARLES BOBER New Britain, Conn. "Pensacola" April 25, i922 "l'll take a Curlissu Henry is known to many as the gentleman in the two-tone Pontiac. We'll wager that this "buggy" has made more trips to Brainard Field than anylother one place, for Henry is one of the licensed pilots of our school. is ambition is aviation, and he hopes to train at the Army or Navy Air Corps, Good luck, "Bobe!" HELEN FLORENCE BIEL New Britain, Conn. "Penny" August 2, 1923 "Music hath charm" Clothes, sports, and music are "Penny's" chief interests. She not only loves to wear new clothes, but to design and sew them as well. She excels in skating and bowling. Anything at all pertaining to music interests "Penny" immensely. Helen has an excellent voice and is contemplating entering B, U. to further her musical studies. Well, here's luck to you. Girls' League, Musical Clubg junior College Club, Library Page ROBERT FRED BOCK New Britain, Conn. 'ABob" january 22, 1924 "I shall keep a record of man's achievements down through the ages" "Bob" is an ardent member of the school orchestra and band. ln addition, he has an interesting and educational hobby to which he devotes most of his spare time, that of collecting specimens of stone and rock. Keep digging for rocks, for who knows but you might strike a gold mine. Band: Orchest rag Musical Club DOROTHY MAE BISHOP Hartford, Conn, "Dot" May 4, 1924 "To fit the ambitious in what is fitting" "Dot" believes in fashions: so she is going to be a fashion illustra- tor or costume designer. Won't she have a grand time taking money for such delightful work! Her abilities are not confined to fashions. She also knows how to sew and darn and cook and work and sweep, etc. It looks as if she might be a good general overseer for a household, lt's a pretty good guess that this pretty maid will do pretty well in this big world. Civic Forum, Girls' Leagueg Home Economics Club, Art Club img- Um.. g 5 f. x , - s 1,4 P ff? H S if N af M, N' A we fouls IRENE THERESE BLASZKO New Britain, Conn. "Renie" july 6, 1923 "Life is not life without delight" "Renie" is forever fluttering around in a great dither to get some- thing done "quick-in a hurry" and she accomplishes it, too! Irene likes to lend a helping hand, so maybe that's one of the reasons why she has never lacked riends. Even though work and study have taken up most of her time-social activities have not been neglected. Let's go, Irene! Civic Forum, Girls' League THOMAS FRANK BORDONARO New Britain, Conn. "Bord0dono" july 15, 1922 "Study furthers ambition" Thomas has been a model student throughout his stay at New Britain High School, Although proficient in all his subjects, he excels in mathematics. Pharmacy is his chosen career, lf high school records are an indication of future accomplishments, "Tommy" should come out on top. Young lVlen's League ARPENA BOHIGIAN New Britain, Conn. "Penny" january lb, 1923 "Laughter is an Art" "Penny" is the most popular girl in the Retailing Class. You see she works in Sears and Roebuck Co. part time. "Penny" is cheerful and ready to make friends with either sex fespecially the opposite sexj. lf you are in the mood for a few Rumba lessons look her up. "Penny" may seem meek and quiet but when she is with a crowd there is a great change. We wish her luck in whatever field she chooses in the future. Girls' League EDWARD FRANCIS JARONKO New Britain, Conn. "jack" November 1, 1921 "My tender heart is subject to injury from the light arrows of Cupid" "jack" is a tall quiet fellow with big blue eyes, which look but to conquer. He is a favorite of many admirers. He is a serious minded student, and has done well during his three years in high school. He plans to enter business with his father and the class wishes him success. Young Men's League ANNA DOROTHY BONK New Britain, Conn. "Bunky" lvlarch 17, 1923 "Live, love, and be merry!" Wherever there is a dance you can be sure to find "Bunky." Full of pep as she is, her friends all enjoy her immensely, so we'll chalk up sociability to her credit. Another thing: they say Anna's quite a sewer. That's an accomplishment that will be valuable for life, We're sure Anna will be a worthy asset in any work she may choose to do. Girls' League QMZ-Eng . ' 4 A 1 , J . f. S N .l. .M l Qi X I 4' Z. ' 'll""2f" fl ' I NX X7 EMILY S. BONK New Britain, Conn. "Emile" April 6, 1923 "Quiet and sweet" Sweet and friendly can best characterize "Emilie" She's not talka- tive but her teachers have never been disappointed in her class recita- tions. Willingness to help in emergencies has labeled her as a friend worth knowing. Our wish for your success in nursing, is sincerely yours, Emily! Girls' League JOSEPH JOHN BORSELLE New Britain, Conn. '1l0e" July 4, N23 " He runs far that never turns" "joe" is one of the appreciated few who say little and do much. Sports interest him greatly, and rightly, for he has the reputations of his various athletic relatives to live up to. However, don't think he has a blind eye toward the fair ones. "Joes" future plans aren't com- plete as et, but since actions speak louder than words, he should be a valuabfe addition to any field of work. Football Manager '38, '39, '40g Baseball, Basketball: Band, Young Men's League ELIZABETH ANN BRIERLEY New Britain, Conn. "Bel" August ll, i923 "Divinely tall and most divinely fair" Who can overlook this fair damsel? We take pride in having Betty Ann as a member of our class. She has a definite knack for clothes and always looks like a fashion plate from Vogue. Contrary to the old adage, "Bet" is "pretty and smart," as attested by her scholastic record here at High School. We know she' l meet with much success at Wellesley next year. Junior College Club, Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Advisers, Ski Club PAUL ANTHONY BOSCARINO New Britain, Conn. 'iBo.sco" August 12, 1923 "A day for toil, an hour for sport" "Bosco" is that smiling chap who wears his hat at a cocky slant. His beaming countenance has welcomed maniy a customer at the market in which he works, to the satisfaction o his employer. "Bos- co" is going into the aircraft engine field. We'll be expecting bigger and better engines, Cross Country and Track Teams: Young Men's League RITA ROSEMARY BRUZAS Newark, N, J, "Real" January 25, 1923 "Beyond that calm exterior a world of treasure may be found" "Reat" may appear to be quiet and serious, but her friendliness and wit dispense with these. lt does take time to really become ac- quainted with Rita but one is never disappointed with the results. fSpeaking of time it hasn't, altered her feelings toward a certain young man.J However these little worries don't keep her from making first rate marks. She's sure to succeed! Girls' League fZwzeZ7,w1 warg- it N IB , K at ,f I 9 i . - 9 ii llil S ,f fp with IRENE THERESA BRZOZOWA New Britain, Conn. November l, 1923 UA quiet mind is richer than a crown" lt's certainly a relief to meet up with someone soothing to the nerves. Yes, Irene is just that Can answer to a Beehive Editors prayer. lt s a wonder there haven't been some nerve crack-ups hereaboutsj Irene, you ve been a faithful student and all that we would hope for, We'll be rooting for you! Girls' League GEORGE HENRY BRAY New Britain, Conn. "Gee" September 8, 1922 'Sober he is but not severe" lt was a lucky break for the dear old Alma Mater when "genial George" came to us from Prep school. Besides being one of our most ardent ski enthusiasts, he is a welcome addition to our Glee Club- a potential Bing Crosby. College wise, "Georgie" is heading toward Notre Dame where he intends to start his career as a doctor. Happy Landings! Glee Club, Ski Club, Class Night Committee VICTORIA ELEANOR BUDNEY New Britain, Conn, "Vickey" December 7, 1922 "A friend in need, is afriend indeed" Did you notice the cross look on the teachers face? I guess "Vic- key" must have been late for class again. But her bright smile can soften any scolding look. She is always ready, willing and able to help her friends and to her we wish the very best of everything. Girls' League, Banking Representative, Ofnce Worker JOHN JOSEPH BRENNAN New Britain, Conn. "jack" May 7, 1924 "On the beam" A tall handsome lad with sparkling Irish blue eyes is a good des- cription of "Johnnie" I-Iis cheerful smile and warm personality are well known among his classmates. Although he works afternoons, "jack" finds time to keep up his studies. This will mean much when studying in his chosen profession of engineering. Young lvIen's League . ELSIE EUNICE BYER New Britain, Conn. "El" September 20, 1923 "Be amicable that you may be loved" You all must know HEI," the little lady with the dark, laughing eyes. She is always ready to greet everyone with a gay smile and a cheery hello. If you need a friend, Elsie is true and sincere. The Uni- versity of Connecticut will find her a welcome addition to their student body next fall. Girls' League QQJZZ-5741. if N 113 5 1,1 lill S i? s XXL 'V 1111 1 lim 'f" EVA JOAN BYLEK New Britain, Conn, "Eve" january 31, 1923 "This life is most merry" This member of our graduating class is another ardent roller skater. Her ambition however is inclined toward the field of dress designing. We have no doubt but that she will roll along merrily toward the achievement of her goal. Girls' League WARREN JOHN BUECHNER New Britain, Conn. August 7, 1922 "What lies beneath the surface?" Warren may seem quiet in school, but those who know him will testify that he is in truth lots of fun and not particularly quiet. He likes and participates in all sports, but baseball and football are highest in his esteem. Althoulgh his future plans are unsettled, we would re- commend Warren to ollywood-that strong, silent type, you know! MARY THERESA CABRERA New Britain, Conn, November 10, 1922 "Smile the while" Mary's a girl everybody likes. Popular? You uessed it! She's a member of many clubs and has a host of friends. 1-Er rosy cheeks have been the envy of many and they say she's "pleasant as the morning and refreshing as the dew." Mary plans to be a bookkeeper, and we know she will reach her goal. Lots of luck-and keep that pleasant smile forever! Girls' Leagueg Civic Forumg Senior Girl Adviser, Pan American DONALD WILLIAM BROUSE New Britain, Conn. September 19, 1923 "Rugged of body as well as of brain" Donald is one of the most enthusiastic baseball fans of our school. One might easil start a conversation with him by mentioning the word baseball. 1-llowever, "Don" not only talks the game but plays it too. He has helped the Red and Gold team through many a sore spot with his excellent work behind the home plate. "Don' hasn't any dehnite plans for the future but we wouldn't be surprised if they had something to do with baseball. Baseball: Young Men's League CONSTANCE CALOS Chicopee Falls, Mass. "Connie" july 18, 1922 MMusic does all our joy refneu Who's one of the most friendly people ou've ever met? Your guess is as good as mine, but it's apt to be Hgonnief' Music holds an extra special place in her heart, and you can be sure that it isn't all "swing" "Connie" has always wanted to be able to play some musical instrument. Heres hoping that this dream, among others, will come true soon! Home Economic Club, Girls' League img- ang x 12' 19 ' I 'Y C! 1 ,4 p.3,..HU A w . ,. F, 'fits 1' X' is fl' 1 "W fit CONSTANCE CALVO New Britain, Conn. "Connie" january 17, 1922 'iReady, willing and able" Could that smiling, brown-eyed girl be "Connie" Calvo7 Why, ccrtainly!- would be the absolutely correct answer. Whatever mood you may be in, "Connie" will fall right in with your plans. Perhaps thats why everyone would value her friendship. We hope you'll go far in your business career, "Connie!" Girls' League, National Honor Society, Treasurerg Civic Forum, Library Page, Pan American Leaguei Senior Girl Adviser: Class Night Committee KENNETH ARTHUR CARLSON New Britain, Conn, " Ken" October 12, 1922 "What he did was alone with so much ease" "Kenny's" good looks have thrilled many a fair damse1's heart, but alas!-- to no avail! lvlodesty and a hne sense of humor, added to his other characteristics round out a fine specimen of a "regular fellow." His easy-going nature seems to make it impossible for him to hurry. As a result he's often late. But his friends like it. Best wishes for the future, "Kenny!" Young lVlen's League Page 86 DORIS ELIZABETH CARLSON Willimantic, Conn. "Dotty" November 13, 1923 " Never weary, Always cheery" Her cheerfulness has brightened many a traveler. pacing the halls of N. B, H. S. lRemember Report Card day? How could we forget it!!J We hear that "Dotty" likes the f1sh's way of getting about. You know, swimming! However, her sea legs seems to do pretty well on a dance floor, too. T. C. C. can expect a really promising candidate this fall. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, Civic Forum: junior College Club WILLIAM JOSEPH CHOMA New Britain, Conn, "Bill" February 27, 1923 "Bill Choma is so tall. He makes us feel quite small, His voice, which is so deep, Makes ours sound like a squeak." "Bill" is very popular and takes an active part in the Civic Forum. He is also on the Cross Country Team. Being a pilot in the U. S, Navy is "Bills" ambition. Happy Landings! Young lvlen's League, Civic Forum, Cross Country Team NORMA BERGENDAHL CARLSON New Britain, Conn. August 9, 1923 "A smile that no cloud can o'ercasl, A girl that is game to the last." Blue eyes and light, fluffy hair put flight to any doubt of Norma's Swedish blood. Some people give the impression of being "true blue" and here is such a one who would be worthy as a loyal friend. A little "birdie" told us that her plans lean toward teaching. We're sure that she'll find enrichment in new friendships at Teacher's College. Good luck, Norma, and don't forget to do your English! Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser F, 7 ?Q fHzQ?Zf'f Cflwue.. .fi iw I X! fl 7 - if N B 1 ii s as x X fx, vly, . f 411 l NX DOROTHY RUTH CASTELLANI Springfield, Mass. "Dany" September 29, 1923 "As small as they make them" lf you should lower your head enough and peer away down "thar," you'll see our "Dotty." This little lady has made some high marks which stand much to her credit. Once again, the saying "brains over brawn" is proved infallible. May your secretarial days run smoothly, "Dotty." Girls' League ERNEST JOSEPH CIANCI New Britain, Conn. "Ernie" May 4, 1924 "Me and the President" If titles were being handed out to each graduate, we have the appropriate one for "Ernie"-"Sir Stamp Fiend." A more ardent philatelist is hard to find. In addition to his school work and stamp collecting, "Ernie" is a steady employee at his fathers market. He has no definite plans for the future as yet, but there is always the grocery business for him to promote. Young Men's League: Stamp Club HEDWIG THERESA CEJMER New Britain, Conn. "Hedcly" December 24, 1922 "Eager in studies and labors" "Heddy" Cejmer is my pal, And l'l1 say she's some gal! Never had anyone a friend so true, Of her character, there are so few. Such a studious girl is "Heddy," lt's a wonder she hasn't graduated already. Girls' League ANTHONY FRANCIS CHIODO New Britain, Conn. "Chick" December 3, 1922 "Laugh and be merry" "Chick," "Coyote," and 'AChickado" are a few of this jolly fellow's nicknames. His crazy antics are enough to brighten any classroom. Among his extra-curricular activities, the Musica Club stands out, for his Sax playing and his singing have contributed in no small manner to the functioning of this organization. lt's good to hear you're going to Trinity, "Chick," we know they're getting the better part of the bargain. Musical Club, Representative of Young Men's League, Pan Amer- ican Club HELEN CATHERINE CESKAVICH New Britain, Conn. "Squeaky" March 26, 1925 'iMuch is she worth" Helen is endowed with blond beauty and an exceptionally pleasing personality as well as an alert intellect. This and hard work have gained high marks for her. She has the distinction of being the sole female in her architectural designing class. "Squeaky" thrills to the whir o an airplane motor and often takes flight among the clouds with Alex as her pilot, Happy landings Helen! Girls' League: Vice-President of Camera Club: Square Dance Club 7- -EM pHK7P , .f 'V X , it 74,1 ix X. 2 .Y C g , V M K, s , . Lf -. if N is ee it H S at lm f ' ' ' . mf . ,, . A Mitt N LUCY ROSE CHAISIONE New Britain, Conn. "Lou" June 6, l923 "Feed him rightly, but not unsightly" "Lou" has been following a commercial course, but out of school she is learning something most important. She can often be seen struggling through a downtown crowd, with her arms full of packages. Christmas shopping comes everyday for her, because you see, shes the family housekeeper. Lucky is the man for whom "Lou" will keep house! Girls' League JAMES JOSEPH CLERKIN New Britain, Conn. "jim" June 4, 1923 "A sense of humor is the balance of all the faculties" "Jim" is probably the foremost tease of our class. He takes pleasure in ribbing not only his fellow students, but his teachers as well. "Jim- my" would almost rather play golf than eat, and we are sure he will keep his newly acquired "puddle-jumper" rolling out to the greens. 'iJim" intends to study engineering, probably at Worcester Poly. Institute. Young Mens League HELEN THERESA CHANKO New Britain, Conn. "Cuddles", October 26, l923 'AAlways cheerful, always gay" lf success can be attained solely by personality, Helen will be the most likely to succeed. Her presence introduces a period of merriment, her wit is uncomparable, and her large repertoire of jokes is always dis- played. Although a concientious student, Helen manag-les to be at various functions. At present we find her interest lies in artford. We feel assured that her ambition to go through business college will be ful- fi led. Girls' League JAMES JOSEPH CLYNES New Britain, Conn. "jimmy" September 24, i923 "Distinguish yourself in your work" "Jimmy" has become familiar to many of us in his Western Union uniform. Right now he is taking the defense course at the Trade School. It should help a great deal if you decide on joining the Navy, "Jim." Good luck! Young Men's Leagueg Baseball ELEANOR ANN CHARAMUT Southington, Conn. "Squibb" December 22, 1923 "A riding through the hills" Watch that horse! Eleanor's the gal a-top of him. Probably after a brisk ride, she'll take a cool swim, and be fresh and peppv at the even- ing dance. Eleanor seems to fall for a southern drawl just like the rest, because we hear there's a someone away down that in Georgia. What do you think, though! She wants to be a mortician! fllndertaker to you.J Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum, Table Tennis Club img- ine. A B ll is of N llfi 132: 'gjiig ll'll S Dr Q f . , A f" Q4 ' aflfllfx ' ELINOR MARION CHINA New Britain, Conn. "Tomy" September 27, i023 " None knew her but to love her: None named her but to praise her." Elinor can't stay blue for long! Clviaybe it's because she is forever on the look out for that certain somebody with the new car??l lt seems that her liking of school depends a lot upon how her marks run. But that's nothing new with most of us. ls it? Her interests lean toward office work. May we extend congratulations to the new boss! Girls' League DONALD MYRON COHEN New Britain, Conn. "Quinn" February 2, 1924 "If silence is golden, l1e's of that standard" "Don" is a very popular person in all phases of school life, because he is both witty and wise. He is interested in music and is active in both the orchestra and the band. A certain pretty blond occupies a good deal of his spare time. With his winning personality he should attain recognition. Orchestra: Band: Musical Club: Honor Society: Prom Committee l HELEN STEPHANIE CHMELOWITZ New Britain, Conn. "Stevie" December 25, 1922 "Crowded with glorious action" Helen is the girl who can have a good time anywhere, she always being the life of the party. Her chief weakness is chocolate candy- but don't we all have a weakness for it? Well, somebody has to keep the manufacturers in trim. Helen s pet peeve is a school book, but don't worry Helen, it won't be long now. Girls' League OMAR ALBERT CONTOIS New Britain, Conn. "Oak" May 28, l922 "lf at first you don'l succeed, try, try, again" "Oak" has bestowed the honor of his graduating upon our june class .... at long last. Despite some scholastic difficulties, "Oak" has proven himself to have what it takes. His personality can o'er ride many an obstacle and his wit encourages many a chuckle. Remember "Oak,' persistence and diligence and virtues not to be ignored. MARGARET CHOLAKIAN New Britain. Conn. "Mar" January 7, l923 "True friends are like diamonds Precious and rare." "Mar" is the wee, happy-go-lucky girl who is always worried about getting her homework done. Her friends look to her for advice, and she is always ready to give it. So you plan to do secretarial work! Well, were sure you'll be as capable and efficient as they come! Girls' League: Senior Girl Adviser img- Wm is . ff K Il N B Y' Ti ' if ' 4111115 JEAN THERESA CHORZEMPA New Britain, Conn. "Dimples" February 19, 1923 "Blithe heart makes bloom and visageu Jean likes dancing and swimming and does very well on the gym floor. Popular with both the male and female species, her life at high school has been gay, and full of fun. Cl-ler boy friend looks so much like her own brother that people sometimes mistake him for one of the familyj Thumbs up for Jean! Girls' League ROBERT JOHN COUGHLIN New Britain, Conn. "Beam" April 19, 1921 'iWork has its own gratificationsu "Bos" is that tall dark-haired lad with great ambition. His work in school as well as out of school is a reflection of this ambition and probably is an indication of his future accomplishments. lf he con- tinues with the persistence and ability which he has displayed in N. B, H. S. we're bound to have another good airman soon. Football 1 Track llll S it NANCY ROSELYN CIRCO New Britain, Conn. " Nan" September 2, 1923 "The best of musicians and the sweetest of singers" That gal with the inevitable cheery "hello!" is none other than "Nan" herself. Like any other genuine person, she has one main, important interest. Since she's always up to her ears in music, maybe you can guess where her enthusiasm lies. We haven't the time to name her diversified activities so 1et's just say: "Have fun, 'Nanl' " Glee Clubg Civic Forum, Press, Girls' League Representative RICHARD JAMES CROWLEY New Britain, Conn. "Ricky" May 23, 1923 'Crow from more to more" "Ricky" is a tall, curly headed lad with a pleasing disposition. First he is the quietest person in class and then he goes to the opposite extreme. 1-lis good natured temperament should carry him far. We hear you're headed for Teachers College, "Ricky" Work hard, but don't neglect those chickens of yours, Golf Team, Young 1VIen's League DORIS HOLTON CLAPP New Britain, Conn. "Dorrie" November 13, 1923 "Pleasant to all, a friend of many" Who said blondes were beautiful but dumb? ln this particular case that is all wrong for "Dorrie" has always maintained good marks in her school work. In addition she is extremely active in our school activities. Doris dances and plays the piano like a master. In the fall she will grace the campus of some eastern college. Ski Club, Junior College Club, Musical Club: Executive Board of Girls' League 7- 0 0655- na. Pnmenw 14,7 e Ari Q N 1 j 'f Q , " f' 5" 'Au ' l l if N R Hl S if x , '+- -r Y ' X..x.lJ.- , .xx 1 4 Sf f T 'fifH,,AN CHRISTINE BETTY COCORES New Britain, Conn. 'AChris" August l, IOZZ "Quiet personx are welcomed everywhere" "Chris" fools most of us by her demure and shy manner: actually she has a lively wit and a sparkling humor. Once, after she has been drawn from her shell of shyness, you discover that shes jolly good compan . She enjoys dancing, particularly the polka. Many would like to learn "Chris's" secret for her fair, clear complexion. All the "debs" have one, so whats yours, 'iChris?" Girls' League: Press Club JAMES RICHARD DAGATA New Britain, Conn. "jimmy" glune l7. N22 "ll is energy lhat produces the miracles" jimmy" has lived up to his name, when it comes to study habits. A quiet unassuming pupil, he prefers to do his school work quietly without bothering others. His ability to stick to a job until it is suc- cessfully completed will be an important factor in his future work. VIRGINIA DOWNS COLBY Pasadena, California "California" March 2, l923 "A girl with varied talents" "Ginny" is California's contribution to N. B. H. S, and what a contribution! Within her short stay of one year she has made her mark in the history of our class. The held of arts should be her goal, because during these few months we can sincerely acknowledge her developed talent in music and arts. California may have its points, but Con- necticut's "all right," isnt it "Ginny7" Glee Club: Orchestra 1 Junior College Club: Girls' League VITO FRANCIS DiFRONZO New Britain, Conn. "Slim" October 20. l92l " He who has the most to say talks the least" Vito is a rather shy and retiring fellow who stands well over six feet. He is among the boys of our class who are pioneers in the new defense course instituted at the Trade School. This should prove to be a good start in his chosen field of aviation. Young Mens Leaguei Baseball: Football ANNA BELLA COHEN New Britain. Conn, "Belle" April 7, l923 M Her ways are the ways of pleasantnessu Her cheerful smile and generous helping hand has put Bella high in the regard of all who know her. After graduation Bella intends to seek an omce position and we all wish her luck. Though she does like to take her time about things, she will find her place in the business world, near the top. Girls' League: Civic Forum W1h4eEZ'e:4rfr-ily-fz'ZA - 03225. Pagz' ip I X J' fc vi? ,r N B 1 w-' i . A lil S ii? if C' ' ,X K folio BARBARA KATHLEEN CONNER New Britain, Conn. "Bobbie" july 21, 1923 "Like a storehouse, full of ambition" lf you see an ambitious looking person with especially nice blond hair, chances are that it is Barbara Conner. She is very interested in all sports but especially in roller skating. A Fife and Drum Corps takes up much of her time, but "Bobbie" always has her work done on time and really puts her heart and soul into it. With such interests and accomplishments, she seems to have all the earmarks of success, in business or any other field she may choose. Girls' League ELLSWORTH EARLE DILGER Waterbury, Conn. "Blonde" July 24, 1923 "Sleep is oblivion" Yawn4snore, don't let this bother you. lt's only Ellsworth fast asleep in his English class. This tall, blond lanky fellow, when not snoozing is apt to be found most often in the drafting department. The experience which he has gained there undoubtedly will be of great use to him in his chosen field of aviation, We wish him the best of luck in the future. Young Men's League MARGARET CONNER New Britain, Conn. "Marge" May 21, 1923 'AA package full offurf' "Marge" has been blest with a sense of humor that never fails her even in the darkest hours. Everyone enjoys being in her company and she is very seldom alone. She bowls like a professional and dances like a dream. She is uncertain as to her plans after graduation but we are sure there will be many happy hours for her. Girls' League WILLIAM JOHN DONAHUE New Britain, Conn. UWM!" july 9, 1922 "All play and no women make "W'illie" a .strong man" "Willie" as he is called by most of his friends is a tall, wiry lad. Skiing, swimming and outdoor life are tops with him, while school life and women remain in the background. I-le's well liked around the campus and is quite popular with uthe boys." There is no doubt that he will succeed in later life as a salesman, even if it comes to selling ice boxes to the Eskimos, since he plans to go to Alaska after gradua- tion. Young Men's Leagueg Ski Club, Decorations Committee MARY ROSE CONNORS New Britain, Conn. March 22, 1923 "Friendly words and smiles for everyone" Mary is the energetic type of girl who is often in the spotlight. She takes her work seriously but there is never a dull moment when she's around. And yet, one of her most refreshing characteristics is her unselfish interest in others. Reliable sources report that Mary wants to follow in Florence Nightingales footsteps. May you reach your highest goal, Mary, and keep away from the intemes! Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser - in-Z?-pref. 795 N llll l .14- w, lg 'A'-N iQ.', ,' i - is S S Zllll Nl EDNA ADRIAN CONTI New Britain, Conn. November' l7, l923 'Goodness is silent" Not that Edna is always silent! flhey say that is an impossibility in a member of the weaker sexj She's been brushing up on her swim- ming at the "Y" during these last days of school. But if you should not Gnd her buried in the "wet," if you're lucky, she might be at home, engrossed in a good book. Civic Forum, Girls' League THEODORE EDWARD DONGVESKIS New Britain, Conn. "Ted" March 5, 1923 "Shyness is a virtue" "Ted" is that lanky six footer who can be seen around the campus talking to a N. B. H. S. debutante Cand take it from one who knows he gets along by himself, in between a blushing face and a stuttering tonguej. All through his high school career he has made the grade Even if it was during the last few days of school. Young Mens League ROSE MARIE COSTANZO Dunmore, Pennsylvania "Roe" September l, l923 "A modern girl with big brown eyes, Arid personalily twice her size." How can that come-hither look be resisted? It seems to affect a certain somebody, they say. fBy the way, Rose is one grand cook, too. Reports say her Brownies beat all.D All in all, whatever held Rose specializes in, were sure shell be tops! Girls' League: Senior Girl Adviser FRANCIS JOSEPH DORSEY New Britain, Conn. "Dawsey" March I3, 1923 "Personality and brains, an unbreakable combination" lndustrious and intelligent, "Dawsey" was very shy during his freshman year at N. B. H. S. but my how he has changed. He usually does well in his school work especially during Mr. Quimby's quizzes. He is a self-elected publicity agent for the Strand Theatre where he is an usher. His boss loves to watch him and his flashlight go streaking up and down the aisle. He hopes to become a pilot in the Army Air Corps. Happy landings, "Dawsey." Young Mens League Representative, Honor Society BARBARA COWLES New Britain, Conn, "Barb" October 25, I922 "Laugh and the world laughs with you" "Barb's" friendly smile will be missed when she graduates, but our loss will be the University of Connecticut's gain. She may look back with joy at the pleasures encountered during her high school days. "Barb" always manages to be in the midst of all the social functions, contributing to the fun of all. Girls' League: Senior Adviser, College Club ioiig- Ema- ,N V s.. f f 5' xxx, 03 43:4 r li l it 1 1" I--J-, ,- I X si I l sy ' 1. ' ' A if ir: ' C2144 x.-. 2' if I 5 fm NX'- ANN ELIZABETH CROWLEY New Britain, Conn. "Beauty" February 22, 1923 "A birthday, not to be forgotten" Ann had the honor of being born on a famous mans birthdayg none other than "George Washington's." Maybe this would have something to do with her qualities of friendliness and real perseverance. Well, whether this be so or not, it doesnt matter where they came from, so long as they're there. You've been a "good fellow," Ann. CWe expect to Find your marriage date not too far offj Girls' League HERMAN ALFRED DRESSEL New Britain, Conn. " Herrnien April 27, 1922 "Music is the sail of man" Picture, if you can, a beautiful cream colored drum set with two or three tom-tOmS, several cymbals, a brass drum, a snare drum, a pair ol "kick" cymbals, a few wood blocks and two cowbells. To the jitterbugs, this is a familiar sight. .... that's right,-it's Herman Dressel, Drummer man with the Rhythm Masters' Orchestra, "Hermie" spends his spare time chauffering and listening to the "blues" records. Given the right breaks, he'll probably end up as the sensation of the music world. Civic Forum, Young Men's League: Co-chairman of Prom Com- mittee ALBERTA DOROTHY CZARNECKI Newington, Conn. "Birdie" April 28, l023 "Be wise-have a good time all the while" She stands out in a crowd-she's blonde and is always surrounded by a circle of friends which is constantly growing. She is never lacking a partner at social affairs because she has a smile for everyone and a giggle that is as contagious as the measles, Lately she has been kept busy by a certain T. C. C. member. "Birdie's" plans for the future are incomplete, but we know she will be successful in whatever she undertakes. Girls' League, Prom Committee KENNETH EMIL ERICSON Willimantic, Conn. "Kenny" February 18, 1924 " Heli quiet. he's shy. But has a good guy." "Kenny" is not as serious as he looks. You will often find him participating in many sports, including tennis, bowling and fishing. However, in spite of all these activities, "Kenny" is a model student, and though he is undecided on his future course. we know he will come out on top. Young Men's League, Camera Club: Tennis Team: Bowling Team MARY ELIZABETH DALTON New Britain, Conn. May I4, N23 'Cheerful as the day is long" Mary is not the surface type of cheerfulness. Hers might be com- pared with an eternal fountain of water which knows no end. lf you should ever catch her with a really long face, you can be sure that there is a big reason behind it all. This quality certainly ought to come in handy for a future elementary school teacher. just be sure that you don't make My johnny stand in the corner, Mary! Girls' Leagueg junior College Club, Civic Forum, Officials Club E - 'x Trl! V 1. -a-- 771 X t7"cQffZ2gf ' f Q. . 7 71 if? it N i ii fs sv 'zllflilbx ANN MARY D'ANGELO New Britain, Conn. "Ann" june 29, i923 "Ambition is the ladder to success" "Ann" is the attractive brunette we have all seen strolling leisurely along the corridors. Her pleasing disposition and striking personality have laden her with many friends and admirers. lvluscially inclined, "Ann" has been a great asset to the Glee Club during her high school career. "Ann's" future plans are alon the held of nursing and knowing her, we are confident that she wil? be tops in her held. Goodbye and Good Luck "Ann!" Cvlee Clubg Girls' League LOUIS ERREDE New Britain, Conn. "Kid" May 20, l923 "Don'l let it ge! you down" Louie will enter T. C. C. and after gaining his higher education will enter the State Police force. If Louie uses the same speed with law-breakers as he has with the co-ed half of the high-school, there will be few careless drivers left on Connecticut highways. Young Men's League: Prom Committee MARY ROSE DELANEY New Britain, Conn. "Mammie" june 24, 1922 "Good nature will always win the heart, for she is known for her many friends" Although she's not very biglthis little charming brunette girl packs a great deal of personality. er friendly manners and her cheerful disposition delight everyone who comes in contact with her. She greets everyone with that charming smile which is her trademark. Her greatest joy is roiler skating which she does beautifully, and with such race that everyone loves to watch her. She intends to be a secretarygvlay the best of luck and rich blessings always accompany you, ulvlammief' Girls' League CHARLES LAUGDON FAULKNER New Britain, Conn. 'Llaspef' March 16, 1921 "The stronger always succeeds" Intelligent, humorous. and a clear thinker, Charles is a lad who gets along with everybody, especially Ann. Throughout his school career he has been a good student. "jasper" expects to enter Ohio University. We hope he succeeds in making that trip to Ohio, where he will probably continue his same easy going way. Young Mens League, Historical Fiction Club PALMYRA BERNICE DePALMA Bridgeport, Conn. "Polly" August I8, i924 "Gen!le to hear, kindly to judge" Petite and shy Palymra, affectionately known as 'iPolly," is a recent addition to the Senior High. Although she received her first two years of High School training in New York, she has become a popular Figure in our school. She possesses a quiet charm, geniality and real musical ability to aid her in the career of a singer. Girls' League, Glee Clubg Press, Honor Society QVZZ- Xxx . i fad s 1 f Sr N lil ffm "5 'T ll S if - 'V'3'i'liliQk' F IRENE MAGDALENE DINDA New Britain, Conn. 'iRenee" August 4, l923 "To see the world is just for me" "Renee's" greatest desire is to travel, and we hope it won't be long before she sets foot on a journey to the far corners of the earth! Her friendly attitude towards life will insure her success and make her dreams come true. This all-around good sport has been a pleasure to have around, Good luck, "Renee" but don't fall overboard! Girls' League STEVEN TYRONE FLORIE Atlantic City, N, J. "Stevie" December lo, 1923 'Oddly Wise" "Stevie" has a rather striking personality. An interesting, natural speaker, his imaginative mind and stirring manner bring out an apt- ness for literary work. He has a great liking for reading and his favorite author is Thomas Wolfe. A lover of classical music, he also likes swing and is quite "hep to the jivef' His favorite subjects are Latin and English: he considers Math. and Chemistry as only incidentals. Steven plans to enter the University of Pennsylvania. Young lVlen's League: Poetry Club: Library Pageg Press Repre- sentative: Motto Committee, Co-chairman CECELIA BERNICE DOBECK New Britain, Conn. "Ceil" October 27, l922 "A friend to all who know her" "Ceil" is a person who does her work on time and still has time to enjoy herself b reading, skating, dancing and above all going to basket- ball games. Hgeilu comes from a family of basketball players which may account for her interest, but then again. who knows? Good luck, Cell. Girls' League JOHN GEORGE FRANK Middletown, Conn. "johnny" October 12, 1923 "Success comes from long and hard work" "johnny" is a member of the college prep division. His chief in- terest outside of high school is photography. And he has been especially interested in Chemistry. He is also seen at many of the social affairs. both in and out of school. These varied interests have made johnny" quite a few friends. Young Mens League, Treasurer Camera Club MARY VIRGINIA DOLAN New Britain, Conn. "jinny" May l, i923 "Fashion is the vogue" "jinny" too hopes to join the rank of dress designers, as do several of her classmates. With her creative ability we feel sure that some day she will make great strides in the Field of fashion-all sorts of success "jinny" in your endeavor. Girls' League joiij- ana. f 4. pk -c 1, , ,y x fr 5: 1 f , ,f -rm ' ,ff v i X rv. f - . , . . -- K- , g if N ia ii s sf QM A53 ,f MILDRED AGNES DONAHUE New Britain, Conn. "Donnie" December 20, N23 "Of a versatile nature" The gym teachers have never had a cause to criticize this youn lady lor her posture, ln case you can't place her, Mildred is the girl who Ends safety in numbers, where boys are concerned. Homework never appealed to her, because she loved her nights free, CWho doesn't 71 Happy hunting, Mildred! C-irls' League: Senior Girl Adviser ROBERT WILLIAM FREDRICKSON New Britain, Conn, "Rib" February 5, 1924 "To worry is to grow old" ln or "Rib," as he is known by many, we have a blond iant who is disturbed by nothing, He takes exams or whatever prob- Etms might arise in his stride without so much as the flickering of an eyelash. A fellow of his size is more suited to an instrument like the bull fiddle, but "Rib" plays the violin in our school orchestra. He plays it so well that he has held the position of Concert Master for the past year and a half. Trinity College will be the next rung on his ladder to success. Orchestra: Young Men's League: Ski Club, Musical Club: Decora- tion Committee MARGARET LOUISE DORNFRIED New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" june 14, 1923 'Brightness is all honor" 'iPeggy" seems always in an excellent frame of mind, for she fairly radiates good humor and fun. She plans to enter business and surely her outstanding cheerfulncss will not be a detriment in this or any other field. Girls' Lcaguc JOHN BARDEN FULLER New Britain, Conn. January 3, l92l " How one man excels another" John is one of the schools ready peacemakers, a veritable "Fatso Dolan." He is ever ready to make new friends. A student in the art of woodworking and leatherworking he is a genius at making things with his hands. Plans of later life are not known at the present, but we wish him all possible luck in life's workshop. Representative Young Men's Leagueg Bowling Club BERNICE THERESA DRAG lfindley, Pennsylvania "Bernie" October ll, IQZZ "Silence is golden" Bernice is Pennsylvanias gift to New Britain. Her quiet charm has won her many friends. A great deal of her time is spent in the local xmotion picture theatres. Although her future plans are unknown, we are sure that she will meet with success in whatever field she may enter. Girls' League: Civic Forum ima-PM x 1. f? if N B B- H S fr this f HELEN AGNES DREZEK New Britain, Conn. April 11, 1922 "The best of me is Diligence" One of those quiet reserved girls is Helen! But they say she possesses a wonderful sense of humor when she's in a mood. Her favorite oc- cupation right nqw is dancing, and this she does whenever the chance arises. Aside from that, basketball takes the limelight. We have no fear for the future of such an industrious irl as Helen g . Girls' League: Home Economics Clubg Red Cross Club MICHAEL JOHN GALLO New Britain, Conn. "Mickey" january 28, 1923 'AMu.sic bringeth joy" This boy plays quite a trumpet for such small a fellow. ln fact he he made the All State Band this year, "Mike" intends to follow music as a career, and has already started by organizing a band of his own. Good work, ulvlikef' Band: Brass Choir, Young Mens League, Musical Club LEOCADIA CHARLOTTE DYLEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Lee" july I7, l9Z3 "Forever running hither and thither" See the girl rushing down the corridor? Well, it must he "Lee," because she is always dashing around to find that girl friend of hers to make deep, dark plans, Being interested in sports plus innumerable other activities, she Finds plenty to keep her busy. Never a dull moment. Keep rushing onward toward success and we know you'll come out on top. Girls' League HERBERT CHARLES GIMPL New Britain, Conn. " Herbie" December 8, 1923 " He relished ajoke and rejoiced in a pun" A friendly, easy going disposition marks 'iHerbie." Very witty, he is always ready to give or take a joke. He has made numerous friends among both the boys and girls. Due to his intelligence, forceful char- acter and industry he has won distinction and honor in his class. Young lVIen's League, Bowling Club CEILA KATHERINE DZIOBA New Britain, Conn. "Kitty" February 25, N923 "Live, laugh, and be merry" "Kitty" is that good natured little miss who is always so full of fun. Her cheerful disposition will be an important factor in her work as a secretary. She, too, is another dancing enthusiast. We are sure "Kitty" that some boss will be lucky to have you as his secretary. Girls' League leave 5 'qv I V 1 . s f X ' I f .ti I 1.5 gr - x. ?- ,Q 1 .- x. f "r N TR llil S fr ., . I 71 i ,AMUX . ANNE MARY EGRI Czechoslavakia i'Kid" May 20, I'-923 "As versatile as they make lhemh You could count the things that Mary has nu! done on one hand. Why. she s even ridden a horse without a saddle and been able to eat dinner at the table with the rest of the family. Quite an accomplish- ment, Id say! Mary can sit down and turn out a dress that would make you sit up and take notice. Shucks! I here isn't room to say much more than "Happy stitching, Mary!" Girls' Leagueg Honor Society IRVING GITLITZ New Britain, Conn. "Gil" .january 23, l92-I "The Yanks are coming" Irvin is that robust fellow who continually interrupted Miss Adams' first period class by his loud nose blowing. This noise has often been compared with that ofa steamship whistle. "Clit" is an experienced haberdasher but Dentistry is his chosen profession. Irving plans to enter the University of Connecticut. Young Men's League EVA ELIA New Britain, Conn. july I, 1923 "A good education is better than gold " A very sweet and quiet person is Eva! Her ambition is teaching, but definitely! She has fostered this ambition for a long time and we feel sure about her success in this career. We'll be seeing you behind a desk soon, Eva, but remember, don't be too hard on junior when he gets into a scrape. Girls' League ARTHUR MORRIS GLIDDEN Bangor. Maine i'Art" December 21, I922 "A true friend is priceless" . "Artie" Glidden is a name familiar to many. His genuine character and friendly manner have won him a large number of close friends. He never asks for any short cuts in acquiring what he wants but attains his goal through hard work and perseverance. These qualities should carry uArt" a ong way. Young Mens League GERALDINE RUTH ELLIOTT New Britain, Conn. "jerry" September 2, 1923 'iAll the world likes a quiet girl" This motto seems to Gt "jerry" to a but like everything else, theres a loop hole. It seems that in the morning she's quite a bit dif- ferent than in the afternoon. Could it be due to that certain out of town boy? She has many pastimes, but dancing heads the list. May you dance your way to success, ",Ierry!" Girls' League: Civic Forumg Senior Girl Adviser Q-MQ-ang X E if R V , iff N B Nil llell S if - V X hiv: si 'VI v Milt MARGARET EMBACHER New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" April 16, 1923 "Of service to mankind" "Peggy" is another potential "Florence Nightingale." She plans to render her services in the field of nursing. With her pleasing per- sonality she would be an asset and a welcome addition in any career. Best of luck, 'Peggyf' Girls' League GERALD GOLDBERG New Britain, Conn. "Gerry" May 9, 1923 "Life is a bowl of cherries" "Gerry" is a man about town. 1-le is popular and well known by many of his fellow students. When speaking he proves to be Witt and keen minded. He expects to enter Union College for a course in lghar- macy. Good luck, "Gerry," but look out for the New Britain boys who are going to R. P. l.-deadly rivals of Union, you know. Glee Clubg Orchestra, Musical Club to it! Girls' League: Honor Society D11 fm nan RUTH RACHEL EPSTEIN New York, N. Y. "Ruthie" july 25, 1923 "To know thee is to love thee" Everyone is impressed by "Ruthie's" sparkling smile and her gay manner. "Ruthie" plans to do secretarial work and we are sure she will be successful in this field. Ruth's hobbies are sewing, writing, and dancing. You will always find "Ruthie" willing to lend a helping hand, The best of luck to you, "Ruthie" Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser, Civic Forum EDWARD GREENBLATT New Britain, Conn. "Greeny" November 15, 1922 "What is so fair as a day in june" "Ed" is a tall lean fellow who has an agreeable easy-going start on life. He is one of the Schools top-flight golfers and has won honors in many tournaments as well as the promise of a job. At the same time he has not forgotten his school work, which he hopes to continue in college. ELIZABETH FRANCES ESHIA New Britain, Conn. "Betty" October 19, 1922 "A calm and steady person" This young lady with a genuine good nature has been a friend to all during her high school days. "Betty" has completed her work with such ease and accuracy that it's been a pleasure to have her around. lf you should ever feel especially worried and harassed, only "Betty" can iron out the wrinkles. You'll make a swell nurse, "Betty," so go in-ZZ? ine.. fl K ef N iii it 2, H s sf Q x. 'N with it HELEN ELIZABETH FAGAN New Britain, Conn. June 20, IQZ3 "Small but ifivaciousn Throughout her career at High School, Helen has been one of thc most popular and active girls. As President of the Girls' League she has done a fine piece of work. An orchid to you Helen! She plans to further her education at college where we know she will make out- standing contributions to student activities. President of Girls' Leagueg College Club. Ski Club, Senior Adviser. Decoration Committee GEORGE JOSEPH GRECZYK New Britain, Conn. "Georgie" February 9, l92-l "One must love sports to acquire the love of women" "Georgie" is that tall, dark and handsome fellow who hails from the Trade School. Beneath those brown eyes and mischievous dimples. "Georgie" possesses several hidden talents which include baseball and ice-skating. Both these are of the utmost value to him as far as ad- mirations of certain young ladies are concerned. BETTY CONSTANCE FARRELL New Britain, Conn. "Bel" October 9, 1923 "Music soothes the savage breast" And there is music in the soft tones of "Bets" voice. Some lucky patient will be hearing it soon for she intends to be a nurse. She believes that a good job is one that is done thoroughly. With that formula we do not hesitate to predict that her life will be successful. Girls' League: Senior Adviser, Red Cross Club CHESTER JOSEPH GRUNWALD New Britain. Conn. "Tabby" September 12, l922 "Success is worth striving for" "Tubby" is a very amiable, cheerful fellow. He has a very pleasing and striking personality and makes friends everywhere he goes. Being very industrious and studious he obtains good marks. This coupled with his ambitious spirit promises him a bright career. Young Mens League ANN MARY FAZZINA New Britain, Conn. "Fuzzy" September 27, l923 "Such a wee person" "Fuzzy" has been seen slipping around a lot in the library as Miss Mclntyre's little helper. She is active in the "Behind the scenes" work. Even her school work is prompt: this answer to a teachers prayer. With such credentials of dependability, "Fuzzy" will have little trouble in obtaining office employment. Girls' League Representativeg Library Pageg Pan American Club: Senior Girl Adviser, Honor Society ZMQZ- Eng 1' fl 4 f' f fn ,J if N is ,ii ii s sf Afilixfx W LENA CELESTINE FAZZINA New Britain, Conn. "Fuzzy" May 18, 1923 " Nice things come in small packages" Lena is a vivacious girl who has beautiful red hair. Envied by her friends it has proved real drawing power. She possesses lovable qualities that have attracted and won her a host of friends. "Fuzzy" has a great sense of humor but she takes her studyin seriously and has managed to keep a good scholastic record in school. She plans to enter T. C. C. in the fall and taking her good disposition into account we know she will make a nne teacher. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviserg Publicity Committee JOHN FREDERICK HALEKS New Britain, Conn. "Hal" September 5, 1923 "Attracting all like a magnet" "Hal" is one of our serious minded students who knows what he wants to do, and who will undoubtedly do it. He has been preparing for his chosen work as electrician for quite a while now and will continue after graduation. "Hal" has traveled reatly in the U. S. A. which probably accounts for his conversationaT ability. Young Men's League MAVIS EVELYN FENGLER New Britain, Conn. "Maisie" August 14, 1923 "Laugh, and the world laughs with you" Mavis is one of those gay creatures who has the gift for making others merry. You can be sure to find her in one of the laughing groups of girls in the cafeteriahsaying her lively bit. This girl craves excite- ment-so our prediction is "something unusual" for her life's work. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser FREDERICK JOHN HEDELER New Britain, Conn. "Fred" April 24, 1923 "Camera, actionfu "Fred" was cut out to be a First class cameraman. He knows his photography from A to Z and Z to A. His conversation is mostly filled with photography, except when he is with one of his many girl friends. Then it turns to more armorous subjects. He thus far has shown great ability in his chosen vocation, and proof of this may be found in his collection of excellent snapshots which he developed himself. Ask Fred about his hobby sometime and he will tell you that photography pays in more ways than one. HELEN FRANCES FLANAGAN Hartford, Conn. March 2, 1924 "Ambition is a wonderful thing" Helen hasn't shown much interest towards the opposite sex, but she has made a fine record scholastically, and is well liked by both teachers and students. She has unusual perserverance and this is at- tested by her ambition to become a doctor, which will entail many long years of study. At any rate Helen plans to go to Trinity in Wash- ington to begin pre-med courses. Girls' League, Treasurer of junior College Club, Ski Clubg Senior Adviserg Motto Committee fl s. , -fy 4' f gig f' vig. file N is xl .,, 1, ii S w . N- -. .5 H i 1, X ' ' .' Xi sf' M1 llllx 'f CECILIA FLESCH New Britain, Conn. "Cel" September 23, 1923 "I f .silence is golden, she's of the standard" "Cel" is that cute little brunette who's "gone with the wind" before you know it. She used to be the quiet type of girl, lzut during the past year she has surprised us all by her activity. Always laughing and happy, with never an unkind word for anyone, her stay at high school has gained many lasting friends. Lots of luck to you. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser CHARLES JOHN HICKEY New Britain, Conn. "Charlie" june 12, 1923 "Personality and brains, an unbreakable combination" "Charlie" is one of High Schools best all around students. He has maintained an excellent scholastic rating and in addition to ex- celling in his studies, he has been active in various sports. Swimming however, holds his preference, but baseball, football and hockey also hold his interest. "Hick" not only has a great mana gentlemen friends, but also is a "Wow" with the women. lf you don't e ieve us, ask Ann! Young Men's Leagueg Ski Clubp Co-chairman of Motto Committee ALAINIE FLOROS Forestville, Conn. November 9, 1922 Does an one need a nurse? About three years from now, Alainie may apply yor the job. So much for her future. As for her pastgshe has been a good student and a swell pal. We don't know much of her life after school hours but we know that she reads a lot and bowls some. We give you our best wishes, Alainie. Girls' League MARVIN BERNARD HOFFMAN New Haven, Conn. "Marv" November 21, 1923 "A way with the women" , Have you seen that tall young man with music in his heart and an eye for the women? Well, Marvin has composed several songs, which according to his friends are very good. His music also attracts the ladies. Marvin expects to enter into business with his father but with his debative ability we think he should be a lawyer. Either way, Good- luck, Marvin! Chess Club MARY RITA FLYNN New Britain, Conn. December 24, 1923 "Actions speak louder than words" Sincerity and loyalty combined with a very pleasin personality and a loving disposition is the answer to Mary's popularity. Mary takes ever thing with calmness and is always prepared in her work. Because og her industry and conscientiousness, she has maintained a high average in her schoolwork. We haven't heard much about her plans for the future but we know that she is headed for success. Girls' League 3? -9 MQ? ng P age 103 X , 1 in s fs XX 1 F2 1 if N B gi -225 Q11 x-QJ ri' X V1 JESSIE ELIZABETH FONSECA Plainville, Conn. "jess" June 18, 1922 " Her ways are pleasant ways" 'Jess' is a welcome addition from the neighboring borough of Plainville. Although shy, she is a conscientious worker. She plans to enter Lincoln Nurses Training School in the fall. Best of luck, Girls' League, Civic Forum WILLIAM ALBERT HOFFMAN New Britain, Conn. i'Archie" August 14, 1922 "Bringeth music to my ears" "Bill" is a short young fellow who is often seen at the He takes great pride in his violin playing and aspires to become an outstanding musician, "Archie" also has ideas about the Navy. Don't get on a destroyer, "Archie" for you won't find any room for your violin. Young Men's League , 5-gffjtifzifys ii. - t -g 4. -li- Page IO4 ss Hills ' CATHERINE ESTHER FORCASH Whitney, Penn. "Kay" May 4, 1923 "Sit on the tack of ambition and you shall rise" "Kay" is another one of those hard-working girls who is a leader in every class. Many of her golden hours were spent in a place where many of us ought to visit more often, the library. One might think shc is quiet but he will never know how near right he is. "Kay" has firmly fixed herself to the old proverb, "Business before pleasure " She is the gg who looks over her homework and not overlooks it. Luck to you .. aw.. Girls' League, Senior Adviser, Library Page, Civic lforumg Officials Club, Volley Ball, Banking Representativei Honor Society HENRY TED JAZWINSKI New Britain, Conn. "jazz" April 17, 1923 "9-G's the Limit" lf "jazz" can manage to give several girls the air, he will enter an aergnautical school and settle down to four years of necessarily hard stu y. Although "jazz" is air-minded, he isn't really light-headed, and will probably succeed as a steady person and pilot. Young Men's League, Decoration Committee MARTHA ANNE FOX New Britain, Conn. July 29, 1923 "The secret to success is a constancy to purpose" A fondness for books has brought Martha to the weighty decision of what to do .... in the future. This is to have a place in the world of books, as a librarian. lf your accomodating nature prevails, Martha, we're sure "the public" will benefit. Senior Girl Adviser, Student Pan American, Girls' League in-2?-ana hs- ' 71 Eff' Il Af N llil im If I? if mf ff if-V . " if -' Il Qllllil-lk MARY MARGARET FUSARI New Britain, Conn. "Fuzzy" December 20, l922 " Her ways are the ways of pleasantnessn "Fuzzy" is that happy lass who keeps the party going with her wit and humor. She puts her heart into anything she does, whether work or play, and thus insures success. We are sure "Fuzzy" will make friends wherever she goes and that success will be hers. Senior Girl Advisers, Girls' League WILLIAM CLETUS JENSEN New Britain, Conn. "Bill" March 2, 1923 "Industry fills the hive" "Bill" is a quiet young man who doesn't seem to care much for those of the opposite sex, although the feeling isn't mutual! "Bills" plans include tool and die making and drafting. With the present need for skilled workers he should be a welcome addition to one of our factories. PASQUALINE ANN GAGLIARDI New Britain, Conn. "Pal" October l2, 1924 "To be wise is a wonderful thing" "Pat" is that good-natured, friendly member of our class who seems very quiet in school, but is active outside. Her personality is very pleasing, so her company is always pleasant. Her favorite pastime is dancing, which she does very well. Do you blame that certain young man for taking up so much of her time? "Pat" hopes to become a stenographer, and we're sure she will succeed. Girls' League STANLEY JOSEPH KARWOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Stan" September l7, i922 " He who labors well shall succeed" A hearty slap on your back and a big happy smile are this big bruiser's way of sa ing hello. "Stan" has a winning personality, is very friendly and gets albng with all the fellows. He is very athletic and also very ambitious. A hard worker, he gets what he wants. No need to say, he will make a go of whatever he undertakes. I Football, Baseball, Track: Varsity Club, Vice-President Bowling C ub JAYNE SHIRLEY GAGNER New Britain, Conn. 'lIay" january 20, l924 "She dances and smiles the time away" "jay" is the petit young lady you always see giving a friendly smile, A good dancer and tricky bowler, "jay" can offer competition to anyone. Roller skating is also another of her hobbies. Knowing "jay" as we know her, we are sure that she will be the competent nurse that she intends to be. Girls' League 1 M Page 105 X f N B ii H S if SFX X .. .22 V fi 'pl-.ff .QA .1 Nei! , ' 1 A7'1'lllfS LOUISE ELIZABETH GALIANO Newark, New jersey "Lou" September 6, 1922 'Quiet persons are welcomed anywhere" Louise was one of the quiet girls of our Retailing class, but she always had an answer ready to any question whatsoever. lf you should ever give her a "buzz" some evenin , she would either be doing her homework, or reading, which is a favorite pastime. We know that Louise will be a great success, so here's to her! Girls' League JOHN EDWARD KAWECKI New Britain, Conn. A'Big john" April 26, 1923 "Ambition leads to success" john has so many admirable qualities that to name them would be an assignment. Among them are his modesty about his scholastic attainment, his integrity, and his sportsmanship. To win his friend- ship quickly, simply let fishing lead your conversation. john finds languages a pleasure, Math a delight, but he tolerates English. He possesses ambitions and determination, both of which will mean much in his chosen field of engineering, to honors, and distinction. National Honor Societyg Young lVien's League Representative, Camera Club FLORENCE JOSEPHINE GARCZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Garde" September 10, 1922 "A Book is a Friend that Never Deceivesu Q "Garcie" is a friendly smiling person with just a few interesting freckles sprinkled across her face. Her shy and quiet manner certainly hide all that potential charm and personality she holds. Her one fault is that sometimes during her stay on this Earth, she makes a meal out of Websters memorable work. "Garcie" takes great pleasure in as- tounding her friends with ear-opening displays of loquaciousness. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser JAMES THOMAS KELAHER New Britain, Conn. "Bud" October 2, 1922 "Even the Gods Enjoy their Wit" "Bud" is a happy-go-lucky young fellow whose hearty laugh and genuine lrishl-grin have molded many a teachers tired features into a broad smile. e likes sports and really goes into things he likes in a big way. lf studies played an interesting part in his life, no doubt we would have a budding professor in our midst. As it is, we know "Bud" will be a success in aviation. ANTOINETTE SUE GIANTONIO New Britain, Conn. "'I'onie" April o, 1923 'Sports are my enjoyment" "Tonic" is an ardent sport fan. Among her accomplishments in this field are bowling, swimming, and badminton. Moreover "Tonic" is an active member of the Y. W. C. A. She expects to go to T. C. C. in the fall. A great deal of luck to you Antionette. Bowling Club, Girls' League PM ,,,,, - na R, X- .. f f N B ii, H-'IH S 'X 52,411 'I XX 4 BETTY NORMA GLABAU New Britain, Conn. "Bet" january 10, 1924 "A quiet countenance makes one so serene" lf one pictures a girl coming through the halls loaded down with books she has a picture of our studious "Betty" Outside activities are of no interest to her and she finds most pleasure in reading. We hope in future years she will rid herself of that great shyness. Girls' League EDWARD KEREKIAN New Britain, Conn. "Ed" May 25, 1923 "Down to the sea must I" "Ed" is known because of his membership in the school band for thc past three years. However, he does not intend to continue his flute and piccolo playing as a profession. "Ed" wants to take to the sea. He will be a handy man if ever he has to pipe the captain aboard. Band 5 Orchestra LUCY THERESA GOLON New Britain. Conn. "Lu" july 25, 1923 "Happiness is like a kiss, you must .share it to have it" Here is someone who will never bore you. Lucy's personality is very engaging and she can keep you interested in any sort of a conversa- tion. "Lu" is so small that you have to look twice before you discover where that sweet voice is coming from. She claims she's going to be a career woman, but personalg, we have our doubts. lf 'iLu" takes her job as seriously as she has ivic Forum work, she'l1 have no trouble in the future. Civic Forum, Girls' Leagueg Senior Adviser LUCIAN PETER KIEJKO New Britain, Conn. "Leo" July 28, 1923 "I t is better to be seen and not heard" Despite his good looks, Kiejko remains bashful and girl-shy. A steady fellow, though, we know that if he practices what he has learned in his commercial course, he ought to be an asset to any business he enters. Boys' League DOROTHY ANNA GOODRICH New Britain, Conn. "Dot" December 1, 1922 "Variety is the spice of life" This petite miss with eyes of blue has endeared herself to her class- mates. She has the ability to get along with ever one. She enjoys dancing, skating and ridingean all around girl. "Dot" believes in circulating, thereby giving the boys a lucky break. Beware of her romantic nature. Girls' League, Civic Forum, Senior Girl Adviser 1 ini - 0 KL J D xx ed 1 V? s , as 1 9 t ' if ll3 QA j , Q? , . J MJ.. wills ADELE THERESA GRECKI New Britain, Conn. "Del" March 14, 1922 HA sweet tooth has she" What would the candy manufacturers do if Adele weren't around to dive in and eat? Oh., this tall, neat blonde likes her sweets, em- phasizing the like! She s another who wants to become a secretary. Perhaps all the business world needs is some sweet person like you Adele. Anyhow, the candy trade will remain in full swing, with you at the helm! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser HARRY WALTER KINGSBURY New York, N. Y. june 14, 1922 "Better late than never" Though new to our school, Harry has been one of us right from the start. Like his illustrious cousins he is popular with the girls as well as the boys. His gift of gab and cheery "Hello" have been as welcome to room 10 as chocolates are to him. We shall expect to see and hear more of him in the future. Young Men's League, Red and Gold Review Representative MARGARET BARBARA GREM New Britain, Conn. "Margie" August 26, 1922 "Find me the way to his heart" "Margie" is the girl all the other girls envy when it rains. For her hair is always curled and combed just so. She has an ambition that is really an ambition-to get married! Taking her good disposition, her fun loving spirit, and her personal good looks, it shouldn't be long 'til that ambition is fulfilled! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser WARREN ELLIOT KINGSBURY New Britain, Conn. "Stinky" May 3, 1923 "Music hath charms too sooth the savage breast" "Stinky" is that tall handsome boy who has eyes for only a certain young miss. His pleasant personality and good natured disposition, plus his musical abilit have carried him quite a way in school, in the band and Glee Club. lgle is president of the Musical Club and student leader of the band. His ambition is to go to Bentley. Can we ever forget his rendering of the "Three Bears?" President Musical Club, Glee Club, Student Leader of Band, Prom Committee MAUDE ELIZABETH GRITZMACHER New Britain, Conn. "Maudie" May 31, 1924 "A depth of understanding in those brown eyes" With that gay method of repartee Maude can laugh her way out of anything, even her own "heart troubles." I-ler gift of understanding "things in general" has gained her the sincere friendship of many. Maude even has brains plus her beauty, proved by her high marks, and that is something! We're hoping that you'll find great happiness in nursing, Maude. Keep your chin up! Musical Club, Amphion Club, Girls' League, junior College Club, Senior Girl Adviser, Ping Pong Club, National Honor Society, Class Night Committee img- ana. A . -L A l M' N ll? s li Q'-is .5:',,V3,' ll'll S :T i f' ' Q , t . l ., - l 041fll'5' - VERONICA JOAN GRYZENIA New Britain, Conn. "Vera" August 29, l923 "What is Life Without Delight" "Vera" is always ready for fun. full of pranks and loved by all. AI though she is good in her studies, she manages to have fun at school. She is frequently seen at the "Y" where she dances to her hearts con- tent. At this rate we know she will dance her way merrily thru life. Girls' League FRED PHILLIP JEZIERSKI New Britain, Conn. fjerseyn September lo, 1921 "His worth is well known" Fred is a tall blond fellow who has taken an active interest in sports. Though he has participated in baseball and track he is best known as a football man. "jersey" isn't goin to try for "pro" athletics, but he does plan on entering the business geld. Footballg Baseballg Track FRANCES AGNES GUGEL New Britain, Conn. "Frannie" August 2, 1923 "A smile carries you through" 'iFrannie" is a tiny girl who is sociable with everyone she meets. Upon a visit to the girls' gymnasium you see a group congregated in the center, where "Frannie" is boosting the losing team. he can always drive your blues away: and leave you with a smile on your face. Carry this through life, " rannie" and you'll never fail. Girls' League Representative, Press Club Representativeg junior College Club EDWARD JOHN KLIMUSZKO New Britain, Conn. "Eddy" April 28, 1923 "All for Science" This Dapper-Dan is familiar to many of us as Mr. Chase's lab assistant. His interest and ability in Chemistry also have attained for him the Presidency of the Progressive Chemistry Club and a job in one of the local factory labs. "Ed" has also accomplished quite a bit in the way of Mechanical Drawing at the Trade School. With this start, he shouldnt Find much troub e in his chosen field of Mechanical Engineering. Tennis Team, President of Progressive Chemistry Club BARBARA LEE HANCOCK New Britain, Conn. "Bud" August 27, 1924 "She makes friends to keep them" "Bud," a rather meek appearing little girl, has made many a lasting friendship at N. B. H. S. Her bright smile is welcomed everywhere as ever-present calls of 'AHi Bud" testify. Although her future plans are not completed, we can be sure that she will meet with success in what- ever she attempts. Girls' League Representative, Secretary Girls' Leagueg Vice-Presi- tlent Girls' League, Ski Clubg Senior Girl Adviser img- 3741- sw lx! a, , ' .QL S if 1 e Q N f l . ig f X ig-4 fx fifilklis fi JANET ELIZA HARTMAN New Britain, Conn. "jan" September 29, 1923 " 'Tis time to smile again" janet is an all around good sport who has made many Hrm friends during the course of her school life. She has a tendency to get on the right side of her teachers without trying. fNo doubt it's that smilelj Like many others, janet has high hopes of becoming a secretary and certainly has a good chance of fulfilling these hopes. Girls' League, Treasurer of Civic Forum, Senior Girl Adviser JOSEPH FRANCIS KNEPPERS New Britain, Conn. "joe" December 8, 1922 "With winged feet" "joe" has been most active in sports during his high school career, track and cross country being his favorites. He is undecided as to future work but the State Police are one probability. A criminal will have to be pretty fast to get away from him. We're all pulling for you, njoel.. Varsity Club, Track, Cross Country 1 IRENE THERESA HAWRYLIK New Britain, Conn. "Irene" November 13, 1923 "Silent as a star" i'lrene" is the quiet attractive blonde with the million dollar smile. She makes friends readily by her everlasting cheerfulness and pep and her funny remarks. Irene is an "A" student in all her subjects but shes tops in bookkeeping. Her ambition is to become a bookkeeper in a well- known Hrm, and we have no doubt that she will succeed. Lots of luck to you "lrene." Girls' League VENIZELOS EUSTRATIOS KONDONELLIS New Britain, Conn. "Zelly" March 14, 1923 "All for bigger and better things" This boy has accomplished quite a bit during his career at N. B. H. S. From the very first year he has carried extra subjects and has gotten high marks in all. Besides this he finds time to "jerk sodas" and to play handball at the He has a likeable disposition and a heart as big as a barrel, both of which have made him many friends. He plans to enter Wesleyan for a pre-medical course. Keep up the good work in college, "Zelly," and we'll come in to see you about rheumatism or something, some day. Representative of Young-'Mens Leagueg Amphion Club, Glee Clubg Chemistry Club, National onor Societyp Decoration Committee GLADYS IRENE HAYES New Britain, Conn. "Peanuts" September 26, 1921 'iSmall but true" Gladys is the type of girl who makes friends easily and keeps them. Her future plans are to become a secretary, but not if Walt has his way! All best wishes for future happiness, "Peanuts," Girls' League 'NX I af .754 .5 Si 5 1 so l , 5 Af N 12 ii S Q75 yt ' M J' ma si? 4 Hi' A . u 1. x ,, 1 N '1 h- I,-1 , . 'f' x ' 0 5,1115 SHIRLEY TUCKER HIBBARD New Britain. Conn. "Hib" November 22, 1923 "Vent, vidi, vid" "Hib" is one of the envied few who manage to get good marks and still enjoy life. Her easy going manner and "bright" UQ remarks have won her a host of friends and admirers. Of course, no one is in the dark as to the principle and ever present admirerfcute, yes? "Hib" intends to lead future high school students along the difhcu t paths of learning Latin verbs and nouns. Senior Girl Adviserg Ski Clubg National Honor Society, Girls' Leagueg Class Night Committeeg College Club JOHN JOSEPH KOSLOSKY New Britain, Conn. "Red" September 9, 1920 "All must be earnest in a world like ours" When not out with a cute little girl, "Red" occasionally does his homework. In biology he learned how to cut up frogs, and now he wants to work on human beings. lf he is as earnest about surgery as he is about women and basketball, his patients will have a ood chance of pullling through. Put your shoulder to the grindstone, "Bed" Young Mens League: Basketball MARIE CATHERINE HILBIE New Britain, Conn. "Rae" April 2, 1923 "Always willing help to lend" Maries pleasant, cheerful nature has swept away many "would be" cares during her high school career, not only her own, but owing to her thoughtfulness, those of others. School has evidently proved pleasant to her, for she has received excellent marks and plans to go on to college. Keep up the good work Marie, and you need have no fears for the uture! Representative Girls' League: junior College Clubg Pan American Club, Senior Girls' Adviser EUGENE ANTHONY KOWALCZYK New Britain, Conn. "Klan" March 1, 1922 "Excellent with his tongue" Dullness and boredom never approach when "Gene" is around. All his classmates have learned to appreciate his good disposition and hearty laughter. For he can be depended upon for a smile when a smile comes in handy. fExcept of course, when he's in a serious mood-you know how dimpled blondes affect one.J "Genes" interests outside of school are football and photography but he intends to make book- keeping his life work. With such a well rounded personality as his, success cannot be far distant. Young lvlen's League: Camera Club HELEN CAROLINE HOLZMANN New Britain. Conn. "Pat" July 5, 1923 "A smile reflecting the sun's rays" Helen is a very kind hearted girl, very willing to help a person out. She is very much interested in roller skating. Helen has a pleasing personality, always smiling or lau hing at something. She expects to go out into the business world. l?lere's hoping that all luck is with her. Girls' League ' Z, 1' it Page III X x N b MARY HORBAL New Britain, Conn. September 6, 1923 "A gentle, quiet and lovable maid" This quiet little person has won her way into many hearts and her qualities of industry and cooperation have combined to form a good student. Here is another girl who plans to tackle teaching. We hope your future pupils will value your companionship as much as your friends have, Mary! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, junior College Club, Girls' League Representative, National Honor Society LAWRENCE RAYMOND KRAMER New Britain, Conn. 'ADoc" july 21, 1923 'A-Silence is golden" "Doc" is a clever boy, He knows enough when to keep still and when to speak up. You'l1 find him in the boy's gym if you don't find him in his home room. He is a likeable fellow, and has many friends- both boys and girls. We don't know what he intends to do, but is just naturally one of these people who get on in the world. Young Mens League x, I J f I , off N 113 ,gi Q. lf' lil S fililliii X ' ix? ELIZABETH HOVHANESSIAN New Britain, Conn. "Lizzie" February 17, 1922 "Hear no evil, speak no evil" "Lizzie" is a charming picture of a girl of sixteen. She is known as the "mystery girl" because she keeps all her secrets to herself. MLizzie" has a great habit of daiy dreaming. Could it be about the army? Our "Lizzie" spends most o her spare time at the "Y" playing tennis and it really is a treat to watch her. She also likes dancing very much. "Lizzie s" ambition is to be a stenographer and we know she will make a good one. Girls' League, Civic Forum EDWARD JOHN KULESZA New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" October 12, 1922 "1fthere's a will, there's a way" May we introduce a young man who can just about do anything quicker than one can bat an eyelash. Althou h 'AEd" is only about 5 feet 5 inches, he practically is a Superman. With such characteristics as these, the world will surely have a place for him in one of its business sections. Young Men's League ALICE HELENNA HOWARD New Britain, Conn. "Kitten" August 13, 1922 "A fish out of water" Alice has never had difficulty in attaining and holding her friends. She is interested in all sports but participates especially in swimming. A great deal of her time is taken up by a certain lad. Alice is a talented pianist but does not intend to make music her 1ife's work. Girls' League 774352-Bree. 2 4 rf . l ' . 5 H I ' . t I, ' E , v if N 113 ' H S ff fx QV!! i in-X 4 HELEN DORIS JAMRIZ New Britain, Conn. "Pal" September 24, 1924 "A .smile will go a long, long way" A person as cheerful and smiling as Helen may have lots ol' com- pany. Troubles are often dispelled by a cheerful disposition. Clf only we could all do it!J Helen has been taking a commercial course. because her ambition is to be a secretary. Whoever her employer will be, he can be sure of one honest and faithful worker. Girls' League JOHN PETER LANGIN New Britain, Conn. "Curly" July 26, 1923 "Music is tops" "Curly" is a fellow no one could overlook. He has personality, looks, ambition, and is a very congenial person. Music would seem to "Rate" in his estimation, for the band, the Cwlee Club, and music appreciation have taken up much of his time in school. "Curly" hopes to attend college and better himself for work in musical fields. May all your notes be sweet ones, "Curly," Band 5 Glee Club JANE LORRAINE JONES New Britain, Conn. "jonny" April 5, 1923 "Ah, Peacell' "Jonesy" is one of the nicest people to have as a friend. She is a quiet, peaceful young lady. Of course, "Jonesy" isn't quiet all the time. She is fond of sports such as skating, bowling, and tennis. Her plan for the future is office work. May happiness and good luck go with her. Girls' League ALBERT EDWIN LARSON New Britain, Conn. "judge" November 9, 1922 "A great lover of women" This handsome boy in Miss Kenney's class has a way with- the women. He manages to keep up his work and takes part in many sports. "Al" has no definite plans for the future yet, but we wish him the best in whatever he undertakes. LUCY ANN JANKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Lou" February 7, 1923 "A lapping toe" They say the neighbors have heard the echoes of "Lou's" tapping toes. Have you noticed her on the dance floor doing the latest steps? Her schoolwork has always been accomplished well through her very best effortsg for which she deserves plenty of credit. Perhaps someday we'll find this girl a rising young dress designer. Good luck, Lucy! Girls' Leagueg Student Pan American - ana. .df EX , 9 lf" 3 A 1 1 if .Z W. ' , i-: -+ 4 ,. . - f 1 XV N ,R 'WAI iq 1, V X ' ' i V ' i 1 A 1 H L SX .Milli W LEOCADIA THERESA JANUSZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Leo" December lo, 1922 " You'll account for things" "Leo" is a tall, dark, blond with blue eyes and has a very neat ap- pearance. She is a dependable hard-working student. She has every- thing it takes to get along: a winning personality and a cheerful dis- position. "Leo" hopes someday to become a accountant, and we know that iiiqo matter what she does she will succeed and we wish her lots o uc . Girls' League ROBERT WILLIAM LASCH New Britain, Conn. "Bob" May 23, 1923 "Quietness is best" Though "Bob" is very quiet looking, he is really lively and full of fun. He is an officer of the Model Airplane Club, and an ardent model plane builder. He also putters around with microscopes. Though "Bob" hasn't yet decided where he will continue his education, it will be pre- medical course. Young lV1en's League, President Model Aero Club AUDREY SADIE JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Audie" April 4, 1922 "A smile that turns away the sadness" Audrey is a small blond with a gracious smile that has won her many friends, for who can resist her pretty way. With her ability to get along with everyone we have no doubt that she will make a success of whatever field of work she chooses. Girls' League JOSEPH ANTHONY LAURIA New Britain, Conn. "Frontier" December 7, 1921 "Persistence is a virtue" This young fellow has a persistent temperament which usually secures for him whatever he sets out to get. Although he now follows sports such as baseball and football, "Joe" intends to go into race track driving in years to come, Burn 'em up, "Joe." Young Mens League BEATRICE LILLIAN JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Super-Duper" March 29, 1923 "Patience is a virtue" We were quite astonished to hear that "Beatie's" ambition is to be a veterinarian. You may be sure that her ambition will be fulnlled for she usually reaches her goal. With brains and patience, our wishes for her success should go a long, long way. Wish you the best of luck in all undertakings "Beatie!" Girls' League, National Honor Society, Senior Girl Adviser, Civic Forum, Pan American Club, Officials Club, Table Tennis Club, Girls' League Representative - anz- A. N in fi' ll S if -iii fs - Q - ff: j :fi l l 1 't-iv IX Qiffiiix BETTE SHIRLEY JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Pumkins" .july 5, IQZ3 "A sweeter person ne'er was born" Bette is that cute little lass with twinkling eyes. flying curls and a song in her heart. She is a neat dresser, a neat little dancer and chuck full of personality. Bette is loyal, faithful, sincere and true to all her friends, masculine and feminine, fespecially one masculinel. Everyone that knows her can't help but like her. Although her future plans are uncertain, we are sure she will be successful. Girls' League WALTER MOORE LAWRENCE Southington, Conn. "Wally" November Zo, 1921 "Make haste slowly" This you?-g man may be righteously described as "tall, dark and handsome." e stands about 6-L5 feet, and has black eyes and black hair. He might be more easily identified when he is with a lovely blond, who answers to the name of "Ginny." "Wally" is Glled with ambition to get ahead which is a principle factor of success. Young Men's League MURIEL GERTRUDE JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Mlm" April 4, l922 "Stay as you are" There is never a dull moment when happ -go-lucky "lVlim" is around, She is always hurrying about with her plleasing care-free spirit which has endeared her to her many friends. "Mim" always enters into a good time and worries about studies later. With her lively per- sonality, we have no doubt about her future success. Girls' League DONALD ERNEST LEBEN Canning, Nova Scotia "Vermont" February 9, l923 "There'lI be a change in the weather" Donald is Vermont's gift to the Senior High School girls. Coming down from the land of snows in February, onald has managed to make many friends in his short stay here. His only fear is that Con- necticut fishing and hunting may not equal Vermont's. Young Men's League ELSIE CLOTILDE JUGO Hartford, Conn. "Monkey" june 7, 1923 "Love seldom haunts the breast where learning lies" There is a well worn spot in front of Room 21 where Elsie and You-know-who passed time between classes. Perhaps more correctly, have met before passing time in classes as "Monkeys" nonchalance about her schoolwork is as well known as her unfailin ood humor This Spanish Miss plans to enter New Rochelle in the il? Good luck to a pleasant person! Girls' League: Junior College Club '72, S U 697711. ix, is ll K P' .L ri Q 1 H 2: ff N 113 . '12 'H S 'ff -LTTTY 2 , 4 -1 . ,G 11,5 1 linux? f SOPHIE JEAN JULIANO New Britain, Conn. "So" january 24, 1923 "Full of pep, and full of cheer" There seem to be quite a few girls around who appear to be quiet. But, this must be a surface characteristic, because Sophie, for one, is really full of mischief. Her wit and humor never fail, and she is liked by everyone and her disposition is as lovely as her eyes. fAren't we Howery, thoughij Happy landings, Sophie! Girls' League, Press Club BRUCE W. LEIST New Britain, Conn. April 27, 1924 "Watch his speed" The snappy convertible often seen parked in front of the school belongs to none other than Bruce. A good student and a fine musician, he has a well-rounded personality that should- aid in future activities. Bruce has been seen working in a pharmacy lately, so perhaps he is a potential druggist. Heres hoping you believe in credit, Bruce! Band, Orchestra HELENA DOROTHY KACMARCIK New Britain, Conn. 'iHelen" October 17, 1923 "Always a smile" Who is it that sees the funny side of everything that happens? Why, "Helen," of course! Her twinkling eyes have brought joy to many. A smile certainly comes in handy, especially when things go worngp isn't that the truth, "Helen?" Your generous nature should certain y win future happiness! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser ALBERT RICHARD FLORKOWSKY New Britain, Conn. August 5, 1922 " He can sell anything under the sun" This well dressed chap with the Butch haircut is usually seen whizzing by in a yellow Ford convertible sedan. Right now he is work- ing as a salesman for National Motors. His pet interest is in auto- mobiles and he hopes to become president of General Motors someday. Many a great man started from the bottom in his particular field. This should be encouraging to "Al," Young Men's League FLORENCE HELEN KACZYNSKI New Britain, Conn. "Flo" , April 6, 1922 "Flo" is a timid, blue eyed lass, who is seen every morning greeting her friends with a smile. She is one with a personality which is able to make many friends. Although "Flo" has very little time for pleasure, she loves to dance. Her ambition is to be a secretary and we all wish her great success in the future. Girls' League, Civic Forum in-ZZ-pne- fd J' A i 5 'L A 1 F 1 N if N ll? i l 1 'fLf',5',.' S .ff qlllliilb MONA BARBARA KAMINSKY New Britain, Conn. "Mickey" April 23, 1923 "Bred to dance, sing and to be gaily dressed" "Mickey's" winning smile, charm, and a taste for beautiful clothes are two of her many secrets to her popularit , These qualities will also help her to further her success as a fashion dyesigner in the near future, for she plans to enter art school upon graduation. Many people are captivated by her magnetic charm, especially a "certain blonde" who is foremost in her line of Captives. She is leav- ing many pleasant memories behind. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser HARRY WALTER LITKE New Britain, Conn. "Hopper" August 23, 1921 "Cone with the wind" This fast stepper is one of Coach Johnsons track stars. His work with the team has been admirable, but track ability is only one of his many talents. His ambition to be a great runner, we know, will be fulfilled if he continues with the good work. Track, Cross Country, Young Men's League, Varsity Club ESTELLE GLORIA KAPUSTINSKI New Britain, Conn. "Kappy" january 31, 1923 "A cheery disposition marks her" Estelle is sweet and quiet with a disposition that anyone would be envious of. Estelle always greets you with a big smile and a cheerful "hello." Her hobbies are sewing. reading, and dancing. Estelle intends entering the business world. We know she will be a great asset in this Held. ROBERT JOHN MADDEN New Britain, Conn. "Bob" February 2, 1923 "Ever-ready" "Bob" is one of the few lucky High School students who can get up, have breakfast, and run to school in just ten minutes. This show of speed, along with his last minute sprints to class have won him the title of "Superman" His faculty for being on time, though hurried, together with his intelligence should surely provide sufficient reference for future employers. Young Men's League MARY KASBAUER Germany "Mikki" january 24, 1923 "Oh, the wide open spaces" Our outdoor girl is Mary, who is always ready with friendly ad- vice. ln addition to her school work she finds time to be active in other fields. She is gifted as a violinist and her talent is of benefit to the school orchestra. Girls' League, Musical Club, Orchestra :Za-Z? ine. ,,w,,7 x, 1 Rs, 1 1 . lf N ll I f ll S lf . f.M,.'Q F FRANCES VICTORIA KASPROW New Britain, Conn. "Cassidy" October 20, 1921 "Small, but oh, so peppyn "Cassidy" is that short blond with eyes of brown who is invariably found in the vicinity of the gym. Her spare time is centered around athletics and she certainly joins in them whole-heartedly, Her constant patronage must be appreciated by the local theatre managements. "Cassidy" has hopes of becoming an office-clerk and we wish her all sorts of success in her future career. Girls' League, Officials Clubg Basketball Club HENRY ANTHONY MALACHOWSKI Springheld, Mass. "Mal" November 2, 1922 "lf Pheidippides could do it, I can" "Mal" is one of Coach Johnsons track men, but his interest in sports ranges to basketball and swimming as well. Amon his other favorites are farming, and dancing. However, his one and only ambition is to be an artist. Good luck, "Mal" Track, Glee Club, Young Mens League SOPHIE T. KAZIOR New Britain, Conn. "Suz" December 27, 1923 "Oh, what power lies in thy tongue" "Suzzy" our talkative little school chum has a definite flare for clothes. That this is her chief interest is obvious when you see the results. "Suzzy" is always nicely dressed in the latest fashions. She will become a welcome addition to any ofhce. Girls' League, Student Pan American League JOSEPH LUCIAN MALICKI New Britain, Conn. "joe" December 20, 1921 "Boy, I Jay, let us go to a movie" "joe" is one of the star pupils of the commercial department. At present he is selling pills and corn plasters at the City Drug Store, but he is ambitious for the high positions of business. He has many dancing friends and bowling pals. His cheif delight is swinging with a good looking dame. Watch your step, old pal! MARIE VERONICA KEEGAN New Britain, Conn. june 7, 1023 " None knew her but to love her, None named her but to praise" Marie has gladdened the hearts of all who have made her acquaint- ance. Though small in stature she cuts a wide swath in our class. Marie is loyal and true and a staunch friend. While she is undetermined as to her future, it is safe to predict that there will be more smiles and happiness than frowns where her lot is cast. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviser, Prom Committee W ZMLQ- any Paar 1 IX 75.4 , V bk 5 : W If if lvl 'Q w ,' . . 1 . VT- 4. 1 , 1 , fr .f x , , . ,, ,. V N 115 sail S 1 -XXL 1 . as 1 'ilu 1 l ' x A , 4 1.111- ANNE MAUREEN KELLY New Britain, Conn. "Kel" August 3, 1923 "Wit talks most" Who is the attractive brunette walking down the corridor? None other than Anne Kelly. Anne has a quick wit and a ready smile that entrigues many lads and lasses. Although she is popular and on the go most of the time, Anne generally gets her work in on time and gets good marks. Lots of luck in whatever you choose to do! Girls' League Representative PAUL JOHN MANAFORT New Britain, Conn. "Armstrong" .lune 10. 1923 "Leave tt to us" "Armstrong" has a sense of humor which all his fellow students enjoy. He is a lover of music, basketball, and the opposite sex. He is a leader among his friends, and an active member of the Y. M. C. A. club, "Sigma Chi." He doesn't believe in factory work, but would rather work at his own business. lt is his ambition to become President and owner of the uNew Britain House Wrecking Co." Basketball, lntra-mural: Young Men's League MARGARET MARY KELLY New Britain, Conn. "Shorty" February 20. 1924 "A merry heart maketh a cheerful counlenanceu Our witty and clever little artist is Margaret. She hopes to attain recognition someday in the field of dress designing. Much of her spare time is spent in the art room furthering her ambition. Carefree and charming, Margaret is bound to go far. Girls' League, Civic lforum, Co-chairman of Decoration Committee GEORGE JOHN MARENZANA New Britain, Conn. Hugger" October 2, 1923 "Love is .such an awkward thing" This short, curly-headed fellow would make an ideal boy friend for some tiny girl. But one thing he utmost detests is girls-so beware! Loyal and honest, George is considered an example of the good products which the New Britain High School produces. A person can easily tell that this young chap's three years stay in high school was an enjoyable one. George, may your clock of fortune and happiness never stop. NORMA RUTH KENNEY Hartford, Conn. "Ken" November 29, 1923 "A good sport makes life worth while" Norma may seem very quiet, but when the "Football Season" rolls around, she is the hrst one at the gate for each game. What every- one is still wondering, is where she got that pin that she was wearing. We wonder .... 7 Norma is something very unusual though, and that is a good student and a swell sport! We'l1 miss you "Norm" but we can't have you forever--Loads of Luck! Secretary National Honor Society, Girls' League Representative, Red and Gold Representative, Pan American Union, Civic Forum, Table Tennis Club, Bowling Club, Senior Adviser . ffl g mf f C' 2212- page HQ ff , TD so-mfr ii X N L, 1 7 ,,A ,,, K ,if H S A -1 - + -. - . .ggi V, , , 'Qin , V V f Q lx mi.. KATHLEEN MARIE KENURE New Britain, Conn. "Kathy" May 8, l924 "So fair that a junior beguiles you from your work" Here is the girl with those laughing brown eyes and quick lrish wit. "Kathy" can be proud of the record she has made in High School- in studies, dramatics and in the Clee Club. She gives much attention to her Latin and a certain Greek god. CAmor omnia vincitj What a treat is in store for some lucky class when she becomes their teacher. Girls' Leagueg junior College Club, Musical Club, Amphion Club, National Honor Society, Motto Committee JOHN MARGOSIAN New Britain, Conn. "Bing" july 2l, 1923 i'Cabriel, go blow your horn" When johns name is mentioned, it is usually associated with music, for this boy has been one of the Musical Club's most popular and active members. His excellent trombone playing has made him a main- stay in our band and orchestra, and in addition, he was elected to the All State Band of High School pupils. With this start, "Bing" should hit the top in music. Young Men's League: Orchestra, Band, Cvlee Club Girls' League short day. Girls' League Page 120 She is the envy of the girls who have trouble with their Coiffures on rainy or damp days. Best of wishes, "Leo." 3 PAULINE JOYCE KERELEJZA New Britain, Conn. "Paul" March 20, 1923 "Good nature wins the heart" "Pauls" good nature will be remembered long after most of us are forgotten. Her pleasant disposition and willingness to help has brought her many friends. So you want to be a secretary in a large Hrm, "Pau T' We're sure you'll succeed, if some smart boy doesnt first! EDWARD HOWARD MARTIN New Britain, Conn. "Mart" December 1, 1921 "The world owes me a living" "Ed" is a happy go lucky fellow without a care in the world. His ambition is to be a draftsman and his future looks very bright. He also is quite a boy with the women and takes part in all kinds of sports. The best of luck to a swell fellow. LEOCADIA THERESA KLOCZKO New Britain, Conn. "Leo" September 24, 1924 "Her hair is her crowning glory" "Leo" finds the time and place for everything, including studies and dates. We don't know how she crowds so many activities into one img- Bree. ,K ,, x' I Sw Q , J Dig l 'qi , . N iw V ,-+L? ' X if .H S ff N N. 1 L 15 X: f . ty N V'.jfl,xx4 HELEN KOCHANOWSKI New Britain. Conn. "H" December 20, IO22 'She greets you with a smile" Did you just hear someone laugh? Oh, don't bother to turn around, That was probably Helen. Yes, her smile is quite a noticeable feature. f'l'hat certainly comes in handy, doesn't it Helen7J Her career will quite likely be connected with office work. Helen, may "Lady Luck" ride by your side. Girls' League EDWARD JOSEPH MCCAHILL New Britain, Conn, "Ed" April 2, l'-923 "A versatile man always has a place in the world" "Mac" is one ardent tennis player who is now very much disap- pointedfhis night course at the frade School keeps him from playing often. His tall physique has lately been seen behind the wheel of an old jalopy which takes him to and fro. But once he starts his new work we'll expect to see him in nothing less than a Buick. Good Luck, "Mac" ' ANNA BARBARA KOCZTA New Britain, Conn. December 7, 1922 "Still, with a depth of meaning" Anna is a girl who possesses a dreamy imagination and a deep love for culture, which undoubtedly accounts for her interest in studies. Her spare time is devoted to writing poetry and seeking out the secrets of nature. her great love. Anna is one of the few people in the world who is in deep sympathy and understanding with other peoples faults. Her acquaintances are to be envied for having such a true genuine friend. ROBERT EDWARD MCGAULEY New Britain, Conn. "Mac" December 18, 1922 "An easy going soul" "Mac" is an all around boy or what you might call an all about town boy. Being well known in school "Mac" finds it easy to get around. If any one would like to be introduced to anyone else, just see "Mac." Whatever he thinks of doing in his later life we wish him luck. Go to it "Mac" BERTHA MARIE KOLPINSKI Hartford, Conn. "Bert" October IO, l922 " Now is the time for dancing" "Bert" is a perfect example of a N. B. H. S. girl who studies when necessary and enjoys herself with a happy-go-lucky spirit the rest of the time, Her chie hobbies are skating, singing and dancing, but of late, the radio seems to have gained the spot ight. CA little birdie told us Newington has "Bert's" attentionj May you go far in the business world, "Bert!" Girls' League EZWZZ- P X 1 ff- ,QQ .4 xiii " 5' 4 f . if N B lol S 'Dr A fifllllw ANNA ANTHONY KOTYK New Britain, Conn. "Kitch" April 13, 1923 "Without her laugh, the world would be but a wilderness" lf you should suddenly hear a loud, jolly laugh ringing thru the corridors, it might be any one of the giggling, high school girls. But quite likely it would be 'iKitch," to whom uniforms seem to have an extra special fascination. Yet, happy-go-lucky as she is, everything demands her best. We all hope her road to success will be free from the bumps! Girls' League JOHN PAUL MCGUINESS New Britain, Conn. "Mac" March 1, 1923 "A good natured man with few sins" "Mac" is a very unusual guy. He loves to get up in the morning, and just as soon as he gets up he rushes around so that he will be sure to get to school on time. His favorite subject is English. Oh boy, he eats it up! His great ambition in life is to be a "big shot" in the city government. He is also a favorite among the girls. When he hasn't got a date, he's making one. Well so long, old boy, see you at the corner. Young Men's League, Civic Forum MARGARET LYDIA KREIGER New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" August 3, 1923 "Oh! the lady in red" "Peggy" is good natured and very friendly to everyone, although she is very quiet. Her blue eyes and brunette hair is attracted to every- one, but she's a one-man girl-lucky fellow. Besides many sports her hobby is dancing. Her career, most likely will be connected with office work. She plans to enter business school. May good luck and happiness go with you! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser JAMES GERARD MEADE Norwich, Conn. "jimmy" September 21, 1922 "An inquisitive mind" "jimmy" is one of the most energetic members of our class. He has tackled more jobs at once than anyone we know. Besides factory and school work, he spends much of his time building and experimenting with model planes. His attendance at the numerous contests has made him well known among other model enthusiasts. "Jimmy" is looking forward to building aircraft in the future. President of the Airplane Club, Treasurer of the Chemistry Club, Young Men's League, Radio Club MARY JOSEPHINE KRULAK New Britain, Conn, August 7, 1923 "Divinely fair and exceptionally intelligent" Mary is one of the most intelligent girls in our class, always getting very high grades. She is very attractive as you can see besides being a neat dresser. Swimming and tennis are her favorite sports. Her future plans are college and the field of science. lf Marys past record is a sign of the future, she is bound to succeed. Representative Girls' League, junior College Club, Chemistry Club, Library Page, Nationa Honor Society 2025-ana aff' N B 1. lvl H S ,Y 6 . S,"wlf at .lil 'X . I All Ast Qliliil' " LEOCADIA LOUISE KULAK New Britain, Conn. "Leo" Nlarch 0, 1922 "Such a small person" "Leo" is a tiny girl with a pleasant personality. She is easy to get along with and a friend indeed to everyone. "Leo" appears to be quiet in her classrooms but who knows what she is like outside of school. Her neat work in art proves that she will do good work in whatever she may choose as her future occupation. We wish "Leo" best of luck and success at all times. Girls' League, Table Tennis Clubg Bowling Club MATTHEW JACOB MIGACZ New Britain, Conn. "Mal" june 10, 1923 "Oh those dancing feel" "Mat" is a man of varied interests and activitiesgamong these being trumpet playing, baseball, and football. Although this young fellow enjoys dancing quite a bit, he plans to become a Commercial Artist rather than another Fred Astaire. Band, Young Mens League ANNA THERESA KULAKAUSKAS New Britain, Conn. "Ann" January 14, 1923 "To live amidslflowersu "Ann" may appear to be quiet, but only to those who don't know hcr. She's really full of fun and chuck full of ideas. She possesses natural poise and the ability to get alon with all sorts of people. This, in ad- dition to her cheery "hello" wig be an aid in developing her future plans, for she hopes some day to own her own flower house. After school hours, her time is taken up by dancing, sewing, and by onej. B., rumor has it, Good luck with your posies, "Ann." Girls' League, Civic Forum, Home Economics Club ANNE JOAN KUMETIS Rockville, Conn. "Freckles" june 14, 1923 "A girl of all hours" Anne is one of those girls at High School that always gets com- pliments on her beautiful long hair. She has a personality that not many girls possess, and that is something, Anne, you can always be proud of. Anne's interest lies somewhere beyond the school wallsfwe wonder where. Anne intends to enter the honorable profession of Florence Nightingale and we wish her all the luck in the world. Girls' League AMELIA KATHERINE KUSH New Britain, Conn. "Gabby" -luly ll, 1923 "An overwhelming rush of words" When laughter is heard-yes, that's i'Gabby." One of our jolliest girls, she never takes anything too seriously and always has plenty to say. Her bright personality, we feel sure, is an indication of her future success. Outside of school, dancing occupies much of her leisure time Yet she manages to keep up with her studies. Girls' League QW- fm xx f I X X5 Vg E 1' if' ix 0 ix Llf . F, 'Lis A MXN XX Qt it N B N 4 MARY ROSE KWASNIK New Britain, Conn. "Mamie" February 6, 1924 "A quiet mind is richer than a crown" You never hear a peep out of her during class and she doesn't let her small stature interfere with her determination to get ahead. There are a couple of home runs for Mary. Her smiles are few and far between, but scarce ones seem all the more genuine in certain people. Carry your quiet nature into the noisy office, Mary, and your boss will bless you. Girls' League HUGH WILSON MILLER Plainville, Conn. "Deacon" September 21, 1923 " He shall have music wherever he goes" Hugh is that tall, good-looking sax player, known as the "Deacon" to his fellow Rhythm Masters. He can usually be found wherever there is a good dance band, in the company of his numerous musically-minded friends. His ambition is that you will someday tune in your radio and hear, "This is Hugh Miller, Station W-signing off." We'll be listening and lots of luck! Band, Young Men's Leagueg Press Clubg Class Night Committee CHRISTINE ELIZABETH La BUTIS East Windsor Hill, Conn. " Kris" November 19, 1922 "Advancement for the future" "Kris" has blonde hair, blue eyes, and always believes in getting work done ahead of time. But why is it that she always goes out of town to do her homework? There must be a good reason for it. Christine herself would ht in anywhere, but her ambition is to be a typist. We know you'll find realization of every hope, "Kris" Girls' League DONALD LAWRENCE MITCHELL Hartford, Conn. "Don" March 21, 1923 "A fine judgement in Art" "Don" has been threatening to buy a perfect car for the past year, and plans to squander a fortune of fifty dollars on it. Being an artist, the car changes color, shape, etc., day by day. We are told "Don" is one of the few boys in our school who is afraid of girls. just wait till he gets his car! Young Men's League, Red and Gold Review PAULINE ANN LaROSA New Britain, Conn. "Polly" April 22, 1923 "Pleasure and action make hours seem short" This blue eyed miss is as sweet and charming as they come. "Polly's" full of pep, and we guarantee her witty remarks will leave you in "stitches" CI-Ier friends admire her especially for her twinkling toes- especially with a certain someonej We are sure that anything she may undertake will be successful. Girls' League QMZ- 9711. ff N is H s ,f Q 1 fl 2 Z , by V Y J , I X Y ' 41111115 4 NELLIE LAZAR New Britain, Conn. "Nell" February 28, 1922 "Happy as the Day is Long" "Nellie" is a jolly good natured girl. She has a repetoire of jokes and in studies is always up to date. Her career, most likely, will be connected with ofhce work. May good luck and happiness go with you. Civic Forum, Girls' League NOREENE MARY LAWSON Meriden, Conn. january 2, 1924 "Life is not life without delight" Noreene is that swell girl whom everyone likes and knows because of her generous work in our Girls' League. Noreene has held one ofhce or another in the League during her stay at Senior High and has also proved herself quite a capable actress in one of our recent dramatic presentations. With all these talents plus an ability and willingness to work, we know Noreene will make a successful nurse when she enters St. Francis School of Nursing. Director of Welfare, Girls' Leagueg Amphion Clubg College Club, Senior Girl Adviser, Publicity Committee SAMSON MNATSAKANIAN New Britain, Conn "Tarzan" April 18, 1923 'Only be thou strong and very courageous" "Tarzan" is a big strong boy, but he has a gentle hand, and a kindly disposition. He was a hard worker in school. At present he is taking the defense course, and still trying to finish his work. His motto is, if l can't do it the first time, l do it over. There are no defeat ideas in his bones. That is the spirit, "Tarzan" You will win. Young Men's League JEANNIE THERESA LEJKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. 'Jenn April 1, 1923 'Feet are light where the will is ready" jeannie is a very active and vivacious blonde. Swimming, skating, and dancing are some of her main interests in life. lncidentally she excels in the above mentioned pastimes. Jeannie intends to do office work when she graduates. We all wish her a great deal of luck. Girls' League ROBERTA MAE LATHROP New Britain, Conn. "Berta" September 13, 1923 "Laugh and the world laughs with you" No one can nurse a grouch when "Berta" is around, for her cheery disposition and bright smile combined are quite catching. Her abilities are many and include the knack to choose and wear clothes expertly. "Berta" has already started on her career of earning a living in the business world, and will undoubtedly continue with great success. Junior College Club: Girls' Leagueg Senior Adviser E Pate' 123 7 S 1 ll-ll S fr is 23 'X f' fi A Q 2 i if vc N B Q' ' 59 Willis RUTH MARIAN LAWRENCE New Britain, Conn. "Butch" September 14, 1923 "A good thing is quickly snatched up" We wonder what will happen to her when she will graduate? She has a marvelous personality and a hne person to know. You can have plenty of fun with her. She intends to be a nurse and we know that she'll be an excellent one. She is always busy and never has time for her school work-we wonder why? Best of luck to you! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser SOPHIE MARIAN LEMANSKI New Britain, Conn. january 13, l923 "Victory comes lo the worthy" A Hashing smile and mischievous eyes, then seriousness and pre- occupation. That describes Sophie. A girl of moods, she is as happy and carefree as the breeze one moment, and, at another thinking seriously of some problem or busily endeavoring to overcome it. A good sport and, above all, a true friend, she has rightly gained the friendship and admiration of many. With all these characteristics we are sure that she will succeed in any future undertaking. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, Civic Forum, National Honor Society Young Men's League "Dotty."' Girls' League Page D6 vig ne. STANLEY EDWARD MOGIELNICKI Tolland, Conn. Re April 8 N922 "Of manners gentle of affections mild "Moggy," as he is known by his friends is quite a shy boy and although he is rather afraid to report orally his marks have stood up because of his written work. "Stan rounds off his school work by play ing on the baseball team. We expect big things from Stan DORIS LEONE New Britain, Conn. Dotty September 27 1923 "A true heart and a fzrm friend "Dotty" has added many to the rank of friends because of her cheery disposition and good humor She is quite skilled at dancing and in addition enjoys bowling, swimming and ice skating She hopes to become a typist or perhaps a clerk We hope you attain your goal Girls' League, Civic Forum Representative HELEN MARY LETITIA New Britain, Conn. Letty March 16 I923 "A friend in need is a friend indeed "Letty" certainly practices what she preaches She s always around when you're in need. Even her dog Dukie knows to whom to come when he is being scolded. If ever you re in the mood for poetry come to "Letty," she'll recite a few for you which I frankly confess are just wonderful. "Letty" has ambition and with her determination to succeed how can she help but reach the top of the ladder of success . S A Mi . by , l.,,.4..., : ..-Y ,N f bf N ll? V? 4-13 ll-ll S iff -i nf , . X , .X , V all l fill IRENE MARGARET LEVULAS New Britain, Conn. june 23, l922 "Success depends on effort" lf "Renee's" intelligence doesn't result in success. it won't be her fault. Besides keeping up her extremely gocd work, her friends keep her busy and with an ever ready sense of fellowship she has endeared herself to many. 'l'here's nothing so valuable as a really good com- panion-especially when the companion is Irene. We expect to hear that you've made a huge success of yourself, lrene. Girls' League DINO PETER MURATORI New Britain, Conn. "Ace" june 29, l923 "A .sound mind in a sound body" Dino has taken quite a ribbing because of his size. But what he lacks in stature he more than accounts for in mental capacity. He excels in his studies and is very interested in art. Dino is a sports lover. At one time he was a track man. However. his favorite sport is baseball. just mention the game to him and you have a conversation on your hands. The best of everything to you, Dino! Young Men's League CECILIA THERESA LIS New Britain, Conn. "Ceil" june ll, 1923 "Shes witty to talk with" "Everybody's friend," that's what "Ceil" is! Probably her merry merry chatter has something to do with it all. She doesn't expect to become a "Paderewski" where piano is concerned, but her talent makes her a popular part of "the gang." Your wit, intelligence, and easy manner should win you a high place in whatever you do, "Ceil!" Girls' League MICHEAL WILLIAM MORIARTY New York, New York "Moe" May 3, 1924 "Silence is Golden" "Bill" is definitely the strong silent t pe. Although he is quite popular with the girls, the fairer sex is the east of his worries, much to the sorrow of one young miss. Like so many of his classmates he doesn't seem to have any definite plans about the future. Regardless of whatever Field he may enter, however, we are all conhdent of his success. Young Mens League MILDRED DOROTHY LOJEWSKI New Britain, Conn. February l5, l922 "Laugh a lot" Here's a girl who's pretty wide awake. And that's quite an attribute when you think of those sleepy Monday mornings. fYawn!J lf you don't see Mildred at the football game, look her up at the dance. Take if from us, she wouldn't miss that! You've been a good pal, Mildred! Girls' League img- 972,6- Page 1 2 N 5-T T3 'ff ik' H S lf Mlitfu 'T ALICE ANN LOMBARDI New Bedford, Mass. August 20, l923 "A quiet mind is richer than a crown" Alice is a studious young lady, quiet at hrst, but soon friendly and witty. Her soft brown eyes reflect a quiet sense of humor, and you can always count on her to "take it," and return the joke if necessary. Alice wants to work in an office. We're sure she'll be a great success. Girls' League EDWARD JOHN NEVULIS New Britain, Conn. "Ed" june ll, 1923 "Such a pity that he's indijerent to damselsn Why must a nice male like "Ed" keep away from girls? lt isn't fair to the weaker sex, especially since there is a combination of blond curls and blue eyes. The girls go for it as much as the boys. With the navy in view, it won't be long before you're in circulation among the maidens, "Ed." Better watch out, or you'll really get snared! Page 1 28 CECELIA AGNES LOSEK New Britain, Conn. "Cell" February 14, 1922 "Genial and warm hearted" Her twinkling blue eyes are so sincere and cordial that no one can help but like her and even though homework isn't "Ceil's" worry, she certainly gets along well. Shes "nuts" about clothes, too. CAren't we all? That seems to be the established trait of the weaker sexj Hurry up and decide what you want to do after graduation, "Ceil," so we can really wish you luck! Girls' League JOSEPH STANLEY NIEDBALA New Haven, Conn. " Nehi" january 3, l923 " His limbs were cast in manly mould 3 for hardy sports or contest bold" "joe" is a popular "all-around" student who has especially made good in football. His view on life is that you are only young onceg but in addition to having a good time now, he is planning for the future. His ambition is to become a good airplane mechanic. With his per- sistence and ability he should have little trouble. Football '39, '40 ALMA LUNDGREN Worcester, Mass. November l, 1923 'Thy looks denote thee" Hedy Lamarr7 no it can't be. Gee, it's only Alma Lundgren, who has such a striking resemblance to the cinema star. This intelligent, strikingly beautiful girl came from Massachusetts not long ago, ln a short time she was very popular with many of the students. This is one of her best characteristics to get along with people. She goes in for uniforms in a large wa , for always through the halls, she would have in her company two officers of the local C. M. T. C. unit. So carry on Alma with whatever your venture in life might be. We are sure you will succeed. img-wma Ft l,. A . ' ,ll 4 ' :ff ill lg Sl' 'E+' .' N ' L V Y 'A , " x A X7 ,AML X 1, ANNE ELIZABETH MAKUCIN New Britain, Conn. "Machie" June l, N23 "Every cloud has a silver lining" "Machie" is identihed by her pretty dimples and china blue eyes. Nothing ever bothers her-'she always looks on the bright side of life. Her High School da s have been happy ones to which she can look back with satisfaction. lcller held lies in stenography and typewriting. Heres to you, "Machie." Girls' League BENJAMIN TEDDY DABROWSKI Cleveland, Ohio "Benny" lvlarch 4, l022 " Nothing is so popular as kindness" "Benny" is a big blonde full of life, energy, and kindness. He is a hard worker in school and out. He is one of the star pupils in Miss Raymonds speech class. "Benny" is a little shy, but he'll get over that by the time he's married the third time. "Benny" will get on in the world because he knows how to save his money. Football: Baseball HELEN MARY MALAWKA Holyoke. Mass. "Shorty" june 7, l923 "Thy locks pure gold" uShorty" the pretty blond with the hazel eyes, is one of the peppiest girls this school ever had. She can talk on any subject, and make in- teresting. Helen is so small you have to look twice before you find out where that sweet voice is coming from. She would like a career in the business world. lf we know Helen, she will turn out a success. Girls' League Representative ALEX NOVICK Courtland, New York November lo, i922 'AArl, his one and only love" Alex is a familiar figure in the art department, who works quietly enough till some less knowing artist arouses his craftsman's ire, An exacting perfectimist, he is enrolled in the Hartford Art School further- ing his art studies there. Not particularly interested in other classes, Alex nevertheless, worked hard enough to make the National Honor Society in ll'1. Made Posters and Decorations for Club Activitiesg National Honor Society CARMELLA RACHEL MALLIA New Britain, Conn, July lo, 1923 UAll's right with the world" You have before you, now, ladies and gentlemen-Carmella her- self! She's that brunette with laughing dark eyes. Her gay nature has tried to make us believe that everythings fine and dandy-as well as can be expected, anyhow. Here's another girl who would like to be the boss's favorite stenographer. Here's hoping you do it, Carmella! Girls' League Www EZMLQZ- Page 1219 A Rf, Q 4 y f. 'l --X . J W f f 113 i llgll S VXI . fm KATHRYN MARY MANNO New Britain, Conn. "Kay" May 12, 1923 "All the world's a stage" "Kay" is the girl who was such a success in the role of a brat in a play a little while back. ln real life, though, she is hardly that1 this fact is proved by the eternal presence of her many friends. She wants to become a secretary. Cootl luck to you "Kay" Cirls' League WILLIAM ALFRED NYGREN New Britain, Conn. "Red" October 8, 1923 "Fight on and win" Red hair and an aggressive jaw are contradicted by "Reds" good disposition, His engaging grin and genuine friendliness have attracted manly girls as well as boys. However, "Red's" chief interest lies not in the airer sex but in sports. flvluch to the fairer sex's dismayj Though he is undecided as to his future plans, he will undoubtedly make a go of anything he attempts. Best of luck in everything, "Red!" Young lV1en's League, Bowling Club PAULINE MARIOTTI New Britain, Conn. "Paul" December 28, 1923 "Smiles that make life worth while" ln three short years we have found much to love in "Paul" She is one who can always smile and is ever willing to do a favor for a friend. While her teachers can testify that she is an excellent scholar, those who know her best know that brains are not her only asset. She has been particularly occupied in keeping a certain Amphion Club member on the go, though it hasn't required too much occupation. We know that whatever she undertakes, she will do well. Personality such as hers is never wasted. Girls' League, Amphion Club, Senior C-irl Adviser EDWARD JOSEPH O'BRIEN New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" August Zo, 1922 "Bred to sing, to dance, to dress and roll the eye" lf you should see a flock of girls walking down the street with one lone male, that would be "Eddie" He's a swell fellow and loads of fun, and if you're low in spirits, just go to see him. We guarantee he will make you laugh and feel gay inside of three minutes. At the present time he doesn't know what he's going to do after he leaves school, however, we hope he makes a million, and wins his best-loved girl. Young Men's League MARIE CARMEL MARTIN New Britain, Conn. "Tiny" july lo, 1923 "Laughing Irish Eyes" Have you seen an Irish colleen rushing through the halls, always just a bit late? lt must have been Marie. Her infectious smile and happy-go-lucky nature attracts friends galore. Marie is constantly worried about her test marks but always finds herself on the top of the list, She is planning to become a nurse so here's wishing her the best of luck. Girls' League, Senior Adviser Pane no 9 - 1 Eli? N llg ll NEC Jaya 'B S -'NI 1. .f , - - f . X, fl all lllffx ELSIE ALICE MASSI New Britain, Conn. "EU" july 24, l923 "Light as the breeze" "Shes roller skating on a rainbow!" Of course not really, but when a person is as full of life and as active as Elsie, life is a pretty pleasant proposition. ln school and out of school she is always on the go, usually skating or dancing. Elsie plans to become someones secretary after graduation. Good Luck, Elsie. Girls' League, Bowling Clubg Senior Girl Adviser ELLIOTT CARROLL PADDOCK, JR. Springfield, Mass. 'iBucl" April 7, l92l "Without danger the game grows cold" Elliott is a newcomer to our school. He previously attended Spring- field High and Mount Herman. At the latter institution football, wrestling, and golf took up quite a bit of his time. He made his letter in football in l939, and was manager of the wrestling team in 1940. He is now employed at the New Britain National Bank and expects to continue working there after graduation. Young lVlen's League PATRICIA MATHEWSON Meriden, Conn. "Pat" August 7, l923 "Thy smile can make a summer, where darkness else would be" "Pats" friends have learned to take her when and if she comes, knowing that her time just refuses to coincide with others. Yet shes always in there fighting-rushing here and there and doing this and that. Her popularity is obvious and she is never without an admirer or two, "Pat" has a dehnite flair for newspaper work and by her work, has already made a name in it for herself, We think shes "tops" Publicity Director of C-irls' League, Junior College Club: Amphion Club: School Paperg Ski Clubg Senior Adviser, Prom Committee JOHN JOSEPH PALERMO Akron, Ohio April l2, l923 "For bigger and better things, through Chemistry" In addition to his interest in basketball and baseball, J. jfs chief ambition at the moment is to produce a chemical compound which will destroy weeds. Whether he chooses a career in chemistry or athletics, john will work with his customary caution. Young Men's League VERA MATYCZYK New Britain, Conn. October 7, 1923 "When she smiles all else is forgotten" Vera is that vivacious green e ed brunette who can mix business with pleasure and get pleasure. She has loads of attractive clothes that she wears very well. Vera is anticipatin a nurses career but we know the arrival of the new interns will completely make up her mind. We all wish her success in the field of work. Girls' League oi? ne. ,,,,,, , Fx. ., ff N 13 EE Q3 if lil S ff ff ifjfr X:-A ii, VM! ., ' ' Qfllillx' fl MARY LOUISE MCGRATH New Britain, Conn. 'iMitz" September 29, 1923 " Her mind is like a sundialg it records only pleasantnessu "Hi, there!" This happy cry can often be heard ringing from the lips of a certain tiny brunette. Mary's favorite beau certainly appreciates her, along with the rest of us. They say you hope to soar thru the air some day as a stewardess, Mary? Meanwhile, may your course at our local hospital bring you happiness! Civic Forum, Ofhcer of Civic Forum, Historian, Girls' League GODFREY CORCORAN PARKER New Britain, Conn. "Ace" April 23, 1922 "lf I can do it, so can you" Godfrey is seldom seen with less than two girls. We don't know what he has besides good looks and a personality, but he has it. "Ace" is a lieutenant in the local C. M. T. C. lf the draft should catch him later on, this experience ought to be valuable for him. Godfrey expects to enter Texas A. 82 M. for a course in drafting. What a break for the Texas girls! Young Men's League, Basketball JANET ELIZABETH MCGUINESS New Britain, Conn. August 19, 1923 "Red hair the symbol of strength and wisdom" She moves as quietly as a shadow, this red-haired silent partner of ours. We do know that we can find her wherever there is roller skating, ice skating, or a football game. janet is a hard worker and we know that she will climb to the top rung of the ladder of success in double quick time. Girls' League, Bowling Club, Officials Club, Table Tennis Club WALTER WALENTY PARZYCH New Britain, Conn. "Wally" October 18, 1922 "Theres a time and place for everything" Yes, "Wally" knows that though he's full of pep and life, he realizes that there is a time for seriousness too: Qlf we all had the same sense- teachers wou1dn't have nervous breakdownsj. "Wally" is one of our ambitious young boys who has been working afternoons. fWho is the lucky girl friend 71 Keep up the good work, pal, and you ought to make the grade "in first." Young Men's League, Civic Forum MARIE MARGARET MCMAHON Torrington, Conn. "Mac" March 1, 1924 i'Blue eyed and fair offacen Tall, slender, and blonde are adjectives that describe Marie, but somehow they don't seem adequate. She's the sort of person who always has a good time and sees that everybody else does the same. What would this world be without people like you? Girls' League Page-13 - 5712. Xxx ' ff iz 1 fl 6? ,I - . Q i fl 41,1 ith X7 RUTH ARLINE MEEHAN Hartford, Conn. "Woo" October 20, 1923 "A nobler yearning never broke her nest, than, but to dance and sing, be gaily tires!" Ruth is that sweet little lrish Colleen we so often see running through the halls to meet her many admiring friends. She is grand fun in school as well as out of school. As dancing is one of her favorite pastimes, she is usually seen at all the local dances. Her winning smile is sure to bring her success in the business world. Best of Luck, "Ruthiel" Girls' League I ERWIN WALTER PARLOW Germany March 12. 1923 l 'iToday is the tomarrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well" , lt seems that this happy-go-lucky six-footer never worries about 1 anything, not even his home-work. His pleasing personality has made many friends during his stay in this noble institution, and we are sure , he will make many more in his later life as a Forest Ranger or a Coast- i guardsman. We wish him all the luck in the world. 1 Young Mens League: Head Manager of Athletics '40, '41 1 Track '38 LILLIAN SYLVIA MELTZER New Britain, Conn. "Lil" july 18, 1923 "Always a smile on her face" Lillian is a good natured person with a cheerful smile for everyone. Her friendly ways have won her many sincere and true friends. She is a great lover of music. Lillian expects to conquer the business world shortly and how can they resist her spirits? Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League HOWARD RAYMOND PAUL New Britain, Conn. "Slim" -lune 1, 1923 "The bigger they are the harder they fall" "Howie" is one of the taller members of our class. He's the one that has a different girl in every room. Whenever he isn't with a member of the opposite sex, you can Gnd him drawing pictures of them. His main ambition is to be an artist like the great "Petty" No one girl has yet entered the reckless life of the great, "Howie" Paul, but every clog has its day, and his is soon to come. Young l'Vlen's League ARLINE MENUS New Britain, Conn. "Linky" lvlarch 23, 1924 "Sweet are her ways" You'll recognize Arline as the girl with that smooth debutante bob and just as striking brown eyes. Her friendly and good-natured personality singles her out in any crowd, no matter how large, and these same qualities seem to endear her to numerous and attentive collegians of the male element. Her earnestness and perserverance will certainly aid in her studies at Teachers College next fall. Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League: junior College Club - png' Page 1 H .f 7 . F5 , ,i , , , A -. K' . f f'-1 ' , it r 1 . ff N B , vi H s sf , .. 4.- ' J . fdflxly' LEOCADIA EMILY MICKIEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Poncho Via" March l4, 1924 U Her jokes were appreciated by many" Cute and happy, A'l..ucy" always has a new joke on the tip of her tongue. Yew, and she's a jitterbug, if there ever was one! Mr. Artes will probably miss this young lady who often helps him in the office. but she'll probably go on to a real position soon. Don't let yourjokes run out, A'l..ucyl" Girls' League, Senior Girls' League Adviser, Civic Forum, Speakers Club, Officials Club ANTHONY PHILIP PARISE Plainville, Conn. "Tony" April l, i923 " Now is the time to dance" "Tony" is a good fellow who seems to enjoy the type of music you make with sticks. He started on the drums a short while ago and has been so taken up with them that his ambition is to become another Qene Krupa. Well be waiting to hear you drumming at the State 'I heatre, "Tony" and lots of luck! Young Men's League, Musical Club, President Model Airplane Club, Tennis GENEVIEVE BARBARA MIERZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Mizzy" December IS, 1923 MReady, willing and able" "Mizzy" is one of the best friends a person could have. She is always ready and willing to offer a helping hand to anyone that needs aid. You seldom see her in anything but a good mood. Shes a jack-of- all sports, all in all, she's a pretty nice person to know Girls' League EDWARD POZNIAK New Britain, Conn, "Ed" August 8, i922 "Elbow grease is the best polish" What will this old place be like without uEddie's" familiar HHH" This enthusiastic music lover is quite a man among his pals. However when it comes to girls, "Ed" is as shy as they come. His plans for the future are still uncertain, but he intends to work for at least three meals a day. Go to it "Ed" CLARA MARCIA MIKLOS New Britain, Conn. March IS, 1923 " You can not be lost on a straight road" Music, poetry and books take up most of Clara's time, she would rather listen to good music than do anything else except perhaps spend a few hours buried in her books. ln spite of this she has found time to make many friends. Clara would like to make a name for herself in the field of philosophy and we know that she will. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser QNX?-QWL S' 1 V, ,., if -4 li, ,-ll i 'fit 55? ' ' i mr N B ls' , Xi- W H S xx. jr Qhtlfm DOROTHY MILLER Willimantic. Conn. "Dot" February l0, I'-723 "Pleasure and action make hours seem short" "Dot" has as yet no definite plans for the future other than some dependable job. Whatever she does, we are sure she will do well. if we can reckon on her past work. She is a lover of sports and is also very fond of dancing. Lots of luck, "Dot!" Girls' League RAYMOND JAMES PETERSON New Britain, Conn. "Pete" February l, l023 "A good man" Here comes "Pete" and his model Dancing is "Pete's" specialty and he's a steady patron at all the school and Y dances. "Pete" is planning to take up office work and we wish him the best of luck. Young Mens League RUTH ARLENE MINITZIGIAN New Britain, Conn. "Roo" May 12, 1941 "Information makes good conversation" Whenever you see a group of girls walking down thc corridor, at a snails pace, you can be sure that Ruth is among them. lf detailed information about the school is unknown to everyone else, it is not unknown to her. Her leisure time is spent in checking up on facts, and then reporting them to her friends. Her studiousness is not all that makes her an interesting person to be with for, she is also a de- lightful companion. Keep right on climbing, Ruth! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, Press Clubg National Honor Society JAMES JOHN PETHIS New Britain, Conn. "Jimmie" August 27, IQZ3 "I t is energy that produces the miracles" A tall, dark, and handsome fellow coming down the hall, with a blonde on one shoulder and a red head on the other, that's "Jimmie," the champion of the fairer sex, especially blondes. He spends some of his s are time makin s are cash at a local ice cream parlor. If "Jimmie" P g P goes as far in his chosen field of work as he did at high school he will be a great success. Vice-President of Civic Forum ROSE MIRABELLI New Britain, Conn, March 28, l924 'iRoses are red, violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you." This old adage very aptly applies to Rose. She takes a keen interest in her classmates and has made many friends. She, too, is an ardent sport enthusiast-tennis in particular. All sorts of future happiness, Rose. Girls' League VLL P ill P I . A 9 Ar N 113 5 1 11 S - 1 X., Y . we! 2, Klfllligl W MILDRED THERESA MONKIEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Millie" August 8, 1922 "A world of mirth has no room for sorrow" Giggles and laughter have poured out of "Millie" throu hout her school years. Her success in mastering her subjects has luckily had no eHect on her sense of humor. She has the gift of being able to arrange her hair in various styles-and that is a gift. How do you do it, Mildred? Cvirls' Leagueg Table Tennis Clubg Bowling Club GEORGE BERTRAM PIERSON New Britain, Conn. "Georgie" August 18, 1923 "Anchors Aweighu lt's a life on the rolling deep for George who intends to join the Navy after graduation. Although the Navy is his first love, "Blondie" studies "Poultry and Chicken Husbandry" and works on a chicken farm in his spare time. We hope he'1l be an Admiral someday. Football Squad ff K, ,M 1 fi, il ,f VIRGINIA ROSEMARY MONTANO New Britain, Conn. January l, 1922 'Success may be gained through work" Looking into the future we see a very successful business woman. Who is it? Why, Virginia of course. Virginia has always been diligent in her school work and she has never had reason to regret it. Her quiet, friendly manner has won her many well-wishers. We are among them and so say, 'iGood luck Virginia." STEPHEN PLATOSH New Britain, Conn. "juicy" March 2, 1923 "The wise make jests, fools repeat them" "Juicy" is short enough to be called "Shorty," but here the aptness ends, for he pitches into everything he does in a remarkably big way. He takes an active part in almost every sport, but chewing Juicy Fruit gum is still his favorite. fHence the nicknamej "juicy" is what might be called a wizard at bookkeeping, so should End little difhculty in becoming a success in his chosen occupation of accountancy. Young Men's Leagueg Publicity Committee STELLA G. MONTEROSSO New Britain, Conn. "Shorty" September 18. 1922 "As hind as she is fair" ln our small, dark and cute Stella, we have a potential art teacher. A great deal of her time is occupied in furthering her artistic temper- ment and Stella plans to enter Ohio University in the fall to continue with her studies. Who knows but what we may have a future da Vinci in our midst. Girls' League in-Zi?-ana .tx I EA. I +' fr N B sl Q 35 4 '-1 ll-ll S fr MIJXXY V filled. . Sea. It's all right if you can get it A A , LINDA MORELLI Middletown, Conn. "Lee" May 2, 1922 "Zealous, yet modest" And heres Linda. She's intelligent to talk to and sweet to look at, so what more could you seek in a '4l graduate? Linda not only works ambitiously at sdhool, but does her share at home, too. In addition to other accomplishments we might list sewing-important in itself. You have the good will of the class, Linda! Girls' League, Senior Adviser GEORGE THOMAS POST New Britain, Conn. "Doc" November l7, l922 A "Though he is a wit, he is no fool" George is probably best remembered by the members of one of Mr. Carlson's Physics classes. With his numerous pranks and puns he managed to eep the class in stitches, though they were trying to decide whether to accept the corpuscular or wave theory of light, He also became very adept at removing fuses fone of his favorite pastimesj However, that's as far as George cares to go in Physics. His ambition is to fly to the Orient by Clipper plane. Young Mens League, Football '38, '39, Basketball '38 1 MARY BARBARA MURZYN New Britain, Conn. "Srimpy" November l7, l922 "Work is the foundation of everything" Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and cheerful disposition make Mar a success in the social world. CA certain someone keeps her pretty well occupied in her spare time, tooj She seems to have a weakness for roller skating, and boxing matches hold a special place, CSome com- binationlb Keep ri ht on plugging with that bookkeeping and every- thing will be Nhuniy dory." Girls' League 1052?- EDNA ALMA MOOSHEGIAN New Britain, Conn. March 22 l923 "Full speed ahead A person with the ability and promptness that Edna possesses is bound to attain her goal sooner or later without much difficulty Her work is always prepared and she s ever ready to lend a helping hand fAnd does it come in handylj Her leisure moments fly b in the fairy land of books or the beauty of music Undoubtedly E na s ambition to become an employee in a large corporation will some day be ful Girls' League, National Honor Society LEONARD ANTHONY PLOCHARCZYK New Britain, Conn. Re March 17 1922 "Either I find a way or make one Leonard is a very good tennis player and also an all round golfer X and swimmer. He has a way with the women which few other boys in the school can top. Leonard's ambition is to fish in the Carribean l IE: ,llrlryi - fi A -"1 ' I , . . my ,tr 'fr N B Ri, ffffli lvl S it J' . .V flfllill DOROTHY GERMAINE MYSLIEWIEC New Britain, Conn. "Doris" October 12, I923 "She has much knowledge, Senor, and her mien, I s graceful as blossoms blowing free." A tall, slender beauty is "Doris," with the ift of queenly graceful- ness. Her sweetness and innocence are most reieshing. She is, in most ways, a prudent and dependable scholar, but oh! that tardiness record. Stay as sweet as you are, "Doris," and we're sure you'll be a grand success at anything you undertake in this world. Girls' League EDWIN FRANK POTETZ New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" March 3, 1923 "Better late than never" Recently a young man of Manhattan, Potetz came to New Britain six months ago. Six feet one, black hair and rather good looking, this New Yorker has wasted no time getting acquainted. Being the only boy in a section room of thirty girls didn't bother him either. He isn't sure yet but he may study Mechanical Engineering. Young Men's League ANTOINETTE EVA NADEAU North Anson, Maine November 19, I922 "Mind cannot follow it, nor words express, her infinite sweetness" Who is this that has such a great desire to work in an insurance office? Her wealth of hair, and soft, sweet voice, together with an ability to make friends, is the envy of many. Antoinettes spare time is spent fof all thingsj in concocting delicious dishes. With all these qualities at her command, we are sure she will illuminate any business ofnce. Girls' League ROBERT ALGERD PUSTELL New Britain, Conn. "Bob" December 24, 1922 'AWhat l Think I Utter" "Bob" as he is known to his friends is a rather tall, handsome, good humored person who can be seen almost any day at the end of the third period waiting outside Miss Connor's room, wherein he instigates many a heated argument. "Bob" is rather well liked by everyone and makes friends easily. His favorite expression is "What do you want, and egg in your beer?" "Bob" is headed for R. P. I. and an Aero- nautical Engineer's course. Band 3 Musical Club JULIA MAE NEMROD New Britain, Conn. "julie" May 20, l923 " Her locks were like the raven" Brown eyes and a wistful smile are "Julie's" chief characteristics. She is a sweet person and a dependable friend. She has proved herself a competent secretary, correcting seas of papers for a French teacher. She is still undecided as to her future course in life but we all have her best interests at heart. Girls' Leagueg junior College Club 1612- 9722. if N B , ll S f x 1 , , A yllllitk fl EILEEN JANE O'DONNELL Lowell, Mass. "Colleen" ,luly tw, N923 "Comrade blythe and full of glee" Eileen is a girl who rarely frowns, even when confronted with the problem of dealing with badly smitten lads. Though always the hrst to suggest fun, she seldom neglects schoolwork and manages to keep on the top of the pile. Eileen intends to be a nurse, we hear-with her Irish wit and blarney she will surely make a genial one. Top of the morning to you, "Colleen!" Girls' League Representativeg College Clubg Ski Club EDWARD ALFRED RAPACZ GRACE ELAINE ORTICARI Boston, Mass. "Gray" August l2, 1923 The poets say "a sweet smile spreads worlds of Happiness," And the lovely smile you bestow on your friends is of the very best. Your sweet and charming manner, your delightful womanly grace, Reminds one of the precious things like lavender and old lace Your friendship is like a flowering tree, that bears the sweetest fruit, And in loving thoughts and kind remarks you take your deepest root. The breezes dance around you and then go forth to say "No wonder she is loved by all, she's brought happiness today." Girls' League: Civic Forum THEODORE STANLEY REMBISZ New Britain, Conn. "Teddy" September Zo, 1922 "A traveler on the craggy paths of study" "Professor" is an appropriate name for "Ted" because he really Northampton, Mass. "Rap" january 9, 1923 "Hole in one!" Here we introduce the best hacker N. B. H. S. has seen in many years. "Rap," with his "what do you say Max?" is one grand guv. is friendship is truly one to value for he holds various championship titles in golf and his scholastic record has reached heights, Right now "Rap" has hopes of becoming a draftsman and with his determination arlgdiability, "Rap's" going to get just what he wants. Aren't we right, .. T. Golf Clubg Golf Team takes advantage of his mental faculties. His initiative and force of character have brought him a long way in school and will no doubt carry him even farther in his chosen occupation. Oh yes-though he uses his mind, "Ted" is also interested in the fairer sex. Strange, isn't it? BERNADINE ANN O'SULLIVAN New Britain, Conn. "Sully" June I8, i924 "Dark lushes of thine eyes" "Sully" must have kissed the "blarney stone."She's the good humored "colleen" that everyone turns to for relief from the grind of school work. "Sully" is good-natured and talkative. She likes people and they like her. "Sully" has taken sewing right through her high school course. ls that why you always look so nice? She is going to be a nurse. We bet the hospital is going to be overcrowded with male patients. All the luck in the world, "Sully." Girls' Leagueg Home Economics Club Page 1 go X ,4 L. t , f S- Y s. if k N i3 H S ' ffffiitgg fi VERONICA RITA PACYNA New Britain, Conn. "Vera" October l2, 1923 "Vera" is a petite blond, with a warm smile. Despite her size she certainly manages to get around. Shorthand is her specialty and we hear she does very well at it. Her future plans are as yet vague, but we wish to send her on the way with all sorts of good wishes. ALEX REZNIK Hartford, Conn. "Al" july 6, 1923 "lndustry makes all things easy" MAI" is a sociable fellow, who gets around, and is well liked by many fellow students. He enjoys good debates, and is keenly interested in world affairs. His prime ambition is to enter the television field, and become an iconoscope operator. He believes television will prove to be a new and popular field, and expects to enter a radio engineering college. Study hard, Alex, were all waiting for television sets. Young Mens League DELIA MALVINA PALLESCHI New Britain, Conn. MDee" May I2, l923 'AVariety is the spice of life" lf you see the heads of the boys turning your guess is as good as mine-Delia is going by. Although she's not very big, this little miss is packed with a great deal of personality, fun, and always has a come- back handy. She plans to be a follower of Florence Nightingale. With hair that is never out of place or effected by damp weather and eyes that always have a twinkle, what else could a patient ask for? Civic Forum, Glee Club, Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League DONALD PAUL RICHTER New Britain, Conn. "Don" February l5, I924 "All the W0rld's a Stage" One of the tallest boys in our class, possessor of a winning per- sonality, a very lively imagination, and outstanding ability to converse is "Don," He is one of the busiest boys in our class. A member of the Honor Society, proof of his scholastic ability, together with his dramatic interests, debating attempts, women-and tennis, he is kept on the go at all times. As a doctor he will undoubtedly play a lead in this play called "Life" President Amphion Club, Speakers Club, Tennis Team, Chairman of Class Night Committee NANCY WOODRUFF PARKER New Britain, Conn. "Nan" January ll, 1923 "Admire her for her wit" Well, "Nan's" troubles in Shorthand are ending in .Iune and all will be over. Will you miss it, "Nan?" We doubt it! Nancy's high spirits and changeable ways have always been preeminent, especially in extra- curricular activities, and we've always marvelled at "Nan's" ability to talk to older people. Added to this is her love and taste in clothes which will be an asset later on. Much luck for the future, uNan!" Girls' League, Ski Club page '40 - 574,6- w ,Ur if N in il, ei lil s Sr '-- ,-1' ' 1. - 1 Q ,Y Si, N1 l '4,,ll,gh!7 SUSIE PASQUALE New Britain, Conn. "Sue" -luly li, 1023 "Take me out to the Ball Game" "Sue" is a very ambitious girl and hopes some day to excel as ti typist. She is always neatly dressed, very sociable and has a great in- terest in all sports, her favorite being baseball. To "Sue" we wish all the success in the world, so "Keep Pitching." Girls' League JAMES FRANCIS RILEY New Britain, Conn. 'ljimmyn December 27, I922 "The Irish in him" A good hearted Irishman is llrlimmyn with a sense of humor that will rival that of Pat O'Brien. is good nature has made him many friends. "jimmy" keeps his ambition to himself, but whatever field he enters, we wish him the best of luck. Young Men's League MARY VERONICA PASSAMANO New Britain, Conn. August lb. 1923 "Ambition, love are the wings of great actions" Mary is a girl whom everyone likes and who can always be de- pended upon. When you need to be cheered, you can be sure that Mary will be right there to lend a helping hand. She alwa s does her share of work, and then has time for recreation. The best olyluck to you Mary, in whatever held you choose. Girls' League JOSEPH MATTHEW ROACH New Britain, Conn. "joe" February 25, i923 "A man of old-fashioned virtue and good-faith" i',Ioe" is one of the smallest members of our class, but his small size doesn't hinder him one bit. In addition to his school activities, he works at one of the local fillin stations. He has already started work as a "grease-monkey," and in fixture years may own a place of his own, He should have little trouble getting under the automobiles for a grease job, Young Men's League LUCILE SHERMAN PAULSON New Britain, Conn. "Lu" july 7, l923 "Our three-fold girl--always ready to laugh, love and live" A twinkle in her eye, and a smile for everyone, this aptly describes little "Lu," Most of us know "Lu" through her service in the "caf" and extra curricular activities. Although she plans to enter T. C. C., we think that "Howie" will be her permanent interest. Are we right? Senior Girl Adviserg Girls' League: Decoration Committee, Musical Club S 1oJZZf?-5741. X E ff YN- :N i 9- Qi 1 252 . l . r N li-l . ' . ,fc 9. . iii S Q, X, - V E .. ,gf .f , il' " xi ' ' .. X Y ffiiifl W FLORENCE EUGENIA PEARSON Proctor, Vermont January 3, IQZ4 "Ambition furlhers success" lflorence is very studious and always has her work done on time. A teachers delight! Although quiet and reserved, she is liked by all Florence is bound to succeed because she is so dependable, and has such ambition. JOHN STANLEY ROMAN New Britain, Conn. "Red" December 30, IQZZ "A true athlete" 'iRed" is a fellow who is fond of sports. Football, baseball and basketball are his idea of heaven. His ambition is to gain a government position. They call him "Red" and blame it on his sunburned hair. And though he has many admirers in the cheering stands, he has eyes for only one fair damsel. Football 3 Baseball 3 Basketball New Britain, Conn. ROSE ELIZABETH PENNA September 20, l 923 "A firm and staunch friend" Roses pleasing personality and charm have captivated many a boy and girl resulting in an enormous string of friends. As life goes on, Rose is sure to add many more to that line. lf trouble comes your way and you're ever in need of a friend, you can always depend upon Rose. Her laughter and gaiety are like a "shining star," and she will always come out on top! Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League: National Honor Society JACK JOSEPH ROSS New Britain, Conn. August 5, IQZZ "And regular in irregularity" Jack is a fellow who would catch anyones eye, even in the largest crowds. "J, J.'s" happy-go-lucky air and his ready wit have won him a host of friends. His curly hair and snappy clothes make him a real heart-breaker, although he has recently narrowed his field to a pair of crutches. Jack never gives Einstein much competition but his talent for music will make him a success. Young Mens League: Ski Club VITO THERESA PERNICIARO Stamford, Conn. "Vee" June 7, 1923 "Silence is golden" "Vee" is a quiet, modest girl who is seen and not heard. She attends to her work in a leisurely manner and takes things as they come. "Vee" did not give us much opportunity to know her intimately, She is the kind of a girl who attracts friends with little effort because her quiet- ness and shyness make her a most likeable person. Loads of luck to you in your future years, Girls' League X f, :xii in tig f If A it ,G X f , X . 1 J, H -4 GJ' as .f N B ii s fe? X Qffjiiixb 1 Honor Society Civic Forum, Baseball CELIA JOSEPHINE PERZANOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "CH" October 29, i923 "Success to those who seek it" "Cil" is a very quiet girl who takes her school work as it comes "without a worry." Her pleasing personality has won her many friends, boys as well as girls. Since she is an ardent roller skater, you can usually manage to End her down at the Bowl-o-Rink. Her future plans are vague, but whatever she will do we know that she will make out very well. Girls' League DONALD SANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Sandy" August 25, 1922 'A-Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main" "Sandy" is interested in boats and such. He hopes to take to the sea as a career, probably in the Merchant Marine, or the Navy. His hobby is model ship building. Let's hope he always has a life preserver handy. Glee Club BETTY PEARL PETERSON New Britain, Conn. September 26, l923 "Make way, quick" She can't seem to catch up to herself. Betty seems always to be in a hurry. Perhaps this is because she has so many activities to take care of. She is very active in the Y. W. C. A. Nevertheless she is a good student and very ambitious. Betty's planning to become a nurse. May life treat you as well as you treat others, Betty! Girls' League 1069- WILL SOPHIE BARBARA PERZAN New Britain, Conn. "So" April 0, 1923 " Her smile is sweetened by the look in her eyes" This pert little blonde never stops blushing. "We wonder why? Even though her dimples charm many of the opposite sex. she seems to keep her mind on her work. CWe hopej 'l'hat's the way it should be Chalk up another bookkeeper for the commercial world. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser, Pan American Club, National SAMUEL JOSEPH SALERNO New Britain, Conn. "Sammy" March ll, 1923 A Happy is he who has well employed his lime" "Sammy" is a very likeable chap, always seems happy and has many friends. He never worries about his school work, but it's always done on time. "Sammy" is an active and popular member of the Civic Forum Our best wishes to you "Sammy," Page 1 4 X - lil i fa . ff N B s - ffl: li" ll S f :xii ug v ,V ' " A Wrtxll ELEANOR RUTH PETERSON New Britain, Conn. "Elley" june 8, 1922 "Quietness means virtue" "Elley" is one ofthe most retiring girls in our class, but that doesn't mean poor ability. lndeed not! Eleanor is always called on to serve because of her pleasant nature and her willingness. We hope "Elley" that you will have your deserved success. Cvirls' League JOHN MICHAEL SCANLON New Britain, Conn. "jack" September 6, 1923 "Don't give up the ship" "jack" is one of the tallest if not the tallest boy in our class. He is an ardent sports lover, and often puts his six foot three inch frame to work playing basketball. His ambition is to give Uncle Sam a break, and join the Coast Guard or Merchant Marine. At least the ships won't need any masts. Track Team FRANCES LUCILLE PHIPPS Lake Forest, lllinois "Fran" January 24, 1924 "Impossible is a word not in her vocabulary" Artist, musician, writer,-"Frans" friends say she can do anything and everything, while those not so friendly say they believe she not only can, but does. Aspiring to a career in commercial advertising she has achieved a position as assistant in that department at Raphael's. A person of changeable moods, Frances turns often from a reserved and conventional business executive to 'ye merry editor known for a dry wit and an acid pen. Success is already hers. Poetry, Press, Speakers Club, Featured Editor, Managing Editor, Editor Red and Gold Review EDMUND JUDD SCHADE New Britain, Conn. "Ned" October Zl, 1923 "He fully enjoys life" "Ned" is a personality boy with an excellent sense of humor. lf he isn't busy taking tickets at the Strand, you can Find him tinkering with his newly acquired "limousine" "Ned" has been thinking of forestry as a profession, but is still undecided. Young Men's League, Civic Forum ALDONA CECILIA PINKEVICH Plymouth, Penn. "Pinky" january 22, 1924 "She greets you kindly, one and all" "Pinky," so called by her intimates, has always had friends galore. Perhaps it is because she never seems to have a care in the world, except when an English final looms ahead. Her studies and boy friends have added upto quite a full schedule. We know, for one thing, that she is planning to enter a school of nursing soon. We'll miss you "Pinky," Girls' League PW, 4 s 44,7 F3 -,i P l fi if lv at ll S ff X VQT .jgf i . N All 1 X, 1-fl' . mv . Il ffflfli lx 4 MARY ROSE PISTRITTO ltaly June lo, 1922 "Smiles welcome ever" A ga smile and a friendly wave of the hand instantly bring to mind, lvfary. The word "unfriendly" has no place in her vocabulary. Everyone receives a cheerful greeting from her. Her scholarship rating has been good for the past three years. English, French, Chemistry and Histor make up her curricula. For the present, higher education is her aim Kar she plans to attend Teacher's College in the fall. We wish you all kinds of best luck. Girls' League, junior College Club FRANK BRADLEY SCHRUMP New Britain, Conn. November l3, l923 "A lover of cultural things" Frank is one of the most courteous and studious fellows we know, He likes poetry and is very interested in History. When no one else knows the answer you can depend upon Frank to come right out with the solution to the problem, Frank is looking forward to a career in photography. He has the best wishes of his class, Bowling Clubg Camera Clubg Young Mens League VIRGINIA ELIZABETH POLA New Britain, Conn. " Nena" November 30, l923 "A heart of gold" "Nena," as her friends call her, has always ranked high scholas- tically. She is charming and pleasant to all. Her many friends are drawn to her by her sweet smile and personality. Though her chosen occupa- tiongthat of a laboratory technician, will incur a lot of work, those who know her agree that she has the ability to succeed. Girls' League Representativeg Civic Forum, National Honor Society: Junior College Club Y PETER SELEMAN New Britain, Conn. "Pete" March 7, l923 'Born to be happy" Peter may appear shy and reserved, but you can always find him in the midst of any argument especially in Miss Snow's Problems class. Girls didn't seem to bother "Pete" until his senior yearg now "Pete's" just a lover. Although studies seldom seem to bother him, "Pete" ranks near the top of his class. We hear accounting is your goal, Peter. Well, go to itg we wish you the very best in life. Young lVfen's League: Chairman Publicity Committee ANN DORIS POSKUS Lithuania "Shrimps" November 22, l922 "A whirlwind with a tennis racket" Ann is quite familiar to most of us as that sweet girl with the slow smile and pretty blue eyes. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and it is a pleasure to be in her company. If you want a real treat, just watch Ann play tennis. We know she will be a success in all she undertakes in life, and we wish her the best of luck. Girls' League, Civic Forum wif? na. Page W Xi, .V 7 ,lf ' 5 lisa. gf lf S if TS-U fe y ' X fllllllx ,L DOROTHY ELEANOR CIHOSKI New Britain, Conn. "Do-Do" September 22, 1922 "Write something great" Heres a young lady who manages to combine studies with fun and still makes a success of it. "Do-Do' has a knack for making friends and with her personality and business ability, she should make a First- class journalist. Beaus come around for one reason or another, and dancing is grand, but writing comes by the grace of Cvod. To write you must work, and work, and work. So go to it, "Do-Do." Cirls' League EDWARD WILLIAM SHEPANSKI New Britain, Conn. "Eddy" May 19, 1923 "A noble aim faithfully kept, is a noble need" 'iEd" is tall, wavy-locked and semi-silent. Mathematics and science are his favorite subjects. All sports appeal to him especially baseball and basketball, both of which he plays well. But he spends most of his time working in his father's print shop and someday you may see his firm name in prominent letters. "Eddy" is never sad or troubled be- cause he takes life as it comes and makes the best of it. We know a person of his intelligence and willingness always makes the grade, and so wishing him luck is needless. Young Men's League MILDRED LILLIAN PULLMAN Meriden, Conn. "Milly" january 24, 1924 "Glory is the reward of honest ejortu Willing, cheerful, efficient, and honest: these adjectives among others describe Mildred as a good student and a fine friend. Her win- some smile is a pleasant sight to behold, when feeling low. fDon't we all, once in a while?J Mildred, just make yourself as indespensable to your employer as possible and you'11 be all set! Girls' League FREDERICK W. SHERMAN Shurbon, N. Y. "Fred" October 2, 1921 "Good service is a great enchantment" Meet his honor, "Fred" Sherman, who was once Mayor of New Britain for a day, MFred" possesses all the requisites of a good leader: energy, amiability, a helping hand and a smile always on tap. Maybe it's T. C. C. for "Fred," where he will undoubtedly prove his worth. President Civic Forum, Mayor for a Day, Executive Committee, Young Men's League DOROTHY MABLE RAND Ludlow, Mass. "Dot" March 3, 1923 "When Irish eyes are smiling" 'ADot's" plan after graduation is to go to Springfield, Mass. and wake up that part of the world. We think she is lively enough and a good enough sport to do it. We wonder what dear old Alma Mater will do in the absence of this roguish character. Well, maybe another member of the family could do the trick. Girls' League: Home Economic Club Page 146 5 - 4 5 Af N lf? W 4 'fi lhl S it ,... I :ig W 5 ,I v 'X 0f,l,M JANE GLADYS RAPACKA New Britain, Conn. "janey" September l3, 1923 "As neat as a ninepenceu This "gal" is the blonde with the contagious smile who is always the life ofthe party. fl'here's a gold mine for you, right therej Janes cheers at the basketball games can be heard for miles. fNot reallyll Thats school spirit! With your hne personality we're sure you'Il reach the heights, jane. Girls' League PATSY JOHN SILVESTRO New Britain, Conn. "Pat" September l, 1922 "His soul is in Music" "Pat" is the modest chap who does such a splendid job on the saxophone in many of the local bands, Although music is constantly on his mind, his school work is never neglected. He hopes to become a bandman in one of the top notch bands of the day. All the success in the world to you, "Pat!" Bandg Orchestra MARY IDA RENEY New Britain, Conn. "Pee-Wee" October 8, l92Z MA smile and nature that will destroy all downheartednessn Mary is that short, happy person with the perpetual smile, who is always surrounded with friends. Her sportsmanship and her sunny disposition make people happy to be with her. She is ambitious and intelligent and someday in the near future, Mary will begin to look for a position as a stenographer. With her sparking personality it shouldn't be hard to find. Girls' League JOHN FRANCIS SMITH New Britain, Conn. "Capit" September 19, 1923 'Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith" "Smitty" is one of the more happy go lucky fellows of the school who always takes life as it comes, without complaining or striving to alter situations. His time has been divided between his studies and an after school job at the "Strand" "Smitty" hopes to become a fireman. Some day we may see a father-son team driving the large ladder truck, for "Smitty's" father is the fireman who handles the rear wheels. Young Mens League MARION LOUISE RENSI-IAW New Britain, Conn. "Puggy" Iuly 28, l923 "Silence is golden" "Puggy" doesn't talk very much, but she makes up for it by her smile. She's been a grand pal to everybody, and we might add another nickname to Marion's list. "Good deed Dottyf' because she's ever- ready to lend a helping hand. Her sweet disposition has endeared her to many of the students. May your success be as bright as your smile, "Puggy." Girls' League fl - EL. Page M7 5 r gf K1 mf B 'if' 55? -51 I 4 1 S lf? 2 1 5 X. fy ELSIE MARY RENSONI New Britain, Conn, "Rensey" October 17, 1923 "Full of life, full of pep, making progress with every step" Elsie is one of those people who is loved by all who know her. She is always the life of the party. You forget all your troubles when in her company. Her interests lie in dancing, bicycle riding, and skating. One of her favorite topics is 'Athat certain person." We know Elsie will be a success in whatever she aims to do in her future life because she has the ability to finish what she starts out to do. Girls' League LEO SOBOLEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Seb" january 18, 1924 "A man energetic and upright" Leo is a quiet, unassuming lad who is especially well liked because of his modesty. He has been a top-notch track and cross-country man, but you only know about it from what you read in the newspaper. Leo. like his brother, has a Fine taste for clothes. He is going to carry this taste to Northeastern where he plans to study Engineering. Letterman, Track, President Varsity Club, Young Mens League BELLE ESTELLE RESNICK 1 New Britain, Conn. November 7, 1923 " How doth the busy little bee .... " Belle is a hard working girl who takes her work seriously. Her personality is very pleasing. She enjoys a good game of golf or tennis, and her favorite pastime is to design clothes. Belles ambition is to become a fashion designer. We're sure Belle will have great fortune in anything if she keeps up the good work, Girls' League HENRY SOBOLEWSKI New Britain, Conn. May 19, 1922 "Clothes Make The Man" Henry is a boy who has been around for quite some time now. He is a little late at getting out but we musgxgive him credit for not be- coming discouraged. During his stay at . B. H. S. he displayed a taste for clothes which made him one of our best dressed students. This should be a valuable asset in his chosen work as a salesman, or in any field for that matter. MARY THERESA RINGROSE New Britain, Conn. "Ringie" September 25, 1923 "On the .Sunnyside of life" Mary is one of our cutest co-eds. She is friendly towards everyone and is very popular with both sexes. Mary plans to enter Arnold College where we wish her the best of luck and happiness in the career she has chosen. We know you will succeed, Mary. Girls' League, Ski Clubg Senior Adviser, Officials Club page 14, jd? ana E. ,L .4 .s , , Y. , ,STR-,' '54 ' ..,, . ,.. . , 1 ff X iff N llll xl YF: f f i , .i .s If MN A Wi, 1 M SOPHIE JEAN RIO New Britain, Conn. November 5, N23 "Life is just a bowl of cherries" Sophie is the attractive, dark-haired girl with the pleasingoper- sonality. Her big brown eyes are the kind the boys can't resist. phie is very jolly and is always kidding, yet she is a very sympathetic person who is always willing to hear your troubles. You will usually see her at the Y. M. C. A. With her stenographic ability she is bound to suc- ceed. Girls' League, Honor Society EDWARD ALEXANDER SOBUTA Providence, R. l. "Eddie" April 25, l923 "Service is no inheritance" ln "Eddie" Sobuta are combined the helpful characteristics as respect for teachers and other adults, love of fun and a general likeable personality. Perhaps this explains his popularity with all ages. which has resulted in his election to the office of President of the Civic Forum, and Mayor of the City for a day. President of Civic Forum, Young lVlen's League: Camera Club ANNE ROMANCHUK Meriden, Conn. October 3l, 1923 "Education is a possession which cannot be laken away" A little shy at first is "Ann," but this is soon overcome by a natural friendliness. ln addition to being friendly and attractive she is a very good student and has attained fine marks in various subjects. We wish her happiness in the nursing Held which she is planning to enter. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviserg National Honor Society EDMUND STERNBERG STARR New Britain, Conn. "Ed" lvlarch l2, l922 "lf at first you don't succeed, try again" "Ed" is a lad who appears sleepy enough to be a southerner, but in reality is by no means lazy. Though he has been havinfgitrouble getting a certain blonde, he acquires positions with little di culty. Now an usher in the Embassy Theatre, he hopes someday to become manager. Use your perseverance in personal affairs as well as work and you'll have nothing to worry about, "Ed," Young Mens League JEAN THERESA ROSINSKI New Britain, Conn. 'ljeanieu August l, l924 "Intelligence and personality are unconquerablen With unlimited vim, vigor, and vitality "Jeanie, with the li ht brown hair," has whizzed through high school, full speed ahead. ilo word in the dictionary could describe the sunny disposition and per- sonality of this fair maiden. Worries of excelling in classwork have never entered her pretty head, except, maybe, that certain dark- haired somebody. From what we hear, "jeanie's" ambition is to be a secretary and an excellent one she would make! Girls' League, Table Tennis Clubz Bowling Club, National Honor Society Zvi? png l A ' fi lrl S ,f if , J ,. ff N ,ED flijicf l".,f 1 " .A A, SIMONE FRANCES ROY New Britain, Conn. "Sim" April 4, i924 "Small, but oh!" "Sim" is a perfect example of the statement that "all good things come in small packages." The sound of "Drums" set her feet a-tapping and "Bill" her heart a-thumping. "Sim" has a pleasing personality, a winning smile and brains. To be an Interior Decorator is her aim and she usually gets what she wants. Girls' League, National Honor Society HERMAN EDWARD STEIN New Britain, Conn. "Herm" May li, 1923 "Good to begin well, better to end well" "Herm" is one of our happy-go-lucky, carefree, classmates who doesn't know what the word "worry" means, He's a very congenial and pleasant sort of fellow that makes him welcomed in every circle. He plans to go to an aviation school for further study. We'll spin your prop, "Herm." Young Mens League ALICE E. RUBLE New Britain, Conn. August 15, l922 "Pep, vim and vigor" Alice is dynamic and is never still. One minute she is here, and the next minute somewhere else. Alice is always ready to help a friend and has a cheery word for everyone. She aspires to be a secretary and we do envy her future business associates. lf you carry your pep and vigor with you, Alice, you'll reach the heights before you know it! Girls' League HENRY JOSEPH STRACESKI New Britain, Conn. "Fat" lvlay 3, l923 "A man upright and energetic" How we admire a person who can work without causing a disturb- ance. Perseverance, the essence of success, is one of Henry's most striking characteristics. He has a congenial personality and is liked by all his classmates. Henry is a hard worker and should easily reach the top in his chosen field. Young Men's League LORRAINE ELAINE RUDY New Britain, Conn. "Rudy" February 19, lf-D23 'Like a bird in the air" Lorraine is a tall girl who has a Hair for clothes in her own style. You can always be sure of finding her at a dance or a movie. She has a wandering mind and never reveals the truth of her imaginations. Lorraine is full of pep and anything with speed attached to it is en- ticing to her. Perhaps that's why she wants to be an aviatrix. This "heart breaker" would even leave the boys for a chance to Fly. Watch out for air pockets, Lorraine. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser img- EW lx , ff 5? Ji V ll I f 3 w' X gg ' ti psf aa .9 H S if . L3,W,, . Winiw ANTOINETTE IRENE SALAFIA Southington, Conn. "Toni" December 23, IQZZ " Honesty is the best policy" "Toni" has been with us for onl a short time but it didn't take her long to win over hearts. "Toni" lbves to sing and danceg however, she is not a jitterbug but the slow romantic type. Antoinette expects to enter Moody's in the fall. We feel that whatever she does in the business line will be to her credit. Girls' League FRANK PAUL SWIDER New Britain, Conn. April I4, IQZ3 "An all-around good guy" Frank is the type of young man who will make an ideal citizen, He is industrious, dependable and can always be counted on to do his share. Frank is a serious minded and thoughtful fellow, who has no use for frivolity. He plans to become an office worker after graduation. Success, we know will be his-either by marrying the boss's daughter or by his own dependable hard work. Young Mens League ALICE SALAK New Britain, Conn. "Al" August 3, I023 "A helping haml, len! al the right lime" Alice has more pep than pepper and isn't afraid to show it. At present, the selection of one from a trio of male friends seems to be her chief worry, Somebody told us that you never miss a choir re- hearsal, Alice. Hmmmmm! We wonder why! Anyhow, your capacity for friendship should carry you far, so good luck! Girls' League LEO WESTON SULLIVAN lvfedford Hillside, Mass. "Sully" May li, 1923 " He that hopes for good, fears not evil" "Sull " is a most amiable chap and greets everyone with a hearty "hello" Bespite his red hair, it's known to all that he has no temper but is instead a true gentleman. He is a perfect example of what the well dressed man should wear. Undoubtedly he has been the envy of many boys, and the idol of many girls. Best of luck at college "Sully." Young Men 's League DORIS MARY SAMSEL New Britain, Conn. May 4, I923 "Where therels a will, therels a way" How the irls envy her beautiful black curly hair! Doris is quiet, but has a welgdeveloped, and much used sense of humor topped by her ready smile. She is a faithful scholar and believes that work and play belong in their separate places, and it is this policy which will make her go far in the business world. Girls' League QMSZ1 9714 ff' D so 1 ,I lf lxl lim Y " L' li S xl - ff: 'u is t,f lx 4.1 fl' JEAN BARBARA SAMUL New Britain, Conn, "jeanie" November ll, 1922 i'Labor conquers all things" In "Jeanie" are personified laughter and a mischievous smile. You can always be sure of having a good time when you're with her. Al- though jean believes in having some fun in school, her work is always done well. With our good wishes, you'll succeed as a secretary, jean. CAren't we conceited, thoughlj Girls' League HENRY ALBERT SZCZEPANIK New Britain, Conn, " Hank" May 4, 1923 "Reserved but ambitious" A well groomed fastidious dresser and a person of no mean sport ability, i'Hank" may not be much of a conversationalist, but the little he does say bears weight and conviction. Although he seems bent on entering the business world, it wouldnt shock us to hear that "Hank" has succeeded in the other fields, Young Mens League HELEN SAVITT Bridgeport, Conn. Iune 8, l924 'Sweetness of disposition charms the soul" Helen has a very charming and pleasing personality. She always greets you with one of her special smiles. Her ambition is to be a successful and competent bookkeeper. She always is prompt in getting her work in on time and she usually finishes what she starts. We all wish you all the luck in the world in your ambition. Civic Forumg Girls' League CHESTER TALALAJ New Britain, Conn. "Chet" August 3, l923 "lndustry is fortunes right hand" Chester is the fellow with the ever ready smile and a great sense of humor. ln class he seems a trifle shy and rather quiet, but these out- ward appearances are deceitful. He has a pleasing personality and is an industrious, capable worker. He would like to start his career with an executive position. Young Mens League JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH SAVOCA New Britain, Conn. "jo" january IS, l923 "A good sport brightens llfe's darkest corners" An all-round sports' fan is "jo," especially interested in football. Of course, some of the attraction may be a certain player but about this "jo" does not give out. She is a good sport herself and as a Secre- tary she should excel as she does in everything she undertakes. C-irls' League, Table Tennisg Bowling 'XA A. f' 4' if ,l A ' I P F N H Klh ik' gifs S Vxf A -., 1, ..i N f . X '-1 ,N ZZ!! 1 KA ' ANNA KATHERINE SCI-IAEFER Bruck, Bavaria, Germany January 13, 1924 "Lots offunu Anna may seem quiet and conservative to the masses. but she can be gay when the occasion arises. Well-known, and well liked, she has maintained a high scholastic average throughout her high school career. fBy the way, who is that rice looking young man we see you with so much?J We're rooting for you Anna. Keep up the good work, and you've not a worry that's worth the trouble! Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser RAYMOND EDMUND TINTI Southington, Conn. "Ray" july 20, 1923 "Still fishelh he that calchelh one" "Ray" is a sports enthusiast and he indulges in every type, his favorite being baseball. He also passes his time fishing. He gets along favorably with his lessons and always looks forward to holidays. He is friendly to everyone and we wish him success in his future intentions. Young Men's League, Civic Forum GERTRUDE ELIZABETH SCHEIDLER New Britain, Conn, "Trudy" October 18, 1923 "Laugh and be well" "Trudy's" quiet and unassuming manner is just an exterior quality for you should see her when she really gets started! She can make almost -anyone laugh with her unusual 'way of cracking jokes. "Trudy" is interested in movies, horseshoe pitching, reading, and a certain young man named "Bill" Girls' League JOHN ADOLPH TOMASZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Tommy" October 27, 1921 "A young man will be wiser by and by" john is one of the strong, silent type. He doesn't take too great an interest in sports, but instead is quite a studious fellow, Fishing is one of his favorite pastimes, and he spends quiet a bit of time angling in the summer. john hasn't decided on future work, but we've got a good idea of his future pastime. Throw the small ones back in, john. MILDRED EDITH SCHRAGER New Britain, Conn. "Millie" -july 5, 1923 "Much is she worth" Take a letter Miss Schrager. Yes, Mildred is going to be a secretary. After hours she will probably continue as she does now, dancing and riding and having a good time. The ever popular Mildred has been a ood student, and a good friend. The school won't be the same without iflildred. Here's to your success in the future, Mildred. Civic Forum, Girls' League Representative QMLZ- 5721. it N B X I X f RS ff' it lfjx ,ll ll'll S N wil ' .5 A LOIS ELAINE SCHROEDEL Mount Vernon, N. Y. 'fLoie" january 11, 1923 "All things are overcome by determination" Need a helping hand? A good laugh? Sympathy? Get Lois, quick! There are very few people in this school who do not know "Loie's" ready wit and charming personality. This "half" of the inseparable "Schroedel and Schultz" takes life as it comes and is getting along very well. An accomplished pianist-and she sings too-"Loie's" going to succeed, not only in business, but in everything she under- takes. Girls' Leagueg Senior Girl Adviserg National Honor Society ALMA ELEANORE SCHULTZ New Britain, Conn. August 2, 1923 "One of the inseparable duet" She is extremely lively and full of fun. She has made a record in scholarship and school activities of which she can be proud. Who is this paragon of perfection? It's Alma, one half of "Schultz and Schroe- del." She is an all-round good sport and a wonderful friend. Alma plans to do secretarial work and her calm and steady, determined attitude assures us that she will excel in that vocation. Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviserg Press Clubg Civic Forum: National Honor Society JOSEPH ROBERT TURLEK New Britain, Conn. 'fjoen February 26, 1920 "A wise man is usually silent" "joe" is a likeable fellow who usually accomplishes what he sets out to do. He has been the section room representative for both the Young Men's League and the Red and Gold Review. "joe" has a Gne personality which makes him a friend of many students who enjoy his company. These traits will certainly help him to succeed when he goes out to face the world and its problems. Young Men's Leagueg Press Representative EILEEN DIANA SEGAL . New Britain, Conn. "Ida" july 19, 1923 "Let us not care too much for what happens" A serene, undisturbed person is i'lda." Nothing worries her, and why should it? Her keen mind has been the means of gaining many a high mark in many a tough test! This year's crop is sure to produce one fine teacher. Best of luck, "lda!" National Honor Societyg Girls' League, Press Club ANNE MARIE SEIDL New Britain, Conn. "Seidl" April 1, 1923 "Dreams come true!" Chain one, two single, chain three-yes, it's Anne crocheting an- other doily for her hope chest. Annes dreams of the future consist mainly of a log cabin nestled in among whispering pines, and we'll wager this is one dream that's going to come true. Annes a typical "outdoor girl." Swimming, hiking, bike-riding all go towards her yearly supply of sun-tan, which incidentally, makes her and extremely attractive blonde. Here's hoping that some day Anne will be baking her own pastry, instead of selling it over the Boston Bakery counter. QMQZ- ine. if N iii l Hl S Alike, AP ':ll 4 I fl 'i5.ili.5 4 FLORA ANNE SERAVALLI Berlin, Conn. "Flo" January 15, l924 "Dark eyes" Flora is still being kidded about having two days absence to her credit because of registration day, but, knowing "Flo" as we do-she can take it. "Flo" was one of the oldest hfers in the East Berlin Drum Corp until it disbanded. She is always found in the middle of a gay group of boys and girls. "Boring" is a word that you do not associate with "Flo"+she'll get there. Girls' League: Vice-President of the Square Dancing Club, Bowling Club ARLINE JOYCE SHAPIRO Stamford, Conn. 'iLee" September 20, l923 "Singing on ajourney makes the way less tedious" Arline is the little girl with the sweet voice and the smallest hands in the school. She will make singing her career and we know she will top the list of successful singers within the next few years. She spends a great deal of time out of town fwhy7J. but we hope she will stick to New Britain. Girls' League EDWARD GEORGE VATER New Britain. Conn. Alune IU, l923 " He who cheers others, will be cheered by olhersn i'lid" is one of our happy-go-lucky, carefree classmates who evi- dently doesnt know what the word "worry" means, He is the con enial and pleasant sort of a fellow who is welcome in every circle. Pi has many friends and is admired by all who know him. We add our best wishes for your success to those of your pals, "Ed," Musical Club, Band: Orchestra, Glee Club, Young Mens League HELEN MARGARET SIMONIDES New Britain. Conn. june Zo. 1923 "Infinite sweetness" Helen is a quiet, shy, hard working girl. She is a young lady who has a smile for everyone. Although she loves to sew, and is very good at it, her ambition in life is to be a successful bookkeeper. We know she is dependable and here's hoping she will succeed, Girls' League: Senior Adviser VIRGINIA JOYCE SIMONIAN New Britain, Conn. "Terry" September I8, l923 " Height doesn'l always make might" "Terry" is always exercising for fear that she will remain her same height, which confidentially is 5 feet 4 inches, She is humorous in all situations and always has a smile on her face for everyonegespecially the opposite sex, "'l'erry's" favorite hobbies are dancing and skating, and she has a bad habit of day-dreaming at the wrong time. She would be a great loss if her classmates didn't supply her daily with a pencil. Like many others, she has high hopes of becoming a night-club singer, but has better hopes of success than most. Girls' League 2-I .7-Jag. ww. Page 155 3x X fs . , i 1 -V 1 if N B 'il N " Sify' 1 J H S if jf KV .LI 4 'M mm ' ANNE THERESA SIWIAK Pittsburgh, Pa. july 27, 1922 "Laughter is necessary" Anne is a girl in a thousand. She sees everyone's point of view and stays out of arguments. Her smile attracts the opposite sex but her personality and character keep them ever-lasting friends. She loves to dance but wishes someday to become that certain somebodys private secretary, We know you'll succeed Anna, if you don't make it a laughing matter. Girls' League BENNY ANTHONY VINCI New Britain, Conn. UB" December 4, 1922 "Work has it's own gratificativnsu Benny is the good friend who is always around when you need him. After graduation he hopes to find a place in the world of trade and commerce-his idea of success being an executives desk, and his name engraved on the office door. Young lVlen's League MARJORIE JANE SKENE New Britain, Conn. "Marjie" july 25, 1923 "Still waters run deep" A cheery smile and a sunny disposition together with a bit of re- serve describe "lVlarjie." Her intelligence has brought her honors, but her sincere unselfishness will be her key to success in her chosen Field, nursing, just as it has brought her numerous friends in school. Girls' League, National Honor Society WILLIAM BRADY WALSH New Britain, Conn. "Bill" January 4, 1924 "Business is the salt of life" "Bill" is the very determined Irishman who is never sitting still, except when he works. 1-le's quite a man with the girls, but he can't make up his mind on one, so his only worry usually is which of five or six he'd like to have. He gave up ushering in the theatre to become a printer for our local newspaper. The Embassys loss is the l-lerald's gain. Young Men's League HELEN CAMILLE SKORUPSKI New Britain, Conn. November 30, 1923 A'Quiet with great depth" I-lelen's quietness in school misleads many people. Shes a very demure young lady in class, but quite the life of the party outside. Her favorite sports are skating, tennis, badminton and bowling. l-ler hobby-knitting. She likes to read biographies of famous people, so here's wishing you become famous yourself, I-lelen! Girls' League Page M, img- 9724. -ff N is ,K lwl s .w Q1 iff N'-, 5-4. 61:1 ,I . N ' x X i f 4 ' I' 'xlffllivx T FREIDA JOSEPHINE SLADECK New Britain, Conn. june 9, 1923 "A contagious laugh has she" Did you just hear a jolly chuckle, and thenga laugh coming from the depths of the soul? We can guarantee it was 1' reida! Not on y has she been appreciated by her own "gang" but many an unknown admirer has felt the touch of Freida's sunny nature as she brushed by in the corridor. Her "Steady" should certainly have no trouble getting along with such a truly agreeable person. We've no doubts for your rosy future, Freidal Girls' League GEORGE WILLIAM WALTERS New Britain, Conn. "Bucky" june lo, 1923 "1When I have anything to do, I go and do it" "Bucky" as he is known by his more intimate friends, is always willing to help out a person in need and never passes up an opportunity to do some good for his fellow students. Besides getting good grades, "Bucky" has found time, among other things, to become a very good airplane pilot and has already soloed. He wants to become an air- plane mechanic and later a commercial pilot. We are sure that if he pursues these ambitions with the same diligence he has always used, he will reach his goal. Young lVlen's League, Varsity Club, Cross Country '38, '39, Mana- ger of Football '40, '41 DOROTHY ELEANORE SOLOWANUK New Britain, Conn. "Dot" February 7, 1924 A' Here .she comes, there she goes, All dressed up in brand new clothes" Oops! Here comes "Dottie" around the corner and just in time. She's seldom early for appointments. She's a sweet and charming person whom we are well acquainted with and is sure to make a success in life. We hope her wish to become a journalist will come true very soon! Girls' League GERARD TIMOTHY WHOLEY Brooklyn, N. Y. "jerry" October 15, 1923 "There must be some good in you, I know" This tall lanky fellow comes to school each morning from Water- bury. Until a short while ago a New Britainite, Gerard now commutes so that he might graduate with his classmates at N. B. H. S. During his school life he has participated in various sports including football and cross-country. "jerry" plans to enter Niagara University in the fall. Young lVlen's Leagueg Cross Country, Football GENEVIEVE MARYANNA SMIALOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Smiley" August 13, 1923 "Persevere and never fail" lf red hair signifies a fiery nature it certainly doesn't always follow true form. Petite Genevieve is not in the least bit temperamental. She possesses a shy, reserved nature but will give a friendly pat on the back of her classmates any time. Chemistr is her pet subject but she admits it's a hard one. Shy of boys, she is seldom seen with one but will blush- ingly speak of her boyfriend in the trade school. Lots of luck on the road to becoming a nurse. Genevieve. Girls' League img- wma. Page If . fx 4 . -Q in i N S., N '-5. i is r . N B E2 'T 1 I I geek SEZ v-swf Ml , ilgi,,,f" -I - Y Xi "W My F DOROTHY JOSEPHINE SMITH New Britain, Conn. "Smitty" April 9, 1923 " Nothing impossible to a willing heart" "Smitty," another of our sweet girl graduates, hopes to enter the business world upon leaving dear old N. B. H. S. We know that she would be an asset to any employer because of her energy for work. All sorts of luck "Smitty," Civic Forum, Girls' League GEORGE JOSEPH WIECEK New Britain, Conn. "Weis" September l, 1923 "Wit and wisdom are born within this man" George is a seemingly nonchalant individual, but actually an energetic one. He will probably be seen more often in the midst of a group of fellows rather than girls, for he is a bit shy around the fairer sex. His ambition is to become the community's leading citizen, so we should hear a lot from him in the future. - f . nun' 6? MARY CATHERINE SOLTIS New Britain, Conn. November 25, 1922 " Her ways are quiet ways" Mary would have you believe she is shy but those smiling e es tell us differently. She is a constant movie-goer, a devoted baseball Klan and a "shark" at pinochle. Bestowed with the trait of being a good listener and sincere sympathizer, Mary has a large circle of true friends. Her marks at school reveal that she is a diligent worker. This is Mary, whom we are sure will find success in any field. Girls' Leagueg Honor Society MILTON WISNEFSKY New Britain, Conn. "lYfizzy" May 7, 1923 " His ambition like a torrent" jovial, fairly confident and full of pep, "Wizzy" is the boy who makes up his mind to do a job and doesn't let anything stop him. At present he is attending the State Trade School nights and is seen in class every morning in the swing of class room discussions. Rather adept in giving practical advice, he is always willing to lend a helping hand to all of his frielrlids. "Wizzy" is still undecided in future work but he has our best wis es. Young Men's League ESTHER SPECTOR New Britain, Conn. "Specky" -luly 24, l923 "All is not gold that sparkles" "Specky" has personality plus, fear minus, and perfect poise. Yet, we shall never forget that cheerful disposition, and welcoming smile, with which she greeted everyone. She never cared much for the New Britain boys, but we can't blame her for that, when attention is forth- coming from such a nice "someone," We know you'll make a success of life, "Specky." Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League X ,. YQ. if 12" A ' . 6 I X , " 1 , MURIEL JANE SPERRY Hartford, Conn. "Mickey" May 28, 1923 "Success awaits those who try" Look out you lifeguards, "Mickey" is on her way. From what we hear, she spends most of the summer swimming and dancing, "Mickey" is also interested in just about all sports. We don't know "Mickcy's" after-graduation plans, but with her ambition, she should bring forth good results, Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum JOSEPH BENJAMIN WITKIN New Britain, Conn. "Pensacola" january 20, 1923 "Wings of the Navy" An intelligent, likeable chap is "Pensacola" whose main ambition is to fly for Uncle Sam. At this early stage of life he already knows the fundamentals of aviation and spends much of his spare time increasing this knowledge. "Pensacola" is one of the young pilots of the city, having soloed at the age of seventeen. He is an exce lent prospect for the U. S. Naval Air Corps. Football '39, '40 MARY ELIZABETH STIFEL New Britain, Conn. "Stif" October 9, 1923 She may not be classed with the artists like Rembrandt, But she still has the ability to draw. She may not have a voice like a spring robin singing, lt may sound more like a school-bell ringing, But she is pretty and sweet, and a girl's best Friend, Willing to help with each little trifle. This friend of my school days, Mary Stifel. Civic Forum STANLEY WOLFF Mansfield, Conn. "Woofie" February 15, 1925 HA lion among ladies" Here is a boy with real ambitions. His persevering character and his tenacity are qualities which are truly remarkable when found in a pupil. He is friendly, sociable, and entertaining when in high spirits. Wolff can carry on an intelligent conversation with ease, though he is not garrulous. He has a way with irls that mystifies the rest of the male student body. We wish he woufd reveal his hidden formula. Young Men's League MARGARET ELIZABETH STREET New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" September 15, 1923 "Pleasant to think on" "Peggy" is full of fun and a grand sport. She has proved her colors b spending her spare time working at the Chamber of Commerce office. We dont see much of her around here, for Torrington seems to be the chief attraction??7 CA little "birdie" told usb Whether you decide to go to T. C. C. or not, "Peggy," good luck! Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviser, Civic Forum wig na. Paeim Xt fr, yr N H3 ' ff iv ll S if 1 P A , L, A if vfiilitfs F EVELYN ESTHER STROM New Britain, Conn. 'iEvie" March 18, 1923 "To be quiet is to be virtuous" Evelyn is a quiet, studious girl with curly blonde hair and a little pugged nose. She has many hobbies, best among them are photography, hiking, and bike riding. She is planning to enter the field of business, and we feel sure that with these qualities, along with her natural friendliness, will make her a success. Senior Girl Adviser, Girls' League HELEN THERESA SUCHCICKI New Britain, Conn. "Chi-Chi" August 2, 1923 "A lover offriendshipu Happy and carefree as a balmy breeze in May, "Chi-Chi" has trapsed the corridors of N. B. H. S. She never missed a football game. fOh, is it true that you've taken up football, "Sophie?" We hear you tackled an All State Player and "landed" him. Good for you!j Interior decorating should surely bring her satisfaction. Will our hopes for you help? Girls' League NICHOLAS HOWARD YORK New Britain, Conn. 'ANick" March 10, 1922 "A man, big and energetic" Yes-he's husky, humorous, and even ambitious. "Nick's" the lad who never seems quite satisfied with one gal but is always in search of another. fWith a big class such as ours, he should surely Gnd "the one."J A young man as versatile as "Nick" won't confront much trouble in the business world. Good luck to him! MARITA FRANCES SULLIVAN Hartford, Conn. "Murphy" February 9, 1924 i'Modesty is her virtue, success her aim" This lovely colleen has been able to have fun and yet get some studying done well at the same time! "Sully's" luck in being able to drive a car back and forth from school, is something worth mentioning. At the same time, her droll humor breaks thru often, and then's when the fun begins. Yes, these Irish girls have personality plus! We hope you'l1 make your hike to fame a short one, "Sully," Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser MARY JEAN SUTTON New Haven, Conn. Hjeannieu November 20, 1923 "Such a delight is life" Bangs, blue-green eyes and a giggle are indicative of jeans presence in any group. She is full of the good old "vim and vigor" which make her worth knowing. Coupled with this is her scholastic rating of which she can well be proud. She is another one of our class who will go in for the enlightenment of the bewildered. QA teacherj Officials Club, Ski Club, Girls' League, Table Tennis Club 71-ew-Wfffe N, ,. ,gf tl .44 if N 12 H S sf S 3 ' ' FQ 'X 'Zflillflk HELEN THERESA SYSKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Sysko" February lo, l923 "A good friend is indeed a friend" A petite blue-eyed blonde, that's Helen. She has a knack for getting along with about everyone. We will probably see her in some prominent local office for she has a business course. Hiking and dancing are her two pet outside activities. Boys treat her as a swell campanion and her girl-friends say she is great fun. We hope that your business life will be a howling success. Girls' League HELEN TERESA SYTULEK New Britain, Conn. "Terry" june 13, N923 "Always merry, always helpful" A tall dark-haired pleasant girl is the way Helen can be character- ized. She always has an even disposition. To be a career girl in the field of business is her aim. Helpfulness and willingness to do things are two of her outstanding qualities. The pathway to becoming a successful business woman is a hard one, but we feel sure that you will traverse it with ease. Girls' League GEORGE LOUIS YOUNG New Britain, Conn. "Curly" December 4, l92Z "A quiet mind is richer than a crown" George is one of those boys who seem rather quiet to outsiders. but to those who know him-it's different. Although no genius, he does his work methodically and always finishes on time, We have no idea as to what George plans for the future, but whatever he does, we're pulling for him. MILDRED VILMA TAUCHER New Britain, Conn. September 24, l923 "Diligence is the mother of good luck" Mildred has every quality that a real lady should have-gentle- ness, kindliness and loyalty. She is really a person worth knowing. Mildred loves to read and does so in most of her leisure time. She hopes to become a stenographer and her friends all agree that she will make an exceptionally good one. Girls' League, National Honor Society MILDRED BERTHA TIEDE New Britain, Conn. "Millie" january 27, l923 "A pleasing person is ajoy to all" You can be certain of seeing "Millie" walking energetically down the corridors, with a pleasant greeting to all. When anyone else has the "Blue Monday feeling" this girl is the tonic "what am!" She's marvel- ous in her subjects and excels in bookkeeping, but don't think "Millie" is all work and no play. No sir! Good Luck in the future! Girls' League img- png. ,,age,, E af N B X W1 Nil ll'll S if e x- J H W Mui, it flflllkii DOROTHY ANN THOMPSON Newark, New jersey "Dada" March l, 1923 'tl take mine easy at all times" ul9odo" adds to her list of charm and personal good looks a delight- lul giggle that echoes often in the corridors of high school. Though homework dehnitely gets her down, "Dodo" usually manages to come through. Her future plans are not definite, but there is no reason why she should not be a success in any type of work. -Junior College Club, Chemistry Club, Girls' League VIRGINIA LUCILLE THOMPSON New Britain, Conn. "Ginnie" April 21, 1923 "A girl worthy of remembrance" Those lovely locks of "Ginnie's" have caused many of us to sigh with envy. She seems to have joined the eternal admiration of some tall specimen of manhood, too. CAnd we know wholj "Ginnie" has always been a dependable worker, and her record is worthy of a de- serving pat on the back. The New Britain School of Nursing may be sure of one promising young nurse. Now boys don't get all sick at the same time. Girls' League GEORGE RICHARD ZENOBI New Britain, Conn. "George" january 9, l9Z4 "Dancing is the most beautiful of the arts" George is a happy-go-luck ujitterbugn who is also some-what of a wit. He always has a plentillul supply of humorous stories on hand with which to amuse his many friends-boys and girls alike. When- ever you meet George he always has a grin, perhaps that is the reason he is so well known and liked. His regular attendance of the Saturday night "Y" dances also contribute to his popularity. We understand he is going to enter a commercial career and we send him off with best wishes for success. Civic Forumg Musical Clubg lVIen's Glee Club, lvlixed Glee Club, Class Night Committee ELSA BEATRICE TILLMAN New Britain, Conn. "El" May 27, 1924 "A giggle a day, keeps the blues away" A smile that can be beckoned easily, and a "hello" on the tip of the tongue, have left a warm spot in our hearts for Elsa. Similar to many of our so called weaker sex, she is no exception to the general rule of talkativeness. lBut don't think we don't love itll Here is another ambitious person who has worked after school and made a happy "90" of it. May you have smooth sliding ahead Elsa! Girls' League HEDWIG JOSEPHINE TYBURSKI New Britain, Conn. "Babe" April 6, i923 "Zealous, yet modest" Here is the other half that makes the whole. Hedwig's popularity has continued to play happy chords on people's heart strings. She has remained in the esteem of teachers too, thru her ability to gain high marks, consistantly. Hedwig appears to be the quieter of the Tybur- ski twins, but we know that she's packs of fun at the least provocation. We know you'll make the grade, Hedwig! Pm! 2 img- grae. N . ga 1 X. I it N B 2 lHl S if tix! ji X. -1, -XXV 'y Wifllly "' JENNIE MARTHA TYBURSKI New Britain, Conn. "Twinnie" April 6, 1923 "Pep, vim, and vigor" No, you're not really seeing double! Jennie is one of the well known Tyburski twins. She has always been valued as an earnest student who really knows how to concentrate when necessary. This girl loves the great out of doors-any type of sport for that matter. With such a sense of humor, and brains as well, the wheel of fortune should stop only at success for Jennie. HELEN PATRICIA TRZASKOS New Britain, Conn. i'Lennie" August l, 1923 "Talking comes by nature" Neatness personified is Helen. She is ever alert and always on the go. Have you noticed her attractive bi eyes? Loquacious is an apt adjective to describe this young miss. Eespite her dislike of school, we know she will make her mark in the world. Girls' League DONALD D. ZIEGLER South Manchester, Conn. "Zig" March 12, i923 "Every great man is unique" "Zig" is, in everyones opinion, as good a friend as he is a classmate. His cheerful grin and bright "hello" together with his ability as a pianist may land him a Qob in an orchestra, who knows? At any rate, N. B. H. S. will miss " ig"-we do hope the Rockwell Schoo fence will survive his absence. Young lvien's League HELEN BARBARA TYZ New Britain, Conn. "Tyzie" December 28, l923 "Actions speak louder than words" "'l'yzie" as we know her, will never have trouble finding and keep- ing friends. She is a quiet but intelligent addition to any class room. Among her list of hobbies, bowling is the most prominent, and where there are a group of girls bowling you will generally find "Tyzie." Her laughter can easily be made her trade mar for there are very few who can duplicate it, "Tyzie's" future plans are to be secretary to some handsome boss. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser STELLA URBANOWICZ Poland july IO, 1921 "Distinguish yourself in your work" This chic person has made a name for herself. How? Well, with a needle, thread, material, and a little patience, Stella has fashioned herself clothes worthy of hearty recognition. Perhaps one of her most outstanding characteristics is that of being a sincere listener. fNot all of us have the will power and unselfishness, doggone the lucklj With your naturally good taste and good sense, you should have our pride in the future, Stella. Girls' League ini? Eng Page 163 XL ff 17 ,VI S P193 .. A, if Mills J ROSE DINAH VALENTI New Britain, Conn. December 5, 1923 "Dependability is a virtue in itself" Rose is a true answer to a teachers prayer. Her conscientious study and preparation have gained her the esteem of many. We all wish Rose a long. happy future, and know that her small but capable shoulders will be able to bear responsibilities. Here is wishing you luck! Girls' League MARIE FRANCES VASQUES Boston, Mass. December l4, l922 "A good worker is enjoyable" They say the early bird gets the worm. Well, Marie sort of reverses this saying, because shes one book worm, if there ever was one. An- other thing! Shes always rated high in her studies and is still aiming for the top. Long ago Virgil said: "Labor omnia vincit," Marie has found this to be true. Yes, "Work conquers everything." Girls' League, Home Economics Club ANNA CATHERINE VISNIA New Britain, Conn. "Ann" june 20, 1923 "A rare book of which but one copy is made" Why do gentlemen prefer blonds? I-lere's the answer! Our 'iAnnie" is a blue-eyed blond with a disposition as rosy as her cheeks. Bowling is one of her favorite sports but she is also an ardent basketball fan. She has maintained a high scholastic record during her high school years and we are sure that she will do just as well in the future as some- b0dy's stenog! Girls' League Representative, Senior Girl Adviser, National Honor Society, Pan American Club, Bowling Club MARY GENEVIEVE WALENSKI Warsaw, Poland "May" April 15, 1922 "Personality goes a long way" "May" has ambitions that aspire toward the field of hair dressing. We have no doubt but that she would be successful in that career be- cause she possesses a definite personality which draws innumerable friends. Girls' League GENEVIEVE BARBARA WAS New Britain, Conn. 'ljennien March 6, i923 "Give me an honest laughter" "Jennie" has big lau hing brown eyes and a sunny disposition to match them. Her warm iiendliness and her willingness to help others has won in her the admiration and friendliness of all who know her. Al- though we do not know your plans for the future, we wish you the best of luck "Jennie" Girls' League Page I - 571,2- R i 4 il ' E' ft-be ' l N fr N ' Mfg S ff lf I .Wh A 'f1f1,M fi JANE ELIZABETH WALSH New Britain, Conn, lfebruary 25, l92-1 "Actions speak louder than words" You'll probably recognize jane as the elder of that "professional sounding" song and dance team. Each time they perform we "cry lor more!" lans for the future seem uncertain, but with rhythm like that. your worries shouldn't amount to a row of pins-and we don't mean "ten pins!" Girls' League: Senior Girl Adviser: Junior College Club IRENE THERESA WASKIEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Rene" April l8, l924 "Good girl, had girl, all in one!" Irene is a good girl only when she is good. ln her there is a spark of humor that lights up a room as soon as she enters. Her humor comes out at the most unusual times and it has caused a lot of trouble for her. Irene has been working in "Grants" for some time. She is going to make nursing her profession. Girls' League LUCY DOROTHY WIELICZKO New Britain, Conn. "Lou" December I4, l922 " Here be an accomplished miss" Lucy's sense of humor just bubbles over and is contagious to every- one around her. But she really is a deep thinker and never neglects her school work, as has been proved in the classroom. Her interest is mostly in art. We expect her to be an interior decorator, and l'm surc we won't be disappointed. Good Luck to you. Lucy. Girls' League ELEANOR TERESA WOJTUSIK New Britain, Conn. "Al" February 25, 1923 'iW'ilh a smile and a song in her heart" A warm smile and a quick interest in all she sees. characterizes this dark-eyed lass. Quiet as she appears, she can be the life of the party and brimming over with fun. Eleanor has a ver casual manner of treating any serious problems that confront her. She is definitely the athletic type-interested in tennis, bowling, swimming, bicycling, etc. As one of our future nurses, we believe that Eleanor will be an asset to the nursing field. Girls' League, Senior Girl Adviser GENEVIEVE WOJTUSIK Forestville, Conn. 'jane' August 22, 1922 "Precious things are not found in heaps" Sweet, cheerful, and ambitious describe Genevieve, She has a cheerful disposition that overflows with generosity, and her sincerity has gained the friendship of many. She plans to enter Bay Path ln- stitute. Loads and loads of luck to a happy-go-lucky girl! QMZ- Eng Page ro f FA K, , J ix? 113 'I ll 'ff X Xf ffizl CELIA BARBARA WOSCZYNA New Britain, Conn. "Tisha" July 22, 1923 "Sweet and shy, but, oh my!" This all around girl can be briefly described as short, shy, and frisky. Celia is an ice skating enthusiast, so no doubt her pep comes in handy, pretty often. Sports seems to take top rank in her date book, but a domestic characteristic comes into view at this point. Yes, you've guessed right. She wants to be a dressmaker. Stitch 'em up straight, le ia! Girls' League ELIZABETH FRANCES ZALESKI New Britain, Conn. "Betty" December 31, 1922 "Give me the wide open spaces" "Betty" has been termed as the athletic type. But not only does she find pleasure through exercise in the wide open spaces, for she can often be found, fnot deep in a dream, butj deep in a book. We've heard that "Betty" intends to go on with her studies, and the trend is toward nursing. New Britain igh School hereby graduates another prospective nurse, Girls' League MARY TERRY ZANIEWSKI New Britain, Conn. 'Ajitterbugn August 7, 1923 "Smile and be happy" This typical high school girl with the sunny disposition is always able to provide fun for everyone. No doubt, her title of ujitterbugn had a logical origination. With looks and ambition she should make a success of life. Wishing you all the luck and happiness you deserve, Mary! Girls' League ELEANORE DOROTHY ZAPATKA New Britain, Conn, "Ellie" -june 14, 1923 "A Sweet and Pensive Maid" Eleanore is quiet and thoughtful, yet we all know that "still waters run deep." She is a good-natured efficient girl and she certainly did attain excellence in her studies, which led her to be a member of the National Honor Society. By the way, we hear that "Ellie" is "a peach of a seamstress" and we can see that by the attractive clothes she wears. Luck and more luck to you, Eleanore. Girls' League HELEN FRANCES ZMIJEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Muzzy" january 21, 1924 "Who does not advance, falls behind" A tall brunette, and an all around girl is ulvluzzyf' fSo-called by her "cronies."J She is a genius in Latin, and a certain young man saves her the energy of walking home from school each day. fl-las Latin anything to do with it? No, l doubt it.1 We expect to see Helen in a nurse's uniform within a few years. lsn't that the right information? fHope soil Girls' League ZMSZ- 574,6- tv - ftnlllt RENA PAULA zUccARoN1 New Britain, Conn. "Renee" July 5, i923 "One of the greatest pleasures in life is conversation" "Renee" is that pleasant, sweet-tempered girl who has a smile for everyone. Since she has been in high-school, she has established a reputation as an able conversationalist, and because of her natural friendliness and eagerness to help she has gained many friends. "Renee" plans to become a stenographer, and with her pleasing personality, will foster the good fellowship of all. Cvirls' League: Civic Forum ELIZABETH CATHERINE ZUK New Britain, Conn. "Betty" April l9. l923 "A diligent worker in all things" "Betty" is a quiet type of a girl where school is concerned. She does her work, and does it well-however after school hours she is not so reserved and always enters into the spirit of fun. Her ambition is office work so that she can utilize some of that bookkeeping know- ledge she has accumulated. Untold success, "Betty!" Girls' League SOPHIE FRANCES ZYLA Poland "Zosh" October 28, l92l "As lilies grow up easily In modest, gentle dignity To sweet perfection So grew she, as easily." "Zosh" is a true friend to those who have made her acquaintance. She is always ready to assist with a helping hand. To her we wish hap- piness and good luck! Girls' League PAULINE DOROTHY ZYWICA New Britain, Conn. November 5, 1922 "Sunshine fills the world with joy" Pauline never lacked followers, for her capacity for friendship has gone on eternally thru high school dayls. She works as hard as the average, and even more so at times. C 'hat's somethinglj Like most girls, Pauline has always found clothes especially fascinating. Her reputation for a neat appearance started at that point, perhaps. We wish you clear sailing ahead, Pauline. Girls' League ROBERT LOCKWOOD RACKLIFFE, III New Britain, Conn. "Boxcar" january 20. 1923 "I love the life I lead" 'lihere are few, if any, in the school who don't recognize the familiar smile of "Bob" Rackliffe. His being a good student, interesting class- mate, and real friend. has brought the success he has already attained. The Culee Club and girls takes up no small part of his time, but these just go to make up his well rounded character. From all indications, his future should be a happy one, filled with success, and we sincerely hope it is. Tennis Squad '40, Football Squad '38, '39, Manager Golf '39, Press Club, Civic Forum, Young Mens League, Musical Club QMQZ- phi t1 ' QA ff i 3 fs' can its .- W f N 1, ii H S of A I .s. n - A f, Mx lx 3 SEBASTIAN JOSEPH BUCCHERI Kensington, Conn. "Sibbie" March 23, 1923 "It's not what you do, but how you do it" "Sibbie" is the tall fellow whom the girls see when shopping in one of the downtown stores. Having worked there since his junior High School days, he is already accustomed to the operation of a department store. 'Sibby' also found time. to play good football as end on the Red and Go d team. We wish him luck when he takes his place in the commercial world. MARY MARCHETTI New Britain, Conn. November 1, 1921 A'Be amicable that you may be loved" Mary is a quiet and friendly sort of girl. She always has a smile ready for her friends, who are many in number. Mary is a good worker and we know that she will succeed in whatever task she undertakes. We join in with her pals to wish her the best of everything. ANNA ZOTTER Germany September 20, 1923 " Her beauty is evident" Anna's blonde loveliness has been an inspiration to all during her high school days. Her sincere friendliness has caused many of us to admire her, and value her regard. One tall young man has been lucky enough to become her "steady." flhey make a swell couple, too.J But we'd like to lend a word of warning: lnternes in the hospital havcn't lost their appeal, son! You'll make a flnc nursc "Ann!" ANNE BARBARA SIWICKI New Britain, Conn. "Drummer" December o, 1923 "Be merry and wise" Shes cute and is forever and endlessly laughing at something. "Drummer" goes "right to town" on that set of drums. We were scandalized to hear that this rhythm addict was going to be a secretary. But, say! you can always entertain your favorite boss, Anne. Instead of sitting on his knee, drum him a lullaby, Don't take us seriously. Loads of luck to you! Girls' Leagueg Civic Forum GLADYS BELFIORE New Britain, Conn. "Glady" lvlay 14, 1923 "Dark eyes" Hair as black as ebony, skin as white as milkfno, we're not talking about Snow White, but "G1ady." A sparkling laugh and enchanting grin add to her charm. She could usually be found slinking by American History, but that is the one and only one subject she didn't like. Her man is ready for the army, now but "Glady" is the "true to blue" type. Girls' League QMZ-ang gt,f5l'Li A t. be -,- LQ, L ly' . ,f N iii ii S sf , Z5 ds. jx i A L' 1 , , i ., . x W , ty 4111 1 ill" JESSIE LORRAINE ZDANUK Warsaw, Poland 'ljes.v" October 19, l922 " Nealness is a virtue" Mademoiselle Zdanuk is a neat little person who wins her way by gentle manners, and superior work. She aspires to be the chief clerk in an ofihce. When not working, she'll be dancing or swimming, or playing badminton, or cooking-let's see-A is it cooking or sewing she's so good at? Oh well. she can learn either before or after. Girls' League: Badminton Club MOLLY VIRGINIA KARLON New Britain, Conn, 1923 Molly is that vivacious glamour girl who can be seen roaming about the halls after the bell rings. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a marvelous power of imagination. Her vocation is directed to that of a career girl. for she loves to mingle with business subjects as well as objects. Among her hobbies are dancing, horseback riding and swim- ming. We hope she succeeds in her desired ambition and we wish her luck. Girls' League MELISSA GERTRUDE HART New Britain, Conn. September 29, 1923 U Her manners so gracious" Charming is just one adjective we are using to describe Melissa, During her three years at High School she has made a host of friends. Melissa expects to enter the business field but dont he sur riscd .. . , . p if she makes great strides through her singing. PAT MICHAEL MAZZARELLA New Britain, Conn. "Mazz" June l8, l923 " He neither ullered falsehood, nor could endure it" "Mazz" is a well known sports lover whom we all admire. He is a noble friend and a worthy student, He has a lively jolly mind, and therefore makes a line dancing partner. "Mazz" intends to work a year and then go to college. We will expect to hear from him later. Golf '393 Baseball '40, '41, Basketball '39, '40, '4lg Football '39, '40 GEORGE ALBERT CRIOLI New Britain, Conn. "Cenial" February 12, 1923 "All honor to thee, boy-Such is the way to the stars" George is another one of our good looking football players. You will notice the good nature oozing out of him. When the whistle blows and the ball goes sailing through the air, George is right on his toes, right where he ought to be and doing what he ought to do. Yes sir, there are no blemishes on this young co t. l-le has been a good student and has made many friends. He intends to go into the plumbing business. We will certainly look him up when we are ready. Football in-iii-9742. Q. W, , vu , .. ..,-.V YN! ix ROBERT WILLIAM JANELLE New Britain, Conn. "Bob" October 15, 1922 "Machines have magic if the workman has skill" This good-looking gentleman took the commercial course in which he attended strictly to business. His genius, however, lies in machines and machinery. That is why he went over to Trade School on the defense program. 'iBob," besides being so handsome, has a big heart and a bit of humor. He will get on in the world all right. JEAN MARGARET POWERS Barton, Vermont Ujeannien February 22, l923 " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low" That girl with the gay nonchalant air is ujeannief' the girl with the soothing voice. This young lady is by no means a "gloom spreader," her neighbors testify. She is a music lover, and many a time will you hear some sweet tune springing from those laughing lips. Keep right on singing your cares away, jean, and there won't be any "Blue Mon- days" in your area. Glee Club, Girls' League B f STANLEY RICHARD BORKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Sian" Scptcinlncr 7, N21 K Stanley, better known as "Stash" to his many friends is a person of varied interests, Although he isn't a mental wizard and is a bit im- patient, he is a favorite of all his teachers and classmates. His greatest popularity is among his women friends, and indeed one can safely say he would have been the big moment of many feminine hearts had hc not lost his own to a cute young lady early in his High School career, Young Mens League WILLIAM CRONIN New Britain, Conn, 'iBill" January 0, 1022 "Seek till you find, and youll not lose your labor" "Bill" has been tops with the women as far back as we can remember. and because he is such an all-around regular fellow he is just as well liked by the boys. He is often seen trimming somebody at ping-pong, or shooting baskets in the gym. He is also quite a man with horseshoes, having won a city title some time ago. That is one way to throw rings around fame and good cheer. The members of the class of l94l have a warm place in their hearts for i'Bill." -- xx Z Ex IX 4 S X!! X Nw ,ff Nxt IV EN VZ as fs ii s ls 17, ms I ' T -,EN as ge lune Class Night Exercises l. ORCHESTRA "Bittersweet" Selections . 2. WELCOME . 3. WOMENS TRIO . 4. CLASS PROPHECY . Noel Coward Angelo Buccini, President Marion Davies, janice McCarthy, jean Tilley 5. ORCHESTRA "Bittersweet" lContinuedJ 0, CLASS DIRECTORY 7. CLASS WILL 8, PRESENTATION OF THE SCHOOL BANNER 9. COMBINED GLEE CLUBS "Night and Day" IU. "PINK FOR PROPOSALS" . . . l 1 . ORCHESTRA Zelda Bosevell judy Bosevell Eddie Phelps . Miss Maisie Bosevell Howard Davis I.ul'elia Mr. Albert Cranshaw . Timef-An early evening "PINK FOR PROPOSALS' ' Characters in summer. Place4The Bosevcll living room. George Bray CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE Donald Richter, Chairman Noel Coward . Cole Porter By Members of the Class . jane Charland . Maude Gritzmacher Leo Sullivan Kathleen Kenure George Bray Theresa Anelrini George Zenobi Shirley Hibloard Constance Calvo Pauline Mariotti Maude Gritzmacher Hugh Miller Janet Hartman Leo Sullivan George Zenobi CLASS OFFICERS Angelo Buccini, President Margery Van Valkenburgh, Vice-President Ann Morrissey, Secrelary Robert Kerin, Treasurer 1 9 PM viii- ne. X ytf X 'ik' N B is 5 1 X426 1,11 . N. M ., lflll lune Class Will WE, THE JUNE CLASS OF 1941, in order to relieve ourselves of certain traits, talents, and possessions, and being in a normal state of mind, do make this, our last will and testament. I. To our long suffering administration and faculty, we leave our sincere thanks for the guidance, instruction, and help they have given us, y II. Upon Room 44 we bestow soundproof walls. III. We leave the advisers of the Ski Club-unwillingly. IV. We relinquish the problems of Gerard Wholey to the patient occupant of Room 2l. V. To Room 202 we leave a heat regulator guaranteed to keep the termperaturc below 32 degrees. VI. The candy left over from Class Night and Amphion rehearsals is given to the mice in Room 224. VII. To future Musical Club travelers, we bequeath a generous supply of towels. VIII. We donate a pair of talent scouts to the Civic Forum-in order that another Bill Choma may be found. IX. Kathleen Kenure leaves Eddie Powers,-but not for long. X. janet Hartman leaves her smile to lighten the darker corners of the corridors. XI. jack Ross leaves his sense of humor to Bob Day. XII. Lu Paulson gives her whistle to anyone who has the necessary space be- tween his front teeth. XIII. Pat Mathewsorfs queries on "whether snow falls or drops" is left to the physics department. XIV. Helen Flanagan leaves her hair dressing technique to anyone who is in- terested in George Bray. XV. Red Nygren leaves his profile to the art department. XVI. Omer Contois simply leaves-at last. XVII. To any aspiring glamour girl, we give Arline Menus' beautiful long hair. XVIII. We leave 50'Z, of the famous "Kingsbury Brothers' Act" to the Folk Dance Club. - XIX. To Robert Hoyt is left "Red" Barnes' fidelity. XX. Shirley Hibbard leaves the mumps-thankfully. XXI. We leave Robert Pustell's lengthy deliberations in Room 31-if the ancient walls can stand up under them. XXII. To those people who must gossip-we donate Pauline Mariotti's thought- fulness. XXIII. We leave the serenity of Don Cohen and Bea Person to Keith Law and Grace Canzonetti. XXIV. Fred Sherman and Edward Sobuta leave vacancies in the Civic Forum which won't be filled in a hurry. XXV. Mary Flynn's golden silence is bestowed upon Franny Richardson and Kathryn Casale. XXVI. john Roman and Margaret Krieger relinquish the main floor north wing to Bill jackson and Marjorie Zehrer. XXVII. We recommend Peter Seleman's gum chewing mania to the stockholders in the Wrigley Company. XXVIII. Bob Kerin leaves his way with the women to Alden Carlson-not that he needs it. XXIX. joseph Borselle leaves the problem of administration in Room 2 to any- one who can fix up tardinesses. XXX. Ken Carlson relinquishes his sunny seat in Physics to anyone who doesn't freckle! XXXI. johnny Smith is willing to leave his unusual name to anyone who is in need of an alias. XXXII. We leave john Brennan's hair curlers to Roger Cowles. XXXIII. Rackliffe leaves his fire hydrant on Bassett Street opposite Room 220 for any other love-sick Romeo. XXXIV. Ned Schades car brakes are left to anyone with a skooter Cif they're willing to take the risky img- 9712. Page I ll-ll S ik' should have: if N B f i H S rf Yr lffllllt XXXV. johnny Fuller's ability to pick an argument over any uninteresting subj ect goes to any freshman who is anxious to become well known around school. XXXVI. Regretfully we leave Helen Alpress' figure to tenth grader who would like to make a hit. any up-and-coming XXXVII. To the next writer of the Red and Cold Review "Scandal Column," we give this advice-don't follow Frances Phipps' precedent. XXXVIII. The following books are bequeathed to the library by their aspiring authors: Uwe.. .. "For Whom the Bells Ring" . . . . Blood, Sweat, and Cheers" Tales of Two Stlliesn "Shes Of' . , Give Me Liberty" The Great Mistake" . Rumble Romance" . . Plain Tales of the Thrills" . For Us the Leaving" . Out All the Night" . Gorgeous Fazzeyn So Red the Nose" . Escape from Class" . . On the Run" . . 'lI'll Marry Adventure" Years of Chase" . The Yearlingm . "Do Not Disturbn . "Fools Rush ln" . "The Face is Familiar" " He Fought for Freedom" Stink' on My Hands" i'Born in Paradise" . 'A He Slept Here" . "Still in a Fog" ..... . . . Lucile Paulson a .- H. i . Marge Butch" and "Stash" Gertrude Aubin Fred Sherman nd Kathleen Kenure Geraldine Elliot Omer Contois Robert Pustell Marie Keegan Irene Blasko june Class Herman Dressel Lena Fazzina Robert Rackliffe Dorothy Thompson Pat Mathewson Nancy Parker Bob Apelgren james Clerkin Charles Hickey Henry jazwinski Angelo Buccini Charles Faulkner Elsie jugo ry Van Valkenburgh Marvin Hoffman Louis Errede XXXIX. We leave the following characteristics for the model future graduates. The ideal girl The ideal boy Anne Kumetis' . . Theresa Andrinis's Irene Achenbach's Tina Battelli's . . . Simone Roy's .... Jessie Fonseca's . . Kathleen Kenu re's should have: William Barnes' . john Langin's .... Hugh Miller's .... Nicholas York's. . . Leo Sullivan's .... Pat Mazzarellas . William Nygren's . hair teeth nose complexion figure intelligence eyes . . . .hair teeth eyes . . .... stature intelligence personality ................l'1OSC . XXXX. And lastly we reluctantly leave behind three glorious years. at the New Britain Senior High School, and take with us happy memories of our faculty and advisers who have helped make these memories dear. GraduatingBClass of june 1941 Y George Bray Witnesses: Maude Gritzmacher Pauline Mariotti Alexander the Swoose Donald Richter Rodwan the Rodent Cveorge' Zenobi all 17 Zvi?-ine.. Ahh' I D A-A .-A if N B 3,1 'il H S fi ?' L X J lx I url: N Milt lune Class Prophecy ERE I AM TWO DAYS before graduation and still owing three units in Math. With a shrug I resign myself to my fate and despondently go to bed. Slowly a mumble jumble of algebraic expressions appear before my eyes. They seem to leer at me in defiance. Then all at once out of this mass of confusion I see the numbers l-9-5-I and to my unutterable astonishment I find myself living in the year 1951. After recovering from my terrifying experience, I look around and End myself in the old home town. Suddenly I'm staggered by a resounding smack on the back. Next I hear, 'iYes Sir, yes sir, vote for the right man." The "right man" happens to be none other than Cerard Wholey, the big political boss. I-Ie recognizes me and quickly puts the proferred cigar back in his pocket. Continuing my trip through the now great metropolis of New Britain I bump into julie Nemrod, now working as secretary to Edward Sobuta, the Mayor. I-Iis I-Ionor informs me that he was elected because he managed to kiss the right babies. julie tells me that stumblefoot Elsie jugo is working in D. 82 Ls. Sure enough I found her, and guess where? In the knitting alcove. Yes, 'lStinkie" Warren Kingsbury, sym-phony conductor is there too, On the way out I see Ruth Lawrence trying to buy some sour smelling perfume from a corps of be- wildered salesgirls, including Eva Bylek, Margaret Cholakian, Margaret Street and Alice Lombardi. They all snap to attention when store-manager, Irving Citlitz, ap- proaches with TI-IE Mrs. Moatmorency Vandersnipe. I stare at her in awe and ad- miration but I'll be hanged if she doesn't resemble Maude Critzmacher. When she says "I-Ii ya Kid," then I know she is our own Maude. She invites me to any one of her three mansions on Fifth Avenue in New York and leaves. I quickly follow in her foot- steps, when I see I-Ienryjazwinski, the floor-walker, eyeing me suspiciously. Out on the street again, I become entangled in the crowds gathered to watch some big parade. Say, isn't that Commander Bernabucci at the head? It must be, because atop the Civil War Monument I spy Mary Delaneys bobbing brown curls. Could that be a rolling pin she has with her? Also in the parade are Bill Moriarty and George Pearson, buglers, and drummers, Ray Tinti and Elliot Paddock and of all things! theres Bob Frederickson bringing up the rear with his "hot fiddle." My footsteps now lead toward the Strand Theatre where I discover that the Walsh sisters, jane and Patsy, top the days billing. The little gal in the box office proves to be none other than Barbara I-Iancock, drawing the customers with those same dimples, Helping her was Dot Bishop, who wrinkles up her pert little nose when her boss Ned Schade walks by accompanied by head Usher Louis Errede. My attention is brought to the elaborate signs adorning the surrounding buildings which reveal that many of our other classmates have made good. I see "Faye's," owned and operated by I-Ielen Faye Alpress with Betty Brierley as her assistant and Marie McMahon as head model. Other signs advertise "Fuzzys Spaghetti Palace," run by Lena Fazzina, "Eat With Alaine and Never Complain," operated by Alaine Floros, "I-Ioffmans Swanko Store," with Marvin Hoffman as proprietor, and "Hil- bies Hot House," run by Marie I-Iilbie. A super Buick almost mows me down and as it comes to a screeching stop I recog- nize Charles I-Iickey and Bob Kerin, publisher and City-Editor of the "Herald," and jack Ross still running. I dubiously accept their invitation to dinner Cnothing over a quarterb at Rogers where I find Barbara Cowles has taken over her paters business. Upon entering I see Marjorie Skene, Frances Coogel and Catherine Forcash, local teachers, and whats this?-that eminent surgeon Ceorge Bray and his very capable assistant Margery Van Valkenburgh. "Doc" Bray invites me to inspect his new hospital and staff fespecially his staffj. Arriving at the hospital I first take a peek into the childrens ward and observe Mary McGrath, Ginny Thompson, and Delia Palleschi wrestling with a ten pound baby boy. S'funny, I always thought they could handle their men. Theres Mary Connors walking toward the operating room, and theres Ruth Anderson, and Margaret Connor and Ann Romanchuck and Eleanor Wojtusik, why! 12 1 ti- Q fir N B I is 1,7 ll'll S 'zfi' I viii f I XX all the nurses are hurrying to the operating room! I ask interne Leo Sullivan, what the occasion is and he tells me that they're operating on Sebbi Bucheri and all the girls want to see the hair on his chest. Well, thats too much for me and concluding that I need a change I decide to go to the bright lights and gay nights of New York. Taxi- driver Robert Apelgren takes me to the airport in no time at all. Climbing aboard the plane I discover Noreene Lawson as Stewardess and guess who as pilot? Thats right, "Ace" joe Witkin. Traveling on the same plane are business executives Walter Law- rence and Walter Negro, head of Amalgamated Garden Tools, Inc. Noreene tells me that scientists james Clerkin and Donald Cohen, and Statesman john Kawecki were passengers recently. Arriving in New York I learned that Mayor La Guardia, in order to devote more of his time to chasing fire engines, has resigned and Angelo Buccini is now Mayor. Bidding farewell to my companions I strike out for "Old Broadway" and the first thing that strikes my eye is a big neon sign proclaiming to all the city that Stephen Tyrone Florie is now appearing in the "Grapes of Bath." I head for Radio City and on the way in I meet jo Savoca, the script-writer, Fred Sherman the orator, Kathleen Kenure the dramatist and Frances Phipps, the famous newspaper woman. In the main studio I see Alex "Winchell" Bayer broadcasting the latest news and gossip. I can stay only for a moment because I want to see producer Gerald Cold- berg's latest production "Love Conquers All", starring those two romantic actors, Pauline Mariotti and Donald Richter. In the theatre I see the Vice-President of the United States, john "Silent" Fuller accompanied by Congressman Ceorge Zenobi and a bevy of blondesg also Milton Knowles and Patsy Mazzerella, the two baseball stars. After the movie I go to a smart supper club that advertises Hugh Millers band with Herman Dressel featured as drummer extraordinary. Also in the band are Anthony Chioda, Francis Dorsey and john Margosian. I am ably served by Marita Sullivan. Midway between the first and second courses I hear a very familiar voice singing an even more familiar tune. Head waiter, Thomas Bordonaro explains that the famous girl vocalist Lu Paulson is now singing the number one hit of the nation, "Amapola." Somehow after that I lose my appetite and turn my attention to the fioor show which Stars Bob Rackliffe as master of ceremonies. Yes, Bob is still getting laughs with those same old jokes. His guests tonight are the tennis stars Helen Fagan and Kenneth "backhand" Erickson and there, lurking menacingly in the background is their manager, Archie Hoffman. Noticing that an air of expectation and tension prevails I ask the head waiter what the occasion is and he informs me that they are awaiting the arrival of the "First Lady of the Land." When she does arrive I am amazed to find that she is none other than Ann Morrissey. Her husband, the President of the United States is .... "what?" ......"what's that Mom?". . . . ."I've been asleep7". . . . ."Oh". . . . .With a sigh I reluctantly turn my back on the glorious future and return to the humble present and, my unfinished Math. Ruth Anderson Patricia Mathewson Margaret Conner Antoinette Nadeau Mary Connors Nancy Parker Martha Fox Donald Richter Marie I-Iilbie img- png. Page W I Q lj Lilfl i U N1 I J Nl!!! I iii, lex L25 r ,iii sr 'giaibi ,ff 'fxj fr N i NN., Officers of the Junior College Club Bark Row, Left to Right: Dena Kranowitz, Secretaryg Ruth Godwin, Vice-Presidentg Helen Flanagan. Treasurer. Page '178 Front Row, Left Io Right: Ann Morrissey, President: Abeshag Benjamin, Faculty Adviser, elf I. e -'Y - If 5 Tx.---. f tj. 7-f 'ffv f ,- A ,- A, 1,7 In 14,7 -,-,A ,y ff V- jx: f 1' L'fL97fl,lf.-'i,,,4f eff! L-,- ,' C' CQCG4 15,4 .f fd, icers Girls' League Iapp. Barbara Hancock Helen Fagan, Catherine Dudack, C 1 Dor s Front Rau' w. su SVVSOYT, L dlev. Noreen F3 cquiline B ,la 'iathewson N tricia Pa CS ing: Ruth Am 5. 2 E V3 l"m aw N B if H S if ms Senior Girl Advisers Officers Standing: Helen Alpress, Secretaryg Irene Stachiowiak, Vice-Presidentg Ann Romanchuk, President. Seated: Miss Winifred Reynolds, Adviser. law?-fm X X f '1 T 1 1 4' 1 Af pf N V '. U x Xl 1 :Ti F A X I Y wx 1 '1 -:fr x 1 X34 Y 9 HMVX X Lg if :: II1 S C. .Q gm WU ,I- go -k U 501 wt Nc Ezv 23 'S LAX ... U4-1 xx. .gg Fun -2 2417 S4 045 372 E3 ,ik 40. cg ooo 53:55 brggg 3:5 -EQ., ,'0,Qg' KJ gp EC- me unix EE! ol-QQ 7150, vi-8 .1-"vi GL :2 gi :S Hz' .E QE 52 rr? E5 -E: :ff si 32 04.1 2-- qi wit sis. SS Qi 1 U cs Q2 M JW CQ P41 Hem' X 1 .U 1 n , .-.Lu x 4 MM., i, ,wi if 3 I 5 El! Dk Q gg ,Q ,,,. . awww ,,,,,.,f.-f ,,..f-w-"W" . . , ff ,f 5 Page 1 Sz ciety Honor So Cal' -Y Mid B xx l I iN X f ,' A ,., ., f pa7'L4y'5,Q14.:f71. f f L1 Q 4 f , 1 17' fi? N B Allin ff' Mid-Year National Honor Society President ..... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer . . . Present Officers ....................AngeloBuccini Newly Elected . . . .Walter Leavitt . . . .Florence Schena . . . .Constance Calvo Officers To Fill Vacancies Caused by January Graduation Walter Leavitt Vice-President .......................... Peter Wallack Secretary ..... .......................... N orma Kenney Students Previously Elected 122 jean Burkhardt Esther Mangone Gladys Ely Florence Schena Leona Horwitz Barbara Shurberg 121 Angelo Buccini Donald Cohen Thaddeus Gworek john Kawecki Alex Novick Margaret Bailey john Carlin Antonio Croft Sophie Gianninoto Angeline Giattina june Goodrich Norma Herwig Norman Holmberg Walter jabs Robert Jurgen Marilyn Anderson Herbert Gimple Maude Gritzmache I' Mrs. I rene Han ford Beatrice johnson Sophie Lemanski Irene Achenbach Constance Calvo Shirley Hibbard Norma Kenney Newly Elected 122 Margaret Kern Arnold Klukas Walter Kowalski john Kwasowski Gloria Lanza Raymond Lanza Mernbers Doroth Lindberg ,J ack lvl2,:Carthy Helen Magnuson Newly Elected 121 Ruth Minatzigian Edna Mooshigian Sophie Perzan Virginia Pola Donald Richter Members Mary Krulak Ann Morrissey Margery Van Valkenk Anne Visnia Irene Masciotra Helen Mihalyo Barbara Natzke Martin Peshka Sanam Peters Richard Rabinowitz Frieda Rogers Geneva Staniewitz Elsie Stein Mary Vasques Anna Romanchuk Lois Schroedel Alma Schultz Eileen Se al Marjorie Skene Mildred Taucher Newly Elected Members 1 1 2 Gladys Birnbaum Florence Gagliardi Lois Malmgren Robert Carlson Dorothy Kaytor Peter Wallack S , u 'gh Wilfred Koplowitz - png Page ,83 4 X ,J fx vw if , ,mf .549 4, V-X L X' I A, Mlwr xgug fgi - --3 XX: , I. V, fy x ', 'N ' V F VX "2 !Q,lq.3O ,wifliif ijhff H rs . - i'!' as 4 JE Q June Honor Socie Qs fs g :.g .15' 'A ff-3 if iff! i i if f .z S, Z SEE ra sff Effwsx 1, gig 2 E EL L yw J f l fg 1 Efifif W i if , xii i ,x- Q A, L Mi 2 1 fx fi- x iv gr 5 jug '11 "if f' ff 1Mf7'9Wf- 'N l - S J f 1 N :if 'ig' 4 -Q . tv' Af N 1133 llll 611 MX if lune National Honor Sooieiy Present Officers President ...... ...,.............. A ngelo Buccini 122 Vice-President . . ................. Peter Wallack 121 Secretary ...... ,.......,........... N orma Kenney 122 Collector . . ..................... Constance Calvo 122 Newly Elected Officers s President ........................... Robert Carlson 121 Vice-President . . . . .Dena Kranowitz 1 12 Secretary ....... . . .Dorothy Kaytor 121 Collector ............................ Peter Wallack 121 lrene Achenbach Angelo Buccini Constance Calvo Donald Cohen Thaddeus Gworek Marilyn Anderson Herbert Gimpl Maude Gritzmacher Mrs. Irene Hanford Beat rice Johnson Sophie Lemanski Penna Abraham Florence Arshevits Stasia Banasek Palmyra DePalma Francis Dorsey Anne Egri Elizabeth Eshia Ann Fazzina Catherine Forcash Mary Horbal 122 Students Previously Elected As 112's fRank 90 or abovej As Shirley Hibbard john Kawecki Norma Kenney Mary Krulak l21's fRank 88 or abovej Ruth Minatzigian Edna Mooshegian Sophie Perzan Virginia Pola Donald Richter Newly Elected Members 122 Mary Kasbauer Kathleen Kenure Robert Kerin Venizelos Kondonellis Alice Lombardi Edith McKean Clara Miklos Linda Morelli Rose Penna Sophie Rio jean Rosinski 121 Members Ann Morrissey Alex Novick Margery Van Valkenburgh Anne Visnia Anna Romanchuk Lois Schroedel Alma Schultz Eileen Se al Marjorie ikene Mildred Taucher Simone Roy Genevieve Samul Mary Soltis Margaret Street Marita Sullivan Mary Sutton Hedwig T burski -lennie Tyburski Jessie Zdanuk Elizabeth Zuk Previously Elected as 112's fRank 90 or above! Gladys Birnbaum Robert Carlson Florence Gagliardi Dorothy Kaytor Wilfred Koplowitz Lois Malmgren Peter Wallack Elected as 121's CRank 88 or abovej Lydia Astoria Bernadette Brousseau Eleanor Czarnecki Lillian Eshoo Lois Natzke Gladys M. Robertson Nancy Zuk 112 Members fRank 90 or abovej Tillie Aronson Emma Baldrick Bernard Beatman Dorothy Benz Anna Blumsztein Mary Agnes Borawski joseph ruzas Alden Carlson Philomena Chiodo Robert Day Lucy Eshoo joseph Giza Eleanor Grogan Harry jackaway Ladislaus Kaminski Siegbert Kaufmann Dena Kranowitz Hazel Mattioli Eleanor Mazul Zecile Nair Gladys E. Robertson Beulah Root William Saunders Elizabeth Stanton John Trzaska Thomas Weaver Virginia Williams 1 any-' Pm, .xg -I x 1 W l' 9 pi' Amphion Club pnuv :Rh .fr NJ ' 1 ZLJ' . - X 1 if4- 14 f N V Z -717 Lf' IL N . 1 if N B fr ll S f .Jn 4. 1 all L Amphion Club HE AMPHION DRAMATIC CLUB, under the direction of Mrs. Amy Guilford, has had one of its most successful years. john Lukens was President during the first semester, Leona Horwitz, Secretary and Donald Richter, Treasurer. For the second semester, Donald Richter was chosen President, Jacqueline Bradley, Secretary and Peter Wallack, Treasurer. Two plays were presented during the year "China Boy" on December 6, 1940, and "A Howling Success" on March 21, 1941. These were three-act comedies and proved highly popular and successful. On May 29 a program was arranged and given by the club in observance of Memorial Day. Friendly relations between dramatic clubs in nearby High Schools have been continued this year, and the club attended broadcasts of the Guy Hedlund Players at WTIC station. The club closed its year onjune 6, with a picnic at Lake Compounce. The student body has been unusually fine in their cooperation, so thus we have been able to get a nest egg started towards a fund for either new painting on our present scenery, or even better, a really new set. With the continued support of the students and faculty we hope to have this by another year. We are also planning to do more towards auditorium programs next year and thus encourage more student partici- patron. Our sincere thanks are extended to Mr. Mirliani and his orchestra, and to Miss jennie Ollson and her art classes for their valuable assistance on our programs and to Mr. Catlin for handling our ticket sale. To Mrs. Guilford for -her never-failing en- thusiasm and direction we cannot be too grateful. Leona Horwitz Jacqueline Bradley 7- -9 vig' ML 1 Page 187 ff W B PJ 94 X XX Z D Ufx Q g ix! mf f V , ,Il x rg' li K. S D,,,,,, ,RX 'Hf Qgli - 53:47 S 1s'fIf 9 EEC - ' ibwQiZ?5sf, : Q 5-5?5if ' Q.. 4 ES5fM f viii Z Bgky I ' 'QQSQZ11 z Mgwfb ' ISK : K 1 LL 5 if 5 5 , V m 2 ' A - 1 :.:iH1f K 3 . - gk Sw 3 4 f 2 -o . I f25Efj.g' 5 155356 LL,.L 5 , :I . 8 i 1 liE5?giL 'E . -ED l5'9SiSiVf '- ' S- - Q E '51fi:qi12'V '-1 K I f ififiif' C L 8 v QKQESHSQ . L i1iQy4f ' 3 -:.:f? a'-29115, W f . Gfgilw ' A L fjzlff . Nl If :I 6 H g 'H ll li Y is , E gf! 'WY 1 hi Un Musical Club Pi p p.fwm1fg g1zQf1Jimlifalafzif gsm 5 r 115- ' . I - -f-' I .ff ,-J-f f Aff, ff, 4121, . f -N CUZ! , ,ff Page 181 N N 2 P v Y -. hoo! Orchestra Sc gh nior Hi Se X fu 1 'rvfgdfhby - Cf me .- ,-XA Xxx M - 1 X Wi? , . 'Q' Q ,kr -.ho ..' 5 -fy ff-'f .ig zif: in Q ,x'.,,,as Lf. ji H . . N3, .U-. E w ,N 3-r 2 'I 4, X! T' 1 A, I UD rx! Cheerleaders be Caslen, Ernest Hartz Ro ki, u L- chard jackabows ter Shulda, Ri CS Left to Right: Donald Grant Ch S 34 iw KZ . VMVA , N H IP I Q' . M- X. ,y Q X " X Officers of Civic Forum 'U 5 Q? GTA X. N N-1 f P 'M Ng ff tl: If 7 Af N B . if ,wg lfll S Q? .L A My , . Mlliiii Civic Forum , COrganized September, 19385 THE OBJECTIVE of the Civic Forum, "To increase the members' knowledge of society and its institutions, particularly those of his own community and those which relate directly to him. by contact with sources of authority and experience," has been mainly accomplished in 1940-4l under the leadership of President Edward A. Sobuta and a loyal staff of officers. Activities during the past year? Public installation of the officers in the Music Room followed by an entertainment and dancing, Officers outlined work of the Civic Forum before students of Washington Junior High School, Members debated the l940 Presidential Campaign issues at an open meeting, On November IZ, put on a Radio program, W. N. B. C., "Youth in Defenseng At a Thanksgiving Day dinner circus pictures were shown by Mr. William H. Judd, The Annual Banquet and Reunion held February 20, President Sobuta, toastmaster. Mayor George J. Coyle awarded certificates for distinguished service to youth. Guest speaker, the Honorable Odell Shepard, Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut. Senator John L. Sullivan, Mayor Coyle, Principal Vincent Sala and other distinguished guests addressed the members. The 1941 Citizenship Award was presented to Frederick W. Sherman, Jr, Entertain- ment and dancing followed, Spring Dance Cto be an annual partyj was held in the gym, spring decorations and floor show, April 9 meeting in the Council Chambers, City Hall, Mayor Coyle discussed city affairs, City Day held May l4th and very successfulg Annual picnic held at Lake Compounce June Sth, John R. Serna chairman, Auditorium program on Flag Day, June 13th fheld Friday, June 1333 Socials were held on last Thursday of each month, The Christmas Party was the best ever, At weekly meetings the affairs and problems of city government were discussed-Speakers included Principal Vincent Sala, Vice-Principal Frank A. James, Dr. Carlyle C. Ring, Superintendent of Schools, Mayor George J. Coyle, City Clerk Harry Scheuy, Tax Collector Bernadette Loomis, State Policeman Harry C. Taylor, Sergeant Thomas Feeney, Probation Officer James L. Woodward, Juvenile Probation Officer Ruth E. Reynolds, Director of Housing William D. McCue, Comptroller William H. Day, Clerk of City and Police Courts Leonard Appell. Dances sponsored by the Civic Forum were again successful the past year. The following sponsors greatly assisted the work of the Forum: Robert S. Quimby, Chairman of the Board of Sponsors, Palmer P. Howard, Chairman Social Studies Department, Miss Joyce E. Goss, Miss Jennie Olsson, Miss Katherine Clark, Miss Pearl M. Snow, Miss Hoar, Miss Estelle F. Molander. The Forum was honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars at a patriotic meeting and program when the V. F. W. Citizenship Citation and Medal were presented to President Sobuta for outstanding citizenship. In service to the School the Civic Forum furnished Ushers on numerous occasions, had charge of arrangements for all New Britain Forum meetings, assisted at P. T. A. meetings and responded to the call of the Principal for School Service from time to time. ZMJZ- ing Pug, ,W YX. VV? Owl 1? 'iff rx, . i,. i 11:-' -f 1 ' Y , cb - ,f iv' C . S Vi MA , . li N - 'Q Gi ,uf S xi' Sf' Axim. Civic Forum City Day MAY 14, 1941 A CIVIC PROJ ECT sponsored in the interest of improved citizenship. For the third time, upon invitation of Mayor George J. Coyle, members of the Civic Forum occupied positions of city officials for the day. City officials, guests and students met in the Common Council Chamber for the inauguration ceremonies at nine o'clock. Frederick W. Sherman was chairman of the committee on arrangements. Addresses were delivered by Mayor George j. Coyle and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Carlyle C, Ring. Student Mayor Edward A. Sobuta and other student officials were sworn into the office by City Clerk, Harry E. Scheuy. A luncheon was held at the Hotel Stanley at noon and at six o'clock city officials and all of the student officials met at the l-lotel Stanley for a banquet given by the Mayor. Speakers included Mayor Coyle, student Mayor Sobuta, Principal Sala, Vice-principal James, Mr. Howard and Mr. Quimby. The l-lonorable Odell Shepard, Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut telegraphed, "lt is a splendid civic project." Secretary of State, Mrs. Chase Going Woodhouse presented two copies of "Outline of the Struc- tural Organization of the State and Local Government of Connecticut" to the Civic Forum and to the Social Studies Department. xl 4 1 'M Q . 1 'f -- xx -: ,. 'K .,, . . ,-, L, x'7 Civic Forum City Day !,Vf7 "QP I ' L 'V' , f Q 1 , Iv -- Yr f ' - f f H, ,1 f Xfffff +Qf"L..7LZ'f ALM-, ? 117' 1.131 ' Cf' 1 LL' fy Pu a mu P XNX Z ,Vu Inf? . lv ,fl 1 M" X gfilim' H 3 ' ' x fd: , 4 .Rx E . i. . f f .J I fx ir xx! X' The Progressive Chemistry Club First Rau :joseph Horanzy, Treasurerg Mr. Rio, -Sponsor: Edward Klimuszko. President: Mr. Chase. Adviserg Sidney Horwitz, Secretary. Second Rm 3 Thomas Tomaszewski, George IX4eriano, Richard I-Iandford, Angelo Buccini, Yenezelos Kondonellis. George Morton, X Harold Manorgian. Third Roz 2 Harold Greenstein. blames Meade, Adolph Betterini, -eo Q Q 1' rw f' c.A.-i:f4'g-., of l.7'1QA ' Cfib 113' L all .5 wk N B ll S I, W XA will ff The Progressive Chemistry Club HE GENERAL AIIVI of the Progressive Chemistry Club is to stimulate among its members greater interest in Chemistry and to give opportunities for imparting information of a chemical nature. In keeping with this aim the only requisites for membership are the spirit of cooperation and the desire to learn more about chemistry. Organized only three years ago by Mr. Chase, Head of the Science Department, and a few interested students, the Club has grown steadily and its membership has reached the limit of accommodations in the laboratory. The sponsor, Mr. Rio, has gone to great lengths to assure the greatest possible benefits for the members. In this regard, the Progressive Chemistry Club early in its existence became a member club in the American Institute Science and Engineering Clubs, holding Charter Number 313. Membership in this nation-wide institute assures the Chemistry Club of news of the latest developments in science, the activities of other High School Science Clubs, and subscription to the "Science Observer" publication of the American Institute. Noteworthy among the activities during thc past year were trips to the Filtration Plant, Sanitation Plant and the Stanley Chemical Company. The laboratory meetings were profitable to all members, oustanding projects being preparation and study of inks, qualitive analysis of solutions and study of pigments and paints. Individual ex- periments and demonstrations were performed by all members and motion pictures were shown on various chemical subjects. OFFICERS Edward Klimuszko, President Edward Zovalich, Vice-President Sidney Horwitz, S ecre tary joseph Horanzy, Treasurer Mr. F. J. Rio, Sponsor Mr. C. D. Chase. Adviser 3? -9 a M Page 1 9 7 X ,f Page :QS uacl Sq 11 ootba ' F 1,1 ,, ff ,1 --' . '07 LJ,-' f L,Lf,1g'f4"1 1' ' L xxx ff X VF 5 ' n' N , .3 . X . 3' I lr'-H'-A2"439 s -1 ' nf . , -N he. 5 ,W .I .- B 'V ,t x-,fj x' . 3 N-.".' Y, ' 5 "".'5 M rf ' . '4 f , h V-1:15-f2:,jq7tQ.gnxk,5.r3'F:4tiBI L 1 . 5 Q Q W .isps di . -.-wma-.1 '.f:1:' gg.1 n3,'f'Af , ' A -,.. ,, hrbw :gf Q 5.5 klfbx sy-T ' Q -fit ' 'areal ifidvf 7 3, nv ' ' ' W 1 . s A Up 3351111 I H-1-'VH' , ,I fb ' 15? N - ' ff, 1 , . ' v ' " 1 ',, , Q .ni ' ',,'.,'g,+ Q . ami 5 - -X," "-5' -, , , - M V u A V 1 - .1 . ,, . r if A 1 y 'H v . 5 ".. Q -'vs N W '- i .L-f 'Y 'wg r' ' d'b' 1 , A, A. . . . . - , . f ff 1 ,f f K 1 4 4,5 ,f f.v,,,, Q W I 3 I Ugc' lm! X1 u M! 1 xi '- V Q -L, 1 .v W. . . ,Hlwl il 'E LL! Squad Basketball Page 200 5 F 5 xi! 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Suggestions in the New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) collection:

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