New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT)

 - Class of 1936

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New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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r w . a F 3 ? 'e 3 N 3 x , Eh ? T, ,1 -3 ,4 P7 4 x fi -15 nz .-23 is WE if wi A1 u, N .M N ,u- X . y., b , -- we-f V.. ,V AM! 4, ,-A., ,f x?.s'.14j 5fP07N4.fifQ"-QfL3f" V-1' a ,. ' g.w:k,.um.i,w.:nrgxfummwmmmmmm.-1vw 1. .1-. .uf -- 1. f N .-.. wt fw:AfuAQA.4v1.dut, wg. A . .. .A ff, 5 .' as ,rm 11: iw- :xy :mg .. M,-summing W, , 1, u ' 'V W 'HK H 'fa Maeva f . , , .gl .H , .,.d, v - fi'-L , ':Ef"A'fyg.'.Lf, T :La A '- Q' -L . . -L3 . .Rh . ,5 4 4- FFL 7.1, rw 6' . SEQ QQ?- Y -fa .. -ge . mga, Tim" 45:1 2' Rf? nf 5, ff . PF-1 si? I WEE? sl ,z 1 ng -E N! R... 5- pix lf ie: fi ,-, '41 X. J, W AM gn . 44. .v . N ,J iff. -, aa- wid :nv ff n Elin 4 r- v W 'vii-.' gr!! Q xl 2 ,Lk ,ww g.,Q 'vm-i.f' ii ' e U a 5 vii Q Q3 -x. Y nf: x, -, . A, Hi NWA . I-Q., '34 rig ,wh 931, 11. . f , Q 5' . 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':. . ,, V f. ,I 1-, P., -t,,,f:L,y r V. ky ,X Q 574, ITV.. ,.t,:A4,-71. ,,,,,.f,,: ,.,, X' ls- -'i5'1:5rFEa51i5- :Qios'l" ' I 9,.1ftw -'ffl'i.-T2:1'5f??:-1Q-f2'5"r'-'- ':'.fr--- 1 R ' f I I I l l l HERE are few words to express the intangihle feeling of fellowship whieh has heen established among the memhers of our class during their so- journ here. Many new friends have heen madeg a few old friends have drifted away: and some have remained, as always. true and loyal. ln order that these classmates and our experiences here in sehool may remain more than just vague shadows, the lieehive has heen pulwlished. Our taslq was no small one We have spent many long, weary hours over this hoolt, hut at last our worlt is completed. We have heen ahly assisted hy the art and eommereial departments. A few individual students have given us a great deal of efficient, faithful help. Nlany graduates have written personal slvetehes and other material To all of these we are deeply grateful. When, many years in the future. these spotless shining pages have he- eome soiled and shahlwy from mueh handling, and you finally read this page. rememher that "ages" ago we were high sehool students in the good old days at New Britain High, Those we love most we have lqnoelaed the hardest, so if you hnd yourself rather roughly handled, just hear in mind that friends were hut Hlqidelingu you, With fond rememhranees of the past and sweet hopes for the future, the Board of Puhlieation hids you farewell, - if -.f'w::',.v'r"si-- . -. - -.- - . L " 1' an-ff .: g-- V e,.- 5--dwgAf5'lf51.'3':5:fi'eE?iQ5e'5". . Rf! Z ,' ' Vp' 'I ., taEf2'g1-eS'Qi'G5J-5fivf,Z,4- -1 r,y.:74,:'. gsm Q-,gy Ms-'W Q ,, .V , . - N- H. .stu 4-.g,9i.gJq.g,,.g,5,,.,.eg,w,-.vw f,--1 eg. f M,..pi-G.-rzf'-!'x:-62.5-yr--.-ri , gg 25:1 . - .. . - - tae 1+ P' f 2-.Nga-. -:far ws-wa-2t,.4-'ff--r.--. ffffafE-ff:1:Ea:1:1:iS.-1:-gfiaiif' fer , A . ., . " ' 'A Q' . 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A 1.1 ,5- ...Q . -e..,f .D - V J, - .S .V N s fin' s ,X . KW i' .. 'MRL -X-3. q ti 1 5. ug , f ,X . LX , .-af-.X ' 1. ' Vhlx .i'. . 'i N 4 Q gmf-f 'X-,,5?' 1. ' .L NT.- . ' af . of -g -,-, -1. . - 'i'.. -1. "LQ ' x Jil. ff '- ,-. ,-.'.x 'JQQQQ X 1 ,A -wi. ff. ..-. J A gig", ws ' fr V" "Lx, -"'fN',- '55, . +A. , ., 'rf "5 ,fvf ' M' . - f. ,, V V- 8 -V ,- - I , , ,:.,i.f,, .,V,,..4v- A-, .,- .. . :. 7. -' 1.1 wg "':.4-gf " "' ' 1:-if w.-Fjniif'',2z',L'1'g nslfqfgpie-gg f f 4 ' 4:4-.lrfw -fffi::e.'.a"92.s-55-cga9.'2H' r1 7 -A "af 2'-3f:ZQ415fg:gg1Emfs3.f.2fszmfgg'' ' '- , f .1-,M ,, x - .--1-ni,-rf gf--J.,-" .-.' rg.. '- , ,' ' - v 9 -,- - '-. 'gpg 4. - ..,3..tcA'- f- vgygkg , .1's.':ffgrg.:zw.g' '-laws? 9:4-1 4 ' ' 'Z , w, .1 . 1 1 411. :mf ' ' 'Y 5'y-fiy7'flgs,52gy-'.v,,-Zti-412.2fraggf . '-' 'N - . ., l ,..:.- -'im-'.k-..x-ac'-.1,."f:qqT ,l'Z'c-q,l-- 5 . - --1 A 1 f- 4:7 -,Q!.3--3,-.w.---:CQ-6.19535g..-.1',,.,-5... 4 ,f-.V '25:12ffif?4?f52'fff3252f?:ig.f?17f-2515.7,,ft V . ' L J . 'I-f ,XZDJXKS:QWVFP495121115N241-k.z:Qf?E3' 1 Page Six 66 .1 P," 'ir Ni. ,,"Y0's fi". em.. . -. ver- 'Q ' A - '11-'rcs-S1.3-sniffer-va-'in-"xt'-1.-via.-1::-"ff" 1-:- . 1-:eg-.3-'.:"pf:-liz"-tfrpshi-f-t:"1:e-133135 .- F 4 -5- - '. -3-se. -.i.-.-in-5:-,-ae.-"'--:gr-i5f..:' .-5f.-f-5:"?1'::g.1:,-4. K . I .-,f-'gg .:l+,v3f.., . 1- -ff-'bf'--L ri:- f"i5":1':5 51'1J':'l-IFPS?-Q' ' A ' n 1 4 'J '- g.s.s-1:F.,1PA:EA:i:H- Q-?iu'.LS1'1b-.'7t:':E..apc-1-Q-fbJ' 41 I t re- 1.-.Hr .-1'-I.. .1 Ag? F4 - 4. ,J ,I .-H I 7 Ai, 1 1. H hw of .-. -.:. -1,-im-.' 1... , ' 5i:,,.a,ifrg?eisbsjgiliiifisgfiaffsiiili ,Q gg fa I i f 'li .-t5?Y!r.f:?:.-Ficvsf 1 . Louis Slade Henry R. Goodwin Dora Protass Principal American History Bookkeeping Frank A. James Vice Principal Millie G. McAuley Principals Assistant Newell S. Ames Director, Commerce Commercial Law Thomas P. Elder Director, Art George B. Mathews Director, Music Edith A. Adams English James S. Beach Science Abeshag Benjamin Latin Helen Blogoslawski Business Practice Typewriting Katherine L. Bruce Biology Charles J. Campbell Physics Rachel S. Carpenter Algebra Plane Geometry Constance Carrier English French Winton I. Catlin American History World History G. Davis Chase, Jr. Chairman, Science Chemistry Katherine H. Clark American History World History Grace E. Coholan English H. Regina Connor English Josephine Crawley Stenography Typewriting Mary Curran English Lionel M. Depot Chairman, Physical Educa Charles J. Drapeau Chairman, French Walter G. Droque American History World History Libby E. Dunn Latin Agnes M. Finnegan hairman, Latin James P. Gilbert Commercial Arithmetic Office Practice Rose C. Glover Physical Education Eloise U. Goodwin Business Practice Ojice Practice tion Problems of Democracy World History Amy C. Guilford German Ilga F. Harvey American History Problems of Democracy Claire E. Herrick Stenography Typewriting Eunice H. Hildebrandt English Marion L. Hoar American History Modern History Gladys Hogaboom Biology Palmer P. Howard American History Problems of Democracy World History Elizabeth L. Hungerford Home Economics William J. Hurley Chemistry Bertha M. Jones Bookkeeping Business Practice Edward Kiesewetter Art Catherine King English Eileen R. King English Idella K. Knapp Sewing Esther Koplowitz Typewriting Nellie LeWitt Typewriting Arthur E. Mahan Drafting Marie A. Massey English Marie E. May English Marion E. Naughton Ojice Practice Gladys I. Nickerson French Leonard R. Nixon Algebra Plane Geometry Ethel E. Odin English Jefrinie H. Olion Mabel L. Pihl Latin Clara A. Powell Bookkeeping Business Practice Ione D. Procter American History Modern History Business Practice Dorothy Quigley American History Algebra Plane Geometry Adrienne M. Raby French Mildred M. Raymond English Winifred F. Reynolds Physical Education Mary E. Ringrose English Jesse D. Sallee Chairman, English Charles A. Shea Physical Education Wilfred J. Sheehan Biology Chemistry Ol a F. Sipolin gmmercial Law Stenography Typewriting Helen F. Smith Librarian Pearl M. Snow American History World History Mary M. Souther French Virginia H. Tallard English American History Florence M. Tormay English Sara J. Walker Algebra Plane Geometry Helen G. Waskelewicz Stenography Typewriting Mildred G. Weld Chairman, Mathematics Algebra Plane Geometry Trigonometry Solid Geometry Dorothy Wesker Typewriting Antoinette J. White Stenography Typewriting Ruby B. Williams Sewing Florence Winter American History Modern History Helen N. Wolski English Helen C. Woodward Typewriting PRACTICE TEACHERS Estelle R. Gould Marie A. Hahn Ruth A. Naughton Typewriting Problems of Democracy GfaSlld8 Paskus 4. : 5555"-.2ici:-95221'-"'3r5!1Tf:?"?.5ffT'5'V"'F' .- fm' " - V ' ' ' .' ' '.-A I 1'fP!'1' ?'I5LJ11".2i"f 2:12-" :-'-- ' -9 1.1 A,,.. a'ff2f?1fg V - ,t . - -1.:,,m,g.v-.. sf,.fe:.-ff.s-t':.m:,:-f-S:1Jae,3,1::.-ifra. ,. Q. .vs i. Q-.t . . -1. .. :goat ffm-. 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J " ' ,r 1. - . - .764 ?',iZ5'5i'5'5'f'e'!1!2rf'J:2gae?.f'f- t ,' ff'-J,':y-:1.,'f' V ' ' ,, aff: v..f,'-.-A-A.--1 Ld., -..-1:-fa,-nr-t -: 1. -'TA -:Ap -4 Q.. b A ' fy, .-.',1.--z.:.---fK...u-.-m..n':'+- -:--.u'?:1ffP,,-ff - - r r 'ff f, 15- bt' L 9211, J JJ- , S ff 1 I To MARIE ANTOINETTE MASSEY In appreciation of her sympathetic under- standing of our problems, and her interest in our activities, we dedicate this twenty-third issue of the Beehive 4'4- ,'.g.,,'-X-',.,g -::a-"wc-1-' 4- F' " 2 ,I -f ' V - ' wi- " "" 'fifws1?'!C31?z1f':wf,'.:1'-' 4:--A -Q .::.-N. 1 f ' f 1 4 - if . H f lfuiffiamizlgkevir-lfgtgiffw-4 Mgfgel .AP , ,, .: . 1, .Inf V qv-, ,S-'xnxx-4:QLfslgfggriofwga-ezsifwszf. Y -ir-wxztfuimz'-zffiefv 4' I. 41: Y . V wx 352-'L'511:'Sz-1:-5-91-Eff-rwwesfnhesiazir. ' 1 '24P1,1fr-Sv7:T1'!?iE"9?fI'-'?:ff?-534.4,11 v, ' . 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'L-.1 L: -frnzs-.z,-:L-Q-2 ' ' ., -LQ I ,e -, ' s i ' ,:-'rfftepqi-5:61. 7Q7"'!gF0:-7'C111QQf9 --?17y:'P-..-5,10 ' "C" J' t-.f J' L l f V "wg gif:-.-,l:'s!Yv!:'ms??E621:.1'??'19'31A5'1nffNu1f.f'ifff Mid-Year Honors in Scholarship Honors in scholarship are awarded to those who maintain average rank of eighty-five or over GENERAL HONORS FOR THREE YEARS Elizlagth Strong Abell Jacob Armen Adajian Gladys Elizabeth Bonlcosky Vincent Leonard Conti Ernest J. Dolmanitch ENGLISH Elizabeth Strong Abell Jacob Armen Adajian Elsie Marie Anderson Gladys Elizabeth Bonkosky Rosamonde Ann Callery Vincent Leonard Conti Alice Marion Gitlavitz Helen Cathryn Gonski Eleanor J. Larson Marietta Maguire Elizabeth Page Dorothy Grace Parker Dorothy Porter Barbara Starr FRENCH Helen Cathryn Gonski Ninette Lenore Salafia Barbara Starr DRAFTING Theodore Stanley Czarnecki DRAWING Stanley Jacob Kaminski Alice Marion Gitlavitz Helen Cathryn Gonski Stanley Jacob Kaminski Genevieve R. Kulmacz Lena Mary Maffei Dorothy Porter SPECIAL' HONORS GERMAN Richard Louis Vogel HISTORY Gladys Elizabeth Bonkosky Rosamonde Ann Callery Lillian Lazar Lena Mary Maffei Elizabeth Page Joseph Alexander Poskus LATIN Elizabeth Strong Abell Alice Marion Gitlavitz Dorothy Porter Ninette Lenore Salafia Barbara Starr Richard Louis Vogel ' TRADE COURSES ENGLISH Ernest J. Dolmanitch Reginald J. Hummel MACHINE Joseph C. Wisniewski OTHER AWARDS Ninette Lenore Salafia Barbara Starr Michael W. Stein Richard Louis Vogel Joseph C. Wisniewski +4 MATHEMATICS Elizabeth Strong Abell Jacob Armen Ada'ian Vincent Leonard Conti Alice Marion Gitlavitz Helen Cathryn Gonski Dorothy Porter Barbara Starr Michael W. Stein SCIENCE Jacob Armen Adajian Vincent Leonard Conti Alice Marion Gitlavitz Lena Mary Maffei Dorothy Grace Parker Michael W. Stein STENOGRAPHY Helen J. Pich Adella Frances Sinkewicz Florence Smolensky MATHEMATICS Stanley Jacob Kaminski John Kotyk John Seeman PRINTING Ernest J. Dolmanitch Stanley Jacob Kaminski The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award For the greatest 'progress in three years of scientific studies QMedalD Henry Paul Kragiel Award of the Alumni Association of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute For excellence in mathematics and science CMedalJ Vincent Leonard Conti . I 't.:-'.-1-.b.:,zi,1:.g..: .fy-:"2,a'c'1-'+'f4'!' " 1' , - .. ' - f, ' A a ,,-. V ' . . 1'+?.f 'if-:mr',w'.:4'--.1:s+f,:4-- -e,E-G'-:fs--flffasei'ua:3'l-1451159355-fs'-2 P- 7 3 - U .' . fieffv-'Q' , R5i'Qb':PSa2w21ikwfs?L??. f ,M ''fhlfafff"fear-319-5'.9""3'ff' -'--iw - - ' 'ff' N"'tf+ -'-Sv :m"ft2rf.-,gw,-Smwucfcs .1--'mek'-.y -1'm-er-'tlrik-eslgcff-??'w Sggpff -,-if - . -4 - -K l- wwf'-. ' 1- w- -.' -ma... SL fa:wxfwfsgiffiwsifxiiz--.. K- mx: . . ' 'zsfirw-1 - , 4 1 'Q4.2rff'P+2a4z2'G21nff1?2iErPf 57551731 it . iw ., -' rf .V sf1'9'f-PVMT Page Ten , -N-:L -J-:-M '14-fi-': 1:21-: :' ":c.:.-4 f-4:-'Ff.-a16v1g1a ' - . P- f' 'xwitls-:ff:':'4Al'rvi-51'B-lliflfrff-"Q -1.'.::1.z-1'N1?1-EWf' .-'.-"uv 1-"g".".Z5 y-5'xf!.g!'I?-1-1q!r- i,:.g4-1-,1',l'f3- A' W -'5 l , '. 4 Y .i'1.l."-tfQ.1F-1.1-'J 4-3'v'--ir,--'-:'r.2' J.--,J -- -91, -. f1-5h'.,- ua- a,, ,- .,, ., . 1 :--. - - f -. , -. 4, 1.- -4 - - .' 11'-.,,,'1:. J . 'fm -f,-if-. 1 4miie'z.-xiii?-'--xQ,1.1155-5-l2"f-i2?L:'i!13:54Ei'77-H'L'4iY if iii: L' I", ' 51-' I' 1 23215-P!Sfq?12?fC52Z31'li'1sG.f-v7-.iiisi-rfgklE.-if-ff P, 'Y-if Ci: 'I"'ff':- rv- 5i'1'.g',-ff-I 1'- -:EA ,.if'5r-4 '-" I Y 1 1 4 'f ' Tb-'9"'i.tCa r . ' I 2- -7 nh: 1453,-I -.,I.'1r.,?5v n-5715 W.-.--.rffip 11,4-.': fum 's...- lrgvsfrfaq-1 . ff- - V S - gf-. -if -ff mm P'7!n'-f:-2-Civ ,fi--fqfw L., J-,- -vfr.5.p::Tg-Sx:,.1z -:iv J M5 'e I 9 mt .:lilmlisifeasfiifsux:f':e-timefmfrffi-fff.:-1-W .QQ I 'glial it Z ji ,' I-l-I A Message 9? To the Mid-Year and june Graduates of 1936: During American Education Week in 1935, we observed the Tercentenary of the founding. of Connecticut by planting on the north lawn two little oak trees, descendants of the Charter Oak and, as such, symbols of the "blessings of liberty". You remember the enacting clause of our Federal Constitution and how, in the enumeration of its purposes, there finally appears this purpose, to Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity. This was the dominant purpose of the founding fathers. To it we owe in large measure our achievement as a nation. To the carrying on and carry- ing out of this purpose we and those who come after us must, if our civiliza- tion is to endure, "mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor". You recognize the pledge taken by the s'gners of our Declaration of Independence. Each of you will, I hope, carry away from the School an appreciation of the blessings of liberty and register a resolution to do everything practicable to make these blessings endure. Your schoolmaster, presuming perhaps upon your good will, gives this piece of parting advice: Make your motive in life the desire to secure for all the blessings of liberty. In seeking these blessings for all you most surely obtain them for yourselves. There are those who will tell you to look out for number one, to follow the natural law of self-preservationg that the profit motive leads to success. From experience as well as conviction, I must testify that the achievements that lie that way may mean temporary power, social and economic distinction and a profusion of material wealth for some, but really not for anyone-and cer- tainly not for all-the blessings of liberty. Genuinely yours, LOUIS P. SLADE june 1, 1936 , , ,A if -. -- ,g::.?.L.f-1-' 'J T 3. 1 f -- V - . ' fl ' -.- ' .4-L, 5 ,, if?f' 'wf'lC31X41":5."-.2J:1a-3 54:4-4' szyrq. sift 55 f 1 .' . Q . V 53.1553 " f , efsfffre -'- .1 - .A.-.4- .:. 1, ,.,,.L,.g 6.1. , - b I I , . , A Y- . fy- - -Q - ' .,x:.:..,.,- -.. - --.. , V-ug.. 1. , 5 - I e .. 'sa Page Eleven F." ,ru 13 ' v 43- ' P.-rea-1+ssff:, , ' fL.f 1- 5-5,qy:,nj:f1c, Jrrll , --4 If -"' 'iff !'l 3 4. x. U47 -ff! '- nb! 4 y1"fj,'4f f x x Q , 4 ,f 3.1 1 A, '-rf ' ' , , 'f -. 'ALL A f W Y rf: ffajicn rrflif-u ' V 4 ' 'rf I 1 , l " ,s f A .-, an' 3 .,-'Q' ,- X ff 1 0-wrt". v ff -f ' - 7 -1' v -4 ' '5 " N ' :gf xEq't6Le1' il! 1 V f . Ef' , . 21-rg'-ff '333'PS?i"'l+1' fx Q , fn" 4 'sh QIN - . "' - .-'. 1' -X lf, 3' sy 5-5-'Er-7' '?:,'l3,- ,', 'Q V' A f1"'3'r'Jgi'-1:r'il Tx-' A"' 735 ' Ji,-2 xx lf' . fb 4 W JH 7 ' -5--V - , - V M, 5, x. , 'rf .wa Page Twfflw 1 Q ' 1,11 -3 S' . 1-.--4,-,,-,:g-Q-W '-ww-,..-+.f- 'uf'--'l:x'1'Fx 'M sf , ' avxzvi-s'.1'a-194Lf.-,.'.'-zavrligv.-f-mcg,-:g--i'-:.:w:- . , I -x-- .:L-inrffrfppi--f.wT::,f11L,-,!4'5.- . f., P . - 1 gf. v-3: mr.-. .-4.1-ep:-g ,nz--ff.-z:-Q,Q.----:L-,.-1311,-fr: '- ,fr -.34-5,37-v-y. 4314, -,.-99,433-4, i, -,4,g..,- ,i . , f. .M fin, ' V 1144 ,gin gh,-.-if-..::,3.5-71A7-4:.'..,-f.'g,,:,.-7 :gg-, -'-3-lr,--,TL-1. ., . H- 1 'V -, -V , 1 4 -- '- i-f v-M.-fa1:a:Qf. finhlzw Q- - E-al. ,-3-f' -W NEG eh.. 1.11110 ..'s,'-5,-.f, ,z?iff"fi':'111,--'G' g ' ' 7 , f v,-, :ga -.mer ' 7"'7f,qi1a:"'1-11' " ' A .i H. 1 fief? '--'ffiief-iv1Y.'bk1E5:wEiba:r.f52?'5H' - ,J I 'I alabama: ff5542fF!-Mm' -f -, 7 131. .r:gf,,,f',.Qg-5 51 5, I ., , gf .f...-.....r....,.ff.t,.:'.f.-, ,.f..ri1ff,w1:?f'1siafea--9-1-xi--Q 1 1 ? .4 rf gp l fx J., I l I Mid -Year Graduation Exercises PROCESSIONAL "Spirit of Independence" Military March . Holzmann Senior High School Orchestra INVOCATION Reverend Barton Bovee MUSIC a. "Stars Brightly Shining" CVenetian Carnivalj . Ambrose b. "Lead On! Oh Soul" . . . Wick c. "Nightfall in Granada" . . . Bueno Senior High School Chorus MUSIC "Alda" Overture .... Mcffaughey Senior High School Orchestra PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr. George LeWitt Member of the Board of Education "STAR SPANGLED BANNER" .... Smith Mid-Year Class of 1936, Orchestra and Audience RECESSIONAL , o r e 9fe ' Page Thi rleen Page lfuurleen I H ,. , I v: . . . - 'if :'..1'15:i' ns- t.v'fZ-Pali' Ev A H Q- ' i'u9.:F1-?'4f'1ff" J -A x , 5 4.1.1,..,-i4:..g1.,,,..,:,-L,.:,,1, ,e. ,q ,. ,.-. . , -, . - , l.,-s,,Hg.-,wa-. A 'So'-r 445':Qf'146'i'ls'Y.?-'if-'2'?'59"1?2i H :aff " ' ' 'Pg 4' 'Qi' 2- , 1 , 1 1 9-52125 'E-R 1 C xff,w:i33::3g7,'5-5,1-,gsgfisga--iqiifgfmy 1. j+-91,- 'vt . Br: 1z!,gs,.: tgretc- ma 5.1. ..gcv,,-1-L... A., . gg-g.1g'.4Lf, In . ' ' V 3..75,2"-..:gFy:g Wyy-a 4,11- f .1-Aria.t-'fluff525fiN:1:f12F:i5!1f-5:51324 .-3 gr! V" . J Vi, 't'l?f2'.'.3:135Qff.1ux5-, 11" ,rr ,fe fhl- .t -4- :4 , 'MJ at it . ' wi? ,f sk JE I-I-I ' MICHAEL J. CIMINO New Britain, Conn. "Mike" April 15, 1917 "Give not thy heart to despair" Who is that handsome, studious-looking fellow coming down the hall with a broad smile on his face? Why, it must be none other than that very popular fellow-our president, Mike Cimino, student, athlete, and gentleman, He is also often seen walking towards Belvidere, and insists that he does it just for the exercise, but those who know him, know that there is a likable young lady in the case. He was a grand football player. He made the All-State team the last two seasons and hopes to go to Chicago with the Emeralds this summer and then to college in the fall. Football '34, '35, Track '35, D. X. Fraternity, Chairman of Prom, President of Class. ELIZABETH PAGE New Britain, Conn. "Betty" December 18, 1917 "To know her is to love her" 1 "Betty", our vice-president, is the girl whom everyone admires. Her fine character and gracious charm shine through her lovely face. She is also one of our outstanding scholars. We all envy that 100 y, in English. We are sure that her versatile ability will contribute to her outstanding success in any held she may choose. Vice-president '33-'3b1 Junior College Club, Cvirls' League Repre- sentative. LAWRENCE WESLEY GUITE New Britain, Conn. "Sky" November 7, 1917 "Greatness and Goodness are not means, but ends" Lean, lanky Lawrence is well liked by all his classmates. 1-le started in High School ready to cut a wide swathe, but he soon cooled off and now is just one of the "boys" whose favorite spot is room 328. We wonder why he does not go to Annapolis since he has an Admirals uniform on between 4 and o o'clock. He was quite a basketball player, starring on the Hi-Y team at centershe well deserves his nickname 'One Point" Cvuite. However, his popular polished manners should carry him far in any direction. CBut we hope not with the class duesj. Cvood luck "Sky", Treasurer, Class Night Committee. we wish you the best of luck. Girls' League. 1 you, "Baggy". l 1 - l Cheer-leader 34, 35. "'Gi--tic.-f:--"j?I1f.3-1-.'2fi:'?,i-'Z"""'4'l"?' ' 2 ' V - , r f - t -, .-, . " . 71 9 . as . . f4.L'1JQ".,:Qi ' 'ff 'far-s'21w PQ .. ve'..sf' - A gf' '-sw-ff Yr- , . ' ' 1 '2Sm'a5ss K ff' -f 4' Page Fifteen 1 DOROTHY GRACE PARKER New Britain, Conn. July 23 19124 "Short and sweet Although one of our smallest graduates Dot stands big in the esteem of her classmates. One of our class officers and prominent in many school activities, she has shown herself to be a hard worker and an invaluable executive. We would suggest that when away at school she consider carefully the subject of foreign languages and perhaps even omit them. However, "Dot", you deserve the greatest success and President of Girls' League, Secretary of Graduating Class Secre tary ofjunior Class, junior College Club Amphion Club 1 reasurer ol ELI DER BAGDASARIAN New Britain, Conn. 'Buggy' january 13 1918 " He that lives most dies mast i'Baggy" is that cheer-leader who used to perform contortions at the football held, cheering the football team on to victory He is a very active follower of all sports. He has a very inquisitixc mind demandingto know the "whys" and Mwherefores of everything "Baggy ' is a hard worker and should easily reach the top in ac counting and banking, his intended profession A world of luck to Q 4 ' Q fs , 1 H 2 J" 'Ui 1--,:v,g...':sg2'+::of-.1.:.--.3:e,..aq2-i'aiZ'V. S- lf , I-1, r ' 52?-:f5,?342'5ff' J -1 ifilir.5442355'319155-t??:.Qfgl51-q':3,j?:?.E'a'f2,:7f?? F- 5.3.1 n'.1'1.', ' ywfillkffrlftfglfififz. 1 P 4 L 1 1-43"-1 'Sw W 75 , a 4 ' film: 3 J H . i f "ffl, 4 ' ELIZABETH STRONG ABELL New Britain, Conn. "Belly" February 5, 1919 "She is noble, who does noble" "Betty" is one of our more distinguished members who has made a brilliant record in her three years at High. Amphion Club plays will not seem the same without "Betty's" presence in one of the roles, Her charm and gaiety have gained her many friends and will be great assets to her through life. Her next stop will be Mt. Holyoke, where we hope she will continue her success. Amphion Club, Girls' League, Class Marshall '35, Junior College Club, Class Night Committee, Class Night Cast. CLIFFORD BARBOUR New Britain, Conn. "Worry" August 23, 1917 "Don'1 give up the ship" Clifford is better known to his classmates as "Worry Wort". He is a very happy-go-lucky fellow, but all through school he always com- plained about the books being too dry for him. The word "study" is "Worry's" middle name, but he never seemed to get anything out of the printed page. All of us had given up hope of seeing "Worry" graduate, but he told us, "Never mind boys you can't beat a Barbour". And as the old saying goes, "You can be down, but not out". Good luck to you "Worry" from 1936 on. ELSIE MARIE ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. April 15, 1918 "A quiet mind is richer than a cro,vn" Perhaps you have noticed a very quiet and unassuming girl in the halls and classrooms. It was probably Elsie. Meticulous is the adjective to describe her appearance, manner of speaking and way of working. lf anything is required of her she does it well and on time. Have you noticed that Renssalaer ribbon on her coat collar? We predict a bright and prosperous future for Elsie. SAUL LOUIS BERSON New Britain, Conn. November 14, 1917 "When winter comes around, think of me" Saul is one of our energetic graduates who has completed his high school career in two and one-half years. During this time, he has always personified what the well-dressed young man of New Britain should wear. He is also a very good dancer. We are told that he plans to enter into the field of business and will some day be one of our leading coal and oil distributors. lf he is as successful in this business as he has been in the sports of Fishing and dancing, his future is assured. We wish him the best of luck in his future enterprises. Phi Beta Fraternity. KATHYRN ROBERTA ANDREWS New Britain, Conn. "Kay" October 23, 1917 "Such a bashful girl" "Kay" is a good sport and her friendship is valued by all her as- sociates. You will Gnd her usually engaged in wise-cracking. Her worries are not about school as she never studies, but somehow she knows the answer, "Kay's" future ambition is to be a nurse Coh! patients bewarelj Well, "Kay", we wish you a whale of a success. 4-5' -., f' f ' . - . ' ', ' ff ,, ' I-if wi14.11112:gt'-.14--sal:-1453gi-furfigg ig: -fu -ff: fr- -' - 5 . gf' . . 5 'fE'll3sh!2:6'52Wefar-11k2?s"ff-1431v::n2a:fvfff3s'2 'f -.f-- 1 . r :-wh., . -.-.wif-fs. ,6-.weie-aw'N-.-f..a,,...--4 H 'H' '-:ff3?' .. aff ,aff - .- -- - - . ' 16' -:fm-:mae-M.. -f X, ,axqroyfszvf ,-:tk if - . ' ' .1 . ..3f?jgpff-' V -fi-affap-.nritrl4:s:4E,:-A.-1:m.s::-f-1-Q-,safe -F -'I-'il at ,-G' .. - r' '- .1 I Ky V -f1 'P' ,afS:a:Q Page Sixteen nu. vs-.1-'-any s., f 1-vs,-11.4-41-zs,,y-1,9-1151.14.14.1-.ff-7 -fr wif-5:25-11g7i1x-ffl. ,- f- . -, 1 3' . gfllggbqgs--1-pri-jg,-3cfm,-4::.I::.:,--,fgrsg-'.'-r.-r.'.1g-fp:-:J ' ft , 1 .1'vg':- :v',ft,f., ' ' I f . + '- V1-'G' ' ,1'i?13b1-ziisynaeggqz-smy:R1s2err-1-1':1'A3f.f-tive' ifP2i5i?.17l?t5.a?,. - tsl " I J "tw ' f4f:'.1sX:'s!!c2zt:s.w.tvzkffli'-:s1xv1it?v.H,::f-A-1'fff41.'i'.-wif ..,QfrM 2 M ' I-l-I HOWARD RAWLINGS BUNCE New Britain, Conn. October 10, 1917 "There is a reward for what is done" Howard is one of the best jokers in this mid-year class. He, and a well known girl, in the same class, are inseparable companions. Strange as it may seem from his actions, he aspires to become an undertaker. May times pick up when you are established in your profession Howard, old boy. ALYSON WIGHT BAKER New Britain, Conn. "Patty" ,january 31, 1918 "Sweetness of disposition charms the soul" "Patty" appears to be the quiet type but those who know her believe differently. She is full of fun and wit. "Doing well in what one attempts" is her motto, as she has shown by her record at High. Heres wishing her success and good luck. Alpha Alpha Sorority, Prom Committee, Girls' Leagueg Secretary of Amphion Club. THOMAS JAMES BURNS Poughkeepsie, New York "Tom" July 23, 1915 'Let Fortune empty her whole quiver on me" In the near future this fellow will perhaps organize a nation-wide grocery chain. He spends much of his time with a young lady who lives on one of the longest streets in the city. " l'om" is an honest, willing fellow and has won admiration from his English 5 instructors. We and his classmates, wonder if his round face is from his fine physical condition or from constant smiling. Being always humorous when the time and place permit, makes him a very popular boy. School Orchestra. l ELIZABETH ALICE BAKEVICH Hartford, Conn. "Betty" December 25, 1917 "Mirth lengthens life" Elizabeth is one of our best-liked classmates. There is always sure to be fun when she's around. After she leaves dear old N. B, H. S. she is going in for business in a big way and anticipates a position as secretary for the president of some large concern. Whatever you do, "Betty", we wish you all the luck in the world. Girls' League. BERT CARLSON Branford, Conn. April 25, 1915 "Another Mitinight Son" From his name, his appearance, his attitudes, and his actions we get the impression that Bert comes from a long line of Swedes. lt may be hard times to the rest of us but it's just a world of op- portunity for Bert. He Hnished his course in the drafting department of the Trade School one day and was sitting pretty back of a drawing board at the Stanley Rule 82 Level Company two days later. We can still hear him saying, "What do you mean-depression?" N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. ,n su gy? -' 1 V' ..- . , f f K - f,. ',.,.tA.., ' . Y -'ay' wa'-353151,-,:,i,,3g,it3,4:..,,- ,,,g,,,.,,- . ' .a 74? 'Kwik :fl . 'T 1- 4 I . if ,, . ' Er'l"'f1' 'mm!Q::I"d7:l?I1jf3-51i!'3f-'CEST-2:icfTfv59",tZ2v1'.1. ,i ,,, J, gy. EJEEFQ' .1 . .. 'f"z.f",Q2' y.. M.--eegeiQgf,,w2:2255:ass-JiwliivsasgL.: f, 0 sf 1, 5,:ti-,,Aa-Alix' .434 e Tp to . V . 4 9. ztfiagff . -" "r- tt. wt- , V I -r sf' 4 ' ,.i at-warn:-ff1ir441z91::wn1ksfis5gg9rag-T1-' Page Seventeen , - . . . ,, - ...,, N, . , , . 1. it ,.,.,,.. :.. -- - -.-.1-- --.. A .- I' - . f .,hf:.-1--1,-1--is! 'VX ' . . 'ff Pwr- ---'1. A 'A' 4' -' 1 s ' g - '-ef-it---fr.-...f. , .1 -.-.Q-.--he qs: 0.-ry.-'mr -,-up: - 'M ' 9 f- , "1!n!ef,..Etc. ---- 1 : A it Hffniaamsisfff 321,-fix -glam 5 3 ' .,, 2,1 b-ga," 1 .2 fd: ' - -,if JL .- S , ,,A, 3- 1,5--'n - 11.-ffrgffh 2?5s:2ffmffPs5. Q at i' I i ffy, S -zfZ1i1l'3fs?E2'13S5J f ' 2 ...r ' 'S I l I ANITA MARION ZADANSKAS Hartford, Conn. February 10, 1918 "Count her virtues-they are more in number than the angels" Anita has gone through school with a smile and a friendly word for everyone. ln our acquaintance with her we have become aware of her strong character and charming personality. We are certain that she will accomplish anything she sets out to do in life. HENRY I. CICHOWSKI New Britain, Conn. 'AChick" September 3, 1918 " He that runs in the night stumbles" "Chick" is a fine example of young American manhood. He is tall, well-built and has a shock of brown hair, augmented by a pair of twinkling blue eyes. He loves hunting, swimming and other outdoor sports. Plainville seems to be the point of "Chicks" interest. Maybe the hunting there is very good or maybe there is another reason. Never- theless, half of his waking hours are spent there. ln future years Henry intends to take up exploring. He has the elements of success in his constitution and, given time, he will reach the top. "Happy Days, 'Chick'." Track Team 1935. NONA M. BELOMYZY New Britain, Conn. "Non" September 7, 1918 "Good nature wins the heart" Nona is one of the most popular girls in the class. We wonder who that clark haired athlete is who has been getting your attention? Sometime in the near future she will become a nurse. Take good care of your patients and see that they get well. Good luck to you, Nona, and always remember your old classmates. of 1936. way. Good luck and long life! , Girls' League, junior College Club , .--. ,gi , ,..,,.,,.f ,jg,,.g .-5 -Q'0i','n.'1-'0'QiilV " w ' . , - -,rl i f ' , "" I ' 1' -51.1-.fp:QQsgesutaigggprxcakfmfggsi- 1 A F 1. A .f . 5, A .W - 1, rg-.sq ,.,f.:- :ru ,Q-35.5-" ', ..-fr, , , ' ' , zz- - .., eff? 43? ' " ' is -+.a5,g'ag?fe 3. " f ":jf"PLf"'1gfsr.Qiffifiiq",j7Jj:,.4'Q3gg?g5g3,L n b , 4 4 V ' A if ,. .' 'kb . Leia 'M fe-L 1 Page Eighteen 1 WILLIAM CHARLES BALOCKI Saybrook, Conn. "Chump November 14 1917 "Give me a place to stand and I ll move the world William Charles Balocki came into this eventful world in the early autumn of 1917, a little too late for the Great World War and a little too soon for the Great Depression of 1929 However through many vicissitudes in bookkeeping, spelling, history Problems Gym and other subjects he finally managed to graduate in the famous class He is a very likeable "Chump" with a boyish grin that ought to please the heart of any sixteen year old girl rich or poor Chump intends to enter business in a little way at First and later in a very large SELMA RUTH BERKOWITZ New Britain, Conn. "Barley August 15 1918 "She is little, but she s wise Shes a corker for her size Selma is an ideal High School girl She is often seen hurrying through the halls to her classes. We will long remember her for the unusual ability she showed in her short stay here at New Britain High School. We all wish you loads of luck in the future Selma , ,...,- ., . 1. f. ...-- 4-. .-.. ,..x-., . . 1.g..f:.. 4:31. , ,A . Q-Y . 1 ,so-Q. ,-,.-,.... fa,-f .. 0,-.lm . . . 1 -: ,Lui -. , - . 4 3 ' - 1 ye r-- 1 .. . ,ang 3.-1 +.,A -nr,--51 -. ,. .. .gg ,. 4. rt - - ,-,'--!-- gm tk., .hvi.'-'siliffv- 1 -N, f -'i'f-,'-,y.1f.qm- 1, -5 I 4 le '. mam, :p--.w.'--m5-M.:','H- 1-22.51 -Q-. --Q '- f 'f' I 'H'Q't21'.5"-:f'!52f,v . +- ,'- P24 ',-.' ,XDHrs:ffhgrsiw'5gvt'!zr-5i:ff,1:'6wf:f.-f 'w':'1?1f"' .z i,,5m?.ar2s.s,af .. ,J X . 2 fn, ' ff:-.-ms.-!e1m.'Lfr.::2':.:mats-:ieff.u1f. -: F 11. 'H Z j-"ll .Ln -I 1 -1 I".-I VINCENT LEONARD CONTI New Britain, Conn, "Vinny" August 3, 1918 'One good head is better than a hundred good hands" "Vinny" is one of our most gifted students. Because he has excelled in Math and Science for three years he received a medal from Renselaer Polytechnic Institute--this is indeed a great honor, He is full of fun for he is witty. He hopes to go to some scientific school next September. Class Night Committee, Mineralogy Society. ELTA AGNES BERNARDI New Britain, Conn. "El" April 22, l9l7 " Neat not gaudy" Elta is very neat and always looks very trim and sweet. She hates anything which deals with history or geography,but she is very good in English. She enjoys taking care of her sisters children and may be seen thus occupied almost any afternoon. She may surprise us and become a poet. We wish you all the luck that you deserve. SEWALL GEORGE CORBETT Nova Scotia, Canada "juney" September ll, 1918 "Strong love and proud ambition have no bounds" "juney" was a member of our football team's shock troops and even though some people think he wasn't very good, at least his girl thinks so. Corbett has a well-worn path from the school to Seymour Street and for that matter he is seen in almost every part of town with a certain young lady. We wonder if he will take a post-graduate course to keep other young men from trying to trespass on his private property. Football '35. EMILY I. BILAS New Britain, Conn. "Emy" january 8, l9l8 "A jolly good sport is she" Emily is always making noise To attract the attention of the boys. She is very seldom late Always on time for appointment or datc. Emily, who are the lucky guys, That are the cause of your dreamy eyes? Give her a compliment or smile, And she will run perhaps a mile. Taking all these things into consideration, I can say without exaggeration Emily is a true and loyal friend, Who stands by helpful to the end. Girls' League, Alpha Omicron Sorority. HARRY VALENTINE DUBROW Minneapolis, Minn. "The Minnesota Kid" February l4, 1917 "Time and tide waitfor no man" A quiet youth who seems to take his time about everything and anything he has to do physically. He is a good scholar, and has won praise from many of his friends. He has traveled in 42 of the 48 states, where he learned of the philosophy of life and the proverb "There is no place like Home". He hopes to be a world traveler. Take along your aspirins on your first sea voyage Harry, you will probably need them. Track Squad '3 3. '.-f-'.'-f.'-ai:-ri'?T5f.'-15-.Efi"?.5-1f"""'f"'75' " 2 -' I - - ' ' '. ' A" ' ' 1 - x . if . - T - mlfie' f' ,.a. .t1-., ., . xlswh Q, -Q 41045.12ss-fsaiisaib-f4uru.'sGii-Ziff-'YQ' . eff- Rf . .. -2 - .. -Q-'J-fp v- 'lf .Cu1n'k1s7f'f.'ih2sSa1g'4f-is-4:3',:x.-x'- K., K. A if ' . ' xi. fj'T5gqf1'f 9 X. :E177-wait:Lg'jgz,QLy.5igQegt,-gg:,fg?f,g,fg,s2 LA a n if V I ' V J L. N , xf. , 4:25554 re-L ,a Page Nineteen 1. - - 14 - .,v:g-,1""'r5s Y .' I ' :- 1S,vtf1.1':1-:ik g1:.,15+pff1i:r, .fi :slum P sfbbffaegf-r.:1f ' T , We1.v1,1:w'f:1fziiefr.?fa.f'1:'fwf1-ia-sw' Ls' ilig . vl, ' 1--rfyeirafafsfem 2,'-.5:,-45-'1qf'Q'if.'..'f:'mf,-1:.1.!.-g,',.gZ-yypil , n. Q1 Y" ' .nj'pt'51'5Q:,13'Ai?:5s -nf-1 .-fi-ff' '. P551--115fPTr5:ErG3aC:P,P. .f 55 " l 2 'f'T-f-.2329-Qfifrfgxaj J 1' ?'fH5Y1.H , Z f . I I' U., if I-5-I GLADYS ELIZABETH BONKOSKY New Britain, Conn. September 8, 1918 MStill waters run deep" Gladys is a quiet, industrious student who always does her work carefully and faithfully. She is bound for Teachers' College next fall and we hope that she will be a success there. Girls' League Representative. RICHARD E. ERICSON New Britain, Conn. "Ritchie" September 13, 1917 " He that lives well sees afar QU" "Ritchie" is a snowy haired lad with a sunny disposition. He is well liked by all of his class mates. His brother was a former captain of the football team, but A'Ritchie" believes in studying rather than playing football. He would like to become a lawyer. We hope you are successful at your intended profession, 'ARitchie". JENNETTE CASE New Britain, Conn. flennn February 20, 1918 'A Her pleasure, in her power to charm" What will we do without jenn?" She is always ready for fun and full ol' pranks. Many admirers bid for her attentions but only a few are rewarded. She is a true and sincere pal and is loved by all. However, these are but a few of the gifts which the gods have bestowed on Hjennu. We are sure that her charming manner will gain her as many friends and successes in the future as they have in the past. 1'lerc's to you ujennn. Alpha Alpha Sororityg Girls' League, Banquet Committee. EUGENE MALCOLM FIELD Newport, Rhode lsland U Unk" july 20, 1917 "lt is never a bad day that hath a good night" "Unk" is a gentlemanly person for he is very polite and considerate. His favorite studies are Math and Biology, especially the latter, for he likes to look into things. He is a lover of nature, thus accounting for his simple dress and his long jaunts into the woods. ln the near future we expect him to be toting a moustache, but moustaches are quite uncommon among foresters, don't you think so, "Unk?" JENNIE ELAINE CASELLA New Britain, Conn. "jane" january 22, 1918 "lt is not my wish to End fault with individuals" Jennie is well known to everyone for her sweet smile and willingness to help others. She may be quiet but we all know that she has plenty of pep and enthusiasm. We sincerely wish her every bit of success in carrying on the work she will undertake. In-912' -' U4 ff .f ' V . , f f ' ' 1.4 -7 . ' . :wg wygfgrk:1'5.:,,-33.955-ggx-1.1z4..-.1:: . .. : I' E 'GIQQQ 11. if. f ,' ' H- , ""' V? , ' QJPLFI?-j'Z1"'3:'-'Q3,'f5v"'g4tjffvlywky. .J In 4 ,fs ,N 1.4 In - I A , Q , -,vlf'i1,,,:y,Y mg?-gg,guQ:g?Q.t13lfSg253-iqgiffqLiQggqg,25?-2 1 Y , S .J 'va N4 E1 gf, ' " ' ,P . fq fa- 1 51253,-5,14.1.:g.e3:qf.4Qeager-fa.51.::gi 1. '- 1- - - -V N 1 W . 1 i:.1f:+---'-1 ':- '-3.140 g.:1:!:"':Qefa f -F, J, '??vs ni i1 ' - ,, 1 L' .V VI- ,Q'lkzfS:eu:?+7'lfvrdrffzrkmislm-Q4agyagsyP,1: Page Twenty f-.M-11 ,fxf:'.1,':s1-wi-rt' 3.-swag:-!'G5"1. K- H ,v , 1' ' 1' :E-:f5.i2iE'5ff'S: Ji:51:'?l1':-2j.3:.:g 31':21Qi1x1g1.-g4-".- .. ,,f..5,-4,--5 .-..,1rh:S,..C5?4: F,-R n - 1' V , QEHEQBLRS 3 .-?.UF,-::?.1!.l,,:5:,,i,i,'E?- u..:-it 1 -.A..,--,sf-3, gl 'I 9 4 -tl. 2 z 'X A k oe. I 14. t ,lr i . '--uwfuu, rr J' 'uv ,. .,i.,-wgp,..1xg.,4.-xg ,151!g-u,.a1- rp.-1:'-:w, wwf gt-1' 1 . - 1-.2 "1 -'-gg'-r 51.159 1,g.g:g.t'e-2'A"f--fl-dw"-Lx..511-" anxr1-4f,f,:51Zz,'f355'Qg5'..g-if:Exif-Gary-g,'.?,y,afy31 , 3: +1 '-- 11' ' 3- ' ,3'3,2l5,E5v,ig1gg,-5.,igj:,,,,.y9'-gagec:.1-,1-g+fg,z.-qmsae fwfifil.-,glsp - 95 " I 9 wt - -zff-.Q.a:f:fQfraaT.-hr.::x-:vzewtf-L.v,fzaf.-,aff'aff'-1.-'.1i-ff' 'Mall' . I WF ,J-fy 2 .f flvek? ,-1 1 N nv 5 I 5 I ARNALDO FRACCHIA New Britain, Conn. "Al" October 30, 1917 "Its ajolly strange world" "Al", better known as one of the 'Jones' " boys, is a good athlete having played both football and basketball. He has a pleasing per- sonality and is seen quite often with a certain A. A. girl, but "Al" insists that she is one of his many cousins He is still tryin to find - S out why he was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth or even a silver one. Football '34, '35g Basketball '33-'36, Delta Xi Fraternity. MARY G. CHERPACK ' New Britain, Conn. "Cherpie" March 21, 1918 "Born to be happy" "Cherpie" is a happy-go-lucky girl with a grand disposition. Her - outstanding accomplishments are typing and shorthand in which she excels. Well, now i'Cherpie", who is that tall blonde fellow we see with you? Never mind, we all like you, and may you succeed in business. Girls' League, Alpha Omicron Sorority. SIMON GOOGEL New Britain, Conn, "Tike" june 13, 1917 "Ah! Could I be once more a careless child" "Tike Googn alias Simon Googel was a stooge No. 1 in the French class and the question is why? Well, who wouldn't be always getting on the teacher's nerves. ln order to forget his worries "Tike" would be found down in the Gym taking it out of a basketball or dislocating someboclys arm. By the way he is also a "Tarzan." There is one thing for which everybody envied him-he always knew the answer when the book was open. However, "Tike" is a typical showman and here's hoping he gets to be a "Whos Who" in a Warner Bros. Theater. ELIZABETH RUTH COUGHLIN New Britain, Conn. "Betty" February 5, 1918 " Her beauty made the bright world dim" When "Betty" goes to the shorthand class her mind seems to be way, way off. At the football games, "Betty" was usually crowded to the top of the grand stands because of her height. Her one am- bition is to grow a few inches shorter. Dont be discouraged "Betty", 1'm sure we'11 be mighty glad to assist you at any time. "Betty" doesn't know what she's going to do after graduation. Take a tip from us and go in for modeling, you're sure to go a long way. RAYMOND CARL GRENNEROD New Britain, Conn. "Ray" August 27, 1910 "Still waters run deep" "Ray" is a very shy young fellow. Perhaps that is the reason for his being a good student. He expects to go to a higher institution of learning. We sincerely hope that you do "Ray", but please do lose just a little of that shyness. . , - . 'Wet-'.wg,:.Q',..f':1:,,,.L,p5q:5"?,i.'i1'aizlvvf' - . . - -5, - A ...v,-.,, ' . if?,f'uwa' 16531-,sg-,gsn1-514:-v.1:,., .l.. , x - x . . .. . J.'1if4Q 4.22.412rwEr'i.1eSv-:m.::Hi5-.-. wi ,af . . .f . , 'Lf 16-av-an ..-474:25-ffqzsasa-fres-1ff.,aa:-5:5-Qazaawfzw. 93'Lb5"f-S-f'??i5?lElz'51g1'1h-1'-41684. ' 4 1. mf A . A '- fgrwY ,4wf,,t, -- ,,s-y1z.Q:'1:sq-xvffagrvsease-t,,.te,:.:l...sea ff'-'-itf!sJ:e'f:-,:?,:ff1?:ft'?iG-'irzffhgi K ty ' - ,. ' L- .. I 'vf V 4'4'1"2' ,Tr15275:S5'ifl??!Z?'l22i1iT.E'f!-'S-fiQFEZQZLSE?51" Page Twenty-one ... 4 1 lx --.-. .1.- 5 .51 :.-ag-3 ::f.,,,,.. af. Avg'-31323515 W- .. . . . 3 15,111-1-:t-:F,f2' ,Qi-154211 '.iQi1,s,- ii-':.-N.,.z A V1-45' ,-'.3,L s ::1..,., ,ft 9:,wf. ff .:s'14ff, ,1-, , - . - ' - ' Y 1 jQ,1.,f'-L-',-f,-Aiqgti15.-arg Q : :msd nr: . ,-jj-:,'.1x-3155.1 . or 555: g- ,yi 4 1 1 V f., is'Hagel5:5-ssggvfgifg.qL?isQg-,:1t-ifJ3::sLJ-11335,-:Qx M . '-5 r-,-,l 43- :ft i .r,w.f-:g.'- , 1 -' '- 'A gay -455 :-7: . fan- .QV Ln.: irq .tip 3-3 -1.5 A t- 51416 swf-wflffi'iw-'1ff'f-ff-fel.-2 1 ' ' F' 'P 1, e' QTwfiiffrf-41-faaevefffw-div " . W"v3 -s ., -:q N. i"", ,,F- ,-,-,gat New Britain, Conn. How doth the little busy bee?" Hilda has never created any disturbance at New Britain High School. We are told that she excels in the domestic arts. Flhis should contribute to the comfort of some lucky man in the future. Good luck, Hilda! HOWARD GROTH New Britain, Conn. "Grodie" january 4, 1917 'A He is as welcome as the snow in harvest" "Grodie", that handsome young blade with the athletic build, is the fellow whom all the girls enjoy dancing with. He attained his manly Figure by working out and swimming in his spare time at the local Y. lvl. C. A., but "Grodie's" real happiness comes when he is underneath a shower listening to his fine C71 tenor voice singing the latest ballads. LUCILLE MARY DEHAN New Britain, Conn. "Quietness is best" Here we have one of our quieter members. She is a conscientious student and well liked by all. Lucille plans to go to 1Vloody's to study for a business career. We all wish you the best of luck. Girls' League. HILDA CZELLECZ 9'l51'f Q- 1 ' -. 11. If f dl t , 7 0' :N 0 5' May7, 1917 July 20, 1917 WILLIAM LEO HUMPHREY New Britain, Conn. "Bill" December 26, 1917 'iFriendship is a sheltering tree" "Bill" is found most any day at the "Y" where he works off a little of his extra weight. In school he loves to spell but Mr. Webster seems to be always wrong as far as "Bill" is concerned. If "Bill" is not an excellent student he certainly is ambitious, He likes math. and art very much. Maybe there is a reason for his ambition, say for in- stance, a pretty girl. Football '34. Q. EUNICE BETSY DICKINSON Deep River, Conn. "Dickie" june 21, 1918 " Her wit invites you" "Dicky" is a girl full of pep and possessing a ready wit and a pleas- ing personality. We wonder why it is that she arrives at the Problems' class just as the bell rings. lt couldnt be that she stops on the way to convene with a certain W. 1. C., could it? Never mind iiDicky", we are all for you and we know that in the business world you'll be a great success. Girls' League. .. - . "".tf.-.-,.,:-..+":j:,.,: .-' ::Sf'w:- --"1-r 1' " f' - . , Y -f - - nf- s A -, N ' -'-if we'16.4139'.:r-.xirh-3,4-'A-e' mslggrr 4 .ci-"vJ1v94i'5C''-f."g4Z'iG"f"fF:?' -I if .. - -"rf ivfs- V6"v"'f:fYI1'fb-17Q"!l-,QTE1f+:-fiZ4'1'- 632115 N -1-.-,.-, ,4-vgvr-q.q,..':v':!4l' .+.-3. .-fvfffm. . , ' - - Q - 1 .34 iywn- - - -.Q - .-43.-egg 14.1,-':g..!n-, --:,.i,f4LQf,g?,-551.-2-. f is-realize:-,ww-its-5-. ..- '- -1 9 ,if-' . 1. .: . it .f .3-'-v-f '...f-Q-:vazsfeep-:Jae-1-e.-ww: 4 K A--vrsfsf-2s1:fS'1'9f'f14-i'-Lasir" f!1:z,4'ii" I Ae 4 'f' pi 1-vj33f'11g,2 ,gicl-za'me--1-1-f-1-4g'4f3:f6,lH-esfmt.:,-sf 1 fries::.':rfr.1ref-seas . '- '- . ' - 4 ,, r Ne, . .isff-s , ,. . . ,J 1, ..s4fx-.1 . .... ..v. ...,.,,.,.. al.-. ...i Page Twenty-two .Q E? f . ...4 ,V .,. HI'-' Y " , . .,. pn.:-4 ., f-,--sv 35,3-,517-vg',,.'1 513.3-5 if-.5.:.--,3::,:.2f.-Jg,,wf,g1. 7? ' - . r I 'w-Ii-25:1151:-.iP,fg,digi:f- . . 1 in . vu r . ." V' 1'-UE U"'7".'p3 ""'p'nl L., ,,.,ff-LC4.-:.,..y,'x,. ,,-gf-5411 J f 5 . ' ' s 'rs-'. gif r-'lf-sz 9-.!g1':-. , -A -:ia - "-f,.s,.sEesg1a1139Q2, .2 ,gf 'I I 9 "fn, N :rS:'.i.1ie2rf:r:5'5fr.::.:'f1':1-41 4 H, . is' I N xv 2 " . 'Y . . I -1'z'f2+4wfrPittlfkwtfff - f '.-" :M -3i'L Wt1PnLQ,f:fa:"w i+.y1ff1'5q'.5ta 4 L Q wi5511,agg,,5gqfe'2q1k.1?'g:i1.4:f 1- fl 155' Isle , wi 'S 425.1:e"fD-'ilefii-S'K'+-Q'-fo . .N x 5, lr + 7 5,5 'sf 4,45 A I r' HENRY JOSEPH JAKACKI Branford, Conn. March 15, 1918 "lt is time to be wise when you have a beard" Well "Bashful" when will you get over your blushing age? Every- time you speak to a girl you turn as red as a beet. In a way I don't blame you, being surrounded by women. What have you got that the other boys havent. Maybe its the blonde hair? Even if we must admit it you are quite an intelligent young man when it comes to English. I wonder if you are so "shy" when you meet up with one of the weaker sex outside of school? School Orchestra. MARGARET ELEANOR DOLAN New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" November 16, 1917 "Shel: pretty to walk with And witty to talk with" Here's one of our most popular girls. She gets more fun out of school than the rest of us. Although, "Peggy" is the President of the Barnesdale junior Club and is always taking part in the activities, she manages to get her school work done and also, to attain high marks. If 'iPeggy" keeps her sweet disposition and sense of humor she is bound to be a success. We wish you luck and happiness. Amphion Club, Chairman of Welfare Committee of Girls' League: President of Girls' League, Banquet Committee. GEORGE FRANCIS KANE New Britain, Conn. "Sugar" july 14, 1917 " Keep your sunny side up" He is a sort of a quiet chap, has little to say but thinks a great deal. He has quite a tussle with his studies but he has the backbone to push him safely through. A mighty nice fellow if you get to know him, always willing to help a pal out of difficulty. When you are down and out 'iSugar" comes along and cheers you up, His one ambition is to side in with the Government, I say so because he is always talking about Civil Service exams and maybe he has a great idea in his mind, who knows? VICTORIA ELIA Hartford, Conn. "Vickie" December 29, 1917 "I n every thought sincere" "Vickie" is a bright girl who has a sunny disposition. You never see her gloomy, except when she takes an English test. She intends to become a private secretary. I think she will succeed because she is neat, sincere in her work, and unobtrusive. HENRY PAUL KRAGIEL New Britain, Conn. "RubinoH" December 22, 1917 "He that rewards flattery begs it" Henry is the happy-go-lucky boy whom we see always singing or impersonating some comedian in the corridors. His broad smile and happy disposition make him a favorite among his classmates. He was one of the cheerleaders who yelled his lungs out, so to speak, for his Alma Mater. From reliable sources, we gather that Henry is going to Pratt Institute of Technology to become an accomplished chemist. We are sure you will succeed, Henry. Cheerleader, 1934 and 19353 Banquet Committee. 'J 'rf' r .f Q. , Y V .., V ,Q ..,, -.,,?V,, , 1 , 'mg sg-:Q 1E533:f-5,53 51,-jig: 1159 J sf js52' f'ffe 5'f4 f 1 I . ff' - '- f . - - . - .A -. , - .' Av- -:fr 1 F-'T-'Cctv' TL. 'L--:Egg ,, XL gl .A 7 lg ,tgfil ' , .. - ,. , 3 ,4Y f,e .gg , 4' t t, f . 1 ' A' 1- .. WE Page Twenty-three -145. ?L'29-!:'C--:Q:..- -:- syr'-DAZQQFQ "r 4 f Q- f Wu?-:Fl-f'4f'1T-'E 1 si 'X ,rt-v.A.-, .-, -,,,,,y1.P..,,.-gr, -1 .3-1,L,1, A-V v t - , -Q , e , - .3,,i.,L,.x.fi5'. , -34.2-124'-9'g4p'5-: 1-Q Q,-:5'5E','x55 ' tyres ' - '- '4 I I' ,S 1. , - 14452 Q:-c. ,-4 1 1 J 4 4 1 3 , -fy-13wef--'f:,eSfee?-wif19w.:,-nffecilfhff 3, 23 I- Ip sv -. Ag: -5:.u.."j,'f.qgfff'5:.,,f.4, u,-iq, 5,5-.vt ., i u . 1 , ,I H.-1 ,:.-- t 7 5, , -Lrefriff S az " 'H if f 1 ,- 11, 2 -1 'i . P V 1, fx! I-l-I EDWARD ALBERT LINN New Britain, Conn. "Ed" january 9, 1917 "He is all there when the bell rings" 'AEd", is the young handsome blonde that you see all the girls looking after when he is going by. He wears a large crop of beautiful hair and his eyes are clear and sharp like a business manager of some professional baseball team. A very responsible lad, highly recom- mended by the athletic department. Qlnsurance companies and bond houses please take noticej-also recommended by the Senior High School ofhce force as an errand boy. Manager Football and Basketball Teams. ETHEL Z. EPSTEIN New Britain, Conn. "Eppy" March 3, 1918 ., "Feathers make the bird" Ethel is that dark, vivacious lass who caused such a commotion at the football games last fall. Her smart clothes, charming smile, and gay manr1er,.are envied by all. We are just a little bit doubtful, however, as to who keeps her supplied with chewing gum. But never mind, Ethel, your assets will carry you a long way. Phi Delta Sorority, C-irls' League, Prom Committee. WALTER JOSEPH LUDWINOWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Penolce" january 24, 1917 "They're only truly great who are truly good" Tradition runs wild in this family. First, is his brother joe, called "Penoke", who made the All-State Football team and who captained the football team in 1930. Later came the small six foot baby "Penoke" who captained our team to a State Championship and was awarded a trophy for the best sportsmanship shown on a football team in High School circles. His smile and his amiable personality have made him known to the student body. He eats plenty, as people say he bribed someone to elect him chairman of the Banquet Committee. As a true friend, hard worker and real sport, you can't find a better fellow. He hopes to go to school in the fall. Football '33, '35, Cvolf '34, '35, Basketball Squad '33, '34, Editor Beehive, Chairman Banquet Committee, Delta Xi Fraternity. ' ANNA LILLIAN ESHOO Hartford, Conn. "Annie" February 19, 1918 'Fairest apple hangs on highest boughn "Annie" is a jolly girl who is called 'Athe girl with the charming smile", and by her most intimate friends, "Apple Annie". "Annie" has plans of going to an Art School. Here, she will prob- ably take up fashion designing. By the way, who is the he-man that you're always talking about? I hear he plays in the orchestra. We wish you success in the future. Girls' League. GEORGE MARSHALL New Britain, Conn, "Cook" December 3, 1917 'Coodfincls good" From our contact with "Cook" we have discovered that he is a quiet and serious young man. We know that he has great ability, that he is very ambitious, and that he is a good student, by the high marks he has obtained in the past years. Our efforts to obtain knowl- edge of his ambitions for the future have failed, because of his shyness to disclose these facts, but, we are certain that they are of the finest sort and the best we can do is to see them furthered. We offer our sincere best wishes for his good luck and success. 4 0' 1'-Ac., - - -- - . - - - -- -w - .A L. ' -'Gf' awe'1431212'qi'-4::9f'L'g:-'---215'gal!-:ist -.-iz , Q .H-2 stiff-P5 I . L' i 1 guuffvgs , ,4.:Q".t mbqltlfafmkr - . ' 511, -,r-43?,,3g5f -:w.f-vias'-:saga-Sfzeifge-at'S 0"-' ke- STM t iff". 1' ' A ' ' 4 .'t."'i RSf'?f'l' f -f't"I"7:'E'f"?!'3'35a"5'4"33ff.i'5E'f5i42E7f!?2i' X "' J Q. -2 -'i' - . ' 2 sff""o"+'+' -2-Y' Page Twenty-four .41 ' .31 "-' :H-':f.'1f'1f: wt- -Fri-a'9s3"7'E'v . ' 'T' 'J-'1f'Q,xF1'f'i'4ff'-''Jf'v:1wNf1"-ii-.r'-"""-X'-'r'x , -.--is --:-if'-4' p:,af.-f:- " -:a1,y,.avT,f: - fl, . -, , - , g 1 -.-.p-L.-,-F1-': --cf-w - :gf,.,. af.-,--.-ng Us -ha .-.5-:T-':yr2v-g.f1,-pxrfvxll. -,vg.., .1 . . f. s L a -ml, :Mem arf- -4--.-' --,.14,-.ppp-if-bf 7- Ls.:-.: r :1'f:3' "Lf: vi --L 1" 51 ' 1 " 'Mr ' 4 I gi 7,,j'.ue, 4.,.f"."f n ., 4 H I I ' 7-is ,-.113 .933 2 5:5-,a " -goes' 'sq " 1 ' eta " "Vs - , ifglxv. Z , I-1-I GEORGETTE FRANCES FRANEK Waterbury, Conn. "Cette" july 19, 1918 "The rose of enjoyment" "Cette" is a keen minded girl, full of pep and fun. She always seems to be enjoying herself, but we notice that she gets high marks in her subjects too. Tell us the secret, "Gette". We are sure that "Cette", having chosen a business career for her future, will be a great success in that Held. -Iunior College Club. BENJAMIN MELTZER New Britain, Conn. "Bennie" February 23, 1918 "1 tx is not necessary to leach a jlsh to swim" Speaking in the vernacular of the streets, "Bennie" is one "swell guy." lf you want to know anything about music just meet "Bennie", and he will explain it to you. "Bennie" is bound for success. Here's hoping we will hear him playing with Rudy Vallee or some band of the came caliber in the near future. Orchestra '33-'36, Band '35, '36, Chorus. SUSIE MARION ESMAIL New York, New York "Sue" February 28, 1917 "Women are made to give our eyes delight" "Sue" is the vivacious girl with the beautiful, dark, curly tresses that we all envy, A keen interest and enthusiasm has always domin- ated her school work and we are sure that these traits will certainly bring success to anything she undertakes. We admire her genuine sincerity and earnestness and may all kinds of good luck be hers in life. Girls' League. Track Squad '33. all know that she will reach her goal. Girls' League. JOEL MOLCHAN New Britain, Conn. "joe" March 28 1918 "To bear is to conquer our fate" "joe" is a very good skater and likes to play hockey. He is a good sport and makes a Hne pal or friend. "joe" is only a small fellow but what he lacks in height and weight he makes up with speed and agility He hopes to be a postal clerk in New Britain. MARY JESELD FRUSCELLA New Britain, Conn. October 18 1917 A'Quiet persons are welcome everywhere" Mary is one of our quiet type of girls who is always willing to help others. lt is not known to many, but Mary is an accomplished piano player and hopes someday to attain the skill of "Eddie Duchin . V v '. ,.- . .21 -"'N",,.' - ?:5""i."7 "'?'40'Y' "- Y " " - ,, ' A:-' ' " ' T-A 1-- f A' 'JI' 3151561 1521- 'f 1' ga 475 5 1 . zf ' QQQVQWP . 1-1-,,4,L-,AF4-H::':.4,.. -. ,, 4.4 I ' . V , , , - 4 h., -.. -,f, , ,.. ,tg-T:-+. .- "'-233.-1-.1-.fpstf:2?5:S5!b3asQ-aSaH?'rll'2l-15-- Cl. ff' v gt- -' - -ri Ms .'f:r'7'f4:192a:Mf14if--:vis 1-,,-1.5-914,----Q4-,la:-1-'52X-tts:-er .. tu A-L' f. - A A , 3 .-.1 -,gag ',qi-7,.w-K-.-.:-:.r9.tsf5dE 1 " 7-'f-in.':,frr-sv-:T"Ifa4?vrf2'-'Qeffzfe- t-m v, ' - - A 11 .i A sf- 1 A :. retffiasswflfeveaffril,-5s. Page Twenty-five 1 1 1 f td' .. -,-- f.. , ,..-. ru--f -"' .- N- .' , f Na- 1. , 12'-.-:..-vsgftlgd,-,wt'1p3'...g-,-4,3-11313 . fr. - in - f, 'ff'-E-:.,:, -.. ., J 9 .. .-.r .- .- .F-,V V- . 1.1 . - .4 1 0. 914.1 .. -ff' ,-:.,. 251- 11,95-uf 9:Ng1!"N5t- 11'-1-. -- fp 4 9' 9 "- 5 U.-gg,-.,4'-,v. 'I 7 4 L 3 ,faigtjgfgaf-512.2--,.2f1.h.f,qQf:3g5i:g.9-if r 3.3: 12,445,721 lgsiibg.-..:aj,?gn5 A N if' '--" .t fi'."-'s.'r?'hv LEE- 114-'-'L' r . - 1 1 ' ' ' :-'. 12? re-11' ' ' :pa .f f-, ' '-3l.g4S:.:l25'1F.q'5T3,:2l:,, .3 0,5 'I I 9 'lm "' "' 1' ' . , .. . .A 4 , I ,, . '6 .Jay M-i"' ' . Za , 2 u-,-s ALDO MILANESE Higganum, Conn. "Al" january 24, 1916 " He is all there when the bell rings" Aldo was our Fiery football manager. He is a small fellow but he certainly told those husky football brusers just what not to do. He won the admiration of all the football players by his hard and untiring work. He is a good scholar and has a very sunny disposition. Manager of Football Squad '35. HELEN FLORENCE GACEK Bristol, Conn. "Tucky" December 1, 1917 "She pleases all lhe world" We wonder what would happen if "Tucky" wasnt with us during our High School days. We certainly would have missed her smiles and sunny disposition, especially in the English class. Will she ever stop getting 10072, in spelling? Her popularity and good humor have gained her many friends. We hear you are going to Morse College. We're all for you "Tucky". Keep up the good work. By the way, what's the big attraction out in Bristol. Phi Omega Sorority, Girls' League. MARIE MARGARET GALLOWAY New Britain, Conn. August 9, 1917 "Look at the bright side" Marie is a quiet, unassuming girl who hopes to become an Interior Decorator. She has a very pleasing personality and is always willing tohelpothers. Who does Marie go to see every Monday at the Palace? We think Marie will be a famous lnterior Decorator someday, because she is getting plenty of practice at home. Good luck to you in the future, Girls' League. CARMELLA MARY GERARDE New Britain, Conn. A'Millie" September ll, 1917 'She is beautyft self" She is a quiet unassuming young lady whose one ambition is to be a successful and invaluable stenographer to her future employer. We all envy "Millie's" lovely brown eyes. She would do well in Hollywood. Best of luck in all that you strive for, "Mi1lie". Girls' League, KENNETH GREATOREX OLSON New Britain, Conn. "Ken" january 10, 1917 MGet an ideal. Life becomes real" Here is a fellow who has his future all mapped out. A farmer's life is to be his. His moving to a farm brought about this state of affairs. He expects to make a real living out in the country. Al- though he may live on a farm, he .is no back number in other ways. He is especially popular with the girls. His future seems to be parti- cularly bright in every respect., Class Night Cast. -a .Q-71' 'f 2 V- .f . , 4 K r 0' A .tht . 'f '.:.f'v.1,'3:3-31:--,g,,e,g.'n.-,ipaq .ua :Him ff- 1- . ' - ff I . -n'115lf56ra'52T'-'Graziafaifkzfs'-2.1:fE:vf me-Ls' L f- fy-taf 1 ' ' -. 'i' 'F""lQ7"Y' 'is-'wiiilsffs,-mfflfffiiifwfe 1 Q t -4' 5' ' " " 7' " fi'g?'1e 1-:fa ' S 'NP' 'W' t g - 7 - .. V ' it . r ' N-diff ,.. ' ' Q-in Page Twenty-six ,- .." 't 2. 4 w .'.w-i.-e-.f.f.,--Q-..ff:-.uw-sw 4- V 'f ' Q:-f1:.if1'P':1'-wev.'.u1ef.1f:"ixs -,-- ..-..,.,.,,:,,p. 5 v.,,,-.,:a , ,ar .- '. ff., - , . , '..,,.-,4..,.-Q.: 41, shglh 1.-rt:Q-:Effiwtra-43541.-rear-'Qfzhlzaftlfir 12441 20 if-. vf2!f9!l51Gss"S'c4sah2eraihz-tize 1 L 1 :ra-if-M'::!1,f-iff.:-Har:rf .fi-it--,iff-w-f"2' 1:2 'F ' ' 11" 3: "1 ' 3212-S1 12QQE'f:h5-11fe5':'4-'tie 'f''5i"'1'ffi'S.'-"""7CE1?' :'HQ'E45i5f-'ffglzf ff' ,'- P, -,+.' 'I4'T2?p'l'v133ki:2lA'ff17:'?F'fQ!T?jjf,' N 7,55 fi- 1 -,gg-.1-::1r.5Lg.1f,F3+.g51 .. ,g l . 2 vp, ' ff:-.2ma22fe2r:f.'?.-fr.::K:'ze'-:-wr ga Q xl, ak ow ' I g I CARL MICHAEL PARETTA New Britain, Conn. "Moe" December 24, l9l6 "Live, love, and conquer" Ulvfoeu has been one of our best basketball players during the last two years. He has also played on our championship football team, He is a quiet sort of a fellow. His friends think that he abides by that age-old proverb, "Silence is golden". Besides being athletically inclined he is also a good student. He hopes to go to a well-known college next fall. Basketball Squad '33, '34, '35, Football '34, '35, Zeta Nu Fraternity. ANNA GERENT New Britain, Conn. "Tabby" March 25, l9l8 "Business is the salt of life" Every morning one minute before the bell rings, Anna comes into the room. Every Monday Anna goes to the show. I wonder if there is some other attraction there besides the pictures. She likes type- writing and shorthand very well. Girls' League. ALICE MARION GITLAVITZ New Britain, Conn, "Al" December 4, l9l7 "Small things are best" Here you have a bit of vim, vigor, and vitality. A bit she truly is, for Alice is not quite hve feet tall. Sometimes we wonder how Nature rolled up so much wit, charm and brains land oh, what brainsll into this small creature. Alice will comply with an ancient Gitlavitz tradition by going to T. C. C., there to carry on what other Gitlavitzes have begun. Sweep them off their feet, Alice! Junior College Club, Representative of Girls' League. 5 HELEN CATHRYN GONSKI New Britain, Conn. "Holly" january l, 1918 MSludies serve for delight" Here's a young lady who plans to do something that will make usc of the French language, Studies don't seem to bother Helen, and she doesn't let them interfere, to any extent, with her outside activities. Her wit and ready laughter lend charm to any conversation, We wish you the best of luck at Radcliff where we hope you will achieve success in whatever you attempt. junior College Club, Girls' League. HILMER ERWIN PARSONS New Britain, Conn. Cctober 3, l9l7 "Silent men are deep and dangerous" Hilmer is that likable boy with the studious air about him. Every so often he moves-Silently and mysteriously. No wonder the girls fall for him! But don't try to hurry him, he just must have time to think things over. Perhaps this is the reason he is a good student. Anyway he is well connected, for he is a brother to "Bear" Parsons who was a star football player three years ago. He has many friends in school and out. . . as-4,..g fi-Q-at-:ws-4-var' -- 1 -f - .. - " '-e.f'w:-fury V 3- f H .- .cf , - , 14,'ii'?"aCi'255"f5'5":'f''Sf' is-4 4 ff- at V -2 - we ,Q-uv-., F:-'www L 1':ef-vs:w.-'-S:ts3:'92-f1-155551 u'.avQ1?' Lam? . -- . f '.1, fpffiggiifef " '- fp-551. -' i -Z-L'f'5i1-5?1T5-'SEPFii?'vrrfI'-'MFA-sfL fn , ' A ' f' -V V - 'ff -i c? rf fN1fS:sii1' fi- f Page Twenty-seven ...W an-.: -- 'W f-Q. 1 ., - .M -yr.-Y-"v9,' 'L ' Q, ' a-w.g1.x.c',:-41.15-.av f.'5.-.--'q'.4f.-ssl tif----.-'A' .- f"'-1' .1-'J::1i!1Ff?'-9'PJ4l'-2157 741 23'-17I.7514i', . - 1' j 1 'Q V 5 - 'g "5'Fli'1L-'fpi-'I',f-2515-1:If'35.?.-THQ' 4'-'ffl -it 5, fig- 38,1 ,.1. vigfireGsiafssf-veg!-PMLtfggggrvlt-.-Lwi. 'sr . --.. :T :A--fp.1A,.g'-5 'U 1315 155- ,Lf -:-- ' ' . '. ' .1 .11l'+.5,x.'Zr . Divx," Vi, ..-Fi-'gl' -- ' f.ff"f1:+fcfQ's"sg-rfsmtfazggdsavSfHq2Z .e 5 'f' ,' ' 'L ' .J x,Es2?-?g?:5,'1-,i:svs,:g51B::n-WS-'vu-ff - -fri' sara,..-rg,-f1-,iwf,gg7.:.s.mapg1r.1:gs.5,,y - .J ' P Aa, ' ezf:f.1-mflwfresw-.-rr.:2-e.:+'E11x.-ea2fs,ie7f rg YM? 11, ur.. ,, . 'Y f I l I JOSEPH ALEXANDER POSKUS New Britain, Conn. "jap" November 19, 1917 A'l'lI publish right or wrong Fools are my theme, let satire he my song" The student who because of his energetic work graduates in two and a half years. Unlike L'Allegro, he loves to dance, whistle, and work in a grocery store, and also save money for his higher education. His disappointment in high school was not to have founded a school paper. His urgent warning to undergraduates is to pay more atten- tion to books and not to the opposite sex. DORIS MARIE HART New Britain, Conn. February 24, 1918 "Sweetest thing that ever grew" Doris' quiet ways hide a deep appreciation of niceties. Her friend- ships are lasting and whole-hearted and she would gladly put herself out to do anyone a favor. It is understood, she plans to go away to school, but decidedly not to major in Latin or French. May we suggest that she do a little more drawing with those clever fingers of hers. But stay just as you are, Doris, and we feel sure that you will go far in the future. Alpha Alpha Sorority, Class Night Cast, Girls' League Repre- sentative, Photo Committee. ANNA HAWRYLIK New Britain, Conn. October 3, 1913 "A smile in her eye" Anna, though she is one of our quietest classmates is also one of our most popular. Her career is still undecided but we know good luck will follow her in whatever she does. Best Wishes! 1 opportunity will knock at your door. N. B. S. T. S. A. A. 2, 3, 4. EVELYN SMITH BELCHUM New Britain, Conn. "Evy" December 14 1917 "Sweet are her ways" I wonder what the reason is for "Evy's" daily appearance at the Quartette Club. just as the bell rings to end the period Evy is seen rushing out of the room to a certain post inthe corridor Well keep it a secret even though it is a great temptaifffnrl Isnt Evy the girl who contributed the most potatoes for th6'Girls League Po tato-Penny campaign? The office job she is waiting for will probably come her way before long. Keep up the good work and you 11 find that JOHN SELEMAN New Britain, Conn. "Sully" October 31 1917 " He's still on the golden standard of silence "Su11y"' always leaves us wondering just what happens to a poker face when the "blow-off" finally comes. His quiet, unruffled manner has a tendency to excite our envy. He likes everyone, interferes with no one, and expects nothing from anyone. y lf trouble ever comes his way he probably won t even recognize it A ., A 1115j.,.L',...I'.,.-r"j:1,1,L,'r,uft:-SQ-L'f""-'i'40'Q7 - g -f . , - A - - - ,1 ' wg' '11-'fgzgryjh-,np-,g ' 1 . ..,gsagagf "' ses 1 ,H-f 1112:-K1-if,-:.1v1f'12f-.-::':h'2 ' J. - .' ""4-f frsfsw 'F-'11 -. .iffziif '- M , , A 'fi 4 f fffai:ffrw?x.2:,rfQ2f-favtsfrawfffsf.-2 , .. . ' 'W 'sam' -1' X X J Page Twenty-eight .-.---4:'.--'zfrrlff:c4.1,:.l.'f-4--syfifaijgiv F-.1 T ' 42'-45:51,-'42-iff' J -A .g-A-:'qw::-'1f.l.'ff'-2-lr-f-ff-f'-snuff.,rf .- -'- 's ' ' - :'ffm'-1--1-f.-:-,- ' 1 -' ffga- -'f,f'G:1. 1 ff " f lu? 515555.-..'g.69fi,:' 4lq.L..'1'54.Q?:g'25 . 'fr I- D " ' 315'-IQ-2:-'Q rm , f ,Q az ." I ' fly f fe-+L, C6 .A sg, -Q41 2 1- 1' 'G 5 I-Fl LOUIS JOSEPH SKRZYPEK New Britain, Conn. uScrappy" August 10, 1910 "Brute force shall not rule" Louis is one of those unfortunate athletes who is handicapped by size and weight. His nickname Hts him perfectly. lf he were endowed with a larger body we feel sure that he would have starred in all three major sports. He is a good student and a very witty fellow. Basketball '33-'35, HELEN THERESA JACYNOWICZ New Britain, Conn. ujacyu january 10, 1918 "Good things are wrapped in small parcels" She may be small but she is sure big at heart. We wonder what there is about the navy that attracts her. You never see her without the other two musketeers. "jacy" always has her work done on time and she never refuses to do anything that is asked of her. We are all wishing you luck in the years to come. Girls' League. ANNA MARY KARLONAS New Britain, Conn. "Ann" February 27, 1918 "Good nature wins the heart" Who can fail to associate all that is humorous and fun-loving with 'iAnn's" name? She has the knack of being able to find an oppor- tunity to draw a laugh even on very solemn occasions. Her pleasant disposition has won her a host of friends who will surely wish her good fortune in the years to come. mer. Zeta Nu Fraternity. . , 1 ""l1f-,--,',g,-?J --'flfjlfl'--1 ,:' QJj"?'2'f""4f51 Q- ' " 4' r . ' - 4' - nr 1 -, , " -1 -if 53: -- . . 1 1 -QWQWG' t ' 1 ff s t, U .. , 1 1 "1-of 4: ,. H U. lies, K If fa. , Page Twenty-nine 1 ELEANOR EVA KING New Britain, Conn. "Queenie anuary 21 1919 "A well graced actress Eleanor is the tap-dancer of our class She made hersell famous by her appearance on our Amateur Night program last year She does her school work well even if she does not study much Good luck on that new job of yours and don't eat too much' Girls' League Representative. Member of Social Welfare Com mitteeg Class Night Committeeg Class Night Cast ANGELO JOHN SPEZIALE Rocky Hill, Conn. "Spezie November 7 1910 "One stroke fells not an oak i'Spezie" is one of our hard Working Zeta Nu boys who helped to form his fraternity. One of his pet aversions is that of arguing and he cares not whether the subject be politics scholastic matter or social life as he is always up to the moment with them all lncidentally he is one good reason why so many girls flock to Sound View every sum f ' E, . ... as :' ..'- 1.-.rx-3:c,.f,-,.. are ,v:'-jlgljlfr H- . ,. - ' L--95,51-7'41-Li' I -.fx sl:-iflwf' p1,awr:. -f:::14,,z.uF5., . ,-. - . V , gd! -1:.,t'.t.-.. .-A . f at ."?u: I--.044 .-- A,-, 'sh . -:rg--, I - 4 '- 0 - . s ldv.. J :ft-'-' te 11 15' -52.2 www t ' ' 2. 1 Q15 '--3'2" Jig"-'Q 'f7'P1- ' 2139142 if!! 1 ., 1 I l' ' - .YT '5L""'l f 51 I 4'- -: :la 7f'f'3!s5lfJ-L:"f . .S I 'l i 9 '30, -ffi53fiw5'iz.5Ff2w -' 'C Jw' ,, . ,, ,.. .... ,....,i 4 ,.,, A .H . - '34 X' . 'W 2: 'I like I l I HENRY jACOB STEIN New Britain, Conn. "Hens" january 24, 1918 "Every why hath a wherefore" "Hens" seems to be a human whistling bird. He had given many a teacher a headache by his mysterious whistling as he is capable of making a whistle in the manner of a peanut roaster without even opening his mouth. Henry plans to enter the C. C. C. as he is anxious to help the U. S, A. in any manner possible. HELEN THERESA KOBIELA New Britain, Conn. August 4, 1916 " Her ways are pleasant ways" Helen will be remembered for her delightful disposition long after most of us are forgotten, No one seems to know what Helens plans for the future are, but likes all people of ability and energy, she will either be rich or famous, or oth. GENEVIEVE ROSALIE KULMACZ New Britain, Conn, 'ljeann September 4, 1917 'Quietness is best" Quiet and shy has been "jeans" attitude during her years in N. B. H. S. Her conscientiousness has won her many friends. She is one of the hard workers of Miss Crawley's shorthand classes. May success be hers in every venture, ELEANOR RUTH LARSON New Britain, Conn. "El" january 25, 1918 "Eager in studies" A studious girl who says she never studies but always manages to pass her Final test with a high mark. Although a quiet girl in ap- pearance, she has plenty of pep. She plans to be a hairdresser in the future. Boys and girls who want to become beautiful and handsome should see her. May good luck follow you wherever you go. Girls' League. GEORGE WILLIAM STEVENSON New Britain, Conn. "Geo" March 16, 1917 "lt never rains but it pours" George is without doubt the busiest person in the school fdoing nothingj. He is that handsome chap who is seen dashing through the corridors at any time. Without doubt he is one of the most popular boys in the school, he. always has a good word and glad hand for every- body. Because of his popularity with the girls he is present at all social functions. His magnetic personality should carry hi'm far in any direction. Good luck Stevie. 011' " 1 -f ' - . - 'fs "" ' 1'-4,1 wa 19 1m1k:2".:wt1f:1'.-4: 'e-nw ' - 1: 4. 'ff if 2514+ 1 f 4 af T 1 ,Multi ., -W , --. . - .- ' f 1-. , ' -.-g --.- -,.-. wr-f ,W-., .w,,. - ' '5' A 'W' .. ' 5,-if f - -- - .. A '--' +61-.Y-t 3'7Z?'w'T339v:7iws-I-Ur1533-'s1'w,-i?QP.':+. 1 -' -,zsy .nf B , K, .,, 3 ' , 1 -A -Q 213: -:ff . -- .piyfzq-:-'hxlvtvafr-eiifsafe-f-521454-14.alfa: it fi" 'Yi aan , .. ' ff .1 - P ai'1Pi-1:7 Page Thirty New Britain Conn. july 26, l9l7 "Every bird is known by its feathers" .6 .. 1,4 ,-,,f'. ttf' Z' 6:1 l . 2' " f I I I .. I--JT . .. V- 'nr-wr'-:'ai3". Q. .- 'f ' 15fw.'s:.f:v1f,1w,':M1415-".+.a: ' ,ag -VH..5:.,cg,,7f,,5,.,,,74g,,-.hL,,n z- '. f., . -, . 1, , 5-jst.:-.g.-:.F1.7g,y5,-..:3g.LL,,,,,, l, ri-'fa' .W iw. w'M-iesleiariazwfi:?fE.?:?ifse"F51 '. .A ' " 'Y' af " Eflsntiifafftrififezifiazfa-zeaff. Elf.-111-ff'Kzfi'3b':b3 v sfHafb:5iiIQ.i?. .1-, ,,.,i !'l l 2 ' wif:-.maasf-ifrmtfr.:2z':f'e'31vmie9S.w MICHAEL STEIN Mike is a very ambitious and studious worker. He is reliable and serious-minded and does all his work on time. He seldom Hunks a test or fails to get supplementary credit. He is interested in sports and is very popular with his classmates. "Mike" intends to become a mining engineer and with his intelligence we are sure he will be a big success. Mineralogy Society, Photograph Committee. MARY THERESA LOGWIN New Britain, Conn. "Mae" September I, l9l7 "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Mary always has a gay smile for everyone. She never shirks in her school work and is always ready for fun. She is a real friend, never failing to help you when you are in need of a pen, pencil, or cheering up. All Mary needs is a good remedy to cure her constant laughter. SOPHIE LUKASZEWICZ Scranton, Penn. "Ginger" October 28, l9lo "Divinely tall and divinely fair" "Ginger" is one of the loveliest red heads to pass through the portals of N. B. H. S. Her beauty is completed by her sweet and charming manner. "Cinger's" masculine admirers are numerous. We don't know her future plans but we expect her to succeed her namesake, Ginger Rogers, when the celebrated star retires. LENA MARY MAFFEI Bridgeport, Conn. "Lee" August 29, l9l7 "Pretty to walk with" Lena has never intended to finish high school but some instinct kept her here and I know she is glad, Lena is an all-around irl. She is ready to do anything at any time. She may be late fir school sometime, but she is usually in with a good excuse. Cvirls' League. MARIETTA CASHEN MAGUIRE New Britain, Conn. May l5, 1918 A'What she wills to do or say seems wisest" Marietta is our charming Editor-in-Chief. She was born very good-looking and still is, and will be a long time yet to come. She was one of our shining socialites. ln fact, the Theta Sigma Fraternity c0uldn't have gotten along without her. Of course, she likes some boys better than others but naturally it just couldnt be helped. Marietta was also a good student and quite a genius when it came to English. She intends to go to college if she can save enough spondulix to satisfy her craving for fine raiment and chocolate bon-bons She will probably marry the Presidents son when she gets out. Save a dance for me, Marietta. Beta Mu Sororityg Amphion Dramatic Club, Girls' League, Chair- man, Class Nightg Editor, Beehive, Class Night Cast. .. 1 . that.V-5.15:--'It:Z:f.1mv:1':b"'.i':-'-41'Q1"'P1' " we -r - - ' -J ' " ' z-af -wa:m'2z11'1:w,:-':'f-1112-vw f .,.g'.' 1 -f,':- 'g,'?ff-5-gg - .. - x. . . ff - . ' - - A , . -5+ ,e , '.-qw, ,,. 1: 1 'tl-'-Dev fs, 'G-Pig.. ff-,k-fr 35 I1 9455 ' " .3 -tmfesfigk -: f ' 1 . ' "'?51rfi-ITir'?f':T'W5'f'v'?f'i-'?fffn5bT 1, ' -- ' ' fl' . .V F f's5f'?'99'-f"3"v?' " A Page Thi rt y-one . vw 5 .,1g:.'xsg ,-q..:.:... ar- ,,u:g,1gq-'cfs N- ,. i- ' -5-,ys,.sf1.--1-ard: , gx 5 fa' T7,1,.g,4v.?..L.,.-gf,p.g:,1,-Lf,Pt,.g -X .if . ' . V , gifs,-'.g.-,rgg-1 11'--63554.ifbQS'5wjf5xfi?S2HCQglfi.-55' ' 513: L' ,Ny 1 ' ,, " ' ' 4 . ,'. f.. Si,-:.'s,g-.ff-,.,-,. ,, ,.p,--W.: , , , . , . 5. -.-'11-,rg-1.2 pm.. ' ru' -14 :-I'-I +- '- 7 ' -51 2:-'wg'-'f x f 'wx ft.,2Maxis-5-,,1:2pE5gg'fg1gii:i 3 , 4 .. I ,f -eh, . ,,g:1,f,9.-5,5g513ta.f fsufg . -...,. , ,. A ,U . . a, 2 abr its . I-rl JOSEPH GEORGE SYLVESTER New Britain, Conn. "joe" October 14, 1918 "Virtue is the fountain whence honour springs" 'ijoeu is a very good student of English, besides this he is a rabid sport fan, although he doesn't participate actively. It is rumored that he hopes to become famous in the literary field. We wish you luck "joe", but you had better follow the example of some of the other great literary men and have your works published after your death. DOROTHY EVELYN MCKNERNEY New Britain, Conn. "Dottie" July 20, 1917 "On with the dance" l An intense dislike for green. ls very lrish. Drives her own car. Likes Dancing. Likes young men who drive black shiny cars. Z. 3. 4. 5 o. Teaches Sunday school. 7. Belongs to Delta Gamma. 8. Brown e es with a certain fascination which have been known to Y both alarm and amaze certain freshmen. 9 Startled a freshmen class by her appearance so they called out, "Oh Boy". Delta Gamma Sigma Sorority: Girls' League. JEAN PARSONS Hackensack, New jersey i'Pars" june ZZ, 1918 i'Atlracting all like a magnet" jeans charming personality has endeared her to teachers and classmates alike. We will all miss her cheerful, "Hello, how are you?" lt would take too many pages to enumerate all jeans masculine admirers. lt all began with the Senior president when jean was a freshman and, now, we wonder about those trips to Boston. An orchid to you, jean, for that superb performance in the Glass Night play. Who knows we may have another Katherine Hepburn in our midst. Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' League, Class Night Play. Girls' League. New Britain, Conn. captivated by this slip of a girl? name among "Who's Who". -f- -.',:.ffNi1:::f.-.-Vf.z5:'r'.1-4-,wg-1' - -' . A -. - 1- 1 - - 2' '?,:aa:.e"42?1-wif:":t . of . Jffgi v .- -tawfwlf f 4' 1-' ,- J "Hisx:5e'rfEv3ef1Fa?r?:wffffaffbi " W ,A ' ' L-. was K" Pa- f Page Thirty-two LUCY GERTRUDE PERZAN New Britain, Conn. 'iLou" October Z7 1917 'iSweetness, goodness in her person shined This young lady never thinks of the future but takes life as it comes along. She thinks the place for her books over the week end is in her homeroom. What is the main attraction for her in Rockville Connl STELLA PASKALASKIS "Five feet two, eyes of blue Laughing blue eyes and her vivaeity distinguish this engaging young miss from her other classmates Which of us hasnt been We are sure that the future annals of the class of 36 will find her .., , ,. -3--.rf f.f,':?i'aq.!'"f'-L2:,-- ga, H52-"WS" We ": I . P- , f Vighzfgg-J4E'gff I 'O 2,rx-:ref3225242254:f54Q:5.1r55:,i2Jgi,3iffig, .--. 34,1 .gs Q,-, ' ,gigizztaggze 1 , 51: 1119"1wr1',,e .11 151' bg.:w':q+,ji-f ' 1 5 D ' Vi -1- . '-'?':'7'- 'fa- Vri nqrwr: 'L 'll' xqpl. 'L+ ir- IV' 5 W' lsr-u 9 Vile? S:'a-flfLf'5:fia"9'z 9-v':2"'1'1?5 - ' if ' lily? , -f,i:...,z, J ,i w I i f 'fs -'fififaisif-x1r?3's " '3 ' fnwsiik I-Fl ROBERT ERIK SWANSON New Britain, Conn. "Swaney" April 28, 1917 "Pride feels no cold" "Swaney" is a quiet unassuming chap who is very agreeable. He is a tall, handsome fellow who doesn't give any of the girls a break. He likes athletics very much, especially track. He hopes to go to a higher institution in the fall. Track Squad '34, '35. GLADYS ELIZABETH PETERSON New Britain, Conn. "Red" August 5, 1918 "The rose is red" Gladys is that red headed girl you see in the corridors, and who knows practically everyone she sees. Most of her friends call her "Red". She is usually worried about some test or other, and then fools us all by getting an She is always ready for fun and has a very charming personality. Girls' League. HELEN JOYCE PICH New Britain, Conn. 'iPich" October 21, 1918 "A womans way is invariably the other way" The popular girl who always lets her work lag along is known to her friends as "Pichy". Mr. ,james will have a rest from now on for "Pichy" will be out of school and no more excuses or dismissals will be necessary. Girls' League. teased her, but she is a grand girl. Girls' League. afar. Happy landings, june. g. , .v-GifsJ.:.Q-"'2IlJ.1-3 -I'EJ5"l.'5-1f"" "GW 4' "' ' . ' . " "inf T. 'W -' 2 is Z71 - 1 - J,-bf-:lim 3695 -'llrjjf , fe 4,1 greg--zjsggifiee.-' -saggy-jf? :ff an , ., -2 - , . - -63, sf 1- in 3 '...s5.qf,.,f, 5:3 Mfg... ,egg-55,35 1. -, 4 1 -ml, - Ui K 5 - V V A f K, guy? . ,. 2 u- A .f-J-V, K W , I V - r. ,. 'k'23C?- ,QW wi 3 'L 811, ,Q f' Page Thirty-three CECELIA MARTHA PILESKI New Britain, Conn. "Cel" November 19 1917 "Charms strike the sight, but ment wins the soul Cecelia was one of our hard-working dependable classmates who learned much in school because she worked at the job Still she wasn't one of those who never have any fun in life She wore a new finger wave for him nearly every clay and she blushed when vou JUNE PITTSINGER New Britain, Conn. "Pittsi" june l 1917 "Sweet floweret of the rural shade june is another one of that select group from Newington We weren't very well acquainted with june but we all admired her from We are sure that she is a valuable friend to a few fortunate people MJ- ' 0' , 4, I , , , , . . .-yi-':',..2g.-ggi-gi-:..4.,... 1.-alggfgg' 'Fam H5 f f , Q. if ' 3-.-fq,,::.13sL-:s3gy,'ga ex 'X 3' 5, j.'5'f,Gfg!?'fg2fl??gQ4:'Qif:Q,4,g-I15111 J,-142 A: '. i . 0 ' .M Q fl ' ij12Qvj1K3r,2.2'!'JE 1 4, 4 1:1-'VIL' "Li 4 va "' ' fo 4. ll ' i 'ff'5'1'1C1Q'S,'-'?.'FfiE1?u'55'K'Qi11'.i:"Ieff2l.r ff' ," P, ,f F-q::2,':v:s?.f,sg-gary-3 xy,V--'tgr1-as-gr-5..-s.y.c5g.if,,,Aq.5r+',. g.. ,fii i I J Aft .zfz-.2.ms2!cfr:snrr. 1' xl. K 1 I .I GEORGE BLANEY TAYLOR, JR. New Britain, Conn. "Tail" December 23, l9l7 "Great gifts are from great men" "Tail", the high school orator, goes on his way. And it certainly seems to be the right way too. His work in school has been practically without a flaw. Whenever an especially hard question confronts the class, "Tail" can be depended upon to have the correct answer. Not only does he excel in scholarship, but he weilds a mean tennis racquet, being a standout on the school team. His charming manner has made him very popular. We're all proud to know him, We hope he follows the footsteps of his two brothers who have gone to Yale on scholarships. Tennis '34, '35, Amphion Club, Banquet Committee. DOROTHY PORTER New Britain, Conn. "Dot" june 1, 1918 "Better late than never" A'Dot's" willingness to join in doing her part in any worth while function, is one of her outstanding qualities and her constant smile will surely be missed. May we recommend that she set her clock about two minutes fast. This might overcome that last minute rush. Because of her pleasing disposition we know many lasting friendships will come to her. Vice-President junior College Club '35, '36, Motto Committee. JOAN HENRIETTA POST lvoryton, Conn. i'Noanie" june 3, 1917 "She toiled nol, neither did she spin" joan has a very nice disposition. Her greatest ambition is to finish stenography and become a private secretary. She spends her spare time writing letters to a certain C. C. C. boy. Well Joan, we hope that your plans for the future work out just as vou want them to. HELEN MARION RADAVICH New Britain, Conn. A'Rady" October 22, 1917 " Keep on smiling-" "Radie" is a lively, brisk, good-natured and good-looking girl. She is a friend to all, and has a disposition that is sweet and mild. When- ever "Radie" has a worried look on her face we know she is worrying about her English or Latin Cmostly Latinj. She does very well in school, but her most skillful pastime is blushing. l-lere's another one of our future nurses and we know she will make a good one. Girls' League. ADA LOUISE RASPANTI "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market" "Nan" is the little girl whose friendship we all treasure. "Nan" and you'll hit the top before long. ,-e::5f2s.'::"+'f4' " ' ' '- ' - . - f e 'i .+- "' ' . 1'-?.f 1' 19 lHn111Q'.ri".L-:X-511:wr 1'5::5'e5:fr?i312fz5 53, Y A W . -'vw-'Q , 9Ziv5:.:v-'f12v:1ft,s:+'-af.'476f1 1 , ,J 1 11-fm 'a,g,:'f -, ,.:'h'2"2f. . . A ' ' -r V:-wig. Y .''fs'zQ:gig.-5255445:gs-L f ' v f f, 225-fxgzu rwxiw- Sf? fi ' . -' - . 1 ...av-mia 2- 'ggzrvfeu-tmzingsfaaessn f Page Thirty-four New Britain, Conn. 'ANan" August 17 1917 She has captivated us all with her winning spirit. Keep it up .A..',,-,:.-sf.-:-s.,,.,....v..,w4.1xy'fzw J -' . if ' is mflfgil1f4zgf,m1::-wi::sun . '5g'.X1.'a3s:g2.-.ff-'f. , -- .sg-phgffgv. :,.g.-yr.:-ss: ,Lnyt -: ,- .V - . 3 - - . .533-.g ---'fp.,.-,ffggr-1 --.,- -:-c,- -A.. - ,A-.. .5 V, up . 119-454iii325631555-?H'i?2Wiikifiii' I fjf: g- ,vu ifigl-Hs:iwSL,':5s:veg?:?4?k:i?55642-.-6wif:-QHf5i'.'f'- ' ,.,5,g,,.:-ifw,-.,..,4-1.53.5 5.,':,,-,75,,,.,.,c,.. - Q f . , ,-,ig ,,,a,..,q,:w.-i.---n. Q-1.-'I-,wg f- . ,':f.g pany '45 nu. '-.-11" i1f:'qf-': izfl-?,,':E-V-4gzviffflajf n ., 4 4 I Y V V - ,sf 4 l f', fi - -A" "f - " - A -I .1 '-. 4--,f,1:7f.'J--Q-.. - 0.0 f--. v.-' I W f 5 LUCIAN WALTER TERCYAK New Britain, Conn. "Lew" May Z, 1916 "Save something for a sore foot" "Larrupin Lew" was one of your dependable men on the track team. For three years he threw the discus and javelin with great skill and finesse, much to the consternation of opposing teams. If you expect to be a successful business man "Lew", stay away from King and Doyle as the bottom is really tough to get. Lots of luck "Lew", we know you have the stuff. Track '33, '34, '35, Kappa Lambda Fraternity. RUTH ELIZABETH RAYMOND New Britain, Conn. "Ruthie" November l, l9l8 i'Let pleasure be full of variety and action" Full of pep and personality, "Ruthie" is one of the most popular girls in school. Her cheery smiles and big "hellos" have won for her many friends of both sexes, She is also quite a stepper. No "Frat" dance is complete without "Ruthie". However, she has been deserting our fair city lately, for Bristol, wonder why? ln spite of all her dates, 'Ruthie' has managed to become an expert typist and will soon take her lace in the business world. just turn on that personality, "Ruthie" 5 andPyou'll go far. Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' League. FRANCES PATRICIA RIZAUSKAS New Britain, Conn. "Toots" july 3, I9l7 'One touch of humor makes the whole world grin" Frances is a very jolly girl, always ready to have fun. She is a very good dancer and a good sport. Whenever you see her on the street she is laughing and always in a hurry. Girls' League. .7-.. gig' If -lZ""' '-"J '?:"r'f'.:l' - P3-.-..-fl I .,,,...,..,.L+,k,,,,',,3,GQ,,..,,,,J.:r.vr,:f.5t,' .. C,-f l . I ' fy "'fif:?i.1l:2fefi5?'?3'?1f.::g'f1S'G11354129+,w,uff-Y1.-lea-i.'-is f ,.9f4-Iii 'sul .,.. N,--. a ff,-tn , I I I JULIA ROZYCKI New Britain, Conn. 'ljewellu july 19, 1918 "Fair as the day, and always gay" "Jewell" is what she is called, and how well it describes her. She is a quiet, neat, good-looking girl. To appreciate her one must know her. Her aim is to become an efficient secretary, and we are sure that she will accomplish much in this field of endeavor. NINETTE LENORE SALAFIA New Britain, Conn. "Ninny" August 23, l9l8 "Study is like heaven's glorious sun" Ninette Salafia is a quiet but sociable girl, and a pleasant and helpful friend. She is very smart and I don't wonder that she manages to get lO0'Z, in her Latin tests. Some day "Ninny" hopes to become a famous pianist. Girls' League Representative, ,Junior College Club. v '.'w,'..f.,,f"""1,1.2 .IQ"?1.'C""?'4'9' " " ' ,' -' ' - . ' , ' H ' -H,-V, ' , -, ""f 'f'l5.i7lif"-iz",Z-'Il'lzii 'Hua .pw .: 5,- -fi f - . .Y , . , 1 fiei--.itsif2i-ae:fis-.1hSef-555'' " 'af sf' . ., .1 . ,, ,sfas .-swam--afzskf-L'f.z':21fb.- -rf. 1 -- "sis:-'sez."-hiwlir-S'fx1::?"'s-we 2414. " " J A - " , ' -1. f"?5.3efP" ' fain:2-Q-12's-ftv3es'4e'savfFmszffazl.t::L+-.1 ,1 ,g :e:r1-f-:tail:gf-.mfs-q1ag'2Gf:.f-fefsfs-,-2 L , Q2 . , A A L- ... 'sw f WW' Page Thirtyifive ,5-414 - . r QI' .. sv-55.51Q.,-241-21,5-.1.-..-..1::,4.'4q.-Dag,351 i 'L-, f , f, r 'I-xi-i-'cg-3455451 'A x .-..-.-r.f?3a31--JZIAL4'Militia:-9'-1.1:-4: I 'J' F ,' ixfuy7:'-s5b2Q'-- 1 A X , i,-faiaggmceffelinffa7Qar:iiH1f2gS5f Lf 31:3 'gkfz we , A 3 1 '." ""i .J S,"-'s.-I:'E:j '.-5'V"k11'.iff'Q I .2 V ,s ' :-'.'1:? ihiirkia- Y ' 1 -iff, -4 1 I-'11'5l5s'f14: fQ5:.:r.a'f5n4Pe',. 5.11 " I I ' -'Q ' fzS5f2,1l:'1-lfqfresxm' ff ' ,fr , Rulwixil, " s 0 55' I g I J. STUART TOWERS New Britain, Conn. "Stewie" july 4, 1917 "A ship can'l sink unless water gets into it" "Stewie" apparently seems to be a Don juan among the girls. We would like to know what it is in him the fairer sex can't seem to resist. l-le is very popular with both the girls and boys, 1-le really is a good student but perhaps he can't concentrate with girls on his mind. Good luck for the future, "Stewie", REGINA MARGARET SALAMENTA New Britain, Conn. "Cin" April 7, 1918 "Ambition should be made of slerner slug" Regina is one of our quiet girls who was never known to bother any one, no, not even the Faculty. Her school work has been ex- cellent. She hopes to attain great success in the future. May fortune smile upon you, Regina, MARGARET MARIE SALERNI New Britain, Conn. "Peg" November 30, 1918 " Her ways are pleasant ways" No doubt you have all seen "Peg", a quiet and unassuming girl, in the halls and classrooms. As we know, "Peg" doesn't indulge in school work, but she always completes her work on time. A little birdie has spilled the news of the grand time at Wesleyan. Whats the big attraction? Never mind, "Peg", we surely will miss you and we predict a bright future for you. Girls' League. - -.. .l.s ANN CLAIRE sHoK A New Britain, Conn. "Angie" August 28, 1917 Ann is that breezy, bouyant, blond who descended upon N. B. I L,g,V 1-1. S. with a bang. Her looks and chic clothes are admired by all of us. All of us, especially her sorority sisters will miss her enlivening 5 " personality. H I , V M Rho Sigma Rho Sorority. l.' ieglsi . .:2'-aaff2::as-- --.av 9 M. PHYLLIS SIMMONS New Britain, Conn. "Flip" December 2, 1917 "Music goes down and around-" Do you hear her? It's either her laugh or her music. Phyllis is sincere and delightful to all her acquaintances. Wherever there is fun around Phyllis is sure to be there. Phyllis is also a wonderful pianist and is sure to be heard from in the future. Delta Gamma Sigma Sorority, Girls' League Representative. .arf I I " ' Q ' if 1+-gl. ,I -et' 'f:',:f4',f.f?f:-"-'X' 'rsh "' '. v--1 - . -1- - ' ' . ""'.+ " .M H: '.-'r 1 --Fife? C- "-.HG -s-::lf:f- f '"fi:5-'5.7:":?7?"'f5?v'Y5'-fiP2f?'P-af' sm 1- ' .. " L- . .V i'f"- 493' ,.1'liafS:aiQ'h'f35f2f4if1:51:5x??:1Ki15325325?Ti Page Thirty-six e . f6ft1a,MA,k. 29 1 I ll 1 ,ff . c-.L.f.--,3.-:,:.2q2-Pb5I'i: E L5 , 'r '5J'iif3fLfEj5f.:f J '1 'H---an-flip 21222.-112+-www:r-3115354r .-'fa' in up -'frinelizckzi-'-1 1 1 L Q .,-. ,.- . rt.t.e .. .s ...L ,... . ,,u , V. ,.f- s .-N. faassfqfgzsmizfmegQa.2:1q'fr::5l+:2-y 1, 3-fs.-, '31, ag gsamcagtgfeaz 1 , -: -.rf . ff- ':-'- '-:' ., -. :--'29 ,nz - . -V. M,-.x" ' :Hf2sf.'?f F5'.53391533-'Z:?3fii?5f1"3i::3iZ5s J ai " g v " 'M -tfzfiiffi-.1:vs?ESf N f GORDON FREDERICK TUTTLE New Britain, Conn. April 22, 1916 "A pin a day will fetch a groat a year" One can always find "Gordy" down at the Y. M. C. A., if he isn't in the Gym he's surely up on the handball courts. Besides being a good basketball player, he is one of the best students in school. "Gordy" intends to go to Springfield College and we know he will be a success there. RUBY SINGLETON Kingston, New York May ll, 1918 "Keep on smiling" Ruby always finds a warm welcome for her cheery hello and en- ticing smile. She is always in a hurry and seems to make fast progress in everything. Ruby is always willing to lend a hand. She is also popular with the stronger sex. Her happy personality and ability to converse readily, make her pleasing company. Girls' League. ADELLA FRANCES SINKEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Dell" February 11, 1918 " Her ways are the ways of pleasantnessu Our class has its specialists in every field and here is our star sten- ographer. "Dell" is a girl who believes that a good time and studies have their places, but she knows when to indulge in both. We wonder what the big attraction in Pennsylvania is. Could it be a certain person named "Bob?" Girls' League. sonality will go far. twice. with success. ,vw,j,..',.A.f.,,J'yf1,L.1,V,.:-2" i.'.-'L 4. ,," r.. - - H . . - 'L rw . ' - ,ef 1- A Q. I if , . ' : . 1 .. E1f2?'7"'L - - .S -spy ,msd f Page Thi rty-seven . DOROTHY MAE SMITH New Britain, Conn. "Dody' February 13 1918 " Her presence is a blessing and her manner pure delzght Dorothy, or more often called "Dody is a very sweet and friendly person. She has many friends and is one of the gang which claims the Lost and Found Cabinet as their official meeting place Although "Dody" has taken a college course in school she intends to go to Morse Business College. Dorothy with her charming per Girls' League Representative, Junior C ollege Club CATHERINE SHIREEN SOLOMON New Britain, Conn. "Karen December 10 1917 "Truth and sincerity "Karen" is that talkative, little girl we all know She has en deared herself to us all in her short stay at High She never misses a picture starring Clark Gable and has been known to see the same one Here's luck to you, "Karen", and may your future years be crowded ...Jai '- fn-:,",-.-.4 .-. I , ,, ,,.,s-, asv " ' ' 4 U I .L Q gy 55-gv-Q..-sul-C, 1 .g,,.i3 .:1-.13W,-"....--.9g,-iq.-344151. 1 ". 5 , , i fix..-.-Q,,1,,fp, 1 -v x .tlla-ran-2'--.ia254'Lsssm-zssli',' ,1 . '. o g- 5 f, , - E1in5r7t'fg,,-an-.e -. , A 9.-w,1.w:vs5Q'S-6'fi!-1f':5f36H":.5eY . 1.1 L ' L' l", ' y "'1f,q--5j'i1f5'G?' tg, e., J' 3 ., - 1-1, . , -. 2 K 'il' 13 4 s o . E"!'r9 Q-w-'-r.-.-.eff :iz .rf-1'-ff, 1. 5 4 V: - L,-Qi-',.-.:a, gh , .1 - ,em A ,lf Iva, ,. . A--1. .. .A -4 ,n l l ,H - .. RICHARD LOUIS VOGEL New Britain, Conn. "Rich" October 24, 1918 "Do as your great progenitors have done" "Rich" is one of our most popular students and a master of foreign languages. He is an ambitious, energetic chap who has his eyes on one of our better known universities, "Rich" is an ardent baseball fan and hopes to own a major league ball club some day, He is also a lover of good music, Good luck for the future, "Rich". Business Manager of Beehive, Chairman Motto Committee. FLORENCE SMOLENSKY New Britain, Conn. "Shorty" December l, i917 "What sweet delight a quiet life ajordsn "Shorty" is a happy sort of individual who often drove dull care from the classroom by her gay presence. We all envy her many ac- quaintances and hope that we may all be numbered among them. Best Wishes, "Flo". Girls' League. BARBARA NELSON STARR New Britain, Conn. "Star" july 1, i918 "lf study is bliss, Then ii is folly lo miss" Barbara is a "Star" in all she attempts. She was one ofthe busiest girls during her stay with us at school. Plunging, at the very outset, into the spirit of the school she quickly won an enviable position in the hearts of all who knew her. "Stars" love of study and pronciency in all her subjects are well known to all her classmates, and these achievements combined with a cheerful disposition, complete a pleas- ing personality. The future appears bright for her, and needless to say, the best wishes of her classmates go with her. junior College Club, Girls' League. I . happiness. t Girls' League. M .2-'.v-',-,.Z,,.+":-1:.L.L .-'5::Q'- 13114 a. , 1' 1 f . , - -if f - s. " ' ' " 1- . j , ef rf' , ifyggfg 'g5xU53.f-."""Z,gwJ 1 ff- ,, nr!-.ft '1"5":13E-"' -A. "hi-'--. "'T ' ' ' . .. .: - it '. .ff ' tifiiisf? A . A J. fzfw af' ... " f' 2- :L :H-,jstJ.1I..3?.-3-TQPfpifyjiifu3-75. .571 in h h If , - ' L- ,, . K-'I . I-Qrf 4 fr 1 Page Thirty-eight a OLGA CHARLOTTE SWANSON New Britain, Conn. "Iggy August 4 1917 "Sweet, grave aspect Olga is that cute, little blond whom we all like Olga is quiet never loud or disagreeable. Believe it or not she made all those dresses. We all agree that she is an artist with the needle Retain that pleasing personality, Olga, and you will go far ALICE THEODORA SYRUS New Britain, Conn. january Zl l9l8 "Fair Queen of artists! from Heaven itself who came A'Alice", is a forthcoming young artist who will no doubt be heard from out of Greenwich. Art and knitting are her chief interests in life. When she gets tired of drawing she knits and when she gets tired of knitting she draws. Her best beau thinks she is quite a girl and he is no doubt right in his opinion. She is a kind helpful friend and a good companion. The class of 1936 wishes her great success and .Q A 5 1? , -4-, .1 ' 1. eg -,M ' ' -if-' -- 4 Jil ?l I if .,.-.,,. A . .v,gg+f N, ,- Kp 4-1: .. J ' 0 , .,.A.A' 9 - wi ,'f,cl5- ii-aflgicsstiss-ebg:-132minerxr 41 1 58751-rl-?i','f:rs,--152-h--.c' gil-5i'!:,'sLv54f.q-tv-' - ' ' ' y , .fl Laliicclpngi,-f:qe.'i7.f?,'b',-C7':bI'c Q.: -fa-Q-'-weffzfi +- '- P 1 ::f'f1rswx- our-f:fff-we -snzgfa .j gur u ' ,R l ' -ifili.-15311-fresf'31i::z'r':e-mine RALPH NICHOLAS VOZELLA New Britain, Conn. "Nick" April 13, 1916 MEG! to your hearfs content" The champion pie-eater of our class, he kept his record intact by having some after the third period each day. Ralph is known to all who know him as 'ANick". If he could only do his schoolwork as well as he could eat pies, he would be a mental giant. We feel sure that your happiness would be complete if you secured a job in a large pie company. RENA CONGETTA TALARICO New Britain, Conn. "Tally" March 29, 1917 "With a smile that glowed Celestial rosy red, lovely proper hue" "Tally" is that fine Senorita with the clear black eyes and the dimple in her cheek. She was one of our best students, attending strictly to business and doing whatever had to be done when it had to be done. She was very fond of talking and will no doubt have plenty to say when her best beau proposes. Her chief ability was in typing and stenography, by which she hopes to make her living. She is the good-hearted chummy sort. We hope she keeps that dimple and beautiful smile a long, long time. LOUISE JOSEPHINE VALENTE New Britain, Conn. March 19, 1918 "Little, but oh my!" A quiet unassuming lass, Usually the brains of the class. Though she is quite small, She has a helping hand for all. Louise has friends galore, But she is always ready to welcome more. ANNE WAITKEVICZ New Britain, Conn. "Shrimpy" lvlarch 6, 1918 "A smile in her eye" Have you ever seen this girl around the hall? Why surely if you haven't you don't know what you have missed. "Shrimpy" is one of our girls who never worries about her popularity, especially with the opposite sex. "Shrimpy" is a chummy pal, the kind you love to have around when you are blue. Besides being a fine, studious and pretty girl she is finishing her course in two and one half years She expects to be a stenographer some day. Girls' League. WASILY ZAIKO New Britain, Conn. january 26, 1917 'Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more!" The originator of Zaiko's Terrible Russians and the new dance craze the lvlalocci, Wasily has been the life of all the athletic teams since his arrival. He really is a versatile athlete but his true greatness lies in his modesty. He not only thinks he is the gjreatest athlete in the school but also the .greatest actor. With a pro oscis like that of Durante, a lip like Chevalier, and a prohle and voice like john Boles, Zaiko hopes to become famous as a Metropolitan Opera star. Theta Sigma, Baseball '33-'35, Basketball '34, '35, Football, '33-'35. H. .. 'Mavis-.-12.JA-'L-'wir'-A-'sf-ff' 2 - . ' A ' -'-af'-1-H' , 1 Y x . . W wma . , .:-112.-'a -1. . '-7?-' " . . .1 . ,f .' , '-' i-.' 'F a, Writ? . f --Qyfaglff -f A 1 1 -'.f:,rfrfQrfTsv:fsift-if-ftrmsz . ,, s ,, - V' L- -f ''1f1e4vz1 Page Thirty-nine I L ii, -::'4'.g.f.v.w::.,vfE. "" ', ' ' L' i:t,:f1f12i'lf'2:, .t.ff..w.1aufa.fZ'gsm'smear-1415515 i,-wwf - S?5rev1zi:aa9n-fi: C A 1271-1: :fr-4-f2'..'.':l frrff- 1-1-.N45 :-,!ig- D' '. r-:- l5'49:-'P-L-1-.f-:elif f 1n.'2:aLT?7z2,:i. 3: fe- -- v' '.-?,- -' gEw.s25'5g142g-img., 3 '34-.1.f,f:,:zg3PP3y.g!?,. ...i ,5-f y: I '-af:-324511.-rrrgti ,- CARL WILLIAM WOLF New Britain, Conn. December 31, 1916 i'Pain is no evil. unless it conquer us" Carl Wolf, has a very pleasing personality and many very studious habits. He takes a very important part in many of the dances held by the lfraternities and is fast becoming a Fred Astaire of New Britain. At one time Carl's main ambition was to go to Maine and become a guide in one of the large hunting camps of that state. Being very much interested in hunting, much of his spare time is spent tramping through the woods trying to shoot some of the wild game. Dont get Caught in one of your own traps! EDWARD JOSEPH ZYSKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. i'Zilly" "ln youth unhappy mortals live" lvleet the student who can pry more information from you before a test than any person known. Ed is also a critic on the habits of the young women of to-day. Intramural League Basketball. JOSEPI-IINE I-I. DONGVESKIS n, Conn. glune 7, 1913 "Be yourself. and l'm satisjqedn glosephine is one of our good-looking bookkeepers, but with that beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, not to mention the dimple in her cheek, how long shell be a bookkeeper is probably very short. "jo" likes to read and go to the movies. But the most wonderful thing about her is that charming disposition. She has every quality for New Britai success. EDWARD FRANCIS MURPHY New Britain, Conn. "Why Ed" .lanuary 12, 1917 "Are you what your fair looks express?" Self-named "Wiry Ed". The graduating class feels sure that the teachers and pupils are going to miss him a great deal. Besides being a football player "Ed" has a bit of mystery in him, You can always find i'Ed" around, he's sociable. Football '34, '35g Basketball '341 'llheta Sigma lfraternityg Zaiko's Terrible Russians-Intramural, GERALDINE EDNA I-IEINTZ New Britain, Conn, 'Cerryn April 18, 1918 "Come, lez's be merry and have a good time" Well i'Gerry" who's the big attraction in Portland? When school is over, we wonder whether "Gerry" will miss the little meetings after the English class with Arnold! -. "Gerry" is planning to become some- body's private secretary. With her personality and charm she is sure to be successful in this line of work. lt's too bad she isn't taking up dramatics because it wouldnt be very long before the headlines, i'Loca1 Girl Makes Good" would appear in the "l'leralal". "Gerry" knows what she wants and we wish her all the luck in the world. -n 4-71' 'L 1 ,M - 7 . -. --f wr -...QL " "' 12--Lf ww' Ifyqnlf'.5xf,1v:'--sgz:-yn: g- ii 1 4' 3-g3?.,1x' 1. 42. 5 .' .4 - ' gf . -1'gg-.fa.p"fft'iIqgfggg1671+gfQ4ii.17gqvg2g,e-is1,531-gg,e,sfi,I , , ,L :L 4. Q -4. ' . -A . ' .' w ,' 'Wy V732 0345:-5-QF"Q,:Qkh'P.e:---::iz.,i':S'fpfHx'4if-a-::lf:-,"- ' .Aa 3?-H-2452, ,aff 11:9 . A - .. . . W, A .Q ,L p-, .. zf:g.wl,53?3g-3519::r,r?5a?1z':Q:.::.3. . . . . - - -. .A 1 A .1 A-.:,:,.', -,.a,,-'.-,gn bs'-:'r-,'geQTf 'Q' a t. ' - ' " Lf. ' er f fsefiiasfeeeiahffiii-M412-sfileasfaw- .1 Page Forty In N., ,M . -V : , .-- --i. w - .ve-.ui3'eFw 5' .ff ff '-145-t-Mr:-221--S - w X -, ,- Apr. 14.-,gf s .--:.51l:4: ,Ley '- ,N ,r-. Q - v V , , s - g2:.p-.:--,- .1 ., ri3,jgiei'sQ'1'45yfi1Ti?1-f5ZAfLk,23i3f ,-,fr:'g ,gi '.1-V25 Riilirfisegisr- ,Q " U ' 1 1 . v- 1 ' 'f--hr.,-.,,w.-" ' . .L f.5,..,.::-Q., '."1'fd-1 QQ'-Z,-: 'ua '12-Eq:::qm':1gf , ' ..-'rf' -" 7' 'ff' ,ft-741,-3ti:3,,g 9-n XPTP-w""' 525' F-Q5:.:ra?lk.55's 5.4 gh.: -'I I l l ' :iS:f,a,.mf!f-fm 1 -' . 1-ll' ' f 1 Q I P I l I RUDOLPH WALDEMAR KALWAT New Britain, Conn. "Rudy" December ZZ, 1917 "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy" "Rudy" is an ardent Ping Pong enthusiast, he likes to follow the game as well as play it. Whenever he gets any spare time he usually plays Ping Pong He has won many friends while here in our hi h . - ' . - ll school. We feel sure that he will succeed in whatever endeavor he undertakes. INGRID VIVIAN CARLSON New Britain, Conn, June 8, l9lO UShe has the flower of youth" Here is the champion ice skater of our class. She has speed, ease, and rhythm. Besides being a good student, a good bookkeeper and stenographer, and a Fine looking girl, she is a good skate and will help out a friend in any good cause any time. Ingrid is the type that makes husbands successful. Shell be helpful without being bossy, and just naturally a grand pal. LUCY BARBARA KOLODJAY New Britain, Conn. "Lu" November 9, l9l8 "Most men speak well of thee" "Lu" is a great worker if you can get her started, but there are so many interesting things for her to do and see that she hasn't much time for intellectual activity. Shes a peppy pal with a pleasant laugh and smile. She says she is going to Teachers' College. Good luck. young lady, with both studies and dates. "On he moves, Amphion Club. . 2 4. , i w',,,, V 1 -f' -ff' '.L',i' ". fc '- - ,'. '. -,' " i ", L. ' " ' 1 ' :..:1'Qf-52:1 g.s!fif:e,2:'cg:'4'1l2:1:3Q2-ill' lf? I .- N Qi ' 'ff'-5.gfxn'4.1fW'lf2gfhss.',5,'4C',-f K ' -nl:,g.g,3:s'?g':p-'S-Q-ga,gw'1,gg,f 4 . ,- 4 a , . ' .' f , 'JT-.2 , , -'el-A , -. iv. A .-,,x-.-,,:v.g1.-:g-':fy:.35p-qf'l'w-1. L, Q v - A ' ' , 2 .w a. fi 'nv sr A ,elif-1va1:'n':1:1:aA5!444f42127f' ' if 'J - -- ,- 4 .-D ff' .gif 4 , a:,,3j.'e,1Lpg,v'15cg,':,'.:3-vm.,gZ ,.v,,g., ,, u M, ' A k 1,1-, ,, , . -1- , '92 x, ffl- Page Forty-one DONALD WOODRUFF Newington, Conn. "Don" Now embcr 28 1015 Careless of blame while his own heart approve Who's that all important young gentleman without whose presence the ofhce would find it difficult to functionl Don Woodruff ml course! Oh yes, he guards the eloakrooms too Don looks xcrx unassuming but never believe all you see however We did glimpse a new car and a girl one Thursday recently correct us if we ie wrong' May you always be as essential in the future Don ,,...., 1.--,:-, .V-, ,-.,, e, .N 'y,s.4'-',-wager 's. sb , ,. ' an 1.x.ga3-4:-1f,.L'. f.-g.3.'-rw.-1,-2.54,113:-5-av.-5-.Y.,.gbi.-. t ..:i-V.-..,f":tsf , ..-fr of:--rss -4 1244 -. . ,-V I' - . I , 4 .1-e.:-4.-,. .-1.-, fm,-r",.iw-gg,-.,f ,,. .asafif .14-,f I -A ffm'-3.naw:ei3r3"s.,'-4"-L-rHA!'esfG'i'E472e4i -1 - - '.- '41 D" ' 'f EMU'-'LQ14-25-"f1'if:ie1?l"fZ'i: 222'-3-fr-'i4f'i7.L'3f"f 13Lp2,ps:,.ppQ.i,n5 eg- L av:-suuhl,-3:4-E L .Q g- sl - -,:, L . -ar.-v. A39..Cg1-UIQ.:4q,,,vyQ.s':aQl.r.4 14,3 , - I -:qv-.,:. i-6-"wr--,ii-,r:'a5 'a':15if.f:f'wy-ls." ' ' ' . Q -J - g.:2.v-2'7.,U'4'.E:A-'-Fir. v-2'3'.'.x7 'Q-.2L.-'::.,'LQ.,-iv-Q-2' ,.f-':.ef41e::':'ws-:.-si. '15-fevtgrsfrffrff . 1 ' ' s , - r.-, :ge mar' K eq! .a:':-'I,4"f:w,-f.:.s.f:f,5r:-.'.r ' 'mam TT " .5341 -3 .e.f " I v ' 't - xi.i-in522161eiilxfkfig-516511512smear:-ff 2. .,-46. x I 12 lv, sm ,527 1-r I l I Mid -Year Class Night Exercises l. Overture . Senior High School Orchestra 2. Greetings .... Michael Cimino, President 3. "Lady Spitfire" ..... By Members of the Class A Comedy in three Acts 4. Presentation of School Banner Music by The Senior High School Orchestra under George B, Mathews, Director of Music l. Overture "Fair Maid of Perth" .... Widdel 2. Violin Solo "Serenade" . . . . Schubert ' Harry Harotian 3. "Southern Roses" Waltz . . . Strauss-Rollinson 4. "The Dashing Cavaliers" March . . . Paull "LADY SPITFIREH Characters Miss Prudence, owner of the Rutherford school for Girls . Elizabeth Abell Cindy Dale, a student in the school . . . Doris Hart Ginger Reid, another student . Eleanor King Flobelle Berthon, another student . Marietta Maguire Kay Sutton, "Lady Spitfire" . . jean Parsons Tom Brown, looking for work Bert Carlson Bud jones, 'I'orn's pal . Kenneth Olson Jed Buell, the constable . Henry Cichowski' Henri Du Frayne, Kay's friend Milton Dworin Stephen Sutton, Kay's father . . Robert Hickie Synopsis Act I The reception room of the Rutherford School for Girls. A summer morning. Act ll Scene one: The same. An afternoon three days later. Scene two: The same. Evening of the next day. Act III The same. A short time later. CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE Marietta Maguire, Chairman Elizabeth Abell Vincent Conti Betty Coughlin Lawrence Guite Eleanor King CLASS OFFICERS Michael Cimino, President Elizabeth Page, Vice President Dorothy Parker, Secretary Lawrence Guite, Treasurer we iz A f - q - f-. ' . - 1 Q' 2 ::12gf:S-'.:- i-i. JQ,55f 1-,f, Q .5 fm' 44 , - " ' i .j -t 4 QLS-lik? ' Q 1.-if.-1-.-I -'Zg,:P.g-f"?4g5g'-i5x-"PQ: 1 .ffit fi ,. A -W it 'Shan tai' Page Party-two E 215 . - :ly Y l 'Q 1 '- if .f 5cf..'?w W .--. uf- 1-'H-nw 'H-'if 1, 1 '1f.-as.-11.1-ew--5-:-v,',.-L5Qw7- mu. -1-N4 .-w-- :nigh-nvgsjs.--:I-1'1 :,:11y,?1'vt5-- X gn. . -, . - , g 1 --3:,,w:--.-Far: ..1?.-. .1 f:13.f,:'-X -.-,-If--,151 .- -A.-gi-41. -pg. .- 5-x.-pv-q.i,s.t,-..- . nl Y 5 4 l . ,lnl:',.'.' 4' --,-1-L-84:1-f-I--r - . .'--, ,-,-. V .sm-M., ...Arm ,W-f.,V..,,., ,,:t,.L. A. - v ik. i.: .W .M if-A -,-, ,,, . . ,.,..-16 ,.f-N, we-f,...1,.Q.f,s ,- . ,Q nv .. ,-1-.Q .. .- -..- -. - t G 5 ' 'f we N, -,-.1 qv. ,.-,S 1 . --v ..f .v--,E-1,-VJ. --' - Q, 4. . 4 ., ,. Ll i . .-7 . ..-LW . 3- , 4141 ,MQQ g,:,,,m,,,. ' .!.' . ' 1 ,- .- 'f-2.5-yy -1sz:,v'rf'5- 1531-:'I:,2s.i'4 'fgfg' 1-ff-f-!2-..f 5 'fy .T " +5 .fifzrf4i?f.a-el-'eszizveefsfsmsr 1? -me -- .,-,. ai... id, ..,J,.- ,.,5.g,::' .,,,J1:"1j,gy,5t7f,. .44 at b l - '53 v-!5.'.f.-.:.:xw--'-f:f,..-f..1,:,ntf4-'-:1'.s'1'!z'ff.K,-f-1- ' r AND ET ,.f 1 f Jiaigqg M E N U Fruil Cap Olives Pickles Celery Roast Turkey Stuffing Cranberry Saute Nlashetl Potatoes june Peas String Beans Sunflower Salad Fancy Cakes Cookies lee Cream Coffee Rolls TOASTS Toastmaster . Walter Ludwinowicz Our Roolers Barbara Starr Our Inspiration George Taylor Our Squad . Jennette Case Our Coaching Staff . . . , Margaret Dolan Our Head Coach .,.... Mr. Louis P. Slade The Future Selma Berkowitz, Alice Gitlavitz, Helen Gonski, Henry Kragiel Latent Possessions . ...,, Carmella Gerade, Anna Gerent Our Class ln Song Eleanor King, Eleanor Larson, Marietta Maguire. Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Porter Our Will Eleanor King. Eleanor Larson, Marietta Maguire Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Porter GUESTS OF HONOR Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Slade Mr. and Mrs. Frank .lames Miss Millie MeAuley Walter Ludwinowicz Mrs. Amy Guilford Mr. and Mrs. G. Davis Chase Mr. Charles A, Shea Miss Marion Hoar Miss Mary E, Curtin BANQUET COMMITTEE jennettc Case Henry Kragiel George Taylor Margaret Dolan Ba rba ra Sta rr . ..- . gi s-'iN':,.,g .- ':'S:"'i,'f:'a'i:40"7i " 1 5' -' ' - 2 ' -:-',.,' 'J' '.-431 ' "" 'Z-f.f'1Lve' 15nfXP'.rwA,j.1rf, 51:--v gn.,-.-.f -' 4? f - 5 . .ff - -Orff.sisigfieaisjsl-2':f:Iv453f5"f'l-'Wiz ' ' , 1 ,. .7 . 1, if A f-'4hg1v"n1:3'a2s?ge5i22sS:+u2aEa21ffive 311+-wf..-i1:sfZ:Qx:E:H'x.1r:'new ., 'A -- . K. - . -'le -T 355 ' ' .wgia--3151-i1.:,::f,f"-seefare:-Y if-12 ' '52-?fr2:,f1'r-iffT1'X9a?'??w?f:fm5. 1. n i, ' ' - " L' E "' +G'-?f'r z :vffS:sef'+l-swx5S.1.-wif:-xii Page Forty-three L A i . is -. if .., s A ,-, : ,..,yq,,. as-. ,uf-..x3,1g:sge, 'I 'lg 1 'gag-fag-11.3-st-asia'lJ,',-1-.qx "','f-11-'qw-,-1--:.,' ,f .3-2'-51 1'f,.,if gf 5 - 1 Q ' ' - s- :ii-2-rw2-'fn.,.pif.-eei-'1.-:, , 1:-f':1f1:.f 1'zpEfdf'39236314394-S' 1- 1'-'ig 3 ,Q i 155-wg:p?yqa:vg5fg4zk:Vfi,:Q4-.f1L'.-v:i.'.qJ-sfafffzq K ., -,ig--.,:. - gf ,:w..i:-, ' . ' '-s.'.,f-f.,-,:,,:fr:. 1.1,-.5 1,...if:f,g+,'f. 3-,pp Q ,V uri., .,,,,4-fc, gs., Z .,-iQ ,gg-,fsrglfix I, , 1 ,I+ s 'I . I1 ,Q 1 af.. 4,,fl-,:,.,,,,.,5l.4fi,95,7f.,i-f.,4w?--1, . . 155151, ' K: 17,5-1 -' ' '.2 451.-,r1r,gQ,5,Laf,. 1.4 All I ! ' -pig-jggtaf.-fr:sh.,1fL1g3'5,:ew,gt-31,-pgsyyuf' ' ,9'f4'Yf1' .. '-4 35,3-i. , I ,P . Q xc 4, S 1 l'l-I CLASS 0 Wlll " X E, THE Mid-Year Class of 1936, being of sound and disposing mind and having accumulated certain properties during our sojourn in this in- stitution, and realizing they will be no longer of any use to us, do hereby make final disposal of the same, as follows: l. We hereby revoke all former wills and codicils by us made, and declare the same to be null and void. 2. To Mr. Slade we leave happy memories and the satisfaction of having turned out a class that has made such important history for the High School. 3. To the Library we leave one thousand volumes which may be taken outa at any timefwithout signatures-time limits-or fines. 4, To such future classes, as the need arises, we leave shock-absorbers for use in various rooms where nerves are likely to be jarred. 5. To Mr. james we leave a new supply of tardy passes, stamped and ready for distribution. 6. To the class advisers, Mrs. Guilford and Miss Hoar-our sincere gratitude, 7. To Mr, Mirliani we leave an assembly that can carry the tune of his Alma Mater. 8. To the incoming class-our class color, orange. 9. To Mrs. Guilfords faithful dog, "Tagalong", we leave a plaid coat. 10. To the High School we leave prevailing peace when we take Ed. Murphy with us. ll. To certain members of the faculty we leave for joint use a wheelbarrow for peddling their vegetables. 12, To Room 21 we leave a new victrola and a set of squeakless records, I3. To Miss McAuley we leave new orange coverings for the easy chairs in her office, so that she may always be reminded of our class. ,-f-Ai.-..-,g--"':Z1,.., ."::-:"2i'::""4'f0'F' " ' -' ' - . - -r ' f mfr. " ' . 'swag wa'lfgfkcb-.:g-33,41-3-Lg sf.. . f- f r .A ef ' V. :gay .., , ,, , ,. .1 . P V AQ 1 I 351gg-.1::Si:':T'.-45.1" ,g Q ,, '. was I - , A .- ,SQ fr' - J 1 ".131Y-js:,:,.,'i i'4,.,:1--F 3' --f ''LiNf!:H"t?f-1"l'Ei?'x'-1--'??:5fZiew am z, ' ., ' L' J'i"" 'WWW ,.f'hzfS5ii:""lffY4ff153::kEf!-Ki? Page Forty-four -.w.--: -'iv'-V.. :- QV:-..'.'-"".' bl- ,- ,' - . I 1'si-'.xFL?':1i1i'E'h'iGi1i'4'Y7:"i'3lL.:'Fif"'r"'X1i5'N1'9'lf'-"1 .-+-- t:g4,,g'Z'.'fv?3g,t..-G,-5.4,-1112! l 1 f- . . - , , i'nEi,,Hp.-,F5,.-g,e.355A4,.--4555...-1,-4.3---,f,l..x-.', -.---QQ:-.:.-,vga ,.-' aw, .4,'.,. . . f. 1 V V . ,. .14-, nw - f ug. , -...-f,-- .4:.',1vv:.i3: -1 ... sp-f-.-'L 4,4 49-ur -,s -:gg e,-,,94,.-4-1-.q.'-as - . " yi - , ,Y 1 3.3:-af '.:Ngg!'.1v31- -.. arm '.gw',q-4, 1, bg.. gr- I A,-5.1-A-.1-,1..'6:te..q-mfg..14-,g-Hg.,-g cava. L -5 . - 3 1 , M .,1.,A-,-5.,1 --'xx-,.w.---,4:Q.'-...4.-,-.rl '5L,.u,a'111'f.a:fff::'p.': 'f:.b-,1'fg,.Qu1 1 , 4 1 - g' . .,. 4,2--',1,ggy'Ig35- .WNW ry,-gig-137'.1u,'f::-54.147,1.3-ga . .Q gg 'c ' i f -fi, .ififmiiinirrz952531xaifsesiia-fix?!za4n- U z 'm J? I 93: ' 51 n ,I I I I Personal bequests are made as follows: 1. Elia Bagdasarian leaves his gift of gab to Art Drogue. 2. Lawrence Cuite leaves his tricky theatre uniform to john Eckstein. 3. Richard Vogel gives Corky Young his brief case. 4. Jennette Case leaves her gum in Miss Clovers waste basket. 5. Howard Stanley leaves his violin to Rubinoff. 6. Bert Carlson leaves his ability to act to Bob Lukens. 7. jean Parsons leaves her diplomatic ability to get out of embarrasing situations to Daisy Esmail. 8. Richard Ericson, the world's greatest woman hater leaves his date book to Sanford Pilz. 9. Betty Page and Dorothy Porter leave their ability to be late on al- ternate mornings to Mary Dean and Roxy Forbes. Maybe they can "get together on it". 10. Marietta Maguire leaves a new feather for Grace Dyson's hat. 11. Eleanor J. Larson leaves her motto to john Macormack, "just a little blufflng, Lots of air-quite hot, yMake a recitation Seem like what it's not." 12. Barbara Starr leaves her giggles to Merle Gordon. 13. Eleanor King leaves her dancing feet to Charlotte Cichowski. 14. Helen Conski leaves her assurance to Mary-Louise Diehl. 15. Burton Coutant leaves his interest in the Cremo Brewery to next year s water boys. 16. To next year's football scrubs Ed Murphy leaves his book entitled "How Not to Play the Game". Ed ought to know. 17. Henry Kragiel leaves his modest C71 unassuming C71 ways to Harvey Woodruff. 18. Ethel Epstein leaves her wardrobe to the lost and found department. 19. Emily Bilas leaves her latest hair dye to the chemistry lab for analysis. 20. Algert Ausanka leaves his collegiate superiority to Barniak. 21. Zaiko leaves his speed to Minnie Mylnarski. 22. Michael Stein leaves his scientific ability to Bud Strickland. 23. Dorothy Parker leaves her height to jane Carlson. 24. john Bogdon leaves his loquaciousness to Bruno Bienkowski. 25. Penoke Ludwinowicz leaves to Donald Owen his book entitled "Girls 1 Have Loved and Left". 26. Arnaldo Fracchia leaves-High School. In witness whereof we do hereby affix our seal and signature. Mid-Year Class of 19371 By Eleanor King Eleanor J. Larson O Marietta Maguire Dorothy Parker Dorothy Porter , -,Q.L.5,.AC,,g-j'jjL,j.1,?3:'f'?j'f-1-'stahl' " 1. V f . , - A. A., 5- , 'gf''fi:cg-14:1'.g,"f,1q:v.--1'5:---gaQ,:s,e:ggs: i5f:.q??f f - 1 1 it V wlmrrfif .iivfffferi rf - V .-g Amee-:Ee ' 1 .. 1 ' was fw fr Page Forty-five .,-' ' if ,- - - at f If '- J' :.,-'15,-we -4 - av: -mag'-i H- w Q. , ' ' 1--u.x-s:.1'a4:sa-rv 'sa-1-2,19--.1,. . k -T-V ,,..,..,i,1,., .,g,..-gf, -- .3-1,L,,, if . ,. , .' , , V 4-, ,,,u,,4,..,r,...,.:I-,,-Q ,-1 K. .,,,.-,,.v,,.., . -- -' fs: - .--'. - . 1.-- u. ,1 . . . I - f - --,--1-.:a - 'fr '1'f,. -14 3552 'x?,1i:r-555-QI1.,'zF': Pe? 3 . ,fy ff 30' 932-, 'gfgfgffglpflvfgygbgs3Qj,lfL-Qihlxlf21 ipihl-27353-7 -.v,'-.,:,aLfg,v7'.gf-wg, 2' ge:,.1f.'.:g:.f2ray 3- 1, . U-. p' 1 ,-1 '- w.w-wwga-.w-pp'f1fgaa':.k-. ,123-gi: .n.f1,:i:,-ggpfapiz, IE-4 Alf ".'fWi'-15:'Jr- Q11 ,"".'gB5T,-- H'-.ix-5 " I cg 'W - L.f"7'Ir7:1-'aa'549'-'Eff'ff.'55'f273-5'-f'r.':'""7?if'f-71-2.361 '7 Lt- L-'.:1:.t-.f:-- -:f.J,,:1,s.av"g. .3 ,N g ! I ,zfs-.-s.::'.v-Q-rtffhf..:a.::--J-zlmfr buf. -1.-,af-.,-..v,,p 56 ,A Ewnfu gd, ,K Q r I".-I , 5? , IL-'5 'f lf. a f , ' hx, - W ' 1 S Q L K X S ft ' N X ,X 'I .l I - A C Q Q ' g, 1 SX .Q ' , .0 J -' lxilu I 4 ' V, xr , 17'fT, xx I ' ::.T.:t.i1 As 1 think of the magic sound, Magic power go down and round And 1 bid you come out here And show me sights from far and near. As I gaze into this crystal, a vision is slowly unfolding before my eyes. I see someone going from house to house, weighted down with baskets, Looking closer I recognize Emily Bilas. She is selling chicken feed to hen-peeked hus- bands. Eddie Murphy is one of her best customers. She stops at the corner drug store for a bromo-seltzer, and is waited on by Aldo Fracchia, chief dietary chemist, whose specialty is jerking sodas with four inches of froth. I'm not surprised. He always had plenty of air. Behind her comes Eliot Lifshitz. I-Ie seems to be selling gold bricks to unsuspecting housewives. Now I see many billboards advertising some of the latest Alleyway Hits. "I-Iome on the Cas Range", starring Richard Vogel and Kathryn Andrews, occupies the center. Nearby is another billboard announcing a new Farmer Bros. production, starring Dorothy Parker and Carl Paretta, better known as Dark Fable. The scene is swiftly changing. I see a group of children running away from something in a frilled cap and apron, Looking closer I see that it is Wasily Zaiko, who has recently opened a nursery, to take care of the little cherubs while their mammas go shopping. Leading the runaways is little George Steven- son Jr. Now a courtroom appears. Judge Saul Berson is on the bench, trying the case of Milton Dworin, arrested for trying to lure away Ceorge Marshalls prize mule. The next case is that of Lawrence Cuite, suing Marietta Maguire for a divorce, It seems that she put Unguentine on a burnt steak to disguise the taste, and then threw him out of the house when he complained. The clerk of the court is Stuart Towers, Now my crystal brings a scene in Chicago, where I can see the interior of a kitchen. It is the testing kitchen of the Wrigley Spearmint Cum Mfg. Co. Looking closely, I can see a pair of jaws moving steadily. I can't exactly dis- cern what they're doing, but they seem to be moving in the good old N. B. I-I. S. fashion of Jennette Case. i--v-f4.1:-f5252.f.---1-:tiff-"".i',f' 1-i1'4""4F 1 , if Lcgagzf-,:,L,g ri-r .a:-- . .41,4:.147:qf,?3:::.sy3ra,'a5-iZrgzf5?jQS3a, V gag It xx!! niingigcgqzqirccfwf5.5g,.g3gw, aa . y'.',g":,,. 5':g5..s' ., figs. - ,- . '-'HL , ' Q A951 - : . ' 1?-fiikw Tffiezi' u,g:,.. '7'K"f' mms I S' i'.5'k SEG?-:f'Si2l-hae'Ls' Q--2: ' '- -f . ,. - -1' ,p wi rg..-1, 4.4.1 v .rg 1- . 3 -- . 4 Q I. . -:Q ' J I, get w., 3 f .uhm-l I " "-"TW14132F-3?74:f?2?5?1'?fa-'??:ff?f5rEw afh ivlg H ' ' ,. f 'exfgxvit f b "fit Page forty-.Six y 4 La-.":'.,:.-13gfgvgfgafr'-3-f-1-.apT:.-gf-?ggxIsYPg .1 f . P-.' . fu vN3-affzsgq.-tdrgfmai:-0-.1gegzii-5-"j..V-.':1:1fN":,3f:.'. A' .:!-', fact. 1 . if--., 2. :.. fA:,1A,.gu. '-.-, ti- I-f' y- fu- ' ' ' . -.,-,vs ru., fe: , new -, ,-.,,-:r --Q ns: aft 5-.1-m'q4w,Panerai.:Q61-Q':'1:?f-2132! .e 1 ff ." 'If 'Q .HF-rr?Piiiwfxi-5-1grff5'WSj:'l1f2-:f.--'4551iv,22'J11wf :-.gsm --wwf -'Jfavs?rfr1H155::r.1rn-S27 - .-, tx-I -'ey 14f:'.-me--efrxs-af..::.:':f2?1f:Launnff,u:q.-fp.w.fz-,111-if--' ...4 .1 or 1. n I-5-I In the adjoining building, I can see a laboratory where Kenneth Olson is working hard trying to invent dry water, so he won't get wet when he takes a bath. Now the vision in the crystal falls, and it takes me into a sub-basement. This is Chicago's brightest night-club and is run by Howard Bunce. The tables look like pine coffins, Maybe the embalming business wasn't so prosperous. Simon Googel seems to be the clean up man. I-Ie cleans up the floor after the show. One of the regular patrons is Henry Cichowski, the great lover, head of a correspondence school where "The Art of Making Love" is taught in ten easy lessons. l see now a newspaper office, where George Taylor is assembling the paper for press. The headline feature reads that Algert Ausanka is about to embark on his thirteenth attempt to reach the West Pole. His only companion will be his able mechanic, Barbara Starr. On another page I see that next week Angelo Speziale will fight Betty Pages prize bull "Toots". Angelo was always a good bull thrower. On the advertising page I see that the Conti-Adajian Fur- niture Co. is having a sale on the left over chairs made for Americas standing- army. Ethel Epstein, manicurist, is qualified to do anyone's nails, for she has just completed a three year task, filing the toe-nails on Cleopatras statue. Geraldine Heintz is collecting burnt out bulbs from lightning-bugs. Elia Bag- dasarian is advertising for an assistant to help him pass his College Board exams. So far he hasn't been able to get into college. On the radio page, I notice that the "Mystery Girl", jean Parsons, will sing at 8 o'clock-The mystery is how she ever got to sing over the radio. I read that her accompanist is Zigmund Yakacki, the second Rachmaninoff, who plays the bazooka. On tonight's program will be featured Georgette Franek's new song "Venda". It begins thus: A'Venda moon comes over the mountains". At 9 o'clock, Michael Stein, who is in Africa selling smoke rings to the natives, will speak to his contemporary, Walter Ludwinowicz, who is in Little America selling refrigerators to the Eskimos. And now the streets of old New Britain come to view. I can see Doris Hart, hurrying to Betty Abell's "Thursday Afternoon Club" which meets on Monday instead of Saturday. The speaker at this meeting will be William Humphrey, whose subject will be, "I-low to Recover Gold from Goldfish". My spirit now guides me to an experimental farm in the country, where Sophie Lukasewicz and her assistant, Eleanor King are trying to cross pigs with hens so they can have ham and eggs ready to serve. I see a salesman approach- ing the laboratory door. It is none other than john Bogdan, who is selling glue remover to flies who get stuck on Hy paper. Margaret Dolan appears to be the lab expert. She stands spellbound, gazing into a test tube bubbling with new growths. ' Outside I see a disgusted pair walking down the dusty farm road. They are William Hennig and Raymond Grennerod, They joined the navy to see the world and then spent four years in a submarine. They are now going to join the army, whose Rear-Admiral is joseph jastrzemski. Now I see the Village Tavern, where Nickolas Labas is holding up the bar, and where Michael Cimino is trying to Finish Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony". john Buckley, the "Z"-Man, is trying to induce Alex Garlewsky to go home with his little daughter. For entertainment they have songs by the famous UH. A. M. S. Trio", consisting of Eugene Field, Robert Swanson and Gordon Tuttle. Phyllis Simmons accompanies them by whistling. The crystal grows dark. I fear my magic power is exhausted and I can tell you no more. Selma Berkowitz Alice Gitlavitz Helen Gonski Henry Kragiel g.3.,..,1,.Q,,. , 3134.1 ,vQg1:jf'?i,'f""9i!0'f' " f f ' . . - - -, .1 ' 'wg -iw:-' 1:3-311'-,:,-1,511.5 fr--r g:,.,::.:,:g. , . af , . gt-153343 . . --!"i.?f--'lfgzin' 4 -LL'-, ' . ' -"WI ' .: . , ' .' ' -' . 'fvaxif - 1: 11"5:1f' -L. 'i.f-W.S:.f1aSFf5- ' . , n fr-ff ':.a'rY.-rf-'vaifrif-fafrffv--.-Z A., , ,, v . ,V ,. . x-1 . H- fe- ,fiINS:3ii7'i'Qf!'!4?!29155.1523-'R-?:ifEEi?i'.L-Z3'R Page Forty-seven 'QRS r ' --W' l ' zu ., . . . . .. . -its .4 f 53:59 e 5 X 3. - . , -B . ., x NW""b V vp . -v-Vx tv A 'als I uf, W-is-s.-,-x af.-Us w.--.41 ix .,, .,L,..,, ' NL -yy, ...i ..y,- 'W-'mga '-'X '- ---. 'i-P. . -- lt-v-ss --hi V-W5 f? L, 4-.VL u-'us -son, '4--HM g .4 AY -1 -xrh -S ' f -1 I 1 Z 'll fe f all A6 f .-fm:L,,,,lIu ,.,. 1 Z A 11, ' ms: Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes . Michael Cimino A Little Bit Independent . Alyson Baker Where Am I .... Lucy Kolodjay The Music Goes Round and Round . School Orchestra Stay as Sweet as You Are . . . Doris Hart On a Sunday Afternoon Homework Red Sails in the Sunset Wasily Zaiko Restless . . George Taylor Truckin' . . Walter Ludwinowicz l'm in the Mood for Love Stuart Towers Broadway Rhythm . Eleanor King The Lady in Red . . Emily Bilas 1t's an Old Southern Custom Mr. Slade Lovely to Look At . Ginger Lukaszewicz You're All I Need . Graph Card Signature You Are My Lucky Star Diploma Down on the Farm . George Marshall Parlez Moi D'Amour Barbara Starr Sandman . Carl Paretta You M iser, You Howard Noble At Last . . Closing Bell Unsophisticated Lady . . Bernice Himberg I'll Never Say Never Again Again Ruth Raymond Smarty . . . Edward Murphy Sugar Plum . . . Richard Vogel 1-.A-syiagsigfixeiai-'-sffiijif ':3i-"1.T'-.C- ,. .1 ,, 'f :M"2:,v-,A wif-i2f'5 Page Forty-eight A ,wvvl A.. 0 1,-,' ,,,,... H' ll' YH ' ' 'gms'-f?i2'fggsfm':f.1r5221'-Ere'-:ea-51131333 . ,Q -,F - .,. -neg-'sri gf- if-gg Q-'ag-p-'ar'-sn. -,ug--, . , , f, -4 . -,v 1. f. f V, . , ,. .. ,a6:5D.'-xtg,ziS-1bFl't.sffi5:2:1ef:5f-fi-S,-"-ee! -At, n , - V 1-. -.5 .ft ffm i. '- 'fi-.ff ,.,..,.,. ,, ..,. , , 'F' an-'e.ew'JfRef:-.yo-rf,-:3wk'a1?5g2vr31 -- 4. my f-. r-1 an .,.'13,,,q'1-f. .:',,-J. ." - ,-:,r.?-:ern -A: stiffL-".hid'-34-f"ff5,-.!'.1..11fr5,U I 9 - H , , . Zi L ' .ip R L XC V f r ,xx 1 L1 1 -KN ,x , . . :Q 129 4 : ,Gigi 2525 5..-Q,..11'Q 'gg 'f5,,.x,4q5.L,' w , 3: si -. vp r, Emgziag-ggq93gjfgg4?5.4gy.iiQ5fIf51i1P:25'i3iv2'fe f 1 ai ." I l .v"Q+, .iii-smflfifreaurr2:z'a'5r'52v.5-vie?SMT!-farffiair Take Me Out to the Ball Game Life Begins at 8:40 . . You Hit the Spot . Take It Easy . . I Feel a Song Coming On I Wish I Were Aladdin Life is a Song . IGot a Brand New Suit Hands Across the Table When I Grow Up . . You're Nothin' But a Nothin' That's What You Think . Goodbye Forever . 1 f I Should Lose You You Let Me Down . Will Love Find a Way Whats the Reason . Isn't This a Lovely Day . I Never Knew . . Love Makes the World Go 'Round . Don't Mention Love to Me . Star Gazing . . . lt's the Irish in Me . . Youve Got to Be a Football Hero l'm Misunderstood . . The Last Roundup . Lost in a Fog . . At Your Service, Madame . Baby, Play With Me . Cheer Leader Charlie . . . Irene Mangan Ethel Epstein Geraldine Heintz Ninette Salafia Phyllis Simmons ' Richard Ericson jennette Case For Graduation Peggy Dolan Howard Groth Dot Parker Vincent Conti LaVerne Lynch Makeup Tests Prom Ticket Test Marks To a job Our Class is Small Graduation Day Test Answers Arnaldo Fracchia john Bogdan Harold johnson Football Team Eliot Lifshitz Algert Ausanka Class Banquet Pauline Tabacca Marietta Maguire Stinky Davis Elia Bagdasarian Hate to Talk About Myself . . 1'm Gonna Play in the Varsity Band Loafn' Time .... Let's Rub Noses . Henry Kragiel . Benny Meltzer . . Special Schedules Betty Abell and Howard Bunce Slippin' Thru' My Fingers . . . Class Dues The Morning After . . Eleanor Larson The Girl With the Dreamy Eyes Dot Smith Playboy of Paree . . Milton Dworin The Topic of the Tropics . Girls' Gym F Eleanor King Eleanor Larson Marietta Maguire Dorothy Parker Dorothy Porter e 94 ,: .inf,..'-51',?S.f::Zsfr'-54.91f 23 '. .- 1 1' , v -1 " ' .- .." "1-k Q---5595-L?-LQEQFVN Page Forty-nine ,A hm!- G' , f' -Q., .Q 1 TL, f... W-Q-N " A. ft l,LlgjUl'1lffy ..-. --Q 5 :.-aw-g::4.'.,... as-. ,,ufg-pgxyfi.. , V " 'fig-.'f.s,-cg1:1-:s,.g-J,f,.-l1:,x,, .. -:' -'x:1.-11'-X:wif-1'PF1-v'fff7'-2v,11Lf1P'A'- .1 f- ' I ' - .1-A1-fr'-2-'ffm-.:.--:F-'4-:..1::.f,-4-1.-5.'.---7--.'.1-'1J:::ps if rifgz' ' .Ha-I. 1'sf5'ffr2vf2a-is:::.i1:?fEH1iifriififs'-wirsalHiff ' 'nk1'.iLf'f1742'f--1:-:'-:BuffBi-1.'j"-Alfa? ' l n. M fl." 3' 'HiH-':'.fft-ra'f'r:-'- A---,,..n'. 1:A1w.f'ff-'ialbaffizw-: .,. ., C.. -.-.lx-. --u.Qf..f . ,+ ff.-.a 1. as 1.-.1 rf--uv ,....-Q.. -. , -,. .5 .. ,w.,.u ,-.-xc -., ,., ,,. 1 4 f ,S 31. .1,,.p.7 sr.a..'ty,.F11.-,, a 1- . . ,.-,,. -123-. ,.'."il-g'fQL'fi-px21:LE'ar'L',v-3'-5,:far . ,,, I ! fig ' 'fig'iiv-fllcfg'-.-AN.-L-'-P'-.Lis,-EzQ,fpLlc ":'-"1-.'f,0 L, . QQ- M-I ?"'4wa-i-1- ' 1? R ol: Y-:tm 5' I I I June Graduation PRooRAM INVOCATION K Reverend Elmer L. Olsen MUSIC a. The Two Crenadiersu Schumann-Leighter b, "The Volga Boatmanu Russian Folk Song c. "Song of the Vikings" . . . H. G. Faning Senior High School Chorus Accompanist, jane Elizabeth Carlson, Class of 1936 PIANO SOLO a. 'tThe Lark" . Balakisew b. Hlntermezzo in Octaves" . . . Leschetizky Lillian Silver, Class of 1936 MUSIC "Venetian Carnival Overture" . . Zamecnik Senior High School Orchestra At the piano, Ina Pauline Rosenzweig, Class of 1936 PRESENTATION OF DIPLOIVIAS Mr, Joseph M. Ward President of the Board of Education "STAR SPANCLED BANNER" . . . Smith Class, Orchestra and Audience RECESSIONAL "Under the Double Eagle" March . Wagner-Tobani - 4 . -A ' .- f - A I-'-za-Mraz:-fi: I if 43? iff r m , - A f ..-,s f fi . Page F i fly-one r Q 1 1-""r'f,L's-11-f','f1 s:,:.f':.:'1:s-igwzlf? K f - V-.--11:-' ,--...i-1::v.f',-.. as-guf'-'1.?Y"Q '-. . , ' 1--is ra' ., ,..-.4,, .. . -., U., 4 . 1 'Ni N 'a ' U :ss-157: f.q,imrv-MQ' 'fn--': .5gv:555'-'K if ,- I -.i -.-fb ,f.... :' -,- .: '. :.955gff7' 'ly 1-1 ' ' 'H' Z'- JL- "JJ: "--'.V5,4 :. ,-v.w--.,-,f,.,,..- -, 4 Lt' if ., I .gn ' I -'r' 'gd' f Q' ' , 5 . Sm 'W I-f--'.-,.-"'s"l :tt-21111-'1iZL::w7,:g'f?.zi:? 5 K , ' it 3 i. f trgarkaf' -'Afg L' n .gf . s':'.-Ling-1,'5ii zii, 'i1:".i-3l1.:',?I' "E"-215: -can , V - Ag-fgvfi-,,g3?.-mga. - .'.f.'4,5g :ng-:Q 1 . fi -:'.',-47,-: '15-'1f:5.g Q g I 5 l, EZ: In-giS4iF?1t,,5d,vk:.l,1L 0 7 9 1 :L W 'Savill -tg i .2 --: 2-..f'::f: ar: :,.. ' V. - s-9-'-f'Q-flu:-M ':-- 0- 1'-:M NN i4.- L: -rv. ,s-.A "x--'W ' , - 5.-. :ga t.,f,5 -H51 .rfgq-1.145--3-I . ..:.f,v:-1-1-.'f' -.1 X I 9 - V Sli.:5'3ftrrfs5Ei?2:'2'!:ff'S21iaEnQ+,mff:f5.-,fiai june Class Honors in Scholarship Honors in scholarship are awarded to those who maintain average rank of eighty-five or more GENERAL HONORS FOR THREE YEARS Russell Cady Adams justine Bacon Dorothy Mae Blews jane Elizabeth Carlson Rose Catherine Coats Mary L. Deane john Adam Fronczak Eunice Harriett Holloway Olga Boreiko Russell Cady Adams Arvid Wilson Anderson Robert William Backhaus justine Bacon eonard Paul Birnbaum Rose Catherine Coats Mary L. Deane Grace Luella Dyson Thomas Maurice Flynn Lenore Forstot Merle Lynette Gordon Florence Barbara Grajewski jane Elizabeth Carlson Mildred Marjorie Edelson julia E. Adams Gloria Lorraine Berson Leonard Paul Birnbaum Rose Catherine Coats Mary L. Deane joseph N. Draczynski jacob Albert Haroian Kenneth Horwitz Ellen lngeborg johnson Godfrey Carl Anderson jane Elizabeth Carlson Mary L. Deane Merle Lynette Gordon Ellen lngeborg johnson Arthur Carlton josephson Lydia Veronica Kacinskas Helen Georgiana Kurtz Stanley Chester Laskowski Priscilla Blanche Mahan Ruth Elise Schlichting SPECIAL HONORS ART Robert William Lyon, jr. BOOKKEEPING Harry Edward Coleman Arthur Carlton josephson ENGLISH Maida Anne Hall Ellen lngeborg johnson Mabel Elvera johnson Arthur Carlton josephson Lydia Veronica Kacinskas Sophie Katz Helen Georgiana Kurtz Helen Louise McEvoy Eleanor Frances McLagan Priscilla Blanche Mahan Hazel Evelyn Munson Ina Pauline Rosenzweig FRENCH Merle Lynette Gordon Priscilla Blanche Mahan GERMAN Ruldoph Ferdinand Uitz HISTORY Arthur Carlton josephson Lydia Veronica Kacinskas Sophie Katz Elsie julia Lindeman Robert Clark Lukens Eleanor Frances McLagan Hazel Evelyn Munson Anne Theresa Regula Ina Pauline Rosenzweig LATIN Arthur joseph Drogue Thomas Maurice Flynn Merle Lynette Gordon Adele Shapiro Marja Henrietta Skurzewski Ruldoph Ferdinand Uitz Pauline Urbanski Stanley joseph Wloszczyna Leo Theodore Woja Mary Helen Zysk Louis joseph Sulik Elsie julia Lindeman David john Sargis Frances Scapellati Ruth Elsie Schlichting Adele Shapiro Marja Henrietta Skurzewski Helen Sobolewska Mary Lee Torchio Ruldoph Ferdinand Uitz Pauline Urbanski Irene Loretta Winters " Mary Helen Zysk Marja Henrietta Skurzewski Frances Scapellati Ruth Elsie Schlichting Ethel Marjorie Selander Adele Shaprio Marja Henrietta Skurzewski Helen Sobolewska David Robins Templeman, jr Pauline Urbanski Mary Helen Zysk Priscilla Blanche Mahan Ruth Elise Schlichting Marja Henrietta Slcurzewski ft' .5 --UA L-,.-- X':.L.L .-' 5lQ"5i'C" '?'40'Y' " ' " "' - - ' ' . 'r 'Y' ' ' ' 1 "WS "YF'l'537X5"-E1-"sl-'2"',14f"fP1P1-'QV'-P5 sg asQ:g1in:e!:iigp5:sm?z?4ffz'. '?'e,ff5 - ' of . . ' f,kaggzgqaggfkzfsigfkzksfriawh- X"1,'f'i--ffl'.-ins"-A5 ,Q-'ug '-' ' -.Mez -fi . ' ' "" - ' .f V. V- -4- r ug- -11-iam ,F 'ef "x.Q,,f-,f T,-41.-.4:.g r r -' ' , A Q t-gig-sziiae 1'gggrgqifgfqsgyifgaiiwiggragga -' lx-5:1-123' "fn '9 ' .vi . -,f r "'. ' ' ' ' C' -' 1. ' 4' X ' .T ' .5-'--'Q "5 45' '.i. 1.-s'fvIJ.'H' :7f'-f1-ia.-2-'r?ffzf'hfsirrrf.-A mm.-1 wr. -.. V - .V A 'Q-1 -'H f av" Mira.::feb:f44f:s1::m34Ls-s-Maria Page F i ftyitwo ew- 'w -' A .'- 1:21-X :car -.. A f.--,g.-.,f --v--X-'::eaEf'fggfwg-fi-:QL-zea , H '1A1.1'E?i"':Y7l,:'ii?-Hiifzf'rf-ii' ' sf 4 P x . ,, P J. v., I. . -A-0 - . -:ff rw.:- fj 'fi " -:S'jg.9'gsA.'tznw3'iQ 57,51 , -,-. Russell Cady Adams Robert Ernest Anderson Leonard Paul Birnbaum Arvid Wilson Anderson Olga G. Cherpack Helen Margaret D'Avanzo Doris Alfreda Anderson Olga Boreiko Linnea Edith Carlson Olga Boreiko john Adam Fronczak Walter Otto Fisher james joseph Aparo joseph Philip Bucko '- 1 "' 95,554:-::.4.6,J11".1",g i,r, . 'W fmefiiqeiiirg. . , . ,- 4 "LF-.livafizfiiif-1514Qfi5iI5?7f'E'11f:i rvQ'-.1,2f:- .1 - J 'J - f. , ' szn,v,Z,q,4-: wwf- -6-nit-'f1"lr'f2,-5-.1 9. +63-'feat ri.i:"' n' ' 5 -ff--ve -v' ""'4"'--"1 "-2 ' - I-If ty I Y 26 1 lm 'L J I .xg or fy, er L 3 r.. , - - 4 I-:fl tx-,.-4 zu. ' ,, 3, 5- e 5 . A.-.sw .,Q-..s- 1 1 . 'J fl ' Q7 ' " -'1iU1:'1, '.g.' '-I ,..': .Q g h' . F 5533 'azfiffilis?2?fZs'E1?Ifi'?iff5'if4??:5.5i:+-Q MATHEMATICS jane Elizabeth Carlson Merle Lynette Gordon Robert Clark Lukens Priscilla Blanche Mahan SCIENCE Rudolph Ferdinand Uitz SEWING Alvina Anna Suess Florence E. Waskelewicz STENOGRAPHY Rose Catherine Coats Eleanor Eva Futterleib Florence Barbara Grajewski Cecelia Marion jablonski TYPEWRITING Cecelia Marion jablonski TRADE COURSES AUTOMOBILE Leo Theodore Woja DRAFTING Stanley joseph Wloszczyna ENGLISH john Adam Fronczak MACHINE Stanley joseph Wloszczyna MATHEMATICS Walter Otto Fisher john Adam Fronczak john Milanese PRINTING john Adam Fronczak Other Awards Mar'a Henrietta Skurzewski Adelle Shapiro Rudolph Ferdinand Uitz Esther Yenkauskas Helen Georgiana Kurtz Ethel Marjorie Selander lrene Loretta Winters Ellen lngeborg johnson Stanley joseph Wloszczyna Leo Theodore Woja THE BAUSCH AND LOMB HONORARY SCIENCE AWARD For the greatest progress in three years of scientific studies CMedalj ARVID WILSON ANDERSON AWARD OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF RENSSELAER POLYTECHN IC INSTITUTE For excellence in mathematics and science Uvledalj RUDOLPH FERDINAND UITZ . f.w,'.:.Q:f- ,,,. .5'.1r3"',i.'j7"'i40'!' " 2 'V . , - -fl A H 1 H-, ' -. wg' LE. .-311 gzwx,-H., fp., w::4' We 7- . if f 4 T f 'x:.'1- 1-"'f'1:zs'l-3:51-14?-'gg-":y3' "'7- ' - 4? - - 3' -.+ WE'-3, Q-'?--Qa"S':fX+a'teL--:cw:',-f-Qvz- tar:-'-:iq .ak Wie i' ' -Q,is5ggI,!ff1f- . ' "'5'fT ' QE?-rf'5fi?fPflT5'-163275131 L . !1 - - . ' ' " V- - ' WV" ' 9"3y5'9 ,Z Page F i fly-thrge iff :Z-jg5-37.1p,a,f-VQ-'-1-,,1f':.-515.--IJ, i . - --..,,,2 ,fr,:4A.,.-,.:r5?fl,g41,g, -X-L:--".-'rei-Ll, -, .1 f ., . 1 , A1111-1fqf:1ff:fv,::1h,v'r4-'f:'f'41..p. 1 , f:.u..lQ:u, ,Q 1:54.74 -4 -,gfg -,',,',Q-wig., h ' -.' -5- f.-,f..,.u....xc--.n,A.4,,. 1 1- , , my r'- 9- +.,.,.- 155- fm? Q.: ' 1- 3,-71-1'4Y'lf'Y' 11, , , 'x 'f 'G 'Yl:.ff5'f,:1-'.'Jff'f1' - - . .h ,N.,,g.f,v.- , J., Y .44 4 q.I'fT P fp'--r., -.A.. .L...,.3 .,,, 'v- -fm? -'-'2'.1"-'IMP' "9:.-- ': ,N x X -1 .,.1',.5,,.Qx,J, fx, H 1 J fi " 'H' -' f,- ..' 1-r.:-. -L ,. ' cw!! "+I'v-:Tilt-:AHF1fiH",',..' :Q .- .f -,.. , .. ' ' -A Lsbfffef-deaf? mx, ' W . hy., A I ,?51? "' l 9 ,fy " "-7-.':-Lfl--'- gffffftlznz-.5 -:-m"i'f'.',Lf 4 HA x ' U ' it f M ' " slum 'f ', .3 , 'r .-ggxw ,QM ,n f -1 f 0' gh f lg ' ,ffmgT1Q.fQ4-Rgggqfjfyg 1 A wig. DY sf 'Q' ,F-I '-'L' +L ln Y' A nl ll, ,x 5: . 1 ltf-'14 ff-N "rr . - ff T7 ' I fc Ca X, m N Mus s c A A. RT R ENGLASH Hnsvonv M AT H F R E' N C H X X S c I E N c E L A T 1 N X F X ': ,J 'i X Y' 1 .f 3 if - 5 Lf., s ' N W. Hamm-4 my f'f'f.::"":."1"Q5?Qx':1 1153i-in-2'-2E'f3if'5'7" "' 15-'K 3' - F'-71 "" :fi-x' " I W? 'Z'Q-i'69'Qj.2C-1'2Egia?i:5nLJ5Q'2'??523 , . , Page Fifty-four 44i.A '13-,af:'..f:5.-aa-31,11-g.:.., mfr,-HIS-DJ-l3"f. . - -1 ' .1 ' "'1J'x1-K.-KLM'---F 12- X.--2 .. ..V- ...- . ., v. . ,.4 Le. .4 . ., , - .. 5 .,.'.gArR':v3"1v4a?.1'7n'4-txafv-i'-31bg.. : f. - 1, San!-zf,,',"4-gf 4 ,x-,Lge.,hq,i.35:1f532l,gt.1gQ31'5f2!5af:35:Q5g:33is' : - ': g L' nv' 3 523. s':93?5cF.f5, ' NV Q 1 H ll QJ. 4 oi " 'N 'L r ' . f . 'tri L 4' 1, 0 3 t . - - . , , . , 1. . I , F . . .- ' el- 'S-141 ,fig-1-'5 TSW? 'ji-Ye "Ei erffg- 7 :nf ' " Y' 1' ' ' - :U 2 51:-5.1.5 ,frrypjl-Pp1Q'f.,:.'pfi5Ea5p3-Qi, L: Oyr lll . p w 'fat ARTHUR JOSEPH DROGUE New Britain, Conn. "Art" April 20, N19 A' still leads" We are all proud to have such a leader as President of our class. All agree that "Art" is the foremost. A shining personality and willing friendship have brought "Art" up to the head of our class. We are glad to hear of his plans to enter Yale. Lucky Yale! He has done admirably here with both studies and extra-curricula work, so we won't expect any trouble when he gets to New Haven. So long, friend, and we'll be hearing things about you unless were mistaken, Class President '3og Amphion Club. DOROTHY EVELYN ROMANS Somerville, lvlass, UDDI" klune IQ, 1018 " Honor, glory, and popular praise" "Dot" has been our vice president for four straight years. What more need be said? l'o gain and hold our confidence over such a long period required a winning personality and those essential qualities of character which make our friends thrust honor upon us. She was also a good student, and a pleasing companion. Vice President: Girls' League. EUNICE CHARLOTTE LANDGREN New Britain, Conn. Hljuneyu gluly lo, l9l8 "Beautiful as sweet and young as beaullfulu i'Euney" is one of the most charming brunettes that have graced these noisy corridors for many decades. Her chief interest was English in which she excelled. Her secondary interest centered around a young man of good reputation and popular social position, She is good company and just naturally a mighty hne girl. Class Secretary: Amphion Club, Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' League. .:" X QQAPQ 5:17 tr 5 3 U ,,1':fF milf x kfififf if 4 5 RUSSELL CADY ADAMS East Berlin, Conn, "Russ" May l-1, WIS "Ambilion-a powerful source of good" Russell is the outstanding member of our class, having held office in many clubs as well as having been class president for three years. Now we have entrusted to him our funds and the signal honor of editing our class book. His ready wit and scholastic ability have made him popular with the faculty and the student body alike. Syra- cuse nabbed him and it won't be disappointed. He is on his way to a brilliant career, Well, good luck, "Russ", you surely deserve it! President l, 23 Treasurer 31 Tennis 2, Amphion Club 2. 3, Editor- in-Chief of Beehive 3: Promenade Committee 3. GRACE LUELLA DYSON New Britain, Conn. "Crue" March 4, l9l8 "Little Luck Charm" Bang! Crash! Wheeaee-! "Grads" here! She reminds us of a fire- fly, Hitting from hither to yon and lighting everything with her wit and pep. i'Grae's" scholastic standing is something to make most people green-eyed with envy, but if theres one thing "Grae" hates more than work, it's more work. lt's really miraculous how she does it. Her admirers sit up and beg when she snaps her fingers---but iiGrae" keeps 'em guessing. Rainbow. :.Q:-tif,.1,,.Jrf-Z1-':l"".iff2'"i51",7 " L -' - - .. ' -3' wt 1.14. a t " 1'-Pj L 1-' yrs-ifzl 'f 1. 'F23F:lk5'Ygi"S:E:i595'5l'?'5-agar 5 M f ' ' , 'W' 'Nff -!s'l2gEe3"ag-'5"wr"i?327Z'-' 1 f , 2.-.f 1. ... ..f,s . of Q s .V MJ- s...1 s t i af--ff--1.-4,2 ',f,,v.s 4. 1: ww- . , -- , .1 .- -4- , 4- ,q,1,,nof1'm.e.a. " ' I 1, . sqgmgrfr -fine.-.fp-w??'vf?. .. ' ,-if . ,. I - ,, , Ly pw ag- ' Vim- , a'5',p-was-we 1 'ff-w1'-54-.E'!T'51:1:5LN-:f':g151114 5 , ' Q-. if , A . ' 3 -'mai " --Q-13.5-11-1-1-'Aw-.1 I 'if111,a'f'y?ff"Fe'frr2f-'sf:Sf'a5b1L ga y, A 1 f... 4959 ,g3.g.:g5g5fLa:Q94w Page Fiflyifiirc Editor-in-Cheil' of Beehive, Motto Committee, Clrls lexgue ' 3:11 ' 'limi' '-if " K, J- 2 1 .. . .- ,,.. .. ..,-.-,.--15 4, -' Y ' , - -. it ,K xt. 7...-35,1-'g-,1t52p3'.:-:L-g1.gA-,prep X -,g 1: . -,f , I' '.-:l,e.-gllqg,-,1:-,ap J -1 5, .' V-'."',:.4:, -'. ga ,'.- ' KJQJ5 rQf.,l.Jf,,,' Q I, 1 4 ' ' 5 1? , ' 7 -7.1 .xy-...Q 1l5..,' ',u..,..,9 1-,ax-, -,lr . .. 4: ,- Y., N. M: ,W 'JJ iwrh'-'r:!fP15.1-nr-Ava'---as-i::.tff,i.fs?+3 L- iii: ,v ,-, fa ' f21::.1Gm+.sEf 4. C f ,, I , .utr ,uyif 1 , .gi . y . y-,,I,,A.f,4.zr64 ,fl A5 9515"-,.7i':L?-:"'!lfiifz-Qlffnfcggiiieiaisl-41 Quill .. j 'sffi-.lfifiliifrfalf J rr Q 1 2 3' 5 I I ARAM JOHN ADAJIAN Hartford, Conn, june 22, 1917 " How great is the darkness" Aram is a dark lad with black flashing eyes. He has a determined manner which makes everything he does forceful. His speech is full of appropriate gestures. All of Aram's friends admire him and are honored to graduate with him. VERA ABRAMCZYK New Britain, Conn. "Mickey" january 1, 1919 "Variety is the mother of enjoyment" Temperamentalfteasingeetalkative "lVlickie". lt requires technique to get along with her. She can talk about nothing at all and make it sound as though she were talking about something. She never allows the tiniest bit of her pleasure in teasing others escape her, but it's certainly worth your while to make her acquaintance, for there is never a dull moment when she is around. ESTELLE MARGRETTA ALDERMAN New Britain, Conn. "Schrlrnp" july 29, 1918 "Good dancers usually have better heels than heads" Although Estelle is not a "Schrimp", she is a good friend to have. She's the type of friend that is willing to give you a good time. We wonder why B. C. is holding her attention. We understand Estelle is quite a dancer especially since she has mastered all the steps of the "Yo-Yo". She is all right, and we are sure her future will be a suc- cessful one. . Girls' League. you have given us. she is and a world of luck to her, Girls' League. , -e-,.:-.-gg.-f-'2':Z:,A.,: .5 ggi",-L'c:u:ta10'92' -'. 2- - '. ' -pr -- 1- A -1 Us " " ' '5-flgas-,Qseg:sggagki.,-ibzsslefgzssab 1- Fr. - . 2, ' - .n5Wsx"'4-G v' 'f ebigfaj , .11 ' :fe ,Wy 'L P W .-,. -Vg .-,-3---A,-Q ,ggw h., - , ,av 1, V . .., V 1- 5' 1 'vii'-ifl,-e'ff-.-?-f"i'ii"'i3f.'-'?lf2'h5Twi. 1, V ' Ls. 'glgi-5'-+Q'w 'X 'Q 53- M Page Fifty-six CLAYTON THOMAS AIUDI New Britain, Conn. "Duke' September 21 1918 "I do not like noise unless I make it mysel "Duke", to whom nature gave a handsome face can always be found in the midst of everything, especially if there s a noise connected with it. "Duke" is always ready for a Joke and is always with one lf a young lady happens along, she is invariably one of Duke s victims. With his guitar and happy go lucky personality we know he will never lack friends, Remember your classmates of the good old class of '30 just as we'll be remembering you and the good laughs SOPHIE ANN ALEX New Britain, Conn. "Dimple july 20 1918 'iMore happy if less wise Who is that dark-haired girl who is so ambitious in her work' Why it's no one else but Sophie. lf she could cook as well as she can tat she would probably become a great dietician but we like her lust as 4 -.vf'f.u3't.- . 1 ,rf 1, ' 'Nz 1-:1f:2'f---Sw :.-tlrxf :les , ,-A " ,s fb. 4 - . - . 1153,-.--be--,A pf: . .1 F xi?-'v:7zl:11:Q: 1 f.- 'U 9,5 -g.', 92'-5-Quai-Lf-Sta.-f.::,1?fv'it ':1-. .1 1 N, ,- ',-F51 "fri,-we jj ' -1 - U' 4' -5145 ""2:.'.I:':fQ -T.-f:P1s.-ms -Q--1-f:'f HU' ,-J '5f."1'.-' :-I , ' 14 u . In D7 4,-' A . 'gp -2,13 "-.n- ram 5,121-'fix-'e'y'.1' .tc -.':',-Jgy.. 1 -. q A ., - 7.-,yn-.,,gre-1-.'5gg:K',1,,f,n 1.4 , , 4711.-'.3:,g9.5,456. .1 ,L-I l I HY:-.1e.:f.--v-:iffh.2f.t:4.1:'-V'-:--3'rrff.K,Az il. ,, ,,.,,,. . s Z. f' td! t , . I-Fl ARVID WILSON ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Ariz" July 4, l9l8 'Uaihs are but words, and words but wind" Fortunate indeed is he who is one of Arvid's friends. lt is a treasure well worth seeking after to gain his friendship, Several times Arvid has scared us by telling us he was going to live in Hartford. We know his heart is there, but we hope we have been worthy friends. We expect great things of him even though his plans for the future are incomplete. May he gain the complete success which he deserves. Amphion Club. FLORENCE ALEXANDER New Britain, Conn. "Flo" August 6, l9lb "Good company on lhe long road is the shortest cut" "lflo's" loads of fun. That husky little gurgle, fshe callsit a laughl, is sell'-introductory. She floats around school, seldom bothered with either weighty thoughts or books. All her friends consider her "tops". Shell get by with her personality even if she didn't bother to work as hard as some of the busy bookworms of our crowded citadel of learning. Beta Mu Sorority. MARNA LOUISE ALLEN New Britain, Conn. "Mum" April 6, l9lQ "To know her is to love her" Give lvlarna a good orchestra and she'll do herself proud. She's one of the popular girls of N. B. H, S. and will be missed when she leaves. She keeps us guessing about the boy friend until we wonder which one he really is. "Marn" is interested in journalism for which we are all thankful. With her personality and ability to work, we know she'll be a success. Good luck, Mama! Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' League. EDWARD RAYMOND ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Swede" October IR, 1917 'AAn all-round man complete in himself" 'Eddie' doesnt think anything of failing a test. After all, uEddie" thinks you can always take another. A'Eddie" has many friends, who, like him, belong to the "Why-Study" Club. Someday "Swede" hopes to own a car. Besides saving his soles, the young lady will like it better. We'rc glad he decided to graduate with us. DORIS ALFREDA ANDERSON New Britain, Conn, "Dar" April 14, IOIS "Thy spirit let me share" "Dorn appears very meek and unassuming, but underneath her quiet exterior she is very independent. Never try to take advantage of her friendship, for she just won't stand for it. Her friends know this and like her all the more. May she always be as charmingly different as she is now. lf our good wishes would assure her success there would be no doubt of her position in the future. Girls' League. " ' -'X - ' '. - ' -'- s 1 L " " '-ff :a'1-z'fx1".:w.'f- ve: 4- ieffizx' 161: I -1- ft: 1' f 4 f "1ts? '- -,ge .1 '. 1' -' .tt :fr - fr R45-'rsimiffswslatgfrforisfef I 4' "' ' I-'T -. . .-'A' f H :"'f"i'ft1':'P12:Q-it-Z1-I:4i':'ii4f .-"AM if43Z,viq, v . . f.. -fqf4'x??g:2:21i4294iQae5EffQ:ff1.ggi: Page F i fly-seven M"p'- - M Y -. , f- , .,., .X ,..,, .,,. ' w-- 'fl' V-1f'a'f',.4:1e. 2 'ff' ' -' - i- . u - - s,,n.w1- . --54-34:54 - ff- .,--A , V, ,vang . . , ,. ,.,. .,,.,,4-. , wpzwef? cw--+ f'-4161-' "lv: 1-'-2a47:a1faT-r. f L ' '-s-L+:-Q.-'-Z 316111 -'f':',e fi' ," 3,4 f' ' f2f'?1:'ai'-Mia aff V- ' -'nG1:fF2a.s14'. .g at-1 ' Q 2 'fm "elf:-mel'-ifrff ' f 2 1l J? R' ,G ffm ,gf 1 R' 1 af lf' 3' sl P GODFREY CARL ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Garf" .july 26, 1918 " How cheerfully he seems to grin" "Garf", affectionately called "Goof" by his many friends because of his eccentricity, is a grand fellow to know. Being with him is like watching a Popeye reele -a thousand laughs a minute. "Garf's" humor isn't caused by a funny face or anything like that, but his dry "cracks", mostly in class, cause many explosions of laughter. lf "Carl" ever passes his College Boards,he will enter Yale in the fall. Yale should admit him anyway. They need him. Lots of luck and success. Amphion Club, Tennis. LEONA ANNA ANDERSON Bristol, Conn, "Red" September 1. 1918 A'Be always merry as ever you can, For none delights in a sorroujul man" Who is that Redhead coming down the corridor with a big smile and a i'Hiya" for everyone she meets! Why it's "Red", "Red", what's the big attraction at the West End of the city? lf "Red" can cook as well as she can knit, she will be a success in married life as well as in business. Well, here's good luck to you, "Red", and we hope you can fulfill your hopes of being a private secretary. Girls' League. NINA P. ANOP New Haven, Conn, "Niene" February ll, 1919 i'Tl1ose move easiext who have learned to dance" "Niene's" chief occupations while in school seem to be making hurried escapes from English classes and being the life of her sorority past, Frat dances and Football games aren't complete without her presence, "Niene" plans to be a secretary to some fortunate man very, very soon, We certainly wish her luck. Alpha Omicron Sorority, Girls' League, "f ' f 1'H'f'-a.:.4- -w - -,'ffZ-94, eq, .'- r. , , 54-. L11-E'C7f'7iQ3ap J -1 ,A 1 HARRY VALDEMAR ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Bunny" April 20, 1918 UA friend to every man" No man need be without a friend. All he has to do is look up Harry and his wish for friendship will be answered. Harry had a habit of becoming very friendly with the teachers and thereby hangs the tale of his brilliance. We all think a lot of Harry and wish him the high achievements of which we know he is capable. MARGARET ATASHIAN New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" july 27, 1918 "Blushing is virtues' colour" "Peggy", the bright, dark-haired girl has the ability to do her oral English work but her hinderance is "blushing". lt is the style now- a-days but she does not think so. In fact, she thinks it is one of her liabilities. Her sunny smile and personality will help her gain her goal of being a stenographer to some business executive. ft! Q w lf- .1--1. , I- -. .p 3 w' r:v:,Q " " 1'-45 v1,':-C3'j1g2-Q:gwE:,gi.-QQ., ,. L, . J H 144417. ' .P f s -' - Qf- ifzfggvfw-Plfillxixbiigzqfs422219115-Hia.-4253!tagging.-'sw.g sf iq. ga - , -1 I -' ' 4. "Tie Wig- 9.'f'S5.:f.:iyi2ip'WeE355:25'S?isCsfeiiSifi!sifsE.'3 'N If " " 1 ' . "lt ' 5 " nf " 'H Q , 'Q-115'?-1.!1r'Q--J:.p"L5'Q'3? ,,,1V,"-9-11'-X. fs,-1? ,v .yer ., A . , ., . g . ,141 s.,,-. , .-...,.i.,..,,,, f 1 Q4 efi. ,s.z, " - ' 1 Lv f 'fr 'kgiiai551'eiazffiisfxifirlziiagaiags-P11' Page Fifty-eight gi. '- .. W - .yrs-.1-ii"-A .. - .V pm 'ti'f.vf:-14114: er-1: V-a-Aw!-'ax-.1 i 3 ,-":.:'-:a'1y,,v,-P" ,- ."-- 4 ' '- - . . -gggy.-'-1.-,V41-jr,-ag,-' .4gg:,L,.,..-if .-f-I-:4'.:v:,.f.1 ,.. H -'x..'i":"' it View v?:?s5-v+iIaSi'ssive2s:1E?.v::i..e21211:. we-irfg-:H sy 1- :5ggQ.gi3:x,g5jg,-' Q f . ,Q 9.43. F5411I.5H3133r.5Egi:,grg5:4q:g.,ii g.h5.:5g,S,g-him -s..:-.,:zg3+G2a?D.4i ai gi f' . '-:K:-sin:sl!-Ifrfff.-irisz'ff'if-61-gf.-fi-Qs, iff QQ IL, 'x x'f4ffl Tl ff' e -f sm 42 I g I ROBERT ERNEST ANDERSON New Britain, Conn. "Bob" july l7, l9l8 i'Where there is music there can be nothing bad" We wonder if "Bob" agrees with this proverb. Yes, "Bob", most of us do. This young man has a very enviable head of blonde hair and a million dollar grin. His saxaphone playing keeps him very busy outside of school but he manages such subjects as Mathematics 8. French o, etc. We are sure he will be a success at Trinity College next fall, and we will be looking for his name among the graduates of l940. We hate to part from him, but then we all must say good- bye. Orchestra: Band. JUSTINE BACON New Britain, Conn. 'iRusty" August 7, l9l9 "The miracle-beautiful but not dumb!" Po iiRusty", we do feel sorry for her. She's forever getting her dates mixed. She's tall and sophisticated, also calm and dignified, We know at least three fellows who pine every time i'Rusty" has a date with an out of town heart-throb. Between dates "Rusty" does manage to do her homework-very well! We aren't positive, but the evidence is quite convincing-there must be a brain under those curls Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' League, Rainbow. JEANETTE GLORIA BALACHINO Waterbury, Conn. November lb, l9l7 'AAU women are ambitious" Jeanette must eat her spinach with great satisfaction because her beautiful curly hair shows the results which no beauty parlor could ever produce. But her hair isn't all that she is noted for. Her good marks and achievements while in school have also been envied by all. i . GENARO APRUZESE New Britain, Conn. "Gene" December 9, 1916 "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere" Genaro is a quiet, unassuming chap who never bothers anyone. His blue, yellow-wheeled "Whippet" has built up quite a taxi business for him. His lessons seem to keep pretty well up-to-date, but a little more time on them might make Genaro a better student. Heres lor smooth sailing ahead, Genaro! MARGARET MARY BATISTA New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" April l2, l9l7 "A good heart is worth gold" "Peggy" is one of the few people who when you know them make you wonder why you haven't discovered them before. ln "Peggy's" case, however, you not only wonder but you regret every moment spent before making her acquaintance. She has charm, and per- sonality peculiar to "Peggy" alone-we think it should be patented. Our best wishes, 'iPeggy", and may you find it as easy to have friends in the cold, cruel wor-uld as you have here in High School, ng-9'2" ". v lf- -f 7 . 5. ' Au' rf 1.4-u, , " ' 1'--11 xg af 3,513 :1--.:- fp 1, ,.g:.. ,., J -F :desi-18' . : .- V gf . .awieimbi-vigwinzpzggzzsvl-'fa1.-wig:we , ,L es. 4. 'gg' - '- - - ' -' -' , 'rp , , 4rus:3J.a:25swg'1:x-sims:fray-.-gg.:fcas ' f . iv., f L ai gse-an if . 2 :1-: 2' .' ff-me ' ' 'P .-rf .Mm m ' ' " ' ' ' -i Lf. 'V 'ef 'gbfkrfi:453351949?5fi5fi5iEffl-ifff'f 'T' Page Fifty-nine Tiflis, Russia 51:1-A441-if ... J ' ' Y ' ' . . . . . . -4,-wg:-q..f.,... as-.,,u,3.,14,t34.g, -. , -Q, .. ag.-1-Q.-fi.-wi-rw-.'-1,gi-11-,1.---. as-.1 grifgwgv gs,--'.-. g'-:- ty.,-,yi f , - .r -. . ', - - , . 3'-.:.s'-Q--f gyjgyqg.-.. .3 4: ,..-,-:':.'-'I-:.'.1y31::5 '4Al25Q'1'.50i?5li7F12'C:ff'-lifiidfflf 51" Il- Sv' Bef! 'lfiihfafi'G3SJ4!'3S'1'72i.U:'i4fCf '- 1331:-F Vfliil'-Li:,?5F -ill ,.,.'s-A--.f-51-,cfq-.wi.-i1:,,-f,-fL4'5:S" L . 'L ' 1 4 . 1: .es :fZ'e:,,i:f:qqr1fi1.f',':4-,'t':':2-rg.-Ig.-1,:15-Q.s'.f i f ig'-'5,n:,ql,1?,,': RFQ pi-i-'.'f'.'f 7 - , rf, 7 -' ' if-.-rf1g2,'I+,4.l3'f,:,2'n:q,7gpq,577 4,41-P: - -':.'fs.',-:nlfg-. 'J f-rf-fw:,g3.:.sf. .es'lP.1?E9.5P5i A- fd " L f 'fm ' elf:-3.115!!f1r:afi:.::k'f.M'--s'.-vr9f.f.,-i:""1-4:ff-"' , 1 PHILIP ANDREW AZIZ 1 "Phil" August 29, 1917 "The survival of the flies!" 2 , dt 3 K ,I 4:4 fv,'3',, I 5 I "Phil" has beenin an everlasting fog ever since we have known him. We don't know when the fog will lift, but we think "Phil" could do things if he would brace up. "Phil" can be very comical at times. He doesn't even have to try. He was graduated in good season with- out setting any endurance records. MARY IRENE BATISTA New Britain, Conn. April 5, 1918 "Stay as sweet as you are" Mary is one of the quiet, conscientious girls whom the boys go for in a big way when they really get serious. She's a true friend-that's why we all like Mary. We wonder if she's ever been unprepared or if she ever refused to help any one when he was in a "pickle". If she has, it must have been in a nightmare. We wish her all the luck in the world. EDITH HELEN BECKER New Britain, Conn. "Edie" November 12, 1917 "There is time for all things" "Edie" is a sincere and lovable person who has much wit to add to her personality. "Edie" makes us laugh at her bursts of energy to become Ha heap big athlete" because we know how lead-weighted she can be at times. "Edie" doesn't like to study even though she does study, but would rather play tennis or baseball. Here's a toast to you, my friend, that you may become the worlds greatest athlete! ANDREW JOSEPH BARNIAK New Britain, Conn. "Andy" january 7, 1918 "Why should your fellowship a trouble be Since man's chief pleasure is society?" "Andy" is that specie of humanity who likes to have his presence felt. His wooden heeled shoes make a loud tattoo upon our cement and hard wood floors. For all his short-comings we all like "Andy". lf he had put a little more time on his studies, and a little less on society, "Andys" name would be found among our top-notchers in the scholastic held. just as soon as he settles down a little, "Andy" is headed for a successful career. Cheer leader. DOROTHY VAL BEINART New Britain, Conn. 'AVallie" August 6, 1918 "Now is the time for dancing" 'AVallie" as she is called by all her friends, is a very demure person, small but sophisticated. She is fond of athletics and is a member of a girls' basketball team. She is quite a dancer having taken part in many productions in the last few years. lt is rumored that she has aspirations for a Broadway career, so here's wishing her lots of luck. Rho Sigma Rho Sorority. 5,-,.1 ',,,5fyj5....i ,.-3g:,"!,-Lrg'--'-unryi' 1 V f ' . . ' A - fx -.,.4,g,. . ' V. -ag.: sgia'-gcgqgu-,:,--, 7fe-Q,-:Miseseaag!:2s3b:asl?zgg1fz'-Q . 5 , lf , . 5.9.5813 . ilgsfawfsavresivfffk -iw.21311-i:nf4qf-gas,:,.g,1,g:f:g,'- --4-1 ,A ,gi , , . f -5+ ff".'.y. gtg:-aes'-a3e 1-4 'f-1--211' ,-v.':11:-ze'-L4 .ff 'P 2' 4. -- if ff ' ' - V .ef .ai-pvaw,-1' -. 1 i1!i9,.-1:-w.-'sr 1--.-'1'-si?-s,+'-'fffi-:JMQ-wi!-if' '.. 4 nn .1 f....c' . - . -1- . akuazgf' ' e +,p.'m-.:.:.rfe.'- 2' 'WTAififffihf-2fY11:?i'?f-'-'??rff?v-si L, , , ' - . . ' ff ' " - 'Magix' sezfizeiibflferaele Page Sixty ..1- v-. ,V ,x- A4 - g,uf'-93313, - ,N , wr.-' 15.2 .--4..,c-.L-- 4---"x -i-. - t wg ,V 3,35 .-'-rv :,w:.:'-:aj , .ey ,- 1'-.' - V 4 , 4-g:':g5-.z.-,-Qi-':,c.2s2-z .g3:'E5.?1':LJ w.:f3I:k1-gzaw.Q'32?p2'd32f25'waifiiif' -'aff .' 'iY',-rf. B145-1ifeEv?1r5Se:v3fi:?fEE:?i.Qe1if53:-.-- L 2 ...1-f,f,.eLiifgfijr,'.-SggfggiiigH!Q.y:?g1,5fh:1Z, 1' ,4.,'. u. v f,..:.'. 39H:iE235?:i:,g,g55,5.,5,5,QMfg, 5 f -. 4,-,,,k...s.aeng.1+1?1aate. ,e ,Ag n . 1 1.19, -get-.2311gimme.7312-,tie-t:.t,..,ett f , 1 E ', . . , . , ,. .- ' us? U,iF'.i'lg Vi ' ' ' 3' i P I-I-I " FRANK PELI-IAM BASILE New Britain, Conn. KKBHZEN iviay 28, 1918 "Mingle a little folly with your studies" Yes, "Baze" is like the rest of us, as far as mixing folly and studies goes. just be sure you have the right proportion of studies in the mixture and everything will be all right, We understand "Baze" can show us the way around the Shuttle Meadow Golf Course with his eyes closed,and as for billiards, Willie Hoppe had better keep his eye on him. If he keeps on going ahead, "Baze" will never know what failure is. i LILLIAN ELAINE BENJAMIN Hartford, Conn. "Benjy" October 14, 1917 i'l.el work keep thee out of trouble" "Ben-iy" falls in and out of trouble. The only way to keep her out of trouble is to give her a desk and a typewriter and a stack of work-H that high. Then "Benjy" shows her worth. i'Benjy" may become a business woman someday, We all hope shell have a lot of work to do that will keep her out of mischief. Girls' League. ADELINE CLARA BENTLEY New Britain, Conn. "fide" May 22, l9l8 "Popularity .she had" To name her good points would take too long, so we'll just ask what we've wanted to for ages and ages. Who is that tall, dark and hand- some fellow who's been paying such devoted attention to "Ade"7 Also, how does she do her schoolwork- between dates? lf she's missed a really important dance while at N, B. H. S. everyone else did too. We hope she is as important in the future as she is to the '30 class now. Girls' League. RAYMOND KENNETH BEGLEY New Britain, Conn. "Ray" Ifebruary IZ, i910 "We all love a pretty girl" "Ray" is one who always puts pleasure before business. That pleasure happens to be a very nice blonde whom anyone would put before pleasure. We agree with his eye for beauty. "Ray" also plays a good game of basketball. lt's great to have him with us. Delta Xi Fraternity, Golf '33, '34, '35. GLORIA LORRAINE BERSON New Britain, Conn. "Glo" October l3, i918 "1,ookers-on .ree most of the game" "Glo" is tall, dark and-oh nofnot handsome, but very at- tractive. She's one of these exclusive people who spend part of their time at school in New York. Do you know 'iGlo" has a twin? Oh yes-but that's all right. She isn't at all like himkgot you that time, "Gerry", where you ean't slam back. Oh, well, we know "Glo" will do well with her personality and good nature. Girls' League. i j",.' . -,',:.-L- 5 :j:,,...,,5g1'f:"',i.Qi1 'LQRQVPT "- t ws -f . ,. -. -:X - -f -.A x ' -'v ' mi.:-1 it ag 14.3-pg:--gy 5.11.3 .tg 5" 42 4 -4 . - .cf V ggww : ,qs ,. .. .Y M., . - -N - . 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His pleasant greeting has cheered many ol us, and we all hope he may be cheerful all his life. MONICA BLONDYNA BESZRUCZYK New Britian, Conn. "Mona" February 17, 1918 Ml am content with what I have" Tall, graceful, and slender Monica is quiet most of the time but can be very amusing. Although she isn't particularly interested in school work, she gets along. We think she'l1 be a success because when she is interested in anything, no matter how difficult, she succeeds in doing it very well. Girls' League. HELEN MARIE BINGIEL New Britain. Conn. "Bingo" August 20, 1917 "Look at the bright side" Helen is a little blonde girl who is not always as quiet as she should be. She is a good-natured young lady, but her chief fault lies in sing- ing the praises of a certain somebody. She is a member of the Rho Sigma Rho Sorority, the Wonder Girls, and the Holy Cross Basketball Team. Lots of luck with the "Obiect ol Your Al1'ections", A'Bingo"l Rho Sigma Rho Sorority. LEONARD PAUL BIRNBAUM New Britain, Conn. ULenny" May 18, 1919 'The seal of truth is simple" "Lenny" belongs to that group of jewish fraternity boys who stick together like molasses and sugar. They have set up quite a friendly group believing that together they stand. divided they fall. "Lenny" is rather short and chubby, but he drives a big car and has yet to scratch his fender. We're glad he's one of us, and we are anxious for him to be successful in the great game of life. Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity. DOROTHY MAE BLEWS New Haven, Conn. Ulla!" April 21, 1919 Mpopularity leads to success" When it comes to saying things about "Dot", words just stick in our throats and we find ourselves stuttering around, for "Dots" that cool, dainty, superior ash blonde who's simply too, too4. No fooling, these adjectives aren't half expressive enough. Maybe "Dot" would help us out with one of her own special superlative brand-whatsidatsis - -or sumpinf When "Dot" isn't making up new words she's enter- taining at least five "frat" men with the latest "Little Audrey", Of course if she has a spare moment, she does occasionally do a bit of homework--just enough to keep her at the head of her classes. We don't know how she does it, but hope she'l1 be as successful in all she undertakes. Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' Leagueg Amphion Club. '??"Y"- we f' - - .'. - ' ,- - ' "1 '- "' "' Le' 3431 n1'-.:- 1 11- ,-.5 A .1 ,. fi' ,fe ?a-'Sf '42 4 s -' gp " . -a'f5l1-iS'4Ev45.:v+Svim:3li+:L'fe1.-Riu!..... v. 4. 4. gf, sg ' - . ' - .11 X -, "fa ff' E wr 4' -- . . '15 fs . -- hf'-'- ,",-1'a'P11f.f-:2V2f-Tweet' -F mmf-5-63,1 . .' - ' df. ,QE?-'tfziqief-4?Qiwafzkifiiatqffiffm-tgQ-f-sf? Page Sixty-two -t' " it ,le '32-5 '.91.r- - :..-':s44,1-:Qgfa1.f..-,1::,..2f:'.u5?QrE5 ?5l'i:'Q: '," if '1:1:.-vqirzvn-1: f .A X I 5.Ji:-1'TQ'FFiffizii-iff-27,Q455A'f!S'if':3f'g1VL7:Qp JT- Jrfflu vp ' .' .Q,' 1'iL23Tfff25E'Q 1 A 4 L ssiwif-1S1,':ff'.-'w.f'1f'f:e'af'5-fl' Ll '-UC ' " 4 ' V+ '5'1"""-'-"f-A " 4. " ' ., Qfig.'::,pi:'f,'g5f.32?y':X , - I . 4. . 35, M., -'Wa-A - i- -. i--: :wx . f"f '." f--.'..-' - " - ..,-- :- -'-- -'-nb..-rm.:-.afa .-, at-I , ' i a.,fr:'.f.m3f-rr X' -' dvi 4? J U, . J' ' f OT 54 Q1 1 4, 'L ,1 Wa! - .QKMTLQ-.h UP, 1 CARL WILLIAM BROLIN New York City, N, Y. 'lfuliusn kluly 28, l9l8 " He was my friend, faithful and just to me" Carl possesses a characteristic which many would do well to acquire, He can mind his own business to perfection. Carl goes about his work and does it efhciently. He has proven his ability as a harmonica player and is something ofa stamp collector. lvlore power to you, Carl! HAROLD G. LEPPERT New Britain. Conn. "Lep" September lZ, l0l7 "lt is the grand hnish that wins the race" The fair sex call him uLeppie" but to the AIE boys he is "King Fish". His first love is the great outdoors. He delights in rising early on those cold, fall mornings to tramp the woods in search of game. His second love might be a nice girl with blonde hair. An- other thing that is dear to his heart is his blue Ford Roadster. Dont mind its knocks "Leppie", or the knocks ol life either. He plans to enter a technical school next year. More power to "King Fish". Alpha lota Epsilon lfraternity. OLGA BORIEKO Hartford, Conn. "Ol" November 23, 1917 A'The quiet mind is richer than a crown" Olga, quiet and demure. will make a very dependable stenographer for any business ofhce to be proud ol. She may be found any ol these balmy days knitting one ol her beautiful sweaters or skirts for which she is famous. 1 May her luture undertakings be as successlul as her scholastic attainments. We wish her all the luck and success an honor student deserves. Girls' League. will be a success. Cheerio "Tykee". Girls' League. - ,. Mot. -,.f..f.'-'-j':::,.'-in -'Q-,-1'-'+:'1:1':iaQv9"" " i ,H . -. - ff - - - -1 1 " 1 1 - 2 " -513.7.3,,.eg:f5e2,L,'33555-9b':5SfTQ!gg5:2'!!" , I J' V gp 'J . .qhfgle-gs.",,e,-LQ, 2 c.f,1y.,:i'ggP15-:535a5.'2.3 ggi!-A," '-.g 4 A. 'Q 11 1' -' . I., 1-A s . 32 1, or . . ' "' fi? A f -2-rv-as-9-ffm.S.fa.,,1, .,- - - f r' , -, , 9325, ,As fp Page Sixty-three HARRY WILLIAM BURATTI New Britain, Conn. August 7 Itlls "A man may woo where he u all Look out, ladies! Here comes Harry with those tempting ex es And can he dance! We'd miss him if he weren t at one ol our d inccs He must have a flawless technique to make the girls like him as well as they do. We think that Harry docs have his serious side howexcr and we know that this is what will carry him up the ladder ol success MARION VIRGINIA BOWTELL Bridgeport, Conn. "Tykee' lvlav 73 IQIO H Her wit was more than man, her innocence a thild li' you've never met "'l'ykee"-you cant trulv say you xc had a "keen time. Her scintillating wit keeps everyone in stitches Her table at qevery dance is the center of attraction Everyone is quiet then "Iykee" recites a "witty little ditty and they re off again Girls laugh till they crywaand ruin their make up Bovs chuckle till they groan--and love it, mliykee' doesn t know as vet where to place her unusual talents. However, we know that whatever she does ... fy, . ,-.: s,-.1-4. . .,, ., - . gg, 1-"li, 'bfi h, " , 1' 4- -,x.:',1':x..i.z 11- ,-g-mg:-,,v',-,-tv j3:,..:f-f:::1'y.TQ' if . gr, v. ,' . t h gf.,-5':,C-.g.-,. .-xy ..f -L' JR: 4- ---'AR 's' .1 '..- . .A i ,O , s Ml: MJ pf-.--'V .:p3,,gQ,ali5Qf,fi.ipf-.ipsiffiifiqgfiys' L. -1':gL' nv" 1 tr'--. Yfigzi-gcskfgrg .Q ' ' A 11 P , fi- '-f1WS"a'r-'s.-'ficA5315-kfi'2'!:7T-?1ff?3! ,e 1 H' 4 ' V' '43 'air' ...f-5,-rf f". '"'.9sg.p4:.H:f5I.:r.vr4Q.5,te',. at ,Al l . 9 rr 29 6 Q ll ? 'tow 1 -. S' I2 u 1 4 ' I g I EVERETT CARROLL BURKHARDT , New Britain, Conn. "Sergeant" April 11, 1918 "Better to go on foot than ride and fall" Mr. Burkhardt may be seen almost any time driving around town in his car. Sometimes there is a "femme" in the car, too, but we can hardly blame him for that. "Sergeant" is easy to get along with, and he has a good heart. All of his friends like him for he always has a cheerful greeting for everyone. Keep up your good work, pal, and you'll never lack a friend. Representative of Student Council. LILLIAN BOZARNIK New Britain, Conn. "Libbie" March 18, 1918 " You have a mind careful in business And unmoved either in times of prosperity or of doubt" "Libbie" is a 'ibig shot" in the business world. She is gaining much experience in part time positions and expects to get a long way up the ladder of success before it breaks. She's a good sport and spends much of her time at the We think you'11 be a success, "Libbie". Girls' League. ELIZABETH EVA BRADLEY Bangor, Maine "Bette" july 9, 1918 "C0mrades bltthe and full of glee" "Bette's" the vivacious brunette who flies around school and is, once in a while, on time. She carries an armful of books-but ap- pearances are deceiving, you know, and the texts are just a vain attempt on 'iBette's" part to convince the opposite sex that she is very studious. With that clever wit and lovely singing voice, how can you hope to deceive them? Even a disguise wou1dn't help, however. Success to you. Girls' League. Basketball '32, '34, Track '33. Girls' League. ,jaw .,,.:,,'..- 4- , ,.. , I- . , . .l , -' .-. - IZ . . , ,Y f , ffivggvfe 02,-:In-Giriki,-':'1 'L f' - -.-1, I, ' ' v .. -1 - it ps' ' -"Y !3i:::faq1?c31S3sg4557n4f?5?5 gl'-me . ' QS. 1: ?Qe A2119 T , L 1'f.w..,:ff',:-ifera.,1.1-.-fffrim-.vm.aff:f!- ' - .. - e , r.. , 0. 4, fe' 1- Page Sixty-four LAWRENCE JOSEPH BUSCAINO New Britain, Conn. "Larry March 28 1918 "For the sake of giving pleasure "Larry" has a very pleasing personality and by applying it he gets along with everybody. This accounts for his popularity A ready smile greets friend and stranger alike We wish the world were full of people like "Larry", but we suppose we can t expect such a blessed condition. Keep us in mind, "Larry" as the years roll by MARGARET CAROLYN BROWN New Britain, Conn. "Brownie May 19 1918 " Happy-go-lutky "l've Only Got Eyes For You" is the tune Brownie keeps in mind. And we guess that it is no secret whom she has eyes on either She has good taste, for he is quite nice and good looking All in all "Brownie" is a good student and a grand sport and we wish her all the luck in the world on her road to success A .. ' 11:-31:-iz.,gz-sf. 1 H '1 'ti 1-as 1 1 1 Fai?-31'r:iL4f5 ":1f'?': .--14:1--ff-S.w" L. 'E' fhfl 2-2--wmv 4- -. .,.,- ,Lf A-. ,,- - lg t, ,I -gf I .- ' 5,--f:g7,1.Lj ' ug 'v 4115 inf :?.11s:3?isgaf5i?1lQfk63 .-Q ai ," I -Qffffmlsf-552 " ff ' 11. ' N 'mga'---if ' J . . 'fl' , ,re I-I-I JAMES WESLY CARTER New Britain, Conn, "Wes" October 15, 1917 "We are taken by neatnessu Here is a dapper fellow with many friends who like him for his quiet ways. "Wes" was bestowed by Nature with very good looks, He has had a good deal of popularity throughout his school years. We don't believe a fellow like him can fail. Show us that we're right. Here is the very best of luck to him in his future undertakings. BEATRICE KATHERINE BURDA New Britain, Conn, 'Bean April 7, 1917 "Play not for gain, but spirit" "Bea" is an ardent baseball and football fan, and certainly likes the baseball club near her home town of Newington. She supplies practic- allv all the cheering, and when she secs her favorite baseball stars- how she does blush! "Bea" hopes to be a secretary or a newspaper reporter. We'll bct that she wants to report on big league baseball games. Well, good luck in whatever you do, DOROTHY FLORENCE BURKE lfoxboro, Mass. "Dot" April 24, 1918 "And even her foot had music" She's got rhythm, she's got music, she's got dancing feetgwho could ask for anything more. No one, But "Dot's" got looks and per- sonality plus besides. We dont know why, perhaps because she practices on all her brothers, her ability to charm the not too susceptible young men of N. B. H. S. is amazing, "Dot" favors fellows whose names begin with "E" for no special reason-no? She has a keen wit and a level head. This may sound inconsistent, but in "Dot" the unusual is normal. you fail? cilg Discussion Club. willing to give a helpful hand. Good Luck! Girls' League. N ,,..: .' .'-b"'i.'.:'-.,4, ."" " -' - .. ' - ' '. " ' -..i..q:L::a.f.'fiaffp5:::::5ke5:E?E5':!' .1 f M - - ff ' 1 f"::1,f-fo ' :ft-54,-il.,,T-331fgvysma-.-z:.l5,.s.-,ug .n ,V W .. . 1 '. 1' ' - 'fgzg 20,33 Eff. .52 : t . fgggggaf 5-,X 545,-f.1r::.-gage?,-Q-:f2'2f:ez2Ssg5, ,, - - . - A' Us , a.. +935 K Page Sixtyjive PAUL SAMUEL CASSARINO New Britain, Conn. "Ca.i.vey' lulv Z7 1918 " No evil man is happy "Cassey" is our future macaroni maker He inherits this art from his "pater". We do believe that "Cassev could sell anything from nails to camels. He is a barrel of fun and of course as such we all enjoy his presence. "Cassey" has never been caught in 1 bad mood to our knowledge. Keep that spirit with you Casscy and how can Zeta Nu Fraternity, Manager of Track 3b lnter lqratcrnltv C oun DOROTHY ARLENE BURKHARDT New Britain, Conn. "Dol" October 11 191 51 HA smile and a friendly hand for everyone Dorothy impresses everyone with her sparkling smile and lriendlv manner. Her wit and mimics never fail to liven up the party Dorothy can do anything-even make her clothes She is always smiling and ,, ,2..,. --ff, 14-.gui-J This .' f ' 15-g.y.':1.1'n-15.2 1 -1: 1 .:-s:- f1i"'54,"-1-faf. 1 ggi ,1 -"- 1 's " b V 9':t'LH4:'-Q-'1-.9-1 -affix' l'gg2'yi':v 1'sfi5-gfisslwafsff ., .j,, -.,:.u1g"i.-.Q-. gl: .Fg:.1gt,3j.yf-,tire .-,Ii l. y 1.3: - ggi-.,55'.,g'g:i-4,-, 5 1, -7--it -"' 53-I-Q C L.251?2gf2F6. L-Z oy! " l y 'Wk 'gKgi.lE::1Yf!22't', ff ,vggpf -mt' ' I".-1 ALGARD A. CESKAVICH New Britain, Conn. "Al" December 12, l9l8 'Creat wits have short memories" This proverb must be wrong about the memory part. He certainly is a great wit and it seems to come out mostly in his English class with Miss Connor the victim. We love him for it, though. "Al's" airplane models have won many local cups for him. Congratulations on your skill in such a patience-killing hobby! Here's wishing you luck, MAI". ELOISE ELIZABETH BYRNE Hartford, Conn. "Sister" july 26, l9l7 "She leaves a smile behind her" "Sister" is the quiet brown-eyed girl with the pleasant personality. She is very dependable and does much to help the progression of the 4H Club in which she is a diligent worker. Her athletic interests center around tennis, and dancing is also a favorite with her. She plans to follow a business career, so we all wish her plenty of luck in the future. Girls' League, MARIETTA THERESA CARENZA New Britain, Conn. February 6, 1919 "All that is rare is dear" The girl is witty, she's clever, and she's the life of the art classes. Being small and dark and full of life has its advantages, for have you ever seen Marietta rumba? lt's one of her hobbies, collecting and inventing new rumba steps. We hope you dance through life, Marietta, as you have through High School. 4' 41 : L, LEONARD GEORGE CHARBONEAU West Hartford, Conn. "Len" December 20, l9l7 "Every man is the maker of his own fortune" "Len" belongs to that excellent Newington group which has brought so much honor to our school. He loves to drive a car, in fact, he will drive anything that goes. "Len" gets along first rate with the fairer sex and dances too, too divinely. EVA LINNEA CARLSON New Britain, Conn. May 15, l9l8 "Everyday is the best in the year" "Es" just plain sweet, and we aren't the only ones who think so. She's small and blonde with big blue eyes. This makes her sound like a Dresden doll which is an apt description 'til one knows her well and finds her instead as full of pep as a jumping jack. Success for you, s' A' we -f ' - - .. ' ' 'aff-,,'.f -1-H' 1m'1:1i'2sw.:1',' ,+I :mv-.H sv: . J -6' if I4 g . 1' f - f ' ef ,. . 'ik,.,r13629-We722-1iEdfw2.s1cEgwlffiwfwff-isV- , 4, 4 1 -f- . ' ' 'z"'5-WK, 0'"-s-:JN no-f.,--Ar "-qs-frsurfv -4'f-.- .7 gf 1331 ggi... sew fsp -- - .- .13 -. 5:-r . . -. - A-. M--1 r- 1 ' -4. .1-:-K---H 4:1 '39-. -Q.:-.:U?'f':f2vL's -"' 'Fi s a t, ' .. - " L' . t w xt353:55:'fflffr441:s:fs.5:ss-memes.'.:.' Page Sixty-six ' i , - il fs A t i 1 it --3.1-1.-Vg.,.igfagx-34:f.5,,,.. nf--,,v:QJ5if315f 'S' F 4: ' .- .7 'iii-1-71-7':Y-1F.'1''li Q . -,i. . M. 1 -9, f 1 'Sa K ll F . .. vt., ,Q-.4 1. ...vm -A G. , ,L . , , ,r-, P 1 - , ' 5 -5: mg.-f kg--jgvw sm-J.iz,--':siftm-rf-5.9.-2-Yfx'v3?i5'Qf:-5 -' ' - 'aiu D99 f- "1.-ELL '-44.--v-1 we1-f:'i'rY'1.'1:ff,.:x2a15.1-a,fZfI'fr,t'r4f:,11. L. . , 5 ,, , ' "at':.:a'ta.?.w-:si .4 rfrm, -gg.q..':r1f.f1'f'ri 1 . -5+ 1 - A ' 553.153-'.,1.:g:g:' -af-'f f .limi ---vw?ttsfffggflhs.stezgffggfiygf- .Q ,JQLQ ''f-Lftfrisiin' J ' JULIUS WILLIAM CHOTNER New Britain, Conn. "Caesar" December lo, 1918 "I will aggravate my voice" "Caesar" can't see what there is in school that is so important, but we'll wager he'1l learn. He yells, "Right here, seventeen cents a basket", on his counter at King Cole. We don't know what he is planning for the future, but if he does his honest best, he will surely be found somewhere at the top of the heap. JANE ELIZABETH CARLSON Hartford, Conn. November 18, 1918 "One who gives also receives" And whom have we here? 1sn't it the apple of Mr. Matthews' eye, Jane Carlson? Jane's fondness and excellency in music have caused a beautiful friendship to flower in our midst, to the despair of our dearly beloved French teacher. Jane is a friend of all the teachers by virtue of, shall we say, ability to ugetn her lesson, and a friend of all her classmates by virtue of her good fellowship. We all wish you luck in your musical career, Jane! Girls' League, Member of Social Welfare Committee, College Club, Chairman Publicity Committee, Student Council, Prom Committee, Amphion Dramatic Club. LINNEA EDITH CARLSON New Britain, Conn. "Nea" April 11, 1918 "All succeed with people who are of sweet and cheerful disposition" "Nea", a bright, cheery girl with a pleasant disposition is well- known and loved by all of her classmates. Some day she hopes to become a private secretary for some "big business man",but at the present time it looks as though a certain young redhead from the "Silver City" might interfere with her career. "Nea" is the kind of girl who alwaysfgives in at the end, so here's a message of congratula- tions for E, L., and to "Nea", May she use her better judgment! STANLEY JOHN CICHOWSKI Stamford, Conn. "Chico" September 25, 1917 "Life gives nothing to mortals except with great labour" 'AChico" works hard and tends to his studies as he should. His six subjects, more or less, keep him busy, but we can see from his present way of working that he will surely be the successful business man he aspires to be. Great success to you, "Chico". MARIE JULIA CARPENTER Hudson lfalls, New York May 27, 1917 "Still water runs deep" Marie is a slender ash blonde with a pleasing personality, well-liked for her willingness to help others. She is quiet and ladylike, but who knows what is going on behind that quiet and ladylike exterior. Al' though she makes few intimate friends, she is friendly to all. Can she dance! Marie is a true personification of grace. Heres a tip! lf you have a secret which you feel you must tell to someone, Marie is the person. 1t's safe with her. All of our wishes go with you for a bright and happy future. , 3.3..'g.,:,,-f5jg,4,.g -g::5'vq,'g1-'gage-71' -1 3 w . , - -fx A -.1 -. W., " . -sa. 1 7 V , V ,st , jf if +' 4 A... 1- ,pfg:g1:z.54.r,Q5,,i35SQ.4:,,. if . as . .7 h , W 2? ,s gage! 3 'li-"'if!f5.j'-:iiz.4f59 IQ' :H Hx. vi ' ' " i. " f , "V '1 iff ,ar ' :H a 1. 4 1 - L- ,, 'Vx 19 Page -Sixty-seven T Q,a'.9. wt, r-1 W-.,'-z:",1':y'-:fs 'f 'p ' 1'-fs-5:71-:vzsffuvx-5.1-'qw .glhil -'41,121-'zn:'1:+'11Wf,. .N 1 -- 1 p ' 1, - '::aweL-wr.:-::.-52?-1A: -1:'g'. vi 'E+ ' A U ' , i '-.alfilfw-u. . A+- -- vp g5iag3'5gf4ag:,avg7!,a.a' - many.-,+539.qiv,. Q. ,g 'l I 2 'W - ,1:,.,agf.fgr.1:f,55sizxkff. ,-if rg E 1 1 il, ,f ff-1 '..:.y- - f at Sr P v " 1 U sk 5 , 9, THEODORE FRANK CIESIELSKI New Britain, Conn. "Ted" january l3, l9l7 "Anything for a quiet life" "Ted's" the kind of fellow who should be able to make friends with the fairer sex because of his physical fitness and wavy hair, but does he bother with them? No! Not at all! The only interest in life seems to be his school work. Intramural Basketball, Track '35, 36. RUTH MAYRE CASEY Waterbury, Conn. December 19, 1918 " Use pastime so as not to lose past time" Ruth is very much interested in Wesleyan. She is a good sport, ready to do anything for anybody. Whenever you hear a funny giggle, it is Ruth in one of her humorous moods, Whenever you see a crowd of girls in 303, Ruth is usually one of the leaders. She is a great lover of sports and may be seen participating in them at Walnut Hill Park. Representative, Girls' League. ELVIRA MARY CECERE New Britain, Conn. 'AAlevino" January 20, l9l9 "One who never undertakes anything inejectuallyn The little girl who is always running from her stenography class is better known to her friends as "Alevino". Who is the handsome young fellow who gazes at "Alevino" during the opening period? Someday she will make a wonderful secretary to some young lawyer. Well, lots of luck to you! Girls' League. HENRY FRANCIS CLARK New Britain, Conn. "Fran" july Zl, 1917 " He sighs for Freedom" "Fran" is one of those boys who is always ready for a good time. He has a pleasing personality and will readily offer his friendship to those who seek it. His main interests are the radio and the auto- mobile. We sometimes wonder if there would be anything for him to live for without his radio and automobile. "Fran" has quite a circle of friends and he probably always will have. Keep your chin up, "Fran". LILLIAN DELIA CHAMBERLAIN Newington, Conn. 'ALil" April IQ, 1916 HAH I ask for is a home of my own" What do girls envy in Lillian? Why, her natural curly hair, of course. She is considered a lucky girl, for one is never apt to find "Lil" in a beauty parlor wasting her precious time. At the close of a Short- hand period in which she has taken a test, "Lil" comes out with her hair looking as if she had been in a fight. But as soon as Shorthand is forgotten, "Lil" is herself again. Many happy days, "Lil", in the house of your dreams. Girls' League. 0-QW ". 2 r f . V , - -yl - w' Z..-gg-. g ' A 'Sl-9,1NL11e'I'33'f5L1",?3' ,g.:1- , 54: 145- .hu J Q F QWQZW. . f -- V' - ff -Pffifeabaiagpiqgafk:fsG.fc?:sf:ff,':wss:s' '- ' - - 0 - - ' f ' 1 .H . vs:-ifrl 1: 1 1--11-iff' fi ' 'i inf:- '4' ,'5.-'i1.,,-M' if .52 t 7 ' 4 5l ff " Est , W - , - t 'sw 1 +93 .z airifii Page Sixty-eight -4-.1 at F2"'1:f,45?'4Q-f-A-.A-':.44?f3'f'9rf1Sw . - - 3-." - ' "lfF'2":1Id1Zf7H ' N .'-IfLEG:.ixts:R'ggifkiftafiifiakiifar-1,2Fdfhirei: Q.-:5 321' vigfitiipi-L 1 4 L a :':::Gai?-isiectsmf-11'a,..':can-ai 1:-1.11-1'--ties:--vw - ' 1 - 4 , .Vt ' 1 .maxi 13-A 'I,,g:,1:2'w.'-:Q"+f'a':'4-'s1'ff-ge'1:-2-vz':':fEf1'-ed' f -'+' '- P' ,C -T-f1::2"+1Ls?s.e P Nr da S ai ." g if ' if ' MQ 'fs as f r -'J 3 I l I HARRY EDWARD COLEMAN Hartford, Conn. June 2, 1918 " No furniture so charming as books" Harry may be seen at all times with a brief case full of text books. Someday that same brief case will hold a valuable and complete stamp collection. Harry is already quite an authority on stamps. We will never forget Harry's eleven page marathon piano solo, "ln A Monas- tery Ciardenn which he entertained us with at our amateur night last year. He's a great fellow, in spite of it all, and we're all wishing him the best of luck. Stamp Club. MARGARET THERESA CHAPMAN Providence, R. I. "Peggy" February 3, 1918 "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance" "Peggy" is the sweet unsophisticated president of the Senior Tri-Y Club. She is very often present at the "practice dances" held at the Y. M. C. A. The club members have "stuck on" her the awful name of "Chappy" which she detests. She has also been endowed with a saying which only her intimate friends understandij-A-R, "Peggy's" in a pickle! "Peggy" is to enter dear old T. C. C. in September if she ranks among the first two hundred applicants. She is very active in all sports. When you see her, ask her about "Doctor january". Girls' League. OLGA G. CHERPACK New Britain, Conn. "Ol" july 8, 1917 "Men make laws, women make manners" "Ol" does a lot of fussing with her beautiful auburn hair. Her manners and personality have won her many friends among the girls as well as the boys. Why do you come to school so early in the morn- ing, "Ol"? Is it work or is it something else? "Ol's" pastime is sewing. Here's wishing you all the luck in the world! Alpha Omicron Sorority: Girls' League. him either, so we presume it's all right. l Africa. - . -- A " ' 534 7 - 1 . e f 9 Jambi 4 I J . A ' P' if we wk ' +1- Page Sixty-nine I JOSEPH COSTA Waterbury, Conn. 'Joe' April 28 l9lt 'MMusic does all our joys re ne "joe" is quite a handsome lad and musical too lt took quite a while for "joe" to decide to graduate, but perhaps he likes someone in this class and picked us as the lucky ones The poor girls won t know how to act without 'ijoe", but they didn t know how to act with EUGENIA EVA CHRISOULIS Meriden, Conn. "Eva" ju 1 918 "A name is, as it were, a distinguishing mark 0 a thing Take a sunny disposition, a brilliant conversationalist and a pleasing personality, combine together and what have you7 Why Eva of course! "Eva" is a very versatile sort of a person and she can do anything from expounding those mysterious theories of Shakespeare and Emerson on life and philosophy, to playing your favorite tune on her mandolin, and to concocting a tempting royal Although you would never suspect it of her, "Eva" has always had a secret yearning to become a big-game hunter in the wild and woolly regions of darkest Avlv ' . .C .fu mu'-2.-:.-g N 0- -aff-1'-"' 1 1- J ,V if ' 1-'qw-:'.1'.:'.-15,42-1 '-1-1-'qsff-"1 Gi-4"'f-'1-':-N-.-1-u.-'-. .-f-- pq-1:L-1.:'.l7vF341-r:7y1':s:11,7i?-ff? ,- .fb C - 'W 1 ' . '--SH2'-4-'--.rf:4.':2.-a.-14f?5.2.::-1eva.-ff-f1,11-:Jw:-.. - ',1',Q'g:L' :ily-if... sfwffiiilsfsgissg5ve1:e5?,qt23,gg-1253593512153113.-.g.-,: 1. 1:-+1 '-- v' 'af - ' -"Mff1P?.f-T--1-5:-F2551-".1?E3-5.451 -, Q.-I " I p 'fm ' 'Ks-Maui!!-ifr:sS5mr:k'?':f"S'-'xrPbfs,1f'f1-fff-T.'-'.f1-A 55 , . tl, I 5 I EDWIN HENRY CZECHOWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Eddy" September 2, 1918 "The more humble the more noble" i'Eddy" is a silent but very good fellow to know. His course is no bed of roses, and we congratulate him on finishing everything so well. "Eddy" is quite good with a tennis racquet, but we think a school book is his best weapon, All "Eddy" needs is a chance to use his brain, then "watch his smoke". JESSIE ANNE CLUDINSKI Meriden, Conn. 'Blondie' june I9, l9l8 "I do not like noise unless I make it myself" If you hear an assortment of noises coming from the Rho Sigma Rho corner of the hall, you may be assured that it is Jessie telling the girls where she was last night. What pitcher from the school team comes up to see her every Sun- day? We wonder if his name might be "Bill?" ' jessie is one happy-go-lucky girl who does hepghomework faithfully We are certain that ,Jessie will be a success in the business Field, Rho Sigma Rho Sorority, Girls' League. ROSE CATHERINE COATS New Britain, Conn. "Coatsie" October l5, 1918 "Kindness begets kindness" Rose gets marks we all wish that we could beg or borrow. All her friends will agree that even though she works hard in school, when she goes out, she is loads of fun and a real pal to everyone. What Rose intends to do when she is graduated we don't know, but that ring she's wearing must mean something. Well, no matter what road she takes, we all wish her lots of luck and happiness combined' New Britain, Conn. ' "Lou" girls. Keep up your ambition, Louis. New Britain, Conn. Girls' League, junior College Club. 1 l LOUIS JOSEPH DADDARIO August 11, 1917 MLet not ambition mock!" Louis is a rather short lad who has a circle of admiring friends. His modesty makes him well-liked. His lessons are promptly taken care of, and this may be due to the fact that he is not interested in You'll never be sorry. ANNAMAE CROWLEY April 12, 1917 "Silence is golden" Such a big name for such a little person. It's really all she can do to carry it around, but shejust tucks it in one of the many books she carries but rarely opens and forgets it's there. Annamae seems meek and mild, but you should see her peering over the steering wheel of a big sedan as she tears down Main street. Annamae is something of a mystery for she rarely bothers to speak. When she does, the words spoken in that soft voice are well worth listening to. Best wishes and good luck, Annamae! rpif.---,',,,:,..'j':1:,,,: ,'-Lgryrlyg-1-' wry? 1. - ,- .f V. . , e ff -k w -..,+., f -,H-.:,9,,:,.:Mv,,4L15,1GTM WIJAPEI V V.: -1m-5--I-wearzmffaf-454541233 'R+ M-5. 1- . r M . "'?iV"W 1- wh-5-.'53'v"'5?iw1'fLs1el3k'4?f'2+4rdF-T'iw' gztg,-Q:.f-r,:l3'1,:5q1-.'ig,1g:,3 -- 1 ..-.'Q"p' .f. , A 1 -' arf.-awk., ',-44,55-51211.'ga'.a:ff-age.-4.3.1,w69:ZJ--ea' 1 :.-fsf.f-'s-wwwrf'-iiwfv R- , .. wi .Af V -- -' - .. -f -- H-fwfi-vrasaif-ft ,.--bs:-,-,1-nf'we-L-Asia.-1-ms.: J ,ag-..a-,:1rf!,gf---va-eirif:-4:-,a.m,g..swQ R .1 s.. r f , - .. fpfrfjggff . ' -,aim f.---re-!-::gasesfi-,.qH:,.,f.4,:.:1.g-.0 2 -.1.f7f"-31141,-z'f1??11PF5i"rIif-FHff?f'a-si ,i n - , " L' 7 "L" 'l"97W" :iz?S:a55?WlH4r2?iza1:5k3:LKi1QSEEWQGE?T Page Seventy V 'A,, .45 .Q F 'vit 4 Y In 'lj TCW" 4. K' L 3 - fly' as , J N 2 ' 'U' . -it-:i.t.,.0-Q-s, 411:-:':5a"vSr "- f' . I . 't "S'Q+'f5F:iE-3- 1 33:4V5-5f3g53gg:i4"sg,-gggajtp,-5i3.35Jm5fgg .1 x fag sf, .FTD .M ' fillifggffzf 1 L:-,xi"1c. Pg1ga'J.:i1f":-.- 2'I::.j41u',,i:- Lu 1 'S q ' iff- ' MF- 3'1" .f. . ny ., fl.-f -,.2,-.Mify , : i ,.,. ,,f.g.-, 1 A. K g , -4 .- s-I-2-f... g., ., ' -.-1 ,wfgg -- -'g,. 51- :v:19f.!L- A, + ' s N -fs-01:24 .-f--sim. .1 F' ig :-3.1-5fHTif3g,1F1?jggl:,r,. Q Cd 'I . I ' 'fag '!f:'.f.hh61Yv!:' r " HAROLD EDWARD DAGNALL New Britain, Conn. 'iBud" August 26, l9lo "Solitude is often the best society" "Bud" is the tall, lanky, shuffling well-mannered, quiet-voiced boy, who loves solitude. He likes to read sea stories and topics dealing with politics and international affairs. He plays a good game of baseball and regrets that he cannot take part in major sports because of a physical defect. He is interested in the world about him and tries "to weave humor into his activities." Alpha lota Epsilon Fraternity. HELEN MARGARET D'AVANZO New Britain, Conn. "Bonny" january 23, l9l8 "Music hath charms to sooth the savage beast" Helena-the nightingale of '36 has made good use of her years at high school. She has not only been in demand for her lovely voice Cespecially for Christmas carols and amateur nightj but she has proven herself popular as a good all-round sport. Well Helen-we wish you loads of luck in the future and we hope to be hearing you some day in the role of "Carmen" at the Metro- politan. Girls' League. MARY LAVINA DEANE Halifax, Nova Scotia "Bobs" April 27, 1920 "A sunny disposition is a gift of the gods" Where you got that nickname, "Babs", is what we'd like to know? Of course, we all know "Babs" the little girl with the straight back and winning smile. President of the junior College Club is the en- viable position she holds. The title is enough to make any ordinary person solemn and dignified, but not "Babs". She calmly takes it in her stride among the other honors given her. "Babs" plans to enter New Haven College for Women. She says she's going to be a social worker-can you imagine? Heres luck! Amphion Club, President, junior College Clubg Girls' Leagueg Alpha Mu Sorority. JOHN PAUL D'AVANZO New Britain, Conn. 'johnnien May I6, l9lb "A talkative tongue caused this punishment" It is a treat to spend a few minutes with "Johnnie", "Talk" should have been his middle name. ln spite of all the talk, not much is really said. The teachers do not exactly look forward to having him in classes, but his brain can and does function at all times. ".Iohnnie" just loves the library and the janitor, Inter-Fraternity Councilg Zeta Nu Fraternityg Football, Track. E 3 xy J. FLORENCE DIRZYNSKI New Britain, Conn. "Ronnie" December 4, l9l7 "1 ain't saying nothing" "Ronnie" is the girl who must take a beauty nap every afternoon. We thought she had subjects for the afternoon session, but she always Ends an excuse to omit them. "Ronnie" is not certain of her future work, though we think that she should cook on account of her ravenous appetite. V We wish her all the success in the world. -rf' " 1 '- - ,. f -f - - -. - ' - L1ff,f.'2'f15"-51',Z'7l".'i9:' .121 . : " te 1562- 4- Y 4 3 , ,Lf .-'gap 41 W' 'P-5r2 " "' --i A ' " -'Ns'-f 493- .tsweifsiiifsfli4?a225E.2fQaes-xZif-+7 if Page Seventy-one . ,vggagf '-Q1-V' ' ,. H21 f "1 . . . J 'X' va 1: :wa---N vrv- f:r+f--- "if -2- . - ', V -L-,-.f 1' -. :-. -.t- A l '- 'YT'5ILf7:'D.Q'f "C 4 9: S -'-',"'-5.523 1- .V i u'. y .'- ,N-1-W:'.,-1924.1'ri'?'Mfw'b.:v. Lfil- .:': CQJV: . , . . . .,,,,.e,,,1 , 1 ., .,.-bi, .,.,, ,.i,.,.-ut,-,,.,-., 4. -l,,, ., ,,. , ' ' ,P -'J' 'avr ,:pA1AE!:i- " J 'I 'y ', - -fx "Jr'1?:a"f'eE1-l',:,!-J:,'Ja".,fr. . 3:7 1 ' - 4f---- --'v.- 1 .Q-:.-,A -3 Q., l 4 . v- -.'.'.-fu.:L----fran 1-Put.,-,Ctv--'-:-'A-"ifff.Kf-1 -'A A I-7' ,s , J .iv . gg., . , -4 -,-ff'-.14.l3'w1Bf .' f s'x'.s,-61 4214.5-1-f,' 1-:ig -1-t7f:A-v -X-ff.g.-7: .-,, 1 ,...,t:.::::,,w.eT'- ,- ,r-. ' r , -1.'-3:,,,gg, ,ggi ,,, ,-'-:.f,,x'1. -s-'-it-1-X'-91 fr?-57'Dx'R"wt74'2v:f.Q: -' -. -17:51 SN"-g.:, 9213642-1,c-'.4:,g-.:f5g,:,-ity.5: QQ: 1,19-Q-xiii p 1 4 4 ROBERT HAROLD DAVIS New Britain, Conn. UBob" May lo, 1918 'Fretting cares make grey hairs" We don't think i'Bob" will have grey hair for a while. In spite of his free and easy nature, this young man has a good brain and he can use it too. "Bob" has numerous friends all of whom admire him greatly. He has many and varied interests, but we don't know what his future will hold, Neither does Anyway, were right be- hind you in anything you do. MARY EILEEN DORSEY New Britain, Conn, "Datos" August 3, l9l8 iiWhaz passion cannot music raise and quell" Here is the gal who's got what it takes in a very large amount. With her looks, figure, and what not, "Daws" is the fellows' dream. She dances like Ginger Rogers-M-only better, wears clothes like Shearers - 'only nicer, and can twirl a mean yo-yo, Although working is not Mary's idea of a good way to spend the time, she manages to get by somehow. O. K., uDaws"-Let's go! Phi Sigma Sorority: Girls' League. FLORENCE CONSTANCE DOUGHERTY New Britain, Conn, "Flo" lvlay 22, l9l8 A'Between two friends, two words" i'Flo", though quiet, is a blonde and what blonde can escape notice? She hasn't bothered much with school work during her sojourn here, but she can get along anywhere with her friendly disposition. She is very fond of Problems of Democracy and gave the subject special attention, and she likes doing ofnce work. Happy landings, "Flo", her on her way with best wishes. Girls' League. ALBERT DeFAZIO New Britain, Conn, HAI" july 6 WIS M Your tardy son to chiden "Al" is a quiet, unassuming lad, easy to get along with, Practically every morning he appears at the office for an admit slip after arriving late. "Al" has many friends and deserves them. Except for his tardiness, his teachers wouldnt know that he was in their classes BARBARA BRUCE DOWNIE New Haven, Conn. "Bobbie" December 4 l9l8 "The Red-gold cataract of her hair" "Bobbie" wonders about school with a cheerful smile and a gay "hello" for everyone. To know her is to wish you knew her better She rarely bothers to open a book, yet her lessons are done on time' Perhaps these red-heads have something on us "ordinary folks Ah well, if "Bobbie" wanders through life casually acquiring every thing she wants and needs as she has here- -her host of friends send -'- ,g.,..f,...-..-f y1g...g .v e:if'f-g':- I 9:1091 ". fs - . -, - -if -,- - - -g..c., , f' 'S'-ff get 1C51?:1-'.:,.'e.1.:1--g- 9..--f.s:-A-4w:'-.Lf-!fif:::i'effR54!1:6gi- 9- 7 Q - " ' . 'rf lv:-vs'f2'3bi:S"5i'Q'wafiwz'--Lsfdi' f ....--if.?:,fra:?,gg:,q,.f:gg:fg -'-11? ' ' . .- .1 -4' -pf, wr " ss'--sfgrggcq-iw''g.g!az::,gg ir. ,ggi V -f - -t x-H'.'2f -lr: -.rr 'se' ..4:- , ,- V. - . l. V . , -, , - - . 1 ::.f.'.,g..,-.Q 'f-1 f Tw-1,-if':L'i"l'D'f'l"'-"ti'?f'm'SNg.-:,Ky 1, ' - ' L- . .. - '-- 'A M ,.sis-1141.5f'-Qfeieefzslih' Page Seventy-two -.r'1:1w'2P45Hzw'''42 . 4:1 - . 'f "YYY-f5:E1iE'5?:3 -1 A 1 ' , !.!,.L. -193.3 1 A, J .ff..:v..7 gf ..5.f.g'.A5 f. -- ,- -gb-.,,-, ,5..',- - A . I,-is ' 1,"v:gg".,,.Q.: f i-ff31116,4?eg4.,vs:g13?.A:Sakai:-.Q-:argl .2 .-A+' '." " '. " ,,,?-ifnfmzsrifsgf,-1,wff , 0 f Rus:-3,-', ggir.:g4:,,sg.1-:p.J.5,Jg.:r.1g-,g9.5,t5. ..4 gf - I . I ' fry, .151-.-5215-,..o?r:s? " ,rr f3Q'9'Q?,". vs' D sl: fl m ,. , F I l I WILLIAM RICHARD DECKER Waterbury, Conn. "Rant" May 17, 1918 A'Drew audience and attention" Richard is something of an athlete, participating in practically all major sports. He manages to get his studies done fairly well-at least well enough to graduate with us. Richard has many friends who like his company. ANN M. DROBNIS New Britain, Conn. March 10, 1919 "Like a squirrel in a cage-always in action" Racing through the halls is this young persons favorite recreation- she indulges it to a great extent. Never mind, Ann, all great journal- ists have to be alert. Aside from this, Ann's major interest is in reading the latest books. It may be at College that she may find what she has always wanted to know about Galileo. Ann's chosen profession definitely fits her, for she is gifted with the art of writing. May she achieve success as a journalist! JEAN THERESA DUNAY Bristol, Conn, August 14, 1918 "She smiles and laughs her troubles away" Did anyone ever see jean wear the same dress twice? No, we thought not. 'lhe little pet spider which parks on her back is her almost constant companion. "What's his name, jean?" Perhaps it's Wigglesnizzer-or have you named him for the heart interest in New York-jean hasn't been the same since her sojourn in the moun- tains last summer. Her conversation consists almost exclusively of one date after another. ls that the effect of the mountain air? Best of luck in Rhode Island next summer. Girls' League. ARMAND JOSEPH DiFRANZO New Britain, Conn. "Armie" july 16, 1917 MAnd the sign of a true-hearted sailor Is to give and to take a joke" Armand has proved to be quite a problem to those teachers un- fortunate enough to have him in their classes. He means well, but he enjoys having a good time too much, He has an eye out for any pretty damsel and of course this is preferable to studying. He can hand out jokes like nobody's business, but can take them, too. Never fear, "Armie" will always be found somewhere near the top of the heap. JEANETTE MARIE DUPUIS Bristol, Conn. "Red" june 29, 1918 "Shed stop dancing perhapsgi f a leg be broke" Did you ever see her "yo-yo?"-Pep, Vim, and Vigor personified. She wears her hair as a danger warning to masculine hearts, but danger is the spice of life! Her spare moments seem to be spent riding around town with a "Kippy" young man with blond curly hair. ln school she provides the interest at her sorority Post-We prophesy her con- tinued success-at anything to which she turns her hand. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. ,fs-g,..g e.Q"11'::-4-aafo-'si' -' ' -f ' - . ' - -J A.-4. A - "' 1'-af' iaicyi av-.:, f ' Q-1224f-an!-1i5s:l'i:5:-243255152-. .rl f .' f cf , -fA'5'.ilgia.-5,5l,'6:.:v-'ivivzqia c a xA.gypi:,k51.,,ga'iE,.,:,,,.qui M .. . , -A, , , - 4 . 4, .,f,,ig,yv: r ogKk5,4,55-v3eyq,gi?L,q, v. ,.s,gg'-5::g,g,.f53+f.fp7yf?'pi. a.. W. .HW - -- - -.,,. ,-f- ,gjb gays .. .g,f.-4.-fy,-5435 N.--53 A. f.,---M-. 44:4-A-1' 431' -. 'f 'K-G' 'Y ' - 1 -S . ..i.f r' ' iq? s.---H -:fi-f-. " 1 1.'J,fz'?'37-rf"i43'!'w:l,f..'y-yfm-9 L.-arm , ' - ' Lu .. - " V -4956 if :e1f'S:si9'1'fl'Hrkif!: Page Seventy-three . .. up . . " 1' ' ' , . . . , ----'--':'..':1f-gN:'f-.:.-.--as-.Ffl-."a3'eEv 'Fw' f , T 'si-'rmflffll'---ff' 1 N x .--newif-.-'ff'ff-ff"2":'-:e.1'.Lf1x1i 1: "'- ' a f b--r 92t'.v-Ark--'fr-V3 ' i .slugs .if '.Af1.coL. Us -EXW W 1 L, 61 A ,,t 1 Af.--.a4:'11f.pffm'-4:-2-i'1'f1f321-nf-f. ,, -fn '- D fag 4' fi-?:3b'iLz:gf5,,i ,i N ' 1.2-A ""5f.fs:f1f5G:5rG3a1?7.4i .Q .,,g I'l ' -liifpfmglf-iff? ' 1-' 1- , 4, M. I l I HARRY JOSEPH DiPACE New Britain, Conn. "Romeo" February 7, 1916 "A crime to love too well" Harry has a way with the girls as the nickname indicates. His studies, ol' course. are secondary but Harry cares nothing for that. Perhaps Harry will become a big man some day but he will have to settle down. .lust get started, Harry. then we're watching you. MARIAN RITA DURHAM New Britain, Conn. September 22, 1917 "Modesty is the beauty of women" lvlodest but not too modest. quiet but not to quiet, efficient but not too efhciente- Thats Rita. she's diligent and unassuming, always willing to lend an ear to the woes of fellow students-in school. Out of school that contagious giggle and the laugh which follows are worth going miles to hear. Perhaps that's why young College Students stop by on their vacations, May your ambitions, whatever they may be. be realized. Girls' League. MILDRED MARJORIE EDELSON Berlin. Conn. MMimi" December 4, 1919 uleisure is lhe time for doing something useful" Lessons prepared on time and handed in promptly, work carefully dune and neatly labeled-'l4hat's "lV1imi's" hobby. Her favorite studies are the several languages fyou know, the very subjects which destroy the cast iron nerve ofthe bravest mortalj. They can't faze herf even the strictest teachers lean back and sigh with relief when she enters the room for they know they have one student well prepared! gl unior College Club. prodigym. he is liked by the fellows. Girls' League. rv' .' V. . Q.,-F'X'Q,.,, v ..:5:"7i',' ' '1l2'0',:A " : " 'v . v, ' -f V' 'K t 'L - " " 'K 3- fl .- ' gf fl .. lfxiv-12' "' 'wh A ' "ff'4?'wj,-'Ll' 'v' i"'J.' N' ' fgfff 1 ' tv . , ' .1 5 ' " K Ev, '51, V -A - -. V .3 ,Q :L " rf 2 ram , 1'Lff?5F:,fa'r-1r':f-'i3i2':'1?f?-'FF-:PMS t hu , '- f ' ' 1' "Y '.-. +93 gk , ffl- N, Page Seventy-four RICHARD FRANCIS DIXON New Britain, Conn. i'Buster May 27 1918 "Despolism tempered by avtassinalion "Busters" eccentricities are of the finest sort but they are getting in the teachers' hair. He forgets to have his papers and tests in on time. Although these bad points stick out all over this vouthful AGNES GENEVIEVE FALTIN New Britain, Conn. "Aggie july 9 1918 "Softly speak and sweetly smile May we present Agnes? She looks demure but then one shouldn t believe all one sees, Shes a grand person for a friend because she s always in the right mood. We don't know her plans for the future but-the top of the ladder of Success for her' 1-sf i nf--..v::-.uiaasw if v ' 1:-L-1:.:fl-me-i' 1- T"-11q:- wat 5" ---'X-li -v:'p1,-.---:.--.:s1,L,-,-if .- .fm 1 'Q ' ' i - Q- ' '-f-r'-G-'1rt'.-:.v-1:-1 44- .:.f.---.-:.','-'.-'.'1-- '. ,w.l,,1vj,1,-,J V L ,:- psygf-15.1, -avg., , 1. D - 5 gl' . 5 j!qLy,,,,L4.-, .qw --,14,f,ag.,4.3:s-w., :sua .l,L,-.fy 1, 51411-1'1'5':? 'K iff? 2I:5ffF'?l'I5-fl' .1.f'5'5l3' "N 'lsr 'S-1:391221-fvfwQ22TiCS2za,'Rfcwa'-'mit-is--114.iz.-4' M .uhgarff-1,xJ,, ,K . : iq 12,-,wif .4 , g, ,Q 4 ,-- .- y- .,-'..-I 1..-.- -K. -,hu f-,'..q,,.,-fx-.:,,.. -., ,--vu us. - i ' "' -T I -1 - . EDWARD FRANK DOBEK Waterbury, Conn. "Play may be good, butfolly can never be of use" "Eddie" is known chiefly for his athletic ability. Baseball, basket- ball and football are all part of his activities. Soft ball also interests him. "Eddie" is a good-natured fellow, not too serious. He loves the spotlight, but then who doesnt? Baseball, Baskteballg Football, lntramural, Delta Xi Fraternity. ROXY LOUISE FORBES -.1-:.. .7,,Jj.:"7',q '.:,':'- :Jug-,: ,e 1 ,s L J-' 75' rg'-srb. . .411 1-. , 4-fj-,','-f-f'f'-:.- fi' asian .Q ai ." l i f A -ig --:Sf-..:5-I-:ffveffS'?1i::.2-3:1-5-Ef,wf.f,Lf. AQ Y Y I-l-I "Corncob" january 29, l9l7 New Britain, Conn. May 25, l9I8 "Laughter is an Art" The main subject of Roxy's conversation recently has been-to be or not to be a teacher. Up to the present, the question remains un- answered. We all know Roxy could be a teacher for she has her serious moments. There is no doubt about her ability-it's just- oh, you know, 'Al-lave you heard the new 'little Audrey' story Roxy"- Roxy has a very complete stock of foolish ditties which she might in an "off" moment be tempted to teach in class which would cause a spasm of laughter great enough to shake the building, thus frightening other teachers and that would never clo! junior College Club: Amphion Clubg Girls' League. ELEANOR EVA FUTTERLEIB New Britain. Conn. "Ellie-Fuller" March 24, l9l8 "One Maris Prize" Eleanor walks gaily about school-prepared for her lessons but we don't know how, for her b. f. is said to take up a great deal of her time. ls it true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? lf you can tell us, please do, we've wondered. Best of Luck in the future. Girls' League. FRANCIS DOBROWOLSKI New Britain, Conn. "Fritz" july l7, IQI6 "Let not ambition mock" "Fritz" is a very ambitious lad who wants the best or nothing. Thats just the right spirit to have 'iEritz", Hang on to it! His ambition is to be a ack of many trades and master of all. We dont see why he can't ulfill this ambition. Many times we catch him in deep thought. lt has never hurt anyone yet, so keep it up. Heres luck to him from his classmates. Intramural Basketball, Kappa Lambda Fraternity. ELEANOR DORIS GALKA New Britain, Conn. "El" November I7, 1918 "A friend in need is a friend indeed" Once we asked a teacher her opinion of "El" and in our own words we found that she was a "swell" girl as bright and witty as they come. "She'll go far" the teacher said-we'll be more specific and say "Shell be the top". "El" has a flock of friends who wish her well. V M J. :A .Wim V. ,.Q-.,i.:.,,,y- 4, , ,f h I. . .-A . M- 1,43 ' " -ggq-f xgyzf153-yglv-,:5,.1,,i, ,.4:..,,,,,, , M f A' f" af"f-.-ef::f!Qix::.':ss-22595-'lS', 1 N -' .fa . 1 -5711-smhezazeeviwrzfms-2e9.'?+uaazwzaifz gy,zmf.-'11---441-,,,w-4.17 M, . , -A v . . ' . f g '31'.w,, f. N-7w,,-.aasiq::i-sm,5a.g.q- f-.-4g.:,w:4:,.',f.v1'w f 4 -5.E---Q:'5g'1!5f!-.12P"3iI'1"h-fix.. gl f -- -- ' q, ,S ,fi wav? hfggggswznaEF,15g-3:Igsi'3f'-ff'1:3:,-z-:1.'z-1' 'e5.,-ans-,zgfzz-15 px' .awlf fx... - . g , Z ggihgf' - -' "'.'3'l'I5-.:-:cv-',':":4'-I-41" :qi-:'.,..:' 1 ?frBzrffr-ir.:T"iis:'T51'-Wefmin. m y, ' .. - . f Q- . fs-1. 9' "f4:1'wff5?Zsaf'e1-awviiif1w:.aa' 'sri' ' - Page Seventy-five . T: - u - ' .-,'-'gf :'.-',1t,.f... isswaatseqigs-Hfegraaqfcfig:warsezsgiavzesfsr f.,f.,:n if ,, ....-Q.,-.J f.,'f..w jg.,-. .,3,l'.. . - 1 , . .L 'r .- .,: L-,G :qi L -,tw 9 5,5 ...,--,gq if- nf.-:Q r., . -. ' " ' -C' ,IF-We?,i1i:s.iw5,f1v:'1,e-gzfa'-mia-rr- -':vs'?ff.1,:M: ' '?.-fi ' if-95:15-G29-5.441 .2 ,J 1" . 1 . ' 115:-.1.1151f-ifrsanmzurfizf-'G'-a:'.-1ie?+x,aff-Y--:if-T'-'i .Q ll, 1i. al' 4' 1 tg l S' sr ,1 1427 L +1 I fb I-Fl HENRY BOGOSIAN New Britain, Conn. "Bogen july 20, 1917 A' Nothing is achieved before it be thoughtfully attempted" "Bogo" is a dark haired fellow who takes pride in watching his beard grow. They say "Bogo" likes to play the ponies. Once on the sixth ofjune, "Bogen put his roll on the "nose" for the sixth horse on the list so what did the horse do but come in sixth. l guess that taught Henry a lesson, but not his school lessons. OLGA THERESA GACEK New Britain, Conn. "Allie" April 20, 1918 " You would be .tad if alone" Her hair is medium brown and curly. Her eyes are very bright and sparkling, and her smile is very wide and charming! That's a picture of Olga-we won't say much about her scholastic ability for she's never had to bother much with books. She's been too busy doing other things. We hope she won't be too busy to think of her classmates at High School-once in a while. Good luck to you, "Allie!" Rho Sigma Rho Sorority. FREDA CHRISTINE GESS New Britain, Conn. "Fritz" july 5, 1918 "Quiet and confidence" Calm, quiet and very collected, Freda is this high schools pride and joy. With her brown tresses and shining eyes she's as pretty as a picture. We wonder if Freda has any special heart interest, but she's one of the listeners not one of the talkers! Here's luck to you Freda! STANLEY CHESTER New Britain, Conn. "Stasiu DOMBROWIK May 1 1, 1917 'AA real Friend" "Stasiu" is a quiet lad who is always on hand to enjoy a joke. His marks are nothing to be ashamed of either. "Stasiu's" friendship is free to all those who seek it and anger has never had the best of "Stan" yet. He enjoys radio and if one wishes to get "Stan" to talk, he must talk about radio. Well, so long, pal, and here's wishing you all the luck in the world. Kappa Lambda Fraternity. New Britain, Conn. Here's luck, Sophie. Girls' League, junior College Club. SOPHIE LUCY GIANNIOTO january 12, 1919 "Anything for quiet" Sophie is a very quiet girl and one who never makes any noise. She has many friends who aim to be teachers, therefore, Sophie plans to attend Teacher's College. We know she will be successful, because she is very conscientious in everything she undertakes. 1'-4:D.,-5.,3,-5611.g..3,'-LQ:g"',S.Q::-4-640"?1' ' wx- -f - . ' -nf, A -f' r 4,-, V 'ii-Q: via' If.5'k:U.:.ge1-,pin--554:-gtg..,srgzqeq. .1 4 1:-rat--:'.-awse?www:--sbcaslaf 1?-f www- - V' cf , . ' fa .4g"!v2':H4:'w":fav'1Mfs"2f.'?:Mfrs-nf--vfswzf-Q '1p'T:.-1::gf4f4gI1v5'.:""'3,,gef sf- ' -' ' . '2f'r+ W.-y '4Zs.--4m'31'2iav:.wiiae-23,4546-SHviii!-:::::"n , emi- 'ft-elf? '- ' " ' fsb5,55QjP1?.. 'I f lf-fr?-iifg.xi-5Ev5?fv1Fii?ir:r-f-'??ffmi1L i. -' ' 'l .. f 'sf-ff FEM ,.. Page Seventy-six C ,yi Q, :..f::.-- if: wr- eff'-JI? i-1 , ' if ' '+'3.-inf:-13:1-li'gv,',u:i4,11f 1 '. ' f- . -,q, ,, A . - S 3- f w-M,-,-.-Q---ff.:-,:,.,1:.'1,-4..-1:.f.-., .'-'Z-:.'.1g'f-ri.: v- H - -' i ,.,1 .-. vn.-.A- w ...-...-. . 1ggeia,-,mggqczfeigmz-'5334, ,,,i,.... . as ,M J, ,I ,- W,fgiggigfgggggafgitntR-55924-.-tp,1g,i.3j4f31:25,-' , '-'rin Qs'-'5.-'f?4Hf?..'.5'k'e'E11n+'-LW? e -.'1.' ' . fx ' fi.-fflir waffle'-i""1,'f-five'-'ZWQP'-1'11?4,-'fi-7''L' --,Ffh -f '-319?-be-1-1:-P'-551-"-2543151-56. .L-1 .1-I ." I pig ''Gl5:'.1.h5':'lYv!f:fS.3?gl::i':f1?r'S1'xr??f.wAff fl:-fif-T1 , ,Q a fly f ' 'U' 'W 'K f 1- KU ..-1,411-39:4-1.-E-.-I.:-'1l,QqtAf N r., . I . A 2. .fl ----.v,,,J. A1161-, ,?,,,i'R:y52Ee:l:fi54i.'k?,Q, 'vAf'.:L, .,, :YH 55135.26 JAMES HENRY DONNELLY Bridgeport, Conn. 'ijimmyu August 4, 1915 " Here is afriendly man" "jimmy" has had quite a struggle in getting that diploma but his efforts are soon to be rewarded. He adopted the Russian Five-year plan in 1931 and has stuck by it. That's loyalty for you. However low his interests may be, scholastically, he has plenty of interest on Austin Street. Now all you curious creatures who don't know what we mean, we ask you to use your imagination. Heres to your success, "j im"! lhcta Sigma Fraternity. ELEANOR ANN GIDDIX New Britain, Conn. "Puggie" March 28, 1918 'AA good beginning is half Ihe battle" Shes tall and sophisticated and she's bound to make good for theres always room for more quiet good-natured people wherever you go. Eleanors dark wavy curls cause envy wherever she goes. lvlay you go far in the world, Eleanor! CLARA PHYLLIS GWOREK New Britain, Conn, "Ram" January 5, 1920 " You have it if you believe you have il" She stands out in the crowd- --she's a blonde and is always surrounded by a circle of friends which is constantly growing. Her chief distinc- tion lies in the ease with which she makes and keeps loyal friends. May she always do sol Girls' League. New Britain, Conn, "Hutch" lines for him, 1 are sure to produce results. 1 1 i 1 Girls' League. NN ' t N. S x s K' at JOSEPH MICHAEL DRACZ YNSKI xluly ei, 1017 'The great end of life is not knowledge but action" A'Butch" is quite an athlete who is well liked by his friends. Of course. his studies don't come hrst but then he has so many other interests that he dosen't seem to think about school, He ought to get along just the same and we certainly are all rooting on the side- INGRID JEANETTE GJERPEN lonsberg, Norway 'ilggyh September 19, 1018 "Little I ask, my wanls are few" Ingrid is another quiet girl, ln school her blonde curls and charm- ing smile make her personality decidedly plus, She is industrious even while in school, When she speaks with her soft voice all stop to listen. Ingrid is a "swell" person and her ambition and hard work ---Q.:...g.,,:,--g3g1g,,.:,g:1,e"1,1g:'5ufuqn-,sf --. Wi- f '1-- . V, - W -at -W -na--5 -ax:fa-1:1-.qt-,g.ui-,,l:-y.v ,. , ,Ai-ta55155g5eQ,:Q,'5,L53.:'gg7f:'Ej12'2ggQ4e1 5", W- , fi 5 . J- 1 . xc- i iEg?1S.gqa14EM.:1. , ggi 1 f f '--.w ay-.ter-ffiafsfx-ifis-is-wi .. K ' nf- . -1 - 1 , 1- :1-f ' ' if-257:15--2'5+s:Jme-za.-.2a2a1:l-2 -mrs: f i er. -- .-- -9- Q- .-. 1. IP- ug, 1 V -i 1 -. -' . .-4 -.-Ay-. .,- .s-...- .t-tn -. 1-1-f sf.::'f5:--Q.0,g,,sA11f,,,,4,-1'f4.' -, .1-at .. -, - - , J., C., 445,33 ,,e3,'GJg7s.-4-'-,-:,:.rf'.x5v-v---,.' -1 r- . 1"-0i'T"m'S- 1,.4,e, g,- 4 - :,-, . -I f 4. . -,pgwf,155flfl-staffer.-5N.E'f:.ig.z:' Page Seventy-seven f - rf'-QP . . .. 4--.ttf 92:11:14 I-: "f--g.:.-- gag, '.vg1-'fag-3' 153 - Q- 1- , r EH?-:Fig ,-E--V5 J N -x ' i- --xvmr:1.f1vZSP-:vz'-wflniwflvfffa- i ff. 37 if Q or ' S'i2u5i:-x" A -L .... . .L ., 1 ,- , S 1 1. 4. 1 : ,.s1. ,.,, .tt .9 5 .--.., .-4.1, .N 1 u i . Q 'gc .-4-4-9 .hx lf X ,,.75:,s.i,::f:gg-y,..1i,,c2Q,5fi-?5?-4, 5-M. L . ,Q , : . gnu' K V .,. .fha-.:,-,-,e:,x,. Q .1 . -, .',.-.g.:- .'.: if r-,L , -. - -.,i."'..-..-sr --'rifle451-f.-mg?i.i5g1'Sc:1',sf.JJ:'J .. + " 7 fp. ,:f'Z-fmfa! jrv -C N 4 .. L' 1, , . :api-V-. . 4 U .f5..,-72.4 .,,,,- ,v lg y ff, - -fi.,-wlv-fm-3,5 -' 4 . ,. if ,.,a,-1-.. -gf, ,..,. J, ,gym - .-I UN- A ,-Q .A ,f.-:-'-'- ...- - 11, Q-v ' I-5-I ALBERT DAVID DUNN Hartford, Conn. "Al" July 26, 1918 "l'd rather lead a band" MAI" is a member of the "Big Four", a group of two local and two Hartford gentlemen, all ranging six feet or over. These boys are frequently seen in dance halls all over Connecticut and are rated as very good dancers. "Al" is very adept at basketball and baseball and knows personally many big league stars. Besides being athletically inclined, "Al" is the proud possessor of a saxaphone and his big ambition is to lead a band of his own. Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity, Baskteball, Baseball. STELLA VAL GLADKOWSKI Branford, Conn. "Val" june 10, 1917 "Gentle salulations and soft responses" She tears around in school identified by her blonde tresses. Her friends are many. We think that Stella is a "honey" and her own characteristic ways are-'ijust ducky". Stay as completely and refreshingly different as you arefalways, Stella! M. VIRGINIA GOODWIN New Haven, Conn. "Ginny" june 12, 1918 "She is noble who does noblyn "Ginny" is that tall, slender brunette who is fond of the great out- doors and of all sorts of sports. She is also one of those rare, reliable, dependable friends. She was a good student and did her work in a neat, business-like way. History didn't especially appeal to her, but of course one can't expect roses without a thorn or two. Cvoodby, "Ginny" your conscientiousness ought to make you a success in the business world. JOHN MICHAEL DUNNE Hartford, Conn. "jackie" January 8, 1919 " Neat not gaudy" john is a tall, lanky lad, who made such a hit in a historical play last year. He hails from Newington. 'l'here's one thing about this Newington group-they all have fitted into New Britain circles re- markably well. We have no idea what "jack" plans for the future, but whatever he does we're pulling for him. MERLE LYNNETTE GORDON New Britain, Conn. "Shnoony" October 15, 1919 " ........ she liked whate'er she looked on And her looks went everywhere" Meet "Shnoony", the girl with the freckle. Somehow she's always reminded us of a princess with her patrician air and general daintiness. But don't let that fool you: Merle is thoroughly friendly and the more you know her the better you love her-that goes for both sexes. Merle has a giggle, and A-1-plus figure, beauty, brains, the aforementioned freckles and pah-lenty of everything. Amphion Club, junior College Club, Girls' League, Phi Delta Sorority, Promenade Committee, Graduation Council, Marshall '35, Class Night Cast. '0' 1' x - f- ' - . ' -f ' f ' 1 ' ' 1'-91 aa'1-313:D'.:,-f,g.:-4,-gf" fav.. 1 Q, J 1:71.13-, . i. 4 . Q, jf ' lgmyivgg . 5334-si-, ,1 ei '-"w31'sf' . . .1 . .. fn- N'-' y, GLS-wift-fs:sae.'fe1-' -' 5 f -,air .,.-,G P QQ f -' 1' -1. avrPV'5'5:1f?-t '- ',322qcqmp-zfiilgiqisfsvznfa3-ae5i2.'Z:::-v.2 4 -'S U i" I ' ' 5 H f '+ V Wf fa if Page Seventy-eight 2 tm :".f'f?'..:'151'7l'3rdf.Q.'....3-':,!i2f2'iT552T7E'f K 'fl---ftp , .- , 'r- ' :3'QN:FlFL12'ji'3 I f-KN N-XJ-.:q4'rf'?5z31a',K:.9:45 2-gwsrGH?-32175565 .1 L -"fini N f.': ' ,sf'?i.i7ai:' 2 Hhs: vi:-G!fl,C'::fl .H.Eyf?7:.,?f1n'5i5'as2i'.:G:- L. -.lic u il Q ' VH- - 2513-'gat-.5q1.f .7, 43.1-"'.g .'g','-:- .,, - , H+ L I- D' ' g' ' P' "W-'-"S--'-" 'F 7 s , f,isff.' Us337.1:s:s2a?:g1e.2ff2i:5pa ,J silky -' f Q ,,,,, .1 I-I-I ARNOLD ROBERT EGGERT New Britain, Conn. November 24, l9lb "The athletic fool" Three cheers for an all-state football player! Arnold won a berth on that mythical state team which represents the eleven best players in the state. Although he is a good ping-pong player, he doesnt mix ping-pong with football. It has taken Arnold about four years to get that treasured sheepskin. More power to you, Arnold. Delta Xi Fraternity, Football '34, '35. MARY THERESA GORSKI New Britain, Conn. November 15, l9l8 "Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means" Mary is a wonderful girl and all who know her will say the same. She's not shy nor is she boisterous. She's just right, She is a great lover of piano music and incites humor in those about her while she, with a faint suggestion of a smile remains calmly dig- nified. At the same time, Mary is a diligent and efhcient worker, expecially in Type and Shorthand. We wish her all the luck in the world. Girls' League. ELEANOR ELIZABETH GOSCIEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Elsie" june 26, 1917 " Not easy to be seen or to speak with" "Elsie" is the kind of a girl who seldom mingles with boys. Oh no! She isn't fussy or anything like that but say, what do we hear about Madison? She has a pleasing personality. Though she is quiet in school, that doesnt mean she's that way outside. We all know shell go far in everything and heres wishing her a lot of luck! U-'Q' 1 Pc fmt a l FRANCIS ANTHONY FRANKLIN New Britain, Conn. "Franny" june 20, l9l8 "I thank you for your voice" "Franny" is quite a dramatic youth, belonging to both the Amphion Club and the "Little Theatre Guild", His soft pleasing voice is one of his outstanding characteristics. "Franny" has been very popular in his high school days and will undoubtedly be well liked throughout his life. Amphion Club, FLORENCE BARBARA GRAJEWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Tools" March 10, 1920 "Quickly enough and well enough" Florence is one of those "high-speed" girls who sleeps late and dresses in a jiffy and eats her breakfast in two shakes. lf theres a brilliant girl in stenography, it's Florence. She has inherited brains minds of her success as a stenographer. Girls' League. . f . ""5I--wi:-ff-fif?Tff.3'3 ,ii-':1"".i2f3'"91"91' " Y 'i' ' A i- ' sf, "' 1 ff " 'V , 7 ' I 4 s a - T' 'k'-an Hffffti ' - ,- .3 -gif Qu H- ,azg-.951 :hijE.MgT?:A5qgig':a::gufgggfgg: g . 45 L A - V, it- 'I V vkmmufkgg-gi egg? a g Page Seventy-nine and has used them to good advantage. There is no doubt in our 3'f,g,,j:EJ-'1-:,:'fe-1.:.--.3-rs,-H52-."553'a7Ey f f g ?- ' 3'.'gq,gF55-3:1-fn' 1 -A 15424331i21iQigSj54fs51qrGgEMQQQL' -55.1, in 3... ' ,Eg2Lp3f2:igb:f3g, 1 1 1. 41Rvif::!'s-if?-w-inf:f-2-f--21-4ttc+...w:- 3, '51 - " 4 , .Hz "f'2f:.f:at:famt Q- fs If 'f-fihffiigi.-'Iiikiwi5fk'e'k11'.v5Eq1Z!.e 1 'f' ," 7' ,fi-Ff1:'2,'l-QAIRQ.-,.J'rg, -L, -' ufiesf-ass.:.g5:.:r.1:n.s.a3 N, gi X l I t l 'rg ezfzmaf.-fqfrm 1 1 I P I-I-I JOHN HAROLD GERAGOSIAN New Britain, Conn. "johnny" October 7, l9l7 "Each man to the other, loyal" "johnny" belongs to that clique of Armenians which clings to- gether like anybodys bathing suit. Loyal to the end, "johnny" deserves a place on everyones friendship list. We hear you expect to go places, "johnny". Go right ahead. RITA CATHERINE GRIFFIN New Britain, Conn. "Pete" May 5, l9l9 "Good is the gift of heaven" lt's a pity, all that sparkle is in one girl, not a very big girl at that. Rita's dark, vivacious beauty adds a decorative touch to any class room. With her aptness in classrooms to make up for her "dazzle" and her quiet tongue and speaking eyes, she should go far-Our Best Wishes Go With her! junior College Club, Girls' League. RUTH SUTTON GUITE West Haven, Conn. "Ruthie" February 26, i918 "Clothes make a woman tall, beautiful and slender" Tall, beautiful and cheerfulfthat gives you our opinion of Ruth. Full of fun and always happy, is "Ruthie". Say, Ruth, what is this we hear of your sudden interest in aviation or maybe it is that tall boy friend who has you up in the air. Well, here's to a perfect four point landing! Beta Mu Sorority, Banquet Committee, Girls' League journalist. JOHN CHARLES GRABOWSKI Plainville, Conn. "johnnie" February IZ, 1918 "Great talkers are sometimes great ulcers" "Johnnie" has mastered the art of talking to a marked degree. Someday he may be a second Cicero. We only hope he never delivers any speeches like Cicero's "Contra Catilina" which future students will have to study and translate. "Johnnie" is never too serious- this accounts for his host of friends. Many a friend has been given a helping hand by stout-hearted "Johnnie", May he be repaid in his time of need too. HELEN R. HADVAB New Britain, Conn. November 2, l9l7 "She's got everything" Shes cute with her turned up nose 'n her dimples. She's got charm, beauty, and a grand personality. She's the best friend anyone ever had-Friendliness is a virtue which will take her far. Our best wishes go with her! r 'F' ' fs," -f " - ,. ' -rr f -as 1.4. "' "' 1'--7,1 ua' 1C,g'k:1".:,,f,,-.Q-'a.1s,.'g-51, .1 1'-'S fp' 22593 , f A J . 2' i 4 Jgmifv ff . 1, 9-1 'sw-2 1. 4 M gr' ' af . ,. .1 . A ,f .sg-, 55-:Hz1s5Tfw5sy-5,vis.5-,-.gzsqsggsaxaggsgg w '-X saw 4.-1+ Sl H 4 . -A.. -'WY af- , -- , s-':-:1,fsv!w-nzNf3:1-i- .-,s:.:4:gf-1-r Page Eighty . - .-.H V "X ' ' s -. -x ff-.s -4 . T1 1 - F' if Wie-21'-1ta11rzi' ' ' ,,p.:.-r.aeaifggltaaafl4I4Qf4-:gq':.-,g?:1'zEfa,2:i- ' 3.1 4 2- 1. f7'1fFmSH,g2S'44. 1 1, I c ii i f if-'A:Hmm-2-N,--:nf-w5.e-a.f.1Q'-egcrel-.isa 1, '3 .,- , .11 ai-:.a::5snmz ,Lg f 1 pa !:w,'i'e:'m aw- +' ' ' - -.-fu: ur' f -I, , ire-Quia .j aa " ll ' fly, .1fZ:.1L'sf5i2'?+'r" f ff-' ,ff J? 2 .f l,v TP ",n,x I I I FRED BERNARDI New Britain, Conn. "Coke" November 13, 1915 "A useful trade is a mine of gold" Quiet, careful, easy-going, "Coke" graduates from the machine department of the Trade School and goes forth in search of a soft warm spot in a hard, cold world. There's no such place, "Coke", but if you do find it, send us the address. "Coke" has an excellent scholastic record, he has the happy faculty of getting along with his fellow men, he will get by, and he may even go a long way. N. B. S. T. S. A, A. 2, 3, 4g Baseball S. T. S. 43 Basketball S. T. S. 3, 4. MAIDA ANNE HALL Newington, Conn. October 30, 1918 "A good friend is easier lost than found" lvlaida is a friend to all who really need and want one-She is a grand mixer-as her book of autographs and her birthday booklet will testify. Her ability in giving interesting and amusing oral com- positions is unquestioned-Here's Luck Maida-All your friends are rooting for you. ANN CHLOE HAROIAN New Britain, Conn, March 28, 1918 "joyful by I know not what charm" Ann's eyes draw like a magnet. No matter where you may be looking when you're with her, your gaze will always come back to her eyes. We've lost sleep trying to decide whether they're green, brown, yellow, or gray. She's a swell person to know and never seems to let anything bother her whether it be school, toothache, or the boy friend. Ann's another one of our budding secretaries and someday she'll make one business man very lucky. Girls' League. fever" period. recite. Girls' League. . . .2-2t.',.,I-,.-"'f114'--I."SIQ"?i'f1'G9'f'9''Y ' - W ' , 'V ' - ' . 4 . U . 1 Fewfizggf ' 'fin-baggy, ,F , ...-ga--fqf.,--4,5 f.. ,- s, , '- '- 1 " g , ' ' . can '- 5152549 ' -X t 1- 3 i sic' s "QE?f7f'3?Gi.f2j2'G3342?:if'i7?lf-fi-:??r-Rim .i s " - .. b' rs ,. i i r. , ,ve 'M' 0 'Pl' I Page Eighty-one JOHN MICHAEL GRASSO Oakfield, New York "' johnny October 28 1917 "A little learning is a dangerous thing "Johnny" is one of our average students whose brain is capable of great things. The only thing is, "johnny doesn t utilize it all seem to have that trouble, 'Johnny' especially during this spring HELEN MAE HAYNES New Britain, Conn. july 23 1918 - "A quiet mind is richer than a crown Helen is the sweet, quiet type of a girl She says that she hasn t any boy friend but somehow we can't quite believe that She is in clined to be studious and is always prepared when called upon to Good luck to you, Helen, and may your life be one of success .. .,.,..,.., f,-gg, Sturt-epn-..1-vffif-1' 'Sir . TS.-T - - 'P "NEag:v:5:::Ti1 f 0 N .Lib-.Lff if-71 gain- njfzw 1 "-.'-, '.-.5 : r. 1 f, ' qyhj ., '.E2-M4-2'o5rf'i"'i"1'11-+ f"5lfi2:f +3 5' '37 ' "lo ' v"fv- "5'fb'1ff:f?-fvfisl 1. '5P"'rf?7"i'.'3' 'V ii. '.-55' '1'3?-'ffl .2 - in 'Y' 'q ' -'J' 'ills E7:??1E5?i'i5i?RQ nf-23" -1.1':,- ' 3-.1-:, 'mi-.aaifs ':L-1 gg-I K l I 1 ' "gf, 'flfz-Ras:-Yiifrrzi 6-1Nf'f i .fn " if-gb, 6 Egg? 'V . f .- 2 1 2 ,I 5, g 5- x w l fm Q' 1, 1. EDWARD F. GRECKI New Britain, Conn. "Eddie" November 23, 1917 "Sweet expressions of that face" i'Eddie", with those handsome Roman features, is the object of many affections. He ran for office a few times but even the feminine vote couldn't give him a job. "Eddie" has worked hard outside of school to get money for a higher education. We admire his ambitions and we hope he becomes a registered pharmacist as he hopes to. Track '34, '35, '3og Football '34, Delta Xi Fraternity. MARION HEATH New Britain, Conn. August 9, 1917 "That great dust-heap called 'history' " lxflarion is a grand sport and a real pal to all. She has vivacity second to none, Her bright personality and good nature have made her a favorite with everybody. Marion anticipates a business career and we certainly wish her "Smooth sailing aboard '. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. AGNES KATHRYN HERDLEIN New Britain, Conn. "Tools" October ll, 1918 "Be or not to be" Agnes is another of our seemingly quiet girls. Her ambition is to become a teacher if her fondness for movies doesnt interfere. From the twinkle in her blue eyes and the dark hair it's fairly obvious that theres a bit o' Irish in her. We all wish you success in your chosen profession. wish him the best of success. Girls' League. ,-., , I.-..-H ,j,,.., -5 if'1,i'5:' ,,6'f'?f"l' - 2 fs f - ,, ' -f,,.' "1" '--"ff " " 'A c 4' 3: ? ' 1 -ff A- states, 'Za N f'1-f2.-31.i23aifa53fsg2frf:-Qgisgg .. Q ' 25 - -I -1 - ,lg Qu, kr X-1-':'-'f:'f7"'5f11253 L 4, -.' 'X-me - ' ' ' 1 :i ' --H' L ' -' A f"5'f"--2,-:T-fL71"f'z'f'.f:1-4eIvh7:Y'Kg- L ,5,,g., li ... 1 I ' A -2 .1 V -If ' ' 'l'Qf:l' K r 371' Page Eighty-two gil 4-fx 1 .4 L 3 , ARTHUR HOWARD GROTH Hartford, Conn. "Art" l ebruary 28 1918 " He lives longest that is awake most hours "Art" is something of a shy boy but he seems to get on with the girls all right. We would like to know whether Art will become a drafting instructor, following in his father s footsteps or if he will be origina and become a fisherman or perhaps a woman s home com panionn. "Art" spends many days at the Y M C A and is President of the Senior Hi-Y Club there. All who know him like him and we all ELIZABETH MARY HIGGINS New Britain, Conn, "Betty" October 10 1918 "She greets you kindly one and all "Betty" is one of our well known gals she makes no pretense of having her lesson if she hasn't it-but her charm gets her through every time! We dOI'1lt know what she plans to do upon leaving N B, H. S., but "she'll get by with the twinkle winkle in her eye .af ' If " ,Ji 11. .rguzq -9-v ' ,La-.-'pi:'.'53Stggaigr,-,'ff'i51S'5k . .4 T - - 'f , 'QEPNE-fifhliflf ' 'O A 1...-L4ef1'5v.-5'-wfsfi-2'5"f5Sff':.'i?x3'219131: a f M- 'W 'ff kf5fh?i:5'Tsfi.i2l. 1 F 4 xl 2 . . fm 'x l , . 1 . z,11qaEg3sa4:fa.t-asf5:4a.f:fgzHg::q:S.9-1- 3, 31:5 194,93-ft Qsgmcagtfnazk ,sg use ug. -,Arr ,-g,..1.'g 'rg-it, -, qu. ',5.g,'ff I 1 ' 5.1 :gr ,j.:j' ' e c ,j gg i. I , feat .:5,fQii,.1Q2z.35fi15'-4.1 rf.. I, JOSEPH HALLORAN New Britain, Conn. "joe" March 18, 1918 "And they mingled grass and words so harmless" Ujoen runs after fire engines and watches the trains whiz by. His conscience is clear but he loves to argue on anything from soup to politics, mostly politics. A rumor has been around that he would like to be a nurse to sick engines-probably the kind of nurse one sees climbing out from under cars. ln his younger days he was a steady golfer, but the golfers grind is too much for him now. "joe" is headed for big things. HELEN EILEEN HOLLAND New Britain, Conn. "Shorty" August 31, 1918 "Small, but oh my!" Helen is a short, dark-haired girl, and is very independent. Who is the tall dark person who walks to school with her in the morning and meets her on the stairs at the end of the first period? She has a knack for hairdressing and clothes designing. At any rate we hope she will succeed in one or the other. Girls' League. EUNICE HARRIET HOLLOWAY Naugatuek, Conn. "Burnie" ,June 7, 1918 'Sophisticated Lady" Tall, slender, beautiful, but not dumb, "Eunie" has practically all of the fellows in New Britain not to mention New Haven in sack cloth and ashes because of that blonde, Yale man she has tied to her apron strings. i'Eunie" is a wicked heart breaker as is proven by her "fan" mail. She occupies her leisure moments doing the "snorkiest" sketches-'specially 'Rah-Rah" boys. Her dance steps are the latest and the trickiest--We've never yet found the man who was "A-staire" enough to outstep her. That gal's simply Keen-O! Rainbow, Phi Sigma Sorority, Girls' League, Prom Committee. 1 JACOB HAROIAN New Britain, Conn. "jake" October 14, 1918 "Scratch my back and l'll scratch yours" There's one thing about this class of ours. We have a little of every- thing in it. Take Hjaken, for instance. He's our authority on stamp collecting. "jake" is also a veteran newspaper boy having delivered papers for many years. Theres no telling what he will do in thc future but whatever it is it will be done efficiently. Stamp and Radio Club. LILLIAN EMMA HOLZMANN New Britain, Conn. '1Lil" April 21, 1918 "Modesty of praise wears gradually away" "Lil", is the girl that is always admiring herself. Even so, she is always up-to-date in her studies. As "Lil" was always talking about being a stenographer she took a business course in school and is plan- ning to spend some time in business school. While away at school, "Lil" will be inclined to write letters to some one in her spare time. Good Luck! "Lil". Girls' League. -a 4-yi' " t .. . , - -- ' A., 1 " " ' 1'-?,f'xpa'14,g12 a1".:, ,g: ' -4: r .,., ,- A '.-,, ea- 5-5 J, -L ftp I gf . -52llgim!'Q'Q:,eSnir:zyLsvl'f31.-Alu'Q: n.-1: . 1 S , -'- . ' - ' , . vp- . . , -"w--iv7N'G':- t':-'tezfi---r V'-'qv-the: --we v.-f 3' 74+ 2 1143?-iff V .. -- - -1 . .xl .ff ,ra vi-:1 '-alia' ASH--:,L21,:".yf'..Sgszi'-J ,gm-,L . 1 2 91,54 " st.: - . " , H.. '65:'EJ::S55g-1"-rsirftffxsfe :say-.r-" ..: 'P L-4.1 1, ' . ' - ' . L-. - 'ff 11 ,.nft-mae:e3-wf1'f:s--fsifrrwrftst Page Eighty-three -V...-:JA-1'.-':e:' 4: 11- f::-'f!'- ---:UL--5 -1 - - '1 i f. , 1l1l1',.'-- :f 1 -init-5511-11. 4-fir? ' I: '7. -Li f':9"lkq4',.i3 - ' 'T L' inf- 5 1 -1-.fxy?' I' 3 ,iw lf.,...p ,. Q , , , i ,..5 ?,K,?3, .Q A M C ,, .. g,,,ii,v:,:Q,-,F-3,-,,x, fs " '-ji -,mel 'f. .-...'-3 c4J.,'L.f .5 W f . , QI". 5,q.'v--1-rea. ,1 , - f v fbi,-fa?1+.sPs'. -, ui ," I 1 ' , -rf:-.-.msfqfrf 5 " ' 3 4-If r 1' 2' 'A ' 3 ' l ' ' x A V A, '-'-Z -"' . - ' ' . 3.'1,E'1'-'4'4p 'ffm' 'sfxn'--P:-me-111a'1S:? A 71.4 5-,-" 5,34-fE':sz-ff-:kind ' N s. 'x c. ii XA -, . -----s,.- 3- E x 9' fc P1 ' ., s g CARL ARNE HENRIKSON New Britain, Conn, "Swede" July 2, 1916 Ullinaler not the humor of his design" Carl is a polite fellow with a humorous disposition whose company is entirely appreciated, His constant smile and witty outbursts remind us of the hilarity imbedded in the future. He is to the c1ock's minute with his assignments and playfully enjoys his leisure time. He is equally alert in class recitations and with a generous heart, is willing to help his comrades. Carl's present character of promptness will win him a position in the future, which will be a reward of success and happiness. GLADYS VIRGINIA HORVATH Elmwood, Conn. "Glad" june 27, 1918 "Eyes of most unholy blue" Gladys is the little girl with enormous blue eyes who is a great lover of sports and jazz. Although her home is in Newington junction, she can be found in Elmwood practically every night. Her weak- ness is a handsome fellow who has "Irish blue eyes". Someday Gladys hopes to become an aviatrix and break Amelia Earharts records. Let's hope she can. Anyway, we wish her all the luck in the world. LOIS HOWARD Hartford, Conn. january 18, 1919 "Success means hard work" They say that talent is not always born in large cities. At least this is true in Lois's case. Although Newington is only a small town between New Britain, and Hartford it has one girl who has great artistic ability. lf you have ever seen any of Lois's drawings and sketches, you will realize how clever she is. Keep it up, Lois, and we'll all someday be attending an exhibition of your works. Student Council, Class Night Cast, Social Activities+Girls' League, junior College Club. all the success that comes with it. she is seen so often? Girls' League. -V -.::, , - ,,.- -., , 4- ,lf ..-- --,, '1 'gli Y - Lf ' .r"3"ilvvo-Q' 'Q ,.'.,f:,,::,1--f.-w qw, iq- f -4 ., , A A ,' ' H. , .A-fi::,-f.rfer-461591-:f:':f?2ffmSer,i..M Z, , - ' ,, ,- f we-Q, fs fs Page Eighty-four WILLIAM ANDRUSS HOPKINS New Britain, Conn. 'Billy' April 9 1918 " He must serve' himself who has no servant What a personality! What a big line he can hand out' fall in fun eh, "Bi1l"7D No doubt he's a credit to l'heta Sigma and Senior High School. Everytime you see "Billy" he s talking to some teacher He's a great talker and ought to be a salesman Billy hates dances "No sense in it" but he goes to quite a few dances Maybe you can tell us why? I guess "Billy" hasn't made up his mind about what he s going to do when he gets out of school Well here s loads of luck and Theta Sigma Fraternityg Graduation Council GRACE FLORENCE HOWE New Britain, Conn. "Gracie April 7 1918 "Friend-making, everywhere riend ndmg soul "Gracie" has certainly been a true friend to everyone in the school for the past three years. She hasn't as yet decided what she will do when she leaves school, but whatever it is we are sure that she will succeed in it. just who is that tall, good looking redhead with whom L 9 6 4. -i 'J . .. - 1--31-4? ' F' - -,--.L-X .-.V , te . .41 g,...1r-ff-522.51-':5!1 e-affff-iff-A-:A ', - yr .f- 1,1-'-,gg-13 1: :f:5qE'-I ,, . 'rf' in 1 ,r -' ,ifw-ff?c,21g.2.'r,s-,,,w Y.-ff," " 1' .Q-sa',. +4 ,JM I 9 -ff:-.-.-uf.-f-fr f flrlt 5' ' id' r m sw-:af--:-:--'.af:.'-15:4-: , "mfr F-,f . 't wif-5-eriiiain' I - A35,3gfgggzfgpf,-gg34:gt-ag-2QQBQHQEQQ, 'J-i,lgn,1 52441 ,otf giglkagiqlfgr- 1 1 K KENNETH HORWITZ New Britain, Conn, "Koobie" April 9, 1919 "ln fraternity there is strength" Kenneth is the boy that is always swaggering around the corridors trying to act as he believes the regular college boy would. We pre- sume that Kenneth aspires to be a lawyer for he certainly can talk about nothing and make it sound as though he were talking about something. He intends to go to Wesleyan We wish you luck, MKoobie!" Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity, Track. ANN GERALDINE HUDAK New Britain, Conn. "Tapper" February 13, 1919 "A life full of music and bliss" Every night when the clock strikes eight Ann starts to do the work she hates. English, Problems or History? Which shall it be?-Now, let me see, But the radio standing near at hand ls very tempting to non-studious Ann. She tries all the stations, sweet music to hear, "lil some one starts singing, loud and clear. So the minutes and hours glide swiftly away While papers and books-she leaves 'em lay. Girls' League. THERESA INGALLINELLA New Britain, Conn. U Hope and patience are two sovereign remedies for all" 'liheresa will be remembered for her patience, and faithful work in the main office, She has charm, personality, and vivacity. Her sincerity will no doubt win for her in the future a great many lasting friends, She is broad-minded and thoughtful. Her many wise re- marks have won the hearts of many teachers in our school and humor plays a very important part in her life. july 18, 1917 HOWARD HUMPHREY New Britain, Conn. "Connie" May 27, 1918 'AA lowly heart doth win the love of all" Fore! The golf bug has been eating Howard since his junior High School days. Even in those dim and distant days Howard .could finish off any course in the eighties. What could he be shootingmhow! Howard drives his car around whenever he gets a chance and heiad- vises everyone not to get in his way. Low scoring ahead, Howard. 6, Golf '35, it l A CECELIA MARION ,IABLONSKI Clinton, Mass. "Kit" March 8, 1920 . "To succeed in the world one must be wise" One girl who is most likely to succeed as a private secretary to a young millionaire bachelor is "Kit". She dislikes to be called "studi- ous" because of her high ranking in classes. We're sure "Kit" will rise to success in spite of competitors. She won't forget to help us to the top of the ladder when she's up there, We all wish her a successful career. - , 4, , ""sf-.--Ji:.Qi-53111.--2r1zt:b"',21:3usifvfi " mms -f - . ' sf " " 1-75vLvH'I4:,'f17:'fa',1'1'514I1tq12e ,i : 2-'A-:ra-'.-area:issesrsxa,-ai'3Svs'E1'z?g,':i5v J' 1' f 1 , of 5' -'fllzswifxfrzxfefiP-1fEafs'2,f.f:E:4:s1:fa f A:.,:1'-gvffg:-gzin.-15 -us ' '-"L ' Y 'N 1 . - . 3? .f f . r , SSS-'-'f:4f':-rfifhfftl-e-zsffasfzfvs-42,sic .241-.. .,.3::e:-Qkgbggnej.-.igfiqx , A.. 'ff Ji-ff, V I- - , , . -Q -4 ,-, ,, .341 3g51f33,m03s3',,g,,,:i,3g,Lsc.f,,k7..-g., ,.t-.-sfxzf-.-5. -an .2 , ., . - , gi- .4 f' , 1 T1i,','-T:Z?.' ' as-.f-3,.yi-19.9--i +- 1 -' au.,,.31'g',7'-:f'f'2'flTisfgirf?-ge L 31-!-. " . 1 V V V s, ,, . 'f fr i -392' ,.ilafzfsfwi-'-"?i541Yl'3.':72.61-xx?-if-225 ' Page Eighty-five .. .. ,4 5, ,-.iw M- . ,,-xr-Jgiylirls V .s ,. f '.-g,-gs,-71.1-tt-Lf,-ry,',-g-,'v1- ax -K1--5 Z.-15 -2.5 . :, -,,.g,-132955.-3-. fi -:,:1cL,7,- 5.3 I , yr . u . I , 5 :.-3:,t.,,..:.,-5.T:.-,jig-.LH 5: ,il A,,l1-1:.3i,257A, M253:gs55giff,Q'3-4,sf,fxQ,2f2EAarsfe-ey 151.17-'g.' vt, Mya, wi14451-ieslwyqxavggief12:22,224-.1 -:a3::sgLir3HP.-ip Q . -. . 1 i-1-, '.-.5141 . Q .,.1-wept." ' , i- - My -c..-.:- fri , 1-1.1-',,g Lg.. .:':r , we '-tl. . -,..f,,g,..,g,,.f.,14'..'.fr,I . , Aff- '- 7' it .,f:.'E.,-14.9. 'es 4.-.g,.1,A'-v,a,g-,..,i9,7.fz.-qmat. . I- 1. W - g,f -.41 . 1 Jxerffi-.'Z,1g Ay, A .J Ig 1, -33,-.,,'J.'111:-ligil-35:-l'..f-Jay .,ri, Q ..,-QI: f-.f-.-,, A ,. ,.. V n-i--.-- --f .4 -A -:.,. -3 Q... I :M -1.:.a:.---l .--P-J.,-,1.'---I-'.t -N. ,-. r- . .fggfnwirg i Qi Q . 5. ' ,gy L I 4 Q i Sm F I ll JOHN ANDREW JANUSONIS New Britain, Conn. "-lohnnieu June 14, 1917 "Always at it wins the day" "Johnnie" is a hardworking and industrious gentleman. He likes to burn the midnight oil. He will help anyone in trouble and when work is demanded of him he works and does not play, He likes to sing and does this whenever he can. We always notice that he is neat and takes care of his appearance, He enjoys the esteem of all his friends. We often see him doing his work for the ofhce every afternoon. MARY GRAYCE CATHERINE JANELLE New Britain, Conn. lvlay 8, 1918 "Ambition's less than iiltlenessn Grayce is that charming young lady who manages to get her work done about a week after it has been assigned to her. But never mind, the quality of her work offsets its tardiness. With her good looks and charming personality she ought to go far toward success. Beta Mu Sorority. EVELYN GRACE JARTMAN New Britain, Conn. i'Evie" September 23, 1918 "I talk whenever I have occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion" Here is our prize winner for carrying on conversations. Evelyn is known for her lengthy scholastic reports and for her love of talking. We won't be surprised to find Evelyn leading her classmates in College in giving oral reports. Her favorite pastime, we believe, is knitting and can she knit! May your voice carry you through a successful life, Evelyn! Phi Delta. Girls' Leaguel College Club, EUGENE CONRAD JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Swede" September 10, 1918 "A quiet mind is richer than a crown" Eugene is an unusually quiet boy who only talks when he knows that what he says is correct, He is a little shy but once he startse-A oh me! Even on the tennis court he has a ready sense of humor as well as a powerful wallop. We all like "Swede" and we wish him much success. ELLEN INGEBORG JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. June 27, 1918 " Her talents were of the more silent class" Ellen may go through school quietly but you'l1 hnd that her sense of humor makes any group brighter. She'd do anything in her power for her friends so we are sure she will succeed, She already has a position which she obtained because of her high marks. Lots of luck to her! 'tv-' vfa M"ff::.i'Y.w' V' 'K N ' - -'r ' QE' J .421-Q' .H . .. . .:1-g.'-- ,- -. 'Mer' -ag:-,r.vf'.-L N- 6 ,ti 'cz'-yfIfJ..f:1f.l,:5T-N ' ' 3' W if Q-:-f-fire.f-em'-aw.-f-::AJ4.-favs'LVLwav-s-.A .- 1'if3?Z5lll "ljT"-'z A ' - - -H ' -r f".1i"Nl'.:-if ur-""' ..-e'..s.,'. ,, Q wg. 4.-55 -g.f54g534,.- ., vu: . - -1 I if..--'af:-QL5':,.'.t,rff?1'i5Q73ll4E5Cf-g,f,-- if - , , . " 1-Q --at1-'.:e-if-FssSr:t.'3T1'. f '"'-fvf1-'2.fe'f-11:frfeervf.'-ffliffaiefv wi' W2 v wp .- ,V . -, .yy .,.- e-3,43 -ga. A ff . 5 t J- if 5- Vg - -..--,.,L . .Q 9 .: . :H 5 Ag: Pai' iii, 4. . A,,,r 1' i iA4r.K ,1 W- , . Y f' Si 1,.,"'fk,p f f . A, , Page Eighty-six 4-1 f'--ng.. ,. :.,f'X'g,..:,,ue,-,"1i'ff '.Ni40'! V f .,1,.-e, ' 3-'j-,g'.i4- 544-'ryv-4.--lg 1" 525' a. - ,4,.. M. ...Q nw' i'.ffv.'T,y yfsriikq-,'i'g-H?4lf,,F.2EEih- vf-'.':-"K, .541'.rIGs-' 4 I .191 Q 45 .-,f :, as-.,,vfg.,1g:3m:. F- -' 'f , V 33- "'5.-ff:if191ff-- 1 -A x .qui-,gl.51-ingffgvgz-,.--:.f-.:g, 4,3 ,gf ,- .'-. 4 3 ' ' . - ,gg-,-r---'ff E-fag-N+5w'li':,122+li'i'Cs3fifrf-'2'525'Qfwiiaiii' ,'-Q'-' 'I' yi' '1'f-',-. 1 A 1 F , 7,i,,p.7g,r:y,'..,5,ATMQZKQ,gm.::j,.,,'4ls,K.:?. 4+ A , A lv, Q ,J 4. i'jigp,,.,vL,,,i-ff an ,AZ '-.ideif'-'Fl-':E'51u' 5'k'-e:i'gf-'4fL- ig -. 's N 13-'flitfp-'e--s 1- .1 F f 4 nge. ,..'iQ1-,figf53f:fk,gf553,,f,,"591'Ef,y,, gkgw'T.f5 3345:-mari?-fr I A . 4 1 M U. ' gi 'K Gm I"-l HAROLD P. JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. November 17, 1917 "Tall trees catch much wind" Harold is rather a tall lad with aspirations of becoming a great basketball and track star. Haunted by a certain party with whom he associates, he nevertheless shows no enmity. He makes friends easilyhbut he would like it very much if someone would grow up even wit im. Track '34, '35, '3o: Basketball '35, '36, MABEL ELVERA JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Amy" March 20, 1918 "Eager in pursuit of studies and laboursu She expects to be a school teacher at some time or another and will be a good one at that. Afternoons will find her home studying one subject after another in their respective order. "Amy" is a very well fitted nickname, but very few know the source from which it was derived. Can you guess? Being quiet, she does quite a bit of ob- servation and blushing is her bane! Girls' League. LUCILLE JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. "Lu Lu" December 22, 1917 "Now is the time for dancing" If "Lu Lu" should give you one of those cute, little. far away smiles she'd just simply knock you cuckoo. She's a clever, little dumpling, She dotes on English insisting on taking tests over for the mere love of them. Of course, blondes are uncertain, you never can tell what they are going to do. Her beautiful indifference to events and to people might lead one to think that she doesn't care whether the world keeps on going or not. However, she does care and there are a whole lot of people who care for her, especially young men who call her by her pet name. Well, so long, "Lu Lu", best of luck. Sigma Delta Sigma, Girls' League. Best wishes for future success, "Pete! Track Member '35, held she undertakes. Best Wishes! Girls' League. .1-:f:2"'.1'r:f'i1'fff' 4' - -f -"' 1 '1-'Q1:es-.-ffSaalszwrkiz,-sbgisfifzigih A ff' 5 A -' - 5 ff- . 'km-sg -5395 'i ' ft1.,q,..f:,:- ,et-3. '- ', .- ., -1 . , - .- I- - , . 4 'il 3? t' ' -- is gl' -'WS 1 "+Lr1.-5jgr.3r3j,w11ig2L-::..f?g:ep,?SgL n h ,, V - -' if 'fe-1-. 1.955 -is ' f H Page Ei ghty-seven OREN JOHNSON Macon, Georgia "Pete" November 1 1917 "Assist him who is still carrying his burden "Pete", as he is sometimes called, is a cheerful and industrious fellow. He is well liked by all the teachers because of his willingness to work. "Pete" someday wants to be a private secretarv to the head of some big concern. He was a letter man on the 35 track team and was sorely missed because he wouldnt compete in 30 EMMA MARIE KADJASKI New Britain, Conn. "Posty" November 4 1918 "Thinking right and meaning well Emma is an indominable worker and often gets her work done before the rest of the class. She is one of our serene quiet girls but under neath that calm, dignified look, we know lies a great sense of humor which is usually shown on the held of sports Emma is a regular outdoor girl. She is a friend of both the students and teachers, lt is not known to the public what she intends to do in the future but with her talent we know shell succeed in whatever : 5 :.'11L-na nr- tw'-Piii' F5 'A - f Q. in ' 'SJ-'i"x.'7l3'iT'1i'TVX' .-.-519 ':-.a1.x1:-,zum-1' .LMS , ,- Q Q ' - V ' . 1--za---c--f.1-':,-nf.-L .-:gm,,,..4-1.-54,-:fg.g'gre-315,15 1 xgieizsti-eiwy-ts?-12stH'a?9gf4.z'3 " ' 5 -'IU 'fi' 1111. mlfhfhfiaiis-:1Qss11veg:J1?.q:t2gg'-im.-.1vfgagiiazev- 8 1 'x ,:.'w-'--.1-,xg-.5 Q.,-fi.-.135-,-,Ll M., , , 4 , e 2 f .:',.,l: 15.40-x.-f:r, f,:-.,g,- :i-:w.-vqavg., ...rift . i -rw-q.':.-.'n.2, 4fr-v-iel--,f.'w- . X - P ' .fr.--.A-',,4-g--1- u- ww 1-.-1.'.v:,s'-wf-.iw-..'fff.-:-N4--.2 2' fr 1 ' X -,-Y f-.,f.,.. - a U, a ,.--Trffxg -,nv-. 54,51 :W -fr: ,1,v'f-- .gn-A ,.'-"LL---1:.:.'-,-,in ?5.:'.17,:f1fPc'p -4 gl X I 9 -AH .lf:'.ffh:3YvYrms.':5mrs.:f-'I'-:3-Yrrefua:,ffl-'Af'--.-,.v, ,. S 'Mt KH 4. 2, ., . L' , 1. +3 h.' ',c 8 55' lv I-1-I LOUIS JOSEPH SULIK New Britain, Conn. "Louie" january 7, 1918 'Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart go together" "Louie's" ambition is to be an artist for much of his time is spent in the art room. He is talkative, gay, and sociable and can always be seen walking around with a smile on his face. He must be studious because he has been seen coming back to school afternoons. He is jolly and always takes a joke which some of us find hard to do. JEAN CLAIR KALKOWSKI New Britain. Conn. "Ginger" September ll, l9l7 "Sports woman complete" ' "Ginger" was the highest scorer of every basketball game in which she played with the Holy Cross and "Wonder Girls" teams. "Ginger" as her name suggests is always full of fun and rarin' to go. Only recently she stopped raving about basketball. Why? Oh, now her subject is "fish". Her ambition is to operate a successful business office with a staff of her sorority sisters. Good luck, "Ginger", Rho Sigma Rho. DORIS JOSEPHINE KALLIN New Britain. Conn. "Do" October 27, l9l7 i'Love-darted eyes and lresses like the Mom" Everybody knows "Do", She's that blonde "sidekick" of Dottie Laurence. They offer the perfect contrast of light and dark-calm and vivacious. Fraternity fellows buzz around "Do" like bees around honey. We don't know what "Dos" plans are but her personality will bring her through. Girls' League1 Phi Sigma Sorority. ARTHUR CARLTON JOSEPHSON New Britain, Conn. "Swede" April I5, 1918 A'0ne vast substantial smile" A wide smile can always be found when Arthur is about. He is a great athlete for he has played baseball and basketball with junior teams throughout the city. Whenever a test is due "Swede" can usually be found at the bottom of a stack of books. We are not certain of Arthur's plans for the future but we are certain that we wish him all the luck in the world. lntra-mural Basketball, MAE KARBONIK New Britain, Conn. "Karine" October 31, l9l8 "Always at it wins the day" Mae is that tall, dark-haired girl whom everyone admires. Mae is very punctual and capable and her ability to have her work done on time is one of her envied characteristics. Mae is quite a genius when it comes to sewing childrens clothes, and perhaps in years to come, she may be designing clothes for some new Shirley Temple. We wish lvlae oceans of luck! 1:4.,L,5,g1:gb"',1'g5--'+4'v'?' " iw' -f - . ' ,:- 'J' ' -491, " -2-if awe' I4.hfZ1Q'-Eu-,141-'L11:1-igav4a1g,wr,,ftg g :seem-,-aZe:1s'5?e. ifwf'-1 A 5 . - ff g - 2 2225.2 If X 3 5 . Y A -1 - ' ,P .1 if i 1-: fa '-" .f ' .. ,, tu f ' ' . , e. f " " , Fila ,fi ' .-,. ' -'L J ix?--w:w15 1 -'Efbrfffvif'?fn'If--fs-'??:ff1l5fiL. ,a x - "vb 15546 Page Eighty-eight --Q , --4 s.-wi ws .wfza anis-. V - -' . 1 1- :wa-:f15:4E-Lfai 1 H . 1.--,M 1-A-M ..,f- t-,-if!H7"2-rn-'r:. -.-:a-ptr, p, , - f- v - .nv-if-' qc., .. , 5-pg: '.j.-gQ4R'.'g'- ' .f',f1:' Mr:-'s!"x,g. -1112,-. - Q- ,, -, -Q. , 5,1 4f0':.'.,4'- 4-' ' 1 '13 c ff'-:rfa-awE3awp3xq6i52t-mix:?a.f:15fg:-2'f:2.w:f 3, -1:5 '34 v ' 2 .,g::a1fn'i?' nw? -:2'ka:fwca'f:-ic 'f2-w-1'a'!1-s-1'-"G'- 'H - P va' ' ::t"n:iFf52 P71 f ft i--fe?195292335121-fwksaxffzaiase .Q af " 5 " 'qs ,Fifi-25':4f-'ifrfz' ,, - M , H . I'-l-I JOHN KASSEY New Britain, Conn. "Cusack" October 19, 1918 " He has no care" "Cossack" is one of those intellectual Russians with Capitalistic ideas. He is practicing for a six-day bike race. He can talk himself out of any kind of a jam, be it a jam. "Cossack" is the one responsible for the revival of the "Volga Boat" song. Photography is his hobby, collecting pictures of pretty girls, Who is our star English pupil? Why, ,john of course! SOPHIE KATZ New Britain, Conn. December 30, 1918 "Zealous yet modest" Have you ever met a person who could sew beautifully, bake de- licious pies, come out with flying colors in school and be a true pal? Perhaps you have guessed already-its none other than Sophie. She is small, but good things come in small packages, so the young men think. Don't worry Sophie, we're sure you'll Find uses for all your chosen charms and talents, NELLIE ANN KAYTIS Waterbury, Conn. "Nell" August 31, 1917 "As our ajairs go, so is our mind affected" Nellie is a very busy girl when it comes to work. Whenever you go into the office you'll find her working every minute, making out the attendance list. Her favorite sports are cycling and baseball. She spends her Sundays riding around town on a bus. Whenever a carnival or circus comes to town, Nellie is sure to be there. Good luck to her in the future. Girls' League. STEPHEN KERELEJZA New Britain, Conn. "Steve" September 26, 1918 "There is something picturesque in an actor" Here you are ladies-tall, dark and handsome-a lover of the good and beautiful-fond of women, particularly one woman--an actor of ability often seen in principal parts in his church playsaa gentleman of honor-a student marching along up-to-date-a man of the world, diligent in business, and interested in the world's progress. Se: you later "Steve". Ukranian Choir. MARY THERESA KELLY New Britain, Conn. "Kelly" December 17, 1918 i'0ne had need be very much her friend" "Kelly" is the kind of pal we'd all like to have. She is a good sport, dependable and good company. What more could we ask for? Mary doesn't go very much for such things as parties and dances. She aspires to bigger and better things, for instance, a ranch out west. Mary is probably Zane Grey's greatest admirer. We hope all her ambitions and dreams will come true. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority, Girls' League. 'A ' " ' 1 v' 'V . ' - ' ' 'M ',.A.I-f i I' 1ir2'f'l'wh' 'C9iW'3' :- f- "'lf-'Q'-'--I' -w Linh' . ' -. 7' .Qi 6, , w . 'Q ' ff-' we " yr:-5+:2.::,,n'-x:-s34'am,Sr5"ge:.1-wr, fi'-' ' 'T . A 1 -Q - ' 'rvffiwf-. - a-vgllwl-'tiffiiffisflffl'-'fsfiiistiffffiii 1 tl .5146 if . . V. - A . 1' 16- ,Y-.5 .-P -4'-pr uv ,ez-..-'-'MQ ..-A Q-a-1.-"xr 1. i f L-f N , 5- 'ff c K'-J .,..,4' -' .ge 'f' 'A "f1'f.?.g-fm W "- -is-Liz:-:sbs--4-E13.--:4-watfilk-eafIfi:tt::-wz S 49' T, 'i -. W L' ' ' fl' iw" 'mv :. Page Eighty-nine A H ' , . H I- ,i , 6 -6' .,4 , F-.,-it I '74 14-,...,w.,. W.,af.p4:gq:y R- I f Q., -r ':3.-fq,f11'r.-:f,- 1 x x Y., .M-.v. :'- ..,,-1115, rf 'V . f- P . - H, -. -..,--.g.-.-,gy I -,..ff,l'.Leif-':f13cB'Q3:f--5414-MET-'wtflzlmftffiir - f.-'41 lla' iff. Rllliffui-lsfl'-xx. 1 'if 1 1 L in ' '2fzs:e1if:5?1ff':ff.z-12?if+f.f.1"5f't'cfCf-gi' 1,-' '-Lf: 'ay' , 524: "g12a'C.,Si:,:f5If fa f 1Y.'iF"i-1 Lg-1-'51':5's,2'fqq-G22-M'd'1f' , . .EH ' 4 -'Q ' iff.-'92 f a gif,..fag?his-:T"""'e.fyfizzififiaikis Q ai ," g ' ''s:fien?X 'S' 1' ,f - HAROLD CARLSON New Britain, Conn. "Swede" February 2, 1917 "Give me a place lo stand and l'll move the world" Harold is one of our happy-go-lucky, carefree classmates who doesn't know what the word "worry" means. He's a very congenial and pleasant sort of a fellow that makes him welcome in every circle. "Swede" mixes his scholastic and athletic interests with a "bang". Whatever he does, he can rest assured that we will always be on the sidelines rooting for him. Center Basketball Team. JEANETTE PAULINE KNOWLES New Britain, Conn. "Blondie" August 27, 1917 "I bear a charmed life" "Blondie" is a good sport,very trying at times, but a real gal. 1 dont know whom she has on her mind but he certainly takes up a lot of her time and we're all wondering why she is sending so many telegrams. ls it the uniform or what have you? Girls' League, HAZEL GERTRUDE KUNZE New Britain, Conn. "lIaz" November 17, 1917 ul think, Iherefore 1 am" Hazel is just the right height with dark brown eyes that snap and sparkle. She plays a "swell" game of tennis. Her interest in out- side occupations prevented zoo close application to homework. How- ever, Hazel always managed to do her work well. We hope she'll always have as good a time as she had in N. B. H. S. Girls' League. WOODROW GEORGE KLOIBER New Britain, Conn. "Woodie" April 19, 1917 "W'hen is a man strong?" uWoodie" is an accomplished student. He has more than a mere conception of school routine but an erudition of his studies as well. His amiable disposition enabled him to acquire many friends. Per- severance, the essence of success, is one of "Woodies" most striking characteristics. As a member of the "Tumbling Club" he is an active participant. Obviously his physical as well as his mental development is of the utmost importance to him. A sport which fascinates this young athlete is sailing. He spends his summer vacation sailing his boat. i'The Nomad" along Long Island Sound. Theta Sigma Fraternityg Tumbling Club. HELEN GEORGIANA KURTZ Newington, Conn. April 10, 1918 "For now sit expectation in the air" lf you see a tall stately person who greets you with a friendly smile you can be sure it is Helen. Helen is a quiet girl and isn't known to ever hurt anyones feeling. She is studious and is working hard at her shorthand. Her employer will Gnd her industrious. Hcre's success and stay as sweet as you arc. v Q ..- . .L.."'x'1..-2 ,V 1:-Q"2i,'f: "1"0',1' " I fs 1' '- - , ' -,f ' 'J' "vel -1 - ' 'HHFJ Nh? l4.15325"lai'z,2-5"l'li-'Pvt .- . 1.i.2fg..::5s-faitszabisetfxcss-RE QL z .' .- - Q , -iffgsiwe -g'3EQ:w+svizffaqeggs.-Feiss f,,,1fg',,f.g 4 M,-:wa.f:,f.:m,gf.2o-,Q-ffm-r-' '. f. W., . -W . - - ' 'f-AWN 'ages-i.asm-eff-ga-vnafa'ea'-'qv-eiwffff.-zxfs" ' f 1 t'-f--.'x-'-m-,,f:.-',- 2'Sfl'p59s7-ja' 1 l 'tg' ,-if V .- -4 - , Q ff ' Jw. N- 1' mr eb .--mf-Q, .pf'.,-e.9-zs-w,-:-:,---. 1 ,127!-'Q.t11n-:-!4-5fk:1-5:x.5r'-fgfzq-Q -- 1. ,t 4' . e . , 'f -.-, -3 . they -:gg-gj,g1:.s:fA:fg-4-fggfnsi :aff-,iff-.4af,:a.1.::f i --''-Q.:iff-Gf?7f1-is-1-:fif-'?:ffz-gist 9, ,,- f .' - 1' 122 '- r .ti Page Ninety .. ""':1' . - -.V . .. , . .. -, 1-sv2,-525131fzfmfg3,a:'.-2f2gS?5q:Zi'a11S5EP N TS31: -, -L' , . ?fQCfE-agtgniyielfcsizfsgi-fSw-1-rg:-..- -. -'.:e-11:41-.-'ffsf--Q f.-raw:--1411:-f ' 4 -1 f- as ':.1.f'f-.i..f: swf--2+-uf-'fl'-w"2i':-N-2:12-Aftfi'f-wf, 1.f1:-'ft-' "lo:-are . 1- 'ffitf,Q's1f.g'r?4f.:Zi.'!.e ' ff." ',"' V fn ' P?-Tiff'!12,13':aQ1'ai.v7'!a?'5fTa1'fs'WF'"P N"-FUN' .-if'-L"' 5117-'1"5db'-Z-2:-3551-','1'Aif5.L:7'r. .L-4 al l 4 I 9 qu 6 -:-.i.l1s.---fdmwwT.::.:':,1f'.:1'.:'rrff,s, --r r ffm'-gif 'fm , tk ff? 1 I".-I EDMUND KNILL Bristol, Conn. "Ed" April lb, l9l3 "Qualities of reason and judgment" The great outdoors appeals to him. Early in the morning we iind him. with the heavy golf bag Hung over his back, doing a quick round of nine holes. No one doubts that he is a very persistent and steady player. Then again he spends the afternoon on the tennis court. So vigorous is the game that the tennis balls seem to perspire more freely than the players. But have you ever seen him passing the rainy afternoon at a game of chess? We are sure that his school record indicates the result of his ever-concentrating mind. KATHERINE KAREN KURTZ Hartford. Conn February 5, l9l6 "Consideration like an angel come" Kay is unusually quiet but can be lively at times, She's quite ambitious in the stenographic Held. Whenever you see Kay she greets you with a smile. Her ambitions may lead her to some im- portant position. We hope so Kay and wish you luck. CHARLES ARTHUR KLASZ Albion, Indiana HBulch" ,july IZ, l9l7 "Dolly not with money or womeni' Behold! Charles C"Butch" to all who admire himj can be seen any afternoon waiting for that certain someone. Charles can easily be picked out of a group by his mop of blond hair. Charles wanted to graduate in the required time but stayed a little while longer to oblige a pal, Has uButch" ever told you about the sore arm he got slinging towels to the future All-Americans? Charles expects to embark upon zz career in journalism, so we may be sure of a successor to Hearst. Phi Beta lfraternityg School Bandg Towel Manager. CASIMER JOSEPH KOSTUS New Britain, Conn. May Zl, l9l7 "A man upright and energetic" An ambitious and energetic young man is Casimer. His hobby is hunting. He likes to discuss any worthwhile subject. He expects an opportunity in the Field of science and engineering. Once in a while Casimer uses such a vocabulary of those words that might have made Webster blush. His experiments at home and at school show his interest in science and engineering. Look out for him-he'll soon be coming up in the world! VIRGINIA ALICE LANZA New Britain, Conn, 'llinnyu November 21, IQIX "A giggle a day keeps the doctor away" We all like "jinny". She's gay, vivacious, likes to sing, dance, play the piano and giggle. She keeps a keen eye on the opposite sex and changes her ideal at least once a week. Good luck flinnyn. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. . - .. .g. gf"-",,,, V 1.-:"'i.'f:'.L'i444"T" "- 1 :'s -f ' -- - .. ' -V v' mah- " "' '51-if NLF If.1'?F" 3m',',.gi. 4:-' -z, - f, f . P .ef ggszggf , , f 22'sAY1:41:44-51w':f:F:si7:f.L,-I--fi'4? ' as .1 . - 1, wr-' 4,3 as-ytfssga.--w5swaf:Ls.g-f25:61-zrzzg :Q-. . --'.,..:ga:ts,,:sf:A:11q:s.1:,,gAav-2'?ff uk.: . g. , ' -X.. 1' rp' ' -3-39,512-i:'12'2:'fr-wesiicrqietelfra. 'L , -:,.gf,-:.1f:f4-ifgeg-,-rr..-5'vm-gwi,.,,, .,- - ,. ' - - .t Lf.. . -fr '5fgff5.4s?'KfParfas2lL,4q,,4yg:.- - Page Ninety-one 'uf--J--"vw, ?-A r f V- r ' 1:-vw-.-f:,f':1-Lf,-'L' J fn x .1-1-Q-pf.awef1f.:'f'f1fef1H--f:-r"1:f1ii'Hirfx: .- -'A - 'a ' us- s:i"ft-A'-9--frm' .1'-3g'L' 35f,j',3:,:. tfflgffkalfstqr ' ' f, A H 2 , -,e -.j:.i,-"g!g.4.1'g','f:fi,z 33:12-.'g51.g-Wi 1 , 5, 1. -. 3- -' ,5rmt13'f1gg1ggp'Q -,s ,-, :sis--'-'i7f'7PSE3'f1,sf:Eesginfiqgln Q CJ ," L y Jiri:-.1.aE:2f-ifrefi 'W' AJR' ,ae .qw l"l-I JOHN KOZIOL New Britain, Conn. Hjohnnien january 10, 1918 "Art is long, life is short" ln this fellow, we may have a future Michael Angelo. His heart lies in the held of art. "Johnnie" likes hiking and takes woodwork as his hobby. He is a baseball fan, also. We give him our best wishes for success in his chosen profession. GENEVIEVE LAPSIS New Britain, Conn, "Gen" November 23, 1917 Ulf winter comes, can spring be far behind?" "Gen" is a girl whom everyone should admire. She has a sweet disposition, and a gifted sense of humor, She has blue eyes and light brown hair-which at many times refuses to curl, and then you should hear "Gen" rave about it. She loves swimming, dancing and tennis. Lots of success, "Gen", Girls' League. HARRIET ALTHEA LATHAM Hartford, Conn, "Hap" December 1, 1915 "To he or not to be" She has her ups and downs, but eventually they're all ups. "Hap" just doesn't give a darn. lvlaybe that's where they got the word Hhaphazardm. "Hap" is an ardent tennis player but woe to the ball that gets her mad. Girls' League, STANLEY CHESTER KOZLOWSKI JR. New Britain, Conn. "Stan" june 2, 1916 A' He who cheers others, will be cheered by others" Stanley is a young man who has a weakness for sports. He knows the scores of every game New Britain High has ever played. He is a true rooting fan of the school teams, He attends every home and most of the out-of-town games. Stanley has a knack of meeting and becoming very good friends with the out-of-town girls. We don't quite know what Stanley is going to do, but we wish him a lot of luck. DOROTHEA ELIZABETH LAWRENCE New Britain, Conn. "Dot" May 10, 1918 "Be wise-have a good time all the while" Here is our pride from Southington, the girl with the many charms who enjoys a good joke when it's told. Where does she eat her lunch every noon? We often wonder. Maybe she will tell us sometime. "Dot" is some peachy dancer and lucky is the fellow who has her for a partner, Phi Sigma Sororityg Girls' League, Rainbow. -a a-yi' " - -f ' - . f f ' ' r" 1.4,-, , . 1495 vue' Ifnf3:1".gyf,g.':r--,11: Qrgmzfafg-113. V.: q .fb fl 'M-12 47" f H . - Qf f . 5 zagvgg Wgmmzoaeqiv-1fk:fs5.s:fE145511:-.rrwpwvef , X ., f el fzibfiffwj , . . V - ,, 'X f .1 - . H- J' ' ' "M , -f a'-pwvg-,y.-f5:,- viii- yn-1.52-1 :,.., ju ' "Q-T "?4'5'r.'i ei' .. ' :A .V A AAWPW Page N inety-two zs WA" ,. , . 'P N,-K-1--55,.535,-33:1--c..g.:.T.,1:':,.g:Zfa"igQfgEjf s T--bfxf ,Lf , 'r "LJ-Nf.5'Fg,23-5155: J 'O x 1:.'Et3wi'fi:gif-fi'-'.1f:srt-1','s:r1'-ww' +V -- v f.-f'- M, . -u T: -- .r "fr-35-1:-K' K A . -','q?5i-ff?-'-filfgl -" ' y lg , "' -r .---':77'.9."Z1i'4'f"' -7 J 4 rv.-so -"' f-:f.J,-tim-:.1.n ,-1 J.. . . p Aff.-.-.a:.-V-'..r: rr f f EDWARD STANLEY KOZOVICH Meriden, Conn. A'Kozy" lfebruary 2, 1918 " His wise, rare smile" "The rare smile that shineth always" is a Gt description of "Kozy". Some people may wonder why he gets along so well with his many acquaintances, but probably they haven't realized that sincerity goes a long way in strenghtening friendship. "Kozy" has tried to keep it under cover but it leaked out that he is proficient in verse. Who's the inspiration? Track, Basketball, Mineralogy Society. ELSIE JULIA LINDEMAN New Britain, Conn. "El" lvlarch 3, 1918 "WTI and wisdom born within" Tall, slender and brilliant- -f-' these adjectives describe Elsie, yet they dont seem to tell enough for her wit and humor make her many friends who have been true and loyal throughout high school and will remain the same throughout life, We don't know her plans, but we know that with her brains and personality she will go far. Girls' League. RUTH HELEN LITKE New Britain, Conn. March 11, 1918 "Sound overflow the listeners brain So sweet, lhatjoy is almost pain" Ruth is the owner of great big brown eyes that are always wandering to the D. Post. She also uses her eyes for her school books so they ought to be allowed a little recreation, We wish you every happiness in the future, Ruth. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority, Girls' League. i . I 1 WILLIAM KUFTA New -jersey "Bill" August 30, 1917 "Batter up and play the game" "Bill" has been one of our leading diamond men for the past three years. Any position can be well played by our Babe. His best bet is pitching, an art which he seems to have mastered, We have lost track of the time it has taken "Bill" to finish high school but he isn't gray. Pitch 'em all over "Bill". Baseball . ENANTHA LeCREN IER Hartford, Conn. "Nan" May Z-1, 1918 "My heart is warm with the friends I make" "Nan" is one of the most popular and fun loving girls graduating this year. She has managed to keep up her school work in spite of her recent illness. She is still seeing a certain ex-football star and we'll probably continue seeing him for a long time. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. ,,'..Q ,.p,e:y",5'f:1'v'10'!' " : -f '- . . 4 - -, - -H 1.11. L, " 2--11 ma':r5f91if'.:t',3.:1--33 4 1 sg It V .: . ,V 1 15 A Qvagg, x Y. -531 .-'-L 'W t-. '- 'K -V 1 , -- V . .f :"" . -q - ,31'n'-.:g:...'i 'NFS 7z"l':4!'.i:3--'-'d'?'f'b-.1 U V: W - , ' ' L' ' 'Saga' "'45545"l ss-zfSi2ir'f'?iY41ff53::,'h Page N inely-three t M-avr'-a'-9i"'f: ' -' .- ' ' 1-ff-N.-11.221-:slrvu-4-tvzgwff--.1-.-.:.s-::"'-fat-':.--v-in-i,-.:. 1 'P f'-1:f1ti.w, -2 .- ff ' ' - . Y "' 'fit'-9-'t-:1t'j2,v-HF-'Q -ag:.g.f..:aQ-4,-hp:v,:t-1:55.31 , xg t r t rf, fly.: L. :.,,t'f,.V,,, ,Q15'g55aQQg-gLft55avgig.7g,gl.:2554:25.4355511231511 . i 'W i1f:,'wyl4:!" ' ' ' . y g .1 'L Qa,,.:i1lw.-wcflm. fi1.6,',-F13 .57 .q5zQ4a-in uf-.ti i i P -w':ifa1.'!lf 7 p 4 ' ' 7 f ' - v.i nr" 1.2""' W' QW! :Wg-'J 41-':"?H .P::5'yQ4Z-'q?'.ij:-. 1' ' S ai 'I I 9 'Rt -Sz:12fiEire?2526121252452-Qfltfigy+,-,tw!f.faf:.-,:'if , if, ff? X ,c J- ,f I-5-I WALTER KRUMM LADD Litchfield, Conn, "W'all" October 9, 1915 "Let us make the most of life" "Walt" is a quiet lad who keeps to himself and never troubles trouble or parades his troubles before others. You'll see him around a tall, slim, brown-haired, boy who was born in the scenic district of Conn, He hasn't told anyone what he intends to do for livelihood-anyway- we wish him "Fore! Fore!" HELEN CECELIA LUDZINSKI New Britain, Conn. june 8, 1919 "Quiet persons are welcome anywhere" Helen is one of the quiet good natured girls. Her papers are neat and letter-perfect. All these factors combined plus her prompt at- tendance at school and classes make it obvious that her vocation is going to be a success. Good Luck Helen! AMY LOUISE MARY LOPEZ Hartford, Conn. "Lou" December 20, 1918 "Everyone can'l keep house" "Lou" has none of the faults and all of the virtues our parents wish we had. Shes neat, courteous, and prompt. Her disposition is unanimously voted the best in the school. Her achievements are many. As housekeeper and seamstress she excels. Her grades in school prove her efhciency and worth. Good Luck and success to "Lou", HENRY ROBERT LASCH A New Britain, Conn. "Doc" April 5, 1918 "Let joy be unconfnedu Our man about town is Henry. No dance is complete without him. With his "Hail-fellow-well met" air he makes friends right and left. His expression is such that people often puzzle over it, wishing they were mind readers. Henry is an excellent golfer and brings home the lowest score of his crowd. As for his dancingvask any girl who knows him. Happy Landings Henry! Golf Team '36, GENEVIEVE RITA LUKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. 'iGen" December 30, 1917 "Shall we always be youthful and laughing and gay?" "Gen" is the girl with a ready smile and a hearty greeting. She's always ready for an "exam" and passes it too. Shes clever with a needle and likes sports and art. She believes variety is the spice of life except in one case and he's the exception to the rule. "Gen" wants to be a newspaper reporter. We all wish you luck in your future career, "Gen", ""G1---.,:.Q:-'Q'Dil-.---M322-5:"',i.'1:'siafvf' " 'v -r '-- . . Y -3: i -' 1.4 . " "" we ga'gcf:jg1f-,L-n-.n. ..g.- ,Q ,, ., ,- - 1-:rfyfwtftesat:,qgQ5-s2fgsg5Q'52g'zf1'-v1l'. fa M . V . 2, f V .3933 1 '4 f..vQ-cs'-g,':f,-9E1:9g.- .. it ' ," ' '- 1- , - 1 . ' ' ' ' ' .Q , ' N' .' . 1 -psf-3. .ug,4-,,.:-1:.--- aw-'r 3,413 Lngzewg f 'f-241:1:2a:s1:yae5fa?:g'gi,:JQz,4Q.,g,.. 912525. ' -- - . . .eq ,nets ff-E' ' -.-v::1:,.-,:' -.1-fs ' ,.-2 . ,,- -- '-, - V - , A . ,, ' ' f'-' - r H' an jg:-:vga - ..,,'-..-. 3' 4.52.1 V.,-5,15 f Y"'f-f-4-:GE--:1'l'iiirife-'?F2:f?4:Se' 41 - . . ' L- ,, . s'rf'l3'W'v,a'?3'5w"f :GzfSfQ'S"l1b?4?!5s135.'xFfLLR313?P2555fLast:it' Page N inety-four :. A15.141-Ars--1.--r.14':.4-'iii-a"653"?e 'TL-'1 f , "life-1'f3FF':5ff'3'f 'W N -...-pa-:effaf'2aq:Li.'4s41.wfaapafimifef 1. 75102 Wx.-, ' ,Ei2r53:.:':efQ?ais. ' stats.,-35qe'g:1ImEf1:'q2f1:'F:'qmQS.:.-:- L 'lug - DY 4-Q 35,15 1:-fig-gvqgigfsqgx -f1f4f2f1f,g.'gmgi,if,-,fa-uQ'g:1'3.-ifffff-1 . .,.-sv. '- D' I - ,,':-s,1,:,-g,1.:g-395--2-,wff -f "Leis iff'fr!sJ1f3,:"'.:1if9.x5925139513 4. ,og-f 'l . ' 9 'r ' a2f:'.H.1gi!fv2r:J. f' P35112 Lf! ri i B.. I-5-I STANLEY CHESTER LASKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Cuz" May 28, 1918 "A lillle loo late is much loo luleu Stanley or "Cuz" as he is called among friends is studious and very ambitious. There was a time when "Cuz" did twenty weeks work in Bookkeeping and 'fypewriting in ten weeks. His friendship with i'Lce Redfield", which began way back in the elementary schools, is the strongest that could exist. i'Guz" represented the Red and Gold on the track team. He also collects United States Postage stamps His ambition in life is to become head of the New Britain Candy Company. We wish him the best of luck We know he will succeed' lrack 'leamg Kappa Lambda lfraternity. HELENE LYONS New York. N. Y. Upeanulsn August 24, 1916 "Good things come in small parkagexu You must know Helene, a pert little lady not quite five feet tall. Her sweet disposition has won and held many a friend for her. Even though shes an artist she's not temperamentalf always calm and serene. Helene is going to study fashion designing and someday she may be sketching gowns for the glamorous stars of Hollywood. Phi Delta Sorority. PRISCILLA BLANCHE MAHAN Providence, R, l. "Pu.v.ry" klune l, 1918 "Study is my life" "Pussy" who is an excellent student and the right kind of helper for Mrs. Smith will always be remembered for her frequent sneczes. Of course it will not be by her sneezes that "Pussy" will become a famous Latin translator but through her own ability. lvlay your success in Syracuse be the same as it has been in High School. Girls' Leagueg junior College Club. Kappa Lambda lfraternity. and we know she ll be a good one. f"' .',,,'.. "':jl.,'-,L -' 3 -E"'i.'C7"-49i1'2'?"" '- ,'s ' - .. ' -H' ,,.' " ' T H3- , V " 'i ' 4qQ.7,.,,,wzftggsgzQigg3:fg5gf13Q5:L-H' I . .- . C, ' :ggi .nfgqisbgf ws 'Q 11'-"Eff-:f-S'."'-A 57-S," "" " -' :'. 1' ' 4 ' - "H f ' ' :ffl-1 FWS Y i , f 11--r-1-L-frafs-fi'-fa-ffm-sr-1. a y, - 1 f L-1 t -1-V aff -'X e H Page Ninety-five VALENTINE JOHN LECH New Britain, Conn. "Val" l ebruaiy 5 918 A'SoIilut1e is tjlen the best tompanv Mr. Lech comes from an athletic family but he hasn t engaged much in athletics himself. Unlike most of his classmates he is tiuict and takes care of no ones business but his own Vai has m ide some friends and they offer him all the society he needs HELEN DOROTHY MAJEWSKI New 13ritain,Conn. "Snooks" September It 1917 "My dear, my better Half "Snooks" is always well dressed and has that certain appealing charm which attracts everyone. She is always willing to help in time ol distress, especially in an exam. i'Snooks intencls to be a secretary "Huw I - -I .- ..f.. -4. . MM. uf'.,1-"ways, -Q. , sl ,. , ' g,-,tx,.erg.--A-Lf,--J J ex 'X A.-v--,-.,f1'.g,1,,v',',-115gp..,:,-111,-1,L7i' 3, V. gf -, . - , Q.---::.,w.g.-fr-.ggfgut 5-.-'mf ,.--4. -,P 1.. . 1.0 gygql, slihenpqg, :nz 1 4 if151,n?,:lsiQf3.6',-fnr.2f:3ffl241'Q,ia2' L -.if-L' nv, ' 2-.L H11 :fra-1552-332-1, " U' .'- 4219:-lr'-N ',.-.-.f'.41- P: i .wwy-fp. , I. , ,1 1 'I - wf-H-2.'-."'..:.- -l,- df- -11'1fQ.Q's'+e.-ffih:,ii.!:.':'evitrfyilii, .e W 4' ' , y . .,,4r:-'ftffv-'45-giffa-.Q',.g 'K' 9 , at,:f1,.,-.4-rf-95.51.14s.P:gf,,ty'. .4 ,J I v A ff-5, :Az-.-mf.--e.r:Qf "- r .9 - M vs. 2. U 4 IZ I P" I-l-I FREDERICK HENRY LENCZCK Newark, N. J. "Freddie" june 28, 1918 "Golf may be played on Sunday" Heres another Newington star. He is one of these serious boy. who believes in putting in about three hours of homework each days He is a good golfer, having been on our team last year and this year. He almost won the Connecticut High School Tournament last year, coming in second. He seems to have an eye like an eagle, both on the green and on the basketball floor. "Freddie" was the highest scorer on his basketball team. Golf '35, '36. MINEY LOUISE DEMPSEY Campton, N, H. September 10, 1918 "The work ofthe world must still be done And minds are many though truth be one" Louise is small and sweet. Everybody likes her soft voice and quiet ways. She has a "cute" little face and is an all-round good sport. Her marks are the kind we wish we hadfand havent We know you'll be a big success. HELEN MARIE McCARTHY New Britain, Conn. October 27, 1917 "Praise is the best diet for us after all" Some business man is going to get a break when he gets Helen for a secretary. She's one of the best workers in the office and she hopes some day to be the best private secretary since jean Harlow. Go to it, Helen, we know you'll get there. C-irls' League. BENJAMIN LEVINE New York City "Bennie" june 10, 1916 "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice" "Bennie" is a clever, quick witted, but quiet type of fellow. Action speaks louder than words with him. He is very studious and full of ambition. For the past two or three years he has been managing and operating a window cleaning concern. His ambitions are quite beyond that of cleaning windows, however, his intention is to become a coach or physical director. He has many friends and is admired by everyone. Unlike many boys of his age he has very few associations with the opposite sex. Football '34, '35, A. Z. A. Fraternity. HELEN MCEVOY New Britain, Conn. "Mac" june 2, 1918 A'The fairest mark is easiest hit" Helen, our witty little miss, who does not exceed five feet in height. is known for her ability of not studying and passing all her subjects with supplementary marks. Helen is planning on entering New Rochelle College. We know she will be a success, and wish her all the luck in the world. Beta Mu Sorority. 1-ijjgzig-v.,33.:pQ,i'L:-an-ng-7 " :f . ,-l - -f 1.14-L ' -"" ii-4,1 xiwjlfhfizlftggghgg, mafia- W3t""5 ' - " ' --Hv"i+1f'i 'f '.32f2m1-as-:1-21, J 1 ' vi' .. ' V' :Q 'ff'l33"iif3"'P4' Page N i nety-six -- -J 4.1-::4.l.f... -.-k..v::-raiiiii. . ' . " ' S Hr-nflfli'-f.:2: f'v-g1:i'N-.11-su-1,:.I ..'L:llfXisTEl'-':" I':3'1'.-"'f'F-v""'f-T''fiiclns 1 w -'- . ' ' - ::-:-rf--f--,-'.1--:e,-aw-,-1.a-ff--,n-':.--' -1 1, 1 f.Q':'g .' v' Y' ini ' 1-3812!wg:I-ki'QGQQQ1-'zkatiiflft.if:11,."':' 1,'f?:.uLr,:1,T'Q'f2 N513 Zaye'-'.1QL'fif?:2? , 5 2+ n - 'fl f' ,gigPEI-Ig?ggjngiJ::97yr29,y.gB.'.::,zq1QQ'.1':?R'f:4f,-'Ns' ' A .,,','.-nfs. ,nz .-.r '--V1-.,f m,.- ' . ..,.-',:f.,- 'Q -I --:.. g'q.,' : -,,s:1. ..-,G 1, 1 -v.-.Q.r'z92f31.:r.77,u.5,ggf,. .4 Q,-I 'I I 9 Q25 .4f.'!f:1h5f.c,:.11--TQ-'.Jf?rff.w,:.-7-. - ' 5 la ' :Em ix r J H , S will 9 1 L g . va : ffl' 'H Q. 1 New Britain, Conn. Ujiggsn April 9, 1917 1 "Labor is not for the crowd's admiration" Higgs" is neat, bright, keen, has a sense of humor above the average, liked by his classmates, prompt, gay in spirit, intelligent, well mannered, very dependable, and very good looking. We are all certain that whatever Higgs" takes up he will be very successful. JOSEPH RICHARD LESIAK ELEANOR FRANCES MCLAGEN New Britain, Conn, December 31, 1917 H You can stand still in afiowing stream, But not in the world of mankind" Eleanor is a veritable "Blonde bombshelln! Her blue eyes and fair complexion make Eleanor very popular with the students and teachers, especially with the male students! Eleanor has a smile for everyone. She was always up-to-date in her work and always striving for sup- plementary marks. She is one ofthe dancing "Hends" of N. B. H. S, and seldom missed a Uhopu. We wish you the best of luck, and whatever you do later, we know you will succeed. ANNA RUTH MELNYK New Britain, Conn. May 19, 1919 "I sleep but my hear! wakethu Every morning, she'd love to sleep, And takes her time to dress and eat, Her mother tells her she must hurry But this is Anna's smallest worry. Then on the way she waits for Mary And oil to school they both do tarry The school she reaches late and tired 1t's not a shop so she can't be fired She nlls her graph and shows her teacher Who gives a sermon 1ike a preacher Yet this is Anna's smallest worry For oil' to school she will not hurry. i Girls' League. LOUIS WALTER LITTLE Franklin, Vermont June 24, 1910 "Man wants but little here below" Here is, Louis, one of our local suburbanites. An outdoor man, he dresses for all occasions, including hunting and fishing, His hobby is guns, all makes and shapes. To talk about guns to him makes you a friend. His wants are few. A gun, a good day, and an open range make his day complete. When he has completed school, he plans a career in taxidermy. LUCILLE MADELYN MENDITTO New Britain, Conn. "Pat" July ll, 1918 "Dark hair, smiling eyes, She's not aflirl but you'd be surprised" MPat" during her high school days was very popular with the op- posite sex because of her keen personality. She takes life easy and enjoys it. i'Pat's" nights are taken up by a certain somebody, thus preventing her from studying. But she doesn't mind. 'iPat" probably in a few years will have a home of her own so here's success to you as a housewife! 3-..-Max.: .v1:Q"'i'::""'f0'?1' " f -f - . - 1 "' 1-'-6: is-a"Ifnf?:1'-.:l',mf .s .- ' wilifgf-L:is-gefizifzQ25,J9b25f?z?,1f:1?5v if -fi 2 1 ' 2' , X TI''af'-f'4'.-fr-:-"-',. 4"'a s," '. -'u F . 'N - . f 4 ff - 'v . bi'-E-,'r,j--er :'1-4fFPfa"- EVM 1215? -'F ' iq, -- ::f"2?sr:.:jar-1v,:?1'I1ai'i-iff'-fafvraafsm Km , ' -' ' - ' - Lf re- V ,IflN15fz4i5'W314fZ?!:'2135X251-251'5 " Page N i nety-seven 9 4 Nr 1 ., rl " va. if 'Ui . ...2-l.f..,,1f,,'.xq:.'-agwfir , -4- , 'f 'fu-qrf55s','5f-91 X . ,S--'-rf'1'5'Q .'21'TQQFETQ'-:iffTiiirlililfi? 235.151 'Qi' tiff iilfllltifiiiifgififl. 1 1 a rirfwt,-mt-,ez 1,15-f 55 :-.,:,ag.K.w1- Lf ,Cf l,a,s,'f. 'Q!,ga,:f:ug5c. fc -1 1 11411: iw- ' ,fa .4 :mf-'vigil e asf' , ' 7 'ga ':4'5112?p'l'f--sfia. -bgvrgf 'S J.:-L 'i ,. -Iv.:-S 5vf.1?l5.s.51 .4 gf . I I i t 'ezfzfklaflf-'fr:1. rr ANDREW LIWEN New Britain, Conn. "Andy" September 21, 1918 "Pleasure from pictures" "Andy" sees every picture that comes to the Embassy. Lucky you say? The reason for all this movie going is that "Andy" works as an usher there. When he's not in the dark, he's with his one girl friend, then he's in a fog. Both he and his girl are blondes-a happy combination. When you're the manager of the theatre, "Andy" wc'll be seeing you. WINIFRED MENOUSEK New Haven, Conn. "Winnie" April 10, 1918 "Love ceases to be a pleasure when it ceases to be secret" Winifred is a good pal and just as good a sport. Her school work is the least of her worries, but she manages to get her work done on time, nevertheless. Winifred has many and varied interests, but the one that tops the list is a certain lucky young man, who takes up most of her time fffspare and otherwise. Winifred plans to enter the business world and become the private secretary of the president of some firm. Lots of luck to her! Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. FLORENCE MIKLOS New Britain, Conn, "Mickie" November 20, 1918 A'Lo0lz me over girls, I take life easy" A happy-go-lucky lass is Florence. A sunshiney day and we find her out on a court playing tennis, Incidentally Florence excels in this sport. School, to Florence proved to be quite a bothersome aflair shed much rather take the day off and walk. Well, Florence, wye don't know your aim in life, but here's luck to you in the field you c oosc. Phi Omega Sorority, Girls' League. "Bonnie" wishes from us to you. junior College Club, Girls' League. e . V. .'. U, 4 - .,. , , - .lr .,- - A, " -' ' '41 I s W ef f Q -a"7'?5fv-'WC 4151" ".-'21-nu-tu gwufzr' . -4 . .' - '3?'fI1!i'79'f, gt 'X L if . 'Yi " ' ,Ui f NA:efxfz-1471s:5':S::'..f?fffsfE .1 , . ' , U." ,., wie 'X fe Page Ninety-eight JOHN KENNETH LONG New Britain, Conn. 'Johnnie August 9 1918 ' "Long and! azy Our Six-footers Club claims "Johnnie as one ol their members With a name like MLong" who wouldnt be tall Never yet has a subject been known to dazzle Ujohnnie The study of art has been his chief interest. Perhaps we will some day be reading Long s comic strip. We'1l be seeing him. Track. ELIZABETH MILLER Georgetown, Scotland january 5 1919 'AA lasses are guid Here is our Hbonnie lassie" direct from Scotland She is determined to go back to her "guid auld Scotland some day If all the Scotch are as good as Elizabeth, we would all like to visit that Bonnie land She has made a name for herself scholastically as well as socially ss 2 'tv-f'1"'-'sf 1 0 - -- - s 1 '. 3: D 4 Y y SALVATORE LUCITTI New Britain, Conn. "Sam" I March 1, 1917 "ln sports and journeys men are known" "Sam" is a three letter man, starring in football, baseball and basket- ball. "Sam" is the "Casanova" of the june class v knowing more women than any other graduate. He was a sturdy worker in his class rooms and a great favorite of all the teachers. "Sam7' has hopes of becoming a Bing Crosby someday and you might hear him practising in front of Miss Hoar's class. A lots of hearts will break when he leaves this school but brace up girls he is coming back for a post grad- uate course. Baseballg Footballg Basketball, Zeta Nu Fraternity, FLORENCE PATRICIA MOORE New Britain, Conn. "Flo" March 18, 1917 "Praise is the best diet for us, after all" That girl will bear watching. Did anybody notice the way she whizzed through high school. Florence is going to enter the nursing profession. As a soother of fevered brows she will be a wow, Happy Landings "Flo". Phi Sigma Sorority, Girls' League. DORIS EVELYN MORAN New Britain, Conn. "Do" March 30, 1918 "She delights to wander in unknown places" "Do" is another would be secretary. She wanted to go into business with her father, but "Daddy" says no, so "Do" is going to take a two year vacation after graduation, then she's going to some business school, after that she wants to be a private secretary to a rich old man. May you skate thru life as well as you play "Snap the Whip" on North End Park. Best luck in years to come, your sunshine will bring yuo thru. will gfg 1 u mi a 6 - J-I 4 , J 1 1 K O m . 'bu' "' -5- E 1 ' 'Vp fr .s f f 4 'Q ' A " -.1-'Ita-' .',. , 6,74-'sin-. ,v-, . . ' 0 Sf' ,-.102 .,, ffisagsa-a,e?f:h??:Ye-a.2g:Sff?-? L - 1 3' I' Q 53 fa sin, -,w .I :,,,4rv.',,,, mf.,-. l-,Mag 3, -:f.',,l -Us g 1 4, 1 l . Q1 1 , rp, - .,'.-1 ,i..-1 5 -.H,.5s.g:.34g5L1i...,.'.,Q:7,,.v:3.-.fL2,,.e 5 I ,. .5 ,,-5.-j1ffgp'.r,,-5:61. 5,4 f 1-'f-uf -'JJ,a.':et-iam. 5.1.-1F.v7,:fA5.L:f ' .-4 e... it wif,-.-.--as.---,fm U' ai ROBERT LUKENS New Britain, Conn. December 8, 1918 MA well-graced actor" Who is the schools most noted Shakesperian actor? Robert Lukens of course, better known as "Bob" is not only an actor but a scholar as well. lf one sees him before a test he will tell you that he hasn't studied at all, but we who know him don't see him for a couple of days before the examination so there's something wrong in Denmark. He has been president of the Amphion Club and has the leading parts in numerous plays since his acting career started three years ago. "Bob" is a great fellow for taking the opposing side of an argument and has been known to keep the whole class at bay. But taking all into consideration "Bob" has been a credit to the school and if we had more like him what a school this would be. We heap our best wishes for your success. Amphion Club. RITA T. MORELLI Waterbury, Conn. january 31, 1919 "Like will to like" Rita is small with dark hair and flashing eyes. Her high marks are enough to make everyone jealous but who could be jealous of Rita with her charm and sweet disposition. She's some girl! C-o to it "Kid", may you always be a success. - -:-..-.54 --'w".:.L .r-2" ..'."" 4- 1' t. ' f -A - ,. ' ' --I '. "" fe H , at . Ei f ,P+ , .. .1 . ' 'jf QM., '1:1s- 'ix .-.'-i1F'.12f2'::1" .- ' 45214-fl.. . " ' -. ' . , ' -1- .1 f' 1--7323323.1,-rfirgg-q?giEF1fgiigzfzifiL ,M . - L- Tv .. +29 K' wx. , Page N inety-nine I I I , it-faq? 1: '-, :J 52?if1fE19.i'55' '4" : --'.!f"g'L' I3'.i'v"-:-l3iglfi:i4Ff'5l:'55?f5I-9:FifiKifl-i5ll:f'iQ"i5l?i5fL172115: 1 s F -.c.5g'f!kQ-lE,r , '. u. yi' v,.aa'.- Jigga.-.f.3g5f535Ig3gs: ' X i42:Prn?2s?k4i L., ,gg fl I ' fir:-.nuslffrrffrEffauxfi:S-Mi.-i'+f.:,'r-.:f'-" ROBERT LYNCH New Britain, Clonn. "Bob" May 31, 1917 "Luck in odd numbers" "Bob" has entered into many activities both in school and outside. Topping all other interests is his interest in girls. He likes company and likes to mix with people. In spite of "Bobs" many peculiarties, he has found popularity wherever he has gone. "Bobs" O. K. even if he was born with a funny streak in him. Alpha lota Epsilong Amphion Club. LUELLA CAROLINE MULLER New Britain, Conn. February 26, 1919 "One vast substantial smile" Did you ever hear Luella's giggle? Well, if you haven't you've missed a lot. She carries home most of the books in the school, but does she open them? Oh! no! Luella can always be found up at St. Matthews Church-playing ping pong. She must be pretty good. If she keeps up her shorthand, she'll Gnd herself a secretary to some business executive. Lots of luck and success throughout life for her. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH NEUMANN New Britain,C1onn. "Genie" March 18, 1917 "Modesty is the beauty of women" This sweet dimpled-faced girl is studious and serious about school work. She won't believe you if you say shes pretty. "Aw, go 'way, 1 know 1'm funny". is her reply. Very considerate, she hates to hurt anyones feelings. She doesn't believe in going with boys while still a school-girl. "1 have penty of time when l've finished school". We wish "Genie" a heap of success in her business career. She cer- tainly has earned it. ROBERT LYON, JR. New Britain, Conn. "Bud" July 1, 1917 "Art makes favour" 1-1ere's a man of many talents. He excels in art, tumbling and dancing, lf you are in doubt about his artistic aiblity just take a glance at the drawings in this Beehive. Many an auditorium program has been enlivened by his tumbling acts, lt must be great to be as lazy as "Bud" and get away with it. The bottoms of MBud's" pants are always turned up to show the weird colors of his socks. We'd like to see "Bud" succeed in a big way. Tumbling Team, Art Department, Art Editor, Winner of scholar- ship in scholastic awards. MARIE ANN O'BRIEN New Britain, Conn. "Swede" July 10, 1918 'Little bodies have great souls" i'Swede" is the petite young lady who can be seen hurrying into the Shorthand room a half minute before the bell rings. She has no special boy friend but we are inclined to believe that she likes boys who smoke pipes, "Swedes" vivid personality will prove a valuable stepping stone in the road to success. cage '-, gg -'-' s - tu 4' - 4 v - . "' .1 ', 1' ' 4 ' f .H ,F-'-hgh? -:fro F'-i1"g1fi55af 255-:2.S2':qSj1fi. ,'51,,a..,g-1:- ...iii . '? Z L.,,1, !.,. v V . . , L, .tw f -if 'IJ :X-assi: -vJ,er4?!2?r:N:1l-ks? ziikiiii- : Page One Hundred . ' f as X .:f.--,-we--fy.mir:-,'1iI-fain,-mga'r,.'---minffiriqz c, ,ff-,.': nga : ?i2z,iir.-- wif. 1 , A , ,.KI-:,,:,,.,,L,:.,...415--L!,eQ.f,-:f.,.:y:a...Ck.M,4q..,.,. -L, Av, N. ,. J- ,I,,,,,-,:,g1:.3, K, iL a ,fy-jgeall-'ni,1P.:img,-nv.,,e:3:vl5-12556-N.f,:i'i.',"f:+I'.:-1' - ' 1 I ,l , ,ft ' gsjJ..C:.,13g.:,x2 - V--':'f:2'fe?"6F'?'f:'L'-1-'L'':i'1qT"':f-1"i'1'5t'Y'fIf'5 '-F' " 7 's . IA' 52? 'J-sriim .I-' -tLrv:gg.-Tig'i:,.i.f,:ifg?:1si-33555145:PEipga+i?2a.a4'. ,Q ,,g g c I i f. ffif-.aiiiwrrft 5 ,'9'f'Mlfii :vs r In J I l I WILLIAM MACK New Britain, Conn. "Little King" December 8, 1915 "Ready with every nod to tumble down" Most of us had never seen a two hundred pounder do a somersault in air until we saw "Fat" do it. ln spite of all the weight "Fat" has great strength in his mass of muscles. We like him best in his clown suit with a red freckled face, going through a hard workout on the mats and ending up with a perspiration as thick as his makeup. We can't thank 'AFat" enough for the many good laughs he has given us. Football '34, '35. ANN NIEMAN New Britain, Conn. january 23, 1918 "Softly speak and sweetly smile" Ann is a very ambitious girl. She is one of the many for whom the stage holds a fascination and her one desire is to become a great actress. Someday, we may go up Broadway and see her name in electric lights. lt's a long hard road to get there, but one must try to succeed. Girls' League. VIVIEN MYRTLE OHLSEN New Britain, Conn. UVic" or "Spider" October ll, l9l7 H Your flashes of merrimenln Vivien is a blonde we can't help resisting. We hope that some day she will succeed in her hair-dressing profession. Vivien is also a peppy tap dancer, Who knows? Perhaps some day she might be a second Eleanor Powell. . LADISLAUS FRANCIS MAJEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Butch" August l9, l9l8 "He is a man of pleasure" "Butch" is a very likable fellow, He is areal pal if ever there was one. His chief ambition is to be a big league baseball player. When spring comes and he gets a ball and bat in his hands, school work slides out of the picture as far as he is concerned. We all wish him luck at the bat, and hope to see his name in the box-score ol' a big- league team some day. THERESA MARGARET PAC New Britain, Conn. "Tessie" May IQ, l9l9 "Life is what you make it" Social events just aren't complete without "'l'essie" for she has a cheerful disposition and runs around with a song on her lips. With her black hair and laughing brown eyes she makes a vivid picture which attracts the opposite sex, However, she is as true and loyal as she is beautiful, We hope the lucky man is properly appreciative. . ...-:..-.g,,,r1-g,y,g,r y' 'f 2 f- '. . .- .V-' 1 wi Y 5 4 2' -'gifiiew ' .Q-'Q , t n ., I, A ' A' :Q ,fi-Q-,. Me?-f K ' '+I- Page One Hundred One 11'v'-715-,?-LJEE ":'.fif"':--:ia-'elfaeitfk 1 74' f .!-.u '- circa-af:.:5:::T-4. f H ,.fA-1-lxiisff. Wai-1543-'re15'.gf:kl1a4,r4'2. - '.-:L 'iv 1-'. -Zflslfftiffwfc-ze. 1 v -1 ii 1 i azwaa1mfs3:ff..:.15fQ-3a5iqf,1,-g,.5,i?f-g-- 3. 3-21-, 1' .3-Q -gfxisagtgasz fl. 1 4, A- sr' .,c'1', -5,i:f',1f 42- R-vt! .1 r -f. Eff, .:" " -sv..-fi V-ffT1-tb-5511.srxiwfgaissi Q az ," 5 jk, - f1t.'54i::laf5ESf '24 " ? ..-J.,., ' rf". 952' I l I ROLAND MALARNEY New Britain, Conn. "Moe" September 8, 1917 i'Worry will not pay debts" "What's the use in worrying" is Ronny's slogan and how he loves to live up to it. He is just as happy to hold the admiration of some freshman girls as he is to try studying. We think Ronny would like to remain in school for two or three years more, but he isn't dumb enough. Tough luck, Ronny. Never mind, they'll be getting through in time for you to catch them. MARY BEATRICE PALDINO New Britain, Conn. "Clarhey" October 28, 1918 "To maintain afault known is a double fault" i'Clarkey" is always sure to be the life of any party for that matter and her contagious laugh is ever-present. "Clarkey" would like to become an actress or singer and we know her good humor and winning personality will help her on the way to success. SUSIE GERTRUDE PERUGINI New Britain, Conn. "Sue" April 27, 1918 " Never give advice unaskedu "Sue" would make a nice model with her cherished school girl com- plexion and her lovely teeth. What's the beauty secret. Lux? "Sue" is tops until it comes to tests. After taking a test she does a lot of useless worrying. Why? We all know you have the ability to pass them with flying colors. What would 'iSue" do if she had to walk to school some rainy day and ruin those curls in her hair. Probably get new ones. Girls' League. follow. Gracie Burns leaves off. - ,- . itz-I-:-f.:-5f-5':1:,,..: 3'::G"i'::--' we-91' -' i H 'f . . ' -- f ' -. " 2 7 -s . if 4 -fllmev-'94-.'Gq 1 v,,A 54,5545 .H , .: . ,, ,Q ,sggwgii dr- 3 ,tis 5 4 A J A ,M ,i I-'12If:'33:Lrg-f5'rg??Ef.1::e:gPrgfufy455,55L 4 h ' ' -' 2. V. 'dfilfggv 5339414 "' Ml- rv Page One Hundred Two JOSEPH ANTHONY MANCINI New Britain, Conn. flue" April 9 1917 "Love is the greatest thing What a "perfect lover" "joe" isl He has a way which enables him to get around with the opposite sex. At the present time he has an eye on a certain girl with dark brown hair Heres hoping that he succeeds in the business world as well as in love HELEN IDA PESTRITTO New Britain, Conn. "Pest' january 28 1919 "A-Hection bends the judgment Did you ever hear her without that contagious giggle' Did you ever see her without that smile? Did you ever know her without that "Hi ya Pal?" lf you have it wasn't Nellie for everywhere that she goes her sunny disposition flike the proverbial lambj is always sure to Nellie's main ambition in life .seems to be to make everyone around her laughg and she usually accomplishes her purpose if we are to judge by the beauty of her laughter that ensues wherever she is Keep it up Nellie and someday you will be perfectly qualified to take up where 9, .'AA ,, . ,, . .,, , A .., .f.s. 1---.N rf . -r we- -.x.rg1-r-.S 1 :Tau . 7,4,,l1,s -9 .1-..':f-,-A531 gig-'.,. N 1,3 - L-,' . h - :ga --5:,.4.g.-1. U .1-,,ggw:513ravsfi-1'5 P55511-'w:f251f1:1lf ' 'E 9' 1-'L 'Y-NULL 'L-1 .,-.H nfrff-mtv'10-1f-n+5y-1-,Rs-:V .1 ', - Y ,v-- w,g'g-ryfnrf' 11. -.1i?:'?ev2i's:ff5.:?2a'::1.uQ1gf. 3:-1+':" ' is i5i-if2?m:vmw.f'- , 'ee T., 'T ?:r ie.--5-f?'.x5'E?"37'.119 .- -'-' 'f I 'A+ "Fifi-.-flizx-NK: A , . V . i,,.1,.,r .4 V... ,V ,, fi' ,Ph . -7 bc- , - Nw .Q :LN 4, X 'I I g I JOHN JOSEPH MANGAN New Britain, Conn. "Slip" April I3, 1918 "Like prince, like people" jack comes from a family of athletes, How ably he has carried on the tradition is clearly seen by his high school record. Contrary to the popular conception of an athlete, his brawn is coupled with an unusual supply of brains. Endowed with a pleasing manner and a handsome Irish face, set hrmly atop square shoulders, sure, what more could ye ask in a man? And to be honest with you, l've heard no complaints from either sex, Baseball '35, '36, Football '34, '35, Delta Xi lfraternity, EMMA JOANNE PF IEFFER New Britain, Conn. "Phyfe" ,October 2, l9l7 "Don't you be too affectionate" Emma thinks boys are taboo. We think she's just grand. To know her is to like her. She can do most anything but when it comes to ice-skating she's tops. Smooth sailing with few bumps, Emma. DORIS CLAIRE PINKEVICH New Haven, Conn. 'APinky" October l, l9l8 " You may give them good advice but who has wit enough to take it" Although Doris is a stranger in these parts she has made many friends in the course of a year-due to her sociable nature, She believes in lending a helping hand to her classmates-especially on test days. Doris likes all sports but in skating, she sadly lacks balance. She has a wonderful sense of humor and no matter how many times she appears to be down Cin skatingj she's not out, s R 1 I' 1' 1 -1 L A HERMAN EDWARD MARHOLIN New Britain, Conn. "Hermie" .Ianuary 7, IQI7 U He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill" Salute, big boy! Where have I seen you before, Oh, yes, I re- member, down at the "Y" wrestling with a big brute named Zybisko, Ah, I was dreaming. I mean l'll see you wrestling "Zyb" some day. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, "Hermie" is a curly-haired boy with zz pleasing disposition and a hrst-class smile. He did well in school, and he'll make the grade in seeking success. Phi Beta Fraternity. CAROLINE HELEN PISKO New Britain, Conn. A'Kitten" September 20, 1910 "Women's counsel is fatal" "Kitten" is a very slim and suave girl. She always is on the lookout for answers of any kind that would be useful to her not that she makes use of them oh no-o-o-who is she to need them, but you can always depend upon her for such things. "Kittcn"onthcspot, that's her. Good Luck "Kitten". 0-9" " 'i .V . ,, f - ' wr '...v:.e , f ' 1:--',"iLw1? Y,-5.511 ' 3,14 115,-1: ' J aw.,-sr - 4: ? f I ef, -niffilesseazfrawffzirrfiawfse-:fl.0 'I -4' 0 -4 . , ' ' ' 'fuql , I, 0'A's:-Q.-'s'51gA-'ss-0e'.r-4, "- if tl -3, ,L F ,4 '- 1 ., .. . 1, uf, - in-.' '.ti'f.-wwrne.-4,c-rf,-.fb - a A 1 I A" 'flu ' 4' 'Y ' 3 A 4' " ijyljitli'l3'i5T'1I-f1f1f1L2'c': S 1- Mi' ,'. - i " 'r ' -- V, , -,,.,e,.f'.g,smz1smgifpar- H Page One Hundred Three QP- , . c, -,.+, ---- ', . - - - 4- ax,,p 1. ez:--X--,A-,.,. K .,s.- 4- ,.- 4 ,v . K ,1.-, .4 . - - i.1,' f., ..-, 'N--'.--' .',. '5....- , . '-2+11l.fZ. It -' - ' , ' ' - 7'.""'-"f .'.-.-gif--1 -f .- -1.1.--gifs,-. -7.-I :-: 1.-ar -if -, . 0.-.Jails,::.?1?,'Z1t.,z w2.f,,.hvigp5ZL4f,r5a 1 ' - 1, fi if f P 'Q wi-,,g3f..g51fe4:.s135535,2-:saws-,Q-2-f1f ..,- . , 4... f 5-Q ,', f. . :,. ,-1:41 I ' Im. ' 'd?f3'.lfi11E:i1f5Tgfi,l'?. -743123251 1 15"f3-3',-:PQ rx , 'gf'-'fz L. fff-. 11.11 . ig. ' NF I 1 f 26 LL ' XA -lm 'R I. AL J N f -.1-,.t .u.,,"'. 'f nf px, . o 3,2711 4. r , I 1 f i'c"'T? 1-' .' , J: 12:7 6" if " ,-1-19,,f.4:-.ff I, . 1 ' 9 1-,'.q:... JT5v:.ma15l+f. .Q ah ' I v i, 7 ' '5 4 " STANLEY JOSEPH MASELEK Hartford, Conn. March 22, 1917 "Let not the grass grow on the path offrlendshipu Stanley is a very good citizen of Newington. He was educated in Newington and Hartford before he came to New Britain. He is studious only in the winter. But when spring comes, he gets spring fever but manages to keep up in his classes. He works hard and has no bad habits except late hours and smoking a pipe once in a while. He likes all kinds of sports and is a good baseball player. He is popular with the girls, which accounts for his keeping late hours. Member of Student Council, Intramural League. GENEVIEVE ANNA POLOKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. A'Blondie" January 1, 1918 "Eager in .studies and laboursn 'Blondie' is quite a studious girl who does her school work every day. She tries to make the best of her high school days, and makes it worth while. She is an attractive young maiden with blonde hair and blue eyes and has a vivid personality, We do not know what her held will be but we are sure she will suc- ceed in anything that she undertakes. Good luck! ALBERTA JAYNE POST Oakville, Conn. 'Blondie' October 24, 1918 U Her rubric locks we all adore" Alberta is one of the more colorful members of the class. You can see her flaming tresses half way down the hall. ln keeping with her hair, shes vivacious, fiery and loquacious, with emphasis on the latter. Much of her interest seems to be centered around a certain Theological Seminary. Her hobby, vocation. pastime, occupation, pursuit and aim in life is talking, She is an early riser, getting up so that she may be with her pal "Toot-Gertie' a little longer. From the time she rises until the time she retires she is engaged in conversation. She is also an accomplished actress. lt may be that she will go to Holly- wood instead of Beaver College where she intends to specialize in Child Psychology. Wherever you go, "Red" good luck. Girls' League. LEO MATYSCHYK New Britain, Conn. 'ARusty" November 27, 1917 "A quiet mind is richer than a crown" "Rusty" is one of those shy and quiet individuals who believes in the motto "Silence is golden". You can never get him to talk to a girl alone, However, "Rusty", has high hopes of becoming a mechani- cal engineer some day. 'I he fact that hes a math shark might help him. lncidentally he is one of our track stars with his eyes on the Olympic of 1940. Track Team. MILDRED A. PRATA Kensington, Conn. "Millie" June 27, 1918 "lf you mustfly, fly well" "Millie" is that blue-eyed mademoiselle with a charming person- ality and radiant good nature. Her willingness to help others, her engaging smile and her good humor have won for her many friends. "Millie" has ambitions, high ambitions, we might say. She expects to be far above us Ctheoretically speaking, anywayj for she aspires to become an aviatrix, and Hy through the air in the greatest of ease-in an airplane, so dont be surprised if one of these days she suddenly should alight from above and land unceremoniously in the duck pond in your back yard! HappyLandings! "Millie". Girls' League. " - - .. . Y .-,- -- f f Q: 1. . " pg-1.51:1-'.:,--,gal-,-4----,' 1w,...:.-,sf . V.. ff :fri -5 -ffl F : ei- fa ' , , K 4. 1--H 1 . -9 s 1 . -4- 1 wh.. 0 we-msn-1rf-sw,-safssgiraseis2:ff.4,:f:--'f ' ,MW sa-- Eff 43? " ' -1' -f -ft Q21-te l. ' 1' ,. Page One Hundred Four 1..r':1:gi.,f . giif' - g ii. '.- ' 3.41: 1 , g 'a 1 -.-- g..5 . . V f, 1 '1,z',.,.,Q :'-1'-z-' --911,-.7 v-:i-.,- 731.3 :-J, ',-,' ',-. wamiz:-iegf' wpfQfF:?.iwaE3saf rv-sfrgt' my time iffu:te-z?v3P:2HCf2za1'nf4:5aria'-taxa-'.:--rin?:Qi-1. f. -gg 23'e22-?.'e'.'31. - 1 A+- 'M D' Qi," QTif:!:f'i-4:i?f551EYi?!myr,5-gs-19:.:':v,:j5,2,w1''L' 1.5:-V--'Q-,.' -.nxzyani-1.:r.1?A5.5,i51 .1 ,Jw 'gy' ' .ff:-.-nas.-fvfresnfr.:z:k':i1Sv:1-x',-1i4ff.u1f'- 'swf--' ,i 4 l ' T" 49- ii' A 1 ii ii It " .1:'.,'ll vi I l I NATHAN MAXEN New Britain, Conn. "Nate" May 23, l9l8 "A limit to enjoyment" "Nate" never worked hard during his three years at our fine in- stitution of learning but he is graduating on time. He was very in- terested in athletics when he first came to our school but social life won out over his athletic ambitions. If ever you feel like a good argument, look "Nate" up and he will always oblige. "Nates" little truck seemed to carry him and his pal A'Butch" wherever there was excitement and a good time. l'm sure this boy will go far after gradu- ation because of his slow but steady progress. Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity, Tennis 2, 33 Track 2. JANET GRAY RACKLIFFE New Britain, Conn. "jan" May l5, l9l8 "Let come what may" "jan" is one of our girls at high school who takes life as it comes and thinks "life is a song". With her sympathetic manner and friendly smile for everyone she has made many friends during her high-school years. "jan" attracts many people but has only eyes for one. She is headed for the University of New Hampshire next year. We wish her all the luck in the world, Amphion Club, Alpha Alpha Sorority, Girls' League, Rainbow, ELEANOR ALMA RADUN New Britain, Conn. June 8, i918 "Speak low if you speak love" Shes a darling is Eleanor, her hair is naturally curly and brown, her eyes are dark. She's the model girl with many virtues and few faults. The fellows and girls all agree she's the "berries", Good luck in the future Eleanor! Girls' League. MICHAEL MAZUR New Britain, Conn, "Mike" October 15, 1916 "Free thinker's a pest to society" How could we get along without a fellow like "Mike" to keep us guessing? This big shot is one of the most important ornaments in the Fraternity Row in front of the office. The only reason "Mike" goes to the "Frat" dances is to have some fun. Behind all this frol- icking is a good brain. Perhaps he will continue his education and perhaps not, but anyway "Mike" ought to succeed. Delta Xi Fraternity. ,Q . MARION DORINE RATHBUN New London, Conn. "Mar" june 27, l9l8 "Laugh and the world laughs with you" You don't know what you've missed until you meet Marion, Shes not the type that pushes herself to the front, but all her friends agree, she has enough fun for two people. We hear Marion prefers blondes. When she's off on a fit of laughing, one has to sometimes use force to stop her. Girls' League. , ..f.Q.,fw-4...i .:f:'2a-c- -'ww-F' -' 2 f- - ' A ff 'few' - ' ww' LQ:f.a'1.11"ewQ:'ff,.::- 1 .1 . 4',.izqf.a':aa-:aff:aa!5fi1:5':sf-i?zS?2-'!8' . 9. N . - .ff . - 1,'wi1741:-y.:'-'nee-s."'-"I '- r - - '1 - .1 . r V 'T if Wfgy, 145:-4-int'r::evffw1-efczasswab1 ,. i '-'..ii-''f::2Z'-3125155-243545512 1457-iff5'5v 54. .iff I -'T . . -- ' gj.55if9fv' .''32-!3f?i52'1?ffPf5?3?f'?i'sE? -?"4i"l 4 T" f''?555i'J,f2'f'-ifvlfiffii'i'?:l-'1'?!?f'A5X s vn , ' ' - f' Q-., , er, 4-'3fff! 1fNzfS:5i?'HfliErki'121li4N241-3-if N' Page One Hundred Five ,, .,. , , 1.., y.-,. .-t -l x, ,y , xg.. t,x.:g,1,5115,g- ,.".1x' 'j. x5.3lt,, -,.q,.:. ,.,,3.',-,.-, -gzfe..arf,-:Jgf,q9,f.qv51p,1'-ff::gtla-11'i,7A11SQ5? b, ,ff .IZ 'v ' 5 ' I3252,-4L.-5,1-isfqds.-Q5tj.t.2,:.31, .-.+:-::'3z5f::g,,'ff"+:1S1-r.-fe 3-'Z-:i-'tel-41:04:41 -' x ' .r I- 5' 1' i- .f. ' 1--mae'-sf'.+'44wv:-:,'!1:U-Agf-'-.--A-.--11"':l'-l11,:EP K '.,-qetaslr-iffyigc4.--uf5?fw,f,-C'f:f"u2i'.:v2- -'-it u l', , pjrfg ''52'g..I:':f1?.12.::971.-A-5-5.1-4.-1-for-Msgqga..:1-- X i fi- 'fl1641's-'s.'-'f2:x12..':2-x'e'2f1M'fYg2I .1 .4-1 . , ' ' -qs ' Jf5?"r5:fiiwlsiwraefvfr-T'd'f?4?R?'--'G-'ftlfmiiv i',se-1--"i.ff'ffz5' 2-.H-Q51.:r1?Zastef. ,ui Q,-I I I ff:-muf.-Yffrafwff.:uk'f,new.:-a:'rr+vx,-pf' 1'-If f . 3. M I, 4 T' I-Fl JOHN RICHARD MCCORMACK New Britain, Conn. "Mac" April 14, 1918 iiThe common man has more thoughts than words" "Mac" is a quiet unassuming chap. As far as he is concerned the opposite sex does not exist. He should go far in any field of endeavor if he stays away from "Rogers Recreation". At times he bursts forth and displays his foremost talent and inexhaustible vocabulary in such a manner that would make any politician hide his head in shame. Best of luck to him. ANNA REGULA New Britain, Conn. March 4, 1918 "Make merry while you may" The bell rings and in dashes Anna, No wonder. She stands and talks most of the time with the "frat" boys, Some popularity. You'll Gnd Anne and her girl friend "Phyllis" constantly on the go, visiting new places and doing all sorts of things. These two are at many of the social affairs, but don't let that fool you, Ann is a hard working student and is well liked by her classmates as well as Mr. T. Phi Omega Sorority, Girls' League. MARIE ANN RICHARDSON Portsmouth, New Hampshire "Ritchie" December ll, 1918 "We should publish our joys and conceal our griefsu jolly, jovial, full of vim, vigor and vitality. We don't need three guesses to figure that one out, lt's iiRitchie". There is never a dull moment when shes around. We don't know of anyone who can cheer a person up, when he's feeling low, as well as she can. Marie has filled the lvlain Office with her witticisms for over a year and everyone will miss her were sure. Marie worked hard toward the end, but she made it. She also won her bet with a certain young man who drives a flashy florist truck around town. But he uses his own car when he comes after her at the sorority meetings, Whatever Marie attempts to do later on we know she'l1 succeed. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. A ' 1 LM - - -Al JOSEPH MCINERNEY New Britain, Conn. "Red" April 14, 1918 " He hath done many mischiefsu That little bunch of Fire is what "Red" should be known as. After all, he is rather short and as for Ere, well, iiRed" does get into plenty of mischief. "Red" can't be caught with books very often, but he seems to get along well enough to earn a coveted sheepskin. MILDRED VIRGINIA RICHTER New Britain, Conn. "Mil" November 18, 1917 "Gentlemen prefer Blondes" "lVlil's" a blonde-Do these gentlemen prefer her?-and How! She's a honey-chile. Her tennis is the tops. Sometime in the future she plans to be a secretary if these many "gentlemen" don't interfere. May your plans be successful "Mil", 'v I e.Ag,..-,.g.-f':::,:,i ,f 1:-9-'wr-1'-110-92' " '- f ' V . ,. ' e of -,.,,i, -v e 'sa-4,1 ma'15.1'i11"v9s"f,3-'I'"L11:-gfgmsl, .1 1 --A-Q191:s:fses::a'13i11sb':ss'-2?Tsin . , A 4' . ff '"llfllY!12'4f'i:!94x?,. . 4 I-.zfsivfgrffini-1.:E..ggre:s.'' ' '-"eff -H" .: . ' 4, fy? 44425:-n:zf,.?.-afrssf-"'feY13':k:f4..fmiekgiiff' 'P-iii'-3 fi '-'--"N-1.2-.'ff'lt'-1'-N''72' 2' - .- rl it , ' .X -4, Sift :H ' -2-L4safe-Q.-4.e,f:.-'ff-'H-sys ' .1 14:5-::'ri'1G:1!w551h:7:4 ,V 4. '1."'-P - ' - - 9' ' - -' 434 fG?iwq:24?fj::--"rt--15157:--. - fe 1 ' '1MJ.'C.5r'y.-,-5--,'pr-.1',-.rsififwhri-715, ,5,,g., ' . . - A - -'f , .. - 'l f -4 fflzx-agzmr 17"evfii-22-!:fN.:'f,-gi Page One Hundred Six . , 11-":-:A--..:f:.--:r.'- -sf -:. , . ,- -"'gf-2-:r:Q.'.-1 f H .-3 .-.15.1-:viii2L12i4LP4Qf'-twffraa:-mafia, 5. fa ': 'swf n : .Siiziiitvf-bee? -. , ,-s , ,ia x 4-X .,, ..q,g,,, , an , ,. 1--.N 4. L A wrcwa-:ss,f1faww:f-a.f.-ftffgaiw-sl' fr' v - "f!s':..:at2fd.u 4. ' -1. '-.-jim ig-4-'f' i':2Qy'gu-1Q-3-Qgggv-1r.'f'ILif g ' ., -'yi N ' in I if - g,S1.Qg,:"f.,1LgR Jhf- 4, ,11..fw 'nes-.Qsi.p..:z:.:'1?1i.w. ,Q gi " I 9 '--ni t-lf:-.2.::f:f.xfrf ,-if fs. , ' K, 2. PJ- :KN f. V.. -1 1-fum, ' ' -pw -X --- - - . V f 1. -'I "Qu N ' STANLEY MICHALOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Mike" July 27, l9l8 'Comrnend a modest man but like him not" "It's women, women girls and girls, That make 'lVIike's' head go in swirls and whirls." But don't let this fool you for "Mike", has great ambitions, and if you will ask his teachers, they will tell you why. For it's like this: "Though he works and plays and helps his buddy, He still finds time at home to study". Track '34, '35, '3b. KATHRYN M. RIPPLE Berlin, Conn. "Kay" March 23, l9l8 "Beauty draws more than oxen" "Kay" is a pretty little miss and a grand sport. She hasn't what you might call a terrific interest in her studies but maybe it's because she has other things on her mind. For instance, that certain T. S. boy. How about it "Kay"7 "Kay's" ambition is to be a stenographer. We hope she succeeds. Anyway we all wish you luck in whatever you undertake. Delta Gamma Sigma Sororityg Girls' League. HELENA MARIE RITCHIE New Britain, Conn. "Helene" March IO, i918 "Much is she worth and even more is made of her" If you want to see a girl with a rosy blush, just look at "Helene". lf you see a crowd and all are talking but one, that one is "Helene". We hear that she's going to enter the nursing profession in September. Well, good luck to her and may she never lose that pleasing smile. JOSEPH NICHOLAS MICKIEWICZ New Britain, Conn. "Mickey" August 8, IQIS " He who tries to achieve, does achieve" joe is a young man whom we all love, A "swell guy" as the fellow students express it. The girls Gnd a great delight in staying around this comical boy. He likes to meet new people and make friends and also loves to sing and dance. joe's big ambition is to become a surgeon and we all give him credit for his courage. Here's wishing you a lot of luck and hoping you come through. Kappa Lambda Fraternity. HELEN ROMANCZYK Beckley, Conn. "Shorty" June 9, 1917 'Al am capable of a tune" "Shorty" is a very promising singer from Newington. Although she would like to become famous in that line, she has never been able to take lessons and finds herself likely to be just another stenographer. She's one of our athletic girls who plays golf as well as the best of them. Always cheery and full of pep, she's heading for success. MYW ". x gs -f . ,. ' -:-' ,.: K" 1-4,2 " ""' 'il-ffu 1? 1451 11'-.:,-ag 11, ,-Q: - 11 ,ff jf 22 83 4 A . r .ff ' g,-agw 1' 1- 2 373 4 'Es' A ff' ' '1 ' if 1' mf-5-'7,229.5aafyffms-:masts-:err ' . , - . , , ' ,' Q ' -4. ,, .-z 3 N:-'..,..!-, f-,swift j-' We 'i'4'i1 ,,. ' . f' if 1 Page One Hundred Seven . 1 1 r ' ' , 4 ...-Q-. -va:-arg'-:fs f ' 1--g.s,r:1':v:f, 1 -, .,. ,f-..:- - 1 1---... -,--..- .,r-,- , r. - , , 4'..+,.-.'.-.. 1 .y 'stu-'I "4 9.252'1"s'-51317-,"g.Z,' . 'J' :N f.".' gYML:",1'-J? :ff-' 1 5 ,og.,,Q,:L.slfs-.,Q -gpm-iS:afZfi.ggf3.4,e r.,q1gL' nv'4:5r2:-ll5-1',1:5:54Ff25'gq- U ' ' f.,b.w1',',.'gq :fav,:e-.+57'1,..f5y , f. u. Q1 egg'-7-','.,-qt.-.cgi t, fmgfaffffftr Q ga " g 2 ifzsliffsmssfi fi ,L P I-Fl RICHARD HENRY MIDDLETON New Britain, Conn. "Dick" or "Duke" july 13, 1916 'Alf at frst you don't succeed, try, try again" i'Dick" has quite a way with the girls, lt seems he has a new one every semester, including redheads, brunettes, and blondes. Was it his dancing the girls went for or his looks? He probably believes variety is the spice of life. Many believe "Dick" could have made good at sports in high school, but it seems he and the coach didn't get along. Last summer he was in the amateur lighting game but gave it up in the fall to play football with the high school. We understand he is planning to enter Arnold College of New Haven this fall to take up physical education. Here's hoping he makes good there and we hear more of him. DOROTHY ROTTENBERG East Orange, N. j. "Dol" january 29, 1918 'She dances like an angelAShe is always laughing, for she has an infinite deal of wit" Dorothy is a rather short, jolly girl who comes from Newington junction. She is a good sport and everyone who knows her likes her. She seems to enjoy dancing and skating most all the time. "Dot" has not definitely decided what she will do next year, but we wish her luck in whatever she decides to do. Girls' League. MARGARET LOUISE RUND New Britain, Conn. "Peggy" February 19, 1918 "Beauty carries its doer in itsfaceu N. B. H. S. was endowed with a package of personality labeled "Peggy", "Peggy" has a pleasing disposition, a courteous manner, a smiling face and a very neat appearance-a perfect lady. Her willingness to help others will always make her a welcome friend. "Peggy's" assets will enable her to conquer all her obstacles and get her to the top of the ladder. Clear passageway in your enterprises, Mpeg". Girls' League. THEODORE GERALD MILESKI New Britain, Conn. "Ted" April ZS, 1918 "Golden locks turn to silver" This boy has become known as our sheik. His linen suits, plus his unnatural CD curly hair, give him the appearance of a Miami millionaire. "Ted" is right there when it comes to his studies, too. A host of us seniors enjoy "Ted's" presence and would like to continue in friendship with him. Kappa Lambda Fraternity. SOPHIE RZESZUT New Britain, Conn. "Dixie" january 20, 1917 "Silence is bliss" "Dixie's" words to avoid trouble are "let's scram"." Dixie" often tells the funniest jokes that will make those around her laugh hilar- iously while she remains calm without a trace of a smile or change of expression. Those that do not know her may think that she lacks a sense of humor but to know her is to realize that "Dixie" is one of our few comedians who doesn t laugh at her own jokes. She intends to step into Helen Wills Moody s shoes someday. Best wishes. Y' " f " - . f -.f ' wi' 1.14 ' 1-'-if IPfffjff11".:g'f,1.':f-ji:-' cw .'.: .5 - -1 -F aims? fa--P43 7 Q . - if .. A . :W 'V-'J Sli'-ileiafiiiaafrifivfwars-l3?.gc?2uf5f1i,spew-1l 4 wg se Fyyqp -'75 Z.-V ,g , 3' 1+ 97124, ' is-Q ihfgei seein-:eylfgfvglwxgifffiif:-,Jw f X ei 2 ,gigs kffg, .- .afjggggfs -.fgciieggfaway?:i.fQg,ww?xggi:imf'H+-,2 -. f - i ,i - M - . -. .ff J.--J .. ip:-.:.:.-f':f5ve 3 7 L-.aah " - ,. - V- . .V V' - 'beef' .4165:m:'f?31wYft?129-::k:i1-se?-e+q3:f:5y Page One Hundred Eight iw-. . . "-':..-'15,-41-55+-:.:...3::,..?5I-a"0si"Er 'F' .1 .f T "1"fb.1F1,fg:2-lv! .X s.:1,3wia:fLP-gw:-1'-,ra-nga'-,fftriaz 0. fs, 3: 'sly I ' s-J:y,x5'wf-- fr-33'1.- I' 'Q-"9sa-fQ1w'-S'-'S-Qivfdkffrii.-11-' ' 1 . ' " sl' .H w- W:-i1Wfke4P'-'sv ,Q ,5:,,:.l,?.:5.,,.,,g,,,3P.:H.,5-.x..,+..i:'.5:?,:5,- . , Dv, fy,-f . X, ,. 9 gi S .:, -.,,.4f.C.fg-4.'g 173' .2 -g:.u-i'1'42v'1Jf -1 A I Y' " fd"El'p'-'.Q2fg":f 'U' y , ' 1-fnY-fu?ililaissffasffffiszsfazafzi. .-1.53 " g sv 'FAQ '1fzf5:aw52af.S2Sf3-f-' f 1-ft we 8 -N 53,321 Q-V ' L 3 c.- l'1-I KENNETH SAMUEL MILLER Providence, Rhode lsland " Ken" August Zo, 1918 "Talent works, genius creates" "Ken" is a son of Newington. That perhaps explains his frequent absences. We think "Ken" would have a hard time explaining where he spends most of his life, in Hartford and Newington. We must admit that Newington puts out some fairly nice boys and "Ken" is one of them. HELEN CATHRYNE SADOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Kitty" lvlarch 2, 1917 "Great marks are soonest hit" "Kitty" belongs to the quiet class of people but is not too quiet. She makes friends easily and remains a true one, She studies hard and is always ready for work. You can rarely Find her unprepared for anything that comes up. We all wish you luck, uKitty". Girls' League. CATHERINE PORTER SAMPSON New Britain, Conn. "Kay" March 4, 1918 "Where theres a will therelv a way" "Kay" is a very determined girl and she works until she makes good. Well, being a Sampson she must live up to that name. lt's quite obvious, however, that her strength is not in her hair for her blonde tresses are neatly trimmed. "Kay" takes great delight in teasing others but it's all in the spirit of fun. "Kay's" ambition is to be a nurse and we all hope shc carries out her plans successfully. Rainbow: Girls' League. all wish you luck, Anne. we leave our high school days behind. W Girls' League. ""5f'.-'.'-1.3.--12211,-'Z.g3gIg2"',i',CZ"Tii10'F' '- 1 yr -r' - .. ' 'Z' ' ' " '.-9-f " "" 1 f N Q. 1 if f .rffibexbmqfv ifm sif 1 - K -'Lf ,Q f "M fi.2iff-1f':T"'?is?rff'-fiffmil-1. 4, 1, .5 A A ' A' 1- . .. f"se', -+93 'X ' ff' Page One Hundred N ine ANNE ELEANOR ZDANIS New Britain, Conn. uBlondie" December 8 1918 Hear the pitter patter of feet which wc know are Anne s familiar tap-dance. We often wonder where that studious girl gets ill her time to tap, because in school she always has her work in on time We ELEANOR SANDBERG New Britain, Conn. "Sandy" September 72 1014 "The good you do is not lost though you forget lt Here is the young lady who is the life of all the parties We ncyei have a dull moment with "Sandy" who is planning to go to Greenwich to study the training of children. She seems to enpov her week ends at Hidden Lake. Can there be any special attraction' Never mind 'ASandy", we are all going to miss your good natured disposition when if . 'Y ',j', . - H 7 1 f M L 24 Ll wi ' f '-s'- " f r 1 T 1- HJ. A .a.-". N' . Q .L -'NU' 'sal hu ,." ff 1 : .a 1.-"-9155- 'SQ Q we ,1 L ' Q,-1-' "fa ' '11-,f.'f'r5' , .+- Q - 9 f- A - v.-es: f,ug-'M 1 9971 1-14-.Hfis:.+.1?2asPs7. -Q Q.-I M ll x:f2f:5i,lQ:'1f-fszgglxlf ' " ' FRANK J. MORELLI New Britain, Conn. lfebruary 17, 1918 "The wise is none too wise" Frankie is one of these self-made, efficient, intellectual young men. He is always trying to sell. He sells everything from clothes to limou- sines. He even tried to sell Henry Ford a Plymouth. lfrankie is also interested in radio, for he knows quite a lot of what's going on between the wave bands. He may be one of our country's prominent lawyers for he is another one of those bright students of law. We wish him the best of luck throughout his life. AGNES HELENE SARGIS New Britain, Conn. "Aggie" july 26, 1918 "We are all of us more or less the slaves of opinion" Lucky is the person who has "Aggie" for a friend for she is a true friend in every sense of the word. She is very ambitious and de- pendable. She has very definite likes and dislikes. One of her favorite likes is Franchot 'lone and if anyone criticizes him when "Aggie" is around, beware! We all wish her the best of luck. ANTOINETTE MARIE SATALINO New Britain, Conn. "Doe" October 30, 1917 "Practice makes Perfect" Without an efhcient girl like "Doe", half of the office work would not be done. She supplies the energy which gives a push to the other office workers. Her dark and innocent countenance has caused many to seek her friendship. Her goal is to be a secretary to some executive. Her efliciency should help her to reach this aim. ward to big things from "Ed", i a lot of her time. 1 Girls' League. 1 1 "" -Lv-,v:.4-.i-5.1.1.-N 1' Iv,-:"',i'i1 ' .3'f'?1" "'- :" - .. 1 'mf ,' r ' "z A " "" :.f.-.v,ws-eszzaffz-ipp5:ase2E:1Q+'!X' '31 Y . .- - if ' , ff'-ygwga 4-C +' :rw J- 11--P115-fredii-1.i"',f'se.sff'+'E' '- w - . -Q . ' .' v , 'are u 'few -fX.-..,.-sa.,1-f-.S1.f.'.'::f.-as-Lift-.wif gf ,af . .. -. - - A - an , 3::5.-,mf-!wx,:z.1s,1:5f,,e5,5,.3ge51,,:4,Qg.rQg.y- in K L, 1 . 1 - -- V . J s 'ga J ' brian.zjffgsv-1Wai-fi'-'affsm-gsm,, t, Q ., - f :Q-ig . a.. 465 1 ML Page One Hundred Ten fx ,I -VK x EDWIN H. MOUNT Hartford, Conn. "Eddie April 8 1917 "A man that blushes is not quite a brute Blonde and handsome characterize Eddie Both characteristics have won for him many line friendships both with males and females "Eddie" has helped our baseball team on the diamond and has parti cipated in Y. M. C. A. as well as De Molay activities We look for Council Representativeg Banquet Committee 1935 Baseball Squad CYNTHIA ELAINE SCHELL Duluth, Minn. "Ea" August 4 1918 "Don't awaken her-fsl1e's just daydreaming Cynthia loves to daydream much to the consternation of her teachers Many of them have probably wondered why her mind travels from the classroom she's in to other parts of the building There are rumors among her closest friends, that a certain young piano player takes up '---,-A-:115:23-:Rf-g.f.....::-.xfl-JJS"'Er F-.ff 'T ' 2"'f1-:flFFE'1ff'if 'O x gg:-..Q-.1-.uf:12gBviLP.f:c-new-5:1-ekulfieg .-'mi 'Mum - Ef2lfQ7t","?'E' Itig.,4eg,5,11rgS3g,j?.i-Qgilfeggrzhgr-5,45.331, Lg. 'L 5 at -vu. 1, :,g. ::e:1.,e55, '41 --1:-+5'1....'g.'E9fii2-,q-2-.'1'.'g'E21':'L1'. -eff, - -Q A' ffv5"?':f'-lizivi -,, f -C iefuftt-1:-2353551 .Q ai ." g --fzs:7fo5'f:f.if?2f3 'V f 4 4. ,flvii v Qi , t i -if D1lcYYlg'q',XcaE 1 3 J L 3 JAMES DANIEL MURRAY New Britain, Conn. flimmyu April l9, 1917 M011 for a book and a shady nook" Most of A'glimmy's" time is spent in the bookkeeping department where he hopes to learn enough to become a successful bookkeeper in life, We have our doubts as to whether he can learn enough or not but were all for him anyway. "Jimmie" has a select group of friends with whom he associates. ETHEL MARJORIE SELANDER New Haven, Conn. "Meg" March 8, l9l8 Aliuieelness Person i fied ' ' Introducing one of our most conscientious students, Ethel Selander, known to her friends as "Meg", A'lVIeg" is just as sweet and full of fun as she is conscientious. She is a firm believer in passing a test the first time it is taken and what's more, she practices what she prea- ches. She is quite a genius when it comes to shorthand and surprises the class by her unusual ability. "Meg" likes to write poetry in her spare time and also likes to re- ceive long letters from certain people. In whatever she does she can be sure that she has our loyal support back of her. HELEN SERBIN New Britain, Conn, A'Serhie" November 20, 1919 ' "She could talk like that forever" lf Helen could make a living on her personality. she would be a millionaire but shes taking up dress designing instead. You have a great idea there MSerbie" so keep it up. One can always tell when she is in the sewing room so can Mrs. Williams, but we aren't blaming you Helen, for havent you two pals to help you out luesday mornings the '-ith pcriod7 Girls' League. HENRY EUGENE NADOLNY New Britain, Conn. "Henny" l7ebruary 22, l9l0 "All doors open lo courlesyn Round up days are over and out of' them comes "Henny" direct from Texas. He immediately found popularity particularly with "Fems". Perhaps this is due to his dancing ability but then again it might easily be his handsomeness, After his high school round up is over he'll be galloping back to Texas. Track l, 2, 3, Basketball. ADELE SHAPIRO New Britain, Conn, March 31, N10 "Those about her shall read the perfect uiayx of honor" Since the very first day Adele arrived shy and hesitating on the threshold of her Freshman year, she has set an example to be admired by all. Dont get the impression that she is a "Goody-goody". lfar from it, for she is brimming over with high spirits, mischief, and jollity. Adele is going to T. C. C. next year. We know she will make a suc- cessful and popular teacher. .- 'Qi' Y ' Eg 'J' f x f sligiQ3?5ar:fiif52'2?3?.??9S3ffj?4?.3-25 - ' . .11 -' , ' .Z "Tis, ,gig "vii: - - A ' ' f5i55:.g.3-yy, .f-219 J .,i . www- -V-'Z' In . -H-1'-2----Swg.q:,,r1 .. - ' t ---' . - "" Page One Hundred Eleven Phi Delta Sorority. junior College Club Cirls League -,UJL ,egialm . .' '-' Y ' . -,"fg.-5:5 -3:sl-:.:.034:.sFq1-24-5311. T'-3 1- , 7- ' Q3-:if-X-:'55fF':fTf'S'I -i ,.-'.444g'F?1?4a,ll?-Af 4Q55gqrGf5:g?,31.q52!2: -2 - -"Q-5.1 'hs g.l,,j ywfifnlzggiqgciffqgfi 1 1 it , . Yqgifgiiiyg,-,5F,e:35f,..,A3,:,g.. -f,15g3.3Q5l5?,,?1. L. ,Q .ia IW ' 33 'Q ?gf2,gg1:af,i'gf1'::3E::5's:, i as -a af' 5-'11 -tfsd-1 Hu ' .e ' -.H ' . 'ff-'reef 1--Krafxu r - I Q -A1f.,4s.aEe5g.1f.f5Ag1EPg, .Q ,,,5 'l I Y fig -Effzf-,151-1fffr:J5" " ' rr . 1. 2 , I-5-I CHARLES HEATH NAGLE New Haven, Conn. "Charley" October 8, 1918 Hperadvenlure he sleepethu We sometimes wonder if Midshipmen at Annapolis partake in sleeping habits most of the day? lf they do, Charles will certainly feel right at home with them, for Charles loves his sleep. Even though somnolence does overcome him at intervals during the day, he is always awake enough to answer questions intelligibly. Because of his ability to make speeches, he will probably become the president of the United States. Here's luck to you, Charles, and may the sea keep you wide awake. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH SHEEHAN New Britain, Conn. "Shinigan" july 3, 1918 "She shall have music wherever she goes" 'liurn on the radio, phonograph or whatever might play music for here comes 'iShinigan". Her friends must be singing "'l'ormented" since she adopted the above title. Regardless of mood, time of day, or weather, "Shinigan" can always render a tune. She has other interests too. Among them are a tall dark and medium blonde one. Our wish for you is many happy miles ahead. Beta Mu Sorority, Girls' League. MARGARET JESSIE SHIELDS Ncw Britain, Conn. "Peg-Leg" April 18, 1918 "Great oaks from little acorns grow" "Peg" is the girl with the roguish brown eyes. Her tongue is ever ready with a smarting jibe. Her sympathy, however, is quick and sincere. The joy of her life is a prospective school teacher who abhors wearing a tux but we are sure he endures it just for i'Peg". We all wish her loads of success. HOWARD COLE NOBLE New Britain, Conn. " Howie" October 20, 1917 i'Long hair, little wit" "Howie" may be seen carrying a load of books, but I often stop to wonder if it's not just a front. Plays a fair game of golf and has his trouble in keeping away from the eight ball while playing pool. For information on how he gets along in physics ask Mr. Campbell. CLARE SHIMANSKY New Britain, Conn. june 17, 1918 "One should play to live, not live to play" Clare is one who loves outdoor sports, especially bicycling. Perhaps Clare was born thirty years too late. She would have been more at home at that time when bicycling was the universal fad. Fair weather, a box lunch, a winding road, and we find Clare out hiking. On these long hikes-who knows74maybe she does her thinking for her home- work. That bugaboo, homework. How she hates it! But take notice that Clare is one of the best in her studies. When does she do her homework? Probably on a bicycle. Clare may someday be an English teacher. We can see her now teaching her classes while she sits poised on a bicycle. ' junior College Club. K f-- .:. 1.5.9.--i'Z1..,--..g 1.g:"2,:'f:- -Q.4r,:- '. 5 'V . . - -if ,- - ' -: 5, 1-"" ' 1--.-sf-as-1efwmlg-ipzbzsctifft'-E3 H ff- 51 . A f ' ' . -v'o-alilfllfssbgf 9.2.-fS-vP4',f.2B':-"-- P'-2?-'v.'x:'l.7U"' . 4 . M. , , - A - ' 'r -'Cray vt,-4.1. S. W -1- . rf' .b ig. k Ive:-'-za. sf. 43? ' " ' 1- , ,- :1'v'2i1-I '.'Jggr-arse-359172:-.'??fzegSv3,L M ,, . I f ' 5-1 ,, .Nei-. 493 'X ' Ml- 2 Page One Hundred Twelve ' ..t.- -' ai- -. --Q. 1 av. 'uf-'1""'. N- .- A, ' 'fs' 15.-fini-as .1 gt ,gigegrigiiizaaza-aaqigefzilnaifff? :wg , 'w'Cu3- ' iiS2z5f15wa::'af 2' A, , ,Q , ..,-isixfggnfaeif2:Hifi?5Z2:1H'Sfs'24:2.5:i' Luang.. vQigig"1. 15422-::aj?fa.w" " 'eh 1112- 1:21-1.':"fi'p,7 -fqfu-'1'ig-Qfnyf' . '+' ' ' - t.-'ifr -.-ug? nf sz r Q ai ," 5 '-ft-S5mi':2f+fr?sf -' .f fgvrllwgxll, .4 dl S I l '21, 'Sf I I I JAMES O'CONNELL New Britain, Conn. 'ljimmien Aluly 25, 1916 "Music has its appeal" Although Ujimmien was not so hot in the Math or Latin class. he surely makes up for it in the way he plays the piano. We don't know what he intends to do next year but he expects to follow up his musical talent. Here's luck to you and your piano, Hjimmien. MARY EDITH SIRIANNI New Britain, Conn, i'Mimi" August 3, 1918 "Good order is the foundation of all good things" Mary is a very hard worker, always does her work on time and is always ready to help ah friend in need. Mary is a grand sport and a lover of fun. Most ol her evenings are devoted to a certain young man who may indeed count himself fortunate in having the attentions of this charming miss. Someday Mary is going to make an attractive stenographer for a big business man. Loads of luck. MARY HENRIETTA SKURZEWSKI New Britain, Conn. i'Marja" -luly 28, 1018 UA higher mind is higher than a crown" Mary, as almost everyone knows is that rare combination of intelli- gence and fun which you would not expect to find in one person, Shes always ready to give you a friendly greeting and a pleasant smile. lt is common rumor that she excels in tennis, and that she is a baseball fan and greatly impressed with football. She is considered to be by all the most intelligent student of the graduating class, for she has the highest scholastic standing. Mary thinks mathematics is a hobby. Sineerity is among her many virtues and makes her a "real friend". So we wish you luck Mary in whatever field you enter. -Iunior College Cllubg Girls' League. that is very kind and sympathetic.,.,-,,-gh515354, 5,133-',aj::f.Lsaf.o-y ' :ap .f ' , . ,- -,i " f- .- Jfaeaf. "Q A . 'A'-'wx-. :,ra'ff1r52'i1asf"rr2.'-fa-21156 t- H i.. " A ' Ls 1 - ff" -Q5 + I Page Une I lundred Thirteen JOHN O'KEEFE New Britain, Conn. "jackie December 9 1917 'Live and Learn lf you notice a light.-complexioned fellow with red hair combed back you can be sure it's "jackie", He has a wav about him that makes him popular with his classmates. Between periods he usually stands in the corridor and talks with some voung lass His one ambition in life is probably to graduate. Keep at it jackie Theta Sigma Fraternity, High School Band l rack HELEN GENEVIEVE SMIALOWSKI New Britain, Conn. january 24 1918 "What happinesx in volitude Helen's school work occupies most of her time So far boys h ix en t been able to interest her, but perhaps some day some prince charming will carry her away to live happily ever after She is very shy, but under that retiring nature you will find a girl ,. gif I v'-2 1"'3lQ - 'V ' ' 1' 1A.!',1'f-Lfutv '. '---"'Q'- I --5 X V" 'fN'.-'- ,n,,1-',',.', -1133,-1 N f.' - Q--,' - f, -'1-gg-:..g.,.'x.-,J'd:g--i,---fg,-:'.:'', ,I-:.'.:'1'5,1i.:-. .-,n-55 33,1-,..f. igezJ+ie5rpw33:.13!qzaaiggitxlse.cgL'i?1vs:.l:,'i:'ie i --. -. ., i1,,.,n- - , , .-Q n -5, 53 I: 555 fi, Q-L-. gl,-,L-:' -: . .,--,gg -' ' 1, 1' '22-5f1:ff:., 3: +i ,-- '24 ' .r ,Er-HE,2,aairSf.+wtwelrfegeafaxv-fa-55f.1,:f1Jff9 ' 5D::r1rg5-5.151 -A eulliyv azf:f.-.2::'.-!c!r:f,':.-rT.:1:.:'fi:5'-zlssaffnfsnuff- laaf-V.-'.fi'f-f f U, 5 'ff N f x . wk 'X I-l-I WILLIAM O'LEARY New Britain, Conn. "Bill" lvlarch 4, l9l8 "Skill is .stronger than strength" lf ever you should hear a spontaneous peal of high-pitched laughter in the halls, it's "Bill". Renowned for his love of hard work, he is a pleasure to all his teachers. He is an expert at obtaining tardy and absentee passes. His attentions to that strikingly beautiful blonde are well known, For a high school student he has traveled a great deal. We all like "Bill" and hate to see him leave our ranks. GLORIA PATRICIA SMITH New Britain, Conn, "Pat" August 27, 1918 'Comfort use and protection in society" Heres our Gloria of the wild and woolly ways. She's quite a social attraction, but nobody can hnd her at the social events. A quiet girl she enjoys her share of affection. This is all we can say about Gloria but there is much more that should be said about her. Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority. GENEVIEVE SOBCZAK New Britain, Conn. March 3, l9l8 "Silence is golden" Genevieve is a quiet type of a girl who speaks only when spoken to. She brightens up though when she is alone with a congenial friend. Genevieve is really an expert dressmaker but she is interested in nursing as a career. Q Lots of Luck to this lair miss! DONALD OWEN Brooklyn, N. Y. i'Don" july 2, l9l7 "lt's clothes that make the man" "Don" Hot Cha Owen is a boy with wonderful taste. Wearing a cheery smile and laying a mean slap on many a back he may be seen entering the Physics class with a determination to accomplish some- thing during the period. He craves sports, but more than anything likes girls. How interesting it is to hear him talk for a whole period on his latest conquest. Your headed in the right direction for a goal that's hard to reach, "Don". Track Team, Amphion Club. HELEN SOBLEWSKA New Britain, Conn. April 29, i917 i'Flne clothes do much to make a girl" I guess everybody knows Helen for she's the girl who wears all these beautiful knitted dresses, and to think she makes them all herself, However, Helen not only has divine taste in clothes, but also in keeping herself attractive for have you ever noticed those beautiful natural red cheeks Helen keeps with her throughout the day? Well, Helen, with those clothes and that beautiful complexion the Door to Hollywood is open to you. Phi Omega Sorority, Representative Girls' League. my " 2 I- .f ' . , - -,rx F Aw -. 11--T: 1:-Pr'1f3'i:1".5w,1-':"Aga:-1e3:f,.,,.g,JM3 : -J af jgsfe HT- - I . ff . .f f qw. ,fry "g1fAZIb'4?r , .. .: . , .t ky-, .-'.-gf-izs?J 1--5,ei-:mfgQg4is-risssgqfzfsf 1 w " " J A . " 'J , I'3?fZ?fg,'f' I' " f -iii-f'3'i:2'1'r!'a'::'rrE4-fT'.""'-will-L-Jes l r sri' "4"W.1 'W - 'V Lf 'sm iifkfw Page One Hundred Fourteen " 'sl' . ..-- Y' " , --,- -V-,.-Q ir!5345153--.nsms-25:-"i:s"'-1 . 72: - Q-i' , f " N?-E":rIf.:':-4. f '1 X 'I . "'f '-'14-."f.,I!' 1. : go' 9 ' ' ' law,"-." if'-'-' 4 ' 1-11:-' '31 :vt ' 'C ' ' 13.3"-:'fdf'1'."-'L M ' 212-91 f4'?'fYi ,5 ' ' ' fs" 15:4-we ,mifw "ff 'E .-e,1:,4fa ,til 1-'. Q ,Lg e I J --'54f:'.-,ri't-lwfri 'V " ' in ,FY L 1' 'Y . if 2' " 4. Y l"l-I HOWARD RALPH PALADINO New Britain, Conn. "Butch" November 22, 1917 'Mfalh without thinking is to shoot without aim" This boy belongs in Bob Ripley's "Hal1ofOddities". He has so many queer ways. He does have a good streak in him however, which makes him popular with the girls. When he isn't talking with them he's dancing with them. If some of his ability could be turned into scholastic ability "Butch" would get along all right. Track-- -Assistant Manager. DRUSCELLA BELLE STACK New Britain, Conn, l'Tootsie" july 27, 1917 "A joyful girl who can say, 'l have lived' H Shes never at home, and we can never get, her on the 'phone lf she didnt have a date every night she'd think she was neglected. Boys fall hard and no wonder for "Tootsie" is that blonde with the lisp-f or is it a "lithp", "Tootsie"7 O well, "Tootsie" just shouldnt pay no 'tention, lor we all know shell go far in the future. ALVINA ANNA SUESS Hart lord. Conn, "Peanuts" October l, 1918 "Good service is a great enchantment" Everybody knows Alvina, the little blonde girl always ready to greet you with a smile. She is very pleasant, full of fun and is very fond of dancing. Although she spends many evenings of the week with a certain George, she always manages to get her work in the nick of time, This petite miss is sure to set her mark in the world, for she has all the qualities which make for success. Girls' League, Alpha Mu Sorority. i Baseballg Basketball, throb, 'Peg '7 Girls' League. W 4:.p..,-,,,:,-q:::.g..: .3 3,1-"',:1:-f-'svvvi' "- - -f - - ' ' ' 1 v- f , 1 tv , V . gdb-951' 'H ., .H cl'-'Eff-:A-: .-'-A new , - ' - ' 2 . ' 4 - w . A 1-nz-1-ff:T-sw-awf?S:-'fif PV -- 412115 ' ' if ff eff 3 4.11,-g.gftf L 9 -sf Q ' .f y, ,"im.1,6-'I x :,3. , Page One I Iundred Fifteen HENRY PARSON New Britain, Conn. 1 ebru irv 23 1017 " How you played the game Where would our baseball team be if it werent for Henry His "big stick" pushes across many runs for us He s also a shining st ir in basketball. Aside from Athletics he hasnt any interests but he ought to make good even in this one field ll he tried he could get along with the girls. lt's worth trying anyway' Henry MARGARET BERNADINE SURPRENANT Hartford, Conn. "Peg" October 8 191s "Of manners gentle, ij affections mild iiPeg" is very studious and may always be seen carrying an armlul of books fincluding referencesj. Her spare moments are spent in reading and making all kinds of scrap books With her sweet dis position, "Peg" is sure to find a worthy place in the world lhere s only one thing we would like to know and that is have you a heart U, i w.'1zf"-f f" ":,Svv:'4:'. ,' T x.. ' N. s Sr, W .f f I I. ' '- : Jag.-.,l-i,,:..g.-,.. -Q, ',uf3.u:3"iss . . ' '13-cqgfzigevlzsxg f 1f.'-1 sf-4'ft.'-ls-intfwz-g .X v r- s 3- - s. , .g ,-. ., 1. ,v..fe-, ,M-Arr' .. V ,...- . , i , . Q inlet. J . Ai. 11,2 1:1-,:.1ls5s-ffl54+r-Df1',':e'13-fi-Hgizelt' : -1: n " 3 Wze-lffzeaflatera '.Tgiai.t1..5,eil.555:?.Ft: Q.:tL,L3x,gfg32y-, . Q1 vi' . ., I '-'fe' 'If"3" f 'DIPPFES-535i -4 ,,,, 'l I p ' flfimuzflf-ifrsaxz "' if JOHN EDWARD PASKEVICH New Britain. Conn. 'johnny' .July 18, 1918 A' He goes furthest that knows not where he is going" This young man seems to get around town doesnt he? He also seems to be quite popular with the opposite sex. Is it his blonde hair or the car which he drives to school every so often? We hear that he is quite an athlete even though he is a "wee bit" shorter than most boys. We are not sure of his future plans, but with his good start in New Britain High School we are sure he will be a success. JEANETTE VIRGINIA SWANTON New Britain. Conn, April 28, IQI7 "A merry heart goes all the day" Upon seeingjeanette one may well ask "who's that Honey". Where- upon a chorus would respond giving name, address, phone no. and the list of assets, virtues and what not she possesses. Dont forget her adhesions which may, misfortune take them, prevent her attendance "Prom" night. Tough luck, jeanette. may the hard knocks all come here at school, and the future be bright and sunny. THOMAS EDWARD SUPRENANT New Britain, Conn. "Tom" December 31, 1918 "Calmness is natural to a great mind" "Tommy" is quite an agreeable person. He is ambitious, hard- working and claims he never had a good time in his life. Well, you can't blame him because he has little time for it. He is a witty person in his own way. and onc could not wish for a better friend and com- panion. LEO JOSEPH PERZANOWSKI New Britain, Conn. june 15, 1917 'Some must swim when others sink" Leo is a modest chap whose chief ambition is to get a fortune without exerting any mental or physical facilities. He is a shy fellow who hasnt much to do with the fairer sex, but we hope he'll get ovcr that. He is only active in one sport4swimming. We hope that he will become one of our great swimming stars in the future. May he suc- ceed in his chosen profession. HELEN MARY TANGUAY New Britain, Conn. "Curly" November o, l9l7 'Good things come to some when they are asleep" "Curly" is an amusing young person possessed of wit and personality which endear her to all who know her. This curly headed miss may be seen rushing along toward 324, almost any morning, chewing gum fast and furiously. At present Helen is interested in a career more than anything else and if looks and personality count anything, we know you will succeed. Girls' League. 0-71' "L i 3- f- ' . I, ' -,fx g fr -..4vz,, . - 14-, 1:--'g xv! lf.cii11'.5y,g 'ig ai.: yu' I., 5 V. V -'J , 531122-'ls 5 .' -' cf . -. -9'3iG?llff'-':'fF-967072?-likifxk-1fEiv siwttfvf- -'-2 if 5, ,. sf- Wgvll -'Y ' ' .1 '. 1 ' .5 'fff W 'ry rf?-'-':if,,':ifi?,aLfff1:5::f1-7fasfsfegsgfnqszk-.l'-' 'ft , s, ' sa 3'fP..-,G-are Eff .ea ' . 'P tb, digg?" fp:-fiislsigfa's-12-srlfvifgiaisf:fftqriesf:ft.'2f::m -P' f? 1..t..4f .. - - . , ev . .. rf iwwf Page One Hundred Sixteen 'ffl-711 ' ' ,.,.. -- .- - ,. :4-- f .i aa-. , a:'-p""-.- fs- .f 'v 'P1"?MF.a1-A-i'1"f,'ug:i 'K A.: Give- ., :tc -1-5Ptffifs2QeZL if r. .fa ,1 'fi ,' g f isizvgizisjza'Q.112i.:g2s312'-lf. . ..'l-'1':,.z3iZ1.'2:g f 1 1sfY,,9E',iafr1'i--n'5.i1Ec': I!:R'2'1iw5fi'5l5,'i'4i5 3- i 11 -n DV ' "f:- 5'73"-'f-L-1A.fp'q?3frQ544: 91-24:f.f'i"-'ini'--C5"l'i."iii-f 'n:31.'3Li-5r.?Ql,'i.1,f: .g:,3,-Ziff: , 5 V. , u . P .ia .. ,3,E:iHLinQi.: ,J1:q gz :u.5,s-,filssf . '1 -3.35, P" f'l""5TE.5S'-'-:'f9Gif3i:'1fl?-ii. 3-. . . l l i lfflf x HF:-3.ii:3Yf?f:fh5fTi::Hi'24:1-S'-"i'?f.K, '2' QQA JAU, 2 i WU' 2 11. J? .f lg n 1 if iff L+ G' 'NF' JOHN ANTHONY PIKUTIS New Britain, Conn. "Farmer" August ll, 1918 "A very superior farmer" When it comes to play, "Farmers" right there but when it's work, where is he? Our future "Farmer" plays well in basketball and golf, at bookkeeping he's a wiz. He'll be leaving us all to go back to the farm where he will watch his crops and cattle. john was born to be a credit to us and he's sure making good his purpose. HELEN AGNES TEDEROWICZ New Britain, Conn. i'Teddy" April 18, l9l8 "Turn your tongue seven times before talking" Talkative "Teddy" hasn't much to learn about boys. What more could she know. "Teddy" is something of a socialite, but her light doesn't shine in school. Tall and tardy "Teddy" ought to carry her own admit stamp around with her. Some enterprising young executive ought to Gnd an efficient secretary in "Teddy". Girls' League. FRANK VINCI New Britain, Conn. january lo. l9l7 "ln the world who cannot swim goes lo the bottom" A diplomatic adventurer, Frank has much to learn about everything in general. Although lessons are the least of his worries unless we count girls, Frank did manage somehow to be called a candidate for gradu- ation. Happy days are ahead for Frank we know. RICHARD PRATT New Britain, Conn. "Dick" lvfay l8, l9l7 "Put a spirit of youth in everything" "Dick" is our daring and handsome Romeo. Despite the fact that he is finally graduating he is a very bright student. He displays traits that are bound to make his future a success. He comes from an honest, reputable family and is one to be trusted at anytime. He belongs to the A. D. S. fraternity and is well liked by all his acquaint- ances. He is seen at all social activities. He has two faults. The hrst is, he is a poor golfer, the second, he does the "Yo-Yo" very badly. Alpha Delta Sigma Fraternity. PHYLLIS REGINA TOMASZEWSKI New York, N. Y. "Phil" March 15, 1918 "Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone" "Phil" is quiet, shy, and industrious. She is well liked by her class- mates for her willingness to help others along. However, between periods she can always be found talking to some young man. "Phil" loves to sew and no wonder, she is constantly in fashion-making her own Parisian creations. Her great ambition is to have a good time and always be merry. "Phil" visits the high spots of the country for new atmosphere, never satished, always determined to Gnd something new. We therefore, wish you luck to all your undertakings, i'Phil". M Y Phi Omega Sorority, Girls' League. ,- U ..'.:. .-"s",..' .:-'ff --"a " -I 2 '., . - .-1 -W H . ' ' ' :-rf -is-iz.-Qi: -f ve- - , f' '5':.4,':-'crewed2.f.4!a5z3jf:-Qgthfgf i, QL 7 y . - ' R12-if iw .!Ea:QS62.!ff':'C'+'i9112515123-g.'1a1UXAVJ V'-,.-..eeJ:::ff4'qrqme4.a'g -its--' 4 .Q ' 1 -' - 4' - 'wliim-. A-4-m:"fw-:'-:',-'Hairall-fmw.-'ifb t 4 V p,. 754,-55335-srxsqgyigtg-'f' .. t15'5Z'??1i3 . .. .1 . it 5 -51 :vSi:'?-Rl. 5251"v:.-: 1 4-'J .. s- 1- V - , ' -V - 5 - ff P "' 1 7".'e12'rfr1r.'f "v?7.'3:"72""' "fini-1.-aff?-A:f'i'fiv-ffP:?f?-31L an ti ' .. - ' '7 'ff 4 19 'iifkzffiiif'-43:sr41ff533::'visa-19 Page One Hundred Seventeen uhm . - r ,-1 '. W l lr. L A . -,t . I 4 ., 4' 4 .. . 7 -1 tl f -f ago' - lvl I i , , .. . -. X N . 26 'Us - ' r-"fvp,.. - 4 J- ' 0- - in : H, Pgi5nf,Q,Ef1.ii.5:'S.qisg-f:,5i?2'H'i'.L:-513-g-42' . 'i ff ' X' 3 'Ps 'l1fff.ln4L,f:S-'!':gs?.,l:fq.-5kf,gQ-Aw-iii?-,Q-1-5Z'hP'i5Q3'-L-'ff ' 1. -- -, --.-1-.'-.1 '-, : '- -- V.: . H' .4 . r. -:L-to ,-ur M,-A nv- -3,-.--1' ..:f.-1. ' - 3-,:."..1if'4r-'Eff' 6:5-nf?'fa-1fli'2'!1'3v!:74Y , + - H- 7 ' ' -ht-"WE -',',:g"fl - 1 979' ''13-1-.1'et52,'?s44e-N371-9 ' .. , 7 -, f--3.1.-.,.'.-A-"fr -rg, f-.,f xy " , q f J. .. A.. f'!.qP'fu,-,Ira-.'2.4n .jg fp, ".. .'.q'-1-'fm --.1-fa. Ld- - Jf':.:x-L-Q.. :7,,.v,.:'17,gy.5,g7'L -A Q, , Q l . '55 v:lfI'.i5.i:'.---'-frih.-m712.1:.-'I'-:1-RC-'fr'ff,tA - -v-,'fw..,.i,r,-' LEVI GLEASON REDFIELD Worcester, Mass. uLee" April 3, F218 UGreal ministers are mortal men" Unless we are mistaken 'iLee" will someday be a Methodist minister. One of that old-fashioned type who believes that nothing goes, except efhciency. "Lee" aims someday to go to college and we hope nothing disappoints him. We ought to say something about his interest in Newington, To him she is his greatest asset. l-lere's luck to you, Lee. Amphion Club. HELEN TUSKOWSKI New Britain, Conn. "Duchess" january 22, l9l8 A'Greal minds think alike" Helen is what we call a triple threat. She is one of our prettiest graduates. Her only interests are her studies and the pursuit of art and we know she will go far in that, for she has real ability. Good luck to you, Helen. CHARLES WILLIAM WARD Persia May I3, 1918 "Charlie" is the curly-haired chap who greets all his friends with a loud and sincere "hello". He never seems to get angry or let anything keep him down. and if he continues that way we're sure he will be a SUCCESS. He is the lad who changed to a college course in his freshman year. Perhaps he will be a well-known professional man in a few years. We wish you luck, "Charlie". Athletics. ROBERT EDWARD REIMER New Britain, Conn. "Bobby" August 8, 1917 " Half our knowledge we must snatch, not take" "Bob" is a student whose mind mingles with the sport world rather than with his studies. He may be called an ardent Detroit fan as he is known to name players on the city of champions' teams. "Bob" is destined to become a high ranking boxer for the lightweight crown. We sincerely hope that his ambition is successfully reached. Baseball '35, '36, PAULINE URBANSKY New Britain, Conn. "Polly" December 27, IQI8 "A maiden who hath no tongue but thought" Introducing one of our most conscientious students, Pauline Ur- bansky. Besides being a serious minded person, "Polly" is quite the reserved young lady. We very rarely can get "Polly" to talk at great lengthfshed rather keep her thoughts to herself. "Polly's" ambition is to become a junior High School pedagogue. We have reason to believe that she will be one of our best teachers. May success be hers! Girls' League: junior College Club. 1 . "mi-.--'.-.S-..+':'1..vLpw1rQ"?i'C''4"1f"'91' " tw' -f ' - - . ' 4' 'Q' '--A -- "' ifff' 'va' lfgfialu.ra'-4'4:1--'Q-::qea1a..,,:.y.:: gs:.'4.,.,x.--4' gg',agf:-P"e.-'f Y, " .i sf :L -- .' - ' ww" 'g .' v5-v,,-v'q.--:v-'- fg'Haf-fda"-2:iftfr11x,'-:gg ' .- ' -" ' ' 'f'f'4?9':i. . , sf-filf-negQ,-'fzrai-qxftaas,-a3:'gk5..i,g,2:,,o -f .gear ' ' " ' A .w,:vvNA4-gif-5 -z 4 I '-ff?ff?YWit'252'fv?f?T"l1asf,-::.f..f?pf:ez-.R1 U ' ' - ' ' 2 .- ' -Wi'2"' Page One Hundred Eighteen :.-4-are-.f.-.-. nf- ..v:3-Palfgfiv - ' . 'f . ''L5PEk':f5:1F':3f:3i:ff'a52i+37'1-?g2-- i1':2Iz,i'.?f1l'--'r' . 1.-11 .:g-,,gf,g1F:,a,i--:. '1-:Q-i.y,.v, 5-' .- . - g v .. . QM,-,nl f-- :P-, .--':---'f--fx-c---r. - ' - f- .x - sm- 1--ff. .-- A-. 'sr' -.-we--, - '-' 'W '- '-,-,.v- 'f.'Mf"'.f, .-9--,:'.L-1,-is 1 ai?15.?1fQ'1V'51l'5'59l5-5?,1f95?i15?r?5f2i'-43 .L X-'iii' -W Q 3225: 'lf-ffafiw2a'Q'5E12?i:Gk1f45x-.-frm: Hg.-.,:f1-'J.'1-sp:'.'5:jm2,-1Q-bQ':!g-2f1g:'z3f. , '+I '- P' 3-. ' Ji'Yi:2,'i-,323:5.aluggf?!,f-yur,-:wwiff-- fp5:.f,T '451:fa'M-wffim-2:11-.-.s.'Amin-1q,:':f,. .. ,,,5 'l . 9 fm '-aff:-mas.-1-refs.-ff.:.:':.:f-.zmfrf-.H.f 1- f ,Elf . 1 4 ' uf? 3. I-'-I FREDERICK JOHN ROACH New Britain, Conn. 'iFreddie" lvlay 20, IQIS "Small as Napoleon was small" "Freddie" must be paid for advertising the De Molay, for he is always talking about it. ln addition to his interest in his schoolwork and the De Molay, he is active in dramatics. Because of his inability-W as yet-- to tie his own necktie, he sports flashy bow ties. lf silence were golden, we fear "Freddie" would be selling peanuts in the future. We wonder if he has ever been on time for an appointment. However, "Freddie", its better late than never. We don't know his future plans. but here's to success at whatever he undertakes. ALDA VINICK New Britain. Conn. MAI" August Zo, l9l8 "Smile and the iuorla' smiles with you" "Al" is that tall, blonde who plays in an orchestra at many dances about town, She is an accomplished pianist and noted for her charm- ing smile. One of her favorite maxims is, "Handsome is as handsome does". After graduation, "Al" plans to go into business for herself, and we know she will succeed for she has ability, initiative, and a pleasing personality. Girls' League. JEROME ANDREW WELLS New Britain, Conn. "jerry" kluly ZZ, l9l7 "Wisdom is the wealth of the wise" A better dressed man there is none other. He's popular with the boys and also with the girls, When he is at school he is a ugrade A" student. He answers the teachers with a smile and sometimes with a frown. At sports he is an ace. He runs like a deer, swims, hikes, and does many things which make him an all round sport. Hospitality and kindness fill his day so you see he has quite a way. Member of Graduation Councils. GEORGE ALBERT ROTHSTEIN New Britain, Conn, "Al" March 5, IQZO "All great men have passed on and 1 feel none too well" Remember those fast walks of ours to school, "Al"7 But we always managed to make it, didn't we? MAI" intends to entcr the teaching world after graduation. At present he happens to be a shoe salesman and as salesman usually have reputations, he has one too, But "Al" has a good "Rep", He can talk even a woman out of breath. Several of our teachers will vouch for his persistence in arguing. "Al" is in hard worker and hence is bound to come out on top. Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity, Track l, 2. MARJORIE RUTH WALKER New Britain, Conn. "Marj" March 29, l0l8 "ln love with life" i'Marj" is a girl you can always depend upon. With her friendly manner and witty personality near, you just can't help but be cheered up. Maybe that's why she has so many friends. We wonder if the Lime Rickeys keep her spirits high. "lvIarj" is keeping her career a secret but whatever it is we know she'll come out on top Alpha Alpha Sorority: Girls' League. , .5-ay..-,. :.-f:2:..,z ,f 1.--3"!i'::"fg-fa-y" -' r 1- -f ' - .. - .- w 141 1 " " ' 1'-'J in-a'1f.f21:1".5w.: 11' .1-:qqzv 0 W if " X f- i we Q r x . .af . qggagw ,,Q,:'2,a:Q5n:Qf2ygEgzfs-Q , , -1, . ' - Vkgf ' J ' ' 'X 'Q if-f I IW' ' ,5-'-'.'+-'r7'.-2, fa 51 .u ' . , l '. . A ' ' l 'Y V -' ' ' A K ' " 7 "3T",'T:ZJ,' "QT-f"" -' ' .- ?'f5wrf:fa'F-if:f'X'Ei'i54f-'?t?f?-S2 L 41 3' ' - ' L' U - f 'f V 493 321313391f'-'flfewffifrfNfl-xlrf'. Page One llimdreil Nineteen 1 g,u:g.,1a:,g3nj '-Q h in ' 5-.-cms11343-:sigy.gage-x!:'L1f,s.:.f2::'Xgy-5:g:,3N1,z,1.3.- R '-:a1nL-1, 5. . - . , ' ' f S'1:g3'-1w-- fp. .-,,.-:a..4,-2 af-:.:.-'-,ggi-:,..'-7.-r. .9-1 :-:,.f 1 -, 5":24i1iQ,4gc- f ' ,- . . 4- ' 2' 'gl -Mya'-sf'.vgsmq-15:-1'i:,lIg.Z,:f1,-: 'ii-7i":5'.li:f?51 1 1 ' f ' g559?J5bw4Q" 1. 1 ' 1' f 3: 'fiflvefll5'ls1T'iF5'-fiekt'41'"f2'f'f5fizxisfx,-skis!1 1 :fir-fir: .e ' ' .S w:-P1521 +1-ms. "7!n'-'ffrilrtiii,-f':wf:1'-a.-'32HL- I' " ' -g5g,2fiy,5!gP5 wi -'I l l f. .1S:uf.25':2!sfr:sSl??f::k'5':'NSS3irfruuf.-fwf-ffffv.-'.-if if, 2 gm . I-5-I DAVID JOHN SARGIS New Britain, Conn. December 25, 1918 "I n all thy humours, whether grave or mellow Tholfrt such a touchy, testy, pleasant fellow" David is dark and handsome but lacks the third quality-height. However, in his mere five-feet-four he has all the qualities that one finds in a taller youth, and he uses these often. His humor and per- sonality have made him a friend of everyone coming in contact with him. There are very few persons that would make a better friend than he. Although his future plans are unknown, we are sure he will be a success in whatever he undertakes. VIRGINIA ANN WALSH New Britain, Conn. 'AGinny" September 18, 1918 'Look before you leap" 'AGinny" the brownette with the flashing dark eyes is the model high school girl. Added to her ability to master any undertaking, including a big, black car is her keen wit. "Ginny's" ambition is to train at St. Francis' Hospital, so that she may comfort her classmates in their days of indisposition. Beta Mu Sorority, Girls' League. EDWARD ALEXANDER WEZOWICZ Bridgeport, Conn. "Wezzy" june 17, 1917 "Patient waiters are no losers" "Wezzy" is not a great athlete but he does play baseball He might be a wall flower when in a dance hall, When out with a girl friend he is a bit shy, For some stupid reason we may never know why, ln spite of these facts, he is still a great fellow He'll stand up for his rights, this boy is not "yellow" He will do great things in time to come So let's all watch him climb-it will be some fun. EDWARD SCHUPACK New Britain, Conn. 'Edu july 24, 1918 A'Fraternity or death" This fraternity boy helps to decorate our halls with his bosom fraternity brothers, Aside from decorating the only other thing "Ed" over decorated is his graph card, Knot with marks we don't meanj oh no! Need we mention that he has a girl friend-Enough said! Upsilon Lambda Phi Fraternity. DORIS PATRICIA WELCH New Britain, Conn. "Do" March 13, 1918 MLaugh and the world laughs with you" Everyone knows "Do" the girl who is liked by all, and especially popular with the male sex. She is a devoted follower of all social and sport activities. Ask "Do" why the '34-'35 basketball team was so victorious. She expects to join the throng of women with business careers, and we all hope she finds success, Q 0-7' yi, 1 ..- , . . - 5 -' mf f ag., ' 1g,9gc3:g:g:3,5,,'L.,3:g1.iggzfqnl-:w,s5:.71:: ...rg 4, .A -f.. .- A x 'I-'lvl . -we--'z-'sf---4. 'w"+:f,fEi-was-ze 11 ' L ' 1-wr ifivu- ' FS.--ff-"1... mf- . '.4'..if.- Wi 'W 91? 1 V 1 5 . ' ' 1 if . H -iw?-is Page One Hundred Twenty ' if,.f.., ..f:,,,qfg-.u5"4:9, :'- -, ff '.'s'x-blrsyg-,seg-fx, -A X 1331ix-.1-gg.31121-guilt.:glam-1-gamiheltii. 61.12 's,. f .ifkifiiiif-wail-.i:5' 1 AP A L , e,1p..' 1:,:.1w1--k'S.5+': I'e-l:':?+5-'S-316-1:1 by-1-1 g . v ,J vw if-2-gzftrsif-r Chief, Z fa ,'-vt-.-:ffm-f'7f"a 21-:'C1z,:i: i..,f'w-,-,,--gy ., , Q e'.-4'.- 3a-'-r-':'.,"- --. -.f."r:.c :5,'-s,-.f,E'-if. .tee-93-'..I:, 2 5 If. i ' . 's sr:-ftgfiq.'-1-sra5,'5.Q7'V ' -.',,t7::',,."i' Puff-1-.--1 "C'D','5'g'32Q1?gi', lg. Af . Q '-ftp, 'aff:-,13115l!.-tnffhlf fs' ,ff , C , .1 r I-l-I JOHN ROBERT SLINEY New Britain, Conn, "joe" October 2, 1918 " Nothing like a rattling ride" lt would be nice if we could all have a taxi service right up to our doorstep such as "Johnnie" has. Every day without fail the afore- mentioned yellow wheeled Whippet brings and takes "joe" to and from school. 'Johnnie' has mastered many difhcult subjects in his sojourn at our institute. We want you to over-come even harder dilhculties as they arise. IRENE LORETTA WINTERS New Britain, Conn. "Rene" August 31, 1913 A'When Irish eyes are Smiling" "Rene" is a cute little miss who is a smooth dancer. She may be seen at many dances and is never lacking a partner, because she has a smile for everyone and a giggle that is as contagious as the measles. "Rene" has a good time all morning until she gets to Room 29-then she has a better time. She usually manages to get to school in the morning before the bell rings, but if she doesn't that smile of hers works wonders. Her energy and persoanlity will make her successful in whatever she undertakes. Representative Girls' League, EDWARD YETARIAN New Britain, Conn, "Iggy" August 20. 1918 "Pleasure tastezh well afler service" Edward is called "Iggy" by most of his friends. He haunts all of the teachers by talking and generally raising the dickens, but never- theless everyone likes him. He went to trade school and now is graduating from High School. "Iggy" is also musically inclined, being one of three young men who won a prize over the radio station WTIC He is probably one of the most hard working young men in town. FRANCIS GEORGE SLIVA Hartford, Conn. "Fran" August 6, 1918 "Art may err" "Fran" has exhibited such a girlish courtesy that he has gained a reputation of being our class "female" boy. His talents bend toward art, a field which should be able to use "1frannie" in their classes be- cause he is so polite. We have appreciated your kind efforts "Fran" and want to have you remember us. FLORENCE MAE WOJACK New Britain, Conn. "Flo" October 21. 1917 MBright names will hallow song" With an enthusiastic 'iWahoo" and a cowboy song. "Flo" enters the scene. She breezes in and breezes out of school with nary a worry about her work. and is already to bestow her latest collection of jokes to the nearest victim. Her sense of humor has won for her many friends--if she just keeps that humor she will go far in this world perhaps even to her beloved West and cowboy songs. Phi Omega Sorority. .fwfr-'. 'fs -f . ', -. - ' gf r '-:aa "' "' 1'--L' wa a'If5'i:1-'.fp,1:1- ,-4:-- . - 4 'ff'-1 JW -3-- f J ' : fl ai F-'fi fi x-r . , - . . . .' 1 -ff ' - f -'-.-31"-.:,:'f.'f-'srtiiwg - ""3ivM,f, ' - ' -. eff - ir:-Xffifaa1141-641253.-fzl'f:-Q-1 t ' Page One Hundred Twenty-one f5Q,M'i1, J- " 2 I I I . M. 'wr-15.31-rip : f 'P 3-as-sg.,--:X-:Sfi'-J,'gv:1Q'x1f'.xQ::.:f.: i'f451-':+-v-,fw:.-- :f"'l:"1 haf " , - .' ' 1 ' ' ' ' - ' "HANG-'f 4!':'b.V-1?-' 11 ., P 2:.:.'- 'w'j.'f"f-I '.f1-Z'rI?-'.- .' ' f P Q wear-'-?:?zlff1:.'l: -. ,- '-- 'N 1-N. iilslfltiwf-S-44sahw-1?!v- tiwczat ..:1mlL-'few , a- 5 ' f 1 1.1.-1'5:"4+:Y.w1' 1. '3 'I - " 1. SV: '42iw.1r:':'5nxzfeezsmm-:-Q-1--'rw A , .R.gf1,y-,Wi r 5 ., if i n . D is f E331-yflzgr,'1f.t2g2ggi?:j7g,4-Qytii-:,Q.5?.1-:,.f5,z.Sf,i..R:?.Ji,1.:. fi zw,DfF.?1'P,15.f3'p. .. C,-I 'I l 9 QL ' T157-.i.Qi::1f0YL":ih5rTa31R':119'-:11Zrif?9,L'Aff-T1'-f ffm'-Z-vfff JOHN GORMAN SMITH Philadelphia, Pa. "Professor" March 6, 1918 'ikeading maketh a learned man" Gorman is a commuter from Barnesdale, that large metropolis. Music, the most important of his many hobbies, is his chief consolation. With the help of a good listener, he can talk indefinitely on Gounod, Schubert, and Mendelssohn. The iiprof" is a serious minded fellow, and because of his wide- readings, he can be always depended upon to expound his views in class. Has anyone ever seen him without the company of his trusty brief- case? What, no answer? ELIZABETH CARLETON WOOD Meriden, Conn, "Belly" August 15, 1918 "Beyond the limits of the world" We must mention here that this young lady represents New Britain in the annual beauty contest at Miami, Florida. "Betty" is what we call a part-time student because she spends all the cold and bitter wintry days which the rest of us can't stand in balmy Florida. In spite of all this vacationing she has kept up in her studies and is graduat- ing with us. CORNELIUS VAN NAME YOUNG Wallingford, Conn. "Corky" january 20. 1918 " No man can see over his own height" Note that middle name folks. We bet it was meant for something which we haven't seen yet, "Corky" struggled through our hardest C71 courses but it cost him a half year in the attempt. "Corky" has plenty of time outside of school for baseball, golf and the like. Try not to lose anymore half years out of your life "Corky"! STANLEY STACHELEK East Hampton, Conn. "Stats" March 2, 1918 "Perseverance triumphs over all" "Stats" is a very persevering young man, full of initiative, who is always working in school or out. His desire is to become a journalist and by the looks of the poetry and essays he always sends to a certain young lady in Tariffville, he is well on his way to his chosen profession. Two things interest him mainly now and they are writing poetry and reading it to his girl friends. i'Stats" is a real man, what more can be said? Kappa Lambda, Mineralogy Society, Track '30 ESTHER YENKAUSKAS New Britain, Conn. june 1, 1918 "There was a little girl and she had a little curl" When you hear a lot of noise and giggles, you can tell it is Esther coming down the hall. She is known for her blonde hair worn long like the old fashioned innocent girl. She will get by and perhaps further with her giggles in the future. So here's to Giggles. Q 14-yt - - f .f . , - - - f ' ' 1-:wg uve'lfkmv-.:t'f.1-'11-:',4:--t:1:,.,L:.t:f '-,-'l'H-54'S2f2' - 71 I 1 ' Q ., .1ef,.+sp rwfx A-' , .. .:. , A ',f'...,-gi-. ',,.f:si..'f-a-5430+zgresm-are-:gf:a'1a.-asg. i w - -- ff . f' - e 1-wi Sf-ff , . i--'ff f-.wean-4 :--w'.e:r:- X' S ' ' 'f " in mv s f . A ' ' il Page One Hundred Twenty-two M ., ,7w,g1...Sqn-2rs.g.:.-,,,qa,,.2qI'263i"E5 ggff , ?- ' :Z-'vit-:f551fE'5f I 'O N :WL'A'-'TJFi'lf25f9.'C4:3'1-4xs"Gi'Z-34LWfE3- J- ."'l0,' '9t'f.l ' Ii3ll5If"F"c3Cf 1 :I A L 3 t,1g314iq,::-sageat-iiff93?5:a'g5zlag:'.faf' fly- .' my - ln'-fe l5 Q7:'b,.'H" t. 1, .1131'--P2165-'iw-':.-'izwif:5-1-sa'f:ne12r3Z.2 W - - , ,V , wars' , -:kI,5:v. ,.-,.'fl-,isjf35.-.s4.y.55g.:'.qy,g3,5,,5s. .. ,g l . 2 -fu' 'lfsq-,Egg-,-Y-Xfr '- 'f r 3' '-6 5.1 11 1 5 'Sf'-ill' gag.-z-,xy-9 I g I SIDNEY SWETCHNICK New Britain, Conn. "Sid" December 28, 1918 "Who knows most says least" "Sid" is a very curly-haired lad that can be seen taking four or Eve fellows home at noon in his car. He has a pleasing manner that makes him a well-liked student among the seniors. No one seems to know his ambition in life. He is probably holding out on us. Good luck anyway. "Sid", even if you won't talk. Phi Beta Fraternity. ANNA KATHRYN SZYMANSKI New Britain, Conn. November 3, 1918 hen fortune smiles take advantage" just let opportunity show itself to this capable young lady, and she won't let it go. Anna has been a good student, dependable in every way. No matter what is assigned, Anna gets it done without and Nils", and "ands" or "but's". Good luck, Anna, Phi Omega Sorority. UW WILFRED TAYLOR England "Tommy" April 14, 1918 'Uur noble Englandlt praise" "Tommy" Taylor is our English Duke. We're glad the ship which brought him over didn't sink. We bet it wasn't the lvlayflower either. "Tommy" shows traits of his English birth. The famous London fog seems to have stayed with him. His assignments hang over just like any fog. lhe best for you, "Tommy". 1 of luck! - 1 ' '- -.'-.I- f'x"1uL.f -I-E"?i'fT '4"!" 0 A ' .H " ' I 7. "VE K- f "s''-1911.1:isaQ21'eiLzf!:5G5'sai?t9iifI3'5' 57' if - 5 . .Q f - Ei 3559014 " f 14 A at A t - it frfuwt 1 4 -. :te . , H ' , ' bi fvfrfazgezgya ta . N f f rY-P-at2:11,-r,1r5T"i1ai?'r::,.-.fafuffzief U , " . A A Lf l -ff + ff' 'fl- Page Une Hundred Twenty-three DAVID ROBINS TEMPLEMAN Bristol, Conn. "Bob" March 10 1916 UNO inclination for mere popularity "Bob" has become an important link in our system His many friends admire him and hope that he may achieve his goal as an en gineer. He is headed for Washington, D C where he plans to take a stiff engineering course for a year. lvlore power to you Bob ' FLORENCE MARION TOCZKO New Britain, Conn. "Flo" August 31 1917 " Health and money go far "Flo" is quite a charming young lady with brown hair and mis chievous brown eyes, she builds up quite a personality "Flo" takes part in all outside sports She takes interest in every thing that comes along with the exception of studying outside of school Although she isn't very studious about school work we know she will succeed, for she has strong will power to back her up Her one ambition is to become a physical education teacher Who knows that she might surprise many of our friends some day Best " " td' t-i,-1-.,,-...-.v-.,v:1-2-ai3'aES f 1- x J N :.g.:Xf2 A"-fxwfff-"fiIt-:111Lf2f1af .1 -'f 1' a , o- r .-i.., , . SSSQIQQQSSQE-Qazqiflf55'iikiiiieiiffsaf' -1gL' QQ' " XI J V32'22-vai4-1I'1':i1"- I -so -- v 4' qsf:2':'v42:s::f-- .1 f '-I.:-it-' ''35-+ft.:-ifrbz.-rnfiaiifs Q ,,,i 'l I Y "ur,-.a,uZ1.-freii " .fr a gl' A " tg B I" - ' Q ' Lv ,f . ' 'gr-.lzsrijezbjixi If f , , , l"l-I EDWARD JOHN TEREBA New Britain, Conn, 'Edu july 30, 1918 "I t becomes a young man to be modest" "Ed", as he is known to all his friends, is a short fellow with dark eyes and is well-liked by all his classmates. For two seasons he has played third base for our baseball team. and he hasn't done a bad job of it either. He also plays a bit of basketball, although not with the school team. We aren't sure. but his ambition might be to make the big leagues. Intramural Basketball: Baseball '35, '36, ALYCE LILLIAN TUTTLE New Britain, Conn. "Tut" April 27, IQI7 "Love me better, love me long" Alyce is a jolly soul. She's always singing, "I'm an occidental woman with an oriental mood for love". She is a swell tango dancer. Ask her something and you will get an answer either in Italian, French, Spanish, or Polish, She, of course, is Irish. Those Irish eyes are always smiling and can she roll them around. She's "Tut" to most of us and "Trixie" to others, Girls' League. IRENE FAY WAGNER Ellington, Conn, "Renie" November 5, IQI7 'Good things come in small packages" Iforever is a long time and that is how long Irene keeps her friends. Shes another one of those "real pals" that crop up every now and then when you need them, Don't let "Renie's" quiet manner fool you. Still water runs not so deep in this gal and her bubbling spirit is likely to overflow at any time I I Arnphion Club. attention, lvladamoiselle. Girls' League. . -J. ..',-L---"fl,--. F - 'l"?i.'.1"'.4' fi' A - ' '!f', ' 'K "X I- "' " 1 if ii gn. A , if Je .g'f"5lsnx',g,-gf x ' -T " ' -3 f4.gE3Qf3l'49 2 11-?f'Iii-Ifi:,fa'f1irf:Tf'?iiE'fri'-'Waist 9, ,, .1 ' - ' " ef' 23'-9' 'ft ' '+I' Page One Hundred Twenty-four I LOUIS S. ROSSICK Kensington, Conn. "Louie April 24 1916 - "I love a good creditable acquatntance Louis has often been called a "gay young blade His many ac quaintances enjoy his grand sense of humor which is constantly re vealing itself. Tall, blonde and very neat he presents a very good figure. Blondes appeal to him and many a time a sweet young thing gazes out the window and Finds Louis a sighing swain swinging on the garden gate with the light 0' love a shining in his eyes The gal of his dreams is Carol Lombard who sets his heart a flutter FLORENCE BETTY WASKELOWITZ New Britain, Conn. A'Waskel june 6 IQI7 'A Her talents were of the more .stlent class "Flo" combines that blonde beauty with talent ffashion designerj and brains. Her main ambition is to graduate from a designer s school and open a shop of her own. The best of luck to you I'm sure that in the near future the girls from New Britain High School will be patronizing your exclusixe shop We shall want special .. nf- haf'-:'aK7".: . - .f '25-um.-::.?'n-:slr-J,',i-gg-gs:--'.q,.-.:.sri- 1 p --5-.rl-:.e-4,1-.w, 4-1 ,- .'-- o ', ' ' . - 5iii-5'-2-'1-pi-pie,-gy.-1-:jflm,:jg-sg.'.'J'I-r.'.1y1fr-ij.. , J f , 1. .1:'g'a' nvll, i .Q . '+- ," V' ' a'-' 571925?i14f::?sLeigigv1i5w'-usearf-1'as'f?f.fTEwffc 1s.:iepg.1ri2a.s.rf1 A-, slid ' f4f:'.i.a1:2f-fees,1..fuk-f.zfsiisx.-ei'af,w,tff.ft-.fa:-f.'-:Ci-.- t Q1 ' ,t ,' 4 I I I CHARLES TWITCHELL Cambridge, Mass. "Charlie" August 8, 1917 " He knows how many beans make five" Not all intelligent people are loud-spoken. Any who think they are had better see "Charlie" perform. Besides his intellect he has such desirable characteristics as courtesy, good nature, and loyalty. lt is too bad that "Charlie" had to be ill and miss school but he has made up for it and should be a shining star in years to come. ROSALIE MARIE WISNIEWSKIE New Britain, Conn. "Beth" August Zo, 1918 "Sugar n' Spice" Rosalie is a nice Brownie who goes about her way unflurried and calm, Her interests center about music, a certain chemist, and a teacher. She doesnt say much, but when she does it is worth listen- ing to. Her plans for the future consist of attending the Hartford Trade School and becoming a hairdresser. Because she has a knack for doing everything well, we know she'll be adept at her new work. Good luck to you, "Beth". LAURENCE TYKSON New Haven, Conn. "Larry" December 31, 1917 "Fly with your own wings" Laurence is a thoughtful young man who has high hopes of be- coming a dramatic star. "Larry" is very athletic, enjoying such sports as football, baseball, tennis, golf and track, His greatest am- bition. yet to be fulhlled, is to enjoy a ride in an aeroplane. He ex- pects to travel far and wide, when his dramatic career, if any, is over. 'llraclt '33, '34, RUDOLPH FERDINAND UITZ Austria 'iRudy" March 31, 1910 " He useth his leisure to best advantage" lvlr. Uitz is a very studious and able young man, as is shown by high marks in all his school subjects. Though "Rudy" studies a great deal, he finds time to follow out such hobbies as tennis, golf, and crafts- manship. When he leaves high school, he will continue his studies for he is set upon entering the Coast Guard Academy. ln years to come we shall probably hear of his taking command of the Coast Guards great Heet. Bandg Track Team. WILLIAM THOMAS SOUNEY New Britain, Conn. "Bill" February 28, 1917 "A good mind possesses a kingdom" "Bill" has had a hard time deciding which class to graduate with, but evidently he saw some pretty face in our class which made him choose it. Quite an active lad, is this chap. He has his share of friends, and between school, society, and other things "Bill" doesnt have much spare time. We often see "Bill" delivering papers in a A'Herald" truck which makes us expect that he will be a newspaperman. Alpha Delta Sigma Fraternity. '0'9"' ' 1 51- '-- - ,. '. -Q' ' w un. z, . i' 'il-",f1L1:'If3Tf'15" ivy, 11- ,-L: ' azz, 1 : 2 36-Q3 V -1, , 41 Er .4 - gf . -vffililbemhivggs-151iz17Z,sx!fe1.'fE'5Jfaa.,-, ,.,-1-1 , we 1 -fy . , - i - '3-wk , 0:17-.2 4n'g'u-!a:1.sf4.a-'.f!A-W 2-: 'f'.:'fx::g: ---5-.t .V " "' is 51-S211--. ww , V 1- -' - 1 - .n 1. . . . , f f- ' - , Sins --,:.g,-,'- --:2r:sz--,3'.- -"' 4' QE L ,, . - A' Lf. .V -' f A4492 fstfsiassfl-a:w5?:fw.aff4.ff1 ' " Page One Hundred Twenty-five -3 fx" 5JiQ+-::,ff-a.:.--3-rg,-.E52'J6S?'i7?r "'- I , - , " ' 41- Ia-155532-jf,-jg' 19:15 1-2':Leia.alaif-:F-'Fi232aQ:2l'24?'xff1wr5I232EU5iQ.' A 'f. , ' 9l?li!f"fi'1' 3 fir ti-'fri 1',:se1-Miriam'-Etl,62cflna2f59w,eg:nF:':'4f:B.i:4 - I D' 4 Hg 6!1"T:a2- .fri-as 'N i ..gff:',.7,,,fp,,q-.:. ,? -41-,y.r'1'-'4,"'r,nPL1 , Y ' ' ' ' 4-f " ' 'sy "' -' ,.., ., ,,4.,,., 5, L, .,. e.,y..I, , t . QQ fl J- fr 9 1 f r -. ,, J -1 ' D' nh 0 of - ' 1" 47 L .Q ff 1 'x ,ig ' ' Vwltxmfifk 'ix -ft I- ? ' -'iT'?r"'l."'W'--if r".-'-I' - ll- CLEMENT JOSEPH UNWIN New Britain, Conn. "Clemy" january Z, 1917 'Better late than never But better never late" How could we get along without "Clem" in our classes to stir up a little excitement and fun by some remark of his? A newcomer can distinguish him from others because he is always the last one to enter the room -usually alter the bell has rung. He has a pleasing per- sonality and is liked by all his classmates, both girls and boys. Intramural Basketball, Theta Sigma Fraternity. HELEN YAROSS Plainvillc, Conn. "Lynn" August 7, 1917 "Ever let a fancy roam pleasure never is at home" lf you ever want a true friend-wheres one-always ready to lend a helping hand. True, lovable and sincere, she is very well liked by all her classmates. She is shy whenever there are boys around, Here is a girl we won't forget very soon. Lots of luck to you, "Lynn". LEACADIA VERONICA ZDANUK New Britain, Conn. 'iLou" February ll, 1918 "Sweet are the thoughts which savor of control, A quiet mind is richer than a crown" Everyday we saw "Lou" sitting quietly in her class rooms, saying little but doing great things in the way of school work. She has that unusual combination of blonde hair and dark brown eyes which men seem to Gnd so attractive. "Lou's" future is one of the things we can't be expected to i'know" but we prophecy great things lor her, Girls' League: junior College Club. LILLIAN SILVER Waterbury, Conn, 'iLil" September 28, 1918 "Music hath charm" In "Lil" we Find the desirable qualities of the modern girlAa swell dresser, a grand musician, a good speaker and most important a real pal, We'll always remember her flying fingers in the school orchestra, and her fiery speeches at the Phi Delta meetings. Lillian's chief interest right now lies in petroleum, Wonder if it's 'cause a certain young man is pumping gasoline? Along with her music ability, Lillian has managed to make high grades in her scholastic records. lt has been rumored that she and Pauline Rosenzweig are collaborating on a novelA"Play the piano and get your man". That must be the way they do it. Lillian has plans for becoming a concert pianist, Well here's luck to you. Phi Delta Sororityg School Orchestrag junior College Clubg Girls' FELIX LOMBARDO Winsted, Conn. "Guy" February ZZ, 1916 "Good dancers have better heels than heads" Felix Lombardo better "Cvuy" is a person whom every- one enjoys being with. He keeps the group around him in a gay mood with his jokes and crazy stunts. One way of picking Felix out from the crowd is that he is never without a young lady close to him. He was a member of the Auto Department of the State Trade School, with the ambition of becoming a great mechanic, but as soon as he found out that there was more work than pleasure connected with the trade, he dropped out. At present he is a grocer with the desire of starting a large grocery business. lf you ever want to see Felix just go to the "Circle" or to the "Holy Cross Hop" and there you will see "Guy" League. doing the harlem dance. F" Q. V .- M-,."' -'L..., r T 'Q"'i'f1""?i40' " 1. ' -t . A ' ' " ' N. ,l " "" '-9,5 LH' Y he 173 5 A f if f . s up :rn-. J... :L-..-o,.-':.q -,. w",.' " ' V:-q, -'Q . ' ' ' ', 5:5 'Mb ' -' - ,. .3 -'vf Fm A , ' Q -rf--cggg:mfgx.qgqr:5:.5frgfiQ",7pj.f,.fg25ge-g,g5,g M ,, , U A' L- ,, i"":f. , 4, lgglfggggg ffl- 1 Page One Hundred Twenty-.six jg ' L , ,Ji ck, ..av"ff'--.fe5f:i':f.y2"'eff1:'.e:':--153356251952 , T24 I - A :Fifi-affziiiiii. f N i.:.'-iw-?f'?a:'i'.'s:5ia:pgq.u2,-gfgzazwfgf. , -+- -- vi wg-f 2Emf,z9'vai:2iiE2 -.,,,. X ,- ai " g t ' '-tai Wifi-.2Z15'f:fafi-1-K"t" 4-' ,ff BRUNO KULMACZ New Britain. Conn. uCully" August 23, i919 " ll is the Age of Machinery in every outward and inward sense of the word" Anytime you ean't find him there or here, go to the local tennis courts and you will be sure to Find him there, as a matter of fact he nearly, one might say, lives there. His nickname is "Cully". Does not like girls very much-f in fact he's a woman-hater- so they say. Anytime in the future when you will hear some banging or elattering look around, l'll bet you'll find him there working on something or other, machines especially. Why shouldnt he-he's taking up ma- chinery down at the Trade School. Well, theres wishing you luck "CIullv". Trade School Machinist. ANNABELLE MARGARET FRAWLEY New Britain, Conn. "Anne" july 24, l9l7 'iThere ix nothing that persevering effort Cannot overcome" Annabelle is the jolly girl with a ready smile for everyone. Her effort and personality helped her overcome many a difficult problem. Let us hope that this will continue to be so at lVfoody's Secretarial School, where she is expecting to enroll. Girls' League. HELEN LATAUSKAS New Britain, Conn. "Kay" August 0, i918 "Attraction, attracting all like a magnet" "Kay" is our attractive golf enthusiast. Her large brown eyes have a very friendly expressionfthe young men think shes very nice. She has an idea that she may become a nurse and if sherdoesnt be- come a nurse she's going to stay just the way she is. lhe subject that she liked best in school was English. Of course, she liked other subjects too but English was the one she stayed with the longest. Good-bye "Kay", take care of that beautiful smile ol yours. WARNER EDWARD JOHNSON New Britain, Conn. 'Sweden February l4, 1918 "As honest a man as any in the cards" "Swede" is one of our cleverest craftsmen-ask Fisher Body. He sure is a big shot when it comes to drawing coaches and things like that. He is also one of our intellectual lights. He does what he has to do right on the dot and makes no complaint about it. He is highly recommended to any concern looking for a keen-minded, artistic helper. As a hunter, he is not quite so good. "Swede" is also fond of music, He loves the sweet, dew-dropping strains that make two hearts melt into one. So long, old boy! Good luck and long life! V 'fl " f 5" " ' " - .. ' -.' .' 'ff '.-fLlf, - ""' 'Gif-'S Nh!':5h'?Ll"-5121 1" 41: v, . 1 :Safe 1' J .- if , . -Pf'3l'l!G2e'6f6'fJ:w?5fivfifiezzs-5.21fE'zU's, if , 'if 'auf-H 'ja-'avi "gf - :aff , .: . A it "Ta Qu f .f 3-r 'I f -4 ,,.-sq' Ni- " N., "f . , ' 'A A Qi, gvmfz --gfo.g555.5g.i,:.n-931553 Ta -' -"" Qi t a, - A f ' L- ' fi' +459 xik!?5fZss?14lfe?44f5E1iiws-aim .' Page One Hundred Twenty-seven - -, , .. ...,q-,.1.5r:a, '. 17-A' lm' '.:-w.,,f.q ,4., 1'.'f11fQ2?f4?f.'7' .wgariijzfftal fl ..-'fini 'awp-,-r .i.2z'f-"ff . jf- 'fE11.:g,-.,-4. , f.:--1'-asv fi. -. 'S -:fri-'fb 41" L' ij,-':,. 1!'.i.3f'bX -5,1-.1-if :2--':x",Vg's5-4"f- if f .3-j. f' f ' L"",,',,i "":f'.' . '. 1 i 3:19-H-: 5222.-'--1'-"'gL'...', ui ,.,-':, .-"' v .-ww'-s tvf-,lhfhe i-Y Y 'r " .71 'Q 1-we'-ff '--fx,-A'1.67?!f'fl:-l"'4,"1' - -- N iw- i .JJ - 1 lg 1 sa, L , vu. -1,-- M1 4- H -- L ..'1ufA5,2u. :-, U-4 9 . fb.: wvfzvf,-..:,---fri,-.'fum- :'-- -:'.-'rl-A -f . .' .. I " gf N :sig :wif 9. V, 54,-,-2'-2 i I g I 4f 2 .ff l MENU 'l'iirm1iiv.ll11'i'c Cliilcliril -Nluflcil Ulirvm .Nlnuil nxlll' 4'L' I Piiklcs C'liii'lcvn Salaiz' Muyonnaixc liutlereil Salad Rollx Nleapolilim like Vream Small Cakes lun! Vliofolule or llul Coffee GUESTS md Mrs Stanley l l. llolmes Mr. and fvlrs. Palmer lj. llowur Mr. amd lvirs Louis P Slade Nlrs, Eunice Hildebrandt and Escort lxilr. :md lvlrs lfrzmk .X .Izimes Miss Marie Massey and Escort Miss Millie Cl, lX4e.fXuley Nlr. Charles A. Shea and Guest Mr :md Nlrs Ci. l7zix'isCfl'iz1se Miss llfzi lf. llnrvev fa . Miss Adrienne Ruby ,gfli-Jg'1.Q::.-,Q'::-"I-gfllvlfk' lg" Q' rr -, 5.5. -r,,,.-,.r,'I ' , " 9 :,f,Lg,',,,,,-5'4.5,4,i1.,:y, ff:?,ts5:l2ew::1i'1:?f 'Fi .-3 .-fi ' -aa ., ' V fgf11fl11g5A:2112':LiCEr?iE52ig'ib2-qggfzfl' 5 ' .M ' 1'3" ' 'Q.-5575-'?+i3i1'gQqT4SIgz-2:1-1:-S.ran.?L f'-'-'lr-1"11i'r'f"-Fi'-"a-gxgkg,f.,,,- :fi ' s A --'.. Lf. , ., ggkg.1514529i:i,,Q5ZifS-ZQG Page Une I lunilred 'fzuenly-eiglil . v-4, 1 4 lvl fs , s H 2 'Ji 'UI ..-.--.-v . ., .i,'q.,.-... as-. 'ua-'lg.i"14'f N- ., f ., f ' eggs,-s1.1':i-Lv,':-J,'gm1q'x:--gpm 1.4-V,...f--.:g-Dv.-,1v,,1j:.fy.-,'1Yc::11y,.a!f5., , Q,-. . -, V - , -L 1 -Arm--L--.-, -W: -uf.-. --:fu,,,.: '.-5 Aw: 1-",v.: ,Hg-, 'vw x.-- gi., .1 . . no gi s nl 1.3 ,N . -- z" 'n-1497437 -is iffisiinfifizefil5-3f1f0w37I?+?55l3'.i5 L -Aigi' IW ' sg'-:A "l'Aff:!f'ff5'P313333'3ieZE14s:?f'2fG?1vf- -.. L 3 A-gl'-fyg,.rg,',,,,,.'.31,:ma.31-,i,!,-1f.q,gr,.+.,i1 , 4, I u. yi ' ' f' Ef:'.'-ElW.1Z-in-'Fw-.r''1-'.-1?.'.v:,:6'-1-y.- .w -- -.N-,fer-iso.-L--.-f--V-fx':--V--.42-.-' A , 1, J- ....-'Rffeifqi'-.'r++'Saf':6:x:2w.. rf- - . .V 1 ,gigs ,.-,.agpg4.w,,,,i.gre,-v45,Jg,nr.yy,gf.5,11f,. .1 ,H I' fy .zfzn-s.a:'.--Q.r:s,.wQi:,:,::--9f:L'.U!nff.uA' june Class Night Exercises OUCH! MY CORN! A Farce in One Act by C. GORDON KURTZ fCopyrighted 1932. Willis N. Bugbee lncj CHARACTERS Warren Rich, The boy in love with the girl . . Marion Darrow, The Girl . . . Earl Myder, A chiropodist . Agnes Hipple, Marionls Maiden Aunt . George . . . Hazel Arthur Nadene Fred . Ruth .... Mr. Hadden, A man with a wooden leg .... CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE Godfrey Anderson, Chairman Dorothy Blews Robert Davis Dorothy Blews Frederick Roach Lillian Bozarnick Francis Franklin Merle Gordon Edwin Czechowicz Lenore Forstot Frank Morelli Ann Drobnis Andrew Barnialc Lois Howard Robert Davis Henry Lasch BUFFET DINNER DANCE Class of June 1936 In the High School Gymnasium june 22, 1936, from 9 to l o'clock Music furnished by Norman Cloutier and the "Merry Mad Caps" GUESTS Dr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Davis A. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Slade Mr. and Mrs. Palmer P. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. james Mrs. Eunice Hildebrandt and Guest Miss Millie G. McAuley Miss Ilga F. Harvey Mr. Charles A. Shea and Guest Miss Adrienne M. Raby PROMENADE COMMITTEE Justine Bacon, Chairman Russell Adams Merle Gordon jane Carlson Eunice Holloway joseph Costa Charles Nagle BAN QUET COMMITTEE Donald Owen, Chairman Mary Deane Edwin Mount Ruth Guite janet Rackliffe Robert Lukens Rudolph Uitz -.-2-:w:f.r:- 1:-.'--2 .Exff-"'2.11:-ww-vf " 1 -- ' - . f - ' ' " Q:':f.afxiff-.ri-.1-1-:.if-- e1i,.1,. if H' - I I 7 Q 2- mfffrqg: .-'Q --- .i . -'H 'W , i .: . - 1., gf' -'A . -,-' .-': 1 -elfrfef fg,'-3-Hugh. Efffla? . f . AJ. fggsifgsw . "1v?f'f'f?"''LfffwGf5+'iF2i'fv'ff-'?Ffff1h-si t m l, ' . - " Ls 1- - '-V 5465 Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Pugv Um' I lumlrcd Tllirly - - . ,-au.:-.-,-,.. -. Ma'-',"4i5'aFf 'F-'vi' -, 'asjn-N".-J-av'--.1,,,-e, x. "Q ' 2. zf2.1f!'f'1new-'QC'-1eI1iLf'f,"ij .- W 4- ' ' ' '12',3f-f"3"1'!-" .f.-:Cf-1 - - ,- fr''QW-L2u,i'.:E'i'5j'i5.-"f''fjcfgtufifrif "W glfrgl ' "f 1, vga gif-M-:Q-:SL-'JS-"tv7-I-'PEZA-,.,,'.?--,- A 4 '-1'if'xf'f:.'s,- ,V-'4pt.:j ai- ,-,Arg-V - 1 I - f .Ag 4 -'f,,Q,,,g,Lg.-:C,v,':q fix-,.-5 2'L,11ff.' "'f"'ff-b is .-I :f .' Q:-02'-'fff'. - -.ff ." ' 7' lfxl' f77"r1:fi1"1431.Q':fi'2!f-Tl?-'ww s '-'L " ' ' A "575'1W5-194 Fu Jfw lffbui Edsifmaggif-iffrffrf:-.111Qrf,:f'4'--g'.-r:v.-, , , . I V x i rf feng? -i'l ' ' .4 Q ol I .9 . ,. 1 L if ln 4 li THE graduating class ol' N30 ol' the New Britain Senior High School heing ol sound and organized mind, and knowing that we must tread on to higher accomplishments. and therelore must leave lwehind our invaluahle possessions, do herehv devise. concatenate, and puhlish this our last Will and Testament. We hequeath to our law lul heirs as lollowsi l. lo our highly esteemed principal Nlr Slade. we leave our deepesl appreciation, and sincere thanks lor his untiring elforts to prepare us lor our struggle lor success and happiness. ll. To Miss McAulev we leave our gratitude lor the advice she has so lreelv given us. lll To Miss llarvev and lvliss Rahv. our class advisers, we leave our love and devotion to be equally shared lwetween them. lv To Miss lvlassev we leave our thanks lor her interest in our class and its group activities. X". To Queen Westlake and her hive ol' lwees, we leave our many and varied sighs of relief lor the diversifying i'Call to the office" passes which olten times "buzzed" us away lrom monotonous History discussions. YI Robert Lvon Jr, art manager ol our class. leaves his paints and hrushes in exchange lor golden hair and heautv Yll, liunice Landgren leaves her captivating smile and unmatched personality to whoever is in need of them Yllli Beatrice Anderson is hequeathed the lovahle silliness ol' Ann Drohnis. IX, To the Amphion Clulw we leave another Ciodlrev Anderson per- sonilled in Bruce Anderson to portray various eharaetcr roles, . Y f' ,fr -,-"f-.':z-.1n4'v'?"'l"- 1 ge -f - f. -' ,.-.wr -ML " " , 1:--3 i, -'12-,-.fp-' s i f 1. tag - .A,,,:,.?,5,:: 5 ,v. , : 1 f .Eg . u ,Q .. .afgggggggfggvqgifzytgsfagg,.ivT.,, , - v-.. :HQ-. ' -u " V - - -' .V ' 4 'f ff: re- - w.-5122 'ff-I ' '1-- , ' ' is fs" fi ' 1 I-: ---44 f. "Eva-52-+p:M:"?q. - '- '. - 1 1 1 - v :q'?,.:v""5--.J -if.-rm X- 1 ,..f-,-7-1" --,5"r- v,'--'.r.-g.v9b19,,,,- 'P ag Y - . ' , f ,. Lv, ,,.. fn--, - , jgylg-f,,4gg1faf4gyfaszq-A-I:egg Page Une l lumfreil 'llliirfkv-um' ':f7fSfSaE1QL5?g5-IES' Tay: I 1' 27'234:5Ql.fQf1f' .' ,Q L' 33", 1 ' y ifI'5?3-Ez!S9Lf'i5Sf3!'3,::521If::3S4Qj,2333.if-vii-1-I-SPE? I i. - . :. U. :--f.-,-.M 4- , :i..'x- yr ' ' .g . 1 . -3:1--.5 :xr , f'z,-.'-- 1-.-. 7. ,ar .N-.,-. ' '4"rr"'q,' 'I 'x ,' au' 1,Q.-1-if t ., -f I .I . 72, ' I "bfi2,-:,55g3y3,557:z'7?5-gyf?.'.g2g--gf ':.'54'5?,Y..s,L, I '-'2?.saj7---fi. ii'f'ik1:iTPQn5iF.a?2i3sf?r .qi ' J ' Ay, ' .iii-.lies-..-qrrasw..-.02k':,if5'E1iai'vi9-.uf4'-'YiIif?-- ?'I'f'5'V'kp -L 1 -, I-l-I X. Edward Crecki dedicates his book called "I-Iow I Became Hand- some" to any freshmen craving advice. XI. Russell C. Adams leaves his mathematical brain to all oncoming mathematicians. XII. We leave Mr. Chase a private museum for the housing of his beloved collection of minerals and choice stamps. XIII. Ann Patrick is left the over-studious habits of Mary Skurzewski. fShe needs themj. XIV. Dorothy I. Lawrence bequeaths her car for the use of a corpora- tion of fraternity and sorority members. XV. To the Lost and Found Department we leave our hopes that: CU It may someday be void of an article. C21 By chance an article may be claimed. XVI. Salvatore Lucitti leaves his book "How To Dance The Yo Yo" to Mrs. Smiths private collection. XVII. William "Fat" Ivlack's ability as a heavy tumbler is left to Frank Cecere. XVIII. Harold johnson bequeaths his slim love affairs to Lefty Rydel. XIX. Gloria L. Berson leaves her vocabulary, and knowledge of English Interpretations to "jeep" Sadoian. XX. To Mr. james we leave a stamped pass authorizing him to re- instate students after inexcusable absences. XXI. Lillian Bozarnick leaves her "Goddy Goody" costume for use at the next class night program. XXII. To "Little Henry" Zaleski are left john Long's beloved dumb- bells and weight lifting devices. XXIII. Woodrow G. Kloiber leaves his talks on "How I Manage to Co Steady" to the broken-hearted young freshmen. XXIV. john G. Smith's love of music, art, poetry and literature is left to all teachers as an example of real appreciation and love of the finer things of li e. XXV. To the undergraduates we leave: 1. A better understanding with their teachers. 2. A better supplementary marking system. 3. Dismissal without applying for a pass. XXVI. To Lonesome juniors we bequeath the use of the free office telephone for the arranging of those disappointing "blind dates". XXVII. Robert Davis leaves his curls to joe Dabkowski. XXVIII. Raymond Begley leaves his popularity with the Alpha Alpha girls to bashful fraternity wallflowers. XXIX. To the Inter-Fraternity Council we express our desire to see it well organized and unified. XXX. We can Find no words that can adequately express our gratitude to our coach, Mr. Shea, for excellent work he has accomplished. ' In witness whereof, we have hereto set our hand and sealed this docu- ment on the twenty-fifth day of june in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hun- dred and Thirty-six. Witnesses 2 Sealed: Little Henry S. Michalowski Philbert S. Stachelek Snookums G. Dyson Chauncey Archibold Hotspots . V. Bowtell f ' . fi' w r .. r.....! Page One Hundred Thirty-two Q . --ui ,-,:1i:'.v.':?, l'!:'C'-Sl:.+-Q4':,J12f:'ix5'Nx' 3: "sg 4' . VY?-gfezf.-,ir':-falfffli-5'i'3'.f5-rl-':t'T"c,-.4115 'N-71-,-5. .w 13:ff.g:,fg4gte-azgggizaii?ii2jq4egise4rg5,g?1lZ12Ii.' f -. - 32. 7 ,111254423sS555siQ5:e32.ff3:4252 :Simi9eg:iiL'io..11'E2 '::'7T5Z'1-,n3:":i.,fq-Q... 0152.5-TX? '.. Tri, '.,j4l.gJ2' ' ig I 4 ,J '-L 1 .51 'as L-5.:,,x:Z:'r. fix-f,",,'-'LbWTI-'IFFP. ' -F' ' .ip I. 517,554 1,'E:uw"5:2'a.'4-g-:'rang2E.!geQa?yg.vt. 1 , 3: -f 1 ' H 7' ' , -51.-2153-:.,?,,.-,gay qfjq,f,f'Q'-n,45Q,'1f - 'X .'.f.f54':s:--.Qf'- --'--If :-fab:-:1S1HTiS.rr.if5Afi-sie' - -1 t-.I " lr 4" ' .,..-.1.11.:!G:r:aQf..,1?'A"5'f-A'rnff, , f 2 IHJAF E 5 I i ., 1521 I".-I Class History HE old professor entered his library and closed the door after him. He made sure that he was alone, then cautiously took a book from a secret drawer in his desk. It was an old, battered notebook such as students use, and it was strangely out of place in the luxurious room. From outside there came faintly the sounds of revelry. Inside, all was still. The professor sank into his favorite chair with a sigh of relief, and opened the book to the first page. CHAPTER I Goody, goody! I'm a freshman! It's true I don't know very much, but neither do the other 799 people in the class. There are peculiar elevators in the school. I kept pressing the button but nothing happened except that the lights went on. Someone called it a "check-room" later on. I wonder why! CHAPTER I fCont'd.D I'm getting the hang of the system around here Cor getting hanged by itj. How emotional we all are! Assemblies seem to touch certain chords in our hearts-'although they're far from musical. I've discovered something: we have class officers! President: Russell Adams, Vice-President: Dorothy Romans 3 Secretary: Virginia Walsh, Treasurer Donald Owen. CHAPTER I I My education is improving-I'm an expert in the fine arts of class-skip- ping, book-leaving and school-cutting. There isn't much that I don't know- although the teachers don't agree. Teachers are human after all, they sym- pathize with my lack of intelligence. Class officers again. Same as last year, only Dot Blews is Secretary. Glad she got it. CHAPTER II fCont'd.J - My throat is still hoarse from the football games last season. That Waskowitz cup is a honey. The amateur craze caught us too. Never realized there was so much talent lying in wait, ready to jump on our necks at the first opportunity. Opportunity knocked-Class Day. Did pretty well for ourselves. Can't seem to realize I'll be graduating in a year-I hope. CHAPTER I I I Boy! what a vacation! Half glad, half sorry to be back. Senior year is just about the best time there is. Taking life more seriously now. We've got a bigger and tougher opponent than joe Louis to fight-the world. I wonder why being a senior makes me so slushy. Somehow you get that "Alma Mater" feeling .... good, ole' N. B. H. S. Looks like another championship year for the football team. Sure do hope so. CHAPTER III qconfap Well, here it isn-twelve-two with its hopes of graduation, class activities and what-not. Wish I could look into the future and see what's going to be what ten years from now. Trying my darnedest to keep up-to-date. Seems like only yesterday I was a dumb freshie. Funny thing4the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. Got an unexpected two-weeks leave-- scarlet fever. Pretty serious epidemic. . .4,g.',L-,Lg-,,-,"gjg.,'.,: .'r1Q:j"!5'f---'eafa-y' - V ..- V . , - - f K - f, ,, wg'vo?-1c5:311".:,,'--,gfn2-gp,qz.1n4a,,.5 mba-:5:5m?"1Q'e'?fQfff5" - ' U . . '- 'ff'-M . '29-'Q'+'c4ii2cfM1f+"3.f?fSimi':'--1 N.-15 'li Q"-sr-' 'A ,ef -vp '- . ,. 'f V - -- ' . 'V 79, x. -.-' 1 'vm' fa-.L -"if??':i.-J-Hz-biis-rar-rv: - 'ss' --rf!-,'f'z-zngnfv-T:-ig:-' . ' If' ' ,it J - , I ' A 1"5T'7Y ff, N , Q' 2 K--g'S'ff':'--up 4:-.1-f' -nsscwf. :F2:3n?:i:ff:Sr-fefz?s9F9:hffw,-.'5 , - . P' Li f fs --I +41- 1' Page One Hundred Thirty-three X . '11 '.7!i5.z'f:E2'Q:l-:gg4'::'.:.-- 1.u,:.2r2-a'-SIQQG 'E - , f ' 15 'E:if:.?gA2:s'g- grief' TSz'':iei1.::li1"'Pf'111g:.'vw -we :4 175 .f 4 wrfmw, ,sfv"E-' --P1aL""a, A- -' ' 3 ' ' - ' '-'-t"--'vr1f'i-:?.':1?-'- 'XL345 e-I-,rtf.i"-1:2'-fx!-'::EQ2.. 1 si: -'r :V-',fi1f. was155252195454-.favf34:f51ai:a:f.:fg1 , :w',X:':f1f:ff.z.'-4:.aLf'g5,7qgz-51:7fg.w1a'2ubp:ff,:g74-7:'7 , , . I-. yu 1- '- , ,Q zy::,gfc4.w:g:',gkgf-M,,-,isis-rw '-3 D-:wan -iw'Paw15-,io--Nr-'win-,Af'F-J.g- 5 , 1, ,f 1. reef.-avi'-'lx - -ff' -..-ff-'r'."1'i,J'i-71:1.i-f'1 ' : .- Li 1' ncbi-V-1:-k -r 1.1,-1?-73:1-:.1,, --, c. . ' 'U ..-rsh--a:'.--Hifi',2.:':f - -:1-.Uf1Afr,l4A1.'-f 142. 1-i-.-.-vs ,- ? f-'Jsz 9-' ' ' f " -i J ex A 'xt it fc:-Z 53,4 I-l-I Well here it is-graduation. Oh, forgot to mention officers. Arthur Drogue is president, Dorothy Romans is Vice-President again, Eunie Land- gren is Secretary and Russell Adams, Treasurer. Class Day, Class Night, Prom, wotta life! Farewell .... always remember .... never forget .... Alma Mater .... best years .... Alma Mater .... commencement means beginning .... life .... Alma Mater .... farewell, Well it's over. Forward march! armor I The old professor closed the book with a sigh. "Ten years from now- he murmured, "ten years from now .... " LENORE FORSTOT ADELE SHAPI RO "THE FCUR BEST YEARS" Freshmen : Not quite dry behind the ears, Full of vague and startling fears Of teachers, sophomores, and all such Terrors. Doesn't know too much And doesn't care to. Disobey a senior? I-Ie wouldn't dare to. Sophomore: Aha! he's learned a few more tricks, And can ignore the pricks Of conscience when it comes to homework. No more obeys the four-year man, And buys on the installment plan A battered roadster, prehistoric. In short, he's very sophomoric. junior: He smokes now, really can inhale, CIt's true, he gets a little palej, He hangs around the halls a lot. You'll find him johnny-on-the-spot If theres a pretty girl somewhere. I-Ie passes subjects by the skin Of the wisdom-tooth that's growing in. Senior: l-le sports upon a heavy sweater A pretty red and yellow letter, And has fond hopes of graduating. Although it's true that he does lack The work of three assignments back It doesn't bother him at all Clf you must know, the coming fall I-Ie's playing football once again. l-le'll graduate two years from thenj. -LENORE FORSTOT A ,Y eg-4-ef.a.Q':-Hifi:,g.,:,11:?53,iQ:.5 fsyife-71' ff. --n f ' - - V ' " w ' -A-1, 5, , . iff! '-514312101an-4z1Ia"gsi1:eapw:.1ggw:,iz fs"1-zfffiarssrmsatr4,ea-ieafzis, .. 'f:Q,gv v ' - . n . . 'vqgq a . ., . Mir-jiHW-fmsman-iff1if:ni'a:1f2efii+L ,, -4".Q-'-'F-S14--'sAfi'vC'il':-'ge-nhl? '- '- '.11:fe,-fig' .: , , "' .' . .-' K, ' JW .5T,.ix-gr '.--"br,'4Ff2'Y52Qs5A"e'J., v a mbvia!2i::s25Sfw3g:1'qKQ7f V -' 'QQ f ' - f- -Qi --wjggf-iHl1" " ,'.--grams :4eye:cegw35M3ei1sp:Fzg- ' 2 " Yffiif242?2'f:?fE?65:1FE.i'f-ff?riff?-f.-1 L i, i' .. ' 'V fi K "KH V+' WH ?" Page One H undred- Thirty-four ' ..- CLASS . We . . I . W ,-ag. 1 'MQ' xc., ., W. . . ,. ., , ,,,. . . f,f . , , ., , ., Q,-. v--144. . -I, 7- in-. 4.1.4-4,'.f 'L-.1.5i5:v. .532-5. ,. ' ya l. refrtfv-'Sm' '--:T'-'1::.'7 tau -I - 1 Av 4 - v - . . 'wg ,:,..1f.-. I, 4. C 5- I. fEa-iff--'-I6-1'5'QfiIfit?Eirfkif-'r6i5'Qf1?li2i5fff ' T-"U -:I"'3.'fvg.' lliial-Ye?'TQSLQJS-"ve.5?:72?Uliifi-'fi--1 ii.-5'-I-17525 "1-V-M -f.::.-rzftfpgt-s,'5Zf'-nfxng-Q.'Af.-15-,t,ef.,.. .V -7 .gr ,4 ,-bg. 1: 'ga.:,...o,,1eg.,w:m:- 2--.ff,'2.n'. ,IL bu, '.,:-7-A .",'-,',.2. -isa.. ,,f,.,,'g.'-V1.7 -0.1.-,' L1.,.':g7- , 1 I Y 1- ' .f-.-H-: ,-.f..,,'g5'l:cf,"'!'nr5.7-'.,4'1'1f-- . g, .' ..- .,..,, .,.,,.,u.-,..t: ,H ,,., -v . Q . ,i 0- I,.n.,,,z .,...f,,.1 4, .. ' :Aera 'grI-1:35-gy.:-S:.HQGSL-f12jQ.5,tn IL-1 Q,-fl I I 'Flf2'.',l:1:.---' f:fr.1f.1p.::,:ew.:--:'rr--.-,f ,Wa Ji LI .nf 51.12, -iw ' nv X P' 2 1- 3 I l I H - . PRDPIIECY ,..h- s f- r.':.4.' ' " If 'zfliizi CONFESSIONS OF AN AMERICAN TOBACCO EATER By CHAUNCEY PERCIVAL DE QUINCY, THE SECOND Why was I forced to take this draught, This cigarette, the which has brought A hazy fog upon my head: For which I damn that cute co-ed. Who made me take that awful stoke That people call a cooling smoke. My heads aswim, my eyes befoggedl As De Quincy was when opium sogged, And not unlike to him I gazed- 1 llpon such sights that could have crazed. A man unused to fantasy. For such ir was that I did see. Through endless space and spanless skies, Prairies unseen by human eyes. I drift- -and Io! The Golden Gates I see-,and therein my former mates. Saint Peter Drogue is greeting me And asks for my admission fee, llnrolling I show him our tie-- Hliiploma from New Britain High" Saint Russell Adams, our Mint-main sues. Ifor my forgotten, unpaid dues: Then Saint Eunice ,iots down my I-ate. So I can pass the "Golden Gate". ' M ' A ,a-gfglif' "5'?Ife.""-f' . . ... . V . - . . , . . --.. vvsw f i 4, is g.-:-' :, ::,j..1. -10' 'if ' W' "' .'.' - .. -5 ,, .N --'iff ' ---. we .-:,..v .I pt--X." 5, -.far--.,n,4r'.-A v1:-- 2, '- 1, w , ,' - , vw- I .Q - ' ,'env-fiq,'.1'.'17'-fa-51:7 , .,T'?a-gy3:r3":-11ni'i.3 fwftfs-. 4 . ,' .u, , , 1 g -C' - '3-S555 . .I-izgelgifs1'aEi.QgSs!-:?::E- f.-qfizg -"f'-P'f'-'-'nswr'-s1f5E'5"f'15S'f15'3'7S"5"EI ... Sf ,-iff . 0 -4 - I . . .J J' " ' 55:21 '+-315ra?m--iff:-it-areff 1 95-si:-9fa:f.G:s121a:'f'w4ffwi- ' -,Ka -A -- I. ' I 9- . If' .v:v'?a7'gx:g1ifRf3'4gff25rj:y-5 Y: j'-?- Z' ,iff i'7:- --.I 9 ,mb " , ' ' 1 -f' .1 - - -rr f . 'Q-'-:mr "f1'v'fL-?l-if I -. ,r 4- .F -7 .v fm- 93 ..-6 ' Page' Um' llimilrf'-1' 'lIIii'rly5fIw' w 5 1 ., ,Q I - .A ,. J- s-:L ' ul- 14 55.2si-as-3-rc-1531.4 a,--'gyfig t'- " . ' 'M . f , f -' 'assi.:-A-:spusjg.-4::.gI-gg.-Lgsg e-1:-f--4. we, f5-315-V,--.4,L-.J-1,3511-7.-,a.5y:.-' us'-14.1 f. ,- r . -, . - ' g. 4 .eu Q-:gm .-w-:1s,,w,-3 ,.. nz:-ag ,.'..,, ,. 1- ,g.f.-sv x . if -1 ., .gt .-. 1 . -, , ,.A ., . gr. , . ,, , , , f . . a .LI M, -41,-,-.f.,,,, , .,. .,,., -,,,sT,i. ..,. Q. --.,.g...v. 1 gagsaggy.,5,55ini-s.5w,f:fsE3:a25iafq.-ai- . - 3- 3.0, 1- .E Jie:rsigfqs-v45,,ehq:Aye-2 , 17 ,.: , Q. v... :-lp.,-,.,,i 47 , ,. - HH- ' ,J . V.,-gr 1- .5 J-:r , ,.i,4Q-- . .-. .g, ,Is M-5 .-. -.,5., -It "-f-7:9-':.:?:1'sf+95:f,vaAGvf1EvE1f:'?2!z2+a 1 ' 3 ..' ': , - ' A - '74 -v 9f':+1Q.'---'L.i.- ---"1-:S-orb 'vfwrviixf-:.L,, ' 1 t. . V '-1, r ..-wsu:'.-4Q.z':a'wm:1:,c'.f21'-:113'f1rtefk11.f--wma-.L-1.if5 ,. ,, - M , 1.s5'4f"k T Q. ' "1 1119,--c--1-ua-'1 2 L ' '- fa I 7:54 L. f I-"1 "Yet hold", I hear Saint Romans cry, "Thou art not dead for reason why, Thou shalt not speak to one within Lest thou lead them to earthly sin. Should but one word pass by thy lips, And back to earth in flying Hips Thou'll go." Spake so, she let me pass Within the swinging weightless mass. And once inside I understood, How saints can be exceeding good. Unhappiness I could not seeg For all the land was heavenly. A subtle force my eyes did raise Upon a silver sign I gaze: , "Oh, soul," it read, "be happy here- And do what is to you most dear." Again I pause just to admire What made our Lord, our God and Sire. A joy infrin ed my reveille, My friends I then rushed off to see. I stepped upon a carpet bareg In Fairy Tales we found them rare. So then I paused my tie to fix, "The class," I said, "of Thirty-Six." The first I saw, a pal too dear, john Gordon Smith, a friend sincereg Reading still his beloved books. Hidden away in shady nooks, Aiudi strums his old banjo And listens to Marcell Grecog As he praises his newest girl, And tells of that Buscaino twirl. Ruth Litke and Gloria Smith Are creeping to them bit by bitg And soon they may have things to tell, To Freda Gess and Grayce Janelle. Yet soon I find G. Anderson, Who with his partner Merle Gordon, Are acting out a play they wrote In which Bill Mack stars as a oat. Hal johnson with Raymond Begiy, Are making baskets just to see If they can beat a teamed-up wreck Of Kozovich and Ed Dobek. Then I see a game of tennis Between john Post and Jeanette Dupuisg With jacob Stein for keeping score The score is always love, no more. I hear a cheer and go to see, Matyschsyk run with Ciesielskig And close, l'm sure, the race will run, Of course, we will enjoy the fun. Look at Owen, without a fault He does Fifteen in pole vault. Laskowski too, is getting good, He jumped six feet, he never could. There is no wonder they do swell, For there's Marge Shields and Cynthia Schellg Who urge them on to do their best, With cheery word and laughing jest. e122.33-"':'1I1.1Jp'f1:'frQ3i'C''iyiftf' " w, ' -' ' - - ,. ' - f H w A .A - ' ' e. - WJ' '1-"Z4Hlv11',:.:1"f"::v-Q-zfvvrp-:,:.a:.zs:...-.2 , .,:.,5'g:sqM.,q-:,p. -f- , . vc ,g ,. A , . .ha ,. t . ,v -1 ...,':v-,.,-U . QF.: ,.,.v,,L,1,7' 4 f N',,:"Q,1fA. A - . - I K' P - wi-22511. - ff .gf:g7-ggflltlgizwg-'i"gq" 1-g .. if?tM', ' -' ' , ...I-fr'62.'kw z Aggie...-5:..mgagesggggfggfgsgaayras-':fwe G ' -,1'- 'TA JF' '74 -'E ' .' ' .. . U4 WK V , A A .f ' TE" . - - 5 -"Iv .-'E '.'1. ' -11 ' W1-FQ' 'BJP' :"'7' 2 1izimfeffefsffvrsiiiief-'?P:f+rf. M , .,. ff sim mf-f' Page One Hundred Thirty-six ' ,av-1 5' 5' ' gt -. ,-N,-, wie'-. N L- Q-.V wr-fsfza-rw--J as 1 Q, f t f'I1i1:j5e1ES2HI?2:G: ' -, ,Qf.1.f- jiri af! 1 if 'f "' ff -'if'-,' ' 244,-mr . . u 4 .1 ' f . "'-'L 5- .F .-Y.: y, P .ig1?q'?at73'!",' 7 - ., ' .' ' 7 ' -'71-,'Ii'ffZf.5f2P':fa!AlE?'g4.:f f 4 I 1 'f :1:F1"'biif:i?-S.2?f f-, ,rl ," L J V' sg " T25i'3f2:flZi2r:f3 4 f' N' Li- it VH if I-1-I Beneath the nearby shading tree, I see George F. Squillacote, joe Smolak and Sidney Krepshan, Michael Mazur and Harry Coleman, Gazing up at the luscious fruits And wishing that they grew on roots. But now I hear an old school song That never as yet has head a gongg Sung by Mistress Gagliardi, Accompanied by james Donnelly. Little applause by Louis Little, But all the more from Alyce Tuttle. Within a long and spacious hall, I hear Al Dunn announce a ball, And "Chick" Nagle by sudden chance Calls out for a Marathon Dance. Robert Lynch and Howard Noble Pick Dot Lawrence and Katy Ripple, To make a try to et the prize: A dish of fudge, of goodly size. Bill Brown expects to keep the top, Does by himself the "Chiseler's Hop". A. Anderson, as the Chief udge. Is first testing the dish of udge. Outside I see Sal Lucitti, janusonis, and Frank Vinci, Playing with a winged football, Given them by Maida I-Iall. Not far from them Dobrowolski, Makes plans to form a company- A "Magnotious Collaboration" Or "Business Men's Concatenationn. "Terry" Pac and Alberta Post, So loudly of their paintings boast And tell of their new masterpiece, Composed of clouds and flying geese. But where are all my other mates, Mayhap they're not within the Gates, But spend their days in Fiery tub, The czar of which is Beelzebub, Those mislaid souls I needs must seek, So to Redfield I deem to speak: "Oh, friend whilst thee-" O, woe is me A heavy fog encompassed meg I fly through space, o'er endless sea, 'Til once again, on earth I see, The ashes of that cigarette, And blue eyes of that cute ooquette. Submitted by: Stanley Stachelek Stanley Michalowskx f S 4.4 yr - . .. ,., , . M, , f?,1:, - - y , gf , . E'gmf.i1e,f. 51i2m.'f Cf, 4 f ak S ., Q j vu ,, gif'-,,4f , I, .1 . N I :F 4:i:H1gj5l,Y', X if 4 ' 'fer-'M', ,, I ' A Q- ,, : kai-'syiip w X52 fri' 2 . Page One Hundred Thirly-seven :. H --.,.'-.- 5..',-,.. A:--,,-:fx-,14:g'wQK, A .' f f ' 5-,1.x-rg:-:1-15-z--,,',-1-g,x:- -4:1gg1,M:- , . . nv ----q .',L--.-1,.,r4vP,.,:,.fff. --.2,-1,L,-,ay I. xr. , -, . V A .--5:.,..4.-fpgg.-,,,,g,,, ,J -1,,..:-W.-,--:.-,,n-1,-JSF,. H f-:,.,,,.-MA.-,Jg.:. ia-,-,- p,,.-vu.-.--vi., ,.. , f.o , ,ll y 1, ,,n , ..l,. ... .guy : M., -.1 1:-' .-,b -1- .,.. .-: f f:,gm,1,Ql,,4-,zz-ww,-sangfn.,,-:gp-:alg-24: L- -A-1gL' Sv", - ,fm 15192-':rsFf5w'2r1i?f-'1Qz1f5-rifils.-ri'-'r.'?-:ffl"35'f.fg":fk:. :rx-'af-xf 1 "'-fL.b1."!',7 'F -:Za P: ' -","'f'-f.f"7 - . A. 1 V,-J '- S-4'-w":1:"'A4.r4E-'Ar-.fr1-fm.M lin- uf'!m:a,v.,?':L4--u 0 f"1 1- M'-Cl'-' v. A-.. . N -f. ..,. 1... 4.1-.,,4.,.f,.A1. , -f D ., ,. ., .,1,4 ,u ,.-., ,.t....,'.,x.,-Q. . . ns .,.f. -'J ax.-V -, ,. . 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We 'f"'2"y, S59-P:-Q-24934:ekgif'-Y-"1C.f-viswfs-:3smaia-f-.3'.fQv 1 a'fl1ffii1:fxi1kia.1:4::5"?Qslfwr-ff- :ace ' ff Y -A -ggyjfglff If 4 'Iii-'f4.':,iff-P5121ii'1rv?'l-'?2vfw-23211 Q Q M- .I ' f' L-' ., 'ff fwfff:Jfk1f5:4:9f1fl:e?21i5Q2iix3s-xii:5355222421if"-'9' , Page One Hundred Thirty-eight af , Af-"x .W HJ, ,Q . .,-,f .,,f .X 14-.,-:fr-g,14i"ufs 4. Q 5'-' J? ',:1-:-fs,-:1.1'n-Lw-:-- ,gang-1, I-"ggi, ,r f-it 2- . .f.ff,w.1-gq-,f.g4'-::m,:5-ofpf-1--::.:'1:9-,4,.:1u5': .QQ-:,51-A' -g ,. 4- ew, A-rg-g2:.q--:Q-ff...-ia,-yas:-'--1:gv-:L.f,-gg r-rf-f .:gz5:::.p,1,:.-X ., . ,L-r,,,153,23pg-QQifQg:5L2'ig1ggfi+2i2si'5jQfgzgfggf,?5'i?5,giQfgL- 925,j,gQ4gqg5,.q:gw5g,13g,qggg,g54,-15.373winr,5g55,V5.:,,.- X A ' ' -'-ffm-',w:-,1v,-xu. 2-f:'511f:fwv-12.4" -"H lv n 'iv A. ', 1.w.f--:'.,lf..'.a.f-ru.-Ae.f,,',.x. 11-J-:f'fa:-xse,',':1i:-in.' -,,.:. 95, -.-,ff-Legg-I., gym -57,-.9-:1fv3!'!r" , ,N ', ' 7 df, 4- ugzg, -.4..,,--Wuzyjvj mg.,--' 42-V5--...,,5f,A..' ,,a.,..,. A TQ- 5 ' .ea - AWeiMslfv:n23fv:1?.:fi-sk-i2Zv,5a+ex.1-Aft-ff,-.fff-.:.-..r , lZ"?lLhjlfK1 2 52-:Sqft 1 5 eifgg 'Ii -ww INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Left to Right: President, Frank Yenshanisg Vice-President, Robert Lynchg Secretary, Richard Middletong Treasurer, Paul Cassarino. x - -- I,-fx-f rf 1-if' 1' - -":1awWr"3' N., fznwf- - -. vw. .' A 1 1' "' "' 'ff-'r' 1111111 L1'zr.f,'.'.:1f-A,.1:-w- K.-,Ju I D A , 6 ffi3Zg'Qi,5by',53fQv43g,fj4g,,,95,5,di,.,r,,3, 5. h ' 1-.Q-...',fP'f '. -,'7'rrf.,5rI" 'f' -.-FI ',-:F f.-'1"' ' v " 519-1,1 - .5-ws' ,K 12... - .Q 1 ' ,p"".1 A f" '12,4. -: ',q-'.:j.-fif,-'J1',,,,-'4'I,. 1 . -wry'.11'sagfacesazz'-Wirefzgfgagzfggf. g, -E greg :XE-55 Qc ff " b 'fx .1 mv: -.:f!p1.e-rzipffrzgvyg 55'x,4g',f ,,' - . ,Jr-f - Y ff 1 .e,- "QT: '3.1e1"r:5:r,'a "Secs:--,g" Jpzcr, Y K, '-aa:B5:Z-r.1v.f4:n355+??f.-fd95sfr.5:.:-.eiaim-,- .-1 ::.,,r.f.' +1--1+ iwievkrfk-Qfszfaifffflff?4e5S:f.wQf11g 1' Page One Hundred Thirty-nine A J X lx W .5 - -' , E' L . . .wt 1- . vf- 14'-'sm ,V , -,Q-.fmf-1-A.'Q.A-. f. 1. , . ,. . ,,,f,x,. ,.-1-r , 433,-',3,w frp..-.--rg:-"L"UvT x " . - 1 -, gy, .fl---Q: r::'aLJ4,3,-,.'1 I , iw,-:nzff , , .,-+ -:vt .',Q-'."fd:q-":4'.1,fv-'ATS-'A",-I 'JK-bg..: .: -f 0 5 Q lv: 5 QL,"-nf-' im--1-'J:3'7v',-,--'.w5-fs:7b:.--".'f- -e':5,f':f3:- ' Y-,-,--if - 'fcQ:myEggq,1.:f:fqffSjS.i-5,159-Re':Pff:k'5lg-3.55 ' ,QA-fg.L' 3' ' ."5f'J-L 'Bfia1f9g4pf'2L:fQSfg!v:a174:.ug2352-1--'-Lu-gi1.?'.lQ:,:p2 ,A I , ' 1''Q'-1f,.-f,'u:,i..1y,',7,,3.i.'11,:g,4'.qQgw:,f,7f,g,,?5A7 V .gx .A 9 ', Aj-'. rang-ny.fcA-.qs,.-F:ary-,,e,'b.5n Lb125.2-':5+fx1cA3'.-qw qv,-, X 41 , , -. v -- , -L q.fn.,:.1-.N ..-uf. ,Qc-, rf? 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A ly ' I i ra , s ' , K ?,..'p1,t.Sip, f 'i 1' :, . . w:':,..'ffZ'.'ai"zEXf YL- ff 7' '-5'T:X-:fl-1L4'g'lf 'E:'J-'bali-V531 . , 'YJ' xt-:ua ?I25Qg1'.iTQ'F -:VH 9.14"CCC-lcariii-2lff,?1"1Z: .11 :WADE '3,s'f.', ' t,uf'EfiL'QT1fE12-3'E-fiAf:f5?.52x1!'i'f?iiifff- 5-'1'.3f:l?l15Q'2Cj ,.Q-:ws,1.11r-fSg- ".,z-': .-13'::.ff5-wif.-Qzf L3 -.iff n DY , ',vf,:- --151:-''::-1-1'?-if--tk,"iso 'aIE1Y'g5,rf,'ff -, aff 1' . :nv fn,-,,--.3 4 , ,M ,1 v -I - if:-Nz-ixf.,-fa:-1,-,r-.vsf-.-.,..m ',,5.,,.:-:,.,--.t.,,' 4 f-I :mf .gc ,'4- 'f Pg: -j,',1'Q 211115-43, 3 -. 'ff . gs f:"?17:q.'g".-sI.v.,liZ1,!F1g:-54,4.13 ff - f-Tw '-J.-Q. AT.-if x-levi'-5f31.1'z?.:5-5:5 5- .xi ' 7 'flf ' 625:-.-.lssif-:!zCmY.fhf.::k':-12'-:'--A'f1n?f.w:f'-'12"'- CAST FOR "THE TREE THAT SAVED CONNECTICUT" Arvid Arthur Russell J ack Richard Donald Francis Norman Anderson Drogue Adams Dunne Sheehan Owen Franklin Steinberg Announcer Reader November 13, 1935 there were planted on the north lawn two little white oak trees descended from the Charter Oak. lvlr. William B. Rossberg of 95 Camp Street gathered the acorns from a tree descended from the Charter Oak, which was planted in 1867 in Bushnell Park in the triangular plot between the Mulberry and Trumbull street bridges. lvlr. Frederick W. Yarroll ol 44 Jefferson Street raised the seedlings. Mr. Clyde lvl. Ellingwood, Superintendent of Parks, planted the seedlings on the senior high school grounds. There were present, besides the persons already named, the Superintendent ol Schools, the Principal, Vice Principal, Principals Assistant, and head of the Social Studies Department of the senior high school, the presidents and vice-presidents ol' all senior high school classes above grade X, from among the membership in grade X' two officers lrom the june 1935 graduating class in each ofthe two junior high schools. Mr. Norman Stein- berg fXl'j reported the planting to the school assembly and to the Parents and Teachers' As- sociation and read a paper on "l'he American Democratic Ideal". 'l'hus was celebrated the Tercentenary of the founding of Connecticut by the planting of two descendants of the famous Charter Oak, symbol of the "Blessings of Liberty". REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CLASSES PRESENT NOVEMBER 13, 1935 June Senior President, Russell Adams Vice-President. Dorothy Romans June Junior President, Randall Gilpatric Vice-President, Evelyn Ranges june First Year Central President, Raymond lvlichaelis Central Vice-President, Ruth M. Peterson Nathan Hale Vice-President, Robert Freysinger Nathan Hale Secretary, Bertha Falk Mid-Year Senior President, Frank Yinshanis Vice-President, Betty Page Mid-Year Junior President, William Hartman Vice-President, Dorothy Nelson First Mid-Year President, Bruce Anderson Vice-President, Virginia Hanson ,-,, - W ,Q ..--X-:wg ,'g,.,'f:g-gpihaog-y' ". i gf- - . l, - -r -.f -...arg "' 1:-if w:1a"IC3'3:lA-.:,.-,1.:1f,-4:-v,- 1 Q . - .Rf -A slfif,-z-si'-ig:aa:i4ai::5.1Q:a?:fefi35,?frgivq-15. 'gf ' ' V -1 - .-Q W 3 A '-vzzfzsr-1. -ans-,z-. 453'-y.qr'f1 '- '. ' , - . -, , 1' f . "- - -'zu --5-.:-:tw ",-F1411-4f"'-1' ff-fvsiffrE3C5-r.if3'5195ig-'52,'u'?2l?, ' J. ' - -' sf.. YK-ff X?:'3'g:fSEi?g-"l-zwffiiisfwifxtki? ' IJUXFP Une llunilreil Forty-one !,Ar"'i'i'fQ"i"xz.q, .xf-,.1',1,,5q ' Q,-ff . .fx xi-:fl I., ,. EN A . xx Q X-,, .1u,.v . X ' "A "NW P. f., Y ig, +1 fy ' 'f' ..... MN-f, .1 -. , V ' I-pf AJ-1 V-P-.3 :Q.I'A,.:.'ijjwh-:1 .flzhizz-5,513 ', , N fy fi.x,Qf.r,N .4,.,.,., 1 K5 -'Kw ., ' K x ' U, 1 L ., ,QV-,-,f,. ,AN , 1 -. ,,1w,,:1q,a:..ff1hf i Uma.-.-., .XM nv . 2 4- ew,-W +'.'1.-wb:-.-,fur 55 ft e X , V. -,-Q, .. -. .,, ,, ,,.. . , 1 ' f-'- J 'Hr'-,-v-, f7g?nrwaf'Nu19.f-:1--gf., TJ 'r-'L ' 1 Pugf' Um'l'lumIre4,lForty-1100 chestra ool ch S gh enior Hi S A4-frm- ljllgft' Um' I lun. frm! l7urI,vAll1rf'n Senior High School Band , a 1, 1 , X .- . -'ffxxx . f ..,,, 7 fj""JQ.2L 1, , x ,rx -'ML 'Q-C ."' 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We opened the season on December 6, 1935 with "Take My Advice", a breezy newspaper play. The second production, "The Come On Man", originally scheduled for March 12 and postponed because of the scarlet fever epidemic was finally produced on May 1. This was an unusually difficult play, but we felt amply rewarded for our' work by the many nice criticisms received. The lateness of the season prevented our giving a third big play as we have usually done. So we tried a two-act play "johnny's New Suit" on Friday, May Z2 and followed it with a dance in the gymnasium, The results of this have been so pleasing that we may try the plan again. The Club has been prominent in all phases of school life. We assisted in the "Charter Oak" celebration by presenting "How the Charter Was Lost" before the assemblies and the Parents and Teachers' Association. Our pleasant associations with the dramatic clubs of Hartford Public and Bulkeley High Schools were continued this year. We enjoyed seeing "Peg O' My Heart" and "Seventeen". Representatives from their clubs attended our performances. Robert Lukens was president during the first semester and Arthur Drogue during the second. Alyson Baker served first as secretary followed by Mar- garet Hall. Arthur Drogue was succeeded as treasurer by Godfrey Anderson. We are closing the year with the largest membership we have ever had, 50. Our grateful thanks are hereby expressed to Mr. Mathews and our school orchestra for music furnished at our programs, to Miss Olsson and her art students for the very lovely posters, and to the student body for their fine support. MARGARET HALL, I Q X A lt Secretary :?'434.,-fair+57:::.s-1fzzsrk"?.21:--4-'avr' - 1 - V ' ' ' -4.- " ' . -'ferv-a'-:Hman-.:w,auf-p-:sw ww.-:.s. 51' - x , 2' . T 1-. :-'cuz .' -- ,--f .- . '-"1 - . ' ' .H ": H- . ' -- 1-1-e-xr' .-'v.-vwif-s-1 Jfflffiey " ' V rg: was-mp:?v' ff?-is1-i:,fe'GGr'f+':fee?,:ff .. A ' ft " Page One Hundred Forty-five Page One Hundred Forly-six Alpha Alpha Sorority , 1- L., Page One I lundred Theta Sigma Fraternity fm' fx'-"Fm , ,, , 1 .W N " , .",W' Maja ff .N f x N 1 gi, k .fg ifgf-"QQ"L.,:QV'Fx -7 -.-,.1W.,. - 51 X :ff-',pgff-26'A,'g f - X-.V J 1 ,nl .113 595 N kim r Q -Tkwi QV. ,,Y Jjlf 41. - J A Q flfi ' , , bi , ' KJ V .. Page One Hundred Forty-eight Phi Sigma Sorority Page Une Hundred Forly-nine Alpha Delta Sigma Fraternity ,fm'x'f XX 5 -, Gi -,W Xi-' Q, ff, Pugv Une I lundrcd Fifty Beta Mu Sorority f 1. ff? X. .A f .va -1 K A Page UncllumlrmlI"1'fty-une Alpha Iota Epsilon Fratern ty Page One Hundred Fifty-two Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority .r"". 'if f 51 - 'cj iff? ' '7Qf'SAxyX 3 vi V11 1 Pg? ,z F ,. .5 4 - . V' f , ww- PK 1f"A3 ..r, . hw 'f5'Z1a2l-fi Q ,rug -,X - pu- ,. Q-ala If fig, ,. WT, ., , ' 'X K ,ix-Qu ,HQ 3535.5 ' f - . 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A , , A . .R . . - 41.121 --.-':-4,,,en:JE--.4-5'-,,. -..f.w.l- ' Af' 1 i-Tl f"'TU-5-2'?--:T-1'?1?:i5vT-J dns, .-RTL , "' - f -4 ,I mv, , A'+f,-11' ,fQ11ip4:4E'afliEyi?i1:1?:fxrf::mirgi3::1-sgyigzi9-gfgif' , A Page One Hundred Sixty-three ,f-'f-:V-,. , W' k- I . XA, , .Nl -L1-Y,Y,lv nvg. .- ,T V fx way,-f w, Af. , - i Q-.1 Xgigff " ga' Page One Hundred Sixty-four Football Squad f"' ...M ,N .- .-v,,'.A . ,,:-cu,-h..-h ms, -Q99---w', A . , , , ' r.-q.x,.:g.:',.:vgw,L.5-ggfli-Tig-.-.,- - 4,.1g.f.N.,,g.',g.-. 1--W --,"K1:- , .',fa.p,a.-yr.-1'l::1.J,'A! '. , - f q 'Q r ' , 64 -:sq--L--.'f,5,-': sms.-. .gk :vt-,-..: -if.-,-,---'A:,1,: .zffgw , V '.-43,-wgy. 4517- A,-warn -. pg., . - i f- I 1 x f , zklen.-2-4: -4 1-.-' --faq! ft'-:1 '-,v--r 7- . 1:-, .v ug, weiizaezesmfefirt-Wi2a2:1i1fisf':'qs2 1, T1 1:L' -'Li Q iv i if ' 3-Hzhfgaxgi.-2i:nf3..':5v2i'e11:fs-Miz! .Q N +' ," V, ,W - :Jrg:siigrsfsx'-g,2:-1592412215321-f'1-7. -pi' J'. 1:-:ia --'r-255'-SJ5fD'i6l1::nF:if5L1!'.7?251-5.52" ' -1, ,J ' l A "fy, .4f2',4.ii':x3Q5!:ii'9fr'.i:1:n':f1f1'-:Lik'rilfv.SZ1 ff.: A,3L 1. ,gk 2 lf 8-5? I l I Football LTHOUGI-l the initial football call found only three veterans from the 1934 championship varsity lineup reporting to Coach Charles A. Shea, New Britain High put a team on the Held that was without doubt the smartest and most colorful schoolboy gridiron eleven produced in the eastern section of the country over a period of 25 years. This amazing aggregation reached the highest pinnacle of success because the players had supreme con- fidence in their ability to carry out the battle plans of their coach in almost faultless manner. Executing perfectly timed lateral passes with even more precision and deception than the famed Colgate team, whose coach invented this type of attack, using ground gaining spinners and, as usual, proving masters of the art of skillful blocking, the Red and Gold gridders became known as "Shea's Magicians" as they literally pulled touchdowns out of the air through as fine a display of co-ordination, speed and power as the fans of this state have ever been fortunate enough to view. Unlike most high school teams, there were no signs of worry or nervous- ness among the New Britain players in any of the nine tough games on the schedule. This fine spirit resulted in clean handling of the ball, added to the all-around strength of the club, and allowed more than 95 percent of the plays to be executed without a hitch. One had only to see the "Magicians" tossing the pigskin around like a basketball to realize that they were well coached and knew what to do with the ball at the right time. It was only natural, in face of this 'dynamic display of power, that the Connecticut lnterscholastic Football championship should come to New Britain for the second successive year. ln winning eight games and tying one, the Sheamen rolled up 197 points to their opponents' 12. They were held to a 6-6 deadlock by Warren Harding of Bridgeport but, with any luck at all, they would have taken this game by a two touchdown margin. Twice New Britain players raced over the goal line, only to have their efforts go for naught when the officials declared that a certain rule had been violated on the plays. In two years, the locals won l7 games, tied one, and lost none. They amassed a total of 368 points as against their opponents' 24. Five Red and Cold players were given berths on the All-State eleven, namely, Captain Walter Ludwinowicz, john Bogdan, Arnold Eggert, Wasily Zaiko and Michael Cimino. The following men received letters: Cimino, Bogdan, Mack, Mangan, Eggert, Ludwinowicz, Paretta,Zaiko,Tyburski, Palakowski,Rydel,Zdanzukas, Roderick, Mlynarski, Fracchia, Murphy, Remillet, Yinshanis, Lucitti, Mazur, Sadoian, Apisso and Levine. THE RECORD New Britain 19-Bristol 0 New Britain 13-Meriden 0 New Britain 27-Stamford 0 New Britain 6--Harding 6 New Britain 12-l-lillhouse 0 New Britain 31-Crosby 0 New Britain 41-Central 0 New Britain Zl-Hartford 0 New Britain 27-Hartford Bulkeley 6 vars--5.25:--'?:::-.1.:f!::1f9"P.1'i-'GW' " --. - - - ' . H -+.-1, r. Q-af' QA'tzfwah-.:wf,z:.f-'.'-4:,-f- w,s,f.f.s: if,5:--11351,-,eggszg,3y5g,:-f,,ql'g:qQgY'gg'g1T:B eff.: -- . , Q' ,. . g Eiffvq I , g:'Qf5r:v:'5afiwizikqfp'-33.-if3942.55-1ig,.v ,rw .,.-wfnfnga-sv.y.:' -,1 sa . rf-Lwgff -1 - 2' 21245 y - -f-.:m'-MIT-gm,-'raf-Aalffqs.-evwww, ' L',:f44v?'-Fiiiahfigffkilz - '- ff-u'A'3 ' - ' " ' i fi 4fivf"'fff2-?'-- 'fl'S2594EELwiizfilwlfifasiliiivziii , :E5:29f-245155i'r,1-:mail-P'QS:'E pf A P --' ci ' ' ' 2 i 'xitgi ,i-934-x4 .'g.f3!gfiR-1if2E5:a5hSf::E.:U's':h::.:3:rgi"' - 4 1 .d. , ,, - . f -4 -- ,.. .--e.. 1. . ,im .1-,-.:,-v,,1-,4g4,-,sgifn44, Page One Hundred Sixty-five is -gi' f" .- ' ' 2::--""..15f'ix.15-.X',,:F"' 'HT f L ,,,:, , fw ' ' . ,v ii? . nz A , - 3 2.4, - - '.1:,. , :,,: . Q U.: . . x knit . A ' ...,. 1 M Nr. Q "1 w 4 viz M' E CTX. r ,h ff W Y 4, . vw X ,i gm , . if fa ' Q53 J xg i 2 Q H Q gi 'S 2 , . aa,f..,-1,542 :- 2 EE" s ,Q 4 f 1- 'E ? Vg, Q gy. 1 G .2 It , , Nr u . if 5 z, V A 1 ".. y f if H A at . F U x zf' , : : H ..,,.,L V I J Page Une Hundred -Sirty-Ksi.r f1?""'5".I?W'fN 'if fm? " 41' ' iw fjihi A.. ' nmghx.--,X V ' .MQW , f , :ng '.,..w,Li,f . ' ':7',,f- :rf XX K. J fffiw, Nm? 'i f X-..,,,X.,,, --.1-.'1:'.-,-,., 3::,mj, '-if:-:K-'cr' X1 tljylw-Q, .JJ Mfr v:jf.'.1- . 'nzffyf' f'4.:4,.y:g -,M-,:,'7 , 2 Q- 1 .3-1 rirmfm, 1, --x,w,L.f-f-,. f V X ,mf-.,,1.v,, .,.,-,X gJV.k,,v,Y.1,g,. . 4- 55 JJ A,,4x, A f-M, q55,,g,:4g.Qh 1 v Q 1 'f1.-,-mf,-H1,f,-f. 'lff.-17'-A KN w.:wpQ-E.1.J f yn- Fw.-z.f..,X1: 1 ' "Lf15iA:r- 'film N594 -Wi 51'-WJ' iwiifcffv !.N:wg,,.,5.,..g-1 . , ,lQ.f,11V.gQ,g,::l5'3fA'.ifX3jL.f ,,2ig5,,n::1.g,,w,1, ...-1 pf --4 44. R., 1 U ll V ' L" .. Xi.. 3 ,,l,1.,vmZfR?3:,5:,l,p,:' L - is - A,...:, X :EQ 0 y 'W:ggi.-1-4-.iQ-,.3gw V- ,. , . . f X ,Lf ,m.1,,.vi1,J 1, . Q W ,, Y f 'J Jail.: f:..v4- ::,,. 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'.,':.L-'f,'1.,.Q7, " Q- S g1.'?5:'25-1 , -gf-, le D ,H -' fi-tgr'-g'1g3'-'uwf:g.-z.,'r4-,-1,.'.i-4., N 1 -5 .r T7 " S o'f3PTi:5Y.i ii' ,gf 'I ! 'fm '555552.15if-3E??'31i::Tff:i-03''Fr 4 V ' ' i F I'1-I TAL 29.5 L. EW Britain's basketball quintet, severely handicapped by the lack of height and weight, numerous injuries and the loss of its only two veter- ans, Carl Paretta and Aldo Fracchia, through mid-year graduation, proved stout of heart by battling its way up among the states leaders and displaying the splendid all-around class so typical of Shea coached teams. lt was a hustling and fighting array of court players who wore the Red and Cold colors of New Britain. In fact, the team was far more aggressive than Captain Henry Ferony's great club of the previous season, Hardly a game was played with the entire First string lineup intact or in fine phsycial condition, yet the Sheamen rolled up an impressive record and were regarded by many, fans and sport writers alike, as the best club in the state. New Britain was unusually fast, knew how to handle the ball and pos- sessed a fast breaking passing attack that led to the downfall of many powerful Class A aggregation. Long shots were few on the locals' side of the scoring ledger, the players depending on speed to work the ball up to the hoop for push-up shots. The Red and Cold hoopsters won 14 contests and lost four, the defeats being by narrow margins. During the regular schedule, they dropped a one point decision to Bristol and lost two battles to New Haven Hillhouse, one of the games going into an ovetime period, There may be no such thing as a jinx but the fact remains that New Britain trounced Meriden twice during the regular season, once by a 22 point margin, yet it fell before the Silver city's attack in the second round of the Yale tournament. Meriden went on to win the state and New England championships, The identical thing occurred last year. THE RECORD 2 3 New Britain 3o+Weaver New Britain 47-ef--'Weaver l8 New Britain l9eBristol 20 New Britain 42f-Hartford 24 New Britain 30fSouthington l7 New Britain 44fNorwich 20 New Britain 3lelVleriden l7 New Britain 3lfHillhouse 35 New Britain 38MeBranford I8 New Britain 43fN. H. Com'l. 27 New Britain 46-Stamford l7 New Britain 33fBristol Zo New Britain l9fHillhouse 22 New Britain 4EHelVIeriden 24 New Britain 36f-Hartford 30 New Britain 38f-Manchester l8 New Britain 28W--Stamford l3 New Britain 27M Meriden 35 ' 'A" " 34' ' 5971 Paige' Um' llunilrvii Smimity-tlirmf V,-zf"f3Tl'+YP!qx,,M rm ., Q., .M 1 f W M WN. Aff f ' .mf LM, -,N ,LH . -.-N, N , x A ,X ,. ,.f ,km .ln it X .1 ,Qgff ,, w ,, . X- ,..,4,ff,,:5k-ver, 4,145.1 1 X 7, .f Y,-V.'J1,.3,fh x3g.y:.g, ,-. --wx. ,,f H' 1, . ' 4' M' we-AN ,1 wax.. .gifff ---'nfjffnf fffqflf My 4 .lf E kg..k-U 25, q.:f. - N 1 .,.x gm! Q K.. ' L . M -A .4 , if. ,L-V, f 1 ., ,V f.1f.,,.,q,fJ f.3wf"rfKiv' 'qlz-ffgfff 1 1 J Page One Hundred Seventy-four Squad 11 eba The Bas PF 'J' D vi ! mpg, U , X Y X V. -:JT -1R'.'- . m':'.,, ,- ., vQ,1-?g,,5',f-1'.Qv:iJ,1a-3 A . ' - "'.:-41-1f1.f.-wif'-1. ' V 'al-.',A,L 2,9-4, - f.- uw- .ffk"f,..4'L-.:.- . A -. in-'gf pp--, .,-13:4 :qv- " 1' f-5--rwls'--1'-n1': 2:-ba-1, w ' -Tif-'-LQ:-f:Hg-:5f.fQ1:l,'ji,-'22 - 1 qf. - f-wus'-9: fzf 1- , 'f . ' mb 325. 2." .rf-my, I, ., 1.1-5 , h":'Ti "GJ ,:svg'3"Y' ' . ' ' 'Z ' ,l , -. '21, '53 Q. nrt' TNC: T,.:,,X', 1 ' -- : - -fj,P,, wkigl-g',E1.,S:jp:-L.x,. V - .- N gz2:gf5:3Qg2'Q5fy,.,, ' f '31-5f'5f'f1'f5f.Qi4i.jEiZ:Ff'51, ,. ' .-.-f,?L-kfiffi' -va. f'g,- N """fr5'Q'H5F?i'5l'i1'iP 'L' Q 3.-,..,f-f.,5.:L:, gy, TA J, Y '-1Tsf5?f-9'-1-1 IV-' -'1L13'i-wx-, H: gg,vL.-wg:,1-- u-, -,-LiL--5-wig, 1-01-, h' -f'.x2','-'Q Qffji X-I A" zu., "NY-f.-,4,-f' X - 4--4 :Jw K' w -, f - ,f.,g.,.,-x,-.',.. A ,R . , K A , .U -AL Q zia"Y?1gl"'JlK VJ , 'fr - 1 Tk.. 4 --.fl xi. ' I, 'Bm Rf? ' 'mx I X 5 Pa Ale One 1 fun dye! , L .Sevenfv-fhe ' . Y m ea T rack T The , . .1fL?'E.,: ' . fx fjjgj fiifgczf - qg 'S. my-if -,jsqf-rf '5f'ahfEE1. .4,5.g.,:fe Q, r :Uyfwf .-Mgr:-af -I, 5234? 'nag' 'A' gg -'Vi ,dw 'v' 1 3 ?f?:?Pfi I 3- .0 71,5 :'. " ,'.'i li Q :iii QQ Rf. Q5 V 1 :fn .f 'A ,flax ', u. ' 24, Q' f v: - . 4 11 Q 5,451 gl? ff My afgigyii :H 'iwiiei v'u5vr5ih?g 1275553-ici' .?711!?f'4 5 ffiiiktir ffcii' l'?f?5i?Sj' 'ffm-91 , f.v.Ln-- ,G':sL!'? 13171-Q3 , w,,.,, , Q:-1,-5 '5'7f13. y -, ,ln LL .H .. I N VK L- v x Q .w 1 .4 ,, -, Y x 'K' QU, 1 fn fx Vgx- v,, A. Q 5 f Pugfr' Oni' I lllmfrrd,x' . 1357-T, . Q iff A HL? ,wi 55' Page One Hundred Seventy-seven J , .RTA J, 1 x,.,-- 1" elf, . 1.341511 iii 5152-T Ii . 9.1" 'PMEFLV ,L,,rJ,.,M , . vga-1?Q'Q:ff v H-3 7.-. 4. IA-.6651 'f-fmfrf ai.,-L, ,1-ii? qmffbj-,' u,'.-5513. 'am 925.2-. -1 :E21E"SS.SgL ffditfiv: ag?!'4v?.'5: y"' 'f'T?':I? -sF--rrltv 1k':,-. ' 2-5.112415 '- for'-'ff G . C' - 1 .. -.lib Q av , 'Q ' 1,2 .ggqr 'RWQ' 1 ff ,nfov , , my: gy-'tu' 1 - Hziwmrlr '5fiixii9I13? ffljflk, if- E ffeiwiwa r1Af.:4-.-fr,- T3IfL'7.7l'f' ifsiiffzis sig.. ,:95.'3,1 iw:-X4,f,L1j EEN ,4.,.4,f,.. 1'-r. -fm 3, 225-lid., 2--6:15, : '5' 5.1312 7'-5?fVif qt , :s-I: gzf-5 I -215, 1, -:sp-, ,V ag... 5 i. 5.77 . 111 Ca T is fl en The T J fi ' N fl V mm. ., .14 v 1 ws .x 5,.,,1, ,.-. . :mf .gpg-g.:f ..,.l-. LU'-. "a?a'F:5.f5g fiiilflbgf: :mt M -syfefgf. 519:21 ,x !f1i"'f'6x ' -42 'I ' . V 1 ,' 5-.,,.uvw -grim LH' -.9 agua . ' . -4- 4' .fy .1 v. .- 5. : 4-'a .- :-ii.. " Q .,,:'? . 4"-L ' ak?-'f 'vggl-,F if 3-vi 135 -. .Q 14? .5 vlk 1 --:.... ..n , . vig fig.- AJ I, '13 .bf ,:?:'A4S-7? 1' lv: CJQ4 -Arvzbnxj. yn..-ygf,-er.: .flak , I!" 'in:s'?i", ,M1'vZ??'4-E L-f1fZ'L4,kfL 11239221 .?:.d'g:qP ' .21 X,'Jv.'7: 1' lgvfdgj .7,.7.C4.:3 ff lf'fZ'1.f! G1 1164 iq, .f:'5Q1i'?g! -.'fa'JfT 4 -t f?5iC,i23rf 1 TQSQSEH' 553:21 v,f'5.5f'-. H., . ,w..,,,h V If A ,f " X K' im- QT- -Mm W ' ,--JT' 125 1 g ' xx -- ,5,..I,1.F gvf, Y' ? .1 La f1z2'1k21",Z f T ,:.'5fAN-f,f " , Page One I lundred Sevcn1yAcigl1l 'sf ,, N, , N, 1 ,M.c,.,',.0 new yy,-.kxggg1q,. v'. V. , - :5..f,x,gg,1.5.:fg.y.,,.ag.:.g-Q7,..5:3-Legg,.y.v.,.q,:,N.,.g 1-'11 1 f' ts: rf 1 1- --3.-. -1 lu .lnsfg-. - I-'F 1 ' V ' , . g- - --3: ---L--- ---': --I :'.',:a.-- --1-'-1 1.fy-1:-:fn.' . ,- -,mr 1.4 K. 'J ,fi,,,,.,. . 1. , e . 1145249 4J!'-:.'.--- . :apr any :ffrcf -ng, 1 .-,Q - '- 'Sz'-'2-'ft'-1 ' '-J-.fwaaffe Q-A-.wiv . -M' v Vg. 15- :Axe '-'ev-P'--mb:--. ".-A -.'-3-'-VY'--P-I1--' Mtn-1-1'ef:::!f1ff-4 -nr'-,-'F-w1',i51,C"2K"f"' 1- '-Lu ' "yi , M -L 125'm:,,:fQ,it-21:75-iw,-:'4-,'25:1-r 3F25fGQgs,5.q.fz 1, 'Q-2 '1l'ig4,:g-41, -1 -,Q u- 'gg 55:57 1 1 L - - . ,,.'1 : , sy- -a s' -.ww "Q,-4? 5-.:,'-. .pw-pf vc- ff 75911 -F-.:."f5572a21fba5, .2 JL! 'I w -ffzsifziff--hzsf552f'l':f5f5ff.+'52.f?:Q5.fQQ.-,:ff1:1::.'-Y' ,... ,,,, ,J , h . f ,M .. , .. .. ,, , . 1 ,f sf! , 1, A - v , if f at I l I GoLF 7 : IL , WH! HIS years golf team has been the most successful team in the history of the high school, This is largely due to the fact that three of the four players are Newingtonites who worship this old Scottish game. Eddie Wolfer, professional at Stanley, acted as coach and gave the boys a few valuable hints, Coach Shea was unusually generous in regard to the golf equipment and the team wishes to show its appreciation by winning the state tournament if possible. Eugene Leach has done a wonderful job of managing the team even though he started as an amateur. The team won eighteen matches, defeating the present state champions by a wide margin, but dropped one match to the Dartmouth Freshman team. Some of the outstanding scores were as follows: William Berry-7l Wethersfield, 74 Stanley. Arthur Neumann-71 Shuttle Meadow, 75 Rockledge, 74 Manchester. Frederick Lenczykf74 Indian Hill C. C., 73 Avon C. C. 75 Honey Pot. Peter Chalbie76 Stanley, 77 Orchards C. C., 75 Honey Pot. The crowning success of the team was the winning of the Sixth Annual Interscholastic Colf Tournament for Boys, held at the Fairchild Wheeler Golf Club, in Bridgeport, june 5. The scores were as follows: William Berryf-82n83 ' I65 Arthur Neumann-H74 A 7744151 Frederick Lenczykf94f 83-fl77 Peter Chalbif83e 84 A4167 Team total 660 '51-.V-,',:,Q,.. , 114.4 pQ::b"'gL'f-"?i'-9'?irA ' v 51- . . ' -K ,J ' 1.4. z, , " . 1-lfffwgua' I'!3fkn1".:w,:.':1f,5::-y 57 A 7 7 ' , - 4' ' A 1 1 N .frAg,.cL"g?f:tf'L:iv:-'1.. ..f,g:.: , ' H- 1 . ' , . - ' , ,ny ,ev -ur,--'gba . -egg. 1--sl-f-::'1a.-fart:-2. ,. 1,1-5,,,r.:!5t-Q.--f?"3l "V -- V .Af , .. - , . .2 rf 4+ -, , .- 4 -a-iv,54,-,M'.ff,-s,a..,.- vu, 4 .-.N Q.f.s.'f1--f'.-f,hm:-sm-ef'-'Jia-H55 . 1 . P '.-.. 13' -' "-1'-mr-f-Q."-sf-1se-.1-w mo-- 2 . X:-swfwrtesri-:f.Vf-frfrffv-Ss ,, 5 .. - A' Lf .V f " ' 5l'35'F" 1:f?s3s22?S2waisiifwafg-1if4 Page One Hundred Seventy-nine . '- 52w.'.-,' '. ' Q. 7.9, -,-253.-..1-':.-jLgL17LgQ"Q , -'ff 'f . 7' "55Y'E'5fliljrfxiL'-'ca-5'1'57' if '- 1'-ffmffvzy-, . . x "YF'3'-'Q-?.i'f:3'3'5x1'-'df-175533fi1f'gf'9f-ff ':"- " 5-"" 'Y' Ycfsxi 75.59-37?-rjw9Q'J91!v511725wif.:rf'.f.-"':Jf-"fflH3l".f-H'- .L"-'11 Y - m--ZR:-pw 'gy' Ly. f r,:P.1- xg-2.1-we1-w.qrgr+fb-f.'..w. :mf.f,.px,s,.4,-asm, ' 4' , ,.+M,.1.,,,, -., ,1.,,,,,,f,,g- , , , N .,Q. ., .,qw1-..-I.-v W 0.05. K, 1 .MV , . - -,irq-.J-Nf"" 'f,x,f.-- f-.kbp - 'J lg - N..f.w N 1-f"1ec-gf'-G-,I:4Qv'T,,fi,- k 1-ff: .. , . " 5. L. - gs-.4:...' .:,J,:fn'gf.,,L,,. ,Nw 5, , ., nw :U 4 .n..n:f1- -5-w. -n , .1 V f ' 1 -.--K,-wh , L1 . - x 3 .. 4 ,'. 'A E' Q. .Ci va, Q,.'sW1l ., , uh, "',,f', . K-A its : - . Q,-nf-,V ,fu fy.-4f,.,.--.X v 1 f n ' u g .,-fx u. gi ,Em fi, Hy, Hg, 4. 1, .1 462' BEEHNE L' L. . , Ncw Britain, - lh lg R llII't'IlC'Ul'Kt'tv Inc. Ckunncclncul .- A -5"A.'.: ',-14119-9"'l". 1 11- v- '--.f . f, -. - H -. N "':uL- "' "" 'na--' . Q gffpfz- ' .:2- N.: -1.10- . , : NrsbilLiffiislffiiwfiif- ff' i 4' - " .- , 1"':'I:,f2w'l-3-fhgflficsft .if-4' X ' - T' ' ' ' '. :' 'X . "qi-., .M -9'5-'-4:9855!NEP'Yf1'VTCIJL,f:rY3':35i'Lf5Pl'S'f.i'fiQ .,-g.gQ4355QgL3,g:-Q4-,:3fT2:-ma... EC .4-A - ' QU -- . ,-H ,Q - .b::4-H --Airy:5.553-3?:,ff4A5:xami:--2-3413-. A 17 A , ' L , its, , ' '-' b r5!?si:2fi4P2iaes53?5fia2:sifiiiieilss-ici: if Page Onellumlred Eighty an.

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New Britain High School - Beehive Yearbook (New Britain, CT) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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